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ot the 

CatboUc IRecovb Society 

Vol. XX 

The Catholic Record Society was founded 
lo Tune 1904, for printing Registers and other 
old" Records of the Faith, chiefly personal 
and genealogical, since the Reformation in 
England and Wales. 

All Rights reserved 
by the Society 



lanca^birc IRegietcre 


IRortbern part. 

Edited by J. P. SMITH 





XTbis IDolume is 

3s6ue^ to tbe /iDcmbers for 1915*16 

being tbe Secon& for tbe lear 


Vj Introduction ------- 


Ulverston. Contnbuied by Joseph Edward Smilh i 

Historical Notes by Joseph Gillnw - i 

Baptisms, 1812-1842 - - - 14 

Marriages, 1822-184-I - - - 28 

Leighton Hall and Yealand. Contributed bv J. P. Smith 32 

Historical Notes by Joseph Gillow - 32 

Baptisms, 1762-1839 - - - 41 

Marriages, 1 764-1 784 (8) - - 66 

1818-1835 (10) - - 67 

1847-1855 (ii) - - 68 

Deaths, 1824-1844 (27) - - 69 

Confirmations, 1774-1853 - - - 70 

Lancaster. Contributed by J. P. Smith - - yi^ 

Historical Notes by Joseph Gillow - 73 

Baptisms, 1 784-1 799 . _ . yy 

1799-1825 - - - 102 

1825-1837 - - - 151 

Marriages, 1 785-1 798 - - . gy 

\ ,, 1800-1837 - - - 130 

Deaths, 1799-1841 - - - 138 

Thurnham. Contributed by Rev. Patrick Byrne 

and J. P. Smith - - - - 178 

Historical Notes by Joseph Gillow - 178 

Baptisms, 1785-1838 - - - 186 

Confirmations, 1791-1845- - - 207 

Burials, 1825-1849 - - - 213 

Scorton. Contributed by Joseph Edicard Smith 220 

Historical Notes by Joseph Gillow - 220 

Baptisms, 1 774-1 780 - - - 230 

1795-1835 - - - 237 

Confirmations, 1835- - - - 237 

1831 - - - - 267 

Claughton. Contributed by Rev. Henry Holdcn 

and J. P. Smith . . . . 268 

Historical Notes by Joseph Gillow - 268 

Baptisms, 1771-1834 - - - 280 

Index. Compiled by Edmund Kilkenny - - 369-440 


Fuliuwing the practice adopted in Vulmnes XV and XVI, the 
book now issued consists of a number of registers from adjacent 
parishes grouped together for convenience of reference. These 
three volumes include fifteen registers, and with those of Robert 
Hall and Hornby given in Volume IV, cover practically the whole 
of the northern part of Lancashire down to the River Ribble, the 
only exceptions being Goosnargh, Feniyhalgh, and Alston Lane, 
which will probably be included in the next volume of Lancashire 
registers along with Preston. 

It is very unfortunate that the old mission of Ulverston, which 
represented all Lonsdale north of the sands, cannot produce any 
register older than the one now printed. Fr Thomas Daniel alias 
West, S.J., who was a well-known historian and genealogist, was in 
charge of this mission from 1767 to 1779, and it seems hardly credible 
that he did not keep a register ; but although every effort has been 
made to find one in various likely places, the search has so far proved 

A similar attempt at Thumham was more fortunate, and resulted 
in the finding of a burial register not previously known to be in 

As the archdiocese of Liverpool contains some sixty old registers, 
aU of which are now transcribed, whilst the diocese of Salford may 
yield about twenty more, some of which are also ready, and the total 
number printed is only twenty-one, it wiU be seen that there still 
remains much to be done for Lancashire alone. 

Subscribers in the County Palatine, however, cannot expect 
to have any more work done at the expense of the Society for some 
time ; but as it is extremely desirable that these records sliould be 
preserved ere it is too late, it is to be hoped that wlien the present 
war is over, some effort may be made locally to collect funds for this 

J. P. Smith. 

It seems only right to add that the cost of printing to the Society 
has been appreciably lightened by the payment by Mr W. B. S. 
Smith of £55, being £50 promised bv his lather, llie late Mr William 
Smith, and an addition of his own. 

Joseph S. Hansom, 

Hon. Secretary. 

No. I. 



Ulverston is a parish in the hundred of Lonsdale, north of the Sands, 
Union of Ulverston, county palatine of Lancashire, i6 mUes north-west 
by west of Lancaster. It is one of the manors within the Liberty of 
Fumess, which on the erection of the abbey in 1127 was presented by 
Stephen, Earl of Boulogne, afterwards King of England, to the Cistercian 
monks as a part of the endowment of that foundation. WTien the first 
public Catholic chapel since the Reformation was erected in Ulverston 
about the opening of the nineteenth century, it was dedicated to the 
patroness of Fumess, St. Mar^'-, and the foundation-stone was brought 
from the abbey. Previous to this time the Faith in this district had been 
preserved through the ministration of priests sheltered in the houses of 
local gentry, briefl}' indicated by the following notices : 

Kirkhy Hall, 
in the parish of Kirkby Ireleth, four and a half miles south-west of 
Ulverston, was the seat of the ancient Catholic family of Kirkby till 
it was seized early in the eighteenth century by the mortgagees of Col. 
Roger Kirkby, who had apostatised about the time of the Oates Plot. 
The mansion was a low strong structure of dark red stone, in the Tudor 
style, and an upper room served as a chapel, the walls being covered with 
ancient frescoes and black-letter inscriptions still existing. A small 
sacristy adjoined, and an opening in the comer of the chapel now leads 
to what has been supposed to be a secret hiding-place, though it looks 
as if it had been used as a confessional {C.R.S., vi, 339-40 .' Lord 
Burghley's Map of Lancashire, 1590, p. 2). There is no record preserved 
of the names of the priests who served this interesting pre-Reformation 
chapel, which is now only accessible through a hole in the ceiling of the 
passage below. On a cubical stone, probably part of a sundial, lying 
in front of the hall, long since converted into a farmstead, are the arms 
of the Kirkbys and Lowthers, the other t^vo sides being inscribed with 
the initials of Roger Kirkby and his wife Anne, daughter of Sir John 
Lowther, of Lo-wther Castle, with the date 1639, and the initials of their 
four sons and eight daughters. 

Hampsfxeld Hall, 
a venerable mansion in East Broughton, parish of Cartmel, was for some 
generations after the reign of Elizabeth a seat of the staunch Catholic 
family of Thomburgh (or Thomborough), but when they ceased to reside 
there is not recorded. The manor eventually passed into Protestant 
hands, and is now a farmhouse {C.R.S., vi, 251-3). The Thomburghs, 
through the families of Musgrave, Fitzwilliam, Plantagenet, and De 
Warren, traced their descent from William the Conqueror (Burke, 
Extinct Baronetage, 1838, p. 425). 


Bigland Grange, 
in the same parish of Cartmel, was the seat of a junior branch of the 
Biglands, of Bigland Hall, in the township of Upper Holker, and was a 
missionary station till about the close of the seventeenth century 
{C.R.S.. vi, 253). 

Holker Hall, 

in Lower Holker, in the parish of Cartmel, facing Ulverston across the 
water, was a large irregular erection forming two sides of a quadrangle, 
and from Reformation times was the residence of the descendants of 
Christopher Preston, second son of Sir Thomas Preston, of Preston 
Patrick and Under Levens, co. Westmorland, and the Manor of Furness 
Abbey and Holker Park, co. Lancaster. The family remained staunch 
to the old Faith till the apostacy of Thomas Preston, of Holker Hall, 
wlio took that step with a view to acquiring the estates of his distant 
relative, Sir Thomas Preston, of the Manor of Furness, 3rd and last Bart., 
some time after that gentleman joined the Society of Jesus in 1674. 
In this expectation, after years of litigation, he was partially successful, 
being rewarded by the Government with a long lease of the whole estate. 
Sir Thomas survived this unjust forfeiture of his vast estates, and died a 
lay-brother at Watten in 1709 {C.R.S., vi, 236-8). Holker Hall, which 
passed to the ducal family of IDevonshire as related under Furness, is 
now the seat of Lord Richard Cavendish, brother to the present Duke. 
Though the secret chapel and priests' hiding-places can no longer be 
traced, it is understood that the old mansion is incorporated in the present 
noble structure. 

Ftirness Abbey, 

in the parish of Dalton, six miles south-west from Ulverston, after the 
dissolution in 1537 was retained by the Crown, but apparently leased to 
John Preston, of Preston and Under Levens, co. Westmorland, till in 
5 James I it was purchased — ^with Holker and other extensive estates — ^by 
his son Thomas, He took up his residence at the abbey in a manor- 
house — still existing as the Furness Abbey Hotel — which he constructed 
on the north side of the church, at a distance of about 320 feet, where the 
vale is narrowest, near the principal entrance of the great enclosure, and 
on the site of — and probably incorporating a portion of — the abbot's 
quarters (West, Antiquities of Furness, 1774, preface). Henceforth it 
became known as the Manor of Furness, and the Prestons, who were 
staunch recusants, continued to reside there till Sir Thomas Preston, 
3rd and last Bart., after the death of his second wife, the Hon. Mary 
Molyneux, daughter of Caryl, 3rd Viscount Molyneux, June 6, 1673, 
decided to renounce the world and embrace a religious life. He there- 
fore went over to Flanders, and entered the Society of Jesus at Watten, 
June 28, 1674, as a scholastic novice, under the alias of Saville, but having 
scruples regarding the priesthood owing to his having been twice married, 
never could be induced to take holy orders, and so remained a formed- 
scholastic till his death at Watten, May 27, 1709, aged 66 (Foley, Records 
S.J., vii, 631). The loss of his only son Francis in 1672 had no doubt 
greatly influenced him in this resolution. He settled his estates in 
Westmorland and Northamptonshire, as well as certain properties in 
Lancashire, including that of Park Hall in Quemmore, on his two infant 
daughters, Mary and Anne. The former subsequently married William, 
Lord Herbert, 2nd Marquis of Powis, and the latter became the wife of 
Hugh, 3rd Lord Clifford of Chudleigh.' 

During the Gates Plot it was asserted that Sir Thomas had become a 
Jesuit priest, and had settled Furness Abbey and manor upon the Society. 


His distant relative and namesake of Holker then apostatised, succeeded 
in circumventing the prior claims of the Prestons of Cockerham to the 
estates, and endeavoured by every means in his power to get the Crown 
to confiscate them as given to superstitious uses. After some years, and 
at enormous expense, he induced the Government to declare the for- 
feiture, whereupon lie brought influence at court to represent his services 
to the State, and obtained from the Crown, first a long lease, and ul- 
timately the possession of the whole estate. In 1690 he obtained a seat 
in Parliament for Lancaster, but died in London Jan. 31, 1696, leaving 
an only daughter and sole heiress, the wife of William Lowther, of Marske, 
CO. York, and thus the Prestons of Holker became extinct in the male 
line. Her husband was created a baronet in the following year, and his 
grandson. Sir Thomas Lowther, 3rd and last Bart., devised all the estates 
inherited from the Prestons to his cousin. Lord George Augustus Caven- 
dish, second son of the 3rd Duke of Devonshire, and he, dying unmarried 
in 1794, devised them to the Devonshire family, who now possess them. 

The story of the Furness estates having been settled on the Jesuits 
was quite untrue. Sir Thomas Preston made a private disposition of 
his estate, etc., and some moneys were ordered to be paid to certain 
individuals, more or less of a religious character, amounting to no very 
great sum. These are specified in the " Articles of Agreement " between 
the trustees. Lord Carrington, Caryl Lord Molyneux, Richard Walmesley, 
and Robert Dalton, dated Nov. 8, 1677, now in the archives of the Earl 
of Sefton at Croxteth. He had, indeed, also secured three small farms 
comprising about 60 acres for the foundation of a noviciate for the Eng- 
lish Province, but that being impracticable in England, the income was 
for many years devoted to the assistance of the Catholic missions in the 
Furness district. Two of these farms were in the parish of Dalton, and 
the other in the parish of Urswick. In 17 11 they were vested in trust 
for the Society in the name of Lady Catherine Stourton, the heiress of 
the Walmsleys of Dunkenhalgh, and in later years in the family of Petre. 
Out of the proceeds of the sale of this property at different periods, a 
sum of upwards of ;i(^i,500 was eventually expended upon the chapel and 
presbytery at Ulverston (Gibson, Lydiate Hall, pp. 46-7). 

Owing to the Manor's isolated position from the civil and ecclesias- 
tical authorities of the county, the Prestons did not suffer persecution 
on account of their Faith as severe as Catholics in other parts of Lan- 
cashire. John Preston, of Furness Abbey, appears in Lord Burghley's 
Map of Lancashire in 1590, but the significant cross is not attached to 
his name. In 1569 he had been high sheriff of the county, an ofl&ce 
which his son Thomas filled in 1585, and does not seem to have been 
highly regarded by the council in consequence of his lack of severity to- 
wards Catholics. The latter's son, Thomas, who died at the Manor in 
1604, married a daughter of that redoubtable Catholic, John Westby, 
of Mowbreck HaU, the brother-in-law of Vivian Haydock, " the fugi- 
tive," and the intimate friend and connection of Cardinal Allen (C.R.S., 
XV, 220) . His son, John Preston, appears in the recusant rolls from their 
commencement till his death. March 27, 1643. In the report of a spy 
to the Government respecting the great pilgrimage to Holjrwell on St. 
Winefrid's Day, 1629 {C.B.S. iii, 108 ; Foley, Records S.J.. iv, 534-5). 
it appears that among the assembly was Mr. John Preston, of the Manor, 
whom the spy says "hath two priests at his house, viz. Michill and 
Sefton." We also catch some few years earlier a glimpse of priests 
at the Manor in the MS. poem {apud me) by Fr. Laurence Anderton, S. J., 
alias " John Brereley, Priest," otherwise called " silver-mouthed Ander- 
ton," on the occasion of the marriage of Mr. Preston's daughter Agnes 


with Christopher Anderton, of Lostock Hall. It seems probable that 
Fr. Anderton passed some of his missionary career at the Manor before 
he went to Lytham Hall about 1625 {C.R.S., xvi, 421). There were 
iisnaJly two or more priests residing at the Manor, but the names of only 
a few — thoiiph fairly consecutive — can be discerned through the mists 
of those terrible days of persecution . Tlie following are those discovered : 

Rev. John Micliell, a native of Yorkshire, probably son of John 
Michell, of Crossley, Esq., passed M.A. at Oxford but being converted 
left the University and went to Douay College, where he was admitted 
Aug. II, 1576. He was ordained deacon at Cambrai April 6, priest 
Sept. 19, said his first Mass at Douay Oct. 18, 1577, and having accom- 
panied the collegians to Rheims in March, left there for the English 
mission Aug. 27, 1578 (Douay Diaries). He is mentioned in the report 
of a spy under date Jan. 20, 1593, as being in Lancashire (Dom. Eliz., 
xxxiii, n, 64). He was one of the assistants to the Archpriest, William 
Harrison, in 1619 {C.R.S., x, 175) ; and when Dr. William Bishop was 
consecrated to the see of Chalcedon and created Bishop of England and 
Scotland in 1623, Mr. Michell was elected one of the first sixteen arch- 
deacons of the Chapter erected by the Bishop (Old Chapter Records MSS.) . 
As previously related, he was one of Mr. John Preston's chaplains at 
the Manor in 1629, and probably died about that time. His confrere 
at the Manor was — 

Rev. John Sefton, who must have passed at college under another 
name, as he is not identified in the diaries, was apparently still at the 
Manor in 1631, at which date his name is found in the notes of addresses 
by Dr. John Southcote (C.R.S., i, 115). In 1654 he is met with exer- 
cising his duties at Stockenbridge Hall (C.R.S., xv, 50), after which he 
disappears from sight. 

Dom. John Dionysius Huddleston, O.S.B., bom April 15, 1608, at 
Farington Hall, in Leyland Hundred, co. Lancaster, being the second 
son of Joseph Huddleston, of that place and Hutton John, co. Cumber- 
land, Esq., by Eleanor, daughter of Cuthbert Sisson, of Kirkbarrow, co. 
Westmorland, Esq., is said to have been educated at Douay College, 
and ordained a secular priest, though his name does not appear in the 
published diaries. He is also said to have served as a volunteer in the 
royal service during the civil wars, but if he did so there can be little 
doubt that it was in the position of chaplain. From his Obituaries, 
edited by the present writer, C.R.S., i, 123-32, it is most probable that 
he resided at The Manor for some years between 1637 ^■^d 1645 as one 
of the chaplains to John Preston, who died in 1643, and his son and heir. 
Sir John Preston, created a baronet April r, 1644, who raised a regiment 
at his own ejcpense in defence of his sovereign, was fatally wounded whilst 
at its head in an engagement in Fumess, and died in 1645. At this 
period Mr. Huddleston had probably left Fumess, for he does not record 
Sir John's death in his Obituary. Subsequently — at what date is 
unknown — ^Mr. Huddleston joined the Benedictine Order, and was 
professed on the mission, was stationed at Somerset House, the palace 
of the queen-dowager, and reconciled Charles II to the Church on his 
deathbed, Feb. 5, 1685. His will is dated Jan. 30, 1693, and he died 
at Somerset House Sept. 22, 1698, aged 90. 

After leaving Fumess, Mr. Huddleston would appear to have served 
at Danby Hall or Grove House in Wensleydale {C.R.S., xiii, 233), 
and later was chaplain at Moseley House, co. Stafford, the seat of Thomas 
Whitgreave, Esq., where he undertook the education of a few youths 
of position, including Sir John Preston, 2nd Bart., who was there when 
Charles II took refuge in the chaplain's apartment and the adjoining 


hiding-place at Moseley alter the battle at Worcester, Sept, 3, 1051 
Sir John was stationed at one of the windows in the garrets of the house 
to give intelligence of the approach of troopers. Sir John died unmar- 
ried in April, 1 66 1, and was succeeded by his brother. Sir Thomas 
Preston, the last baronet (Gdlow, Biog. Diet., iii, 463-5). The next 
chaplain discovered at Fumess wa^ — 

Kev. Richard Fletcher alias Barton, a native of Lancashire, perhaps 
a grandson of Barton Fletcher, of Pilkington, in the parish of Prestwich, 
who was buried there May 7, 1627, and whose will was proved at Chester 
in the same year {Lanes. Par. Reg. Soc, xxxiv, 102 ; Lanes, and Cheshire 
Rec. Soc., iv). He arrived from England at Douay College July 26, 
1648, and was placed on the fund established by the late president, the 
Rev. George Fisher alias jMuskett. He took the oath of the profession 
of faith Aug. 3, and tliat of the alumni Dec. 27, 1648, received the ton- 
sure and minor orders at Douay May 13, 1649, and was appointed 
master of grammar at the opening of the scholastic year Oct. i, 1653 
{Douay Diaries, pp. 46, Si ; Douay Diaries, C.R.S., xi, 496-7, 501, 528). 
Shortly after this he must have come to the English mission, and is first 
met with, in February, 1675, as a member of the Lancashire and West- 
morland Clergy Comnaon Fund, as exhibited in a document referring 
to the Fund found at Stonyhurst by one of Gates' associates, Robert 
Bolron, who was sent down by the conspirators to concoct a " Popish 
Plot " at Stonyhurst in 1679, as printed in his " Papists Bloody Oath 
of Secrecy," London, 1680. 

" In 1678 he appears as one of Sir Thomas Preston's chaplains at The 
Manor, which at the time was occupied by the baronet's daughters 
or representatives after his departure for Watten in 1674. When Gates 
Wcis contri\'ing his Plot, it was determined that the leading Cathohcs 
of Lancashire should be included, and though this attempt failed in the 
case of the Sherburnes of Stonyhurst and others, it was powerfully 
backed by several influential gentlemen of the neighbourhood — ^Daniel 
Fleming of Rydal, Col. Kirkby of Kirkby, Mr. Dodding of Conishead, 
and others — working in the interest of Thomas Preston of Holker to 
obtain the Fumess estate on the plea of Sir Thomas Preston's reception 
into the Society of Jesus. In the Fleming of Rydal MSS. is a letter 
dated Gray's Inn, Oct. 29, 1678, from John Otway and Edward Rigby 
to Daniel Fleming of Rydal Hall, which states : " By Gates' information 
we find that one Barton, a Jesuit, is much concerned in the Plot. We 
hear that he is the person now at The Manor in Fumess, with some other 
priests. It is therefore desired that you wiU. forthwdth cause the said 
Barton to be taken into custody. It is not amiss if you apprehend the 
rest of the priests at The Manor " (Adam Wilkinson, Hist, oj Kendal MS., 
p. 139). Another letter referring to this matter amongst the State 
Papers {P.R.O., Doni. Charles II, n. 411, p. 45), from Daniel Fleming 
to Sir Joseph Wilhams, Secretary of State, dated Nov. 9, 167S, details 
his unsuccessful endeavours as a justice of the peace to apprehend " One 
Barton, a Jesuit, who hath of late dwelt at Sir Thomas Preston's house, 
called The Manor, in the north end of Lancashire." Barton and one 
Grimshaw had gone from there about a week before ; the said Justice 
Fleming seized all the arms there, disarming two servants of Mr. Wal- 
mesley's of Wigan, whom he found there — " Besides what Mr. Gates 
hath informed against JNIr. Barton, I doubt not Colonel Kirkby had 
acquainted you with what letters have fallen into my cousin Dodding's 
hands relating unto him, which shew him to be too guilty of this con- 
spiracy." Amongst the Fleming of Rydal MSS. is another letter from 
Sir Joseph Wdhams to Daniel Fleming, dated Nov. 16, 167S, which 

6 Registers of ui.verston 

says ; "I have been wanting to acquaint the King with your care and 
diligence in the search after the priests. It is a time that calls for tlie 
help of all good men." There arc other letters about the unsuccessful 
search for Mr. Barton till Dec. 11-15, 1678. In the following year, 
liowevcr, he was arrested, tried at Lancaster, and condemned to death 
for being a priest, but reprieved and pardoned (Dodd, Church History, iii, 
400). After his release from the Castle in 1684, having been supported 
during his incarceration in Lancaster from the Clergy Common Fund 
(Kirk, Diog. Collections MSS.), he returned to the mission in Lancashire, 
apparently in West Derby Hundred, and signed the Declaration of the 
clergj' of Lancashire, March 30, 1697, binding themselves at death to 
leave to the Church and pious uses such of their po.ssessions as they 
might have accumulated by ^'irtue of their ministry. Thus ISIr. Barton 
continued till 1701, wJien he was buried at Harkirk {Crosby Records, 
p. 81). 

Bro. Foley {Records S.J., v, 355 ; vii, 342), in his over-zeal for the 
Society, finding him called " Barton, a Jesuit," by Titus Oates, on the 
sole authority of that infamous informer who termed nearly all of his 
sacerdotal victims Jesuits, attributed his connection with Furness to a 
Jesuit named Thomas Hervey alias or vere Barton, although The Manor 
had ever been a secular chaplaincy. 

Rev. Nicholas Grimshaw, tlie other chaplain at The Manor, baptised 
Dec. 9, 1630 {L.P.R. Soc, ii, 91), was the second son of John Grimshaw, 
of Clayton Hall, co. Lancaster, Esq., by Anne, daughter and coheiress 
of Abraham Colthurst, of Burnley, Esq., a family now represented by 
that of Trappes-Lomax, of Clayton Hail. According to Dugdale's 
Visitation of Lancashire in March, 1664, Nicholas Grimshaw was " a 
student at Doway in Flanders," though he does not appear under his 
own name in the printed diaries of the college. When he became a 
chaplain to Sir Thomas Preston is unrecorded, but he was one of them 
at the time of the raid on The Manor in lu/S. Upon his flight he seems 
for a time to have sought refuge with his brother Richard at Clayton 
Hall, but the latter and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Stephen Tempest, 
of Broughton Hall, co. York, Esq., were brought up, convicted of recu- 
sancy, and heavily fined in 1679, in which year it is probable that Nicholas 
Grimshaw was himself apprehended, and possibl}^ died in prison, as he 
totally disappears from sight. Previously, about 1674 or 1675, Mr. 
Grimshaw had a controversy with the Vicar of Mitton, the Rev. Samuel 
Felgate, which the latter published under the title of " The Novelty of 
the Modern Romish Religion set forth in an Answer to three Queries 
propounded by N. G., Priest," London, 16S2, treated at length by the 
writer in his Biog. Diet., iv, 324-6. 

This raid appears to have completely broken up the chaplaincy 
at The Manor, and it was never revived so far as is known. The estate 
was soon afterwards seized by the Crown, and IMass ceased to be said at 
Furness Abbey. 

Bardsea Hall, 
two miles south by south-east from Ulvcrston, in the adjoining parish 
of Urswick, belonged to the manorial lords of the name till the-last of 
the family, Nicholas Bardsea, was slain fighting in the royal cause in 
1642. Some account of this very ancient Catholic family appears in 
Lord Burghley's Map of Lancashire, 1590, published by the C.R.S. in 
1907, and in " The Manor of Bardsea, by Henry Ince Anderton," pp. 
216-61, Trans, of the Cumb. and Wesim. Antiq. and Arch. Soc., xii. New 
Series, 1912. 


Dorothy Bardsca, the heuesa oi tlie lamily, married Jaiiies Aiiderton, 
of Cla^-ton Hall, Cla5d:on-le-Woods, co. Lancaster, Esq., and thus 
Bardsea passed to that fajiiily, of which an account is given C.R.S., vi, 
233-5- JaJi^es Anderton died at Claji:on, Nov. 8, 1630, and his wife 
May 5, 1627. Tiieir son and heir, James, was aged over 55 in 1633 ; 
and his son and successor, Jaxnes, was living at Bardsea a recusant 
and suspected royahst in 1655, but died in London in 1676, intestate 
and insolvent, and was buried in the cloisters of Westminster Abbey 
on July II, leaving his widow Jane, who was residing a recusant at Bard- 
sea Hall in 1679. Thurstan Anderton succeeded his brother James to 
Bardsea, died in 16S3, and was buried with his ancestors at Leyland on 
Aug. 29. He was followed by another brother, Christopher, who was 
made a justice of the peace by James II in 16S7, and as " IVIr. Anderton 
of Bardsea " was buried at Urswick Dec. 14, 1694, the last male repre- 
sentative of the family, and ]^Iar3^ his unmarried sister, inherited Bardsea. 
Another sister, Dorothy, bom 161 5, married Thomas Singleton, of 
Stayning Hall, Esq., and their three daughters became coheiresses to 
the Singletons and Andertons. The eldest, Anne Singleton, residing at 
various periods at Bardsea, Great Singleton, and Crank Hall in Rainf ord, 
died unmarried in 1719. The second, Mary Singleton, married John 
Mayfield, of Lytham, gent., and inherited Stajming Hall ; and tlie third 
sister, Dorothy Singleton, married Alexander Butler, Esq., a younger 
son of the Rawcliffe Hall family, and inherited TodderstafEe Hall. 
jMts. Singleton in her widowhood resided with her sister Mary at Bardsea 
Hall, and died there about 1696-7, and about 1701 the elder sister, 
Mary Anderton, sold Bardsea Hall to Lord Molyneux, and retired to 
Aldcliffe, where she died Feb. 22, 1708-9, and was buried at Lancaster. 

Lord JNIolyneux used Bardsea Hall as a hunting-lodge, and Mass 
continued to be said in the old domestic chapel. Squire Tyldesley 
(GiUow, Tyldesley Diary, 1873, p. 37), under date July 6, 1712, says he 
heard " y" y " old doct' was buryed Fry-day beffor, at Bardsey," marking 
in the margin a cross-patriarchal, apparently to denote the sacerdotal 
character of the " Old Doctor," possibly a chaplain at the Hail. Later, 
May 23, 17 13, the diarist records : " About 12 sett fiorwards fior 
Bardsey [from Lancaster] to vissitt my Lord Molineux afiter y^ death 
of his Lady ; p^ John Carf [the guide over the sands] 6^, and the other 
gide 6^ ; rought Bardsey about 4, where ffound my L<i, his 3 sons, 
Massey, William Mohneux, and y^ bony Esq., all glade to see mee." 
Tyldesley remained at the Hall for five days, when he left to return to 
Lancaster, " about 5 post prandium." The Lady Molyneux, wife of 
William, 4th Viscount Molyneux, was Bridget, daughter and heiress 
of Robert Lucy, of Charlecot, co. Warwick, Esq., and died April 23, 1713, 
aged 57. The Viscount died March 8, 17 17-8, aged 61. One of the 
chaplains at Croxteth Hall usually accompanied Lord iMolyneux on 
his visits to Bardsea, and one of them, Fr. Thomas Vv^orthington, O.P., 
notes serving at Bardsea Hall on Aug. 25, 1717 {C.R.S., xiii, 226). In 
1732 Bardsea Hall was sold by the Molyneux family to Christopher 
Wilson, of London, and successively descended to the Braddyls and 
Gales, thus passing into Protestant hands after being a shelter for an 
altar and priest from the overthrow of the old religion. 

Bardsea Hall stands on the west side of the road from Ulverston, 
in a well-sheltered situation, and surrounded by a spacious and nicely 
wooded park commanding extensive views over Morecambe Bay. It 
still presents features of considerable interest, parts of the structure 
dating from the early part of the eighteenth century, and incorporating 
some of a yet more ancient building. It was much altered and enlarged 


by the Gales. Exteiibive gardens behind the house are laid out in ter- 
races rising one above another on the sloping side of the rock. 

The only name of a chaplain found residing in the Hall during the 
time of the Andertons is — 

Fr. Clement Smith, S.J., a native of Warwickshire, born in 1657, 
who studied at St. Omer's College, entered the Society at Watten, Sept. 7, 
1678, in due course received holy orders, and came to the mission in 
Lancashire. Dr. Oliver {Collectanea S.J.) suspects that the Furncss 
district was the seat of his labours. At the time of the Orange Revolu- 
tion in December, 1688, he appears to have been at Bardsea Hall, 
and the Annual Letters for that year give a graphic narrative of his 
troubles. The mansion was beset by a No-Popery mob of nearly three 
hundred men, and it was almost by a miracle that the good Father 
escaped. He spent weeks in hiduig from his pursuers, and for three 
months he was compelled to lie so closely concealed that he was unable 
even to pace about his chamber. For a wliole year he dare not use 
either fire or candle lest he should be betrayed by the light. Indeed, 
for two years he was unable to leave the house where he was harboured 
save at night. Such sufferings, combined with constant mental anxietj-, 
naturally undermined his constitution, and he died at Bardsea Hall, 
Sept. 8, and was buried from thence at Urswick Sept. 16, 1695, ^^'^ 3^ 
(Foley, Records S.J., v, 356-7 ; Lanes. Par. Reg. Soc, vol. xxxix). 

Rampside Hall, 
in the township of Yarleside, parish of Dalton, five miles south from 
Dalton, was the seat of the ancient family of Knipe, %vho appear in the 
recusant rolls from their commencement in the reign of Elizabetli. 
John Knipe, of Rampside Hall, was a captain in the royal army during 
the civil wars, and was slain at the battle of Brindle Heath Aug. 23, 
1651. The will of his sou and heir, James, was proved in 1694. The 
haJl was a refuge for missionary priests, as likewise — 

in the township of Hawcoat, formerly in the same parish, but now part 
of the borough of Barrow, the seat of the Lacy family in the latter half 
of the seventeenth century {C.R.S., vi, 238). 

the parish in which is situated the Abbey, the castle of the Peel of 
Fouldrey, and the ancient Tower of Dalton, became the seat of a Jesuit 
mission through the munificence of Sir Thomas Preston some years after 
the chaplaincy at The Manor was broken up. As related under Furness 
Abbey, Sir Thomas settled upon the Society three small farms, two of 
them in Dalton, ahd the third in the parish of Urswick. Out of the 
rents of this property the Province S.J. allowed a sum of ;^20 per annum 
towards the maintenance of a Father to serve the district. The first 
on record was apparently Fr. Clement Smith, who died at Bardsea 
Hall in 1695, ^ already related. The next of whom we have any 
definite knowledge was — 

Fr. William Gardner alias Taylor, S.J., who was born in this part of 
Lancashire in 1651, entered the Society Sept. 7, 1673, was ordained priest 
April 5, 1681, and came to the mission in his native county, where he 
served, with a brief interval in 1696, till his death. In 1701 and again 
in 1704 he is found serving what was called The Manor Mission, with the 
salary previously stated (Foley, Records S.J., v, 320-1). On Oct. 2, 
1716, he was residing in the parish of Pennington, i £- miles west by soutli- 
wcst of Ulvcrston, and was convicted of recusancy at the Lancaster 


Sessions held on that date under the description oi " Tho. Tayier als. 
Garner " {P.R.O. Forfeited Estates. 62 p.). In the " Return of the High 
Constable for the North syde of the Sands in the Hundred of Loynsdale " 
in October, 1716 {ibid., L. 2), under the township of Leece, parish of 
Aldinghani, in Low Furness, he states : "An estate of Mr. Taylor, a 
suspected Romish Priest lying att Stone dikes in the s^ Townpp valued 
att ;^I2 p an. The personall estate of the s'' INIr. Taylor in the townpp 
of Pennington, where he resides, valued at ;^o8 . 00 . 00. An estate 
called Goldniire lying near Dalton in the s"* co. heretofore lett by one 
Geo. Kemp, steward or serv* to Sir Nicholas Sherbum for the sum of £6 
p an. & supposed to be to the use of the s^ Mr. Taylor. A pcell of ground 
now farmed by one Thos. Brigg of Holbeck at £i p an., the rent supposed 
to be to the use of the s^ Mr. Taylor." Again, amongst the same 
Forfeited Estates Papers, B. 62, is an information dated Nov. 20, 1716, 
refeiTcd to the Master of References, that Thomas Briggs and Thomas 
Browne of Dalton-in-Furness pay rent to Mary Richardson (for lands in 
Dalton) to one Taylor a priest. In 1717, according to an obviously 
incorrect official return there were only seven known Cathohcs in Dalton, 
Kirkby Ireleth, Rampside, Walney, Pennington, etc. When the severity 
of the persecution had subsided, Fr. Taylor settled in Dalton, where he 
resided till his death, April i, 1725, aged 74 (Foley, Records S.J., vii, 
287, 765). After his death, some time seems to have elapsed before the 
appointment of a permanent successor to the mission, and for a time it 
was served by an itinerant Benedictine, or Riding Priest, who attended 
to Kendal, Workington, and Furness districts. 

Dom WiUiam Bede Hutton, O.S.B., a native of Eldon, co. Durham, 
professed at Lambspring in 1713, and ordained priest in 1720, who came 
to the Benedictine North Province in 1731, was placed at Stella, near 
Newcastle, till 1735, when he was transferred to Kendal, and thence 
served the wide district mentioned above tiU 1747. He then removed to 
Hesleyside, co. Northumberland, where he died May 29, 1756. Possibly 
some of his successors at Kendal or Sizergh Castle continued the same 
service. Anyhow, the next priest on record was — 

Fr. Thomas Daniel alias West, S.J., the historian of Furness, born 
in Scotland in 1717, but according to Oliver, Collectanea S.J., p. 39, 
Jan. I, 1720, who made his early studies at the public schools in Edin- 
burgh, and became for a time a commercial traveller. At the age of 
thirty-one or more he went to St. Omer's College, entered the Society 
at Watten Sept. 7, 1751, and made his higher studies at Liege, where 
he was ordained priest. For a time he was chaplain at Swynnerton 
Hall, CO. Stafiord, the seat of the Fitzherberts, thence probably succeeded 
Fr. John Williams, S.J., to the mission at " The Star " in Holywell in 
1761, and finally came to Dalton in Furness, where he appears in the 
return made by the vicar of the parish to the Bishop of Chester in 1767, 
being credited with a congregation of 23. He resided at Tytup — or as 
Fr. West himself spelt it, Titeup — Hall, in the chapelry of Ireletli in the 
north-western end of Dalton. It is believed that this fine example of a 
moderately -sized gentleman's house of the period, replete with handsome 
wainscotting and other internal embellishments, was originally called 
Orgrave Hall. Here he compiled his elaborate and erudite work, en- 
titled : " The Antiquities of Furness, or an Account of the Royal Abbey 
of St. Majy," which he dedicated in 1774 to the Right Hon. Lord George 
Cavendish. This gentleman was the owner of Furness, and was in- 
timate with Fr. West. According to a memorandum at Hornby in 
Fr. West's hand, his lordship made him the offer of a crjrpt in the Abbey 
to be converted into a chapel for the use of the neighbouring Catholics, 


wlucii lor ccilain reasons the good Fatiicr was unable to accept (Gibson, 
Lydiate Hall, p. 47). A friend, Mr. James Collinson, of Lancaster, 
writing to Fr. West, under date Nov. 21, 1775, says : "I suppose you 
intend to winter at Titeup, which is but a bleak and cold situation, far 
from society, so that could you meet with convenient lodgings at Ul- 
\erston, which is at no great distance, and stay there two or three of 
these dark and gloomy montlis, it would in my opinion, be far more 
comfortable." Fr. West seems to have taken the advice, at any rate 
he had removed to Swarthmoor Hall, just outside the town, in 1776, 
and there Mass was said till 1777. He then rented or purchased what 
was known as the " First House " in Ulverston, that is the fourth existing 
house from the old chapel, and made it his residence. It seems probable 
that for some years he had taken pupils, otherwise he could not have 
required or maintained such capacious residences as Tytup Hall or First 

In 1778, Fr. West published his " Guide to the Lakes, Dedicated 
to tlie Lovers of Landscape Studies, and to all who have visited, or intend 
to visit, the Lakes of Cumberland, Westmoreland, and Lancashire," 
which passed through many editions. In 1779 his address was at ' ' Filers, 
near Ulverston." His end was close at hand, and during one of 
his occasional visits to Sizcrgh, co. Westmorland, the seat of the 
Sti-icklands, he died in the castle July 10, 1779, aged 62. He was interred 
according to his own request in the choir or chapel belonging to the 
Stricklands in Kendal parish church (GiUow, Biog. Diet., ii, 15-6 ; 
Foley, Records S.J. , v, 357, vii, 192 ; Mannex, Hist., Topogr. and Direc- 
tory of Westmorland, ana the Hundreds of Lonsdale and Amounderness 
in Lancashire, 1851, p. 416 ; West's MSS. at Hornby). 

From a letter of the Rev. John Chadwick, grand-vicar to BishoiJ 
William Walton, V.A.-N.D., at York, dated Jan. 17, 1780 (Ushaw 
Collections MSS., ii, 445), it appears that the vacancy at Ulverston had 
not been filled at that date. Fr. West's successor was — 

Fr. John Sale, S.J., born Oct. 20, 1722, second son of William Sale, 
of Hopcar, in Bedford, parish of Leigh, co. Lancaster, gent., by Jane, 
daughter of Edmund Tristram, of Ince Blundell,yeo. {C.R.S., vol. vi), who 
entered the Society at Watten Sept. 7, 1741, and after ordination came 
to the English mission. He served Holywell, co. Flint, for a time, 
Crosby Hall and Bedford Leigh, co. Lancaster, for some years, and finally 
came to Ulverston in or about 1780. Here he remained till his death, 
Oct. 23, 1 791, aged 69, administration to his effects being granted on 
the following Feb. 6. It is not improbable that he continued to receive 
pupils like Fr. West. He was succeeded — after an interval of some 
three years, during which Ulverston received temporary service — by a 
very eminent theologian — 

The Very Rev. Patrick Everard, D.D., late rector of the Irish College 
at Bordeaux, and V.G. to the archbishop of that see, who had escaped 
to England during the French Revolution. He was a member of the 
very ancient family of Everard of Fethard, co. Tipperary, and was 
born in 1753. He received his classical educatioia in tlie local grammar- 
school, and thence was sent to the Irish College at Salamanca in Spain, 
where he was ordained priest in 17S3, having talten his degree of S.T.D. 
He went to the Irisii College at Bordeaux, of which, soon afterwards, 
upon the resignation of Dr. Glynn, he was appointed rector, and so 
continued till the Revolution necessitated his flight. Previous to this, 
tlie Archbishop of Bordeaux had made him the sole administrator of 
his diocese. It is said in Dr. Evcrard's Memoir, by the Rev. Thomas B. 
Allan, that in passing through London in his flight he was introduced 


to Edmund Burke, who was so iascinated with his courtly uiauners and 
conversational powers, that he became his attached friend, and intro- 
duced him to the leading statesmen and principal Catliohcs of England. 
The superior of tlie " gentlemen of the ex-Society," whose numbers had 
considerably diminished since tlaeir suppression in 1773, handed over to 
liim as locum tenens the Ulverston mission. Here, in the large house 
known as the First House, secured by Fr. West, Dr. Everard estabhshed 
a school for the sons of the Cathohc aristocracy, such as tlie J\iost}^-ns of 
Talacre, Stapletons of Carlton, Chftons of Chiton and Lytiiam, Strick- 
lands of Sizergh, and many other weU-known northern famUies. 

The First House, now divided into two residences situated at the 
end of Fountain Street, was a commodious building with a large paved 
court-yard and extensive stabling accommodation, to which a later 
erection, now likewise divided into two houses, was probably added by 
Dr. Everard. It stood beneath the shade of a few ancient sycamores, 
somewhat to the front of the subsequent day-school premises bearing 
the inscription, " Catliohc School, a.d. 1S24." The doctor also pos- 
sessed two fine gardens near the school, as weU as some fields just outside 
the town called " Gill Banks," now public pleasure grounds. The annual 
pension paid by the pupils ranged from ;^200 to ;^400, and the young 
gentlemen, some twenty in number, kept their own horses and dogs. 
They followed the hounds, dined, danced, and went to card parties at 
the houses of the neighbouring county famihes, and were accompanied 
by the great doctor hunself on such occasions. 

After using for some time a room in the house as a chapel. Dr. 
Everard erected about 1806 a smaU one adjoining, dedicated to Our Lady 
of Fumess, later incorporated in a more pretentious building by his 
successor. Thus he continued until iSio, when the bishops of Ireland 
— ^probably tlirough the instrumentahty of his friend, Dr. Lingard — 
elected hun, on the feast of SS. Peter and Paul, president of Maynootli 
College. He was then in his fifty-eighth year, and, unfortunately, his 
health was greatly impaired, lience his term of residence at Maynooth 
never seems to have been continuous. Indeed, he is found recruiting 
his broken strength at Ulverston in the j-ear of his installation, and 
revisited it again and again, till finally he resigned the presidency, 
Jan. 25, 1813, and returned to his school at Ulverston. In the following 
year he was elected coadjutor to Dr. Bray, archbishop of Cashel, with 
the right of succession, Sept. 19. his brief to the archbishopric of INIitilene 
in partibus bemg dated Oct. 4, 1S14, and he was consecrated at Cork 
April 24, 1S15. Upon the death of Archbishop Bray in 1820, Dr. 
Everard became archbishop of Cashel and Emly in December of that 
year, but lie was not destined to wear the pallium for more than three 
months, for he died in March, 1821, aged 68 (Allan, Memoir; Brady, 
Episcop. Succession, ii, 30 ; GiUow, Biog. Diet., ii, 188 ; Foley, Records 
S.J., V, 353). He was succeeded at Ulverston by — 

Fr. Nicholas Sewall, S. J., born in Maryland, Dec. 9, 1745, who, after 
serving various Lancashire missions, came to Ulverston in 18 14, and 
continued nominal rector for some years, after he was elected rector of 
Stonyhurst College in September, 18 16, for his signature appears in the 
registers from Dec. 25, 1816, till June i, 1819 (Foley, Records S.J., vii, 
701). When he came he obtained the assistance of a secular priest to 
act as locum tenens in the rector's absence, and to conduct the school. 
This was the — 

Rev. Bartholomew McHugh, who haxi in the previous year come over 
from Ireland to Liverpool as assistant to the Rev. Thomas Penswick, 
subsequently bishop, at tlie new church of St. Nicholas, Copperas Hill. 


iu cuuscqueucc oi some difference witli Mr. Penswick, he took up the 
position at Ulverstou. When Fr. Sewell removed in 1816, Mr. McHugh 
returned to Liverpool, and opened a small academy in Richmond Row, 
Evcrton, but in 181S he transferred his school back to Ulverston, having 
made final arrangements witli the Jesuits. 

On June 27, 1822, he laid the foundation-stone — brought from 
Furness Abbey — of anew church, though the old chapel was incorporated. 
For the period it had some pretensions, tlic walls being crenellated, and 
tlae ceihng of the chapel being modelled after one remaining in the Abbey 
ruins. It was opened Sept. 9, 1S23. In the following year he erected the 
school at Tarnside behind the church, bearing a stone inscribed " Catholic 
School. A.D. 1S24," and in 1832 he added a tower to the church, which 
still stands, though the quaint-looking church with its embattled square 
tower is now used for the equally quaint purpose of an Oddfellows' Hall. 
In 1835 he removed his boarding school to Hammershead Villa, a hand- 
some residence in the Elizabethan style, which he had himself erected. 
In 184 1 he was elected a guardian, at the head of the poll. Shortly 
before his deatli he tendered his resignation of the mission, but almost 
immediately afterwards was suddenly taken ill, died at his residence 
at Ulverston the same evening, March 14, 1S44, aged 56, and was in- 
terred in the church he had completed (Gillow, Biog. Diet., iv, 384). 

During his term the names of the following priests appear in the 
registers as assisting in the mission — 

Dom Thomas Clement Rishton, O.S.B., of Workington, July 25, 1819. 

Rev. Henry Carter, late of Newhouse {C.R.S., xv, 320), and then 
living retired in Preston, July 18, 1822, to March 23, 1823, and as 
sponsor June 24, 1S23, and Jan. 24, 1824. 

Rev. Edward Doherty, Aug. 6-9, and Sept. 26, 1829. 

Fr. George Connell, S.J., S^pt. 6, 1840, and May 9, 1841, superior 
of the district (Foley, Records S.J., vii, 157). 

Fr. Maurice Mann, S.J., Sept. 8-17, 1843, from Stonyhurst (Foley, 
ibid., vii, 484). 

Fr. Joseph Postlethwaite, S.J., Dec. 14, 1843, who about this time 
had left the Society, but was re-admitted March i, 1845 (Foley, ihid,^ 
vii, 618). 

Fr. Thomas Clarke, S.J., of Stonyhurst, May 5, 1844 (Foley, ibid., 
vii. 134)- 

Upon Mr. McHugh's death, the Society sent a locum tenens in the 
person of — 

Rev. John George Morris, who after the break-up of the college at 
Liege during the Revolution rejoined the community at Stonyhurst 
June 22, 1795, was ordained, but remained a secular priest devoted to 
the service of the Society, and subject to its superiors. He left Stony- 
hurst in 1808 for Preston, thence was sent in 1826 to estabhsh a new 
mission at Wakefield, whence he came in 1844 to Ulverston. Retiring 
on account of advanced age and sickness, he died shortly afterwards at 
Birkenhead, Oct. 9, 1855 (Foley, Records S.J., vii, 526 ; Hatt, Stonyhurst 
Lists ; Catholic Dir., 1856). He was succeeded by — 

Fr, Alfred Weld, S.J., younger son of George Weld, of Leagram 
Hall, CO. Lancaster, Esq., J.P., D.L,, who served the mission from 
August to November, 1855. 

Fr. William Cobb, S.j., November, 1855, to Januaiy, 1856 (Foley, 
ibid., vii, 144). 

Fr. Richard Corr, S.J., Januarj- to August, 1S56 (Foley, ibid., 172). 

Fr. Bernard Jarrett, S.J., 185O, till the Society handed over the 
mission to the Bishop of Liverpool, who appointed — 


Rev. Peter Laverty, 1856 to 1877. At his coming Ulverston was 
the only mission in Lonsdale north of the Sands, a district of about 
244 square miles. The necessity of establishing new missions was 
apparent, especially at the rapidly -growing town of Barrow-in-Furness, 
where St. Mary's was commenced in 1865, St. Patrick's in 1877, and the 
Sacred Heart in 1902. Other missions in the district were founded at 
Coniston, the Sacred Heart, 1866, church opened 1872, and at Dalton- 
in-Furness, Our Lady of the Rosary, school chapel 1879. 

Rev. William Massey, 1877-86. He purchased the site for a new 
mission at Grange-over-Sands, two miles from Cartmel Priory, but the 
Rev. John Bilsborrow, subsequently Bishop of Salford, was appointed 
the first incumbent in 1882. For eighteen months Mass was said in 
Kent's Ford House, the residence of John Sutcliffe-Witham, Esq., and 
the new church, dedicated to St. Charles, was opened Jan. 22, 1884. 
Fr. Massey also secured a site for a new church, schools, and presbytery 
in Ulverston, and began to erect the schools, which were opened in 1887, 
but owing to ill-health he had to resign the charge of the mission in 
the previous year. 

Rev, Peter Laverty, having recovered his health, returned in 1886 
till 1887. 

Rev. Thomas B. Allan, January, 1887-1907. The foundation-stone 
of the new church was blessed by Dr. O'Reilly, the bishop of Liverpool 
on the Feast of the Assumption, 1893, and opened by Bishop Wliiteside 
Aug. 2, 1895. Fr. Allan wrote a brief account of his eminent predecessor 
at Ulverston — " Dr. Everard, Archbishop of Cashel and Emly. A 
Memoir. By the Rev. Thomas B, Allan. Reprinted from 'The Irish 
Ecclesiastical Record.' " Dublin, 1897, 8vo., pp. 22. 

Rev. Laurence Kehoe, 1907 to January 1915. He established a 
convent school under the care of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of 
Mary, opened Sept. 8th, 1913. 

Rev, Patrick Delany, 1915 to date. 


14 rigistfrs of ulverston 

The Registers. 
This register dates from May 28th, 1812. A few marriages appear 
in '"chronological order amongst the baptisms ; for convenience they 
liave been extracted and placed after the baptisms. 

Tlicre arc two volumes, the entries of which overlap, as noted below. 
With the permission of the Rev. Laurence Kehoe, the late incumbent, 
in whose possession they were, they have been copied by the con- 
tributor of the registers. 

Book I. 

[This is a note-book 4 x6| inches, containing 40 pages, interleaved 
with blotting paper, on which one or two entries arc made. Many leaves 
of blotting paper ai-e missing. The insides of the cover, back and front, 
have also been used for the final entries. From 1824 to 1828 the book 
lias been copied in vol. ii. 

The material differences are shown within brackets to avoid repeti- 
(Page i) very imperfect — J. G. Morris.* 

Registry, Catholic Chapel, Ulverstone. 
7^^ May. May 28*11. Baptized, Mary Ann, the daughter of 
Walter Rosser, Grocer, & Annt his wife. 
Sponsors, Edward Mostyn Esq. & Lady Mostyn. $ 
ii"» May. May 31st. baptized, John, the Son of Robert Mercer, 
Cotton-spinner, & Agnes his wife. 

Sponsors, George Spencer, Jun^^. Elizabeth 
Spencer do. 

12th May Being previously baptized, 

June 14*^. The ceremonies of the Church were per- 
formed on Margret, the Daughter of Daniel Patter- 
son, Labourer, and Bridget, his wife, outcast § 
near Ulverstone. 

Sponsors, Bernard McGyer, Sarah McGyer, 
[The first page above is reproduced from the original. The rest is 
cotidensed. The marginal dates above, i.e. first dates following, are 
those of births.] 

(2) 5**^ Oct. Oct. iitn. Baptized Robert the Son of Thomas Ren, 
of Winder, Husbandman, and Alice his wife. Sponsors, Hugli 
Walmsley, Mary Mayson. 

24th Oct. Being previously baptized, Nov. 2g^^, the ceremonies 
of the Church were perfonned on William the Son of John Layfield, 
Grocer, and Ann his Wife. Sponsors, Richard Layfield, Agnes 

(3) 1813 

5*11 January. January 21^*. Baptized Robert the Son of John 
Mayson, of Winder, Husbandman, and Mary his Wife. Sponsors, 
Hugh Walmsley, Alice Leech. 

* Rev. John G. Morris, rector 1844-1855. 

"f She died at Ulverston Jan. g, 1890. 

J Edward Mostyn, bom in 1785, succeeded his father. Sir Piers Mostyn, of 
Talacre, co. Flint, as 7th Bart., in 1823, and died in 1841. His mother, T^ady 
Mostyn, died in 181 5. 

§ "Outcast" is a district in South Ulverston. 


28*^ December, 1812. January 31**. Baptized Jonathan the 
Son of Christopher Dowling, of Sparkbridge, Laborer, and Susanna 
liis Wife. Sponsors, Thomas MoUoy. Elizabeth Boardman. 

y^^ April. April 19*^. Baptized Henry Roddis the Son of 
Edward & Roschilda Winstanley (Watchmaker). Sponsors, Robert 
Winstanley, Elizabeth Boardman. 

(4) 24^^ November. December $^^. Baptized Walter Rowland, 
the Son of Walter Rowland White, Surgeon, of Ulverstone, and 
Sarah his Wife. Sponsors, William Rosser, Marv Rosser. 


3i8t December, 1813. February 6*^^. Baptized John the Son of 
Arthur TT^nnah, Weaver, of Ulverstone, and Elizabeth his Wife. 
Sponsors, William Rosser, Mary Derrom. 

6^ March, 1814. April 3rd. Baptized Dorothy, the Daughter of 
Thomas Maddox, Laboror, of Ulverstone, and Mary his Wife, Spon- 
sors, William Layfield Jun^, Mary Maddox, 

(5) 31st March. April ii^i^. Baptized Sarah the Daughter of 
Walter Rosser, Grocer, and Ann his Wife, Sponsors, William Rosser, 
Chloe Gambia. 

2yth June. Being privately baptized on the day he was born, 
July iQt^, the ceremonies of the Church were performed on Henry 
the Son of Robert Mercer, Cotton-spinner, and Agnes his Wife. 
Sponsors, William Layfield Jun^, Mary Derrom. 

June July 17*11. Baptized Thomas the Son of Elizabeth 

Qn^. Sponsors, William Layfield Jun^, Phoebe Postlethwaite. 

(6) 12^^ August. Augs* 2ist. Baptized John the Son of Thomas 
Wren, of Winder, Husbandman, and Alice his wife. Sponsors, John 
Leech & Mary Mayson, 

4**1 Sep, September iS**^, Baptized James the Son of Bartholo- 
mew Savage, of Urswick, Weaver, and Mary his Wife. Sponsors, 
William Layfield Jun^, Mary Derrom. 

I4*i» Dec. December 18*^^. Baptized James the Son of Peter 
Leigh, Gardener, and Mary his Wife. Sponsors, William Layfield 
junr & Elizabeth Layfield. 

(7) 1815 

Janv . January 2g^^. Baptized John the Son of John Mayson, 
Husbandman, of [Win crossed ouf] Cart lane near Cartmel, and 
Mary his Wife. Sponsors, Robert Mercer & Agnes Mercer. 

4*i» March. March 12^^. Baptized Edward Woods the Son of 
Edward Winstanley, Watchmaker, and Roschilda his Wife. Spon- 
sors, Thomas Molloy & Mary Derrom. 

June 25^^. Baptized William the Son of Walter Rosser, Grocer, 
and Ann his Wife. Sponsors, Edward Winstanley & Mary Rosser. 

(8) 20**1 Sep : October i^t. Baptized Thomas the Son of Joseph 
Slater, of Backbarrow, Weaver, and Ann his Wife. Sponsors : [blank] 

June 21S*. Baptized Margaret the Daughter of James Murray, 
of Backbarrow, Labourer. 

N.B. The above two children belong to travellers. 

(9) 30*11 June. August 4*11. Baptized Sarah the daughter of James 


Harrison, Hairdresser, and Elizabeth his Wife. Sponsors, Geo. 
Spencer Jnr. and Chloe Gambia. 

August ii**!. Baptized Roschilda the daughter of Edward Win- 
stanley, Watchmaker, and Roschilda his Wife. Sponsors, Walter 
Rosser & Chloe Gambia. 

(10) 20"i Aug«^. September 8^^. Baptized Thomas the Son of 
Thomas Wren, of Winder, Husbandman, and Alice his Wife. Spon- 
sors, Robert Mercer & Agnes Mercer. 

4th Oct : October 6^^. Baptized Edward Aston, the Son of 
Robert Mercer, Cotton spinner, and Agnes his Wife. Sponsors, 
Thomas Mollo3^ Elizabeth Boardman. 

(11) Dec : 25. Thos. f : George & Sarah Osbome. Spon : Jac : & 
Margt. Murray. Dec : 25. N : Sewall, S. J. 

[On the blotting-paper between pp. 26 and 27 appears 
Sewall Stonyhurst.] 
Jan : 5. Jane f : Th^ & Helen Leach. Robt. & Agnes Mercer. 

N : Sewall, S.J. 

April 7. Anthony f: Walter & Ann Rosser. John Spencer, 

Rosilda Winstanley. N : Sewall. 

June ist. Agnes f : Barth : & Mary Savage. John Spencer, 

Phebe Postlewhite. N: Sewall, S.J. 

(12) Aug: 17th. Martha Maria f. Walter & Sarah White. John 
Spencer, Sarah White. 


April 18**^. Baptized Richard the son of John Layfield and Ann 
Layfield, by the Rev^ B. M^Hugh. Sponsors, Richard Layfield, 
Agnes Spencer. Lilvay [? or Silva]. 

June 14**1. Baptized Ellen the daughter of Christhopher Dowling 
and Sussanna Dowling. By the Rev^ B. M^Hugh. Sponsors, James 
Quin Amegh,* Margarita Yates. Lilvay. 

(13) 1819 

14^^ March. April 12*^. Baptized Jane the Daughter of Alice 
Wren & Thomas Wren, by the Rev^ B. McHugh. Sponsors, Ellen 
Leech, James Megraw (Lpool). 

July [blank]. July 14th, Baptized Walter f the son of Walter 
Rosser, Grocer, & Ann his Wife, of Ulverston. Sponsors, Sarah 
White, Geo. Spencer Jun^, 

(14) 29*^ June, July 25*^. Baptized James the son of George 
Osbome* & Sarah his Wife by the Rev^ Tho^ Rishton, O.S.B. 
Sponsors, Patrick Osbome & Ann McCann. 

17*^ May, 1815. July 25*^. Was conditionally baptized having 
previously received the rites of the established Church, Mary the 
daughter of George Osbome & Sarah his Wife, both of Backbarrow, 
by the Rev : Thos Rishton, O.S.B. Sponsors, Edward Slater, Marg. 

* Omagh or Omegh. 

t Walter Rosser settled in Blackburn as a yam agent, and died there 
March 6, 1879, his wife, Ap;nes, having predeceased him on April ii, 1874, 

III Of Backbarrow. 


(15) 31** Aug. September 26^^ Baptized Eleanor the Daughter 
of John Leech & Ellen his Wife* bj^The Rev* B. M^Hugh. Sponsors, 
John King (London) & Elizabeth Quail. 

22«<i Oct. Novr y^. Baptized Lucy the daughter of George 
Spencer, t Shoemaker, of Ulverston, & Mary his wife by the Rev<* B. 
McH. Sponsors. M" W^ Rosser, M^" Walter Rosser. 

30 Jany. February 27**^. Baptized Stephen the Son of Walter 
Rowland White, Surgeon, of Bouth, & Sarah his Wife by Rev<» B. 
M^H. Sponsors, Walter Rosser, Ann Rosser. 

(16) 29*'! Feby. April g^^. Baptized Eleanor the daughter of 
Edward Divine & Elizabeth his Wife, of Backbarrow, by the Rev* B. 
MacH. Sponsors, Ja^ Walker, Elizabeth Quail. 

6th Augst. August 20*^. Baptized John the Son of Walter 
Rosser, of Ulverston, Grocer, & Ann his Wife by the Rev<i B. McHugh. 
Sponcers, Wn» Layfield Senr, Agnes Spencer. 

(17) August 23, 1830. Baptised the daughter of John Crook. 
her name Mary Ann Crook. Sponsors, Francis O'Beim, Margret 

[This entry appears in this place, hut in proper order in hook II, ^. 21.] 

23rd March in the year 1819. January 14**^. Baptised William 
Owens the son of Francis Owens of Ulverston, Weaver, and Sally 
his wife by the Rev^ B. McHugh Jan. 14**1 1821. Sponcers, James 
Connolly, Ros. smith. 

(18) February 25**^ Baptised Margaret Osbom the daughter of 
George Osburn of Backborough and Sarah his wife by the Rev* 
B. M^Hugh. Sponcers, John MCallister, Mary M^Cann. 

August 5th. Babtised George Spencer Harrison the Son of 
James and Elizabeth Harrison of Ulverston by the Rev^ B. M^Hugh. 
Sponcers, George Spencer, Agnes Spencer. 

(19) August 5*^. Babtised Mary Billington the daughter of Tho^ 
Billington of Ulverston and Betty his wife by the Rev* B. M^Hugh. 
Sponcers, John Spencer, Mary Lee. 

(20) Augst 8th. August 19*11. Frances Rosser was Baptized. 
Sponcers, M^ Steele, Mrs Mostyn. [The above child was crossed out.] 

[Here, though out of order, occurs in hook I, entry given 
below on Dec. 25, 1825, q.v.] 

(21) I Ober. batized Serah the daughter of James & Ann Campbell 
of Cockemiouth. Sponsors, Ja^ Duflfy, Mary Lee. 

December 30*^. Baptized Anne Catherine the daughter of 
Robert Mercer & Agnes his wife. Sponsors, John Spenser, Rose 

(22) 1822 

February 22°<i. Baptized George the son of George Spenssr Jun' 
& Mary his wife. Sponsors, John Spensser, Mary Lee. B. M^ji. 

February 24*^. Baptized Joseph the Son of James Barker Jun' 
of Backbarrow. Sponsors, John Coligan, Mary M^Alister. B. McHugh. 

* Of Cartmel. 

f He dica at Ulverston May 16, 1867. 


(23) M* Baptized Joseph the son of Thomas Wren & 
.Mice hi? wife. Sponsors, B. M«Hugh, Leech. 

March 3i«*. Baptized Richard, Backbarrow, the son of Richard 
Howell & Aim ]iis wife. Sponsors, Edward Divine, Elizabeth Divine. 

(24) April 7"'. Baptized Jane the daughter of Thomas Haymood 
of Backbarough & Mary his wife. Sponsors, John Colgan, Jane 

June 3rd. Baptized the son of Jackson 

& his Nvife. Sponsors 

(25) Jime g^^. Baptized Hanna the daughter of Roland White, 
surgeon, of Bouth, & his wife. Sponsors, George Spencer, Elizabeth 

28 May. July iS*'^. Baptised Thomas Leach son of Thomas and 
Ellen Leach (formerly Mason) by me Henry Carter. Sponsors, 
William Rosser, Mary Lee. 

4*^ October. October 12**^. Baptised Catherine the daughter of 
James and Ellen Wood (formerly Mac-koy, a Prot.) by me Hen : 
Carter. Sponsor, Mary Lee. 

[Page 26 contains two marriages q.v.] 

(27) November 29*^^. Baptized Eleanor the daughter of John 
Crook of Bardsea & Mary his wife. Sponsors, W™ Rosser & his wife. 


March 8*^. March 23'^. Baptised Sarah Owe! daughter of 
Richard and Ann by me H. Carter. Sponsors, John Collabin & Ann 

Jan. 2°<J. March 23'<^. Baptised Hugh the son of Hugh & Mary 
Swaney by me H. Carter. Sponsors, John McAllister and Ann 

(28) April 6**^. Baptised Thomas the son of James Barker & 
Bridget his wife. Sponsors, E<* Baguly, Jane M^Cann. 

June i8t. Baptised Elizabeth the daughter of George Osbum & 
Sara his wife of Backbarrow. Sponsors, John Colgan, Mary Osbum. 

(29) June 24*JJ. Baptized Jane the daughter of Walter Bosser. 
Sponsors, The Rev^ H. Carter, Mary Lee. B. M^Hugh. 

June 29*^. Baptized Peter the son of Robert Mercer Jun' & 
Agnes his wife. Sponsors, Thos Billington, Agnes Ronsten. 

B. McHugh. 

(30) 1824 

January iSt^i. Baptized Letitia, the daughter [of] Edward 
Bagueley of Backbarrow and Jane his wife. Sponsors, W"* M^Cann, 
Betty Baguely [Baguley in book 77]. 

January 24**1. Baptized Elizabeth Spensser, the daughter of 
Georger Spenser & Mary his wife. Sponsers, Rev*^ H. Carter, Eliza- 
beth Harrison. 

(31) June 3r<J. Baptized Ann, being a month old when baptized, 
the daughter of Anthony Hewetson of the Waterside near Newby 
bridge & of Betty Lyons of Pennybridge Fumess. Sponsors, John 
R. Byrne, Betty Lyons senr. 

♦ A smudged ' 1822 M ' is the only trace of the date. 


(32) June 11*^. Baptized James the son of Patrick M'Grath Sc 
Esther his wife. Sponsors, James Duffy, James Duffy Junr, Ellen 
Duffy, Sarah Barker. 

October i$^^. Friday morning 1824. Baptized John, the son 
of Ja8 Harrison & Elizabeth his wife. Sponsors, Geo. Spencer 
[Spenser in book IT] Jun' & [M^s Spenser in book IT] his wife. 

October 10*^ (Sunday) 1824. Baptized Jno. the son of ... . 
Crook & A. Crook. Sponsors, Robert Mercer & his wife. [Entry 
scored out; it is not in book II; see next one.] 

(33) October 17*11. Baptized Mary, the daughter of John Crook 
[of Bardsea in book IF] & Elizabeth his wife. Sponsors, Robert 
Mercer, Agnes Mercer, 

December 10**1. Baptized James the son of David Kendal & 
Margaret his wife. Sponsors, J. R. B5Tne, Alice Smith. 

(34) December 19*^. Baptized John the sou of Thomas Billington 
& Elizabeth his wife. Sponsors, John M^Alister, Rose Smith. 

December 19th. Baptized Patrick the son of Hugh Swaney 
[Sweeney in book IF] & Betty his wife. Sponsors, Daniel & Mary 

(35) 1825 

January 9*^. Baptized Mary the daughter of James Barker & 
Bridget his ^^•ife. Sponsors, Edward Devine [Divine in book If], Ann 

January 9**1. Baptized David the son of Thomas Heywood & 
Mary his wife. Sponsors, George Osborne [Osbum in book IF], 
Elizabeth Devine [Divine in book IT]. 

March 6*^. Baptized Sarah the daughter of George Osbome 
[Osbum in book IT] Sc his wife Sarah. Sponsors, Bridget Barker, 
James M^Gravey [M^Gravy in book II\. 

(36) March 6^^. Baptized Rose the Daughter of James M^Gravey 
fM<»Gravy in book IT] & his wife. Sponsors, Isaac Barker. Bridget 
M^^Nemonem [McNenomen in book it]. 

(37) December 4^^. Baptized William son of Rob* Mercer, Junior, 
and Agnes his wife. Sponsors, Susan Ronston and John Bennett. 

B. McHugh. [Not signed in hook II.] 

December 25*^ [25 I Ober, 1825 in book /]. Bap<* Mary Martin 

daughter of John Broughton & Margaret his wife. Sponsors, Walter 

Rosser, W^ Walter Rosser. [Entry placed on p. 20 in book I, hut in 

proper order here in book //,] 

(38) 1826 

March 2"<*. Baptized Edwin the son of Henry White [Junior 
added and surgeon, of Bouth omitted in book IT], surgeon, of Bouth, 
and Eleaner his wife. Sponsors, George Spenser, Serah White. 

March 12**1. Sunday, Baptized David the son of Richard Howell 
& Nanny his wife. Sponsors, James & Mary M<5Greavy [both 
M^Grayy in book IT]. 

April 9**1, Sunday. Baptized James P. the son of George Spencer 
[Spenser in book IT] & Mary his wife. Sponsors, James P. Harrison 
and M" Harrison [his wife in book TI]. 


(39) August 3d. Baptized Thomas the son of John Marlay [Blarley 
in book ir\ & Catharine his wife. Sponsors, Mary M^Alister & J. R. 

September lo*''. Baptized Randal {alias Randolphus) John the 
son of John McAllister [M<^Alister of P. Bridge in book II] & Mary 
his wife. Sponsors, Adam M^Alister & Ann M^Alistcr. 

(40) October 8"i. Sunday. All ceremonies of the church were 
performed on IMargaret the daughter of James Barker & Biddy his 
wife. This child was previously baptized (privately). Sponsors, 
Jas. Bagley & Catharine Bagle}^ [both Bagueley in book II, where 
the baptism is recorded on the same date]. 

December 24**^. Sunday. Baptized Jane the daughter of 

Christopher Dowling & his wife. Sponsors, . . . 

Carrol, Agnes Mercer jun^. 

[Back cover, inside.] Xmas day 1826. Baptized Mary daughter of 
Patrick Kamey [Kemey in book II] & Catharine his wife. Sponsors, 
Sarah McGrath, Charles Golding. 


January 28**1. Sunday. Baptized Ann daughter of John Crook 
& Mary his ^^'ife. Sponsors, Proxy, Nancy Catterall [for] M''^ Adam- 
son, J. R. Byrne. 

February ii*^. Baptized Michael the son of Pat Lennon & 
Rosanna his wife. Sponsors, Jane Kenned}-, Pat M^Grath. 

February 25th. Baptized William son of W"^ Smith & Betty 
his wife. Sponsors, Jack [John in book II] Kelly & Mary M^Alister. 
[Front cover, inside.] September 231"^. Baptized Matilda daughter 
of James & Mary M'Greevy [M^'Gravy in book II] man & wife. Spon- 
sors, Cath : Bagueley & James Bagueley [both Baguely in book IF] 
man & wife. 

September 30*11. Baptized Thomas Joseph son of Tom [Thomas 
in book IF] & Betty Billington man & wife. Sponsors, M^" W"i Rosser, 
Mrs Heat on. 

October y^^. Baptized Isabella daughter of Pat & Rossy [Rose 
in book IF] Fitzsimmons man & wife. Sponsors, Thos. Barker, Mary 


[On a loose leaf of blotting-paper.] February 17*11. Baptized 
Thomas, son of Patrick M'Grath & Ester [Esther in book II] his 
wife. Sponsors, John Kelly, Sarah Savage. 

Book II. 
[This is a leather-bound pocket-book, yf X 5 inches, containing 286 
pages (only 79 of which have been used), with a leather clasp flap and 
a wallet in the cover.] 
[Fly leaf, obverse!] 

Marriage & Baptismal Register 

1824 Janr 18 to May 5, 1844. 

S* Mary's 

Catholic Church 



[Fly lenf, reverse.] tif 

First Marriage under the New Marriage Act 
Feb. 21, 1838, page 53. 
[Pages 1-14 contain repetitions of entries in hook I, q.v. But the 
following is omitted, although " ceremonies supplied " appear there.] 


(11) October 8. Bap^ Margi'et the daughter of Ja^ Barker & 

Bridget his wife. Sponsors, James Bagueley, Catherine Bagueley. 

[Omitted in book I, where see entry on the same date.] 


(14) April o^'^. Bpd (nr Cartmel) Richard aged 7* years, William 
aged 2 years & Henr}' aged 6 months, sons of Thomas Wren & Eliza- 
beth his wife. Sponsors, Rorke, J. R. Byrne. 

(15) June 22 °<*. Bpd Michael Son of William Edlam & Mary his 
wife. Sponsors, Aim M^^alister, John M^alister. 

July 6th. Bpd Thomas son of John Bagueley & Catherine his 
wife. Sponsors, John Bagueley, Catharine Baguelej-. 

July 27th Bpd James the son of Edward Bagueley cS: Jane his 
wife. Sponsors, John Divine, Kitty Bagueley. 

(16) July 27th Bpd Elizabeth, Daughter of Thomas Bird & Ann 
his wife. Sponsors, Bridget Barker, Robert Barker. 

August ly^^. Bpd William the son of Jolin & Mary McAlister. 
Sponsors, Daniel McAlister, Mary McAlister. 

August 7th. Bp^ Mary Ann, daughter of George & Mary Spencer. 
Sponsors, ^lary Lea, Henr}^ \^^hite. 

August 7**1. Bp<i Margaret, daughter of Pat & Catharine Carney. 
Sponsors, Daniel Connolley, Sarah Kane. 

August 18^^^. Bap^ Agnes, daughter of Thomas & Susanna 
Gardiner. Sponsors, John Spencer, Agnes Ronson. 

(17) November 9^1. Bp^ Agnes, daughter of Daniel & Eleanor 
Connolly. Sponsors, Jolm McAlister, Mary Lea. 

December 24^^. Bp*^ Conditionally, Jane, daughter of Eliza 
DowUng & James Stanley the reputed father, the child having received 
private Baptism. Sponsors, Philip Kane, Mary Hedlim. 


February 12**1. t Bp^ 3 weeks after Edward Hullock 

[or Mallock]. Sponsors, John Bagueley, Catharine Bagueley. 

Febry 22nd. Bpd Mary, Daughter of Patrick & Alice Osborne. 
Sponsors, Ric^ Macguire, Nancy Macguire. 

(18) March i^K Bp* Sebarah Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas & 
Jane Barker. Sponsors, James Fitzisimmons, Margaret Fitzi- 

May S^^. Bp«i William, Son of .\ndrew & Catharine Mounteath- 
rick [?]. Sponsors, James Bagley, Mar>' Lea. 

(19) August 9th. Bpti Bern<i Jos : son of Hugh & Rose Sweeney 
Sponsors, John Kelly, Mary Lea. by Rev^ E^ Doherty. 

* Either 7, 9, or 4. 

"f The date given is placed in the margin as a date of birth, and a space 
is left where the date of baptism should have been inserted. 


Sepr 20'" Bp'i J useph, son of Peter & Alicia Bagwell. Sponsors, 
Rich<J Blackburn , Elizabeth Hcaton . by Revd E^ Doherty. 

Octor i2"\ Bp'i Mahomet Mustapha (now Joseph) Condi- 
tionally Mary Hodge. Sponsors, Thomas Bcnnet Esq^, Mary Kane. 

Octr i8th. Bpd Elizabeth, Daughter of John & Rose Kelly. 
Sponsors, Hugh Sweney, Catharine Carney. 

December 17*'^. Bp^ Robert James son to James & Anne Smith. 
Sponsors, Thomas Bennet Esqr, Mary Kane. 

(20) Jaimary 3rd. Bpd Amie Myers, Daughter of William & Eliza- 
beth Hedlam. Sponsors, Eliza & Christon Dowling. 

Janv I7t'». Bpd Thomas & Patrick (twins) sons of Edw^ & Mary 
Cosgrove. Sponsors, John Kelly, Mary Lea, & M^s M^Alister. 

Feby 24*^. Bpf* Phillip, son of Phillip & Mary Kane. Spoiisors, 
James Bagueley, Elizabeth Heaton. 

May 2^^. Bp^ Rosanna, daughter of John & Susan Confalonieri. 
Sponsors, John & Ann M^Alister. 

(21) May 30**^. Bp** Mary, daughter of Patrick & Mary O'Hare. 
Sponsors, Patrick Lennon, Sarah Harrison. 

July 4t*>. Bp<i Patrick, son of Patrick & Catharine Kemey. 
Sponsors, Rich^ Maguire, Betty Bagueley. 

August 25*^ [or 2^]. Bpd Mary Ann, daughter of John Crook. 
Sponsors, Francis O'Brian, Margaret M^Gravy. [Also on loose leaf 
0/ blotting-paper in book I ; cf. I, p. 17.] 

[Then follow three, also on leaves of blotting-paper in book /.] 

Deer 9*^. Bp* Thomas, son of William & Elizabeth McDonald of 
Whitehaven. Sponsors, John [Jack in hook I] Kelly, Margaret [M^s 
in book 7] Broughton. 


Feby 9*^^. Bp<^ Daniel, son of John & Mary MoAlister. Sponsors, 
Daniel Connolley [Conolly in book I], Mar}' M^Alister [seny in book I]. 

(22) March 20*^. Bp<i Mary, daughter of John & Rose Kelly. 
Sponsors, John Fearon [Fearnon in book I], Catharine M^Geary. 

March 27**^. Bp<^ John, son of Patrick & Alice Osburn. Spon- 
sors, Michael Funston, Liddy Hase [or Hease]. 

March 2^^. Bp<i Elenor, Daughter of Daniel & Elenor Conlin. 
Sponsors, James Begley, Elizabeth Heaton. 

March 318*. Bp<i James, son of James & Mary Maguire. Spon- 
sors, Patrick Carney, Catharine Caniey. 

April 3'"<J. Bpd James, son of Hugh & Esther Muldoom. S}X)n- 
sors, Patrick Lennon, Mary Dixon. 

(23) April 17*^ Bpd Robert, son of Robert & Mary Ross. Spon- 
sors, William Murthwaite, Mary Mare. 

May ist. Bpd Elizabeth, Daughter of Peter & Alice Bagwell. 
Sponsors, John Kelly, Rose Kelly. 

May 5**1. Bp** George, son of Thomas & Alice Rain. Sponsors, 
Henry Mercer, Margaret Broughton, 

May 16**^. Bp*^ William, son of John & Ellen Fret . . . Sponsors, 
John Confalonieri, Esther M'Grath. 


May 16^^. Bp'i j\Iargaiet, Daughter of James & Margaret Lyons. 
(This child belongs to travellers & was privately Bp^ 15 months ago.) 
Sponsors, Robert Muar, Lydia Hayes. 

(24) Jmie y^^. Bp<i Elizabeth, daughter of James & Elizabeth 
Harrison. Sponsors, Charles Carrol, M^s Spenser. 

. Bp"* John, son of James & Bridget Hnllock. 

Sponsors, Richard Maguire, Margaret Bagueley. 

29*^ of June, July 21^^. Bp^ William, son of Thomas & Mary 
Hod^on. Sponsors, Henry Mercer, Margaret Broughton. 

August lytb. Bp^ Elizabeth, Daughter of Edward & Margaret 
Cosgrove. Sponsors, Patrick M^Grath, Mary Reagan. 

(25) August 28**^. Bp<i Bridget, Daughter of James & Bridget 
Barker. Sponsors, William Murthwaite, Mary Osbum. 

Deer iS^'i. Bp^ Margaret, Daughter of Hugh & Rose Sweney. 
Sponsors, William Murry, Sarah Mccormick. 

March . W^ f r [?] Peter Bagwell & Alice his wife. 

B. McHugh. 

(26) May 13*11. Bp^ Francis, son of Acheson & Catharine Nixon of 
Castlehead. Sponsors, John M^Alister, Anne Pennington. 

July 6*^. Bp<^ William James, son of Daniel Conlin & Eleanor 
Conlin. Sponsors, Michael Funston, Margaret Broughton. 

July 8*^. Bpd John, son of John & Bridget Bartem. Sponsors, 
Thomas M'Guire, Bridget Ullick. 

July 15*^. Bp^ [Esther smudged and partly scored oui] the Daughter 
of Patrick [M^Gravy corrected to] MoGram and his wife, Esther. Spon- 
sors, JMichael Frmston, Mary Reagan. 

(27) August 18*^. Bp«i William, son of Thomas & Catharine Swain- 
son. Sponsors, Andrew M^Elroy, Mary Reagan. 

Sepr 8th. Bpd John, son of James & Sarah Gardiner. Sponsors, 
Henry Mercer, Elizabeth Heaton. 

Oc\rjX)i^ Bpd James, son of James & Bridget Barker. Sponsors, 
John Murphy, Margaret M^Grory [?]. 

(28) Novr jst. Bp'i conditionally Jane Longham, Grand daughter 
of Mrs Meades, of Ulverston. 

Deer 16**1. Bpd James 3 years, & Elizabeth aged 7 months, chil- 
dren of Thomas & Mary Sharpies. Sponsors for both, John Fairer, 
Rose Sweeney. 

Janry 13*^1. Bpd Rosanna, daughter of John & Rose Kelly. 
Sponsors, John Murphy, Bridget O'Brian. 

(29) Jan. 20. Bpd Francis Anthony, the son of John Confoneri & 
Susan his wife. Sponsors, Hugh Sweeney, Rose Sweeney. 

20. Bpd John Meades Stephen Vicars, the son of James Vicars & 
Agnes his wife. Sponsors, David Sharpless, W°i Vicars, Mary Sharp 

20. Bpd Conditionally James Vicars, son of James, Senior & 
Agnes his wife. 

(30) February 15*11. Bapd Adam Daniel the son of Christafar 
Pennington and Ami his wife. Sponsors, Michael Funston, M'^ Clark. 


24. Bp*^ Catharine the daughter of John Baguly 6l Betty his 
wife. Sponsors. James Baguely, Betty Baguely. 
{31) March 24. Bp^ John Atkinson the son of Henry & Agnes his 
wife of Backbarrow. Sponsors, Hugli Sweeny, Catherine Baguel}'. 

April 28*". Bapf* Catherine Carney tlie daughter of Patrick and 
Catherine his wife. Sponsors, Daniel Conlin, Rosa Kelly. 
(32) May 5. Baptd John the son of Thomas Park, tailor, and 
Catherine his wife. Sponsors, John Meades, Susanna Confonderi. 

June 2. Bapt<i Margret the daughter of Paul Brice, Agnes his 
wife. Sponsors, W^* Merthwaite, Eliza Heaton. 
{33) July 22. BapfJ Serah the daughter of Henry White of Cart- 
mel & Abigail his wife. Sponsors, Rev^' B. McHugh, Serah White. 

August 4. Baptd John the son of Thomas Hodgeson & Mary his 
wife. Sponsors, Anthony Rosser, Mary Ann Rosser. 

(34) September i. Bpd Ellen the daughter of John Frith and Ellen 
his wife, she received previously private baptism. Andrew M^El- 
roy, Jane M^^Elroy. 

I. Bapd John Bartholomew Booney, son of Peter Rooney and 
Henrietta his wife. Sp", Patrick Carrol, Marg* Mullen. 

I. Bp^ Isabella daughter of James M^Grory and Margret liis 
wife. Sponsors, Peter Rooney, Bridget O'Brien. 

(35) October 13. Bp^ Elizabeth the daughter of James HuUock & 
Bridget his wife. Sponsors, Daniel Mullin, Ellen M^Mullin. 

Novr 24tii. Baptz^ Edward Kennedy Cosgrove the Son of Ed^'^ 
Cosgrove & Margaret his wife. Sponsors, J no M^Leister, Mary 

(36) Dec^ 29*^. Baptz^i Elizabeth Mallon the Daughter of Marcus 
Mallon & Agnes his wife. Sponsors, W"^ Rosser & Sarah Rosser. 

[Page 37 is occu4>ied by marriages. See end.] 

(38) 1834 

March 2^^. Baptz^ James Hannah the Son of George Hannah & 
Margaret his Wife. Sponsors, J"o Merns, Jane M^Roy. 

April 6^*^. Bapt^'^ Thomas the Son of George M^ Mullen & Ellen 
his Wife. Sponsors, Daniel & Marg^t Mullen. 

(39) May II. Baptized Mary the daughter of Christopher Pen- 
nington & Anne his wife. Sponsors, George [Spencer corrected into 
Mercer], M's Lee. 

II. Baptized Joseph Casson Merthwaite son of W'" Merthwaite 
and Agnes his wife. Sponsors, W™ Rosser, M^s Rosser. 

(40) May 26*11. Baptized Rose the daughter Catherine Mccormick. 
Sponsors, Edward Copeland, Susana Confonderi. 

Julys [?oy6]. Bapd Patrick the son of Patrick M«Grath and 
Esther his wife. Sponsors, Patrick Carrol, M»s Carrol. 

(41) July 27. Bpd Peter the son of Peter Bagwell & Alice his uife. 
Sponsors, Patrick Smith, Catherine Smith. 

(42) October 26*^. Baptized John the son of David Sharplets & 
Mary his wife. Sponsors, Dan^ Grant, Mary M^Cawley. 

November is*. Baptized Mary Ann the daughter of Jolm and 
Sally Gamett. Sponsors, Micael Funston, M" Mercer. 


(43) Nov. 9, Baptized Jaiie, daughter vi John Frith (i Eleiior his 
wife. Sponsors, P. Carney, Catharine Carney. 

May 16. Baptized Henry Laurence White, the son of the late 
H. L. White of Cartmel, surgeon, and Abygail his wife. Sponsors, 
Roland White, Bouth, & his wfe M^s White. 

(44) May 31. Baptized James the son of William Knipe & Margiet 
his wife of Lowwood. Sponsors, Daniel Grant, Elizabeth Baguely. 

Jtuie 6. Baptized William Jackson Barnes the son of William 
Jackson of Penny Bridge, and of Jane Barnes. Sponsors, Thomas 
Bennett, Dorothy Monar. 

(45) June 6. Baptized James the son of James Whitton & Serah 
his wife. Sponsors, John M'^Sorley, Catharine M^Sorley. 

Sep. 6**^. Baptized Jane the daughter of Bernard M<>Cauly & 
Mary his wife, travellers. Sponsors, Hugh Sweeny, Rose Sweeny. 

(46) Decemb. 13. Baptized Henry the son of John Gardiner and 
his wife — Grandson of Philip Cane. Sponsors, Patrick Carrol and 
his wife Margarett. 

Decem. 20. Baptized Margaret Knowles Dawter of Ann Knowles 
and Thomas Knowles. Sponsors, Daniel Grant and Mary Sharpies. 

(47) Decer 27. Baptized Thomas Atkinson Chorley, son of Robert 
Chorley and Rose his wife. Sponsors, Daniel Mullins, Rose Kelly. 


March 6 [? or 3]. Baptized Mary Anne dawter of Patrick Roney 
and his wife Henrietta. Sponsors, Bernard M^Awley and Susanna 

March 20. Baptized Elenor dauter of John Lowe [or Low] and 
Jane his wife. Sponsors, M^^ Mercer and Thomas Bennett. 

(48) April 17th, Baptized John the son of M^" Hanna and Margi-et 
his wife of Pennybridge. Sponsors, M^ Sweeney, M^s Carsan. 

May 3rd. Baptized Rosanna dawter of Paul Brice and Anne his 
wife. Sponsors, Henry Savage, Agnes Raulinson. 

(49) [^0 date.] Baptized George Pennington Vicars the son of 
James & Agnes his wife. Sponsors, John Mead, Betsy Mead. 

May 25. Bapzd Alexander the son of Daniel Grant & Anne his 
wife. Sponsors, Hugh Sweeney, Mary M^Auley. 

(50) July 3. Baptized Liticia dawier of Thos Masix and Susan his 
wife. Sponsors, Denis Khely and Liticia Doghertj-. 

3. Bp<i James Boyle Cosgrove the son of E^* Cosgrove & Margret 
his wife. Sponsors, Patrick M'Grath & Ester M'Grath his wife. 

Decemb. 11. Baptized George Hullock son of James Hullock 
and Bridget his wife. Sponsors, James Begley and Elizabeth Meades. 


(51) Jan. 22. Batized Elizabeth Begley Dawter of John Begley 
and Betsey Bagley his wife. Sponsors, Ester MacDonnel and Daniel 

April 2. Baptized Anne Dawter of Patrick M^Grath and Ester 
his wife. Sponsors, Hugh Sweeney and Rose Swenny. 

(52) April 2^^. Baptized Mary dawter of Thomas Hodgen and 
Mary his wife. Sponsors, M'"^ Mercer and Daniel Grant. 

•_>(■) Rtr.lSTl RS OF UL\KRsrON 

{55} April 13. Baptized Sarah dawtcr of John Gardiner and his 
wife Sarah. Sponsors, Philip Cane and M" Cane and Alice Gardiner. 
July 6 [?]. Baptized Francis Mac Auley Son of Bernard Mac 
Auly and May his wife. Sponsors, M"" Carrol and Ellen Geldard. 

(54) August 20. Baptized Joseph Slater Son of Thos Slater and 
Isabella his wife. Sponsors, Daniel Grant, Mary M^Auley, 

August 31st. Baptized Sarah Lyons the daughter Jas Lyons & 
Margret his wife. Sponsors, Philip Grant, Ellen Gueldert. This 
child is nearly 2 years old. 

October 15. Baptized Agnes Wilson Dawter of Robert Charnley 
and Rose his wife. Sponsors, John Meades and Jane his wife. 

(55) 1838 

April I. Baptized Peter Fogarty the son of Patrick Fogarty 
and Serah his wife. Travellers. Sponsors, M" Cane and Daniel 

(56) April 9. Baptized James the son of Jane Langhom, condi- 
tionally. B. McHugh. 

May 6. Baptized Margaret Daughter of Peter Rooney and Hen- 
rietta his wife. Sponsors, M^ Grant and Mary Mac Auly. 

May 13. Baptized John Penington son of Christopher Penington 
and Ann his wiie. Sponsors, John Mac Alister and MJ^ Mac Alister. 

(57) J^il}' 14- Baptized Thomas son of Henry Nugent and Margaret 
Ins Wife. Sponsors, Peter Rooney and Mar}^ Murphy. 

July I. Baptized Charles Leo the son of Thomas Walmsley* of 
Arad, Esquire, and Anna his Wife. Sponsors, MJ^ Walmsley of 
Westwood house, Wigan, and William Cotham, Esq^, of Springfield, 
St. Helens, Liverpool. 

(58) Sepber. 23. Baptized Robert Knipe son of William Knipe and 
Margaret his Wife. Sponsors, Ellen Geldart and Hugh Sweeney. 

October 7. Baptized Marth Vicars Son of James Vicars and Agnes 
his Wife. Sponsors, Daniel Grant and Mary Mac-kini. 

(59) 1839 

Feby. 24. Baptized Paul Joseph son of Paul Brad [? Brice] and 
Anne Brue [? Brice] his wife. Sponsors, M^" and M^** Rosser. 

March 3. Baptized Jane Bagley Dawter of John Bagley and 
Elizabeth Bagley. Sponsors, Ellen Geldart and Thomas Billington. 

(60) August II. Baptized John the son of John Gardiner and Serah 
his wife. Sponsors, Jonathan Burton, Agnes Ronston. B. M^H. 

August 18. Baptized Mary Dawter of Thomas Slater and Isabella 
Slater. Sponsors, Patrick Ray and Margaret Osborne. 

August 26. Baptized Thomas Crow, son of John Crow and Mar- 
garet his wife. Sponsors, John Feney and Anne Murray. 

(61) Nor jy^ Baptized Thomas son of Thomas Hodgson and Mary 
his wife. Sponsors, Philip Grant and Nancy Wray. 

* Thomas Walmesley, 6th son of Charles Wahnesley, Esq., of Westwood 
House, CO. Lancaster, Esq., married April 3, 1S37, Anna Maria, daughter of 
William Cotham, of Springfield, Esq. His mother, Mrs. Walmesley, was 
Elizabeth, only child of John Jetferys, Esq., of the Inner Temple, and she died 
Nov. 28, 1850. 



Jaiiy 5. Baptized Elizabeth daughter of John & Jane Lowe. 
Sponsors, M" Mercer and Tho^ Bennett. 

Apr. 17. Baptized Grace Elenor daughter of Thomas Gardiner. 
Sponsors, Jonathan Burton & Agnes Ronson. his wife name susana 

(62) May I. Baptized Peter Boney son of Peter Roney and Hen- 
rietta his Wife. Sponsors, Daniel and M^^ Grant. 

June 7. Baptized Seragh Mac Quade daugter of Arthur Mac 
Quade and Mary Mac Quade. Sponsors, James Mac Chan and Rose 
Mac Auly. By Rev. B. Mac Hugh. 

(63) Jiily 27. Baptized Thomas the son of Cristoper Pennington 
and Anne his wife. Sponsors, Hugh Mac Sweeney and Rose his wife. 

By the Rev^ B. MacHugh. 

Sepf 6*"^. Baptized Margaret the daughter of Pat. & Margaret 

Lennon his wife. Sponsors, Pat. Lennon, Rosanna Teresa Lennon. 

By the Rev* G«o. Connell. 

October 15. Baptized conditionally Peter the son of Francis 

Blake and Catherine his wife, travellers. By B. M^Hugh. 

(64) 1841 

Feb. 25*^. Baptized Emma the daughter of John Low and Jane 
liis wife of Cartmel. Sponsors, Hugh Sweeney & Miss F. Belasysc * 
as proxies for Joseph & Catharine Waterhouse of Garstang. 

B. McHugh. 

(65) May 9*^. Baptized Catherine M<>Graw daughter of Patrick & 
Esther M^Graw his wife of Penny Bridge. Sponsors, Philip Grant, 
Mary Marlin. Geo. Connell. 

18*1^ November 1840. Jully 22. Baptized Issabella the daughter 
of Chas Horrax of Alithwaite and of Dorothy his wife. Sponsors, 
Barth^ Loughran, Miss F. Belasyse. B. M^Hugh. 

(66) Sepr 8th. Baptised Margret the daughter of Philip Baines and 
Ellen his wife of Ulverston. Sponsors, Serah Dixon, Bart* Loughran. 

B. McHugh. 

Novr 7. Baptised Eliza Ann the daughter of John Gardiner & 
Serah his wife. Sponsors, "NV" Rosser, M^s W" Rosser. B. M^Hugh. 
{67) 1842 

Jany 30*11. Baptized William the son of Samuel Dixon and Serah 
his wife. Sponsors, Daniel Grant, Mary M^Alister. 

Feb. 27. Baptized John the son of W"i Henry Foster [or Fester] 
and Jemima his wife. Sponsors, Bartholomew Loughran, Miss F. 
Belasyse, proxies for John Burnet and Eliza Burnet. B. M^Hugh. 
(68) March 25. Baptized Joseph the son of Thomas Hodgson of 
Barrow and Mary his wife. Sponsors, Philip Grant, Rose Sweeny. 

B. M^Hugh. 

August 7. Baptized Daniel the son of Jolm Began and Rose his 
wife. Sponsors, James Grant, Bella Campbell. B. M^Hugh. 

* Frances Belasyse, 2nd dau. and coheiress of Thomas Belasyse, and his 
wife Marie Louise de Maneville, was niece of the two last viscounts Fauconberg. 
Rev. Rowland Belasyse, who died in 1810, and Rev. Charles Belasyse, D.D., who 
died in 1815. She died at her house in Ulverston, Sept. 2, 1850. 


[A marriage occupies page 69.] 

(70) August 12. Baptized Mary the daughter of Timothy Hanlon 

and Margret his wife. Sponsors, Bartholomew Laughran, Ann 

Skelton. B. McHugh. 

[The registers continue, but this is a convenient place to stop.] 

[Tliese marriages arc entered in chronological order amongst the 
baptisms. For convenience they have been extracted and entered 
below. In the original, the entries from 1824 a.d. to about the end of 
1827 A.D. have been copied from book I so as to form the beginning of 
book II. As there are several slight differences, both versions arc given 

Book I. 
(Page 26) 1822 

June 10^^. Richard Layfield Maried to Agnes Case they having 
first made a profession of the Catholic faith. 
Geo. Spencer & Elizabeth Case. 
November 26^^. Anthony Traimer to Elizabeth Gorden butli 

Witness, Rev^ Henry Carter. 
(Page 36) 1825 

October 15*11. (Saturday morning.) 

Henry White eldest son of Surgeon White of Bouth married 
to Eleanor Buins. 

Witnesses, George Spencer and .... 
Nov^r 12. (Saturday evening.) 

John Bennett, Duddon Grove, Elizabeth Gamer ditto. 
(Page 37) 1826 

February 3rd. Married Patrick Kemey and Catharine Kelly his wife. 

Witness, Hugh Sweeny, Rose Smith. 
(Page 39) 

May 231"^. Married John M^Alister of Haverthwaite, in the parish 
of Coulton, & Mary Pearson of Penny bridge. 
Witnesses, Adam M^Alister & Agnes Mercer. 
(Page 40) 

October i^t. Sunday. Married (according to Catholic rites, being 
married before) James Hulk to Bridget Mt'Ittemon. 
Witness, Eliz. Divine. 
Octobr 8th. Sunday. Married John Murphy to Dorcas Alice 

Witnesses, Rose Smith & J. R. Byrne. 

Book II. 
(Page 6) 1825 

October 15. Married Henry White, son of Surgeon White of Bouth, 
to Eleanor Bums. 

Witnesses, George Spenser & others &c.* 
November 12. Married John Bennett to Elizabeth Gamer. 

H: Compuru buuk I, p. 3O. 


(Page 7) 1826 

February 3^^. Married Patrick Kemey, traveller, to Catherine Kelly. 

Witnesses, Hugh Sweeny, Rose Smith. 
(Page 8) 
May 2^^. Marrid John M«Alister,* in the parish of Coulton, and 

Mar>' Pearson of Penny bridge. 

Witnesses, Adam M^Alister, Agnes Mercer. 
(Page 9) 
October i^t. Married according to the catholic Church, James 

Hullockf to Bridget McMenomen of Backbarrow. 
Witness, Elizabeth Divine & others. 
(Page 10) 
October 8. Married John Murphy to Dorcas Alice Harrison. 

Witnesses, Rose Smith, J. R. Byrne. 
(Page 14) 1828 

May 23^'^. Married John Kelly to Rose M«Loughlin. 

Witnesses, John Mallon, Mary Kane, M^s Heaton, Rose Smith & 
(Page 15) 
May 26. Married Hugh Sweney to Rose Smith. 

Witnesses, Geo. Spenser, Mary Lea, M^s Milxan [?], MT^ Thomas, 
Mrs Rosser. 
(Page 18) 1829 

May g^^. Married Gabriel Backim to Mary Lennon. 

Witnesses, Charles Carroll, Mary Nelson & Thomas Bennet Esq. 
May 17th. Married William Cousins to Mary White. 

Witnesses, Miss White, Mar^' Lea. 
August 6**1. Married Edward McCormick to Sarah Barker. 

Witnesses, Hugh Swiney, Susan Confalonieri. married by 
the Rev<i E^ Doherty. 
(Page 20) 1830 

Jan y iGt^i. Married Ric^ Easterby S Esq^ of Preston to Ann Thompson 

of Preston. 

Bridesmaid, Ann Crane, 

Bridegroom's man, John Sherrington. 

Witnesses, Thomas Bennett & J. R. Byrne. 
(Page 24) 1831 

July 25**1. Married Patrick Rowney to Henrietta Knight. 

Witnesses, Hugh Sweene3^ Betty Taylor & others. 
(Page 25) 
October 23^^. Married Patrick Higgins, of the Parish Emper, County 

Westmeath,to Margaret Gavon, of the Parish AbjTnore [or Aley- 

more]. County Westmeath. 

Witnesses, Bridget Gavon, Bridget Kelly, Miss F. Belasyse. 


Janv 5*11. Married Christopher Pennington of Haverthwaite to Anne 


Witnesses, Joseph Clark, John M^Alister, Mar}' Taylor. 

* Compare book I, p. 39. 

•fi Ibid., p. 40. 

J An attorney in Preston. 

■?,0 RFni<;TrFS OF ri,VER?TO\ 

(Page' 2;) 

jTily 17th. Married Francis Birtini, a foreigner (Image Maker), to 

B' tzy Aroh of Kendal. 

Witnesses, Vincent Florentine, Marv Ann Tinwal. 


Janry 7th. Married David Sharpies to Mary Reagan. 

Witnesses, Hugh Sweeney, Patrick M<=Grath, M^^ M^Grath. 

(Page 37) 1834 

February 2"^. Married M' Tho^ Bamber of Manchester to Miss 
Elizabeth Dixon of Ssaiiry. 
Present, M' Braithwaite Dixon & Miss Fisher & others. 

11^^. Married Angel Pedtro & Mar}- Ann O'Neill, traveler, the first 
an Italian, 
Witnesses, M*" Bennett, Miss Belasyse.* 

(Page 41) 

July 2y^^. Married William Enipe of Low wood (Hooper) to Mar- 
gret Baguely of Backbarrow. 
Witnesses, Betty Baguely, Hugh Sweeney & others. 

(Page 52) 1837 

April 6. Married at the Catholic Chapel, being previously at Pro- 
testan church. Michael Tuin [or Qnin], joiner, late of Man- 
chester, a native of the North of Ireland, to Margret McDonald, 
also a native of Ireland. 
Witnesses, Miss Belass [Belasjrse],"!* M™ Mercer. 

(Page 53) 

March. The ceremony of marriage was performed for Felix Byrae 
& Serah Dixen, the parties having been previously married in 
the Protestant religion. 

(Page 55) 1838 

Feb. 21. I, B. M^Hugh, Miss Apost., Married John Walker of Black- 
bum and Mary Ann Bosser the daughter of Walter Rosser of 
Witnesses, Anthony Rosser, Serah Rosser & others. 

This was the first marriage celebrated at the Catholic chapel 
under the new marrige acts &c. 

(Page 69) 1842 

August 7ti». Married John Ball of London & Margret Waterhouse 
of Garstang. 
Witnesses, Laurence Waterhouse & Serah Rosser. B. M^Hugh. 

(Page 72) 1843 

Jan. 8. Hugh Gilsheran & Catherine Hantnet received the Sacra- 
ment of Matrimony (privatim) They having been previously 
married at the Registrar's Office in Wolsingham. B. McHugh. 

* Mary, the eldest daughter and coheiress of Thomas Belasyse, died un- 
married in Liverpool Dec. 9, 1853, aged 64. 

*p Possibly Barbara Belasyse 5th and youngest daughter of Thomas 
Belasyse, died at Lancaster, Aug. i, 1851. The family titles became extinct 
upon the death at Lancaster of her uncle, the Rev. Charles Belasyse, D.D., 
Sth Bart., and 7th Viscount Fauconberg, who died June 26, 1815. 

(P;igf 7$) 

=t-- Married Alexander Moon Esq' M.D., of Preston, to Margaret 

Knight of Brocklioles. 

Witnesses, S. Rosser, J. Rosser, John Bronghton, James Grant, 

.\lexander Moon, M. Knight. B. M«Hugh. 

(Page 77) 
Septr 9*^. Married Hugh Douglas of Castlebar to Betsy Wilson of 


Witnesses, Joseph Pater, Mar>' Asker. Mau^e Mann. 

(Page 8i) 1844 

March 12. Married John Blake to Eliza Stephenson, traveller. 

Witness, Chas McQelmet. Rose Sweeney. B. M^Hugh. 

{Fly leaf at end.) 
May 12*^ 1844. Daniel Grant to Elizabeth Gildart. 

Witnesses, W^" Dickinson & Eliz**i Coward. 

sK There is no date (save 1S43) to this entry. It is Nvritten between 
Easter day and June 24th. 

No. II. 




Yealand Conyers 
a township in the parish of Warton, hundred of South Lonsdale, union 
and co-palatine of Lancaster, eight miles from Lancaster, is men- 
tioned in Doomsday Book, and was bestowed by William the Conqueror 
upon Roger de Poictou, wl^o retained it in 1102, when he joined Prince 
Robert in rebellion against his father. Subsequently it passed from 
William de Lancaster, who died without issue in 1246, to Adam de 
Avranches, whose fortified manor-house was at Leighton, probably on 
the site of an early British castle, and situated off the beaten track in a 
somewhat isolated position. 

Through heiresses the manors of Leighton, Yealand Conj'ers, and 
Yealand Redmayne descended through the families of de Redmayne, 
de Crofte, Conyers, de Crofte again, and finally to a cadet of the Middle- 
tons, of Middleton Hall in the parish of Kirby Lonsdale, co. Westmor- 
land, who settled at Leighton Hall. These families were intermarried 
with leading families of the counties of Lancaster, Cheshire, Cumberland, 
Westmorland, and Yorkshire, as may be seen in ancient records and 
the pedigrees of the Middletons returned at the visitations of Lancashire 
in 1567, 1613, and 1664, prominent members greatly distinguishing 
themselves in the various national wars. 

Sir Robert Middleton, to whom Henry VII gave thanks by letters 
for service in Scotland, acquired the manor of Beetham in Westmorland 
with his wife, the heiress of Sir Edward Beetham. His grandson, Ger- 
vase, died in 1548, leaving very extensive possessions, inclusive of the 
manors of Warton and Parr, to his son George Middleton, of Leighton, 
a staunch recusant, who ^^•as twice married, 1°, to Anne, daughter of 
Sir ^larmaduke Tunstall, of Thurland Castle, co. Lancaster, by whom 
he had only two daughters, one of whom became the wife of George 
Beesley, of The Hill, in Goosnargh ; and 2°, to Margaret, daughter of 
Sir Christopher Medcalfe, of Nappa, co. York, by Elizabeth, daughter 
of Henry, Lord Clifford, first Earl of Cumberland, K.G. Margaret 
Middleton was a widow residing at Leighton Hall in 1585 (? 1588), 
when she was reported as harbouring a priest named Beesley. Her sons 
were likewise recusants, Thomas, George, and Robert. George, the 
second son, was slain at Mechlin in the Low Countries. The eldest son, 
Thomas, succeeded to Leighton, and both he and his wife, the sister of 
Sir Richard Hogliton, Knt. and Bart., were staunch recusants. Their 
eldest son. Sir George Middleton, Knt. and Bart., was a colonel in the 
royal army, for which and his recusancy he was forced by the Cromwel- 
lians to pay a sum of ;^855 and ;^6o per annum, sufferings which Lloyd, 


in his Memoirs, p. 696, computed at ;^2,646 in land and money. He was 
knighted by Charles I at Durliam, June 26, 1642, and created a baronet 
by letters patent the following da5^ After the Restoration of Charles 11, 
Sir George was twice elected liigh-sheriff of his county, in 1661 and 1662. 
He died at Leighton Feb. 27, 1672-3, aged 72, and was interred in the 
church at Warton on March 6th, with a marble monument to commemo- 
rate him. 

By his first wife Sir George Middleton had a son Geofirey, who died 
voimg and sine prole, and two daughters, Mary and Katherine. By his 
second wife he had another son, Thomas, who died in infancy. After 
the death of Katherine, her sister Man- became sole heiress to the Middle- 
ton estates, and married Somerford Oldfield, of Somerford, co. Chester, 
son and heir of Sir Philip Oldfield, of Somerford, by whom she had a son 
and three daughters. George Middleton Oldfield, the son, who married 
Lady Clark, took up his residence at Leighton immediately after the 
death of Lady Anne Middleton, the widow of Sir George, in 1705. 
Within twelve months his only son, Henry George Somerford Oldfield, 
was buried at Warton, Feb. 8, 1705-6, where his sister Elizabeth had 
preceded him March 24, 1703. George Middleton Oldfield died at Leigh- 
ton Jan. 25, 1708-9, and his two surviving daughters, Dorothy and 
Katherine, became his coheiresses. The elder, Dorothy, married Albert 
Hodgson, Esq., of the ancient Catholic family seated at Hebburn Hall, 
CO. Durham, and the younger, Katherine, married Thomas Fletcher, of 
Hutton Hall, co. Cumberland. By deed of partition, dated June 11, 
1711, between Dorothy and her husband Albert Hodgson, and Katherine 
and her husband Tliomas Fletcher, the Hodgsons took Leighton Hall 
and parks, with the manor, Yealand Hall, the demesne lands of Leighton 
and Yealand, the New or Red Deer Park, etc., and the Fletchers took 
the manors of Silverdale and Yealand, the demesne lands of Hyneing, 
Hyldersley Moss, and certain lands in Yealand and Warton, all which 
they sold soon afterwards. 

A few years later Albert Hodgson joined the Chevalier de St. George, 
and was taken prisoner at Preston in 1715. Though his life was spared, 
he was long detained in prison, and his estate was confiscated under 
attainder, including his life interest in Leighton, which remained in the 
hands of the commissioners, administered by Mr. Robert Pool, of 
Lancaster, steward, till Thursday, March 7th, 1722, when it was sold by 
public auction, and was purchased on behalf of Mr. Hodgson by a friend. 
Thomas Winckley, of Lincoln's Inn and Preston. Mr. Hodgson then 
returned to reside at Leighton Hall. 

Mr. Fletcher, frightened at the political aspect, apostatised, and turned 
informer against Catholic charitable trusts. It is said that it was he 
who gave Mr. Hodgson away in 1715. It was upon Thomas Fletcher, 
then of Mousby Hall, that Sir Henry Fletcher, Bart., of Hutton Hall, 
had settled his estate when he retired to the Franciscan convent at Douay 
in 1710. The apostate died without issue. 

The Hodgsons had only two daughters, the elder of whom, Mary, 
married in December, 1737, as his second wife, Ralph Standish, of Stand- 
ish Hall and Borwick Hall, co. Lancaster, whose first wife, the Lady 
Philippa Howard, daughter of Henry, 6th Duke of Norfolk, had died 
April 5, 1731 {vide C.R.S., vi, 241, and correct). The younger daughter, 
Anne, married Brj^an Hawarden, of Wigan, surgeon, younger son of 
John Hawarden, of Lower House, in Widnes, but died without issue. 
The elder daughter had no children by Mr. Standish, and after his death 
in 1756 married secondly, George Towneley, younger son of Charles 
Towneley, of Towneley Hall, co. Lancaster. 

34 KK.(;isrf,KS of y km. and 

About 1765, Mr. Towneley rebuilt the mansion at Leighton, incor- 
porating a portion of the ancient edifice. Tlie front of the house, 
facing south, was in the prevalent style of Parisian houses, familiar 
to the Towncleys, tlie principal entrance in the centre being approached 
by steps flanked by iron railings, witli two long windows on either 
side, and a lower storey at either end, all built of stone with staircases 
and many floors of the same material. In the windows of the gallen^, 
as well as in those of the hall and parlour, were the armorial bearings — 
(i) of the Middletons, quartering Beetham, Burton, and Crofte ; (2) per 
pale, IVIiddleton and Hoghton ; (3) Middleton and Metcalfe ; (4) Mid- 
dleton and Strickland ; (5) Middleton and Tunstall ; (6) Middleton 
and Preston, and the crest, an eagle's head erased. 

In 1782, the Towneleys vacated the hall, and erected a chapel 
adjoining a house in Yealand for the use of the chaplain. Whilst the 
chapel was building Mass was said in the attic of this house. These 
premises, with little alteration, exist to-day as the presbytery attached 
to the church erected in 1852 by tlie late squire, Richard Thomas Gillow, 
who died in 1905, aged almost 99. On the door leading from the old 
chapel to the house is the inscription — 


Upon George Towneley's death in 1786, aged 80, he devised the 
Leighton estate to his nephew, John Towneley, of Towneley Hall, 
who sold it to Alexander Worswick. of Ellel Grange, son of Thomas 
Worswick, of Lancaster, banker, and his wife Alice, daughter of Robert 
Gillow, of Lancaster. Thomas Worswick's father, Robert, married 
Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Alexander Butler, younger son of 
Henry Butler, of Rawcliffe Hall, and thus obtained the Todderstaffe 
Hall estate. That estate had come with Alexander Butler's wife, 
Dorothy, daughter and eventual coheiress of Thomas Singleton, of 
Stayning Hall, and his wife Dorothy, daughter of James Anderton, of 
Clayton Hall and Bardsea Hall. Two other sons of Thomas Worswick 
were priests, John, formerly of Hornby, who died at Leighton Hall 
in 1809, and James, who died at Newcastle-on-Tyne in 1843. Alexander 
Worswick died at Leighton July 29, 1814, aged 49, and was succeeded 
by his son Thomas, a bachelor, from whom the estate passed by purchase 
to his cousin, Richard Gillow, son of Richard brother to Mi's. Worswick. 

Richard Gillow married Elizabeth, daughter and eventual heiress 
of Charles Stapleton, M.D., younger son of Nicholas Stapleton, of Carlton 
Hall, CO. York, heir to the barony of Beaumont, subsequently restored. 
Her brothers. Colonel Herman and Major Charles Stapleton, died un- 
married. Their mother was the daughter and heiress of Henry Fallow- 
field, of the ancient Westmorland family of that name, to one of whom 
Prince Charlie in 1715 presented relics of James II, still preserved at 
Leighton HaU. Richard Gillow died at Leighton Dec. 16, 1849, aged 76, 
where his wife had preceded him Nov. 18, 1848, aged 68. They haxi a 
large family, of whom three were priests, Robert, George and Charles, 
and several daughters nuns, Elizabeth, Catherine, and Margaret. 
The eldest son, Richard Thomas, succeeded to the Leighton estate, and, 
outliving all his twelve brothers and sisters, was long venerated as the 
*' Old Squire." He died as previously stated at the patriarchal age of 
99. By his marriage in 1845 with Mary Anne, daughter of Charles 
Eyston, of East Hendred, co. Berks, J.P. and D.L., and high-sheriff 
of that county in 1831, he had four sons, Richard "^Charles, born in 1846, 
Robert Joseph, George William, barrister-at-law, and IMgr. Francis 
John Gillow, and three daughters, Mary Tlicrcsa, wife of Henrj- INIatthias 


RiaMSii'.Ks or ^ ;■ viand Ho 

Riddell, son vi Ralph Riddell, of Felton Park and Swinburne Castle, co. 
Northumberland, Isabel Marie, and Josephine Marie. The eldest son. 
Colonel Richard Charles Gillow, married in 1869 Agnes Mary, daughter of 
Charles Francis Riddell (younger son of Ralph Riddell, of Felton, Horsley, 
and Swinburne), by Catherine, eldest daughter of Michael Henry Blount, 
of Maple Durham Hall, co. Oxford, and predeceasing his father left several 
children, of whom the eldest, Charles Richard, bom in 1870. succeeded 
his grandfather to Leighton Hail, and is the present squire. 

During the occupation of Leighton Hall by the Worswicks and Gillows 
great alterations were made to the front of the mansion in an endeavour 
to restore to it some of its ancient style. It wcis embattled and re faced 
with the polished limestone of the district, so white as to be almost 
dazzling in sunshine, and now presents an imposing appearance nestled 
amid rocks and woods. It is surrounded by an extensive park of 
great antiquit}-, Edward III, by charter, having granted free chase and 
warren within the manor. Former!)- there were two parks, containing 
red and fallow deer. 

The following imperfect record of the chaplaincy at Leighton is 
all that has been gleaned : — 

Rev Beesley. In a spy's list of priests and students at Douay 

and in Lancashire, dated " about 1585 " {P.R.O., Doni. Eliz., vol. clxxxv. 
No. 85), it is stated that one of the priests, " IVIr. Bisseley Remainethe 
fior the most part with M"* ^lidletonne, widowe, of Leightonne beyonnde 
Lanckester." It appears from the ancient MS. history of Leighton, 
in the possession of the present lord of the manor, Mr. C. R. Gillow, that 
one of the two daughters of George Middleton bj- his first wife, Anne 
Tunstall, married George Beesley, of The HiU in Beesley Tythe, Goos- 
nargh, co. Lancaster, the father of the Ven. George Beesley, the Martyr, 
and the Rev. Richard Beesley, born in 1570, who studied at Rheims and 
Rome, was ordained priest at Douay in 1595, and thence came to the 
English mission in 1602 (Knox, Douay Diaries ; Douay Diaries, C.R.S., 
X and xi ; Foley, Records S.J., vi). If the spy's information has been 
correctly calendared as " about 1585," Mr. Beesley the priest at Leighton 
could not have been either of those brothers, for the Ven. George Beesley, 
the elder of the two, was ordained in 1587, came to the mission in 
1588, and was martyred in Fleet Street July 2, 1591. It is possible, 
therefore, that the priest was the John Beesley mentioned in 1581 in 
the will of Alexander Hoghton, of Hoghton Tower and The Lea, to which 
his brother George Beesley was executor. Hoghton's niece Catherine 
became the wife of the widow Middleton's son Thomas, who succeeded 
to Leighton. 

Richard Beesley, the priest referred to above, probably succeeded 
either his uncle or brother to the chaplaincy at Leighton, and is noted by 
Dr. John Southcote as serving somewhere in Lancashire about 1631 
{C.R.S., i, 115). There were many priests of the family, including Fr. 
John Beesley alias Nelson, S. J., of the Yorkshire branch, and it is curious 
that the family connection mth Leighton continued for a long period, 
a John Beesley, probably the steward, dying there in 1661. The next 
priest on record at Leighton was — 

Rev. Peter Gooden, son of Peter Gooden (or Golden), of the Old Hall 
of Pendleton, near Manchester, gent., who was admitted into the Enghsh 
College at Lisbon in 1661, became an alumnus Aug. 6, 1666, and after 
being ordained priest left for the English mission Feb. 2, 1670. He 
appears as a member of the Lancashire and Westmorland Clergy Fund 
in 1672, and was probably stationed at Leighton at the time. The sturdy 
royalist Sir George Middleton died in 1673, and Mr. Gooden continued 

V>C. KKCrSTMRS Ol \ I-, \I.\M. 

chaplain to his widow. Wliilst he was in this position, Mr. Goodcn's 
brother. Eflmuiul Golden or Gooden, of Pendleton Old Hall, gent., 
married in NovLinber, 1679, Lady Middleton's grand-daughter, Anne, 
the elder Miss Oldfield. In the Grimshaw MSS. {apud me), is a curious 
case, with counsel's opinion thereon by Mr. T. Vernon, in tlic beginning 
of the eighteenth centurj\ According to tlic settlements. Lady Anne 
Middleton, the widow of Sir George, and her daughter, Mrs. Somcrford 
Oldfield, were seized of various manors and estates in Lancashire, West- 
morland, and Cheshire, for their lives with immediate remainder settled 
in tail on George IMiddleton Oldfield, remainder to Anne, his elder sister, 
as regards the Lancashire and Westmorland estates, and remainder 
of the Cheshire estates to his younger sister. Certain covenants were 
made on the marriage of Anne Oldfield and Edmund Golden, and in 
1680 the latter made a release of his interests in the Cheshire estates, 
but refused to do the like to the other estates. When the case was put 
before Mr. Vernon, both Mr. and I\Irs. Golden were dead, leaving issue 
a son and daughter then under age. Their uncle, George IMiddleton 
Oldfield, was anxious to bar the entail, having no provision made for 
himself during the lives of his mother and grandmother, who were both 
alive. He asserted that the Rev. Peter Gooden had influenced Lady 
Middleton and Mrs. Oldfield in the match between his sister and Mr. 
Edmund Golden, and that the latter had represented his income as 
;^70o, whereas it was only ;^200 per annum. 

Shortly after his nephew's marriage, during the Gates Plot persecu- 
tion, his name having been introduced into Bolron's pamphlet, " The 
Papists' Bloody Oath of Secrecy," 1680, Mr. Peter Gooden removed 
from Leighton Hall to Aldcliffe Hall, near Lancaster, the seat of the 
Misses Dalton, " the Seven Virgins who refused to change with the 
Times." There, in that historical mansion, Mr. Gooden "kept a sort 
of academy or Little Seminary for educating of youth who were after- 
wards sent to Popish Colleges abroad to be trained as priests " (Gillow, 
Biog. Diet., ii, 524-8). During the reign of James II he was appointed 
chaplain to the Duke of Berwick's regiment, and he obtained consider- 
able celebrity by the able manner in which he conducted public disputa- 
tions with some of the most learned Protestant divines, more especially 
with Dr. Stillingfleet and Dr. Clagett. No man, says Dodd {Church 
History, iii), was better qualified to come off with I'eputation in a personal 
conference than ]\Ir. Gooden. He was regarded in all respects a formid- 
able disputant. The Revolution of 1688, however, obliged liim to retire 
to his former abode at Aldcliffe Hall, where he died Dec. 29, 1694, and 
was buried according to the register at the parish church of Lancaster 
two days later. Administration to his estate was granted in the same 
year. The first item of his bibliography appended to his memoir in 
the writer's previously cited Biog. Diet, was probably written at Leighton 
in 1671. 

Of the names of Mr. Gooden's immediate successors at Leighton 
Hall we have no positive information, but from the record of Bishop 
John Leyburne's visitations it appears that his lordship confirmed 84 
persons in the domestic chapel at Leighton on Sept. 6, 1687 (Brady, 
Episcop. Succession, iii, 144). The next chaplain found was — 

Rev. John Pearson (or Pierson), another Lisbon priest, who became 
an alumnus at that college April 17, 1688, was ordained priest Dec. 21, 
1689, left for Lancashire Jan. 2, 1693, and was apparently at Leighton 
in 1697. The date of his removal or death has not been ascertained 
(Gillow, Reg. of Lisbon College, p. 238 ; Declaration of Lane. Clergy, 
March 3, 1697, MS.). Another chaplain 

UKC.ISIKUS OK vKalanp 37 

Rev. George Lcyburnc, born ^lay 25, 1673, second sou of George 
Leyburne, of Nateby Hall and Cunswick Hall, and his wife Elizabeth, 
daughter of George Preston, of Holker Hall. Consequently, Mrs. 
Leyburne was sister to Lady Middleton. She had previously been 
married to Jolin Sayer, of Worsall, co. York, and afterwards to Nathaniel 
West, of Borwick Hall, some few miles from Leighton, who was nephew 
of Thomas West, 3rd Lord de la Warr. George Leyburne took the oaths 
at Douay College on Dec. 27, 1689, and Sept. 8, 1690, and in due course 
came to the mission in Lancashire. The Jacobite squire Thomas 
Tyldcslc}- was his godfather, and notes in his diary under date ;May 15, 
1 713, that " Godson Laybome " went home with me to Lancaster, and 
again on tlie following day, " dined with Godson Layborne, who went 
aftenvards to Leighton " (Gillow, Tyldesley Diary, p. 89). The diarist 
also records on the 31st of the preceding month accompanying the high- 
sheriff, " cos. fHetcher," "cos. Hodgson " of Leighton Hall, and others 
to ;Mr. Beardsworth's, and again on the following Nov. 19, that the 
priest's brother, " Jemmj^ Layborne call<i in his way from Leighton." 
It does not appear how long Mr. Leyburne served Leighton. He 
occasionally officiated at Nateby HaU, and was there in 1717, but 
eventually died in StafEordshire in 1736 {C.R.S., xvi, 516). His suc- 
cessor was — 

Rev. Thomas Rawdon or ^oydon. alias Comforth, of the ancient 
family of Rawdon of Rawdon Hall, in the West Riding of York, who 
took the oath at Douay Aug. 15, 1681 {Douay Diaries, p. 50) . He taught 
humanities, poetry, and rhetoric for four or five years, and left for 
the mission Oct. 9, 1692 [Douay Lists, MS.). He wais appointed by 
patent of Bishop James Smith, rural dean of Lonsdale Hundred Jan. 3, 
1699 {Ushaw Collections, MSS., ii, 81-4). In September, 1708, accord- 
ing to Dr. Kirk {citing Ep. Var., \iii, 155), " ^vith Bishop Smith's consent, 
he went from Douay to Notre Dame des Victoires, in Paris, to spend 
one year there to make him more fit for the mission " (ICirk, Biog. 
Collections MSS., printed edition, p. 196). In Robert Stephenson's 
deed poll of trust uses for Dodding Green, co. Westmorland, dated 
May 14, 1 7 14, Mr. Roydon appears as being then chaplain at Leighton 
HaU {Stephenson's Charities, p. 47). Previous to this, if not at the same 
time, he was riding-chaplain to the Leyburnes at the halls of Cunswick, 
Skelsmergh, and Witherslack, residing mostly at the first ; and he also 
attended to the chapel at Selside Hall, the seat of William Thornburgh. 
Tyldesley mentions his calling upon him in Lancaster under date 
Feb. 25, 1713. "In the morning Docf Harden [Edward Hawarden, 
then chaplain at Aldcliffe HaU], Jemmy Layborne, and Mr. Royden 
came to see mee " {Tyldesley Diary, p. 75). On jNIay 12, 1715, he was 
elected archdeacon of the Chapter {Old Chapter Records, MS.). 

It was in this year, 1715, that the Chevalier de St. George made his 
abortive effort to recover the throne of his ancestors, and to the years 
of personal trouble which ensued IVIr. Roydon alludes in his letter to 
Dr. Robert Withani of April 24, 1724. He refers to the plunder and 
destruction of his effects and papers, when, being an itinerant missioner, 
most of his quarters and chief stations were disturbed and seized by the 
Commissioners for Forfeited Estates, their baUifis and tenants. He 
speaks of the miles he was forced to travel in his flight through several 
distinct parishes and counties. " When I reached home (if I may call 
it home, Avhere God be my comfort, I scarce ever rest three nights suc- 
cessively in the same bed), I had but a scantling of time to search into 
holes and snatch up materials." He then describes how lie rode in 
1716 — " On the 3 Oct., I traveUed from Kendal by Wycliff [seat of the 

3S K|-r,IsrKRS OF VKAl.ANl) 

Tuiistailsj tv Pierce bridge over the ruyyed roads ol our hills and your 
Stainmore, above 46 long miles in one single, and that one, no long day. 
On the 4th I waited on you at Cliffe," and then goes on, " My Journal 
lodges me at Aldborough [seat of the Meynells], Nov. 24, 17 16, carries 
me to ClifEe and back on the 26th. Again to Cliffe and back on Dec. 1st. 
On the 2'! to Richmond, on the 3"^ to Dauby, the residence of my cousin 
Cornforth [Thomas Cornforth alias Roydoii, chaplain to the Scropes], 
removes me on the 7th to Yorke. What was the busines of these 
motions ? I was to consult you at Cliffe." 

Thomas Fletcher, of Hutton Hall, the pervert to whom allusion has 
been made, on Sept. 12, 1716, deposed to the Commissioners that he 
knew " Thomas Roydon, a priest who inhabits a tenement called Lew- 
house, in p. of Wetherall, co. Cumberland, at a ^25 rental, held under the 
Duke of Portland, and that about four years agoe," Roydon told him 
that the tenement was one of the benefactions of Sir Henry Fletcher in 
trust for the support and maintenance of himself and the Rev. John 
Bates alias Lodge. The latter was chaplain to the Stapletons of Caxlton 
Hall, and died there March 26, 1741, aged 59 (Payne, Records of English 
Catholics, p. 128 ; Old Chapter Records MSS.). In 1717, as Thomas 
Rawdon alias Roydon, of Stearsby, co. York, gent., he registered pro-- 
perty Iield a.s administrator to his uncle, the Rev. Thomas Faciby alias 
Rawdon, chaplain to Mr. Meynell (Payiie, Catholic Non-jiirors, p. 28). 

As soon as the troubles subsided, Mr. Roydon took up his residence 
with his patron, Mr. Robert Stephenson, at Dodding Green, who died 
there April 23, 1723, having settled his property in trust for a permanent 
mission, which covered much of Mr. Roydon's old riding-mission. He 
is found supplying at Selside Hall in 171S. For two months in 1720 he, 
as vicar-general, attended Bishop Thomas Williams during his visita- 
tion of Lancashire. Thus he spent the remainder of his very active 
life at Dodding Green, where he died Oct. 30, 1741, and was buried in 
the parish church of Kendal two days later. 

On Dec. 12, 1747, according to the accounts of the Common Stock 
for the Lancashire Vicariate at the disposal of Bishop Edward Dicconson 
alias Eaton, there still remained a sum of ;^82 2s. 6d. in the hands of 
Mr. Roydon's nephew and namesake at Dodding Green entrusted to 
him by Lady Middleton of Leighton Hall. 

Soon after Mr. Roydon's departure from Leighton, an episcopal return 
was made of the catholics residing there in 171 7, and the number was 
put down at only seven by the vicar of the parish. From this time till 
1 761 no priest's name in connection with the mission has been found, 
either in Bishop Dicconson's list of his clergy from 1741-52 or in other 
records. Nevertheless the chapel in the hall was no doubt served by a 
riding-priest or from some neighbouring mission, most likely Robert 
Hall, some few miles distant (see C.R.S., iv, 319). The next resident 
cliaplain on record was — 

Rev. Michael Wharton, born 1733, near Kirkby Stephen, co. West- 
morland, being descended from the Whartons of ^^Tlarton and Kirkby- 
thore in that county, and of Beverley, co. York, of whom Sir ^Michael 
Wharton was living in 1724. Pie was admitted on Revell's Fund at 
the English College at Lisbon, Nov. 7, 1 751, became an alumnus March 13, 
1756, was ordained priest Dec. 20, 1760, and left for England to become 
chaplain at Leighton Hall July iS, 1761, wliere he commenced to keep 
registers soon afterwards. In the return made by the vicai of Warton 
to the Bishop of Chester in 1767, it is said that Mr. Wharton, priest, 
resided with George Towneley, Esq., and that the Catholics in the parish 
were estimated at 54. At the Visitation made by Bisliop William 


Walton, coadjutor to Bishop riancis Petre, on June lo, 1774, his lord- 
sliip confimied ten persons in the chapel in the hall. In 1782 Mr. and 
Mrs. Towneley, prior to leaving Leighton, provided a residence for Mr. 
Wharton in the adjoining village of Yealand Conyers, and improvised 
a chapel in the attics whilst a chapel, dedicated to St. Mary, was being 
erected adjoining the house. In a letter to Rev. Matthew Gibson, then 
of Lartington Hall, dated York, Nov. 28, 1782, Bishop Walton says 
" that Mr. Towneley has left Leighton, but has fixed his chaplain, Mr. 
Wharton, very agreeably " {Ushaw Collections, MSS., ii, 385). In 
another letter, dated Feb. 3, 1783, the Rev. John Chadwick, of Weld 
Bank, vicar-general for Lancashire to the new bishop, Matthew Gibson, 
estimates the number of communicants at " Leighton " at 70. The 
mission, though still styled Leighton, was really at Yealand. It was 
visited by Bishop Gibson on Sept. 12, 1784, when 16 persons were con- 
firmed, Mr. Wharton returning the communicants in the congregation 
at 90. In the bishop's return to Rome of the condition of his diocese, 
dated Jan. 8, 1791, Michael Wharton is put down as at " Leighton." 
Mr. Wharton was rural dean of Lonsdale Hundred, and he continued 
at Yealand till his death Dec. 10, 1809, aged 76. 

During his incumbency the Rev. John Worswick died at Leighton 
Hall, the seat of his brother Alexander, Oct. 2, 1809, aged 48. For some 
little time he had said Mass in the domestic chapel, and in that at Cold- 
ham Hall, Suffolk, the seat of his brother-in-law, Robert Gage-Roke- 
wode, son of Sir Thomas Gage, of Hengrave, Bart. His sister Mary 
Gage-Rokewode died at Leighton Sept. 27, 1807, aged 26, and her only 
child, Maria Charlotte, in Dec, 1813, aged 17, and both were buried at 
Warton. A family mausoleum existed in the wood adjoining the hall, 
in which numbers of the Worswicks and Gillows were interred, but 
the bodies were removed to the family vault adjoining the chapel at 
Yealand Conyers during the time of Richard Thomas Gillow, Esq. 
The mausoleum was then demolished, and now only a cross of white 
limestone marks the site, bearing the inscription — 

Hoc in situ stabat mausoleum in quo corpora familiae GiUow sepulta 
erant anti quam translata erant ad ecclesiam apud Yealand erectam 
sumptibus Ricardi Thomas Giliow, armigeri. 

Mr. Wharton was succeeded by — 

Rev. Basil Richard Barrett, born May 11, 1781, younger son of John 
Briant Barrett, of Milton House, near Abingdon, co. Berks., by Winefrid, 
daughter of John Eyston, of East Hendred, in the same county. He went 
to St. Omer's College in August, 1790, but escaped to England during 
the French Revolution prior to the seizure of the college. He joined 
the refugees from Douay College after they had become firmly estab- 
lished at Crook Hall in June, 1795, and there, witli his elder brother 
George, in due course was ordained priest, about July, 1806. His first 
appointment was to Cliffe Hall, in succession to the Rev. William Cogh- 
lan. Later he was transferred to Pocklington, and thence came to 
Yealand upon the death of Mr. Wharton in 1809. Here he wrote his 
" Pretensions to a Final Analysis of the Nature and Origin of Sublimity, 
Style, Beauty, Genius, and Taste," published at London in 18 12, 
and also his " Life of Cardinal Ximenes," London, 18 13. He also wrote 
" A Mathematical Treatise showing how the Circle can be Squared," 
which Sir Humphrey Davy, Bart., returned to him after examination, 
saying that he did not understand the calculations. Probably no 
one else could, so the work was never published. In 1820 his liealth 
became seriously impaired, no doubt accelerated by his vain attempt to 
square the circle, so he repaired to Bath. In the following year he was 


put uuder the care ol a physician at Bristol, and in iSzg was removed 
to an asylum for priests in Belgium, where he died May 3, 1858, aged 77 
(Gillow, Biog. Did., i, 144-5). The mission was temporarily served by — 
Rev. Thomas Wilkinson, born at or near Hornby, Nov. Ji, 1762, 
who was sent to Douay College, where he arrived Aug. 2, 1776, and 
became an alumnus in 1785. It is asserted that he was the last priest 
ordained in the college chapel, on April 11, 1789. lie then taught first 
class rudiments till Dec. 21 of that year, when he was made professor 
of poetry, and on the following Oct. i, 1790, of rhetoric. During the 
French J^evolution he left the college for the English mission, July 20, 
1792, and was appointed assistant to the Rev. Thomas Johnson, of 
Kendal, whom he succeeded in 1803. Thence from 1812 to 1820 he 
served Dodding Green, and from 1820 to 1822 he attended to Yealand. 
At length, after being incumbent of Kendal for sixty-five years he retired 
to Ushaw, where he died, and was interred in the college cemetery, 
Dec. 30, 1857, aged 95. Some time before his death he presented his 
valuable and extensive library of about 12,000 volumes to Ushaw College 
{Douay Lists, MS.; Adam Wilkinson, Hist, of Kendal and Neighbourivg 
Missions, MS.). The next resident priest at Yealand, wdio came in 
1822, was — 

Rev. Henry Banister alias Rutter, born Feb. 24, 1755, son of Adam 
Banister, of Hesketh Bank, co. Lancaster, yeoman, who arri\ed at Douay 
College Sept. 26, 1768, and when deacon in his fourth year's divinity 
was sent from Douay April 30, 1781, to become a professor at St. Omer's 
College. Thence he came to the English mission, and was appointed 
chaplain to the Silvertops at Minster Acres, Northumberland, in 1784. 
He was supplying at Pontop Hall, co. Durham, in 1791, but was still at 
Minster Acres in 1808, and meanwhile had been elected a member of 
the Old Chapter in 1803. In the summer of 1820 he was at Tynemouth, 
and there he is supposed to have said the first Mass since the so-called 
Reformation. In 1822 he came to Yealand, and here he continued 
to write some of liis works, a list of which is gi\en in the writer's Biog. 
Diet, of the English Catholics, v, 458-60 . During liis term Bishop Tliomas 
Penswick made his visitation at Yealand, and gave confirmation on 
Sept. 2, 1825, and June 19, 1831. In January, 1834, he removed from 
Yealand, and took possession of the mission of his late uncle, the Rev 
Robert Banister, of Dodding Green. This mission from the time of 
his uncle's death in 181 2 had been supplied from Kendal. There he 
remained till his sudden death, whilst going to meet his nephew Alexan- 
der Goss, then a student at Ushaw, and subsequently Bishop of Liver- 
pool, Sept. 17, 1838, aged 83. He w-as buried at Kendal. His portrait 
in oil is at Dodding Green. Upon his departure in Jajiuary, 1834, 
Yealand was temporarily supplied by — 

Rev. William Brown, who had established the mission of Great 
Crosby, co. Lancaster, in 1826, and died there Aug. 2, 1850, aged 49 
( Tablet, xi, 500) . The next permanent incumbent was — 

Rev. Dominic Joseph. Maini, whose memoir has appeared C.R.S., xiii, 
231. He came in 1834, and remained till Oct. 15, 1846. He died at 
St. Anthony's, Liverpool, Sept. 11, 1856. During his term visitations 
were niade at Yealand by Bishops Penswick, Sept. 27, 1835, John 
Briggs, Aug. 23, 1839, and George Brown, Oct. 5, 1845, and Sept. 13, 
1853, on which occasions confirmations were given. His successor was — 
Rev. William Henderson, who arrived at Yealand Oct. 7, 1846. 
His brief memoir appears C.R.S., vi, 323. After forty years' service 
here he retired to Lytham in 1887, where he diea Jan. 30, 1893, aged 84 
{Orthodox Journal, iv, 64 ; Catholic Times, Feb. 3, 1893, p. 3). 

kt.GlSIKRS or YKAI.ANl) 4l 

During his term, the then squire ol Leighton, Richard Thomas 
Gillow, erected a handsome Gothic church adjoining the old presbytery 
and chapel, which wa^ consecrated Aug. 4, 1852. It is in the early 
English st>'le, 76 ft. X20 ft., and it cost about ;^i,200. Mr. Henderson 
was succeeded by — 

Rev. Joseph Parker, who was ordained at Ushaw Aug. 7, 18S1, and 
served at Liverpool till he came to Yealand in 1887. Here he stayed 
till he went to Euxton, near Chorley, in 1892, thence removed in 1893 
to Everton, and finally in 1894 to Tyldesley, where he died July 29, 1898 
{Liverpool Catholic Aim., 1S99, p. 191, with portrait). He was succeeded 
at Yealand by — 

Rev. James Birchall, who came in 1892, and is the present incumbent. 


The Registers. 

This register is a ledger-shaped book, containing 258 unruled pages, 
measuring 12^ x 4 inches, backed with stiff boards, half -bound in buff 
leather. The varying qualities of paper used would lead one to conjec- 
ture that the baptisms, marriages, confirmations, and Easter lists 
were originally kept as separate books, and were later bound into the 
present volume. 

Lists of Easter Communicants are given annually from 1763 to 1871 
(inclusive), with the exception of the years 18 10, t8ii, and 1822. They 
occupy pages 5-36, 100-115, 121-240. 

Baptisms are given from April 11, 1762, to July 20, 1S56. They 
occupy pages 37-99- 

Marriages are given from 1764 to 1855, there being only 29 entries. 
They occupy pages 1 17-120, 169, and 243-245. 

Deaths are recorded on p. 251 from 1 824-1 844. This list, like the 
marriage list, is evidently incomplete. 

Confirmations. Ten lists are given, viz.: 1774, 1784, 1793. 1803, 
1825, 1831, 1835, 1839, 1845, and 1853. They occupy pages 253-257. 

[Qn the inside of the front cover.] NB. This Register was begun 
by Rev. Michael Wharton at Leighton Hall in 1763 to 1809 ; was 
continued by liis successor the Rev. Basil Barrett to 1820. The 
Rev. Henry Rutter succeeded him in 1822. 

[Pages 1-4 are blank; the Easter lists 1763 to 1830 inclusive, 
cover -pages 5-36.] 

(37) Baptisms 


Eliz^i Wilkinson of Kellet bapd nth of Api 1762. Spon^s Rob* 
Croskill and Susanna Croskill. 

John Bell of Yealland Bapd 17 of Ap^ 1762. Sponrs Henery 
Cock and Molly Puton. 

Jane DoDSOn of Burton bap^^ Sep^ 17. Sons ^s Geo : Witham* 
and Miss Mary Laj^tham."!" 

j(c George Witham, born m 1750, and subsequently ordained priest (see 
memoir, C.R.S., viii, 230), had apparently stayed at Leighton Hall on his 
way to Douay College, where he was admitted at the end of the month. 

t She was aunt to Capt. William Latham (see Gillow, Biog. Diet., iv, 144), 
who wrote the MS. hist, of Leighton Hall in 1823, now in the possession of 
C. R. Gillow, Esq. 

42 kl.(;iSTLR.S OF VtAI.AND 

Aim Patelield ul liuiwick bapuz"^ 25 of Sep'' i/Oj. Suii'« M'' 
Wharton,* M" Standish.t 


Eliz**i Bell of Yeallaiid bap"' 23rd of March. Soii^s y[TB Mary 
Townelt'}- of Leig" and M'" Wharton Chapp". 

Eliz: Kenway of Yeall: Stoars bapz'' July 21. Son i'^ M. Wharton , 
Betty Parkinson of Hornby. 

John Wilkinson of Kellet bap<i Augst 5. Sponrs Rob* Ball and 
Aggy Roe. t 

Mary Patefield bap^ 21 of Ocb^, Spon^s cjiar: Patefield and ^fs 


Joseph Richardson of Yealland bap^i Ocb^ 20. Spon^s Rich* 

Hest and 

(38) Eliz: Danson of Burton bap^ Decb^ i^ii 1765. Spon^'s Joseph 
Shepherd and Betty Danson. 


Rich^i Thompson near Burton bap^ Ap^ 5, 1766. Spon^s Rich** 
Danson and Betty Danson. 

Tho: Patefield of Borwick bap^ Nov'"" 2, 1766. Spon's M. Whar- 
ton and Mrs Preston. 

Henry Bell of Yeall'* bap* Decb^ 16. Spon^ James Hunter and 
Peggy Beasly. 


Will'i Willkinson of Yealland Hall bap* Janry 18. Spons Henry 
KirkhamS and Wineferd Croskill. 


Margaret Pelin of Pewit Field bap<i June 29. Spons Tho. Pelin 
and Betty Laytham. 

Robt. Hest of Yealland stoars bap*^ July 2*. Spon' Rich<^ 
Loftass and Peggy Beasly. 

Henry Bell 2^ of Yeall* bap* Augst 28. Spons joi^i Kirkham, 
Aggy Durham. 

Willni Thompson of Burton bap* SepJ" ii^n. Spon^ Tho: Machall 
and Mary Danson Junior. 


March 26. Ann Danson of Burton bap*. Spon rs John i hompsoji 
and Mary Danson Jun^. 

May ist. Eliz: Pelin of Yealland bap*. Spo»"6 James Maskey [?] 
& Aggy Durham. 

June 23. Twins Patefield bap*. Spo^s M^s Buck, Tho : 


•}(■ The chaplain at Leighton. 

t Henrietta, wife of Ralph Towneley-Standish, of Standish Hall, Esq., 
and daughter of Roger Strickland, of Catterick, co. York, Esq. 

J Robert Ball, ul Dolphin Lee, in Bulk., subsequently married Agues 
Roe, who was sister of the Rev. John Roe, of Blackladies, co. Stafford (C.R.S., 
V, 24b). 

§ vide Cits., V, 180. 


(3y) June 23 Patefield bap^^. bpu^" \\'ill"i Aggy 


July 16. James May bap<i. Spo^s John Tompson and 

Blake burn. 

July 23. Ann WiUdson of Yealland Hall bapd. Spore John 
Kirkham and Ann Kirkham. 

Aim Boulding of Hale bap^ Augs* 13, 1769. Spo^s John Tompson 
of Burton and Sarah Parkinson of Thumham. 

Margaret Tompson of Milthropc bap^ Sep^ 3, 1769. Sp^s john 
Kirkham and Agg}' Durham. 


Thos Pelin bap^ Feb^ 6 : 1770. Spo^s his Grandmother White- 
head and his Uncle Benjamin. 

Margaret Bell of Yealland bap^ Nob"" 1770. Spon's Rich<i 
Horrabin and Ann Park. 

Ann Fozcroft bap<* Decb' 22, 1770. Spouts joi^n Bell and Molly 

Christopher Tompson of Burton Bap^ on the 31 of Decb^ 1770. 
Spors his Uncle Rich* Danson and M'"^ Horabin of Burton. 


Rich"! Danson bap* on the 13 of March 1771. Spofs Myself and 
Pegy Walker. 

Margaret Wilkinson of Yealland Hall bap^i March 27, 1771. 
Sponis Henery Row* and Susanna Row. 

John Hartaker of Carnforth bap* June 25, 1771. Spons 

Margret Williams bap* Decb^" 18, 1771. Sponrs Rich* Danson 
and Betty Jenkinson her Aunt. 


Eliz. Holding bap* Augs* 16, 72. Spo^s her Grand Father & 
Grand mother Bolding. 

{40) 1773 

Janry 3* 1773. Mary Danson baptz*. Spo" Jho: Park, Agnes 

Api 4 : 1773. Catharine Pilling baptz<i. Sp^s her Uncle 

Whithead and Cath: Bought on. 

May 3<*. Susanna Wilkinson of Yealland Hall baptz*. SpJ"" 
Mr and M'^ Horrabin of Burton. 

Sepr 19th 1773. Ann Tompson bapd. Sponrs John Bell & Jane 


Martha Wiliams bap* 20 of March. Sponrs John Tompson and 
Rich'^ Danson 's Wife. 

Mary Morphey bap* 24 Ap^ 1774. Spo^s Cane and Mary Danson 

Jane Kirkham Bap* May 7, 1774. Sp^s Henry and Peggy 

Mary Huitson of Yealland Daughter of Edw* and Huitson 

bap<i the 5 of June 1774. Spo's M^" Rich* Horrabin of Burton and 
his Maid Jane Daniel. 

* He died at Fortou, March 20, 1811, aged 64. 

44 kix-.isiKUs m ^ rai-anh 

Mary Woods of Vcallaud bap^ the 21 of Aug«i 1774. SiJor^^ £tH 
iluitson and Helk-n Hodgson of Carnforlli. 

Ruth Bell of Yeallaiul bap^ the 16 of October 1774. Spo^^ John 
Wilkinson of YeaUand Hall and his Wife Helen. 

Agnes Danson of Btirton bap^ the 28*'^ of Decb^. Spon: Jane 
Daniel. T-TTS 

James Pilling bap^' the 26 of Febv. Spon^s John Park and Alice 

(41) Helen Wilkinson of Yealland Hall bap: March 5^1 1775. Spi'* 
John Park and Cath"^ Boughton. 

Eliz"^ Stephenson of Burton bap^ Ma}' 20*'^ 1775. Spi"s James 
Corney* and Miss Worswick "f both of Lancaster. 

Thos Huitson of Yealland bap^ 11*11 of June 1775. Sp^s Tho* 
Mills and Mary Danson Jun^. 

Mary Bonding of Hale bapf^ Sepi* 26, 1775. Spon 

Margret Kirkham bap* Novb'^ 9*11 1775. Sp^s W and M" 

Decbr 21, 1775. John Thompson of Burton Bapf^. Spr« John 
Park & Agnes Townson. 


