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Full text of "Pathfinder 1991-1992"

Spec. Col. 




Venango Campus 

Clarion University 


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This year the Pathfinder Staff would like to dedicate the yearbook to the 
graduating class of Venango Campus. We wish all of you the best of luck 
for future success and much happiness. 

The 1991 - 1992 Pathfinder 

Venango Campus 

Clarion University of Pennsylvania 


Administrative Staff 

Dr. James Blake, Executive Dean of Venango Campus, is 
completing his second y^ar in that capacity at this 
campus. Coming to us from Marshalltown Community 
College where he served as Executive Dean, Dr. Blake 
received his B.A. from Metropolitian State in Denver, a 
M.A. from Northern, and a Ph D. from Marquette in 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His first love is teaching English, 
which is what he did in North Dakota prior to entering the 
administrative aspect of education. Dr. Blake is 
responsible for the overall operations at Venango 
Campus. Outgoing and always cheerful, the students of 
Venango Campus hope that he remain a long-term fixture 
at our campus. 

Dr. T. Audean Duespohl, Dean of Nursing, has graced our 
campus for over a decade. Through her determination 
and dedication to the nursing profession. Dr. Duespohl 
has taken this program from a two-year regional program 
to a two-plus-two year regionally recognized program that 
is taught in a multitude of settings. She has created a 
positive name and position for Venango Campus. Our 
hats off to you, Dr. Duespohl. 

Celebrating 30 years of service 

Venango Campus Faculty and Staff 

Dr. James Blake, Executive Dean 
Dr. T. Audean Duespohl, Dean of Nursing 

College of Arts and Sciences 

Leonard Abate Gustav Konitzky 

William Belzer Glenn McElhattan 

John Grenci Martha Ritter 

Marite Haynes Franklin Takei 

Joan Huber Philip Terman 

College of Business Administration 

Greg Barnes Cass Neely 

John Eichlin Frank Shepard 

Anita Hall 

College of Communication. Computer Information Science and Library Science 

Louis Adelson Lynda Harvey Susan Hilton 

College of Education and Human Science 

Robert Baldwin 

College of Nursing 

Sheila Barlow Anne Shiley 

Fat Gracy Liz Stephenson 

Mary Koovsi Barb Stright 

Pam Lawrence Mary Jane Fox Tarr 

Sheila Petulla Frances Weber 

Student Services 

Rebecca Grove Kim Price 

Jane Kooman Jean Rankin 

Angel Muschweck Barbara Reagle 

Venango Campus Staff 

Yvonne Ames Don Morgan 

Linda Brown Nancy Raima 

Cindy Busch Ron Schlecht 

Bonnie Kostek Richard Snow 

Alta Landas Penny Shaughnessy 

Barbara]. Angros 

Debbie J. Blystone Donna J. Burchfield 

Missie M. Carpenter Cynthia S. Coogan Penny Cooper 

Crystal Couch Robin Cumpston Carol A. Davis Pam Davison 

Cristy Deets George W. Ekis Teresa M. Foy Debra L. Grove 

Michelle Guthridge Amy Hawk Mary Ellen Hawk 

Mary L. Hollis Bonnie Irwin Tom Irwin 

Cheryl Ishman Amy Keihl 



Brenda L. Kniseley Mary Kay McKinney 
Janet-Lee Michael 
Susan L. Pasquarette 
^Gloria A. Pettit Tammy L. Pry 
'Jill M. Pyle Julie M. Roemer 

Rebecca Ann Sabatose Sherri L. Schreck 
Stephen J. Snyder Selena J. Spangler 
Janet E. Struthers Donna J. Tarleton 
Lenise A. Thomeier Judy A. Whitaker 
Ellen M. Willison Robert P Woods 
Arnold M. Albert Susan M. Kaminski 

