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Full text of "The knights of England : a complete record from the earliest time to the present day of the knights of all the orders of chivalry in England, Scotland, and Ireland, and of knights bachelors"

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■ The Knights 
of England 

The Knights 
of England 

A Complete Record from the Earliest Time to the 
Present Day of the Knights of all the Orders of 
Chivalry in England, Scotland, and Ireland, and 
of Knights Bachelors 


WM. A. SHAW . LiTT.D. 

Editor of the Calendar of Treasury Papers at H.M. Record Office ; 
Author of the History of the English Church under the 
Commonwealth ; A uthor of the History of Currency ; etc. 


A Complete List of Knights Bachelors dubbed in Ireland 

Compiled by 


Barrister-at-Law, Office of Arms, Ireland 

Author of Genealogical Meinoirs of the Members of Parliament 

for Kilkenny 

-ek^K^^^^ yOL:_U. 

Printed and Published for the 


Lord Chamberlain's Office, St. James's Palace 


LONDON 1906 



fi^kj i' \^ ft O 

IkniGbts Bacbelors 

Knights Bachelors 

1257, May 18. Henry Plantagenet, 2nd son of Richard earl of 
Cornwall (knighted on the day of his father's coronation 
as king of the Romans at Aachen). 

1272, Oct. 13. Edmund Plantagenet, 5th son of Richard earl of 
Cornwall (knighted on the occasion of his marriage with 
Margaret, sister of the earl of Clare. He was made earl 
at the same time). 

1272, Oct. 13. Henry de Lacy (knighted and made earl of Lincoln, 
same occasion). 

1272, Oct. 13. George de Cantelupe (same occasion), and many 
others, nobles of the kingdom of England, some of them 
knighted ('militiae cingulum susceperunt ') by the King 
himself, others by the aforesaid earls. 


On Monday after St. Matthew's day the king, Edward III., 
made his eldest son (the Black Prince) earl of Chester 
and duke of Cormvall, and after making six other earls 
the same day the king made 20 knights, to ivit : — 

Edward de Montague (Montacute). 
Thom de Swinnerton. 
JoH DE Isle. 
JoH Darcy. 
Ric Dammory. 


Jo DE Mere. 
Roger Bavent. 
Roger Hillary. 




Will Stot. 
Will Basset. 
Rob de Sadyngton. 
Will de Zousch. 
Jo DE Cogeshale. 
Roger Danngervile. 
Thom del More. 
Jo Stracche. 


1346, July 13. 

The king, Edward III., landed at La Hague in his expedition 
to France, and there on the shore he knighted the Black 
Prince and rnade him Prince of Wales. Thereupon the 
said Black Prince immediately made the following 
knights : — 

EoGER DE Mortimer, afterwards earl of March. 

William de Montacute, lord Montacute, afterwards earl of 

William de Ros, lord Eos. 

et cum illis etiam f uerunt alii consimiliter ad ordinem pro- 
moti militarem, 
1346, Aug. 26. 

Grants of annuity ordered to the folloiving to support the 
order of knighthood which they have taken from the 
King (that is to say recently in the campaign in 
France J. 

Robert de Maule. 

Guy de Briane. 

John de Ravensholm. 

Peter de Brewese. 

Thomas de Lancastre. 

Henry Dengayne. 

John, son of Giles de Bello Campo. 
1346, Aug. 26. Sir John de Lisle, of Rougemont, raised to the rank 

of a banneret by a writ of this date, being the date of the 

battle of Creecy. 

1346, Aug. 26. Ralph de Shelton, knighted whilst in the king's 

retinue at Creecy. 

1347. Knights m-ode by Edward III. at the Seige of Calais in 

John Fourneys. 


Edw. Molyn alias Montermer. 

William Walkington. 

William Wautor alias Aches. 

William Blunt. 

Thomas Blownt. 

Bastard Gray. 

Giles de Beauchamp. 

Nicolas Langford. 

Roger IIerham. 

Christofer de Langford. 

Jo Crewks. 

William de Watenald. 

John Tracy. 

Norman Darcy. 

4t This list of knights made in 1347 is conUined in Harl. MS, 1156, fo. 82. 


[Anno 1347.] 

John Darcy. 
John Lymburne. 
John Sambie. 
Henry Fitzhenry. 
Eic Piers. 
Reynold Moyne. 
Christofer de Ludlowe. 
Jo Stormye. 
John de Lisle. 
Warren de Lisle. 
Oliver Dynham. 
Tho. de Rachese. 
William Ferrers. 
Robert Ferrers. 
Ralphe Hastings. 
Hugh Courtney. 
Jo Mordake. 
Richard Hekyn. 
Robert de Barchiiaile. 
William Cozans. 
Henr Glastingbue. 
Rob Baynton. 
William Wolton. 
Ric Corntcall. 



Jo Poyninges. 
Christofer de Poyninges. 
Jo Boalor. 
William Mortymer. 


Jo Trussell. 
Rog Swynton. 
William Lovell, 
Piers de la Ware. 
Fitzwilliam Gawre, 
Simon le Zowche. 


[Anno 1347.] 

William le Zowciie. 

William Frator [Yaire]. 

William Bootiie. 

Jo Dacton. 

John de CLivDoisr. 

Robert de Nevor. 

Warrein Latyne [FLakyne]. 

Otes de Guson. 

DE Stafford. 

John Yerdon. 
Christofer DE Yerdon. 
William de Gerdeston. 
William Eeancks. 
Robert Bowser. 
Christofer de Bourne. 
John de Mereworth. 
John de Sutton. 
John de Norweche. 
John Bafford. 
William de la Warre. 
Tho. de Halwton. 
John Daynwell. 
Tho. de Engayne. 
Jo de Engayne. 
John Paveley. 
John Cunstable. 
Jeoffrey de Gray. 
Ric de Were. 
John de Leyborne. 
Roger Corbet. 
Walter Paveley. 
Christofer de Layton. 
Robert Willowby. 


Seigneur le Stratton. 
Robert de Rokeby. 
Simon de Senntle. 


[Anno 1347.] 

John Fitzsymond. 
John de Sirmone. 

poe chester. 

Talbot de Bash all, in Lane. 
Roger Eeldbrigge. 
John de Sullay. 
Christofer de Chawerth. 
John de Codington. 


John Byron le fils. 
John de Palie. 
William Banestre. 


John Dawbeney 
John Wallum. 
Piers de Thorneton. 


John Backuse. 

John Talbot. 

Walter de Chirkingham. 

John Descurs. 

Christofer de Beckeringe. 

John Darderne. 

Walter Pechay. 




Knights made by the Black Prince in the South West of France 

(hiring the campaign which culminated in the battle of Poitiers. 
1355, Oct. 11. Janekinus de Berefort, et alii milites. 
1355, Oct. 13. GiLOTUs de Strattone, et quidam alii. 
1355, Oct. 17. Adam de Lowches (probably a misreading for 

1355, Nov. 3. Tbe son of tbe lord de Libreto. 
1355, Nov. 3. Ralph Basset, lord Basset de Drayton. 
1355, Nov. 3. RoLANDus Daveys. 

1355, Nov. 3. et plures alii ad ordinem militarem promovebantur. 
1355, Nov. 12. Theodoricus Dale, ostiarius camere domini 



About April, 1360. 

Roger (le Ware,), sire de la Warr (by Edward III., near 
Paris, France, on volunteering to lead a sally towards 

John (Fitz-Walter), sire de Fitz- Walter (same occasion). 

Thumas Balastre (same occasion). 

GuiLLAUME DE Trousiaus (same occasion). 

Thumas le Despensier (same occasion). 

Jehan de Neufville (same occasion). 

Richard Sturi (PSturmy) (same occasion). 

et plusieurs sultre. 

Before 1362, Nov. 20. Richard de la Bere, sheriff of Hereford. 

Before 1372, Oct. John Botiller, sheriff of Lancashire. 

Before 1377, June 22. Thomas Bokelond, sheriff of Hampshire. 

Before 1377, June 22. John de Careswell, sheriff of Shropshire 
and Stafford. 

About July, 1380. 

The day the duke of Buckingham came hefore St. Omer he 
made several new knights, viz. : — 

Raoul de Noefville. 

le fils au signeur messire Betremieu Boursier. 

le fils au signeur messire Thumas Camois. 

Fouke Courbet. 

Thumas d'Angain(d'Angluei). 

Raoul de Pippe. 

LoEis de Saint-Obin. 

Jehan Paulle. 


After 1399, Aug. 22. John Berkeley, sheriff of Warwick and 

Before 1399, Sept. 30. Thomas Clanvowe, sheriff of Hereford. 

Before 1399, Sept. 30. William Fyens or Fenys, sheriff of Surrey- 
arid Susses. 

After 1399, Oct. 2. John Dauntesey, sheriff of Wilts. 

After 1399, Nov. 3. William Shaeeshull, sheriff of Staffordshire. 

After 1400, Nov. 24. Henry Nevyll, sheriff of Warwick and 

After 1401, Nov. 8. Thomas Maureward, sheriff of Warwick and 

1403, July 21. Richard de Sandford (on the morrow of the battle 
of Shrewsbury) with at least two others. 

After 1406, Nov. 5. Robert Lysle, sheriff of Northumberland. 

[1409, Aug. 4.] 

Knights dubbed by king Henry IV. at the coming in 
of \Jean de W erchin~\, seneschal of Hainault, with 
other gentlemen to do feats of arrns in Smithfleld [on. 
a challenge previously sent by them to the Order of the 
Garter~\, where these gentlemen did acquit thcTuselves 
well, and were made knights [? at Windsor], viz. : — 

John Cheyney's son and heir. 
William Porter. 
John Standish. 

After 1413, Nov. 6. James Haryngton, sheriff of Cumberland. 

After 1414, Nov. 10. John Hevenyngham, sheriff of Norfolk and 

After 1416, Nov. 30. Thomas Wykeham, sheriff of Hampshire. 

1426, May 19. 

After the battle of Verneuil (1424, August), the Duke of 
Bedford came over into England and on Whitsuntide in 
1426 at Leicester [at a Parliament there'] he dubbed 
King Henry VI. knight and forthwith the said King 


duhhed 44 Jcnights. See the list of these knights supra 
pp. 130 — 2, where the navies of the knights who may he 
presumed to have heen made bachelor knights merely 
are printed in italics. 

After 1427, Nov. 7. Stephen Popham, sheriff of Hampsliire. 

1439, May 15. Henry, son of the earl of Huntingdon (at Kenyngton). 

1439, May 15, Henry, son of the earl of Arundel {ibid.). 

1439, May 15. Lewys John (idid.). 

1439, May 15. William Estefylde, merchant of London (ibid.). 

After 1441, June 10. Erancis de Surienne, called I'Arragonois, 
received a grant of money to support the dignity of knight- 

After 1449, Sept. 25. Nicolas Byron, sheriff of Lancashire. 

After 1452, Nov. 8. Richard Fenys, sheriff of Surrey and Sussex. 

1456, before July 15. A squire of the king of Denmark lately came 
to England and received the military order at Windsor. 

1460, July 10. 

Knights made at the battle of Northampton. 

Henry Stafford. 

Thomas Dymmoke. 

William Tyrell. 

William Tyrell, of the Beche (Bey). 

Thomas Stanley (Stranley). 

William Norrys. 

John of Asheton. 

Henry Lewys (Loys). 

Thomas Thorpe. 
1460, Dec. 30. 

Knights vtade at the battle of Wakefield. 

Lord Clifford (by the hands of Henry, duke of Somerset). 

James Lutterell (by same). 

Robert Whittingham (by same). 

Latymer, of Somersetshire (by same). 

Richard Percy (by tlie hands of his brother, the earl of 

William Gascoigne (by same). 

Thomas Metiiam (by same). 

William Bkktram (by same). 

Richard Alborough (by same). 

Thomas Eldreton (by same). 

John Malevkr (by same). 

William St. Quyntin (by same). 

John Courtenky (by the hamls of liis brother, the earl of 


1460, Dec. 30. 

Thomas Fulforde (by same). 

Alexander Hoody (by same). 

Richard Gary (by same). 

EoGER Clifford (by tbe bands of bis brotber, lord Clifford). 

Richard Tempest (by same). 

Henry Bellingham (by same). 

Thomas Babthorpe (by tbe bands of lord Roos). 

1460-1, Feb. 17. 

Knights made at the second battle of St. Albans. 

The King knighted his son Edward on the spot, and that 
young prince thereupon conferred that dignity on the 
earl of Shreivsbury and some thirty others, including : 

Thomas Roos. 

Andrew Trollope (being tbe first tbat be made). 

Whytyngam (wbo came next). 

Tresham (wbo came next). 

John Gray, and 12 more knigbts tbe same day. 
John Done. 
William Talboys. 
Symond H.ammys. 

1461, Mar. 29. 

Knights made by king Edward IV. at the battle of Towton. 

William Hastynges. 

Walter Devereux. 

HuMFREY Stafford. 

Thomas Montgomery. 

John Howard, sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk. 

Thomas Walgrave. 

1461, June 27. 

Knights made the day before the Coronation of Edward IV. 

John Fogge, made a knigbt of tbe Carpet. 

John Scott, made a knight of tbe Carpet. 
After 1461, Nov. 7. George Lomley, sheriff of Northumberland. 
After 1464, Nov. 6. James Baskerville, sheriff of Hereford. 


Before 1466, Easter. Lawrence Eeynford, sheriff of Essex and 

Before 1465, April. Thomas Uvedale, sheriff of Surrey and Sussex. 
After 1465, Easter. George Darell, sheriff of Wilts. 

1471, May 4. 

Knights rnade hy Edward IV. in the field of Grafton 
(Garton) beside T ewkeshury after the battle of 
Tewkesbury, on the field of battle. 

Lord John Cobham. 

George Nevill, son and heir to lord Abergavenny. 

Thomas Wingefield. 

Henry Wingfield. 

Philippe Courteney, sheriff of Devonshire. 

Henry Beaumont, sheriff of Staffordshire. 

Maurice Berkeley, sheriff of Hampshire. 

Richard Hastinges, called by his wife lord Welles. 

Rauf Hastinges. 

Egbert Harrington. 

Thomas Grey, sheriff of Cambridge and Huntingdon. 

James Tyrell. 

Henry Ferrers. 

John Aparre (Parr). 

Henry Perpoynt, sheriff of Notts and Derby. 

John Done (Donne, Downe). 

Roger Kynaston (Kinaston, Kingeston), sheriff of 

Richard Crofte, senior, sheriff of Hereford. 
John Pilkington. 
John Lyngeyne. 
John Harley. 
William Botteller. 
Christopher Moresby. 
John Clay. 
Robert Greene. 


[1471, May 4.] 

John Willoughby [de jure lord Latimer]. 

Roger Reed (Ree, Red). 

John Savage (Havage). 

Thomas Strickland. 

George Browne. 

"William Motton. 

John Croker. 

Skerne, of Essex. 

James Crowmer. 

William Sandes (Sandalle). 

John Devereux. 

Henry Grey. 

John Seyntloe. 

Edward Woodhouse. 

William Brandon. 

Richard Beauchamp. 

Thomas Cornewall (Cromwell). 

Roger Coubett. 

Humphrey Blount. 


John Feres. 
John Byngham. 
Richard Radclyffe. 
John Saundes. 
Nicholas Langford. 

[1471, between May 4 and May 21.] 

Knights Banneret made by Edward IV. on that voyage and 
late journey; whose pennons and standards (in the 
difference of pennons) were rent by the King's 

Thomas Grey. 

Richard Hastinges, afterwards lord Welles. 

John Courteney. 

Nicholas Latymer (Lawrence). 


Eauf Hastings, sheriff of Northamptonshire, May 5. 

eoger toketts (rogers). 

John Stanley. 

Symon Mountfoed. 

John Hexningham. 

William Stanley. 

Thomas Dering. 

William Stamford. 


1471, May 21. 

Knights made by Edward IV. outside the City Gates 
between Islington and Shoreditch ichen he entered 
London in state after the city had beaten off the 
Bastard Falconbridge. 

John Stockton, lord mayor of London. 

John Crosby, sheriff' of London. 

Thomas XJrswick (Horswyke), recorder of London. 

[1471, May 21.] 

Ralph Verney [alderman of London]. 

Richard Lee [alderman of London]. 

John Yonge [alderman of London]. 

William Taylor [alderman of London]. 

George Ireland [alderman of London]. 

John (William) Stoker (Stocker) [alderman of London]. 

Mathew Philip (Philippe) [alderman of London]. 

William Hampton [alderman of London]. 

Thomas Stalbroke [alderman of London]. 

Bartholomew James [alderman of London]. 

Between 1471, Oct., and 1472, July. 

Knights made in Granado by Sir Edward Woodville 
\_? Anthoiiy Woodville, Earl Riucrs'\, warring 07i the 
infidels [ ? or by Sir Edward, styled Lord Woodville, in 
Brittany, in 148S']. 

Edward Wyxgi-eilde. 



1472, John Parr, sheriff of Westmoreland. 

1476-7, Jan. 18. Thomas Haward, or Howard, sheriff of Norfolk 
and Suffolk. 

after 1480, Nov. 15. Egbert Willoughby, sheriff of Devon. 

after 1481, Sept. 29. Giles Daubeney, sheriff of Somerset and 

after 1481, Nov. 5. Humphrey Stanley, sheriff' of Staffordshire. 

1482, July 24 (St. James's Eve). 

Bannerets made in Scotland by the duhe of Gloucester 
\j)rohal)ly on the conclusion of the Treaty between the 
duke of Gloucester, the duhe of Albany, and the 
Scottish Nobles near Edinburgh^. 

Edward Wydevill (Wood vile), banneret. 
Walter Herbert, banneret. 
Herbert Greystoke, banneret. 

[1482, July 24.] 

John Elrington, banneret. 
Henry Percy, banneret. 
William Gascoigne, banneret. 
Edmond Hastings, banneret. 
James Tyrell, banneret. 
James Danby, banneret. 
Hugh Hastinges, banneret. 
Pauf Asheton, banneret. 
William Redman, banneret. 
Eichard Eadclif, banneret. 
Thomas Malyverer, banneret. 
Bryan Stapleton, banneret. 
John Savage, banneret. 
William Evers, banneret. 
Piers Middelton, banneret. 
Christopher Warde, banneret. 
Stephen Hamerton, banneret. 
Thomas Tempest, banneret. 


[1482, July 24.] 

John Everingham, banneret. 
Robert Harrington, banneret. 
Thomas Broughton, banneret. 
John Aske, banneret. 
Thomas Grey, of Warke, banneret. 
Rauf Woderington, banneret. 
Roger Thorneton, banneret. 
Thomas Molyneux, banneret. 
Alexander Houghton, banneret. 
Piers A. Legh, banneret. 
Edward Stanley, banneret. 
John Grey, of Wilton, banneret. 
Richard Hodleston, banneret. 

Knights made the same day by the same duJce of Gloucester. 

William Nevill, of Thorneton Bridge. 

Richard Hawte. 

John Woderington (Widrington). 

William Ingleby (Engelby), 

Thomas Gowre. 

Randolf Pygott. 

John Darrell. 

William Houghton. 

William Parker, of London. 

Roger Cotton. 

Thomas Bowles. 

Thomas (John) Bridges (Bergyll). 

Alexander B.\ynham. 

Sandy Jarden (Jurden), a Scot. 

Knights made the same day in the Englishmen's Camp by 
Alexander, duke of Albany. 

Adam Murrey, 
Thomas Lyndsey. 
John Coningii.\m. 
John Rotherford. 


Knights made the same day hy the earl of Northumberland 
in Scotland \_at the same place"]. 

John Penyngton. 
Robert Plompton, 
Martin, of the Sea. 

Knights m,ade the same day, at the same place by lord 
Stanley, steward of the King's House. 

Christopher Southworth. 


William Stanley. 
John Bowthe. 
George Holforde, 
Richard Bolde. 

[1482, July 24.] 

Richard Townley. 
James Lawrence. 
Thomas Talbott. 
Henry Tarbocke. 
John Talbott. 
Alexander Standishe. 
Christopher Standishe. 
William Farrington. 
Henry Kyghley. 

1482, Aug. 22. 

Bannerets and Knights made by Richard, duke of Gloucester, 
in Scotland at Hoton Field beside Berwick [ ? at the 
surrendering of Berwick to the English, which took 
place on the 24th Aug., 1482']. 


Frauncys, lord Lovell. 
[Richard], lord Fitz-Hugh. 
[Thomas], lord Scroop of Masham. 


[1482, Aug. 22.] 

George, lord Lumley. 

Thomas Pilkington. 

EoBERT Ryder. 

Other Knights and Bannerets. 
William Darcy. 
John Melton. 
JoHX Savell. 
Rauf Bulmer. 
Rauf Bigod. 
Rauf Bowes (Bowyer). 
JoHx Constable, of Holderness. 
James vStrangways. 
Robert Middelton. 
William Fitz William. 
Thomas Fitz William. 
Thomas Wortley. 
James Danby. 
Thomas Malyverer. 
Rauf Fitz Randall. 
Charles Pilkington. 
Robert Waterton. 
John Nevill, of Liverseege. 
Richard Coigners, of Cowtoii. 
William Beckwithe. 

Knights, dubbed by the earl of Northninberland on the field 
of Sefford the same time. 

Marmaduke Constable. 
Christopher Warde. 
Roger Heron. 
Thomas Grey. 
William Malory. 
Piers Middelton. 
Stephen Hamkrton. 
Robert IIilyard (Helyarde). 


[1482, Aug. 22]. 

Eauf Wodeington. 
Ratjf Harbottell. 
John Eveeingham. 
John Aske. 
Eauf Babthorpe. 
Roger Thorneton. 
Christopher Curwen. 
John Salveyn, of Duflett. 
Thomas Grey, of Horton. 
Thomas Tempest. 

? 1482-3, Jan. 6. Thomas Thwaytes. 

1482-3, after Feb. 18. 

Knights dubbed after the Parliament was ended. 
John Wood, speaker of tke Parliament, 
William Catesby, justice. 

1483, Saturday, July 5. 

Knights made by Richard III., the day before his Coronation. 

Robert Dymmoke, tlie King's champion at the Coronation. 

William Hopton. 

Robert Persay (Percye). 

William Jenney, justice [of the King's Bench]. 

Gervase Clyfton, sheriff of Notts and Derby. 

[P1483, July 12.] 

Humphrey Starkey, chief baron of the Exchequer (on 
Saturday after [ ? the Coronation] in the Tower. 

1483, Sept. 8. 

Knights made at York by Richard III. on the 'procession 
through the city and the repetition of the Coronation. 

Gefferey de Sasiola, ambassador from Spain, in testimony 
whereof he gave him letters patent dated at York the 
same day. 

Richard, of Gloucester, the King's natural son. 

And many other Northern Gentlemen. 


[P1484, the lath day of .] 

William, lord Crichton of Cricliton, a Scottislimaii, before 

Thomas Htll, mayor of London, after dinner. 

before Easter, 1485. Robert Brackenbury, sheriff of Kent. 

[before 1485, August.] Charles Somerset, made knigbt by Philip, 
archduke of Austria [in Flanders.] 

1485, Aug. 7. 

Knights made at the landing of Henry, earl of Richmond 
(afterivards Henry VII.), at Milford Haven. 

Edward Courtenet, afterwards earl of Devonshire. 

John Welles, afterwards viscount Welles. 

Philibert de Chandee, afterwards earl of Bath, 

John Cheney (Cheiny). 

Richard Guildford. 

Edward Ponyinges. 

James Blount. 

Davy Owen. 

Charles Somerset. 

John Fortescu, sheriff of Essex and Ilerts. 

John Haliwel (Halwyn). 

John Ryseley. 

William Brandon. 

* Thomas Milborn (Melbourne). 

* William Tyler. 
John Treury (Terury). 

1485, Aug. 25. 

Relights made at the Battle of Rcdmore or Bosicorth by 
Henry VII- 

John Talbott. 

John (Roger) Mortemer. 

Walter IIungerforde. 

• In Ashmolean MS. 1121, p. 433, these names are given as made at the battle of Redmore. 


1485, Aug. 25. 

Robert Pointz. 
HuMFREY Stanley. 
William Wyloughby. 
John Turberville. 
Res (Rice) Ap Thomas. 
Hugh Persall. 
Richard Edgcombe. 

[?1485, Aug. 25.] 

[^At the same time or between the Battle of Bosworth and 

the Coronation of Henry VII.'] 
Edmund Carew. 

John Bickenell (Brikenell, Kykenell). 
William Courteney. 

1485-6 (or 1486-7), Jan. 6. 

Knights of London made twelfth day anno prim.o ( '? secundo) 
Henry VII., the King keeping his estate at Whitehall 
being crowned. 

Henry Collett, mayor of London, 

John Eenkell (Fenkyll). 

John Browne. 

William Capell. 

]^? At the same time.] 

Nicholas [Robert] Billesdon. 

1486, before Whitsuntide. John Byron, sheriff of Notts and Derby 
(as the King came from York). 

1486, at Whitsuntide. Roger Townesende (at Worcester, in the 
King's chamber). 

after 1486, Nov. 5. John Lyngeyn, sheriff of Hereford. 

1486-7 [?Jan. 6]. 

William Hodie, chief baron of the Exchequer. 
John Swyliard (Suliard), judge of the King's Bench. 


1487, June 16. 

Knights Banneret made hy Henry VII. at the Battle of 
Stoke-on-Trent whereof the first three were made 
before the battle and the other eleven after. 

Gilbert Talbott. 

John Cheyny. 

"William Stouxee. 

John Ahundell. 

Thomas Cokesey, alias Grevell. 

Edmoxde Bedingfeilde (Bemngfield). 

John Fortescue. 

HuMFREY Stanley. 

James Blount. 

Richard Delabere. 

John Mortemer. 

William Troutbecke. 

Eichard Crofts. 

James Baskerville. 

Knights made at the ahovcsaid battle. 

James Awdeley. 

Thomas Poole (Poall). 

Robert Clyfford. 

Edward Aborougii (Borough). 

George Hopton, of Swillington. 

Edward Norrys (Morys). 

William Tyrwhit, of Kettleby. 

Thomas Green (Grey). 

Henry Wilougiiby. 

John Musgrave. 

Edward Pykeringe. 

William Sandes. 

Thomas (Gregory) Lovell. 

James Parker (Picks). 


[1487, June 16.] 

Anthony Browne. 

Maurice Barkley. 

William Carew. 

Richard Fitz Lewes (Fitz Hews). 

John Paston. 

Richard Poole (Polle). 

Roger Bellingham (Belingham, Billingham). 

Edward Darell. 

Thomas Hansard. 

Thomas, of Walton. 

Robert, of Brougliton. 

Thomas Blount. 

William Vampage, the first kniglit that was dubbed in the 

field that day. 
Humfrey Sauvage. 
John Sabcotts (Sappacottis). 
Gregory Lovell. 
Nicholas Yaulx. 

William Trowtbeke [see on previous page]. 
John Devenishe. 
Amyas Poulet. 
Henry Boulde. 

William Redmeyll (Redmill). 
Robert Cheiney. 
John Wyndham. 
George Nevill, the bastard. 
Rauf Shirley. 
Robert Brandon. 
John Digby.* 
William Littilton. 
Christopher Wroughton. 
William Norrys.I 
James Parker. 
Thomas Lien (Linn, Lyn). 

* Harl MS. 5177, says :— " at Canterbury when the King went to Calais." This would mean Oct. 1492 
But Digby occurs as already a Knight in 1488 in Gairdner's " materials for the History of Hy. Vll. 
Vol. II., p. 385. 

t Occurs as an esquire in Sept. 1486, and as a Knight in Feb. 1487. Gairdner (ibid) pp. 35, 89. 


[1487, June 16.] 

Maurice Abarow (A Barow). 

Thomas Mantngton (was dubbed as he says, but ). 

James Harington.J 

John Longville. 

Thomas Tyrell (Terell), 

George Herbert. 

Rauf Langeorth.* 

1487 [? June 8]. Thomas Oulet, merchant (at Coventry the same 
summer, the King's banner yet displayed. He was of the 
same town a burgess). 

1487 [? Aug. 1-5]. Richard Todde, mayor of York (dubbed by the 
King at York). 

1487 [? Aug. 1-5]. Richard Yorke, mayor of the Staple [ihid). 

1487 [Aug. 8]. Richard Salkyld (by the King at Durham). 

1487, Aug. 9. Richard Clervaux (at Croft, by the King on 
St, Laurence Eve). 

1487, Aug. 24. John Waren (by the King at Ripon on St. 
Bartholomew's Day). 

1487. Aug. 24. Thomas Ashton (Hasheton) [ihid). 

1487 [?Nov. 3]. William Horn, mayor of London (by the King in 
Hornsey Park at the King's return to London). 

1487 [?Nov, 3]. John Persevall {ihid). 

1487 [?Nov, 3], Thomas Fitz William, recorder of London 

[P1487] Dec. 11. Arnold Hake Van Sott, ge. nat. van Tyrell of 
Almaigne, dubbed by the King the same year on Friday 
after the conception of our Lady. 

t Occurs as already a Knight In August 1480. Oairdner (iWrf) p, 29. 

• It is not easy to decide whether the whole of this list from Sir James Awdeley to Sir Rauf Langforth 
Jg, or la not, a homogeneous list of knights created at the same time, vIk. . — At the battle of Stoke. Some 
patent descrejiancles are noticed In the footnotes. In Harl M.S. 5177, the list Is arranged in a different 
order, viz. :— (1) Those who have paid their fees to the College of Arms ; (2) Those who have only paid 
l>art ; (3) Those who have not paid at all. 


[P1487]. These three following came from High Almaigne to see 
this realm and to receive the order of knighthood of the 
King, as they did. 

Balthezar Canhauser. 
Christopher Van Silbermerg. 
Adryan Van Greknecke. 

1488 [?Dec. 21., or between Easter and Micliaelmas, 1489]. 

Richard Nanfant, sheriff of Cornwall, dubbed by tbe King 
before Christmas, who sent him on embassade into 
Spain. He was dubbed on the way towards Kingston. 

[? Early in 1489.] 

Thomas Stafford (dubbed by the King at the sea side when 

he sent his army into Brittany). 
John Holdilston (Hodeston) (ibid.). 

[ ? 1489, August .] Albright , brother to the Chancellor 

of Denmark. 

? 1489 [between March and August, or ? 1490, August — September]. 
Sampson Norton, dubbed in Brittany by Robert, first lord 
Willoughby de Broke. 

after 1489, Nov. 5. Christopher Throgmarton, sheriff of Gloucester. 

[P1492, Oct.] 

Lewys Caerlion (Carlion) (dubbed by the King at 

[Gilbert Talbot]* [shield only]. 

[? Nevill] [shield only]. 

[ ? Benstead] [shield only]. 

[Shield only, unidentified. Per pale purpure and azure, 

three lucies' heads erased and erect or, in the mouth of 

each a spear head argent.] 

[? Savage] [shield only]. 

[Shield only, unidentified. Quarterly 1, Gules, a fesse 

dancettee argent; 2, Azure, an eagle displayed or, a 

bendlet gules; 3, or on a chief gules two hands 

couped argent, the one dexter the other sinister; 4, 

gules, three lucies in pale argent.] 

* After the name of Sir Lewis Carleon, the MS. (Cott. Claud C. III.) gives the trickings of twelve 
shields without names. The conjectural identification of the bearers of these arms is given here on the 
authority of Metcalfe alone (" Book of Knights " pp. 22-3). The only reason for including these twelve knights 
under the date ?1492, Oct., is the fact that they follow Sir Lewys Carleon without any indication of break 
n the MS. The same is the case with the succeeding eleven knights. 


[?1492, Oct.] 

[? Pickering] [sliield only]. 

George Darell. 

[? Stanley] [sliield only]. 

[? Courteney] [shield only]. 

[? Yere] [sliield only]. 

[? FiTZ Waryn] [shield only]. 

Egbert Curson. 



William Browne. 


William Hawte. 

[? Mence] [shield only]. 




[ Shield only, unidentified. Azure, a fesse 

dancettee between three falcons or, belted proper.] 