Sarah Bonding of Hale bapd Febv nth. Sp^s Thos Park & Mary 

Ocb^ 5, 1776. Allice Miller Illegitimate bapd. Sp'" Randal 
PenswickS & Eliz: Maychin. 


Janv 5, 1777. Mary Wilkinson of Yealland hall bap^l Sp^s 
John Bell Senr and Mary Park. 

Feby 9. Richfi Pilling of Pewit field bap^. Spo^s his Uncle 
Whitehead and Nancy Bennitt. 

Will™ Huitson of Yealland bap^ June i^t. Spi"^ Thos Park and 
Betty Mills Junr. 


Margaret Bonding of Hale bapfi June 7. Spot's Rich'^ Danson 
and Sister Jane Thompson. 

Ann Heleme of Yealland bap^ 15 July 1778. Spon^ Randal 

Eliztii Stephenson of Burton bap^ Augst 31. Spot's 

Rodgison & Molly Laytham. 

(42) Nov!" I. Will™ Walmsley Milthrope bap^i. SpJ's Gardiner of 
D : Tower§ and Betty Wilkinson. 

ii(. James Corney (Cornoe), of Cornoc (or Cornorow) in Grcenhalgh cum 
Thistletou, was the eldest sou of Henry Corney and his wife Jane, daughter 
of Robert Worswick, of Todderstaffe Hall, Esq. His wife was Anne Fell, 
sister to Mrs. Robert Gillow. 

^ She was one of the daughters of Thomas Worswick, of Lancaster, banker, 
and sister to Alexander Worswick, of Leighton Hall, Esq. 

% Randal Penswick was agent to the Gerards of Bryn for the Nortli 
Lancashire estates inherited from the Canstields of Robert Hall. 

§ Dallam Tower, co. Westmorland, the .seat of the Wilsons. Vide Sept. 24, 
1780. Mr. Wli;irlcMi did not know tin- gardiMier's name. 



Hannah Danson bap^ Febv 21. Sp^s M^" Horrabin and Miss 
Betty Laytham. 

March 14, 1779. Jane Thompson of Burton bap**. Sp's Geo: 
Svvarbrick and Nancy Bains. 

March 22^*. John Huitson of Yealland bap^i. Spor John Bell. 

Api 3^. Jane Penswick of Wart on bap^i, Spo^s John Wilkinson 
& Hanna Kelham. 

Sepr 26 : 79. Thos Wilkinson of Yealland Hall bapd. Spor« 
Randal Penswick and M''^ Morris. 

Decb^ 3<^ 1779. Agnes Brownrig of Burton bapf*. Spo^s M^" 
Rich^i Horrabin and j\Irs Angnes Townson. 

June iitb 1780. Tho: Thompson of Burton bap^. Spo^s Chrisr 
Danson and his sister Jane Danson. 

Margt Hindle of Milthrope bap^ Sep^ 24. Spo^s George 

Gardener at D"i Tower,* and AnnTompson. 


Febv 26. Charles Penswick bap^. Sp's & Jane Park. 

Nov!" 4, 1781. John Layfield of Burton bap^. Spo^s 

Mary Danson Illegitimate bap<i Nov^ 28, 1781. Sp^s her Uncle 
Rich^ Danson & Jane Tompson her Aunt. 

John Bonding of Hale bap<i May 19. Sp^s Chr& Jane Danson. 
(43) Michi Thompson of Burton bap<i Ocb^ 6^11. Sp»"8 James 
Morris & Mary Danson. 

Rob* WiUrison of Yealand Hall bapf» Decbr i : 1782. Sp^s 
James Morris & Fanny Dowling. 


Eliz: Wilkinson of Yealand bap^ Janv 12*^, Sp's her Uncle John 
Wilkison of Yealand Hall& M^s Morris. 

Ann Huitson of Yealand bapf* Api 26*^ jyg^. Sp^s Tho: Wilkison 
and M.^^ Morris. 

Mary Bolton of Burton bap<i July 27. Sp^s Rob* Noses & Hanna 

Willni Turner of Milthrope bap^ Sepr 28. Sp^s his Uncle and 
Aunt John and Catherine Champney. 

Margaret Hogart of Hale bap^ Api 4th 1784. Sp^s Tho: Wilkison 
and M'B Morris. 

John Miller Illegitimate of Warton bap^ June 13*1^ 1784. Spo^ his 
Grandfather Tho: Miller. 


James Wilkison of Yealand Conyers bap^ Janv 30*^ 1785. 
Spfs James Morris and Ellen Wilkison, Yealand Hall. 

Grace Pilkerton of Yealand bap'i March 22, 1785. Sp"^® John 
Bell and Ellen Wilkinson, Yealand Hall. 

Siby Hewetson of Yealand bap<J May 24. Sp'^ Hanna Kellham. 

* Vide Nov. i, 1778. Mr. Wharton evidently only knew him as George, 
the gardener at Dallam Tower, 


John Hindle of Milthropo bap^ June 26**^. Spi' his Grandmother 
and Ml" Horrabin of Burton. 

(44) Eleiior Tompson of Burton bap^ July lO*^^. Sp'^ her Uncle 
Rich** Danson and Molly Laytham. 

Ralph Tompson of Burton bap** DecbJ" 1785. Sp'^ Rich'i Dauson 

and Molh' , _, 


Henrv WiUrisoil of Yealand Hall bapd Feby 11*^. Sp^e Will'" 
Ball tS:c/ 

Rob* Turner [corrected from Mountain] of Milthrope bapd Feby 
18*^. Sp's Rob* Champney and Eliz^^^ Champuey. 

Mary Wilson of Ackenthvvaite bap^ March 21st, Sp'^ Rich^^ 
Wilson and Nancy Thompson. 


Thomas Brownrigg of Burton bap<i J any 19*11 1787. Sp^s his 
Uncle and Aunt viz. Jonathan Clegg& his Wife. 

Ann Turner [corrected from Mountain] of Milthrope bap** June 4. 
1787. Sp^" Uncle and Aunt. 

Tho3 Danson Illegitimate of Dolton bap^ July 15^1 1787. Sp'"* 
Rich** and Jane Danson. 

Rob* Tompson of Burton bap<i July 22<* 1787. Sp^s Rich^ 
Danson his Uncle and Jane Danson. 

Margaret Hindle of Milthrope bap<i July 29, 1787. Sp^s Hv 
Bowlden and his Wife Betty. 


Marmaduke Hewitson of Yealand bap<i Jany 21s*. Sp'^ Chi" 
Danson and Alice Parkison. 

Will" Layfield of Storth bapd May 4*^. Sp" Tho : Hindle & Betty 

Eliz. Wilkinson Daughter of William Wilkinson of Stoars bap<* 
July ii**!. Spi"8 The Grand father John Wilkinson and Aunt Peggy 

(45) 1789 

March is* 1789. Ann Hogart of Haile bap^. Sp^s Henry Bould- 
ing and Wife. 

Nov' 22^ 1789. Tho: Hindle of Milthrope bap^. Sp's Henry 
Bougding and Wife. 


Thomas Turner of Milthrope bapd Jany nth. Sp" his Uncle 
Miles Champney & Kitty Stonehouse. 

Augst 29*^. Henry Danson bapi. Sp's his Grandfather Rich^ 
Danson, and his Aunt Jane Danson. 

Richd Layfield Burton hall bap^ Nov"" 28th. Sp" Rich^ Layfield 
and Molly La5rtham. 


Mary Danson Illegitimate Daughter of Ann Danson bap«i Jany 16"' 
179T. Sponsors, old Rich^ Danson and Jane Tompson. 


Mary Wilkinson of Yealand Stoars bap^ Feby 26, 1792. Spr« 
Grand father John Wilkinson of Yealand hall, and Aunt Ellen of the 
same Place. 



Lucia Bradley [over Thompson deleted] of Huttoii bap"* Sep^ 15, 
1793. Sp'8 her Grandfather & Grand mother Thompsons. 

Agnes Danson of Burton Daughter of R^ Danson Jim'" bap<i 
March 9**^. Spon^s her Grandfather R* Danson and Aunt Jane. 


John Appleby of Yealand bap^ March 15*^. Sp'^ his Uncle Henry 
& Aunt Margaret Bell. 

Helen Wilkinson Daughter of Wiling Wilkinson bap<i Novr 15^^. 
Sp'* Peter Magee and her Aunt Helen Wilkinson. 

Sarah Appleby of Yealand bap* Api 16^^^ Spors Rev. M' 
Wharton and his sister Mary Wharton. 

Ocbr 30. Patrick 

(46) Elizth Danson bap^ Novr 27**1. Sp^s John Browmrigg and her 
Aunt Mary Danson. 


Fanny Thompson of Hutton bap* Jan. 8*^. Sp'^ Rich^ Danson 
& Mary Billington. 

Thos Robinson of Hutton bap^ Augs* 6"\ Sp^s Grandfather 
Rich^ Danson & Molly Laytham. 

Margaret Appleby bap^ Ocbr 16*^. Sp^^ Rich^ Horrabin & Jane 


James Magee bap* Api 29*^ I798« Sp^s John Brownrigg & 
Margaret Pedder. 

Ann Danson of Hering Syke bap<i Ocb'^ 6^^. Sp^^ her Uncle 
Chr Danson & Sarah Smith. 

Alice Snape of Borwick bap<i Nov^" ii*^ 1798. Sp^" Rich** Horra- 
bin & Eliz: Millington. 


Ruth Thompson of Hutton bap<i Mar. 10**1. Sp'^ James Milling- 
ton & Betty Snape. 

Ann MiUington bap'i June y^\ Sp'^ John Snape and Grace 

Jane Appleby bap^ June 28**1. Sprs Rich^ Billington and her 
Aunt Ruth Bell. 

Patience Bradley bap^ June 30. Sp^s her Uncle and Aunt 
Thompson of Hutton. 

Thomas Simpson of Borwick bap^ July 28**1. gpra John and 
Mar}' Carter. 


William Wilkinson of Stoars Son of Willm Wilkinson bap<* June 8**1. 
Sponr his Grand mother Ellen Wilkinson. 

Peter Slack of Wakebarrow bap<i Aug* 11. Spi"8 Nicholas Rigby 
and Ellen Priscott. 

Esther Millington bap^ Sep^ 21**. Sp^s Thomas Gardner and 
Agnes Brownrigg. 


(47) ^^^^ 

George Gardner illigitimato hap^ Ap' 12^^. Sp'" John Garner 

& Ann Bowding. 

June 17. Rich'' Gardiner of ("anp- hall hap<'. Sprs James & 
Ester Millington. 

Barbara Simpson of Bnrwick bap'' Jnlv iq^'V Sp^s John & Jane 

Mary Appleby bap'' Decb'' 27^'^ 1801. Sp'^ Rich'' Snape, and her 
Aunt Alice Bell [over Jane Appleby deleted] of Lancaster. 


Helen Thompson of Priest Hutton bap'' June 27"^ 1802. Sp'" 
her Aunt Mary Danson and Uncle Mich' Thompson. 

Rich^ Danson of Herring Syke bap" July 25t'». Sp^B Tho. 
Applebv & Margt Pedder. 


Janv 16. Will™ Birch bap''. Sp^^ james Snape and Ellen Snape. 

June 19 Octa\ms Gardner bap''. Sp''^ M'"^ Jane Brown- 

rigg and her Son Thomas. 

Aug* 2ist. Margt MiUington of Tewitfield bap''. Spon^' George 
Green & Marg* Pedder. 

Ocb*" 30^'*. Alice Ball bap''. Sp^^ Tiio: Mascough and her Aunt 
Marg* Layfield. 

Willi" Simpson Borwick bap" Nov^ 20. Sp'** Thomas Carter 
and Wife. 


Agnes WaUing of Fleagarth bap" Sepr 23". Sponi" her Uncles- 
Aunt James & Grace Hest. 

Decb' 16. Jane Birch of Borwick bapt". Sp^s her Aunt Mary 
Snape & James Millington. 


Feby 3". Ellen Magee of Warton bapt". Sp^^^ j^er Grand mother 
Wilkinson and Ch^" Danson oi Herring Sykes, Burton. 

Api 15. Mary Mattick of Burton bap". Sp'^s George Smith of 
Kellet and her Aunt Betty Danson, 

{48) Henry Ounsworth of Bolton bap" Sep'" i^t. Sp'^ his Uncle 
and Aunt Tho^ and Mary Ounsworth. 

Mary Danson Daughter of Rich" Danson Jun'' bap" Sepf 15. 
Spi"8 James & Margaret Pedder. 


Mar: i^^^. James Simpson of Borwick bap". Sponsors, R" Nt)ble 
and Jane Thompson. 

Api 13*1. Esther Thompson of Burton bap". Sp^s John Birtch 
and Esther Millington. 


Rob* Kirkham of Moss House bap" Janv 20^1. Sp'^ his Unck- 
James Kirkham and Aunt Kitty Nixon. 

Mary Burrow of Silverdale bap" Feby 8*1. Sp" her Aunt Hesi 
and James Snape. 

July 26*1. Hannah Magee of Warton bap". Sp'« Rich" Jenkin- 
son of Bouton and his Sister. 


Octr iS**!. Hannah Simpson of Bonvick bapd. Sp^s John Birlcli 
and Ann Noble. 


John Danson of Warton bap^ Jany i**. Sp" Rew^ M^ Wharton 
& Nancy Croskill. 

John Danson of Burton, Illegitimate, bap^ Feb^ 28. Sp^s W™ 
Thompson and his Wife. 

Margaret Thompson bap^ June 19th. Sponfs Nicholas Edering- 
ton and Mar\- Snape. 

Will°i Snape of Hutton bap<* June 19th. Spon'^ James Snape 
and Betty Hest. 

Elizabeth TCir khft m of Moss House bapd July 26. Sponrs James 
Danson and Marv Adamson. 

Eliz: Becket of Silverdale Illegitimate Bap<i Sepf 8*^. Sp^s 
James Kirkham and Man,' Adamson. 

(49) Mary Tomlison of Warton bap* Sep^ i2*»i. Sp'^ Thomas 
Kilshav and Jane Kilshav Uncle and Aunt to the Child. 

Eliztii Ederington of Kellet bapd Sepr 25»b. Sp" Henry Bains 
and Lucy Bradle}-. 


John Thompson bap^ Janv i^t 1809. Spon^s Will™ Thompson 
and Dorothy Gardner. 

Api 23''^. Rich<i Danson of Heren Svkes bap<*. Sp''^ James 
" Weldon& Betty Scafe. 

Mary Birtch [over Snape deleted] of Borwick bap^ Api 11^*1. Sponra 
Rich^ Graystone and Miss Valentine of Yealand hall. 

Willm Thompson of Burton bap<i June 23"*. Sp's Thom^ Uns- 
vvorth and Aggy Bro\\airigg. 

Jane Cros of Leighton bap^ Augst 15th. Sp^s Rich<i Jenkinson 
and Nancy Comev. 

Will™ Martin bapd Ocb^ 4th. Sp^-s James Wildan and Marv Park. 

Mary daughter of Rkh^ and M^ Snape of Borvvick bom iitb of 
April baptized the 17*^. Sponsors R<* Crayston and Ann Valentine. 

MarV' Ann illegitimate daughter of Agnes Davies & Edward 
Jackson (of Yealand) baptized July y*^. Sponsors Ric<i Danson & 
Mar}^ Snape. B. Barrett, M.A. 

William Grayston of Burton in Kendal, baptized July 8**^ 1810. 
Sponsors, Ric** Grayston, Agnes BrowTirigg. B. Barrett, M.A. 

Thomas Etherington of Kellet baptized July 22<* 1810. Sponsors, 
George Smith, Eliz^i^ Wanehouse. B. Barrett, M.A. 

(50) Mar>' Slack daughter of Elizt^i & Barn by Slack of Cowpenray 
baptized 19*^^ of Augst Born 9*^ July 1810. Sponsors, James Milling- 
ton, Eliztb Sedgur. B. Barrett, M.A. 

Sarah Wilding daughter of Eliz: & James Wilding (of Newton) 
baptized April 7, 1811. Bom Api 6*'^ of the same year. Sponsors. 
Thomas Atkinson. Nancv Cornev. B. Barrett, M.A. 

* Rev. Thomas Wilkinson, of Kendal. 

50 RFr.mrF.RS of vkaiaxi' 

W™ Park son of Ajin& W"" Park (of Moss house) baptized Aug^* 26 
1811, & bom 22'' Aug., 1811. Sponsors, John Croft, Eliz: Wilding. 
B. Barrett, M.A. 

Richard Walling, son of Mary& John Walling, Silverdale, bap- 
tizt^d 13th Ocf 1811& born 20*^ Sept"" 1811. vSponsors, Peter M^Gee, 
Deborah Turner. B. Barrett, M.A. 

\The baptism 0/ Thomas Sedgur (cf. first item on p. 52 infra) has 
been entered here and deleted.'] 

(51) Helen Croft, daughter of John & Alice Croft of Leighton, born 
ig^^ of April 1811. Baptised 21st of the same month & year. Spon- 
sors, Jos: Park, Mary Park. B. Barrett, M.A. 

James Biichall, son of John& Ann Birchall of Kellet, bom 4^*^ Nov^ 

1811. Baptised lo^ii of the same month & year. Sponsors, Rob* 
Hurst. Elizth Sedgur. B. Barrett, M.A. 


Robert Leach, son of Thos & Helen Leach of Hazelslack, bom 
Feby 25*^^ 1812, baptised March i^t of the same montli & year. 
Sponsors, W^ Pilling, Alice Pilling. B. Barrett, M.A. 

Helen Etherington, daughter of Nicholas & Catherine Etherington 
of Kellet, born April 6*^ 1812, baptised April 12*^ of the same month 
& year. Sponsors, Ann Smith, Rob* Nobblett. B. Barrett, M.A. 

W°i Park, illegitimate son of Christopher Franks & Mary Park of 
Leighton, born gth Oct' 1812, & baptised ii^h of the same month 

1812. Sponsors, John Croft, Alice Croft. B. Barrett, M.A. 

(52) Thomas Sedgar, illegitimate son of Eliz^h Sedgur, Yealand 
Conyers, baptised Sep^ 3, 1812 & born Sept^ jst 1812. Sponsors, 
Rev<i B. Barrett, Ann German. B: Barrett, M.A. 


John Wilding, son of James & Elizabeth Wilding of Moss house, 
born Feby 8, i8i3,& baptised Feby 14, 1813. Sponsors, Adam Scaife, 
Mary Scaife. B. Barrett, M.A. 

Margaret Billington, daughter of James & Sarah Billington of 
Capenborough, born March 22 : 1813 & baptised March 25, 1813. 
Sponsors, Thos Atkinson, Elizt^i Towers. B. Barrett, M.A. 

John Kirkham, son of Joseph & Mary Kirkham, born May 2^, 

1813. baptised the same day. Sponsors, Ric^ Grayston, Helen 
Simpson. B. Barrett, M.A. 

Margaret Atkinson, daughter of Tho^ & Mary Atkinson born, 
Sept' 1813, & baptised the same day by Adam Scaife a layman. The 
ceremonies omitted were performed by me B. Barrett, M.A. Spon- 
sors, Jas Wilding, Eliztn Wilding. 

(53) ^1814 

Richard Braid Graystone, son of Ric^ & Agnes Graystone of 
Burton, born 27*^ of April 1814, & baptised 8*1^ of May 1814. Spon- 
sors, Henry Hull. Mary Canny. B. Barrett, M.A. 

James Leach, son of Thomas & Helen Leach of Hazleslack, born 
26*'^ of May 1814, & baptised June 5*^ 1814. Sponsors, Ja^ Pedder, 
Margt Pedder. B. Barrett, M.A. 

John Park, son of Williani& Ann Park of Moss House, baptised by 

KKC.lsri RS OK VKAt. VNT) 51 

Rev^Lord Fauconbt-rg* Julv 31^*1814. Sponsors [ft/an*] B.Barrett, 

Rich^ [ovey Henry deleted] Danson, illegitimate son of Mar\ 
Danson, Burton, baptised by Re\^ Lord Fauconberg July 318*1814. 
Sponsors, Henry Hull, Mary Danson. B. Barrett, M.A. 

William Wright Unswoith, son of James & Mary Unsworth, 
Yealand Redma\me, bom ii^h Sep* 1814, baptised Sept J" 18, of the 
same year. Sponsors, J^s Millington, Esther Millington. B. Bar- 
rett, M.A. 

(54) Eliz*ii Park, daughter of Joseph & Harriet Park, of Silverdale, 
born i5*h Octr, baptised Ocf 27, 1814. Sponsors, John Croft, Alice 
Croft. B. Barrett, M.A. 

Thomas Birchall, son of John & Ann Birchall of Kellet . baptised 
i6*i» Dec 1814. Sponsor, Rev^ B: Barrett. B. Barrett, M.A. 

Mar}' Billington, daughter of James & Sarah Billington of Capen- 
borough, baptised 27 March 1815. Sponsors, John & Ann Birchall. 
Rev. B. BaiTett, M.A. 

Michael Swift, son of Thomas & Anna Swift of Holme, born 
Jul}' 16**^ 1815, baptised Sep*r 17, 1815. Sponsor, Rev<J B. Barrett. 
B. Barrett, M.A. 

Mary Kirkham, daughter of Joseph & Mary Kirkham of Warton , 
born Dec^ 9, baptised Dec^ 10, 1815. Sponsors, Ric<^ Jenkinson, 
Helen Jenkinson. B. Barrett, M.A. 

(55) 1816 

Thomas Gamer, son of James & Eliz*^ Garner of Newhall, near 
Borwick, bom 231^ April 1816, baptised 25**» of the same month, & 
year. Vice Sponsor, B. Barrett. Sponsors, Peter & Dollv Bradley. 
B. Barrett, M.A. 

Elizabeth Wilding, daughter of James & Elizabeth Wilding of 
Moss House, born May 12, baptised 19*^ of the same month, & year. 
Sponsors, Ric^ Danson, Mary Atkinson. B. Barrett, M.A. 

William Park, son of Joseph & Harriet Park of Silverdale, born 
Sep* 23, baptised 24**^ of the same month & year. Sponsor, B. Barrett . 
B. Barrett, M.A. 

* The Rev. Charles Belasyse, D.D., 7th and last Viscount Fauconberg of 
Heuknowle, co. Durham, 7th Baron Fauconberg of Yarum, co. York, and 8th 
Baronet, was the second son of Anthony Belasyse, Esq., and his wife Susanna, 
daughter of John Clervert, Esq., who resided mostly at Leghorn, where Charles 
was bom in 1750. He was sent to the preparatory^ school at Esquerchin, 
whence on July 9, 1 762, he was transferred to Douay College. Thence on Aug. .5, 
1768, he left for St. Gregory's Seminary at Paris, being then in his second year's 
pliilosophy. He took the Seminary oath at St. Gregory's in October, 177 1, 
and the doctor's cap at the Sorbonne in 1778. Soon afterwards he came 10 the 
English mission, and he resided generally in London, where he was greatly 
respected and had reputation as a preacher. Upon the death of his brother, 
the Rev. Rowland Belasyse, 6th Viscount Fauconberg, Nov. 30, 18 10, aged 6(>, 
at Lancaster, where he had privately resided for some years, Dr. Charles 
succeeded to the titles, and likewise retired to Lancaster, whence he constantly 
gave ministerial assistance to neighbouring missions. There he died at his 
residence in Thumham Street, June 26, 1815, aged 66 (Kellet-Rigbye, Time- 
Honoured Lancaxter, 12, 324 ; Douay Lists, MS.; Kirk, Biographies, r6 : 
Burke, Extinct Peerage ; Billington, St. Peter's. Lancaster, 93, 102, 255). 

Edward Birchall son of John & Ann Birchall of Kellel, bcjrn 
Nov^ 21, i8i6, baptised 24t*i of the same month & year. Sponsors, 
Richard Standen. Alice Snape. B. Barrett, M.A. 

Mary Unsworth, daugliter of Tliomas& Helen Unsworth of Dak- 
house, born i4t'» day of February, 1817, baptised 18**1 of the same 
month& year. Sponsors, J^s Unsworth, Eliz. Unsworth. B. Barrett, 

(56) John Wharton son of Peter & Bella Wharton, born 

g^^ of March 1817, baptised 16*^ of the same month & year. Spon- 
sors, W'" Wharton, Marg* Wharton. B. Barrett, M.A. 

Ann Unsworth daughter of James& Mary Unsworth, born Sepr 3, 
& baptised 5**1 of the same month & year. Sponsors, Thos Unsworth, 
Helen Unsworth. B. Barrett, M.A. 

Sarah Billington, daughter of James & Sarah Billington of Bor- 
wick, born Septr 23 & baptised Ocb^" 5**^ of the same month & j^ear. 
Sponsors, Jane Thompson, Peter Wharton. B. Barrett, M.A. 

Jane Mason, daughter of John & Mary Mason of Cart lane, born 
Octr 16 & baptised Noyr 10 of the same year 1817. Sponsors, Thos 

Leach, B. Barrett, M.A. 


John Gamer, son of James & Elizabeth Garner of Kellet, bom 
March 27, baptised March 29**1, 1818. Sponsors, Ann Garner, John 
Atkinson. B. Barrett, M.A. 

(57) Helen Kirkham daughter of Joseph & Marj^ Kirkham of 
Warton C: bom April 27, baptised April 29, 1818. Sponsors, James 
Millington, Betty Fair. B. Barrett, M.A. 

Margaret Wharton daughter of Peter & Bella Wharton of Cinder- 
hill,* born Aug. 29, baptised Sep^ 6, 1818. Sponsors, John Wharton 
& Marg. Rainforth. B. Barrett. M.A. 

Ann Davies, daughter of Thos & Elizt^ Dayies of Warton, born 
Octr 21, baptised Ocf 22, 1818. Sponsors, Thos Harrison, Esther 
Millington. B. Bamett, M.A. 

James Seed, son of James & Elizti Seed of Capenborough hall, 
born Deer 2, baptised Dec^" 3, 1818. Sponsors, Thos Unsworth, 
Helen Unsworth. B. Barrett, M.A. 

Margaret Pedder, daughter of W"^& Pmdence Pedder of Borwick, 
bom Noyr 5, baptised Dec^ 7**1 of 1818. Sponsors, Rich^ Wilding, 
Patience Bradley. B. Barrett, M.A. 

Richard Birchall son of John & Ann Birchall of Kellet, born 
Jayy 18, baptised Janv 24 of 1819. Sponsors, Grace Hest, Ric^ 
Wilding. B. Barrett, M.A. 

(58) Ann Wilding daughter of Jas & Eliz**! Wilding born Febv 19, 
1819, baptised Febv 20, 1818 [evidently meant for 1819]. Sponsors, 
Ric^* Baines, Barbara Wilding. B. Barrett, M.A. 

John Park son of Joseph & Harriet Park bom Feb: 11, baptised 
Feby 22, 1819. Sponsors, Geo. Park, B. Barrett, M.A. 

* See Feb. 2, 1820. 


Henry Park son of W'^Si Ann Park of Moss House born June 25, 
baptised June 28, 1819. Sponsors, Rob* Park, Helen Park. B. 
Barrett, M.A. 

Ruth Thompson natural daughter of Jane Thompson of Burton 
born Aug. 31st, baptised SepJ" 26, 1819. Sponsors, W^^ Thompson, 
Ann Thompson. B. Barrett, M.A. 

Octobris 90 die 1819, nata est, et baptisata a Patre Joamia Pilling 
de Milnthrop ; ceremoniis a me suppletis Dec^^'s 12° die 1819. 
Sponsores, Harrison, Mar>' Pole. B. Barrett, M.A. 

(59) 1820 

Agnes Wharton daughter of Peter & Bella Wharton of Cinderhill 
born Dec^ 18, 1819, baptised Febv 2, 1820. Sponsors, Ric<i Baines, 
Betty Rainforth. B. Barrett, M.A. 

James Orferd Unsworth son of James and Mary Unsworth of 
Ptcwit held born the 2^ of June 1820 baptized the 8*^ following. 
Sponsors, Wharton, Ann Millington. Thos Wilkinson M.Ap: 

James Wilding son of James and Elizabeth Wilding of Moss house 
bom the 14 Nov^" 1820, and baptized on the 8^*^ of December following. 
Sponsors, Rd Wilding and Sarah Wilding. Thos: Wilkinson. 


James Magee son of John and Mary Magee of Wharton, bom 
the 5*11 of December 1821 and baptized on the 18**1. Sponsors, 
Peter & Ellenor Magee. Tho^ Wilkinson. 

Thomas son of Joseph and Henrietta Park of Silverdale bom 
Janv II, 1822, baptized the 13 of Febmarj^ next following. Spon- 
sors, James- Park and Margt Park. Thos: Wilkinson, M: Ap: 

William Gardner son of James & Elisabeth Gardner born Sep* 28, 

1822, baptised Sep'J"" 29 next following. Sponsors, Richard Wilding, 
Dorathy Atkinson. Hen: Rutter, Missionarius Apcus. 

(60) 1823 

Thomas Myerscough son of James & Mary Myerscough born 2^ 
of April 1823, baptised the 6*^ of the same month. Sponsors, John 
Rogerson, Isabella Myerscough. Hen. Rutter, Miss. Ap. 

Isabella Bateson daughter of Jane& Tho^ Bateson bom 29 March 

1823, baptised the 13 of April. Sponsors, W^ Wharton, Elis. Mar- 
shall. Hen. Rutter, Miss. Ap^us. 

Thomas Wilding son of James & Elisabeth Wilding bom 2^ Aug* 

1823, baptised the 4*^ of the same month. Sponsors, W"* Park, 
EUen Whittingham. Hen. Rutter, Miss. Apcus. 


Helen Magee daughter of John & Mary Magee bom the first of 
Jany 1824, baptised the 25 of the same month. Sponsors, W^ 
Wharton, Hanah Magee. Hen. Rutter, Miss. ApC"^ 

Edward Lawless son of Peter & Marg* Lawless bom the 12 April 

1824, baptised the 25 of the same month. Sponsors, Marcus Mallon, 
Mary Brannon. H. Rutter, Miss. Apcus. 

Ann Gardner daughter of W™ & Jane Gardner born the 18 of 

.S-1 rk(;i-Ter> i)F yk vt.anT) 

April 1824, baptised tlie 25 o£ llie same nionLli. bponsois, Tho^& 
Elisabeth Mierscough per procuratricem Williams Mother. H. 
Rutter, Miss ApC"8. 

Elisabeth Addison daughter of John & Marg' Addison born the 
2^ of May 1824, baptised the 9*^ of the same month. Sponsors, John 
Unsworth, Marg. Wharton. Hen: Rutter, Miss. Apcus. 

(61) Jane Howe daughter of Robert & Helen Howe born the 23 of 
June 1824 baptised the 24 of the same month. Sponsors, William 
Park. Elis. Wilding. Hen: Rutter, M. Ap. 

James liierscough son of James & Mary Myerscougli born the 
17 of Aug' 1824, baptised the 22 of the same month. Sponsors, W"" 
Rogerson, Alice Rogerson. Hen: Rutter, M. Ap^"^ 

Mary Park daughter of W™ & Ann Park born the 23^1 Augi 1824, 
baptised the 29 of the same month. Sponsors, John Singleton, Elis. 
Singleton. Hen: Rutter, M. Ap. 

Catharine Gardner daughter of James & Elisabeth Gardner born 
the 29 Septr 1824, baptised the 3^ of Oct. Sponsors, W"^ & Ann 
Gardner per procuratores Rob* Gardner & Mary Mierscough. Hen: 
Rutter, Miss. Ap^^s. 

William Wilson son of Thos& Elis. Wilson, bom the 24 of Nov^ 

1824, baptised the 28 of the same month. Sponsors, Ric^ Wilding, 
Elis. Seed. H. Rutter, Miss: Apcus. 

Ann Gregson daughter of John & Jane Gregson, born the 16 of 
October 1824, baptised the 5 of Decb^. Sponsors, Ann Gregson, 
Jos. Gregson per procuratricem Mary Danson per Hen: Rutter, Miss. 


Walter Keen Bradley son of John & Margt Bradle3^ (olim Keen) 
bom the 8*** of Febv 1825, baptised the 13 of the same month. 
Sponsors, Thos Wilson, Mary Danson. per me Hen: Rutter. 

William Bateson son of Tho^ & Jane Bateson (olim Billington) 
born 10 of March 1825, baptised the 20 of the same month. Spon- 
sors, Hen: Walmsley, Mary Wormby. per me Hen: Rutter, M.A. 

(62) Isabella Park daughter of Joseph & Harriet Park born the 
10 May 1825 baptised 12 of the same month, God mother Maiy Kay, 
by me Hen. Rutter, Miss. Ap. 

Jane Hodskinson daughter of W'"& Sarah Hodskinson born the 
21 Nov. 1825, baptised the 23 of the same month. God mother 
Mary Davies, by me Hen. Rutter, Miss Ap^^. 

James Gaidner son of Rob*& Jane Gardner born the 24 of Nov. 

1825, baptised the 29 of tlie same month. God mother Elis. Gardner, 
by me H. Rutter, Miss. Apcs. 

Maiy Wilding daughter of Jamcs& Elisabeth Wilding born 29 Dec. 

1825, baptised the same day bj'- Sarah Wilding, the ceremonies sup- 
plied by me H. Rutter. 

Peter Wharton son of Peter & Isabella Wharton born Janv ^^ 

1826, baptised Jan^ q. Sponsors. Jolm Wharton, Mary Brooks. 
H. Ru11(r. 


William Austin Gillow* son of Richard & Elis. Gillow born the 
7'h da}- of May 1S26, baptised the same day. God father Sir William 
Gerard, t God mother Sarah Gillow, £ per Procuratores Hen . Rutter, 
Mary Kay. by me Hen. Rutter, M. Apco. 

Thomas Hays son of Ralph & Mary Hays born the 31 day of July 
1826, baptised the 13 day of Aug. God father James Wilding, God 
mother Elisabeth Wilding, by me Hen. Rutter, Miss. Ap^o. 

William Mierscough son of James & Marj- Mierscough born the 
18 da}' of Aug* 1826, baptised the 20 of the same month. Sponsors, 
W"i Birchel, Isabella Rogerson. by me Hen. Rutter, Miss. Ap^o. 

Martin Bradley son of John & Marg* Bradley born the 11 of Nov. 

1826, baptised the 26 of the same month. Sponsores, Richard 
Danson, Ann Bradley, by me H. Rutter, M. Apcus. 

(63) John Singleton Park son of W°i & Ann Park bom the 9**1 of 
Decern. 1826, baptised the 10 of the same month. Sponsors, James 
and Elisabeth Park, per Procuratores R^ Hays & Ann Bradley. 
Hen. Rutter, M: Apcus. 

Mar}- Wilding daughter of James & Elis. Wilding born the 16 of 
December 1826, baptised the 17 of the same month, by mc H. 
Rutter, Miss. Apo. Sponsors, J'^ Wilding, Mary Baines. 

James Park son of Jos. & Harriet Park born the 14 of Feb^ 1827, 
baptised the 15 of the same month, by me Hen. Rutter, Miss. Ap^o. 
Sponsors, Hen. Davies, Ellen Lucan. 

Elisabeth M^Gee Daughter of John & Mary M^Gee, born the 26 
of March 1827, baptised tlie 8*^ of April by me H. Rutter. Sponsors, 
Richard Danson Junior, Helen M^Gee. 

Sarah Bateson daughter of Thos& Jane Bateson, born the 29 April 

1827, baptised the 13 of May by me Hen. Rutter, Miss Ap. God 
mother Mary Can\\'ay. 

Elisabeth Wharton Daughter of W^& Mary Wharton, born the 
31 May 1827, baptised the 3^ of June by me Hen. Rutter, Miss. Ap^o. 
Sponsors, Tho^ Baines, Maiy Davies. 

5|s He studied at Ushaw College, took degree of M.R.C.S. and settled at 
Torquay ; married July i, 1848, at Bristol, by Rev. William Vaughan, subse- 
quently bishop, Agnes, only daughter and eventual heiress ol Thomas Mark- 
land, of Clifton Park, Esq., who died at Haverstock Hill, London, July 21, 
1890, aged 72 ; and died at Worthing, co. Sussex, March 16, 1899, s.p., aged 
72, and was buried at Arno's Court, Bristol — vide C.R.S., vol. vi.igg. 

"fi Sir William Gerard, of Bryn and Garswood, nth Bart., was son of John 
Gerard and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Ferrers, of Baddesley 
Clinton Hall, co. Warwick, Esq. He succeeded his brother Sir Robert in 
1791, married Anna Maria, second daughter of Miles Stapleton, of Drax, co. 
York, by the Lady Mary Bertie, daughter of Willoughby, third Earl of Abing- 
don, and hence Lady Gerard was first cousin to Mrs. Gillow, the child's mother. 
Sir William died s.p. Aug. 2, 1826, aged 53, and was succeeded by his nephew, 
Sir John Gerard, 12th Bart., who dying s.p. in 1S54, was in turn succeeded by 
his brother, Sir Robert Tolver Gerard, 13th Bart., who was created Lord 
Gerard of Bryn in 1876. 

J Miss Sarah Anne Gillow, born Nov. 14, 1803, daughter and coheiress of 
Robert Gillow, of Clifton Hill, Esq., and his wife Anne, daughter and heiress 
of Edward Parker, Esq., succeeded her father to Clifton Hill, but died at Paris 
during the siege, Dec. 8, 1871, aged 68. 


Jolui Davies son ui Henry <ic Margaret Uavicc. burn the 31 July 

1827, baptised the 5 Aug* by me Hen. Rutter, Miss. Ap^o. Sponsors, 
James Long, Mary Davies. 

Thomas O'Neil son of Hen. & Alice O'Neil born the 15 Sep'^r 1827, 
baptised the 29 of the same month by me H. Rutter. God mother 
Mary Brooks. 

Sarah Wilding daughter of liichard & Mary Wilding, born the 
25 Oct. 1827, baptised the 28 of the same month by me Hen. Rutter, 
Miss. Ap^°. Sponsors, James Wilding, Elisab^^ Gardn[er]. 

(t)4) Charles Gardner son of Rob*& Jane Gardner born the 4 of Febv 

1828, baptised the lO^'^ of the same month by me Hen. Rutter, Miss. 
Ap^°. Sponsors, Peter & Dor. Bradle}-. 

John Hodskinson son of \V^& Sarah Hodskinson born the 25 Febv 

1828, baptised the 2^*^ of the same month by me H. Rutter, Miss. Ap^^". 
Spon^s John M^Gee, Harriet Park, per Procuratricem M* Davies. 

Jos. Myerscough son of James & Mary Myerscough born the 
I St April 1828, baptised the 6 of the same month by me H. Rutter, 
Miss. Ap^°. Sponsors, William & Ann Myerscough per Procuratores 
Rd Wilding & Elis. Gardner. 

Joseph Wilcock son of Josephs Martha Wilcock, born 7 of Octo- 
ber 1828, baptised the 2^ Novem'"" by me Hen. Rutter, Miss. Ap^o. 
Godmother Elis. Wilding. 

Rob* Braidley son of John & Margt Bradley born 2O Oct. 1828, 
baptised the 9"^ of Nov. by me Hen. Rutter, ^liss. Apco. Sponsors, 
Ricd Danson, Mary Danson. 


Elizabeth iz Helen Swindlehurst dciughters of W'" & Bridget 
Swindlehurst born ii*^ Feb^ 1829, baptised the 10 [sic] of Feb^ by me 
Hen. Rutter, Miss. Apco. Sponsors, W"^ Parkinson 

Agnes Wharton daughter of W"i &. Mary Wharton born 8'*^ of 
Feby 1829, baptised 15 of Febv by me Hen. Rutter, Miss. Apfo. 
Godmother Marg* Wharton. 

Elisabeth WUding daughter of Rich'i& Mary Wilding born 19 May 

1829, baptised 24 May by me Hen. Rutter, Miss. Apco. Sponsors, 
Rob*- Gardner, Saraih Baines. 

Barbara Wilding Daughter of James (ic Elisabeth Wilding born 
20 June 1829, baptised 21 of June by me H. Rutter, M.A. Sponsors, 
Hen. Davies, Sarah Baines. Proxies, John Wilding, Sarah Wilding. 
(65) Joseph Park son of Josephs Henrietta Park born the 8 July 
1829, baptised the same day by me Hen. Rutter, M.Ap^o. Sponsors, 
James Long, Jane Cornwaitc. 

Jane Parkinson daughter of William & Ellen Parkinson born 18 of 
Sepi^i' 1^29, baptised the 21 of the same month by me Hen. Rutter, 
M.Ap'^o, Godmother Bridget Swindlehurst. 

Robert Becket sun of JohnOi: Ann Becket born 22 of Sep^r 1829, 
baptised the i^^ uf Octo by me H. Rutter, Miss. Ap^o. Godfather 
Patrick O'Donnell, Godmo Ann Hughes. 

Mary Mierscough Daughter of James &: Mary Mierscough born 21 
of Dec*"" 1829, liaptised the 22 of the same month by me H. Rutter, 


^liss. Ap^o. Godfatlier Thu=' Rogeibuu. Gudiuuliiei Mai}- Aiiers- 

N.B. At the desire of liichard Gillow* Esq^ of Leighton Hall I, 
Hen. Rutter insert here the following Register, taken from the Family 
Book made by himself & signed with his name, — The said Richard 
Gillow was bom at Lancaster the 8^^ of March 1772, was married 
the I June 1801 to Elisabeth Stapleton, born the i Aug* 1780, by 
whom he had issue as follows, — 

1. Elisabeth Gillow, t bom 25 of April 1802, baptised the 26 of 
the same month by the Rev. M"^ Law. J Sponsors, Mr Gillow Senr& 
Lady Gerard. § 

2. Catharine GiUow,ll bom 14 Oct ^r 1803^ baptised the same day 

sjc He was the third sou ut Richard Gillow, senior, who died Aug. 14, 181 1, 
aged 77, who had married at Lancaster Feb. 11, 1761, Sarah, daughter of Robert 
Haresnape, ot Thumhain, the representative of an ancient Catholic family. 
Whilst residing in London in the eighteenth century Mr. Gillow's father 
maintained a house in Prospect Place, Margate, during the summer months, 
where he had a domestic chapel served by family chaplains. Tliis was the 
commencement of the mission in Margate, in or before 1793, and in 1801, 
through Mr. Gillow's munificence, a small chapel was erected in Prospect Place. 
Mr. Richard Gillow, junior, for some time resided at Little Holland House, 
Campden Hill, Kensington, where many of his children were bom, whilst 
others were bom at Ellel Grange and Leighton Hall. His wife died at Leighton 
Hall, Nov. 18, 1848, aged 68, and he himself Dec. iC, 1849, aged 76, and both 
were interred in the family mausoleum in the park. 

' 'f Elizabeth Gillow, bom in London, was sent to the Franciscan Convent 
School at Taunton in 1813. There she received the habit Nov. 8, 1819, and 
the name in religion of Mary Frances Angela ; was professed Nov. 21, 1820 ; and 
died July 17, 1881, in her 8oth year. Her aunt, Agnes Gillow, had preceded 
her to the same community, then at Winchester, and received the habit Aug. 5, 
1800, in her 36th year, under the name in religion of Mary Joseph Agnes, was 
professed June 8, 1802, and died July 9, 1818, aged 53 {Taunton Reg. MS.). 

J The Rev. John Law arrived at Douay College in September, 1782, when 
the Kev. John Gillow was prefect of studies. He became an uhimmis June 5, 
1790 ; escaped from the college during the French Revolution with Thomas 
Gillow, when in his third year's theology, in October, 1793, and both arrived 
with James Worswick at Old Hall College in the same month. There he was 
appointed a professor, and was ordained priest in June, 1794. He was prefect 
from August, 1 795-1 798, procurator 1798-1 801, and then became one of the 
chaplains at St. Mary's, Moorhelds. In 1828 he was appointed chaplain to 
Lord Petre at Ingatestone Hall, Essex, where he died of cholera morbus 
Sept. 5, 1832, aged 05 (Gillow, Haydock Papers ; Cath. Mag., ii, 068 ; Douay 
Lists, MS.: Old Hall Reg. MS.; Chapter Deceased Brethren, MS.). 

§ Lady Gerard, Mrs. Gillow's cousin, was Anna Maria, daughter of Miles 
Stapleton, whose eldest brother Thomas claimed the Barony of Beaumont 
before the House of I.x)rds in 1798. Her brother Thomas Stapleton succeeded 
his cousin Miles Stapleton to Carlton in 1836, and by Maria Juliana, daughter 
of Sir Robert Cansheld Gerard, 9th Bart., was the father of Miles Thomas 
Stapleton, Lord Beaumont, summoned by writ to the House of Peers in 1840. 
II Catharme Gillow, born in London, was sent to the Franciscan Convent 
School at Taunton in 1815 ; took the habit Aug. 27, 1822 ; was professed under 
the religious name of Mary Winelred Aug. 28, 1823 ; and died Dec. 26, 1883, 
in her 8ist year. Her father's cousin, Jane Gillow, only daughter of Robert 
Gillow, Esq., and Jane Shaw his wife, was born at Lancaster in 1773. At an 
early age she was sent to the English Augustinian Convent in the rue des Fosses- 
Saint Victor at Pans, and hnished her education with the nuns of the Congrega- 
tion of the Yen. Pere Foumier at Douay. Her desire to embrace a religious 
life in the Augustinian Convent at Pans was frustrated by the first French 

58 Ria;lstEKS of- Vt.M.ANrt 

b}^ Mr Law. Sponsors Miles Stapleton* of York »S: Alice Gillow "!• 
of Lancaster. 

3'^ Monica Mary Alice GillowJ born 15 Sep^r 1805, baptised 
the 16 Sepbr by M^" Buckley.§ Sponsors M^" Andrade II & Lady 
(66) 4*»i. Richard Thomas GiUow** born 21 Dec^r 1806, baptised 

Kevolution, and consequently she joined the EngUsh Franciscan Convent at 
Princenhoflf at Bruges in the Low Countries, and thus that community " became 
acquainted with the several br^inches of the Gillow family." She rectived 
the habit Autj. 21, 1791, taking the name in religion of Jane Frances, and was 
professed June 7, 1793. Owing to the Revolution, the community had to seek 
refuge in England, and left Princenhoff on June 15, reached Greenwich on 
Aug. 7, 1794, and found an asylum in the Abbej^ House at Winchester. In 
May, 1808, the convent was removed to Taunton Lodge, co. Somerset, where 
it still flourishes. In June, 1801, Sr. Jane Frances Gillow was elected Mistress 
of Novices, an office which she filled till 1827, when she became lufirmarian. 
From -May 3, 1831, she was Vicaress till her retirement dirough declining 
health Sept. 26, 1836, and she died March 10, 1852, in the 8oth year of her age 
{Taunton Keg. MS.; Oliver, Collections, p. 135 scq.). 

* Mrs. Gillow's uncle, who died in 1808. 

fi The child's aunt, Alice Gillow, subsequently married Richard Schiavin- 
etti, Esq., a famous artist, and died in London, June 19, 1836, aged 64. 

J Monica Mary Alice Gillow, died Aug. 5, 1806. 

§ The Rev. James Buckley, born Feb. 24, 1770, son of John Buckley, of 
London, was admitted into the English College at Lisbon Feb. 22, 1785, 
ordained priest Dec. 24, 1794, and was retained in the college as a superior 
till 1 80 1. Then, at his own request, he came to England, but was presented 
to the presidency of the college by Bishops Douglass and Poynter on March 29, 
and formally installed on Dec. 15, 180O. He resigned and returned to England 
in 1S18, was appointed Vicar-Apostolic of Trinidad and the West Indian Islands 
in place of the Rev. Thomas Gillow, who had declined to accept his appoint- 
ment, and was consecrated bishop. He died at Trinidad March 26, 1828, 
aged 57 (Croft, Hist. Account of Lisbon Coll., p. no seq.; Gillow, Reg., p. 185). 

II Joachim Andrade, of Greenwich, Portuguese Consul-Gen eral in England, 
had married on Jan. 7, 1793, Agnes, daughter of Thomas Worswick, Esq., by 
Alice, daughter of Robert Gillow, Esq. He died Mch. 6, 1817, aged 61. 

^ Monica, daughter of Miles Stapleton, and cousin to Mrs. Gillow, married 
as his second wife Sir John Lawson, of Brough Hall, co. York, 5th Bart., who 
dying without male issue Jime 27, 181 1, aged 67, was succeeded in the title 
by his brother, Henrj^ Lawson-Maire, as 6th Bart. The latter transferred the 
Maire estates of Lartington and Hardwick to his sister Catherine, wife of John 
Silvcrtop , of Minster Acres, co. Northumberland, Esq. , and resumed his paternal 
name of Lawson. He married first, in 1773, Monica, daughter oi Nicholas 
Stapleton, of Carlton, Esq., and secondly Catherine, only daughter of Henry 
Fermor, of Worcester, Esq., but dying without issue in 1834, the baronetcy 
became extinct, whilst the estates passed to his grandnephew, William Wright, 
second son of John ^^'right, of Kelvedon Hall, Essex, Esq., and his Avife Eliza- 
beth, daughter iind coheiress of Sir John Lawson, 5th Bart. He assumed the 
surname of Lawson, and was created a baronet in August, 1841. Sir William 
liad married in 1825 Clarinda, daughter and heiress of John Lawson, of York, 
Esq., M.D., grandson of Sir Henry Lawson, 3rd Bart. 

** Richard Thomas Gillow, who succeeded to the estates, died after a brief 
iUness at Leighton Hall on Saturday morning, Oct. 14, 1905, in his 99th year. 
His unexpected death was regrettable, as shortly before, whilst attendmg a 
meet of the Vale of Lime Hunt, of which he was long known as the "father," 
he had announced that he was looking forward to commemorate the anni- 
vL-r-sary of his looth birthday by leading off at a ball at the hall. In his day 
he was one of the best riders to hounds the country afiorded, and he also 
held the reputation of a crack shot. He had been a county magistrate for 

ki.(;isit:Ks of vkaland 59 

b> M^' Nassau. * Spoiisuib, M'' Richard Wursw ick f & M ''^ Catharine 
Courtney [later Lady Catli. Courtenay Throckmorton, v. sub. Claughton]. 

$^^. Mary Alice GillowS bom 30 Aug* 1808, baptisecl the same day 
by M'" Garstang.§ Sponsors, Sir John Lawson & M^'s Wright II of 

6**^. John Gregory Gillow^i born 12 March 1810, baptised by M^" 
Garstang 13 March. Sponsors, Charles Stapleton**& M'"^ Standish.ff 
John died 23 Dec^^ 1829. 

7**^. Robert Gillowj j bom 28 July 1811, baptised the same day by 

over half a century, having been appointed in 1S53. The Times, Morning 
Post, and the leading press throughout the country, combined in expressions 
of regret at his decease. His wife, a descendant of Blessed Sir Thomas More, 
Lord Chancellor of England, died at Leightou April 20, 1890, aged 71, and 
his eldest son, Richard Charles, Jan. 14, lyoi, aged 54. 

3|c John Nassau, born in 17O6 of a good familj^ resident in London, entered 
Sedgley Park School Aug. 22, 1772, thence was sent to Douay College, where 
he arrived Oct. 4, 1778, and left in his second year's theology for the University 
of Louvain, July 31, 1785 {Sedgley Park Reg. MS.; Douay Lists, MS.). After 
ordination he came in 1792 to the mission in London as assistant to the Rev. 
Thomas Gabb at St. Patrick's, Soho, and subsequently became chaplain to 
the Darrells at Cale Hill, in Kent. In iSoo he went to Rome with Dr. Gregory 
Stapleton, President of Old Hall, on a confidential and important commission. 
He died in London Jan. 4, 1807, aged 40. In 1792 he published " The cause 
of the Roman Catholics Pleaded " (Gillow, Biog. Diet., v, 157). 

if Richard Worswick was the fourth son of Thomas \\'orswick and his wife 
Alice Gillow, and at one time resided at EUel Grange. He was bom May 24, 
1769, married Margaret, daughter of John Buckley, of London, and died sine 
prole July 3, 1819, aged 50. 

J Mary Alice Gillow, born at Little Holland House, near London, went 
to the Franciscan Convent School at Taunton in 1819 ; received the habit 
there Sept. S, 1828 ; was professed Sept. 17, 1829, under the religious name of 
Frances Magdalen ; and died Oct. 9, 1837, aged 29 [Taunton Reg. MS.). 

§ Dom WilUam Dunstan Garstang, O.S.B., sou of Henry Garstang, of 
Brindle, co. Lancaster, yeoman, where he was born in 173O, was professed at 
St. Edmund's Monastery at Paris Nov. i, 1753, and after ordination came to the 
mission in the South Province in 17O2. Ho was forty-six years a chaplain 
at the Portuguese Embassy in London till his death Jan. 12, 1814, aged 78. 

II Sir John Lawson, of Brough Hall, 5th Bart., and his daughter Elizabeth, 
who married, Jan. 8, 1789, John Wright, of Kelvedon Hall, co. l-Issex, Esq., 
and died July 7, 1812. 

Tf John Gregory Gillow was at Oscott College July 31, 1825, till iMid., 
1827, and dying at Leighton Hall was interred in the family mausoleum in 
the park. He is mentioned in the correspondence of Dr. John Lingard, the 
historian, with whom he was intimate. 

** Major Charles Stapleton, Mrs. Gillow's brother, died unmarried at 
Taunton Oct. 26, 1866. 

tt Anastasia Standish, eldest daughter and coheiress of Sir John Lawson, 
5th Bart., married Feb. 24, 1789, Thomas Strickland, of Sizergh Castle, co. 
Westmorland, Esq., who upon inheriting the Standish estates, assumed that 
name and had issue — Charles Standish, of Standish Hall, co. Lancaster, Esq., 
Thomas Strickland, of Sizergh Castle, Esq., and Monica Standish, who married 
Dec. 3, 1827, Sir John Gerard, of Bryn, 12th Bart., but died Feb. 24, 1854, s.p. 

JJThe Rev. Robert Gillow was educated at Ushaw College, and finished 
his theological course at the English College at Rome, where he resided two 
years, was ordained priest, and in 1836 was sent to the church of St. Nicholas, 
Copperas Hill, Liverpool, now the pro-cathedral. During the terrible epidemic 
of scarlet fever, which raged in Liverpool in 1S47, Mr. Gillow was unremitting 
in his attention to the stricken, and after eight priests had fallen victims 

no kl-GlSTKRS 01- YKALAND 

M' Gaistaiig. Spoiibuis, Al'' Rob^ Gillow* & M'"^ Geo. GiUow. t 

8^*1. George Joseph GillowJ born 15 April 1815, baptised the 
same day by M"" Vitl.§ Sponsors, M*' Geo. GillowB & Miss Marg* 

to the contagion, the addition of St. I'atrick's district was added to his already 
too-laborious charge. With astonishing courage and assiduity he attended 
to the worst cases oi typhus, till at length he was liimself infected with the 
disease, and died a martyr to charity, after a few days' illness, Aug. 22, 1847, 
aged 30. His portrait in silhouette appears in the large print of the priests 
who sacrificed their lives during the great epidemic which visited Liverpool 
in that year (Gillow, Biog. Diet., ii, 487). 

;|e Robert Gillow, of Clifton Hill, Esq., eldest son of Richard Gillow, senior, 
Esq., who was born Oct. 9, 1764, married Anne, daughter and heiress of 
Edward Parker, Esq., and died at Clifton Hill July 11, 1838, aged 75. His 
generosity knew no bounds, and one lasting evidence of his zeal for 
ecclesiastical advancement, the bell dated 1822 at Pleasington Priory, inscribed 
Ave Maria, yet appeals pyo an. Rob. Gillow de Clifton Hill. He left four 
daughters and coheiresses — Margaret, vide under ne.xt entry ; Alice, born 
March 9, 1800, went to the Franciscan Convent at Taunton in i8oy, and married 
in the domestic chapel at Clifton Hill, May 2, 1830, John Frederick Chadwick, 
of The Hermitage, Alston, near Preston, late of Burgh Hall, Duxbury, in the 
parish of Standisfi, Esq., and died Dec. lO, 1886, aged 80; Sarah Anne, vide 
under iMay 7, 1826 ; and Mary Agnes, born June 7, 1805, who married Francis 
O'Byrue, Esq. 

•fi Juditli Gildon, wife of George Gillow, of Hammersmith, Esq., died 
March 2, 1843. Her father represented an ancient Dorset and Wilts, family, 
which gave many distinguished priests to the Church, and her mother and 
namesake died at Kensington Dec. 30, 1822, aged 80. 

% The Rev. George Joseph Gillow at an early age was sent to Ushaw 
College, there was ordained priest, and for some time was retained in the 
college as a professor. He also acted as secretary to the bishop, and then in 
1S43 was placed with his brother Robert at the church of St. Nicholas, Copperas 
Hill. There, during the typhus epidemic of 1847 he battled with disease and 
death, labouring amongst the poor people with quiet heroism till he caught the 
infection, but recovered to continue his labours in the mission till 1849. He 
then returned to Ushaw College as a professor, and, after studying elocution at 
St. Sulpice at Paris, he took a private residence in 1853 in l^reston, first in 
Latham Street, and tinally in Fulwood, devoting himself to preaching and 
missions at various churches throughout liis native county, and attaining 
remarkable popularity. As a controversialist, he distinguished himself at 
the time of Lord John Russell's celebrated Durham letter against the decree of 
Pius IX for the restoration of the liierarchy in England in 1850 ; in a series of 
lectures entitled: "Catholicism v. Protestantism," delivered by him at St. 
Augustine's Church, Preston, on the " No Popery Cry, The Bible, Tradition, 
Church Authority, etc.," published at Preston, 1868, 8vo, pp. 5O ; whilst in 
1870 he delivered another series of lectures in reply to the Right Hon. \V. E. 
Gladstone's Vatican Decrees. He died at his residence in Fulwood Nov. 27, 
1894, i^ iiis 8oth year, and was interred in the new cemetery at Lytham, 
which owed its existence to his munificence. His " Life," with portrait, was 
published at Preston (1895), sm. 8vo ; a large portrait in the attitude of 
preaching, inscribed — " Rev. George Gillow — Drawn from life on stone by 
l-'enauille," was published in the early sixties ; and another of similar size and 
attire somewhat earlier {Liver pool Catk. Almanac, 1896, 108-10, with portrait), 

§ I'Abbe Gilles Vielle, a French refugee, of the chapel in Holland Street, 
Kensington, which mainly owed its erection in i8o() to the liberality of Richanl 
Gillow, senior, Esq., and John iveudal, Esq. tie died at his post Aug. 27. 
1823, ^g^^<J <^>3 (Kelly, English Cath. Missinns, p. 233 ; C.R.S., xii, 157 ; Gillow, 
Biog. Diet., ill, 484, iv, 12 ; Hodges, Cath. Hand-book). 

II George Gillow, of Hammersmith, Esq., second sou of Richard Gillow, 
senior, died Dec. 1, 1822, aged 56, leaving eight daughters and coheiresses — 

Riy.iSTF.F:<=; of ykai.and 61 

Gmovv*o{ Clifton HiU. 

9**1. Joseph Gillow, t born 4 Jan >' 1817, baptised 5 Janv by M"" Vicl. 
Sponsors. Miles Stapleton of Carlton 5 & M" Rob* Gillow.§ 

io*h. Charles Aloyisius Gillow II born 27 Nov^r 1818, baptised the 

Marv, who married Sept. 8, 1817, George Thomas Ferrers, Esq., second son of 
Edward Ferrers, of Baddlesley Qinton Hall, co. Warwick, Esq., and died at 
The Rosary, Margate. Feb. 14, 1871, aged 74; Agnes, who died unmarried 
at North End, Fulham, Nov. 28, 1S67 ; Sarah, spinster ; Teresa, professed a 
Canoness Regular at New Hall Convent, in Essex, Dec. 3, 1825, imder the 
religious name of Ann Joseph, and died there Feb. 17, 1878, aged 78 ; Georgina, 
spinster, who died at West Kensington, Feb. i, 1890, aged 86 ; Clara, wife 
of William Joseph Keene, Esq., who died at Notting Hill, London, Jan. 16, 
1837; Magdalen, who married William Thomas Bullen Lund, of Haverstock 
Lodge, Hampstead, Esq., and died Feb. iS, 188S, aged 78; and Rose, the 
surviWng daughter, who died unmarried at West Kensington, March 20, 1893, 
aged 80. Mr. George Gillow published several artistic works, amongst which 
was : ■' Select Engravings from the Collection of Pictures, by the most eminent 
Italian, Flemish, and Dutch masters, exhibiting at the Saloon of Arts, Old 
Bond Street : with a short biographical notice of the pictures. Printed for 
the proprietor," London, 1818, fol., pp. 14-59. vii. 

3|e Margaret, bom Sept. 19, 1798, daughter of Robert Gillow, went to the 
convent school at Taunton in 1809, married in the domestic chapel at Clifton 
Hill Cuthbert Dunn, of Newcastle, Esq., and died at Liverpool June 22, 
1868, aged 69. 

f Joseph Gillow was educated at Ushaw College, and eventually settled 
at Clifton, co. Gloucester, where he died unmarried March 13, 1865, aged 48. 
He was a verj- fine amateur \aolinist, and occasionally gave exhibitions of his 
skill at his alma mater at Ushaw. 

J Miles Stapleton, of Carlton, co. York, Esq., whose father Thomas claimed 
the Barony of Beaumont before the House of Lords in 1798, died in 1836, s.p., 
and at the decease of his only sister Catherine, s.p.,wiie of Sir George Courtenay 
Throckmorton, 6th Bart., of Coughton Court, co. Warwick, in January, 1839, 
the representation of the Stapleton family devolved on his first cousin, Thomas 
Stapleton, son of Miles Stapleton, of Drax, by his second wife, Lady filary 
Bertie, daughter of Willoughby, 3rd Earl of Abingdon. Thomas Stapleton 
died in July, 1839, leaving by his first wife Maria Juliana, daughter of Sir Robert 
Cansfield Gerard, 9th Bart., a son Miles Thomas, in whose favour the ancient 
Barony of Beaumont, Avith precedency of 1433, was restored on Oct. 16. 1840. 
Lord Beaumont's granddaughter, Mona Josephine Tempest Stapleton, suc- 
ceeded her father. Miles Stapleton, the loth Lord Beaumont, to the Barony 
in 1896, and married in 1914, the Hon. Bernard Edward Fitzalan Howard, 
eldest son of Lord Howard of Glossop. 

§ Anne, wife of Robert Gillow, of Clifton Hill, vide under July 28, 18x1, 
was bom Dec. 10, 1764, and died at Clifton Hill Jan. 6, 1841, aged 76. Her 
mother, whose maiden name was Margaret Lowe, married secondly H. Stanwitz, 
a Prussian officer. 

H The Right Rev. Mgr. Charles Aloysius Gillow entered Ushaw College 
as a student Aug. 25, 1831, and having completed his course was ordained 
priest Jan. 20, 1843. He was appointed domestic procurator of the college 
till 1850, when the office of out procurator devolved upon him, a position which 
he filled for the remainder of his active career. In December, 1880, he was 
raised by Leo XIII to the dignity of a domestic prelate, withdrew from the 
college in 1889, and retired to the residence of his brother at Leighton Hall. 
He had been a generous benefactor to the college, and his portrait in oil was 
hung in the refectory besides those of his great-uncle, Dr. John Gillow, the 
President, Dr. John Gillow, the Vice-President, and other celebrities connected 
with the welfare of the great ecclesiastical seminary of the north. He died at 
Leighton Hall Nov. 16, 1896, aged almost 78, and was interred in one of the 
family vaults at Yealand [Liverpool Cath, Almanac, 1897, p. 120). 


same day by Row Giles Viol. Sponsor?, Pat^- King* Esq^ & M^s 

!!*•». Ann Mary Winefrid Qillowt born 20 Sep^r 1820 at Elell 
Grange baptised by the Rev. M^ Brindle. $ Sponsors, Thos Staple- 
ton§ & Miss Alice Gillow.ll 

12th. Frances Monica Teresa Gillow*, born 16 Jany. 1823. Spon- 
sors, Miss Dalton='=" of Thurnham& Herman Stapleton,f f baptised by 
Rev. M^ Foster."!: J on the same day. 

13*11. William Austin Gillow§§ born 7 May 1826 at Leighton Hall, 
baptised the same day by me Hen. Rutter. Sponsors, Sir William 
Gerard|i|i& Miss Sarah Gillovvlf^ of Clifton Hill. 
(67) 1830 

Ellen Macdonnel daughter of James & Ann Macdonnel born the 
2^ May 1830, baptised the 16 of the same month by me Hen. Rutter, 
M.A. Godmother Anna Garnett. 

Margaret Gaidner Daughter of Rob* & Jane Gardner, born the 
4 of Sepbr 1830, baptised the 5*^ of the same month by me Hen. 
Rutter, M.Apco. Sponsors, W*^ Wharton, Marg* Wharton. 

Helen Parkinson daughter of W"^ & Helen Parkinson, born the 
24 of Nov^r 1830, baptised the 27 of the same month by me H. 
Rutter, M. Apco, Godmother Aim Parkinson. 

* Patrick King, of Broomfield Lodge, Essex, Esq., died Feb. 8, 183S, 
aged 69. 

^ Ann Mary Winefrid Gillow went to the Franciscan Convent School at 
Taunton in 1830, and died unmarried Nov. 30, 1858, aged 38. 

J Rev. Robert Brindle, see C.R.S., xv, 157. 

§ Thomas Stapleton, of Carlton, who was succeeded by his sou Miles 
Thomas, 8th Lord Beaumont. 

II Alice, daughter of Robert Gillow , of Clifton Hill. 

If Frances Monica Teresa Gillow died unmarried May 6, 1850, aged 27. 

** Elizabeth Dalton, daughter of John Dalton, of Thumham Hall, Esq., 
and his wife Mary, daughter of Sir Thomas Rokewode-Gage, of Hengrave Hall, 
CO. Suffolk, 5th Bart., and sister and eventual heiress of John Dalton, of Thum- 
ham, who died s.p. at Bath May 28, 1819, resided at Thumham Hall till her 
death, unmarried, March 15, 1861, aged 81, whereupon the estates passed to 
Sir James George Daltou-Fitzgerald, of Castle Ishen, co. Cork, 9th Bart., 
whose grandfather. Sir James Fitzgerald, 7th Bart., married Bridget Anne, 
daughter of Robert Dalton, of Thumham, bv his third wife Bridget, sister 
and coheiress of Thomas More, of Bamborough Hall, co. York, Esq., the last 
lineal descendant of Blessed Sir Thomas More, the celebrated Lord Chancellor of 
England. This was to the exclusion of the heir of Miss Dalton's luicle and Lady 
Fitzgerald's brother, William Hoghton Dalton, Esq., of l\irk Hall, in Charnock 
Richard. The latter's son, William Henry Dalton, lost the Faith in the United 
States, but inherited the Dalton estates upon the decease s.p. of Sir Gerald 
Ricliard Daltou-Fitzgerald, loth Bart., in February, 1894, and died at Thum- 
ham Hall May 12, 1902, being succeeded bv his son and heir, John Henry 

tt Colonel Herman Stapleton, Mrs. Gillow's eldest brother, who died un- 

Jt Rev. James Foster, the chaplain at Thumham Hall. 

§§ William Austin Gillow, vide under May 7, 1826. 

nil Sir William Gerard, nth Bart., vide under May 7, 1826. 

1f^ Mis.s Sarah Anne Gillow, vide under May 7, 1820. 

RKr,!STT-.R9 OK vr'.AI.VND 03 

Peter Wilkock sou oi Joseph* c\: Mai'llia Wiikock born the 4"' oi 
Nov. 1830, baptised the 3^ of Decbi" by me Hen. Rntter, M. Ap^o. 
Godmother Sarah Wilding. 


Margaret Cookson daughter of Christopher & Mary Cookson born 
the 27 of April 1831, & baptised the same day by me Hen: Rntter, 
M. Apco. Sponsors, Hen: & Marg* Da vies. 

Margaret Swindlehurst Daughter of William & Bridget Swindle- 
hurst bom the 15 of May 1831 & baptised the 22 of the said montli. 
Godmother Ann Parkinson, by me Hen. Rutter, Miss. Ap^o. 


Margaret Robinson daughter of W" & Aim Robinson born the 

5 of Jany 1832, baptised the 2^ Febv by me Hen. Rutter. Godfather 
John Wilding. Godmother Jane Hughes. 

(68) Mary Becket Daughter of John & Ann Becket born the 18 March 
1832, baptised the 31 of the same month, God mother Catharin 
Ledwich, per procuratricem Elis Nailor, by me Hen. Rutter, M.A. 

Henry Park son of Joseph & Harriet Park born the 8*^ April 1832, 
baptised the same day, by me Hen. Rutter, M. Apc. Sponsors, James 

6 Helen Seed per procuratricem Helen Comwaite. 

Dennis Garris son of Rob*& Julia Garris born i of April 1832, 
baptised 13 of the same month by me Hen. Rutter, M. Apco. God- 
mother Mary Brooks. 

Helen Seed Daugliter of James & Helen Seed bom 20**1 ©f May 
1832, baptised 21 of the same month by me H. Rutter, Miss: Ap<^o. 
Sponsors, John & Marg* Wells. 

[Space left here for one entry.] 

Mary Ann Winefrid Blierscough Daughter of James & Mary 
Mierscough bom 28 Sepbr 1832, Baptised 30 of Sep^r by me Hen. 
Rutter, M. Apo. Sponsors, Tho^ Rogerson, Mary Mierscough per 
Procuratores James Seed, Alice Rogerson. 

(69) Michael Wilding son of James & Elis. Wilding bom iitu Nov. 

1832, baptised the 12 of the same month. Sponsors, John Wells, 
Sarah Wilding, by me Hen. Rutter, M. Ap^o. 

Rob* Crardner son of Rob* & Mary Gardner bom the 19 of April 

1833, baptised the 21 of the same month. Sponsores, John Snape, 
Alice Bradley, by me Hen. Rutter, Miss. Apco. 

Isabella Thirza Gother Daughter of Richard & Isabella Gother 
bom 22 April 1833, baptised the same day. Sponsores, Hen. Davies 
& Helen Lucan, a me Hen. Rutter, Miss. A\fi°. 

John Cookson [son] of Christopher & Mary Cookson born 19 of 
Ma}^ 1833, & baptised the same day by me Hen. Rutter, Miss. Apo. 
Sponsors, James Long, Ann Davies per Procuratricem Mary Hird [?], 

Mary Wilding daughter of Richard & Mary Wilding born 25 May 
1833, baptised the 29 of the same month by me Hen. Rutter, Spon- 
sores, John Wilding, Mary Baines. 

>|s Of an old Catholic family of land surveyors and estate agents, in v^iich 
Peter was a favourite name, and of whom Dom Peter Wilcock, O.S.B., died at 
Diculward in 1776, and the Rev, Peter Wilcock in 1857, aged 79. 


]ilar\ Swindlehurs daughter of W"" & Bridget Swindlehurs born 
the first of June 1833, baptised the 14 of July by me Hen. Rutter, 
M. A])*". Sponsors, Jeremiah & Mary Parkinson, per Proc. Geo 
Gillow,* Mar\- Brooks. 

(70) Elisabeth Danson bom 10 Nov. 1833 of Richard & Deborah 
Daiison, baptised 29 Dec^r by nie H : Rutter, Miss. Apo. Sponsores, 
W"1lS: Elisabeth Seed. 


John Beckett Son of John Beckett of Milthorp was born May 2i8t 
1834 and baptised May 25^^ same year. Godfather James Wilding 
of Yealand & ]\Iary Danson of Burton. By me William B^o^^•n, 
Great Crosby, Miss: Ap: 

Die 14 Nov. nata & seq" die bapta est Maria flia Jacobi Seed, & 
Helenae olim Wells, conjugu. Patrinus Jacobus Long. Mat^ 
Johanna Cornthwaite. a me J. Maini, M' Ap'. 

Die 28 Nov^s iiata& die 30 ejusdem bapta est Anna Wilding filia 
Richardi & Mary (olim Gibson) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Guillelmus 
Seed, Mat^^ vero Elisabetha Baines. a me Jos. Maini Miss. Ap'. 

Die lima Aprilis natus & eodem die baptus est Georgius filius 
Josephi Park & Henriettae (olim Knight) conjugum. Patrinus fuit 
(pfprocuratorem) Jacobus Wilding, Matr* (similiter prprocuratricem 
Elisabetha Wilding, a me Josepho Maini Miss'" Apo. 

(71) Die 17m a Junii nata& eadem die bapta est Johanna filia Henrici 
Davis& Helenae (olim Friar) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Long. 
Matr yo Mary Kay. a me Jos. Maini Misses Apo. 

Die 14 Maii nata& die 28"^^ J^mii bapta fuit Helena filia Richardi 
Danson & Deborae olim Clark, conjugum. Patrinus fuit Johannes 
Wilding. Matra Maria Danson. a me Jos. Maini Misses Ap^. 

Die 23 Julii nata & eadem die bapta est Maria Gualter filia Rich- 
ardi & Isabellae conjugum. Patrinus Edwardus Hird. Mat* Mar- 
garita Hird. a me Jos. Dom^o Maini M. Apo. 

Die 28 Julii nata& seq*' die bapta Elisabetha Beetham filia Rob" 
& Sarae olim Baines Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Johannes Baines. 
Matrina Maria Baines. a me Jos, Maini Misso Apo. 

Die 14 Sepfis nata& die 20 ejusdem bapta hxit Helen filia Chris- 
tophori & Mariae Cookson (olim Davis) conjugum. Patrinus fuit 
Guillelmus Wliarton. Matrina Maria Wharton, a me J. D. Maini, 
Misso Apo, 

Die 10 SepiB nata & die 4*° Oct^s bapta est Johanna Eleonora 
fiia Guilelmi Robinson & Annae (olim Hughes) conjugmn. Patrinus 
fuit Johannes Magee. Matrina Helena Hughes, a me Jos. D. 
Maini Miss Apo. 

Die 26 Octis natus & seqt^ die baptus Johannes Hornby filius Joh^« 
& Helenae (olim Riley) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Ricardus Baines. 
Matr* Helena Baines. a me Rev. [?] J. Maini Misso Apo. 

(72) 1836 

Die 150 Aprilis natus& die 17 ejusdem baptQs fuit Johannes Eilioy 
filius Patritii & Kilroy e comitatu Leitrim p baptismum 

s|s Subsequently the Rev. George Gillow, 


Laicalem nempe a Dno Georgio Gillow administratam ita tester 
Josephus Maini Miss*o Ap^o. Christened at Kendal. 

Die 5*0 Jnnii& die 7"^° ejusdem baptus est Jacobus Addison lilius 
Thomae & Helenae olim McGee conjugum. Patrinus fuit Petnis 
M<^Gee. Matrina Helena M'^Gee. a me Jos. Dom Maini Miss^o Ap^o. 

Die 3^0 Junii natus & Die 3^0 Julii baptus est Johannes Swindle- 
hurst Alius Guillelmi & Brigittae olim Parkinson conjugum a me 
JosephoDomco Maini Miss^oApco. Patrinus Tho^ Wilding. Matrina 
Eliz: Tickle. 

Die 8 Septembris nata& die 11 ejusdem bapta est Helena Wilding 
flia Ric^i & Mariae (olim Gibson) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Johannes 
Baines, Mat^a Sarah Wilding pf procuratricem. a me Josepho 
D. Maini Miss^ Apo. 

Die 16 Nov. natus & die 4*0 Xbris [Decembris] baptus est Petrus 
Becket, filius Johannis [et] Annae olim Ledwidge (in Milnthorpe). 

Patrinus fuit Jenkinson. Mat. v" Baines. a me Jos. 

Maini M.Ap. 

Die 3*0 Xbris natus & die 5*° ejusd. baptus est Hugo filius Patritii 
Carvel & Elisabethae olim Strict [?] pr baptismum privatum, Caetera 
supleta sunt pr Robertum Gillow.* Patrino Jacobo Nixon, ita 
testor Josephus Maini M.A. „ 

■' ^ 1837 

Die 14 Julii nata & eadem die bapta est Anna filia Roberti 
Beetham& Sarae olim Baines (conjugum). Patrinus fuit Ric. Baines. 
Matrina Helena Baines. a me Jos. Maini Miss^o Ap^o. 
(73) Die 27 Julii natus & die 30 ejusdem baptus est Guilelmus 
Garaer filius Roberti Garner & Johannae olim Airow conjugum. 
Patrinus fuit Guilelmus Seed. Matrina vero Helena Baines. a me 
Jos. D. Maini Misso Apo. 

Die 15 Aug" natus & seq" die baptus est Johannes Seed filius 
Jacobi & Helenae (olim Wells) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Richardus 
Baines, Matrina Helena Comthwaite. a me Jos. Dom Maini M^ Ap. 

Die Ilia Aug" nata& die 27 ejusdem bapta fuit Anna Danson filia 
Ric^i & Deborae (olim Clark) conjugum. Patrinus fuit Johannes 
Baines. Matrina Eliz. Baines. a me Jos. Dom^o Maini, M.Ap. 

Die 22<^o Oct*s natus & sequenti die baptus est Jacobus Hornby 
filius Johannis, Helenae (olim Riley) conjugum. Patrinus fuit James 
Nixon. Matrina fuit Dorothea Hornby, a me Jos. Maini M.Ap. 

Die 4*0 Decembris natus & seq" die baptus est Richardus filius 
Cookson & Mariae (olim Davis) conjugum. Patrinus fuit (pr proc.) 
Johannes Wharton. Matrina (similiter pr proc.) Margarita Hird. 
a me Jos. Dom Maini M. Ap. 


Die 5*0 Jan" natus & die 8^0 Martii baptus fuit Thomas Foy filius 
Patritii Helena olim Flyn, olim Riely [?]. Matrina fuit Birgitta 
Conolly. a me Jos. Maini Miss^o Apo. 

Die 3 Septis natus & die 3I0 Oct*8 baptus fuit Franciscus filius 

Michaelis Conlin & Isabellae Grecneys (acath) Conjugum. Patrinus 

fuit Johannes Wilding. Mat» vero Eliz. Wilding, a me Josepho 

Maini M.Ap. 

♦ Rev. Robert Gillow, 


Die 19 Nov's nata & die 25 ejusdem baptizata fuit Catharina 
Wilding flia Richardi& Mariae olim Gibson conjugum. Patrinus fuit 
Ric. Baines sen. Matrina v" Elisnlx^tha Baines. a me Jos. Dom^o 
Maini Miss^ Apo. 

(74) Die 3 Septus anno 1836 nata Die 26 Novris currentis anni 1838 
bapta est Catharina Hind filia Danielis & Mariae Annae olim Fiz- 
patrick. Patrinus fuit per Procuratorem Carolus Stapleton, Matrina 
v° Elizabetha Naylor. a me Jos. Dom Maini. 


Die 4^» Jan" nata & eadem die bapta fuit Helena Beetham flia 
Roberti Beetham & Sarae Baines conj™. Patrinus fuit (per Procura- 
torem) Henricus Seed, Matr* v^ Alicia Baines. a me Jos. Dominico 
Maini Miss'o Apco. 

Die i™a Febii natus& die 160 ejusdem baptus est Jacobus Becket 
filius Johannis & Ann (olim Ledwich) in Milnthorpe, conjugum. 
Patrinus fuit Guillelmus Seed. Mat a Helena Hughes, a me J. 
Maini M.Apo. 

Die 10™* Decembris anni 1838 nata & die 3** Martii anni 1839 
bapta fuit Sarah filia Danielis & Mariae Annae Hind conjugum. 

Patrinus fuit Harrison, Matrina Elisabeth Harrison, a me 

Jos. Dom. Maini M.Ap. 

Die II a Martii natus& die 20 ejusd. baptus est Guilelmus Harrison 
lilius Guilelmi& Mariae olim Ryley conjugum. Patrinus fuit Johan- 
nes Hornby. Matrina vo Birgitta Conollv. a me Jos. Dom Maini 

Die 22* Junii natus & die 21 Julii baptus est Jeremias Albanus 
Swindlehurst filius Guill' & Birgittae olim Parkinson conjugum. 
Patrinus Johannes Wilding. Matrina v^ Birgitta Conolly. a mo 
Jos. Dom. Maini M.Ap. 

Die 12 Augti natus & seq" die baptus est Thomas Hornby fil. 
Johannis & Helenae olim Riley conjugum. Patrinus fuit Jacobus 
Nixon & Mat a Francisa Nixon, a me Jos. Dominico Maini M.Ap^o. 

(75) Die 2^ a Septus nata& eadem die bapta fuit Elisabetha Baines 
flia Ric<ii & Annae (olim Bell) conjugum. Patrinus fuit pr Procura- 
torem Johannes Baines, Matrina Helena Baines. a me Josepho 
Dominco Maini Misso Ap°. 

Die Septus natus & die 29 ejusdem baptus fuit Johannes Gardner 
filius Robt* Gardner & Johannae (olim Airow) conjugum. Patrinus 
Johannes Hetherington. Matrina Helena Hetherington. a me 
Josepho Maini Miss^o Apo. 


{243) 1764 

Mark Richardson was married Decemb"" 3^ 1764. 

John Tompson was receivd into the church and married Nov^'" 


Rich<* Durham married [to Ann Durham deleted] Ocbr 19*^ 1767. 



Richd Lostass [or Loftass] married to Peggy Beasley Novbr 22, 

Jane Watson of Yealland taken into the Church, and married to 
Tho: Pellin Decbr i^t 1768. 

John Cooper of Goosner [Goosenargh] married to Peggy Marsland 
servant at Leighton Janry. 9, 1769. 
Randal Penswick* married to Cath°e Boulton Janv 18, 1778. 

Rich<i Pilkerton of Chorley married to Eliz^h Armour of Lineleth 
June I St 1784. 

[ Here, 243 and 244 folloiv six baptisms by Rev. B. Barrett, subse- 
quently copied into their proper place and crossed off. Then, after a 
l-ong interval, come the following marriages.] 
(245) 1818 

Thomas Davies married to Elizabeth Unsworth May 11, 1818. 

W°i Pilling married to Marv Holmes Janv 27, 1819. Witnesses, 
Thos Unsworth, Mary Pool. 

omitted, 1811 
James Wilding married to Elizt^^ Wilding Novf 11, 1811. 
[The above three are in Fr. B. Barrett's handwriting] 
Richard Wilding married to Mary Gibson 12 Nov. 1826. Wit- 
nesses, James Wilding, Mary Brooks. 

William Wharton married to Mar\- Smith 16 Nov. 1826. Wit- 
nesses, Thos Baines, Marv Brooks. 

Henry Davies married to Margaret Orr 8 Janv 1827. Witnesses, 
H.N. & Marv Davies. 

Christopher Cookson married to Mary Davies 31 May 1830. Wit- 
nesses, Ed\v.& Margt Davies. 

William Procter married to Margaret Wharton May 26, 1833. 
Witnesses, W" Wharton & Margaret Wharton. 

[The above five are in Rev. H. Rutter's handwriting.] 
(169) Anno Dili 1834 

Sepr yth 1834 Henry Davis was married to Ellen Friar. Wit- 
nesses, Edwd Herd & Teresa Lindon. by me Jos. Maini. 
Anno Dfii 1835 
Feb. 2nd Rob. Beetham was married to Sarah Baines. Witnesses, 
John Baines & Mary Baines. by me Joseph Maini. 

* Randal Pcnswick was apparently brother to Thomas Penswick, steward 
to the Gerards of Brj-n, who was father to Randal Penswick, of the Manor- 
house, in Ashton-in-Makerfield, who filled the same position, Bishop Thomas 
Penswick, V.A.-N.D., and the Rev. John Penswick, chaplain to Lord Gerard. 
Randal was an ancient name in the family. 


(117) 1847 

August i8t»» 1847 Were legally joined in holy wedlock according 
to the rites of the Catholic Church, Charles Jackson son of John 
Jackson and Margaret Wiggin his wife of Cheadle, Staffordshire, and 
Elizabeth Mattinson daughter of William Mattinson and Margaret 
Crackeled his wife of Kendal, Westmoreland, by me William Hender- 
son. John Jackson, Sarah Turner, Witnesses. 


August 6^^ 1848 Were joined in holy wedlock according to the 
rites of the Catholic Church, Thomas Myerscough son of James Myers- 
cough & Mary Rogerson his wife of Kellet, Lancashire, and Elizabeth 
Towiiley daughter of Laurence TowTiley & Martha To^vnley his wife 
of Tarn Brook, Wyersdale, Lancashire, by me W™ Henderson. 
John Etherington, Mary Ann Myerscough, Witnesses. 

August 24*^ 1848 Were joined in holy wedlock according to the 
rites of the Catholic Church, Thomas Park son of Joseph Park & 
Henrietta Nightingale his wife of Leighton, Lancashire, & Catharine 
Carfoot daughter of James Carfoot and Ann Wareing his wife late of 
Lydiate, Lancashire, by me William Henderson. Charles Beetleson, 
Helen Carfoot, Witnesses. 

(118) October 30*^ 1848 Were joined in holy wedlock according to 
the rites of the Catholic Church, John Myerscough Son of James 
Myerscough & Mary Rogerson his wife of Kellet, Lancashire, and 
Mary Ann Sanderson daughter of Alexander Sanderson & Susanna 
Walker of Claughton near Lancaster by me W" Henderson, William 
Myerscough, Mary Ann Myerscough, Witnesses. 

November 13th 1849 Were joined in holy wedlock according to the 
rites of the Catholic Church, George Thistleton son of George Thistle- 
ton and Elizabeth Bolden his wife of Caton and Margaret Addison 
daughter of John Addison & Margaret Baines his wife of Borwick by 
me James Gibson. John Harrison, Ann Thistleton, Witnesses. 

January 22"<^ 1850 Were joined in holy wedlock according to the 
rites of the Catholic Church, William Feely Son of Peter Feely & Ann 
Milner his wife of Richmond, Yorkshire, and Mary Hanxworth [or 
Hauxworth] daughter of the late Thomas Hanxworth [?] & Eliz. 
Williamson his wife of Wakefield, Yorkshire, by me William Hender- 
son. Charles Beetleson, Elizabeth Hanxworth [?], Witnesses. 

(119) April 30th 1850 Were joined in holy wedlock according to the 
rites of the Catholic Church, William Croft son of Robert Croft & 
Elizabeth Beaumont his wife of Leighton, & Dinah Chamley daughter 
of William Charnley & Mary Richardson his wife of Howgill near 
Sedburgh by me William Henderson. Ann Chamley, Henry Croft, 

August i6t*i 1852 were joined in holy wedlock according to the 
rites of the Catholic Church, William Moss son of William Moss and 
Ann German his wife of Borwick and Emma Moorhouse daughter of 


John Moorhouse and Elizabeth Bateson his wife of Burton in Kendal 
by me William Henderson. Edmund Bainbrige, Agnes Laycock, 

May I5»*» 1853 Were joined in holy wedlock according to the rites 
of the Catholic Church, Thomas Park of Yealand son of Joseph Park 
and Harriet Nightingale his wife of Leighton and Ann Fisher (widow) 
daughter of Thomas Taylor & Helen Nelson his wife of Kendal by me 
William Henderson. Joseph Park, Helen Conway, Witnesses. 
(120) July 25^^ 1853 Were joined in holy wedlock according to the 
rites of the Catholic Church, James Baines son of John Baines and 
Jane Robertson his wife of Claughton and Elizabeth Wildman 
daughter of Henr}- Wildman and Mary Dalton his wife of Borwick by 
me William Henderson. Peter Warton, Elizabeth Baines, Witnesses. 

November i^t 1855 Were joined in holy wedlock according to the 
rites of the Catholic Church, Joseph Park of Leighton son of Joseph 
Park& Harriot Nightingale his wife of Leighton, and Sarah HhRax of 
Leighton by me William Henderson. Charles Beetleson, Mary Tobin, 

(251) Deaths from the 6*^ Janv 1824. 

Helen Wilkinson at Warton. 
James Gardner (kild. 
Mary Park. 

William Gardner aet. 4. 
Jane Brownrigg. 

[corrected from Jany 1829] Mary Danson. 
Jane Hodkinson aet. 3. 
Thos Hodskinson. 
John Weaver. 
John Davis (an infant. 
Michael Swift. 
Thomas Huitson. 

John Gillow,* Son of R^Gillow, Leighton Hall. 
W°i Ellwood after receiving all the rites of the 

John Davies (61) after receiving all the rites of 

the Cch. 
Jane Pilling (82) after receiving all the rites of 

the Church. 
Helen Casson died after receiving all the rites of 

the Church. 
Jane Bateson died after receiving all the rites 

of the Church. 
Marg* Davies died April the 19th 1833. 

* Interred in the family mausoleum in the park at Leighton. 

6 J any. 

26 March 1825. 

19 Feby 


31 July 

24 June 



4th Dec. 


29 Dec. 


28 Jany 
24 March 

I April 
10 April 
23 Decbr 

8 June 


16 March 1831. 

13 April 


28 Aug* 


13 Sepbr 



Ann Wilding died May 24, 1833. 

Elisabeth Danson died 13 Febv 1834. 

Jane Thompson died the 22 March 1834. 

Ruth Thompson obiit die 15 Maii a.d. 1835 aet. 15. 

Jacobus Wilding obiit die 27 Janiiarii a.d. 1836 aet. 49. 

Anna Swift obiit die 8*^^ Feb'i anno 1836 aetatis 

James Seed ob Edw ^^ Carvel ob 

Margt Addison ob. Dec^ 24, 1844 aet. 67. 

(253) Confirmed at Leighton Hall. 
July 12, 1774. 

Will™ Ben; Will™ Miller 

Fanny Dowling Molly Park 

Betty Wilkinson Jane Park 

Mary Danson Elcy Park 

Betty Miller, Junr John Bell 

Hining Congregaii confirm'd at Hornby Ap^ i2*i» 1784. 

Pegg}^ Kelhem Betty Hogart 

Betty Bell Chris. Danson 

Peggy Bell Jane Danson 

John Wilkison Betty Danson 

Will°i Wilkison Ann Danson 

Nancy Wilkison Rich^ Danson 

Peggy Wilkison Betty Bowding Sen^ 

Ann Bowding Rich^ Ball 

Hining Cong: Confirmed at Lancaster Sep^ loth 1793. 
Jane Kirkhani Sally Dolen 

Margaret Kirkham Nancy Thompson 

John Pemberton Ruth Bell 

Ellen Wilkinson John Brownrigg 

Confirmed at Lancaster Nov^" 17"' 1S03. 

James Snape James Pedder 

James ,, Ignatius' nephew. (254) Aggy Brownrigg 
Tho. Brownrigg Ellin Pilling 

\\Ti\\m Pilling Nancy Thompson 

Mary Danson Junf 

Of the Yealand Congregation the following were confirmed by 
Dr Penswick the 2^ of Sep. 1825. 

Richard Danson (Michael 
W°i Seed (Joseph 
Catharine Seed (Mary 
Frances Baylis (Mary- 
Sarah Wilding (Mary 



19 June [corrected from July] 1831 DTenswick confirmed the fol- 
lowing persons belonging to the Yealand Congregation. 
Mary-Ann Park John Wilding 

Elisabeth Park Betty Wilding 

\\rm Park Ann Wilding 

Thos Seed Helen Seed 

Betsy [corrected from Mary] Bradley Agnes Seed 
Alice Bradley Alice Seed 

Charles Gillow* Tho^ Gamer 

Sarah Bains Richard Mierscough 

Ann Cam wait John Snape 

Helen Comwaite Mary Wharton 

Margt Davies Bartholomew Savage 

Ann Wells Bamaby Livesey 

Hen. Wells 

X left {in pencil] 

Sepr 27, 1835. The following persons belonging to the Hining 
Congregation were confirmed at Lancaster by the Right Rev. Doctor 

Ja8 Baines 


Elizabeth Addison 

I Agnes 

John Chester [?] 


Agnes Arkwright 


James Magee 


Ann Baines 


Ricd Makarell 


Helen Davies 


Ricd Miller 


Isabella Gualter 


John Myerscough 


Mary Gualter 


Thos Myerscough 


Mary Harrison 


Thos Park 


Margt Mary Hird 


Henry Seed 


Helen Magee 


(255) James Seed 


Ann Myerscough 


Samuel Western 


Margt Swift 


John Wharton 


Isabella Western 


Thos Wilding 


Margt Wharton 


Marg* Addison 


Agnes Wharton 


Aug* 23, 1839. The following 
the Right Rev. Doctor Briggs. 
John Mackarel Joseph 

Sami Western Philippus 

[?] Gualter Andreas 

John Beetham Josephus 

Jacobus Gamer Josephus 
Guillelmus Masker Josephus 
Jacobus Myerscough Joseph 
Ric. Seed Johannes 

Rob. Croft Johannes 

Rob. Betham Josephus 

were confirmed at Yealand by 

Maria W'ilding Teresa 

Eliz. Westem Agatha 
Eliz. Magee Maria Magdalena 

Barbara Wilding Winefrida 

Eliz. Ganderson Maria 

Maria Beetham Anna 

Isabella Park Maria 

Anna Westem Catharine 

* Subsequently the Rt. Rev. Mgr. Charles Gillow. 


(256) Oct. 5. 1845. 
Doctor Brown. 
Cliarles Gardiner 
J as. Myerscough 
Peter Wharton 
James Park 
Ric<i Hodgkinson 
\V"' Hodgkinson 
Michael Wilding 
W"» Kellet 
Jos. Park 
James Ireland 
W"» Moss 

The following were confirmed by the R* Rev 


John [?] 










Mary Ann Baines 

Agnes Higginson 

Eliz. Beetham 

Eliz. Higginson 

Hannah Chell [?] 

Mary Ann Nixon 

Eliz. Danson 

Jane Thompson 

M. Ann Myerscough Agnes 

Alice Bradshaw Mary 





Mary Teresa 




September I3"> 1853. The following were Confirmed by the 
Rt Rev. Doctor G. Brown. 

Henry Leonard 
Patrick Leonard 

Thomas M^Mulland Michael 
Alexander M^^Mulland Petrus 
George Croft 
Thomas Croft 

Josephus (257) Sarah Carvel Maria 

Josephus Catharine Carvel Maria Magdalena 

Mary Ann Reed 
Rose Greaves 

George Park 
Henry Park 
John Bolton 
John Baines 
Peter Wearden 
Hugh Carvel 
John Richey 
James Carvel 

Josephus Maria Ann Smith 
Josephus Maria Elizabeth Smith 








Mary Smith 

Helen Kiemey 

Helen Beetham 

Jane Croft 

Elizabeth Baines Sen^ Maria 
Josephus Maria Jane Gardner Agnes 

Patricius Margaret Hannah Birgitta 

Teresa Bolton Maria Josephus 

Mary Leonard Elizabetha 

Sarah Morriss Maria 

Frances Eliz. Vertigans Elizabetha 
Sarah Miller Maria Magdalena 

Elizabeth Baines Jun^ Elizabetha 
Eliza Beetleson Anna 

Total 34. W. Hendrison. 


No. III. 


LANCASTER. 1 784-1 8S7. 


The mission has been so fully and elaborately treated in " St. Peter's, 
Lancaster. A Histor>'. By Richard Newman Billington, Canon of 
Liverpool, V.F., and Rector of St. Peter's, and John Brownbill, M.A,, 
formerly Scholar of St. John's College, Cambridge," published in quarto 
with illustrations by Sands & Co., London, so recently as 1910, that little 
more is necessary than a brief resume, with certain amplifications, to 
preface the registers. 

After the accession of Queen Elizabeth, during the sixteenth and 
seventeenth centuries, no regularly established mission would have been 
tolerated by the civil authorities in an assize town like Lancaster, and 
consequently the adherents of the old Faith had to depend for their 
religious observances and sacerdotal services upon priests who were 
sheltered at different periods in the houses of Catholics in the vicinity. 
Principally amongst these may be noted (i) Aldclifie Hall, locally 
known as " The Catholic Virgins," a seat of the Daltons of Thurnham 
Hall ; (2) Dolphinlee in Bulk, another property of the Daltons, 
long leased and occupied by the Copelands, and later by the Balls ; 
(3) Quemmore Park, or Park Hall, an estate of the Prestons of 
Furness, and afterwards of the Cliflfords, but occupied by their 
tenants, the Taylors and others ; (4) Scale Hall, in Skerton, an 
ancient seat of the Singletons, and later of the Bradshaws ; (5) High- 
field, a seat of the Southworths ; (6) Halton Hall, the seat of the 
Cams family ; and (7) Heaton Hall, belonging to the Brockholes 
family of Claughton Hall, in the parish of Garstang, sometimes 
occupied by them, and otherwise by Catholic tenants. 

Many priests were imprisoned in Lancaster Castle, and many 
were martyred, but these do not come within our purview of those 
ministering to the Catholics of the town, though in those lax days 
prisoners were at times allowed such opportunities by their jailers. 
Probably itinerant missioners occasionally visited the town and said 
Mass in the houses of Catholic residents. Such a one may have 
been the Rev, Thomas Hayes, " a Romish Priest," buried at St. 
Mary's parish church of Lancaster, Dec. 31, 1692 {Register, MS.), 
though he was more probably chaplain at Aldcliffe Hall. He 
appears as a member of the Lancashire and Westmorland Clergy 
Fund between 16S2-92 (Kirk, Biog., p. 260). Early in the eighteenth 
century Squire Tyldesley had a town house in Lancaster, and 
constantly had priests staying with him. Upon his fifty-fifth birth- 
day, April 3, 1712, he notes in his diary that he went to con- 
fession to the Rev. William Winckley alias Westby, and it may be 
assumed that on the occasion Mass was said in the house. The 
diarist adds : " In y» eivening went out with cos. W : W : Tucke 


yo old House in Lenard Gattc of Thomas Gibson " (Gillow, Tyldesley 
Diary, 1873, p. 17). At this time " cos. W : W : " was the diarist's 
usual confessor, and frequently served his chapel in Fox Hall. A 
notice of him ajipears C.R.S., xvi, 583. Tyldesley never refers to 
liis own removal to the Old House in St. Leonardgate, hence it 
lias been surmised that he took the premises for the purpose of 
establishing an independent missionary residence in the town. The 
Jacobite rising, then brewing, probably inspired the ecclesiastical 
authorities with caution, and deterred the plan, and it was some 
years before it was carried out. Anyhow, it was not before the 
beginning of 1720, when the troubles following the rising of 1715 
had subsided, that evidence is found of the appointment of a 
resident priest. About that time the Rev. Nicholas Skelton took 
possession of certain premises in St. Leonardgate, inclusive of a 
barn which was used as a chapel, and from that date the consecu- 
tive list of incumbents is as follows : — 

Rev. Nicholas Skelton, a younger son of Richard Skelton, of 
Armathwaite Castle, co. Cumberland, Esq., and his wife Mary, 
daughter of George Meynell, of Dalton-Royal, co. York, Esq., born 
Dec. 17, 1691, was sent to Douay College in 1705 ; took the 
college oath Nov. 3, 1710 ; appointed to teach grammar Oct. i, 
1713 ; ordained sub-deacon at Tournai March 13, deacon at Cambrai 
March 27, 1717, and priest in December, 1718. On Oct. i, 1719, 
he was designated to teach grammar, which he resigned, and on 
account of ill-health left the college for the mission Jan. 15, 1720 
{Douay Diaries, pp. 55, 89, 90 ; Douay Lists, MS.). He came to 
Lancaster, and was entrusted with the care of the Catholics in and 
about the town. He was on friendly terms with the Duke of 
Hamilton, when resident at Ashton Hall, just outside Lancaster, 
who visited him in St. Leonardgate, and consequently his position 
was rendered more secure. He was an agent in Lancashire for 
Douay College, and one of his account books in connection there- 
with, from January, 1735, to July, 1748, is still in existence. He 
was also rural dean of Lonsdale Hundred. After the Jacobite 
rising of 1745 Mr. Skelton was committed to Lancaster Castle as 
a priest, and suspected of being concerned in the rebellion, but 
nothing being proved against him — as in the case of priests through- 
out the country — he was soon liberated (Kirk, Biog. Collections MSS.), 
and thenceforth continued peacefully to serve his mission in Lan- 
caster till his death, Nov. 13, 1766, aged 76. He was succeeded 

Rev. James Tyrer, born in 1741 at St. Helens, co. Lancaster 
(Kirk, Biog., 270), who arrived at Douay College in August, 1751, 
took the oath of the alumni in his third year's tlieology. May 24, 
r764, aged 23 years and four months {Douay Diaries, p. 73), and, 
after teaching for two years and having been ordained priest 
March 25, 1766, by the Bishop of Arras, he left the college on 
Oct. 9 of the same year to take charge of the Lancaster mission 
{Douay Lists, MS.). Here he remained till just before his death, 
when he went on a visit to Hardshaw Hall, St. Helens, where a 
mission had existed from the time of Elizabeth, and dying there 
was interred within the ruined chantry at Windleshaw under a stone 
bearing the inscription : " I.H.S. Rev. James Tyrer, of Lancaster. 
He died at Hardshaw, the 5th of May, 1784. Aged 44. R.I. P." 

Shortly after Mr. Tyrer's arrival in Lancaster, a return of 
" Papists " was made by the vicars and rectors of parishes to the 


Protestant Bishop of Chester in 1767, the numbers, presumably 
adults, being 640 in Lancaster, 71 in Caton, Littledale, and Gressing- 
ham, 12 in Overton and Poulton, and 27 in Bolton-le-Sands {Historic- 
Society's Transactions, N.S., x\iii, 218). On the other hand, the 
Catholic bishop, William Walton, V.A.-N.D., in 1774, made his 
visitation at Lancaster, and confirmed 72 members belonging to 
the congregations of Lancaster and Dolphinlee ; and the vicar- 
general of the vicariate, the Rev. John Chadwick, on Feb. 3, 1783, 
estimated the communicants in Mr. Tyrcr's chapel at 300. 

Rev. John Rigby, D.D., a native of Lancashire, succeeded Mr. 
Tyrer to the mission, and took possession about September, 1784. 
His memoir appears in the writer's Biog. Diet, of the English Catho- 
lics, V, 421, and Dr. John Kirk's Biographies, p. 198, as well as 
in the History of St. Peter's, in sufficient detail to make it un- 
necessary to add more. Meanwhile, until Dr. Rigby's arrival, the 
mission was supplied from Alston Lane by the Rev. Thomas Caton 
{C.R.S., xiii, 372 ; and xv, iii), the Rev. James Carter alias 
Mawdesley from Newhouse {C.R.S., xv, 320), and the Rev. Richard 
Edmundson from Alston Lane, and their registers of baptism, 
commencing in April, continue to Oct. 10, 17S4. The first baptism 
registered by Dr. Rigby is dated Nov. 3, 1784, and the first marri- 
age Jan. 16, 1785, the last entries in the first book being respectively 
Feb. 20, 1799, and Nov. 25, 1798. An abbreviated copy of this book 
is printed in the history of " St. Peter's, Lancaster," pp. 217-237. The 
second book commences March i, 1799. 

During Dr. Rigby's administration Bishop Matthew Gibson made 
his visitation on Sept. 14, 1784, and confirmed 42 persons, the 
newly-installed incumbent returning the communicants at 400. In 
1797 Dr. Rigb}- purchased land in Dalton Square for a new chapel, 
with the assistance of Mr. Richard Gillow, senior, of Lancaster, 
one of the principal supporters of the mission, who generously 
purchased, on Aug. 31, 1798, the old chapel in Mason Street at 
the rear of the priest's house in St. Leonardgate with the whole 
premises. Thus a chapel, dedicated to St. Peter, was erected on 
the new site, and opened March i, 1799. Dr. Rigby died on 
June 10, 1818, aged 64, and was succeeded after a vacancy of 
several months by — 

Rev. George Hilary Brown, subsequently first bishop of Liverpool, 
who arrived at Lancaster from Ushaw College, in April, 1819. In 
1840 the Lancashire Vicariate was created out of the old Northern 
Vicariate, and Mr. Brown was appointed to the charge, and was 
consecrated bishop of Bugia in partibus infidelium on Aug. 24. He 
retained the rectorship of the Lancaster mission till October, 1841, 
the practical work being discharged by his nephew and successor — 

Rev. Richard Melchiades Brown {C.R.S., xvi, 584), who arrived 
in August, 1840. In 1847 he purchased three acres of land at 
Greenfield, for the purposes of a cemetery, formed in 1849-50, new 
schools, and a convent erected in 185 1-3, and a new church with 
presbytery consecrated Oct. 4, and opened for public worship 
Oct. 6, 1859. The luncheon on the latter occasion was presided 
over by Mr. Richard T. Gillow, of Leighton Hall, grandson of Mr. 
Richard Gillow, senior, as representative of the chief promoters of 
the old chapel. Mr. Brown, having resigned the dignity of a canon 
of Liverpool, which he had held from 1852-4, retained that of 
rural dean of the Lancashire and Furness districts till his death, 
Dec. 31, 1868, aged 62. 


During his term he had the assistance of several curates — 
(i) Rev. James Taylor, 1858-60 {C.R.S., xvi, 427). 

(2) Rev. Robert Smith, eldest son of Mr. Richard Smith, of 
Preston, who studied at Ushaw and the CoUegio Pio at Rome, at 
the latter of which he was ordained priest Dec. 17, 1859. His 
grandmother, Ann, wife of Mr. Robert Smith, of Larbreck, was sister 
to Bishop Brown, and it was probably owing to this relationship 
that he came as assistant to Dean Brown from i860 to 1864. 
Subsequently he returned to Rome, was vice-rector of the Collegio 
Pio till its suppression, and for some time lived as chaplain to a 
convent in Florence. Ultimately he became a Camaldolese monk at 
Rome, where he lived at Santa Croce to an advanced age. 

(3) Rev. James Parkinson, 1864-6, who had been ordained priest 
at Valladolid Feb. 28, 1863. He removed to Liverpool in 1866, 
thence to St. Joseph's, Preston, 1867-72; Barrow-in-Furness, 1872-5; 
again to St. Joseph's, Preston, 1875-7, ^"^ finally to Croft, 1877-82, 
when he retired from missionary duty and died Jan. iS, 1883. 

(4) Rev. William Massey, ordained priest at Ushaw Jan. 21, 
1866, who came as curate to Dean Brown, and after the latter's 
death remained with his successor until 1877. He then removed to 
Ulverston, thence in 1887 to Waterloo, Liverpool, whence he helped 
to found St. George's at MaghuU, and died at Waterloo, April 23, 
1889 {Liverpool Diocesan Annual, 1890, p. 85, with portrait). 

Dean Brown's successor at St. Peter's was — 

Rev. Canon William Walker, subsequently provost of the Liver- 
pool chapter (C.R.S., xvi, 593), who continued in charge till his 
death, Nov. 28, 1893, aged 73, and was succeeded by — 

Rev. Canon Richard Newman Billington, the present rector. 



The Registers. 
Book I, 
[Paper-backed book, 13^ inches long by 8| wide.] 
[O71 the inside of frcnit cover] 
(Page I) 1784 

Aprilis Die 1784 Ego Ricardus Edmundson baptizavi Jacobum 
Park ex Joanne et Emma Park natum. Patrini Joannes Rogerson 
et Joanna Cornthvvaite. 

Die 230 Maii 1784. Ego Thomas Caton Sacerd. Mission : bap- 
tizavi Elizabetham Pilling die 19 Maii natam ex Richardo Pilling et 
Catharina Whitehead caolcis c'jugibus in Lancaster. Matrina erat 
Elizabetha Machael. 

Die 25 Maii 1784. Ego T. Caton baptizavi Samuelem Exley 
natum die 24 Maii ex Eduardo Exley et Hannah Smith Caolcis Con- 
jugibus in Skerton. Patrini Barnabas Peacock & Maria Verity. 

1784. Mense Maii Ego R. Edmundson baptizavi Franciscam 

August! Ego R. Edmundson baptizavi Mariam Hardacre ex 
Roberto et Elizabetha Hardacre. Patrini Thomas Hardacre & 
Elizabetha Hardacre. 

Aug. 8. Baptizatus est a D"o Maudesly N. Nightingale. 

Aug. Ego R. E. baptizavi Joannem Townshend ex Joanne et 
N. Townshend. Patrini Robertus Townshend. 

(2) 22 Aug. Baptizavi Elizabetham Park ex Jacobo et Elizabetha 
Park. Patrini Gulielmus Walker & Ann Askew. 

26 Septr [correction from Aug.]. Baptiz Ricardum Anderton ex 
Joanne & Elizabetha Anderton. Patrini Ricard Poulton & Maria 
Baines. [Dorothy Green crossed out.] 

29 Aug. Baptiz. Mariam Harrison ex Robto et Izabel Harrison. 
Patrini Henric. Finch et Joanna Wilkinson. 

Sepr 5. Bap. Josephum Eddrington ex Mathceo Fisher et Maria 
Eddrington solutis. Patrini Richardus et Dorothaea Green. 

Augt. Bap. Joannam ex Jonathan & Maria Winder. Patrini 
Jacobus Comah et Francisca Lupton. 

Sep. 16. Bap. Margaritam ex Jacobo et Elizabetha Copple. 
Patrini Gulielmus Copple & Maria Newby. 

Sep. 16. Bap. Hannah Park ex Petro Boskow & Joanna Park 
solutis. Patrini Josephus Foster & Anna Askew. 

Octr 10. Bap. Robertum ex Jacobo et Anna Comah, Patrini 
Joanne Rogerson & Maria Mercer. 

Oct. 6. Bap. Gulielm Ball ex Marmaduce et Helena Ball, 
Patrini Christopher Newby & Anna Askew. 

Bap. Isabel Calvert ex Thoma et Francisca Calvert. Patrini 
Jacobus Park & Maria Cotton. 

(3) Sept^ 26. Bap. Annam ex Hugone et Joanna Green. Patrini 
Thomas Green et Joanna Parker. 

M*" Edmundsons catalogue of Baptisms 

conferred in the ynterval of M^" Tyrer's death 

& D' Rigby's Mission. 


Die 27 Julii Natus fuit [in margin]. Die 27 — Julii 1787. Bap- 
tizatns fuit Thomas Ball filius Joannis & Janae Ball conjugum. 
Patrini fuerunt Joannes Carter & Maria Cornthwhaite ab Elizabeth 

as Elizabeth Cornthwhaite was not present I did not Baptize 
Tliomas Ball under condition but only supplied the ceremonies till 
the matter could be fully inquired into. July 29, 1787. 

John Lindow.* 
[(4) blank, gummed to inside of cover.] 

(5) Lancaster Chapel Book. Baptisms under D^ Rigby. 

1784 Nov. 30. Baptizavi Elizabetham Poulton — J. Rigby. 
Patrino Thoma Snape, matrina — Poulton. 

210. Baptizavi Jacobum Pedder filium Jacobi Pedder & Gratiae 
Pedder. Patrino Jacobo Standen, Matrina Anna Bateman. 

J. Rigby. 
240. Baptizavi Saram Lupton, filiam Caroli Lupton & Mariae 
Bell. Patrino Gulielmo Goarnel & Matrina Martha Roneson. 

J. Rigby. 

Dec. 12. Baptizavi Annam Rogerson. Sponsoribus, Carolo 

Lupton & Alicia Haresnape. J. Rigby. 

Jan. 14. Baptizavi Saram Bateman, filiam spuriam Elizabethae 
Bateman viduae, Sponsoribus Jacobo Stand[en] & Anna Comah. 

J. Rigby. 

220. Baptizavi Dorotheam Shuttleworth, filiam Richardi & 
Ellenae Shuttleworth, sponsoribus Robertus Hardicre & Elizabetha 
Shiers. J. Rigby. 

Feb. 60. Baptizavi Jacobum Sharpies filium Jacobi & Mariae 
Sharpies, sponsoribus Gulielmo Gomel & Margarita Salisbury. 

J. Rigby. 

230. Baptizavi Joannam Comthwaite filiam Jacobi Comthwaite 
& Conjugis, sponsoribus Richardo Poulton & Anna Snape. J. Rigby. 

5|c The Rev. John Lindow was on a visit to his relatives and friends in 
Lancashire. He was son of James Lindow and his wife Bridget Ormandy, 
both belonging to families long settled in the parish of Ulvcrston, where he was 
born in 1729. In his youth he was apprenticed with a cabinet-maker, but 
feeling a vocation for the priesthood he was sent by Bishop Challoner to Douay 
College, where he was admitted in May, 1754. There he was placed in 3rd 
class underlow, became an alumnus Sept. 29, 1761, at the age of 32, and after 
receiving orders in 1764-5 he was sent to the London mission {Douay 
Lists MS.; Douay Diaries, p. 72). On Oct. 16, 1770, he was elected a member 
of the Old Chapter, and became archdeacon of Cornwall, Dexoii, and Dorset, 
and also treasurer, till upon the death of the venerable Dean, the Rev. Peter 
Browne, May 31, 1794, he succeeded to that dignity (Old Chapter Records MSS.; 
Gillow, Haydock Papers, p. 168). Mr. Lindow resided many years with Bishop 
James Talbot and afterwards with Bishop W^illiam Poynter in Castle Street. 
The Rev. Thomas Walsh, in a letter at Ushaw College written in 1778, speaks 
in the highest terms of his missionary efforts. In 1805 he retired to St. 
Edmund's College, Old Hall Green, of which he had long been administrator, 
and of which he is said to have given the original plan, and there he died 
Dec. 5, 1806, aged 77, and was buried at Standon, where his tombstone may 
still be seen (Chapter Deceased Brethren MS.;\<'3iTd. Hist. ofOld Hall ; Kirk, 


Feb. 27. Baptizavi Elizabethan! Joyce filiam Gulielmi Joyce & 
Elizabethae Simpson, sponsoribus Jacobo Pemberton & Maria 
Tomlinson. J. Rigby. 

Henricum Ball filiiim Gulielmi Ball & Elizabethae Cock, sponsori- 
bus Joanne Kaye & Ellena Wilkinson. J. Rigby. 

(6) Martii 60. Baptizavi Richardum Garner filium Andreae Gamer 
& Anna Mitchel conjugum, sponsoribus Hieronymus Parkinson & 
Dorothea Garner. J. Rigby. 

130. Baptizavi Thomam Baines filium Joannis Baines & Annae 
Browne conjugum sponsoribus Joanne Foster & Anna Melling. 

J. Rigby. 

160. Baptizavi Jacobum Snape filium Joannis Snape & Mariae 
Valentine, conjugum, Sponsoribus Jacobo Standen & Anna Snape. 

J. Rigby. 

20. Baptizavi Richardum Tomlinson filium Thomae & Mariae 
Tomlinson, conjugum, sponsoribus Thoma Singleton & Dorothea 
Singleton. J. Rigby. 

270. Baptizavi Robertum Wells filium Joannis & Elizabethae 
Wells, conjugum, sponsoribus Joanne Parker & Anna Kilshaw. 

J. Rigby. 

Mai 20. Baptizavi Georgium Wainhouse, filium Joannis et 
Mariae Wainhouse, Conjugum, Sponsoribus Joanne Foster & Martha 
Gomel. J. Rigby. 

June 5. Baptizavi Martinum Mascough, filium Jacobi Mascough 
& Joannae Martin, Sponsoribus Thoma Wilkinson & Anna Melling. 

J. Rigby. 

(7) 50. Baptizavi Isabellam Mawdesley, filiam Joannis Mawdesley 
& Mariae Maudesley, Sponsore Roberto Townson. J. Rigby. 

50. Baptizavi Elizabetham Rogerson filiam Joannis [corrected 
from Georgii] Rogerson & Mariae Ktchin Conjugum. Sponsoribus 
George Rogerson & Anna Comah. J- Rigby. 

80. Baptizavi Gulielmum Forrest filium Gulielmi [corrected from 
Joannis] & Margaretae Forrest Conjugum. Sponsoribus Joanne 
Forrest & Anna Bateman. J. Rigby. 

12. Baptizavi Thomam Kaye filium Joannis & Ellenae Kaye 
Conjugum, Sponsoribus Henrico Cock & Anna Wells. J. Rigby. 

19. Baptizavi Jacobum Pemberton filium Jacobi & Elizabethae 
Pemberton, Sponsoribus Edwardo Axley & Elizabetha Simpson. 

J. Rigby. 

270. Baptizavi Ellenam Townson filiam Roberti & Elizabethae 
Townson. Sponsoribus Joanne Foster & Anna Melling. J. Rigby. 

Junii iQO. Baptizavi Mariam Pilling, filiam Richardi & Cathar- 
inae Pilling, sponsoribus Joanne Pilling & Catharina Preston. 

J. Rigby. 

(8) Nov. 10. Baptizavi [Jacobus Bradshaw Cotton in margin] 
filium naturalem Mariae Cotton, sponsoribus Eidsforth & Calvert. 

J. Rigby. 

Dec. II. Baptizavi Thomam Green filium Hugonis & Joannae 

Green, sponsoribus Guillelmo Lund & Anna Green. J. Rigby. 


260. Baptizavi Annam Preston filiam legitimam Catharinae 
Preston, Ipsa sponsorc. J. Rigby. 


28. Jan, 29. Baptizavi Mariain Ducketh, filiam Edwardi & 
Ellenae Ducketh, Sponsoribiis Henrico Wells & Elizabeth Maskay. 

J. Rigby. 

29. Feb. 18. Baptizavi Oliveriim Haydock filiiim & 

Haydock, Conjugnm, Sponsoribus Alicia Harsnap & Giiillelmo Ball. 

J. Rigby. 

30. March 18. Baptizavi Joannem Simpson filium Thomae & 
Sarae Simpson. s])onsoribus Joanne Carter & Elizabetha Ball. 

J. Rigby. 

(9) 31. Martii 24°. Baptizavi Aliciam Neville filiam Joannis & 
Agnetis Neville, Sponsoribus Marmaduke Ball & Anna Askew, 

.J- R^gby- 

32. Aprilis 70. Baptizavi Annam Brisco filiam spuriam Mariae 
Brisco, Sponsoribus Petro Brisco & Maria Verity. J. Rigby. 

270. Baptizavi Margaritam Butcher, filiam Thomae & Joannae 
Butcher Conjugum, Sponsoribus Joanne Rogerson & Alicia Bradley. 

J. Rigby. 

Junii 70. Baptizavi Mariam Tomlinson filiam Joannis & Mariae 
Toinlinson, Sponsoribus Margarita Singleton & Roberto Townson. 

J. Rigby. 

Aug. 220, Baptizavi Ellenam Parke filiam Joannis & Amatae 
Parke, Sponsoribus Roberto Shepherd & Maria Parke. J. Rigby. 

Sept. 8, Baptizavi Petrum Dickinson filium Petri & Annae 
Dickinson, Sponsore Margarita Kimmins. J. Rigby. 

(10) Sept. . Baptizavit Annam Coppel filiam Jacobi & Eliza- 
bethae Coppel, Sponsoribus Thoma & Ellen a Coppel. Jacobus Foster, 

17P. Baptizavi Elizabetham Mierscough filiam Jacobi & Joannae 
Mierscough, Sponsoribus Edward Exlev & Elizabetha Mierscough 

J. Rigby. 
Oct. I, Baptizavi Ellenam Kaye, filiam Joannis & Ellenae Kaye, 
sponsoribus Alicia Hothersal & Vice Henrici Cock ipso sacerdote, 

J, Rigby. 

Nov, 12. Baptizavi Guillelmum Cornthwaite filium Jacobi & 

Ellenae Cornthwaite, Sponsoribus Guillelmo Walker & Alicia Hother- 

sall. J. Rigby. 

Nov, 23, Baptizavi Guillelmum Bayly filium & Mariae 

Bayly Conjugum. Sponsoribus Guillelmo & Elizabetha Cock, 

J, Rigby, 

26, Baptizavi Joannem Whittle, filium Guillelmi & Winefredae 

Whittle, Sponsor Alicia Rigby. J, Rigby. 

Baptizavi Annam Gregson, filiam Thomae & Elizabethae Gregson, 

Sponsoribus Jacobo Comay & Maria Verity, J. Rigby. 


(11) I,* Feb. 25. Baptizavi Ellenam Graveson filiam Jacobi 
Graveson, Sponsoribus Josepho Mountain & Joanna Wilkinson. 

J. Rigby, 
* Mr. Rigby starts serial numbers for each year, 


2. Martii S^o. Baptizavi Isabellam Rimmei filiam Joannae 
Rimmer Conjiigatae, sponsoribus Jacobo Comthwaite & Elizabetha 
Coppel. J. Rigby. 

3. Martii 18°. Baptizavi Mariam Comay, filiam Jacobi & 
Annje Cornay. Sponsoribus Carolo Eidsforth & Maria Stephenson, 

J. Rigby. 

4. Eodem die. Baptizavi Hellenam Sharpies filiam Jacobi 
Ellenae Sharpies, Sponsoribus Edwardo Hardman & Maria Wain- 
house. J. Rigby. 

5. Aprilis 10°. Baptizavi Joannem Corlas Rogerson filium 
Thomae & Elizabethae Rogerson, Sponsoribus Joanne Rogerson & 
Maria Forrest. J. Rigby. 

6. 150. Baptizavi Joannem Mawdesley, filium Joannis & 
Mariae Mawdesley, Sponsoribus Edwardo Shannon & Maria Blundell. 

J. Rigby. 

(12) 7. Apri. 22. Baptizavi Margaritam Baines, filiam Annae & 
Joannis Baines, Sponsoribus Jacobo Copple & Alicia Hothersall. 

J. Rigby. 

8. 290. Baptizavit Elizabetham Ellet filiam & 

Joannae Ellet, Sponsoribus Joanne Kaye & Dorothea Etherington, 

Jacobus Foster.* 

9. Maii 16°. Baptizavi Joannem Hatton filium Thomae & 
Annae Hatton, Sponsoribus Guillelmo Cock & Maria Bayly. J. Rigby. 

10. Maii 28°. Baptizavi Thomam Rogerson filium Joannis & 
Mariae Rogerson, Sponsoribus Jacobo Comay & Maria Morton. 

J. Rigby. 

11. Junii 10°. Baptizavi Edwardum Ball, filium Guillelmi & 
Elizabethae Ball Conjugum, Sponsoribus Joanne Croskell & Maria 
Ball. J. Rigby. 

12. 120. Baptizavi Mariam Poulton, filiam Richardi& Elizabethae 
Poulton, Sponsoribus Roberto Hardicre & Anna Askew. J. Rigby. 

13. 30°. Baptizavi Annam Morton filiam Guillelmi & Mariae 
Morton, Sponsoribus Thoma & Elizabetha Eccles. J. Rigby. 

(13) 14. Julii 8"^o. Baptiza\n Richardum Shuttleworth filium 
Richardi & Ellenae Shuttleworth. Sponsoribus Richardo Poulton 
&• Ellen a Wilson. J. Rigby. 

15. Julii 150. Baptizavi Mariam Forrest filiam Guillelmi & 
Margaritae Forrest. Sponsoribus Henrico Bell & Maria Bateman. 

J. Rigby. 

16. 160. Baptizavi Mariam Baines filiam spuriam Mariae 
Baines De Stodda, Sponsoribus Jacobo Dickinson & Elizabetha 
Baines. J. Rigby. 

17. 270. Baptiza\-it Thomam Ball, filium Joannis & Joannae 
Ball, conjugum, Sponsoribus Joanne Carter & Maria Comthwaite. 
Elizabetha Comthwaite. Ingmente mortis periculo : Caeremonias 
postea supple\nt Joannes Lindow, Sacerdos. 

18. Aug. 2°. Baptizavit Margar. Lynass filiam Thomae et 
Annae Lynass Conjugum, Sponsoribus Thoma Verity & Annd Bate- 
man. Jacobus Foster. 

* Rev. James Foster, of Thumham. 


19. 190 Baptizavit Joannem Fox filium Margaritae & Andreae 
Fox, Spoiisoribus Roberto Townson, Margarita Singleton. J. Rigby. 

20. 22". Baptizavi Ellenam Wainhouse filiam Joannis & 
Mariae Wainhouse, Sponsoribus Petro Briscoe & Elizabetha TowTison. 

J. Rigby. 

(14) 21. Oct. 6. Baptizavi Annam Pilling omissis caeremoni is sub 
mortis Periculo ; — 12° ejusdem mensis, caeremonias supplevi, spon- 
dentibus Henrico Cock & Maria Foster. Joannes Rigby. 

22. 11°. Baptizavi Thomam Lupton filium Caroli & Mariae 
Lupton Conjugum, sponsoribus Joanne Kaye & Francisca Lupton. 

Joannes Rigby. 

23. Nov. lo. Baptizavi Joannam Hardicre, filiam Roberti & 
Eliz : Hardicre, Sponsoribus Ricardo Poulton & Amatae Parke, 

J. Rigby. 

24. 12°. Baptizavi Georgium Haj-hurst filium Georgii & Aliciae 
Hayhurst Conjugimi, Sponsoribus Thoma Winstanlej' & M. Mountain. 

J. Rigby. 

25. Dec. 160. Baptizavi Jacobum Parke, filium Jacobi & Eliza- 
bethae Parke. Sponsoribus Jacobo Dickinson & Gratia Kirkham. 

J- Rigby. 


1, Jany. 270. Baptizavi Elizabetham Noblet, filiam Joannis & 
Margaritae Noblet, Sponsoribus Elizabetha Hardicre & Andrea Com- 
thwaite. J. Rigby. 

2. 280. Baptizavi Elizabetham Ball filiam Marmaducis & 
Eleonorae Ball, sponsoribus Petro Brisco & Anna Askew. J. Rigby. 

(15) 3. Martii 15. Baptizavi Thomam Ducketh, filium Edwardi 

& Ducketh, Sponsoribus Eccles & 

Bateman. J. Rigby. 

4. 160. Baptizavi Jacobum Bradley, filium Edmundi & Aliciae 
Bradley, sponsoribus Joanne Rogerson & Maria Morton. J. Rigby. 

5. Aprilis6o. Baptizavi Mariam Snape, filiam Joannis & Mariae 
Snape, Sponsoribus Henrico Kirkham & Anna Pemberton. J. Rigby. 

6. 220. Baptizavi Annam Teresam Mason, filiam Thomae & 
Mariae Mason, sponsoribus Joanne & Agnete Caton, vice Henrici 
Hitchcock & Elizabethae Knock. J. Rigby. 

7. Junii 1°. Baptizavi Gilbertum Pemberton filium 

& Pemberton Conjugum, sponsoribus Henrico Kirkham & 

Anna Tomlinson. J. Rigby. 

8. 220. Supplevi Baptismatis caeremonias pro Elizabetha Simp- 
son filia Thomae & Sarae Simpson, quam prae mortis periculo bap- 
tizaverat ante aliquot dies Ellen a Poulton. Sponsores fuerunt 
Guillelmus & Joanna Croft. J. Rigby. 

9. Julii 130. Baptizavi Agnetem Cornthwaite, filiam Jacobi & 
Elizabethae Cornthwaite, sponsoribus Anthonio Kew & Agnete 
Morton. J. Rigby. 

(16) 10. Eodem die Baptizavi Thomam Richardson filium Mariae 
& Edwardi Richardson, sponsoribus Josepho Mountain & Rachele 
McDonald. J. Rigby. 

II. 12°. Baptizavi Barbaram Austin filiam Jacobi & Annae 


Austin Conjugum. Sponsoribus Edwardo Eidsforth & Catharina 
Rowlandson. J. Rigby. 

12. Dec. 20°. Baptizavi Elizabethan! Copple : filiam Jacobi 
«& Elizabethae Copple conjugum, sponsoribus Jacobo Comthwaite & 
Anna Melling, vice Petri Newby* & Mariac Maston. J. Rigby. 

13. 210. Baptizavi Thomam Cornah filium Jacobi & Annae 
Comah Conjugum, sponsoribus Charolo Eidsforth & Maria Cotton. 

J. Rigby. 

1. Jan. 30. Baptizavi Joannem Rimmer, filium Joannis & 
Joannae Rimmer conjugum, sponsoribus Jacobo Copple & Maria 
Toinlinson, J. Rigby. 

2. 250. Baptizavi Georgium Rogerson filium Joannis & Mariae 
Rogerson, sponsoribus Thoma Rogerson & Maria Bateman. 

J. Rigby. 
(17) 3. Feb. lo. Baptizavi Mariam Comthwaite filiam Briani & 
Elizabethae Comthwaite, sponsoribus Jacobo & Maria Comthwaite. 

J- Rigby. 

4. 80. Baptizavi Richardum Hodgskinson, filium Thomae & 
Aliciae Hodgkinson, sponsoribus Thoma Foster & Maria Dixon. 

J. Rigby. 

5. Martii 2°. Baptizavi Josephum Mierscough, filium Jacobi & 
Joannae MieiSCOUgh conjugum, sponsoribus Simone Mierscough & 
Anna Wilkinson. J. Rigby. 

6. 15". Baptizavi EllenaniTomlinson, filiam Joannis & Mariae 
Tomlinson. conjugum, sponsoribus Josepho Mountain & Margarita 
Fox. J. Rigby. 

7. 180. Baptizavi Elizabetham Forrest filiam Guillelmi & 
Margaritae Forrest, sponsoribus Joanne Harrison & Elizabetha Bate- 
man. J. Rigby. 

8. Aprilis 70. Baptizavi Mariam Mason filiam Thomae & 
Mariae Blason, sponsoribus Joanna & Maria Cat on. J. Rigby. 

9. Maii 150. Baptizavi Prudentiam Dickinson, filiam Jacobi & 
Annae Dickonson, sponsoribus Richardo Kellam & Eliz : Popple 
[? Copple]. J. Rigby. 
{18) 10. Junii 2°. Baptizavi Joannem Ball filium Joannis & 
Joannae Ball, sponsoribus Guillelino Swarbrick & Elizabetha Ball. 

J. Rigby. 

11. 21. Baptizavi Margaritam Billington filiam Bartholomaei 
& Mariae Billington, sponsoribus Joanne Slater & Anna Wilkinson. 

J. Rigby. 

12. Julii 50. Baptizavi Petmm Bradley, filium Edmundi & 
Aliciae Bradley, sponsoribus Guillelmo Morton, vice Guillelmi Garner 
& Dorothea Garner. J. Rigby. 

^ Peter Newby, schoolmaster and poet, of Gerard Hall, Haighton, had 
relations in Lancaster, his brother William having died there in February, 
1783, aged 41. Their mother was Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Carter, of 
Thistleton, brother to the Rev. John Carter, of Newhouse, and is thus entered 
in her burial register at Kendal: " 1772, Aug. 11, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. 
"William Newby, of Homcop Hall, Papist, aged 82." 


13. 19". Ba])tizavi Mariam Dunbobbin, filiam Guillelmi & 
Margaritac Dunbobbin, sponsoribus Thoma Dunbobbin & Catharine 
Pemberton. J. Rigby. 

14. 260. Baptizavi Henricum Wilson, filium Joannis & Mariae 
Wilson, sponsoribus Guillelmo & Dorothea Garner. J. Rigby. 

15. 300. Baptizavi Annam Hatton, filiam Thomae & Annae 
Hatton, sponsoribus Henrico Cock & Anna Melling. J. Rigby. 

16. eodem die, Baptizavi Catharinam Hatton gcminam sororem 
prccedentis, filiam eorumdem, sponsoribus Joanne Cock & Eliza- 
betha Cock. J. Rigby. 

(19) 17. Sept. 13. Baptizavi Margaritam Nevil, filiam Joannis 
& Agnetis Nevil, sponsoribus Carolo Dv\yer & Rachele Macdonald. 

J. Rigby. 

18. 26°. Baptizavi Margaritam Slater, filiam Joannis & Mar- 
garitac Slater, sponsoribus Josepho Mountain & Elizabetha Baines. 

J. Rigby. 

19. Nov. 220. Baptizavi Thomam Addison, filium Thomae & 
Joannae Addison, sponsoribus Anthonio [corrected from Bartholo- 
mreo] Billington & Elizabetha Waterhouse. J. Rigby. 

20. Dec. 27. Baptizavi Mariam Rule filiam Alexandri & Mariae 

Rule Conjugum. Patre milite, matre mendica, nullis sponsoribus, 

J. Rigby. 
1790 •* ^ ^ 

1. Feb. 140. Baptizavi Mariam Dwyer, filiam Caroli & Mariae 
Dwyer Conjugum, sponsoribus Henrico Wells & Esthere Belshaw. 

J. Rigby. 

2. 270. Baptizavi Mariam Ducketh filiam Edw* & Ellenae 
Ducketh, sponsoribus Guillelmo Gamer & Maria Morton. J, Rigby. 

(20) 3. Aprilis iio. Baptizavi Saram Simpson filiam Rich* & 
Sarae Simpson conjugum, sponsoribus Guillelmo Svvarbrick & Anna 
Baldwin. J. Rigby. 

4. 180. Baptizavi Guillelmum Lupton filium Caroli & Mariae 
Lupton* Conjugum, sponsoribus Henrico Bell & Anna Tomlinson. 

J. Rigby. 

5. Mali 18V0. Baptizavi Henricum Ball, filium Elizabethae & 
Guillelmi Ball nuper defuncti, sponsoribus Henrico Kirkham & Sarah 
Ball. J. Rigby. 

6. Junii 80. Baptizavi Thomam Atkinson, filiam Joannis & 
Margaritae Atkinson conjugum, sponsoribus Thoma Baines & Eliza- 
betha Croft. J. Rigby. 

7. Junii 20. Caeremonias baptismatis addidi super Henricum 
Finch patre Guillelmo & Matre Elizabetha Finch natum, quern 
pater supradictus prius rite baptizaverat. Patrinus erat H. Finch 
& matrina Maria Finch. 

8. Junii 270. Baptizavi Guillelmum Gamer, filium Joannis & 
Annae Gamer conjugum, sponsoribus Thoma Eccles vice Georgii 
Eccles & Winifreda Eccles vice Ellena Dugdale. J. Rigby. 

* Another son, the Rev. Charles Lupton, was educated and ordained priest 
at Ushaw College, and sent to To^TOelev Hall as chaplain in December. 1819, 
but died of consumption Dec. 28, 1823^ aged 31, and was buried at Bumlev 
old church. 


(21) 9. Sept. 230. Baptizavi Joannem Cornthvvaite tilium Jacobi 
& Ellenae Comthwaite, conjugum. Sponsoribus Richardo Morton 
& Esthere Bradley. J. Rigby. 

10. Oct. 30, Baptizavi Richardum Fox filium Andreae & 
Margaritae Fox conjugum, sponsoribus Roberto Townson & Mar- 
garita Singleton. J. Rigbj'. 

11. 26°. Baptizavi Thomani Whiteside filium Guillelmi & 
Aliciae Whiteside conjugum. Sponsoribus Roberto & Agnete 
GilloNv.* J. Rigby. 

12. Baptizavi Margaritam M^Loskey filiam Patricii & Ellenae 
M^Loskey conjugum, sponsoribus Francisco Kennedy & Maria 
Richardson, J. Rigby. 

13. Nov. 200. Baptizavi Ellenam Ball filiam Marmaduci 
& Ellenae Ball conjugum, sponsoribus Thoma Kilshaw & Anna 
Askew. J. Rigby. 

14. 300 Baptizavi ]\Iargaritam ^Morton filiam Guillelmi & Mariae 
Moiton Conjugum, sponsoribus Edmundo & Cecilia Eccles. J. Rigby. 

(22) 15. Dec. 12. Baptizavi Annam Toinlinson filiam Joannis & 
Mariae Tomlinson Conjugum [de Scotforth in margin]. Sponsoribus 
Henrico Slater & Joanna Addison. J. Rigby. 


1. Feb. 30. Baptizavi Edwardum Billington filium Anthonii & 
Joannae Billington conjugum. Sponsoribus Joanne Dunbobbin & 
Anna Pemberton. J. Rigby. 

2. Eodem die — Saram Billington filiam geminam eorundem con- 
jugum, sponsoribus eodem J. Dunbobbin & Maria Waterhouse. 

J. Rigby. 

3. 130. Baptizavi Margaritam Osbaldeston filiam Josephi & 
Annae Osbaldeston conjugum. Sponsoribus Thoma Snape & Mar- 
garita Harrison. J. Rigby, 

4. March 13. Baptizavi Guillelmum Hardicre filium Jacobi & 
Annae Hardicre conjugum, sponsoribus Guillelmo Hardicre & Anna 
Harrison. J. Rigby 

Thos. Sharpies was baptized this same day by P. Thomas, f \This 
entry has been added later.] 

5. 150. Baptizavi Mariam Gravestone, filiam Joannis &; Eliza- 
bethae Gravestone Conjugum. Sponsoribus Jacobo Gravestone & 
Alicia Hothersall vice Mariae Porter. J. Rigby. 

(23) 6. 270, Baptizavi Annam Dwyer filiam Caroli & Mariae 
Dwyer, sponsoribus Richardo Kellam & Martha Gomel, J, Rigby. 

7. Junii 12°. Baptizavi Joannem \^erity, filium Thomae & 
Eliz : Verity Conjugum. Sponsoribus Joanne Cock & Catherina 
Mountain. J. Rigby. 

8. 260 [corrected from 190]. Baptizavi Guillelmum Hardicre 
filium spurium Elizabethae Hardicre, sponsoribus Joanne & Maria 
Cock. J. Rigby. 

* Robert Gillow, of Clifton Hill, Esq., and his sister Agnes, a nun. They 
were relatives of the Whitesides {vide under Leighton). 

f According to Plasse [Lc Clergc' Franrais vifugie en Anglsterre II, 416) 
Pierre-Julicn Thomas, recteur de Komazy, diocese de Rennes, was still in 
England in 1802. 


9. Julii 31°. Baptizavi Mariam Townson filiam Guillelmi & 
Cath. Townson, Conjugum. Sponsoribus Guillelmo Hall & Ellena 
Hall. J. Rigby. 

10. Sept. 40. Baptizavi Richardum Ball filium Joannis & 
Joannae Ball conjugum, sponsoribus Jacobo Ball & Maria Carter. 

J. Rigby. 

11. Oct. iio. Baptizavi Thomam Wainhouse, filium Joannis & 
Mariae Wainhouse conjugum, sponsoribus Jacobo Valentine & Eliza- 
betha Layfield. J. Rigby. 

12. 140. Baptizavi Elizabethan! Gordon filiam Caroli & Eliza- 
bethae Gordon viatorum, sine sponsoribus. J. Rigby. 

(24) 13. 160. Baptizavi Ellenam Huddlestone filiam Mariae & 
Jacobi Huddlestone, sponsoribus Thoma Dunbobbin & Eliz : Water- 
house. J. Rigby. 

14. Nov. 12. Baptizavi Richardum Slater, filium Joannis & 
Margaritae Slater, sponsoribus Guillelmo Earnshaw & Elizabetha 
Slater. J. Rigby. 

15. Dec. 80. Baptizavi Jacobum Mierscough filium Joannis & 
Winefridae Mierscough conjugum, sponsoribus Simone Mierscough 
& Ellena Ducketh. J. Rigby. 


1. Jan. 250. Baptizavi Elizabethan! Graveson, filiam Jacobi & 
Mariae Graveson conjugum, sponsoribus Thoma Foster & Anna 
Osbaldeston. J. Rigby. 

2. 270. Baptizavi Guillelmum Cock, filiun! Joannis & Mariae 
Cock, conjugum, sponsoribus Thoma Verity & Anna Cock. J. Rigby. 

3. Feb. 50. Baptizavi Edwardum Hodskinson filium Thomae 
& Elizabethae Hodskinson conjugum, sponsoribus Michaele Jones* 
& Alicia Ball. J. Rigby. 

4. 120. Baptizavi Guillelmum Hest filium Edmundi & Eliza- 
bethae Hest conjugum, sponsoribus Guillelmo Hardman & Maria 
Carter. J. Rigby. 

[At bottom of page, reversed] To Ellen Penn}- on acct of wages 
£1.1.0, July 26th 1781. 

(25) 5. Martii50. Baptizavi Mariam Hatton filiam Thomae &Annae 
Hatton conjugum, sponsoribus Joanne Davis & Maria Cotton. 

J. Rigby. 

6. 250. Baptizavi Annam Rimmer, filiam Joannis & Joannae 
Rimmer conjugum, sponsoribus Joanne Harrison & Maria Baile}^ 

J. Rigby. 

7. Apr. I. Baptizavi Petrum Sharpies filium Jacobi & Ellenae 
Sharpies conjugum, sponsoribus Guillelmo Earnshaw & Maria 
Earnshaw. J. Rigby. 

5|c Michael Jones, of Lancaster, Esq., born Nov. 23, 1729, was the only son 
of Richard Jones, of Caton, near Lancaster, Esq., and his wife Mary, eldest 
daughter and coheiress of Michael Johnson, of Twysel Hall, co. Durham, Esq., 
and widow of John Brockholes, of Claughton Hall, Esq. Through his grand- 
mother Mary, wife of Michael Johnson, and daughter of William Eure, of 
Elvet, CO. Durham, Esq., grandson of William, 2nd Lord Eure of Wilton, 
CO. Durham, the ancient Barony of Scrope of Bolton became vested in the 
Jones family, an account of which is given in the writer's Biog. Diet., iii, 669. 
Mr. Michael Jones died at Castle Hill, Lancaster, July 24. 1801, aged 71. 


S. 8. Baptizavi Elizabethan! Carter filiam Joannis & Mariae 
Carter, conjugum, sponsoribus Jacobo Carter & Elizabetha Croft. 

J. Rigby. 

9. Mali 6. Baptizavi Joannam Simpson filiam Thomae & 
Sarah Simpson, conjugum, sponsoribus Joanne Carter & Eliz : 
Croft. J. Rigby. 

10. Junii 10. Baptizavi Richardum Sandwell filium Richardi & 
Sarah Sandwell conjugum, sponsoribus Thoma & Mariae Dunbobbin. 

J. Rigby. 

11. 210. Baptizavi Thomam Worswick* filium Alexandri & 
Mariae Worsewick conjugum, sponsoribus Roberto vice Thomae 
Worswick & Alicia Worswick. J. Rigby. 

[At bottom of page, reversed, but scored out.] 1781 June 23. Rec*^ 
from Edw^ Askew Rent due last May Day ;^20 .0.0. Deducted 
the contents their bill of repairs i6s. 6d. Bal. ^^19 .3.6. 

(26) 12. 170. Baptizavit Margaritam Whiteside filiam Guillelmi 
& Catharinae Whiteside conjugum, sponsoribus Joanne & Marg. 
Smith. Jacobus Foster. 

13. Aug. 240. Baptizavi Joannam Ball filiam Richardi & 
Dorotheae BaU, conjugum, sponsoribus Richardo vice Georgii Ball 
& Anna Croskell. J. Rigby. 

14. Sept. jo. Baptizata fuit Verity filia Thomae & 

Eliz. Verity, conjugum ab Agnete Caton instanti mortis periculo & 
postea mortua est. 

15. Sept. 150. Baptizavi Guillelmum Rogerson filium Thomae 
& Elizabethae Rogerson conjugum, sponsoribus Henrico Kirkham 
& Anna Wilkinson. J. Rigby. 

16. 16. Baptizavi Aliciam Gamer filiam Joannis & Annae 
Gamer conjugum, sponsoribus Thoma Eccles vice Thomae Gamer & 
Winifreda Mierscough. J. Rigby. 

17. eodem die. Baptizavi Margaritam Carter filiam Joannis & 
Sarah Carter conjugum, sponsoribus Guillelm.o Croft & Maria Carter. 

J. Rigby. 

18. Oct. 70. Baptizavi Annam Wilson filiam Joannis & Mariae 
, conjugum, sponsoribus Guillelmo & Maria Morton. J. Rigby. 

19. eodem die. Baptizavi Guillelmum Tomlinson filium Joannis 
& Mariae Tomlinson conjugum. Sponsoribus Roberto Tounson & 
Cath: Slater. J. Rigby. 

(27) 20. Nov. 8°. Baptizavi Carolum Dwyer filium Caroli & Mariae 
Dwyer conjugum, sponsoribus Guillelmo Eamshaw & Anna Shannon. 

J. Rigby. 

* Thomas Worswick, who died in infancy, was son of Alexander Worswick, 
of Leighton Hall, Esq., and his wife Mar>-, daughter and coheiress (with her 
sister Catharine, who married in July, 1797. Richard Grimshaw-Lomax, of 
Clayton Hall, Esq.) of Thomas Greaves, of Preston, banker. His mother, 
who was married in 1791, died in May, 1794- Alexander's eldest brother 
Robert, bom Aug. 12, 1788, died s.p. Aug. 13, 1799, aged 41, and his brother 
Thomas, bom Dec. 22, 1759, died unmarried Oct. 27, 1797, aged 38. Their 
sister, Alice Worswick, bom Feb. 21, 1767, was educated at York Bar Convent, 
married Nov. 25, 1804, John McCartney, Esq., M.D., of Liverpool, and died s.p. 


21. Dec. 50. Baptizavi Petruin Richardson ftlium Edwardi 
& Mariae Richardson, sponsoribus Joanne Wilkinson vice Edvv* 
Gamer & Maria Light bourne. J. Rigby. 

22. 16°. Baptizavi Guillehiium Lynass, fUium Guillelmi & 
Annae Lynass conjugum, sponsoribus Henrico Bell & ]\Iaria Jones. 

J. Rigby. 

23. 230. Baptizavi Robertum Dickinson filium Jacobi & Annac 
Dicldiison conjugum J. Rigby. 

24. eodeni die. Baptizavi Joannam Billington, filiam Antonii 
& Mariae Billington, conjugum, sponsoribus Guillelmo Earnshaw & 
Ellen a Dixon. J. Rigby. 


1. Jan" 8°. Baptizavi Aliciam Morton filiam Thomae & Mariae 
Morton Conju^m, sponsoribus Guillelmo Garner & Anna Tomlinson, 

J. Rigby. 

2. 200. Baptizavi Elizabetham Huddlestone filiam Mariae & 
Jacobi Huddlestone conjugum, sponsoribus Josepho Wilson & Doro- 
thea Tindal. J. Rigby. 