1991 - 1992 Graduates 

Barbara J. Angros 

Associate Nursing 
Nursing Club, 

Debbie J. Blystone 

Associate Nursing 
Nursing Club, 

Donna J. Burchfteld 

Associate Nursing 

AAissie M. Carpenter 

Associate Nursing 
Nursing Club 

k-'-' r 

Cynthia S. Coogan 

Bachelor of Science 

Penny Cooper 

Associate Nursing 
PTK-Vice President, 
CAB-Chair, Student 
President, Nursing 
Club, Pathfinder 

1991 - 1992 Graduates 

Crystal Couch 

Nursing Club, 
Pathfinder staff 

Robin Cumpston 

Associate Nursing 
Nursing Club- 
Secretary, PTK 

Carol A. Davis 

Bachelor of Science 

Pam Davison 

Associate Nursing 
Nursing Club 

Cristy Deets 

Pathfinder staff, 
Student Senate, 
CEC, Student Union, 
CAB, Dance 

George W. Ekis 

Associate Accounting 
PTK, Student 
Advisor, Computer 
Lab Assistant 

1991 - 1992 Graduates 

Teresa M. Foy 

Associate Nursing 
Nursing Club 

Debra L. Grove 

Associate Business 



Michelle Guthridge 

Associate Nursing 
Nursing Club 


Amy Hawk 

Associate Nursing 
Nursing Club 

Mary Ellen Hawk 

Associate Nursing 
Nursing Club 

Mary L. HoUis 

Associate Nursing 
Associate PTK, 
Phe Eta Sigma, 
Nursing Club 

1991 - 1992 Graduates 

Bonnie Irwin 

Associate Business, 
Legal Assistant 
Business Club, 
Student Senate, 
Legal Assistant Club 
CAB, Special Events 
Student Union 

Tom Irwin 

Associate Business 
Business Club, ALO, 
Pathfinder editor 

Cheryl Ishman 

Associate Nursing 
Student Nurses 
Association of Pa. 
Nursing Club- 
Treasurer, Student 
Activities Committe< 

Amy Keihl 

Associate Paralegal, 
Business Club, Ski 
Club, Special Events 

Brenda L. Kniseley 

Associate Paralegal 
Paralegal Club, PTK 

Mary Kay McKinney 

Associate Nursing 
Nursing Club, 
Presidential Advisory 
Board, PTK 

1991 ■ 1992 Graduates 

Janet-Lee Michael 

Associate Nursing 
Nursing Club 



Susan L. Pasquarette 

Associate Nursing 
PTK, Nursing Club 

Gloria A. Pettit 

Associate Nursing 
Nursing Club 

Tammy L. Pry 

Associate Nursing 
Nursing Club 

jm M. Pyle 

Associate Nursing 
Nursing Club 

Julie M. Roemer 

Associate Business 
Business Club 

1991 - 1992 Graduates 

Rebecca Ann Sabatose 

Associate Nursing 
Nursing Club 

Sherri L. Schreck 

Associate Nursing 
Nursing Club 

Stephen J. Snyder 

Associate Business 
Mentoring Program, 
Creative Writing, 
Library Student 
Worker, Total, ALO 

Selena J. Spangler 

Associate Nursing 
Student Senate- 
President, Nursing 
Club, Constitution 
Committee, Daycare 
Committee, Bulletin 
Committee, Campus 
6 & 1 1 Issue 

Janet £. Struthers 

Associate Business 
CAB- Chairperson , 

Donna J. Tarleton 

Associate Nursing 
Nursing Club, PTK 

1991 - 1992 Graduates 

Lenise A. Thomeier 

Associate Nursing 
Nursing Club 

Jttdy A. Whitaker 

Associate Nursing 
PTK- Secretary, 
Treasurer, Student 
Senate, Nursing 

EUen M. WiUison 

Associate Nursing 
PTK, Phi Eta Sigma, 
ALO, Nursing Club 

Robert P. Woods 

Associate Business 

Susan M. Kaminski 

Associate Nursing 
Nursing Club 

Albert M. Arnold 

Associate Nursing 
Nursing Club, 
President, Student 

Business Club 

Business Club sponsors 
luncheons with guest 
speakers to inform 
members about current 
business topics such as 
income tax. We also 
plan an Easter food drive 
in the Spring. 

