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ABiELARDUS (Petrus), Abbas Ruyensis, et HELOISSA, Ahbatism 
Paracletensis. Epistolae, cum Codd. MSS. coUatse ; cura R. Raw- 

linson. 8° Land. 1718. 
ABBOTTUS (RoBERTUs). Bishop of Salisbury. Antilogia adversus 

apologiam Andreae-EudaBmon-Joannis Jesuitae pro Henricio Gameto 

Jesuita proditore. 4** Lond. 1613. 
ABDALLA ofBeyza. A Chinese chronicle; translated from the Per- 
sian, with notes and explanations by S. Weston. 8° Lond. 1820. 
ABEL-R£MUSAT (Jean-Pierre). Explication des syllabaires Japo- 

nais. See Rodriguez [J.]* £16mens de la grammaire Portugaise. 8^ 

ABEN-HEZRA (Abraham-Ben-Meir). See Josippus, de bello Ju- 

daico. 80 [1559]. 
ABINGDON (Thomas). The antiquities of the cathedral church of 

Worcester ; to which are added, the antiquities of the cathedral churches 

of Chichester and Lichfield. 8° LondoUy 1717. 
ABUDACNUS or Barbatus (Josephus). Historia Jacobitarum seu 

Coptorum in iEgypto, Lybia, Nubia, iEthiopia, tota et parte Cypri in- 

sulae habitantium. 4® Oxon, 1675. 
ABUL-CACIM (Tarif-Aben-Tarique). {listoria verdadera del rey 

don Rodrigo, traduzida por Miguel de Luna. 4*^ Madrid^ 1654. 
ABU TALIB HUSSYNY. See Timur. The Mulfuzat Timury, &c. 4» 



Cantabrigiensium Musarum luctus et gratulatio, ille in funere Oliveri 
Protectoris, haBC de Richardi successione. 4° Cantab. 1658. 


AccADEMiA DEGLi Etnei. Vari componimenti per la morte di 
Ignazio Vincenzo Paterno Castello Principe di Biscari. 8® Catania^ 


No0Ytt;$/a. In serenissimi monarchae Jacob! regis felicem in Scotiam 
reditum Academiae Edinburgensis congratulatio. 4® Edinburgi^ 



ACADEMIES, &c., continued. 


Werken. 7 vols. 4° Leaden, 1772-88. 

Academia das Sciencias. Memorias de litteratura Portugueza. 

vols. I-V, VIII, pt 1. 4«> Lisboa, 1792-1812. 
Numismatic Society. Proceedings for 1836-37. 8° London^ 

Oriental translation fund. Report of Proceedings, fourth 

meeting. 8® London. 
Society of Antiquaries. Archaeologia, or miscellaneous tracts 

relating to antiquity, vols. I — XXVIII. 4° London^ 1770- 

. A copy of the royal charter and statutes ; and of orders and 

regulations established by the Council of the Society. 4° London, 

-. Collection of ordinances and regulations for the government 

of the royal household made in divers reigns, from Edward III 
to William and Mary, also receipts in ancient cookery. 4° Lon' 
don, 1790. 

— . See Carlisle (N.). An index to the first fifteen volumes of the 
ArchsBologia. 4° 1809. 
.. See Folkes (M.). Tables of English Coins. 4° 1763. 

Society for bettering the condition of the poor. The reports. 

2 vols. 12*^ London, 1800. 
Society of Dilettanti. Antiquities of Ionia, part the second. foL 

London, 1797. 
. See Chandlers (R.), Revett (N), and Pars (N). Ionian anti- 
quities, &c. fol. 1769. 
Society for the improvement of prison discipline. The eighth 

report of the committee ; 1832 ; with an appendix. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 

8° London, 1832. 
Royal Society of Literature. Transactions, vols. I, II and III 

pt 2. 4^^ London, 1829 and 32. 

. Anniversary address, report, and list. 8° Lond. 1832. 

. Constitution and regulations. 4** London, 1823. 

Academia de la Historia. Oracion con motive del nacimiento 

del infante, leyda en el Museo de Paris por el Seiior *** ; Span. 

and Fr. 8« Madrid [Pam], 1780. 
Anolo-Chinese College. The sixth annual report. 1828, with an 

appendix. 8® Mcdacca, 1828. 
Literary and Philosophical Society. Memoirs, vol. V, New 

series. 8° Manchesier,^ 1831. 

Academise Oxoniensis pietas erga Jacobum regem AnglisB, Elizabethae 

succedentem. 4° Oxon. 1603. 
Britannise natalis. 4® Oxon. 1630. . 
The answere of the vice-chancelour, the doctors, both the proctors, 

and other the heads of Houses, to the humble petition of the 

b fc * * * 


ACADEMIES, &c., continued. 

ministers of the Church of England, desiring the reformation of 

certaine ceremonies, and abuses of the church. 4-° Oxford, 1603. 

AcAD^MiE RoYALE DES SCIENCES. M^moircs morales et politiques 

de rinstitut de France. Tome I (S*"® s6rie). 4« Paris, 1837. 
AcAD^MiE DES INSCRIPTIONS ET Belles Lettres. M^moircs [from 

1710 to 1793], 50 vols. 4" Paris, 1717-1808. 

. M6moirea. T. 12. 4.« Paris, 1832. 

. M^moires. T. 12. 4*> Paris, 1836. 

Institut de France. Notice et Extrait des MSS. de la Biblio- 

theque du Roi. 12 vols. 4«« Paris, 1787-1831. 
— . Histoire et M^moires. vols. V-IX [the 5th, 7th and 9th in two 

pts. each]. 4° Paris, 1821-1831. 
.. Histoire et M6moires; Classe d'histoire et de litt^rature an- 

cienne. 4? vols. 4° Paris, 1815-1818. 
-. M^moires ; sciences morales et politiques. 5 vols. 4° Parisy 

an Vl-XII [1798-1804]. 
Rapports faits par les di verses Academies et Soci6t6s ^savantes de 

France sur les ouvrages et collections rapport^s de FEgypte et de 

la Nubie de M. Rifaud. 8° Paris, 1829. 
Societe Asiatique. Discours et rapports lus dans la s6ance du 21 

Avril, 1823. 8« Paris, 1823. 
University of Paris. Decreta facultatis theologise, de potestate 

ecclesiastica. See Anonymous. Ecclesiastica (de) et politica po- 
testate. 12° 1612. 

Transactions of the Historical and Literary Committee, vol. 11. 

8«> Philad, 1838. 

Collegium Posnaniense. Assertiones theologicee de trino uno 

Deo, adversus novos Samosatenicos ex prselectionibus Collegii Pos- 

naniensis excerptse ; cum animadversionibus F. Socini. 8^ Raeo- 

vi(B, 1618. 

Literary and Historical Society. Transactions, vol. II, vol. Ill, 

pts. 1-4. 8<> Quebec, 1833-37. 
. Memoires sur le Canada, depuis 1749-1760, en trois partis avec 

cartes et plans. 8° Quebec, 1838. . 
. Collection de Memoires et de Relations de Thist. ancienne du 

Canada. S^ Quebec, 1840. 

Academy Lectures for 1829 and 1830; division of historical, 
philological and political sciences ; Russ. vol. I. 8® St Petersb. 

SociETAS. Acta literaria. 4 vols. 8° Lugd. Bat, et Traj, ad Rh,, 

. Novaactaliteraria. vols. I-IV. 8" 7Va/ec^. cm? jR^cwmw, 1821-31. 


AcADEMiA. Ex Actis Synodicis et aliis diligenter et fideliter coUecta 
expositio eorum, quae theologi Acad. Wittebergensis et harum 
regionum alii, qui his adjuncti fuerunt, in deliberationibus provin- 
ci^bus et alioquin extra has, de rebus ad religionem pertinentibus, 



ACADEMIES, Ac, continued 


inoiiucriiit, suastTiut, docucrint, rosponderint, concesserint, illo tem- 
])ore, quo et de his ipsis, et do libro Augustano, qui nominatur In- 
terim^ qualis esset, quaesituni fuit et iractatum ; edita de sententia 
professorum Academiae Wittebergensis. 4** WiUeberff^, 1559. 
AcADEMiA. Brovis narratio cxponcns quo fine vitam in terris suam 
clauserit P. Melanthon conscripta a professoribus Academiae M^ite- 
bergensis qui omnibus quae exponuntur interfuerunt. 4** Fifeft. 
ACCIAIOLUS (DoNATUs). Vitae comparatae Annibalis et Scipionis. 

See Plutarch us Cheronensis. Quae extant opera, &c 8^ 1572. 
ACCURSIUS (Franciscus). See Castro (P. cfc). In primam Codicis 

partem common taria. fol. 1550. 

. See Castro TP. de\ In II dig. veteris partem, fol. 1550. 

. See Castro (P. de). Super prima Infortiati parte, fol. 1550. 

. See Justinianus Imper. Institutionum libri IV. 8° 1577. 

ACOSTA (Christoval). Tratado en contra, y pro de la vida solitaria; 

con otros dos tratados, uno de la religion, y religioso ; otro contra lo6 

hombres qui mal viven. 4° Ven, 1592. 
ACRO (Helenius). See Horatius (G. Z.). Eclogae. 8® 1701. 
ADAMANTIUS. See Origenes Adamantius. 
ADAMS (John). A defence of the constitutions of government of the 

United States of America. 8° London, 1787. 
ADAMS ( — .). Euphonologia linguae Anglicanae, et mirum sonorum 

artificium ; Lot, 8f Fr, 8° London, 1794. 
ADAMSON (John). The muse's welcome to the high and mightie 

Prince James at his Majestie's happie returne to Scotland after 14 

yeeres absence, in anno 1617. fol. EdinJb, 1618. 
ADDISON (Joseph), The works of ; 4 vols. 4° London, 1721. 
ADONIS Viennensis Archiepiscoptis. Breviarium chronicorum ab origine 

mundi ad an. Domini 1353. 8° Basil. 1568. 
AEDO y GALLART (Diego de). Viage, successos y guerras del Infante 

cardenal Don Fernando de Austria, desde 12 de Abril 1632, hasta 21 

de Settiembre 1636. 8*» Barcelona, 1637. 
JELFREDUS Magnus. Vita. See Spelman (J.) iElfredi magni 

vita, &c. fol. 1678. 
iELIANUS (Claudius). Variae historiae libri XIV ; Gr. <§• Lot. Cum 

notis Joh. Schefferi, & interpretatione I. Vulteii, curante J. Kuhnio. 8" 

Argent. 1685. 
i^MILIUS (Paulus). De rebus gestis Fraucorum ; libri VII. fol. 

[^ Paris."] 
— . Historiae jam denuo emendatae de rebus gestis Francorum a Pha- 

ramundo primo rege usque ad Carol um octavum, libri X; Amoldi 

Ferroni Burdigalensis, de rebus gestis Gallorum, libri IX; a Carole 

octavo, usque ad Henricum II ; chronicon Tilii de regibus Francorum, 

a Pharamundo usque ad Henricum II ; a T. Fregio auctum usque ad 

Carolum IX ; 3 vols. fol. Basil. 1569. 

. Historia delle cose di Francia. 4° Ven. 1549. 

JEMYLIUS PROBUS. De vita excellentium imperatorum. See 

Plutarchus Cheronensis. Quae extant opera, &c. 8® 1572. 
^NEAS Gaz€Btts, Theophrastus, sive de animarum immortalitate, et 

corporum resurrectione dialogus, Gr. Sf Lot. Jo. Wolphio interp. foL 

IZiirich], 1560 


-^SCHINES. See Demosthenes et iEschines, Opera, &c. fol. 1607. 
i^SCHYLUS. TragcBdiae septem. Gr ; scholia in easdem locupletata, P. 

Victorii cura et diligentia. 4?° Par, 1557, 
. Tragoediae ; scholia in easdem, emendata, Gr, ; P. Victorii cura 

et diligentia. 4° Paris^ 1557. 
-• Upofiridevs ^etrfxutTTjs, cum Stanleiana versione, scholiis, et variorum 

notis ; quibus suas adjecit necnon scholia de metro ac Angl. interpret. 

T. Morell ; 3 pts in 1 vol. 4?° London, 1773. 
^SOPUS (Alexandrinus). Julii Valerii res gestae Alexandri Mace- 

donis translatae ex iEsopo Graeco prodeunt, nunc primum edente, notis- 

que illustrante A. Maio. 8° MedioL 1817. 
. Vita [by M. Planudes] da Esopo tradotta da G. Landi alia quale 

Bono aggionte le favole del medesimo Esopo con molte altre. 18° Ven, 

MSOV. Las fabulas. 24° Entteres, 1546 
AGAPETUS (DiAcoNus). Agapeti ad Justinianum Imp. et Basilii 

Macedonis Imp. ad Leonem Philosophum Fil. adhortationes ad bend 

administrandum imperium. Graece et Latine. B. Damke rccensuit et 

notas adjecit ; 4 pts in 2 vols. 8° Basil. 1633. 
. De officio regis; ad Justinianum Imperatorem. See Isocrates. 

Paraenesis ad Demonicum ; praecepta, &c. 8° 1523. 
-. Expositio capitum admonitoriorum ad Justinianum. See Cydonius. 

De contemnenda morte, &c. fol. 1560. 
AGLIONBY (William) [?]. See Anonymous. Present (the) state of 

the United Provinces, &c. 12° 1671. 
AGOSTINI (Antonio). I discorsi sopra le medaglie et altre anticaglie, 

trad, dalla lingua Spagnuola nell* Italiaua. 4° 
AGOSTIN Napolitano, Nuove ottave alia Ciciliana. 8° Trevigi^ 

AGRICOLA ('RoDOLPHus). De formandis studiis, epistola. See Me- 

lancthon (P.). De arte dicendi declamatio. 8°. 
AGRIPPA (Camillo). Trattato di scienza d arme, et un dialogo in 

detta materia. 4° Ven, 1568. 
AIROLDUS (Alphonsus). Codex diplomaticus Siciliae sub Saraceno- 

rum imperio; Tomus I. fol. Panormi, 1788. 
■ Codex diplomaticus Siciliae. fol. Panormi, 1788. [only 48 

AKERMAN (John Yonge). A Numismatic Manual. 8° London, 


. Catalogue d'une partie de la collection de M6daillcs du Chevalier 

de Horta. 8° London, 1839. 
.. The Stone- Worship of the Ancients illustrated by their Coins, fol. 

London, 1838. 
^ Further observations on the Coinage of the Ancient Britons. 4° 

London, 1839. 
ALAMANNI (Antonio). Sonetti. See Burchiello (Giovani). I 

Sonetti, &c. 8*» 1552. 
ALARDUS (Franc). Catechismus, op Prage ende Antwoort gestelt. 

8° Amst, 1640. 
ALBER (Erasmus). See Anonymous. Alcoran (F) des Cordeliers. 12° 

ALBERGATI (Fabio). Del cardinale, libri tre. 4° Roma, 1598. 

Dei discorsi poUtici libri cinque, nei quali viene riprovata la dot- 

trina di G. Bodino e difesa quella d'Aristotele. 4** Roma, 1602. 


ALBERTO (Perlimpimpin). Li rari et mirabili giuochi di caxte e 

destrezza di maDo. 8^ Venetioy 1620. 
ALBIZZI (Bartolomeo). Liber couformitatum S. Francisci ad vitam 

Jesu Christi. See Anonymous. Alcoran (1*) des Cordeliers. 12^ 1578. 
ALCALA (Geronimo de). Alonso mozo de muchos amos. 8^ Madrid^ 

ALCIATUS (Andreas). See Alzatus (A.). 
ALCINOUS. Isagogicus liber Platonicee philosophise, Gr. See Apu- 

lejus (L.). Metamorphoseos. 8^ 1521. 
ALCUINUS. See Albinus (F.). 
ALDRETE. Del origen y principio de la lengua Castellana, d Romance 

que oy se usa en Espaiia. fol. Madrid^ 1674. 
ALDRETE (Bernardo). Varias antiguedades de Espana, Africa, y 

otras provincias. fol. Amberes, 1614. 
ALDROANDI (Ulisse). Di tutte le statue antiche che per tutte Roma 

si veggono. See Mauro (L.). Le antichita de la citta di Roma. 8° 

ALEANDER (Hieronymus). Tabulae sane utiles Graecarum musarum 

adyta ingredi cupientibus. See Anonymous. Elementale introduoto- 

rium, &c. 4° 1524. 
ALEANDRO (Girolamo). Discorso sopra Timpresa de gli accademici 

humoristi. 4^ Roma^ 1611. 
ALEMAN (Matheo). Primera (& segunda) parte de la vida del 

picaro Guzman de Alfarache. 2 vols. 8°. Carago^^ 1603» Sf Vor 

lenfia, 1605. 

. Primera y segunda parte de Guzman de Alfarache. 4° JBurgoi^ 

ALETiEUS (Theophilus) [J.Leyserus]. Discursus politicus de poly- 

gamia [with 8 MS. letters, apparently by Leyser, to several sovereigns]. 

12° Friburgiy 1676. 
ALEXANDER VI. Papa. Epistola Papae approbantis concionea in 

Hiero: [Savonorola] facta. See Anonymous. Habes, hie, lector, 

dialogum de fratre Savonorola. 4° 1521. 
ALEXANDRO (Alexander ab), Genialium dierum libri sex. 8^ 

Par. 1570. 
ALEXANDER Oe Great. Fatti. See Adrianus Nicomedes. Dei fatti 

di, &c. 8° 1544. 

Magnus. Res gestae. See iBsopus Alexandrinus. Res gestae, &c. 

80 1817. 

Magnus. Vita. See Quintus Curtius (R.). De rebus gestis A.Mi, 

&c 12° 1658. 

ALEXANDER de Imola. See Imola (A. de). 

ALFONSO I. Duca di Ferrara. Vita. See Giovio (P.), 8°. 

ALFORDUS (Michael). Annales ecclesiastici et civiles, Britannorum) 
Saxonum, Anglorum. 4 vols. fol. Leodii, 1663. 

ALIGHIERI (Dante). See Dante AUghieri. 

ALCOCER (Pedro de). Hystoria, o descripcion de la imperial cibdad 
de Toledo, adonde se tocan, v refieren muehas antiguedades y cosas 
notables de la hystoria general de Espana. fol. Toledo, 1554. 

ALLATIUS (Leo). Animadversiones in antiquitatum Etruscarum frag- 
menta ab Inghiramio edita. 4® Par. 1640. 

ALLEN (Lake). An account of the tumulus, or barrow recently dis- 
covered at Portsdown Hill ; with a coarse view of the nature of tumulii 
&c. 8° Partsmouthy 1816. 


ALL WOOD (Philip). Literary antiquities of Greece, as developed in 

an attempt to ascertain principles for a new analysis of the Greek 

tongue. 4° London^ 1799. 
(Philip). Remarks on some observations edited in the " British 

Critic," relative to a work, lately published, under the title of '^ Literary 

Antiquities of Greece." 4° London^ 1^00. 
ALMEIDA (Theodoro). O feliz independente do mundo e da fortuna, 

ou arte de viver contente. 3 vols. 8°. Lisboay 1786. 

.. Sermoes. 3 vols. 8° Lisboa, 1787. 

. See Anonymous. Meditacoes dos attributos di vinos. 8° 1796. 

— — See Anonymous. Pastor (o) evangelico. 8** 1797. 
ALMEYDA (Mangel d^. See TeUez (B.). Historia geral de Ethio- 
pia. foL 1660. 
ALONSO VII. King of Castille. Cronica. See Sandoval (P. de). Cro- 

nica, &c fol. 1600. 
ALPHONSUS V. JRex ArragonuB. Facetiae. See Bebelius (H.). Fa- 

cetisB, &c. 8° 1570. 
ALTON (John cT). Essay on the history, religion, learning, arts and 

government of Ireland, from the birth of Christ to the English invasion. 

4° Dtihlin, 1830. 
ALUNNO (Francesco). Delia fabrica del mondo, libri dieci, con un 

nuovo vocabolario in fine di T. Porcacchi. 2 pts. in 1 vol. fol. Ven. 

ALVARUS (Emmanuel). De institutione grammatica, libri tres. 8° 

Ven. 1583. 

• De institutione grammatica, libri tres. 8^ Ven. 1618. 

AMANUS (JoDOCUs). Gynaeceum, sive theatrum mulierum in quo 

omnium gentium, cujuscumque status foamineos habitus videre est ; ad- 

ditis ad singulas figuras singulis octostichis F. Modii. 4° Franco/. 

AMBRA (Francesco cT). II furto, comedia. 8° Flor. 1564. 
AMESIUS (Guilielmus). Philosophemata technometria ; adjungimtur 

adversus metaphysicam et ethicam disputatio, item logicaB verse demon- 

stratio ac logicaa theses. 12^ Cantab. 1646. 
AMICUS ET STATELLA (Vitus Maria). See FazeUus (T.). De 

rebus Siculis. fol. 1749. 
AMMANNUS (Jodoc). Charta lusoria tetrastichis illustrata per S. H. 

Scroterum de Giistron. 4° Numbergy 1588. 
AMMIANUS (Marcellinus). Rerum gestarum libri XVIII; a XTV 

ad XXXI adjecimus ex codice M. A. Accursii. 8" Parisiis, 1544. 

( Ttvo copies.) 
. Rerum gestarum qui de XXXI supersunt, libri XVIII, ab H. Va- 

lesio iUustrati ; editio cui Had. Valesius T. Lindenbrogii ampliores ob- 

servationes adjecit ; praefixit et prsefationem suam ac vitam Ammiani a 

C. Chiffletio conscriptam. 2 pts in 1 vol. fol. Par. 1681. 
AMMIRATO. Discorsi sopra Comelio Tacito. 4® FiorenzOf 


Opuscoli. 8<> Fior. 1583. 

ANACREON. Odaria ad textus Bamesiani fidem, accedunt variae lectio- 

nes cura E. Forster, 8^ London, 1802. 
ANCARANO (Petrus de). See Ankarano (P. de). 
ANDRADE-CAMINHA (Pedro de). Poezias. 8*» Lisboa, 1791. 
ANDREA (Alessandro). Delia guerra di Campagna di Roma, et del 


regno di Napoli, iiel pontificato di Paolo IIII, Fanno MDLVI et LVII ; 

tre ragionamenti mandati in luce da G. Ruscelli. 4« Ven. 1560. 
ANDREiE (Jacobus). Brevis admonitio de crimine stellioDatus Calvi- 

nianonim. 4<» Tubing€B^ 1582. [Imperfect] 
ANDREiE (Johannes). See Bonifacius VIII Papa. (Libri sexti decre- 

talium opus), fol. 1465. 
ANDREiE (Johannes). See Bonifacius VIII Papa. Sextu* Decretaliam 

liber. 4° 1566. 
ANDREiE (Jacobus). See Varnbylerus (A.). Disputatio de coena 

Domini, &c. 4° 1582. 
ANDREAS (Valerius Desselius). See Ovidius (P. N.). Ex meta- 

morphoseitfn libris XV electorum libri totidem. fol. 1618. 
ANDREOSSY (Antoine- Francois). See Anonymous. Campagne sur 

le Mein et la Rednitz. 8*^ 1802. 
ANDREWS (Lancelot), Bishop of Winchester. Preces private, 

Greece et Latind. 12« Oxon. 1675. 

— . Quaestionis; nunquid per jus divinum magistratui liceat a reo jus- 
jurandum exigere ? theologica demonstratio. See Anonymous. Apo- 
logie (an) for sundrie proceedings by jurisdiction ecclesiasticall [by R. 
Cosin]. 4« 1593. 

(Lancelot), Bishop of Ely. Responsio ad apologiam Card. Bellar- 

mini quam nuper edidit contra prsefationem monitoriam Jacobi Regb. 
4** London, 1610. 

(Lancelot), Bishop of Chichester. Tortura Torti, sive ad Mat 
Torti [R. Bellarmini] libruni responsio, qui nuper cditus contra apo- 
logiam Jacobi Regis pro juramento fidelitatis. 4® London^ 1609. 

ANDRIEUX ( — .). M^moire a consulter, et consultation pour F. Fran- 
cois Valentine Mulot, contre les sieurs I^oque et Vaucher. 4° Paris, 

ANDROTIUS (FuLvius). Opuscula spiritualia. 12« Duaci, 1615. 

ANDROOET du CERCEAU (Jacques). Livre des edifices antiques 
Romains. fol. [Pam], 1584. 

ANDROWES (Lancelot). See Andrews (L.). 

ANGHIERA (Pietro Martira d*). See Anglerius (P. M.). 

ANGLERIUS (Petrus Martyr). Opus epistolarum ; cui accesserunt 
epistolae Ferd. de Pulgar., Latinse pariter atque Hispanicse : cum Trac- 
t^tu Hispanico de viris Castellae illustribus ; 2 vols. fol. Amst. 1670. 

ANGELUS (Christophorus). De statu hodiemorum Graecorum en- 
chiridion. See Philippus Cyprius. Chronicon ecclesiae GraecsB. 4® 1679. 

ANGUILLA (Franc). Discorso sopra quell* oda di Safo che comincia, 
" Parmi quelF huomo eguale esser a i Dei," con alcune rime amorose 
del medesimo. 4® Ven. 1572. 

ANNESON (James). Carolanna, that is to say, a poeme in honour of 
our King Charles-James, Queene Anne, and Fnnce Charles. 4® Lon- 
don, [1614]. 

ANNIUS Viterhiensis. See Nannis (J.). 


Aanwysing der heilsame politike Gronden en Maximen van de Re- 
publike van Holland en West-Vriesland. 8° Leiden, 1671. 
Abrege chronologique de Thistoire de Pologne [by F. A. Schmidt]. 

8® Varsovie et Dresde, 1763. 
Abrege de la nouvelle m^thode pour apprendre la langue grecque [by 
Lancelot]. 8° Paris, 1655. 


ANONYMOUS, continued. 

Abrege des ouvrages d'£m. Sw6denborg contenant la doctrine de la 
nouvelle Jerusalem celeste, pr^6d6 d*uii discours ou Ton examine la 
vie de Tauteur [by Daillant de la Touche]. 8° Stockh. 1788. 

Account (an) of the digging up the quarters of W. Staley, lately exe- 
cuted for high treason, fol. London, 1678. 

Account (an) of the growth of deism in England. 4** Lotid, 1696. 

Adventures of a gentleman in search of a horse, by Caveat Emptor, 
Esq. 18** London, 1835. 

Ad VIS au roy. 8® [Pam], 1588. 

Agricultural (the) case and cash payments, briefly considered, in a 
letter from the continent to a friend in England. 8° Lond. 1822. 

Alcoran (r) des Cordeliers tant en Latin [by E. Alber], Francois 
[by C. Baidius] ; tir6 [by Alber] du grand livre des conformitez 
jad[is compost par fiere Barthelemi [Albizzi] de Pise Cordelier; 2 
pts. in 1 vol. 12<» Geneve, 1578. 

Aliquot nomina propria Germanorum ad priscam etymologiam re- 
stituta, per quemdam antiquitatis studiosum [in Melancthon's hand- 
writing is added, D. M. Lutherus S*]. 4*» Vitemb. 1537. 

Analecta sacra nova et mira, de rebus catholicorum in Hibernia ; col- 
lectore et relatore T. N. philadelpho [D. Rotb]. 8° Cohniddy 

Anatomia Societatis Jesu ; seu probatio spiritus Jesuitarum. 12** 

1643. * 

Anecdotes biographical and literary of W. Bowyer, compiled for pri- 
vate use [by J. Nichols]. 8** Lond, 1778. 

Anecdotes of some distingubhed persons [by W. Seward]. 4 vols. 
8« Land. 1795, 1796. 

Anfiteatri (degli) e singolarmente del Veronese [by S.Maffei]. 12° 
Verona, 1728. 

Animadversions on a postscript to the defence of Dr. Sherlock against 
the calm discourse of the Sober Enquirer ; as also on the letter to a 
friend concerning that postscript. 4°, 

Anmerckungen liber die Schrifil, welch^im Nahmen ihrer Koniglichen 
Maiestat in Franckreich R. de Gravell selbiges Maiestat Plenipoten- 
tiarius datirt 1 Maii 1673 ubergeben ; auss dem Lateinischen ins 
Teutsch ubersetzt. 4°. 

Annales Sultanorum Othmanidarum, a Turcis sua lingua scripti : 
Hieron. Beck a Leopoldstorf, studio et diligentia Constantinopoli 
advecti 1551, divo Ferdinando Caes. Opt. Max. D. D. ; jussuque 
Caes. a Joanne Gaudier dicto Spiegel interprete Turcico Germanic^ 
translati ; J. Leunclavius Latine redditos illustravit et auxit, usque 
ad annum 1588. fol. Franco/. 1596. 

Annals of such patriots of the family of Fraser, Frysell, Sim-Son, or 
Fitz-Simon, as have signalised themselves in the public service of 
Scotland [by A. Fraser of Lovat]. 8« Edinb. 1795. 

Annual list of donations and bequests to the Trustees of the British 
Museum, 1830. 4*» Lond. 1831. 

Answer (an) to the satyr against mankind, s. sh. fol. 

Antiquitate (de) Britannicae ecclesiae, et nominatim de privilegiis 
ecclesise Cantuariensis, atque de archiepiscopis ejusdem LXX, historia. 
fol. Hanov. 1605. 

Antiquitatum liturgicarum arcana [by F. Van der Haer]. 3 vols. 
8° Jhioci, 1605. 


ANONYMOUS, continued. 

Apologik (an) forsundrie proceedings by jurisdiction ecdesiasticall, of 
late times by some chalengcd ; tiie first part sheweth what matters 
be incident to ecclcsiasticall conisance ; the second treateth of pro- 
ceeding in causes criminal ; the third concemeth oaths ; whereunto I 
have presumed to adjoine the determination concerning oaths, by L 
Androwes (Andrews) ; [by 11. Cosin, or Cosins, or Cozens, Bishop 
ofDurham'\. 3 vols. 4*» Lond. 1593. 

Aqui comie^an los quatro libros primeros del inuencible cauallero Ama- 
dis de Gaula, en los quales se tratan sus altos hechos de armas y 
cauallerias, nueuamente impresses [by Vasco Lobeira]. fol. Sdor 
numcoy 1575. 

Arliquiniana, ou les bons mots, les histoires plaisantes et agr^bles, 
recueillies des conversations d'Arlequin [by C. Cotolendi]. 18^ 
Pan 1694.. 

Aristee, ou de la Divinity [by F. HemsterhuysL 12° Par. [^Harlem], 

Arrest (1*) du roy des Rommains donn6 au grant coseil de France. 12® 

Art (r) de parler [by B. Lami, or Lamy]. 12° Par. 1676. 

Auctoritate (de) Sacrae Scripturse opusculum his temporibus utilis- 
simum [by F. Sociui] ; in praefatione ratio huius editionis exponitur 
[by C. Vorstius] . 8° SteinfurH, 1611. 

AuscHREiBUNGE cincs helligen freyen Christlichen Concilii. 4° 1535. 

AvANTURES (les) du baron de Foeneste comprises en quatre parties, les 
trois premieres reviies et augment^es, le quatriesme partie nouvel- 
lement mise en lumiere [by T. A. d*Aubign6]. 8° au Dezert, 
IMaill^?^, 1640. 

AvocAT (F) condemn^ et les parties mises hors de procez par arrest du 
Parnasse, ou la France et TAllemagne 6galement defendues, par la 
solide refutation du traite que le Sieur Aubery a fait, des pretensions 
du roy sur Tempire [by L. du May]. 12° 1669. 

Bella (la) brunetta opera molto dilettevole. 8® Trevisoy 1617. 

Bella (la) tramutatione d«lla bella hortolana. 8° Trevigi^ 1613. 

Benefit (the) of the ballot, with the nature and use thereof, particu- 
larly in the Republic of Venice, s. sh. fol. 

Betbuchlin (ein) beyde dem Alter und der lugent nutzbar. 4® 1536. 

Bezwungene (eine) Antwort iibereynen Sendbrieffeyner Closter Nun- 
nen an ir Schwester im gleichen Standt zugeschickt. 4°. 

Bibliotheca Chamockiana. 4® Lond. 1680. 

Bibliotheca curiosa. . . . generosi cujusdam doctissimi nuper defuncti. 
4° Land. 1690. 

Bibliotheca curiosa . . . being the library of an eminent merchant. 4° 
Lmd. 1697. 

Bibliotheca Digbeiana. <4° Lond. 1680. 

Bibliotheca instructissima, or a catalogue of Greek, Latin and English 
books. 4^ Land. 1694. 

Bibliotheca instructissima si vecatalogus librorumex bibliothecis Cas- 
paris Fagel et Stephani Le Moyne. 4° Lond. 1689-90. 

Bibliotheca realis & instructissima, sive catalogus librorum Petri Scott 
4° Lmd. 1690. 

Bibliotheque de feu Monseigneur le Due de Lauderdale. 4® Lond* 

BoucLiER d'estat et de justice, centre le dessein manifestement d6cou- 


ANONYMOUS, continued. 

vert de la monarchie universelle, sous le vain pr^texte des pretentions 
de la Reyne de France [by F. P. de Lisola]. 4** 1667. 
Bref advertissement aux d^putez des Estats. 8^ Parity 1588. 
Briefe (a) inference upon Guicciardine*s digression in the first part of 
the first quarterne of his historic [by Sir A. Dallington] . fol. Ijond. 
Briefe (a) inference upon Guicciardine's digression in the fourth part 
of the first quarterne of his historic, forbidden the impression and 
efiaced out of the originall by Inquisition [signed R. D., that is, 
Sir R. Dallington]. fol. Land. 1629. 
Cabal (the) of several notorious priests and Jesuits discovered, as Wil- 
liam Ireland, Thomas White, alias Whitebread, William Harcourt, 
John Fenwick, John Gaven, alias Gawen, and Anthony Turner, &c., 
showing their endeavours to subvert the government and protestant 
religion, fol. LoncL 1679. 
Cabinet de Teloquence fran9oise en forme de dialogue. 12^ 1636. 
CcELESTES et inferi [by F.Calvert, Lord Baltimore], 4° Venetiis, 1771. 
Cagioni (le)|che mossero Sultan Soliman, Gran Signor de' Turchi a venir 

con tanti eserciti, a i danni de la Magna. 8^ 
Cambridge University (the) Calendar for 1821, 12** Cambridge. 
Campagne sur le Mein et la Rednitz de Tarm^e Gallo-Batave aux 
ordres du G6neral Augereau, 1800-1801 [by A. F, Andreossy]. 8® 
Paris, J 802. 
Canticum catholicum, sive invitatio ad religionem Romanam, fundata 

rationibus ponderosis. s. sh. fol. Lond. 1675. 
Canzonette che cantano li putti in Venetia la sera di San Martino. 8^ 

Venetian 1619. 
Caso (il) maraviglioso et crudele nuovamente occorso nella citt& di Ra- 
gusa d'una perfida donna, la quale ha fatto morir il marito e uccisi i 
propri figliuoli, e lei s' e impiccata. 8^ Venetia^ 1619. 
Catalog I librorum manuscriptorum AnglisB et HibernisB in unum col- 

lecti [by £. Bernard]. 4 pts. fol. Oxon. 1697. 
Catalogue (a) of the archiepiscopal manuscripts in the library at Lam- 
beth palace, with an account of the archiepiscopal registers and other 
records there preserved, fol. Lond. 1812. 
Catalogue (a) of Mr. T. Bromley's Library. 4° Lond. 1691. 
Catalogue chronologique de tons les traitez contenus dans les quatre 

volumes in 4® du reciieil de F. Leonard. 4° Paris, 1692. 
Catalogue (a) of the collection of medals, medallions, and coins, in 
gold, silver, and brass, of J. West [with prices and purchasers names] . 
4« Lond. 177S. 
Catalogue (a) of the collection of orints and drawings of the late Dr. 

Mead. 8<» Lond. 1755. 
Catalogue (sl) of extraordinary English books. 4° Lond. 1694. 
Catalogue (a) of the library of a person of honour. 4** Lond. 
Catalogue des livres imprimis de la Bibliotbeque du Roy; Belles 

Lettres [by Sallier and Boudot]. 2 vols. fol. Paris, 1750. 
Catalogue des livres imprimes de la Bibliotheque du Roi ; Jurispru^ 
dence [by A. Mellot.]. tom. \. fol. Paris, 1753. [No more 
Catalogue des livres imprimes de la Bibliotheque du Roy ; Thiologie 
[by Sallier and Boudot with a preliminary Memoire historique sur la 
Bibf du Roi by Jourdan]. 3 vols« fol. Paris^ 1739-42. 


ANONYMOUS, conHnued. 

Catalogue des ouvrages de M. Fourmont Taine [by himself]. 8® 

Amst. 1731. 
Catalogue raisonn^ d*une collection de m^dailles [by C. de Schach- 

man]. 4** Leipzig, 1774. 
Catalogue sommaire des MSS. de la Bibliotheque de la ville de Saint- 

Omer. 8*» Saint-Omer, 1828. [Only 100 copies printed.] 
Catalogue (a) of a variety of books, Latin and English. 4° London^ 

Catalogue (a*) of vendible and useful English and Latin books. 4® 

London, 168§. 
Catalogus variorum librorum bibliothecae G. Voetii. 4^ London, 

Catalogus Librorum Gisberti Voetii. 4^ London, 1678. 
Catalogus numismaticus musei Lefroyani; [to which is added] 

Osservazioni di A. F. Gori sopra due monumenti antichi che si con- 

servano nel museo del Sig*". Antonio Le Froy. 8° Liburni, 1763. 
Catalogus Romanorum Imperatorum; additi sunt et Germanici Im- 

peratores descripti versibus a G. Sabino. 8® Witeb, 1543. 
Catalogus variorum librorum ex bibliothecis J. Bradford ct G. 
• Cooperi. 4° London, 1686. 
Catalogus variorum librorum... sive bibliotheca instructissima doctis- 

simi cujusdam generosi nuperrime defuncti. 4° London, 
Catechisme (le) des J^suites, ou examen de leur doctrine [by £. 

Pasquier]. 8<> ViUe-franche, 1602. 
Catechismo, ciod istruttione secondo il decreto del Concilio di Trento. 

8«^ Venezia, Aldo, 1569. 
Catholick (the) ballad ; or an invitation to popery upon consider- 
able grounds and reasons, s. sh. fol. London, 1678. 
Cavalier (le) de Savoye, ou reponse au Soldat Francois [which was 

published anonymously by Pierre FHostal in 1604, 12®]; plus 

un discours digne de lecture, servant d*apologie centre les faussetez, 

impertinences, et calomnies du Cavalier de Savoye. 12° 1607- 
Celestina, tragicomedia de Calisto y Melibea [by R. Cota]. 18® 


, Tragicomedia de Calisto y Melibea [by R. Cota J. 2 pts. 18® 

Anvers, 1599. 

Tragicomedia de Calisto et Melibea, tradotta de lingua CasU- 

gliana in Italiano idioma [written by R. Cota]. 8® Ven. 

Certaine considerations drawne from the Canons of the last Sinod ad 
informandum animum Episcopi Wigornetisis ne temere prosiliant ad 
deprivationem minisirorum Ecclesice for not subscription, for the not 
exact use of the book of common prayer, &c. 4® 1605. 

Chaos del Tri per Uno [by T. Folengo]. 8® Ven. 1546. 

Christianity the great ornament of human life. 8® London, 1 701. 

Chronique Georgienne, traduit par M. Brosset. 

Chronological list of the royal company of Scotch archers. 8® 
Edinb. 1819. 

Tables of the high sheriffs of the county of Lincoln, and of the 

knights of the shire, citizens, and burgesses in parliament, within the 
same ; from the earliest accounts to the present time [by E. Tumor]. 
4® London, 1119. 

Cinquanta stanze dell* arcibravo Venetiano. 8® Venetia, 1617. 


ANONYMOUS, continued. 

Collection (a) of English proverbs with short annotations [by J. R. 

(Ray)]. 8« Cambridgey 1670. 
CoMMRNTAiRES de I'estat de la religion et r^publique sous les rois 

Henry et Francois Seconds, et Charles Neufieme [by P. de la 

Place]. 12° 1565. 
Comment A RiOLus de statu confcederatarum provinciarum Belgii [by 

M. Z. Boxhornius] ; accessit de eadem materia P. Merulae diatriba. 

12*» Hag. Cam. 1659. 
Comparison (a) between the eloquence of Demosthenes and Cicero ; 

translated out of French [ofRapin]. 12<> Oxford, 1612. 
Comparaison (la) de Demosthene et de Cic^ron [by Rapin]. 12® 

Parisy 1676. 
Compassionevoli (li) avvenimenti di Erasto. 18° Ven. 1582. 
Compleat (the) sollicitor performing his duty. 8° London^ 1672. 
(the) sollicitor performing his duty, and teaching his clyent 

to manage his own business. 8° London^ 1668. 
Compte de r Administration de la Justice Civile du Belgique pendant 

1832-36. 4° BruxeUeSy 1837. 
Confession (the) of faith, and the larger and shorter catechisme ap- 
proved by the Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland. 12® London^ 

CoNFESsiONE del poverelo peccatore. 4®. 
Considerations sur les causes de la grandeur des Romains, et de leur 

decadence [by Montesquieu]. 12® Amst.ll^. 
Consilium cujusdam ex animo cupientis esse consultum et R. Ponti- 

ficis dignitati, et christianae religionis tranquillitati. 4®. 
Contrasto (el) de Tacqua e del vino ; con certe altre canzon bellis- 

sime. 4®. 
■ (el) de r angelo e del demonic, e come V angelo mostra la via di 

saluatione al peccatore. 4® Arimino. 

eH o uero battaglia de lo Carnouale e de la Quarcsima. 4®. 

^el ) de Carneuale e de la Quaresima. 4®. 

el) de la Biancha e de la Brunetta. 4®. 

^el) del matrimonio de Tuogno e de la Tamia. — Item un bel 

testamento de un altro vilon, et el pianto de la Tamia. 4® Ve- 
nezia, 1527. 

(el) di uno vivo e di uno morto, cosa nova. 4®. 

CoPiA di lettera scritta in Bologna, nella quale manifestandosi Feccel- 
lenze e perfettioni della Compagnia de' Patri Giesuiti, insieme ven- 
gono risolute molte opposition! fatte ad essi padri ed agli loro instituti. 
(Ital. and Lat.). 4® 1609. 

CuccAGNA (la) paese fertile et abbondante. 8® Venetia, 1619. 

Declaration des Eglises Reform^es de France et Souverainet^ de 
Beam, de Tiniustc persecution qui leur est faicte par les ennemies de 
I'estat et de leur religion. 12® Bochelle, 1621. 

De Cgslo et ejus mirabilibus, et de Inferno ex auditis et visis [by E. 
Swedenborg]. 4® Lond. 1758. 

Deductio ex qua probatur clarissimis argumentis non esse jus devo- 
lutionis in Ducatu Brabantiae, nee in aliis Belgii provinciis, ratione 
principum earum, prout quidam conati sunt asserere [by P. Stock- 
mans]. 4® BruxeU. 1666. 

Defense des sentimens de quelques, theologiens de Hollande sur THis- 


ANONYMOUS, continued. 

toire critique du Vieux Testament [by D. Leclerc]. 12* AinsL 

Drpknsio pro Valer. Magno, in qua exponitur Ecclesiaa Romano-Ca- 

tbolicee scandalum ; id est, Jesuitarum haeresiS) seu atheismus detectus 

aThoophilo. 12° 1661. 
I)e Nova Hibrosolyma et ejus doctrina coelesti; ex auditis e cceio 

[by Swedenborg]. 4?° Land. 1758. 
Drhcouveuture (la) des deniers salez advis tr^utile et n^ces- 

saire pour Ic r^couvrement de notables sommes de finances mir les 

partizans du sel : au grand soulagement du peuple. 8® Parity 1588. 
Dksckiption dcs festes donn^es par la ville de Paris k Toccasion du 

mariage de Mad. Louise-Elizabeth et de Dom Philippe, fol. Paris, 

Descriptio juris et judicii militaris nee non juris et judicii maritiini 

[by R. Zouche]. ^f" Oxonia, 1640. 
. Jurin et judicii militaris nee non juris et judicii maritimi; 

autore K. Z. [Zouch]. P. K. Oxoniae. 2 pts in 1 vol. 4^ Oxan. 

Dialogue sur les droits de la Reyne tr^s-chrestienne [an abridgment 

of th(! Trait6 des droits do la Reyne, &c by A. Bilain]. 12* PariSy 

DfCTioNNAiRE des Hommes de Lettres, des Savans et des Artistes 

de la Belgique. 8'' Bruxelles, 1837. 
DiKFRRKNCE (the) between the Church and Court of Rome considered 

[by W.Lloyd]. 4« Lond. 1674f. 

(la) qu il y a entre les divinations licites et illicites pour juger 
des changemens des R^publiques. 4>^ Middelb. 1590. 

Directions concerning the matter and stile of sermons, written to W. 
S. by J. A. [J. Ardeme]. 12*» Land. 1671. 

Directory (a) for the publique Worship of God throughout England 
Scotland, and Ireland, with propositions concerning Church-govern- 
ment. 12^ London, 1561. 

Dihcordanti^ sanctorum doctorum Jeronymi [et] Augustini. 4®. 

Discours de la charge donn^e par Monsieur de Mandelot sur les 
trouppes de Monsieur de Chastillon pr^s de S. Bonnet le 13*°* lour 
de ce present mois de D^cembre. 8° Paris, 1588. 

— — de la deffaicte qu'a faict Monsieur le Due de Joyeuse et le sieur 
de Lauerdin centre les ennemis du Roy k la Motte-^Sainct-Eloy le 21 
Juin 1587. 8° 1587. 

Discourse (a) of the nature, offices, and measures of friendship ; (to 
which are added two letters to persons newly changed in their re- 
ligion) [by J. Taylor]. 12*> London, 1657. 

— — (a) on the rise and power of parliaments, of laws, of courts of 
judicature, of liberty, property, and religion, of the interest of England 
in reference to the desines of France, of taxes and of trade [by T. 
Sheridan]. 12*» Land. 1677. 

Discours merveilleux de la vie, actions, et d^portemens de Catheriine 
de Medicis, Roine Mdre, declarant les moyens qu'elle a tenu pour 
usurper le gouvernement du Royaume de France et miner Testat 
d'icelui. 3°»« 6dit. 12« 1578. 

sur cette question propos^e par FAcad^mie de Chalons, en 

1783 : Quels seroient les moyens de rendre la justice en France avec 


ANONYMOUS, continued. 

le plus de c616rite et le moins de frais possibles [by L. J. 6. 

Bucquet]. 4° Beauvais, 1789. 
DiscouRS sur les moyens de bien gouverner un royaume, contre N. 

Machiavel [by J. Gentillett]. 8*» 1576. 
Discussions et d^veloppemens sur quelques-unes des notions de T^co- 

nomie politique pour servir de 2^^ partie au recueil intitule Physio^ 

cratie [by Quesnay]. 8° Leyde^ 1767. 
Dispensary (the), a poem [by Sir S. Garth], 8** Lend. 1699. 
DissERTATio de monumentis quibusdam Romanis in boreali Magnae 

BritanniaB parte detectis, anno 1731 [by Sir J. Gierke]. 4^ JSdinb, 

— De sty lis veterum et diversis chartarum generibus [by Sir J. 

Clark]. 4.«. 
Dissertation (a) on the antiquity, origin and design of the principal 

pyramids of Egypt...... also, on the original form and measures of the 

Ark of Noah [by T. Gates]. 4° London, 1833. 
. Adress6e aux academies s^avantes de 1* Europe, sur une nation 

de Celtes nomm^s Brigantes ou Brigants, fondateurs de plusieurs 

yilles de leur nom, duquel et de leur race il se trouve encore des 

hommes en Bretagne ; par un auteur de la mdme nation [J. le 

Brigant]. 12° BreghmU [Pam], 1762. 
Dolce cara morosetta; barcelletta nuova. 8° Trevigi, 1619. 
EccLEsiASTicA (de) et politica potestate liber unus [by E. Richer; 

to which is added] Decreta facultatis theologisB Parisiensis de po- 
testate ecclesiastica et primatu Romani Pontificis ; [followed by] P. 

Hardivilerii Parisini, Academise Rectoris, actio pro Academia ad- 

versus presbyteros et scholasticos coUegii Claromontani. 3 pts. in 1 

vol. 12° Parisy 1612. 
J^COLE Egyptienne de Paris ; extrait du nouveau Journal Asiatique ; 

[to which is added ]; Paroles adress^es aux jeunes Egyptiens lors 

de la distribution des prix le 4 Juillet, 1828 [by Jomard]. 8° 

Paris, 1828. 
Education (of) especially of young gentlemen [by O. Walker]. 8° 

Oxm. 1673. 
Egjloga pastorale di Damon e Thirse. 8** Trevigi, 1613. 
Elements of jurisprudence, treated of in the preliminary part of a 

course of lectures on the laws of England [by R. Woodeson], 4° 

London, 1783. 
^LOGE de J. B. Colbert [by Necker]. 8^ Par. 1773. 
Enchiridium ad Scapulae lexicon [by M. Raper]. 12° Lond. 1804. 
English (the) part of the library of the late Duke of Lauderdale. 4° 

Lmd. 1690. 
Epistola apologetica ad sincerioris ecclesisB sectatores, per ministros 

evangelii ecclesisB Argentoratensis. 8° Argent. 1530. 
Eroffnete Frantzosische geheime Raths-Stube, worinnen die Consilia 

iiber jetzigen Zustand zusammen getragen worden wie die Cron 

Frankreich bey schweren Conjuncturen sich zu verhalten, damit Sie 

aus dem Labyrinth mit manier kommen mochte. 4° 1673. 
EssAis philosophiques sur \ homme, ses principaux rapports et sa 

destin§e ; suivis d'observations sur le beau ; publics par L. H. de 

Jacob. 8« St.'Pitershourg, 1822. 
EssAi sur le droit des gens, with additions [by De Chambrier d'0» 

leires]. 8° Paris, 1195, 



ANONYMOUS, continued. 

Ess A I sur Tunion de la po^ie et delamusique [by F. J. Chastdlux]. 

12« LaHaye,n65. 
Essay (an) concerning rational notions ; to which b added the proof 
of a God [by C. Maynes]. 8° Lond. 1733. 

(a) on the antiquity of the Irish language, being a coUation of 

the Irish with the Punic language ; with a preface proving Ireland to 
be the Thule of the ancients [by C. Vallencey]. 8*» DubUn^ 1772. 
(an) on the East India trade, by the author of the essay upon 

wayes and means [C. Davenant]. 8^ London^ 1696. 

EssEMPio de' giovani, nel quale si contiene il lamento d*un giovine 
ricco, fallito. 8« Venetian 1620. 

Est AT (r) pr^nt de la France, avec les moyens gen^raux et plus as- 
seurcz a y remedier. 12*' 1606. 

Exact (an) and most impartial accompt of the indictment, arraignment, 
trial, and judgment of twenty-nine regicides, the murderers of 
Charles I. [by H. Finch Earl of NoUingliam}. 4° Lond. 166a 

Existence (de T) et de ses fins. 12** Paris, 1826. 

Explication exacte et complete du sothiaque dynastique, chrondo- 
gique, zodiacal, historique, et religieux de Denderah [by F. Ri- 
cardij. 12« Paris, 1826. 

Explicationes Catholicae locorum fere omnium veteris ac novi Testa- 
ment! quibus ad stabiliendas hsereses nostra tempestate abutuntur 
hseretici. 3 pts. in 2 vol. 8° Colon. 1581. 

Exposition (an) of the real causes and effective remedies of the agri- 
cultural distress. 8^ Lond. 1822. 

Exustionis antichristianorum decretalium acta. 4^. 

Facts and observations relating to the Temple church and the' mo- 
numents contained in it [by J. Jekyll]. 4® Lond. 1811. 

(Fasciculus temporum omnes antiquorum chronicas complectens) [by 
W. Rolewinck]. Spira, 1477. 

Fiat justitia et ruat coelum, or somewhat offered in defence of the 
imperial crown of England and its successor ; in answer to a speech 
pretended to be spoken in the House of Commons upon reading the 
bill against the D. (Duke of York afterwards James II.) [by a true 
Englishman], s. sh. fol. 

Flagellum, or the life and death, birth and burial of O. Cromwell, 
the late usurper ; by S. T. [or rather S. Heath]. 8® Lond. 1663. 

Fleta, seu commentarius juris Anglicani sic nuncupatus, sub Edwardo 
Rege primo, seu circa annos abhinc CCCXL. conscriptus ; accedit 
tractatulus vetus de agendi excipiendique formulis Gallicanusye^ aS' 
savoir dictus ; subjungitur etiam Jo. Seldeni ad Fletam dissertatio 
historica. 4° Ijond. 1685. 

Floh Hatz, Weiber Tratz. 8** Strassbourgy 1610. 

Fortune (la) de la Cour, ouvrage curieux tire des M^moires d*un des 
principaux conseillers du Due d'Alen^on, frere du Roy Henry III 
[la Neuville, written by P. de Dampmartin]. 8® Paris, 1642. 

Fragments of a civic feast ; being a key to Volney's Ruins, or the 
revolutions of empires ; by a Reformer [F. Nolan]. 8® Lond. 1826. 

Frauds (the) of Romish monks and priests set forth in eight letters 
lately written by a gentleman [G. d'Emiliane or A. Gavin] in his 
journey into Italy. 8° London, 1691. 

Freeholder's (the) choice ; or a letter of advice concerning elections. 
s. sh. fol. 


ANONYMOUS, continued. 

Frotola d'un vilan dal Bonden che se voleva far cittadin in Ferrara. 4'®. 

Frotole nove composte da piii autori. 4°. 

Frottole amorose. 8® Venetiat 1619. 

Garnet's ghost, addressing to the Jesuits, met in private caball, just 

after the murther of Sir Godfrey, s. sh. fol. 
Geistliches Handbuchlein vor die Reysenden von newen in dise 

gesehmeidige form geordnet. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 12° Luneburg, (1628.) 
Gentle (the J sponge, being a mode of reducing the national debt ; in 

a letter to the Duke of Wellington ; by an old soldier. 8° London^ 

Gentleman's (the) calling. 8** Lojidon, 1667. 
GiUNTA fatta al ragionamento degli articoli et de* verbi di P. Bembo 

[by L. Castelvetro]. 4° IBasilea,^ 1563. 
Government (the) of the tongue [by J. Ball?]. 8** Oxford, 1674', 
Governo de fameglia, historia nova a preposito de ciascaduno govema- 

dore de fameglia. 4®. 
G RAM M AIRE g6n6rale et raisonnee [by C. Lancelot et A. Amauld]. 

12*> Parisy 1676. 

Turque, ou methode courte pour apprendre la langue Turque, 

avec pi usieurs dialogues [by Holdermann]. 4** Constant. 1730, 

Grant (le) credo de Venise. 12°. 

GuERRA (la) del Turcho e la presa de Modone. 4® [ Venezioy^ 1527. 

Hernach volgte dye verzaychnusse des heeres so der kunge vor franck- 

reych wid die Venediger gehabt hat, &c. 4®. 
Hieroglyphick on the Coffin of Myceriniis found in the third Pyramid 

of Gizeh, August 1837 (by Col. H. Vyse). 
HisToiRE abregee de la vie et des ouvrages de Mr. Arnauld [by 

Quesnel]. 12° Cologne, 1695. 

de ce qui s'est pass6 pour Tetablissement d*une regence en 

Angleterre; 1788 and 1789 [by L. Dutens]. 8° Londres, [Pam,] 

et commerce des colonies Angloises dans TAmerique Septen- 

trionale, ou Ton trouve Tetat actuel de leur population et des details 
sur la constitution de leur gouvernement, principalment sur celui de 
la Nouvelle Angleterre, de la Pensilvanie, de la Caroline et de la 
Georgie [by Butel-Dumont]. 12® London, [Pan*,] 1755. 

r) de France enrichie des plus notables occurrances survenues 

ez provinces de Y Europe et pays voisins, soit en paix soit en guerre, 
tant pour le fait seculier, qu'eclesiastique depuis 1550 jusques a ces 
temps [by J. le Frere and P. E. Piguen'e]. 2 vols. fol. IParisf] 

de Testat de France sous le regne de Fran9ois II [by Regnier 

Sieur de la Planche] . 8" Paris, 1576. 

de r Inquisition d'Espagne exposee par examples pour estre 

mieux entendue en ces derniers temps [by R. G. Montanus]. 12° 

du ministere d'Armand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal Due de Riche- 

lieu, sous el rdgne de Louys XIII [by C. Vialart]. 2 vols. 12** 
Paris, 1650. 

(r) du temps, ou le veritable recit de ce qui s'est pass6 dans le 

parlement depuis le mois d'aoust, 1647 jusques au mois de novembre 
1648 [by N. Johaimes du Portail].^ 12° 1649. 
,^ — (Ju Theatre de FOpera en France, depuis Tetablissement de 



ANONYMOUS, cotUinued. 

1* Academic Hoyale do musique jusqu*^ pr^nt [by Travenol (?), 
and published, or perhaps written by J. B. Durey de Noinville]. 2 
vols. 8° Paris, 1753. 
HisTORiA (la) de Florindo e Chiarastella. 4®. 

de Lionibruno. 4®. 

nova della ruina de* Venetiani, cum lo processo delli mali con- 
tract! che lor facaro (sic) ; et una Barpelletta de Bressa. 4^. 

HisTORiiE PatriaB monumenta edita jussu Regis Caroii Albert! Char- 
tarum ; Tomus 1. tbl. AugtisUe Taurinorum, 18S6. 

Historical (an) and descriptive account of the ancient painting pre- 
served at Cowdray in Sussex, representing the procewion of King 
Edward VI. from the Tower of London to Westminster, Feb. 19Cb, 
A.D. 1547. 4*» ILondon, 1787, from the Transactions of the So- 
ciety of Antiquaries.] 

History (the) of Cambria now called Wales, a part of the most fsir 
mous yland of Brytaine, written in the Brytish language above two 
hundredth yeares past [by Caradoc of Llancarvan], translated into 
English by H. Lhoyd ; corrected, augmented, and continued out 
of records and best approved authors by D. Powel. 4^ Loud. 


■ of Greece from the earliest times to its final subjection to Rome 
[pub. by the Society for the diff. of U. K.] [by Malkin]. 8" 
Lond. 1829. 

(the) of that most eminent statesman, sir J. Perrott, Knight of 
the Bath, and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland [by K. Rawlinson]; fiiom 
the original MS. written about the latter end of the reign of Queen 
Elizabeth. 8« Lond. 1728. 

(the) of the Apostles creed ; with critical observations on its se- 

veral articles [by P. Kingl. 8*» Lond. 1711. 

(the) of the civil wars of England, from 1640 to 1660 [by T. 
H. [Hobbes]. 8*» London, 1679. 

(the) of the life of the Duke of Espemon [by G. Girard]; 
englished by C. Cotton, fol. LoncL 1 670. 

(the) of the transactions betwixt England and the states of the 

Netherlands since they first began to be a republique, to this day. 
4*» London, 1664. 

(the) of the three late famous impostors. Padre Ottomano, Ma- 

homet Bei, and Sabatai Sevi [by J. Evelyn]. 8° Lond. 1669. 
(the) opinions, and present legal position of the Ejsglish 

presbvterians. 8° London, 1834. 
Holy (the) table, name and thing, more anciently, properly, and lite- 
rally used under the New Testament, than that of an altar ; written 
long ago by a minister in Lincolnshire [J. Williams]. 4^ 1637. 
HuDiBRAs; the first and second parts [by S. Buder]. 2 pts. in 
1 vol. 8<> Lond. 1674. 

; third and last part. 8® Lond. 1678. 

Hystoria bellissima di misser Costantino da Siena e de misser Georgio 
da Genova li quali se accompagnarono in viaggio per andare al baron 
misser San Jacomo, e delle grandissime fortune che loro hebeno...M 
come legendo intenderiti. 4^. 
del Geloso da Fiorenza. 4°. 

la) di Ginevra de Glialmieri che fu sotterrata per morta. 4^ 
Lazaro, Martha e Magdalena. 4^ 



ANONYMOUS, continued. 

Hystoria de Orpheo, 4°. 

de la regina Olina. 4®. 

Imagines et emblemata, in Germania venum exposita, cum lemmatis 
et epigrammatis suis. 4^ 1706. 

Impartial (an) account of divers remarkable proceedings the last 
sessions of parliament, relating to the horrid Popish Plot, &c., the 
manner of choosing their speaker, the speeches of divers members 
relating to that, the vote of the House in defence of the King and 
Protestant religion ; the articles of impeachment against the five Lords 
in the Tower ; the articles of impeachment against the Earl of Danby 
and his letter ; the Earl of Danby*s pardon and plea ; the reasons 
and narrative of the proceedings between the two Houses concern- 
ing the Lords in the Tower; the proceedings of the House of 
Lords concerning the Lords in the Tower; a copy of the Bill 
relating to the Duke of York ; a copy of a speech upon the reading 
of the same ; the Earl of Shaftsbuir's speech in the House of Lords ; 
M'. Powel's speech concerning the Earl of Danby; M'. Palme's report 
about the temporary Laws ; with an address against the Duke of 
Lauderdale, fol. London, 1679. 
* Inhumanitez (des) et cruaultez de Tarmee du roy de Navarre en 
Poictou conduite par le Seigneur de la Trimouille. 8° PariSy 1588. 
. Inlustrium virorum ut extant in urbe expressi vultus. fol. JRonuBy 

Inquiry into the causes and remedies of the late and present scarcity 
and high price of provisions, in a letter to Earl Spencer [from G. 
Blane]. 8® London, 1800. 

(an) into the nature of the human soul, its origin, properties 

and faculties. 8^ Lond, 1750. 

Ikstitutio Greecae grammatices compendiaria in usum scholse Westm. 
12^ London, 1653. 

Institution de Taumosne g^n^rale de Lyon. 4^ Lyon, 1662. 

Invito amoroso d' alcuni pastori alle ninfe con la risposta di esse ; con 
un capitolo di un giovane, nel quale egli descrive la crudelt^ della 
sua donna, et una bellissima mattinata. 8® Veneiia, 1617. 

Jardin (le) des racines Grecques, mises en vers Fran9ois, avec un 
traits des propositions et un recueil alphab6tique des mots Fran9ois 
tirez de la langue Grecque [by C. Lancelot]. 12® Par, 1682. 

Ionian antiquities published by order of the Society of Dilettanti 
[by Chandler, Revett and Pars, whose names do not appear on the 
title-page of this copy, although they are in the title of the L. P. 
copy in the Library ] . fol. London, 17 69* 

Julian the Apostate, being a short account of his Life, the sense 
of the primitive Cluristians about his succession, and their behaviour 
towards him [by S. Johnson, rector of Corrington]. 8° London, 

Juris et judicii fecialis, sive juris inter gentes et quaestionum de eodem 
explicatio; opera R. Z. [Zouche]. 4® Oxon. 1650. 

Justification (a) of the present war against the United Netherlands, 
wherein the declaration of H. Majesty is vindicated and the war 
proved just, honorable and necessary ; the dominion of the sea ex- 
plained, &c. [by H. Stubbes?]. 4<» Lond. 1672. 

KuRTZER and andachtiger Weegweiser der sieben und neun Romis- 
chen hauptkirchen. 12° jRohn, 1675* 

c 2 


ANONYMOUS, continued. 
KuRZE (eiu) Underrichtung heilbarer krefftiger ertzeneTy mit wekAai 

sich der menscli wider die pestilentz bewaren. 4® Jjeipzck, 
Lacrimoso (il) lamento che fece la signora Pnidentia Anconhana io- 

nanzi che fosse condotta alia giustizia per aver avelenato suo marita 

8<> Venelioy 1620. 
Lamento (el) dc Italia universale. 4^ Rome. 
Late (the) apology in behalf of the Papists, reprinted and answered in 

behalf of the Royalists [by W. Lloyd]. 4" Lond. 1675. 
Lettre a Monsieur le President de*** sur la machine a^rostatiqne^ 

sur les tetos parlantes, et sur T^tat present de I'opinion publique ii 

Paris [by Rivarol]. 8« Landres, [Pom,] 1783. 
Lettre ^ M. de Saint-Just sur le globe aerostatique de MM. Mon- 

golfier. 12° Amst. 1784. 
Letter to the editor of the Edinburgh Review, by Clerus AnglicaniUi 

(Two copies.) 8° London, 1832. 
— — - (a) to a political econombt occasioned by an article in the 

Westminster Review on the subject of value ; by the author of tlie 

critical dissertation on value therein reviewed. 8° London^ 1826. 
■ (a) concerning toleration [by J. Locke, translated by Popple]. 

12« Lmd. 1690. 
Letters (1 and 2) to the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Carlisle^ 

wherein Robert III is freed from the imputation of bastardy [by T. 

Rymer]. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 8** London, 1702. 
Lettres sur la cour de la Chancellerie d'Angleterre et sur quelqaes 

points de jurisprudence Anglaise, enrichies de notes et appendieei 

par C. P. Cooper (their real author), et publi^es avec une intro- 
duction par P. Royer-Collard. 8° Paris, 1830. 
■ sur la cour de la Chancellerie d'Angleterre et sur qnelqoei 

points de la jurisprudence Anglaise, enrichies de notes et appendices 

par C.P. Cooper (their real author), et publi6es avec un introduction 

par P. Royer-Collard ; ouvrage mis en rapport avec la legislation del 

Pays-Bas. 8° Bruxelles, 1830. 
Li BERT ate (pro) Status et Reipublicse Venetorum Gallofranci [L. 

Servin] ad Philenetum epistola. 4® Parisiis, 1606. 
— — (pro) Status et Reipublicse Venetoinim Gallofranci [L. Servin] 

ad Philenetum epistola. 8** 1607. 
Liberte (dela) de commerce. 8® Beauvais, 1789. 
LiBRO da imparare gioeare a scachi et de bellissimi partiti, in lingot 

Spagnola e Taliana. 8°. 

del Consolato de*Marinari. 4® Ven. 1564. 

Life (the) of Catharine II of Russia [by Tooke]. 3 vols. 8® LomL 

LiGA (la) de la illustrissima signoria de Venetia con il christianissimo 

Re di Franza. 4®. 
List of archers who have gained the Musselburgh arrow (the Edin- 
• burgh arrow, the silver bowl and the king's prize). 8® [_^dinbiffrgk 

LoGiQUE (la) ; ou Tart de penser [by A. Amauld and P. Nicole]. 12* 

Amst. 1675. 
LoNDREs [by P. J. Grosley]. 3 vols. 12" Latisanne, 1770. 
Long (the) Parliament dissolved. 4® \_London,'\ 1676. 
Magnum speculum exemplorum, .... opus locupletatum et auctum 

studio J. Maioris. 8° Col. Agrip.\6ll. 


ANONYMOUS, continued. 

Malicie (le) e sagacitsl delle donne . . . et el consiglio da un philoeopho 

a quelli che se voleno maridare . . . con un capitolo de una cortisana 

tirata in caretta. 4** 
Malitie (le) da villani con alqnanti stramotti alia Bergamascha. 4^. 
Maridazzo di M. Zan Frognocola con Mad. Guigniocola alia Berga- 

masca. 8^ Venetia, 1618. 
M EDITACOES dos attributos divinos para todo o anno ; pelo seu author 

T. A. C. O. [T. Almeida]. 4 vols. 8<^ Lisboa, 1796. 
M^MOiRE historique concemant la n^gociation de la paix trait^e a 

Vervins Van 1598. 2 vols. 12« Paris, 1667. 
sur les chauss6es vicinales dans la province de la Fiandre Orientale ; 

par H. V. [H. Vilain XIIII]. 8<> Gand, IS29. 
Mi^MoiRES contenant ce qui s*est pass6 en France de plus considerable 

depuisFan 1608jusquen 1636 [byE.A.deMartignac]. 12** Paris^ 

(les) de la ligne sous Henri III and Henri IV Rois de France, 

comprenant en six volumes ou recueib distincts infinies particularit^s 

depuis Tan 1576 jusques a Tan 1598 [by S. Goulart]. 6 vob. 8« 

^Geneve,'] 1602, 1590, 93, 94, 98 and 99. 

(les) de la r6gence de la reyne Marie de Medicis [by d'Estr^es]. 

12<> Par. 1666. 

— de Testat de France sous Charles Neufiesme. 3 vols. 8^ Meldeib. 


de Mr. L. C. D. R. [le Comte de Rochefort], contenant ce qui 

s'est pass6 de plus particulier sous le ministere du Card. Richelieu et 
du Card. Mazarin[by Sandras de Courtilz]. 8° Cologne, 1687. 
de M. D. L. R. [Rochefoucault] sur les brigues a la mort de 

Loiiys XIII, les guerres de Paris et de Guyenne et la prison des 
Princes ; apologie pour Monsieur de Beaufort [by Girard] ; m6- 
moires deMr. de la Chastre; Lettre du Cardinal (Mazarin) k Mon- 
sieur de Brienne. 12** Cologne, 1669. 

et instructions pour servir dans les negotiations et affaires concer- 

nant les droits du roy de France [by de Lionne]. 12® Par. 1665. 

Memoirs of the life and eminent conduct of that learned and rev. 
divine D. Williams. 8*» Lond. 1718. 

MiCRO-cosMOQRAFHiE ; or, a piece of the world discovered, in essays 
and characters, [by E. Blunt]. 12** London, 1664!. 

MoDO di metter mano alia spada. Oblong 12**. 

MoNiTA salutaria B. V. Mariae ad cultores suos indiscretos. 8® Gan' 
davi, 1673. 

Mount Calvary, or the history of the passion, death, and resurrection 
of our Lord and Saviour; written in Cornish, interpreted in the 
English tongue by Jo. Keighirn ; edited by D. Gilbert ; Cornish and 
English. 8** Lond. 1826. 

MouTON (le), le canard, et le coq, fable dialogu6e. 12** Par. 1783. 

Museum Worsleyanum ; or a collection of antique basso relievos, bus- 
tos, &c., with views of places in the Levant [by Sir R. Worsley] ; 
IlaL and Engl. 2 vols. fol. Lond. 1794. 

Navigation Ha) a§rienne, ode. 8** Pam, 1783. 

Newes from Heaven ; or a dialogue between St. Peter and the five 
Jesuits last hang'd, viz. Thomas White, alias Whitebread, Provincial 
of the Jesuits in England ; William Harcourt, alias Harrison, pre- 
tended Rector of London ; John Gavan, alias Gawen ; Anthony 


ANONYMOUS, continued. 

Turner ; John Fenwick, Procurator for the Jesuits in England, s. sh. 

foL ILand. 1679.1 
NipoTiSMO (il) di Roma ; or, the History of the popes' nephews from 

Sixtus IV, 1471, to the death of Alexander VII, 1667. 2 pts. in 1 vol 

8o Lond. 1673. 
NoBiLTA (della) et eccellenza delle donne, dalla lingua Francese nella 

Italiana tradotto, con una oratione di A. Piccolomini in lode delle 

medesime. 8** Ven, 1545. 
NouvELLE (la) deffaicte et surprinse de Reistres faicte par Monseigneur 

le Due de Guise, Mardy, 24 Nov. 1587. 8° [Pam,] 1587. 

m^thode pour apprendre faeilement et en pen de temps la langue 

Italienne [by C. Lancelot]. 1SJ° Paris, 1664. 

m^thode pour apprendre faeilement la langue Grecque [by 

Lancelot, Arnauldand Nicole]. 8** Paris, 1673. 

Novo fioretto di essempii in ottavo alia Ciciliana, date in luce da 

M. V. B. 8<» Trevigiy 1617. 

NuovA (la) canzone de Bigaran nellaqual si sente le sue. prodezze, con 

I'allegrezze delle sue nozze. 8° Veneiia, 1619. 
NuMisMATUM antiquorum sylloge, Populis Graecis municipiis et co- 

loniis Romanis cusorum, ex cimeliarchio editoris ^C. Wren]. ¥ 

Land. 1708. 
Observations and advices ceconomical [by D. 4th Lord North]. 

12° Lond. 1669. 
— — — on a Journey to Naples, wherein the frauds of the Romish 

monks and priests are farther discovered by the author of a late book 

entituled : 2%€ Frauds of the Pomish monks and priests [A. Gravin 

or G. d'Emiliane]. 8« Lond. 1691. 

■ sur les poemes d* Homere et de Virgile [by Rapin]. 12® Paris, 

Ode (an) to the warlike genius of Great Britain. 4° Lond. 1778. 
CEuvREs diverses du Sieur D*** [Boileau], avec le trait6 du Sublime 

trad, du Grec de Longin. 12® 1675. 
Officio (de) hominis Christiani in hodiernis istis de religione contro- 

versiis. 8® Irenopoli, 1610. 
Orazione funebre d* Ignazio Patemd Costello Principe di Biscari. 8** 

Catania, 1787. 
Origine (deir) de' Barbari che distrussero Timperio di Roma, onde 

ebbe principio la citta di Venezia, libri undici ; con un cronico che 

serve alle nazioni ricordate in essi [by N. Zeno]. 2 vols. 4" 

Ven. 1557. 
-<»— (de V) des estrones, discours historique et moral contenu dans 

une lettre [signed I. S. D.M. viz. Jacques Spon docteur medecin]. 

12« [Zyow,] 1673. 

(de r) et des progres d'une science nouvelle. 8° Land. 1768. 

[by Dupont de Nemours.] 

Originibus (de) seu de varia et potissimum orbi Latino ad banc diem 
incognita, aut inconsyderata historia, quum totius Orientis, tum max- 
ime Tartarorum, Persarum, Turcarum, et omnium Abrahami et 
Noachi alumnorum origines, et mysteria Brachmanum retegente: 
quod ad gentium, literarumque quibus utuntur, rationes attinet. 8® 

Ornaments (the) of Churches considered, with a particular view to 
the late decoration of the parish church of St Margaret's Weftmin- 


ANONYMOUS, continued. 

ster, to which is subjoined an appendix containing the history of the 

said church [by T. Wilson]. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4<» Oxfordy 1761. 
OsMiA, tragedia de assumpto Portuguez. 4^ Ltshoa^ 1795. - 
Outline (an) of sematology, or an essay towards establishing a new 

theory of grammar, logic and rhetoric. 8° Zoiuf. 1831. 
Paradoxical assertions and philosophical problems, by R. H. 2 pts. 

in 1 vol. \9^ Lond. 1664. 
Paraphrase (a) and annotations upon all the epbtles of St Paul [by 

J. FeU.] 8*> Oxfardy 1684. 
Parerga historica [by Jo. Uphagen]. 4® [Z)a«zt^,] 1782. 
Passe-par-tout (le) des p^res J^uites, aport6 dltalie ; par le docteur 

Palestine, gentil-homme Remain [by C. de Plaix]. 12® 1607. 
Passions (la) del nostro Signore in stanze. 4^ 
Passions (the) of the minde by Th. W. [Wright]. 12° Land. 1601. 
Pastor (o) evangelico repartindo o pasto da divina palabra nas praticas 

familiares dos domingos e festas por T. A. D. C. O. [Theodoro 

Almeida da Congregazao Oratorio]. 4 vols. S^ Lisbooy 1797-99. 
Perfect (a) catalogue of all the lord treasurers that have been in 

England to this present year, 1679 ; with particular observations on 

T. Earl of Danby. s. sh. fol. 
Petit traits de Amalse et Lucenda; Fr. and Ital. 12° Li/oHy 1570. 
Petrus Martyr. De orbe novo decades octo, labore et industria 

R. Hakluyti. 8° Par. 1587. 
Physiocratie, ou constitution naturelle du gouvemement le plus avan- 

tageux au genre humain [by J. Quesnay], recueil publil par Du- 

pont. 8° Lei/dey 1768. 
PiNACOTHECA archetiparum imaginum. 8° London^ 1688. 
Plain-dealing, or a full and particular examination of a late treatise 

intituled Humane reason, by A.M. [E. Stephens?]. 12^ Cam* 

hridgty 1675. 
Plaintes et remonstrances faites au Roy et ^ la Reyne mere par MM. 

les princes et seigneurs catholiques. 8° Parisy 1588. 
Plan of the publick game established by the Queen-Empress at Brus- 
sels, with the consent of the council of finances and die chamber of 

account of Flanders, and upon a publick warrant. 12*^. 
PoEMATUM (de) cantu et viribus rythmi [by J.Vossius]. 8° Oxon. 1673. 
PoESiA in lode deir inchiostro, dedicata al Sig. Georgio Coneo, gen* 

tilhuomo Scozzese. 4^ Romay 1626. 
PoLiTiCKE Discoursen handelende in ses Bocken, van Steeden, Landen, 

Oorlogen, &c. 12** Amsterdamy 1662. 
Politique (la) du Clerg6 de France, ou entretiens sur les moyens dont 

on se sert aujourd'huy pour d6truire la religion protestaute [by 

Jurieu].' 12° Amsterdamy 1682. 
(le) du temps, ou le conseil fiddle sur les mouvemens de la 

France, tire des ^v^nemens passez, pour servir d'instruction a la triple 

ligue; i^r. e^ G^enw. [by F. P. de Lisola]. 4° \_Cologne?'\ 1672. 
Prefatory (a) discourse [by W. Benson] to a new edition of the 

psalms of David, translated into Latin verse by A. Jonston. 8° 

Lond. 1741. 
Present (the) state of the United Provinces of the Low-Countries 

by W. A. Fellow of the Royal Society [William Aglionby?]. 12° 

Lond. 1671. 

(the) scandalous system of robbing graves exposed^ and a safe- 


ANONYMOUS, continued, 

guard for the dead, in the newly invented iron, or metallic coffins. 
V2P London, 1818. 

Propagation of the gospel in the East; being an account of the euc- 
cess of two Danish missionaries [B. Ziegenbalg and H. Hutscho] 
lately sent to the East Indies for the conversion of the heathens in 
Malabar, in several letters to their correspondents in Europe. 2 pts. 
in 1 vol. 12° Lond. 1709. 

Propiietia de santa Brigida con alcune altre prophetic. 4® Venetm, 

trovata in Roma intagliata in marmoro, in versi Latini : tratta in 

volgar sentimento : con un altra prophetia Latina. 4® JRom€U 

Proposal (a) for a yearly increase of wealth by subscriptions to ad- 
vance money upon lives. 4®. 

Propositiones de quibus disputabit Magister Tilemanus Heshusius 
vocatus ad gubernationem Ecclesiae Goslariensis [by Melancthon]. 
8° WitenhergtB, 1553. 

Propos tenus au roy a la pr^ntation de la requeste des princes, sei- 
gneurs, et communautez de Tunion pour la deffence de la Religion 
Catholique, Apostolique, et Romaine. 8** Paris, 1588. 

Prosodies (on the) of the Greek and Latin languages [by S. Horsley]. 
8° Lond. 1796. 

PuGNA pictatis et superstitionis dialogus sane festivus, de depravata 
religione Christiana. 8°. 

Quest A e la vera prophetia de uno imperatore elquale pacifichora li 
christiani el paganesmo. 4° VeneHa. 

Reasonable (a) defence of the "Seasonable discourse," &c. [by W. 
Lloyd]. 4° Lond. 1674. 

Reflexions sur les m^moires pour les ambassadeurs, et reponse au 
ministre prisonnier [by Gallardi]. 12** Ville Franche, 1677. 

sur la po^tique de ce temps et sur les ouvrages des poetes 

anciens et modernes [by Rapinj. 12° Paris, 1675. 

sur Fusagede Teloquence de ce temps [by Rapin]. 12° Paris, 


Reformation in worshipping of God required according to the means 
afforded of a clearer knowledge of the divine will. 4®. 

Refutation (a) of so much of the calumnies against the Lord Chan- 
cellor contained in the last number of the Quarterly Review... as 
relates to the appointment of M^ J. Brougham to the offices of clerk 
of patents and registrar of affidavits [by C. P. Cooper]. 8** L<md» 

; 4th edit. 8° Lond. 1833. 

Registrum honoris de Richmond, exhibens terrarum et villarum infra 
Richmundshire descriptionem ex libro Domesday; adjiciuntur chartae, 
&c. [by R. Gale]. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 

Relation contenant I'histoire de TAcademie Fran^oise, par M. P. 
[Pellisson]. 12« Paris, 1671. 

(a) of the re-taking of the island of St Helena, and three 

Dutch East-India ships, fol. Lond. 1673. 

(a) of three embassies from Charles IF. to the Great Duke of 

Muscovie, the King of Sweden, and the King of Denmark, performed 
by the Earl of Carlisle [C. Howard] in the years 1663 and 1664; 
written by an attendant on the embassies [G. Miege]. 8° Lond. 1669. 
Religio Sioici, with a friendly addresse to the phanaticks of all sects 
and sorts [by Sir G. Mackenzie]. 12° Edinb, 1665. 


ANONYMOUS, continued. 

Religion (la) des J6suites, ou reflexions sur les inscriptions du P. 

M6nestrier [by P. Jurieu]. 12<> La Haye, 1689. 
Remarks on the Ministerial plan of a central university examining 

board. S"" London^ 1836. 
Remarques pour servir de r^ponse a deux Merits imprimis a Bruxelles, 

contre les droits de la reine sur le Brabant et sur divers lieux des 

Pays-Bas [by G. Joly]. V2^ Parts, 1667. 
Remarqueur (le) anonyme convaincu par Vhistoire, ou response aux 

remarques envoy^es a M^ le Conseiller Stockmans sur sa seconde 

partie. 4® iBruxdles,'] 1668. 
Report (a) containing an essay for the amendment of the silver coins 

[by W. Lowndes]. 8** Lond. 1695. 
Reprbsentatione (la) di Abraam et Isaac. 4® Venetia. 
Rerum Anglicarum Henrico VIII. Edwardo VI. et Maria regnantibus 

annales [by F. H. i. e. Francis Godwin, Bishop of Hereford^]. 4® 

Lond. 1628. 
■■ prodigiosorum quae in urbe Constantinopolitana, et in aliis ei 

finitimis anno 1542, enarratio, de prima truculentissimorum Turcarum 

origine. 8° ArUv. 1543. 
Respectful (a) address to the Archbishops and Bishops of England and 

Ireland respecting the necessity of morning and afternoon service in 

every parish ; with a few thoughts concerning the residence of the 

clergy. 8<> Lond. 1825. 
Revision du Concile de Trente, contenant les nullitez d'icduy ; les 

griefs des rois et princes chrestiens ; de TEglise Gallicane et autres 

catholiques [by G. Rarchin]. 8° 1600. 
RiDicoLOso (il) e non pii^ veduto testamento del nobile barone Ser 

Carnevale amalato a morte. 8° Venetian 1620. 
RisposTA d*un dottore in theologia ad una lettera scrittagli da un revc- 

rendo suo amico, sopra il breve di censura dalla Santit^ di Paulo V 

pubblicate contro li Signori Venetiani. 4**. 
Roma illustrata, sive antiquitatum Romanarum breviarium, accessit G. 

Fabricii veteris Romae cum nova collatio; ex nova recens. Thysii. 12® 

Lugd. Bai. 1650. 
Ruses (les) innocentes, dans lesquelles se voit comment on prend les 

oyseaux passages, et les non passagers;etdeplusieurs sortes de b^tes 

a quatre pieds ; avec les plus beaux secrets de la pesche dans les 

rivieres et dans les etangs, et la maniere de faire tons les rets et filets 

qu'on pent s'imaginer ; par F. F. F. R. D. G. [Frere Francois Frontin 

religieux de Grammont] dit le Solitaire Inventif. 4** Paris, 1660. 
RuDiMENTUM Syriacum. 8® JRonuB, 1618. 
Ruins (the) of Paestum and Posidonia, a city of Magna Graecia in the 

kingdom of Naples ; containing a description of the antiquities, with 

the history, &c. and observations on the ancient Doric order [by 

J. Berkenhout]. fol. London, 1767. 
Sacrorum (de) dissidiorum causis, eifectis et remediis [by S. Petit?]. 

8<» Amstelod. 1649. 
Satyre m6nipp6e de la vertu du catholicon d'Espagne [by Leroy,Gillot, 

Passerat, Rapin, Durand, Chretien et Piston]. 8° [Pam,] 1595, 
ScHENCKELius dctcctus, scu mcmoria artificialis hactenus occultata, 

nunc in gratiam sapientiee studiosorum luce donata ; a J. A. P. G. 

S.P.D. [J. Paepp]. 12<» Lugduni, 1617. 
ScHONE trostliche und einbriinstige Gebetllein. 32^ Dantzig, 1627. 


ANONYMOUS, continued. 

ScHiJTZRED und cbrifltenliche antwurt warumb D. M. Luthers Leer nit 

verworffen warden soil [by L. Spenglenis]. 4° 1519. 
Seasonable (a) discourse, shewing the necessity of maintaining the 

established religion, in opposition to Popery [by W, Lloyd]. 4** 

Lond. 1673. 

(a) warning to the commons of England ; discovering to them 

their present danger, and the only means of escaping it, to be by a 
prudent choice of old English spirits, to serve their king and country 
in the approaching parliament, s. sh. fol. 

Sentimens de quelques th^ologiens de Hollande sur Thistoire cri- 
tique du Vieux Testament compos6e par R. Simon [by J. Leclerc]. 
12° Amsterdam, 1785. 

Serenissimo et pietoso aviso della Chiesa Apostolica Romana al San- 
tissimo Signor Paulo V Pontefice Massimo e modemo Vescovo di 
Roma, sopra la differeuza tra la sua santit^ et la serenissima signoria 
di Venetia. 4° 1607. 

Several objections sometimes made against the office of credit fully 
answered. 4°. 

Short (a) account of Danegeld, with some further particulars relating 
to William the conqueror*s survey [by P. C. Webb]. 4^ London^ 

(a) account of some particulars concerning Domesday-Book, 

with a view to promote its being published, by a member of the So- 
ciety of antiquaries [P. C. Webb]. 4° Lond. 1756. 

— • (a) catechisme verie necessarie to be learned of all Christians. 
IS** London, 1597- 

- ^a^ introduction to Latin grammar. 8® Oxford^ 1659. 
a) relation of the ,rise and progress of the Turkish warres in 

Hungary, Austria, Moravia, Silesia, and Bohemia from 1359 to 1663; 
with a supplement or description of the said countrey. 4*^ London, 
1664. (The supplement is wanting in this copy.) 

thoughts on the present price of provisions, by an officer of the 

volunteer corps [A. C. Fraser]. 8® Lond. 1800. 

Sibylla liber xiv editore et interprete A. Maio ; Gr. et Lot. 8® Mil. 

Sketch (a) of the materials for a new history of Cheshire ; with ac- 
counts of the genius and manners of its inhabitants and some local 
customs peculiar to that county [by F. Gower]. 4° London, 1771. 

Some account of the alien priories, and of such lands as they are known 
to have possessed in England and Wales [by J. Nicholis]. 2 vols. 
8<* London, 1779. 

considerations of present concernment how far the Romanists 

may be trusted by princes of another perswasion [by H. Dodwell]. 
8<> London, 1675. 

particular matter of fact relating to the administration of affairs 

in Scotland, under the Duke of Lauderdale, fol. 

reflections upon the Earl of Danby, in relation to the murder of 

Sir Edmondbury Godfrey, in a letter to a friend [by] J. B. s^sh. fol. 
SoMMiER discours des justes causes et raisons qu'ont constrainct les 

Estats Generaulx des Pais Bas, de pourveoir a leur deffence : contre 

le Seigneur Don Jehan d'Autriche. 4® Anvers, 1577. 
SosFiRi (gli) della Francia per la morte del re Henrico IIII et la 

fedelt^ de' Frances!. 8^" Vmetia, 1610. 


ANONYMOUS, conHnued. 

Specimbn of an etimological vocabulary, or essay by means of the 
analytic method to retrieve the ancient Celtic [by J. Cleland]. 8^ 
Land. 1768. 

State (the) of France as it stood in the IXth year of Lewis XIV; by 
J, E. [J. Evelvn]. 12« Land. 1652. 

Statua (di una} appresso gli antichissimi bagni d'Albano ed altre 
antichit^ ivi scoperte nel presente anno MDCCLXVI, discorso di 
G. Z. V. [Girolamo Zanetti Veneziano]. 4** Ven. 1766. 

Stufeni^ (le) e maravigliose prove fatte dal Capitan Fracassa. 8^ 
Veneikh 1620. 

Succinct (a) statement of the question respecting the water compa- 
nies of London [by Sir G. Blane]. 8*> Lond. 1819- 

Supflement to the anecdotes of some distinguished persons [by 

^ W. Seward]. 8« London, 1797- 

SuFFLicATio ad imperatorem, reges, principes, super causis generalis 
condlii convocandi, contra Pavium V [by W. Crashaw]. .4^ Lond. 

Tableau g^n^ral raisonn^ et methodique des ouvrages contenus dans 
le recueil des M^moires de TAcad^mie des inscriptions et belles- 
lettres, depuis sa naissance jusques et compris Fannie 1788, par 
M. D. [C. C. F. de I'Averdy and G. Poirier?]. 4<» Paris, 

The Cook's Oracle [by Kitchiner]. 12« London, 1822. 

Thoughts on the present prices of provisions, their causes and reme- 
dies ; by an independent gentleman [J. Symmons]. S^ Lond. 1800. 

on the several regulations necessary to the appointment of an 

advocate-general, &c. [by Mawhood]. 4® London, [1775.] 

TocsAiN (le) centre les massacreurs et auteurs des confusions en 
France. 8° Beims, 1579. 

Traicte de la Cour, ou instruction des courtisans. 8** Paris, 1619. 

Traitte des droits de la Reyne tres-chrestienne sur divers 6tats de la 
monarchic d'Espagne [by A. Bilain with the assistance of de Bour- 
zeis]. 12"* IParis,^ 1667. 

Treatise of humane reason. 12^ London, 1673. (Two copies.) 

(a) on human reason [by M. Clifford]. 12° London, 1675. 

(a) of taxes and contributions applied to the present state and 

affairs of Ireland [by Sir W. Petty]. 4o Lond. 1662. ' 

Triall (the) of Maist. Dorrell ; or a collection of defences against 

allegations not yet suffered to receive convenient answere, tending 

to clear him from the imputation of teaching Sommers to counterfeit 

possession of divells. 8° 1599. 
Triflici nodo triplex cuneus ; sive apologia pro juramento fidelitatis 

adversus duo brevia P. Pauli V et Epistolam cardinalis Bellarmini 

ad G. Blackvellum, archipresbyterum, nuper scriptam [by King 

James I]. 4*» Lond. 1607. 
True (the) idea of Jansenisme both historick and dogmatick, by T. G« 

[Gale]. 12^ London, 1669. 
Two Letters, one from J. Audland, a Quaker, to W. Prynne; the 

other, W. Prynne's answer: by the author of Hudibras [S. Butler]. 

fol. Lond. 1672. 
Vera narratione de le cose passate ne* Paesi Bassi dopo la giunta del 

Ser"^*' S*^ Don Giovanni d' Austria; tradotto di Francese in lingua 

Italiana. 4<^ Milano, 1578. 


ANONYMOUS, continued. 

Veriiandeling tot ecn Proeve om te weeten de probable Meenigte 

des Volks in dc Provintie van Hollandt en West-Vrieslandt. 3 pts. 

4® Amsterdam J 1738. 
Verita (la) vendicata da i sofismi di Francia, risposta alio scrittore 

delle pretension! Christianissiroe contra i principati del Rd Cattolico. 

3 pte. in 1 vol. fol. 1667. 
Veritable r^cit des choses pass^es es Pays-Bas, depuis la venue da 

Seigneur Don Jehan d'Austrice. 8^ Louvainy 1578. 
r6eit des choses pass^es 6s Bays-Bas, depuis la venu^u Seigneur 

Don Jehan d'Austrice, Lieutenant Gouverneur et Capitaine-g6n6ral 

pour le roy, en iceulx. 4® Luxembourg ^ 1577. 
Vraye (la) introduction si la langue Fran^oise, avec quatre dialogues 

Francois et Flamans. 8° Utrecht^ 1655. 
VerIjes on the Earl of Northumberland's restoring Alnwick castle ; 

lines occasioned by a view of the Hermitage of Wark worth, and an 

elegy written on viewing the Quakers' burial ground at CuUercoats. 

8** Newcastle, 1829. 
Vita (la) del giorioso Santo Francesco da Scesi. 4**. 
Vraye (la) et entidre histoire des troubles et choses memorables, ave- 
nues tant en France qu'en Flandres, et pays circonvoisins, depuis 

Fan 1562, compris en 14 livres [by L. Voisin de la Popelinidre]. 

8<» Rochelle, 1573. 
Waerachtioe historic.... van wijlen Hen. J. van Olden-Barnevelt, 8® 

Amsterdam, 1669. 
Way (the) to things by words and to words by things, being a sketch 

of an attempt at the retrieval of the ancient Celtic, to which is added 

a succinct account of the Sanscrit or learned language of the 

Bramins ; also two essays, the one on the origin of the musical waits 

at Christmas, the other on the real secret of the Free Masons 

[by J.Cleland]. 8«» Lond. 1766. 
Zuverlassiger Abriss des anno 1734, bey Tundern gefundenen 

giildenen Horns, fol. Copenhagen^ 1734. 
Zweyerley (von) Menschen wie sie sich in dem Gelawben halden solle» 

und was der seyhe. 8®. 
ANSSE DE VILLOISON (Johannes Baptista Casparus <f). See 
Apollonius Sophista. Lexicon Greecum lliadis et Odyssese. 4® 1773. 
ANTONI ANO (Silvio). Tre libri deU'educazione Christiana dei figliuoU. 

4° Verona, 1584. 
ANTONINUS (Titus Aurelius Fulvius Pius). Epistolae inedit®. 

See Pronto (M.C.). Opera inedita. 8® 1815. 
ANTONIUS MELISSA. See Stobaeus (J.). Loci communes.... a C. 

Gesnero Latinitate donati. fol. 1581. 
APHTHONIUS Sophista. Libellus progymnasmatum in sermonem 
Latinum converso et exemplis compluribus additis a J. Camerario ; 
Gr. et Lai. 8<» Lips. 1567. 

■ . Progymnasmata, partim h. Rod. Agricola, partim a J. M. 

Catanaeo, latinitate donata, cum scholiis R. Lorichii. 12^ Lond. 
APICIUS (Ccelius). De opsoniis et condimentis, sive de arte coqui- 
naria, libri decem, cum notis Listeri et variorum. 8*> Londini, 
APOLLINARIS (Caius Sollius Sidonius). See Sidonius Apolli- 
naris (C. S.). 


APOLLONIUS Rhodius. Argonauticiiin libri IIII, Gr, ; scholia vetusta 
in eosdem libros; et annotationibus H. Stephani. 4° Parisy 1574. 
(With MS. notes.) 

. Argonauticorum libri IV. Gr. a J. Hoelzlino in Latinum con- 

versi, commentario et notis illustrati, emaculati seholiis ad carmina 
additis. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 8® Lugd. JBcU. 1641. 

Carmen ex quarto Argonautieon. See Valerius Flaceus (C.) 

Argonautica. 18° 1548. 
APOLLONIUS Sophista. Lexicon Graecum Iliadis et Od3'sse8B in lucem 

vindicavit, notis illustravit, et versionem Latinam adjecit J. B. C. 

d*Ansse de Villoison; accedit, prseter multa, hue usque inedita, 

Philemonis Grammatici fragmenta, tertii Iliadis libri prosaica meta- 

phrasis Graeca. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4** Lut, Par. 1773. 
APPJANUS Alexandrinus. Delle guerre civili et esteme de' Ro- 

mani, aggiuntevi un libro de medesimo delle guerre di Spagna non pid 

veduto. 3 pts. in 1 vol. 8° Veviezia^ 1545. 

. Romanarum historiarum libri Xll. 12° Lugd. 1576. 

. Romanarum historiarum pars prima (et altera) ; Gr. Lai. A. 

ToUius emeudavit et H. Stephani ac doctorum quorundam virorum 

notas adiecit. 2 pts. 8° Amst. 1670. 
APULEJUS. Asino d'Oro trad, per Firenzuola. 1 8° Vin. 1550. 
APULEIUS (Lucius). Opera. 12° Lugd. Bat. 1623. 
AQUINAS (Thomas ab). Enarrationes quas catenam vere auream 

dicunt, in quatuor evangelia. fol. Aniv. 1 569. 
. Summa sacrae theologiae ;... reverendissimo T. a Vio Caietani com- 

mentariis illustrata. 3 vols. fol. Antv. 1576. 

Totius theologiae summa, cum commentariis Thomse de Vio Caie- 

tani ; accesserunt Beati Dionysii de divinis nominibus liber ; Catechismus 
catholicus et de sacramentis opus A. Hunnei; addita sunt commentaria 
C. Javelli ad librorum prohibitorum indicem Arch. Toletani iussu 
editum. 2 pts. in 4 vols. fol. Lugd. 1588. 

See Boetius [A. M. T. S.]. Haec sunt opera... quae in hoc volu- 

mine continentur, &c. fol. 1497. 
ARANDA (Emanuel d'). Relation de la captivite et liberte du Sieur 

E. d'Aranda, jadis esclave a Alger. 12° Par. 1665. 
ARDERNE (James). See Anonymous. Directions concerning the 

matter and stile of sermons. 12° 1671* 
ARDIZZONE (Giovanni). Elogio dlgnazio Paterno Castello Principe 

di Biscari. 8° CaJUmia^ 1787. 
ARESIUS (Paulus). De aquae transmutatione in sacrificio missse 

disputatio ; item ad eamdem appendix. 8° Antv. 1628. 
ARETINO (PiETRo). Colloquio de las damas (traduzido por F. 

Xuarez.) 12°. 

. II Genesi, T humanita di Christo, et I Salmi. 4° Ven. 1551. 

. . II Marescalco. 8° Ven. 1540. 

■ La vita di Maria Vergine, di Caterina Santa, e di Tomaso Aqui- 

nate. 4° Vm. 1552. 
ARETINO (Leonardo Bruni). Libro della guerra de Ghotti, fatto 

vulgare da L. Petroni. 8° Ven. 1542. 

. Comedia Poliscenae. 4° LipsuE, 1515. 

. . Dialogus, &c. See Aristoteles. Decem librorum mora- 

lium. fol. 1505. 

Introductorius de moribus dialogus. See Aristoteles. Varia opera 

novissime traducta. fol. 1504. 


AREVALO (Rodriguez Sanchez de). See Rodericus, J^vw. Zamo- 

ARGENSOLA (Bartolomeo Leonardo). Conquista de las islas Ma- 

lucas. fol. Madrid, 1609. 
ARGENTR]^. (Bertrand d'). Uhistoire de Bretaigne, des roys, dues, 

comtes et princes d'icelle. fol. Par. 1588. 
ARIAS MONTANUS (Benedictus). Commentaria in duodecim pro* 

phetas. 4!^ Antv. 1583. 
ARISTEAS. De Settanta due interpret! tradotto per L. Domenichi. 8® 

Fior. 1550. 
ARIOSTO (LoDOVico). II negromante, comedia, 18° Ven. 1562. 
— .. La Cassaria, comedia. 18° Fen. 1587. 

. Orlando Furioso. 8° Vin, 1554. 

■ ■. ■ . Orlando Furioso [to which is added] : Osservationi del S' 

A. Lavezuola sopra il Furioso. 4° Ven. 1584. [Wants the plate to 

C 34, to which, as usual, a repetition of plate belonging to C 33 has 

been prefixed]. 

Orlando Furioso, con le annotation! di J. Ruscelli, la vita descritta 

dal Pigno, la dichiaratione di tutte le istorie da Eugenico. 4° Ven, 

— Rime et satire. 18° Ven. 1613. 

See Berenger de la Tour d'Albenas en Vivarez. L'amie des 

amies. 8° 1558. 
ARIOSTI (Orazio). See Tasso (T.) La Gierusalemme. 4° 1581. 
ARIOSTI (Horatio). See Tasso (T.). La Gierusalemme liberata. 4^ 

ARISTOMENES Messenius. Vita ex Pausania. See Cornelius Nepos^ 

VitsB imperatorum. 12° 1678. 
ARISTOPHANES. ComcedisB undecim, cum scholiis antiquis, qnaB 

opera Biseti, sunt novis scholiis illustrata. fol. Aurel. Allob. 1607. 
. Comcedise duae, Plutus et Nubes, cum scholiis Grsecis antiquis, 

quibus adjiciuntur Notae qusBdam simul cum gemino indice [by J. 

Lenel. 8° Land. 1695. 

^Comedie tradutte per B. et B. Rositini. 8° Ven. 1545. 

ARISTOTELES. A new translation of Aristotle's Rhetoric, with an in- 
troduction and appendix, explaining its relation to his exact philosophy, 
and vindicating that philosophy [by J. Gillies]. 8° Lond. 1823. 
De Optimo statu reipublicae libri octo ; Gr. 4° Par. 1556. 
— . De poetica liber, Latin ^ con versus et analytica methodo illustratus 
[by T. Goulston]. 4° Lond. 1623. 

— . Ethicorum libri X Jo. Argyropilo interprete. 8° Colon. 1606. 
r— . I tre libri della retorica tradotti da A. Piccolomini. 4° Ven. 


— . L'ethica tradotta in lingua volgare et conmientata per B. Segni. 8° 

Ven. 1551. 

Les Politiques, traduittes, avec expositions par Loys le Roy diet- 

Regius, fol. Par. 1576. 

Liber qui decimus historiarum inscribitur nunc primum Latinus 

factus a J. C. Scaligero et commentariis illustratus. 8° Lugduniy 1584. 
Politica, Gr. a Pet Ramo, latin^ facta et breviter exposita et illus- 

trata. 8° Francof. 1601. 
— . Republica, tradotti per Ant. Brucioli. 8° Ven. 1547. 
— . Rettorica fatta Toscana da A. Caro. 4° Ven. 1570. 
Tradottione antica della rettorica. 8° Padovuy 1548. 


ARISTOTELES. Trattato dei governi, trad, da B. Segni. 4« Fir. 1549. 

. See Epictetus and Aristoteles. La morale filosofia, &c. 8° 1564. 

ARMAGH (Jambs Usher), Archbishop of. See Usher (J.). Bishop of 

Meath and Archbishop of A. 
ARMENDARIZ ( ). Recopilaeion de todas las leyes del Reyno de Na- 

varra [to which are added] ; Additiones sive annotationes ad recapitu- 

lationem legum regni Navarrae. 2 vols. fol. Pamplona^ 1614*17. 
ARNAUD de ST. MAURICE (— ). L'observatoire volant et le triomphe 

de la navigation a^rienne et des visicatoires amusants et celestes ; poeme 

en quatre chants ; avec des notes historiques sur cette belle d6couverte. 

8° Par. 1784. 
— -. L'observatoire volant et le trionphe h6roique de la navigation 

a6rienne, po^me en quatre chants. S^ Penis, 1785. 
ARNAULD (Antoine). See Anonymous. Grammaire g6n6rale et 

raisonn^. 12^ 1676. 
Vie. See Anonymous. Histoire abreg^e^ etc. 12** 1695. 

■ See Anonymous. Logique (la), ou Tart de penser 12® 1675. 

■ ■ . See Anonymous. Nouvelle m6thode pour apprendre la langue 
Grecque. 8*» 1673. 

ARNAULT (Antoine Vincent). Dissertation sur Tapologue en action. 
4<> Paris [ 1 832] . ( Three copies.) 

ARNISi^US (Henningus). Doctrina politica ex genuinam methodum 
quiee est Aristotelis, reducta, et ex probatissimis quibusque philosophise 
oratoribus, juris-consultis, historicis, &c. breviter comportata et expli- 
cate. 4<» Franco/. 1606. 

ARNOBIUS (D.) Afer. Disputationum adversus gentes libri septem 
recogniti et aucti,- ex bibliotheca T. Canteri cuius notae adietae sunt. 8® 
Antv. 1582. 

■ ■■ ■ . Disputetionum adversus gentes lib. vii. M. Minucii Felicis octa- 

vus; D. Heraldi ad Arnobii libros animadversiones et castigat. 2 pts. 
in 1 vol. 8® Par. 1605. 

Opera. See TertuUianus (Q. S. F. J.) Opera, T. and A. &c. fol. 1580. 

ARNOLDUS (Christophorus). Viri illustris M. Velseri vita. See 

Velserus (M.) Opera, fol. 1682. 
ARNOULD (!)•)• Advanteges et inconv6nients des banques de pr^t 

commes sous le nom de monts de piet6. 12® Namur. 
ARRETINUS (Leonardus). See Aretinus (L.). 
ARRIANUS (Flavius). Commentariorum de Epicteti disputetionibus 

libri IV. See Epictetus. Enchiridion. 8® 1655. 
. De venatione, L. Holstenio interprete ; Gr. and LkU. 4® Par. 