3. eodem die. Baptizavi Joarmem Forrest tilium Guillelmi & 
Margaritae Forrest, conjugum, sponsoribus Jacobo Taylor & Anna 
Cornah. J. Rigby. 

(28) 4. 270. Baptizavi Margaritam Snape filiam Joannis & 
Mariae Snape conjugum, sponsoribus Edwardo Ducketh & Mar- 
garita Baines. J. Rigby. 

5. eodem die. Baptizavi Eliz : Brotherton filiam Joannes & 
Mariae Brotherton conjugum, sponsoribus Thoma Dunbobbin & 
Maria Tindal. J. Rigby. 

6. Feb. 170. Baptizavi Elizabetham Kimmis filiam Edw^i & 
Sarae Kimmis Conjugum, sponsoribus Thoma Gomel ik Elizabetha 
Townson. J. Rigby. 

7. 220. Baptizavi Annam Ducketh filiam Edwardi & Ellen a 
Ducketh conjugum, sponsoribus Richardo & Winefreda Myerscough. 

J. Rigby. 

8. Martii 10°. Baptizavi Richardum Fox filium Andrcae & 
Margaritae Fox conjugum, sponsoribus Richardo Singleton & Maria 
Slater. J. Rigby. 

9. Aprilis 14. Baptizavi Josephum Atkinson filium Joannis 
& Margaritae Atkinson, conjugum. Sponsoribus Roberto Townson 
& Dorothea Ball. T. Cat on. 

ID. 250. Baptizavi Thomam filium Marmaduke Ball Caolci & 
Helenae Hodgson a Caolcae Conjugum, natum die 20". Sponsoribus 
Gulielmo Briscow & Anna Askew. 

11. 280. Baptizavi Mariam filiam Caroli & Mariae Lupton 
Conjugum, sponsoribus Joanne Lupton et Margarita Carter. 

12. Mali I. Baptizata e Joanna filia Gulielmi Oldcorn et Annae 
Heaton Conjugum. Sponsoribus Stephano et Joanna Oldcorn. 

(29) 13. Junii lo. Baptizavi Mariam Forrest filiam Richardi & 
Annae Forrest, conjugmn, sponsoribus Guillelmo Dickinson & Eliz : 
Hardicre J. Rigby 


14. 6°. Baptizavi Madam Perks tiliam N. & Aiiiiae Perks [Pert 
in margin, in entry itself Perks is a correction from Pert] Con jugum 
sine sponsoribus. J. Rigby. 

15. 240. Baptizavi Agnetem Swarbrick filiam Guillelmi & 
Mariae Swarbrick conjugiim, sponsoribus Joanne Carter & Elizabetha 
Croft. J. Rigby. 

16. Julii 140. Baptizavi Guillelminn Gardner filium Edwardi & 
Aiinae Gardner conjugiim, sponsoribus Richardo & Maria Myer- 
scough. J, Rigby. 

17. eodem die. Baptizavi Madam Sandwell filiam Richardi & 
Sarah Sandwell conjugum, sponsoribus Thoma Dunbobin & Maria 
Dixon. J. Rigby, 

18. Aug* 24. Baptizavi Madam Verity filiam Thomae & Elizae 
Verity conjugum, sponsoribus Thoma Foster & Maria Caton. 

J. Rigby. 

19. Oct. 18. Baptizavi iVnnam Briscoe filiam Petri & Sarae 
Briscoe conjugum. sponsoribus Guillelmo Briscoe & Margarita 
Town son. J. Rigby. 

20. 200. Baptizavi Mariam Fox filiam Ellenae Fox. Sponsori- 
bus Joanne & Joanna Ball. J. Rigby. 

21. Nov. iqo. Baptizavi Joannem Simpson filium Thomae & 
Sarae Simpson Conjugum. Sponsoribus Guillelmo Swarbrick & 
Anna Harrison. J. Rigby. 

(30) 22. Dec. 26. Baptizavi Elizabethan! Ball filiam Joannis & 
Joannae Ball conjugum, sponsoribus Joanne Swarbrick & Maria 
Carter. J. I^gby. 

23. 29. Baptizavi Georgium Slater filium Joannis & Marg : 
Slater conjugum, sponsoribus Edw^o Gardner & Anna Dickinson. 

1794 J- Rigby. 

1. Jan. 50. Baptizavi Jacobum Cornthwaite filium Andreae 
Cornthwaite & Mariae [corrected from Dorotheae] conjugum, sponsori- 
bus Jacobo Cornthwaite & Dorothea Laurenson. J. Rigby. 

2. Feb. 90. Baptizavi Joannem Whiteside filium Guillelmi & 
Catharinae Whiteside conjugum, sponsoribus Jacobo Snape & Anna 
Smith. J. Rigby. 

3. eodem die. Baptizavi Joannam Dwyer filiam Caroli & 
Mariae Dwyer conjugum, sponsoribus Guillelmo Walker & Maria 
Mally. J. Rigby. 

4. Martii 2. Baptizavi Joannem Walker lilium Guillelmi &: 
Marg. Walker, conjugum, sponsoribus Jacobo Pool & Maria Pilling. 

J. Rigby. 

5. 80. Baptizatae prius Mariae Cross cceremonias supplevi 
sponsoribus Patricio Carter & Maria Myerscough. nata est ex con- 
jugibus Michaele Cross & Cross. J. Rigby. 

6. 30. Baptizavi Thomam Hatton filium Thomae & Annae 
Hatton, conjugum, sponsoribus Joanne Lupton & Anna Cock. 

J. Rigby. 

(31) 7. Apr. 130. Baptizavi Guillelmum Carter, filium Joannis & 
Mariae Carter conjugum, sponsoribus Joanne Ball & Elizabetha 
Croft. J. Rigby; 


8. 19. Baptizavi Joannam Rimmer ftliam Joannis & Joannae 
Rimmer conjugum, sponsoribus Joanne Kaye & Anna Foster. 

J. Rigby. 

9. 280. Baptizavi Richardum Wells filium Henrici & Annae 
Wells conjugum, sponsoribus Henrico Kirkham & Anna Wells. 

J. Rigby. 

10. Maii 20. Baptizavi Joannem Macnamara filium Jacobi & 
Elizabethae Macnamara conjugum sine sponsoribus. J. Rigby. 

11. 25. Baptizavi Guillelmum Dickenson filium Guillelmi & 
Aliciae Dickenson conjugum, sponsoribus Henrico Hardman & Anna 
Dickenson. J. Rigby. 

12. JuliiGo. Baptizavi Joannem Smith filium Hugonis&Mariae 
Smith conjugum, sponsoribus Joanne Mooney & Maria Myerscough. 

J. Rigby. 

13. iio. Baptizavi Guillelmum Eidsforth filium Caroli & M. 
Eidsforth conjugum, sponsoribus Jacobo Comah & Anna Hatton. 

J. Rigby. 

14. Aug. 30. Baptizavi Henricum Cock filium Joannis & Mariae 
Cock conjugum, sponsoribus Carolo Lupton & Joanna Cock. 

J. Rigby. 

15. IQO. Baptizavi ThomamTomlinson filium Joannis & Mariae 
Tomlinson conjugum, sponsoribus Roberto Townson & Maria Night- 
ingale. J. Rigby. 

16. 170. Baptizavi Elizabetham Billington filiam Anthonii & 
Joannae Billington, conjugum, sponsoribus Richardo Layfield & 
Gratia Swarbrick. , J. Rigby. 

17. Oct. 50. Baptizavi Aliciam Huddlestone filiam Jacobo 
& Mariae Huddlestone, sponsoribus Thoma Dunbobin & Maria 
Eamshaw. J. Rigby. 

18. eodem die. Baptizavi Annam Sudell filiam Jacobi & Mar- 
garitae Sudell, sponsoribus Guillelmo Croft & Margarita Harrison. 

J. Rigby. 

19. 70. Baptizavi Richardum Myerscough filium Joannis & 
Winefredae Myerscough, sponsoribus Richardo Myerscough & Anna 
Gardner. J. Rigby. 

20. 190. Baptizavi Annam Oldcorn filiam Guillelmi & Annae 
Oldcom conjugum, sponsoribus Josepho vice Joannis Oldcorn & 
Joanna Cock. J. Rigby. 

21. 260. Baptizavi Rogerum Charnle}^ filium Guillelmi & 
Estheris Chamley conjugum, sponsoribus Richardo Singleton & Anna 
Croskell. J. Rigby. 

22. eodem die. Baptizavi Mariam Gravestone filiam Joannis 
& Mariae Gravestone conjugum, sponsoribus Roberto & Joanna 
Hardicre. J. Rigby. 
(32) 23. Nov. 150. Baptizavi Petrum Rogerson filium Thomae & 
Elizabethae Rogerson, conjugum. J. Rigby. 

24. Dec. 25. Baptizavi Thomam Walker lilium Gregorii & 
Elizabethae WaJker conjugum, sponsoribus Jacobo Ball & Dorothea 
Shepherd. J. Rigby. 



1. Jan. 16. Baptizavi Guillelmum Hayes filium Guillelmi & 
Annae Hayes conjugum, sponsoribus Josepho Mountain & Sara 
Hardnian. J. Rigby. 

2. 230. Baptizavi Joannam Shannon filiam Gavini & Ellenae 
Shannon conjugum, sponsoribus Joanne Harrison & J. Winder. 

J. Rigby. 

3. Feb. I. 29 Janii. Baptizavit Jacobum Dicconson lilium 
Jacobi & Annae conjugum, sponsore Alicia Huddersall. 

Nicolaus Bachelet.* 

4. 150. Baptizavi Joannem Harrison filium Roberti & Annae 
Harrison conjugum, sponsoribus Joanne Harrison & Marg : Walker. 

J. Rigby. 

5. eodemdie. Baptizavi, omissis coeremoniis, Richardum Soye 
filium Joannae Soye viduae in carcere constitutae. J. Rigby. 

6. Martii 20. Baptizavi Joannam Thompson filiam Guillelmi 
& Annae Thompson conjugum, sponsore Joanna Thompson. 

J. Rigby. 

7. Ap : 26. Baptizavi Ceciliam Swarbrick filiam Guilelmi & 
Mariae Swarbrick conjugum. sponsoribus Joan Proctor, Cath : 
Rowlandson. J. Worswick. 

[Maria ©istle^it (Thistlethwaite) in margin.] 

8. Mail 30. Baptizavit Joannem Dutton filium Joannis & 
Eliz : Datton conjugum, sponsore Thoma Dutton. Nic. Bachelet. 

9. 10°. Baptizavi Jacobum Gardner filium Joannis & Aliciae 
Gardner conjugum, sponsore Maria Drinkwell vice Aliciae Cross. 

J. Rigby. 

ID. eodem die. Baptizavi Christopherum Thompson filium 

(reorgii & Jacobi Thompson conjugum, sponsoribus Guillelmo & 

Anna Oldcorn. J. Rigby. 

11. 140. Baptizavi Mariam Gardner filiam Edwardi & Annae 
Gardner conjugum, sponsoribus Guillelmo & Alicia Hall. J. Rigb3^ 

12. 15®. Baptizavi Matthaeum Richardson filium Petri & 
Mariae Richardson conjugum, sponsoribus Jacobo Dicconson & 
Maria Ripley. J. Rigby. 

13. 240. Baptizavi Mariannam Lynass filiam Guil. & Annae 
Lsmass conjugum, sponsoribus Georgio Kirkham & Anna Wilkinson. 

J. Rigby. 

(33) 14.. 270. Baptizavi Isabellam Myerscough filiam Rich^ & 
Eliz : Myerscough conjugum, sponsoribus Edw^o Ducketh & Winifreda 
Myerscough. J. Rigby. 

15. 310. Baptizavi Thomam Ball filium Rich^ & Dor. Ball 
conjugum, sponsoribus Jac. Ball & Eliz : Verity. J. Rigbj^ 

♦ The Abbe Nicholas Bachelet, who also signs the register on May 3, 1795. 
and Dec. 14, 1797, was a French emigre residing in Lancaster, where he taught 
French, as well as at a school at Cantsfield. He also supplied about this time at 
Hornby {videC.R.S., iv, 323, 335), where, from information supplied, the writer 
incorrectly described his name as '* Bachlier." He died in 1799- His name 
is one of the numerous omissions by Plasse in his Le Clergc' Fratu;ais Rt'fugie en 


i6. Junii 4". Baptizavi Joannem Stephenson filiuni spurium 
Sarae Stevenson Cieremoniis postca suppletis. Sponsoribus Rob. 
Townson & Anna Cornali. J, Rigby. 

17. 140. Baptizavi Petrinn Rogerson filium Tlioniae & 

Rogerson conjugum sou priiis baptizato coeremonias supplevi, spon- 
soribus Henrico Kirkham & Maria Tomlinson. J, Rigbj-. 

18. 190. Baptizavi Madam Mooney filius Bern. & Eliz : 
Mooney, sponsoribus Joanne Muchlevaney & Eliz : Sliiers. J. Rigby. 

19. Julii 19. Baptizavi filiam Martham Richardi & Annae 
Forrest, sponsoribus Edwardo Gardner & Martha Baines. J. Rigby. 

20. eodem die. Baptizavi Henricum Omelvanny filiuni Joannis 
& Gratiae conjugum, sponsore Anna Dixon. J. Rigb}'. 

21. Aug. 90. Baptizavi Mariam Melicent Cornthwaite liliam 
Andreae & Eliz. Cornthwaite conjugum, sponsoribus Guillelmo & 
Maria Earnshaw. J. Rigb\'. 

22. 16°. Suj^plevi coeremonias super prius a me baptizatam 
Annam Tomlinson liliam Richardi & Annae conjugum, sponsoribus 
Marmaduco Ball & Anna Askew. J. Rigby. 

23. Sept. 13. Baptizavi Joannem Wells filium Henrici & 
Aimae conjugum, sponsoribus Thoma Gornal & Susanna Wilkinson. 

J. Rigby. 

24. eodem die. Baptizavi Saram Kimmis filiam Edwardi Sarae 
conjugum, sponsoribus Thoma Snape & Margarita Kimmis. J. Rigby. 

25. Oct. 25. Baptizavi Thomam Veritas seu potius coeremonias 
supplevi super prius baptizatum, sponsoribus Mariana Wahnsley. 

J. Rigby. 

26. 260. Baptizavi Elizabethan! Brisco filiam Petri & Sarae 
Conjugum, sponsoribus Eliz : Ball & Thoma Gornoel. J. Rigby. 

27. Nov. 8°. Baptizavi Aliciam Simpson filiam Thomae & 
Sarae conjugum, sponsoribus Joanne Swarbrick & Dorothea Shep- 
herd. J. Rigby. 

28. Dec. 16". Baptizavi Jacobum filium Cath. Wright in- 
carceratae, sine sponsoribus. J. Rigb}'. 

(34) 1796 

Jan. 310. Baptizavi Thomam filium Marg. & Andreae Fox con- 
jugum sponsoribus Joanne Harrison & Maria Slater. J. Rigby. 

2. Feb. 280. Baptizavi Mariam filiam Joannis & Joannae Ball 
Conjugum, sponsoribus Thoma Noble & Anna Croskell. J. Rigby. 

3. Martii 20^. Baptizavi Robertum filium Rob* & Joannae 
Addison conjugum, sponsoribus Joanne Ball & Maria Nightingale. 

J. Rigby. 

4. Eodem die baptizavi Elizabetham filiam Caroli & Mariac 
Lupton conjugum, sponsoribus Thoma Snape & Cath : Parke. 

J. Rigby. 

5. 250. Baptizavi Guillelnmm filium Michaelis & Margaritae 
Cross conjugum, sponsoribus Joanne IVIoony & Marg : Kinnnis. 

J. Rigby. 

6. eodem die, Baptizavi Christianum filium Edw^ & Annae 
Lennon conjugum, sponsoribus Joanne Hcnway & Maria Smith. 

J. Rigb)-. 


7. 270. Baptizavi ApoUoniam filiam Thomae & Marg. Davies, 
conjugum, sponsore Maria Slater. J. Rigby. 

8. Apr 17, Baptizavi Carolum Eidsforth filium Caroli & 

Eidsforth, conjngum, sponsoribiis Jacobo Taylor & Eliz. Pool. 

J. Rigby. 

Maii 50. Baptizavi Saram filiam Henrici & Rebeccae Finch con- 
jugiim, sponsore Anna Gomel. J. Rigby. 

8°. Baptizavi Joannem filium Joannis & Joannae Rimmer 
conjugum, sponsoribus Joseph© Mountain & Ellena Comthwaite 

11. 8°. & Annam filiam Thomae & Mablae Dutton conjugum, 
sponsoribu? Joanne Dutton & Joanna Thompson. J. Rigby. 

12. 22". Baptizavi Thomam Arling filium Richardi & Ellenae 
conjugum, sponsoribus Guillelmo Ball & Dor. Shepherd. J. Rigby. 

13. eodem die. Baptizavi Margaritam Baines filiam Jacobi & 
Ceciliae conjugum, sponsoribus Joanne Swarbrick & Ellena Swar- 
brick. J. Rigby. 

14. 310. Baptizavi Joannem filium Joannis & Mariae Carter 
conjugum, sponsoribus Jacobo Comthwaite & Joanna Croft. 

J. Rigby. 

15. Junii 50. Baptizavi Ellenam filiam Guillelmi & Margaritae 
Walker conjugum. Sponsoribus Roberto Threlfal & Eliz. Walker. 

J. Rigby. 

16. 190. Baptizavi Jacobum Philippum filium Jacobi & Mar- 
garitae Taylor conjugum. Sponsoribus Henrico Whiteside & Anna 
Com ah. J. Rigby. 

17. eodem die. Baptizavi Thomam Dickenson filium Guillelmi 
& Aliciae conjugum, sponsore Anna Hardicre. J. Rigby. 

18. Julii 180. Baptizavi Guillelmum Cuvin Parke filium 
N. & N. conjugum. Sponsore Ellena Mally. J. Rigby. 
(35) 19. 240. Baptizavi Mariam filiam Joannis & Mariae Tom- 
linson conjugum, sponsore Roberto Toxvnson. J. Rigby. 

20. eodem die, baptizavi Richardum filium Guillelmi & Cath- 
arinae Whiteside conjugum, sponsoribus Henrico Whiteside & Ellena 
Wilding vice Maria Highham. J. Rigby. 

21. Aug. 6°. Baptizavi Mariam filiam Jacobi & Elizabethae 
Pool conjugum, sponsoribus Thoma & Joanna Pilling. J. Rigby. 

22. 210, Baptizavi Saram filiam spuriam Ellenae Sharpies, 
sponsoribus Joanne Blackburn & Margarita Walker. J. Rigby. 

23. Sept. 180. Baptizavi Joannem filium Jacobi & Mariae 
Machel conjugum, sponsoribus Thoma & Susanna Wilkinson. 

24. eodem die. Baptizavi Isabellam filiam Henrici 8c Eliz. 
Walker conjugum. Sponsoribus Guill. & Marg. Walker. J. Rigby. 

25. Oct. iio. Baptizavi Annam filiam Joannis & Margaritae 
Slater Conjugum, sponsore Elizabetha Marshall Pennington. 

26. 160. Baptizavi Annam filiamJBemardi''& Elizabethae 
Mooney, sponsore Joanne Mooney. J. Rigby. 

27. Dec. 4. Baptizavi Joannem filium Philippi & Mariae 
M*gaire conjugum, sponsore Sophia Leonard. J. Rigby. 

28. 180. Baptizavi Annam D\nvier filiam Caroli & Mariae Dwyer 
conjugum, sponsoribus Joanne Harrison & Eliz: Pool. J. Rigby. 



1. Jan. 8. Baptizavi Christophenim filium Georgii & Joannae 
Thompson, sponsoribus Joanne vice Stephani & Judithae Oldcom. 

J. Rigby. 

2. Feb. 50. Baptizavi Mariam filiani Edwardi & Annae Gaidner 
conjugum, sponsoribus Giiillelmo & Anna Gardner. J. Rigby. 

3. 19°. Baptizavi Joannem filium Joannis & Mariae Cock con- 
jugum. Sponsoribus Francisco & Catharina Mountain. J. Rigby. 

4. Martii 5°. Baptizavi Josephum filium Gulielmi & Annae 
Oldcorn conjugum, sponsoribus Joanne & Maria Oldcorn, J. Rigby. 

5. Apr 50. Baptizavi Marmaducem filium Marmaducis & 
EUinae Ball conjugum. Sponsore Rob* Townson. J. Rigby. 

6. 90. Baptizavi Saram filiam Joannis & Sophiae Leonard con- 
jugum & 16° ejusdem mensis coeremonias supplevi, sponsore Maria 
M^Guire. J. Rigby. 
(36) 7. May 7 — 97. Baptizavi Thomam filium Joan: & Winif: 
Moscow (Myerscough) alias Eccles, conju : sponsoribus Thos. Moscow 
(Myerscough) & Anna Gardner. J. Worswick.* 

8. May 28 — 97. Bap : Ann Campbell — filiam Guliel : Campbell 
acatholici— Maria Moscha (Myerscough) conj., sponsoribus John 
Myerscough & Ellen Myerscough [Moscha crossed out]. 

J. Worswick. 

9. Julii 2°. Suscepi & coeremonias baptismatis supplevi, 
super Joannam filiam Ric' & Ellenae Harling, conjugum prius ab 
Ellena Poulton rite baptizatam, sponsoribus Joanne & Eliz : Ball. 

J. Rigby. 

10. 90. Baptizavi Jacobum filium Henrici & Rebeccae Finch 
conjugum. Sponsoribus Roberto Townson & Anna Harrison. 

J. Rigby. 

11. 23**. baptizavi Guillelmum filum Guillelmi & E. Eidsforth 
Conjugum, sponsoribus Roberto Tounson & Alicia Kirkham. 

J. Rigby. 

12. Sept. 30. Coeremonias supplevi super baptizatum Henricum 
filium Thomae & Eliz : Verity conjugum, sponsoribus Josepho 
Mountain & Sara Cock quae ipsum in mortis periculo baptizaverat. 

J. Rigby. 

13. 140. Baptizavi Elizabetham filiam Edwardi & Mariae 
Richardson, conjugum, sponsoribus Jacobo Dickenson & Eliz: Cass. 

J. Rigby. 

14. Oct. 1°. Baptizavi Edwardum filium Gavini & Ellenae 
Shannon, conjugum, sponsoribus Jacobo Sharpies & Maria Winder. 

J. Rigby. 

15. 8°. Baptizavi Mariam filiam Sarae & Thomae Simpson 
conjugum, sponsoribus Thoma Carter & Eliz : Comthwaite. 

J. Rigby. 

16. 26°. Baptizavi Mariam filiam Petri & Sarae Briscoe con- 
jugum, sponsoribus Guillelmo & Maria Briscoe. J. Rigby. 

17. 30°. Baptizavi Elizabetham filiam Guillelmi & Margaritae 

3(e Rev. John Worswick, son of Thomas Worswick, banker, and his wife 
Alice, daughter of Robert Gillow, Esq. {vide C.R.S., iv, 249, 323 ; xvi, 579), 


Forrest conjugum, sponsoribus Josepho Lambert & Elizabetha Bate- 
man. J. Rigby. 
i8. Nov. 12°. Baptizavi Elizabetham filiam Richardi & Doro- 
theae Ball, conjugum, sponsoribus Gul : Ball & Ellena Poulton. 

J. Rigby. 

19. Dec. 140. Baptizavit Thomam filium Ric : & Dor : Ball 
conjugum, sponsore Rich^ Ball. N. Bachelet. 

20. 240. Baptizavi Robertum filium Roberti & Annae Harrison, 
sponsoribus Roberto Townson & Anna Harrison. J. Rigby. 

21. 26°. Baptizavi Richardum filium Thomae & Ellenae 
Sharpies conjugum, sponsoribus Guillelmo Gomel & Maria Wain- 
house. J. Rigby. 

(37) 1798 

1. Jan. 280. Baptizavi mariam filiam Georgii&Mariae Joyce con- 
jugum, sponsoribus Jacobo Millington & Ellena Wildman. J. Rigby. 

2. eodem die. Baptizavi Ellenam, filiam Henrici & Eliza- 
bethae Walker, conjugum, sponsoribus Guillelmo Walker & Anna 
Johnson. J. Rigby. 

3. feb. 25°. Baptizavi Joannam filiam Guillelmi & Gratiae 
Hetherington, sponsoribus Georgio Ball & Joanna Ball. J. Rigby. 

4. Martii 230. Baptizavi Christophorum filium Guillelmi & 
Margie Walker, conjugum, postea spondentibus Henrico & Ell : 
Walker. J. Rigby. 

5. Aprilis 1°. Baptizavi Annam filiam Andreae & Margaritae 
Fox conjugum, sponsore Maria Slater. J. Rigby. 

6. eodem die. Baptizavi Annam filiam Joannis & Annae 
Gardner conjugum, sponsoribus Guillelmo Gardner & Maria Eccles. 

J. Rigby. 

7. Aprilis 8°. Baptizavi Catharinam filiam Patritii & Mariae 
Lennon, sponsoribus Joanne Morgan & Ellena Dixon. J. Rigbj\ 

8. 290. Baptizavi Thomam filium Marg : & Thomae Davies 
conjugum, sponsore Marg : Lee. J. Rigby, 

9. eodem die baptizavi Joannem filium Guillelmi & Mariae 
Swarbrick, conjugum, sponsoribus Roberto Leeming & Alicia Slater. 

J. Rigby. 

10. Maii 6°. Baptizavi Agnetem filiam Joannis & Joannae Ball 
conjugum, sponsoribus Joanne Noble & Elizabetha Carter. J. Rigby. 

11. 130. Baptizavi Annam filiam Richardi & Annae Fox con- 
jugum, sponsoribus Thoma Pilling & M. Pool. J. Rigby. 

12. 250. Baptizavi Georgium filium Joannis & Elizabethae 
Mattersby conjugum, spondentibus Joanne Ducketh & Ellena 
Myerscough. J. Rigby. 

13. 26°. Baptizavi Guilelmum filium Guillelmi & Catharinae 
Whiteside conjugum suppletis postea coeremoniis, spondentibus 
Edwardo Whiteside & Joanna Lupton. J. Rigby. 

14. eodem die. Baptizavi Jacobum* filium geminum eorundem 

♦ He subsequently became cashier of the Lancaster Banking Co., and 
dying a bachelor, bequeathed his estate to his sister Margaret, widow of WilHam 
Leeming, of Lancaster, who died at Lancaster Dec. 13, 1873. The Whiteside 
chantry in St. Peter's CathoUc church was founded by Mr. Whiteside, 


[Whiteside] suppletis pariter coeremoniis, spondentibus Guillelmo 
Lnpton vice Georgii Kirkham & Cath : Kirkham. J. Rigby. 

15. Junii30. Baptizavi Robertum filium Richardi & Margaritac 
Herdman conjugiim, sponsoribus Roberto Towiison & Ellena Hard- 
man. J. Rigby. 
(38) 16. 17. (Vide initium paginae proximae.) 

18. Baptizavi Catharinam filiam Bemardi & Eliz : 
Mooney Conjugiim, sponsoribus Petro Mooney & Marg. Kellam. 

J. Rigby. 

19. Julii 220. Baptizavi Saram filiam Joannis & Mariae Carter 
conjugum, sponsoribus Guillelmo Croft & Agnete Comthwaite, 

J. Rigby. 

20. eodem die. Baptizavi Dionysium filium Edwardi & Agnetis 
Lennard, sponsoribus Joanne Morgan & [?] Eliz. Dobson. J. Rigby. 

21. 230. Baptizavi Joannem Redman Bateman filium Aegidii 
& Aliciae, conjugum, sponsoribus Thoma Noble & Eliz : Bateman. 

.J. Rigby. 

22. Aug. 30. Baptizavi Thomam* filium Alexandri & Elizae 
Worswick conjugum, sponsoribus Richardo Worswick vice Joac. 
Andrade & Agnete Andrade.t J. Rigby. 

23. Sept. 90. Baptizavi Ellenam, filiam Hcnrici & Annae WeUs 
conjugum, sponsoribus Anna Croskell & Thoma Noble. J. Rigby. 

24. eodem die. Baptizavi Carolum filium Caroli & Mariae 
Dwyer conjugum, sponsoribus Thoma Gomal & Ellena Beetham. 

J. Rigby. 

25. 190. Baptizavi Margaritam filiam RobertiS & Annae 
Gillow Conjugum, sponsoribus Richardo Gillow & Marg : Stanwitz 

J. Rigby. 

26. Nov. 40. Baptizavi Joannem filium Jacobi & Aliciae B^, 
conjugum, sponsoribus Henrico Ball & Eliz. Carter. J. Rigby. 

27. 70. Baptizavi Jacobum filium Jacobi & Marthae Dickenson 
conjugum, sponsoribus Richardo Dickenson & Maria Richardson. 

J. Rigby. 

28. 18°. Baptizavi Joannem filium Guillelmi & Mariae Bjlll 
conjugum, spondentibus Thoma & Alicia La5^eld. J, Rigby. 

29. 250. Baptizavi Mariam filiam Thomae & Mariae Ripley 
conjugum, spondentibus Edwardo Richardson & Eliz : Cass. 

J. Ripley. 

30. Dcc^ 140 Baptizavi Thomam filium Jacobi & Eliz : Pool, 
conjugum, sponsoribus Henrico Whiteside & Maria Pilling. 

J. Rigby. 

31. 280. Baptizavi Aliciam filiam Annae Johnson, spondente 
Eliz : Myerscough vice Dorotheae Gardner. J. Rigby. 

♦ Thomas Worswick, son of Alexander Worswick by his third wife Eliza 
Kirkman, succeeded to the Leighton Hall estate upon the death of his father. 
July 29, 1814, aged 49. This estate a few years later was purchased by his 
cousin, Richard Gillow, Esq., and Thomas Worswick subsequently died a 
bachelor at Liscard in the seventies. 

^ vidf under Leighton. 

} Robert Cxillow, of Clifton Hill, Esq., vide under Leighton. 


(39) 1799 

1. Jail. 11°. Baptizavi Joannam* filiam Thomae & Eliz, 
Coulston conjuguin, spondentibiis Carolo Lupton & Ellena Wilding, 

J. Rigby 

2. 290. Baptizavi Henricum filium Guillelmi & Annae Lynass 
sponsoribus Joanne Cock & Susanna Standen. J. Rigby, 

3. feb. 30. Baptizavi Mariam filiam Georgii & Elizae Ball con 
jugum, sponsoribus Henrico & Joanna Ball. J. Rigby 

4. feb. 180. Baptizavi Joannam Dickenson [corrected from 
Harrison] filiam Th. & E con jugum J. Rigbj'- 

5. feb. 17 (or 19). Baptizavi Mariam filiam Richi & Eliz. Cass 
con jugum, sponsoribus Carolo Lupton & E. Capstick. J. Rigby 

6. 20°, Baptizavi, seu coeremonias supplevi super prius a me 
baptizatam Mariam filiam Caroli & Mariae Lupton, spondentibus 
Thoma Coulston & Priscilla Capstick. J. Rigby. 

(40) [The following two entries referred to at the top of page 38.] 

16. 22^^. Baptizavi Christophorum filium Jacobi & Margaritae 
Taylor conjugum, sponsoribus Carolo Eidsforth & Anna Comah. 

J. Rigby, 
ly. Julii 1°. Baptizavi Jacobum filium Jacobi & Sarae Standen. 
sponsoribus Thoma Standen & Elizabetha Croft. J. Rigby. 

Memorandum by Canon Walker. 

{41) 1793 

In this year after the entry of the baptism of Joseph Atkinson 
on the 14 Ap. — are three entries which are almost illegible from the 
fading of the ink — I have thought it well to copy them. 

(10) April 25. Baptizavi Thomam filium Marmaduke Ball 
Catholici et Helenae Hodgson acatholicae conjugum natum die 200. 
Sponsoribus Gulielmo Briscow et Anna Askew. 

(11) 28. Baptizavi Mariam filiam Caroli & Mariae Lupton 
Conjugum — sponsoribus Joanne Lupton & Margarita Carter. 

[12] Maii I. Baptizata est Joanna filia Gulielmi Oldcorn & 
Annae Heaton conjugum — Sponsoribus Stephano et Joanna Oldcorn. 

It does not appear who was the minister of these three baptisms, 
the signature of the Rev. T. Caton who baptized Joseph Atkinson is 
in different ink and perfectly legible. William Canon Walker 

3 Nov. 1884. 

[Pages 42 to 57 blank. On page 58 are the last entries of marriages, 
in 1798, commencing from the reverse end of the hook, as follows.] 
[Page I Reversed] Marriages performed in the Catholic Chapel at 

Jan. 16. I married Cuthbert Cardwell & Alice Pennington in the 
Presence of 

Richd. Pennington 

& Frances Michel John Rigby 

sign + 
* She died in infancy. Her father, who was a tanner, came to Lancaster 
with his brothers, John and Gabriel, from Wennington or Wray, and all made 
considerable fortunes during the Napoleonic wars. The youngest brother, 
Thomas, owned and resided at Well House, near Lancaster. 


Jan, 17. I underwritten Priest at Lancaster married John Ball & 
Jane Comthwaite In presence of 
Robert Cornthwaite 

Mary Ball John Rigby 

Agnes Comthwaite 

June 11*^. I underwritten Priest at Lancaster married W™ Croft & 
Jane Carter In presence of 
Joseph foster 

Ann Melling John Rigby 

Sept. 29*^^. I underwritten Priest of Lancaster married Rich* 

Simpson & Ann Bateman John Rigby 

(2 R.) 1788. 

Sept. 29. I underwritten priest at Lancaster married James Dickinson 
and Ann Hardicre in presence of 
Robert + Hardicre 


John + Harrison J. Rigby 

Ann Harrison 
Dec. 18*. I underNvritten priest of Lancaster married John Gamer 
& Ann Eccles in presence of 
Thomas Eccles 

Elling Duckett J. Rigby 

Feby. g^^. I underwritten priest at Lancaster married Charles 
Dw3^e & Mary Hnrd in presence of 
Andrew Cornthwaite 


Alice + Hothersall 


(3 R) 1789. 

Oct' 13*11. I underwritten, priest of Lancaster married Joseph 
Mountain & Margaret Ponlton in presence of 
Thos. Verity 


Alice + Hothersall J. Rigby 



April i2**». I underwritten, priest of Lancaster married Thomas 
Hodgskinson & Elizabeth Dizon in presence of 
Thoms Foster 


Alice + Hothersal J. Rigby 


May io*i». I underwritten priest of Lancaster married Gregory 
Walker & Elizabeth Ball in presence of 
J. Ball 

Jane Ball J. Rigby 

G. Ball 


(4 R.) 1790. 

Sepf ii**». I underwritten priest of Lancaster married Thomas 
Verity & Elizabeth Cock in presence of 

Henry Cock J. Rigby 

Ann Hatton 

Nov. 28. I underwritten priest of Lancaster married Anthony 
Billington & Jane Dixon 
in presence of 

W™ Eamshavv J. Rigby 

John Towers 
Betty Waterhouse 

JanT ID. I underwritten priest at Lancaster married Joseph 
Osbaldeston & Ann Brown 
In presence of 

J. foster — J. Rigby 


Marg. + Harrison 


(5 R.) March 6. 

I underwritten Priest at Lancaster married John Cock & Mary 
In presence of 

Joseph Mountain J. Rigby 

Catreane Mountane 
May 2. 

I underwritten priest of Lancaster married Joseph Shepherd & Mar- 
garet Edmnndson in presence of 

Rich<* Kirkham J. Rigby 

Ann Kirkham 

May i6, 1791. 

I underwritten priest of Lancaster, married John Mierscough & 

Winifred Eccles 

in presence of 

Thomas Eccles J. Rigby 


Betty + Mierscough 


R, Myerscough 

{6 R.) 1791. 

June 13. I underwritten priest of Lancaster married John Carter & 
Mary Comthwaite in presence of 

Edward Noble 

Agnes Comthwaite J. Rigby 


May 6 Chamley & Esther Bradley were married by 

T. Caton, Priest 

jn presence of 
T. Stersickar 


April 8. George Corbesley* & Eliz : Croskell were married by T. 
Caton. Priest 
in presence of 
John Roskay 
& Agnes Ball 
May 22<*. I underwritten priest of Lancaster married Thomas 
Shaw & Margaret Bramwell 

In presence of J. Rigby 

Rob: Croskell 
(7 R.) July 7. I underwritten priest of Lancaster married Henry 
Gregson & Mary Cornthwaite 

In presence of J. Rigby 

James Cornthwaite 
Dorothea Lawrenson 
Aug. 30. I underwritten priest of Lancaster married Henry Wells 
& Ann Wilkinson 

Henry Kirkham J. Rigby 

Susanna Wilkinson 
Nov. 23^. I underwritten P* of Lan' married Rob* Johnson & Mary 

in presence of J. Rigby 

John Kay 
Jane Cotham 

Nov. 2^. I underwritten priest of Lan^ married Rob* Moore & 
Elizabeth Myerscough 

in presence of * J . Rigby 


Rich<* + Myerscough 


Mary + Myerscough 



May 24*1^. I underwritten priest of Lancaster married Rich^J Myeiv 
scough & Elizabeth Ward 

In presence of J. Rigby 

John + Ducketh 


Ellen + Myerscough 


(8 R.) Oct. 13. I underwritten Priest at Lancaster married Henry 
Kirkham & Alice Hothersall 

In presence of J. Rigby 

Miss Kirkham 

5(s George Corbishley, of Claughton-in-Lonsdale, and subsequently of 
Cockersand Abbey, and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Croskell, by 
Winifred, daughter of William Ball, of Dolphin Lee {vide C.R.S., vi, 247I. 


Nov. i6. I underwritten priest at Lancaster, married Randolph 
Penswick* & Dorothy Ball 

In presence of J. Rigby 

Cath. Penswick 
Rob. Gillow 

July 24. I underwritten priest at Lancaster married Rich^ Penning- 
ton & Isabel Walker 

In presence of J. Rigby 

William Walker 
Rob* Townson 
Nov. 6. I underwritten prest of Lancaster married Rob* Hirst & 
Elizabeth Snape 


James + Hirst J, Rigby 


Mary + Dilworth 



Jan. 29. I underwritten priest of Lancaster married James Dickin- 
son & ]\Iartha Baines 

In presence of J. Rigby 

Edward Richardson 
& Margmt Dickinson 
(9 R.) April 16. 

I underwritten, priest of Lancaster, married John Mattersby & Eliza- 
beth Ducketh 

In presence of J. Rigby 

John Ducketh 
& Ellen Myerscough 
April 28*^^. I underwritten priest of Lancaster married George 
Kirkham & Catharine Parke (? Parker) 

In presence of J. Rigby 

Henry BeU 
Helen Wilding 
Sept. 29. I underwritten priest of Lancaster privately married W"" 
Ball Sc Mary Layfield who had before been married according to 
the law of the Land J. Rigby 

Nov. 25*^. I underwritten, priest of Lancaster married Thomas 
Standen & Susan Rogerson 

In presence of J. Rigby 

James Standen 
Ellen Wilding 
[This is page 58 from the obverse end of the book.] 

•K- Randolph (or Randal) Penswick became agent to the Gerards of Bryn. 
He was brother to Bishop Thoma.s Penswick and the Rev. John Penswick. 
His wife was the daughter of Robert Ball, of Dolphin Lee {vide C.R.S.,vi, 246). 



Book II. 
*(Page i) Baptismatum Catalogus incip. ab eodem anno 1799. 
Jan. 10° Baptizavi Joannem filiam Thomae & Eliz. 

1. Joannes Coulston Coulston conjugum, sponsoribus Carolo Lupton 

& EUena Wilding. J. Rigby. 

290 Baptizavi Henricum, filium Guillelmi & Annae 

2. Henricus Lynass Lynass conjugum, spons. Joan. Cock & Susan. 

Standen. J. Rigby. 

Feb. 30 Baptizavi Mariam filiam Georgii & Eliz. Ball 

3. Maria Ball conjugum, Spons. Henrico & Joanna Ball. 

J. Rigby. 
160 Baptizavi Joannem Dickenson, filium Th. & 

4. Jo. Dickenson Eliz. conjugum, nullo respondente. Mortuusest. 

J. Rigby. 
170 Baptizavi Mariam filiam Rich' & Eliz. Cass 

5. Maria Cass conjugum, Sponsoribus Car. Lupton & Pr. 

Capsticke. J. Rigby. 

20° Baptizavi seu potius caeremonias supplevi super 

6. Maria Lupton prius a me baptizatam Mariam filiam Car. & 

Mariae Lupton conjugum, spons. Thoma Couls- 
ton & Priscilla Capstick. J. Rigby. 

7. Gardner Baptizavit Gardner, filium Thomae 

& Gardner conjugum, Sponsoribus 

Roberto & A. Corlass. Jacobus Foster. 

Martii 310 

8. Thos. Marshall Baptizavi Thomam llarsball filium Annae & 

Th , conjugum ; sine caeremoniis. Post duos 

dies, obiit. J. Rigby, 

Eodem die. 

9. Joanna Bailes Baptizavi Joannam filiam Thomae & Marthae 
Bailes conjugum, sponsoribus Joanne Harrison 

& Eliz. 


die 8^ 



die I2« 


Junii die 7 
die 17 



Num. Mensis Dies 

17. Aug 

Maria Cock 

ex Joanne & Maria 

Marg. Woriwick 
ex Alex. & Mari4 

Ed. Kimmis 
Alicia Moran 
ex Guil. & Maria, C. 
Edw<i"'» Hare 
Anna Gillow 
ex A. & Rob' G. 
Joannem Campbell 
ex Gul. & Maria 

nil baati 
25. Joannes M<=Kaye 
ex Bern. & Anna 

die 1 9° 
die 40 

die 22° 

Henric. Bell. 
M. Verity. 

Carolus Dwyer. 
Esther Balshaw. 

Sine sponsoribus. 
Edw^o Verdon. 
Ellena Comthwaite. 
Sine Spons. m. 
mortua est. 

Joanne Myerscough. 
Eliz. Myerscough. 

Joanne Leyfield. 
Alicia Dunbobin. 

J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 



J. Rigby. 

nn baantis 
J. Rigby. 

* N.B. — The pages of the register are not numbered, 
the book, after which the numbering ceases. 

Page I is page 59 of 




eodem die Eliz. Shannon 

Carolo Dywer. 

J. Rigby. 

ex Gavino & EllenA 

Anna Shannon. 



Joannes Walker 

Guillelmo Holding. 

J. Rigby. 



ex Hen. «& Eliz. 

MargS Walker. 


eodem die Isabella Oldcorn 

Joanne Worswick. 

J. Rigby. 

ex Gul. & Anna 

Isabella Oldcorn. 



Maria Addison 

ex Thoma & Joanni 

Gul. Eamshaw. 
.\nna Comah. 

J. Rigby. 




Maria Slater 

ex Joanne & Marg. 

Anna Dickenson. 

J. Rigby. 



Maria Gadgeon 
ex Mat. et Marg. 

Rosa Hare. 

J. Rigby. 




Jacobus Gilmer 
ex Dan. & Sari 

Petro Mooney. 
Anna Shannon. 

J. Rigby. 



Alex' Worswick* 
ex Alexo & Eliz*. 

Richd. Worswick. 
Alicia Holme. 

J. Rigby. 



Richard Standen 
ex Thoma & Sara 


& Anna Noble. 

J. Rigby. 



Hugo Tomlinson 
ex Anna & Hugon. 

W»° Forrest. 

J. Rigby. 



Maria Finch 

Gull. Walker. 

J. Rigby. 



ex Hen. & Rebec. 


Eliz. Dobson. 




Joannes Myerscough 
ex Joan. & Win. 

Joanne Ducketh. 
Alicia Ducketh. 

J. Rigby. 



Henri. Worswick 
ex Joanne & Agnate 

Jud. Oldcorn. 

J. Rigby. 




Maria Machel 

ex Maria, & Jacobo 

Jac. Standen 
& Anna Lynass. 

J. Rigby. 


Martii 6. 

Edwi Richardson 

Jacobo Sharpies 

J. Rigby. 

ex Edw<i & Maria 

Sara Wilkinson. 



Mariam Huddlestone 
ex Jac. & Maria 

Alicia Dunbabin. 

J. Rigby. 



Jacobum Dickenson 
ex Gul. & Alicia 

Henr. Parker 

& Ellena Maccarel. 

J. Rigby. 



Edw. Gardner 

ex Joanne & Anna 

Joanne Ducketh 
& Win. Myerscough 
vice Eliz. Eccles. 

J. Rigby. 



Georgius Eirkham 
ex Greor. & Cath. 

Henrico Bell. 
Maria Huddlestone. 

J. Rigby. 



Eliz. Capstick 

Rob« Westby. 

J. Rigby. 

ex Priscilia & Jac" 

EHz. Smethies. 





Richard Harrison 
ex Rob. & Anna 

Joanne Harrison. 
Alicia Smith. 

J. Rigby. 




Marg. Battenby 
ex Joanne & Eliz. 

Thoma Myerscough. 
Alicia Ducketh. 

J. Rigby. 



Guil. Verity 

Thoma Noble \prius 

J. Rigby. 

ex Thoma & Eliz. 

Francisca Cock j" baatam. 



Thomam Standen 
ex Jac. & Sara 

Joanne Woods. 
Eliz. Scott. 

J. Rigby. 



Anna Rasbottom 
ex Thoma & Marg. 

Rich" Dickenson. 
Sara Wilkinson. 

J. Rigby. 




Joannes Sharpies 
Ellenae Sharpies 

N. Bachelet 



Dionysius Lennon 
ex Edw<» & Anna 

Petro MeGrady. 
Rosa Hare. 

J. Rigby. 




Guill. ONea 

ex Brig. & Rich. 

Thos. ONeil. 
Marg. Murphy. 

J. Rigby. 



Thomam Gardner 
ex Joanne & Maria 

Joanne Carter. 
Joanna Ball. 

J. Rigby. 

if. Alexander Worswick died in infancy. 







Nov. 3. 

(4) 26. Nov. 1 1 

Edwi Kimmis 
Guillol. Whiteside 
ex Gul. & Cath. 
Marii BaU 
ex Rich. & Dor» 
Margaritam Scott 
ex Robo & KHz. 
Mat. Dwyer 
Ex Car. & Maria 
Guil. Fox 

ex Marg. & Andrea 
Alexan. Swarbrick 
ex Gul. & Maria 
Anna Smith ex Rich" 
& Alicia 

Prise. Capstick. 
Edvvo Whiteside. 
JoannS. Lupton. 
RIaria Ball. 

Jacobo Standcn. 
Marg. Lynass. 
Guil. Earnshavv. 
Sarah McHume. 
Joanne Ball. 

Eliz. Dobson. 

X. Bachelet. 
N. Bachelet. 

J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 

Joanne Harrison Gul. Smith. 

& Marg* Blacoe 

vice W°» Smith Joanni Blacoe 





Anna Wells ex Henrico Wells 

& Anna 
Martinus ex Richardo Cass 

& Elin 
Josephus ex Georgio Thompson 

& Joanna 
Margarita exGuilM" Walker 

& Marga. 

[. 25. 

Guillelmus ex Thom4 
& Ellena 



Feb. Miles 

5. I. 

6. 22. Elizabeth 

ex Jacobo 
& Alicia 

ex Joanne 
& A. 

ex Rich^o 
& Ellena 
ex Georgio 
& Eliz. 








& Joanna Blacoe. 
Joanne Swarbrick. 
Ellena Lupton. 
Joan. Wilkinson. 
Maria Ripley. 
Thoma Oldcom 
& Anna Oldcom. 
Carolo Dwyer. 
Esther Balshaw, 

Joan. & 

Anna Harrison. 
Jac. Leeming & 
Joan Allison. 

ex Joanne 

& Joanna 

Martii Elizabethan ex Alex" Worswick 
9. 5, & Elizabetha 

10. ID. Alicia ex Roberto Gillow 

& Anna 
April Joannes ex Michele IWKewen 

11. 5. & Sara 

(5) Margarita ex Gul. & Etherington 

12. 19. Gratia 

13- 19- Joanna ex Roberto Threlfall 
& Sara 

14. 26. Richardus ex Thoma Bailes 

& Martha 

15. 29. Joannes ex Thoma Coulston 

& Elizabeth^ 
Maii Elizabetha ex Guillelmo Ball 

16. 10. & Maria 

17. 240 Richardus Richardo Tomlinson 

& Maria 
Julii Thomas Roberto & Sunmer 

18. 40 Elizabetha 

Joanne Townson. 
AnncL Fox. 
Maria Simpson. 

Ric° Turner 
& Anna Harrison. 
Rob» Gillow. 
Ann Unsworth. 
Rich" Gillow 
& Alicia Gillow. 
Carolo Dwyer. 
Ellena Mally. 
Ric<i° Green. 
Agnete Comthwaite 
Thoma Verity 
& Anna Hatton. 
Joanne Wood 
& Esther Balshaw. 
Gabriele Coulston 
& Joanni. Coulston. 
Thoma Carter. 
Anna Laylield. 
Edwdo Houlard 
& Marg. Dobson. 
Rob° Townson. 
Marg« Harrison. 

J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 

j. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby, 

J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 

5|t Elizabeth Worswick became a nun at Princethorpe. 



19. 5° Elizabetha Roberto Hardicre 

Anna Diccinson. 

J. Rigby. 

S: Elizabetha 

20. 6° Jacobus 

Henrico Bell 

Georgio Kirkham. 

J. Rigby. 

& Alicia 

Ruth Bell. 

Aug. Richardus 

Richardo Singleton 


J. Rigby. 

21. 9° 

dc Margarita 

Priscilia Capstick. 

22. i6<» Jacobus 

Ellena Ibbetson 

Edwdo Houlard. 

J. Rigby. 

23. 23. Joannes 

ex Joanne Ball 

Brian Comthwaite 

J. Rigby. 

& JoannsL 

Lt Joanna Allison. 

Sept. Joannes 

ex Carolo Dwyer 

Thoma Coulston 


24. 6° 

& Maria 

& Ellena Davies 


Csrem. sup. 

J. Rigby. 

25. 130 Elizabetha ex Henrico Walker 

Thoma Baines 

J. Rigby. 

& Elizabetha 

& Margarita Blacoc 

26. Thomas 

ex Thoma Addison 

Joanne Worswich. 

J. Rigby. 

& Joanna 

Anna Bullen. 

Oct. Guillclmus 

ex Gullielmo Campbell 

Th. Myerscough. 

J. Rigby. 

27. 11° 

& Maria 

Mar. Myerscough. 

28. 21 Robertas 

ex Georgio Kirkham 

Guiinio Hall 

J. Rigby. 

& Catharina 

& Maria Caton. 

29. 2i» Thomas 

ex iisdem Eorkham 

Joanne Lupton. 
Agnete Caton. 

J. Rigby. 

30. Nov. Joannes 

ex Thoma Standen 

T. Standen. 

31. 13. & Thomas 

& Susanna 

32. 29. Dorothea 

ex Josepho Dobson 

Edwi Whiteside 

J. Rigby. 

& Elizabetha 

& Mary Tomson. 

(6) EUena 

Richardo Smith 

Thoma Harrison 

J. Rigby. 

33- 29. 

& Alicia 

& Alicia Smith. 

34. Dec. Thomas 

Jacobo Capstick 

Joanna Noble cS: 

J. Rigby. 


& Priscilia 

Thoma Coulston. 

35. 13. Maria 

ex Maria Winder 

Carolo Dwyer 6c 
Joanna Winder. 

J. Rigby. 

I. Jan. Joannes 

Guillelmo Bennet 

Josepho Mountain. 

J. Rigby. 



Anna Unsworth. 

Febru. Guilielmus 

ex Guillelmo Gardner 

John Gardner. 

Le Tellier. 

2. 16. 

& Elizabeth 

Alice Gardner. 

3. 28. Jacobus 

ex Patricio Danvers 

Patricio Curran 

J. Rigby. 

& Margarita 

& Joanna Townson 

4. Mar. Joannes 

ex Joanne Bradley 

Joanna Thompson. 

J. Rigby. 



5. 14. Alexander 

ex Alexo Worswick 

& Maria 

ex Joanne Rimmcr 

Sine sponsore. 

J. Rigby. 

6. Apr. Elizabeth 

Guil. Morton & 

J. Rigby. 


& Joanna 

Joanna Lupton. 

7. 20. Joannes 

ex Thoma Carter 

Joanne Carter 6: 

J. Rigby. 

& Maria 

Maria Simpson. 

May Richardus 

Thomas Repleys 

Thos. Noble. 

Le Tellier. 

8. 7. 

& Maria 

Sarah Wilkinson. 

Junii Helena 

bnh Battersbuy 

Simon Myerscough. 

Le Tellier. 

9. 6. 


Mary Duckaet. 

10. 12. Ellena 


Sine sponsoribus. 

J. Rigby. 

& alii duo. 


II. 16. Alicia 

ex Elizabetha Worswick 
& Alex" 


J. Rigby. 

12. 20. Margarit4 

ex Jacobo Huddlestone 

Thoma Layfeild. 

J. Rigby. 

& Maria 

Maria Parr. 

Julii Isabella 

ex Joanne MyerscOUgh 

Jacobo Myerscough J. Rigby. 

13. 11. 

& Winifrida 

& Anna Gardner 
vice Eliz. Eccles. 


Aug. Joanna 
14. I. 
I. 15. Anna 

16. 17. Maria 

17. 22. Margarita 

1 3. 29. Thomas 

(7) Sept. Maria- 

19. II. Agnes 

20. 19° Guillelmus 

21. 20° Elizabetha 


22. 26° Joanna 

Oct. Margarita 

23- 3- 

24. 22° Richardus 

25. 240 Thomas 

Nov. Henricus 

26. I4*» 
Dec. Anna 

27. 19. 

1, 6° Robertus 

2, 23° Josephus 

3. 25" Eliza 

4. 3o» Thomas 
feb. Joannes 

5- 13- 

6. 19" Joannes 

7. 20<» Robertus 

Mart. Georgius 

8. 7. 

9. 18. Joannes 

10. 20. Elizabetha 

Aprilis Maria 

11. 5- 

12. 24. Anna 

Mali Joannes 

13- I- 

14. 15. Margarita 

(8) Anna 
16. 19° Guillelmus 


ex Richardo Uyencoagh 

& Elizabetha 

ex Richardo Hoole 

& Alicia 

ex Richardo Cornthwaite 

& Joanna 

ex Joanne Sunter 

& Joanna 

ex Joanne Wonwick 

& Agnete 

ex Joanne Walmsley 

& Marii 

ex Thoma Downs 

& Margarita 

ex Roberto Threllall 


ex Georgio Ball 

& Elizabetha 

ex Jacobo Standen 


ex Andrea Cornthwaite 

& Elizabetha 

ex Thoma Broderick 


ex Henrico Walker 

& Elizabetha 

ex Edwardo Lennon 

& Anna 

ex Jacobo Harris 
& Maria 
ex Andrea Pox 
& Margarita 
filia militis Dunn 
et sponsae 
ex Thoma Bailes 
& Martha 
ex Richardo Johns on 

& Judith 

ex Richardo Smith 

& Alicia 

ex Roberto Scott 

& Elizabetha 

ex Thoma Gardner 

& Ellena 

ex Richardo Singleton 

& Margarita 

ex Jacobo Ball 

& Alicia 

ex Guilelmo Walker 

& Margarita 

ex Gavino Shannon 

& Ellena 

ex Simone Hyerscough 

& Anna 

ex Guillelmo Bennett 

& Anna 

ex Thoma Standen 

& Susanna 

ex Ellena Sharpies 

Joanne Layfield. J. Rigby. 

Ellena Dunbabin. 

Briano Cornthwaite J. Rigby. 

& Ellena Cornthwaite. 

Gilliclmo Walker. J. Rigby. 

Judith Oldcom. 

Guillelmo Eamshaw. J. Rigby. 

Dorothea Carter. 

Maria Anma Bradshaw. J. Rigby. 

Patricio Wood. 
Margarita Sanders. 
Joanne Cock. 
Maria Valentine. 
Thoma Carter. 
Maria Simpson. 
Jacobo Standen. 
Margarita Lynass. 
Edwardo Houlard. 
Martha Poulton. 
Sine sponsoribus. 

J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 

Joanne Walker 

& Ellena Walker. 

Arthuro O'Donnely J. Rigby. 

& Elizab. Townson. 

Thoma Baines 
& Mana Dwyer. 
Joanne BalL 

J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 

Mortua est 

post paucos dies. 

Richo. Kellam 

& Eliza Wainhouse. 

Jos. vice Joannis 


& Joanna Thompson. J. Rigby. 

Rich. Kellam J. Rigby. 

& Anna Moreton. 

Jacobo Icapstick. l^'tby- 

& Priscilla 
Guilm° Ball 
& Eliz. Fox. 
Henrico Finch. 
Joanna Sunter. 
Carolo Dwyer 
& Marg. Eamshaw, 
Joanne Tomlinson 
& Eliz. Browne. 
Henrico Walker 
& Joanna Noble. 
Rich. Singleton 
& Marga. Lynass. 
Maria Thornton. 

J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 


J. Rigby. 



17. 310 Georgius 

ex Roberto Harrison 

Roberto Wells. 

J. Rigby. 

cS: Anna 

Marg. Townson. 

Junii Thomas 

ex Matth£eo Waterhouse 

1 Guil. Ball 

J. Rigby. 

18. 19 

& Agnete 

& Anna Fox. 

Julii Joannes 

ex Henrico Ball 

Jacobo Myerscough 

J. Rigby. 

19- 3- 

& Anna 

I'v: Eliz. Fox. 

20. eod°» Joanna 

ex Thom4 Addison 

Richo Morton 

J. Rigby. 

& Joanna 

& Anna Comah. 

21. 17° Guillelmus ex Jacobo Capstick 

Guil. Smithies 

J. Rigby. 

& Priscilla 

& Sara Lund. 

22. 240 Agnes 

ex Georgio Thompson 

Jos. vice Guillelmi 

J. Rigby. 

& Joanna 


& Anna Cragg. 

Aug. Maria Anna ex Josepho Dobson 

Chirst. Wharton 

J. Rigby. 

23. i» 

& Elizabeth^ 

& Agnete Comah 
& Anna Cragg. 

24. 19° Christopher ex Roberto Sumner 

Thoma Townson 

J. Rigby. 

& Elizabeth^ 

& Anna Hatton. 

25. eod. Thomas 

ex Henrico Pinch 

Rich. Kellam 

J. Rigby. 

& Rebecca 

(i Maria Smith. 

Sept. Josephus 

ex Josepho Wainright 

Jacobo Smith 

J. Rigby. 

26. 11° 

& Susann4 

& Anna Harrison. 

27. 180 Georgius 

ex Georgio Metcall 

Thoma Layfield 

J. Rigby. 

& Elizabeth^ 

& Alicia Ball. 

28, eodem Carolus ex Carolo Dwyer 

Thoma Gomal 

J. Rigby. 

& Maria 

& Marg. Lupton. 

Oct. Alexander j(c ex Alexo Wonwick 

Joanne t \ Worswick J- Rig^y. 

29. II. 

& Elizabetha 

& Maria /Wors%MCf- 

30. 16" Agnes 

ex Richardo Ball 

Jacobo Leeming 

J. Rigby. 

& Dorothea 

& Joanna Cowel. 

Nov. Sara Anna 

ex Roberto Gillow 

Ric. & All. Gillow 

J. Rigby. 

31. 14. 

& Anna 

vice Georgii & 
Judith Gillow. 

32. 270 Joannes 

ex Guillelmo Gardner 


J. Rigby. 

& Elizabetha 

33. eodem Maria 

ex Thoma Layfleld 

Jacobo Capstick 

J. Rigby. 

& Sarah 

& Eliz. Metcalf. 


Jan. Maria 

ex Joanne Hope 

Jacobo Morris 

J. Rigby. 

I. 31. 

& Maria 

& Eliz. Wainhouse, 

feb. Anna 

ex Roberto Threlfall 

Rico. Morton. 

J. Rigby. 

2. 5- 

& Sara 

; uli» Jenmison. 

3. 15. Joannes 

ex Richardo Kellam 

' lich. Baines. 

J. Rigby. 

& Margarita 

Maria Huddlestone. 

4. 22. Thomas 

ex Joanne Sunter 
& Joanna 

Marga. Walker. 

J. Rigby. 

5. 28. Joanna 

ex Joanne Ball 
& Joanna 

Marg. Parker. 

J. Rigby. 

(9) Martii Joannes 

ex Joanne Battersby 


a matre. 

6. 2. 

& Elizabetha 

& mortua. 

7. 4. Maria 

ex Jacoba Blarbeck 

Carolo Dwyer 

J. Rigby. 

& Sara 

& Alicia Fox. 

8. 29. Anna 

ex Georgio Kirkham 

Thoma Ij^^oble. 
& Joanna/ 

J. Rigby. 

Elizabeth & Catharini 

Apr. Anna 

ex Juditha Johnion 

Jos. & Anna Oldcorr 

1 J. Rigby. 

9. 8. 

& Richardo 


Guil. & Marise Oldcom. 

Mali Joannes 

ex Agnete Smethies 

Sine Sponsore 

J. Rigby. 

10. 11, 

Aug. 8, 1803 seu Marsh 

Suppletis csremoniis 

super prius baatum. 
* Alexander Worswick died May 25, 1827, a bachelor, 
f Rev. John Worswick. 



II. i.v Joanna 

ex Edwardo Walton 

WO Fulloflove. 


& Joanna 

Anna Fullolovc. 

12. -20. Richavdus 

ex Rico Singleton 

Thoma \standcn, 
& Susanna / 

J. Rigby. 

& Marga 

Julii Georgius 

ex Georgio Ball 

Richd \^ 
& Alicia/^*"- 

J. Rigby. 

13. 8. 

& Elizabetha 

14. 20° Elizabetha 

ex Bernardo Moony 
tt Elizabetha 

Estherc Balshaw. 

J. Rigby. 

Aug. Joanna 

cxGuillelmo Hetherington Jacobo Leeming 

J. Rigby. 

15- 5- 

& Gratia 

& Joanna Cowell. 

16. 8. Jacobus 

ex Joanne Wilkinson 

Joanne Worswick 

J. Rigby. 

& Sara 

& Joanna Johnson. 

Sept. Guillelmus 

ex Francisco Codoni 

Jacobo Anderson 

J. Rigby. 

17. 4. 

& Ellena 

& Marg. Townson. 

18. 10° Alicia 

ex Thoma Baines 

Guill" Coulston. 

J. Rigby. 

& Joanna 

Joanna Leeming. 

Oct. Thomas 

ex Joanne Cock 

Georgio Kirkham 

J. Rigby. 

19. 3- 

& Juliana 

& Maria Valentine. 

20. 28. Margarita 

ex Henrico Walker 

^"^^° Xwalkcr 

J. Rigby. 

& Elizabetha 

&Marg./ ^^^''^^'• 

Nov. Anna 

ex Davide Hunter 

Maria Wilkinson. 

J. Rigby. 

21. 6. 

& Margarita 

22. 10. Maria 

ex Agnete Smethies 

J. Rigby. 

Dec. The* 

ex Roberto Sumner 

* Ellena} T— 

,. J- Rigby. 

23. 16. 

& Elizabetha 

24. 18. Joannes 

ex Joanne Walmsley 

Joso Walmsley 

J. Rigby. 

& Maria 

& Sara Ball. 

25. 23. Thomas 

ex Joanne Gardner 



J. Rigby. 

Jan. Maria 

ex Thoma Carter 

Josepho Chisenhall 

J. Rigby. 

. I. I. 

& Maria 

& Joanna Croft. 

2. 20. Guillelmus 

; ex Joanne Myerscough 

Sim. Myerscough. 

J. Rigby. 

& Winifridi 

Maria Ducketh. 

feb. Jacobus 

ex Joanne Worswick 

Roger Worswick. 

J. Rigby. 

3- 17- 

& Agnete 

Marg» Morris. 

4. eodem Joanna 

ex Jacobo Ball 

Tho8 Ball 

J. Rigby. 


& Alicia 

& Joanne Cowel. 

(10) Margarita 

ex Antonio Billington 

Josepho Wilson 

J. Rigby. 

5- 17- 

& Joanna 

& Agnete Comthwaite. 

6. 24. Anna 

ex Joanne Battersby 

Guil° Rogerson 

J. Rigby. 

& Elizabetha 

& Joanna Rogerson 

Mart. Margarita ex Joanne Cottam 

Sine sponsore a. pat 


7- 9 

& Maria 

baata & mortua. 

8. 10. Henricus 

ex Henrico Ball 

Joanne Leeming 

J. Rigby. 

& Anna 

& Eliz. Comthwaite. 

9. 19. Paulus 

ex Henrico Greenwood 
& Elizabetha 

Anna Parke. 

J. Rigby. 

10. 20. Joanna 

Briano Atkinson 


ti J. Rigby. 

& Maria 

& Dor. Carter. 

II. 30. GuiJlelmus ex Ricardo Catteral 

Abigaili Hoghton. 

J. Rigby. 

& Marii 

Apr. Matthseus 

ex Carolo Dwyer 

Jacobo Marbeck. 

J. Rigby. 

12. 9. 

& Maria 

Alicia Fox. 

13. 14. Margarita 

ex Ricardo Ball 

Edwo Whiteside. 

J. Rigby. 

& Ellena 

Joanna TowTison. 

Maii Thomas 
14. 12. 

ex Thomi Gardner 
& Ellena 


J. Rigby. 

15 eodem Joanna 

ex Joanne Rimmer 

RiC Baines 

J. Rigby. 

& Joanna 

& Anna Harrison. 

16. 31° Jacobus 

ex Jacobo Capstick 


J. Rigby. 

& Priscilla 

& Maria Lupton. 



Junii Jacobus ex Roberto 
. 2. & Ann4 

. 7. Maria ex Roberto 

Agnes* & AnnS. 

Julii Maria 

19. 28. 

Aug. Sarah 

20. 4. 

21. 11° Thomas 

22. 14° Marcus 

25. 15° Thomas 




Esthete Balshaw 

J. Rigby. 
orswick. J-^g^y- 

ex Gavino 

& EUeonora 

ex Jacobo Standen 

<Sc Sara 

ex Thoma Verity 

& M 

ex Guillelmo Walker 
& Margarita 
Sept. Guillelmus ex Thom& Ripley 

23. 1° & Maria 

24. 8. Christopherus ex Thomi Leyfleld 

& Sara 
ex Richardo Johnson 
& Judith 

26. 30. Maria ex Joanne Lupton 

Anna & Marid 
Oct. Jacobus ex Thoma Standen 

27. 6. & Susanna 

(11) Dorothea ex Richardo Singleton 

28. 27. & Margarita 

Nov. Thomas ex Georgio Metcalfe 

29. 3. & Elizabetha 

30. 170 Edwardus ex Jacobo Kenyon 

& Joanna 

31. 180 Elizabetha ex Guillelmo Coulston 

& Gratia 
Dec. Robertus ex Georgio Ball 

32. 15. & Elizabetha 


I. Jan. 6. Oliverius ex Guilelmo Gardner 

& Elizabeth^ 

Alexo \^,, 

& Margarita /^^ 

Joanne "1 

& Maria J 

Gavino Shannon 

& Susanna Standen. 

Joanne Noble 

A Sara Threlfall. 

Joanne Sunter. 

Alicia Fox. 

Thoma Carter. 

Sara Wilkinson. 

Georgio Ball 

& Eliz. Wainhouse. 

Joso vice Steph' Oldcorn 

\rmstrong. J' ^'S^y- 
J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 


Win. Cock. 
Henrico \ j „ . ^ 
& Maria/ Luptc 

Guil" Whiteside 

& Maria Valentine. 

Thoma Singleton. 

Joanna Noble. 

Thoma Layfield vice J. Rigby, 

Nic. Etherington 

& Eliz. Wainhouse. 

Petro Dickenson. 

Sara Wilkinson. 

Gabriele Coulston. 

Anna Riding. 

Jacobo Leeming 

vS: Agnete Comthwaite. 

Guilmo J. Rigby. 

& Dorothea Gardner. 

J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 

2. 19° 


ex Joanne Sunter 

Rico Morton J. Rigby. 

& Joanna 

& Agnete Comthwaite. 



ex Joanne Cock 

Richo Jenkinson J. Rigby. 

3- I- 

& Juliana 

& Joanna Jenkinson. 

4. s" 


ex Elizabetha Bateman 

Richio Singleton. J. Rigby. 
Maria Huddlestone. 



ex Joanne Miller adulta Spondente Esthere J. Rigby. 

5. 3- 

& Agnete sub condione 


6. 40 


ex Guillelmo Beethom 

Constantia Jones, f J. Rigby. 

7. 230 


ex Edwardo Walton 

Joanne Slater. J. Rigby. 

& Joanna 

Alicia Follelough. 

8. 240 


ex Joanne Walmsley 


ex Jacobo Lucan 

J. Rigby. 



Jacobo Caton J. Rigby. 

9. 9. 

& Ellena 

& Joanna Lupton. 

j|{ Mary Agnes Gillow married Francis O'Byme, Esq., v. p. 60. Her only 
son, James O'Byme, of Birkdale, an eminent architect (who had been a pupil 
of Joseph Aloysius Hansom at Clifton, Bristol), designed many churches, 
besides the ecclesiastical seminary at Upholland. By his wll, proved in May, 
1898, he bequeathed personal estate, upwards of ;^ioo,ooo, mostly for religious 
purposes, the residue to be used at the discretion of the Bishop of Liverpool. 
He left to Upholland College his collection of pictures, coins, books, etc., 
valued at ;/;2o,ooo. 

f Constcintia Jones, of St. Omer, spr., daughter of Michael Jones, of Caton, 
Esq., went to York Bar Convent in 1793. 



10. 190 Jacobus ex Joanne Hope 

Morris & MariA 

Junii Jacobus ex Jacobo Marbeck 

11. 3. & Sara 

12. 5° Catharina ex Georgio Kirkham 

& Catharina 

13. 180 Joannes ex Richardo Cass 

& Elizabetha 
i.^. 29» Michael ex Joanne Warren 
& Esthere 
Aug. Richardus ex Richardo Myerscough 

15. 10. & Ehzabetha 

16. 29. Joannes ex Joanne Kilshaw 

& Margarita 
17- 31" Jacobus Guillielmi Etherington 

& Gratiae 
18. eodem Joanna ex Joanne Wilkinson 

& Sara 
(12) Sept Guillelmus ex Henrico Walker 

♦ 14. & Elizabetha 

♦ Oct. Anna ex Jacobo Seed 
27. & Elizabetha 

Jacobo Morris. 
Ellena Wainhouse 
Joanne Sunter. 
Ellena Armstrong. 
Guil° \ 
& Cath. / 
Jacobo Lucan 
& Joanna Townson 
Judith Johnson. 

J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 

Whiteside. J- ^Shy. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 

Simone Myerscough J. Rigby. 

& Ellena Ducketh. 

Guilo Croft. J. Rigby. 

Maria Valentine. 

Cath* Green J. Rigby. 

& Joanne Leeming. 

Thoma J. Rigby. 

& Dor« Carter. 

Br. Comthwaite. J. Rigby. 

Maria Comthwaite 

Joanne Whiteside. J. Rigby. 

Isab. Holding 

vice Mariae Seed. 

♦ Dec. Henricus 

ex Thoma Verity 

Georgio Kirkham. 

J. Rigby. 


& Elizabetha 

Sara Lund. 

22. 14. Thomas 

ex Richardo Singleton 


J. Rigby. 

& Margarita 

& Catharine Whiteside. 



*i. Dorothea 

ex Joanne Townson 


J. Rigby. 

& Elizabetha 

feb. Maria 

ex Richardo Ball 
& Ellena 


♦ 25, Joannes 

ex Carolo Dwyer 

Jac. Lucan 

J. Rigby. 

& Maria 

& Marg. Lupton. 

Mar. Margarita 

ex Bernardo Moony 

Edw<J Lennon. 

J. Rigby. 

♦ 15. 

& Eliz. 

Ellen Beetham. 

♦ 22. Henricus 

ex Joanne Bimmer 

Jac. Lucan. 

J. Rigby. 


& Joanna 

Anna Tomlinson. 

*Ap. Agnes 

ex Jacobo Ball 

Josepho Chisenhall 

J. Rigby. 


& Alicia 

Agnete Comthwaite. 

♦ 150 Thomas 

ex Thoma Standen 

Guillelmo Lynass 

J. Rigby. 

& Susanna 

& Marg. Walmsley. 

♦ I 90 Petrus 

ex Petro Dickenson 

Richo. Baines. 

J. Rigby. 


Marga. Lynass. 

♦ 19. Dorothea 

ex Thoma Townson 

Hen° Lupton 

J. Rigby. 

& Anna 

& Marga. 

♦ 26. Alicia 

ex Bernardo H'^Kay 

Josepho Wilson. 

J. Rigby. 

& Anna 

Ellena Dunbabin. 

♦ 26. Joannes 

ex Petro Dickenson 

Jacobo Lucan 

J. Rigby. 

& Joanna 

& Marg. Harrison. 

Mail Priscilla 

ex Jacobo Capstick 

Richo. & Marg* 

J. Rigby. 

12. 3- 

& Priscilia 


13. 13. Dorothea 

ex Roberto Eccles 

Marg. Penswick 

J. Rigby. 

& Margarita 

vice Marise Hudson 

14. 31. Anna 

ex Josepho Johnson 

Jos° Oldcom vice 

J. Rigby. 

& Judith 

Guil. & Eliz : Conway. 

Junii Elizabeths 

i ex Richardo Baines 


J. Rigby. 

15. 2. 

& Elizabetha 

l6. 3. Guillelmus 

ex Guillelmo Coulston 

Thoma Coulston 

T. Rigby. 

& Gratia 

& Agnete Comthwaite. 

♦ Numbers (19-21 and x-ii) lost, the edge of leaf being worn away, 

registf:rs of st. prter's, Lancaster 


17. 10. Georgius 

ex Georgio Haddock 



& Elizabetha 

18. 28. Richardus 

ex Thoma Leyfleld 

Guilo Smethies 

J. Rigby. 

& Sari 

& Prise* Capstick. 

Julii Georgius 

ex Thoma Bleasdale 

Jacobo Lucan 

J. Rigby. 

19. I. 

& Susanna 

& Esther Balshaw. 

(13) Alicia 

ex Roberto Norman 

Anna Bamber 

J. Rigby. 

20. 7. 

& Joanna 

quae eam prius baaverat. 

21. Aug. 2 Jacobus 

ex Thoma Carter 

Thoma Leeming 

J. Rigby. 

& Maria 

& Agnete Comthwaite. 

22. 9. Joanna 

ex Guillelmo Gardner 

Guil. Gardner, 

J. Rigby. 

& Elizabetha 

Dor. Gardner. 

Sept. Eleonora 

ex Thoma Gardner 


J. Rigby. 

23. 8. 

& Ellena 

24. 9. Thomas 

ex Gavino Shannon 

Rob" Townson. 

J. Rigby. 

& Ellena 

Eliz. Shannon. 

25. 16. Anna 

ex Anna Dickenson 

Eliz. Parke 

J. Rigby. 

26. 27. Richardus 

ex Richardo Lancaster 

Ric" Rogerson 

J. Rigby. 

& Agnete 

vice Hen. Wilson 
& Marg» Battersby. 

27. 30" Joannes 

ex Henrico Greenwood 

Jacobo Lucan 

J. Rigby. 

& Elizabetha 

& Marg» Harrison. 

Oct. Thomas 

ex Joanne Leeming 

Roberto Leeming 


28. II. 

& Joanna 

& Ellena Whiteside 

Dec. Guillelmus 

; ex Guillelmo Coolston 

Joanne Toralinson 

" J. Rigby. 

29. 8. Scambler 

& Elizabetha 

ex Richardo Singleton 

& .\nna Croskell. 

Jan. Anna 

Guilo Whiteside. 


I. 24. 

& Margarita 

Joanna Rogerson. 

feb. Elizabetha 

ex Jacobo Seed 


. J.Rigby. 

2. 27. 

& Elizabetha 


Mart. Georgius 

ex Jacobo Lucan 

Georgio Kirkham. 

J. Rigby. 

3. I. 

& Ellena 

Marga. Penswick. 

4. 20. Marcus 

ex Georgio Ball 

Thoma Layfield. 


& Elizabetha 

Eliza Comthwaite. 

5. 27. Edwardus 

ex Joanne Cock 

Joanne Tomlinson 



& Juliana 

& Anna Hatton. 

Apr. Elizabeth 

ex Joanne Sunter 


,. J.Rigby. 

6. 10. 

& Joanna 

7. 15. Joannes 

ex Jacobo Standen 

Guil. Lynass. 


& Sarah 

Marg. Walmsley. 

8. 15. Ellena 

ex Thoma Livesey 
& Elizabetha 

Marg» Davies. 


9. 24. Maria 

ex Joanne Kilshaw 

Thoma Thompson. 


& Marg* 

Ellena Beetham. 

Mail Anna 

ex Joanne Myerscough 

Edwio Ducketh. 

J. Rigby. 

10. I. 

& Winifreda 

Anna Dugdale. 

II. 8. Jacobus 

ex Edwardo Lennon 

acobo Lucan. 

J. Rigby. 

& Ellena 

: isthere Balshaw. 

12. 14° Margarita 

ex Joanne Lapton 

Henrico Lupton. 

J. Rigby. 

& Maria 

Juliana Mason. 

13. 150 Guillelmus 

5 ex Joanne Gabbot 

Josepho Whiteside. 


& Ellena 

Martha Wildon. 

Julii Anna 

ex Richardo Ball 

Anna Harrison. 


14. I. 

& Dorothea 

15. 3. Thomas 

ex Henrico Walker 

Joanne Slater. 


& Elizabetha 

Marg. Walker. 

(14) Guillelmus 

; ex Richardo Cass 

Jacobo Lucan. 


16. 10. 

& Elizabetha 

Sara Wilkinson. 

1 7. eodem Thomas 

ex Thoma Waterhoose 

Jacobo Lucan vice 



& Elizabetha 

B, Rainforth, 





150 Thomas 
19° Jacobus 



Aug. Joannes 

20. 7" 

21. 23° Jacobus 


1° Ahcia 

13. 25* 


27° Guillelmus ex Guillelmo 
& Marsrarita 

ex Joanne 

S: Maria 

ex Brian o 

& Maria 

ex Georgio Metcalfe 

& Elizabetha 

ex Joanne Walmsley 

& Maria 

ex Jacobo Marbeck 

& Sara 

ex Joanne Townson 

Sc Elizabetha 



25. 2. 

26. 19. 


• 30- 


Robert us 

ex Michaele Browa 
& Isabella 
ex Richardo Ball 
& Ellena 

ex Thoma 
& Maria 
ex Joanne 
& Sara 


29. 6. Robertus 

30. 20° Eliza- 


31- 4. 

Jan. 4. Joannes 
2. 29. 

ex Joanne Rimmer 

& Joanna. 

ex Edwardo Bomber 

& Margarita 


Marg. ex Joanne 

Eleonora & Marg. 

ex Joanne Hurst 
& Elizabetha 
Richardus ex Richardo Johnson 
& Judith 
feb. Georgius ex Richardo Swarbrick 

3. 2. & Maria 

4. 40 Andreas ex Jacobo Cummins 

& Hanna 
Martii Margarita ex Richardo Singleton 

5. 12. & Margarita 
Aprilis Josephus ex Jacobo Capstick 

6. 7. & Priscilla 

7. 16. Guillelmus ex Thoma Standen 

& Susanna 

8. eodem Sarah ex Henrico Hardman 

die & Agnete 

Georgius ex Margarita Morton 

9. 16. 
10. 23. 

Jacobo Morris. 
Eliz. Wainhousc. 
Thoma Townson. J 
Agnete Cornthwaite 
Jacobo Lucan 
& Marg. Harrison. 

J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 

Jacobo Lucan 

i*v: Joanna Sunter. 

Thoma Carter 

.'<: Ellena Townson. 

Joanne Kaye 

.S: Maria Millar. 

Joanne | ^^.^ 

>!v: Anna / 

JaC Lucan 

vice Gul. Whiteside 

& Cath. Whiteside. 

Joanne Wilkinson J.Rigby. 

& Eliz. Cass. 

Jacobo 1 J. Rigby. 

& Sara Dickenson j-Eipley. 

loco Joannae j 

Rob. Townson J. Rigby. 

&- Anna Harrison. 

Jac. Lucan J. Rigby. 

& M. Penswick vice 

Joannis Bamber 

& Eliz.Tomlinson. 

Jac. Lucan J. Rigby. 

& Marg. Penswick. 

Maria Miller. 

Josepho Oldcom. 
Isab. Oldcom. 
Jac. Leeming. 
Ellena Simpson. 
Joanne Noble. 

M (?). Rogerson. 


Jac. ■ 

& Anna _^ 

Tho* Rogerson. 

Agnete Chew. 

Rdo Ball 

& Anna Dickenson. 

Jac. Lucan 

& [blanft] Gardner. 


J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 

, ^ ^Kirkham.J-^^g^y- 

lV Marg. / 

Catharine ex Jacobo Seed 
& Elizabetha 
Mali Franciscus ex Bartholoma^oBillington Maria Jones. J.Rigby. 

11. 16. & Joanna 

12. 28. Anna ex Bernardo MacKay Jacobo Ball. J.Rigby. 

& Anna Ellena Dunbabin. 

13. eodem Elizabetha ex Roberto Caton Thoma Livesay. J. Rigby. 

die & Elizabetha Eliz. Baines. 

Junii Eliza- ex Richardo Myerscough Ellena Ducketh. J. Rigby. 

14. 1 8. betha & Eliz. 



15. 25. Tho" 

Julii Anna 
lO. 15. 

17. 30. Sarah 

Aug. Alicia 

18. 6. 
Sept. Sarah 

19. 10. 

20. 17. Guillehiius 

21. 21. Elizabetha 

22. 29. Thomas 

Oct. Guillelmus 

23. 8. 

24. t8. Thomas 

Dec. Guillelmus 

25. 6. 

26. 8. Margarita 

27. 24. Joannes 

28. 25. Richardus 

Jany. Robertus 

1. I. 

2. 12. Robertus 

3. 14. Maria 

4. 28. Jacobus 

feb. Jacobus 

5. 6. 

6. 7. Thomas 1 

7. & Anna J 

8. 25. Alicia 

(16) Martii Maria 

9. II. 

10. 19. Marg. 

11. & Carolus 
12. 21. 20. Guillelmus 

Maii Margarita 

13. 13. 

14. eodem Agnes 


15. eodem Thomas 

16. 14. Matthaeus 

Junii Thomas 

17- 3- 

18. 15. Margarita 


ex Jacobo Lucan 

& Ellena 

ex Thomi Bleasdale 

& SusannS. 

ex Petro Dickenson 

& Sara 

ex Jacobo Ball 

& Alicia 

ex Edwardo Lennou 

& Ellena 

ex Roberto Norman 

& Joanna 

ex Georgio Haydock 

& Isabella 

ex Thoma Coulston 

& Elizabetha 

ex Guillelmo Etherington 

& Gratia 

ex Guillelmo Finch 

& Maria 

ex Waterhouse 

& Margarita 

ex Robinson 

& Agnete 

ex Richardo Lancaster 

4 Agnete 

Jaco Caps tick. 

J. Rigby. 

Suppletis postea ca^remoniis 
Marga Penswick. J. Rigby. 
Joanne Wilkinson 
& Eliz. Cass. 
Mic ^ 

& Bella j^'^°^^^- 
Thoma Livesey 
& Marg. Bleasdale. 
Jacobo Ball 
& Sara Cowell. 

J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 

&4.}Co.lsto„. J^^S""- 

Joanne Swarbrick J. Rigby. 
& Eliz. Conway. 
Jaco Lucan J. Rigby. 

vice Thomae Finch. 
Agnete Arrowsmitli. 

Ellena Frankland. 

Jac° Lucan 

& Barb. Walmsley. 

Ric" Rogerson. 

Anna Wilson. 

Jaco Leeming 

& Martha Wilding. 

Jac. Seed 
& Anna Cornah. 
Tomlinson Jaco. Lucan 
Hiberna Vidua & Anna Tomlinson. 
ex Thoma Gardner Will. & 

& Ellena Dor. Gardner, 

ex Guillelmo Gardner Guil. \, 
& Elizabetha & Alicia p 

ex Joanne Marsh \ prius 12 Julii 1809 

ex Joanne 
& Joanna 

ex Josepho 
& Maria 
ex Anna 




& Agnete Smethies / 
ex Richardo Baines 
& Elizabetha 
ex Joanne Coulston 
& Marg. 

ex Joanne Kilshaw 
& Margarita 
ex Hanna Standen 
& Thoma 

ex Georgio Cornthwaite 
& Eliza 

ex Samuele Arrowsmith 
& A.gnete 

ex Joanne Carter 
& Maria 

ex Michaele Browne 
& Bella 

ex Carolo Dwyer 
& Maria 

ex Richardo Swarbrick 
& Maria 

ex Thoma Townson 
& Anna 

J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 

Guil". Smith 
& Maria Thornton. 

J. Rigby. 

Carl° Dwyer, 
Ellena Frankland. 
eodem die mortui. 

Joanne \t ^. 

& Ellena /I^"P*°"- 
Richio Chew 
& Eliz. Rostem. 
Edw<» Ducketh. 
Maria Carter. 
Guil. Leeming 
& Martha Wilding. 
Joanna Bennet. 

Hen. Goose. 
Eliz. Shepherd. 
Carolo Lupton 
& Anna Hatton. 

J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 



19. 23. 


ex Thoma 
& Elizi 


Thoma Noble 
& Ali. Leeming. 


Julii Junii Joannes 

ex Joanne 


Ric. Baines. 

J. Rigby. 

20. I. 25. 

& Elizabetha 

Marg. Townson. 

21. 28. 27. 


ex Joanne 
& Agnete 


Thos. Noble 

& Ellena Townson 

J. Rigby. 

Aug. Aug. 


ex Carolo 


Edwtio Jones 

J. Rigby. 

22. 5. I. 


& Catherina 

& Maria. 

23. 26. 24. 



& EUena 


Car. Dwyer 

& Alicia Ducketh. 


24. eodem 

Christopher ex Edwardo 


Mortuus sine 

J. Rigby. 

die 26. 

& Marg. 


25. eodem 


ex Gavino 


Henrico Had man 

J. Rigby. 

die 23. 

& Ellena 

& Maria Armstrong. 

26. 31. 


ex Richardo 
& Maria 


Alicia Ducketh, C 




ex Georgio 


Jac. Carter 


27. 9. 

& Elizabetha 

& Eliz. I,ayfield. 

28. 19. 18. 


ex Thoma 
& Susanna 


Joanna Bennet. 


29. 30- 29- 


ex Briano 

Cornthwaite Gul. Whiteside. 

T. Rigby. 

& Maria 

Agnete Cornthwaite. 

30. eodem 


ex Jacobo 


Joanne Reay. 

J. Rigby. 


& Joanna 

Maria Armstrong. 



ex Jacobo 

Carmichael Car. Dwyer 

J. Rigby. 

31. 14. 10. 


& Maria 

& Agnete Millar. 

32. 16. 


ex Joanne 

Myerscough Guil. Gardner. 


& Winifreda 

Maria Rogerson. baptized by 
Anne Gardner. 

33. eodem 


filius geminus 


. oanne Gardner, do. suppletis 


Barb. Wells. ca;remoniis ab 

J. Rigby. 

34- 25. 3- 


ex Thoma 


Gul. Lupton 

J. Rigby. 


& Joanna 

& Eliz. Lupton. 

35- 28. 23. 


ex Jacobo 
& Maria 


Alicia Ducketh. 

J. Rigby. 

(17) Oct. 


ex Edwardo 


Jac. Lucan vice 

J. Rigby. 

36. 30, 29. 

& Margarita 

Jac. Rogerson. 

37. Nov. 


ex Georgio 


T. Wainhouse. 

J. Rigby. 


& Elizabeths 

Joanna Bennet. 



ex Thoma 


Car. Dyer. 

J. Rigby. 

38. 12. 20. 

& Maria 

M. Valentine. 



ex Jacobo 


Jac. Chew 


39. 21. 21. 

& Elizabeths 

vice Guil. Seed 

& Agnete Turner 

vice Marise Seed 


40. 25. 24. 


ex Joanne 
& Maria 
ex Jacobo 


Anna Brisco. 





Jac. Walmsley. 

J. Rigby. 

41. 16. 10. 


& Sarah 

M. A. Lynass. 

42. 23. 17. 


ex Edwardo 
& Elena 


Jos. Whiteside. 
Anna Parke. 

J. Rigby. 

43- 24. 22. 


ex Jacobo 


Ric. Whiteside. 

J. Rigby. 

& Ellena 


Eliz. Kimmins. 

Jan. Jan 


ex Petro 

Rob^o Gardner 

J. Rigby. 

I. 6° 2. 

& Anna 

& Maria Fox. 

2, 18. 17. 



& Elizabeths 


J. Rigby. 

3. 20. 19. 


ex Joanne 
& Joanna 


oan. Wilkinson. 
Marg. Walker. 




4. 27. 21. 


ex Richardo 
& Juditha 


Georg. Thompson 

vice J. Oldcom 

& Jo. Thompson. 

J. Rigby. 

5. 28. 27. 


ex Guilelmo 
& Gratia 


Joan : Coulston 
& Sa. Dickenson. 

J. Rigby. 



ex Henrico 

Greenwood J. Wilkinson. 

J. Rigby. 

6. 10. 

& Elizab. 

A. Tomlinson. 

7. 17. 


ex Richardo 


Gul. Smith 

J. Rigby. 

vel Amata 

& Alicia 

& Emma S. 

Martii m 

. Thomas 

ex Edwardo 


Edwo Guest 

J. RiRbv. 

8. 16. 14. 

& Joanna 

vice Rob" Blacoe 

& Alicia Blacoe. 



. ex Joanne 


Petro Boylan. 

J. Rigby. 

9. 31- 31- 

& Alicia 



ex Joanne 


I Tho. Ripley. 

J. Rigby. 

10. 7. 5t 

& Sara 

Eliz : Forshaw. 

II. 280 8. 


ex Roberto 

Thompson Jas. & M. Chew 

J. Rigby. 

& Maria 

vice Guil. Howe 
& Eliz. Howe. 



ex Jacobo 


Jac. Lucan. 

J. Rigby. 

12. 16. 7. 

& Alicia 

Maria Carter. 

13. 20. 9. 


ex Henrico 
& Eliz. 


Ric. Green. 
Marg. Walker. 

J. Rigby. 



ex Henrico 


Joanne Lee. 

J. Rigby. 

14. 20. 19. 

& Elizabetha 

Agn. Arrowsmith. 

15- so- 


ex Matthea 
& Maria 
ex Anna 


Dor. Gardner. 

J. Rigby. 

le, eodem 



17. eodem 


ex eadem 

J. Rigby. 



ex Georgio 


Jac. Lucan 

J. Rigby. 

18. 3. 2. 

& Eliz. 

vice Jac. Kirkham 

& Eliz. Lupton 

vice Mariae Ball 


19. 28. 21. 


ex Carolo 
& Maria 


Patricio Moon. 
Marg. Penswick. 

J. Rigby. 



ex Rogero 


Eliz. Livesey. 

J. Rigby. 

20, 4. 1. 

& Maria 


21. II. 4. 


ex Mat. 
& Marg. 


Edw<i Lennon 
& Cath. Lennon. 

J. Rigby 

22. 12. 12. 


ex Maria 
& Joanne 

•■'"'°" lTrn„a}L"P'-- 

J. Rigby. 

23. 18. 13- 


ex Henrico 

& Agnete 


Guil. Hardman. 
Martha Wilding. 

J. Rigby. 



ex Jacobo 


Thoma Thompson 

J. Rigby. 

24. 8. I. 

& Anna 

& Anna Smithson. 

25. 15. 11. 


ex Jacobo Miller Parker Gul. Singleton. 

J. Rigby. 

& Eliz. 

Ros. Parker. 



ex Joanne 

Hewitson Joanne \r»„,v«fh 

J. Rigby. 

26. 29. 27. 

& Maria 

& Ellena/ """* 

Dec. Dec 

. Margarita 

ex Thoma 


Joanne Wilkinson 

J. Rigby. 

27. 8. 4. 

& Maria 

& Alicia Ball. 

28. 15. 


ex Maria 



Joanne Swarbrick 
& Eliz. Johnson. 

J. Rigby. 



ex Thoma 


Guil. & Alicia 

J. Rigby. 

1. 5. 2. 

& Ellena 



2. 26. 16. 


ex Joanne 
& Marg. 


Joanne Cock 
& Anna Hatton. 

J. Rigby. 

* Edward Guest, son of Thomas Guest, of Euxton, married Jane Blacow, 
of Mowbreck Hall. His only sister, Mary, married William Gillow, of Singleton. 
f Over the 16 is inserted the year 1808. It may refer to both the Hattons. 





3- — 20 


ex eisdem 



Thoma Hatton 
& Anna Town son. 

J. Rigby. 



ex Thoma 

Alicia Follilough. 

J. Rigby. 

4. 10. 

& Eliz. 

Martii fel 

. Guillehnus 

ex Micliaele 

Thompson Tho» 

J. Rigby. 

5. I. 21 

& Alicia 

& Anna Gardner. 



ex Joanna 


Jaco. Ripley. 

J. Rigby. 

6. S. I 

Sara Wilkinson. 

7. 22. 10 


ex Roberto 
& Joanna 


Jos. Cowell 

& Maria Carter. 

J. Rigby. 

S. 29. 27 


ex Petro 

Dickenson Joanne Coulston 

J- Rigby. 

& Sarah 

& EUz. Baines. 



ex Joanne 


Jac« Lucan. 

J. Rigby. 

9. I. 

& Marg. 

lo. 2. 30. 


ex Jacobo 



J. Rigby. 

& Priscilia 



ex Josepho 


Rdo Graystone 

J. Rigby. 

II. 14. 13. 

& Maria 

& Ellena Simpson. 



ex Joanne 


Gul. Leeming. 

J. Rigby. 

12. 18. 10. 

& Joanna 

Joanna Fisher. 

13. 19. iS. 


ex Joanne 
& Margarita 


Gul. Coulston. 
Gracia C. 

J. Rigby. 

(19) Mail 


ex Jacobo 


Rich. Jenkinson. 

J. Rigby. 

14. 24. 24. 

& Eliz. 

Agnete Arrowsmith 

vice Mariae Eccles 

15. 31- 4- 


ex Guillelmo 
& Elizabeths 



J. Rigby. 

16. 31. 16. 


ex Guillelmo Etherington Jos. Chesenhall. 

J. Rigby. 

& Gratia 

Anna Parke. 



ex Jacobo 


Greg. Walker 

J. Rigby. 

17- 3- 31- 

& Ellena 

& Marg. Whiteside 

iS. 21. 20. 


ex Richard 


Jac. Leeming. 
Anna Smithson. 

J. Rigby. 



ex Petro 



J. Rigby. 

19. 5. 30. 

& Dorothea 

20. 19. 14. 

Ellena ' 

ex Edwardo 
& Ellena 


Tho. Ducketh 
& Martha Wilding 

J. Rigby. 

21. 26. 9. 


ex Guillelmo Dent 

Maria Fox. 

J. Rigby. 

& Maria 



, ex Henrico 

Waterhouse Guil. Marsland 

J. Rigby. 

22. II. 9- 

& Catharina 

& Ellena Comthwaite. 

23- 17- 15- 


ex Richardo 
& Maria 



J. Rigby. 

24. II. I. 


ex Guillelmo Gardner 
& Anna 


J. Rigby. 

25- 25. 


ex Catharina Mahiney 

Marg* Penswick. 

J. Rigby. 

& Jeremia 



ex Henrico 


Tho« Thompson 

J. Rigby. 

26. 5. 

& Maria 

& Anna Hatton. 

27. 8. 4. 

Jo. Carolus 

ex Joanne 
& Maria 


Jacobo Morris 
& Joanna Noble. 

J. Rigby. 

28. 22. II. 


ex Josepho 


Thoma Live.sey. 

J. Rigby. 

& Maria 

Martha Humphreys. 

29. 29. 22. 


ex Jacobo 
& Alicia 


Alicia Shaw. 

J. Rigby. 

30. 29. 25. 


ex Michaele 
& Isabella 


Benj. Holding 
& Ellena Holding. 

J. Rigby. 

31. 29. 25. 


ex Thoma 
& Eliz. 


Edwo Lennon 
& Marg. Murray. 

J. Rigby. 

Dec. Oct. 


ex Edwardo 


Marg« Penswick 

J. Rigby. 

32. I. 22. 

& Margarita 


i Joan. & Ellenae Bamber. 


Jan. Elizabetha ex Carolo Dwyer Joanne Dent. J. Rigby. 

1. 17. 8. & Maria Martha Humphrois. 

2. 24. 2. Joanna ex Richardo Singleton Thoma \Tj„„^rc«T, J- Rig^y- 

& Ellena & Joanna /^°^®'^^*^"- 

3. do. 7. Maria ex Henrico Wilson Jer. Walmsley J. Rigby. 

& Maria & Maria Fox. 

feb. Anna ex Guillelmo Brennan Jac^ Lucan J. Rigby. 

4. 19. 18. & Maria & Marg» Coleby. 

5. 21. 17. Jacobub ex Rich" Snape ^^i'- '^ l-Gardner J- Rigt>y- 

& Maria Alicia J 

Mar. m. Richardus ex Brian Comthwaite Joan Coulston J. Rigby. 

6. 10. 0. & Maria & Agn. Comthwaite. 

Apr A. Laurentius ex Patricio M'^Dermot Ch. Greenhough. J, Rigby. 

7. 3. 2. & Sarah Julia Moore. 

(20) Ap'' Sarah ex Carolo EdW*" Neal J. Rigby. 

8. 7. 3. & Elizabetha Whitefield & Maria Moore. 

ex mil. Carlow 
<). 8. 6. Richardus ex Michaele Hogan sine sponsore. J. Rigby. 

& Maris. e.x codem 

10. 8. 7. Thomas ex Joanne Maguire Anna Gillow. J. Rigby. 

& JoannS 

11. 16. 16. Jacobus ex Jacobo Wilcock mortuus. J. Rigby. 

& Anna 

12.25. Maria ex Thoma Lautenson Joanne \T^.,^,.„fi, J- Rigby. 

& M & Elleua/^"^^®'^"- 

Maii Mail Robertus ex Josepho Jackson Joanne tp_-.vp J- Rigby. 

13. 13. 13. Comah & Agnete ScAnnkJ^^ ' 

14. 30. 8. Joanna ex Joanne Townson Richdo. Lucas J. Rigby. 

& Elizabetha & Alicia Leeming. 

Junii Josephus ex Elizabetha Simpson Dor^ Bradley. J. Rigby. 

15. 6. 29. 

16. 6. 28. Anna ex Jacobo Ball Rich. Hodgskinson J. Rigby. 

& Alicia. & Maria Carter. 

17. 20. 18. Joanna ex Joanne Lupton G. Kirkham J. Rigby, 

& Maria & Ellena Lupton. 

Maii Guillelmus ex Thoma Beetham Jac. Lucan J. Rigby. 

18. 20. 17. & Maria & AnnaBeetham. 

Julii Joannes ex Georgio Kirkham Joanne Whiteside. J. Rigby. 

19. II. 9. & Elizabetha Juliana Mason. 

Aug. Eleonora ex Joaime Comthwaite Br. Comthwaite J. Rigby. 

20. 8. 7. & Martha & Ellena Dickson. 

21. II. Jacobus ex Jacobo Bonnet^i: Jac. Lucan. Fauconberg. 

& Maria Eliz. Kimmis. 

22. 23. 19. Joannes ex Edw<i° Guest Joanne \t5i„.„„ J- Rigby. 

(S: Joanna & Joanna /^'^^°^- 

Dec. Nov. Rehuben ex Maria Pye Joanna Billington. J. Rigby, 

23- 5- 19- 

24. 12. 5. Maria ex Henrico Walker Joanne Pennington. J. Rigby. 

& Elizabeth Anna Parke, 

25. — 10. Joanna ex Joanne Carter Jos. Whiteside J. Rigby. 

& Maria & Martha Wilding. 

Jan. Robertus ex Roberto Fullilough Joanne Billington. J. Rigby. 

1. 2. & Alicia Joanna Walton. 

2. 16. II. Joannes ex Thoma Gardner Johanne J.Rigb}'. 

& Ellena & Anna Gardner. 

3. — 12. Elizabeth ex Joanne Wilkinson Joh: Ripley J. Rigby. 

& Sara & J. Sunter. 

4. 24. 3'* Margarita ex Roberto Wells Marg. Penswick J. Rigby. 

& Maria vice Mariae Wells. 

s|c Or Bonnel, 



. pktek's, 


5- 30- 19- 


cxTho. Gardner Gardner Petro \Hru,ii..„ 
& Marg. & Dor. j'^'-'^^^y- 


6. eodeni 


ex Guilehno 


Gul. Gardner 

J. Rigby. 


& Eliz. 

& Anna 

(21) Jan. 


ex Leonardo 


Joanna Walker. 

J. Rigby. 

7- 30- 2(1. 

& Agnete 

feb. fob 


ex Richardo 


Jaco Robinson. 


8. 20. 19. 

& Alicia 

Joan. Smith. 

0. 27. 25. 


ex Jeremia. 
& Ellena 


Gul. Leeming. 
Martha Wilding. 

J. Rigby. 


ex Henrico 


sine sponsore 

a Patre. 

10. 2. 22. 

& Agnete 




ex Ricardo 


Jac. Myerscough. 

J. Rigby. 

II. 6. 

& Agnete 

Eliz. Wilson. 

12. 18. 14. 


ex Jacobo 


Susanna Standen. 

J. Rigby. 

13. 21. II. 


ex Elizabetha Walmsley 



14- 27. 23. 


ex Richardo 
& Maria 


Thos Ducketh. 
Isab. Mvcrscough. 

J. Rigby. 

April Ap. Agnes 

ex Jacobo 


Thoma Greaves 


15. 8. 7. 

& Elizabetha 

& Ellena Jenkinson. 

16. 24. 22. 


ex Henrico 
& Alicia 



J. Rigby. 



ex Richardo 


Joanne Rogerson. 

J. Rigby. 

17. I. 24. 

& Ellena 

Maria Fisher. 

Maii Anna 

exGuillelmo Brindle 

Marga Colby. 

J. Rigby. 

18. 5- 3- 

& Maria 

19. 8. 2. 


ex Richardo 


Joan. Tomlinson 

J. Rigby. 

& Elizabetha 

& Cath. Green. 



ex Joanne 


Jaco. Lucan. 

J. Rigby. 

20. 9. 

& Ellena 

Eliza W^ainhouse. 

21. 12. 7. 


ex Henrico 

Greenwood Jaco. Lucan 

J. Rigby. 

& Eliz. 

& Anna Tomlinson 



ex Joanne 


Maria Brindle, 

■j. Rigby. 

22. 10. 3. 

& Margarita 

23. 20. 


ex Margi 


J. Rigby. 



ex Joanne 


Marg. Penswick. 

J. Rigby. 

24. 12. 

& Marg" 



ex Joanne 


Joanne Shepherd 


25. 15. 14. 

& Marg. 

& Agnete Corathwaite. 



Matre in 


Sine Sponsore. 

J. Rigby. 

26. 2. 


27. 4. 30. 


ex Joanne 
& Joanna 



J. Rigby. 



ex Thoma 


Joanne Lupton 

J. Rigby. 

28. 7. 2. 

& Susanna 

& Isabella Valentine. 

Oct. Oct. 


ex Joanne 



J. Rigby. 

29. 9- 7- 

& Margarita 

30. 14. 12. 


ex Thoma 
& Ellena 


Joan. Shepherd 
& Eliz. Wainhouse 


31. 16. II. 


ex Roberto 
& Joanna 


Thoma Ball. 
Alicia Cowell. 

■ J. Rigby. 

32. 23. 21. 


ex Joanne 

Leeming J 

oan. Iwhitf-sidft 

J. Rigby. 

& Joanna 

& Marg. J 

33- 29. 


ex Josepho 


J. Rigby. 

(22) Nov 


ex Petro 


Jacobo Gardner 


34- 13- 7- 

& Dorthea 

& Alicia Gardner. 

35- 19. 6. 


ex Michaele 
& Isabella 


Thoma Bell 

& Joanna Fisher. 




36. 20. 14. 

37- 23. iS. 


I. 8. 

Edwardus ex Edwardo Bamber 

& Margarita 
Richardus ex Richardo Snape 

& Maria 

Bamber. J- Rig^y. 
J. Rigby. 

3- 5- 




Jan. Jacobus 
Feb. Thomas 

6. 19. 16. Georgius 

Martii Anna 

7. 19. 16. 

8. 27. 27. Elizabeth 

9. 28. 27. Carolus 


ex Petro 

& Sarah 

ex Georgio 

& Isabella 

ex Edwardo 

& Ellena 

ex Roberto 

& Maria 

ex Thoma 

& Phebe 

ex Jacobo 

& Alicia 

exGuillelmo Smith 

& Eliz. 

ex Henrico Wilson 

& Maria 

ex Guillelmo Lupton 

& Joanni 

& Ellena ^ 
Thom4 Leeming 
Anna, Gardner. 
Dickenson Jaco. Lucan J. Rigby 

& Eliz. Wainhouse. 
puer triennis 





J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 


10. 14. 10. 

11. eodem 
die 8. 

12. do. 2. 


13. 28. 22, 

14. 28. 28. 

Junii Mai 

15. 10. 16. 

16. 14. 30. 

ex Thom4 Livesey 
& Elizabeth^ 
Richardus ex Richardo Graystone 

ex Jacobo Carmichael 
& Maria 

ex Guillelmo Gardner 
& Anna 


i Thomas 


17. I. 23. 


18. 9. 8. Ellena 

19. 14. 8. Ellena 

20. 23. Henricus 

ex Joanne 
& Martha 
ex Joanne 
& Eliz. 
ex Jacobo 
& Joanna 
ex Maria 

ex Jacobo 
& Elizabetha 

Jac. Coopts. 

Joanna Bennett. 

Jaco. Lucan 

vice Tho» Wilson. 
Joanne \, 
tN: Joarma/ 

Joanne Forshaw. 

Sara Cowell. 

Joso Whiteside. 

Martha Wilding. 

Jac. Myerscough. 

Maria Blundell. 

Joanne Turner prius ab avo 

& Eliz. Lupton. baatus caer. 
sup. J. Rigby. 

Joanne Ripley 

& Joanna Sunter. 

Thoma Wilson. 

Marg. L>-nass. 

Cornthwaite Jac Lucan J. Rigby. 

& Martha Humphreys. 
Thoma Townson J. Rigby. 
& Joanna Alston. 
Maria Brindle. J. Rigby. 

J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 

Towns on 



viatoris ex 

Sine Sponsore. 

J. Rigby. 

ex Michaele 
& Alicia 

ex Henrico 

& Agnete 


(23) Aug. Joanna 

21. 7. Semesis puella, 

Julii Maria ex Thoma Beetham 

22. 13. 16. & Maria 

Aug. Edwardus ex Carolo Jones 

23. 16. 14. Arthurus & Catharina 

24. 23. 22. Elizabetha ex Richardo Singleton 

& Margarita 
Sept. Gratia ex Joanna Walling 

25. 2. 13. & Maria 

Sept. Sarah ex Thoma Carter 

26. 10. 7. & Maria 

Barnwell Jac. Lucan J. Rigby. 

nautie & Eliz. Thompson, 


Hardman Jos. Whiteside, supple vicjere- 

E. Valentine, monias super 

baatum J. Rigby. 

ex Catharina Barre, Galia Nullo spondente. J. Rigby. 

& P. Rigby 

Cath. Jones. 

Edwiio Jones. 

Marg. Walker. 

Joanne Carter. 
Sara Cowel. 

J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 
J. Rigby. 



27. 24. 17. Thomas 

28. 24. 2j. Thomas 

Oct. Maria 

29. I. 29. 

Oct. Guillelmus 
JO. 22. 14. 

31. 29. 22. Susanna 

Nov. Nov. Kobcrtus 

32. 5. I- 

33- 15- 13- Jacobus 

Dec. Jacobus 

34. 7. II. 

35. 19. II. Maria 

Jan. Dec. Ellena 

1. I. 24. 

2. 10. 8. Jacobus 

Feb. Richardus 

3- 4- 4- 

Mart. Josephus 
4. 24. 5. 

(24) Catharina 

5- 31- 

Apr. Joannes 
6. 3. 24. 

Apr. Alicia 

7- 15- 15. 

8. 17. 15. Eleonora 

9. 21. 19. Margarita 

Mali Mali Maria 
ID. 5. 2. 

Junii Guilelmus 

11. 2. 27. 

JuHi Julii EUzabeth 

12. 28. 26. 

Aug. Aug. Joannes 
13- 7- 7- 

Sept. Guillelmus 

14. I. 29. 

15. 8. 25. Agnes 

lO. Oct. Joannes 
N.I. 31. 

Nov. Maria 

17. 17. 12. 

18. 27. 26. Maria 

Dec. Dec, Robertus 

19. 15. 7- 

20. 16. Jacobus 


21. Jan. 5. 24. Robertus 

& Aliciae 
ex Nicolao 
& Catharina 
ex Joanne 
& Margarita 
ex Joanne 
& Ellena 
& Margarita 
ex Michaelc 
S: Alicia 
ex Brian 
& Maria 
ex Matthaco 
& Maria 
ex Jacobo 
& Anna 


Hool Guil. Gardner 

& Alicia. 
Etherington Jac Seed. 

Ellena Wells. 
Wells Hen. Seed. 

Ellena Wells. 
Livesey Thoma 

ct Eliz. 
Lawrenson Thoma Ducketh. 

Maria Hewetson. 
Townson Jno. Gardner. 

Anne Bradley. 
Cornthwaite Jac Chew. 

Eliz. Kirkham. 
Mongomery Viatoris. 

Christopherson Anna BuUen. J. 


ex Jacobo 

A: Sara 

ex Joanne Cottam 

& Maria 

ex Richardo HewetsOD 

& Maria 

ex Prudentia 

Richardo J. 

& Anna Standen. 
Dor. Gardner. J. 

ex Cath. 

ex Joamie 
& Eliz. 
ex Joanne 
& Margarita 
ex Gavino 
& Elionora 
ex Thoma 
& Ellena 
ex Roberto 
& Ca^cilia 
ex Jeremia 
& Ellena 
ex Thoma 
& Ellena 
ex Joanne 
& Catharina 
ex Jacobo 
& Ellena 
ex Joanne 
& Catharina 
ex Josepho 
& Agnate 
ex Joanne 
& Agnete 
ex Joanne 
& Margarita 
ex Henrico 
& Elizabetha 
ex Guillelmo 
& Isabella. 

ex Roberto 
& Maria 

Ric. Graystone J. 

dc M. Blundel. 
Bradley Joanne Slater. J, 

Alicia Gardner. 
Kean Sine sponsore. J. 

Smith Maria Carmichel. J, 







J. Coulston 









Henrico Wilson. J. 
Ellena Wilding. 
Henrico Hardman J, 
& Maria Armstrong. 
Henrico Seed. J. 

Joaima Fisher. 
Petro Brown. J, 


Thoma Lceming J. 
& Joanna Noble. 
Petro Dickenson J. 
& Eliz. Wainhousc. 
Jac. Coulston J. 

& Joanna Sunter. 
Petro Dickenson J. 
& Marg. Latham. 
Maria Marland. J. 

Joanne Shepherd J. 
& Agn. Cornthwaite. 
Thoma Li vesay. J. 
Sarah Wilkinson. 
Joanne Shepherd J. 
& Joanna Ormerod. 
Joanne Maguire J. 
& Maria Fairclough. 
JoannS. Thompson. J. 



Jaco. Wells. B. Mciiugh 






ex Johanne] 


Jacobo Gardner 

J. Rigby. 

I. 26. 21. 

& Elizabethi 

c'v; Alicia G. 

2. 29. 19. 


ex Guilelmo 


Carolo Lupton 


& Joanna 

& Marg. Cleminson. 



ex Richardo 


Jacobo Leeming. 

J. Rigby. 

3. 2. 29. 

& Elizabetha 

Anna Smithson. 



ex Jacobo 


Jac. Leeming. 

J. Rigby. 

4. 9. 8. 

& Elizabetha 

Marg. Bolton. 



ex Guilelmo 


Dor. Gardner. 

J. Rigby. 

5. 2. 24. 

& Elizabetha 

6. eodem 




Joanne Sunter. 

J. Rigby. 

die 7. 

cS: Ellena 

Agnete Livesey. 



ex Joanne 


Petro Seed 

J. Rigby. 

7- 25- 23. 

& Margarita 

& Alicia Gardner. 



ex Xtophero 


Edwio Heyes 

J. Rigby. 

S. 6. 3. 

& Catharina 

& Maria Heyes. 

10. 27. 22. 


ex Jacobo 

Myerscough Rich. Myerscough J. Rigby. 

& Maria 

& Maria Smith. 

11. 27. 22. 


ex Edwardo 


Jac. Lucan & 

J. Rigby. 

& Ellena 

Agnete Cornthwaite. 

Mali Martii IVIichacl 

ex Carolo 


Spondentc aviinculo 

12. 2. 26. 


& Catharina 

Michaele Jones. 

;. Rigby. 



ex Petro 


Robto Gardner 

J. Rigby. 

13. 4. 30. 


& Dorothea 

& Alicia 

14. 4. 30. 


ex eisdem 


Rob»o Gardner 
& Anna Seed. 

J. Rigby. 

15. 4. 28. 


ex Richardo 


Jos. Whiteside 

J. Rigby. 

& Maria 

& Elizabetha Valentine. 

Mail Petius 

ex Petro 


Jac. Lucan 

J. Rigby. 

16. 25. 21. 

& Sarah 

& Marg. Latham. 

17. 25. 19. 


ex Joanne 



J. Risby. 

& Joanna 

& Joanna Leeming. 

18. 25. 22. 


ex Michaele 
& Isabella 


Joanne Ball 
& Sara Cowel. 

J. Rigby. 



ex Guillelmo 


Joanne Tomlinson 

J. Rigby. 

18. 15. 15. 

& Eliz. 

& Ell. Smith. 

19. 22. 17. 


ex Thoma 
& Alicia 


Thoma Ducketh 
& Ellena Dickson. 

J. Rigby. 



ex Michaele 


Dor. Gardner. 

J. Rigby. 

20. 4. 30. 

& Alicia 

21. 6, 15. 


ex Roberto 
& Maria 


Guil. Parke 
& Marg. Parke. 

J. Rigby. 


22. 10. 2^ 




J» Lucan. 

23. II. 10. 


ex Joanne 


Joanne Coulston 

J. Rigby. 

& Joanna 

& Agn. Cornthwaite. 



ex Elizabetha Ribchester Joa;nne \t^^„ 

J. Rigby. 

24. 17. 31- 

& Maria J^""- 



ex Thoma 


Rob' Leeming 

J. Rigby. 

25. 17- 15- 

& Joanna 

& Joanna Noble. 

26. 24. 22. 


ex Briano 

Cornthwaite Rd. Whittam 

J. Rigby. 

& Maria 

& Maria W. 

27. 28. 17. 


ex Richardo 


Jac. Lucan 
& Cath. Prie. 

J. Rigby. 

Sept. 13 


ex Joanne 


Jac. Lucan 

J. Rigby. 

28. 3. 

& Ellena 

& Ellena Dixon. 



ex Jacobo 


Henrico \ c„„ , 

J. Rigby. 

29- 7- 3- 

& Ellena 



ex Henrico 

Greenwood Jac Lucan 

J. Rigby. 

30. 14. 30. 

& ElLz. 

& Maria Wainhouse. 



Oct. Oct 


ex Joanne 


Joanne Temple 

J. Rigby. 

31- 12. 3. 


& Eleo. Marmon. 

Nov. Nov 


ex Roberto 


Joanne Forshaw. 


32. g. 4. 

& Joanna 

Eliz: Ball. 



ex Guillelmo 


Sine sponsore 

J. Rigby. 

33. 15- 15. 

cS: Bridgitta 

Mortua est. 

Dec. Dec 


ex Joanne 


Joanne Shepherd 

J. Rigby. 

34- 5. 3- 

& Catherina 

<!<: Joanna Coulston. 

35. 21. 20. 


ex Joauuf 
cS: Maria 


Jac. Goodear. 
Anna Dwver. 

J. Rigby. 

36. 28. 


ex Guillelmo 
& Anna 


Tho : Standen 
(N: Marg. 

J. Rigby. 

37- 31- 30. 


ex Richardo 

Laurenson Jaco. Goodcar. 

J. Rigby 

& Anna 


Maria Bullen. 



ex Joanne 

Cornthwaite Guil. Coulston. 

J. Rigby. 

I. 4. I. 

& Martha 

Agnete Cornthwaite. 

2. 4. I. 


ex Georgio 
& Elizabetha 


Jac. Lucan 

& Isab. Valentine. 


3. 8. 2. 


ex Thoraa 

& Elizabeths 


Joanne Sunter. 
Agnete Livesey. 




ex Joanne 


Georgio Savage 

J. Rigby. 

4. 3. 8. 

& Maria 

& Ellena Lucan 
vice Anns Fox. 

5. 29. 6. 


ex Guillelmo 
& Maria 


Richo. Ripley 

& Sara Wilkinson. 

J. Rigby 

6. 29. 15. 


ex Joanne 
& Sara 


Joanne Sunter 
A Marg. Latham 
vice Eliz. Fair. 

J. Rigby. 



ex Petro 

Ribchester Jacobo Ribchester 

. J. Rigby 

7. 26. 26. 

& Joanne 

Joanne Cowel. 

Mail Mali Andreas 

ex Henrico 


Richdo. Waring 

J. Rigby 

8. 3. 2. 

& Agnete 

& Ellina Ball. 

Die [blank] Maii 1818 natus et die 28 Junii baptizatus fuit 
Thomas Carr filius Thomae et Jane Carr (olim Flin). Patrinus fuit 
Jacobus Lukiii Matrina Elizabetha Laytham. A me Geo. Corless 
Misso Apco* 

Die 28 Junii 1818 natus et die 29 ejusdem mensis baptizatus fuit 
Eduardus Gardner filius Thome et Ellene Gardner (olim Jackson) 
conjugum. Patrinus fuit Gul. Lemin. Matrina Margreta Park. 
A me G. Corless, Misso Apc^ 

(27) Augiist 30. Sarah Agnes Walmsley daughter of Jeremia Walmsle}' 
& Ellen Laurence (conjugimi) born 3'esterday was baptized b)^ me, 
Rowland Broomhead. t Sponsors W"^ Smith & EUz^^ Smith. 

Elizabeth Huetson daughter of Richard & Mary Huetson bap- 
tized October i^t 1818. Sponsors James Goodear & Mary Duck- 
worth. B. M^Hugh. J 

Gabriel filius Johanes et Margie Coulston natus Die 5 Nov. 1818 
baptizatus 6 ejusdem mensis et anni. Sponsoribus Johnathan et 
Johanna Coulston. 

Johannes filius Gul. et Margarita; Harrison natus die 3^ Nov. 
baptizatus die 6 ejusdem mens, et anno 1818. Sponsore Maria Harris. 

* Of Crathorne, :;. C.R.S., xv, 112. 
f Of Manchester. 
{ Of Ulverston. 


Gulielmus filius Nicolai et Cathie Etherington natus die 20 Octob: 
1818 baptizatus die 6* Nov. proxime sequente. Sponsoribus 
Gulielmo Myerscough et Ailicia Leeming. 

Baptised 30"^ Nov. Margaret [dau.] of Ed** Lenen. S.S. John 
Balle Ellen Whiteside. 


Jan. Dec. Joanna ex Jacobo Gardiner Will. Gardiner. J. Lingard. 

1. I. 30. & Anna Jane Billington. 

Jan. Nov. Elisabeth^ ex Joanne Townson Jac : Goodear. J. Lingard. 

2. I. 30. & Elisabeth^, Maria Anna Dobson. 

Feb. Feb. Thomas exThoma Duckett John Ball. J. Lingard. 

13. II. & Maria Eliz : Ribclu-ster. 

Jan. 31. James Formby son of Robert Fonnby & Mary Townley 

(28) (Conj.) born Deer jy_ Spons. baptized by Rev : T. Lupton.* 

Feb. Feb. ex Thoma Leeming Jacob : Leeming. J. Lingard. 

13. lo. et Joanna Alicia Gamer. 

14. 13. [Robert] ex Gulielmo Ball Gul : Comthwaite. 

et Margarita Anna Abram. J. Lingard. 

March March Anna filia Jos. Jackson Gul. Smith, J. W 

28. 4. & Agnetis Jackson Eliz : Smith, Sponsores. 

Feb. Mart. Jacobus ex Thoma Wilson Richd. Standing J. W 

28. 5. & Johane lS; Anna Valentine. 

March March Jacobus ex Joanne Thomson Jacobus Turner T. R. 

23. 25. et Elizabetha Lapton & Ellen Goodyer. 


9. 25. Sarah ex Richard Graystone Richd. Masker. John 

et Marj' Eliz : Valentine. Molineux. "f 

March March Robertus ex Roberto Holme Edward Gardner. V.G. 

4. 25. & Alicia Gardner Ann Gardner. 

April April Thomas ex Jacobo Donaghu Jacobus Lucan. Geo. Brown. 
18. & Maria 

25. Guliel. ex Enock & (Moncks) Ja" Leeming Geo. Brown. 

Maria Moncks & Ann Chew. 

May 30. 31. Elizabeth ex Nicolao Bland W"" Tomlinson Geo. Brown. 

& Maria Eliza : Comthwaite. 

Ann: Domini 1819 

Die 17a Septembris nata & die ig* baptizata fuit Anna filia 
Jacobi et Mariae Myerscough Conj: Cath: Patrini R^us & Anna 
Myerscough; a me J. B. Marsh, Miss. Apost:t 

Die 13a Septembris nata & 26** baptizata fuit Maria filia Mich: & 
Alicias Bamwell Conj. pa. Cath. Patrini Mich: BrowTi & Isabellae 
Eaves [Brown crossed out] a me J. B. Marsh, Miss. Apost: 

Die 22^* nata & 26** baptizata fuit Anna filia Richardi & Annae 
Wells (olim Seed) Conj : Cath: Patrini Henr: & Johanna Seed, a me 

J. B. Marsh, Miss. Apost. 

Baptismi qorum notitia inter lineas includitur collati fuerunt a 
reverendis viris J. Worswick et J, B. Marsh me absente valetudinis 
vel negotii causa. Geo: Brown. § 

1820. Jan. II. 

* Rev. Thomas Lupton , of Manchester. 

t Dom. John Alban Molyneux, O.S.B., of Warrington . 

{ Of New House. 

§ This notice refers to baptisms in the following list, which include some 
already recorded. They are marked by braces. 



(29) 1819 

/All the baptisms that follow arc carefully \ 
(^entered in a new book procured on purpose J 
Aprilis Thomas exjacoboet Donaghee Jacobo Lucan. Geo : Brown. 

by me 



25. Gulielmus 

ex Jacobo et Donaghee 


ex Enoch et 



30- 31- 

9. 10. 


r 18. 

Elizabctha ex Nicolao 
et Maria 



ex Briaiio 
et Maria 
ex xVnna 

4. 6 


1- 5- 

12. 12. 

5- 17- 

Jac : Lceraiug. Geo : Brown. 

Anna Chew. 
Bland Gul : Tomlinson Geo: Brown. 

liliz : Comthwaite. 
Cornthwaite Gul : Comthwaite. Geo : 

EUz : Kirkham. Brown. 
Patten Ric : Baincs. Geo : Brown. 

Joanna Bennett. 
Robinson Ric : Robinson. Jac : 

Eliz : Cornthwaite. Worswick 
Dickenson Joan : Shepperd. Jac : 

Eliz : Wathmouth. Worswick 
Ric : Jenkinson. Geo : Brown. 

& Hel : Jenkinson. 
Jac : Whiteside Geo : Brown. 

& Marg. Whiteside. 

Gul : Gamer. Geo : Brown. 

Joanna Seed. 

Jacobo Lucan. Geo : Brown. 

Hel: Dixon. 

Gulielmus ex Jacobo 
18. Joannes ex Petro 

& Sara 
31. Elizabeth ex Gulielmo 
& Anna 
Georgius ex Thoma 
& JoEinna 
8. Anna ex Petro & 

Gulielmus ex Gulielmo 

Gawin & Elizabetha 
Elizabetha ex Margarita Battersby Bernard Nugent. Geo 

Hel : Battersby. 




17. 19. Anna 
13. 26. Maria 
22. 26. Anna 

7. 1- 3- 
3. 3- 


ex Gulielmo 
& Bella 
ex Jacobo 
& Maria 
ex Michael 
& Alicia 
ex Richardo 
et Anna 
ex Joanne 
& Joanna 
ex Joanne 
et Agnete 
Maria Anna ex Maria 



20. 17. 19. Henricus ex Jacobo 

et Helena 

21. 10. 31. Elizabetha ex Richardo 

& Margarita 
Oct. Nov. Elizabctha ex Joanne 

22. 26, 6. et Maria 
(30) Novembris Martha ex Roberto 

23. 24. 28. 


25. 14- 19. 

26. 18. 19. 


1. II. 16. 


2. 31. 2. 

Jac : Grundy, 

Alicia Grundy. 
Myerscough Ric cS: Anna 

Barnwell Mic : Brown. 

Isabella Eaves, 
Wells Henrico et 

Joanna Seed. 
Leeming Ed : Hodskison. 

Anna Carter. 
Ripley Rich: Ripley. 

Maria Hurst. 
Reading J. Lucan. 

Anna Tomlinson. 
Seed Petro Seed. Geo 

Eliz : Fox. 
Coop Jac. Lucan. Geo 

Sara Wilkinson. 
Fogatty Dennis Mullhau. 

Brigitta Callaghan. 
Swarbreck Josepho Whiteside. 

Hel : Whiteside. 

Gul. Parkinson. 

Joanna Smith. 

Thos. Townson. 

Anna Townson. 

Gul. Coulston. Geo 

Joanna Coulston. 

Geo : Brown. 

J. B. Marsh. 
J. B. Marsh. 

J. B. Marsh. 
Geo : Brown. 
Geo : Brown. 
Geo : Brown. 







Geo : 





& Joanna 
Maria ex Gulielmo Smith 

et Elizabetha 
Joanna ex Richardo Baines 

ct Elizabctha 
Josephus ex Joanne Coulston 

et Margarita 

Josephus ex Roberto Thompson Jac : Chew. Geo : Brown. 

& Maria Joanna Leeming. 

Joanna ex Jacobo Garner Ed : Gamer. Geo : Brown. 

et Anna Anna Carter, 




3- lo- 13- 


ex Josepho 


Thomas Whiteside. 


& Ehzabetha 

Helena Whiteside. 


4- 8. 13. 


ex Michaele 


Jac. Holden. Geo 

: Brown. 


Elizabeth Ribcheste 




ex Joanne 


Gul. Coulston. Geo 

: Brown. 

5- 29. 5- 

& Joanna 

Joanna Bennett. 



ex Thoma 


Rich : Raines. Geo 

: Brown. 

ft. 17. 19. 


Eliz : Raines. 

7- 19- 24. 


I ex Joanne 


Jacobo Coulston. 


et Catharina 

Elizabetha Livesay. 


8. 5. 


ex Thoma 




et Margarita 

Nancy Tomlinson. 


Mar. 25. 20, 

, Mattheus 

ex Mattheo 

Waterhouse Ric : Hodskison. 


9. 1818. 1820. 

& Agnete 

Eliz : Simpson. 




ex Gulielmo 


Ric: Ball. Geo 

: Brown. 

10. 8. 10. 

et Margarita 

Agnete Cornthwaite, 

II. II. 20. 


ex Roberto 


Michaele Brown. 


& Joanna 

. oanna Ball. 


12. 16. 22. 


L ex Gulielmo 


' 'homa Gardiner. 


et Elizabetha 

Ann Gardiner. 


June Alicia 

ex Joanne 


Ricardo Hewitson. 


13- 17- 

et Anna 

Helena Battersby. 


14. 25. 26. 


ex Jacobo 


Danile El wood. 


et Helena 

Anna Dwyer. 




ex Thoma 


Gulielmo Gamer. 


15. 2. 9. 

et Joanna 

Dor : Bradley. 


10. 13. 14. 


ex Joanne 
et Maria 


Jac. Lucan Geo 
Marg : Battersby. 

: Brown. 





Thom» Duckett. 


17- 21. so- 

et Anna 

Mary Hewitson. 



ex Jacobo 

Ribchester Jno. Lawrenson. 


18. 25. 27. 

et Anna 

Eliz: Ribchester. 



ex Joanne 

Cornthwaite Jac. Lucan. 


19. 14- 15- 

& Martha 

Joanna Ball. 



ex Thoma 


Joan : Coulston. 


20. 3. 8. 

& Elizabeth 

Helena Bleasdale. 


21. 29. 


ex Petro 

Ribchester Jos : Cowell. Geo 

: Bro\vn. 

& Joanna 

Eliz : Mackeral. 

22. 23. 31. 


ex Enoch 
& Maria 


Jac. Goodier. G 
Anna Dwyer. 

. Brown. 



ex Guilelmo 


Jacobo Lucan. 


23. 20. 26. 


& Brigitta 

Maria Wilkinson. 

24. 12. 


ex Gul. et 


■ oanne Whiteside. 


Margar : 

" oaima Leeming. 


Dec. 1821 


ex Gulielmo 


Hen : Seed. Geo 

: Brown. 

25- 7- 

& Joanna 

1 821 

Alicia Gamer. 

Jaiiy. Feb.Agnetis 

ex Gulielmo 


Jacobo Poole. 


1. 22. 4. 

et Maria 

Joanna Pilling. 




ex Jacobo 


Jac. Holden. Geo : 

; Brown. 

2. 3. 4- 


Alice Gamer. 

3. 18. 18. 


ex Thoma 


Richardo Jenkinson. 



& Elizabetha 

Elizabetha Valentine. 

, Brown. 

4. 8. II. 


ex Thoma 


Thomas Eaves. 


& Rachele 


Hellen Ball. 




ex Ricardo 


Thoma Talbot. 


5. 2. 6. 

& Maria 


Sara Wilkinson. 

6. 2. 6. 


ex Ricardo 
et Maria 


Tho» Myerscough. 
Helen Battersby. 


7. 4- 6. 

Margar : 

ex Jacobo 
et rosa 


Gul. Cornthwaite. 
Eliz : Cornthwaite. 




Apr. Marg : 

ox Gul. & 


Thomas Waterhouse 

:. G.B. 

14. 15- 


Maria Knowls. 

(32) Apl.May Margery 

ex Thoma 


Rich : Noble. Geo : 

Brown . 

31- 4- 

et Joanna 

Anna Croskell. 

May 4. 6. Margaret 

ex Jno. 


Geo. Hunnable. 


& Marg : 


Ehz: Brown. 


May 22. 25. Helena 

ex Henrico 
et Agnete 


Jacobo Lucan. Geo : 
Helena Goodier. 

: Brown. 

May 28. 31. Joannes 

ex Jacobo 

Myerscough Tho* Myerscough. 


et Maria 


Eliz : Myerscough. 

1 7. Sara 

ex Georgio 


Henrico Hardman. 


et Sara 


Joanna Sunter. 


July Hen : 

ex Petro 


Will. Morton. Geo 

: Brown, 

9- 13- 

et Sara 

Marg : Battersby. 

lo. 13. Francisca 

ex Carolo 


Jacobo Lucan Geo 

: Brown. 


et Catherina 

et Anna Chew. 

July 14. 15. Gulielmus 

ex Rich. 


Jacobo Leeming. 


et Maria 

Eliz : Valentine. 


June 13. July 22. Maria 

ex Joanne 


Joan. Carter. Geo 

: B. 

Anna & Eliza. 

Eliz: Hall. 

Sep. 22. Oct. 7. Joanna ex Tho : et 


Thos. Brown. G.B. 


Eliz : Billington. 

3 weeks to Oct. 27 

ex Joanne 


Peter Seed. 


et Alice 

Ehz: Green. 

Oct. 2. 19. Jane 

ex Robto. 
& Doro : 


Jaco. [?] Bains. 
Eliz : Garner. 

Nov. I. I. Jacobus 

ex Tho* 
et Joanna 


Michael Brown. 
Eliz : Swainbank. 

No. 3. Agnes 

ex Gul. 
& Anna 



Alice Singleton. 

Nov. 23. 25. Joanes 

ex Jacobo 

Seed Roberto Gamer. Geo : 


& Helena 

Alice Gamer. 

No. 22. Dec. 2. Gulielmi 

js ex Gulielmo Wilson 

Joanne Wilson. 

& Maria 

Sara Wilkinson. 

Dec. 27. 30. Gul : 

ex Josepho 
et Agnete 



Jacobo Lucan. 
Hele Dixon. 

Jany. 7. 8. Joannes 

ex Joanne 
et Margarita 


Jacobo Lucan. 
Helena Peraberton. 

Jany.7. 13. Maria 

ex Ricardo 


Jacobo Lucan. 



. Marg : Greenwood. 

1821. 17 Dec. 1822. Jany. 16 Emilia Anna ex Thoma Hatton. 


& Maria 

Sponsors Jacobo Lucan & Jul 

ia Mason. 



Jan. 20. 27. Margarita 

ex Thoma 
et Alice 


Gul : Coulston. 
EUz: Coulston. 

Jan. 29. Feb. 3. Robertus ex Gulielmo Ball 

Ricar. Ball. 

et Marg : 

Agn : Comthwaite. 

Jan. — Feb. 10. Isabella 

ex Georgio 
et Joanna 


Jacobo Lucan. 

Feb. 8, 10. Catharina 

ex Joanne 
& Cath : 


Jonanth. Coulston. 
Maria Knowles. 

Feb. 18.24. Josephus 

ex Jacobo 

Ribchester Carolo Singleton. 

et Anna 

Rosa Singleton. 

— 24. 28. Joannes 

ex Gulielmo 

Cornthwaite Joanne Dixon. 

et Elizabetha 

Anna Kirkham. 

March 8. 10. Elizabetha 

, ex Maria 


Hen. Greenwood. 
Eliz : Wainhouse. 


Feb. 26. March 3. Maria 

, ex Petro 
et Anna 


Thos. CoDolly. 
Eleanor Conolly. 




March 27. 27. Maria 
March 28. 31. Ahcia 
March. — Ap 
Ap : 24. 28. Josephus 
May 6. 12. Isabella 
May 13. 19. Anna 
May 18. 25. Thomas 
June 25. 30. Jacobus 
July 4 

ex Gabriele Coalston 

et Anna 

ex Margarita Bleasdale 

9. Thomas ex Petro 
et Sara 

ex Gulielmo 
& Elizabeth 
ex Roberto 
et Joanna 
ex Thos. 
& Helena 
ex Joanne 
et Agnete 
ex Gulielmo 
et Elizabetha 
ex Jacobo 
& Helena 

June 29. July 14. Elizabetha ex Joanne Baines 
et Sara 

July 31. Aug. 4. Joannes ex Joanne 
et Joanna 

6. Ricardus 







Sep. 10. 15. Jacobus 
6. Benjamin 


Oct. II. 

Nov. 6. 

Nov. 16, 



Nov. 20. 24. Maria 
Nov. 13. 15. Joannes 
Nov. 16. 18. Ricardus 

Jany. 22. 26. Maria 

Jany. 25 

Jany. 30. Feb. 2. Jacobus 
Jany. 24. Feby. 2. Joannes 

Pilling • 

Feby. 2 1 


March 6 

ex Joane 
& Agnete 
ex Michaele 
et Isabella, 
ex Joanne 
et Martha 
ex Edwardo 
& Helena 
ex Ricardo 
et Anni 
ex Gulielmo 
et Maria 
ex Thoma 
& Joanna 
ex Jacobo 
et Elizabetha 


ex Jeremia 

et Helena 
26. Elizabetha ex Thoma Wilson 

et Elizabetha 

ex Jacobo 

et Margarita 

ex Jacobo 

et Anna 

ex Joanne 

et Anna 
Catharina ex Gulielmo 

et Margarita 

ex Roberto 

et Joanna 

ex Joanne 

et Elizab. 

ex Thoma B 

et Joanna Leeming 

ex Joanne Leeming 

et Joanne 
14. Baptizavi Jacobum filium Roberti BrogdeA 
periculose aegrotantem. et Anne 

Geo : Rogerson. 
Eliza rogerson 

Helena Beetham. 
Dickonson Ricardo Bains. 

Eliz : Wainhouse. 

Tho. Rogerson. 

Rebecca Wood. 

Tho : Swarbreck. 

Helena Dixon. 

Thos. Seed. 

Anna Seed. 

Ricardo Ripley. 

Maria Ripley. 

Thos: Ball. 

Agnes Ball. 

Richar. Dunderdale. 

Helen Dixon. 

Ricard : Hodskison. 

Eliz : Marshall. 

Gulielmo Coulston. 

Maria Sunter. 

Thoma Ball. 

Joanna Layfield. 

Tho» Carter. 

Helena Whiteside. 
Comthwaite Thoma Carter. 

Maria Comthwaite. 

Petro Seed. 

Ann Wells. 

Joanne Whiteside. 

Anna Chew. 

Jno. Rogerson. 

Alice Parkinson, 

Thoma Myerscough. 

Ehzabetha Myerscough. 

Geo. Parkinson. G.B, 

Maria Mackeral. 














24. Anna 


9. Joanna 
Feb. 3. Mar. 9. Jacobus 
March 6. 9. Jacobus 

March 9. 16. Eliz : 










Thoma Conolly. 
Helena Conolly. 
Josepho Seed. 
Helen Jenkinson. 
Jacobo Beethom. 
Anna Beethom. 
Thoma Ball. 
Elizabetha Marshall, 
Gul : Gamer. 
Eliz : Myerscough. 
Jacobo Whiteside. G.B. 
Helena Whiteside. 
Jacobo Robinson. 
Rosa Robinson. 
Jacobo Coulston. 
Helena Magee [?]. 
Rob : Swarbrick. 
Eliz : Swainbank. 
Roberto Hest. Geo : 
Eliz : Hest. Brown, 






Mar. 7. Jun(> 15. 

June 13. 22. Isabella 

Ap. 25. Jure 28. 

June 22. 
-- 26. 
July I. 
Julii 6. 
Julii II. 
Aug. 22. 
Sep. 9. 
Sep. 16. 
Oct. 21. 
Oct. 29. 
Nov. 4. 
Nov. 6. 9. 

Oct. 6. Nov. 23. 

Nov. 19. 30. 

Nov. 26. Dec. 7. 
Dec. 5 & 9. 

29. Eliz : ex Gul : Ball Edw : Singleton, 

et Marg : Anna Chew. 

ex Mattheo Waterhouse Will Beethom. 
et Agnete Eliz : Simpson. 

<'x Thoma Eaves Ricardo Ball, 

et rachaele Isabella Eaves. 

Maria ex Gul : Lupton Car. Lupton. G.B. 

.\nna et Joanna Anna Chew. 

Elizabetha Guy Gul. Rice [?]. 

Marg. Leeming. 
Bains Gul : Leeming. G.B. 

Hcl : Whiteside. 
Cornthwaite Thoma Leeming. G.B. 
Joanna Leeming. 
Eliezer Towley [?]. 
Alicia Bell. 

Jacobo Whiteside. G.B. 
Alicie Singleton. 

Ricardus ex Ricardo 

et Eliz: 
Esther ex Briano 

et Maria 
Agnes ex Roberto 

et Maria 
Maria ex Josepho 

et Elizabetha 
Tho : Era. ex W™ 

et Cath : 
Jacobus ex Jacobo 

et Helena 
Joanna ex Gulielmo 

et Joanna 
Margarita ex Joanne 

et ^Margarita 
Petrus ex Petro 

et Joanna 
Anna ex Gabriele 

et Anna 
Jacobus ex Jacobo 

et Rosa 
Tho» ex Thoma 

et Margarita 
Anna ex Joanne 

et Elizabeth 
Margarita ditto 



Aug. 23. 

Dec. 25. 
Jan. I. Jacobus 
31. Feb. I. Thomas 
Jany. 25. Feb. i. 
Jany. 15. Feb. 
March 29. 31. 

25. Ap. 4. 
Ap. 22. 25. 

Seed Josepho Seed. G.B. 

Joanna Seed. 
Johnson Gul: Ripley. G.B. 

Sara Wilkinson. 
Coulston Frederico Paul. 

Maria Coulston. 
Ribchester Joanne Carter. 

Maria Carter. 
Coulston Rev. — Fairclough. 

Joanna Coulston. 
Robinson Joanne Cowell. G.B. 

Marg' Swarbreck. 
Green Nicolao Etherington. 

Eliza: Wainhouse. 
Townson Joanne Carter. 

Eliza : Coulston. 

Joanne Carter. 

Alicia Shackle ton. 
Brown Joanne Croft. 

Joanna Swarbrick. 
ex Daniele Murray Hugo Murray, 
et Margt. Maria ICnowles. 

ex Joanna Furness Jacobo M^MuUen. 

Helen Ball. 
Wilson Gul. Gamer. 

Sara Wilkinson. 

Gulielmus ex Petro 

et — 


Geor : 



ex Guhel. 
et Maria. 

ex Joanne 
et Helena 
ex Ricardo 
et Maria 
ex Jacobo 
et Anna Singleton 
ex Thoma Bell 
et Alicia 

ex Joanne Rogerson 
et Elizabetha 
ex Gulielmo Downam 
ct Elizabeth 
ex T. or J. Keeve 
et Marg : Keeve 

Jacobo Dully. 
Elizabeth Duffy. 
Thomas Myerscough. 
Sara Wilkinson. 
Ribchester Thos. Addison. 

Helen Ribchester. 
Gul : Coulston. 
Joanna Bennett. 
Jeremia Walmsley. 
Maria Rogerson. 
Thos. Ball. 
Agnes Ball. 
Hugo Murray. 
Marg* Murray. 

>|c Many of the entries on pp. 36, 37 are in pencil. 


May 19. 

May I; 
June 8. 
July I. 2. 

July 3- 4- 

June 30. July 4. 
July 17. 
July 17. July 25. 
Friday e*** Aug. 15 

20. Anna 


23. Dorothea ex Joanne 
et Agnete 

26. Maria ex Roberto 
et Maria 
ex Hugone 
et Margarita 
ex Dyonisio 
et Brigitta 
ex Jacobo 
et Elizabeth 
ex Petro 
et Dorothe 
ex Michaelc 
ex Georgio 
et Anna 
Jonathan ex Joanne 

et Catharina 
ex Enoch 
& Maria 
ex Ricardo 
et Anna 
ex Joanne 
et Martha 
4. Margery ex Gulielmo 
et Margarita 



27. Maria 

2. Joanna 

4. Joseph 




Aug. 15. Hen : 

5. Jacobus 





Dec. 24. 

Jan. 2. 
Jan. 10 
Feb. 18. 
Feb. 24. 
March 5. 
March 19. 

Joan : 
J 8. Jacobus 
j6. Winif. 

Richardus ex Gulielmo 
et Marga. 

[6. Eliza : e.x Gulilme 
et Maria 

[9. Sara Jane ex Thoma 
et JoannS 

Ripley Ricardo Riple>-. 

Alice Shackleton. 
RogersOQ W™ Gamer. 

Rebecca Lawrens. 
M'^Cusker Henry Connor. 

Cath. Connor. 
Conway Thos. Sullivan. 

Susan Sullivan. 
Coulston Jonath. Coulston. G.B. 

Dyonisia Daudville. 
Bradley Joseph Seed. Geo : 

Alice Rogerson. Brown. 
Brown Joan Cowell. G.B. 

Marg' Cowell. 
Arrowsmith Ricardo Hodskison. 

Joanna Turner. 
Coulston Gul. Coulston. 

Marg' Pedder. 
Moncks Jno. BoUand. 

Fanny Bolland. 
Wells Frederico Paul. 

Alice Singleton. 
Cornthwaite Gulielmo Comthwaite. 

Elizabeth Cornth. 
Leeming Thos. Leeming. 


Eliz : Valentine. 

Jac : Whiteside. 

Marg: Ball. 

Thos. Addison. 

Eliz : Macker[al ?]. 

Jno. Ripley. 

Agnes Comthwaite. 

Joan : Singleton. G.B. 

Emilia Smith. 





ex Thoma 
et Rachele 
e.x Jacobo 
et Eliza 
ex Jacobo 
et .Amelia 
ex Gulielmo 
et Elizabet 

Will [?] Kirkham. 

Catharine Kirkham. 


Margarite Leeming. 

Gulielmo Leeming. 

Anna Valentine. 

Jacobo Mackeral. 

Gratia Mackeral. 

Thoma Carter. Geo : 

Helena Walker Brown. 

Thoma Gamer. Geo : 

Helen Gamer. Brown. 
Comthwaite Thoma Carter. G.B. 

Agnes Cornthwaite. 

[The following has been inserted by another hand and iti different ink.] 
Aug. 25. 26. Agnes ex Joanne Ripley Ricardo Ripley. Geo ; 

et Agnete Lucia Wilson. Brown. 

N.B. The baptisms are registered in another book provided by 
me for that purpose : that Book contains the registry of all baptisms 
administered by me from the date of my coming here in April, 1819. 

25. Rich" 
13. Helena 
20. Joan : 
20. Gul : 

ex Ricardo Singleton 

et Maria Monk : 

ex Ricardo 

et Eliz : 

ex Joanne 

et Alice 

e.x Guliel. 

et Eliza : 




Matrinionionini ordo & cpochae 

al) eodem anno. 