Row 1: Veronica Anderson (V. President), Mary Beth White. 
Susan Harry, Tom Ausel, Clarissa Whitling (President). 

Row 2: 


C.A.B. oversees all the 
programing that occurs 
at Venango Campus. 

Row 1: Angie Ziegler (Cultural Arts), Penny Cooper (V.P. of Student 
Senate chairing C.A.B. ), Kim Price (Advisor), Jeff Smith (Dance 
Committee). Standing: Bonnie Irwin (Special Events), Kristy Deets 
(Student Union), Karen Zacherl (Cultural Arts), Sandra Yeany 
(Special Events), Kris Gaisford (Special Events), Carol Morris 
(Publicity), Jan Struthers (Student Union). Not pictured; Mike 
Renyolds & Kristy Dunkle (Dance Committee), Angie Daugherty 
(Student Union), Jim Dehner (Publicity). 


Creative Artisans is a 
group of students of all 
ages who get together to 
learn various crafts. We 
attend v/orkshops for 
special projects, such as 
painting and ceramics. 



1 /\H 

1 1 

^Hl^^ - ? 4^' i f 


Row 1: Luann Daw (President), Tom Ausel, Doris Groner. Row 2: 
Paula Groner (V. President, Treasurer), Sandra Yeany (Secretary), 
Martha Ritter. 

Lecture Series 

Lecture Series Com- 
mittee is a sum- 
committee of C.A.B. 
Cultural Arts and 
Psychology Club. 

Kim Price (Advisor), Angie Ziegler, Sandy Stanley, Karen Zacherl, Dr. 
Marite Haynes, Nancy Palma. 

Legal Assistant 

Legal Assistants Club is a 
group of students who 
visit various legal sites, 
such as courthouses, 
district magistrates, and 
judges. We also plan to 
visit the federal court in 
Erie and are planning a 
trip to Harrisburg. 

Row 1: Audrey Kozalla, Judy Carbaugh, Veronica Anderson 
(Treasurer). Row 2: George E. Rossey. 


Mentor-Peer Counselors 
are responsible for 
assisting incoming 
freshman students at 
Venango Campus. They 
help make their first 
semester less frustrating 
and more successful. 

Steve Snyder, Tom Ausel, Jean Rankin, Jean Marki, Amy Cooper- 
Escobar, Cindy Litwiler, Kris Gaisford, Jeff Smith, Carol Morris. 

Nursing Club 

Venango Campus Nurs- 
ing Club is a service 
organization based on 
the tenets of promoting 
community health and 
assisting fellow nursing 
students financially and 


Row 1: Teresa M. Foy, Crystal Couch, Amy Hawk, Michelle Guthridge, 
Donna Tarleton, Linda Padack, Missie Carpenter, Jan Michael, Becky 
Sabatose, Sherri Schreck. Row 2: Donna Burchfield, Mary L. Hollis, 
Barbara Bartley, Jill Pyle, Susan Pasquarette, Mary Hawk, Robin 
Cumpston (Secretary), Pam Davison, Lenise Thomeier, B. J. Angros. 
Row 3: Debbie Bly stone, Cindy Patton, Kelly McCafferty, Gloria Pettit, 
Susan Kaminski, Tammy Pry, Diane Corsini, Ellen Willison. Row 4: 
Judy A. Whitaker, Cheryl Ishman, Penny Cooper, Selena Spangler, 
Mary Kay McKinney, Arnie Albert (President). 

Phi Theta Kappa 

PTK is a two-year 
honorary society based 
upon GPA and faculty 
recommendation. This 
year the group initiated 
a community inter- 
generational program 
and elderly "Adopt a 
Grandparent". PTK 
promotes honor, in- 
tegrity, service, and 

Row 1: Mary L. Hollis, Donna Tarleton, Barb Bartley, Susan 
Pasquarette, Ellen Willison, Robin Cumpston. Row 2: George Ekis, 
Judy Whitaker (Secretary-Treasurer), Mary Kay McKinney (President). 
Advisor: Mrs. Frances Weber (not pictured). 