1494, Jan. 6.* 

Rauf Ostriche (Astry), mayor of London (in the King's 

Chamber at Westminster). 
William de Martin, late lord mayor of London (ibid.). 
Nicholas, lord HoAvth, of Ireland (ibid.). 
Lord Slane (ibid.). 

1494, Nov. 9. John Levesque (Lanesque), a Breton (dubbed by 
the King on the day of the tournament after the creation 
of prince Henry as duke of York). 

1497, June 17. 

Knights Bannerets made at the Battle of Blacliheaih. 

Thomas Lovell (Lovett). 
Charles Somersett. 
Heignald Bray. 
Richard Guylforde. 
Robert Harecouut. 

•CottMft., Claude. HI. Harl MS. r,177. Harl MR. (KW3. In the last of these MSS. these four names 
occur amongst the Knights made at the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth, wife of Ilenry VH. 


[1497, June 17.] 

Res Ap Thomas. 

Henry "Wiloughby. 

EiCHAED Lewis or Eitz Lewes. 

John Seint John. 

Thomas Greene. 

Robert [Edward] Broughton. 

Nicholas Vaux. 

William Tyrwhite. 

Thomas Tyrell (Tyrett, Tyrwhit). 

Knights made at the same battle of Blackheath. 

Edward Blount. 

William de la Poole, called lord William of Suffolk, 

brother to Edmond de la Pole, earl of Suffolk. 
Thomas Brandon. 

John [Edward] Savage, sheriff of Worcester. 
Thomas Cornewall, baron of Burford.* 
John Seymer, of Wiltshire.* 
Robert Drury.* 
Charles a. Bruges (A. Bruges). 
Edward Stanhope. 
Robert Lovell. 

Robert Tyrell (Tyrett, Terell). 
John Eerrers (Eerres). 
Henry Tay.* 
John Hussee (Huse). 
John Rodney (PITdney). 
John Montgomery. 
Richard Pudsey (Puesey). 
John Darell (Barrel), of Calehill, in Kent. 
Edmond Arondell, of the West. 
William Merynge. 
John Peche. 
Thomas Digby.* 

*nterin? London. ^^'^ ^®' ^^^^' "°*^"" ^^^ ^^^^'""^ °^ ^""'^^^^ "^"^^^^ at the Bridge foot on the King's 


[1497, June 17.] 


George Talbots. 

Philippe Calthorpe. 

John Greene, of Essex.* 

Roger Wentworthe. 

Robert Constable.* 

John Skipwith, of Co. Lincoln. 

John Williams. 


[after 1497, June 17.] 

Knights dubbed at the Bridge Foot on the King's entering 
London after the Battle of Blackheath. 

John H 


John Hungerforde. 

John Fyneulx (Fyneux), chief justice of the King's Bench, 

John Raynsforde. 

Bryan Sandforde. 

[Shield only; Argent, a chevron Gules.] 

John Langforde. 

Thomas Bryan. 

John Tate, lord mayor of London. 

John Shaa [Shawe], sheriff of London. 

Richard Haddon, sheriff of London. 

Robert Sheffield, recorder of London. 

John Dunham. 

Thomas Rotherham. 

John Awdeley, of Suffolk. 

Philippe Cooke. 

John Bruerton (Brereton). 

Thomas Lawne (de la Launde). 

Richard Lovelace. 

Thomas Salisbury. 

Richard [John] Carewe (Carn). 

• Occurg In Harl. MS, 5177 under the heading of KnIghU dubbed at Bridge foot on the king 8 entering 


(No place or date.) 

Andrew de Trevisano. 

Laurence Aylmer. 

[On or before 1497, Sept. 30.] 

Knights Bannerets made in Scotland by Thomas, earl of 
Surrey, the King's Lieutenant. 

William Gtascoigne. 
John Nevill. 
John Hastinges. 
Thomas Darct. 
Walter Gryffith. 
Rauf Ryder. 
Thomas Wortley. 
Roger Bellingham. 
William Tyler. 
Edward Pykeringe, 

Knights made in Scotland by same at same time. 

Thomas, lord Howard, the earl of Surrey's son. 

Edward Howard, tlie earl of Surrey's son. 

Henry Scroope. 

William Cognyers (Connyers). 

William Bulmer. 

George Manners. 

Rauf Evers. 

[? 1497, Sept. 30.] 

Edward Savage. 
Roger Hopton. 
John Warbreton. 
Randolph Bruerton. 
Andrew Bruerton. 
Robert Aske. 
John Hothom. 
Henry Boynton. 


[? 1497, Sept. 30.] 

Robert Bellingham. 
Richard Woodrofe. 
Thomas Ilderton. 
John Wandisford. 
Roger Hastings. 
John Roclyff. 
Richard Cholmondeley. 
John Normanvile. 
Richard Aldeburgh. 
Richard Calverley. 
William Skargill. 
Richard Myrfeilde. 
Raulf Ellercar. 
William Calverley. 
John Gower. 

Other Knights made in Scotland hy George, lord Strange, 
being there with Thomas, earl of Surrey. 

John Irelande. 
William Bowthe. 
Richard Asheton. 
John Townley. 
William Terbuke. 
Henry Halsall. 
Roger Pylston. 
Edward Hanmore. 
Humfhrey Lysley (Lyll). 
Before Easter, 1499. John Hotiiom, slierili: of Yorkshire. 

[? 1500]. Brampton, son of Sir Edward Brampton, merchant, 

of London and Portugal (at Winchester). 

Before 1501, Sept. 29. Edward Radclyff, sherift' of Northumber- 

1501, Nov. 14. 

Knights of the Sword (or Carpet) made at the marriage 
of prince ArtJivr. 

John Danveks, of Dauncy. 



1501, Nov. 14. 


John Vavasour, justice of Common Pleas. 

John Pounde. 

John Fogge (Foog). 

Lewes Bagott. 

William Clopton. 

William Perott. 

James Ap Owen. 

Edmond Jenny. 

Thomas Barneston. 

Thomas Knight. 

Eauf Yerney. 

Philippe Tilney. 

Thomas Danvers. 

Dedo de Azevedo, a Spaniard. 

Ferdinand de Villa Lobos (Loges), a Spaniard, 

Thomas Woode, chief justice of Common Pleas. 

Robert Reade, justice of the King's Bench. 

Thomas Tremayle, justice of the King's Bench. 

William Danvers, justice of Common Pleas. 

John Tymperley. 

John Champernoun. 

John Villers (Villiers). 

Robert Taneelde. 

1502, May 18. Franciscus de Capello. 

[?] A. P. Dane (Dave), of Islande, a Scot. 

1502, Xmas. Thomas Frowyke, chief justice of Common Pleas (at 


1503, between Easter and Whitsuntide. At Baynards Castle in the 

King's Chamber. 

Bartholomew Rede, mayor of London. 
Key van Anvyll. 
John Fisher. 
Edmond Lucy. 

Cotton, of Cambridge. 

Gilbert Debbenham. 


1503-4, Feb. 18. 

Knights of the Sword dubhed at the creation of 'prince 
Henry as 'prince of Wales. 

*JoHN (Grey), 4tli viscount Lisle. 
Thomas (Dacre), 3rd lord Dacre of tlie N'orth. 
Bryan Stapleton. 
Rauf Grey. 
Miles Bussy. 
Edward Pomerey. 
John Mordant. 
James Hubert. 
Richard Emson. 
Davy Philippe. 
Hugh Vaughan. 
Edmond Hampden. 
Nicholas Waddam. 
William Perpoynt. 
John Southworthe. 
Adrian Fortescu. 
John Lyngeyn. 
John Everingham. 
John Constable, of Holderness. 
Henry Wyderington. 
Thomas Tren chard. 
William Gyfforde. 
Thomas Sutton. 

John Lysle : of Throkston, in Wiltshire. 
Thomas Fetyplace. 
John Cutte. 
Robert Southwell. 
Henry Stafforde. 

[?] John Wiltshire, dubbed by the duke of Juliers at the 

command of the king of the Romans. 

After 1505, Dec. 1. John Gawyn, sheriff of Wilts. 

1508. William Trevanyon, sheriff of Cornwall. 

• The first eight names in this \Ul are given as Knighta of the Bath, $ui>ra toI. I. i>. 147. 


Before Easter, 1509. Everaed Fyldyng, sheriff of Rutland. 

1509, May 14. Charter by king James lY. of Scotland granting the 
dignity of knighthood to Christopher Galiace, of San 
Severino (dated St. Michael's Castle, Stirling, Scotland). 

1509, June 23. Stephen Jennyns, mayor of London (on the day 
of the King's Coronation). 

After 1510, Nov. 9. Richard Knyghtley, sheriff of Northampton- 

[? 1510-11, Eeb. 12.] Hugh Odonell, dubbed at the banquet at 
Westminster : anno secundo. 

1511, Sept. 15. 

Henry Guildeforde, dubbed by the king of Aragon at 

Bruges [Burgos] in Castile.* 
Wystan (Weston) Browne (ihid.)A 

1512, Mar. SO.f 

Henry Guildeforde (at Westminster, the last day of the 

Charles Brandon (ibid.). 

1512, Apr. 18. Guyot de Henle, Sieur de la Mote (At Greenwich). 

(?) 1512, Apr. 18. Henry Sherbourne {? ibid.]. 

(?) 1512, Apr. 18. Thomas Lucy {?ibid.). 

(?) 1512, Apr. 18. John Burdett {? ibid.). 

(?) 1512, Apr. 18. Robert Morton {? ibid.). 

[1512, between April and December.] 

William Sidney (made in Brittany by the duke of Norfolk, 
lord admiral). 

[?1512]. Anthony TJtreight [Ughtred] (made at Eltham). 

* Lansd MS., Claud C. III., says 1511. Harl MS. 5177 says 1509. 
t Claud C. says 1511, as does Harl 5177, 


[P1513, Aug. 16.] Possibly at the Battle of SjJurs in France. 
Knights Bannerets. 

John Peche (Peachy). 

Egbert Brandox. 

Henry Guildford. 

Edward Poynixges. 

Andrew Wyndesore, treasurer of the King's Middleware! 
of battle. 

John Reynsford. 

Henry Wyatt. 

John Seymour. 

John Awdeley. 

Richard Carew. 

Anthony TJtright (see supra). 

Thomas West. 

Robert Dymoke, treasurer of the King's Rearward. 

John Husee (Hussey). 

John Arundell, of the West. 

Richard Wentworthe. 

Randolf Brereton, marshal of the Rearward. 

Piers Edgecombe. 

Henry Clyfforde. 

Thomas Cornewall. 

Thomas Leighton. 

Thomas Blount. 

John Aston. 

William Perpount. 

Henry Sacheverell. 

George Holforde (Hallforth). 

Henry Halsall. 

George (John) Warbleton. 

[ ?] Thomas Darcus (Darus) alias Denys, of , in 


• Harl MH. r>177 says nnno 5, 


1513, Sept. 9. 

Knightes made at the battaill on Bramston Moore, otherwise 
called Flodden Field, which field was faughten the 
IX day of September, mi the yere of our Lord God 
1513, being the fifte yere of the reign of king Henry 
the eight betweene the king of Scottes and his people 
to the number of 60,000 on the one partie, and the erle 
of Surrey, thresurer and marshall of England and 
lieutenant generall in the North Partes, and certain 
nobles and subjectes of the Jdnge of England to the 
number of 30,000 on the other partie. At what time 
the Scottish hing and divers of his noblemen were 

The lord Serope, of Upsall. 

Edmund Howard. 

William Percy. 

George Darcy. 

William Middleton. 

William Mauliverer. 

Thomas Berkley. 

Marmaduke Constable. 

Christopher Dacres. 

John IIothom. 

Nicholas Appleyard. 

Edward Gorge. 

Rauf Ellerkar, the younger. 

John Willoughby. 

Edward Echingham. 

William Penington. 

John Stanley, the bastard. 

Walter Stonner. 

Vyvyan Markynfeld. 

E-AUF Bowes. 

Bsyan Stapleton. 


[1513 Sept. 9.] 

Guy Dawney. 

William Gascoigxe, the younger. 

Rauf Salvayn. 


William Constable, of Hatfield. 

William Coxstable, of Carethorp. 

Christopher Daxby. 

Thomas Burgh. 

William Eoss. 

William Newton. 

Roger Grey. 

Robert Colyngwod. 

Roger Farewell. 

Thomas Straxguishe. 

John Bulmer. 

1513, Sept. 25. 

Knights made at Touniay, in the chvrch after the Kin^ 
came from Mass under his haiiner in the chnrch* 

John, lord Awdeley. 

[Thomas], lord Cobham. 

Lord Richard Grey. 

Lord Edward Grey. 

Henry Poole. 

Anthony Wingefelde. 

Thomas Tirrell (of Gyppynge). 

Thomas Bourough (Borough). 

Thomas Tyre ell, of Heron. 

Thomas Fairefax. 

Thomas Lovell (junior). 

John Veer. 

IIenuy Loxge. 

John Marxey. 

John Markham. 

• Harl M.S. 5177, Ilarl M.S. 6000 f. 120, printed by Brewer, S.P. Hy. VHI.. Vol. I. p. 670. Cott MS.. 
Claud C. in. and Harl 0003, say Dec. 25, anno 5. Harl M.S. 0000, says Dec. 25. 


[1513, Sept. 25.] 

JoH^iT Savage. 

John Eaglande. 

John Nevill (of Leversege). 

William Hansaede. 

John Sharppe. 

John Mainwaring. 

Edward Guylforde. 

Edward Belknapp. 

Edward Hungerforde. 

Edward Stradling. 

Edward Nevile. 

Edward Doon (Dun). 

Edward Ferrers. 

William Compton. 

William Evers. 

William Husse (Husee). 

William FitzWilliam. 

William Brerton. 

William Essex. 

William Gryffyth. 

William A Parre. 

William Tyler. 

Rauf (Edward) Chamberlayn. 

Eic Sacheverell. 

Eic Tempest. 

William Ascu. 

Ric Jernynham (Jermingham). 

Rob Tyrwiiyt. 

Rauf Egerton. 

Gyles Capell. 

Geoffrey Gates. 

Christopher Willoughby. 

John Gyfforde. 

Christopher Garneys. 

Owen Perrot. 

Henry Owen. 


[1513, Sept. 25.] 

James Fremlingham (Feamlingham). 
Lewis Orell. 

["PISIS, Oct. 13. '? During the reception of prince Charles and 
Margaret of Savoy by Henry VIII. at 2'ournay.'] 

John Gleymham. 

Arthur Plantagentet, dubbed the 14tli day of October. 

Symon Harecourt. 

John Zowkett, de Germania. 

Lewes de Waldencourte, de Hannonia. 

Raxjf Yerney. 

Richard Walden. 

James Darell. 

Anthony Hungerforde. 

William Kingeston. 

[ ? at same time.] 

Peter Vavasour. 
Edward Wadham. 
John Hampden. 
John Talijot. 
Edward Grey. 
William Barantine. 
Nicholas Barington. 
John Bruges. 
William Fynche. 
George Harvy. 
Nicholas Heydon. 
Lyonell Dymoke. 
Edward Bensted. 
William Smythe. 
John Daunce. 
Thomas Clynton. 
Richard Whethill. 
William Thomas. 
John Wyseman. 


1513, Oct. 13. 

Of the lord chamberlain's Ward at the same time, the 
13th [ .? 14'] day of October anno \c[uinto'] were made 
knights [tkese following : — ] 

[John] La Zouche, son and heir of lord Zouclie. 

[John] Sutton, son and lieir of lord Dudley. 

Arthur Hopton. 

Edmond Bray. 

George Saintleger. 

William Morgan. 

Edward Greville. 

Thomas Philipps. 

Thomas Gamage. 

Richard Herbert. 

William Mathew. 

Christopher Baynham. 

Richard Yaughan. 

Christopher Ascu. 

Andrew Bylisby. 

Thomas Hanmer (Hamer). 

John Thimbilby. 

Symon Fitz Richard. 

William Bawdryppe. 

1613, Oct. 14. 

Knights dubbed at Lille the 14th day of October anno 

[John] Nevill, son and lieir to lord Latimer. 

Gilbert Talbott. 

Symon de Ferrato. 

Thomas Fuchs. 

Paul Armesdroffer. 

William de Nouyon. 

John de la Zouche. 

John Leyke. 

Edward Croft. 


[1513, Oct. 14.] 

William Gryslet (Grisle). 

Thomas Cokayn. 

Richard Bassett. 

John Maynweringe, of Ightfield. 

Richard Bossum. 

John Cressenor. 

Alexander Radclyff. 

William Stanley. 

William Poole. 

William Leylonde. 

Alexander Orbaston. 

John Holforde. 

Edward Belyngham. 

Robert Nevyll, of Leversege. 

William Lysle. 

Walter Calveri,ey. 

Thomas Wentworth. 

John Rodney. 

John Burton. 

Thomas Rokeley. 

Thomas Kynardeston. 

John Tremayle. 

after 1513, Nov. 9. Walter Rodney, sheriff of Oxfordshire. 

after 1513, Nov. 9. Edward Croftes, sheriff of Hereford. 

1513, Dec. 25. William Compton, sheriff of Hampshire. 

[P1513, Pat Flodden.] 

[ Walsingiiam] (shield only, sable a chevron argent 

between three cinquefoils pierced or). 
Robert (Ogle), 4th lord Ogle. 
Edmond Walsingiiam. 
Thomas West. 
John Dawtrey. 

before Easter, 1515. Edward Gorge, sheriff" of Somerset and 


[P1515] William Butler (Boteler), lord mayor of London. 
William Fitz William, of Geynspark Hall, in Essex. 

Before 1516, Easter. John Scroope, sheriff of Wiltshire, 

After Easter, 1516. William Herbert, of Troy, sheriff of Hereford. 

After 1517, Nov. 9. Giles Strangwisshe, sheriff of Somerset and 

1517-8, Jan. 3. 

John Heyron (Heron), dubbed at Windsor. 
BiCHARD Weston (ibid). 


Thomas Dynham. 

Thomas Exmew, lord mayor of London. 

Before Easter, 1519. Thomas Burgh, sheriff of Leicestershire. 

[ ? 1519] James Yerforde [Yarford], lord mayor of London. 

1520, June. 

Thomas Seymour (dubbed by the King at Calais). 
[?] Lawrence Stayber, of Noremberge, in High Almaigne. 

William Gascoigne, of Cardington, Co. Beds. 

Edmonde Tame. 

William Denys, sheriff of Gloucester. 

Edward Deymer. 

Before Easter, 1522. William Gyfeord, sheriff of Hampshire. 

Before Easter, 1522. Edward Croft, sheriff of Hereford. 

1523. Knights viade in Scotland hy the Duke of Norfolk, lord 
treasurer of England* [between 1522-3, Feb., and 
1523, Nov]. 

Arthur (Anthony) Darcy. 
Thomas Clyfforde. 
Philip Dacres. 
Richard Breereton. 

* Harl. MS. 6063 says simply "at Sefforth." Harl. 6069 says "at Sefforth in the 
15 year of Henry VIII. at Blaykasne." 



William Ogle. 

Rauf Fenwyke. 

William Cart. 

John Harbey. 

Edward Grey, of Fyllynham. 

Nicholas Ryddeley. 

William Eldrecare. 

William Trenayll \_?ibid.']. 

William Heron. 

John Heron. 

John de la Wayll. 

Thomas Foster. 

William Bowmer, of Morton. 

Raph Hed worth. 

Richard Howycheke. 

Edward Knowill, of Buckinghamshire. 

Thomas Sownorth. 

Rafe Boulmer, of Maryke. 

Rauf (Nevill), 4th earl of Westmorland. 

William Baron, of Grayflesh. 

John Dennet. 

Knights made at Jedworth the 25 th day of September, in 
the reign of our king aforesaid. 

Lord William Howard \_? ibid.] 
Christopher Conyers. 
Walter Strickland. 
Thomas Hilton. 
Marmaduke Constable. 
Thomas Tempest. 
William Musgrave. 

1623, July 1. 

Knights made by the Lord Admiral after the tahmg of 
Morlaix ''for their hardiness and noble couragey 

Francis Bryan, 
Anthony Browne. 


[1523, July 1.] 

EiCHARD Cromwell. 
Henry More. 
Giles Hussey. 
John Russell. 
John Raynsford. 
George Cobham. 
John Cornwallis. 
Edward Rigley. 
And divers others. 

After 1523, Sept. 29. John Rogers, sheriff of Somerset and Dorset, 

1523, Oct. 31. 

Knights inade by Charles, duke of Suffolk, in France, at a 
town called Roye, in the tivie of war, he being the 
King's lieutenant. 

Henry, Lord Herbert, son and heir to the earl of Worcester. 

Edward (Grey). 

Lord Powis. 

Arthur Poole, brother to lord Montagu. 

Olyver Maners, brother to lord Roos. 

Thomas Wentworthe. 

Richard Corbett. 

William Stourton. 

Richard Sandes. 

Edmonde Beningfeilde (Bedingfield). 

Edward Seymour. 

George Warham. 

William Mantell (Martell). 

Robert Jerningham. 

Item: The said duke of Suffolk at the same tyme made 
these two knights on the river of Soinme. 

John Dudley. 
Robert Utreight. 


1523, Dec. 3. 

IteTn : At Valenciennes the said duke of Suffolk made these 
tivo knights. 

William Penyngton. 
Bartholomew Tate. 

[P1523.] Thomas Baldrt, lord mayor of London. 

After 1524, Nov. 10. Thomas Cornewall, sheriff of Shropshire. 

[P1524.] Thomas "Wryothesley, Garter King-at-Arms (dubbed by 
Don Ferdinando, archduke of Austria, at Nuremburg, 

1525. William Bayly, lord mayor of London (by the King at 

[?] FiTZ James. 

FiTz Herbert. 

FowKE Grevill. 

After 1527, Nov. 16. Thomas Pulteney, sheriff of Warwick and 

1527. Eoger Maynors, dubbed at Windsor on Corpus Christi day. 

[?] Thomas Elyott. 

John Porte. 
James Strangewayes. 
Thomas Wharton. 
Edward Gower. 
William Fayrfax. 
Robert Skargyll. 
iiumfrye forster. 
Roger Lampklowe. 
George Lawson. 

Edward Boughton, of Woolwich in Kent. 
Thomas Speke (Spoke). 
James Metcalfe. 
George Carew. 


[After 1529, Nov. 3.] 

Knights made by the King at York Place, now called 
Whitehall, in the Parliament time 1529. 

William Hussee. 

Geoffrey Poole. 

John Milton. 

Egbert Payton. 

Richard Greenfeilde, 

Richard Page. 

Philippe Butler, of Hertfordshire. 

Thomas Straunge. 

John Russell. 

Robert Cheyffelde. 

Rauf Dodmere, mayor of London [mayor in 1529]. 

[Thomas] Pargeter, mayor of London [mayor in 1530]. 

James Stranguische. 

James Spencer. 

Thomas de Curton. 

[Robert] de Norwyche, justice of Common Pleas. 

[William] Shelley, justice of Common Pleas. 

John Rudstone. 

John Mundy. 

John Allen (Aleyn). 

Bryan Tyke. 

Robert Leghe. 

John Clerke. 

John Daunet. 

Edward Pykeringe. 

Osburne Echingham. 

William Pondre. 

Lyonell Norres. 

John Chamoun. 

Thomas Spert (Sporte). 

Henry Farmour. 

William Stretton. 

Rauf Langforde. 


[After 1529, Nov. 3.] 

Anthony Babington. 

Bassett, of Blowre. 

Smtthe, of Chester. 

James Leybourne. 

Richard Lampley, at Wolton. 

EiCHARD Clement. 

After 1529, Nov. 9. Andrew Bylesby, sheriff of Lincolnshire. 

After 1530, Nov. 11. Giles Alyngton, sheriff of Cambridge and 

After 1530, Nov. 11. Cuthbert Radclyff, sheriff of Northumber- 

After 1531, Nov. 9. Henry Fermour, sheriff of Norfolk and 

After 1531, Nov. 9. John A^illiers, sheriff of Warwick and 

After 1531, Nov. 9, Nicholas Fayrefax, sheriff of Yorkshire. 

1532, Nov. 1. 

Knights made at Calais [after the interviews between 
Henry VIII. and Francis /.]. 

Thomas Darcy. 

HuMFREY FoRSTER, sheriff of Oxfordshire. 

[? Nov. 10.]. John Ackett, of Waterton in Ireland. 

George Somersett, of Northampton. 
George Gryffith, of Staffordshire. 
William Neweman, of Northampton. 
Edmond Aston, of Staft'ordshire. 

Thomas Palmer, Captain of Newnham Bridge : dubbed by 
the King the 10th of November. 

After 1532, Nov. 16. Edmund Trafford, sliorifT of Lancashire. 

After 1532, Nov. 20. Thomas Lakyn, sheriff of Shropshire. 


Before 1532, Dec. 31. Hugh Trevanion, sheriff of Cornwall. 
1533, May 24. 

Knights made at Greenwich before the Coronation of 
queen Anne Boleyn on the Sunday before Whit- 

Christopher Danby. 
Christopher Htlyarde. 
Bryan Hastings. 
Thomas Metham. 
William Walgrave. 
William Feldynge. 
Thomas Butteler. 

1533, June 1, 

Knights made with the Sword at the Coronation of Queen 
Anne Boleyn. 

John Wilughby. 

George Calveley. 

Andrew (Randolph) Brereton. 

John Chaworthe. 

George Gresley, 

John Constable. 

Thomas TJmpton. 

Thomas Russhe. 

John Seintclere. 

Anthony Wyndesore. 

Marmaduke Tunstall. 

Henry Farington. 

Thomas Halsall. 

Edward Fytton. 

Edward Madeson. 

BiCHARD Lygon. 

Egbert Nedham, sheriff of Shropshire. 

George Cogniers. 

HuMFREY Ferrers, 


[1533, June 1.] 


William Yenables, baron of Kynderton. 

Before Easter, 1536. Walter Hubberd, sheriff of Norfolk and 

1536, Apr. 20. Hugh Pollard, sheriff of Devon. 

1536, after July 18. 

Thomas Lord Cromwell (at the breaking up of the 

PowLETT (at the same time). 

1536, Oct. 16. 

George Speeke (at Windsor). 
Thomas Carewe (ibid.). 

1536 (after 1534, Nov.). William AVest, sheriff of Essex and 

1536, May- Aug. Richard Rich, chancellor of the Augmentations. 

1536-7, Mar. 18 (?Apr. 1). 

Thomas Wyatt (on Easter day). 

de la Moyte. 

1537, Oct. 18. 

Knights made at the creation of the earls of Hertford and 

of Southampton. 
Thomas Hennage. 
Thomas Seymour. 


William Coffyn. 
MiCHAioL Lyster. 
Robert Dormer. 

[? after 1538, Nov. 15.] John Williams, sheriff of Oxfordshire. 
Henry Knyvett, 
Hugh Powlet. 
Stephen Pecocke. 


[? after 1538, Nov. 15.] 

Edwaed Montagu, 

HuMFREY Browne. 

Gervase Clyfton. 

Robert Bowes. 

Rauf Evers. 

Edward Wyndham. 

Christopher Morrys. - 

Rauf Warren. 

Roger Cholmeley. 

Richard Gresham. 

Percyvall Harte. 

Rauf Yerney. 

Thomas Wryothesley. 

Robert Southwell. 

Nicholas Hare. 

Anthony Kyngeston. 

Richard Cromwell. 

Thomas Pope. 

John Arundell. 

John Baker. 

Nicholas Forman. 

William Hollyes. 

John Gresham. 

Anthony Leghe. 

Martin Bowes. 

Henry Howard [styled] earl of Surrey. 

William, lord Parr. * 

John Vernon, of Staifordshire. 

Anthony Knyvet, porter of Calais. 

Richard Manners. 

Robert Nevill. 

Thomas Borough. 

Rauf Sadler, of Stondon, Herts. 

* sic in MS. William Lord Parr of Horton was knighted 25 December, 1513 and 
created Lord Parr 23rd December, 154-3. The person referred to in the list is his 
nephew Sir William Parr, who was created Lord Parr and Ros of Kendal 9th March, 
1539, Earl of Essex 23 December, 1543, and Marquess of Nortlianipton 16th February, 


[? after 1538, Nov. 15.] 

Edmond Knightley. 

CnRiSTOPHER More, of Hampshire. 

James Foulchampe. 

John Gostwyke. 

John Gascoigne. 


Eauf Lane. 
Edward Carne. 


Richard Pollard. 
Michael Dormer. 

After 1540, Nov. 17. William Termor, sheriff of Norfolk and 

Knights living in Ireland in 1541 dubbed before that date. 

Walter Bellew, of the Roche, Co. Louth. 

Walter Chevers, of Maston, Co. Meath. 

Walter de la Hyde, of Moyglare, Co. Meath. 

Gerald FitzJohn FitzGerald alias MacShane, of Cloncurry, Co. 

John Grace, of Grace Court, Co. Kilkenny. 
Oliver Plunket, of Kilsaran, Co. Louth. 
John Plunket, of Bewley, Co. Louth. 
Thomas Plunket, of Rathmore, Co. Meath. 

John White, constable of the Castle of Dublin (1535, Aug. 28). 
Thomas Butler, of Cahir, Co. Tipperary (at Clonmel, 1535, Sept., 

by lord Leonard Grey, lord deputy). 
TJlick Bourke, captain of Clanrickard (at Galway, 1538, July 13, 

by same). 

James FitzSimon, mayor of Dublin (at Belsho, 1539, Aug., by same). 

Michael Courcy, mayor of Drogheda (at Belsho, 1539, Aug.). 

Gerald Aylmer, lord chief justice of the King's Bench (ibid., 1539, 

Thomas Taluot, of Malahide {ibid., 1539, Aug.). 

Thomas Cusack, chancellor of the Exchequer (1540). 

James Dovvdall, of Ballyscanlon, Co. Louth. 


Gerald Flemyng, natural son of lord Slane. 

Patrick Gernon, of Gernonstown, Co. Louth. 

Thomas Luttrell, of Luttrellston, Co. Dublin, chief justice of 

Common Pleas. 
Patrick White, 2nd baron of the Exchequer. 
William Birmingham, of Dunfert, Co. Kildare. 
Gerald FitzJohn FitzGerald, of Dromany, Co. Waterford. 
DoNAL O'Brien. 
TuRLOGH O'Brien. 

1542. EiCHARD Southwell (dubbed at the Parliament anno 33, 
" who with these three following are placed in the 
original before Sir Richard Edgecombe "). 

Edmund Marvyn. 

Edward North. 

William Denham. 

Richard Edgecombe. 

John Guildeforde. 

John Harington. 

William Wiloughby. 

Thomas Moyle, of Kent. 

Walter Herbert. 

Thomas Johanes. 

William Vaughan. 

Egbert Acton, 

Edmond (Richard) Peckham, cofferer of the Household. 

Rowland Hyll. 

George Cotton. 

Reignold Scotte, of Kent, sheriff of Kent. 

John Candyshe. 

1541-2, Feb. 2. John Dawney, of Yorkshire. 

1542, Oct. 1. Donugans Macamyce [Magenis], of Ireland (at 

1542, Oct. 1. Arthur Makenyce [Magenis], of Ireland (ibid.). 

After 1542, Nov. 22. Richard Catesby, sheriff of Northampton- 


[P1542.] John Aeondell, of Trerice. 
John Cotes, mayor of London. 

1543. William Heebeet. 


William Petee. 
John Togge. 

[? 1543-4.] William Paget, of Bromley, Co. Stafford (afterwards 
lord Paget de Beaudesert). 


Edwaed Steadlinge. 
Rauf Elleecae. 

1544, May 11. On Sunday, at Leith. 

Knights made in Scotland by the Earl of Hertford, the 
King's lieutenant, 1544, at the hurning of Edinburgh, 
Leith and others. 

[.^Edwaed] (Clinton), lord Clinton* 

John (Conyees), 3rd lord Conyers. 

William Weoughton. 

Thomas Venables (made knight at Edinburgh). 