De i fatti del Magno Alessandro, trad, in lud. per P. Lauro. 8® 

Ven. 1544. 

ARRIGHI (Luigi). Illustrazione al Codice autografo di Mess. Fran- 
cesco Petraria. 8° St. Pietrohergo, 1825. 

ARROUET (FRAN901S Marie de Voltaire). See Volteire (F. M. 
Arrouet de). 

ARROWSMITH (John Pauncefort). The art of instructing the infant 
deaf and dumb ; to which is annexed the method of educating mutes of 
a more mature age, by the Abb6 de I'Ep^e. 8° LKynd. 1819. 

ARTAUD (F.). Discours sur les m6dailles d'Auguste et de Tibere, au 
revers de F Autel de Lyon ; suivi d'un m^moire sur les recherches d'une 
statue ^questre faites dans le mois de nov. 1 809, ver Ten placement de 
Vancien temple d'Auguste. 4*^ Lyon, 1820. 


ASCHAM (Ant.). Of the confusions and revolutions of goyennneiits. 

8« Lond. 1649. 
ASCONIUS PEDIANUS (Quintus). See Cicero (IVL T.). Sex orn- 

tionum partes. 8° 1817. 
' See Squarzaficus. Haec est pars G. A. P., &c. fol. [14770 

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or bringing into publick light, several pieces of the works, hitherto 
sleej)ing, of Francis Bacon, Baron of Verulam, Viscount Saint Albans, 
together with His Lordship's life, by W. Rawley ; [to which is added] 
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The use of the law provided for preservation of our persons, goods 

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» Euphormionis Lusinini, sive satyricon, partes quinque cum clavi^ 

accessit conspiratio Anglicana. 18° Amst 1664. 
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Englishman's censure upon the apology made by the mightie prince 

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2 vols. Ven. 1562. 
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fol. Madrid, 1615. 
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treatise against the Donatistes of England : here is furder inserted a 

brief refutation of M. GifF.'s supposed consimilitude betwixt the 

Donatistes and us [Puritans], by I. Greenwood. 4° Lond. 1591. 
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langue dont on se servoit autrefois ^ Palmy re. 4° Par. 1754. 
. Lettre ^ Olivieri au sujet de quelques monumens Phlniciens 



pour servir de r^nse k deux lettret intMet dans le 54 toL dei 

Transactions philosophiques. 4® Par. 1766* 
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Wormii de aureo comu Danieo ad Lieetom respontio. 8 pta. in 1 voL 

12<> AmHdadamiy 1676. 
. De Holgero Dano qui Caroli Magnl tempore floruit, diaaertatio hi- 

storica. 12® Hajhut^ 1677. 
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• Ragionamenti academici sopra alcuni luoghi difficill di Dante. 4* 

VeneHa, 1567. 
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gnate. See Bellori (G. P.). Le piUure, &c. fol. 1680. 
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Casus in quibus judex secularis, &c. 12® 1505. 

■ De testibus. See Amanclli ( — .). Casus speciales, &c. 12** [1505]. 
I In jus universum civile (digestum vetus, infortiatum, novum, Codl- 

cis lib. XII. institutiones et authenticas) commentaria; ejusdem trac- 
.tatuft xKxix. 5 vols. fol. Bas. 1562. 
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and nations of America. 8® Philadelphia^ 11^ . 

■ New views of the origin of the tribes and nations of America. 8® 
Philadelphia, 1798. 

.. See Sargent (W.) and Barton (B. S.). Papers, &c. 4« 1796- 

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ance to Ireland, particularly to the county of Armagh. 4® Ihtblinf 1751. 
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BARZIZIO GASPARINI. See Gasparinus Bergomensis. 
BASC APE (Carlo) Copiad'unaletteraa MonsignorVescovodi Piacenza, 

per relatione del felice passagio del Cardinale Boromeo, di questa a 

miglior vita. 4® Ven, 1584. 
BASEDOVIUS (M. Jo. Bernh.). De coepto Dessavise-Anhaltinae phi- 

lanthropio, seu seminario paedagogico novissimae indolis, quam vetus* 

tissimam esse oportuit. 4° Lipstce, 1775. 
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BASILIUS I. Imperaior. Ad Leonem philosophum filium adhortatione?. 

See Agapetus Diaconus. Agapeti ad lustinianum, &c. 8® 1683. 
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BASILIUS Macedo Imperator. Avertimenti a Leone. See Possevino 

(A.). II soldato Cristiano. 4° 1604. 
■ Liturgia nuper e tenebris eruta, cum praefatione Georgii Wicelii. 

^ Mogunt 1546. 
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of this realm. 1 2*» Lond. 1 67 1 . 
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simul ac juris regii et parliamentarii brevis enarratio ; (pars secunda ; 

simul ac Regis effugii mirabilis e prselio Wigorniae enarratio). 2 vols. 

8<» Lond. 1663. 
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progres d'une science nouvelle. 8<> 1768. 


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BAXTER (WiLLiELMUs), See Horatius (G. R). Eclogce. 8« 170L 

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creative hiBtoire par le loyal serviteur, &c« foL Paris, 1527* 

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2 pts. 4.^ Napoli, 1752. 

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par J. Vernuilh. 18*» Amse. 1658. 

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sophical, especially to the English, Latin, Greek and Hebrew. 2 pts. in 
1 vol. 8<> Land. 1758. 

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Ludus de morte Claudii, &c, 4® 1515. 

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Tancien gouvernement de Rome. 2 vols. 4° La Haye, 1766. 

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comedies of. folio. Lond. 1679. 

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treatise of spirits, apparitions, witchcrafts, and other magical practices. 
8<> Lond. 1705. 

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Due de Lorraine et de Bar. 12° Cologne, 1688. 

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des elements n6cessaires du langage. 2 vols. 8® Par. 1767. 

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cetiae; his additis et Alphonsi Regis Arragonum et Adelphi facetiae ; item 
prognosticon J. Heinrichmanni. 8° Tvhvngm, 1570. 

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BED A, Venerahilis. Ecclesiasticae historiae gentis Anglorum libri v. 18° 
Lovaniiy 1566. 

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meval history; vol, i. 8° London, 1834. 

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history, fol. 1820. 

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Graecis ad Francos, adversus M. Flaccium lllyricum, libri tres. 8® 
Aniv. 1589. 

. De indulgentiis et jubileo, libri duo. 8*^ Colon. 1599. 

. Disputationes de controversiis Christianae fidei adversus hujus tem- 

poris haereticos. 4- vols. fol. Par. 1608. 

Risposta a due libretti ; uno de' quali s' intitola, '^ Risposta di uu 

dottore in teologia, ad una lettera scritta da un rever. suo amico, sopra 
il breve di censura dalla santita di Paolo V. publicati contro li signori 
Venetiani," et V altro, " Trattato, et resolutione sopra la validita delle 
'scommuniche di G. Gersone Teologo, et cancelliere Parisino ;" tradotto 
dalla lingua Latina nella volgare con ogni fedelta, in opusculi due. 8® 



BELLARMINUS (Robertus). Riflposta al trattato dei sette theologi 

di Venetia, sopre V iiiterdetto della Santit^ di N. S. P. Paolo V. e afi* 

opposizioni di F. Paolo Servita contra la prima scrittura dello steaio 

Csirdinale. Ronuiy 1606. 

. Responsio ad duos libros ; unum '< Responsio cuiasdam doctoris 

theologi ad epistolam reverendi sui amici de brevis et censaris a Paulo 

V. Papa adversus Venetos ;" et alterum " Tractatus et resolutio J. Ger- 

sonis de excommunicationis valore." 4° MbguntuBy 1606. 
BELLAY (Martin de Langley du), Les m^moires contenant le dis- 

cours de plusieurs choses ad venues au royaume de France depuis 1513 

jusques au trespas du Roy Fran9oi8 I. ; ausquels I'auteur a insert trois 

livres des Ogdoades de M. Guill. du Bellay son fr^re. foL Paris, 1569. 
. M^moires, contenans le discours de plusieurs choses advenues au 

royaume de France, depuis Tan 1513, jusques au trepas du Roy Fran9ois 

premier. 8® HeideL\51\> 
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Bellay (M. de L. du). Les m6moires. fol. 1569. 
BELLENTANI (Giovan. Franc.) La favola di Pyti et queUa di 

Peristera, insieme con quella di Ana\ .lete, nella qual con ragioni assai 

leggiadre si persuade alle donne che debbano essere cortese a' suoi 

amatori. 8° Bologna, 1550. 
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BELLING (Richard). See Irenseus (P.). 
BELLO (Francesco). See Cieco da Ferrara (F.). 
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nella via Flaminia, disegnate, ed intagliate alia similitudine degli antichi 

originali P. S. Bartoli descritte ed illustrate, fol. Roma, 1680. 
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Antoniniana. fol. 
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BENAVENTE Y BENAVIDES (Christoval de). Advertenciafi para 

reyes, principes y embaxadores. 4® Madrid^ 1643. 
BENCIUS (Franciscus). Quinque martyres. 18® Colonua Agrip- 

pifUB, 1594. 
BENE (Sennuccio del), Epistola della incoronatione di M. Fr, Petrarca, 

fatta in Roma Tanno della salutifera incamatione m.cccxli. 4® Pio* 

renza, [1553.] 
BENE (GiROLAMO del), Risposta alia dimanda fattagli circa Tessito di 

quel che passa al presente fra la Santita di Paolo V. et la Republica di 

Vinetia. 8® Bologna, 1606. 
BENEDETTI (Felice). L imprese della M. C. di Filippo II. Re di 

Spagna. 4® NelfAquila, 1599. 
BENEVOLUS [«.c. Benlowes, E.]. Oxonii encomium, fol. Oxami, 

BEN GORION (Joseph). See Josephus. 
BENI (Paolo). Discorso nel quale si dichiarano molte cose pertinent! 

alia risposta data a dubbi del Malacreta sopra il Pastor Fido. 4*^ 

Padova, 1600. 
. Risposta alia considerationi di Malacreta sopra 11 Pastor Fido. 

4° Padova, 1600. 
BENLOWES (Edward). See Benevolus. 
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sommations de tous genre de la ville de Paris en 18 IT^ compar^es a ce 

quelles etaient en 1789. 8° Paris, 1820. 


BENOISTON de CHATEAUNEUF (— ). De la colonisation des con- 

damnes. 8<» PariSy 1827. 
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new edition of the psalms, &c. 8^ 174<1. 
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Ven. 1661. 
— ^ Memorie [and] lettere. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4^ Ven. 1668. 
BENTLEIUS (Richardus). See Cicero (M. T.) Tusculanarum dispu* 

tationum libri. 8^ 1709. 

. See Horatius (Q. F.) ex recensione et cum notis R. B. 4^ 1711. 

. See Cicero (M. T.). Acad^miques. 12° 1740. 

■ See Phileleutherus Lipsiensis. 

See Malala (J.). Historia chronica. S^' 1692. 

■ . A dissertation upon the epistles of Phalaris, with an answer to 

the objections of the Hon. C. Boyle. 8** Land, 1699. 

A dissertation upon the epistles of Phalaris ; to which are added 

a dissertation on the epistles of Themistocles, Socrates, Euripides, and 

others ; and the fables of iEsop, as originally printed ; with occasional 

remarks on the whole. 8° Lond, 1777* 
BENZONI (GiROLAMoV La historia del mondo nuovo. 8® Ven. 1565. 
. See Chauveton (U.). Histoire nouvelle du nouveau monde. 8° 


See Calvetonis (U.) Novae Novi Orbis Historiae, &c. 8° [Gc- 

««?<p,] 1581. 

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4° Par. 1608. 
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tica philosophia, in Aristotelis libros octo physicorum; quatuor de 

coelo ; duos de ortu et interitu ; quatuor de meteoris ; et tres de anima. 

6 pts. in 1 vol. 4<> Patavit, 1661. 
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and Posidonia, &c. fol. 1767. 
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scriptorum Angliae et Hiberniae. fol. 1697. 
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carum libri, &c. fol. 1700. 
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fol. 1504. 

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& 51 a Caesarianis factae succincta narratio, Germanico idiomate con- 

sciipta, nunc vero primum Latio donata. 8^ BaMlicBy 1552. 
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Amstekedamif 1680. 
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lenza; tradotta da A. Ulloa. 8^ Vitugioy 1556. 
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of prophetic time, shown by an hundred eighty-two indictions, or 

fifteens of years given in Scripture. 4® London^ 1699. 
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cenzay 1600. 
BEYERLINCK (Laurentius). See Opmerus (P.) et Beyeriinck (L.). 

Opus chronographicum, &c. fol. 1611. 
— . See Opmerus (P.). Opus chronographicum. foL 1611. 
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— — . L'Histoire de la vie et mort de J. Calvin, fidele serviteur de Jesus 

Christ. 12® Geneve^ 1657. 

. Pro corporis Christi veritate adversus ubiquitatis commentum, et 

Gul. Holderi convitia, responsio ; addita est responsio altera adversus pu- 

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Grunnovium]. 4® NapoUy 1686. 
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BIBIENA (Bernardo Divizio da). Calandra, comedia. 8® Firenzcy 

BIBLIA. Biblia Sacra ita exacte translate ut statim vidcatur quid refert 

unaquaeque vox textiis, quod nuUus antea praestitit interpres A. D. T» 

[by the Abb6 Devay]. 8® Land. 

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ad Hebraicam veritatem in veteri Testamento revocatis aucta et illus- 

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French ; imprimee sur Tedition de Paris, 1805. 8® B. S. Land. 


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— . (rcriw. M. Luther. B. S. 8® Lond. i8lH. 

Hebraicamanualia adpraestantiores editiones accurata. Accesserunt; 

I. analysis et explicatiovariantium lectionum, quas Kethibh et Kri vocant ; 

II. interpretatio cpicriseon Masorethicarum singulis libris biblicis sub- 
jectarum ; III. explicatio notarum marginalium textui S. hinc inde ad- 
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• Wdsh. 8<> London^ 1804. 

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IS^" AniverpiiBy 1634. 

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Caesare ad Heraclium continua serie collecta et ex archetypis expressa. 
4° AniverpuB, 1615. 

m La France m^tallique, contenant les actions celebres tant publiques 
que privies des Rois et Reynes, remarqu6es en leurs medailles d'or, 
d'argent et de bronze ; tirles des plus curieux cabinetz ; [and] explica- 
tion ou description sommaire des medailles. 2 vols. fol. Paris, 1636. 

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fices. See Spelman (Sir H.). The larger treatise concerning tithes. 
4<> 1647. 

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reyne, &c. 12® 1667. 

. See Anonymous. Traitte des droits de la reyne tres-Chrestienne, 

&c. 120 1667. 

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ferings for man's redemption ; and of his descent to hades or hel for 
our deliverance, fol. Lond, 1604. 

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periri potuerunt ; item epistolse, decretales, et Roman, pontific. vitae. 
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le due case di Lancastro e Jorc. 3 vols. 4° Ven. 1637-48. 

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trad, per L. Fauno ; commentarii di P. Volaterrano ; M. A. Sabellico 

de r antichita d'Aquileia e del sito di Vinegia. 2 vols. 8® Vineg. 

. Roma trionfante, tradotta per L. Fauno di Latino in buona lingua 

volgare. 8<* Ven. 1544. 
BIRAGO (Gio. Battista). Historia delle rivolutioni del regno di 


Portogallo, per le quali la corona d stata transferita dal Re di Castiglia 

al Duca di Braganza Giovanni IV. 8^ Genevoy 164^6. 
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dair anno 1640 sino al 1650. 8"" Ven. 1654. 
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Canterbury, compiled chiefly from hb papers and letters. Sf* LimdL 


. See Greaves (J.). Miscellaneous works. 8° 1737. 
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trovata nel teatro della cittd di Catania, recitato nell' adunanza de' Pastori 

Etnei. 4« Catania, 1771. 
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d'Angleterre, traiduit par Coyer. 2 vols. 8° Paris, 1776. 
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exchange, and on the present depreciated state of the currency. 8° 

London, 1810. 
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aflairs ; with an enquiry into the causes and remedies of the existing 

clamour and alleged grievances as connected with population, subsist- 
ence, wages of labourers, education, &c. 8^ Lond, 1831. 
. Ricerche sulle cause e sui rimedii della scarsita e delF alto prezzo 

delle vettovaglie, in una lettera al Conte Spencer, con osservazioni sulle 

angustie deiragricoltura e del commercio ; con note di un rinomato eco- 

nomista Toscano. 8° Pisa, 1818. 

See Anonymous. Inquiry into the causes and remedies of the 

late and present scarcity, &c. 8® 1800. 

See Anonymous. Succinct (a) statement of the question respect«- 

ing the water companies. 8° 1819. 
BLANQUI (Adolphe). Precis 6l6mentaire d'economie politique, pr^- 

c6de d'une introduction historique, et suivi d*une biographic des 6co- 

nomistes, d'un catalogue et d*un vocabulaire analytique. 32^ PariSy 

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4« Par. 1786. 
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of Words, or General English Dictionary ; and in Nomothetes, or the 

Interpreter of Law words and terms, fol. Lond, 1673. 

. No/io-Xeit*coi' ; a Law-dictionary, fol. Lond, 1670. 

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of the world discovered. 12° 1664. 


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difficili di F. Sansovino. IS^" Ven. 1586. 

. Ameto... con la dichiarazione de* luoghi difficili di F. Sansovino. 
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. Fiammetta. 18^ Ven. 1592. 

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n decamerone per G. Ruscelli. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4** Ven. 


— . II decameron del mdxxvii. 4^ Londra, 1725. 

n decamerone, [together with] annotation! e discorsi fatte dalli 

deputati sopra la correttione d' esso Boccaccio. 2 vols. 4^ Firenzey 

n decamerone, [to which are added] osservazioni istoriche e cri- 

tiche [by V. Martinelli]. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4« Londra^ 1762. 
— . fi decamerone ricorretto per A. Brucioli. 4° Ven. 1538. 
— ■: Laberinto d'Amore. 18° Ven. 1592. 
— . Laberinto d'Amore. 8® Vin. 1545. 

Laberinto d'Amore, con una epistola a M. Pino de' Rossi. 8° 

Firenze^ 1525. 

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Pamaso, dove si toccano i govemi delle maggiori monarchic dell' Uni- 
verso. 4° Cosmopoliy 1615. 
■ . Pietra del Paragone politico. 8° Cosmop. 1619. 

. Ragguagli di Pamaso aggiuntovi 50 ragguagli di G. Briani. 3 vols. 

8<> Venetia, 1663. 

I ragguali di Pamasso, or advertisements from Parnassus ; with 

the politick touchstone, transl. by Henry [Gary] Earl of Monmouth. 

foL lAmd. 1769. 
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a questo tempo sono stati, si dee la maggioranza attribuire. 4® Fuh 

renza^ 1573. 

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. Le bellezze della citta di Firenze accresciute da G. Cinelli. 8® 

Firenzef 1677- 

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• . Les six livres de la republique. 8° L^on, 1594. 

' . De Republica. fol. Par. 1586. 

. Methodus historica, duodecim ejusdem argumenti scriptorum, tum 

veterum quam reoentiorum, commentariis adaucta. 8*^ Bc^sUecBy 1576* 

'A-aHJUL-i^i^Z.*- C"i 

z.. « 

3- "iT^L^ .1' /"w- 




u. '. ■' =TT.I'>. 

J •. 

ntf/i'-:- -" . 

LrtV.'-ilr:..- ^ 2L^i.Jj- . * .' .-.=?L 
i I .-t- - .h •tr.'' ». • -~ 

1- :..... ^ ' .' T. -.. ■ , >. ..ijd;' r-U"-*':- 

i( ^' ..L.-' . . __. .. ^ 

r. '■■.I.' ' ..k '"..z'.zs'^Tz :. >■ -:,u. -i. *•:::::■■-■• -^ -^-.i-iie .-'fti^'- 

3<'''''- «■..'.. . '-■■ :■ --u! ■^ X- — 

h ' V !_' ' • '-^'. .i • -.1. ^■■■.- '-^r . t:.\.-? mm: i* 

■•■.., i-.-*r- ■—.-•■• ■• •! ■■■• 

"."'.T ■.■"Ml*'" '.i .^l '"■■^"- '* 

.' .> .....-' * I r ■. . V- -* - '"A.rr.rrt, fi.'l.'.^ 

lillLU'-. <'. -.I-ii---^:*: ii:*. 'ii-.i ».\.i;i« ■: 'v.-^. • • . . . ■ .• /....Vi. ' Jflb- 

.■4. ■)■"•- ■ 

j^. ' *. \- .1. . *-• «•"■ • i ■■-■*-» .n..»* ;\^..v ... .< .'V ■>.'tL.'^ •": AXi\i *x^ 

■ •■ ■'•».- ■ » . 

► i ■ rr; ■iiiiiiiiini 

.1' ." 

^''."1 . 

>«.: : ■•";■■ .■:■.::: iir«:rif- 

■:■!•.- '".'".Ill, >Sf 

• •• JiV 


r^tat futur des ^tres Tivans^ ouvrage qui eontient le precis de ses 
recherches sur le christianbme. 2 vols. 8^ Geneve^ 1769. 
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nitatis controveniae de Coena Domini. 8** Neapoli Nemetumy 1582. 
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Max. i^" jRam. 1588. 
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monumental, of the county of Cornwall, consisting of essays on the 

first inhabitants, Druid-superstition, customs and remains of the most 

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cessions, et de Timpot sur les marchandises, chez les Romains. 8° 
Parisy 1772. 

. Essai sur la poesie rythmique. 8® Par. 1763. 

. Th^orie des trait^s de cominerce entre les nations. 12" Par. 

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primis de la Bib. du Roi. — Theol. fol. 1739, &c. 
. See Anonymous. Catalogue des livres imprimes de la B. du Roi. — 

Bel. Let. fol. 1750. 
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la Saincte Escriture tous schismatlques et h^r^tiques. 4° PariSy 1604. 
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8o 1619. 

. See Lucianus Samosatensis. Opera. 8^ 1687* 

. See Petronius Arbiter. Satyricon. 8** 1663. 

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BOVIO. Lettera nella quale si discorre per modo di annotationi sopra a 


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Amstekedamiy 1680. 
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lenza; tradotta da A. Ulloa. 8^ Vinegioy 1556. 
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of prophetic time, shown by an hundred eighty-two indictions, or 

fifteens of years given in Scripture. 4® London^ 1699. 
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cenza^ 1600. 
BEYERLINCK (Laurentius). See Opmerus (P.) et Beyerlinck (L). 

Opus chronographicum, &c. fol. 1611. 
■ See Opmerus (P.). Opus chronographicum. fol. 1611. 

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— — . L'Histoire de la vie €t mort de J. Calvin, fidele serviteur de Jesus 

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. Pro corporis Christi veritate adversus ubiquitatis commentum, et 

Gul. Holderi convitia, responsio ; addita est responsio altera adversus pu- 

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BIBIENA (Bernardo Divizio da). Calandra, comedia. 8® JFirefkzey 

BIBLIA. Biblia Sacra ita exacte translata ut statim videatur quid refert 

unaquaeque vox textus, quod nullus antea prsestitit interpres A. D. T» 

[by the Abb6 Devay]. 8<» Lond, 

AngL 8° B. S. Land. 1817. 

Bohemian. B. S. 8« Berl. 1813. 

Divinae Scripturae nempe Veteris ac Novi Testament], omnia Or. ; 

recens a viro doctissimo diligenter recognita et multis in locis emendata, 

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ad Hebraicam veritatem in veteri Testamento revocatis aucta et illus- 

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— (?C77W. M. Luther. B. S. 8*' Lond. iSlii. 

Hebraicamanualia adpraestantiores editiones accurate. Accesserunt; 
L analysis et explicatiovariantium lection um,quas Kethibh et Kri vocant ; 
II. interpretatio epicriseon Masorethicarum singulis libris biblicis sub- 
jectarum ; III. explicatio notarum marginalium textui S. hinc inde ad- 
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18® AntverpiiBy 1634. 

BIE (Jacobus de), Jmperatorum Romanorum numismata aurea a Julio 
Caesare ad Heraclium continua serie collecta et ex archetypis expressa. 
4° AntverpuB, 1615. 

. La France m^tallique, contenant les actions celebres tant publiques 
que privies des Rois et Reynes, rcmarquees en leurs m^dailles d'or, 
d'argent et de bronze ; tiroes des plus curieux cabinetz ; [and] explica- 
tion ou description sommaire des medailles. 2 vols. fol. Paris, 1636. 

BIGOT (Sir Francis). A treatise concerning impropriations of bene- 
fices. See Spelman (Sir H.). The larger treatise concerning tithes. 
4*> 1647. 

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BILAIN (Antoine). See Anonymous. Dialogue sur les droits de la 
reyne, &c. 12^ 1667. 

• See Anonymous. Traitte des droits de la reyne tres-Chrestienne, 

&c. 12<> 1667. 

BILLAINE (LuYs). Libros en lengua Castellana ; venderse en Paris. 

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ferings for man's redemption ; and of his descent to hades or hel for 
our deliverance, fol. Lond. 1604. 

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periri potuerunt ; item epistolae, decretales, et Roman, pontific. vitae. 
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le due case di Lancastro e Jorc. 3 vols. 4° Ven. 1637-48. 

. L' Eromena. 4<» Ven. 1624. 

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trad, per L. Fauno ; commentarii di P. Volaterrano ; M. A. Sabellico 

de r antichit^ d'Aquileia e del sito di Vinegia. 2 vols. 8^ Vineg. 

1 358. 
. Roma trionfante, tradotta per L. Fauno di Latino in buona lingua 

volgare. 8« Ven. 1544. 
BIRAGO (Gio. Battista). Historia delle rivolutioni del regno di 


Portogallo, per le quali la corona d stata transferita dal Re di Castiglia 

al Duca di Braganza Giovanni IV. 8® Genevoy 1646. 
BIRAGO AVOGADKI (Giovan Battista). Turbolenze di Europa 

dair anno 1640 sino al 1650. S"" Ven. 1654. 
BIRCH (Thomas). The life of Dr. John TiUotson, Lord Archbishop of 

Canterbury, compiled chiefly from hb papers and letters. 8^ Z/md. 


. See Greaves (J.). Miscellaneous works. 8® 1737- 
BIRCKHEIMHERUS (Bilibaldus). See Pirckheimherus (B.). 
BISC ARI, Principe di. Discorso accademico sopra un' antica iscrizione 

trovata nel teatro della citta di Catania, recitato nell' adunanza de' Pastori 

Etnei. 4° Catania, 1771. 
BISETUS (Odoardus). See Aristophanes. Comoedue undedm. foL 1607* 
BISPHAM (Thomas). Iter Australe a Reginensibus Oxon. anno 1658 

expeditum. 4°. 
BLACKSTONE (Sir William). Commentaire sur le code oriminel 

d*Angleterre, traduit par Coyer. 2 vols. 8® Paris^ 1776. 
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regni apud Scotos, pro regibus apologia. 4° Pictavis, 1581. 
BLAKE (William). Observations on the principles of the course of 

exchange, and on the present depreciated state of the currency. 8^ 

London, 1810. 
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Sermones, epistole, &c. fol. 1506. 
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BLANDRATA (Benvenutus de Sancto Georgio et de). See Sancto 

Georgio (B. de) et de Blandrate Comitibus. 
BLANE (mr Gilbert). Reflections on the. present crisis of publick 

aflairs ; with an enquiry into the causes and remedies of the existing 

clamour and alleged grievances as connected with population, subsist* 

ence, wages of labourers, education, &c. 8^ Lond. 1831. 
. Ricerche sulle cause e sui rimedii della scarsita e dell* alto prezzo 

delle vettovaglie, in una lettera al Conte Spencer, con osservazioni sulle 

angustie deiragricoltura e del commercio ; con note di un rinomato eco* 

nomista Toscano. S° Pisa, 1818. 

See Anonymous. Inquiry into the causes and remedies of the 

late and present scarcity, &c. 8° 1800. 

See Anonymous. Succinct (a) statement of the question respect* 

ing the water companies. 8® 1819. 
BLANQUI (Adolphe). Precis el6mentaire d*6conomie politique, pr^ 

c6de d*une introduction historique, et suivi d'une biographic des 6co- 

nomistes, d*un catalogue et d*un vocabulaire analytique. 32^ Parish 

BLONDEL (J. J. M.). Memoire pour la demoiselle Le Guay d*01iva. 

4« Par. 1786. 
BLONDIN (DoM.). A new grammar to teach French to Englbhmen. 

12° London, 1788. 
BLOUNT (Thomas). A world of errors discovered in the new Worid 

of Words, or General English Dictionary ; and in Nomothetes, or the 

Interpreter of Law words and terms, fol. Lond. 1673. 

. No/io-XeitKoi' ; a Law-dictionary, fol. Lond. 1670. 

BLUNT (Edward). See Anonymous. Micro-cosmographie, or a piece 

of the world discovered. 12° 1664. 


BOCCACCIO (Giovanni). Ameto, con la dichiaratione de' luoghi 
difficili di F. Sansovino. 18« Yen. 1586. 

. Ameto... con la dichiarazlone de' luoghi difficili di F. Sansovino. 
18<> Ven. 1592. 

. Amorosa visione. 8<* Ven* 1549. 

. Dialogo d'amore. IS'' Ven. 1592. 

Fiammetta. 8« Vin. 1545. 

. Fiammetta. 18« Ven. 1592. 

Gehealogia degli Dei i quiudici libri tradotti per Betussi ; aggiun- 

tavi la vita del Boccaccio. 4° Ven. 1547. 

I casi degV huomini illustri, trad, di lingua Latina in volgare per 

G. Betussi; con una giunta per F. Serdonati. 8® Fior. 1598. 
— -. II decamerone. 4° Pen. 1546. 

II decamerone per G. Ruscelli. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4** Ven. 


— . n decameron del mdxxvii. 4^ Londra, 1725* 

n decamerone, [together with] annotationi e discorsi fatte dalli 

deputati sopra la correttione d' esso Boccaccio. 2 vols. 4° Firenze^ 

II decamerone, [to which are added] osservazioni istoriche e cri- 

tiche [by V. Martinelli]. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4° Londra^ 1762. 
— . fi decamerone ricorretto per A. Brucioli. 4° Ven. 1538. 

Laberinto d'Amore. IS** Ven. 1592. 

— . Laberinto d'Amore. 8® Vin, 1545. 

Laberinto d'Amore, con una epistola a M. Pino de' Rossi. 8° 

Firenze, 1525. 

BOCCALINI (Troiano). Pietra del paragone politico tratta dal Monte 
Pamaso, dove si toccano i govemi delle maggiori monarchic dell' Uni- 
verso. 4^ Cownopoli, 1615. 
■ . Pietra del Paragone politico. 8^ Cosmop. 1619. 

. Ragguagli di Pamaso aggiuntovi 50 ragguagli di G. Briani. 3 vob. 

8^ Venetia, 1663. 

I ragguali di Pamasso, or advertisements from Parnassus ; with 

the politick touchstone, transl. by Henry [Cary] Earl of Monmouth. 

fol. Land. 1769. 
BOCCHI (Francesco). Discorso a chi de* maggiori guerrieri, che insino 

a questo tempo sono stati, si dee la maggioranza attribuire. 4® Fio- 

renzOf 1573. 

. Le bellezze della citta di Fiorenza. 8** Fiorenza^ 1592. 

. Le bellezze della citta di Firenze accresciute da G. CinelU. 8® 

Firenzey 1677- 

Ragionamento sopra le prose vulgari di Monsignor della Casa. 12^ 

Fior. 1581. 

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BOCHELLUS (Laurentius). Decretorum Ecclesiae Gallicanae libri viii. 

fol. Parisiis, 1609. 
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Huttenus (U.). Exclamatio in incendium Lutherarum. 4^. 
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. Les six livres de la ripublique. 8® Lyon^ 1594. 

■ De Republica. fol. Par. 1586. 

. Methodus historica, duodecim ejusdem argumenti scriptorum, tum 

veterum quam reoentiorum, commentariis adaucta. 8*^ Basdea^ 1576* 


BOECLERUS (Joh. Hen.)- Notitia S. R. ImperiL 4<' Atyenioraiij 

BOERIUS (NicoLAUs). See Muxellanus (D.). Commentaria, Sic 9> 

BOESCHENSTAIN (Joannes). See Beschenstein (J.). 

. See David Kinff of Israel. Septem p^almi poenitentiales. 4® 1590. 
BOETHIUS. De' conforti filosofici, trad, per L. Domenichu 12« Vi- 
ne^, 1563. 

. Delia coDsolazione della filosofia, tradotto da B. Varchi. 12® Fw- 

renzay 1572. 
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8° 1658. 
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verses, &c 12° 1675. 
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phia et antiquitates ; figurse aliquot incisae artifice T. de Bry. 6 vols. 

fol. RanuB, 1597-1600. 
BOLLEVILLE (R. Simon) Prieur de. De I'inspiration des livres saer^ 

avee une r^ponse au livre intitule : Defense des sentimens de quelques 

th^ologiens de HoUande sur Thistoire critique du Vieux Testament 

2 vols. 4° Rotterdam, 1687. 
BOLZANI (Valkriano). See Valerianus (P.). 
BONACCORSl (Bartolo). See Bartolus a Saxoferrato. 
BONACCORSI OR BUONACCORSI (Filippo). See Philippus Expe- 

riens (P. B.). 
BONAPARTE (Napoleon-Louis). On the opinions and policy of 

Napoleon. 8® London^ 1840. 
BONARELLI (Prospero). II Solimano, tragedia. 4® Firenzcy 1620. 
BONARSCIUS (Clarus) [Scribani C.]. Amphitheatrum honoris, 

in quo Calvinistarum in Societate Jesu criminationes jugulatse. Ptdm- 

opoii Advaticorum, 4® 1605. 
BOND (Joannes). See Horatius (Q. F.)..... 12** 1650. 
BOND (Edward James). See Vandercom (J. F.)., Saunders, and Bond. 

A concise view of the origin of the..... Irish Society. 8° 1822. 
BONFADIO (GiAcoMo). Degli annali delle cose de* Genovesi dopo la 

ricoverata liberta libro primo (II- V). fol. Genova, 1597. 
BONGARSIUS (Jacobus). Gesta Dei per Francos, sive Orientalium 

expeditionum et regni Francorum Hierosolyinitani historia. 2 vols. fol. 

HanovicBy 1611. 
BONI (Giovanni). Satira in lode della villa. 4® Sienay 1577. 
BONIATUS (Joannes). Enchiridium juris instar imperialium institu- 

tionum. %^ HeidelbergtB^ 1570. 
BONIFACIUS (Joannes). De furtis tractatus. 8° Francofiirtiy 1600. 
. Sextus decretalium liber, cum epitomis, divisionibus, et glossa or- 

dinaria Jo. Andreae, una cum additionibus, [to which are added, ^ Con- 

stitutiones Clementis Quinti quas Clementinas vocant, [and also] ; 

Extravagantes, tum Joannis XXII, turn communes. 3 pts. in 1 vol. 4** 

Ven. 1566-7. 
BONIMONTIUS (Joannes Andrea). De privilegiis clericorum. See 

Laurentius (B.). Casus in quibus judex secularis, &c. 12^ 1505. 
BONNET (Charles). Essai analytique sur les facult^s de Tame. 4<> 

Copenhague, 1760. 

La paliig^nfeie philosophique, ou id6es sur Tetat passe et sur 


r^tat futur des ^tres vivansy ouvrage qui eontient le precis de sea 

recherches 8ur le christianisme. 2 vols. 8® Geneve, 1769. 
BOQUINUS (Pbtrus). Brevis notatio praecipuarum causarum diutur- 

nitatis controversise de Coena Domini. 8® Neapoli Nemetamy 1582. 
BOR (Lavinius). Amboinse oorlogen dor Arnold de Vlaming van Ouds- 

hoorn. \^ Ddf^Xm^. 
BORDINUS (Franciscus). De rebus prseclare gestis a Sixto V. Pont. 

Max. 4« jfowt. 1588. 
BORGHINI (Raffaello). L'amante furioso, comedia. 18^ JPto- 

renzctj 1583. 
BORGIA (Stefano). Letters from the Cardinal Borgia and the Cardinal 

of York. 4« ILandofiy'] 1800. 
BORLASE (William). Observations on the antiquities, historical and 

monumental, of the county of Cornwall, consisting of essays on the 

first inhabitants, Druid-superstition, customs and remains of the most 

remote antiquity in Britain and the British islands, fol. Oxfordy 1754. 
BOSCAN ALMAGAVER (Inan). Las obras y algunas de Garcilasso 

de la Vega. 18<» Anvers, 1597. 
BOSCHENSTAIN (Joannes). See Boeschenstain or Beschenstein (J.). 
BOSIO (Iacomo). La corona del cavalier Gierosolimitano. 4^ Ronuiy 

* Deir istoria della sacra religione et militia di San Giovanni Giero- 

solimitano. 2 vols. fol. JRoma, 1594. 

La trionfante e gloriosa croce. fol. JRamUy 1610. 

BOSWORTH (JRev. J.). A Dictionary of the Anglo-Saxon language. 

8*> London, 1838. 
BOTERO (Giovanni). Delia ragione di Stato libri dieci ; con tre libri 

delle cause della grandezza delle citta. 8° Veneziay 1598. 

. Detti memorabili. 12*> Ven. 1610. 

BOTTONI (Cesare). Osservationi sopra i giubilei. 8** Piacenza, 


BOUCHAUD (Math. Ant.). De rimp6t du vingtiejne sur les suc- 
cessions, et de rimpot sur les marchandises, chez les Romains. 8^ 
Paris, 1772. 

. Essai sur la poesie rythmique. 8° Par, 1763. 

. Theorie des traites de commerce entre les nations. 12^ Par* 

BOUCICAUT (Jean). Histoire. See Godefroy (T.). Histoire de, &c. 

4« 1620. 
BOUDOT (Pierre Jean). See Anonymous. Catalogue des livres im- 
primis de la Bib. du Roi. — Th6ol. fol. 1739, &c. 
. See Anonymous. Catalogue des livres imprimis de la B. du Roi. — 

Bel. Let. fol. 1750. 
BOUJU de BEAULIEU (Thkophraste). M^thode de convaincre par 

la Saincte Escriture tous schismatiques et h^retiques. 4° Paris, 1 604. 
BOURDELOTIUS (Joannes). See Heliodorus. ^thiopicorum libri x. 

so 1619. 

. See Lucianus Samosatensis. Opera. 8° 1687. 

. See Petronius Arbiter. Satyricon. 8® 1663. 

BOURGET (John). The history of the royal abbey of Bee, near Rouen 

in Normandy, translated by R. Gough. 8® 1779. 
BOVIIJUS (Carolus). See Erasmus (D.). Adagiorum chiliades, fol. 

BOVIO. Lettera nella quale si discorre per modo di annotationi sopra a 


due lettere del Doge, et Senato di Venetia, al dero, et popcdi del mo 

Stato. 8*> Ferrara, 1606. 
BOVIO (Antonio). Risposta alle considerationi del Pfeulre Maestro 

Paolo da Venetia, sopra le censure della Santiti di Papa Paolo V. contra 

la Republiea di Venetia. 8^ Roma^ 1606. 
BOWDLER (Thomas). Letters written in Holland in 1787 ; to which 

is added a collection of letters and other papers relating to the joumej 

of the Princess of Orange, the 28th of June 1787* 2 pts. in 1 voL 8® 

LoTid. 1788. 
BOWYER (William). Life, &c. See Anonymous. Anecdotes..^ of 

W. Bowyer. 8*> 1778. 
. Biographical anecdotes. See Nichols (John). Biographical and 

literary anecdotes, &c. 4^ 1792. 
BOXHORNIUS (Marcus Zuerius). Apologia pro nayigationibus 

HoUandorum. See Seldenus (J.). Mare clausum. 8^ 1536. 
See Grotius (H.). De mari libero. 12<> 1533. 

. See Anonymous. Commentariolus de statu confoederatarum pro- 

vinciarum Belgii. 12° 1659. 
BOYLE (Charles). Dr. Bentley's dissertations on the epistles of Pfaa- 

laris and the fables of .^sop examined. 8° London^ 1698. 
BOYLE (Carolus). See Phalaris Agrigentinus. Epistolae. 8** 1698. 
BOYLE (John). Earl of Corke and Orrery. See Gary (R.), Earl of 

Monmouth. Memoirs, &c. 8® 1759. 
BOYLE (Hon. Robert). Some considerations touching the style of tiie 

H. Scriptures. 8° London^ 1661. 
BOYS (William). Collections for an history of Sandwich in Kent, with 

notices of the other Cinque Ports, and of Richborough. 4® Cbnllsr- 

hury, 1792. 
BOYVIN (FRAN901S de), M^moires sur les guerres d^mesl^es tant en 

Piedmont qu'au Montferrat et duch^ de Milan, par feu Messire Charles 

de Coss6, Comte de Brissac, &c. commen^ans en Tannic 1550 et finis- 

sans en 1559. \P Par. 1606. 
BOZE (Cl. Gros de). Lettre sur une m^daille antique de Smyme da 

cabinet de M. de Thoms, qui y a joint sa r^ponse. 4^ La Haye^ 1744. 

. M^moire sur la creation. 8** Aix. 

BRACCIOLINI (Poggio). See Poggius Florentinus. 
BRACHELIUS (Adolphus). Tractatus historico-politici qui hie ceu 

in universali belli pacisque theatro proponuntur : enarrantes leges S. 

Rom. Imperii fundamentales, praecipuorum Europae dynastarum fce- 

dera, tractatus pacis generales et speciales, manifesta, memoralia, literas, 

&c. subservientia historise universali ab anno 1618 in annum 1673, 

conscriptse per A. B. C. A. Thuldenum, H. Brewer. 12^ Colanim 

BRACELOS (Conde Pedro). See Pedro Conde de Bracelos. 
BRAHE (Sophia). Epistola ad N. Large. See Resenius (P. J.). In- 

scriptiones Haffnienses. 4° 1668. 
BRAHE (Tycho). Epistola ad Peucerum. See Resenius (P. J.). In- 

scriptiones Haffnienses. 4** 1668. 
BR ANDANO (Francisco). Quinta parte da monarchia Lusytana ; que 

contem a historia dos primeiros 23 annos del rey D. Dinis. fol. Lima^ 

1650. ^ 
BRANDAO (Antonio). Tercera (and quarta) parte da Monarchia Lu- 

sitana ; desdo Conde Dom Henrique ate todo o reinado del rey Alfon- 
so UL 2 vols. foL Lisboa^ 1632. 


BRAND-HOLLIS (Thomas). Memoirs. See Disney (J.). Memoirs, 

&c. 4° 1808. 
BRANTOME (Pierre de Bourdeille de). M6moires, contenant lea 

vies des hommes illustres et grands capitaines Francois de son temps. 

4 vols. IS'* Let/de, 1666. 
. M^moires contenant les vies des dames galantes de son temps. 

2 vols. 12*» Le^de, 1666. 

M^moires, contenant les vies des hommes illustres et grands capi^ 

taines estrangers de son temps. 2 vols. 12** Lei/de, 1666. 

BRAY (Will!). Memoirs illustrative of the life and writings of John 
Evelyn. 2 vols. 4° Lond. 1818. 

BRAZELOS (Conde Pedro). See Pedro Conde de Bracelos. 

BREDENBACHIUS (Tilmannus). Insinuationum divinse pietatis 
Ubri V. 12*> Colania, 1579. 

BREDOW (G. G.). Compendious view of universal history and litera- 
ture, in a series of tables ; to which is appended a table of painters, 
arranged in schools and ages, from the French notes of M. Van Br6e ; 
the whole translated, with considerable additions, including a succinct 
view of the transactions of the Europeans in India and an entirely new 
table comprising the history of Europe from 1799 to the close of the 
re^ of George III. ; by J. Bell. fol. Lond. 1820. 

BR£E (Matthew van). See Bredow (G. G.). Compendious view of 
universal history, fol. 1820. 

BRENNER (Eli as). Thesaurus nummorum Sueo-Gothicorum ab setate 
regis Biom ad Carolum XI. 4^ SiockholmicBy 1691. 

BRENTIUS (Johannes). Precedentie alia apologia della confessione 
dello illustrissimo signer Duca di Vuirtemberga, ove si tratta, dell'ufficio 
de' principi nella Chiesa del Figliuol di Dio, delF autorita della Sacra 
Scrittura, delle traditioni, della Chiesa Catolica. 4^ Tubinga, 1556. 

BRENTIUS (Andreas Althames). De personali unione duarum na- 
turarum in Christo, et ascensu Christi in coelum, ac sessione ejus ad 
dextram Dei Patris ; qua vera corporis et sanguinis Christi praesentia in 
Coana explicata est, et confirmata. 4° Tybtngce^ 1561. 

BRENTZEN (Johann). See Brentius (J.). 

BREREIEY (John). The protestants apologie for the Roman Church. 
4^ London, 1608. 

BREREWOOD (Edw.). De ponderibus et pretiis veterum nummorum, 
eorumque cum recentioribus coUatione, liber unus. 4° Londini, 1614. 

»•. Enquiries touching the diversity of languages and religions, through 

the chiefe parts of the world. 4^ London, 1622. 

BRETON (John), Bishop of Hereford. See Britton (J.). 

BREVINT (Dan.). Missale Romanum ; or the depth and mystery of 
Roman mass laid open and explained. 12® Oxford, 1673. 

BREWER (Henricus). See Brachelius (A.). Tractatus historico>po- 
Utici, &c. 12«. 

BRIANI (GiROLAMo). See Doccalini (T.). Ragguagli di Parnaso. 
8<» 1663. 

BRICCIO (Giovanni). Barceiletta nuova. 8° Veneiia, 1619. 

BRICKTON (John), Bishop of Hereford. See Britton (J.). 

BRIGANT (Jacques le). See Anonymous. Dissertation adress^e aux 
academies.... sur une nation de Celtes nomm6s Brigantes. 12® 1762. 

BRIGrGS (John). See Mir Gholam Hussein Khan. The Scyar-ul-mu- 
■ takherin. S^ 1832. 


BRINSLY (Jo.). Ludus Hterarius ; or, the grammar schoole* 4** Zm- 

don, 1612. 
BRISSON (Barnab^). Le Code du roy Henry III de France, augment^ 

des Edicts de Henry IV par L. Charondas le Cacon. foL Piaris, 1605. 
BRITANNUS (Bonifacius). Antidotus contra yeneficiam sectamm 

hujus temporis. See Cochloeus (J.). Historia de actia et scriptis 

M. Lutheri. 8« 1565. 
BRITANNICUS (Joannes Anoblus). See Juvenalis (J.). Opus. fol. 

BRITANNICUS (Joannes). See Persius (A. F.). Satyrae, foL I486. 
BRITTI (Paulo). Laude fatte sopra la republica di Venetia. S*" Fe- 

netia, 1619. 
BRITO (Bernardo). Collec^ao dos principaes auctores da historia 

Portugueza, publicada com notas pelo director da classe de litteratura 

da Academia Real das Sciencias. 4 vols. 8^ Lisboa, 1806. [[Contain- 
ing only Brito*s Da Monarchia I^usitana and his Geographia antiga de 

Lusitania, the whole in 5 pts.] 
BRITTO (Bernardo). Monarchia Lusytana, desde a cria9ao do mundo 

ate [Portugal] ser dado em dote ao Conde dom Henrique. 2 vols. foL 

Lisboay 1597 and 1609. 
BRITTON (John), Bishop of Hereford. Britton, faithfully corrected by 

E. Wingate. 12« London, 1640. 
BRODiEUS (Joannes). See Euripides. Tragoediae quae extant, &c. 

4,0 1502. 

BRONCHORST (Everard). See Noviomagus (G.). 

BROME (Richard). Five new plays; viz. The English Moor, or the 

Mock-marriage ; the Love-sick Court, or the Ambitious Politique ; 

Covent Garden Weeded; the New Academy, or the New Exchange; 

the Queen and Concubine. 4 vols. S° Lond, 1659. 
BROSSET ( — ). See Anonymous. Chronique Georgienne. 8* 

1831, &c. 
BROTONNE (F. de) et LAUGIER (A.). Resume de Thistoire univer- 

selle, contenant la maniere d*6crire I'histoire, les sources et Tesprit de 

rhistoire, le tableau rapide des ^venemens et des revolutions chez les 

differens peuples ; pr6c6d6 d*une introduction sur les progres des Etudes 

historiques, et suivi d'une biographic, d'un catalogue et d'une table ana- 

lytique. 2 vols. 32° Paris, 1825-26. 
BROUGHTON (Hug.). A comment upon Coheleth or Ecclesiastes, 

framed for the instruction of Prince Henri our hope. 4** 1605. 
BROWN (Edward). A discourse of the original, countrey, mannen, 

government and religion of the Cossacks. 8*> Lond. 1672. 
BROWNE (William). Appendix ad opuseula ; lusus medici ; odae La- 

tinse et Anglicse. 4° Londini, 1770. 
BROWNE (Sir William). A proposal on our coin ; to which are prae- 

fixed preceding proposals of Sir J. Barnard and of W. Shirley. 4** 

Lond. 1771. 
BROWNE (Sir Isaac Hawkins). Fragmentum, sive Anti-Bding- 

brokius liber primus (et secundus), translated by Sir W. Browne ; Enff^ 

and Latin, 2 vols. 4** London, 1768. 

• De animi immortalitate, poema. 8^ Londini, 1811. 

BROWNE (Sir Thomas). Posthumous works, viz. I. Repertorium ; or 

the antiquities of the cathedral church of Norwich. II. An account of 

some urnes, &c. found at Brampton in Norfolk, anno 1667* III. Let- 


ters between Sir William Dugdale and Sir T. Browne. IV. Miscella- 
nies ; to which is prefixed his life ; there is also added, Antiquitates 
Capellffi D. Johannis Evangelistse, hodie Scholse Regiae Norwicensis, 
autiliore J. Burton. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 8^ Londany 1712. 

BRUCIOLI (Antonio). Dialog! della morale philosophia. 5 vols. 4® 
Veneda, 1544-48. 

BRUNET (Jacques Charles). Manuel de Libraire. 4 vols. 8^ BruX" 
eUeSy 1821. 

. Supplement 3 vols. 8*> ParU^ 1834. 

BRUNETI (Paschal). La d^scente de Bonaparte en Egypte, ou la 
conqudte d'Alexandrie, ballet ; traduit de TEspagnol par Cailhava* 8^ 
Parisy an viii [1800]. 

BRUNI (Leonardo). Aretino. See Aretino (L. B.). 

BRUNNFELSIUS (Otho). Ratio condemnationis J. Huss, &c. See 
Huss (J.). De anatomia Antichristi, &c. 4^ 

BRUNO (Giordano). De la causa, principio et uno. 12® Venetian 
ILandrOj'] 1584. 

BRUNUS (ViNCENTius). De seditionibus libri sex; Jo. Cochlaei de 
seditiosis appendix triplex, contra quosdam rebelles hujus temporis. fol. 
MoffunticBy 1550. 

. Meditationes in septem prsecipua festa B. Virginis, item commune 

sanctorum. 18® CoionuB AgrippimB, 1598. 

BRUSCHIUS (Caspar). Magni operis de omnibus Germanise episco- 
patibus epitomes; tomus 1"' continens annales Archiepiscopatus Mo- 
guntini, ac duodecim aliorum episcopatuum qui Moguntino suffiraga- 
neatus titulo subsunt ; item Babenbergensis episcopatus ab omni jugo 
Archiepbcopali exempt!. 8° NfmbergcBy 1549. 

BRUSONIUS (DoMiTius). Facetiarum exemplorumque libri vii; 
opus repurgatum inque lucem editum opera C. Lycosthenis. 4® J9a- 

BUCHANAN (George). Rerum Scoticarum historia. fol. Edimburgi^ 

. Rerum Scoticarum historia; accessit de jure regni apud Scotos 

dlalogus. 2 pts. in 8 vol. 8'> UUrajecHy 1668. 
Poemata. 18'' Amstelodamiy 1641. 

BOCHER (Paul). See Fagius (P. Bucher). 

BUCK (George). The history of the life and reigne of Richard the 

Third, fol. Londouy 1647. 
BUCKE (Charles). A letter intended (one day) as a supplement to 

Lockhart's life of Sir Walter Scott. 8« Lond. 1838. 
BUCKERIDGE (John) Bpiscaptis JRoffensis. De potestate Papae in 

rebus temporalibus sive in regibus deponendis usurpata ad versus R. 

Bellarminum. 4° Londini, 1614. 
BUCQUET (Louis-Jean-Baptiste). See Anonymous. Discours sur 

cette question propose par T Academic de Chalons, &c. 4P 1789. 
BUCERUS (Martinus). Acta coUoquii in comitiis Imperii Ratisponee 

habiti, hoc est articuli de religione conciliati, et non conciliati omnes, 

ut ab Imperatore ordinibus Imperii ad judicandum et deliberandum 

propositi sunt, &c. 4® ArgentorcUi, 15^1. 
BULENGERUS (Julius C-flESAn). De imperatore et Imperio Romano 

libri XII ; adjectae sunt pro cumulo, de ofliciis Regni Galliae, tum Mag- 

niB EcclesisB Constantinopoleos, appendices duae, non illaudabiles. 2 vols. 

fol. Lugduniy 1618. 
BULLINGER (Henri). Cent sermons sur TApocalypse de Jesus Christ 



r6v616e par TAnge du Seigneur vue et escrite par Jean apostre. 8^ 
BULLORD (John). A catalogue of booka of two eminent mathema- 
ticians. 4"" ILandouy 1691.] 

A choice collection of Greelc, Latin, and Englii^ books. 4' 
— -. An excellent collection of books. 4^ [^Londant 1694.] 

Bibliotheca excellentissima, composed of the libraries of two per- 
sons of great quality. 4° [^Z^andon.^ 

Bibliotheca locupletissima et bibliothecis duonim virorum doctissi- 
morum conflata. 4^ ILondofh 1690.] 

Bibliotheca selectissima. 4^ [^London, 1689.] 

Catalogus librorum quos J. Lake sibi procuravit. 4^ [Z/m^ftm, 


The library of A. Littleton. 4<' ILandan, 1695.] 

BUNDERIUS (Johannes). Scutum fidei orthodoxsB. 12<> Aniverput, 

BUONAIUTI (Gregorio). Lettera ad una Abbadessa hi quale gli di- 

manda il modo di reggersi in questo tempo dell' interdetto puMicato 

contra il dominio de' Vinitiani. 8^ Bologna^ 1606. 
BUONACCORSl (Filippo). See CalUmachus (P.) Geminianensis. 
BUONFIGLIO £ CASTANZO (Gioseppe). Messina citta nobilissima 

descritta in otto libri. 4° Venetia, 1601. 
■ Messina, citta nobilissima, descritta in viii libri. 4^ VeneHoy 

3URCH1ELL0 (DoMENico). I sonetti del B. e di A. Alamaimi alia 

Burchiellesca. 8** Firenzey 1552. 
— -^, Le rime, comentate dal Poni. 18° Veneiiaf 1566. 
BURE (GuiLLAUME de). Catalogue des livres de la bibliotheque de feu 

M. le Due la Valliere. 3 vols. 8*» Parisy 1783. 
BURGERSDICIUS (Franciscus). Institutionum metaphysicorum Hbri 

duo. 12° Lugduni Baiavorumy 1642. 
BURGHLEY (William Lord). See CecU (W.). . 
BURGKLEHNER (Matthias). Thesaurus historiarum. 2 vols, fol. 

Oenipoliy 1602-4. 
BURGOS (Alessandro), Distinta relatione dello spaventoso eccidio 

cagionato da' terremoti ultimamente con replicate scosse, accaduto a' 

9 e 11 gennaro 1693 nel regno di Sicilia secondo le certe notitie che se 
, ne sono ricevute per tutto il mese di febraro. 4** Palermoy 1693* 
BURNE (Nicol). The disputation concerning the controversit headdis 

of religion, haldin in the realme of Scotland in 1580, betuix the pra* 

tendit ministeris of the deformed Kirk in Scotland and Nicol Burne* 8° 

ParisBy 1581. 
BURNES (J.). A sketch of the history of the knights templars. 4* 

Edinb. 1837. 
BURNET (Gilbert) Bishop of Salisbury. The abridgement of the 

histonr of the Reformation of the Church of England, z pts. in 1 Tol. 

8<» Land. 1683. 
AND HoRNECK (A.). The last confession, prayers and meditations 

of J. Stern, together with the last confession of G. Borosky. fol, Lof^^ 

demy 1682. 
BURNET (J.). A practical treatise on painting. 4^ London^ 1889* 
BURNEY (Charles). An account of the musical performances in 

Westminster Abbey and the Fauthegn, May 26th, 27thj SI9th» wd Junt 


the 3rd and 5th> 1784, in commemoration of Handel. 4fi London, 

BURNEY (Charles). Memoirs of the life and writings of Metastasio^ 

in which are incorporated translations of his principal letters. 3 vols. 

8<* London, 1796. 
— --• Tentamen de metris ab iEschylo, in choricis cantibus, adhibitis. 

S"" CantabriguSf 1809. 
BURNOUF (E.) AND Lassen (C). Essai sur le Pali ou langue sacr6e 

de la presqu*ile au-del^ du Gange, avec la notice des MSS Palis de la 

Bibliotheque du Roi. S^ Pam,.1826. 
BURROW (James). De usu et ratione interpungendi ; an essay on the 

use of pointing, and the facility of practising it; [with an appendix,] 4^ 

London, 1771 • 
. The question concerning literary property determined by the court 

of King's Bench on 20th April 1769, in the cause between Andrew Millar 

and Robert Taylor; with the separate opinions of the four Judges, and 

the reasons given by each in support of his opinion. 4° London, 1773. 
BURT (William). Christianity, a poem in three books, edited, together 

with a short memoir of the author, by his nephew Major T. Seymour 

Purt, 12° London, 1835. 
BURTON (Johannes). Antiquitates capellae D. Johannis Evangelistse. 

See Browne (Sir T,). Posthumous works. 8** 1712. 
BUSBEQUIUS (Augerius Gislenius), Legationis Tureicae epistolse 

quatuor; ejusdem de re militari contra Turcam instituenda consilium; 

acoedit Solimani Turcarum imper., legatio ad Ferdinandum Rom. Caes. 

anno 1562 Francofurtum missa. 12** Hanovice, 1605. 
... .. Legationes. 8° HcmovuB, 1629. 
BUSCHERUS (Statius). Christlicher und Nothwendiger unterricht 

wie die Studia der L* Jugenda xu Gottes. Ehren von der menschen 

Wolfart soUen gerichtet werden, 8° Jlinteln, 1626. 
BUTEL-DUMONT (Geobge-Mab,). See Anonymous. Histoire et 

commerce des colonies Angloises. 12" 1755. 
BUTET (P. R. F.). Cours pratique d'instruction 616mentaire, applicable 

a toute m6thode d'enseignement individuel ou collectif, et sp6cialement 

a la m6thode d'enseignement mutuel. W* Pam, 1818, 

. Cours th^orique d'instruction 6lementaire, &c. 8° Paris, 1818» 

BUTLER (Samuel). See Anonymous. Hudibras. 8*» 1674. 

, gee Anonymous. Two letters, one from J. Audland, &o. fol. 1672* 
BtJTNERN (Wolffgang). Dialettica Deutsche ; das ist, Disputierkunst. 

8» Leipzig, 1576. 
BUXDORFIUS (Johannes). Synagoga Judaica ; accessit L. Carreti 

epistola de conyersione eius ad Christum. 12^ ffanovia, 1614. 
BYEL (Gabriel). De monetis. See Freherus (M.). De re monetaria 

veterum romanorum, 4° 1605. 


CABEI (Julio Cesare"). Imagine deU'huomo. 8** Venetia, 1576. 
CACJERES e FARIA (Leandro Dorea). Catastrophe^ de Portugal 

na deposi^ao d'el Rei D. Affonso Sexto, et subroga^ao do Prinoepe 

D. Pedro o unico, justiiicada nas calamidades publicas, escrita para 

justifica9ao dos Portugueses. 4° Liahoa, 1669. 
C ADELL (W. A.). Description of some Indian idols in the museum of 

the WKJiety (from the Transactions of the Roy. Society of Edinburgh). 

4^ Edinb. 1822. 



CADOT (— ). Requite pour le Sieur Marc-Antoine R6taux de Yil- 

lette. 4® Paris, 1786. 
CiEDMON Monachtis. Metrical paraphrase of parts of the Holy Scrip- 
tures in Anglo-Saxon, with an Englbh translation, notes and index 
by B.Thorpe. 8*» LondoUy 1832. 

. Paraphrasis poetica Genesiosacpraecipuarum Sacrae Paginse histo- 
riarum, abhinc annos mlxx. Anglo-Saxonicd conscripta, et nunc primum 
edita a F. Junio. 4<^ Amstelodami, 1655. 
CiESAR (Caius Julius^. Omnia quae exstant 12^ Francojurtiy 1605. 
ET Cicero (M. T.). Elocutiones quae in C. J. Caesaris de Belle 
Gallico et Civili commentariis, et Ciceronis familiaribus Epistolis 
leguntur; a C. Calderiuo excerptae, et in ordinem alphabeticum ad 
faciliorein studiosorum utramq. linguam profitentium usum, redactae. 
8« VeneHis, 1614. 

Vita, See Celsus (J.). De vita et rebus gestis, &c 12^ 1697* 
Vita. See Schiappalaria ^S. AX La vita di, &c. 4^ 1578. 
Vita, See Schiappalaria (S. A.). Osservazioni politiche, &c. 4° 

Commentari, con le figure in rame degli alloggiamenti, de' fatti 
d'anne, delle circonvallazioni delle citt^ &c, di A. Palladio. 4^ Ve- 
netia, 1618. 

Commentarii ab Aldo Manutio Paulli F. emendati et scholiis illus- 
trate 2 pts. in 1 vol. 8» Venetian 1600. 

Comment, tradotti da F. Baldelli. 12^ Vinegiay 1558. 
Commentariorum libri octo, adiecimus H. Glareani annotationes. 

8® BasilecBy 1583. 
CAGLIOSTRO (Alexandre) [G. Balsamo]. Requite k joindre au 

m^moire du Comte de Cagliostro. 4^ Paris, 1786. 
CAGNOLUS (HiERONYMus). Commentaria in primam et secundam 

digesti veteris, et codicis partem, fol. VenetiiSy 1566. 
CAIETANUS (Thomas a Vio). See Aquinas (T.). Summa. fol. 1576, 
— — — . See Aquinas (T.). Totius theologiae summa. fol. 1588. 
CAILHAVA D* ESTENDOUX (Jean-Fran^ois). Theatre. 2 vols. 
8« Parisy 1781. 

Essai sur la tradition th^atrale. 8** Paris, an vi [1798.] 
Athenes pacifiee, com6die. 8* Paris, an v [1797.] 
De Tart de la Com^die. 2 vols. 8° Parisy 1786. 
Ktudes sur Molidre, ou observations sur la vie, les moeurs, les 
ouvrages de cet auteur. 8® Paris, an x [1802.] 
— . Le d^pit amoureux, retabli en cinq actes. 8** Paris, an ix [1801.] 
— . Les journalistes Anglois, com^die. 8° Paris, 1782. 
— . Les Menechmes Grecs, com^die. 8° Paris, 1791. 

Notices pour servir li Thistoire des theatres. 8° Pam, 1798. 

CALDERINI (Domitius). See MarUalis (C. V.). Opera, fol. 1482. 

. See Martialis (C. V.). fol. 1482. 

. See Statins (P. P.). Opera, fol. 1490. 

— . See Juvenalis (D. J.). Satyrae. fol. 1485. 
■ See Juvenalis (D. J.). Satyrae. fol. 1487. 

. See Ovidius (P. N.). Heroidum epistolae... et Ibis. fol. 1485. 

. See Virgilius (P. M.). Opera, fol. 1489. 

CALDERINUS (C^sar). See Caesar (C. J.) and Cicero (M. T.). Elo- 
cutiones. 8° 1614. 
CALDERON (Juan). See Pradilla (F. de la). Suma de las leyes pe- 
nales. 4'' 1639. 


C ALDERON de la BARC A (Pedro). A fragment of a volume of his 
comedies, pp. 95-216, containing, Enfermar con el remedio ; Un castigo 
et tres vengan9as ; Morir pensando matar ; El astrologo fingido. 4**. 

— — — Amat despues de la muerte, comedia famosa. 4*' 

. A secreto agravio, secreta venganza, comedia famosa. 4^. 

. Comedia famosa del mal pagador en pajas. 4^. 

. Comedia famosa : el impossible mas facil. 4^ 

■ Del rey abaxo, ninguno, comedia famosa. 4^ 
. El alcayde de si mismo, comedia famosa. 4^. 

■ El alcalde de Zalamea, comedia famosa. 4^ 

■ El cisma de Inglaterra, comedia famosa. 4^. 

■ El paje de Don Alvaro, comedia famosa. 4^ 

■ El prodigio del Alemania. 4**. 

• El principe constante, comedia famosa. 4^. 

. El texedor de Segovia, comedia famosa. 4^. 

. El texedor de Segovia, comedia famosa ; 2da parte. 4**. 

■ El venturoso per fuerza, comedia famosa. 4^ 

■ Las amazonas, comedia famosa. 4®. 

• La cadenas del demonio, comedia famosa. 4^. 

. La cruz en la sepultura, comedia famosa. 4°. 

. La desdicha de la voz, comedia famosa. 4^. 

. La gran comedia quien calla otorga. 4*. 

, La gran comedia, amor con valor se obliga. 4^. 

• La gran comedia de la codica rompe el saco. 4^ 

. La gran comedia la Barbara de los montes y martir del cielo. 4**. 

La industria contra el poder, y el honor contra la fuerza, come- 
dia. 4°. 

— . Los agravios satisfechos y risperas Cicilianas. 4^. 
— • Mananas de Abril y Mayo, comedia famosa. 4°. 

Primera parte de comedias de Don P. C. recogidas por D. J. Cal- 

deron de la Barca su hermano. 4^ Madrid^ 1640. 

Parte secunda de comedias que nuevamente corregidas publica 

D. J. de Vera Tassis y Villarroel. 4<» Madrid, 1686. 
— . Tercera parte de comedias. 4** Madridy 1664. 

Quarta parte de comedias que nuevamente corregidas publica D. 

J. de Vera Tassis y Villarroel. 4*> Madridy 1688. 

Sexta parte de comedias que corregidas publica J. de Vera Tassis 

y Villarroel. 4*» Madrid, 1683. 

Octava parte de comedias que corregidas publica D. J. de Vera 

Tassb y Villarroel, &c. 4*> Madrid, 1684. 

CALEY (Johannes). See Rymer (T.) and Sanderson (R.). Foedera. 
fol. 1816, &c. 

CALIARI (Paolo Veronese). See Paolo Veronese. 

CALIDASA. La reconnaissance de Sacountala, drame Sanscrit et Pracrit 
publi6 pour la premiere fois en original, accompagn6 d'une traduction 
fran9aise, de notes, et suivi d'un appendice par A. L. Ch6ry. 4 pts. in 
1 vol. 4*> Paris, 1830. 

CALLAWAY (John). Yakkun Nattannawa, a Cingalese poem, de- 
scriptive of the Ceylon system of demonology;to which is appended the 
practices of a Capua or devil priest, as described by a Budhist: and 
Kolan Nattannawa, a Cingalese poem descriptive of the characters as- 
sumed by natives of Ceylon in a masquerade. 8** Londmi, 1 829. 
CALLIMACHUS. Hymni (cum suis scholiis Grsecis) et epigrammata ; 
ejusdem poematiom de coma Berenices, a Cattdlo versum; N. Frischlini 


interpretationes dusB hymnorum ; ejusdem interpretatio epigrami^tuin 

et annotationes in hymnos ; H. Stepbani partim emendationes paithn an- 

notationes. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4® Paris^ 1577. 
CALMO (Andrea). Cherebizzi, supplimento delle piaceroli et inge- 

niose lettere. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 8® VenetiOy 1559. 

. La Spagnolas, comedia. 8® Venetia^ 1551* 

• La Spagnolas, comedia. 8® Veneiia, 1585. 

CALONNE (Charles- Alexandre cfe). Observationfl et jugemepts sor 

les coutumes d'Amiens, d'Artois, de Boulogne et de Ponthieu^ sur plu- 

sieurs matieres du droit civil et coutumier. 4® PairUy 1784* 
CALPHURNIUS (Joannes). See Terentius (P.). ComedisB. foL 1561. 
CALTHROP {Sir H.). Reports of speciall cases touching sererail customs 

and liberties of the city of London, whereunto is annexed divers ancient 

customs and usages of the said city of London* W London^ 1655. 
CALVERT (Frederic), Lord Bakimore. See Anonymous. CodMw 

etinferi. 4° 1771. 
CALVETONIS (U.) Nov« Novi Orbis Historire Libri tres ex ItaUcis 

Hier. Benzonis. His adjuncta est, de Gallorum in Floridam expeditione 

et insigni Hispanorum in eos saevitiae exemplo, brevis historia* 8® 

[^Genevcel^y 1581. 
CALVINUS (Johannes). Institutione della religion Christiana, trad. 

per Giulio Cesare P. 4® (reneva^ 1557. 
. Lexicon juridicum juris Ceesarei simul et Canonici, feudalis item, 

civilis, criminalis, theoretic! ac practici ; cum praefationibus D. Grotho^ 

fredi et H. Vulteii. fol. GenevtB^ 1622. 

Vie. See Beza (T.). Lhistoire, &c. 12o 1657. 

Sermons on the historic of Melchisedech, wherein is also handled 

Abrahams courage in rescuing Lot, and his godlines in paying tithes 
to Melchisedech ; also Abrahams faith and obedience; translated by T. 
Stocker. 8"" London, 1592. 

CAMBANIS (ViTALis de). See Vitalis de Cambani. 

CAMBERLYN d'AMOUGIES (J. B.G.). MisceUanea. 8*> Ganda:, 1828. 

CAMBI (Bartolomeo). Copia d'una lettera scritta aili Signori Vene- 
tiani. 8° Mantova, 1606. 

CAMDENUS (GuLiELMUs). Anglica^ Hibemica, Normannica, Cambrica, 
a veteribus scripta ; ex quibus Asser Menevensis, Anonymus de vita 
Gulielmi Conquestoris, T. Walsingham, T. de la More, Gulielmus Ger 
miticensis, Giraldus Cambrensis ; plerique nunc primum in lucem editi. 
fol. Francofurti, 1602. 

. Annales rerum Anglicarum et Hibemicarum regnante Elisabetha. 

8® Amstelodamiy 1677. 

Fol. Franco/. 1603. 

— . Remains concerning Britain, with many antiquities^ never imprinted, 
by care of J. Philipot and W. D. 8« London, 1674. 

The history of the most renowned and victorious princess Elizabeth 

late queen of England, fol. London, 1675. 
CAMERARIUS (Joachimus). Oratio de studio bonarum literarum. 

8° Lipsia, 1542. 

. See Aphthonius. Libellus progymnasmatum. 8° 1567. 

. See Eobanus (H. H.). Venus triumphans, &c. 8° 1527. 

— . See Sophocles. Tragediae septem. 4** 1603. 

CAMILLI (Camillo). Cinque canti aggiunti al Goffredo del Sig. T. 

Tasso con aggiunta degli argomenti a ciascun canto del Sig. F. Mel- 

chiori. 4^ Vinegioy 1588. 


CAMILLI (Camillo). Cinque canti, &c. See Tasso (T.). GoflPredo^ &c« 
40 i6(X). 

CAMILLO DELMINIO (Giulio). Tutte Topere, ricorrette da T. Por- 

cacchi. 2 vols. 18<> Vinegkh 1^7* 
. L' artificio della Bucolica di Vlrgilio ipiegato. See Hermogenes. 

Le idee, &c 4t^ 1594. 

. L* opere. 2 vols. 19? Vinegia^ 1584. 

See Petrw3a (F.). Rime. 18<» 1557. 

C AMINHA (Pedro de Andrade). See Andrade Caminha (P. cfe). 

CAMOENS (Luis de), Lusiadas tsommentadas por Manuel de Faria i 
Sousa. 4 pts. in 2 vols. fol. Madridy 1639. 

• Os Lusiadas, poema epico ; nova edif ao conrecta e dada a luz por 

Dom. J. M. de Souza-Botelho. 4® Paris, 1817- [Printed at the ex- 
pense of the editor, and not published.] 
Rimas. 12'> Lidtooy 1670. 

CAMPAGNE (Alexandre Auo. <&). Principes d*un bon gouveme* 

ment 2 pts. 12<> Berlifij 1768. 
CAMPAILLA (ToMAso). L' Adamo, overo il mondo creato, poema 

filosofico. S^ Catania^ 1709. 
CAMPANARI (S.). Antiohi vasi dipinti della coUezione Feoli. 8^ 

CAMPANELLA (Th.). De monarchia Mispanica. !&* Amstdodami, 

CAMPANUS (Edmundus). Narratio de divortio Henriei VIII. r^is 

ab uxore Catherina. See Harpofeldius (N.). Historia Anglicana eo 

olesiastica. fol. 1622. 
I . (Franciscus). See Virgilius (P. M.). Universum poema, &c. 

fol. 1562. 
CAMPBELL (H. D.). Addresses, petitions, &c. from the kings and 

chiefs of Sudan (Africa,) to His late Majesty King William the IVth. 

8° Londouy 1838. 
CAMPO (Antonio). Cremona fedelissima cittii, e nobilissima colonia 

de* Romani rappresentata in disegno col suo contado, e illustrata d*una 

breve historia delle cose pid notabile appartenenti ad essa; et dei ritratti 

natundi de' duchi, et duchesse di Milano, e compendio delle lor vite. 

foL Cremona, 1582 [ 1585.] [This copy has the portrait of Philip IL 

of Spain on the reverse of the title-page, and only 56 lines in the address 

to the corporation of Cremona.] 
CAMPO (Florian do). Los ^inco libros primeros de la Cronica general 

de Espana. fol. Medina del Campo, 1553. 
CAMUS (Phelippo). La chronica de los notables cavalleros Tablante 

de Ricamonte y de Jofre hijo del conde Donasson (sacada de las chro- 

nicas francesas.). 4° SemUa, 1564. 
CANAYE (Philippe). Lettres et ambassades ; avec un sommaire de sa 

vie, et un r6cit particulier du proc^ fait au mareschal de Biron ; (et o^ 

il est trait6 particuli^rement du differend du pape Paul V. avec la r^u- 

blique de Venise.). 3 vols. fol. Paris, 1635 and 1636. 
CANCER (Geronimo). See Huerta (A. de). Cancer, &c. Chico Ba- 

turi. 4^ 
CANGE (Charles Dutresne du). See Joinville (J. de). Histoire de 

S. Louys. fol. 1668. 
CANISIuS (Petrus). Institutiones christianae pietatis, sen parvus cate- 

chismus catiliolicorum. 18^ AntverpUe, 1578. 
CANTERBURY < William ArcJdMop of). See Laud ( W.). 


CANTERBURY ( Matthew Archbhhop of). See Parker (MX 
(John Tjllotson Archbishop of). 8ee Tillotson (J.) Arch, of 

CANTERUS (Theodorus). See Amobius (D.) Afer. Dispatationum 

ad versus gentes libri septcm. 8® 1582. 
■ (GuLiELMUs). See Euripides. Tragoedise quae extant, &c. 4^ 1602. 

• See Lyeophron. Alexandra. 4^ 1601. 

CANUS (Melchior). De locis theologicis libri duodecim. 8** Lova- 

niiy 1564. 
CANUTUS Magnw. See Resenius (P.). Jus aulicum antiquum Da- 

nicum. 4« 1673. 
CAPACIO. Gli apologi, eon le dicerie morali. 4® Venetia^ 1619. 

. II secretario. 8® Venetian 1597. 

CAPELLI (Daniello dai). La historia sopra il gioco della tria. 8® 

Venetia, 1620. 
' La risposta della morosetta alii suoi innamorati. S** Trevigi^ 

CAPELLUS (D.). De incendio Heveliano Gedanensi quod A. C. 

1679 ^ Septembris, pr6 dolor I contigit, epistola Dantisco Hamburgum 

missa, compendiariam ejus narrationem continens, ex Germanico in La- 

tinum translata sermonem. 4® Hamburgi^ 1679. 
CAPELLONI (Lorenzo). Vita del principe A. Doria. 4® Venetia, 

CAPETIUS (JoH.). De indulgentiis. 8® InsttHsy 1595. 
CAPITO (RoBERTus). See Robertus Episcopus Lincolniensis. 
CAPORALI (Cesare). Rime piacevoli di C. Caporali, del Mauro, e 

d'altri autori. 18<> Ferrara, 1590. 
CAPPONI (Jo. Bapt.). De Othone aereo suo commentarius. 4® Bo- 

noniiBf 1668. 
CAPRI ATA (PiETRO Giovanni). Dell* historia, libri dodici, dal 1613 

al 1634. 8° IGeneveyli 16S9. 
— . Deli' historia, parte seconda in sei libri distinta, dal 1634 al 1644. 

8° Geneva, 1650. 
C ARADOC of Llancarvan. See Anonymous. History (the) of Cam- 
bria, &c. 4*» 1584. 
CARATE (AuGUSTiN de). Historia del descubrimiento y conquista de 

las provincias del Peru. fol. SevUla, 1577. 
CARAVIA (Alessandro). Naspo bizaro, con la zonta del lamento 

che 1 fa per haverse pentio de haver sposao Cate Bionda Biriota. 18® 

Venetia, 1582. 
CARAVAJAL y SAANEDRA (Mariana de). Natividades de Ma- 
drid, y noehes entretenidas, in ocho novelas. 4® Madridy 1663. 
CARAZIIS (Martinus de). Tractatus de principibus, &c. fol. Me- 

diolaniy 1494. 
CARDONNEL (Adam de). Numismata Scotise, or a series of the 

Scottish coinage from the reign of William the Lion to the Union. 4® 

Edinburghy 1786. 
CARERIUS (LuDOVicus). Practica causarum criminalium. 4® Lug" 

duni, 1569. 
CARETTOLA (Giovanni dalla). Favola bellissima dimandata sdegno 

d'amanti. 8° Venetiay 1619. 
CARILLO ( Alonso). Origen de la dignidad de Grande de Castilla. fol. 

Madridy 1657. 
CARION (Johannes). Chronicon Latind expositum et auctum multis 


et veteribus et recentibus historiis in uarrationibus rerum Grsecarumy 
Germanicarum et Ecclesiasticarum, (p. ii. ab Augusto Caesare usque ad 
Carolum magnum, a P. Melanthone ; p. iii. a Carolo M. usque ad 
Fridericum II. aucta a C. Peucero.) 3 vols. 8° WitehergtBy 1558. 

CARION (Johannes). Chronica tradotta in volgare per P. Lauro. 8® 
Venetian 1543. 

• Chronicorum libri tres, H. Bonno interprete ; continuatio chroni- 

corum ab anno 1532 ad 1547. 8^. 

CARLISLE (Nicolas). An index to the first fifteen volumes of the 
Archaeologia, printed by order of the Society of Antiquaries. 4° Zcm- 
douy 1809. 

' A memoir of the life and works of William Wyon, Esq. A. R. A., 

chief engraver of the Royal Mint. 8° LondoUy 1837. 

CARLISLE ( Samuel Bishop of). See Samuel, Bishop of Carlisle. 

CARLO Magno Imper, Vita, See Ubaldino (P.). La vita di, &c 
4*> 1581. 

■ IV. Imperatore. Le institutioni dell' imperio contenute nella BoUa 

d' oro, nuovainente dalla Latina nella volgar lingua tradotte (da L. Con- 
tile ; [to which b added] Origine degli elettori dell* imperio. 4° Fe- 
nettOy 1558. 

V. Imperaiore. Vita. See Ulloa (A.). Vita delF, &c. 4« 1566. 

Quinto. Vita. See Dolce (L). Vita, &c. 4° 1567. 

Vita. See Sandoval (P. de). Historia de la vida, &c. fol. 1618. 

CARO (Annibal). Delle lettere familiari volume primo (et secondo). 

2 vols. 4° Venetia, 1581. 

. 2 vols. 4° Venetia, 1603. 

Gli Straccioni, comedia. 18° Venetian 1582. 
CARO de TORRES (Francisco). See Torres (F. C. de). 
CAROLOSTADI AS (And. Bod. von). See Lutherus (M.), Melanchthon 

(P.), and Carolostadius (A. B. von). Propositiones, &c. 8° 1522. 
C AROLUS V. Imperator. Pragmatica sanctio pro unione et successione 

indivisibili ditionum Belgicarum et comitatus Burgundies anni 1549 con- 

firmata a Ferdinando Romanorum regc. 4°. 

. See Clemens VII Papa. Epistolae duse. 8° 1527. 

CARON (LoYS Carondas k). Pandectes ou digestes du droict Fran- 

9ois. 4 vols. fol. Parisy 1607-1610. 
— . See Guenoys (P.) and Charondas le Caron (L.). La conference 

des ordonnances. fol. 1607. 
■ ■■ See Caron (L. Carondas le). 

CARPIO (Lope Felix de Vega). See Lope de Vega Carpio (F.). 
CARRAFA (G. B.). Dell' historic del regno di Napoli; parte prima. 4<* 

Napdiy 1572. 
CARRETOLA (Giovanni deUa). U historia di Antonio mio valente. 

8<> Venetiay 1619. 
CARRETUS (LuDOVicus). Epistola de conversione eius ad Christum. 

See Buxdorfius (J.). Synagoga Judaica. 12° 1614. 
CARRIO (LuDovicus). See Sallustius (C. C). Quae extant, &c. 4° 1710. 
• Emendationum et observationum libri duo. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4° 

LtUeticBy 1583. 
CASTRO E SOUSA (A. D. de). Descrip^ao do real mosteiro de Belem. 

8*> Lishimay 1837. 
CARTARI (ViNCENTio). Compendio delle historic di monsignor P. 

Giovio. 8° Vinegiay 1562. 
'-— . 11 Flavio intorno ai fasti volgari, 8^ Vinegiay 1553. 



CARTES (Rivi des). See Descartes (R.). 

CARTESIUS (Renatus). See Descartes (R.> 

CARTHAGINENSIS (Cecilius Cyprianus BgriMxput). See Cypria- 
nois (C.) Epis. Carth. 

C ARY (Robert) Earl ofMonmouih. Memoirs of the life of R. C^ vrifc* 
ten by himself; now published from a MS. in the custody of John Earl 
of Corke and Orrery; with some explanatory notes. 8* London^ 1769* 

CASA (Giovanni della). Rime e prose. 18<* VetuHa^ 1667. 

. Rime e prose. 18<> Venetia, 1612. 

2 pts. in 1 vol. 80 Fiarenga, 1571 » 1572. 

II Galatheo. 12° Fiorenza, 1584. 

CASALI-BENTIVOGLIO-PALEOTTI (Gregorio). In morte dell' in- 

signe letterato E. M. Zanotti. 4° [^Bologna^ 1778.] 
CASAUBONI (Isaac et Meric). See Polybius. Historiarom libri qui 

supersunt. 8° 1670. 
CASAUBONUS (Isaacus). See Dionysius Halicam. Antiquitatom 

Roman, lib. XI. fol. [1588.] 
■ ■ ■ . See Svetonius ^C. T.). De xii CsBsaribus lib. viii. fol. 1610. 
— — . See Svetonius (C. T.). De xii CsBsaribus lib. viii. 12° 1770. 

. See Theocritus. . . . quae extant, &c. 4** 1604. 

CASAUX (Marquis de). Considerations sur les effets de Timpot dans 

les difFerens modes de taxation ; pr^c^d^es de quelques notions essen- 

/tielles sur les 6poques les plus instructives de la 80ci6t6. 8^ Zomlrvf, 
^ CASONE (GiROLAMo). Rime. 12° Vene^, 1598. 
^ CASSIODORIUS (M. Aurelius). Opera onmia. 8« AurduB AUobro- 
r' gorum, 1622. 

. Chronicon, sive de consulibus Romanorum libellus. See Cu^" 

nianus (J.). De consulibus Romanorum commentarii. foL 1558. 

See Nicephorus Callisti Xanthopuli. EoclesiasticsB historise lib. 

XVIII. fol. 1588. 
CASTALIO (Sebast.). Dialogorum sacrorum libri quatuor. 12®. 

. See Anonymous. Contra libellum Calvini, &c. 8* 1562. 

CASTELLESI (Adriano). See Adrianus Cardinalis. 
CASTELLETTI (Christoforo). Le stravaganze d' amore, comedia. 

18*^ Vinegia, 1587. 
CASTELNAU (Michel de), M^moires ausquelles sont traict^ les 

choses plus remarquables qu'il a veues et n^goti^es en France, Angle- 

terre et Escosse soubs les rois Francois II. et Charles IX. 4<* Pani^ 

CASTELVETRO (Lodovico). Correttione d'alcune cose del dialc^ 

delle lingue di Ben. Varchi, et una giunta al primo libro delle prose di 

P. Bembo dove si ragiona della vulgar lingua. 4^ Basilea, 1572. 
. See Anonymous. Giunta fatta al ragionamento... di Bembo. 4° 


. See Aristoteles Poetica volgarizzata. 4** 1576. 

See Petrarca (F.) .... 4*> 1582. 

CASTIGLIONE (Baldassar). II libro del Cortegiano. 12® Vinegioi 

. 4® London, 1603. 

. El Cortesaon traduzido en vulgar Castellano. 8® Anversaf 1561. 

The Courtier, Ital., Fr. and Eng. by T. Hobby. 4® London, 

CASTILLO (Julian dd). Historia de los reyes Godos que vinieron de 


la Scy thia de Europa contra el Imperio Romano ; y a Espana ; con 
succession dellos hasta los Catolicos Reyes Don Fernando y Dona 
Isabel ; proseguida hasta Filipe IV, por G". de Castro y Castillo. fol. 
Madrid, 1624. 

CASTRACANI (Castruccio). Vita. See MachiaveUi (N.). D Prin- 
cipe. La yita, &c. 8^" 1538. 

* Viia* See MachiaTclli (N.). II principe, vita^ &c 8® 1540. 

CASTRO (Paulus de). See Castrensis (P.). 

If CASTILLO (Gbronimo de). See CastiUo (F. del). Historia 

de los reyes Godos, &c. fol. 1624. 

CASTRIOTUS (Georgius). See Scanderbergus (G. C). 
CATANiEUS (Joannes Maria). See Plinius (C. C. S.). Epistolarum 

Kbri X- 40 1600. 
CATHERINA da Siena, Lettere devotissime. 4'' Veneiia, 1562. 
CATHARINE II. of /?M#*ia. Life. See Anonymous. Life (the) of, &c 

go 1799, 

CATTHO (Angelo). Life. See Commines (P. de). The history of 

P. de C, Ac. fol. 1665. 
CATULLUS, TiBULLUS, et Propbrtius. 18^ Lugdutd Batavorum, 

' ' . Opera; accesserunt variae lectiones. 4® Cantabrigimi 1702. 
CATULLUS (Caius Valerius). De coma Berenices. See Callima- 

ohiis Cyrenaeus. Hymni. 4^ 1577* 

(Caius or Quintus Valerius). Ex recens. J. G. Graevii, cum 

notis integris J. Scaligeri, M. A. Mnreti, A. Statii, R. Titii, H. Avantii, 
J. Dousae, T. Marcilii, et aliorum. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 8^ Trc^. ad Rhen. 

CAVACIUS (Jacobus). Historiarum coenobii D. Justinae Patavinas 

libri sex. 4^' Venetiisy 1606. 
CAYALCANTI (Bartolomeo). La retorica. 4*> PesarOy 1559. 
La retorica. fol. Veneka^ 1559. 
— -. La retorica, con le postille di P. Portinaio. 4** Pesaro, 1559. 
^-^^. Trattati oveto discorsi sopra gli pttimi reggimenti delle republiche 
antiche e modeme, con un discorso di S. Erizzo de' governi civili. 
2 pts. in 1 vol. 4** Venetia, 1571. 

See Contarini (G.). Delia republica et magistrati di Venetia. 8^ 


CAVE (William). Atitiquitates apostolicaa, or the history of the lives, 

acts, and martyrdoms of the holy apostles, and of the evangelists SS. 

Mark and Luke. fol. Londouy 1676. 
^"' . Apostolici, or the history of the lives, acts, death, and martyrdoms 

of those who were contem|)orary with, or immediately succeeded the 

Apostles ; as also the most eminent of the primitive fathers ; to which 

is added a chronology of the first ages of the church, fol. London^ 


Primitive Christianity. 3 pts. in 1 vol. 8^ Londony 1676. 

CAVEAT EMPTOR [viz. G. Stephen]. The adventures of a gentle- 
man in search of a horse. 12^ London^ 1835. 

CAVERHILL (John). An explanation of the seventy weeks of Daniel, 
and of the several sections of these seventy weeks; in which is shown that 
the dates of events that were to ascertain the various aeras of the pro- 
phecy have been intentionally misstated by Josephus ; to which is added 
an exposition of the chronology of the Jewish judges. 8^ London^ 


CAVICEO (Jacomo). Libro del Pcregrino. S® VeneHa, 1527. 

C£B£S. nti^a^ [to which are ad(Yed BAZIAEIOY rov fieyaXov Xoyos 
wapaiyeTiKos ; IIAOYTAPXOY Xaipinycus w€pt xatSwF aywyifs. XE- 
N0<I>11NT02 Upwv ri TvpaiyiKos.'] 8^ [The whole consists of 74 leaves, 
the first of which blank, with sig. from a to c each of eieht leaves, the 
last excepted, which has only two. Each page has 22 hoes ; some 21 
only. No date or place. Printed by Calliergi at Rome about 1500.] 

. Tabula. See Epictetus. Enchiridion. 8® 1655. 

. Tabula. See Lascaris (C). De octo partibus orationis. 4®. 

CECCHERELLI (Alessandro). Delle azioni e delle sentenze del 
sig. Alessandro de' Medici primo Duca di Firenze. 8^ Firenze^ 

CECIL (William) Lord Burghley. Precepts or directions for the well 
ordering and carriage of a man's life. 12^ London^ 1637. 

CELIA, Madonna. Lettere amorose. 8° Veneiia, 1572. 

CELLIER (Elizabeth). Malice defeated ; or a brief relation of the ac- 
cusation and deliverance of Eliz. Cellier ; wherein her proceedings both 
before and during her confinement are particularly related, and the 
mystery of the Meal Tub fully discovered ; with an abstract of her ar- 
raignment and tryal, written by herself, fol. London^ 1680. 

CELSI (MiNio) [?]. See Anonymous. Contra libellum Calvini, &c 
8« 1562. 

CELSUS (Julius). De vita et rebus gestis C. Julii Caesaris, ex museo 
Jo. Geo. Graevii. 12° Londiniy 1697. 

- (Minus). In haereticis coercendis quatenus progredi liceat dlspa- 
tatio. 12° ChristlingcBy 1577. 

CELTES PROTUCIUS (Conradus). See Guntherus Ligurinus. De 

gestis imper. Caesaris Friderici I. fol. 1507. 
CEPEDA (Joachim Romero da). Obras. 4° SeviUa^ 1582. 

(Francisco de). Rcsumpta historial de Espana, desde el Diluvio 

hasta el ano de 1642; aora anadida por L. de Cepeda hasta el ano 
1652. 4° Madrid, 1654. 

(Luis de). See Cepeda (F. de). Resumpta historial de Espana. 

4° 1654. 

CERVANTES (Miguel). Primera parte de la Galatea. 8° Alcala, 
1585. [Containing the whole six books.] 

— . Trabajos de Persiles y Sigismunda. 8° Madrid^ 1619. 

, Novelas exemplares. 8° Pamplona^ 1614. 

. The history of the valorous and witty knight errant Don Quixote 

of the Mancha, translated (by T. Shelton). fol. Lond. 1675. 

CESAR (Cai us Julius). Commentarii; pictura totius Gallias, &c. per 
Jucundum Veronensem, ex descriptione Caesaris ; Eutropii epitome belli 
Gallic! ex Suetonii Tranquilli monumentis quae desiderantur. 2 vols. 
12^ PariSy 1561 and 1560. 

. Vita. See Schiappalaria (S. A.). La vita di, &c. fol. 1578. 

CESPEDES Y MENESES (G0N9AL0 de). Poema tragico del EspaSol 
Gerardo, primera y segunda parte. 4° Madrid, 1654. 

CHALCONDYLAS (Demetrius). See Homerus. Opera, &c fol. 

CHALMERS (George). The life of T. Ruddiman, to which are 
subjoined new anecdotes of Buchanan. 8^ Zone/. 1794. 

CHALMERS (Thomas). On the power, wisdom and goodness of God 
as manifested in the adaptation of external nature to the moral and in- 
tellectual constitution of man. 2 vols. 8^ London^ 1833. 



CHALMERS TThomas). On the power, wisdom and goodness of 
God as maniiested in the adaptation of external nature to the moral 
and intellectual constitution of man. 2nd edit. 2 vols. 8® London^ 

CHALONER (^Sir Thomas). De rep. Anglorum instauranda libri de- 
cern ; carmen panegyricum in laudem Henrici Octavi ; de illustrium quo- 
rundam encomiis miscellanea^ cum epigrammatis ac epitaphiis nonnullis. 
4« Londini, 1579. 

CHAMBERLAYNE (Edw.). Angliae notitia, or the present state of 
England ; together with reflections upon the ancient state thereof. 2 pts. 
in 1 vol. 80 London^ 1692. 

' (John). Magnee Britanniae notitia, or the present state of Great 

Britain. 8® London, 1708. 

Oratio dominica in diversas omnium fere gentium linguas versa 

et propriis cuj usque linguae characteribus expressa, una cum disser- 

tationibus de linguarum origine. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4^ Amstelodamiy 

CHAMBRIER d' OLEIRES ( ). See Anonymous. Essai sur le 

droit des gens. 8° 1795. 
CHAMICH (Michael). History of Armenia translated by J. Avdall ; 

to which is appended a continuation to the present date. 2 vols. 8® 

Calcutta, 1827. 
CHAMPNEY (Anthony). A treatise of the vocation of bishops and 

other ecclesiasticall ministers, proving the ministers of the pretended 

reformed churches to have no calling, and the pretended bishops in 

England to be no true bishops. 4° Dovay, 1616. 
CHAMPOLLION ( Jean-Fran^ois ). Appercu des r6sultats histo- 

riques de la d^couvertc de Talphabet hi^roglyphique Egyptien. 8® 

Parisy 1827. 
■ Lettre k M. Dacier, relative a Talphabet des hi^roglyphes phon^- 

tiques employes par les Egyptiens pour inscrire sur leurs monuments 

les titres, les noms, et les surnoms des souverains Grecs et Remains. 8^ 

ParU, 1822. 

Lettre a M. le Due de Blacas d*Aulps sur le nouveau systeme 

hi^roglyphique de MM. Spohn et SeyfFarth. 8° Florence, 1826. 

iJettre sur la d^couverte des hi^roglyphes acrologiques, adress^e a 

M. Goulianofl' par M. Klaproth ; analyse critique de cet ouvrage 
(extrait du Bulletin universel des sciences ; vii sect. Avr. 1827.) 8° 

CHAMPOLLION-FIGEAC (J. Jos.). R6sum^ complet d'arch^ologie ; 
monumens d'architecture, de sculpture, de peinture, comprenant les sta- 
tues, bas-reliefs, figurines, tombeaux, autels, vases peints, mosaiques ; 
trait^s sur les pierres gravies, les inscriptions, les m^dailles, les utensiles, 
meubles, armes, &c. ; avec une introduction historique; suivie de la 
biographic des plus c61ebres antiquaires, de la bibliographic arch^olo- 
gique et de 2 vocabulaires. 2 vols. 32° 1825-26. 

CHANDIEU LA ROCHE (Antoine). See Sadeel (A.). 

CHANDLER (R.), Revett (N.), and Pars (W.). Ionian antiquities, 
published with permission of the Society of Dilettanti, fol. Lfrndon, 

• . See Anonymous. Ionian antiquities, &c. fol. 1769. 

CHAPMAN (George). A treatise on education ; with the author's me- 
thod while he taught at the school of Dumfries, and a view of other 
books on education. 8^ London, 1790. 


CHARLES I. of England. His majestiei commiafion giving power to 

enquire of the decay es of the cathedral church of St. nol in London. 

i"" London^ 1631. 
. The king^s majesties declaration concerning lawfull sports to bee 

used on Sundays. 4® London, 16SS. 
CHARLES II. of England. His M^esties declaration against the States 

Generall of the United Provinces of the Low Countreys. foL Lomdum, 

■ ■ His Majesties declaration touching his proceedings for repantifiB 

and satisfaction for several injuries, affronts, and spoiles done by the 
East and West India companies, and others the subjects of the United 
Provinces, fol. London^ 1664. 

His Majesties speech to both Houses of Parliament, Saturday, 

March 8, 167§, in answer to their humble petition and address, fd. 

London^ 167f. 

(Order for dispensing with certain clauses of several aets ooneern- 

ing trade, shipping and navigation.) s. sh. fol. London^ 1672 
CHARLES IV. Due de Lorraine. Hisioire. See Beauvau (H. i&> 

Mimoires. 12« 1688. 
CHARLES V. Emperor. Vida. See Vera y Figueroa (J. A.). Epitome 

de 1& vida &.C 4$^ 16^4* 
CHARONDAS le CARON (L.). See Brisson (B.). Le code du Boy 

Henry, &c. fol. 1605. 
.^.1 See Caron (Loys de C. le). 

CHARRON (Pierre). Discours chrestiens de la divinity cr^atiodt re- 
demption, et octaves du Sainct Sacrement. 8*^ Paris, 1604*. 

. De la sagesse. 8^ Paris, 1632. 

. Of wisdome, three books written in French ; transl. by S. Lennard. 

4® London, 1670. 
CHASTELET (Paul Hay du). See Hay (P. du C). 
CHASTELLEUX (Fr. Jean), See Anonymous. Essai sur Funion de 

la po^ie et de la musique. 12? 1765. 
CHATEAUNEUF (— Benoiston de). See Benoiston de Chateauneuf 

CHATTERTON (Thomas). See Rowley (T.). Poems, i** 1782. 

CHAUCER (Geoffrey). The works of our antient and learned English 
Poet. Edited by Thomas Speght. fol. London, 1598. 

, Canterburie Tales, fol. Caxton, 1^80. 

. Tales of Canterburie by Richard Pynson. fol. 1492 ? 

• The Canterbury tales ; to which are added an essay upon his lan- 
guage and versification, an introductory discourse, notes, and glos- 
sary [by Tyrwhitt]. 5 vols. 8« London, 1775-78. 

CHAULNES (MAa. Jos. Louis cTAl^ert cf Ailly de), M^moire sur 
la veritable entree du monument Egyptien qui se trouve i quatre 
lieues du Caire aupr^ de Saccanu 4° Paris, 1777« 

CHAUMEAU (Jean). Histoire de Berry, contenant Torigine, antiquiti) 
gestes, prouesses, privileges et libert^ des Berruyers. fol. Jjjfon, 

CHAUVETON (Urbain). Histoire nouvelle du Nouveau Monde, cpt- 
traite de ITtalien de Benzoni, ensemble une petite histoire d*un mas- 
sacre commis par les Espagnols sur quelques Francois en Floride. 2 pts. 
in 1 vol. 80 IParis.^ 

. See Calvetonis (U.) Novae Novi Orbis Historic, &c. 8® [(%- 

neva,"] 1581. 


CHAVANNES (Alejl, Cesar). Essai sur T^ducation intellectueUe, 

avec le projet d une science nouvelle. 8^ iMtisanne, 1787. 
CHELIDONIUS. See Durerus (A.). Passio Domini nostri, &c. fol. 

CHELYUS (Sebastianus). Disticha in singula omnium librorum Sa« 

crae Scripturae capita. 8° Francqf, 1561. 
CHEMNITZIUS (Martinus). Examinis Concilii Tridentini opus inte- 
grum. 4 vols. fol. Francrfurtif 1574. 
CHERBURY (Edward Herbert) Lord. See Herbert (E.) Lord 

CHESNE (Fran^gys du). Histoire de TEstat du Pais Bas, et de la 

religion d'Espagne. 12° 1558. 
CHESTER (Thomas) Bishcp of. See Morton (T.). 
CHETWIND (Charles). A narrative of the depositions of Robert 
Jenison, Esq., with other material evidence plainly proving that Ireland 
was in London the 19th of Aug. 1678, notwithstanding his denial at 
his tryal and execution, fol. £ondon, 1679. 
CHEVALIER ( — de), Les ombres des defunts sieurs de Villemor et de 

Fontaines; discours notable des duels. 129 Parig^ 1609. 
CHEZY (Antoine Leon). See Calidasa. La reconnoissanee de Sa- 
countala. AP 1830. 

. See Anonymous. Y^n'adattabd^... par Chizy. 4° 1826. 

CHICHESTER ( Lancelot Bishop of). See Andrews (L.). 
CHIFFLETIUS (Claudius). Ammiani vita. See Ammianus (M.). 

Rerum gestarum.... libri. fol. 1681. 
CHIFLETIUS (Joannes). See Macarius (J.). Abraxas, &c, 4° 1657. 
CHILLING WORTH (William). The religion of protestants a safe 
way to salvation, fol. London^ 1638. 

■ , Life. See Maizeaux (P. des). An historical and critical account, 

&c. 8° 1725. 
QHILMEADUS (Edmundus). See Malala (J.). Historia chronica. S*" 

CHINON (Gabriel de). Relations nouvelles du Levant, ou trait6s de 
la religion, du gouvernement, et des coutumes des Perses, des Armi- 
niens, etdes Gaures, donn^es au public par L. Moreri. 12^ Ly(my 1671. 
CHISHULL (Edmundus). Inscriptio Sigea antiquissima BovtrTpoijirihov 
exarata ; commentario earn historico, grammatico, critico illustravit E. 
C. fol. Londiniy 1721. 
CHOPPIN d'ARNOUVILLE (Ed.). Precis de rh6torique positive ; pri- 
c6d6 d*une introduction historique et critique, et suivi d'une biographic, 
d'une bibliographic et d'un vocabulaire. 32^ PariSf 1828. 
CHOUL (Guglielmo). Discorso sopra la castrametatione et disciplina 
militare de' Romani, con i bagni et essercitii antichi de Greci et Ro* 
mani; tradotto per G. Symeoni. 2 pts. in 1 vol. fol. Lionet 1559. 
CHRASTOVIUS (Andreas). Duo libelli de officio missae, quorum 
prior disputationem contra jesuitam R. Bellarminum continet; alter 
evangelicam et apostolicam adversus horrendum missse sacrificium dis- 
putationem proponit. 4^ BasikcB^ 1594. 
•*-^. Praxis de cseremoniis et canone missae. 4° BasikiSi 1594. 
CHRETIEN (Florent). See Anonymous. Satyre M^nipp^e. 8° 1595. 
CHRISTIAN (Edw.). Reflexions upon a paper intituled ; Some reflec- 
tions upon the Earl of Danby in relation to the murder of Sir Edmund- 
. bury Godfrey, s. sh. fol. London, 1679* 
CHRySOSTOMUS (Joannes). Sermo de eleemosyna et collatione in 


Sanctos; loh. (Ecolampadio interprete. 4^ AugutUe VtmhUeammf 
CHRYSOSTOMUS (Joannes). Aliquot opuscula Gneca cum pnefa- 
tione Erasmi Roteroidami cujus studio sunt edita. 4^ BanUtBy 1529. 
. Divina ac sacra liturgia, interprete A. PelargOy adiecta est doxo- 
logia, &c. 4° VormaiitPy 1541. 

■ Libellus ; quod nemo laeditur nisi a seipso. 8^ AnttferpuB, 154fO. 
. Missa secundum veterem usum Ecclesise Constantinop. a Leone 

Tusco olim conversa ; recentius ab Erasmo tralata. 4® CoimaruBy 1540. 
CIACCONIUS (P£TRUs). In columnae rostratse C. Duilii inscriptionem 

a se conjecture suppletam commentarius. 8^ Lugduni Batavorum^ 1597* 

. See Sallustius (C. C). Opera, &c. 8« 1602. 