The PsychoIogY Club 
speak of past and 
current psychological 
issues concerning our 

Dr. Marite Haynes (Advisor), Connie Bauer, Kim McLaughin, banay 

Row 1: Doris Groner. Dr. Barb Reagle (Advisor), Arnie Albert. Row 2; 
Mike Reynolds (Treasurer), Melina Zacherl (Secretary), Selena 
Spangler (President), Penny Cooper (V, President). Row 3: Tom 
Ausel, Judy Whitaker. 


The Senate is the 
governing body of the 
campus community. 
Senate acts as the 
liaison between ad- 
ministration, faculty 
and students, and 
administers student- 
owned operations. 
Senate is also a strong 
advocate for the 
student body. 

Student Union 

Student Union is 
responsible for coord- 
inating activities in 
Rhoades Center, such as 
the Noonday series, 
steak fry and various 
other activities. 

Row 1: Cristy Deets (Co-Chair), Mclina Zacherl, Angie Daugherty, 
Michelle Jackal. Row 2: Alastair Crawford, Jeff Long (Advisor). 
Additional Members: Mary Beth White, Sandy Stanley, Mike 
Reynolds, Gwen Divido. 


T.O.T.A.L. - Teachers of 
Today Actively Learning - 
is a pre-professional 
education club that 
prepares future teachers. 
We engage in various 
educational workshops, 
education seminars, and 
other activities through- 
out the year. 

1 1 


" ■-' 1 ■ '■'■■ 1 

J ! 

^^■h jiI^IB^ ' ''^ 

l^> ^ 



\ c>^°* 

^ ' -^ ^ 

/ ' 

%# <| 


Row 1: Jim Dehner (V. President), Stacy Slater (President), Pam 
Kissinger (Treasurer). Row 2: Tammy Whitmore, Luann Daw, Carol 
Morris. Additional Members: Jean Marki (Secretary), Pam Grove and 
De Wayne Harbaugh. 

1991 - 1992 Venango Campus Events 


6 Hay Ride 

12 Steak Fry, Ice Cream Social-Welcome Back Dance 
13-14 Student Leadership Workshop-Retreat 

1 5 Day Outing at Cook Forest 
17 Squirtgun Day 

19 Overnight Movies 

20 Whitewater Rafting on the Youghigheny River 

26 Dr. Jeffrey Barker, Speaker on the death penalty 

27 Gateway Dinner/Dance Cruise 

28 NWESC Fall Outdoor Sports Tournament 

15 Caricature Day 

16 Bill Miller, Native American Performer 

23 Driving Miss Daisy 

3 1 Halloween Dance and Fright Night 


1-3 NACA Great Lakes Regional Conference in Charleston, West Virginia 

2 NWESC Volleyball Tournament at Kittaning 
19 Comedy Night with Skip Harvey 

22 Family movie and ALO Thanksgiving 

3 Christmas Tureen and Luncheon 

6 Christmas Dinner Dance 

7 Winter Orientation 

24 Casino Night, featuring Magic 

13 Valentines Dance 

15 NWESC Basketball Tournament in Titusville 

12 St. Patrick's Day Dance 

17 Firesign Concert 
31 Career Fair 

4 NWESC Indoor Bag at Titusville 
7 Controversy Series on Abortion 

10 Honors Night at Crosscreek Resort 

13 Barefoot in the Park Dinner Theatre 
24 Spring Dinner Dance 

30 Hot Tub Beach Pariy & Steak Fry, all night movies 


3 Venango Campus 30th Birthday Celebration 

10 Commencement 

End of the year excursion to Virginia and Virginia Beach 


to school 

can be a 



but ... 

by placing 
the pieces 

you can start 
seeing the 

whole picture. 