I underwritten, priest of tlie R. Catholic Congregation at Lan- 
caster, married Robert Threlfall & Sarah Cock This 26t'i of April 1800. 
In presence of Richd. Singleton, Catherine Moiuitain. J. Rigb\'. 

I underwritten, priest of the R. Catholic Congregation at Lan- 
caster, married Henry Bell & Alice Comah this 7^'' Sepf 1800. 
In presence of George Kirkham, Rutli Bell. J. Rigby. 

Sept. 27, 1800. I underwritten, priest of the Catli. Chapel at 
Lancaster, married Peter Mooney & Elizabeth Shiers. J. Righ>'. 

in presence of Thos. Snape, Jane Lupton. 

1801. Feb. 7^11. I underwritten, priest of the Cath. Chapel at 
Lancaster, married Robert Sumner & Elizabeth Chamley. 
in presence of John Bolton, elen Nicholson. J. Rigby. 

April 6^^^ I underwritten, priest of the Cath. Chapel at Lancas- 
ter, married William Gardner & Elizabeth Spencer. J. Rigby. 
In presence of George Wilson, Marj'-f-Kellet her mark. 

Nov. 8, 1801. I underwritten, Priest of the Cath. Chapel at Lan- 
caster, married John Sunter & Jane Lambe. J. Rigby. 
In presence of Brvan Cornthwaite, Margaret Walker. 

May 2, 1802. I underwritten, french priest, married Simon 
Myerscough and Ann Tomlinson in presence of John Tomlinson and 
Gr. Kirkham. J. A. Le Tellier.* 

July 21, 1802. I underwritten, priest of Lancaster, married 
William Swarbrick & Grace Swarbrick. J. Rigb} . 

In presence of W'" Earnshaw . 


1803. Feb. 21. I underwritten, priest of Lancaster, married James 
Unsworth & Elizabeth Waterhouse. [Witn.], Thomas Grayston, 
W"! Earnshaw. J. Rigby. 

1803. I underwritten, priest of Lancaster, married Rol)t Caton & 
Elizabeth Parke this 26"i May. J. Rigby. 

In presence of John Park, Anne her-f-mark Park. 

I underwritten, Priest of Lancaster, married Richard Ball & Ellen 
Hardman, this 26 May, 1804. In presence of Thomas \'alentine, 
Marget Lupton. J. Rigby. 

I underwritten, Priest of Lancaster, married John Cock & Juliana 
Ibbison this June 23, 1804. J. Rigby. 

in presence of George Kirkham, Marj' Valentine. 

I underwritten. Priest of Lancaster, married John Lupton & Mary 
Caton this Oct. 27, 1804. ' J. Rigby. 

In presence of Tho^ Snape, Agnes Caton. 

* Peiv Jacques Ant. Lc Tcllirr, vicaire' cW N'assonville, diocese de Rouen. 
(I'Liss', Le Clerg^ Frcoicais, ii, ^lo.) 


I underwritten, Priest of Lancaster, married John McCartney & 
Alice Worswick.* this 25th Nov. 1804. J. Rigby. 

In presence of Richd. Worswick, Mar\- Worswick, Richd (rillow, M's 
Rt Worswick. 

I underwritten , Priest of Lancaster, married Robert Piatt & Alice 
Wilding, this Dec. i, 1804. J. Rigby. 

In presence of Rob^ Coniey, Ann her+mark Comev. 

I underwritten, Priest of Lancaster, married Rob^ Gage Rook- 
woodt & Mary Worswick this 17th day of february 1805. J. Rigby. 
In presence of Rich<^ Worswick, M^^ R* Worswick, John Dalton. 

May 5^'^ I underwritten, Priest of Lancaster, married George 
Wilson & Alice Simpson. J. Rigby. 

In presence of Tho^ Townson, Sarah Lupton. 

Oct. I2*b. I underwritten. Priest of Lancaster, married Richard 
Green & Catharine Rowlandson. J. Rigby. 

In presence of W™ Lund, Elin her+mark Moony. 

1805. Nov. 22^1. Confirmed this day the natural contract which 
for many years had existed between Jolm Winder & Anne* Byrom, 
both being in extreme old age & infirm & utterly incapable of facing 
the expence of a marriage at church, & in order to prevent scandal 
and put some sort of plaster on an old sore, married them according 
to'the rite of our Church though against my principles relative to the 
marriage of Protestants & Catholics, sacrificing in this single instance 
to the opinion of those who think differently. by me 

In presence of J. Rigby- 

Mary Toler. 
* X.R. Anne Winder afterwards became a Catholic [in marsin]. 

[No date.] I underwritten, Priest of Lancaster, married Robert 
Ball & Agnes Corless. J. Rigb>'. 

In presence of James Capstick, Priscilla Capstick. Jan v. 

1806. Oct. 5. I underwritten. Priest of Lancaster, married Peter 
Dickenson & Jane Johnson. J. Rigby. 
In presence of James Lucan, Saray her+mark Wilkinson. 


Feb. 9^'i. I underwritten, priest of Lancaster, married Nic. 
Etherington & Cath. Baines. J. Rigby. 

In presence of Tho^ Snape, Margaret beains. 

April 14. I underwritten, Priest of Lancaster, married John 
Lupton & Jane Kirkham. J Rigby. 

In presence of John Leigh, John Lupton. 

sj: Alice, dau.jrliter of Thomas Worswick, of Lancaster, banker, baptized 
Feb. 21, 1767, went to York Bar Convent in 17S1, and married Dr. John 
McCartney, of Livei-pool, but died s.p. 

"fi Robert Joseph Gajre-Rokewode, of Coldham Hall, co. Suffolk, Esq., son 
of Sir Thomas Gage, Bart., of Hengrave Hall, co. Suffolk, Esq. His wife, 
daughter of Thomas Worswick, of Lancaster, Esq., was bom March 13. 17S1, 
went to York Bar Convent in 1794. and died at Leighton Hall {v. p. 39). 


Lan. Sept. 22^, 1807. I underwritten, Priest of Lancaster, 
married Thomas Brown & Mary Tomlinson. J . Rigby. 

In presence of John Tomlinson, M. F[or R or FJennick. 

I under^vritten, Priest of Lancaster, married Michael Brown & 
Isabella Holding this 12^^ Oct. 1807. J. Rigby. 

In presence of John his+mark Singleton, M* Pennick. 

I underwritten, Priest of Lancaster, married Robert Thompson & 
MaryBaines. J. Rigby. 

In presence of James Lucan, Marg. Pennick, 

I underwritten, Priest of Lancaster, married John Carter & Agnes 
BaU. This 28th feb. 1808. J. Rigby. 

In presence of W"^ Whiteside, Catharine Whiteside. 

I underwritten. Priest of Lancaster, married John Rogerson & 
Elizabeth Singleton. This April 25, 1808. J. Rigby. 

In presence of W°i Whiteside, M. Whiteside. 

I underwritten, R. C. Priest of Lancaster, married George Kirk- 
ham & Elizabeth Cornthwaite this i8t'i Day of May 1809. J . Rigby. 
In presence of John Lupton, Ellen Lupton. 

I underwritten, R.C. Priest of Lancaster, married James Carter 
& Mary Simpson, this 20*^^ day of May 1809. J . Rigby. 

In presence of William Croft, Marget Pennick. 

I underwritten, R.C. Priest of Lancaster, married William Bolton 
& Ellen Lucas, this 30^1 October 1809. John Rigby. 

In presence of John Gardner, Ann Lucas. 

I underwritten, priest of Lancaster, married James Wilkinson & 
Sarah Lupton, this 14*^ Nov^ 1809. J. Rigby. 

In presence of Edw<^ Guest, Julia Mason. 

I underwritten. Priest at Lancaster, married Henrv Wilson & 
Elizabeth Rossal this 8 of Nov. 1810. " J. Rigby. 

In presence of George his+mark Savage, Agness Arowsmith. 

I the underwritten, Priest at Lancaster, married John Kay & 
Mary Shepherd this 7*'^ of Jan>' 1811. John Rigby. 

In presence of W^^i Whiteside, Margt. Pennick. 

I the underwritten. Priest of Lancaster, married Joseph Lupton 
& Elizabeth Kaye, this 22^ day of April 181 1. J. Rigby. 

In presence of John Coulston, Ellen Lupton. 

This 3^1 day of June 1811. I underwritten, Priest of Lancaster, 
married Richard Singleton & Ellen Rogerson. J. Rigb}-. 

In presence of W"i Whiteside, Sarah Threlfall. 

I underwritten, priest of Lancaster, rehabilitated the Contract 
between Peter O'Brian & IMary Mahony, this lo^h of June 1811. 

J. Rigby. 

I underwritten. Priest of Lancaster, married Peter Bradley & 
Dorothy Gardner tliis 16"' day of December 1811. J. Rigby. 

In presence of William Gardner, Alice her-f-mark Gardner. 



I underwritten, Priest of Lancaster, married Jeremy Walmsley 
& Ellen Laurence, this 23^* day of May 1813. " J. Rigby. 

In presence of William Leeming, Marg* Pennick. 

I underwritten, Priest of Lancaster, married Thomas Townley »S: 
Ellen Wainhouse, this 8"i day of January 1814. John Rigby. 

In presence of Ja® INIorris, Elizabeth Wainhouse. 

I underwritten, priest at Lancaster, married John Wells & Mar- 
garet Seed, this 18^^ day of April 1814. J. Rigby. 
In presence of James Seed, Ellen her+mark Wells. 

I underwritten, priest at Lancaster, married Richard Singleton «!n; 
Margaret Chew, this i8t'i of Sepf 1814. John Rigby. 

In presence of James Chew, Ann Chew. 

I undenvritten, priest of Lancaster, married Thomas Unsworth 
& Ellen Simpson: this 22'' Nov. 1814. J. Rigby. 

In presence of W™ Hodgson, Wa. Atkinson. 


I the underwritten, Priest of Lancaster, married Richard Seed & 
Elizabeth Lambert, Lanc^ April 10, 1815. J. Rigby. 

In presence of James Seed, Ellen "U'ells. 

I underwritten, Priest at Lancaster, married Thomas Talbot & 
Alice Dueketh, this 30*'! day of April 1815. John Rigby. 

In presence of Thos. Duckett, Isab. her+mark Myerscough. 

I underwritten, Priest at Lancaster, married John Maguire & 
Margaret Arkwright, this ii^h Xovr 1815. John Rigby. 

In presence of James Lucan, Ellen her+mark Weldon. 

I underwritten, priest of Lancaster, married James Gardner & 
Elizabeth Atkinson, this 18*^ day of December 1815. J. Rigby. 

In presence of William Gardner, Alice her + mark Gardner. 

I underwTitten, Priest of Lancaster, married Robert Swarbrick &: 
Jane Eaves, this 8^^ Jan. 1816. J. Rigby. 

In presence of Thomas Swrbick, Em. Whiteside. 

I the undenvritten, Priest at Lancaster, married James Myers- 
cough & Mary Rogerson, this 6*1 of May 1816. J . Rigb}-. 
In presence of Richd. Myerscough, Margt. Pennick. 

I the undersigned, priest at Lancaster, married Thomas Leeming 
& Jane Noble. This 16^^ of Aug. 1816. John Rigbv. 

In presence of William Leeming, Margaret \\^liteside. 

I the undersigned, priest at Lancaster, married Tho^ Marsh & 
Elin Brown. Lancaster Sept. 24, 1816. J. Rigby. 

In presence of Marg* Pennick. 

I the undersigned. Priest at Lancaster, married Thomas Kellet & 
Eliz. Millar, this 19th Nov. 1816. John Rigby. 

In presence of Jeremiah Walmsle\-, Elin her mark Lawrenson 

Married James Seed & Ellen Wells, this 26*^ Nov^ 1816, by me 

J. Rigby Sac. Miss., Lancaster. 
In presence of Richard Wells, Anne her + mark Seed. 



Married John Bateson Cv Mary Fairclough, tln^ 22'^ of January 
1817. by me Jolm K'gl'}', Sat-. Miss., Lancaster. 

In preseiice of Henr\- \\*ilson, Ann Fox. 

Married Walter Selby to Alice Swarbrick, this iji" of April 1817. 
In presence of her fatJier (S: brother vSanuiel & his eldest brother & 
of her Uncle (.Sc Aunts K'' Worswick, i\larg. \\'ors\vick, A. M' Cartney. 

J. Kigby. 

I underwritten, priest at Lai caster, niarritd* C uthbeit Dunnar.d 
Margaret Gillow this 14"' 8*1)1. 1817. J. Rigby. 

In presence of liich*^' \Vors\\i(k, Tho^ Duriii, Eliza Dunn. 

I underwritten, Priest at Lar.caster, married Thomas Ducketh (i 
Mary Carter, this 2^ day of December, 1817. J. Rigb} . 

In presence of Thomas Tallot [? Talbot], Mary her + mark Hew etson. 

I underwritten, priest of Lancaster, married Tliomas Myerscough 
& Elizabeth Bateman this 5^1 April 1818. J. R'gby. 

In presence of \\'iiliam Lceming, Jane Leenhng. 

1819. I the underwritten, Priest of Lar.caster, married 

Poulton and Helen Walker this Geo: Brown, 

In the presence of [blank]. 

I the undersigned. Priest at Lar.caster, married W™ Rigby and 
Elizabeth Ball this 3'! of May 1818. Geo: Brown. 

In the presence of Wdliam Gradwell, Jane Corntliwaite. 

I the undersigned Priest J. B. Marsh, 'f' married in the chapel of 
Lancaster Thos. Baines of Claughton & Jane Goth of Lancaster 
both Catholics on the 20*^ of Sept. An. Dmni. 1819. 
In the presence of Henry Poulton & Mary Whittingham. 

1820. Thos Moss and Helen Eaves were married at Thurnham 
by the Rev^ M^" Foster on Monda\' J any, 17 in the presence of Robert 
Swarbrick, Ellen Whiteside. 

I the undersigned. Priest at Lar.caster, married W"i Leeming 
and Margaret Whiteside S this 6*^ of February 1820 in the presence 
of John Whiteside, Jane Leeming. Geo: BrowTi. 

I the undersigned. Priest at Larcaster, married W^" Ridge and 
Catherine Green in the presence of William Smith. Ap : 24, 1820. 

Geo : Brown . 

I the underwritten. Priest of Lancaster, married Lawrence Teebay 
and Mary Poole. This 7 day of June 1820, in the presence of Jas. 
Harker Wilkinson, Elizabeth Valentine, Geo: Brown. 

I the underwritten, Priest of Lancaster, married James Mackerae 
and Elizabeth Ribchester this 4*'! day of SepJ" 1820 in the presence of 
The mark-l-of George Parkinson, the mark-f of Ann Park, 

Geo : Brown. 

>[c The marriage was in tlio doiiu'stic chaptl at Clifton Hill (;•. p. 61). 

>f« Of New House. 

$ William Leemiuj^, ut Ridge, and Margaict, daughte. of NVillJam White- 
side, ot Lancaster, who died at Lancaster, 30 Dec, 1824, aged 64. 



I the undenvritteii, Priest of Lancaster, married Hugh Bains and 
Mary Garland this 12th day of Feb : 1821 in the presence of James 
Baincs, Mary W'hittingham. Geo : Brown. 

I the underwritten, Priest of Lancaster, married Francis Waring 
and Margaret Garner this ^^ day of Sepr 1821 in the presence of John 
4-Lawrenson, Jane Atkinson. Geo: Brown. 

I the underwritten, Priest at Lancaster, married Thomas Cope 
and Mary Taylor this 12**^ day of Nov. 1821 in the presence of William 
Smith, Denise Daudeville. Geo : Brouii. 


I the undersigned, Priest of Lancaster, married Henry Seed and 
Alice Gamer this ^^^ day of Aug: 1822 in the presence of George 
Gardner, Jane her+mark Seed. Geo. Brown. 


I the underwritten Priest of Lancaster, married James Coulston 
and Elizabeth Morley Widow this 2y^^^ day of Oct : 1823 in the 
presence of Jolm Coulston, Denise Daudeville. Geo. Brown. 


I the undersigned. Priest at Lancaster, married James Leeming 
and Ann Stainbank this 26*11 day of January 1824 in the presence of 
Thomas Leeming, Jane Leeming. Geo : Brown. 

I the undersigned, Priest at Lcmcaster, married John Cowell and 
Margaret Swarbrick this 2"'i of Febv 1824 in the presence of Joseph 
Cowell, Mar}- Swarbrick. Geo : Brown. 

I the underwritten. Priest of Lancaster, married Thomas Sunter 
& Elizabeth Townley this 3<* day of Ocf 1824 in the presence of 
James Coulston, Elizabeth Coultn, Geo : Brown, 

I the underwritten, Priest at Lancaster, married Rob* Spencer 
(or Gardner) and Jane Seed this iS^^ day of Ocf 1824 in the presence 
of Peter Seed, Alice Rodgerson. Geo : Brown. 


I the lUidersigned, Priest at Lancaster, married Henry Shepperd 
& Maria Verity this lo^h ^ay of Jany. 1825 in the presence of Elizabeth 
Valentine, Henry Verity. Geo : BrowTi. 

I the undersigned. Priest of Lancaster, married Thomas Holden 
and Eleanor Miller this lo^^ day of April 1825 in the presence of 
Richard his-fmark Holden, Eliz. her + mark Coulston. 

Geo : Bro^vn . 

I the underwritten. Priest of Lancaster, married Thomas Jenkin- 
son and Elizabeth Valentine this 18*^ day of January 1826 in the 
presence of Richer Jenkinson, Bella Valenthie. Geo : Brown. 

I the undersigned. Priest at Lancaster, married Henr}- Knowles 
and Mary Coulston this 7*11 day of June 1826 in the presence of James 
Coulston, Alece Coulston. Geo : Bro\\Ti. 

I the vmdersigned. Priest at Lancaster, married John Lawrenson 
and Helen Dixon this 6*^ day of August 1826 in the presence of Tho^ 
Carter, Agness Cornthwaite. Geo : Brown. 


I the undersigned, Priest at Lancaster, married William Rigby 
and Alice Procter tliis lo^^ j^y of NoV 1826 in the presence of Frederic 
Paul, Mary Kirsoj). Geo : Brown. 


I the underwritten, Priest at Lancaster, married Robert Townley, 
Widower, and Marg*- Ball (his 28^*1 day of Aj) : 1827 in the presence of 
Frederick Paul, Sarah Ball. Geo : Brown. 

I the undersigned, Priest at Lancaster, married Frederick Paul 
and Mary Casson this 30*'! day of Scj)'' 1827 in the presence of the 
following witnesses, Thos. Carter, Agness Cornthwaite. Geo. Brown. 

I the undersigned, Priest at J^ancaster, married Joseph Swarbrick, 
Widower, and Alice Jenkinson this 15"^ day of Feby. 1828 in the 
})resence of Ricli^ Jenkinson, Ellen Jenkinson. Geo : Brown. 

I the underwritten, Priest of Lancaster, married Andrew Brady 
and Alice Coulston this 2^^ of June 1828 in the presence of Henry 
Knowles, Elizebeth Coulston. 

Matrimoniorum Ordo et Epochae ab 
anno 1829. 

I the underwritten. Priest at Lancaster, married Peter Seed and 
Elizabeth Hodgson this 7*'» Day of J any. 1829 in the presence of 
Joseph Seed, Catharine Hodgson. G. Brown. 

I the undersigned, Priest at Lancaster, married Thomas Parring- 
ton and Catharine Nolan this 12th day of Jany, 1829 in the presence 
of William Rogerson, The mark of + Elizabeth Rogerson, 

G. Brown. 

I the underwritten, Priest of Lancaster, married Thomas Addison 
and helen Magee this ii^h day of Feby. 1829 in the presence of 
John Magee, Mary Magee. G. Brown. 

I the underwritten, Priest at Lancaster, married William Park 
and helen Forshaw this 25^11 of Sep^ 1829 in the presence of The mark 
of + Geo. Parkinson, Margret Billington. G. Brown 

I the undersigned. Priest at Lancaster, married Hugh Murray and 
Anne Knowles this 30*11 of November 1829 in the presence of Thomas 
Knowles, Ann Murray. Geo : Bro\\Ti. 


I the undersigned, Priest at Lancaster, married Thomas Enowles 
and Ann Murray this 15*11 day of May 1830 in the presence of Hugh 
Murray, Ann+Murrav's Mark. G. Broun 


I the undersigned. Priest at Lancaster, married John Raby and 
Ann Smith this 20**1 May 1832 in the presence of Joseph Seed, the 
mark of + Mary Wells. G. Brown. 

I the undersigned, Priest at Lancaster, married John Pilling and 
Jane Moore this 16*11 of May 1832 in the presence of Frederic Paul, 
Mary Paul. G. Brown. 

I the undersigned. Priest at Lancaster, married Tho^ Greaves, 
Widower, and Agnes Cornthwaite this first day of October 1832. 
in the presence of Frederic Paul, Mary Paul. G. Brown. 


I the undenviitten , Priest at Lancaster, married Henry Verity 
and Margt Whiteside this i^^^ day of Ocf 1832 in the presence of 
Edward Whiteside, Elizabeth Whiteside. G. Brown. 

I the undersigned, Priest at Lancaster, married Richard AndeiSOn 
and Elizabeth Parkinson this 15*^ da}' of April 1833 in the presence 
of John Clarkson, Isabella Valentine. G. Brown. 

I the undersigned. Priest at Lancaster, married Richard Leeming 
and Sara Ball this 6^^ day of July 1833 in the presence of Thomas 
Leeming, the +mark of Elizabeth Nixon. 

I the undersigned, Priest at Lancaster, married Geo. Parkinson* 
and Jane Leeming tliis ly^^ of Nov. 1833 in the presence of Henr\- 
Hargreaves, Ann Park. G. Brown. 


I the undersigned. Priest at Lancaster, married Tho'* Driver & 
Margaret Airey this i^^ jay of Feby. 1834 in the presence of Robert 
Irving, Ann Ayrey. G. BrovMi. 

I the undersigned. Priest at Lancaster, married John Homby & 
Margt Pedder this 20^*1 day of April 1834 in the presence of Thomas 
Leeming, Elizabeth Bolland. G. Brown. 

I the undersigned, Priest at Lancaster, married Tho^ Billington, 
Widower, and Agnes Danson 'J o^ Dawson] this 26^" day of May 
1834 in the presence of Robert Wilson, Ann Wilson. G. Brown. 


I the undersigned. Priest at Lancaster, manned Rob* Irving and 
Ann Airey this 14th day of Feby. 1835 in the presence of Stephen 
Ayrey, Alice Ayrey. G. Bro\\m. 

I the undersigned. Priest at Lancaster, married 

Fellowes and Sara Richardson this 2^ of ^lay 1835 in the presence of 
George Ball, the mark + of Alice Fellowes. 

I the undersigned, Priest of Lancaster, married Joseph Robinson 
and Ann Moore Nov. 16*^ in the presence of Isaac Tyson & Isabella 
Rawlinson. G. Brown. 


I the undersigned, Priest at Lancaster, married George Ball and 
Jane Grisedale this 9th of Jany. 1836 in the presence of William 
[? Riley or Hile}-], The mark + of Hanna Ball. Geo : Brown. 

I the undersigned, Priest at Lancaster, married Thomas Joseph 
Carlisle and ^lary Cooper this iitu day of Apl. 1836 in the presence of 
Abraham Carlisle, ^lary Paul. G. Bro\m. 

I the undersigned, Priest at Lancaster, married Thos. Wilson 
and Jane Battersby this 25^^ of April 1836 in the presence of Robert 
Wilson & Ellen Wilson. G. BroNMi. 

May 2"d I married John Frederic Chadwickt and Alice Gillowin 

* George Parkinson, of Southport, gent., son of James Parkinson, of 
Skippool and Hollowforth, miller, married Jane, daughter of William Leeming, 
of Ridge, near Lancaster, maltster, but died si)ie prole. 

f Of The Hermitage, Alston, .second son and successor of Francis Chadwick, 
Esq., of Burgh Hall and Preston. He died March 8, 1857, aged 54. His elder 
brother was Fr. Francis Chadwick, S.J., and his younger brother Bro. Henry 
Chadwick, S.J., who died just before he should have been ordained priest in 



the duiiiLstic chapt'l at Clifton Hill in the presence of M^ Andrade of 
Liverpool* and the two families of Clifton Hill and Leighton Hall. 

G. Brown. 

I the uncl(M written, Priest at Lancaster, niarritd John Albright 
and Ma'garet Dodds this 16^^ day of June 1836 in the presence of 
Henry Knowles cS: ]\Iarg. Gibson. G. Brown. 


I the undersigned, Priest at Lancaster, married Rob* Comthwaite 
and Mary Gardner this 25*'^ day of June 1837 in the presence of RoIjI 
Smith & :\Iary Nixon. G, Brown. 


Dormicntium in Domino 



Mary St an den, w. to J as. 

March 30. 
May 4* 
June 3<5 











June II 

July 12 

Nov. 5 

Dec. I 

Thomas Sharpies, Leonard Gate. Old age 

Mary Cock, Quay. Worn out 

Thos Mellirg, Moor Lane. Dropsy 

Ja3 Snape, Bulk. Old age 

Rob* Worswick.f Lan^. Paralytic 

Henry Pemberton, Bolton. Decay 

Thomas Pilling, Lan^. Worn out 

Thos Beetham, Lan"". Old age 

Ann Dickenson, Skerton. Obstruction 

Jas. Morton, Heaton. Old age 

Thos. Baines, Ovangle. Asthma 

John Sharpies, at sea or abroad. 
Arthur McDonald, Golden Ball yard. Worn out 

Marg. Atkinson, Skerton. Fever 

Margaret Armstrong, Leonard Gate. Dropsy 
Catharine Jones Decay 

Robert West by $ Decay 

>(; Joachim Andrade, born March to, 1S03, third son of the Chcxalicr 
Joachim .\ndrado, Portuguese Consul-General for England, as also for Brazil 
and .\]garvis, and his wife, Agnes, daughter of Thomas Worswick, Escj., and 
his wife, Alice Gillow [v. p. 5S). Mr. Andrade, junr. , was a sclicitor in Li\er- 
pool. He married, first, in 1S34, Margaret Hannah, daughter of Francis 
Chadwick, of Preston and Burgh Hall, Esq., by Margt., daughter pf Rev. 
Thomas Whitehead, rector of Eccleston-on-Yarrow, J. P., and by her, who 
died Oct. 23, 1S35, aged 35, Mr. Andrade had a daughter Agnes, bom Sept. 2(1, 
1833, who became a nun at York Bar Convent, under the religious name ol 
Mary Philippa, and was the last of her family ; and, secondly, Emilia Mary, 
daughter of John Hore, of Liverpool, solicitor, who died April 23, 1840, aged 
25, having had an only daughter, Emelia Mary, who died June 27, 1841, aged 
14 months. Mr. Andrade died June 19, 1841, tiged 38. 

"f Robert Worswick, born Aug. 12, 1758, eldest son of Thomas Worswick, 
Esq., and his wife, Alice Gillow, married Alice, daughter of Thomas Beetham, 

J Robert Westby, Esq., born 1755, third son of Thomas Westby, of White 
Hall, Upper Rawcliffe, Esq., and his wife Margt., daughter of William Shuttle- 
Avorth, of Turnover Hall, Esq. He died fn'iie prole. 



Dec. 4. 


,. 31- 

Jan. 11 


March itj 
April 17 

June I. 

Sept. lb. 

Oct. 25. 

Dec. 16. 


Jan. 25 
Feb. 10 
March 14 
June 24 
July 24 
Aug. 13 
Nov. 2^ 







Dec. II. 


Ellen Toniluison, 
Sara\- Briscoe, 
Thomas \\'almslev 

Skerton . 
Maccarel St. 


John Snape, 
\\'"' Forrest, 
Rachel McDonald. 
Eliz. Morton. 
\V"» Swarbrick, 
Agnes McCambridgc 
Jas. M'Naniara, 
Henry Bell, 
Sarah Gillow* 
Marg. Stanwitz, •? 
Agnes BaU,t 

M^s Alice Wors\\ick 
James Parke, 
Dor. Town son, 
Ann Mellirg, 
Marg. Mercer, 
Thos Wearden, 
John Caton 
Thos Ingilby,§ 




Old age 

Old age 



Lan^, Cripple, dropt off 
Ridge House, dropsy 
Stone Well. 
West Indies 
New St. 

Church St. 






DolphingLee. Decay 

Bulk. Worn out 

Penny St. Decay 
Leonard Gate. Old age 

do. Consumptii-n 

Lucv St. Consumption 

.Alarket S' Old age 
from Austwick. Gout or son e- 
Came in health to Lan'' &died in an Inn. thing else 

perhaps obstruction 
Mary Holme, Studda, old cSc blind. Old age 

Thomas Corlass, Heaton. Accident 

left a large familj-. 
J as. Copple Sudden 

Skerton. Dropsy 

Bolton. Old age 

Heaton. Influenza 

Lancaster. Apoplexy 

Jas. Standen, 
Eliz. Hardicre, 
Rob* Corlass, 
Jos. Mountain, 
Anne Green, 
Barbara Alston, 
Cath. Hatton, 

Thos Worswick, 
Edwd Ball, 

Bulk Moor Side. Amenorrhea 
China Lane. Fever 
Leonard Gate. Obstruction 


Church S*. 
West Indies. 

Old age 

if. Widow of Richard Gillow, bt-uior. 

t V. p. 6t. 

{ Wiie of Robert Ball, of Dolphin Lee, and daughter of Henry Roe, of 
Banklicuses, in the parish of Ccckerhani. 

§ Tlioinab Iniileby, of Austwick Hall in Kirkby Lonsdale, Escj. The 
family lost the Faith soon afterwards. 

11 Banker, aged 73. From Worswick . -5 Bank originated The Lancaster 
Banking Co. 





Thos. Croft, 

Bath St. 

Old age 


Anne Ducket h, 





Mary Thornton, 

Poor House. 




Eliz" Cornthwaite, 

near Caton. 


in her leg 



John Carter, 


.1 >> 



Ann Myerscough, 

Oxcliffe Hall. 

in Childbed 


Henry Crowdson, 

Penny St. 

Old age 


ane Leeming, 

Ridge House. 



; )ennis MCarthy, 




Ellen To^\■nsoTl, 

Caton . 




Ellen Sharpies, 

Chapel St. 



Richd Whiteside, 


Old age 



RobtThrelfall, d 

led in the count rv. 




Jas Sharpies, 

Wood St. 




Simon Myerscough 

Oxcliffe Hall. 




Henry Cock, 
Henrv Corn ah, 


West Indies. 

Old age 



Mary Ball, 

Moor Gate. 




Anne Dickenson, 

Skerton . 



Ellen Croft, 


Low Fever 



Jas. Cornthwaite, 


Lo\\' Fever 



W"" Gardner, 





Peter Munny, 

Stone Well. 

Poor House. 




Eliz. Taylor, 

Old age 



Thos Valentine, 

Green Aria. 




. Cath. Kirkham, 

Green Ara. 




. Anne Hassel, 

Golden Ball yard 

. Decay 



Anne Green, 


Old age 



John Rogerson, 





J as Leach, 

Poor House. 



. Elizabeth Poole, 

Church St. 




. Robt Ball [v. p. 42] 

Dolphing Lee 

. Decay 



Ja^ Rigby, 
John Verity, 

Poor House. 
West Indies. 




Mary Rookvvood Gage,* at Leighton. 




Thos Ben net, 

Nicholas St. 




Gilbert Pemberton 





Rd Pilling, 



Joseph Walmsley, wrecked in the Harriet on Hoyle B. 

Jas. Caton, 



March 4- 

Brian Cornthwaite 




Marg. Mountain, 

Penny St. 




Marv Cornthwaite 



Dor."^ Carter, 

Skerton . 




Stephen Pemberton, 

Old age 

* V. p. 39. 





Eliz. Ball, 


Old age 



Marg. Winder, 




Richd. Taylor, 

Leonard Gate 

. Decay 



Anne Caton, 


Old age 



ane Blackburn 



Wm Lund. 


Old age 



Winifred Armstead 


Rhumatic Fever 



Marv Cocker 




Isab. Bailey, 

Lucy Court. 

Old age 


Anne Askew 

Worn out 



C" Thos Rogerson 




Sarah Cooper 

Natural Decay 



Mary Etherington, 

Hospital. Inflammation in bowels 



Revd J. Worswick [v. p.39] Hombv 



Rd Cass, 





Henry Finch, 





Ellen Parker, 





Jas. Comthwaite 


Old age 

March 6 

John Gardner, 


Old age 



John Abrams, 

Poor House. 

Old age 


Ellen Walker, 





Anne Nightingale, 

Penny St. 




At Preston. Marg 

Davis of the Packet Boat. Suddenly 



Marg. Singleton 

Child birth 



Robt Bradley 




L^ Vis* Fauconberg 

', * Suddenly. 

Angina pectoris 



Jonathan Carter, 

Skerton, Millar. Age 




Sarah Ball 

Old age 


John Whiteside, 

Dolphing Lee 

drowned in canal 

John Chew, 

Haverbrecks. St 

rangulated Hernia. 



Marg. Bleasdale, 



March 19 

J as Wilkinson, 





Lewis Langton, 




Henrv Slater, 

Bridge Lane. 

Old age 



Thos' Parke, 


Old age 



John Tomlinson, 

Mackarel St. 




Marg. Harrison 




John Armstrong 




Richd. Gillow [aged 77] 




Eliz. Porter 



John Bleasdale, 

Mackarel S*. 




J as Bleasdale, 

br to do. do. 




Marv ToN\Tison, 

Boot & Shoe 

. Menorrhea 



Ellen Bleasdale, 

Mackarel St. 

Skerton Mill. 




Eliz. Lawrenson. 


St: Rev. Lord Rowland Belasyse, 6th Viscount Fauconberg. 















Anne Harrison, 
Elizabeth Hardicre, 
John Kave 
Edw-rt Ducket h 
Cuth. Mackenzie 
Thomas Noble 

Eliz. Myerscougli, 
Eliz. Formby, 
Eliz. Robinson 
Jane Maguire, a 
Capt^ Murphv 
Ellen Ducketh, 

John St. 

Old age 


Skerton. Consumption 

Aldclifle. Asthma 

Worn out 
trayolliiig soldier's wife, in Child bed. 


of DolphingLee 

of Skerton. 
do. stone-mason Decline 

Old age 





Old age 





Old age 

Cancer in the face 


Great John St. Consumption 
King St. Paralytic 

t V. 
J V. 

12. Catharine Whiteside, 
3. Henry Kirkham, 

John Wilkinson 

3. Robert Croskell,* 

28. Rich<i Morton, 
30. Ellen Singleton, 

4. James Myerscough, 

25. John Cock, 
Dor. Carter, 
Ch. Dwyer, 

29. Alexi" Worswick.t 49. 
21. Mary Coulston, 

4. Mary Jones, 

7. John Noble, unmarried. Consumption 

15. J** Ball, killed by acct. on the Kay by falling off it on a 

18. Peter Dickenson, left a profligate widow. Rupture 
Agnes Miller, a conyert, poor. Old age 

9. Grace Coulston, left a small family. Consumption 
15. Robert Thompson, Slyne, left a poor family, do. 
His widow, daughter to Baines of Claughton. 
John Diggles, Goodcar, left a protestant widow. Dropsy 

1. Ann Walls, Heaton, aged 80. Old age 

2. Dor : Woodhouse, do. aged 82. do. 93 

26. Rey<i Ld. Visct. Fauconberg, J aged 66. decay 
I. RtJ Whiteside, a young man of promise. 

Cable s* unmarried. Consinnption 
Marg. Singleton, 3^ wife of Rd. S., C. Garden St 

Consequence of parturition 

13. Thos. Machel, Poor House, had respectable 

relations near Kendal. Consumption 

.C.R.S.. vi, 247. 
, ]>. 34. 1 le was born March 21,1 763, and died at Leighton Hall. 



Jan. II. 
March 24. 

April 7. 
June 29. 




J any. 








Jan. II. 

Feb. 4. 

„ 16. 
June 10. 



Mary Noble, aged 84. Queen S^ 
Thos. Carter, drowned in Lune, left a 

large family. decay 

George Armstrong, a young man, unmarried. 
Mary M'Kaiid, Mackarel S^ age 31. D?ca\' 

An Irishwoman leaving a large 

family to her husband, who is a 

protest ant, & one girl b}' her first 

husband, who shd. be catholic. 
Rd. Singleton, butcher, in a public house. 

father of several children, a widower, 

having lost 3 wives. 
Anne Gardner, young daughter of John . Amenorrhea. 
Anne Oldcorn, 83, in a state of dotage. Old age 

has left an old husband 86. 
Anne Higson, Caton Dropsy 

(J. Lingard* attended her, I being in the gout.) 
John Ducketh, Skerton, a young man. Decay 
Robt Cornah, left a widow & Daughter Jaundice 

& 2 gd. chdren. 
John Kirkham, at Nobles, Batchelor. 
Mat. Loud, old & infirm, in house of 

recoverv. Left a \\idow. 
Marg. Walker, left a husb^ & several 

Dor. Singleton. 96. grandmother. 
John Walker, 75. (At Garstang 

\\here he went a few days before he died). 
Marv Blundell (died at Grange). Cancer in utero 

The Rev : J. Rigby, D.D., aged 63, who 
had been Pastor of the Congregation 
33 years. He was buried in the 

old age 

Worn down 

old age 

Chapel June 15. 

Creeping x\poplexy 


Mrs Shackleton. ^ 



Wm Whiteside. 



E. Bateman. 

These are the names 

Shannon (in ve Workhouse). 

(.f all those who died 

W'" Walker. 

in the interval be- 



Eliz : Hatton, suddenly. 

> tween the death of 



Hen : Murray. 

Dr Rigby and my 


arrival as far as I 



Jno. Valentine. 

can collect them. 



Mary Duckett. 
Eliz : Forshaw. 

Geo : Brown. 

* Rev. John Lingard, D.D., of Hornby, 



Apr 25. 
May 13. 


Dormientium in Domino 
Sub Rev: Domino Geo: Brown. 
Anno Dni. 1819 
Ricliard Worswick* at Grange. Liver & Bowell Complaint 
Ric : Green of Bulk. Mortification 

Jane Sharpies at tlie Old Chapel. old age 

Nicholas Bland, Mackarel S'. 

became a Catholic in his last illness. Consumption 
Ja,s. Cottam at Halton. 


ol^ age 

old age 





Ap. 6. 
Aug. 15. 
June about 
Aug. 31. 
Dec. 14. 

Jan. 3 

May 22 
June 15 
Aug. 7 
Dec. 14 

Jan. 31 

,. 19 
Feby. 26 
June 7 
Oct. 23 

Jany. 25 
Feby. 17 
March 29 

M'"'^ Tomlinson, Gage Street. 

M''s Valentine, Skerton. 

Thos Townson, High Street. 

Mary Beetham, Union Sqr. 

Antony Billington, near Caton. 
Pat : Feogan in the Castle. 


Thomas Ball, Mackeral St. Old age & Asthma 

Jno. Waterhouse, n^ Salt Warhouse. Decay 
Jno. Coulston Jun^, Jno. Street. Consumption 
8. M^sCornie Old age 

Jos Oldcorne, 91. Old age 

Jno. Smith, 94. Bridge Lane. Old age & gravel 

Bernard MCartney, 82 \Sugar house old age 
Marg. MCartnev / Allev. Ditto 

Eliz : Coulston Dropsy 

Jane Rimmer, 
Jas. Long. 
Henry Hardman, 
Ed. Eidsforth, 
J as Pool, 
Wm Lupton, 

Mary Street. 
In the Asylum. 
48, Union Sq^. Hypocond : 
Aldcliff. 73. Old age 
at Preston. Dropsy 
at Bolton le Moors. 
in the poor house. 
Queen Sf Paralysis 

rosemary Lane. 84. Old Age 

Jno. Nevil, 

Jane Noble, 

Robert Townson, 

Margery Leeniing, ridge. 

Ann Morton, Penny Street. Old Agt 

John Tomlinson, Henr\' St. Consumption 

1824 ' 

Alice Kirkham, Skerton. Cancer 
Rev : James Foster, Thurnham. 77. Broke Blood vessel 

Elizabeth Coulston, Great John St. 51. Decay 

John Harrison, Penny St. Cons^^ 

Rob* Addison, Langthwaite. Dropsy 

W^ Rogcrson, Ovangle. Dropsy 

Jane Sunter Consumpt. 

:(c Richard Worswick, of Ellel Grange, bom May 24, 1769. 



Dec. 30**1. \ym Whiteside, Green Aria. 

Jan. 25. Frances Bellasyse,* aged 72. 
Feby. 26. Thomas Verity, aged 63. Markets*. 
March 24. Catherine Whiteside 

Penny St. 




3 -^ 

Jany. 4. 

Feby. 28. 

March ly^^. 

„ 27. 

,. 28. 







Sep*" 27**1. 
,, 28t»». 

Mary Briscoe. 

John Sunter. 

Jane Coulston, 

Ann Gornal, 

Helen Humber, 

Henry Bell Rimmer, 18. 

William Coulston, 48 

John St. 

Back of Old Chapel. 

Poor House. 

Leonard Gate. 




Catherine Etherington, 89 
Mary Huddlestone, 
Andrew Garner, 
Helen Tovvnley, 
Ann Bateman, 
William Grundy, 
Henry Shepperd 
William Leeming, 34. 

Benjamin Whitehead, 
Ann Tomlinson, 31. 

Aldcliffe St. Con : Dropsy, 
rupture of B<i vess,. 

Henry St 

Castle Hill. 

Brook St. 

Church St. 
20. Moor Lane. 
32. Skerton. 

Market St. 

Old Age 

Child Birth 



Burst of B^i vess. 
Poor House. Hernia. 
Brewery Yard. Paralysis 

March 26. 

., 29. 

,. 31- 

June 12. 

Aug. 2. 

„ 24**» 

„ 2m. 

Nov. 5**1, 

Margaret Cave (or Keeve), 37. Barrow's Court. 
James Coulston, 29. John Street. 



Ed. Lennon, aged 70. King St. Paralysis 

Rich^ Robinson, King St. Decay 

Helen Pemberton, Chapel Y^, Moor Lane. 

Dropsy on the Cht. 
George Thompson, Brewery Yard. Decay 

Mary Ann Bradshaw, Penny St. Cancer in utero 

Betty Green, 34. Asylum. Lunacy 

Thomas Beethom, Moor Lane. 

Helen Beetham of Lancaster, Spinster, died Dropsy 
on the 5**1 Novr 1827 and on the 9**1 
was interred in the Catholic Chapel. 
Miss Belasyse, Miss Ann Belasyse, 
Miss Gillow, Mrs In man, M^^ Thomp- 
son, Miss Saul, Miss Thompson and 
two other Ladies were pall bearers. 
M"" Howet, surgeon, attended Messi"^ 
Cleminson Brothers were the undertakers. 
Geo: Brown. 

♦ Anthony Belasyse (1714-54), father of the last two Viscounts Faucon- 
berg, had three daughters — Mary ; Frances, bom, 1753. i'n the text • and Bar- 
bara, bom 1754. (J. W. Clay, Extinct and Dormant Peerages of Northern 




Deer 20*''. Helen Lawrenson, 

Jany. 22. 
Feby. 23^. 
March 21. 
Ap. 12. 
May 2. 
June 4"> 




Rich"* Cornthwaite 

Betty Simpson, 
Sara Carter, 
Jas Kirkham, 
Jane Addison, 
Alice Parkinson, 
Jno Payer, 
Thos. Myerscough 

Spring Garden, Mackeral S*. 
1828 Child birth 

, 15. Common Garden S*. Suffocation 
Bottom of Church S*. Dropsy 


Old Age 



Old Age 


March 2. 
Ap : 17"^. 

Deer 23<*. 

Feby. 8*^ 

Api 13. 

May 21. 

July 6. 

Aug* 8. 

Novr 26*'' 

Jany. 27. 
April 5. 


Moor Lane. 
Church S*. 
House of Recovery. 
49. Common Garden S*. Consumption 
Mary Shannon,* 22 years. Wood Street. Decline 

Alice Worsvvick, t widow of Rob* Worswick, 
Esqre, aged 70 years. She was in- 
terred in the same vault with Miss 
Beethom Oct^ 24*^. The bearers were 
Miss Stout, Miss F. Belasyse, Miss Ann 
Belasyse, S W^ Thompson, M" Inman, 
Miss Saul, Miss Gillow, Miss Roanson. 
D^ Campbell & M"" Howett attended, 
Geo : Brown. 
Ann Valentine, 35 years. Skerton. Cancerous Decay 

Ann Tomlinson, Brewery Yard. 

Ann Winder, aged 84. Market Street. 
Back Lane. 
Bridge Lane. 
Lucy Court. 
John Gillow,i9.§ Leighton Hall. Obstruction in the Bow« 

William Rogerson, Sugar H. Alley. Mortification 

Tho8 Rogerson, 
Catherine Ridge, 
Dorothy Gamer, 
Margaret Tracey, 



Old Age 






John Taylor, 
John Slater, 
Jane Leeming, 
Alice HuU, 
William Ball, 
Rich^ Robinson, 

Jno. Robinson, 
Helen Poulton, 
Mary Singleton, 
Eliezer Towler, 


Jane Bennett, 
Ann Threlfall, 


Spring Court. 
62. Scot forth. 
35. Queen St. 
35. Spring Garden S*. Pleurisy 
56. Penny St. Decline 

Queen St. Consump** 


93. Bridge Lane. Old age 

94. Wood Street. Old age 
16. Ovangle. Consump" 

Brewery Yard, Consumption 
Common Gard. St. Old age 
Leonard Gate. 
Market Street. Consumption 

* Or Shamon. 

f Alice, daughter and coheiress of Thomas Beetham, Esq.. and widow of 
Robert Worswick. 

J Ann Belasyse, 4th paternal niece of the two last Viscounts Fauconberg, 
died May 9, 1849. For F. Belasyse see p. 27. 

§ V. p, 59. He died Dec. 23, aged 19. 















Old age 

Marg' Cole, 

Helen Cornthvvaite, 83. 

Margaret Walker, 87. Leonard Gate, 
Jane Beet ham, 74. Dalton Square. 
She was interred in the Vault at the 
bottom of the Chapel on the 8'^ of 
Aug*. The Bearers were Miss Stout, 
Miss Saul, Miss Brown, Miss Gillow, 
Miss S. A. Gillow, Miss Inman, Miss 
Rowlandson, Miss Walmeslej-. D'' 
CampbeU & M^ Howett attended. 

G. Brown. 
Elizabeth Tliistleton, 36. Pay Bridge in Caton. 

Typhus fever 
House of Recovery, do. 
Nile St. old age & Asthma 
Ocf 2. Sara Hodskison, 36. Three Mile House 

near Caton. 
Halton Furnace. 
In Bulk. 

67. Moor Lane. 
37. Brewery Yard. 
New Inn, Market St. Consump. 
Work House. 
Golgotha. Decay 

15. Henry St. Consumpt. 

Helen Beetham & Mason died of Cholera at 

the Work House. 
Catharine Coulston, 40. Syliard St. 
Ellen Billington, 26. Pointer. 

Charles Lupton, 81. Union Square. 
~ Church Street. 

Moor Lane. 

John Street. 

Nicholas St. 

Green Area. 





Jane EUer, 
Elizabeth Park, 

George Kirkham, 
Rachel Ball, 
W^ Smith, 
Helen Sharpies, 
Alice Simpson, 
Ellen Rogerson, 


Dec 21. 

S. Pox 










Thos. Whiteside, 
Elizabeth Kirkham, 
Henry Coulston, 21. 
Susanna Kellet, 21. 
Mary Harling, 

Henrv Wells, 

68. Scotforth Moor. 

Old Age 







Richd. Hodgkinson, 44. Three Mile House. Pleurisy 
John Rogerson, ~ ' ~ " 

Eliz : Thompson , 
Mary Carter, 

Helen Townson, 
James Ribchester, 
Thos Gafney, 
Thos Hodgkison, 
Mary Ripley, 
Betty Mooney, 
Helen Mackeral, 
Henry Kellet, 

Ovangle. Drow^led 

65. Skerton. 


25. Dale Side in Littledale. 
13. Golgotha. 
7. Damside. 
84. Three Mile House. 

70. Skerton. Dropsy 

79. Stone Well. Stroke 

69. Bulk. Bowel comp. 

24. Nicholas St. Consumption 


Nov. 15. Thomas Lawrenson, 64. Skerton. Asthma 

Deer 23. Richard Morgan, 21. A traveller. Consumption 

27. Isabella Oldcorne, Skerton. Paralj'sis 

Jany. 2"^. Richd Crooke, 20. Germany Bridge. Consump. 

March 14^''. Elizabeth Myerscoiigh, 62. China Lane. Stroke 

22. Thos. Hall, 79. Spring Court. Old Age 

23. Margt Thompson, 17. Church Street. Consump° 
June 11^''. Tho^ Cornthwaite, 32. Aldcliffe Lane. Consump. 

Elizabeth Hurst, China Lane. Decay 

Jeremiah Parkinson \ two boys 9 years of age drowned 
Thos. Leeming J while bathing on Aldcliffe Marsh. 









Rich^ Myerscough, 
Mary Greenow, 
Rich<i Pennington, 
Geo : Sunter, 24. 

Margt Walmesley 
John Cornthwaite, 25. 

30. Brian Cornthwaite, 54. 





','. 29"!, 
Feby. 26^11. 
March 24. 


May 1 8th. 








Skerton. Dropsy 

Ross's Yard, Cheapside. Decay 
Sun Street. Paralysis 

Rosemary Lane. Consumption 
Common Garden S^. Enlarge of 
the heart 
ditto. General Decay 

Monmouth St. Childbirth 
66. Brewery Yard. 
King Street. Enlargement of the heart 
70. Ann Street. Decay 

Thomas Conelly, 70. Common Garden St. Complica. 
Nicholas Etherington, 61. Penny Street. 
James Sharpies, an Irish traveller from Liverpool. 
Thomas Addison, 70. Old Age Decay 

27. Bulk. Consumption 

27. Moor Lane. Consumption 

19. Spring Garden Street. Consum. 
21, Penny Street. Consump. 
27. Skerton. Consumption 

81. Wood Street. Old Age 
Old Age 
Bottom of the Shambles. Broken ribs 

Jane Simpson, 
Thomas Bains, 

John Ray, 81. 
John Garner, 

Dec: 15. 

Janv. 17. 
M ' 28. 
Feby. ib. 
Ap. 10. 


Margaret Carter, 
Alice Smethies, 
Richd Hoole, 
Thos Etherington, 
Robt Ripley, 
Ann Chew, 
Mary Lightburn 
Richd. Bains, 61. 
Alice Norman, 
Jolm Preston, 
Elizabeth Bayne, 
Helen Ray, 

Grace Pedder, 
Thomas Leeming, 
Isabella Eaves, 
Mary Knowles, 
Mary Conway, 
Sara Wilkinson, 
Ann Garner, 
Rich'^ Gravston, 

29. Penny Street. 

12. Leonard Gate. 

86. Ann Street. 
78. King Street. 


87. King Street. 




The Ridge. 
Deep Cutting. 
Ann Street. 
Castle Hill. 


Old Age 

Old Age 
Old Age 
Old Age 



June 10. 

July i8. 









John Thompson, 13. Skerton. Scrofula 

James CoiTy, a prisoner in the Castle, 

William Etherington, 18. Castle Hill. Consumption 

John Hodges, 47. a Negro from the 

West Indies long resident in the Town. 

Feby. 19. 


Alice Ribchester, 
William Ba3Tie, 
Hanna Ball, 

Jane Leeming, 
Ann Ribchester, 
Antony Connor, 
Joseph Banks, 
Mary Crabtree, 
Marg* Smith, 
Marmaduke Ball, 
William Morton 
Thos Coupe 
Jane Goodier 
Ann Conolly, 

Jane Sunter, 

19. Golgotha. 
73. Smith's Row. 

Moor Lane. 

17. Queen Street. 
42. Golgotha. 

in the Gaol. 

Lodging House. 

Lodging House. 

Penny Street. 








June 2. 

July 24. 

Aug* 2. 

Sepf ist. 

Nov nth. 
Deer ist. 

Jany. 21^^ 

Feby. 5th. 
May 15th. 
June 13. 
„ 27. 

July 25th. 

Market St. 
64. Heysham. 


James Singleton, 52. Car House. 
Thos Hornby, King Street. Heart 

Mary Thompson, 17. Union Sq^. Burnt 

Jeremiah Walmslcy, 49. Common Garden S*. rupture of 

a blood vess. 
Jane Wilson, 34. Little John S*. Heart 

Jonathan Redhead, 60. Slyne Cottage. Decay 
Mary Coupe, 54. Alms House Ch : Steps. Rheumatic fever 
Jas.Standen, 62. Pitt Street. Dropsy 

Ann Bolland or Bullen, 63. In the Asylum. 

Marg^Etherinton, 13. Chapel Court. Consumption 
Rob* Titterinton, 61. Workhouse. Consumption 

Alice Croft, 62. Bulk. 

John Thompson, 58. Skerton. Worn out 

John Comthwaite, 17. Queen Street. Consumption 
George Crane, 39. Windy Hill. 

Jennett Winifred Leeming, 85. Brewery Yard. Old Age 

Mary Thompson, 
Margaret Preston, 
James Carter, 
Ann Robinson, 
Thomas Ball, 
George Ratcliffe, 
George Murphy, 
Joseph Wilson, 
4*^. Henry Baines, 

Skerton . 
Leonard Gate. 

Penny Street. 
Henry Street. 
Lucy Court. 
Green Area. 


Child Birth 




November 5th. Marj- Anne Wilson, King St., Lancaster. Decline 

after Child Birth 
8 months. Moor Lane, 


Oswald Benedict Driver. 
December 16*''. Hester M^'Donald, 22. Moorlane 

January 4 


February 19 







22. John Oldcorn, 70. Skerton, n^" Lancaster. Liver complt. 
29. Anne Wells, 21. Wood Street, Lancaster. 

1841 Consumption 

James Tarney, 37. Friarage, Lancaster. General 

break up 
Martha Waterhouse, 6 months. Skerton. 
James Brodie, 27 years. Nicholas Str., Lancaster. 

[blank] Richardson, 13 months. Brewery Yard, 

Betty Duffey wife of James Duffey, 70 years. 

Green Area, Lancaster. Decay 
26**". John Ripley, 45. Skerton. Decline 

2^. Isabella Gardner, at Preston, 29 years, 

buried at Lancaster. Pleurisy 

William Pilling, 52 years. Lancaster. Break up 
Catherine Hetherington, 65 years. Do. 
James Goldie, 40 years. Lancaster Workliouse. 
2ist. Elizabeth Verity, 72 years. Lancaster. Decay 
28*11. Giles Batenian, 68 years. Lancaster. Typhus 
42 years. Workhouse. Asthma 
48 years. Dispensary. Broken Leg 



15*'^. John Martin, 
iS^h. John Harrison, 

August 24**1. Catherine Kirkham, 35 years. Lancaster. 

Affection of heart 
September 24*^. John Dixon Bamber, 4 months. Lancaster. 

October 6"i 
November 30*^. 
December 17th. 

December 2i8t. 

Robert Tomlinson, 7 years. Brewery Yard. 
Dorothy Lawrenson, 85 years. Heaton. Old Age 
Mary Layfield, 9 months. Well House. Fever 
Richard Noble, 79 years. Queen Street. Apoplexy 
Thomas Pennington, 94 years. Old Age 

James Duffey, 80 3- ears. Sugarhouse Alley. Old Age 
N.B. On January i^t 1842 was commenced a new Register for 
the Deaths of the members of the Catholic Church in & near Lancaster. 
It is Designated as " An obituary of the Catholic Chapel, Lancaster." 

Signed Richard Brown 
Missy Ap. 
Book IIL 

[The book measures gj in. by 7^ in. by ijin.,and contains seme 200 
pages of unruled i)aper. It is backed with stiff boards half bound in 
calf. Pasted into the flyleaf is a document dated Lancaster Quarter 
Sessions 39th year of George III, certifying the Lancaster Catliolic 
Chapel to be recognised as a place of worship under the Act of 
George III 31st year, and signed Jas. Taylor, Deputy Clerk of Peace.] 

[As stated at the end of Book II, the entries by Dr. Broivn are 
dufiicaied from April, 1819 .• but they are not repeated here.] 


S' Peter's, Lancaster. 
From No. g, 1825. Baptisms. Page 37. 

9. Die 20 Martii 1825 nata et 21 ejusdem mensis baptizata fiiit 
Agnes Filia Joseplii et Agnetis Jackson Conjugum. Patrinus 
Fredericus Paul, Matrina Maria Coulston. 

A me Geo. Brown Miss : Ap'lico. 

10. Anne Gardner daughter of Robert Gardner and of Jane his 
wife (late Seed) was born on the sixtli and baptized on the Eighth 
of May 1825. By me Peter Wilcock.* 

Sponsors Peter Seed, Alice Rogerson. 

(38) II. Eleanor Mary Gafney Daughter of William Gafney and of 
Elizabeth his wife (late Shannon) was born on the twent\- ninth of 
April and baptized on the eighth of May. By me Peter Wilcock. 
Sponsors Robert Repley, Mary Shannon. 

12. John Hodgen son of Thomas Hodgen and of Jane his wife 
(late Capstick) w as born on the twelfth of May and baptized on the 
fifth of June. B}' me Peter Wilcock. 

Sponsors Robert Wilson, Mary Knowles. 

13. Lucy Lynch Daughter of Michael Lynch and of 

was born on the fourteenth and baptized on 

the nineteenth of June. By me Peter Wilcock, 

Sponsors Thomas Dyer, [blank]. 

14. George Rogerson Coulston son of Gabriel Coulston and of 
Ann Theresa his wife (late Rogerson) was born and baptized on the 
twenty second of July by me Peter Wilcock. 

Sponsors By Proxy George Rogerson, Ann Rogerson. 

(39) [On '^*5 pd^s. the first entry, written in pencil, is as follo'ds.] 
James Becket 18^^ of Augt, 

Jane White Daughter of Thomas White and of Bridget his wife 
(late Brady) was born on the second of August and conditionally 
baptized on the Thirty first of Augi;st. Sponsatrix Elizab^i Brady. 
By me Peter Wilcock. 

Elizabeth Shepherd Daughter of Henry Shepherd and of Maria 
his wife (late Verity) was born on the Thirty first of August and 
baptized on the Third of September. By me Peter Wilcock. 
Sponsors Henry Verity, Elizab^ ^^erit5•. 

Rose Robinson the Daughter of Ja^ Robinson and of Rose his 
wife (late Raby) was born on the i^t of Aug : 1825 and having been 
baptized privately received the addition of the usual ceremonies 
from me Sep^ ii^ii. Geo. Brown. 

Sponsors Thomas Hornby, Pedder. 

;{; Rev. Peter Wilcock, bom Oct. 23, 1777, was son of George Wilcock, of 
Bolton, and his wife, Anne Taylor. His father was a younger son of James 
Wilcock, of Thorp Green, Brindle, land surveyor. He was educated at the 
Rev. Simon George Bordley's school at Ince Blundell, whence he was sent to 
the English College, Lisbon, where he was admitted Oct. 10, 1792. There 
he was ordained priest Dec. 25, 1S02, retained in the college as a professor, but 
left for England Dec. 28, 1808. For a short time he was at Ladywell, Ferny- 
halgh: thence removed to Sunderland, co. Durham; transferred to St. An- 
thony's, Liverpool, in 1825 ; erected new church, schools and presbytery. 
1830, and retired in ill-health in 1844, till death at Liverpool, Aug. 15, 1857. 
aged 79. He wrote " Lives of the Abbots of Wearmouth, translated from the 
Venerable Bede," Sunderland, 1818, 8vo. (Gillow, Reg. of Lisbon). 

152 kKGlSTKkS of- ST. PKTKK's, I.ANCASTf.R 

(40) ^laiy Lucas tlir Daughter of Ricliaicl Lucas and Margaret his 

Wife (late Wilkinson) was born on the of August and 

baptized by me on of September. Sponsors Jno. Gardner, 

Marg* Shackleton, Witness my hand Geo. Brown. 

Mary Townley Daughter of Rich<i Townley and of Alice his wife 
was born Sc]ilcmbcr the nineteenth and baptized me October the 
second. S])ons()rs James Duffy and Mary Knowles. Geo. Brown. 

Jane Sunter llic Daughter of Thomas Sunter & Elizabeth his wife 
(late Townley) \\ as born on the 13^^ of October 1825 and on the 16**^ 
was baptized by me. Sponsors James Forest & Mar\' Sunter. 

Witness my hand Geo. Brown. 

Christopher Anowsmith the son of George Arrowsmith and Ann 
his wife was born on the 30*'! of October 1825 and baptized by me the 
same day. Geo. Brown. 

Nicolaus Turner, Jane Mawdesly, Sponsors. 

John Gamer the Son of William Garner and of Catharine his wife 

was born and baptized by me Dec. 4*11 1825. 

Sponsors John Parkinson, Marg : Rogerson. Geo. Brown. 

(41) Jeremiah Parkinson Son of John Parkinson and of Hanna his wife 
(late Preston) was born Dec^" 19th 1825 and on the 25^^ of the same 
month 1825 was baptized by me. Witness my hand Geo. BrowTi. 
Sponsors William Parkinson, Eliz: Marshall. 

Jane Bradshaw the Daughter of Matthew Bradshaw and Margaret 
his vvife was born on the 2y^^ of November 1825 and on the 31^* of 
December following was baptized by me. Geo. BrowTi. 

Sponsors John Parkinson, Dorothy Parkinson. 


1. Mary Greening Daughter of Thomas Greening and of Margaret 
his wife (late Etherington) was born Jany 24*^ 1826 and was baptized 
on the 29*^1 of the same month by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors Rich*^ Ripley, Elizabeth Etherington. 

2. Ann Green the Daughter of Richard Green and of Jane his 
wife (late Ball) was born Jany 24*^ 1826 and was baptized on the 
29*^1 of the same month by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors Thomas Green, Agnes Rodgson. 

3. Alice Vary the Daughter of Robert Vary and of Mary his wife 
(late Ball) was born Janv 27**^ 1826 and was baptized on the 29*'^ of 
the same month by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors Thomas Ball, Alice Ball. 

(42) 4. Thomas Leemii^ the Son of Thomas Leeming and of Jane his 
wife (late Pisher) was born on the 27*'^ of Jany 1826 and baptized on 
the 29*^ of the same month by me Geo. Brown, 
Sponsors Frederic Paul, Ann Chew. 

5. Richard Seed the son of James Seed and of Helen his wife (late 
WeUs) was born on the 3^ of Feby. 1826 and on the 5*^ of the same 
month was baptized by me Geo. Bro\vn. 
Sponsors Thomas Ball, Alice Rogerson. 

6. Mary Townley Daughter of Thomas Townley and of Mary his 
wife (late Waring) was born DeC" 30*^ 1825 and baptized on the 5*^ of 
March 1826 by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors Frederic Paul, Townley. 


7. Thomas Brown son of Peter Brown and of Ann his wife (late 
Hadwen) was born March 6**' 1826 and baptized by me on the 8*'^ 
of the same montli. Geo. Brown, 
Sponsors Peter Osbaldeston, Mary Osbaldeston. 

8. Thomas Leeming tlie son of James Teeming and of Ann (late 
Stainbanck) his w ife was born March 10*^1 1826 and baptized by me 
on the 12*"^ of the same month. Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors Tho" Teeming, Jane Teeming. 

on Holy Saturday March 25'^ 1826 Henr\- Knowles the Son of 
Henr\- and Marg* Knowles having abjured the errours of the Quakers 
and embraced the Catholic Faith was baptized solemnly by me 
Richard Wells being Sponsor. Witness my hand Geo. Brown. 

(43) 10. William Leeming Son of John Teeming and of Jane his wife 
(late Hothersall) was born March 23^ 1826 and \\as baptized on the 
26*11 of the same month by mo Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors James Pedder, Marg* Pedder. 

11. James Townley the son of Rob* Townley and Helen his wife 
(late Whiteside) was born March 23^ 1826 and on the 26**i of the same 
month was baptized by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors James Whiteside & Elizabeth Parkinson. 

12. Mar}- Donaghee the Daughter of Edward Donaghee and Mary 
his wiie (late M°Carty) was born March 31st 1826 and baptized on the 
2^ of April in the same year by me Geo. Bro^-n. 
Sponsors Patrick Gallon & Betty Brady. 

13. Joseph Wilson son of Rob* Wilson and of Ann his wife was 
bom April 6*'^ 1826 and baptized on the 9*^ of the same month by me 
Sponsors Joseph Wilson & Tucy Wilson. Geo. Bro^\^l. 

14. Mar\- Monks the Daughter of Enoch Monks and of Mar}- his 
wife (late BuUen) was born Feb}'. 27*^ 1826 and on April iG^^^ the 
same year was baptized by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors John Parkinson & Elizabeth Bullen . 

(44) 15. Alice Hodgson Daughter of William Hodgson and of Agnes 
his wife (late Ball) was born Ma}- lo^h 1826 & baptized on the 14*^ 
of the same month by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors Thomas Ball & Alice Ball. 

16. John Grundy son of William Grmid}- and of Isabella his wife 
was born May 12*'^ 1826 and baptized on the fourteenth of the same 
month by me Geo. Brown, 
Sponsors Richard Wells & Ann Catterall. 

17. William Ball son of William Ball and of I\Iargaret his wife 
(late Abram) was born June 5th 1826 & baptized on the iitii of the 
same month by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors Thomas Carter & Jane Cornthwaite. 

18. Thomas Conolly the Son of Thomas ConoUy and of Ann his 
wife (late Atkinson) was born May S^^ 1826 and baptized July 2'^ in 
the same year by me Geo. Bro\\'n 
Sponsors Peter Bro\\Ti & Helen Conolly. 

19. Elizabeth Mackeral the Daughter of James Mackeral and of 
Elizabeth his wife (late Ribchester) was born July ib^^i 1826 and 
baptized the same day by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors John Park, Helen Ribchester. 


20. Jane Coulston tlie Daughter of John Coulston and of Mar- 
garet his wife (late Walmsley) was born Aug* 3^ 1826 and baptized 
on the g^^ of the same month by me Geo. Brown. 

Sponsors Thomas Coulston & Ann Coulston. 

(45) 21. Helen Bradley the Daughter of Peter Bradley and of Dorothy 
Bradley his wife was born Aug* 10 and baptized on the 13^*^ of the 
same month by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors James Seed, Helen Seed. 

22. Elizabeth Ribchester the Daughter of James Ribchester and 
of Ann his wife (late Singleton) was born Aug* 14**^ 1826 and baptized 
on the 15*'^ of the same month by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors John Singleton & Elizabeth Bains. 

23. Elizabeth Garner the Daughter of Robert Gamer and of Jane 
his wife (late Seed) was born July 30*^ 1826 and being in danger of 
death was then baptized, the ceremonies were added on the 27*"^ of 
August 1826 by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors James Seed, Helen Seed. 

24. Thomas the son of Sara Davies was born Aug* 21^* 1826 and 
baptized on the 2y^^ of the same month by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors Henry Bains & Frances Holden. 

25. William* the son of William Leeming and of Marg* his wife 
(late Whiteside) was born Aug* 27**^ 1826 and was baptized on the 
28*h of the same month by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors James Whiteside, Agnes Cornthwaite. 

26. Eleanor the Daughter of Edward Wanehouse & of Isabella 
his wife was born Aug : 22^ 1826 and baptized Sept. lo*^ 1826 by me 

(46) Sponsors James Pedder, Marg* Pedder. Geo. BrovTi. 

27. Elizabeth Coulston daughter of James Coulstone and of 
Elizabeth (lately Moreby) his wife was born on the 14**^ of Sep' 1826 
and baptized Sep. 17*^ 1826 by me Geo. Jenkins, f 
Sponsors Henry Knowles, Mary Knowles. 

28. Henry the son of Daniel Murray and of Margaret his wife 
was born Sepr. 17**1 and baptized on the 24*^1 Sep' 1826 by me 
Sponsors Rob* Murray & Marg* Knowles. Geo. Brown. 

29. Thomas the son of William Gafney & of Elizabeth his wife 
(lately Shannon) was born on Sepi" 19*^ 1826 and on the i^* of Octor 
following was baptized by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors Richard Ripley & Agnes Ripley. 

30. Jane the Daughter of Rob* Tomlinson & Mar>' his wife (lately 
Hardacre) was bom Sepr iSth J826 and on Ocf i^* following was 
baptized by me Geo. BrowTi. 
Sponsors William Tomlinson & Ann Tomlinson. 

(47) 31. William the son of James Etherington and of Margaret his 

* William Leemins, of West Derby, Esq., married Emilia, daughter of 
Daniel Powell, of Livei-pool, Esq., and o.s.p. Oct. 20, 1912, aged 80. 

f Fr. George Jenkins, S.J., ordained priest at Rome in 1824, taught at 
Stonyhurst, whilst supplying at various missions, amongst which was Dun- 
kenhalgh in 1825, for some years, till he went to London. In 1855 he became 
missioner at Bury St. Edmund's, where he died Feb. 20, 1861, aged 62. 


wife (latel)' Backhouse) was born Sep. 25^^ and on Ocir S^^ 1826 was 
baptized by me Geo. Brown. 

Sponsors Daniel Murray & Ann Murray. 

32. Alice the Daughter of John Hull and Alice his wife (late 
Gardner) was born Nov : 8**^ 1826 and was baptized 12*'^ of the same 
month by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors William Gardner & Jane Gardner. 

33. John Mulhollandson of Charles Mullholand & of Margaret his 
wife (formerly Watson) was born Novr 18, 1826 & baptized on the 
6**1 Dec^ by me John Dixon. 
Sponsors James Duffy & Ann Jane Watson. 

34. Henry Smith son of William Smith and Mary his wife was 
bom May 7**^ 1826 and baptized Deer 21 of the same year by me 
Sponsor Catharine Cavil. Geo. Brown. 

35. Robert Townley Son of Robert Townlcy and of Ann his wife 
was bom on the 22'' of Dec^ 1826 and on the 24**^ of the same month 
was baptized by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors Frederick Paul & Mary Knowles. 

(48) 36. Henr>' the son of William Smith & Jane his wife (lately 
Fumess) was born DeC 28*'* 1826 and on Dec"" 31st following 1826 
was baptized by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors Henry Connor & Cath : Connor. 


1. John the son of Barnaby Mawmley and of Mary his Wife was 
bora Deer 27th 1826 and baptized Jan >' ^^ 1827. by me Geo. Brovm . 
Sponsor Mary Rogcrson. 

2. Charles the son of James Coupe and of Amelia his wife (former- 
ly Clemmison) was bom Janv 6^^ 1827 & on the 15''! of the same 
month was baptized by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors Thomas Beethom & Helen Walker. 

3. Ann the Daughter of Thos Wilson & of Elizabeth his wife was 
born Jany igt^ 1827 and on the 28^^ of the same month was baptized 
by me Geo. Brown, 
Sponsors James Mackeral & Eliz. Mackeral. 

4. John the son of Rob^ Watson and of Marg* his wife was bom 
Jany 18*1 1827 and baptized on the 29*^^ of the same month by me 
Sponsor Geo. Brown. 

(49) 5. Anna the Daughter of William Walmsley and Helen his wife 
(lately Parkinson) was born Jan^ 5*1^ 1827 and on Feb. 4*11 of the 
same year was baptized by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors William Tomlinson, Marg* Walmsley. 

6. Mary Daughter of Thomas Sunter and Elizabeth his wife was 
bom Feby. ii^h 1827 and baptized by me on the i8*b of the same 
month . Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors Rich^ Ripley & Betsy Sunter. 

7. Thomas Watson son of William Pilling and of Mary his wife 
was bom Feby. 13"! 1827 & on the 18*^* of the same month was bap- 
tized by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors Thomas Myerscough & Alice Parkinson. 


8. Mary the Daughter of Michael Lynch and Patience his wife 
(late Bradley) was born Feby. 2b^'' 1827 and on March 4^'' of the same 
year was baptized b\' me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors John Harley & Nancy Bradley. 

9. James the son of George Arrowsmith and of Ann his wife was 
born ^larcli 6*^"^ 1827 and on the 7^'^ of the same month was baptized 
by me Geo. BnnsTi, 
Sponsors Geo: Thistleton & Elizabeth Thistleton. 

10. Isaliella Daughter of John Cowell and of Margaret his wife 
(late Swarbreck) was born March 12*" 1827 & on the 18*'' of the same 

(50) month \\as bai)tized by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors Rob* Mcnrcnv & Sara Cowell. 

11. Isabella Daughter of Michael Brown and of Bella his wife 
was born March 14*" 1827 and on the 18**^ of the same month was 
baptized by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors Rob* Leeming & Alice Norman. 

12. Margery the Daughter of Robert Norman & of Jane his Wife 
(late Cowell) was born March 21*5* 1827 and on the 25*^ of the same 
month \vas baptized by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors John Bolland & Mar\- Caklerbank. 

13. Mary the Daughter of Rich^i Wells and of Ann his wife (late 
Seed) was born May 25**1 1827 and baptized May 27*" by me 
Sponsors John Oldcorne & Isabella Oldcorne. Geo. Brown 

14. Thomas the son of Peter Osbaldeston and ]\Iary his wiic was 
born June 28**^ 1827 and was baptized on the 29th of the same month 
by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors James Pedder & Marg* Pedder. 

(51) 15. Edward Smith son of William Smith &of Elizabeth his wife 
was born July 2^^*^ 1827 & baptized on the 5^^ of the same month 
b\' me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors Robert Thompson & Mary Casson. 

16. James the son of Thomas Eaves & Racliael his Wife was born 
July 6^^ 1827 and on the 8*" of the same month was baptized by me 
Sponsors Rob* Townley & Marg* ToWTiley. Geo. Brown. 

17. Agnes the Daughter of Thomas Eaves & of Rachael his Wife 
was born July 6**' 1827 and on the 8*" of the same month was bap- 
tized b\^ me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors Fred : Paul & Sara Ball. 

18. Alice the Daughter of William Gardner & of his wife Jane was 
born July 18*" 1827 and on the following 22"«^ of the same month 
was baptized by me. Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors Thomas Garner & Bella Hayes. 

19. Elizabeth Daughter of Thomas White & Bridget his wife was 
born July 29*'^ 1827 and on the following day was baptized by me 
Sponsors Andrew Brady & Betty Brady. Geo. Brown. 

(52) 20. John the son of Gabriel Coulston & of Ann his wife (late 
Rogerson) was bom Augt : g^^ 1827 and on the same day baptized 
by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors Thomas Coulston & Ann Coulston. 


21. Thomas son of William Cornthwaite and of Elizabeth his wife 
was born Aug^ n^^i 1827 and on the 18^^ of the same month was 
baptized by me Geo. Brown. 
Sponsors Frederick Paul & Mary Calderbank. 

22. Agnes the Daughter of John Ripley and Agnes his wife was 
born Augt 25^'! 1827 & on the following day was baptized by me 
Sponsors Richd. Ripley & Lucy Wilson. Geo. Brown. 

23. Robt son of Thos Hodgon & Agnes his wife was born Aug. 27 
& baptized Sept'" 16 by me John Dixon. 
Sponsors Fred Paul & Mary Kirsop. 

24. William son of William Tomlinson and Ann his wife was born 
Sep. 30th jg27 and on the same day baptized by me (James Coupe and 
Margt Maffei being Sponsors) Geo. BroWTi, 

25. Alice Daughter of W"' Pennington and of Margaret his wife 
was born Sep^ 2^ 1827 and baj^tized on the 4*^ of October following 
(Lawrence Pennington & Helen Walker being Sponsors by me 

John Dixon. 

(53) 26. John son of John Lynch & of Elizabeth his wife was born 
Sepr 27^'' 1827 and on Oct : 7*^ of the same year was baptized (Freder- 
ick Paul and Mary Calderbank being sponsors) by me Geo. Brown. 

27. Christina Daughter of Paul Cashedy and of Margaret his wife 
was born July 17*^ 1825 and on the 15**1 of Oct^ 1827 was baptized by 
me (William Tracey and Cath : Carvell being sponsors) Geo. Brown. 

28. John Rogerson Son of William Rogerson and Alice his wife 
was born Oct. 18"^ 1827 and on the 2i«t of the same month was 
baptized by me (Tho^ and Jane Ball being Sponsors) Geo. BrowTi. 

29. George son of George & Elizabeth Thistleton (late Bolton) 
was born Novr 24, 1827 and on the following day was baptized by me : 
Geo. & Marg' Hothersall being sponsors. Geo. BrowTi. 

30. Thomas Son of John Lawrenson and of Helen his wife (late 
Dixon) was born Dec^" 9*^ 1827 and on the following day was baptized 
(William & Elizabeth Cornthwaite being Sponsors) by me Geo. Brown. 

(54) 31. Dorothy Daughter of James Robinson and Rose his wife (late 
Raby) was born Deer. 12*^ 1827 and on the following day was baptized 
(Richard Robinson and Elizabeth Bullen being sponsors) by me 

■j.§^§ Geo. Brown. 

1. Jane Daughter of William Ball and of Margaret his wife (form- 
erly Abram) was bom Jan^ 6^^ 1828 and on the same day was bap- 
tized (Rich^ Ball & Cath : Kirkham being Sponsors) by me 

Geo. Brown. 

2. Elizabeth Daughter of Rob* Hardman and of Mary his Wife 
was born Dec^ 23^* 1827 and on Janv 20*^ 1828 was baptized (Frederic 
Paul and Sara Hardman being Sponsors) by me Geo. Brown. 

3. Mary the Daughter of Rob^Townley and of Margaret his wife 
(late Ball) was born Jany 28^*^ and on the 30th of the same month 
was baptized by me (Thos. Bains & Sarah Ball being Sponsors) 

Geo. Brown. 

4. Elizabeth Daughter of Peter Ribchester and of Jane his wife 
was born Feby. ii**» 1828 and 17*^ of the same month was baptized 
(Rich*^ Bains and Ann Bains being Sponsors, by me Geo. Brown. 


(55) 5- Robert the Son of Rob* Varey & of Mary his wife (formerly' 
Ball) was born March 2'^ 1828 and on the 9*^ of the same month was 
baptized by me (James Ball & Agnes Morley being Sponsors) 

Geo. Brown. 

6. Edward Shannon Gafney Son of William Gafney and of Eliza- 
beth his wife (formerly Shannon) was born March y^^ 1828 and on 
the Qtii of the same month was baptized by me, Rich^^ Ripley & Ann 
Threlfall being Sponsors Geo. Brown. 

7. Thomas Gardiner Son of James Gardiner and of Ann his wife 
(formerly Billington) was born March 17*11 1828 and on the 23<i of 
the same month was baptized by me, Ed : Hodskinson S: Marg* 
Billington being Sponsors Geo. Brown. 

8. James son of James Dobson & Ann his wife was born March 
25^^ 1828 and on the following day was baptized by me (James 
Williams & Jane Williams being Sponsors) Geo. Brown. 

9. John son of Christopher Walker and Esther his wife was born 
Nov : 13*11 182 . . and on March 30*11 1828 was baptized by me (Helen 
Walker being Sponsor) 

10. Maria Daughter of Christopher Walker and Esther his wife 
was born Aug* 27*11 1825 and on March 30*11 1828 was baptized b}^ me 
(Helen Walker being Sponsor) Geo. Brown. 

(56) II. Mary Ann Smith Daughter of W" Smith and of Jane his wife 
(Furness) was born May 2^1 1828 and on ii*ii of the same month was 
baptized by me, W" Finan and Eliz : Marshall being Sponsors 

Geo. Brown. 

12. John Son of Rich'i Grayston and of Mary his wife \\'as born 
May I2*ii 1828 and on the 15*11 of the same month was baptized 
(James Pedder and Margaret Pedder being Sponsors) Geo. Brovai. 

13. Honour the Daughter of Chas. M^Keon and of Catharine his 
wife A\as bom March i8*ii [? 13] 1828 and April i6*ii was baptized 
(Jane M'^Keon being Sponsor), by me Geo. Brown. 

14. Sara Daughter of Alexi" Megraw [Megraw in carcere in margin] 
& of Margaret his wife was born JanJ' 26*11 J828 and on May 19*11 of 
the same year was l:)aptized by me, Mary Henderson being Sponsor 

Geo. Brown. 

15. William Ed : Son of John Coulston & of Catharine his wife 
was born May 12*11 1828 and baptized i8*ii of the same month by me 
(Hugh Murray & Marg* Knowles being Sponsors Geo. Brown. 

16. Thomas son of Jane Layfield was born May 14*11 1828 and 
on the 25*11 of the same month was baptized by me, Rich* Ward & 
Alice Ball being Sponsors Geo. BrowTi. 

(57) 17. Helen Daughter of Thos Shuttleworth and Helen his wife was 
born May 5*11 1828 and on the i^* June the same year was baptized 
by me, Elizabeth Etherington being sponsor Geo. Brown. 

18. Catharinf Daughter of John Hodgson and of Mary his wife 
(formerly Rawhnson) was born June 15*1' 1828 and on the 22'' of the 
same month was baptized by me, (Rich'i Ripley and Cath : Hodgson 
being Sponsors) Geo. Brown. 


19. Augustus son of Frederick Paul and of Mary his wife (late 
Casson) was born June 26**1 1828 and on the same day was baptized 
by me (Thos. Carter & Agnes Cornthwaite being Sponsors) 

Geo. Brown. 

20. Rose Daughter of Thomas Conolly & of Catharine his wife 
was bom June 22<i 1828 and on the y^^^ of July following was baptized 
by me, Rob* Kelly & Ann Shields being Sponsors Geo. BrowTi. 

21. William son of William Hodgson & of Agnes his wife (late Ball) 
was born July 2^ 1828 and on the 20*^ of the same month was baptized 
by me, Jno. Wilkinson & Mary Varey being sponsors Geo. Brown. 

22. James son of Robert Wilson & of Ann his wife was born 
July 13**1 1828 and on the 20**1 of the same month was baptized by 
me (Joseph Wilson and Jane Wilson being Sponsors), Geo. Brown. 

(58) 23. Jane Daughter of Rob* Etherington & of Margaret his wife 
was born July 12**1 J828 and on the 20**1 of the same month was 
baptized by me, Rot> Murray & Betsey Etherington being Sponsors 

Geo. Brown. 

23. Alice Daughter of William Fenan & of Phebe his wife was 
born Sepr. 5**1 1828 and on the 7**1 of the same month was baptized 
by me (James MacMullan & Elizabeth Marshall being Sponsors) 

Geo. Brown. 

24. Rose the Daughter of James Ribchester and of Ann his wife 
was born Sepi" 21^* 1828 and on the same da}^ was baptized by me, 
Tho8 Bains and Marg* Billington being Sponsors Geo. Brown. 

25. [Coddington (in jail) in margin]. Margaret the Daughter of 
Maurice Coddington and of Margaret his wife was bom Aug. 24**1 1828 
and on the 20**1 of Sepr i^ the same year was baptized by me, Mary 
Henderson being sole Sponsor Geo. Brown. 

26. Dorothy Daughter of Peter Bradley and of Dorothy his wife 
was born Sepr 24**1 1828 and on the 28**1 of the same month was 
baptized by me, William Bradley and Mary Bradley being Sponsors 

Geo. Brown. 

(59) 27. Elizabeth Daughter of Edward Whiteside and of Elizabeth 

his wife (late Widow Thompson) was born and on the 

6**1 of the same month was baptized by me, Thos Whiteside & Marg* 
Pedder being Sponsors G. BrowTi. 

28. Elizabeth Daughter of John Coulston and of Marg* his wife 
(late Walmsley) was born Oct. 28**1 J828 and on the 31s* of the same 
month was baptized by me (Rich** Wells and Ann Wells being Spon- 
sors) G. Brown. 


1. Mary Daughter of George i^owsmith and of Ann his wife 
(formerly JElogerson) was born Jany 7**1 1829 and on the 8**1 of the 
same month was baptized by me, Thomas Rogerson and Elizabeth 
Hodgson being sponsors G. Brown. 

2. Ann Daughter of James Seed & of Helen his wife (late Wells) 
was bom Janv 19**1 1829 and baptized on the 25**1 of the same month 
(Peter and Dorothy Bradley being Sponsors) by me G. Brown. 

(60) 3. Margaret Daughter of John Wells and of Margaret his wife 
(late Seed) was born Jany. 27, 1829 and on Feby. i^* in the same year 


was baptized by me, Joseph Seed and Helen Magee being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

4. Thomas Son of Rich'' Wells and Ann his wife (late Seed) was 
born Jany. 19*^ 1829 and baptized on the same day, (Henry Wells and 
Ann Catteral being Sponsors) G. Brown. 

5. Robert the son of Tho^ Sunter and of Elizabeth his wife was 
born Feby. 14"' 1829 and on the 22"'' of the same month was baptized 
by me. Rob' Wilson and Mary Sunter being Sponsors G. Brown. 

6. Mary Daughter of Tiiomas Wilson and of Elizabeth his wife 
was born Feby. ly^^ 1829 and on the 22"'' of the same month was 
baptized by me. George Parkinson & Ann Cornthwaite being Spon- 
sors G. Brown. 

1828 Novr. 
William Garner son of Rob' Gamer & of Jane his wife (late Seed) 
was born Nov. 5*^ 1828 and on the 9^^ of the same month was bap- 
tized bv me, John & Mag* Wells being Sponsors G. Brown, 

(61)7. Elizabeth Daugliter of Tho^ Leeming and of Jane his wife 
(formerly Fisher) was born Feby. 24, 1829 and on the i^t of March 
following was baptized by me, (Thos. Brown & Mary Miller being 
Sponsors) G. Brown. 

8. George Son of Edward Wainhouse & of Elizabeth his wife 
(formerly Ray) was born Janv 27^^ 1829 and on the 15th day of March 
in the same year was baptized b}' me (Rich'^ Leeming and Helen 
Etherington being Sponsors) G. Brown, 

9. Agnes Daughter of Rich^ & Mary Robinson was born March 
20**^ 1829 and on the 22^^ of the same month was baptized by me, 
(James Robinson and Lucy Wilson being Sponsors) G. Brown, 

10. James son of William Park and of Ann his wife (formerly 
Singleton) was born April 2"'' 1829 and on the same day was baptized 
by me, John Rogerson and Mary Singleton being Sponsors, G. Brown. 

11. Ann Daughter of Ja^ Coupe and Amelia his wife was born 
March 28^^ J829 and on Ap^ 5th following was baptized by me, Rich^ 
Ripley and Ann Tomlinson being Sponsors G. Brown. 
(62) 12. Eliza Daughter of George Pollard and of Margaret his wife 
(late Murray) was born March 30**^ 1829 and on the 5'^ of the follow- 
ing April was baptized by me (Daniel Murray & Marg* Murray being 
Sponsors) G. Brown. 

13. Alice Daughter of John Hull and of Alice his wife (formerly 
Gardner) was born Ap. 5'*' 1829 and on the 12^^ of the same month 
was baptized by me, W™ Gardiner and Jane Gardiner being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

14. Jane Daughter of William Cornthwaite and of Elizabeth his 
wife was born Ap : 24'h 1829 and on the 26*'! of the same month was 
baptized by me, William Kirkham and Denise Daudcville being 
Sponsors G. Brown. 

15. Mary Daughter of Andrew Brady and of Alice his wife (former- 
ly Coulston) was born May 23^1 1829 and on the 24^'' of t he same month 
was baptized by me, John & Margt Coulston being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 


i6. Joseph son of John Billington & of Ann his wife was born 
Ma\' iq"! 1829 and on the 2$^^ of the same month was baptized by me, 
Thos. & Jane Ball being Sponsors G. Brown. 

(63) 16. William the Son of Chas. Lovat and of Catharine his wjjfe 
was born May 17*'^ 1829 and on the 27*^ of the same month was 
baptized by me, Mary M^'Cann being sole sponsor G. Brown. 

17. Mary Ann Daughter of William Smith and Ann his wife was 
born June 7*^ 1829 and on the 9*^ of the same month was baptized 
by me, W"' Smitli and Elizabeth Smith being Sponsors, G. Brown. 

18. Gabriel* the Son of Gabriel Coulston and of Ann his wife 
(formerly Rogerson) was born June 25*^ 1829 and on the 26*^ of the 
same month was baptized by me, the Rev* James Sharpies f and 
Dorothy Rogerson being Sponsors G. Brown. 

19. Rob* son of Rob* Rogerson and of Mary his wife was born 
June 25*11 1829 and on the 28*^ of the same month was baptized by 
me, Jno. Bullen and Mary Thompson being Sponsors G^o Brown. 

20. Richard Son of Geo : Thistleton and of Elizabeth his wife was 
born July i^* 1829 and on the 3^ of the same month was baptized by 
me. George and Ann Arrowsmith being Sponsors Geo. Brown. 

(64) 21. Thomas the Son of John Carter and Alice his wife was born 
June 29"^ 1829 and on the 5*^ of July next following was baptized 
by me (Thos. Carter and Jane Taylor being Sponsors), G. Brown. 

22. Margaret the Daughter of Thomas Goodier and Ann his wife 
was born July 2"fi 1829 and on the 5*^ was baptized by me (John & 
Sara Fayer being Sponsors G. Bro\\Ti. 

23. John the son of Peter Seed and of Elizabeth his wife (Hodgson) 
was born July 5**1 1829 and on the 12**^ of the same month was bap- 
tized by me, Joseph Seed and Catharine Hodgson being Sponsors 

G. Brown, 

24. Jane the Daughter of William Pennington & Marg* his wife 
was born Juh' ig^^ 1829 and on the 26*^ of the same month was 
baptized b}' me, Tho^ Hornby & Marg* Pedder being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

25. Sara Daughter of W"^ Rogerson and of Alice his wife was bom 
Aug* 24*h 1829 and on the 30*^ of the same month was baptized by 
me (F. Paul & Catharine Pavrington being Sponsors) G. Brown. 

(65) 26. Joseph the son of Tho^ Hodgson and of Jane his wife 
was born Aug^ 25*^ 1829 and on 13*^ of Sep. following was baptized 
bv me, Frederic Paul and Agnes Cornthwaite being Sponsors, 

G. Brown. 

In the month of Aug* I baptized Edward the Son of Ed : and 
Marg* Byrne who were vagrants and the child seeming to be in a sick- 
ly state I did not like to refuse them [t« Rev. G. Brown's ivriting]. 

27. Robert Son of John Ripley and of Agnes his wife was born 

* Rev. Gabriel Coulston, D.D., was sent to Ushaw College in 1838; 
ordained priest in September, 1857, and there spent the remainder of his life 
till his death, whilst on a visit to his sister, Mrs. Charles Goldie, at 10 Pembroke 
Gardens, Kensington, London, May 17, 1915. aged 85. He was a member of 
the C.R.S. [v. Memoir, with portrait, Ushaiv Ma^.. July, 1915)- 

t C.R.S. . XV, 157. 


Sepr i8'^ 1829 and on the 20*^ of the same month was baptized by me, 
(Thos. Sunter and Jane Wilkinson being Sponsors) G. Brown. 

28. Catharine Daughter of WiUiam Tomlinson & Ann his wife 
was born Ocf 28*^ in 1829 and on Nov. i^t of the same year was 
baptized by me, Tho^ Sunter & Marg* Baines being Sponsors 

G. Brown, 

29. James son of James Robinson & Rose his wife was born Nov' 
4th 1829 & on the 5*'! of the same montli was baptized by me, Tho« 
Leeming & Elizabeth Cornthwaitc being Sponsors G. Brown. 

(66) 30. William the Son of John Rogers & of Rose his wife was born 
Nov. i5t'i 1829 and on the 29"' of the same month was baptized by 
me, Frederic Paul being Sponsor G. Brown. 

31. Thos the son of Thomas White and of Bridget his wife (late 
Brady) was born Nov^ 2^^ 1829 and on the 8^'^ of the same month was 
baptized by me, John Brady and Elizabeth Brady being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

32. John Owen the Son of John Hall and Ann his wife was born 
Nov. 24"! 1829 and on the 29*^ of the same month was baptized by 
me, Fred Paul and Bella Brown being Sponsors G. Brown. 

33. Alice Daughter of William and Mary Pilling was born Dec^ 17^^ 
829 and on the 20*^ of the same month was baptized by me, W™ 

Kirkham and Alice Parkinson being Sponsors G. Brown. 

34. Richard the Son of W'" Ball and Margt his wife was born 
Deer 23d 1829 and on the following day was baptized by me, John 
Carter and Sara Cornthwaite being Sponsors G. Brown. 

(67) 35. James Christopher the Son of Thomas Eaves and of Rachacl 
his wife was born Dec'' 25^^^ 1829 and on the 27**^ of the same month 
was baptized by me, James Brown & Sara Cowell being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

36. Thomas Ball Son of Alice Ball was born Dec^ 5^^ J829 and on 

the 27th of the same month was baptized by me, Thos. Ball and Anna 

Ball being Sponsors G. Brown. 

James the son of William Gafney and of Elizabeth his wife was 
born Jany. 8*^ 1830 and on the 15^^ of the same month was baptized 
b}' me, Richard Ripley and Ann Shannon being Sponsors, G. Brown, 

2. George the son of James Mackeral and Elizabeth his wife (late 
Ribchester) was born Jany. 31st 1830 and on the 3'* of Feby. next 
following was baptized by me, Tho^ Bains Sen^ and Mary Cornthwaite 
being Sponsors G. Brown. 

3. James the Son of W"" Nixon & of Helen his wife was born 
Feby. 12^'^ 1830 and on the same day was baptized by me, Thomas 
and Elizabeth Nixon being Sponsors G. Brown. 

(68) 4. Thomas the Son of George Arrowsmith and of Ann his wife 
was born Feby. 17*^ 1830 & on the following day was baptized by me, 
Thomas Rogerson & Elizabeth Hodgson being Sponsors, G. Brown. 

5.[ Lynch in margin over Welch scored out.] Ann Daughter of John 
Welch [Lynch in pencil over the Welch] & Elizabeth his wife was born 
Feby. 19*^ 1830 and on the 21^^ of the same month was baptized by 
me, James & Elizabeth Duffy being Sponsors G. Brown. 


6. Elizabeth Daughter of James Donolly & Margt his wife was 
born March 3^ 1830 & on the 7'^ of the same month was baptized 
by me, James & Margt. Duffy being Sponsors G. Brown. 

7. Martha Daughter of Thos Baylis and Sara his wife was bom 
Jaiiw 20th J830 and on March 14th next after was baptized by me, 
(Thos Sunter &....• being Sponsors) G. Brown. 

8. Felix George Son of Felix M^Shane & of Ann his wife was bom 
March 6^*^ 1830 & on 19*^ of the same month was baptized by me 
Thomas Etlierington and Mary Lloyd being Sponsors G. Brown. 
(6g) 9. Elizabeth Daughter of William Walmsley & of Helen his wife 
was born March ii^b 1830 & on the 21^1 of the same month was 
baptized b\' me, (Thomas Sunter & Mary Cowen being Sponsors) 

G. Brown. 

10. Estther daughter of Robert Hirst & Lucy his wife was born 
March 4*^ 1830 and on the zi^^ of the same month was baptized by me, 
James Birchall & Bella Hayes being Sponsors G. Brown. 

11. Henry the son of John Lancaster [Lancaster (a traveller) in 
marghi\ & of Ann his wife was baptized by me Ap^ lo*'^ 1830. Frederic 
& Mary Paul being Sponsors " G. Brown. 

12. Elizabeth Daughter of William Smith & of Elizabeth his wife 
was born Ap^ 20**' 1830 & on the 23^* of the same month was baptized 
by me, Geo. Crane & Ann Wells being Sponsors G. Brouii. 

13. Sara the Daughter of Robt Hardman & of Mary his wife was 
born Apl. 22 "^ 1830 & on the 25th of the same month was baptized 
by me (Richd. Graystone & Sara Hardman being Sponsors), G. Brown. 

(70) 14. Henry the son of William and Jane Smith [Smith, Irish 
Hawker, in margin] was born May 13^^ 1830 and on the 16^*1 of the 
same month was baptized by me, (John M^Kenna and Elizabeth 
Marshall being Sponsors) G. Brown. 

Ann Murray the wife of Hugh Murray receved solemn baptism 
on Whitsunday Ma\- 31st, Marg^ Knowles her sister in Law and 
myself being Sponsors G. Brown. 

15. Dorothy the Daughter of John Hull and of Alice his wife 
(late Gamer) was born July 6^^ 1830 and on the ii^b of the same 
month was baptized by me, John Gardiner and Marg' Bains being 
Sponsors " G. Brown. 

July 17*1 1830 I baptized in the Jail, William Henry, the Son of 
John Whitehead and of Mary Ann his wife, who was bom of the 30^*' 
of May preceding : Mary Robson was sponsor G. Brown. 

16. Thomas the Son of Thomas Campbell and of Mary his wife 
was baptized July 2=)^^ 1830, Rich<i Lancaster and Jane Wilkinson 
being Sponsors G. Brown. 

(71) 17. Alice the daughter of William Smith and Ann his wife was 
born July 27^^ 1830 and on the following day was baptized by me, 
Thos Houghton and Mary Ann Smith being Sponsors G. Brown. 

18. Thomas the Son of Thos. & Ann Richardson was born Aug» 
13*^ 1830 and on the 15^^ of the same month was baptized by me, 
Thos Sunter and Ann Ball being Sponsors G. Brown. 

19. Charles the Son of John M«Lean and Mary his wife was bap- 




being Sponsors G. Brown. 

20. James the Son of Roh^ Varey and of Mary his wife was bom 
Sepr i8^h 1830 and on tlie 26^^ of the same month was baptized by me, 
-Mattliew Parkinson and Hanna Ball being Sponsors G. Brown. 

21. Elizabeth Daugliter of William Brown and of Rebecca his 
wife was born Sep"" 29^'^ 1830 and on the 3d of Oct'" following was 
baptized by me, Frederic Paul and Ann Richardson being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 
(72) 22. Elizabeth the Daughter of George Pollard and of Margaret 
his wife was born Ocf 8"» 1830 and on the iQtn of the same month 
was baptized by me, John KnoN\ies and Marg* Knowles being Spon- 
sors G. Brown. 

23. George the Son of John Ball and of Rachael his wife \\as born 
Ocf 6*'' 1830 and on the 17th of the same month was baptized b}- me, 
John Wilkinson and Hanna Ball being Sponsors G. Browii. 

24. Elizabeth the Daughter of Richard Wells and of Ann his wife 
(late Seed) was born Nov^ 6*^ 1830 and on the following day was 
baptized by me, John and Marg* Coulston being Sponsors, G. Brown. 

25. George the Son of W"" Cornthwaite & Elizabeth his wife was 
born Nov : 9*11 1830 & on the i2"i of the same month was baptized 
by me, George & Elizabeth Kirkham being Sponsors G. Brown. 

26. Margaret the Daughter of Jas Etherington & of his 

wife was born Nov : 2 . 1830 and on the 14*1' of the same month was 
baptized by me, Thos Sunter & Mary Ann Carrol being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 
{73) . 1831 

1. Francis the Son of James Garner and Ann his wife was born 
Jany. 27th 1831 and on the 30th of the same month was baptized by 
me, Francis Billington and Sara Bains being Sponsors G. Brown. 

2. Helen the Daughter of Rob* Wilson & of Ann his wife was born 
Jany. 22 "^i 1831 and on the 30th of the same month was baptized 
by me, Rob* & Helen Wilson being Sponsors G. Brown . 

3. Alice the Daughter of John Hewson and of Margaret his wife 
was born Dec^ 2" 1830 and Feby. 15*11 1831 was baptized by me, 
Sara Fayer being Sponsor G. Brown. 

4. ]\Iichael the Son of James Ribchester & of x\nn his wife was 
born Feby. 17th 1831 and on the 20*^ of the same month was baptized 
by me, Rich^ and Jane Leeming being Sponsors G. Brown. 

5. Thomas the Son of Peter Seed and of Elizabeth his wife was 
bom March 3^ 1831 and on the 6*^ of the same month was baptized 
by me, Thos Simpson & Elizabeth Parkinson being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

6. Ann Daughter of Thos. Sunter and of Elizabeth his wife was 
born March i^t 1831 and on the 6"! of the same montli was baptized 
(74) by me, Rkh^ Lancaster and Mary Lancaster being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

7. John Robert Murrav Knowles the son of Thomas Knowles and 
of Ann his wife was born March 4^" 1831 and on the 6^^ of the same 
month was baptized by me, Hugh and Ann Murray being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 


8. Hugh the Son of George Thistleton and of Elizabeth his wife 
was born March 8**^ 1831 and on the 10^^ of the same month was 
baptized by me, Jas. Burchall and Alice Shackleton being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

9. Frederic the Son of Frederic Paul and of Mary his wife was 
born Api ii^b 1831 and on the same day was baptized by me, John 
Coulston and Agnes Cornthwaite being Sponsors G. Brown. 

10. Sara daughter of Edward Whiteside and of Elizabeth his wife 
was born Ap : 9*^ and baptized bj' me, Jos. Wilkinson and Sara 
Wilkinson being Sponsors G. Bro\ui. 

11. Elizabeth the Daughter of Tho^ Crooke and of Sara his wife 
w as born Ap' 23^ 1831 and on the i^* of May next following was bap- 
tized by me, George and Sara Crooke being Sponsors G. Brown. 

(75) 12. Marg' the Daughter of John Carter & Alice his wife was 
born Api 25**^ 1831 and on the i^t of May next following was baptized 
by me, James & Margaret Carter being Sponsors G. Brown. 

13. Thos the Son of W" and Margt Ball was born July 8*^ 
1831 and on the 10*^ of the same month was baptized by me, Tho^ 
and Agnes Cornthwaite being Sponsors G. Bro\Mi. 

14. Agnes the Daughter of Jas. Shawe and of Mary his wife was 
born July 25^^ 1831 and on the 31*^ of the same month was baptized 
by mo, Tho^ Coulston and Mary Lancaster being Sponsors, G. Brouii. 

15. Maria the Daughter of W"^ Gafney and of Elizabeth his wife 
was born Aug* 12*1^ 1831 and on 21^* of the same month was baptized 
by me, Tho^ Sunter and Helen Shannon being Sponsors, G. Brown. 

16. John Robert the son of Daniel Murray & of Marg* his wife 
was born Aug : 14^^ 1831 & on the 21^* of the same month was bap- 
tized b}^ me, John Knowles and Margt Knowles being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

(76) 17. Thomas tlie son of Rob* Gardner and Jane his wife was bom 
Oct^ 4*'^ 1831 and on the 5^^^ of the same month was baptized b\" me, 
Rich<i and Ann Wells being Sponsors G. Brown. 

18. Mary the Daughter of William Mason and of Mary his wife 
was born Ocf 2"ci 1831 and on the 9*^ of the same month was bap- 
tized b3- me, Jas. Shaw and Margaret Richmond being Sponsors 

G. BroxMi. 

19. William the Son of William Park and of Ann his wife was 
born Nov'" 17"' 1831 and on the da}' next following was baptized by 
me, Jas. Singleton and Jane Eastwood being Sponsors G. Brown. 

20. Mar\' the Daughter of PeterRibchester and of Jane his wife N\as 
born Noyr 15*^ 1831 and on the 20*11 of the same month was baptized 
by me, Thos Sunter & Helen Ribchester being Sponsors G. BrowTi. 

21. Thomas the Son of Thomas and i\Iargaret Gamer was born 
Sepr 29*'' 1831 and Nov^ 13*^1 of the same year was baptized by me, 
W"" Garner and Cath : Hodgson being Sponsors G. Brown. 

(77) 22. Matthe\\- the Son of Rob* Hirst and of Lucy his wife was borii 
Nor 25th J831 and baptized on the 27**^ of the same month by me, 
Thos Waterhouse and Agnes Waterhouse being Sponsors, G. Brown. 

23. Thomas the Son of Thomas & Ann Goodier was born Nov^ 28*'' 
1831 and on the same day was baptized by me, Tho^ Bains and MsLvy 
Adamson being Sponsors G. Brown. 



1. Mary the Daughter of William and Alice Rogerson was born 
Jany. y^ 1832 and on the eighth of the same month was baptized by 
me. John Hjde and Jane Goodier being Sponsors G. Brown. 

2. Margaret the Daughter of William & Mary Thompson was born 
Dec^ 29*'' 1831 and on the 8^^ day of January 1832 was baptized by 
me, John Murray & Ann Knowles being Sponsors G. Brown. 

3. Thomas the son of Jane Holmes was born Jany. i^t 1832 and 
on the 8*1' of the same month was baptized by mc, Daniel Murray 
& Elizabeth Brady being Sponsors G. Brown. 

(78) 4. Jane the Daughter of John and Alice Smethies ^\ as bom Jany. 
20^*' 1832 and on the 5^^ of Feby. next following was baptized by me, 
Thos Sunter and Hanna Ball being Sponsors G. Brown, 

5. James the Son of James M'Kenzie and of Mary his wife was 
born Feby. 5*'' 1832 and on the 15*^ of the same month was baptized 
by me, Mary Lancaster being Sponsor G. Brown. 

N.B. The parties are vagrants & the child was born in the 
Lodging House. 

4. Mary Ann the Daughter of W"" Tomlinson and of Ann his wiie 
was born Marcli 2"^ 1832 and on the 4*^ of the same month was 
baptized by me, Rich^ Lawrenson and Eliz : Brady being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

5. Elizabeth the Daughter of Jas. Mackeral and of Elizabeth his 
wife was born March 15*^ 1832 and on the 18**^ of the same month 
was baptized by me, W«i Cornthwaite and Ann Park being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

6. Elizabeth the Daughter of John Greaves and of Ann his wife 
was born March 2ist 1832 & on the same day was baptized by me, 
Thos Wilson and Mary Lancaster being Sponsors G. Brown. 

(79) 7. William the Son of Peter Seed and of Elizabeth his wife was 
born March 27^'^ 1832 and on Ap' i^^ next following was baptized 
by me, Joseph Blacoe & Mary Wells being Sponsors G. Bro^n. 

8. On the 15^^ of April I baptized the child of Owen and Sara 
Cassidy : they are vagrants and the child appeared very sickly 

G. Brown. 

9. Robert the Son of Rob^ and Agnes Cornthwaite was born 
May 12th 1832 and on the following day was baptized by me, Rob^ 
Cornthwaite and Ann Comthwaite being Sponsors G. Brown. 

ID. Catharine the Daughter of Rob^ and Sara Tanny [Tanny 
vagrant, in margin] was bom May 13"^ 1832 and on the 20^^ of the 
same month was baptized by me, Sara M'-'Dade being Sponsor 

G. Brown. 
II. Mary the daughter of William tS: Elizabeth Comthwaite 
was born on July 4*^ 1832 and on the 8*^ of the same month was 
baptized by me, Tho^ and Elizabeth Redshaw being Sponsors 

G. Brown 

(80) 12. James the Son of Thomas and Ann Richardson was bom 
July I9*h 1832 and on the 22 "^ of the same month was baptized by 
mc, Geo : Ball & Alice Smithies being Sponsors G. Brown. 


13. Elizabeth Daughter of William and Ann Smith was bom 
Scpi" 7^'' 1832 and on the 9*'» of the same month was baptized by me, 
Tho** Whiteside and Margt Whiteside being Sponsors G. Brown. 

14. Rosanna the Daughter of John Gilbert and of Mary his wife 
was born Sep^ iS*''^ 1832 and on the 20*'^ of the same month was 
baptized by me, F. Paul and Jane Wilkinson being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

15. James the Son of John Armstrong & of Ann his wife was born 
Oct^ 8^'' 1832 and on the 14th of the same month was baptized bj^ me, 
Richd. Xixon and Ann Rainford being Sponsors G. Brown. 

(81) 16. George the Son of W"i Ball and Margaret his wife was born 
Ocf 16, 1832 and on the 21^^ of the same month was baptized by me, 
Rob* Cornthwaite and Ann Oldcorne being Sponsors G. Brown. 

17. James the Son of James Shaw and Marj^ his wife was born 
Oct : 16**^ 1832 and on the 2is* of the same month was baptized by 
me, William Mason and Betty Brad}' being Sponsors G. Brown. 

18. Mary the Daughter of Thos Bayles and of Sara his wife was 
born Oct : 11*^ 1832 and on the 4*'^ of Nov. 1832 was baptized by me, 
Thos Coulston, Jun^, and Mary Sunter being Sponsors G. Brown. 

ig. James the Son of Rich^ and Ann Wells was born Novr S^ii 
1832 and on the 9th of the same month was baptized by me, Thos 
Coulston Junr and Ann Seed being Sponsors G. Brown. 

20. Joshua Coulston Knowles the Son of Henry and Mary 

(82) Knowles* was born Novr j^th J832 and on the 18"^ of the same 
month was baptized by me, Gabriel Croskill and Bella Hayes being 
Sponsors G. BrowTi. 

21. Mary the daughter of Tho« Leeming and Jane his wife was 
born Dec. 5^*^ 1832 and on the 9*^ of the same month was baptized 
by me, Sponsors W"^ Tomlinson & Susanna Mason. G. Bro^^^l. 

22. Agnes the daughter of James & Margaret Etherington was 
born Dec'' i^t 1832 and on the ly^^ of the same month was baptized 
by me, Geo. Pollard & Marg^ Knowles being Sponsors G. Brown. 

23. Dorothy the Daughter of Gabriel and Ann Coulstont was born 
Dec'" 11^^ 1832 and on the same day was baptized by me, the Rev^ 
Mic [of Bonds] Hickey and Dorothy Rogerson being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

24. Abraham the Son of Samuel and Eliz : Law [Law in the jail 
in maygin] was born May 22°^ 1831 and on the 21^^ day of Dec^" 1832 
was baptized by me, Mary Ann Turner being Sponsor G. Brown. 

(8s) I. On the jstof January 1833 I baptized Mary Ann Brittania (a 
sickly child) born on the 16*^' of the foregoing Dec^". The parents were 
vagrants, the Sponsors J as. Coupe and Jane Wilkinson G. Brown. 

5|! Henry Knowles married Mary, daughter of Joshua Coulston, son of 
Jolin Coulston, of Hellet-in-Roebumdale. Her brother, John Coulston, 
manager of the Lancaster Banking Co., who resided at Hawksheads, Bolton- 
le-Sands, bequeathed his estate to his grand-nephew Knowles, with injunctions 
to take the name of Coulston. 

t V. pedigree, C.R.S., vi, 255 


2. Thomas the son of Wilhaiii and Mary Pennington was born 
Deer 25th 1832 and on the 6^^ of January 1833 was baptized by me, 
Peter Bradley & Catharine Hodgson being Sponsors G. Brown. 

3. Michael the Son of James and Helen Brown was born Deer 30th 

1832 and on the 6**^ of January 1833 was baptized by me, R0I5* 
Brown and Jane Taj'lor being Sponsors G. Brown. 

4. William the son of Rob<' & Mary Varey was burn Jany. 4''! 

1833 and on the 13^'' of the same month w-as baptized by me, Thomas 
Nixon and Ann Airey being Sponsors G. Brown. 

(84) 5. On the 2y^^oi Jany. 1833 I baptized Robert the son of James 
& Agnes Hurst w lio was born on the 2ist of the same month : 
John Teeming and Helen Walling were Sponsors G. Brown. 

6. Mary the Danghtcr of William and Rebecca Brown was born 
Feby. 3^ 1833 and on the lot'^ of the same month was baptized by me, 
Thomas and Ann Goodier being Sponsors G. Brown. 

7. Robert the son of Jolm and Margaret Murray was born Feby. 
2°** 1833 and on the lo^h of the same month was baptized b}^ me, 
Jno. Knowles & Marg* Knowles being Sponsors G. Brown. 

8. William the Son of John and Elizabeth Lynch w^as born 
Feby. iG^^^ 1833 and on the lo^b of the following March was baptized 
by me, Jas. & Betty Duffy being Sponsors G. Brown. 

(85) 9. Jane the Daughter of Thomas and Agnes Nixon w^as born 
March 6*'^ 1833 and on the lo*'^ of the same month was baptized by 
me, John & Alice Carter being Sponsors G. Brown. 

ID. Thomas the Son of Richard and Mary Ripley was born 
March 6*1^ 1833 and on the 10**^ of the same month was baptized by 
me, John and Mary Ripley being Sponsors G. Brown. 

11. Gabriel the Son of Ja^ and Ann Ribchester was born 
March g^^ 1833 a-nd on the 10*^ of the same month was baptized by 
me, John Armstrong & Eliz : Nixon being Sponsors G. Brown. 

12. Mary the Daughter of William & Elizabeth Gafney was born 
March 22°<i 1833 and on the 7*^ of April in the same year was bap- 
tized by me, John Armstrong and Helen Shannon being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

13. Thomas the Son of Antony and Mary Clarke was born 
April 2^^ 1833 and on the y^^ of the same month was baptized b}^ me, 
George Pollard and Jane JHolmes being Sponsors G. Browai, 

(86) 14. William the Son of John and Hanna Graves w^is born April 4^^ 
1833 and on the 10*11 of the same month w^as baptized by me, John 
Davies and Ann Davies being Sponsors G. BrowTi. 

15. Thomas the Son of Edw-ard Whiteside & of his wife Elizabeth 
was born April 30*'! 1833 and on tlie 3rd of May in the same year 
was baptized by me, Jno. Whiteside & Elizabeth Whiteside being 
Sponsors G. Browm. 

[16. Ribchester in margin and sufficient space for an entry.] 
17. Mary the Daughter of Jno. & Alice Carter vvas born May 25*'! 
1833 and on the following day was baptized by me, Jas. & Mary 
Carter being Sponsors G. Brown. 

(87) 18. Martha the Daughter of Henoch and Mary Monk w-as born 
Sepr. ijth 1830 and on June 29*'^ 1833 was baptized by me, William 
Garner & Mary Rogerson being Sponsors G. Brown. 



19. Thomas the Son of Henoch and Mary Monk u as born Sepr. i^t 

1832 and June 29th 1833 was baptized by me, John Ray & Ann Smith 
bemg Sponsors G. Brown. 

20. Ann the Daughter of Peter Seed and Elizabeth his wife was 
born July i«* 1833 and on the y^^ of the same month was baptized 
hv me, Peter & Dor : Bradley being Sponsors G. Brown. 

21. Rivers. The child of a vagrant of whom I could not learn 
the particulars. 

22. Hannah the Daughter of Rich<i & Jane Green was born 
July 22"fi 1833 and on the ii*'^ of August in the same year was bap- 
tized bv me. Thomas Nixon & Hanna Ball being Sponsors, G. Brown. 

(88) 23"! Thos the son of Robert and Ann Wilson was born Aug^ lo^h 

1833 and the following day was baptized by me, Jonathan Wilson and 
Elizabeth Etherington being Sponsors G. Brown. 

24. Mary tiie Daughter of Peter & Jane Ribchester was born 
Aug. 17*^ 1833 and on the 25"^ of the same month was baptized 
by me, John Parkinson and Hanna Parkinson being Sponsors, 

G. Brown. 

25. Helen Isabella the daughter of Richard and Ann Redshaw 
was bom Aug* 25, 1833 and on Sep^ i^t in the same year was bap- 
tized by me, Thos. Parkinson & Ann Farmer being Sponsors, 

G. Brown. 

26. Jane the Daughter of John & Agnes Ripley was born Sep^ 19*^ 
1833 and on the 22"<^ of the same month was baptized by me, Tho^ 
& Betsy Etherington being Sponsors G. Browi. 

27. Marv the Daughter of Alice Richardson was born Sep"" 22^^ 
1833 and on the 6*^ of October following was baptized by me, John 
Oldcorne and Ann Oldcorne being Sponsors G. Brown. 

(89) 27. Ann the Daughter of Frederic and Mary Paul was born Xov-r 
S*'! 1833 and on the 9"^ of the same month was baptized by me, John 
and Margaret Coulston being Sponsors G. Brown. 

28. Thomas the Son of George & Margaret Pollard was born 
Nov. 2^^ 1833 and on the lo**^ of the same month was baptized b}- me, 
John Knowls and Mary Knowls being Sponsors G. Brown. 

29. Joseph the Son of Thomas and Ann Goodier was born Novr 
i8"i 1833 and on the 24*1^ of the same month was baptized by me, 
William Tomlinson and Mar\- Lancaster being Sponsors, G. Brown. 

30. Mary Burke the daughter of V\'^ and Mary Burke was born 
Nov. 16^"^ 1833 and on the i^t of Dec^ was baptized by me, Frederic 
Paul being Sponsor G. BrouTi. 

Richard the Son of Thomas and Alice Crooke was bom Dec^" 29^^' 

1833 and on Jany. 5th 1834 was baptized by me, Tho^ and Ann 
Goodier being Sponsors G. Brown. 

(90) 2. George the Son of Tho^ & Elizabeth Sunter was born Jany. 15*^ 

1834 and on the 19"' of the same month was baptized by me, William 
Tomlinson and Marg* Dodd being Sponsors G. Brown. 

3. Joseph the Son of Abram & Alice Gomal was born Jany. iG^b 
1834 and on the 19th of the same month was baptized by me, John 
Ripley & Mary Lancaster being Sponsors G. Brown, 


4. Elizabeth Daughter of James 6c Mary Greenwood was born 
Deer 28, 1833 and Jaiiy. 26^'' 1834 ^^'^^ baptized by nie, Robert 
Wilkinson and Jane i'illiiif^ Ixiiig Sponsors G. Brown. 

5. John Allcrton Harrison the Son of was 

born Feb}', the 8^'' 1834 and on the 9^'' of the same month was bap- 
tized by me. Tlio« Carter & Marg^' Pcdder being Sponsors, G. Brown. 

6. Jane ^^'inefred the Daughter of George & Sara Leeming was 
l)orn Feb}'. I3<'^ 1834 & on the lO^'^ of tlie same month was baptized 
by me, Edmund Baincs and Elizabeth Coulston being Sponsors 

Geo : Brown. 

(91) 7. Mar\- x\nn the Daughter of James and Helen Brown m as born 
Febv. 27^'' 1834 and on the 13^'' of Ai)ril in the same j-ear was bap- 
tized by me, Tlio» Nixon and Helen Brown being Sponsors, G. Brown. 

8. Rob* the Son of Robert and Jane Garner was born Ap : iit'i 
1834 and on the 13*11 of the same month was baptized b}' me, Joseph 
Blacow & Mary Wells being Sponsors G. Brown. 

9. Grace the Daughter of William & Ami Park was born Ap : 19*'^ 
1834 and on the following day was baptized by me, Richard and 
Grace Chorley being Sponsors G. Brown. 

10. Ann the Daughter of James & Agnes Hurst was born Api 23*1 
1834 and on the 28*'^ was baptized by me, Elizabeth Hurst and Henry 
Knowles being Sponsors G. Brown. 

11. Henry Hardmanthe son of Sara Hardman was baptized on the 
4tii of May 1834 by me, Jas. & Mary Shaw being Sponsors G. Brown. 

(92) 12. George the Son of William & Alice Rogerson was born Maj- ^^^ 
1834 and on the ii^h of the same month was baptized b}- me, Tho^ 
Ball & Helen Brown being Sponsors G. Brown. 

13. John Smith son of William Smith & Jane Smith (Furness) 
was born May 5*'^ 1834 & ^^ the 11^^ of the same month was baptized 
by me, Tho^ Dwyer & Agnes Jackson being Sponsors G. Brown. 

14. Henry the son of Gabriel & Ann Teresa Coulston was born 
May I7t'> 1834 and on the 18^^ of the same month was baptized by 
me, the Sponsors being the Revd G. Brown of Lancaster and Miss 
Helen Scott of Wigan. Witness my hand G. Brown. 

15. Ann the daughter of James & Eliz : Mackeral was born 
May i4*''i 1834 and on the 18*^ of the same month was baptized by 
me, James Ribchester & Ann Park being Sponsors G. Brown. 

16. Henry the Son of Edward & Elizabeth Whiteside was bom 
May 15th 1834 and on the 18*1^ of the same month was baptized by me, 
Henry & Marg* Verity being Sponsors G. Brown. 

(93) 17. James the Son of Thos & Agnes Cornthwaite was born 
June 20*11 1834 & on the 22 "f' of the same month was baptized by me, 
Edmfi Baincs and Helen Cornthwaite being Sponsors G. Brown. 

18. Robert the Son of William & Ann Tomhnson was born 
June 19*'! 1834 and on the 22"<' of the same month was baptized by 
me, Geo. Leeming & Jane Baines being Sponsors G. Brown. 

19. Isabella the daughter of Alice Norman was born June 19*11 
1834 ^"d o" tli<^ 22'' of the same month was baptized by me, Joseph 
Blacow & Aim Rogerson being Sponsors G. Brown. 


20. Mary Ann the Daughter of George & Marg* Burns was born 
Juh' jst 1834 & on the lo^'^ of the same month was baptized bj- me, 
Hugh MCusker & Elizabeth Hurst Ix'ing Sponsors G. Brown . 

21. John the Son of Francis Walling & of Ehzabeth liis wife 
(widow Wilson) \\as born Jul}' 19^'' 1834 and on the 20^^ of the same 
month was baptized by me, William Hartley & Helen Hartley being 
Sponsors G. Brown. 

(94) 22. Mary the Daughter of John & Mary Coulston was bom 
Aug: i^t 1834 & on the 4th of the same month was l:)aptized by me, 
Gab. Croskill & Eliz : Coulston lieing Sjionsors G. Brown. 

23. Jane the Daughter of George & Jane Parkinson* was born 
Aug"- 16*'^ 1834 and on the following da}- was baptized by me, Thomas 
Lecming & Marg* Leeming being Sponsors G. Brown. 

24. Richard the Son of Richard & Sara Leeming was born Aug* 
26**^ 1834 & on the following da}- was baptized b}- me, Tho^ Leeming 
and Margt Leeming being Sponsors G. Brown. 

Memorandum I was absent from home during part of the month 
of Sepr this year. During this time the Rev^ E. Morron'f officiated 
in my place and baptized John Parkinson's daughter of whose certi- 
hcate the following is a copy. 

Helen the Daugliter of John & Hanna Parkinson was born Sep"" 4*^ 
1834 and on the 7th of the same month N\as baptized by me, Jeremiah 
Parkinson and Helen Cornthwaite being Sponsors E. Morron. 

(95) 26. John the Son of Elizabeth Parkinson was baptized by me 
Oct»" i8th 1834, Margaret Pollard being Sponsor Geo. Brown. 

27. John Hodgson Wainmon the Son of James & Catharine 
Wainmon was bom Octi" 19"! 1834. and on the 26^'^ of same month 
was baptized by me, Fred : Paul and Mary Hodgson being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

28. Rich^ the Son of Richt^ and Ann Wells was born Nov^ 6*'^ 
1834 and on the 8'''^ of the same month was baptized by me, Ed : 
Singleton & Mary Paul being Sponsors G. BroVMi. 

29. John Langhorne Standen tlie Son of Thos & Agnes Standen 
was born Oct'' 2g^^^ 1834 & on the 2"^ of Nov^ was baptized by me, 
W"^ Tomlinson and Eliz : Sunter being Sponsors G. Bro\\Ti. 

30. Alice the Daughter of Rob^ & ]\Iar}' Varey was born Dec"" i^t 

1834 & on the 7'^ of the same month was baptized by me, Rob* 
Irving & Ann Airev being Sponsors G. Bro\vn. 

(96) ' 1835 

1. Thomas the Son of Henry & Mary Enowles was born Janv 7*^ 

1835 and on the 11^^ of the same month was baptized by me, Edward 
Baines & Elizabeth Coulston being Sponsors G. Brown. 

2. Mary Robinson the daughter of Mary Robinson was born and 

s|s Vide under marriages, Nov. 17, 1833. 

•fi Fr. Edward Morron, S.J., a native of Ireland, bom Jan. i, 1797, was 
educated at Stonj'hurst, and ordained priest at Wolverhampton by Bishop 
John Milner in 1823. He served Courtfield and Rotherwas, in Herefordshire, 
Bedford Leigh, Chipping, and St. John's, Wigan, till September, 1844, when 
he removed to Gilmoss, near Liverpool. At the last he was taken ill, and with- 
drew to St. Francis Xavier's College, Liverpool, where he died Nov. 12, 1862, 
aged 65. (Foley, Records S.J. , vii, 527.) 


baptized by me J any. ii'''' 1635, Iho'' and Agnes Cuinthwaitc being 
Sponsors G. Brown. 

3. William Higgins [Higgins in the jail in margin] the Son of 
Bridget Higgins was baptized by me Jany. igi'i 1835, Margaret 
Devine being Sponsor G. Brown. 

4. Thomas the Son of Thomas & Agnes Nixon was born Jany. 18*'^ 
1835 a^n^^l o" the 25^'! of the same month was baptized l)y me, Robert 
Irvin & Hannah Ball being Sponsors G. Brown. 

5. George the Son of Thomas & Margaret Comforth was born 
Jany. ^^^ 1835 and on the g^^^ of the same month was baptized by me, 
Thos and Margaret Hornby being Sponsors G. Brown. 

(97) 6. Eleonora the daughter of John & Jane Pilling was born Feb}-. 
7'^^ 1835 and on the 15*^ of the same month was baptized bj- me, 
Thomas Lceming and being Sponsors G. Brown. 

7. Mary Ann the daughter of Rich^ and Ann Redshaw was born 
Feb}'-. i8th 1835 and on the 22^ of the same month was ])aptized by 
me, Thos and Elizabeth Redshaw being Sponsors G. Brown. 

8. Jane the daughter of Sara Richardson and Fellowes 

was born Feby. 28^^ 1835 and on March the first was baptized by me, 
Joseph Galli and Marg* Montgomery being Sponsors G. Brown. 

9. Frances Mary the Daughter of John Dennis Harrison & of 
Ann his wife, was born March ly^^ 1835 & on the 19^11 of the same 
month was baptized by me, Henry Verity & Maria Shepperd being 
Sponsors G. Brown. 

10. Thomas the Son of Thomas & Sara Bayles N\as born March 
14^*1 1835 and Api 19*^ of the same j^ear was baptized b}- me, Robert 

(98) Wilson and Jane Garner being Sponsors G. Brown. 

11. Thomas the Son of William & Elizabeth Gainey was born 
Api iS*'^ 1835 and on the 3rd of May in the same year was baptized by 
me, John Ripley and Helen Shannon being Sponsors G. Brown. 

12. Mary Jane the daughter of Richard & Eleanor Batty was born 
May 8*1^ 1835 and on the lot'^of the same month was baptized by me, 
John Cornthwaite & Mary Cornthwaite being Sponsors G.Brown. 

13. Margaret the daughter of William Pennington and of Mar- 
garet his wife was born June 23*^ 1835 & on the 28*'' of the same month 
was baptized by, by me, William Ball & Mar}- Johnson being Spon- 
sors G. BroWTi. 

14. John the Son of George Leeming and of Sara his wife M-as 
born June 25*^ 1835 and on the 28*^ of the same month was baptized 
by me, W"^ Tomlinson & Jane Bains being Sponsors G. Brown. 

(99) 15. Helen the Daughter of Catherine Cullen was baptized by me 
June 29"! 1835, Jas & Elizabeth Duffy being Sponsors G. Brown. 

16. Joseph the Son of James Towler & of Elizabeth his wife was 
born Aug. jst 1835 and on the iO"i of the same month was baptized 
by me, William Tomlinson & JVIargaret Montgomery being Sponsors 

(i. Brown. 

17. Joseph the Son of Thomas Leeming and of Jane his wife (late 
Fisher) was born Augt 19th 1835 and on the 23d of the same month 
was baptized by me, Tho^ Etherington & Mary Paul being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 


i8. Helen the daughter of Francis Walling & of Elizabeth his 
wife was bom Aug : 29^*^ 1835 & on the next day the 30*^ of the same 
month was baptized by me, Rob* & Ann Irving being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

19. Agnes the daughter of Elizabeth Norman was bom Sepr 12**^ 
1835 and on the 20^^ of the same montli was baptized by me, Tho^ 
Ball and Mary Ball being Sponsors G. Brown. 

(100) 20. Abel the Son of Jos Ribchester & of Ann his wife was bom 
Sepr 13th 1835 a-i^-d on the 20**1 of the same month was baptized by me, 
Henry Fellowes & Hanna Ball being Sponsors G. Browii. 

21. Richard Ball Leeming the Son of Richard Leeming and of 
Sara his wife, was born Sep^ 2^*^ 1S35 and on tlie following day was 
baptized by me, Rob* & Marg* Townley being Sponsors G. Brown. 

22. John Brown the Son of James & Helen Brown was bom 
Sep!" 4"! 1835 and it being thought that he would not live long, I 
baptized him immediately at the house of the parents. The child 
survived, and was brought to the chapel to have all the ceremonies 
supplied Sepr 27*^, Rob* & Ann Irving being Sponsors. G. Brown. 

23. Christopher the Son of John Preston & of Margaret his wife 
was bom Aug* 30th J825 & on the ii^h of October in the same 3'ear 
was baptized by me, James & Ann Garner being Sponsors, G. Bro^\^l. 

24. Daniel the Son of Daniel Murray & of Mary his wife was born 
Ocf 9*^ 1835 & on the 11^^ of the same month was baptized b}' me, 
Thos and Margaret Leeming being Sponsors G. Brown. 
(lOi) 25. William the Son of John Ripley & of Agnes his wife was 
born Nov^ 8^^ 1835 and on the 15*11 of the same month was baptized 
by me, John & Mart" Ripley being Sponsors G. Brown. 

26. Henry the Son of W^i & Marg* Ball was born Nov^" 15, 1835 
and on the 19**1 of the same month was baptized by me, Frederic 
Paul & Elizabeth Kirkam being Sponsors G. Brown. 

27. Margaret the daughter of Robert Simpson and of Jane his 
wife was born Nov : 19**1 1835 and on the 22 n^^ of the same month was 
baptized by me. Rich** and Elizabeth Goodier being Sponsors 

G. Brown, 

28. Martin the Son of George Parkinson & of Jane his wife was 
born Deer i^* 1835 and on the 6*1 of the same month was baptized 
by me, Matthew and ]\[ary Parkinson being Sponsors G. Brown. 

29. Jolm the Son of James Greenwood & of Mar\^ his wife was 
born Deci" 24**1 1835 and on the 27**1 of the same month was baptized 
by me, John Bullen and Betsey Greenwood being Sponsors 

'1836 G.Brown. 

I. James the Son of Robert Gamer & of Jane his wife was born 
Deci" 28**! 1835 and Jany. i^* 1836 was baptized by me, Fred: & Mary 
Paul being Sponsors G. Brown. 

(102) 2. S^^lvester John the Son of Thomas Driver & of ^largaret his 
wife was bom Deer ^jst 1835 and on Jany. 3^* 1836 was baptized by 
me, Rich^i Goodier & Alice Airey being Sponsors G. Brown, 

3. William the Son of John Carter & of Alice his wife was bom 
Feby. 27**1 1836 & on the 28**1 of the same month was baptized by me, 
Rob* Cornthwaite & Sara Carter being Sponsors G. Brov^-n. 


4. Agues the Daughter of Robert Varey & of Mary his wife was 
born March 2'"' 1836 and on the b^'' of tlie same month was baptized 
by me, George & Jane Ball being Sponsors G. Brown. 

5. William tlie Son of James Mackeral and of Elizabeth his wife 
was born March 6^'i 1836 & on the q"' of tlie same month was baptized 
by me, Rob* & Esther Cornthwaite Ix'ing Sponsors G. Brown. 

6. Elizabeth the daughter of Robert Irving and of Ann his wife 
was born Ap' 22"^* 1836 and on the 24^'' of the same month was 
baptized by me, Stephen & Alice Aircy being Sponsors G. Brown. 

(103) 7. John the Son of Ricli'' Ripley and of Mary his wife was bom 
May 7th 1836 and on the following day was baptized by me, John & 
Jane Wilkinson being Sponsors G. Brown. 

8. June i3^'» 1836. I baptized Helena Mary Teresa Constable 
Maxwell the daughter of Peter C. Maxwell* and of Helena his wife : 
Joseph C. Maxwell and Caroline Ferrers t were the Sponsors. 

Witness my hand, G. Brown. 

9. June 15th 1836. I baptized John Albright who had been a 
Quaker untill the 24^'^ 3'ear of his age : Henry Knowles was Sponsor. 

G. Brown. 

10. Sara the Daughter of William Tomlinson and of Ann his wife 
was born June 28"» 1836 and on the 3''^' of July following was bap- 
tized by me, Rob^ Wilson and Hanna Ball being Sponsors, G. Brown, 

11. Mary Ann the Daughter of Thomas Goodier & of Ann his wife 
was born Julv 7*'' 1836 and on the lo^^* of the same month was bap- 
tized by me, Tho^ Nixon and Alice Airey being Sponsors, G. Brown. 

(104) 12. Elizabeth the daughter of William and Ann Leck was born 
July . . . 1836 and on the lo^'i of tlie same month was baptized by 
me, John Holden and Ann Coulstone being Sponsors G. Brown. 

13. James tiie Son of Francis O'Byrne and of Mary Agnes S his 
wife was born July 27"^ 1836 and on the 2g^^^ of the same montli 
was baptized by me, Robert Gillow and Elizabeth Bj'rne being 
Sponsors G. Brown. 

14. Frederic the Son of Tho«Corn£orth and of Margaret his wife was 
born Augt 4**1 1836 and on the 7^^ of the same month was baptized by 
me, Richard Leeming and Bella Oldcorne being Sponsors G. Brown. 

15. Mary the Daughter of John Albright and of Margaret his 
wife was born Sep"" 3^ 1836 and on the 4^*1 of the same month was 
baptized by me, William Tomlinson and Mary Gibson being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

16. William the Son of Thomas Bleasdale and of Elizabeth his 
wife was born Sepr y^ 1836 and on the 4^^ of the same month was 

sK Peter Constable-Maxwell, Esq., bom Feb. 7, 1807, was the third son of 
William Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, of E\-oringhani Park, co. York, and 
Carlaverock Castle, co. Dumfriesshire, Esq. Joseph, born 1811, was a younger 

•f" Caroline, daughter of Edward Ferrers, of Baddesley-Clinton Hall, co. 
Warwick, Esq., died unmarried May 10, 1867 (Norris, Daddesley-Clinton, p. 128). 
Her brotlier, George Thomas Ferrers, Esq., married Mary, daughter and co- 
heiress of George Gillow, of Hammersmith, Esq. [v. p. 61). 

J Mary Agnes, daughter and co-heiress of Robert Gillow, of Clifton Hill, 
Esq. {v. p. 60). 


baptized by me : Jeremiah Parkinson and Elizabeth Rogerson being 
Sponsors G. Brown, 

(105) 17. Edmund Peter the Son of Thomas Eastwood* and of Catha- 
rine his wife was born October 13th 1836 and on the 14*^ of the same 
month was baptized by mc. Peter C. Maxwell and Helena C. Maxwell 
being Sponsors G. BrowTi. 

18. Alice the daughter of John Coulston & of Mary his wife was 
born Ocf 16*^ 1836 and on the 231"^ of the same month was baptized 
by me, Edmund Baines and Jane Coulston being Sponsors, G. Brown. 

19. Eleanor Jane the daughter of Rich<i Leeming and of Sara his 
wife was born Ocf 21, 1836 and on the 23'"^ of the same month was 
baptized by me, Thomas Cornforth and Ann Smith being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

20. Esther Elizabeth the daughter of Rob* Wilson & of Ann his 
wife was born Ocf 22*^ 1836 and on the 25*^ of the same month was 
baptized by me Thomas & Jane Wilson being Sponsors, G. Brown. 

21. Henry the Son of Robert Bleasdale and of Ann his wife was 
born Sepr 19th 1836 and on the 6*^ of Xov^ following was baptized 
by me, Matthew and Jane Waterhouse being Sponsors G. BroN\-n. 

(106) 22. Martha Agnes the daughter of Richard Batty and of Eleanor 
his wife was born Nov^ 2"'' 1836 and on the 13^^ of the same month 
was baptized by me, W^ Cornthwaite and Alice Redhead being 
Sponsors G. Brown. 

23. Richard Bains the son of Richard Procter Remington and of 
Ann his wife was born NoV 15th 1836 and on the 20^^ of the same 
month was baptized by me, Thomas Bains and Marg* Bains being 
Sponsors G. Brown, 

24. James the son of George Ball and of Jane his wife was bom 
Nov-r 15th 1836 and on the 20^11 of the same month was baptized by 
me, Rob* Varey and Hanna Ball being Sponsors G. Brown. 

25. Elizabeth the daughter of Richard Redshaw and of Ann his 
wife was bom Novr 15^*^ 1836 and on the 21^^ of the same month 
was baptized by me, Joseph and Elizabeth Webster being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

(107) 26. Sara the daughter of Thomas Standen and of Agnes his wife 
was bom Nov\ 25*^ 1836 and on the 4^^ of Dec'^ the same year was 
baptized by me, John Standen and Mary Lancaster being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

27, Christopher the Son of James Wainman & of Catharine his 

wife was bom Dec"" 16^^^ 1836 and on the 25^^ of the same month was 

baptized by me, William Ball & Marg* Ball being Sponsors, G. Brown. 

* Thomas Eastwood, barrister, married the niece of Capt. WiUiam Heatley, 
of Brindle Lodge, who, dying a bachelor in 1840, aged 76, left the bulk of his 
estate to the Rev. Thomas Irving alias Sherburne, of The Willows, Kirkham. 
Mrs. Catherine Eastwood instituted proceedings for undue clerical influence, 
and after litigation a compromise was effected. Pamphlets were issued by the 
Eastwoods, and other actions were taken, amongst which a petition was pre- 
sented to Parliament. Finally, Eastwood turned Prote.-tant. He had a 
family of nine children, two of whom who were stud\ang for the priesthood 
he removed from college. After his death in the sixties, Brindle lx)dge was 
sold, with its rather fine Catholic library. (Gillow, Biog. Diet., iii, 254.) 

176 Ul.i-.ISTKUS OK ST. J'F.TKK's. I. anxamkr 

Agnes the Daughter of Robert Waterhouse and Elizabeth his 
wife was born Dec'' 4"> 1836 and on the 18''' of the same month was 
baptized by me, Matthew and Jane Waterhouse being Sponsors 

jg^- G. Brown. 

Mary Rachael the daughter of John M^Leane [M''Clean in margin] 
and of Maria his wife was born Nov'" 17*^ 1836 and on the 4^*^ of Jany. 
1837 ^^'^^ baptized In' me, Hugh & Ann Shields being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

2. Thomas the Son of Henr\' Verity and of Margaret his wife was 
born Jany. 3"^ 1837 '-'^^^^ *"^ ^^^^ ^^'^ ^^ ^'^^" same month was baptized 
by me, John Holden and Amelia Craven being Sponsors, G. Brown. 

(108) 3. Helen Catharine the Daughter of William Moss and of Ann 
his wife was born Jany. 15'^ 1837 and on the 20<i» of the same month 
was baptized by me, James Leyland Harrison and Catharine Frances 
Harrison being Sponsors G. Browai. 

4. Mary Eliza the daughter of George Leeming and of Sara his 
wife M-as born Feb}-. 12^^ 1837 ^"^i on the 14*^ of the same month 
was baptized by me, Henry Wells and Jane Taylor being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

5. William the Son of Thomas Nixon and of Agnes his wife was 
born March 2°^* 1837 and on the 5*^ of the same month was baptized 
by me, Geo : Ball and Helen Brown being Sponsors G. Brown. 

6. Francis the Son of Richd. Wells and of Ann his wife was born 
March 7*^ 1837 and on the 12*^ of the same month was baptized by 
me, Gabriel Croskill and Helen Whiteside being Sponsors, G. Brown. 

7. Joseph the Son of Rich'^ Wells and of Ann his wife was born 
March y^^ 1837 and on the twelfth^^ of the same month was baptized 
by me, Thomas Parkinson and Bella Valentine being Sponsors 
Joseph died April i^t [7wte in margin]. G. Brown. 

(109) 8. John the Son of George Rigg and of Mary his wife w^as born 
Feby. 26*^ 1837 and on the 14*^1 of March in the same year was 
baptized by me, Patric Fogarty and Catharine Fogarty being Spon- 
sors G. Brown. 

9. Helen the daughter of Edward Whiteside and of Elizabeth his 
wife was bom March 23^*1 1837 and on the 26*^ of the same month 
was baptized by me, James Whiteside & Helen M''hiteside being 
Sponsors G. Brown. 

10. Alice the daughter of Thomas Bayles and of Sara his wife was 
born 3[arch 16^^ J837 and on the 2"'^ of April following was baptized 
In' nie, Tho** Parkinson and Marg* Billington being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

11. Isabella the daughter of Ja^ Brown and of Helen his wife was 
born ]\Iarch 23""^ 1837 and on the lO^'' of April following was baptized 
by me, Jno. Taylor and Hanna Ball being Sponsors G. Brown. 

12. John the son of Edward Taylor and of Helen his wife was bom 
May 12th 1837 and on the 21^* of the same month was baptized by me, 
John and Jane Taylor being Sponsors G. Brown. 

13. Mary Gardner the daughter of George Gardner and of Eliza- 
beth his wife was born May 20**^ 1837 and on the 25*^ of the same 
month was baptized by me, Frederic and Mary Paul being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 


(no) 14. Martha the daughter of John Quigley and of Catharine his 
wife was bom May 8*^ 1837 and on June 4^^ next following was 
baptized by me, Richt^ Remington and Jane Baines being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

15. Teresa Elizabeth the daughter of Gabriel Coulston and of 
Ann his wife was bom June 17*^' 1837 and on the same day was 
baptized by me, Thomas Coulston Jun^ and Eliza Rogerson being 
Sponsors G. Brown. 

16. Charlotte Mary the Daughter of John Ferdinand and of Jane 
his wife was bom June ii^*^ 1837 and on the 18**1 of the same month 
was baptized by me. W"^ Garner and Jane Leeming being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

17. Mark the Son of Mark Walker and of Agnes his wife was born 
May i^* 1837 and on June 25 in the same year was baptized by me, 
Thos. Goodier and Helen Conolly being Sponsors G. Bro^^'n. 
(in) 18. Sara Margaret the daughter of John Wilkinson & of Ann his 
wife was bom July 5*^ 1837 and on the 9*^ of the same month was 
baptized by me, Thomas Hothersall and Jane Wilkinson being 
Sponsors G. Brown. 

19. Frances Mary the Daughter of John Denis Harrison and of 
Ann his wife was born 15th of July 1837 and on the 16*^ of the same 
month was baptized by me, Tho^ Hornby and Mary Woods being 
Sponsors G. Browii. 

20. Mary the daughter of Tho^ Douglas and of Ann his wife was 
born June 17**1 1837 ^^^ ^^ *he 16**1 of July following was baptized 
by me, James Hughes and Jane Holden being Sponsors, G. Brown. 

21. Patience the Daughter of William Gafney and of Elizabeth 
his wife was born Aug* 10**1 j^^y and on the 27**1 of the same month 
was baptized by me, John Ripley and Helen Shannon being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

22. Mary Catharine Daughter of John Tracey & of Alice his wife 
was born on Aug* 27**1 1837 and on the 30**1 of Sepr. following was 
baptized by me, James Hughes and Mar}- Paul being Sponsors 

G. Brown, 
(112) 23. Rose Ann the Daughter of Thomas Tarney & of Mary his wife 
was born Oct : 20**1 J837 and Novr 12**1 in the same year was baptized 
by me, Tho^ Nixon and Helen Brown being Sponsors G. Brown. 

24. Grace the daughter of Thos Knowles and of Ann his wife was 
born Ocfr 28**1 J837 & Novr 12**1 in the same year was baptized by 
me, Thomas Driver and Mary Murray being Sponsors G. Brown. 

25. Mary the Daughter of John Green and of Alice his wife was 
born October 20**1 J837 and on the 26**1 of Novr in the same year was 
baptized by me, James Reid and Ann Rogerson being Sponsors 

G. Brown. 

26. Richard the Son of Thomas Bamber and of Elizabeth his wife 
was born October 17**1 1837 and December 10**1 in the same yesLT was 
baptized by me, John and Ann Bamber being Sponsors G. Brown. 

27. Septimus the Son of Thomas Comforth and of Margaret his 
wife was born Deer nth J837 & on the 17**1 of the same month was 
baptized by me, Tho^ Bains and Ann Oldcome being Sponsors 

L G. Brown. 

No. IV. 

LANCASHIRE. 17.s;)-]K38. 


Thurnhani is a township in tlic parish of Lancaster, co-palatine of 
Lancaster, four and a half miles south-nortli-west from the county 
town. Thurnham Hall, the ancient residence of the lords of the manor, 
.is actually situated in the parish of Cockerham, wliich includes a portion 
'of the township of Thurnham. Cockersand Abbey, founded in the time 
of Richard I for Cluniac monks of the Premonstratcnsian order, is witliin 
the township of Thurnhani, or rather is entirely bounded by it on the 
landward side, being in itself an extra-parochial i)lace, with its own over- 
seers, guardians, etc. 