Thomas Leight (Lee), alias Doctor. 

Edwaed Daeeell. 

John Lutteeell. 

Geoege Bowes (of the Bishopric). 

Rafe Bullmee. 

Thomas Holceoft. 

William Beeeeton. 

Hugh Cholmeley. 

[1544, May 11.] 

Edwaed Wabeen. 

Beian Layton (of Lancashire). 

Peter Lee. 

John Constable (of Yorkshire). 

• Edward, lorfl Clinton, Is referred to as "chevalier" In April, Ifl.lO, when he was Runimoned to Parlia- 
ment. The knlRht In the text covUd not possibly be his son Henry, as this latter was only altout i years old 
In 1544. Possibly loid Edward Clinton was made a knight banneret In l.')44. 


Edmond Trafford (of Lancashire). 
Hugh Calvei.y. 
John Atherton. 
Thomas Gerrat (Gerard). 
Richard Lee (of St. Albans). 
EiCHARD Chomley (of Yorkshire). 
Thomas Waterton (of Yorkshire). 
William Vavasour. 


Peter Fretchwell (Frecheville) (of Staveley, Co.Derby). 
Thomas Cokin (Coker, Cokeyn) (of Ashburne, Co. Derby). 
Robert Stafleton, 
Richard Egerton. 
Laurence Smyth. 

William Ratcliff (Eadcliffe) (of Ordsall). 
Thomas Maleveray (Malyverer) (of Alderton in York- 

Robert Worseley. 

Thomas Talbott (of Bashall). 

Richard Holland. 

John Lee (Legh) (of Booth). 

Thomas Cleir (Clere), (of Norfolk). 

Anthony Nevill. 

Leonard Beckwith. 

John Jennings (Jenyns) (of London, spinner). 

Thomas Holt. 

1544, on Tuesday, May 13, at Leith [by same]. 
Charles Howard. 
George Blount. 

William Woodhowse (?not a knight). 
George (Roger) Breerton, 
Errynge (Uryan) Breerton. 
Philip Egerton. 

1544, on Sunday, May 18, at Butterden [by same]. 
William Damport (Davenporte). 
Rauff Layster (Leycester). 


Edmond Savage. 

John Massey. 

John Nevill. 

Hew Wylloughby. 

Edwaed Warner. 

Peter Mewtas. 

EoBERT (Thomas) Constable (of Yorkshire). 

HuMFRY (Thomas) Braidburie (Bradeourne). 

Francis Hot home (of Yorksliire). 

1544, Sept. 30. 

Knights made by the King at Bologjie after the conquest 
of the town. 

Henry (Manners), 3rd earl of Eutland. 
Lord Nevill. 
[Thomas Radcliffe] lord Eitzwalter [afterwards earl 
of Essex]. 
[John] (Bray), 2nd lord Bray. 
Lord John Grey. 
Lord Edward Gref. 
Piers, lord Le Power [Poer].* 

1544, Oct. 1. Humphrey Stile, sheriff of Kent. 

[?] 1544-5, Jan. 20, or 1544, Sept. 30, or some other date. 
Ingram Clyfforde. 
Anthony Denny. 
Thomas Garden (Coordenne). 
Philippe Hobby. 
Thomas Paston. 
John Barkeley. 
Charles Brandon. 
Francis Askue (Awskame), of Lincolnshire, sheriff of 

Rauf Vane. 
Richard Wynybanke. 
Nicholas Wentworthe, of Essex. 

• After Lord Le Power the MS. reads "Slrllenrjr Dudley, dublied by the King at Boulogne the 20th of 
January, anno 36, i.r. 1645. King Henry left IJoulogne on the 30th of Sept., 1544. As there must be an 
error here, I have thought it best to relegate this Dudley to a footnote and to continue the list with Ingram 
ClyfTorde with tlie addition of the query as to the date. 


Rauf HoPTO^r. 

John Powlett, afterwards 2iid marquess of Wincliester. 

Thomas Morgan, of Wales. 

Robert Stafforde. 

William Blount. 

Andrew Flamocke (Flemok). 

RiCHARw Wyngefielde. 

Anth Slamnoth. 

Maurice Barkleye. 

John Wellisbourne. 

? 1545, Feb. 7. William Laxton, at the Palace of Westminster, 
on Sunday, the 7th of February, anno 37, he being then 
mayor of London [Pan erratum for anno 36. Laxton was 
mayor of London from Nov., 1544, to Nov. 1545]. 

[P1545, Apr. 5.] William Cavendish, treasurer of the Chamber 
(dubbed Easter day, anno 37). 

1545, May 31. Robert Townshende, of Norfolk (dubbed on 
Trinity Sunday, anno 37). 

1545, Sept. 23. 

Knights made in Scotland by the Earl of Hertford, the 
King's lieutenant, being then e7icam'ped by our Lady 
Church by Norham Castle on his coming home after 
he had been in Scotland 15 days. 

John (Nevill), 4th lord Latimer.* 

Thomas Wharton, son and heir to lord Wharton. 

John Tempest. 

George Radclyffe. 

Francys Hastyngs. 

William Seint Quintin. 

Christopher Metcalf. 

Thomas Dacres. 

William Stafforde. 

Thomas Grey, of Horton. 

William Calverley. 

William Ingleby. 

Roger Fenwyke. 

Richard Candyshe, Captain of Blackness, 

* John, lord Latimer is styled " chivaler " from at least 1543, June 14, in the writs summoning him 
to Parliament. Possibly he was made a knight banneret in 1545. 


After 1545, Nov. 22. John Dawtrie, sheriff of Surrey and Sussex. 

[After 1545, Nov. 23.] Thomas Bromley, justice of tlie King's 
Bench (dubbed at the Parliament, anno 1537). 

[After 1545, Nov. 23.] John Hinde (Hynde), justice of the Common 
Pleas (ihid.). 

P1545. Michael Stanhope (at Hampton Court, anno 37). 

Richard Rede, doctor, de Redbourn, juxta St. Albans 

(anno 37). 
John Perpent, of Hertfordshire (anno 37). 
Francis Barnarde, a Venetian (anno 37). 
John Pakington (anno 37). 
[?] William Buttes. 
George Baynham. 
Francis Leyke. 
John Hylston. 


1545-6, Mar. William Brabazon, vice-treasurer of Ireland (dubbed 
in Ireland). 

[1546, after March.] George Cornwall (dubbed at Boulogne by 
the earl of Hertford). 

[1546.] Walter Browne, of Mulbranken, Co. Wexford, 1546 
(dubbed in Ireland). 

[1546.] Thomas Nugent, of Carlanstown, Co. Westmeath (ibid). 

[ ? 1546.] Peter Gambow, a Spaniard (dubbed by the King at York 
Place, anno 38). 
[?] William Farmour, of Norfolk. 
Humfrey Acton. 
Thomas Palmer. 

154G-7, Feb. 6. 

On Sunday King Edward the VI. was made knight by 

Edward, earl of Hertford, his uncle, lord Protector, and 

the same time the said King* dubbed the two 

folloicing : — 
IIenry Houjjletiiorne (Habauthounk), lord mayor of 

London (at the Tower). 
John Portman, justice of the King's lionch (ibid). 

' Harl MS. 6177, nays His IIIglineBS [i.e., the Lord Protectorl. 


1546-7, Feb. 20. 

Knights duhbed hy the King on Sunday, the day of his 
Coronation, being crowned, to the number of 40, in lieu 
of [being knighted by^ the Bath, which then could not 
be performed according to all ceremonies thereto 
belonging, the time for that purpose being too short* 
(See these names supra vol. i. p. 150-2, under Kjiights 
of the Bath.) 

1546-7, Feb. 22. 

Knights of the Carpet dubbed by the King on Tuesday after 

the Coronation, being Shrove Tuesday.'\ 
John Radclyffe. 
William Stanley. 
Lord [?] Thomas Grey. 

John Butler, of Gloucestershire (of Hertfordshire). 
Anthony Aucher (Auger) (Ager). 
John Shelton, of Suffolk. 
Edward Sabcottes (Sapcots), 
EiCHARD Cotton. 
John Mason. 

Thomas Newnam (Newman). 
John Wyndham. 
Philippe Calthorpe. 
John Yaughan, of Wales. 
Mauryce Denys, of Gloucestershire. 
Anthony Henyngham. 
Rowland Moreton (Mourton). 

John Wentworthe, of Essex, father to the lady Maltravers. 
Thomas Dyer. 
John Godsalve. 

Thomas Barneston (Barmston). 
Thomas Gyfforde (Gilford). 
Roger Gyfforde, of Devonshire. 

* In Harl. MS. 6063, the list is headed "Coronation of Ed. VI. Knights of the Bath." In Strype's 
"Ecclesiastical Memorials," XL, II., p. 328, these knights are styled Knights of the Carpet. I have, how- 
ever, deliberately preferred to rank them as Knights of the Bath in view of the King's actual intention. 

t Cott MS. Claud C HI. Harl MS. 6063. Harl MS. 5177. This list is printed by Strype (Eccles. 
Memorials II., II., 327-S), from a MS. Ex. Offlc Armor, No. 1, 7, under the title " The Knights of the Carpet, 
dubbed by the King on Shrove Tuesday, in the morning viz. : some of them the same day, and the rest of 
them during the utas of the abovesaid whole solemnization, being 55 in number." 


John Savage. 

Edward Rogers. 

Walter (William) Bugler (Butler). 

EoGER Blewett. 

Humfrey Stafford. 

John Hersey (Hercy), of Nottinghamsliire. 

John Perpount (Perpoint) of Nottingbamshire. 

Francys Englefeilde. 

Thomas Fitzherbert. 

John Sprynge. 

Thomas Hamnare (Hanmer). 

John Grevill. 

John Brokett. 

Thomas Bell, of Gloucestersliire. 

John Horsey. 

Res Gryffythe, of Wales. 

John Salisbury, of Wales. 

Thomas Gravener. 

William Holleys, the younger. 

Thomas Holleys, elder brotlier to tbe above. 

William Raynsforde. 

Thomas Wrothe. 

William Pykeringe. 

John Gary. 

Henry Doyle. 

IJryan Brereton. 

William Drury. 

George Harper. 

Thomas Kempe. 

John Norton, of Kent. 

Robert Langley. 

Thomas Nevill. 

John Aprice (Ap Res, Deprice). 

Walter Myldmay. 

Clement Smytiie. 

1547, Sept. Edward Bellingham, marshal of the army (dubbed in 


[1547, between the IStli and 25tli of September.] 

Knights Bannerets and Bachelor Knights made in the camp 
beside Roxhurgh, in Scotland, in the first year of 
Edward VI.^s reign by the hands of the high and 
mighty Prince Edward, duke of Somerset, Lieutenant 
General of all the King' s armies by land and sea, and 
Governor of his Royal person and Protector of all his 
realms, dominions and subjects. 

Francys Bryan, banneret. 

Rauf Sadler, banneret. 

Raufe Vane, banneret. 

William (Grey), 13tli lord Grey of Wilton.* 

Lord Edward Seymour. 

Lord Waldeck, a mercenary captain, served in England 

Thomas Dacres. 

John Thyne (Boteville alias Thynne). 
John Gresham. 
Miles Partrige. 
Francys Flemynge. 
Charles (Stourton), 8tli lord Stourton, 
Edmonde (Edward) Bruges. 
Nicholas Strange. 
John Talbot, of Grafton. 
Francys Salveyn (PTalboyn). 
John Southworthe. 
Thomas Danby, of Yorksbire. 
John Foster. 
John Horseley. 
Rauf Bagnall. 
Lord Thomas Howard. 
Richard Conway. 
Gyles Poole. 
Olyver Lawrence. 
Henry Gates. 

* William, lord Grey of Wilton, is described as chivaler in tlie writs summoning him to Parliament 
from 1529, November onwards. Possibly he was made a knight banneret in 1547. 


Edward Hastinges. 
William Skipwithe. 
William Buttes. 
George Blage. 
William Fraunces. 
Trancys Knolles. 
William Thorneborough, 
George Howarde. 
James Wylforde. 
Rauf Copynger. 
Thomas Wentworth. 
John Mervyn. 
Hugh Ascue. 
Richard Towneley. 
Marmaduke Constable. 
George Awdeley. 
John Holcrofte. 

Barteville, a Frenchman. 

Andrew Dudley. 

Christopher Dyes. 

Thomas Chaloner. 

Rowland Clerke. 

Peter Negro. 

Alonnce de Ville Serge (Seige). 

Oliver Wallop. 

[? 1547, Sept. 18.] 

Nicholas Throckmorton (by the king (?) in London). 

154T, Oct. 1. 

Knights Tuade at Newcastle the 1st day of October in anno 
primo by the hands of Edward, duke of Somerset, 
lord protector. 

Walter Bonham. 
Henry Hussee (Husset). 
Robert Branlyn. 
Jaques Granado. 


1547, Oct. 3. 

Knights Tnade at Berwick bj the hands of John, Earl of 
Warwick, Lieutenant of the King's army in anno yrinio 
in Scotland. 

Richard Buckley. 

Anthony Strelley. 

Arthur Manwerynge. 

John Eybande (dubbed at Newcastle?). 

Andrew Corbet (dubbed at Newcastle?). 

Thomas Nevill, second son to Eauf, earl of Westmorland. 
[?1547, Nov.] John Jermyn, of Suffolk. 
1547, Nov. 24 * 

James Bascarville (at Westminster). 

James Croftes (ibid.). 

Anthony Cope (ibid.). 

1547. Egbert Curson, of Norfolk. 

[1547]. Eichard Butler, of Ballyraggett, Co. Kilkenny (dubbed 
in Ireland). 

1548, Aug. James Gernon, of Killencoole, Co. Louth (dubbed at 

Navan, in Ireland, by Sir Edward Bellingham). 
[? 1548, Dec] Henry Wharton (? dubbed at Westminster). 

1548, Dec. l.f 

William Cobham (at Westminster). 
Thomas Cornwalles (ibid). 
Eichard Corbett (ibid). 

[1548], Patrick Hussey, baron of Galtrim, Co. Meath (dubbed in 

? Domynike Bollonus, ambassador from Venice (dubbed in 

England by the King). 
? Henry Amcottes, lord mayor of London. 

1549, March 3. 

William Locke, sheriff of London (by the king at White- 
[John] Awlyf (Alyf, Aylyf), sheriff of London. 
John Cut, of Essex. [See supra vol. i. p. 152.] 

* Harl MS. 5177 says 1549, Nov. 24, for these three Knights. 
t Harl MS, 5177 says 1549, Dec. 1st, for these three Knights. 


? Thomas Gargrave, of Yorksliire. 

? Richard Sakeville, cliancellor of the Augmentation Court. 
[ ? 1549, Nov.] John Yorke, sheriff of London. 

1549, Nov. 10. 

John de la Zouche (at Westminster). 

John Pollarde (ibid). 

Arthur Champernoun (ibid). 

Gyles Stranguishe [Strangwayes] (ibid). 

John More (Moore), (ibid). 

Thomas Woodhouse (ibid). 

William Herbert (ibid). 

Walter Herbert (ibid). 

After 1549, Nov. 12. Edmund Wyndham, sheriff of Norfolk and 

1549, Nov. 17. 

The Duke of Luninborough [Luneburg] (at Westminster). 
John (Bourchier), styled lord Fitz Warine, son and heir to 

the earl of Bath (ibid). 
Nicholas Pelham, sheriff of Surrey and Sussex (ibid). 
Ambrose Dudley, second son to the earl of Warwick (ibid). 
John Parrett (ibid). 
Thomas Russell (ibid). 

[? after] 1549. 

Thomas Essex. 

Christopher Heydon, of Norfolk. 

Thomas Pomerey. 

John Sydnam. 

John Pollard [? 1553, Oct. 2.] 

John Mowne. 

Henry Bedingfeilde. 

Roger Vaugiian. 

Thomas Goldynge. 

John Saintloe. 

Paule Baptist Spynola, of Genoa. 

Nicholas Arnolde. 

William Allerton. 

Francys Jouson. 


Anthony Gwydott. 

Thomas Saunders. 

Henry Hussey. 

Richard Blount (Blunt). 

Andrew Judde. 

Gilbert Dethike, Garter King of Arms (on Tuesday in 

Easter week, amio 5, 1551). 
William Cecill, secretary [1551, Oct. 11]. 
John Cheke [1551, Oct. 11]. 
Henry Nevill. 
Henry Sidney [1550, Oct. 11, with Sir W. Cecill sic ? for 

"William Walderton. 
William Fitz "William, of Ireland, of tlie Privy Chamber 

to the king. 
EoBERT Chestre, of Eoyston (dubbed at Waltham). 
Robert Oxenbridge. 
John Browne. 
George Barnes, lord mayor of London [lord mayor in 1552]. 


Richard Dobbes, lord mayor of London [lord mayor in 

Rauf Ellercar. 
James Stumpes. 

Thomas Smyth, secretary [? 1548, Oct.]. 
Thomas Stradlinge [1549, Feb. 17]. 
Thomas Wyatt, the younger. 
James Dyer, sergeant-at-law [1552, PNov.]. 
John Sentleger. 

after 1550, Kov. 11. Richard Pexall, sheriff of Hampshire. 

[1550.] Fr.^cis Harbert, of Dublin (dubbed in Ireland). 

1550, Dec. John Travers, Master of the Ordnance (ibid). 

[1551.] Christopher Barnewall, of Crickstown, Co. Meath (ibid). 

[1551.] John Bellew, of Belle wstown, Co. Louth (ibid) see p. 69 

[1551.] William Sentlowe, constable of the Castle of Wexford 


1551-2. Patrick Barnewall, of Gracedieu, Co. Dublin, Master of 
the Rolls (ibid). 

1551-2. Thady or Teige O'Carroll, of Ely, Co. Tipperary (ibid). 

1552, Nov. Nicholas Bagenal, marshall of the army (ibid). 
1552-3. Maurice Fitz Gerald, of Lackaghe, Co. Kildare (ibid). 
1552-3. Gerald Nugent, of Ballybretnagh, Co. Westmeath (ibid). 

1553, Oct. 2. 

Knights [Bachelors^ made the day after the coronation of 
queen Mary, being Monday, 2nd of Oct., at Westminster, 
in the presence of the queen, in her Presence ChaTnber, 
by the earl of Arundel, lord steward of the Household, 
ivho had coTnmission to Jcnight the following.* 

Lord [Fitzgerald] Garret, f 

[William] (Burgh), 4th lord Burgh. 

[Edward] (Sutton alias Dudley), 8th lord Dudley. 

Thomas Stanley. 

Edmonde (Edward) Wyndesore. 

Henry Radclyffe. 

Thomas Hastinges. 

Edward Waldegrave. 

John Boorne (Bourne), secretary. 

Eaufe Chamberlain. 

John Tirrell, of Gippinge. 

John IIuddleston. 

Robert Peckham. 

John Brand (Brent). 

Henry Lee (Ley). 

Christopher Allen. 

Richard Freston. 

William Kellaway. 

Henry Gascon (Gascoigne) (Garton). 

John Tregonnell. 

Ambrose Jermin. 

Leonard Chamberleyn. 

• Harl C0«3. Cott, Clau.! O. III. TIarl fil77. This has been printed )n the Diary of Henry Machyn 
(Camden 8oc. o. s. 4'2, p. 334), from an MS. In the College of Anne I v. f. 74. 

f A late hand has inRcrted in tlie MS., Harl f>177, Lo«l Mavor CJarret, This Is undoubtedly Incorrect, 
as Sir William (Jarret, or (;erard, was not Lord Mayor of London till 16.^6. For the evidence of the 
existence of a Lord FItzger&ld Garret, see Acta of the Privy Council, New Series, Vol. IV., pp. 31, 388. 


1553, Oct. 2. 

Thomas Gerrard. 

[David] Broke [Brooke], chief baron of the Exchequer. 

[Richard] Morgan, chief justice of Common Pleas. 

George Gifford (Gefford). 

Thomas Pakenton (Pakington). 

Thomas Lovell. 

John Spencer. 

John (William) Fitzwilliam (Fitzwilliams). 

Thomas Andrewes. 

William Courtney. 

William Gryseley (Gresley). 

Thomas Cave. 

Edward Littleton. 

Philip Parrys (Paris). 

Thomas White, master of the Requests. 

Thomas Metham (Mettam). 

Richard Lewson (Lawson) (Lasen). 

Thomas Dawney. 

Robert Wingfield. 

Thomas Knivett. 

Roger Woodhowse (Wodowes). 

Francys Stonner. 

John a Lee (Lye, Leigh). 

Richard Tate. 

Edward Greene. 

Robert Lane. 

Richard Stapleton. 

William Densell (Damsell). 

John Chichester. 

Henry Cripps. 

Thomas Palmer. 

Henry Ashley (Asheley). 

Richard Strangewaies. 

George Mathieu (Mathew). 

John Cotton. 

George (John) Pollard (Pawlett alias Pollard). 

John Werberton. 


1553, Oct. 2. 

John Farmour (Eermour). 

John (Thomas) Bengar (Berengar). 

John Constable. 

Edward (Sutton alias Dudley), 8th lord Dudley. 

Ger (George) Stanley (inserted by a later hand in Harl 

MS., 6063, as a correction for the preceding item). 
EowLAND Stanley. 
Eauf Egarton. 

Richard Malivery (.^Molineux). 
Thomas Heskett. 
Thomas Wayneman. 
John Crofts. 

Edward (Edmond) Mauleverer (Malevery). 
Thomas Tyndall. 
Thomas Throgmorton. 
Edward Grevile. 
Henry Stafford. 
Thomas Finche. 
Richard Braye. 
William Lawson. 

1553, Oct. 19. 

Knights made Oct. 19 primo Marie. 

Richard Bruges (Brugys). 

James FitzJames. 

Thomas Yerney. 

James (Thomas) Williams. 

Rauf (William) Meringe. 

Edmond Pinsox (Pylson). 

Edward Fitton. 

Willi.vm Wigstone. 

Henry Jones (Joanes, James). 

John Bruse (Brewse). 

Robert Whitney (Wytney). 

Roger (Richard) Ciiudley. 

Thomas Baskerville. 

Thomas Tyndall. 


1553, Oct. 20. 

Knights Tnade the next day folloicing. 
William Warram (Warham). 
Richard Wallwtn. 
Thomas "White, lord mayor of London. 

1554-5, Jan. 27. 

Knights made by King Philip in his chamber upon Sunday, 

the 27th of January. 
John Lyon (Lyons), lord mayor of London. 
Robert Broke, lord chief justice of Common Pleas. 
Edward Saunders, justice of Common Pleas. 
John Whiddon, justice of the King's Bench. 
William Staimford (Staunford), justice of Common Pleas. 
Clement Hygham (Higham) [speaker of the House of 
Commons and afterwards chief baron of the Exchequer.] 

(1555). Thomas Barnewall, of Trimblestown, Co. Meath (dubbed 

in Ireland. 

(1555). Peter Butler, of Cahir, Co. Tipperary (ibid). 

(1555). Nicholas Devereux, of Balmagir, Co. Wexford (ibid). 

(1555). Thomas Nangle, baron of Navan, Co. Meath (ibid). 

(1555). Oliver Nugent, of Drumcree, Co. Westmeath (ibid). 

(1555). Richard Tuite, of Tuitestown, Co. Westmeath (ibid). 

[P1555]. William Garret [Gerard], lord mayor of London (in 

? Oliver Leader (Leder), sheriff of Cambridge and 
Huntingdon, knighted some time after 1554, Nov. 14. 
Edward Gage. 
Robert Denys. 

1556, May 26. John Bellew, of Bellewstown and The Roche, 
Co. Louth (dubbed in Ireland). See p. 65 supra. 

1556, May 26. Maurice FitzGerald, of Bever, Co. Cork (ibid). 

(1556, May). Christopher Chevers, of Maston, Co. Meath (ibid). 

1556 (July). Gerald Petit, of Irishton, Co. Meath (ibid). 

1556-7. Oliver Plunket, of Rathmore, Co. Meath (ibid). 

1556-7. Thomas Tyrell, of Fertullagh, Co. Westmeath (ibid). 

1556-7, Feb. 7. Thomas Offeley [Offley], lord mayor of London 
(in England by the King). 


1556-7, Feb. 7. William Chester [alderman of London]. 

1557, Aug. DoNAL MacDonell, of Antrim (dubbed in Ireland by 

the earl of Essex, lord lieutenant).* 

[.^1557]. Thomas Curteys [Curteis], lord mayor of London (in 

[ ?] Thomas Percy, afterwards 8th earl of Northumberland. 
Henry Percy. 

William Cordell, solicitor general. 
John Sulyard. 
Edward Grey. 
William Bellows. 

1558, June 26. Donal MacCartie More (at Limerick on Sunday). 

1558, Nov. 30. Gerald Fitzgerald, earl of Desmond (at Water- 

1558, Nov. 30. Maurice Fitzgerald, of Decies, Co. Waterford 


1558 [?Nov.-Dec.] 

Thomas Parry, of Wales, treasurer of the Household (in 

Henry Carey, afterwards baron Hunsdon. 

Thomas Leigh, lord mayor of London. 

Nicholas Bacon, lord keeper of the Great Seal. 

[? 1558-9, Jan.] Robert Catelyne (Catlyn), chief justice of the 

Queen's Bench. 
[1558-9 ? after Jan.] Thomas Gresham. 

1559. William Hewet, lord mayor of London. 

1559. Anthonie Standen. 

1559-60, Jan. 2. Edmund Butler, brother to the earl of Ormonde 
(dubbed in Ireland). 

1559-60, Jan. 2. Edward Stanley, brother to the earl of Derby 

1559-60, Jan. 2. Thomas Manners (ihid). 

1559-60, Jan. 2. James Fitz Gerald, of Desmond (ihid). 

1560 [ ? Feb. 27] on St. George's Day. George Bowes (at Berwick 

by the duke of Norfolk, when the armies returned from the 

seige of Leith). 

1560, July 18. Arthur Grey, afterwards lord Grey of Wilton 

{ihid by same). 

* In 1657 knighthood was offered to John Challoner, mayor of Dublin ; but was declined. 


1560, July 18. Bernaby Fitzpatrick, of Ireland {ihicl by same). 

1560, July 18. Edward Bray [ihid by same). 

1560, July 18. William Mallory {ihid by same). 

1560, July 18. Edward Litleton [ihid by same). 

1560, July 18. William Babthorpe [ihid by same). 

1560, July 18. John Conway, of Warwickshire {ihid by same). 

1560, July 18. Walter Aston, of Staffordshire {ihid by same). 

1560, July 21. Richard Newporte {ihid by same). 

1560, July 21. William Fayrfax, of Gilling {ihid by same). 

1560, July 24. Richard Fulmerston {ihid by same). 

after 1560, Nov. 12. Edward Capell, sheriff of Essex and Herts. 

1561. William Butler. 

1561, Aug. 12. Owen Hopton (at Smalbridge, Sir William Wald- 
grave's house in Essex). 

1561. Henry Lea. 

1561. John Perrott. 

? 1560-1 (1562-3), Feb. 15. William Harper, lord mayor of London 
(at Westminster the 15th day of Feb., 1562 [sic ? for 1560-1]. 

after 1561, Nov. 8. Thomas Tyndale, sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk. 

1562-3, Mar. 8. Thomas Lodge, lord mayor of London (at West- 

1562-3, Mar. 8. Adryan Poyninges. 

1563. John White, lord mayor of London. 

1563. Henry Cheyny (by the Queen's own hands). 

1564 [Aug. 10]. [Henry] Williams, alias Cromwell, of Hunting- 
donshire (by same). 

1564. Edward Capell. 

1564, Sept. 2. Thomas Fitzgerald, alias O'Desmond, brother to 

the earl of Desmond. See p. 74 infra. 
1564-5, Feb. 18. Richard Mallory, lord mayor of London (at 

Westminster the 18th of Feb., 1564 [? 1563-4]. 
1564-5. OwiN Oswilifant (Asswillian), of Ireland. 

1565, June 23 (?19). James Harington (by the earl of Leicester, 

at the Queen's command). 
1565, July. Owen O'Sullivan Beare (dubbed in Ireland). 
1565, July. Warham St. Leger (ihid). 

1565, Aug. 21. Henry Darcy (at Kenilworth, by the earl of 

1565, Aug. 21. Richard Knightley {ihid by same). 


1565, Aug. 21. George Hastings (ibid). 
1565, Aug. 21. William Devereulx (ibid). 
1565, Aug. 21. John Throgmorton, recorder of Coventry (ibid). 
1565, Aug. 21. Fotjlke Grevill (ibid). 
1565, Aug. 21. John Litleton, (ibid). 

1565 (1566), Aug. 21. George Turpyn, sherift' of Warwick and 
Leicester (ibid). 

1565, Aug. 21 (? after Aug. 21). Thomas Lucy (in his own house 

in Warwickshire). 
1565, Aug. 21 (? after Aug. 21). Edmond Brudenell (at Thomas 

Lucy's house, by the earl of Leicester). 
1565. Peter Manneringe. 

1565. George Stanley. 

1565-6, Feb. 17. Richard Champyon, lord mayor of London (at 
Greenwich by Thomas, earl of Sussex, the ITth of Feb., 1565, 
[? 1564-5]. 

[1565-6], Mar. 10 (Sunday). Thomas Hobby (at Greenwich). 

1566, July. Christopher Nugent, baron of Delvin (at Drogheda 

by Sir Henry Sydney, lord deputy general of Ireland). 

1566, July. Robert Barnewell, baron of Tremeleston (ibid by 

1566, July. Thomas Plunket, baron of Louth {ibid by same). 
1566, July. Christopher Barnewall, of Turvey and Gracedieu, 

Co. Dublin (ibid). 
1566, July. Patrick Barnewall, of Stackallan and Crickstown, 

Co. Meath (ibid). 
1566, July. Thomas Fitzwilliam, of Merrion, Co. Dublin (ibid) 
1566, July. Nicholas Heron (ibid). 
1566, Sept. 6. Henry Norreys (at Rycott at his own house by the 

1566, Sept. 6. Richard Wayneman (ibid). 
1566. Christopher Browne (at Bradname). 
1566, Nov. 16. William Sarsfield, of Lucan, mayor of Dublin 

(dubbed in Christchurch, Dublin, for service against Shan 

1566, Nov. 27. John Arundell (at the Court at the Tower). 
1566-7, Feb. 2. Anthony Browne [afterwards], justice of the 

Common Pleas (at the Parliament House at Westminster^ 

the 2nd of Feb. (Jan.), 1566, by Thomas, earl of Essex). 


1566-T, Feb. 10. Henry Compton (CoRurxoN), (at Arundell House, 

London, by Robert, earl of Leicester). 
1556-7, Feb. 14. Theobald Butler, of Uabire (in the church of 

Clonmell by Sir Henry Sydney, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1566-7, Feb. 16 (Sunday). Christopher Draper, lord mayor of 

London (at Westminster on Sunday, Feb. 16th, 1566 

[? 1565-6]. 
1567, Mar. 30. James FitzEichard (Barry), viscount Buttevant 

(at Limerick by Sir Henry Sydney, the lord deputy). 

1567, Mar. 30. David (Roche), 5th viscount Roche of Fermoy (ibid 

by same). ! , 

1567, Mar. 30. Dermot MacCartie, lord of Muskerry, Co. Cork 

(ibid by same). 
1567, Mar. 30. William O'Carroll (Ockervill), lord of Ely, Co. 

Tipperary (ibid). 
1567, Mar. 30. Gerald Courcy, lord Courcy (ibid). 
1567, Mar. 30. Thomas (FitzMaurice), 16th lord of Kerry and 

baron of Lixnaw (ibid). 
1567, Mar. 30. Donogh (Denise) MacCartie Reagh (ibid). 
1567, Mar. 30. John FitzGerald, of Desmond (ibid). 
1567, Mar. 31, William Bourke (at Limerick in the afternoon). 
1567, Apr. 4. Hugh O'Donnel (at Balliloughrea, the earl of 

Clanricarde's house, by Henry Sydney, knt., lord deputy). 
1567, Apr. 4. (Donal) O'Connor Sligagh {ibid by same). 
1567, Apr. 4. Rory O'Shaughnessy (O'Shaghnes) (ibid). 
1567, June 8. Thomas Sackville (at Westminster, by the duke of 

Norfolk, and the same day created baron of Buckhurst). 