See Sallustius (C. C). Quob extant 4*» 1710. 

CIBRARIO (LuiGi). Delle stone di Chieri, libri quattro. \9P Torino, 


(LuiGi) E Pkomis (D. C). Sigilli de' principi di Savoia. 4® 

Torinoy 1834. 

CICCARELLI (Antonio). Le vite de* pontefici. 4*> Ranux, 1588. 

CICERO (Marcus Tullius). Acad6miques, avec le texte LaL de T^di- 
tion de Cambridge et de r^marques nouvelles, outre les conjectures de 
Davies et de Bentley, et le commeutaire philosophique de P. Valentia 
[by D. Durand]. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 12** Londres, 1740. 

. De officiis ; ex MSS. recensuit T. Cockman. 8^ Oxoniif 1694. 

■ De officiis, notis iliustrayit et emendavit Z. Pearce. 8® 


EpistolsB ad familiares, a Lambino emendatse ; eiusdem annota- 

tiones ; item P. Manutii annotationes in margine adscriptse. 8® Ltm* 
dini, 1607. 

Le pistole ad Attico fatte volgari da Matt. Senarega. 8® Vent' 

tioy 1555. 

— . Le epistole famigliari tradotte da Aldo Manutio. 8^ VeneOOf 

-. L epistole scritte a M. Bruto fatte volgari da O. Maggi. 8^ Ve* 

netioy 1556. 

— . Opere morali, trad, da F. Vendramino. 8^ Venetioy 1563. 

Oratione in difesa di Milone, tradotta da G. Bonfadlo. 8® Ve* 

netiay 1554. 

— . Oration um torn. 1. 18^ Londini, 1596. 

— . Orationum pars tertia a Curione edita. 8^ BasileiSy 1570. 

— . Rhetorica, tradotta per A. Brucioli. S° VeneliOy 1538. 

— . De arte rhetorica. See Collections. En habes lector in omnes de 

arte rhetorica libros... commentaria. fol. 

De Testat de vieillesse translate en Fran9oys (avec une 616gante 

invective dudict Cicero contre Catilin). 8° Paris, 

De ofiiciis libri iii; De senectute; De amicitia; Paradoxa; Som- 

nium Scipionis ; accesserunt F. Ursini -scholia. 12** Pamtw, 1581. 
— . De philosophia. 2 vols. 8° Paris, 1543. 

Epistolse ad Atticum, ac M. Brutuni, ad Quintum fratrem, summa 

diligentia castigatse; P. Manutii in easdem epistolas scholia. 2 pts. in 1 
vol. 8® Parisiis, 1543. 

Epistolae ad familiares... emendatse; P. Manutii scholia. 2 pts. 

in 1 vol. 8® Parisiis, 1550. 

— . La Topica col comento tradotta da S. de la Barba. 8* Veneiiaf 



CICERO (Marcus Tullius). Officioruiu libri in ; Cato niaior, vel de 

senectute; Lselius, vel de amicitia ; Paradoxa stoicorum vi; Somnium 

Scipionis. 8<> LutetuSy 1549. 
. Oi-atione in difesa di Marco Marcello, tradotta in lingua Toscana. 

8° VeneHay 1537. 

Orationes. See Collections. Omnes (in) M. T. C. Orationes .... 

lucubrationes. fol. 1547. 

— . Orationum volumen primum (2" et 3°*). 3 vols. 8° Paristis, 


— . Rhetorica. 8® Parisiis, 1544. 

Sex orationum partes ineditae^cum antiquo interprete antenostram 

setatem inedito qui videtur Asconius Pedianus ad Tullianas septem ora 
tiones; recensuit A. Maius. 8*' MedioUmiy 1817. 

The letters to Titus Pomponius Atticus, with notes by W. Heber- 

den. 2 vob. 8^ London^ 1825. 

Tusculanarum disputationum libri v, ex recensione J.Davisii, cum 

ejusdem commentario ; accedunt emendationes R. Bentleii. 3 pts. in 

1 vol. 8« CaniabriguBy 1709. 

— . Le Tusculane, recate in Italiano. 8® Veneiiay 1 544. 

— . Vita. See Paepp (I.). Vita M. TuUii, &c. 12« 1618. 

See CsBsar (C.J.) and Cicero (M. T.). Elocutiones, &e. 8° 1614. 

CIEQA DE LEON (Pedro de). La chronica del Peru. 12° Anversy 

CIECO DA Ferrara (Francesco). Egloga ; opera piacevolissima. 4®. 
CIERA (Michael Angelus). Oratio habitu cum primum nobiles ado- 

lescentes studiorum rationem ingrederentur ; anno 1 766. 4^ Olissipone. 
CIMINI (Serafino) Aquilano. See Aquilano (S. C). 
CINELLI (Giovanni). See Bocchi (F.). Le bellezze deUa citta di Fi- 

renze. 8<» 1677. 
CIPELLI (GiovAN Battista Egnazio). See Egnatius (I. B. C). 
CISNERUS (NicoLAus). See Krantzius (A.). Saxonia. fol. 1575. 
CITTADINI (Celso). Trattato della vera origine e del processo, e nome 

della nostra lingua, scritto in vulgar Senese. 8*^ Venetiay 1601. 
CINGLARIUS (Joannes). Epithalamion, scriptum M. Deubero. See 

Lindeman (L.). Oratio de legibus. 8** 1550. 
CINI (Giovambattista). Vita del Serenissimo Signer Cosimo de* 

Medici, primo Gran Duca di Toscana. 4° Firenzey 1611. 
CINNAMUS (Joannes). De rebus gestis imperat. Constantinop.; Joan- 

nis et Manuelis Conmenorum historiar. libri iv; C. ToUius primus edi- 

dit, vertit, castigavit. Ch. Sf LcU. 4** Trqjecti ad Rhentimy 1652. 
GLAMORGAN (Jean de). Chasse du loup n6cessaire a la maison 

rustique. 4° L/yoUy 1576. 
CLAPMARIUS (Arnoldus). De arcanis rerum publicarum. 4® Bre- 

nuBy 1605. 
CLARE (John). The converted Jew. 3 pts. 4° 1630. 
CLARENDON (Edward Hyde) Earl of. A brief view and survey of the 

dangerous and pernicious errors to church and state in Mr. Hobbes's 

book entitled Leviathan. 4° Oxfordy 1676. 
- Two letters, one to his R. H. the Duke of York ; the other to 

the Dutchess; occasioned by her embracing the Roman Catholic Re- 
ligion, s. sh. fol. 

. See Hyde (E.). 

CLARICIO (HiERONiMo). See Boccaccio (G.). Ameto. 4« 1520. . 



CLAZIUS (HiERONYMus). See Bonifacius VIII. P&pa. Sexti libri de- 

eretalium compilatio. fol. 1491. 
CLARK (iSir John). See Anonymous. Dissertatio de stylis veterum. 4**. 
CLARKE (ADANf). See Rymer (T.) and Sanderson (R.)- Foedera, 

fol. 1816, &c. 
CLARKE (Franciscus). Praxis tarn jus dicentibus quamalijs omnibus 
qui in foro ecclesiajstico versantur, apprime utilis, per T. Bladen recognita 
et repurgata. 4° Dvblini^ }666» 
CLARKE (James Stanier). Naval sermons, to which is added a thanks- 
giving sermon for naval victories. 8° London^ 1798. 
— -. The life of James II. king of England, collected out of menaoirs 
writ of his own hand ; together with his Miyesty's will ; published 
from the original Stuart MSS. in Carlton House. 2 vob. 4^ lAmdon^ 
CLARKE (William). The connexion of the Roman, Saxon^ and English 
coins, deduced from observations on the Saxon weights and money. 4^ 
London, 1767. 
CLARUS (Julius). Receptarum sententiarum opera, cum H.Giacharii, 
M. Goveani and J. Guiotti notis et additionibus ; accesserunt eiu8d€m 
Giacharii consilia, de syndicatu et de moneta Marchisana. fol. Lyg^ 
duniy 1600. 
CLAUDE (Jean). La defense de la Reformation centre le livre intitule 
<<Prejugez 16gi times contre les Calvinistes." 2 vols. 12^ AmUerdam^ 
CLAUDIANUS (Claudius). Ex emend. Nic Heinsii. 18<> Am$tdih 

damij 1650. 
CLAVEL (Robert). The general catalogue of books printed in En^aad 
since the dreadfuU fire of London^ 1666, to the end of Trinity Term 
1674 [continued to 1679] ; and an abstract of the general bills of mor- 
tality since 1660. fol. London, 1675-1679. 
CLELAND (John). See Anonymous. Way (the) to things by words, 

&c. 8<> 1766. 
■ See Anonymous. Specimen of an etymological vocabulary, &c. 

8° 1768. 
CLEMENS Alexandrinm. Ad Corinthios epistola. Gr.^Lai. 12" 

Oxoniif 1669. 
■ Liber : Quis dives salutem consequi possit ; Gr, Sf Lot. ; acoedunt 

nonnull^ in editionibus operum dementis hactenus desiderata. 12* 
Oxon. 1683. 
CLEMENS Quintus. Constitutiones. See Bonifacius VIII. Sextus de- 

cretalium liber. 4*^ 1566, &c. 
CLEMENS Romanus, Opera, R. Torano interprete. fol. Parisiu^ 1544. 
CLENARDUS (Nicolaus). Institutiones linguae Greecae locupletats 

studio G. I. Vossii. 8° Amstelodamiy 1650. 
CLERC (Daniel le). See Le Clerc (D.). 
CLERIC US (Joannes). Sallustu vita. See Sallustius (C. C). Qu» 

extant, &c. 4° 1710. 
CLERKE (Franciscus). Praxis curiae admiralitatis Angliae. 12^ ZiOit- 

diniy 1667. 
CLERKE (^Sir John). See Anonymous. Dissertatio de monumentisqoi- 

busdam Romanis. 4° 1750. 
CLICHTOVIUS (JuDOcus). De regis officio opusculum. 4<> ParM$f 


CLIFFORD (Martin, or Matthew?). See Anonymous. Treatise (a) 
on human reason. 12° 1675. 

COCCAIUS (Merlinus) [T.Foleugo]. Macaronicorum poemata. 12** 
VenetiiSy 1552. 

COCCIO (Marc* Antonio). See Sabellicus (M. A. Cocceius). 

COCHLiEUS (Johannes). Autenticae Justiniani L. Imperatoris Au- 
gust!, de rebus Sacris, per compendium commemoratse. 8° Lipsus, 

■ ■■■■■.. De seditiosis clamoribus et scriptis. See Brunus (C). De sedi- 
tionibus. fol. 1550. 

■ ■ M S Historia de actis et scriptis M. Lutheri ; cui adjicitur antidotum 
contra veneficium sectarum hujus temporis, B. Britanno autore. 2 pts. 
in 1 vol. 8« Par. 1565. 

COfiFFETEAU (Nicolaus). Premier essay de« questions th^ologiques 
traities en nostre langue selon le stile de S. Thomas et des autres scho- 
lastiques, par le commandement de la Reyne Marguerite Duchesse de 
Valois, &c. 4<» Paris, 1607. 

Refutation des faussetez contenues en la deuxiesme Edition de 

Tapologie de la C^ne, du ministre du Moulin. 8® Parts, 1609. 

CCELIUS Rhodiginus. See Rhodiginus (C. R.). 

COGELERUS (Johannes). Imagines elegantissimse quae multumlucis 
ad intelligendos doctrinae christianae locos adferre possunt, collectas par- 
tim ex praelectionibus P. Melancthonis, partim ex scriptis patrum. 8® 
VitebergcR, 1561. 

COGNATUS (GiLBERTus). See Erasmus (D.). Adagiorum chiliades. 
fol. 1617. 

COKE (Roger). A treatise wherein is demonstrated, that the church 
and state of England are in equal danger with the trade of it; treatise 1st: 
[followed by 3 Reasons of the encrease of the Dutch trade ; treatise 2nd: 
2 pts. in 1 vol. 4^ London, 1671* 

■ England's improvements; in two parts : in the former is discoursed 

how the kingdom may be improved ; in the latter is discoursed how the 
navigation may be increased [being the 3rd and 4th of the author's trea- 
tises]. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4° London, 1675. 

Epitome relationum, a Trotman. 12° London, 1640. 

COKE (*S't> Edward). The first (with 2nd and 3rd) part of the institutes 
of the laws of England. 3 vols. fol. London, 1 670-1 671- 
■ La quart part des reports. foL Lond, 1604. [On the title page 

is written: Nobilissimo Doctissimoq: dfio Henrico Baroni de Mame- 
hill [?], Comiti Northampton, dno guardiano quinq : portuu, et re- 
giae mai^ a sanctioribus conciliis, observantiae argumentum: Edward 

The fifth part of the reports. EngL ^ Lot. fol. Lond. 1605. 

La size part des reports^ fol. Lond. 1607. 

La sept part des reports, fol. Lond. 1608. 

La huictieme part des reports, fol. L&nd.\6\\. 

La neuvieme part des reports, fol. Lond. 1613. 

La dixieme part des reports, fol. Lond. 1614. 

COLBERT (Jean Baptiste). Eloge. See Anonymous. Eloge, &c. 

8<> 1773. 
COLEBROOKE (H. T.). Essais sur la philosophic des Hindous, tra 

duits de FAnglais et augment6s de textes Sanskrits et de notes nom<« 

breuses par G. Panthier. 8° Paris, 1833. 
COLERIDGE (S. T.). On the constitution of the church and state 



according to the idea of each ; with aids toward a right judgment oa 

the late catholic bill. 8° Londtm, 1830. 
COLIN (Francisco). Labor evangelica, ministerios apostolicos de los 

obreros de la Compania de Jesus, fundacion y progressoB de su provincia 

en las Islas Filipinas, historiados. fol. Madrid^ 1663. 

AcTEs et m^moires des n%otiations de la Paix de Nimdgue. 4 vob. 
12° Amsterdam, 1680. 

Actio in Henricum Gametum et caeteros qui proditione immanissima 
Sereniss. BritannisB Magnae Regem et regni Angliae ordines pulvere 
fulminali d medio tollere coniurarunt, una cum orationibus domino- 
rum delegatorum ; omnia ex Anglico a G. Camdeno versa. 4^ Zofi- 
diniy 1607. 

Amsterdamsche Pegasus. 4° Amsterdam, 1627. 

Anthologia. See Planudes (M.). Anthologia. 4° 1494. 

■ See Collections. Epigram., &c. 2 pts. in 1 vol. fol. Franco- 

furtiy 1600. 

. . Florilegium, &c. fol. Parts, 1566. 

Antique coUectiones Decretalium, cum Ant. Augustini Episc. Iler- 
densis et J. Cujacii notis et emendationibus. fol. Parisiis, 1609. 

Aphthonius, Hermogenes etDionysius Longinus, Francisci Porti opera 
industriaque illustrati atque expoliti. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 8*^ Geneva, 

Avvisi del Giapone de gli anni 1582, 3, et 4. Con alcune altri della 
Cina deir 1583 et 1584, cavati dalle lettere della Compagnia di Giesii, 
ricevute il mese di Dicembre 1585. 8° Roma, 1586. 

Carminum poetarum novem, lyricae poesecas principum fragmenta Al- 
caei, Sapphus, Stesichori, Ibyci, Anacreontis, Bacchylidis, Simonidis, 
Alcmanis, Pindari, nonnuUa etiam aliorum. 18° lParts,2 1600. 

C0LLEC9A0 de escriptos relativos a regenera^ao politica das Ilhas dos 
Azores em o anno de 1821, ou documentos para a historia das ditas 
ilhas na men9ionada epocha. 10 pts. in 1 vol. 4° Lishoa, 1822. 

Collection (a) in English, of Statutes from Magna Charta, to the 
forty-third year of Elizabeth, fol. London, 1603. 

(a) of all the wilb now known to be extant of the kings and 

queens of England, princes and princesses of Wales, and every branch 
of the blood royal, from the reign of William the Conqueror, to that 
of Henry the Seventh, exclusive ; with explanatory notes and a glos- 
sary [by J. Nichols]. 4^ London, 1780. 

(a) of letters in which the imperfection of learning and a remedy 
for it are hinted; the usefulness of the Celtick is instanced; the affibi^ 
betwixt the language of the Americans of Terra Firma and of the an- 
cient Britains is proved ; &c. 14 pts. in 1 vol. 8® Edinburgh, 1739. 

(a) of letters and poems to the late Duke and Dutchess of New- 

castle, fol. London, 1678. 
CoLLEGio dei cinque Savii Ordini fatti sopra le mariegole et mestieri di 

questa citta. 12° Venetia, 1578. 
Communes sententiae, sive opiniones jurisconsultorum e juris caesarei et 

pontificii fontibus haustae, ac summo studio et fide explicatae. fol. 

Lugduni, 1566. 
CoNSTiTUTioNUM SS. Patrum et Summorum Pontificum Pii IV. et 

Pii y . liber unus ; accesserunt decreta hactenus edita a Gregorio XIII.; 

cum regulis cancellariae et bulla quae lecta fuit anno 1578 in Ccena 

Domini. 4° Flabiobrigce, 1583. 


COLLECTIONS, continued. 

Corpus omnium veterum poetarum Latinorum, secundum seriem tem- 
porum, in quinque libros distributum. 1 vol. in 2 pts. 4^ Genevce^ 

Cronicas del Rey Don Joam*o I. deste nome, e dos Reys de Portugal 
o X., e as dos Reys D. Duarte, e D. Affonso o V. ; tiradas a luz por 
ordem do D. R. da Cunha, Arcebispo de Lisboa, e autos do levanta- 
mento, e juramentos del Rey Dom Joam o IV. e do D. Theodosio, et 
proposicao das Cortes. 3 pts. in 1 vol. fol. Lisboa^ 1643. 

De Jesu Chris ti sacerdotio, narratiuncula, e Grseco translata, incerto 
interprete; una cum J. A. Marcelli ad Rhenatum Siciliae Re- 
gem, et Gilberti Cognati Nozereni ad P. Richardotum epistolis ; his 
accessit Machometi vita ex Gr. in Lat. per G. Hermonymum versa ; 
adjecta est eadem de Jesu Christi sacerdotio narratiuncula Greece 
quoque, ex Suida, si cui conferre libeat. 12** 1541. 

Dialogues and detached sentences in the Chinese language, with a free 
and verbal translation in English [by R. Morrison]. 8® Macao j 

Diox Cassius. iEiius Spartianus. iElius Lampridius. Vulcatius Galli- 
canus. Trebellius Pollio. Flavius Vopiscus. J. Bapt. Egnatii in eosdem 
annotationes. Sextus Aurelius Victor. Pomponius Laetus. Jo. Bapt. 
Egnatius de principibus Romanorum. 2 vols. 8° Paris, 1544. 

EccLEsiiE et Academise Ba^iliensis luctus ob calamitatem recens accep- 
tam ; hoc est epitaphia seu elegise funebres xxxii virorum illustrium ; 
item alii viii tumuli foeminei sexus qui in Basilea peste interierunt. 
4° BasilecB, 1565. 

Ecclesiastics historiae Eusebii Pamphili, Socratis, Theodoreti episcopi 
Cretensis, collectaneorum ex hist. eccl. Theodori Lectoris, Hermis 
Sozomeni, Evagrii (libri). Gr, fol. Lutetice Parmorum, 1544. 

En habes lector in omnes de arte Rhetorica libros Ciceronis doctissi- 
morum virorum commentaria. fol. Basilece, 

Epic EDI UM Cantabrigiense in obitum Henrici Principis Wallise. 4® 
Cantab. 1612. 

Epicteti Enchiridion ; Cebetis tabula ; Theophrasti characteres ; Pro- 
dici Hercules ; et M. T. Ciceronis de exilio. Gr. et Lat, \9P Oxo^ 
niiy 1680. 

Epigram MATUM Grsecorum, annotationibus J. Brodsei necnon V. Ob- 
8opoei, et Grsecis in pleraque epigrammata scholiis illustratorum, libri 
VII. Gr.; accesserunt H. Stephani annotationes. 2 pts. in 1 vol. fol. 
Francofurtiy 1600. 

Exact (an) collection of remonstrances, declarations, votes, petitions, 
messages, answers, and other remarkable passages betweene the king's 
most excellent Majesty and his high court of parliament, beginning at 
his Majesties return from Scotland, being in december 1641, and con- 
tinued untill march the 21, 1643. 4° London, 1643. 

Facezie, motti, bulFonerie e burle del piovano Arlotto, del Gonnella e 
del Barlacchia. 8° Firenze, 1568. 

Florilegium diversorum epigrammatum veterum, Gr. [with notes by 
H. Stephanus]. fol. Paris, 1566. 

Genethliacum illustrissimorum principum Caroli et Mariae a musis 
Cantabrigiensibus celebratum. 4^ Cantabrigice, 1631. 

Georgium (in) Blacvellum, Anglise archipresbyterum a Clemente Papa 
Octavo designatum, qusestio bipartita : cujus actio prior Archipresby- 
teri jusjurandum de fidelitate preestitum ; altera ejusdem juramenti 


COLLECTIONS, continued. 

assertiooem, contra Card. Bellarmini literas, continet. 4® Londimj 

Hoc (in) libello continentur Septenaria sodalitas litteraria Grermanise ; 

Ausonii Sapient. Septem sententiae ; ejusdem ad Drepanum de ludo 

septem sapientium ; Epistola S. Hieronymi de legendis poetis. 4® 

VienncBf 1500. 
Historic Anglicanae scriptores quinque» ex vetustis codicibus MSS. 

nunc primum in lucem editi [by J. Fell], vol. ii. foL Osroim, 

— ecdesiasticee scriptores Graeci; Lot. J. Christophorsono interprete. 

fol. ColonuB Agrippinac, 1570. 

poetics scriptores antiqui : Apollodorus Atheoiensis, Conon 

Grammaticus, Ptolemaeus Hephaestl, F. Parthenius NicaBensisy An- 
toninus Liberalis; Gr. etLat 8° Parisiis, 1675. 

Homer I et Hesiodi certamen ; Matronis et aliorum parodisB ex Homeri 
versibus parva immutatione lepidd detortis consutae ; Homericorum 
heroum epitaphia; Gr,; cum duplici interpretatione Latina. S° 
[Pamiw,] 1573. 

Index vectigalium ; or an abbreviated collection of the laws touching 
the customs or subsidies of tonnage and poundage, Sec* fol. London^ 

JuRisDicTioNE, (de), autoritate, et praeeminentia imperiali, ao potestate 
ecclesiastica, deque juribus regni et imperii, variorum authorum 
scripta coUecta et redacta in unum. fol. JBasiletBy 1566. 

Large (a) examination taken at Lambeth, with letters and answers. 
4° London, 1607. 

Letters (delle) amorose di diverse huomini illustri; libri nove. 8® Ft- 
negia, 1565. 

■ di molte valorose donne [collected by O. Landi]. 8^ Vinegia, 


volgari di diversi nobilissimi huomini et eccellentissinii ingegni, 

libro terzo. 8° Venetia, 1567. 

Letters and other curious pieces relating to the present state of Eu- 
rope, fol. London, 1672. 

Libro de apothegmas que son dichos graciosos y notables de muchos 
reyes y principes illustres, &c. 8° Envers, 1549. 

Loix (les) ordonnances et edicts des rois de France depuis Sainct Lois, 
jusques au roy Henry II. fol. Paris, 1558. 

Mercure (le) Jesuite, ou recueil de pieces concernants le progres de 
J6suites, leurs Merits et difi<§rents, depuis 1620 jusqu'en 1626. 2 vols. 
8° Genh;e, 1631. 

MoRALiA quaBdam instituta, ex variis authoribus; Cato Noster, M. Pla- 
nude Graeco interprete ; Aurea carmina Pythagorae ; Phocylidis poema 
exhortatorium ; Senarii morales diversorum poetarum ; Cebetis tabula; 
Sententiae morales multorum virorum illustrium. Gr. et Lot. 8° 
AugustKB Vindelicomm, 1523. 

Negotiations de paix de Messieurs les Electeurs de Mayence et de 
Coloigne faites a Fraucfort par leurs Altesses Electorales entre M. le 
Marechal Due de Grandmont et M. de Lionne, ambassadeurs extraor- 
dinaires et plenipo. de France, et M. le Comte de Pegnaranda, amb. 
extra, et plenipo. d* Espagne, en 1658. 4** Paris, 1658. 

Officio deila Vergine Maria, tradotto in lingua Toscana per Ant 
Bruccioli. 18'> VeneHa^ 1539. 


COLLECTIONS, continued. 

Omnes (in) M. T. Ciceronis orationes doctissimorum virorum lucubra- 

tiones accurate in unum volumen coUectae ... cum correctionibus 
P. Manutii. fol. Venetiis, 1547. 
Oratorum veterum orationes, iEschinis, Lysiae, Andocidis, Issei, Di- 

narchi, Antiphontis, Lycurgi, Herodis et aliorum ; Gr, : cum inter- 
pret. Ijoi, quarundam. 3 pts. in 1 vol. fol. Par.ap.H, Steph. 1575. 
Ordonnances royaux faites par Fran9ois L, Henry XL, 8ur le faict de 

la justice. 2 vols. 12° Pari*, 1606. 
Parnaso Italiano deUanno 1784>, o sia raccolta di poesie scelte di autori 

viventi [together with the Giornale poetico, 1784*]. 2 pts. in 1 vol* 

S° Bologna. 
Pieces du memorable proc^ esmeu Tan 1606, entre le Pape Paul V* et 

les Seigneurs de Venise. 8° S. Vincent. 1610. 
Pii (a) Papae II. excommunicatione injusta Sigismundi Archiducis 

Austriae, &c. et Gregorii de Heimburg D. appellationes et contradic- 

tiones Theod. Laelii Episc. Feltrensis et dicti D. Greg. Heimburgensis 

oontrariis disputationibus nunc primum e MSS. erutis, discussae et 

illustratae. 4** FrancofurH^ 1607. 
PaNiTBNTiA (de) evangelioa et confessione secundum veteris theologise 

doctores. 4«°. 
PoETiE Graeci principes. 2 vols. fol. Paris, 1566. 
Pr^liminaires des traitez faits entre les rois de France et tons les 

princes de 1* Europe depuis 1§ regne de Charles VII. 12^ Paris, 1692. 
Quaderno de las leyes anadidas a la nueva recopilacion de las leyes 

destos reynos. 2 vols. fol. Madrid, 1620. 
Raccolta degli scritti nella causa del P. Paolo V. co' Signori Vene« 

tiani. 2 vols. 4° Coira, 1607. 
Raccolta di scritture, manifest!, capitoli accordati dal Di^ca di Savoia 

per concludere la pace, et altre chiarezze continenti i disegni, c' hanno 

i SpagnuoU contro questa Serenissima Casa. 4° Torino, 1613. 
Recueil de diverses pidces curieuses pour servir k Thistoire. 12® Cb- 

logne, 1666. 
de diverses pieces servans a Thistoire de Henry III. 12° Cb- 

hgne, 1662. 

de tous les actes, m6moires, et lettres, qui ont servi pour la n6- 

gociation de la paix, avec les traitez qui ont est6 conclus k Nimdgue. 
4° Par. 1678. 

des choses memorables faites et pass^es pour le faict de la religion 

et estat de ce royaume depuis la mort du roy Henry II. jusqu* k 
present. 8° 1565. 

des pidces les plus curieuses qui ont est6 faites pendant le r^gne 

du cozmestable M. de Luyne. 12° 1628. 
Rerum a Carolo V. Caesare Augusto in Africa bello gestarum com- 

mentarii. 8® AntverpuB, 1554. 
-- — -. Anglicarum scriptorum veterum tom. i. : quorum Ingulfus nunc 

primum integer, caeteri nunc primum prodeunt [edited by T. Gale]* 

fol. Oxonii, 1684. 
Rex redux, sive musa Cantabrigiensis voti damnas, de incolumitate et 

felici reditu Regis Caroli post receptam coronam et comitia peracta 

in Scotia. 4® (Jantabrigice, 1633. 
RiCHARDi Bentleii et doctorum virorum epistolae, partim mutuaB ; ac- 

cedit Richardi Dawesii ad J. Taylorum epistoia singularis. 4® Loiu 

don, 1807. 


COLLECTIONS, continued. 

Romans, histonae scriptores varii, partim Gneci partim Latini. 8* 

Parisiist 1568. 
Rump ; or an exact collection of the choicest poems and songs, relating 

to the late times; by the most eminent wits from 16S9 to 1661 • 

2 pte. in 1 vol. 8® Londany 1662. 
SciELTA di facetie, motti, burle et buffonerie di diversi, ciod, Arlotto> 

Gonella, Barlacchia et altre assai di diversL 12® Vicenzay 1661. 
Six old plays, on which Shakspeare founded six of his. 2 pts. 8® Lon^ 

dofh 1779. 
Testamekta duodecim patriarcharum filiorum Jacob ; e Greece in La- 

tinum versa, Roberto Linconiensi Episcopo interprete. 4®. 
Third (a) collection of tracts proving the God and Father of our Lord 

Jesus Christ the only true God. 8 pts. in 1 vol. 4® [Zonrfloi*,] 1695. 
TiTULi tractatusque juris civilis studio necessarii. 8® lAtgdtmii 


Tractatus varii atque utiles de monetis, earumque mutations ac fal- 
sitate in gratiam studiosorum ac practicorum collect!. 8® ColonuB 
Affrippince, 1574-. 

ViTE (le), i costumi, et fatti de gV imperatori Romani, parte tratte da 
Sesto Aurelio Vittore, parte scritte da Eutropio, et da Paolo Diacono ; 
novellamente dalla Latina alia Italiana lingua tradotti. 8® Veneiia, 

VivAT Rex Carolus (orationes tres ad principes electores). 4°. 
COLLENUCIUS (Pandulphus). Apologi quatuor, Agenoria, Miso- 

penes, Alithia et Bombarda. 4^ Arffentorati, 1511. 
■ Compendio dell' historic del regno di Napoli nuovamente alia sin- 

cerita delta lingua volgare ridotto daG. Ruscelli; con un breve discorso 

del medesimo sopra Tautore. 8^ Venetiay 1552. 
— . Historiae Neapolitanae libri vi, ex Italico in Latinum conversi, 

per J. N. Stupanum. 4® SasiletE, 1572. 
COLOMA (Carlos). Las guerras de los Estados Baxos desde el ano 

de mil y quiiiientos ochenta y ocho, hasta cl de mil y quinientos noventa 

y nueve. 4° Barcelona, 1627. 
COLOMESIUS (Paulus). Observationes sacrse [followed by a] Lettre 

a M. Claude sur la version Fran^oise des Bibles de Gendve. 12° Ant' 

stelodami, 1679. 
COLONNA (Francesco). See Poliphilo. 

. Rime. 18° Venetia, 1552. 

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Homero libri quatuordecim. 8° 1505. 
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musaeo Gul. Hunter asservantur descriptio, figuris illustrata. 4° £om- 

dini, 1782. 
COMBE (Taylor). A description of the collection of ancient terracottas 

in the British Museum. 4° London, 1810. 
. Veterum populorum et regum nummi qui in Musaeo Britannico ad« 

servantur. 8" Londini, 1814. 
COMENIUS (Johannes Amos). Via lucis vestigata et vestiganda ; ra- 

tionabilis disquisitio, quibus modis intellectualis animorum lux, sapien- 

tia, per omnes omnium hominum mentes, et gentes, jam tandem sub 

mundi vesperam feliciter spargi possit. 4^ Amstelodami, 1668. 
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(P. N.). Metamorphosis, &c. Ig** 1613, 


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Loys onziesme et de Charles heutiesme son fils, Rois de France. 12^ 

JPar. 1572. 
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politano commentarii, J. Sleidano interprete ; accessit brevis quaedam 

explicatio et autoris vita. 8° Ar(/entaratiy 1548. 
. De Carolo octavo Gallise rege et bello Neapolitano commentarii, 

J. Sleidano interprete; accessit brevis quaedam explicatio rerum et 

autoris vita. 12^ Parisiisy 1561. 

De rebus gestis a Ludovico XI. et Carolo VIII. See Frossardus 

(J.) et Cominaeus (P.). Duo nobilissimi rerum Gallicarum scriptores. 
12° 1656. 

ex Gallico facti Latini, a J. Sleidano; adiecta est brevis ill ustratio 
rerum et Galliae descriptio. 2 vols. 8® Par. 1545. 

ex Gallico facti Latini ; adiecta est brevis quaedam illustratio 

rerum et Galliae descriptio, a J. Sleidano. 2 vols. 12° ParisiU^ 
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stumi di Lodovico XI. di Francia. 8° Venetian 1544. 

. Delle memorie libri viii. 4° Venetia, 1640. 

. Las memorias de Luis XI. y Carlos VIIL, traducidas de Frances 
con escolios propios por J. Vitrian. 2 vols. fol. Amberesy 1643. 

The history of P. de C; to which is added the life of A. Cattho and 

two epistles by J. Sleiden relating to the said history, never before pub- 
lished [by T. Danet]. fol. London, 1665. 

COMITOLUS (Paulus). Responsa moralia, in vii libros digesta: qui- 
bus, quae in christiani officii rationibus videntur ardua ac difficilia enu- 
deantur. 4^ Ltiffduniy 1609. 

rests' Commission. 


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aureo, &c. 8° 1647. 

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versum civile commentaria. fol. 1562. 

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tione cum regno Castellae historia, ex Italico sermone in Latinum con- 
versa. 8° Francofurtiy 1602. 

. Delle guerre della Germania inferiore istoria. 4° Venetia, 1614. 

. Istoria dell* unione del regno di Portogallo alia corona di Castiglia. 

4** Genova, 1585. 

4° Genovay 1589. 

CONRAD US Uspergensis. See Liechtenau (C. Usperg a). 

CONST ANTINUS Porphyrogenitus. De administrando imperio ad Ro- 

manum F.; Or. Lot.; J. Meursius vulgavit, Latinam interpretationem et 

notas adiecit. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 8^ Lugduni Batavoruniy 1611. 
CONSTANTINUS (Julius Celsus). See Celsus (J.). 
CONST ANTIUS (Jacobus). See Virgilius (P. M.) Universum poema. 

fol. 1562. 
CONSTANTINUS (Marc. Ant.). Confutatio cavillationum, quibus 

sacrosanctum Eucharistiae sacramentum, ab impiis Capernaitis, impeti 

solet. 4® Parisiisy 1552. 
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libri quinque. 8° BastlicBj 1547. 


CONTARENO (Gasparo). La republican e i magistrati di ^^^negia. 
8° Vinegia, 1551. 

CONTARENO (Gasparo). Delia republica e magistrati di Venetia; 
con un ragionamento intonio alia medesima di D. Giannotti e i disconi 
di S. Erizzo e B. Cavalcanti. &" Venetia, 1591. 

CONTARINI (Gio. Pietro). Historia delle cose suocease dal principio 
della g^erra mossa da Selim Ottomano a' Venetiani fin al d) della gnui 
giornata vittoriosa contra Turcbi. 4® VenetiOy 1572. 

CONTARINO (LuiGi). La nobilt^ di NapoU in dialogo. 8» Abpo/t, 1569. 
. L'antiquit^ di Roma. 8^ Venetian 1575. 

CONTI (Natale). Historia de' suoi tempi trad, da G. C. Saracen! ; ag- 
giuntevi postille. 2 vols. 4° Venetia, 1589. 

COOKSEY (John). The love of the world described and proved to be 
inconsistent with the love of God; a sermon preached on Feb. 11, 1757. 
4^ London^ [1757.] 

COOPER (C. P.). A proposal for the erection of a general record office, 
together with some particulars respecting the suitors' fund. 8^ Ltm' 
dan, 1832. 

. Notes respecting registration and the extrinsic formalities of con- 
veyances, pt. 1. 8® London, 1831. 

An account of the most important public records of Great Britain, 
and the publications of the Record Commissioners. 2 vols. 8® Ixmd&n, 

A brief account of some of the most important proceedings in Par- 
liament relative to the defects in the administration of justice in the 
Court of Chancery, the House of Lords and the Court of Commissioners 
of Bankrupts. 8'' London. 1828. 

Lettres sur la Cour de la Chancellerie et quelques points de la 

jurisprudence Angloise. 8® Londres, 1828. 

Observations on the calendar of the proceedings in Chancery edited 

by J. Bayley and on the Parliamentary Writs, edited by F. Palgrave ; to 
which is added an appendix. 2 pts. 8^ London, 1832. [For con- 
tents see page 9.] 

Remarkjs upon the ''Reply of Francis Palgrave to those portions of 

the statements drawn up by Mr. C. P. Cooper which relate to the editor 
of the new edition of the Rolls of Parliament, Sec" S^ Ziondon, 

Substance of the speech of C. P. C. as counsel for C. Wellbeloved 

in the suit of the Attorney General versus Shore, instituted in the High 
Court of Chancery. 8° London, 1834. 

See Anonymous. Refutation (a) of so much of the calumnies 

against the Lord Chancellor, &c. 8° 1833. 
4th edit. 8° 1834. 

. See Anonymous. Lettres sur la Cour de la Chancellerie Anglaise. 

8« 1830. 

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et T. Sherley. 4° ILondon,^ 1679. 

. Catalogus librorum J. Godolphin et O. Phillips. 4° 1678. 

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4° lLondon,2 168f. 
.. Reflections on the intercourse of nations. 8^ Edinburgh, 1782. 

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tianity from a single prophecy, in the seventh chapter of Isaiah. 12* 
Yarmouth^ 1787. 


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CORDERG (Juan Martin). Las quexas y llanto de Pompeyo; la 

muerte del hijo del Gran Turco Solimano; oon una declamation de la 

muerte por consolation de un amigo. 8® Anvers^ 1556. 
CORDGBA Y AGUILAR (G0N9AL0 Hernandes de). Vida. See 

Giovio (P.). Libro de la vida, &o. 12^ 1555. 
CORINTHIUS (Gregorius). See Gregorius Archbishop of Corinth. 
CORK and ORRERY (John) Earl of. See Gary (R.) Earl of Mon- 
mouth. Memoirs. &c. 8® 1759. 
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lips (C.). Poems, fol. 1669. 
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CORNELIUS NEPGS. Vitse excellentium imperatorum ; accessit Ari- 

stomenis Messenii vita ex Pausania. 12® Oxonii, 1678. 

. See iEmilius Probus. 

■■ See Probus (M.). 

CORNUTUS. See Maius (A.). Virgilii Maronis interpretes veteres. 4<' 

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Madrid, 1629. 
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Portugueza dos reinados de D. Joao L, £>. Duarte, D. Affonso V., e D. 

JoSo U. 3 vols. foL Lisboa, 1790-93. 
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1592 and 1594. 
CORTES. Capitulos generales de las cortes del ano de 1602, feneoidas en 

el de 604 y publicadas en el de 610 [to which are added several prema- 

ticas printed from 1610 to 1617]. fol. Madrid. 
. (Juan). Lazarillo de Manzanares, con otras cinco novelas. 8® 

Madrid, 1620. 
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riales explicate per erotemata. 12^ Amstelodami, 1664. 
■ ■ .. Jurisprudentise Romanse summarium ; seu Codicis Justinianei me- 

thodica enarratio. 2 vols. 4° Amsielodami, 1655-60. 

. Jus canonicum explicatum. 12^ Amstelodami, 1663. 

Jus feudale per aphorismos explicatum. Amstelodami,'l660. 

CORY AT (Thomas). Crudities, hastily gobled up in five moneths 
travells in France, Savoy, Italy, Rhetia comonly called the Grisons 
country, Helvetia alias Switzerland, some parts of high Germany, and 
the Netherlands; newly digested in the hungry aire of Odcombe m the 
county of Sommerset (a most elegant oration first written in the Latin 
tongue by H. -Kirchnerus in praise of trauell in generall, now distilled 
into English spirit through the Odcombian limecke ; this precedeth the 
crudities ; another also composed by the author of the former, in praise 
of trauell of Germanic in particular, sublimed in the stillitorie of the 
said trauelling Thomas; this about the center or nauell of the crucUiies: 
then in the posterne of them looke, and thou shalt find the posthume 
poems of the authors father [G. Coryat]). 4® London, 1611. 

CORYATUS (Georgius). Posthuma fragmenta poematum. See Co- 
ryat (T.). Crudities. 4° 1611. 

CORYTUS (Gregorius). See Gregorius Archbishop of Corinth. 


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or the certain and indubitate books thereof, as they are received in the 

Church of England. 4« Lotid. 1672. 
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ceedings by jurisdiction ecclesiasticall. 4^ 159S. 
COSINS (Richard). See Cosin (R.). 

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guage in English. 4*^ Calcutta^ 1834. 
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^c. fol. 
COSIMO I. Granduca. Vita. See Cini (G. B.). Vita del Serenissimo, 

&c. 4« 1611. 
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eccl6siastiques. 8® Francfort^ 1684. 
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storia Siciliana. 4^ Venetia, 1604. 
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Comitiis Universitatis Virginiae die XII. Junii 1782, dum laurea dona- 

batur (antiqua novum orbem decet medico-philosophia). 8^ Lugduni 

Batavorumf 1783. 
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regno di Napoli. 8® Venetia, 1588. 

. II fuggilozio. 8® Venetiay 1613. 

COTA (Rodrigo). See Anonymous. Celestina ; tragicomedia, &c 8^ 


. . 18<> 1599. 


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COTON (Pierre). Institution catholique ou est d6clar6e et confirm6e 

la verity de la Foy. Centre Vinstitution de Calvin. 1 vol. in 2 pts. 4® 

Paris, 1610. 
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pieces of that renowned antiquary, preserved from the injury of time, 

and exposed to the public light, by I. H. [Howell]. 8® Lond. 1679. 
. Cottoni posthuma. Divers choice pieces of Sir R. C, preserved 

from the injury of time, and exposed to publick light, by J. H. [Howell]. 

8« Lond. 1672. 
'. Vita. See Smithus (T.). Catalogus librorum manuscriptorum 

Bibliothecae Cottonianse. fol. 1696. 
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(G. de). 
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COUTO (DiOGO do). Decada setima da Asia: dos feitos que os 

Portugueses fizevao no descobrimento dos mares c conquista das terras 

do oriente. fol. Lisboa, 1616. 
. Observa9oes sobre as principaes causas de decadencia dos Portu- 

guezes na Asia, escritas em formas de dialogo como titulo de soldado 

pratico. 8® Lisboa, 1790. 
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Castellana. fol. Madrtd; 1611. 
COVENTRY AND LICHFIELD (William), Bishop of. See Lloyd 

(W.), Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, 


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of words and terms, used either in the common or statute lawes of this 

realm ; enlai^ed by T. Manley. fol. Lond. 1672. 
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COWELLUS (Johannes). Institutiones juris Anglican!. 8® Cantab 

hriguBy 1605. 
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to the third edit. 8® L(md. 1829. 
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Lond. 1801. 
COZENS (Richard). See Cosin (R.). 
CRAKANTHORP (Richard). Vigilius dormitans ; Romes Seer over- 

seene ; or a treatise of the fifth generall councell held at Constantinople 

anno 553, under Justinian the Emperour, in the time of Pope Vigilius ; 

wherein is proved that the Pope's apostolicall constitution and sentence 

in matter of faith was condemned as hereticall by the synod, fol. Lond. 

CRASH AW (William). See Anonymous. Supplicatio ad Imperatorem, 

Reges, &c. 4® 1613. 
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artibus illustrium. 4® Venetiisy 1612. 
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De vera religione. 4® 1642. 
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super attestatione sua justificante, et nitidante Patres Jesuitas. 8^ 1611. 
CROCE (GiULio Cesare). Canzone delle lodi di Madonna Tenerina. 

8« Venetia, 1620. 
. II lamento di tutte le arti del mondo per le poche facende che si 

fanno alia giornata; non correndo quattrini. 8° Venetian 1619. 
■ Scatola historiata, con una canzonetta amorosa. 8^ Venetian 

CROCE (Giacomo). See Crucius (J.). 
CROMBIE (A.). Letters on the present state of the agricultural interest, 

addressed to C. Forbes. 8° London^ 1816. 

. An essay on philosophical necessity. 8® London^ 1793. 

— — . Clavis Gymnasii, sive exercitationes in symbolam criticam. 8** 

Londiniy 1828. 

. Gymnasium, sive sy mbola critica. Engl, 2 vols. 8^ London, 1 828. 

Natural Theology ; or Essays on the existence of Deity and of Pro- 

vidence, of the immateriality of the soul, and a future state. 2 vols. 

8*» London, 1829. 
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descriptionis libri duo. See Krantzius (A.). Wandalia. fol. 1575. 
CROMPTON (R.). L'authoritie et jurisdiction des courts de la majestie 

de la Roygne, nouelement collect et compose. 4^ London, 1594 
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and death of Cromwell [by J. Heath]. 8° 1663. 
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enarrationis symboli Niceni exposita. 8® Witteberg{B, 1548. 
. Enarrationis symboli Niceni articuli duo ; prior de synodis, alter 

de tribus personis divinitatis. 8® WittehergcB, 1548. 
CRUCIUS (Jacobus). SeeVirgilius(P.M.). Universumpoema. fol. 1562. 
CRYTOPULUS. See Metrophanes Critopulus, Patr. Alex. 


CTESIAS. Excerpta d libris de rebus Persicis et Indicis. See Hero- 
dotus Halicamasseus. Historiarum lib. ix. fol. 1608. 

CUCHALON (HiERONYMUs). See Decius (P.). In titulos H. de reg. 
jur. 8« 1562. 

CUDWORTH (Ralph). II vero intellettual sbtemadell^UniverBo; in cui 
deir ateismo tutte le ragioni e la filosofia si confuta ; parte prima dall* 
Inglese alia Italiana favella recata. 4® Londruy 1724*. 

CUE V AS (Francisco de las). Experiencias de amor y fortuna. 8° 
Zaragoaiy 1647* 

CUJ ACIUS (Jacobus). Opera omnia, studio et diligentia A. Scot ; pns- 
cessit de singularibus et controversis J. C. sententiis ejusdem SootL 
4 vols. fol. Lugduniy 1606. 

. See Collections. Antiqase collectiones decretalium« foL 1609. 

CUMBERLAND (Richard). An essay toward the recovery of the 
Jewish measures and weights, comprehending their monies; by help of 
ancient standards, compared with ours of England. 8® London^ 

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Communium Scripturae Sacrse. 12° AniverpuSy 1558. 

CUNiEUS (Petrus). De republica HebraBorum libri tres. 129 Sal- 
murii, 1674. 

See Nonnus Panopolitanus. Dionysiaca. 8° 1610. 


economico sobre o comercio de Portugal e suas Colonias. 4° ZMoCf 

CUNINGHAM (William). The Septuagint and Hebrew chronologies 

tried. 8° London, 1838. 

. The chronology of Israel and the Jews. 8® Glasgow, 18S5* 

. A synopsis of chronology from the era of Creation to the year 

1837. 8° London, 1837. 
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Sam. Maresium. 8° Amstekedami, 1659. 
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Basilea, 1550. 
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ragoga, 1562-1579. * 
. Historia del Rey Don Hernando el Catholico. 2 vols. fol. Co- 

ragoca, 1580. * 

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fol. 1496. 
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Lugduniy 1588. 
-,— . Ital. per T. Porcacchi. 4® Vinegia, 1559. 
(Franciscus). See Castro (P. de). In primam codicis partem 

Patavinae prselectiones. fol. 1550. 

. See Curte (F, de). 

See Castro (P. de). In primam digesti veteris partem Patavio^ 

prselectiones. foL 1548. 

See Castro (P. de). In primam Infortiati partem Patavinae pre* 

lectiones. fol. 1548. 

See Castrensis (P.). In primam digesti Veteris partem pralectioDes* 
fol. 1550. 


CURTIUS (Franciscus) junior. See Castrensis (P.). In secundam co- 
dicis partem, fol. 1550. 

. See Castro (P. de). In primam digest! novi partem Patavinae pree- 

lectiones. fol. 1550. 

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Sexti RufB rerum gestarum Pop. Rom. deque accessione Imperii epi- 
tome, cum ejusdem Cuspiniani scholiis. Cassiodori Chronicon, sive de 
Consulibus Romanorum libellus, passim Cuspiniani comment, insertus* 
N. Gerbelii in eosdem commentarius. foJ. Basil, 1553. 

. De Turcorum origine, religione, ac immanissima eorum in Chri* 

8tianos tyrannide, deque viis per quas Christiani principes Turcos pro* 
fligare et invadere facile possent. 8^ Antv, 154>1. 

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Lat. nunc primum editus cum notis. fol. IngoUt. 1607. 


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DACIER (Bon Jos.). Rapport historique sur les progrds de Thistoire et d« 

la litt^rature ancieune depuis 1789, et sur leur ^tat actueL 4° Parii^ 

DAILLANT DE LA TOUCHE (— ). See Latouche (D. de). 
D AILLE (Jean). Traict6 de I'employ des Saincts P^res, pour le juge- 

ment des diffirends qui sont aujourd' huy en la religion. 8® Oenmf 

DALLiEUS (Joannes). De usu Patrum ad ea definienda religionis ca* 

pita, quae sunt hodie controversa, Libri duo, Latine k Galiico nunc 

primum a J. Mettayero redditi. 4** GenetcB, 1655. 
DALLINGTON (^Sir Robert). Aphorismes civill and militarie amplified 

with authorities, and exemplified with historic out of the first quarterne 

of F. Guicciardine. fol. Lond. 16\^. 

^ — . . fol. Lond. 1629. 

■ See Anonymous. Briefe (a) inference upon Guicciardine's, &c. fol. 


See Anonymous. Briefe (a) inference upon Guicciardine's digres- 

sion, &c. foL 1613. 
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DALTON (John). See Alton (J. d*). 
(Michael). The Countrey Justice, conteyning the practise of 

the Justices of the Peace out of their sessions, fol. London, 1618. 
DAMASCENUS (Joannes). See Joannes Damascenus, 
DAMHOUDERIUS (Jodocus). Praxis rerum criminalium ; seorsum 

accesserunt sententiee selectee. 2 vols. 4^ AntverpicB, 1601. 
DAMKE (Bernhardus). See Agapetus Diaconus. Agapeti ad Justi- 

nianum, &c. S"" 1633. 
DAMPMARTIN (Pierre de) Conseiller a Camhrau See Anonymous. 

Fortune (la) de la Cour. 8° 1642. 
DANIEL (Richard). A compendium of the usuall hands of England, 

Netherlands, France, Spaine and Italic, with the Hebrew, Samaritan, &c. 

characters, obi. fol. Lomdony 1663. 
DANIEL (Samuel). The whole workes of S. D. in poetrie. 2 pts. in 1 voL 

4** Lond. 1623. 

DANIELLO (Bernardino). See Petrarca (F.) 4<» 1549. 

-<-^, See Petrarca (F.> Sonetti, &c 4<' 1541. 


DANTE ALIGHIERI. La divina comedia. go /Vtrnw, 1595. 

. Lo 'nferno, e 1 purgatorio, e *1 paradiso. 18® Ven. 1545. 

. 12« Lione, 1547. 

. fol. Ven. 1578. 

— . Con Tespositione di C. Landino et di A. Vellutello. foL Ven. 1564. 
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. See Darses Priscus. 

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cantser, toses L. Wietzel ; cun iin cuort et simpel intraguidamaint per 
imprender Tart da cantser siir la fin da 1 cudesch. 8® 1776. 

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. fol. Ven. 1578. 

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. See Darses Priscus. 

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imprender Fart da cantaer siir la fin da '1 cudesch. 8® 1776. 

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Lugduni, 1607* 

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. See Panigarola (F.). II predicatore. 4° 1609. 

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mulets de cebas monde au sujet des ballons. 12^ Londres [^Paris'], 

DEPPING (G.-B.). Aper^u historique sur les moeurs et coutumes des 

nations, contenant le tableau compare chez les divers peuples des usages 

concernant T habitation, la nourriture, V habillement, les mariages, les 

funerailles, les jeux, les fetes, les guerres, les superstitions, les castes, &c., 

termine par une biblioeraphie. 32® Paris, 1826. 
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r^cole sp^ciale des langues Orientales vivantes. 2 vols. 8® JPaw, 1810. 
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philosophia ; principia philosophise ; dissertatio de methodo ; dioptrice ; 

meteora; tractatus de passionibus animae. 4® Amstdodami, 1663. 

[Besides the Meditationes, this volume contains Appendix continens 

objectiones quintas et septimas in Renati Descartes Meditationes cum 

ejusdem ad illas Responsionibus et duabus Epistolis, una ad patrem 

Divet. . . altera ad G. Voetium ; but none of the other treatises mentioned 

in the title.] 
— . Passiones animae ; Gallic^ conscriptae, nunc autem civitate donatae. 

4° Amst 1656. 

Passiones animae ; Gallic^ conscriptae, nunc autem Latin^ civitate 

donatae. 4'' AmsteL 1664. 
DESCLOT (Bernardo). Historia de Cataluna, de las empresas hechad 

por los Reyes de Aragon, hasta la muerte de Do Pedro el grande ter- 

cero deste nombre; traduzida de lengua Catalana en romance Castellano. 

4° Barcelona, 1616. 
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t6raires. n**. 3. 8^ Geneve, 1838. 
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de Barcelona, fol. Barcelona^ 1603. 

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de la Nueva-Espafia, sacada a luz por A. Remon. fol. Madrid^ 1632. 

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19^ Ven. 1582. 

DICTYS Cand. Ditte Candiano della guerra Troiana ; Darete Frigio 
della rovina Troiana ; declamatione di Libanio Sofista ; Marsilio Lesbio 
deU'origine d' Italia e de* Tirreni ; Archiloco de' tempi ; Beroso Babi- 
lonio dell antichita ; Manethone dei re d' Egitto ; Metasthene Persiano 
del giudicio de' tempi et annuali historie de' Persiani ; Quinto Fabio 
Pittore dell' aurea et^ e dell' origine di Roma ; Caio Sempronio della 
divisione d' Italia et origine di Roma. 8® Vinegia, 1543. 

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crosancto missae sacrificio. 4-** 1579. 

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trosten soUen. 8° Niirmberg, 154-8. 

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bodies, and in the other the nature of man's sou] is looked into ; in way 
of discovery of the immortality of reasonable souls. 4® Land, 1658. 

DIGrGES (Thomas). Humble motives for association to maintaine re- 
ligion established [together with a petition to archbishops and bishops 
against baptists]. 8® 1601. 

DIGGS (Dudley). The unlawfiilnesse of subjects taking up armes 
against their sovereigne, in what case soever. 4° Lonid, 1644. 

DILLON (John Talbot). Historical and critical memoirs of the general 
revolution in France in 1789, from the 25th April till the 6th August 
following, from authentic papers communicated by Hugon de Basseville. 
4<> Lond. 1790. 

DIODORUS Siculus. Bibliothecae historicae libri quindecim de qua- 
draginta ; Gr. [to which are added] Annotationes H. Stephani. fol. 
Paris, 1559. [With valuable MS. notes by an unknown hand.] 

. De antiquorum gestis fabulosis (lib. y|)aPogio [Poggio] Floren- 

tino in Latinum traducti. See Lucianus. De veris narrationibus. fol. 

DIOGENIANUS /Tero^r/iofe*. See Schottus (A.). Ilapot/niai'EXXiyvucat. 
4<> 1612. 

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quibus exponuntur res gestae a bello Cretico usque ad mortem Claudii 
Caesaris, G. Xylandro; his accesserunt ejusdem annotationes, additura 
est J. Xiphilini e Dione compendium, G. Blanco interprete. 3 pts. in 2 
vols. 8** Lugduniy 1559. 

. Historiae Romanae libri xlvi, Gr, et Za^., J. Leunclavii studio ; 

notae Leunclavii ; accedunt et R. Stephani, G. Xylandri> F. Sylburgii> 
H. Stephani, F. Ursini notae. fol. Hanov, 1606. 

G 2 


DION CASSIUS. llomanarum historiarum Ubri xxv. Gr. et Lot. ex 

G. Xylandri interpretationc. foL Paris, 1592. 
. Delle guerre de' Romani ; tradotto da N. Leoniceno. 8® Venet. 


See Probus (V.) De interpretandis Romanorum litteris, &c. 4° 


See Xiphilinus (J.) Junior. 

DION Nicoius, See Xiphilinus (J.) Junior. Rerum Romanarum epitome. 

8° 1559. 
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nate expositus. See Aquinas (T.). Totius theologiae summa. fol. 1588. 
DIONYSIUS Halicamassensis. Antiquitatum Romanarum libri x ; Gr, 

fol. Lutet. 154.G. [This is the first edition of the work in xi books, 

although the title says only x. This copy contains some MS. notes.] 
Antiquitatum llomanarum libri xi. ; ab M, Porto recens Latine 

redditi et notis illustrati, cum H. Glareani chronologia ; ejusdem Dionysii 

de legationibus, Gr. et Lat. ex interpr. H. Stephani ; H. Stephani opera 

varia in Dionysii antiquitatum libros, et I. Casauboni animadversiones 

in eosdem. 7 pts. in 1 vol. fol. Paris, [1588]. 

— . De antiquis rhetoribus. See Isocrates. Orationes et ejusdem vita. 

fol. 1529. 

De compositione, ad Rufum ; artis rhetoricaB capita quaedam, ad 

Echecratera; item quo genere dicendi sit usus Thucydides, ad Ammseum; 

Gr, fol. Lutet. 1547. 

Delle cose antiche della citta di Roma, tradotto per F. Venturi. 4° 

Ven. 1545. 

Opera omnia Graece et Latine in duos tomos distributa, [to which 

is added] H. Dodwelli Chronologia Grseco-Romana pro hypothesibus 
Dionysii. 3 pts. in 2 vols. fol. Oxon, 1704. 

Responsio ad G. Pompeii epistolam in qua ille de reprehenso ab eo 

Platonis stylo conquerebatur ; ejusdem ad Ammaeum epistola, &c. (Ma- 
ximi qui Juliani Imp. praeceptor extitit libellus de oppositionibus inso- 
lubilibus ; Gr, ; H. Stephani de scriptoribus Graecis elogia). 1 2** Pa^ 
risiis, 1554. 

Romanarum antiquitatum pars hactenus desiderata, nunc ope co- 

dicum Ambrosianorum ab A. Maio restituta. 4° MedioL 1816. 
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is added an exposition of the 110th psalm. 4® Oxford, 1811. 
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concernment how far the Romanists, &c. 8® 1675. 
. Chronologia Graeco-Romana pro hypothesibus Dionysii. See Dio- 

nysius Halicamassensis. Opera omnia, fol. 1704. 

Dissertatio singularis de pontificum Romanorum primaeva succes- 

sione usque ad annates Cyprianicos. See Pearson (J.). Opera posthuma 
chronologica. 4° 1688. 

Dissertationes Cyprianicae [with an appendix]. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 

8° OxonicB, 1684. 

Julii Vitalis epitaphium cum notis criticis explicationeque ; et 

comment. G. Musgrave; quibus accedit illius ad Goetzium, de Pu- 
teolana et Baiana inscriptionibus, epistola. 8** Iscce Damnoniorum, 


DOELITZSCH (Joan. Ferdin. Christianus). See Weidler (J. F.) 

et Doelitzseh (J. F. C). De queestione, utrum prseda Salensibus Afris 

erepta vindicari possit. 4** 1735. 
DOGLIONI. L' Ungheria spiegata, sino all* anno corrente. 4° Ven, 


. Venetia trionfante e sempre libera. 4® Ven, 1613. 

DOILLOT ( — ). M6moire pour Dame Jeanne de Saint-Remy de Valois, 

Spouse du Comte de la Motte. 4° Paris, 1785. 
. Reponse pour la Comtesse de Valois-La-Motte au m^moire du 

Comte Cagliostro. 4° Par. 1786. 

Sommaire pour la Comtesse de Valois-La-Motte. 4° Paris, 1786. 

DOLBY (Thomas). The Literary Cyclopaedia, or Universal Dictionary 

of ideas. . . . with an original memoir to each author ; by T. Roscoe. 

2 pts. 8° Lond. 1834. 
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. Fabritia, comedia. 12° Ven, 1587. 

. I quattro libri delle osservationi. 8® Ven, 1588. 

. Vita di Carlo Quinto Imp. 4® Vi7ieg, 1567. 

See Pittoni (B.). Imprese. 4« 1565. 

. See Anonymous. Imprese di diversi prencipi, &c. 4** 1578 

. Stanze, sonetti. See Pittoni (B.). Imprese, &c. 4° 1602. 

. Aretin : a dialogue of painting [translated by W. Browne]. 8** 

Lond, 1770. 
DOLMERUS (Janus). Jus aulicum antiquum Norvegicum in linguam 

Danicamet Latinam transl. ; adjungitur jus aulicum antiquum Danicum 

versione Danica et Latina ac notis P. I. Resenii. 4® Hafnice, 1673. 
DOMENEGO Or^o. Canzone della gobba. 8*» Venetia, 1616, 
DOMENICHI (LoDovico). Historia varia. 8° Vin, 1565. 
. Ragionamento nel quale si parle d* imprese. See Giovio (P.). Dia- 

logo deir imprese. S° 1574. 
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. La zucca. 8® Vin, 1565. 

. Pistolotti amorosi, con alcune altre lettere d'amore di diversi autori. 

8«» Vin, 1552. 

. Tre libri di lettere e i termini della lingua Toscana. 8° Vin, 1552. 

. See Burchiello. Le rime. 18« 1566. 

DONNE (John). Pseudo-Martyr : wherein out of certaine propositions 
and gradations, this conclusion is evicted : that those which are of the 
Roman religion in this kingdome, may and ought to take the oath of 
allegiance. 4® Lond. 1610. 

. BtaGararos : a declaration of that paradoxe, or thesis, that self-homi- 
cide is not so naturally sinne that it may never be otherwise. 4° Land, 

. Poems, with elegies on the author's death. 8° Lond. 1669. 

8« Lond. 1650. 

D'ORAT (Jean). See Auratus (I.), 


DORIA (Paolo-Mattia). La vita civile ; aggiuntovi un trattato della 

educazione del principe. 2 pU. in 1 vol. 4® AugustOy 1710. 
DORIA (Andrea). Vita. See Capelloni(L.). Vita, &c. 4« 1569. 
DORN (Bernhard). See Neamet Ullah. History of the Afghans. 4^"" 1829. 
DORNFORD (Josiah). See Piitter (I. S.). An historical deTelopement 

of the present political constitution of the German empire. 8^ 1 790. 
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et P. ex recensione I. G. Graevii. 8** 1680. 

. See Sallustius (C. C). Quae extant. 4^ 1710. 

DOVE (John). A creed founded on truth and common sense. 8^ Lond. 

DO VIZI (Bernardo da, Bibiena). See-Bibiena (B. D. da). 
DRAKE (Francis). Eboracum : or the history and antiquities of the 

city of York, together with the history of the cathedral church, and the 

lives of the archbishops of that see. 1 vol. in 2 pts. fol. Lond* 1736. 
DRAYTON (Michael). Poems. 2 pts. in 1 vol. Lond. 1637. 
DREGERUS (Nicolaus). Epicedion in obitum P. Melancthonis. 4® 

Viteb. 1560. 
DRESSERUS (Matth^us). Confutatio commenticiae opinionis Roberti 

Bellarmini de translatione Imperii Romani a Graecis ad Germanos, in- 

stitutioneque Vllvirum electoralium per Pontificem Romanum. 12^ 

UrseUis, 1591. 
DRUDO (HiLARius). Equites Franci et adolescentulae mulieres Italae 

[by Pius II.] ; practica artis amandi ; Declamationes P. Beroaldi, ebriosi, 

scortatoris, ac aleatoris disceptantium, quis eorum peior sit vel potior; 

item quaestio an oi-ator sit philosopho et medico anteponendus ; coUecta 

per H. Drudo poeseos studiosum. 12® Francofurth 1597. 
DRUTHM ARUS (Christianus). In Evangelium Matthaei exposition 

per Menradum Moltherum restituta. 8® HagaruxBy 1530. 
DUARENUS (Franciscus). Quae hactenus edita fuerunt, opera, fol. 

Franco/. 1598. 
DUARTE Infante. Vida. See Rezende (A. de). Vida, &c. 4<> 1789. 
DUBOI (6douard). De la dignite de Thomme et de T importance de 

son s^jour ici-bas. 8® Brux.y La Haye, & Gand, 1826. 
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de Charles IV de Lorraine. 8** Cologne, 1688. 
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S. Louys. fol. 1668. 
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DUCHESNE (Francois). See Chesne (F. du). 
DUCK (Arthurus). De usu et authoritate juris civilis Romanorum in 

dominiis christianorum. 12^ Lugduni Batavorumy 1654. 
DUDITHIUS (Andreas). Epistola in qua de divina Triade dispu- 

tatur. 4*» 1590. 
DUEGNE (Jean). Miroir de consolation des tristes; traduit de TEs- 

pagnole. 8°. 
DUFRESNE (Charles). See Joinville (J.cfe). Histoire de S. Louys. 
•• fol. 1668. 

DUFRESNOY (Nicolas Langlet). See Langlet Dufresnoy (N.), 
DUGARD (Gulielmus). See Gard (G. du). 

DUGDALE (Richard). A narrative of the wicked popish plots car- 
ried on by Seignior Gondamore for advancing the popish religion and 

Spanish faction, fol. Lond. 1679. 


DU6DALE (Sir William). A true catalogue of Lord Chancellors. 
See Bacon (F.). Resuscitatio, &c. fol. 1671* 

. Origines juridiciales ; or historical memorials of the English laws, 

courts of justice, forms of try all, punishment in cases criminal, law 
writers, law books, grants and settlements of estates, degree of Serjeant, 
innes of court and chancery ; also a chronologic of the Lord Chancelors 
and Keepers of the Great Seal, Lord Treasurers, Justices Itinerant, 
Justices of the King's Bench and Common Pleas, Barons of the Exche- 
quer, Masters of the Rolls, King's Attorneys and Solicitors and Ser- 
jeants. at Law. 2 pts. in 1 vol. fol. Lond. 1671. 
% The antiquities of Warwickshire, fol. Lond, 1656. 

DUGUESCLIN (Beptrand). See Guesclin (B. du). 

DUHAMEL de PRECOURT (— .). Reponse aux m^moires des sieurs 

d'Etienville, Vaucher, et Loque. 4** Par. 1786. 
DULCIS ^Catharinus). Schola Italica. 12^ 
DUMAY (Louis). See Anonymous. Avocat (F) condamn^ et les parties 

mises hors de procez. 12® 1669. 
DUMESNIL-BAZIRE (— .). See Villeroy (N. de N.). M^moires, &c. 

8*> 1636. 
DUMOUSTIER ( Artus). See Moustier (A. du). 
DUNCAN (Andrew), Senior. Opinion upon a charge against Dr, 

Gregory for wilful and deliberate violation of truth. 4° Edinb. 

DUNCAN (Andrew). Tribute of veneration addressed to the first meeting 

of the Loyal Edinburgh Association for commemorating the reign of 

George III. 8° Edinb. 1821. 

»-. Miscellaneous poems. 8® Edinb. 1818. 

DUNDAS (Henry). Substance of the speech on the British government 

and trade in the East Indies. 4® Lond. 1793. 
DUPIN (Charles). Chambre des Deputes : Rapport fait au nom de 

la commission charg6e d'examiner le projet de loi sur les c^r^ales ; 5 

Mars, 1832. 4*> Paris, 1882. 
. Requisitoire dans Fafiaire du Carlo- Alberto prononce a Taudience 

de la Cour de Cassation du 6 Sept., 1832. [Pam, 1832.] 
^ Discours prononc6 a Taudience solennelle de rentr^e le 5 Nov., 1832. 

8« [Pam, 1832]. 

Le travail des enfans qu'emploient les ateliers, les usines et les 

manufactures. 8° Paris, 1840. 
DUPONCEAU (Peter Stephen). See Ponceau (P. S. du). 
DUPONT de Nemours (Pierre Samuel). See Anonymous. Phy- 

siocratie, ou constitution naturelle du gouvemement, &c. 8® 1768. 
? See Anonymous. Origine (de V) et des progrds d'un science nou- 

velle. 8° 1768. 
DUPORTUS (Jacobus). Homeri gnomologia duplici, parallelismo illus- 

trata; uno ex locis S. Scripturae, altero ex gentium scriptoribus ; insertis 

hinc inde observationibus. 4*^ Cantab. 1660. 
DUPUY (Pierre). Traitez touchant les droits du roy tr^s-chrestien sur 

plusieurs estats et seigneuries poss6dees par divers princes voisins. foL 

Rouen, 1670. 
DUPUY (Jacques et Pierre). See Perron ( — .). Perroniana, &c. 

\^ 1669. 
DURAND (GiLLEs). See Anonymous. Satyre M§nipp6e. 8® 

DURAND (D.). See Cicero (M. T.). Acad6miques. 12« 1740. 


ENIEDINUS (Gborgius). Explicationes locorum veteris et novi Testa^ 

menti ex quibus Trinitatis dogma stabiliri solet. 4^ [ Groningm^ 1760 ?]. 
ENT (George). The grounds of unity in religion, or an expedient for a 

general conformity and pacification. 4^ ^^Londony^ 1679. 
EP£E (Charles Michel de /*). The method of educating mutes. See 

Arrowsmith (J. P.). The art of instructing the infant deaf and dumb, 

&c. 8° 1819. 
EPERNON {Due d). Vie. See Girard (B.). Histoire de la vie du Due, 

&c 12« 1663. 
EPICTETUS. Enchiridion, una cum CebetLs Tabula ; accessere Arriani 

Commentariorum lib. iv; omnia H.Wolfio interpr. Item Porphyrii Oe 

abstinentia ab animalibus necandis libri quatuor ; ejusdem De vita Pytha- 

gorse et sententiae ad intelligibilia ducentes : De antro nympharum quod 

in Odyssea describitur.; Gr, et LaL\ L. Hobtenius Latine vertit, dis- 

sertationem de vita et scriptis Porphyrii et ad vitam Pythagoree obser- 

vationes adiecit. S pts. in 1 vol. 8^ Cantab, 1655. 
ET ARISTOTjilLES. La morale filosofia brevemente descritta, 

et il trattato di Plutarcho delF amor de* Genitori verso i figliuoli ; opere 

di Greco ridotte in volgare da G. Ballino. 8° Ven. 1564. 
EPICURO (Antonio), Napolitano, Cecaria; tragicomedia. 18° Ven, 1586. 
ERASMUS (Desiderius). Annotationes in leges Pontificias et Caesareas 

de haereticis ; epistolae aliquot G. Noviomagi de re evangelica et haereti- 

corum poenis. 8° Argent, 1529. 

. De utraque verborura ac rerum copia lib. ii. 12° Amst. 1655. 

. Enchiridion railitis christiani ; ejusdemque oratio de virtute am- 

plectenda. 18° Lugd. Bat. 1624. 

Encomium moriae ; ejusdem libelli de ratione studionim. 18^ 

Lugd. Bat. 1624. 

— . La moria ; novamente in volgare tradotta. 8° Ven. 1544. 

— . Lingua; sive de linguae usu atque abusu. 18° Lugd. Bat. 1624. 

— . Ragionamenti ; overo colloqui famigliari. 8° Vinegiay 1549. 

- — . See Testaraentum novum. Novum instrumentum, &c. fol. 1516. 

— . See Suetonius ^C. T.). Caesarum xii libri. 8° 1548. 

— . See Suetonius (C. T.). De xii Caesaribus lib. viii. fol. 1610. 

— . See Testamentum novum. Novum Test, a D. E., &c. 4° 1521. 
Adagiorum chiliades, quibus H. Junii, J. A. Brassicani, J. Ulpii, 

G. Cognati, C. Rhodigini, P. Virgilii, P. Godofredi, C. Bovilii, A. Tur- 
nebi et aliorum adagia subjuncta sunt [to which are added, H. Stephani 
animadversiones] . fol. Hamyv. 1617. 

Brevis et erudita adversus Stunicam coufutatio. See Stunica (J. L.). 

Conclusiones principaliter suspectae, &c. 4° 1524. 
— . Epigrammata. See Morus (T.). De optimo reip. statu. 4° 1518. 
Epistola ad Leonem X. de laudibus iUius et nova Hieronymianorum 

operum editione, ad D. Grimannum ; ad D. R. Rearium ; ad M. Dor- 
pium de suarum lucubrationum editione; in laudem urbis Selestadii 
carmen. See Damianus (J.). Ad Leonem X. de expeditione in Turcas. 
4° 1515. 

Epistola ad Mosellanum ; ad M. Lutheram. See Mosellanus (P.). 

De ratione disputandi. 4° 1519. 

— . Institutione del principe Christian©. 8° Ven. 1539. 

— . Lingua. 8°. 

Moijocas eyKw/iiov : Stulticiae laus ; G. Listrii novis et exquisitissi- 

mis commentariis explanatus. See Seneca (L. A.). In hoc opere, &c 
4° 1515. 


ERASMUS (Desiderius). Paraclesis Teiitscht wie ein teiirberlich un« 
aussprechlich Schatz und klainet sey das Ewangelium und haylig Wort 
Grottes. 4°. 

CoUoquia. 12^ Anut. 1644. 

^ . Athanasii vita. See Athaaasius Patriarcha Alexandrinus. Opera. 

foL 1522. 

. See Chrysostomus (J.). Aliquot opuseula, &c. 4° 1529. 

. See Cyprianus (C.). Opera, fol. 1520. 

See Seneca (L. A.). Opera, fol. 1529. 

£R ASTUS. De astrologia divinatrice, epistolsB ; editae studio J. J. Grynsei. 

4° Basil. 15S0. 
ERCILLA Y ZUNICA (Alonso de). Primera, segunda y tereera parte 

de la Araueana. 18** Anversy 1597. 
ERI (Pellegrino). See Heri (P.). 
ERIZZO (Sebastiano). Trattato dell* istrumento et via inventrice de 

gli antichi. 4° Ven. 1554. 

. Diseorso sopra le medaglie de gli antichi. 4° Vineg, [1559]. 

. See Contarini (G.). Delia republica e magistrati di Venetia. 8® 1 591 . 

. Diseorso dei govern! civili. See Cavalcanti (B.). Trattati overo 

discorsi, &c. 4° 1571. 
ERNESTI (Jo. Augustus). See Hedericus (B.). Graecum Lexicon. 4® 

ERPENIUS (Thomas). Rudimenta linguae Arabicae. 8° LuteHcB 

Pariswrum, 1638. [With MS. notes.] 
ERYTHRiEUS (James Nicius). Pinacotheca (prima, altera et tertia) 

imaginum illustrium doctrinae vel ingenii laude virorum, qui, auctore 

superstite, diem suum obierunt. 3 pts in 1 vol. 8^ LipsuBy 1592. 
ESPERNON (Jean Louis Nogaret de la Valette). Life. See Ano- 
nymous. History of the life of the Duke d'Espernon. fol. 1670. 
ESPINEL (Vicente). Relaciones de la vida del Escudero Marcos de 

Obregon. 8° Madridy 1657. 
ESSEX (Alfred). Art of painting in enamel. 8° London^ 1837. 
ESTA^O (Achille). See Statins (A). 
ESTE (Alfonso I). See Alfonso I. Duca di Ferrara. 
ESTELLA (Diego de). Primera (ii. y iii.) parte del libro de la vanidad 

del mundo. 3 vols. 8^ Salamanca^ 1576. 
ESTIENNE (Robert). Les censures des thiologiens de Paris, par les- 

quelles ils avoyent faulsement condamn§ les Bibles imprim6es par 

R. Estienne, imprimeur du Roy ; avec la R6ponse d* iceluy R. Estienne. 

8° IPariSy] 1552. 
ESTIENNE de la RIVIERE (-^). M6moire pour M. le Baron de Fa- 

ges-Chaulnes centre les Sieurs Vaucher et Loque. 4** Par. 1786. 
(Henri II.?). See Anonymous. Discours merveilleux de la vie.... 

de Catherine de Medicis. 12*' 1578. 
(Henri). See Stephanus (H.). 

ESTREES (Francois Annibal d'). See Anonymous. M6moires (les) 
de la r^gence de Marie de Medicis. 12*^ 1666. 

EUBULUS (Constantius). Oratio de virtute clavium et bulla con- 
demnationis Leonis X. contra M. Lutherum. 4^. 

EUDES (Francois de Mezeray). See Mezeray (F. E. de). 

EUGENICO (NiccoLo). Dichiaratione, &c. See Ariosto (L.). Or- 
lando Furioso. 4® 1587. 

EURIPIDES. *l7r7ro\i;ros aref^avq^pos : cum scholiis, versione Latina, 
variis lectionibus, Valckenaerii notis integris, ac selectis aliorum V. V. 
D. D. quibus suas adjunxit F. H. Egerton. 4° Oxtm, 1796. 


EURIPIDES. Hippolyto vertido do Greco em Portuguez. Gr. e Portug* 
4° Lisboa, 1803. 

Quae extant omnia ; tragoediaB nempe xx, prseter ultimam omnes 
coniplctae ; item fragmcmta aliarum plusquam lx tragoediarum ; et epi- 
stolae V. ; Gr, et LaL<y &c. ; prsemittitiir Euripidis vita, tractatus de tra- 
goedia ; adduntur scholia, Latina versio, &c. ; opera et studio J. Barnes. 
2 vols. fol. Cantab, IGQ-l-. 

— . Tragcediae quoe extant ; Gr, ; cum G. Canteri interp. scholia doct 

vir. in septem Euripidis tragoedias, ab Arsenio coUecta; accesserunt 

Broda^i, Canteri, Stiblini, et Porti annotationes. 2 vols. 4° Paris, 1602. 

See Jodrell (R. P.). Illustrations, &c. 8° 1781. 

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Lut. Par. 1545. 

. Evangelicae praeparationis lib. xv. Gr. fol. LtU. Par. 1544. 

. Historia Ecclesiastica. 8° Paris. 

. 8« Ven. 1547. 

See Mains (A.). De Philonis Judaei et Eusebii scriptis ineditis. 

8° 1816. 
EUSTATHIUS ArchiepiscopusThessaloiiicensis. SeeHomerus. Eustathii... 

in Homeri... libros, &c. fol. 1560. 
EUTROPIUS (Flavius). Breviarium historiae Romanae ab urbe con- 

dita ad annum ejusdem urbis 1109 ; E. Vineti in idem breviarium casti- 

^ationes ; Pauli Diaconi de gestis Romanorum libri octo. See Caesar 

(C. J.). Commentarii. 12® 1561. 

. L' Historic et fatti di tutti grimperatori Romani. 8® Ven. 1544. 

EUTYCHIUS, Patriarcha Alexandrinensis. Ecclesiae suae origines; 

Arab. ; versione et commentario J. Seldeni. 4° Lond. 1 642. 
EVANGELIA. Codex T. Bezae Cantabrigiensis, Evangelia et Aposto- 

lorum Acta complectens, quadratis litteris Graeco-Latinis ; edidit, co- 

dicis historiam praefixit, et notas adjecit T. Kipling. 2 vols. fol. Can" 

tab. 1793. 
EVANGELIUM. Ijber Sacrosancti Evangel ii characteribus et lingua 

Syris. 4** Viennce Austrice, 1555. 
. Evangelium secundum Matthaeum ex codice rescript, in Bib. CoL 

S. S. Trin. juxta Dublin, a J. Barret. 4** Dublinii, 1801. 
EVELYN (John). See Anonymous. History (the) of the three late 

famous impostors, &c. 8® 1669. 
— . See Anonymous. State (the) of France, &c. 12° 1652. 

. Memoirs and Diary. See Bray (W.). Memoirs, &c. 4® 1818. 

EVERARD (Edmund). The depositions and examinations of M^ E. E. 

concerning the horrid popish plot. fol. London, 1679. 
. The depositions and examinations of E. Everard concerning the 

horrid popish plot. fol. London, 1679. 
EVREUX (Jacques), Eveque d\ See Dauy (J.). 
EXETER (Ant. Sparrow), Bishop of. See Sparrow (A.), Bishop of 

EXSUPERANTIUS (Julius). Opusculum, de Marii, Lepidi ac Ser- 
torii bellis civilibus. See Sallustius (C. C). Quae extant. 4° 1710. 

EYRlfeS (J. B.). Recherches sur la population du globe terrestre. 8® 
Paris, 1833. 

EYZINGER (Michael). Der erst (ander, dritte, vierte), thayl. Rela- 
tionum historicarum [to which are added] Relationis historicae sup- 
plement um ; continuatum relationis historicae supplementum. 5 vols* 
in 6 pts. Germ. 4° CoUen, 1590--91. 



FABER (Amtonius). Codex Fabrianus definitionum forensium et renim 

in sacro Sabaudiee senatu tractatarum ac decisarum. fol. Franco/. 

FABER (Honor ATUs). See Monsnerius (P.). Metaphysica demonstra- 

tiva. 40 le^S. 
FABER (Jacobus) Stapulensis, De Maria Magdalena, Triduo Christi, 

et ex tribus una Maria, disceptatio : ad clanssimum vinim d. F. Molinum, 

Christianissimi Francorum Regis Franebci Primi Magistrum ; seeunda 

emissio. 4° Par. 1518. 
■ Moseovitarum juxta mare glaciale religio. 4^ JSasilece, 1526. 

. Disputatio, &c. See Erasmus (D.). Apologia. 4° \_Lovanii'}. 

. See Paulus Apostolus. Epistolae, &c. fol. 1512. 

FABER (NicoLAus). See Seneca (L. A.), a M. A. Mureto correetus. 

fol. 1594. 
FABER (Petrus). Ad titulum de diversis regulis juris antiqui, ex libro 

pandectarum D. Justiniani quinquagesimo, commentarius. fol. Lugd. 

FABER (Tanaquillus). See Lucianus Samosatensis.. Opera. 8° 1687. 
FABRETTl (Raphael). Inscriptionum antiquarum quae in sedibus pa- 

ternis asservantur explicatio et additamentum. fol. Rom. 1699. 
FABRETTUS (Raphael). De aquis et aquseductibus veteris Romae 

dissertationes tres. 4** Romce, 1680. 
. De Columna Trajani syntagma ; accesserunt explicatio veteris ta- 

bellae anaglyphse, Homeri lliadem, atque ex Stesichoro Arctino, et 

Lesche llii excidium continentis, et emissarii lacus Fucini descriptio. 

fol. R&mcBy 1683. 
See Jasitheus. 

FABRICII (Principio). Delle allusioni, imprese, et emblemi sopra la 
vita, opere, et attioni di Gregorio XIII. P. M. lib. vi. 4® Roma, 1588. 

FABRICIUS (Georgius). Veteris Romae cum nova collatio. See Ano- 
nymous. Roma illustrata, &c. 12** 1650. 

FABRINI (Giovanni). See Horatius (Q.). Uopere, &c. 4*» 1587. 

See Teren tins ( ) 4*> 1 556. 

See Virgilius (P. M.). L'opere. fol. 1588. 

FACIP (Bartholomeo). Fatti d* Alfonso d'Aragona, primo re di Na- 
poli di questo nome^ tradotti da G. Mauro. 4** Vineg. 1579. 

FAENZI (Valeric). I diece circoli delF Imperio con Tentrate de* prin- 
cipi e stati di Germania ; contributtioni si della caualleria come della 
infanteria ; una particolar descrittione di Norimbergo ; le rinuncie fatte 
da Carlo V., &c 4° Ven., 1558. 

FAGIUS (Paulus Buciier). See Onkelos, Thargum, &c. fol. 1546. 

. Exegesis, sive expositio dictionum Hebraicarum in quatuor capita 

Geneseos, pro studio linguae Hebraicae. 4^ Isnoiy 1542. 

Sententiae Morales Ben Syrae, Hebraice et Latine cum Commen- 

tario ; Tobias, Hebraice. 4** Isnce, 1542. 

Thargum, hoc est Paraph rasis Onkeli Chaldaica in Sacra Biblia ; 

Latine veraa, additis annotationibus. fol. Argentor. 1546. 
FALCONIERI (Ottavio). Discorso intorno alia piramide di C. Cassio 

e alle pitture che sono in essa, con alcune anuotazioni sopra un* iscri- 

zione antica appartenente alia medesima. 4^. 
FALKNER (J.). An historical and topographical account of Fulham, 

including Hammersmith. 4® Londoriy 1813* 


FALKNER (J.). An historical and topographical description of Chelsea 

and its environs. 2 vols. 8° Chelsea^ 1829. 
FABRET (M.). Observations sur le projet de loi r^atif aux alidnes. 

8° Paris, 1837. 
FANSHAWE {Sir Robert). See Guarini (G. B.). II Pastor Fido; with 

an addition of divers poems. 8® 1664. 
FARIA (Mangel Severim de), Discursos varios politicos. 8® Evora, 

FARIA Y SOUZA (Manuel). See Camoens (L. de), Lusiadas, &c. fol. 

1639, &c. 

. Epitome de las historias Portuguesas. fol. JBrusselas, 1677. 

FARINACIUS (Prosperus). Praxis et theorise criminalis libri duo. 

fol. Franco/. 1597. 

. Praxis et theoria criminalis. 3 vols. fol. Lugd. 1606. 

FARNABIUS (Thomas). See Juvenalis (D. J.) et Persius (A.). Satyr». 

12<> 1648. 

. See Lucanus (M. A.). Pharsalia. 12° 1651. 

See Martialis (M. V.). Epigrammata. W 1644. 

See Seneca (L. et M.). TragcEdise. 8° 1624. 

. See Terentius (P.). Comoediae sex. 18*> 1651. 

FARNESIUS (Henricus). De triumphali ingressu A. Sauli PapisB 

Episcopi. 4** Tidni, [1594.] 
FARQUH ARSON (James). A new illustration of the latter port of 

Daniel's last vision and prophecy. 8° Lond, 1838. 
FARRA (Alessandro). Tre discorsi; de' miracoli d'amore; della divi- 

nita dell uomo ; delFufficio del capitano. 8° Paviay 1564. 

. Settenario dell' humana riduttione. 8** Ven. 1571. 

FAUST (Maximilianus). Consilia pro aerario civili, ecclesiastico et 

militari, publico atque privato. fol. Franco/. 1641. 
FAUSTO (Sebastiano), da Langiano. Duello regolato alle leggi 

d'onore, con un discorso del medesimo quali sieno arme da cavalliere. 

2 vols. 8° Vinegia, 1559. 
FAVYN (Andr]^). Histoire de Navarre, fol. Parisy 1612. 
FAXARDO (Diego Saavedra). See Saavedra-Faxardo (D.). 
FAZELLUS (Thomas). De rebus Siculis ; criticis animadversionibus 

atque auctario, a V. M. Amico et Statella illustrata. 3 vols. fol. Cb- 

to/kp, 1749-1753. 
. Le due deche dell' historic di Sicilia tradotte da Remigio Fioren- 

tino. 4° Ven. 1573. 
FEDERICO, Duca dUrUno. Vita. See Muzio (G.). Historia de' fatti, 

&c. 4<> 1605. 
FEITHIUS (EvERHARDUs). Antiquitatum Homericarum libri IV ; edi- 

tio notis aucta. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 12® Argent. 1743. 
FELIBIEN (Andre). Description de divers ouvrages de peinture faits 

pour le roy. 12® Paris, 1671. 
FELINI. Tratado nuevo de las cosas maravillosas de la alma ciudad 

de Roma, trad, en lengua Espanola por A. Munoz. 8® Romoy 

FELIPPE (Bartolome). Tractado del conseio y de los conseieros de 

los principes. 4® Turino, 1589. 
FELIX (Marcus Minucius). See Minucius Felix (M.). 
FELL (John). See Anonymous. Paraphrase (a) and annotations upon 

the epistles of St. Paul. 8° 1684. 
N See Collections. Historiae Anglicanee scriptores qiunque. foL 1687* 



FELLERUS (Joachimus). Catalogus codicum MSSctorum Bibliothecae 
Paulinse in Acad. Lipsiensi. 12^ LipsicBy 1686. [MS. title.] 

FELT (Joseph B.). Historical account of the Massachusetts Currency. 
8° Boston, 1839. 

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FENARIO (Panfilo). Discorso sopra i cinque sentimenti. 4° VenetiOy 


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libellus ; P. Laeti itidem De magistratibus et sacerdotiis ; et praeterea De 
diversis legibus Romanorum: item V. Probi grammatici De Uteris 
antiquis opusculum. 8^ Basil. 1523. 

■ ' . (In hoc volumine continentur, Fenestellae de Romanorum magis- 
tratibus liber ; P. Laeti de Rom. magistratibus, de sacerdotiis, jurispe- 
ritis, et de legibus.) 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4°. 

FENN (/S'er John). Original letters written during the reigns of Henry VI 
Edward IV. and Richard III., by various persons of rank. 4 vols. 4 
iKmdcm, 1787-89. 

FERDINANDO, Granduca di Toscana. Provisione per il nuovo capi- 
tano di Montagna ; 10 Giugno, 1588. 4°. 

FERDINANDO Prima, Imp. Vita. See Ulloa (A). 

FERDOOSEE. Episodes from the Shah Nameh, or annals of the Per- 
sian kings, translated into English verse, with notes and authorities. 8° 
LoTidon, 1815. 

FERENTILLI (Agostino). Discorso universale, nel quale si raccon- 
tano tutte T historic, et Torigine di tutti gl* imperii, regni et nationi, co- 
minciando dal principio del mondo, sino air anno MDLXIX; aggiuntavi 
la creatione del mondo, descritta da Filone Hebreo, tradotta. 2 vols. 
4** Vin. 1574. 

FERNANDEZ de CASTRO (Pietro), C(mde de Lemos. Reforma et 
ordinationi nove, per la Camera della Summaria Scrivania di Ratione, 
Cascia militare, et Cascia ordinaria, nova situatione d' intrate, et terre 
assignate per esse ; et la forma che s' ha da osservare nelli pagamenti, 
recuperationi, et scritture del regno di Napoli. fol. [^Napoli, 1612]. 

FERRARIUS (Hieronymus). Ad Paulum Manutium emendationes in 
Philippicas Ciceronis. 8° PctrisiiSf 1543. 

FERRARIUS (Joannes Petrus). Singularis practica ; cum additio- 
nibus Do. Franc, de Curte. fol. Medial. 1496. 

. Praxis aurea. fol. Colon. AUab. 1626. 

FERREIRA GORDO (Joaquim Jose). Pontes proximas da compila- 
^ao Filippina. 4° Lisboa, 1792. 

See Gordo (J. J. F.). 

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VIII. usque ad Henricum II. See iEmilius (P.). De rebus gestis 
Fraucorum. fol. 1569. 

FESTUS (Sextus Pompeius). De verborum significatione. See Ver- 
rius (M. F.) quae extant. 8<> 1593. 

. Undeviginti librorum fragmeuta. See Perottus (N.). Comu- 

copiae, &c. fol. 1513. 

FEUARDENT (Francois). Entremangeries et guerres ministrales ; ..... 

c*est a dire, haines des ministres de ce siecle touchant les prin- 

cipaux fondemens de la foy et religion chrestienne. 8° Paris, 

. Dialogi septem ; quibus ducenti Calvinianorum gravissimi errores 

perspicue refelluntur ; et solide confutantur. 8** Col. Agrip. 1594. 


FICIIARDUS (Joannes). Vitae rccentiorum jureconsultorum ; quibus 
accessit opusculuiii Mantuae virorum illustrium. 2 pts. in 1 voL 4® 
Patav. 1565. 

FICINUS (Marsilius). See Plato. Opera, fol. 1602. 

. De religione Christiana et fidci pietate opusculum; Xenocrates 

de morte, eodem interprete. 4?** Argentifue, 1507. 

. Kpistolae. 4?® [/Tbrenre], HQ?. 

Epistola veritatis de institutione principis ; oratio christiaiii gregis 
ad Xistum Pont. Rom. ; declamatiuneula ad genus humanum de vitae 
institutione ; de ofiieiis ; oratio ad Deum theologiea. 4° Basil. 1519. 
— . Lettere. 2 vols. 8*» Ven. 1563. 

(Liber de vita), fol. Flor. 14«9. [The vol. begins with two 

leaves containing the table of contents ; then the work follows, begin- 
ning on the recto of A 1. It ends on the reverse of the third leaf of m : 
Impressit et archetypo Antonius Mischominus Florentiae Anno Salutis 
.MCCCCLXxxix. Tertio Nonas Decembr. On the recto of the fourth and 
last leaf of m, the register from a to m. The work consists of 90 fol., 
not numbered, printed in Roman.] 

— . Theologia Platonica, de animorum immortalitate. fol. Flor, 

— . Sopra lo amore ; overo convito di Platone. 8® Firenze, 1544. 
Tractatus singularis de epidemiae morbo ; ex Italico in Latinum 

versus. 4® Aug, Viiidel, 1518. 

FIGLIUCCI (Felice). Delia filosofia morale libri dieci ; sopra li dieci 
libri de Tethica d* Aristotile. 4?® Roma, 1551. 

. Delia filosofia morale ; libri dieci sopra i dieci libri dell'etica d' 

Aristotile. 8" Vinegia^ 1552. 

FIGUEHEIDO (Joze Anastasio de). Synopsis chronologica dos sub- 
sidios ainda os mais raros para a historia e estudo critico da legisla9ao 
Portugueza; desde 1143 ate 1603. 2 vols. 4*> Lisboay 1790. 

FILIPPO li., King of Spain. Vita. See Campana (C). Vita, &c. 4° 

FiLOTEO (Giovanni). Nuova risposta alia lettera di un theologo in- 
cognito s<Titta ad un sacerdote suo amico, sopra le censure, et inter- 
detto di Papa Paolo V. contro la Signoria di Venetia. 8° Ferrara^ 

FINCH (^Sir Henrie). Nomotexnia; c*est a s^avoir, un description 
del common leys d'Angleterre solo que les rules del art. fol. Lo7id, 

. Law, or a discourse thereof, in four books. 12° London^ 


FINCH (Heneage), Earl of Nottingham, See Anonymous. Exact 
(an) and most impartial account, &c. 4° 1660. 

FINETT {Sir John). Finetfi Philoxenis, Som choice observations 
touching the reception and precedence, the treatment and audience, 
the punctilUos and contests of forren ambassadors in England. 8** Land, 

FIRDAUSI (Aboul Cacem-Manssour). The Shah Nameh ; trans- 
lated and abridged in prose and verse, with notes and illustrations, by 
J. Atkinson. 8** London, 1832. 

FIRENZE (Antonino), Arcivescovo di. See Antonino, Arcivescovo di 

FIRENZUOLA (Agnolo). Prose (e ragionamenti). 2 vols. 8**. Fior. 


FIRENZUOLA (Agnolo). I lucidi. 8° Firenze, 1552. 

FIRMIN (T.). Some proposals for the imployment of the poor and for 

the prevention of idleness and the consequence thereof, begging. 4^ 

London, 1681. 
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Jean Gutenberg, Mayenfais, inventeur de rimprimerie. 4° Mat/ence, 

FISHER (John), Bishop of Rochester. De unica Magdalena libri tres, 

4« [Par.] 1519. 
FISHER (John Piercy). The answere unto the nine points of controversy 

proposed by our late soueraygne ; and the rejoynder unto the reply of 

F. White ; with the picture or censure of his writings. 2 pts. in 1 voL 

4fi London, 1625-6. 
FISHER (Rob.) and Langford (E.). Catalogus impressorum librorum 

Bibliothecse Bodleianse. 2 vols. fol. Oxon, 1738. 
FISHER (R. B.). A practical treatise on copyhold tenure. 8** London^ 

FITZ-HERBERT (Anthony). The new Natura brevium. 8«» Lond. 

FLACIUS (Matthias). De Jesu, nomine Christi servatoris nostri pro- 

prio ; de Jehova nomine. 4° Witteb. 1552. 
FLAVIO (BioNDo). See Bioudo (P.), da Forll. 
FLETCHER (J.). Illustrations of modem sculpture. Pts. 1, 2 & 3. 

8° London, 1833. 
FLETCHER (John). See Beaumont (F.) and Fletcher (J.). Fifty 

comedies and tragedies, fol. 1679. 
FLOOD (Michel). See Alfordus (M.). 
FLORENTIUS Wigomiensis. Chronicon ex chronicis ab initio mundi 

usque ad an. 1118. See Matthseus Westmonasteriensis. Flores histori- 

arum, &c. fol. 1601. 
FLORES (Pedro). Romancero general, en que se contienen todos los 

romances que andan impresses. 4° Madrid, 1614. 
FLORUS (Lucius Ann^us). Gestorum Romanorum epitome. See 

Justinus (M. J.), fol. 

. De gestis Romanorum libri quatuor. 4° Par. 1542. 

. Titi Livii Patavini librorum epitome; [together with] Polybii 

historiarum libri quinque in Latinam conversi linguam, N. Perotto inter- 

prete. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 8° Ven. 1521. 
FLY (Henry). A sermon preached on Feb. 28, 1794, being the ap- 
pointed day for a public fast. 8° Lond. 1794. 
. Loyalty recommended by its connection with religion, and the 

effects of a fondness for innovation ; a sermon preached Oct. 7, 1798. 

8° Lond. 1798. 
., Sermon preached on October 19, 1803, being the day appointed 

for a public fast. 8° Lond. 1803. 
FOGLIETTA (Ubert.). DelF historic di Geneva libri xii., trad, per 

F. Serdonati. fol. Gen. 1597. 
FOLENGO (Teofilo). See Anonymous. Chaos del tri per uno. 8** 


. See Coccaius (M.). 

FOLEO (GiULio). Eifetti mirabili de la limosina. 12** Roma, 

FOLKES (Martin). A table of English silver coins, from the Norman 

conquest to the present time. 4** Lond. 1745. 



FOLKES (xMartin). A table of English gold coins from the 18th year 

of king Edward III. to the present time. 4° London^ 1745. 
FONSECA (Damiano). Del giusto scacciamento de'Moreschi da 
Spagna, libri sei; traslatati dalla lingua Spagnuola nell'ItaL da C. 
Gaci. 4.*> Roma, 1611. 
FONSECA (Petrus). Institutionum dialecticarum libri octo. 8® Colon, 

FONTANA (Public). 11 sontuoso apparato fatto dalla magnifica citta 
di Brescia nel felice ritorno delF illus. et reverendiss. vescovo suo, il 
cardinale Morosini [edited by A. Cauriuolo]. foL Brescia. 
FONTAINES (Pierre de), Le conseil que P. de F. donna a son amy. 

See Joinville (J. de). Histoire de S. Louys. fol. 1668. 
FONTANUS (Jacobus). De Bello Rhodio, libri tres, ad Albertum 
Cardinaleni Moguntinumque Archiepiscopum, ut deliberet de sanandis 
ecclesiasticis dissensionibus P. Melancthonis, epistola. 4^ HagawxE, 
FONTIUS (Bartholomeus). Orationes in eloquentiam, historiam, in 
bonas artes, in poeticen, in sapientiam, in satyram et studia humanita- 
tis; vita Pauli Ghianeti ; de poenitentia. 4° XjFhrenda, about 1490]. 

See Persius (A. F. S.). Satyrae, &c. fol. 1482. 

FORMEY (M.), Traits de Teducation morale. 8« Liege, 1773. 
FORNARI (Simon). La spositione sopra F Orlando Furioso di Ariosto. 
8« Fior. 1549. 

. Espositione sopra l' Orlando Furioso di L. Ariosto. parte seconda. 

8° Fi&renza, 1550. 
FORNASARI (Ippolito). Satyram otii composuit et dicavit Regise 

Societatis Londini Acaderaicis. 4** [-B^wowwb], 1697. 
FORSTER ( J. R. ). Liber singularis de bysso antiquorum, quo ex 
iEgyptia lingua, res vestiaria antiquorum, imprimis in S. codice Hebrseo* 
rum occurrens, explicatur ; additae ad calcem mantissas ^gyptiacse V. 
8° Land. 1776. 
FORSTER (George). Sketches of the mythology and customs of the 

Hindoos. 8« Lond. 1785. 
FORSTER (J. G. A.). See Lomonossof (M.). A chronological abridg- 
ment of the Russian history. 8** 1767. 
FORESTS' COMMISSION. See Woods and Forests' Commission. 
FORTESCUE {Sir John). De politica administratione et legibus civi- 

libus florentissimi regni Angliae, commentarius. 12® Londini, 
— -. The difference between an absolute and limited monarchy, as it 
more particularly regards the English constitution ; with some remarks 
by J. Fortescue- Aland. 8® Lond. 1714. 
FORTESCUE- ALAND (John). See Fortescue (Sir J.). The difference 

between an absolute and limited monarchy. 8® 1714. 
FOUCQUET ( ). Factum de M'. F. pour servir de r6ponse aux objec- 
tions de fait et de droit que Ton a formees centre Tescrit dudit sieur. 
12« 1666. 
FOUILLOUX (Jacques). La v6nerie; avec plusienrs receptes et re- 
medes pour guerir les chiens de diverses maladies, et interpretations des 
mots, vocables, et dictions de v6nerie ; plus Tart de chasser aux bestes 
privees et sauvages, extrait du livre du Roy Phoebus. 4** Paris, 
FOURMONT (Stephanus). Linguae Sinarum grammatica duplex. La- 
tine et cum characteribus Sinensium ; item Sinicorum Regise biblio- 
thecae librorum catalogus. fol. Parisiis, 1742. (Two copies.) 


FOURMONT (Etienne). Reflexions critiques sur les histoires des 
anciens peuples, Chald6ens, H6breux, Ph6niciens, Egyptiens, Grees, &c. 
jusqu' au terns de Cyrus ; en trois livres ; dans le premier on examine le 
fragment de Thistoire Phinicienne de Sanchoniathon ; dans he second on 
r^forme la mythologie, et Ton donne Torigiue historique des dieux de 
TEgypte, de la Grdce, de la Ph6nicie, &c. ; dans le troisieme on explique 
les difficultes chronologiques de TAncien Testament, et de Thistoire 
Egyptienne, Babylonienne, Assyrienne, Grecque, Chinoise, &c. 2 vols. 4° 
Paris, 1735. • 

. See Anonymous. Catalogue des ouvrages de M'. Fourmont, &c 

8« 1731. 

FRACHETTA (Girolamo). II prencipe. 8*> Ven. 1599. 

. L'idea del libro de' governi di stato et di guerra. 8® Venetia, 


FRANCESCO MARIA IIII., Duca dUrhino. Vita. SeeLeoni (G.B.), 
Vita di, &c. ^"^ 1605. 

FR ANCHINI (Francesco). L* horribile et insolito caso occorso nuova- 
mente alia patria del Friuli d' uno mercante il quale fu svalisato e sepolto 
nel ventre d'un cavallo da certi banditi. 8° Venetia, 1620. 

FRANCIA. Memoires de TEstat de France sous Charles IX. 1 vol. 8<» 
Meideib. 1576. 

FRANCISCO XAVIER. Vida. See Torre (F. de la). El peregrine 
Atlante, &c. 4° 1670. 

FRANCKENSTEIN (Christianus Fridericus). See Priolus (B.), 
Ab excessu Ludovici XIII. &c. 12«» 1669. 

FRANCO (NicoLo). Dialog! piacevoli. 8° Ven. 1542. 

II Petrarchista. 8° Ven. 1541. 

. Le pistole vulgari. 8° Ven. 1542. 

FRANGEPANIBUS (Franciscus de). Oratio (ad Status Imperii). 8« 
VitembergcB^ 1541. 

FRANK. De Persidis lingua et genio. 8° Norim. 1809. 

. Fragmente eines Versuchs uber dynamische Spracherzeugung nach 

Vergleichungen der Persischen, Indischen, und Teutschen Sprachen 
und My then. 8° Niimb. 1813. 

FRASER (Archibald), of Ltovat. See Anonymous. Annals of such 
patriots of the family, &c. 8° 1795. 

FRASER (Archibald Campbell.) See Anonymous. Short thoughts 
on the present price of provisions. 8° 1800. 

FRASER (C). History of the war in Bosnia during the years 1737-8-9 : 
translated from the Turkish. 8° London, 1830. 

. See Omer Effendi of Novi. History of the war in Bosnia. 8® 1830. 

. See Naima. Annals of the Turkish empire. 4® 1831. 

FREDEftiC II. of Prussia. Avant-propos de son histoire. See Hertz- 
berg (E. F. de). Memoire historique de la derniere annee, &c. 8° 

FREGOSO (Antonio) Phikremo. Dialogo di Fortuna. 8*» Ven. 