Bulletin Production 
Tracey DeWoody: Acting Editor/Editor 

The Venango Campus Bulletin is a weekly information paper that is distributed to Venango & the 
Pittsburg Campus, local businesses, and current & alumni faculty- Since the installation of the 
new Adus Pagemaker put in operation in the spring of 1992, the process of producing the 550 
copies of the Bulletin is a much easier task, although still time consuming. News has to be 
collected, placed into the computer, graphics added, and a draft compiled, all the while trying to 
keep some level of consistency. The final draft is then sent to the printers and patiently awaited 
upon for its return. It is then distributed the following Monday. Then the process starts all over 
again. 1 would like to take this time to thank Sue Hilton for her insight, Gwendolyn Divido for co- 
editing and all her assistance, the rest of my staff and all the writers for making the Bulletin a 
success, and the students and faculty for their patience during the transformation of the new 
system. Thanks again!!! 


Pathfinder Production 
Tom Irwin: Editor 

The Pathfinder is the Venango Campus yearbook that is produced yearly. Many people are 
selected to assist in the taking and compiling pictures, writing copy, and putting together a book 
that will store memories for years to come. Although we had a very difficult fime getting this 
book off the ground due to finances and lack of equipment, we found a publisher that was willing 
to work with us based on our needs. As the word "yearbook" denotes, all of the pictures and 
information have taken place over the last two semesters. We sincerely hope that this book will 
help you recapture all of the pleasurable memories that you have come to know over your 
educational journey. Of the many people that I have to thank, the first is Sue Hilton, Pathfinder 
Advisor. Sue made me go on when 1 was ready to give up. Thanks Sue, you're a special person 
and a good friend. Next is my staff, Mike, Melina, Cristy, Gina, Chris, Penny, Chris, Stacy, Angle, 
and Crystal, without whose help this book would not be. And last but not least, all the students 
for your friendly smiles and offers of assistance. Best wishes to all for a happy and prosperous 
future. Good luck!!! 


Arts & Science 

Abate, Andrew 
Adams. Judy 
Astorino, Jennifer 
Barger. Donald 
Bamett. Rhonda 
Bauer. Connie 
Bechtel, Christopher 
Bechtel, William 
Bell. Christopher 
Bills, Betti 
Boal, Brian 
Boughner. Tamara 
Bowersox, Pamela 
Bucholz, Susan 
Campbell, Kathryn 
Carone. Lawrence 
Constable, Alisa 
Comelius, Holly 
Crawford, Alastair 
Davis, Gerard 
Dayton, Randy 
DeLong, Heather 
DeWoody, Tracey 
Devlin. Randell 
Divido. Gwendolyn 
Ekis. Daruel 
Erickson, Karen 
Exley, Kristine 
Facemire, Lisa 
Fletcher, Melissa 
Gaisford, Kristine 
Garland. Gloria 
Geer. Mindy 
Goetz, Jennifer 
Graham. Kimberiey 
Greenlee. Robin 
Groner, Paula 
Gulnac. Marci 
Guth, Jody 
HaU, Cristy 
Hanna, Kimberly 
Hargenrader. Christine 
Hawthorne, Joseph 
Hazlett. Sylvia 
Hetzler, Robert 
Hidinger. Cammi 
Holbrook, Deanna 
Holquist, Matthew 
Idzi. Julie 
Irwin. Dale 
Jackal. MicheUe 
Jez. Sharon 
Johnson. Chris 
Johnson, Evangeline 
Kapp, Beth 
Karg. Shawn 
Kee, Melissa 
Kirwin. Jane 
Kresenske. Amy 
Kuhls. Shelly 
Laemmer. Rolf 
Langford. Kenneth 
Lape. Louanne 
Lauer. Teresa 
Leckemby, Robert 
MacCartney, Tern 
Maier, Dianna 
Marsh, Donna 