It became the possession of the Dalton family partly by purchase 
in 1556, and partly through the marriage of Robert Dalton, lord of Dal- 
ton and Bispham, with Anne, eldest daughter of John Kytchen, of Pilling 
Hall, Esq., to whom Cockersand Abbey and lands had been granted after 
the dissolution of monasteries. Robert, not having anj' children, 
settled his estates in 1572 on his younger brother Thomas and his heirs, 
and Robert's will of 1578 was proved in i3cSo. By his wiie Anne, 
daughter of Sir Richard Molyneux, of Sefton, who was living a widow in 
1577, Thomas was succeeded by his son Robert Dalton, of Thurnham 
Hall, Esq., who died in 1626. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Wil- 
liam Hulton, of Hulton Park, co. Lancaster, Esq., whose family hitherto 
had retained the Faith, and his younger son, Robert Dalton, baptized 
at Cockersand July 25, 1614, was admitted into Douay College under 
the alias of Hulton Aug. 9, 1631 {C.R.S., x, 296). The eldest son, Thomas 
Dalton, a recusant like his ancestors, was the famous Colonel who raised 
a Regiment of Horse at his own charge for the King, and died Nov. 2, 
1643, from wounds received at the second battle of Newbury. He mar- 
ried Elizabeth, daughter of Robert ISliddleton, younger son of George 
Middleton, of Leighton Hall, Esq., and she was living a widow in 1652. 
Their son, Robert Dalton, who was admitted into Douay College, 
where he used the alias of Holland, July 30, 1655, at the age of 15 
{C.R.S., xi, 526), was the last heir male of the original Daltons. He died 
in 1704, leaving two daughters — a son Robert having died s.p. in his 
father's lifetime — who became coheiresses to extensive estates. The 
eldest, Elizabeth, upon whom lier father in 1700 limited his estate of 
Thurnham, married in 1683 William Hoghton, of Park Hall, in Charnock 
Richard, Esq., and the younger, Dorothy, became the wife of Edward 
Riddell, of Swinburne Castle, co. Northumberland, Esq., her marriage 
settlement being dated April 25, 1693, and she inherited the manors of 
Caton and Aldcliffe. The latter's eldest son, Thomas Riddell, was 
attainted of high treason for his participation in the attempt to obtain 
the throne of his ancestors by the Chevalier de St. George in 1713 
(Payne, Records, p. 143). 

Elizabeth's eldest son, John Hoghton, assumed the name of Dalton 
about 1710, and married Frances, daughter f)l Sir Piers Mostyn, of 


Talacre Hall, co. Flint, Bart., whilst younger sons were — William 
Hoghton, an officer in the army, who dying unmarried at Thurnham 
Hall, was buried in tlie old chapter house at Cockersand Abbey, the 
family burial-place of the Daltons, Dec. lo, 1712 (Gillow, Tyldesley 
Diary, p. 65) ; Dom Edward Hoghton, O.S.B., born at Park Hall, 
professed at St. I^aurence's Monastery at Dieulward in 1710, and died 
chaplain at Park Hall Aug. 26, 1751 ; and Robert Hoghton, who resided 
with his brother at Thurnham, was convicted of high treason in 1716 
for being out with the Chevalier de St. George in tlie previous year, and 
eventually died unmarried at Thurnham. The eldest son, John 
Hoghton-Dalton. was also "out" in 1715. and his estate was forfeited, 
but recovered before his death in 1736. He was the father of three 
sons and two daughters, viz.: John, who was taken to Douay College 
bv the Rev. Cuthbert Haydock Aug. 7, 1723, left Sept. 21, 1730, married 
Catherine, daughter of Henry Whittingham. of Whittingham Hall, Esq., 
and left two daughters and coheiresses, Frances, who died unmarried, 
and Mary, who married George Thornbrugh, of Selside Hall, co. West- 
morland, Esq.; WiUiam, who accompanied his brother to Douay, but 
left on account of ill-health in July, 1729. and died s.p.; Robert, the 
eventual heir to Thurnham, who was also taken to Douay by Mr. Hay- 
dock July 20, 1726, left June 5, 1733, married, first, in 1740, Cecilia, 
daughter of John Butler, of London, Esq. {Grimshaw MSS. apud me, 
vol. B. f. 646), secondlv, in 1753, Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Mr. 
Dempsey, of Middle House, York, and, thirdly, Bridget, sister and co- 
heiress of Thomas :More, of Barnborough Hall, co. York, Esq., by all of 
whom he had issue as hereafter ; Frances, wife of Humphr>' Trafford, 
of Croston Hall, Esq.; and Elizabeth, spinster. Robert Dalton by his 
first wife had issue— John, of Thurnham Hall, born 1746, who married 
in 1774 Mar>', daughter of Sir I'homas Gage, of Hengrave, co. Suffolk, 
Bart., who died in 1819, leaving issue as hereafter ; William and Robert, 
who both died s.p.; Anne, a nun at Liege; Hilary, a nun at York; 
Frances, spr.; and Dorothy, wife of Edward Sulyard, of Haughley Park, 
CO. Suffolk, Esq. By his second wife Robert Dalton had issue — Robert 
and William, who both died s.p.; Jane, a nun at Liege ; and Elizabeth, 
who married Capt. Thomas Nayler, R.N., brother of Sir George Nayler, 
York Herald, and dying in 1817 was buried at Cockersand Abbey. 
And by his third wife Robert Dalton left issue — William Hoghton- 
Dalton, Esq., to whom his father devised Park Hall, the ancient seat 
of the Hoghtons. which he sold ; and Bridget Anne, who married Sir 
James Fitzgerald, of Castle Ishen, co. Cork, 7th Bart. John Dalton 
and Mary Gage had issue — John Dalton, only son, who married Mar\' 
Anne, daughter of Creorge Cary, of Torr Abbey, co. Devon, Esq., but 
died s.p. at Bath in 1819, whereupon his widow married secondly Sir 
John Hayford Thorold, of Marston, co. Lincoln, Bart., and thirdly 
Sir Charles Ogle, Bart.; Mary, who died unmarried in 1820 and was buried 
at Cockersand ; Lucy, wife of Joseph Bushell, of Preston and Myers- 
cough Cottage, Esq., who died s.p. in 1843, and her husband in i860 ; 
Elizabeth, who inherited Thurnham Hall, and died unmarried March 15, 
1 861, aged 81 ; and Bridget, who died unmarried in 1821. 

By some means the entail was temporarily broken in favour of the 
descendants of Miss Ehzabeth Dalton's half-aunt. Lady Fitzgerald, 
whose son Sir James Fitzgerald, 8th Bart., married in 1826 Augusta, 
daughter of Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas Fremantle, and sister of Sir 
Thomas Francis Fremantle, Bart. Sir James died in Miss Dalton's 
life-time in 1839, but was succeeded by his eldest son, Sir James George, 
as 9th Bart., born in 1831, who assumed the name of Dalton-Fitzgerald 


upon inheriting the Dalton estates in 1861. Upon liis death without 
issue, his brother, Sir Gerald Richard Dalton -Fitzgerald, born in 1838, 
became lotli Bairt., and succeeded to Thurnliain Hall, which had 
remained untenanted from the time of Miss Dalton 's (leath and so 
continued till Sir Gerald's death s.p. in February, 1894. 

As the hitherto unbroken Catholic history of Thurnhain now came to 
an end, it is important to revert to William Hoghton-Dalton, of Park 
Hall, whose son had been deprived of his rightful inheritance through 
some unhappy whim of IVIiss Dalton. It was probably owing to his 
marriage with a lady of apparently unequal rank, Louisa Smitli, by 
whom he had two sons, William Henry Dalton and Charles John Dalton, 
and three daughters, Elizabeth, ^Margaret, and Bridget. The fatlier, 
William Hoghton-Dalton, after liis sale of Park Hall which undoubtedly 
was an annoyance to his relatives, passed a long life in benevolence, 
" to the last marked by the quiet and unremitted observance of the 
duties of our holy religion " {Catholic Directory, 1839, p. io2j, and died 
Jan. 13, 1838, aged 74. His widow died at Hammersmith Dec. 13, 
1865, aged 80 [Catholic Directory, 1867, p. viii). Their eldest son, William 
Henry Dalton, who had been brought up a Protestant, or had lost the 
Faith of his ancestors whilst living abroad, upon the death of Sir G. R. 
Dalton-Fitzgerald, the loth Bart., set up his claim to the Dalton estates, 
and ultimately maintained it after carrying it to the Court of Appeal. 
He then settled at Thurnham Plall, died May 12, 1902, aged 67, and was 
succeeded by his eldest son, John Henry Dalton (Michael Jones, Mis- 
cellaneous Pedigrees MSS.; Twycross, Mansions of England and Wales, 
vol. ii, 21-4, with MS. notes by John Gage-Rohewode in copy formerly at 
Thurnham, apud me : Baines, Hist, of Lane: Visitations of Lane, 1613 
and 1664). 

Thurnham Hall throughout the days of persecution was a centre of 
Catholic activity, and within its walls a chapel was always maintained. 
It has been said that a subterranean passage communicated with Cocker- 
sand Abbey quite a mile and a half distance, but this no doubt was one 
of the usual Protestant legends attached to monastic ruins in the cases 
of neighbouring Catholic residences. The old chapel within the hall was 
replaced by a Gothic one adjoining the mansion by Miss Dalton. The 
mansion, situated on a slight eminence, was erected about the time of 
Queen Mary, when the estate came into the hands of the Dalton family, 
but it has undergone many alterations. It formerly possessed gables 
and projecting bays with fine mullioned windows, but in 1823 it was 
refronted and converted into the prevalent style of the period, the front 
being terminated on either side by a small turret, with a castellated para- 
pet. Over a projecting entrance leading to a noble hall were placed 
the arms of the Daltons impaling those of Gage. There was formerly 
a prevalent story in the neighbourhood about the fall of the key-stone 
over the old front door having been discovered one morning by the 
butler, who regarded it as a portend of disaster to the family. About 
this time was swept away the picturesque wall with bastions which had 
originally protected the mansion from the moat. This the writer remem- 
bers to have seen depicted in an ancient drawing. The inscribed stone 
of " The Seven Catholic Virgins " blocking one of the side upper windows 
was brought from Aldcliife Hall, probably when tliat estate was sold 
by the Riddells. 

In 1810 "a conventicle looking building " was erected as a public 
chapel at some little distance from the hall, which was superseded by 
the present church, furnished with a handsome spire, dedicated to 
SS. Thomas and Elizabeth, commenced in March, 1847, and consecrated 


by Bishop Brown, V.A.-L.D., on Aug. 29, 1848, from funds partly col- 
lected by the Rev. Thomas Crowe, but mainly contributed by Miss 
Elizabeth Dalton. 

Though the Daltons constantly appear in the recusant rolls and 
other records of the sufferings of Catholics from the earliest period, but 
little reference, and that comparatively late, has been found of the priests 
who served the secret chapel at Thurnham before the latter half of the 
seventeenth century. The first chaplain on record is — 

Rev. John North alias Lancaster, son of John North, of Docker Hall, 
CO. Lancaster, Esq., baptized at Whittington Aug. 11, 1602, who was 
received at Douay College as a convictor Oct. 22, 1622, was ordained 
priest at Arras April 5, 1631, and matriculated at the University of 
Douaj'- Jan. 22, 1632. He was then sent to the English College at Lisbon, 
and appointed prefect of studies. Subsequently he returned to England, 
and at first was stationed somewhere in Westmorland. He next appears 
as chaplain at Thurnham, and is notified as such by the Rev. Thomas 
Crowe in his History of Thurnham, towards the close of the seventeenth 
century, but it is more probable that the period was somewhat earlier 
(Douay Diayics, pp. 23, 44; C.R.S.,i, 115, xi ; Gillow, Reg. of Lisbon 
Coll., p. 235 ; Lane. Par. Reg. Soc, xxxi ; Foley, Records S.J., iii, 2). 
His successor at Thurnham was apparently — 

Rev. Henry Holden, son of Richard Holden, third son of Richard 
Holden, of Chaigley Manor, co. Lane, Esq., who, like his brother George, 
was an officer in the regiment of horse raised by Colonel Thomas Dalton 
and after the King's final overthrow went over to his uncle. Dr. Henry 
Holden, at Paris, and resolved to withdraw from the world. Thence 
he proceeded to Douay college, where he was admitted Jan. i, and be 
came an alumnus Dec. 29, 1649. He finished his philosophy in 1652, 
and in due course a few years later was ordained priest, and sent to the 
mission in his native county (Gillow, Biog. Did., iii, 338 ; Douay 
Diaries, pp. 46, 82 ; C.R.S., xi). He is met with at Thurnham in 1675, 
and so far as is known he had long been there as chaplain to the widow 
of his former colonel and their son Robert, and in that capacity he con- 
tinued till his death in the early part of 1688. His " Meditations upon 
the principall Obligations of a Christian Taken out of Holy Scripture, 
Councills, and Fathers." MS., 4to, pp. 177, is now, by the gift at 
Thurnham Hall of the late Sir Gerald R. Dalton-Fitzgerald, in the 
library of the writer. The next chaplain on record is — 

Rev. Thomas Taylor, son of John Taylor, of Park Hall in Quern- 
more, yeoman, whose administration of probate is dated 1685, was 
educated at the English College at Valladolid, where he was ordained 
priest Feb. 22, 1701, came to the mission in his native district, and was 
appointed chaplain to Robert Dalton at Thurnham Hall. In this 
capacity he served the chapel in the hall, and also those at Dolphin Lee in 
Bulk, Park Hall in Quernmore, Caton, and probably several missionary 
stations. Tyldesley, the diarist, frequently mentions him. On Sunday, 
Oct. 5, 1712, he writes : " Alday in house [at Lancaster] till eivening, 
when Mrs. and I went to young cos. Carus [Thomas Carus, then living 
in Lancaster, son and heir of Thomas Carus, of Halton Hall and West 
Hall in Whittington, Esq., who shortly afterwards apostatised and 
publicly went to the Protestant Church on Feb. 14, 1714] where I was 
to be Godfather [to Thomas Carus, who eventually sold the Halton Hall 
estate in 1743], and which was very remarkable, all the males in the house 
were Thomas", viz.: — ye Mr., y^ son, Mr. T. Tay^ [Rev. Thomas Taylor], 
Mr. T. Anderson, Mr. T. Backhouse, Tom T : [yldesley], and Tom Wliite, 
my man ; gave Mrs. Garswood 5s., the 2 mayds 2s. 6d. each, and affter 


a prety neet bouU off punch drinking, wee went home." Again, under 
March 30, 1714 — " Mr. Tay''dc Thurnhani, dined with us [at Lancaster]," 
and, under May H, 1714, " when din'' was don, went with Mrs. to Thurn- 
liam to see ISIadani Dalton, not well ; stay*" there till eivening ; Mr. 
Tayl^ Mr. Slicep", Cuddy Threlfall [of Tiie Ashes], and little Bryors 
[Thomas, of Preston, Esq.] there." Finally, the diarist records going 
to Aldcliltc Hall, another scat of the Daltons, on Sunday, June 6, 1714 — 
■' Went in the morning to Aldcliffe with Mrs., Do'' [Edward Hawarden, 
the chaplain to the Misses Dalton at the hall] and Mr. Tayl'' being both 

After the defeat of the Chevalier de St. George, the following return 
to the Conunissioners for Forfeited Estates, dated Oct. 16, 1716, was 
made by Thomas Nicholson, Higli Constable for the south side of the 
Hundred of Loynesdale, of " the estate of Mr. Dalton of Thurnham, s"* 
to be of the value of ;£i,ooo p an. — The estate of Mr. Hodgson of Leigh- 
ton, said to be of the value of £400 p an. — Tlie J<.epiitcd Popisli Priests 
are — Edw"! Cxilpin, comonly resichng at Robert Hail belonging to Sir 
Will. Gerard, Bart., in the township of Tatham— and Tho. Taylor 
formerly living with the afores"* Mr. Dalton & is thought to have made 
his escape from the Battle of Preston " {Forfeited Estate Papers, P.R.O., 
L. 2). John PToghton-Dalton, of Tlnirnhani, Esq., in anotlicr return 
{ibid., L. 3), dated Aug. 29, 1716, was put down in a list of " Traytors 
convicted or outlawed cotam'''^," as possessed of real estate at Cocker- 
ham, Thurnham, Quernmore, Lancaster, Heaton, Charnock, and 
Ditton, computed at the yearly value of ^1,300, ]\Ir. Beni.son being his 
attorney, Moslej- his steward for Thurnham estates, and R<jbert ffoster 
and John ffelton his stewards for Park Hall estate in Charnock Ricliard. 

Mr. Taylor's subsequent career has not been ascertained. His 
mother Mary, who had remarried John Walmsley who died in 1707, 
registered as a Catholic non-juror in 171 7, and then a widow residing at 
Park Hall in Quernmore, a leasehold under the Right Hon. Hugh, Lord 
Clifford, in possession of her son Richard Taylor, and also mentions 
her son Thomas Taylor. Her daughter Winifi-ed was the wife of 
Robert Ball, yeoman, of Dolphin Lee within Bulk, held under Robert 
Dalton, Esq. It seems probable that Mr. Taylor continued to serve 
Thurnham, Dolphin Lee, Caton, and Park Hall for some time longer. His 
name does not appear in Bishop Dicconson's list of his clergy in 1741. 
Perhaps he is identical with the Thomas Taylor described as of Caton, 
whose will was proved in 1731 {Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society, 
xiii). Meanwhile, Thurnham for a time was served b}- — 

Rev. James Gaunt, who came from Mowbreck Hall {C.R.S., xv, 151, 
222, 315-7 ; xvi, 516), and appeal's in the account of Bishop Williams' 
Visitation in the beginning of 1729 under Thurnham, the seat of Squire 
Dalton, when his lordship confirmed 135 persons, Mr. Gaunt and the 
Rev. John Swarbrick, of Crow Hall {C.R.S., xv, 317), being present on 
the occasion. 

Meanwhile, Thurnham was apparently served by the riding-priests 
who attended to Nateby Hall, the seat of the Lcyburnes, Bowers House, 
the seat of the Greenes, Dimples Hall, the scat of the Plessingtons, and 
other missionary stations generally known as the Wyresdale or (".arstang 
mission, as related C.R.S., xvi, 516-7. Amongst these priests were- — 

Rev. William Calvert, of the local family of Calvert of Cockerliam 
Hall, till his death in 1735 — 

Rev. William Foster alias Daniel, who in or shortly after 1741 was 
appointed chaplain to Robert Dalton, of Thurnham Hall, and is tliere 
stated to be residing in April, 1743, when he was appointed a trustee 


to Stephenson's Charities (p. 21). On account of tlie dangerous state 
of the times owing to the raid of Prince Charlie in 1745, Mr. Foster had 
to leave Thurnham. and in his stead one " Edward Parkinson " is 
entered by Bishop Dicconson in the list of the clergy of his vicariate, 
but without the usual reference to the college whence he came, and is 
tlien erased. As no secular priest of this name, who could have been 
living at this period, is to be found in the registers of Rome, Douay, 
Lisbon, or ^"alladolid, and as immediately afterwards the Bishop enters 
amongst the list of Jesuits the appointment, urder date Sept. 3, 1745, 
to Thurnham of — 

Fr. Edward Cartaret, S.J., it is almost certain that the Bishop's 
first entry was erroneous, especiall}- as Fr. Cartaret appears to have 
passed under several aliases, and that he is elsewhere asserted to have 
succeeded Mr. Foster. Edward and his younger brother Philip Car- 
taret both joined the Society, and another member of the family was 
Dom Francis Joseph Cartaret, O.S.B. In consequence of their religious 
character they seem to have been out of favour with the head of the 
family, Lord Cartaret of Hawnes, co. Bedford, and no mention of them 
appears in Burke's Extinct Peerage (p. 113) and Baronetcies (p. 103). 
Both Edward and Philip arc family names. Edward, born in London 
June 26. 1689 or 1691, according to Bro. Foley {Records S.J., vii, 119), 
entered the Society Sept. 7, 1709, under the alias of Fairfax. After his 
ordination he was appointed missioner at Stonyhurst, the ancestral 
seat of the Sherburnes, and was there in 1724 and later years. He was 
appointed chaplain to Robert Dalton at Thurnham Hall, as previously 
related in 1745, and according to Bishop Dicconson was .still there in 
1752. He must have withdrawn to Wigan about this date, for he died 
in Standish-gate, and was buried at Wigan parish church June 16, 1753. 
Bishop Gradwell, in his notes appended to Kirk's Biographies (p. 271), 
seems to question if Fr. Cartaret was not the real heir to the Barony of 
Cartaret. Thurnham was then served by — 

Rev. John Serjeant, from Scorton {C.R.S., xvi, 517-8), until the 
arrival of — 

Fr. Christopher More, S.J., whose sister Bridget, daughter of Thomas 
More, of Barnborough Hall, co. York, Esq., and eventual heiress of the 
j\Iore family, had married Robert Dalton as his tliird wife, and in conse- 
quence Fr. ]More was invited to accept the chaplaincy at Thurnham 
Hall in or about 1767. Fr. More, whose elder brother, Fr. Thomas 
More, S.J., was the last male representative of the blessed martyr. 
Sir Thomas More, lord high chancellor of England, was born at Barn- 
borough or Barnbow Hall May 10, 1729, entered the Society of Jesus 
Sept. 7, 1746, and was ordained priest at Liege in 1754. For a number 
of years he served in Lancashire, until he accompanied the Daltons to 
Bath in 1774, and died there in the house of his brother-in-law^ Robert 
Dalton, Nov. 27, 1781 (Foley, Records S.J., v, 703 ; vii, 517). Mean- 
while, during the years that the Daltons resided at Bath, the hall was 
closed at Thurnham, which was again served by — 

Rev. John Serjeant from Scorton till the arrival of — 

Rev. Robert Banister (Gillow, Biog. Diet., i, 123), who left Douay 
College Aug. 15, 1769, and came to England, served Ladywell, Ferny- 
halgh, and then was appointed chaplain to the Dicconsons at Wrighting- 
ton Hall. On Oct. 28, 1773, he resumed his professorship at Douay, 
but left the college finally on June 3, 1774 {Douay Lists MS.), when for 
a short time he took charge of Thurnham Hall mission in succession to 
Fr. More. Shortly afterwards he removed to Mowbreck Hall {C.R.S., 
XV, 223-4). He was succeeded by — 


Rev. James Foster, son of James Foster, and his wife Emerentia 
Heys, the tenant farmer of Ashton Hall, near Lancaster, under the Duke 
of Hamilton and Brandon, where lie was born Feb. 14, 1747, N.S. 
After being at the school at Lady well, Fcrnyhalgh, lie was sent to Douay 
College in Sei^lcmber, 1764, but on account of liis healtli left the college 
in syntax Dec. 12, 1767, till the following Sept. 26, i 7O8, but witlunit 
being turned back. He took the oath of the alumni ]March 30, 1771. 
Having been ordained priest, he left the college for the mission in his 
4th year's theology, June 5, 1773 {Douay Lists MS.). His first apjjoint- 
ment was as chaplain to Sir Walter Vavasour, Bart., at Haslewood Castle, 
CO. York, which he retained for about three jears. He then removed to 
Burton Constable, where he remained for about seven years, and then 
was transferred to Thurnham Hall. Meanwhile, the Rev. John Serjeant 
is again found serving Thurnham from Scorton on Feb. 3, 17S3, when tlie 
vicar-general, the Rev. John Chadwick, wrote to Bishop Matthew Gibson 
at Headlam, near Darlington {Ushaiv Collections, MSS., ii, 491). On 
Sept. 16, 1784, Mr. Foster was chaplain at Thurnham, residing in the 
hall, when Bishop Matthew Gibson, V.A-N.D., made his visitation, 
and gave confirmation to three persons, the communicants in the congre- 
gation being returned to his lordship as ninety (Bishop M. Gibson's 
Itinerary MS.). In September, 1783, he commenced the register. In 
1802 he built the priest's house called VVoodside, and in 1810 he erected 
a chapel — the conventicle-looking building — for which he liad long 
collected subscriptions, as evidenced by an entry under date Sept. 8, 
1803, in the " Records of the Catholic Brethren or First Catholic Cliarit- 
ablc Society, Preston." Thus he continued till his death, Feb. 17, 
1824, aged 77. His portrait is at Thurnham (Crowe, Hist, of Thurnham) . 
His successor was — 

Rev. Thomas Crowe, son of JoJm Crowe, and his wife Mary Rothwell, 
of the Fylde, married at Lytham in 1787 {C.R.S., xvi, 511), who was 
born in the vicinity of Liverpool, where his father had settled. After 
a preliminary education in Preston, he was sent to Sedgley Park School 
in 1 80 1 {Reg. MS.), and subsequently at a more advanced age than 
usual to Ushaw College, where he was ordained priest. His first mission 
was at Croston Hall, the seat of the TrafEords, and thence, as occasion 
required, he went to assist Mr. F'oster at Thurnham, spending five to 
six months with him in the years 182 1 and 1822. After Mr. Foster's 
death in 1824, Mr. Crowe was appointed his successor at Thurnham. 
He commenced to erect a new church in I\Iarch, 1847, towards which he 
collected £1,000, and the remainder of the cost was defrayed by Miss 
Elizabeth Dalton, of Thurnham Hall. In July, 1S4S, just before the 
opening ceremony and consecration by Bishop Brown, V.A-L.D., 
Aug. 29, 1848, Mr. Crowe — owing to some difierence with Miss Dalton 
and her private chaplain, Mr. Shepherd — resigned his mission (Gillow, 
Biog. Diet., i, 603), and took charge of that at Darlington, co. Durham, 
till 1849. Thence lie was transferred to Puddington, Cheshire, 1849-51, 
and finally in the latter year was given charge of Formby, where he died 
Aug. 21, 1862, He privately printed the Brief History of the Mission 
of Thurnham, Preston, Evan Caunce Buller, 1861, 8vo, pp. 32, after 
I\iiss Dalton's death in that year, which has been used in the above 
account. His successor at Thurnham was Miss Dalton's private chap- 
lain — 

Rev. James Shepherd, born in Liverpool in 1814, who prosecuted his 
studies at the Benedictine College at Amplefortli, and as a student 
formed one of that body of seceders who accompanied Bishop Baines 
to establish the college of Prior Park. He was ordained in 1839, and 


remained at the college till its prospects warned him to seek another 
sphere of activity. After a brief retirement he became private chaplain 
to Miss Dalton at Thurnham Hall, and received his appointment from 
the Bishop to the mission upon Mr. Crowe's enforced resignation in 
July, 1848, immediately before the opening of the new churcli. In this 
position he continued till December, 1S52, when, according to the 
Directory, he withdrew to his old college at Amplefortli, and there resided 
till 1S55, when he returned to Thurnham as domestic chaplain to ^Nliss 
Dalton. Upon the latter's death in 1861, at the age of 8r, the personalty, 
amounting to a large sum, under that lady's will, was mainly bequeathed 
to her lady-housekeeper, Miss English, whilst Mr. Shepherd obtained a 
handsome sum, which occasioned much local feeling. He then withdrew 
to St. Scholastica's Abbey at Teignmouth, where he resided till 1880. 
In that year he took up his residence in Bath, and in 18S4 settled at 
London. In 1888 he returned to Prior Park for a short time, and in the 
following year received the dignity of a domestic prelate. Miss English 
being created a Roman countess. He then returned to St. Scholastica's 
Abbey. In iSgo he went to Clevedon, and in 1891 he finally withdrew 
to Prior Park, where he died April 22, 1896, aged S},. He published 
several works, one of them being " Reminiscences of Prior Park College," 
first published in 1886, which was far from being acceptable to the Bene- 
dictines at Ampleforth, though they did not publish anything in refuta- 
tion till a much later period (Gillow, Biog. Diet., v, 501 ; Crowe, Hist, 
of Thuynham). Upon his departure from Thurnham, the contents of 
the hall were sold, the private chapel adjoining dismantled, and the 
mansion left untenanted and allowed to decay until the late ^Ir. Dalton 
established his right to the estates. Mgr. Shepherd was succeeded at 
Thurnham by- 
Rev. William Bail, of the Dolphin Lee family, who came in December, 
1852, and remained till July, 1857. His memoir has been given under 
Westby, C.R.S., xv, 7. He was succeeded by — 

Rev. James Swarbrick, who has been noticed under Mowbreck, 
C.R.S., xvi, 227. He retired in the autumn of 1889, but was eventually 
interred at Thurnham in 1898. During his term he was assisted by — the 
Revv. George Dobson, 186S-9, Alfred Walmsley 188 1-5, and Edward 
L. Smith 1885-9. The first was the only child of John Dobson, of Friar- 
gate, Preston, butcher, and was sent to Sedgley Park in 1853, whence 
he proceeded to Ushaw in 1855. At the latter he was ordained priest 
Oct. 25, 1868, and commenced his missionary career as curate to 'Mr. 
Swarbrick. Thence he was sent as assistant at Claughton, 1S69-71, 
after which he was placed in Liverpool, where he remained till his 
appointment to Douglas, in the Isle of Man, in 1874. In 1S80 he was 
removed to Catforth, Preston, till 1S85 ; Everton, 18S5-7 ; and he was 
on sick leave 18S7-8. Owing to differences over private funds which 
he had expended on one of his missions, which the bishop refused to 
return to him, he withdrew from the diocese of Liverpool to that of 
Nottingham, and was placed at Hathersage, Derbyshire, in 1888. He 
was made canon and vicar -general in 1900, and remained at Hathersage 
tUl shortly before his death at Boumemoutli Oct. 5, 1906, aged 64. 
His father had left him fairly well off, and his part investment of this 
money was the cause of the disagreement with his bishop. After Mr. 
Swarbrick's withdrawal from Thurnham, the mission was given to — 
The Very Rev. Canon Richard Newman Billington, who left in 1894 
for St. Peter's, Lancaster. He was followed by — 
Rev. Thomas Keeley, 1894-6, and 
Rev. Patrick Byrne, 1896 to date. Joseph gillow. 



The Re(;isters. 

[The baptisms from Sept. i5tli, 1783, to Doc. gtli, 1835, and connrina- 
tions for 1791, etc., 1803, 1813, 1825, 1S31, 1833, 183^;, 1843, and 1S33, 
are preserved in a ponderous tome, measuring 15J in. x io.| in. x if in., 
half bound in buff leather, containing 376 pages of stout paper, ruled with 
perpendicular columns, the headings given below being printed on each 
page. It turns tlie scale at 6 lb. 

Pasted to the inside front cover is the Certificate of the Registration 
of the Church of SS. Thomas and Elizabeth, Tliurnham, for the Solemni- 
zation of Marriages. It is dated April 10, 185c;. Pasted to page i are 
two certificates ; both are dated January ist, twelfth year of Queen 
Victoria [1849] ; the first states tliat it is recorded at tlie general quarter 
Session of the Peace held at Lancaster on that date that the above church 
at Thurnham was certified to the Justices as " a Place of Congregation 
or Assembly for Religious Worship " ; the second is to certify that on 
the same occasion the Rev. James Shepherd of the aforesaid church, 

Thurnhana, " hath recorded his name as a Priest . . . ." 

Both deeds are pursuant to Act of Parliament, 31 George III, intituled 
" An Act to relieve, upon Conditions and under Restrictions the Persons 
therein described from certain Penalties ahd Disabilities to wliich 
Papists or Persons professing the Popish Religion, arc by Law subject." 

Pasted to page 2 is an extract from the Registration Act (6 and 7 
\Vm. IV, cap. 86, section 27), by which a penalty not exceeding £10 is 
incurred by the person who shall bury any dead body, for which no deatii 
certificate has been produced, provided he fails to notify the Registrar 
of this omission within seven daj'S. 

Page 3 is blank.] 


(4) born 
Sept. 15 



son of 




and Mary 



Iradt. or 


Kj' wliom the 

Ceri;inony was 

Performed -X- 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 


July lO'ii Christopher Jolin and Hayse olim Thurnham Carpenter Rev. James 

born son of Elizabeth Blackburn Foster, Pastor 


Oct. ^.^n'^ Isabella James and Park olim thurnham Farmers Rev. James 

born daughter of Grace Blackburn Foster, Pastor 


Jan. 23"! Richard Nathaniel Booth Manufac- Rev. James 

Born son of and Mary turers Foster, Pastor 

May 1 6"! Robert Richard and Gardiner Glasson Labourer Rev, James 

born son of Margaret Foster, Pastor 

1 789 

Jany. 7"» Margaret James and Park olim Thurnham Farmer Rev. James 

Bom daughter of Grace Blackburn Foster, Pastor 

Feb. 7"! Elizabeth Joseph and Hayse Thmnham labourer Rev. James 

Born daughter of Margaret F^oster, Pastor 

.\pr. 711 George John and Franklin ICik-ll labourer Rev. James 

Born son of Sarah Foster, Pastor 

* In the original another column is headed " God-father and God-mother "; 
but as the usual four-inch line in print is already exceeded, these particulars 
are transposed below each entry after " [Spons.]." The sponsors, however, 
are not given at all at the beginning ; nor, with few exceptions, until the end 
of 1823. — J.S.H. 



June i3"> Elizabeth John and Hayse olim Thurnham Carpenter 
Bom daughter of Elizabeth Blackburn 

Oct. 1^'^ Robt. Richard Gardner (ila«^nn Laliourcr 

Born son of and Martiarci 

Murc',1 ::o"i Elizabeth James and Park olim Thuraliam Farmer 

Ap. 23^.1 
Oct. 6"i 

(5) Jany 
Dec. o'H 

daughtcrof Grace Blackburn 

Helen Richard Rogerson 

daughter of and Marx- 
Jane Joseph and Hayse 
daughter o* Margaret 

y^ Robert 
son of 
son ot 

1 79 1 
Nathaniel Booth 
and Mary 

Richard' Gardner 
and Margaret 

Ashton School- 
Thurnham Labours; 



Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster. Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Janv. 2 

Jiiny- J 
Dec. V 

Thiunluun Farniei 


Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
1792 or 1793 infra.] 

on School- 
nham Eaboure: 

Marcli .1' 
March i; 
.Maich 2; 
Aug. 2^ 
Oct. ^'h 

(6) Mar.. 
Aug. 15'" 
Dec, S'n 

March 2 "' 
June lo'h 
.\ug. lo'h 
.\ug. 19"^ 
Dec. 2 "" 

Jany. ' "i 
March (>^^ 
March 7'h 



Rogerson Cockerhara Farmer 

Williant James and Park olim 
son of Grace Blackburn 

» Mary Richard Rogerson 

daughter of and Mary 
Richard Joseph and Hayse 11 

son of Margaret 

[Here occur Confirmations lyqi 

' John Richard aud Gardner Giasson 

son oi Margaret 

^ Mary Xathaniel Booth 

daughter of and Mary 
h Anne Nicholas Smith 

daughter of and Anne 

Elizabeth Thomas 

daughter of and Helen ohm Latus 

Catherine Thomas Whiteside Thurnham Labourer 

daughter of and Elizabeth 

5"»Winifrid* Nicholas Smith 
daughter of and Anne 
Christopher Joseph and Hayse 
son of Margaret 

Winifrid George and Corbishly 
daughter of Elizabeth olim Crosskell 
James and Park olim Thurnham Farmer 
Grace Blackburn 
Richard Rogerson Ashton School- 
and Mary master 

Thomas and Whiteside Thurnham Husband- 
Elizabeth man 
Nathaniel Booth Manufac- 
Parkinson Thurnham Husband- 
Rogerson Cockerham Farmer 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Labourer"^ Rev. James 

Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Thurnham Labourer 
Thurnham Farmer 


son of 


son of 


son of 


daughter of and Marj' 

John Jeremy 

son of and Helen 

Helen Thomas 

daughter of and Helen olim Latus 
Mary Anthony Bolland 

daughter of and Anne 
Elizabeth Richard Gardner 
daughter of and Margaret 

Giasson Labourer 

Labourer f Rev. James 

Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
F'oster, Pastor 

Rev. James 

Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

:<: Winifrid Smith, professed as Teresa at Syon Abbey 1817, died April 23, 1854. 

•f Should be farmer, see entry 4 Oct., 1797. p. 188. Nicholas Smith rented 
Parkside, the largest farm on the Duke of Hamilton's Ashton estate ; died 7 Jan., 
1799, aged 46. 


May 3'''i Mary Joseph and Hayse 

Born daughter of Margaret 

Thumham Labourer 


Feb. 17"* John John and Swarbrick Tliurnham Farmer 

Born son of Mary 

(7) Mar.4"» Dorothy Richard Gardiner Labourer 

Bom daughter of and Margaret 

Apr. io"» Elizabeth George and Corbishley Thurnham Farmer 

Born daughter of EHzabeth oiim Croskell 

May jo"» JNIartha Anthony Bolland Gardiner 

Born daughter of and Anne 

Sept. 3'''' Henry Thomas Whiteside Thurnham Ilusband- 

son of and EHzabeth man 

Lucy Nicholas Smith Farmer 

daughtcr of and Anne 

Robert Jeremy Parkinson Tliurnham Labourer 

son of and Helen 

John Richard Rogerson 

son of and Mary 


James and Nathaniel Bootb 

Thomas and Mary 

sons of 

Laurence Richard Gardner 

son of and Margaret 

Robert Joseph and Hayse 

son of Margaret 

Joseph John and Shawolim Thurnham Labourer 

son of Mary Wilson 

Anne George and Corbishley Thurnham Farmer 

daughter of Elizabeth olim Croskell 

Oct. 4"' 
Dec. Gtn 
Dec. 27m 

March 4"= 

Aug. lo'i" 
Aug. ii'h 
Aug. 15'n 
Sep. 5»i 




Glasson Labourer 
Thurnham Labourer 

1 799 
J any. 9"! Richard John and Swarbrick Thurnham Farmer 
Born son of Mary 

(8) Feb. 28*11 Anne Anthony Bolland Gardiner 

Born daughter of and Anne 

May27"» Elizabeth Jeremy Parkinson Thurnham Labourer 
Bom daughter of and Helen 

Aug. 2o'ii Richard Thomas Whiteside Thurnham Farmer 
Born son of and Elizabeth 

Nov. 27 Anne Richard Rogerson Ashton School- 

Born daughter of and Mary master 

Sep. e*'' Thomas George and Corbishley Thurnham Farmer 
Bom son of Elizabeth olim Croskell 

Dec. i4"> Mary John and Shawolim Thurnham Labourer 

Born daughter of Mary Wilson 

J any. 12 "» Grace James and Park olim Thurnham Farmer 

Born daughter of Grace Blackburn 

March 9''' Joseph 
Born son of 

April i^' Thomas 
Born son of 

vide finem 1803 

Richard Gardiner 
and Sarah 
Anthony Bolland 
and Anne 



Richard Rogerson .\shton School- 
and Mary master 

John and Shawolim Thurnham Labourer 

Born daughter of Mary Wilson 

Apr. 241'^ Mary George and Corbishley Thurnham Farmer 

Bom daughter of Elizabeth olim Croskell 

Janv isth William 
Bom son of 

Feb. io"i Margaret 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster. Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Re\-. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 



July I3"> William 
Bom son of 

(9) Sep. 1" 
Oct, 12«»> 

Jany. n"* 
Apr. 19'" 

April 28'J» 
June 2 7"> 
Oct. 22'"> 
Nov. ii<n 
Dec. 17'" 

son oi 
son of 

son of 

son of 

and Helen 
and Helen 
John and 

Charles am 



Thumham Labourer 

ThuiTiham Labourer 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Tomlinson Thurnham Farmer 
olim Rogerson 

I Etherington Galgate Blacksmith Rev. James 

Foster, Pastor 

George and Richmond Cockt 

"ham School- 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Mary John and 

daughter of Jane 
Frances Anthony 
daughter of and Anne 
Mary>|« Thomas 
daughter of and Elizab 
son of 
son of 

Elizabeth olim Dewhurst 
olim Lawson 

[Spons.] Ricd Lupton and Mary Hayse 
Parkinson Ashton Labourer Rev. James 




Thurnham Farmer 

Nov. 30"' 
Born and 
baptz. 1 80 1 

son of 

George and Corbishley Thurnham Farmer 
Elizabeth olim Croskell 
Richard Gardner Glasson Labourer 
and Sara 
[Here occur Confirmations 1803 v. infra.] 
George and Richmond of School- 

Elizaljeth olim Cockerham master 

Dewhurst olim 
Richard Rogerson Ashton School - 
Bom daughterof and Mary master 

July I3"> William Jeremy and Parkinson Thurnham Labourer 
Born son of Helen 

The same as W°i of 1802 

July iS'ii Mary Jeremy Parkinson Th\irnham Labourer 

Bom daughter of and Helen 

Oct. 2oti» Helen Charles and Etherington Gallgate Black- 


(10) Feb. 3rd Alice 

Dec. aeti" 

Jany. i^t 
Jany. 3 IS' 
May i8'H 
June 25"' 
July 2,'" 

Oct. 14 
Nov. 2o''i 
Nov. 27"> 

daughter of Margaret 
Stephen Jeremy 


son of 

son of 

and Helen 

Johti and 

Shaw olim Thurnham Labourer 

Thurnham I^abourer 

Daughter ofMargaret 
Dorothy John and 
daughterof Jane 

Joseph and Hayse 

Parkinson Ashton 

son of 
son of 

son of 

Thomas Whiteside Thumham Farmer 
and Elizabeth 

George and Corbishley Thurnham Farmer 
Elizabeth olim Croskell 

Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
[Spons.] Henry Roe and 

Jane Crombleholme 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Thurnham Labourer 


John and 
daughter of and Anne 
Isabella Richard 
daughter of and Mary 

[Spons.] Henry Rogerson and Anne Croskell 

Tomlinson Thumham Farmer 

olim Rogerson 


Rogerson Ashton 



(11) Mar. e'l" Robert Isabella Lupton Thurnham Gardiner 
Bom son of and Richard olim Hayse 

March 8<'» Bridget Jeremy Parkinson Thurnham Labourer 
Bora daughter of and Helen 

* Called Margaret, and so married Henry Verity 15 Oct. 1832. Died 22 Jan. 1853. 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 




Febv. 6*h 

Elizabeth Thomas 

Whiteside Thurnham 


Rev. James 


daughter ol and IClizabelh 

Foster, Pastor 

Ffb. 14 

John .\nilu)ny 



Rev. James 


son of and \nnv 

Foster. Pastor 

Feb. 25'" 

Thomas Charles 

Etherington Gallgate 


J^ev. James 

Boi-u " 

son of and Marga 

re I 


Foster, Pastor 

March 1.5' 

*» William Jeremy 
and Helen and Helen 
son and 
daughter of 

Gardner Thurnham 


Rev. James 
Foster. Pastor 

Ma roll 25 

John Richard 

Gardner Glasson 


Rev. James 


son of and Sarah 

Foster. Pastor 

Apr. 22°" 

John John and 

Parkinson Ashton 


Rev. James 


son of Jane 

Foster. Pa.stor 

May y^ 

.\nne George and Corbishley Tluimham 


Rev. James 


daughter of Elizabeth 

olim Croskell 

Foster, Pastor 

iul\- 30"" 

Anne Jeremy 

Parkinson Thurnham 


Rev. James 


daughter of and Helen 

Foster, Pastor 

Dec. V" 

Ck'orge George 

Richmond Gockerham School- 

Rev. James 


son of and Elizabeth 


Foster, Pastor 

Jauv. 1 3' 

Richard John and 

Shaw olim riiumham 


Rev. James 


son of Mary 


Foster. Pastor 

Feb. ^yi 

Sara Anthony- 



Rev. James 


daughter of and Anne 

Foster, Pastor 

(12) July. 

24"' Thomas Richard 

Rogerson Ashton 


Rev. James 


sou of and Mar>' 


Foster, Pastor 

Sep. 12"' 

George and John and 

Tomlinson Thurnham 


Rev. James 


John sons of Jane 

olim Rogerson 

Foster, Pastor 

Oct. 8t" 

Bridget Jeremy 

Parkinson Thumham 


Rev. James 


daughter of and Helen 

Foster, Pastor 


Thomas John and 

Rogerson Thurnham 


Rev. James 


son of Elizabeth 

olim Singleton 

Foster, Pastor 

Janv. -;"" 

William William 

I Soij 


Rev. James 


son of and Jane 

Foster, Pastor 

April ^'■'' 

Margaret William 



Rev. James 


daughter of and Mary 

Foster, Pastor 

May M'" 

William John and 

Gabbott Thurnham 


Rev. James 


sou of Helen 

olim Smith 

Foster, Pastor 

Vide l>.-e. 

25t'i 1810 

June 1 ^"' 

Mary Thomas 

Parkinson Cockerham 


Rev. James 


daughterof and Elizabeth cliin Hayse 

Foster. Pastor 

Gardner Thumham 

U'illiam ai 

d Mary Gardner 

Jan. u)'h 

Margaret Jeremy 


Rev. James 


daughter of andHelen 
and John 
son of 

Foster, Pastor 

Feb. 4>i' 

Jane John and 

Gabbott Thurnham 


Rev. James 


daughter of Helen 

(jlim Smith 

Foster, Pastor 

April lo't. 

Jerem\- Jeremy 

Parkinson Thurnham 


Rev. James 


son of and Helen 

Foster, Pastor 

May 13'" 

Edward Thomas 

Whiteside 'i'humliam 


Rev. James 


son of and Eliza 1 


Foster. Pastor 

Aug. 8'" 

Helen John ami 

Rogerson Tlrurnham 


Rev. James 


daughter of Elizabeth 

dim Singleton 

Foster, Pastor 

(13) Dec. 22"" William jolin and 

Tomlinson Thurnham 


Rev. James 


and Helen jane 
son and 
daughter of 

olim Rogerson 

Foster, Pastor 




Mary Richard 

daughter of and Marv 



April 2S"' Thomas Richard 
Born son of and Sara 

Oct. 4 Born Robert Thomas 
Baptized at son of and 

Church bv EHzabeth 

Widdik [?] vicar 
Oct. 27"! Elizabeth John and 
Born daughter of Mary 

Dec. 25"» John 
Bom son of 

[A post-entyy] 

Gardner Glasson Labourer 

Parkinson Cockerham Labourer 
I'lini Hayse 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Ray. James 
Foster, Pastor 

[Spons.] Robert and Margaret Proctor 

June 4I" 

May iQ*" 

Junt' 22"'' 
July 2"^ 
July 5'" 

Aug. 30"' 
Oct. 24"' 

(14) Born 
Jany. i*' 
Jan. 23'" 

Sep. 27'h 

Oct. II'" 

Oct. 2(j"' 

Dec. 22 "'1 
Dec. 2:/'' 

Shawolim Thurnham Laboure 
George and Corbishley Thurnham Farmer 
Elizabeth dim Croskell 
1 809 
William George and Corbishley Tlui 
son of Elizabeth olimCroskell 

Elizabeth Jeremy Gardner Thu 
daughter of and Helen 
James James Park olii; 

son of and Helen Glarkson 

Richard Robert Gardner 

iiham r'ainit 

mi Lai 10 u re r 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

son of 
son of 


and Margaret olimGloane 

John and 

John and 

Rogerson Thurnliam Farmer 
oliin Singleton 

[Spons.] Xrv 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rogerson and Ellen Rogerson 

riuirnham School- 
rhurnham Lal)Ourer 

daughter of Elizabeth 




Michael John and Gabbott Thurnl 

son of Helen dim Smith 

J Si 3 

George John and Shaw Tluiruhani Labourei 

.son of Mary olim Wilson 

George William Holden Ellell:^ Farmer 

son of and Isabella* lOHm] Derham 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Lsabella Jeremy 
daughter of and Helen 

son of 
son of 

[Spons. J John IVnnington and Mag* Daviesj|s 





William Wareing 

and Elizabeth 

Robert and Gardner Thurnham Labourer 

Margaret olim Gleane 

Richard Gardner Glasson 
daughter of and Sarah 

Margaret William Holden Ellell* 
daughter of and Isabella* [dim] Derham* 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Dec. 27 Elizabeth Richard Bretherton 
Born daughter of and Marv 

Feb. 14"' Helen James and Park olim 

Born daughter of Helen 

June 2o"i Elizabeth John and 
Born daughter of Elizabeth 

July 2o"i Alice William 

Born. Bapt. daughter and 
July 2 2"'' of Elizabeth 

Aug. 6"* Margaret Thomas 
Born daughter of and 


Rev. James 

Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
[Spons.] Bella Walker* 
Farmer Rev. James 

Foster, Pastor 



Thurnham School- Rev. James 
Glarkson master Foster, Pastor 

Rogerson Thurnham Farmer Rev. James 
olim Singleton Foster, Pastor 

Rogerson Thurnham Farmer Rev. James 
olim Carter Foster, Pastor 

[Spons.] Bella and Henry Rogerson 
Parkinson Cockerham Fish- Rev. James 

olim Hayse monger Foster, Pastor 

[Spons.] RiC and Mary Hayse 

* Written in pencil. — j.E.s. 



Dec. ] 

;'h Elizabeth William Wateins 
daushter of and Elizabeth 

(15) Dec. 2711 John William Holden EUell* Farmer 
son of and Isabella Hsrolim] DerhainsK 

John John and Gabbott Thurnham Labourer 

son of Helen olim Smith 

Anne Rolxnt and Gardner Thurnham Labourrr 

tlaughler of Margaret olim Gleane 
Margaret John and Smith Sea 

daughter of Elizabeth Captain 

Elizabeth Richard Gardner Glasson Labourer 
daughter of and Sarah 


Feb. 17'" 
June O"* 
July 19''' 
July 31^' 
Aug. 11'" 
Sep. 0"* 
Dec. 13*'' 

Jan. iGt" 
Feb. 2 01 
Feb. 5'»' 
Feb. 2 8ti» 
Apr. 28«>» 

Jeremy Jeremy' 
son of and Helen 

Hanah John and 

daughter of Mary 
Richard Henry 
son of and Mary 

Gardner Thumham Labourer 

Shaw olim 




Thurnham Labourer 

Thurnham Labourer 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

(16) May I2ti> Joseph 
Baptized son of 
Born Mav 1 1 "» 

Mary Jeremy 

daughter of and Helen olim Jenkinson 

Mary James and Rose 

daughter of Mary 

Robert Richard Lupton of Thurnham Gardiner 

son of and Isabella olim Hayse 

Elizabeth William Holden Farmer 

daughter of and Isabella jJs 

Helen Thomas Bomford Labourer 

daughter of and Helen 

Thomas Parkinson of Labourer 

and olim Hayse Cockerham 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Cordwainer Rev. James 

Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

May i2"> 
Aug. 26"" 
June is"' 

Sept. 29ti» 
Sept. 3o'ii 
Sept. 28t» 
Sept. 27"» 

son of 
son of 
son of 

and . . . 


James and Hayse 


John and Rogerson 


daughter of Elizabeth olim Singleton 

[Spons.] Henry and Jane Simpson 
Thurnham Rev. James 

Foster, Pastor 
Gallgate Silk Manuf. Rev. James 

Foster, Pastor 
of Ashton Gardiner Rev. James 

Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Thurnham Farmer 

[Spons.] John Whiteside and Winefride Rogerson 

Helen William 

daughter of and 


Rogerson of 
olim Carter Th 


Feb. I T "" Elizabeth John and 

Born daughter of Helen 

Aprd '^1"' Helen Richard 

Bom daughter of and Mary 

July 26"» Margaret 

Born daughter of and Anne 

Sept. 14"' Jane Joseph 

Born daughter of and Anne 

Sept. i6»»» Edward William 

Born son of and Helen 

(17) Nov. I*' Henry Henry 

Born son of and Mary 

[Here occur Confirmations 1813 v 
Gabbott of Labourer 

olim Smith Thurnham 
Rogerson of Ashton Labourer 

Myerscough of Labourer 

Higginson of Gallgate Manufac- 
Bamber Farmer 

Fletcher of Ellell Fanner 

Rev. James 

Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

:^ Written in pt-iKJl. — j.E.s. 



Nov. 24 "i William Park James and Jackson 
Baptz. son of Isabella olim Park 

Kaye olim 

Jan. iS"' Helenor Richard 
Bapt. daughter of and Mary 

Jan. i7«'' Born 

of Thurnham Tapster Rev. James 

Foster, Pastor 

A.shton Servant 

Jan. 28'' 
Jan. 27"^ 
Feb. 24'" 
May I4»'> 

May u 

July 4' 

Sep. '1^ 
Sep. 1-2 

son of 

son of 

son of 




and Hi'loa 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
[Spons.] Robt. Wareing and Elizabeth Walker 
Parkinson of Labourer Rev. James 

olim Hayse Cockerham Foster, Pastor 

[Spons.] Daniel Haihvood and Elizabeth 




Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 


daughter of Mary 

Alexander Richard 
son of and 

Mary John 

daughter of and Jane 
Anne William 

daughter of and Anne 

Henry and Rogerson 

Rogerson of 

olim Thurnham 


[Spons.] William and Elizabeth Rogerson 

of Farmer 


of Black - 

Thurnham smith 

Lawrence of Farmer 

of Slyne Farmer 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Oct. II' 


Oct. 2^' 


Dec. 13 


Dec. ii"" Bom 

(18) Dec.20«ii Man- 

Park olim 

[Spons.] Thomas and Agness Standen of Heighton 

Mary John and Whitehead of Labourer Rev. James 

daughter of Martha Thurnham Foster, Pastor 

Edward Christo- Hayse of Carpenter Rev. James 

son of pher and .... Scotforth Foster, Pastor 

Margaret Robert and Gardner of Labourer Rev. James 

daughter of Margaret olim Gleave Thurnham Foster, Pastor 

Thomas Bomford of Forton Labourer 


daughter of and Helen 



Elizabeth Richard 
daughter of and 

Jany. 2^1"' Helen John and 

daughter of Marj' 
son of 

1 819 
Hayse olim of Ashton Farmer 

Feb. a"'* 
Feb. 141" 
Feb. 2i8t 

Feb. 24<'' 

Feb. 22 ""i 
Feb. 2i«' 

Shaw olim 




and Anne 
Joseph John and Gabbott of 
son of Helen 

Agness William 
daughter of and Helen 
Mary Richard Hayse olim of 

daughter of and 



of Ellell 

olim Smith Thurnham 
Hoskinson of Ellell 






Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

[Spons.] Christopher Haj'^se and Elizabeth Lupton 

June 6' 

Oct. 3r<i 



Amie William 

daughter of and Helen 

William William Atkinson 

and Ehzabeth 

Christopher Waddington of 
of and Anne Thurnham 

son of 


Bauntry of Ellell Farmer 

of Ellell Labourer 



son of 

John and 




Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 



March 30*11 John Thomas Parkinson of Labourer Rev. James 

Bom son of and oliin Hayse Thuiuham Foster, Pastor 

April I'* Bap. Elizabeth [Spous.] Robt. Hayse and Isabella Rogerson 

April 3''> Alice Joseph and Park olim of Farmer Rev. James 

Bap. daughter of Elizabeth Chadburn Thurnham 

(19) Apr. 1 8>ii Elizabeth Christopher Rogerson of Farmer 



daughter of and 

[i^^ Catherine William 

daughter of and 
[2'h Bap. Elizabeth 

olim Cockerham 


Rogerson of Farmt 

olim Carter Thurnham 

Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

[Spons.] John and Eliz. Rogerson of Cockhall 

Julv 25'" 
July 30'h 

John son James and Jackson 

and Isabella olim Park Thurnham 


daughter of 

Elizabeth Robert and Blackburn of Ashton Labourer 

daughter of Elizabeth olim Corbishley 

Innkeeper Rev. James 

Foster, Pastor 

son of 


Aug. 2"'' Helen 

Aug. 15"! 

Sep. lo*'' 


Sep. 8«ii Born 

Oct. 6"> 


Nov. 28tii 


Dec. 8th 





Henry and Rogerson 

of Ashton Farme 

Jan. 30th 

Feb. 23'''» 

daughter of Mary 

Mary Mary and 

daughter of James 
Anne Richard 

daughter of and 

Anne Jeremy 

daughter of and Helen 
Thomas William 
son of and Helen 

Robert John and 
son of and Martha 

daughter of 
Thomas John and 
son of Helen 



of Ellell Servant 




olim Holden Thurnham 



Whitehead Thurnham Labourer 

of Labourer 


of Ellell Farmer 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Gabbott of Labourer Rev. James 

olim Smith Thurnham Foster, Pastor 

James Joseph and Higginson ofGallgate Silkmanu- Rev. James 

son of Mary facturer Foster, Pastor 

(20) Apr. 8"» Anne Joseph and Shaw of Labourer 


April i^'h 

April 2o"i 

April 2qtii 
May 13'b 
May 30"' 
June 17"' 
Aug. 5"^ 

Oct. !«' 



daughter of Mary 

son of 
son of 
son of 
son of 
son of 

John and 



and Marj- 


and Helen 


and Margaret 

Mary and Shaw 

Williams of Labourer 

olim Wilson Thurnham 

of Ellell Labourer 


of Forton Labourer 

of Miller 


of Spinster 

and Helen 

Hoskinson of Ellell Black- 

Christopher Christopher Waddington of 


son of 
son of 


and Anne 

John and 

Rev James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Re\-. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

daughter of Hanah 

Parkinson of Labourer 

olim Hayse Thurnham 

[Spons.] Joseph Hayse and Marj' Rogerson 
Parkinson of Labourer Rev. James 

Thurnham Foster, Pastor 


Jany. 15"" Robert 
Bap. Shepherd 

son of 
Feb. is"* Jane William 

Bap. daughter of and Isabe; 

March 11'" Thomas WilHam 
Bap. son of 

(21) Mar.24"> Jarac 
Bap. son of 

March 27"» Jane 

James and Kaye olim of Ashton Farmer 
Catherine Whiteside 



and Helen 

Joseph and Park olim 
Elizabeth Chadburn 
John and Rogerson 

of Ellell Farmer 
of Ellell Farmer 

Bap. daughter of Elizabeth »lim 


April 26'»" Thomas Henry and Rogerson 

Bap. son of Mary olim 


[no date] Helen Christopher Hayse 

daughter of and Catherine 

Sep. 7"' Alice Peter and 

Bap. daughter of Mary olim . . . . 

Dec. O'*" Thomas Christopher Rogerson 

Bap. son of and olim 






Osbaldeston of 





Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster. Pastor 


Jan. ( 
Jan. 7"^ Bap. 

Mary John and 

daughter of .Helen 


1 82? 
olim Smith Thurnham 

Carpenter Rev. James 

Foster, Pastor 

Servant Rev. James 

Foster, Pastor 

Farmer Rev. James 

Foster, Pastor 



Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 



Frances Richard 
Monica and 
Teresa ♦ Elizabeth 
daughter of 
Feb. I2''» William John and 
Bap. son of Martha 

April i3«i» John Thomas 

Bap. son of and Helen 

April 24'" Elizabeth Christoplu- 
Bap. daughter of and Anne 

May 1^' Mary Jeremy 

Bap. daughter of and Helen 

May ii''» Grace William 

Bap. daughter of and Mary 

May g"" Born 

(22) June 22 °<^ Dorothy Richard 
Bap. " ' 

Gentleman Rev. James 

Foster, Pastor 

GiUow of Ellell 
olim Grange 


[Spons.] Charles Stapleton and Elizabeth Dalton 
Whitehead Ashton Labourer Rev. James 

Bomford of Forton Labourer 

June 23'' 
July 5'^ 
Sep. 7"! 

daughter of and 

Thomas William 
son of and Sara 

Mary Charles 

daughter of and Anne 
Richard Thomas 
Jackson and 
son of Helen 

Helen William 

daughter of and Helen 
Jane Richard 

daughter of and 
Oct. i2"»Bom Margaret 

Oct. 29*1' Elizabeth Thomas 
Bap. daughter of and 

and Bom Elizabeth 

Waddingtonof Servant 

Gardner of Labourer 

Atkinson of Ellell Labourer 
oHm Yates 

[Spons.] James and Alice Cross 
Kaye olim of Ellell Farmer Rev. James 

Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

Hoskinson of Ellell 

Oct. 12 
Oct. 14 







Foster, Pastor 

Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

of Ellell Labourer 



Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 
Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 



Holden [Spons.] Ew* Hayse and Eliz. Holden 
Parkinson of Labourer Rev. James 

olim HajTSe Thumham Foster, Pastor 

[Spons.j Ric'i Rogerson and Eliz. Hodgson 

s): See under Leighton, 



Jany. 26H» Jane Henry 

Bap. daughter of and Mary 



Jany. aS"* Mary James and Jackson 

Bap. daugliter of Isabella 

March 29 Anne John and 

Born daughter of Elizabell 

March 31^* 

Bap. at Lancaster 

March 27"' Jane John and 

Bap. daughter of Hanah 




Rev. James 
Foster, Pastor 

May 23'' 

Grace Joseph 

daughter of and 

Marianne John and 
daughter of Matilda 

Aug. 4tb 


Aug. 8'H Bap. 

(23) Nov.i"'Mary John and 

Born daughter of Eleanora 

Nov. S<h Bap. 

Nov. 10 Patrick Edward 

Born son of and Mary 

Nov. I4"» Bap. 

Dec. 27"! John William 

Born son of and 

Dec. 291'' Bap. Margaret 

Labourer Rev. James 
olim Park Thuinham Foster, Pastor 

BogersOD of Farmtr Rev. Geo. 

olim Thumham Brown ^ 


[Spons.] Jer. Walmsley and Mary Rogerson 
Williams ol Labourer Rev. Henry 

olim Wilson Thurnham Rutter.if Pastor 

at Yealand 

[Spons. J Thos. Tomlinson and Anne Parkinson 
Park olim of Farmer Thomas 

Chadburn Thumham Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] W^ Parkinson and Margt. Park 
Heaney of Ashton Mason Thomas 

olim M<=Cardle Crowe. Pastor 

[Spons.] W™ Parkinson and Isabella Rogerson 
Porcel of Labourer Thomas 

Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Ew'' Byrne and Eliz. Cambell 
Byrne of Labourer Thomas 

olim Clarke Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Ja^ Byrne and Helen Porcell 
Davies of Forton Labourer Thomas 

olim Fishwick Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] John Hayse and Mary Davies 

March 24 
both bom 
and Bap. 

June 5^^ 
Born and 

son of 

son of 

Feb. io"> Christopher Peter Osbaldeston of Servant Thomas 

Born son of and Mary olim Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

Feb. 11''' Bap. [Spons.] Proxies Thos. Gardner and Eliz. Hodgson 

for James and Mary Moore 
Joseph Whiteside of School- Thomas 

and olim Creary Thurnham master Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Geo. Gardner and Jane Lawrence Proxy for Marj' Ball 
William Atkinson of Ellell Labourer Thomas 
and olim Yates Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Proxies John and Mary Wells for Rich"* and Anne Myerscough 
July le^ii Helen Charles Billington of Farmer Thomas 

Born daughterof and Anne olim Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

July 171*' Bap. Clarkson 

[Spons.] Proxies Thomas and Isabella Rogerson for Geo and Eliz. Clarkson 
Aug. 6^^ James Thomas Parkinson of Fish- Thomas 

■ ■ olim Hayse Cockerham monger Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Christopher and Elizabeth Hayse 
Hodgson of Thomas 

olim Heaton Crowe. Pastor 


[Spons.] Thomas Baines and Elizabeth Hodgson 
Oct. 8"' Thomas John and Whiteside of Labourer Thomas 

Bom son of Barbara olim Taylor Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

Oct. 8^^ Bap. [Sp(ms.] John Rogerson and Margt. Whiteside 

Oct. 8'*' James John and Gabbott of Labourc r Thomas 

Born son of Helen olim Smith Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

Oct 9"^ Bap. [Spons.] W"" Parkinson and Margt. Shaw 

Born son of 

Aug. 7ti» Bap 

Aug. 27 " 


Sep. 4t»» Bap. 


Jane Tlioraas 

daughter of and Mary 

:^ Of Lancaster. 

f See under Leighton. 



son of Elizabeth 

Now 4'*> William George Holmes of Gallgatc Manufac- Thomas 

Bom son of and Mary Wareing turer Crowe, Pastor 

Nov. J7"> Bap. [Spons.] Robert and Jane Wareing 

[Here occur Confirmations 1825 v. infra.] 
(24) Jany 27'*» Edward Jo&eph and Park olim of Farmer Thomas 

~ ■ ._.... Chadburn Thm-nham Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] EW Hayse and Jane Parkinson 
Rogerson of Farmer Thomas 

ohm Thumham Crowe, Pastor 

Singleton [Spons.] William and Jane Parkinson 
Rogerson of Farmer Thomas 

dim Cockerham Crowe, Pastor 

Crookall [Spons.] W^ and Anne Crookall 

Christopher Waddington of Servant Thomas 

and Anne olim Thumham Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Thomas Corbishley and Mary Hayse 
Hayse of Plasterer Thomas 

John and 


Born and 

Feb. 23"* Henry- 
Born son of 
Feb. 24"^ Bap. 
Born Anne 
March 8"> daughter and Mary 
Bap. March g"" of 
[z-,] April 25"» Mark 
Born son of 
April 26'«» Bap. 
May 14'*' Joseph 
Born and son of 





Crowe. Pastor 


May 3 

Bom daughto r of Elizabeth 

May 21'' Bap. 

May 27"! William 

Born son of 

May 28«ii Bap. 

June 4"> James 

Born son of 

June 5"^ Bap 

Aug. 2n 
Aug. 6" 
Sep. 24' 

son of 


[Spons.] Geo. Corbishley and Isabella Hayse 
Roger and M'-'Neil of Glasson Labourer Thomas 

olim Skelton Mason Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons. ^ Ric"! Tomlinson and Jane Hood 
Hayse olim of Plasterer Thomas 

Simpson Thumham Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Henry and Anne Simpson 
Byrne olim of Mason Thomas 

Hammond Thumham Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Ric*! Gardner and Mary Whiteside 
Jeremy Douthwaite of Labourer Thomas 

and Mary Shaw Cockerham Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] John Hornby and Margt. Shaw 


and Maria 

William James and Jackson of Labourer Thomas 

son of Isabella olim Park Glasson Crowe, Pastor 

Sep. 25"» Bap. [Spons. J Joseph Park and Elizabeth Hayse 

Oct. ii"» Robert Thomas Gardner of Overton • Farmer Thomas 
Bom son of and Helen olim Jackson Crowe, Pastor 

Oct. 15"^ Bap. rSpons.] W"! Birchall and Anne Billington 

Born and Helen Christopher Rogerson of Farmer Thomas 

Bap. daughter of and olim Cockerham Crowe, Pastor 

Dec. i^d Winifrid Corbishley [Spons.] Geo. and Anne Corbishley 

Chorley of Ellell Farmer Thomas 
olim Helmn Crowe, Pastor 

i_Spons.j Arthur Dewhurst and Anne Davics 
Williams of Labourer Thomas 

olim Wilson Thumham Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.j William Gabbott and Elizabeth Shaw 
Park ohm of Farmer Thomas 

Chadburn Thumham Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] William and Jane Parkinson 
Swintep of Labourer Thomas 

olim Thumham Crowe, Pastor 

Parkinson [Spons.] William and Anne Parkinson 
Parkinson of Fish- Thomas 

ohm Hayse Cockerham monger Crowe, Pastor 
[Spons.] Tho= Tomlinson and Jane Lawrence 
Jime io»i» Elizabeth Henry and Crombleholme of Labourer Thomas 

Bom daughter of Margaret olim Davies Thumham Crowe, Pastor 

June ii"> Bap. [Spons.] John and Helen Crombleholme 

Feb. i.i'i' Anne William 

Bom daughter of and 

Feb. lO'b Bap. Ehzabtth 

March 4"» Mary John 

Bom daughter of andAunc 

March 5'ii Bap. 

Mar. 2 2°'! William 

Bom son of 

March 2 3 tn Bap. 

April 2 3"» Anne 

Bom daughter of and 

Ap. 26<'i Bap. Bridget 

(26) Ap. 27"» Richard Thomas 

Bom son of and 

Ap. 29"> Bap. Elizabeth 




Aug. 20*'> John Joseph Hayse of Plasterer Thomas 

Bom son of and olim 'Ihurnham Crowe, Pastor 

Aug, 2i»t Bap. Elizabeth Singleton 

[Spons.] Tho» Gardner Proxy for Jas. Simpson and Jane Simpson 

Sep. 30111 John 
Bom son of 

Oct. y^^ Bap. 

Oct, I5"> Teresa 

Born & daughter of and Anne 

Baptized Do. 

Sep. 4' 
Sep. 4 

Charles Billington of Farmer By mc 

and Anne olim Thurnham John Dixon 


[Spons. 1 Edm'' Whiteside and Mary Whiteside 
Christopher Waddington of Groom By me 

olim Thumham Jolin Dixon 


[Spons.] Tho« Corbishley and Mary Hayse 
* Christopher John and Rogerson of Farmer' Anne 

olim Thurnham Waddington 

Parkinson Ceremonies by 

H. Richmond 
[Spons.] Christopher and Anne Waddington 
Whiteside of School- Thomas 

olim Carey Thurnham Master Crowe, Pastor 

son of 




daughter of and 

Bap. Elizabeth 

[Spons.] William Gabbott auf] Jane Parkinson Proxy for Eliz. Bolland 
Richard John and Whiteside of Ashton Malster Thomas 
son of Barbara olim Taylor Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. [Spons.] Henry and Mary Whiteside Proxy for Helen Whiteside 

olim Yates 

Park olim 

of Ellell Labourer 

Crowe, Pastor 
[Spon.] Catherine Atkinson 
of Farmer Thomas 

Thumham Crowe, Pastor 

Feb. 11' 
Feb. 12' 

Feb. 16' 


Feb. 17' . 

March io"» Elizabeth William 

Bom daughter of and 

March 16*^'^ Bap. Elizabeth 

March ig^ii Elizabeth Joseph 

Bom daughter of and 

March 20 "1 Bap. Elizabeth 

[Spons.] John Hayes and Elizabeth Lupton Proxies for William and Anne Park 
June i6*t» John Henry and Rogerson of Farmer Thomas 

Born son of Mary olim Cockerham Crowe, Pastor 

June ly^^ Bap. Crookall [Spons.] George & Arme Corbishley 

Aug. 24 Thomas John and Halsall of Ellell Black- Thomas 
Bora son of Helen olim Smith smith Crowe, Pastor 

Aug. 25 Bap. [Spons.] Rich<i Halsall and Eliz. Smith 

Oct. 24 Alice Robert Ibbison of Ellell Farmer Thomas 

Bom daughter of and Mary olim Gomal Crowe. Pastor 

Oct. 25 Bap. 

[Spons.] John Dobson Ann Bibby Proxies for Ed" and Jane Walmsley 
(27) Born George William Chorley of Ellell Farmer Thomas 
Nov. 28 son of and olim Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. Nov. 29 Elizabeth Helmn [Spons.j James Helnon and Ann Cutler 

Bom Sarah Henry and Crombleholme of Labourer Thomas 

Dec. 18 daughter of Margaret ohm Thumham Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. Dec. 19 Davies [Spons.] John Hornby and Anne Davies 

Helen John and Gabbott of Labourer Thomas 

daughter of Helen ohm Smith Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Thomas Gardner Proxy for Robt. Gardner and Margt. Gardner 
Thomas James and Jackson of Glasson Fisher Thomas 

son of Isabella olim Park Crowe, Pastor 

Feb. ^ 
Bap. Feb. 

March 7 

March 12 Bap. [Spons.] John Hayse and Eliz. Lupton Proxies for 

Thomas Jenkinson asid Grace Chorley 
Born Anne John and Becket of Gardiner Thomas 

Aprils daughter of Jane olim Thumham Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. April 9 Simpson [Spons.] Ric** Ashley and Anne Simpson 

5|« Marked with a cross. — j.e.s. 


Born Robert Edward Hunt oi Stockport Surgeon Thomas 

April 3 Ethering- and of Jane Etherington Gallgate servant Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. ton son of fSpons.] Robt. Wareing and Helen Rogerson 

April 12 

Bom James Christopher Waddington of Groom Thomas 

Ap. 27 son of and Anne olim Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. Ap. 27 Rawlinson 

[Spons.] Jos. Waddington and Anne Wells 
Bom Mary Christopher Rogerson of Farmer Thomas 

May 23'''' daughter of and olim Cockerham Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. :May 24«n Winifrid Corbishley 

[Spons.] W™ Corbishley and Mary Hayse 
Born Elizabeth Charles BiUington of Farmer Thomas 

June 4"> daughter of and Anne olim Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. June 7'» Clarkson 

i"Spons.] Prox}- Rich"* Gardner for Tho^ Clarkson and Sarah Pilling 
June S'b Richard Richard Apeley of Labourer Thomas 

Born son of and Anne olim Hunt Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

June io"i Bap. [Spons.] Geo. Tomlinson and Anne Parkinson 

Bom William Edward Parker of Forton Mason Thomas 

July 2o"» son of and Anne olim Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. July 22»'i Richmond [Spons.] John cl- Jane Richmond 

Born Helen Edward Parker of Forton Mason Thomas 

July 20"' daughter of and .\iine olim Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. July 22 n<* Richmond [Spons.] John & Elizabeth Holden 

Bom Edward John and Crombleholme of Labourer Thomas 

Aug. 2''<i son of Helen olim Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. Aug. 3rd Davies 

[Spons.] Hen. Crombleholme and Eliz. Hayse 
(28) Bom Mary Esther John and Rogerson Thurnham Fanner Thomas 
Aug. i9*'> daughter of Agness ohm Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. Aug. 2o"i " Parkinson 

[Spons.] Thomas Tomlinson and Alice Rogerson 
Born Richard John and Halsall Ellell Black- Thomas 

Aug. 22n'i son of Helen olim Smith smith Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. Aug. 23''<' [Spons.] Richard Smith and Helen Hothersall 

Bom George John and Pedder of Labourer Thomas 

Aug. 23'''i son of Elizabeth olim Shaw Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. Aug. 24"" [Spons.] Wilham Gabbott and Jane Parkinson 

Born Helen Henry and Duckett of Labourer Thomas 

Sep. 6 daughter of Helen olim Cockerham Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. Sep. 20 Hescom [Spons.] John Shaw Cicily Ashton 

Bom John Richard Hardman of Ellell Malster Thomas 

Nov. 14"" son of and Mary olim Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. Nov. i5<>i Wilding 

[Spons.] Thos. Gardner Proxy for John Whitehead and Martha Wliitehead 
Born Richard Joseph Gardner of Labourer Thomas 

Nov. 20«'' son of and olim Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. Nov. 22 1*! Elizabeth Singleton 

[Spons.] Ric<i Gardner and Anne Parkinson 
Bom Anne Robert Ibison of Ellell Farmer Thomas 

Jan. 4"^ daughter of and Mary olim Gornal Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. Jan. 4«'» [Spons.] John Rogerson and Cath. Bamber Proxies for 

Ric"! and Alice Holden 
Bom Robert John and Whiteside of Ashton Clerk Thomas 

March 20<h Cuthbert Barbara olim Taylor Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. son of [Spons.] Thomas Rogerson Proxy for Henry Verity 

March 21=* and Eliz. Whiteside 

Bom Thomas William Hodgkinson of Black- Thomas 

March 21 ■' Benedict and Sarah olim Thurnham smith Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. Mar.2i»< son of Sawyer [Spons.] Thomas and Helen Tomlinson 




April 29"> 
Bap. May 


Bap. Ma}' 
May 25"> 
May 30 'h 
July 8t" 
Bap. July 

(29) Born 
July i.V^ 
July i7<'» 
Aug. iz"" 

Aug. I2"> 
Aug. 19'h 
Bap. ATig. 
Aug. 25'" 
Bap. Aug. 

Oct. 13 th 
Bap. Oct. 
Nov. ij^^ 
Bap. Nov. 
Dec. 5 til 
Bap. Dec. 
Dec. 15*'^ 
Bap. Ike. 
Dec. 2^=, 
Bap. Dec. 

Feb. 23 
Bap. Feb. 

John William Birchall of Boatman Thomas 

son of and olim Thurnham and Crowe, Pastor 

2°'* Isabella Rogerson Farmer 

[Spons.] John Rogerson and Eiiz. Blackburn 
James John Hayse of Forton Farmer Thomas 

son of and Helen olim Cross Crowe, Pastor 

8"» [Spons.] Ric<i Asley and Eliz. Redshaw 

Marianne Alice Rogerson of Overton Servant Thomas 

daughter of and William Kew Farmer Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.j Thomas Rogerson and Dorothj' Parkinson 

Priscilla Christopher Waddington 


daughter of and Annc 

Isabella William 
daughter of and 


Crowe, Pastor 

)lim Thurnham 


[Spons.] RiCi Gardner and Rose Walmsley 
Atkinson Ellell Labourer Thomas 

olim Yates Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Thomas Rogerson and Elizabeth Hodgson 

William John and Becket Thurnham Gardiner Thomas 
son of Jane olim Simpson Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Ric** Asley Proxy for Robt. Ball and Eliz. Ha3'se 

Joseph Joseph Park olim Thurnham Farmer Thomas 
son of and Chadbum Crowe, Pastor 

2o"i Elizabeth [Spons.] Geor. Corbishley and Grace Jackson 

William John and Cliffe Thurnham Surgeon Thomas 

son of Alice olim Crowe, Pastor 

26ti» Clarkson 

[Spons.] John Gabbott Proxy for William Cliffe and Eliz. Holden 
Jane John and Cromble- Thurnham Labourer Thomas 

daughter of Helen holme Crowe, Pastor 

i6'*» olim Davies [Spon.] Margaret Crombleholmc 

John Andrew Bradley Gallgate Grocer Thomas 

son of and Alice olim Goulston Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Thomas and Isabella Sherwood 
Norbreck Farmer Thomas 

Elizabeth Henry 
daughter of and Mary olim 

Helen John and 

daughter of Elizabeth 
1 6th 

son of 

son of 




and Mary 

(30) Born 
Sep. 23'<i 
Bap. Sep. 
Sep. 21'" 
Bap. Sep. 
Sep. 28tii 
Bap. Oct. 
Oct. i3"» 
Bap. Oct. 

Crowe, Pastor 
Crookall [Spons.] Thomas and Elizabeth Crookall 
Pedder Thurnham Labourer Thomas 
ulim Shaw Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Richard and Mary Shaw 
Chorley Ellell Farmer Thomas 

olim Helmn Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] William Dewhurst and Alice Rogerson 
Walker Forton Coachman Thomas 
olim Holden Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] John Joseph Cliffe Proxy for Ric'i Richardson 

and Alice Osbaldeston 
[Here occur Confirmations 1831 v. infra.] 
John John and Holsall Thurnham Black- Thomas 

son of Helen olim Smith smith Crowe, Pastor 

25"» [Spons.] Isabella Ball and Tho» Smith 

Richard Thomas Rogerson Thurnham Labourer Thomas 
son of and Jane olim Houghton Crowe, Pastor 

25*J> [Spons.] John Rogerson and Eliz. Whiteside 

Edward John and Davies Forton Husband- Thomas 
son of Margaret olim Shaw man Crowe, Pastor 

2"<i [Spons.] Ric<» Horrabin and Anne Shaw 

Edward Thomas Parkinson of Fish- Thomas 

son of and olim Hayse Cockerham monger Crowe, Peistor 

15*^ Elizabeth [Spons.] Robert and Mary Parkinson 


Bom William 

Oct. 25 son of 
Bap. Oct. 27 

Oct. 21" 
Oct. 28 
(31) Born 
Oct. 27 


Joseph Gardner of Ashtou Husband- Thomas 

and ohm man Crowe, Pastor 

Elizabeth Singleton 

[Spons.] Geo. Shaw and Mary Singleton 
James Jackson of Glasson Fisherman Thomas 
and olim Park Crowe, Pastor 

Isabella [Spons.] Edw^ Hayse and Grace Jackson 

Proxies for John & Margaret Adamson 
Mary Thomas Newby of Farmer Thomas 

Cockerhani Crowe, Pastor 

son of 

Bap. Oct. 29 

daughter of and Anne olim 

Nov. 2b 
Bap. Nov. 

Dec. S'h 
Bap. Dec. 

son of 


John and 




.] Wm Hodgkinson and Barbara Wells 
of Farmer Thomas 

Thumham Crowe, Pastor 

daughter of and 


Spons.] RiC* Astley and Eliz. Hodgson 
of Boatman Thomas 

Glasson Crowe, I'astor 

Jan. 26 
Bap. Jan. 
Jan. 24' 

son ot 

son of 



[Spons.] James Birchall and Mary Dowthwaite 

of Slater and Thomas 

Thurnham Plasterer Crowe, Pastor 
[Spons.] Ric<i Shaw and Helen Gardner 
of Heaton Husbandman Thomas 
of Heaton Maidservant Crowe, Pastor 






James Bee and 

Jane Grabbott 
Bap. Feb. 16th [Spons.] KiC Shaw Proxy for William Gabbott and Margt. Smith 
Bom Anne Henry and Crombleholme of Husband- Thomas 

March 9"» daughter of Margaret olim Davies Thumham man Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. March ii"» 
Bom John 

Ap. 6^^ son of 
Bap. Ap. 8th 

Bom Leo 

Ap. ii"» son of 

Bap. Ap. I.:*" 

Bom Jane 


Bap. May 12 

May 13"' 
Bap. May 
June 3r<i 

and Anne 

Bap. June ^^ 


June 4*'> 


June 9*^ 


June 9"! 


June 10' 


son of 

Elizabeth I homas 
daughter of and Mary 

Spoils. J Heniy Barrow and Margl. Gardner 
Jolm and Whiteside of Ashton Joumey- Thomas 
Barbara olim Taylor man Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Ewd Hayse and Mary Whiteside 
Christopher Waddington of Groom Thomas 

and Anne olim Thumham Crowe, Pastor 

Rawlinson [Spons.] W"! Cliffe and Eliz. Lupton 
William Hodgkinson of Black- Thomas 

daughter of and olim Thumham smith Crowe, Pastor 

Sawyer [Spons.] John Hayse and Jane Shepherd 
Apeley of Husband- Thomas 

olim Hant Ihurnham man Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons. J John Hayse and Margt. Hayse 
Walker of Forton Husband- Thomas 
olim Holden man Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] John Richmond and Frances Holden 
George Parkinson of Galgate Farrier Thomas 
and ohm Holden Crowe, Pastor 

Elizabeth [Spons.] Thomas Gardner and Mary Holden 

Proxies for Robert Holden and Elizabeth Parkinson 
John and Richmond of Forton Farmer Thomas 
Anne olim Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Jos. Waddington and Margt. Wilson Proxies for 

Thomas and Anne Coulston 
Christopher Rogerson of Farmer Thomas 

and olim Cockerham Crowe, Pastor 

Winifrid Corbishley 

[Spons.] John Richmond and Teresa Corbishley 
Oct. 23''i EUzabeth Robert Dowthwaite of Sea Thomas 

Bom daughter of and Mary ohm Glasson Captain Crowe, Pastor 

Oct. 25^^ Bap. Whiteside 

[Spons.] Thomas Gardner Proxy for John Whiteside and Barb. [?] Whiteside 

son of 

son of 

(32) Born 
July 27"! 
Bap. July 27"> 

son of 


Nov. y^ Mary John and 

Bom daughter of Jane 

Nov. 4«i> Bap. 
Dec. i6'i» Robert 
Bom son of 

Dec. i8«u Bap. 




Becket of Gardner Thomsis 

oHm Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

Simpson [Spons.] Thomas and Helen Rogerson 
Park olim of Ashton Farmer Thomas 
Chatburn Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Hen. Whiteside and Ehz. Lupton 
John and Parkinson of Husband- Thomas 

ohm Thumham man Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Thomas Gardn.T Proxy for John Hayse and Jane Parkinson 
John John Heyse of Forton Farmer Thomas 

son of and Hellen olim Cross Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. Feb. 17"* [Spons.] W"" Akers and Ehz: Richmond 

Born Ehzabeth Richard Gardner of Husband- Thomas 

Feb. 23''«' daughter of and Mary ohm Thurnham man Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. Feb. 24"- 



daughter of Jane 

Bom Mark 

March 31 son of 
Bap. March 31 

Born George 

June 14"* son of 
Bap. June 14 

Aug. I2''> 
Bap. Aug. 

Sep. lo^'i 
Bap. Sep. 

Sep. 24*i> 


Sep. 28tn Bap 

Born Henry 

Oct. 2^^ son of 

Bap. Oct. 2^^ 

son of 

Mary Wilham 

daughter of and 
15*11 Isabella 


Barnes [Spons.] Geor. Shaw and Anne Gardner 
Christopher Waddington of Groom Thomas 

and Anne olim Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 


[Spons.] Robert Gardner and Mary Jewit 

Corbishley of Farmer Thomas 

f)]im Thumham Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Thomas and Anne Corbishley 

of Husband- Thomas 

Thumham man Crowe, Pastor 

John and 

(33) Born Elizabeth 



[Spons.] Richard Gardner and Jane Gabbott 
Birchal of Glasson Boatman Thomas 
olim and Crowe, Pastor 

Rogerson Farmer 

[Spons.] Ric*! Astley and Winifrid Bamber 
John and Pedder of Husband- Thomas 

daughter of Elizabeth olim Shaw Thurnham man Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] John Parkinson and Anne Shaw 
John and Davies of Forton Coachman Thomas 

Margaret olim Shaw Crowe. Pastor 

[Spons.] Geo. Shaw Proxy for Ric^ Richardson 

and Ahce Osbaldeston 
John and Crombleholme Hillham Husband- Thomas 

Nov. 1 1"> daughter of Helen 
Bap. Nov. i3t'> 

Crowe, Pastor 


Nov. 19' 

son of 




Born William 

Jan. 19"^ son of 

Bap. Jan. 2ist 

Born Mary 

Feb. 5"' daughter of and 

Bap. Feb. 6^^ Aaness 

Ap. 14"! 
Bap. Ap. 
May 4"' 
May. 4**^ 

son of 

olim Lane man 

Davies Cockerham 

[Spons.] Joseph Parkinson and Ehzabeth Gardner 
Hornby of Husband- Thomas 

olim Thurnham man Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] John Hornby and Mary Jewit Proxy for Mary Etherington 

Billington of Farmer Thomas 

olim Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

Clarkson [Spons. 1 Thomas and Anne Corbishley 
Gabbott of Carter Thomas 

olim Lamb Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Geo. Shaw and Mary Jewit 
Bonny of Forton Boatman Thomas 

olim Helmn Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] John Pedder and Mary Rosson 
Corbishley of Farmer Thomas 

olim Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

W^ Bretherton and Rachel Houghton 

Proxies for Thomas Coulston and Ellen Brindle 

and Anne 


Margaret John and 
daughter of Mary 

and Anne 




Born Margaret Joseph 

May Q**" daughter of and 
Bap. May n'" 

June 4'h Thomas 
Born son of 

Bap. June 4^'' 

Born William 

June 6"» son of 
Bap. June 6^^ 
Born Henry 

July 1 1"» son of 
Bap. July 13' 

of Slater 

Thurnham and 

John Hornby and Rachael Houghton 
of Husband- Thomas 

Thurnham man Crowe, Pastor 

July 3is» 
Bap. Aug. 

Aug. i.t'h 
Bap. Aug. 
Aug. i5"» 
Bap. Aug. 
(34) Born 
Sep. i5"> 
Bap. Sep. : 

Hayse of Slater Thomas 

olim Thurnham and Crowe, Pastor 

Elizabeth Simpson 

William Hornby 
and olim 

Elizabeth Walmsley 
John Rogerson Proxy for John Hornby and Rachael Houghton 
William Hodgkinson of Black- Thomas 

and Sarah olim Thurnham smith Crowe, Pastor 

Sawyer [Spons.] Richard and Margaret Hayse 
John and Richmond of Forton Farmer Thomas 
Anne olim Crowe, Pastor. 

[Spons.] Richard Dawson Proxy for Rev. Hen. Richmond and Margt. Wilson 

son of 

son of 

John and Whiteside of Malster Thomas 

IBarbara olim Taylor Conder- Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Thomas Gardner, Elizabeth Lupton Proxies for 

James Whiteside and Margaret Wilson 
Parkinson of Fisherman Thomas 

olim Hayse Cockerham Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Joseph Parkinson and Jane Shepherd 
Akers of Forton Footman 'I'homas 

olim Heyse Crowe, Pastor 

Pykc and Alice Osbaldeston 
Footman Thomas 

and ' 
and Marv 

son of 

13"^ [Spons.] W™ Abbott Proxy for Tho 
Sombe Christopher Waddington of 

daughter of and Anne 


Crowe, Pastor 

Bom George 

Sep. 2i»' son of 

Bap. Sep. 22 "'1 

Born Anne 

Sep. 23"' daughter of and 

Bap. Sep. 26*'' 

Bom William 

Nov. ly**" son of 

Bap. Nov. i8"> 

and Alice 

Nov. 2o"> 
Bap. Nov. 
Dec. 22"'^ 
Bap. Dec. 

Dec. 3o't> 
Bap. Jan. 
Feb. 12'n 
Bap. Feb. 15' 

Maria William 

daughter of and 
I St Elizabeth 

Helen John and 

daughter of Helen 

Feb. 26"' 
Bap. Feb. 
Ap. li^^ 
Bap. Apr. 
Ap. IS*" 

son of 


son of 

Bap. Ap. 17 


[Spons.] Thomas Pyke and Ellen Rogenson 
Corbishley of Farmer Thomas 

olim Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

Rogerson [Spons.] Thomas and Anne Corbishley 
Christopher Rogerson of Farmer Thomas 

lim Cockerham Crowe, Pastor 

Winifrid Corbishley [Spons.] Thomas and Helen Rogerson 
Thomas Hailwood of Ellell Husband- Thomas 

and man Crowe, Pastor 

Elizabeth Ribchester Dairy Maid 

[Spons.] Robt. Wareing and Eliz. Davies 
Corbishley of Farmer Thomas 

olim Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

Crookall [Spons.] Thomas and Anne Swarbrick 
Rogerson of Ashton Boatman Thomas 

Crowe, Pastor 
Houghton [Spons.l William and Isabella Birchall 

of Webster's Farmer Thomas 
in Ellell Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Thomas & Ellen Rogerson 
of Forton Farmer Thomas 

Crowe, Pastor 
[Spons.] John and Margaret Davies 
of Husband- Thomas 

olim Shaw Thurnham man Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] George and Elizabeth Shaw 
Park olim of Ashton Farmer Thomas 
Chatburn Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] John Becket and Jane Parkinson 
Henry and Crombleholme of Husband- Thomas 
Margaret olim Davis Thurnham man Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] William Bretherton and Elizabeth Gardner 

Elizabeth George 
daughter of and 
21" Teresa 

Margaret Thomas 
daughter of and Jane olim 



olim Cross 

Alice John and Pedder 

daughter of Elizabetli 






Born Margaret Richard Gardner of Husband- Thomas 

June 9"> daughter of and Mary olim Barnes Thurnham man Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. June lo'" 
Born John 

June 22"<* son ol 
Bap. June 24"> 

(35) Born Richard 
Aug. 28"! son of 
Bapi. Aug. 3o"» 



Sep. i5''» daughter of and 

Bap. Sep. 20*" Isabella 

[Spons.J John Kogcrson and Margaret Gardner 
John Parkinson of Labourer Thomas 

and Jane olim Bolton Thurnham Crowe, Pastor, 

[Spons.l Dorothy Parkinson and Tho^ Gardner 

Proxy for Tho^ Pykc 
Rogerson of Husband- Thomas 

olim Thurnham man Crowe, Pastor 


[Spons.] W"' Bretherton and Jane Shepherd 
Birchali of Glasson Boatman Thomas 
dlim Crowe, Pastor 

Rogerson [Spons.] John Birchali and Agness Seed 

John and 


[Heye occur Confirmations 1835, v. infra.] 

Born Robert 

Nov. 5'''> son of 

Bap. Nov. 8«»» 

Bom Thomas 

Dec. 5"> son of 

Bap. Dec. 6'J» 

(36) Born Elizabeth 

Dec. y^ daughter of Agness 

Bap. Dec. 9»i» 

Born Georgi 

Dec. 11''' son of 

Bap. Dec. 13' 

Born Grace Thomas 

Dec. 31*' daughter of and 
Bap. Elizabeth 

Jan. 1"* 1836 

Born Helen Williiim 

Jan. i^t daughter of and 
Bap. Jan. i^* Agness 

Born Jane John and 

Jan. 7"! daughter of Rachael 
Bap. Jan. y'l* 

James and Ribchester of Ashton Farmer Thomas 
Ca^ierine olim Crowe, Pastor 

Catteral [Spons.] Jcr. Parkinson and Eliz. Parker 
Thomas Becket of Gardiner Thomas 

and Jane olim Thurnham Crowe, I'astor 

Simpson [Spons.] W^ Abbott and Eliz. Weights 
James and Hurst of Glasson Boatman Thomas 

olim Crowe, Pastor 

Richardson [Spons.] John and Elizabeth Shaw 
Thomas Corbishley of Farmer Thomas 

and Anne olim Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.l John Simpson and Jane Shepherd Proxies for Geo. and Mary Brindle 
TonUinson of Gallgate Publican Thomas 
olim Crowe, Pastor 


[Spons.] RiC^ Tomlinson and Helen Rogerson 
Gabbott of Labourer Thomas 

olim Lamb Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Joseph Gabbott and Anne Shaw 
Hornby of Labourer Thomas 

olim Cockerham Crowe, Pastor 


[Spons.] Thomas Hornby and Mary Lawrence 
Armstrong of Gallgate Gardiner Thomas 
olim Crowe, Pastor 

Brazil [Spons.] Robert and Mary Wareing 

Parkinson of Salt Oak Husband- Thomas 
olim Ellell man Crowe, Pastor 


[Spons.] Francis Hodgkinson and Sarah Heysc 
Richmond of Cock Farmer Thomas 
olim Hall Crowe, Pastor 

Corbishley Thurnham 

[Spons.] George and Teresa Corbishley 
Corbishley of Farmer Thomas 

Cockersand Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] John Richmond and Anne Swarbreck Proxy for Anne Richmond 
Born William John and Shaw olim of Condor Labourer Thomas 

Ap. i6H> son of Elizabeth Lamb Green Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. Ap. i7'i» Ashton 

[Spons.] George and Anne Shaw 

Jan. 27^^ 
Bap. Jan. 
Feb. 1 2*1* 
Bap. Feb, 

Feb. 23' 

Jane John and 

daughter of Anna 

son of 

son of 

and Alice 

and Anne 

Bom Feb. 22 01 

March 5'*» 

March 5"» 

Grace George 

daughter of and Teresa olim 




Bom James William Hornby of Hillham Labourer Thomas 

June 6*'> son of and olim Lane Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. Tune 7"» Elizabeth Walmsley Cockerham 

[Spoils.] Thomas Hornby and Matilda Jackson 
Bom John John Davies of Clifton Coachman Thomas 

Jimeii"» son of and olim Hill, Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. June la'^i Margaret Shaw Forton 

[Spons.] W"' Parkinson and Eliz<*» Davies 
Born Sarah ^^'il!iam Akers of Clifton Footman Thomas 

Juh' 2g'>» daughter of and Mary olim Heyse Hill, Forton Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. Julv 3i8t [Spons.] James Heyse and Sarah Heyse Proxy for Grace Heyse 

(37) Born Timothy John and Pedder of Fisherman Thomas 

fuly 30th son of " Elizabeth olim Shaw Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. July 31*' [Spons.] Richard Wilson and Margaret Smith 

Bom " Elizabeth John and Heyse olim of Forton Farmer Thomas 

Sep. i6"» daughter of Helen 
Bap. Sep. i8«i» 

Oct. 15"^ 
Bap. Oct 

Jan. 5'H 


son of 

son of 




John and 

Cross Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] John Cross and Catherine Heyse 
Shaw olim of ' Husband- Thomas 

Cromble- Thurnham man Crowe, Pastor 


[Spons.] George Shaw and Elizabeth Wilkinson 

Whiteside of Condor- Malster Thomas 
olim Green Crowe, Pastor 

Jan. 6"» [Spons ] Thomas Gardner and Anne Rogerson Proxy for Margaret Leeming 
Bom William William Corbishley of Farmer Thomas 

Jan. 6»i» son of and Alice olim Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. Jan. 8«h Rogerson Moss 

[Spons.] John Tomlinson and Helen Rogerson 
Bom Agness John and Swarbreck of Gallgate Publican Thomas 

Jan. 31S' daughter of Elizabeth ohm Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. Feb. 5^*^ " Blackburn [Spons.] George and Mary Swarbreck 

Bom Helen William Chorley of Ellell Farmer Thomas 

March y^ daughter of and olim Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. March s*" Elizabeth Helnin 

[Spons.] Thomas Gardner and Alice Wareing 
Born Anne Richard Hayse of Slater and Thomas 

April 18' daughter of and olim Thurnham Plasterer Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. Margaret Holden 

April 2'»i [Spons.] Geo. Swarbrick and Mary Hayse Proxy for Grace Rogerson 

Bom Teresa Thomas Tomlinson of Galgate Publican Thomas 

April io'i» daughter of and olim GrOOkall Crowe, Pastor 

Bap. April iot»» Elizabeth 

[Spons.] W™ Birchall Proxy for Thomas Swarbreck and Jane Swarbreck 

Bom WilUam 

March 31s' son of 
Bap. April 16^^ 

April 27« 
April 29' 
May io"i 
May 14"^ 
May 25<'» 

and Alice 


daughter of and 


Bap. May 26"> 

Parkinson of Holly Husband- Thomas j 
olim Lane, man Crowe, Pastor 

Arrowsmith Forton 

[Spons.] William Pedder and Eliz»»» Dayies 
Birchall of Glasson Shop- Thomas 

olim keeper Crowe, Pastor 


[Spons.] John Birchall Proxy for James Birchall and Eliz. Hodgson 
Anne Joseph Hayse of Slater and Thomas 

daughter of and olim Thurnham Plasterer Crowe, Pastor 

Elizabeth Simpson 
[Spons.] Henry Simpson Proxy for John Simpson and Anna Shaw 
Robert Richard Gardner of Husband- Thomas 

son of and Mary olim Thurnham man Crowe, Pastor 


[Spons.] W"" Bretherton and Anne Waddington 


(38) June i6«>» John 


son of 


Jane William 

daughter of and Anm 

Joseph Smith and Both of Husband- Thomas 

Margaret Gardner Thurnham man Crowe, Pastor 

Dairy Maid 
[Spons.l RiC Gardner and Anne Rogerson 
Tomlinson of Farmer Thomas 

olim Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Rob' Gardner Proxy for Thomas Kitchen and Alice Kitchen 
Marianne George Corbishley of Farmer Thomas 

daughter of and olim Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

Teresa Crookall 
[Spons.] Thomas & Anne Swarbreck Proxies for W™ & Jane Ibbison 
Sarah John and Pedder of Fisherman Thomas 

daughter of Elizabeth olim Shaw Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Thomas Bretherton and Mary Whitehead 
John and Parkinson of Labourer Thomas 

Jane olim Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

Bolton [Spons.] John Heyse and Agness Rogerson 
John and Richmond of Farmer Thomas 

i^^'i daughter of Anne olim Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 


Bap. June 


July -'5'" 


July 261'' 


Sep. 2is' 


Sep. 22 n*! 


Sep. 26'» 

Bap. Sep. 28t«» 

Born Richard 

Oct. 28t»> son of 

Bap. Oct. ag"' 

Born Elizabeth 



Nov. 24 "^ fSpons.] John Simpson Proxy for Robert Corbishley and Barbara Walmsley 

Boni Thomas 

Nov. 2 8'i» son of 
Bap. Dec. 3"^ 
Born John 

Dec. 3'''' son of 
Bap. Dec. 3 

John and 

Dec. i8ii» 
Bap. Dec. 


Jan. I I'll 
Bap. Jan. 

Feby 4"' 
Bap. Feb. 
Feb. 4<'> 
Feb. ii'" 



[Spons.] James Thornton Proxy 







of Coachman Thomas 

Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Thomas and Grace Rogerson 
of Labourer Thomas 

Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

son of 


daughter of Helen* 

son of 

son of 


for John Thompson and Margaret Smith 

Samuel of Skerton Mechanick Thomas 

and Mary Parkinson of Thurnham House Crowe, I'astor 

[Spons.] W^illiam Parkinson and Bridget Swindlehurst 
John and Cromble- of Labourer Thomas 

holme Cockerham Crowe, Pastor 

olim Davies 

[Spons.] W'" Corless and Margaret Crombleholme 
Shaw olim of Ashton Boatman Thomas 
Lamb Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.l Richard Shaw and Mary Shaw- 
Park olim of Ashton Farmer Thomas 
Chatburn Crowe, Pastor 


[Spons.] William & Jane Parkinson Proxies for 

Thomas Parkinson and Margaret Adamson 
Thomas Swarbreck of Farmer Thomas 

of and Anne olim Cockerham Crowe, Pastor 

Crookall [Spons.] George and Teresa Corbishley 
Bretherton of Labourer Thomas 

olim Thurnham Crowe, Pastor 

[Spons.] Richard and Mary Gardner Proxy for Mary Whitehead 
W^illiam Akers of Galgate Butcher Thomas 

and Anne 

March 25*'' daughtc 

Bap. March 26'^ 

(39) Born James 

June I I'll son of 


June 12"* 

Born Jane 

June 24"^ daughter of and Mary olim Heyse 

Crowe, Pastor 
Bap. June 24*'^ [Spons.] Joseph and Agness Orrell 

Born Richard James and Hurst olim of Glasson Boatman Thomas 

July 11"' son of Agness Richardson Crowe, Pastor 

I3ap. July 13"' [Spons.l Thomas Rogerson and Marga. Nixon Prox}' for Anne Hurst 

* Corrected from Margaret. — j.E.s. 


The following Confirmation Registers are all given twice ; firstly in 
chronological order amongst the baptisms, and then they have been 
alphabetically arraiiged according to sex for each year and rewritten, 
pages 67-89. To save needless repetition, the first set are printed and 
substantial differences in the second set are here given in brackets. 

(ist set p. 5 ; 2nd p. 67.) 
List of those persons confirmed in Dec. 1792 [or 1791 or 3 not 

certain which is correct]. 
Jane Corna[c]k. Eliz.Dalton. Jennet Pennington. Jane Pennington. 
Jane Rogerson. Mary Hayse. Anne Barton. [Isa] Bella Walker. 
Ann Parkinson. Jane Lawrence. Mar}' Gardner. Mary Hayse. 
Alice Billington. Mary Wilson. Mary Etherington. Edw^ Pen- 
nington. Wn^Ball. W^" Rogerson. Ew<^ Hayse. John Worswick. 
Roger Worswick. John Etherington. RiC^ Smith. Cas [Charles] 
Etherington. W^i Parkinson. John Walker. Jer[emiah] Gardner. 
John Parkinson. Bridget Dalton. Teresa Machell. Margt. Morris. 
Isabella Hayse. Mary Bennet [Barnett]. Anne Lawrence. Mary 
Lawrence. Alice Smith. Anne Gardner. Anne Worswick. Hanah 
Booth. James Smith. W"^ Smith. John Hayse. George Johnston. 
James Booth. James Osier. Rich^^ Pennington. Tho^ Pennington. 
Wm Gardner. John Cawell [Cowell]. James Cawell [Cowell]. John 
Smith. Thomas Smith. Henry Rogerson. Geo. Rogerson. 
[Males 28, Females 26. Total, 54] 

(ist set p. 9 ; 2nd p. 69) List of those persons who were 
confirmed in 1803. 
John Tomlinson. Mic. Bretherton. John Rogerson. James Bomford. 
Xryst [Christopher] Hayse. Hen. Wilson. James Pennington. 
Xrys [Christopher] Rogerson. John Braithwaite. W'» Park. James 
Gardner. Thomas Pawson [Pearson]. Ric^J Hayse. Frances 
[Francis] Bomford. W^" Pennington. Tho^ Bomford. James 
Caupe [Coupe]. Mathias Rogerson. Helen Clarkson. Eliz. Bom- 
ford. Anne Park. Mary [Elizabeth] Johnston. Bella Park. Eliz. 
Richmond. Margt. Park. Anne Smith. Helen Gardner. Mary 
Smith. Eliz. Hayse. Eliz. Miles. Mary Gardner. Helen Smith. 
Eliz. Hayse. Mary Rogerson. Eliz. Lawrence. Jane Hayse. Bella 
Rogerson. Helen Swarbrick. Anne Wilson. Jane Smith. Helen 
Smith. Amy [Ann] Smith. Eliz. Park. Mary Rogerson. Mary 
Smith. [Males 18, Females 27, Total 45.] 

(ist set p. 16 ; 2nd p. 70.) List of the confirmed Sep. 14th 1813. 
John Holden. John Parkinson. Joseph Park. John Swarbrick. 
Ric^J Rogerson. W'" Atkinson. Law : Bomford. Geo. Corbishley. 
Robert Gardner. W°i Parkinson. Ja^ Robinson. RiC* Swarbrick. 
Ricd Tomlinson. John Atkinson. Ric^ Holden. Xrys [Christopher] 
Hayse. Robert Lawrence. Robert Parkinson. W"» Robinson. John 
Rogerson. John Whiteside. Tho^ Bolland. John Holden. Rob^ 
Hayse. Law. Pennington. Ja^Kaye. W"^ Shepherd. W^^ Roger- 
son. Hen. Whiteside. Ric^ Whiteside. John Gardner. Win[efride] 
Corbishley. Margt. Hoskinson. Agness Lawrence. Eliz. Roger- 
son. Margt. Shaw. W"" Walker. Eliz. Atkinson. Eliz. Corbish- 



ley. Rebecca Lawrence. Eliz. Parkinson. Anne Rogerson. Helen 
Robinson. Mary Shaw. Robert Lucas. Anne Atkinson. Eliz: 
Holden. Jane Lawrence. Jane Pennington. Helen Rogerson. 
Win[efride] Smith. Mary Whiteside. Ben. Wilkinson. Mary Hail- 
wood. Mary Holden, Margt. Gardner. Grace Park. Dorothy 
Robinson. Lucy Smith. Margt. Whiteside. Helen Walker. Anne 

Took place at Thurnham Hall. [In pencil] [The Rev. James 
Foster was Incumbent at Thurnham when those in 1791 or 1792 or 
1793 & those in 1803 & those in 1813 were Confirmed, & the names 
under the above dates were taken from among the Baptism names 
in this Book] 

(ist set p. 23 ; 2nd p. 73.) List of those who were confirmed 
31st August 1825 by Rt. Rev. Dr. Thomas Penswick, assisted by 
the Rev. J. B. Marsh of New House, D. P. Hearne* of Garstang, 
and Thomas Crowe of Thurnham. The second Christian name 
is that given in Confirmation. 
(24) Maria Byrne Elizabetha Park 

Teresia. Maria. 

Henricus Crombleholme Isabella Rogerson 

Josephus. Catherina. 

GulielmusEtherington Ricardus Shaw 

Josephus Gardner 

Thomas Hornby 

Helena Parkinson 

Joannes Parkinson 

Maria Rogerson 

Joannes Shaw junior 

Joannes Tomlinson 

Elizabetha Blackburn Joannes Pilling 

Agness. Josephus. 

Joannes CrombleholmeThomas Rogerson 

Elizabetha Whiteside 

Robertus Ball 

Margarita Davies 

Gulielmus Gabbot 

Margarita Gardner 

Elizabetha Hayse 

Anna Parkinson 


Joannes Gabbot 

Gulielmus Gardner 

Joannes Hornby 

Bridget Parkinson 


Georgius Sha\\- 

Edwardus Wliiteside 

Helena Berry 

Anna Davies 


Michael Gabbot 

Helena Gardner 

Elizabetha Hodgson 

Thomas Redshaw 

Jeremias Parkinson 

Richardus Rogerson 

Elizabetha Shaw 

Jacobus Worswick 

Helena Borough 

Margarita Davies 

Joanna Gabbot 

Stephenus Gardner 

Maria Holden 

Joannes Parkinson 

Helena Rogerson 

Alicia Rogerson 


* V. C.R.S., xvi, 521. 


Thomas Tomlinson Joanna Wareing 

Josephus. Maria. 

Barbara Whiteside Anna Corbishley 

Maria. Teresia. 

Maria [Anna] CorbishleyThomas Gardner 

Anna [Maria] 
Richardus Dawson 

Richardus Gardner 

Maria Gardner 

Thomas Parkinson 

Dorothea Parkinson 

Thomas Rogerson 

Sarah Smith 

Helena Tomlinson 


Richardus Gardner 

Maria Parkinson 

Maria Parkinson 

Georgius Rogerson 

Margarita Smith 

Georgius Tomlinson 

Margarita Singleton 

Thomas Etherington 


Thomas Corbishley 

Anna Etherington 

Josephus Gardner 

Jacobus Jackson 

Robertus Parkinson 

Josephus [Jacobus]. 
Joanna Parkinson 

Martha Rogerson 

Joannes Shaw 

Gulielrnus Tomlinson 

Robertus Wareing 


rMales42 \g n 

[^Females 38 

(ist set p. 29 ; 2nd p. 77.) Names of those who were confirmed 
June iS'^i 1831 by the Rt. Rev^ Dr. Thomas Penswick, assisted 
by the Rev^ Mess" Thomas Berry of Gotham, Michael Hickey 
of Garstang, John Dixon of Scorton and Thomas Crowe of 
Thurnham. The second Christian name is the one given in 

Gulielrnus Abbott 

Richardus Astley 

Richardus Apeley 

Thomas Apeley 

Elizabetha Atkinson 

Margarita Atkinson 

Alicia Atkinson 

Catherina Atkinson 

Gulielrnus Atkinson 


Margarita Gardner 

Agnes Hod[g]kinson 

Maria Parkinson 

Agnes Rogerson 

Josephus Waddington 

Margarita Holden* 

Elizabetha Backhouse 

Elizabetha Gardner 

Edwardus Hayse 


Josephus Parkinson 

Elizabetha Rogerson 

Maria Waddington 

Elizabetha Berry 

Robertus Gillet 

Helena Hayse 

Thomas Parkinson 

Gratia Rogerson 

Robertus Wareing 


* ex Scortonis Congregatione. 


Joanna Seed* 

Joannes Becket 

Tliomas Haihvood 

Matilda Jackson 

Elizabetha Parker 

Helena Rosson 

Maria Wareing 

Jacobus Birchall 

Rachaelis Houghton 

Jacobus Ka3'e 


* Ex Scor: gregi( 


Eduardus Parker 

Guliehnus Singleton 

Alicia Wareing 

Anna Da vies 

Maria Hayse 

Maria Lawrence 

Anna Parker 

Maria Singleton 

Maria Whitehead 

Elizabetha Gardner 


Sarah Hod [g] kin son 

Anna [Maria] Newbv 

Maria [Anna]. 
Joannes Peddcr 

Benjaminus Smith 

Richardus Wilson 

Anna Gardner 

Franciscus Hod[glkinson 

Margarita Parkinson 

Helena Rogerson 

Anna Shaw- 
Maria . 
r36 females \ _ J 
L21 males /'"''''J 

(ist set p. 35 ; 2nd p. 80.) Names of those who were confirmed 
September 24*'^ 1835 by the Rt. Rev'^ Dr. Thomas Penswick 
assisted by the Rev'^ Phillip Orrell of Poulton in the Fylde and 
Rev^i Henry Gradwell of Claughton and the Rev^ Thomas Crowe 
of Thurnham. The Rev^ B. Marsh of New House, the Rev. 
Ralpli Piatt of Great Eccleston, the Rev^ John Dixon of Westby 
were also in the chapel. The second Christian name is the one 
given in Confirmation, 

Georgius Armstrong 

Lawrentius Crook 

Jeremia Gardner 


Helena Crook 

Joannes Gardner 

Agnes Hurst 


Jacobus Hod[g]kinson Gulielmus Rogerson 

Margarita Parker 

Elizabetha Rogerson 

Jacobus Thornton 

Robertus Walmsley 

Robert Atkinson 


Anna Rogerson 

Catherina Wiiiteside 

Gulielmus Whitehead 

Mattheus Apeley 

Bridgitta Crook 


Anna Gardner 

Gulielmus Hornby 

Gulielmus Rogerson 

Joanna Ribchester 

]\Iaria Whiteside 

Maria Billington 

Joannes Chorle\' 

Josephus Gabbott 

Gratia Heyse 




Thomas Rogerson 

Alicia Shaw- 

Helena Wrennall 

Anna Bell 

Gulielmus Chorley 

Agnes Gabbott 

Elizabetha Jewit 

Thomas Rogerson 

Elizabetha Shaw- 



Rogerius Crombleholme 

Elizabetha Chorlej- 

Elizabetha Gabbott 

Alicia Park 

Helena Rogerson 

Elizabetha Smith 

Anna Waddington 


Catherina Rogerson 

Maria Tomlinson 

Elizabetha Waddington 

Elizabetha Cromble- 

Anna. [holme 

Edwardus Gardner 

Joanna Hayse 


Winifride Crombleholmejoannes Parker 

Elizabetha Dav 

^laria Gabbott 

Jacobus Park 


Joanna Rogerson 

Thomas Thornton 

Jacobus Wareing 


ffemales SSl.^l 

(ist set p. 40 ; 2nd p. 83.) Names of those who were confirmed 
Sep. gt'i 1839 by the Rt. Rev^ Dr. John Briggs assisted by the 
Rev^* George Gillow-* the Bp's secretary [this added below line] and 
Reyd Thomas Crowe of Thurnham. The Christian name after 
the surname is the one given in confirmation. 

Anne Apeley 

Matthew Hevse 

Anne Rogerson 

Helen Wareing 

John Billington 

Jo; cphus. 
William Jackson 

Helen Rogerson 

James Wareing 

Edward Crook 


Han ah maria Kellett 

Henry Rogerson 


William Hays 

William Parkinson 


\\'illiamWereden [Wear- Teresa Waddington 

Joannes. den] Maria. 

Elizabeth Crombleholmejohn Heyse 

Dorothy Orrel[e] 

Marj^ Swarbrick 

Joseph Hays 

John Parkinson 

Henry Shaw 


^ V. p. 60, 

Helen Parkinson 

Joseph Whiteside 

Franciscus Xaverius. 
Sarah Heyse 

Joseph Ribchester 

Thomas Whiteside 

[ male? 




(ist set p. 48 ; 2nd p. 85.) Names of those who were confirmed 
Sep. 30, 1845, by the Rt. Rev'^ Dr. Brown assisted by the 
Rev^ Ric<^ Brown of Lancaster, Rev^ Robert Tiirpin of Scorton, 
Rev'' Edward Brown of Great Eccleston, Rev^ Thomas Crowe 
of Thurnham. The Christian name, after the surname, is the 
one given in Confirmation. 

William Becket 

William Gates 

Jane Parkinson 

Joseph Rogerson 

John Cross 

William Gardner 

Ellen Parkinson 

Mary Rogerson 

James Waddington 

Leo Waddington 

George Chorley 

Alice Gabbott 

Agnes Parkinson 


Richard Rogerson Elizabeth Douthwaite 

Thomas. Maria. 

Priscilla Waddington John Hay: 

Jane Crombleholme 

James Heyse 

James Parkinson 

George Rogerson 

Alice Wilson 

Anne Crombleholme 

Margaret Heyse 

Richard Parkinson 

Mar}^ Rogerson 

Nicholas Wilkinson 


Edward Parkinson 

Elizabeth Robinson 

Robert Fairclough 

Joseph Hays 

John Rogerson 

James Wainman 

Agness Fairclough 

James Macgrath 

Elizabeth Rogerson 

Ellen Whiteside 


rfemales 16 \-] 
Lmales 21 j^' J 

[The Rev. Thomas Crowe ims Incumbent at Thurnham when those 
in 1825, in 1831, in 1835, ^w 1839, ^*^^ ^^ ^^45 xvere confirmed. The 
names under the above dates are taken from among tite Baptism names.] 

A Register of Burials at Thurnham, 1825-1849. 

This is an old copybook about y^xCJin., without cover, brown, 
and in j^arts much faded ; spelUng eccentric, with mj^sterious figures 
here and there on its pages, which probably refer to graves and plots 
of ground. There are thirty-two pages only, and of these ten are blank. 

Over many of the names the letters P. i.B. [paid i breadth] occur, 
and sometimes as in case of Jeremiah Walmsley, P. 2. B. [paid 2 breadths]. 
This signifies a breadth of ground was paid for. 

On page 30 there is an account of work done in June and July, 1843. 
Shifting rails and peling and faling (?) larch, 7 days and 2 men on most ; 
no names mentioned. 



Chapple Yard. 
No. 2. Ane Sandwell, Aged 25 yrs., Wyersdale. 

Do. Richard Richmond, Aged 40 yrs., Wyersdale. 

Do. James Waring, Aged 14 yrs., Forton. 
No. 50. Eliz. Rodgerson, Thurnham, Aged 39 yrs. P.i.B 
5. No, 86. Jas. Seed, Caponray Hall, 7 years old. P.i.B 
No. 4. Andrew Gardiier, Lancaster : aged 78 yrs. 
No. 98. Hellen Townley, Lancaster, Aged 25 yrs. P.i.B 
No. 98. Ja8 Turner, Do. Aged 4 Days. 

No. 6. Anne Paterson, Dolphinholme, Aged 18 yrs. 

10. No. 2. Robert Penington, Dolphinholme 

No. 6. Alice Paterson, Do. Aged 18 yrs. 

(2) No. 8. Eliz. Dewarst, Haselrig, Aged 67 yers. 

No. 10. Robert Hardrece, Thurnham, Aged 90 yrs. 

No. no. Mark Waddington, Th^", Aged 7 Mo*^ 15 days. P.i.B 

15. No. 62. Jos. Hays, Thurnham, Aged 77 yrs. P.i.B 
No. 122. Eliz. Robinson, Winmarley, Aged 2 mos. P.i.B 
No. 75-74. Eliz. Robinson, Cocker Sand Abby, aged 56. P.2.B 
74 Vacent 
Richard Robinson, La^, Aged 59 yrs. 
Eliz. Jenkinson, Wyersdale, Aged 36 yrs. P.i.B 
Mary Sharpies, Forton, Aged 10^^ 3 wks. 

John Sharpies, Forton, iimo. i wk. 
Cristopher Rogerson, Thumhum, Aged 4 mo. 17 days. 

Eiz. Simpson, Dolphinholme, Aged 16 weehs [?]. 
Thomas Cliff, Thurnham, Aged 55 years. P.i.B 

(3) 25. No. 8. Mary Holden, Dolphinhohne, Aged 16 years. 
John Seed, Caponwray Hall, Aged 6 yrs. 
Mary Corbishley, Cockersand Abbey, Aged 26 yrs. 
Ann Valantine, Lancaster, Aged 35 yrs. P.i.B 
Jane Hodkinson, Bolton, Aged 3 yrs. 

30. No. 123. John Thornton, Cockerom, Aged 72 yrs. P.i.B 

No. 137. Jos Rodgerson, Surgon, Garstang, Aged 36 yrs. P.i.B 

No. 4. Thomas Hodkinson, Bolton, Aged 5 years. 
No. 8. John Dewarst, Heaselrig, Aged 72 yrs. 
No. III. Henry Wells, Pilling, Aged 8 years 7 months. P.i.B 
35. No. 4. Edward Crumbleholme, Th«i, Aged 24 Days. 
No. 51. John Dobson, Cabus, i years 7 months. 
No. I. Anne Richmond, Wyersdale, Aged 18 yrs. 


(4) No. I. Eliz. Kirkam, Wyersdale, Aged 4^ years. 

No. 8. Willni Witherington, Dolphinholme, Aged 14 yrs. 










No. 133. 
(3) 25. N( 
No. 86. 



















40. No. 02. Aline Hays, Thurnham, Aged 9 years 9 months. 

Eliz. Whiteside,* Thiirn ham, Aged 62 yers. P.i.B 

Richard Robinson, Lancaster, Aged 28. 

John Gabl)ot, Thurnham, Aged 15 yrs. 10 mos. 

James Gabbot, Do. Aged 5 yrs. 2 mos. 

Thomas Gabbot, Do. Aged 9 yrs. 11 mos. 

Meariea Rodgerson, Conder Green, Aged 7 mo. 

Mary Mascow, Kellet, Aged 17 months. P.i.B 

William Hill, Dolphinholme, Aged 13 years. 

Suson CoN\'el, lower Wyersdale, Aged 15 yrs. 
50. No. 3 [or 6]. Margret Mascow, Forton, Aged 13 yrs. 

(5) ^^"- 7- Johri Cowel, Lower Wyersdale, Aged 45 yrs. 
No. 5. John Paterson, Dolpinolme, Aged 20 yrs. 
No. 8. Mary Cowell, Lower Wyersdale, Aged 8 mo. 
No. I. Eliz. Yates, Dolpinolme, Aged i yar 8 mo. 
55. No. 51. Ellen Rogerson, Cabous, Aged 82 yrs. 

No. 5. John Patterson, Aged 6 months, Dolpinolme. 
No. 52. Jane Tomlinson, Thurnham, Aged 59 yrs. P.i.B 
No. 3. Jane Carr, Wyersdale, Aged 72 yrs. 
No. 15. Grace Bond, Dolpinolme, Aged 19 vrs. 

60. No. 99. Thomas Whiteside, Lancaster, Aged 25 yrs. 
No. 10. Jhon Gabbot, Thurnham, Aged 4 months. 
No. 15. Margret Bond, Dolpinolme, Aged 18 yrs. 
No. 3. Margret Swindley, Storth, Aged i yr. 3 mos. 

(6) No. 5. John Heatherinton, EUel, aged 72 yrs. 

65. No. 6. James Paterson, Dolpinolme, Aged 4 yrs. 

No. 83. Richard Redshaw, Skearton, Aged 7 Days. P.i.B 

No. 3. Sary Sandwel, Dolpinolme, Aged 2 yrs. 

No. 8. J. Holden, Dolpinolme, aged 3 weeks. 

No. 15. Elizabath Adkinson, Dole, Aged 44 y. 
70. No. 7. Sarry Paarkinson, Wiersdale, Aged 13 yrs. 
No. 5. James Chorley, Ellel, Aged 18 years. 
No. 12. James Hill, Dolpinolme, aged 12 yeras. 
No. 14. Wine^ Myerscough, Cateragh, Aged 62 3^ers. 
No. 89. Charels Heatherinton, Catchow, aged 58 \'ers. P.i.B 
75. No. 99. Thomas Whiteside,* Lancaster, Aged 64 yrs. 

(7) No. 15, Margret Adkinson, Dolphinolm, Aged 20 yev. 
No. 16. Agness Bond, Dolpholme, Aged 43 year. 

No. 137. Ann Rogerson, Garstang : Aged 63 yrs. 

No. 141. John Rodgerson, wolfangle, Aged 57 yrs. P.i.B 

80. No. 69. Eliz^ii Thomson, Lancaster, aged 65 yrs. P.i.B. 

No, i8. William Carr, Scorton, aged 85 yars. 
No. 125. Edward Swarbrick, Nateby, aged 52 yrs. P.i.B 
No. 16. James Bond, Dolpinolme, aged 8 years. 
No. 18. Thomas Patterson, Dolpinolme, Aged 11 3'ears. 
85. No. 7. Thomas Ribchester, Scorton, aged i year. 

!|c Gicat-giandparfuts ol Archbishop Whiteside, 

KEGlblKKS Or nil k\(l\M 215 

No. 5. James Armstrong, Ellt'l, aged i yr. 7 months. 

Xo. 18. Jolm Warton, Scorton, aged 13 years. 

No. (J. Elizabeth Parker, Lancaster : aged 25 years. 

(8) No. 10. Margaret Goodhear, Lancaster : aged 5 yrs. 

go. No. 50. John Rogcrson, Thurnham, Cock Hall, Aged 48 }ears. 
[T/iis Cock Hall is ivritten behveen Goodhear and Rogcrson, 
probably refers, to latter.] 
No. 100. Henrv Whiteside, Thurnham, Aged 37 years. P.i.B. 


Jane Parkinson, Condergreen, Aged 62 years. 

Thomas Quick, Forton, Aged 32 years. P.i.B 

Mark W'addington, Thurnham, Aged 2 years. 
!. Elizabeth Bains, Forton, Aged 20 months. 

James Ralinson, Cabous, Aged i year. 

Marj' Richmond, Wyersdale, Aged 62 yrs. 

Richard Sarginson, Ellel, Aged 83 years. 

Jeremiah Parkinson, Lancaster, Aged 9 years. 
II. Thomas Teeming, Lancaster, aged 9 years. 

Eliz^^i Richmond, Thurnham, Aged 71 years. P.i.B 

Sobe [?] Waddington, Thurnham, Aged 15 mo. 

(9) No. 12. Jane Simson, Lancaster, Aged 21 vears. 

Jane Heatherington, Catchow, Aged 53 yrs, 
JO. Annah Harmstrong, Ellel, Aged 46 yrs. 

John Wharton, Scorton, aged 78 yr. 

Eliz^ii Richmond, Wyersdale, aged 4 Ds. 

Peggy Holding, Dolphinolme, Aged 22 yr. 

John Rogerson, Thurnham vilage, aged 39 yrs. P.i.B 
58. Ann Birchall, Glason, aged 4 yr. P.i.B 

Thos Becket, Thurnham, aged 4 mos. P.i.B 

Alice Smithies, Lancaster, aged 26 yrs. 

John Whiteside, Conder Green, aged 4 yrs. 

Greger}- Walker, Garstang, aged 28 yrs. P.i.B 
115. No. 143. Rort Shephard, Ashton, aged 90 yrs. P.i.B 
No. 18. Thimothy Pedder, Thurnham, aged 5 mo. 


(10) No. 75. Chrst Robinson, Claughton, aged 73 yrs. 
No. 67. Hellener Pilling, Lancaster, aged i yr. P.i.B 
No. 81. John Becket, Thurnham: aged 36 yrs. 

120. No. 22. Betty Wharton, Scorton : aged 77 yrs. 

No. 16. Eliz^i' Chorley, Ellel, aged 3 days. 

No. 104. Joseph Wells, Lancaster : aged 3 Week. P.2.B 

No. 20. Margret Richmond, Wyersdale, aged 31 >'r. 

No. 16. Jolm Bonney, Glason, aged 9 week. 

125. No. 12. Marg. Ann Goodhear, aged 9 mo., Lancaster. 

No. 24. Richard Graceton, Lancaster : aged 60 yrs. 

No. 64. Eliz. Hays, Thurnham, aged 83. P.i.B 

No. 76. Thos Richmond, Cock Hall, aged 75. P.i.B 

No. 24. Hannah Ball, Lancaster : aged 24. 

130. No. 113. Bettey Billington, Thurnham, Aged 8 yr. P.i B 








No. 2 






























, No. 











(11) No. 22. Jane Nickson, Lancaster: aged 5 3'rs. 

No. II. W'" Parkinson, Thiirnliam Moss, aged 2 mos. 

No. 9. W"" Patcrson, Dolphinhohne, aged 22 yrs. 

No. 76. Eliz. Richmond, Cockhall, aged 4 mo. P.i.B 

135. No. 107. John Shaw, Thiirnham, aged 67 ^rs. P.i.B 

No. 9. Dorothy Patterson, Dolphinhohne, aged 54 yrs. 

No. 3. J. Waring, Cabus, aged i week. 

No. 20. James Akers, Ellcl, aged 5 week. 

No. 24. Ann Goodhear, Lancaster, aged 4b yr. 

140. No. II. John Slater, Wycrsdalc, aged 2 yr. 

No. 63. Robert Hibinson, Bonds, aged 82 yr. P.I.B 

No. 64. John Hays, Thurnham, aged 95 yr. 

No. 79. Edward Parker, Fort on, aged 52 yr. P.i.B 


(12) No. 127 & 128. Jermiah Walmsley,* Lancaster, aged 49 j^ears. 


145. No. 105, 104. Joseph Weells, Lancaster, aged i hour, 
^o- 37- James Bratherton, Thurnham, aged 8 mo. 
No. 113. Ann Billington, Thurnham, aged 39 yrs. 
No. 18. Jane Crumblome, Thurnham, aged 8 month. 
No. 125. Mary Swarbrick, Nateby, aged 21 yr. 
150. No. 21. Izabella Rawlenson, Cabous, aged 40 yrs. 
No. 21. Ann Bains, Leighton, aged 22 yr. 
No. 115. Alice Croft, Boolk, aged 62 yr. P.i.B 
No. 22. Ann Richmond, Scorton : aged 9 yrs. 

(13) No. 69. John Thompson, Lancaster, aged 58 \'r. 
155. No. II. Cristopher Parkinson, ashton, aged 2 daj'. 

No. 52. John Tomlinson, Thurnham, aged 70 yr. 
No. 10. John Gabbot, Thurnham, aged 2 yr. 
No. no. Hannah Waddington, Thunham, Aged 20 yrs. 
No. 94. Ann Simpson, Nateby, aged 78 yrs. P.i.B 
160. No. 122. Ann Robinson, Curchtown, aged 5 yr. 
No. 15. John Bonney, Glasson : aged 2 yrs. 
No. 95. E. Walker, Garstang, aged 3 yrs. 
No. 20. Sarah Akers, Galgate, aged 4 yrs. 
No. 37. Mary Rogerson, Conder Green, aged 75 yrs. 


(14) 165. No. 104. Ann Wells, Lancaster, aged 22 yrs. 

No. 49. Margret Corlous, Cockrmham, aged 72 yrs. P.i.B 

No. 14. Pattrick Shearson, Seaman, aged 17 yr. 

No. 64. Edward Hays, Thurnham, aged 63 yr. 

No. 24. Margret Gardner, Thunham, aged 22 yr. 

170. No. 19. John Holding, Catheral, aged 26 jts. 

No. 25. Richard Rogerson, Conder Green, aged 76 yrs. P.i.B 

No. 9. Joseph Ribcliester, Ashton, aged 10 Days. 

No. 19. Mar}^ Akers, Preston, aged 2 years. 

No. 131. Mary Jewett, Thurnham : aged 12 yrs. P.i.B 

* Founder of the firm of Walmsley and Smith., millers. 



175. No. 22. Thomas Nickson, Lancaster, aged 7 yrs. 
Do. John Crumblome, Cockerhani. 

(15) No. 143. James Kay, Ashton, aged 3 weeks. 

No. 17. William Bond, Dolphinholme, aged 20 yrs. 

No. 104. Mary Weells, Lancaster, Aged 15 yrs. 

180. No. 24. Henry Gardner, Thurnham, aged 5 mo. 

No. 132, 145. Will™ Smith,* Lancaster: aged 62 yrs. P.2.B 

No. 19. Jane Smith, Heaton : aged 4yr. 

No. 100. W"" Whiteside, Lancaster, aged 8 yrs. 

No. 17. Alice Richmond, Wyersdale, aged ^^ 3'r- 

185. No. 16. Will"! Nixon, Glason, aged 2 yrs. 

No. 28. Lawrence Richmond, Wyersdale, aged 22 vr. 

No. 28. Daniel German, Glason : aged 20 yr. 
No. 16. Edward Crumblome, Glason Dock. 
No. X Jane Parkinson, Lancaster, aged 20 y"". 
190. No. 127. Mary Walmsley, Lancaster : aged 20 y^". 


(16) No. 15. William Gardner, Glason, aged i year. 
No. 15. Elen Crumblome, Cookerham, aged i Oour. 

No. II. Eliz. Bleazdale, Skearton, aged 4 y^. 
No. 50. Jane Rogerson, Thurnham, aged 21 y^'^. 
195. No. 17. Thos Billington, Dolphinholme, aged 3 days. 
No. 94. Will°^ Simpson, Nateby : aged 80 y'"'*. 
No. 86. James Seed, Capernwray, aged 69 y^^. 
No. 122. W™ Robinson, Cathral, aged 6 y^^. 
No. 20. Mary Booney, Lancaster, aged i y'". 
200. No. 28. James Davis, Clevle}-, aged 76 y'"'*. 
No. 62. Jane Hays, Thurnham, aged 20 y^^. 
No. 6. Ellen Crumblome, Thurnham, aged 6 weeks. 
No. 100. George Whiteside, Lancaster, aged 6 months. 

(17) No. 143. John Kay, Ashton : aged 48 yers. 

205. No. 122. Marget Robinson, Cathral, aged 39 yers. 

No. 28. John Pedder, Aged 4 years 11 months, Dolphinholme. 

No. 30. Ellen Browfry, Dolphinholme, aged 54 j^ers. 

No. 123. Barbara welles, Lancaster, aged 83 yers. 

No. 28. Mary Patterson, Dolphinholme, aged 2 yers. 

210. No. 3, 6. Ewd. Richmond, Lower Wyersdale, 7! y^s old Dec. 9. 

No. 7, 4. Ellen Redshaw, Clifton Hill, Forton, 77 yrs. old Dec. 26. 

3, 6. W'n^ Patterson, Dolphinholme, 13 months, Jany. 21. 
3, 6. Marianne Pedder, Dolphinholme, 2 years, Jany 24. 
3, 6. Ellen Ball, Forton, 14 yrs., Feb. 11*^ 1845. 
215. 3, 8. Lawrence Richmond, Wyersdale, 73 y^^, March 23, 1845 
3, 8. W"^ Holden, Barnacre, 68 years, April 8*^ 1845. 

5|: Bom May 3, 1781 ; died April 7, 1842. 


E\\^ Cionibk'holnu', Thuinliain, 3 cla\ s, June 5^'' 1845. 
Mary Jewit, Tliiinihain, 58, June 25, 1845. 
l\.t)berl Gardner, Tliurnham, 56, July 31^*1 1845. 
MarlJia Holden, Caterall, 15 yr« old, Augt 17, 1845. 
Thomas Goodier, Preston, 53 yi«, Oct. 5I" 1845. 
Mary Crowe,* Thurnham, 90 y^s, Nov. 16*'^ 1845. 
Eliz. Hurst, Lancaster, 71 y^s, Nov. 23, 1845. P.i.B. 
Eliz. Derham, Wyersdale, 47 years, Nov. 30*'' 1845. 

Ellen Sergeant, Lancaster, 25 years, Jan. 20^'^ 1846. 
Ann Rogerson, Thurnhajn, 22 years, Feb. 2'' 1846. 
Henry Crombleholnie, Thurnham, 7 weeks, Feb. 18, 184O. 
Sarah Sergeant, Lancaster, 49 yrs., Feb. 20*'' 1846. 
James Whiteside, Lancaster, 10 months, March s^'i 184b. 
Agness Hornby, Thurnham, 8 months, April 4"! 1846. 

Jos. Waddington, Thurnham, 29 y'*^, Apl. 8, 1846. 
Rich^ Gardner, Thurnham, 5 months, April 25^'^ 1846. 
Agness Gabbott, Thurnham, 9 months. May 18*'^ 1846. 
James Hall, Wyersdale, 67 yrs., June lo**^ 1846. 
John Croft, Bulk, 70 yrs., July 28th 1846. 
Barbara Whiteside, t 44 y^^, Aug* 15th 1846, Lancaster. 
Dorothy Coulston, 13 y^^, Lancaster, Sep. 4^1 1846. 

Paid I breadth. 
Bridget Leece, 6 months : Galgate, Sep. 6, 1846. 
W^m Walmesley, 30 y''^, Lancaster, Sep. 17, 1846. 
Anne Atkinson, 6 weeks, Skerton, Sep, 28*^ 1846. 
Hannah Parkinson, 45 years, Lancaster, Oct. 8*^ 1846. 
Henry Aloysius Crowe, 10 m : Lancaster, Oct. 19*'^ 1846. 
Ric. Tomlinson, Aged 44 y^s, Preston, Nov. 17^11 1846. 
Catharine Wainman, Aged 41 y^^, Ellel, Nov. 26^*1 1846. 


James Pennington, Aged 56 years, EUell, Dec. 13, 1846. 

Samuel Loynd, Aged 28 3-ears, Lancaster, Jan. 3^ 1847. 
Jane Walker, Aged 11 years, Forton, Jan. 6, 1847. 
Margaret Bretherton, aged two weeks, Thurnham, 

Jan. 11^^ 1847. 
Joseph Walker, Aged 10 months : Forton, Jan. 16, 1847. 
Thomas Walker, Aged 6yi"s 10 months, Forton , Jan v. 19th, 

W'm Walker, Aged 4 y''« 10 months, Forton, Jan. 24*''. 
W'" Abbott, Aged 29 y^^^ 3 months, Ashton, Feb. 2^ 1847. 
Thomas Jenkinson, Aged 70, Preston, Feb. 4*'' 1847. 
Thomas Slater, Aged 34, Wyersdale, March 27^^ 1847. 
Anne Hurst, Aged 33, Preston, March 28"^ 1847. 
Luke Redshaw, Aged 83, Forton, May i^t 1847. 
James Crompton , Aged gmonths, Lancaster, May 2, 1847. 

4: Mother of the Rev. Thomas Crowe, f Grandmother of Archbp. Whiteside. 







220. 3, 







(18) 3, 


225. 3. 










230. 6, 










235- 10 

'. 7 









240. 3, 










245- 5. 








(19) 4. 


250. 2, 












256- 5> 













:. 5- 


















9, 4. John Whiteside,* Aged 51 years: Lancaster, May iitu 
260. 2, 4. Sarah Billington, Aged 2 y''^, Dolphinhohiic, June 2'^ 

2, 12. Clara Ellen Wall, Aged i y 8 months, Lancaster, 
Jiilv 21^^ 1847. 

John Holden, Aged 6j, Wyersdale, Jul}- 23^* 1847. 

John Richmond, Aged 44, Thurnham, July 29'" 1847. 

Dorothy Rogerson, Aged 38, Lancaster, Sej). !»< 1847. 
265. 12. 5. George Rogerson, Aged 89, Lancaster, Sep. 27^'^ 1847. 

Anne Baines, Aged 3 y^s, Lancaster, Oct. O^'^ 1847. 

Ric*' Shaw, Aged 39^, Thurnham, Oct. 9, 1847. 

Ric^' Baines, Aged 24 years, Lancaster, Oct. 12^'! 1S47. 

Ric*' Davies, Aged 5 minutes, Forton, Oct. 24"' 1847. 
270. I, 4. Anne Gabbott, Aged 3 years, Thurnham, Dec'' 17"' 1847. 

Eliz : Curbishlev, Aged 13 \ears 2 months, Thurnham, 
Jany. lyt'^ 1848. 

]Mary Grayston, Aged 64 years, Colne, Jany. 21'^* 1848. 

Jeremiah Parkinson, aged 81, Thurnham Moss, Feb. 2^ 

3, 5. Peter ^lallon. Aged 25, Glasson, Sailor, Feb. 8"^ 1848. 

Killed & drowned. 
275. 6, I. W"" Hays, Aged 21. 9 m., Thunham, Feb. lo"^ 1S48. 
Drowned by bathing. 
9, II. Jus. Shaw, Aged 8 months, Thurnham, Feb. 17^'' 1848. 
(20) 13, II. Eliz. Harrison, Aged 71, Borwick, Feb, 19^1 1848. This 
grave not sold. 
6, 9. James Gardner, Aged 5 y^s, Thurnham, Febv 22^ 1848. 
3, 5. Eliz. Wharton , Aged 22 years, Wyersdale, Api 12^" 1848. 
280. 3, 5. Ellen Borough, Aged 86, Clifton Hill, April i8»'i 1848. 
W"! Carr, Aged 21, Garstang, June 23d 1848. 
12, I. Sarah Cliffe. 
II, 13. Nicholas Smith, t Aug* 28, 1848, Aged 31. 

2, 12. Isabella Brown, Oct. 9^1 1848, Aged 69. 
10, 3. Anne Ibison, Oct. 13, 1848, Aged 43. 

I, 9. Isabella Patterson, March S^^ 1849. 

3, 12. Ann Davis. 

[Eleven pvadicallv blank pages follow, six others have been cut out. 
(32) 1828. Still Born Infants. 
No. 2. John Crumblon, Infant, Thunhan. 

1829. No. 4. John Crumblon, Infant, Thurnham. 

1830. No. 2. Eliz. Ross, Infant, Forton. 
1832. No. 13. John Davis, Infant, Forton. 

No. 15. Thomas Bomfrah, Infant, Dolpin . . . 
1836. No. 13. W™ Hodskinson, Infant, Aram . . . 
[End of book.] 

Hs Grandfather of Archbishop Whiteside. 

f Eldest son of William Smith, of Lancaster, married Rebecca Wells, ob. s.p. 






The village of Scorton is situated in the township of Nether Wyres- 
dale, three miles north-north-east of Garstang, to which parish it belongs. 
The manor of Nether Wyresdale formerly belonged to the Rigmaydens 
of Wcdacre Hall, from whom, mainly owing to the family's staunch 
adherence to the old Faith, their manor of Garstang, held under suit 
and service to the Abbey of Cockersand, was assigned by the adminis- 
trators of Walter Rigmayden temp. Elizabeth, Feb. lo, 1602-3, to Sir 
Thomas Gerard, of Gerard's Bromley, co. Stafford, a favourite of tlie 
Queen, who was advanced to the peerage on the following July 21st. 
Walter Rigmayden was a particularly staunch recusant, and hence was 
declared a lunatic in 1586, although he was still made to pay his lines for 
his contumacy so late as the 38th Elizabeth, 1595-6. His wife, Anne, 
daughter of Edward Tyldesley, of Morleys Hall in Tyldesley, and The 
Lodge in Mycrscough, who was equally staunch, regularly appears in 
the rolls, and otherwise is found in the records of sufferers for the Faith. 
Several of their children died before their parents ; but one, John 
Rigmayden, of Wedacre Hall, appears in the recusant rolls from 1591 
to 1604, and later is described as of Garstang, and finally of Nether 
Wyresdale between 1607 and 1633, where the family continued till late 
in the seventeenth century, and of whom two became Benedictine 

Other houses in which priests found shelter were — 

Ellel Grange, 
in the parish of Cockerham, four miles south of Lancaster, the seat of 
the Prestons, a junior branch of the Px-estons of Furness, who retained 
the Faith and resided there till about the commencement of the eighteenth 
century. Christopher Preston, of Ellcl, gent., was on the recusant rolls 
in and about 16S1, and died in 1689. The Grange was subsequently 
occupied by the Rigbys, passed by purchase to the Worswicks, of 
Lancaster and Leighton Hall, and was then occupied by the Gillows, who 
removed thence to Leighton. 

Cockerlimn Hall, 
seven miles south of Lancaster, formerly belonged to the Abbey of 
Frees, co. Leicester, and before tlic Dissolution tlie manor and rectory 
were farmed by John Calverley, or Calvert, fourth son of Sir William 
Calverley, of Calverley, co. York, and was retained by his descendants, 
adherents of the ancient Faith. Fr. Cliarles Calvert f^/Zas Baines, S.J., 
son of Richard Calvert, of Cockerham Hall, Esq., was christened at 
Cockerham, June 6, 1620, and died at Rome July 30, 1657. His sister 
Dorothy became a Benedictine nun at Pontoise. On Oct. 24, 1654, 


the manor was mortgaged by John Calvert and his trustees to the trus- 
tees of Maurice Tompson, Esq., whose son was created Baron Havcrsham, 
to whom it was later assigned. Afterwards it was occupied by the 
Frosts. Administration to the estate of W'alter Frost, of Cockerham 
Hall, was granted in 1670, and his son or namesake, Walter Frost, of 
Cockerham Hall, Esq., was a great friend of Tyldesley, the Diarist, who 
calls him " Bro'' ffx^ost," and frequently visited him at Cockerham. He 
records under date Oct. 21, 1712, meeting his wife and two daughters 
at Cockerham Hall " to see Sis"' Frost, very ill ; stay<» halfe an hour " , 
on June 3, 1713, the diarist relates how he went with his wife to Myers- 
cough Lodge, " but as soon as wee got thither we hard off Bro'' ffrost 
death, Sunday night about 12 beffor, w" made us not stay, but post to 
Cockerham ; but he was burj^ed the night beffor, his phi^^icke not per- 
miting him to keep. Wee stay'' an hower witli y*" ladys." Walter 
Frost died May 31, 171 3. It is doubtful if he became a Catholic. He 
presented the Rev. John Winter to the vicarage of Cockerham in 1695, 
and though the claim to presentation was disputed by Lord Haversham, 
it was maintained. In the previous year, 1694, he was impanelled one 
of the Grand Jury to try the Catholic gentlemen implicated in the 
supposed Lancashire Plot. After his death the manor of Cockerham 
passed to Francis Charteris, of Hornby Castle, Esq. 

Calvert Nook, 
in Forton, parish of Cockerham, was the seat of a junior branch of the 
Calverts, who also owned an estate in Yorkshire. The first to reside 
here was Thomas Calvert, a younger son of Thomas Calvert, of Cocker- 
ham Hall, Esq., by Isabel, daughter of William Kirkby, of Upper 
Rawcliffe Hall, Esq. He was succeeded by his son William, whose will, 
in the writer's possession, dated Sept. 30, was proved Nov. 20, 1657. 
The will of the latter's elder son, Thomas [apudme), was made on April 14, 
and proved Aug. 6, 167S. He had sons William, whose will {apud me), 
dated Feb. 24, 1683, was proved the same year, and Philip. William 
had a son and heir, Thomas, who died s.p. in 1703, and was succeeded 
by his great uncle, John Calvert, wlio left a daughter and heiress, Eliza- 
beth, who married Mr. Lucas, and was living a widow in 1710. The 
estate then passed to James Smith, whose son William married Ann, 
daughter of Robert Haydock, of Leach Hall, in Woodplumpton, and his 
son James Smith maiTied Elizabeth, daughter and eventual heiress of 
Robert Walker, of Forton, by Margaret, daughter of William Hathorn- 
thwaite, of Catshaw Hall, gent. James died June 29, 1765, and was 
succeeded by his son William Smith, of Forton, gent., who, dying a 
bachelor, devised his estates to his cousins, William Smith, of Clock 
House, Lea, gent., and Thomas Smith, of Elswick Grange, gent., though 
his sister Margaret had married George Blanchard, of Alston, gent., and 
had issue three children, James Blanchard, of Grimsargh House and 
Alston, Esq., whose wife was Anne Teresa, daughter of Richard Butler, 
of Pleasinglon Hall, Esq.; Elizabeth, wife of Evan Richard Gerard, of 
Gerard's Hall, in Haighton, Esq.: and Anne, wife of James Sidgreaves, 
of Inglewhite Lodge, Esq. The house possessed a chapel, occasionally 
used as a missionary station, and the writer remembers certain articles 
of altar-furniture, consisting of a portable altar and a small altar-piece 
representing the crucifixion, by an Italian painter, with ancient seal, 
affixed at the back. The estate was sold by the late Joseph Gillow, Esq., 
after the death in 183 1 of William Smith, of Clock House and Forton, 
who married Jane, daughter and coheiress of Robert Haydock, of Leach 
Hall, the representative of the Haydocks of Cottam Hall. 