FREHERUS (Marquardus). De re monetaria veterum Romanorum, 
et hodiemi apud Germanos Imperii, libri duo ; accedit N. Oresmii 
Episc. Lexoviensis de origine et potestate, nee non de mutatione mone- 
tarum, liber subtilissimus : cum succincto tractatu ejusdem argumenti 
G. By el. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4° Lugd. 1605. 

. ; accedit P. Pithsei de palatinis observatio a Gallico translata. 

3 pts. in 2 vols. fol. Iffeidelb.'] 1612-13. 



FREHERUS ('Marquardus). Origines palatinse. i^" HeideIb.l6S6. 
. See Scaligerus ( J.), and F^erus (M.). Constantini Imp 

numismatis expositio. 4^ 1604. 
FREIGIUS (Joan. Thomas). Partitiones juris utriusque ; adjectae par- 

titiones feudales U. Zasii epitome deductae. 2 pts. in 1 vol. fol. Sasil. 

FREIGIUS (Thomas). See iEmylius (P.). De rebus gestb Francorum. 

fol. 1569. 
FREIRIUS (Pasch. Jos. Mellius). Historise juris civilis Lusitani liber 

singularis ; accedunt de jurecoiisultis Lusitanis, et recta patrii juris in- 

terpretandi ratione. 4^ Olisip, 1794. 

. . 4« Olisip. 1806. 

. Institutionum juris eriminalis Lusitani liber singularis. 4° Olisip. 

-. Institutionum juris civilis Lusitani liber i. de jure publico. 4° 

Olisip. 1794. 

.. 40 Olisip. 1797. 

.. Lib. II. de jure private. 4° 0/wip. 1794. 

.. 4° Olisip. 1799. 

-• Lib. III. de jure rerum. 4° 0/t«p. 1794. 
.. 4° Olisip. 1800. 

■ . Lib. IV. de obligationibus et actionibus. 4® Olisip. 1795. 

4« Olisip. 1800. 

FRENICUS (Franciscus). Collegium juris publici Imperii Romano- 

Germanici in Phil. And. Burgoldensis discursus historico-juridico-poli- 

ticos ad instrumentum pacis Caesareo-Suecicum conscriptos acce- 
dunt 1. Mantissa ad instrumentum pacis ; 2. Indiculus optimorum theo- 

logorum, &c. judicia referens. 4 pts. in 1 vol. [ Freistadii, ] 

FR^RE (Jean le). See Anonymous. Histoire (1*) de France, en- 

richie des plus notables occurrances, &c. fol. 1581. 
FRESNE (Charles du). See Joinville (J. de). Histoire de S. Louys. 

fol. 1668. 
FREYLINGHAUSEN (John Anastasius). An abstract of the whole 

doctrine of the christian religion. 8° Lond. 1804. 
FRIDERICH III. of Denmark. Lexregia; Danish, fol. [1665.] 
FRIDERICH IW. of Denmark. Lexregia; Danish, fol. [1709.] 
FRIDERICUS, Dux Saxonice. Epistolae. See Aventinus (J.). Imp. 

Henrici quarti vita, &c. 4° 1518. 

FRIDERICUS I. Jmperator. See Guntherus Ligurinus. De gestis, &c. 

fol. 1507. 
FRIDERICUS, Dtix Saxonice. Responsum datum legatis pontificis. See 

CEcolampadius (J.). Judicium de M. Luthero. 4® 1521. 
FRISCHLINUS (Nicodemus). See Calliraachus Cyreneeus. Hymni. 

4° 1577. 
FRCEREISENIUS (Joannes Leonardus). See Stoeber (E.). De stu- 

dio promovendi perfectionem aliorum. 4® 1744. 
FROIS (Aloysius). De rebus Japonicis historica relatio. 8** Mogun- 

tice, 1599. 
. Lettera annale del Giapone scritta al padre Generale della Compa- 

gnia di Ges^ alii 20 Feb. 1588. 8° Roma, 1590. 

Nova relatio historica de statu rei christianae in Japonia, et de 

Quabacundoni, hoc est monarchae Japonici, trucidatione. 8** MogunticBy 


FRONTIN (FRANfois). See Anonymous. Ruses (les) innocentes, dans 
lesquelles se voit comment on prend les oiseaux, &c. 4^ 1660. 

FRONTO (M. Cornelius). Opera inedita ; cum epistolis item ineditis 
Antonini Pii, M. Aurelii, L. Veri, et Appiani ; invenit et commentario 
notisque illustravit A. Maius. 2 pts. 8^ MedioL 1815. 

FROSSARDUS (J.), and COMINiEUS (P.). Duo nobilissimi GaUi- 
carum rerum scriptores (a J. Sleidano). 12** AmH. 1656. 

FROST (John). A translation of the statutes of the Royal Hanoverian 
Guelphic order, together with a list of the grand crosses, commanders 
and knighto. 8^ London, 1831. 

FRUGOLI ( Antonio). Pratica e scalcaria intitolata, pianta di delicati 
frutti da servirsi a qualsivoglia mensa di prencipi e gran signori. 4® 
Bamay 1631. 

FRY (Edmund). Pantographia ; containing accurate copies of all the 
known alphabets in the world ; together with an English explanation of 
the peculiar force or power of each letter ; to which are added speci- 
mens of all well-authenticated oral languages ; forming a comprehensive 
digest of phonology. 8® Land, 1799. 

FRYTH (John). A boke made by John Fryth, prj'soner in the Towr 
of London, answering unto M. More's letter, which he wrote against 
the fyrst lytle treatyse that Johan Fryth made concerning the sacrament 
of the body and blood of Christ : unto which boks are added in the 
ende the artycles of his examination before the bysshoppes of London, 
Winchester and Lincolne, in Paules Churche, for which J. Fryth was 
condempned and afler brente in Smytfilde, the forth day of July, 
1533. 8° Londouy 1548. 

FULGENTIUS (Fabius Claudius Gordianus), Episc. Ruspensis. 
Opera ; item opera Maxentii Johannis pulchra vetustatis monumenta. 
2 pts. in 1 vol. fol. Hagenau, 1520. 

FULGENTIUS (Planciades), Episcopus Carthaginensis? Mytholo- 
giarum libri tres ; adiunximus Pala^phatum de fabulis supra iidem con- 
fictis, P. Phasianino interpr. 8° Basil, 1536. 

FULGENTIUS PL ACI AD A [Planciades]. De prisco sermone. See 
Nonius Marcellus. De proprietate sermonum. 8® 1565. 

FULGOSUS (Bapt). De dictis factisque memorabilibus collectanea, a 
C. Gilino Latina facta, fol. MedioL 1509. 

• . L'anteros, ou contramour ; le dialogue de Baptiste Platine, centre 

les folles amours; paradoxes contre Tamour. 4** Par, 1581. 

FULLER (Thomas). The historic of the holy warre. fol. Cambridge, 


. The holy state, fol. Cambridge, 1642. 

FUMEE (Martin). Histoire gen^rale des troubles de Hongrie. vol. 

1.4*> Pam, 1608. 
FURSTENERIUS (CiESARiNus). De jure suprematus ac legalionis 

principum Germanorum. 8° 1677. 


GABIANI (ViNCENZo). I gelosi ; comedia. 18*» Ven. 1560. 
GABRIEL, Infanta of Spain. See Sallustius (C. C). La tjonjuracion 

de Catilina, &c. fol. 1772. 
GAETA (Francesco), Bishop of See Patrizi (F.). 
GAGUIN (Robert). Les grandes chrouiques, excellens faitz et ver- 


tueux gestes des Roys de France, translatees a la lettre de Lat. en 

nostra vulgaire Francoys. fol. Parisy 1514*. 
GALARDI (Ferd. ae), Raisons d'estat et reflexions politiqaes sur 

rhistoire et vies des roys de Portugal. 12^ Liigey 1670. 
GALATINUS (Petrus). De arcanb catholicse veritatis, in Hebraicis 

libris, prsBsertim in Talmud, inventis ; in defensionem Johannb Capni- 

onis editum. fol. OrihotuB Maris, 1518. 
GALE (RoGERUs). Numismatum Romanorum imperatonim et impera- 

trieum, omnium metallorum et magnitudinum, a Jul. CaBsare usque ad 

Heraclium Aug. series et valor. 4® Lond, 1780. 
GALE (Roger). See Anonymous. Registrum honoris de Richmond. 

fol. 1722. 
GALE (Samuel). Essay II. On the nature and principles of public 

credit fol. St. Augustine, Ecut Florida, 1784. 
GALE (Thbophilus). See Anonymous. True (the) idea of Jansenisme. 

\9^ 1669. 
GALE (Thomas). See Collections. Rerum Anglicarum scriptores. ' fol. 


. See Tatianus. Oratio ad Grsecos. 8** 1700. 

GALFRIDUS Monumetensis, See Sigibertus Gemblacensis. Chronicon. 

4° 1513. 
GALLARDI ( — ). See Anonymous. Reflexions sur les m^moires pour 

les ambassadeurs. 12^ 1677* 
GALLO (Paolo). Modello breve di contemplare il rosario di Maria 

Vergine. 4** Ven. 1586. 
GAMBIGLIONIBUS (Angelus de). (Tractatus Testamentorum.) 

fol. Venet. 1488. 
. Solennis et aurea lectura super libro f f Z>e appellatianibus. fol. 

Papice, 1495. 
GAMUCCI (Bernardo). Libri quattro dell* antichita della cittjl di 

Roma. 4° Venezia, 1565. 

. Antichita di Roma. 8° Ven. 1588. 

GANDINO ( Albertus de). Tractatus malefidorum, una cum apostillis 

noviter editis studio Bernardini ex Capitaneis de Landriano, Mediola- 

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12« 1597. 

. See Vega (G. de la). 

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and Antiraachus about the rites and ceremonies of the Church of En- 
gland. 4® London, 1605. 
GARDINER (Samuel). A sermon preached at the visitation held at 

High Wickham in the county of Bucks, May 16, 1671. 4** Lond. 


. Epistola, &c. See Sandius (C). Appendix addendorum, &o. 

40 1678. 


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compendio historial de las chronieas y universal historia de todos los 

reynos de Espana. 4 vols. fol. Barcelona, 1628. 
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8° 1699. 
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et Lusatiae, libri duo. 4° Basil. 1518. 
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4° Ven. 1583. 
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watch- word ; a meditation on Mark xiii. 87. 4** Land. 1619. 
GATTI (Alessandro). La caccia; poema nel quale si tratta della na- 

tura e degli affetti d' ogni sorte di fiere. 18° Londnij 1619. 
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GAVIN (Antoinb). See Anonymous. Frauds (the) of Romish monks 

and priests. 8*> 1691. 
. See Anonymous. Observations on a journey to Naples, Ac 8° 

GAZZERA (CosTANZo). Descrizione dei monument! Egizi del Regio 

Museo contenenti leggende Reali. 4° [TWtno, 1824. J 
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Ro. regiae majestatis illustriumque princ. electorum. 4° Argeni. 

GEDDES (Michael). Miscellaneous tracts. 2 vols. 8*» L(md. 

GEDDES (Alex.). Proposals for printing by subscription a new trans- 
lation of the Bible. 4*» London, 1788. 
. Several tracts against popery ; together with the life of A. de 

Luna. 8® Lond. 1715. 
CELL (Robert). SteUa nova, a new starre leading wise men unto 

Christ ; a sermon preached before the learned Society of Astrologers, 

Aug. 1, 1649. 4« London, 1649. 
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. La Circe. 8° Fiorenza, 1550. 

• La ingratitudine ; comedia. 8° Fior.\559. 

^ — . Lasporta; comedia. 8** Fiorenza, 1566. 

Lettura prima sopra lo Inferno di Dante. 8° Fiorenza, 1562. 

— . Lettura seconda sopra lo Inferno di Dante. 8° Fiorenza^ 


— . Lettura terza sopra lo Inferno di Dante. 8® Fiorenza, 1556. 

— . Lettura quarta sopra lo Inferno di Dante. 8° Fiorenza, 1558. 

— . La quinta lettura sopra lo Inferno di Dante. 8** Fiorenza 


— . La sesta lettura sopra lo Inferno di Dante. 8® Fiorenza^ 


— . Lettura settima sopra lo Inferno di Dante. 8® Fiorenza^ 

1561. ' 

- — . Prima lettione sopra una luogo di Dante nel xxvi capitol del 

Paradiso. 8** Firenze, 1549. 

— .^ Ragionamento sopra le difficulta del mettere in regole la nostra 

lingua. See Giambullari (P. F.). Delia lingua che si Fi- 
renze. 8° [1551.] 

— . Sopra " Donna mi viene spesso nella mente " di Petrarca. 8® 

Fiorenza^ 1549. 


GELLI (Giambattista). Sopra un sonetto di F. Petrarca. 8® Firenzey 

■ Sopra que* due sonetti del Petrarca che lodano il ritratto della sua 

Laura. 8° Fiorenza^ 1549. 
— • Sopra un luogo di Dante, nel xvi. canto del Purgatorio ; della 

creazione delFanima rationale. 8® Firenze, 1548. 
. La prima lettione sopra un luogo di Dante nel xxvi. capitolo del 

Paradiso. 8° Firenze, 1549. 
-. Cum notb et emendationibus J. F. Gronovii. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 8® 

Lugd. Bat. 1687. 
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. Noctium Atticarum commentarii. fol. BrixuB, 1485. 

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neam gesta sunt. See Xenophon. Omissa, &c. fol. 1 503. 
GENEBRIER (Claude). Histoire de Carausius, Empereur de la 

Grande-Bretagne, collegue de Diocletien et de Maximien, prouv6e par 

les medailles ; par occasion il y est parl6 de la guerre des Bagaudes 

sous la conduite d*Amandus, 4° Par, 1740. 
GENTILI (SciPio). Annotationi sopra la Gierusalemme Liberata di 

T. Tasso. 8® Leida, 1586. [On the title-page is written, Hyeronimo 

Groslotio Lis^aBO, Nobiliss™**. Amicissimo, ic, auctor dd.] 
GENTILIS (Albericus). De jure belli libri tres. IS® HanovicBy 1598. 

. De legationibus libri tres. 8° HanovuBy 1607. 

. Disputationum de nuptiis libri vii. 8® HanovicBy 1601. 

■ Disputationes duse; J. de actoribus et spectatoribus fabularum 

non notandis ; 11. de abusu mendacii. 8® Hanov, 1599. 
-. Hispanicse advocationis libri duo. 8° AmsL 1661. 

GENTILLET (Innocent). See Anonymous. Discours sur les moyens 

de bien gouverner un royaume. 8° 1576. 
GEORGIRENES (Jos.), Archbishop of Samos. A description of the 

present state of Samos, Nicaria, Patmos, and Mount Athos. 8° Lond, 

GEORGIUS BENIGNUS, Nazarenus Archtepiscopus. Defensio Jo. 

Reuchlini per modum dialogi edita. 4® \^ColonicB Agrippince^'] 

GEORGIUS Trapezuntius, De artificio Ciceronianae orationis pro Q. 

Ligario. See Squarzaficus (J.). Haec est pars Q. A. P., &c. fol. 


. See Trapezuntius (G.). 

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Saxon i as principes epistola. 4° 1523. 

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Romanorum commentarii. fol. 1553. 
GERSON (Joannes). De excommunicationis valore opuscula duo. 4° 

. De nieditatione cordis. 4° 

' . Tractatus de meditatione cordis. 4° [^Augustai^ 1488.] 

j^^ — . Trattato et resolutione sopra la validita delle scommuniche. 4**. 
' GESNERUS (CoNRADus). See Tatianus. Oratio ad Graecos. S"" 

GESUALDO (Giovanni Andrea). See Petrarca (F.). (Rime.) 4** 




GHERARDO (Giambattista). Dissertazione sopra il quesito: quaX^ 


debba essere il bilancio della popolazione e del commercio fra la citta 

e il suo territorio. 4° Mantova, 1772. 
GHIANETUS (Paulus). Vita. See Fontius (B.). Orationes, &e. 

GHIRARDACCI (Cherubino). Della historia di Bologna parte prima; 

con un catalogo de' sommi pontefici, imperatori llomani, et regi di 

Toscana, per dilucidatione di detta historia et una copiosissima tavola 

d' infinita articola importanti. fol. Bolog. 1596. 
GIACHARIUS (HiERON-xMus). See Clarus (J.). Receptarum sen- 

tentiarum opera, fol. 1600. 
GIAMBULLARI (Pier Francesco). De la lingua che si parla et 

scrive in Firenze ; et uno dialogo di G. B. Gelli sopra la difficulta dello 

ordinare detta lingua. 8® [^Pirenze^ 1551.] 

. Historia della Europa. 4?® Ven. 1566. 

GIAMBURLARI (Bernardo). See Medici (L.). Ballatette. 4^ 
GIANIACOMO ZENO Feltrense. La vita del magnifico C. Zeno, capi- 

tano della Republica Venitiana ; tradotte in volgare da F. Quirino. 8^ 

GIANNOTTI (DoNATo). Libro de la Republica de' Vinitiani. 8«. 
. See Contarini (G.). Delia republica e magistrati di Venezia. 8° 

GIANPIETRI (Francesco). Lettera sul miglioramento delle nostre 

commedie. 4® Napoliy 1819. 
GIBSON (Edmund). See Anonymous. Chronicon Saxonicum.^ 4® 

GIL (Alexander). Logonomia Anglica, qua gentis sermo facilius ad- 

discitur. 4?® Lond, 1621. 
GILD AS Sapiens [?]. QueroluS) sive Aulularia. See Plautus (M. A.). 

Comediae, iSrc. 8° 1610. 
GILIO (Giovanni Andrea). Topica poetica. 4** Ven. 1580. 
GILLIES (John). A view of the reign of Frederick II. of Prussia ; 
with a parallel between that prince and Philip II. of Macedon. 8° 
Lond. 1789. 

. See Aristoteles. A new translation of Aristotle's rhetoric, &e. 
8° 1823. 
GILLOT ( Jacques ). See Anonymous. Satyre Menippee. 8° 

GIORDANI (Pietro). Lettera sopra il Dionigi trovato dall* abate 

Mai. 8° Milano, 1817. 
GIOVANNI Fiorentino. II pecorone. 8° Milano, 1558. 
GIOVIO (Paolo). Gli elogi ; vite d' uomini illustri ; tradotte per L. 
Domenichi. 8** Venezia, 1560. 

• . Dialogo deir imprese militari et amorose ; et del S^ G. Symeoni ; 

con un ragionamento di L. Domenichi nel medesimo soggetto. 8** 
Lione, 1574. 

. La vita di Alfonso da Este, Duca di Ferrara, tradotta da G. Gelli. 

8® Venezia, 

' . Le iscrittioni poste sotto le vere imagini degli uomini famosi in 

lettere, tradotte di Latino da Hip. Orio. 8° Ven. 1558. 

. Lettere volgari. 8** Ven. 1560. 

. Libro dela vida de G. H. de Cordoba, llamado por sobrenombre 

el Gran Capitan, traduzida en Romance Castellano por P. B. Torrellas. 
12° Anvers, 1555. 


GIRALDI (Giovambattista). Commentario delle coee di Ferrara ^ 

de* principi d' Este. 8° Venetian [1556]. 
GIRALDI CINTHIO (Gio. Battista). Tragedie. 5 pte. in 1 vol 

8° Ven. 1583. 
GIRALDI (Lelio Gregorio). See Ziraldus (L. G.). 
GIRALDI (Giovambattista). Commentario delle cose di Ferrara, et 

de* prencipi da Este ; tratto dall' epitome di M. Gregorio Giraldi ; tra- 

dotto per L. Domenichi. 8® Venetia, 
. De Testat et suceez des affaires de France ; ensemble une som- 

maire histoire des seigneurs, comtes, et ducz d'Anjou. 8^ Parish 

GIRARD (Bernard du Ha ill an). Histoire de France, fol. Paris, 


. Histoire de la vie du Due d*Espernon. 3 vols. 12? Par. 1668. 

GIRARD (Guillaume). See Anonymous. History (the) of the life 

of the Duke of Espemon. fol. 1670. 
. Apologie de M. de Beaufort See Anonymous. M6moires de 

M. D. L. R., &c. 12« 1669. 
GIULIARI (Bartolommeo). Lettere concementi Fanfiteatro di Ve- 
rona. 8** Verona^ 1817. 
. Relazione degli scavi fatti nell* Anfiteatro di Verona Tanno 1819. 

8*» Verona, 1821. 
-. See Venturi (G.) and Giulari (B.). Lettere, &c. ' 8° 1817. 

GIUNTA (Bernardo di). Sonetti e canzoni di diversi antichi autori 

Toscani in dieci libri raecolte. 8** Pior. 1527. 
GIUSTI (Vicenzo). Irene; tragedia. 8° Ven. 1579. 
GIUSTINIANO (Agostino). Castigatissimi annali con la loro copiosa 

tavola della eccelsa et illustrissima republica di Genoa, fol. Genoa, 

1 537. 
GIUSTINIANO (Bernardo). Historia deir origine di Vinegia et 

delle cose fatte da Vinetiani; trad, da L. Domenichi. 8° Ven. 

. Historia dell* origine di Venetia, trad, da L. Domenichi. 8° Ven, 

GLANVILL (John). A further discovery of M. Stubbe, in a brief re- 
ply to his last pamphlet against J. G. 4° Lond. 1671. 
. Seasonable reflections and discourses in order to the conviction 

and cure of the scoffing and infidelitv of a degenerate age. 12^ Lond, 

.. The way of happiness represented in its difficulties and encou- 

ragements ; and cleared from many popular and dangerous mistakes. 

8*» Lond. 1670. 
GLANVILLA (Ranulphus de). Tractatus de legibus et consuetudini- 

bus regni Anglise. 8° Londini, 1604. 
. Tractatus de legibus et consuetudinibus regni Anglise. 12° 

GLARE ANUS (Henricus). Ad divumMaximilianum panegyricon; ejus- 

dem de situ Helvetiae ; de quatuor Helvetiorum pagis; pro justissimo 

Helvetiorum foedere panegyricon. 4** Basil. 1514-15. [The date 

on the title-page is 1514, and 1515 at the end.] 

. See Caesar (C. J.). Commentariorum libri octo. 8° 1583. 

. Chronologia. See Dionysius Halicam. Antiquitatum Rom. lib. 

XI. fol. [1588.] 


GLAREANUS (Henricus Loritus). See Ovidius (P. N.). Metamor- 
phoseon lib. xv. fol. 1549. 

fol. 1556. 

See Sallustius (C. C). Qucb extant 4® 1710. 

. See Suetonius (C. T.). De XII Ceesaribus, lib. viii. fol. 1610. 

. See Terentius (P.). Comcedise. fol. 1561. 

GLOVER (R.). Letter, &c. See Tumor (E.). A short view of the 
proceedings of committees and meetings held in consequence of the in- 
tended petition for exportation of wools. 4^ 1824. 

GNIDIUS (MATTHiEUs). Defensio Christianorum de cruce, id est, Luthe- 
ranorum, &c. 4° [^HctganoicBy 1520.] 

GOBBO di RiaUo. Malitie, astutie, inganni et assassinamenti che usano 
hoggi di le male femmine verso i poueri giovani. 8^ VeneUa^ 

GODEFROY (Theodore). Histoire de J. Boucicaut, Mar^chal de 
France, Gouverneur de Gennes, et de ses m^morables faicts en France^ 
Italic, et autres lieux, du regne des roys Charles V. et Charles VI. 
jusques en Tan 1408. 4*» Par. 1620. 

. Histoire du Chevalier du Bayard. 4** Par. 1619. 

GODOLEViEUS (WiLHELMUs). In T. Livii Patavini libros omnes qui 
extant, annotationes,castigationeset scholia; sunt vero horum authorum: 
H. Glareani, C. Sigonii, L. Valise, B. Rhenani, J. Velcurionis, T. Mo- 
relli, M. A. Sabellici, S. Gelenii, J. Saxonii, W. Godolevsei; quibus 
prseiixi sunt P. Lseti de antiquitatibus Romee ; J. B. Martiani Romse 
topographia ; P. Victoris de Romse regionibus ; cum orationibus Sa- 
bellici, P. Beroaldi et S. Nigri. 4 pts. in 1 vol. Franco/, ad Mcen. 

GODINEZ (Felipe). O el frayle ha de ses ladron, o el ladron, ha de ses 
frayle ; comedia. 4**. 

GODOFREDUS (Petrus). See Erasmus (D.). Adagiorum chiliades. 
fol. 1617. 

GODWIN (Francis), Bishop of Hereford. See Anonymous. Rerum 

Anglicarum Henrico VIII., Edwardo, &c regnantibus annates. 4** 


. De prsBSulibus Anglise commentarius. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4® LofuL 


GODWIN (George). On the obelisk of Luxor recently erected in Paris 
[from the Architectural Magazine]. 8® London, 1837. 

— 1-. The churches of London. 2 vols. 8vo. Land. 1838-40. 

GODWIN (Thomas). Romanae historiae anthologia ; an English expo- 
sition of the Roman antiquities. 4® Lond. 1655. 

. Moses and Aaron : civil and ecclesiastical rites, used by the 

ancient Hebrewes. 4® Lond. 1655. 

• . Antiquities. 4** Lond. 1658. 

GODWIN (William). Of population. An enquiry concerning the 
power of increase in the numbers of mankind, being an answer to Mr. 
Malthus's Essay on that subject. 8^ Lond. 1820. 
GOLDASTUS (Melch. H.). Monarchia S. Romani Imperii, sive trac- 
tatus de jurisdictione imperiali seu regia, et poutificia seu sacerdotali, 
a catholicis doctoribus conscripti. vol. i. and iii. fol. Hanov.\6\\~ 
GOLTZIUS ( HuBERTUs ). Thesaurus rei antiquarisB. 4° Antv. 


GOMARA ^Francisco Lopez de), HiBtoria de Mexico, con el descu- 

brimiento della nueva Espana. 19? Afwers^ 1554. 
. La hbtoria general de las Indias con todos los descubrimientos, 

y cosas notables que ban acaescido en ellas. 8° Anvers^ 1554. 
GOMECIUS (Alvarus). De rebus gestis a F. Xinienio Cisnerio, iomus 

III. fol. Praticcf, 1581. 
GOMES (Franc. Dias). Obras poeticas. 4° Lisboa, 1799. 
GOMEZ (Ant. Henriquez). La culpa del primero peregrino. 4** Roan, 

G0N(;:ALEZ de MENDO^A (Joan). Historia de las cosas mas nota- 

bles, ritos y costumbres del gran llcyuo de la China. 8® Anvers^ 

GONQALO de CORDOBA (Hernandes). See Cordoba y Aguilar 

(G. H.). 
GONGORA (Luis de). Todas las obras. Madrid, 1654. 
GONGORA y TORREBLANCA (Garcia de). Historia apologetica y 

descripcio del reyno de Navarra. fol. Pampl. 1628. 
GONTERY (J.) La vraye procedure pour terminer le different en 

matiere de religion. 8® Caeti, 1607- 
GONZAGA (LuiGi) di Nevers. See Nevers (L. G. de). 
GONZALEZ (Estevanillo). La vida y hechos de E. G. hom- 

bre de buen humor ; compuesto por el mesmo. 4° Amberes, 

GOODENOUGH (Samuel). A sermon preached before the House of 

Commons, Feb. 25, 1795. 4<* Lond. 1795. 
GOODHUGH (William). Motives to the study of biblical literature, 

in a course of introductory lectures. 8** Lond. 1839. 
GOOLISTAN-I-REHMUT. See Elliott (Charles). The life of Hafiz, 

&c. 8° L(mdon, 1831. 
GORDO (JoAQ. Jose Ferreira). Fontes proximas da compila9ao Filip- 

pina, ou indice das ordena9oes, e extravagantes, de que proximameoite 

se derivon o codigo Filippino. 4° Lisboa, 1792. 
GORDON (Thomas). History of the Greek revolution. 2 vols. 8° Zoiwf. 

GORE (Thomas). Catalogus in certa capitar sen classes, alphabetico 

ordine concinnatus, plerorumque omnium autho]*um, qui de re heraldica 

scripserunt. 4° Oxon. 1674. 
GORI (Anton Francesco). Osservazioni sopra due monument! anti- 

chi. See Anonymous. Catalogus numismatum musei Lefroyani. 8® 

GORIONIDES (Joseph). See Josephus. 

. See Josippus. 

. See Munsterus (S.). Tredecim articuli fidei Judaeorum. 8® 

GORIUS (Antonius Franciscus). Monumentum sive columbarium 

libertorum et servorum Liviae August© et Cspsarum Romae detectum 

in Via Appia anno mdccxxvi. descriptum et xx aere incisis tabulis 

illustratum ; adiectis notis A. M. Salvinii. fol. i^/Itw. 1727. 
GOSETO (Gabriel). Matinata amorosa. 8® Venetia, 1620. 
GOST (Hiob). See Collections. Vetustissimorum (ex) orthodoxorum 

patrum libellus. 4" 1528. 

GOTHQFREDUS (Jacobus). Diatribadejureprecedentiae. 4° GeneucB, 



GOTHOFREDUS (Jacobus). Discursus historicus ad legem Quisquis, 
Cod. ad L. Juliani Mc^estatis. 4° 

■ Symmachi vita. See Symmachus (G. A). Epistolarum, lib. x. 8*» 

GOTHOFREDUS (Dionysius). See Calvinus (J.). Lexicon juridicum. 

foL 1622. 
GOUGER (Robert). A letter from Sidney, the principal town of Au- 
stralasia; together with the outline of a system of colonization. 2 pts. 

in 1 vol. 12« Lond. 1829. 
GOULART (Simon). See Anonymous. M^moires (les) de la ligue, &c. 

8*» 1602. 
GOULD (Nathaniel). Sketch of the trade of British America. 8® 

London, 1833. 
GOULIANOFF (J. A.). Discours sur T^tude fondamentale des langues. 

8° Paris y 1822. 
GOULSTON (Theodorus). See Aristoteles. De poetica, liber. 4° 1623. 
GOVEANUS (Manfredus). See Clarus (J.). Receptarum sententia- 

rum opera, fol. 1600. 
GOVEANUS (Antonius). See Terentius (P.). Comoedioe. fol. 1561. 
GOWER (Foote). See Anonymous. A sketch of the materials for a 

new history of Cheshire. 4?° 1771. 
GRADE (Jo. Ernest.). Spicilegium SS. Patrum ut et HsBreticorum 

seculi post Christum natum, i. ii. & iii. vols. i. & ii. 8° Oxon. 


■ Epistola ad J. Millium, qua ostenditur, libri Judicum genuinam 
LXX Interpretum versionem eam esse, quam MS. Cod. Alexandrinus 
exhibet ; Romanam autem editionem, quod ad dictum librum, ab ilia 
prorsus diversam, atque eandem cum Hesychiana esse ; subnexa sunt 
tria novae tQv 6 edition is specimina, cum variis annotationibus. 4^ 
Oxan. 1705. 

GRABERG de HEMSO (Jacques). La Scandinavie vengee de Taccu- 
satiou d'avoir produit les peuples barbares qui detruisirent Tempire de 
Rome. 8'^ Lyon, 1822. 

. Su la faLsita delF origine Scandi nava data ai popoii detti Barbari 

che distrussero Vimpero di Roma. 8° Pisa, 1815. 

GRACIAN (Lorenzo). Obras. 2 vols. 4° AmbereSj 1669. 

GRiEVIUS (Joannes Georgius). See Lucianus Samosatensis. Opera. 

8« 1787. 
GRAFFIIS (Jacobus de), Decisiones aureae casuum conscientiae. 2 vols. 

4,^ Ven. 1596. 
GRAHAME (James). The history of the rise and progress of the 

United States of North America, till the British revolution in 1688. 

2 vols. 8° Lond. 1827. • 
GRAM AYE (Jo. Baptist a). Asia, sive historia universalis Asiaticarum 

gentium et rerum domi forisque gestarum, a cujusque origine ad haec 

tempora, mixti passim sacri profanique ritus. 4° Aniv, 1604. 
GRANADA (Luys de). Contemptus mundi, nuevamente roman9ado y 

corregido. 18** Anvers, 1586. 
. Fiori spirituali raccolti da tutte le opere spirituali del R. P. F. 

Luigi di Granata. 12« Ven. 1578. 
. Trattato delV oratione et della meditatione. Ital. per V. Buondi. 

12« Ven. 1575. 
GRANDCHAMP (J. L.). Essai philosophique : jusqu* ji quel point les 

traitemens barbares exer^es sur les animaux interessent-ils la morale 


publique ; et conviendrait-il de faire des lois a cet 6gard ? 8® Parisy 
an XII. [1804-]. 

GRANDI (GuiDo). Nobilissimo atque eruditissimo viro H. Newton, 
Anglorum reginae apud regiam celsitudinem M. Duels Etruriae ablegate; 
prid. Kal. Feb. 1710. 4^ 

. Epistoia de paiidectis ad J. Averanium. 4?** Floreni. 1727. 

. VindicidB pro sua epistola de pandectis adversus querelas et op- 

pugnationes B. Tanuccii. 4° Pisis^ 1728. 

GRANDPR:^ (Louis-Mar. Jos. O'Hier de). Abr6g6 616mentaire de 
geographie physique. 8° Paris^ 1825. 

GRANPRETRE. Lettera intorno alle monete Aragonesi ultimamente 
trovate neila Cupa di S. Efrem, 4° Napoliy 1819. 

GRANDVAL (Marcus de), Ecclesiae catholicae non tres Magdalenas 
sed unicam colentis, apologia seu defensorium. (Paris,) 1518. 

GRASSO (NicoLo). Eutychia; comedia. 12° Roma, 1524. 

GRASSMANN (Gottfried Ludewig). Abhandlungen iiber die allge- 
meine Stallfutterung des Viehes, und die Abschaffung oder Beybehal- 
tung der Brache ; nebst einer Vorrede des Staatministers Grafen von 
Herzberg. 8° Berlin, 1788. 

GRATIANUS. Decretum, universi juris canonic! pontificias constitu- 
tiones et canonicas brevi compendio complectens. fol. Ven, 1567. 

GRATIANO de LUCCA. Frotola nova contra Venitiani. 4*». 

GRATIUS (Ortwinus). Epistola apologetica .... ad obscuram Reucn- 
linistarum cohortem, citra bonorum indignationem missa. 4*^ Colanue, 

See Anonymous. Lamentationes obscurorum virorum. 4** 1518. 

GRAZZINI (Anton-Franc). Comedie. 6 pts. in 1 vol. 8° Ven. 

GREAT-HEAD (Robert). See Robertus Episcopus Lincolniensis. 

GREAVES (John). Miscellaneous works ; 1st, Pyramidographia, a de- 
scription of the Pyramids of Egypt ; 2nd, a discourse on the Roman 
foot and denarius ; letters, poems, and observations in his traveb in 
Italy, Turkey and Egypt ; a description of the Grand-Seignor's seraglio ; 
to which are added Reflections on Pyramidographia by an anonymous 
author ; a dissertation upon the sacred cubit of the Jews and the cubits 
of several nations, translated from the Latin of Sir I. Newton ; to the 
whole is prefixed an account of the life of the author, by T. Birch. 
2 vols. 8** Lond. 1737. 

GREEN (Benjamin Richard). A numismatic atlas of ancient history, 
comprised in a series of twenty-one plates, containing a selection of 
360 Grecian coins of kings, disposed in chronological order, from the 
earliest period to the beginning of the fourth century, from the work of 
Havercamp, Pellerin, Duane, Visconti, Coombe, Mionnet, &c. ; accom- 
panied with descriptive letter-press, fol. Lond, 1829. 

GREENWOOD (John). See Barrowe (H.). A plaine refutation of 
M. Giflard s booke of a treatise against the Donatistes. 4° 1591. 

GREFFLINGERN (George). Ethica complementoria ; das ist Com- 
plementir-Biichlein. 18** Germ, 1660. 

GREGOIRE (Henri). De la domesticity chez les peuples anciens et 
modernes. 8° Par, 1814. 

. Histoire des sectes religieuses. 2 vols. 8** Par. 1814. 

GREGORIUS, Nazianzenus, De amandis pauperibus ; ad virginem ad- 
monitorius; laudes Maccabaeorum ; interprete J. GBcolampadio. 4^ 
Aug. Vindel. 1519. 


GREGORIUS, Nazianzcnus. De theologia libri quinque nuper e 
Grseco in Lat. a P. Mosellano Protegense traducti. fol. Basil. 


« De moderandis disputationibus sapientissimus senno ; J. CEcolam- 

padio interprete. 4«° Aug. Vindel. 1521. 

Miracula secundum Matthaeum, Parabolae enigmata, miracula se- 

cundum Johannem, Lucam, Marcum, parabolae quatuor Evangelistarum. 
See Ammonius Saccas Alexandrinus. Evangelicae historiaB... narratio. 4^ 
— . Orationes lectissimse xvi ; Gr. 8° Ven. 1516. 

In natalitia Christ! festa sermo ; P. Mosellano interprete. 4° Co- 

lonicB, 1518. 

— . See Basilius M. et Gregorius Nazianzenus. Epistolae, &c. 8° 1528. 
— . Orationes xxx ; Bilibaldo Pirkheimero interprete. 2 pts. fol. Ba- 
sil. 1531. 

Orationes sex ; B. Pirckeymhero interprete. 4® Norimb. 1521. 

[With some autograph emendations by the translator.] 

Sermo in secunda encenia ; P. Melancthone interprete. 4** JSV- 

phurdicBy 1519. 

GREGORIUS I. Epistolae. fol. Ven. 1504. 

GREGORIUS IX. Decretales, cum epitomis, divisionibus, et glossis or- 
dinariis. fol. Ven. 1567. 

. Decretales : cum summariis suis et textuum divisionibus, ac etiam 

rubricarum continuation ibus. fol. Ven. 1491. 

GREGORIUS (Petrus). De Republica. 4° Pontimussaniy 1596. 

. De republica ; tomus alter. 4® Pontimussani, 1596. 

. Eruditi aliquot et mirae frugis sermones in Pascha ; in dictum Mat- 

thaei, cum consummasset Ihesus sermones, &c.; laudes Cypriani mar- 
tyris, CEcolampadio interp. ; oratio CEcolampadii de expostulatione 
Christi cum Petro ablutionem pedum recusante. 4® Augustce Vindd. 

GREGORIUS, NeoccBs. Epis. In Ecclesiastem Salomonis metaphrasis; 
interprete CEcolampadio. 4° Aug. Vindel. 1520. 

GREGORIUS (Petrus). Syntagma juris universi, atque legum pen^ 
omnium gentium et rerum publicarum praecipuarum in tres partes di- 
gestum. fol. Franco/, ad Mcenuniy 1599. 

GREGORIUS, Nycenus. Mystica Mosaicae vitaR enarratio ; G. Trape- 
zontio interprete. 4® Basil. 1521. 

GREGORIUS, Turonicus. Historiae Francorum libri decem. 8° J9a- 
silecBy 1568. 

GKEGOBll]^, Archbishop of Corinth. Uepi^taKeKTUiv. fol. IMediol. 
1493 ?]. [A fragment of 20 leaves, with sig. a — y, the two first of six 
leaves each and the last of eight, sig. y iii occurring twice. No numbers, 
date, or colophon. It is part of Chalcondylas*s Erotemata, printed together 
with Moschopulus*s prosody at Milan about 1493. It is a mistake to give 
the signatures in capitals and to suppose each sheet of six leaves only.] 

GRENTEMESNIL (Jacobus Palmerius a). See Palmerius a Grente- 
mesnil (J.). 

GRETSCH (Nicolas). Grammaire raisonn6e de la langue Russe, pr6- 
cedie d'une introduction sur V histoire de cet idiome de son alphabet et 
de sa grammaire ; ouvrage traduit du Russe et arrange pour la langue 
Francaise par C. P. Reiff. vol. 1. 8« St. P^tersbourg, 1828. 

GRETSERUS (Jacob.). Bavius et Maevius: ille, ut delirus alchymista, 
antimonio; hie, tanquam insipiens praedicans, helleboro nigro curatus^ ut 


tandem expurgato cerebro intelligat, quis sit controversiarum fidei judex 

et quae norma ; accessit portiuncula quaedam hellebori pro male sano 

capite cuiusdam peedotribse Witebergensis et Lithi Miseni Calvinistae. 

4° IngolsL 1605. 
GRETSERUS (Jacob.). Considerationum ad theologos Venetos libri 

tres, de immunitate et libertate eeclesiastica. ^^ IngolsU 1607. 
GRETZINGER (Benedictus). Ein uniiberwindtlich beschirm Buchlein 

von haubt Artickeln und furnemlichen Puncten der Gotlichen GeschrifR 

auss dem Alten und Newen Testament. 8**. 
GREYFFENBERGER (Hans). Die Welt sagt sy sehe kain Besserung 

vonn den die sy Luterisch nennet was Besserung sey ein wenig bierin 

begrifFen. 4°. 
GRIEB (Leonhardujs). Oratio. See Julius II. papa. Bulla tertias (et 

IV.) sessionis habitse in Sacrosancto Concilio Lateranensi, &c. 4^. 
GRIELMANS (Johannes). Unterricht und Ermanung an die Christ- 

lich Gemeyn zu Cottbus. ^'^ 1523. 
GRIFFITH (Michel). See Alfordua (M.). 
GRIMALDI (Pelegro dt). Diseorsi ne' quali si ragiona di quanto far 

debbono i gentilhuomini ne* servigi de' lor signori, per acquistarsi la 

gratia loro. 8° Few. \S^^^• 
GRINFIELD (Edward William). The nature and extent of the 

Christian dispensation, with reference to the salvability of the Heathen. 

8° Lond, 1827. 
GRONOVIUS (JoH. Fred.). Observationum liber novus. 12° Da- 

ventrice, 1652. 

. Observationum libri tres. 8° Lugd. Bat, 1662, 

. See Gellius (A.). Noctes Atticse, &c 8« 1687. 

GRONOVIUS (Jacobus). See Lucianus Samosatensis. Opera. 8° 1687. 

. See Polybius. Historiarum libri qui supersunt. 8** 1670. 

GRONOVIUS (Janus Fridericus). See Sallustius (C. C). Qusb extant. 

4° 1710. 
GROSLEY (Pierre-Jean). See Anonymous. Londres^ 12** 1770. 
GROSSON (J. B. B.). Recueil des antiquites, et monumens Marseillois, 

qui peuvent interesser Thistoire et les arts. 4° Marseille^ 1773. 
GROTIUS (Hugo). See Capella (M. M. F.). Satyrieon. 8° 1599. 

See Lucanus (A. M.). Pharsalia. 18° 1627. 

. 12« 1651. 

. Annales et historiae de rebus Belgicis. 12° AmsteL 1658. 

. Apologetieus eorum qui HoUandioB Westfrisiseque et vicinis qui- 

busdam nationibus ex legibus prsefuerunt ante mutationem quae evenit 

anno 1618. 12° Par. 1665. 

Baptizatorum puerorura institutio ; accesserunt Graeca metaphrasis 

a Wise et Anglicana versio a Goldsmith. Loiidini, 1647. 

— . De imperio summarum potestatum circa sacra. 12° Paris, 1648. 

— . De jure belli ac paeis. 4° Amst, 1631. 

— . 8° Amst. 1650. 

De mari libero, et P. Merula de maribus ; [to which is added] 

M. Z. Boxhornii apologia pro navigationibus HoUandorum adversus P. 

Heuterum. 18° Lugd. Bat. 1633. 

— . De veritate religionis Christianae. 12° Oxon. 1639. 

Verantwoordingh van de Wettelijcke Regieringh van HoUandt 

ende West-Vrieslant, midtsgaders einighernabuyrighe Provincien,sulckx 
die was voor de Veranderingh gevallen in den Jare 1618. 4° 1622. 
GROTO (LuiGi). La prima parte delle rime. 8° Ven. 1577. 


GROTO (LuiGi). La Emilia ; comedia- 18« Ven. 15SS. 

. Le orationi volgari. 4® VeneziOf 1598. 

GRUTERUS (Samuel). , Funeralia Man® II. Britanniarum D. G. Re- 

ginae, Guilielmi III. augustse conjugis. fol. Harlemi, 1695. 
GRUTERUS (Janus). Inscriptiones antiquae totius orbis Romani ; ac- 

cedunt notae Tyronis ac Senecae. 2 pts. in 1 vol. fol. [Pam, 1600]. 

. See Sallustius (C. C). Quae extant 4«» 1710. 

. See Seneca (L. A.), a M. A. Mureto correctus. fol. 1594*. 

GRUGER (L. A.). De la liberty physique et morale. 8^ BruxelleSy 

— . Examen critique d'un mimoire de M . P. Leroux intitul6 : Du 

bonheur. 8^ Neither place, nor date. 
GUADALAJARA y XABIERR (Marcos). Quarta (y) quinta parte 

de la historia pontifical general. 2 vols. fol. Carago^ and Madrid^ 

1612 and 1630. * 

GUALDO PRIORATO (Galeazzo). Historia universale delle guerre 

successe nell'Europa dall' anno 1630 sino all' anno 1640. 2 vols. 8° 

Geneva, 1642. 
GUARGUANTE (Horatio). L'eccellenze della gloriosa vergine Ma- 
ria. See Tansillo (L.V Le lagrime di S. Pietro, &c. 8« 1618. 
GUARINI (GuARiNo). Veronensis Erotemata ; Gr. ; Aifiaviov trofpurTov 

'EwLffToXifxaioi x^paKT, 2 pts. in 1 vol. 8** Rhegii Lingcb, 1501. 
GUARINI (Battista). Rime. 12^* Ven. 1599. 

S"" Ven. 1615. 

. II pastor fido ; xxvii. impressione ; con un compendio de la poesia 

tratto dai duo Verati per opera dell' autore. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4® Ven. 


. II Pastor fido; rime. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 18° 1639. 

With an addition of divers poems concluding ^ith a dis- 

course of the long civil warres of Rome; by Sir R. Fanshawe. 8* 

Lond. 1664. 

— • Lettere. 8*> Ven. 1599. 

II segretario. 4'^ Ven. 1600. 

GUARINUS (Baptista). De ordine docendi ac studendi. 4**. 
GUARNA (Andrea). See Andreas Salernitanus. 
GUARNIERI (Flaminio). L'intrico; comedia. 8° Rimini, 1581. 
GUAZZO (Stefano). Dialoghi piacevoli. 4° Ven. 1586. 

. Dialoghi piacevoli. 8° Ven. 1604. 

. La civil conversatione. 4** Brescia^ 1574. 

. . 8« Fen. 1604. 

GUENOYS (Pierre). La conference des ordonnances royaux distribute 

en XII livres k F imitation du Code, avec annotations et observations. 

fol. Par. 1596. 
GUENOYS et CHARONDAS le CARON (L.). La conference des 

ordonnances royaux. fol. Par. 1607. 
GUESCLIN (Bertrand du). Histoire. See Hay (P. du C). Histoire 

de, &c. fol. 1666. 
GUEST (Edwin). A history of English rhythms. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 

GUEVARA (Antonio de). Obispo de Mondonedo. Libro aureo de la 

vida y cartas de Marco Aurelio Emperador ; y anadida la vida de M. 

A. y de su companero L. Comodo Vero Antonino sacada al pie de la 

lettra de la historia la qual compuso P. Mexia. 8° Barcelona, 1647. 
~— . Epistolas familiares. 2 vols. 8'* Anvers, 1633. 




GUEVARA (Pbtrus Velleius). Ad legem primam digestorum, libri 
vi ; ejusdem ad titulum De off. Pnesidis coramentarii ; de definitione 
doli mali, liber singularis. 2 pts. in 1 voL 4*^ SaiamaniieiBy 1569* 

Aviso de' favoriti e dottrina de' cortegiani ; trad, dal Spagnuolo. 
S"" Venetia, 1581. 

Lettere, trad, di Spagnolo^ da A. Ulloa. 4° Ven, 1585. 

. Oratorio de religiosos y exercicio de virtuosos. 8® Anvers^ 1569. 

GUGLIELMO, Arcivescavo di Tiro. Historia della guerm sacra di Gie* 
rusalemme, della Terra di Promissione, e quasi di tutta la Soria ricu- 
perata da' Christiani : la quale continua ottantaquattro anni per ordine 
sin' al regno di Baldoino iiii ; tradotta in Ling. Ital. da G. Horologgi. 
4^^ Ven. 1562. 
GUICCIARDINI (Francesco). Dell' historia libro deeimoquinto [e 

XVI]. pp. 717-819. 4° [ Veneiia, 1567]. 
. La historia d' Italia lib. i.-viii. 4** VineffiOy 1568. 

La historia d' Italia, vol. ii. S"* 1621. 

— — 2 vob. 4^ Ven. 1592. 

Reduced into English, by G. Fenton. fol. Lond. 1599* 

La historia d' Italia riscontratA con tutti gli altri historici et Autori^ 
che deir istesse cose habbiano scritto^ per T. Porcacchi. 2 pts. in 1 rol. 
4*» Ven. 1583. 

. 4*» Venet. 1587. 

— . I quattro ultimi libri dell' historia d' Italia. 4^ Vineffia^ 1568. 
— . See Sansovino (F.). Dell' epitome dell* historia d' Italia lib. xx* 
8° 1580. 

Detti e fatti piacevoli et grari^ di diversi principi, filosofi, e oorti- 
giani, raccolti. 8° Ven. 1569. 

I precetti et sententie piii notabili in materia di Stato. 4^ An- 

versa, 1585. 
GUICCIARDINI ( Francesco ), LOTTINI ( G. F. ) e SANSO- 

VINI (F.). Propositioni, overo considerationi in materia di cose di 

Stato. 4° Fme^.1588. 
GUICCIARDINI (LoDOVico). Commentarii delle cose pid memorabili 

seguite in Europa, specialmente in questi Paesi BassC dalla pace di 

Cambria, del mdxxix, insino a tutto Tanno mdlx. 4f* AnvirsOf 1565. 
GUIDICCIONI (Lelio). Breve racconto della traspoftatione del corpo 

di Papa Paolo V. dalla basilica di S. Pietro a quella di S. Maria Ms^-' 

giore, con I'oratione recitata nolle sue esequie, et aleuni yersi posti n^' 

apparato. fol. Roma, 1628. 
GUIETUS (Franciscus). See Lucianus Samosatensis. Opera. 8® 


GUIGNES (Joseph de). See Deguignes (J.). 

GUILLAUME Prince d^ Orange. Apologie ou defense de G. Prince de 
Orange, centre le ban et 6dict public par le Roi d' Espaigne, par le- 
quel il proscript le diet seigneur Prince : dont apperra des calumnies et 
faulses accusations contenues en la dicte proscription [supposed to 
have been written by H. Languet]. 4° [Zcycfew,] 1581. 

GUILIARI. Riflessioni intorno ad una lettera dell' Abate Venturi sopra 
I'anfiteatro di Verona. 8° Verona^ 1817. 

GUILLIM (John). A display of heraldry ; also a true register of the 
blazons of all the knights of the garter^ as also of all the baronets. 2 pts. 
in 1 vol. fol. Lond. 1664. 

GUIMUNDUS, Archiep. Aversani. De veritate Corporis et Sanguinis 
Christi in Eucharistia, tres insignis eruditionis libri. 3^ FrUmrffi. 1580» 


GUIOTTUS (Joannes). See Clarus (J.). Receptarum sententiarum 

opera, fol. 1600. 
GUISE (Samuel). A catalogue of Oriental manuscripts collected in 

Indoostan. 8^ London, 
GUISE (Henri de Lorraine de). Coppie d'une lettre 6scrite au roy, 

et extraict d'une autre aux princes et seigneurs Fran9ois le 1 7 iour de 

May dernier (1588). 8« Pan>, [1588]. 
GUISE (Henry de Lorraine IL de), M^moires. 2 vols. 12<* Co- 

logne^ 1668« 
GULIELMUS, Neubriffensis, Rerum Anglicarum libri quinque. 8® 

AntverpiiSy 1567* 
GUNDELIUS (Philippus), In divum Csesarem Maximilianum epice- 

dion. 4}^ Viennm Austrue, 1520. 
GUNTON (Symon). The history of the church of Peterburgh ; set forth 

by S. Patrick- foL Lond. 1686. 
GUTHERIUS (Jacobus). De jure manium, seu de ritu, more, et legi- 

bus prisci funeris, libri tres. 12° Lipsus^ 1671. 
GUTIEREZ (Joannes). Practicarum qusestionum civilium super 

quinque prioribus libris primae partis legum novse collectionis regiee 

Hispaniae, liber i. et ii. (iii. iv. et v.). 2 vols. fol. Franc^, 1607. 
GUYETUS (Franciscus). See Ph»drus (J.). Fabularum ^^opiarum 

libri quinque. 8« 1673. 
GWILT (Joseph and John). Project for a National Gallery, on the 

site of Trafalgar Square, Charing Cross. 8^ Lond. 1838. 
G WYNNE (Matth^us). Vertumnus, sive annus recurrens, a Joan- 

nensibus in scena irecitatus, ab uno scriptus. 4° Lond, 1607* 


HADRIANUS VI. Papa, Vita. See Moringus (G.). Vita, &c. 4.« 

Copia Brevium S. D. N. D. Papse ad Illust. Dom. Franciscum 


Mariam, Urbini Ducem. 12<» 1522. 
- — ^ Instrumentum acceptationis electionis S. D. N. Adriani; una cum 

executionibus ejusdem in Urbe Roma factis ; ac epistola ad Sacrum 

Collegium Caidinalium. 12'> 1522. 
HAER (Florentii/s van der). See Anonymous. Antiquitatum litur- 

gicarum arcana. 8^ 1605. 

Moost'ujab Khan Buhadoor. The Life of. 8<> 1831. 

. Persian lyrics ; or scattered poems, from the Diwan-I-Hafiz, with 

paraphrases in verse and prose (by J. H. Hindley)< 4^ Londony 

HAGER (Johannes). Nachricht yon einer merkwiirdigen litterarischen 

Betriigerey^ auf einer Reise nach Sizilien im Jahre 1794<. 4^ Leips. 

«- — • Relation d'une insigne imposture litteraire d6couverte dans un 

voyage en Sicile en 1794. 4** Erlangy 1799. 
HAGER (Michael). Tractatus de singularitate Antichristi contra 

nostri temporis haereticos. 8^ IngoUtad, 1580. 
HAGGARD (W- D.). Observations on the standard of value and the 

circulating medium of this country. 8® London^ 1840. 
HAILLAN (Bernard Girard du). See Girard (B. du H.). 
HAITHONE Armeno, Historia delle parti d' Oriente. See Nicetas da 

Chone. Historia degl' imperatori Greci. 4^ 1562. 



HAJI Khalifeh. The history of the maritime wars of the Turkic, trans* 
lated from the Turkish by J. Mitchell, chap. i.-iv. 4® LoTtdoUy 1831. 

HAJI MUSTEFA. See Mir Gholam Hussein-Khan. The sujar-ul- 
mutakherin, &c. 8° 1832. 

HAKEWILL (George). Scutum regium, id est, adversus omnes regi- 
cidas et regicidarum patronos, ab initio mundi usque ad interitum 
Phocse Imp. circa annum ab iucam. Domini 610> Ecclesiae Catholics 
consensus orthodoxus. 8® Lond. 1612. 

HALES {Sir Matthew). On the institution, power, and jurisdiction 
of parliaments. 8° London^ 1707 > 

HALFORD (Sir Henry). An account of what appeared on opening 
the coffin ot King Charles I. at Windsor, on the 1st of April, 1813. 4° 
Land. 1813. 

HALL (Basil). Forty etchings, from sketches made with the camera 
lucida in North America in 1827 and 1828. 4^ Edinb* and Land, 

HALLAM (Henry). See Inglis (Sir R. H.) and Hallam (H.). Sur- 
vey of the principal repositories of the public records. foL 1833. 

HALLIWELL (J. O.). The early history of Freemasonry in England. 
8° London, 1840. 

HALOANDER (Gregorius). See Justinianus Imperator. Codicis....... 

lib. xii. fol. 1530. 

HAMILTON ( — ). Collections of engravings from ancient vases disco- 
vered in sepulchres in the kingdom of the Two Sicilies, published by 
Tischbein; Eng. and Fr. 3 vols. fol. London, 1791-5. 

HAMMEN Y LEON (Lorenzo van der), Don Filipe el prudente, se- 
gundo deste nombre, rey de las Espanas y Nuevo Mundo. 4° Madrid, 

HAMMER (Joseph von). Ober die Landerverwaltung unter dem 
Chalifate. 8° Berlin, 1835. 

HAMMOND (Anthony). A letter to the members of the different 
circuits. 8® Lond. 1826. • . 

. The criminal code ; burglary, housebreaking and churchrobbing. 

fol. Lond. 1826. 

■ The criminal code ; coining, fol. London, 1825. 

. The criminal code ; forgery, fol. Lond. IS26. 

. The criminal code ; game laws. fol. London, 1828. 

The criminal code ; simple larceny, robbery, stolen goods, fraud, 

mischief, restitution and compensation. 3 pts. fol. London, 1828 

and 1829. 
HANWAY ( — ). An account of the society for the encouragement of 

the British troops in Germany and North America ; with motives to 

the making a present to those troops, also to the widows and orphans 

of such of them as have died at the battles of Thorhausen. 8** Lond, 

HAN KOONG-TSEU. See Davis (John Francis). Han, &c. 4« 

London, 1829. 
HARDIVILERIUS (Petrus). Actio, &c. See Anonymous. Eccle- 

siastica (de) et politica potestate. 12** 1612. 
HARDUINUS (Johannes). Nummi antiqui populorum et urbium il- 

lustrati. 4*» Par. 1684. 
HARDY (Thomas Duffus). See Records* Commission. Rotuli Nor- 

mannise. 8® 1835. 
HARPOCRATION (Valerius). Lexicon dec^m oratorum; Gr.; N. 


Blancardus: emendavit, Latin^ vertit, ac elenchum veterum scriptorum 
adjecit ; subjiciuntur P. J. Mausaci notse et dissertatio critica ; accesse- 
runt H. Valesii notae et animadversiones. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4f^ Lugd, 
Bat. 1683. 

HARPPRECHTUS (Johannes). Tractatus criminalis planam aliquot 
titulorum Justiniani institutionum explicationem complectens. \P Fran- 
cof. 1603. 

HARPSFELDIUS (Nicolaus). Historia Anglicana ecclesiastica ; ad- 
jecta narratione de divortio Henrici VIII. regis ab uxore Catherina, et 
ab ecelesia Romana diseessione, scripta ab E. Campiano ; nunc primum 
edit, a R. Gibbono. fol. Duaci, 1622. 

HARRINGTON (James). The commonwealth of Oceana, fol. Lond. 

HARRIS (James). The works of; with an account of his life and charac- 
ter by his son the Earl of Malmesbury. 2 vols. 4«° London, 1801. 

. Hermes ; or, a philosophical inquiry concernii|g universal gram- 
mar. 8° Lond. 1765. 

Three treatises ; the 1st, concerning art ; the 2d, concerning mu- 

sic, painting and poetry; the 3d, concerning happiness. 8^ Lond. 

HARTLEY (David). Observations on man, his frame, his duty, and 
his expectations. 2 vols. 8® Lond. 1749. 

HARTMANNUS (Philippus Jacobus). De rebus gestis Christiano- 
rum sub apostolis commentarius, in quo ex ipsis monumentis antiquis- 
simis deducitur hierarchiam pontificiam nee a Christo institutam, nee 
ab apostolis traditam. 4° BeroL 1699. 

HASSENSTAEN (Bohuslaus de). Opuscula quae hoc volumine con- 
tinentur ; ad Vuladislaum Pannonie et Boemie regem in funere Anne 
Regine conjugis elegia consolatoria ; elegia ad XIIII sanctos, quos 
vulgo auxiliatores vocant, de peregrinatione sua gracias agens ; ad Jo- 
annum Stumum Francum de Smalcaldia de avaricia libellus ; summos 
christianos principes contra Thurcas excitans adhortatorium carmen. 

HATERIANUS. See Virgilii Maronis interpretes veteres. 4° 1818. 
HAUGHTON (Graves Chamney). See Menu. Manava-dherma- 

sastra, or the Institutes of Menu. 4° 1825. 
HAUGHTON {Sir Graves C). The exposition of the Vedanta phi- 
losophy. 8° London, 1836. 
HAWENTREUTERUS (Joannes Ludovicus). See Zabarella (J.). 

Opera logica. 4® 1594. 
HAWKINS (B.). Germany ; the spirit of her history, literature, social 

condition, and national economy. 8® Lond. 1838. 
HAY (Paul du Chastelet). Histoire de B. du Guesclin, conn6stable 

de France et des royaumes de Leon, &c. fol. Par. 1666. 
HAYMO, Episc. Halberstatensis. In D. Pauli epistolas omnes interpre- 

tatio. 8*» Colon. 1539. 
HAYTON. Historia delle parti di Levante. See Nicetas da Chone. 

La historia degV imperatori Greci. 4° 1562. 

. Liber historiarum partium Orientis. 4** HaganocB, 1529. 

HAYWARDE (J.). The first part of the life and reigne of King Henrie 

the IIU. extending to the end of the first yeare of his raigne. 4^ Lond. 

HEARNIUS (Thomas). See Leland (J.). De rebus Britannipis 

collectanea. 6° 1715. 



HEATH (James). See Anonymous. Flagellum ; or the life tad death 

...of O. Cromwell. 8« 1663. 
HEATHFIELD (Richard). Elements of a plan for the liquidation of 

the public debt. 8« London, 1819. 
HEBERDEN (William). See Cicero (M. T,). Letters to Atticus, 

W" 1825. 
HEBERT (— ). Notice historique sur Moysant. 8° Cam, [1815]. 
HEDERICUS (Bbnj.). Greecum Lexicon manuals, labore S, Patrioii 

auctum ; repurgatum a vitiis, et uovis significatibus locupletatum cura 

J. A. Emesti ; recensitum et auctum a T. Morell ; editlo nova, cui ac- 

cedit magnus verborum numerus ex schedis P. H. Larcberi, cura R. 

Taylor. 4<« Londini, 1825. 
HEEREBOORD (Adrianus). 'Ep/ziyveia: logica; seu explicatio synops. 

logicae BurgersdiciansB ; accessit praxis loffica. 6^ ZiUgdf JBai* 1660. 
HEGENDORPHINUS (Christophorus), Declamatio in laudem 

ebrietatis, mire festiva, Lipsiae in corona virorum doctissimorum pro? 

nunciata; encomium Muscse e Luciano. 8^ Haganoa, 1526. 
. Somnium Spoudei de liberalium artium altercatione et prsBstantia; 

ejusdem sermo panegyricus in laudem sanctissifose et Virginia et martyris 

Catherinse ; ejusdem carmen quoddam de disputatione Lipsensi. 4° 

HEGESIPPUS. See JEgesippus. 
HEINROTH (J. C. A.). On education and self-formation (from the 

German). 12*» Lond. 1838. 
HEINSIUS (Daniel). Orationum editio nova ; acoedunt dissertationes 

aliquot, cum nonnulHs prsefationibus, editore N. Hdnsio. IQ^Amst. 1657* 

— . See Theocritus. Theocriti qusB extant. 4** 1604. 

. Dissertatio de Nonni Dionysiacis. See Nonnus Panopolitanus. 

Dionysiaca. 8° 1610. 

See Silius Italicus. De secundo bello Punico. 12^ 1600. 

HELIODORUS (iEthiopicorum libri x. Gr, et Lot. Jo. Bourdelotius 

emendavit, supplevit, ac libros decern animadversionum adiecit. 2 pts. 

in 1 vol. 8° Ltit. Par. 1619. 
. Historia delle cose Ethiopiche trad, da L. Glinoi. 8^ Ft». 

HELLYER (William Varlo). Tables on the representation of the 

Commons in Parliament. 8° Lond, 1828. 
HELOISSA Abbatissa Paracletensis, See Abaelardus (P.) and Heloissa. 

EpistolsB, &c. 8° 1718. 
HELVICUS (Christoph.). Synopsis bistoriaB universali9. 4° Giessa, 

. Theatrum historicum et chronologicum, oontinuatum et revisum 

a J. B. Schuppio. fol. Oivon* 1651. 
HEMSTERHCJYS (Fran9ois). See Anonymous. Aristae. 12° 1779. 
HENDREICH (Christoph.). Pandectae Brandenburgicas. fol. Bere- 

liniy 1699. 
HENELIUS (Christianus). Tractatus de aerario, siye de rationibus 

adquirendi principi pecuniam. 12° Franco/, 1670. 
HENNIKER (John). A letter on the origin, antiquity, and history of 

Norman tiles, stained with armorial bearings. 8° Lond. 1788. 
HENNIKER (John Major). See Major (J. H.). 
HENRI III. de France. La harangue faicte a Fouverture des trois estats 

g^n^raux de son royaume en sa ville de Blois le 16"*® iour d'Ootobre, 

1588. 8° Paris, 1588. 


HENRI 111, de Prafwe. Notables propos et remoDstranoe faicte en 

rassembl6e de ses estatz en la ville de Bloys. 8® [Pam,] 1588. 
■ ■ ■ *. Ordonnances sur les plainctes et doleances faictes par les deput&E 

des ^tats de son royaume, convoqu6z et assembl^z en la viUe de Bloys. 

8** Tours, [1580]. 
HENRI IV. de France, Edict sur la prohibition et piinition des qui- 

relies et duels. 8° Par, 1609. 
HENRICUS IV. Imperaior, Vita et epistolee. See Aventinus (Jo.). 

Imp. H. &c Vita,&c. 4<« 1518. 

HENRICUS VIII. AngliiB Rex, Ad Saxoniae principes de coercenda 

Lutherana factione, epistola ; item Duels Georgii ad eumdem rescriptio. 

40 lApsicB, [1523]. 
. Assertio septem saeramentorum adversus Martinum Lutherum. 

4P Antv, 1522, 

Copia originalis littere ad Leonem Papam X. misse, de pace p^ 

eum et Francorum regem inita. 4^. 

Responsio ad M. Lutherum heBresiaroham. See Lutherus (M.). 

Epistola ad Henrioum VIII. &c. S"* 1527. 

See Lutherus (M.). Epistola, &c ifi 1527. 

■ ' ■ » . 

HENRICUS (Martinus). Epicedion in obitum P. Melancthonis. 4° 

Viteb, J 560. 
HENRY IW.\^ England, Life. See Haywarde (X). The first part of 

the life &c, 4>° 1599. 
henry' Vm. Life. See Herbert (Lord E.). The life, &c. fol. 

HERALDUS (Desiderius). See Amobius (-^). Disputationum ad< 

versus gentes libri vii. 8** 1605. 
HERBERT (Edward), Lord Cherhury, Expeditio in Ream insulam ; 

publiei juris fecit T. Baldwinus. 8® Lomd, 1656. 
HERBERT (E.). The life and reign of King Henry the Eighth. foL 

LMid. 1672. 
HERBERT (Thomas), Earl of Pembroke and Mtmtgomery, See Pem- 
broke and Montgomery (T.), Earl of. 
HERDESIANUS (Henricus Petrus). Aulica vita et opposita huic 

vita privata. 8® Franco/, 1577» 
HEREFORD (John Britton^ BUhop of. See Britton (J.), Bi3hop of 

HEREFORD (Francis), Buhop of See Godwin (F.). 
HERI (Pellegrino). See David, King of Israel. Psalipi. 4?® 157S. 
HERMAS Pastor, See Barnabas Apostolus. Epistola catholica. 12® 

HERMIAS Philosophm. Irrisio gentilium philosophorum. See Cydo- 

nius. De contemnenda morte. fol. 1560. 
HERMIAS. Irrisio gentilium philosophorum. See Tatianus. Oratio 

ad Grsecos. 8° 1700. 
HERMOGENES Rhetor. De prseexercitamentis. See Priseianus. De 

octo partibus orationis, &c. fol. 14<70. 
"^ — . Le idee overo forme della oratione ridotte in questa lingua per G. 

Camilio ; s' aggiunge T artificio della Bucolica di Virgilio spiegato dal 

detto G. Camilio. 4° Vdine, 1594. 

Rhetorica. See Aphthonius. Ausonii prasludia. 8® 1515. 
Rhetorices compendium. See Aristoteles. Varia opera novis- 

sim^ traducta fol. 1504 
HERMOSSA y SALCEDO (Francisco Uoarte). Origen de I09 dos 



ffoviernos, divino, i humano, i forma de su exercicio en lo temporal, i® 

Madrid, 1655. 
HERNE (Samuel). Domus Carthusiana; or an account of the Charter- 
House ; with the life and death of Thomas Sutton, the founder thereof. 

8« Lond. 1677. 
HERODIANUS. Historia de lo imperio dopo Marco. See Suetonius 

(C. T.). Vita di Duodeci Imperatori. 8« 1529. 
■ Historiarum libri viii> recogniti et notis illustrati ; Gr. ^r J^ 

8° Oxon. 1678. 
. Historiarum lib. viii ; Gr, et Lai. ; cum A. Politiani interpret ; 

H. Stephani emendationes ; historiarum Herodianicas subsequentium 

libri duo (by Zosimus) ; Gr. et LaL [by Leunclavius] • 2 pts. in 1 vol. 

4« IParis,'] 1581. 

. Historiarum libri octo. See Xenophon. Omissa, &c. fol. 1503. 

HERODOTUS Halicamasseus. Historiarum lib. ix ; ejusdem narratio 

de vita Homeri; cum Valise interpretatione Latina historiarum ab H. 

Stephano recognita ; item excerpta e Ctesise libris de rebus Persicis et 

Indicis, et ex iisdem fragmenta auctiora ; Gr. et Lot. foL Franccf. 1608. 
. Herodoti Halicamasei libri novem (Laur. Vallen conversio.) ; de 

Grseco in Latinum. fol. BrixicB, 1494. [The colophon is Herodoti 

Halicarnasei patris historiae traductio e grseco in latinum per uirum 

eruditissimum Laurentium Valensem. Venetiis impressa per loannem 

& Gregoriu de Gregoriis Fratres. Anno domini m.ccccxciiii. die viii. 

Martii. - There are 134 folios numbered.] 

Tradotta per M. M. Boiardo. 8® Ven. 1565. 

. The history ; translated by I. Littlebury. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1709. 


HEREIN (Rene). Apologie pour la r^publique de J. Bodin. 8^ Lycn, 

HERRERA ^Fernando de). Algunas obras. 4"^ Sevilkh 1582. 
HERRERA (Rodrigo de). Comedia famosa; la fe no ha menester 

armas ; y venida dej Ingles a Cadiz. 4°. 
HERRERA (Antonio de). Descripcion de las Indias Ocidentales. 

8 vols. fol. Mad. 1601-16. 
. Primera (secunda y tercera) parte de la historia general del 

mundo desde el ailo de 1554, hasta el de 1598. 3 vols. fol. Vdlladolid, 

— . Tratadoy relacion, y discurso historico de los movimientos de 

Aragon sucedidos en los afios 1591 y 1592. 4° Madrid, 1612. 
HERRERA (Fernando). See Vega (G. de la). Obras, &c. 4« 1580. 
HERSCHfiL (Sir J. F. W.). Address to the subscribers of the Windsor 

and Eton Public Library. 8° Windsor, 1833. 
HERTZBERG (Ewald Fribderic de). Discours au jour de naissance 

du Roi. 8° IBerHn, 1788.] 
. Huit dissertations lues dans les assemblies de T Academic de 

Berlin, tenues pour Tanniversaire du Roi Fr6d6ric II. dans les ann^ 

1780-1787. 8° Berlin, 1787. 

M6moire historique sur la demi^re ann^e de la vie de Fr6d6ric 

II. avec Tavant-propos de son histoire ^crite par lui-meme. 8^ BerUn, 

M6moire historique de la premiere ann6e du regne de Fr^d^ric 

Guillaume II. 8° ^Berlin, 1787]. 

— . M6moire sur la quatri^me ann6e du regne de Fr6d6ric Guillaume 

JI' de P^sse, et sur la noblesse h6r^diti^re. 8^ IBerlm, 1790]. 


HERTZBERG (Ewald Fr^d^ric de), M^moire surla troisi^me ann6e 
du regne de Fr6d6ric Guillaume 11. de Prusse, et pour prouver que le 
gouvernement Prussien n'est pas d^potique. 8° [j&cr/iw, 1789]. 

. M6moire sur le r^gne de I*r6d6ric II. pour faire la preuve que le 

gouvernement monarchique peut ^tre bon et m^me pr6f6rable k tout 
gouvernement r6publicain. 8®[j&er&«, 1793.].^ 

. M^moire sur le vrai caractere d'une bonne histoire et sur la 

seconde ann6e du r^gne de Fr6d6ric Guillaume II. roi de Prusse. 8® 
IBerlin, 1788.]. 

M6moire sur les revolutions des 6tats, externes, internes, et religi- 

euses. 8<> [J?cr^'«, 1791.]. 

Recueil des deductions, manifestes, declarations, trait^s, et autres 

actes et 6crits publics, qui ont et6 redigls et publics pour la Cour de 
Prusse, parle Ministre d*Etat Comte de H. depuis le commencement de 
la guerre de sept ans, 1756, jusqu*^ celui de la guerre de Bavidre, 1778. 
2 vols. S^ Berlin. 

See Grassmann (G. L.). Abhandlungen liber die allgemeine 

Stallfutterung des Viehes, &c. 8® 1788. 

HERVAS (Lorenzo). Origine, formazione, meccanismo ed armonia 
degl* idiomi. 4** Cesena, 1785. 

HESSUS (Symon). Zeigt an Doct Martino Luther vrsach, \varumb 
die Lutherische biicher v5 den Coloniensern vnd Lovaniesem verbrent 

worden sein ; frag vnd antwort S. H. vnd M. Lutheri, neulich mit- 

einander zii Worms gehalten. 4** Brisgau^ 1421. 

HESYCHIUS. Dictionarium ; Gr. fol. Ven. 1514. [The pages of 
this, the first edit, of Hesychius are not numbered, but there are signa- 
tures from A to z, and a. b. At the register, after the catchwords : 
Quatemiones omnes praeter ultimum ternionem. Venetiis in ^dibus 
Aldi et Andreae Soceri Mense Augusto m.d.xiiii. The reverse is 
blank. Then a fol. with the avise on the reverse. The recto is blank. 

HEUTERUS (PoNTUs). See Selden (J.). Mare clausum. 8*> 1636. 

12*> 1533. 

HEYLYN (Peter). A help to English history. 12° Lond. 1671. 

Aerius redivivus: or the history of the Presbyterians, from 1536 
to 1647. fol. Lond. 1672. 

— . Cyprianus Anglicus ; or the history of the life and death of Wil- 
liam [Laud] Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, fol. Lond. 1671. 

The history of the reformation of the church of England ; from 

the first preparations to it by King Henry VIII., untill the legall settling 
and establishment of it under Queen Elizabeth, fol. Lond. 1674. 

HICKESIUS (Georgius). Institutiones grammaticae Anglo-Saxonicae 
et Moeso-Gothicae. 4° Oxon. 1689. 

HIEREMIAS, Pair. ConstantinopolU. Censura Orien talis Ecclesiae, 
de preecipuis nostri seculi haereticorum dogmatibus ; a St. Soccolovio 
ex Graeco in Latinum conversa. fol. Cracov. 1582. 

HIEROCLES, PhUosophus. Commentarius in aurea Pythagoreorum 
carmina (Facetiae, &c.) ; Gr. Lot. 8° London^ 1673- 

HIERONYMUS. Breue& utile; tractate di humilita. 4° Firenze.lWI. 

. Tractato, ouero sermone della oratione. 4** Firenzcy 1492. 

. De officiis liberorum erga parentes. See Plutarchus. De liberis 

educandis. 4^ 1485. 

. De viris illustribus. [Gennadius de viris illustribus.] fol. 

— . Epistola ad Evagrium de potestate papae, cum praefat. M. Lu- 
theri. V" Witteb. 15SS, 


HIER0NYMU8. Epistoltt. 2 vols. fol. Parmmy 1480. 

> Inoipit Exposico Symboli contra Jovinianu hereticum. 4°. 

. See Euiebius (P.). Chronicon. 4® 1488. 

UIEIXO^YMO du Ferrara [Savonarola]. LibrodellaveriUdellafede 

Christiana. 4^ Firenze, 1516. 
. Prediche raccolte per Ser Lorenzo Violi de la viva voce del R. P« F. 

Hieronymo da Ferrara [Savonarola] giomo per giomo mentre che 

predicava. fol. Firenze^ 1496. 
■ Tractato dello amore di Jesu Christo. 4° Firetute^ 1492. 

Regole a tutti e religiosi molto utili, date a sua firatL 4® [jPtr. 

HILARIUS, Epiic, Piciavorum, Lucubrationef, per Erasmum non 

mediocribus ludoribus emendatai. 2 ptg. in 1 vol. foL BeuU. 1523. 
HILL (Thomas Ford). Ancient Erse poems, collected among the 

Scottish highlands, in order to illustrate the Ossian of Macpherson. S*' 

ILond. 1784]. 
HILL (Robert). Life everlasting : or the true knowledge of one Je- 
hovah, three Elohim, and Jesus Immanuel. Af* Cambridgt^ 1601. 
HINZIUS (Tobias). Epistel und Werbungsbiichlein. 12^ Damig, 

HIRTIUS ( AuLus). See Csssar (C. J.). Commentani de bello GaUico, 

&c. fol. 1490. 
HOBBES (Thomas). A preface concerning the vertues of an heroique 

poem. See Homerus. Odysses. 8° 1675. 

. Elementa philosophica de cive. 12^ ilifut 1647. 

- ■ ■ . Leviathan ; or the matter, forme, and power of a common-wealth, 

ecclesiasticall and civill. fol. Land. 1651. 

Of libertie and necessity. 12^ Lond. I65if- 

See Anonymous. History (the) of the civil wars of England. 8^ 

HOCHSTRATEN (Jacob). Acta judiciorum inter Hochstraten inqui- 

sitorem Coloniensem et Joh. Reuchlin ex registro publico autentico et 

sigillato. 4*^ ffageno€B, 1518. 
. Ad Leonem papam apologia contra dialogum G. Benigno Archi- 

episcopo Nazareno in causa J. Reuchlin adscriptum. 4° ColonuB, 

HODGSON ( Robert). The life of the Right Rev. B. Porteus, late Bishop 

of London. 8° Lond. 1811. 
HODIUS (HuMF.). See Malala (J.). Historia chronica. 8<> 1692. 
HOEl-LAU-KI. See Julien (Stanislas), &c. S"" London, 1832. 
HOELZLINUS (Jeremias). See Apollonius Rhodius, Argonauticorum 

libri IV. 8° 1641. 
HOESCHELIUS (David). See Photius Pair. Constant. Myriobiblo, 

sive bibliotheca, &c. fol. 1611. 
. See Phrynichus Arrhabius. Epitome dictionum Attiearum, lib. 

III. 4° 1601. 
HOGARTH (W.). The analysis of beauty. 4« Lond. 17 5S. 
HOGG (John). Notice of two Roman inscriptions relative to the con- 

?uest of Britain by the Emperor Claudius Caesar. 4° Lond. 1837. 
From the Transactions of the Royal Society of Literature, vol. iiL) 
HOLBERG (Lewis). An introduction to universal history ; translated, 

with notes, by G. Sharpe. 8** Lond. 1755. 
HOLBROOKE (Fredericus). See Rhymer (T.), and SandenK)n (R.). 
Foedera. fol. 1816. 


HOLDERMANN (-^^ See Anonymous. Grammaire Turque. 4^ 

HOLLID A Y (John). The life of WUliam [ Murray] Earl of Mansfield. 
4° Lond. 1797. 

HOLLMANN (Sam. Christ.). Prudentii, Simplicii et Philalethis, de 
eo quod nimium est in philosophando, dialogus. 4^ Gottingm, [17433* 

HOLLOWAY (James). The free and voluntary confession and narra- 
tive addressed tp His Majesty, &e. fol. London, 1684. 

HOLSTENIUS (Lucas). Dissertatio de vita et scriptis Porphyrli, &c. 
See Epictetus. Enchiridion. 8° 1655. 

HOLWELL (J. Z.). India tracts, containing; 1, an address setting 
forth the motives for the revolution in Bengal, 1760; % a refutation of 
a letter from certain gentlemen of the Council at Bengal to the secret 
committee ; 3, important facts regarding the East India Company's 
a&irs in Bengal, from 1752 to 1760 ; 4, a narrative of the deaths of 
the English suffocated in the Black Hole at Calcutta ; 5, a defense of 
Mr. Vansittart's conduct. 4^ Lond. 1764. 

. An address to L. Scrafton, in reply to his pamphlet, intitled 

Observations on Mr. Vansittart's narrative. 8° Ixmd, 1767* 
T. Interesting historical events relative to the provinces of Bengal 

and the empire of Indostan; as also the mythology and cosmogony, 

fasts and festivals of tiie Gentoos, followers of the Shastah ; and a dis*- 

sertation on the metempsychosis, commonly called the Pythagorean 

doctrine. 3 vols. 8» Lond. 1766. 
HOLYDAY (Barten). See Juvenalis (D J.), and Persius (A. F.). 

Juvenal and Persius translated, &o. fol. 1673. 
HOLYOKE (Thomas). A large dictionary, Englbh [and] I^tin. fol. 

Lond. 1677. 
HOMERUS. Ilias. Gr. et Lot. 8« Cantab. 1672. 
""^^r^. Ilias ; cum Soholiis Didymi. Gr. 8^ Oxon. 1676. 

Odyssea; Gr.; cum interpretatione Latina; adiecti sunt cen- 

tones. 8^^ Cantab. 1664. 

Odyssea; verdeutscht durch Simon Minervium. 8° Franch. 1570. 

[This translatioii is in prose,] 

Odysses ; translated by Tho. Hobbes ; with a prefaee concerning 

the vertues of an heroique poem. 8° Loifid, 1675. 

'^^^ Ilias et Odyssea ; Coluthi raptus HelensB ; Tryphiodori Ilii exci- 

dium. Gr.etLat. 18° 1600, 
. Opera [to which is prefixed a Greek preface by D. Chalcondylas] . 

Gr. 2 vols* fol. FhrentuB, 1488. 
.-..-^. [Opera]. Gr. S pts. in 2 vols, 8° Vm. 1504. 

. Vita, See Herodotus. Historiarum lib. ix. &c. fol. 1608. 

•^^-^^ Eustatii, ArcMepiscopi ThegsalonietBy in Homer! Iliadis et OdyssesB 

libros 9raf)€ici3oXa( [with the text] ; Gr» 2 vols, fol. Btml, 1559-1560. 
HONDORFFIUS (Andreas). Theatrum historicum, sive promptua- 

rium exemplorum ad pie vivendum, idiomate Germanico conscriptum ; 

labore P, Loniceri Latinitate donatum, multisque in locis auctum. 4° 

WiUeb. 1604. 
HOOKER (Richard). Of the lawes of ecclesiastical politie, eight bookes ; 

[to which are added], Certayne divine tractates, and other godly ser- 
mons, fol. London, 1632. 
HORATIUS, Cum scholiis perpetuis prsecipud Helenii Acronis, Pom- 

poniique Porphyrionis ; adiecit etiam sua W. Baxter. 8° Lond. 



HORATIUS. Ex recensione et cum notis atque emendationibus R. 
Bentleii. 2 vols. 4° Cantab. 1711. 

. Opera, fol. Venet. 1490. [With MS. notes by B. Pirchkeymer.] 

Opera; accesserunt varieB lectiones [edited by J. Talbot]. 4?® 
Cantab. 1699. 

— . Opere commentate in lingua volgare Toscana da G. Fabrini. 4*^ 
Ven. 1587. 

Rendred in English, and paraphrased by several persons. 8° Land. 


Scholiis illust. a J. Bond. 12^" Amst. 1650. 

HORNECK (Anthony). See Burnet (G.), and Homeck (A.). The 
last confession, &c of J. Stern, &c fol. 1682. 

HORSLEY (Samuel). Providence and free agency, a sermon preached 
in St. Paul, April 17th, 1778. 4.« Lond. 1778. 

■ See Anonymous. On the prosodies of the Greek and Latin lan- 

guages, 8° 1796. 

HORTINUS (Samuel). Dissertatio philosophico-theologica de mira- 
culis; praeside S. Scheurero. 4° BenuBy 1728. 

HOSIUS (Stanislaus). Opera omnia hactenus edita, cura A. Fini ; 
adiunctse sunt recantationes F. Quadrantini Braunsbergae recitatae. fol. 
Ven. 1573. 

HOTOMANUS (Franc). Francogallia. 12« Cb^ 1574. 

. See Justinianus Imp. Codicis libri novem priores. fol. 1557. 

HOUGH (John). Life, containing many of his letters. See Wilmot (J.). 
The life, &c. 4° 1812. 

HOURWITZ (Zalpind). Polygraphie, ou Tart de correspondre a Taide 
d'un dictionnaire, dans toutes les langues, meme dans ceUes dont on ne 
possede pas seulment les Icttres alphab6tiques. 8^ Paris, an ix. 

HOUSE OF COMMONS. Abstract of the answers and returns made 
pursuant to an act passed in the 43d year of George III. intituled *' An 
act for procuring returns relative to the expence and maintenance of 
the poor in England." fol. Lond. I804f. 

. All the votes, orders, &c. both in the late and present parliament, 

touching the Earl of Danby. fol. [^London, 1679]. 

— . The reasons and narrative of proceedings betwixt the two houses : 
which were delivered by the House of Commons to the Lords, at the 
Conference touching the tryal of the lords in the Tower. On Monday, 
the 26th of May, 1679. 

HOUSTON (A.). UEscosse Fran9oise; discours des alliances com- 
menc^es depuis Tan sept cents scptante sept, et continu^es jusques a 
present, entre les couronnes de France et d'Escosse. 8® Par. 1608. 

HOWARD (John). Appendix to the state of the prisons in England 
and Wales, &c. containing a farther account of foreign prisons and 
hospitals. 4° Warrington, 1780. 

. The state of the prisons, &c. 4<* Warr. 1784. 

. The state of the prisons in England and Wales, with preliminary 

observations, and an account of some foreign prisons. 4® Warring- 
ton, 1777. 

HOWELL (James). A German diet: or the ballance of Europe; 
wherein the power and weaknes, glory and reproch, &c. of all the king- 
doms and states of Christendom are impartially poiz'd at a solemn con- 
vention of some German princes in sundry orations, made fit for the 
meridian of England, fol. London, 1653* 


HOWELL (James). See Cotton (Sir R. B.). Cottoni posthuma, &c. 
8° 1672. 

HOWELL (T. B.). Observations on Dr. Sturges's pamphlet respecting 
non-residence of the clergy. 8° London, 180S. 

HOWXETT (John). An examination of Dr. Price's essay on the 
population of England and Wales and the doctrine of an increased 
population of thb kingdom established by facts ; to which is added an 
appendix containing remarks on Dr. Price's argument of a decreased 
• population deduced from the decreased produce of the excise. • 2 pts. 
in 1 vol. 

HOWSONUS (Johannes), Bishop of Oxford. Uxore dimissa propter 
fomicationem, aliam non licet superinducere ; accessit ejusdem theseos 
defensio contra reprehensiones T. Pyi. 4° Oxon. 1606. 

HUARTE (Juan.). Examen de ingenios para las sciencias. 8^ Leyda, 


. Examen, &c. 8® Bae^, 1594. 

HUBERTINUS, Clericus (M. T.). Epbtolarum familiarium liber primus, 

&c. fol. 1485. 
HUERNE DE POMMEUSE (L.-F.). Des colonies agricoles et de leurs 

avantages> pour assurer de secours a V indigence, r6primer les malfai- 

teurs et donner un existance aux for9ats Iib6r6s ; avec des recherches 

sur les divers modes de secours publics, de colonisation et de repression. 

8° Paris, 1832. 
HUERTA (Antonio de). G. Cancer y P. Rosete. Chico Baturi, co- 

media famosaa 4^ 
HUESMANN (Rodolph). See Agricola (R.). 

HUG (Michel). Ain kurtzer aber Christlicher und fast nutzlicher Ser- 
mon. 4^ Augspuroy 1524. 
HUGO (Herm annus). Pia desideria. 18« Ltd. Par. 1654. 
HULDERICHUS, Augustensis Episcoptis, Epistola adversus constitutio- 

nem de deri coelibatu plane referens Apostolicum spiritum. 4°. 
HULSIUS (Levinus). Grammaire ou brieve instruction de la langue 

Fran^oise et AUemande. 8° Franckf 1652. 
HUMAYUN. Memoirs. See Jouher. The Tezkereh al Vakeat, &c. 4<> 

HUMBOLDT (G. de). Notice comparative des grammaires Japonaises, 

&c. See Ozanguren (M.). Supplement a la grammaire Japonaise, &c. 

8« 1826. 
HUMBOLDT (Alexandre de). Essai politique sur le royaume de la 

Nouvelle-Espagne. 4 vols. 8° Paris, 1825-27. 
HUME (Tobias). Poetical musicke, principally made for two basse- 

viob, yet so contrived, that it may be plaied 8 severall waies upon sundry 

instruments with much facilitie. fol. Lond. 1607. 
HUNN-^EUS (Aug.). De sacramentis ecclesiaB Christi. See Aquinas (T.). 

Totius theologisB summa. 
HUNT (Thomas). An argument for the bishops* right in judging in ca- 
pital caused in parliament. 8^ London, 1682. 
HUNTER (Josephus). See Records' Commission. Magnum rotulum 

scaccarii. 8° 1833. 
. See Records' Commission. Rotuli select! ad res Anglicas et Hi- 

bernicas spectantes. 8^ 1834. 

See Records' Commission. Fines, sive pedes finium. 8** 1835. 

HUS (Johannes). Disputatio, quam absolvit dum ageret Constantise, 
priusquam in carcerem conjiceretur, 8° Viteh. 1537* 



HUS (Johannes). Epistolaa qasedam piissime et eraditimimeB ; qufe 
solae declarant papistarum pietates esse Satanse furias ; addita est M. 
Lutheri prttfatio. 8<» WitL 1537. 

. De anatomia Antichristi ; de mysteriis iniquitatis Antiohristi ; de 

revelatione Christi et Antichristi ; de abolendis sectis ; de unitaie Ec^ 
clesise; de Evangelica perfectione; de pemioie traditionum hunuma- 
rum ; de regno Antichristi ; item fragmentorum ooUeotanea s Appendix 
O* Brunfelsii, ratio condemnationis J. Huss^ &c. 4^4 

HUTCHESON (Archibald). A collection of treatises relsting to the 
national debts and fund, the first of them dated April 11th, 1717» and 
the last Oct dOth, 1719; and also a collection of tre&tiees relating 
to the South Sea stock and scheme, the first of them dated March 
31st, 1720, and the last April 4th, 172L 6 pts. in 1 vol. fol. Land. 

. Three treatises : I. a speech against the repeal of the act for trien- 
nial parliaments ; II. a collection of advertisements, Ac. relating to ^ 
elections at Westminster and Hastings, 1722 1 III* copies of letters to 
the Earl of Sunderland. 8° Land. 1723. 

HUTCHINSON (John Helt). Speech in the House of Commons 
respecting the regulation of the Treasury Board. 8^ DubUn, 

HUTTEN (Ulrichus dIs). Phalarismus, dialogos. 4« IMogUniuBy^ 

— ^. Ad Carolum Imperatorem adversus intentatam sibi a RcH&afiistn 
vim et injuriam conquestio ; ejusdem alia ad principes et viroS Germa- 
ni8B de eadem re conquestio ; fgusdem epistole. 4^ 

Ad principes Germaniss ut bellum Turois iAvebant exliOi^taioi^ 
AugusUBy 1518. 
Ain dag iiber den Brandt der Lutberischcn Bik^et sfiu Mente« 

— . Aula ; dialogus. 4^ [^AugtukBi^ 1518. [On the top of the tide- 
page is written in Hutten's. handwritings '' Bilibaldo Pirehkeymer Norim^ 
bergen, viro forti et amico fideliss."] 

Cum Erasmo Roterodamo expostulatio. 4® [^Stra^aUf^ 1523]. 

Epistola vitae suae rationem exponens. 4° AttgusUB, 1518. 

Exclamatio in incendium Lutherianum ; Chrlnradi Sarctoris S^o- 

franci, de eadem re ad Germanos oi'atio ; carmen elegans et doctum in 

H. Aleandrum ; conclusiones decem Christianissimae per A. Bodenstein, 

WittenbergsB disputatae. 4^ 

— ., In incendium Lutherianum exclamatio* 4® 1521* 

>>«^. OvTisi Nekna 4^ AugusUs, 

See Anonymous. Epistolae Obscuroraiti viromm ad 0« Gmtium. 


-«-^. See Bizenus (E*). 

— . See Leo X. Bulla contra errores M. Lutheri. 4®. 

— ^. Ad Caesarem Maximilianum ut bellum in Venetos ecsptutil pro- 
sequatur, exhortatorium ; ejusdem ad Maxim, epigr. lib. i. } de piscntura 
Venetorum^ heroicum ; Marcus, beroicum ; de non degefleri Germaniffi 
statu heroicum ; ad Maximilianum epistolae Italics^ ; autore Helio 
Eobano Hesso Maxim^ ad Italiam responsoria ; varia Hutteni epigram* 
mata, et ejus apud Hadrianum Cardinalem pro Capnicoe intercession 4° 
\_8trei^}ourgy'] 1518. 

Arminius ; dialogus, continens res Arminii in Germania gestasl^ 
P. C. Taciti de moribus et populis Germanisey libdlusf adieeta est 


brevis interpretatio appellationum partium Germanise. 8® WiUdf. 

HUTTEN (Ulrichus de). Clag und Vonnanung gegen dem iibeimassi- 

gen unchristlichen Gewalt des Papsts zu Rom, und der uugeistlichen 

Geistliohen. 4°. 
«-^'--^. Dialog! ; Fortuna ; Febris prima, secunda, Trias Romana ; Inspi- 

oientes. 4*^ Moguntits, 1520. 

Epistola ad Hermannum de Newenar contra Capnionis semulos. 


— . Febris; dialogus. 4° 1519. 

-• Inyectivse in Oratores Leonis Decimi in Germania, et ad Carolum 
Imperatorem pro Luthero. 4° sine nota uUa^ circa 1520. 

■^ Super inierfectione propinqui sui Joan. Hutteni, deploratio ; ad 

Lud. Huttenum super interemptione filii consolatoria; in Ulrichum 
Vuirtenpei^ensem orationes v ; in eundem dialogus cui titulus Phala- 
lismus ; apologia pro Phalarismo et epistolsB ; ad Franciscum Galliaruin 
regem ne causam Vuirtenpergensem tueatur, exhortatoria. 4^ Stehel- 
berk, 1519. 

Verteiitscht clag an hertzog Friderich zu Sachsen. Des hayligen 

Romischen Reichs Ertz-marschalck vn Cburfiirsten Landgraven in Tii' 
ringen, und Marckgraven zu Meissen. 4° 1520. 

HUTTICHIUS (Joannes). Collectanea antiquitatum in urbe atque 
agro Moguntino repertarum« fol. Moguntusj 1520. 

HUTTMANN (William). (Notices of De Guignes' Dictionnaire Chi- 
nois, Fran^ais et Latin, Morrison's Dictionary and other printed Chinese- 
European dictionaries ; from the Asiatic Journal, ff. 69.) 8°. 

HYDE (Edward), Earl of Clarenclan, A collection of such of the or- 
ders heretofore used in Chancery, with alterations and additions. 12* 
Ijondony 1661. 

-'^-'^ See Clarendon (E. H. Earl of). 

HYDE (Thomas). Catalogus impressorum librorum Bibliothecse Bod- 
leianae in Acadelnia Oxoniensi. fol. Oxon* 1674. 

De mensuris et ponderibus Sinensium^ See Bernardus (E.). De 
mensuris et ponderibud Sinensium. 8^ 1688. 


IBRAHIM Basmajee, See Omer Effendi of Novi. History of the war 

in Bosnia, &c. 8*» 1830. 
IGNATIUS, Antiochenus, Epistolae duodecim ; Gr. et Lot. ; interp. 

J. Brunnero. fol. [^Ztmchf'] 1559* 
IHRE (Johann&s). See Matmenius (A. A.). Dissertatione.... reliquias 

linguae Geticee.... publicae censurae submittit. 4° 1758. 
ILLAIRE (Jacques (T), L'heureuse conversion des Huguenots, qui ont 

cogneti Tabus de la pr^tendue religion. S° Lyoriy 1608. 
ILLESCAS (GoN^ALO de). Historia pontifical y catholica ; en la qual 

te eOHtienen las yidas y hechos notables de todos ios Summos Pontifices 

Romanos. 2 vols. fol. Burgos^ 1578. 
IMOLA (Alexander de). See Bartolus de Saxoferrato. Lectura super 

secunda parte Codicis. fol. 1490. 
IMOLA (Albx. Tartaoni de). See Tartagni (A.) de Imola. 
IRENiEUS (M.). Encomium Franciae. 8*> 1539. 


IRENiEUS (Philopater) [R. Belling]. Vindiciariam catholicorum 
Hiberniae. 12<» Paris, 1650. 

INGIGI (Luc a). Villeggiature de* Bizantini sul Boflforo Tracio; opera 
tradotta da C. Aznavor. 8*» Fen. 1831. 

INGLIS (Sir Robert Harry) and Hallam (H.). Survey of the 
principal repositories of the public records ; extracted from the pro- 
ceedings of the Commissioners on the public records, fol. [^Ijondonyl 

INTERIANO (Paolo). Ristretto delle historic Genovesi. 4® Lucca, 

IRONSIDE (Gilbert). Seven questions of the Sabbath briefly dis- 
puted. 4° Oxford, 1637. 

ISiEUS. Oratio de hereditate Cleonymi, inventore et interprete A. 
Maio ; Gr. et Lat [with a Latin prefjBwse by Mai]. 8<> Medial. 

ISAIAH, Propheta* A new translation^ with a preliminary dissertation 
and notes, by R. Lowth. 4° London, 1778. 

— — . See (Ecolampadius (J.). In Jesaiam prophetam, comment., &c 4^ 

ISCANUS (JosEPHUs). See Dares Phrygius. De bello Trojano. 8*> 

ISLEBIUS (Joannes Agricola). See Agricola (J. S.). 

ISOCR AXES. Gravissima oratio de bello fugiendo et pace servanda, ad 
populum Atheniensem, P. Mosellano Protegense interpr. 4** Basil. 

. Opera ; varias lectiones, versionem novam, ac notas adjunxit Gul. 

Battle ; Gr. et Lat. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1749. 
-. Oratio de Pace, Gr. et LcU. ; H. Bartholino Archiep. Pisano in- 

terpr. 8* 
•. Oratio de permutatione, cujus pars ingens primum Greece edita ab 

Andrea Mustoxido nunc primum Latine exhibetur ab anonymo inter- 
prete qui et notas et appendices adjunxit. 8^ Medial. 1818. 
-. Orationes; ejusdem vita ex Plutarcho, Philostrato, et Dionysio 

Halicarnaseo, J. Lonicero interprete. fol. Basil. 1529. 
-. Orationes et epistolae, Gr.; cum Lat. interpr. H. Wolfii. 8® Ge- 

nevcB, 1621. 
■. Parsenesis ad Demonicum ; praecepta quibus melior evasurus sit 

princeps ; Agapeti ad Justinian um Imper. de eadem re sermo exhorta- 
torius; Graecorum quorundam illustrium epigrammata; Grr. et Lai. 
Luscinio [Nachtigall] interpr. 8*> AuffusUB, 1523. [With MSS. 
notes.] ♦ 

— . Tutte le orationi tradotte da P. Carrario. 8° VeneHa, 1555. 
.. Parenensis ad Demonicum. See Agricola (R.). Nonnulla opuscu- 

la, &c. 4*> 1511. 
ISOLA (Fran90is-Paul de V). Remarques sur le proc6d6 de la 

France, &c. See Lyonne (H. de). M^moires intercept^z, &c. 12** 

IVERNOIS (Francois cf). Des revolutions de France et de Geneve. 

8° Lrnid. 1795. 
. "kisX des finances et des ressources de la R^publique Franf aise au 

1 Janvier 1796. 8° Lond. 1796. 
IVERNOIS {Sir Francis). Histoire de Tadministration des finances 

de la republique Fran^aise pendant 1796. 8° Lond. 1796. 



JACKSON (Jokn). Rejections on the commerce of the Mediterranean, 

containing a particular account of the traffic of Algiers, Tunis, Sardinia, 

Naples, Sicily, the Morea, &c. S"" Zand. 1804. 
JACOB (Edward). The history of the town and port of Faversham, in 

the county of Kent. 8° Land. 1774. 
JACOB (L. H. de). See Anonymous. Essais philosophiques sur Y homme 

... publics par L. H. de Jacob. 8° 1822. 
JACOB, Prdfst AugtisHner ordens. Ein schone und clegliehe history, an 

gemeine fromme Christenheit von beiden gefencknissen. 4°. 
JACOB (William). Considerations on the protection required by Bri- 
tish agriculture, and on the influence of the price of com on exportable 

productions. 8** Land. 1814. 
'. Tracts relating to the corn trade and corn laws, including the 

second report ordered to be printed by Parliament. 8° Lond. 1828. 
JACOBUS I. Apologia pro juramento fidelitatis ; cui prsemissa est pne- 

fatio monitoria christianis monarchis ; priiicipibus, rebusp. atque ordi- 

nibus inscripta. 4^ Lond. 1609. 
JAHANGUEIR. Memoirs written by himself, and translated from a 

Persian manuscript by D. Price. 4° Land. 1829. 
JAL (A.). Archeologie Navale. 2 vols. 8® Parisy 1 840. 
JAMES I. af EngUmd. See Anonymous. Triplici nodo, triplex cuneus. 

4° 1607. 
. A booke of proclamations published since the beginning of his 

Majesties most happy Reigne ouer England untill the present moneth 

of Febr. 3. Anno Dom. 1609. fol. Land. 1609. 
JAMES II. King of England. Life. See Clarke (J. S.). The life of, &c. 

4° 1816. 
JAMES (Thomas). Catalogus librorum in bibliotheca Bodleiana. 4^' 

Oxan. 1620. 
JANSENIUS (Gerardus). Decem de ecclesia tractatus. 4** Col. 

JASON de MAINO. Repertorium. fol. Venet. 1560. 

. See Mayno (J.). 

JAVELLUS (Chrysostomus). See Aquinas (T.). Totius theologiae 

summa. fol. 1588. 
JEANNIN (Pierre). Les n^gociations. 2 vols. 12« Paris^ 1659. 
JEFFRIES. On diamonds and pearls. 8«> Lond. 1751. 
JEKYLL (Joseph). See Anonymous. Facts and observations relating 

to the Temple-Church. 4'' 1811. 
JENISON (Robert). The narrative; containing a further discovery of 

the popish plot. fol. Lond. 1679. 
—— . The informations relating to the horrid popish plot. fol. Lond. 

JERDAN (William). National portrait-gallery of illustrious and emi- 
nent personages of the 19th century. 4° London^ 1829-32. 
— — . Illustrations of the plan of a National Association for the encou- 
ragement and protection of authors, and men of talent and genius. 8° 

London, 1838. 
JEVONS (William). Systematic morality, or a treatise on the theory 

and practice of human duty on the ground of natural religion. 2 vols, 

8° Land. 1827. 


JOACHIM, Abbas Flarensis. Scriptura super Esaiam Prophetam sacras 

litteras penetrans plurimis internis ac mysticis intellectibus. 4° VeneL 

JOANNES Andrea. See Clemens V. Papa. Constitutiones. foL 1491. 
JOANNES Chrysostomta. In coena Domini praBclara enarratio inter- 

prete H. Donato. See Lactantius (L. C« F.). Habes in hoc voluminey 

&c. fol. 1502. 
JOANNES Damascenus. Quantum defunctis prosint viventium bona 

opera, sermo; J. CEcolampadio interprete. 4® [1520]. 
JOANNES Evangelista. The Gospel according to St John [in the 

Mohawk and English languages]. 12° B.S, Lsnd. 

Evangelium. See Lascaris (C.^. De octo partibus orationis. 4^. 
Evangelium. See Lascaris (C). Erotemata. 4° 1494, &c. 