Ftill and Part-time Students 

McDevitt Patricia 
McDonough Jane 
McEntire, Heather 
McLaughlin, Kimberly 
Minich, Theordore 
Misner, Cindy 
Morris, Carol 
Morrow, Ramona 
Mullen, Susan 
Nies, Beverly 
O 'Polka, Brenda 
Oakes, Suzanne 
Paden, David 
Paden, Victoria 
Parks, Melvina 
Patterson, Melissa 
Pearsall, Philip 
Phillips, Nancy 
Potts, Rose 
Protivnak, Natalie 
Rex, Jeffrey 
Reybum, Dan 
Riddle, Jessica 
Riddle, Robin 
Ritner, Virginia 
Roberts, Jan 
Rodgers, Elissa 
Rose, Jack E., Jr. 
Ruby, Corinne 
Scharbach, Jennifer 
Schneider, Jennifer 
Scouten, Robert 
Shaginaw, Jami 
Sheats, Julie 
Shull, Melissa 
Sibley, Cheri 
Slater, Sheila 
Smith, Jeffrey 
Stamm. MicheUe 
Stanley, Sandra 
Sutton, Jeffrey 
Tait, Vicki 
Tarr, Maria 
Tawney, Jeffrey 
Terwilliger, Mary 
Wade, Timothy 
Walentosky, Cynthia 
Watson, Jane 
Weaver, Theodore 
Wells. Stacey 
Whitman. Heather 
Williams, Mary 
Wilson. Chariotte 
Wiltanger, Theresa 
Wurster, Jodie 
Yashinski, Mark 
Yeany. Sandra 
York, Daniel 
Young, Allison 
Zacherl, Melina 

Business Administration 

Abert, Kristin 
Albaugh, Beth 
Amsdcll, Dale 
Anderson, Veronica 
Angiolieri, Mary 
Anthony. Gene 
Ausel, Harry 
Bauer, Joanne 

Bauer, Sheriy 
Beers, Karen 
Beightol, Beverly 
Beightol, Karen 
Benninger, Kristy 
Benvenuti, Anna 
Beveridge. James 
Bingman. Melissa 
Boals. Richard 
Bodamer. Julie 
Bonner, Cindy 
Bower, Becky 
Bowser, Leann 
Boyle, Shannon 
Brody, Candus 
Brown. Louise 
Bullman, Mary 
Burchfield, Loni 
Burkett, Patricia 
Campbell, Pamela 
Campbell, Rose 
Carbaugh, Denise 
Carbaugh, Judy 
Collingwood, Tami 
Costa, Crystal 
Costan, William 
Crawford, Angela 
Crowley, Mary 
Davis, Kelly 
DeLong, Elton, Jr. 
Dobrick, Lois 
Dunkle, Kristy 
Dunlap, Mellissa 
Dunlap, Paul 
Dutko, Soni 
Ekis, George 
Felix, Thomas 
Flockerzi, Susan 
Gibson, Anita 
Giles, Eric 
Grandelis. Karen 
Graves. Kathryn 
Greenlee. Kimberly 
Haeberie. Nancy 
Harry. Susan 
Hart. Shari 
Hart, Tracey 
Hawke. Holly 
Heilmann. Roselyn 
Henderson, Joseph 
Hess, Nichole 
HoUey, Sandra 
Holt, Cinnamon 
Hoover. Wendy 
Huffman. Sandy 
Irwin, Bonny 
Irwin, Thomas 
James. Cathy 
Johnson. Glory 
Jones. Ann 
Jones. James 
Jones, Patricia 
Karnsjr,, John E. 
Kaufman, Marci 
Keihl. Amy 
Kline. Terry 
Kniseley, Brenda 
Kontaxes, Micheie 
Kozaila, Audrey 
Kunselman, Mary 