1567, June 23. Thomas Myldmay (at Richmond, by Robert, earl of 

1567, Sept. Brian MacPhelim O'Neale (at Carrickfergus). 

1567, Dec. John Plunket, of Dunsoghly, Co. Dublin, lord chief 
justice of the Queen's Bench (in Ireland). 

1567, Dec. Robert Dillon (De Lion), of Newtown, Co. Meath, lord 

chief justice of Common Pleas (ibid). 

1567-8, Mar. 14. Roger Martin, lord mayor of London (at West- 
minster the 14th March, 1567 [ ? 1566-7] by Robert, earl of 


1568, Aug. 7. George Penrodocke, sheriff of Herts, (at Hatfield 

by Robert, earl of Leicester). 
1568, Aug. (?). Lewes Mordant, of Northampton. 
1568, Aug. Edward Montagu, of Northampton. 


1568, Aug. RiCHAED Fenys (Fynes), [of] Oxford, sheriff of Oxford 
after 1568, Nov. 18. Cuthbert Musgrave, sheriff of Cumberland. 

1569, Aug. or Sept. Henry Wallope (at Basing). 
1569, Aug. or Sept. William Kingesmyth (ibid). 

1569, Sept. 11. Thomas FitzGerald, of Desmond (in the church at 
Limerick on Sunday). See supra p. 71. 

1569, ? Oct. 28. Thomas Bowe, lord mayor of London (at West- 

1569-70, Jan. 1. Humphrey Gilbert (at Drogheda). 
1569-70, Jan. 13. Christopher St. Lawrence, lord baron of 

Howthe (at Drogheda by Sir Henry Sydney, knt., lord 


1569-70, Feb. 5. William West (at Hampton Court, and was then 

created lord de la Warr). 
1670, May 11. William Drury, of Suffolk (at Berwick by Thomas. 

earl of Sussex). 

1570, May 11. Thomas Manners {ibid by same). 
1570, May 11. Robert Constable (ibid by same). 
1570, May 11. George Cary (ibid by same). 

1570, Aug. 28. Yalentyne Browne (at Carlisle, by Thomas, earl of 

1570, Aug. 28. Edward Hastings, of Leicester {ibid by same). 
1570, Aug. 28. Francis Russell, of Bedford {ibid by same). 
1570. Aug. 28. William Hylton, baron of Hilton {ibid by same). 
1570, Aug. 28. Simon Musgrave {ibid by same). 
1570, Aug. 28. Henry Gray, of Warke, Co. Northumberland {ibid 

by same). 
1570, Aug. 28. Henry Curwen, of Workington {ibid by same). 
1570, Aug. 28. Robert Stapleton (ibid by same). 
1570, Aug. 28. Jerome Bowes, of Staffordshire (ibid by same). 
1570. John Goodewyne (at Eythorpe in Waddesdon, Bucks., at 

William Dormer's house by the earl of Leicester, at the 

Queen's command). 
1570. Edmund Ashfield (ibid). 
1570. George Peckham (ibid). 
1570, ? July-Aug. Robert Whitney (at Windsor). 
1570, ? July-Aug. Edward Aston. 
1570, ? July-Aug. Alexander Avenon, lord mayor of London 

1569 (at Somerset House, 1570 [doubtless an erratum fox 



1570. RowLANDE Haywarde, of Wales, lord mayor of London 

1570. Thomas Scott, of Kent, (ihid). 


1570. John MacCoghlan (dubbed in Ireland). 

1571 [after Sept. 5]. John Cutte (Cuttes) (at Mr. Altbam's, in 

Essex, by the earl of Leicester). 
1571 [after Sept. 5]. Thomas Lucas (ihid). 
1571 [?Oct.]. Thomas Barrington (at Greenwich). 
1571 [?Oct.]. George Calveley (Calverley), of Calveley. 
1571 [?Oct.]. John Gilbert (at Westminster). 
1571 [?Oct.]. William Allen, lord mayor of London. 
1572. Walter Waller. 
1572, ? Aug. William Fitz William, of Northamptonshire. 

1572, ? Aug. Edward Mauncell (Mansfield), of Monmouthshire. 
1572-3, Jan. Cormac Mac Teig Mac Cartie, of Muskerry (in 

Ireland by Sir William Eitz Williams). 
1572-3, Jan. Charles Somerset, of Wales (on the of Jan.). 

1572-3, Eeb. 2 (Candlemas Day). Lionell Duckett, lord mayor 

of London (at Greenwich \_? sic. for 1571-2]). 

1573, Apr. 26. James Eitz Gerald of Decies, of the House of 

Dromaney (in Christchurch, Dublin, by Sir William Eitz 

1573, Aug. 12. Thomas Guildeforde (at Rye). 
1573, Aug. 12. Alexander Colepeper (ihid). 
1573, Aug. 12. Thomas Shirley (ihid). 
1573, Aug. 12. Thomas Walsingham (ihid). 
1573, Aug. 12. Thomas Palmer of Angmering, sheriff of Surrey 

and Sussex (ihid). 
1573, Aug. 12. John Pelham (ihid). 

1573, Aug. 31. Richard Baker, of Sisingherst (at Dover). 
1573, Aug. 31. Thomas Vane, sen., of Tunbridge, sheriff of Kent 

1573, Sept. William Wynter (at Gillingham). 
1573, Sept. James Hales (at Cobham Hall). 
1573, ? Sept. or Oct. Thomas (John) Herbert (at Greenwich). 

1573, Oct. Edward Stradlinge (ihid). 

1574, May 2. John Rivers, lord mayor of London [lord mayor in 

1573] (at Greenwich, 1574, May 2). 
1574, Aug. 21. Richard Barkley (at Bristol). 


1574, Aug. 21. John Tracy (ihid). 

1574, Aug. 21. Thomas Porter (Parler) (ihid). 

1574, Aug. 21. John Yonge, of Somerset (ihid). 

1574, Aug. 21. William Morgan, of Wales (ihid). 

1574, Aug. 21. John Sidnam (Sidenham) (ihid). 

1574, Aug. 23. John Stowell, of Somersetshire (at Mr. Bonham's 

1574, Aug. 23. John Horner, of Somersetshire (ihid et tunc). 
1574 [Aug. 23 ?]. George Rogers, of Somersetshire [_? ihid']. 
1574 [Aug. 23 ?]. Henry Portman \_? ihid']. 
1574, Aug. 23. John Clifton, of Somersetshire (ihid et tunc). 
1574, Sept. 9. Edward Herbert (at Salisbury). 
1574, Sept. 9. John Horsey \_? ihid]. 

1574, Sept. John Hungerforde, [of] Oxfordshire \_? ihid']. 
1574, Sept. Henry Knyvet, of Wilts \_? ihid]. 
1574, Sept. James Mervin (Martin), of Wilts [^? ihid]. 
1574. Thomas Wroughton, of Wilts I? ihid]. 
1574. John Danvers, of Wilts (ihid). 
1574, Henry Sherrington, of Wilts (ihid). 
1574. Mathew Arondell, of Dorset. 
1574. Edward Baynton, of Wilts. 
1574. John Norton (Morton), of Yorkshire. 
1574. William Babington. 
1574. John Huband (Hubbert), of Warwickshire, sheriff of 

1574. William Drury. 
1574. Edward Stradling. 

1574, Nov. 6. Christopher Wray, lord chief justice of the King's 

Bench (at Hampton Court). 

1575. James Hawes, lord mayor of London [1574]. 

1575, July 18. Henry Brooke, alias Cobham, brother to lord 

Cobham (at Kenilworth). 
1575. Thomas Cecil (Siksalt, Scissall) (son and heir to the lord 

treasurer), of Lincolnshire (ihid). 
1575. Thomas Staniiop, of Co. Nottingham, sheriff of Notts (ihid). 
1575. Arthur Bassett, of Cornwall (ihid). 
1575. Thomas Tresham, of Northamptonshire (ihid). 
1575, ? Aug. Francys Wylughby, of Co. Nottingham (at Mydelton 

in his own house). 
1575, ? Aug. William Catesby, of Co. Northampton (ihid). 


1575, ? Sept. John Fetyplace, of Berks (at Woodstock). 

1575, Sept. Edmond Fetyplace (his cousin) (ibid). 

1575, Sept. Gerard Choker, of Oxfordshire (ibid). 

1575. George Hastings. 

1575, Sept. Lucas Dillon (De Lion), lord chief baron of the 
Exchequer (in the church at Drogheda by Sir Henry Sydney, 
lord deputy. 

(1575, ? Sept.) Owen MacToole O'Gallagher, sometimes erron- 
eously called Owen O'Toole (by Sir Henry Sydney, lord 

(1575, ? Sept. Hugh O'Magenis (ibid). 

1575, Oct. Amyas Powlet, of Wilts (at Windsor). 

1575-6, Feb. 19. Ambrose Nicholas, lord mayor of London [in 
1575] (at Whitehall 1575-6, Feb. 19, in the Parliament 

1576, Mar. 25 (Sunday). Richard Rogers, of Dorset (at West- 

minster on Sunday). 
1576, Mar. 25. John Kelligrewe, of Cornwall (ibid). 
1576, Mar. 25. William Courteney, of Devonshire. 
1576, Apr. John Mac Oliverius (Bourke), Mac William Eighter 

(at Athlone by Sir Henry Sydney, lord deputy). 
1576, Apr. 23. Henry Colley (Coulke), of Castle Carbery, Co. 

Kildare (at Dublin, in Christ Church, on St. George's day, 

by Sir Henry Sydney lord deputy). 
1576, May 14. William Moore, of Surrey (at Pirford, in Surrey, 

the seat of Sir John Wolley, by the earl of Leicester). 

1576. Francis Carew, of Surrey. 

1576. Thomas Browne, of Betchworth Castle, Surrey. 

1576, ?Aug. 5, 1577. William Drury, deputy lieutenant of Co. 

1576, ?Aug. William Waldegrave, of Essex (Suffolk). 

1576. John Peter, of Essex, sheriff of Essex and Herts. 

1576. Robert D'Oyley (Doyle), of Oxford. 

1576. William Herbert, of Wales. 

1576. John Smithe, of Essex. 

1576, Oct. 7. Nicholas Malby, chief of the commissioners of 

Connaught (at Athlone). 
1576-7, Jan. Robert Bell, of Norfolk, chief baron of the 



1576-7, Feb. 17. (Shrove Sunday) Eichaed Btjlkelet (Barklet), 

of Anglesea (of Co. Cheshire), at Whitehall the day before 

his marriage. 
1576-7, Mar. John Langley, lord mayor of London [in 1576] (at 

1577 ( ? 1576), Mar. Owen Aelye [Artte] see 1579, May. 
1577, May (18-23). John Brocket, of Herts (at Gorhambury, 

Herts, the house of Sir Nicholas Bacon, lord keeper of the 

Great Seal). 
1577, May. Henry Cocke, of Herts (ibid). 
1577, May. Henry Boteler, of Lanes, (ibid). 
1577, May. Rauf Breerton, of Cheshire (ibid). 
1577, May. William Bouthe, of Co. Lincoln. [? Lanes.] (ibid). 
1577, Oct. John Geoffrey (Jeffery), chief baron of the Exchequer 

(at Windsor). 
1577. EiCHARD Greneville, of Cornwall (ibid). 
1577, Nov. Francis Walsingham, principal secretary (ibid). 
1577, Nov. Christopher Hatton, vice chamberlain and captain of 

the Guard (ibid). 

1577, Nov. Thomas Heneage, of Essex, treasurer of the Chamber 

1577, Dec. Edward Horsy, of Dorsetshire, captain of the Isle of 

Wight (at Hampton Court). 

1577-8, Jan. Thomas Boynton, of Aclam, Yorks. (ibid). 

1578, Feb. (on Shrove Tuesday). John Eadcliff, of Ordsall, 

Lanes, (ibid). 

1578. Edward Longe, of Wilts. 

1578. Francys Hynde, of Co. Cambridge. 

1578, Apr. 24. Henry Harrington (at Dublin, in Christ Church). 

1578, Apr. 24. Henry Bagenal (Bagnol) (ibid). 

1578, May 1. Thomas Ramsey, lord Mayor of London [in 1577] 

at Greenwich). 
1578, May 4. Christopher Hylyaud (Hillyard), of Yorkshire 


1578, May 25. Edmond Trafford, of Lancashire. 

1578, Aug. 1. George Colt, of Graysor Candish (at his house 

called Colts Hall in Suffolk). 
1578, Aug. 5. (Saturday) Philip Parker (at Bury St. Edmunds). 
1578, Aug. 5. Arthur Hevemngham (Heygham), of Barrow 

1578, Aug. 5. Robert Jermyn, of Rushbroke (ibid). 

















1578, Aug. 5. William Springe, of Lavenham, Suffolk, sheriff of 
Suffolk (ihid). 

1578, Aug. 5. Thomas Kidson (Eitson), of Hengrave Hall, near 
Bury (ihid). 

1578, Aug. 5. Thomas Bernardeston (ihid). 

Eauf Shelton, of Slielton, Norfolk (at Norwich). 
Edward Cleere (ihid). 

William Paston, of Paston, Norfolk (ihid). 
Nicholas Bacon, son to the lordkeeper (ihid). 
Thomas Knyvet (Knevet), of Ashwell Thorpe, 
Norfolk (ihid). 

1578, Aug. 22. Robert Woode, mayor of Norwich (ihid). 

1578, Aug. 22. ? Thomas Green, of Harpham, or Francis Green, 
of Wilby Norfolk. 

[1578, Aug. 22 ?] Henry Kntvett (? Revet). 

1578, Aug. 26. (Tuesday) Thomas Gawdy, of Gaudy Hall, Norfolk 

(at Woodrysing). 
1578, Aug. 27. (Wednesday) Roger Woodhouse (at Sir Edward 

Cleere's house in Thetford Blickling). 
1578, Aug. 27. Henry Woodhouse (ihid). 
1578, Nov. 15. Roger Manwoode, chief baron of the Exchequer 

(at Richmond). 
1578. Richard Pipe, lord Mayor of London. 
1578, Dec. 21 (Sunday). William Herbert (at Richmond on St. 

Thomas Day). 
1578. Robert Clarke, baron of the Exchequer [an erratum]. 
1578. Rowland Clarke. 
1578. William Clarke. 

1578. James Whitney. 

1579, May. Thomas Fayrfax, of Yorkshire (at Westminster). 
1579, May. Thomas Bromley, of Shropshire, lord chancellor fi6/^^. 
1579, May. Thomas Layton (Leighton), of Shropshire (ihid). 

1579, May 28. Brian O'Rorke (O'Rowrwerke) (at Dublin, in 

Christ Church, on Ascension day). 
1579, May. Owen MacCartie Reagh (dubbed in Ireland at 

Kilkenny), see 1577, Mar. 
1579, June. Hugh Conolagh O'Reilly (dubbed in Ireland). 
1579, July 5. Gilbert Gerard, of Lanes., attorney general (at 

1579, Sept. Drewe Drewry, of Norfolk (at Wanstead, in Essex). 


1579, Sept. John Higham, of Suffolk (at Mulsham, Sir Thomas 

Mildmay's house in Essex). 
1579, Sept. Henry (Edmond) Htjdleston, of Cambridge, sheriff of 

Essex (ibid). 

1579, Sept. 14. William Pelham (by the Rt. Hon. Sir William 

Druiye, lord justice of Ireland). 
1579, Sept. George Bourchier (by same in the field near Arklow, 


1579, Sept. William Stanley (by same). 

1579, Sept. Peter Carue (Carewe), the younger, of Laghlin (by 

1579, Sept. Edward Moore, of Melivant (by same). 
1579, Sept. George (? William) Gorges (by same). 
1579, Sept. Thomas Perrott (by same). 

1579, Sept. Patricke Walshe, mayor of Waterford (by same at 

1579, Oct. 11. William Gerard (Gerald), lord chancellor of 
Ireland (dubbed in Ireland by Sir William Pelham, lord 

1579, Oct. 11. Edward Fitton, the younger (ibid). 

1579. John Godolphin, of Cornwall. 

1579. Arthur Basset. 

1579. William Russell. 

1579. William Zouch. 

1579-80, Jan. 24 (Sunday). Geoffrey Foulgiam (Foultambe), of 
Co. Derby (at Westminster). 

1579-80, Jan. 24. John Byron, of Notts, (ibid). 

1579-80, Feb. 7. Nicholas Woodroffe, lord mayor of London [in 
1579] (ibid). 

1579-80, Feb. 7 (or 14). John Chichester, of Devon (at West- 

1579-80, Feb. 14. Ryvet (Ryve) (ibid). 

1580, June 3. (Friday) George Bromley, of Salop, attorney to the 

Duchy of Lancaster (at Nonsuch). 

1580 [after June 3]. Henry Woderington (Widdrington, 

Witherington), of Northumberland. 
1580, Nov. 20. (Sunday) Francis Godolphin, of Cornwall (at 


1580, Nov. 20. (Sunday) Sainctpoll (St. Paule, Sampole), of 

Lincolnshire (at Richmond). 


1580. William Cavendish. 

1580, Nov. 30. John Dawnay, of Yorkshire (at Richmond, on 

Wednesday, being St. Andrew's day). 
1580-1, Feb. 5. John Branche, lord mayor of London [in 1580] 
(at Westminster, on Shrove Sunday). 

1581, Apr. 4. Francis Drake (at Deptford, near Greenwich, on 

Tuesday, by the Queen's Majesty, being on the ship the 
"Golden Hind," wherewith he had travelled about the 

1581, Apr. 4. George Hart, son and heir of Sir Percival Hart, of 

Kent (at St. James's, near Westminster). 
1581. Thomas Humfrey. 
1581. James Hales, of Kent. 
1581, Sept. 10. William Russell (at St. Patrick's Church, Dublin, 

by lord Grey de Wilton, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1581, Sept. 16. McWilliam Bourke (Richard an Iarain) (by 

same in Dublin Castle). 

1581, Nov. 17. Robert Dillon, of Riverston, chief justice of 

Common Pleas (byname on Coronation day, an erratum for 
Accession day). 
1581 (P1583), Dec. 31. Charles Framlingham, of Sulfolk (at 
Westminster on Sunday). 

1582, May 3. Edmond Anderson, chief justice of Common Pleas 

(at the Court at Greenwich on Thursday). 
1582, May 6. James Hervy, lord mayor of London [in 1581] (at 

the Court at Greenwich on Sunday). 
1582, May 22. Edward Hobby (at Somerset Place in London on 

Tuesday, the day after his marriage with the baron of 

Hunsdon's daughter). 
1582, July. John Selby, knight porter of Berwick (at Nonsuch), 
1582, Sept. 6 or 7. Anthony Colclough, of Tinterne, Co. Wexford 

(in Ireland by the lords justices). 
1582. Charles Cavendish, of Derby. 

1582. Clopton Gargrave. 

1582-3, Feb. 11 (12). Thomas (Anthony) Sandes (Sande), of 
Throwley, Kent (at Barn Elmes, near Fulham, at Shrove- 

[ ? after 1582-3, Feb. 12.] Francis Willoughby, of Walterton. 

1583, May 6. Thomas Blanke, lord mayor of London [in 1582] 

(at Greenwich on Sunday). 
1583, May 5. John Bourke, baron of Leitrim (by the lords justices 
of Ireland in St. Patrick's Church on Rogation Sunday). 


1583, May 5. Thomas ^leminge, baron of Slane (by the same). 
1583, May 5. *Patricke (Peter) Barnewell, baron of Tremleston 

(by the same). 
1583, May 13. James (? William) Dowdall (dubbed in Ireland). 
1583, June 16 (Sunday). William Mohun. 
1583. Tyrlow (Ttrelagh) O'Brian, of the House of Towmont, in 

Ireland (at Oatlands, by lord Hunsdon). 
1583. John Orelly, of the Brenne, in Ireland (ibid by same or by 

the Queen). 
1583, Oct. (?5). Edmond Stafford (at Oatlands on his going as 

ambassador resident to France). 
1583, Nov. 3. William Haydon, of Norfolk (by the earl of Leicester 

at St. James's on Sunday). 
1583, Nov. 3. Philip Boteller, of Co. Herts [ibid by same). 
1583, Nov. Richard MacOliverius Bourke, MacWilliam Lighter 

(dubbed in Ireland). 
1583, Dec. 8 (?1584, Jan. 8). George Henneage, of Lincolnshire 

(at St. James's on Sunday). 
1583, Dec. 8 (P1584, Jan. 8). Robert (James) Savell, bastard 

son of Sir Henry Savell (ibid or Westminster). 
1583. Francis Fleming? 

1583. DoNOUGH Oliver? 

1583-4, Jan. 9 (?15). John (Henry) Harington, sheriff of 
Warwick (at Sir Thomas Henneage's house in London, by 
Sir Henry Sidney). 

1583-4, Feb. 2. Edward Osbourn (Osborne), lord mayor of 
London [in 1583] (at Westminster on Candlemas Day). 

1583-4, Feb. 16 (?Jan. 9). Richard M.\liverer (at lord Lumley's 
house on Tower Hill, or at Westminster). 

1583-4, Mar. 1. George Sydenham (at Whitehall). 

1583-4, Mar. 5 (6, ? 16). Rauf Burghchier (Bowser), of York- 
shire (at Westminster, Whitehall) [Harl 6063, dates it 

1583-4. John Berham. 

1584, May 17 (? Mar. 17, 1584-5). George Ciiaworth, of Wyverton, 

Co. Notts (at Greenwich on Sunday). 
1584, June 9. Edward (Manners), 4th earl of Rutland (at 

*M.S. addit. 4703 reads Sir Jolin Burgh, .'^ir Barnewall Fleming, and Sir Patrick Bar. of Tremleston. 


1584, June 21. James Dowdall, of Knock, chief justice of Her 
Majesty's Bench (by Sir John Perrott, lord deputy general 
of Ireland). 

1584, June 21. Edward Waterhowes (by same in St. Patrick's 

1584, June 21. Richard Bingham (by same). 

1584, June 21. Nicholas White, master of the rolls (by same). 

1584, Aug. Thomas Lestrange (by same). 

1584, Aug. William Collyer (by same). 

1584, Aug. Thomas Jones (by same). 

1584, Aug. 18. Edward Dymoke, of Lincolnshire. 

1584. John McCostly. [ ? See John MacCoghlan, p. 75 sn.pra.'] 
1584-5, Jan. 6. Walter Rawley [Raleigh] (at Greenwich on 

Twelfth Day). 
1584-5, Feb. 14. Thomas [Edward] Pullyson, lord mayor of 

London [in 1584] (at Somerset House). 
1584-5, Mar. 7. Moyle Fynche, of Kent (at Greenwich). 
[1584-5 ? 1583-4, Mar. 7 or after]. Henry Berkley, of Stoke, Co. 


1585, Apr. 4. Richard Dyer, son and heir to the late lord chief 

justice of the Common Pleas. 

1585. Cotton Gargrave, of Yorkshire, sheriff of Yorkshire. 
1585, Apr. 13. Thomas Scroope, son and heir to the lord Scrope 

(at Greenwich). 
1585, May 1. Arthur O'Neill (Nele) (in Ireland by the lord 

1585, May 1. Charles O'Carroll, of Ely (by same). 
1585, May 1. Morogh ne doe O'Flaherty (by same). 
1585, May 6. Anthony Thorold, of Lincolnshire. 
1585, May 16. Hubert Bourke, alias McDavie (at Dublin by Sir 

John Perrott, knight, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1685, May 16. Cuconaght Maguire (McSkrine) (in Ireland by 

the lord deputy). 
1585, May 16. Rosse MacMahon (ibid). 
1585, May 16. Con oge O'Neill (ibid). 
1585, May 16. John O'Doherty (ibid). 
1585, May 16. Fineen (Florence) O'Driscoll More (ibid). 
1585, May 16. Thomas Barry oge (ibid). 
1585, June 18. Robert Southwell (at Theobalds, on Friday, on 

the removing day). 
1585, June 18. Henry Coningesby (ibid). 


1585, Oct. 14. John Arondell, of Tolverne (at Richmond). 

1585, Nov. 27. Pieece FitzJames FitzGerald, of Ballysonan, 

Co. Kildare (by the lord deputy of Ireland). 
1585-6, Jan. 9. Bernard Drake (at Greenwich, on Sunday). 
1585-6, Feb. 6. Wolstan Dixie, lord mayor of London [in 1585] 

[ibid on Sunday). 
1585-6. William Bowes, of Stretham, in the bishopric of Durham 

(at Greenwich). 
1585-6, Feb. 24. John Tyrrell, of the Pass, Co. Westmeath (by 

the lord deputy of Ireland). 
1585-6, Feb. 28. George Carewe (in Christ Churche by same). 
1585-6, Feb. 28. Patrick Barnewall, of Gracedien and Turvey, 

Co. Dublin (by same). 

1585-6, Mar. 2. Andrew Noel, of Dalby, Co. Leicester (at Green- 
wich on Wednesday). 

1585-6. Christopher Wandesford, of Kirtlington, Co. York 

1586, June 24. Richard Molyneulx, of Sefton, Co. Lanes, (ibid, 

on Midsummer Day, being Thursday). 
1586, June 24. John Monson, of Lincolnshire (ibid) [Harl MS. 
6063 says 1585]. 

1586 (P1588), July 23. John Owgan (of Beleston) (by the lord 

deputy of Ireland). 
1586. Anthony Spillman. 
1586. Edward Wingfield, of Kimbolton. 
1586. Henry Constable, 
1586. Thomas Gorges. 
1586. Richard Malory. 
1586. Martin Skinke, a Dutchman (in the Low Countries by the 

earl of Leicester). 
1586. John Norrys (in Holland by Robert, earl of Leicester). 
1586. Robert (Devereux), 19th earl of Essex {ibid by same). 
1586. George (Tuciiet), 11th lord Audley {ibid by same). 
1586. William Russell {ibid by same). 
1586. Henry Palmer {ibid by same). 
1586. Edward Denny {ibid by same). 
1586. William Hatton {ibid by same). 
1586. Henry Umpton (Unton), (in Holland by Robert, earl of 


1586. Henry Norris {ibid by same). 
1586. Henry Noell {ibi<l by same). 


1586 (? Oct. 7). Egbert Sydney {ibid by same). 

1586. John Boerugh (Boreowes) [ibid by same). 

1586. Henry Goodyear [ibid by same). 

1586. George Farrer (Farmour) (ibid by same). 

1586. John Wingfield (ibid by same). 

1586. George Digby (ibid by same). 

1586. Phillip Butler (ibid by same). 

1586. Thomas Dennys (ibid by same). 

1586. Eoger Williams (ibid by same). 

1586. William Read (ibid by same). 

1586. Edward Stanley (ibid by same). 

1586. Edward Norris (ibid by same). 

1586. Thomas Horsey (ibid by same). 

1586. Richard Dyer (ibid by same). 

1586. Edward (Edmond) Gary {ibid by same). 

1586. John Paston (Payton or Paynton) (ibid by same). 

1586. William Ivnowles (ibid by same). 

1586. Bartholomew Bafford (Bampford), a Scot (ibid by same). 

1586. Alexander Steward, a Scot (ibid by same). 

1586. Rowland York (ibid by same. This name is given in 

Asbmolean M.S. 840 (fo. 161) but is erased). 

1586. Henry North (ibid by same). 

1586. Thomas George (ibid by same). 

1586. Henry Yartley (ibid by same). 

1586. Evan Lloyd (ibid by same). 

1586. Henry Jones (ibid by same). 

1586. John Lloyd (Floyd) {ibid by same). 

1587. Henry Nowell, of Leicester. 

1587. George Bond, lord mayor of London. 

1587. Lewis Dyve. 

1587. John Manners. 

1587. John Roper. 

1587. Henry Poole, at Ricbement (Richmond). 

1587, June 11. George Barnes, lord mayor of London (on Sunday 
by the lord chamberlain). 

1587, June 18. George Savell (on Sunday, at Greenwich). 

1587, June 18. Thomas Throgmorton (ibid). 

1587, July (?) 10. Walter Lewson (Leveson), sheriff of Stafford- 
shire (at Theobald's). 



1587. MoRYSoN. 

1587, Nov. 11 (12). Henry Grey (on Sunday). 

1587, Nov. 11. Horatio Palavichini (Palevesyn) (on Sunday). 

1587, Nov. 17. Thomas Williams (by Sir John Perrott, lord deputy 

of Ireland). 
1587, Nov. 17. Oghy D'Hanlon (by same). 
1587, Nov. 21. John Pagington (Packington), (on Tuesday at the 

lord admiral's). 
1587, Dec. 7. Thomas Morgan (by the earl of Leicester at his 

embarking at Flushing on Thursday). 

1587, Dec. 7. Edward Wingfeld [ihid by same). 
1587, Dec. 7. Hugh Cholmeley {ihid by same). 
1587, Dec. 7. Charles Blount (76?^ by same). 
1587, Dec. 7. Prancys Knolles [ihid by same). 

1587, Dec. 7. Thomas West {ihid by same). 

1588, Apr. (May) 14. Edward Barkley {ihid by same). 

1588, May 1.* Nicholas St. Lawrance, son and heir to lord Houth 

{ihid by same). 
1588, May 1 (? June 30). William BreretonI (?), of Brereton in 

Cheshire {ihid by same). 
1588, July 4. George Clyve, of Cheshire (by Sir William Eitz 
Williams, knt., lord deputy general of Ireland, who received 
the sword the last day of June, 1588). 
1588, July 25. Thomas Howard, lord Howard (at sea, on board the 
" by the admiral, lord Howard of Effingham). 
John Hawkins {ihid by same). 
Martin Erobisher {ihid by same). 
Lord Edm. Sheffield (at sea by same). 
Roger Townsend [ihid by same). 
George Beeston, of Chester {ihid by same). 
Thomas Norrys, armiger, vice regent of Munster 
(in the Cathedral Church of Dublin by same). The 
lord deputy took his journey into Ulster for Counaught 
the 4th of November, and came home the 23rd of December, 
in which time he made four knights, viz.: — 
1588. George Byngiiam, of Ballemote, in the County of Sligo, 

brother to the chief justice of Connaught (by same). 
1588. Thomas Masterson (by same). 
1588. Henry Duke (by same). 

♦ Addit. 4763 reads IfiSS, Sir Murthowne do oflard before Sir Nicholas Lawrence. See ir>Sri, May 1. 
t M.S. addit. 4763 adds Sir John Ougan, Sir Thomas Johnes (the Coronation day), Sir Edw. Varlett. 



July 25. 


July 25. 


? July. 


? July. 


? July. 


Oct. 6. 


1588. TiRLOuGH Lenagh O'Nele (by same). 

1588. Thomas Wilford (in tlie Low Countries by tbe lord 

1588. Francis Yere {ibid by same). 

1588. John Pooley (ibid by same). 

1588. John Pointz (Pore) {ibid by same). 

1588. Nicholas Parker {ibid by same). 

1588. Thomas Knowles (Knolles) {ibid by same). 

1588. John Scott {ibid by same). 

1588. Edward TJvedall {ibid by same). 

1588. Charles Danvers {ibid by same). 

1588. Christopher Blount {ibid by same). 

1588. Edward Aston. 

1588. Paul Backes, governor of Bergen, by lord Willougbby. 

1588. Thomas Baskerville. 

1588. Martin Calthorpe, lord mayor of London. 

1588. George (Clifford), 3rd earl of Cumberland. 

1588. Anthdny Maney, of Kent. 

1588. John Spencer. 

1588. George Trenchard. 

1588-9, Jan. 5. Geffery Eenton, secretary (by tbe lord deputy of 

1588-9, ? Jan. 5. Nicholas Lestrange (by same). 