JOANNES Evangelista. Nonni poetaa Panopolitani tralatio Sancti 

Evangelii secundum Joannem ; Gr, 12° Hagenoa^ 1527 • 
JOANNES Pomeranus, See Bugenhagius (J. Pomeranns). 
JOANNES Vigesimu8'$ecund%L8y Papa, Extravagantes. See Bonifacius 

VIII. Sextus decretalium liber. 4° 1566, &c. 
JOANNES Macarius, See Macarius (J.). 
JOBARD ( — .). Coup d'oeil sur la propri6t6 de la pens6e. 2 pts. 8® 

JOCUNDUS (Joannes). See Caesar (C. J.). ConMnentarii, 12° 

JODRELL (Richard Paul). lUustrations of Euripides, on the Ion and 

theBacchsB. 2 pts. 8° Lond. 1 7Sl. 
JOEL Propheta, Cum commentariis reverendi et sanctce memorisB yiri 

M. Lutheri, nunc primum editus per V. Theodorum Noribergensem. 

8° Noremb. 1547. 
JOHANNES Chrysostomus, De pcenitentia. See Antoninus Arch. Flor. 

Tractatus de instructione .... confessorum. 4°. 
JOHANNES Evangelista, Apocalypsis, cum figuris A. DurerL fol. 

Nuremb, 1511. [The colophon as follows: Impressa denuo Numberge 

per Albertum Durer pictorem anno, &c. Then a warning to publishers 

not to pirate the work.] 

. Evangelium Joannis verdeiitscht. 4°. 

JOHANNES du PORT AIL (Nicolas). See Anonymous- Histoire 

(r) du temps. 12° 1649. 
JOHANNES Monachtts. See Zonaras (J.). 
JOHNSON (Samuel), Rector of CorringUm. See Anonymous. Julian 

the Apostate, being a short account of his life. 8° 1682. 
JOHNSON (Esther). See Swift (J.). A Supplement to Dr. Swifts 

works. 4° 1779. 
JOHNSTONUS (RoBERTUs). Historiarum libri duo. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 

18° Amst. 1642. 
JOINVILLE (Jean de), Histoire de S. Louys IX. du nom, roy de France^ 

enrichie de nouvelles observations et dissertations historiques ; avec let. 

6tablissemens de S. Louys, le conseil de P. de Fontaines, et plusieurs 

autres pieces concemant ce regne, tir6es des MSS., par C. du Fresne. 

3 pts. in 1 vol. fol. Paris f 1668. 
JOLY (Guy). See Anonymous. Remarques pour servir de r^ponse a 

deux Merits, &c. 12° 1667. 
JOMARD (Edme-Fr.). M^moire sur la population compar6e de VEgypte 
ancienne et moderne. fol. Parisy 1828. 


JOMARD (Edme-Fr.). Comparaison des difn§rentes m^thodes tachygra- 
phiques et st6nographiques, depuis TorigiDe de Tart jusqu' k nos jours. 
8° PariSy 18S1. 

' Paroles adress^es aux jeunes Egyptiens. See Anonymous. Ecole 

Egyptienne de Paris. 8° [1828]. 

JONAS (Justus). Adversus J. Fabrum Constantiensem Vicarium scor- 
tationis patronum pro coniugio sacerdotali defensio. 4^ Tiguriy 1520. 

JONAS (Arngrimus). Crymogsea, sive rerum Islandicarum libri III. 
Afi Hamburgiy 1630. 

JONES (Inigo). The most notable antiquity of Great Britain, vulgarly 
called Stone-Heng, restored, fol. Ixmd. 1655. 

JONES (Edward). The prevention of poverty by beneficial clubs, with 
preliminary observations upon houses of industry and the poor laws. 8® 
Land. 1796. 

. Oratio de studiis theologicis ; declamatio scripta a V. Winsenio in 

qua recitatur historia quomodo Guelfus Dux Bavarian liberatus sit peri- 
culo m obsidione Winsbergensi, conjugis suee honestissimo et tamen 
vafro consilio. 8® Viteb. 1539. 

JONES (Thomas). Elymas the sorcerer : or a memorial towards the 
discovery of the bottom of this popish plot, and how far his R. High- 
ness's directors have been faithful to his honour and interest, or the peace 
of the nation ; published upon occasion of a passage in the late Dutchess 
of York's declaration for changing her religion, fol. Lond. 1682. 

JONES (W.). History of the life of Nader Shah, King of Persia, extract- 
ed from an eastern MS.; with an introduction, containing, Ist, a descrip- 
tion of Asia according to the oriental geographers ; 2nd, a short history 
of Persia ; and appendix, consisting of an essay on Asiatic poetry, and 
the history of the Persian language. 8® Zowctow, 1773. 
I . Poeseos Asiaticae commentariorum lib. VI, cum appendice ; sub* 
jidtur miscellaneorum liber. 8® Zowefmt, 1774. 

A grammar of the Persian language. 4° London^ 1771 

JONSON (Ben). The Masque of Queenes, celebrated from the House 
of Fame ; by the most absolute in aU state and titles, Anne Queene of 
Great Britaine, &c., with her honourable ladies, at White Hall. Febr« 
2, 1609. 4« Ixmd. 1609. 

. The works of. fol. Lond, 1692. 

JONSTONUS (Arturus). See David, King of Israel. Psalmi . . . 4.<> 

JORDAN (William). The creation of the world, with Noah's flood ; 

[a play] written in Cornish in 1611, with an English translation by J. 

Keigwin, edited by D. Gilbert 8« Lmdm, 1827. 
JORDANUS (Hadr.). Susanna; tragcEdia. 18° Par. 1654. 
JORNANDES, JSpisc, Raven^ De rebus Gothorum. Paulus Diaconus 

de gestis Langobardorum. 2 pts. in 1 vol. fol. Atig, Vin, 1515. 
JOSEPH (Abudacnus, or Barbatus). See Abudacnus (J.). 
JOSEPH (Michael). An English and Hebrew Lexicon. Pt. 1. S^ 

Landan, 18S3. 
JOSEPHUS (^'lavius). Antiquitatum Judaicarum lib. quatuor priores 

et pars magna quinti, Gr. Lat.; illustrati notis E. Bernard). Item hi- 

storiarum de bello Judaico lib. primus et pars secundi, Gr. Lat. 2 pts. 

in 1 voL fol. Oxon. 1700. 
— -^ [ De Bello Judaico libri VII. ; 'de antiquitate Judaeorum li bri, RufHno 

AquUeienoe interprete, ex correctione L. Cendratse Veronensis.] tolt 

VerofkBf 1480. 



JOSEPHUS (Flavius). Delle antichiU et guerre Giudaiehe. S vob. 
4° Ve7i. 1574. 

. Hebraicus, diu desideratus et nunc ex Constantinopolitano exem- 

plari juxta Hebraismum opera S. Munsteri versus et annotationibus 
atque collation ibus lllustratus, Zo^. ef ^e6. fol. JBasil. I54tl» 

. Opera quee exstant Gr.etLaL fol. Genev€By 1634. [With MS. 

JOSEPHUS Exoniensis [/mxuiim]. See Dares Phnrgius. De bello 

Trojano. 8« 1675. 
JOSIPPUS (FlaviusV De bello Judaico, cum comment rabbi Aben 
Esra, ffeb, et LaJt, (S. Munstero interprete) ; accesserunt collectanea 
quae S. Lepusculus colligebat 2 pts. in 1 vol. 8^ Basil. [1559]. 
JOSSIPPON. See Josephus. 
JOUET ( — .). L'histoire des religions de tous les royaumes du monde. 

vols. 2 & 3. 12° Par. 1676. 
JOUHER. The Tezkereh al Vakiat, or private memoirs of the Moghul 
Emperor Huminrun written in the Persian language, translated by C. 
Stewart 4° London, 1832. 
JOURDAN ( — ^.). Memoirc historique sur la Bib. du R. See Anony* 
mous. Catalogue des livres imprim6s de la Bib. du R. ; Th^ol. fol. 
1739, &c, 

Antislavery (the) reporter, No. 109. 8** London^ 1833. 
Athen^um (the) Journal of Literature, Science and the Fine Arts. 

4° London, 1831-1841. 
Cambrian (the) register, 1795 and 1796. 2 vols. 8<> London, 1796. 
Courier de TEurope [from Aug. 22nd to Dec. 1st, 1786]. 4^ Londn$, 
[The following MS. note by M'. Dryander occurs on the fly-leaf. 
^' Collection of such numbers of the Courier de FEurope from Aug. 
22 to Dec. 1, 1786, as have anything contained in them relating to 
Cagliostro. It is supposed that the French Government had employed 
the editor to collect information relating to Cagiiostro's conduct in 
England, in order to prove him to be an imposter, and thereby to 
destroy the credibility of his accusation against the governor of the 
Bastille and the Commissary of Police who arrested him. (See 
Cagliostro*s memoir at the end4)f the collection of memoirs about the 
Diamond Necklace)." This collection was presented to the R.S. in 
1801 by Sir J. Banks. The editors and writers of the Courier de 
I'Europe were Serres de la Tour, Perkins MacMahon, and Thevenau 
de Morande.] 
Literary Gazette (the) and Journal of Belles Lettres, Arts, Sciences, 

&c. 4° London, 1829-1841. 
Neuer Friedens Currier ins Teutsche iibersetzt 4° 1673. 
Patriot (der). 8" Hamburg, 1728. 

United Service Journal and Naval and Military Magazine. 8^ LondofH, 
JOVELLANOS (Gaspar de). Bread and bulls. See Ruiz de Padron 

(A. J.). The speech. . . . relative to the Inquisition. 4° 1813. 
JOVIUS (Paulus). Delle istorie del suo tempo tradotte da L. Dome- 
nichi prima (et II.) parte ; con una selva di vana istoria di C. Passi, et 
un supplimento del Sig. G. Ruscelli (nel quale h un ragionamento in- 
torno air istoria fatto da D. Atanagi, et un consiglio di Giovio, raooolto 
dalle consulte di Leone X. per far Timpresa contro infideli). 4 vols. 4** 


JOVIUS (Paulus). Delle istorie, ove son agglunti 12 libri che nelle 
altre impressioni mancavano ; con un supplimento del Sig^ G. Ruscelli. 
2 vols. 4° Vin. 1581. 

. Gli elogi ; vite bre vemente scritte d'huomini lllustri di guerra, antichi 

et modern! ; tradotte per L. Domenichi. 4° Fiorenza^ 1554. 

Historiarum sui temporis tomus primus (2*** pars 1"* et 2^*). 

3 vols. 8<> Basil. 1567. 

Turcicanimrerumcommentarius,Latinusfactu8 F.Nigro interprete; 

origo Turcicl imperii; vitee omnium Turcicorum imperatorum; ordo 

ac disciplina Turcicae milidsB exactissime conscripta, eodem P. Jovio 

autore ; addita est preefatio P. Melancthoni. 8^ Viteb. 1537. 
JUBINAL (Achille). Rapport de Tinstruction publique suivi de 

quelques pieces in6dites tiroes des manuscrits de la Bibliothdque de 

Berne. 8*> Paw, 1838. 
JUDAS Apostolus. See Petrus Apostolus. Die zwo Episteln. 8° 1522. 
JUELLUS (JoHANNBs), JSpiscopus Sarishuriensis. Apologia Ecclesiae 

Anglicanae. 12^ Londini, 1581. 
JULIANUS Imperator, Misopogon et epistolee Grsece Latineque nunc 

primnm edita et illustrata a P. Martinio. 8° Par. 1566. 
JULIANUS Apostata, Imperator. Life. See Anonymous. Julian the 

apostat. 8*» 1682. 
. Les C^sars traduits du Grec, avee des remarques [by Spanheim]. 

4<> Par. 1683. 
JULIEN (Stanislas). Hoei-lan-ki,ou Thistoire du cerclede craie; drame 

en prose et en vers, traduit du Chinois et aceompagne de notes. 8^ 

London, 1832. 
JULIUS II. Papa. Breve ad reges christianos in quo continentur poti- 

ores causae privationis cardinalium haereticorum. 4^ [^JRomcBy 1511 j. 
. Bulla ouero testamento sopra la electione del pontifice che se auera 

a creare, XIX caL Feb. 1505. 4° 
JULIUS CELSUS. See Celsus (J.). 
JULLIEN (Auguste). Essai sur Tordre considere dans Fadministration 

pablique et dans les sciences. 8° Paris, 1818. 
JULLIEN (Marc Antoine). Lettre si la nation Anglaise sur Tunion 

des peuples et la civilisation compar^e ; sur Tinstrument ^conomique du 

terns, appel6 biom^tre ou montre morale, suivie de quelques po§sies et 

d*an discours en vers sur les principaux savans, litterateurs, poctes et 

artistes qu*a produits la Grande Bretagne. 8° Londres, 1833. 
JUNGE (JoACHiMus). Bibliotheca Luxdorphiana, sive index librorum 

quos reliquit Bolle Wiihelmus Luxdorph. 3 pts. 2 vob. 8° HatmicCy 

JUNIUS (Hadrianus). See Erasmus (D*). Adagiorum chiliades. fol. 


. Batavia. 4® Planiin. 1588. 

JUNIUS (Franciscus). De pictura veterum libri tres. 4° Amstel. 


The painting of the ancients ; in three bookes ; by him Englisht 
with some additions and alterations. 4° Lond. 16S8. 

Observationes in Willerami Abbatis Francicam paraphrasin Cantici 
Canticorum. 8^ Amstehdamiy 1655. 
JUNIUS (Melchior). Politicarum Qusestionum CXIII. pars I. [II. et 

m.]. 3 vols. 8<> Argent. 1602. 
JURIEU (Pierre). See Anonymous. Demiers (les) efforts de Tinjio* 
ce4ce afflig^e, &c. 12^ 1682. 


JURIED (Pierre). See Anonymous. Religion (la) des J^suites. 12** 

. See Anonymous. Politique (la) du Clerg6 de France. 12** 1682. 

JUSTINIANO (Leonardo). Quest! strambotti scrisse di sua mano in 

preposito di ciascaduno amatore. 4*^ [ Venezia] 1527* 
JUSTINIANUS (Imperator). Codex, fol. Ven. 1490. 

(Codex summa cura castigatus atque revisus). fol. Ijugd. 1514. 
Codicis libri novem priores; cum annotationibus F. Hotomani. 
fol. Lugd, 1557. 

Codicis repetitse prselectionis lib. XII. a G. Haloandro purgati. 

fol. Nuremb, 1530. [This copy was presented to Pirckheimer by Ha- 
loander, who wrote on the title-page, D. Bilibaldo Birckheimero patricio 
Nurimbergen. et Caesareo Consiliario, V.C. prudentiss. doctiss. domino 
et patrono colendiss. G. H. amiciciae ergo D. D.] 
— . Digestorum seu pandectarum libri quinquaginta. - 4*^ Noriberga^ 

— . (Digestum novum cum glossis). fol. Ven, 1487. 
— . (Digestum infortiatum). fol. Lugduniy 1514. 

Digestum novum, cum casibus seu summariis Bartoli de Saxo 

Ferrato, Pauli de Castro, Baldi et aliorum. fol. Imgd. 1513. 

— . Digestum novum pandectarum, tomus tertius. foL Lugd. 1556. 

— . Digestum vetus. fol. Lvgduni^ 1514. 

Digestum vetus (infortiatum et novum). 3 vols. fol. Lugdum^ 


Digestum vetus; digestorum seu pandectarum juris enucleati ex 
omni jure veteri in libros quinquaginta collect! tomus primus, fol. 
Lugd. 1557. 
— . (Digestum vetus, cum glossa). fol. Ven, 1488. 

Institutiones. fol. Basil. 1486. [With MS. notes by B. Pirck- 

Institutiones (consuetudines feudorum,' authentica, &c.) ; 3 pts. 

in 1 vol. 4*> Lugd, 1558. 

Institutiones juris civilis per Ant. Contium; [to which is added] 

Enchiridion titulorum aliquot juris ; 2 vols. 8° Parisus, 1560. [WiA 
MS. notes.] 

Institutionum lib. IV. ; adiecti sunt tituli de verborum significa- 

tione et de regulis juris. 12*^ Amst. 1669. 

— . Institutionum seu elementorum libri quatuor. 4*^ Norvmbergci^ 


Institutionum lib. IIII., F. Accursii glossis illustrati. 8*^ Lugduid^ 


Infortiatum pandectarum juris civilis, tomus secundus. fol. Lugd, 


^ (Opus inforciatum). fol. VeneiiiSy 1490. 

JUSTINOPOLITANO (Jeronimo Mutio). See Mutio (J.). 
JUSTINUS (Marcus Julius). Justini historic! (in Pompeii Trogi 
historias); [together with] Lucii Flori gestorum Romanorum epithoma. 

. Historico nelle historic di Trogo Pompeo trad, per PorcacchL 
4** Vervegiay 1561. 
Historia. 12**. 
Tradotto per T. Porcacchi. 4*». Ven, 1561. 

JUSTINUS (Martyr). Opera non itapridem Greece edita» nuper vero 
Latine reddita, interprete S. Gelenio. foL BaM. 1555, 


JXJSTINUS, Philosophus et Martyr. Liber ad gentes in Latmum 

conversus per J. F. Picum. See Picus (J. F.) De rerum praenotione, 

&c. fol. 1507. 
JUVENAL (GuiDo). See Terentius (P.). Comoediae. fol. 1561. 
JUVENALIS (Decius Junius). Satytffi [with the comment by D. Cal- 

derini] ; with MSS. notes by B. Pirckheymer. fol. Ven. 1487. 

. Satyrae. 8® Ven. 1507. 

. Opus interprete Jo. Britannico, cum J. Badii Ascensii familiaribiu 

explanationibus. fol. Ven. 1548. 
-. Satyrae, cum annotationibus T. FamabiL 12^ Amsterodaniiy 

-w Satyrae cum veteris ScholiastaB et variorum commentariis, accu- 

rante C. Schrevelio. 8<' Lugd. Bat. 1671. 
-. Di Latino in volgare per G. Summa-ripa. 8°. 

JUVENALIS (Decius Junius) et Persius (A. F). Satires translated 
and illustrated as well with sculpture as notes, by B. Holyday. foL 
Oaford, 1673. 

JUVENCUS, Presbyter. De Evangelica historia libri quatuor. 4® 
VtenfkB PanrumuBy 1519. 

KAHL (Joann). See Calvinus (J.). 

KA'LIDA'SA. Raghuvansa ; carmen, Sanskrit^ et Latind : edidit A. F. 

Henzler, 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4<> Lmd. 1832. 
KEIR (James). An account of the life and writings of T. Day. 8^ 

Lmd. 1791. 
KELLISON (Matthew). Survey of the new religion, detecting many 

grosse absurdities which it implieth. 4^ Doway^ 1605. 
KELLNER (Johann). See Cellarius (J.) 
KENNETT (White). The life of Somner. See Somner (W.). A 

treatise of the Roman ports and forts in Kent. 8^ 1693. 
KENNICOTT (Benj.). The ten annual accounts of the collation of 

Hebrew MSS. of the Old Testament; begun in 1760, and compleated. 

in 1769. 8° Oxford, 1770. 
KE YSLERUS (J. G.). Antiquitates selectSB Septentrionales et Celticae, 

un^ cum reliquiis Gentilismi in coetibus Christianorum. 8° Hanov. 

■' ■ . Exercitatio historico-philologica, de Dea Nehalennia numine ve- 

terum Walachiorum topico, cui accedit conspectus opens edendi ; de 

Germania vdteri Gentili, s. de Diis veterum Celtarum gentium septen- 

trionalium. 4^ Celke, 1717. 
KIDD (S.). Catalogue of the Chinese Library of the Royal Asiatic So" 

ciety. 8® LandoHy 1838. 
KIEN-LUNG. The conquest of the Miao-tse, an imperial poem, trans- 
lated by S. Weston, from the Chinese. 8^ Jdrndony 1 810. 
KIMCHI (David). See Kimhi (D.). 
KIMCHI (Mose). See Kimhi (M.) 
KIMHI (David). Commentarium Hebraicum in decem primos psalmos 

Davidicos, Hd)., cum versione Latina per P. Fagium. fol. ConstanticBy 

KIMHI (Moses). In introductorio grammaticae Hebraicae. 4^ Ha- 

geno<Bf 1519. 


KIMHI (Moses). Iludimenta Hebraica a J. Boeschenstain diligent! 

studio re visa. 4° Aug, VindeL 1520. 
KINDEIIMANNEN (M. B.). Der Deutsche Redner. 12*> Frand^ 

furty 1660. 
KINDERSLEY (N. E.). Specimens of Hindoo literature, with notes ; 

to which are prefixed remarks on the mythology of the Hindoos. 8° 

London^ 1794. 
KING (Edward). Morsels of criticism tending to illustrate some few 

passages in the Holy Scriptures upon philosophical principles, and an 

enlarged view of things. 4° Lond. 1788. 
. Considerations on the utility of the national debt, and on the pre- 
sent alarming crbis. 8° London, 1793. 
KING (John) Bishop of London, The Bishop of London his legacy, or 

certaine motives for his change of religion, and dying in the Catholike 

and Romish Church. 4** 1624. 
KING (Peter). See Anonymous. History (the) of the Apostles' creed. 

8« 1711. 
KIPPLING (Thomas). See Evangelia. Codex T. Bezae Cantabri- 

giensis. fol. 1793. 
KIR ANI, King of Persia^ and H ARPOCRATION ; the magick. 8« 

London, 1685. [For an account of this work and its author or authors, 

the curious reader may consult Marchand's Dictionnaire Historique."} 
KIRCHMAER (Thomas Nao-Georgos). See NaorGeorgos (T. K/). 
KIRCHMANNUS (Johannes). Commentarii historic! duo, alter de 

regibus vetustis Norvagicis, alter de profectione Danorum in Terram 

Sanctam circa annum MCLXXXV. susceptam, eodem tempore ab in- 

certo autore conscripius ; editi a B. C. Kirchmaono. 8° Amstel, 1684. 
KIRCHNERUS (Hermannus). An oration, concerning thb subject that 

young men ought to trauell. See Cory at (T.). Crudities. 4® 1611. 
KIRKBY (John). The impostor detected; or the counterfeit saint 

turned inside out. 8® Lond. 1750. 
KITCHINER (William). The loyal and national songs of England. 

fol. London, 1823. 
KLAPROTH (Julius von). Asia polyglotta ; trerwt. 4^ JPom, 1823. 

. Asia polyglotta. Atlas, fol. Paris, 1823. 

. Origin of paper-money. 8° Lond, IS23, 

. Sur Torigine du papier-monnaie. 8° Paris, 1822. 

. Verzeichniss der Chinesischen und Mandshuischen Bucher und 

Handschriften der Koniglichen Bibliothek zu Berlin, fol. Paris, 1822, 
Vocabulaire at Grammaire de la langue Georgienne. 8° Paris, 

KLEIN (Johannes). Liber gnomarum selectiorum Latino- Germani- 

carum in tres sectiones digestus. 8° Gedani, 1660. 
KLINGENSTIERNA ^Samuel). See Osaengius (C). Ideam sapienti® 

architectonicae generalis examini subjicit. 4° [1736]. 
KLOPSTOCK (Frederick Gottlob). Messiah ; a poem, translated 

from the German by G. H. C. Egestorff ; 3 pts. in 1 vol. 8° Hamburg, 

KODRIKA (Panagiotis). MeXerrj rrjs koivtjs 'EXXijviicijs StaXenfov. 

vol. I. 8° Paris, 1818. [No more published.] 
KOELHER (Henri Charles Ernest de). Description d'une am^- 

thyste du cabinet des pierres gravies de sa Majest6 TEmpereur de 

toutes les Russies. 8^ St, Petersb. 1798. 
KOEPSTEIN (Wolff). See Capiton (V. F.), 


KOPSTEIN (Wolff). See Capito (W. F.). 

KORN (Gallus). Warum die Kircli vier Evangelisten hat angenom- 

mea; eyn papistische Frag, und ehrbtliche Antwort dariiber. 4^ 

{_Schtoarzemerg^ 1526]. 
KORTHOLTUS (Christianus). See Tatianus. Oratio ad Graecos. 

8° 1700. 
KOSMA de KORCS. Grammar of the Tibetan language in English. 8^ 

. Dictionary, Tibetan and English. 

KRANTZIUS (Albertus). Ecclesiastica historia, sive metropolis ; de 

primis Christianae religionis in Saxonia initiis, deque ejus episcopis, &c. ; 

cum praefatione J. Wolfii. fol. Franco/. 1576. 

. Saxonia ; cum praefatione R. Cisneri. fol. Franco/, 1575. 

. Wandalia ; de Wandalorum vera engine, variis gentibus, crebris 

migrationibus, regnis quorum vel autores vel eversores fuerunt ; [to 

which is added] Poloniae descriptionis libri duo [by M. Cromerus] ; 

2 pts. in 1 vol. fol. Franco/ 1575. 
KRIGHOUT (Jac.). Sermo funebris in obitum J. J. Wetstenii. 4?° 

Amst. 1754. 
KRUSENSTERN (A. J. von), Worter-Sammlungen aus den Sprachen 

einiger Volker des Ostlichen Asiens und der Nordwest-kuste von Ame- 

rika. 4f« St. Petersburg, 1813. 
KUN (Peter van der). See Cunffius (P.). 
KUSTERUS (LuD.). De vero usu verborum mediorum eorumque 

differentia a verbis activis ac passivis ; item veteres poetae citati ad P. 

Labbei de ancipitum Grascarum vocalium in prioribus syllabis mensura 

confirmandum sententiam, sive index vocabulorum in quibus anceps 

pro longa habenda est, opera E. Leedes ; 2 pts. in 1 vol. 8° Lond. 

KURZ (H.). See Levasseur (J. C. V.) et Kurz (H.). Tableaux des 

616mens vocaux de r6criture Chinoise. 8° 1 829. 


LABBE (Phiuppus). Bibliotheca nummaria. See Seldenus (J.). 
Liber de nununis. 4° 1675. 

. Eruditae pronuntiationis catholici indices; ab E. Leedes aucti. 

8^ LondinU 1771. 

LACTANTIUS (Lucius Ccelius Firmianus). Habes in hoc volu- 
mine Lactantii rirmiani opera ; habes etiam Joannis Chrysostomi de 
eucharistia quamdam expositionem, et in eandem materiam Laur. Vallae 
sermonem; habes Philippi adhortationes ad Theodosium, et adversus 
gentes TertuUiani apologeticon ; 2 pts. in 1 vol. fol. Ven, 1502. 

. Divinarum institutionum libri septem ; de ira Dei lib. i. ; de opificio 

Dei lib. i.; in epitome libros sues liber acephalos; phoenix; carmen de do- 
minica Resurrectione ; [together with the Apologeticus by Tertullian] ; 
2 pts. 8« Ven. 1515. 

Opera ; accedunt carmina vulg6 ascripta Lactantio ; cum notis 

A. Thysii. 8° Ltigd. Bat. 1652. 

Opera quae extant ad fidem MSS. recognita et commentariis ill us- 

trata a T. Spark. 8° Oxon. 1684. 
LACTANTIUS (Placidus). See Statins (P. P.). [His works, &c.]. 

fol. 1490. 

. See Statins (P. S.). Opera quae extant. 4^ 1600. 

L^TUS (PoMPONius Julius). De magistratibus, sacerdotjis et diver- 


sis legibus Romanorum. See Fenestella (L.). De magistratibiUy &c 

12» 1604. 
L^TUS (PoMPONius Julius). Romanae historias compendium ab in- 

teritu Gordiani Junioris usque ad Justinum III. 4^ Ven. 1499. 
. De Romanorum magistratibus, de sacerdotiis, &c See Fenestella 

(L^. In hoc volumine, &c. 4°. 
LA FONTAINE (Jean de), Contes et nouvelles en vers. 12^ l^de, 

LAFRERY (Antonius). Speculum Romanae magnificentiae. foL 

. See Anonymous. Inlustrium virorum ut extant in urbe express! 

vultus. foL 1569. 

LAGUS (CoNRADUs). Oratio de Platone. 8<> VUtenb. 1538. 

LAJARD (F.). Recherches sur le culte, les symboles, les attributs, 
et les monuments figures de V^nus en orient et en Occident. 8°. 

LAMARCK (J. B. P. A. de Monnet). Syst^me analytique des connais- 
sances positives de Thomme, restreintes a celles qui proviennent de Fob- 
servation. 8° Paris, 18S0. 

LAMB (William) Viscount MeUxmme, Copies of instructions given 
by the secretary of state for the home department with reference to 
parliamentary representation ; likewise copies of letters or reports in 
answer to such instructions ; (boundaries ;) 4 vols, in 8 pts. fol. Zon- 
don, 1832. 

LAMBARDE (William). The duties of constables, borsholders, ty- 
thingmen and such other lowe and lay ministers of the peace ; where- 
unto be adioyned the offices of church ministers and church-wardens, 
overseers of the poore, surveighours of the highwaies, &c. 8^ Lond(my 

■ Archeion, or a discourse upon the High Courts of Justioe in Eng- 

land. 8° London^ 1635. 

Eirenarcha, or the office of the Justices of peace ; in foure bookes. 

8^ Londmy 1607. 

Memoirs. See Anonymous. Memoirs, &c. 4" 1787. 

LAMBERTUS (Franciscus). Commentarii de causis excaecationis 

multorura saeculorum. 8^. 
LAMBINUS (Dionysius). See Cicero (M. T.). Epistolaa ad familiares. 

8° 1607. 
LAMETHERIE (J. C. de). See Delametherie (J. C). 
LAMY (Bernard). See Anonymous. Art de parler. 12° 1676. 
LANA (LuDOvicus). Da testamentorum formulis enchiridion. 4° Ve^ 

netiis, 1574. 
LANCELOT (Claude). See Anonymous. Abr6ge de la nouvelle m6- 

thode pour apprendre la langue Grecque. 8° 1655. 

. . Jardin (le) des racines Grecques. 12° 1682. 

, . Grammaire g6n6rale et raisonn^e. 12° 1676. 

— . . Nouvelle methode pour apprendre...... la langue Italienne. 

12° 1664. 

. See Trigny ( — de). Nouvelle methode, &c. 12° 1665. 

. See Anonymous. Nouvelle m6thode pour apprendre la langue 

Grecque. 8° 1673. 
LANCI (CoRNELio). Mestola; comedia. 18° Fiorema, 1583. 
LANDENBERG (Hugo von), Bischoff zu Constantz, Emstliche Er- 

manung des Fridens und Christenlicher Einigkeit des Bischoff zu Con- 

stanz, mit schoner Usslegung und Erklarung ; 2 pts. 4°. 


LANDI (GiULio). Le attioni morali, nelle quali, oltra la facile e spedita 
introduttione alF Ethica d' Aristotele, si (Uscorre molto risolutamente 
intomo al duello. 4^ Ven, 1564. 

LANDI (Ortensio). See Collections. Lettere di molte valorose donne. 

8° 1548. 
LANDING (Cristoforo). See Dante Alighieri. Dante. . . . con Tcs- 

positione, &c. foL 1564. 
— . Libri quatuor ; primus de vita activa et contemplativa ; secundus 

de suDuuo bono ; tertius et quartus in P. Virgilii Maronis aUegorias. 

fol. Argent, 1508. 

See Virgilius (P. M.). Opera, fol. 1489. 

LANDUS (CoNSTANTius). In veterum numismatum Romanorum mis- 
cellanea explicationes. 4^ Lugd, 1560. 

LANGDAILUS (Albanus). Catholica confutatio cujusdam impin de- 
terminationis N. Ridlsei post disputationem de Eucharistia in Academia 
Cantabrigiensi habitat. 4^ Par. 1556. 

LANGFORD ( W.). The anniversary sermon of the Royal Humane So- 
ciety; preached at Kensington and Reading, June 17, 1801; [with] 
an appendix by the Society on shipwrecked mariners, resuscitation, &c 
S^" Lmd. 1801. 

LANGFORD (Emanuei,). See Fisher (R.) and Langford (E.). Ca- 
talogue, &c. fol. 1738. 

LANGHORNE (Richard). The petition and declaration of R. L., 
presented to his Majesty the 10th of July, 1679; s. sh. fol. 

. The Speech at his execution, July 14, 1679. s. sh. fol. 

LANGIUS (Joannes). Epistola ad M. Margaritanum pro litteris sacris 
et seipso. 4° ErphurduB^ 1521. 

' ■ Oratio, encomhim theologicse disputationis Eckii, Carolostadii, et 
Lutheri complectens. 4® Lipsice, 1519. 

LANGIUS (JoHAN. Christianus). Inventum novum quadrati logici 
universalis in trianguli quoque formam commode redacti ; accedit dissert, 
apologetica pro logica Aristotelica genuina maxime logica. 2 pts. in 
1 vol. 8® GiesscB Hassoruniy 1714. 

LANGLADE (Jacques de), M^moires de la vie de F. M. de la Tour 
d'Auvergne, Due de Bouillon souverain de Sedan, avec quelques parti- 
cularit^s de la vie la Tour d'Auvergne, Vicomte de Turenne. 
\9P Amst, 1693. 

LANGLET DUFRESNOY (Nicolas). A new method of studying hi- 
story ; made English ; with corrections ; to which is added a dissertation 
of S. Mafiei, concerning the use of inscriptions and medals, by R. Rau- 
linson. 2 vols. 8° Zowf. 1728. 

LANGLEY (Martin du Bellay de). See Bellay (M. de L. du). 

LANGLOIS (Pierre). See Anglois (P. V), 

LANGUET (Hubert). See Guillaume Prince d'Orange. Apologie 
ou defense, &c 4'> 1581. 

LANTERI (GiACOMo). Delia economica. Vin, 1560. 

LAPLACE (Pierre). See Anonymous. Commentaires de F^stat de la 
religion, &c. 12« 1565. 

LA RAMEE (Pierre). See Ramus (P.). 

LARCHER (P. Henri). M6moire sur V^nus. 12« Paris, 1775. 

LASCARIS (CoNSTANTiNUs). Erotemata; de litteris Grsecis ac 
diphthongis et quemadmodum ad nos veniant ; abbreviationes quibus 


frequentissim^ Grseci utuntur ; oratio dominica et duplex salutatio Beatce 
Virginis ; symbolum Apostolorum ; EvaDgelium divi JoaDois Evange- 
listae ; carmina aurea Pythagorse ; Phocilidis viri sapientissimi moralia ; 
omnia suprascripta habent e regione interpretationem Latinam de verbo 
ad verbum. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4" Ven, Aid, 1494-95- 
LASCARIS (Joannes). See Planudes (M.). Anthologia, &c. 4'> 1494. 
LASENA (PiETRo). Dell' antico ginnasio Napoletano. 4^ NcqaoU, 

LASSEN (Chr.). See Burnouf (E.) and Lassen (C). Essai sur le 

Pali. 8« 1826. 
LATIMER (Hugh). Sermons. A>\ Lond. 1635. 
L ATOM US (Jacobus). De triuni linguarum et studii theologici ra- 

tione, dialogus. 4^. 
LATOMUS (BARTiiOLOMiEus). Maximilianus defunctus. 4^ Auff. 
VindeL 1519. 

. See Terentius (P.). Comoediae. fol. 1561. 

LATOUCHE ( — Daillant de la). See Anonymous. Abr^g6 des 

ouvrages d' £. Swedenborg. 
LATRO (Fortius). Declamatio in Catilinam. See Sallustius (C. C). 
Conjuratio Catilinae. 12^ 1581. 

. Declamatio contra L. Catilinam. See Sallustius (C. C). Pom- 

ponii epistola, &c. 4® 1496. 
LAUD (William) Archbishop of Canterbury. Life. See Heylyn (P.). 
Cyprianus redivivus. fol. 1671- 

. A relation of the Conference betweene W. Laud and Fisher the 
Jesuite. fol. I^nd. 1639. 
LAUDINUS, Eqttes Hierosolymitanus. In epistolas Turci magni tra- 

ductio. See Symmachus (Q. A.). Epistolae familiares. 4® 1510. 
LAUGEOIS de CHASTELLIER (— ). See David, King of Israel. 

Traduction nouvelle des pseaumes. 8° 1672. 
LAUGIER (Ad.). See Brotonne (F. de) et Laugier (A.). Resume de 

Thistoire universelle, &c. 32<» 1825, &c. 
XA-UDDiN. See Marsden (W.). Memoirs of a Malayan family. 8<> 

LAURARIUS (Bartholom-^ius). Opusculum rarissimum quod Refu- 

gium advocatorum Laurarium vocitatur. 4® Ven. 1516. 
LAVALETTE (Jean Louis Nogaret cT Espernon de). See Esper- 

non (J. L. Nogaret de la Valette d'). 
LAVANA (Juan Batista). See Pedro Conde de Bracelos. Nobili- 

ario, &c. fol. 1640. 
LAVANHA (JoAO Baptista). See Barros (J. de). Quarta decada 

da Asia. fol. 1615. 
LAVEZUOLA (Alberto). See Ariosto (L.). Orlando Furioso. 4° 

LAWD (William), Abp. of CarUerbury. See Laud (W.). 
LA YARD (Charles Peter). A poetical essay on duelling. 4® 

Cambr. 1775. 
' A sermon preached at the anniversary meeting of the sons of the 

clergy. May 7, 1795 [with an appendix]. 2 pts. 4° Lond. [1795]. 
.. A sermon preached August 11th, 1776, occasioned by the decease 

of M. Maty. 4° Lond. 1776. 

A sermon preached in Lambeth Chapel at the consecration of 

WiUiam, Bishop of St. David ; Jan, 12tb, J 794. 4^ lond, 1794, 


LAYARD (Charles Peter). A sermon preached in the Chapel, Mag- 
dalen Hospital, May 2, 1802. 4^' London, 1802. 
— — . Charity ; a poetical essay. 4® Camb. 1773. 
LAZARONUS (Petrus). De decorata civitate Mediolani. 4^ 
LAZIUS (WoLFANGUs). De gentium aliquot migrationibus, sedibus 

fixis, reliquiis, linguarumque initiis et immutationibus ac dialectis; 

libri XII., in quibus, preeter caeteros populos, Franeorum, Alemanorum, 

Suevorum, Marcomanorum, Boiorum, Camorum, Tauriscorum, Celta- 

rumque atque Gallo-Graecorum tribus, primordia et posteritas tradun- 

tur atque explicantur. fol. Basil, 1557. 
LEBEGUE DU PRESLE (Achille Guillaume). Relation ou notice 

des demiers jours de J. J. Kousseau ; circonstances de sa mort ; et quels 

sont les ouvrages posthumes, qu'on peut attendre de lui; avec une 

addition relative au mdme sujet, par J. H. Magellan. 8^ Lond* 

LEBLOND (Auguste-Savinien). Apollon Lyc^en. 8°. 

. De rinstruction par les yeux. 8**. 

LE BRET (C). Recueil d'aucuns plaidoyez faicts en la cour des aydes. 

8° Parisy 1609. 
LEBRIXA (Antonio de). See Nebrissensis (JE, A.). 
LECLERC (Daniel). See Anonymous. Defense des sentimens de 

quelques th6ologiens, &c, 12^ 1686. 
LECLERC (Jean). See Clericus (J.). 
. See Anonymous. Sentimens de quelques theologiens, &c. 12^ 

LE COCQ (C). Projet de loi pour Tenseignement public en Belgique. 

8° Bruxellesy 1832. 
LEEDES (Eduardus). Veteres poets citati ad P. Labbei de ancipitum 

Graecarum vocalium in prioribus syllabis mensura confirmandum sen- 

tentiam. See Kusterus (L.). De vero usu verborum mediorum. 8° 


. See Labbe (P.). Erudites pronunciationis .. . indices. 8® 1771. 

LEEUS (Thomas). Sunt in hoc volumine ; apologia contra quorundam 

calumnias ; index annotationum prions libri ; epistola nuncupatoria ad 

D. Erasmum ; annotationum libri duo in annotationes Novi Testament! 

D. Erasmi; epistola apologetica, qua respondet duabus D. Erasmi 

epistolis. 4« Paris, [1520]. 
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plomaticus. fol. Hannov, 1693. 
. . Mantissa Codicis juris gentium diplomatic^ 2 pts. in 

1 vol. fol. Hannov, 1700. 
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— . Itinerary; published from the original MS. in the Bodleian Library, 

by T. Hearne. vols, ii.-ix. 8® Oxford, 1711. 
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LEMOS, Conde de. See Fernandez de Castro (P.). 
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equites Romanos, antequam iret in exilium, tradita in schola Lune- 

burgensi. 8° Witeberga, 1572. 


LENSi^US (Joannes). De bui ac reip. ChristianflB coDtra impium inva'* 

sorem defensione oratio ; eiusdem de adinirabili ecdesisB Concordia. 8^ 

Ijovaniiy 1582. 
LENTULUS (SciPio). ItalicsB grammatices institutio ; adiecimos inter- 

pretationem Gallicam opera A. F. Madii. 8^ ^ Vincent. 1610. 
LENZONI (Carlo). In difesa della lingua Fiorentina et di Dante ; 

con le regole da far bella et numerosa prosa. 4*^ Fior, 1556. 
LEO X. Papa. Bulla apostolica contra errores M. Lutheri et sequadum. 

4** Aniverpue. 
. Bulla contra errores Martini Lutheri et sequacium [with notes by 

Hutten]. 4f°. 

. Bulla reformationis. 8<* Venetiis [1514]. 

■ ' Bulla seu eedula in materia fidei. 4^ [sine nota, circa 151S]. 

Bulla sive eedula materiarum pacis universalis et destinationis le- 

gatorum de latere. 4° Ronus, 1513. 

— . Die verteutsch Bulle wyder D. M . Luther ausgangen. 4^. 

Sanetissimi domini nostri Papse una cum coetu cutiinalium con- 

sultationes pro expeditione contra Thurcum ; premissa A. Puccii exhor- 

tatione. 4*» 1518. 
LEO (DuARDUs Nonius). Censune in libellum de regum PortugalisB 

origine, qui J. TeixersB nomine circumfertur ; item de yera regum Por- 

tugalise genealogia liber. 4^ Olisip. 1585. 
LEONE, Medico Ebreo. Dialoghi di amore. 8® Ven. 1545. 
LEONI (Gio. Battista). Considerationi sopra Thistoria dltalia di F. 

Guicciardini. 4® 1583. 

4« Ven. 1599. 

Madrigali. 12° Vmetia, 1598. 

. Vita di Francesco Maria di Mdntefeltro deUa Rovere IIII. Duca 

d* Urbino. 4° Ven. 1605. 
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fol. [1485]. 
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Vend. 1524. 
LEONINUS (Elbertus). Processus criminalis. 4° Colon* Agrip. 

LEONRODT (Hans von). Hymelwagen auff dem, wer wol lebt und 

wol stirbt, fert in das ewig leben ; hellwagen auff dem, wer iibel lebt und 

libel stirbt, fert in die ewigen verdamnuss. 4® Aggpurgy 1517. 
LE PRINCE (H. S.). See Prince (H. S. le). 
LEPUSCULUS (Sebastianus). Collectanea. See Josippus. De bello 

Judaico. 8° [1559]. 
LEROY (Pierre). See Anonymous. Satyre M6nipp6e. 8° 1595. 
LEROY (LoYs). See Roy (L. le). 
LERSENER (Jacob). Antwort, Bericht und Beweiss auff die Frage^ 

ob es besser sei nach beschriebenen oder nach eygner Vemunfit. 4** 

Marpurg^ 1542. 
LESLIE . (John), Etiesqtie de JRosse. Du droict et tiltre de la S6r6nis- 

sime Princesse Marie, Royne d'Escosse, et de tr^s illustre Prince 

Jacques VI. Roy d'Escosse, son fils, k la succession du Royaume d' 

Angleterre ; avec la g6n6alogie des roys d'Angleterre ayans regn6 

depuis cinq cens ans. 8** Rouen. 
LETI (Gregorio). L'ltalia regnante, o vero nova descritione dello 

stato presente di tutti prencipati e republiche d' Italia. 4 vols. 12® 

Geneva^ 1675-76. 


LETOUF (Claude da). Vie- See Pradines ( ). M^moires en la vie 
de, &c. 120 1583, 

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OUuDanidarum a Turcis sua lingua scriptis, &c. fol. 1596. 

. See Dion Cassius. Historiae Romanae lib. xlvi. fol. 1606. 

. See Lewenklaw (H.). 

. See Xenophon Atheniensis. Opera, fol. 1625. 

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12° Amst. 1653. 

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caux de r^criture Chinoise. 8® Parisy 1829. 

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12^ Amst. 1700-8. 

LEWENKLAW (Hans). Neuwe Chronica Tiirckischen Nation von 
Tiirckent selbst besehrieben, volgendts gemehrt, und in vier Biicher 
abgetheilt. fol. FrancJu am Mayn^ 1590. 

LEWIS (M.). Plain and short rules for pointing periods and reading 
sentences grammatically. 8° \JLond(m\. 

LEYCESTER (^Sir Peter). Historical antiquities, in two books ; the 
first treating in general of Great-Brettain and Ireland ; the second con- 
taining particular remarks concerning Cheshire ; whereunto is annexed 
a transcript of Doomsday-book, so far as concemeth Cheshire, fol. 
Lmd. 1673. 

LEYSERUS (Johannes). See Aletseus (T.). 

LIBANIUS SophUta. See Demosthenes. Orationes duse et sexaginta, 
&c. fol. 1504. 

'EimoToKifxaiot xapaK. See Guarini (G.). Erotemata, &c. S° 

LIBURNIO (NiccoLd). Le tre fontane, in tre libri divise sopra la 

grammatica, et eloquenza di Dante, Petrarcha, et Boccaccio. 4^ Vineff, 


. Le tre fontane. S^ Few. 1533. 

LICIO (RoBERTUs Caraczolus (ie). See Caraczolus (R. de Licio). 
LIEBTREU (ViRGiNius). Jungfrauen-Spiegel. 12° 1651. 
LIECHTENAW (Conradus Uspergensis a). Chronicum absolutissi- 

mum a Nino Assyriorum rege usque ad tempora Friderici II. Imper^ 

toris; paraleipomena rerum memorabilium a Friderico II. usque ad 

Carolum V. Augustum per studiosum historiarum virum candidum. fol. 

Basil. 1569. 
LIGURINUS. See Guntherus Ligurinus. 
LILBURN (John). Triall of Lieut. Collonell John Lilbume, October, 

1649. 4'> LondoHy 1649. 
.. ■ . Triall, July 1653 ; [to which are added] the exceptions to a bill 

of indictment preferred against him. 2 pts. 8° London^ 1653. 
LIMBORCH (Philippus a). Praestantium et eruditorum virorumt 

epistolae ecclesiasticse et theologicse. fol. Amstel. 1684. 
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Pans, 1763. 
LINAGE (Jos. de Veitia). Norte de la contratacion de las Indias 

occidentales. 2 pts. in 1 vol. fol. SeviUa, 1672. 
LINAGE de VAUCIENNES (P.). M6moires sur Torigine des guerres 

qui travaillent T Europe depuis cinquante ans. 2 vols. ] 2° Cohgney 

UNCK (Wentzeslavs). Ein hailsame Lere wie das Hertz oder Ge- 


wissen durch die siben Seligkeyt ; als siben Sewlen des geystliclieiul 
Bawes : auff da^ Wort Gottes gebawet wirdt. 4^ Numb. 1519. 

LINCOLN, Court of Gad Session of the County of. Rules for the go^ 
vemment of the county gaol and castle of Lincoln^ made on the 5th day 
of January, 1827. 4° Zoniibw, 1827. 

LINCOLN (Sanderson, Robert)/ Bishop of See Sanderson (R.), 

LINCOLN (William), Bishop of See Barlow (W.). 

LINDANUS (WiLHELMUs). Missa apostolica. 8° Antverpi^Bj 1589. 

LINDEMAN (Laurentius). Oratio de legibus — Epithalamion scrip- 
turn M. Deubero a J. Cinglario. 8° WiteoergcBy 1550. 

LINDENBROGIUS (Fr.). See Ammianus (M.). Rerum gestarum . .. 
libri. fol. 1681. 

LINGARD (J.). A vindication of certain passages in the 4th and 5th 
vol. of the History of England ; [to which is added] postscript in 
answer to Dr. Allen s vindication. 8° Lond. 1826. 

LINGARD (R.). A letter of advice to a young gentleman leaving the 
university, concerning his behaviour and conversation in the world. 
120 Lond, 1673. 

LINNiEUS (Carolus). See Osterman (M. G.). Culina mutata. 4° 

LINSCHOTEN (Jan Huygen van), Een seker extract ende sommier 

van alle de renten, &c des Coninghs van Spaengien over alle zyne 

Coninckrijcke, &c sodanich. fol. Amstelredamf 1596. 

. Een seker extract ende Sommier van alle de Renten, Domey- 

nen, Tollen, &c des Conninghs van Spaengien over alle zeyne Co- 

ninckrijcken, Landen, &c. . . macht en afcomste der Coningen van Por- 

tugael. fol. V AmsteL 1596. 
LIONNE (Hugues de). See Anonymous. M6moires et instructions, 

&c. 12<» 1665. 
LIPPI (Carlo). Esposizione de' fatti relativamente alia scopeta che 

Pompei ed Ercolano non furono sotterrate dal Vesuvio. fol. NapoUf 

LIPSIUS (Justus). Admiranda, sive de magnitudine Romana libri 

quattuor. fol. Antv, 1598. 
. Politica, sive civilis doctrinae libri sex ; additse notae, et de vera 

religione liber. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 12° Amst. 1632. 
— . Politicorum sive civilis doctrinae libri sex. 8° Lugd. BaU 

. Quam doctissimae animadversiones in decem tragoedias quae L. hi 

Senecae tribuuntur. See Seneca (L. A.). Tragcediae. 12® 1619. 

. See Svetonius (C. T.). De XII. Caesaribus lib. viii. fol. 1610. 

. See Valerius Maximus. Dictorum factorumque memorabilium 

libri IX. 8° 1621. 
LINCK (Marcus). Ein schone Christliche Sermon von de Aussgang 

der Kinder Gottes auss des Antichrists Gefengkniss so durch den 

Aussgang der Kinder Israel auss Egypten, Babilonien, &c. figuriret ist. 

4° {^AMmburgy} 1524. 
LISOLA (FRAN901S Paul de). See Anonymous. Anmerckungen liber 

die Schrifft welche R. de Gravell .... iibergeben. 4°. 

, • Bouclier d'estat et de justice. 4° 1667. 

, . Politique (le) du temps. 4** 1672. 

See Isola (F. P. de V). 

LISON y BIEDMA (Mateo de). Discursos y apuntamientos dados a 


su Magestad en su real mano ; en que se trato nmterias importantes del 
govierno delta monarquia. 4°. 

LISTRIUS (Gerard us). See Seneca (S. A.). In hoc opere, &c 

Erasmi moriae, &c. 4° 1515. 

LITTLETON (Adam). Pastor metricus ; sive voces omnes Novi Tes- 
tament! primogeniae hexametris versibus comprehensae ; accessit diatriba 
in VIII. titfctatus distributa, in qua agitur de flectendi, derivandi et 
componendi ratione. 4^ Land, 1658. 

LITTLETON (Thomas). Tenures, in English. 8** Land. 1656. 

— — . Tenures, in French and English. 12** Lond. 1671. 

LIUTPRANDUS Ticinensis. Rerum gestarum per Europam ipsius 
prsesertim temporibus libri sex. fol. Parisiis, 1514. 

LIVIUS (Titus). (Decades a L. Porro recognitse.) fol. Tarvisiiy 1482. 

■ Delle historic de' Romanidair edificatione della Citta, libri XXXV; 

trad, da F. Sansovino. 2 vols. 4° Ven. 1567. 

Historiarum libri ex recensione I. F. Gronovii. 3 vols. 12® Jjugd, 

Bat. 1645. 

La troisi^me decade, traduite en Fran9ois par J. Hamelin de 

Sarlat ; [followed by] La quatriesme d6cade, et ce qui reste de la cin- 
quiesine de la traduction de A. de la Faye. 2 pts. in 1 vol. fol. Paris, 

Le deche delle historic Romane, tradotte da J. Nardi. fol. Ven. 

Romanse hbtoriae libri omnesi quotquot ad nostram setatem per- 

venerunt, una cum doctissimorum virorum in eos lucubrationibus. fol. 
Francof. 1568. 

See Grellius (J.). Chronologia. fol. 1568. 

LLOYD (William), Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield. A chronolo- 
gical account of the life of Pythagoras, and of other famous men, his 
contemporaries ; with an Epistle to Dr. Bentley, about Porphyry's and 
larablychus's Lives of Pythagoras. 8° Land, 1699. 

.. A sermon preached at the funeral of John [Wilkins], Bishop of 
Chester. See Wilkins (J.). Of the principles and duties of natural 
religion. 8° 1675. 

See Anonymous. Difference (the) between the church and court 
of Rome considered. 4® 1674. 

See Anonymous. Late (a) apology in behalf of the Papists, &c. 

4° 1675. 

See Anonymous. Reasonable (a) defense of the Seasonable dis- 
course, &c. 4® 1674. 

See Anonymous. Seasonable (a) discourse, showing the neces- 
sity of maintaining the established religion. 4® 1673. 

LOBO (Francisco Rodriguez). Corte na Aldea e noites de invemo. 
&* Lisboa, 1649. 

LOCCENIUS (Joannes). Historiae Suecanae a primo rcgc Sueciae 
usque ad Carolum XI. deductsB libri novem; accedunt antiquitatum 
Sueo-Gothicarum libri tres. 2 vols. 4® Francof, 1676. 

LOCCENIUS (Joannes). See Quintus Curtius (R.). De rebus gestis 
Alexandri. 12** 1658. 

LOCHER (Jacobus). Compendium rhetorices ex Tulliano thesauro 
deductum ac concionatum. 4** Ardent, 1518. 

Ludi^rum Drama Plautino more fictum ; de Sene amatore, filio 
corrupto, et dotata muliere. 4**. 



LOCHER (Johann). Vom Ave Maria Leuthen den glaubigen vast 
furderlich. 4®. 

LOCKE (John). Posthumous works, viz. 1st, of the conduct of the un- 
derstanding ; 2nd, an examination of Malebranche's opinion of seeing all 
things in God ; 3rd, a discourse of miracles ; 4th, part of a fourth letter 
for toleration ; 5th, memoirs of Anthony, first Earl of Shaftsbury ; 6th, 
new method of a common-place book. 8^ London^ 1706. 

. A collection of several pieces never before printed* 8° lAmdon^ 


See Anonymous. Letter (a) concerning toleration. 12^ 1690. 

LOCKER (Ed. Hawke^. Views in Spain. 4<> London, 1824. 

LOCRIUS (Ferreolus). Maria Augusta Virgo Deipara in septem 
libros tributa ; chronico et notis ad calcem illustrata. 4^ AtrdxUi, 1608. 

LODGE (Edm.). Illustrations of British history, biography, and man- 
ners, in the reigns of Henry VIIL Edward VI. Mary, Elizabeth, and 
James I. exhibited in a scries of original papers from the manuscripts 
in the noble families of Howard, Talbot, and Cecil ; containing a great 
part of the correspondence of Elizabeth and her ministers with George 
VI. Earl of Shrewsbury during the 15 years in which Mary Queen of 
Scots remained in his custody. 3 vols. 4^ Lond. 1791. 

LOEUS (Rob.). Effigiatio veri sabbathismi. 4° Lond, 1605. 

LOIOLA (Ignatius). Vita. See Maflfeius (J. P.). Historiarum In- 
dicarum libri XVI. fol. 1588. 

nava-Dharma-Sastra ; Lois de Manou, &c, S° Paris, 

LOMBARD (A.). A speech delivered to his Majesty in the name of 
the French Church in the Savoy, fol. London, 1665. 

LOMBARDELLI (Orazio). Delia tranquillita dell' anima, sopra i1 
dialogo di Florenzio Voluseno metafrase. 4^ Siena, 1574. 

■ M l . Gli aforismi scolastici. 8® Siena, 1603. 

. I fonti Toscani. 12** Firenze, 1598. 

LOMONOSSOF (Michaelis). A chronological abridgment of the 
Russian history ; translated from the original Russian [by J. G. A. 
Forster], continued by the translator. 8° Lond. 1767. C^** ^6 title 
b the following note : Presented from the translator, a youth of 1 1 years, 
son of the Rev. Mr. Forster of Dantzick. 

LONDON (John King), Bishop of. See King (J.), Bishop of Lond, 

LONDON (Robert), Bishop of. See Lowth (R.). 

LONGIANO ^Sebastiano Faosto da). See Fausto (S.) da Longiano. 

LONGINUS (Cassius). Traits du sublime. See Anonymous. GEuvres 
diverses, &c. 12« 1675. 

LONGOLIUS (Gilbertus). See Ovidius (P. N.). Metamorphoseon 
lib. XV. fol. 1449. 

. . fol. 1556. 

LONGUEIL (Gilbert de). See Longolius (G.). 

LONGUS Sophista. Pastoralium de Daphnide et Chloe libri quatnor ; 
Gr. Lot, ; G. Jungermanus recensuit. 12° Hanov. 1605. 

. See Mai us (A.). Virgilii Maronis interpretes veteres. 4® 1818. 

LONICERUS (Joannes). Contra Romanistam Fratrem Augugtinum 
Alvelden Franciscanum Lipsicum Canonis Biblici publicum Hctorem et 
tortorem ejusdem. 4° [ pTtftte^. 1520]. 

LONICERUS (Philippus). See Hondorffius (A.). Theatrum histo- 
ricum. 4° 1604. 


LOPEZ de SALSEDO (Ignatius). Practica criminalis canonica. S° 

AntverpicB, 1593. 
LOPEZ de UBEDA (Franc). La picara montanesa llamada Justina, 

en el qual debaio de graciosos discursos se encierrau provechosos avisos. 

8® Barcelona^ 1640. 
LOPE de VEGA CARPIO (Felix). Arcadia ; prosas y versos. 12*> 

Anvers^ 1605. 

, Pastores de Belen; prosas y versos, 8^ Alcald, 1616. 

LOPPERSIUS (Gerardus). SententisB Baronii in Sacro Consistorio 

dictae propugnatio ad versus J. Marsilium. 4^ Ingolst. 1607. 
LOREDANO (Gio. Francesco). Lettere. 2 vols. 12« Ven. 1662 & 

1665. [Vol. I. 16th edit.; vol. ii. 4?th edit.] 

. Novelle amorose. 18** Macerata^ 1668. 

LORICHIUS (JoDOCus). Defensio apologise de adoratimie et ejus spe- 

ciebus; adversus hyperaspisten, et spongiam disputationis de preca- 

tione, e sebola Tubingensi. 8^ IngolsL 1577' 
LORICHIUS (R.). See Aphthonius. Progymnasmata. 12° 1616. 
LORITUS (Henricus), Glareanus, See Glareanus (H. L.). 
LORRAINE (Henri de Guise de). See Guise (H. de L. de). 
LORRAINE (Henri IL de), Duode Guise. Se6 Guise (H. de L. IL de). 
LOSCHI (Alfonso). Corapendi bistorici. 2 vob. 4** Bolognay 1669» 
LOTICHIUS (Joannes Petrus). See Petronius (Arbiter), Satyricon 

4« 1629. 
LOTTINI (Gio. Francesco). See Guicciardini (F.). Lottini (G. F.), 

& Sansovini (F.). Propositioni, &e. 4® 1588. 
LOUIS ^1. of France, Les ordonnanees royaulx nouvellement publi6es 

a Paris depar le Roy le 13 iour du moys de Juing Tan Mil CCCC.XIX. 

fob [^Paris'}. 
LOUIS XIII. de France. Declaration du Roy, portant defFences d'user 

d'appels, ny de rencontres, suy vant T^diot des duels, 1609. 8° ParUy 

. Les lettres envoy^es a Paris de par le Roy nostre sire en sa court 

de Parlement tou^bant les batailles et viotoires faictes par les Fran^oys 

sur lea marches des V6niciens, 20 Avril 1509. 12° [Paw, 1509]. 
LOUIS XIV. of France, An ordonnance of tbe most Cbristian King, 

forbidding his subjects to have any commerce with the Spaniards, and 

commanding them to commit hostilities upon them ; done out of French 

according to the copy printed at Paris, fol. Lond, 1673. 
— . — , Tbe most Christian King's declaration of war against the States- 

Generall of the United Provinces ; done out of French, fol. Lond. 

LOUYS IX., Roy de France. Les 6tablissemens selon Tusage de Paris 

et d'Orleans et de court de Baronnie. See Joinville (J. de). Histoire 

de S. Louys, &c. fol. 1668. 
LO VISING (Marco Antonio). Espositione deir xi. et xii. cap. del iiii. 

libro d' Esdra. 4° Ven. 1 57 1 . 
LOWNDES (W.). See Anonymous. Report (a) containing an essay 

for the amendment of the silver coin. 8° 1695. 
LOWTH (Robertus). De sacra poesi HebrsBorum, prselectiones ; sub- 

jicitur metricae Harianae brevis confutatio et oratio Crewiana. 8** 

Oxofiii 1775. 
LOWTH (Robert), Bishop of London. The life of William of Wyke- 

ham, Bishop of Winchester. 8^ Oxford, 1777. 



LOWTH (Robeut), Bishop of London. See Isaiah Propheta. A new 

translation. 4** 1778. 
LOYOLA (Ignacio de). Vida. See llibadeneyra (P. de). Vida del 

Padre, &c. 8*> 1584.. 
LOYSEAU (Charles). Cinq livres du droit des offices, fol. dm- 

teaudun, 1610. 

. Trait6 des seigneuries. 4** Paris, 1608. 

LOZANO (Gaspar). Soledades de la vida, y desenganos del nmndo ; 

novelas y comcdias exemplares. 4° Madrid, 1663. 
LUBBOCK (John William). Remarks on the classification of the 

different branches of human knowledge. 8** Lond,\S^S. 
. Remarks on the classification of the different branches of human 

knowledge. 8° London, 1839. 
LUBERSAC ( de), Discours sur les monumens publics de tous les 

ages et de tous les peuples connus, suivi d'une description du monu- 
ment proj6t6 a la gloire de Louis XVI. et de la France, fol. Par. 

LUBIENIECIUS (Stanislaus). Historia reformationis Polonicee. 12° 

Freistadiiy 1685. 
LUC ANUS (Ann^us Marcus). Pharsalia. 8° Ven. 1502. 
. Cum notis H. Grotii, et anuotat. T. Famabii. 12° AmsL 

.. Ex emend. H. Grotii ; cum ejusdem notis ; [and also] Petronii 

A. Specimen belli civilis. 18° AmsL 1627. 

LUCAS (James). An impartial inquiry into the present state of paro- 
chial registers ; charitable funds ; taxation and parish rates. 8° Leeds, 

LUCHET (Jean Pierre Louis de). Eloge de M. Arrouet de Voltaire. 
12° ICassel, \11S'\. 

LUCIANUS Samosatensis. De veris narrationibus ; de asino aureo ; phi- 
losophorum vit8B ; Scipio ; Scaphidium ; Palinurus ; Charon ; Dio- 
genes; Terpsion ; Hercules ; Virtus dea; in amorem ; Timon ; [and also] 
sermo de calumnia; laus muscoe. 4° Venet. 1494. 

. Apologia pro iis qui in aulis principum degunt ; P. Mosellano in- 
ter pre te. 4° \_LipsicB]. 

De ratione conscribendae historise ex Grseco in Latinum traductus 

(a B. Pirckeymero). 4° Nuremb. 1515. 
-. De veris narrationibus (libelli duo a L. Castellano de Greeco in 

Latinum traducti), et Diodorus Siculus (de antiquorum gestis fabulo- 
sis). fol. Few. 1493. 
.. Dialogi duo ; Charon et Tyrannus ; P. Mosellano interprete. 4" 

Hagenom, 1518. 
.. Dialogorum selectorum libri IL ; Gr. et Lot. ; a G. Dugardo re- 

cogniti. 12° I^md. 1649. 
-. Elegantissima aliquot opuscula, per Vincentium Obsopaeum latini' 

tate donata. 8° Hag. 1529. 
— . Erasmo interprete, dialogi ; quaedam ctiam a T. Moro Latiua 
facta et quaedam ab eodem concinnata. 4° Parisiis, 1514. 
-. Fugitivi ; a B. Pirckheymero in Latinum versi. 4° Hagenoa, 


— . Gli dilettevoli dialogi, le vere narrationi, le facete epistole, di 

Greco in volgare tradotte. 8° Ven. 1543. 

— . Hermotimus, seu de sectis ; dialogus ; Obsopaeo interprete ; ejusdem 


dialog! amaiorii, Chiliano Mansueto inteq)r. Plutarchi Chersoneusis 

de liberorum educatione; J. Metzler interprete. 8° Hag* 1527. 
LUCIANUS SamoscUensis, 1 dialogi piacevoli, le vere narrationi, le 

facete epistole, trad, per N. da Lonigo. 8® Ven, 1541. 
— . Encomium muscee. See Hegendorphinus (C). Declamatio in 

laudem ebrietatis. 8°. 

From the Greek, with the comments and illustrations of Wieland 

and others, by William Tooke, F.R.S. 2 vols. 4° London^ 1820. 
In calumniam ; opusculum ad indoctum et multos libros ementes. 

See Melanchthon (P.). De arte dicendi declamatio. 8^ 

In Cupidinem nocivum. See Pico (J. F.). De expellendis 

Venere et Cupidine, &c. 4° 1513. 

— . Navis seu vota; B. Pirckheymero interpr. 4° Nuremb. 1522. 
Opusculum de presidencia [precedentia] Alexandri, Hanibalis, et 

Scipionis, traductum e Greco in Latinum per Aurispam. 4^ 1482. 
— . Opus parasiticum ; interprete F. Bellafino. 4^ BononicBy 1505. 
— . Piscator, seu reviviscentes ; B. Pirckheymero interprete ; ejusdem 
[P.] epistola apologetica. 4° Nuremb, 1517. 

Rhetor a B. Pirckheymero in Latinum versus. 4° Hagenoce^ 


Opera ; e versione J. Benedicti, cum notis integris Bourdelotii, 

Palmerii, Fabri, Menagii, Guieti, Graevii, Gronovii, Barla^i, ToUii, et 
selectis aliorum ; accedunt inedita scholia, ex Biblioth. I. Vossii. 2 vols. 
8° Amstel 1687. 

Opera omnia, e Grseco sermone in Latinum partim jam olim di- 

versis autoribus, partim nunc deraum per J. Micyllum, translata ; cum 
argumentis et annotationibus ejusdem passim adjectis. fol. Franco/. 


Piscator seu reviviscentes ; B. Pirckheymero interprete ; ejusdem 

epistola apologetica. 4° Nurenbergce, 1517. 
LUDOLPHUS (JoBUs). Ad suam historiara iEthiopicam commentarius. 

fol. Franc, oc? iKf., 1691. 
LUDOVICUS CCELIUS Rhodiginus. See Rhodiginus (L. C). 
LUDWIG Ktinig zii Hungem und Boludm. Es ist ein Christenliche 

Ordnung gemacht worden und bestettiget von dem aller durchleuch- 

tigsten Kunig Ludwig zu Hungern und Boheim, und von dem gantzen 

Lander Gemayn von wegen etlicher Artickeln des Christlichen Glau- 

bens, wie das Register aussweist. 4® 1524. 
LUIGI da Granata. Delia introduzione al simbolo della fede, parti 

quattro. 4° Ven. 1585. 
LUIS de SarUa Maria. Centenario del unico miiagro del mondo San 

Lorenzo el Real del Escurial. fol. Madrid^ 1664. 
LULLIUS (Raymund). Incipit ars generalis ultima. 4° Ven. 1480. 
LUMISDEN (Andrew). Remarks on the antiquities of Rome and its 

environs ; being a survey of the ruins of that city. 4° London, 1797. 
LUNA (Miguel de). See Abulcacim (T. A.). Historia verdadera del 

rey don Rodrigo. 4° 1654. 
LUNA (Alvaro de). Life. See Geddes (M.). Several tracts against 

popery, &c. 8^ 1715. 
LUNADORO (GiROLAMo). Relatione della Corte di Roma ; col 

raaestra di camera del S^ F. Sestini ; e Roma ricercata nel suo sito nel 

modo che aV presente si ritrova. 3 vols. 12® Ven. 1664. 
LUNGERSHAUSEN (Joh. Jac). A nursery of young English trees; 

i. e. Arboretum Anglicum. 4° [t/ewre, 1695.] 


LUNGERSHAUSEN ( Joh. Jac). Brevis diisertatio de lingua AngUca. 

4?** JeMB, 
■ Dissertatio prior exponens judicium natursB de uatura scripturee ; 

respondente J, C. Meiero. 4° Jenm^ [1693]. 
LUPUS (Johannes). Tractatus de niatrimonio. foL 
LUSCU8 (Antonius). See Squarzaficus (J.). Hec est pars Q. A. P 

&c. fol. [1477]. 
LUTHERUS (Martinus). Aigentlicher bericht der yrthumb des Sacra- 
ments betreffend. See (Eeolampadius (J.). Gegrundeer und gewisser 
beschluss. 4^ 1526. 

Ain bericht Wie D. M. L. von ersten hinder sollichen schwaren 
handel kommen sey vnd was In darzii geursacht vnd bewegt hat* 4° 
— H Acta apud D. legatum Apostolicum Augusts. 4°. 

Acht sermon von jm geprediget zu Wittemberg in der Fasten 
4« Wittemb. 1523. 

Ad iEgooerotem Emserianum M. Lutheri additio. 4° WUtd) 


Ad Carolum V. Aust Imp. epistola post abitionem ex conventu Im 
periali Wormaciae. 4**. 

Ad J. Eccium epistola super expurgatione Ecciana* 4^ WiUem 

bergtBy 1519. 

Ad librum eximii magistri nostri magistri Ambrosii Catharini de 
fensoris Prieratis acerrimi ; cum exposita visione Danielis viii* de an 
tichristo. 4° Witiemb. [1521]. 

Ad schedulam inhibitionis sub nomine Episcopi Misnensis editam 

super sermone de Sacramento Eucharistiaa responsio* 4°. 
— . Ad versus execrabilem Antichristi bullam. 4" Wittemb. 1520. 
Adversus latrocinantes et raptorias cohortes rusticorum ; respon- 

sio J. Cochlaei ; catalogus tumukuum et prseliorum in superiori Ger- 
mania nuper gestorum ; CXXXII articuU excerpti ex seditioso libro 
M. Lutheri ; responsio J. Cochlaei ad singulos ; ex Teutonico in La- 
tinum. 4^ CtJonice, 1525. 

Ain Christlicher trostbrieff an die Milltenberger* 4^ Witiemb, 

Ain Sermon am. xxi. sontag nach dem Pfingstag von der rechten 

art des glaubens ; von der art und bosshayt des Teii&ls unsers wider- 
sachers. 4° Wittemb. 1526. 

Ain Sermon an dem Tag des hailigen Sant Johannes des Taffers 
Jhesu Christi. 4*> Wittemb. 1522. 

— . Ain Sermon geprediget von dem Bildtnissen. 4° Wittemb. 

Ain Sermon von der wiirdigen empfahung des hailigen waren 

leychnams Christi. 4° Wittemb. 1521. 
— . Ain volkomne unnd Grunndtliche unterricht wie man sich gegen 
yederman, der Ergernus halben, hallten sol, und sonderlich in Fasten 
und Flayscheesen. 4® Wittemb. 1524. 

Aliquot epistolae quibusdam theologis ad Augustana comitia, anno 

1530 scripta, de conciliationibus Christi et Belial disserentes, ex quibus 
multa remedia preesentibus EcclesisB morbis salutaria pet! possunt. S° 

— . An den Bock zu Leypsick (meinen grusz). 4^. 
^-^. An den Christlichen Adel Deutscher Nation von des Christlichen 
Standes Besserung. 4** Wittembers^y [1525]. 


LUTHERUS (Martinus). An die Herre Teutsch ordens, dass sy 
falsch keiischait myden, ynnd zur rechten ehelichen keiischayt greiffen, 
ermanung. 4^ WitterUf, 1524. 

. An die Radherm aller stedte deutsches lands : das sie Christliehe 

sehulen auffrichten vnd hallten sollen. 4° fVUtemb. 1524. 

Antwort deutsch auff Konig Henrichs von Engelland buch. 4^ 

Wittemberg, 1522. 

— • Appellatio ad Concilium a Leone Deeimo denuo repetita. 4^ 

WiUmbergcB, [1520]. 

^ • Artickel so da hetten sollen aufTs Concilium zu Mantua, oder wo 

as wiirde sein uberantwortet werden von unsers Tells wegen. 4^ WU- 
temb. 1538. 

Assertio omnium articulorum per buUam Leonis X. danmatorum. 

4« WiUemb. 1520. 

Ausslegunge deutsch des vater unnser fuer dye eynfeltigen leyen* 

4° Leyptzyk^ 1520. 

Auslegung deutsch des vater unnser fuer dye einfeltigen leyen, 4^ 


— . Catechesis parva ; GrcecO'Latina. 8° Basil, 1558. 

— . Chronica Deudsch. 8° WUeb. 1550. 

— . Contra Henricum regem Anglise. 4° WUtemb. 1522. 

Contra malignum J. Eccii judicium, super aliquot articulis, a 

fratribusquibusdamei suppositis, defensio; errores item hsBretici XXIIIL 
ex Eccii fratrumque dogmatibus consectanei. 4°. 

Das ander teyl widder die hymlischen prophetens vom sacrament. 

4° Wittemb. 

Das der freie Wille nichts sey ; Antwort an Erasmum Roterdam. ; 

verdeutscht durch Justum Jonam. 4° Wittemberg, 1526. 

Das dise Wort Christi (das ist mein Leib, &c.) noch feststehen 

wyder die Schwermgeister. 4® Nuremb. 1527. 

Das altern die kinder zu der Ehe nicht zwinge noch hindem, 

vnd die kinder an der elltem willen sich nicht verloben soUe. 4** 

— . Das Gloria in excelsis Deo. 4° WiUenb, 1524. 

— • Das Magnificat vorteutscht und aussgelegt. 4° WiUemb. 

— . Das Taufibiichlin verteutschet. 4**. 

— . Das symbolum der heiligen Aposteln. 4° 1558. 

— . Der Prophet Jona ausgelegt 4° Wittemb. 1526. 

— . De abrbganda Missa privata sententia. 4° [ Wittemb, 1519.] 

— . De captivitate Babylonica ecelesise praeludium. 4** WiUemb. 


— . De captivitate Babylonica ecclesiee praeludium. 4°. 

Decem praecepta Wittembergensi praedicata populo. 4° LipsuB, 


— . De constituendis scholis liber donatus Latinitate. 8° Hagen. 

Defenf io contra malignum J. Eccii judicium super aliquot articulis, 

a fratribus quibusdam ei suppositis. 4^ 

Der Hundert vn xxvij. Psalmen aussgelegt, an die Christen zii 

Rigen in Lifflandt. 4° WittenU). 1524. 

Den ausserwelten lieben Gottes, alien gelydem Christi zii Augs- 

purg, seynen lieben barren vii brudern, M. L. 4° Wittenb. 1524. 

De servo arbitrio. 8° Witt. 1525. _ 

Deutsche Ausslegug des sieben vn sechtzigste Psalme> von dem 
Ostertag> Hymelfart, vnd Pfingsten. 4^* 


LUTHERUS (M ARTiNUs). Deiitung der grewliohen figur des Miinch- 
kalbs zu Freyberg inn Meywen gefimden. 4^ 

De votis monasticis judicium. 4^ WUiemb. [1521]. 

Die ander Epistel S. Petri, und eyne S. Judas, gepredigt und aus- 
gelegt. if"* Wittemb. 1524. 

Die Lugend von S. J. Chrysoetomo an die Heiligen Vater inn dem 
vermeinten Concilio zu Mantua. 4^ WiUemb. 1537- 

Die tzehen geboth Gottes, mit eyner kurtzen ausslegung yrer er- 
fullung. 8® Lt^pizgk, 1519. 

Die zehen gepot gottes. Mit einer kurtzen ausslegung jrer er- 
fullung vnd ubersetzung. 4°. 

Die zehen gepot gottes, mit einer kurtzen asslegung irer erfullung 
vnd vbertretikg. 4°. 

— . Disputatio J. Eccii et M. Lutheri in Studio Lipsensi futura. 4^ 
— . Disputatio et excusatio adversus criminat. J. Eckii. 4° 1519. 

Disputatio pro deelaratione virtutis indulgentiarum. 4^. 

Disputatio pro deelaratione virtutis indulgentiarum. 4° [ Wit- 

tembergy'] 1517. 

— . Drey schon sermon gepredigt zu Bom. 4® Strashurg, 1524. 

Einer aus den hohen Artikeln des Allerheiligesten Pepstlichcn 

Glaubens genant Donatio Constantini. 4** WiUemb. 1527. 

Ein freyheyt des sermons Pebstlichen ablass und gnad belangend 
wider die vorlegug. So zu schmach sein und desselben sermons erdich- 
tet. 4^ 

Ein kurzze und gute ausselung des heyligen Vater unssers firsich 

und hindersich. 8^ 

Ein kurtz vnderweysung wie man beichten sol. 4° Leyptzk^ 


Ein niitzlich vnd fast trostlich predig oder vnderrichtung wie sich 

ein christen mensch mit freiiden bereyten sol zu sterben. 4° Basely 

Ein schoner sermon ufF Sontag nach des Christtag gepredigt zii 

Wittenberg. 4° [ Wittenb.'\ 1524. 

Ein sendbrieff an die ersamen und weysen Herrn Burgermeyster, 

Rhatt, und gantze Gemeyn der Stadt Miilhausen. 4® Wittemb. 

Ein sendebrieff an Jhan von Schleynitz zu Janszhauszen eyner 

heyrath halben. 4<* [ Wittemberg,'] 1523. 

— . Ein sermon von dem ablass und gnade. 4°. 

— . Ein sermon von dem elichen standt. 4** Leypszgk^ 1519. 

— . Ein sermon von dem sacrament der buss. 4®. 

— . Ein sermon, von dem wucher. 4°. 

Ein sermon von der beschneydung am Neiiwenjars tag. Item 

ein geystliche ausslegung der Zeichen in Sonn, Mond und Gestirn. 4** 
Wittemb. 1524. 

— . Ein trostlichs buchlein : in aller widerwertigkeyt, eynes jegliche 
Christglaubigen menschen ; newlich gedeutscht durch G. Spalatinum. 
4<> Leyptzk, 1520. 

Ein weyse Christlich Mess zu halten und zum tisch Gottes zu ge- 

hen. 4° Wyttemb. 1524. 

Epistola ad Henricum VIII. Angliae regem, et responsio dicti 

regis. 8° Hag. 1527. 

— . Epistola ad Henricum hujus nominis octavum, Angliae regem; 


ejusdem regis responsio; admonitio J. Cochlsei in utramque epistolam; 

responsio item Lutheri contra regb epbtolam ; brevis denique disoussio 

responsionis Lutheri per J. Cochlseum. 4° Colonusy 1527* 
LUTHERUS (Martimus). Epistola Lutheriana ad Leonem Decimum 

summum pontifieem; de libertate Christiana. 4° Wittemb. 1520. 
— . Epistola ad V. Lyncum. 4°. 
. Epistola ad Wolfgangum Fabricium Capitonem utilissima. 4^ 


Epistolarum farrago cum psalmorum aliquot interpretatione. 8^ 

Hagan. 1525. 

Erklerung etlicher Artickel : in seinem sermon ; von demheyligen 

Sacrament. 4°. 

Etlich Cristlich lider durch mancherley hochgelerter gemacht 

in der Kirchen zii singen. 4^ WiUemh. 1514. 

Evangelium von den tzehen Aussetzigen vordeutscht und auss- 

gelegtt. 4° WiUemh* 

Eyn briefT an die Christen zu Straspurg widder den schwermer 

geyst. 4** WiUemb. 

Eyn brieff an die f lirsten zu Sachscn von dem aufiriirischen geyst 

4*» Wittemb. 1524. 

Eyne schrecklich geschicht vnd gericht Gottes vber T. Miintzer, 


Eyn geschicht Wie Got eyner Erbam kloster Jungfrawen aussge- 

holffen hat. Mit eynem SendebriefT an die Graffen zu Manszfelt. 4^ 
Wittem. 1524. 

Eyn gutte trostliche predig v6 der wirdig«n bereytug zu de hoch- 

wirdigen Sacrament. 4°. 

Eyn gutte trostliche predig v6 der wirdigen bereytug zu dem 

hochwirdigen Sacramet. Item wie das leyden Christi betrachtet sol 
werden. 4®. 

Ein heylsams buchlein von der Beicht gemacht, durch G. Spala- 

tinum geteutscht. 4° Wittenberg, 1520. 

Eyn kurtze anred zu alien missgustigen von der Christenlichen 

Freyheit 4° 1522. 

Eyn kurtze form das Pater noster tzu vorsteen und tzu bethen 

fur dye Jungen kinder im Christenglauben. 8° Leipsffk, 1519. 

Eyn kurtze form das Pater noster zu f ersteen unnd zu betten : fur 

die jungen kinder im Christlichen glauben. 4®. 

Eyn kurtz form der zehen Gebott. — Eyn kurtz form des Glaubens. 

— Eyne kurtz form des Vatter unsers. 4°. 

Eyn kurtze vnterrichtug, warauff Christus seine Kirchen, oder 

Gemain gebawet hab. 4° Wittenb. 1524. 

Eyn predigt und warnung sich hiiten fur falschen Propheten, auff 

das Evangelion Matthaei vii. 4° Wittemb. 1525. 

Eyn sehr gute Predig vo zweyerley gerechtickeit. 4** Leipsick, 


— . Eyn sendebrieflP von dem harten Biichlin wider die Bawrn. 4** 


Eyn sermon von dem Hochwurdigen Sacrament des heyligen 

waren Leychnamp Christi ; und von den Bruderschaften. 4° Wittenb. 


Eyn sermon von sanct Peter und Paul den heyligenn tzwolfFbo- 

ten. 4° IWittemberff^, 152S. 

— . Eyn sermon gepredigt an Sant Stephans tag. 4° 1524. 


LUTHERUS (Martinus). Eyn sermon von dem abkuw vnd gnade. 4° 

Leypssyky 1519. 

. Kyn sermon von dem bann. 4° Let^ptk^ 1520. 

. Eyn sermon von dem gepeet unnd procession yn der Creutz- 

wochen. 4** Leyptzyky 1520. 

Eyn sermon von dem gepeet vn procession in der Creutz Wo* 

chen. ^"^ WiUemb. 1520. 

Eyn germon von dem glichenstandt vorendert und corrigiret 4° 
WiUemb. 1519. 

Eyn sermon von dem heyligen hochwiirdigen Sacrament der 

Tauffe. 4°. 

Eyn sermon von dem sacrament der Buss. 4^ Leipgicky 


— . Eyn sermon von dem Wucher. 4^ tViUemb, 1519* 

Eyn sermon von dem Wucher. 4® WittenUf, 1520. 

Eyn sermon von der betrachtug des heyligen leydens Christi. 

Eyn sermon von der betrachtung des heyligen leydens ChristL 

WiUemb. 1519. 

Eyn sermon von der Bereytung tzum sterben. 4°. 

Eyn sermon von der Beycht und dem Sacrament. Item vom 
branch und bekentnis Christlicher freyheit. 4° WiUemb, 1524. 
— -. Eyn sermon von der Beycht von dem Sacrament. Item vom 
Branch und Bekentniiss Christlicher Freyheyt. 4^ WiUemberff. 

Eyn sermon, von der Empfahung vnd ziibereyttung dess hoch- 

wiirdigen Fronleychnams Jesu Christi. 4^ Zwickau). 

Eyn sermon gepredig et von dem Evange: *' Jhesus wart vom geyst 

yhn wusten gefurt" 4° [ Wittembergy^ 1524. 

Eyn trew vormanung tzu alien Christen. Sich tzu vorhuten fur 
AuflPruhr und Emporung. 4° WiUemberg: 

Eyn trostbrie£P an die Christen zu Augspurg. 4^ WiUemberg^ 


Geistliche lieder und kirchengesange. 12^ Damtxig. 

Formula missae et communionis pro ecclesia Wittembergensi. 4° 

WiUemb. 1523. 

Judicium de Erasmo; P. Melanchthonis de Erasmo et Luthero 

elogion ; ratio discendi per eundem tradita; ejusdem quo iudicio Au- 
gustinus, Ambrosius, Origenes ac reliqui doctores legend! sint ; M. Lu- 
theri ad W. F. Capitonem epistola. 4° PFttoemd. 1522. 

Judicium de votis. 4** WtUembergicB. 

Lutherianae resolutiones super propositionibus LipsiaB disputatis. 

4° LipsuBy 1520. 

Ofenbarung des End Christs aus dem Propheten Daniel wydder 

Catharinum. 4° WiUemb. 1524. 

Ordeniig eyns gemeynen kastens» Radschlag wie die geystlichen 

gutter zu handeln sind. 4® [ Wittemb.'] 1523. 

Ratio confitendi. 4° WiUemb, 1520. 

— . Rationis Latomianae pro incendiariis Lovaniensis scholaB sophistis 
redditce, Lutheriana confutatio. 4° WiU. [1521]. 

Resolutiones disputationum de indulgentiarum virtute. 4^ Lipsi(By 


-^. Resolutiones super propositionibus suis Lipsies disputatis. 4° 
WiUmb. 1519. 

Sentencia quod doctrina legis in ecclesia sit necessaria ad docen- 


dam Poenitenciam, contra quosdam antinomos. 4^ [ VUknb.'^y 
LUTHERUS (Martinus). Septuaginta proposittonet disputandffi de 
tribus hierarohiis, Ecolesiastica, Politica, CEconomica, et quod Papa sub 
nuUa istarum sit, sed omnium publicus hostis. 4<° 1 539. 

Senno de digna preeparatione cordiB pro suscipiendo sacramento 
Eucharistiae. 4^. 

Sermo de triplici jutticia. 4® Zt/uue, 1519* 
— . Sermo de meditatione Dominicse Passiouis ; e vernaculo in Latinum. 
^^ WiUemb. 1521. 
— . Sermo de penitentia. 4?** LipsuBy 1518. 

Sermo de virtute exoommunicationis a Unguis terciis tandem ever- 
beratus. 4° 1518. 

Sermon von dem Sacrament des Leibs und Bluts Christi, widder 
die Schwarmgeister. 8« Witt. 1526. 

Tesseradecas consolatoria pro laborantibus et oneratis. 4^ 

WUtemb. 1520. 

Unterricht aufT etlich artickel die im von seynen abgunnern auff- 

gelegth vnd tzu gemessen werden. 4^ Leypizyk^ 1519. 

Uon ordnung gottes dienst in der gemeyne. 4° Wittemh. 


Verteutschte schrifit an das capitei zu Witteberg wie man die 

Ceremonie der kirche bessem soil. 4^ Wittenb. 1524. 

Von Beyder gestalt des Sacraments tzu nemen ; und ander Newrung. 

4° WitUmberg. 

Von dem aller nottigisten wie man diener der kirchen welen vnd 

eynsetzen soL 4^ Wiftemb. 1524. 

— . Von den Conciliis und Kirchen. 4° Wittemb. 1539. 

Von der Freyheyt eyness Christen menschen. 4° WUtembergfiSf 


Von der frucht vn nutzparkayt des heyligen Sacramets. 4° 

Wittenb, 1524. 

— Von der heiligen Tauffe. 4*> Wittemb. 1535. 

-«-. Von Kaufishandlung vnd wucher. 4° Wittemb. 1524. 

— . Vonmenschenn lere zu meyden._ 4° Wittembergt 1522. 

Von ordenung gottis dienst yn der gemeyne. 4^ Wittemberg^ 


-— . Von den guten Werckenn. 4® Wittenb. 1520. 

Von der Christlichen Hoffnung ein trostlich Leer fiir die Klein- 

miitigen liber ein de letsten verss des xv. psalmen ; " Verba mea auri- 

buB," &c. 4^ 

-» Vo Reyche Gottis Was es sey und Wie, &c. 4° Aldenburgk. 

Warumb des Bapsts vnd seyner Jungern bucher von D. M. L. 

verbrant seynn, &c. 4° Wittemo. 1520. 

Widder das blind und toll verdamnis der siebenzehen artickel von 
der elenden schendlichen universitat zu Ingolstat ausgangen. Item der 
Wienner artickel widder P. Speratum sampt seyner antwort. 4** Wittemb, 


Widder die hymelischen propheten von den bildern vnd Sacra- 

ment, &c. 4*» Wittiemb. 

Wider das Bapstum zu Rom vom Teuffel gestifil. 4° Wittemb. 


Wider den Bischoff zu Magdeburg, Albrecht Cardinal. 4° 

WUtemberg, 1539. 


LUTHERUS (Martinus). Wider den newen Abffot und alien Teiifell 
der zu Meyssen sol erhabcn werden. 4^ WiUenw, 1524. 

• Wider die antinomer. 4® Wittemberg, 1539. 

■ See Amsdorfius (N.) et Lutherus (M.). Epistolae, &c. 8° 

~. See Anonymous. Aliquot nomina propria Germanorum ad pris- 

cara etymologiam restituta. 4>^ 1537< 
-. Ad Brismannum epistola. See Briesmannus (J.). Ad G. Scatz- 

gcyri MinoritsB plicas, rcsponsio. 4^ 1523. 
— . Historia. See Cochlaeus (J.). De actis ac scriptis, &c. 8° 
'. See Anonymous. Wie der grobe Mensch vnser herren Esel sein 

sol, &c. 4® 1519. 

See Anonymous. Sermon (eyn) von dem Sacrament der Pasz. 

4° 1519. 
-. See David, Prophet. Die sieben Busspsalmen, &c. 4^ 1519. 

— . See Pierio (S. de). Epitoma responsionis ad M. L., &c 4° 
-. See Hessus (S.). Zeigh an D. M. L. vrsach . . . Frag vnd antwort 

S. H. vnd M. L., &c. 4° 1421. 
— . See Hieronymus Divus. Epistola ad Evagrium, &c. 4° 1538. 
— . See Hus (J.). Epistolae queedam. 8° 1537. 
— . See Joel Propheta ; cum conimentariis, &c 8** 1547. 
— . See Lambertus (P.). Christianissimi, &c. 8° 1523. 
-. Epistola. See Melanchthon (P.). Annotationes in Johannem, &c. 

8« 1523. 

— . Vita. See Melanchthon (P.). Historia de vita et actis, &c. 8° 


— . Oratio. See Melanchthon (P.). Oratio in funere, &c. 8® 


and MELANCHTHON (P.). Urtheil von Erasmo Roterdam. Ein 

Christlicher sendtbrieff M. L. an D. W. Fabritiura Capitonem. Christus 

Ablass brieff. 4° Wittemb. 1523. 

positiones Wittembergae viva voce tractatse. 8° SasiL 1522. 
LUZANCY (H. C. rfc). Reflexions on the Council of Trent. 8<> Oxford, 

LYALL (Robert). An account of the organization, administration 

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12° Piacenzay 1587. 

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Discourses on the first decade of T. Livius, translated out of the 

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Life of Castracani, and a relation of the course taken by Duke Valen- 
tine in the murdering of V. Vittelli, P. of Fermo, and P. Orsini] ; by 
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della Alamagna. 8° Ven, 1538. 

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. Histoire du Calvinisme. 18® PariSy 1682. 

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minster, Middlesex, Southwark, and other parts within the Bills of Mor- 
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. The history of Edinburgh, from its foundation to the present time ; 

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tis aliorumque libris ex Armeniaca lingua convertendis dissertatio; 

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See Themistius Philosophus. Oratio. 8° 1816. 

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Ecolampadii, durch jn im Latein beschnben, mit fleyss verdeiitscht 

durch L. Hatzer. 4° 1526. 
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£• Chilmeadi ; praemittitur dissertatio de autore H. Hodii ; accedit epi- 

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go X739. 
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des gens ; pr^c6d6 d'une introduction historique, et suivi d'une bio- 

graphic, d'une bibliographic et d'un vocabulaire. 32° Paris, 1829. 
MALEPEYRE (L.). Tableau historique des institutions modemes, 


contenant pour chaque peuple, lorganisation politique, administrative, 
judiciaire, niilitaire, navale et des cultcs dans les 6tats modernes, suivi 
d'une biographic, d*une bibliographie et d'un vocabulaire. 32^ Parisy 

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renza per in sino bIV anno 1281 ; con Taggiunta di Giachetto suo nipote, 
al 1286. 4° Fiorenzay 1568. 

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method by which any person may preserve his life in deep water. 12° 

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linguae Geticae prseside J. Ihre publicae censurae submittit. 4° Upsa- 
lice, [1758]. 

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1 vol. 4° Lug, Batav. 1616. 

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Ven. 1590. 

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vention of destructive fires, together with an outline for the establish- 
ment of a preventive fire-police. 8° Lond. 1830. 

, Hints for improving the criminal law by the enactment of se- 
condary punishment, fol. [ Kin/Mw^^, 1831]. 

Address to the British nation on the establishment of a fire-police. 

8*» London, 1834. 

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M ANEN (Jacob van). Twee Verhandelingen ; de eene over de Ont- 
ginning der onbebowde Gronden in de Noordelijke Nederlandsche 
Provincien, door Kolonisatie der behooftigen die zonder Werk zich 
bevinden ; en andere over het Staatkundig Stclzel der Phceniciers^ 
Grieken, en Romeinen, en het Uitzenden van Volkplantingen en hoe 
verre men og heden Daags van de Voorbeelden Gebruik zon kunnen 
maken? 8° Utrecht, l%20, 

— . Verhandeling over de Weelde bij de Inwoneren de Vereenigde 
Nederlanden en Derzelver Voortgang en Invloed op den Burgerstaat. 
8" Utrecht, 1820. 

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&c. fol. 1672. 

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Ecclesiastico kalend. August! auguste celebrate anno domini 1518. 4^ 
[^Augusta,'] 1518. 

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tuali dissertationes duae chronologicae. 8° Lond, 1752. 

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Ven, 1582. 


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Mariana de la Compaiiia de Jesus. 4^ Madrid, 1613. 
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storiam continet). 4** Bonon. 1488. 
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sunt, ratio redditur. See Cicero (M. T.). Epistolae ad fainiliares. 8® 


. See Cicero (M. T.). Epistolae ad familiares. 8° 1607. 

. In epistolas ad Atticum scholia, &c. See Cicero (M. T.). Epistolae 

ad Atticum. 8<> 1543. 
-. See Collections. Omnes (in) M. T. Ciceronis orationes..... lucu- 

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tilinae, &c. 12« 1581. 

. See Sallustius (C. C). Conjuratio Catilinae, &c. 8** 1610. 

See Caesar (C. J.). Commentarii. 8*» 1600. 

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treatise of the Pourallee. 4** London, \6\ 5. 
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vivendum utilissima e veterura philosophorum et e dramaticorum fere 

poetarum scriptis. Gr, et Lai. 8** London, 1717. 
. The principles and duties of the Christian religion considered and 

explained. 8® Lond. 1719. 
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VUeb. 1550. 
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seipsum, libri XII. recogniti et notis illustrati. 12° Oxon, 1680. 

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MARGUERITE de Valois, Royne de Navarre. Heptameron de nou- 

velles. 12° Lyon, 1572. 
. L'heptameron, ou hbtoires des amans fortunez. 12° Paris, 1581. 



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. Historia general de Espana. 2 vob. fol. Madrid, 1650. 
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scritture d'una reina Greca. 8^ VenetiOy 1562. 
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. La sampogna. 18** Ven. 1621. 

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1703. (Miscellaneous.) 
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qua calamitosa Philippi Hispaniee Regis in Hispaniam navigatio graphice 

describitur. See Isocrates. In hoc libello, &c.. De regno liber a M. Phi- 

letico interpr. 4® 1514. 
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phia. See Godelevaeus (W.). In T. Livii libros... annotationes. fol. 

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seu Hugonistico baptismate, et utriusque effectu. 8® Par. 1578. 
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grammars and alphabets. 4° Ixmd. 1796. 
. A catalogue of books and MSS. collected with a view to the ge- 
neral comparison of languages and to the study of Oriental literature. 

4® Land. 1827. 

Dictionary of the Malayan language, to which is prefixed a gpnun- 

mar. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4® London, 1812. 
— . Memoirs of a Malayan family, written by themselves and transla- 
ted from the original. 8^ Land. 1830. 

Miscellaneous works of; (1. on the Polynesian or East-insular 

languages ; II. on a conventional Roman alphabet, applicable to Orien- 

tal languages ; III. thoughts on the composition of a national English 

dictionary). 4® London, 1834. 
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S. Marshall, augment^. See Quenault ( — ). Trait6 des assurances ter- 

restres. 8° 1828. 
MARSHALL (Samuel). Trait6 de Fassurance contre Tinoendie. See 

Quenault ( — ). Traits des assurances terrestres. 8^ 1828. 
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positioni contro la quale ha scritto il Cardinal Bellannino. 4^ Vea. 

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8° JmcB, 1586. 
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Fastorum libri. fol. 1485. 

. See Cicero (M. T.). De officiis, &c. fol. 

• See Silius Italicus (C.)... fol. 1483. 

See Terentius (P.). Cinnoediee. foL 1561* 


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derini). fol. Venet. 1482. 

. Epigrammata. 8° Venet. 1501. 

• Epigrammata, cum uotis Th. Famabii. 18^ Amst 1644. 

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coQcernant ce qui s'est pass^ en France depuis 1 608-1 6S6. 12^ 

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Sprache ; item extraict court pour Fappreutissage de la langue Alle- 

mande. 12^ Strashourgy 1635. 
- ■ ■ . Complimens, ou discours et d^vis courtois. 12^ Strashourgy 

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nadoro(G.). Relatione, &e. 12° 1664. 
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a las estrellas, &c. 4°. 
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tuna y casa de descontentos. 8^ Madrid^ 1663. 
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MARTINIUS (Petrus). See Julianus Imp. Misopogon et epistolae. 8° 

MARTYR (Petrus). See Anglerius (P. M.). 
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upon a late book intituled; a preface shewing what grounds there 

are of fears and jealousies of popery. 2 vols. 8^ LondoUy 

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par le S'. de Fontenai. S° Par. 1639. 
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4° Roma. 
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lated from the German by Th. Lediard. 2 vols. 4° Lond. 1738. 
MASS A r Antonio). Contra Tuso del duello. 8° Venezta, 1555. 
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MASSARI ( Alessandro). Compendio dcir heroica arte di cavalleria. 

4*' Ven. 1600. 
MASSILIENSIS (Salvianus) Epis. See Salvianus Epis. Massili- 

MATARACCIUS (Franciscus). See Statins (P. P.). [Opera.] fol. 

MATHEO MARIA da Riminoy delC ordine de Servi. Barzelletta 

nova in laude di papa Julio II. 4° Bologna. 
MATHER (Cotton). India Christiana ; a discourse delivered unto the 

commissioners for the propagation of the Gospel among the American 

Indians. 8° Bostoriy 1721. 
MATOS (Juan de) ; A. Martinez ; y A. Moreto. Oponerse a las 

estrellas ; comedia famosa. 4^. 
MATTEI (Pietro). Historic delle prosperita infelici di Elio S^jano e 



d*una femina di Catanea, Gran Siniscalca di Napoli. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4^ 

Ven. 1620. 
MATTHJEUS Evangelista. Evangelium in linguam Calmucco-Mongo- 

licam translatum ab Is. Jac. Schmidt, cura et studio Societatis Biblicae 

Ruthenicae. 4?® Petrop. 1815. 
. The Gospel according to St. Matthew, in Bullom and English. 

12« Land. 1816. 
MATTHiEUS Westmonasteriensis. Flores historiarum ab exordio mun- 

di usque ad an. 1307, et chronicon ex chronicis usque ad annum 1118, 

auctore Florentio Wigomiensi. fol. Franco/. 1601. 
■ Flores historiarum, praecipue de rebus Britannicis ab exordio mun- 

di usque ad annum Domini MCCCVII. ; et chronicon ex chronicis ab 

initio mundi usque ad annum Domini MCXVII. deductum, auctore Flo- 
rentio Wigorniensi monacho ; cui accessit continuatio ad annum Christ! 

MCXLL per quendam ejusdem coenobii eruditum. fol. Franco/, 

MATTHIAS (ToMMAso Jacopo). Lusitania protetta da Inghilterra; 

canzone. 8° London^ 1827. 
. Per la morte deironorevolissimo Guglielmo Drummond ; canzone. 

8° Londony 1828. 

Per la morte di Federico North Conte di Guilford. 8® London^ 


Poesie liriche e varie; 3 vols. 8** Napoli^ 1825. 

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PhilippicaB. fol. 1488. 

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in Romanorum regem. 4° Norimb, 1523. 

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di tutte le statue antiche che per tutta Roma si veggono per U. Aldro- 
andi. 8° Ven. 1556. 

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in 1 vol. fol. Aug. Vind. 1605. 

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con. AP 1683. 

MAWHOOD ( — ). See Anonymous. Thoughts on the several regula- 
tions necessary, &c. 4° 1775. 

MAXIMILIANUS, Imp. Aug. Ad principes populosque Italiae. 4° ' 
Ni/riciy 1518. 

MAXIMILIANUS II., Imper. Diete imp^riale ; ou ordonnances et reso- 
lution de Tempereur et des estats du S. Empire d61ib6r6e et arrestee en 
la derniere journ^e, tenue k Spire en Tan 1570. 12® Paris, 1571.' 

MAXIMUS, Con/essor. Dialogus de incarnatione Verbi; interpr. B. 
Birckheimero. 8° Nurenib. 1530. 

MAXIMUS 7>nw5. Dissertationes ; G^r. et Zcrf. 12® Oxon. 1677^ 

' Sermones in Latinam linguam versi ; C. Paccio interprete. fol. 

RonuB, 1517. 

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Halic. Responsio ad Gn. Pompeii epistolam, &c. 12** 1554. 

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C. Gesnero Latinitate donati. fol. 1581. 

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parties mis?n hors de procez. 12° 1669. 

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Valencia, H^O 


MAYERNE (Loys Turquet de). See Turquet (L. de Mayerne). 

MAGISTER. Oyofjiarufy ArriKwy cKXoyai : N. Blancardus emendavit et 
KUToXoyoy veterum scriptorum adjecit 12° Franeq. 1690. 

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tional notions. 8° 1733. 

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Ven. 1496. 

. (Commentaria in primam partem jf. veteris.) fol. Papia, 1492. 

. Commentaria in primam partem ff, novi, cunl suis summariis et 

repertorio copiosissimo ; appositis solitis apostillis Francisci Purpurati. 
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— . (Comment, in secundam partem codicis.) fol. Ven, 1496. 

Comment in secundam partem jf. novi, cum suis summariis et 

repertorio copiosissimo ; appositis solitis apostillis Francisci Purpurati. 
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Commentaria in primam (et secundam) partem codicis, cum suis 

summariis et repertorio copiosissimo ; appositis solitis apostillis F. Pur- 
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In primam (et secundam) partem digest, veteris commentaria, cum 

suis summariis et repertorio copiosissimo ; appositis solitis apostillis F. 
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In primam (et secundam) partem infortiati commentaria cum suis 

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Institutionum tituli de actionibus interpretatio, cum additionibus. 
fol. Mediol. 1497. 

— . Repertorium juris, fol. Ven. 1560. 

— . Repetitio 1. quo minus jf. de fluminibus. fol. Papi(B, 1499. 
— . Super prima codicis parte, cum summariis. fol. Ven. 1525. 
— . Super prima parte jf. veteris. fol. Ven. 1525. 

Super secunda parte ff. veteris, cum summariis. fol. Venet. 


— . Super prima parte Jf. novi, cum summariis. fol. Ven. 1525. 
: — . Super secunda parte codicis, cum summariis. fol. Ven. 1525. 
— . Super prima parte infortiati. fol. Ven. 1525. 
— . Super secunda parte infortiati, cum summariis. fol. Ven. 1525. 
See Cuchalon (H.). Repertorium divini ac humani juris, fol. 


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pts. 8° yalenciat 1771. 

MAZARINE (HoRTENSE Mancini) Duchess. Memoirs written in 
French by her own hand, and done into English by P. Porter ; together 
with the reason of her coming into England; likewise a letter con- 
taining a true character of her person and conversation. 8® Lond. 

MAZOLINI (SiLVESTRo). See Prieras, or Prierio (S. de). 

MAZZARELLA-FARAO (Francesco). La neoellenopedia, o sia il 
nuovo metodo per erudire la gioventii nel Greco linguagio ; 2 vols. 8** 
Napoli, 1779. 

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4° Bologna, 1648. 

MEASE (Dr. James). Observations on the penitentiary system and 
penal code of Pennsylvania, with suggestions for their improvement. 8° 
Phihd. 1828. 