Catshaiv Hall, 
one C)f the twelve vaccarics of Over Wyresdale, in the parish of Lancaster, 
was the seat of the Hathoruthwaites, who derived from the neighbouring 
vaccary of Hathornthwaitc, and during their occupation was a mission- 
ary station. WilHam Hathornthwaite, gent., of Catsliaw Hall, in the 
forest of Wyresdale, married Ellen, eldest daughter and ultimate co- 
heiress of Richard Blackburnc, of Stockenbridgc Hall, gent., and his 
only son, John Hathornthwaitc, d5'ing unmarried (will dated Nov. 26, 
1753), the estates passed to his sisters and coheiresses — Margaret, wife 
of Robert Walker, of Forton ; Agnes, wife of William Caton, of Can- 
House in Cabus ; Mary, wife of Richard Leckonby, of Lcckonby House, 
(Ireat Eccleston ; Jane, wife of Mr. Crook ; Elizabeth, wife of Mr. 
Alston ; Sarah, spinster, of Garstang ; and anotlier daughter, wife of 
Henry J<oc, of Backliouses, in the parisli of Cockerham, who became the 
mother of the Rev. John Roe, of Black ladies, co. Stafford. Catsliaw and 
demesne passed to the Leckonbys, and was sold early in the nineteenth 
centur\' by Col. T. H. Helc-Phipps, of Leighton House, co. Wilts., J. P. 
and D.L., High Sheriff of Wilts, in 1804, who hail married the heiress 
of the Leckonbys. 

Clifton Hill, 

in Forton, in the parish of Cockerham, seven miles soutli of Lancaster, 
a handsome mansion erected by Robert Gillow, Escp, towards the close 
of the eighteenth century, was occupied by the family till the death in 
Paris of Miss Sarah Anne Gillow during the siege of the city, Dec. 8, 
1871. It then passed to her nephews the Dunns, and after the death of 
Mr. James Fitzherbert-Brockholes, of Claughton Hall, was purchased by 
his widow, and occupied by that lady and her mother. Lady Stanley. 
There was always a chapel in the hall, but between 1878 and June, 1880, 
Mrs. Fitzherbert-Brockholes erected a small church, dedicated to SS. 
Catherine and Barbara, to accommodate about a liundred people. The 
mission lias been served by the following priests : — Re\'. Edwartl Swar- 
brick, 1878-85 ; Rev. Alfred Walmsley, 1883-9 ; Rev. John Crilly, 
1889-91 ; Rev. Richard Barton, 1891-1901 ; Rev. Patrick J. Delany, 
1901 to date. 

Scorton Hall, 

in the township of Netlier Wyresdale, some three miles north-north-east 
of Garstang, in which parish it is situated, became the property of the 
Catholic family of Blackburne in the seventeenth century. The hall, 
a fairly large building, now divided into two dwellings, is situated on 
slightly elevated ground above the present old cotton mill in the village. 
It is thought to have been erected in the early part of the seventeenth 
century during the residence of Richard Blackburne, eldest son of Wil- 
liam Blackburnc, of Thistleton, by Elizabeth, daughter of William 
Kytchin, of Forton (Fislnvick, Hist, of Garstang, p. 257). He married 
Jane, daughter of William Aynesworth, of Newton, and, having suc- 
ceeded his father to Thistleton, hnally settled in Newton. From him 
descended the Blackburnes of Stockenbridge Hall and Newton-upon- 
Scales, the two families of The Hill and Tlie Brooks in (loosnargh, and 
the Blackburnes of Orford, Newton, and liale, lords of the manor of 
Warrington, who abandoned the Faith of their ancestors and became 
more notable and influential than tlie Catholic branches of the family. 
Scorton Hall descended to Richard Blackburne's grandson and namesalcc, 
who also resided at Stockenbridge Hall. His will, dated from Scorton, 
Sept. 10, 1686, was proved in the same year, and his grandson and name- 
sake, the last of the Stockenbridge Blackburnes, died in 1 726. The latter, 


by his wife Mary, daughter and eventual coheiress of Laurence Livesey, 
of Livesey Hall in Sutton, gent., left four daughters and coheiresses, of 
whom the eldest, as related under Catshaw Hall, became the wife of 
William Hathornthwaite . 

Robert Blackburne, fifth son of Richard Blackburne: of Scorton 
Hall and Thistleton. married Elizabeth, daughter of Ralph Longworth, 
of Tarniker Hall, subsequently known as St. Michael's Hall, Esq., and 
his son Richard married Perpetua, daughter of Francis Westby, of 
Myerscough, Esq. The lattcr's eldest son, Robert Blackburne, of 
Thistleton and Newton, gent., was apprehended on suspicion of being a 
party to the so-called Lancashire Jacobite Plot of 1694, and though 
never brought to trial, he was immured in Newgate for over fifty-three 
years, and died within its walls (Gillow, Biog. Diet., i, 223 ; Life of 
Bernardi, pp. 93 seq., 108 seq.) The Jacobite's nephew Richard resided 
at Scorton and Mawdesley, and married Margaret, daughter of Richard 
Nelson, of ISIawdesley, gent., who, as a widow, resided at Scorton, and 
by will dated Jan. 15, 1718, proved 1720, left, besides a bequest to the 
poor of Mawdesley, a sum of /50 to the poor of Nether Wyresdale to be 
distributed according to the direction of John Hathornthwaite, of Cat- 
shaw Hall. This sum was, of course, intended exclusively for the Catho- 
lics of Wyresdale, but was seized by the Commissioners and incorporated 
in the "Lancashire Charities." This is apparently the last connection 
of the Blackbumes with Scorton. 

in Nether W^Tesdale, in the parish of Garstang, was a property belonging 
to the Jenkinsons, an old Catholic family of yeomen long resident there 
and at various places in Ellel, Bolton-le-Sands, Aldcliffe, and the sur- 
rounding district. One of the family, the Rev. Christopher Jenkinson, 
resided at Brackenlea till his death in 1723. He had a small chapel in 
the house, whence he served Garstang. It was probably after his death 
that Mass was said at Foxhouses, about a mile and a half from Scorton, 
on the north side, where in one of the dwellings there was formerly a 
priest's hiding-place. The Re\'. William Calvert and Re\'. William 
Foster seem to have followed Mr. Jenkinson, and in turn were succeeded 
by the Rev. Edward Daniel, who fled to the Continent after the Jacobite 
rising of 1743. The charge of the mission, which still included Garstang, 
was then given to the Rev. John Serjeant, who removed its seat from 
Foxhouses to — 

in proximity to the old hall, in a small, rude, thatched building used as a 
clog-maker's shop on week-days and for Mass on Sundays. Mr. Ser- 
jeant possessed means, his father being a yeoman of substance in the 
neighbouring township of Ellel, in the parish of Cockerham, and owning 
lands in Wyresdale and elsewhere. Eventually, when the times had 
become easier for Catholics, he replaced the original building at Scorton 
by one entirely set apart for religious purposes, combining a small 
thatched chapel with priest's house. The chapel was subsequently 
enlarged, improved, and slated. It belonged to the Duke of Hamilton, 
being parcel of his manor of Garstang, and when one of the later holders 
of the title was presented to the Pope at the Vatican, his Grace told his 
Holiness that he bcHeved he was the only Protestant nobleman in the 
kingdom to own a CcthoHc church. When his Grace disposed of his 
Lancashire property he allowed a small portion, together with the chapel 
site, to be sold on very liberal terms to the incumbent, the Rev. Robert 
Turpin (Hewitson, Our Coimtry Churches and Chapels, pp. 520 seq.). 


The Tobella Missarum in Ecdesia sen Capella Sine. Maviae et Sti. 
Jacobi apud Scorton includes the following names : — Richard and Mar- 
gaxet Blackburne [Many Masses', Rev. William Caton,* Feb. 12 ; Richard 
Jenkinson, Nov. 26 [father of the Rev. Xfer. Jenkinson] ; Henry Roe, 
March 30 [of Bankhouses, parish of Cockcrham, 1731] ; Jolin Procter, 
July 9 loi Scotforth, 1743] ; Domina Tajlor, f William Towing, etc. 

Tlicre are two ancient silver chalices at Scorton, inscribed under foot, 
A.T. and N.B. 

The following is a record of the missionaries serving the mis-ion so 
far as can be ascertained — 

Rev. Christopher Jenkinson, son of Richard Jenkinson, of Bracken- 
lea, gent., who died in 1700, was admitted into the English College at 
Lisbon IMay 20, 1693, became an alumnus Dec. 21, 1701, taught classics 
for some time, was ordained priest, and was appointed procurator 
Sept. 22, 1711. He was sent to England June 12, 171 1, and settled 
at his late father's house at Brackenlea, whence he attended to the Catho- 
lics of Nether Wyresdale, Garstang, and district. He also occasionally 
served Nateby Hall, the seat of the Leyburnes, and perhaps at Foxliouses 
in Scorton. He continued to attend the mission till his death Sept. 2, 
1723, much respected and regretted by his flock (Gillow, Re^. of Lisbon 
College, p. 220) . He was succeeded by — 

Rev. William Calvert, a member of the family of Calvert of Cocker- 
ham Hall, and possibly a brother of Richard Calvert, of Cockerham (son 
of Thomas Cahert), whose will was proved at Somerset House in April, 
1725, with letters of administration at Richmond in the same year. After 
a course of seven years' study at the English College at Valladolid, he 
was ordained priest March 26, 1692, and came to the mission in Lan- 
cashire {Valladolid Diary MS.). He served Nateby Hall, Thurnhani 
Hall, and other places in the district (C.R.S., xvi, 517). After the 
death of j\Ir. Jenkinson, lie also took charge of the Wyresdale and Gar- 
stang mission till his death July 14, 1735 {Old Chapter Records MSS.). 
His will, dated from Wyresdale, was proved at Richmond in 1735 
{Lave, and Cheshire Record Society, xiii, 50; and vide under Thurnham). 
His successor was — 

Rev. William Foster, born 1707, son of Robert Foster, of Charnock 
Richard, a well-to-do tanner, connected with the TootelJs, Daniels, and 
other good Catholic families (Payne, Cath. Nonjurors, p. 12S, and 
original MS. in Record Office), was sent to Douay College, where he 
became an alummis Alay 26, 1725, at the age of 18, being then in rhetoric 
{Douay Diaries, p. 58), received minor orders and the subdiaconate 
March 27, 1728, the diaconate April 2, 1729, and was ordained priest 
in November, 1730. He commenced the scholastic year on Oct. i, 
1731, as prefect general, an office which he retained till Oct. i, 1734, 
when he became confessor-ordinarj- and prefect of the library, etc., 
till he left the college for the mission Sept. 11, 1736 {Prefect's Lists, 
MS.) He came straight to the Wyresdale and Garstang mission, which 

sf: He was a relative of William Caton, of Carr House in Cabus, parish of 
Garstang, geiit., whose will dated Nov. g, 1750, was proved Dec. 28, 1751. 

"fi Domina Alice Taylor, of Claughlon, .spr., dau. of Richard Taylor, of 
(ircat Eccleston, gent., by Anne, dau. of John Blackburne, of Stockenbridge, 
Esq. She or her mother would be the donor of the chalice marked A.T., the 
other, inscribed N.B., possibly standing for Nicholas Butler, as Elizabeth, 
dau. and heiress of Mr. Charnley, of Scorton Park, gent., married Richard 
Butler, a relative of Nicholas, and younger son of Richard Butler, of Rawclifli' 
Hall, lisq., by Ivath., dau. of Thomas Carus, of Halton Hall, Esq., and sub- 
sequently resided at Scorton Park. Mrs. Butler, of Scorton, is alluded to in 
the Tyldesley Diary (pp. 55, 64, 71) in 1712-3. 


meanwhile after Mr. Calvert's death had been served from neiglibouring 
missions. Some time before April, 1743. when lie was appointed a 
trustee of Stephenson's Charifies (p. 21), he was also in charge of the 
Thurnham Hall mission. After the Jacobite rising of 1745, Mr. Foster 
had to seek refuge elsewhere, and on Sept. 3 of that year Fr. Edward 
C'artaret, S.J., was appointed his successor at Thurnham. He then 
disappears from Bishop Dicconson's lists of clergy and reg\dars in the 
northern vicariate, but in an Old Chapter MS. he is stated to have died 
at York some time between Sept. 27, 1754, and April 16, 1755, aged 47. 
(vide C.R.S., xvi, 517, wliich amend). After his departure there is a 
question of a temporary appointment to Wyresdale, as follows — 

Rev. Richard Walmesley. In a note by Bishop Gradwell in Dr. 
John Kirk's Collectanea Anglo-Caiholica, vol. iii {Biographies, p. 271), 
a priest of the name of " Walmesley " is placed at Scorton between 
Foster and Daniel. Though no such appointment appears in Bishop 
Dicconson's List, it is quite possible that the Rev. Richard Walmesley — 
the only priest of the surname at this period- — -supplied the Wyresdale 
mission for a brief period. Born Dec 14, 1709, he was the eldest son of 
Thomas Walmesley, of Showley Hall, co. Lancaster, Esq., and his wife 
Mary, daughter of William Colegrave, of London, Esq. Upon entering 
the English College at Valladolid, he assumed his maternal name of 
Colegrave, took the missionary oath Jan. 22, 1727, was ordained priest 
April 12, 1733, and having finished his course of theology left the college 
for the English mission [Valladolid Diary MS.). He was placed at 
Burscough Hall, near Ormskirk, which he served till 174T. If he served 
Wyresdale, it would be about this time. He was in a delicate state, 
and went to Showley Hall, his father's house, and probably assisted the 
chaplain, the Rev. Charles Ingleby, prior to his death in 1743, and there 
died April 25,1 744, at the age of 34. The next priest at Wyresdale w£is — 

Rev. Edward Daniel alias Bennet, whose memoir has been given 
under Garstang {C.R.S., xvi, 517), who resigned the Molyneux chaplaincy 
at Mosborough Hall and The Wood for the mission at Wyresdale, 
Garstang, Nateby Hall, and vicinity. During the march of Prince 
Charlie from Lancaster to Preston in 1745, Mr. Daniel, following tlie 
footsteps of his father, identified himself too closely with the Jacobite 
cause, and, in consequence, had to leave his mission and seek safety 
on the Continent (Gillow, Biog. Diet., ii). His subsequent career till 
his death at York in 1765 has already been related. His successor in 
the Wyresdale district was — 

Rev. John Serjeant, born Jan. 3, 1714-5. whose memoir has been given 
in C.R.S., xvi, 517-8, came from Douay to his paternal home at Ellel 
in 1745, and after the defeat of Prince Charlie was arrested and com- 
mitted to Lancaster Castle. Upon liberation he w^as appointed to the 
charge of the Wyresdale, Garstang, and district mission, and occasionally 
served Thurnham. In 1767 in the return made to the Bishop of Chester 
by the vicar of Cockerham, John Sergeant was said to be the resident 
priest at Wyresdale, with 57 Catholics at Cockerham, 40 at Ellel, and 
blank at Shirehead {Lane. Catholics, p. 8). Notwithstanding, Mr. 
Serjeant is put down in Bishop Dicconson's list as of Scorton before 1752, 
and it is most probable that he established the chapel there upon his 
appointment to the mission, though he may have resided in Wyresdale. 
In June, 1774, Bishop William Walton gave 90 confirmations at Scorton, 
and in 1783 Mr. Serjeant was also serving Thurnham, the joint congre- 
gations consisting of four hundred communicants. On Sept. 16, 1784, 
Bishop Matthew Gibson confirmed 1 15 at Scorton, Mr. Serjeant returning 
his communicants at 310. 


In 1753 >rr. Serjeant had a controversy with the vicar of Garstang, 
and he also published a work, entitled : " The Pope and Turk." The 
times in whicli he lived were troublesome, if not so dangerous as previ- 
ously, but he always managed to overcome his difficulties with ease and 
credit. A memorandum amongst the records of the mission states that 
on one occasion, at the suggestion of a certain toll-keeper, soldiers or 
pursuivants were sent to apprehend him as amenable to the penal code, 
but these nien were so struck with his kind and hospitable reception that 
they left him without executing their errand (Hewitson, Our Country 
Churches and Chapels, p. 522). Some years before his death it was decid- 
ed to establish an independent mission at Garstang, and a new chapel 
was opened in 1788, which considerably lightened Mr. Serjeant's labours. 
Thus tliis zealous priest continued for fifty years at Scorton, highly 
respected by all with whom he came in contact, till his death Aug. 31. 
1795, aged 81. He was succeeded by — 

Rev. James Lawrenson, born April 28, 1752, son of James Laurenson 
and his wife Jane Cottam, of Claughton, wlio arrived with John Gillow 
at Douaj^ College Oct. 16, 1766, took the college oath July 2, 1777, in 
his first year's theology, was ordained sub-deacon, and appointed to 
teach second-class rudiments on Oct. i, 1778. He had previously been 
obliged to leave the college in ill-health, and did so again and returned 
home in February, 1770, and eventually was ordained priest elsewhere 
{Douay Lists MSS.; Douay Diaries, p. 78 ; Kirk, Biographies, p. 287). 
He was given the charge of Chipping Lawnd in 1780 until 1795. when he 
was appointed to take Mr. Serjeant's place at Scorton, where he arrived 
on Sept. 20 in that year. Here he commenced to keep a baptismal 
register, and continued it until old age obliged him to retire from mis- 
sionary duties on Oct. 12, 1826. He died at Garstang Jan. 15, 1828, 
aged 75 {Hewitson, ibid., pp. 522, 547 ; Chapter Deceased Brethren, 
MS., Westminster Archives). His successor — 

Rev. John Dixon, for whom vide C.R.S., xv, 6, 112, arrived on 
Nov. 12, 1826, and remained in charge of the mission until Nov. 9, 1830, 
when he was replaced by — 

Rev. John "Woodcock, born in 1768, son of Mr. William Woodcock, 
of Preston, who by will dated Dec. 6, 1770, left his estates in Preston, 
Euxton, Billington, and Bartle in Woodplumpton to his eldest son and 
heir Thomas, who in 1807 sold his house and land in Preston to William 
Cross, of Redscar, Esq., for the formation of Winckley Square and Cross 

Tlie Woodcocks were descended from the Woodcocks of Woodcock 
Hall in Cuerden through a branch of the family settled at Lemon House 
in Walton-le-Dale. One of them, Fr. John Woodcock alias ftarrington, 
O.S.F., son of Thomas Woodcock, of Clayton, gent., and his wife Dorothy, 
daughter of James Anderton, of Clayton Hall, Esq., was martyred at 
Lancaster in 1646. The Woodcocks of Walton, always staunch recu- 
sants, purchased Lemon House in 1663, aiul eventually, towards the 
close of the eighteenth century, removed to Preston (Abram, Hist, of 
Blackburn, pp. 733-5 ; Gillow, Haydock Papers, pp. 87 seq., 132). 

John Woodcock was sent to Douay College, where he arrived Aug. 8, 
1781, and his younger brother Nicholas followed in the succeeding year. 
He passed through the usual course, became an alumnus, entered on his 
fourth year's theology on Oct. i, but during the French Revolution left 
the college on the 31st of the same month, and escaped over to England, 
where he was ordained priest at York in December, 1792 (Douay 
Lists MS.). He served Egton Bridge till 1827, and then went to Wycliffe 
Hall, both in Yorkshire, whence he came to Scorton on Nov. 9, 1830. 


Four months before his death he retired from missionary duty to reside 
with the Rev. J. B. Marsh at Newhouse Chapel, where he died Feb. 12, 
1837, aged 70, and was buried in the chapel. He was succeeded by — 

Rev. Thomas Gillett, a native of I^ncashire and an Ushaw priest, 
who was at Dukinfield, co. Cheshire, 1835-7, whence he came to Scorton, 
but only remained till 1838. In the latter year lie removed to Brooms, 
CO. Durham, till 1845, when he went to St. Anne's, Leeds, and in 1846 
to Sedgfield, Durham. In 1850 he was transferred to Cheeseburn 
Grange, Northumberland, till 1855, when he retired from tlie piission in 
ill-health to Mount St. Bernard's Abbey, co. Leicester, whence he 
served Shepshed, and died April i, 1867 {Cntli. Directories, 1855-68). 
His successor at Scorton was— 

Rev. Robert Turpin, born in 1807, only son of Robert Turpin, of 
North Shields, co. Northumberland, a Protestant, who had married a 
Catholic, and himself became one in 1819, who was sent to Ushaw 
College in the spring of 1821, where he was ordained priest, and sent 
to the mission in Lord Street, Oldham, co. Lancaster, in 1833 (Erring- 
ton, Hist, of North Shields Mission, MS., apud me ; Cath. Mag., iv, 
p. xxvii ; T.aity's Directory, 1834). He was transferred to Bolton- 
le-Moors in 1835, and on Feb. i, 1838, took charge of the mission at 

Ml . Turpin erected a new church in place of the old chapel, dedicated 
to St. Mary and St. James. This substantial Gothic structure, designed 
by Henry Hansom, eldest son of the famous architect, Joseph A. Han- 
som, consists of a nave, a north aisle separated from the body of the 
building by four arches supported by circular stone columns, and a 
decorative chancel, terminating with a verv' pretty four-light window 
given by the late Richard Leeming, Esq., of Greaves House, Lancaster, 
and Lentworth Hall in one of the twelve vaccaries of Wyresdale. The 
Lady altar at the end of the north aisle came from Clifton Hill, and was 
given by Miss Gillow. Behind it was a rich stained-glass window 
presented by John Weld, Esq., of I.eagram Hall, near Chipping, and on 
the south side a two-light stained-glass window, one side given by 
Major Stapleton, and the other by Mr. Turpin. The church was designed 
to accommodate about 400 persons, there being about 230 in the congre- 
gation. The opening ceremony was on Oct. 2, 1861, and on the occasion 
the present writer was trainbearer to Bishop Alexander Goss. Thus 
Mr. Turpin continued in charge of the mission till his death, Feb, 27, 
1863, aged 55, and was interred within the porch of the church beneath 
a fine tablet to his memory. His portrait in oil is at the rectory. He was 
succeeded by — 

Rev. Joseph Canon Ilsley, D.D., late president of the English 
College at Lisbon. Bom Dec. 20, 1805, he was son of Joseph and Jane 
Ilsley, of Maple Durham, co. Oxon., was admitted into the college at 
Lisbon June 29, 1819, was ordained priest Dec. 3, 1826, and retained 
on the professorial staff. There he founded a flourishing secular school, 
which he continued to supervise for many years until in April, 1853, 
he handed it over to the college. For about two years he acted as pro- 
rector, until he was appointed president in 1854 by Pius IX. who also 
conferred upon him the degree of D.D. In 1859 he became subject 
to epileptic attacks of a grave character, and in consequence was obliged 
to resign his office of president in June, 1862, and to return to England. 
Bishop Goss then appointed him to the mission of Scorton. where he 
soon began to be afflicted with almost total loss of sight, till at length he 
succumbed on Aug. 30, 1868, aged 62, and was buried within the porch 
(Gillow, Lisbon Reg., p. 219). He was succeeded by — 


Rev. Austin William Splainc, who came to assist Dr. llsley in 1864. 
He was bom in Liverpool Sept. 4, 1836, locally educated at the Catholic 
Institute, thence sent to St. Edmund's Benedictine College at Douay, 
where he was admitted Sept. 20, i860 ; ordained priest June 19, 1863 ; 
left July 9, 1864, and came straight to Scorton as above stated. Thus, 
upon succeeding to the rectorate in 1S68, he continued to hold the posi- 
tion till his death, Nov. 24, 1S88, aged 52. Three of his brothers joined 
the Society, FF. James, Cyprian, and William, whilst a fourth died an 
ecclesiastical student (Gillow, Lisbon Reg., }). 254). He was succeeded 

Rev. Patrick Flj-nn, who stayed till his death, Dec. 20, 1900. 

Rev. John J. Blackoe, brother to Rev. Edward Blackoe, of Ferny- 
halgh. 1901 to date. joseph gillow. 

The Registers. 

[There are two old baptismal registers extant. Book I, a paper- 
backed book 6x4 inches, containing 84 pages, of which 30 have been 
cut out, gives the baptisms from July, 1774, to Dec. 3, 1780, and also 
several business accounts and medicinal recipes. Book II, a well-made 
album, witli stiff cardboard backs, half-bound leather, 8 x 6|- inches, 
containing 276 pages, gives the baptisms from Oct. i8th, 1795, to Janu- 
ary, 1856, when the registers ordered by the ist Synod of Oscott resume 
the record and bring it up to the present. There are lists of ' Confirmati ' 
for June 20, 1831 ; August, 1835 ; Sept. 17, 1838 ; Sept. 29, 1845 ; 
June 19, 1853. There also occur a few marriages from 1838 to 1847. 
On the last page are several medicinal recipes.] 

Book I. 
[Inside of front cover] 

Reed, of Ricd Jenkinson £2 - gs. - gd. 
being the whole of the park head 
Rent due to me for the year 
1769 recti the above this 6^^ Day 
of May 1770 Rec<i at same 
time £4 - 6s. - 9 from Ric^ Jenkinson. 
*Robt Barton 
4- 6-9 *Ric«i Kilshow being 

2- 9-9 


[Scattered over the page are other figures, as — 4 .6.9 and 7.3. 3 — 
making 12 . . o ; 8.8.3 «w^ 4-6.9 making 12 . 15 . ; 6, 10, 10 
and 21 making " 47 M"" Jno Crituley's age " , and 160x49 making 
7660 [sic, vere 7840].] 
[Pages i-io have been cut out.] 

[11] Expenses on account of Building, in the year 1771. 
Jan : 18 paid Jac: Hall & Jo^ Pedder for getting stones o - 5-4 

Jan. 29 p<i Jon Pedder 0-5-6 

Feb. 6 p<i James Hall 0-8-0 

Febr 7 to Horse & man frying — 4 Days . . . . 0-8-0 
pd Jon Dickinson for leading stones . . . . o - 10 - o 

5(s These signatures are written in a different hand from the receipt. 


p<* Hen. Hall for geting up stones o - i . o 

p^ for leading stones 4 Days Horse & Man . . o - 8 - o 

p^ Jac. Hall for getting stones 5 

2 -10 -10 

[i2] Feb: I2 p^ Jo" Dickinson for Leading Stones . . 0-7-6 

Feb: 15*'' i)aid Idem for leading stones . . . . 0-9-6 

at same time nu' own Horse & Man 2 Days . . . 0-4-0 

March 28<h paid M^ Gillow for Dale 5-6-0 

Aprl 10 paid James Hall for getting Throug[h]s & other 

stones 2 Days 0-3-0 

paid to leading the same 3 Days to Tom Wilkinson 

meat & wage 0-4-0 

To my own horse leading them 0-3-0 

paid to 34 Windles of Lime at - i^ - 4^ pr windle 2 - 5-4 


[13] given W"^ Dickinson for passage toll & other expenses o - 2-0 

April 27th paid Jac ; Hall for dressing Stones 2 Days . . 0-2-0 

To his meat 2 Days 0-1-4 

May 2^ p^ Robt Bland for dressing slate 3 days & a half - 4-0 

To his meat during the time 0-2-0 

May 8*'^ paid Rob* Willson for making up mortar 2 Days o - 1-8 

to his meat 2 Days 0-1-4 

]\Iay 25 paid Jac Hall for dressing stones 13 Days . . 0-13-0 

to his meat 13 Da3-s 0-8-5 

May 25 paid Little Robt. for frying 2 Days & a Half , 0-1-3 

to his meat 2 Days & a Half 0-1-8 

I - 18 - 8 

[14] May 3. paid Jac : Hall for frying, soughing &c. 2 Days - 2-0 

To his meat 2 Days 0-1-4 

Paid Thos. Wilkinson for Leading Slate, frying &c. 0-2-6 

To his meat 4 Days 0-2-6 

June ist pd Thos. Bland for dressing slate i Day and a Half o - 1-6 

To his meat o-i-o 

June 10**1 pd W" Carr & Robt. Shepherd for Serving [?] 

7 Days & half 0-15-0 

to their meat 7 Days & half 0-9-6 

Paid June 20 Ed : Johnson for HevTi work . . . . 3 - 7 ~ 3 

Paid Thos Morley 0-13-6 


[15] To jMorleys meat 0-8-0 

Paid J 08 Jackson for work 14 Days 0-14-0 

To his meat 0-9-2 

June 22 paid Jos : Jackson of Ellell for Walling, Hewing 

&c. 15 Days £1-0-0 

Pd. Thos. Wilkinson for Serving Masons 18 Days . 0-15-6 

pd. Rob* Wilson for Ditto 0-15-6 

230 rp:gisters of scorton 

To Jo* Jacksons meat 15 Da} s o - 10 - o 

To Thos. Wilkinson's meal 0-12-0 

5- 4-2 

[16] To Rob* Wilson's meat 0-12-0 

June 23rd pd. Jo" Dickinson for leading Wood Stones 

Lyme Sand Frying serving Masons &c. . . . i - 18 - 9 

To Bill dickinsons meat one Day 0-0-8 

Spent at Rearing o - 10 - o 

June 26 pd. Little Robt. for serving Masons 8 Days at 

- - 6^ pr Da}' 0-4-0 

pd Laurance Hall for work 19 Days 0-19-0 

To his apprentice 16 Days 0-5-4 

To the Lads meat 0-10-8 

To Laurance Hall meat 0-12-6 

[Pages 17-20 have been cut out.] 5 - 12 - 11 

[21] An account of Children Baptized at Scorton Chapel 
from July 1774 & forward. 

July 31, 1774 John Chtchley son of James & Eliz. Critchley. 

Aug. iith Ricd Raby Son of John & Winefrid Raby. 

vSeptmbr 8 Joanna Robison daughter of W'" & Mary Robison. 

Septmbr 15"^ Hugh Pillin Son of Thos & Jane Pilling 

Septmbr i8^'i Ann Wilson daughter of James & Isabel Wilson. 

Septmbr 20 Dorothy Hynde daughter of James & Sarah [over 
Isabel scored out] Hynde. 

Octobr iQtii Eliz. Walker Daughter of John & Jane Walker. 

Novmbi" 13 Martin Crumblome son of Thos. & Agnes Crumble- 
[22] Novemb"" 28 Tho^ Smith Son of Tho^ & Mary Smith. 

Decembr i^t Alice Bradley Daughter of Rob* & Elizabeth Bradley. 

Decembr jjth Agnes Nicldnson daughter of Hen. & Ag: Nickinson. 

Decembr 12 Margery Bamber Daughter of Thos: & Ann Bamber. 

Decmbr 26 Agnes Davis Daughter of Hen : & Magt Davis. 
In the Year 1775 

January 8*^ Winefrid Crumbleholme Daughter of John & Winefrid 
[23] J an . 15 Eliz. Sydgreves Daughter of Thos . & Margret Sydgreves. 

Thos: Wilkinson Son of James & Sarah Wilkinson. 

Jan. 22 Dorothy Robinson Daughter of James & Margret Robin- 

Same Day Peter Taylor Son of James & Eliz. Taylor. 

Feb. 5th Eliz: Daughter of Nicholas & Jennet Roskill.* 

March 5*^ Jo" Billington son of James & Marg* Billington. 

March 12 Ann Swarbrick Daughter of Thos. & Mary Swarbrick, 

March 12 Ellen Parke Daughter of James & Eliz. Parke. 

>|c Nicholas Roskell of Garstang, born 1748, married in 1772 Jennet 
daughter of John Fox of Forton. — j.s.h. 


[24] April 2d Margt Holden Daughter of \V'" cS: Marg' Holden. 

April jo«"' Edmund Pennington Son of Thos ^Sc Jane Pennington. 

May 7t'i Margret Daughter of Jo" & Eliz. Sharpies. 

May 18 Ricf* Son of Ricf* & jMary Jenkinson. 

May 29 Joseph Son of Rob^ & Mary Shepherd. 

June II Ann Daughter of John & Marger\- Morton. 

June 15 Sarah Daughter of Jo" & Easter Cowell. 

Octobr ist Joseph Son of W'" & Mary Robinson. 
[25] Novembr 12 Elizabeth Daugliter "^of Jon & Jane Walker. 
son of Ric^J & Martha Gra 
January Anno Dfii 1776 

Ann Daughter of W"' & Winefrid Hargreves Baptized Jan: 31^1. 

The same Day Mary Daughter of .... & Eliz. Gardner. 

January iitn" Ja^ Son of John & Margret Parkinson. 

May 16 Edw-d Son of Ric^ & Eliz. Richmond. 

June 16 W11 Son of Thos & Ann Bamber. 

July 8^^ Mary daughter of W"^ & Mar\- Robison. [The entry 
crossed otit.] 

Aug. 2 Mary daughter of Jo^ and Easter Cowell. 
[26] Eliz. Daughter of Jane & Nic: Roskil. 

Aug. 22 John Son of Francis & Margret Sailsbury. 

Aug. 29 Ricd son of Thos & Marv Hornby. 

Septmbr 5t'i Ellen daughter of Ric^ & Alice Holden. 

Septmbr 8<'i Hen. Son of Thos: & Mary Swarbrick. 

Septmb'" 21^* Sarah Daughter of Thos & Marg^ Edrington. 

Septmbr 21^^ Ann Daughter of James & Sallv Sharpies. 

Octobr 5*'^ Eliz: Daughter of Ric^ & Eliz:" Atkinson. 
[27] Octobr 26 Dorothy Daughter of Ja^ cS: Sally Wilkinson. 

Octobr 30 Dorothy Daughter of W'^ & Marg^ Wilkinson. 

November 5^'i Rob* Son of Ric^ & Julian Serjeant. 

Xovemb"- 16 "1 Tho* Son of Thos. & Jane Pilling. 

Decembr i5<h Eliz. daughter of Tho^ & Agnes Crumbleholme. 

Decembr 19th Jane daughter of Tho^ & Jennet Penington. 
Baptised in the year 


Wm Son of W'l" & Margt Holden Jan. 26"! . 

Feb: 2^ Margret daughter of Jas & Sarah Hynd. 
[28] March 2d Thos Son of Jo n & Eliz: Ball. 

March 8^^ Mary Daughter of Jonathan & Mary Tindale. 

March 8^^ James son of John & Eliz: Balshow. 

March ii^^ Ricd son of Thos & Mary Baines. 

March letii Ricd Son of James & Eliz. Taylor. 

March 16^^ Jqh Son of Jo" & Winefrid Raby. 

April 13 Eliz. daughter of Jo" & Eliz: Sharpies. 

April 20 Jane Daughter of Edwd & Ann Laurance. 

May 12*11 Jon Son of Jo" & Marg* Grayston. 
[29] Jan. 5*11 pd. \Vm Wooes on M^^ Fen wicks* account 5-9-10 

♦ Of Mrs. Anne Femvick, of Hornby Hall, who died in this year, the writer 
has given some account in his Biog. Diet, of the English Catholics, ii, 246-8. 
Her father, Thomas Benison, was lawyer to the Daltons. 


f^ Thos. Cooke at same time for idem 5-9-1 

January 29*'^ 1776 Lent TJios. Cooke when he went to Caton 
Forge ;^6 6 

Miss Dalton D' to Jo" Serjeant from Ai)ril 2^ 177O &.c. 

Aprl. 28^'^ given her for Grace Miller in Lancaster Castle 0-2-0 

Pd to M'' Jo" Bell for pircing her ear-Ring . . . 0-0-8 

June 2'^ p^ to a Riljond o - o - 10 

Septmbi" i^t to a pound of wax candles for Tluunliam - i - 8 
[30] Octob. to a neck Lace [item scored out] . . . . 0-0-2 

May 29 Thos Son of Ric'i & ]\Iary Jeilkinson. 

June 22 William Son of W"^ & Jennet Ward. 

Jmie 30 Mar}^ Daughter of James & Bella Wilson, 

July 31 Winefrid daughter of \^'"» & Jane Threlfall. 

Aug. 3 Margt Daughter of Tho^ & Ann Grayston, 

Aug. 12 Jo" Son of Jas : & Betty Parke 

Aug. 24 Edward son of John Hays & wife Eliz. 

Aug. 31 Margt Daughter of Hen. & Margt. Davis. 
[31] Septmbr 28*11 Tho« Son of Ja^ & Margret Billington. 

Septmbr 28th Mary daughter of Rob* cS: Eliz: Shepherd. 

Octobr ist Ed^^'d Son of Thos & Ann Bamber. 

Octobr J2 Marv Daughter of Jane Porter & Ja^ Pye. 

Octobr 20 ...'... of W" & Eliz. Wignay. 

Novembr gth ja,s gon of Ja^ & Isabel Mierscow. 

Decembr 2^ George Son of Nic: & Jane RoskUl. 

3 Jan y Thos Son of John & Ann Windle. Fielding & Walkers daily 
Journal 1778. [This entry is on a slip of paper pinned to page 31.] 
[32] ' Account of Children Baptised in the year 1778 

March 8*'i Alice Daughter of James & Kather"! Clegg. 

March 9th Mary daughter of Thos & Marg* Sydgreves. 

March 11 Thos son of Jo" & Easter Cowell. 

March 15th Ellen daughter of W"! & Mar}' Robinson. 

April 22 Eliz. Daughter of W^ & Mary Robison of Wiimiarley. 

May 5"! Sarah Daughter of W"^ & Sarah Parkinson. 

May 6"! Joseph Son of Tho^ & Mary Swarbrick. 
[33] June 21 Jas son of Rob* & Mary Shepherd. 

July 7"^ John son of Ric^ & Julian Serjeant. 

July 12 W"^ Son of Peter and Isabel Robinson. 

July 19 Rob* Son of John and Margery Mortan. 

August jst John Son of John & Mary Baines. 

Aug. 2^ John son of John & Ann Winell [?]. 

Aug. 20*'^ Alice Daughter of Tho^ and Mary Smith of S}-kes in 

Aug. 2gth Rob* son of Ric^ & Alice Holden. 
[34] Septembr 27*'^ Laurance Son of Jon & Mar\' Parkinson of 
Ellell Hall. 

Octob : 14*" James Son of James & Margret Robinson, Scot Barn . 

Novmbi" i«t Jane Daughter of Edw^ & Emerentia Haughton, 
Cockerham . 

Novembr 8ti' W°i Son of W™ & Margt Wilkinson. 

Decern!)'' 19*^ [^;. j -thj Marg* Daughter of Hen : & Agnes Nickinson. 


Decmbr 28^1 Thos Son of John & Eliz: Sharpies. 
[35] A" Account of Infants Baptised in ye year 

January 24 Mary Daughter of John and Eliz : Hayes in Thurnham. 
March "12 Eliz.' Daughter of Thos & Jane Roskill. 
March 26 Ric^* Son of W'm & Eliz. Leckonby. 
:\Iarch 28"^ Mary Daughter of John & Margt Roper. 
April 9 Eliz'. daughter of Jane & Thos Filling. 
April 14th Jon Son of Thos & Ann Bamber. 
May 14 [?] Agnes daughter of James & Sarah Sharpies. 
[36] May 16 Joseph Son of Tho^ & Marv Swarbrick. 
June 13^^ Thos Son of Thos & Agues Crumbleholme. 
July iS*'^ Jane daughter of Ric^i and Mary Jenkinson. 
Same day. Tho^ Son of Jo" & Marg* Grayston. 
August 2^ Jas Son of Ric^ and Bett}- At^nson. 
August 20^11 W'n^ Son of Thos & Marv Crumbleholme. 
Octobr 17 Jane Daughter of W^^' & Jane Threlfall. 
Decembr -th EHen Daughter of Thos cS: Mar}- Baines, Fox Houses 
December 19^^ Marg* Daughter of Ja=^ & Sarah Hynd, Fortan. 
[37] Decembr 25 Catharine Daughter of Francis & Marg^ Salisbury. 
December 29*11 Ann Daughter of Edw^ & Ann Laurance. 

Children Baptized in the year 17S0. 
January 23 James Son of John & Eliz. Ball. 
Same Day Marg* Daughter of James and Eliz. Parke. 
Januar^^ 30 W^ Son of Ric^ and Julian Serjeant. 
Feb: 12*^ Ann Daughter of James and Margt Billington. 
Feb: 14 Jo° Son of Nicholas & Jane Roskell. 
[38] March 9"! Ralph Son of \X^ & Jennet Carr. 
March 12*'^ W™ Son of John & Easter Cowell. 
April S^^ Elizabeth Daughter of James & Ellen Valentine; 

i6th ]\iarv Daughter of J01 & Eliz: Dobson of Garstang. 

23^1 Maiy Daughter of W"! & Eliz: Wignall. 

24*11 Thos Son of Jas and Jennet Mearscow. 

20th Jon Son of Jon & Ann Meai'SCOW. 
Same Day Hen: Son of Henry and Marg* Davis. 
May 8^^ Joseph Son of W^i & :\Iargret Wilkinson. 
[39] May 12*11 xhos Son of Thos & :\lary Hornby. 

15 Margret Daughter of John & Jane Kay. 

21 Grace daughter of Ric<i & Ann Latham. 

30*11 George Son of Tho^ & Mary Smith. 
June i8*ii Wm Son of John &. Marger\- Morton. 
July 6*11 Eliz. Daughter of \V"i & Alice Serjeant. 
July 23^1 W™ Son of W™ & Grace Richardson. 

* Died in 1795. He was son ot William Leckonby, Esq., only son of 
Richard Leckonby, of Leckonby House, in Great Eccleston, and Hothersall Hall, 
Esq. His mother was Elizabeth, daughter of James Taylor, of Goosnargh, 
whose grandfather, John Taylor, purcliased lands there in 1710. His sister, 
Mary Leckonby, born May 15, 1777, became sole heiress to the manor of Hother- 
sall and other extensive estates, and married Thomas Henrv Hele-Phipps, of 
Leighton House, Wiltshire, Esq., J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff 'of Wilts, in 1804. 
William Leckonby was killed whilst hunting in Wyresdale Aug. 11, 1762. 




- q 


- b 

II - 



August 20^^ Ann Daughter of Thos & Margt Sydgraves. 
Septmb'" io<h William Son of W'» & Mar\- Robinson. 
[40] Septmbr 27 Ric<J & Mary Twins Son & Daughter of Jo" &: Mary 
[corrected from Margt] Walker. 

Octob'" 24"! Adam Son of Peter & Isabel Robinson. 
Same Day William Son of Edwc' & Mary Robinson. 
Novembi" ^th James Son of Hen : & Agnes Nickinson. 
Decemb'" 3 Rob* Son of Marg. Davis & one Allen , a natural child. 
[The book has then beoi reversed and used for various business 
accounts. Commencing from the back cover, it reads thus.] 
[Inside of back cover.] 

May 20, 1770. Rec'i of \\''» Parke for service done at 
Thurnham from 19th of May 1769 till 15^1 of May 
1770 two pound four shilling & six pence remains 
due from Rob* Dalton to Jo" Serjeant* . . • £5 - 15 - 6 

Rec^ afterwards [from Parke scored out] 0-2-6 

to remains due 0-13-0 

house side 48 

House side 48 


Reed of W'" Parke 

for the year 1770 till "^49 

' ~ " ~ ^ 1771 £z - 3s. - 6d. 

5 ~ 

0-16-6 M'" Bamber 

~ Z~ r shoe maker in 

^^Z^^Zf Sl^^d Themes 

" ^ Borrough 

[Oil a loose leaf. The ' pence ' column has partly perished.] 
D^ Contra. 

Given Jo" Baines ' 5 - 15 - 

Given Dorothy 0-5 

Dickinson for assisting 

Pd Betty Holden for shroude 0-4-4 

pd Thos. Cooke for shaving o-i-c 

Paid for Ale at Holdings 0-5-0 

6-10 - 10 
[Then folloius a list of names and moneys. On the back of this page 
are a few collections and business expenses almost undecipherable.] 
[84] An infallible Receipt for a Glandcrd Horse. 

Take one Quart of Florence Ayl, one pound of Antimony, a 
quarter of a pound of Flower of Brimstone mix them all together 
to be given at 3 times, 4 mornings betw'een each Drink. 
[Here come some rough arithmetical calculations, then] 

^ On account of .stipend for serving Mr. Dalton's chapel at riiuinham Mall. 


Sang Gare 6: Lower held ... 23 Halcck 

Cross Field Hallocks 80^ 

Prickets of 4 Sheves • ■ • • 35 

Prickets of 6 Sheeve .... 15 
[83] [A M' Bland's account for plastering — no dates.] 
[82, a loose page.] 

An Account of Monies had at his Death. 

In his Purse 6 - 6 - i| 

Reed Westbj-'s* Interest 4-0-0 

Reed Moss's Intrst 4-0-0 

12-0-6 14-6 - i| 

7-16-6 6-5-10 

4- 4-0 ^ 

West by 's Bond for 100. 

Due feb: 2 : 1768. 
\Vni & Thos. Chews Bond for 100. 

due March i^t 1765. 
M"- Ricd Threlfall & M^ W'm Jackson Bond for 100. 
due 22^ of October. 
[81] [The back of above has some rough figures.] 
[Pages 80-65 have been cut out.] 
[64] An Account of Jo" Proctor's securities. 

1° Bill upon Cutli: Cardwell for £31 -4-0 [due crossed ouf[ 

given 7t'i .May 1768. 
2° Bill upon W'm Crumble holme for £50 given Juh- i^t 1770. 
3*^ Jon Westby's Bond £100 @ £4 per cent, due Feb. 2^. Interest 

40 Reed Jenkinson's Bond for £90 due feb: 14. 
50 Rob* Moss of Longton Bond for £100 Interest paid due 

June 7*h. 
60 Mr Ricd Threlfall & M^" W^ Jackson Bond for £100 due 22^ of 
Wni Chew & Thos. Chew Bond for £100 due i^t of March. 
70 Hen. Pope Bill for £20 June 16. 
[63] A Receipt for the Jaundice, 

i^t Rliubarb scrupulos duos 

Repetitr bis die interjecta. 
R I Castile sope semiuncia 
Turmeric scrupulos 2 
Crema Tarter scrupulos 
duos fiat Electuarium 
quantites fabiae ter quatro 
in die sumenda 
for a Ho ife 2 oimces of 

sj: John Westby, of White Hall m Upper Rawclifte, Mowbreck Hall, and 
\Ntstby, CO. York, Esq., was the eldest son of Thomas Westby, of the same, and 
was bom Nov. 22, 1745. He died a bachelor at White Hall, March i, 1811, 
and was buried at St. Michael's. His sister Bridget was prioress of the canon- 
esses of the Holy Sepulchre at Liege, and died March 3, 1786. 


Soaj) 6c an ounce of 

Crema tarter & an ounce 

of Turmeric [a few rough figures follow]. 
[62] May 28<h 1774. 

Paid Ricd Holden 0-3-3 

Septnibr 12*'' p^ idem pour &. Constable Sess: . . .0-6-6 
Septmbr 26*^ paid Jos: Jackson Land tax and window 

money o - 6 - 11 

Dccembr 20^^ p^id Ric^ Holden two double Books . .0-6-6 
Feb: 16 i)aid Jon Richmond for yc Higti-Wajs . 0-6- 6 

March 21 Land tak & Window money o - 6 - loJ 

Aprl I3*'i paid Ja« Winder Church Tax . . . . - i - 7I 
May nth p'j Ricd. Holden 0-6-6 

2-4- 8 
June ist pd. Iden 0-3-3 

[61 is a butcher's account.] 3 - 7 - 11 

[60, Miss Dalton's account, crossed, out.] 

[59, rough calculations, 58 a butcher's account.] 

[57, Miss Dalton's account?^ 

[56] Expenses to Thaching the Chapel 

Septembr 12 to 4 Threve of Wheat Straw . . . 0-2-0 

To Rob* Parkinson for Thaching the same. Victuals 

& wages 0-1-2 

T my servant serving o-i-o 

March 26 pd. Jo" Cooke for thatching Chapel . . . 0-1-6 

To 2 Thrave Straw 1-4 

To my own serv* serving i - o 

[55] ^lay 4«i 1776 sent M^^ Ric^ Gillow 2 Daffy Bottles 0-2-6 
{This has been crossed out.] 
Under the Window next the Door. 
I'** Lord Chatam. 
2^ Julian cj 

3 Duke of Cumberland tw^o on the fiist bed South Wall 
Tucker's Queen Charlotte from y^ House, the other 
Roskows Queen. 
[54] ' J^s: Stuart's account.' 

[After a list of the joints of meat ordered, it ends.] 
Feb: 10*^ 1778 paid Ja^ Stuart's Bill £2 - 16s. - ^d. being in 
full for the last year 1777. 

[53] * J^s: Stuart's account from Feb: 28*^ 1778 & forward ' [ends]. 
[52] J08 Till Dr to Wm Tubman. 

To 5 Roods of Slating & tearhig wanting 7 yards at 15s. 

pr. Rood 3 _ 10 - 5| 


4- 2-11^ 
I - II - 6 

2 -II- 5h 



[51-44 have been used as scrap paper for arithmetical calculations. 

43 and 42 are blank.] 
[41] R/ Camphire two Drams, Safron one Dram, long pepper 
pouderd one ounce & a Half Turmerick & Rock Allum pouderd of 
each an ounce, ginger pouderd half an ounce, as much Honey as is 
suificient to make it into an Electuary of proper consistance give 
a meat spoonful of ye above disolvd into a gill & half of warm beer 
two or three times a Day. 

On the middle bed next the stable towards the gate, 
four Andersons seedlings. 

on the same bed next the stable. 
ist Lord Chatam. 
2^1 Duke of Cumberland. 
3d Count Sax. 
4th Count Sax. 
[40] 5t>i Ince Blundel. 

On the same Bed next y^ stable & House. 
4 Spend Love's Seedlings. 
[The remainder of page 40 is filled by the baptisms as noted above, 
written from the proper top of the page, and here meeting the sundry 
accounts for which the reverse end of the book has been used.] 

Book H. 
[For description see above, p. 228.] 
(i) James Lawrenson came to Scorton Sep^^ 20, 1795. 

Baptismal Register by the said J L 
John Dixon succeeded the above Nov^ 12*^ 1826. 
John Woodcock succeeded the above Nov. 9**1 1830. 
Thos Gillett succeeded the above [no date]. 
Robert Turpin succeeded the above Febv i, 1838. 
(2) A List of those Confirmed at Garstang, of the Scorton 
Congregation August 1835. 

Rob* Laucas. 
Robt Holden. 
Tho8 Slater. 
John Varley. 
Laurence Richmond. 
Rob* Parkinson. 

Isabella Holden. 
Elizabeth Holden. 
Margt Witherington. 
Ann Witherington. 
Esther Bond. 
Mary Holden. 
Ann Cutler. 
Helen Sandwell. 

Ann Wilson. 
Mary Holden. 
Jane Houghton. 
Eliz. Swindlehurst. 
Alicie Swindlehurst. 
Mary Parkinson. 


Sara Smith. 

(3, bla7ik) 

(4) [in pencil] 

1795 Oct. i8tt». 

An omission of registers from 1780 Dec. 3 to 


(5) Baptized in the Years 1795 &c. &c. &c. 

Ocbr 18*^ John Billington son of W^ & Margret. Sponsors John 
Billington, Betty Wharton. 


Oc^r 19 Margi-et Holden daughter of Ricd & Moll v. Sponsors 
W"' & Dorotin- Houldcn. 

Dec»r e^^ Alicia Wilson daughter of Ed: Prot: & Mary. Spon- 
sors Tlio'^ Tours, Margret Wilkinson. 

Dec^^ii^th RicdShephardson of Rob*& Deborha. Sponsors W'" 
& Dorothy Holden. 


Janv 10 Margaret Rogerson daughter of George & Ann. Sponsors 
by Prox: J. Lawrenson, Ann Barton for John Penswick & Alice Ball. 

(6) I\Iarch 6^^ 17^5 \\'m Armer son of Mathevv Pro! : & Mary Cath: 
Sponsors Tho" Hornby, Mary Thornton. 

March 9*^ Dorothy Serjeant daughter of Ric^ & Julian. Spon- 
sors John Thornton, Dorothy Townson. 

March 13^^ W^^ Rawlinson son of W^ Prot : & Mary. Sponsors 
Thos Sandwell, Margret Holden. 

March 30 Ann Eccles daughter of George & Rebecca. Sponsors 
W'm Bamber, Betty Eccles. 

April 4*^ Mary Kirlrhi^m daughter of Henery & Betty. Sponsors 
Thos Jenkinson, Betty Shephard. 

April 24th Margret Whittingham daughter of Duke & Peggy. 
Sponsors Tho^ Eccles, Elling Waterhouse. 

May i6th Ann Emour daughter of W^ Prot : & Sarah. Sponsors 
Jams Robinson, Margret Parkinson. 

(7) May 22^ John Parkinson son of Rob^ Prot ; & Bella. Sponsors 
^^''» & Margret Billlngton. 

June 24^h John Holden son of \\''" & Margret. Sponsors Rob* 
Holden, Nanny Swarbreck. 

June 27th George Holden son of W" & Mary of Gars[tang]. 
Sponsors Rich<^ Pennington, Bella Walker. 

June 29'*^ John Bains son of Jams & Esther. Sponsors John 
Bamber, Molly Roskell. 

July loth Jinny Rawlinson daughter of Tho^ Prot: & Betty. 
Sponsors Edmund Belshaw, Peggy Holden. 

July 31st Isabel Holden daughter of W™ & Dorothy. Sponsors 
Ricd Holden, Bella Parkinson. 

Aug: 7th Joseph Wareing son of Ric^ & Nancy. Sponsors John 
Bamber & Margret Billington. 

Aug: 9th Wni [corrected from Ric^] Sandwell son of W™ & Betty. 
Sponsors John Sandwell & Margret Billington. 

(8) Aug: 28 Peggy Bamber daughter of John & Mary. Sponsors 
John Ball & Mary Ball. 

Novbr 2ot'» Jinnv Sympson daughter of W" & Nannv. sponsors 
Harry Ball , Winefred Threlfall. 

Dec*"" 4th Thos Holden son of George & Mollv. sponsors W™ 
Threlfall, Elling Cowell. 


Jany. 30th \ym Johnson son of Mat hew & Betty, sponsors John 
Davis, Peggy Holden. 

April 2d John Kay son of John & Dorothy, sponsors W^ Carter, 
Marv Care foot. 


April 2^ W™ Blakoe son of Ric^ & Peggy, sponsors John Whar- 
ton, Peggy Holden. 

April 12th John Kiikham son of Henery & Betty, sponsors W™ 
Threlfall, Betty Shephard. 

(9) May 4*'> John Armour son of Mathew Prot. & Molly, sponsors 
Joseph Swarbreck & Mary Laytham. 

June 16^*1 Elizabeth Wharton daughter of John & Betty, sponsors 
D^ George Rogerson, Alary Thompson. 

July i6'h supplied ye defect of Eliz. Ri[b]chester daughter of Jam^ 
& Betty, bapti by its Grandmother. 

July 17th Elizabeth Sandwell daughter of W™ & Betty, sponsors 
Wm Billington, Nancy Sandwell. 

Aug: 12*^ Mary Houghton daughter of Ethert & Emy. sponsors 
Rob* Holden & Nancy Sandwell. 

Aug: 13th Jane Hasrs daughter of W™ & Ann. sponsor witli J.L.* 
Bella Parkinson. 

i\ug* 29*'* W"" Blackburn son of Jam^ & Eliz: sponsors Rob* 
Holden, Jinny Pilling. 

Ocbr gth Ann M* Bride daughter of Dennis & Fanny, sponsors 
John Raiby, Alice Carr. 

(10) Oc'^r 29^h Benjamin Wilkinson son of Jam^ & Sarah, sponsors 
Wm& Dorothy Holden. 

Dec'^r 3d Jinny Rawlison daughter of W™ & Mary, sponsors 
Ricd& Mary Holden. jygg 

Jany 14th Margret DewhuTSt daughter of Leonard & Jinny, 
sponsors George Coup & Rebecca Eccles. 

March i^t Winefrid Moorby daughter of George Prot. & Elling. 
sponsors Ric^ Raiby, Mary Bains. 

March ii^^ William Towers son of Tho^ & Nanny, sponsors 
Henery Roe & Winefrid Threlfall. 

(11) March 25**1 William son of Ed: & Jane Davis, sponsors W°i 
Threlfall & Peggy Davis. 

April 13*'^ supplied the defect of Alice daughter of George & 
Rebecca Eccles. sponsors John Bamber, Elling Brown. 

May ist Ralph son of W''" & Ann Ibotson. sponsors Joseph & 
Margret Shephard. 

May 20th Martha [coryected from Mary] Daughter of George & 
Molly Prot. Holden. sponsors Thos Wilkinson & Bella Holden. 

May 2oth Mary Daughter of Thos Prot. & Elling Parker, spon- 
sors John Sandwell & Jane Balshaw. 

May 30*'^ Margaret Parkinson daughter of Robt. Prot. & Bella, 
sponsors Rob* Holden & Betty Corbishley. 

(12) June 3rd Joseph son of James & Betty Farren. sponsors John 
Raiby & Mary Brown. 

July ist Alice Daughter of Ric^ & Molly Holden. sponsors Rob* 
Holden & Bella Parkinson. 

August 9th Elizabeth daughter of Henery & Nancy Bains of 
Claughton. sponsors p^" proxy Rob* Bains for Barnaby & Betty 
Threlfall for Molly Bains. 

jjs Rev. James Lawrenson, the missioner. 


August 13*'' Mary daughter of Ethert & Elling Robinson, spon- 
sors Thos Jenkinson & Mary Bains. 

August 14^" Mary daughter of Jam^ & Elling Bains, sponsors 
Elhert Blackburn & Croudson. 

(13) August 15*'^ James son of W"' tv ^lary Hornby (Garstang). 
sponsors. \\''» Wilson [corrected from Hornby] li' Grace Hornby. 

Se])^r 12 John son of John & Betty Green of Garstang. sponsors 
Francis Salisbury, Mary Ducket li. 

Ocbr i^th "V^rm son of Mat hew Prot. & Mary Amour, sponsors 
Thos Bell jun : & Winefrid Threlfall. 

Ocbr 20*11 [or 2i] Elizabeth Daughter of Rich<i & Mary Richmond. 
Sponsors John Ball & Betty Kirkham. 

Jany. 20**' John son of W™ Rawlinson Prot. & Mary Cath: 
Sponsors John Sandvvell & Margret Billington jun : 

(14) Feby 2^ Henerv Davis son of John &. Peggy Davis, sponsors 
Robt Holden & Mary Bains. 

March 3*1 Alice daughter of Ric^* & Peggy Blaeoe. sponsors 
Harry Kirkham & Betty Shepherd for Betty Kirkham. 

April 7*h Mary Daughter of Jam*^ & Sally Wilkinson. Sponsors 
Ethert Houghton & Ann Dickinson. 

April 14 W°i Aimour son of W" &. Molly Aimour. Sponsors 
George Holden & Betty Corbishley. 

May 17**1 Richard Son of Henery & Betty Kirkham. sponsors 
Laurence & Mary Richmond. 

(15) June 23'"<i Henery son of James & Ann Davis, sponsors 
Henery Davis, Margret Davis. 

July 23 George son of George & Elling Moorby. sponsors John 
Raiby, Mary Wilson. 

July 28 Thomas son of Peter & Betty Robinson, sponsors 
Laurence Richmond, Betty Robinson. 

August 31 James son of Rich^i & Julian Serjeant, sponsors John 
Wharton, Betty Shephard for Thos & Elling Charnock. 

Sepbr II Isabella Daughter of John & Betty Wharton, sponsors 
Ethert Houghton, Margret Billington Jun^. 

(16) Oc^^r 7"i William son of William & Mollv Holden. sponsors 
Wm Threlfall & Elling Jenkinson. 

Ocbr29*b James Sandwell son of W™& Betty Sandwell. sponsors 
John Sandwell & Margret Billington. 

Nov^r %^^ Mary daughter of Rob* & Deborha Shepherd. Spon- 
sors John Sandwell & Bella Parkinson. 


Jany. 12 Alice Daughter of W" Raiby Cath: & Margret Prot: 
Sponsors Ric^ Raiby & Sally McRewn. 

Jany. 12 Alice Doughter of Jam^ Ribchester Cath: & Betty Prot: 
Sponsors George & Elling Coops [?]. 

(17) Feby 9**1 W™ son of W" & Nannj- Sympson. Sponsors Jam^ 
& Eliz: Melling. 

Feb'y 18 Richard son of Ric*^ & Mary Richmond. Sponsors. 
Lawrence Richmond & Jane Jenkinson. 


March 4*^ Robert son of George Holden & Mary Prot. Sponsors 
Thos & Alice Cowel. by Rv^ Red Sumner. 

March 14 Mary Daughter of Rob* Prot: & Bella Parkinson. 
Sponsors John & Nanc\' Sandwell. 

March'sQt" Jinny Daughter of Tho^ & Nanny Towers. Sponsors 
W™ Wilson, Mar\' Aimour. 

fi8) March 31^^ :\Iargret Daughter of Tho^ & Mary Sandwell. 
Sponsors M^ Cieorge Rogerson & M^^^ Kitty Horrabin. 

April 20*" Elizabeth Daughter of Laurence & Ann Richmond. 
Sponsors \Vn» Th^relfall & Betty Wharton. 

May iQth George son of George dc Ann Rogerson. Sponsors Jam^^ 
LaUTenson & Peggy Walker for Miss N. Kirkham n^ Yeland. 

June 8^'' Ann Daughter of Leonard & Jinny Dewhurst. Sponsors 
John & Ann Chew. 

(19) June 2ot" Thomas son of Thos Prot: & Betty Rawlison. 
sponsor Mary Rawlison. 

June 29^'» George son of John & Jinny Grayston. Sponsors Tho^ 
Wells & Nannv Hornby. 

August 24 [?] supplied the defect of Henery Armor (who was 
baptized by D^ Rogerson) the son of Mathew Prot : & Mary Armor. 
Sponsors Harry Davis, Mary Willace. 

Sepbr 14 Ann Daughter of Jam^ & Ann Davis, sponsors John & 
Margret 'Davis. 

Augst i^t 1800. Ellen Billington Daughter of W™ & Margaret 
Billington. Sponsors Jno WTiarton & Bella Parkinson. 

(20) 1801 

Feb: 2^ Thos son of Rich^ and Peggy Blackoe. Sponsors W™ 
Serjeant & Esther Harrison for Betty [corrected from Ann] Walker. 

Feb: 15^^ George son of Ric^ & Julian Serjeant. Sponsors John 
Wharton & Barbary Thornton. 

March 8"' supplied the defect of Elizabeth Daughter of W^" & 
Nanny Simpson. Sponsors Thos & Molly Thornton bap: by D^ 
Rogerson . 

March 25**1 supplied the defect of John son of James & Peggy 
Lee. Sponsors W™ Houghton & Betty Bamber. bap: by Ric^ 
Jenkinson jun^. 

April 5th Margret Daughter of John & Pegg\^ Davis. Sponsors 
Ethert Davis & Margret Billington. 

(21) April 25*^ James son of W" Prot: & Molly Rawlison. Spon- 
sors Nickolas & Emy Holden. 

May 6th Margret Daughter of W^i Aimour Prot. & Sally Aimour. 
Sponsor Margret Hall. 

June 7th Wm Holden son of Rob* & Mar}' Holden baptized by M^ 
Rogerson supplied y^ defect by J. L. Sponsors Ric^ Holden & Jinny 

July igtb Helen Daughter of Ethert & Jinny Davis. Sponsors 
James Davis & Mary Willace. 

August 16 John son of George & Filing Moorby. Sponsors RiC^ 
& Ann Raby. 


August 30^'' Thomas son of Edward & Ann Prot : Pye. Sponsors 
W'ra Sandwell & Winny Threlfall. 

(22) Oc*^r 25^'! James son of John & Elling Bamber. Sponsors \V"» 
& Marjor}^ Bamber. 

Ocbr 26**^ James son of George Holden & Moll\' Prot: Sponsors 
Ricfi Serjeant & Barbarv Thornton. 

J any 27"' William son of Laurence & Ann Richmond. Sponsors 
Jams Cross & Mary Richmond. 

Jan. 31S' Thos. son of Edward & Bamber Prot: 

100. sponsor John Sandwell for W"" Bamber. 

May 6"! Ann Daughter of James & Betty Hall. Sponsor Ethert 
Houghton for Ric^ Crumbleholme & Betty Kirkham. 

(23) June 13"! Ricd son of Tho^ & Mar)' Sandwell. Sponsors John 
Wharton & Betty Sandwell. 

July iitu Alice Daughter of W^^ & Molh' Holden. Sponsors Ric^ 
Holden & Betty Sandwell. 

Ocbr 3(1 Tho's son of Thos & Ann Towers. Sponsors Tho^ Ball & 
Mary Davis. 

Ocbr igth Mary Daughter of Ricfi & Mary Richmond. Sponsors 
Betty Ball & Jams Cross. 

Ocbr 29th William son of W^^ Sc Margret Bilhngton. Sponsors 
John Sandwell & Bett}' Lee. 

Nov^r 28th Ann Daughter of Ric<i & Pegg}' Blakoe. Sponsors 
Thos & Barbary Thornton, born 23^ of Nov^r. 
{24) Decbr 5th John son of James & Ann Davis. Sponsors Ethert 
Davis & Molh' Grayston. 

Dcbr igth^Ric'i Son of George Coup & Peggy Prot: Sponsors 
W™ Hoghton for Ri^ Southworth & Jane Cowel, 

Dcbr 25th Thomas son of Mathew Armer Prot : & Molly Armer. 
Sponsors \V^ Sympson & Nanny Hornby. 

Jany 27*1 Isabella Daughter of Rob* Parkinson Prot: & Bella 
Parkinson. Sponsors W^" Billington & Nanc}' Sandwell. 

Feby Elizabeth Daughter of George Holden & Mary Prot: 
Sponsors W™ Serjeant & Barbary Thornton. 

(25) March I2"i Elling Daughter of Jam^ Ribchester & Betty Prot : 
Sponsors Thos & Alice Cowell. 

April 8th John son of Thos Rawlinson Prot: & Betty Cath: 
Sponsors John Sandwell & Nancy Davis. 

May 8^^ Alice daughter of Ned Pye & Ann Pye Prot : Sjionsors 
Ric^i Jenkinson for Tho^ Thornton & Barbary Thornton. 

May 13"! George MacCary son of John & Jane Prot : Sponsors 
\Y^ Hoghton & Molly Sandwell. 

June 29**^ John son of W" & Dorothy Holden. Sponsors John 
MacCary & Bella Parkinson . 

July 26^^ supplied the defect of Ann, baptized by M^" Rogerson, 
daughter of W" & Ann Simpson. Sponsor Winefrid Threlfall. 

(26) Novi^r 25th John son of W™ Aimer Prot: & Sally Aimer. 
Sponsor Betty Lee. 



Jan y 25"i Thos son of John & EUing Bamber. Sponsors Lau- 
rence Richmond & Betty Lee for Betty Walker. 

March 29^*1 Richard Holden son of Rob* & Mary. Sponsors W"i 
Hoghton, Sally Wharton. 

April 15th Margret Daughter of Edw"* & Jinny Davis. Sponsors 
Thos Atrick & Nancv Davis. 

April i6tn Elizabeth daughter of Charles Prot : Tovi [?1 8c Margret 
Cath: Sponsors Jam^ Billington & Mary Bosteron. 

(27) April 30*'! John Richmond son of Laurence & Ann Richmond. 
Sponsors John Bamber & Betty Sandwell. 

May 23rd Mary Daughter of Jas & Betty Hall. Sponsors M^" 
Rob* Richmond for Jos: Shepherd & Betty Hothersall for Ellen 

May 27^'' Robt Parkinson son of Rob* Prot. & Bella Parkinson. 
Sponsors Ric'^ Holden, Betty Lee. 

June 20th Margret Daughter of Jam^ & Jinny Arkwright. Spon- 
sors M''^ John BrowTiwrig & Alice Swarbrick. 

do 20th Twins Eliz: Daughter of Do [Arkwright]. Sponsors Edw^ 
Swarbrick, EUing Valentine. 

(28) June 24 Thos son of Ed. Pye & Ann Prot. Sponsors Francis 
Pomfort & Ann Pomfort. 

June 25'»» Ann Daughter of W™ & Margret Billington. Sponsors 
Rob* Billington & Mary Sandwell junr. 

July 9th Ellen Daughter of Jam^ Ribchester Cath: & Betty Prot. 
Sponsors John Wharton & Alice Cowel. 

August 20tb Edward son of Ric^ & Peggy Blakoe. Sponsors 
Mathew Serjeant & Eliz: Walker. 

August 26 Thos natural child of John Helm Prot. & Betty Bamber. 
Sponsors John Wharton & Ann Bamber. 

Sept>r 23^ John son of Thos & Ann Towers. Sponsors Thos Ball 
& Betty Wharton. 

(29) Sepbr 23 Supplied the defect of Bap: by D"" Rogerson of Rob* 
son of W™ & Molly Holden. Sponsors George Turner & Bella Turner. 

Octbr 29*11 James Holden son of George Holden Cath: & Mary 
Prot : Sponsors Mathew Serjeant & Pegg>' Parker. 

Novbr 13th Robert son of Francis & Molly Salisbury of Garstang. 
Sponsors Ric^ Swarsbrick & Mary Goose. 

Debr 4^ John son of Ric^ jun. & Mary Richmond. Sponsors 
Wm Holden & Betty Hall. 

Debr 23 Mary Hardman Daughter of W™ & Betty Prot. Spon- 
sors Ricd Sandwell, Sally Wilson. 


Feby 17th Elling Daughter Gregory & Betty Walker. Sponsors 
RkA Richmond jun. & Elling Bamber. 

(30) March 20*11 Emy Hoghton Daughter of W^i & Sally Hoghton. 
Sponsors Thos pox & Jinny Hoghton. 

May 19th Jinny Daughter of Thos Bleasard Prot. & Ann Bleasard. 
sponsors Thos Wells & Betty Fox. 


June 2^ Ann Pennington Daughter of Ric^i Pennington Cath: & 
Alice Prot : Sponsors Mathew Serjeant & Molly Thornton. 

July 24"' Elling Daughter of Jam^ & BettyHall. Sponsors Ric^ 
Richmond jun : & Jane Jenkinson. 

August 25^'' Mathew Armer son of Mathevv Prot. & Molly Arnier. 
Sponsors John Wharton for Tho^ Wells & Ann Towers. 

Sepbr i^tu Jams Son of Jam^ & Ann Davis. Sponsors Ric*' 
Sandwell & Sally Wharton. 

(31) Ocbr 4*" Margret Daughter of Thos & Mary Sandwell. Spon- 
sors W™ & Margret Billington. 

Otbr 24 [?] George Son of W" & Dorothy Holden. Sponsors 
Ricd & Hellen Sandwell. 

Novi^r 3 Thomas Coop son of Tho^ & Marjory Coop. Sponsors 
John Bamber, Betty Wharton. 

Novbr joth Jams son of John M'Carey Cath : & Jane Prot. Spon- 
sors Ricd Holden & Bella Parkinson. 

Decbr 25ih Stephen son of W'" & Betty Sandwell. Sponsors Rob^ 
Billington & Mary Jenkinson. 


Jany 23d Elizabeth Daughter of W™ & Margret Billington. 
Sponsors Ric^ Billington & Sally Wharton. 

{32) Feb>' 12 Mary son of John & Peggy Davis. Sponsors RiCi 
Sandwell & Betty Lee. 

March 19th Ann Daughter of John & Ellen Bamber. Sponsors 
Jos : Serjeant & Nancy Walker. 

March 24*^ W" son of Robert Parkinson Prot. & Bella Cath: 
Sponsors W™ & Dorothy Holden. 

March 27 Alice Daughter of Rob. & Mary Holden. Sponsors 
John Wharton & Alice Jenk[in]son. 

March 29*'^ Ann Fletcher Daughter of Henery & Mary Fletcher. 
Sponsors Peter Lee for W™ Ibison & Sally Laytham. 

May nth Elizabeth Sharpies Daughter of John & Dorothy. 
Sponsors Ric^ Holden & Grace Wilkinson. [This entry marked -f] 

(33) May iitii Mary Daughter of John & Elling Gardner. Sponsors 
Ricd Holden & Elling Parker. 

May 31st William son of Edward Cath: & Ann Prot : Pye. Spon- 
sors Jams & Catharine Atkinson. 

July 14*11 Helen Daughter of Jam^ & Bet ty Hall, sponsors Rich^ 
Holden & Molly Jenkinson. 

Sepbr 23rd Jane Daughter of Ric^ & Mary Richmond. Sponsors 
Harry Ball & Molly Holden. 

Nov^r 9th James son of Jams Prot. & Mary Hudelson. Sponsors 
Ric<i Holden & Peggy Robinson. 

Dec»>r 7th Thomas Walker son of Gregory & Betty Walker. 
Sponsors Laurence Richmond & Ann Bamber. 

Dc^r 7 Elizabeth Richmond Daughter of Laurence & Ann. 
Sponsors Richmond & Esther Harrison. 

(34) 1807 

Jany 16 Mathew son of Mathew Prot : & Molly Armer. Sponsors 
Rob* Davis, Betty Rawlison. 


Janv 31st James son of W™ & Molly Holden. Sponsors Ric<* 
Sandwell & Marv Sandwell. 

Febv 8 Supplied the defect of baptism of Mary & Alice Simpson. 
Sponsors for Mary, W™ & Mary Smith, for Alice, Ric^ Shepherd & 

Feby 18 Will™ son of Thos & Marjory Coup. Sponsors John & 
Bett>- \Miarton for W™ & Betty Bamber.'^ 

Mar. ist Sarah Daughter of Edw'd & Jinny Davis. Sponsors 
Robt. Davis & Sarah Laytham. 

March 2ist Ann Daughter of W^ & Dorothy Pattison. Sponsors 
Harry Ivison [? Ibison] & Betty Fox. 

(35) ^ May 8*^ Mary Sandwell Daughter of Thos & Mary Sandwell. 
Sponsors W"" Sandwell & Betty Lee. 

May iQtii Margret Daughter of Tho^ & Ann Toners. Sponsors 
Peter Kerby & Betty Lee. 

May loth Helen Daughter of W«i & Betty Sandwell. Sponsors 
Ric*i & Molly Sandwell. 

July 23^ Elizabeth Daughter of Jam^ & Betty Hall. Sponsors 
Ricd Sandwell & Betty Sandwell. 

July 27th Edward son of Jam^ & Ann Davis. Sponsors John 
Wharton & Betty Lee for Agnes Dayis. 

Aug: 2d Thos'son of Mathew & Betty Prot. Serjeant. Sponsors 
Thos Serjeant & Sarah Wilson [for Molly Thornton scored out]. 

Do 2d Alice Daughter Ric^ & Peggy Blakoe. Sponsors Jos: 
Serjeant & Molly Thornton [for Sarah Wilson scored out]. 

(36) Sepbr gth Joseph son of Jams Whittle Prot. & Elizabeth Stuart 
Cath: a natural child. Sponsors Ric^ & Helen Sandwell. 

Sepbr 20th William son of Thos Blessard Prot : & Ann. Sponsors 
Mathew Serjeant & Mary Wilson. 

Noybr nth Anna Daughter of Jinny Johnson a natural child, 
[of Clan scored out] father unknown. Sponsors Thos Johnson & Ann 
Davis. 1808 

Feb^- 17^11 Mary Daughter of Tho* Prot: & Betty Rawlison. 
Sponsors Ethert Shaw & Jane Wilson. 

Feby 20th Martin son of W" & Margret Billington. Sponsors 
Ricd & Ellen Sandwell. 

(37) Feby 28*'^ Ricd ^lark Hardman son of W"i & Bett\-. Sponsors 
Peter Lee for Ric^ Hardman & Sally Wilson for 

April io«i Thomas son of John & Dorothy Sharpies. Sponsors 
John Co well & Grace Wilkinson. 

May ist Elizabeth Daughter of Jno & Helen Bamber. Sponsors 
W'u Robinson & Helen Bamber. 

May 16 Jane Daughter of Rob* & Mary Holden. Sponsors Ric^ 
Holden & Betty Lee. 

May 26*11 Thos son of Thos dead & Ann Cowell Prot: Sponsor 
Helen Parker. 

June 26*^ Gregory Son of Greg: & Walker. Sponsors 

Ricd Richmond jun. & Ellen Bamber. 

(38) July 31^* Alice Daughter of Mathew Serjeant Cath : & Betty 
Prot : Sponsors Jos : Serjeant & Margret Gardner. 


August lo Robert son of Tho^ & Mary Cowell. Sponsors Rob* 
Cowell & Esther Harrison for Betty Cowell. 

Scpbr 4»» Joseph son of Thos Wareing Prot: & Ellen Wareing. 
Sjjonsor Mary Rossa\v[?]. 

Novbr 20"^ sup])lied the defect of bap: of Alice Daughter of Ric^ 
& Mary Richmond who \\as baptized by Ellen Parker. Sponsors 
\\'"' Ball & Sally Wharton. 

Dec^r gth Mathew Armer son of Mathew & Molly Arnier. Sponsors 
Peter Lee for Rob* Davis & Betty Rawlinson. 

Dec^r 26 Ann Daughter of Tho^ & Molly Sandwell. Sponsors 
Ricfl Sandwell & Mary Sandwell. 

(39) 1809 

Jany. 15**1 Edward son of Tho^ & Marjory Coup. Sponsors Ric^ 
Billington & Ann Atkinson. 

Jany. 29**^ Alice Daughter of W™ & Alice Pattison neither in ye 
Church. Sponsors John Gardner & Catharine Yates. 

March 9*^ Elizabeth* Daughter of Thos & Ann Smith. Sponsors 
John Hoghton for Jos: Fidler & Margret Barton for Betty Chew. 

May 7th Jane Holden Daughter of George & jMary Prot: Holden. 
Sponsors Jos: Serjeant & Betty Towers [for Coward scored out]. 

May S^^ Thos Son of Laurence & Ann Richmond. Sponsors 
200. Rich^ Billington & Molly Jenkinson. 

(40) May 8**^ Elizabeth Daughter of John Rossow Prot. & Mary 
Cath: Sponsors Peter Lee for Tho^ Smith & Betty Lee, 

August 27 Elizabeth Daughter of VJ^ & Molly Holden. Sponsors 
Ricd Richmond & Mary Richmond. 

Novbr 23 William son of Thos & Mary Cowel. Sponsors Peter Lee 
for Wm Carter & Sally Cowel. 

Dec^r 8^^ James son of James & Betty Hall. Sponsors Rob* 
Holden & Sarah Wharton. 

Dec^r loth Ann Towers Daughter of Thos & Ann Towers. Spon- 
sors W°i Holden & Ann Robinson, 

Decbr 24 James son of John & Allice Rainforth. Sponsors John 
Sharpies & Betty Towers, „ 

Jany 19th Dorothy Holden Daughter of \V°^ & Dorothy Holden. 
Sponsors Ric<i & Ann Holden, 

(41) Jan y 28*^ Helen Daughter of Henery & Marj- Fletcher. Spon- 
sors Peter Lee for W™ Bamber & Betty Bamber. 

Feby. 25*^ Elizabeth Daughter of W^ & Betty Prots Hardman. 
Sponsors Mathew Serjeant & Margret Gardner. 

March 30*'^ John son of Ric<* & Ann Holden. Sponsors W°» 
Holden & Ellen Bamber. 

April 8"^ James son of Tho^ Bleazard Prot. & Ann. Sponsors 
Peter Lee for Tho^ Pyke & Sally Wilson. 

April 15th Sarah Daughter of John & Dorothey Sharpies. Spon- 
sors, George Coup & Mary Ribchester. 

3(s She died young. Her father, Thomas Smith, of Elswick Grange, married 
Anne, daughter of Mr. Walton, of Lightfoot Houses, Broughton, and died at 
Forton, which he had inherited from his cousin, WilUam Smith, gent., March 9, 


April i^^^ Jane Daughter of Thos Wareing Prot : & Ellen Wareing. 
Sponsors Jani^ Cross & Mary Rossow. 

]\Iay 6^'^ Thos son of W™ Serjeant 6c Ann Bleasdale, a natural 
cliild, But now married. Sponsors Jo^ Serjeant & Betty Wharton. 

(42) May i8"» Mary Daughter of Rob' & Mary Holden. Sponsors 
W^'" & Molly Holden. 

May 27^h William son of Tho^ & Mary Walmsley. Sponsors W" 
& Mary ^^'alnlsley. 

June 4t'» Ann Daughter of Ed: & Jinny Davis. Sponsors Peter 
Lee for W™ Davis & Ann Davis. 

Jul}- 8th Margaret Daughter of Mathew Prot: & Molly Armer. 
Sponsors Rob* Davis for Henery Fletcher & Mary Fletcher for Sally 

August i^ Robert son of William & Betty Sandwell. Sponsors 
Jams Billington jun: & Ellen Sandwell. 

Augst 17 Elizabeth Daughter of Tho^ & Mary Sandwell. Spon- 
sors Thos Fox & Mary Wharton. 

(43) Sep^T 6th Catharine Daughter of W"i & Margaret Billington. 
Sponsors John and Sally Hoghton. 

Sept^r i6th Richard son of Thos & Marjory Coup. Sponsors Laur- 
ence Richmond & Ellen Bamber. 

Sepbr 21 John [James scored out] Needham natural son of James 
Needham Prot. and Peggv Robinson. Sponsors Peter Lee & Dorothy 

Nov^r 4th Simeon son of Tho^ Prot : & Betty Rawlinson. Spon- 
sors Rob*' Davis, Betty Towers. 

Novbr ^th Anna Daughter of Henery & Ann Ball. Sponsors Jn^ 
& Sarah Cowell. 

Decbr 2^ Elizabeth Daughter of Jam^ & Nanny Davis. Sponsors 
Wm Davis & Sally Davis. 

Dec^T 15 Ann Daughter of Ric^i & Mary Richmond. Sponsors 
Ed^\■<l Hoghton & Ellen Bamber. 


(44) March 31st James Son of Thos & Mary Cowell. Sponsors Peter 
Lee & Ellen Bamber for W" & Betty Rogerson. 

April 15^11 John son of W'™ Pattison Cath: & Dorothey Prot: 
Sponsors Laurence Richmond & Betty Forshaw. 

April 27^11 Robert son of Tho^ & Ann Smith. Sponsors Ric^ 
& Ellen Sandwell. 

May ist Joseph son of W" & Mary Waterhouse born Apl. 27th. 
Sponsors John Hoghton & Peggy Waterhouse [entry marked +]. 

August 12 Joseph son of Samuel Prot : & Sarah Smith. Sponsors 
John Cowel & Betty Wharton. 

Sep. 15th Richard son of James & Sally Billington. Sponsors 
W" Holden & Ann Richmond. 

Sept'r 22 Mary Daughter of W" Holden & Bella Prot : Sponsors 
Mathew Serjeant & Betty Towers. 

(45) Sepbr 22 Joseph son of W™ & Molly Holden. Sponsors Tho» 
& Molly Jenkinson. 


Sepbr -^Qth Elizabeth Daughter of Ric^ Parkiiison Prot : & Sarah 
Cath: Sponsors John Hoghton & Mary Sandwell. 

Decbr 8th James son of Thos Wareing Prot : & Ellen Cath. Spon- 
sors Robt Holden & Ellen Baniber. 


Jany ist John son of John & Dorothey Sharpies. Sponsors 
William & Peggy Ravvlinson. 

Jany 15th Henery son of William & Peggy Wilson. Sponsors 
Thos Hoghton for John Kay, Ellen Hardman. 

Febv 2'^ Thos Towers Son of Rob* & Molly Towers. Sponsors 
W™ & Peggy Rawlinson. 

(46) Fcbi' 9th John son of W™ & Molly Holden. Sponsors W'" Goose 
& Ann Holden. 

Febv 9th William son of John Rainford & Allicc. Sponsors Jam' 
Davis & Betty Towers, 

April 19th John son of W"^ Hardman & Betty Prot: Sponsors 
Ricd Holden & Catharine Gardner. 

May 14th Agnes Daughter of Laurence & Nanny Richmond. 
Sponsors Tho^ Jenkinson & Mary Sandwell for Nancy SandNvell. 

May 24th John son of Edward & Ann Pye Prot. Sponsors Thos 
Serjeant & Marjory Hodskinson. 

Ma3' 28th Mary Daughter of Henery & Mary Fletcher. Sponsors 
Jos: Bradley & Jane Davis proxies for Rob* & Mary Ibison. 

(47) July 10**1 Alice Daughter of Thos & Mary Cowell. Sponsors 
Peter Lee for Jos: Cowell & Jane Walker for Alice Cowell. 

July [August scored out] 2^^ Thomas Ball son of John & Ellen 
Ball. Sponsors Peter Lee for John Latus & Mary Sandwell. 

July [August scored out] 26*^ Richard son of Ric^ & Grace 
Billington. Sponsors Thos & Molly Jenkinson. by The Rev<i Jno Roe. 

July 28^^! Thomas Son of Edward & Margaret Swarbrick. Spon- 
sors Peter Lee for John Hubashaw & Alice Swarbrick. 

August 2^ Antony son of Mathew Armer Prot. & Molly his wife 
Cath: Sponsors Mathew Johnson & Sally Davis, bap: by the 
Rev^ John Roe. 

August 26 William son of Randolphus Nelson Prot. & Mary his 
wife Cath. Sponsors Peter Lee for Nicolas Robinson & Ellen 

(48) August 3otb James son of Thos Ball & Ann Ball. Sponsors 
W^ Bamber & Margaret Bamber. 

Septor 18th Isabel Daughter of Nancy Bleazard Cath. & Tho'^ 
Blezard Prot. Sponsors W^ Hardman & Margaret Gardner. 

Sepbr J2^h James Walmsley son of Ric^ [&] Mary Walmsley. 
Sponsors John Kay & Ann At rick. 

Sepbr 20*h Agnes Daughter of Mathew & Betty Johnson. Spon- 
sors John Blacoe & Nanny Wareing. 

Sepbr 2i8t Ann Daughter of Ralph & Betty Johnson. Sponsors 
Henery Goose & Jane Witherington. 

Sepbr 24th Stephen son of W™ & Margaret Billington. Sponsors 
Ethert Hoghton & Ann Robinson. 


(49) Ocb"^ 25^ Ann Daughter of Henery & Agnes Davis. Sponsors 
Peter Lee for W™ Bamber, Betty Ducketh. 

Ocbr 28*^ Jane Daughter of Jams & Mary Coup. Sponsors Ric^ 
Holden & Margaret Hoggart. 

Novt>'" 15th Robert Son of John & Jinny Gregson. Sponsors Peter 
Lee for John Johnson & Margret Hoggart. 

Janv 3d James son of Thos Prot. & Betty Rawlinson. Sponsors 
Ricd Holden & Peggy Rawlinson. 

Janv 26 Laurence son of Ric^ & Mary Richmond. Sponsors 
Gregory Walker & Ellen Parker. 

(50) March 4^^^ Elizabeth Daughter of Ric^ Parkinson Prot. & Sall\- 
Cath : Sponsors Gregor\' & Betty Walker. 

March 10*^ Samuel Son of Samuel Smith Prot: & Sarah Cath: 
Sponsors Peter Lee & Mary Sandwell. 

April i8t'i Agnes Daughter of Laurence Lupton Prot : & Mary out 
of the Church. Sponsors Ric«i Holden & Jane Nickson, 

]\Iay 3d Alice * Daughter of Thos ^ Ann Smith. Sponsors Rob* 
Kellett & Mary Walton for Ann Kellett. 

May 3oti^ Alice Daughter of Thos & Ann Towers. Sponsors Peter 
Lee & Sarah Fossett. 

(51) Jul\- 4th John Son of Tho^ & Mary Cowell. Sponsors James 
Hall & Sarah Cowell for Betty Hall. 

Sep^r 28 James son of William & Dorothey Holden. Sponsors 
John Parkinson & Mary Blacoe. 

Xovt>r yth Catharine Daughter of Thos Wareing Pro* & Ellen 
Wareing Cath. Sponsors Nicolas Robinson & Mary Nelson. 

Dec^r 18*'^ James Coup son of Thos & Marjory Coup. Sponsors 
Ricd Holden & Ann Robinson. 

Dec'^r 2=)^^ Dorothy Daughter of Ric^ & Ann Holden. Sponsors 
Nicolas Robinson & Mar^' Sandwell. 

(52) 1814 

Jan>' i6*h John son of Thos Belazard Prot: and Ann Bleazard. 
Sponsors W^ Patterson & Catharine Gardner. 

Febv 4th John son of John & Alice Rainforth. Sponsors James & 
Sarah Wilkinson. 

Febv 4^^ Jane Daughter of father unknown & mother Margaret 
Lucas a natural child. Sponsors Jams Wilkinson, Ellen Wareing. 

Febv 13*11 Margaret Daughter of ^^'m Patterson & Dorothy Prot. 
Sponsors W^ Hardman & Margaret Gardner. 

Feby 13"! Thomas Son of Henery & Mary Fletcher. Sponsors 
Peter Lee for Tho« Ibitson & Mary Ibitson. 

April 2d John Son of Ric^ Parkinson Prot. & Sarah Cath: Spon- 
sors Ricd & ]\Iary Richmond. 

(53) April 6"! John Meechon son of W™ Shackleton & Teresa 
Shackleton. Sponsors Rob* Holden & Ann Bullen. 

May 6^^ Ric^ son of John & Mary Bl[a]coe. Sponsors Peter Lee 
for Joseph Rogerson & Ellen Sandwell. 

:)! She '■lied young. Her eldest brother, WilUam, v. ho succeeded to the 
estate at Forton, died a bachelor in Lancaster. 


June gi'i Mai}- Ami Daugliter of Laurence & Ann Richmond. 
Sponsors Tlios Serjeant & Marjory Coup. 

July 2^1 John son of John & Ellen Ball. Sponsors W"' Holdcn & 
Ellen Sandwell. 

Sepbr ^th Jane Daughter of W" Hardman Cath: & Betty Prot. 
Sponsors Peter Lee & Catharine Gardner for W" & Molly Holden. 

Sepbr 25 Deborha Daughter of John & Dolly Sharpies. Sponsors 
Jams & Sarah Wilkinson. 

(54) Ocb'- 2i«i Robert son of Thos Prot. & Betty RawUnson Cath. 
Sponsors Henery Davis & Jinny Rawlinson. 

Dec'"' 5111 Stephen son of Ricf' & Grace Billington. Sponsors John 
Cowell & Mary Sandwell. ^ 

March 12^1 Sarah Daughter of Rich^ & Mary Richmond. Spon- 
sors Thos Serjeant & Marjory Coup. 

March 17^'^ Joseph son of Thos & Mary Cowell. Sponsors Peter 
Lee & Ellin Bamber for Jos: & Nancy Gillow. 

March 26*'^ Margaret Pedder Daughter of John Pedder Prot. & 
Ann Cath. Sponsors Henery Baines & Ellen Bamber. 

(55) April 23fi Robert son of Thos & Ann Towers. Sponsors Jain^ 
Coup & Dolly Cross. 

May 23<i Julian Daughter of W"^ Serjeant Cath: & Ann Prot. 
Sponsors Mathew Serjeant & Marjory Coup. 

June ijth Robert son of Edward Pye Cath: & Ann Prot: Spon- 
sors Gregory & Betty Walker. 

June 14th John son of W« Varley Pro* & Ellen Varley Cath. 
Sponsors Thos Hoghton & Mary Sandwell. 

July 23'* James son of Samuel Smith Pro^ & Sarah Cath. Spon- 
sors Jos. Bradley & Bella Holden. 

July 23^1 John son of Ricf^ Parkinson Prot. & Sarah Cath: Spon- 
sors John Blacoe & Alice Pinnington. 

(56) Sepbr 20th Thos son of Tho« & Ann Smith of Forton. Sponsors 
James I^ibchester & Grace Wilkinson for M"" George & Betty Ricli- 

Ocbr 15th Teresa Maria Daughter of W" S: Dorothcy Holden. 
Sponsors Rich^ & Peggy Parkinson. 

Ocbr jy Thos son of Mathew Armer Prot. & Mary Armer. Spon- 
300. sors Richd Parkinson & Margret Hoggart. 

Ocbi" 29^1^ Simeon son of John & Mary Cowell. Sponsors Gilbert 
Serjeant & Betty Richmond. „ . 

Janv 21^^ William son of W^^ & Dorothy Paterson. Sponsors 
Ric^i Holden & Gardner. 

(57) April 4th Alicia Daughter of John Rainford Prot. cS: Alice 
Rainford. Sponsors Ric^^ Hall & Mar}- ^\'ilkinson. 

May 9th George Shackleton son of W'" Prot : & Teresa Shackleton. 
Sponsors Rob*' & Mary Holden. 

May 12*11 James Barton son of W^^ & Mary Barton Prot. Spon- 
sors John Cowell & Margaret Pye. 

June i6'''i John Serjeant son of Mathew Serjeant & Betty. Spon- 
sors Gilbert Serjeant & Mary Parker. 


June 17"! Aim Daughter of Ric^ ik. Ann Holden. Sponsors Thos 
Hoghton 6c Peggy Parkinson. 

Jul\- ist William son of James Walmsley & Mary Prots's. Spon- 
sors Thos Cowell cS: Bett\- Holden. 

(SS) Sepbr 22rt Born 20th Mary Aim Daughter of Thos & ^lary 
Cowell. Sponsors John Wharton & Bella Holden. 

Sepbr 28 Bom D^ Mary Ann Daughter of W^ Varley Prot. & 
Ellen \'arley. Sponsors Jos: Bradeley & Mar\- Sandvvell. 

QchT 20th Born 13th Do Robert son of George Houlden Catcm" & 
Betty Holden. Sponsors Thos & Jinny Rawlinson. 

Decbr 3^1 born Dec'''" i^^ Bibiana Anna Daughter of W™ Hardman 

Cath: & Bcttv Prot. Sponsors Edw^ Hoghton, Catharine Gardner 

for Wn> & Bella Holden. 


Feby 9th Born 8^^ Margaret Daughter of John & ^lary Wither- 

ington. Sponsors John Cowell & Mary Sandwell. 

(59) Feby 23 Born 21^* Alice Daughter of Laurence & Ann Rich- 
mond. Sponsors W™ Paterson, Betty Richmond. 

April 12th Born lo^h Ann Daughter of Thos Bleazard Prot. & Ann 
Bleazard. Sponsors John Cowell for Thos Coup & Ellen Gardner 
for Alice Pyke. 

April 20*1^ Born 17*11 W" Son of Charles Shenty Pr"* & Peggy 
Shenty Cath. Sponsors W"" Hardman for Tho^ Rawlinson & Jinn\- 
Rawlinson . 

May 18th Born Ellen Daughter of Tho^ Wareing [Prot. 

erased] & Ellen Wareing. Sponsors Jos; Brown & Mary Hornby. 

May 23d bom 22^ W°i son of Ric^i Parkinson Pro* & Sarah Parkin- 
son Cath. Sponsors Thos & Betty Serjeant. 

(60) June iitii bom 10*'^ Elizabeth Daughter of Jam^ & Ellen Hull. 
Sponsors Ethert Houghton for Jos: Rogerson & Nancy Eccles. 

Jime 29*^ born 25*^ Peter Paul William son of Samuel Smith Prot. 
& Sarah Cath : Sponsors John Sandwell & Mary Sandwell. 

Sep^r 9*'! Supplied y^ defect of Margaret [originally Mary] 
Billington Daughter of W^ Gardner & Peggy Billington natural ch<* 
baptized by the Cath: schoolmaster at Blackburn. Sponsors Jn'' 
Wharton & Bett}' Wharton. 

Ocbr 5th born 4*^ John Serjeant son of Thos & Betty Serjeant. 
Sponsors Thos Billington & Betty Richmond. 

Ocb^^ 5 Born do Susan Daughter of John & Mary Cowell. Sponsors 
W™ Mason & Margaret Pye. 

(61) Decbr 2d born do Elizabeth Daughter of Jam^ Robinson Cath. 
& Rose Prot. Sponsors \Y^ Robinson & Grace Wilkinson for 
Dorothey Robinson. ^^ „ 

Jan» 6**1 bom do Eleonora Daughter of Thos & Ann Smith. 
sponsors W^ Hardman for Thos Jenkinson & Grace Wilkinson. 

Jany iQtJi born 9*11 Helen Daughter of John Wilcock a Prot. & 
Mar>' Parker [corrected from Holden]. Sponsors Rich^ Holden & Ellen 

Jan y 26 Laurence Lupton son of Rob* Lupton a dipper & Mary a 
Cath: Sponsors Betty WTiarton. 


{62) March 29**^ bom 26 Joseph son of John Rainford Pro* & Alice 
Cath. Sponsors Benjamin & Grace Wilkinson. 

April ig^^ Born iS^'^ William son of John Pedder Prot. & Ann Cath. 
si)onsors John Cowell & Bella Wharton. 

June 28t'i Born 24th Ric'' Patterson son of ^V'» & Dorothey Patter- 
son. Sponsors Ric^i Richmond & Catharine Gardner. 

June 28^1^ born 27**^ Ric^i Parkinson Son of Ric^ Parkinson Pro* & 
Sarah Cath: Sponsors Jos: Serjeant & Sarah Collinson. 

August 5t'> born 4th ]\Iary Holden Daughter of George Holdcn 
jun: & Elizabeth. Sponsors John Cowell & Sally Gornall for Grace 

(63) August 13th born i2t'» Ann Varley Daughter of W" Varlcy Pro* 
& Ellen Cath. Sponsors W™ Mason & Grace Wilkinson. 

Sepbr 6th born William son of W" Hardman & wife 

Prot: Sponsors Rob* Holden & ]\Iary Wilkinson. 

Spbr Do Born Do 6^^ Ann Witherington Daughter of John & Mary. 
Sponsors John Wharton & Grace Billington. 

SeptT 13 born do Maria Daughter of Rob* Lambert Prot: & Mary 
Lambert Cath: Sponsors W"i & Margaret Billington. 

Ocb^: 31st born & bap: Nov'^r i^t Joseph Cowell son of Tho^ & 
Mary. Sponsors John Cowell & Ann Hall for John & Margaret 

(64) Nov'^r 26 born do Mary Daughter of W"» & Bridgit Wilkinson 
baptized by M"" Jos: Rogerson. Supplied the defect Decb"^ i*^*. 
Sponsors Jam^ & Sarah for Grace & Benjamin Wilkinson. 


Jan. 9th Born Do loth Bap: Mary Daughter of W™ Serjeant Cath: 
& Ann Pr*. Sponsors Thos Serjeant & Betty Wharton. 

Janv 31st Born do Gilbert son of Thomas & Elizabeth Serjeant. 
Sponsors Richard Billington & Bella Wharton. 

Febv 14th born 12*^ Ann Charnley Daughter of Edmund & Bridgit 
Charnley. Sponsors John Gardner & Betty Gardner. 

(65) April ist born Do Isabella Daughter of Rich** & Ann Holden. 
Sponsors Jam^ Hoghton & Grace Wilkinson. 

April 3d born ist George Smith son of Sam' Prot. & Sarah Cath: 
Sponsors Tho^ Hoghton & Betty Wharton. 

April 7"^ born Do Emy Hoghton Daughter of Tho^ Hoghton & 
344. Betty a Catacumen. Sponsors Jam^ Hoghton & Sally 
Cowell for Betty Hoghton. 

June 24*11 (born do) Sarah Daughter of Henery & Mary Fletcher. 
Sponsors Tho^ Hoghton & Jane Davis. 

July 12*'! born 9^1 Elizabeth Daughter of Margaret Salisbury a 
natural child & son of W» Yexely Prot. Sponsors Francis & Eliz: 
Salisbury of Catterall. 

(66) July 14th Born 4*11 Catharine Daughter of W™ Yates Prot. & 
Catharine Cath : Sponsor Betty Holden wife of George Holden jun : 

July 25th born 24*'! Edward Son of Richard & Grace Billington. 
Sponsors Tho^ Billington & Elizabeth Lupton. 

August 3rd born 2^ Sarah Parkinson Daughter of Ric^ Pro' & 
Sarah Cath: Sponsors Ric^ Crumbleholme & Majgrt Billington. 


Sepbr 10 born 9"' John Varley son of W" Prot. & Ellen Cath: 
Sponsors John ^^''harton & Eliz^t^ Lupton. 

Novbr 7th born do Mary Daughter of Jams Houghton Cath: & 
Jinny Houghton Prot. Sponsors Tho^ & Elizabeth Houghton. 

(67) ' Nov'br 9th born Matilda Daughter of John & Mar\- Cowell, 
Baptized by Mr Jos. Rogerson. 

Nov. I3t'i supplied the defect, Sponsor Mary [Etherington scored 

out] Witherington, for Susan & Nickson. 


Feby 6"» Born do Jinny Daughter of Ric^ & Jinny Pinington. 
Sponsors Gregory Walker & Gardner. 

Febv 16**1 born 14*11 William Son of Jinny Towers a natural 
Child from Bolton on ye Moors, Father unknown. Sponsors George 
Coop & Ellen Wareing. 

April 9th bom S^^ Laurence Son of Lawrence & Ann Richmond. 
Sponsors Ric^ Richmond & Mar}- Parker. 

(68) born June 23d Baptized 25*^ Jane Daughter of George jun: & 
Betty Holden. Sponsors Rich^i Richmond jun: Helen Lupton. 

Born June 29*'^ July 2^ Mary Daughter of Tho^ Prot. Sc Ellen 
Wareing Cath: supplied the defect, baptised by M^" Jo^ Rogerson. 
Sponsors W^" & Bridgit Crook. 

August 9«i Born do James son of John & Mary Witherington 
Sponsors, Rich*^ Sandwell, Bella Wharton. 

August 21 Born Baptised 25^^ Mary Daughter of W™ & Dorothey 
Patterson. Sponsors W™ Richmond & Mary Parker. 

Augst 22 Born Bap: 27**1 Jane Atriek Daughter of John Atrick 
Cath : & Betty Pro*. Sponsors Thos Blakoe & Mary Hall. 

(69) Sepbr 21S* born &c. Jane Houghton Daughter of Tho^ [originally 
Jams] Hohton [Cath scored out] & Eliz. Houghton [Prot scored out]. 
Sponsors Rich^ Crumbleholme & Betty Hohghton for Jinny Hough- 
ton her sister. 

NoviJr 9*'i Born baptized io*'i Mary Daughter of Ric^ & Elizabeth 
Swarsbrick. Sponsors Ric^* Crumbleholme for Thos Baumfort &: 
Ellen Baumfort. 

Novbr 19 Born bap: 2is* Isabella Daughter of Ric^* Parkinson 
Prot. & Sarah Parkinson Cath: Sponsor Margaret Billington jun: 

DectT 12**1 born bap'' 13**1 Abraham Son of John Pedder Pro* & 
Ann Cath: Sponsors N. Holden & Sally Cowell. 

(70) 182 1 

Jany 8**1 born Baptised 10**1 Helen natural Child of George 
Serjeant & Sarah Sharpies. Sponsors by proxy Gilbert Serjeant & 
Helen Wareing for John & Alice Parkinson of Preston. 

Born Janv 24 Bap: 28 Joachim Thomas Smith son of Sam* Smith 
Prot. & Sarah a Cath : Sponsors Edward & Jane Pyke. 

Born April 20**1 Baptist 21 Margaret Varley Daughter of W™ Prot . 
& Helen Cth. Sponsors W^ Billington & Elizbt*i Gardner. 

Born 21S* May Baptised 22 Eleonora Daughter of W™ Hardman 
Cath. & Elizabeth Pro*. Sponsors Grace Wilkinson & Ricf* Crumble- 
holme for Mary Smith of Claughton & M^ Ricf* Shepherd of 


(71) Die 90 Augus: natus & Bap"^ Joannes filius Jacobi Rawlinson 
& Bella Wharton naturalis. Sponsors W" Billington jun: & Helen 

Aug**^ 13"' Bi)rn, bapf* 19^'' George Holden son of Ric'' & Ann 
Holden. S]X)nsors Holden & Mary Parkinson. 

Sepbr j;_|^tii Born & bap^ Thos. Houghton Son of Jam^ Houghton 
Cath : & Jane Prot. Sponsors Ric'* Crunibleholjnc & Emy Houghton. 

Sepbr II born Bap: 16*^' Jane Coup Daughter of Ric^ & Peggy 
Coup Prot. Sponsors Edm^ & Bridgitt Charnley. 

(72) Dcebr 9th Born Do Jam^ Shenty Son of Charles Shenty Pro* & 
Pegg^' Shenty Cath: Sponsors John & Sally Gornall. 


Feby 26 born & l^aptized Robert son of W" & Frances Holden. 
Sponsors Rich'' Holden, Frances Holden. 

March I2t'» born Baptized 14*11 W"' Gregory Shackleton son of 
Wm Shackleton Prot. & Teresa Shackleton Cath. (ought to be. 
Sponsors Tho-*^ Houghton for W'" Hardman & Catharine Gardner for 
Betty Fox. 

March 19*^ born Bap: 24*^ Sarah Daughter of Jno & Alice Rain- 
ford. Sponsors Tho^ Hoghton & Sally Cowell. 

(73) April 2ist Born & Bap: W" son of Ric^i & Grace Billington. 
Sponsors W"^ & Margaret Billington Junors. 

June 12 Born 13*'! Bap: Ric^ Son of Thos & Elizabeth Sarjeant. 
Sponsors Laurence Richmond & Betty Wharton. 

Born Sepbr ist gap. 3'^ Helena Daughter of Laurence & Ann 
Richmond. Sponsors W™ Holden & Betty Serjeant. 

Septor i^th Born Bap: 19*^ George Holden son of George Holden 
jun. & Betty Holden. Sponsors Jam^ Billington & Helen Bleasdale. 

Ocbr 15th Born Bap: 20*11 Thos son of W" & Dorothy Patterson. 
Sponsors \V™ Hardman for Jos Gardner & Jane Bleazard. 

Ocbr 22 born 24*11 Bap; Julian Daughter of George & Sarah 
Serjeant. Sponsors Gilbert Serjeant & Betty Jane Crook for Helen 

(74) Noyi^r 7*11 Born & Bapd Rebeca Daughter of Wm & Ann Pike 
by M"" George Rogerson supplied the defect this day Ja^ Lawrenson. 
Sponsors Ric'i Cnmibleholme, Alice Eccles. 

Nov'iJr 17*11 Born supplied the defect of Ann Daughter of Thos 
Cross Pro* & Bella Cross cath. Baptized by the Mother in danger. 
Sponsors John Holden & Margaret Mason. 

Nov'Ji- Born 21^* Baptized 22 Robert Son of W" & Mary Mason. 
Sponsors Rob* & Margaret Mason. 

Feby ii*ii Born & Baptised Esther Gardner Daughter of Jane 
Gardner & one Nic: Hool a natural clnld. by Betty. Supplied the 
defect of ye above Feby 15*11. 

(75) Feby 28 Born Jane Pennington daughter of Ric^ & Alice 
Pennington, Baptised by y^ father y^ same day. Sponsors Henery 
Baines, Sarah Davis. 

Mar. 2^ Supplied ye defect. 


March 2ist born baptized 22^ Elizabeth Daughter of John Atrick 
Cath: & Betty Prot. Sponsors Jam^ & Ann Atrick. 

April 19*'! 1823 was born, and 25th was baptized Alice daughter 
of William & Elizabeth Swindlehurst by nie J. [Bernardine] Davison 
M. Apcj. [O.S.F., of Lee House]. Sponsors William Moulding S^, 
Elizabeth Houldirig. 

May 13 Born and iG^'i was Baptized William son of James & Bella 
Rawlinson. Sponsors Rich^' Richmond sen: & Marg^t Billington for 
Ann Billington. 

(76) 1823 June 6"! was born Margaret Daughter of W"i Hardman 
Cath: & Betty Hardnmn a Prot. 

Bapfi 8^*1 Sponsors Laurence Richmond & Catharine Gardner for M^ 
J08 Rogerson & Maria Rogerson. 

June 26t'» Born & baptized Phoebe Daughter of Rob* & Margaret 
Mason. Sponsors W'" & Mary Mason . 

June iot'» Born & baptized July 24*^ Thos Yates son of Tho^ 
prot. and Catherine Cath: Sponsor Margaret Boscow. 

Ocbr 7th Born Bap. ii^h George son of Rob^ Holden & Jane Holden. 
Sponsors Edward & Bella Pike. 

(77) Ocbr 31st Born & Baptized Emy Hoghton Daughter of Ja^ 
Hoghton Cath: Jane Hoghton Prot. Sponsors W" & Mary Mason. 

Born Ocbr 29"! & Baptised Nov»^r 2^ Ellen Daughter of Ric^ Coup 
Cath: Peggy Coup. Sponsors W'" Holden & Jinny Bleazard. 

Decl^r i6"i born Bap'^ 17 Margaret Daughter of John & Elizabeth 
Kirkham. Sponsors Tho^ Hoghton & Jane Richmond for Robt 
Lupton, Mary Ann Lupton. 

Dcbr 2ist* Born & bapd Richard son of W^ & Frances Holden. 
Sponsors Jam^ Holden & Jane Holden. 

Dcbr 22 born Bapfi 25"! W" Holden son of Ric^ & Ann Holden. 
Sponsors Rob* & Margaret Mason. 

(78) 1824 

Janv Born 12th Baptised 13 John Rawlinson son of Thos Rawlin- 
son Cath. & Ann Rawlinson a prot. Sponsors John Rawlinson & 
Ellen Bleasdale. 

Feby 16 born Baptised 17*'! Grace Daughter of W"^ Armer & Jane 
Armer of Winmarley. Sponsors Rob* Hardman & Ann Wells. 

March 14*^ born & baptis^ Alice Wareing Daughter of Henery 
Wareing Prot. & Betty Wareing Cath: Sponsors Jam^ Davis & 
Ellen Warding. 

March 15th born bap. 16 Elizabeth Daughter of Ralph & Eliz. 
Johnson. Sponsors W™ Ball & Elizabeth Holden of Garstang 

(79) April 3d born & baptiz^ 4"^ William son of W^^ & Bella Holden. 
Sponsors Ric^i Hays & Ellen Bleasdale. 

April 2ist Born Baptised 23 Alice Daughter of Mathew Bamber & 
Betty. Sponsors Rici Crumbleholme for Thos Wells & Peggy Wells. 

May 6"! born Baptised 7th Elizabeth Ann Billington Daughter of 
Jams & Sally Billington. Sponsors Richt» Hornby & Bettsy Holden. 

July 6tJi Born Bap"' 7 Margaret Daughter of Wn» & Betty Bamber. 
Sponsors Jno Wharton for Laurence Turner & Mary Boys.Garstang 


July 2i8t Born Baptized 24*^ W™ Son of Rich^ Walmsley & Mary 
Walmsley. Sponsors John Davis & Ann Atrick for Ann Davis 
Nateby, Garstang Congregation. 

(80) July 28^'> Born & Baptized George son of W«^ & Eliza Sharpies. 
Sponsors Gabriel & Ann Coulston, proxy Jo^ & Maria Rogerson, 
Garstang Congregation. 

August 3d Born & Baptized Mary Daughter of James Ann Park. 
Sponsors Richi Cliff & Helen Holden. 

Augt 23*1 Born & baptized Margaret Dangliter of W™ & Ann Pyke. 
Sponsors Jam^ Armriding & Alice Eccles for W"^ & Ji^my Chester. 

Sep*^r 12 Born & Baptized Richard Richmond son of Rich^ & 
Margaret Richmond jun : Sponsors Jn^ Richmond & Mary Sandvvell. 

Sepbr 13th Boiii 14 Bap<i Margaret Daughter of Jn^ & Mary Cowell. 
Sponsors Thos Hoghton for Simeon Cowell & Alice Valentine. 

(81) SepbJ" 22" Born 23d Baptized John Son of ^^'l» & Mary Mason. 
Sponsors Edmund Pike & Alice Valentine. 

Ocbr 2i«^ Born 24*'' Baptized Elizabetli Dangliter of John & Mary 
Witherington. Sponsors Rich'i Hornby & Margaret BiJlington Jni'i. 

Nov*''" 22^*1 Born Baptised 24 Jam^ son of George Holden jun. & 
Betty Holden. Sponsors Rich^* Hornby & Mary Sandwell jun: 

Decbr 5**1 born Bap" 8^^ Dorothy Cross Daughter of Tlio^ Cross 
Pro* & Bella Cross cath^. Sponsors Tho^ Hoghton & Mar\' Mason. 

Feby 27*^ Born March 7*^ Baptised Thos son of W"i Pennington 
Cath: Margaret Pro*. Sponsors Jams Armriding for Ric^ Penning- 
ton & Alice Pennington. 

(82) March 13th Born & bap" Elisabeth Eliza Serjeant Daughter of 
George & Sarah Serjeant. Sponsors Thos ,5;; Betty Eanishaw. 

March 24**^ Born & Baptized 25 W"* son of Rob* (ic Margaret 
Mason. Sponsors John Holden & Mary Sandwell junr. 

April i2*h born 17*11 baptized Ann Daughter of Jn" & Mary Blacoe. 
Sponsors John Sandwell & Margrt, Billington sen: 

April 27**1 Born & Baptized by Jos Rogerson. W"i Warbrick son 
of Henery & Ann Warbrick May i^t supplied the defect. Sponsors 
Rich" Hornby & Alice Valentine. 

(83) May 2^ 1825 was born and on the same day was baptized James 
Billington son of Thos & Ann Billington (olim Hall) his wife — by me 
J. Davison M. Ap^o. Sponsors Richard Hornby, Elizabeth Hall. 

June 8**1 1825 Born & baptised Tho^ Johnson son of Thos Johnson 
& Alice Johnson, Garstang Congregation. Sponsors W°i Johnson 
& Ellen Johnson, by me Ja^ Lawrenson. 

July ii*'» Born 18*'' Baptized Rob* Standen son of Rob* Standen 
Pro* & Ellen Standen (olim Billington). Sponsors Jams Armriding 
for Thos Billington & Mary Witherington. 

July 19*'! Born 20**' Baptised W'" Richmond son ofRic¥ Richmond 
& Margaret Richnond {olim Sandwell) his wife. Sponsors Alex-' Crook 
& Mary Sandwell jun : 

William son of Rich*^ & Ann Sandxvell. Sponsors Alexf^r Crook & 
Mary Sandwell. 

[The words in italics above have been scored oiit.] 


(84) July 27"! Born & Baptized 28*^ Jams Shenty son of Charles 
Shenty Prot & Peggy Shenty (olim Rawlinson & his wife). Sponsors 
John Rawlinson & Man* Rawlinson. 

July 29th Born 31st Baptized Ellen Daughter of W™ & Dorothey 
Patterson. Sponsors John Richmond & Betty Richmond. 

Angst jst Born 3d Baptized Jane Daughter of Thos & Ellen Baum- 
ford. Sponsors W'^ & Jinny Bleazard. 

Ocbr nth Born Baptized I2ti» Mary Daughter of W™ & Fanny 
Holden. Sponsors John Richmond & Alice Holden. 

(85) Ocb'' IQ Born & Baptised Thomas son of Richf^ Richmond & 
Margaret Riclunond (olim Sandwell). Sponsors Jams Holden & Ann 

Ocbi- 25tii Born 30th Baptised John son of William Kay Cath : & 
Mary Prot. Sponsors John & Catharine Kay. 

Ocbr 26 Born 30th Bap. James Son of John Emison Prot. & Mary 
Hardman Cath : natri Child. Sponsors Edw't Pike for Mathew Hard- 
man, Jane Bleazard. 

Nov^r 8th Born 13th Baptised John Coup son of Rich^ Coup & 
Peggy Prot. Sjwnsors W™ Bleazard & Betty Hill. 

Novbr 25th boni Baptized 27th Elizabeth Daughter of John and 
Elizabeth Kirkham. Sponsors John Richmond & Ann Arkwright 
for Cuthbert Dewhurst & Margaret Lupton. 

(86) Decbr 25th Born & baptized Joseph Wareing son of Henery 
Wareing & Elizabeth Wareing. Sponsors Rich^i Hill[?] & Jane 
Wareing. ^826 

January 2^ Born & Baptized Dorothey daughter of W™ Wilkinson 
& Helen Wilkinson. Sponsors Thos Rawlinson & Mary Davis. 

Janv 23d Born & Baptized Elizabeth daughter of W"^ &: Margaret 
Robinson. Sponsors John Cross & Betty Crook for Helen Robinson, 
Garstang Congregation. 

March 27 baptized Born 24th James son of Bond Prot. 

& Agnes Bond his wife. Sponsors Jams Holden & Mary Blacoe. 

(87) April ist Born baptized 2't AUice Daughter of Richfi & Alice 
Pennington. Sponsors Wm & Isabella Holden. 

April 2'J Bom 3d baptized Thomas Son of Rob* & Jinny Holden. 
Sponsors Rich^ & Margaret Richmond. 

May 8th Born 9th Baptized Rich^ son of Rich^ & Ann Holden. 
Sponsors W^ Parkinson & Betty Charnley for Elizabeth Holden. 

June loth Born 11 Baptis'd Ann Sarah Smith Daughter of Sam^ 
Smith Prot & Sarah Smith Cath : (olim Carr) conjugum. Sponsors 
Edwd Leeming & Elizabeth Holden. 

June 22 bom 25 Baptised Jane Daughter of W™ & Isabella Holden 
conjugum. Sponsors Ric^ Pennington & Ann Sandwell. 

(88) July 7th Born, 9th Baptized Edward son of W" & Ann Pike. 
Sponsors James & Elisabeth Barns [?]. 

July 26th Born 30th Baptised Elisabeth Daughter of Tho^ & Ann 
Rawlinson. Sponsors Joseph Wilkinson & Peggy Shenty. 

August nth Born & Baptised Sarah Daughter of Jam^ Hoghton 
Cath : & Jinny Prot. Sponsors Jams Armrideing for Jams Wilson & 
Helen Wilson. 


Augst igih Born Baptised 20*^ George son of Rich<^ Coop & Ann 
Coop. Sponsors Rob^ Mason & Bella Pike. 

Sepbr 3d Born 5th Baptised Elisabeth Daughter of W"i Billington 
& Deborah his Wife a Pro*. Sponsors W*" Wilson & Ann Billington. 

(89) Sepbr 23 Born 24th Baptized Ja^ Son of John & Mary Cowell. 
Sponsors Thos Walker & Alice Pye. 

Ocbr ist Born 3d Baptized George Son of W" & Mary Mason. 
Sponsors Jam^ Armrideing & Ann Billington. 

Ocbr 21 Born Baptized 22 William son of Thos & Ann Billington. 
Sponsors John & Mary Riclnnond. 

Octobris 12^ Anno Domini 1826 Finis. 

Jurisdictionis Jac: Lawrenson. 

(90) Baptizati a me Joanne Dixon Miss" x\p<^. 
November 28^^ Born. Baptised 29*'^ Thomas son of James & Isa- 
bella Rawlinson (formerly Wharton) his wife. Sponsors John Whar- 
ton for John Rawlinson & Peggy Shenty. 

Dec^r 4*1' Born. Baptised 6^'* William son of George Holden jun : & 
Elizabeth Holden conjugm. Sponsors Henery Grayston & Elisabeth 
Sandwell [corrected from Ann Walmsley], 

Deer 8 Born. Baptized lo^h Mary Ann daughter of Henry and Ann 
Walmsley (lately Sandwell) his wife. Sponsors John & Mary Rich- 
mond. 1827 

Jany 30 Born, Baptised 31 Jane Daughter of John Davis Pro* 
& Helen Davis Cath: (olim) Grayston (conjugum). Sponsors Hener\- 
Grayston & Margaret Johnson, a Jacobo Lawrenson Miss^ Apost^o. 

(91) March 31^* Born baptised the same day Dorothy daughter of 
George Serjeant* & Sarah Serjeant (olim Shai^les*) his wife. Spon- 
sors James Armriding & Margaret Richmond for John Serjeant & 
Dorothy Serjeant. 

April 18 Born & baptized the same day William son of Henry 
Warbrick* & Ann Warbrick (olim BaU [? Bull]) his wife. Sponsors 
\Vm Wilson & Alice Valentine. 

April 25 Born & baptised 29 John son of James Serjeant Cath: & 
Ellen Serjeant* dissenter (olim Woodhouse) his wife. Sponsors 
Mathew Serjeant &Ann Billington for Elizabeth Serjeant Catechumen. 

April 15 Born & baptised 20**1 May William son of \N^ Kay Cath: 
& Mary Kay* Prot: (olim Austin) his wife. Sponsors Richard Kay 
& Ann Coup. 

Nov. 28 Bom & baptized Elizabeth daughter of Rachel & Francis 
Bamford. Sponsors Christopher Fort & Jane Fort. 

(92) May 26*1 Born & baptized 27 D^ Mary daughter of Richard 
Richmond* & Margaret Richmond (olim Sandwell*) his wife. Spon- 
sors John Holden & Jane Richmond. 

August 18th Born & baptized 19 D" Mary daughter of Richard 
Holden* & Elizabeth Holden (olim Richmond*) his wife. Sponsors 
Thomas Richmond & Alice Holden. 

August 28**1 Born & baptized 2^^ Sepbr jo^n son of John With- 
rington* & Mary Withrington (olim Billington*) his wife. Sponsors 
William Wilson & Elizabeth Billington. 

* This name inserted at a later date, but in the same handwriting. — j.e.s. 


Sepf 26*11 Born & baptized 27 Do Elizabeth daughter of John 
Richmond* & Margaret Richmond (olini Sandwell*) his wife. Spon- 
sors William Richmond & Elizabeth Sandwell. 

Octr 2ist Born & baptized 28 Do Anne daughter of Rich^ Coup & 
Margaret Coup* his wife (Catch). Sponsors John Parkinson & Isabella 

'03) Nov!" 28 [? or 26] til Born & baptized Dec^ 2 Edward son of John 
Blakoe and Mar}'' Blakoe his wife. Sponsors W^ Holden & Margaret 

Dec"" 17th Bom & baptized 2y^ Anne daughter of Christopher 
Fort & Jane Fort his wife. Sponsors James Blezard & Ellen Eth- 
rington . 


Janv 7 Born & baptized 8 Do John son of Thos BUlington & Ann 
Billington his wife. Sponsors James Hall Jun*" & Anne Billington. 

Jan>' 13*11 Born & baptized 20*1^ Do. John son of Henr}^ Wareing 
cS: Elizabeth Wareing his wife. Sponsors Rich^^ Lee & Ann Barnes. 

Jany 21 Born & baptized 22 Do Margaret daughter of W"^ Holden 
& Frances Holden his wife. Spc>nsors W°i Parkinson & Mary Holden . 

(94) Jany 31st Born & baptized Feb^ 3'"^ Jane daughter of John 
Parkinson, Marv Parkinson his wife. Sponsors Christopher Forte 
& Elizabeth Holden. 

March 6^^ Born & baptized gtn Do James son of W'" Patterson & 
"Dorothy Patterson his wife. Sponsors Tho^ Bamford & Mary Wal- 

March i8tii[?] Born & baptized 23^^ W™ son of Thomas Bamford 
& Helen Bamford his wife. Sponsors W™ Patterson & Mary Parkin- 

May 2^^ Born & baptized 3^^ Do Eleanor daughter of John Kirk- 
ham & Elizabeth Kirkham his wife. Sponsors Rich^ Richmond & 
Betty Richmond for Edward Lupton & Jane Lupton. 

May 8«i Bom & baptized nth ^o John son of George Holden & 
Elizabeth Holden his wife. Sponsors James Houghton & Elizabeth 

(95) May 17"! Born & baptized 18*11 po Richard son of W™ Billington 
& Debora Billington Prot. his wife. Sponsors George Holden & 
Catharine Billington. 

May 31st Born & baptized June i^t Alice daughter of Tho^ 
Greening & Marg* Greening his wife. Sponsors Gregv Walker Junr 
c^- Mary Ethington. [In both, -ing 0/ Greening added later.] 

June 27*11 Born & baptized 29*11 William son of Charles Shenty. 
(Prot.) & Margaret Shenty his wife. Sponsors Thomas Rawlinson & 
Anne Rawlinson. 

Jul\' 26*11 Born & baptized 27*11 Do Eleanor daughter of John 
Davis & Margaret Davis his wife (olim Shaw). Sponsors Richard 
Shaw & Elizabeth Davis. 

August 12*11 Born & baptized 15 Do James son of Rich^ Coup dc 
Anne Coup his wife (olim Arkwright). Sponsors Gregory Walker & 
Betty Walker. 

* This name inserted at a later date, but in the same handwritin?. — j.e.s. 


(96) August 13"^ Born & baptized 17*^ 0° Alice Cowell daughter of 
John Cowell & Margaret Cowell (olini Swarbrick) liis wife. Sponsors 
John Bollun & Alice Norman. 

August 17th Born & liaptized 18**^ D° Eleanor daughter of William 
Sandham & Elizabeth Sandham (olim Hall) his wife. Sponsors 
James Sandwell & Mary Dobson. 

Septr 4*1 Born & Ijaptizcd 7^1 Do John son of Henry Walmsley & 
Anne Walmsley (olim Sandwell) his wife. Sponsors Tho^ Walmsley 
&Eliz; Sandwell. 

Sepf 16*1 Born & baptized 2i«t Mary Holden daughter of Rob* 
Holden & Jane Holden his wife (olim Pike). Sponsors W^ Holden & 
Bella Holden. 

(97) Septr 16*1 Born & l)aptized 2ist Do John son of John Cowell & 
Mary Cowell (olim Pye) his wife. Sponsors John Cowell & Anne 

Octr 25*1 [over 26 scored out] Born & baptized 2^^ Nov"" Ellen 
daughter of John Bond Prot: & Agnes Bond his wife (olim Hest). 
Sponsors Thomas Bamford & Mary Walling. 

Noyr 8*1 Born & baptized 9*1 Do Laurence son of Ric^ Richmond 
& Margaret Richmond (olim Sandwell) his wife. Sponsors Joim 
Richmond & Elizabeth Sandwell. 

Nov-r 11*1^ Born & baptized 12*1 Do Thomas Serjeant son of Mar- 
garet Serjeant (Catch) & John Thompson (Prot.). Sponsors Mathew 
Serjeant & Ann Serjeant. 

(98) Anno 1829 

Jany 3rd Born & baptized 4*1 Do Edward son of James Houghton 
Cath. & Jane Houghton Prot. his wife. Sponsors John Wilson & 
Cecily Ashton. 

Jany 12*1 Born & baptized 13*1 Do Simeon son of James RawUn- 
son & Isabella Rawlinson his wife. Sponsor Betty Wharton. 

Feby 4*1 Born & baptized 8*i[?] Mary daughter of W" Holden & 
Bella Holden his wife. Sponsors John Kirkham & Mary Parkinson. 

Feby 13*1 Born & baptized 15*1 Do George son of W™ Pike & Ann 
Pike his wife. Sponsors Joseph Pike & Anne Pike. 

(99) March 4*1 Bom & baptized 5*1 Do Anne daughter of Alice 
Eccles. Sponsors John Kirkham & Anne Pike. 

March 16*1 Born & baptized 22"* Do Ellen daughterof FrancisBam- 
ford & Rachel Bamford his wife. Sponsors W°^ Holden & Mary Blacoe. 

March 23'"^ Born & baptized 25*1 Do Jeremiah son of John Davis, 
Prot. & Ellen Davis his wife. Sponsors Henry Grayston & Margaret 
Billington Jun^. 

April 7*1 Born & baptized 12*1 Do Edmund son of William Hewitt 
Prot: & Elizabeth Hewitt (olim Chamley) his wife. Sponsors W™ 
Charnley & Mary Charnley. 

(100) April 24*1 Born & baptized 26*1 Do Margaret daughter of W"^ 
Mason & Mary Mason his wife. Sponsors James Houghton & Cecily 

May 18*1 Born & baptized 19 Do John son of Thomas Newby & 
Hannah Newby (olim Marsden) his wife. Sponsors Thomas Thornton 
& Betty Holden of Cockerham. 


[May i8'h Born & baptized August S^ Robert son of W"i Kay & 
Bo ... all crossed out.] 

May i8tii Born & baptized August gtn Robert son of W™ Kay & 
Isabella Clarkson. Sponsors John Kirkham & Anne Coup, 
(loi) August 28*" Born & Baptised 6*" of Sept^' James son of James 
Serjeant Cath. & Ellen Serjeant Prot: (olim Woodhouse) his wife. 
Sponsors George Serjeant & Ann Serjeant. 

Sepf 29th Born & baptised Ocf i^t Richard son of Richard Holden 
& Elizii Holden his wife. Sponsors John Richmond & Agnes Rich- 

Octr 4'h Born & baptised y^^ Ann daughter of W™ Blezard dc 
Margaret Blezard (olim Lucas) his wife. Sponsors W^^ Mason & 
Alice Shackleton [corrected from Lucas]. 

(102) Octr 24th Born & baptised 25 Do James son of W'" Wilkinson 
& Ellen Wilkinson his wife. Sponsors John Rawlinson & Catharine 

Nov!" 15*^1 Born & baptised i6th do Sarah Anne daughter of John 
Withrington & Mary Withrington (olim Billington) his wife. Spon- 
sors James Sandwell & Elizabeth Sandwell. 

Novr 28th Born & baptised 29*11 Do Ellen daughter of Ric^ 
Pennington & Alice Pennington his wife. Sponsors John Parkinson 
& Mary Parkinson. 

Deer. 8*'^ Born & baptized g^^ Do Jane daughter of William Holden 
& Frances Holden his wife. Sponsors Joseph [blank] & Mary 
Holden for Jane Holden. 

(103) Deer 29th Born & baptised y^ Janv 1830 Maria daughter of 
Ricd Coup & Margt Coup (olim Gardner) his wife. Sponsors W^ 
Patterson Sen^" & Eliz. Sandwell. 


Jany ist Born & baptised Sarah daughter of George Serjeant & 
Sarah Serjeant his wife. Sponsors James Serjeant & Ann Serjeant. 

Janv 17 Born & baptised the same day Maria daughter of W^ 
Billington & Debara Billington his wife. Sponsors Thomas Houghton 
ic Betty Sandwell. 

Feby ly^^ Born & baptised 20*11 Do Ann Eliza daughter of Tho^ 
Billington & Ann Billington his wife. Sponsors James Sandwell & 
Ellen Hall. 

(104) March 4^ Born & baptized 7*1 Do Eliza daughter of George 
Holden Jun^ & Betty Holden his yviie. Sponsors Thomas Houghton 
& Catharine Billington. 

March 7*^ Born & baptized 8^" Do .\lice daughter of John Parkin- 
son & Mary Parkinson his wife. Sponsors Edward Parkinson & 
Ellen Wilkinson. 

Jane Armer daughter of Henry Armer & Ann Armer baptized 
conditionally 21^* of March 1830. Sponsors James Davis & Marg* 

March 24*11 Born & baptized 25*1 Do Ann daughter of John Rich- 
mond & Mar}' Richmond his wife. Sponsors Thomas Richmond & 
Jane Richmond. 


(105) .March 26^'> Born & baptized 28th D^ John son of Rich'' 
Richmond (S: Mar^'t Richmond his wife. Sponsors John Baines cSc 
Eliz"' Richmond. 

Marcli 20^^ Bom & baptized 4*'^ of April Ann danghtcr of Thomas 
Bamford tS: Ellen his wife. Sponsors W" Mason & Racliael Bamford. 

Ajnil IQ Born & baptized 20^*^ D'^' Elizabeth daughter of George 
Yates (Pnn.) & Mar\- Yates (formerly Parker) his wife. Sponsors 
John Richmond ik Alice Holden. 

Aprjl 21^1 Born & baptized 25"^ D'^ Martha daughter of W™ 
Holden & Bella Holden his wife. S])onsors Francis Bamford & Mary 
Nelson . 

{106) May 15"! Born & baptized i6ii> D" ElizabetJi daughter of 
John Pedder (Prot.) & Ann Pedder his wife. Sponsors Richard 
Richardson & j\Iar\' Smith. 

May 15"' Born & baptized 18"* Ellen daughter of Richard Robin- 
son & Margaret Ball. Sponsors Thomas Ball & Bella Ball. 

Ma}- 22"^' Born & baptized 24^'! Thomas son of John Blacoe cS: 
;Mary Blacoe his wife. Sponsors John Wharton & Margaret Greening. 

July 11*^ Bom & baptized the same day Elizabeth daughter of 
Henry Walmsley & Ann Walmsley his wife. Sponsors James Sand- 
well & Catharine Billington. 

(107) July 12th Boni & baptized 15th D^ Jane daughter of Henry 
Wareing (Prot.) & Bett}- Wareing his wife. Sponsors John Cowell & 
Margt Cowell. 

May 23^'^ Bom & baptized July iS^'i Sara daughter of Simion 
Sandwell & Betty Sandwell (olim Medcalf) his wife. Sponsors James 
Sandwell & Marg* Billington Junr. 

July 24^1^ Born & baptized 25^'! Henry son of John Kirkham & 
Elizabeth Kirkham (olim Lupton) his wdfe. Sponsors John Rich- 
mond &: Alice Lupton. 

August ii^ii Born & baptized 15*11 Do Marg* daughter of Henry 
Armour & Ann Armour (Prot.) his wife. Sponsors Mary Walling & 
James Serjeant. 

(108) August 15th Baptized conditionally W^i Hill [HallPj. 
Septr 5th Born & baptized Elizabeth daughter of Richard Sand- 
well & Sarali Sandwell (olim Worthington) Prot. his wife. Sponsors 
James Sandwell & Catharine Billington. 

Sepf 16^'^ Born & baptized iS**^ Do William son of John Davis 
(Prot.) & Ellen Davis his wife. Sponsors John Cowell & Marg'' 
Cowell his wife. 

Septr iSti^ Born & baptized Do 20*1 William son of Tho^ Greening 
& Margt Greening his wife. Sponsors Thomas & Ellen Ethrington. 

Septr i8tii Born & baptized 20*^ Do Elizabeth daughter of John 
Bond (Prot.) & Agnes Bond his wife. Sponsors Jno. & Mary Walling. 

(109) Deci" 25 Bom & baptized 26 Do Mary daughter of Richard 
Coup (Prot.) & Ann Coup his wife. Sponsors John Arkwright & 
Margt Arkwright. 

Dec. ii^h Born & baptized Jan^ 2°<i Dorothy daughter of W°^ Kay 
& Bella Kay (formerly Clarkson) Prot. his wife. Sponsors Jolin 
Kirkham & Elizabeth Kirkham. 



Jan J' 2S^^ Born & baptized zg^^ Do Jcreiniah son of Hannah 
Johnson. Sponsor Margaret Davis. 

FebJ' 2"<i Born & baptized 6*^ D" Mary daughter of John Cowell 
& Mary Cowell his wife. Sponsors James Hall Junf & Marg* Rich- 

(no) April ist Born & baptized a""*! Do George son of Rob* Haydock 
& Ann Haydock (olim Valentine) his wife. Sponsors George Haj-dock, 
Elizabeth Valentine. 

May 31st Bom & baptized 2"^ June James son of Rich'i Rich- 
mond & Margt Riclunond his wife. Sponsors Tho^ Richmond & 
Elizabeth Sand we 11. 

June lO^Ji Bom & baptized I2*'i Do Jane daughter of W™ Patterson 
& Dorothy Patterson his wife. Sponsors J°o Parkinson & Mary 

June 13^'^ Born & baptized the same day James son of W*" Sand- 
ham (Prot.) & Elizabeth Sandham his wife. Sponsors James Hall 
Junr & Ellen Hall. 

July i8"i Born & baptized 24t»i Do Thomas son of Francis Bamford 
& Rachael Bamford his wife. Sponsors James Serjeant & Elen Hill, 
(in) 1831 Born Nov. 20 Tho-'^ Serjeant and baptized on the 27^" 
day of the same month father James. Mother Helen Woodhouse* 
Prot. God father Francis Bamford, God Mother Agnes Walley. by 
me John Woodcock Miss: Apco. 

1831 Born 10*^ day of December Will. Coup of Dolphin holme and 
baptized on 18**^ of the same month. The father Richard, Mother 
Margt Gamer, * God father John Withrington, God mother Catharine 
Billington. by nie John Woodcock, Miss: Aplo. 

1S32 Born Jan. 10 Tho^ Walker and baptized on the ii*^'^ day of 
the same month Father Gregory, Mother Jane Bum, * God father 
Thos Burn, God mother Eliz. Ball by me J. Woodcock. 

1832 Born 19 day of Jan. Ann Holden and baptized on the said 
day of the same month. Father Richard, Mother Eliz. Richmond,* 
God father Ja^ Hall, God mother Jane Holden by me J. Woodcock. 

1832 Born 15 day of Jan. Mar\' Blacoe and baptized 22 day of 
the same month. Father John, Mother Mary Wharton,* Godfather 
Francis Bamford, God mother Mary Wahaling by John Woodcock. 
(112) 1832 Bom [blank] and baptized on the same day Rob* 
Holden the son of Rob* and Jane Pike, * God father Richard Holden, 
Godmother Eliz. Holden by me John Woodcock Ap. Miss: 

1832 Born 19*^ day of March and baptized on the same day Joseph 
Witinham the son of Richard, and Eliz. Sandwell, * God father Samuel 
Smith, God mother Helen Hall by me John Woodcock Ap: Mis^. 

1832 Born igt'i dav of March and baptized on the same day Mary 
Witinham the Daughter of Rich*^, & Eliz: Sandwell,* God' father 
James Threlfall, God mother Marg* Butler by me John Woodcock 
Ap: Miss: 

:♦: Mother's name before marriage. Mr. Woodcock as a rule omits the word 
' ohm ' throughout his entries. — j.e.s. 

264 reCtsters of- scorton' 

1832 Born Marcli 30'''^ and baptized i'*' of April JcjIiii Parkinson 
the son of John and Mary Bleasdail.* Godfather Will Martin, God- 
mother Elizabeth Sandwell by nie John Woodcock. 
(T13) 1832 Born May 3rd and Baptized on the 4th day of the same 
month Henry Billington the son of Th^s and Ann Hall, * God father 
John Bains, God niother Maria Billington by me John Woodcock 
Miss. Ap. 

1832 born May 22 and baptized on the 27 of the said month 
Richard Myrescough the son of Rich''^ and Ann Atkinson.* God 
father Will Atkinson, God mother Eliz. Atkinson by me Joanne 
Woodcock Miss. Aplo. 

1832 Born Octob^ 29*^ and baptized on the i^t of Nov: Alice 
Sergeant the Daughter of Geo. and Sarah Sharpies,* God father Thos 
Richmond, God mother Alice Richmond by me J. Woodcock. 

1832 James Holden the son of William and Isabella Holden 
[Derham* written above] was born Nov. 22"dand Baptized on the 24*^ 
of the said month, God father William Patterson, God mother IMarg* 

(114) [The upper half of this page is blank.] 

1832 Decemb. 5 born and on the lo*'^ of the said month was bapt. 
Helen Stezicar the Daughter of Tho^ Prot: & Jane Waring,* God 
father Will Akers, God mother Alice Osbaldeston by mc J . Woodcock. 


1833 Born on the 2"^ of Feb: and baptized on the third of the 
same month Joseph Witherington the son of John and Mary Billing- 
ton,* God father James Threlfall, God mother Eliz. Billington by me 
John Woodcock. 

(115) 1833 Feb. 14 born and baptized on the same day Richard 
Sandham the son of William and Elizabeth Hall,* God father James 
Hall Jun., Godmother Elizabeth Hall by me John Woodcock. 

1833 Feb. 20 born and baptized on the 28*'^ of the same month 

P'rances Holden the Daughter of William and Frances 

God father Geo. Holden, Godmother Alice Radcliffe by me J. Wood- 
cock Miss. Aplo. 

1833 Sept. 7th born and baptized on the 22"^* of the same month 
Mary Miller the Daughter of Rob* and Hannah Wilson,* God father 
Hen. Barrow, God mother Mary Bow by John Wilcock. 

1833 Oct. 22°d born and baptized on the 27^1 of the same month 
James Rowlingson the son of James and Isabella Rowlingson, olim 
Wharton. God father Rob* Swindlehurst, God mother Marg* Cutler 
by me John Woodcock Ap. Miss. 

(116) 1833 Sept. 2qtii born and baptized on the 30**^ of the same 
month Will. Witingham the son of Rich'i (Protest.) and Elizabeth 
Witingham (olim Sandwell), God father Rob* Swindlehurst, God 
another Marian Varley by me John Woodcock Miss Ap. 

1833 Dec. 17 born and baptized on the 22°^ of the same month 
Thos Richmond the son of John and Mary Sandwell, God father 
Richard Holden, God mother Alice Richmond by me John Woodcock. 

* Mother's name before marriage. 



1834 Jan. 26 born and was baptized on the 2°<^ of Feb. Margret 
Yates the Daughter of Ja^ and Jane Tomlinson, God father Geo. 
Holden, Godmother Juli Sergent by me J. Woodcock. 

1834 Feb. 11*1 was born and baptized on the i6*^ day of the same 
month Anna Parkinson the Daughter of John and Mary Blaisedale* 
[ovey Holden deleted], God father Hen: Barr, God mother Helen Hill 
by me John Woodcock. 

1834 on the z^^*^ of March was bom and was baptized on the 27*^ 
of the said month Marg* Coup the Daughter of Rich^ and Ann Coup 
[Arkwright* above], God father Will. Holden, Godmother Rachel 

(117) 1834 March y^^ bom and baptized on the g^^ of the said month 
Sarah Cowel the Daughter of John and Marg^Swarbreck. * God father 
and God mother by proxy Jas: Sandwell and Eliz. Sandwell by me 
John Woodcock Ap: Missn^y. 

1834 March 18**^ was born and baptized on the 30*'^ day of the 
said month Sara Ann Sergeant the Daughter of James and [blank] 

1834 April 4th was born and baptized on the same day Helen 
Houghton the Daughter of Ja^ and Jane Southworth,* God father 
Rob* Holden, God mother Jane Houghton by me John Woodcock. 

1834 April 7th was born and on the 11*^ day of the said month was 
baptized William Parkinson the son of John and Alice Clarkson* [over 
.Hodgson scored out] ; God father Samuel Smith, God mother Mary 
Smith b}' me John Woodcock Ap: Miss: 

(118) 1834 April 24 was born and on the 27*11 of the said month was 
baptized Th^s Coup the son of Rich<i and Marg* Gardener, * God father 
John Armstrong, God mother Ann Armstrong b}' me J. Woodcock. 

1834 April 28 was bom Rob* Richmond and was baptized on the 
4*^ of May, Father Rich^, Mother Margt. Sandwell,* God father Will. 
Paterson, Godmother Sara Richmond by me John Woodcock. 

1834 July 4**1 was born and on the 5**1 day of the said month was 
baptized Agnes Holden the Daughter of Richard and Elzabeth 
Richmond,* God father Richi"<i Grayson, Godmother Mariann Rich- 
mond b}' me J. Woodcock. 

(119) July 6^^ was bom and on the 7*^ day of the said month was 
baptized Jane Gardiner the Daughter of Rich^^ and Jane Gardner* 
[inserted later]. God father Rob* Gardiner, God mother Elizabeth 
Rodgers by me J. Woodcock. 

1834 July I7*h was born and on the 20 of the said month was 
baptized William Myercough the son of Rich'^ and Ann Atkinson,* 
Godfather Jos : Waring, God mother Jane Waring by me J . Woodcock. 

1834 Sept. 27 was bom John Sandwell and baptized on the 29 of 
the said month the son of Richard and Sara Luti* [or Suti], God father 
Rob* Swindlehurst, God mother Eliz. Sandwell by me J. Woodcock. 

(120) 1834 Sept. 27*h John Greaves was bom and was baptized on 
the 30*11 of the said month, the son of John and Hannah [corrected 
from Emma] Davis, * God father Math. Davis, God mother Jane Davis 
by me J. Woodcock. 

* Mother's name before marriage. 


1834 Sept. 30 Richard Sergent was born and was baptized on the 
5^11 of October the son of Margt. Sergent, God father John Sergent, 
God mother Isabella Pike by me John Woodcock. 

1834 Oct. y^^ Will. Slater the son of Thomas and Juliana Sergeant* 
and was baptized on the lO^'^ of the said month, God father John 
Sergeant, Godmother Jane Hall by me John Woodcock. 

(121) 1834 Octobr 28*11 Ann Richmond was born and was baptized 
on the said day, the Daughter of Tho« and Jane Walker, * God father 
John Richmond, God mother Mariann Richmond by me John Wood- 

1834 Octob'' 31 Ann Stezicar was born and baptized on the 2^^ 
of Nov. the Daughter of Thomas and Jane Waring,* God father 
Joseph Waring, God mother [blank] by me J. Woodcock. 


1835 Jan: 3rd Th^s Waring was born and was baptized on the 
fourth of the month, the son of Joseph and Jane Walker, * Godfather 
Leonard Walker, Mary Walker by me J. Woodcock. 

1835 Jan. 2ist Mary Waring was bom and was baptized on the 
25th of the said month the Daughter of Henery and Eliz. Barns,* 
God father Rich^^^ Gardiner, God mother Mary Gardiner by me J. 

(122) 1835 Feb. 16 was born John Bowlinson and baptized 18*" 
of the same month the son of James and Isabella Wharton,* God 
father Rob* Swindlehurst, God mother Mary ann Varley by me John 

1835 Feb: 27**1 was born James Markland and was baptized on 
the 5*11 of April the son of Th^s [and] Helen Hodskinson, * God father 
Thos Richmond, Godmother Alice Richmond by me Jo^^ Woodcock. 