1589, Aug. 12. EiCHARD Shee, of Kilkenny (at Kilkenny, by Sir 

William Fitz Williams, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1589, Oct. 26. Edward Denny, of Walton Abay, in tbe County of 

Essex (by same). 
1589, Oct. 26. Thomas Shirley (at Kilkenny by same). 
1589. Walter Longe, of Wracksall, in Wiltshire (by same). 
1589. Thomas Shirley, jun. 
1589. William Bevill. 
1589. William Leigh. 
1589. John Leveson. 
1589. Thomas Lloyde, alias Eludd. 
1589 (? 1588). Ei chard Martin , lord mayor of London [an 

erratum, Martin was not lord mayor till 1593. ? Read 

afterwards lord mayor]. 
1589. William Sackvill. 


1590-1, Jan. 14 (24). Hughe Magwiee (in Trinity Churcli, Dublin, 
by the Rt. Hon. Sir William Fitz Williams, knigbt, lord 
deputy general of Ireland. 

1590-1. Michael Blount. 

1590-1. Edward Feeders. 

1590-1. John Haet, lord mayor of London [in 1589]. 

1590-1. Ralph Hoesey. 

1590-1. John Hungerfoed. 

1590-1. Richard Welche. 

1591. John Allot, lord mayor of London [in 1590]. 

1591, Apr. 4. George Delves (dubbed in Ireland on Easter day by 
tlie lord deputy). 

1591, May 20. Robert Cecill (Pat Theobalds). 

1591. CoNYERS Clifford. 

1591 (1592). Anthony Cope. 

1591. Walter Covert. 

1591. Francis Daecy. 

1591. Robert Gardiner. 

1591. Henry Guildford, of Beunenden, Kent. 

1591. Walter Har court. 

1591. John Hickford. 

1591. Clement (John) Higham. 

1591. Henry Killegrew. 

1591. Edward Layton. 

1591. Richard Pawlett. 

1591. Walter Sandes. 

1591. Anthony Shelley. 

1591. John Seymour. 

1591. Thomas West. 

1591, July 1. Nicholas Devereux, of Co. Wexford (dubbed in 

1591, Aug. 21. George Browne (2nd son of Viscount Montagu) 

(at Cowdray, by the lord admiral). 
1591, Aug. 21. Robert Dormer {ibid by same). 
1591, Aug. 21. Henry Goring {ihid by same). 
1591, Aug. 21. Henry Glemham {ibid by same). 
1591, Aug. 21. John Carrell {ibid by same). 
1591, Aug. 21. Nicholas Parker {ibid by same). 
1591, ? Sept. Thomas Challoner (by the French King). 


1591, Sept. Devereux Poole (by same). 
1591, Sept. CHiiiSTOPHER Lydcote (by same). 
1591, Sept. Thomas Wilkes (by same). 
1591, Sept. ?27 (1592, Oct. 8). 

Charles Percy (before Rouen by Robert, earl of Essex). 

William (Edward) Brooke (ibid by same). 

Thomas Conisbye (ibid by same). 

Thomas Gerrard {ibid by same). 

John Tracy (^ibid by same). 

John Wootton {ibid by same). 

Richard Acton {ibid by same). 

Henry Jones {ibid by same). 

Francis Allyn (Allen) {ibid by same). 

Edward (Edmond) Yorke {ibid by same). 

Mathew Morgan (ibid by samej. 

Thomas Fairfax {ibid- by same). 

Nicholas Clifford {ibid by same). 

Robert Drury {ibid by same). 

Thomas Jermyn {ibid by same). 

William Woodiiowse {ibid by same). 

William Dawtrey (Hawtry) {ibid by same). 

Griffin Markham {ibid by same). 

Henry Danvers of Dantsey, Wilts {ibid by same). 

Edward Hastings {ibid by same). 

Ferdinand Gorge {ibid by same). 

1591, Oct. 24. Thomas Coleclugh, of Tintern, Co. Wexford (by 

Sir William Fitz Williams, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1591-2, Feb. Michael Molines (dubbed in Ireland by tbe lord 

1592, Sept. John Higford (Hickford), lord of the manor of 

Alderton (by tbe Queen in the Progress? at Alderton). 
1592. William Bridges. 
1592. William Brinkerd (Brunkard). 
1592. Henry Bromley, sheriff of Worcester. 
]592. Christopher Edmonds. 
1592. William Eyre. 
1592, Sept. John Fortescue. 
1592. HuMFREY Foster of Aldermaston, Berks. 


1592. EicHARD Fynes. 

1592. Trancis Hastinges. 

1592. Thomas Lucy, jun. 

1592. Henry Newton. 

1592. William Periam. 

1592. John Popham. 

1592. JoHx Puckeringe. 

1592. Thomas Read. 

1592. William Spencer. 

1592. William Webb, lord mayor of London [in 1591]. 

1592. Henry Winston. 

1592. John Woolley, of Pirford. 

1592. Edward Wotton. 

1593, May 28. Thomas Moore, of Crolian, in King's County 

(dubbed in Ireland by the lord deputy). 
1593. Thomas Napper. 
1593. William Powe. 
1593. Anthony St. Leger. 
1593. William Weston. 
1593, June 17. Edward Kynaston de Otley, in Salop (by the lord 

deputy of Ireland), 
1593, June 17. Anthony Maney (Mane), of Biddenden, in Kent 

(by same). 
1593, June 17. George Villiers (Willers) (by same). 
1593, July. Edward Fitz Gerald, of Tecroglian (by same). 
1593, Oct. 15. John Holles, of Haughton, in Nottingham (by 

1593, Nov. 9 or 11. Robert Salisburie (by same). 
1593, Nov. 17. Raphe Lane (by same). 
1593, Nov. 17. George Colley, of Edendere, alias Colleiston, in 

King's Co. (by same). 
1593. Henry Oughtred (by same). 
1593, Dec. 2. Dudley Loftus (by same). 

1593, Dec. 2. Edward Herbert, of Monaster Orys, in King's Co. 

(by same). 

1594, May 19. John Dowd.\ll, of Kilfinny, Co. Limerick (by same 

on Whit Sunday), 
before 1594, May 30. Edward Ratclyffe, afterwards 13th earl of 


1594, July 7. Thomas Posthumus Hoby (in Ireland by the lord 

1594, Aug. 11. Stephen Thornehurst (by same). 
1594, Aug. 30. Prince Henry of Scotland (by his father, at his 

1594, Aug. 30. William Stewart, of Houston (by king James of 

Scotland at the baptism of his son). 
1594, Aug. 30. Egbert Bruce, of Clackmannan (by same). 
1594, Aug. 30. John Boswell, of Balmowrow (by same). 
James Sciiaw, of Salquhy (by same). 
John Murray, of Ethilstoun (by same). 
William Monteith, of Kerse (by same). 
Alexander Eraser, of Fraserburgh (by same). 
John Lindsay, of Dunrod (by same). 
George Levingston, of Ogilface (by same). 
James Forester, of Torwood-head (by same). 
Andrew Balfoure, of Strathour (by same). 
Walter Dundas, of Over Newlistoun (by same). 
John Boswel, of Glasemont (by same). 
George Elphingstoun, of Blytherhood (by same). 
William Levingston, of Darnechester (by same). 
David Meldrum, of New-hall (by same). 
William Clarke (upon a hill near Enniskillen, 
which was then distressed : by Sir William Russell, kt., lord 
deputy of Ireland). 

1594, Sept. 1. Egbert Needham (by same). 

1595, Apr. 20. Edward Monins (by the Et. Hon. Sir William 

Eussell, kt., lord deputy general of Ireland, at Mone). 
after 1595, May 22. John Conyers, of Sockbourne, sheriff of 

1595, Aug. 24. Edward Brabazon, of Estwell, in Leicestershire 

(in Christchurch by Sir William Eussell lord deputy of 

1595, Aug. 24. William Waldegrave, of Smallbrige, in Suffolk 

[ibid by same). 
1595, Nov. 9. EiCHARD Wingfield, of Northamptonshire {ibid by 

same) . 
1595 (1593). George Mannering. 
1595. William Eead. 

1595. John Spencer, lord mayor of London [in 1594]. 
1595. Edward Winter. 












































1595-6, Jan. 4. Henry Warren (in Cliristchurcli by tlie Et. Hon. 

Sir William Russell, knt., lord deputy general of Ireland). 
1596, Apr. 11. John North, son and lieir to the lord North {ihid by 

1596, ?June ? 22. 

Robert (Radclyffe) 12tb earl of Sussex (at Cadiz, 1596, by 
the lord admiral and the earl of Essex). 

Don Christofero {ihid by same). 

Count LoDOviCK {ihid by same). 

Lord Herbert [ihid by same). 

Lord Burke {ihid by same). 

Samuel Bagnall {ihid by same), 

Arthur Savage {ihid by same). 

William Howard {ihid by same). 

George Devereux {ihid by same). 

Henry Nevill {ihid by same). 

Edwin Rich {ihid by same). 

Anth. Ashley {ihid by same). 

Monsieur Lavins {ihid by same). 

Monsieur Edmarker (Egmorles) {ihid by same). 

Henry Leonard {ihid by same). 

Richard Lewson (Leveson) {ihid by same). 

Horatio Vere {ibid by same). 

Arthur Throgmorton {ihid by same). 

Miles Corbet [ihid by same). 

Edward Conway, {ihid by same). 

Oliver Lambert {ihid by same). 

Anthony Cooke {ihid by same). 

John Townsend {ihid by same). 

Christopher Haidon (Heydon) {ihid by same). 

Francis Popham {ihid by same). 

Philip Woodhowse {ihid by same). 

Alexander Clifford {ihid by same). 

Moris Barkley {ihid by same). 

CiiARLES Blount {ihid by same). 
George Gifford [ihid by same). 

Robert Crosse {ihid by same). 

John Scudamour {ihid by same). 

William (John or Pif.ukk) Leigh {ihid by same). 


1596, PJune ?22. 

■John Lea (at Cadiz by tlie earl of Essex). 

Richard Waynman {ibid by same). 

EicHAED Weston {ibid by same). 

James Wootton (ihid by same). 

Richard Randall (Ruddall) [ibid by same). 

Robert Mansfield (Mansell) {ibid by same). 

William Mounson {ibid by same). 

John Bowlles (Bailles, Bolles) {ibid by same). 

Edward Bowes {ibid by same). 

HuMFRY Drewell {ihid by same). 

Amyas Preston {ibid by same). 

Robert Remington {ibid by same). 

John Butts (Bucke) {ibid by same). 

John Moran (Morgan) {ibid by same). 

John Aldrigg (Aldrich) {ihid by same). 

John Shelton {ibid by same). 

William Ashendon {ibid by same). 

Mathew Browne {ibid by same). 

Thomas Acton {ibid by same). 

Thomas Gates {ibid by same). 

William (Gellian) Merrick {ibid by same). 

Thomas Smyth {ibid by same). 

William Foley (Pooley) {ibid by same). 

Thomas Palmer {ibid by same). 

Robert Lovell {ibid by same). 

John Stafford {ibid by same). 

John Gilbert {ibid by same). 

William Harvy {ibid by same). 

John Gray {ibid by same). 

Baldwin Medkir (Medkerke, Methkirk) {ibid by same). 

Gerrat Harvy, of Co. Bedford {ibid by same). 
1596. Henry Billingsley, lord mayor of London. 
1596 (1595). Arthur Chichester. 
1596. Ochemach Drinir. 
1596. Robert Dudley. 
1596. Edward Dyer. 
1596. Guilford. 


1596. EicHARD Lever, a stranger. 

1596. Baeentine Molines, junr. 

1596. John Peyton. 

1596. John Stanhop. 

1596. William Wray. 

1596-7, Mar. 4. John Chichester, of Devonshire (in tlie Glynes, 
where that traytor, Feogh Mac Hugh, some tyme remayned; 
by the Rt. Hon. Sir William Russell, knt., lord deputy 
general of Ireland). 

1597, Mar. 27. William Lane, of Horton, in the County of 

Northampton (^in St. Patrick's Church by same). 
1597, May 8. Calistenes Brooke, of Sutton, in the County of Kent 

(in the Glynes by same). 
1597, May 8. Richard Trevor, of Trevallin, in the County of 

Denbigh (ibid by same). 
1597, May 8. Thomas Maria Wingfield (^ibid by same). 
1597, July 19. Thomas Waller, of Branchele, in the County of 

Kent (at the Fort of the Blackwater by Thomas Lord Burgh, 

lord deputy of Ireland). 
1597, Aug. 15. Christopher Plunkett (at his manor house of 

Donsoghly by same). 
1597, Sept. 24. Henry Brounker, of Westham, in the County of 

Essex (at Drogheda by same). 

1597, Oct. 30. Nicholas Walshe (by Sir Thomas Norreys, lord 

justice of Ireland). 
1597, Oct. 30. Warham St. Leger (by same). 
1597. Bassingbourne Gawdy. 
1597. Arthur Gorges. 
1597. Hugh James (Mac James). 
1597. Richard Saltingstall (Saltingstone), lord mayor of 

1597. Anthony Wingfield. 
1597. Henry (Wriothesley), 4th earl of Southampton (at thp 

Azores [by the earl of Essex]). 
1597. Thomas Egerton {ibid by same). 
1597. Thomas Vavasor [ibid by same). 
1597. Lodovick Grevill {ibid by same). 
1597-8, Jan. 22. Walter Butler, son and heir to John Butler, 

third brother to the earl of Ormond (in St. Patrick's Church 

by Adam Loftus, archbishop of Dublin, and Sir Robert 

Gardiner, knt., chief justice of the Queen's Bench, Ireland, 

joint lords justices of Ireland). 


1697-8, Jan. 22. James Butler, of Lismalin (in St. Patrick's 

Churcli by the same). 
1597-8, Feb. Jonathan Teelany (at Whiteliall on Shrove Tuesday). 
1597-8, Feb. William Steowde (ibid). 
1597-8, Feb. Gteorge Moee, of the West (ibid). 

1597-8, Feb. 28 ? 29. Geoege Caey, of Cockington (at Whitehall, 
the last day of February). 

1598, May 25. Thomas Vane, of Kent. 

1598, June 17. Gaerett Aylmer (in Christ Church, by Adam 
Loftus, archbishop of Dublin, and Sir Robert Gardiner, 
knt., chief justice of the Queen's Bench, Ireland, joint lords 
justices of Ireland). 

1598, Juno 18. Michill Sands (Sonds) (at Greenwich). 

1598, June 18. Thomas Reresby (ibid). 

1598, July. Henry (Beooke), 11th lord Cobham (at Nonsuch). 

1598, Sept. 24. Richaed Peecy (in Christ Church, by Adam 
Loftus, archbishop of Dublin, and Sir Richard Gardiner, 
ut supra). 

1598, Sept. 24. Robert Ashefield (ibid by same). 

1599, Mar. 25. Renald Mohun. 

1599, Apr. 8. John Egerton (in Christ Church, by Adam Loftus, 
archbishop of Dublin, and Sir Robert Gardiner, wi supra). 

1599, Apr. 25. Stephen Soham (Soame, Some), lord mayor of 
London [in 1598] (at Greenwich). 

1599, May 5. Thomas Mosten (at Dublin, by Robert, earl of Essex, 
lord lieutenant of Ireland). 

1599, May 9. Thomas Tasborough, of Harwich, in the county of 
Buckingham (at Dublin by same). 

1599, May 17. Francis Rushe (at Maryborough, the Fort of Lease, 
by same). 

1599, May 22. Terence O'Dempsy (at Kiltenan, in Mounster, by 

1599, May 30. Roger (Manners), 6th earl of Rutland (at Caluri 
Castle by same). 

1599, June 12. Francis Barkley (at Asketon by same). 

1599, June 19. George Thornton (at Killmallocke by same). 

1599, June 20. James Devereux (at Sir John Colley's Towne by 


1599, June 30. Eichard Masterson (at his own house at Femes 

by the earl of Essex, lord lieutenant of Ireland). 
1599, July 12. Thomas (Grey), 15th lord Grey, of Wilton (at 

Dublin by same). 
1599, July 12. Lord Mouxteagle {ihid by same). 
1599, July 12. Thomas West {ibid by same). 
1599, July 12. Robert Vernon [ibid by same). 
1599, July 12. Henry Gary (ibid by same). 
1599, July 12. Arthur Champernoun [ibid by same). 
1599, July 12. William Constable [ibid by same). 
1599, July 12. John Davys [ibid by same). 
1599, July 12. John Pooley (Foley) [ibid by same). 
1599, July 12. Carey (Carew) Eeynell (Eaynoldes, Eeginald) 

[ibid by same). 
1599, July 12. George Manners [ibid by same). 
1599, July 12. Edward (Cromwell), 4th lord Cromwell [ibid by 

1599, July 13. William Godolphin [ibid by same). 
1599, July 13. William Courtney [ibid by same). 
1599, July 13. Francis Lacon [ibid by same). 
1599, July 15. Egbert Bassett [ibid by same). 
1599, July 22. Egbert Constable (ibid by same). 
1599, July 22. Edward Warren [ibid by same), 
1599, July 22. Cuthbert Halsell [ibid by same). 
1599, July 24. IIewett Osburne (in Meatli by same). 
1599, July 24. Hugh O'Connor Dune (in the camp at the meeting 

Avitli Sir Conyers Clifford, who fought well the day before, 

by same). 
1599, July 24. John MacCogiilan [ibid by same). 
1599, July 24. Mullmore MacSv.ine a Doe [ibid by same). 
1599, July 24. Theobald Dillon [ibid by same). 
1599, July 30. Jocklin Percy (at the rising of the camp, after the 

fight in Ophaley, by same). 
1599, July 30. Thomas JJourke (Burgh) (by same). 
1599, July 30. William Warren (by same). 
1599, July ;')0. Henrik Lindley (by the earl of Essex, lord 

Lieutenant of Ireland, at the rising of the camp after the 

fight in Oplialey). 

1599, July 30. Theophilus Finch (by same). 
1599, July 30. John (by same). 


1599, July 30. William Lovelace (by same). 
1599, July 30. John Harrington (by same). 
1599, July 30. William Gascoigne (by same). 
1599, Aug. 4. Robert Digby (at Dublin by same). 

Edward Blunt (Blounte) {ibid by same). 

Henry Goodeare [ibid by same). 

Edward Essex {ibid by same). 

William Cornewallys [ibid by same). 

Richard Lovelace {ibid by same). 

Edward Read {ibid by same). 

Richard (Edward) Morgan {ibid by same). 

Henry Carewe {ibid by same) 

Richard Morison {ibid by same). 

John Haydon {ibid, by same). 

Erancis Merricke {ibid by same). 

Charles Willmote {ibid by same). 

Edward Michelborne {ibid by same). 

George Lester (Leycester) (at Dublin Castle by 

John Croftes (at Dublin by same). 

Henry Wallop {ibid by same). 

John Sames (by same). 

Henry Fookes (Eoulxe) (by same). 

William Boustred (Bowlstrad) (by same). 

Simon Weston (by same). 

John Draycott (by same). 

William Clovell (by same). 

John Brockett (by same). 

Charles Mannors (by same). 

FuLKE Conway (by same). 

Henry Folliott (by same). 

John Chamberlaine (by same). 

Robt. Yaxeley (by same). 

Gerratt Moore (by same). 

John Talbot (by same). 
. Jonathan Petto (by same). 
. RoBART Brooke (by same). 







































































, Sept. 






, Sept. 



, Sept. 

, 6. 


, Sept. 

, 6. 


, Sept. 

, 6. 


, Sept, 

. 6. 


, Sept 

. 10. 


, Sept 

. 10. 


1599, Sept. 24. Robert Osburne (at Sir Eobte Gardiner's house in. 

Dublin by same). 
1599, Sept. 24. John Pooley {ihid by same). 
1599, Sept. 24. John Eatcliff (on the sandes by same). 
1599, Sept. 24. Thomas Loftus [ihid by same). 
1599, Sept. 24. Edward Loftus [ibid by same). 
1599, Sept. 24. Edward Baynham [ihid by same). 
1599. Edwin Sandes (by Adam Loftus, arclibisbop of Dublin, and 

Sir George Gary, knt., treasurer at war, Ireland, and joint 

lords justices of Ireland). 
1599 (1591). Edward Brooke. 
1599. George Booth. 
1599 (1601). Ei chard Eetiplace. 
1599. Peter Lee, of Ireland. 

1599 [? 1596, 1600]. Eichard Lee (? 1596, Peter Lee, jun.). 
1599. John Ltne. 
1599. John Savage. 

1599. Erancis Stafford. 

1599 [?]. Eichard Champernon. 
[1599-1600], Jan. Eichard Haughton. 
[1599-1600], Jan. Eichard (Thomas) Lassells. 
[1599-1600], Jan. Edm. Withepole. 

1599-1600, Feb. 28. Oliver St. John (in Christchurcb by Charles, 
lord Mount joy, lord deputy of Ireland). 

1600, Apr. 6. Francis Shane {ihid by same). 

1600, May 1. James FitzPierce FitzGerald (at Dublin Castle by 

1600, Aug. Nicholas Moseley, lord mayor of London [in 1599]. 
1600, Aug. ? Eichard Lewkenor. 
1600, Aug. ? Thomas Eidgway. 
[ ?] 1600, Aug. Francis Leake. 
1600, Aug. ? Edward More. 
1600, Aug. ? Egbert Oxenbridge. 

1600, Nov. 17. William Fortescue (at Drogheda by Charles, lord 

Mountjoy, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1600, Nov. 17. John Eotherham [ibid by same). 
1600, Nov. 17. James Dillon {ibid by same). 
1600, Nov. 19. Benjamin Berry (at Dublin Castle by same). 
1600, Nov. 19. Eichard Graham (Greime, Greame) (by same), 
flfter 1600, Nov. 24. Thomas Mkade, sheriff of Essex. 


1601, June. Percivall Hart. 

[?]. William Eyder, lord mayor of London [in 1600]. 

1601, Sept. 14 (?Nov.). Edward Cecil (2nd son to lord Burg-Mey) 

(at Basing, at the marquis of Winchester's by the Queen). 
1601, Sept. 14. Edward HuNGERFORD (next heir to lord Hungerford) 

(ibid by same). 
1601, Sept. 14. Edward Sainton {ibid by same). 
1601, Sept. 14. W. KiNGSMiL {ibid by same). 
1601, Sept. 14. Carew Rawleigh {ibid by same). 
1601, Sept. 14. Francis Palmer (then sheriff of the shire) {ibid by 

1601, Sept. 14. Benjamin Tichbourne {ibid by same). 
1601, Sept. 14. Hamden Paulet {ibid by same). 
1601, Sept. 14. Richard Norton, of Hampshire {ibid by same). 
1601, Sept. 14. Erancis Stoner, of Oxfordshire {ibid by same). 
1601, Sept. 14. Edmund Ludlow (Lutlow), of Wilts {ibid by 

1601, Sept. 15 or 16. Richard White (in his house at Farnham 

by same). 
1601, Sept. 15 or 16. Richard Mill {? ibid by same). 
1601, Sept. 15. William Udall {? ibid by same). 
1601, Sept. Edwin Goodwin, of Bishops Wooburn, Bucks, (probably 

son of John Goodwin and either the father or elder brother 

of Sir Erancis, sheriff in 21 king James I.) (at Causham, 

at Mr. Comptroller while there at dinner, by the Queen). 

1601, Sept. Edward Fettiplace (an ancient Bedford family) {ibid 

by same). 
1601, Sept. Richard Warde {ibid by same). 
1601, Sept. [?end of]. Richard Stafford (at Englefield House — 

Sir Edward Norris's house — at Ricott by the Queen). 
1601, Sept. [?end of]. John Norris {ibid by same). 
1601, Oct. 31 (the last of). Thomas Savage (by Charles, lord 

Mount joy, lord deputy of Ireland). 

1601, Nov. Leigh. 

1601, Dec. 24. Richard Bourke, 4th earl of Clanricarde (at 

Tyrone's overthrow at the battle of Kinsale by the lord 

deputy of Ireland). 
1601-2, Mar. 11. John Fitz Edmond Fitz Gerrald, of Clone (by 

Charles, lord Mount] oy, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1601-2, Mar. 14. Tegue (Tirlaugh) O'Brian, uncle to the earl of 

Thomond (by samel. 
1601-2, Mar. 18. John FitzGerald (at Waterford by same). 


1601-2, Mar. 18. Edward Gough {ibid by same). 

1602, Apr. 29 (19). Henry Slixgsby (in Dublin Castle by same). 

1602, Apr. 29. Myles Fleetwoode (by same). 

1602, May 13. Eichard Ailward (by same). 

1602, May 13. Edwajid Noell (by same). 

1602, May 13. Neale Garve O'Doxell (by same). 

1602, May 13. Cahire O'Doghertie (by same). 

1602, May 13. Eandal McDonell McSorley (McvSawerly), Uoy 
(by same). 

1602, Dec. 5. Randolfe Mannering (at Trim by same). 
1602-3, Jan. 4. Theobald Bourke, alias ne Long (by same). 

Knights dubbed by King James. 

1603, Mar. 28. John Peyton (Payton), of Wells, Norfolk (at 

1603, Apr. 6. William Selby, of Northumberland (at Berwick). 
1603, Apr. 8 (6). Rafe Grey, of Northumberland (ibid). 
1603, Apr. 9. EobertDudley, mayor of Newcastle (at Widdrington). 
1603, Apr. 9. Henry Widerington, of Northumberland (ibid). 
1603, Apr. 9. Nicholas Forster, of Northumberland (ibid). 
1603, Apr. 9. William Fenwicke, of Northumberland (ibid). 
1603, Apr. 9. Edward Gorges, of Northumberland (ibid). 
1603, Apr. 9. Nicholas Scriven (at Newcastle, ? not knighted). 
1603, Apr. 13. EobertDelavall, of Northumberland (at Newcastle). 
1603, Apr. 13. Christopher Lowther, of Cumberland (ibid). 
1603, Apr. 13. Nicholas Curwen, of Cumberland (ibid). 
1603, Apr. 13. James Bellingham, of Westmorland (ibid). 
1603, Apr. 13. Nicholas Tufton, of Kent (ibid). 
1603, Apr. 13. Eobert Anderson, mayor of Newcastle. 
1603, Apr. 13. John Conyers, of Durham (ibid). 
1603, Apr. 13. Bertram Bulmer (ibid). 
1603, Apr. 17. William Cecil, lord Burghley (at York). 
1603, Apr. 17. Edmond Trafford, of Lancashire (ibid). 
1603, Apr. 17. Thomas Holcroft, of Lancasliire (ibid). 
1603, Apr. 17. John Mallory, of Yorkshire (ibid). 
1603, Apr. 17. William Ingleby, of Yorkshire (ibid). 
1603, Apr. 17. Philip Constable, of Durham (ibid). 
1603, Apr. 17. Christopher IIillyard (Haward, Hellyard), of 

Yorkshire (ibid). 


1603, Apr. 17. Eobekt Swift, of Yorkshire (at York). 

1603, Apr. 17. Richaed Wortley, of Yorkshire (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 17. Henry Bellasis, of Yorkshire (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 17. Thomas Fairfax, of Yorkshire (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 17. Henry Griffith, of Yorkshire (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 17. Francis Boynton, of Yorkshire (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 17. Henry Cholmley, of Yorkshire (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 17. Eichard Gargrave, of Yorkshire (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 17. Marmaduke Grimston, of Yorkshire (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 17. Lancelot Alford, of Yorkshire (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 17. Ralph Ellerker (Illerker), of Yorkshire (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 17. George Frevil (Frewil), of Durham (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 17. Mauger Vavasor, of Yorkshire (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 17. Ralph Babthorpe, of Yorkshire (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 17. Richard Louther (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 17. Walter Crape. 

1603, Apr. 18 (17). Robert Walter, lord mayor of York (at York). 

1603, Apr. 18. Roger Aston, of Cheshire (at Grimstone). 

1603, Apr. 18. Thomas Aston, of Cheshire (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 18. Thomas Holt, of Cheshire (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 18. James Harrington, of Rutland (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 18. Charles Montague, of Northamptonshire (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 18. Thomas Dawney, of Yorkshire (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 18. William Bambrough, of Yorkshire (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 18. Francis Lovell, of Harling, Norfolk (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 18. Thomas (Francis) Beaufield. 

1603, Apr. 18. Thomas Gerrard, of Byrn, Co. Lanes, (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 18. Ralph Conesbie (Coningsby), of Herts (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 18. Richard Musgrave, of Yorks. (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 20. Henry Leigh (by the lord deputy of Ireland at 

Dublin Castle). 

1603, Apr. 20. Jarman Poole (by same, ibid). 

1603, Apr. 21. John Manners, of Derbyshire (by the King at 


1603, Apr. 21. Henry Grey, of Co. Bedford (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 21. Edward Lorayn (Lockrane), of Co. Derby (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 21. Henry Perpoint (Pierrepont), of Co. 'Notts, (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 21. Francis Newport (Davenport), of Salop (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 21. Henry Beaumont, of Co. Leicester (ibid). 


1603, Apr. 21. William Skipwith, of Co. Leicester 

(By the King at Worksop). 

1603, Apr. 21. Hugh Smith, of Somerset (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 21. Walter Cope, of Co. Oxford (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 21. Edmond Lucy (Lacy), of Co. Warwick (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 21. Edmond Cockayn, of Co. Derby (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 21. John Harper, of Co. Derby (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 21. Thomas Gtresley, of Co. Notts (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 21. John Biron, of Co. Notts (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 21. Percivall Willougiiby, of Co. Line. (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 21. Peter Freschvile (Freshwell), of Co. Derbv 


1603, Apr. 21. Richard Thekeston (Checkstone, Sexton), of Co. 

York (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 21. Thomas Stanley, of Co. Derby (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 22. John Parker, of Sussex (at Newark Castle). 

1603, Apr. 22. Robert Brett, of Devon (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 22. Lewis Lewknor, of Sussex (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 22. Richard Mompesson, of Bucks (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 22. Francis Ducket, of Salop (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 22. Richard Warburton, of Cheshire (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 22. Richard Wygmore, of Co. Hereford (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 22. Edward (Edmond) Foxe, of Salop (ibid). 
1603, Apr. 22 (21). William Davenport (Damport), of Cheshire 


1603, Apr. 22. Roger Ayschue (Askewe, Askoth), of Cheshire 

(upon the way to Bel voir Castle). 

1603, Apr. 22. William Sutton, of Co. Notts (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 22. John Stanhop, of Co. Derby (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 22. Brian Lassells, of Co. Yorks (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. Oliver Manners, of Co. Lincoln (at Belvoir Castle). 

1603, Apr. 23. William Willoughby, of Co. Lincoln (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. Thomas Willougiiby, of Co. Lincoln (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. Gregory Cromwell, of Co. Hants (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. George Manners, of Co. Lincoln (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. Henry H.\stings, of Co. Leicester (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. William Pelham, of Co. Lincoln (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. Philip Tirwhitt, of Co. Lincoln (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. Valentine Brown, of Co. Lincoln (ibid). 


1603, Apr. 23. Eoger Dalyson, of Co. Lincoln (at Belvoir Castle). 

1603, Apr. 23. Thomas Grantham, of Co. Lincoln (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. Anthony Markham, of Co. Oxford (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. William Carre, of Co. Lincoln (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. John Thoeold, of Co. Lincoln (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. Edward Ayscue (Ayscough), of Co. Lincoln (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. Henry Pagenham, of Co. Lincoln (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. Edward (Edmund) Bussy (Bushey), of Co. Lincoln 


1603, Apr. 23. Edward Tirwhit, of Co. Lincoln (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. Edward Carre, of Co. Lincoln (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. Everard Digby, of Co. Rutland (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. William Ermyne (Ayrmine), of Co. Lincoln (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. Nicholas Sanderson, of Co. Lincoln (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. Richard Ogle, of Co. Lincoln (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. Hugh Whichcot (Swythcoate), of Lincoln (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. Edward Rosseter, of Co. Lincoln (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. William Hyckman, of Co. Lincoln (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. Thomas Beaumont, of Co. Leicester (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. William Jepson, of Hants, (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. Thomas Cave, of Co. Leicester (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. Philip Sherrard, of Co. Leicester (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. William Skeffington, of Co. Leicester (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. William Fawnt (Faunt), of Co. Leicester (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. Basil Brook, of Shropshire (Lubbenham, Co. 