MEASE (Dr. James). On solitary confinement 8<> Philad. 1829. 
. On the utility of Public Loan Offices and Savings Funds. 8® 

Philad. 1836. 
MEATH (James Usher), Bishop of. See Usher (J.). Bbh. of M. 

and Arch, of Armagh. 
MEAUX (Jean du Tillet). Ev^que de. See Tillet (J. du). Ev^ue 

MEDE. UapaXtiirofjieya : remains on some passages in the Revelation ; 

whereunto is added severall discourses concerning the holinesse of 

churches. 4^ Lond. 1650. 
MEDICI (Lelio). Discorso sopra i fondamenti e le ragioni delli SS. 

Veneziani, per le quali pensano di essere scuti della disubbidienza, che 

fanno alle censure, et interdetto della Santit^ di Nostro Signor Papa 

Paolo V. 8<> Bologna^ 1606. 
MEDICI (Lorenzo de). Aridosio ; comedia. 8° Vinegia. 
. Poesie volgari, col commento del medesimo sopra alcuui de' suoi 

sonetti. 8« Ven. Aid. 1554. 
MEIBOMIUS (Henricus). Ad Saxonise Inferioris imprimis historiam 

introductio. 4° HelmHadii^ 1687. 
MEIBOMIUS (Marcus). AntiqusB musicss auctores septan. 4^ Am- 

stelod. 1652. 
MEIERUS (Joannes Christophorus). See Lungershausen (J. J.). 

Dissertatio de natura scripturse. 4^ [1693]. 

MEISSEL (Conrad). See Celtes Protucius (C). 
MELANCHTHON (Philippus). Adversus furiosum Parisiensium theo- 

logastrorum decretum, pro Luthero apologia. See Academies, &c. 

Theologica facultas Parisiensis. Determinatio super doctrina Luthe- 

riana, &c. 4<> 1521. 
. Annotationes in epistolas Pauli ad Romanos et Corinthios. 4° 

Norimb. 1522. 

. Annotationes in evangelium Matthaei. 8° \_Hagano(B f] 1523. 

Annotationes in Johannem ; una cum epistola commendatitia M. 

Lutheri. 8*^ \_Hagano(B'\y 1523. 

Christianis an licet litigare in juditio ; [to which are added] 

Psalmi aliquot in versus coniecti per J. Mycillum. 8^ HaganocB^ 1529. 

— . Commentarius de anima. "8° Vitd). 1540. 

— . Compendiaria dialectices ratio. 4* Witiemb. 1520. 

— . 4° BasilicB, 1521. 

Confessio fidei exhibita ad Carolum V. ; addita est apologia con- 

fessionis. 8° Wittenh. et HaganocB^ 1535. 

De arte dicendi declamatio ; ejusdem de corrigendis studiis ; Ro- 

dolphi Agricolas [Huesmann] de formandis studiis ; Luciani in ca- 
lumniam, Latine a Melanchthone ; [et] opusculum ad indoctum et libros 
ementem. 8^ Haganoce. 
— . De artibus liberalibus oratio Tubingae habita. 4°. 

Declamatiuncula in D. Pauli doctrinam ; epistola ad J. Hessum. 

4° Witiemb. 1520. 

De ecclesiae auctoritate et de veterum scriptis. 8® Viteb. 1539. 
De Erasmo et Luthero elogion ; ratio discendi ; quo iudicio. 

doctores legendi. See Lutherus (M.). Judicium de Erasmo, &c. 4° 

Defensio conjugii sacerdotum ; refutatio abusuum Ccenae Domini ; 

de potestate papae. 8° Argent. 1540. 

— . Defensio contra J. Ekium. 4° [ Viteb. 1519]. 


MELANCHTHON (Philippus). De officio principum, quod mandatum 
Dei praecipiat eis tollere abusus ecclesiasticos. 8° Atig. Vind. 

* De rhetorica libri tres. 4° Basil. 1519. 

. Dialectices libri quatuor ; item ejusdem rhetorices prsBceptiuncula 

doctissima. S^ HaganocBy 1528. 

. Dialogus Osci et Volsei ludis Romanis actus. 4°. 

Dispositio orationis, in epistola Pauli ad Romanos. 8^ HaganotBy 


Disputatio de invocatione. 8° [ Wtttemb, 1549]. [On the 

title-page is written by Melanchthon, ^^D. Georgio Forstero doctori artis 

Disputatio de jubileo. 8° Wittemb. 1549. [In Melanchthon's 

hand is written on the title-page, '' D. Forstero doctori artis medicae.] 
Didymi Faventini adversus Thomam Placentinum, pro M. Luthero 

Theologo, oratio. 4^' 1521. 

— . Enchiridion elementorum puerilium. 8° Witf£mb, 

Epistola ad Senatum Venetum ; oratio habita Wittenbergse de 

scripto jure et dignitate veterum interpretum. 8° Norimbergoi^ 1539. 
Epistola de Lipsica disputatione. 4° WiUemb. 1521. [On 

the title-page is written by Melanchthon, " Summo viro D. Bilibaldo 

Pircaimer NoricsB urbis decori,] 

— . Epistola de tribus votis monasticis. 8°. 

Epitome renovatae edcles^iasticae doctrinae ad III. Prin. Hessorum. 

8° {^HagcmoiB^. 

Explicatio Symboli Niceni, in Academia Vitebergensi public^ 

studiosae iuventuti proposita ; edita a J. Sturione. 8^ ViU^, 1561. 
Handtbiichlein wie man die Kinder zii der geschrifil und lere 

halten soL 8'' Wittemb. 1524. 

Historia de vita et actis M. Lutheri ; adjecta sunt a J. Pollicario 

carmina quaedam de beneficiis quae Deus per Lutherum orbi terrarum 

contulit; item disticha aliquot de actis Lutheri quae simul annorum 

numerum comprehend unt. 8° HiereforcUiB^ 1548. 

— . In Danielem Prophetam conmientarius. 8° Witt. 1543. 

— • In Ethica Aristotelis commentarius. 8° Viteb. 1529. 

— . In Joannis Evangelium commentarii. 8° Basil. 1523. 

— . Institutiones rhetoricae. 4° Wittemb. 

— . Liber de anima. 8° Viieh. 1567. 

Loci communes theologici. 8° Viteb. 1536. [With MS. notes 

by George Forster.] 

— . Locorum communium index. 8® Argent. 1 523. 

Lypsicae disputationis epitome, cum defensione Eccii adversus 

Melanchthonem et Melanchthonis responsione. 4° [ Wittenb.']^ 1519. 
— . Oratio de tribus farinae satis. 8° 1548. 

Oratio dicta cum decemeretur gradus magisterii A. Winclero et 

aliis. 8« Wittemb. 1535. 

Oratio recitata cum decerneretur gradus magisterii aliquot hones- 

tis et doctis viris, 7 Feb. 1548. 8° VitebergcBy 1548. 

— . Oratio in funere Martini Lutheri. 8° VitebergcBy 1546. 

— . Propositiones de missa. 4° 1521. 

Sententiae ex sacris Scripturis coUectae, quae docent praecipuum 

cultum Dei esse promo vere Evangelium. S° Viteb. 1539. 

Sententiae sanctorum patrum de Coena Domini bona fide recitatae 

et editae anno 1530. 8<> 1561. 


MELANCHTHON (Philippus), Sententiae sanctorum patnira de Coeua 
Domini bona fide recitatae et editse Witebergee. 8^ 1561. 

. Vom Ergernis dcs Glawbens und der Liebe ; item vom Gehorsam 

und Gcwalt des Schwerts. 8° 1524-. 
' Vocabula mensuraram et rei nummariae. 8° Peireiusy 1529. 

. See Anonymous. Propositiones de quibus disputabit M. T. 

Heshusius. S"* 1553. 
■ . See Aristophanes. Nubes et Plutus. 4° 1528. 

See Carion (J.). Chronicon Latin^ expositum et auctum. 8^ 


De sanandis eeclesiasticis dissensionibus. See Fontanus (J.). De 
bello Rhodio, &c. 4« 1527. 

— . See Jovius ( ). Turcicarum rerum commentarius. 8® 1537. 
— . See Luther (M.) and Melanchthon (P.). Urtheil von Erasmo. 
4*> 1523. 

See Lutherus (M.), Melanchthon and Carolostadius. Propositiones, 

&c. 8° 1522. 
MELBER (Johannes). Index vocabulum diversimode acceptu varie 

theutunisando exprimens Praedicatoribs Dsolabile enavigiu. Copilatus p 

venerabilem mgr"m iohane Melber de Geroltzhofen, &c 4° Ardent, 

MELCHIORI (Francesco). See Camilli (C). Cinque canti aggiunti 

al Goffredo. 4*> 1588. 
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liber singularis. 4° Olisipone, 1794. 
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de la B. du R. — Jurisp.. fol. 1753. 
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schafft. 12** Drombling, 1657. 
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— — . Le origini della lingua Italiana ; con la giunta de* modi di dire 

Italiani. 2 pts in 1 vol. fol. Geneva, 1685. 
MENAGIUS (iEciDius). See Lucianus Samosatensis. Opera. 8° 

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tilla y Leon, con relacion summaria de los reyes de estos regnos. fol. 

Madrid, 1657. 
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translated] by G. C. Haughton ; Sanscrit and Engl. 2 vols. fol. Land. 

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MERLE (Paul van). See Merula (P.). 
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suscitati poi da Sampiero dalla Bastelica nella Corsica, libri otto. 4° 

Genova, 1607. 
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MERULA (Paulus). De statu reip. Batavicse, diatriba. See Anony- 
mous. Commentariolus de statu confoederatarum provinciarum Belgii. 

12° 1659. 


MERULA (Paulus) De maribus. See Grotius (H.). De mari libero. 
18° 1633. 

■ ■ ' • See Solomon, King of Israel. Willerami Ab. in Canticum Canti- 
corum paraphrasis. 8° 1598. 

MESLIER (— ). M6moire a consulter pour J. C. V. de Bette D'Etienville 
contre le oieur Vaucher. 4° -Pam, 1786. 

MESSENIUS (Johannes). Seondia illustrata, sen chronologia de rebus 
Scondise, hoc est, Sueciae, Daniae, Norvegise, atque una Islandiae, Gron- 
landiaeque tarn ecclesiasticis quani politicis ; a mundi cataclysmo, usque 
annum Christi MDCXII. gestis ; primum edita et observationibus aucta 
a J. Peringskiold. 10 vols, in 1. fol. Stockholmi<By 1700. 

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moirs of the life and writings, &c. 8*^ 1796. 

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Graven'Haghey 1614-. 

METHERIE (J. C. de la). See D^laraetherie (J. C). 

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dationes et animadversiones in S. Meursii glossarium Graeco-barbarum ; 
edidit J. G. F. Franzius. 8° SiendcU. 1787. 

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liber; accedit D. Souteri Palamedes, sive, de tabula lusoria, alea, et 
variis ludis, libri tres. 2 pts in 1 vol. 8° Lugd. Bat, 1625. 

. Themis Attica, sive de legibus Atticis libri II. 4° Trqj. ad Rhen. 


Theseus, sive de ejus vita rebusque gestis liber posthumus ; acce^ 

dunt ejusdem Paralipomena de pagis Atticis, et excerpta ex J. Sponii ' 

itinerario de iisdem pagis. 2 pts. 4° Ultraj. 1684. 
MEURSIUS (Johannes). See Constantinus Porphyrogenita. De ad- 

ministrando imperio. 8° 1611. 
MEURSIUS (Joannes). Reliquiae Atticae; sive ad librum de populis 

Atticae paralipomena, liber singularis; cui accedit auctarium ex itinerario 

J. Sponii. 4° VUrajecth 1684. 
MEUSCHENIUS (Friderius Christianus). Schediasma problema- 

ticum de summo officio Archi- Admiralii 8. Romani Imperii, ex historia 

et jure publico illustratum. 8^ Lugd,Bat, 1743. 
MEXIA. (Pero). Historia imperial y cesarea, desde Julio Cesar hasta 

el emperador Maximiliano. 4° Anvers, 1552. 

. See Guevara (A. de). Libro aureo, &c. 8° 1647. 

MEYER (J. D.). Esprit, origine, et progres des institutions judiciaires 

des principaux pays de I'Europe. 4 vols. 8° Londres et La Haye^ 

MEZER AY (FRAN901S EuDEs de). Histoire de France depuis Faramond 

jusqu'au regne de Louis le Juste ; enrichie de plusieurs belles et rares 

antiquitez, et de la vie des reynes. 3 vols. fol. Par. 1685. 
MEZLER (Bartholom^us). See Vannius (J.), Windner (J.) and 

Mezler (B.). Ministrorum . . . . epistola ad Pyratum. 8° 1523. 
MICHAELIS (Joannes David). Commentationes trcsannis 1756 et 57 

in conventibus Societatis scientiarum recitatae. 4^ GoeUingce^ 1759. 
. Syntagma commentationum. 2 vols. 4° GoetHngcR^ 1759 et 

MICHELE (Agostino). Scielta delle orationi fatte nella creatione del 

prencipe di Vinegia, Pasqual Cicogna. 4° Ven. 1587. 
MICYLLUS (Jacobus). See Lucianus Samosatensis. Opera omnia e 

Graeco, &c. fol. 1538. 


MICYLLUS (Jacobus Moltzer). See Ovidius (P. N.). Metamor- 
phoseon lib. xv. fol. 1549. 

. fol. 1556. 

MIEGE (Guy). See Anonymous. Relation (a) of three embassies from 
Charles II., &c. 8*> 1669. 

MILLiEUS (Joannes). Praxis criminis persequendi. 8° ParisUsy 

MILLARD (John). A letter to the Right Hon. Thomas Spring Rice, 
M.P., Chancellor of His Majesty's Exchequer, containing a plan for 
the better management of the British Museum. 8*^ London, ISS6. 

MILLER ( — .). An inquiry respecting the site of the battle of Mons 
Grampius ; from the Transactions of the Society of Antiquaries of Scot- 
land, vol. IV. pt. 1. 4*» EdirU). 1S30. 

MILLES (Thomas). The misterie of iniquitie planely layd open by 
a lay-christian, whereby the world may see the proud and vaine com- 
parison of a Cardinelles red hat, and a Kings golden crown, fol. Lon- 
don, 1611. 

■ ' ■ . The custumers alphabet and primer. foL London, 1608. [On the 
title there are the following words in the author's handwriting : " For 
my Lord of Northampton, L. Warden of the cinq-Portes. T. M.] 

MILLES (Jeremiah). See Rowley (T.). Poems, &c. 4° 1782. 

MILLINGTONUS (Eduardus). Bibliotheca Latino- Anglica, cum variis 
libris Gallicis et Italicis refertissima. 4^ [^London'], 1687* 

. A catalogue of choice books, English and Latin, &c. 4° [^London"], 


A catalogue of the libraries of books of Mr. Matthews, Mr. Vanam, 

Mr. Crow. 4° ILondon^, 1688-9. 

— . Bibliotheca Skinneriana et Hampdeniana. 4° [Zo«db»], 1698-9. 

— . Bibliotheca Nortoniana. 4° [^London, 1696]. 

— . Catalogus variorum librorum. 4° [^London, 1694-5]. 

— . . 4° London, 1687. 

. Catalogus librorum selectissimus. 4° \_London'], 1691. 

MILTON (John). Defensio pro populo Anglicano contra C. Salmasii 

defensionem regiam. \9P Londini, 1651. 
. Defensio secunda. See Wrangham (F.). Sermons.... translations, 

&c. 8° 1816. 

Del paradiso perduto, poema Inglese, traduzzione di P. Rolli. fol. 

Londra, 1735. 

EcfTovofcXaoTf^s : in answer to a book intitFd Eucafv BaonXcici}, the 

Portraiture of his Sacred Majesty in his solitudes and sufferings. 4^ 

Lond, 1650. 

— . L' Allegro, poema Latine redditum ; Lai, and Engl. 4^ Londim, 


Literae pseudo-senatiis Anglicani, Cromwellii, reliquorumque 

perduellium nomine ac jussu conscriptsB. 12^ 1676. 
— . Paradise lost. 8® Lond. 1674. 

Pro se defensio contra A. Morum ; [followed by] Pro pop. An 

glicano defensio secunda. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 12° Lond. 1655. 

The doctrine and discipline of divorce restored to the good of both 

sexes to the true meaning of Scripture. 4° Lond. 1645- 

The history of Britain, that part especially now called England, 

from the first traditional beginning, continued to the Norman conquest. 
4° Lond. 1671. 
MINADRI (Gio. Thomaso). Historia della guerra fra Turchi e Per- 


siani ; con una descrittione di tutte le cose pertinent! alia religione, alle 
forze, al governo e al paese del regno de' Persian! ; e una lettera nella 
quale si dimostra qual Citta fosse anticamente quella che ora si chiama 
Tauris. iP Venetian 1588. 

MINI (Paolo). Difesa della citta di Firenze e de i Fiorentini. 8^ 
Lione, 1577 • 

MINSHEU (John). 'Hye/ioiv ect ras yXwiraas : id est ductor in linguas ; 
the guide into tongues ; viz. English, Welsh, Dutch, French, Italian, 
Spanish, Portuguez, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, &c. fol. Lond. 1617- 
' " ■ Emendatio, vel a mendis expurgatio, seu augmentatio sui Ductoris 
in linguas, the guide into tongues, fol. Lond. 1626. 

MINTURNO (Antonio). Lettere. 8« Vineg. 1549. 

. L'arte poetica. 4-® Ven, 1563. 

MINUCI (MiNUCio). Historia degli Uscochi sino al 1602, continnata 
da P. de' Serv! [Sarpi] sino al 1616. 12° Ven. 1676. 

MINUCIUS FELIX (Marcus). Octavius. See Arnobius ( .). Dis- 
putationum adversus gentes libri VII., &c. 8^ 1605. 

. Octavius. 12« Oxon. 1637. 

. See Minucius Felix (M.). 

MINUTIUS (Cassid. Aureus), [Petty, Sir W.]. CoUoquium Davidis 
cum anima sua (accinente paraphrasim in 104 psalmum) de magnalibus 
Dei. fol. Land. 1679. 

MIR GHOLAM HUSSEIN-KHAN. See Briggs (John). The Sigar, 
&c. vol. 1. 8° London, 1832. 

MIRABELLA (Vincenzo) e ALAGONA. Dichiarazioni della pianta 
dell antiche Siracuse, e d'alcunescelte medaglie d'esse, e de'principi che 
quelle possedettero. 2 pts. in 1 vol. fol. Napoli, 1613. 

. Medaglie antiche Siracuse. fol. Napoli, 1613. 

MIRANDA VILLAFANE (Franc, de). Dialogos de la phantastica 
philosophia de los tres en un compuesto. 8° Scdamanca, 1582. 

MIRANDA (Giovanni). Osservationi della lingua Castigliana. 8** 
Vineg. 1583. 

. Osservationi della lingua Castigliana. 8° Vinegia, 1585. 

MIRKHAVEND. See Mirkond. ^ 

MIRKHOND (MuHAMMED Ben Khavendshah Ben Mahmud). His- 
tory of the early kings of Persia ; translated from the original Persian 
entitled the Rauzat-uf-safa, with notes and illustrations by D. Shea. 8° 
London, 1832. 

MISS ALE Romanum. 4° Nuremb. 1484. 

MITALERIUS (Claudius). Epistola de vocabulis quee Judaei in Gal- 
liam introduxerunt. See Stephanus (H.). Hypomneses de Gallica lingua. 

8*> 1582. 
MITCHELL (James). See Haji Kalifeh. The history of the marithne 

wars of the Turks. 4° 1831. 
M'KINNON (Charles). On the wealth and force of nations. 12® 

London^ 1784. 
MODIUS (Franciscus). See Amanus (J.). Gynaeceum. 4° 1586. 
MOFFAN (Nicolas a). Soltani Solymanni, Turcarum Imp. horrendum 

facinus, scelerato in proprium filium, natu maximum, Soltanum Musta- 

pham, parricidio, ann. dom. 1553 patratum. 8° Basil. 1555. 
MOGOR. Vita. See Peruschus (J. B.). Historica relatio, &c. 8° 1598. 
MOHAMMED ALI HAZIN. The life of; written by himself, translated 

from two Persian manuscripts and illustrated with notes by F. C. Bei- 

four. 8<' London^ 1830. 


MOHAMMED ALI HAZIN. Life written by himself; edited from two 
Persian MSS. and noted with their various reading by F. C. Belfour. 
S^ London, 1831. 

MOLINiEUS (Carolus). Prima pars tractatus de origine progressu et 
excellentia regni et monarchise Francorum. 4° Lugduni, 1564. 

— . See Decius (P.). In titulos fF. de reg. jur. 8° 1562. 

MOLLERUS (Henricus). De obitu et exequiis Philippi Melanchthonis 
elegia. 4° VitebergtBy 1560. 

MOLLESON (William). Reports of the Commissioners appointed to 
examine the public accounts of the kingdom. 2 vols. 4^ Londouy 

MOLLOY (Franciscus). Lucerna fidelium; in Irish. 8® BxmKBy 1676. 

MOLTZER (Jacobus Micyllus). See Micyllus (J. M.). 

MONDOStEDO (Antonio cfe Guevara), Obispo de. See Guevara (A.), 
Obis, de M. 

MONLUCIUS (Joannes). Oratio nomine Christianissimi Galliarum 
Regis, in electione novi regis, apud Warsaviam habita anno 1573, die 
10 mensis aprilis. 8® ParisiiSy 1573. 

MONROY y SILVA (Christoval de). El ofensor de si mismo ; co- 
media. 4°. 

MONSTIER (Arturus du). Neustria pia, seu de omnibus et singulis 
abbatiis et prioratibus totius Normaniae. fol. Rothomagiy 1663. 

MONTAGU (Edward Wortley). Observations upon a supposed an- 
tique bust at Turin. 4® Lond, 1763. 

MONTALTE (Louis de) [B. Pascal, et P. Nicole]. Les Provinciales ; 
ou lettres a un provincial et aux RR. PP. J^suites ; avec la th^ologie 
morale des dits peres. 2 vols. 8" Cologney 1659. 
. Les provinciales. 12® Cologne^ 1669. 

MONT AL VAN (Juan Perez de). El mariscal de Viron ; comedia. 4". 

MONTANUS (Arnold). De Beroerde Oceaan of Twee-jaarige Zee- 
daden tussen de Nederlanders en Engelsche. 12® Amsterd. 

MONTANUS (Reginalde Gonzalve). See Anonymous. Histoire de 
r Inquisition, &c. 12® 1568. 

MONTAUBAN (Jacques Pousset de). Z6nobie reine d'Armenie; 
trag6die. 8® Paris, 1653. 

MONTBAS. Mimoires sur les affaires de HoUande [with several letters]. 
2 pts. in 1 vol. 12® 1673. 

MONTEFELTRO (Federigo da). Vita. See Muzio (G.). Historia de' 
fatti, &c. 4® 1605. 

MONTFAUCON (Bernardus de). Palseographia Grseca, sive de ortu 
et progressu literarum Grsecarum, et de variis omnium sseculorum scrip- 
tionis Graecae generibus ; itemque de abbreviationibus et de notis va- 
riarum artium ac disciplinarum. fol. Par, 1708. 

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gnuoli e Marco di Sciarra capo de' bandit!. S^ Venetuz^ 1619. 
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de r^ponse a celui de M. de Pages. 4** Par. 1786. 
. Second m^moire k consulter et consultation sur la defense k une 

accusation d'escroquerie pour J. C. V. de Bette d'Etienville. 4® Paris^ 


Supplement et suite aux memoires du Sieur de Bette d'Etienville. 

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intended Chinese Dictionaries by the Rev. Rob. Morrison and A. Mon- 
tucci ; together with Morrison's Horse Sinicae. A new edition with the 
text to the popj^ar Chinese primer San-tsi-king. 4® L<md<m, 1817. 

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. Hindu infanticide ; an account of the measures adopted for sup- 
pressing the practice of the systematic murder, by their parents, of fe- 
male infants ; with remarks on other customs peculiar to the natives of 
India. 4° Lond. 181 1. 

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Suffolk words and phrases. 12® Woodbridge, 1823. 

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Hafiz Rehmut Khan, entitled Goolistan-i-Rehmut, abridged and trans- 
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a publyque weale and of the newe yle called Utopia ; translated by 
Raphe Robynson. 12° Lond, 1551. 

. De Optimo reipublicae statu, deque nova insula Utopia, libri duo. 

12« Mediol. 1620. 

De Optimo reip. statu, deque nova insula Utopia libellus vere 

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■ See Hedericus (B.). Grsecum Lexicon. 4° 1825. 

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8° Par. 1683. 

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. El desden con el desden ; comedia. 4°. 

. La cena del rey Baltasar; comedia. 4°. 

La fuerza del natural ; comedia. 4^. 


MORETO (Aoustin). La gran comedia; la fuerza de la ley. 4®. 
— . San Franco de Sena ; comedia. 4^. 

. See Matos (J. de) ; Martinez, &c. Oponerse a las estrellas, &c. 4^ 

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Lovanii, 1536. 
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les ath^es, epieuriens, payens, juifs, mahumedistes, et autres infiddles. 

4° Anversy 1581. 
■ Le myst^re d'iniquit^, c'est-d-dire, Thistoire de la papaut6, par 

quels progrez elle a mont^e k ce comble, et quelles oppositions les gens 

du bien lui ont fait de temps en temps, fol. SaumuTy 1611. 
. . Translated by Sir P. Sidney and A. Golding. 4° London^ 


Traitt6 de TEglise, auquel sont disput^es les principales questions 

sur ce poinct en nostre temps. 4^ Rochelky 1600. 

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parts ; part first [in 3 vols.] containing Chinese and English arranged 
according to radicals ; part second [in 2 vols.] Chinese and English 
arranged alphabetically; and part third [1 vol.] English and Chinese. 
6 vols. 4*' Macao, 1815-1823. 

— Chinese miscellany. 4° L&ndony 1825. 

. See Collections. Dialogues and detached sentences in the Chinese 

language, &c. 8^' 1816. 

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of the three ceremonies of the Church of England, the surplice, crosse 
after baptisme and kneeling at the receiving of the blessed sacrament 
4° London, 1619. 

MORTON (Thomas) Bishop of Durham. A full satisfaction con- 
cerning a double Romish iniquitie ; hainous rebellion, and more than 
heathenish aequivocation. 4° Lond. 1606. 

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anno salutis mdlxxx. ad mdcxix. et vice-provincise primum ; turn pro- 
vinciae ad ejusdem saeculi annum xxxv. fol. Audcmari, 1660. 

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paranda. 4^ Basil. 1519. 

. De ratione disputandi praesertim in re theologica, oratio; epistola 

quaedam Erasmi ad Mosellanum mire festiva ; epistola item Erasmica 
ad M. Lutherum. 4° Lovanii, 1519. 

Oratio de concordia praesertim in scholis publicis tuenda. See 

Stromerus (H.). Sermo panegyricus P. Mosellano... dictus. 4® [1520]. 
— . Oratio de variarum linguarum cognitione paranda. 4° BasilecSf 


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correction of the present translation ; together with a comment on such 

passages as cannot be sufficiently understood by a mere translation ; by 

J. Delgado. 4® Lond, 1789. 
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H. Fabry. Af" Lugduni, 1646. 
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sing a copious detail of the various editions, commentaries, critical works 

and translations of the Greek and Latin classics. 2 vols. 8° Lond* 

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contre la presence corporelle et transubstantiation, &c. S^ A la Bo- 

chelle, 1609. 

. Anatomic de la messe. 8*^ Sedan, 1636. 

— . Defense de la foy catholique contenue au livre de Roy Jacques L 

Roy de la grand' Bretagne. 8° 1610. 
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rationum universalium ; cuncta excerpta ex praelectionibus Honorati 

Fabri. 4° Lugd. 1648. 
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conspiracy. foL Lond. 1680. 
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&c. 8° [1815]. 
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obi. 4« Gottingtiey 1832. 
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mentaria Hebrseorum regulse generales ; modi loquendi Hebraici plu- 

rimi; abbreviaturae Hebraicae generales. 4° JBasHeiSy 1527. 
■ ■ . Christiani hominis cum Judaeo pertinaciter prodigiosis suis opinio- 

nibus, et Scripturae violentis interpretationibus addicto, colloquium. 8^ 

Basil. 1539. 
-. Messias Christianorum et Judaeorum. Heb, et Z>at. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 

8° Basil. 1539. 

— . Tredecim articuli fidei Judaeorum; item compendium elegans 
historiarum Josephi Gorionidis complectens ; acta LXX. interpretum ; 
gesta Machabaaorum ; facta Herodum ; excidium Hierosolymitanum ; 
item decem captivitates Judaeorum ; haec Hebraeis et Latinis legeuda 
exarantur. 8° Wormaciay 1529. 

— . Oratio funebris. See Schrekhenfuchsius (G. O.). Oratio, &c 8°. 
See Joseph us Hebraicus diu desideratus, &c. foL 1541. 

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Tibullus, et Propertius, ex recensione J. G. Graevii. 8° 1680. 

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libertatis osoribus. 4^ sine nda, circa 1520. 


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bles in the British Museum, pts. i-vi. 4*^ London^ 1812-1830. 
MUSiEUS. Hero et Leander ; Gr. Lot. et Ital. ; tradotti in Latino et in 

versi Italiani da Franc. Mazzarella-Farao. 8" NtxpoiU^ 1787. 
MUSGRAVE (William). Geta Britannicus; accedit domus Severianse 

synopsis chronologica et de icuncula quondam M. regis Alfred! disser- 

tatio. 8° Iscoi Dum, 1715. 
— . De penatibus in Belgio Britannico nuper effossis epistola. 4° Isca 

Dumnoniorum, 1717. 
MUSGRAVE (GuiL.). See Dodwellus (H.). Julii Vitalis epitaphiura. 

8° 1711. 
MUTIO (Jeronimo) Justinopolitaiio. Avvertimenti morali. 4® Ven, 


II gentilhuomo. 4° Ven,\5l\. 
. 4" Ven. 1575. 

II duello, con le risposte cavalleresche. 8° Venezia^ 1580. 

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Duca d' Urbino. 4° Ven. 1605. 
— . II duello, con le risposte cavalleresclie. 8® Vin, 1566. 
■ La Faustina ; delle arme cavalleresche. 8® Few. 1560. 

. Lettere catholiche. 4° Ven, 1571. 

. See Mutio (J.) Jusiinopolitano, 

MYSINGERIUS. Apotelesma, sive corpus perfectum scholiorum ad 

quatuor libros institutionum juris civilis. fol. Basil, 1566. 


l^ADER SHAH, King of Persia. Life. See Jones (Sir W.). History 

of the life, &c. 8° 1773. 
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tian era ; translated from the Turkish by C. Eraser, vol. 1 . 4** Lon- 
don, 1831. 
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M. Lutheri. 4°. 
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septem. 8<» 1558. 
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NARES (R.). Principles of Government, deduced from reason, supported 

by English experience, and opposed to French errors. 8° Land. 1792. 
NASO (Joannes). De spectaculis in Aragonei regis laudem editis Bar- 

chinonia in fidera ejus recepta feliciter incipit. 4°. 
NASSAU (Guillaume de). See Guillaume Prince d'Orange. 
NATALIS (Hieronymus). Evangelicae historise imagines ex ordine 

Evangeliorum, quae toto anno in missse sacrificio recitantur, in ordinem 

temporis vitaB Christi digestse. fol. Aniv. 1593. 

Adnotationes et meditationes in Evangelia quae in sacrosancto 

missaB sacrificio toto anno leguntur. fol. Antv, 1594-5. 
fol. Antverp, 1607. 

NATHAN M ARDOCH Al. Concordantiarum Hebraicarum capita trans- 


lata per A. Reuchlinum; [to which is added] Tabulae viginli in^ 
stitutiones in linguam sanctam absolutas complectcntos pra^sertim ex 
libris quos de re grammatica scripsit Elias Levites coUectae ; accessit 
exegesis dictionum in psaluios sex, aut A. Reuchlino. 3 pis. in 1 vol. 
fol. Basil. 1557. 

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the late Queen Elizabeth, her times and favourites. 4® London^ 164-2. 

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agendis, crisis. 4^ 1525. 

■ ' ' . In artem poeticen, carminumque condendoinim primordia ; ejusdem 
syntagma de conficiendis epistolis. 12^ Ven. 1522. 

Epistola ad Erasmum Roterodamum ut is proximo in Spira Sacri 

Rom.Imp.principumstatuumqueconventuiintersit. 4° Vien.AustA524f. 
— . Prudentissima de puero litteris instituendo consilia. 8° Ven. 1521. 
See Erasmus (D.). De octo orationis partium constructione. 8° 


NAVARRETE y RIBERA (Francisco). La casa del juego. 8*> 
Madrid, 1644. 

NAVARRO. See Azpilcueta (M.). 

NE AMET ULLAH. History of the Afghans, translated from the Per- 
sian by Bernard Dorn. pt. 1. 4° London, 1829. 

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sea, two books. 4® 1652. 

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NEILD (James). Account of persons confined for debt in the various 
prisons of England and Wales. 4° London, ISOO. 

. State of the prisons in England, Scotland,and Wales. 4® Lond, 1812. 

NELLUS de Sancto Geminiano. Tractatus de bannitis et materia ban- 
nitorum utilissimi. fol. Ven. 1498. 

NEMESIANUS (Marcus-Aurelius-Olympius). See Calphurnius 
(T.) and Nemesianus (M. A. O.). Bucolicum. Carmen bucolicum. 4**. 

NERSfeS Klaietsi. fil6gie sur la prise d'Edesse par les Musulmans, 
publi§e pour la premiere fois «n Arm6nien par le D'. J. Zohrab. 8** 
Paris, 1828. 

NETHERSOLE (Fr.). Memorise sacra Henrici Walliae Principis ; lau- 
datio funebris. 4® Canterb. 1612. 

NEUENAR (Herman von). See Neuenare (H. a.). 

NEUMANN (Charles Fried.). Translations from the Chinese and 
Armenian, with notes and illustrations (1. history of the pirates who in- 
fested the China sea from 1807 to 1810; 2. the catechism of the 
Shamans ; or the laws and regulations of the priesthood of Buddha ; 
3. Vahram*s chronicle of the Armenian kingdom of Cilicia during the 
time of the Crusades). 3 pts. in 1 vol. 8" Lond. 1831. 

. See Elisaeus Bishop of the Amadunians. The history of Vartan. 

4<> 1830. 

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' conseil le 6 aoust 1588. 8*> [P«W«], 1588. 

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answer to the objections of Mr. Whewell and Professor Sedgwick. 12® 
Lond. 1839. 

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settlements in the Straits of Malacca. 2 vols. 8° London, 1839. 



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nense ; an ecclesiastical history of the diocese of London, 2 vols. fol. 
Lond. 1708-10. 

NEWEIILEY (Nic. Simon). Eyn Sermon. 4°. 

NEW TESTAMENT. Novum Testamentum Dni nri lesu Christi, 
Syriace, Ebraic^, Greece, Latin^, Germanic^, Bohemic^, Italicd, Hi- 
spanic^, Gallicd, Anglicd, Daniel, Polonicd; studio etlabore E. Hurteri. 
2 vols. fol. Nonb. 1599. 

■ With the notes of N. de Lyra. fol. Ven. 1495. 

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4° Luc(B, 1710. 

NICEPHORUS Callisti XarUhopulu Ecclesiasticse historisB libri xviii 
e Graeco in Latinum translati opera J. Langi ; adiecimus M. A. Cassio- 
doro tripartitam hbtoriam. 2 pts. in 1 vol. fol. Francqf, 1588. 

NICETA da Chone, Historia degli imperatori Greci in xix libri; a questi 
sono aggiunti gli annali de gli imperatori di Constantinopoli ; con Thi- 
storia delle parti delF Oriente scritta da Haithone. Trad, da G. Horo- 
loggi. 4° Few. 1562. 

. La historia degli imperatori Greci ; con Taggiunta del passaggio 
di Terra Santa di Aithone Armeno, 2 vols. 4® Ven. 1562. 

NICHOLS (John). Biographical and literary anecdotes of W. Bowyer, 
Printer, F.S.A., and of many of his learned friends. 4** Lond, 1782. 

-—. History and antiquities of Hinckley, including Stoke, Dadlington, 
Wykin, and the Hyde, with an appendix, containing particulars of the 
abbey of Lira in Normandy. 4° [^London'] y 1782. 

The history and antiquities of Aston, Flamvile, and Burbach, in- 

cluding Sketchley and Smockington, the Granges of Leicester and Ho- 
reston ; with an appendix to the history of Hinckley. 4® London^ 1787. 
The history and antiquities of Canonbury House, at Islington; 

including lists of the priors of St. Bartholomew and of the prebendaries 
and vicars of Islington. 4° LondoUy 1788. 

See Anonymous. Some account of the alien priories, &c. 8° 1779. 

See Anonymous. Memoirs of W. Lambarde. 4° 1787. 

See Anonymous. Anecdotes ... of W. Bowyer. 8® 1778. 

See Collections. Collection (a) of all the wills now known to be 

extant of the kings and queens of England. 4° 1 780. 

See Swift (J.). A supplement to Dr. Swift's works. 4® 1779. 

NICIUS (Janus Erythrjeus). See ErythrsBus (J. N.). 
NICODEMUS. Evangelium auss dem Lateinin das Teutsch gebracht. 4°. 
NICOLAI (GiLBERTus). Tractatus de confraternitate ; de dece Ave 

Maria. 4° Norimh. 1513. 
NICOLAS {Sir Nicholas Harris). Life of W. Davison, Secretary of 

State to Queen Elizabeth. 8° Londouy 1823. 
. Refutation of Mr. Palgrave's remarks in reply to " Observations 

on the state of historical literature,*' with additional facts. 8^ l/md. 

NICOLE (Pierre). See Anonymous. Logique (la), ou Tart de penser. 

12° 1675. 
NICOLE (Pierre). See Anonymous. Nouvelle m6thode pour apprendre 

la langue Grecque. 8° 1673. 

See Montalte (L. de). Les Provinciales. 8° 1569. 

NICOLSON (William), Bishop of Carlisle. The English historical 

library ; or a short vie^ and character of most of the writers now extant; 

ptt II. giving an account of most of our ecclesiastical ^istoriaos ; pt, \iu 


giving an ticcount of our records, law books and coins, from the con- 
quest to the end of Elizabeth's reign. 3 vols. 8** London^ 1696-1699. 

NIFO (Agostino). See Niphus-Medicis (A.). 

NIGER (Franciscus). Opusculum scribendi epistolas. 4?** F<?n. 1488. 

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[by B. Pirckheymer]. 4° Nuremh. \\S\Q'\, 

. Sententiee morales e Greeco in Latinum versae ; B. Hrckheymero 
interprete. 4° SasiL 1518. 

NIPHUS-MEDICIS (Augustinus). De pulchro, et de amore. 8« 
Lttffd, 1549. 

NISUS. See Mains (A.). Virgilii Maronis interpretes veteres. 4° 1818. 

NIXON (John). An essay on a sleeping Cupid, being one of the Arun- 
delian marbles in the collection of the Earl of Pomfret 4° London, 

. A sermon preached in Northampton before the president and go- 
vernors of the county infirmary, 22 Sept., 1749. 8° Northampton^ 1749. 
NIZOLIUS (Marius). Thesaurus Ciceronianus^ C. S. Curionis labore 

auctior. fol. SasiL [1548]. 
NOGARET DE LA VALETTE (Jean Louis cf Espernon). See Es- 

pernon (J. L. Nogaret de la Valette). 
NOLAN (F.). A compendious French grammar [with an appendix] . 
2 pts. 8<> LomL 1825. 

b A compendious Greek grammar [with an appendix]. 2 pts. 8^ 

LandL 1831. 

A compendious Italian grammar [with an appendix]. 2 pts. S° 
Land. 1 828. 

A compendious Latin grammar [with an appendix]. 2 pts. 8" 
Land, 1825. 

— • A compendious Spanish grammar [with an appendix], 2 pts. 
8*» Land. 1825. 

Supplement to an inquiry into the integrity of the Greek vulgate, 
or received text of the New Testament. 8° lAmd, 1830. 

The expectations formed by the Assyrians that a great deliverer 
would appear about the time of our Lord's advent, demonstrated. 8** 
Land. 1826. 

The expectations formed by the Assyrians that a great deliverer 

would appear. 8® London^ 1832. 

The time of the Millennium investigated, and its nature determined 

on spiritual grounds. 8** Land. 1831. 

See Anonymous. Fragment of a civic feast. 8° 1826. 

NONIUS (Marcellus). Compendia. Tractatus de generibus. See 

Perottus (N.). Cornucopias, &c. fol. 1513. 
■ . De proprietate sermonum ; additus est Fulgentii Placiadae libellus 

de prisco sermone. 8° Antv. 1565. 
NONNUS Panopolitantts, Dionysiaca, Gr, et Lat. ; P. Cunaei animad- 

versionum liber ; D. Heinsii dissertatio de Nonni Dionysiacis ; J. Scali- 

geri coniectanea ; cum vulgata versione, et G. Falkenburgi lectionibus. 

2 pts. in 1 vol. 8^ Hanov. 1610. 
NOOTEN (Dirk Hoola raw). Antwoord op de Vraag voorgesteld 

door bet Utrechtsch Genootschap van Kunsten en Wetenschappen : 

welke is de grond, waarop een volkomen reg tuit eene overeenkomst, 

of contract, verkrijgt, &c. 8° Utrechty ISIO. 
NORDEN (F. L.). Drawings of some ruins and colossal statues at 

Tbebes in Egypt; wHh some account of the same, 4^ Land. 1741. 



NORES (Jason de). Breve Institutione dell* ottima republica ; intro- 
duttione sopra i trc libri dclia Rhetorica d' Aristotile. 2 vols. 4® 
Ven. 1578. 

NORTH (Dudley), 4//i Lard. See Anonymous. Observations and 
advices ceconomical. 12^ 1669. 

NORWICH (Richard Corbet), Bishcp of. See Corbet (R.), Bishop of K. 

NOTTINGHAM (Heneage Finch), Barl of. See Anonymous. Ex- 
act (an) and most impartial account, &c. 4° 1660. 

NOVUM TESTAMENTUM. Spanish. 8<» Londtmy 1817. 

NOVIOMAGUS (Gerardus). Ad Carolum V. Imp. epistola, in qua 
tractatur, utrum haeretici jure suppUciis adfici possint, nee ne. 8® 
\^AnJtoerpia\, 1528. 

— -. Epistolae aliquot de re evangelica. 8® 1529. 

NOY (William). A treatise of the rights of the crown, declaring how 
the king of England may support and increase his annual revenues. 12® 
L(md. 1715. 

NUENARE (Hermannus a). Annates regum Francorum Pipini, 
Caroli Magni et Lodovici ; ab anno 741 usque ad annum 829 ; autore in- 
certo: item Caroli Magni vita et gesta ; autore Eginharto. 12^ Colon. 

NULLUS Lipsensis [Joh. Cellarius] respondet Nemini Wittenber- 
gensi (Joh. Montano) de novis Christianis. 4° LipsuBy 1519. 

NUSEZ (Hernan). Refranes o proverbios en romance, que colleccio y 
glossd ; y la filosofia vulgar de Juan de Mai Lara, en mil refranes glos- 
sados, que son todos los que hasta aora en Castellano andan impresses ; 
van juntamente las quatro cartas de Blasco de Garay, hechas en re- 
franes, para enseiiar el uso dellos. 4® Madrid, 1619. 

NUNEZ de CASTRO (Alonso). Libro historico politico solo Madrid 
es corte, y el cortesano en Madrid. 4° Madrid, 1669. 

NUNNESIUS (Petr. Jo.). See Phrynichus Arrhabius. Epitomse dic- 
tionum Atticarum, lib. iii. 4® 1601. 

NUREMBERG. Reformation des Kayserlichen Stadts. fol. [With 
MS. notes by B. Pirckheymer.] 

. fol. Nuremb. 1522. [With MS. notes.] 

NUWAB (the) Moost' ujab Khan Buhadoor. See Moost*ujab Khan 


O'BRIEN (Henry). The round towers of Ireland ; or the mysteries of 

freemasonry, of Sabaism and of Budhism for the first time unveiled. 8° 

London, 1834. 
OBSEQUENS (Julius). Prodigiorum liber. See Plinius (C. S.). 

Epistolarum libri x. 8° 1508. 
OBSOPCEUS (ViNCENTius). Rapsodia in ebrietatem. 8^ 

. See Collections. Epigrammatum Gr8BCorum...lib. vii. fol. 1600. 

OCAMPO (Florian rile). Coronica general de Espaiia. ^o\.AUxUd, 1578. 
OCCO (Adolphus). Imp. Romanorum numismata a Pompeio Magno 

ad Heraclium, edit, altera, multis nummorum millibus aucta. 4P Aug. 

Vin. 1601. 
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. Dialogi XXX. in duos libros divLsi, quorum primus est de Messia, 

secundus est de rebus variis, potissimum de Trinitate. 8° Basil. 1563. 


OCHINUS (Bernardinus). Liber de corporis Christi prsescntia in 
Coenae Sacramento; cui adiunxiraus ejusdem authoris labyrinthos de 
divina praenotione, et libero seu servo hominis arbitrio. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 

. Prediche. 5 vols. 8®. 

OCKHAM (GuLiELMUs). Monarchise S. Romani Imperii, sive tracta- 
tuum de jurisdictione imperali seu pontificia tomus 2"", &c. foL 
Franco/, 1614. 

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logue of the manuscripts in the Stowe library. 2 vols. 4^ JBuch^ 
inghamy 1818 and 1819. 

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40 Bucking. 1814-26. 

■ Rerum Hibernicarum scriptores ; tom. iv. continens annales Ul- 

tonienses ab an. 431 ad an. 1131; itemque indicem generalem. 4^ 
BuckinghamitBy 1826. 

ODDI (Sforza). Prigion d'Amore ; comedia. 18<» Few. 1630. 

ODOLANT-DESNOS (J. .). Tableau historique de Tindustrie et 
de la commerce, contenant Torigine et les progres des arts, du com- 
merce et de la navigation, le tableau de Tindustrie Fran^aise et ce- 
lui de ses importations et exportations en 1789 et 1827 ; suivi d'une 
biographic, d'une bibliographic et d'un vocabulaire. 32^ Parisy 1829. 

ODONI (RiNALDo). Discorso per via Peripatetica, ove si dimostra, 
se Tanima, secondo Aristotele, e mortale, o immortale. 4^ Ven, 1557. 

CECOLAMPADIUS (Johannes). Ad B. Pyrkaimerum de re eucha- 
ristiae responsio. 8^^ Tiguri, 1526. 

Ad B. Pyrkaimerum de eucharistia, Joannis Husschin, cui ab 
asqualibus a prima adolescentia (Ecolampadio nomen obvenit, responsio 
posterior. 8® . BdsU, 1527. 

Apologetica de dignitate eucharistise, sermones duo ; ad T. Billi- 
canum quinam in verbis coenae alienum sensum inferant : ad ecclesi- 
astas svavos, antisyngramma. 8° [_Tigur%'\y 1526. 
— . De expostulatione Christi cum Petro ablutionem pedum recu- 
sante. See Gregorius Naz. Eruditi aliquot et mirae frugis sermones. 
4° 1519. 

De gaudio Resurrectionis sermo ; ejusdem alius in verba Thomse : 

" Dominus mens et Deus mens." 4** Aug. Vindel. 1521. 

De genuina verborum Domini ; " Hoc est corpus meum," juxta 

vetustissimos authores, expositione liber. 8°. 

— . De laudando in Maria Deo sermo. 4° Ategustce, 1521. 

— . De non habendo pauperum delectu epistola. 4° Basil. 1523. 

— . De ritu Paschali epistola apologetica. 4® Basil. 1518. 

Ein sonderliche Lere und Bewerung das die Beicht ainen Christen- 

menschen nitt burdlich oder schwer sey. 4°. 

Gegrundter und gewisser Beschlus etlicher Prediger zu Schwa- 

ben iiber die Wort des Abentmals Christi Jesu ( "Das ist mein Leib"), 
von newen durch J. Agricolam verdeutscht ; aigentlicher Bericht D. 
M. Luthers der Yrthumb des Sacraments betreffend. 4° Hagen. 1526. 
Dragmata Grsecce Literaturse. 8° Basil. 1518. [On the title- 

page is written : " D. Biliibaldo Pyrckaymer, patritio et senatori Norin- 
bergen. diio suo CEcolampadius dono mittit."] 

— . In Jesaiam Prophetam commentariorum libri vi. 4° Basil. 1525. 
Judicium de M. Luthero ; item responsum Friderici ducis Saxonies 
datum Legatis Pontificis. 4° 1521. 


CECOLAMPADIUS (Johannes^. Judicium de M. Luthero. 4®. 
■ ■ Nunc dimiuis (ein Predigt) trostlich den Sterbenden. 4^. 

Quod non sit onerosa Christianis confessio paradoxon. 4P August. 
Vindel. 1521. 

— . Scrmo de sacramento eucharistise. 4^ Auffustcc VindeUcorumy 1521. 
See Malachi the Prophet Oer Prophet'^Maleachi, &c. 4" 1526. 

CELSNER ( — ). Des effeta de la religion de Mohammed^ pendant les trois 

premiers siecles de sa foudation> sur Tesprit, les moeurs, et le gouveme' 

ment des^peuples chez lesquels cette religion s'est 6tablie. 8° Parity 1810. 
OFFICIUM. Officium simplex septem dierum hebdomadae juxta usum 

Ecclesiae Maronitarum, jussu Innocentii X. Pont Max. Maron. 8° 

RonuBy 1647. 
OTIiAHERTY (Roderick). Ogygia, eeu rerum Hibemiearum chro- 

nologia. 4° Land. 1685. 
OLDEN BARNEVELT (Johan van). See Bamevelt (J. van O.). 
OLEARIUS (Johannes). Explicatio quaBstionis an tempore necessi- 
tatis S. Coeuam vel e Pontificio vel a Calviniano pastore quia bona 

conscientia possit accipere ; additum est eneomion libri concordia;. 19? 

ErphordicB^ 1582. 
OLEARIUS (Adamus). Kurtzer BegrifF einer Holsteinischen Chronic. 

See Solinus (C). Htolsteinische Chronica. 4® 1674. 
■■■ See Saadi Moslish-eddin. Persianischen Rosenthal [Gulustan]. 

fol. 1660. 
OMER Effendi of Novu History of the war in Bosnia during the years 

1737» 1738 and 1739 (prepared and printed by Ibrahim Basmajee); 

translated from the Turkish by C. Fraser. 8° London^ 1830. 
ONGARO (Antonio. Rime. 18° [Fen. 1620]. 
ONKELOS. Thargum, hoc est paraphrasis Chaldaiea in Sacra Biblia, ex 

Chaldeo versa^ additis annotationibus autore P. Fagio ; Pentateuchus. 

fol. Argentoratiy 1546. 
OPMEERUS (Petrus) et BEYERLINCK (L ). Opus chronbgraphi- 

cum orbis universi a mundi exordio usque ad an. 161 1, continens hi- 

storiam, icones et elogia summorum imperatorum> rerum ac virorum 

illustrium ; in duos tomos divisum, prior auctore Opmeero, posterior 

Laur. Beyerlinck. 2 vols. fol. AntverpicB, I6li. 
'. De venatione libri iv; de piscatu libri v; cum interpretatione 

Latina, commentariis, et indice, studio C. Rittershusii. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 

8° Ltigd. Bat. 1597. 
OPPIZONUS (Ambrosius). Solemne commentum perutilis. § Divi 

Severus et Antoninus, 1. Filiusfam. ff. de legatis et fideicom. pr. in audi- 

toriis novis editum. fol. Papice. 
OPSOPCEUS (ViNCENTius). See Obsopoeus (V.). 
OPTATIANUS (PuBLius Porphyrius). Panegiricus Constantino M. 

missus. See Velserus (M.). Opera, fol. 1682. 
ORADINI (Lucio). Due lezzioni lette neir Accademia Fiorentina 

Fior. 1550. 
. Due lezzioni lette publicamente nell* Accademia Fiorentina. 8^ 

Fior. 1550. 
ORANGE (Guillaume), Prince d. See Guillaume Prince d*Orange. 
ORIANO (LANFRANcas de). Tractatus de arbitris. fol. PapicBy 1498. 
ORICHOVIUS (Stanislaus). Chimasra; sive de Stancari funesta 

regno Polonise secta. 8° CoUmidB^ 1563. 
ORIGENES ADAMANTIUS (R. Simon). Novorum bibliorum poly- 

glottorum synopsis. 8° UUraj. 1684. 


ORIGENES. Primus (ii., iii. ct iv.) tomus Operum. 4? vols. fol. 

Par. 1512. 
ORLEANS (LoYS cT). Les ouvertures des parlements ; ausquelles sont 

adjoust6es cinq remonstrances, autrefois faictes en iceluy. 4^ Par, 

OROSIUS (Paulus). Adversus paganos historiarum libri septem, an- 

notationibus illustrati opera F. F. Marcodurani ; quibus nunc accessit 

ejusdem Orosii apologeticus contra Pelagium de arbitrii libertate. 12^ 

Colon. 1582. 

. Tradotto di Latino in volgare, per G. Guerini. 8**. 

— . The Anglo-Saxon version, by iElfred the Great ; together with an 

English translation from the Anglo-Saxon. 8° Lond. 1773. 
ORSILAGO (PiBTRo). La settima lettione sopra il sonetto del Petrarca ; 

" Passa la nave mia colma d'oblio." 8® Pirenze, 1549. 
ORSINI (FuLvio). See Ursinus (F.). 
ORTI (GiROLAMo). Grassa e Ceresio fatto storico Veronese del sec. 

XII. 2 Yob. 12« Pirenze, 1832. 
ORTOLANI (Giuseppe Emmanuele). Leggi antiche di Sicilia, e 

principalmente quelle di Diocle, e di Caronda. 8® Palermo. 
" Su i mezzi immediati di estirpare la poverty in Sicilia. 8® Palermoy 

OSBORN ( Francis ). Works, divine, historical, moral, political ; 

viz. advice to a son; political reflections on the government of the 

Turks ; memoirs on Queen Elizabeth and King James ; a miscellany of 

essays, paradoxes, &c. 8° Lond. 1673. 
OSIANDER (Andreas). Conjecturee de ultimis temporibus ac de fine 

mundi. 4® Norimh. 1544. 
. Ordnung wie man Tauffet, bissKer in Latein gehalten verteiitscht. 

4° Number gy 1524. 

Was zu Marpurgk in Hessen vom Abendtmal, und andern strittigen 

Artickeln gehandelt und vergleicht sey worden. 4° Wittemberg. 
See Zuinglius (H.). Epistolce duae ; una H. Z., &c. 4^ 1527- 
OSCENGIUS (Cornelius) Ideam sapientiae architectonicse generalem 

examini subjicit ; prseside S. Klingenstiema. 4° Upsaly [1736]. 
OSORIUS (Hieronymus), Episcopiis Sylvensis. De justitia, libri decem. 

8<> Col. Agrip. 1572. 

. De regis institutione et dbciplina, libri VIII. 4® Olysipotie, 1611. 

OSSAT (Arnaud d'). Lettres au Roy Henry le Grand et a Monsieur 

de Villeroy, depuisl594jusqu' A 1604. fol. Par. 1621. 
OTTAVIO ^Francesco). See Cleophilus (O. F.). 
OTTONIS (Marc* Antonio). II gran combattimento fatto da Gio. 

Gioanone della Ariviera famosissimo capo de' banditi. 8° Venetiay 1619. 
OUDIN (Antoine). Grammaire Fran^oise. 8° PoueU) 1645. 
OUDIN (Cesar). Refranes, o proverbios CasteUanos, traduzidos en 

lingua Francesa ; Sp.etPr. 12° Par. 1659. 
OVAGLIE (Alonso cT). Historica relatione del regno di Cile, e delle 

mission! e ministerii che esercita in quelle la Compagnia di Giesii. fol. 

Romay 1646. 
OVERBURY {Sir Thomas). His wife ; with additions. 19P London, 

OVIDIUS (PuBLius, Naso). Epistole ; di Latino in lingua Toscana tra- 

dotte. 8° Vm. 1547. 
. Ex Metamorphoseoin libris xv electorum libri totidem, ultimo in 

tegro ; ad eosdem comment J. Pontani ; accesserunt in Ibin A. V 


Andreoe Desselii et F. Sanctii Brocensia Dotationes. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 
fol. Antv. 1618. 
OVIDIUS (PuBLius, Naso). Fastorum lib. vi; tristium lib. v; de 
Ponto lib. IV; in Ibin; ad Liviam. 12° Antv. 1593. 

[Fastorum libri cum interpretatione P. Marei.] fol. Venetiis^ 1485. 
— . Fastorum lib. vi ; tristium lib. v ; de Ponto lib. iv ; ad Liviam ; 
in Ibin. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 18° Col. AUob. 1613. 

I fasti ; tratti alia lingua volgare per V. Cartari. 8° Vin. 1551. 

Metamorphoses in Teutsche Reymen gebracht durch J. Spreng. 
2 vols. 8° Franchf. 1564. 

Metamorphoseon libri xv. R. Regii Volterrani explanatio, cum 

novis J. Micylii additionibus ; L. Placidi argumenta ; Jacobi Phanensis, 
Coelii Rhodigini, J. B. Egnatii, H. Glareani et G. Longolii annotationes. 
fol. Ven. 1549. 

— • fol. Ven. 1549. 

Metamorphosemn libri xv. 8° Ven. 1502. [The title is ^^Qusb 

in hoc volumine continentur: Ad Marinum Sanutum epistola... • Aldo 
privilegium concessum .... Orthographia dictionum Grsecarum . . . .Vita 
Ovidii .... Index fabularum .... Ovidii Metamorphosewn lib. xv.** The 
complete edit, of Ovid's work by Aldus, published 1502-1503, is in 
three vols., of which this is the first. 

Metamorphosis, sen fabulae poeticae, earumque interpretatio ethica. 

physica, et historica ; accessit ex N. Comitis mythologiis de fabularum 
ntilitate . . . tractatio. 12<' Coll. AUoh. 1613. 

Opera omnia, ex recens. G. Bersmani, cum ejusdem, aliorumque 

notatiouibus. 4 pts. in 1 vol. 12° LoTid. 1656. 

(Petri Marsi Pisciratis poetae Romani fideliss. fastorum interpret) 

[with the text], fol. Ven. 1485. 

See Portanus (J. S.). In Tristium et de Ponto libros, commentarii. 
fol. 1610. 

See Statius (P. P.). Opera, fol. 1490. 

OWEN (Henricus). Collatio codicis Cottoniani Geneseos cum editione 
Romana a J. £. Grabe jam olim facta ; nunc demum summa cura edita 
ab H. Owen. 8° Lond. 1788. 

OWEN (Henry). Supplement to critica sacra; in which the principles 
of that treatise are fully confirmed ; and the objections of Mr. R. Baruh 
are clearly answered. 8° Lond. 1775. 

OWEN (JoH.). Epigrammata. 18° Amst. 1650. 

OWEN (Robert). New view of society. Tracts relative to this sub- 
ject; viz. proposals for raising a colledge of industry of all useful 
trades and husbandry, by John Bellers (reprinted from the original, 
published in 1696). Report of the committee of the association for 
the relief of the manufacturing and labouring poor. A brief sketch 
of the religious society of people called Quakers ; with an account of 
the public proceedings connected with the subject, which took place 
in London, in July and August 1817. 8° Lond. 1818. 

OXFORD (John), Bishop of. See Howsonus (J.). 

OXFORD, University of. See Academies, &c. University of Oxford. 

OYANGUREN (Melchor). Supplement a la grammaire Japonaise du 
P, Rodriguez ; ou remarques additionnelles sur quelques points du sv- 
steme grammatical des Japonais tiree de la grammaire composee en 
Espagnol par Oyanguren ct traduites par C. Landresse, pr^c^dees d'une 
notice comparative des grammaires Japonaises des P. P. Rodriguez et 
Oyanguren, par G. de Humboldt. 8® Pow, 1826. 



PACEUS (RicARDUs). De fructu qui ex doctrina percipitur liber, l® 

Basil. 1517. 
PA£PP (D. Joannes). Artificiosae memoriee fundamenta. 12^ Lugduni^ 

• Ysiaaytayri : seu introductio in praxim artificiosae memorise. 12** 

Lugd. 1618. 

Vita M. T. Ciceronis in annos distincta ac in epitomen secundum 

artem mnemonicam redacta. 12^ Lugduni^ 1618. 

See Anonymous. Schenkelius detectus ; seu memoria artificialis... 

in lucem donata. 12^ 1617* 
PAGANI (Ant.). Ragionamenti di diverse notabili materie, per Tam- 

maestramento e per Tessercitio delle persone spirituali. 4^ Ven. 1587. 
PAG ANO (Francesco Mario). De* saggi politici. 4? pts. in 2 vols. 

8° Napoliy 1783. 
PAGNINUS (Sanctes). See Biblia. Habes in hoc libro .... novam 

tranlationem, &c. 4^ 1528. 
PALiEPHATUS of Paros. De fabulis supra fidem confictis. See Ful- 

gentius (Planciades). Mvthologiarum lib. iii. 8® 1536. 
PAL A FOX y MENDOQA^Juan de). Historia de la conquista de la 

China por el Tartaro. 8« Paris, 1670. 
PALAZZI (Gio. Andrea). I discorsi sopra Timprese. 8** Bologna^ 

PALGRAVE {Sir Francis). An essay upon the original authority of 

the King's Council. 8<> [Zomfow], 1834. 
. Remarks submitted to Viscount Melbourne in reply to a pamphlet 

addressed to him by Sir N. H. Nicolas, and entitled, <^ Observations on 

the state of historical literature." 8** Lond. 1831. 

See Records' Commission. Rotuli curiae regis ; Rolls and Records, 

&c. 8° 1835. 

See Records* Commission. Parliamentary (the) writs and writs of 

military summons, &c. fol. 1827) &c. 
PALINGENIUS (Marcellus). The zodiake of life, translated by 

Barnabie Googe. 4® Lond. 1588. 
PALLAS "(P. S.). Linguarum totius orbis vocabularia comparativa ; 

sectionis primae, linguas Europae et Asiae complexae, pars prior. 4® 

Petropoli, 1786. 
PALMERIO (Gio. Battista). Lettera alii fedeli sudditi del dominio 

Venetian©. 4° 1606. 
PALMERIN D*0LIVA. Historia di Palmerin d^Oliva; tradotta per 

Mamb. Roseo da Fabriano. Parte seconda. 12° Venetia, 1620. 
PALMERIUS a GRENTEMESNIL (Jacobus). Exercitationes in 

optimos fere au tores Graecos. 4° Lugd. Bat. 1668. 

. . See Polybius. Historiarum libri qui supersunt 8** 1670. 

. See Lucianus Samosatensis. Opera. 8° 1687. 

PALMERIUS (Janus Mellerus). See Sallustius (C. C). Quae 

extant. 4° 1710. 
PALMERIUS (Matheus). See Eusebius (P.). Chronicon. 4« 1483. 
PALMIERI(— ). Vita civile. 8« [ Fewc/. about 1531]. 
PALOMBO (Antonio). See Mancinellus (A.). 
PAMPLONA (Prudencio Sandoval), Ohi^o de. See Sandoval (P.), 

Obispo de P. 



PANCIROLI (GuiDus). See AnoDymous. Notitia dignitatum utrius- 

que Imperii, fol. 1623. 
— . Notitia utraque dignitatum, cum orientis, turn occidentis, &c. fol. 

PANCIROLI (Ottavio). I tesori nascosti neH'alma citt& di Roma, 

raeeolti e posti in luce. 8° Romoy 1600. 
PANCRAZI (Giuseppe Maria). Antichita Siciliane spiegate coUe 

notizie general! di questo regno, cui si comprende la storia particolare 

di quelle citta, delle quali se ne riportano ed illustrano separatamente 

gli antichi monument!. 4 pts. in 2 vols. Napoli, 1751-2. 
PANIGAROLA (Francesco). II predicatore ; ouero commento intomo 

al libro deU'elocutione di Demetrio Falereo. 3 pts. in 1 vol. 4° Ven. 1609. 
— . Oratione nel duomo di Milano nelle essequie del Cardinale di 

S.Prassede [Car.Borromeo], Arcivesc. di Milano. 4® Bologna^ 1585. 
PANNONIUS (Janus). Ad Divam Fseroniam Naiadum Italicarum 

principem, carmen. See Polybius. N. Perotti in historiarum libros 

prsemium, &c. fol. 1498. 
PANOR MIT ANUS (Nicolaus). Explicit lectu. famosissimi utriusque 

Juris Doctoris domini Abbatis Siculi Archiepi. Panormitani super 

Decretalium libros que per optime emendata impressionem Basiliee 

adepta est Anno Nativitatis Christi 1477. 5 vols. fol. 1477. 
■ Practica aurea, de modo procedendi in judiciis que in onmibus fere 

curiis observari consuevit. fol. Mediolani, 1501. 
■- ■- See Tudescliis i N^ de). 

PANTHIER (G.). See Colebrooke (H. T.). Essai sur la philosophic 

des Hindous. 8® 1833. 
PANTON (Edw.). Speculum juventutis ; or a true mirror, where errors 

in breeding youth are made manifest ; as likewise remedies for every 

growing evil ; pourtray'd to the life, in the legend of Sisaras and Val- 

linda. 8° Lond. 1671. 
PANVINIUS (Onuphrius). Fasti et triumphi Rom. a Romulo Regc 

usque ad Carolum V. Cses. Aug. ; sive epitome regum, consulum, dic- 

tatorum .... impp. et aliorum magistratuum Roman, cum orientallum 

turn occidentalium. fol. Ven, 1557. 

. Le sette chiese Romane ; trad, da M. A. Lanfranchi. 8° JRoma, 1 570. 

. Veterum Romanorum triumphi, ex antiquissimis librorum, lapidum, 

et nummorum monumentis desumpti. fol. Afitv. 1596. *'' 
PANZANUS (Martinus). De Hispanorum literatura. 4** Aug. 

Taurin, 1758. 
PAOLO Frd Servita, Apologie pour les traictez de J. Gcrson, sur la 

validite des censures, centre les objections du Card. Bellarmin ; trad, de 

rital. 8° 1606. 

. History of the inquisition. 8** Lond, 1655. 

PAOLO, Padre [8ARPI]. Historia particolare delle cose passate tra 

Paolo V. e la Republica di Venetia. 12° Mirandola, 1675. 
FAOhOV.^Papa. Breve di Censure contrail SS.Venetiani. 8° Iioma,l606* 
PAOLO, Venedano delVordine di St Agostino. Dialogia alii Signori della 

Republica e Senate di Venetia. 8® Bologna^ 1606. 
PARABOSCO (Girolamo). I diposti. 8° Venetia^ 1558. 
PARADIN (Guillaume). Memoires de T histoire de Lyon ; [to which 

are annexed] Les privileges, franchises et immunit^z octroy ies par les 

Roys TresChrestiens aux consuls, eschevins,manans et habitans deLyon, 

avec une ample declaration des choses notables recueillie par C. de Ru- 

bis. 2 vols. fol. Lyon, 1573 et 1574. 


PAROUS (Johannes Philippus). See Symmachus (Q. A.). Episto- 

larum libri x. 8° 1617. 
PAR AVE Y (— cfe). Etudes sur Y archgologie ; (Extrait de V Univers 

Religieux). 8« IParis^, 1834. 

. Dissertation abreg§ des noms antiques. 8° Paris, 
■ Quelques idees sur les collections des fleurs peints de la Chine. 

8« Paris. 
PARCHINGIUS (Christophorus). See Scholl (B.). Theologica dis- 

putatio de sacrosancto missae sacrificio. 4® 1579. 
PAHDIE (John). An essay on the German text and old print alphabets. 

obL 4® Idmion* 
PARDUS (Georgius or Gregorius). See Gregorius, Archbishop of 

PAREUS (David). De Sacrarum Scripturarum autoritate divina et 

canonica adversus Jesuitarum strophas et imposturas disputatio prima 

notb et animadversionibus illustrata per J. Miilhusinum ; accessit brevis 

admonitio in epistolarem disceptationem J. Magiri et D. Parei, autore 

J. Magiro. 4® MoguntMR^ 1604. 
PAREUS (Daniel), See Justmus. Trogi Pompeii historiarum Philip- 

picarum epitomator. 8° 1630. 
PAREUS (J. Philippus). SeePlautus (M.A.). Comoediaexx. 8® 1610. 
PARIS (Matthjeus). Historia maior> a Guilielmo Conquestore ad 

ultimum annum Henrici Tertii. fol. Tiguri, 1589. 
. Historia major ; accesserunt duorum Offarum Merciorum regum et 

23 abbatum S. Albani vitae ; editore W. Wats, qui variantes lectiones, 

adversaria, vocumque barbararum glossarium adjecit foL Land. 1684. 
PARIS. Le globe aerostatique ; ode. 8^ Pam^ 1784. 
PARISOT (V.). Precis d*61oquence et d'art oratoire ; pr6c^6 d*une 

introduction hbtorique, et suivi d'une biographic, d'une bibliographic et 

d*un vocabulaire. 32° Paris, 1828. 

. R^ume complet de morale, ou th6orie du devoir et des devoirs, 

pr6ced§ d'une introduction historique, et suivi d'une biographic des plus 

c^ldbres moralistes, d'un catalogue et d'un vocabulaire de la science. 

32<» Parisy 1826. 
PARKER (William). A sermon preached before the House of Com- 
mons, Jan. 31, 1757. 4® Lond. 1757. 
. A sermon preached Feb. 28, 1794 ; being the day appointed for a 

general fast. 4° Land. 1794. 

The pleasures of gratitude and benevolence improved by church- 

musick ; a sermon preached at the anniversary meeting of the three 
choirs of Gloucester, Worcester, and Hereford, at Hereford, Sept. 12, 
1753. 4° Land. 1753. 

The use and authority of the pastoral office and the rite of investi- 

ture with it, considered ; a sermon preached at the consecration of 
Charles, Lord Bishop of Carlisle, March 21, 1762. 4^ Land. 1762. 
The true intention, publick use and importance of academick edu- 

cation considered ; a sermon preached before the University of Oxford, 

July 13, 1755. 4° Oxford, 1755. 
PARKER (Matthew), Archbishop of Canterbury. See Anonymous. 

Antiquitate (de) Britanoicee ecclesiae. fol. 1605. 
PARKES (Samuel). Thoughts on the laws relating to salt. 8^ Lond. 

PARLEMENT de PARIS. Arr^t du parlement, la Grand' Chambre 

assembl^e ; du 31 Mai, 1786. 4« Paris, 1786. 


PARLIAMENTARY PAPERS. Declaratio ParliamenU, ubi Johannes 
primogcnitus Roberti habet succedere in regnum; 1371* foL {^Lond,'], 
I ■ . The copie of a letter to the Earie of Leycester, with a report of 
certain petitions made to the Queenes Maiestie, and her Miyesties an- 
sweres. 4° London, 1586. 

Abstract of answers and returns made pursuant to an act passed 

51 George III. for taking an account of the Population of Great Bri- 
tain. 4 vols. fol. London, 18012 and 1803. 

PARSONS (James). Remains of Japhet; being historical enquiries into 
the affinity and origin of the European languages. 4° Lond. 1767. 

PARSONS (Robert). See Anonymous. Wam-word (the) to Sir F. 
Hastmges, &c. S"" 1602. 

PARS (W.). See Chandlers (R.), Revett (N.) and Pars (W.). Ionian 
antiquities, &c. fol. 1769. 

PA RUT A (Paolo). Discorsi politici; aggiontovi nel fine un suo soli- 
loquio nel quale Tauttore fa un essame deUa sua vita. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4® 
Ven. 1599. 

. Discorsi politici. fol. Venetia, 1650. 

■ Discorsi et perfettione della vita politica. fol. Ven, 1650. 

. Historia Vinetiana. 2 vols. 4** Ven. 1605. 

PASCAL (Blaise). Pens6es sur la religion et sur quelques autres sujets. 
120 Par. 1670. 

See Montalte (L.). Les provinciales. 12® 1669. 

PASCHALIUS (Carolus). Legatus. 8° Eothomoffii, 1598. 

Legatus. 8° Rothom. 1598. 

. . Legatus. 12° Amst. 1645. 

PASLEY (C. W.). An inquiry into the system of commissariat contract 
for supplying H. M's forces with bread and meat as compared %vith that 
of regimental purchases, with a recommendation that the former be en- 
tirely abolished. 8® Chatham, 1825. 

. Essay on the military policy and institutions of the British empire. 

pt. 1. 80 Lond. 1814. 

PASQUALIGO (Alvise). Delle lettere amoroso libri quatro. 8° Ven. 

PASQUIER (Estienne). Les recherches de la France. 4° Par. 1607. 

■■ . fol. Paris, 1643. 

, . fol. Paris, 1675. 

Les lettres. 12° Arras, 1598. 

See Anonymous. Catechisme (le) des J^suites, &c. 8° 1602. 

PASSAVANTI (Jacopo). Lo specchio di vera penitenzia. 12® Fi- 

renze, 1585. 

Specchio. 8° Ven. 1586. 

PASSER AT (Jean). See Anonymous. Satyre M^nippde. 8^ 1595. 
PASSI (Carlo). La selva di varia istoria. See Giovio (P.). Dell' istorie 

del suo tempo tradotte da L. Domenichi parte i. (et ii.). 4° 1572, &c. 
PASSI (Giuseppe). I donneschi difetti. 4° Ven. 1618. 
PATERN6 CASTELLO (Ignazio), Principe di Biscan. Elogio. See 

Ardizzone (G.). Elogio, &c. 8° 1787. 

. See Privitera (D.). Elogio, &c. 8° 1787. 

VATKLCK, Saint, Archbishop. Vida. See Perez (J.). Vida,&c. 8° 1662. 
PATRICIUS (Franciscus), Episcopm Caietce. De regno et regis 

iustitutione, libri ix. 8" Parisiis, 1567. 

. Egloga de Christi nativitate. 4®. 

PATRICIUS (Samuel). See Hedericus(B.). Graecum Lexicon. 40 1825. 


PATRITIO (Francesco). Delia historia dieci dialoghi. 4« Ven, 1560. 
— — . Delia poetica la deca historiale (e disputata). 2 vols. 4° Fer- 

rarxh 1586. 
PATRIZI (Francesco), Bishop of Gaeta. II sacro regno del vero reg- 

gimento e de la vera felicity del principe [translated with additions by 

G. Fabrini]. 4« Ven. 1547. 
PAULINUS, a S, Bartolomeo, De veteribus Indis dissertatio in qua 

cavillationes auctoris alphabet! Tibetani castigantur. ^^ JRonuBf 1795. 
PAULO da Venetia. Consideration! sopra le censure della Santit^ di 

Papa Paulo V. contra la Serenissima Republica di Venetia. 4° Ve- 

netia, 1606. 
PAULO Fioreniino. Questa si e la legenda de la Nativita di Christo. 

4.^ 1526. 
PAULUS Apostolus. (Epistolse; cum coinmentariis J. Fabri Stapu- 

lensis.) fol. Parisiis^ 1512. 
PAULUS Castrensis. See Castrensis (P.). 
PAULO Dincono. Della origine et fatti de i re Longobardi, trad, per 

L. Domenichi. 8° Vin. 1548. 
PAULUS Diaconus. De gestis Romanorum. See Eutropius (F.). Bre- 

viarium. 12« 1560. 
. De origine et gestis regum Langobardorum, lib. vi. fol. Paris, 

». Historiae Langobardorum. See Jomandes, Epis. Raven, de rebus 

Gothorum. fol. 1515. 
% Historic seguenti a quelle d' Eutropio dei fatti de* Roman!; tradotte 

di Latino in volgare. S° Venezia, 1548. 
See Warnefridus (P.). 

PAUSANIAS. Aristomenis Messenii Vita. See Cornelius Nepos. Vitse 
excellentium imperatorum. 12^ 1678. 

PEARCE (Zacharias). See Cicero (M. T.). De officiis. 8° 1745. 

PEARSON (John). Opera posthuma chronologica, &c. ; viz. de serie 
et successione primorum Romae episcoporum dissertationes duee, quibus 
praefiguntur annales Paulini et lectiones in Acta Apostolorum ; singula 
edenda curavit H. Dodwellus ; cuius etiam accessit de eadem succes- 
sione usque ad annales Cyprianicos dissertatio singularis. S pts. in 1 vol. 
4° Lond. 1688. 

■ Vindiciae epistolarum S. Ignatii ; accesserunt Is. Yossii epistolse 
duae adversus D. Blondellum. 3 pts. in 1 vol. 4° Cantab. 1672. 

PEDREZZANUS (Joannes). Responsio ad quendam libellum, qui 
Italico sermone scriptus inscribitur ; responsum eujusdam doctoris in 
theolog. ad literas ei scriptas a quodam Rev. amico, super brevi censu- 
rarum, a Sanctitate Paul! V. publicatarum contra Venetos, et super nul- 
litate dictarum censurarum. 4® Ingolst. 1607. 

PEDRO, Conde de Bracelos. Nobiliario ordenado y illustrado con notas 
per J. B. Lavana. fol. Roma, 1640. 

PEGNA (Franciscus). See Roias (J. a). Singularia juris in favorem 
fidei. Afi 1583. 

PEGUERA (LuDOvicus a). Liber quaestionum criminalium in actu 
Practice, frequentium et maxime conducibilium. fol. Barcinonce, 1585. 

■ Quaestiones criminales. 12° Franco/. 1600. 

PEIFERUS (David). Imperatores Turcici, libellus de vita, progressu, 
et rebus gestis principum gentis Mahumeticae, elegiaco carmine con- 
seriptus. 8** Basil. 

PELARGUS (Ambrosius). Hyperaspismus, sive propugnatio apologias 


quo Eucharistise sacrificiuin ab CEcolampadiaDa calumnia strenud esse- 

ritur. 8° Basil 1529. 
PELLEGRINI (Buonaventura). Secret! nobilissimi delF arte profu- 

matoria. 12** Bologna^ 1673. 
PELLETIER ( — ). Discorgo lamentevole intorno rassassinamento di 

Henrico IIII. di Francia ; traslatato da A. D. B. (Altobello del Bon). 

8*» Venetiay 1610. 
. Refutation des erreura et impertinences du Sieur du Flessisy re- 

marquees k Touverture de son livre intitule Le Myst^ d* Iniquity. 

8** Paris 1611. 
FELLISSON-FONTANIER (Paul). See Anonymous. Relation con- 
tenant r histoire de TAcademie. 12^ 1671* 
PEMBROKE and MONTGOMERY (Thomas) Earl of. Numismata 

antiqua in tres partec divisa, collegit olim et aeri incidi vivens curavit T. 

P. et M.G. comes ; [to which are added] Nummi Anglici et Scotici 

cum aliquot numismatibus recentioribus. 4 pts. in 1 vol. 4® [^Londcn']^ 

PENNANT (William). Of London. 4« London, 1790. 
. The history of the parishes of Whiteford and Holywell. 4^ Lond. 

PEPYS (Samuel). Memoirs relating to the state of the royal navy of 

England, for ten years, determined December 1688. 8° London, 1690. 
PERAC (Stefano du). I vestigi dell* antichita di Roma raccolti e ri- 

tratti in perspettiva. obi. fol. Roma, 1653. 
PERCIVAL (Thomas). Moral and literary dissertations; to which are 

added : a tribute to the memory of C. De Polier, and an appendix. 

8° Warrington, 1784. 
PERl^FIXjfe (Hardouin de Beaumont de) Archbishop of Paris. The 

history of Henry IV. sumamed the Great, king of France ; made English 

byJ.b. 8« Lond.mi2. 
PEkEIRA (Benedict.). Ars grammatical pro lingua Lusitana addi- 

scenda Latino idiomate proponitur. 8^ Lugd. 1672* 
• Prosodia in vocabularium trilingue Latinum, Lusitanicum, et 

Castellanicum digesta, in qua dictionum significatio et syllabarum 

quantitas expenditur. 3 pts. in 1 vol. fol. Ulyssipone, 1674. 
PEREZ de Oliva. Las Obras. 4° Cordova, 1586. 

. Las obras y relaciones. 8** Ginevra, 1654. 

PEREZ (GiNEs). Segunda parte de las guerras civiles de Granada. 8® 

Cuenga, 1619. 
PEREZ (Juan). Vida y purgatorio de S. Patricio. 8» Madrid, 1662. 
PEREZ de GUZMAN (Fernan.). Valerio de las historias cscolasticas 

de la Sagrada Escriptura, y de los hechos de Espana con las batallas ca- 

pales. 8° Madrid, 1568. 
PEREZ de MONTALVAN (Juan). Fama poethuma a la vida y muerte 

del Doctor Frey Lope Felix de Vega Carpio ; y elc^ios panegirieos a 

la immortalidad de su nombre ; escritos por los mas esclarecidos ingenios* 

4° Madrid, 1636. 
PERINGSKIOLD (Johannes). See Messenius (J.). Scondia ilhis- 

trata. fol. 1700. 

. See Snorro-Sturleson. Heims-kringla. fol. 1697. 

PERKINSIUS (Gulielmus). P^blema de Romae fidei ementito ca* 

tholicismo. 4^ Canted}. 1604. 
PERO (John). A catalogue of choice English books. 4« ILmdon, 1693]. 
PEROTTUS (NicoLAus), See Polybius, Histwiarum }ib. v, foL im. 


PERRIA (Hbnricus). Ad reverendiss. Card, de Saulis de gestis Sophi 
contra Turcas. See Damianus (J.). Ad Leonem X. de expeditione in 
Tureas. 4?*» 1515. 

PERRON (J. D,) Cardinal du. Perroniana ; per P.P. P.P. [fratres 
Puteani ; viz. J. and P. Dupuy, not Cristophe Dupuy]. 12® Geneva, 


PERRON ( — \ Tableau historique des sciences philosophiques et mo- 
rales depuis feur origine jusqu*^ nos jours^ pr6c6d6 d' une introduction 
historique, et suivi d' une biographic, d' une bibliographic et d' un vo- 
cabulaire. 32« Paris, 1829. 

PERROTT (Sir John). History [of his life]. See Anonymous. Hi- 
story (the) of that most eminent statesman, &c. 8° 1728. 

PERRY (Charles). View of the Levant, fol. Lond. 174^3. 

PERSIUS (AuLUS Flaccus Severus). [SatyrsB cum comment. B. 
Fontii.] fpl. Ven. 1482. 

. Satyrae [with the comment of J. Britannicus]. fol. Brigcice, 

1486. [With MS. notes by B. Pirckheymer.] 

. See Juvenal (D. J.). Satyree. 8° 1507. 

. See Juvenalis (D. J.) et Persius (A.). Satyrae. 12** 1648. 

.^— . See Juvenal (D. J.). Satyrae, &c. 8° 1671. 

See Juvenalis (D. J.) et Persius (A. F.). Juvenal and Persius 

translated, &c. fol. 1673. 
PERUSCHUS (Johannes Baptista). Historica relatio de potentissimi 

regis Mogor a magno Tamerlane oriundo vita ; deinde de omnium Japo- 

niae regnorum, quae uni nunc monarchae Quabacundono parent proxima 

convcrsione. 8^ Moguntus, 1598. 
PETIT-RADEL (Philippus). De amoribus Pancharitis et Zoroe; 

poema erotico-didacticon. 8® -Par. an ix. [1802]. 
PETIT (Samuel) [?]. See Anonymous. Sacrorum (de) dissidiorum 

caussis, &c. 8° 1649. 
PETITUS (Samuel.). Diatriba de jure, principum edictis, ecclesiae 

quaesito, nee armis adversus temerantes aut antiquantes vindicate. 8° 

Amst. 1649. 
PETRARCA (Francesco). Rime. 8° Ven. 1562. 

. 18^ Veru 1592. 

Riviste da Dolce ; [with the] annotationi di G. Camillo. 2 pts. 

in 1 vol. 18« Ven. 1557. 

— . Le rime ; brevemente sposte, per L. Castelvetro. 4** BasHea, 1582. 

— . Rime; co'lla spositione di G. A. Gesualdo, 4° Ven, 1541. 

— . . Con la spositione di G. A. Gesualdo. 4° Ven, 1553. 

— ^ I ■ . Con Tespositione di G. A. Gesualdo. 4® Ven. 1574. 
_. . Con Tespositione di A. Velutello. 4° Ven. 1568. 

. 4<* Veneiia, 1584. 

Sonetti, canzoni, e triomphi ; con la spositione di B. Danielle. 4® 

Ven. 1541. 

4** Vinegia. 1549. 

■ Les triumphes. 18® Par. 1545. 

PETRELLA (Bernardinus). Logicarum disputationum libri septem. 

fol. Paiav. 1584. 
PETREUS (Theodorus). Thesaurus controversarum concluslonum 

criminal ium. 4° Marpurgi Cattorum, 1598. 
PETRONIUS Arbiter. Satyricon. 18° Antv. 1604. 

Satyricon ; recensente J. P. Loticho. 2 vols. 4® Franco/, ad 

Momumf 1629* 


PETRONIUS Arbiter, Satyricon, ejusdemque fragmenta, Bourdelotii 

notis. 18° Amst. 1663. 

. Specimen belli civilis. SeeLucanus(A.M.\ Pharsalia. 18** 1627. 

PETRUS Apostolus, Epistel Sanet Petri gepredigt und ausgelegt durch 

M. Luther. 4° Wittemb. 1523. 
. Die tzwo Episteln, und eyne Jude, verdeutscht durch M. Luther. 

8° Errfurdt, 1522. 
Y£rZK\]% Lambardus, Sententiarum (lib. primus... iv). fol. Basil, 1486. 
PETRUS de Ankarano. See Ankarano (P. de), 
PETTIGREW (Thomas Joseph). A descriptive catalogue of the 

manuscripts and printed books contained in the library of H.R.H. the 

Duke of Sussex. 2 vols. 4° Lond. 1829 and 1840. 

. A history of Egyptian mummies, and account of the worship and 

embalming of the sacred animals by the Egyptians ; with remarks on 

the funeral ceremonies of different nations, and observations on the 

mummies of the Canary Islands, &c, 4° Londoity 1834. 
PETTING AL (John). A dissertation on the original of the equestrian 

figure of the George, and of the Garter, ensigns of the most noble order 

of that name. 4° ZoTirf. [1753]. 
. A dissertation upon the fascia, or legend, of the British coins of 

Cunobelin and others. 4° Liond, 1763. 

The Latin inscription on the copper table discovered in the year 

1732, near Heraclea, in the Bay of Tarentum, in Magna Grsecia, and 
published by Mazochius, at Naples, in 1758, more particularly consi- 
dered, and illustrated. 4° Lofnd, 1760. 

PETTOLA (Marino). Grandissimo contrasto di doi AmantL 8*» 
Venetian 1619. 

. Opera nova in lingua Venetiana. 8° Few«^, 1619. 

PETTY (Sir William). An essay concerning the multiplication of 
mankind ; together with another essay concerning the growth of the 
city of London. 12° Lmd, 1686. 

. Five essays in political arithmetick ; Eng, and Fr, 12** Lond, 1687. 

. Further observations on the Dublin bills, or accompts of the 

houses, hearths, baptisms, and burials in that city. V2P Lond, 1686. 

. Observations upon the cities of London and Rome. 12° Lond, 1687. 

Reflections upon some persons and things in Ireland, by letters to 

and from Dr. Petty ; with Sir H. Sankey's speech in parliament. 12° 
London^ 1660. 

Two essays on political arithmetick, concerning the people. 

housing, hospitals, &c., of London and Paris. 12° L(md, 1687. 
— . See Anonymous. Treatise (a) of taxes and contributions. 4° 1662. 
SeeMinutius(C. A.). Colloquium Davidis cum animasua. fol. 1679. 

PEUCERUS (Caspar). See Carion (J.). Chronicon Latine expositum 

et auctum. 8° 1558. 
PEOGNHAGN (Joannes). Was und welches die Sunt sey in dem 

heyligen Geist davon Sanct Matheus am 12 cap.redt die nit vergebenn 

wirt. 4° 1524. 
PEUTINGERUS (Conradus). De ortu, genere et posteris Friderici L 

See Guntherus Ligurinus. De gestis imp. Csesaris Friderici I. fol. 1507. 
■ Romanae vetustatis fragmenta in Augusta Vindelicorum et ejus 

dicecesi. fol. AtLgustce, 1505. 
PFEFFERKORN (Johannes). Defensio contra famosas et criminales 

Obscurorum Virorum epistolas. 4° Colon, 1516. 
Handt Spiegel. 4° Colon, 1514. 


PFEFFERKORN (Johannes). Hostis Judaeorum qui declarat nequicias 

eorum circa usuras et dolos. 4^ ColanuBt 1509. 
' In laudem et honorem Illustrissimi Principis Maximiliani Rom. 

Imp. &c. 4° Colon. 1518. 

Libellus de Judaica confessione sive sabbato afflictionis, ex Hebr. 

traductus. 4° ColonicBy 1508. 

Streydt Puechlyn vor dy warheit und eyner warhafiliger historic 

Vechtende wyd den falschen Broder Doctor Joannis Reuchlyn und 
synejungern Obscurorum Virorum. 4® 1516. 

Sturm liber und wider die drulosen Juden; sturm liber eynen 

alten sunder J. Reuchlin. 4^ CoUen, 1514. 
PFEFFINGER (Joh. Frid.). Dissertatio historica qua Alemannicae an- 

tiquitates traduntur ; sub praesidio J. D. Schcepflini. 4° Argent, [1722]. 
PFYFFER dr ALTISHOFFER. A narrative of the conduct of the Swiss 

regiment of guards in the service of Lewis XVI., king of France, on the 

10th of August, 1792. 4^ London^ 1821. 
PHiEDRUS (Julius). Fabularum iEsopiarum libri quinque; cum 

annotationibus J. ScheflTeri, et F. Guyeti notis ; editio in qua jungitur 

interpretatio Gallica. 8° Hamburgi^ 1673. 
V^AlaARl^ Agrigentiniis. Epistolee; Gr,; ex MSS. recensuit, versione, 

annot. et vita insuper authoris donavit C. Boyle. 8^ Oxon. 1698. 
PHILELEUTHERUS Xi>*te»«>, [viz. R. Bentley]. Emendationes in 

Menandri et Philemonis reliquias ex edit. J. Cleiici ; ubi multa Grotii et 

aliorum, plurima vero Clerici errata castigantur. 8° Traj, ad Rhen, 1710. 
PHILELPHUS (Franciscus). (Ad T. Thebaldum Mediol. Convivium 

primum et secundum). 4°. 

. Orationes et nonnulla alia opera. 4** Ven. 1491. 

PHILEMON GrammaticiLS. Fragmenta. See Apollonius Sophista. Le- 
xicon GrsBCum lliadis et Odysseee. 4° 1773. 
PHILEREMO (Antonio Fregoso). See Fregoso (A.) Phileremo. 
PHILLIMORE (Joseph). Reports of cases argued and determined in 

the Arches and Prerogative Court of Canterbury and in the High Court 

of Delegates, containing the judgments of Sir G. Lee. 2 vols. 8® 

Lond. 1 832. 
PHILIP AND MARY of England. The stationers' charter, s. sh. fol. 
PHILIP III. of Spain, Prematica para que en faver de los labradores se 

guarde lo aqui contenido. fol. Madrid, 1619. 
• Capitulos generales de las cortes que se comeu^aron en la villa de 

Madrid el aiio de 607, publicadas en la dicha villa en 22 dias del mes 

de agosto de 1619. fol. Madrid, 1619. 

Prematica en que se manda que el assistente, governadores, cor- 

regidores ni juezes de residencia, no visiten mas de una vez, durante el 

tiempo de so oficio la villas y lugares de la tierra. fol. Madrid, 1618. 
Prematica por la qual se manda que no se pueda tiran a ningun 

genero de ca9a con perdigones de plombo, ni de otra cosa en esta corte, 

y veinte leguas en contorno. fol. Madrid, 1622. 
PHILIPPE II. Roy dEspagne. Cession et transport des pays d' Embas 

et de Bourgogne fait a sa fiUe aisnee Isabella Clara Eugenia en avance- 

ment de son manage avec TArciduc Albert le 6 May 1598. 4°. 
PHILIPOT (John). See Cambden (W.). Remains concerning Britain. 

8° 1674. 
PHILIPPS (Mich.). Occasional discourses in the Royal Navy in 1736, 

1757 and 1759 ; to which is added one on the peace in 1763. 12° Lond. 




PHILIPPUS. Adhortatio ad quendam Theodosium Judaeum, ut Christi 

religionem, relicta Judaeorum superstitione, coleret See Lactantius (L. 

C, F.). Habes in hoc volumine, &c. fol. 1502. 
PHILIPPUS Cyprius. Chronicon ecclesiae GraecsB; N. Blanchardus 

primus vulgavit et Latine reddidit ; aocedit ejusdem cura Christoph. 

Angeli de statu hodiemorum Grsecorura enchiridion emendatum, cum 

tralatione G. Felavii. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4<* Franeq. 1679. 
PHILIPS (Catherine). Poems ; to which is added Comeille's Pom- 

pey and Horace, tragedies ; (the fifth act of Horace translated by Sir 

J. Denham). 3 pts. in 1 vol. fol. Lond. 1669. 
PHILLIPS (Joseph). West India question ; the outline of a plan for 

the total, immediate^ and safe abolition of slavery throughout the British 

Colonies. 8"" LondoUy 1883. 
PHILLIPS (Robert). A dissertation concerning the present state of 

the high road« of England. 8^ Lond, 1737* 
PHILLIPS {Sir Richard). Golden rules of social philosophy ; or a new 

system of practical ethics. 8° Zomfon, 1826. 
PHILLIPS (William). Studii legalis ratio ; or directions for the study 

of the law. 12*» London, 1667. 
PHILO Judaus, De cophini festo et de colendis parentibus, cum brevi 

scripto de Jona, editore ac interprete A. Maio. Ch, et IaU, 8** MedioL 1818. 
— . Libri quatuor ; de mundi fabricatione, qusB est a Moyse descripta; 

de decem prseceptis, quae capita legum sunt; de roagistratu seu principe 

deligendo ; de officio judicis ; Jo. Christophorsono Anglo interp. 4® 

Aniv. 1553. 

La creatione del mondo. See Ferentilli (A.). Discorso universale. 

4^ 1574. 

Libri quatuor, de roundi fabricatione, de decem prseceptis, de ma- 

gistratu deligendo, de officio judicis ; J. Christophorsono interprete. 4' 
Antverpia, 1553. 

See Mains (A.). De Philonis Judaei et Eusebii (P.) scriptis ine- 

ditis. 8« 1816, 

PHILOPONUS (Joannes). See Joannes Grammaticus. 
PHILOSTR ATUS (Flavius). De vitis sophistarum libri duo ; A. Bom- 

fino interprete. 4° [^Arffentoratiy^ 1516. 
. Heroiea (per S. Nigrum in Latinum conversa sermonem) ; et dialo- 

gus S. Nigri, in quem quicquid apud Pausaniam scitu dignum legitur, 

summa cum diligentia congestum est. fol. [The dialogue is wanting in 

this copy.] 

. Isocratis vita. See Isocrates. Orationes et ejusdem vita. fol. 1529. 

. [Life of Isocrates.] See Isocrates. [The orations, &c.]. fol. 1493. 

Heroiea. See Niger (S.). Dialogus, &o. fol. 1517- 

PHOCYLIDES. Poema ad bene beateque vivendum. See Lascaris (C). 

De octo partibus orationis. 4°. 

. Moralia. See Lascaris (C). Erotemata. 4** 1494, &c. 

PHOTIUS, Patriarcha Constantinopoiitanus. Myriobiblon, sive biblio- 

theca librorum, quos P. legit et censuit ; Grsece edidit D. Hoeschelius et 

notis illustravit; Latin^ reddidit et scholiis auxit A. Schottus. fol. 

[^Genevcc^f 1611. 
PHRYNICHUS Arrhahius* Epitomse dictionum Atticarum libri iii., sive 

ecloga ; Gr. et Lat, ; a P. S. Nunnesio restituta, Latine conversa, ejus- 

demque et D. Hoeschelii notis aucta. 4° Aug, Vmd, 1601. 
PHYLISCUS. Consolatoria M. Ciceroni prestita dum in Macedonia exu- 

laret.SeeProbus(V.). De interpretandis Romanorumlitteris,&Ct 4® 1499t 


PICCOLOMINI (Alessandro), Instrumento della filosofia naturale. 
4« Venet. 1576. 

. . 4° Venetia, 1585. 

. Incipit tractatulus ad regem Bohemiee Ladislaum. 4®. 

Oratione. See Anonymous. Nobiltd (della) et eccellenza delle 

donne. 8® 1545. 

See Stordito Intronato. 

PICCOLOMINI (Enea Silvio). Alessandro; comedia. 18° Ven. 1584. 

. 8° Ven. 1596. 

. Comedia, intitolato Alessandro. 8°. 

— — . Copiosissima parafrase nel primo libro della Retorica d^Aristotele. 
4® Venezioy 1565. 

Copiosissima parafrase nel primo libro (secondo et terzo) della 

Retorica d*Aristotele. 3 vols. 4<* Ven. 1565-72. 
— . Della institution morale libri iii. 4° Ven. 1575. 
— . Epistole [of the two lovers] ; da A. Braccio tradotte. 8** Ven. 

Epistole de dui amanti composte dal fausto et eccellente Papa Pio 

tradutte in vulgare con elegantissimo modo. 8° Ven. 1554. 
— . See JEneas Sylvius. 
See Pius II. rapa. 

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Heroicum; ejusdem hymnus de divo Laurentio; Baptistae Mantuani 
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civum carmen Luciani. 4® Argent. 1513. 

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Lateran. de reformandis moribus oratio ; ejusdem bymni tres. 4® Ha^ 
genocD^ 1520. 

. De rerum prsenotione libri novem, pro veritate religionis contra 

superstitiosas vanitates editi ; de fide theoremata ; de morte Christi et 
propria cogitanda ; de studio divinse et humanse philosophise ; de divini 
amoris imaginatione ; vita patrui et defensio de uno et ente ; expositio 
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tralatio; staurostichon de misteriis Germaniae, heroico carmine, fol. 
Argentorad, 1506-1507. 

Epistolae duo ad S. Pagninum. See Biblia. Habes in hoc libro. . . 

novam tranlationem. 4° 1528. 

Commentationes in hoc volumine contentae, quibus anteponitur 

vita per J. F. Galeotti, Pici fil. ; heptaplus ; apologia tredecim queestio- 
num ; tractatus de ente et uno ; oratio qusedam ; epistolae plures ; depre- 
catoria ad Deum ; testimonia eius vitae, &c. fol. Bononice, 1^96. 

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memorabUium lib. jx, 8^ 1621. 



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• — -. Vita (dcir Ariosto) ; scontri de* luoghi mutatiy &c. See Aripsto 

(L.). Orlando furioso. 4° 1587. 

. See Ariosto (L.). Orlando furioso. 4® 1556. 

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quibus i^gyptii utuntur, simulachrorum accurata delineatio et expli- 

catio. 4° Franco/. 1608. 
. Vetustissimee tabulae eeneas sacris i^gyptiorum simulacris caelatse 

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India Oriental!. 12*» Constantice, 1603. 
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and the industrious habits of the poor, &c. 8° Londony ISS5. 
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[ IVitehergcc'], 1616. 

Olympia; Pythia; Nemea; Isthmia ; adjuncta est interpretatio 

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Nurenib. 1522. [With a few corrections in the author's hand writing.] 
■ De convitiis monachi illius qui GraBColatine CBcolampadius, Ger- 

manice vero Ausshin nuncupatur, ad Eleutherium suum epistola. 8^ 

Norimh. 1727. 

De vera Christ! carne et vero eius sanguine ad J. CBcolampadium 

responsio. 8° Norimbergce. 

De vera Christ! carne et vero eius sanguine adversus convicia Joan- 
nis qui sib! CBcolampadii nomen indidit, responsio secunda. 8^ iVb- 
rimbergce, 1527. 

Germaniae ex variis scriptoribus perbrevis explicatio ; Germanis 

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dise, Brabantiae, Flandriac, Hollandiae ab Hectore Troiano ad Carolum V.; 
authore Emondo Dintero. 8° Franco/. 1532. 

— . Epistola apologetica. See Lucianus Samosatensis. Piscator. 4** 1517. 
See Lucianus Samosatensis. Piscator. 4° 1517. 

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PISTORIUS (Joannes). Polonicae historiae corpus, hoc est, Polonipa- 


rum rerura Latiui recentiores et veteres scriptores, quotquot extant, uno 

▼olumine comprsehensi omnes. 3 pts. in 1 vol. fol. Basil, 1582. 
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Memoires des comtes de Champagne et Brie. See Freherus (M.). Ori- 

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— . See Anonymous. Imprese di diversi prencipi, &c. 4?° 1578. 
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. fol. 1556. 

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Biscarorum Principis. 8° Catince, 1787- 
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ou contramour. 4° 1581. 
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&c. 4^ 1511. 

Dialogi : Axiochus ; Eryxias ; de iusto ; num virtus doceri possit ; 

Demodocus ; Sisyphus ; Clitophon ; dcfinitiones ; B. Pirckheymero in- 

terprete. [With some few corrections in the translator's handwriting.] 

4° Nurimb. 1523. 

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— . Omnia Platonis opera ; Gr. fol. Few. 1513. 

Opera omnia; M. Ficino interprete; commentariis ejusdem Ficini 

totum opus est explanatum. fol. Franco/. 1602. 
PLAUTUS (M. Accius). Comoediae xx commentationibus ornantur quas 

B. Saracenus adque J. P. Valla scriptas olim reliquere ; nee desunt 

quoque observationes quaepiam Pii Bononiensis. fol. Ven. 1511. 
. ComoedisB xx ; J. P. Parens restituit et notis perpetuis illustravit ; 

accessit Gildae Querolus sive Aulularia. 8** Franco/. 1610. 

(PlautinsB viginti comoediae ; emendatae per Georgium Alexandria 

num.) foL Tarv. 1482, 


PLAUTUS (M. Accius). (PlautinaB viginti comoediee; olim emendatse 
per G. Merulam, nunc recognitsB per £• Scutarium.) fol. Medidaniy 

. Fabulae xx quae supersunt ; cum comment, doctorum virorum ; 

opera F. Taubmanni. 4° \_WiUenberg<B'}y 1605. 

Fabulae superstites xx ; ex recensione Doueica. 18® Lugd. JBat. 

Fragmenta inedlta ; item ad P. Terentium commentationes et pic< 

turea ineditae; inventore A. Maio. 8° Mediolani^ 1815. 
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decline and fall of powerful and wealthy nations. 4° Land. 1805. 
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8*> Oxon. 1677. 

■ . Epistolarum libri x ; ejusdcm panegyricus Trajano dictus ; cum 

commentariis J. M. Catanaei ; adiuncti sunt alii ad alios Caesares pane- 

gyrici. 2 pts in 1 vol. 4® Paris, 1600. 

Epistolarum lib. x ; ejusdem panegyricus Trajano Principi dictus ; 

de viris illustribus in re militari et in administranda rep. ; Suetonii de 

Claris grammaticis et rhetoribus ; Julii Obsequentis prodigibrum liber. 

8*> Ven. 1508. 

Epistolarum liber primus (ii.-viii. panegyricus ; de viris illustri- 

bus). 4°. 

PLUTARCHUS Chceronensis. Quae extant opera ; Gr. et Lai. ; nunc 
primum emendata, ut ex H. Stephani annotationibus intelligas ; ^mylii 
Probi de vita excellentium imperatorum ; (opuscula moralia, 6 vols. ; 
parallela, sen vitae parallelae, 6 vols. ; appendix complectens vitas ex- 
cellentium quorundam imperatorum, a D. Acciaiolo [et] ab JEmyUo 
Probo conscriptas, 1 vol.). 13 vols. 8® Paris, 1572. 

. De brevibus clarorum hominum inter se contentionibus. 4^ 

JBrixicDy 1485. 

De compescenda ira ; de garrulitate ; de curiositate ; de iis qui 

sero a numine corripiuntur ; de vitanda usura ; B. Pirckheymero inter* 
prete. 4® Nurimb. 1523. 