1835 Aug. 30**1 xvas born and baptized on Sept. 6*'i Cath: Rib- 
chester the Daughter of Th^s and Margt: Billington,* God father 
Tom: [or Jam:] Smith, God mother Cath: Billington by me J. 

1835 Sept: 8**1 was born and baptized on the 13 Eliz. Coup the 
Daughter of [blank] 

(123) 1835 Sept. 22 was born and on the 23 was baptized Eliz. 
Bains the Daughter of Tho^ [and] Jane Richmond,* Godfather John 
Richmond, Godmother Eliz. Richmond by me J. Woodcock. 

1835 Oct. 24 was born and was baptized on the 28**1 of the same 
month Jeremiah Gardner the son of William and Jane Livesay,* 
Rich<^ Grayson God father, Jane Richmond God mother by me J : 

Nov. 24 Mary Witherington [over Billington deleted] was born and 
was baptized on the 30**1 of same month the Daughter of John and 
Mary Billington,* God father William Swindlehurst, God mother 
Eliz. Swindlehurst by me John Woodcock. 
[From the reverse end of Book II.] 
(274) [Confirmations.] 

A list of those who were conlkmed June 20**1 1831. 

:)f Mother's name before marriage. 


Mary aim Varley Mary aim. 

Mary aim Richmond Mary aim. 

Julia Serjeant Ann. 

Sara Hall Ann. 

Elen Smith Mariann. 

Rachael Bamford Agnes. 

Elen Hill Mary. 

Ann Varley Mary. 

Agnes Richmond Mary. 

Sara Richmond Mary. 

Jane Hall Mary. 

Alice Richmond Mary. 

Margt Pedder Ami. 

Margt Patterson Mary. 

Agnes Walling Mary. 

Margt. Coup Mary. 

Elen Wareing Mary. 

Maria Billington Ann. 

Mary Bond Aim. 

Jane Seed Mary. 

Margt. Holden Mary. 

(276) An infallible remedy for a Horse's cough by John Lawrenson 
late groom to M^ Clifton of Lytham. 

Take 3 °' of rendred rusty Bacon fat. 
2 °^ of Tar, i| of honey, | oz. of Brimstone, 

make y^ whole into 3 balls with wheat flour, give one 3 mornings 


W"i Swindlhurst 


Rob* S^^■indlhurbt 


Jno. Baines 


Ricd Graystonc 


Jas Serjeant 


Jas Threlfall 


Geo Holden 


Ricd Bond 


Thos Blackburn 

, oseph. 

Jno Serjeant 


\Vm Patterson Jun 

r Joseph. 

Rob* Holden 


Ricd Walling 


Jno. Blezard 


Ricd Patterson 

. oseph. 

Jno. Holden 


Geo Smith 


Jas Smith 


Win Pedder 


Another by F. Cray thorn. 
Sweet spirits of Nitre a quarter 

of an ounce. 
Peruvian bark in powder one 

Dr Fowler's solution of Arsnic one 


powdered rhubarb 2 drams. 

[The directions below would appear to refer to F. Crathorn's prescription.] 

The above ingredients to be put into a wine bottle & tilled up 

with water, three teaspoonful of this liquid to be taken in a little 

water (2 mouths ful) immediately after each meal — shaking ye bottle. 

2 Swans Egg Pear trees 
nr ye necessary. 

A Receipt for the Rheumatism. 
take of Colkicum seed Wine 
20 drops twice a day. 




locally pronounced Clyton, lying between the Calder on the north and 
tlie Brock on the south, and latterly called Claughton-on-Brock, is a 
township situated some two miles soutli-east of Garstang, in that part of 
tlie old ecclesiastical parish of that name. It gave name to a local 
family of which Richard de Clacton or Claghton at an early period was 
a benefactor to Cockersand Abbey. The subsequent descent of the 
manor is obscure, but eventually, whilst one moiety was held by the 
Singletons and their successors the Banisters, Balderstons, etc., the 
other was acquired by the family deriving from Adam de Brockholes, 
second son of Roger de Brockholes of Brocklioles, which for at least 
three generations had inherited lands in Byre-within-Bonds in Garstang 
and Claughton. Roger de Brockholes in 1338 received from William 
de Tatham, rector of Halton, the manor of Claughton, purchased from 
Adam, son of Richard de Claughton. The grant was charged with the 
maintenance of a chaplain in Claughton, or at Garstang Church, with a 
stipend of 66s. Sd. Roger de Brockholes was killed in December, 1341, 
leaving an infant son and namesake, who married Ellen, daughter of 
Sir Adam de Clitheroe, and released in 1377-8 all claim to the manor of 
Brockholes to Nicholas de Brocklioles, of the senior branch of the 
family, between whose two daughters and coheiresses the manor was 
divided, and who married respectively Roger de Ethelston and Thomas 
de Singleton. Thus Claughton Hall, standing in a large park situated 
near the centre of the township, became the principal seat of the Brock- 
holes family, though at various periods it occupied Pleaton Hall, within 
the manor of Heaton-cum-Oxcliffe, some two or three miles west-south- 
west of Lancaster, originally inherited from the de Heatons, and still 
held by the Brockholes family (Harland, Baines' Hist, of Lane; Victoria 
Hist, of the County of Lancaster, vii). 

From the earliest times of the so-called Reformation of the Church 
in England, the Brockholes family absolutely declined to associate itself 
with the subversion of the ancient Faith or to submit to the new system 
of religion imported from Germany and imposed on the people for 
political ends. This it regarded with the utmost contempt, and adliered 
to its creed in spite of the most severe persecution. In the Gardyncr 
foundation of a chantry in the chapel of Our Lady in Lancaster in 1485, 
Mass was appointed to be said for the repose of the soul of Robert 
[? Roger] Brockholes, and about 1499 Roger, son and heir of John de 
Brockholes, of Claughton and Heaton, founded the chantrj' of St. James, 
in the parish church of Carstang, of which Sir Henry Haj-e was the priest 
when the chantry was suppressed in 1548 (Rains, Hist, of Lane. C/iantnes). 
Henceforward the family maintained a secret chapel in the hall at 
Claughton, supplying its religious observances with the assistance of 


the numerous Marian priests dispossessed of their incumbencies, and 
those seminarists and Jesuits who at the risk of their lives came over 
from the EngUsh colleges abroad to keep alive the ancient Faith in 

As stated in " A Sumarie Informacon of the State of Lanca- 
shire Exhibited by the L. Bishop [of Chester] : Register unto the 
late highe Cofnission in those parts, accordinge to the Direcon of the 
Bishop his m^ " {P.R.O., Dam. Eliz., ccxxxv, No. 68), about 1390 — 
" (i) The nomber of the Recusants is great, and dothe dailie increase. 
(2) There raaie bee scene usuallie every Sonday and hollieday, as hathe 
also very lately beene confessed, as many people repayre to place sus- 
pected in Religion, as to the Parishe Church. (3) The Papists every- 
where are growen so confident, that they contempne IMagistrats and 
theire authorytie as male appere by the late outrage shewed towards 
the B. and his oflScers at Wigan, as allso by the lewde rebellious speeches 
& usage of the prysoners in the filcete at Manchester." The secretary' 
then goes on to give a doleful report of the contempt and neglect of the 
newly set up " religious service of God." Indeed, the gentry and better 
sort scorned the Protestant ministers, and contemptuously termed the 
Elizabethan obligator}^ monthly sacrament as " taking wine with the 
parson." Notwithstanding, although the family continued tointermarry 
with the leading recusants of the county, such as the Sherburnes of 
Stonyhurst, Rigmaydens of Wedacre, Singletons of Broughton Tower, 
Bradylls of Portfield, Leyburnes of Cunswick, and other staunch Catho- 
lics, the head of the Brocklioles family probably evaded the penal laws 
by nominal and occasional conformity, for " Thomas Brockholes of 
Claighton, Esq''," only appears as paying for his wife's recusancy in 
1598 in the shape of being " assessed for her Ma<'<^s ser^dce in Ire- 
land " (Dom. Eliz., cccxvi. No. 80). Indeed, this lady, Dorothy, 
daughter of Nicholas Leyburne, of Cunswick Hall, had been on the 
recusant rolls as early as 159 1-2. It was impossible for the head of the 
family to a\-oid the meshes of the penal laws much longer, so that after 
James I ascended the throne and had devised the scheme of feeding 
his hungry followers by granting them the benefit of the recusancy of 
Catholics, Thomas Brocklioles, of Claughton, was handed over to the 
rapacities of an impecunious Scotchman called David Steward, who 
settled in Lancaster for the purpose of squeezing what he could out of 
the estates of those Catholics committed to his plunder, Dec. 23, 1607, 
and on March 21, 1608-9, one Charles Chambers was granted the same 
privilege {Dom. James I, xxviii, 97, No. 122 ; ibid., xxxi. No. i). 

Thus in this strain of varied persecution for conscience-sake, things 
went on merrily from the Protestant point of view, and successive 
generations both at Claughton Hall and Heaton Hall felt the full pres- 
sure of the penal laws. In both of these residences there were chapels, 
but that at Claughton only demands present attention. In the seven- 
teenth century two priests of the family appear in the diaries of Douay 
and Lisbon, Thomas and Roger, younger sons of Thomas Brockholes 
and his wife Mar>^ daughter and heiress of John Holden, of Chaighley 
Manor. Both of them often said Mass at Claughton and Heaton. 
The elder, Thomas, took the oath at Douay College Sept. 8, 1676 {Douay 
Diaries, p. 49), and in due course was ordained priest and came to the 
inission. In the reign of James II he officiated at Whitehall, London, 
and in March, 1697, he appears to have been in Lancashire. Anyhow, 
about this time he is met with at Sunderland Hall in Balderston, the 
seat of the Osbaldestons {vide Abram, Hist, of Blackburn, p. 355, 
where the date is given as 1690). About 1716 he was acting as chaplain 


to William Massey, of Puddington Hall, Cheshire, Esq. (Payne, Records, 
pp. 05, 121), and in 1717 he was at Standish Hall, the seat of the Standish 
family, but subscqucntlj' removed to Burgh Hall, near Chorley, the seat 
of the Cliadwicks, where he died Nov. 10, 1738 [Old Chapter Obit. MS.). 
The younger brother, Roger, took the oath at Douay in 1678, was 
transferred to Lisbon, where he was admitted Jime 15, 1683, became an 
alumnus 1684, was ordained, and tauglit classics for three years. He was 
made professor of philosophy in 1687, and di\'inity in 1690. In 1695 
he came to the mission, was appointed senior chaplain to the convent at 
York Bar, was elected a capitular, became archdeacon Oct. 10, 1698, 
and died at York Bar in 1700 (Gillow, Reg. of Lisbon, p. 182). 

In the following generation tliere were three priests. Thomas, Roger, 
and Fr. Charles Brockholes, S.J., sons of John Brockholes, Esq., by his 
first wife, Anne, daughter and heiress of William Barcroft, of Barcroft 
Hall, Esq., and with the death of the Jesuit in 1759 ended the ancient 
family of Brockholes in the male line. Thomas, the eldest of the three 
priests, became an alumnus at Douay Dec. 8, 1705, having been appointed 
to teacli rudiments on the previous Oct. i (Douay Lists MS.; Douay 
Diaries, p. 54), and he was ordained priest in December, 1706, remaining 
at the college for many years as general prefect and procurator. After 
the troubles ensuing upon the unsuccessful Jacobite Rising in 1715. 
he came over to England on family business matters se\'eral times before 
he finally left the college, and is said first to have been at Manchester. 
In May, 1727, he was appointed to Wolverhampton, and in 1730 suc- 
ceeded Mr. Edward Dicconson alias Eaton, subsequently bishop of the 
Northern Vicariate, at Chillington Hall, co. Stafford, the seat of Peter 
Giffard, Esq. He was made a member of the Old Chapter May 23, 1729, 
and in 1754 was elected archdeacon of Staffordshire, Cheshire, and Derby- 
shire. He was also grand-vicar to Bishop Stonor. He died Jan. 16, 
1758, at Chillington HaU {Clergy Obit. MS.; GiUow, Biog. Diet., i, 308 : 
Kirk, Biog., p. 270). 

Roger, the next brother, will be treated under the list of the mis- 
sioners at Claughton, and — 

Charles, the Jesuit, was born in 1684, made his humanities at St. 
Omer's College, entered the Society at Watten, Sept. 7, 1705, and in 1711 
was sent to Maryland. He returned to England about 1716, and served 
the missions at Blackrod and Wigan for many years, dying at the latter 
Feb. 20, 1759, aged 75, the last of his family. 

The name was then assumed in succession by the three sons of Mary, 
daughter of John Brockholes, and sister of the three priests, who married 
in 1710 William Hesketh, of Maynes Hall, Esq. These were Thomas, 
Joseph, and James Hesketh, after whose decease without issue the 
estates passed in 1783, as related in a note to the registers, to the Fitz- 
herberts, who likewise assumed the additional name of Brockholes, 
and are still in possession (Jones, Miscel. Pedigrees, MS., p. 470 ; 
E. M. Phipps, MSS.; Visitations of Lane, 1613 and 1664 ; Gillow, Lane. 
Recusants MSS.; Twycross, Lane. Mansions II, 41 seq.). 
Missi oners. 

Mgr. Gradwell, in the historical sketch which he wrote of the 
mission of Claughton-on-Brock {Liverpool Diocesan Almanac, 1885), 
states that the Rev. Thomas Whitakcr, the venerable martyr, is the 
first priest whose name is recorded as having done duty in this neigh- 
bourhood in post-Reformation times. Indeed, the good monsignor 
was so satisfied with his assumption of the martyr's missionary labours 
extending to Claughton, that he erected in the cemetery a statue to 
his memory, taken from the portrait preserved at his alma mater, of 


whicli he gave an illustration in his sketch of the mission. Tlie only 
evidence of the martyr's service in this neighbourhood is the statement 
of his final arrest at Blackehall, in Goosnargh, the residence of Edward 
Midgeall, Esq.. whose wife Frances was a daughter of Thomas Whitting- 
ham, of VVhittinghani Hall, of a noted Catholic family. It is very proba- 
ble that the chapel in Whittingham Hall was served by the martyr, 
as well as those maintained by the Heskeths of Whitehill, the Threlfalls 
of The Ashes, the Kighleys of White Lee, and other families in the 
Goosnargh district. 

Thomas Whitaker, son of Thomas Whitaker, master of the Burnley 
Grammar School, was baptized in that town on Sept. 26, 161 1 {Lane. 
Par. Reg. Soc, ii, 60). His mother's Christian name was Ellen, and as 
a widow she was buried at Burnley Oct. 5, 1652 {ibid., 278). Having 
made his early studies at his father's school, he was sent to the English 
college at Valladolid, at tlie expense of Richard and Charles Towneley, 
of Towneley Hall, and there he was admitted in 1634, under the alias 
of Starkey or Starkie. There he completed his full course of philosophy 
and his second year's theology, was ordained priest, and sent to Eng- 
land in 1638 [Valladolid Diary, MS.). On the mission, where or when 
is not stated, the martyr was arrested, but managed to escape from the 
])ursuivants whilst being conveyed to Lancaster " at a part strange to 
him," and, returning to his friends, resumed his ministrations till he was 
again apprehended, as previously related, at Blackehall. This time he 
was conducted to Lancaster and committed to the castle on Aug. 7, 
1643, the very day on which, after three years' detention, he was mar- 
tyred at the common place of execution outside the town. Bishop 
Challoner's Memoirs of Missionary Priests, 174 1-2, is little more, if 
anything, than an abridgement of the " Sufferings of Catholics," com- 
piled by the Rev. John Knaresborough (Gillow, Biog. Diet., iv, 60-2), 
before his death in 1724. One of the MSS., the very volume in which 
the Ven. Thomas Whitaker 's memoir appeared, was lent to the bishop, 
as inscribed on a fly-leaf of the MS., and in due course returned to its 
owner and the place where it lay till the present writer recently discovered 
and secured it after thirty years of continuous search. Though the 
account of the martyr in the original MS. contains additional matter 
to that printed by the bishop, there is nothing on which to base the 
contention that he was in any way associated with Claughton, and 
hence it remains merely an assumption. 

In the same category must be considered Bishop Gradwell's note that 
a " Rev. Mr. Walmsley " preceded ]Mr. Blackburne as priest at Claugh- 
ton (Pollen and Burton's Kirk's Biographies, p. 271). Mgr. Gradwell 
calls him the " Rev. T. Walmsley," adds that he was at Claughton in 
1665, adopted as his motto Pars mea Dens in aeternum, and appears to 
have said Mass at the hall, whilst extending " his missionary labours 
over Goosnargh, Scorton, and the neighbourhood." The latter state- 
ment suggests confusion with the Rev. Richard Walmesley, of Scorton, of 
a later date. There was no priest of the name of T, Walmsley who 
could have resided at Claughton at this period, but there were several 
lay-Catholics of the name who lived there. 

The Rev. Edward Blackburne, born in 1633, younger son of John 
Blackburne, of Stockenbridge Hall, Esq., went to St. Omer's College 
for three years, and thence on Oct. 11, 1658, was admitted into the English 
College at Rome under the alias of John Carey. There he was ordained 
subdeacon and deacon in March and April, and priest on April 9, 1661. 
He left the college for England in January, 1663 (Foley, Reeords S.J., vi, 
395), and possibly for a time attended to the mission around Stocken- 


bridge, in the townsliip of Tarniker and parish of St. Michael's, near 
Garstang. Afterwards it is ])robable that he was in Lonsdale Hundred, 
])crhaps at Ifcaton Hall, but eventually he is found at Claughton, and 
probably lived at the hall. By will dated Sept. lo, 1686, Richard 
Blackburne, of Scorton Hall, bequeathed his estate to his wife Margaret 
Nelson, of Mawdesley, for life, with remainder to the Rev. John Black- 
burne, of Gorsuch Hall, and Christopher Gradell, of Barbies Moor, whose 
wife was a daughter of Thomas Nelson, of Fairhurst Hall, by his 
second wife, a Hesketh of Maynes (his first being a Molyneux of 
The Wood), in trust to pay one-third of the estate to the secular 
clergymen who shall assist the Catholics in Mawdesley and in the parish 
of Garstang, four Masses to be said monthly for the repose of the souls 
of Richard and Margaret Blackburne, with twenty shillings for the poor 
Catholics in Lower Wj^resdale and Mawdesley respectively ; and further 
to the priests in charge of " Our Blessed Ladies Chapel at Fernihalgh " 
all the remainder of the estate. About this trust the Rev. John Black- 
burne and Christopher Gradell made a Declaration Jan. 15, 1691 
{West Derby Hundred Records, MS., and origitml document directed to the 
Rev. Robert Banister, of Mowbreck Hall). Mr. John Blackburne died at 
Moor Hall, Aughton, the seat of Mrs. Wolfall, April 2, 1728, and was 
buried in the ruined chapel of St. Catherine at Lydiate, whilst Mr. 
Christopher Gradell lived well into the eighteenth century. The latter's 
father, William Gradell, of Barbies Moor, Esq., whose wife was Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Capt. John Butler, of Kirkland Hall, in Garstang, 
by Mary, daughter of Thomas Stanley, of Great Eccleston Hall, Esq., 
was trustee for what was known amongst Catholics as the " Garstang 
Parish Trust " for the support of a priest in those parts, given by some 
member of the Molyneux family, and in 1680 he nominated in his place 
the Rev. Edward Blackburne, the priest at Claughton (Gradwell, Hist, 
of the Mission) . 

About 1700 Mr. Blackburne and his nephew, the Rev. Richard Taylor 
alias Sherburne, who had come to Claughton to assist in the mission, 
purchased from Mr. Charles Butler, eldest son of Henry Butler, of Great 
Eccleston, gent., second son of Henry Butler, of Rawcliffe Hall, Esq., 
the site of the present chapel and presbytery. Mr. Butler's eldest son, 
Lancelot Butler, Esq., who died June 6, 1754, married Alice, daughter 
and heiress of Nicholas Taylor, of Great Eccleston, gent., who died in 
1 712, a near relative of the Rev. Richard Taylor. Lancelot's son, 
Richard Butler, was the purchaser of the manor of Pleasington and the 
hall in 1777. It was upon this site that Mr. Taylor erected a hoiise at 
his sole charge, with the exception of £1 is. given him by his uncle. 
This house, however, was not erected for the benefit of the mission, 
though eventually it became the presbytery attached to the present 
chapel. Mr. Taylor left his wliole interest in the property to his own 
family, though he bequeathed ^70 for anniversary Masses for himself 
and relatives, with directions that they be said at his house in Claughton. 

In 1673, when the Secular Clergy Fund was instituted, Mr. Black- 
burne's name appears in the list of the original members, and it should 
be noted that in 1675 he was Collector for the Hundred of Lonsdale 
(Bolron, Papists' Bloody Oath of Secrecy, 1680). In 1680 he subscribed 
/lo to the Lancashire and Westmorland Clergy Fund, as it was then 
called (Kirk, Biog. Collections). He was also rural dean of Amounder- 
ness Hundred, including the Fylde, Preston, and Garstang. He died 
at Claughton in September, 1709, aged 75, and his will was proved in 
that year at Richmond (Fishwick, Lane. Record Soc, vol. xiii). He 
was succeeded by — 


Rev. Richard Taylor alias Sherburne, son of Richard Taylor, of 
Great Eccleston, gent., and his wife, a daughter of John Blackburne, of 
Stockenbridge Hall, Esq. The Taylors of Great Eccleston were related 
to the Catons, one of whom, Mrs. Joan Caton, widow, resided on her 
own property at Claughton with her sister, Miss Alice Taylor, and both 
were considerable supporters of the missions at Scorton and Claughton. 
They were sisters to the Rev. Richard Taylor. The latter was sent to 
the English College at Lisbon, where he was admitted an alumnus 
Dec. 30, 1682. Having been ordained priest, he left the college for 
England May 19, 1685, and was placed with his uncle, the Rev. Edward 
Blackburne, at Claughton. On the mission he assumed the name of 
Sherburne, possibly through some kinship with the Sherburnes of Wolf 
House in Chipping. Upon the death of his uncle in 1709, he succeeded 
to the sole charge of the mission. During the troubles consequent on 
the Jacobite Rising of 1715, Mr. Taylor had to fly from Claughton, and 
for a time lived in an obscure house in Goosnargh, where he officiated 
in great privacy as frequently as it was considered safe. He was 
sought by the priest-catchers, but always eluded capture. As soon as 
things quietened down, Mr. Taylor returned to Claugliton, and retained 
charge of the mission till his death June 3, 1726. Tlierc are many 
mementoes of him at the rectory- — an oak desk, apparently having be- 
longed to his father, as it is inscribed R.T., with the date 1680 ; some 
valuable works of divinity and ecclesiastical history ; and an interesting 
relic in the shape of a fiat stone, 13x12x1 inches, which possibly had 
been inserted over a fire-place. It bears the representation of a host, 
under which are the initials R.T. on cither side of the Sacred Heart, and 
at foot the date 1714. 

Squire Tyldesiey, in his Diary, records several occasions on which 
he went to Claughton for Mass or otherwise, or met the Brockholes 
family — Sunday, Jan. 3, 1714, "Thence to Esq^e Brookholles ; sate 
with ye younge Esq" an how'' ; pray" [heard Mass] ; and thence to y^ 
ffell-end. Dined with Mr. Walker, Mr. Cawthorne, Mr. Tayl^ one David 
Alex'ir, newly comen ffrom ffiand" ; gave ye boy 6^ ; soe home." — 
May 4, 1 71 4, " Went to pVIyerscough] Lodge a ffishing. Mett 3 Mr. 
Brookholles [Thomas and Roger, priests, and William, sons of John]. 
Gott 6 carpes and 3 tenches ; one of the ffinest has been .seen, most 
whereoff wee tuke to Natby, Dear Jack and Jemmy with us [John 
and James Leyburne, of Nateby Hall]." — Sunday, July 25, 1714, " Went 
[to Mass] with Mrs. and lasses to Antony Lunds [of Midgehalgh]. Mr. 
Rogr Brookhall din^ with us. Went to Natby, Dick Gornall with mee. 
Saw Cos. Gerard and his wife there." — Sunday, September 12, 1714, 
" After dinr went [from The Lodge, Myerscough] with Mrs. to Esq^e 
Brookholles. Over tuke Mr. Kirke. Stayi there betwixt 2 & 3 how" ; 
soe home." The Rev. Francis Kirk was the priest in charge of The 
Hough, HoUowforth in Newsham, the adjoining mission to Claughton, 
of whom some notice is given C.R.S., xv, 317 ; — Sunday, Sept. 19, 1714, 
" Went to Whithill [the seat of Gabriel Hesketh, of Whitehill in Goos- 
nargh, Esq.] ; found son Threlfall and lady there [Cuthbert Threlfall, 
Esq., of The Ashes in Goosnargh] ; stayi alday. Thence call** at Esq'e 
Brookholles ; soe home [Myerscough Lodge] " ; — Tuesday, Sept. 21, 
1 714, " I went a hunting, but call'i att Esq" Brookholles to pray [Mass], 
soe home." 

After the unsuccessful raid of the Chevalier de St. George in 1715, 

George Greene, of Goosnargh, gent., the high-constable of Amounderness 

Hundred, for\varded to his majesty's commissioners for Forfeited Estates 

on Oct. 17, 1 71 6, " True Copies " of the returns of the various constables 



of the townships, and under that of Claughton, dated Oct. 12 {P.R.O., 
Forfeited Estates Papers, L 2), John Goose, constable, reports as traitors : 
" John Brocklioles and Wm. Brockholes (sons of John Brockholes, Esq.), 
James Dockady ; Priests or so reputed is l^oger Brockholes and Richard 
Taylor." The eldest and youngest sons of the squire were Jolin, a 
bachelor, who probably died through the effect of wounds receixed at 
the battle of Preston, Sept. 25, 1717, and William, who married but 
died s.p., when the Brockholes estates passed in succession to the tliree 
sons of his sister ]\Iary, wife of William llcsketli, of Mayncs Hall, E«q. 
James Dockeday (or Dogheda, as he is elsewliere called), tlie other 
traitor returned as of Claughton, was merely described as a Papist 
husbandman possessed of no estate in the township. John Brockholes, 
Esq., and his son William Brockholes, gent., with James Dockeday, 
husbandman, were all convicted of recusancy at the Lancaster Sessions 
on Jan. 15, 1716-7 {P.R.O., Forfeited Estates, 62 P.). The squire's 
other three sons were Thomas and Roger, secidar priests, and Charles, 
a Jesuit (Gillow, Biog. Diet., i, 306-9). Roger assisted various 
missionary stations in the neighbourhood from Claughton Hall, and 
succeeded Mr. Taylor to the charge of the mission in 1726 (Kirk, 
Biographies MSS., and printed version; Gillow, Lisbon Peg., pp. 257-8 ; 
Mgr. Robt. Gradwell, History of Claughton Mission, Liverpool Catholic 
Almanac, 1885, pp. 79-94 and correspondence with the writer ; Old Chapter 
Obit. MSS.). 

Rev. Roger Brockholes, a brief memoir of whom appeared C.R.S., 
^^'. 319. was born at Claughton in 1682, and, after studying some time 
at Ladywell, Fernyhalgh, went abroad and ultimately was admitted 
into the English College at Rome Oct. 17, 1703. He was ordained sub- 
deacon and deacon in March and April, priest June 2, 1708, and left 
the college for Paris April 25, 1710 (Foley, Records S.J. , vi, 454). Thence 
he came to Lancashire, and served \'arious districts around the place 
of his birth, eventually fixing his abode at one of his father's farms, now 
called Priestshome. He served The Hough as well as the chapel at 
Claughton Hall, and thus appears in Bishop Dicconson's list in 1741 
{List of his Clergy, MS.). He died at Priestshome, which was eventually 
settled upon the secular clergy priest serving Claughton, Dec. 30, 1742, 
aged 60. He was succeeded by — 

Rev. Richard Birtvvistle alias Halliwell, a scion of the ancient Catholic 
family of Birtwistle of Huncote, co. Lancaster, which returned a pedigree 
at Dugdale's Visitation in 1664. He probably assumed his alias from 
his mother, a daughter of William Halliwell, of Liverpool, gent., whose 
family was allied to those of Nelson of Fairhurst Hall, Molyneux of 
The Wood, and other county families. He was admitted into the Eng- 
lish College at Lisbon Aug. 17, 1727, on Dr. Thomas Godden's Fund, 
ordained priest Feb. 17, 1737, appointed prefect of studies March 31, 
1738, vice-president Oct. 31, 1739, and left the college for the mission 
Jan. 31, 1741. For a brief period he was stationed at Bunbury, in the 
parish of Spurstow, co. Chester, but came in the same year to succeed 
Mr. Brockholes at Claughton, and appears in Bishop Dicconson's List 
as serving here and at Newhouse. He was probably in ill-health when 
he left Lisbon, and died at Claughton Jan. 26, 1742-3. His successor 
was — 

Rev. James Parkinson alias Cotham, born Jan. 24, 1715-6, son of 
Richard Parkinson, of Broughton, gent., by Anne, daughter of Richard 
Cottam, of Banister Hey in Claughton, gent. He was a relative of the 
Brockholes family, his grandparents being Richard Perkinson (or Par- 
kinson), of Leach Hall, gent., and his wife Anne, daughter of John 


Brocklioles, of Claughton Hall, Esq., by his third wife Dorothy, daughter 
of Robert White, of Cross House, Great Eccleston, Esq. The subject 
of this memoir was sent from Dame Alice's school at Fernyhalgh tu 
Douay College by the Lancashire agent, the Rev. Nicholas Skelton. 
There he arrived with his brother Thomas in September, 1729 (Nic. 
Skelton's Douay Account Book MS.). The elder brother, Thomas, 
assumed the name of Golden, after his aunt, the wife of Thomas Golden, 
of Hardshaw Hall, in the parish of Prescot, gent., and the younger 
James that of Cottam or Cotham, as the name about this time began 
to be spelt, after his mother, tlic two ladies being sisters. The manor of 
Hardshaw subsequently descended to John Penketh-Cotham {C.R.S., 
vi, 106, 179, 182), and latterly to the Walmesley-Cothams. James 
became an alumnus at Douay Jul}' 25, 1734, received the tonsure and 
four minor orders at Cambrai May 29, 1738, the subdiaconate June 9, 
1739, the diaconate April 2, and the priesthood June 11, 1740, was 
appointed to teach grammar, left the college for the mission Sept. 27, 
1 74 1 [Douay Lists MS.), and came to Claughton to assist Mr. Birtwistle. 
Upon the latter's death he succeeded to the charge of Claughton and 

During his pastorate the house built by the Rev. Richard Taylor 
was purchased in 1745 from Mr. Lancelot Butler, whose wife was a 
Taylor, in the names of the bishop of the vicariate, Edward Dicconson, 
the Rev. Thomas Hawarden, and the Rev. John Couban for the benefit 
of the Claughton mission. After Mr. Parkinson was duly installed in 
his new abode, the room subsequently occupied as a library was con- 
verted into a chapel. It was approached from the back by stone steps, 
in the usual style of Catholic chapels at that period, generally described 
as " up-steps." 

Here he pursued the even course of his career until a fever contracted 
whilst attending his flock carried him away on Jan. 26, 1766, aged 50, 
and two days later he was buried at Broughton parish church, and en- 
tered in the register as " Mr. James Parkinson, a Romish Priest of 
Claughton " (Lane. Par. Reg. Soc, xl, 131). It was not until the follow- 
ing July 13 that his successor arrived — 

Rev. John Barrow, born :\Iay 13, 1735, son of Edward Barrow and 
his wife, Ann Hall, of Westby in the Fylde. He was grandnephew of 
Fr. John Barrow, S.J., who serv^ed the mission at Westby Hall in 1717. 
On Feb. 17, 1749, John Barrow was admitted into the English College 
at Rome, and after more than seven years left the college, June 15, 
1756 (Foley, Records S.J., vi, 492), but on arrival at Portsmouth was 
seized by a' press-gang, and compelled to serve for some years in one of 
his majesty's ships. On one occasion he was severely wounded in the 
hand, and tradition states that at length he escaped from his ship 
whilst stationed off Dunkirk by leaping through a porthole into the sea 
and swimming ashore. When retaken and tried by court-martial, he 
got off by pretending to speak no other language than Italian, and when 
told by the suspicious president that he was acquitted and might go, 
he had the presence of mind to appear not to understand, but asked the 
interpreter, " Che dici ? " (what does he say ?) (Gillow, Biog. Diet., i, 
145-8). In November, 1761, he was again in London, acting as escort 
to two young ladies travelling to the continent to embrace a religious 
life. These he conducted to the convent of Poor Clares at Gravelines, 
where one of his sisters was a nun {C.R.S., xiv, 156), and the next day 
he started off for Douay College, there was admitted Dec. 13, 1761 
{Douay Lists. MS.), and was placed in divinity. He became an alumnus 
May 24 {Dotuiy Diaries, p. 73), entered his fourth year's theology 


Oct. I, 1764, was ordained shortly afterwards, and appears as a professor 
at the opening of the following scholastic year, bnt left the college 
June 27, 1766, for the English mission (Douay Lists, MS.), and arrived 
at Clangliton as previously stated. His description of his journey to 
Lancashire is interesting, and displays something of the vigour of his 

During his administration, in June, 1774, Bishop William Walton, 
V.A.-N.D., made his visitation at Claugliton and confirmed 139 persons. 
On Feb. 3, 1783, the Rev. John Chadwick, of Weldbank, Chorley, V.G. 
for Lancashire, wrote to Bishop Mattliew Gibson, V.A.-N.D., at Head- 
lam, near Darlington, giving returns of all the missions in the county, 
Mr. Barrow being at Claughton with a congregation of 300 communi- 
cants {Ushaw Collections, MSS., ii, 491). Twice he effected great 
alterations in his chapel, the second time in 1794, when it was greatly 
enlarged, and to this day it remains substantially what he left it. As 
agent for the Secular Clergy Fund, of which he was appointed Collector 
for the Hundred of Amounderness in 1783, he rendered inestimable 
service in reorganising the investments ; and when Douay College was 
seized by the French Revolutionists in 1793 lie took a prominent part 
in its proposed re-establishment in the north of England, and Ushaw owes 
him a debt of gratitude for liis exertions in this respect. In his declining 
years, for some short time in 1803-5, ^^ had an assistant in the person 
of the Rev. Thomas Irving alias Sherburne {C.R.S., xv, 225), and for 
the last eighteen months of his life the Rev. Robert Gradwell, his eventual 
successor. His death took place at Claughton Feb. 12, 181 1, aged 75, 
and he was buried at the neighbouring mission of Newhouse. 

Rev. Robert Gradwell, born Jan. 26, 1777 {C.R.S., xv, 160), son of 
John Gradwell, of Clifton in the Fylde, yeoman, and liis wife Margaret, 
daughter and heiress of John Gregson, of Green House, Balderston, co. 
Lancaster, gent., was descended from a younger son of the ancient family 
of Gradell of Barbies Moor in Ulnes Walton, and some brief account of 
the family appears in the writer's notice of Bishop Gradwell, Biog. Diet., ii, 
547-57. After making his preliminary studies under the Rev. Robert 
Banister at Mowbreck Hall, young Gradwell was sent to Douay College, 
where he was admitted Sept. 30, 1791, but when the college was seized 
by the Revolutionists in August, 1793, he was confined with the remnant 
of the community in various places till they were liberated and per- 
mitted to return to England and land at Dover on March 2, 1795. 
The youth returned to his parents at Clifton, but eventually accompanied 
the Rev. George Leo Haydock and his brother Thomas to Crook Hall, 
Durham, where most of the Douay refugees had assembled, and was 
admitted Jan. 17, 1796. There he was ordained priest Dec. 4, 1802, 
and was retained by the president as professor of poetry and rhetoric 
until he left to be assistant to Mr. Barrow at Claughton on July 18, 
1809 {Ushaw Diary, MS.; Gillow, Haydock Papers). Upon Mr. Barrow's 
decease he succeeded to the charge of the mission, and retained it till 
1817, when, upon the restoration of the English College at Rome, he 
was appointed rector by the English vicars-apostolic. On Sept. 15 
he left Claughton in charge of his brother Henry, and arrived at Rome 
on the following Nov. 2. He received the degree of D.D. in 1820, On 
May 19, 1828, Propaganda elected liim to be co-adjutor to the vicar- 
apostolic of the London district, and he was consecrated bishop on the 
succeeding June 24th. Thus he resigned the rectorship of the English 
college, and departed for London, where he arrived in August. In his 
new sphere he won universal respect, but his health gave way under the 
strain, and he died of dropsy at Golden Square, London, March 15, 


1833, aged 56 (Brady, Episcop. Succession, iii, 197-9). He was succeeded 
at Claughton by — 

Rev. Henry Odo Gradwell, born at Clifton Nov. 19, 1792 {C.R.S., 
XV, 172), arrived at the college at Crook Hall from Preston, where his 
father had settled, Oct. 3, 1803, was ordained priest at Ushaw, and left 
for Claughton, where he said his first Mass Sept. 14, 1817, and the next day 
was left in charge of the mission by his brother Robert. About 1832 he 
was chosen secretary of the Infirm Clergy Fund, and later became its 
treasurer, an office which he retained till his death. In 1835 he decided 
to enlarge the chapel by adchng a sanctuary, and to improve its appear- 
ance by raising its height, and with the generous assistance of the 
squire, Thomas Fitzherbert-Brockholes, his brother Francis and his 
sister Mary Anne, then living at Leamington, the congregation, and Mr. 
Crradwell himself and his personal friends, the whole cost — about ;^i,400 
— was thus defrayed. Other improvements followed in course of time ; 
the presbytery was greatly enlarged about 1836, and in 1852 the sanctu- 
ary was redecorated, a new organ provided, and requisites procured 
for Benediction, at a total cost of above ^800. Hitherto there had been 
a primitive school conducted by Anthony Cardwell and his wife, Jane 
Penswick {C.R.S., xvi, 560), in the Lower Lane at Claughton, but this 
was found inadequate for the changed condition of the times. Help 
came from an unexpected quarter. Catherine Barton, of a respectable 
family residing in the neighbouring township of her name, liad whilst 
a mere girl entered into the service of the family of the loth Duke of 
Norfolk, who had married the daughter of John Brockholes by his 
.second wife, and eventually became housekeeper at Arundel Castle. 
Upon retiring from that position through increasing age and infirmity, 
she returned to her native parts, and after a time married a Mr. Gill, 
who came to reside in Claughton. Before she died she found the money 
for the purcliase of the little farm from the Corbishleys on which the 
school is now built, and bequeathed a sum sufficient to put the school- 
master's house in thorough repair. She was buried with honour in the 
graveyard at Newhouse. Mr. Gradwell then erected commodious schools, 
which were rapidly completed in 1840, and became an ornament to the 
neighbourhood. He was rural dean of Amounderness for a time, and 
when the Lancashire vicariate was formed in 1840 and his cousin, 
George Brown, was appointed the bishop, Mr. Gradwell was made vicar- 
general for the hundreds of Amounderness and Lonsdale. Upon the 
restoration of the liierarchy in 1850, lie was created canon of the diocese 
of Liverpool, but resigned that dignity in 1854. Two j-ears later he 
obtained the assistance of his nephew, the Rev. Robert Gradwell, who 
eventually succeeded him. Thus he continued till his death May 22, 
i860, aged 68, and, as there was then no cemetery at Claughton, his 
remains were conveyed to Preston for burial in the Gradwell family 
vault at St. Augustine's, at which the writer of these memoirs was present, 
and a brass on the epistle side of the church commemorates his memory 
and that of his nephew, tlie Rev. George Gradwell, ordained at Ushaw 
in 1853, and died in Preston Nov. 23, 1855. 

The Right Rev. Mgr. Robert Gradwell, born at Preston Oct. 27, 
1825, was the third son of Aldemian George Gradwell, of Preston, J. P. 
{C.R.S., XV, 161), and his wife Mary, daughter of Richard Ashhurst, 
steward to Sir Thomas Massey-Stanley, of Puddington Hall and Hooton 
Hall, CO. Chester, Bart., by Mary, daughter of John Blundell, of Preston, 
com merchant. He was sent to Ushaw College, where he arrived 
Aug. 12, 1837, and was ordained priest Dec. 20, 1849. He was retained 
as a professor for nearly a year, but left on account of iU-health Dec. 7, 


1850. From June. 1852, to June 10, 1856, he served at St. Augustine's, 
Preston, and then came to assist his uncle Henry in the mission at 
Claughton, to which he succeeded in i860. 

In i8bg increasing infirmities made an assistant necessary, and the 
Rev. George Dobson was appointed, and remained till 1871, when the 
Rev. Isaac Webster took his place. The latter was admitted into the 
English College at Lisbon March 2^, i860, ordained prie-st Dec. 18, 1869, 
and left June 11, 1870, for the mission. After a few weeks' experience 
at St. Patrick's, Liverpool, he was sent to St. Mary's, Wigan, 
whence he came to Claughton in 1871, and remained here till 1883. 
He was then transferred to St. Josejjh's, Anderton, near Chorley, where 
he continued till his return to St. ISIary's, Wigan, as head priest in 
Febi-uary, 1S99. There he remained till his death, Maj- 10, 1904. 
aged 59 (Giilow, Reg. of Lisbon, p. 268 ; Memoir with portrait, Liverpool 
Cath. Fam. Almanac, 1903, p. 140). 

]\Ir. Webster's place at Claughton was taken by the Rev. William 
Pinnington, another priest educated at Lisbon, wlio was there admitted 
Nov. 20, 1869, ordained Dec. 18, 1880, and retained in the college as 
a superior till he left for the mission Maj' i, 1883 (Giilow, Lisbon Reg., 
p. 241). He was at Claughton from 1883 to 1886, when he was trans- 
ferred to Liverpool, became a canon in 191 1, received the dignity of 
Monsignor in 1913, and was appointed vicar -general of the arch-diocese, 
a position which he .still holds. 

The next assistant at Claughton was the Re\^ James Cross, a native 
of Preston, where he was born May 22, 1859. He was educated at St. 
Edward's College, afterwards, it is said, at the diocesan seminary at 
Upholland, and completed his philosophy and theologj- at the diocesan 
seminary of Leeds. On Aug. 12, 1883, he was ordained priest in St. 
Joseph's, Liverpool, and soon aftenvards was appointed curate at that 
mission. .After three years, in 1886, he came to Claughton, but in 1889, 
after a brief period at Seaforth, he was appointed assistant at Garston, 
near Liverpool, where he remained till 1895. He then left to take charge 
of the mission of the B. Sacrament at Walton-on-the-Hill, but after 
a short stay owing to ill-liealth was obliged to retire from missionary 
duty to Liverpool, where as soon as he seemed better he was appointed 
to the church of the Sacred Heart. Again his health failed him, and 
once more he sought rest in retirement. Finally, he returned to Garston, 
in 1889, where, after two short months, he died Feb. 9, 1900, aged 42 
{Memoir, Liverpool Cath. An., 1901, p. 147). 

Mr. Gradwell added greatly to the beauty of the chapel. Mr. Tliomas 
Fitzherbert-Brockholes co-operated with him in giving the highly- 
finished statues of St. Tliomas the Apostle, the patron of the chapel, 
and St. Robert, ]Mr. Grad well's patron, with the two angels, whilst 
Mr. Brockhoies gave the Lady Altar and Mr. Gradwell that of St. Joseph 
at a cost of more than £1,000 from each. The old squire shortly before 
his death in 1873 conveyed to the mission a plot of land adjacent to the 
chapel for a cemetery, and undertook to lay it out. A baptistry was 
added in 1883, and a belfry was erected in 1897 in memory of Queen 
Victoria's jubilee. 

In 1882, in recognition of liis generosity to the cause of ecclesiastical 
education and of his literary attainments, Leo XIII conferred upon Mr. 
Gradwell the title of Monsignor, and later he was appointed a domestic 
prelate. More than twenty years before his death the Monsignor him- 
self told the present writer, whilst staying with him at Claugliton, that 
it was by mere chance he became aware that he possessed a facile pen, 
jnuch to his surprise, and from that time, though his sight had become 


greatly impaired, he poured forth a continuous stream of hteraturc, 
through the channels of the Preston journals, the Dublin Review, the 
Liverpool Catlwlic Almanac, the Catholic Fireside, the Transactions of 
the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society, and other publications. 
They were mostly local historical sketches, or claims connected with 
Catholic interests, such as the John Parkinson Charity. Two of his 
separate publications were: "Christianity in Lancashire in Roman and 
Celtic Times. By the ^'er>• Re\. Mgr. R. Gradwell. Reprinted irom the 
Dublin Review for October, 1S84 " ; and " Succat ; or the Storj- of 
Sixty Years of the Life of St. Patrick." 

Thus he passed the remainder of his quiet and peaceful career till 
his death ^lay 16, 1906, aged 81, and was interred in a vault in his own 
cemetery, which he had prepared some twent}' years before (Hewitson, 
Our Country Churches and Chapels, pp. 286-297 '< Liverpool Cath. 
Annuals, 1885, pp. 79-84, 1907, pp. 118-124 ; Mgr. Cradwell's corre- 
spondence with the ivriter). 

Rev. Henry Holden succeeded as rector of the mission, practically 
ha\ing done all the work after his appointment as curate in 1S89, and 
he is still in charge. 

A mediaeval chalice brought from the chapel at ^laynes Hall is pre- 
served and in use at Claughton. The vestment chest and a small oak 
tabernacle that belonged to the Yen. Thomas Whitaker, brought from 
somewhere in Goosnargh, are also shown at the presbjiiery. 



Book I. 

[The first Claughton registers cover the period from ^lay 24th, 1771, 
to March 15th, 1818. They are in a pocket-book, bound in green leather 
with fold and clasp, and having pockets at botli ends. The first page 
e^^dently contained memoranda, it is cut out. The book measures 
6x4 X J in., and consists of 128 pages, none of which are blank.] 


(3) Winefrid Eckles born 24^^^ Mav 1771, James & Ann Ecklcs 
Parents. God Father c^- God Mother Ed: Dncketh & Pliillis Eckles. 

Th. Barton born May 27^1 1771, W"i & Mary Barton Parents. 
God Father &c. James Hall & Alice Barton. 

James Bains born June 4*^ 1771, Th: & Marg: Bains Parents. 
God Father c^c. J ^ Barton & Mary Ducketh. 

Marg: Maudsley born 22^ June 1771, J° & Marg. Maudsley 
Parents. God Father &c. W"i Crumland & Alice Leach. 

Th: Roper born June 6**^ 1771. John Roper & Marg: Parents. 
God Father &c. Jn Walker cS: Ann Mitchel. 

Eliz: Carver born July 6^^ 1771, Parents Rob: & Eliz: Carver. 
God Father &c. James Eckles & Eliz: Waterhouse. 

John Davy born Oct: 21st 1771, Parents John & Ann Davy. 
God Father &c. W^ Richardson & Ellin Segar. 

Th: Eckles born Nov. 4th bapt. Nov. 5th, Parents Rich: & Ellm 
Eckles. God Father &c. Th: Pyke & Ann Griffiths. 

John Williams bap: Aug: 24*^ 1771- God &c. Rob. Clarkson & 
Ann Abraham. Parents Francis & Perpetua Williams. 

(4) Ed: Chamock bom Nov: 24*^ & baptized ditto Nov: 24*'! 1771. 
God Father &c. Rich: Shepherd, Alice Flaste. Parents John & 
Marg: Charnock. 

Agnes Richardson born Nov: 19th bapt: Nov: 27*^. Parents M'^ 
& M^'s Richardson. God Father &c. Jn Barton & Agnes Richardson. 


Constantia Brockholes* born Jan : 8*1^ 1772. God Father & Mother 
Th: Fitzherbert Esq^ & Mrs. Mary Hesketh. 

Robert Pomfret born Feb: 28*^ & baptized March i^* 1772. 
God Fath: &c. ]^ Bolton & Ann Snape. 

* Constantia, who died in infancy, was the daughter of Joseph Hesketh- 
Brockholes, of Claughton Hall, Esq., second son of \Villiam Hesketh, of Maynes 
Hall, in Little Singleton, Esq., and his wife, Mary, daughter of John Brock- 
holes, of Claughton, Esq. , and sister and eventual heii-ess of her brother .William 
Brockholes, of Claughton, Esq. Mrs. Hesketh's half-sister, Catharine, daughter 
of John Brockholes by his second wife, Mary, eldest daughter and coheiress 
of Michael Jolinson, of Twyzel Hall. co. Durham (who married secondly 
Richard Jones, of Caton, Esq.), became the wife, on Nov. 15, 1739, of Charles 
Howard, subsequently loth Duke of Norfolk, and her grace dying Nov. 21, 1784, 
her son Charles, nth Duke of Norfolk, succeeded liis father to the title in 
1786. Joseph Hesketh-Brockholes married in 17O8 Constantia, daughter of 
Basil Fitzherbert, of Swynuerton Hall, co. Stafford, Esq., and after his death 
s.p. in 1783, the Hesketh and Brocklioles estates passed to his younger brother, 
James Hesketh-Brocklioles, Esq., a bachelor, with remainder according to 
settlement to William Fitzherbert, brother to Mrs. Hesketh-Brockholes and 
second son of Basil, with injunctions to assume the name of Brockholes. 
William Fitzherbert-Brockholes, born Oct. 20, 1758, rebuilt Claughton Hall 
about 1811, incorporating part of the old mansion, and died July 23, 1817. 


Barnaby Bains born & baptized Marcli 5^1 1772. God &c. Th: 
Ducket & Alice Barrow. Parent Jes [?] & Serah Bains. 

Th: Bratherton born March ii^^^ & bapt: the 15*^ 1772. Parent 
Jn & Margaret Bratherton. God Father &c. J" Bolton & Ann 

Rob: Leach born & bap: Marcli y^' 15th 1772, Parents Th; & 
Margaret Leach. God Father &c: Rob. Snape & Eliz: Green. 

W"! Shepherd born March ig*^ bap: y^ 22^1 1772. Parents Rich. & 
Serah Slicpherd. God Father &c. Th: Bolton & Eliz. Blackburn. 

(5) Eliz: Adamson born Ap: lo"! bapt: ijth Father &c: Th: & 
Eliz: Adamson. God Father &c. Th: Ducket & Jane Adanison. 

Th: Green bapt. May 17^^ [corrected from 27*^] 1772. God Father 
&c. Th: Waterhouse & Eliz: Leach: Parents Th: & Eliz: Green. 

Rich. Holdin bapt : May 24*^ J772, Parents John & Ann Holdin, 
God Fath: &c. James Hall & Ann Shepherd. 

Mary BreckjJ bap: May 28**1 1772, Parents W^^ & Judith Breckal: 
God Father &c. W"^ Walmesley & Marg: Blackburn. 

Bart: Bains bapt: June 9*^ 1772, Parents Bart. & Mar: Bains: 
God Fath: &c. Rob: & Eliz: Halson. 

Ellin Hodgson born July 14 bap: ditto 15*^ 1772. Parents J" 
Isabel Hodgson. God: &c. Rich. Polton & Ann Gardner. 

Ed: Whitehead bap: Aug: 9*^ iyy2. Parents Ed: & Jenet White- 
head: God &c. Rich: & Agnes Whitehead. 

J° Letas bap: Aug: 13"^ 1772, Parents Rich. & Ellin Letas. God 
&c. Jii Barton & Jane Thornton. 

Th. Topping bap: Sept: 13th 1772, Parents W™ & Eliz: Topping: 
God. W"i Richardson & Grace Richardson. 

(6) Grace Buller bap: Nov. 15*^ 1772. God: James Bains, Eliz: 
Danniel: Parents George & Jenet Buller. 

J n Fitzwilliam bap: Nov. 15th 1772. God &c. J" Ethrington & 
Ellin Ibison. Parents James & Magdalen Fitzwilliams. 

Ann Cottam bapt: Nov: 19th [corrected from 15*^] 1772. God &c. 
Ed: Ducket & Eliz: Blackburn. Parents Laurence & Ann Cottam. 

Th: Robinson bap: Nov: 29*^ 1772. God &c. Ed: Blackburn & 
Alice Polton. Parents Ed: & Ann Robinson. 


Ann Griffiths bap: Jan: 22^ I773- God &c. J^ Jempson & Eliz. 
Blackbum: Parents Sam: Griffiths & Ann. 

Ann Slater bap : Jan : 31, 1773. God &c : Th : S\mipson & Rebecca 
Gornal. Parents James & Eliz. Slater. 

Mary Polton bap: Feb: 14^^ ^773- God &c: Jos: Polton & Alice 
Werden. Parents Rich: & Mary Polton. 

Henry Dobson bap : Feb : 28, 1773. God &c. Henr}^ Croft & Mary 
Bains. Parents John & Alice Dobson. 

Margery Ducket bap: March 2^ 1773- God &c. Rich: Ducket & 
Eliz: Thornton. Parents J^s & Mary Ducket. 

W™ Goose bap: March 21, 1773. God &c: Hen: Leach & Eliz: 
Shepherd. Parents Th: & Eliz: Goose. 

(7) Marg: Smith bapt: Ap: 4*^ 1773. God &c. Th: Pyke & Mary 
Neusham. Parents James & Marg: Smith. 


Rich : Wells bap: Ap: 18**1 1773, Qod &c. Tli : & Ellin Ctumbland. 
Parents Tli: & Eliz: Wells. 

Th: Gornal bap: Ap: 18*'^ ^n^- Ralph Gonial & Ann Gornal 
God &c. Parents Jes. & Ellin Gornal. 

Mary Turner bap : May jf* 1773. God &c. J " II< )rrabin & Margery 
Ibison. Parents J" & Eliz. Turner. 

Laurence Waterhouse bap: May lo^'^ 1773. God &c. Th: Raby 
& Eliz: Green. Parents Laurence & Ann Waterhouse. 

Th: Johnson bap: June 13*11 1773. God &c. Francis & Marg: 
Walker. Parents W" & Ann Johnson. 

Mar}- Bolton bap: June 13*'! 1773. God &c: Th: Bolton & Ann 
Gardner. Parents John & Ann Bolton. 

Ed: Gardner bap: June i7H> 1773. God &c. W'" Whitinam & 
Margery Swarbrick. Parents W'" & Alice Gardner. 

Alice Eckles bap: June 20*'i 1773. God &c. Th: Ducket & Mar. 
Blackburn. Parents James & Ann Eckles. 

(8) W'" Hornby bap: July 5^1 1773. God &c. Th: Raby tS: Alice 
Waterhouse. Parents Rich : & Mary Hornby. 

Alice Barton bap: July i6"i 1773. God &c. James & Mary Kirk. 
Parents James & Mary Barton. 

W"i Blackburn bap: July 26*'! 1773. God &c. Bart: Bains & 
Mar. Walker. Parents W^ & Eliz. Blackburn. 

Jos: Bains bap: Aug: (f^ 1773. God &c. Ed: Blackburn & Mary 
Barton. Parents Tli: & Marg: Bains. 

Wm Dilloth bap: Sep: 8*^ 1773. God &c. J" Jempson & Ellin 
Swarbrick. Parents James & Margery Dilloth. 

W"" Hall bap: Sep: io"i 1773. God: Rob: Waterhouse & Ellin 
Jempson. Parents Jes. & Ann Hall. 

Henry Maudsley bap: Sept: 12th 1773. God &c. Th: Crumbland 
& Jane Maudsley. Parents John & Marg. Maudsley. 

Jane Bains bap: Sep. 14*^ 1773. God &c. Simeon Cowel & Mary 
Bains. Parents James & Serah Bains. 

W" Bamber bap: Sep. 26, 1773. God: J" Sharpies & Eliz. 
Bamber. Parents James & Ellin Bamber. 

(9) Henry Bains bap: Sep: 29, 1773. God &c. J" Bains & Eliz. Hall. 
Parents J" & Mary Bains. 

W" Eckles bap: Oct: 22^ 1773. God &c. W" Sharpies & Mrs. 
Houghton. Parents M^ & W^ Eckles. 

W™ Leach bap: Nov: ioti» 1773. God &c. Rob: Snape & Ann 
Gardner. Parents Marg: &Th. Leach. 

Alice Davy bap: Nov: 14, 1773. God &c. W"^ Blackburn & Alice 
Dobson. Parents W«i & Ann Davy. 

Ed. Chamock bap : Nov : 27, 1773. God &c : W°^ Johnson & Jane 
Anderton. Parents Th: & Marg: Charnock. 


Jane Adamson bap: Jan: 20*^ 1774. God &c. Rowland Ducket 
& Ann Adamson. Parents Th: & Eliz: Adamson. 

Mary Shepherd bap: Jan: 23^ I774- God &c. Ed: Maskow & 
Rebecca Gornal, Parents Rich: & Serah Shepherd. 


George Holdin bap: Feb: 6^^ 1774. God &c. J" Walker & Mary 
Walker. Parents J" & Ann Holdin. 

Rich: Lupton bap: Feb: io"i 1774. God &c. Rowland Ducket 
& Eliz. Blackburn. Parents Rob: & Marg: Lupton. 

(10) George Wilson bap: Feb: 25^*^ i774- God &c. Rich: Gornal & 
Ann Gardner. Parents John & Mar\- Wilson. 

Alice Duhurst bap: ]\Iarch y^^ I774- God &c. James Duhurst & 
Agg^- Kellet. Parents Jos : & Ann Duhurst. 

Laurence Waterhouse bap: ]\Iarch 21st 1774. God &c. Th: 
Waterhousc & Eliz. Leach. Parents Th: & Jennet Waterhouse. 

J" Richardson bap: Ap: 14th 1774. God &c. James Bruerton & 
Eliz. Durham. Parents M"" & M^s Richardson. 

W"i Wilcock bap: Ap: 24^1 1774. God &c. Th : Wilcock & Mary 
Humber. Parents J" & Serali Wilcock. 

W"i Fitzwilliams bap: May I*** 1774. God Sec. Th: Waterhouse 
& Mar. Green. Parents James & Magdalen Fitzwilliams. 

J PS Morras bap; May 16^'^ 1774. Parents W^ & Ann Morras. 
God &c. J " Winder & Ann Anderton. 

Ann Hodgson bap: Ma}- 24^'^ 1774. God &c. Rob: Gardner & 
Marger\- Swarbrick. Parents John & Isabel Hogon. 

Gilbert Finch bap: June 3^ 1774. God &c. W"i Roscal & Ann 
Finch. Parents Th: & Ann Finch. 

(11) J" Halsel bap: Julv 4*^ 1774. God &c. J" & Mary Bains. 
Parents Rob: & Eliz: Holsel. 

Eliz: Huthersal bap: July 29th 1774. God &c. J" Jempson & 
Mary Humber. Parents Th: & Alice Huthersal. 

Alice Bains bap: Aug: 14th 1774. God &c. Ed: Sympson & Mar: 
Gardner. Parents Th: & Mar: Bains. 

Ellin Letas bap: Sep: 17^^ j^yy^ Qod &c. J" Gardner «& Elir. 
Leach. Parents Rich: & Ellin Letas. 

Agnes Shepherd bap: Sep: 22, 1774, Parents J'* & Alice Shepherd. 
God &c. J" Jempson & Mar: Cottam. 

Mary Pomfrit bap: Oct : 2^ 1774. God &c. Cuthbert Kirk & Ann 
Gardner. Parents Francis & Eliz: Pomfrit. 

Henr\- Hall bap : Oct : 2^ 1774. God &c. J ° Wilson & Ann Eckles, 
Parents James & Ann Hall. 

Barn : Bains bap : Nov : i 
Culshaw. Parents ]^ &: Mary Bains. 

W"i Suthard bap : Nov : 13th 1774, Parents Rich : & Alice Suthard. 
God &c. George Gregson & Alice Suthard. 

(12) W"i Dilloth bap: December 'liritten through November] ^^^ '^77A' 
Parents James & Marger\- Dilloth. God &c. James Hall & Eliz. 
Blackburn . 

Rich: Green bap: Decem: 19th 1774, Parents Th: & Eliz. Green. 
God &c. Th: Waterhouse & Ann Gardner. 


Jn Breckal bap: Jan: i^* 1775, Parents W™ & Judith Breckal. 
God &c. James Kirk & Dorothy Green. 

Bamabv Bains bap: Jan: '12th 1775, Parents Barth: & Marg: 
Bains. God &c. Th : Walker & Ellin Cowel. 


\\rm Bolton baj): Jan : 29^1 1775, Parents J » & Ann Bolton. God 
&c. Rob: Snape & Eliz: Green. 

Ann Williams baj): Feb: 2^' 1775. Parents Francis & Perpetua 
Williams. God &c. Th: Seed & Ann Abraham. 

J" Bains bap: Feb: 
God &c. John & Jenet Woods. 

Th: Ducket bap: Feb: 19*'^ 1775, Parents James & Jenct Ducket. 
God &c. Wni Gardner & Ann Eckles. 

(13) Eliz: Richardson bap: March 30^'* 1775- Parents J" & Marj^ 
Richardson. God &c. Adam Davy & Eliz: Ethrington. 

Jane Richardson bap: March 30*'^ 1775, Parents J" & Mary 
Richardson. God &c. J" Ethrington, Ellin Richardson. 

J " Turner bap : Ap : 9*'^ 1775, Parents J " & Eliz : Turner. God &c. 
W"i Miller & Cath: Culshavv. 

George Eckles bap: May 71'^ 1775. God &c: M"" Carter & Mary 
Sharpies. Parents George & Rosa Eckles. 

Th: Cottam bap: May 10*11 1775, Parents Laurence & Arm Cottam. 
God &c. John Yates & Mary Leach. 

Ellin Cottam bap: May lo^'^ ^775, Parents Laurence &. Ann Cot- 
tam. God &c. Ed: Blackburn & Ann Huthersal. 

John Bratherton bap: May 14**^ 1775, Parents John & Marg. 
Bratherton. God &c. Th: Walmsley & Marg. Cottam. 

Grace Moran bap: May 21^* 1775, Parents Walter & Ann Moran. 
God &c. Nic: Roseal & Eliz: Green. 

J ^ Dobson bap : May 25*^ 1775, Parents J ^^ & Alice Dobson. God 
&c. Th: Walker & Ann Dobson. 

(14) i^ Bamber [over Singleton scored out] bap: May 28"^ 1775, 
Mother Eliz: Bamber. God &c. W"^ Bamber & Mar: Singleton. 

Eliz: [written through Mary] Barton bap: July 18*'^ I775- ^od &c 
Hugh Barton & Mary Gardner. Parents James & Mary Barton. 

Mary Eckles bap: July 2^^^ 1775, Parents James & Ann Eckles. 
God &c. J" Ducketh & Mary Ku-fut. 

Dorothy Duhurst bap: Aug: 20*11 j-yy- Parents Jos: & Ann 
Duhurst. God &c. George Bolton & Eliz: Parkinson. 

Jn Polton bap: Aug: 24*11 1775, Parents Rich: & Mary Polton. 
God &c. Hugh Barton & Alice Polton. 

Ellin Eckles bap: Sep: 24*11 1775, Parents Rich: & Ellin Eckles. 
God &c. Jn Jempson & Ann Eckles. 

Rich. Pyke bap : Oct : 3d 1775. Parents Ed : & Jane Pyke. God &c. 
Eliz: Hornby & Th: Ducket. 

J'l Ibison bap: Oct: 8*ii 1775, Mother Eliz: Ibison. God &c. 
Francis Walker & Ann Gardner. 

George BuUer bap: Oct : 24*11 1775, Parents George & Jenet Buller. 
God &c. W™ Walker & Mary Hornby. 

(15) Nov: 8*11 1775, Jos: & Mary Herst bap: God &c. Ed: Blackburn, 
J° Jempson, Marg: Elythorn, Ellin Holderness. Parents James & 
Ellin Herst. 

Ellin Hall bap: Nov: 13*'! 1775. God &c: J" Jempson & Marg: 
Smith. Parents James & Ann Hall. 


Jane Slater bap: Decern: 8*11 1775. God &c. Francis Walker & 
Sarah Hudson. Parents James & Eliz: Slater. 

Jes Blackburn bap: Jan: 3d 1776. God &c. JQ Ethrington & 
Eliz: Turner. Parents W"^ & Eliz: Blackburn. 

Eliz: Halsal bap: Jan: 18, 1776, Parents Rob: & Eliz: Halsal. 
God &c. Th: & Jane Bains. 

Jos: Dilloth bap: Jan: 28, 1776. God &c. Th: Seed & Mary 
Kitchin. Parents James & Margery Dilloth. 

Jenet Goose bap: Feb: 2^ 177(>- God &c. Bruno Penswick & 
Mary Richardson. Parents Th: & Eliz: Goose. 

th: Peel bap: Feb: 4^^ 1776. God &c. Francis Walker & Ann 
Sandam. Parents Jes & Ellin Peel. 

(16) Feb: 17th 1776 Ellin Davy bap: God &c. Th: Walker & Ellin 
Dsivy. Parents W^" Davy & Ann. 

Eliz: Singleton bap: Feb: 18, 1776. God &c. Francis Walker & 
Dorothy Crumbland. Parents J"^ & Mar: Singleton. 

Alice Bains bap: March i^t 1776, Parents ]^ & Mary Bains. God 
&c. Th: Walker & Eliz: Parkinson. 

J° Adamson bap: March 12*^ 1776. God &c. J" Taylor & Mary 
Ducket. Parents Th: & Eliz: Adamson. 

Th: Lupton bap: March 27^11 1776. God &c. Jes Hall & Ann 
Cardwel. Parents Rob: & Mar: Lupton. 

George Johnson bap: Ap: 23'^ 1776. God &c. Simeon Covvel & 
Ann Blackburn. Parents W°^ & Hannah Johnson. 

Cat: Banes bap: May 9"» 1776. God &c. J^^ Sympson & Ann 
Athrick. Parents Th: & Mar: Banes. 

Ed: Fitzwilliams bap: May 25**^ 1776. God &c. J^s Clarkson & 
Ann Sidgreaves. Parents J^s & Magdalen Fitzwilliams. 

]^ Morton bap: June 12/1776. God &c. W^ Ibitson & Ann 
Morton. Parents J" & Margery Morton. 

(17) Isabel Hodson bap: June 20*^ 1776. God &c. J n Gardner & Mary 
Kitchin. Parents J" & Isabel Hodson. 

W°i Sympson bap : Aug: 14th 1776. God &c. Rich : Green & Ann 
Harp. Parents J" & Alice Sympson. 

Rob: Shepherd bap: Sep: 15^^ 1776. God &c. Jes Wilson & Eliz: 
Hornby. Parents John & Alice Shepherd. 

Alice Banes bap: Sep: 15*11 1776. God &c. Th: & Jane Banes. 
Parents ]^^ & Sarah Banes. 

Frances Roseal bap : Sept . 27th 1776. God &c. M^ Horner & Alice 
Barrow. Parents Th: & Jane Roseal. 

John Huthersal bap: Oct: 18/1776. God &c. Th: [& Alice scored 
out] Parkinson & Mary Humber. Parents Th: & Alice Huthersal. 

Cath: Suthard bap: Sept: 29, 1776. God &c. Peter Corrols & 
Cicilia Gregson. Parents Rich : & Ellin Suthard. 

Mary Wilson bap: Nov: 17/1776, Parents J° & Mary Wilson. 
God &c. Jn Huthersal & Ellin Jempson. 

]^ Seed bap: Nov: 17/1776, Parents Th: & Ann Seed. God &c. 
]^ Gardner & Eliz: Blackburn. 


(i8) Sarah Ducket bap: Nov; i8, 1776. God &c. John Jempson & 
Alice Barrow. Parents James & Jane Ducket. 

Mary Maudsley bap: Decern: 21/1776, Parents John & Mar: 
Maiidslev. God &c. TJi: Crumbland & Mary Horrabin. 

Wm "Breckal bap: Decern: 2f^^ 1776. Parents W" & Judith 
Breckal. God &c. J^^ Barton & Mar: Bhtckburn. 

Th: Richardson bap: Decern: 30. 1776. God &c. Th: Walker & 
Mary Richardson. Parents \V'" & Grace Richardson. 


Jes Bladsbum bap: Feb: I2^'» ^777- God &c. Th: Banes & Susan 
Dobson. Parents \V^ & Eliz: Blackburn. 

J«s Waterhouse bap: Feb: 14, 1777. God &c. Hen: Waterhouse, 
Alice Waterhouse. Parents Tli: & Alice Waterhouse. 

\\rm Turner bap: March 16/1777. God &c. W"" Ibitson & Susan 
Dobson. Parents John Si. Eliz: Turner. 

Alice Smith bap: March 16, 1777. God &c. J° & Isabel Blackburn. 
Parents Jes & Mar. Smith. 

J ^ Richardson bap : Ap : 6*^ i777- God &c. J » Swarbrick & Mary 
Richardson. Parents J° & Mary Richardson. 

(19) Th: Williams bap: May 2^ 1777, Parent Perpetua Clarkson. 
God &c. W™ Barton & Mar: Hornby. 

James Cowel bap: May 20, 1777, Parents Simeon & Ellin Cowel. 
God &c: Th: &. Sarah Bains. 

Mary Bains bap: June 29, 1777. Parents J"^ & Mary Bains. 
God »&c. Th : Bains & Sarah Bains. 

W™ Bratherton bap: July i^* 1777, Parents J" & Mar: Bratherton. 
God &c. George Bolton & Mary Kitchin. 

Mathew Letas bap: July 13^'! 1777, Parents Rich: & Ellin Letas. 
God &c. John Waterhouse and Isabel Kitchin. 

Aug. 20**^ 1777 James Duhurst bap: God &c. John Waterhouse & 
Eliz. Threlfal. Parents Joseph & Ann Duhurst. 

Henrv Dilloth bap: Aug: 27^^ ^777 > Parents James & Margery 
Dilloth. ' God &c. Henry Kitchin & Cat : Barton. 

Mar: Bolton bap: Aug: 29, 1777, Parents John & Ann Bolton. 
God &c. George Bolton & Eliz: Leach. 

Mar: Whitehead bap: Sep: 2^ 1777, Parents Benjamin & Mar: 
Whitehead. God &c. Rich: Whitehead & Isabel Hodgibn. 

(20) Rob: Qardner bapt: Sept: 14^*1 1777. God &c. J^^ Jempson & 
Mar: Leech. Parents W"* & Dorothy Gardner. 

Joseph Polton bapt: Sep: 15. 1777. God &c. W"^ Fitzwilliams 
, & Mary Barton. Parents Joseph & Mary Polton. 

Eliz: Dobson bap: Sep: 28, 1777. God &c. Th: Bains & Eliz: 
Dobson. Parents J" & Alice Dobson. 

W"i Jenkinson bap: Sep: 28*^ 1777. God &c. Rob. Ribchester, 
Ann Abraham. Parents Nic: & Dorothy Jenkinson. 

Ellin Banes bapt: Oct: 3<i 1777, Parents Th: & Mar: Banes. 
God &c : Til : Corbishley & Isabel Blackburn. 

Jane Bomfiet bap: Sep: 30, 1777, Parents Francis & Eliz: 
Bomfret. God &c. W™ Gardner & Eliz : Wilson. 


Eliz: Banes bap: Oct: 23^^ 1777. Parents Th: & Eliz: Banes. 
God &c. John Parkinson & Jane Banes. 

Roger Chamock bap: Nov: 2^ ^^777. Parents Th: & Mar: Charn- 
ock. God &c. Rich : Hornby & Mar: Neusham. 

Christopher Moran bap. Nov: 2^ 1777. Parents Walter & Ann 
Moran . God &c . Ed. Pyke cS: Eliz : Hornby. 

(21) Mary Davy bap : Nov ; 9*^ 1777, Parents W™ & Ann Davy. God 
&c. Th : Huntington & Eliz : Dobson. 

Joanna Buller bap: Nov: 16: 1777, Parents George & Jane 
Buller. God &c. George Swarbrick & Sarah Banes. 

Th : HaLshaw bap : Nov : 21, 1777, Parents Rob : & Eliz : Halshaw. 
God &c. Jn Swarbrick & Eliz: Banes. 

Eliz : Eckles bap : Decern : 6^'' 1777, Parents James & Ann Eckles. 
God &c. Jo Jempson & Janet Ducket. 

Eliz: Peel bap: Jan. i'** 1778, Parents James & Ellin Peel. God 
&c. George Buller & Aim Helm. 

Grace Boardleybap: Jan: 12^1 1778. God &c. Th : Livesey & 
Mar: Parents J" & Eliz: Boardley. 

jes Baines bap : Feb : 21/1778, Parents Jes & Sarah Baines. God 
&c : George Buller & Ann Shepherd. 

Mary Shepherd bap: March i^t 1778, Parents Rich: & Sarah 
Shepherd. God: Michael Gardner & Ann Richardson. 

(22) Mary Smith bap : March 9*^ 1778, Parents Adam & Alice Smith. 
God &c. John Smith & Jane Cardwel. 

Mar : Wilson bap : March 25^^ 1778. Parents John & Eliz : Wilson. 
God &c. John Waterhouse & Mary Kitchin. 

Isabel Hodson bap: Ap: i^t 1778. Parents Jno & Isabel Hodson, 
God &c. Henry Kitchin & Jane Walker. 

Mary Helm bap : Ap : 5'^ 1778, Parents Henry & Eliz : Helm : 
God &c. Jno & Mary Richardson. 

Alice Neusham bap : May 3^ 1778, Parents John & Anne Neusham, 
God &c. Rob: Neusham & Jane Maudsley. 

Mary Gardner bap : July ii^h 1778, Parents Eliz. Gardner & James 
LoJtus. " God &c. Th: Waterhouse & Mar: Hornby. 

Mary Johnson bap: July 12^'^ 1778, Parents W*" & Hanna John- 
son. God &c. Jn Anderton & Sarah Hudson. 

Th : Seed bap : Aug : 3<i 1778, Parents Th : & Ann Seed : God &c. 
Th : Whittina & Jane Walker. 

Th: Tomlinson bap: Aug: 29^1 1778, Parents Rob: & Ann Tom- 
linson. God &c. M^' Roscal & Isabel Morton. 

George Ducket bap : Aug : 31, 1778, Parents James & Jane Ducket. 
God &c. Ed: Blackburn & Mary Ducket. 

(23) James Richardson bap: Sep: 17/1778. Parents John & Mary 
Richardson. God &c. W^^ Hornby & Isabel Ethrington. 

Mary Shepherd bap: Sep: 25/1778, Parents John & Alice Shep- 
herd. God &c. Th : Corbishley & Ellin Loftas. 

Ann Banes bapt : Oct : i-^t 1778. Parents John & Marv Banes. 
God &c . Wm Da\^ & Ann Dobson . 


Alice Laurenson bap: Oct : 8**^ 1778, Parents J" & Eliz: Lauren- 
son. God «S;c. Francis Laurenson & Mrs. Eckles. 

Grace Homby bapt : Oct : 14th 1778, Parents Rich : & Mary Horn- 
by. God &c. John Hornby & Mary Cooper. 

Ricli : Richardson bapt : Nov : 22^^ 1778, Parents Ed : & Barbara 
Ricliardson. God &c. Richard Richardson & Ann Tunier. 

Simeon Cowel bap: Decern: 17**1 1778, Parents Simeon & Ellin 
Cowel. God cSic. Henry Kitchin & Alice Norris. 

Jane Carver bap: Jan : 3d 1779, Parents [blank] & Eliz: Carver: 
God &c. James Carver & Sarah Hudson. 

(24) John Deuhurst bap : Jan : 8*^ 1779. Parents George & Sarah 
Deuhurst. God &c. Th: Chew & Jcnet Deuhurst. 

Joseph Turner bap: Jan. 24/1779, Parents J° & Eliz: Turner. 
God &c : Th : Walker & Eliz : Dobson. 

W™ Gardner bapt : Jan : 26*11 1779, Parents W'^ & Dorothy 
Gardner. God &c. J " Gardner & Mary Kitchin. 

Eliz: Wilson bap: Feb: 3d 1779, Parents John & Marv Wilson. 
God &c. J ^ Catrow & Eliz : Hornby. 

W™ Shepherd bap : March 25/1779, Parents Rob : & Eliz : Shep- 
herd. God &c. W°i Johnson & Jane Richardson. 

Mar : Suthard bap : Ap : 4*'^ 1779, Parents Rich : & Ellin Suthard. 
God &c. W°^Gregson, Mar: Haithorn white. 

Jes [Peter scored out] Carrols bap: Ap: io*ii 1779, Parents Peter 
& Ellin Carrols. God &c. Rob. Ball & Sarah Ribchester. 

Hugh Banes bap: Ap: 29**1 1779, Parents Th : & Mar: Banes. 
God &c. Jes Clarkson & Grace Green. 

Eliz: Peel bap: June 28**1 1779, Parents James & Ellin Peel. 
God &c. Adam & Alice Smith. 

(25) Rich: Bratherton bap: July 7**1 1779, Parents John & Mar: 
Bratherton. God &c. John Smith & Mar : Abbot. 

Mary Wilcock bapt : July 10**1 lyyg, Parents Th : & Cat : Wilcock. 
God &c. Rob: Huthersal & Ann Huthersal. 

J 1 Bolton bap : July 25/1779, Parents J ° & Ann Bolton . God &c. 
Francis Bomfret & Mary Bolton. 

Mary Eckles bap : Aug : i«* 1779, Parents George & Rosa Eckles. 
God &c': Ml- Maudsley & Mrs. Shaw. 

Mary Ducket bap: Sep: 9**1 1779, Parents J^s & Mary Ducket. 
God &c. Wm Barton & Eliz : Thornton. 

Richard Ducket bap : Sep : 27**1 1779, Parents Rowland & Isabel 
Ducket. God &c. Th : Ducket & Isabel Walton. 

[Jes* & Cath. Cleg scored out] Mar\- Clegg bap: Sep: 26/1779, 
Parents James & Cath : Clegg. God &c. Je« Segar & Mar: Abbot. 

Grace Blackbum bap: Oct: 10**1 ^yyg Parents W" & Eliz: 
Blackburn. God &c. Th : Walker & Eliz : Dobson. 

(26) Eliz: Wilson bap: Oct: 17**1 1779, Parents Jn & Eliz: Wilson, 
(lod &c. John Gardner & Ann Waterliouse. 

5|£ Parents' names, cf. next line. Evidently J^^ ^vhich occurs frequently, 
is an abbreviation for James. — j.E.s. 


W™ Davy bap : Nov : $^^ 1779, Parents W'" & Ann Davy. God &c. 
Jn Swarbrick & Ellin Huntington. 

Eliz: Baines bap: Nov: igtii 1779, Parents J*^ & Mary Baines. 
God &c. Rich : Morton & Mar: Bland. 

Mar: Letas bap: Nov: 28/1779. Parents Rich: & Ellin Letas. 
God &c. Rob : Gardner & Ann Waterhouse. 

Ed: Halshaw bap: Nov: 30^*1 1779, Parents Jo & Eliz: Halshaw. 
God &c. Jo Jempson & Jane Duhurst. 

James Howldin bap : Decern : 8*^ 1779, Parents Jo & Ann Howl- 
din. God &x. Barth. Hodskinsion & Eliz: Jenkinson. 

Eliz: Goose bap: Decern: 12*^ 1779- Parents Th: & Eliz. Goose. 
God &c. Adam Smith & Ann Sandom. 

Jo Huthersal bap : Decern : 21^^ 1779, Parents Th : & Alice Huther- 
sal. God: Rob: Huthersal & Ann Abraham, 

(27) Jane Banes bapt : Jan: 4**1 1780, Parents Th : & Eliz: Banes. 
God &c. Th: Walker & Ellin Valentine. 

Jane Eckles bap: March 16, 1780, Parents Rich: & Ellin Eckles. 
God &c. Th : Ducket & Ellin Jempson. 

Eliz : Abbot bap : Ap : 20*1^ 1780, Parents Henry Abbot & Eliz : 
God &c. Jes Hull & Mar}' Lund. 

Jane Shepherd bap : Ap : 24, 1780. Parents Jo & Alice Shepherd. 
God &c. Rob: Blakoe & Jane Morton. 

■ Hen: Green bap: Ap: 29*^ 1780, Parents Th: & Eliz: Green. 
God &c : Henry Green & Mary Kitchin. 

W"i Seed bap : May 6^^ 1780, Parents Tho^ & Ann Seed. God &c. 
Tho^ Banes & Ann Dobson. 

Ann Bomfret Bap: May 14^^ 1780, Parents Francis »& Eliz. 
Bomfret. God &c. Rob: Gardner & Ann Dobson. 

W™ Boiler bap: May 14*11 1780, Parents George & Jane Buller. 
God &c. Th : Cooper & Sarah Hudson. 

(28) W™ Banes bap : Mav 23'! 1780, Parents Th : 6c Mar : Banes. God 
&c. Hugh & Cat. Barton. 

W™ Neusham bap: June 8**^ 1780, Parents Jo & Ann Neusham. 
God &c. Francis Bomfret & Ann Snape. 

Charles Dilworth bap: Julv 5*^ 1780, Parents James & Maud 
Dilworth. God &c. Tli : Barton & Alice Harrison. 

Th : Jenkinson bap : July 9*^ 1780, Parents Nicolas & Dorothy 
Jenkinson. God &'c. Th : Goose & Mar : Abbot. 

James Laurenson bap : Aug : 6*^ 1780, Parents Jo & Eliz : Lauren- 
son, God &c. Mr Laurenson S^" & Ellin Loftus. 

Jane Smith bap: Aug: 13th 1780, Parents Adam & Alice Smith. 
God &c. James «S<: Mar: Smith. 

W°i Poulton bap: Aug: 26*^ 1780, Parents W™ & Mary Poulton. 
God &c. Ed : Blackburn & Cat. Barton. 

James Caup bap: Sep: 17*^ 1780, Parents George & [blank] 
Caup : God &c. Th : Parkinson & Ann Smith. 

Mar: Kitchin bap: Oct: 2$'^^ 1780, Parents Henry & Jane Kit- 
chin. God &c. John Gardner & Ellin Bland. 


(29) Henrj' Richardson bap : Oct : 26^1 1780, Parents Ed : & Barbara 
Richardson. God &c. Francis Walker & Alice Slater. 

Win Shepherd bap: Oct : 29*^ 1780, Parents Rob: & Eliz: Shep- 
herd. God &c. Th : Cooper Sc Ann Sandham. 

Agnes Johnson bap: Nov: 5*^ 1780, Parents W"^ cS: Hanna John- 
son. God &c. Th : Cooper & Isabella Robinson. 

Jane Richardson bap: Nov: 19"! 1780, Parents John 6c Mary 
Richardson. God &c. Henry Kitchin & Alice Dobson. 

Mary Breckal bap: Nov: 20^^ 1780, Parents W"" & Judith 
Breckal. God &c. Rich : Suthard & Margery Dillworth. 

Rob: Charnock bap: Decern: 3^* 1780, Parents Th: & Mar: 
Chamock. God &c. George Buller & Alice Walker. 

Jo Parkinson bap: Decern: 22<* 1780, Parents Jo & Dorothy 
Parkinson. God &c. Rob: Arrowsmith & Ann Smith. 

[Here occurs the folloiving scored out. George the son of George 
& Ann Ibitson bap : May 30^^. God &c. W"^ Singleton & Ann Park.] 


(30) W°i Swarbrick bap: Jan: lotn 1781, Parents George & Mary 
Swarbrick. God &c. Th : & Mary Gardner. 

John Comay bap: Jan: 22«i, Parents Rich: & Ellin Cornay. 
God &c. James Clarkson & Alice Corna^^ 

Henry Waterhouse bap: Jan: 28*^ j^Si, Parents Th: & Jenet 
Waterhouse. God &c. John Gardner & Eliz. Waterhouse. 

John Singleton bap: Jan : 28, 1781, Parents John & Mar: Single- 
ton. God &c. Wm & Eliz : Bamber. 

W™ Clegg bap : feb : i^t 1781, Parents Jes & Cat : Clegg. God &c. 
Th : Waterhouse & Ellin Segar. 

Ann Waterhouse bap : feb : 17^1 1780, Parents Th : & Alice Water- 
house. God &c. \N^ Morton & Ann Huthersal. 

Jo Carrol bap : feb : 25th 1781, Parents Peter & Ellin Carrol. God 
&c. Laurence & Jane Turner. 

Jo Banes bap : March 6*^ 1781, Parents Jo & Mary Banes. God &c. 
J es Bland & Jane Blackburn . 

Rich : Suthard bap : Ap : 16/1781, Parents Rich : & Ellin Suthard. 
God &c. Michael Gardner & Emilia Houghton. 

George Wilson bap: Ap: 23^1 1781, Parents Jo & Eliz: Wilson. 
God : &c. Jo Leach & Eliz : Waterhouse, 

(31) Mary Waterhouse bap : 12*^ 1781, Parents Jo & Ann Waterhouse. 
God &c. Thos Whittinam & Eliz : Dobson. 

Cat: Eckles bap: June i^t 1781, Parents James & Ann Eckles. 
God &c. W°^ Gardner & Jane Balshaw. 

Jo Turner bap: June 24**^ 1781. God &c: M^" John Osbaldeston 
& Mary Horrabin. Parents Jo & Eliz : Turner. 

Rob : Gardner bap : July 21^^ 1781. God &c. Jo Jempson & Mary 
Bland. Parents Jo & Ellin Gardner. 

Jane Harrison bap : Sept : 2^ 1781, Parents Jo & Marg : Harrison. 
God &c. Oliver & Margaret Cottam. 

Th: Roskal bap: Oct: 21/1781, Parents Th : & Jane Roskal. 
God &c. M^" Eckles & Mary Crumbland. 


Rich: Abbot bap: Nov: i^* 1781. Parents Hen: & Eliz: Abbot. 
God &c : Jo Gardner & Mar : Wilson. 

Marv Duhuist bap: Decern: 5*1^ 1781, Parents James & Eliz: 
God &c'. Th : & Jane Duhurst. 


Ann Blackburn bap: Jan: 5th 1782. God &c. Jo Banes & Ellin 
Jempson. Parents W'" & Eliz : Blackburn. 

Peter Tomlinson bap: Jan : 6^^ 1782, Parents Rob: & Ann Tom- 
linson. God &c. Henry Finch & Ann Corbishley. 

(32) J es Mercer bap: Feb: lot'^ 1782. Parents J^s & Mary Mercer. 
God &c: George Corbishley & Agnes Parkinson. 

Frances Ball bap: feb: 13^*1 1782, Parents Rob: & Alice Ball. 
God &c. Th : Walker & Ann Green. 

Mary Seed bap : Feb : 22^ 1782. Parents Th : & Ann Seed. God &c. 
W°^ Snape & Ann Waterhouse. 

Adam Davy bap : Marcli iQth 1782, Parents W^" & Ann Davy. 
God &c. Randolph Penswick & Alice Segar. 

Peter Banes bap: March 15^^ 1782, Parents Jo & Mary Banes. 
God &c. Jo Osbaldeston & Mar : Banes. 

Jo Eckles bap: March 17*'^ 1782, Parents Rich: & Ellin Eckles. 
God &c. Rich : Fisher & Ann Eckles. 

Jane Green bap : Mar : 31/1782, Parents Jo & Susan Green. God 
&c. Jo Wilson & Sarah Shepherd. 

George Dillworth bap: April 14^^ 1782, Parents Jes & Maud 
Dillworth. God &c . Th : Gardner & Mary Gardner. 

Ellin Wilson bap: Ap: 19th 1782, Parents Jo & :\lary Wilson. 
God &c. Rob : Barton & Jane Johnson. 

Th : Coop hsL\) : Ap : 28*^ 1782, Parents Th : & Marg : Coop : God 
&c. Th : Cooper & Ann Pope. 

(33) Mary Osbaldeston bap: May 5^'' 1782, Parents Jo Osbaldeston & 
Sarah Hudson. God &c. Th : Walker & Sarah Ribchester. 

Margaret Banes bap: June i^t 1782, Parents Th: & Mar: Banes. 
God &c. Oliver Huthersal & Ann Corbishley. 

Rich : Roper bap : June 2*^ 1782. Parents Jo & Mar : Roper. God 
&c. Wm Holdin & Ellin Huntington. 

Th : Jenkinson bap : June 23d, Parents Nic : & Dorothy Jenkinson. 
God &c. Th: Cooper & Eliz: Reed. 

Mary Kitchin bap: June 29^^, Parents Hen: & Jane Kitchin. 
God &c^: Jes Dobson & Jane Blackburn. 

Alice Halshaw bap: July i^\ Parents Rob: & Eliz: Halshaw. 
God &c. Rich : Banes & Rebecca Gornal. 

Rich : Ducket bap : July f^, Parents Jea & Jane Ducket. God &c. 
Th : Roscal & Jane Whittinam. 

Mary Sharpies bap : Aug : 28, Parents Th : & Ellin Sharpies. God 
&c. Jes & Mary Smith. 

Jes Walker bap: Oct. I2"i, Parents Jes Walker & Jane Walls. 
God &c. JeB Dobson & Eliz : Dobson. 

Eliz: Banes bap: Sep: 23d. God &c. James & Mary Idisford. 
Parents Th : & Margaret Banes. 


Eliz: Bomfret bap: Nov: 21, Parents Francis & Eliz: Bomfret. 
God &c. Th : & Dorothy Gardner. 

Joseph Wilcock bap: Nov: 22^, Parents Jo & Mar: Wilcock. 
God &c. Ricli : Huthersal & Mar}^ Bland. 

(34) Mary Richardson bap: Decern : i^t. God &c. Jo Banes & Alice 
Deiz. Parents Jo & Mary Richardson. 

Charles Shepherd Decern: i^t. God &c. W°i Holding & Ellin 
Huntington. Parents Rob: & Eliz: Shepherd. 

Rich: Polton bap: Decern: 8^^, Parents Rich: & Mary Polton. 
God &c. Francis Richmond & Ann Green. 

Th : Wilson bap : Decern : 13*1, Parents Jo & Eliz : Wilson. God 
&c : Jo Leach & Ann Dobson. 


Eliz : Herst bap : Feb : 16*^1, Parents Jes & Ellin Herst. God &c. 
John Buller & Ann Billington. 

Ralph Johnson, Bastard, bap: Feb: 16*^, Parents Bartholemew 
Thompson & Jane Johnson. God &c. Rich: Balshaw & Dorothy 

Mary Gardner bap: March 7^^, Parents Rob: & Jane Gardner. 
God &c. Th : Gardner & Ann Dobson. 

W°i Turner bap : March i6t*i, Parents John & Eliz : Turner. God 
&c. James Dobson & Ann Ibitson. 

Jes [Bland scored out] Gardner, Parents Jo & Helen Gardner. God 
&c. Th : Gardner & Mar : Bland. 

Anna Johnson bap: March 30*11, Parents W" & Anna Johnson. 
God &c. Michael & Mary Gardner. 

Isabella Waterhouse Bap : May i^t, Parents Jo & Ann Waterhouse. 
God &c. W"! Waterhouse & Jane Smith. 

(35) Laurence Banes bap : May 2^ 1783, Parents Th : & Mar : Banes. 
God &c. James Midshall & Mary Huthersal. 

Eliz: Pye bap: June 25*^ 1783, Parents Ed: & Susan Pye. God 
&c. Th : Dobson & Ann Eckles. 

Jo Topping, Bastard, bap: July 20*^ 1783, Parents Jo Whittinam 
& Ann Topping. God &c. Rob : Ball & Esther Robinson. 

John Swarbriek bap: July 27. Father &c. George & Mary 
Swarbrick. God &c. Rich : Yates & Helen Seed, 

Th: Goose bap: Aug: 3^. Parents Th: & Eliz: Goose. God &c. 
Jo Roper & Ann Holding. 

Helen Cooper bap: Sep: 21 : 1783, Parents George & Mar: 
Cooper. God &c. Rich: Suthard & Mar: Wilcock. 

Jane Cuerden bap : Sep : 23<i, Parents W^" & Jane Cuerden. God 
&c. Francis M''alker & Alice Slater. 

Rich : Eccles bap : Sep : 29*'^, Parents M'" & M^^ Eccles. God &c. 
M'" Peter Nuby & Mary Marsden. 

+ Rob : Seed bap : Oct : 30*^, Parents Th : cSr Ann Seed. God &c. 
Th : & Mary Gardner. 

+ Eliz. Bolton bap: Nov: 3*^, Parents John & Ann Bolton. God 
&c. Th: Whittinam & Ann Billington. 

Th: Wilson bap: Decern: 18*^ 1783, Parents Jno & Eliz: Wilson. 
God &c : Th : Leach & Ann Dobson. 


(36) Margaret Waterhouse bap : Decern: 21^*, Parents Th: & Jane 
Waterhouse. God &c. Th : Gardner & Ann Waterhouse. 

John Snthard bap: Jan: 21, Parents Rich* & Helen Suthard. 
God &c. Th: Whittinam & Jane Gregson. + 

+Rob: Duhurst bap: Feb: 4*^^ 1784, Parents James & Eliz: 
Duhurst. God &c. Th : & Ann Duhurst. 

Rich: Shepherd, Bastard, Benj : Whitehead & Jane Shepherd. 
God &c. Jno Green & Ann Green. 

4-Henry Kitchin bap: Feb: 29. God &c. Th: Gardner & Eliz: 
Holshaw. Parents Henry & Jane Banes. 

-f-Marg: Corbishley bap: March 16, Parents George & Isabel 
Corbishlev. God &c. John Corbishley & Jane Morton. 

+Wm Abbot bap : Ap : 4*^. God : &c. Jos : Waring & Eliz : 
Bamber. Parents Henry & Eliz : Abbot. 

+ Helen Gardner bap: Ap: 5"\ Parents Ed. & Ann Gardner. 
God &c. Th : Gardner & Ann Corbishley. 

+Mary Gardner bap: Ap : $^^, Parents Ed. & Ann Gardner, 
God &c. Rob: Huthersal & Eliz: Swindlas. 

+Eliz : Banes bap : Ap : 6*'^, Parents Th : & Mar : Banes. God &c. 
Th : Blackburn & Jenet Whittinam. 

+Eliz : Waterhouse bap : Ap : 15*^, Parents Th : & Grace Water- 
house. God &c. Th : Walmsley & Ann Green. 

-f-Th: Wahnsley bap: May i^t 1784, Parents Hugh & Ann 
Walmsley. God &c. Jo Leach & Ann Eckles. 
(37)4-Jo Halshaw bap: May 6*^, Parents Jo & Eliz: Holshaw. God 
&c. Henry Kitchin & Alice Atkinson, 

+ [Je8 Penswick scored out] Jes Davy bap: May 14*^, Parents W" 
& Ann Davy. God &c. Jo Banes & Cat : Penswick. 

+Jo Banes, Bastard, bap: May 15^^, Parents [blank] & Helen 
Banes, God &c. Jes & Eliz : Banes. 

+Eliz: Singleton bap: June 6"», Parents Jo & Mar: Singleton. 
God &c. W"^ Singleton & Jane Crumbland. 

4- Ann Ducket bap: June 13*^, Parents J<^' & Jane Ducket. 
God &c. Th: Blackburn & Helen Breerton[?], 

4- Helen Banes bap : June 13*^, Parents Jo & Mary Banes. God 
&c. Jes Bonny & Mar: Banes. 

4- Jo Midshaw bap: 23 June, Parents J^^ gj Ann Midshaw. God 
&c. Mr. Jo Midshaw & Mrs. Morton. 

Jo Tomlinson bap: July 24*^, Parents Rob* & Ann Tomlinson. 
God &c. George Corbishley & Mary Finch. 

Cath : Chamock bap : Aug : S^^, Parents Th : & Mary Charnock. 
God &c. Rich: Crumbland & Ann Jenkinson. 

Mary Swarbhck bap : Aug : 13*^, Parents John & Eliz : Swarbrick. 
God &c. James [Walker scored out] Dobson & Helen Walker. 

W°» Wilson bap: Aug: 15**1, Parents Th: & Jane Wilson, God 
&c. Wm Wilson & Helen Suthard. 

Rich : Wilson bap : Sept : 16**1, Parents Jno & Mary Wilson. God 
&c. Th : Gardner & Rebecca Gornal. 


Man- Boidley bapt : Sep: iq^'i, Parents Jo & Eliz: Bordley. God 
&c. W™ Coltam & Ann Crichley. 

(38) Ed: Walmsley ba]): Sep: igt'i, Parents Tho^ & Mar: Walmsley. 
God &c. John Catteral & Abce Walmsley. 

Rich: Swarbrick hup: Nov: 8^'^ Parents George & Mary Swar- 
brick. God &c. Rob: Bralhcrton & Ann Letas. 

Jo Gardner bap : Nov : iitii, Parents John & Helen Gardner. God 
&c. Ed : Waterhouse & Ann Letas. 

Henry Richardson bap : Decern : i^t, Parents John & Mary Rich- 
ardson. God &c. J6s Dobson & Ann Dobson. 

Jo Gardner, Parents Rob : & Jane Gardner. God &c. Ed : Water- 
house & Ann Letas. 

*The above Decern : igtii paid to Mr. Fisher 0:7:6 


Henry Wilcock bap: Jan : 6^^ 1785, Parents Jn© & Mar: Wilcock. 
God Th: Ethrington & Ann Duhurst. 

Th: Bomfret bap: Feb: 2^^ Parents Francis & Eliz: Bomfret. 
God &c. Jes Snape & Ann Waterhouse. 

Th: Parkinson bap: Feb: 6*^, Parents W^" & Sarah Parkinson. 
God &c. Jos : Maskow & Eliz : Halshaw. 

jes Thompson bap : 3<i March, Parents Henry & Alice Thompson. 
God &c. Wm Davy & Eliz : Abbot. 

Peter Dilloth'bap: 20*^ March, Parents Jes & Maud Dilloth. 
God &c. John Gardner & Jane Topping. 

(39) J° Green Edmundson [inserted above line], bap: 27 March, 
Parents W"i Edmundson & [Eliz. scored out] Ann. God &c. John 
Green & Isabel Letas. 

Th: Pye bap: 12 April, Parents Ed: & Susan Pye. God &c. 
Francis Walker & Mary Hall. 

Cath : Reed bap : May 4th, Parents Ch : Reed & Alice Reed. God 
&c. Oliver Huthersal & Ann Banes. 

Sarah [Rich, scored out] Maudsley bap : May 8"\ Parents Rich : 
& Ann Maudsley. God &c. W" Holding & Dorothy Crumbland. 

Mar}' Leach bap : i\Iay 29*'^ Parents Hen ; & Jane Leach. God &c. 
W"" Holding & Ann Sandom. 

Robert Midghall bap : June iiti^. Parents James & Aim Midghall. 
God &c. Doctor Roginson & Mrs. Midghall. 

Michael Livesey bap : 26*11 June, Parents Th : & Perpetua Livesey. 
God &c. James Clarkson & Ann Huthersal. 

Mary Cuerden bap : July 4*11, Parents W™ & Jane Cuerden. God 
&c. James Ducket & Rebecca Gornal. 

John Corbishley son of George & Isabel Corbishley bap : July lo^h. 
God &c. George & Eliz : Corbishley. 

Mary Eccles Daughter of George & Rosa Eccles bap : July 17"!. 
God &c. Mr Maudsley* & Helen Waring. 

James Turner Son of John & Eliz. Turner bap : Sep : 8***. God &c. 
Rich: Baines & Helen Ibitson. 

George Cooper Son of George & Mar: Cooper. God &c, J®^ 
Eccles & Mary Kerfurt bap : Sep : ii^h. 

* Rev. James Carter alias Mawdesley, vide C.R.S., xv, 320. 


Richci the Son of Henr}^ & Jane Kitchin bap : Oct : 2<i. God &c. 
James & Mar: Baines. 

(40) John the Son of Michael & Mary Gardner bap : Oct : 3^. God &c. 
Henry IMaudsley [John Jempson scored out\ & Ann Gardner. 

Je« Baines the Son of Th : & Margaret Banes bap : Oct : 7*^. God 
dec. John Baines & Jane Blakoe. 

Richd the Son of Th : & Ann Seed bap : Oct : 8*^. God &c. W™ 
& Dorothy Gardner. 

Mary Tomlinson Daughter of Rob* & Ann Tomlinson bap : 17^'^ 
Oct : God (S:c. Rich : Maudsley & Mary Finch. 

Th : Polton the Son of Rich : & Mary Polton bap : Nov : 20*^ . 
God &c. Th : Billington & Ann Sandom. 

Th: Woods bap: Nov : 30^^, Parents Roger & Helen Woods. 
God &c. Rich : Maudsley & Jane Hornby. 

Wm Herst the Son of Jes & Helen Herst bap : Decern : 5th. God 
&c. Th : & Ann Billington. 

Margaret Blakoe the Daughter of John & Eliz : Blakoe. God &c. 
Th : Walker & Dorothy Marsh. 

Helen the Daughter of Th : & Aim Waterhouse bap : Decern. 25*'^ 
God &c. Rob: Bratherton & Eliz: Swinlas. 

Eliz : Green bap : Feb : is* Daughter of John & Susan Green . God 
&c. Rob: Bratherton & Eliz: Shepherd. 

John Johnson Son of W^^ & Hanna baptiz: 3^ Feb: God: &c, 
Ed: & Susan P\'e. 

Thomas Thompson the Son of James & Helen bap: Feb: 26*^. 
God &c. Wm Holdmg & Helen Seed. 

(41) Jane [James scored out] Suthard the Son of Rich. & Helen. God 
&c. Edmund Hoghton, Dorothy Gregson bap : i^t March, refused 
to pay the threepence. 

W" Gardner Son of John & Helen Gardner bap: March 12*1^. 
God (Sec. John Waterhouse & Eliz: Green. 

Ann the Daughter of John & Ann Bolton baptized Ap : 2'^ God 
(S:c. Rob: Bratherton & Eliz: Shepherd. 

Jo the Son of W™ & Mary Hornby. God &c. W^ Wilson & Mary 

Eliz : Wilson daughter of Th : & Jane. God &c. Edmund Haugh- 
ton & Em\' Haughton bap : Ap : 17. 

Sarah Shepherd, Bastard, the Daughter of Joseph Graves & Jane 
Shepherd. God &c. Rob : Shepherd & Mar : Breckal. 

Jo Ducket Son of Jes & Jane Ducket bap : May 5*^1. God &c. W" 
Cuerden & Rebecca Gornal, 

Ann Swarbrick Daughter of George & Mary Swarbrick bap: 
May 9th. God &c. Henry Kitchin & Eliz: Swindlass. 

Eliz: Gardner Daughter of Rob: & Jane Gardner bap: May 9*^. 
God : &c. Rob : Bratherton & Ann Hodgson. 

Basil Eckles Son of George & Rose Eckles bap : 14*'! June. God 
&c. Mr John Carter & M's Midghall. 

Alice Dilwoth Son of Michael & Mary. God &c. Jo Gardner & 
Jane Smith [Alice Smith scored out]. 


Th : Smith Son of Adam & Alice Smith bap : 9*11 July. God &c. 
\ym Pennington & Ann Sandom. 

Rich : Duhurst Son of James & Eliz : Duhurst bap : July 10*^ 1786. 
God &c. Joseph Shc])hcrd & Rebecca Gornal. 

(42) Mary Polton, Bastard daughter of James Huthersal & Jane 
Polton bap: Aug: 25^'^. God &c. W" Bomfreth & Alice Ribchester. 

Alice Gardner bap: 18*^ Sep: Parents Jo & Mary Gardner. 
God &c. ]o Gardner & Ann Gardner. 

John Smith Son of Th : & Eliz : Smith bap : Sep : 24^1. God &c. 
Wm & Jane Smith B^ & S^. 

James Wahnsley the Son of Th : & Mar : Walmsley. God &c. W"^ 
Waterhouse & Alice Ribchester. 

Mary Wilcok Daughter of John cS: Mar: Wilcock bap: Oct: 2^. 
God &c. James Clarkson & Ann Huthersal. 

James the Son of John & Eliz. Swarbrick bap : Oct. b^^. God &c. 
Tho: Dobson & Helen Ibitson. 

Marger}'- [Bland scored out] Ibitson Daughter of Rob: & Mary 
Ibitson bap: Oct : 7^^ Qod &c. John Jameson & Mar: Bland. 

George Singleton Son of John & Mar: bap: S^^ Oct: God dec. 
Henry Abbot & Eliz: Bamber. 

Thomas the Son of Thomas & Jane Waterhouse bap: Oct : 22^^. 
God &c. James Snape & Eliz : Svvinlass. 

Joseph Johnson, Bastard Son of Rob: Ball & Agatha Johnson 
baj) : Nov : 13*1^. God &c. J^s Dobson & Mary Richardson. 

Mary Goose Daughter of Thos & Eliz: Goose bap: Nov: 19*^. 
God &c. John Green & Marg : Barton. 

Rob* Abraham Son of'W^ & Mary Abraham bap: Nov: 221. 
God &c. Jes Clarkson & Isabel Blackburn. 

Jes Cooper Son of Th : & Mary Cooper bapt : Decern : 24^^. God &c. 
John Goose & Eliz : Letas. 


(43) Eliz: Wilkinson Daughter of W^ & Mary Wilkinson. God &c. 
Th : & Eliz : Huntington bap : Jany. 23^ 1787. 

Rich: Kitchin Son of Henry & Jane bap: Jan: 30*^ 1787. God 
&c. Rich : Banes & Mar : Bland. 

John the Son of John & Mary Wilson bap : 3^^ Feb : God &c. 
George Swarbrick [above] & Mar}^ [Swarbrick scored out] Haithorn- 

Grace Maskow Daughter of Jos : & Marg : Masko\v bap : 4*'^ Feb : 
God &c. Th : Breckhal & Mar: Blackburn. 

Mar: Abbot Daughter of Henry & Eliz: Abbot. God &c. W^^ 
Wilson & Ann Kellet bap : March 18^^ 1787. 

John Ibitson Son of John & Teresa Ibitson bap: 18*^ March. 
God &c. George & Ann Corbishley. 

Mary Peel Daughter of James & Helen Peel bap : i April. God &c. 
John Bolton, Jane Helm. 

Eliz : Green Daughter of Th : & Eliz : Green bap. Ap : 8*^. God &c. 
Rich : Letas & Helen Seed. 

James Whitehead Son of Henry & Jane Whitehead. God &c. 
James Whitehead & Ann Richardson. 


Eliz: Homby Bastard of Th : Bleasdale & Mary Hornby bap: 
Ap : 2o"i. God &c. Th : Billington & Eliz: Banes. 

W'^ Coop Son of George & Marg : God &c. James Dobson & Jane 
Wilson bap : May 5*^. 

Mar: Finch Daughter of Th : Whittinam & Mary Finch : Bastard, 
bap : May ly^^. God &c. J^s Snape & Jane Maudsley. 

(44) Alice Wilson Daughter of John & Eliz : bapt : May 24th, God &c. 
James Snape & Jane Maudsley. 

Susan Daughter of Ed: & Susan Pye bap: i^* June. God &c. 
James Dobson & Eliz: Ducketh. 

Eliz : Seed Daughter of Th : & Ann Seed. God &c. James & Jane 
Whitehead, Aug : i^t. 

John Cuerden Son of W"" & Jane Cuerden bap: Aug: 20*^1. God 
&c. George Swarbrick & Dorothy Gardner. 

Eliz: Blacoe Daughter of John & Eliz: Blacoe bap: 2^ Sep: 
God &c. W'n^ Wilson & Eliz : Shepherd. 

George Turner Son of Jo & Eliz. Turner bap : Sep : 9*^. God &c. 
George Ibitson & Mar: Billington. 

Ed : Ducket Son of James & Jane Ducket bap : Sep : 9*''. God &c. 
Christ : Robinson & Win : Eckles. 

Mary Midshall Daughter of James & Ann Midshall. God &c. 
Rich : Midshall & Mary Cardwell. 

Barnabv Baines Son of Th : & Mar : Baines bap : 21 Sep : God &c, 
Th : Edisford & Dorothy Cuban. 

Rich<i the Son of James & Eliz : Duhurst bap : 7th Oct : God &c. 
Wm Wilson & Jane Smith. 

Jane Bordley Daughter of John & Eliz : God &c. Alex : Robinson 
& Helen Jenkinson. 

Hen: Wilson Son of Th: & Jane. God &c. George Gregson & 
Dorothy bap : 2ist Oct : 

(45) Mar\- Gardner Daughter of Michael & Mar^^ Gardner bap: 
Nov : 30*^. God &c. Rich : Maudsley & Ann Corbishley. 

Th : Swarbrick Son of George & Mar}- Swarbrick bap : 6*^ Decem : 
God &c. John Gardner & Mar: Hodgon. 

Thos Wilkinson Bastard Son of W^i Wilkinson & Eliz : Hunting- 
ton bap : 9th Decem : God &c. Ed : Pyke & Eliz : Huntington. 

James Dilworth Son of James & Maud Dihvorth bap : 25**1 Decem : 
1787. God &-C. Th : Gardner & Eliz : Ducket. 

Dorothy the Daughter of John Grardner bap : Jan : 20tii. God «S:c. 
Oliver & Dorothy Gardner. 

Thomas Clemmy Son of James & Elizabeth Clemm\- bap: 26*^ 
Jan : 1788. God &c. W^^ Latus & Alice Whittingham. ^ 

Eliz : Smith Daughter of Adam & Alice bap : Jan : 29^1. God Sec. 
James Midshall & Cat. Penswick. 

Mar}' Hodgson Dauther of John & Isabell bap : Feb : 18*^. God 
&c. James Banes & Mary Swarbrick. 

Rich : Bolton Son of John & Ann. God &c. John Goose & Eliz: 
Ducket (bap: Feb: 22<i). 


Eliz : Cooper Daughter of Th : & Mary bap : Feb ; 24^''. Gud &c. 
John Green & Eliz: Shepherd. 

(46) Eliz: Whitehead Daughter of Benjamin &Eliz: bap: March 2<i. 
God &c. Henry & Jane Whitehead. 

Eliz: Dobson Daughter of James & Helen bap: March 2^. God 
&c. Th : Dobson & Francis Brown. 

Alice Thompson Daughter of Henry & Alice. God &c. Rich : 
Abbot & Mary Haithorn white bap: March i6t'i. 

Rich: Gardner Son of John & Helen Ixip: March ly^^K God &c. 
Rob: Bratherton & Eliz: Ethrington. 

Rob: Jenkinson Bastard Son of John Kirk & Helen Jenkinson 
bap: March 18. God &c. John Dilworth & Eliz: Shepherd. 

Eliz : Poulton Daughter of Rich : & Mary bap : Ap : 2^. God &c : 
Rich : Wilkinson & Cat : Billington. 

James Eddisford Son of James & Ann bap: Ap: 9*-'^ God &c, 
Th : Banes & Ann Eddisford. [Reivritten thus after a corrected attempt 
scored out.'] 

Mary Waterhouse Daughter of John & Ann bap : 27^1 Ap : God 
&c. James Robinson & Mar : Barton. 

Jane Barton Daughter of James & Cecily bap : i6t'i May. God &c. 
John Rubottom & Eliz: Barton. 

Th : Billington Bastard Son of W'" : Slater & Eliz : Billington bap : 
May 22«i. God &c. Mar: Blackburn. 

(47) Jo Gardner Son of Thos & Mary bap : May 3i«t. God &c. Oliver 
Huthersal & Ann Corbishley. 

James Whitehead Son of Henry & Jane bap : 16 June : God &c. 
James Whitehead & Ann Richardson. 

Eliz: Waterhouse Daughter of Tho^ & Alice Waterhouse bap: 
June 22^. God &c. Tho^ Waterhouse & Alice Whittinam. 

Mary Suthard Daughter of Rich^ & Helen baptized June 29^^. 
God &c. Thos Wilson & Alice Poulton. 

Catherine Daughter of Rob* & Mary Ibitson bap: July 18*^. 
God «&c. George Ibitson & Helen Jempson. 

Ann Wilcock Daughter of John & Mar: Wilcock. God &c. John 
Dunderdale & Mar: Blackburn. 

Margaret Smith bap: Aug: I7«i. God &c. Rich: Banes & Jane 
Smith. Parents James & Eliz : Smith. 

Dorothy Jenkinson bap: Aug: 27*'^ Parents Nic: &. Dorothy. 
God &c. Rob: Barton & Mar: Huthersal. 

Ed : Maskow Son of Joseph & Mar : Maskow bap : Sep : 5"^ God 
&c. John Jenkinson & Ann Waterhouse. 

Jane Dobson Daughter of Th : & Eliz: bap : Oct : y^^^. God &c. 
Th : & Helen Walker. 

Frances Deuhurst Daughter of Tho^ & Helen bap: Oct: 27^1. 
God &c. Leonard & Eliz : Duhurst. 

Alice Daughter of W^i & Mary Abram bap: Oct ; 22^. God &c. 
Th: Corbishley & Barbara Thornton. 

(48) Rich : Dimderdale Son of Rich : & Alice bap : Nov: 3^1. God &c. 
Frank Blackburn & Mary Parkinson. 


Helen Huthersal Bastard Daughter of Rob: Huthersal & Mar: 
Taylor bap : Nov : 21^^. God &c. Rich : Huthersal & Barbara Thorn- 

W°i Woods Son of Roger & Helen bap: Nov: 22'i. God &c. 
^lichael Livesey & Mar : Richardson. 

Jes Swarbrick Son of John & Eliz: bap: Decern: lo*''. God &c. 
Rich : Bancs & Eliz : Ethrington. 

John Gardner Son of Edward & Ann bap : Decern : 14*1^. God &c. 
Th : Gardner & Mary Swindlass. 

John Son of Thomas & Margaret Wakusley bap: Decern: 30*'^. 
God &c. George Bolton & Ann Kellet. 

Th : Singleton Son of John & Mar : Singleton bap : Jan : 6^^ 1789. 
God &c. John Swarbrick & Eliz: Abbot. 

Ann Tomlinson Daughter of Rob: & Ann bap: Jan: 11*^. God 
&c. George Rtiginson & Isabella Tomlinson. 

Ann DugdjJe Daughter of George & Helen bap: Jan : nth. Qod 
&c. Th: & Ann Eckles. 

W^ Gardner Son of Robert & Jane bap : 29*^ Jan : God &c. Th 
Burn & Ann Waterhouse. 

Alice Hornby Daughter of W" & :\Iary bap : Feb : 8*^. God &c 
Eliz: Wells. 

(49) Alice Ribchester Daughter of James & Frances bap : Feb : 8*^ 
God &c. James Eddisfor and Mary Ribchester. 

Mar: Cuerden Daughter of W"" & Jane bap: March 16^^ 1789. 
God &c. John Swarbrick & Mar : Banes. 

Henry Son of W^^ & Jane Latus bap: Ap: 5*^ 1789. God &c 
Rich : Maudsley and Ann Corbishley. 

Henry Abbot Son of Henry & Eliz : bap : Ap : 8*^ 1789. God &c 
Rich : Waring & Mar : Lund. 

Henrv' Kitchin Son of Henry & Jane bap : Ap : 12*11 1789, God &c 
James & Mar: Banes. 

Th : Huthersal Son of Rob : & Eliz : bap : 27 Ap : God &c. W™ 
Abraham & Mary Swindlehurst. 

Th : Ibitson Son of John & Teresa bap : Ap : 29*^1. God &c. Th : 
& Mary Gardner. 

Sarah Sanderson Daughter of Henry & Elizabeth bap : May 14*^ 
1789. God &c. W°i Abram & Margaret Woods. 

Margaret Whitehead Daughter of Henry & Jane bap: July 1$^^. 
God &c. Thomas Huthersal & Agnes Rich. 

Jes Seed bap: July 27^1, Parents Tho^ & Ann. God &c. Th: 
Huthersal & Helen Hodgson. 

Bap : July 29 Ann Snape Daughter of James & Dorothy. God &c 
W°^ Green & Agnes Richardson . 

Mary Daughter of Michael & Mary Gardner bap : 7*11 Aug : 1789. 
God &c. Rich : Maudsley & Ann Corbishley. 

Alice Huthersal Daughter of Tho^ & Mar : bap : Aug : 13*11. God 
&c. Rich : Huthersal & Helen Hodgson. 

(50) W°i Son of John & Mary Gardner bap: Aug: 17th. God &c. Jc? 
Gardner & Eliz : Laurenson. 


Eliz: Daughter of James & Jane Ducket bap : Aug : 26*^. God &c. 
Ed : Ducket & Eliz : Gardner. 

James Son of John & Eliz: Wilson bap: Aug: jist. God &c. 
Henry Leach & Sarah Swindless. 

Susan Daughter of Ed : & Susan Pye bap : Aug : 6"^ 1789. God &c. 
Francis Walker & Agnes Pye. 

George Son of George & Mary Swarbrick bapt : Sep : io^h_ God 
&c. W"^ Cuerden & Isabel Hodgson. 

John Son of Leonard & Jane Duhurst bap : Sep : 16*'^ 1789. God 
&c. W™ Chew & Eliz : Duhurst. 

James the Son of Benjamin & Eliz: Whitehead bap: Oct: 18. 
God &c. Th: Cooper & Eliz: Green [corrected from Ducket]. 

Thomas the son of James and Agatha Huthersal bap : Oct : 23'^ 

1789. God &c. Wm Hall & Mary Huthersall. 

Alice Midshall Daughter of James & Ann Midshall bap : Oct : 24"^. 
God &c. Nic: Roscal & Mrs. Pemberton. 

James the Son of Thomas & Eliz : [above] Dobson bap : Oct : 26*'^ 
God &c. James & Helen Dobson. 

Rob: the Son of George & Ann Ibitson bap: Nov: 13*^ 1789. 
God &c. W"! Wilson & Eliz: Banes. 

(51) John the Son of George & Mar: Cooper bap: Nov: 29''^ 1789. 
God &c. Th : Burn & Mar : Baines. 


Thomas Son of John & Mar : Wilcock bap : Jan : 12*'^ I790- 
God &c. W"i Dunderdale & Elizabeth Wilcock. 

Alice Daughter of W"^ & Ann Dunderdale bap: 29^'^ Jan: 1790. 
God &c. John Dunderdale & Mary Huthersal. 

Rich^ the Son of John & Ann Bolton bap : Feb : 7*^ 1790. God 
&c. Wm cS: Eliz: Green. 

Frances Daughter of Tho: & Helen Deuhurst bap: Feb: ly^'^. 
God &c. Rich : Duhurst & Mar : Whitehead. 

Rich^i the Son of Thos & Eliz : Richardson bap : Feb : 21^*. God 
&c. M^ Rich : Richardson & Jane Cuerden. 

Isabella Hodgson Daughter of John & Isabella bap: Feb: 21^^. 
God &c. Thos Huthersal & Marger}^ Dihvorth. 

Mary Daughter of John & Helen Gardner bap: March 13th 1790. 
God &c. George Swarbrick & Helen Jempson. 

Mary Daughter of Th: & Jane Wilson bap: March 14th. God 
&c. Rich: Suthard & Mary Haiththornwhite. 

Ann the Daughter of John & Ann Helm bap : March 1$^'^ 1790- 
God &c. Cuthbert Duhurst & Mary Qhew. 

(52) Robert Son of Thos & Mary Gardner bap : March 22^1. God &c. 
John & Teresa Ibitson. 

Eliz : Daughter of John & Eliz : Bomfret bap : March 23^. God &c. 
Rob : Bomfret and Dorothy Lancaster. 

W"i the Son of James & Frances Ribchester bap : April the 4*^^ 

1790. God &c. James Sympson & Ann Ribchester. 

Helen Daughter of Joseph & Mar: Maskow bap: Ap: 6*^ 1790. 
God &c. W"! Mackarel & Mary Jenkinson. 


Richd Son of Richd & Mary Poulton bap : Ap : i8ti 1790. God 
&c. W"!'- Waterhouse & Dorothy Green. 

John the Son of James & Ann Eddisford bap: Ap: 26»ii. God 
&c. James Coubin & Eliz: Eddisford. 

Agatha Daughter of Rob^ & Eliz : Huthersal bap : May 12^^ 1790. 
God &c. Th : Waterhouse & Alice Swindlass. 

Ann the Daughter of Tho^ & Jane Waterhouse bap : 12^*^ May 1790. 
God &c. George and Mary Swarbrick. 

George the Son of Robert & Mary Ibitson bap: May 2i3« 1790. 
God &c. [W™ Cuerden & scored out] Mar. Blackburn & Francis 

John the Son of Henry & Jane Kitchin bap : July 2ist. God &c. 
Henr\' Banes & Mary Bleasdale. 

Mar : the Daughter of Mary Swindlass & John Noblet. Bastard, 
bap: Aug: 5^^. God &c. W"^ Dunderdale & Mar: Richardson. 

(53) Helen the Daughter of James & Helen Dobson bap: 18^^ Nov: 
1790. God &c. Rich^ & Mar: Banes. 

Helen the Daughter of John & Eliz : Boardley bap : Nov : 28'^ 

1790. God &c. Th: Gregson & Ann Turner. 

Roger the Son of John & Eliz : Blackoe bap : Decern : 13*^ 1790. 
God &c. James Maudsley & Margery Ducket. 

Margaret the Daughter of Henry & Jane Whitehead bap : Decem : 
2ist 1790. God &c. James Whitehead & James Richardson [sic\. 
Jan: 1791 

Thos the Son of Richd & Ann Maudsley bap: Jan: i3ti> 1791. 
God &c. John Maudsley & Helen Thompson. 

Anna the Daughter of George & Helen Dugdale bap : 30'^- Jan : 

1791. God &c. George Eccles & Eliz: Mascow. 

Mar>^ the Daughter of Roger & Helen Woods bap : Feb : 2^ 1791. 
God &c. Rob : & Eliz : Huthersal. 

Wii^ the Son of George & Eliz : Waring bap : 6*^ Feb : 1791. God 
&c. Mr Rich. & Elizabeth Boardley. 

Margaret the Daughter of Th: & Margaret Wahnsley bap: 
Feb : 14th. God &c. Th : Waterhouse & Ann Elston. 

James the Son of James & Eliz: Smith bap: Feb: 1^^^ 1791. 
God &c. James & Margaret Smith. 

(54) Susan the Daughter of John & Eliz : Swarbrick bap : March 22*. 
God &c. W™ Dihvorth & Eliz : Ethrington. 

George the Son of George & Ann Ibitson bap : March 30*'^ 1791. 
God &c. James Banes & Ann Park. 

John, a Bastard, the Son of John Standing & Mary Hornby bap: 
March 30^^ j^^j Qod &c. Th : & Mary Hornby. 

Ann the Daughter of Oliver & Margery Huthersal bap : March 31^^ 
1791. God &c. Bartholomew Dickinson & Ann Huthersal. 

Helen the Daughter of Rich : & Agatha Leach bap : Ap : 3d 1791. 
God &c. W™ Kirk & Jane Townley. 

Joseph the Son of Mathew & Mar : Gardner bap : Ap : 8th. God 
&c. Rich : Banes & Ann Gardner. 

Robert Swarbrick the Son of George & Mary bap : Ap : 17*^ 1791. 
God &c. Rich: Maudsley, Mary Tomlinson. 


Ann Cuerden the Daughter of W™ & Jane bap : Ap : ig**' 1791. 
God &c. Ed : Blackburn & Ann Sandom. 

Ann the Daughter of John & Teresa Ibitson. God &c. John & 
Jane Rogerson bap: Ap: 24*^. 

Mar: the Daughter of John & Helen Gardner bap: Ap: 24^^ 
God &c. James Barton & Alice Poulton. 

Aim the Daughter of W'" & Mary Abram bap : Aj) : 26, 1791 
God &c. George Swarbrick & Mary Tomlinson. 

(55) Thos the Son of Rob : & Jane (jrardner bap : May 3^1 1791 . God &c, 
George Swarbrick & Mar: Blacburn. 

Ann the Daughter of John & Mary Gardner bap : May 16^^ 1791, 
God &c. John Ibitson & Mary Gardner. 

Helen the Daughter of James & Helen Thompson bap: May 29*^, 
God &c. John Salisbury & Eliz : Salisbury. 

James the Son of Leonard & Jane DuhUTSt bap : 31st May. God 
&c. Cuthbert Duhurst & Mary Smith. 

Richard the Son of Tho: & Mar: Gardner bap: June 2'^ 1791. 
God &c. W"^ Waterhouse & Helen Gardner. 

Barnaby the Son of Tho^ & Mar: Banes bap: June 8^^ 1791. 
God &c. James Cuban & Mrs. Shepherd. 

Ann the Daughter of James & Esther Banes bap : June 15th 1791. 
God &c. Th : Cross & Margery Ducket. 

Henry the Son of Th : & Ann Seed bap : June 23*^ 1791. God &c. 
Henry Whitehead & Agatha Rich : 

John the Son of Thomas & Helen Duhurst bap: Julv 2^ 1791, 
God &c. W"i Whitehead & Margaret Whitehead. 

Ann Wilcock Daughter of John & Mar: bap: July 24*^. God 
&c. John Williams & Molly Pyke. 

John [or Oliver inserted above] the Son of Rich^* & Mary Huthersal 
bap : July 20**^. God &c. James Barton & Alice Poulton [entry marked 
with asterisk]. 

Thomas Johnson Bastard Son of W" Shepherd & Jane Johnson 
bap: Sep: 2^ 1791- God &c. Edmund Balshaw & Mary Swarbrick. 

(56) Margaret the Daughter of Th : & Eliz : Richardson bap : Sep : 10*^ 
1791. God &c. Henry Whitehead & Agatha Richardson. 

[Jo Huthersal the scored out.] 

Mary the Son of W°^ & Ann Dunderdale bap: Julv 15^*1 1791. 
God &c. Rich : Huthersal & Helen Dunderdale. 

Ann the Daughter of John & Eliz: Wilson bap: Sep: 18*^ 1791. 
God &c. Rob: & Eliz: Huthersal. 

Th : the Son of Charles & Mary Smith [corrected from Huthersal] 
bap: Sep: 30*^. God &c. Rich: Huthersal & Mary Smith. 

Mary the Daughter of Edward & Susan Pye bap : 9**1 Oct : God 
&c. John & Mar: Maudsley. 

Jes the Son of Thos & Eliz : Chamock bap : Oct : 19*^ 1791. God 
&c. Th : Hornby & Margery Ducket. 

Jes* the Son of James & Jane Ducket bap: Oct : 27"' 1791. God 
&c. Th: Laurenson & Helen Gardner. 

♦ Rev. James Duckett, bom on the previous day. His father settled in 
Preston, where he became a plasterer, and died May 15, 1825, aged 79. His 


Thomas the Son of W™ & Alice Green bap : Oct : 28**1 jygj Qod 
&c. Th: & Alice Whittmam. 

Eliz: the Daughter of James & Agatha Huthersal bap: Oct : 28*^. 
God &c. Rich: Huthersal and Eliz: Gardner. 

Alice the Daughter of Hugh & Ann Walmsley bap : Nov : 19*11. 
God &c. James Eddisford & Mar: Bomfret. 

Ann the Daughter of James & Helen Robinson bap : Decem : 20*^. 
God &c. John Jenkinson & Ann Dilworth. 

John the Son of John & Ann Helm bap : 30^1 Decem : 1791. God 
&c. W™ Jew & Elizabeth Duhurst. 

Th: the Son of John & Ann Bolton bap: March 4th. God &c. 
Henry Leach & Ann Gardner. 

(57) Mar : the Daughter of W" & Ether Whithead bap : Jan : 8^^. 
God &c. Henry & Jane Whitehead. 

James the Son of Thos & Mary Gardner bap: Jan: 20**1 1792. 
God &c. Rob : & Jane Gardner. 

Robert the Son of James & Dorothy Snape bap : Feb : 13**1 1791. 
God &c. Rob: Snape & Ann Rich: 

W™ the Son of Joseph & Margaret Maskow bap: Feb: 26**1. 
God &c. James Huthersal & Margaret Walker. 

Mar: the Daughter of Rob: & Ann Tomlinson bap: Ap: 2^. 
God &c. George Corbishley & Alice Green, 

Th : the Son of Tho. & Jane Wilson bap : Ap : 20**1 j^gg. God 
&c. Henry Kitchin & Jane Kitchin. 

uncle, Henry Duckett, bom July 15, 1729, was admitted into the 
English College at Rome on Oct. 23, 1745, and having been ordained priest 
there March 9, 1754, was sent to the English mission on the 29th of the follow- 
ing month (Foley, Records S.J. , vi, 490). He died in Lancashire Oct. 17, 1755 
{Old Chapter Records, MS.). Another uncle was Dom George Edmund 
Duckett, O.S.B., born at Claughton, professed at St. Edmund's, Paris, in 
1760, who came to the mission in 1773, and was at Strangeways, near Wigan, 
till he removed the mission to Hindley in 17S9, and remained there till shortly 
before his death March 24, 1792. Their father was Bartholomew Duckwortli 
alias Ducket (the local pronunciation), of Alston-cum-Hothersall, who subse- 
quently settled in Claughton ; and their mother was Anne, daughter of 
Henry Comaleach, of Elston, tanner, and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of John 
Walmsley, of Elston, tanner. Previous to her marriage she had been nurse 
to Mrs. Leckonby, wife of William Leckonby, of Leckonby House, in Great 
Eccleston, and Hothersall Hall, the heiress of the ancient family of Hothersall 
of Hothersall, and appears in the family group reproduced in Smith's Longridge. 
Bartholomew Ducket's father, John Duckworth or Ducket, of Alston, yeoman, 
was a Catholic non -juror in 1717, and his wife was Anne Dewhurst. The 
Rev. James Duckett, born at Claughton in 1791, went to Sedgley Park School 
in 1813, thence was transferred to Oscott College Aug. 12, 1816, where he was 
ordained priest March 17, 1820, at Wolverhampton, and shortly afterwards 
was sent to Brailes, co. Warwick. There he died May 30, 1864, aged 72. His 
nephew. Canon George Duckett, son of Richard Duckett, auctioneer, of Preston, 
died at Wolverhampton May 5, 1898, aged 75 ; and his grandnephew. Canon 
Richard Duckett, D.D., born at Kendal May 19. 1833, died at Norwich July 7, 
1910, aged 77. The latter was the son of Thomas Duckett, of Preston, sculptor, 
who had lived for some years at Kendal, where he had designed and built the 
Catholic church. Another relative. Canon Thomas Duckett, who died at 
Rugeley March 5, 1906, was son of James Duckett, of Preston, com merchant, 
son of Thomas, and grandson of James and Jane named in the text. 


Isabella the Daughter of Thos & Margaret Huthersal bapt : 
May 2^ 1792. God &c. Th : Seed & Isabella Hodgson. 

Henry the Son of James & Eliz: Warbrick bapt : May 2'^ 1792. 
God &c/Nic: & Isabella Ethrington. 

W" the Son of Henry & Mary Whitehead bap : May 24. God &c. 
Henry cSc Ann Dilworth. 

Joseph the Son of Henry & Jane Kitchin bap: May 30th 17^2. 
God &c. Joseph Dilworth & Alice Banes. 

James the Son of Rob* & Mary Ibitson bap : June 29^^. God &c. 
James & Ann Park. 

Ann the Daughter of Rob: & Eliz: Huthersal bap: July 15*^. 
God &c. John William & Alice Waterhouse. 

Thos the Son of John & Ann Dickinson bap : July 22^1. God &c. 
George Corbishley & Jane Walker. 

(58) Mary Bomfaet Daughter of John & Mar : bap : July 25^^. God &c. 
W" Green & Mary Bomfret. 

Cat: the Daughter of John & Helen Gardner bap: July 30"!. 
God &c. Th : Seed & Jane Ducket. 

Mary the Daughter of Mathew & Mar : Gardner bap : Aug : lo^'^ 
1792. God &c. Henry Banes & Ann Eddisford. 

Ann the D: of R<i & Mary Poulton bap: Sep* 2^. God &c. 
George Holding & Mar: Barton. 

Margaret the Daughter of James & Ann Eddisford bap : Sep : 24*'^ 

1792. God &c. James Cuban & Eliz : Eddisford. 

Eliz : the Daughter of James and Cat : Atkinkson, bap : Nov : 26"'. 
God &c. Rob : Halshaw & Eliz : Halshaw. 

John the Son of Roger & Helen Woods bapt: Decem: 16^'^ 
God &c. Rich: Abbot & Jane Poulton. 


Mary, Bastard, the Daughter of Mar: Ennis & Mathew Danson 
bap: Jan: 6*^ 1793. God &c. Jos: Dilworth & Ann Hodgson. 

Thos the Son of W«i & Alice Whittinam bap : Jan : 13th 1793. 
God &c. Thos Whittinafn & Mar: Green. 

John the Son of Oliver & Margery Huthersal bap: Jan: 19th 
[written through 17*^] 1793. God &c. John Dickinson & Mary 

John the Son of John & Ann Helm bapt : Feb : i"* 1793. God &c. 
Richard & Ami Duhurst. 

(59) Mary the Daughter of George & Helen Dugdale bap : March 20'^ 
[written through 17**^] 1793. God &c. Th : Ducket & Alice Eccles. 

Margaret the Daughter of Th: & Ann Seed bap: March 17th 
[written through 20^^] 1793. God &c. Barn : Banes & Alice Banes. 
\^m Ducket the Son of James & Jane Ducket bap : March iS^^^ 

1793. God &c. George Swarbrick & Mary Bratherton. 

Ann the Daughter of Tho: & Helen Duhurst bap: March 2i«». 
God &c. Th : Duhurst & Jane Helm. 

John the Son of James Dobson & Helen bap: March 25^*^ 1793. 
God &c. Th : Dobson & Ann Turner. 

Thomas [James scored out] the Son of James Barton bap : April i^* 
1793. God &c. Robert & Eliz: Barton. 


Eliz : the Daughter of John & Eliz : Green bap : May 26^'!. God 
&-C. James Gardner & Margery Ducket. 

George the son of George & Ann Ibitson. God &c. W" Singleton 
cSr Ann Park. 

Jane the Daughter of John & Teresa Ibitson bap: July iG^'i. 
God &c. Oliver & Margery Huthersal. 

Sarah the Daughter of Rob: & Marv Shepherd bap: July iq^h. 
God &c. Wm Shepherd & Eliz: Halshaw .' 

George the Son of John & Ann Bolton bap: July 22'^. God &c. 
Henrv Leach &. Sarah Ducketh. 

Mary the Daughter of Th : & Ann Whittinam. God &c. Ed: 
Blackburn & Eliz: Adamson July 23^1. 

Mary the Daughter of James & Esther Dilworth bap: Aug: 6*^1. 
God: &c. Joseph Dilworth & Alice Banes. 

(60) Eliz: the Daughter of James & Eliz: Duhurst bapt : Aug: 18. 
God &c. Rich : Huthersal &. Mary Mercer. 

John the Son of Hugh & Ann Walmesley bap : Sep : 8'^. God &c. 
John & Mary Bomfret. 

Joseph* the Son of W" & Marv Brockholes bap : Sep : 18^*1. God 
&c. M^&M" Barklev.t 

Charles the Son of Th : & Eliz : Smith bap : Sep : let^i. God &c. 
Wm Hall & Alice Smith. 

James the Son of John & Marv Whittinam bap: Sep: 28**1. 
God &c. W" & Alice Smith. 

Eliz: the Daughter of John & Helen Gardner bap: Oct: 24^^. 
God &c. Th: Waterhouse & Mary Bratherton. 

Wm the Son of James & Eliz: Warbrick bap: Oct: 27*11 1793. 
God &c. Francis Walker & Helen Ethrington. 

James the Son of W™ & Mary Abram bap: [Nov scored out] 
Oct : 30*11 1793. God &c. John Williams & .\lice Eccles. 

Eliz: the Daughter of Ed: & Ann Blackburn bap: Nov: i^K 
God &c. Mr Shepherd & Eliz: Corbishley. 

John the Son of Rob: & Charlotte Dilworth bap: Nov: 7*^. 
God &c. Henry Dilworth & Dorothy Ethrington. 

Ann the Daughter of Ed: & Susan Pye bap: Nov: 17*1. God 
&c. George & Jane Rogertson. 

Th : the Son of John & Mary Gardner bap : 16 Oct : 1793. God 
&c. Jos : Pyke & Hannah. 

Eliz: the Daughter of W" & Jane Cuerden bap: Oct. 16*^. 
God &c. George Ibitson & Alice Banes. 


Ann the Daughter of Rich : & Mary Huthersal bap : Decern : 9*1. 
God &c. George Holding & Alice Ducket. 

James the Son of Henry & Dorothy Whitehead bap : Jan : 5^^ 
1794. God &c. Ed: Richardson & Ann Richardson. 

* Joseph, son of William Fitzherbert-Brockholes, died in 1810. 

t Robert Berkeley, of Spetchley Park, co. Worcester, Esq., married to 
his second wife Catherine, daughter of Thomas Fitzherbert, of Swynnerton, 



(6i) Mary Ann tlie Daughter of Th : & Mary Green bapt : Jan : q^^ 
1794. God &c. Th : Banes & Margaret Marsclen. 

Alice the Daughter of James & Agatha Huthersal bap: Jan. 26*". 
God &c. Th: Hntliersal & Eliz: Lanrenson. 

W'" Gardner the Son of Th: & Mary bap: 2*^ Feb: God dec. 
Francis Bonifret & Helen Latiis. 

Margaret the Daughter of Rob: & Jane Gardner. God &c. 
James & Eliz : Clarkson. 

Margaret the Daughter of "VV" & Annas Cragg, Adult, aged 18, 
bap : Feb: i6th 1794. God Mother Alice Duckelh. 

Henry the Son of John & Eliz : Wilson baj) : Felj : 23'^. God &c. 
John & Ann Waterhouse. 

Thos the Son of John & Eliz: Jenkinson l)ap: March 16^'^ God 
&c. Rob: Salisburr}' & Ann Dihvorth. 

Mary the Daughter of Rob: & Eliz: Huthersal. God &c. John 
^^''aterhouse & Ann Swindless. 

Ann the Daughter of James & Alice Coleby bap: Apr: 3'^. God 
&c. Barnaby Banes & Jane Slater. [Rewritten after a corrected attempt 
scored out.] 

Joseph the Son of Richard & Agatha Leach bap : Ap : 6^^ lyg^. 
God &c. Joseph Herst & Mar : Maskow. 

Grace the Daughter of W"^ & Ann Dunderdale bap: Apr: 6^^\ 
God &c. Thos & Eliz : Huthersal. 

James the Son of John & Helen Forrest bap: May 2*^. God &c. 
Th: Williams & Mary Forrest. 

Thomas the Son of Thomas & Mary Banes bap : Ma\- S^'i. God &c. 
Ml- Shephard & M^s Midshall. 

Rich* the Son of Rich^ & Jane Wilcock bap: June 15^!'. God 
&c. James Eccles & Alice Olives. 

James the Son of W^^ & Eliz : Robinson bap : June 22'^. God 
&c. Richard Robinson & Mar : Smith. 

(62) John the Son of Th : & Jane Wilson bap: July 3d. God tS:c. 
James & Ether Banes. 

Ann the Daughter of Thos & Mar: Smith bap: July 12^11 1794. 
God &c. James Huthersal & Mary Smith. 

John the Son of Henry & Mary Whitehead bap: July ig^^. 
God &c. John Dilworth & Helen Robinson. 

Mary Johnson Bastard Daughter of Jane Johnson & W"^ Shepherd 
bap: July 29^'^ God &c. John Balshaw & Alice Neusham. 

Eliz: the Daughter of W"^ & Alice Green bap: Aug: lo^i. God 
&c. John Whittinam & Mar : Rigby. 

Henry the Son of Richard & Isabell Maudsley bap. Aug: 27^^. 
God &c. John Horn & Eliz : Herstee. 

Th: Maskow bap: Sep: 16*^ gon of Joseph & Mar: Maskow. 
God &c. Rich : Holding & Mary Davies. 

Ann the Daughter of Mathew & Mar : Gardner bap : 14^'! Nov : 
God &c. Barnaby Banes & Eliz: Richardson. 

Mary the Daughter of James & Alice Barton bap: Nov: 29^''. 
God &c. John Poulton & Sarah Ducketh. 


Nic : the Son of Michael & Mary Gardner bap : Decern : 2'^. God 
&c. John Barton & Eliz: Turner. 

Eliz : the Daughter of John & Ann Helm bap : Decern : 2'^. God 
»i'c. Ill : Duhurst & Ann Walmesley. 

Marv Winefride the Daughter of George & Eliz : Corbishley bap : 
Decern : 8^^. God &c. James Walker & Mary Croskal. 

Edward the Son of John & Mary Huthersal bap: Decern: 131'!. 
God &c. Th : Eccles & Jane Gardner. 

Catherine the Daughter of James & Dorothy Snape. God &c. 
John Rich. & Ann Waterhouse bap: Decern: 14^^!. 

James the Son of George & A 
God &c. Jos : Godier & Eliz : Banes. 
(63) Jane the Daughter of John & Mar: Bomfret bap: Decem. 28^^^ 
God &c. James Banes & Cecilia Swarbrick. 


Henry the Son of Rich: & Mary Poulton bap: Jan. 13^^. God 
&c. Rich: Lupton & Ann Lee. 

Eliz: the Daughter of Th: & Jane Waterhouse bap: Jan: 13th. 
God &c. Rob : Snape & Mary Gardner. 

Peter the Son of Thos & Ann Seed bap: Jan: ai^t. God &c. 
Henry Kitchin & Jane Bratherton. 

Jane the Daughter of Henry & Jane Kitchin bap: Jan: 2^'^. 
God &c. Barnaby Banes & Eliz: Orman. 

Mar\-* the Daughter of W™ & IMarv Fitzherbert Brockholes bap: 
Jan : 24th. God &c. Tho^ Horniol Junrf & Mrs. Mary Tunstal.S 

Alice the Daughter of Ed : & Ann Gardner bap : Jan : 25*'^ God 
&c. Rob; Wilson & Helen Brown. 

Eliz: Bastard, the Daughter of Jane Huntington & W^ Austin 
bap: Feb: 15**1. God Szc. John Robinson & Mary Huntington. 

Marv the Daughter of James & Ann Eddisford bap: Feb: 22"*. 
God &c" Wni Wilson & Mar: Banes. 

George the Son of Rob: Ibitson bap: March 5**1. God &c. Th: 
Waterhouse & Mar: Duhurst. 

Helen the Daughter of Benjamin & Ann Mally bap: March 8**^. 
God &c. John Waterhouse & Mary Mally. 

James the Son of John & Mary Gardner bap : March 8^^. God &c. 
W"^ Gardner & Alice Laurenson. 

* Died in infancy. 

"f Thomas Homyold, junior, was the eldest son and heir of Thomas 
Homyold, of Blackmore Park, co. Worcester, Esq., and his wife, Mary Cather- 
ine, daughter of Richard Towneley, of TowTieley Hall, co. Lancaster, Esq., by 
Mary, daughter and heiress of William, Lord Widdrington. The father died 
in 1799, and was seized by his son Thomas, who married Teresa, daughter of 
Thomas Fitzherbert, of Swynnerton, Esq. 

J Mrs. Mary Tunstall was one of the daughters and coheiresses of George 
Markham, of Ollerton Hall, co. Notts., Esq., by Mary, daughter of Brian 
Salvin, of Croxdale Hall, co. Durham, Esq. She married Marmaduke Consta- 
ble-Tunstall, Esq., of Burton Constable Hall, Scargill Castle, and Wycliffe 
Hall, all in Yorkshire. After his death s.p. in 1790, his ^vidow went to reside 
for nine years at Spetisbury Convent, where she was most kind to the nuns, 
and gave £400 towards their chapel. It was she who introduced the Visitation 
nuns into England in 1792. 


Th: the Son of Barnaby & Margary Banes bap: March 16^^^. 
God &c. Th: Banes & Mary Ducket. 

Thomas the Son of John & Helen Gardner bap : Ap : 5"^ God cS:c. 
Th: & JaneBratherton. 

Mar : the Daughter of W" & Mar : Smith bap : Oct : 7"' . God &c . 
Ricli : Huthersal & Eliz: Robinson. 

(64) Robert the Son of Thomas & Eliz : Smith bap : Apr : igtu. God &c. 
Jos: Dilworth & Mar: Smith. 

Rob : the Son of Oliver & Margery Huthersal bap : May 6^^. God 
&c. Ed: Huthersal & Jane Grimbaldeston. 

Jane the Daughter of Th: & Ann Whittinam bap: May 22*1. 
God &c. James Banes & Helen Banes. 

John & James Atkinson, Twins, bap : May 30^'' Sons of James & 
Cat. God &c. Christ. Robinson. 

W°i the Son of W^ & Agatha Noblet bap: Ma\' 31^1. God &c. 
John Swarbrick & Ann Cornay. 

Jane the Daughter of George & Ann Eccles bap : June 2^. God 
&c. Th : Eccles & Ann Porter. 

George the Son of Th : & Helen Dugdale bap : June 3^1. God &c. 
John Maskovv & Mary Eccles. 

Rob: the Son of John & Teresa Ibitson: bap: June 5th 1795. 
God &c. Th : & Alice Ducket. 

Mar: the Daughter of John & Sarah Abbot bap : June 7^'^ God 
&c. Th : Whittinam & Jane Eccles. 

John the Son of Th : & Alice Cross bap: June 19th. God &c. 
Th: & Sarah Ducketh. 

Isabella the Daughter of Ed : & Ann Blackbum bap : June 2i8t. 
God &c. Hugh Pilkington & Mary Crookal. 

Nicholas the Son of John & Eliz: Heys bap: June 23^. God &c. 
Th : & Mary Huntington. 

Jane the Daughter of James & Mary Seed bap : July 2^. God &c. 
Ed : Fyke & Mary Forrest. 

Th: the Son of John & Ann Bolton bap: July iS^^. God &c. 
Th: Gardner & Ann Waterhouse. 

Eliz: Bastard Daughter of Henry Cross & Martha Wilding bap: 
Sep: 14**1. God &c. Th: Cross & Mar: Singleton. 