Leicester, (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. William Turpin, of Co. Leicester (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. William Lambert. 

1603, Apr. 23. John Zouche, of Co. Derby (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. John Thornhaugh (Thorney, Thornix), of Co. 

Nott. (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. Edward Swyft, of Co. Yorks. (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. Philip (? George) Stirley (PStrelley, Shirley), 

of Co. Leicester (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. John Ferrers, of Co. Warwick (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. Edward Littleton, of Co. Salop (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. William Fielding, of Co. Warwick (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. John Wentworth, of Co. Essex (ibid). 

1603, Apr. 23. Walter Chute, of Kent (ibid). 


1603, Apr. 23. Edward Conyers (Commes, Comines) 

(at Belvoir Castle). 
1603, Apr. 23. William Fairfax, of Co. York, (ibidj. 
1603, Apr. 23. John Tyrell, of Essex (ibid). 
1603, Apr. 23. Humfrey Conisby (ibid). 
1603, Apr. 23. Edward Cleare (ibid). 
1603, Apr. 23. Hamond Southcote (ibid). 
1603, May 7. William Killigrew, of Cornwall (Berks) (at 

1603, May 7. Michael (Nicholas) Stanhope, of Suffolk (ibid). 
1603, May 7. Francis Barrington, of Essex (ibid). 
1603, May 7. Rowland Litton, of Kneb worth, Herts (ibid). 
1603, May 7. William Peter (Peters), of Essex (ibid). 
1603, May 7. John Beograve, attorney general of the Duchy of 

Lancaster, of Essex (Herts) (ibid). 
1603, May 7. William Cooke, of 'Esse:s.(ibid). 
1603, May 7. Henry (? Arthur) Capell, of Haddon, Herts (ibid), 
1603, May 7. Herbert Croft (Crofts), of Co. Hereford (ibid). 
1603, May 7. Edward Grevill, of Wilcot, Co. Warwick (ibid). 
1603, May 7. Henry Butler (Botylar), of Bramfield, Herts 

1603, May 7. Henry Maynard, of Essex (ibid). 
1603, May 7. Richard Spencer, of Herts, (ibid). 
1603, May 7. John Leventhorp, of Shingle Hall, Herts (ibid). 
1603, May 7. Thomas Pope Blunt, of Tittenhanger, Herts (ibid), 
1603, May 7. Richard Clifford (ibid). 
1603, May 7. Thomas Medcalfe, of Co. York (ibid). 
1603, May 7. Henry Fanshaw, of Ware, Herts (ibid). 
1603, May 7. Gamaliel Capel, of Rookwood Hall, Essex (ibid). 
1603, May 7. William Smith, of Thoydon Mount, Essex (ibid), 
1603, May 7. John Ferrers, of Mackiat, Herts (ibid). 
1603, May 7. Robert Bitton. 
1603, May 7. Richard Baker, of Kent (ibid). 
1603, May 7. Vincent Skinner, of Enfield, Middlesex (ibid). 
1603, May 7. Hugh Beeston, of Cheshire. 
1603, May 7. John Lee (Leigh). 

1603, May 7. Thomas Bishop, of Parham, Sussex (ibid). 
1603, May 7. Gervase Ellys (Elvis, Elwys, Elwes), lieutenant 

of the Tower (ibid). 
1603, May 7. Edward Lewis, of Glamorgan (ibid). 


1603, May 11. Charles Howard (Haward), of Sheffield, Sussex 

(at the Charterhouse). 
1603, May 11. Ambrose Willoughby, of Co. Lincoln (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Edward Howard (Haward), of Surrey (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Henry Hastyngs, of Co. Leicester (ibid). 

1603, May 11. Gyles Allixgton, of Horsheath, Co. Cambridge 

1603, May 11. William Hynde, of Co. Cambridge (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Richard Verney, of Compton Maddock, Co. 

Warwick (ibid). 
1603, May 11. John Thinne, of Longleat, Co. Wilts (ibid). 
1603, May 11. William Fitzwilliams, of Co. Lincoln (Dostrap, 

Co. Northampton) (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Edward (William) Carell, of Sussex (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Edward Bacon, of Suffolk (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Francis Anderson, of Co. Beds. (ibid). 
1603, May 11. John Poultney (Pountney), of Co. Notts (Misterton, 

Co. Leicester (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Edward Darcy, of Co. Yorks (ibid). 
1603, May 11. John Sydenham, of Co. Somerset (ibid). 
1603, May 11. John Tufton, of Hothfield, Kent (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Thomas Griffin, of Co. Northampton (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Valentine Knightley, of Fausley, Co. Northampton 

1603, May 11. Eafe Wiseman, of Ravens Hall, Essex (ibid). 
1603, May 11. William Ayloff (Ayliff), of Braxted, Essex 

1603, May 11. Edward Watson, of Co. Northampton (ibid). 
1603, May 11. James Cromer, of Kent (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Thomas Cheek, of Pirgo, Essex (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Thomas Rouse, of Suffolk (Norfolk) (ibid). 
1603, May 11. John Rodney. 
1603, May 11. Henry Vaughan. 

1603, May 11. John Smith, of Osterhanger, Kent (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Charles (Thomas) Cornwallis, of Suffolk (ibid). 
1603, May 11. John Hunnam (Hannam, Hamman), of Cheshire 

1603, May 11. Thomas Mede (Meade), of Kent (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Eusebius Isham, of Co. Northampton (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Arthur (John) Cooper, of Surrey (ibid). 


1603, May 11. Robert Wixgfield, of Co. Northampton (Suffolk) 

(at the Charterhouse). 
1603, May 11. Thomas Josseling (Josseline), of Herts (Kent) 

Henry Gooderick (Goodrike), of Co. Yorks. (ibid). 
Maximilian Dalison (Dallison), of Kent (ibid). 
William Cope (Coape), of Co. Northampton (ibid). 
George Fleetwood, of Co. Bucks (Beds) (ibid). 
Peter Evens (Evers), of Co. Lincoln (Yorks) 

Henry Clare (Cleere), of Co. Norfolk (ibid). 

Edward Francis. 

Francis Wolley, of Co. Lincoln (ibid). 

Arthur Manwaring (Mannering), of Cheshire 

Edward Waterhouse, of Co. Yorks (ibid). 

William Twisden, of Kent (ibid). 

Hatton Cheek (ibid). 

Henry Goring, of Sussex (ibid). 

Richard (Walter) Sands, of Kent (ibid). 

Robert Cotton, of Connington, Co. Huntingdon 

Oliver Luke, of Co. Beds. (ibid). 

Thomas Knivett (Knevet), of Norfolk (? Wilts) 

Henry Seckford (Sackford), of Suffolk (ibid). 
Edwin Sandes, of Kent (ibid). 
John Ashley, of Kent (ibid). 

William (Miles) Fleetwood, of Co. Beds. (Middle- 

Walter Mildmay, of Essex (ibid). 
Arthur Atye (Atey), of Kilburn, Midds. (ibid). 
Edward Lewkenor, of Denham Hall, Suffolk 

Miles Sands, of Wimbleton, Ely, Co. Camb. (ibid). 

William Ki.vgsmill, of Hants (ibid). 

Thomas Kemp, of Wye, Kent (ibid). 

Edward Tirrell (Tkrrill), of Thornton, Bucks 

Thomas Russell, of Co. Strensham, Worcester (ibid). 



May 11. 


May 11. 


May 11. 


May 11. 


May 11. 



May 11. 


May 11. 


May 11. 


May 11. 



May 11. 


May 11. 


May 11. 


May 11. 


May 11. 


May 11. 



May 11. 


May 11. 



May 11. 


May 11. 


May 11. 


May 11. 

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May 11. 


May 11. 


May 11. 



May 11. 


May 11. 


May 11. 


May 11. 



, May 11. 


1603, May 11. Richard Ticiiborne, of Hants (at the Charterhouse). 
1603, May 11. Thomas Cornwall, of Salop (baron of Biirford, 

Cheshire) (ibid). 
1603, May 11. John Cutts, of Co, Cambridge (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Richard Farmer (Fermor), of Co. Northampton 

(of Swinerton, Oxford) (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Thomas (William) Ayloff (Ayliff), of Essex 

(Gloucester) (ibid). 
1603, May 11. John Tasborough (Tasburgii), of Suffolk (ibid). 
1603, May 11. John Shirley (Shurley), of Ifield, Sussex (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Thomas Preston, of Dorset (ibid). 
1603, May 11. William Stafford, of Co. Huntingdon (Blotherwick, 

Northampton) (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Thomas Carrell, of Sussex (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Edward Carrell, of Sussex (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Thomas Palmer, of Wingham, Kent (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Robert (John) Newdigate, of Co. Beds. (ibid). 
1603, May 11. George Rawley (Rawghley), of Essex (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Thomas Beaufoe, of Co. Warwick (ibid). 
1603, May 11. William Lower, of Cornwall (ibid). 

1603, May 11. Thomas (Charles) Fairfax, of Denton, Co. Yorks. 

1603, May 11. Henry Sidney, of Norfolk (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Pecksall Brocas (Brockhurst), of Hants (ibid). 
1603, May 11 (1604, Nov. 16). Walter Tichborne. 
1603, May 11. Henry Cripps (Crips), or Crispe, of Kent (ibid). 
1603, May 11. George Harvy(Hervey), of Rumford, Essex fz6't(^j. 
1603, May 11. John Heveningham, of Norfolk (ibid). 
1603, May 11. William Bowyer, of Denham, Bucks, (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Jerom Weston, of Skreene, Essex (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Edmond Bowyer, of Camberwell, Surrey (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Nicholas Haselwood (Halswell, Haselwell), of 

Northampton (ibid). 
1603, May 11. John Jennings, of Co. Worcester (Church Hill, 

Surrey) (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Ambrose Turvile (TuRWELL),of Co. Lincoln (ibid). 
1603, May 11. John Luke (Luck), of Co. Beds. 
1603, May 11. John (William) Dormer, of Bucks, (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Richard (Nicholas) Saunders (Sanders), of Co. 

Lincoln (ibid). 


1603, May 11. John Shirley (Sheaeley), of Sussex (Devon) 

(at the Charterliouse). 

1603, May 11. Thomas Waynman, of Co. Oxford (ibid). 

1603, May 11. Goddard Pemberton (Pempton) (ibid). 

1603, May 11. Thomas Metham (Mettame), of Co. Yorks. (ibid). 

1603, May 11. Edward (Edmond) Billingham (Bellingham), of 
Cumberland (ibid). 

1603, May 11. John Harrington, of Yorks. (ibid). 

1603, May 11. Edward Harrington, of Yorks. (Pidlington, Rut- 
land) (ibid). 

1603, May 11. William Dyer, of Somerset, Great Houghton, 
Hunts, (ibid). 

1603, May 11. John (William) Wentworth, of Somerset (ibid). 

1603, May 11. Walter Montagu, of Somerset (Northampton) 

1603, May 11. Guy Palmes, of Ashwell, Co. Eutland (ibid). 

1603, May 11. Henry Ashley, of Surrey (Berks.) (ibid). 

1603, May 11. Thomas Baker (ibid). 

1603, May 11. Thomas Yachill, alias Yacathell, of Colley, Berks. 

1603, May 11. Thomas Baskerville (ibid). 

1603, May 11. Thomas Stukley, of Sussex (ibid). 

1603, May 11. William Leek (Leake). 

1603, May 11. Hugh Loosse (Losse), of Middlesex (ibid). 

1603, May 11. William Lygon, of Worcester (ibid). 

1603, May 11. Edward Lygon (ibid). 

1603, May 11. Thomas Grosse (Legrosse), of Norfolk (ibid). 

1603, May 11. Thomas Fowler, of Islington, Middlesex (ibid). 

1603, May 11. Eusebius Andrew (Andrewes), of Co. Northampton 

1603, May 11. Edward Andrew. 

1603, May 11. Robert Lucy, of Co. Warwick (ibid). 

1603, May 11. William Walter (ibid). 

1603, May 11. Richard Blount, of Co. Oxford (Devon) (ibid). 

1603, May 11. Anthony Dering, of Pluckley, Kent (ibid). 

1603, May 11. John Carew, of Somerset (ibid). 

1603, May 11. Edward Apsley, of Worminghurst, Sussex (ibid). 

1603, May 11. Bartram Boomer. 

1603, May 11. William Alfoud, of Co. Yorks. (ibid). 

1603, May 11. Robert Lee (Leigh), of Co. Lincoln (Sussex) (ibid). 


1603, May 11. Thomas Beaumont (Beamond), of Co. Leicester 

(at tlie Charterhouse). 
1603, May 11. Egbert Markham, of Co. Oxford (ibid). 

1603, May 11. Francis Castilion, of Co. Bucks. (Benhall Valence, 

Berks.) (ibid). 
1603, May 11. George Markham (Martham). 
1603, May 11. John Mashall (Marshall). 
1603, May 11. Robert Marshall (ibid). 
1603, May 11, George Savile, of Co. Yorks. (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Robert Cleveland (ibid). 
1603, May 11. Robert Townesend, of Salop (Norfolk) (ibid). 
1603, May 13. Robert Macklarand (Maickland, Mackland, 

Markeham), of Co. Oxford (at the Tower). 
1603, May 13. George Morton (Moreton, Norton), of Dorset. 

1603, May 13. Edmond Bell (Bolt), of Norfolk (ibid). 
1603, May 13. Thomas Peyton (Parton), of Kent (ibid). 
1603, May 13. David Fowlis, of Ingleby, Yorks. (ibid). 
1603, May 13. William Gardner, of Surrey (ibid). 
1603, May 13. John Deane (Denie), of Essex (ibid). 
1603, May 13. John Trevor (Treavor, Traver), of Flint (ibid). 
1603, May 13. Thomas Smith, of Kent (ibid). 
1603, May 13. Thomas Hubert (Hobart, Hubart, Hubbarde), of 

Norfolk (ibid). 
1603, May 13. William Dethick, Garter King of Arms, of Surrey 

1603, May 20. Julius Caesar, of London, master of requests (at 

1603, May 20. Roger Wilbraham, of Cheshire, master of requests 

1603, May 20. William Wade (Waad), of Middlesex, a clerk of 

the Council (ibid). 
1603, May 20. Thomas Smith, of Berks, a clerk of the Council 

1603, May 20. Thomas Edmondes, of Devon, a clerk of the Council 

1603, May 20. Thomas Leake (Lake), of Co. Derby, a clerk of the 

Signet (ibid). 

1603, May 20. John Wood, of Co. Cambridge, a clerk of the Signet 

(ibid) see p. 116 infra. 
1603, May 22. Robert Lee (Leigh), lord mayor of London (ibid). 


1603, May 22. John Ceook (Croke), of Co. Oxford (Chilton, 

Bucks), recorder of London (At Greenwich). 
1603, May 22. Edward Coke, of Co. Norfolk, attorney general 

1603, May 22. John Morrys (Norrys, Norris), of Essex (ibid). 
1603, May 22. Edward Seymore, of Deyon (ibid). 
1603, May 22. Warwick Hele, of Deyon (ibid). 
1603, May 22 (June 3). Thomas Arundell, of Cornwall (ibid). 
1603, May 29. Edward Blayney (by the lord deputy of Ireland 

at Dublin Castle, which day the lord lieutenant departed 

into England). 
1603, June 10 (3). Wiixiam Selby, of Kent (by the King at 

1603, June ?6 [after 23]. Nicholas Throgmorton, of Bedington, 

Surrey (at Beddington, at Sir Francis Carew's). 
1603, ?6 [? after June 23]. Edward Gorges, of Co. Somerset 

(Langford, Wilts) (ibid). 
1603, 6 [? after June 23]. Alexander Brett, of Co. Somerset 

(Deyon) (ibid). 
1603, 9 [? after June 23]. William Fleetwood, of Bucks (at 

Hendon (? Kensington), at Sir John Fortescue's). 
1603, 7 [,P after June 23]. Thomas Hesketh, of Lancashire, 

attorney of the wards (ibid). 
1603, June 23 (?). Edmond Herrick (ibid). 
1603, June 8. William Norton, of Hants (at Sion House). 
1603, June 8 (23). Eobert Weothe (Worthie), of Loughton, 

Essex (ibid). 
1603, June 8 (23). Thomas Tirringham (ibid). 

1603, June 8 (23). Marmaduke Wyvell, of Constable Burton, Co. 

Yorks (ibid). 
1603, June 8 (23). Francis (Uobert) More, of Berks (Losely, 

Surrey (ibid). 
1603, June 11.. Edmund Conquest, at Sir John Fort's. 
1603, June 25 (?24). Thomas Gardner (Gardener, Goodnes), of 

Surrey (at Han worth). 
1603, June 25 (?24). Thomas Grymes (Crimes, Gorges), of 

Peckham, Surrey (ibid). 

1603, June 14 (?24). William Welsh (Walsh), of Worcester 


1603, June 11 (?24). John Townsend, of Salop (ibid). 

1603, June 25 (?24). George Trenchard, of Dorset (ibid). 

1603, Ju'ic 25 (?24). John Foliott (Talhot), of Worcester (ibid). 


1603, June 25 (?24). Henry Poole, of Oaksey, Wilts 

(at Hanwortli). 

1603, June 25 (?24). John Pawlett, of Wilts (ibid). 

1603, June 25 (?24). Thomas Ceompton (Compton), of Hereford 

1603, June 11 (?24). John Langton, of Lancashire (ibid). 
1603, June 13 (?27). Hatton Fermor (Farmer), of Bucks (?of 

Easton Neston, Northampton) at Easton Neston, Sir George 

1603, June 13 (?27). Edward Lee (ibid). 
1603, June 13 (?27). Thomas Woodhouse, of Norfolk (ibid). 
1603, June 27. Francis Curson, of Salop (ibid). 
1603, June 27 (July 14). Eichard Conquest, of Co. Beds. 

(Haughton Conquest, Northampton) (ibid). 
1603, June 27 (July 14). Rape (Richard) Tempest, of Co. Yorks. 

(ibid or at Sir William Fleet's). 
1603, June 27 (July 14). Edward Randall, of Albury, Surrey 

1603, June 27. Anthony Chester, of Co. Hereford (ibid). 
1603, June 27. Walter Yaughan, of Hereford (ibid). 
1603, June 28. William Dunche, of Berks (at Salden House, Sir 

John Fortescue's). 
1603, June 28. John Dyve (Dyves), of Beds. (ibid). 
1603, June 28. Gerrard Throckmorton, of Co. Gloucester (ibid). 
1603, June 28. John Crook (Croke), of Co. Oxford (Bucks) (ibid). 
1603, June 28. Richard Cheetwood (Chetwood), of Co. Northamp- 
ton (ibid). 
1603, June 28. Robert Harewell (Hartwell), of Preston, Co. 

Northampton (ibid). 
1603, June 28. Richard Pryce, of Co. Huntingdon (ibid). 
1603, June 28. James Haydon (Heydon), of Norfolk (ibid). 
1603, June 28. Thomas Snagge, of Beds (Bucks) (ibid). 
1603, June 28. Francis Cheney, of Bucks (ibid). 
1603, June 28. Henry Longfeild (Longvile), of Bucks (ibid). 
1603, June 28. Henry Drury, of Bucks (ibid). 
1603, June 28. William Burlacy, of Bucks (ibid). 
1603, June 28. Thomas Denton, of Hillesden, Bucks (ibid). 
1603, June 28. Anthony Tirringham, of Thurringham, Bucks 

1603, June 28. John Sandes (Sams, Sands), of Bucks (ibid). 
1603, June 28. Richard Hintley (Huntley) (ibid). 


1603, June 28. Thomas Hyll (Hill), of Kent (at Salden House), 

1603, June 28. Thomas Cave, of Stanford, Northampton (ihid). 

1603, June 28. Edmund Conquest. 

1603, June 28. John Carrell, of Sussex (ihid). 

1603, June 28 (14). Henry Billixgsley, of London (ihid). 

1603, June 28. Adrian Scroop, of Co. Lincoln (ihid). 

? 1603, June 28. Robert Strickland (ihid). 

P1603, June 28. Edmund Horrell (ihid). 

? 1603, June 28. John Langton (ibid). 

? 1603, June 28. Thomas Temple, of Stow, Bucks (ihidj. 

1603, after June 28 (July 18). William Smith, of Co. Leicester 

(at Aylesbury, at Sir John Packington's). 
1603, ? after June 28. Alexander Hampden (at Great Hampden, 

Bucks, the seat of said Sir Alexander). 
1603, after June 28 (July 12). Henry Barker, of Berks (ihid). 
1603, after June 28 (July 12). William Willoughby, of Bucks 

1603, after June 28 (July 12). Edward Pynchon, of Essex (ihid). 
1603, after June 28 (? July ? 12, 14). William Pawlet, of Wilts 

(at Great Missenden, the seat of Sir William Fleetwood). 
1603, after June 28 (June 14). Thomas Eversfield, of Sussex 

1603, after June 28 (June 14). Arthur Porter, of Co. Gloucester 

1603, after June 28 (June 14). Gerrard Fleetwood, of Bucks 

(ihid or at Sir George Fermor's). 
? ? ? Thomas Monke, of Powderwick, Devon (at Sir William 

1603, after June 28 (June 14). Thomas Somerfield (Somervile) 

1603, after June 28 (June 14). Francis Harris (ihid). 
1603, after June 28 (June 14). Edward Halles (Hales), of Kent 

1603, after June 28 (June 14). Richard Saunders (ibid). 
1603, after June 28 (June 14). James Parrett (Perrott) (ibid). 
1003, after June 28 (June 14). William Southland (ibid). 
1003, after June 28 (June 14). William Foster (Foustkr), of 

Surrey (ihid). 
1603, after June 28 (June 14). William Walsh (Welsh), of 

Worcester (ibid). 


July 9. 


July 9. 


July 9. 


July 9. 


July 9. 


July 9. 


1603, July 9. Thomas (Nicholas, Richard) Tempest, of Bucks (ai 

John Roper, of Kent (ibid). 

William Wogan, of Co. Pembroke (Salop) (ibid). 

John Wogan, of Co. Pembroke (ibid). 

Richard Cholmley, of Whitby, Co. Yorks (ibid). 

John York, of Co. York (ibid). 

John Chamberleyn, of Co. Oxford (Prestbury. 
G-loucester) (ibid). 
1603, July 9. Francis Trappes, of Co. York (ibid). 
1603, July 9. William Hillard (Hilliard), of Co. York (ibid). 
1603, July 9. Thomas Bellasis, of Co. York (ibid). 
1603, July 9. Richard Lowther (Christopher Lowder), of 

Cumberland (ibid). 
1603, July 9. Edward Plompton (Plumpton), of Uflet, Co. York 

1603, July 9. Bryan (George) Palmes, of Hants (Naborn, Yorks) 

1603, July 9. Mathew Redman, of Co. York (ibid). 
1603, July 9. Mathew Tenant. 

1603, July 9. Thomas Samford (Sandford), of Westminster (ibid). 
1603, July 9. Stephen (Richard) Tempest, of Co. York (ibid). 
1603, July 9. William Paddy, of Co. Oxford (ibid). 
1603, July 9. John Babford (Henry Babthorpe) (ibid). 
1603, July 9. Amyas Bamfield, of Poltmore, Devon (ibid). 
1603, July 9 (21). Francis Stidolfe, of Mickleham, Surrey. 
1603, July 9. Thomas Browne, of Devon (ibid). 
1603, July 9. Martin Gammon, of Devon (ibid). 
1603, July 9. Thomas Preston, of Dorset (ibid). 
1603, July 9 (21). Michael Green, of Co. Oxford (ibid). 
1603, July 9 (21). William Green, senior. 
1603, July 9. Edward Stodder, of Surrey (ibid). 
1603, July 20. John Gammes, of Co. Radnor (at Hampton Court). 
1603, July 20. William Cave, of Co. Oxford (ibid). 
1603, July 23.* John Bennet, of London (in the Royal garden at 

Whitehall before the King's Coronation). 
1603, July 23. Francis Gawdy, of Norfolk, judge of the King's 

Bench (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Edward Fennor, of Middlesex, judge of the King's 
Bench (ibid). 

* 1603, July 17, general summons for all persons that had £40 in lands to come and receive the- 
honour of knighthood or compound (Rymer xvi. 560). This list of July 23 must be in response to this- 
The majority attended according to the summons. 


1603, July 23. Christopher Yelverton, of Norfolk, judge of the 

King's Bench (In the Royal Garden at Whitehall before the 

King's Coronation). 
1603, July 23. Thomas Walmesley, of Lanes., judge of the 

Common Pleas (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Peter Warberton, of Cheshire, judge of the 

Common Pleas (ibid). 
1603, July 23. George Kingsmill, of Hants., judge of the Common 

Pleas (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Robert Clark, of Essex, baron of the Exchequer 

1603, July 23. John Savile, of Co. Yorks., baron of the Exchequer 

1603, July 23. William Daniel, of London, baron of the Exchequer 

1603, July 23. David Williams, serjeant-at-law (ibid). 
1603, July 23. John Hele, of Devon, serjeant-at-law (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Edward Heron (Herne), of Co. Lincoln, serjeant- 
at-law (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Edward Philipps, of Somerset, serjeant-at-law 

1603, July 23. Henry Hubert (Hobart), of Norfolk (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Christopher Parkins (Perkins) (Northampton), of 

Kent, LL.D. (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Daniel Dunne, of London, LL.D. (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Thomas Crompton, of London, LL.D. (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Mathew Carew, of London (ibid). 
1603, July 23. John Tyndall, of Norfolk, master in Chancery 

1603, July 23. John Gybson, of Co. York., master in Chancery 

1603, July 23. Edward Stanhop, of Co. York (Northampton), 

LL.D. (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Richard Swale, of Swale, Co. York. LL.D. (ibid). 
1603, July 23. John Harris, of Essex (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Flemyng, of Hants. (Dorset), solicitor- 
general (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Henry Montague, of Co. Northampton, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Francis Bacon, of Herts, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. George Coppin (Coppen), of Norfolk, clerk of the 

Crown (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Richard Cunnisby (Conesbie, Coningsbie), of 

London, gentleman usher (ibid). 


1603, July 23. John Drommond, gentleman usher, a Scotchman (in 
the Royal Garden at Whitehall before the Coronation of the 

1603, July 23. John (Thomas) Conway, of London, gentleman 
usher (ibid). 

1603, July 23. John Willoughby, of Co. Lincoln (ibid). 

1603, July 23. John Tyrrell, of Essex (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Philip Scudamore, of Co. Hereford, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Dabridgecourt, of Stratfield, Hants. (^t6zWJ. 

1603, July 23. Rafe Boswell (Bosvill), of Kent (ibid). 

1603, July 23. William Roper, of Eltham, Kent (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Anthony Roper, of Faminghara, Kent (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Christopher Roper, of Kent (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Bridges, of Co. Gloucester, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Smith, of Cheshire (ibid). 

1603, July 23. John Gilbert, of Suffolk (ibid). 

1623, July 23. Francis Vincent, of Stoke Dabernon, Surrey (ibid). 

1603, July 23. John Cotton, of Lanwade, Co. Cambridge (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Robert Lane, of Co. Warwick (Barford, Northamp- 
ton) (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Robert Edwards, of Kent (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Nicholas Gilborne, of Charing, Kent (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Samuel Sandes, of Co. Worcester, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Mildmay, of Co. Hereford (Moulsham, 

Essex (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Hanmer (Hammond), of Cheshire (ibid). • 

1603, July 23. John Whitton (Whiddon), of Berks, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Alexander Cave, of Bograve, Leicester (ibid). 

1603, July 23. John (Richard) Tracy, of Co. Gloucester, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas (Richard) Saltonstall (Saltingston), of 

London (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Robert Yarnam (Yarnon), of Cheshire (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Penruddock, of Wiltshire (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Edward Cooke (Coke), of Giddy Hall, Essex (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Rafe Lawson, of Kent (ibid). 

1603, July 23. William Meredith, of Glamorgan (ibid). 

1603, July 23. George Selby, of Northumberland (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Humphrey, of Sweptston, Leicester, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Windebanck, of Berks, (ibid). 


1603, July 23. Thomas Clarke, of Essex (in the Royal Garden at 

WhiteLiall before the King's Coronation). 
1603, July 23. John Wood, of Essex (clerk of the Signet (ibid). 

See p. 109 supra. 
1603, July 23. Lewis Mansfield (Mansell, Maunsell), of Co. 

(jrlamorgan. (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Richard Hawkyns, of Kent (ibid). 
1603, July 23. John Rogers (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Robert Alexander, of Herts, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. John Brown, of Frampton, Dorset, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Richard Skipwith, of Co. Leicester. (Ibid). 
1603, July 23. Thomas Barnardeston, of Witham, Essex (ibid). 
1603, July 23. William Gerrard (Garrard, Garrett), of Dorney, 

Bucks, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Thomas Palmer, of Kent (Parham, Sussex) (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Richard Aston, of Cheshire (ibid). 
1603, July 23. William (John) Thorny (Thornegh), of Co. 

Nottingham, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Francis Boylden (Baldwine, Balden, Bayldon), 

of Co. York. (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Edward Dunton (Buncombe), of Beds. 
1603, July 23. William Harman (Hanmer), of Cheshire (Flint) 

1603, July 23. Henry Longfeild (Longvile), of Bucks, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. John Meres (Meeres), of Kent (Amborn, Leicester) 

1603, July 23. Charles Dimmock (Dymocke), of Co. Lincoln. 

1603, July 23. Valentyne Brown, of Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. John Read, of Co. Lincoln. (Leicester) (ibid). 
1603, July 23. John Lee (Leigh), of Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. George Reynell, of Devon, (ibid). See p. 117 

1603, July 23. Edward Pytts (Pitts), of Curweer, Co Worcester. 

1603, July 23. Thomas Roe (Row), of London (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Henry Savyle, of Methley, Co. York. (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Walter Treadway, of Co. Northampton, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. George Knighton, of Co. Notts, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Edward Peinter (Painter) (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Henry Jones (ibid). 


1603, July 23. Anthony Everard, of Waltham, Essex (in the 
Eoyal Garden at Whitehall before the King's Coronation). 

1603, July 23. Stephen Bood (BoAEDE),of Cuckfield, Sussex (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas May, of Mayfield, Sussex (ibid). 

1603, July 23. John Bedell (Beedle), of Hamerton, Co. Hunting- 
don, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Bedell (Beake), of Co. Huntingdon., son of 
the foregoing (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Heney Day, of Norfolk, ignoble (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Henry Eowley (Hawley), of Essex (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Francis Smyth, of Ashley Folvill, Leicester (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Henry Drury, of Norfolk (ibid). 

1603, July 23. George Chowne, of Kent (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Arthur Ackland, of Devon, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Reynell (Reynolles), of Devon, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. George Reynell, of Devonshire (ibid). See p. 116 

1603, July 23. William Barnes, of Wolwich, Kent (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Walter Rice, of Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Robert Monson, of Burton, Co. Lincoln (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Henry Ayscue (Askewe, Askough), of Santon. 
Lincoln (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Charles Hussy (Hussey), of Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. James Pitts, of Co. Worcester, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Heneage, of Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Edv/ard (Edmund) Thorold, of Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Walter (Wilfred) Lawson (Luson), of Westmor- 
land (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Edmond Montford (Edward Mountford), of 
Norfolk (Warwick) (ibid). 

1603, July 23. John Montford (ibid). 

1603, July 23. William Rigden (Rigdon), of Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. John Thornborovte (Thornbery), of Co. Lincoln. 

1603, July 23. Francis Zouche (Sowth), of Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. William Somervile (Somerfeld), of Somerset. 

1603, July 23. Nicholas Cotes (Coote), of Barking (Essex). 

1603, July 23. Ambrose (Henry) Coppinger, of Co. Middl. (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Henry Blomer, of Co. Gloucester. (Bucks) (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Edmond (Edward) Thimblethorp (Themilthorp), 
of Norfolk (ibid). 