De liberis educandis: — Hieronymi, de officiis liberorum erga 

parentes: — Basilii Magni, de institutis et disciplinis juvenum. 4*^ 
Brixie, 1485. 

De philosophorum placitis ; interprete G. Budaeo. 4° Argewtor. 


De placitis decretisque philosophorum naturalibus, Gr.\ addita 

G. Budaei interpretatione. 4° Basil. 1531. [With MS. notes at the 
end by M. Frecht.] 

De virtutibus mulierum ; traductio per Alamanum Hanutinum, 

civem Florentinum. 4® BrixicB, 1485. 

— . Fragmenta duo ; G^r. 8° [Zo«c?im, 1773]. 

Libellus de non irascendo ; ejusdem de curiositate; Gr. et Lat.; 

Erasmo interprete. 8° Basil. 1525. 

Liber de regura atque imperatorum scite dictis ; rec» et omav. 

St. Pemberton. 8« Oxonii, 1768. 

— . Opere morali; tradotte per L. Domenichi. 8® Ltwcuy 1560. 

Opuscoli morali ; tradotti in volgare da M. A. Gandino. 2 vols. 

4« Ven. 1614. 

— . Opuscula Lxxxxii ; Gr. fol. Ven. 1509. 

Opuscula qusBdam; D. Erasmo, S. Nigro, A. Barbato, B. Pirckhey- 
mero, et P. Melanchthone interpretibus. 4® BasiL 1518. 


PLUTARCHUS CTuBranensis, Opuscula argutissima ; politica ; de virtute 
morum ; praecepta connubialia ; de lib^ris educandis ; de differentia odii 
et invidise ; de tranquiUitate animi ; de fortuna Romanorum ; de virtute 
et fortuna Alexandri ; parallela ; de claris mulieribus ; apophthegmata 
regum et imperatorum ; laeonica ; an brutis insit ratio ; placita philo- 
sophorum; demusica; problemata; praemissis amatoriis narrationibus. 
foL Parisiisy 1514. 

' Oratio consolatoria ad Apollonium ; Gr. 8°. 

- . Problema num in convivio philosophandi sit locus ; O. Luscinio 
interpreter 4® Ardent. [1519]. 

Sapientissimi Plutarchi parallelum ; vitae Romanorum et Grsecorum 

quadraginta novem ; Gr. fol. Flor, 1517* 
— . Sit ne rationis aliqua in bestiis vb, libellus ; S. Giynaeo interprete ; 
Gr. et Lat. 8° Basil. 1534. 

The lives of the most noble Grecians and Romanes compared 

together ; translated out of Greeke into French by J. Amiot, and out of 
French into English by T. North, fol. Lend. 1595. 

VitaB. foL Ven. 1491. 

Vite degli huomini illustri Greci e Romani, nuovamente tradotte 

per L. Domenichi et altri, con la vita delF autore da T. Porcacchi. 2 
vols. 4« Ven. 1567. 

Vita Demosthenis. See Demosthenes. Orationes duas et sexa- 

ginta^ &c. foL 1504. 

Dell' amor de' genitori verso i figliuoli. See Epictetus et Aristo- 

teles. La morale filosofia, &c. 8^ 1564. 

— H IIcpi Trai^wy aywyris. See Cebes. Ke/itfTOS Uiva^. 8°. 

— . [Life of Isocrates.] See Isocrates. [The Orations, &c.]. fol. 1493. 

— • Vita Isocratis. See Isocrates. Orationes et ejusdem vita, &c.fol. 1529. 

— . De liberorum educatione. See Luciani Samosatensis Hermoti- 

mus, Sec. 8«» 1527. 

Paralelia. See Polybius. De primo bello Punico, &c. fol. 1498. 

PLUTSCHO (Henry). See Anonymous. Propagation of the Gospel 

in the East 12? 1709. 
POCOCKE. Inscriptiones antiquae Graecae et Latinae ; (accedit numis« 

matum Ptolemaeorum, imperatorum, &c., in Egypto cusorum e scriniis 

Britannicis, catalogus). fol. [ZoW.], 1752. 
PODERN (Lb Comxe de). Considerations sur Thomme en soi-m^me 

et dans ses rapports. 2 vols. 8**. 
POGGIUS (Giov. Fran.), Florentintis. Facetiarum liber, fol. [^Nuren- 

bergcB, 1472]. 

. Facetiarum liber, fol. [^Norimberga'], 1475. 

. Facetiarum liber. 4° Venetiisy 1487. 

. Histona tradocta di Latino in nostra lingua da Jacopo suo figli- 

uolo. fol. Ven. 1476. 

Quaedam facetiae. See Bebelius (H.). Facetiae. 8^ 1570. 

POIRIER (Germain) ? See Anonymous. Tableau g^n^ral raisonn6 

.... des ouvrages contenus dans le recueil des memoires de rAcad6mie 

des Inscriptions, &c. 4° 1791. 
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set forth in two books. 8® Lond. 1600. 
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Squarzaficus (J.). Haec est pars Q. A. P., &c. fol. [1477]. 
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POLITIANUS (Angelus). Omnia opera, fol. Ven. 1498* 



POLITIANUS (Angelus). Panepisiemon. Lamia. See Cleonidas. 

Harmonicum introductorium. fol. l^QT* 
POLLICARIUS (Joannes). Carmina quaedam de beneficiis quae Deus 

per Lutherum orbi terrarum contulit. See Melanehthon (P*)- Historia 

de vita et actis M. Lutheri. S"" 1548. 
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de sacrosancto inissse sacrificio. 4° 1579. 
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ratore. See Anonymous. Discorso intomo alle cose della guerra. 4® 1558. 
POLY BI US. Historiarum libri qui supersunt ; Gr, et LaL ; interprete 

I. Casaubono ; J. Gronovius recensuit, ac utriusque Casauboni, F.Ursini, 

H. Valesii, J. Palmerii et suas notas adiecit ; accedit i^nese commentarius 

de toleranda obsidione. 2 vols, in 3 pts. 8^ Amst 1670. 
— . Ital, ; per L. Domenichi. 8^ Vinegiay 1546. 

. N. Perotto interpr. 8® Lugduniy 1542. 

POMERANUS (Johannes Bugenhagius). See Bugenhagius (J. Po- 

POMMELLES ( — ). Tableau de la population de toutes les provinces 

de France, et de la proportion des naissances, des morts et des manages 

depuis dix ans ; memoire sur les milices ; examen de la question sur la 

prestation du service militaire en nature, ou sur sa conversion en une 

imposition g^n^rale. 4® Parisy 1789. 
POMPJLIUS (Paulus). L. Annaei Senecae Vita. 4° JRanusy 1490. 
POMPONIUS LiETUS (Julius). De antiquitatibus urbis Romee. 

See GodelevaBus (W.). In T. Livii libros . . . . annotationes. fol. 1568. 
. De magistratibus et sacerdotiis, &c See Fenestella (L.). De 

magistratibus, &c. S° 1523. 

Epistola ad A. Mapheum. See Sallustius (C.C.). Pomponii, &c. 

4« 1496. 
PONCEAU (Peter Stephen du). Eulogium in conmiemoration of the 

honorable.W. Tilghman, delivered Oct 1 1th, 1827. 8° Philadelphia, 1829. 
PONTANUS (Joannes Jovianus). De immanitate liber, cum scholiis 

J. Spiegel. 4® AvgitstcB Vindel. 1519. 
— . Opera; de fortitudine, libri duo ; de principe, liber unus ; dialogus 

qui Charon inscribitur ; dialogus qui Antonius inscribitur ; de libera- 

litate, liber unus ; de beneficentia, liber unus ; de magnificentia, liber 

unus; de splendore, Uber unus; de coviventia [conviventia], liber 

unus ; de obedientia, libri quinque. fol. ' Ven, 1501. 
PONTANUS ( Jacobus Spanmuller\ In Ovidii tristium et de 

Ponto libros commentarii; item hortun Ovidiani. fol. Ingolstad. 1610. 
. Progymnasmatum latinitatis, sive dialogorum libri duo ; accessit 

praeter notas complures ex Hadriano Cardinale confecta epitome. 4 vols. 

8^ Lugd. 1592-4. 

. See Cyrillus Alexandrinus. In Xll Prophetas. fol. 1607- 

See Ovidius (P. N.). Ex Metamorphose<un libris xv electorum 

libri totidem. fol. 1618. 
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silia et allegationes. fol. Papice, 1485. 
POPELINIERE (Lancelot Voisin de la). See Anonymous. Vraye 

(la) et entiere histoire des troubles... avenues... depuis 1562. 8** 1573. 
POPMA (Cyprianus a). See Sallustius (C.C.). Conjuratio Catilin8e,&c. 

12« 1581. 
POPMA (AusoNius bt Cyprianus a). See Sallustius (C. C). Quae 

extant. 4° 1710. 


PORCACCHI (ToMMAso), See Alunno (F.). Delia fabrica del mondo. 
fol. 1584. 

. See Guicciardini (F.). La historia d* Italia. 4° 1583. 

• . 4<> 1587. 

Vita di Plutarco. See Plutarchus Chaeronensis. Vite degli huomini 

illustri, &c. 4.<> 1567. 
— . See Sannazaro (J.). Arcadia. 18® 1592. 
&c. 18« 1588. 

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PORPHYRIUS PhUosaphus, Ad Marcellam ; invenit interpretationem 
notisque declaravit A. Maius; accedit ejusdem Porphyrii poeticum 
fragmentum ; Gr. et Lot, 8® Medial. 1816. 

. De abstinentia ab animalibus necandis libri quatuor ; de vita 
I^ythagorse ; de antro nympharum, &c See Epictetus. Enchiridion. 
8*> 1655. 

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PORREStO (Baltasar). Dichos y hechos del Seiior Rey Don Felipe 
Segundo. 8'' SeviUa^ 1639. 

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PORTER (G. R.). The progress of the nation in its social and econo- 
mical relations. Sections 1 and 2. Population and production. 12® 
London^ 1836. 

. The progress of the nation, from the beginning of the 19th century 
to the present time. Sections 3 and 4. 12® Lond. 1838. 

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PORTINAIO (Pig). See Cavalcanti (B.). La rettorice. 4® 1559. 

PORTIUS (Legnardus). De sestertio, talentis, pecuniis, ponderibus, 
mensuris, stipendiis militaribus antiquis, ac provinciarum, regum, populi 
Romani, Caesarumque redditibus, libri duo. 4® \^BasilJ\. 

— — . De sestertio, talentis, pecuniis, ponderibus, mensuris, stipendiis 
militaribus, ac provinciarum, regum, populi Romani, Caesarumque reddi- 
tibus. 12® BasihcB, 1530. 

PORTUS (i^MiLius). See Dionysius Halicarn. Antiquitatum Roma- 
narum libri xi. fol. [1588]. 

— . See Euripides. Tragcediae quae extant, &c. 4® 1602. 

. See Xenophon Atheniensis. Opera, fol. 1629. 

PORTUS (Franciscus). See Thucydides. De bello Peloponnesiaco. 
fol. 1594. 

POSSEVINUS ( Antgnius). Coltura de gV ingegni. 4® Vicmza, 1598. 

. II soldato christiano, con nuove aggiunte, et la forma di un vero 

principe, et principessa espressi nelle vite di Stefano Batori, Re di Po- 
lonia, di Lodovico Gonzaga, Duca di Nivers ; di Eleonora, Arci- 
duchessa di Austria: con lxvi avertimenti di Basilio Imp. a Leone 
suo figliuolo. 4® Ven. 1604. 

Judicium de Nuse scriptis ; de J. Bodini method o historise, libris 

de rep. et daemon omania; de P. Mornei libro de perfectione Christiana; 
de N. Macchiavelio. 8® R(ynuBy 1592. 

— . Moscovia et alia opera, de statu hujus seculi, ad versus Catholicas 
Ecclesiae hostes. fol. Colon. 1587* 

Moscovia, tradotta di Lat. in volgare, da G. B. Possevino. 8® 

Ferraray 1592. 

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5 vols. 8® 1832-35. 


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Caradoc]... continued. 4° 1584. 

POWNALL(J.). A treatise oh the study of antiquities, as the commentary 
to historical learning, sketching out a general line of research ; also 
marking and explaining some of the desiderata ; with an appendix on 
the elements of speech ; on the origin of written language ; on the 
ships of the ancients ; on the chariots of the ancients. 8^ Lond. 1782. 

POZZO (Paride del). See Puteo (P. de). 

PRADILLA (Francisco de la), Suma de las leyes penales ; adicionado 
por F. de la Barreda e J. Calderon. 4° Madrid, 1639. 

PRANCE (Miles). A true narrative and discovery of several remark- 
able passages relating to the horrid Popish Plot, as they fell within the 
knowledge of M. Prance, of Covent Garden, goldsmith. foL LofuL 

. The additional narrative, &c. fol. London, 1679. 

PRATEIUS (Pardulphus). Lexicon juris civilis et canonic! ; idem ad 
Justinianum Imper. de officio judicis; adjectae sunt veteres Pop. Ro. 
leges, &c. fol. Lugdunu 1567. 

PRATO (D.). Del primo nascimento, fondatione, amplificatione e regi- 
mento di Vinegia. 8° Venetia, 1619. 

PRATT (John Tidd). The savings banks in England, Wales, and Ire- 
land arranged according to counties, obi. 4° London, 1831. 

. The savings banks of England, Wales, and Ireland, arranged accord- 
ing to counties, and the increase or decrease of each class of depositors, 
&c., since Nov. 1831. 12<> London, 1834. 

PRECOURT (— DuHAMEL de). See Duhamel de Precourt (— ). 

PREISLEBIUS (Christophorus). E divi Justiniani institutionibus, 
erotemata. 8° ColonuB, 1567. 

PRjfeMONTVAL (Andre-Pierre Le Guay de). Du hazard sous Tem- 
pire de la providence, pour servir de pr^servatif contre la doctrine du 
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reading all sorts of histories ; in which is added a synopsis of councels, 
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easy ... introduction for reading... histories. 4® 1664. 

PRIDEAUX (HuMPHRiDus) Marmora Oxoniensia ex Arundellianis, 
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the Saugor Island Society and its Lessees. 8° Calcutta^ 1831. 

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decim carminibus : de accentibus : de numeris, ponderibus, et mensuris. 
De praeexercitamentis rhetoricae ex Hermogene translatis. De versibus 
comicis ratio. Commentarium Rufini de metris comicis. Omnia nomina 
quibus Latina utitur eloquentia, &c. Interpretatio ex Dionysio Corinthio 
de orbis situ.] fol. 1470. 

PRISONERS of War. Proceedings of the committee appointed to ma- 
nage the contributions begun at London Dec. xviii. mdcclviiii. for 
cloathing French prisoners of war. fol. Lond. 1760. 

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* See Mains (A.). Virgilii Maronis interpretes veteres. 4?° 1818. 

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' De la longa et aspra guerra de* Gothi libri tre; trad, per B. Egio. 

8° Vm. 1544. 

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. See Catullus (Q. V.)... 18® 1587. 

-. See Catullus (C. V.).. C. T. et P. ex recensione J. G. Graevii. 8** 


See Catullus (C. V.), Tibullus et Propertius. Opera. 4° 1702. 

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MogunticB^ 1524. 

See Eusebius (P.). Chronicon. 4° 1483. 

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PRYNNE (William). A true narrative of the popish plot against King 
Charles I. and the portestant religion, as it was discovered by Andreas 
de Habenfeld to Sir Will. Bosvrell, Ambassador at the Hague, and by 
him transmitted to Abp. Laud ; with some historical remarks on the 
Jesuits, and a vindication of the protestant dissenters from disloyalty ; 
also a compleat history of the papists* late presbyterian plot, discovered 
by Mr. Dangerfeld, wherein an account is given of some late transac- 
tions of Sir R. Peyton, fol. Loud. 1680. 

PSALMANAAZAAR (George). Description de Tile de Formosa 
dress^e sur les memoires du Sieur G. Psalmanaazaar, par N. F. D. B. R. 
12° Amst. 1705. 


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PUENTE (LuYS de la)* Meditaciones de los mysterios de nuestra Sancta 
Fe, con la practica de la oracion mental sobre ellos. vol. 1. 4° Vtd' 
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Brandenburgici post primi Borussise regis commentariorum lib. iii. 
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■ De jure naturee et gentium libri octo. 4° Londini Scanorum^ 1672. 

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conus, Phocas, Asper, Donatus, Servius, Sergius, Cledonius, Victorinus, 
Augustinus, Consentius, Alcuinus, Eutyches, Fronto> Anonymus de 
diff. vocum, Vel. Longus, Caper, Scaurus, Agroetius, Cassiodorus (A- 
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. See Sallustius (C.C). Quae extant. 4° 1710. 

. See Sallustius (C. C.\ Opera, &c. 8® 1602. 

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political constitution of the Germanic empire ; translated from the Ger- 
man with notes by S. Dornford. 3 vols. 8° London^ 1790. 

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Aurea verba seu carmina. See Sixtus Philosophus Pythagoricus. 

Enchiridion. 4° 1514. 


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trait6s traduits de T Anglais, le premier de Tassurance contre Y incendie 
par Samuel Marshall, augments par Charles Marshall, et le second de 
I'assurance sur la vie des hommes, traduit du m^me auteur. 8® Paris, 

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mens, &c. 8° 1767. 

. See Anonymous. Physiocratie, ou constitution naturelle du gou- 

vernement, &c. 8° 1768. 


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d'Aniauld. 12® 1695. 
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^es. 4fi Bruxelks, 1881. 
■ et SMITS ^E.). Recherches sur la reproduction et la mortality, de 

rkomme aux differens ages, et sur la population de la Belgique. 8® 

BruxeUes, 1832. 

• Statistique des tribunaux de la Belgique pendant les ann6es 1826- 

30. 4°. BruxeUes, 1833. 
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. Las tres musas ultimas Castellanas. 4° Madridy 1670. 

■ Obras en prosa. 2 vols. 4?** Madrid^ 1658. 
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Sevilia, 1637. 
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oratores antiquis, et quare, concedant See Tacitus (C. C). Opera. 
8« 1619. 

■ ■ [Institutiones oratorise.] 12° JFlor, 1515. 

• L* institutioni oratorie ; tradotte da O. Toscanella ; arricchite della 

dichiarationi dei luochi piii difiicili, della vita dello autore, et d*annota- 
tioni; vita dello autore. 4° Ven. 1566. 

•, De rebus gestis Alexandri Magni, historiarum quotquot super- 

sunt libri ; J. Loccenii indice et notis illustrati. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 12® 
Jena, 1658. 
QUIRINO (Antonio). Advis donne k Testat de Venise; contenant 
les raisons et motifs d'icelle republique, contre les difiicultez propos6es 
par nostre S. Pere Paul V. 8<> 1606. 


RABANUS-MAURUS, Magnentius. See Maurus (R.) Magnentius. 
RABBMSAAC-NATHAN. See Nathan Mardochai. 
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historiam prolusiones, librorum synopses, capitum argumenta, com- 

mentarii. fol. Col. Agrip. 1628. 
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decadence de Th^resie de ce siecle. 4** Par. 1605. 
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plus notables dictions, termes, et phrases de Testat, et de la justice, et 

practique de France, fol. Par. 1583. 
RALEIGH {Sir Walter). See Rawleigh (Sir Walter). 
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See Anonymous. Habes hie, lector, dialogum de fratre Savonarola. 

4° 1521. 
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Basil. 1577. 

See Aristoteles. Politica, &c. 8° 1601. 

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Trente, &c. 8° 1600. 
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Jesu. 8'> Antv. 1636. 


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ciently Peloponnesus. i° Oxford^ 1686. 

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Mexico, Bogota, Natchez and Talomeco in the thirteenth century by 
the Mongols, accompanied with elephants. 8® Lond, 1827- 

■ ■ . Supplement to the conquest of Peru and Mexico by the Moguls 
in the xiii'^ century. 8° Lond. [1831]. 

Continuation of the supplement to the conquest of Peru and 

Mexico by the Moguls in the xiii'**. century. 8® London^ [1834] 
RAOUL-ROCHETTE (D6siRi:). Histoire critique de r^tablissement 

des colonies Grecques. 4 vols. 8® ParU^ 1815. 
. Notice sur les collections numismatiques de M. P. F. J. Gossellin. 

8° Paris, 1830. 
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12° 1804. 
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18° 1619. 
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Reflections on Aristotle's treatise of poesie. 8° Lond, 1674. 

— . See Anonymous. Comparison (a) between the eloquence of De- 
mosthenes and Cicero. 12° 1672. 

— . See Anonymous. Reflexions sur la po^tique de ce temps. 12° 1675. 

— . See Anonymous. Observations sur les poemes d*H. et de V. 12° 


See Anonymous. Comparaison (la) de Demosth^ne et de Cic^ron. 

12° 1676. 

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torali, odae. 2 vols. 18° Lugduni Batavorum^ 1672. 

. The gardens ; translated by J. Evelyn. 8° Lond, 1673. 

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RASK (Rasmus). Raesonneret Lappisk Spragleere. 12° Kohenhavn, 1832. 

RASTELL (William). A coUection of all the statutes (from the be- 
gynning of Magna Carta vnto the yere of our Lorde 1557) whiche 
were before that yere imprinted. 4° Lond, 1559. 

RAVENSHAW (Samuel). Bibliotheca curiosa. 4° ^London, 1689]. 

RAVLENGHIER (Franc). See Raphelengius (F.). 

RA WLEIGH (^iV Walter). History of the world, fol. 

. Remains ; viz. maxims of state ; advice to his son ; his sceptick ; 

observations concerning the causes of the magnificency of cities ; ob- 
servations touching trade and commerce with the Hollander ; the pre- 
rogative of parliaments in England; his letters. 12° Lond, 1664. 
Remains. 12° Lond, 1675. 

RAWLEY (William). The life of Lord Bacon. See Bacon (F.). Re- 

suscitatio, &c. fol. 1671. 
RAWLINSON (Richard). See Anonymous. History (the) of. Sir 

S. Perrott. 8° 1728. 
. See Langlet Dufresnoy (W.). A new method of studying history. 

8° 1728. 
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RAYNAL (GuiLLAUME Thomas). M6moires historiques, militaires et 

politiques de I'Europe depuis I'^levation de Charles V. au throne de 

Tempire jusqu' au trait6 d*Aix-la-Chapelle en 1748. S vob. 12*» 

Aimt 1754. 


RAZZI (SiLVANo). Vite di quattro Huomini Ulustri, Farinata Uberti, 

Gualtieri Duca d'Atene, Salvestro de' Medici, Cosimo il Vecchio, 8° 

Firenze^ 1580. 
REBELLUS (Fernandus). Opus de obligationibus justitiae, religionis 

et caritatis. foL Ltigduniy 1608. 
REBOUL ( — de), Les salmon 6es ; le premier contra les ministres de 

Nismes; le second contre les minbtres de Languedoc. 12° Lyon^ 

RECANATI (Giovambattista). Osservazioni critiche ed apologe- 

tiche sopra il libro del Sig. J. Lenfant, intitolato Poggiana. 8° V&fi. 

RECORDS' COMMISSION. Acts of parliament of Scotland ; vols. 4- 

11 ; printed by command of their Majesties Kings Geo. III. and IV. 
■ Alphabetical (the) index to the statutes of the realm from Magna 

Charta to the end of the reign of Queen Anne. fol. Lond, 1824. 
— — . Ancient (the) calendars and inventories of the Treasury of His 

Majesty's Exchequer, vol. 1. 8** London^ 1836. 

Calendar of the proceedings in Chancery in the reign of Queen 

Elizabeth, to which are prefixed examples of earlier proceedings in that 
court, namely, from the reign of Richard II. to that of Queen Eliza- 
beth inclusive ; from the originals in the Tower. 2 vols. fol. London^ 
1827 and 1830. 

Calendarium inquisitionum post mortem, sive escaetarum. Temp. 

Regum Hen. III. Ed. I. II. (III. Ric. 11. Hen. IV. V. VI. Edw. IV. et 
Ric. III. ; cum appendice de quamplurimis aliis inquisitionibus a regno 
Hen. III. usque ad Jac. I. nuper repertis). 4 vols. fol. Lond. 1806-1828. 
Calendarium rotulorum, chartarum, et inquisitionum ad quod 

damnum, fol. Lond, 1803. 

— . Calendarium rotulorum patentium in turri Londinensi. fol. Lond, 


Chronological (the) index to the statutes of the realm, from Magna 

Charta to the end of the reign of queen Anne. fol. London^ 1828. 

Description of the patent rolls in the Tower of London, by T. D, 

Hardy, F.S.A. 8« London^ 1835. 

Documents and records illustrating the history of Scotland : 

edited by Sir Francis Palgrave, K.H. vol. 1. 8® Lond. 1837. 

Ducatus Lancastriae pars prima ; calendarium inquisitionum post 

mortem et in temporibus Reg. Edwardi 1.; Edw. III.; Ric. II.; Hen. V.; 
Hen. VI.; Edw, IV.; Hen. VII.; Hen. VIII.; Edw. VI. ; Regin. Mar.; 
Phil, et Mar.; Eliz.; Jac. I.; Car. I. Pars 2* a calendar to the 
pleadings of the reigns of Hen. VII. ; Hen. VIII. ; Edw. VI. ; queen 
Mary ; and Phil, and Mary. fol. Lond, 1823. 

Excerpta ^ rotulis finium in turri Londinensi asservatis Henrico 

tertio rege an. 1216-1272; cura C. Roberts. 2 vols. 8** London, 

— . Fines, sive pedes finium ; sive finales concordiaB in curia Domini 
Regis ab an. 7 regis Ricardi I. ad an. 16 Reg. Johannis, A.D. 1195- 
1214, ed. J. Hunter ; vol. 1. in quo continentur comitatus Bedford*, 
Berk', Buck', Cantab,* et Cornub*. 8° Londmi, 1835. 

Libri censualis vocati Domesday-Booke indices ; accessit dissertatio 

genenJis de ratione hujusce libri [in English by Sir H. Ellis], fol. 
London, 1816. [The present is a detached copy of the Introduction only.] 
Magnum rotulum scaccarii vel magnum rotulum pipse de anno 
SI regni Henrici primi (utvidetur); quern plurimi laudarupt pro 


rotulo quinti anni Stephani regis ; nunc primum edidit J. Hunter. 8® 
London^ 1833. 

RECORDS' COMMISSION. Nouarum inquisitiones in curia scaccarii ; 
temp, regis Edwardi III. fol. Lond. 1807* 

• Parliamentary (the) writs and writs of military summons, together 

with records and muniments relating to the suit and service due and 
performed to the king's high court of parliament, and the council of the 
realm, or affording evidence of attendance given at parliaments and 
councils ; collected and edited by F. Palgrave ; (with an appendix). 
3 vols, in 4 pts. fol. London, 1827-1830. 

Placita de quo warranto temporibus Edwardi I., II. et III., in 

curia receptee scaccarii Westm. asservata. fol. [Zo9u/on], 1818. 

Placitorum in domo capitulari Westmonasteriensi asservatorum 
abbreviatio ; temporibus regum Edw. I., Johann., Henr. III., Edw. I., 
Edw. II. fol. Lond. 1811. 

Proceedings of the commissioners for the arrangement and pre- 

servation of the public records of the Kingdom, 1806-1808, so far as 
relates to Scotland, fol. [_London\, 1808. 

— . Proceedings and ordinances of the Privy Council of England ; 
edited by Sir Harris Nicolas. 5 vols. 8° London^ 1834*-5. 

Reports from the commissioners appointed by His Majesty to ex- 

ecute the measures recommended by a select committee of the House 
of Commons respecting the public records of the kingdom ; with an 
account of their proceedings, 1800-1812. fol. Lond,\S\2. 

Reports from the commissioners .... respecting the public reports 

of the kingdom, 1800-1819. 2 vols. fol. London^ 1820. 

Rotulus cancellarii, vel antigraphum magni rotuli pipse, de tertio 
anno regis Johannis. 8° Londony 1833. 

Rotuli curiae regis ; Rolls and records of the court held before 

the king's justiciars or justices ; vol. 1. from the 6th year of Richard I. 
to the accession of John ; vol. 2. the 1st year of John ; edited by Sir 
F. Palgrave. 2 vols. 8*> London, 1835. 

Rotuli de oblatis et finibus in turri Londinensi asservati tempore 

regis Johannis; accurante T. D. Hardy. 8® London, 1835. 

Rotuli hundredorum temp. Hen. III. et Edw. I. in Turr' Lond' 

et in curia receptee scaccarii Westm. asservati. vol. 1 et 2. fol. 
Zowe?. 1812 et 1818. 

Rotuli litterarum paten tium in turri Londinensi asservati ; accu- 

rante T. D. Hardy, vol. 1. pt. 1. fol. London, 1835. 

Rotuli Normanniae in turri Londinensi asservati, Joanne et Hen- 

rico quinto Angliae regibus; accurante T. D. Hardy; vol. 1. de annis 
1200-1205, nee non de anno 1417. 8<^ London, 1835. 

Rotuli select! ad res Anglicas et Hibernicas spectantes ex archivis 

in domo 'Capitulari Westmonasteriensi deprompti ; cura J. Hunteri. 8° 
London, 1834'. 

Rotuli Scotise in turri Londinensi et in domo capitulari West- 

monasteriensi asservati. 2 vols. fol. Lond, 1814> and 1819. 

Rotulorum originalium in curia scaccarii abbreviatio ; temporibus 

regum Hen. III., Edw. L, Edw. II. et Edw. III. 2 vols. fol. Lond, 
1805 et 1810. 

State papers published under the authority of His Majesty's 

Commission, vols. 1-5. Lmid, 1830-36. 

Statutes (the) of the realm, printed by command of His Majesty 

King Geo. III., from original records and authentic manuscripts, vols. 
1-9. fol. Lmd. 1810-1821. 


RECORDS* COMMISSION. Taxatio ecclesiastica Anglise et Wallise 
auctoritate P. Nicholai IV. circa A.D. 1291. fol. Lond. 1802. 

■ Testa de Nevill, sive liber feodorum in curia scaccarii, temp. Hen. 

HI. et Edw. I. fol. Lond. 1807. 

Valor ecclesiasticus, temp. Henr. VIII. auctoritate regia institutus. 

6 vols. fol. Lond. 1810-1835. 

RECORDS' COMMISSION/w- Scotland. Abbreviationis inquisitionum 
specialium ad capellam Domini Regis retornatarum supplementa; ra- 
tione loci et temporis ordine disposita. fol. 

. Registrum magni sigilli regum Scotorum in archivis publieis asscr- 

vatum, A.D. MCCCVL— A.D. MCCCCXXIV. fol. Lond. 1814. 

RECORDS' COMMISSION/or Ireland. Reports from the commission- 
ers appointed by His Majesty to execute the measures recommended in 
an address of the House of Commons respecting the public records 
of Ireland. With supplements and appendixes, 1810-1815. fol. 
London, 1813-1815. 

REDI (Francesco). Bacco in Toscana; con le annotazioni. 4° Fi- 
renze, 1685. 

REES (Abraham). A sermon preached upon the death of Dr. A. 
Kippis. 8« Lond. 1795. 

REGINON, Monachus Prumiensis, Annales non tam de Augustorum 
vitis quam aliorum Germanorum gestis et docte et compendiose disse- 
rentes, ante sexingentos fere annos editi. fol. Mogunt. 1521. 

REGISTRUM omnium brevium. fol. Lond. 1553. 

REGIUS (Ralph.). Epistolae Plinii quae libri naturalis historiae T. Ves- 
pasiano dedicantur, enarrationes ; ejusdem de quatuor Persii locis, uno 
Valerii Maximi, duobus Tullii de ofHciis, &c. ; ejusdem de quibusdam 
Quintiliani locis, &c. 4?° Ven. 14'90. 

REGIUS (LuDovicus). See Roy (L. le). 

REGIUS (Urbanus). Vom hochwurdigen Sacrament des Altars, un- 
derricht was man auss hayliger geschryfft wissen mag. 4?" Augspurg, 

REGNIER de la PLANCHE (Louis). See Anonymous. Histoire de 
IVstat de France, &c. 8** 1576. 

REID (Thomas). Memoirs. See Stewart (D.). Biographical me- 
moirs, &c. 4*» 1811. 

REINESIUS (Thomas). Syntagma inscriptionum antiquarum ; quarum 
omissa est recensio in J. Gruteri opera cujus istl^oc dici possit supple- 
mentum. fol. Lipsicc et Franco/. 1682. 

RELFENDSO (Jo. V. V.). De summa principum Germanicorum potes- 
tate. 12« 1669. 

REMIGIO (M.). Orationi in materia civile e criminale. 4° Ven. 1561. 

r6MOND (Florimond de). See Raemond (F. de). ^ 

REMUS (Joannes Wilkenius). Laurus victoriae et oliva pacis, Alex- 
andre Prime, Francisco Secundo, Guilielmo Tertio; decem odis de- 
dicatee. 4° Leodii, 1814. 

R^MUSAT (Jean-Pierre-Abel de). See Abel-Remusat (J. P.). 

RENIGERUS (Mich.). Syntagma hortationum ad regem Jacobum 
primum. 8<^ Lond. 1604. 

RENNELL (James). Illustrations (chiefly geographical) of the history 
of the Expedition of Cyrus from Sardis to Babylonia ; and the Retreat 
of the Ten thousand from thence to Trebisonde and Lydia ; with an 
appendix on the best method of improving the geography of the Ana- 
basis. 4'' Lond. 1816. 

RESENIUS (Petrus Joannes). Canuti II. cognomento Magni, jus 


aulicum antiquum Danicum« See Dolmerus (J.). Jus aulicum anti- 
quum Norvagicum. 4® 1673. 
RESENIUS (Petrus Joannes). Inscriptiones Haffnienses Latinse, 
Danicae, et Germanicae, una cum inscriptionibus Amagriensibus, Urani- 
burgicis et Stellaeburgicis, nee non duabus epistolis, una Tychonis, altera 
Sophiae Brahe, quas collegit P. J. R. 4"° HaffnicCy 1668. 
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Ilcbraicae libri tres. 4>° HagenotSy 1518. 

. Dc arte cabalistica libri tres, Leoni X. dicati. fol. Hagenau, 1517* 

II Defensio contra calumniatores suos Colonienses. 4^ TuhingcBy 1513. 

• Der K. M. als Ertzhertzogen zu Osterreich auch Churfursten und 

FUrsten gemainen Bundtrichtera inn Schwaben warhafllige entschuldi- 
gung gegen und wider ains getaufiten Juden genant Pfefferkom, Augen- 
spiegel. 4®. 

De rudimentis Hebraicis. fol. PhorccBy 1506. 
De verbo mirifico. fol. [^Tubingce, 1514;2» 
In septem psalmos poenitentiales Hebraicos interpretatio de verbo 
ad verbum, et super eisdem commentarioli sui ad discendam linguam 
Hebraicam ex rudimentis. S° Tubinga, 1512. 
— . Liber congestorum de arte praedicandi. 4* PhorccBy 1504. 

Scenica progymnasmata, hoc est ludicra pre-exercitamenta. 4° 

Liptzyky 1515. 

See Hochstraten (J.). Acta judiciorum, &c. 4** 1518. 

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Hebraicarum capita, fol. 1557. 
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Ionian antiquities, fol. 1769. 
REYES (Matias de los). Para algunos. 4<> Madrid, 1640. [Ut 

opponeret ambitioso Joannis Perezii Montalbani alterius libri titulo 

* Para todos (varias lectionis liber) ; Antonio.*] 
REYNERUS (Clemens). Apostolatus Benedictinorum in Anglia, sive 

disceptatio historica de antiquitate ordinis, congregationisque monacho- 

rum nigrorum Sancti Benedicti in regno Angliaa ; [with appendix]. 2 

pts. in 1 vol. fol. Duaci, 1626. 
REYRAC (FRAN901S-PHILIPPE DuLAURENs de). Hynme au Soleil. 

8° Paris, 1783. 
REZENDE (Andre de). Vidado Infante Dom Duarte. 4® Lisboa, 1789. 
REZENDE (Marques de). Elogio historico de Don Pedro. 8® Lisboa, 

RHiESUS (Joannes David). Cambro Brytannicae Cymraecaeve lin- 
guae institutiones et rudimenta cum exacta carmina Cymraeca conden- 

di ratione. fol. Lond. 1592. 
RHAW (Georg.). Hortulus animae ; Lustgarten der Seelen. 4° Wit" 

tenberg, 1558. 
RHEINHOLT (Erasmus). Oratio in promotione magistrorum. 8^ 

Viteb. 1541. 
RHESE (John David). See Rhaesus (J. D.). 
RHODIGINUS (Ccelius Richeri). See Erasmus (D.). Adagiomm 

chiliades. fol. 1617. 

. See Ovidius (P. N.). Metamorphoseon lib. v. fol. 1549. 

. fol. 1556. 

RHODIGINUS (LuDOvicus Ccelius), See Virgilius (P. M.), Uni- 

versum poema. fol. 1562. 


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dignitatum cum orientis, turn occidentis. fol. 1608. 

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de Inglaterra. 12° JSmaeres, 159^, 

. Trattato della religione e virtuti che deve haver il prineipe chri- 

stiano, per governare, e conservare i suoi stati. 8° Brescia^ 1599. 

Vida del Padre Ignacio de Loyola fundador de la religion de la 

Compania de Jesus. 8° Madrid^ 1584. 
RIBEYRO (Bernaldim). Indice cronologico remissivo da legisla^ao 

Portugueza posterior a publica^ao do codigo Filippino, com hum appen- 

dice. 2 vols. 4® Lisboa^ 1805. 

• Historia de Menina e Mo^a. 8° Lixboa, 1559. 

RIBIER (Guillaume). Lettres et m^moires d'estat, des roys, princes, 

ambassadeurs, et autres ministres, sous les rdgnes de Fran9ois premier, 

Henry II. et Francois II. 2 vols. fol. Parlsy 1666. 
RICARDI, feu CAIILI (Francesco). Abrege de la vrale m^thode de 

lire TH^breu. 12« Gines. 
. Compementi e traduzioni della parte Greca e geroglifice delle 

Pietro de Rossetti. 12° Gmev. 1833. 

Ei^plication d'un stele ou bas-relief rapport6 dans T Anthologie de 

Florence (Juin 1826), et version metrique Italienne des trente-et-un 
premiers chapitres du prophete Isa'ie. 12° GeneSy 1827. 

Observations critiques sur le systeme hieroglyphique des anciens 

Egyptiens de M. ChampoUion. 12° Genes, 1826. 

Replique au livre : La fronde de David ; ou Tanciennete et Tau- 

thenticite des apices et la nouveaut6 des points masoretiques dans le 
texte H6breu ; 2°^« lettre. 12° Genes, 1824. 

See Anonymous. Explication exacte et complete du Sothiaque 

dynastique, &c. 12° 1826. 

Explication et version du xxxi. Chap, d* Isa'ie. 12°. 

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RICCI (Matth^us). See Trigiiutius (N.). De Christiana expeditione 
apud Sinas. 4° 1615. 

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RICE (John David). See Rhaesus (J. D.). 

RlCliKRV> III ^ King of England, Life. See Buck (G.). The history 
of the life, &c fol. 1647. 

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marques sur le dictionnaire. 3 2 vols. 4° Geneve, 1679 and 1680. 

RICHELIEU, Cardinal, Due de. Testament politique. 2 vols. 12° Amsf. 

RICHEOME (LouYs). La saincte messe declaree et defendue contre 

les erreurs sacramentaires de nostre temps, ramassez au livre de Tlnsti* 

tution de FEucharistie de Du Plessis. 2 vols. 8° Arras, 1601. 

. Le pelerin de Lorete. 8° Lyon, 1607. 

. L'idolatrie Huguenote figur^e au patron de la vieille payenne. 8^ 

Lym, 1608. 

Jrois discours pour la religion catholique, les miracles, les saincts> 

les images. 12° Bourdeaux, 1599. 
RICHER (Edmund). See Anonymous. Ecclesiastica (de) et politica 

potestate. 12° 1612. 
RICHERI (CcELius). Rhodiginus. See Rhodiginus (C. R.). 
EIGALTIUS (NicoLAUs), Laurus; purpura. 8° Augustoriti PicUh 

num^ 1696. 



RIGAULT (Nicolas). See Rigaltius (N.). 

RIMPACH (Danielo). Pronostico divino e famosissima interpreta- 
tione delle miraculose prodigione le quale nuovamente sono apparse, 
mentre che ncl Concilio Constantinensi circa la utilita del sacrato Im- 
perio si consultava. 4^ 

RIPA (Cesare). Iconologia. 8° Mila^w, 1602. 

. 4° Padova, 1611. 

RITTERSHUSIUS (Conradus). See Oppianus. De venatione, &c. 8° 


RIVAROL (Antoine de). See Anonymous. Lettre a M^ le Presi- 
dent de *** sur la machine aerostatique. 8° 1783. 

RIVIUS (Joannes). Liber primus de primis grammaticse rudimentis 
(2^ de declinationibus ; 3"" de generibus nominum ; 4"" de praeteritis 
et supinis ; 5^ de speciebus et figuris nominis, &c. ; 6^ de syntaxi par- 
tium orationis ; 7"* de quantitate syllabarum ; 8"" in copiam verborum). 
8 pts. in 1 vol. 8° Auff, Vind, 

. See Sallustius (C. C). Quae extant 4° 1710. 

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ROBERT de Torigni. See Sigebertus Gemblacensis, Chronicon. 4° 1513. 

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finium. 8° 1835. 

ROBERTSON (William). An index, drawn up about the year 1629, 
of many records of charters granted by the sovereigns of Scotland be- 
tween 1309 and 1413, most of which have been long missing ; with an 
introduction, giving a state, founded on authentic documents still pre- 
served, of the ancient records of Scotland, which were in that kingdom 
in the year 1292. 4° Edinb. 1798. 

. Memoirs. See Stewart (D.). Biographical memoirs. 4° 1811. 

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4° 1513. 

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duodecim patriarcharum filiorum Jacob, &c. 4°. 

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elevations and internal views of the apartments, fol. Lond. 1827. 

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Max. in splendidiorem, commodioremque locum translata, commentario 
illustrata. 4° RomcBy 1591. 

ROCHEFORT, Comte de [or rather SANDRAS de COURTILZ]. 
See Anonymous. M6moires de M'. L. C. D. R., &c. 8** 1687. 

ROCHEFOUCAULT (Francois). See Anonymous. M6moires, &c. 
12° 1669. 

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side L. Pinello. 4° Ingolstadii, 1581. 

ROCHESTER (John), Bishop of. See Fisher (J.). 

ROCHESTER (John Buckeridge), Bishop of. See Buckeridge (J.). 
Epis. Roffensis. 

RODEZ, Bishop of. See Per§fix6 (H. de B. de). 

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fol. Papie, 1490. 

RODOLPHINUS (Ludovicus). Opera diversa. In primo libro, trac- 
tatus tres ; primus de absoluta principis potestate : secundus de brachio 
seculari et ecclesiastico implorando : tertius de modo viven. dieb. qua- 
drag., et votum unicum ; in secundo vero libro, heec sunt, videlicet, qu«- 


stiones, tractatus quibus mod. ordinar. efficia. delegat. et conclusiones 

diversae. 4<> Ven. 1606. 
RODOLPHUS (Gerardus). De litteris canonicis. 8« Colon. 1582. 
RODRIGUEZ (Jean). £16mens de la grammaire Japonaise traduits du 

Portugais sur le MS. de la Bibliothdque du Roi, et colIationn6s avec la 

grammaire pub1i6 a Nagasaki en 1604 par C. Landresse, pr6c6d^ d'une 

explication des syllabaires Japonais par Abel-Remusat. 8® Paris, 1825. 
RODRIGUEZ Bishop of Zamora, See Rodericus Epis. Zamorensis. 
RODULPHUS (Laurentius Tenninus). Practica et theorica eorum, 

quae in jure frequenter contingunt ; sive consiliorum, cautionumve 

tractatus. fol. Ven, 1588. 
ROEDERUS (Joannes Paulus). M emoria Ebneriana ; h. e. vita et 

facta viri perillustris ac generosissimi domini H. G. Ebner. fol. iVb- 

rimb, 1753. 
ROGER ( — ). Recherches philosophiques sur la langue Ouolofe, suivies 

d'un vocabulaire abr^g6 Fran9ai8-Ouolof. 8° Paris, 1829. 
ROGERS (Charles). A collection of prints in imitation of drawings, 

with lives of their authors and explanatory notes. 2 vols. fol. LoncUmy 

ROGET (P. M.). Description of a method of moving the knight over 

every square of the chess-board without going twice over any one. 8° 

London, 1840. 
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de requete introductive au Parlement par le Cardinal de Rohan. 4?° 

[JPam], 1786. 
. Memoirs ; Englished by G. Bridges [to which are added divers 

politique discourses of the Duke]. 2 vols. 8° London, 1660. 
ROJAS (Francisco de). Cada qual lo que le toca; comedia famosa. 4?°. 

. Donde ay agravios no ay zelos ; comedia. 4°. 

. Peligrar en los remedies ; comedia. 4°. 

ROJAS (Joannes a). Singularia juris in favorem fidei hseresisque 

detestationem ; cum annotationibus F. Pegnae ; adiectis quaestionibus xxv 

coram judicibus fisci sanctae inquisitionis controverti solitis ; autore G. a 

Quemada. 3 pts. in 1 vol. 4° Venetiis, 1583. 
ROJAS (Pedro de). Discursos illustres, historicos, i genealogicos. 4?^ 

Toledo, 1636. 
ROLANDUS (Martinus). Testimonia S. Patrum, quibus explicatur 

quaestio, an mali et indigni sumant verum corpus et sanguinem Christ! 

in Eucharistia ? coUecta fidelissime. 4?° Tid)ing(B, 1561: 
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omnes, &c. 4° 1477. 
ROLLE (Henry). Les reports de divers cases en le court del* banke le 

roy en le temps del* reign du roy Jacques, fol. Lond. 1675. 
ROLLI (Paolo). Disamina del parere di Voltaire sulla poesia epica. 

8" Napoli, 1779. 
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. Bibliotheca ornatissima ; or a catalogue of excellent books. 4° 

\_London, 1692]. 
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libros. 2 vols. fol. Med, del Camp, 1575. 
ROMANCERO General ; en que se contienen todos los romances que 

andan impresses. Aora nueuamente anadido, y emendado por Pedro 

Flores. 4° Madrid, 1614. 
ROMEI (Annibale). Discorsi; divisi in sette giornate, 8° Ven, 1594. 


RORARIUS (Gboroius). Enarratio 53 capitis Esaiae Prophetse ex 
praelectionibus M. Lutheri collecta. 8° Moffdeburgiy 1550. 

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ROSCOE (Thomas). See Dolby (T.). The literary cyclopaedia, &c. 8*» 1834. 

ROSS (Alexander). Mystagogus poeticus ; or the Muse's interpreter ; 
explaining the historical mysteries, and mystical histories of the ancient 
Greek and Latin poets. 8° London^ 1672. 

ROSSI TBoNA VENTURA). Scc Rubcus (B.). 

ROSSI (GiovAN Vittore). See Erythraeus (J. N.). 

ROSSI (GiROLAMo). See Rubeus (H.). 

ROSSI (Giuseppe de). See Rubeis (J. de). 

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bolica. 4° Brescia^ 1616. 

ROSSO (Paulo del). La fisica. 8« Pariffi, 1578. 

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Sprache. 8® Dantzig, 1646. 

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catholicorum in Hibernia. 8° 1617. 

ROUGIER-LABERGERIE (J. B.). Essai politique et philosophique 
sur le commerce et la paix, consider 6s sous leurs rapports avec V agri- 
culture. 8«» Par. 1797. 

ROUS (Francis). Archeeologias Atticse lib. vii ; Seven books of the 
Attick antiquities ; with an addition of their custom in marriages, bu- 
rials, feastinss, divinations, &c. ; by Z. Bogan. 4° Oxford, 1658. 

ROUSSIER (Pierre Joseph). M6moire sur la musique des anciens. 
4° Paris, 1770. 

ROVERE (Francesco Maria della). Vita. See Leoni (G. B.). Vita 
di, &c. 4° 1605. 

ROWLEY (Thomas). Poems supposed to have been written at Bristol 
in the fifteenth century ; with a commentary in which the antiquity of 
them is defended, by J. Milles. 4° Lond. 1782. 

ROY (Loys k). De la vicissitude ou vari6t6 des choses en V univers, et 
concurrence des armes et des lettres par les premieres et plus illustres 
nations du monde. fol. Paris^ 1577. 

ROY (William). The military antiquities of the Romans in Great Bri- 
tain, fol. London, 1793. 

ROYER-COLLARD (P.). See Anonymous. Lettres sur la cour de la 
Chancellerie. 8° 1830. 

ROXAS (Francisco de). No ay dicha ni desdicha hasta la miierte; co- 
media famosa. 4°. 

. La confusion de fortuna ; comedia famosa. 4°. 

RUARUS (Martinus). Epistolae selectee. 12<> Amsiel. 1677. 

. Epist. cent, alterse. 12® Amstel. 1681. 

. See Crellius (J.). Catechesis Ecclesiarum Polonicarum. 12** 1659. 

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RomcB, 1619. 

RUBEUS ^BoN A Ventura). Epigrammaton liber. 4** JBonon. 1680. 

RUBEUS (Hieronymus). Historiarura Ravennatum libri decern ; hac 
altera editione libro undecimo aucti. fol. Ven. 1590. 

. Historiarum Ravennatum libri decem. fol. Ven. 1589. 

RUBIS (Claude de). Les privileges, &c. de Lyon. See Paradin (G.). 

Memoires de Thistoire de Lyon. fol. 1573. 
RUDBECKIUS (Olavus). Atlantica, sive Manheim, vera Japheti po- 
sterorum sedes ac patria; Su^ed. et Lot. vol. 1. fol. Vjpscdits. 


RUDBECKIUS (Olavus). Adantica Atlas, fol. sine anno. 

RUDDIMAN (Thomas). Life. See Chalmere (G.). The life of T. Rud- 
diman. 8<> 119^. 

RtJDGE (James). Lectures on the Book of Genesis. 2 vob. 8^ Lon- 
don, 1823. 

RUESTA (Jayms de)* Desengano del mundo por donde consta la re- 
verencia que se deve ala majestad del rey catholico, y el amor, y caridad 
Christiana a sus Espaiioles, y otros subditos. 8^ Barcelona^ 1610. 

RUFINUS ( — ). De metris comicis. See Priscianus. De octo partibus 
orationis. foL 1470. 

RUFO (Juan). La Austria. S^ Akala, 1586. 

RUGGLE (Geo.). Ignoramus ; comoedia. 18° Lond. 1658. 

RUIZ DE PADRON (Antonio Joseph). The speech spoken in the 
sitting (of the Cortes) of Jan. 18th, 1813, relative to the Inquisition ; [to 
which is united] Bread and bulls, an oration on the flourishing state 
of Spain in the reign of Charles IV. ; by G. de Jovellanos. 4*> Prinled 
on board His Majesty's ship Caledonia, off Totdon, 1813. 

RUPERTUS, Abbas Tuiciensis. Opus de victoria Verbi Dei in tredecim 
libros di visum, fol. Augttst, 14*87* 

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Ven. 1581. 

, Del modo di comporre in versi, nella lingua Italiana. 8° Ven. 1582. 

, I fiori delle rime de' poeti illustri, nuovamente raccolti. 18° Ven. 


Le imprese illustri ; aggiuntovi il iv. libro da V. Ruscelli, 2 pts. 

in 1 vol. 4° Ven. 1584?. 
— . Le imprese illustri, con espositioni et discorsi. 4° Ven. 1566. 
Supplemento alle istorie di Giovio. See Giovio (P.). Delle istorie 

del suo tempo tradotte da L. Domenichi, parte 1. (et 2.), &c. 4° 1572. 
Tre discorsi ; uno intorno al Decamerone del Boccaccio ; V altro 

alFosservationi della lingua volgare ; et il terzo alia tradottione dell' O- 
vidio. 4*^ Ven. 1553. 

Vocabolario generale di tutte le voci usate dal Boccaccio. See 

Boccaccio (G.). Decamerone. 4° 1552. 

— -. See Ariosto (L.). Orlando furioso. 4** 1556. 

Discorso. SeeCollenucio(P.).Compendio delle historic, &c.8® 1552. 

RUSCELLI (Jeronimo). See Ariosto (L.). Orlando furioso, &c 4° 1587. 
RUSCELLI (ViNCENzo). See Ruscelli (G.). Le imprese illustri. 4*» 1584. 
RUSH WORTH (John). Historical collections beginning anno 1618 

and ending anno 1629 ; [with an appendix]. 2 pts. in 1 vol. fol. 

Lond. 1659. 
RUSIUS (Laurentius). See Ruzo (L.). 
RUSS (Wolfgang). Ein guete niitzliche Predig von dem rechten 

guten glauben auf das Evangellum. 4® Ulm, 1 523. 
RUYTER (Michel de). Vie. See Anonymous. Vie (la) et les actions 

m6morables de, &c. 12° 1777. 
RUYZ (Pedro), Tractate muy util y curioso para saber bien rezar el 

Officio Romano. 4° Toledo, 1584. 
RUZANTE (Angelo Beolio). Tutte le opere. 3 pts. 18° [ Vene- 

zia,'] 1584. 
RYC AUT (Paul). The present state of the Ottoman empire ; containing 

the maxims of Turkish politic ; the most material points of Mahometan 

religion ; their military discipline, with an exact computation of their 

forces, fol. Lond. 1670. 


RYLEY (William), and DETHICK (H.). The visitatioD of Middle- 
sex, begun in the year 1663. fol. Lond. 1820. 

IIYMER (Thomas). A short view of tragedy ; its original excellency 
and corruption ; with some reflections on Shakespear and other practi- 
tioners of the stage. 8** Lond. 1693. 

. The tragedies of the last age considered and examined by the prac- 
tice of the ancients and by the common sense of all ages. 8^ Lond. 
167 S. 

Foedera, conventiones, literae, et cujuscunque generis acta publica 
inter reges Angliae et alios, ab anno 1101 ad nostra usque tempora; 
[vols. 16-20 by R. Sanderson]. 20 vols. fol. London, 1704^-35. 

See Anonymous. Letters (1 and 2) to the R*. R**.the Lord Bishop 

of Carlisle. 8° 1702. 

et SANDERSON (R.). Foedera, conventiones, litterae, et 

cujuscunque generis acta publica inter reges Angliae et alios quosvis 
imperatores, reges, &c. ab ingressu Gulielmi I. in Angliam ad nostra 
usque tempora habita aut tractata ; primum in lucem missa de mandato 
Annae reginse ; denuo aucta et multis locis emendata jussu regis Georgii 
tertii ; accurantibus A. Clarke, (J. Caley,) et F. Holbrooke, vols. 1.-111. 
in 6 pts. fol. Lond. 1816-1830. 


SAA de MIRANDA (Francisco). Obras. 24° Lisboa, 1651. 
SAADI Moslish-eddin. Persianischer Rosenthal [Giilustan ubersetzt 

durch Olearius] ; mit notis. fol. Schlesziciff, 1660. 
SAAVEDRA-FAXARDO (Diego). Corona Gothica Castellana y 

Austriaca politicamente illustrada. 4° Munster, 1646. 
. Idea de un principe politico christiano, representado en cien em- 

presas. 4° Madrid, 1675. 

Idea principis christiano-politici 101 symbolis expressa. 12° Amst. 

SABBADINO degli ARIENTI (Giovanni). [Settanta novelle.] fol. 

Bohgna, 1483. 
SABELLICO (Marc'Antonio). De I'antichita d'Aquileia e del sito 

di Vinegia. See Biondo (F.). Roma ristaurata, &c. 8° 1558. 
SABELLICUS (Marcus Antonius Cocceius). Enneades ab orbe 
condito ad inclinationem Romani imperii, fol. Ven. 1498. 

. Secunda pars Enneadum ab inclinatione Romani imperii usque ad 

annum MD.IIII. ; cum epitome omnium librorum et indice litterarum 
ordine digesto. fol. Ven, 1504. 

. • Exemplorum libri decem. fol. Par. 1509. 

See Suetonius (C.T.)... fol. 1490. 

See Suetonius (C. T.). Caesarum XII libri. 8« 1548. 

See Suetonius (C. T.). De XII Caesaribus lib. viii. fol. 1610. 

SABINE (Edward). The North Georgia gazette and winter chronicle. 

4° Lond. 1821. 
SABINUS (Georgius). De Caesaribus Germanicis. See Anonymous. 

Catalogus Romanorum Imperatorum. 8° 1543. 
SACY (SiLVESTRE de). Extraits d'un livre des Ismaelis de Syrie pour 

faire suite au memoirc sur les Ismaelis et les Nosairis de Syrie par M. 

Rousseau ; (tire du 52 cahier des Annales des voyages). 8° Paris. 
. Memoire sur 1' etat actuel des Samaritains ; (extrait du 52 cahier 

des Annales des voyages). 8° Paris, 1812. 



SACY (SiLVESTRS de). Memoire sur une Correspondence ineditc entre 
TamerlaH et le roi de France Charles VL 8° JPam, 1812. 

SADEEL ( Antonius ). De vera peccatorum remissione adversus 
humanas satisfactiones et commentitium Ecclesis Romanae Purgato- 
rium, disputatio. 8° Morgiis, 1582. 

• Locus de unico Christi sacerdotio et sacrificio, adversus commen- 
titium missae sacrificium. 8^ Geneva, 1581. 

Locus de verbo Dei scripto adversus humanas traditiones. 8** Mor^ 

giisy 1582. 
SADEEL [Chandieu la Roche] (Antonius). Meditationes in Psal- 

mum XXXII. 8° LausanrKB, 1578. 
SAGE (G. B.). Petition au ministre de X int^rieur. 8« Parisy 1818. 
SAINTCROSSE (John). See Sancrucius (J.). 
SAINT-DAVID'S, (William) Bislwp of. See Lyndwood (G.). 
SAJNOVICS (Joannes). Demonstratio idioma Ungarorum et Lappo- 

num idem esse. fol. Tymavicc, 1770. 
SALAS BARBADILLO (Alonso Geronymo de). El cavallero pun- 

tual. 12^ Madrid, 1616. 

. Segunda parte del cavallero puntual. 8® Madrid, 1619. 

. Don Diego de noche. 8° Madrid, 1623. 

. El cavallero perfecto. 8'' Madrid, 1620. 

SALISBURY, (Robert Abbott) Bish. of. See Abbottus (R.), Bis. 

of Sal. 
SALISBURY, (Gilbert Burnet) Bis/iop of See Burnet (G.), Bishop 

of Salisbury. 
SALISBURY, (John) Bishop of. See Juellus (J.), Epis. Sarisburiensis. 
SALLIER (Claude). See Anonymous. Catalogue des livres imprimis 

de la B. du R. — Th^ologie. fol. 1739, &c. 
. See Anonymous, Catalogue des livres imprimis de la B. du R.— 

•Belles Lettres. fol. 175a 
SALLUSTIUS (Caius Crispus). Conjuratio CatilinaB et bellum Ju- 

gurthinum ; Portii Latronis declamatio in Catilinam, cum scholiis A. 

Manutii et C. A. Popma. 12*» Aniv. 1581. 
. Conjuratio Catilinae et bellum Jugurthinum ; fragmenta ejusdem 

historiarum ab Aldo Manutio collecta ; scholia A. Manutii. 8^ Taurini, 


[Opera.] 18° Amstel. 1621. 

Opera omnia quae exstant ; Putschius correxit et notas addidit ; 

adjectSB Ciacconii notee. 8° Lugd. Bat. 1602. 

Pomponii epistola ad A. Mapheum; bellum Catilinarium, cum 

commento Laurentii Vallensis ; Portii Latronis declamatio contra L. Ca- 
tilinam; Bellum Jugurthinum; varise orationes ex libris historiarum 
excerptae ; Sallustii vita. 4° Lugd. 1496. 

Quae extant cum notis Glareani, Rivii, Ciacconii, Gruteri, Casti- 

lionei, C. et A. Popmae, Palmerii, Carrionis, Manutii, Putschii, Dousae, 
Ursini, J. F. Gronovii, Victorii, &c. ; accedunt Julius Exsuperantius, 
Porcius Latro, et fragmenta historicorum vett. ; recensuit, notas perpe- 
tuas, et indices adjecit J. Wasse ; praemittitur Sallustii vita, auctore J. 
Clerico. 2 pts, in 1 voL 4« Cantab. 1710. 

The two most worthy and notable histories which remaine un- 

maimed to posterity (viz.) : the conspiracie of Cateline undertaken 
against the government of the senate of Rome, and the warre which 
Jugurth for many yeares maintained against the same state ; translated 
by T. Hey wood. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4« Lond. 1608-9. 


SALLUSTIUS (Caius Crispus). Tradotta da P, Spinola. 8° Ven. 1564. 

. Per A, Ortica dclla Porta tradotto. 8° Ven. 15S1. 

Per L. Carani tradotta. 8° Fiar. 1550. 
Per Agostino Ortica. 8° Ven, 1545. 
SALMASIUS (Claudius), See Tatius(A.). De Clitophontis et Leu- 

cippes amoribus. 12° 1640. 
SALOMON King of Israel. Cantica Canticorum et Ecdesiastes para- 
phrasticus Chaldalco idiomatc conscripti, et ex Chaldaea lingua in La- 
tinam versi per E. O. Schreckhenfuchsium. 8° Basil, 1553. 

Proverbia juxta Hebraicam veritatem per P. Melanchthonum red- 
dita. S° Norimb. 1532. 

— . Willeramus Abbas. In Canticum Canticorum paraphrasls gemina; 
prior rhythmis Latinis, altera veteri lingua Francica ; addita explicatio, 
lingua Belgica, et notoB ; edente P. Merula. 8° Lugd. Bat. 1598. 

King of Jerusalem. The book of wisdom ; translated from the Latin 
vulgate by L. Howard. 8° Lond. 1827. 
SALT (Henry). Essay on Dr. Young's and M. Champollion's phonetic 

system of hieroglyphics ; with some additional discoveries. 8° Lond. 
SALVIATI (LioNARDo). Cinque lezzioni; ciod due della Speranza, 

una della Felicita, e Taitre due sopra varie materie. 4° Firemey 1575. 
. De* dialoghi d' amicizia libro primo. 8° Firenze^ 1564. 

. II granchio; comraedia. 8° Firenze, 1566. 

— . II prirao libro delle orazioni. 4° Firenze, 1575. 

. Discorso, &c. See Tacitus (C. C). Gli annali, &c. 4° 1582. 

. Discorso sopra le prime parole di Comelio Tacito. See Tacitus 

(C. C). Gli annali. 4° 1589. 
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libertorum Livise Augustae. fol. 1727. 
SALVINIUS (Antonius Maria). See Gorius (A. F.). Inscriptionum 

antiquaiTim Grs&carum et Romanarum, &c. fol. 1727. 
SAMBUCUS (Joannes). Emblemata et aliquot nummL 12® Aniv. 1576. 
SAMONICUS (Serenus). Ex quinto libro rerum reconditarum. See 

Probus (V.). De interpretandis Ilomanorum litteris, &c 4° 1499. 
SAMOS, (Jos. Georgirenes) Archbishop of. See Georgirenes (J.) 

Archb. of Samos. 
SAMUEL Bishop of Carlisle. A sermon preached before the Lords in 

the Abbey Church, Westminster, on Wednesday 8 Feb. 1809» being the 

day appointed for a general fast. 4° London, 1809. 
SANCHEZ POUTOCARRERO (Diego). Antiguedad del noble y 

muy leal Seiiorio de Molino, titulo de los Reyes de Cafitilla ; con la lista 

real de los principes y reyes, sus senores. 8° Madrid^ 1641. 
SANCHEZ DE AREVALO (Rodriguez), See Rodericus, Epis. Za- 

SANCHEZ (Francisco). See Sanctiu« (F. B.^. 
SANCIUS de AREVALO(Rodericus). See Roaericus, Ep]S.Zamorensis. 
SAN-CRUCIUS (Joannes). Dialectica ad mentem Joannes Scoti, 

doctoris subtilis Angli, 12° Lond. 1673. 
SANCTI BARTOLI (Petrus). Columna Antoniniana anaglyphice 

insculpta, nunc priraum sere incisa et in lucem edita, cum notis excerp- 

tis ex declaration ibus J. P. Bellorii. obi. fol. JRoma, 
SANCTIUS (Franciscus) Brocensis, See Ovidius (P. N.), Ex meta- 

morphosewn libris xv. electorum libri totidem. foL 1618. 
SANCTO AUDOMARO (Petrus a). See Audomaro (P. a Sancto). 


SANCTO GEORGIO (Benvenutus de)eide BLANDRATE ComiH- 

bus* De origine Guelphorum et Gibellinorum, quibus olim Germania, 

nunc Italia exardet, libellus eruditus. 4^ BtmL 1519. 
SANCTO GEORGIO (Joannes Antonius). Super usibuB feudorum 

commentaria. fol. Papta, 1497. 
SANCTO-GEORGIO (Jacobinus de). Tractatus feudorum et homa- 

giorum. fol. Mediolaniy 1503* 
SANCTO^GERMANO (Christopher de). Dialogus de fundamentis 

legum Angliae. 12^ [_London\y 1604. 
SANCTO-GEMINIANO (Nbllus de). See Nellus de Sancto-Gemi- 

SANDERSON (Robert) Bishop of Lincoln. Eight cases of conscience 

determined. 8° Lond. 1674. 
SANDERSON (Robertus). See Rymer (T.) et Sanderson (R.). Fcb- 

dera. fol. 1816. 

See Rvmer (T.). Foedera, &c. [vols. 16-20.] fol. 1704, &c. 

SANDEUS (Felinus). Admiranda commentaria super elegant! 

titulo de iureiurando. fol. PapuB, 1498. 

. Aurea commentaria in titulo de judiciis. fol. Mediolani, 14!9S. 

. Aurea commentaria in titulo de probationibus, de testibus, de testi- 

bus cogen. et de presumptionibus. fol. Pttpia, 1497* 

Compendiosum opus super titulo de rescriptis et nonnullis aliis. 

foL PapitBy 1495. 

— . (De constitutionibus.) fol. PapicB^ 1496. 

De exceptionibus, de prescriptionibus, de re iudicata, de appella- 

tionibus. fol. Papice, 1496. 

In quinque libros decretalium commentaria cum additameniis et 

postillis variis. 3 vols. fol. Lugduni^ 1540. 

Lectura peregrina et optime digesta super titulo de accusationibus 

cum aliis titulis sequentibus. fol. Mediolaniy 1498. 

Singularis ac peru tills lectura super titulo de fide instrumentorum. 

fol. Papi(B, 1497. 

Super titulo de sponsalibus. 4°. 

Utilissima lectura de officio et potestate judicis delegati. 4°. 

SANDIUS (Christoph.). Appendix addendorum, confirmandorum et 
emendandorum ad nucleum historiae ecclesiasticae ; adduntur tres epi* 
stolae; prima, autoris ad S. Gardinerum ; secunda, Gardineri responsoria; 
tertia, authoris. 4° Colonics^ 1678. 

. Bibliotheca anti-trinitariorum, quae compendium historiae eccle- 
siastical unitariorum exhibet 12° JFreistadiiy 1684. 

Interpretationes paradoxae quatuor Evangeliorum ; quibus affixa 

est dissertatio de Verbo, una cum appendice. 8® Cosmopoli [^Amsfer" 

dam2, 1670. 

— . Notae et animadversiones in G. J. Vossii libros tres de historicis 

Latinis, 12° Amstel. 1677. 

Nucleus historiae ecclesiasticae, exhibitus in historia Arianorum ; 

quibus praefixus est tractatus de veteribus scriptoribus ecclesiasticis. 4° 

ColoniiBy 1676. 
SANDOVAL (Prudencio, de) ? Obispo de Pamplona. Cronica del empe- 

rador, Don Alonso VII., rey de Castilla, sacada de un libro muy antiguo 

escrito de mano con letras de los Godos. fol. Madrid^ 1600. 
. Historia de la vida y hechos del emperador Carlos V. 2 vols. fol. 

Pamplonay 1614 y 1618. 
. Historias de Idacio Obispo, que escrivid poco antes que Espafia 


se perdiese ; de Jsidoro Obispo de Badajoz; de Sebastiano Obispo de 

Salamanca; de Sampiro Obispo de Astorga; de Pelagio Obispo de 

Oviedo. fol. Pamplona^ 1615. 
SANDRAS de COURTILZ (Gatien de). See Anonymous. M^moires 

de M'. L. C. D. R. &c. 8« 1687. 
SANDYS (^Sir Edwin). Europse speculum ; or a view or survey of the 

state of religion in the western parts of the world. 8° Lond. 1673. 
SANKEY {Sir Hierome). Speech in Parliament. See Petty (Sir W.). 

Reflections upon some persons, &c. \2^ 1660. 
SANNAZARO (Jacopo). Arcadia ; omata di annotationi da T. Por- 

cacchi. 18° Ven. 1592. 

Arcadia. 12« Ven, 1615. 

. Rime. 18° Vm. 1592. 

. The osiers, a pastoral, translated from the Latin ; with some ac- 
count of Sannazarius and his piscatory eclogues. 4>° Cambridge, 1724. 
SANSOVINO (Francesco). Concetti politici. 4° Ven. 1578. 

Delia origine et de' fatti delle famiglie illustri d' Italia. 4° Ven. 1582. 

— . Deir epitome deir historia d' Itsdia di F. Guicciardini libri xx. 

8° Ven. 1580. 

— . Del secretario, libri vii. 8° Ven. 1588. 

Diverse orationi volgarmente scritte da molte huomini illustri rac- 

colte; con un trattato deir arte oratoria. 2 vols. 4° Ven. 1569. 

GF annali Turcheschi, overo vite de* principi della casa Othomana. 

4° Ven. 1573. 

Le antichita di Beroso Caldeo, sacerdote, et d' altri scrittori, cosi 

Hebrei, come Greci, et Latini, che trattano delle stesse materie. 4° 
Vin. 1583. 

L' historia di casa Orsina con quattro libri degli uomini illustri della 

famiglia. 2 vols, foh Venetia, 1565. 

Le osservationi della lingua volgare di diversi huomini illustri, cio^ 

del Bembo, del Gabriello, del Fortunio, deirAcarisio, e di altri scrittori. 
12° Ven. 1562. 

Ordine de' cavalieri del Tosone. 4° NeW Acad. Venetiana, 1558. 

Venetia citta nobilissima et singolare, gia descritta in xiiii. libri; 

piu d'un terzo di cose nuove ampliata da G. Stringa. 4° Venetia, 1604. 
— . See Boccaccio (G.). Ameto, &c. 18° 1586. 
— . See Boccaccio (G.). Ameto, &c. 18° 1592. 

See Guicciardini (F.), Lottini (G. F.) et Sansovini (F.). Proposi- 

tioni, &c. 4° 1588. 

SANTOS (Franc, de los). Descripcion breve del monasterio de S. Lo- 
renzo el real del Escorial. fol. Madrid, 1657. 

. Dia, y noche de Madrid, discursos de lo mas notable que en cl 

passa. 8° Madrid, 1663. 

Dia y noche. 8° Madrid, 1666. 

SANZORZI (Gio. Francesco). La cronica della guerra successa tra 
christian! e' 1 Turcho dal principio del 70 sinO a tutto il giorno della 
giornata che fu alii 7 d'ottobre 1571. 8° Trevise, 1618. 

SAPPHO. Fragment of an ode, from Longinus; also an ode from 
Dionysius Halicarn.: edited [and translated into Latin] by F. H. 
Egerton. 8° Paris, 1815. 

SARACENI (GiovAN Carlo). See Conti (N.). Delle historic de' 
suoi tempi. 4° 1589. 

SARDIS (LuDovicus de). Tractatus de Icgitimatione admodum elegans 
atque p«rutilis. fol. BrixUe, 1499. 


SARGENT (WiNTHROp), and BARTON (B. J.). Papers relaUve to 
certain American antiquities. 4^ Philcuieiphiay 1796. 

SARPI (Paolo). Considerationi sopra le censure della Santita di Papa 
Paulo V. contra la Republica di Venetia. 4^ Ven, 1606. 

. Lettere Italiane al S'. Dell* Isola Groslot 12*> Verona, 1673. 

. See Minuci (M.). Historia degli Uscochi. 12^ 1676. 

. See Paolo, Padre. 

. See Paolo, Servita. 

. See Soave (P.)« Polano. 

. See Soave (P.)* Aussfuhrliche Histori . . . des Concilij zu Trient. 

4« 1620. 
-. See Soave (P.). Historia del Concilio Tridentino. 4° 1629. 
.. See Soave (P.). Historia del Concilio Tridentino. 4° 1660. 

SARRAVIUS (Claudius). Epistolae. 8« Arausioni, 1654. 
SARTORIUS (Baltasar). Quaestio sitne anima hominis, quae spira- 

culum Dei est, particula aut portio essentiae divinae, an substantia ilia 

diversa, proposita et explicata in renunciatione magistrorum. 4° Lipsice^ 

SATLER (JoHANN. Rudolf). Instructio oratoris, das ist, Unterricht 

vn Vnterweisung eines Orators vnd Redners. 12® Franckf, a. ilf. 

SAUNDERS (Thomas). See Vandercom (J. F.), Saunders (T.) and 

Bond (E. J.). A concise view of the origin of the Irish Society. 

Qo 1 QQQ 

SAULX de TA VANES (Guillaume de). See Tavanes (G. de S. de). 
SAURI ( — ). La morale du citoyen du monde, ou la morale de la raison. 

12° Paris, 1777. 
SAUROMANNUS (Georgius). Ad Aug. principes Carolum et Fer- 

dinandum post Maximiliani Caesaris obitum oratio. 4° BononicDy 

. Hispaniae consolatio (ad Hispanos consolatio, post Aug. principis 

Caroli Ro. Regis cl. discessuni oratio). 4® [^Lovanii, 1520]. 
SAVAGE (James). See Winthrop (J.). The history of New England. 

8° 1825. 
SAVILE (Henricus). Rerum Anglicarura scriptores post Bedam prae- 

cipui ex vetustissimis codicibus MSS. nunc primum in lucem editi. 

fol. Lond. 1596. [With MS. notes.] 
. fol. Franco/. 1601. 

. Oratio coram Regina Elizabetha Oxoniae habita, aliaeque doctiss. 

virorum opellae postumae. 4° Oxon, 1658. 
SAVONAROLA (Hieronymus). Ain Ausslegung der dreyer Versz des 

dreyssigisten Psalmen: "In te Domine speravi," &c., gemacht durch 

Bruder Iheronimum. 4° 1522. 

. De gotta la preservatione e cura. 4° Pavia, 1505. 

. Delia semplicita della vita Christiana. 8° Ven. 1547. 

. Dialogo intitolato * Solatio del viaggio mio,' nel quale si parla di 

Dio, della fede Cristiana, &c. 8®. 

. Las obras que se hallan roman^adas. 8° Anvers, 

Triompho della croce di Cristo ; della verita ; della fede Cristiana. 

8^ Venetia, 1547. 
SAXO, Grammaticits, Historia Danica ; S. J. Stephanius recognovit 

notisque illustravit. 2 vols. fol. Sorce, 1644-5. 
SCALIGER (Julius Cjesar). See Aristoteles. Liber qui decimus 

historiarum inscribitur. 8° 1584. 


SCALIGER (Joseph.). See Catullus (C. or Q. V). C, T. and P. ex 

recensione J. G. GraBvii. 8° 1680. 

. See Nonnus Panopolilanus. Dionysiaca. 8^ 1610. 

. See Theocritus, Theocriti • . • quaa extant. 4^ 1604. 

See Varro (M. T.). Opera. 8° 1623. 

. See Verrius (M. F.). Quae extant, &c. 8** 1593. 

SCALIGERUS (Joseph.), et FREHERUS (M.). Constantini Imp. 

Byzantini numismatis argentei expositio duplex. 4" 1604. 
SO A MOZZI (V icENzo). Discorsi sopra Tantichita di Roma. fol. Ven. 1 583. 
SCANDERBEGUS (Georgius Castriotus). Vita. See Barletiug 

(M.). Historia, &c. fol. JRotn. 
SCANDIANESE (Tito Giovanni). See Tito Giovanni Scandianese. 
SCAPULA (Joannes). Lexicon Greeco-Latinum seu Epitome Thesauri 

Graecse linguce ab Henrico Stephano constructi. 4^ GeneviB, 1611. 

■ ■■. fol. BasiU 

■ See Anonymous. Enchiridium ad Scapulae lexicon. 12^ 1804. 
SCARPA (Antonio). Lettera a L. Bossi sopra un elmo di ferro squbi- 

tamente lavorato a cesello. fol. Pavia, 1825. 
SCAURUS See Mains (A.). Virgilii Maronis interpretesVeteres. 4*» 1818. 
SCHACHMAN (Charles de). See Anonymous. Catalogue raisonn^ 

d'une collection de medailles. 4° 1774. 
SCHALL (Joannes Adam.). See Anonymous. Historica relatio de 

ortu et progressu fidei orthodoxae in regno Cbinensi. 12'* 1672. 
SCHEDEL (Hartmann). See Anonymous. (Libri Chronicarum.) 

fol. 1493. 
SCHEFFERUS (Joannes). Thehistory of Lapland, fol. Oxford, 161^. 

. See iElianus (QX Variae historiae. 8** 1685. 

«• — , See Phsedrus (J.). Fabularum iEsopiarum libri quinque. 8° 1673. 
SCHENCK (Jacobus). Von warhafftiger CbristUcher Buss, wider die 

falsche unchristliche Buss so Georgius Witzel leret 4° Wittemb, 1539. 
SCHEURERUS (Samuel). See Hortinus (S.). Dissertatio . . . . de 

miraculis. 4® 1728. 
SCHEURLI (Christopher). Epistola ad Charitatem abbatissam Sanctaa 

Claras de laudibus familiae Pyrckheymer, et utilitates missae. 4** iVb- 

rimb. 1513. 
SCHIAPPALARIA (Stefano Ambrosio). La vita di C. J. Cesare. 

4° Anvers, 1578. 

. Osservationi politiche et discorsi pertinent! sL governi di state, 

trattati insieme con la vita di C. G. Cesare, con un sommario di quanto 

e successo nella Rep. Rom. dal principle suo fino al proconsolato di 

Cesare. 4^ Ver. 1600. 
SCHIO (Hypneo da). Predica de i sogni. 8° Ven. 1542. 
SCHIRMEISTER (Stephanus). Querela lugubris de obitu P. Me- 

lanchthonis* 4° Viteb, 1560. 
SCHLICHTINGIUS (Jonas). De SS. trinitate, de moralibus N. et V. 

Testamenti praeeeptis, itemque de sacris eucharistise et baptismi ritibus, 

adversus Meisnerum. 12° \_JRacovits2y 1639. 
. Epistola apologetica (et confessio fidei Christians?). 2 pts. in 1 

vol. 12° lRacovicB']y 1653. 

Notae in concionem Vechneri super Evang. Joannis. 8° RacovuBy 


— . Quaestiones duae contra B. Meisnerum disputatse. 8^ \^Sacimm\ 


See Anonymous. Apologia pro veritate accusata. 8^ 1644* 


SCHLICHTINGIUS (Jonas). See Anonymous. Confessionis Christi- 

anae daninatae, &c. 8° 1653. 

. See Crellius (J.). Catechesis ecclesiarum Polonicarum. 12° 1659. 

SCHLICK (Sebastian). Ordnungwie es sol mit dem Gottis dinst und 

desselben dynern yn der Pfarkirchen der Stat Elbogen gehalten werden. 

4° 1523. 
SCHMIDT (Fr6d.-Auguste). See Anonymous. Abr6g6 chronologU 

que de Thistoire de Pologne. 8° 1763. 
SCHMIDT (IsAACus Jacobus). See Matthaeus Evangelista. Evan- 

gelium. 4<» 1815. 
SCHNITTER (Johann). See Agricola (J. J.). 
SCHOEPFLINUS (Johannes Daniel). De origine, fatis, et succes- 

sione regni NavarraB, ad nostra usque tempora. 4° Argent, 1 720. 
VindicisB typographicee. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4° Argent. 1760. 

— . See Pfeffinger (J. J.). Dissertatio . . . qua Alemanniece antiqui- 

tates traduntur. 4<» [1722]. 

See Wolffius (J. M.). Commentatio historica de sacris Galliae 

regibus in orientem expeditionibus. 4° [1724]. 
SCHOLL (Bartholom^us). Theologica disputatio de sacrosancto 

missae sacrificio ; prseside C. Parchingio, respondentibus B. S., S. Pollin- 

ger, J. Dietmair. 4** Ingolstadiiy 1579. 
SCHOPPERUS (Hartmannus). Speculum vitae aulicae ; de admira- 

bili fallacia et astucia vulpeculae Reinikes libri quatuor. 12® Franco/. 

SCHOTTELIUS (Justus Georgius). Opus de lingua Germanica. 4® 

Braunschweig, 1663. 
SCHOTTUS (Andreas). Ilapoi/ucac 'EXX»;vt*:at : Adagia sive proverbia 

Greecorum ex Zenobio, Diogeniano, et Suidee colleotaneis, partim edita 

nunc primum, partim Latind rcddita, scholiiBque illustrata ; Gr. et Lot. 

4° Antv. 1612. 
. See Photius Patr. Constant. Myriobiblon sive bibliotheca, &c. 

foL 1611. 
SCHREKHENFUCHSIUS (Erasmus Oswaldus). Oratio funebris 

in obitu S. Munsteri ; Hebr. 8° Basil, 
SCHRODER US (Joa/:jhimus). Thesaurus linguae Armenicae antiquae 

et hodiernae. 4° Amst, 1658. 
SCHUHLER de BUOCH (Jo. Udalrich). Adversus nugacem M. 

Hiscoldi epistolam verissima de Lipsica disputatione epistola exegetica. 

Af" Lipsia, 1519. 
SCHUPPIUS (Johannes Balthasar). See Helvius (C). Theatrum 

historicum et chronologicum. fol. 1651. 
SCHWABENSPIEGEL. fol. ohnejahr. 

SCHWANHAUSEN (Johannes). Eyn Sermon. 4° [^am^^r], 1524. 
SCOBELL (Henry). Remembrances of methods, orders, and proceed- 
ings heretofore used and observed in the House of Lords ; to which is 

added, the priviledges of the baronage of England by J. Selden. 2 vols. 

8° Lond, 1689. 
SCOPPA (Ant). Des beaut6s poetiques de toutes les langues. 8® 

Paris, 1816. 
SCOPPA (Joannes). See Virgilius (P. M.). Universum poema. fol. 1562. 
SCOT (Alexander). De singularibus et controversis J. Cujacii sen- 

tentiis tractatus. See Cujacius (J.). Opera omnia, fol. 1606. 
SCOTT (John Robert), Dissertations, essays, and parallels. 8** Lond, 



SCRIBANI (Car.). See Bonarecius (C). 

SCROTERUS de GUSTROU (Jarum Heinricum). See Ammanus 
(J.). Charta lusoria. 4° 1588. 

SCROGGS {Sir William). A speech made to the Right Hon. the 
Lord Chancellor of England at his admission to the place of one of His 
Majestie's Justices of the Court of Common Pleas, fol. Lond, 1676. 

. His speech in the King's Bench, Michaelmas Term, 1679, oc- 
casioned by the many libellous pamphlets which are publisht against 
law. fol. Lond. 1679. 

SECONDATrfc MONTESQUIEU (Charles). See Montesquieu (C. S.). 

SEGNERI (Paolo). La Manna deir Anima. 5 torn. \^ Yen. 1685. 

SEGNI (Bernardo). See Aristoteles. L*ethica tradotta. 8® 1551. 

SEGNI (Piero^. See Demetrius Phalereus. Delia locuzione. 4° 1603. 

SEIFFARTH (G.). Brevis defensio hieroglyphices inventae a Fr. Aug. 
Guil. Spohn et G. Seyffarth. 4« Lips. 1827. 

SELDEN (John). Analecton Anglo-Britannicon libri duo. 4° Franccf. 

. De anno civili et calendario veteris ecclesiae seu reipublicas Ju- 

daicae dissertatio. 4° Lond, 1644. 

. De diis Syris, syntagmata ii. 12** Lond, 1617. 

. De successionibus in bona defuncti seu jure hsereditario ad leges 

Ebraeorum, florente eorum rep., liber singularis. 4° Londini, 1631. 

. Jani Anglorum facies altera. 12^ Lond, 1610. 

Liber de nummis, in quo antiqua pecunia Romana et Grseca me- 

titur precio ejus, quae nunc est in usu ; accedit bibliotheca nummaria 
(P. Labb6). 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4° Lond. 1675. 

Mare clausum, seu de dominio maris ; accedunt M. Z. Boxhomii, 
apologia pro navigationibus HoUandorum adversus P. Heuterum, et 
tractatus commercii inter Henricum Vll. regem Angliae et Philippum 
Archiducem Austriae, 2 pts. in 1 vol. 8** Londini, 1636. 
— , The historic of tithes, and review of it. 4° 1618. 
— . The priviledges of the baronage of England, both in and out of 
parliament. See Scobell (H.). Remembrances of methods, orders ... 
observed in the House of Lords, 8° 1689. 
— . Titles of honor, fol. Zonrf. 1631. ^ 
Third edition, fol, Lond, 1672. 

— . Ad Fletam, dissertatio historica. See Anonymous. Fleta, seu 
commentarius juris Anglicani. 4° 1685. 

A discourse touching the office of Lord Chancellor. See Bacon 

(F.). Resuscitatio, &c. fol. 1671 

— . See Aedmerus Monachus. Historiae novorum..,libriiv. fol. 1623. 

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Two dissertations; I. upon the origin, construction, division and 
relation of languages ; II. upon the original powers of letters, wherein is 
proved that the Hebrew ought to be read without points ; to which is 
added a Hebrew grammar and lexicon without points ; [preceded by 
seven letters containing a new method of learning the Hebrew language]. 
8 pts. in 1 vol. 8® Lond. 1751. 

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centum et tres sequentes annos complectentibus ; promov^nte Dt G« 

Parvo in lucem emissum. Par, 151 St 


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and of the currency of foreign monies in Ireland, with an appendix; 
containing several statutes, proclamations, patents, acts of state, and let- 
ters relating to the same. 4° Dublin, 1749. 

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Nouveau Testament, depuis le commencement du christianisme jusques 
^ notre temps ; avec une dissertation critique sur les principaux manu- 
scrits qui ont 6t6 citez dans les trois parties de cet ouvrage. 4^ Rott. 1693. 

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• Histoire critique du texte du Nouveau Testament 4° RoU. 1689. 

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■ Lettres choisies. 12^ Amst. 1700. 

. See Belleville (R. S.), Prieur de. 

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i^ Ckmk^ Oenevruj I4(mei Parigh 1646-1674. 



SIRVEN (Pierre-Paul). M6moire a consultcr, et consultation [by J. 

B. J. Elie de Beaumont] pour P. P, S. accus6 d' avoir fait mourir sa 

seconde fille, pour V empeclicr de se faire catholique ; et pour ses deux 

filles. 4° Par. 1767. 
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schreibunge und verzeychnisse allerley Handel, so sich bey Regierung 

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mum se hoc anno Altorfii retractasse gloriantur. 4** Rctcov. 1617. 
Refutatio thesium A. Graweri quibus Incarnationem aeterni Dei 

filii ab impugnationibus nostrarum ecclesiarum vindicare voluit 4® 
JRacovicB, 1615. 

Refutatio thesium de sacrosancta unitate Divinae Essentiae, et in 

eadem sacrosancta personarum trinitate a Jac. Schoppero propositarum. 
4° Pacov. 1614. 

Refutatio thesium D. Wolfgangi Franzii, quas ibidem de praecipuis 

Christianae religionis capitibus anno 1609et 1610 disputandas proposuit. 

4° PacoviiCf 1614. 
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simarum rerum antiquarum quas in veteri Batavorum oppido studiose 

comparavit. 4° Nov. Bat. 1678. 
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4° 1811. 
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ad eandem urbem ct ad Britanniam carmen heroicum. 4° LmuL 1667. 


SMITH (Sir James Edward). A defence of the church and universi- 
ties of England against such injurious advocates as Professor Monk and 
the Quarterly Review for January, 1819. 8® London, 1819. 

. Considerations respecting Cambridge, particularly relating to its 

botanical professorship. 8° London, 1818. 

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and the Summer Isles, beginning 1584 to 1626. fol. Lond. 1632. 

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(the) ballance. 8° 1609. 

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CottoniansB ; cui praemittuntur R. Cottoni vita, et bibliothecae CottQ- 
nianae historia et synopsis, fol. Oxon. 1696. 

. Epistolae duae, quarum altera de moribus ac institutis Turcarum agit; 

altera septem Asiae ecclesiarum notitiam continet. 12° Oxon. 1672. 
De Graecae ecclesiaB hodierno statu epistola. 12® Lond. 1678. 

u Septem Asias ecclesiarum notitia. 4° Lond. 1676. 

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Bat. 1625. 
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reproduction et la mortality de Thomme, &c. 8° 1832. 

. . Statisque des tribunaux de la Belgique. 4° 1 833. 

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man Imperial large brass medals. 4** Bedford, 1834. 
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age existant en Normandie. 8° Caen, 1820. 
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bung dess Concilij zu Trient. 4** Frankf 1620. 
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tino. fol. Londra, 1619. 

. 4® Geneva, 1629. 

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Zo«J. 1620. 
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vice, 1635. 

. Ad amicos epistolae. 8** Bojcovice, \Q\%. 

. Ad Jacob! Paleologi librum, cui titulus est " Defensio verae sentential 

de magistratu politico, &c." pro Racoviensibus responsio. 12° Bacovice, 

. Breves quidam de diversis materiis ad Christianam religionem 

pertinentibus tractatus. 8** Bacovice, 1618. 

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covicB, 1614. 

Concionis Christi, quae habetur capite quinto, sexto et septimo 

apud Matthaeum Evangelistam, explicatio. 8° Bacovice, 1618. j 

De baptismo aquae disputatio ; cui accesserunt responsiones ad notas i 


A.D.; responsio ad M. C. notas; epistolae de baptismi negotio. 8^ Rch 
covicBf 1613. 
SOCINUS (Faustus). De Coena Domini tractatus brevis ; un& cum ejus- 
dem adversus scriptum J. Niemojevii defensione ; adiecta sunt preeterea 
alia quaedam ejusdem auctoris de hoc argumento. 8^ Racov, 1618. 

De loco Paul! Apostoli in epistola ad Rom. Cap. vii., disputatio. 
\^ RacovicB, 1612. 

De Unigeniti Filii Dei existentia inter Erasmum Johannem et F. So- 
cinum disputatio. 8° RacovicB, 1626. 

Disputatio de adoratione Christi, habita inter F. Socinum et C. 
Francken, nee non fragmenta responsionis fusioris quam F. Socinus pa- 
rabat 8° Racov. 1618. 

Elenchi sophistic! in gratiam amicorum explicati. 8^ BacovuB,l625. 

Explicatio primaB partis primi capitis Johannis. S° Raoovice^ 1618. 

Fragmenta duorum scriptorum; in quorum priore sententiam 
eorum qui Jesum Christum Dei filium esse, refellere, in posteriore ad 
rationes adversariorum quibus tres in unica Dei essentia personas ad- 
stricte conantur, respondere instituerat 8^ Rcu^ovub, 1619. 
— . Lectiones sacrse. 8° Racovus, 1618. 

Miscellanea ; hoc est, scripta theologica seu tractatus breves de 
diversis materiis. 8^ RacovicBy I6ll. 
— . Opera omnia. 2 vols. fol. Irenopoli [^Amsterdam'] y 1656* 

Responsio ad libellum' J. Wuieri Jesuitas de divinitate Filii Dei, 

et Spiritus Sancti. S° RacovicBy 1624*. 
— . Tractatus de Deo, Christo, et Spiritu Sancto. 8® Rocovub^ 1611. 
See Academies. Collegium Posnaniense. Assertiones theologicse. 

8o 1618. 

— . See Anonymous. Jesu ^de) Christi Filii Dei natura, &c S^ 1627. 

. Auctoritate (de) Sacrae Scripturae. 8** 1611. 

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pertinas, quas ordinarias vocant, communi interpretum more in celebri- 

oribus Italiae gymnasiis praelecta. fol. Ven, 1566. 
■ Repetitio super C. ad audientiam, de homicidio. fol. Papie^ 1498. 

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Eucharistiae Sacramento, concio. 4^ Craeov, 1582. 
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to be the greatest warrior of ancient and modern times ; Itcd. and Eng. 

8<> London, 1820. 
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ist A. O. LOlearii] kurtzer Begriff einer Holsteinischen chronike. 2 

pts. in 1 vol. 4** 1674. 
SOLIS (Antonio de). Amparar al enemigo ; comedia. 4*^. 
Comedia famosa ; el amor al uso. 4^ 
Historia de la conquista de Mexico, poblacion, y progressos de la 

America Septentrional conocida por el nombre de Nueva Espaiia* fol. 

Barcelona, 1691. 
SOLIS (GiuLio C£SAR£ de), L'origine di molte citta del mondo. 4° 

Bologna, 1589. 
• Descrittione di molte isole famosissime; con Torigine di molte 

citt^ del mondo, et particolarmente di quelle dltalia; insieme col 

dominio, potenza^ cerimonie, et legge de* Turchi. 4° Padova, 1596. 
SOMNER (William). A treatise of the Roman ports and forts in Kent ; 

published by J. Brome ; to which is prefix'd the life of Mr. Somner (by 

W. Kennett). 8« Oscford, 1693. 


80MN£R (William). The antiquities of Canterbuiy, or a survey of 
that ancient citie, with the suburbs and cathedral!. 4^ Land. 1640. 

SOPHOCLES. Tragedies [Electra et CEdipus] traduites en Francois 
avec des notes par M. Dacier. 12^ PariSy 1693. 

• Tragtediee septem, Latino carmine redditse et annotationibus illus* 

trateB per T. Naogeorgum [Kirchmaier]. 8^ Basil. 1558. 

TragoedisB septem, un& cum omnibus Grsecis scholiis et Latina 

y. Winsemii ad yerbum interpret. ; quibus accesserunt J. Camerarii nee 

non H. Stephani annotationes. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4^ Par. 1603. 
SORANZO (Lazaro). UOttomanno. 4<» Ferrara, 1598. 
SORBIN (Arnault). Le vray resveille-matin des Calvinistes, et Pub* 

licains Francois. 8° Paris, 1576. 
iSOTO (Andres de). Contemplacion del Crucifixo, y consideraoiones 

de Christo Crucificado y de los dolores que la Virgen sanctissima pa- 

desoidal pie de la Cru2. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 8° Anveres, 1601. 
SOUSA (JoAo de), Vestigios da lingua Arabica em Portugal. 4® 

Lisboa, 1789. 
60UTERIUS (Daniel). Palamedes^ &q. See Meursius (J.> Graacia 

ludibunda. S"" 1625. 
SPAGNUOLI (Giovan Battista). See Baptista Mantuanus. 
See Mantuanus (J. B.). 


SPALATINUS (Georgius). Ettliche christliche Gebett und Untter- 
weyssung; kurtzer ausszug auss M. Luther buohle. 8^ Erfurdt, 

SPANHEIM (fizECHiEL). See Julianus Imperator. Les Cesars. AP 1683. 

SPANMULLER (Jacobus Pontanus). See Pontanus (J. S.). 

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Common Prayer of the Church of England. 12° Lond. 1668. 

SPELMAN (Sir Henry). Archaeologus in modum glossarii. fol. 
Londinif 1626. 

. Concilia, decreta, leges, constitutiones in re ecclesiarum orbis Bri- 
tannic! I tom. 1, ea continet quae a primi Christi seculis, usque ad in- 
troitum Normannorum habita sunt et celebrata. fol. Lond* 1639. [The 
work was to be. in 3 vols., but the author died after having published 
only two. The 3rd was published by Dugdale.] 

Glossarium archaiologicum. fol. lj(md. 1664. 

Reliquiae Spelmannianae ; the posthumous works relating to the 

laws and antiquities of England $ with the life of the author, fol. 
Oxford, 1698. 

The larger treatise concerning tithes, together with some other 

tracts by the same author, and a fragment of Sir F. Bigot, aU touching 
the same subject. 3 pts. in 1 vol. ; published by J. Stephens. 4** Lond. 

SPELMAN (John). iElfredi Magni Anglorum regis vita. fol. Oxon. 

SPELT A (Ant. Maria). Historia de* fatti notabili occorsi nell* uni- 

verso, et in particolare del regno de* Gothi, de* Longobardi, de' i Duchi 

di Milano, et d*altre segnalate persone, dall* anno di nostra salute vl. 

sino al mdciiic. ; con una nuova aggiunta dell* istesso autore dall* anno 

1596 al 1602. 4° Pavia, 1603. 
■ ■ . La curiosa et dilettevole aggionta all' historia sua. 4^ Pavia, 

SPENGLER (Lazarus). Eia kurtzer Begriff wie sieh ei& warhafiftei 


Christ in allem seinem Wescn und Wandel Got und seinem Nechsten 

halten sol. 8° [1525]. 
SPENGLER (Lazarus). See Pirckhaymer (W.) and Spengler (L.). 

[A letter] dem . . . lierren Georgen Bischouen zu Bamberg. 4® [1520]. 
— . See Anonymous. Sehiitzred und christenliche Antwurt, &c. 4®. 
SPENSER (Edmund). II cavaliere della croce rossa, ola leggenda della 

santit^ ; poema recato in verso Italiano da T. J. Mathias. 8° Napoli, 


The shepherd's calendar ; J5>i^. and Zo/.; by T. Bathurst. 8^ 

Lond. 1653. 

The works ; whereunto is added an account of hb life. 2 pts. in 1 

vol. fol. Lond. 1679. 

La rautabilita ; poema in due canti, recato in ottava rima da T. J. 

Mathias. 8«» Napoliy 1827. 
SPERLINGIUS (Ottho). De baptismo veterum ethnicorum disserta- 

tio. 8« HafnicBy 1699. 
. Monumentum Hamburgense Benedictinum, seu dc inscriptione et 

tumulo Benedicti Quinti Pontificis Romani qui in choro cathedralis 

Hamburgensis olim fuit, et hodiemum spectatur dissertatio. 4^ Kiloni^ 


De nummorum Bracteatorum et Cavorum, nostrse ac superioris 

setatis, origine et progressu, ad J. a Mellen epistola. 4^ Lubec€B, 1700. 
De nummo Suecico aereo per errorem Francicorum Sevennen- 

sibus adscripto nunc vero detecto et ab errore liberato. 4^ HavmcR^ 

SPERONI (S.). Discorsi della precedenza de' principi et della militia. 

4° Vm. 1598. 
■ Giuditio sopra la Tragedia di Canace et Macareo, con molte utili 

considerationi circa Tarte tragica, et di altri poemi, con la tragedia ap- 

presso. 8° Liuxay 1550. 
SPEUSIPPUS. De Platonis definitionibus. See Alcinous. De doctrina 

Platonis, &c. 8<> 1532. 
SPIEGEL. Das Buch der Spiegel des Sunders, genaiit. fol. [ohne 

jahr ungefahr, 1471]. 
SPIEGEL (Jacobus). See iEgidius (P.). Threnodia seu lameptatio, &c. 

4<» 1519. 
. See Isocrates. In hoc libello, &c. . . . De regno gubernando> &c. 

40 1514. 

See Pontanus (J. J.). De immanitate, &c. 4<* 1519. 

SPIESSHAMMER (Johann). See Cuspinianus (J.). 

SPON (Jacob). Discours sur une piece antique et curieuse. 8** Zyon, 1674. 

— . Histoire de la ville et de TEstat de Geneve. 2 vols. 12*» Zycw, 1682. 
Miscellanea eruditae antiquitatis, in quibus, marmora, statuse, 
musiva, toreumata, gemmae, numismata, Grutero^ Ursino, Boissardo, 
Reinesio, aliisque antiquorum monumentorum collectoribus ignota, et 
hucusque inedita referuntur et illustrantur. fol. Lugduniyl^S. 

Recherches des antiquit^s et curiosit6s de la ville de Lyon. 8^ 
Lyoriy 1675. 

SPON (Jacques). See Anonymous. Origine (del') des estrenes. 12** 1673. 

SPONIUS (Jacobus). Ignotorum atque obscurorum quorundam Deorum 
arae. 12« Ltigd. 1676. 

. Excerpta . . de Pagis Atticis. See Meursius (J.). Theseus. 4<» 1684. 

SPONTONE (Giro). Attioni de' re dell' Ungaria ; incominciasi dal 
1378 in fine al 1601. fol. Bohgna, 1620. 


SPRAGGE (Sir Edw.). A true and perfect relation of tbe victory- 
obtained against the Turks of Argiers at Bugia by his Majesties Fleet 
in the Memterranean. fol. Lond. 1671. 

SPRAT (Thomas), Bishop of Rochester. The second part of the wicked 
contrivance against the lives of several persons. 4** London^ 1693. 

SPRECHERUS (Fortunatus). Pallas Rhsetica, armata et togata. 4<* 
jBcisileiBy 1617. 

SQUARZAFICUS (Jeronimus). (Hie est pars Q. A, Pediani cura et 
diligentia Pogij Roretini uiri litteratissimi reperta in monasterio Sancti 
Galli prope Constantia ; Georgii Trabezuntii de artificio CiceroniansB 
orationis pro Quinto Ligario ; Antonij Luschi Inquisitio sup. xi ora- 
tiones Ciceronis; [to which is added] Xiconis Polentoni argumenta 
super aliquot orationibus et luectiuis Cicieronis.) fol. Venetiisy [1477]. 

SQUIRE (Samuel). An inquiry into the foundation of the English 
constitution ; or an historical essay upon the Anglo-Saxon government ; 
to which is added an appendix, containing an essay on the balance of 
the civil power in England, [and] a list of such cities, towns and bur- 
rows as have ever been summoned to parliament. 8° Lond, 1753. 

— — . A speedy repentance the most eifectual means to avert God's 
judgments; a sermon preached at St Anne, Westminster, Feb. 6, 
1756» being the day appointed for a general fast on account of the 
earthquake. 4° Lond. 1756. 

STAIBANO (Ambrogio). Tempio Eremitano de' santi e beati dell' 
ordine Agostiniano. fol. Napoli, 1609. 

STANISLAUS I. Kiy of Poland. See Tressan (L. E. de la Vergne 
de). Portrait historique de Stanislaus. 8° 1767- 

STANYAN (Temple). The Grecian history, from the original of Greece 
to the end of the Peloponnesian war. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1739. 

STAPLETONUS (Thomas). Orationes sex ; tres funebres, dogmaticse 
tres. 8° -4w^. 1576. 

. Orationes sex. 8° Antv. 1576. 

STARKEY (William). An apology for the laws ecclesiastical esta- 
blished, that command our publick exercise in religion. 8* Lond. 1675. 

taining a sharp prohibition to the inhabitants of these lauds, and also 
concerning the navigation and commerce of the neutrals to the havens 
of France and England ; and also goods of contrabande, and assurances 
of ships and goods belonging to the subjects of the Kings of France and 
Great Brittany ; Bng. and Dutch, fol. Hagucy 1672. 

STATELLA (Vitus Maria Amicus). See Amicus and Statella 
(V. M.). 

STATIUS (PuBLius Papinius). [His works ; Thebais, with notes by 
P. Lactantius ; Achilleis, by F. Mataracius ; Sylvae, with a commentary 
by D. Calderini ; to which is added Sappho's epistle to Phaon by Ovid.] 
fol. Venet. 1490. 

. Opera que extant ; P.* Lactantii in Thebaida et Achilleida com- 
ment, ex biblioth. Pithcei primum edidit Fr. Tiliobroga. 4?° Paris, 1600. 

. 18<» Amst. 1624. 

STATIUS (Achilles). See Catullus (C. V.). Catullus, Tibullus, et 

Propertius; ex recensione J. G. Grsevii. 8** 1680. 

. See Suetonius (C. T.). De XII Caesaribus, lib. viii. fol. 1610. 

STATUTA. An. Reg. Jacobi Ang. I. fol. Lond. 1604. 

— Edwardi V., Ricardi Tertii et Henrici VII. An. 1-21. fol. Lond. 



STATUTA. Anno primo Elizabethae. fol. Land. 1559. 

Henrici VI. An. 21-22-.27-28-30-39. fol. Lond. 1557. 