Lawrence, Virginia 
Lawson, Melissa 
Lewis. Susan 
Lineman. Debora 
Lineman, Tracy 
Lippert, Kathleen 
Luebbert, Kathleen 
Marshall, Sue 
Marvin, Michelle 
McCloskey, Sheryl 
McDonald, Lynn 
McNemey, Deborah 
Mong, Marcia 
Moyer, Deanna 
Myers, Margaret 
Neidich, Trad 
O'Brien, Beth 
Owens, Claude 
Panetta. Edith 
Parks, Kelly 
Peters, Raymond 
Plyler, Lisa 
Porter, Susan 
Ragon, Kate 
Ray, Wendy 
Rial, Laurie 
Rice, Ronald 
Roemer, Julia 
Rogers, Stefanie 
Rumbaugh, Joyce 
Rumburd, Deborah 
Russell, Linda 
Semencar, Meghan 
Shaughnessy, Amy 
Sheetz, Karen 
Shreffler. Sharon 
Shuffstall, Margaret 
Shull, Christopher 
Shull, Janet 
Silvis, Pat 
Slater, Steven 
Smith, Jeffrey 
Snyder. L. Kathy 
Snyder. Stephen 
Sottiaux, Peter 
Speth, James 
Stahlman. Robert 
Stitt, James 
Struthers, Janet 
Urey. Michael 
Valencia, Dora 
Van Slyke, Marsha 
Wagner, Jacqueline 
Waitz, Wendy 
Walbourn, Stacy 
Weingard, Paul 
Wetjen, Holly 
Wetjen, Todd 
White, Mary 
Whitehill, Delia 
Whitling, Howard 
Willey, Cynthia 
Wincek, Jean 
Winger, Gary 
Woloszyn, Cindy 
Woods, Robert 
Wright, Charles 
Wygant, Shirley 
Ziegler, Teresa 
Zook. Patricia 

Gen. Studies 

Abbott, Christine 
Amsler, Cynthia 
Banks, Rose 
Bell, Edgar 
Benson, James 
Boyer, Delores 
Browne, Pauline 
Burchfield, Thomas 
Chrisman, James 
Clark, Susan 
Cope, Doris 
Derifield, Wendell 
Flickner, Sherri 
Flinchbaugh, Clinton 
Foster, Jack 
Fye, Bernard 
Hall, William 
Hawthorn, Sheila 
Himes, Jane 
Hines, Catherine 
Jacoby, Jamie 
Jenkins, R. Bruce 
Jolley, Patricia 
Karg, Tammy 
Knorr, Jan 
Koerner, David 
Kopolovich, Alex 
Lee, Daniel 
Lewis, Heather 
Martz-Watkins, Linda 
Monarch, Mary 
Motzer, June 
Neukum, Susan 
Oshop, Raymond 
Owen, Jeff 
Parrett, Margelyn 
Pisarcik, Jamie 
Porter, Cynthia 
Proper, Gina 
Rembold, Jeffrey 
Roberts, Judith 
Roemer, LaFonta 
Rossey, George 
Schwab, Robin 
Servey, Jay 
Shepard, Karen 
Simpson, Sandra 
Smathers, Desiree 
Spence, Diana 
Stevenson, Albert 
Watkins, Larry 
Wimer, Mia 
Woods, Kathleen 
Wynkoop, Marilyn 


Beers, Mary 
Clark, Tracy 
Cooper-Escobar, Amy 
Dolan, Sally 
Finch, Robert 
Garich, Steve 
Huffman, Tavia 
Kontaxes, Diane 
Martinec, Matthew 
Mcmunn, Robyn 

Millward, Monty 
Stover, Anna 


Alcorn, James 

Anna, JuUie 

Atts, Loni 

Axelson, Jennifer 

Bailey, Phyllis 

Baker, Teresa 

Bennett, Dean 

Buchholz, Christine 

Burwell, Trad 

Byler, Dorcas 

Chutz, Wilda 

Cotherman, Carol 

Culbertson, Christine 

Cunningham, Valerie 

DeVillars, Crystal 

Deets, Christine 

Dehner, James 

Fennell, Heather 

Frost, Florence 

Gonzalez, Valerie 

Gregory, Jeremy 

Hahn, Susan 

Harbaugh, DeWayne 

Harrah, Barbara 

Harvey, Robert 

Hoover, Gail 

Howard, Chloe 

Jenkins, Linda 

Karns, Anne 

Karns, Vivian 

Kissinger, Pamela 

Knapp, Philip 

Lewis, Jessica 

Loll, Barbara 

Mast, Sharon 

Nelson, Stephen 

Nettles, Sheila 
O'Neil, Nancy 
Rankin, Stefanie 
Scierka, Andree 
Shaw, AEce 
Shearer, Tressa 
Sheatz, Janine 
ShuU, Connie 
Siegel, Tina 
Siler, Paul 
Slater, Stacy 
Sloan, Patricia 
Smith, Kathryn 
Snow, Mary 
Snyder, Donna 
Sottiaux, Carolyn 
Stamm, Melissa 
Stevenson, Debra 
Torpey, Jean 
Walters, Michelle 
Whitman, Debra 
Whitmore, Tamara 
Worley, Carolyn 
Ziegler, Rose 