Eliz: the Daughter of George & Mary Almand bap: Oct : 31^^ 
God &c. W°i & Eliz : Almand. 

(65) George Shuttleworth Greening the Son of Th : & Mary Greening 
bapt: Nov: 13th. God &c. George & Mary Ann Shuttlworth. 

Alice the Daughter of James & Helen Dobson bap: Nov: 15*". 
God &c. Henry Dobson & Jane Walker. 


Jo the Son of John & Mary Williams bap: Jan : 23^. God &c. 
Th : Williams & Mar : Mather. " 

Mar: the Daughter of Ed: & Susanna Pye bap: Feb: 9*'^. God 
&c. Ann Waterhouse & J^^ Laurenson. 

Rich : the Son of Th : & Mary Croochal bap : Feb : 13th. God &c. 
[Ed. Bl scored out] Laurence Cottam & Dorothy Laurenson, 


Constantia* the Daughter of W"^ & Mary Brockholes bap: Feb: 
I4t'». God &c. Mr & Mis Saltmarsh. "^ ob* July 29, 1814. 

Grace tJie Daughter of Hugh & Ann Walmesley bap : Feb : igt'^. 
Sponsors W"^ Bomfret & Mary Huntington. 

Richard tlie Son of John & Mary Huthersal bap : Feb : 29^1. God 
&c. Th : & Ann Waterhouse. 

Mary tiie Son [sic] of James & Agatha Huthersal bap : March 1^^^. 
God &c'. W™ Green & Ann Duhurst. 

Ann the Daughter of Richard & Isabel! Maudsley bap : March 27*'' 
1796. God &c. John Hubberstay Sz Isabell Charnley. 

Dorothy the Daughter of W™ & Eliz: Robinson bap: Ap: 2^. 
God &c. Jes Robinson & Ann Eccles. 

Jane the Daughter of Henry & Jane Whitehead bap: Ap: 6"^ 
God &c. Rob: Barton & Ann Seed. 

Th. the Son of Jos: cS: Alice Dilworth bap: Ap: 8'i. God ixc. 
Barnaby & Mary Banes. 

W™ the Son of John & Eliz: Wilson bap: Ap: iQth. God &c. 
Th : Waterhouse & Ann Bolton . 

Rich: the Son of George & Eliz: Waring bap: Ap: 12^'^ God 
&c. David Crumbelhome & Ann Wilson. 

(66) Helen the Daughter of John & Helen Gardner bap : Ap : ij**^. 
God &c. George Ducket & Mar: Blackburn. 

Rob : the Son of Rob : & Mary Ibitson bap : Ma\' ig^^. God &c. 
Rob : Morton & Isabella Whittle!' 

John the Son of Mathew & Mar : Gardner bap : Mav 20^^!. God &c. 
Wi" Wilson & Mar : Kitchm . 

Thos the Son of Th : & Mary Gardner bap: May 24ti». God &c. 
Thos & Ann Seed. 

Thos the Son of W°i & Ann Dunderdale bap : 7^11 June. God &c. 
Jo Gardner & Agatha Huthersal. 

Rob : the Son of Rob : & Mary Bratherton bap : Jan : 27^'^ God 
&c. John Bratherton & Mary Eccles. 

jes the Son of James & Mary Ribchester bap: July lit!!. Qod 
&c. W°» Wilson & Eliz: Cnnnblehome. 

Jes the Son of Michael & Mary Gardner bap: July 12^^ 1796. 
God &c. Th : Gardner & Eliz : Adamson. 

Mar: the Daughter of Rich: & Ann Maudsley bap: July 17**^. 
God &c. Jo Salisburry & Mary Lee. 

Jo the Son of Th: & Jane Bratherton bap: July 23d. God &c. 
Rob : Bratherton & Mary Swarbrick. 

Eliz: the Daughter of Rich: & Marv Huthersal bap: Julv 28**^. 
God &c. Wn^ & Mar: Bolton. 

Ann the Daughter of Henry & Mary Whitehead bap : Aug : 7^^. 
God &c. John Swarbrick & Agatha Noblet. 

* Constantia died and was buried at Hengrave, co. Sussex, the seat of the 

f Joseph Hesketh-Brockholes' wdow, Constantia Fitzherbert, had married 
secondly Philip Saltmarsh, Esq., the representative of the family formerly 
seated at I\ilvingtou Castle, co. York. 


Eliz: the Daughter of Michael & Ann Wilcock bap: Aug: 7"'. 
God &c. jes & Cat : Salisbury. 

Ann the Daughter of James & Catherine Atkinson bap : Aug : 21st. 
God &c. Robert Holdcn & Jane Goose. 

James the Son of Rob : & Jane Gardner bap : Aug : 2C)^^. God &c. 
Th : & Ann Seed. 

(67) Alice the Daughter of Jes & Jane Ducket bap: Sept. ii^^^ Qod 
&c. Thos Seed cS: Ann Corna}/. 

Grace the Daughter of John & Eliz: Boardley bap: Oct: 2'K 
God &c. John Singleton & Eliz : Holiday. 

Mary the Daughter of J es & Ann Procter bap : Oct : b^'". God &c. 
Th : Dobson & Helen Walker. 


James the Son of John & Ann Helm bap: Jan: 6^^\ God &c. 
John Walmesley & Clera Hilton. 

Alice the Daughter of James & xMice Coleby bap: Jan : 8^'^ 1797- 
God &c. Rich: Luptori & Helen Waterhousc 

Rich : the Son of Rich : & Isabel Threlfal bap : Jan. : iS^h 1797. 
God &c. W^ Threlfal & Helen Waterhousc. 

W'" the Son of George & Ann Ibitson l)ap : Jan : 22*^. God &c. 
James Banes & Ann Smith. 

Ann the Daughter of Ed : Hunt & Helen Hodgson, Bastard, bap : 
Fob : 5^^. God &c. Barnaby cS; Margery Bancs. 

Nicholas the Son of John & Mary Gardner. God &c. Th : Gard- 
ner & Mary Wells bap : Feb : igt'i. 

Eliz: the Daughter of Jos: & Mar: Maskow bap: March 12^'V 
God &c. [blank] Ann Billington. 

James the Son of Tho^ & Jane Wilson bap : March 16^1^. God &c. 
W™ & Catherine Suthard. 

Eliz: the Daughter of James & Alice Barton. God &c. Joseph 
Poulton & Ann Barton bap: Apr: 9*^^. 

Eliz: the Daughter of George & Eliz Corbishley bap: Apr: 18*'^. 
G< 'd &c. Thomas & Helen Walker. 

Edward the Son of John & Cat : Harrison bapt : April 22"^. God 
&c. Th : Teeming & Jane Cotham. 

(68) W™ the Son of Charles & Jane Dilworth bap: May 7,^. God &c. 
Barnaby Banes & Mar: Huthersal. 

Wm the Son of Th : & Eliz: Smith bap: May 8"i. God &c. 
Barnaby Banes & Mar: Smith. 

Jo the Son of James & Ann Eddisford bap: May 13"^ God &c. 
Barnaby & Dorothy Cuban. 

Ann the Daughter of Rob : & Mary Ibitson bap : May 24*^. God 
&c. Th; Hornby & Mary Smith. 

Mar: the Daughter of Peter & Alice Boscough bapt: May 21st. 
God &c. Barnaby Baines & Mary Huntington. 

W'» John Brocklioles* the Son of W'^ & Mary Fitzherbert Brock- 

^ He died young. 


holes bap : May 28^". God &c. John DaUon Esq.* & W^ Fitzherbert 
—Prince of Wales, t 

James the Son of James & Ann Brown bap: June g^h. God &c, 
Th : Gardner & Alice Laurenson. 

Alice the Daughter of John & Mar: Bomfret bapt : July 4th. 
God &c. Mathew & Helen Lancaster. 

Thos the Son of Tho^ & Mar : Huthersal bap : July gth. God &c. 
Laurence Cottam & Eliz: Huthersal. 

Rob : the Son of John & Mary Huthersal bap : Sep : 26tb. God 
&c.Jes&Ebz: Huthersal. 

Jes the Son of Barnaby & Margery Banes bap: Oct: 5^^. God 
&c. Th: Waterhouse & Mary Ducket. 

Ed : the Son of John & Helen Gardner bap : Oct : 7th. God &c, 
John Seed & Mary Ducket. 

Mar: the Daughter of Jes & Cat: Billington bap: Oct: 13th. 
God &c. Th : Billington & Eliz: Lcc. 

Dorothy the Daughter of Jes & Dorothy Snape. God &c. W'" 
& Jane Whitehead bap: Oct : 29^^^ 

(6g) Eliz : the Daughter of Tho. & Alice Cross bap : Nov : i2"i. God 
&c. George Holden & Marv Eccles. 

Jos : the Son of Th : &'Ann Seed bap : Nov : 16*1. God &c. Th : 
Ducket & Alice Laurenson. 

Mary Kitchin the Daughter of Henry & Jane bap: Nov: iGtii. 
God &c. W"! Wilson & M^s Banes. 

Eliz : the Daughter of Th : & Mary Gardner bap : Nov : 25"^ 
God &c. John Seed & Helen Waterhouse. 

George the Son of Ed : & Mary Huntington bap: Decern: gth. 
God &c. Rob : Gornal & Ann Sandom. 

Mary the Daughter of John & Teresa Ibitson. God &c. George 
& Ann Ibitson bap : Decern : 16^^. 

Mary the Daughter of John & Mar : Williams bap : Decern : 31'*. 
God &c. Rich : Lupton & Mar : Madder. 


Jo the Son of Rich : & Isabell Maudsley bap : Jan : 8th. Qod &c. 
J° Huthersal & Eliz: Adamson. 

Eliz: the Daughter of Mathew & Mar: Gardner bap: Jan : 24*^. 
God &c. Rich : Halshaw & Mar : Davie s. 

5)! John Dalton, ol Thuriiham Hall, Esq., died March 10, 1837, aged 90. 
He married Mary, daughter of Sir Thomas Gage, of Hengrave Hall, co. Suffolk, 

ifi Mrs. Maria Anne Fitzherbert, wife of the then Prince of Wales, after- 
wards George IV (vide Gillow, Biog. Diet., ii, 279-283), born July 26, 1756, 
was daughter of Walter Smythe, of Brambridge, co. Hants, Esq., second son 
of Sir John Smythe; of Esh Hall, co. Durham, and Acton Burnell Hall, co . 
Shropshire. Bart. In July, 1775, she married Edward Weld, of Lulworth 
Castle, CO. Dorset, Esq., who died in the course of the same year. She married 
secondly in 1778 Thomas Fitzherbert, of Swynnei'ton Park, who only survived 
the union three years. Four years after Mr. Fitzherbert's death, wliilst resid- 
ing at Richmond Hill, the youthful heir to the throne became enamoured of 
her, and ultimately they were secretly married, a fact which within recent 
years has been absolutely proved by evidence. On this occasion the Prince 
with Mrs. Fitzherbert were at Claughton. They were also said to have visited 
Maynes Hall. She died at Brighton March 29, 1837, aged 80. 


Jane the Daughter of Rob. & Ann Comay bap : Jan : 25*^. God 
&c. George Ibitson & Jane Ducket. 

Marv the Daughter of George & Marj- Oman bap: Feb: ii^'V 
God &c'. ^^'"^ CoNvel & Mar : Oman. 

James the Son of James & Mar : Smith bap : Feb : iS**^. God &c. 
Th: & Eliz: Smith. 

Rich: the Son of Henrv & Jane Whitehead bap: Feb: 18^1, 
God &c. Mr. & Mrs. Richardson. 

Jo the Son of James & Agatha Huthersall bap : Feb : 26"^. God 
&c. W°^ Dunderdale & Eliz: Huthersall. 

(70) Eliz: the Daughter of Rich: & Ann Maudsley bap: March 7*^. 
God &c. Henry & Eliz : Maudsley. 

Ann the Daughter of Rob: & Jane Gardner bap: March 15^'! 
God &c. Th : Bratherton & Jane Bratherton. 

John the Son of Oliver & Margery Huthersal bap: March 15*'^ 
God &c. Th : & Mary Huthersal. 

Joseph \\'^^ the Son of W"» & Eliz: Robinson bap: March 18^"^. 
God &c. Rich : Duhurst & Jane Caup. 

Eliz: the Daughter of James & Ann Clarkson bap: April 7"!. 
God &c. Thos Smith & Mary Smith. 

Th: the Son of Th: & Ann Whittinam bap: Ap: 7*^. God &c. 
Mr. Shepherd & Ann Svvarbrick. 

Th: the Son of Hugh Grimshaw & Jane his wife bap: Ap: lot''. 
God &c. John Huthersal & Mar : Ribchester. 

Eliz: the Daughter of John & Mary Gardner bap: Ap: 22^. 
God &c. John Barton & Ann Johnson. 

George & Henry, Twins, the Sons of John & Eliz. HoUday bap : 
Apr: 24th. God &c. John Singleton & Eliz: Holiday to George & 
George Holiday & Mar : Abbot to Henry. 

Helen the Daughter of Ann Physic & Tli ; Rigby, Bastard, bap: 
May 6th. God &c. Rich: & Sarah Shepherd. 

Thomas the Son of Hugh & Ann Walmsley bap: Mav 8*^. God 
&c. W«i Bolton & Esther Hall. 

Th : the Son of James & Cecilia Baines bap : May g^^. God &c. 
W^ Baines & Isabel Threlfal. 

Henry the Son of Joseph Blackoe &. Jane Smith, Bastard, bap: 
May 19th. God &c. Barnaby & Ann Baines. 

(71) Jane the Daughter of Benjamin & Ann Mally bap: May 14*'^. 
God &c. John Hornby & Mar: Vans. 

Thos the Son of James Maudsley & Jane Waterhouse, Bastard, 
bap: May 26*'!. God &c. Th: & Ann Waterhouse. 

Frances* the Daughter of W'" & Mary Fitzherbert Brockholes 
bap: May 30*^. God &c. the Rcv^ Joseph Orvelt tS: Lad\' John 

* She died unmarried in 1833. 

t Of Singleton, vide C.R.S., xvi, 576. 

J She was the wife of Sir John Courtenay Throckmorton, 3th Bart., 
ol Coughton Court, co. Warwick, and daughter (Mar)' Catharine) of Thomas 
Giffard, of Chillington Hall, co. Stafford, Esq. Sir John's aunt, Mary Theresa, 
daughter of Sir Robert Throckmorton, 4th Bart., had married Thomas Fitz- 
herbert, of Swynnerton, Esq. 


Th : the Son of James & Helen Dobson bap; June ig^b. God 
&c. John Dobson & Jane Couston. 

John the Son of James & Man' Ribchester bap : Jnne 2ot'i. God 
&c. Rich : Clarke & Bridget Hubbestey. 

Jane the Daughter of James &. Jane Ducket bap: June 23^'. 
God &c. John Bratherton & Mary Eccles. 

Eliz : the Daughter of John cSc Ann Bolton bap : July 8*^^. God &c. 
Th : Whittinam & Ann Bolton. 

Agnes the Daughter of Th: & Mary Crookal l^ap: July 15*'^ 
God &c. Laurence Cottani & Eliz : Cliff. 

Margaret the Daughter of Edward & Ann Gardner bap : July 22^. 
God &c. John Cooper & Eliz: Huthersal. 

Isabell the Daughter of John & Helen Cliff bap : Aug : 23*^. God 
&c. David Cnmiblehome & Cat : Roskell. 

Jes the Son of Rob: & Sarah Holden bap: Aug: 31st. God &c. 
Rich : Ducket & Teresa Waring. 

Laurence the Son of Francis & Ann Bomfret bap : Sep : 13*'^ 1798- 
God &c. Th : Waterhouse & Jane Gardner. 

Rich : the Son of George & Aim Eccles bap : Sep : i8"^ God &c. 
Th : & Helen Walker. 

Mar: the Daughter of Thos & Eliz: Walmesley bap: Sep: 19^^ 
God &c. Henry Maudsle}' & Eliz: Thompson. 

(72) Helen the DaughteV of Henry & Mary Taylor bap: Sep: 22^. 
God &c. James Oman & Mary Laurenson. 

Thomas the Son of Ed: & Susan Pye bap: Sep: 25*^^. God &c. 
John & Mar: Woods. 

Helen the Daughter of Henry & Mary Whitehead bap: Oct : 7*'^ 
God &c. W"^ Jenkinson & Sarah Hudson. 

Thos the Son of John & Alice Salsburry bap : Oct : y^^. God &c. 
Rob : Salsburry & Eliz : Halshaw. 

Bartholemew the Son of R^ & Marv Hothersall bap: Oct: 15*^. 
God &c. Rd Ducket & Ann Stringfellow. 

Jane Ibitson the Daughter of George & Ann Ibitson bap: Nov: 
iS^ii. God &c. W^ & Mary Clarkson. 

Agnes the Daughter of Rob : & Mary Bratherton bap : Nov : 30**^, 
God &c. Rfi Bratherton & Mar: Tomlinson. 

John the Son of W"^ & Ann Dunderdale bap : Decem : 1^^. God 
&c. James Huthersal & Jane Cotham. 

John the Son of John & Eliz: Wilson bap: Decem: 16*'!. God 
&c. Wm Southard & Mar : Bolton. 


Ann the Daughter of Jes [blank] & Jane Huntington. Bastard, 
bap : Jan : 4*1^ 1799. Godmother Ann Stringfellow. 

Ann the Daughter of W" & Teresa Waring bap : Jan : i7»\ God 
&c. Rich : & Isabella Threlfal. 

Francis the Son of Thomas & Jane Bratherton bap: Feb: 4^^, 
God &c. John Bratherton & Ann Bomfret. 

Mary the Daughter of Peter & Alice Boscough bap: Feb: 24^^. 
God &c. John Poulton & Bella Abbot. 

314 KKGISIKKS OF ir.AronTox 

Thomas the Daughter [sic] of John & Helen Clarkson bap: 
Feb: 25**^. God &c. Tho: & Mar: Hothersal. 

iyS) Ann the Danghter of James & Ann Brown bap: Fob: 28t'\ 
God 6cc. Th: Gardner & Mar: Suthworth. 

W°> the Son of [blank] & Alice Waterhouse. Bastard, bap: 
March 31^*. God &c. George Wilson cS: Eliz: \Vatcrhoiise. 

Jes the Son of Mathew cS: Eliz : Johnson bap : ^larch 31st. Qod &c. 
Ed : Pye & Jane Johnson. 

Jf^s'the Son of James & Alice Coleby bap: Apr: 19th. God &c. 
W" Sympson & Eliz: Valentine. 

Edward the Son of Th : & Mary Gardner bap; A])r: 21st. God 
&c. W'" Waterhouse & Marv Gardner. 

Th: the Son of Rd & Isabel Threlfall bap: Ap: 23'^ God &c. 
James & Mar : Banes. 

Mar: the Daughter of John & Mar: Bomfret bap: May 9*^. 
God &c. Jo Seed & Mary Seed. 

Alice the Daughter of Richard & Eliz : Kuthersal bap : May loth. 
God (5cc. Jes Huthersal & Helen Latus. 

Jane the Daughter of Th : & Jane Wilson bap : Mav 12^'^. God &c. 
Wm& JaneHoghton. 

James* the Son of W™ & Mary Fitz: Brockholes bap: June 2^. 
God &c. George Courtney f & Catherine Frogmorton. $ 

James the Son of R^ & Isabella Maudsley bap: July 14th. God 
&c. Th : Whittinam & Mary Gardner. 

Ann the Daughter of John [&] Helen Gardner bap : July I4*i'. 
God &c. Th : Seed & Eliz : Huthersal. 

jes the Son of W^ & Mar: Smith bap: Aug: 21st. God &c. 
Th : Jenkinson & Cat. Charnock. 

Henry the Son of W™ & Jane Wilson bap: Aug: 31st. God &c. 
Barnaby Banes & Janr Johnson. 

Wm the Son of Rob: & Sarah Holden bap: Sep: ytn. God &c. 
George Ducket & Eliz : Eccles. 

Th : the Son of Tho : Ducket & Sarah Ethrington, Bastard, bap : 
Sep: nth. God &c. Jes & Eliz: Oman. 

(74) Robert the Son of John & Mary Gardner bap : Sep : 14*^. God &c. 
John & Mary Seed. 

Margaret the Daughter of Rob: & Mary Ibitson bap: Sep: 15*^. 
God &c. Rd Robinson & Mar: Adamson. 

Helen the Daughter of W™ & Eliz: Robinson bap: Sep: 29th_ 
God &c. Jes Clarkson & Ann Stringfellow. 

its Died young. 

^ George Throckmorton, second .son of George Throckmorton, eldest son 
of Sir Robert Throckmorton, of Coughton Court, co. Warwick, 4th Bart., was 
born in 17.54, and assumed in 1792 the additional surname of Courtenay, 
upon inlieriting through his mother the estates of the Courtenays of Molland, 
CO. Devon. He eventually succeeded his brother, Sir John Courtenay-Tluock' 
morton, as 6th Bart., in iSig.and died s.p. July 16, 1S26, when the title dcvolvetl 
upon his brother, Sir Charles. 

J She was the only daughter of Thomas Stapleton, of Carlton Hall, co. 
York, Esq., and married George Courtenay-Throckmorton, subsequently 
6th Bart., June 29, 1792. She survived her husband till Jan. 22, 1839 [vide 
under Lcighton). 


Thos the Son of Rob : & Charlotte Dilworth bap : Oct : 2^. God 
&c. Jes & Maud Dilworth. 

Helen the Daughter of James & Helen Bleasdale bap : Oct : 27th. 
God &c. Luke Weld & Mary Smith. 

Mary the Daughter of" James & Cat. Billington bap: Nov: 5th. 
God &c. Joseph Digles & Mar: Duhurst. 

Hugh the Son of Barnaby & Margary Baines bap: Nov: 6^'^. 
God &c. Rd Ducket & Eliz: Laurenson. 

Richard the Son of Joseph & Alice Poulton bap : Nov : 8*1^ God 
&c. John Poulton dc Alice Barton. 

Wj» the Son of Joseph & Mar : Maskow bap : Nov : iit". God &ci 
Jo Maudsley & Cat. Salsberr}'. 

Nicholas the Son of Michael & Mary Gardner bap : Dicem : 23^*. 
God &c. John Barton & Eliz: Adamson. 

Ann the Daughter of Th : & Ann Seed bap : Decern : 25*11. God 
&c. Henr}' Taylor & Helen Robinson. 

Alice the Daughter of W^n & Eliz. Bamber bap : Decern : 30*11. 
God &c. Bridget Hubbestey »i- Rich : Clerk. 

Peter the Son of Hugh & Jane Grimshaw bap : Jan. gtn. God &c. 
Wm Polton & Ann Dilworth. 

(75) Teresa the Daughter of John & Teresa Ibitson bap : Jan : 31^=* 
1800. God &c. James & Eliz : Clarkson.. 

Alice Clarkson Daughter of John Sz Helen Clarkson bap : Feb : 11*1^. 
God &c. Th : Waterhouse & Mary Boardley. 

George the Son of George & Mary Oman bap: March 4*^. God 
&c. James Oman & Mary Crookal. 

Ann the Daughter of Jes & Ann Eddisford bap : March 15*1^ God 
&c. Th : Eddisford & Eliz: Banes. 

Helen the Daughter of Jo & Mary Williams bap: March 23'*. 
God &c. Chris : Robinson & Ann Cooper. 

Mary the Daughter of Th : & Ann Whittinam. God &c. W" 
Banes & Eliz : Eccles March 27*1'. 

Helen the Daughter of James & Mary Ribchester bap: Ap: 2^^. 
God &c. Bamab}- Banes & Mar: Ribchester. 

Barnaby the Son of Mathew & Jane Gardner bap: Ap: 27*1^. 
God &c. Henry Kitchin & Mary Banes. 

Jane the Daughter of John & Ann Whittinam bap: Jmie 7*^. 
God &c. Th: Whittinam & Eliz: Banes. 

Mary the Daughter of John & Eliz: Wells bap: June 7*1^. God 
&c. Th: Gardner & Eliz: Eccles. 

Thomas* the Son of W"^ & Mary Brockholes bap: June 15*1^. 
God &c. John Dalton Esq. & Mrs. Mary Dalton. 

sjs Thomas Fitzheibert-Brockholes succeeded liis father to the Hesketh and 
Brockholes estates, was High Sheriff of Lancashire in 1840, and died unmarried 
Dec. 21, 1873, whereupon the estates passed to his nephew, James Fitzherbert- 
Brockholes, second and surviving son of Charles Fitzherbert-Brockholes, of 
Maynes Hall, Esq., boni Feb. 6, 1804, Avho had married Mary, daughter of 
Alexander Carruthers, of Ulverston, and died Nov. 18, 1853. James was born 
in 1827, married in 1866 Catherine, daughter of Charles Stanle3\ of Hooton 
Hall, CO. Cheshire, Esq., by Barbara, daughter of Sir Edward Mostjoi, of Tal- 


Mary the Daughter of Oliver & Margarx- Huthersal bap : June 19th. 
God &c. W"^ Huthersal & Ami Dickinson. 

James the Son of James & Agatha Huthersal ba}): July g"^. 
God &c. John Gardner & Ann Dunderdale. 

Th: the Son of Rd & Eliz: Huthersal bap; Aug; ijtu. God &c. 
John Huthersal & Mary Smith. 

Margaret the Daughter of Edward & Jane Balshaw baj) ; Oct : 2''. 
God &c. George Wilson & Cat. Balshaw. 

Th; the Son of George & Ann Ibitson. God &c. Th ; Shaw & 
Isabella Crumblchome. 

Rd the Son of Rd & Ann Poulton bap : Oct ; 2^^"^. God &c. Th ; 
Cooper & Mary Poulton. 

(76) Eliz; the Daughter of Th; & Ann Ducket bap; Nov; 26tn. God 
&c. George Ducket & Mary Swar brick. 

Jo the Son of James cV Cecily Banes. God &c. W'n Seed & Eliz ; 
Wells, bap ; Decem ; 4"^ 1800. 

Henry the Son of Th; & Eliz; Smith. God &c. W"> Johnson & 
Sarah Kirk. 

George the Son of Rob ; & Sarah Holding bap ; Decem ; 8*'^ God 
&c. George Holding & Ann Ducket. 

Margaret the Daughter of Henry & Jane Kitchin bap ; Decem ; 5*1. 
God &c. John &: Helen Banes. 


James the Son of Peter & Alice Boscough bap; Jan; 3d. God 
&c. W™ Smith & Mary Hudson. 

Nicholas the Son of W" & Mary Whitehead bap ; Jan ; 22d. God 
&c. John Rich & Mary Seed. 

W" the Son of Rob; & Mary Ibitson bap; Feb; 11^''. God &c. 
Rob ; Gardner & Eliz ; Eccles. 

\blank'\ the Daughter of W" & Eliz; Barton \pY Polton] bap; 
Feb ; 16*^. God &c. Rob ; Barton & Margaret Brindle. 

George the Son of James & Ann Clarlffion bap ; March 7"^ God 
&c. John Huthersal & Mrs. Mary Shepherd. 

Agatha the Daughter of James and Agatha Snape. God &c. 
Rob ; Snape & Agatha Noblet bap : March 29*^. 

Alice the Daughter of James & Isabella Moon bap; March 29*'!. 
God &c. Wm Swarbrick & Eliz ; Pilling. 

James the Son of James & Helen Dobson bapt ; April lotJi. God 
&c. Michael Brown & Mary Coulton. 

Jane the Daughter of Rob ; & Jane Gardner. God &c. W™ Bom- 
fret & Grace Blackburn bap; Apr; 14**1. 

Joseph the Son of John & Helen Gardner bap; Apr; 2o"i. God 
&c. Wm Seed & Eliz: Eccles. 

John the Son of Jos; Poulton bap; May 10*'^. God &c. Jcs 
Laurenson & Mary Ibitson. 

(77) Jane the Daughter of Rd & Isabella Maudsley bap; May is^''^ 
God &c. Henry Maudsley & Margery Huthersal. 

acre, co. Flint, Bart., and died s.p. lu February, 1H75. 'J'hereupon the estates 
went to his cousin, the present squire, William Joseph Fitzherbert-Brockholcs, 
and Mrs. James Brockholcs removed to Clifton Hill, the late seat of the Gillows. 


Ann the Daughter of James & Agatha Johnson bap : May 25*^, 
God &c. John Banes & Eliz : Coleby. 

Jane the Daughter of James & Eliz: Leeming bap: June 14*^. 
God &c. Hugh Leeming & Helen Eccles. 

Richd the Son of W™ & Eliz: Robinson bap: July 3^. God &c. 
Til : Whittinam & Alice Ducket. 

Abraham Joseph the Son of Barnaby and Helen [Flet scored out] 
Banes bap: Aug: gtn. God &c. Richd Kitchin & Mary Banes. 

Helen the Daughter of George & Ann Eccles bap: Aug: I3tt>. 
God &c. George Eccles & Mary Kirfut. 

Helen the Daughter of W™ & Ann Dunderdale bap: Aug: 2'*. 
God &c. John Huthersal & Marj^ Crookal. 

Hannah the Daughter of Mathew & Eliz : Johnson bap : Sep : 5^'^ 
God &c. Rob: Morton & Jane Singleton. 

Helen the Daughter of Th: & Jane Wilson bap: Nov: 29^^ 
God &c. John Huthersal & Mary Smith. 

Agnes Atherton Bastard Daughter of John Baloe & Jane Atherton 
bap: Decern: ist. God &c. W"i Walmsley & Margery Huthersal. 

John the Son of Jos : & Mar : Maskow bap : Decern : 13th. God 
&c. Thos Jenkinson & Mary Hudson. 

Ann the Daughter of R^ & Ann Wild bap : Decern : 24*'*. God 
&c. John Banes & Eliz: Holsall. 

Mary the Daughter of Benjamin & Ann Mally bap: Decern : 28*^. 
God &c. Rd Key & Jane Slater. 

1802 Jan : 

Ann the Daughter of John & Eliz: Wells bap: Jan : 21'*^ God 
&c. Rob : Gardner & Mary Davies. 

Eliz: the Daughter of Jane Huntington, Bastard, Father [Uank] 
bap : 22^. God &c. J^s Ribchester & Esther Hall. 

Jane the Daughter of Mathew & Mar : Gardner bap : Febr : 3d. 
God &c. John Banes & Mary Hubbestey. 

(78) Rd the Son of Rob* & Sarah Holding bap: Feb: 6ih. God &c. 
James & Alice Holding. 

Mary the Daughter of Jos: & Frances Crardner bap: Feb: 9^'\ 
God &c. John Richardson & Mary Hudson. 

W™ the Son of W™ & Eliz: Bamber bap: Feb: 141'!. God &c. 
Th : Bamber & Alice Park. 

Ann the Daughter of George & Mary Oman bap : Fel). 171'!. God 
&c. Henry Gardner & Cat. Charnock. 

Nicholas the Son of Thomas & Mary Gardner bap: Feb: igth. 
God &c. Rich : & Isabella Threlfall. 

Jos : the Son of Barnaby & Margery Banes bap : March 5**^. God 
&c, Luke Weld & Mary Shepherd. 

Ann the Daughter of Henry & Jane Whitehead bap : March 12^''. 
God &c. Th: Laurenson & M^^^ Richardson. 

Henry the Son of John & Mar: Walmesley bap: May 7*'^. God 
&c. Henry Whitehead & Jane Waterhouse. 

Jes the Son of Henry Taylor bap : May 9^*1. God &c. Jo Lauren- 
son & Mar : Taylor. 


Mary the Daughter of James & Helen Bleasdale bap: May 9^^. 
God «S:c. Rob: Nixon & Ann Sharpies. 

Ann the Daughter of Ed: cS: Helen Robinson bap: May ij^^. 
God &c. John Banes & Jane Jenkinson. 

Jane the Daughter of Michael & Marv Gardner bap : Mav 23"^. 
God &c. W"' Bolton & Mary Seed. 

Eliz: the Daughter of Th : & Helen Sumner bapt : May 2t)t". 
God &c. W'» Banes & Mary Leach. 

Helen the Daughter of Th : & Ann Whittinam bap: June 7. 
God &c. Th: Whittinam & Margery Huthersal. 

Helen the Daughter of Rd & Eliz: Huthersall l)ap; June 14"'. 
God &c. Th: Huthersall & Eliz: Wilson. 

John the Son of W" eS: Jane Wilson bap: June 2oti>. God &c. 
W" Wilson & Ann Wild. 

Agnes the Daughter of W'" & Jane Nixon. God: Rob: Nixon 
& Alice Park bap: June 27^1. 

Robt the Son of Th : & Jane Bratherton baj) : Julv 15^1. God &c. 
W" Seed & Eliz : Bomfret. 

Eliz: the Daughter of Edmund & Jane Balshaw l:>ap: July 15''!. 
God &c. John Balshaw & Ann Lee. 

(79) Jane the Daughter of W" & Mar : Green bap : July 27*^. God &c. 
Henrv Fletcher & Ann Adamson. 

John the Son of Rd & Marv Huthersal bap : Julv 30"'. God &c. 
W" & Mary Seed. 

Francis Brockholes* the Son of W'" & Marv bap: Aug: i^'. God 
&c. Ml- & Mrs Butler, t 

Alice the Daughter of James & Cat. Atkinson bap: Aug: lot'i. 
God &c. Barnaby & Helen Banes. 

Eliz: the Daughter of John & Helen Gardner bap: Aug: ii^*!. 
God &c. Rd Ducket & Mary Seed. 

Mary the Daughter of Rob: & Mary Ibitson bap: Aug: ig^i. 
God &c. John & Helen Gardner. 

Ann the Daughter of John & Mary Williams bap: Aug: 20^^!. 
God &c. James & Eliz: Banes. 

Th: the Son of Th: & Mary Greening bap: Sep: 2^1. God &c. 
Rich : Lupton & Miss Gainsforth. 

Joseph the Son of Th: & Helen Jenkinson bap: Sep: 16*''. God 
&c. John & Eliz: Jenkinson. 

James the Son of John & Ann Whittinam bap: Oct : ii"i. God 
&c. James Banes & Mar: Whittinam. 

Th: the Son of Th : & Alice Cross bap: Oct: iitu. Qod &c. 
George Holding & Mary Burn. 

John the Son of George & Ann Wilson bap : Oct : 12^'^ God &c. 
W"' Bolton &Eliz: Lee. 

5|s lie died unmarried in 1851. 

•f" Mrs. Butler was Charlotte, daughter of John Bowdon, of Beightonfulds, 
CO. Derby, Esq., and widow of Richard Butler, of I'leasington Hall, co. Lancas- 
ter, Esq., who died in 1779. She died Aug. 20, 1S07, aged 59, and was buried 
at Femyhalgh. " Mr. Butler " was her son, John Francis Butler, of Pleasing- 
ton Hall, Esq., who died s.p. Sept. 13, 1824, aged 52. 


Th : the Son of John & Ann Bratherton bap : Oct : i2"i. God &c. 
Luke Weld & Ann Ball. 

Isabella the Daughter of Richt* & Isabella Maudsley. God &c. 
W™ Barton & Mary Smith bap : Nov : 16*^. 

John tlie Son of Jos: & Alice Poulton bap: Nov: 2"'^. God &c. 
James Laurenson & Mar^^ Ibitson. 

Elizabeth the Daughter of R'l & Isabell Threlfall bap: Nov: 26"'. 
God &c. Wm Seed & Helen Threlfall. 

Alice the Daughter of Henrv [blank] & Marv Sellers, bastard, 
bap : Nov : 29*11. God &c. Esther Hall. 

Thomas the Son of Thomas Rogerson & Matilda Duhurst, Bas- 
tard, bap: Decem: 6*11. God &c. Ann Bomfret. 

Jan : 1803 
(80) Wn» & Joseph, Twins, bap : 6^1. God &c. Rob : Holding & Mary 
Wilson to the latter, &Thos : Whittinam & Eliz : Eccles to the former, 
Sons of James & Cecily Banes. 

Eliz: the Daughter of W'" & Eliz: Robinson bap: Jan: 30*11. 
God &c. John Bamber & Bridget Hubbestey. 

Rob* the Son of George & Ann Ibitson bap: Feb: 5*11. God &c. 
Rob: &Mary Ibitson. 

Jane the Daughter of Th : & Ann Seed bap : March 12*11. God &c. 
George Ducket & Mary Ibitson. 

John the Son of John & Ann Poulton bapt. March 14*11. God &c. 
"Joseph & x\lice Poulton. 

Marv the Daughter of W" & Do roth v Shepherd bap : March i6*ii. 
God &c. Rich: Shepherd & Esther HalL 

Ann the Daughter of John & Jane Gardner bap: March i6*ii. 
God : &c. Wni Bolton & Mary Gardner. 

Mary the Daughter of R. & Ann Wild bap : March i8*ii. God 
&c. Henry Maudsley & Helen Banes. 

Margaret the Daughter of James & Mary Ribchester bap: 
March 22^1. God &c. James Gardner & Ann Neusham. 

John the Son of Henry & Mary Whitehead bap : Apr : 3d, God 
&c. James Jenkinson & Mar\' Hudson.. 

Alice the Daughter of W^ & Betty Poulton bap: Apr: 13*11. 
God &c. Th : Poulton & Alice Barton. 

Ann the Daughter of Edward & Mar: Bamber bap: April 24*11. 
God &c. George Eccles & Ann Wilson. 

Jane Coleby bap: Ap: 27*11. God &c. Th: Waterhouse & Helen 
Robinson. She is Daughter of James & Alice Coleby. 

Jane the Daughter of Rob : & Sarah Holden bap : May 2". God 
&c. Richd Ducket & Eliz: Holden. 

Jane the Daughter of Edmund & Ann Holding bap: Ma}- 9*11. 
God &c. Edmund Charnock & Jane Waterhouse. 

Sarah the Daughter of Henry & Matilda Cross bap: May 19*11. 
God &c. Th : & Alice Cross. 

Alice the Daughter of James & Ann Eddisford bap: May 23d. 
God &c. John Bamber & Eliz : 

Mary Ann Baines bap: May 26*11. ^od &c. J^s & Eliz: Banes. 


Th : the Son of Edward & Grace Barton bap : May 29'''. God &c 
Th: Gonial & Eliz: Gardner. 

(81) Isabella the Daughter of Th: & Alice Pyke bap: June iitii 
God : Barnaby & Margary Banes. 

Henry the Son of Th: & Alice Pyke bap: June ii^h. God &c 
Th : Pouiton & Alice Barton. 

Henry the Son of James & Bella Moon baj) : Jmie i6ti'. Qq(| ^f- 
John Robinson & Catherine Charnock. 

James the Son of Tho^ & Ann Ducket ba]): Julv 3^. God c^x 
^^'•" Seed & Mary Banes. 

Helen the Daughter of James & Ann Clarkson bap: June 26"' 
God &c. Rd Huthersal Laneheads & Eliz: Clarkson. 

Eliz: the Daughter of R^ & Agatlia Eastam bap: July iq^'' 
God &c. John Banes & Helen Eastam. 

Jane the Daughter of Peter & Alice Boscow bap: July iq^^' 
God &c. Jos: Pouiton & Sarah Barton. 

Thos the Son of John & Helen Clarkson bap : Aug : 14I''. God &c 
George Slater & Ann Mooning. 

Henry the Son of Mat hew & [Eliz. scored out] Margaret Gardner 
bap: Sept: 23^. God &c. R^ Kitchin & Jane Lee. 

Ann the Daughter of Rd & Eliz : Huthersal bap : Sep. 28th. God 
&c. Th : & Mar : Adamson. 

W'" the Son of Barnaby & Margery Banes bap : Oct : 25^''. God 
&c. James & Eliz: Banes. 

John the Son of Rd & Hannah Ducket bap : Nov : 2qt". God &c. 
John & Alice Ducket. 

John the Son of John & Eliz: Wells bap: Nov: 29th. God (kc. 
James Bancs & Mary Wilson. 

John the Son of George & Ann Wilson bap : Decern : 2^'. God &c. 
Th : Wilson & Eliz : Gardner. 

Thos the Son of R<i & Marv Ducket bap: Decem : 4th. God &c. 
W"i Baines & Mary Ibitson. 

Mary the Daughter of Peter & Jane Dilworth bap. Decem : 25"'. 
God &c. James Baines & Alice Holden. 

Mary the Daughter of Edmund & Jane Balshaw. God &c. 
Henry Fletcher & Eliz : Smith. 

Jan : 1804 

(82) Th : the Son of Thomas & Helen Sumner bap : Jan : 3d. God &c. 
Th : Ducket & Mary Sumner. 

Margaret the Daughter of W" & Margaret Green bap: Jan : 12*^ 
God &c. John Adamson & Dorothy Laurenson. 

Eliz: the Daughter of Th : & Eliz : Turner bap : Jan : 12th. God 
&c. Henry Fletcher & Mary Williams. 

John the Son of Th : & Jane Wilson bap: ]an : 20^11. God &c. 
Rd & Eliz: Huthersal. 

Henry the Son of James & Hek-n Dobson bap: Jan. 25th. God 
&c. John Brown & Eliz: Dobson. 

Jane the Daughter of Th : & Mary Greening bap: March 3^. 
God &c. George Slater & Jane Shuttleworth. 


Henry the Son of John & Helen Gardner bap : April I5t'>. God 
&c. Th : Seed & Eliz : Gardner. 

Martha the Daughter of W°^ & Eliz: Bamber bap: Aur: 2611. 
God &c. Rob : Park & Helen Park. 

Jos: the Son of Th: & Ann Whittinam. God &c. Joseph & 
Caterine Baines bap : Ma}- 24*^. 

Ann the Daughter of Rob: & Sarah Holden bap: Ma}' 31st. 
God &c. John Ducket & Jane Penswick. 

Isabella the Daughter of Ed : & Helen Robinson l)ap : June q^^\ 
God &c. W"^ Walmesley & Ann Stringfellow. 

Rob : the Son of Rob : & Jane Gardner bap : June 15^''. God &c. 
W^n Seed & Ann Bomfret. 

Dorothy the Daughter of James & Cat. Atkinson bap : June 25^''. 
God &c. Ed: Blackburn & Mar: Blackburn. 

\Vm the Son of George & Mary Oman bap: July S»i. God &c. 
John Ducket &. Ann Bomfret. 

Eliz: the Daughter of George & Ann Eccles bap : July 9th. God 
&c. W^ & Eliz: Baines. 

Ann the Daughter of W^ & Ann Dunderdale bap: July 17th. 
God &c. John Seed & Dorothy Duhurst. 

Margaret the Daughter of John & Ann Bratherton bap : July 29^^. 
God &c. Rob: & Jane Brindle. 

Francis Gardner the Son of Th : & Mary. God &c. Henry Gardner 
& Eliz : Wells bap : Aug : 3d. 

Mary the Daughter of Jos: & Alice Poulton bap: Aug: 18*^1. 
God &c. Henry & Mary Gardner. 

(83) George the Son of Tho : & Eliz : Smith bap : Sept : 2^. God &c. 
John Barton & Mar}' Barton. 

Ann the Daughter of Thos & Agnes Johnson bapt : Sep: 15th. 
God &c. George & Mary Johnson. 

Mary the Daughter of Rob : & Mary Ibitson bap : Sept : 18^'K 
God &c. John & Mary Williams. 

Mary the Daughter of Richard & Mary Smith bap: Oct: 8t». 
God &c. Rev^ John Barrow & Ann Stringfellow. 

Eliz: the Daughter of Th : & Alice Cross bap : Decem : 2^. God 
&c. Th : Whittinam & Maiy Gardner. 

Mary the Daughter of Mary Johnson, Bastard, Father Tho^ 
Bolton. God &c. James Parkinson & Esther Hall bap : Decem : 9^^. 

Rd & James. Twins, Sons of W" &Eliz: Poulton bapt: Dec: 
[written through Nov] 13**^. God &c. Barnaby Baines & Margarey 
to James: & John & Mar: Barton to Richard Poulton. 

Mary the Daughter of Rd & Eliz: Huthersal bapt : Decem : i8th. 
God &c. W°i Wilson & Mar: Grayston. 

Thos the Son of W^ & Dorothy Shepherd bap: Decem: 23<^. 
God &c. Rd Shepherd & Eliz: Singleton. 

W«i the Son of Th : & Jane Bratherton bap : Jan : 6"' 1805. God 
&c. W'" & Alice Bomfret. [Rewritten after corrected attempt scorgd out.] 

James the Son of John & Mary Williams bap : Jan : 13**1. God &c. 
Charles Madden & Mary Baines, 


Eliz: the Daughter of W'" & Eliz: Robinson bapt. Jaii : 15^". 
God &c. Ed: Robinson & Cat. Balshaw. 

W™ the Son of VV"^ & Jane Wilson [above James & Eliz. Ashton 
scored out] bap: Feb: iS^'K God &c. Jes Ashton & Eliz: Ashton. 

Th: the Son of James & Mar: Ribchester bap: Feb: i8t>'. God 
&c. Jos: Swarbrick & Ehz: Ribchester. 

John the Son of Rich : & Isabella Threlfal bapt. Feb : i8th. God 
&c. Th : & Mary Gardner. 

Henry the Son of George & Mary Malley. God &c. George & 
Jane Johnson Feb: 21^^ 

W" the Son of Rd & Mary Huthersal: God &c. R^ & Mary 
Bolton bap: Feb: 26th. 

Th: the Son of John & Ann Poulton bap: March I3t>'. God &c 
Th: & Alice Poulton. 

Ann the Daughter of James & Cecily Baines bap: March 25^'' 
God &c. jes Baines & Eliz: Baines. 

(84) Rosa Daughter of Th. & Helen Sumner bap : April 4'^ Qod &c 
James Clarkson & Mar; Walmsley. 

Dorothy the Daughter of Th : & Helen Jenkinson bap : Ap : 3ot*> 
God &c. James Jenkinson & Cat : Charnock. 

Jes the Son of Rich^ & Isabella Maudsley baptized June 24*'^ 
God &c. Wi" Threlfal & Alice Dilworth. 

Eliz : the Daughter of R^ & Ann Wild bap :, JU.I3' i^t. God &c 
Robert Billington & Mary Baines. 

Thos the Son of Th : & Margaret Adamson baj) : Aug: 8^^. God 
&c. John & Ann Hesketh. 

Helen the Daughter of Peter & Alice Boscow bap: Aug: 14^'' 
God &c. Th : & Eliz : Smith. 

Cat. the Daughter of Barnaby & Helen Baines bapt : Sep: iS^'' 
God &c. Barnaby Baines & Cat. Suthard, 

Mary the Daughter of James & Alice Coleby bap: Sep: 21*^* 
God &c. Th : Slater, Ann Chisnet. 

Lucy the Daughter of Mathew & Margaret Gardner bap : Sept 
25tii. God &c. John Baines & Eliz : Halshaw. 

Eliz: the Daughter of Rich^i & Jane Shepherd bap: Sept: 30^^ 
God &c. Rob : & Eliz : Duhurst. 

Oct : 5th [Cat scored out] Ed : the Son of Rob : & Sarah Holden 
bap : Oct : 5th 1805. God &c. Ed : & Eliz : Ducket. 

John the Son of Mar: & W'" Green bapt: Oct: 2y^^K God &c 
Henry Wilkinson & Jane Laurenson. 

Helin the Daughter of John & Teresa Ibitson bap: Nov: 31' 
God &c. Ed: & Margaret Blackburn. 

Thos the Son of James & Ann Clarkson bap : Nov : 25^^. God &c 
Thos Clarkson &Eliz: Hall. 

W"! Haithornwhite bap: Decern: 5^'^ God &c. John & Ann 

Mar: the Daughter of George & Ann Wilson bap: Decem : 15I''. 
God &c. Wm Bolton & Alice Wilson. 

Margaret the Daughter of Thomas Turner & Elizabeth bap : 27^" 
Decem : God &c. John & Mar : Haithornwhite. 


Jan : 1806 

John the Son of John & Ann Bratherton bap : Jan : 3d. God &c. 
Rfi Bratherton & Molly Brindle. 

Thomas the Son of John & Eliz : Wells bap : Feb : 23'^. God &c. 
Th : Waterhouse & Mary Gardner. 

Jos : the Son of Barnaby & Mand Baines bap : March 3^. God 
Sec. Wm Baines & Alice Barton. 

James the Son of Tho : & Agnes Gomal bap : March 24*''. God &c. 
Th: Waterhouse & Margaret Waterhouse. 

{85) Bella the Daughter of John & Isabella Hodgson: God &c. W" 
Seed & Mary Hodgson bap : Ap : 17^*1. 

Ann the Daughter of Thos & Eliz : [?] Eocetur bap : May 8th 
1806. God &c. W«i Baines & Eliz : Baines. 

R*^ the Son of James Ashton bap : 31st May : God &c. W"i & 
Margaret Wilson. 

John the Son of Edmund Balshaw bap : June 8*1'. God &c. W°^ 
Bolton & Ann Wilson. 

Eliz : the Daughter of Joseph & x\lice Polton bap : July 3d 1806. 
God &c. Th : Polton & Alice Dilworth. 

Ed : the Son of Ed : Robinson & Helen bap : July 17th. God &c. 
Christ. Robinson & Helen Moorby. 

Rd the Son of Mathew & Margaret Gardner bap : July 22^. God 
&c. Rob : Coleb}' & Ann Fletcher. 

Jane the Daughter of John Gardner & Jane Gardner bap: 
July 28th. God &c. John & Eliz: Calvert. 

Joh.n the Son of George & Ann Eccles bap: July 31st. God &c. 
John & Mary Wilson. 

Ann the Daughter of John & Dorothy Gardner. God &c. John 
Dobson & Eliz: Dobson. 

Dorothy the Daughter of Henry & Mary Whitehead bap : Oct. letii. 
God &c. Wm Noblet & Mary Swa'rbrick. " 

Sarah the Daughter of W™ & Dorothy Shepherd bap : Oct : 20th. 
God &c. John Maccarey & Mary Halsal. 

Tho : the Son of George & Ann Wilson, bap : Nov : 20^^. God 
&c. Th. Wilson & Mary Bolton. 

Ann Huntington, Bastard, bap: Decern: 7^1, Father Henry 
Knowles. God &c. Th : Parkinson & Mary Halsal. God &c. 

Eliz : the Daughter of Mary Johnson, bastard, George Halloway 
Father, bap : Decem : 26*11. God &c. John Maccarey & Mary Halsal 
God &c. 


James the Son of Tho^ & Mary Gardner bap : Jan : 18*11. God 
&c. Th : Melling & Ann Kellet. 

Mary the Daughter of John & Mary WiUiams bap: Jan: iS^^K 
God &c. Henry Wilkinson & Ann Ibitson. 

(86) Ann the Daughter of George & Eliz : Clarkson bap : Feb : 2^. 
God &c. John & Mary Bolton. 

Mary the Daughter of Rob: & Sarah Holden bap: Feb: 14th. 
God &c. James & Mary Ducket. 

1807 Feb: 19. Joseph Ribchesier the son of James and Mary 


Ribchester bapt : on said day: godfather Edward Swarbrcck. 
Godm : Jane Shepherd. 

1807 March 4 James the son of Tho^ & Helen Sumner bapt : on 
said daj': Godfather James Wahnsley. godm: Betty Waterhouse, 

Isabella the Daughter of Th : & Aice Pyke bap : March 20*^. 
God &c. Th : Hubbestey & Eliz : Baines. 

March 25, 1807 Catherine Green daugh: of Thos & Mary Green 
bapt: on said day. Godm: Catherine Knight. Godf: Henry 
Whitehead, born 2^^. 

[Mar scored out] April 7"^ W" the Son of R^ & Isalxlla Maudsley. 
God &c. John Hubbstey & Helen Laurenson. 

Thos the Son of W™ & Mary Wilson bap: April 30^'^ God &c. 
Henry Wilson & Haimah Duhiirst. 

James the Son of [James scored out] W"^ & Esther Whithead bap : 
May 7*^. God &c. John Swarbrick & Agatha Noblet. 

Joseph the Son of James & Cecily Baines bap: June 26^'^ God 
&c. Th : Seed & Mary Wilson. 

George the Son of Rich : & Mary Huthersal bap : July gt'^. God 
&c. George Bolton & Mary Smith. 

July 26. W™ Marser was bapt : Godf : Mr. Gill. Godm : Miss 
Gill his daughter. 

(87) Mary Ann Brockholes* bap : July 30*^. God &c. MTrogmorton. t 
Aug : I, Marg : Poulton daugh : of John & Ann was baptized. Godf : 
1807. J" Calvert. Godm : Mary Calvert. 

Aug : 12 Thos Laurence Bleesdale (illegit : natus) son of Betty 
Bleesdale. Godf : W" Hornby. Godm : Betty Threlfall. 

Aug: 16 Mary AttemotS was baptized. 

[blank] son of [blank]. Godf: W°i Wilson. Marg: Wilson his 
wife Godm: 

Catherine the Daughter of Th: & Margaret Adamson bap: 
nth Sept. God &c. Rd Latus & Cath : Adamson. 
Sept : 13, John Maskow was baptized son of Tho^ & Liddy Maskow. 

1807. Godf: John Ibitson. Godm: Alice Simpson. 
Sept : 28, Alice Gardner daughter of Rob: & Jane Gardner. Godf: 
1807. John Gardner. Godm : Ann Waterhouse. 

Sept: 29 Jane Shepherd was baptized daughter of Rich: & Jane 
Shepherd. Godf. Rich: Poulton. Godm: Mary Huberstey. 

W"^ the Son [corrected from Eliz the Daughter] of John & Eliz : 
Dobson bap: Oct: 4th. God &c. W™ Baines & Helen Waterhouse. 

(88) Richd the Son of Th : & Alice Cross bap: Oct. 5. God &c. R^ & 
Eliz: Seed. 

Bella Threlfal Daughter of Rich. & Isabel bap : Oct : 23d, God &c. 
Th : Grayston & bella Ratclif . 

Jane the Daughter of John & Jane Akers bap : Nov : 28t'». God 
&c. W" Akers & Alice Key. 

Eliz : the Daughter of Barnaby & Helen Baines bap : Decern : 6^*1. 
God &c. Mat hew & Mar : Gardner. 

i|e She died unmarried in 1842. 

'f Georj^e Throckmorton, vide p. 314. 

jl Local pronunciation of Hawthornthwaite. 


Jane the Daughter of Henry & Cat : Waterhouse bap : Decern : i^^^ 
[17^'' crossed out]. God &c. Th : & Mar : Waterhouse. 

John the Son of R^ & Ann Holden bap: Decern: 20*'^ God &c. 
Jes Oman & Mary Bolton. 


Jane the Daughter of James & Ehz: Ashton bap: Jan: 20^'!. 
God &c. Henr}^ & Mary Wilson. 

Eliz: the Daughter of George & Ann Wilson bapt. Jan: 31st. 
God &c. Tho: Wilson & Alice Dilworth. 

Sarah the Daughter of George & Mary Almond bap : Jan : 31^*. 
God &c. Rob : Eccles & Jane Bomfret. 

Th : the Son of John & Dorothy Gardner bap : Feb : iit^i. Qod &c. 
James & Eliz : Duhurst. 

Robert the Son of Rob* & Sarah Holden bap: Feb: 28"i. God 
cS:c. W" Ducket & Mary Baines. 

W'" the Son of Tho^ & Agatha Gromal bap : March 29*^. God 
&c. John & Eliz. Calvert. 

Mary the Daughter of James & Ann Clarkson bap: Ap: 13**1. 
God &c. John Bolton & Mary Huthersal. 

Mary the Daughter of Th : & Ann Ducket bapt. April 17*1^. God 
&c. Rich : Seed & Mary Ibitson. 

Martha the Daughter of George & Eliz: Clarkson bap: May 8^^. 
John Ratclif & Margaret Clarkson. 

W™ the Son of Peter & Alice Boscow bap: June 3<i. God &c. 
Rob : Robinson & Grace Maskow. 

James the Son of Joseph & Alice Polton bap : June i8t*». God 
&c. Rich: & Eliz: Seed. 

Rosa the Daughter of John & Ann Whiteside bap: June 26*1^. 
God &c. John Wilson & Mary Davies. 

(89) Richard the son of John & Alice Crook bapt. June 28**^. God 
&c. Th : Polton & Eliz : Fox. 

James the Son of George & Eliz: Robinson bap: July iitn. 
God &c. James Hardman & Grace Crumbland. 

Mary the Son [sic] of John & Ann Bratherton. God &c. Rich : & 
Eliz: Seed. 

Helen the Daughter of Rich : & Ann Wild bap : 22^1 July. God 
&c. W"i Shepherd & Margaret Whitehead. 

Margaret the Daughter of W" & Dorothy Shepherd bap: 
Aug : 14*^. God &c. R^ & Sarah Shepherd. 

Hugh the Son of John & Eliz: Wells bapt : Sept. 6^^. God &c. 
James Seed & Winefrid Threlfal. 

John the Son of John & Mary Williams bap. Sept. 9*^. God. 
Rob: & Ann Abraham. 

Th: the Son of Peter & Jane Carbry bap: Sep: 24*^. God. Th: 
Waterhouse & Eliz: Clegg. 

Eliz: the Daughter of Thos & Jane Bratherton bap: Oct: 4th. 
God &c. John Gardner & Eliz: Seed. 

Louise the Daughter of Mat: & Mar: Gardner bap: Oct: y^^. 
God &c. W°» Seed & Helen Dobson. 


John the Son of John & Helen Clarkson bap : Oct : ii^^. God &c. 
[George crossed out] Th: Singleton & Alice Huthcrsal. 

Alice the Daughter of [John crossed out] Th : Gardner & Mary 
bap: 3<* Novem: God &c. Jos: Polton & Alice Polton. 

Thos the Son of John & Eliz: Dobson bap: Decern: 4th. God 
&c. James Baines & Winefridc Threlfal. 

Tho. the Son of George & Ann Eccles bap: Decern: 23<i. God 
&c. Th: &Eliz: Dobson. 


Mary the Daughter of Tho: & Lydia Maskow bap: Jan: 8^'^ 
1809. God &c. Wm & Mary Maskow. 

Tho. the Son of George & Ann Wilson bap: Jan; 13*^. God 
&c. Jams Wilson & Alice Lee. 

Helen the Daughter of John & Mar : Walmsley. God &c. W™ 
Noble t & Mary Whitehead March 2i^K 

W'" the Son of John & Jane Akars bap : Ap : yK God &c. John 
&Eliz: Smith. 

Henry the Son of Rob. & Sarah Holden bapt. April 24^'!. God 
&c. Henry Smith & Mary Ducket. 

(90) Mary the Daughter of James & Mary Ribchester bap : May 22^ 
1809. God &c. John Banes & Mary Ribchester. 

W^i the Son of W'» «& Mary Wilson bap : June 6*1. God &c. Th. 
Wilson & Jane Grayston. 

John the Son of Barnaby Bains. God &c. Ed: Roper & Eliz: 
Grayston bap. June 16*'^. 

Ann the Daughter of W" & Mary Seed bap : June 22^. God &c. 
Henry & Mar : Seed. 

Mar}^ the Daughter of W'^[?] & Jane Gardner bap: June 2y^'\ 
God &c. W"i Gardner & Margaret Gardner. 

July 24*1 was born & baptized by me Robert Gradwell, Apostoli- 
cal Missionary at Claughton, Thomas, son of Sarah Bolton. God- 
mother Jane Parkinson. 

Augto 9th [corrected from 10] was born & immediately baptized 
Edward son of Tho^ & Mary Greening (olim Mary Shiittleworth) . 
Sponsors John Crook and [blank] Shuttleworth. Ceremonies supplied 
Aug* 13. 

August 19*11 was born x\nn daughter of John & Jane Rich (olim 
Jane [added above] Waterhouse) ; and was baptized by me Rob: 
Gradwell Aug* 27*^. Sponsors W'" Whitehead & Marg* Wliitehead. 

(91) Ann the Daughter of John & Eliz : Smith bap : Aug : 29*1^. God 
&c. James & Mar : Seed. 

Septr 4*^1 was bom & Sepr 5"^ baptized Mary daughter of James 
Ashton & Elizabeth Ashton (olim Eliz. Wilson). Sponsors Tho^ 
Wilson, Margt. Clarkson. 

Sepr 4th vvas born Thomas son of Micli^ & Ann Wilcock (....) 
and baptized Sepi' 10*^. Sponsors Jos. Poulton & Eliz. Kay. 

Sepr 28 was born & Oct^" i^t baptized Robert son of Rich^^ & 
Catharine Mercer (olim Cath. Southworth) . Sponsor Jane Amptridy. 

Catharine the Daughter of John & Margaret Haithomwhite bap. 
Oct. 13th 1809. Sponsors Tho. & Eliz: Maskow. 


Ann the Daughter of John & Eliz: Whiteside bap: Oct: 5'^. 
God &c. Rob : & Ann Bennet. 

Nov. 22 was born & baptized Thomas son of John Huthersal 
& Jane Huthersall (olini Graystone). Sponsors Rich^i Dunderdale, 
Mary Smith. 

(92) Margaret the Daughter of Barnaby & Margery Bains bap: 
Decem: [? 13, 15 or] 19*^. God &c. Th. & Ann Whitehead. 

23^ Deer J809 \\as born & 24*1^ Dec^ baptized James son of James 
& Cicily Baines (ohm Cic : Swarbrick). Sponsors Jos. Park & Ehz: 


1810 Jan. 31 was born and Feb. 4^'! baptized Charles son of W"^ 
& Mary Waterhouse (ohm Mary Parkinson). Sponsors John Breth- 
erton & Sarah Barton. 

1810 Febv 19 Ahce daughter of Thomas & I.ydia Maskow. 
Sponsors John & Margaret Haythornwhitc. 

March 3^ Thomas son of James and Ann Clarkson. Sponsors 
Thomas Johnson and Margt Garner. 

March 21 Evan son of W" and Dorothy Shepherd. Sponsors 
Francis Sahsbury, Ellen Myerscough. 

(93) Margaret the Daughter of F 
God &c. James & Eliz : Baines. 

Mary daughter of Will"* and Margaret Singleton was born 
March 29^^^ and baptized March 30*^. Sole Sponsor Grace Cromble- 

John the Son of John & Mary Wilson bap : May 3'*. God &c. 
Thos Parkinson & Eliz: Dobson. 

Richard son of Thos and Margaret Adamson bapt : 6"^ May. 
Sponsor Ellen Latus. 

May 19, 1810 Ann daughter of John and Alice Crook born & 
baptized. Sponsors Ja^ Baines, Mary Crook. 

William son of Richard and Isabel Threlfall baptized May 20^11. 
Sponsors Ja^ Crookall, Mar\^ Chorley. 

Mary daughter of John & Ann Poulton baptized May 2ist. 
Sponsors W°^ and Ellen Bolton. 

Laurence Turner Son of Wf^ & Ann Turner bap : June 4*^. God 
&c. Rob : Waring & Alice Dunderdale. 

(94) Joseph the Son of Tho: & Alice Cross bap: June 7th. God: 
James & Peggy Seed. 

June 17 Margaret daughter of George & Eliz : Clarkson. Sponsors 
Thos Johnson and Alice Hubbersty. 

Margaret the Daughter of John & Elizabeth Dobson bap : July s^f . 
God &c. Th : & Eliz : Whittinam. 

Jane the Daughter of John & Alice Wilson bap : July 19th. God 
&c. Th: Johnson & Mar: Clarkson. 

Catherine the Daughter of R^ & Ann Wild bap : July 23'^. God 
&c. Js Bains & Ann Bilhngton. 

Ann the Daughter of Rich^ & Eliz: Duhurst bap: July 27th. 
God &c. Mary Dunderdale. 


Jane the Daughter of John & Mary Williams bap: July 31^*. 
God &c. Th : Madder & Jane Ibitson. 

August 12 Anna daughter of Joseph and Alice Poulton. Spon- 
sors [Joseph and crossed out] W"" & Eliz: Poulton. 

Cat. Seed the Daughter of W^ & Mary Seed bap: Aug: 24th. 
God &c. James Banes & Jane Dihvorth. 

Th : the Son of Rich'* & Ann Laurenson bap : Sept : igt'J. God 
&c. Rob: Abraham & Ann Laurenson. 

Alice daughter of Thos and Mary Gardner born 18 Sept^ and 
baptized 23d Sep^. Sponsors James Seed and Alice Dihvorth. 

(95) James son of George and Ann Wilson bapt. Ocf 14. Sponsors 
Thos Gardner and Ann Wilson. 

Margaret daughter of George and Elizabeth Robinson bap: 
Octr i^^th Sponsors Robert and Susannah Swarbreck. 

Emilia Gregson Ashton daughter of James and Elizabeth Ashton 
baptised Octr 20. Sponsors John and Sarah Bolton. 

Henry son of Thomas and Agnes Gomall baptized Ocf 28***. 
Sponsors John Holiday and Eliz. Waterhouse. 

Robert son of John and Jane Acres baptized Nov. 16**^. Spon- 
sors W"i Bamford and Susanna Swarbreck. 

Thomas son of Henry and Catherine Waterhouse (olim Cath. 
Charnock) baptized Nov. 28**^. Sponsors Jo^ Etherington and Ann 

(96) Ann daughter of Tho^ and Ann Duckworth (olim Ami Bamford) 
baptized Dec^" 9^*^. Sponsors W"' & Eliz. Bamford. 

Mary daughter of Edward and Helen Robinson baptized December 
ii^^i. Sponsors Jas. and Mary Baines. 

John Hallshail son of Mary Hallshall baptized Dec^ 23rd. Spon- 
sors W°* and Eliz. Shepherd. 


James son of John and Doroth}- Gardner born and baptized 
Jany i^t 1811. Sponsors Adam Dewhurst and Ann Wilcock (nomen 
matris olim Dor. Dewhurst). 

Thomas son of Robert and Sarah Holden (olim Sarah Duckworth) 
born and baptized Jany 5th. Sponsors Jno Adamson and Alice 

Feb. nth died at Claughton Rev^i John Barrow in the 76**1 year 
of his age and 45*'^ of his ministry. 

Agnes daughter of George and Mary Omand (Almon) (olim Mary 
Curtis) born Feb. 11*^ baptized Feb. 16. Sponsors Rob. Waring, 
Alice Dunderdale. 

(97) Elizabeth daughter of Grace Myerscough and [blank] born June 12 
& baptized June 16**^ (Sponsors Sarah Shepherd and Ja^ Wilson). 
By me R.G.* 

Thomas son of William and Ann Turner was baptized June 18*'^ 
Sponsors Thos Waring and Mary Dunderdale. 

Winefrid filia Richard and Ann Seed (olim Ann Eccles) born 
Augt 6, baptized Aug: 9**1. Sponsors Charles Walmsley and Eliz. 

* Rev. Robert Gradwcll. 


Jane f. William and Mary Gardner (olim Mary Harrison) born and 
baptized Augt 17th. Sponsors Jno cS; Eliz. Calvert. 

Elizabeth danghter of James and Mary Ribchester born Augt. 28*^ 
and baptized Aug* 30''!. Sponsors Joseph Gardner and Eliz. Atkin- 

(98) John son of John and Elizabeth Smith (olim Eliz. Swinbank) born 
Feb. 23 baptized Feb. 24t'>. Sponsors James and Marjory Dihvorth. 
By me R.G. 

Mary and Jane twin daughters of Tho^ and Elizabeth Whitting- 
ham born and baptized March 10^^. Sponsors to Mary, Richard 
Seed and Ann Walker. Sponsors to Jane, James and Marg* Seed. 
By me R.G. 

Joseph the son of Thomas and Margaret Adamson (olim Margaret 
Latus) born April 19th and baptized April 20*1^ 181 1. Sponsors 
Joseph Latus and Mary Latus. By me R.G. 

James the son of Thomas and Jane Bretherton (olim Jane Bam- 
ford) was born April 28*^ 1811 and baptized April zg^^. Sponsors 
James Myerscough and Margaret Seed. By me R.G. 

Mary daughter of John and Aim Seed (olim Ann Shaw) was born 
May 6^^ 1811 and baptized May 7th. By me R.G. [Sponsors^ names 
perished through fraying of edge of paper.] 

(99) William hi. Barnaby and Helen Baines (olim Helen Fletcher) born 
and baptized Sept. 4th. Sponsors Joseph Gardner and Eliz: Atkin- 

Ann fil. Thomas and Alice Cross (olim Alice Eccles) born Sep^ 8 
and baptized Sep"" g^^. Sponsors James & Margt Seed. 

Mar\- f. of \Villiam and ilary Seed (olim Mar}- Baines) born 
Sep. 13^^ and baptized Sep^ 14^11. . Sponsors Jos. Gardner and Eliza- 
beth Dobson. 

Elizabeth f. John and Jane Parkinson (olim Jane Robinson) born 
Sepf ii^ii and baptized Sep. 14th. Sponsors Geo. and Eliz. Robinson. 

Robert f. John and Jane Robinson (olim Jane Whittingham) bom 
Sep. iS^"^ and baptized Sep"^ 18**^. Sponsors Geo. Robmson and Eliz. 

(100) Henry [in place of some word carefully erased] f. George and Ann 
Wilson (olim Ann Leigh) born Sep. 22^* and baptized Sep. 24*'^. 
Sponsors James Wilson and Alice Leigh. N.B. The above correction 
was made at the time of the baptism, and originated in a mistake of 
the Sponsor. By me R.G. 

Edmund f . Thomas and Lydia Myerscough (pronounced Maskow) 
born Sepr 29^1^ & baptized Sep^ 30^*^. Sponsors Geo. & Mary Arrow- 

John f. Robert and Ann Cutler (olim Ann OUves) born and bap- 
tized Octr 20. Sponsors Thomas Waring & Mary Dunderdale. 

William f. Wilham and Margaret Singleton boni Oct^ 20»'i 
baptized Oct. 29. Sponsors Tho^ Singleton & Eliz. Shepherd. 

Ann f. George and Ann Eccles (olim Ann Seed) born Nov. 7 and 
baptized Nov. 8^^. Sponsors W"i & Helen Bolton, 
(loi) John son of W°i and Sarah Ibbetson (olim Sarah Latham) born 
Nov. 8^^ and baptized Nov. g^^. Sponsors Henv & Mary Fletcher. 


Helen daughter of Thos & Isabel Fishwick (oiini Isabel Water- 
house) born Nov. lO**^ baptized Nov. ii^h. Sponsors Tho^ Poulton 
and Alice Hardman. 

Thomas son of John & Elizabeth Smith (olim Eliz. Seed) born 
Nov. 23^ baptized Nov. 24*'^ Sponsors James Smith and Susan 

Agnes daughter of John and Jane Richardson (olim Jane Water- 
house) born Dec. lo*^ and baptized Dec. 12*'^ 1811. Sponsors W'" 
Noblet & Ann Snape, 

Elizabeth daughter of George and Elizabeth Clarkson (olim Eliz. 
Hall) born and baptized Dec^" 23, 1811. Sponsors James Ribchester 
& Mary Wilson. 


(102) Henr}' son of W" and Margaret Whitehead born Jan. 11 and 
baptized Jan. 12. Sponsors W'" Noblet & Mary Poulton. 

Margaret daughter of James and Margaret Wilkinson (olim Margt 
Abbot) born Feb. 13 baptized Feb. 16. Sponsors Jn^ Waring & Grace 

Isabella daughter of James and Cicily Baines (olim Cic: Swar- 
brick) born Feb. 21®'' baptized Feb. 22. Sponsors John Gardner & 
Mary Ann Greening. 

John son of James & Mary Maudsley born March 17*11 baptized 
March 18*''. Sponsors Tho^ & Ann Billington. 

Mary daughter of Edw^^ & Margt Wells (olim Margaret Whitehead) 

(103) born March 22 baptized March 25. Sponsors James Smith & 
Jane Whitehead. 

Mary daughter of John & Helen Clarkson born March 19 and 
baptized March 29. Sponsors Thos and Isabel Hodgson. 

Barnaby son of Barnaby & Marjory Baines (olim Marjory Duck- 
worth) born April 11 baptized April 12. Sponsors Thos and Marg* 

Catharine daug"" of John & Eliz. Dobson (olim Eliz. Baines) born 
May I & baptized May 3. Sponsors W"" & Mary Seed. 

Thomas son of John and Mary WiUiams (olim Mary Mather) born 
and baptized May 4. Sponsors John Adamson & Jane Whitting- 

(104) John son of John and Jane Acres (olim Jane Cuerden) born and 
baptized May 14. Sponsors W"^ Noblet & Eliz. Cuerden. 

Thomas son of George and Ann Holden (olim Ann Swarbreck) 
born May 22 baptized May 23. Sponsors James Holden & Alice 

Robert aon of Thomas & Margaret Gardner (olim Margt Shepherd) 
born and bai-)tized May 24. Sponsors W'" & Jane Bamford. 

Sarah daughter of Rob* and Sarah Holden born June 13 & bap- 
tized June 14. Sponsors Henry Smith & Mary Duckett. 

Elizabeth daughter of W™ and Mary Gardner (olim Mary Harrison) 
born and baptized June 23. Sponsors George Wilson & Eliz. Poulton. 

(105) Richard son of John & Jane Huthersal (olim Jane Grayson) 
born and baptized Aug* 7. Sponsors Tho^ and Alice Wilson. 

Alice daughter of Rob* and Margaret Radcliffe (olim Marg* 


Gardner) born Augt 21 baptized Augt 22. Sponsors Thos & Marg* 

Thomas son of Thos and Mary Gardner (olim Mary Wells) born 
Aug. 22 and baptized Aug. 23. Sponsors W"^ & Helen' Bolton. 

Alice daughterof Joseph and Alice Poulton (olini Alice Laurenson) 
bom and baptized Sep. i. Sponsors Henry and Ann Poulton. 

Alice daughter of Richard & Eliz. Dewhurst (olim Eliz. Huthersall) 
bom Sep. 16 & baptized Sep. 17. Sponsors Tho^ & Grace Dunderdale. 

(106) Ann daughter of Thomas & Alice Cross (olim Alice Eecles) born 
and baptized Sep. 18. Sponsors Ja^ Seed and Ann Eecles. 

Cecily daughter of James & Elizabeth Ashton (olim Eliz. Wilson) 
born & baptized Sep. 23. Sponsors John Teeming & Jane Wells. 

Henry son of Henr}- & Elizabeth Maudsley (olim Eliz. Halsall) 
bom Oct. 18 baptiz. Oct. 19. Sponsors Francis and Eliz. Salisberry. 

George son of George & Ann Eccles born Nov. 15 and baptized 
Nov. 18. Sponsors George Sharpies & Winif. Threlfal. 

Alice daughter of Peter & Alice Burscough born 17 NoV baptized 
1 9 No\-. Sponsors W"^ Hall & Grace Crombleholme. 

(107) Richard son of George & Elizabeth Robinson (olim Eliz. 
Hardman) born Nov. 22 and baptized same day. Sponsors Jos. 
Ether in gton and Alice Fox. 

Francis son of Tho^ and Ann Ducket (olim Ann Bamford) bom 
Nov. 30 baptized Dec. i. Sponsors Edward Ducket & Margaret 

Alice daughter of John and Margaret Walmsley (olnn Margt 
Mercer) baptized Dec^ 6. Sponsors W"" Smith & Helen Myerscough. 

Isabel daughter of Tho^ and Margaret Adamson alias Laurenson 
(olim Marg^ Latusl born and baptized Dec. 6. Sponsors James 
Barrow and Mary Baines. 

(108) Richard son of Richard and Mary Huthersall (olim Mary 
Bolton) bom Dec. 14 baptized Dec. 15. Sponsors John and Mary 

William son of Tho^ and Isabel Fishwick (olim Isabel Waterhouse) 
born and baptized Dec. 15. Sponsors John Baines & Marg* Water- 

Ann daughter of Margaret Clarkson born Dec. 21 baptized Dec. 22. 
Sponsors John Huthersall & Mary Smith. 

Elizabeth daughter of Ozee and Eliz. Wardle (olim Eliz. Singleton) 
bom Dec. 28 and baptized same day. Sponsor Tho^ BiUington. 

(109) Elizabeth daughter of George & Ann Wilson born Jan. i^t 1813 
and baptized Jan. 2^^. Sponsors John Arrowsmith and Ann Wilson. 

Mary daughter of Rich^ & Ann Lawrenson (olim Ann Abram) 
born Jan. 30 and baptized Jan. 31. Sponsors Tho^ Seed & Helen 

James son of Rich^^ and Isabel Threlfall (olim Isabel Sanchy) born 
Feb. ID baptized Feb. 12. Sponsors Geo. & Mar)^ Arrowsmith. 

Alice Waterhouse daughter of W'" and Mary Waterhouse (olim 
Mary Johnson, olim Mary Parkinson) born 16 Feb. baptized Feb. 21. 
Sponsors Tho^ Waterhouse & Mary Peele. 


John son of TIio« and Agnes Gornall (olini Agnes Johnson) born 
22 Feb: baptized Feb. 26. Sponsors John Hutliersall & Ann Eccles. 
(no) Elizabeth danghter of William & Maiy Seed (olim Mary Gardner) 
born 15 March baptized 17 March. Sponsors John Baines and Ann 

John son of John and Dorothy Gardner (olim Dor. Dewhurst) born 
and baptized March 19. Sponsors Rich.Hnthersal and Ann Lawrenson. 

John son of Joseph and Jane Myerscough (Mascow) (olim Jane 
Melling) born March i6*'» baptized Marcli 21. Sponsors James Smith 
& Margt. Myerscough. 

Elizabeth daughter of John and Ann Seed (olim Ann Shaw) born 
April 3 and baptised April 4. Sponsors Ja^ & Marg' Seed. 

Helen daughter of George & Elisabeth Clarkson born May 16 
baptised Maj^ 18. Sponsors Tho^s Seed & Ann Lawrenson. 
(in) William son of John and Alice Crook (olim Alice Poulton) born 
& baptised 2 June. Sponsors W"" & Ann Poulton. 

Agnes daughter of George & Mar}^ Almon (olim Mary Curtis) born 
g^'h June and baptised 13*'^ Sponsors John Gill & Mary Forrest. 

James son of John and Dorothy Hubbersty (olim Dor. Newsham) 
born and baptised June 21. Sponsors Edwt* and Margaret Swarbrick. 

Elisabeth daughter of John and Jane Robinson (olim Jane 
Whittingham) born 25 Aug. and baptised 29 Aug. Sponsors Rich^i 
Kay, Sarah Fox. 

Ann daughter of James and Mary Ribchester (olmi Mary Cutler) 
born Aug. 26 baptised Aug. 30. Sponsors James and Mary Wilson. 

(112) Margaret Bretherton daughter of Tho^ and Jane Bretherton 
(olim Jane Bamford) born i Sep. baptised 3 Sept. Sponsors W™ and 
Helen Bolton. 

Jane daughter of Barnaby & Helen Baines (olim Flelen Fletcher) 
born 19 Sept^ baptised 20*^. Sponsors W»" Seed & Marg* Baines. 

Peter son of Rich^ and Ann Seed born 24 Sepf and baptised 
25 Sep. Sponsors W"" Bamber and Mary Parker. 

Henry son of Robert and Sarah Holden (olim Sarah Ducket) born 
& baptized Sep. 30. Sponsors Hen : Smith and Mary Duckett. 

Mary daughter of Helen Lee born 8 Octr baptized 9 Octr. Spon- 
sors Rob. Moxham & Alice Parkinson. 

Richard son of Robert and Ann Cutler (olim Ann Ohves or OUis) 
bom Octr 5 and baptised Ocf 10. Sponsors Francis Waring and 
Grace Dunderdale. 

Thomas son of John & Margt. Hathomthwaite born 25 Oct. bapt. 
28. Sponsors Edw. & Helen Mally. 

(113) Thomas son of William and Elis. Eastham (olim Elis. Smith) 
born 28 Oct. baptised 31 Oct. Sponsors Rich. Eastham and Mary 

Thomas son of John & Elisabeth Dobson (olim Elis. Baines) born 
4 Nov. baptised 5 Novr. Sponsors Barnaby & Marjory Baines. 

Elisabeth daughter of John & Elisabeth Smith (olim" Elis. Seed) 
born 26^^ and baptised 27*'^ Nov. Sponsors John & Elis. Calvert. 

William son of Tho^ & Elisabeth Whittingham (olim Elis. Eccles) 
born & baptised 5 Deci". Sponsors John Adamson & Elis. Blackburn, 



George son of George and Ann Wilson (olim Ann Lee) born 
March ii baptised March 14. Sponsors George Bolton & Margt. 

Anna daughter of W^^ & Margt Singleton born 11 March and 
baptised 13 March. Sponsors W™ Holiday & Alice Coulby. 
{114) John son of ^^'illiam and Margaret Whitehead bom 16 March 
baptised 20 March. Sponsors W''" Robinson, Jane Whitehead. 

Ann daughter of Edward and Margaret Wild (olim Margt White- 
head) born 18 March and baptised 20 March. Sponsors Henry & 
Jane Whitehead. 

John son of William and Susan Noblet (olim Susan Swarbreck) 
born 27 [? or 26] th March baptised 28 March. Sponsors Edward 
Duckworth & Elis. Duckworth. 

Nicholas son of James & Alice Smith (olim Alice Dilworth) bom 
& baptised 5 April. Sponsors James Walmsley and Ann Maudsley. 

James son of John and Jane Acres born 15 April baptised 16 Api. 
Robert Swarbrick and Jane Bamford. 

Thomas son of Charles and Maiy WUcock (olim Mary Hornby) born 
Ap. 18 baptised Ap. 19. Sponsors W"" Shepherd &. Mary Wilcock. 

(115) Jane daughter of W«i and Mary Seed (olim Mary Baines) born 
2ist April baptised 22 Ap. Sponsors John & Elis. Smith. 

Margaret Wild daughter of Rich^ & Ann born 22 April baptised 
I May. Sponsors W™ Shepherd & Elis. Hesketh. 

Mary Turner daughter of W" and Elis. Turner born 6 May & 
baptised 8 May. Sponsors Franc. Waring & Mary Dewhurst. 

Anna daughter of Joseph & Alice Poulton (olim Alice Lawrenson) 
born 26 June baptised 27. Sponsors W"^ & Elis. Poulton. 

Margaret daughter of Ann Wilcock & Rob. Sandholm born 17 July 
baptised 18*'^. Sponsors Rich. & Margt Wilcock. 

Elisabeth daughter of John and Mary Williams born and baptised 
30 July. Sponsors Ja^ Barlow & Elis. Blackburn. 

Henr}' son of William and Mary Gamer (olim Mary Smith) born 
8 Aug. baptised 12^11. Sponsors Rich. & Marg* Lund. 

(116) Margaret daughter of Richard & Jane Parkinson bom 9 August 
baptised 13. Sponsors Rich. Atherton & Isabel Kay. 

Henr\' Bains son of James and Cecily Bains (olim Cecily Swarbrick) 
born 17 Aug. baptised 18 Aug. Sponsors Rob. Abram and Mary 

Richard son of William and Sarah Ibbetson (olim Sarah Lathom) 
bom and baptised 19 Aug. Sponsors John & Jane Ibbetson. 

Thomas son of John and Margaret Walmsley (olim Margt Mercer) 
bapt. II Sep. Sponsors J as. Poulton & Mary Burscough. 

Mary daughter of George & Elisabeth Clarkson born 19 Sep. 
baptised 20 Sep. Sponsors James Wilson & Margt Lawrenson. 

George son of Thomas and Ann Duckett born 19 Oct. baptised 
21 Oct. Sponsors John & Ann Seed. 

Mary daughter of Thomas & Margaret Gamer (olim Marg* 
Shepherd) bom 24 Oct. baptised 29 Oct. Sponsors Tho^ & Elis. 


Margaret daughter of John & Helen Clarkson bom i8 Nov. 
baptised 27 Nov. Sponsors Thomas & Isabel Huthersall. 

(117) Thomas Wilson Ashton son of James & Elisabeth A'shton (olim 
Elis. Wilson) boni 30 Nov. bapt. 2 Dec. Sponsors TlW and Jane 

Robert son of John & Dorothy Gamei born 4 Dec. baptised 5 Dec. 
Sponsors Geo. Arrowsmith and Mary Wells. 

Alice daughter of Thos and Margaret Kay (olim [blank]) born 

5 Dec. baptised 6 Dec. Sponsors Rob. Coolby and Ann Stringfellow. 

Peter son of Peter and Alice Burscough born 8 Dec. baptised 
17 Dec. Sponsors W"^ Smith & Alice Clarkson. 

Mary daughter of Thos and Mary Gamer (olim Mary Wells) born 

6 bapt. 18 Dec. Sponsors Thos Bains & Jan.e Whittingham. 

Thomas son of James and Elisabeth Lofthouse (olim Elis. Water- 
house) born 17 Dec. bapt. 18 Dec. Sponsors John Walmsley & Ann 
Hubbersty. ^^^^ 

(118) Joseph son of Thomas and Aim Maskow (olim Ann Poulton, olim 
A. Coupe) born Jan. 6 baptised Jan. 8. Sponsors John Garner & 
Jane Bleasdale. 

Tliomas son of Rob* and Sarah Holden born & baptised 15 Feb. 
Sponsors John Adamson & Ann Holden. 

Elisabeth d^ of Rich*i & Elisab. Dewhurst born and baptised 

7 [Feb. scored out] March. Sponsors Ja^ & Mary Wilson. 

William son of Geo. & Ann Wilson born 7 March baptised 10 Mar. 
Sponsors W*" and Ann Wilson. 

Helen daughter of George & Ann Bolton (olim Ann Waring) born 
12 March baptised 13^^. Sponsors Geo. Haliday & Elis. Bolton. 

Thomas son of Joseph & Jane Maskow born 6 March baptised 13. 
Sponsors Tho^ Maskow & Ann Holinhurst. 

(119) Helen d^ of John and Ann Seed born 13 March baptised 15. 
Sponsors Thos and Ann Duckett. 

George son of Thomas & Agnes Gornall born March 21 baptised 
22^^. Sponsors John & Marg* Edisforth. 

John son of James and Brigit Bibby (olim Brigit Tiney) born 
23 March bapt. 25. Sponsors Bernard Tiney and Agnes Tiney. 

John son of William and Mary Seed born Ap. 13 baptised Apr. 15. 
Sponsors John Gardner & Elis. Blackburn. 

John son of Charles & Mary Wilcock (olim Mary Hornby) born 
15 Ap. baptised 16. Sponsors W'" Waterhouse and Margt Wilcock. 

Jane daughter of Benjamin and Mary Wanscott (olim Mary 
Moon) bom 2 May baptised 4 May. Sponsors Rich^^ & Helen 
Atherton . 

WiDiam son of Edmund and Brigit Chamley (olim Bridg. Chorley) 
born 18 May baptised 19^*^. Sponsors Jos. Garner and Sarah Chorley. 

(120) Jane daughter of Thos & Elis. Whittingham (olim Elis. Eccles) 
born and baptised 28 May. Sponsors Robert Garner and Mary 

Ann dr of William and Elisab. Eastham (olim Elis. Edisforth) born 
29 June baptised 30^^. Sponsors John Edisforth and Elis. Water- 


Margaret daughter of James and Mary Ribchester born 8 Aug* 
baptised 9 Augt. Sponsors Rob* Coulby & .Alargt Hubberst^-. 

Richard son of Thomas and Helen Poulton (olim Helen Water- 
house) bom 14 August baptised i^^^. Sponsors Henry Poulton and 
Mary Barton. 

Henry son of Matthew and Margaret Gamer bom 20 Aug. 
baptised 21. Sponsors Edw^ and Brigit Charnley. 

Matthew son of John & Elis. Dobson (olim Elis. Baines) bom 
3 Sep. baptised 4 Sept^. Sponsors Thos Baines & Elis. Blackbum. 

(121) Edward son of Edward & ]\Iargaret Wild born 4 Sep. baptised 
13 Sept. Sponsors Henry and Mary Ann Whitehead. 

Agnes daughter of Richard and Mary Wells (olim Mary Arrow- 
smith) born and baptised 27 Septr. Sponsors Geo. Arrows'mith and 
Margaret Lund. 

Mary Ann Whitehead daughter of James and Mary Ann White- 
head (olim Mary Ann Greening) bom Sep. 26 baptised 30. Sponsors 
Henry Whitehead & Mary Ann Greening. 

Helen and Thomas Bains t\\ins of Barnaby and Helen Bains 
born and baptised 7 Oct. Sponsors of Helen, James Dobson and 
Helen Clayton. Sponsors of James, Tho. Bretherton & Marg* 

Ann daughter of Joseph and Alice Poulton bom 5 Oct. baptised 
8 Oct. Sponsors Tho^ Bolton and Mary Barton. 

Mary d^ of John and Elis. Smith born 8 Oct. baptised g^^. Spon- 
sors Rich, and Elis. Seed. 

James son of Josias Gamer and Margt Garner conjug. bom and 
baptised 16 Oct^". Sponsors Geo. Arrowsmith and Helen Cromble- 

(122) Thomas son of Margaret Holinhurst and Geo. Wilkinson bom 
18 baptised 25 Oct. Sponsor Mary Holinhurst. 

Margaret daughter of John & Helen Clarkson born and baptised 
29 Oct. Sponsors Thomas and Isabel Huthersall. 

Ann daughter of Rich'^ and Ann Seed born i Nov. baptised 4t'>. 
Sponsors Rob. Seed & [Mary scored out] Grace Dunderdale. 

Thomas son of William and Margaret Singleton born 31 Oct. 
baptised 5 Nov. Sponsors John Singleton & Mary Johnson. 

Jane d^ of William and Ann Tumer born 9 Dec^ baptised ii^ii. 
Sponsors Tho^ Dunderdale and Mary Tumer. 

Thomas son of Richard & Mary Huthersall born 21 Dec^" baptised 
24. Sponsors Thos & Elis. Bolton. 


(123) William son of William & Susan Noblet born & baptised i Jan. 
1816. Sponsors W"^ and Jane Bamford. 

Alice d"" of John and Jane Acres born and baptised 5 Janv. 
Sponsors Rob. Swarbrick & Jane Bomfret. 

Mary d^ of Thos and Jane Bretherton born 13 Janv and baptised 
13. Sponsors Jno Turner and Sarah [Turner scored out] Chorley. 

Ann daughter of John and Jane Dobson (olim Jane Whittingham) 
bom and baptised 13 Feb. Sponsors Tho^ Whittingham & Alice 


William son of Richard and Elisabeth Seed (olini Elis. Lambert) 
born II Feb. baptised 14*'''. Sponsors John and Aim Seed. 

Helen danghter of John and Elisabeth Whiteside born 27 March 
baptised 28. Sponsors John Arkwright and Mary Johnson. 

Agnes daughter of Mary Garner born and baptised 28 April. 
Sponsors Rob. Gabot and Elis. Garner. 

Winifred d"" of James and Cecily Baines born 23'''* baptised 24'*' 
May. Sponsors Moses Barlow and Ann Ponlton. 

Elisabeth Whitehead d^" of W"^ and Margaret born 24*'^ and bap- 
tised 26^'! May. Sponsors Henry and Mary Ann Whitehead. 

James son of W'" & Elisabeth Waring born 29 and baptised 30 
May. Sponsors Geo. & Elis. Waring. 

(124) John son of James & Helen Wilson born 2 April baptised 4*^. 
Sponsors Jno. Wilson, Ann Eccles. 

Elis. Wilson dr of George and Ann born 2 Ap. baptised 4**^. 
Sponsors Jno. Wilson, Matilda Lee. 

\Vm Wilson Son of John and Alice born & baptised 20 June. 
Sponsors Ja^ Ashton, Mary Bolton. 

Margaret d^ of Charles & Mary Wilcock born 26 June baptised 29. 
Sponsors John & Ann Wilcock. 

Ann daughter of Thomas and Ann Mascow born 4 July baptised 5. 
Sponsors Henrj' Bleasdale & Ann Wilson. 

William son of Richard and Ann Wild born 24 Ap' baptised 
15 July. Sponsors Geo. Hunt & Grace Crombleholm. 

James Leconby RatcUHe* son of John & Mary Ratcliffe (olim 
Mary Chorley) born 27 July baptised 29 July. Sponsors James 
Almon & Cath. Chorley. 

George son of Jane Billington born 5^^ Sepf baptised 6^^. Sponsor 
Dor. Billington. 

Margaret daughter of James & Elisab. Loftus born and baptised 
11^^ Septr. Sponsors William Bamford & Agnes Salthouse. 

Sarah d'" of John & Helen Bolton (olim Helen Holden) born 2 Oct. 
baptised 5**^ Octr. Sponsors Thos and Sarah Bolton 

Alice d"^ of Thomas and Ann Duckett born 3^ Oct. baptised 5*^. 
Sponsors James & Jane Ibbetson. 

Mary d^ of Thomas and Helen Foulton born 9th Oct. baptised 10**^. 
Sponsors Rich^i and Ann Poulton. 

(125) Joseph Stellson of John and Elizabeth Stell (olim Elis. Sharpies) 
born and baptised ii^ii Oct. Sponsors John Swarbreck & Susan 

Robert son of Richard and Isabel Threlfall born 8 Oct. baptised 
13. Sponsors W™ Green & Agnes Crookall. 

James son of James and Bridget Bibby born 16^*1 Oct. baptised 
21 Oct. Sponsor Agnes Tarny, 

5|c I'resumably the second name of Leckonby derived from the Chorley 
family, but no connection or relationship is shown in the Leckonby pedigree. 
Richard Leckonby Chorley, probably brother to Mrs. Ratcliffe, emigrated to 
Australia in 18.^0, with his wife and four children. She was Grace, daughter 
of James Park, the farmer at Thumham Hall, and was born there in 1801. 
She died at Bathurst, Australia, Sept. 19, 1896, aged 95 [Freeman's J mmial, 
Sydney, Oct. 3, 1896). 


Ann dr of William and Sarah Ibbetson born and baptised 4 Nov. 
Sponsors Thos and Teresa Ibbetson. 

Henry son of James and Elisabeth Ashton born 4*^1 Nov. baptised 
7*'^ Sponsors Edw^ Pike and Mary Smith. 

Mary daughter of James and Alice Smith born 14th Nov. baptised 
15. Sponsors John Maudsley and Elis. Lund. 

Elisabeth Frances Whitehead daughter of James and Mary Ann 
Whitehead born 23 Nov. baptised 24*^. Sponsors George Shuttle- 
worth and Ann Shuttleworth. 

Ann daughter of George and Ann Bolton born Nov. 30 baptised 
Dec. I. Sponsors Will"^ & Helen Bolton, 

Benjamin son of Benjamin and Mary Wainscott born 9 Dec. 
baptised 15 Dec. Sponsors James Kaye and Jane Whittle. 

Helen d^' of Ann Whitehead born 20 Dec. baptised 25 Dec. 
Sponsors Geo. Robinson & Marg* Whitehead. 

James son of James and Mary Barlow (olim Mary Baines) born 
and baptised 29 Dec^ 1816. Sponsors Moses Barlow & Elisabeth 

(126) Richard son of John and Ann Seed 30 [Jan. scored out] Dec. 
1816 baptised i Jan. 1817. Sponsors Rich. & Elis. Seed. 

Elisabeth daughter of John and Mary Williams born 31 Dec. 1816 
baptised Jan. i, 1817. Sponsors James Barlow and Elis. Blackburn. 

Mary d^ of James and Marg* Dewhurst (olim Margt Wells) born 
30 Jan. baptised 31st. Sponsors Tho^ Dewhurst and Agnes Wells. 

Feby 6tJi 1817 was born Alice Gamer Daughter of Tho^ & Mary 
Gamer and Baptised 7*^ February 1817. Sponsors Mary Lucas, 
George Sharpies. 

Elisabeth daughter of John and Dorothy Gamer born 17th April 
baptised 18*^. Sponsors Robert Walmsley and Elis. Huthersall. 

John son of John and Elisabeth Dobson born and baptised 14 May. 
Sponsors Ja^ Cicily Bains. 

Robert son of George and Ann Wilson born 15 May baptised 18**^. 
Sponsors John and Ann Wilson. 

Marjory daughter of John and Elis. Smith born 22 May baptised 
25th. Sponsors Tho^ Seed and Ann Garner. 

Jane daughter of Thomas and Margaret Garner born May 25 
baptised 26. Sponsors Rob. & Ann Garner. 

Jane daughter of James and Mary Ribchester born 18 July 
baptised 19th. Sponsors George Dugdale & Agnes Wells. 

James son of Richard and Jane Shepherd born 3 Sep. baptised 5th. 
Sponsors Ed. Pyke* and Elis. Leeming. 

* Edward Pyke, of Claughton, was father of Joseph Pyke, of Preston, 
Esq., J.P., who married Margaret, daughter of Dionysius Howarth, of Preston. 
The latter had two sons, Edward, and the Very Rev. Joseph Canon Pyke, 
who died in Preston in 1902, and several daughters, nuns. Edward, who 
resided in Southport, a magistrate of the borough of Preston and the county 
of Lancaster, died in 191 1, aged 77, leaving several sons and daughters, of 
whom the Rev. Edward Pyke succeeded his uncle to the English Martyrs at 
Preston, and Mary Anne became a nun. 


(127) Thomas son of Thomas and Agnes Gromall born Sep. 8 baptised 
Sep. 12. Sponsors Tho^ and Elis Waterhouse. 

John son of James and Betty Walmesley (olim Huthersall) born 
Octr. 12 baptised 13 Octr: Sponsor Mar}^ Ratcliff. by me H.G., 
Miss: Ap: 

Ehzabeth the Daughter of Thos. & Elizabeth Whittingham (olim 
Eccles) born Octr. 23 baptised 24. S.S. George Dngdale & Mary 
Whittingham by me H.G., M.A. 

John son of Thos. & Ellen Poulton (olim Waterhouse) born Novr. i 
baptized ^ Nov, S.S. Ric. Poulton & Mary Poulton. by me H. 

James son of Chas. & Mary Wilcock (olim Hornby) born Nov. 7 
baptized 9**^. Sponsor Jane Hornby, by me H. Gradwell. 

(128) Laurence the son of W'" & Ann Turner (olim Lee) born Deer. 19 
baptized 21*^. S.S. Ric. Dunderdale & Grace Dunderdale. by me 
H.G., M.A. 

Bridget daughter of J. & M. Huthersall (olim Fisher) bom Decr.15 
bap. 17. S.S. John Walmesley & Ann Maudesley, by me H.G., M.A. 

James son of John & [An scored out] Jane Acres (olim Cuerden) 
born 24 Deer, baptized by me H. G. Deer. 25. S.S. James Smith 
& Mary Omond. [Rest of page blank.'] 

[Inside hack cover.] 23 John son of Joseph & Ellen Wilson (olim 
Mascow) born 20 Jany. baptized 23. S. Ann Billington. by me H.G. 

[The next entry crossed out. It ran thus : John James 

& Betty Walmesley (alias Huthersall). Sponsors Mary Ratcliff.] 

James son of John & Jane Dobson (olim Whittingham) C.C. born 
Feby, 19th baptized eode die. S. Mary Whittingham. by me H.G., 

Frances daughter of W"^ & Margaret Singleton (olim [blank]) 
C.C. born March 9 baptized 15. S.S. Robt. Holden & Betty Hesketh. 

Book II. 
The Register of Baptisms at St, Thomas's Church, Claughton. 

A small book, 7x5 in., with limp leather back. There are 138 
pages in the book proper, and there is a loose sheet of four pages, which 
is given first. 

[On the loose sheet of paper.] 

[The Rev. Henry Gradwell started to keep his registers on a sheet of paper 
7x5 inches, making four pages. The right-hand top corner is tattered or 
gone, much is illegible, and no year is given. These were afterwards inserted 
in a book ; but as some discrepancies occur between the two, both are printed, 
different type being used.] 
Helen daughter of W"" cS: Isabell .... bap. 29. S S Edward Roper & Jane 

(olim Parker bom 11 April Miles-^— by me H Gradwell — 

clay S S Geo. Parker and Ann Grace daughter of James and Eliz : 

me H G. Loftus (olim Waterhouse) born 

W™ son of Rob' & Ann Cutler 7 May eodem die baptized S S 

Ollis) born 3 April baptized 12 do S.. James Wamesley and Alice Wames- 

Robert Gamer and Ann Gamer a me ley by me H G 

H G Alice daughter of Robert and Margt 

Elizabeth daughter of John Atorick Ratcliff e rebaptized May 23 

and Mary Johnson born .'Kpril 27 S Eliz : Calvert by me H G 


Elizabeth Daughter of 


Bamford born June 2^^ baptized 
5«t S S. \\^ Bamford & Mary 
Latus by me H G. 

Cuthbert Son of James & Mary Almond 
bom June 10 baptized 12 Spon : 
Wn» Ratcliffe and Mary Ratcliffe by 
me H G. 

[P. 2, wanting in left top corner.] 
. . . son of James Townley and Mary 
. . . bom 21 May baptized 24^^ S S 
. . . Ann Poulton by me H G 
. . . net daughter of John and Ann 
. . . bora I5"» Deer, rebaptized May 
. . . Sponsors Betty Eastham by me 

Henry son of John and Jane Eccles 
born July 27 baptized 28"! do S S 
Thos. & Jane Rogerson. Proxy Mar}- 
]\Iackerell by nie H G 
John Son of Ric. and Ann Wild (olim 
Baines) born July 3 baptized Augst 
15 S S Abraham Baines & Mary 
Johnson by me H G 
Silvester Son of John & Jane Rich (olim 
Waterhouse) boi-n Augt. baptized 23'' 
do S S H Whitehead & Jane Witehead 
by me H G 

William son of Jolm and Elizabeth 
Stele (olim Sharpies) born Augt 26 
baptized 28^'!. S S Barnaby Baines 
& Agnes Noblet by me H G. M A 
Richard son of ... . Miller and Helen 
Ratcliffe born Sep. 24 baptized 27 
S S Richard Dunderdale and 
Mary Arrowsmith by me H G 
[P. 3, badly torn at top right-hand 
Margaret daughter of W°» and Mary 
Seed (olim Baines) born Septe . . . bap- 
tized 30 do S S Thos. Seed and Ann 
Gardner by me H G 
Jane daughter of Josias and Margt. 
Garner (olim Wareing) bom Octr. 1 8"^ 
baptized 20 do S S Henry Livesey 
Helen Mailing by me H G 
Thomas Son of Robt. and Ann Smith 
(olim Dobson) bom Octr. 22n<i bap- 
tized same day S S John & Alice 
Walmesley by me H G 

Margt. daughter of W™ & Elizabeth 
Eastham (olim Smith) bom 21*' Oof 
baptized 25"». S S. Geo. Arrowsmith 
and Ann Edisforth by me H G 
Thomas son of Barnaby & Helen 
Baines (olim Fletcher) born Octr. 25^^ 
baptized 26'° S S Thomas and Alice 
Dobson by me H G. M A 
Mary daughter of Charles Wilcock & 
Mary Wilcock (olim Hornby) bora 
November 25 baptized 28 S S 
Ric. Shepherd and Margt. Wilcock 
by me H G 

Wm Son of William and Sarah Ibbet- 
SOn (olim Laytham) bom Nov^ 28 bap- 
tized 29. S S Robt. & Teresa Ibbetson 
by me H G 

[P. 4, torn at top left-hand corner.] 
. . . Son of Thos. and Betty Bretherton 
(olim Bamford) born Nov^ 30 baptized 
same day S S John Barton 
and Eliz : Ducket by me H G 
Elizabeth daughter of Thomas & Ann 
Mascow olim Poulton born Dec^ 13 
baptized 14 S S Thos. & Betty Hall 
by me H G. 

W°^ Son of Thos. and Helen Poulton 
(olim Waterhouse) born Jany. 15 bap- 
tized i6"» S S W°i Poulton and Alice 
Crooke by me H G 
Mary daughter of Richard lS: Mary 
Huthersall (olim Bolton) born Jany. 18 
baptized same day S S Jas. & Mary 
Wilson by me H G 
Helen daughter of Thos. and Margt. 
Gillet (olim Parkinson) bom 14 Feby. 
baptized same day S S Thos. and 
Elizabeth Dobson by me H G 
Elizabeth daughter of Jas. and Eliz 
Ashton (olim Wilson) bom Feby. 28 
baptized same day S S Francis 
Bretherton and Eliz. Gamer. 
Catherine daughter of Ant. & Jane 
Cardwell born March 3 bap. 4 do S S 
Charles Penswick & Betty Blackbume 
Elizabeth John & Ann Wilson olim 
herd bom Mar. 2 bap. 4 S S John and 
Ann Wilson by me, H G. 

Tn the Book, 
(P. i) Register of Baptisms 

at St. Thomas's Church, Claughton. 

(2) This bap. was overlooked in copying at first but corrected 
immediately after. 

Elizabeth daughter of John Atrick and Mary Johnson born 
April 27 bap. 29. S.S. Edward Roper & Jane Wells. 

(3) [bla7ik] 


(4) 1818 

Helen daughter of W" & Isabella Eccles (olim Parker) born 
iit'i April baptized same da}-. S.S. Geoe ^ \nn Parker, by me H.G. 

W" son of Rob* & Ann Cutler olim Ollis or Olives born 3 April 
bap. 12 do. S.S. Robt & Ann Garner, by me H.G. 

N.B. vide page i. 

Grace daughter of James & Eliz. Loftus olim Waterhouse born 
May 7^'^ bap. same da3^ S.S. James & Alice VVamesley. by me H.(i. 

Alice daughter of Rob^ cS: Marg* Ratcliffe rebaptized May 2$. S. 
Eliz. Calvert, by me H.G. 

Elizabeth daughter of Geoe Latus and Jane Baiuford born June 2 "f^ 
baptized 5*'^ do. S.S. W'" Bamford and Mary Latus. by me H.G. 

Cuthbert son of James & Mary Almond born June lo*'^ bap. 12 do. 
S.S. Wm & Mary Ratcliffe. by me H.G. 

Joseph son of James Townley and Mary Barton born 2ist May 
bap. 24. S.S. Ric. and Ann Poulton. by me H.G. 

(5) Margaret daughter of John and Ann Eccles (olim {blatik]) born 
15^1 Deer re-bap : May 26. S. Betty Eastham. by me H.G. 

Henry son of John & Jane Eccles born July 27 bap. 28. S.S, 
Thos. & Jane Rogerson. by me H.G. 

John son of Ric. and Ann Wild (olim Baines) born July 3 bap. 
Augt iqWi. S.S. Abraham Baines & Mary Johnson, by me H.G, 

Silvester son of John & Jane Rich (olim Waterhouse) born 
I5"» Augt bap. 23rd. S.S. Henv & Jane Whitehead, by me H.G. 

W" son of John & Eliz. Stele (olim Sharpies) born Aug* 26 bap, 
28. S.S. [Agnes crossed out] Barnaby Baines & Agnes Noblet. bv 
me H.G, 

Richard son of Mat, Miller & Helen Ratcliffe born Sept, 24 bap, 
27th. S.S, Ric. Dunderdale & Mary Arrowsmith. by me H.G. 

Margt. daughter of W" & Mary Seed (olim Baines) born Sep. 29 
bap. 30. S.S, Thos. Seed & Ann Garner, by me H.G. 

(6) Jane daughter of Josias & Margt Gamer (olim Wareing) born 
Octr. 18 bap. 20 S.S. Henry Livsey & Helen Mallin. 

Thomas son of Rob* & Ann Smith (olim Dobson) born Oct. 22 
bap. same day, S.S. John & Alice Walmesley. 

Margt. daughter of W™ & Eliz, Eatham (olim Smith) born 21 Oct. 
bap. 25. S.S, Geo^ Arrowsmith & Ann Idsforth. 

Thos, son of Barnaby & Helen Baines (olim Fletcher) born 
25 Oct. bap, 26, S.S. Thos, & Alice Dobson. 

Mary daughter of Chas. & Mary Wilcock (olim Hornby) born 
Nov 25 bap. 28. S.S. Richd Shepherd & Mg^ Wilcock. 

W"» son of W" & Sarah Ibbetson (olim Laytham) born Noyr 28 
bap. 29. S.S. Robt & Teresa Ibbetson. 

Thos. son of Thos. & Betty Bretherton (olim Bamford) torn 
Nov^ 30 bap, same day. S.S. John Barton & Eliz : Ducket : 

Elizabeth daughter of Thos. & Ann Mascow olim Poulton born 
Deer 13 bap. 14. S.S. Thos. & Betty Hall. 


(7) W" son of Thos. & Helen Poulton (olim Waterhouse) born 
Jany. 15 bap. 16. S.S. W^ Poulton & Alice Crook, 


Mary daughter of Ricti & Mary Huthersall olim Bolton born 
J any. i8 bap. same day. S.S. Jas. & Mary Wilson. 

Helen daughter of Thos. & Marg* Gillet (olim Parkinson) born 
14 Feby. bap. same day. S.S. Thos. & Elizab: Dobson. 

Elizabeth daughter of Jas. & Eliz^ Ashton (olim Wilson) born 
Feby. 28 bap. same day. S.S. Franc. Bretherton & Betty Garner. 

Catharine daughter of Ant. & Jane Cardwell (olim Penswick) 
born March 3^^ bap. 4*^. S.S. Chas. Penswick & Betty Blackburn. 

Elizabeth daughter of John & Ann Wilson (olim Lee) born 
Mar. 2^'^ bap. 4. S.S. John & Ann Wilson. 

[The duplication ends here.] 

James son of John & Betty Dobson born March 5th bap. 6. S.S. 
John Adamson & Mary Wittingham. 

Jas. son of John & Elizabeth Smith (olim Seed) born March 20 
bap. 23. S.S. Richard & Ann Wells. 

(8) Robert son of & Marg*- Lucas rebaptized March 27. 

S.S. Robt. & Mary Lucas. 

Henry son of Jas. & Margt Dewhurst (olim Wells) born April 4th- 
baptized 5^^. S.S. W" Brindle & Agnes Slater. 

Mary daughter of Geo. and Nancy Bolton (olim Wareing) born 
May 8 baptized 9^°. S.S. John Waring & Mary Lucas. 

Rob* son of Rob* and Mary Lupton (olim Bennet) born May 19 
baptized same day. S.S. Rev^i Thos. Lupton & Helen Lupton. 

Richard son of John & Elizabeth Wilson (olim Beardsforth) 
born May 22"^ baptized 31s*. S.S. Thomas & Betty Wilson. 

Thomas son of John & Ann Eccles (olim Lawrenson) born June 6^^ 
baptized lo^^. S.S. Thomas Smith and Eliz: Laurenson. 

(9) Thomas son of James & Cicily Baines (olim [blank]) born May 17*11 
baptized i8<h. S.S. Abraham Baines & Ann Bume. H.G. 

Joseph son of John & Mary Williams (olim Mather) born July 6^^ 
baptized y^^ do. S.S. Thos. Baines & Mary Williams. 

Eliza daughter of Joseph & Helen Wilson (olim Myerscough) born 
June 22nd baptized S^^ July. S.S. Thos. & Jane Myerscough. 

Joseph son of Joseph and Alice Poulton (olim Laurenson) born 
July 27th baptized 28*^. S.S. Nicolas Gardner & Mary Poulton, 

Anna daughter of Thos. & Nancy Ducket (olim Bamford) born 
Septr. 4"! baptized 5*11 do. S.S. Thos. Baines & Mary Whittingham, 
by me H.G. 

Thomas son of John and Jane Dobson olim Whittingham born 
Nov^ 4th baptized same day. S.S. Joseph Billington & Margaret 
Whittingham. by me H.G. 

(10) Nil omittitur. 

(11) Nil omittitur. 

(12) Mary daughter of John & Dorothy Garner (olim Dewhurst) 
bom Noyi" 6*^^ baptized y^^. S S. Nicolas Turner & Betty Eastham. 
by me H.G. 

Helen daughter of Richard and Isabella Threlfall olim [blank] 
born Nov. 25 baptized same day. S.S. John Turner & Winifred 
Laurenson. by me H.G. 


John son of Thos. and Isabella Fiswick (olnn Waterhouse) born 
Deer 19 baptized 20. S.S. John Gill & Elizabeth Lofthouse. by me 


Richard son of Thomas & Agnes Gomall (olim Johnson) born 
J any. iit^ baptized 12. S.S. George Malley & Mary Malley. by me 

Helen daughter of James & Mary Barton (olim Baines) born 
Jany, 30 baptized same day. S.S. Barnaby Baines and Jane Dil- 
worth. by me H.G., M.A. 

(13) Alfred son of James & Mary Almond (olim Ratcliffe) born 
Febj^ 10 baptized I3**^. Sole Sponsor Helen [blank], by me H.G., 

Alice daughter of W°^ & Margaret Singleton (olim [blank]) born 
2 March baptized 6^^. S.S. John Maskow & Betty Shepherd. 

John son of Geo^ and Ann Arrowsmith (olim Rogerson) born 
April 2°^ baptized 3rd. Sponsors Christopher & Elizabeth Rogerson. 
by me H.G. 

Jane daughter of Charles & Mary Willock or Wilcock(olim Homby) 
born April 3<i baptized 5*^. Sponsors William Hornby and Ann 
Wilcock. by me H.G. 

(14) Robert son of George & Ann Wilson (olim [blank]) born May 6^^ 
baptized y^^. Sponsors Bartholomew Huthersall & Sarah Bolton, 
by me H.G. 

May 19 John Son of Ricd and Jane Shepherd (olim Deuhurst) 
bom May 18 baptized 19. Sponsors John Dilworth & Ann Williams, 
by me H.G. 

May 20 Barnaby and Helen twins of Thos. and Jane Baines (olim 
Goth) bom May ig^^ baptized 20. Sponsors to Barnaby George 
Sharpies & Helen Ribchester, to Helen Hugh Baines and Mary 
Whittingham. by me H.G. 

May 28 Thomas son of W^ & Elizabeth Cardwell (olim Water- 
house) bom May 24*1^ baptized May 28. Sole Sponsor Ann Idsforth. 
by me H.G. 

(15) June 13 Peter son of Edward & Nancy Holding (olim Bradley) 
bom June 13 baptized same day. Sponsors W™ and Elizabeth 
Hodgson, by me H.G. 

June 15 Thomas son of Thomas and Helen Poulton (olim Water- 
house) bom June 15**^ baptized same day. Sponsors Joseph & Alice 
Poulton. by me H.G. 

June 16 Mary daughter of John and Jane Acres (olim [blank]) 
born June 14 baptized 16*^^ do. Sponsors Francis Bretherton and 
Ann Wells, by me H.G. 

June 26 John son of Frederic and Julia Scott (olim Houlding) born 
26 Jirne baptized same day. Sponsors Joseph Wilding and Catharine 
Chamock. by me H.G. 

(16) July 9th 1820 Alice daughter of William and Mary Seed (olim 
Baines) bom July 8*^ baptized 9*1^. Sponsors Rob* Gamer 8c Mary 
Davies. by me H.G. 


August iS jMary daughter of Edward & Margaret Ducket olim 
Billington born August 14 baptized same day by D^" J. Rogerson. 
Ceremonies supplied August 18. Sponsors Thomas & Ann Leeming. 
by me H.G. 

September i^t 1S20 Dorothy daughter of James and Margaret 
Wilkinson (olim Wareing) bom August 2g^^ baptized Sept^ ist. 
Sponsors Rob* Waring & Ann Bretherton. by me H.G. 

October g^i' 1820 Ann daughter of William and Helen Gamer 
(olim Billington) born Oct. 8*^^ baptized 9*^ do. Sponsors Edward 
and Margaret Gamer, by me H.G. 

(17) Nov 5th 1820 Sarah daughter of Rob* & Sarah Holden (olim 
Ducket) born Novr 4^^ baptized 5*'^ do. Sponsors J as. Baines & 
Mary Whittingham. by me H.G. 

Nov^ 16 Helen daughter of Robert & Ann Smith (olim Dobson) 
bom Nov-i' 15th baptized 16*^ do. Sponsors John & Elizabeth Smith. 
by me H.G. 

Deer 24 Aim daughter of Peter and Sarah Tomlinson (olim Fox) 
born Dec^ 22°<i baptized 24***. Sponsors Rob* & Ann Tomlinson. 
by me H.G. 

182 1 

Jany. 28 John son of James and Elizabeth Ashton (olim Wilson) 
born Jan3-. 28 baptized same day. Sponsors John Barlow and Anne 
WeUs. by me H.G. 

(18) Feby. 14 Anthony son of Antony and Jane Cardwell olim Pens- 
yfitk) born Feby. 13**^ baptized 14*^. Sponsors Thomas Woods & 
Helen Williams, by me H.G. 

Feby. 18, 1821 Jane daughter of Thomas Scott and Ann White- 
head born Feby. 16 baptized 18*^. Sponsors Henry and Jane White- 
head, by me H.G. 

March 3^ 1821 Joseph Caleb son of Joseph & Helen Wilson (olim 
Maskow) born Feby. 22 "<i baptized ^^ March. Sponsors Edward & 
Margt Maskow. by me H.G. 

March 6*^ 1821 Joseph son of John and Elizabeth Dobson (olim 
Baines) born March 5 baptized March 6*^. Si)onsors James Baines 
and Margaret Whittingham. by me H.G. 

March 16 Robert son of Josias and Agnes Garner (olim [b'ank]) 
born March 16 baptized same day. Sponsors John Idsforth and 
Helen Cross, by me H.G. 

(19) March 20 Aim daughter of Thomas and Helen Jenkinson born 
Feby. 2ist baptized March 20*11. Sponsors \N^ & Agnes Noblet. 
by me H.G. 

March 23 William son of James and Mary Ribchester (olim Cutler) 
bora March 2ist baptized March 23. Sponsors Joseph Leeming & 
Marianne Baines. by me H.G. 

April 27*11 Ann daughter of Richard and Alice Dunderdale (olim 
Turner) bom April 27*11 baptized same day. Sponsors John Dunder- 
dale and Ann Turner. 

May 9*11 Robert son of Thos. and Jane Bretherton (olim Bamford) 
born May 8^^ baptized 9**1 do. Sponsors Thos. Seed and Aim Gard- 
ner. By me H.G. 


(20) May 13"' Helen daughter of William and Anne Dilworth (olini 
[blank]) born May ii^h baptized 13^''. Sponsors Ro\\ley Holden & 
Margery Redhead. 

May 22, 1821 Alice daughter of W" and Elizabeth Eastham (olini 
[blank]) born May 21 baptized 22"^. Sponsors Thos. & Alice Wells, 
by me H.G. 

June Qtii 1821 John son of John and Elizabeth Smith (olim Seed) 
born June 6^'i baptized 9*^ do. Sjjonsors W'" and Marv Seed. b\- 
me RG., M.A. 

Jul}- ist Peter son of Charles & Mary Wilcock (olini Hornby) born 
July jst. Sponsors William Hornby and Ann Wilcock. by me H.G. 

(21) July 14^" 1821 John son of John and Nanny Eccles (olim Lawren- 
son) born July 8 baptized 14th. Sponsors Thomas and Margaret 
Laurenson. by me H.G. 

August 31"^ 1821 Elizabeth daughter of James Dobson and Jane 
Gardner born Aug* 3i"fi baptized same day. Sponsors Robert and 
Ann Gardner, by me H.G. 

August 12^'! 1821 Matthew son of Thomas and Jane Baines (olim 
Goth) born Augt. i2t'i baptized same day. Sponsors William Baines 
and Elizabeth Dewhurst. by me H.G. 

August I5t'i 1821 Ann daughter of Joseph & Alice Poolton (olim 
Laurenson) born August 14 baptized same day, in danger, by D"" Jos. 
Rogerson. Ceremonies supphed August 15. Sponsors Nicolas and 
Elizabeth Gardner, by me H.G., M.A. 

(22) Sept. 9th Marianne daughter of Rob* &. Mary Tomlinson bom 
Sept. 2"fi baptized Sept^' 9*^. Sponsors Rob* Hardacre & Mary 
Bolton, by me H.G. 

Sept. 9th Thomas son of James and Marianne Whitehead (olim 
Greening) born 3^1 Septr. baptized 9^'^ Sponsors Andrew Kay and 
Mary Greening, by me H.G. 

Septr. 23 Ann daughter of Thos. & Helen Poulton (olim Water- 
house) born Septr. 22 baptized Sep. 23. Sponsors Jas. Baines and 
Alice Poulton. 

Elizabeth daughter of Richard & Ann Rogerson (olim Hehne) born 
Sep. 22 baptized Septr. 23^^. Sponsors J ames and Elizabeth Huthersall. 

Septr. 23 Jane daughter of Richard and Ann Wild (ohm Baines) 
born Sep. 23'"'! baptized same day. Sponsors John & Marg* Brether- 
ton. by me H.G. 

(23) Septr. 26 James son of John and Elizabeth Wilson (olim [blank]) 
born Septr. 23 baptized 26 do. Sponsors James and Helen Wilson, 
by me H.G. 

Deer ijth 1821 Ann daughter of Robert Gabot and Jane Malley 
born Deci' ii^h baptized same day. Sponsors William 8c Margaret 
Gabot. by me H.G. 

Deci' 13**1 1821 Robert son of Thomas & Agnes Gornal (olim 
Johnson) bom Dec^ 12*'^ baptized I2t*i do. Sponsors Richard Abbot 
and Ann Wilson, by me H.G. 

Deci' 23<i 1821 Thomas son of W" and Mary Seed (olim Baines) 
born Dec^ 22 "^^ baptized 23'"^. Sponsors Barnaby Baines & Mary 
Dilworth. by me H.G. 


(24) Deer 25111 182 1 ]\Iary daughter of William and Margaret Holden 
(olini Hawthornwaite) bom Dec^ 25 baptized same day. Sponsors 
Robert and Alice Holden. by me H.G. 


Jan\-. 5*11 John son of George & Ann Bolton (olim Wareing) born 
Jany. 3"^* baptized Jany. 5^1. Sponsors James Loftus and Margaret 
Whiteside, by me H.G. 

Feby. 2ot'i 1822 Richard son of George and Anne Wilson born 
Feby. 18*^ baptized 20 do. (olim [blank]). Sponsors Thos. Gonial & 
Mary Bolton, by me H.G. 

Feby. 26*^ 1822 Margaret daughter of James & Mary Barlow (olim 
Baines) born Feby. 25 '^ baptized 26"^ do. Sponsors Thomas Baines 
and Mary Dihvorth. by me H.G. 

(25) March g^h Anne daughter of James and Margaret Wilkilison (ohm 
Abbot) born j\Iarch 6''! baptized g^^ do. Sponsors George Bolton & 
Alice Sharpies. 

March 17th 1822 Rosella daughter of James and Mary Almond 
(olim Ratcliffe) born March 16*11 baptized 17*11 do. Sponsors Richd. 
& Catharine Chorley. by me H.G. 

April 31^ 1822 Francis Son of Francis Bretherton and Marg* 
Sergeant bom April 3^1 baptized same day. Sponsors James [Sagar ?] 
& Mary Malley. by me H.G. 

April 7*11 J822 Esther daughter of W™ & Helen Gardner (olim 
Billington) C.C. born April 7*11 baptized the same day. Sponsors 
W'" & Helen Gardner. by me H.G. 

(26) April ii*ii 1822 Elizabeth daughter of John and Elizabeth 
Dobson (olim Baines) born April io*ii baptized 11^^. Sponsors 
Barnaby Baines and Elizabeth Gardner. By me H G. 

April 16*11 James son of Thos. & Marg* Gillet C.C. (olim Parkinson) 
bom April 15*11 baptized i6*ii. Sponsors John and Marg* Parkinson. 

by me H.F.G. 

May 4*11 Henry son of John and Jane Dobson (olim Whittingham) 
bom May 4**1 baptized same day. Sponsors Thos. Baines & Mary 
Gill. By me H.G. 

May 16 Marianne daughter of W«i and Margery Wilson (olim 
Billington) C.C. bom May 15*11 baptized i6*ii. Sponsors Richard & 
Sarah Wilson: by me H^G. 

(27) May 19*11 1822 Joseph son of John & Jane Gregson (olim Tindal) 
bom Mav 16*11 baptized 19*11. Sponsors Edward Gregson and Marj' 
Bolton. " by me Hy. G. 

May 30*11 1822 Thomas son of James & Rachael Wilson (olim 
Ashton) C.C. bom May 29 baptized 30 do. Sponsors John Wilson 
and Helen Ashton. " By me HvG. 

September 16 Helen daughter of Thomas & Aim Bennet (olim 
Whitehead) C.G. was born Septr. 15 baptized 16 Septr. Sponsors 
Leonard Kellet and Jane Whitehead. By me H.G. 

(28) Octr. 2 John son of Frederic & Agnes Scott (olim Whiteside) bom 
Septr. 30 baptized Octr. 2iifi. Sponsors, W"^ Almond and Catharine 
Charnock. by me Hv G. 


Die 29 Septris [Octobris crossed out] 1822 nata et die 2 ^^ Octobris 
baptizata fuit Elizabctha Smith filia Roberti et Annac Smith (olim 
[blank]) Conjugiim. Patrinus fuit Robertus Wilding. Matrina 
Anna Wilding. A me H.G. Misso Aplco. 

Die 16 Novem : et eodem die ba])lizatus fuit Robertus Wliitehead 
tilius Francisci et Joannae Whitehead (olim Kellet) Conj ; Patrinus 
fuit Bar: Baines. Matrina Marg. Baines. a me H.G. Miss. Apl. 

DeC i^t Die 30 Novem natus et die i Decemb. baptizatus fuit 
Robertus Arrowsmith filius Georgii et Annae Arrowsmith (olim 
Rogerson) C.C. Patrinus fuit Jacobus Rogerson. Matrina Anna 
Laitus. a me H.G. Miss. Aplus. 

(29) Die 9 Decembris 1822 nata et die 15 ejusdem baptizata fuit 
Cecilia Shepherd filia Thoae Gregson et Mariae Shepherd. Patrinus 
fuit Jos : Gardner. Matrina Maria Gardner. A me H.G. Miss. Aplco. 


Die 7"^a Januarii 1823 nata et die 121^^ baptizata fuit Isabella 
Poulton filia Thoae Poulton et Helena Poulton (olim Waterhouse) 
C.C. Patrinus fuit Joa Idisforth. Matrina Elizabetha Poulton. 

Die 8"^'a nata et die 12'"* baptizata fuit Sara filia Richardi Roger- 
son et Annae Rogerson (Hehne) C.C. Patrinus fuit Joa: Dewhurst. 
Matrina Anna Dewhurst. A me H.G. Miss. Ap. 

(30) Die 15 Januarii natus fuit et die 19 ejusdem baptizatus fuit 
Lawrentius filius Gulielmi et Elizabethae Cardwell (olim Waterhouse). 
Patrinus fuit Lau: Wilson. Matrina fuit Joanna Waterhouse. 

A me H.G. Miss. Ap. 
Die 21 Januarii nata fuit et die 23 ejusdem baptizata fuit Anna 
Acres filia Joannis et Joannae Acres (olim Cuerden) C.C. Patrinus 
fuit Silvester Richardson. Matrina Anna Tomlinson. 

A me H.G. Missru Apl^o. 

Die 12 Februarii baptizata fuit Elizabeth Wilson Adulta (anno 

aetatis 27) sub conditione quippe quae conversa fuit a Religione 

Protest. Matrina Anna Billington. A me H.G. Miss^o Aplco. 

(31) Die i^Martii natus et 2<i* ejusdem baptizatus fuit Jacobus Coupe 
filius Gulielmi et Mariae Coupe (olim Wilson) C.C. Patrinus fuit 
Joannes Wilson. Matrina Helena Wilson. A me H.G. Miss. Ap. 

Die 2<^a Martii nata et eodem die baptizata fuit Maria Anna filia 
Joannis Carr et Mariae Carr (olim Gardner). Patrinus fuit Joannes 
Acres. Matrina Helena Carr. a me H.G. Miss. Aplc. 

Die quinta Martii natus et sexta baptizatus fuit Georgius filius 
Jacobi et Margaretae Dewhurst (olim Wells) C.C. Patrinus fuit 
Jacobus Huthersall. Matrina Elizabetha Huthersall. 

a me H.G. Miss. Apl^o. 

(32) Die 17 Martii natus et die 19 ejusdem baptizatus fuit Gulielmus 
Wilson filius Joannis et Elizabethae Wilson (olim [blank]) C. Patrinus 
fuit Jacobus Smith, Matrina Maria Walmesle}-. 

a me H.G. Miss^o Aplco. 
Die 18 Martii natus et die 21 ejusdem baptizatus fuit Barnabas 
Baines filius Thomae & Joannae iBaines (olim Goth) C. Patrinus 
fuit Jacobus Baines. Matrina Elizabetha Ducket. 

a me H.G. Miss. Ap^o, 


Die 24 Mali natus fuit et die 24 ejusdem baptizatus fuit Robertus 
Smith filius Joannis et Elizabethae Smith (olim Seed) C. Patrinns 
fuit Petrus Seed. Matrina Joanna Seed. A me H.G. Missies Aplc. 

(33) Die 29 Junii nata et eodem die baptizata fuit Alicia Townley filia 
Jacobi et Mariae Townley (olini Barton). A medico Josepho Roger- 
son. Ceremonies supplied same day. Patrinus fuit Ric. Poulton. 
Matrina Maria Poulton. " a me H.G. Miss. Aplco. 

Die 29 Julii natus et die i» Augusti baptizatus fuit Thomas Baines 
filius Hugonis et Mariae Baines (olim Garland) C. Patrinus fuit Gul. 
Baines. Matrina Anna Hamson. a me H.G. 

[Eodem die above] Die 26 Julii natus et die i^ Augusti baptizatus 
fuit Georgius Hunt tilius Georgii Hunt et Elizabethae Hunt (olim 
Taylor). Patrinus fuit Andreas Kay et Elizabetha Wilson. 

a me H.G. Miss. Aplco. 

(34) Die Augusti 13 natus et eodem die baptizatus fuit Joannes 
Bolton filius Thomae et Joannae Bolton C. (olim Garth). Patrinus 
fuit Georgius Thistleton, Matrina Elizabetha Thistleton. 

a me H.G. Miss. Aplco. 
Die 20 Augusti nata et eodem die baptizata fuit Anna Dunderdale 
filia Graciae Dunderdale et Richardi Eccles. Patrinus fuit Thomas 
Dunderdale. Matrina [blank] Dunderdale. A me H.G. Miss" Aplco. 
Die 13 Septembris natus et 14 ejusdem baptizatus fuit Jacobus 
Ashton filius Jacobi et Elizabethae Ashton (olim Wilson). Patrinus 
fuit Joannes Wilson. Matrina Helena Wilson. 

A me H.G. Misso Aplco. 

(35) Die 7 Oct. nata et die 12 ejusdem baptizata fuit Catharina Gabot 
filia Roberti et Joannae Gabot (olim Malley). Patrinus fuit Georgius 
Wilson, Matrina Dorothea Gabot. a me H.G. Miss. Aplco. 

Die 23 Octr. nata et die 24 ejusdem baptizata fuit Helena Gomal 
filia Thomae et Agnetis Gomal (olim [blank]). Patrinus fuit Georgius 
Wilson. Matrina Elizabetha Gardner. A me H.G. Miss. Aplco. 

Die 30™a Oct. natus et die 311^^ ejusdem baptizatus fuit Gulielmus 
Wearden filius Thoae et Isabellae Wearden (olim Helme). Patrinus 
fuit Joannes Dunderdale. Matrina Helena Helme. 

A me H.G. Miss. Aplco. 

(36) Die I* Decemb. natus et eodem die baptizatus fuit Barnabas 
Baines filius Bamabae et Helenae Baines (olim Fletcher) C. Patrinus 
fuit Josephus Baines. Matrina Margarita Baines. 

A me H.G. Miss. Aplco. 
Die 4*^ Decern ; natus et die 5^^ baptizatus fuit Gulielmus Gabot 
filius Roberti Stirzaker et Dorotheae Gabot. Patrinus fuit Gulielmus 
Gabot. Matrina Margarita Gabot. A me H.G. Miss^io Aplc^. 

Die 8^'* Decembris nata et eodem die baptizata fuit Joanna Dob- 
son filia Joannis et Elizabethae Dobson (olim Baines) C. Patrinus 
fuit Jacobus Dobson. Matrina Anna Dobson. 

A me H.G. Missies Aplco. 

(37) Die 12™* Decemb : natus et die ly^^ baptizatus fuit Gulielmus 
Wliitehead filius Francisci et Joannae Whitehead (olim Kellet) C. 
Patrinus fuit Josephus Billington, Matrina fuit Joanna Billington. 

A me H.G. Miss^o Aplc^. 


Die 28 Decemb: nata et die 29 ejusdem baptizata fuit Dorothea 
Wilkinson filia Jacobi et Margaritae Wilkinson (olim Wareing) C. 
Patrinus fuit Richardus Wareing, Matrina ]\Iarganla Brcthcrton. 

A me H.(;. Miss'-^o Aplco. 
Die 30"''^ Decemb: natus et die 18 Jan: ba])lizatns Joannes 
Bradle}' filius Joannis et Annae Bradley (olim Gardner) Coniugum. 
Patrinus fuit Rob^us Cross, Matrina Anna Gardner. 

A me H.G. Miss^io Aplco. 

(38) Die 30'"^ Decemb: natus et die i^^ Januarii baptizatus fuit 
Rogerius Arrowsmith* filius Joannis et Joannae Arrowsmith {olim 
Parkinson) C. Patrinus fuit Joannes Green, Matrina Agnes Laurenson. 

A me H.G. Miss'"io Aplco. 
Die 29 Decemb: nata et die 2^^'^ Januarii baptizata fuit Helena 
Wilson filia Jacobi et Rachael Wilson (olim Ashton) C. Patrinus 
fuit Thomas Wilson, Matrina Joanna Ashton. 

A me H.G. Miss"o Aplco. 

Die 5^ Jan. baptizata fuit Joarma Bolton (olim Garth) conversa 

(filia Joannis et Agnetis Garth Protest :) sub conditione Anno aetatis 

19. Matrina fuit Eliz: Dobson. A me H.G: Miss^o Aplco. 

(39) Die 13'-^ Januarii natus et die I7''"a ejusdem baptizatus fuit 
Joannes Dobson filius Jacobi et Annae Dobson (olim Williams) C. 
Patrinus fuit Joannes Bretherton, Matrina Helena Bretherton. 

A me H.G. Missfo Aplco. 

Die ii"ia Januarii nata et die 17"!^ ejusdem baptizata fuit Anna 
Singleton filia Gulielmi et Margaritae Singleton (olim Hodgskinson) 
Conjugum. Patrinus fuit Georgius Robinson, Matrina Margarita 
Sergeant. A me H.G. Miss^^o Aplco. 

Die 31 Januarii natus et eodem die baptizatus a Dom. Geoo 
Rogerson Thomas Poulton filius Thoae et Helen ae Poulton (olim 
Waterhouse) Con : Die vero i^- Feb : omissa supplel^entur. Patrinus 
Joa Poulton, Matrina Maria Poulton. a me H.G. Missio Aplco. 

(40) Die 3 Febii natus et eodem die baptizatus fuit Joannes Dugdale 
filius Georgii et Elizabethae Dugdale (olim Salisbury) Conj : Patrinus 
fuit Jacobus Burne, Matrina Maria Salisbury. 

A me H.G. Miss^^io Aplco. 
Die 13 Feb. nata et die 14 ejusdem baptizata fuit Alicia Gardner 
filia Gulielmi et Helenae Gardner (olim Billington) Conj : Patrinus 
fuit Jacobus Gardner, Elizabetha Gardner. A me H.G. Miss^^io Aplco. 
Die 26 Feb: nata et die 27 ejusdem baptizata fuit Elizabetha 
Holiday filia Georgii et Elizabethae Holiday (olim Lund) Conj. 
Patrinus fuit Gulielmus Holiday, Matrina Alicia Holiday. 

A me H.G. Miss. Aplco. 

(41) Die 28 Febi* nata et die 29 ejusdem baptizata fuit Anna Fiswick 
filia Thoae et Isabellae Fiswick (olim Waterhouse) con . Patrinus fuit 
Barnabas Baines, Matrina Margarita Edisforth. 

A me H.G. Miss. Aplco. 

5(t Rev. Roger Arrowsmith, son of John Arrowsmith, of Longlcy Hall, in 
Goosnargh, yeoman, for whose memoir vide C.R.S., xvi, 427, 485. 


Die 25 Feb" nata et die 29 ejusdem baptizata fuit Anna Wilcock 
filia Joannis et Sarae Wilcock (olim Bolton) conj. Patrinus fuit 
Joa : Bolton, Matrina Maria Bolton. A me H.G. Miss. Aplco 

Die 26 Feb. natiis et die 2Q ejusdem baptizatus fuit Josephus 
Coulby filius Roberti et Annae Coulby (olim [blank]) Conj. Patrinus 
Thomas Huthersal, Matrina Margarita Wardle. 

A me H.G. Miss. Aplco. 

(42) Die 2omaMartii nataet die 21 ejusdem baptizata fuit Elizabetha 
Bolton filia Georgii et Annae Bolton (olim Wareing) C.C. Patrinus 
fuit Thomas Wareing, Matrina Alicia Poulton. 

A me H.G. Miss. Ai)lco. 
Die 20 Martii nata et die 23 ejusdem baptizata fuit Helena Wilson 
filia Gulielmi et Margaritae Wilson (olim White) C.C. Patrinus fuit 
Henricus Wilson, Matrina Margarita Wilson, a me H.G. Miss. Aplco. 
Die lonia Aprilis nata et die ii'»a ejusdem baptizata fuit Margarita 
Billington filia Henrici Smith et Margaritae BiUington. Patrinus 
fuit Joannes Billington, Matrina Anna Billington. 

A me H.G. Miss. Aplco. 

(43) *Aprilis ii">a 1824. 

Die II Aprilis natus et eadem die baptizatus fuit Thomas Baines 
filius Jacobi et Elizabethae Baines (olim Blackburn) conjugum. 
Patrinus fuit Barnabas Baines, Matrina Maria Gill. 

A me H.G. Miss : Aplc^. 

Die 16 Aprilis nata et eodem die baptizata fuit Helena Smith 
filia Roberti et Annae Smith (olim Dobson). Patrinus fuit Joa: 
Smith, Matrina Elizabetha Smith. A me H.G. Miss. Aplco. 

Die 16 Aprilis baptizata fuit Margarita Wareing (sub conditione) 
anno aetatis 23. Sola Sponsore Elizabetha Dobson. 

A me H.G. Miss. Aplco. 

(44) Die iini3 Junii nata et die 12"^° ejusdem baptizata fuit Agnes 
Abram filia Abrahae et Mariae Abram (olim Carter) C.C. Patrinus 
fuit Gulielmus Carter, Matrina Helena Carter. 

A me H.G. Miss^io Aplco. 
Die 6 Augusti natus et die 80 [7 above] ejusdem baptizatus fuit 
Cuthbertus Almond filius Jacobi et Mariae Almond (olim Ratcliffe) 
C.C. Patrinus fuit Georgius Huthersall, Matrina Helena Almond. 

A me H.G. Miss^o Aplco. 
Die Augusti 15*1^ nata et die 16 ejusdem baptizata fuit Maria 
Anna Cross filia Thomae et Sarae Cross (olim Wilson) C.C. Patrinus 
fuit Robtus Cross, Matrina Margarita Cross. 

A me H.G. Miss^o Aplco. 

(45) Die 16*0 Augusti natus et die 17 ejusdem baptizatus fuit Jonnas 
Carter filius Thomae et Annae Carter (olim Abram) C.C. Patrinus 
fuit Gulielmus Carter, Matrina Helena Carter. 

A me H.G. Missno Aplco. 
Die 25 Augusti nata et die 29 ejusdem baptizata fuit Maria Wilson 
filia Joannis Wilson et Joannae Wilson (olim Morris) C.C. Patrinus 
fuit Georgius Dugdale, Matrina Elizabetha Dugdale. 

A me H.G: Miss^io Aplco, 
st: T..ese duplicated dales are omitted. 


Die 29 August! natus et die 30 ejusdem baptizatus fuit Georgius 
Smith filius Jacobi Smith et Mariae Smith (olim Walmesley) C.C. 
Patrinus fuit Joannes Smith, Matrina Eh'zabetha Smith. 

A me H.G. Miss'*" Aplco. 

(46) Die 1.40 Septem: nata et die 17^ ejusdem baptizata fuit Maria 
Scholastica Barlow filia Jacobi Barlow et Mariae Barlow (olim Baines) 
C.C. Patrinus fuit Joannes Barlow, Matrina Alicia Barlow. 

A me H.G. Miss^'io Aplco. 
Die 24" Septem. nata et eodem die baptizata fuit Maria Hull filia 
Richardi Hull et Helenae Hull (olim Lee) C.C. Patrinus fuit 
Richardus Wareing, Matrina Catherina Charnock. 

A me H.G. Miss^io Aplco. 
Die 40 Octob: nata et die 5a ejusdem baptizata fuit Joanna 
Dunderdale filia Richardi et Aliciae Dunderdale (olim Turner) C.C. 
Patrinus fuit Josephus D. Turner, Matrina Gracia Dunderdale. 

A me H.G. Miss. Aplco. 

(47) Die 4^ Octob : natus et die 5^ baptizatus fuit Robertus Townley 
filius [blank] Townley et Mariae Tounley (olim Barton) C.C. Patrinus 
fuit Joannes Poulton, Matrina Maria Poulton. 

A me H.G. Miss^o Aplco. 
Die 13 Octob : nata et die 17 ejusdem baptizata fuit Cecilia Barton 
filia Josephi Barton et Elizabethae Barton (olim Miller) C.C. Patrinus 
fuit Joannes Robinson, Matrina Helena Barton. 

A me H.G : Miss. Aplco. 
Die 14 baptizata fuit sub conditione Elizabetha Woolsingham 
quinquennis filia Thomae et Margaritae Wolsingham con. Protest : 
Patrinus fuit Thomas Walmesley, Matrina Elizabetha Walmesley. 

A me H.G. Miss. Aplco. 

(48) Die igno Novemb : nata et die 20° ejusdem baptizata fuit Cather- 
ina Acres filia Joannis Acres et Joannae Acres (olim Cfuerden) C.C. 
Patrinus fuit Jacobus Baines, Matrina Helena Carr. 

A me H.G. Miss^o Aplco. 
Die i°io Decemb : natus et die 30 ejusdem baptizatus fuit Joannes 
Gardner filius Robert! et Annae Gardner (olim Gardner) C.C. Patrin- 
us fuit Thomas Gardner, Matrina Margarita Gardner. 

A me H.G. Miss^o Aplco. 
Die i5™o Decemb : natus et die 18 ejusdem baptizatus fuit Joannes 
Baines filius Abrahae et Annae Baines (olim Wilding) C.C. Patrinus 
fuit Joannes Baines, Matrina Catherina Wilding. 

A me H.G. Miss. Aplco. 

(49) Die 31 Decembr: baptizata fuit (sub conditione) Elizabetha 
Huntington vulgo Hunt (olim Taylor) conversa a Relig. Protest, anno 
aetatis vigesimo sexto. Sola Sponsor Anna Billington. 

A me H.G. Missio Aplco. 
Die 13 Februarii natus fuit et die 14 ejusdem baptizatus fuit 
Thomas Wareing filius Francisci et [ends, and scored out]. 


(50) Die Januarii 22 *i* nata et eodem die baptizata fuit Anna Dew- 
hurst filia Jacobi et Margaritae Dewhurst (olim Wells) Conj. Patrinus 


fuit Joannes Dimderdale, Matrina Helena Helme. 

A me H.G : Miss : Aplco. 

Die Januarii 29™° nata et eodem die baptizata fuit Anna Dobson 

filia Joannis et Elizabethae Dobson (olim Baines) C.C. Patrinus fuit 

Nicolaus Gardner, Matrina Maria Poulton. A me H.G. Miss^io Aplco. 

(51) Die Feb : 13 natus et die 14 ejusdem baptizatus fuit Thomas 
Waring filius Francisci et Margaritae Waring (olim Gardner) C.C. 
Patrinus fuit Thomas Waring, Matrina Elizabetha Threlfall. 

A me H.G. Miss: Aplc". 
Die 13 Februarii natus et die 16 ejusdem baptizatus fuit Guliel- 
mus Baines filius Thomae et Joannae Baines (olim Goth) C.C. 
Patrinus fuit Josephus Baines, Matrina Joanna Duckett. 

A me H.G. Miss : Aplco. 
Die 5 Martii baptizata fuit Maria Wareing adulta (sub conditione) 
uxor Roberti Wareing. Sola Sponsor Elizabetha Dobson. 

A me H.G. Miss: Aplco. 

(52) Die 3a Martii nata et die 6° ejusdem baptizata fuit Anna Gillet 
filia Thomae et Margaritae Gillet (olim Parkinson) C.C. Patrinus 
fuit Arthur Dewhurst, Matrina Anna Baines. 

A Me H.G. Miss. Aplco. 
Die tertio Aprilis nata et eodem die baptizata fuit Alicia Goose 
filia Thomae et Mariae Goose (olim [blank]) Conj. Patrinus fuit 
Greorgius Dugdale, Matrina Maria Salisbury. 

A Me H.G. Miss. Aplco. 
Die ii™o Aprilis nata et die 13°° baptizata fuit Joanna Wearden 
filia Thomae et Isabellae Wearden (olim Helme) conj : Patrinus fuit 
Arthur Dewhurst, Matrina Joanna Ducket, 

A Me H.G. Miss : Aplco, 

(53) Die 19 Aprilis nata et eodem die baptizata fuit Anna Poulton 
filia Thomae et Helenae Poulton (olim Waterhouse) Con Patrinus 
fuit Thomas Poulton, Matrina Alicia Poulton, 

A me H,G. Miss^^o Aplco. 
Die 40 Maii nata et die 8"^o ejusdem baptizata fuit Maria Anna