STATUTES. The second volume .of Statutes, whiche haue ben inade in 

the lleigne of Kyng Henrie the Eighth, fol. London^ 1551. 
— . The second volume of the Statutes at large, conteyning all Acts 

from the 1st of Elizabeth, to the 16th of King James, fol. ZonSt>n,1618. 
Of the 1 1th of William III. fol. London, 1699. 

8TAUPITZ (Johannes von). Ain selig newes jahr. Von der lieb 

Gottes. 4« 1518. 
STEELE (Joshua). An essay towards establishing the melody and 

measure of speech, to be expressed and perpetuated by peculiar sym- 
bols. 4<* Lond. 1775. 
■ Prosodia rationalis, ^c. Second edition, amended and enlarged. 

4« Lond, 1779. 
STELLA (Erasmus). De Borussise antiquitatibus libri duo. 4^ Ba- 

sikiBy 1518. 
■■■■■■■ . Enarrationes in evangelium secundum Lucam. 2 vols. fol. Sal- 

manticcBy 1574r-5. 
STENZLER (Adolphus Fridericus). See K£lid&Mi. Carmen. 4^ 

STEPHANIUS (Stephanus Johannes). See Saxo Grammaticus. Hi- 

storia Danica. fol. 1644, &c. 
STEPHANUS (Carolus). Dictionarium historicum ac poetlcum. fol. 

Lrttet. 1561. 
STEPHANUS (Henricus). De Lipsii Latinitate, palaestra prima. 8° 

Franco/. M.c.^CY. [1595]. 

Hypomneses de Gall, lingua, peregrinis earn discentibus necessa- 

riae, queedam vero ipsis etiam Gallis multum profuturse ; autore H. 

Stephano ; qui et Gallicam patris seu grammaticen adjunxit ; C. Mitalerii 

epistola de vocabulis quae Indi in Galliam introduxerunt. 2 pts. in 1 voL 

8« iParis']y 1582. 
-. Poetffi Greeci principes heroici carminis, et alii nonnulli^ [^^3 Ho- 

merus, Hesiodus, Orpheus, Callimachus, Aratus, Nicander, Theocritus, 

Moscus, Bion, Dionysius, Coluthus, Tryphiodorus^ Mussbus, Theognis, 

Phocylides, Pythagoras aurea carmina ; fragmenta aliorum. 2 vols. fol. 

[Pflrt*iw], 1566. 

Schediasmatum variorum, idest observatiorum, emendationum, 

expositionum, disquisitionum, libri tres [et alii tres]. 4 pts. in 2 vols. 8° 

IParis'], 1578-1589. 

See Apollonius Rhodius. Argonauticmn lib. iiii. 4^ 1574. 

— . See Appianus Alexandrinus. Roman orum historiarum pars prima 

(et altera). 8« 1670. 

See Callimachus Cyreneaus. Hymni. 4° 1577. 
See Collections. Epigrammatum Grsecorum • . libri vii. fol. 1600. 
Florilegium diversorum epigrammatum. fol. 1566. 

— -. See Dion Cassius. Historiae Romsinae lib. xlvi. fol. 1606. 

— . See Dionysius Halicam. Responsio ad G. Pompeii epistolami &c. 

12° 1554. 

.. Antiquitatum Roman, lib. XI. fol. [1588] 

— . See Diodorus Siculus. Bibliothecae historicae libri quindecim. fol. 


— . See Erasmus (D.). Adagiorum chiliades. fol. 1617. 

See Herodianus. Historiarum lib. viii. 4*^ 1581. 

See Plutarchus Chaeronensis. Quae extant opera. 8° 1572. 


STEPHANUS(HEKrRicu8). See Sophoclet. TragoedisB septem, 4° 1603. 
■■ ■■ . See XiphiliDUB (J.)> jun. £ Dione excerptae historiae. fol. 1592. 
STEPH ANUS ( RoBSRTUs). See Dion Cassius. Histona; RomaDse lib. 

xLvi. fol. 1606. 
STEPHEN (G.). See Caveat Emptor. The adventures of a gentleman, 
, &c 12« 1835. 
STEPHENS (Edward). See Anonymous. Plain^ealing, or a full ... . 

examination of a treatise on human reason. 12^ 1675. 
STEWART (Charles). See Jouher. The Tezkeret al Vakiat, &c 4.*> 1832. 
.— -.. See Timiir. The Mulfazat Timury. 4p 1830. 
STEWART (Dugald). Biographical memoirs of A. Smith, W. Robert- 

BOD, and of T. Reid. 4'> Edinb. 1811. 
■ I. I, Elements of the philosophy of the human mind. 2 vols. 8^ & 4^ 

Land, and JBdinb. 1814. 
. ■■ I, Philosophical essays. 4^ JBdinb. 1810. 
STIBLINUS (Caspar). See Euripides. Tragcediee quas extant, &c. 

4J,o 1602. 
STILLINGFLEET (Edward), Bishcp of Worcester. A reply to Mr. 

J. S. his 3rd appendix. See Tillotoon (J.). The rule of faith. 8^ 1676. 

■ .. Origines Britannicae ; or the antiquities of the British churches ; 

with a preface concerning some pretended antiquities relating to Britain, 

in vindication of the Bishop of St. Asaph, fol. Lond. 1685. 

Origines sacree ; or a rational account of the grounds of the 

chrbtian faith, as to the truth and divine authority of the Scriptures. 
ifi Lond. 1666. 

STOCKLER (Francisco de Borja GAR9A0). Elementos de direito 
social. S^" Lisboa, 1827. 

. Poesias lyricas. 8^' Lond. 1821. 

STOCKMANS (Petrus). Tractatus de jure devolutionis. 3 pts. in 1 
voL BruxeUiSy 1667-68. 

. See Anonymous. Deductio ex qua probatur . • . non esse jus devo- 
lutionis in Ducattt Brabantise. 4^ 1666. 

8T0EBER (Elias). De studio promovendi perfectionem aliorum ; 
praeside J. L. Froereisenio. 4^ ^r^en/. [1744]. 

STORDITO, Inironato, [A. Piccolomini]. L'amor costante ; comedia. 
8« Ven. 1540. 

STORE (Johannes et Olaus). See Magnus (J. et O.). 

8TRADA (Famianus). Eloquentia bipartita. 12® Goudce^ 1654. 

. Prolusiones academicee. 8° CoL Agrip, 1625. 

. The history of the Low-Countrey warres ; Englished by Sir R. 

Stopylton. fol. Lond. 1667. 

STRAUSS (Jacob). Eyn verstendig trostlich Leer iiber das Wort 
Sanct Paulus • der Mensch sol sichs selbs probieren.' 4° Wittemb. 1522. 

STRINGA (Giovanni). La chiesa di S. Marco descritta brevemente. 
8« Ven. 1610. 

. See Sansovino ( F.). Venetia citta nobilissima. . . . descritta. 4° 1 604. 

STROMERUS (Henricus). Saluberrimee adversus pestilentiam obser- 
vationes. 4° Magunt. 1516. 

. Sermo panegyricus P. Mosellano quo die Lipsensis academisa 

rector proclamatus est, dictus ; cui adiecta est oratio Mosellani de Con- 
cordia praesertim in scholis publicis tuenda. 4° [Z«p«Vs, 1520]. (Copy 
presented by Stromer to Pirckheymer, to whom it is addressed in his 

et COPPUS C ALVUS (G.). Du« epistote quae statum Reip. Chrifl- 


tianse attingimt ; adiecta est A. Franci epbtola ad Pircheimerum ; sub« 
iiinctis etiam in fine libelli in leum epigrainmatis (sic). 4^ Lipsics, 1520. 

STUART (Henry Benedict), Cardinal of York. See York (H. B. S.), 
Cardinal of. 

STUBBE (Henry). A justification of the present war against the United 
Netherlands. 4*» Land. 1673. 

. A further justification, &c. 4?® Land, 1673. 

. See Anonymous. Justification of the present war against the United 
Netherlands. 4° 1672. 

STUCKIUS (JoH. Guilielmus). Irene GalHca, hoc est, de pace et con- 
cordia in Galliis sancita, auspiciis Henrici IV. congratulatio ; ubi multi- 
plex historia invictissimi hujus regis et regni continetur. Tiguri, 1602. 

STUKELEY (William). A letter to Mr. Macpherson on his publica- 
tion of Fingal and Temora. 4° Lond. 1763. 

. Palaeographia sacra ; or discourses on sacred subjects. 4^ Lond. 

. The healing of diseases, a character of the Messiah ; being the 

anniversary sermon before the College of Physicians, Sept. 20, 1750. 

STUNICA (Jac. L.). Erasmi Ilotterodami blasphemisB et impietates nunc 
primum propalatse, ac proprio volumine alias redargutse. 4P RomcBy 1522. 

STURLESON. See Snorro-Sturleson. 

STYLE (William). The practical register, or accomplished attorney. 
8° London^ 1670. 

SUAREZ (RoDERicus). Repetitiones in fori leges. 8® Lugduni, 1560. 

SUEIRO (Emmanuel). See Sveyro (E.). 

SUETONIUS (Caius Tranquillus). Capsarum XII libri, cum A. 
Cocceii Sabellici commentariis ; J. B. Egnatii annotat. ; annotata in eun- 
dem et loca aliquot restituta per D. Erasmum. 8°. Antv, 1548. 

■ De XII Caesaribus libri viii ; ejusdem de inlustribus grammaticis 

et de Claris rhetoribus ; I. Casaubonus recensuit et libros adiecit ani- 
madversionum ; seorsim adiecti sunt doctorum virorum (Beroaldi, Sa- 
bellici, Torrentii, Pulmanni, Egnatii, Erasmi, Glareani, Ursini, Lipsii, 
Statii, Vineti, Marcilii) commentarii. 4 pts. in 2 vob. fol. Par. 1610. 

. Vita di duodeci imperatori ; Historia d* Herodiano. 8** Ven. 1529. 

[The date is 1539 in the title, and 1529 at the end of the volume.] 
De Claris grammaticis. See Plinius (C. S.). Epistolarum lib. x. 

8° 1508. 
— . De Claris grammaticis ; de claris rhetoribus. See Apicius (C). De 

re coquinaria. 4°. 
SUIDAS. [Lexicon.] Gr. fol. Mediol 1499. 
. . Nunc primum integer Latinitate donatus opera ^milii 

Porti. 2 vols. fol. Col. 1619. 

See Schottus (A.). Hapoiniai ^EXKriviKai. 4° 1612. 

SULPICIUS SEVERUS. Opera omnia. 12<» Amst. 1656. 

■ See Mains (A.). Virgilii Maronis interpretes veteres. 4° 1818. 

SUMMACHUS (Q. Aurelius Avianus). Octo orationum ineditarum 

partes; invenit notisque declaravit A. Mains. 8® Mediol. 1815. 
SUMMO (Faustino). Discorsi poetici. 4° Padava^ 1600. 
SUMMONTE (Gio. Ant.). Historia della citta e regno de Napoli. 40 

Napoli, 1602. 
SUSSEX, Dnke of. See Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex. 
SUTCLIFFE (Matthew). A full and round answer to N.D. [Doleman], 

alias Robert Parsons the Noddie, his foolish and rude Wame-word. 4® 

London^ 1604. 


SVEYRO (Emanuel). Annales de Flandres. 2 vols. fol. Anvers, 1624. 
SWEDENBORG (Emanuel). A brief exposition of the doctrine of 

the New Church, understood in the Apocalypse by the New Jerusalem. 

8® Lond. 1769. 
— • Continuatio de ultimo judicio et de mundo spirituali. 4^ Amst 1763. 

. De commercio animae et corpore. 4® Londiniy 1769. 

■ DelitisB sapientiae; de amore conjugali; post quas sequuntur volup- 

tates insaniae ; de amore scortatorio. 4^ AmsL 1768. 

. Doctrina Novae HierosolymaB de Domino. 4® AmsieL 1763. 

. Doctrina Novae Hierosolymae de fide. AmsieL 1763. 

Doctrina vitae pro Nova Hierosolyma ex praeceptis Decalogi. 4" 

Amstel. 1763. 

— . Doctrina Novae Hierosolymae de Scriptura Sacra. 4** Amst, 1763. 
Pars prima de cultu et amore Dei, ubi agitur de telluris ortu, para- 

diso et vivario, tum de primogeniti seu Adami nativitate, infantia, et 
amore. 4° Lond. 1745. 

Sapientia angelica de divino amore, et de divina sapientia. 4^ 

Amst. 1763. 

— . Sapientia angelica de divina providentia. 4° Amst. 1764. 

— . See Anonymous. Abr6g§ des ouvrages d' E. Sw^enborg. 

— . . De coelo etejus mirabilibus, &c. 4** 1758. 

De Nova Hierosolyma. 4° 1758. 

SWIFT (Jonathan). A supplement to Dr. S.'s works ; containing mis- 
cellanies by the Dean, Delany, Sheridan, Mrs. Johnson, &c. ; wtth notes 
by the editor (J. Nichols). 4** London, 1779> 

SWINDEN (Henry). The history and antiquities of the ancient burgh 
of Great Yarmouth, in the county of Norfolk. 4° Norwich, 1772. 

SWINTON (Joannes). Inscriptiones Citieae: sive in binas inscript. 
Phoenicias inter rudera Citii nuper repertas, conjecturae ; accedit de 
nummisquibusdam Samaritanis et Phocniciis dissertatio. 4^ Oxon. 1750. 
■ . Metilia : sive, de quinario gentis Metiliae e nummis vetustis caetero- 
quin minimum notae, dissertatio. 4° Oxon. 1 750. 

SYLBURGIUS (Franciscus). See Dion Cassius. Historiae Romanae 
lib. XL VI. fol. 1606. 

SYLVAIN (Alexandre). Cinquante aenigmes Francoises, avec les 
expositions d'icelles ; ensemble quclques aenigmes Espagnolles dudict 
autheur et autres. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 8° Par. 1582. 

SYMEONI (Gabriello). Les illustres observations antiques en son der- 
nier voyage d'ltalie Tan 1557. 4° L^on, 1558. 

~. Comentarii sopra alia tetrarchia di Vinegia, di Milano, di Mantova, 
et di Ferrara. 8<» Ven. 1548. 

. niustratione de gli epitaffi e medaglie antiche. 4** Lione, 1558. 

.. Le imprese. See Giovio (P.). Dialogo dell' imprese. 8° 1574. 

SYMES (Michael). An account of the embassy to the kingdom of 
Ava in 1795. 4° Lond. 1800. 

SYMMACHUS (Quintus Aurelius Avianus). Epistolae familiares ; 
item Laudini escuitis [equitis] Hierosolymitani in epistolas TurciMagni 
traductio. 2 pts. 4° Ardent. 1510. 

. Epistolarum ad diversos libri x; ex recens. J. P. Paraei ; [to which 

are added] Lexicon Symmachianum ordine alphabetico ; calligraphia 
Symmachiana, opera Paraei; Q. A. Symmachi vita, a J. Gothofredo ; ac- 
cesserunt etiam electa Symmachiana. 5 pts. in 1 vol. 8° Neap. Ne- 
metum, 1617* 

See Summachus(Q. A. A.). 



SYMMEN (NicoL.). In disem Buchlein wircklerlich angezeigt Grudt 

un Ursach warumb der geistliche Stat, nemlich die BischofF vnd 

Priester zil Jherusalem Christum-und seine glidmessen getodt und 

verfurget haben. 4?** Worms [?], I52if. 
SYMMONS (John). See Anonymous. Thoughts on the present prices 

of provisions. 8° 1800. 
SYMONETA (Bonifac). De ChristiansB Fidei et Romanorum Pontifi- 

cum persecutionibus, opus pend divinumet inestimable, fol. BcuiL 1509. 
SYNESIUS Cyrennesis. De laudibus calvitii ; Jo. Phrea Brit, interprete, 

cum scholiis Beati Ilhenani. See Seneca (L. A.). In hoc opere, &c. 

4° 1515. 
SYNGE (Edward), Archbishop of Tuam. An essay towards making 

the knowledge of religion easy to the meanest capacity. 8® London^ 

SZLICHTINGIUS (Jonas). QusBStio : nnm ad regnum Dei possiden- 

dum necesse sit in nullo peccato Evangelicae doctrinsB adverso manere ? 

80 lRaewi(B]y 1635. 


TACITUS (Caius Cornelius). Annali et istorie, con le due operette 
de' costumi de' Germani e della vita d' Agricola ; tradutte da Politi. . et 
una breve apologia intomo alia lingua. 8^ Fen. 1616. 

. De moribus et populis Germaniee, libellus ; cum commentariolo 

Vetera Germaniae populorum vocabula pauois explicante. 8° \_Basilear\. 
Gli annali ; tradotti da G. Dati; con nn discorso del C.L. S. [Cav. 

Leon. Salviati] sopra le prime parole dell'autore, dove si mostra peroh^ 
Roma ageyolmente pote mettersi in liberta, e perdutala non potd mai 
raoquistarla. 4° Ven. 1582. 

Af" Venetia, 1589. 
Libri quinque noviter inventi, atque cum reliquis ejus operibus 

editi. fol. BomtSf 1515. 

U imperio di Tiberio Cesare espresso in lingua Fiorentina da B. 

Davanzati. 4® Fiorenzoy 1600. 

Opera; ex recensione Lipsii. 12^ Lugd, Bat. IS2\^ 

The annales; the description of Germany; [translated by R. 

Grenewey]. fol. Londn 1598. 

The ende of Nero and beginning of Galba; the Life of Agricola, 

by H. Savile* 2 pts. in 1 vol. fol. Oxfordcy 1591. 
— . The ende of Nero and beginning of Galba ; the life of Agricola ; 
[translated by H, Savile]. foL London^ 1598. 

De moribus et populis Germaniae. See Huttenus (U.). Arminius, 

&c. 8« 1538. 

et C. VELLEIUS PATERCULUS. Scripta quse extant ; additi 

commentarii et notee. fol. Par. 1608. 

TALiEUS (AuDOMARUs). See Ramus (P.). Dialectica, &c 8° 15T7. 

TALON (Omer). See Ramus (P.). Dialectica, &c. 8o 1577. 

TANI (NiccoLd). Avertimenti sopra le regole Toscane, con la forma- 
tione de* verbi, et variatione delle voci. 8® Ven. 1550. 

TANNER (Thomas). Notitia monastica, or a short history of the reli- 
gious houses in England and Wales. 8^ Oxford^ 1695. 

TANNERUS (Adamvs), Defensionis ^cclesiasticte Ubertalki libri duo« 
4^ Jnffolst, 1607, 


TANSILLO (LuiGi). Le lagrime di S. Pietro ; aggiuntevi I'eccellenza 

della gloriosa vergine Maria, del S. H. Guarguante. 8° Ven. 1618. 
TARAQONA (Diego Ybpes), Obupo de. See Yepes (D.). 
TARAPHA (Franciscus), See Vasaeus (J.), and Tarapha (F.). Reram 

Hispanicarum annales. 8** 1577. 
TARCAGNOTA (Giovanni). Mambrino Roseo da Fabriano, e Die- 
nigi da Fano, Historie del mondo dal Principio fine al 1580. 6 vols. 
Af" Venezia, 1583-1610. 
TARCHANIOTA (Michael Marullus). See ManiUus (M. Tarcha- 

TARGET (Gui-Jean-Baptiste). M^moire pour Louis*R^a6-Edouard 
de RohaD, Cardinal, &c. ; [to which are added] Pieces justificatives. 
4° Paris, 1786. 

. Reflexions rapides pour le Cardinal de Rohan, sur le sommaire 

de la Dame de la Motte. 4° Paris, [1786]. 
TARTAGNI (Alexandro) de Imola, (Apostillee super prima parte co- 
dlcis.) fol. Ven. 1491. 

(Apostillse super secunda parte codicis.) fol. Ven, 1491. 
Apostillee super prima parte inforeiati. fol. Venet 1492. 
'Apofltillae super secunda parte infortiati.) fol. Ven, 1491. 
ApostillaB super secunda parte Jf. novi.) fol. Ven, 1491. 
Apostillse super secunda parte Jf. novi.) fol. Ven, 149^. 
lonsilia. 5 vols. fol. Venetiisy 1488 et Mediol. 1498. 
Lectura super prima parte Jf. novi. fol. Ven, 1492. 
Lectura super prima Jf. yeteris. fol. Ven, 1491. 

. . Lectura super secunda Jf. veteris. fol. Ven, 1491. 

- ^ (Secunda pars et finis^l veteris, una cum additionibus.) fol. Me^ 
diol. 1490. 
TARSIS (Juan de). Obras. 4° Madrid, 1643. 
TASSO r Bernardo). Le lettere. 8° Ven. 1588. 
TASSO (Faustino), Le historie de* successi de' nostri tempi. 4® Ven, 

TASSO (ToRQUATo). Aminta. 18° Ven. 1625. 

.^ La Gierusalemme liberata ; con gli argomenti del Sig'. O. Ariosti. 

4« Parma, 1581. 

Gierusalemme liberata ; con gli argomenti del Sig. H. Ariosti. 4® 

■I " ' I » 


MoitUova, 1584, 

— . Delia Gerusalemme conquistata libri xxiv. 12** Venetia, 1609. 

— • La Gierusalemme liberata. 18° Roma, 1670. 

Discorsi dell* arte poetica, e insieme il primo libro delle lettere piene 

d'avvertimenti a dichiarazione della sua Gerusalemme liberata. 4° Ven, 


Godfrey of Bulloigne translated into English by R. C; and now 

the flrdt part containing five cantos imprinted in both languages. 4° 
London, 1594. 

Goffredo, overo Gierusalemme liberata ; con Taggiunta de* einque 


canti del Sig^ C. Camilli. 2 pts. 4° Ven. 1600. 

II fomo, overo della nobilt^; dialogo. 4° Vicenza, 1581. 

II Rinaldo. 12° VeneHa, 1608. 

Opere non piii stampate ; raccolte, e publicatc da M. A. Foppa. 
3 vols. 4° R(ma, 1666. 
— • Rime. vol. i. 12° Venezia, 1608. 

Prima et seconda parte. 12° VeneHa, 1608, 


SYMMEN (NicoL.). In disem Buchlein wircklerlich angezeigt Grudt 

un Unach warumb der geistliche Stat, nemlich die Bischoff vnd 

Priester zu Jherusalem Christum-und seine glidmessen getodt und 

verfurget haben. 4° Worms [?], 1524-. 
SYMMONS (John). See Anonymous. Thoughts on the present prices 

of provisions. 8® 1800. 
SYMONETA (Bonifac). De ChristiansB Fidei et Romanorum Pontifi- 

cum persecutionibus, opus pend divinum et inestimable, fol. JBcuiL 1509. 
SYNESIUS Ct/rennesis. De laudibus calvitii ; Jo. Phrea Brit interprete, 

cum scholiis Beati Rhenani. See Seneca (L. A.). In hoc opere, &c. 

4° 1515. 
SYNGE (Edward), Archbishop of Tuam. An essay towards making 

the knowledge of religion easy to the meanest capacity. 8^^ Londofiy 

SZLICHTINGIUS (Jonab). QusBstio : num ad regnum Dei possiden- 

dum necesse sit in nullo peccato Evangelicae doctrines adverso manere ? 

8» [/2acori«], 1635. 


TACITUS (Caius Cornelius). Annali et istorie, con le due operette 
de' costumi de* Germani e della vita d'Agricola ; tradutte da Politi. . et 
una breve apologia intomo alia lingua. 8^ Ven. 161 6. 

. De moribus et populis Germanise, libellus ; cum commentariolo 

Vetera Germanise populorum vocabula pauois explicante. 8° {_B€isile(B']. 
Gli annali ; tradotti da G. Dati; con un discorso del C.L. S. [Cav. 

Leon. Salviati] sopra le prime parole dell* autore, dove si mostra perchd 
Roma ageyolmente pote mettersi in liberta, e perdutala non pot^ mai 
raoquistarla. 4° Ven, 1582. 

4*> Vm^ia, 1589. 
Libri quinque noviter inventi, atque cum reliquis ejus operibus 

editi. fol. RomcBj 1515. 

L* imperio di Tiberio Cesare espresso in lingua Fiorentina da B. 

Davanzati. 4° Fiorenzoy 1600. 

Opera; ex recensione Lipsii. 12^ Lugd. Bai* 1621* 

The annales; the description of Germany; [translated by R. 

Grenewey]. fol. Lond. 1598. 

The ende of Nero and beginning of Galba; the Life of Agricola, 

by H, Savile* 2 pts. in 1 vol. foL Oxfardcy 1591. 
— . The ende of Nero and beginning of Galba ; the life of Agricola ; 
[translated by H. Savile]. foL Ixmdony 1598. 

De moribus et populis GermanisB. See Huttenus (U.). Arminius, 

&c. 8° 1538. 

et C. VELLEIUS PATERCULUS. Scripta quse extant ; additi 

eommentarii et notse, fol. Par. 1608. 

TALiEUS (Audomarus). See Ramus (P.). Dialectica, &c 8*> 1577. 

TALON (Omer). See Ramus (P.). Dialectica, &c. 8o 1577. 

TANI (Niccoi.d). Avertimenti sopra le regole Toscane, con la forma- 
tione de* verbi, et variatione delle voci. 8** Ven. 1550. 

TANNER (Thomas). Notitia monastica, or a short history of the reli- 
gious houses in England and Wales. 8^ Oxford^ 1695. 

TANNERUS (Adamus). Defensionis ^cclesiasticce libertatid UM duo, 
4^ JngohU 1607* 


TANSILLO (LuiGi). Le lagrime di S. Pietro ; aggiuntevi Teccellenza 

della gloriosa vergine Maria, del S. H. Guarguante. 8^ Ven. 1618. 
TARAQONA (Diego Yepes), ObUpo de. See Yepes (D.). 
TARAPHA (Franciscus). See Vaseeus (J.), and Tarapha (F.). Reram 

Hispanicarum annales. 8° 1577. 
TARCAGNOTA (Giovanni). Mambrino Roseo da Fabriano, e Dio- 
nigi da Fano, Historie del mondo dal Principio fine al 1580. 6 vols* 
4° Venezia, 1583-1610. 
TARCHANIOTA (Michael Marullus). See MaruUus (M. Tarcha- 

TARGET (Gui-Jean-Baptiste), M6moire pour Louis-R^n^-Edouard 
de Rohan, Cardinal, &c. ; [to which are added] Pieces justificatives, 
4° Paris, 1786. 

. Reflexions rapidea pour le Cardinal de Rohan, sur le sommaire 

de la Dame de la Motte, 4° Paris, [1786]. 
TARTAGNI (Alexandro) de Imola, (ApostiUse super prima parte co- 
dlcis.) foL Ven. 1491. 

(Apostillae super secunda parte oodicis.) fol. Ven. 1491. 
Apostillae super prima parte inforciati. fol. Venei. 1492. 
Apostillae super secunda parte infortiati.) fol. Ven. 1491. 
ApostillaB super secunda parte Jf. novi.) fol. Ven. 1491. 
'Apostillae super secunda parte Jf. novi.) fol. Ven. 1491^. 
!onsilia. 5 vols. foL Venetiis, 1488 et Mediol. 1498. 

. Lectura super prima parte Jfl novi. fol. Ven. 1492. 

■■■ ., Lectura super prima Jf. yeteris. fol. Fen. 1491. 

. . Lectura super secunda Jfi veteris. fol. Ven. 1491. 

m . (Secunda pars et finis JT, veteris, una cum additionibus.) fol. iKfe- 
diol. 1490. 
TARSIS (Juan de). Obraa. 4« Madrid, 1643. 
TASSO ^Bernardo). Le lettere. 8° Ven. 1588. 
TASSO (Faustino). Le historie de* successi de' nostri tempi. 4** Ven. 

TASSO (ToRQUATo). Aminta. 18<» Ven. 1625. 

La Gierusalemme liberata ; con gli argomenti del Sig'. O. Ariosti. 




4<» Parma, 1581. 

Gierusalemme liberata ; con gli argomenti del Sig. H. Ariosti. 4^ 
Mantova, 1584, 

— . Della Gerusalemme conquistata libri xxiv. 12° Venetia, 1609. 
— . La Gierusalemme liberatia,. 18® R&ma, 1670. 

Discorsi delF arte poetica, e insieme il primo libro delle lettere piene 

d'avvertimenti a dichiarazione della sua Gerusalemme liberata. 4° Ven. 


Godfrey of Bulloigne translated into English by R. C. ; and now 

the first part containing five cantos imprinted in both languages. 4^ 
London, 1594. 

Gofiredo, overo Gierusalemme liberata ; con I'aggiunta de' einque 

canti del Sig^ C. Camilli. 2 pts. 4° Few. 1600. 

II forno, overo della nobilt^; dialogo. 4° Vicenza, 1581. 

II Rinaldo. 12° Venetia, 1608. 

Opere non piu stampate ; raccolte, e publicate da M. A. Foppa. 
3 vols. 4° Roma, 1666. 
— . Rime. vol. i. 12° Venezia, 1608. 

Prima et seeonda parte. 12^ VeneHa, 1608, 


TASSO (TouQUATo). Rime ; parte seconda. 12« Ferrara^ 15S3. 

Parte quinta. \9^ Venetia, 1608. 

. Parte sesta. 12"* Venetia, 1608. 

■ Vcnti ragionameuti faiuiliari sopra la venuta del Messia. 4° Ven* 


TASSY (Joseph-He LioDORR Garcin cfe). See Garcin de Tassy (J. H.). 

TATIANUS. Oratio ad Grsecos ; Hermise irrisio Gentilium philosopho- 
rum, Gr, et Jjot, ; recensuit, adnotationibus C. Gesneri, F. Ducaei, C. 
Kortholti, T. Galei, selectisque.... aliorum, suas qualescunque adiecit 
W.Worth. 8° 0x071.1700. 

TATIUS (Achilles). De Clitophontis et Leucippes amoribus libri viii. 
ex bibliotheca Salmasii; Gr. et Zo/. ; (adiectus est notarum liber). 12^ 
Luffd. Bat. 1640. 

— . Deir amore di Leucippe et di Clitophonte. 8® Ven. 1551. 

. Deir amore di Clitofonte e Leucippe ; tradotto da E. A. Coccio. 8** 

Fiorenza, 1593. 

TATTAM (Henry). A compendious grammar of the Egyptian lan- 
guage as contained in the Coptic and Sahidic dialects, with observations 
on the Bashmuric ; together with alphabets and numerals in the hiero- 
glyphic and Enchorial characters; with rudiments of a dictionary of the 
ancient Egyptian language in the Enchorial character; by T. Young. 
8® Lond. 1830. 

— . Lexicon Egyptiaco-Latinum ex veteribus linguae Egyptiacae mo- 
numentis. 8° Uxonii, 1835. 

TA VANES (Guillaume de Saulx de). M^moires de Gaspard de Ta- 
vanes. fol. 

TAYLOR (Jeremy). A discourse of the liberty of prophesying. 4** 
Lond. 1647. 

— . See Anonymous. Discourse (a) of the nature, &c.... of friendship. 
12° 1657. 

TAYLOR (J. E.). Michael Angelo, considered as a Philosophic Poet : 
with translations. 12° Lond. 1840. 

TAYLOR (Richard). See Tooke(J.H.). Ettcu Urepoevra. 2vols.8° 1829. 

TAYLORUS (Joannes). Marmor Sandvicense. 4° Cantab. 1743. 

TEDESCHI (Nicola). See Tudeschis (N. de). 

TEIXERA (Joseph). De Portugalliae ortu, regni initiis, et denique de 
rebus a regibus universoque regno praeclare gestis, compendium. 4° 
J^a7*isiis 1582. 

TELESIO (Antovio). See Thylesius (A.). 

TELLEZ (Balthezar). Historia geral de Ethiopia a alta, ou Preste 
Joam, e do que nella obraram os padres da companhia de Jesus, com- 
posta na mesma Ethiopia pelo P. M, d' Almeyda, abbrcviada. fol. 
Coimbra, 1660. 

TEMPLE (Sir William). Observations upon the United Provinces 
of the Netherlands. 8° Lond. 1673. 

TEN-KATE (Lambert Hermanson). The Beau Ideal, translated by 
G. C. Le Blon. 4° Lond. 1732. 

TERENTIUS (Publius). Comoediae ; cum commentariis iElii Donati, 
G. Juvenalis, P. Marsi, in omnes fabulas; J. Calphurnii in Heautonti- 
morumenon ; accedunt A. Goveani epistola de castigatione harum 
comoediarum ; B. Latomi argumenta ; P. Rivii castigationes ; H. L. 
Glareani in carmina T. iudicium. fol. Ven. 1561. 

TERENTIUS (Publius, Afer). Comcediae; cum comment. Donatio 
fol. Paris. 


TERENTIUS(PubliuS)Afer). Comoediee; cum annotationibus Farnabii 

in quatuor priores. 18® Amst, 1651. 
— . ComcBdiee ; accesserunt varise lectiones. 4® Cantab, YlOl. 
' II Terentio Latino, commentato in lingua Toscana, da Giovanni 

Fabrini da Fighine. 4° Vineg, 1556. 
/to/. 8« Vm. 1546. 

TERRACINA (Laura). Discorso sopra tutti li primi canti d'Orlando 

Furioso. 8<> Ven. 1550. 

Rime. 8® VenetUiy 1554. 

TERTULLIANUS (Quintus Septimius Florens). Adversus gentes 

apologeticon. See Lactantius (L. C. F.). Habes in hoc volumine^ 

&c. fol. 1502. 

Apologeticus adversus gentes. See Lactantius. Divinarum in- 

stitutionum libri vii., &c. 8** 1515. 

— • Opera T. et Amobii quotquot ab interitu vindicari potuerunt; 

studio R. L. de la Barre. 2 pts. in 1 vol. fol. Paris, 1580. 

Opera, per Beatum Rhenanum e tenebris eruta. fol. Basil, 1521* 

TESTAMENTUM NOVUM. Armenian. 8<> Lmd. 1814. 

— — . Danish, 8° Lond. 1814. 

. Dutch and French. 8° Amst. 1649. 

. Esquimaux. The Gospels translated into the language of ^he 

Esquimaux Indians, on the coast of Labrador, by the missionaries of 
the Unitas Fratrum, or United Brethren, residing at Nain, Okkak and 
Hopedale. 12° Lond. 1813. 

French. Selon T^dition vulgate, avec les differences du Grec. 2 

pts. in 1 vol. 8° Mom, 1688. 

— . French. Traduit sur la vulgate par leMaistredeSacy. 8® JPar.1817. 

— . Fr. and Eng. 8« Lond. 1817. 

— . Georgian. 4® Lond. 

— . German. 8° Rackaw, 1630. 

— . Greek. 12° Lugd. Bat. 1633. 

— . Greek. 8° Haganom, 1521. 

Hebrew. 8° Lond. 1817. 

Irish. 8° Lond. 1818. 

— . Italian. 8° Lond. 1816. 

— . Latin; per D. Erasmum. 8° Basil. 1523. 

— . Latin; Hieronymo interpr. 8° Colonice, 1525. 

— . Manks. 8° LoTid. 1815. 

Modern Greek. 12° Lond. 1815. 

A D. Erasmo recognitum ; adiecta et nova illius praefatione ; prae- 

terea addita sunt in singulas apostolorum epistolas argumenta per eun- 
dem Erasmum. 4° Basil. 1521. 

Novum Instrumentum ; Gr. et Lat. diligenter ab Erasmo recogni- 

tum, cum annotationibus. 2 pts. in 1 vol. fol. Basil. 1516. 
— . Portuguese. 8° [Zone?.] 1817. 
Syriace. 4° Lond. 1816. 

TEUBERUS (Christ. Andr.). Tractatus philologico-exegeticus, de 
utilitate linguae Anglicanae in explicatione S. Scripturae. 12° Lipsice^ 

THELOALL (Simon). Le digest des briefes originals, et des choses 
concernants eux. 8° Londini, 1579. 

THELWALL (John). The trident of Albion ; an epic effusion : and an 
oration on the influence of elocution on Martial enthusiasm ; with an ad- 
dress to the shade of Nelson. 8° Liverpool^ 1805. 



THEMISTIUS, Philoscphus. Oratio in eos a quibus ob preefecturani 

susceptam fuerat vituperatus ; inventore et interprete A. Maio ; Gr. et 

LaL S"" Medial. IS16. 
THEOCRITUS. TheocriU, Moschi, Bionis, Simmii ques extant, cum 

Graecis in Theocritum scholiis ; Gr, et Lot, ; omnia studio D. Heinsii ; 

accedunt J. Scaligeri, I. Casauboni, et D. Heinsil notae et lectiones. 

4<> Heidelberg, 1604. [With MS. noter.] 
THEODORETUS, EpUc. Cyn. Dialogi tre» \ Gr. et Lot. ; interprete 

V. Strigelio. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 8° Lipsice, 1568. 
THEOPHILE de VIAU. CEuvres. B^ Zyow, 1638. 
THEOPHILUS, Episc. ArUiochenm. Ad Autolycum libri iii ; Gr. et 

Lat. 12« Oxan. 1684-. 
THEOPHILUS (Joannes). Divina incentiva piorum affectuum e sacris 

Uteris collecta. 8^ AtigustoriH Pictonuniy 1610. 
THEOPHRASTUS, Junior. See Anonymous. Letter (a) to the Right 

Hon. the Earl of Moira, &c. 8° 1806. 
THEOPHYLACTUS, Archiep. Bulgaria. In quatuor Evangelia enar- 

rationes, J. CEoolampadio interprete. fol. Basil. 1524. 
THIB AULT (GiRARD^. Acad^mie de Tesp^e, oii se demonstrent par regies 

math ematiques la theorie et pratique des armes. fol. [^Hr^r^], 1628. 
THICKNESSE (Philip). A treatise on the art of decyphering and 

writing in cypher,with an harmonic alphabet. 8° Lond. 1772. 
THILORIER (— ). M^moire pour le Comte de Cagliostro, Demandeur, 

contre M. Chesnop le fils, et le Sieur de Launay, Defendeurs. 4° 

Par. 1786. 
— — . Requete au Parlement par le Comte de Cagliostro. 4?® PariSy 1786. 
THODOVALD A, Episcapus BcUhavenm. Epistola ad Austriacum ducem 

Liupaldum. See Tageno Decanup Bathavensis. E^cpeditio Asiatica> 

&c. 4° 1522. 
THOLTZ (JoH.). Von dem Osterlemlen und Testament Ihesu Chriati. 

8° Nurmb. 1526. 
THOMAS (Antoine-Leonard). A Monsieur Janin de Combe-Blanche 

pour la St. Jean, jour de sa fete. 8° Lyon^^ [1785]. 

. Lettres a M. Janin de Combe-Blanche. Vienna en DavpHn^t 1780. 

THOMAS (William). Principal rules of the Italian grammer, with a 

dictionarie for the better understandynge of Boccace» Pethrarcha and 

Dante. 4° London^ 1567. 
. The works of, clerk of the privy council in 1549, consisting of a 

curious account of the reign of Henry VIII. ; to which are added, six 

essays on questions of State, written at the command of Edward VI. ; 

with notes by A. D'Aubant. 8° Lond. 1774. 
THOMAS, ^arl of Pembroke and Montgomery. See Pembroke and 

Montgomery, (T.) Earl of. 
THOMS ( — de). See Boze (C. G. de). Lettra sur une medaille an- 
tique de Smyrne. 4° 1744. 
THOMSON (Jacob). 11 castello dell* ozio ; recato in ottava riraa da 

T, J. Matthias, 8^ Napoliy 1826. 
THOMSON (John). Observations introductory to a work on English 

etymology. 4** London^ 1819. 
THORNDIKE (Herbert). Of the government of churches ; a dis- 
course pointing at the primitive form. 8^ Carnb. 1641. 
THORNTON (William). Speech on his motion to repeal the declara- 
tions against the belief of transubstantiation and asaerting the worship 

of the church of Rome to be idolatrous. 8^ Lmdm^ 181 8. 


THORPE (Benjamin). See Ceedmon. Metrical paraphrase, &c. 8*^1832. 

THUCYDIDES. De bello Peloponnesiaco libri octo; Gr. Lot.; ex 
interp. Valise, ab H. Stephano reeognita, quam M. Portus novissime 
repurgavit; [with] F. Porti commentarii. 2 pts. in 1 vol. fol. Fran- 
cof. 1594. 

-— « De bello Peloponnesiaco, lib. VIII. ; Gr,eXL(U, fol. Oa?(m. 1696. 

—— . Historia de bello civili ; Latine. 8°. 

. Trad, per F. Strozzi. 4® Ven. 1564. 

THULDENUS (Christianus Adolphus). See Brachelius (A.). 
Tractatus historico-politici, &c. 12**. 

THYLESIUS ( Antonius). De coloribus libellus ; ex Timaeo Platonis 
de coloribus, M. Ficino interp. ; ex noctibus Atticis A. Gellii de colori- 
bus caput unum ; item quee notavitin caput A. Gellii Lazarus Bayfius; 
cum aliis quibusdam ejusdem argumenti autoribus. 8°. 

THYSIUS (Antonius). See Lactantius (L. C. F.). Opera. 8« 1652. 

TIBULLUS (Albius). See CatuUus (C. V.) 8o 1502. 

18«> 1587. 

. . . Catullus, Tibullus, et Propertius ; ex recensione J. 

G. Grcevii. S** 1680. 

See Catullus (C. V.), Tibullus, et Propertius. Opera. 4<> 1702. 

TILGHMAN (William). Eulogium. See Ponceau (P. S. du). Eu- 
logium,&c. 8° 1827. 

TILIUS (Joannes). Chronicon de regibus Franconim a Pharamundo 
ad Henricum TI. See iEmylius (P.). De rebus gestis Francorum. 
fol. 1569. 

TILLET (Jean c?w), Evesque de Meaux, Chronique abr6g6e ; contenant 
ce qui est advenu entre les potentats estrangers. See Tillet (J. du> 
Sieur de la Bussiere). Recueil des rois de France, fol. 1580. 
■ ^ Sieur de la Bussiere, Recueil des roys de France, leur couronne 
et maison ; plus une chronique abr6g6e, contenant tout ce qui est advenu 
entre les potentats estrangers; par M. J. du Tillet, Evesque de Meaux. 2 
pts. in 1 vol. fol. Par. 1580. 
4° 1607. 

TILLOTSON (John), Archbishop of Canterbury. The rule of faith, or 
an answer to the treatise of Mr. J. S. entituled. Sure-footing, &c. ; to 
which is subjoined, a reply to Mr. J. S. his 3rd appendix, &c., by E. 
Stillingfleet. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 8« Lond. 1676. 

Life. See Birch (T.). The life of, &c. 8° 1752. 

TIMUR. The Mulfuzat Timury ; or autobiographical memoirs of the 
Moghul Emperor Timur, written in the Jagtay Turky language, turned 
into Persian by Aby Tabib Hussyny, and translated into English by 
C. Stewart. 4° London^ 1830. 

TTSCHBEIN (W illiam). See Hamilton (W.). Collections of engrav- 
ings from ancient vases, &c. fol. 1791, &c. 

TITELMANNUS (Fbanciscus). See David, King of Israel. Elucida- 
tio in omnes Psalmos. fol. 1573. 

TITO GIOVANNI Scandianese. La dialettica divisa in tre libri. 4® 
Vinegia^ 1563. 

TODD (H. J.). An account of Greek manuscripts of the late Professor 
Carlyle, the greater part of which are now in the archiepiscopal library 
at Lambeth. 8® Londony 1823. 

. The history of the college of Bonhommes in Ashridge in the 

county of Buckingham, founded by Edmund Earl of Cornwall, fol, 
Londmy 1828. 



TOLLIUS (Jacobus). See Lucianas Samosatensis. Opera. 8® 1687. 
TOLOMEI (Claudio). Delle lettere libii sette, con una breve dichia- 
razione in fine di tutto V ordin de 1* ortografica di questa opera. 4® 
Ven. 1547. 

Lettere. S^ Vin. 1549. 

II Cesano, nel quale da pid dotti huomini si disputa del nome col 
quale si dee ragionevolmente chiamare lavolgar lingua. 4^ Ven, 1555. 
TOMITANO (Bernardino). Quattro libri della lingua Thoscana. W^ 

Padova, 1570. 
TONSTALL (Cuthbert). In laudem matrimonii oratio. 4® Basil. 1519. 
TOOKE (John Horne). Eirca frrepoevra : or the diversions of Purley ; 
edited and corrected by R* Taylor ; to which is annexed his letter to 
J. Dunning. 2 vols. 8*» London, 1829. 
TOOKE (Thomas). A history of prices, and the state of the circulation, 
from 1793 to 1837, preceded by a brief sketch of the state of the 
com trade in the last two centuries. 2 vols. 8^ Lond, 1838. 

A history of prices and of the state of the circulation in 1838 and 
1839. 8® London, 1840. 

Considerations on the state of the currency. 8^ Lond. 1826. 
Thoughts and details on high and low prices. 4 pts. in 1 vol. 8^ 
Lond. 1823. 

Thoughts and details of the high and low prices of the 30 years 

from 1793 to 1822; [with 4 appendixes]. 5 1 vol. 8<» London,lS24f. 

TOOKE (William). A sermon preached at the parish-church of St. 

Luke, before the Committee of the Royal Institution for the education 

of the poor; March 13, 1814. 8*» Lond. 1814. 

A sermon preached in the cathedral church of St Paul on Sun- 
day, the 1st of May, 1814. 4o London, 1814. 

— -• A sermon preached in the parish church of St. Lawrence, Jewry, 
on the 29tJi of Sept., 1814, before the election of a Lord Mayor. 4° 
London, 1814. 

A sermon preached in the parish church of St Lawrence, Jewry, 

on Sunday, the 9th of Jan., 1814. 4° Lond. 1814. 
— • A sermon preached in the cathedral church of St Paul, on the 
12th of June, 1814. 4«» London, 1814. 

A sermon preached in the cathedral church of St. Paul, on Thurs- 

day the 13th of Jan., 1814, being the day appointed for a general 
thanksgiving. 4^ London, 1814. 

History of Russia, from the foundation of the monarchy by Rurik 

to the accession of Catherine II. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1800. 

Histoire de Tempire de Russie sous le regne de Catherine II. 6 

vols. 8° Par. an X. [ 1 801 ] . 

View of the Russian empire during the reign of Catherine II., to 

the close of the present century. 3 vols. 8° Lond. 1799. 
See Anonymous. Life (the) of Catherine II. 8** 1799. 

TOPHAM (John). A description of an ancient picture in Windsor 

Castle, representing the embarkation of Henry VIII. at Dover, May 31, 

1520. 4° London, 1781. 
TORNIELLUS (Augustinus). Annales sacri et profani ab orbe con- 

dito,adeundem Christi passione redemptum. 2 vols. fol. Franco/. 161 1. 
TORRE (Franc, de la). El peregrino Atlante Francisco Xavier; epitome 

historico y panegirico de su vida. 4° Valencia, 1670. 
TORRE (Zanetta dalla). I notabili avertimenti sopra Tarme, !e mascare, 

balli, feste, festivi e chiassi del Cameval. 8® Venetia, 162b. 


TORRE (FiLiFFodella). Institutione d'un re christiano. 8° VinegioylBSl. 
TORRENTIUS (Ljevinus). See Suetonius (C. T.> De XII Cssaribus 

lib. VIII. fol. 1610. 
TORRES (Francisco Caro de). Historia de las ordenes militares de 

Santiago, Calatrava y Alcantara ; desde su fundacion hasta el rey Don 

Filipe Segundo. fol. Madrid^ 1629. 
TORRES de LYMA (Luis de). Compendio das mais notaveis cousas 

que no reyno de Portugal acontecerao desde a perda del rey D. Sebas- 

tiao at6 o anno de 1627 ; com outras cousas tooantes ao bom govemo, 

6 diversidade d*estados. 8® Coimbray 1654. 
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Vinegiuy 1566. 
. Precetti necessarii et altre cose utilissime, parte ridotti in capiy 

parte in alberi, sopra diverse cose pertinenti alia grammatica, poetica^ 

rhetorica, historia, topica, loica et ad altre facolta. 4^ Ven. 1562. 
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count of the proceedings of the four last parliaments of Q. Elizabeth, 
as also the more particular behaviours of the worthy members, com- 
prehending the motions, &c. of Cecill, Sir F. Bacon, Sir W. Rawleigh, 
Sir E. Hobby, &c. fol. Lond. 1680. 

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que vocibus, de prsedicamentis, de syllogismo, de enthymemate, de defi- 
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religion naturelle et r6v^lee. 3 vols. 8° Geneve, 1779. 

. Instructions d'un pere a ses enfans sur la vertu ct le bonheur. 8® 

Geneve, 1783. 

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de Stanislaus le Bienfaisant. 8^ Nancy, 1767. 

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facilement et en pen de temps la langue Espagnole. 1*2^ Paris, 1665. 

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per M. Ficinum traductus. 4° Venetiis, 1493. 

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vol. 8° Eoma, 1547. 

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4» [1500]. 


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L. Bologninum de Bononia.) foL Ferrar* 1475. [With MS. notes 
. by Pirckheymer.] 
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&0. 12« 169S. 
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fol. 1617. 

. See Varro (M. T.> Opera. 8° 1623. 

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Lincoln on Sunday, August 5, 1810. 4° Lincoln, 1810. 
TURNOR (Edmund). A short view of the proceedings of the several 

committees and meetings held in consequence of the intended petition 

to parliament for a limited exportation of wool in 1781 and 1782 ; to- 

f ether with Mr. Glover's letter on that subject (extracted from The 
'amphleteer, No. xlvi.). 4?** Lond. 1824. 

— : — . See Anon}'mous. Chronological tables of the high-sheri£& of 
Lincoln, &c. 4° 1779. 

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ou le gouvemement compos6 et mesl6 des trols formes de legitimes 
r^publiques. 4** Par. 1611. 

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Anonymous. Habes hie, lector, dialogum de fratre . . . Savonarola, &c 
4° 1521. 

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MogunU 1599. 

12° Ven. 1614. 

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England in point of schism, as it stands separated from the Roman, and 
was reformed 1st Elizabeth. 4° Lond. 1675. 

. Historiae AnglicanaB scriptores x ; Simon Monachus Dunelmensis ; 

Johannes Prior Hagustaldensis ; Ricardus Prior Ragustaldensis ; Ail- 
red us Abbas Rievallensis ; Radulphus de Diceto Londinensis ; Johan- 
nes Brompton Jomallensis ; Gervasius Monachus Dorobornensis ; 
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8« 1775, &c. 


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parte prima. 4° 1592. 


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Londray 1581. 
. La vite delle donne illustri del regno d'lDghilterra^ et del regno di 

Scotia, et di quelle, che d' altri paesi ne i due detti regni sono stato 

maritate. 4° Ixmdra, 1591. 
UBALDIS (Angelus de\ Incipit lectura aurea ac peregrina super 

secunda ff. novi. fol. medioL 14<93. 
" ■' Incipit lectura aurea ac peregrina super secunda ff. reteris. fol. 

Medtol. 1493. 
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tractatus de successionlbus ab intestato clericorum secularium et regu- 

larium. fol. Ven, 1499. 
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aliis quibusdam sociis. fol. Ven, 1500. 
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. La historia dell* impresa di Tripoli, e del successo dell* armata 

Turchesca venuta sopra Malta Fanno 1565. 4** [ Ven. 1566]. 

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. Vita dell* envitissimo e sacratissimo imperator Carlo V. 4^ Few. 1566. 

4« Ven. 1 575. 

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URE (Andrew). The cotton manufacture of Great Britain systematically 

investigated. 8® London^ 1836. 
— . The philosophy of manufactures, or an exposition of the scientific, 

moral, and commercial economy of the factory system of Great Britain. 

12<» Londm, 1835. 
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ad populum habita con^ratulatio. 4^ PadtuB^ 1487* 
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Marmora Oxoniensia. fol. 1676. 
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Auitrice, [1517]. 
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numismatibus ab urbe condita ad tempora divi August! ; acyunctis fa- 

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See Verrius (M. ¥.). Quae extant 8^ 1593. 

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answer to a challenge made by a Jesuite in Ireland. 4° Dublin^ 1624. 
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Usperg. a). 
USSERIUS (^5 AcofiVs)y Archiep.ATiomag* Britannicarum ecclesiarum 


antiqaitates ; quibus inserta est pestifene a Pelagio inductee heereseos 
historia. 4*» Dublin, 1639. 
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antiquitates ; accedit gravissimae quaestionis de Christianarum ecclesia- 
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■ De Graeca Septuaginta Interpretum versione syntagma ; cum libri 
Estherse editione Origenica, et vetere Graeca altera; accesserunt ex 
chronologia sacra noudum edita dissertatio una cum eiusdem edita ad 
L. Cappeilum, et altera a G. Eyrio anno 1607 data epistola. 4^ Lond* 

■ Veterum epistolarum Hibemicarum sylloge. 4® Dubliniiy 1632. 
VADIANUS (JoACHiMUs). Carmen maximorum Caesarum Friderici 

III. patris et filii Maximiliani iaudes continens. See Isocrates. In hoc 

libeUo, &c De regno gubemando liber a M. Philetico interpr. 4® 


■ Oratio coram invictissimo Sigismundo rege Poloniae, &c., in con- 
ventu Caesaris et trium regum nomine universitatis Viennae Austriae 
habita ; cum carmine in laudem ejusdem regis. 4° Vienmsy 1515. 

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during the time of the Crusades. See Neumann (C. F.). Translations 

from the Chinese and Armenian. 8^ 1832. 
VAILLANT (Clement). L'estat ancien de la France declar6 par le 

service personnel deu par le vassal ^ son seigneur a cause de son fief. 

\^ PariSy 1605. 
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deling van het natuurregt. 4^ Amsterdamy 1833. 
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ffT€<pavriipopos, 4° 1796. 

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epidemicae febres .... describuntur, &c. 4° 1754. 
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Basikay 1550. 
. The hundred and ten considerations ; treating of those things which 

are most profitable in our Christian profession. 4^ Oxfordy 1638. 
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Cicero (M. T.). Acad^miques. 12<> 1740. 
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urbem ingredienti habitis. 4° J%>wkc, [1512]. 
. Exempl. litterarum .... De iis quae facta sunt a Bononia usque ad 

Romam in honorem Math. Longi Gurcensis cardinalis S. Angeli . . . • 

magnifico Diio Hieronymo de Ruuere. 4° [1513]. 
VALERIUS FLACCUS (Caius). Argonautica ; J. B. Pii carmen ex 

quarto Argonautieon Apollonii ; Orphei Argonautica, innominato inter- 

prete. 18° Ludg. 1548. 

. Argonautica; N. Heinsi us recensuit 12° Amst.\Q%Q. 

VALERIUS MAXIMUS. Dictorum, factorumque memorabilium libri 

novem. 8° Ven. 1616. 

12° Parisiisy 1543. 

In meliorem ordinem restituti per S. Pighium ; accedunt ejusdem 

annotationes et breves notae J. Lipsii. 8° Antv, 1621. 
Tradotto da G. Dati. 8° Ven. 1573. 

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See Fenestella (L.). De magistratibus, &c. 8° 1523. 


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Macedonis. 8*» 1817. 
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libri. fol. 1681. 
— . See Harpocration (V.). Lexicon. 4° 1683. 

. See Polybius. Historiarum libri qui supersunt. 8° 1670. 

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(J. L. Nogaret de la Valette). 
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versitate, &c.) fol. 1485. 
VALLA (Joannes Petr us). See Plautus (M. A.). Comoedise. fol. 1511. 
VALLA (Laurentius). Calumnia theologica Laur. Vallensi olim Nea- 

poli intentata quod negasset symbolum per apostolos esse compositum. 

4° Argent. 1522. 
— — . De mysterio eucharistiee Sernio. 4° Argent. 1509. 

. See Anonymous. Lexicon Grseco-Latinum. fol. 1530. 

• Sermo de mysterio eucharistiaB. See Lactantius (L. C. F.). Habes 

in hoc volumine, &c. fol. 1502. 

See Sallustius (C. C). Poraponii epistola, &c. 4® 1496. 

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versis tractatus xx. 8° Franco/, 1596. 

. De voluptate ac vero bono declamationes ac disputationes in libros 
tres contractae. 4** Paris^ 1512. 

Dialogus de libero arbitrio ; apologia pro se et contra calumnia- 

tores ; contra Bartoli libellum quern de insigniis et armis scripsit. 4^ 
VienmB Austrice^ 1516. 

In Antonium Raudensem opusculum ; epistola ad Alfonsum regem ; 

confutatio (i. et ii.) in B. Morandum Bononiensem ; invectiva in Pog- 
gium. 4° Ven. 1481. 

In Latinam Nov! Testamenti interpretationem ex collatione Grae- 

corum exemplarium adnotationes. fol. Par. 1505. 
Viaggi. 4 vols. 12« Few. 1667. 

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of the Irish language. 4° 1772. 

VALMI'KI. See Anonymous. Yajn'adattaba'da ... par Chezy. 4° 1826. 

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VALOIS (Thomas). See Augustinus (A.). De Civitate Dei. fol. 

VAN BRISK (Matthew). See Bree (M. van). 

VANDERCOM (J. F.), SAUNDERS (T.), and BOND (E. J.). A con- 
cise view of the origin, constitution, and proceedings of the honourable 
society of the governor and assistants of London of the new plantation 
in Ulster, within the realm of Ireland, commonly called the Irish Society, 
8° London, 1822. 

VANDER HAMMER y LEON (Lorenzo). See Hammer y Leon 
(L. van der). 

VANDER-HEY (J.). Essays of reform in the system of the finances 
of Gt. Britain. 4° Lond. 1785. 

VANDERKUN (Peter). See Cunseus (P.). 

VANDOOREN (H.). Beschrijving van eene nieuwe manier om in all 
boekdrukk rijen, en alleenlijk door de daar in, voorhanden zijnde letters 
en karakters arias, &c. 8° Breda, 1815. 

VANIERE (Jac). Ad lUust. D. D. de Bon cum donis ejus cumulatis- 
simus munusculum mitteret. 4^ Lugdunu 

VANNIUS (Johannes), WINDNER (J.), awdfMAZLER (B.). Mini- 


strorum verbi apud Constantiam, ad P. Antonium Pyratam, vioarium 

Fratrum Dominicalium epistola. 8° 1523. 
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VANOZZ A (Bonifacio). Delia suppellettile de gli awertimenti politici, 

morali, et christian!, vol. 1 et S. 4° Bologna^ 1609-13. 
— »— . Lettere miscellanec. 3 vols. AP Ven, 1606 ; RovnOy 1607 and 

Bologna^ 1617. 
VANTIUS (Sebastianus). De nullitatibus processuum ac sententi- 

arum. 8® Col, Agripp, 1588. 
VARCHI (Benedetto). Due sezzioni; nella prima delle quali si 

dichiara un sonetto di M. Buonarroti ; nella seconda si disputa quale 

sia pid nobile arte, la scultura, o la pittura. 4^ Fiar, 1549. 
. La seconde parte delle lezzioni ; nella quale si contengono cinque 

lezzioni d*amore. 8° Fiorenza, 1561. 

U Hercolano ; nel qual si ragiona generalmente delle lingua, et in 

particolare della Toscana, e della Fiorentina. 4^ Fior. 1570. 

Sonetti ; coUe risposte e proposte di diversi. parte seconda. 8^ 

Fiorenza, 1554. 
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morbos verissimis autoritatibus illustrata. 4^ Lugduni^ 1522. 
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rope en mati^re de religion. 2 vols. 12° Par, 1686* 
. La minority de Saint Louis, avec Thistoire de Louis XI. et de 

Henri II. W" dla Haye, 1685. 

La pratique de Teducation des princes, ou histoire de Guillaume 

de Croy, Gouverneur de Charles V. 8" Amst. 1684. 
— -• Les anecdotes de Florence, ou Thistoire secrete de la maison de 

Medicis. 12° la Haye^ 1685. 
VARNBYLERUS (Antonius). Disputatio de Coena Domini ; de per- 
sona Christi ; de communicatione idiomatum duarum naturarum in 

Christo ; de religiosa adoratione Christi, etiam qufi homo est ; praaside 

J. Andreae. 4° TvMngcB, 1582. 
VARRO (M. Terentius). Opera omnia quae extant ; cum notis J. Scali*^ 

geri, A. Turnebi, P. Victorii, et A. Augustini ; accedunt fragmenta 

eiusdem. 3 pts. in 1 vol. 8° Amst* 1623. 
. De lingua Latina, libri tres ; iv. v. et vi. De analogia, libri tres. 

See Perottus (N.). Cornucopise, &c. fol. 1513. 
VARTAN, Vertabied PardserpertsL Choix de fables en Arm6nien et 

en Fran9ais [by J. S. M. viz. Saint^Martin]. 8° Parisy 1825. 
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rabilium annales. 12° Colon, 1577. 
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Lugdun, 1695. 
VAUBAN (Sebastien U Prestre de), Projet d'une dixme royaL 8° 

VAUGHAN (Thomas). A grammar of the Turkish language. 8° 

London^ 1709. 

VAUGHAN (William). Tracts on docks and commerce, between the 
years 1793 and 1800; with an introduction, memoir, and miscellaneous 
pieces. 8° Lond, 1839. 

VAYER (F. le), Legatus, seu de legatione legatorumque privilegiis, of- 
ficio, ac munere libellus. 4° Par, 1579. 

VEGA (DiEGO de la). La gloire et triomphe de Nostre Seigneur Jesus 
Christ en sa passion. 8° Pam, 1606. 


VEGA (DiKGO de la), Le paradis de la gloire des saincis, et triomphe 

d'iceux, sur les principales Testes deFann^ ; mis en Fr. par G.Chappais. 

vol. II. 8« Par. 1606. 

. Suitte du paradis de la gloire. 8® Paris, 1608. 

II Sennons et exercices saincts, sur les Evangiles des Dimanches de 

toute I'ann^e ; mis en Fr. par. G. Chappuis. S pts. in 2 vols. 8® Par. 

VEGA (Garcilasso de la). See Garcilasso de la Vega. 

. Historia general del Peru. fol. Madrid^ 1616. 

. Obras; con anotaciones de F. de Herrera. 4** Semlloj 1580. 

VEGA CARPIO (Lope Felix de). Comedias viii. ^'^ Hile wanHng. 
■■ ■ -. Comedias* 4® wants Me. 
. Segunda parte de las comedias que contiene obras doze. 8® 

Amberes, 1611. 

. Treze parte de las comedias. 4^ Madrid, 1621. 

. Sexta parte de sus comedias. AP Madrid, 1616. 

— Decima septima parte de las comedias. 4® Madrid. 

. Doze comedias. quarta parte. 4^ Pamplona, \6\^. 

. Ventidos parte. 4® Madrid, 1635. 

. Veinte y una parte verdadera de las comedias. 4® Madrid, 1685. 

. El gallardo Catalan ; comedia famosa. 4". 

. La Dorotea ; accion en prosa. 8® Madrid, 1654. 

La filomena ; con otras diversas rimas, prosas, y versos. 4® 

Madrid, 1614. 

— . La hermosura de Angelica. 8** Madrid, 1602. 

— . Las comedias ; recopiladas par B. Grassa. 4^ Valladolid, 1604. 

— • Laurel de Apolo ; con otras rimas. 4® Madrid, 1630. 

— . Los donaires de matico ; comedia famosa. 4°. 

— -^ Nadie se conoce ; comedia famosa. 4°. 

San Diego de Alcala ; comedia famosa. 4^. 

VEGIUS (Mapheus). Liber tertiusdecimus additus duodecim JEnei* 

doslibris. See Virgilius (P. M.). Opera, fol. 1489. 
VEITIA LINAGE (Joseph de). See Linage (J. de Veitia). 
VELLA (Giuseppe). Libro del consiglio di Egitto ; Arab, et lial. 

vol. I. fol. Palermo, 1793. 
VELLEIUS PATERCULUS (Caius). Historiae Romanae duo volumina, 

per Beatum Rhenanum Selestadiensem ab interitu utcunque vindicata. 

fol. Basil. 1520. 
■ Scripta. See Tacitus (C. C.) et Velleius Paterculus (C). Scripta 

quae extant, fol. 1608. 
VELLUTELLO (Alessandro). See Dante. Comedia, &c. fol. 1564. 

. See Dante Alighieri. Dante ; con Tespositione, &c. fol. 1564. 

See Petrarca (F.) 4° 1 584. 

. . (Rime.) 4° 1568. 

VELSERUS (Marcus). Fragmenta tabulae antiquae in quis aliquot per 

Rom. provincias itinera ; ex Peutingerorum bibl. 4° Pen. 1591. 
. Opera historica et philologica sacra et profana ; accessit P. Op- 

tatiani Porpbyrii panegyricus Constantino M. missus; premissa vita 

auctoris [ Velseri] ; accurante C. Arnoldo. 2 pts. in 1 vol. fol. Norimb. 

VENATORIUS (Thomas). Monodia in obitum A. Dureri. 8<> 
VENDRAMENUS (Hieronxmus). Assertiones contra Venetoe rei- 

publicae detractores ac maledicos. 4*^ Venetiis, 1506. 
VENETIA. Statuta Venetorum ; Lot. et Ital. fol. [ Ven. 1492]. 


VENIERO (Francesco). I discorsi sopra i tre libri dell* anima, d' ^ri- 

stotile. 8^ VeneHa, 1555. 
VENTURI (Giuseppe) c< GIUL ARI (B.). Lettere concernenti F anfi- 

tcatro di Verona. 8** Veronay 1817. 
VENTURA (Com in). Thesoro politico ; in cui si contengono relazioni, 

instruttioni, trattati et varii discorsi pertinenti alia perfetta intelligenza 

dclla ragion di stato ; Lot, ct Itcd. 4^ Franc. 1610. 
VENUTI rPiLiFPo). See Virgilius (P. M.). L'opere. fol. 1588. 
VENUTl (RuDOLPHiNUs). De Dea libertate ejusque cultu apud Ro- 

manos, et de libertinorum pileo dissertatio. 4° JRonuBy 1762. 
VENUTIS (Philippus die). Duodenorum numisraatum antehac inedito- 

runi brevis expositio ; P. de V. selegit ex gazophylacio A. Lefroy. 4® 

Apud Labronis Portum, [ 1 760] . 
VER (Gio. di). Delia costanza e consolatione nelle publiche calamita ; 

tradotto di Francese per G. P. Tonsis. 4** Cremona^ 1619. 
VERA y CUNIGA (Ant. de). El enbaxador. 4^ SeviUay 1620. 
VERA y FIGUEROA (Juan Antonio). Epitome de la vita y hechos 

del invicto emperador Carlo quinto. 4** Madrid, 1654. 
VERGERIUS (Petrus Paulus). De ingenuis moribus ac liberalibus 

studiis. 4° BrixicBy 1485. 
VERGILIUS (PoLYDORUs). Anglicae historiae libri viginti septem. 

fol. Basil. 1570. 
— . Proverbiorum liber. 4® Arffentorati, 1510. 
VERINI ( Alessandro). Gratolo ; egloga pastorale ; con la gionta. 8** 

Venetian 1620. 
VERINI (Giovanbattista). Ardore d'amore. 8° Venetia, 1543. 
VERMIGLI (Pietro Martire). Una semplice dichiaratione sopra gli 

XII articoli della fede Christiana. 4° BasiL 1544. 
■ Vita. Scripta quaedam de eucharbtia. See Simlerus (J.). 

Oratio, &c. 4° 1563. 
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tiquities, concerning the English nation. 8° Lond. 1673. 
VERUS (Lucius AuRELius). Epbtolee ineditae. See Fronto (M. C). 

Opera inedita. 8® 1815. 
VETTORI (PiETRo). See Victorius (P.). 
VIALART (Charles). See Anonymous. Histoire du Minist^re de 

Richelieu. 12« 1650. 
VIAU (Theophile de). See Theophile de Viau. 
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VICTOR (Sextus Aurelius). See Aurelius Victor (S.). 
VICTORINUS (Marius Fabius). Commentarii in rhetoricos M. T. 

Ciceronis. 4° Par. 1537. 

. See Cicero (M. T.). Rhetorica. fol. 1483. 

VICTORIUS (Petrus). See Cicero (M. T.). Opera, fol, 1539, &c. 

. See Sallustius (C. C). Quae extant. 4° 1710. 

. See Varro (M. T.). Opera. 8*^ 1623. 

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. Ex libris xxiii commentariorum in Vetera imperatorum Roma- 

norum numismata, liber primus. 4® Ven. 1560. 

Medaglie. 4° Vineg. 1558. 

. Omnium Caesarum verissimae imagines ex antiquis numismatibus 

desumptaB ; addita perbrevi cuj usque vitae descriptione ac diligent! 

eorum quae reperiri potuerunt numismatum, aversae partis delineatione ; 

libri primi editio altera. 4° [ Few.], 1554. 


VIDA (HiERONYMUs). Carmen pastorale ; in quo deploratur mors Julii 

II. P. M. 40. 
VIERI (Francesco). Discorso degli habiti dell* animo. 8° Fiar,l568. 

■ ■ . Discorsi delle maravigliose opere di Pratolino et d'Araore. 8® 
JFirenze, 1587. 

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peccatoris. 12^ Aniu, 1595. 
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YIRGILIUS, Martyr^ jBpisc. Tridentinus, Opus contra Euthycen alios- 

quae haereticos qui Christum solum hominem profitentur. fol. TubingcBy 

VIGNE (Andre de la). Les ballades de bruyt commun sur les aliances 

des roys, des princes, et provinces ; auec le tremblement de Venyse. 4®. 
VILAGUT ( Alphonsus). Practica canonica criminalis, secundum juris 

communis, ac doctorum antiquorum et recentium decreta. fol. Franco/. 

VILAIN XIV. (H.). See Anonymous. M6moire sur les chauss6es 

vicinales. 8*^ 1829. 

. Coup-d'cfiil sur les inondations des Flandres. 8® Brux. 1832. 
VILLAGRA (Gaspar de). Historia de la Nueva Mexico. 8° Alcala^ 

VILLAIZAN (Geronimo de). Sufrir mas por querer mas; comedia 

famosa. 4^. 
VILLALPANDEUS (Gaspar Cardillus). Summa summarum. 8° 

Compluti^ 1571. 
VILLANI (Giovanni). Croniche ; nelle quali si tratta delF origine di 

Firenze, et di tutti i fatti et guerre state fatte da Fiorentini nella Italia, 

&c. fol. Ven. 1537. 

■ La prima (et seconda) parte delle historic universali de' suoi 
tempi. 2 vols. Ven. 1559. 

VILLANI (Matteo). Historia: continua Thistorie di G. Villani suo 

fratello, et comincia dalVanno 1348. 4** Ven. 1562. 
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les sciences secretes [by Montfau9on-Villars]. 12" Amst. 1671. 
VILLEGOMBLAIN (Francois Racine de). Les m6moires des troubles 

arrives en France sous les r^gnes des rois Charles IX., Henry HI. et 

Henry IV. ; avec les voyages des Sieurs de Mayenne et de Joyeuse au 

Levant et en Poictou. 2 vols. 12*' Par. 1668. 
VILLEROY (Nicolas de Neufville). M6moires d*estat; [continued 

by Dumesnil-Bazire]. 4 vols. H"* Par. 1634-36. 
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a sermon before the King, at Newmarket, Oct. 4, 1674. 4° Lond. 

VINCENT (W.). Sermons on faith, doctrines, and public duties. 2 

vols. 8*^ Lond. 1837. 
VINCHESTER (Lancelot Andrews), Bishop of. See Andrews (L.), 

Bishop of Winch. 
VINEIS (Petrus de). Querimonia Frederici II. Imp. qua se a Romano 

pontifice, et cardinalibus immerito persecutum, et imperio dejectum 

esse, ostendit. 8° Haganoce, 1529. 
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See Suetonius (C. T.). De XII Caesaribus lib. viii. fol. 1610. 

VINNIUS (Arnoldus). In quatuor libros institutionum imperialium 

commentarius. 4° Amst. 1665. 


VINSTERNARV (Joannes). Oratio facta in capitulo provinciali 

Uverdee celebrate. 4** [1521]. 
VIO (Thomas de)^ Caietanus. See Aquinaa (T.). Totius theologiae 

surnma. fol. 1583. 

. See Caietanus (T. a V.). 

VIOLLET-LEDUC (— ). Precis de dramatique, ou de Fart de com- 

poser et d'executer les pieces de theatre, la trag^die, la com6die, la tra- 

gi*com^ie, le drame, le melo-dramey le drarae lyrique, Top^ra, op^ra- 

comique, vaudeville, &c. ; suivi de 1' art du comldien ; pr^6d6 d' une 

introduction historique, et termini par une biographic, un bibliographic 

et un vocabulaire. 32^ Parisy 1830. 
— . Precis d*un trait6 de po6tique et de versification ; pr6c6d6 d* une 

introduction historique, et suivi d' une biographic, d' une bibliographic 

et d'un vocabulaire. 32*' Paris, 1829. 
VIRGILIUS (PuBLiua, Maro). Bucolica, Georgica et JEneis. 4° 

Cantab. 1701. 

Bucolica* See Wrangham (F.). Sermons.... translations, &c. 8^ 


— . DelVEneide; del commendatore A. Caro. 18^ JRanuiy 1604. 

-— • Georgica hexaglotta (Hisp. a J. de Guzman ; Germ, a J. H. Voss ; 

Ang. a G. Sotheby ; Ital. a F. Soave ; Gall, a F. Delille). fol. Land. 


Georgicorum libri iv ; Grseco carmine heroico expressi notisque 

perpetuis illustrati studio et labore Eugenii de Bulgaris ; Gr, et Lai. 
fol. Petropoli, 1786. 

I sei primi libri dell' Eneide tradotti. 2 pta. in 1 vol. 8*^ Venetta, 


— . La Georgica ; da M. Ant. Mario Nigresoli tradotta. S^ Ven. 1543. 

La Georgica ; trad, e commentata, per B. Daniello. 4® Ven. 1549. 

U Eneide ; del C. A. Caro. 4° TrevisOy 1603. 

L'opere ; commentate in lingua volgare Toscana, da G. Fabrini, C. 
Malatesta, et F. Venuti. fol. Ven. 1588. 
-s L' opere ; da diversi autori tradotte ; raccolte da M. L. Domenichi. 

8° Fiar. 1558. 

— . rOpera,) 8° Ven. 1501. 

— « (Opera ; cum comment. Servii, Donati, Landini ; et Calderini et 

Maphei Veggii liber tertiusdecimus additus duodecim ^neidos libris.) 

fol. Ven. 1489. 

Universum poema ; cum absoluta Servii Honorati Mauri interpre- 

tatione ; P. et J. Vivis in eclogas allegorias ; quibus acoessenmt L. C. 

Rhodigini, J. Scoppae, J. Constantii, F. Campani, J. Crucii lucubratio- 

nes et annotationes. fol. Veneiiis, 1562. 
VIRGILIUS (PoLYDORUs). ' See Erasmus (D.). Adagiorum chiliades. 

fol. 1617. 
— . See Vergilius (Polydorus). 
VISDOMINI (Francesghino). Discorsi morali sopra gli Evangeli 

correnti. 4° Ven. 1565. 
VITALINIS (BoNiFACius de). Opus super maleficiis egregium. fol. 

Medial. 1503. 
VITALIS (Janus Castalius) Leonem X., P. M. Lateranensis episco- 

patum ingredientem laetabundus admiratur. 4^ [JRonup, 151S]. 
VITALIS de Cambanis. Tractatus clausularum que solent apponi in pe- 

titionibus, in rescriptis, in privilegiis^ in uitimia yoluntalibus, &c. foL 

Vm. 1498. 


yiTELLIUS (Erasmus), Episcopus Plocensis. Oratio in prsestita obe- 

dientia Julio II. papae, nomine Alexandri regis Poloniae et magni ducis 

Lithuaniae, die Lune, x. mensis Marcii> an. 1505. 4°. 
-; . Oratio in eeleberrimo Augustsa conventu ad Ceesarem Maximilia« 

num nomine regis Poloniae habita, 20 Aug. 1518. 4^ Aug. VindeL 

VITELLIUS (Cornelius). See Perottus (N.). CornucopiaB, &c. Li- 

bellus quo Piynii epistola ad T. Vespasianum corrigitur. fol. 1513. 
VITI (NicoLAo). Lezione delia gelosia, letta nella accademia Fioren- 

tina. AP Orvieto, 1585. 
VITRE (Antoine). Nouvelle m^thode pour apprendre facilement la 

langue Latine. 8*» Par. 1667.. 
VITRIAN (Juan). See Comines (P). Las memorias de Luis XI, y 

Carlos VIII. fol. 1643. 
VIVENAIR ( — ). A journey lately performed through the air in an 

aerostatic globe commonly called an air balloon from this terraqueous 

globe to the newly discovered planet Georgium Sidus. 8° Lond. 1784. 
VIVES (Joannes Ludovicus). Flores Italici, ac Latini idiomatis ; e ab 

H, Tuscanella Italic^ interpretati. 8° Ven, 1570. 
VIVES (Probus et Joannes). In eclogos, &c. See Virgilius (P. M.). 

Universum poema. fol. 1562. 
VIVIANUS (ViNc). Casus Longi super Digesto veteri; super Infortiato; 

super Codice ; super Institutis. fol. 
VOISIN de la POPELINltlRE (Lancelot), See Popeliniere (L. Voi- 

siu de la). 
VOLATERRANNO (Rafaele). Commentarii delle cose tf Italia. See 

Biondo (F.). Roma ristaurata, &c. 8® 1558. 
VOLATERRANUS (Raphael Maffei): (Comraentariorum urbano* 

rum duodequadraginta ; [followed by] (Economicus Xenophontis). fol. 

JRam€Bf 1506. 
VOLCKMAR (NicoL.). Dialogi fiir die Deutsch und Polnische Sprachen 

zu lernen • Germ, et Polish. 12® Elbing. 1649. 
VOLKELIUS (Johannes). De vera religione libri quinque ; quibus 

praefixus est J. Crellii liber de Deo et ejus attributis, et nunc demum 

adjuncti ejusdem de Uno Deo Patre libri duo. 4® \^Amsterdamy 1642]. 
Besponsio ad vanam refutationem dissolutionis Nodi Gordii a Mar- 


tino Smiglecio nexi. 4® Bacovia, 1618. 
VOLSCIUS (Antonius). See Ovidius (P. N.). Heroidum epistolse. 

fol. 1485. 
VOLTAIRE (FRAN901S Marie Arrouet de). ^jfeloge. See Luchet 

(J, P. filoge de, &c. 12?. 
VOLTERRANUS (Raphael Maffei). See Volaterranus (R. M.). 
VORAGINE (Jacobo de). Legendario deli sancti volgar historiado eon 

molte azonte. fol. Ven. 1514. 
VORSTIUS (CoNRADus). See Anonymous. Auctoritate (de) Sacrse 

ScriptursB [by F. Socini], 8° 1611. 
VOSSIUS (Ger. Johannes). De historicis Greecis libri iv. 4** Lugd. 

Bat. 1651. 
■■■ . De historicis Latinis libri iii. 4® Lugd. Bat. 1651. 
. De veterum poetarum temporibus libri duo, qui sunt de poetis 

Greecis et Latinis. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4^ Am^t. 1654. 

. Grammatica Latina. 8® Lugd, Bat. 1644. 

Latina grammatica (syntaxis et prosodia). 3 pts. in 1 vol. 8^* 

Boterod. 1667. 


VOSSIUS (Ger. Johannes). Rhetorices contracts, sive partitionum 
oratoriarum libri v. 12^ Oxon, 1640. 

. Rhetorices. 12<> Oxan. 1655. 

• . See Clenardus (N.). Institutiones linguae Graecae. 8^ 1650. 

VOSSIUS (IsAACUs). Appendix ad libnim de LXX interpretibus, con- 
tinens responsiones ad objecta aliquot theologonim. 4® Hag, Com, 1663. 
De Septuaginta interpretibus eorumque tralatione et chronologia 
dissertattones. 4® Hag. Com, 1661. 

Epistolae duae adversus D. Blondellum. See Pearson (J.). Vindi- 
ciae epistolamm Ignatii, &e. 4® 1672. 

See Anonymous. Poematum (de) cantu et viribus rhythmL 4^ 1673. 
VULCANIUS (Bona VENTURA de Smet). Gothicarura et Langobar- 
dicarum rerum scriptores aliquot veteres. 12^ Lugd, Bat, 1617. 


WAKE (Isaac). Rex Platonieus, sive, de potentissimi principis Jacobi 

Brit, regis ad illustrissimam Academiam Oxoniensem adventu, aug. 27* 

anno 1605. 4*^ Oxon. 1607. 
WALKER (Clem.). The compleat history of independency upon the 

parliament begun 1640, continued till this present year 1660. 6 pts. 

in 1 vol. 4° Lond, 1661. 
WALKER (Obadiah). See Anonymous. Education, (of), especially of 

young gentlemen. 8** 1673. 
WALLER (Edmond). Poems. 8** London, 1668. 
WALLEYS (Thomas). See Valois (T.). 
WALLIS (Joannes). Grammatica linguae Anglicanae ; cui praefigitor, 

de loquela sive sonomm formatione ti*actatus ; et nunc primum subjun- 

gitur praxis grammatica. 8° Oxon, 1674. 
— . Hobbiiis Heauton-timorumenos ; or, a consideration of Mr. Hob^ 

bes his dialogues ; in an epistolary discourse addressed to R. Boyle. 8^ 

Oxford, 1662. 

Institutio logicae. 8** Oxon. 1687. 

WALLONCAPPELLE (Petrus de). See Audomaro (P. a Sancto). 

WALSINGHAM (Francis). A search made into matters of religion, 
before his change to the catholike [church]. 4° London, 1615. 

WARiEUS (Jacobus). De Hibernia et antiquitatibus ejus, disquisitio- 
nes. S^ Lond. 1654. 

WARBURTON (John). London and Middlesex illustrated. 8^ Lon- 
don, 1749. 

WARD (John), Four essays upon the English language; namely, obser- 
vations on the orthography, rules for the division of syllables, the use of 
articles, the formation of the verbs and their analogy with the Latin ; 
to these is subjoined a catalogue of the English verbs, formed thro' their 
radical tenses. 8° London, 1758. 

WARD (Samuel). Opera nonnulla : viz. determinationes theologicae ; 
tractatus de justificatione ; praelectiones de peccato originali ; edita a 
S.Wardo. fol. Zowc?. 1658. 

WARE (^Sir James). Rerum Hibernicarum Henrico octavo regnante 
annales. 12° Duhlinii, 1662. 

. The antiquities and history of Ireland ; the life of Sir James pre- 
fixed, fol. Lmd, 1705. 


WARING (Robert^. Amoris effigies ; sive. Quid sit Amor? efflagi- 

tanti responsum ; ejusdem autoris carmen lapidarium memoriae vatum 

principis Ben. Jonsoni sacratum. 32^ Lona. 1668. 
WARING (E.). An essay on the principles of liuman knowledge. 8^ 

Cambridge^ 1794«. 
WARNEFRIDI (Paulus). De gestis Langobardorum, libri vi. 8« 

Lugd. Bat. 1595. 

. See Paulus Diaconus. 

WARNER (Richard). An history of the abbey of Glaston and of the 

town of Glastonbury. \f* Both, 1826. 
WARREN (iSamuel). The Opium Question. S^" London^ 1840. 
. Popular and practical introduction to law studies. 8® Land* 

WASE (Christopher). Considerations concerning free-schools as settled 

in England. 8<> Oxford, 1678. 
WASHINGTON (Jo.). An exact abridgment of the statutes of King 

William and Queen Mary and of William III. 8<' LondoUy 1696. 
WASSE (JosEPHUs). See Sallustius (C. C). Quae extant. 4.« 1710. 
WATS (WiLLiELMus). See Paris (M.). Historia major, fol. 1684?. 
WATSON (J.). The fall of man ; a sermon. 8« Land. 1786. 
WATT (Joachim van). See Vadianus (J.). 
WATT (Robert). Bibliotheca Britannica ; or a general index to British 

and foreign literature. 4 vols. 4® Edinburgh^ 1824. 
WAXELL (L. de). Essai sur les m^dailles plaqu^es des anciens. 8® 

LandreSi 1809. 
WEBB (Philipp Carteret). An account of a copper table, containing 

two inscriptions in the Greek and Latin tongues; discovered in 1732 

near Heraclea, in the bay of Tarentum, in Magna GrsBcia. 4** London^ 

• See Anonymous. Short (a) account of Dan^eld. 4^ 1756. 

' ■ « , » Short (a) account of some particulars concerning Domes- 

d^ book. 4® 1756. 
WEBER (RtchsnerJ. Ain Gesprech-Biichlin von ainem Weber, und 

ainem Kramer iiber das Biichlin Mathie Kretz. 4^ Zurich^ 1524. 
. Ain hiipsch Gesprech Biechlin von ainem Pfaffen und ainem We- 
ber. 4° 1524. 

Ain schone Underweysung wie und wir in Christo alle gebriider 

und schwester seyen. 4^ 1524. 
WEICHARDUS (Joannes). Theatrum mortis humanae tripartitum: 

1*. pars saltum mortis ; 2S pars varia genera mortis ; 8^ pars poenas 

damnatorum continens ; figuris a^neis illustratum ; Lot. et Germ. 4^ 

Laybaehy 1682. 
WEIDLER (Jo. Frider.) et DOELITZSCH (J. F. C). De quaestione 

juris gentium, utcum preeda Salensibus Afris erepta vindicari possit, 4^ 

Viiemb. 1735> 
WELLS (Samuel). The revenue and the expenditure of the United 

Kingdom. 8^ London^ 1834. 
WENGER (CoNRADus). Belligraphia ; cum apologetico inter Sigismun- 

dum Austriae et Senatum Venetorum. 4^ AugusttBy [1488]. 
WENGERSCIUS (Andreas). Libri quatuor Siavoniae reformatae, con- 

tinentes historiam ecclesiasticam ecclesiarum Slavonicarum ; in primis 

Polonicarum, Bohemicarum, Lithuanicarum, Russicarum^ Prussicarum, 

Moravicarum, &c., ab Apostolorum tempore usque ad nostra. 4^ Am- 

std. 1679. 



WENTWORTH (Thomas). The office and doty of executors, 8^ 

London^ 1656. 
WERNDLY (G. Henrik). Maleische Spraakkunst met eene Voorreden, 

8<> AmsL 1736. 
WESSELUS (Johannes). Farrago rerum theologicarum. 4** Bcuil, 

WESTERN (Thos. Geo.). Commentaries on the constitution and laws of 

England, incorporated with the political text of the late J.L. DeLolme, 

LL.D. 8<> Londauy 1838. 
WESTON (Stephen). Fragments of oriental literature ; with an outline 

of a painting on a curious china- vase. 8^ London^ 1807* 
■ Historic notes of towns in Greece and in other countries that hare 

struck coins. 8'' L(md. 1826. 

Persian distichs, from various authors ; Pers, and Eng, 8^ Ixm- 

doHy 1814. 

Remains of Arabic in the Spanish and Portuguese languages ; 

with a sketch of the history of Spain from the invasion to the expulsion 
of the Moors. 8^^ Landony 1810. 

— . The Englishman abroad. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 8^ Land, 1824'. 
— . See Abdalla of Beyza. A Chinese chronicle. 8® 1820. 
— . See Ferdoosee. Episode from the Shah Nameh. 8® 1815. 
See Kien-lung. The conquest of the Miao-tse. S^ 1810. 

WETHERELL (Charles). The present state of the Poor-Law ques- 
tion. H"" Land. 1833. 

WETSTENIUS (Joannes Jacobus). See Krighout (J.). Sermo fune- 
bris in obitum, &c 4® 1754. 

WEYLAND (John), Jun, The principles of population and production^ 
as they are affected by the progress of society ; with a view to moral 
and political consequences. 8^ LoTid, 1816. 

WHARTON (Hen.). ' Anglia sacra, sive collectio hbtoriarum de archi- 
episcopis et episcopisAnglise a prima fidei christians susceptione ad an. 
1540. 2 vols. fol. Land. 1691. 

. Historia de episcopis et decanis Londinensibus ; nee non de episco- 

pis et decanis Assavensibus ; a prima sedis utriusque fundatione ad an- 
num MDXL. 8« Land. 1695. 

WHITE (John). The way to the true church. . . ; in answer to a Popish 
discourse concerning the rules of faith and the marks of the church. 
4° LandoHy 1608. 

WHITE (Thomas). The grounds of obedience and government. 12** 
Landauy 1655. 

WHITELEY (Henry). Three months in Jamaica in 1832, compising 
a residence of seven weeks in a sugar-plantation. 8^ Landony 18SS. 

WHITFIELD (Henry). A sermon preached June 7, 1798, being the 
time of the yearly meeting of the children educated in the charity-schools 
in and about London and Westminster ; to which is annexed, an ac- 
count of the Society for promoting Christian knowledge. 2 pts. 4^ 
Land. 1798. 

WHITMORE (George). The duty of not running in debt ; considered 
in a discourse preached before the University of Cambridge. 8^ Land. 

WICELIUS (Georgius). See Basilius Magnus. Liturgia. 8» 1546. 

WICQUEFORT (Abraham de). M^moires touchant les ambassadeurs 
et les ministres publics. 8^ La Hat/e, 1677. 

WIDDRINGTONUS (Rogerus). Apologia Cardinalis Bellarmini pro 


jure principum; adversus suas ipsius rationes pro auctoritate papali 
principes seculares in ordine ad bonum spirituale deponendi. S^ CoS' 
mopoli, 161 !• 

WIDDRINGTONUS (Rogerus). Disputatio theologica de juramento 
fidelitatis. S"" AUnoncpoli, 161^. 

WIDMANSTADIUS (Johannes Albertus). Syriacae linguae prima 
elementa. 4® Vienna AustriactB^ 1555 et 1556. 

WIDRINGTONUS (Rogerus). Apologetica responsio ad libellum cu- 
jusdam theologi. 8^. 

WIELAND (Christopher Mart.). See Lucianus Samosatensis, by 
Tooke. 4° 1820. 

WIETZEL (LuRAiNz). See David King of Israel. Psalms. 8® 1776. 

WIGtGINS (John). South of Ireland ; hints to Irish landlords on the 
means of increasing their rents. 8^ Land, 1824. 

WILD (R.). Iter boreale ; with several other poems. 8° Lond, 1668. 

WILKES (William). Obedience, or ecclesiastical union. 4t^ Lond, 1605. 

WILKINS (Charles). A catalogue of Sanscrita manuscripts presented 
to the Royal Society by Sir W. and Lady Jones (from the Philoso- 
phical Transactions). 4^. 

. A grammar of the Sanskrita language. 4^ Lond, 1808. 

. The Heetdpades of Veeschn5d-Sarma ; in a series of fables, trans- 
lated from an ancient MS. in the Sanskreet language ; with notes. 8^ 
Bath, 1787. 

WILKINS (John), Bishop of Chester. A discourse concerning the gift 
of prayer ; whereunto may be added, ecclesiastes, or a discourse con- 
cerning the gift of preaching, by the same author. 2 vols. 8^* Lond. 
1653 and 1655. 

. An essay towards a real character and a philosophical language. 

fol. Lond. 1668. 

Of the principles and duties of natural religion \ to which is added 

a sermon preached at his funeral by W. Lloyd. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 8® 

Land. 1675. 
WILKINSON (J. G.). Extracts from several hieroglyphical subjects 

found at Thebes and other parts of Egypt. 8® McdUiy 1830. 
. Materia hieroglyphica, containing the Egyptian Pantheon and th^ 

succession of the Pharaohs (summary view of the early history of Egypt, 

appendix, &c.). 3 pts. 4<> Malia, 1828. 

Materia hieroglyphica ; plates, obi. fol. lithog. 

WILKS, Major. Report on the interior adminbtration, resources and 
expenditure of the government of Mysoor under the system prescribed 
by the orders of the governor-general, 4th Sept. 1799. fol. CdlcuUta^ 

WILLERAMUS, Ahhas Eber^iergensis. See Salomon King of Israel. 
Willerami Ab. in canticum canticorum paraphrasis. 8^ 1598. 

WILLIAM III. of England. Anno regni Gulielmi III. 12 et 13. At 
the Parliament begun at Westminster the 6th day of Feb. 1700, and 
continued to the 10th day of Feb. 1701. fol. lAmd. 1700. 

WILLIAMS (Daniel). A true copy of the last will and testament of 
the late reverend D. W. 8® London^ 1717. 

. Life. See Anonymous. Memoirs of the life., of D.W.,&c. 8^1718. 

WILLIAMS (John). Dr. Stillingfleet against Dr. Stillingfleet ; or the 
palpable contradictions committed by him in charging the Roman Church 
with idolatry, danger of salvation in her communion, fanaticism, and 
divisions in matters of faith. 8** 1671. 

s 2 


WILLIAMS (John). See Anonymous. Holy (the) table, none and thing. 
4» 1637. 

WILLIAMS (Sir Rogbr). The actions of the Lowe Countries. 4^ 
LoiuL 1618. 

WILLICH (C. M.). Annual supplement to the Tithe Commutation Tables 
for 18S8. 8<> Land. 1838. 

« . Annual supplement to Hthe Commutation Tables. 8® Lombmy 1840. 

WILLIS (Browne). Notitia paiiiamentaria; or an history of the coun- 
ties, cities, and boroughs, in England and Wales ; shewing what boroughs 
were anciently parliamentary, what do at this day return to parliament, 
their antiquities, charters, &c. 8® L<md. 1715. 

WILMOT (John). The life of the Rev. J. Hough, containing many of 
his letters, &c 4'' London, 1812. 

WILSON (H. H.). A descriptive catalogue of the Oriental MSS. and 
other articles illustrative of the South of India, collected by Lleut^Col. 
Colin Mackenzie. 2 vcOs. 8<* Caleutta, 1828. 

■ The Vishnu Purdna, a system of Hindu mythology and tradition, 

translated from the oriffinal Sanskrit, and illusteated l^ notes derived 
chiefly from other Puranas. 4® London, 1840. 

WILSON (Thomas). See Anonymous. Ornaments (the) of chur^es 
consider^. 4® 1761. 

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publike weiue and happinesse of England, Scotland, and Ireland. 4® 
Lond. 1619. 

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on the behalfe of the Commonwealth of England, contained in a Imefe 
commemorative poem composed for a memorial of some of those many 
signall mercies lately vouchsafed to this republike. \9f* {^London}, 


WIX (Samuel). A short defence of the doctrines, discipline, mvenue, 
and clergy of the Church of England. 8® London, 1835. 

. Reflections concerning the expediency of a council of the Church 

of England and the Church of Rome being holden, with a view to ac- 
commodate religious differences. 8® London, 1818. 

Reflections concerning the inexpediency and unchristian character 

of capital punishment, as prescribed by the criminal laws of England. 
8** Lond. 1832. 


WOLFFIUS (Christianus), Phikisophia practica universalis methodo 
scientifica pertractata ; pars prior theoriam complectens, qua omnium ac- 
tionum humanarum differentia principia a priori demonstrantur ; pars 
posterior qua omnis praxeos moralis principia inconcussa ex ipsa animse 
humanae natura a priori demonstrantur. 2 vols, i^ Francof, et LipsuBy 
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• Philosophia rationalis, sive logiea, methodo scientifica pertractata. 

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Psychologia empirica methodo scientifica pertractata. 2 pts. 4** 

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Psychologia rationalis methodo scientifica pertractata. 4*^ Fran^ 

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Theologia naturalis methodo scientifica pertractata. 2 vds. 4^ 

Franco/ et LipdtB, 1736 et 1737. 
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gum in Orientem expeditionibus ; sub praesidio J. D. Schoepflini. 4® 

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as treated of in a course of Vinerian lectures, read at Oxford in 1777- 

3 vob. 8** London^ 1792 and 1793. 

. See Anonjrmous. Elements of jufisprudenoe. 4^ 1783. 

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appointed to inquire into the state and condition of the woods, forests, 

and land revenues of the crown. 2 vols. foL London, 1787-1793. 
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antiquities, lately digg'd up near Bishops-gate ; with brief reflections 

upon the ancient and present state of London. 8^ Lond. 1713. 
• Considerations on the executive government of the United States 

of America. 8<> Flatbush (N. F.), 1809. 
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(E.), Bishop of Worcester. 
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nuBj 1643. 

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> Danica literatura antiquissima, vulgd Gk>thica dicta, luci reddita ; 

cui aocessit de prisca Danorum poesi, dissertatio. 4® JSqfnuBy 1636. 
De aureo serenissimi domini Christiani quinti, Daniae, Norvegise, 

&c electi principis comu, dissertatio. fol. Ue^uB, 1641. 

De aureo comu Danico. See Bartholinus (T.). De armUlis. 12^ 

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■ The state of Christendom. foL LomdU 1667* 
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vota. fol. Land. 1633. 

■ Reliquiae Wottonianae ; or a collection of lives, letters, poems, &e. 
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the cathedral church of St Peter, Yoric, March 20, 1814. 4^ Yarky 
■ Earnest contention for the true faith ; a sermon preached at Scar- 

borough, July 28 th, 1809. 4<' Yorky 1809. 

Human laws best supported by the Gospel ; a sermon preached 

in the cathedral church of St Peter, York, March 6, 1808. 4<' York^ 
-. Religious establishment ; a sermon preached in the cathedral church 

of St Peter, York, July 24th, 1814. 4« York, 1814. 

Sermons, practical and occasional ; dissertations ; translations, in- 

cluding new versions of Virgirs bucolica, and of Milton's defensio se- 
cunda, Seaton poems, &c. 3 vols. 8® London^ 1816. 

The Gospel best promulgated by national schools ; a sermon 

preached in the cathedral church of St Peter, York, July 31, 1808. 4® 

Yorky 1808. 
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under the Anglo-Suions. 8° Londouy 1839. 
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8o 1777. 
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impugnavit ; epistola T. Wolfii ad Mumer in defensionem Wympfelingii. 

4° Friburgy [1502]. 


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&c 8« 1532. 
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TvpavviKos; [edited by Reuchlin]. 4® i3a^»«, [1520]. 

Hieron, sive Tyrannus; D. Erasmo interprete. 8® BasiL 1530. 

— . In hoc volumine continentur infrascripta opera Xenophontis : Pee- 

dia Cyri, Persarum regb ; de republica et de legibus Lacedsemoniorum; 

de regis Agesilai Lacedsemoniorum laudibus ; apologia pro Socrate ; 

opusculum de tyrannide. 8® [Xyon, 1503]. 

— • lepiiiv ri TvpayviKos. See Cebes. Ke/Si/ros iriva^. S^. 

QBconomicus ; per R. Voiaterranum conversus. See Volaterranus 

(R. M.). Commentarii. fol. 1506. 

Omissa, quae et Graeca gesta appellantur ; G. Gemistii qui et Ple- 

tho dicitur ex Diodori et Plutarehi historiis de lis quae post pugnam ad 


Mantineam gesta sunt, per capita tractatio ; Herodiani a Marci princi* 

patu historiarum libri octo quos A. Politianus Latinos fecit; enarra- 

tiunculse antiques et perbreves in totum Thucydidem, sine quibus auctor 

intellectu est quam difficillimus. 6rr. fol. Ven, 1503. 
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. ; Gr. Lai, ; appendice illustrata opera J. Leunclavii ; ac- 

cesserunt JE, Porti notae. fol. Z^ai, Par, 1625. 
XIMENESPATON (Bart.). Historia de la antigua j continuada no- 

bleza de la ciudad de laen ; j de algunos varones famosos, hijos della. 

^^ laen, 1628. 
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Romanae historic libri xxv. 8° 1559. 
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LiOi. ; ex interp. G. Blanci, a G. Xylandro recognita ; H. Stephani in J. 

XIphilinum post duos egregios messores spicilegium. foL Paris, 1592. 
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xxv. 8° 1559. 
« . See Dion Cassius. Historiae Romanae lib. xlvi. fol. 1606. 


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(James). Yakkun, &c. 8^ London, 1829. 
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4« Lond. 1677. 
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origin and design of the principal pyramids of Egypt, &c. 8*» 1833. 
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London, 1837. 

. . 2nd edition. 1837. 

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court del Bank le Roy. fol. London, 1674. 
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persecucion de Inglaterra, y de los martirios mas insignes que en ella ha 

avido, desde el aiio del Seiior 1570. 4.« Madrid, 1599. 
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Letters. ^"^ 1800. 
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the Right Hon. E. G. S. Stanley upon the existing treaties with France 

and America, &c. 8** London, 1834. 
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cal literature and Egyptian antiquities, including the author s original 

alphabet as extended by M. ChampoUion. 8° London, 1823. 
. Rudiments of a dictionary of the ancient Egyptian language. See 

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iavii, 1584. 



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treuteri ; [to which is aidded J Zabajpellse de do<^rin8B ordine, apologia, 

et tabulae logicae. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4*^ Basil. I594f. 
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4° Argent. 1511. 
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appresso gli autichissimi bagni di Abano. 4° 1776. 
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8« 1560. 
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loa. ^"^ Ven. 1563. 
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sino alia domenica della Quinquagesima. 2 vols. 4° Ven. 1568. 
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titiones juris. foL 1571* 
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las uovelas amorosas. 4^ Madrid, 1659. 
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ZENO (GiACOMo), Bishop ofBelluno and FeUre. See Gianiacomo Z. 

ZENO (NiccoLd). See Anonymous. Origine (dell') de' barbari che di- 

strussero 1' imperio di Roma. 4® 1557* 
ZENOBIUS. Proverbia. See Schottus (A.). Uoftoiinai YXXtiviKat. 4'> 1612. 
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Gospel in the East. 12« 1709. 
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nica et missa, dbputatio. S** 1548. 
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A. J. L. Jourdan. 8® Paris, 1825. 
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Kinder Gottes und glaubigen Menschen. 4® Aldenburg, 1524. 
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ZOCH (Laurentius). Oratio habita in promotione Casp. EzeliL 8® 

ViUherg. 1541. 
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flection, on the greatness of God in the works of nature and in the 

government of the world, on charity, &c. ; translated from the German 

by W. Tooke. 2 vols. 8« Land. 1806. 
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Diodorus Siculus. Libri duo. fol. 1517. 
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clavius]. See Herodianus. Historiarum lib. viii. 4® 1581. 
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nice, 1660. 

. See Anonymous. Descriptio juris et judicii militaris, &c. 4® 1640. 

4<> 1642. 

'. Juris et judicii fecialis .... explicatio. 4® 1650. 

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ZUCCOLLO (Simeon). La pazzia del ballo. 4« Padova, 15^9. 
ZUINGLIUS (Huldericus), Ad Fridol. Lindoverum super publica de 

gratia per Christum hallucinatione expostulatio. 4° Tiguri, 1524. 
. Ad Mat. Alberum Rutlingensium ecclesiasten, de Coena Domini 

epistola. 8® Tiguri, 1525. 


ZUINGLIUS (HuLDERicus). Ad Theob. BiUicani et Urbani Rhegii 

epistolas, responsio. 4® Tiguriy 1526* 
. Adversus H. Emserum canonis missae adsertorem antibolon. 4® 

Tiguri, 1524. 

Artickei anno 1523, offentlich disputiert und mit der Evangelischen 

Warheit behalten ; furschrifft eines ersamen Raths der Stat Zurich. 4° 

Complanationis Isaiae Prophetae fcetura prima, cum apologia qur 

quidque sic versum sit. 2 pts. in 1 vol. fol. Tiguriy 1529. 

De canone missae epichiresis. 4** Tiguri^ 1523. 

DerHirt. 4° Zurichy 115292- 

— . De vera et falsa religione. 8® Tiguriy 1525. 

Epistolas duae, una H. Zvinglii ad A. Osiandrum qua cum eo ex- 

postulat quod novum illud de Eucharistia dogma hactenus reiecerit et 
inipugnarit ; altera A. Osiandri ad Zuinglium apologetica qua docet 
quidquani ob causam reiecerit. 4° NoremhergcBy 1527» 
— . Leerbiichlein wie man die Knaben Christlich unterweysen und er- 
ziehen soil. 4^ 1524. 

Supplicatio quorundam apud Helvetios evangelistarum ad Hugo- 

nem Episcopum Constantiensem ne se induci patiatur ut quicque in 
praeiudicium Evangelii promulget, neve scortationis scandalum ultra fe- 
rat, sed presbyteris uxores ducere permittat, aut saltern ad eorum nuptias 
conniveat. 4*^ 1522. 


Printed by Richard and John E. Taylor, Red lion Court, Fleet Street.