Albert, Arnold 
Angros, Barbara 
Ausel, Dawn 
Bartley, Barbara 
Bates, Katherine 
Beal, Laura 
Bickel, Judy 
Bish, Keli 
BIy stone, Debbie 
Bogardus, Pamela 
Burchfield, Donna 
Callander, Sally 
Carpenter, Missie 
Conrad, Michele 
Constable, Beverly 
Coogan, Cynthia 
Cooper, Penny 
Corsini, Diane 
Couch, Crystal 
Coughlin, Catherine 
Cumpston, Robin 
Davis, Carol 
Davison, Pamela 
Dechant, Agnes 
Dehner, Leslie 
Deibert, Frances 
Dickey, Dawn 
Dudeck, Leatha 
Duncan, Sherri 
Dunworth, Vickie 
English, Cheryl 
Flaherty, Debra 
Flasher, Sara 
Foringer, Tammy 
Foy, Teresa 
Gallagher, Michael 
Gerzina, Judy 
Grajek, Diane 
Gregory, Debra 
Groner, Doris 
Grove, Gregory 
Guthridge, Michelle 
Hamilton, Kathryn 
Hand, Hope 
Hartle, Mary 
Hartman, Jennifer 
Harton, Rosemary 
Hawk, Amy 
Hawk, Mary 
Heeter, Lonnie 
Hollis, Mary 
Huff, Debra 
Irwin, Judy 
Ishman, Cheryl 
Jarecki, John 
Joiner, Alene 
Kaminski, Susan 
Keefer, Cathy 
Kemmer, Deanna 
Kemmerer, Kathy 
Knox, Gary 
Ko, Hyun 
Koerner, Suzanne 
Kulling, Cynthia 
Lee, Debra 
Linehan, Nancy 

MacVay, Ann 
Mantle, Nichole 
Martz, Janet 
May, Karen 
McCafferty, KeUy 
McConnell, Beth 
McKinney, Mary 
Meehan, Pamela 
Melnick, Carol 
Michael, Janet-Lee 
Miller, Kim 
Morgan, Linda 
Mountsier, Pamela 
Mucio, Mary 
Neely, Marilyn 
Nwokedi, Livinia 
Ochs, Ruth 
Pasquarette, Susan 
Patton, Cindy 
Peterson, Diane 
Pettit, Gloria 
Pry, Tammy 
Przestrzelski, Stephanie 
Przybrowski, Daniel 
Pugliese, Melanie 
Puleo, Donna 
Pusz, Joanne 
Pyle, Jill 
Radack, Linda 
Reed, Kevin 
Reinhardt, Linda 
Rembold, Richard 
Rerko, Stacey 
Rice, Beverly 
Richardson, Rae 
Rudisille, Charlene 
Ruth, Kristine 
Sabatose, Becky 
Schmader, Jean 
Schrecengost, Terri 
Schreck, Sherri 
Schroeder, Susan 
Semple, Wendy 
Smith, Erika 
Smith, Grace 
Snyder, Donna 
Snyder, Jacqueline 
Spangler, Selena 
Sparks, Roberta 
Stanton, Karen 
Steinbeck, Kathleen 
Stephenson, Gerald 
Tarleton, Donna 
Taydus, Kathy 
Thomas, Patricia 
Thomeier, Lenise 
Thompson, Carol 
Whitaker, Judy 
Williams, Mary 
Willison, Ellen 
Wilson, Tricia 
Wirt, Janice 
Wolbert, Robert 
Yeager, Bonnie 
Zacherl, Karen 
Zeitler, Sandra 
Ziegler, Angela 
Zimmerman, Vanessa 


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