1603, July 23. Nicholas Lasher (Lusher), of Sholand, Surrey 

in the Royal Garden at Whitehall, before the King's 

1603, July 23. Egbert Phillipps, of Somerset, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Egbert Hyde, of Co. Cambridge, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. John Philpot, of Hants, (tbid). 
1603, July 23. Thomas Nevill, of Berks. (Leicester) (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Christopher Egper, of Kent (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Egbert Chichester (Chester), of Devon, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Christopher (Eustace) Hart, of Kent (ibid). 
1603, July 23. John Newdigate, of Co. Beds, (of Orbey, Warwick.) 

1603, July 23. Edward Gorge (George), of Somerset, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Martin Barnham, of Kent (ibid). 
1603, July 23. William Dorrington, of Dorset. (Hants.) (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Edward Giles, of Devon, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Eichard Elderton (Eldrington, Etherington) 

1603, July 23. Anthony Culpeper (Colepeper), of Sussex (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Richard Cooper (Coop Eoper), of Surrey, sergeant 

porter (ibid). 
1603, July 23. John Granger, of Co. Middl. (ibid). 
1603, July 23. William Eeade, of Co. Middl. (Suffolk) (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Henry Raynsford, of Surrey (Gloucester) (ibid). 
1603, July 23. John Chamberlain, of Oxford, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Richard Leciiford, of Kent (Lee, Surrey) (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Thomas Harfleet, alias Septuans, of Kent (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Thomas Dutton, of Cheshire (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Thomas Roberts, of Kent (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Francis Dowse, of Somerset, Nether Wallep, Hants. 

1603, July 23. Henry Williams (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Henry Bowyer, of London (of Cookfield. Sussex) 

1603, July 23. Thomas Duckett, of Berks, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Thomas Darrell, of Co. Lincoln (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Robert Asiiby, of Essex (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Thomas (Edward) Culpepper, of Sussex (ibid). 
1603, Julv 23. Edward Avery (Alvey,Awbray), of Co. Gloucester. 

1603, July 23. George Sommers, of Dorset, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Richard Portman (Potm.\n), of Kent (ibid). 


1603, July 23. Thomas Hunt, of Norfolk (London) (in the Eoyal 

Garden at "Whitehall before the King's coronation). 
1603, July 23. John Morley, of London (ibid). 
1603, July 23. John Wildgose, of Kent (ibid). 
1603, July 23. George Peter (Peeters), of Essex (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Symon Steward, of Co. Cambridge, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Nicholas Gascoyne, of Surrey (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Barnard Whetstone, of Co. Lincoln (Woodford 

Hall, Essex) (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Thomas Clark, of Essex (ibid). 
1603, July 23. George Waldegrave, of Suffolk (ibid). 
1603, July 23. William Barrow, of Suffolk (ibid) 
1603, July 23. John Wentworth, of Suffolk (Norfolk) (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Eichard Smith, of Kent (ibid). 
1603, July 23. William Slyngsby, of Co. York (ibid). 
1603. July 23. Arnold Lygon, of Worcester, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Edward Allamy (Albaine) (ibid). 
1603, July 23. George Young, of Somerset, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. John Skynner, of Essex (Cambridge) (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Conyers Darcy, of Co. Yorks. (ibid). 
1603, July 23. William Harman, of Chester (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Anthony Browne, of Essex (Elson, Norfolk) (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Nicholas Poyntz, of Co. Gloucester, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Owen Oglethorpe, of Co. Oxford, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. George Wilmore (Walmore), of Co. Notts, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Gregory Wilmore (Wolmore), of Co. Lincoln. 

1603, July 23. George Buck, of Co. Lincoln, Master of the Revels 

1603, July 23. John Buck, of Co. Worcester. (Hornby Grange, 

Lincoln) (ibid). 
1603, July 23. THOMAsCoNEY(CoNNEY),ofBassingham, Co. Lincoln. 

1603, July 23. Thomas Perny (Berney), of Co. Norfolk, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Mark Steward, of Ely, Cambridge (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Mathew Gamble, of Co. Lincoln. (Spalden, Holland) 

1603, July 23. John Gamble, of Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Richard Weston, of Surrey (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Thomas (Henry) May, of Sussex (ibid). 


1603, July 23. Leonaed Hassell (in the Royal Garden at Wliitehall 

before tlie King's Coronation). 

1603, July 23. Eeaxcis Barnham, of Kent (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Geoege Fane, of Hunton, Kent (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Anthony Eopee, of rarningliam, Kent (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Heney Stonee (Stewaed), of Oxford, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. John Caeus (Caeowse). 

1603, July 23. Leonaed Hyde (Hide), of Herts. (Cambridge) 

1603, July 23. Chaeles Moegan, of Co. Hereford, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Rowland Moegan, of Co. Hereford, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Haedees (Haedes), of Kent (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Richaed Beaumont, of Co. Leicester. (Whitley, 

Yorks.) (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Heney Cholmley, of Cheshire (Yorks.) (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Edwaed Peacock, of Co. Middl. (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Deew Deuey, of Polsby, Norfolk, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Cheistopher Yelveeton, of Norfolk, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Chaeles Yelveeton, of Norfolk, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. William (Richaed) Geesham, of Norfolk, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Heney Rolle (Rowle), senior, of Stevenston, Devon, 


1603, July 23. Heney Rolle, junior, of Devon, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. John Hackee (ihid). 

1603, July 23. William Blackston, of Durham, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Mildmay, of Essex, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Rowland Lacy, of Co. Oxford, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. William Goodyeee, of Berks, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Timothy Lowe, of Kent (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Wanton (Wauton), of Essex (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Julian (Gideon) Hanson (Ansam, Awnsham), of 

Middl. (ihid). 

1603, Jiily 23. Thomas Skynnee, of Essex (ihid). 

1603, July 23. James Ceoft (Ceoftes), of Co. Hereford, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. William Woelington (Woethington), of Essex 


1603, July 23. John Doeeington (Dodington), of Co. Notts- 


1603, July 23. Anthony Denton, of Bucks, (ihid). 


1603, July 23. John Neediiam (Keediiam), of Co. Northampton. 

(in tlie Royal Garden at Whitehall before the King's 


1603, July 23. Edward Onley, of Co. Catesby, Northampton. 


1603, July 23. Thomas Seymoee (Seimore), of Somerset, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Henry Helmes, of Norfolk. (Northampton) (ibid). 

1603, July 23. William Layton (Laton, Leighton), of Salop. 


1603, July 23. William Mynne, of Co. Rutland, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. James Stonhowse, of London (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Mark Ive (Ives), of Essex (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Hoewolle (Horwood). 

1603, July 23. William (James) Thomas, of Co. Carnarvon, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. William Morris, of Co. Carnarvon, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Edward Capel, of Herts, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Maurice Cooper, of Herts. 

1603, July 23. Morris Griffith (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Andrew Ashley, of Writtle, Essex (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Edward Suliard, of Suffolk (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Benjamin Pellet, of Bolney, Sussex (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Andrew Paschall, of Springfield, Essex (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Edward Raleigh, of Co. Warwick, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Richard Edgecombe, of Devon, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Richard Vaughan, of Co. Hereford, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. William Cob (Cobbe), of Norfolk (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Nicholas Gascoign, of Surrey (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Erancis Cleer (Cleare), of Norfolk (ibid). 

1603, July 23. George Forster (ibid). 

1603, July 23. James Calthropp, of Norfolk (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Barrel (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Roberts (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Henry Disney, of Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Gilford (William) Slingsby, of Co. Yorks. (ibid). 

1603, July 23. John Suliard, of Suffolk (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Philip Connisby (Conesbie), of Co. Hereford. (^z6tV/j. 

1603, July 23. George Cotton, of Cambridge, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. John Gilbert, of Suffolk (ibid). 


1603, July 23. Edwaed Butler, of Herts, (in the Royal Garden at 
Whitehall before the King's Coronation). 

1603, July 23. Henry Thynne, of Wilts, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Richard Egerton, of Stafford, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Edward (Henry) Ashford (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Ralph Gibbs, of Co. Lincoln. (Warwick) (ihid). 

1603, July 23. John Gunbert (Gunter) (ihid). 

1603, July 23. John (Henry) Jenkins, of York. (ihid). 

1603, July 23. William Bouchier (ihid). 

1603, July 23. William de Grey (Gray), of Martyn, Norfolk. 

1603, July 23. Robert Dinley (Dynley), of Yorks. (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Daniel Norton, of Southwick, Hants, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. George Gill, of Herts, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Clipesby Gawdy, of Suffolk (ihid). 

1603, July 23. William Wytherington, of Co. Northampton. 

1603, July 23. William Wythens, of Eltham, Kent (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Ingleby Daniel, of Co. Yorks. (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Hugh Wyrall (Worrall), of Co. Yorks. (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Richard Saltonstall, of London (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Robert (Roger) Horton (Halton). 

1603, July 23. Vincent Fulnetby (Fownetby). 

1603, July 23. Francis Egeock, of Co. Worcester, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Philip Kighley (Keighley) (ihid). 

1603, July 23. William Harris, of Shenfield, Essex (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Dallison, of Co. Lincoln, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. John Dormer, of Bucks, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. William Bond, of London (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Francis Tanfield, of Norfolk. (Gayton, Northamp- 
ton) (ihid). 

1603, July 23. George Belgkave, of Co. Lincoln. (Belgrave, 
Leicester) (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Clement Spilman, of Norfolk (Oxford) (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Edward Sheffield, of Co. Yorks. (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Calthrop Parker, of Suffolk (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Edward Marbury, of Co. Lincoln (ihid). 

1603, July 23. John Dannsey (Dauncie), of Cheshire (ihid). 


1603, July 23. Richard Tracy, of Co. Gloucester, (in the Royal 

Garden at Whitehall before the King's Coronation). 
1603, July 23. John Powell (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Robert Edolfe, of Henxhall, Kent (ibid). 
1603, July 23. David Woodroffe, of Poyl, Surrey (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Manwood Penruddok, of Wilts, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Thomas Harwell (Hartwell, Horwoll), of Co. 

Worcester, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Thomas Bigges, of Co. Worcester, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Edward (Thomas) Blenerhasset, of Norfolk (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Robert Welsh, of Sussex (ibid). 
1603, July 23. George Snelling, of Portslade, Sussex (ibid). 
1603, July 23. John (Edward) Claxton, of Durham (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Richard Manwaring, of Cheshire (ibid). 
1603, July 23. George Parkins, of Kent (Bunny, Notts.) (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Ralph Maddison, of Kent (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Richard Wyver (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Robert Stamford (Stanford), of Co. Stafford. 

1603, July 23. Robert Chester, of Herts, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Thomas Gresham, of Titsey, Surrey (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Henry Warner, of Suffolk (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Thomas Hayes. 
1603, July 23. Henry Ashley, of Kent (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Robert Wynde (Windey, Winde), of Norfolk 

(Gloucester) (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Edward Clayborne (Cleyborne), of Notts, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Francis Curson, of Salop (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Anthony Rowse, of Haulten, Cornwall (ibid). 
1603, July 23. William Reynard (ibid). 
1603, July 23. William Steed, of Havesham, Kent (ibid). 
1603, July 23. William ap Rice (Price ap Rheis), of Washoughly, 

Co. Huntingdon, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Thomas Standish, of Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Walter Devereux, of Suffolk (Castle Bromwich, 

Warwick) (ibid). 
1603, July 23. William Hudson, of Northumberland (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Edward Pynchon, of Essex (ibid). 


1603, July 23. Thomas Freak, of Sherborn, Dorset, (in tlie Eoyal 

Grarden at Whitehall before the King's Coronation). 
1603, July 23. Robert Miller, of Dorset, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Thomas Prideaux, of Devon, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Fleetwood Dormer, of Shipton Lee, Bucks, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Henry Maxey, of Bradwell, Essex (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Henry Buckingham (Bokexham), of Norfolk 

(Suffolk) (ibid). 
1603, July 23. William Samuel, of Northampton (ibid). 
1603, July 23. John Acton, of Devon, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Bartholomew Samborne, of Somerset, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Thomas Rookby (Rockley), of Co. Yorks. (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Alexander Barlow, of Lanes, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Roger Portington, of Co. Yorks. (Everton, Notts.) 

1603, July 23. Henry Whitehead, of Herts. (Normans Court, 

Southants) (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Reynold (Reginald) Scryven, of Salop, (ibid). 

Not knighted. 
1603, July 23. Francis Hillesley, of Co. York. (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Richard Pell, of Hants. (Silk Willoughby, Lincoln) 

1603, July 23. Thomas Bartlet, of Co. Gloucester. (Berks.) (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Anthony Ireby, of Boston, Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Anthony Pelham (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Thomas Southwell, of Norfolk (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Edwaed Parham, of Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. John Bentley, of Co. Derby (Birdsall Park, Devon) 

1603, July 23. Thomas Lambert, of Co. Derby (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Edward Sowthe, of Co. Somerset, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. John Hubert (Hubbert), of Norfolk, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Thomas Fowler, junior, of Middl. (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Charles Kelk, of Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Walter Ayscough, of Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Richard Conquest, of Co. Lincoln. (York) (ibid). 
1603, July 23. John Bynne (Bynde) (ibid). 
1603, July 23, Giles Howland, of London (ibid). 
1003, July 23. Fr^vncis Ventrice, of Co. Northampton, (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Henry Bunbury, of Stanny, Co. Cheshire (ibid). 
1603, July 23. Thomas Eden, of Suffolk (tbi<!). 


1603, July 23. Henry James, of Smardeii, Kent (in the Royal 

Garden at Whitehall before the King's Coronation). 

1603, July 23. Edward Awbrey, of Co. Pembroke, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. William Awbrey, of Co. Pembroke, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. George Forster (ihid). 

1003, July 23. William Howson, of Co. Lincoln, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. William Wray, of Cornwall (Glentworth, Lincoln) 


1603, July 23. Richard Miciielborne, of Suffolk (Broadhurst, 

Sussex (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Isaac Appleton, of Essex (Waldingfield, Suffolk) 


1603, July 23. Tobie Chancy (Chauncie), of Co. Northampton. 


1603, July 23. William Chancy, of Co. Northampton, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Tarnam (Vernan), 01 Co. York. (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Christopher Hodson, of Co. Bucks, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. John Lockton, of Co. Lincoln, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. John Pawlet, of Wilts, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Charles Barnaby (Barneby), of Co. Yorks. (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Drew, of Devon, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. George Sowthcot, of Devon, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Robert Brown, of Dorset, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Anthony Drury, of Norfolk (ihid). 

1603, July 23. William Harris, of Crixey, Essex (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Hugh Brawne, of London (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Henry Windham, of Norfolk (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Robert Drury, of Rougham, Suffolk (ihid). 

1603, July 23. John Pretyman, of Suffolk (ihid). 

1603, July 23. William Pawlet, of Wilts, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. John Aylmer (Elmer), of Co. Lincoln, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Hanmer, of Co. Flint (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Jasper Moore (ihid). 

1603, July 23. William Craford (Crayford), of Kent (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Robert Stanford, of Co. Stafford, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. Robert Cotton, of Co. Huntingdon, (ihid). 

1603, July 23. George Grenvile (Greinfeld), of Cornwall (ihid). 

1603, July 23. George Gilby (Selbee), of Co. Lincoln, (ihid). 


1603, July 23. Richard Fetiplace, of Berks, (in the Eoyal Garden 

at Whitehall before the King's Coronation). 

1603, July 23. Jeeom (Jeremy), Horsey, of Bucks. (Lincoln) 


1603, July 23. Francis Goldsmith, of Crayford, Kent (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Elliot, of Surrey (Newland Hall, Writtle, 

Essex (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Egbert Prideaux, of Devon, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Nicholas Stodder (Stoddard), of Mottingham, 

Eltham, Kent (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Robert Penruddok, of Wilts, (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Beake. 

1603, July 23. Leicester. 

1603, July 23. Edward Wingeeild. 

1603, July 23. Robert Stroude. 

1603, July 23. John Windham. 

1603, July 23. John Fitz. 

1603, July 23. Lewis Stukeley. 

1603, July 23. Thomas Harris, of Maiden, Essex. 

1603, July 23. Henry Boule ? see Rolle .nqj/a, p. 120. 

1603, July 23. Samuel (Sampson) Lennard, of Kent. 

1603, July 23. Thomas Marvin. 

1603, July 23. Thomas Blennerhasset. 

1603, July 23. Thomas Hartgill, of Herts. 

1603, July 23. Thomas Harewood. 

1603, July 23. Wyatt. 

1603. July 23. William Gainsford. 

1603, July 23. Nicholas Smithe. 

1603, July 23. Edward Penruddocke. 

1603, July 23. William Morgan, of Tredegar, Glamorgan. 

1603, July 23. Fitzwilliams. 

1603, July 23. Philip Aneslie (Annesley). 

1603, July 23. Weston Brown. 

1603, July 23. John Oteley. 

1603, July 23. Thomas Bromley. 

1603, July 23. Rudyard. 

1603, July 23. Sherborne. 

1603, July 23. Edward Filmore. 


1603, July 23. Buckmore. 

1603, July 23. John Thorney. 

1603, July 23. James Bugges. 

1603, July 23. Thomas Ingham, of Goodnestou, Kent (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Yerney (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Phillips, of Sommerset (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Charles Pershall (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Thomas Crowe (ibid). 

1603, July 23. Robert Kelligrew (at Hanworth, June 5, sic ? for 


1603, July 24. Baptist Hicks, alderman (at Whitehall). 

1603, July 24. Richard Brown, of Essex (ibid). 

1603, July 24. Marmaduke Darrell (Dorel), of Fulmere, Bucks. 

1603, July 24. Rape Weldon, of Kent (ibid). 
1603, July 24. Henry Cock, cofferer, of Broxborne, Herts. 
1603, July 24 (23). Richard Cocks, clerk comptroller of the 

Household (at Whitehall). 
1603, July 24. Bartholomew Fulks (Fowkes), of Herts, (ibid). 
1603, July 24. Robert Yernam (Yernon, Yarn am), of Cheshire 

1603, July 25. Ralph Bingley (in Christ Church, Dublin, by Sir 

George Carey, 1 ord deputy, on St. James's day, being 

Coronation day). 
1603, July 25. Thomas Williams (ibid). 
1603, July 25. Edmund Fetteplace (ibid). 
1603, July 25. Toby Calfield (ibid). 
1603, July 25. John Tyrrell, mayor of Dublin (ibid). 
1603, July 25. Thomas Cooche (at Dublin Castle by same after 

dinner) . 
1603, July 25. Ferdinando Freckleton (ibid). 
1603, July 25. George Greame (Grymes) (ibid). 
1603, July 25. Mulrony O'Carroll (ibid). 
1603, July 25. Thomas Ash (ibid). 
1603, July 25. William Ussher (ibid). 
1603, July 25. Richard Boyle {ibid, after supper). 
1603, July 25. Laurence Esmond (ibid). 
1603, July 25. Peter Manwood, sheriff of Kent. 
1603, July 26 (24). Thomas Bennett, alderman of London (at 



1603, July 26 (24). Thomas Lowe, alderman of London (at White- 
hall) . 
1G03, July 26 (24). Leoxard Haliday (Holiday), alderman of 

London (ibid). 
1603, July 26 (24). John Watts, alderman of London (ibid). 
1603, July 26 (24). Eichard Goddard, alderman of London (ibid). 
1603, July 26 (24). Henry Rowe, alderman of London (ibid). 
1603, July 26 (24). Edward Holmden (Hamdaine), alderman of 

London (ibid). 
1603, July 26 (24). Egbert Hampsox, alderman of London (ibid). 
1603, July 26 (24). Humphrey Weld (Wilde), alderman of London 
1603, July 26 (24). Thomas Cambell, alderman of London (ibid). 
1603, July 26 (24). William Craven, alderman of London (ibid). 
1603, July 26 (24). Henry Anderson, alderman of London (ibid). 
1603, July 26 (24). William Glover, alderman of London (ibid). 
1603, July 26 (24). James Pemberton, sheriff of London (ibid)) 
1603, July 26 (24). John Swynerton, sheriff of London (ibid). 
1603, July 26 (24). William Eomney (Eumney), alderman of 

London (ibid). 
1603, July 26 (24). Thomas Middleton, alderman of London 

1603, July 26 (24). Thomas Hayes, alderman of London (ibid). 
1603, July 26 (24). William Cranley, alderman of London (ibid). 
1603, Aug. 5. Thomas Beckingham of Beckingham, end, Essex 

(at Hampton Court). 
1603, Aug. 5. James Murrey, of Scotland (ibid). 
1603, Aug. 5. John Feron (Fearne) (ibid). 
1603, Aug. (13-16). Eichard White, of Hants, (at South Warn- 

1603, Sept. 4. Eichard Wilbraham (at Christ Church, Dublin, by 

Sir George Carey, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1603, Sept. 16. Thomas Eoper {ibid by same). 
1603, Sept. 18 (21). William Windsor (ibid by same). 
1603, Sept. 29. Eoderick (Eorey) O'Donnell, created earl of 

Tyrconnel and knighted (at Dublin Castle by same). 
1603, Sept. 29. Francis Eoe (Eowk), (at Dublin Castle by the earl 

of Tyrconnel). 
1603, Sept. 29. Henry Croftes (ibid by same). 
1603, Sept. 29. Eafe Constable {ibid by same). 
1603, Sept. 29. Eichard Nugent, lord Delvin {ibid by same). 


1603, Sept. 29. Eili'ius Sydly 

(at Dublin Castle by the earl of Tyrconnel). 
1603, Sept. 29. James Gough (Gogiie) {ibid by same). 
1603, Sept. 29. John Macnamara (ibid by same). 
1603 [Sept. 20-Oct. 4]. John Geffehy (Jeffery), of Co. Worcester. 

(at Southampton by the King). 
1603 [Sept. 20-Oct. 4]. James Ouchteelony (at Winchester). 
1603. William Richardson, of Co. Worcester (ibid). 
1603, Oct. 2. James Lancaster, of Herts, (ibid). 
1603, Oct. 2. William Harfole (by Sir George Carey, lord deputy 

of Ireland). 
1603, Oct. 2. Edward Fisher (ibid by same), 
after 1603, Dec. 1. William Rayner, sheriff of Notts. 
1603, Dec. 9. (Oct. 8). James Lea (Ley), of Devon (Westbury 

Wilts) (at Wilton by the King). 
1603, Dec. 9 (Nov.-Oct. 18). Mouns. Davell (Dovalle) (ibid). 
1603, Dec. 18. (10 ? Nov. 18). Richard Cook, of Bucks, (at Wood- 
1603, Dec. 18. John Jephson (at Dublin Castle by Sir George 

Carey, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1603, Dec. 18. John Davis (ibid by same). 
1603, Feb. 22. William Brabazon, son and heir to Sir Edward 

Brabazon (at Reban by same). 
1603-4, Mar. 9. Francis Kingsmill {ibid by same). 
1603-4, Mar. 12. Elias Jones {ibid by same). 
1603-4, Mar. 14 (? 15). Lawrence Tanfield, of Co. Oxford (at the 

Tower by the king). 
1603-4, Mar. 14. George Blount, of Devon (ibid). 
1603-4, Mar. 14. George (Garret) Kemp (ibid). 
1603-4, Mar 14. Nicholas Brown (ibid). 

1603-4, Mar. 14. Nicholas Tempest, of Kent (? Durham) (Hid). 
1603-4, Mar. 14. William Brown, of Sussex, lieut. gov. of 

Flushing (ibid). 
1603-4, Mar. 14. Timothy Whittingham, of Bucks. (? Durham) 

1603-4, Mar. 14. Anthony Brown, of Essex (at the Tower). 
1603-4, Mar. 14. John Ashbornham, of Sussex (ibid). 
1603-4, Mar. 14. Edward Bellingham. 
1603-4, Mar. 14. George Young. 

1603-4, Mar. 14. Hamon Le Strange, of Norfolk (ibid). 
1603-4, Mar. 14. Gilbert Wakering, of Sussex (ibid). 





Mar. 14. 


Robert Dalington (At tlie Tower). 

John Kern (ibid). 

Thomas Mullyns (ibid). 

Alexander Temple, of Kent (ibid). 

Thomas Horsman, of Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 

William Bilsbt, of Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 

John (Edward) Boys of Kent (ibid). 

John Williams, of Northampton (bid). 

Thomas Lewsey (ibid). 

Justinian Lewen (Lowen), of Kent (ibid). 

Stephen Proctor, of Co. York. (ibid). 

Christopher Martyn, of Cambridge (ibid). 

John Collymore, of Kent (ibid). 

John Conway, of Co. Flint (ibid). 

Edmond Ashfield, of Bucks, (ibid). 

John Ackland (Acklam), of Devon, (Yorks.) 

Sussex) (ibid). 
1603-4, Mar. 14. William 





Mar. 14 

Essex) (ibid). 
Mar. 14 (1604, Aug. 

Thomas Stanley, of Co. Derby (Fittlewortb, 

Webbe, of Wilts. (Melcomb, Dorset) 

John Hamden, of Sussex (ibid). 

Cavallero Maycott (Macott), of Keni:(ibid). 

Thomas Culpepper, of Sussex (ibid). 

John Hall, of Hants, (ibid). 

Harbottle Grymston, of Suffolk (Bradfield, 

20). Edward Mansfield (Mansell) 

Mar. 14. Richard Stroude (ibid) [?see 1603, July 23]. 

Mar. 14. Henry St. Barbe, of Devon, (ibid). 

Mar. 14. William Thorold, of Co. Lincoln (ibid). 

Mar. 14. Clement {rectc Henry) SpiLMAN,of Co. Oxford 

(Norfolk) (ibid). 

Mar. 14. Henry Constable, of Co. York (ibid). 

Mar. 14. John Hedworth, of Durham (at the Tower). 

Mar. 14. John Webbe, of AVilts (ibid). 

Mar. 14. Peter Garton, of Sussex (ibid). 

Mar. 14. Henry Jenkinson, of York (ibid). 

Mar. 14. Francis Verney, of Cheshire (ibid). 


1603-4, Mar. 14. Jown Ehodes, of Co. Derby (At tlie Tower). 
1603-4, Mar. 14. Francis Leake, of Co. York. (Sutton, Derby) 

1603-4, Mar. 14. Thomas Knivett, of Co. Wilts, (ibid). 
1603-4, Mar. 14. Nicholas Blunt (ibid). 
1603-4, Mar. 14. Eobert Donalt (ibid). 
1603-4, Mar. 14. Thomas Montford, of Warwick (ibid). 
1603-4, Mar. 14. Eobert Yerney (ibid). 
1604, Mar. 25. Josias Bodley (at Eeban by Sir George Carey, lord 

deputy of Ireland). 
1604, Mar. 25. John Owesley [ibid by same). 
1604, Mar. 25. William Taafe {ibid by same). 
1604, Apr. 1. EiCHARD Grobham (Grubham), of Wilts, Herts., (at 

Eoyston by the King). 
1604, Apr. 1. George Gunter, of Sussex (ibid). 
1604, Apr. 1. Eichard Hyde, of Cambridge, (ibid). 
1604, Apr. 1. Charles Norwych, of Nortliampton. (ibid). 
1604, Apr. 1. David Coningham, of Coningbam (ibid). 
1604, Apr. 17. Teige O'Eourke (at Eeban by Sir George Carey, 

lord lieutenant of Ireland). 
1604, Apr. 17. Donnogh O'Connor Sligah (ibid). 
1604, Apr. 17. Tirloghe McHenry O'Neale (ibid). 
1604, Apr. 18. Egbert Brett, of Devon, (at Wbiteball by the 

1604, Apr. 18. Thomas Neal, of Hants (ibid). 
1604, Apr. 18. George Conyers, of Co. York (Soackburn, Durham) 

1604, Apr. 18. Egbert Dolman, of Berks (Yorks.) (ibid). 
1604, Apr. 18. Francis Fitche (Fitz), of Co. Yorks. (Essex) (ibid). 
1604, Apr. 18 ? Thomas Bodley (at Whitehall). 
1604, Apr. 18. John Osborne (ibid). 
1604, Apr. 18. Thomas Wiseman, of Essex (ibid). 
1604, Apr. 18. Wilford Lawson, of Cumberland (at Whitehall). 
1604, Apr. 18. Thomas Pigott, of Bucks, (ibid). 
1604, Apr. 18. Alexander Tutt, of Wilts, (ibid). 
1604, Apr. 18. Norton Knatchbull, of Kent. (ibid). 
1604, Apr. 18. Egbert Young, of Somerset, Haselbury (Herts.) 

1604, Apr. (?18). Michael Dormer, of Bucks, (ibid). 
1604, Apr. (?18). Eichard Greenway, of Sussex (London (ibid). 


1604, Apr. (?18). Thomas Dilkes, of Warwick (At Whitehall). 

1604, Apr. ( ? 18). George Tiieockmortox, of Co. Gloucester, (ihid). 

1604, Apr. (?18). Eichakd Ixgolsby (Ingleby), of Bucks, (ihid). 

1604, May 1. Basil Brook, of Madeley, Shropshire (at Sir William 
Cornwallis's at Highgate). 

1604, May 5. Lyonell Guest (at Lexlipp hy Sir George Carey, 
lord deputy of Ireland). 

1604, May 8. Parr Lane {ihid by same). 

1604, May 8. George Beverly {ihid by same). 

1604, May 12. Francis Evers (Ewers), of Co. York, (by the King 
at Whitehall). 

1604, May 12. Martin Culpepper, of Co. Oxford, (ihid) 

1604, May 12. Edward Boys, of Kent (ihid). 

1604, May 12. Thomas Power (Gower), of Stitnam, Co. York. 

1604, May 12. Bartholomew Michel, of Co. Notts, (ihid). 

1604, May 12. Matthew Bamfeild, of Devon. (Wilts.) (ihid). 

1604, May 12. Eoger (Egbert) Woodroff (ihid). 

1604, May 12. Wolston Dixie, of Co. Leicester, (ihid). 

1604, May 12. William Gratwicke (Geeatwick), of Sussex (ihid). 

1604, May 12. Adolphus Caeew (Eodolphus Carie) (ihid). 

1604, May 12. John Bowyer, of London (ihid). 

1604, May 12. Edmond Crippes (Crispe), of Kent (ihid). 

1604, May 12. Edward Hext (Hex), of Devon (ihid). 

1604, May 12. Nicholas Stalage, of Sussex (ihid). 

1604, May 30. Cuthbert Pepper, of Co. Lincoln. (Yorks.) (at 

1604, May 30. Egbert Osborn, of Co. Northampton, (ihid). 

1604, May 30. William (Gilbert) Prince, of Wilts, (at White- 

1604, May 30. Wymond Carew, of Norfolk (ihid). 

1604, May 30. Eoger Owen, of Essex, sheriff of Shropshire (ihid). 

1604, May 30. Gabriel Poyntz, of London (ihid). 

1604, May 30. Eichard Williamson, of the Council at York (^/6/r/j. 

1604, May 30. John Jackson, of the Council at York (ihid). 

1604, May 30. William Gee, of the Council at York. (ihid). 

1604, May 30. Hugh Bethel, of Co. York. (ihid). 

1604, May 30. Thomas Bland, of Co. York. (ihid). 

1604, May 30. Cii.\rles Egerton (Everton), of Co. Stafford. (^r6tW^. 


1604, May 30. John Feron (Feene), of Co. York, {ibid ? at 

Hampton Court, June 10). 
1604, May 30. William Berwick (Barwicke), of vSuffolk {ibid Pat 

Hampton Court, June 10). 
1604, June 2. John Specot (Specott), of Devon (at Greenwicli). 
1604, June 12. Adam Speatling, of Kent (ibid). 
1604, June 12. George Smyth, of Devon (ibid). 
1604, June 12. Thomas Honywood, of Kent (ibid). 
1604, June 12. Eichard Graves (Greeves), of Co. Herts (Worcester) 

1604, June 12. Charles Hollis (Holes, Hales), of Kent, Warwick 

1604, June 12. John Whetbrook (Whitbroke), of Salop (ibid). 
1604, June 12 (14). John Claypoole (ibid). 
1604, June 16. Richard Tracy, son and heir of Paul Tracy, of 

Stanway, Gloucester (at Leighton). 
1604, June 16. William Stone, of London (Leighton, Beds.) (at 

Euckholts, the seat of Michael Hickes at Leyland (Leighton), 

Essex (Beds). 
1604, June 16. David Wood (ibid). 
1604, June 29. Robert Hitchman (Hitcham), of Suffolk (attorney 

to queen Anne, sergeant-at-law (at Whitehall). 
1604, June 29. Henry Townsend, of Salop, chief justice of Chester 

1604, June 29. Thomas Eden, of Suffolk (ibid). 
1604, June 30 (July 3). William Hutton, of Cumberland (at 

Greenwich by the King). 
1604, July 1. Richard Grymes (at Lexlipp "by Sir George Carey, 

the lord deputy of Ireland). 
1604, July 1 (10). Daniel O'Brien [ibid by same). 
1604, July 1 (10). Nicholas Mordante {ibid by same). 
1604, July 3 (21). William Ford (Forth), at Suffolk (at Green- 
1604, July 3. William Hall, of Bibrook, Kent (at Greenwich). 
1604, July 3. Edmond Pelham (Pekham), of Sussex (ibid). 
1604, July 4. Francis Howard, of Surrey (at Chatham). 
1604, July 4. Seckford Trevor, of Flint, (ibid). 
1604, July 4. Francis Cornwall, of Salop (ibid). 
1604, July 4. George Curson (ibid). 
1604, July 4. Stephen (John) Ridelsdon (Rydelston), of Co. 

York. (ibid). 
1604, July 4. Roger Neveson, of Kent (ibid). 



1604, July 4. Thomas Bludder, of Essex (Surrey) (at Cliatliani) 

1604, July 4. John Lewis, of Glamorgan (ibid). 

1604, July 4. Walter Gore, of Wilts, (ihid). 

1604, July 4. William Lowre (Lower), of Cornwall (ihid). 

1604, July 4. Peter Buck, of Kent (ihid). 

1604, July 4. Walter Chetwynd, of Co. Stafford, (ihid). 

1604, July 4. Francis Cherry, of London (ihid). 

1604, July 4. William Chetwynd, of Co. Stafford, (ihid). 

1604, July 4. William Page, of Kent (ihid). 

1604, July 4. William Horwood, of Co. Stafford, (ihid). 

1604, July 4. Eobert Jaudrell, of Co. Cambridge, (ihid). 

1604, July 4. John Scory (Story) (ihid). 

1604, July 4. William Hill, of Kent (ihid). 

1604, July 4. Anthony Auger (Aucher), of Kent (ihid). 

1604, July 4. Jeremiah Turner, of Surrey (ihid). 

1604, July 4. Edward Bromley, of Salop (ihid). 

1604, July 4. Edward (Thomas) Stodder (Studder), of Bucks. 

1604, July 4. John Rawlinson, of Essex (ihid). 
1604, July 4. George Wright, of Kent (ihid). 
1604, July 7. Thomas Forster, of Herts, (at Whitehall). 
1604, July 8. James Dean, of London (ihid). 
1604, July 8. Roger Jones, of London (ihid). 
1604, July 10 (?11). John Linwray, of Somerset, (ihid). 
1604, July 10. Edward Musgrave, of Cumberland (ihid). 
1604, July 10. Robert Johnson, of Bucks, (ihid). 
1604, July 15. George Lynne (Hame) (at Oatlands). 
1604, July 15. Arthur Aston, of Co. Staff, (ihid). 
1604, July 15. George Keer, of Caithness (ihid). 
1604, July 21. Gilbert Houghton (Haughton), of Co. Lanes. 

[ihid or at Whitehall). 
1604, July (? after 21). Philip Howard of Herts (at Oatlands). 
1604, July (? after) 21. William Ford (Forth), of Suffolk (ihid). 
1604, July (? after) 21. Nathaniel (Francis) Bacon, junr., of 

Norfolk (ihid). 
1604, July (? after) 21. Martyn Stutvile, of Suffolk (ihid). 
1604, July (? after) 21. James Bacon, of Suffolk (ihid). 
1604, July (? after) 21. Henry Beningfield, of Suffolk (ihid). 


1604, July (? after) 21. William Wiseman, of Essex (at Ware, 

? Whitehall, in the King's bedchamber). 
1604, Aug. 2. Ambrose Foord (Forth) (at Lexlipp by Sir George 

Carey, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1604, Aug. 6. Michael Hicks, of Essex (at Theobalds). 
1604, Aug. 6. Stephen Powle, of Essex (ibid). 
1604, Aug. 6. Thomas Dacres, of Co. Yorks. (Herts.) (ibid). 
1604, Aug. 6. Christopher Pigot, of Bucks, (ibid). 
1604, Aug. 6. George Heyward (Haward, Haywood), of London 

(Salop) (ibid). 
1604, Aug. 6. Arthur Dakyns, of Co. York, (ibid). 
1604, Aug. 18. Oliver Butler (Boteler), of Sharnbrook, Co. Beds. 

(Kent) (at the King's passage through Ware). 
1604, Aug. 15. John Sydney (at Lexlipp by Sir George Carey, lord 

deputy of Ireland). 
1604, Aug. 20. Thomas Steward, of Co. Cambridge, (at Whitehall 

by the King). 
1604, Aug. 20. Thomas Thinne, of Wilts, (ibid). 
1604, Aug. 20. James Wingfield, of Co. Northampton, (ibid). 
1604, Aug. 20. George Wauton (Walton), of Co. Huntingdon. 

1604, Aug. 20. Philip Cromwell, of Co. Huntingdon, (ibid). 
1604, Aug. 20. Anthony Forrest, of Co. Huntingdon, (ibid). 
1604, Aug. 27. Bryan McHugh Oge McMahoune (at Lexlipp by 

Sir George Carey, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1604, Aug. 28. Patrick M'Art Moyle (MacMahon) {ibid by 

1604, Aug. 30. John Sydney (ibid by same). 
1604, Sept. 21. Henry Savile, of Bucks., provost of Eton (at a 

banquet at Eton College, by the King). 
1604, Oct. 11. Henry Oge O'Neale (at Lexlipp by Sir George 

Carew, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1604, Oct. 11. EiCHARD Hansard (ibid by same). 
1604, Nov. 1. Arthur Magennis {ibid by same), 
before 1604, Nov. 5. John Bedell, sheriff of Cambridge and 

1604, Nov. 6. Richard Bulkleigh (Buckley), of Cheshire (Beau- 
maris, Anglesey) (by the King at Whitehall). 
1604, Nov. 6. HuMFREY Orme, of Co. Lincoln. (Northampton) 

1604, Nov. 6. George Symons, of Devon, (ibid). 


]604, Nov. 6. Richard Hopton, of Hereford (At Wliiteliall). 
1604, Nov. 6. William Hambden (Harpden, Httmdaiive), of Co. 

Notts. (Gloucester (ibid). 
1604, Nov. 6. John Drury, of Essex (ibid). 
1604, Nov. 11. John Dawson (Lawson), of Co. York. (Cumberland) 

1604, Nov. 16. Francis Clare, of Somerset, (ibid). 
1604, Nov. 16. Clement Fysher, of Co. Warwick, (ibid). 
1604, Nov. 16. Walter Tichborn, of Hants, (ibid). 
1604, Nov. 20. Robert Jermin, of Suffolk (at Royston). 
1604, Nov. 24. Augustine Palgrave, of Norfolk (at Sir Oliver 

Cromwell's at Hinchinbrook). 
1604, Dec, 7. Gawen Harvey (at Lexlipp by Sir George Carey, 

lord deputy of Ireland). 
1604, Dec. 17(?). James Carnegie, of Scotland (at Wbiteliall). 
1604, Dec. 17. John Sharp, of Scotland (ibid). 
1604, Dec. 17. John Lerment (Larmant) (ibid). 
1604, Dec. 17. John Skinner (Skinne) (ibid). 
1604, Dec. 17. Robert Low^reston (Loweston) (ibid). 
1604, Dec. 18. Richard Hussey, of Salop, (at Royston). 
1604, Dec. 18. Isaac Jermyn, of Suffolk (ibid). 
1604, Dec. 19. Edward Bushell, of Co. Gloucester, (ibid). 

1604, Dec. 25. Christopher Nugent (on Christmas Day by Sir 

George Carey, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1604, Dec. 25. Adam Loftus (at Christcliurcb, Dublin, by same). 
1604-5, Jan. 17. John Rouse, of Norfolk (by tlie King at Royston). 
1604-5, Jan. 18. John Fenwick, of Northumberland (ibid). 
1604-5, Jan. 22. Thomas Muschamp, of Surrey (ibid). 
1604-5, Jan. 22. John Huet (Hewett), of London (ibid). 
1604-5, Jan. 30. Edward Radcliffe, of Co. Cambridge (Dilston,. 

Northumberland) (at Sir Oliver Cromwell's at Hinchin- 

1604-5, Feb. 3. George (Thomas) Snigge (Snagge, Snegg), of 

Somerset., baron of the Exchequer (at Whitehall). 
1604-5, Feb. 3. John Portman, of Somerset (ibid). 
1604-5, Feb. 10. Thomas Rotheram (at Dublin Castle by Sir 

Arthur Chichester, lord deputy of Ireland), 

1604-5, Feb. 10. John Everard (ibid by same). 
1604-5, Feb. 10. Dominick Sarsfeild, 2nd justice of the King's. 
Bench, attorney of Munster {ibid by same). 


1604-5, Feb. 14. Richard Welsh (Wealch), of Co. Worcester, 

sheriff of Worcester, (at Whitehall by the king). 
1604-5, Feb. 19. Peter Young, of Angus (ihid). 
1604-5, Feb. 20. Edward Dymmock, of Co. Lincoln, (ihid). 
1604-5, Feb. 26. Edward Francis (at Newmarket). 
1604-5, Feb. 26. Rice Griffin, of Co. Warwick, (ihid). 
1604-5, Feb. 26. Francis Fulford, of Devon, (ihid). 
1604-5, Feb. 27. Thomas Fleming, of Hants, (ihid). 
1604-5, Feb. 27. Robert Crane, of Suffolk (ihid). 
1604-5, Feb. 27. Thomas Huggon, of Norfolk (ihid). 
1604-5, Feb. 27. Henry Colt, of Suffolk (ihid). 
1604-5, Mar. 23. Philip Carew, of Herts, (at Greenwich). 
1604-5, Mar. 23. John Sheffield, of Co. York. (ihid). 
1604-5, Mar. 23. Henry Knolles, of Berks, (ihid). 
1604-5, Mar. 23. John Guevara, of Co. Lincoln, (at Greenwich). 
1604-5, Mar. 23. John Eyre, of Wilts, (ihid). 
1604-5, Mar. 23. Thomas Rowe, of Gloucester, (ihid). 
1604-5, Mar. 24 (Feb. 10). Charles Calthorpe, attorney-general 

(by Sir Arthur Chichester, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1605, Apr. 2. William Herrick, of London, goldsmith (ihid). 
1605, Apr. 9. Thomas Cornwallis, of Norfolk (ihid). 
1605, Apr. 9. John Seymore, of Somerset, (ihid). 
1605, Apr. 9. William Thomas Uvedall, of Hants, (ihid). 
1605, Apr. 9. George Aldridge, of Somerset, (ihid). 
1605, Apr. 9. Francis Calton, of Surrey (ihid). 
1605, Apr. 9. George Ive, of Bristol, Somerset, (ihid). 
1605, Apr. 14. Clement Scudamore, of London (ihid). 
1605, Apr. 21. Christopher Cleve (Cleive), of Kent (ihid). 
1605, Apr. 21. Thomas Glover, of London (ihid). 
1605, Apr. 21 (12). Richard Butler (at Dublin Castle by Sir 

Arthur Chichester, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1605, Apr. 29. Robert Banyster, of Salop, master of the King's 

Household (at Greenwich by the King). 
1605, May 4. John Selby, of Co. Northampton, (ihid). 
1605, May 4. George Flower, of Devon, (ihid). 
1605 May 14 (15). Thomas Foljambe, of Co. Derby, (at Richmond). 
1605, May 14. Roger Delavale (Davill, D'eivil), of Co. York. 

1605, May 15 (14). Hugh Pollard, of Devon, (ihid). 


1605, May 15. Hugh Montgomery (at Riclimond). 

1605, May 16. Thomas Henley (Hendley), of Kent (ibid). 

1605, May 16. John Buckley (Bunkley, Bulckley, Banckley), 

of Co. Derby. (Chester) (ibid). 
1605, May 17. Eobert Wright, of Surrey (ibid). 
1605, May 22 (17). John Meux (Mewse, Monox), of Hants. (At 

Greenwicli, ? Richmond). 
1605, May 22. William Kirkham (Kirtham), of Devon (at Green- 
wich) . 
1605, May 22. John Fitz Williams, of Co. Bedford, (ibid). 
1605, May 22. Robert Payn, of London (Medlow, Hunts.), (ibid). 
1605, May 22. Hugh Platt, of London (ibid). 
1605, May 22. Edward Cope, of Northampton (at Greenwich). 
1605, May 22. Henry Mallory, of Co. Cambridge, (ibid). 
1605, May 22. Nicholas Hall (Halse), of Devon, (ibid). 
1605, May 22. Annesley (Anselm) Wildegos, of Sussex (ibid). 
1605, May 22. John Lee (Leigh), of Surrey (ibid). 
1605, May 22. William Cobham, of Devon, (ibid). 
1605, May 22. Ambrose Button, of Wilts. (Hants.) (ibid). 
1605, May 22. Robert Albany, of Surrey (ibid). 
1605, May 25. John Spelman (Spilman), of London (of Dartford, 

Kent, Dutch) (at Dartford). 
1605, May 25. Henry Mildmay (at Dublin Castle by Sir Arthur 

Chichester, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1605, May 26. David Murray (by the King at Greenwich). 
1605, May 29 (4 or 7). George Chaworth, of Co. Derby, (ibid). 
1605, May 29 (7). Gilbert Kingston (Kniveton, Knighton, 

Knifton), of Co. Notts, (ibid). 
1605, June 5. Francis Slingseie (at Dublin Castle by Sir Arthur 

Chichester, lord deputy of Ireland), 
1605, June 5. Allen Apslye [ibid by same). 
1605, June 9. Robert Newcomen [ibid by same). 
1605, June 19. John Bingham [ibid by same). 
1605 (?1606), July 5. William Button (Hutton), of Wilts, (by 

the King at Whitehall). 
1605, July 18. Edmond Wayneman (at Dublin Castle by Sir Arthur 

Chichester, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1605, July 27. George Periam, of Co. Oxford, (at Luton by the 

1605, Aug. 23. Cormack McBaron O'Neale (at Dublin Castle by 

Sir Arthur Chichester, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1605, Aug. 23. Thomas FitzWilliams, of Merion {ibid by same). 


1605, July (Aug.) 30. William Sidley (Sydley), of Kent (at 

1605, July (Aug.) 30. George Rivers, of Kent (ibid). 
1605, July (Aug.) 30. George Tippin (Typpin, Tappin), of Co. 

Oxford (upon the way the same day). 
1605, Sept. Charles de Cambray, of France (at Huntingdon). 
1605, Sept. 20. Christopher Bellew or Bedlowe, of Castleton (at 

Dublin Castle by Sir Arthur Chichester, lord deputy). 
1605, Oct. 5 (3). Thomas Burton (at Howth by same). 
1605, Oct. 13. Hugh Owen (ibid by same). 
1605, Oct. (?Aug.). Thomas Hoskins (Hopkins), of Surrey (at 

1605, Oct. (?Aug. 14). Peter Saltonstall (Saltingstowe), of 

London (ibid). 
1605, Nov. 24. Thomas Hunckes (in the Castle, Dublin, by Sir 

Arthur Chichester, lord deputy). 
1605 [end of Nov. or begin, of Dec.]. John Smyth, of Essex (at 

1605, Dec. Thomas Haward, alias Hewer, of Norfolk (at Hinchin- 

1605, Dec. 16. Eichard White, of Hants, and the Isle of Wight 

(at Whitehall). 
1605, Dec. 16. Philip Stanhop, of Co. Leicester, (ibid). 

1605, Dec. 16. Ambrose Grey, of Co. Leicester, (ibid). 

1605-6, Jan. 14. Robert Nugent, of the Disert (in Dublin Castle 
by Sir Arthur Chichester, lord deputy of Ireland). 

1605-6, Jan. 23. Nicholas de Mollin (Moline), Venetian 
ambassador (at Whitehall). 

1605-6, Feb. 2. Francis Kettelby, of Co. Leicester, (ibid). 

1605-6, Feb. 2. William Tate (Tatt), of Northampton, (ibid). 

1605-6, Feb. 2. Robert Pursell (Pursley), of Salop (ibid). 

1605-6, Feb. 16. Timothy Hutton, of Co. York. (ibid). 

1605-6, Feb. 16. John Throgmorton, of Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 

1605-6, Mar. 8 (?May 14). John Digby, of Co. Warwick, (ibid). 

1605-6, Mar. 18. Henry Moody, of Wilts, (ibid). 

1606, May 14. John Wynn, of Co. Carnarvon, (ibid). 

1606, May 14-21. Thomas Brooke, of Co. Northampton. (Leicester) 

(at Theobalds). 
1606, May 14-21 (?Mar. 14). Henry Peyton, of Suli'olk (at 

1606, May 14-21 (May 20). William Lisle (Lisley), of the Isle 

of Wight (at Whitehall). 


1606, May 23. Geoege Marbury (Meebury), of Co. Lincoln, (at 

1606, May 23. Eoger Mostox, of Co. Plint. (ibid). 
1606, May 25. Henry Middleton, of Cliesliire (ibid). 
1606, June 1. Edmond Walsh (at Christchurch by Sir Arthur 

Chichester, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1606, June 7. William Gly>7n (at Dublin Castle by same). 
1606, June 19. Thomas Dale, of Surrey, governor of Virginia (by 

the King at Richmond). 
1606, June 22. William Synnott, of Jiolefernock, in Co. Wexford 

(at Dublin Castle by Sir Arthur Chichester, lord deputy of 

1606, July 5. John Burlacy, of Sulfolk (at Greenwich by the 

1606, July 13. Thomas Wingfeild (ibid). 
1606, July 15. Henry Baker, of Kent (at Oatlands). 
1606, July 15. Arthur Harris, of Essex (ibid). 
1606, July 23. John Jolles (Jowles), of London (at Greenwich). 
1606, Aug. 17 (PJuly 19). Thomas Glover, ambassador into 

Turkey (at Hampton Court). 
1606, Aug. 17. Reynold (Reginald) Argall (Argoll), of Essex 

1606, Aug. (?) Thomas JoRDAiN (at Windsor). 
1606, Aug. 24. George Erskine (at Earnham Castle, the bishop of 

Winchester's residence). 
1606, Aug. 30. John Leigh, of the Isle of Wight (at Beaulieu, the 

earl of Southampton's residence). 
1606, Sept. William Oglander, of the Isle of Wight (at Hampton 

1606, Sept. George Philpot, of Co. Hants, (ibid). 
1606, Oct. 17. Nicholas Hayes, of Co. Hants, (at Newmarket). 
1606, Oct. 18. William Hewet, of London (ibid). 
1606, Oct. 19. Thomas Platers (Playter), of Suffolk, sheriff of 

Suffolk (at Newmarket). 
1606, Oct. 19. Edward Lewkenor, of SuftWk (ibid). 
1606, Oct. 20. Henry Cheney, of Co. Cambridge. (Oxford) (at 

1606, Oct. 20. John Leigh (ibid). 

1606, Nov. 1. Edward Tarbock (Turbocke), of Lanes, at White- 
1606, Nov. 5. John Grey (Grayes), (ibid). 
1606, Nov. 5. William Wright, of Suffolk (ibid). 


1606, Nov. 13. Nicholas Phideaux, of Cornwall (at Eiclimoiid). 
1606, Nov. 22. Robert Lovet (Lovertt), of Bucks, (at Whitehall). 
1606, Nov. 28. George Sherlock (at Dublin Castle by Sir Arthur 

Chichester, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1606, Dec. 1. Edmond FitzJohn FitzGerald (at Drogheda by 

1606, Dec. 5. John Fleming (Flaming), of Co. Denby. (by the 

King at Enfield). 
1606, Dec. 6. Isaak Sydley (Sedley), of Kent (ibid). 
1606, Dec. 11. George Fulwood, of Co. Derby (Warwick) (at 


1606, Dec. 11. Anthony Hungerford, of Co. Gloucester (ibid). 
1606, Dec. 15. William Button, of London (ibid). 

1606, Dec. 23. Thomas Palmer, of Kent (Angmerin, Sussex) (ibid). 
1606-7, Jan. 3. George Fitz Williams, of Co. Lincoln (ibid). 
1606-7, Jan. 20. John Millisent, of Co. Cambridge, (at Eoyston). 
1606-7, Feb. 8. John Ryves, of Dorset, (at Whitehall). 

1606-7, Feb. 15 (9). James Altham, of London (ibid). 

1606-7, Feb. 15. William (John) Poole, of Devon, (ibid). 

1606-7, Feb. 17. Henry Oxenden, of Kent (ibid). 

1606-7, Feb. 17. John (Augustine) Nichols (Nicholas) (ibid). 

1606-7, Mar. 1. Thomas Bowles (Bolles), of Lanes, (ibid). 

1606-7, Mar. 2. Thomas Panton, of Co. Denbigh, (ibid). 

1606-7, Mar. 4. Thomas Crompton (Compton), of Co. Warwick. 

1606-7, Mar. 4. William Fielding (Feildinges), of Co. Warwick. 

1606-7, Mar. (?) (1607, Apr. 14). Eobert Tirrell, of Essex (at 

1606-7, Mar. (?) (1607, Apr. 14). Eoger (George) Millisent, of 

Co. Cambridge, (ibid). 
1606-7, Mar. (?) (1607, Apr. 14). George FitzJeffrey (Fitz- 

Geffrey) (ibid). 
1606-7, Mar. 24. Roger Jones (at Drogheda by Sir Arthur 

Chichester, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1606-7, Mar. 24. Thomas Phillips {ibid by same). 
1606-7, Mar. 24. John More, of Croghan (ibid by same). 

1607, Mar. 30. Francis Russell, of Co. Beds, (at Whitehall by the 


1607, Mar. 30. Robert Butler, of Herts, (ibid). 
1607, Apr. 14 (5-12). Thomas Tyrrell (at Royston). 


1607, Apr. 15 (16). Edward Vere, of Essex (at Newmarket). 
1607, Apr. 15 (16). John Yere, of Essex (at Newmarket). 
1607, Apr. 16. John Gibson, of Co. Yorks. (at Royston). 
1607, Apr. 29. Thomas Chichley, of Co. Cambridge (at "WTiitehall 

? Royston). 
1607, Apr. 29 (24). Dudley Diggs, of Kent (ibid). 
1607, Apr. 29 (24). George Heneage, of Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 
1607, Apr. 29 (24). George Wandesford (Mansford), of Co. 

Yorks. (ibid). 
1607, May 3 (Apr. 29). Edward Gostwick, of Co. Beds. (ibid). 
1607, May 7 (14). CharlesEgerton, of Co. Stali'ord. (at Whitehall). 
1607, May 24. John Bowyer (ibid). 
1607, May 27. John Keyes (Kayes), of Co. York. (ibid). 
1607, May 27. Richard Conquest, of Co. Beds. (ibid). 
1607, May 28. William Dillon, of Devon, (ibid). 
1607, May 28. Charles Wrenne (Wrinner), of Co. York. (ibid). 
1607, May 30. Henry Legh (Lee), of Co. Middl. (ibid). 
1607, June 4. John Stanhop, of Co. Derby, (ibid). 
1607, June 7 (?Apr. 30). Christopher Harris, of Devon, (ibid). 
1607, June 11. George Sayer, of Stan way (i^Aldham), Essex 

1607, June 19. Henry Mildmay, of Essex (ibid). 
1607, June 26. William Mewes (Meux), of the Isle of Wight 

1607, June 26. George Dalton (Dalston), of Westmorland (ibid). 
1607, June 26 (27). Francis Freeman, of Co. Northampton, (at 

1607, June 26. George Pawlett (at Slane by Sir Arthur Chichester, 

lord deputy of Ireland). 
1607, June 28. Donell O'Cathan (at Slane by Sir Arthur 

Chichester, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1607, June 28 (27). Ralph Wynwood, secretary of State (at 

Richmond by the King prior to being sent ambassador to 

Holland with Sir Richard Spencer). 
1607, June 29. John Pettus (Pethouse), alderman of Norwich (at 

1607, July 5. John Dodridge, of London, on his becoming the 

King's principal serjcant-at-law (at Whitehall). 
1607, July 5. Christopher Pickering, of Co. York. (ibid). 
1607, July 5. Henry Franklin (Frankland), of Cumberland 

1607, July 5. John Wylde, of Kent (ibid). 
1607, July 5. George Paule, of Surrey (ibid). 


1607, July (5-10). John Eowse, of Co. Worcester, (at Greenwich). 
1607, July (5-10). John Butler (Botelar), of Co. Beds. (Hatfield 

Woodhall, Herts.). 
1607, July 10. George Douglas, a Scotchman [ihid or Theobalds). 
1607, July 10. Jarvis Price, of Wales (ibid). 
1607, July 10. Vincent Corbet, of Salop (ibid). 
1607, July 19. Edward Walgrave, of Norfolk (ibid). 
1607, July 20. Thomas Norton, of Kent (at Oatlands). 
1607, July 20 (Oct. 2). Edward Dennis, of the Isle of Wight 

1607, Aug. 16. Thomas Chichester (at Slane by Sir Arthur 

Chichester, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1607, Aug. 20 (23). Bowyer Worsley, of the Isle of Wight (at 

Sarum) . 
1607, Aug. 20 (23). Edward Duke (Ducke), of Kent (ibid). 
1607, Aug. 20 (23). Thomas Jarvis (Jervois, IvERs),of Co. Hants. 

(Surrey) (ibid). 
1607, Aug. 26 (23). Edmond Uvedall (Udall), of Wilts, (ibid). 
1607, Aug. 29 (23). Edward Estcourt (Estocke, Escott), of 

Salisbury (ibid). 
1607, Aug. 29 (23). Gabriel Pile (Pille), of Wilts, (ibid). 
1607, Sept. 8. Edward Tyrrell (at Windsor). 
1607, Sept. 23. Thomas Darrell (Dayrell, Dorrell), of Bucks. 

(at Theobalds). 
1607, Oct. 5. Fabian Levens (Lewens), of Hampton Court (at 

1607, Oct. 7 (Nov. 8 at Whitehall). John Constable, of Co. Yorks. 

(at Royston). 
1607, Oct. 27. Henry Lovell, of Essex (ibid). 
1607, Nov. 5. Robert Jacob, the King's solicitor-general (at Christ- 
church, Dublin by Sir Arthur Chichester, lord deputy of 

1607, Nov. 6 (8). Thomas Estcourt (Erescourt), of Co. Gloucester. 

sheriff of Gloucester, (by the King at Whitehall). 
1607, Nov. 17. William Danvers (Davers), of Wilts, (at Hampton 

1607, Nov. 29. Thomas Browne, of the Hospital, Co. Limerick (at 

Dublin Castle by Sir Arthur Chichester, lord deputy of 

1607, Nov. ?18 [after 29]. James Oxenden (Oxenford), of Kent 

(by the King at Whitehall). 
1607, Nov. ?18 [after 29]. Thomas Wilford, of Kent (ibid). 


1607, Nov. 30. John (James) Colvile, of Norfolk (at Theobald's). 
1607, Nov. 30. Ralph Shelton (Skelton), of Norfolk (ibid). 
1607, Dec. 20. William Hamond (Hayman), of Kent (at White- 

1607, Dec. 20. Robert Cook (Coke), son of Sir Edward, of London 

1607, Dec. 21. William St. John (at Dublin Castle by Sir Artbur 

Chicbester, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1607, Dec. 23. John Thompson, of Kent (by the King at Hampton 

1607, Dec. 23. Charles (Giles) Bray, of Co. Oxford (ibid). 

1607, Dec. 23 (24). Robert Carre (Karr), a Scotchman (ibid). 
1607-8, Jan. 7. William Powell, of Wales (at Whitehall). 
1607-8, Jan. 15. Francis Clarke, of Surrey (at Theobalds). 
1607-8, Jan. 17 (24). Edward Fisher, of Berks, (ibid). 
1607-8, Jan. 21. Henry Lille (Lillo), of Lillie (at Whitehall). 
1607-8, Jan. 25. Robert Lewkner, of Suffolk (Kent) (ibid). 
1607-8, Jan. 30. Ferdinand© Fairfax (at Theobalds). 

1607-8, Feb. 1. Ralph Delay all (Dallivall) of Northumberland 

(at Whitehall). 
1607-8, Feb. 11 (5). John Davies, of London (at Theobalds). 
1607-8, Feb. 11. Molton Lambard (Lambert), of Kent (at 

1607-8, Feb. 13. William Acklam, of Co. Torks. (at Whitehall). 
1607-8, Feb. 13 (15). Anthony Hungerford, of Wilts, (ibid). 
1607-8, Feb. 15 (Mar. 5). Henry Gontherant (Guntherope, 

Gounthrout), a German (at Whitehall ? Newmarket). 
1607-8, Mar. 5. William Crompton (at Newmarket). 
1607-8, Mar. 5 (4). Edward Lewkner, of Suffolk (ibid). 
1607-8, Mar. 5 (4). Robert Quarles, of Essex (ibid). 
1607-8, Mar. 5 (4). Thomas Seckford (Sackford), of Co. Beds. 


1608, Mar. 25. John Crompton (at Whitehall). 

1608, Mar. 25 (26). Stephen Lisures (Leesures, Leisure) (ibid). 
1608, Mar. 26. William (Ferdinando) Fytch (Fitch), of Essex 

1608, Mar. 26. John Ishom (Isham), of Co. Northampton, (ibid). 
1608, Mar. 26 (?29). Edward Hussey, of Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 
1608, Mar. 30. Anthony Barker, of Berks, (ibid). 
1608, Mar. 30. Mervyn Touchet, alias Audley (Dudley) (ibid). 
1608, Mar. 30. Robert Dutton. 
1608, Mar. 30. James Altiiam, of London (ibid). 


1608, Apr. 8. Francis Harkis, of Essex (at Newmarket). 

1608, Apr. 17. Edward Barrett, of Essex (ibid). 

1608, Apr. 26. Edward Lewes (Lewis), of Wales (at Whitehall). 

1608, Apr. 29. William Young, of Berks, (ibid), 

1608, Apr. 29. William Harvey, of St. Martins, Mi<ldlesex (ibid). 

1608, Apr. 30. Thomas Hern (Harne), of Norfolk (ibid). 

1608, May 2 (13). Thomas Wotton, of Kent (ibid). 

1608, May 7. William Harvey, of Suffolk (ibid). 

1608, May 8. William South (Cutts), of Co. Cambridge, (ibid). 

1608, May 8. Francis Swann, of Kent (ibid). 

1608, May 13. (Oliver) Pytt (Pittes), of Surrey (ibid). 

1608, May 15 (?13). John Stradling, of Salop (St. Donet's, 
Glamorgan) (ibid). 

1608, May 15 (?13). Samuel (Tho) Payton, of Knolton, Kent 

1608, May 24 (22). Thomas Holland, of Norfolk (at Greenwich). 

1608, May 24. Eotheram Willoughby (ibid). 

1608, May 24. Anthony Pell, of Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 

1608, May 27. Everard Whitney, of Co. Hereford (ibid). 

1608, May 29 (27). George Goring, of Sussex (at Greenwich). 

1608, June 5. Thomas Hawkins, of Kent (ibid). 

1608, June 7 (3). John Brown, of Essex (Sussex) (ibid). 

1608, June 13. Warham St. Leger, of Kent (ibid). 

1608, June 13. Eichard Buller (Ballary), of Cornwall (ibid). 

1608, June 13. Alexander Hayes, a Scotchman (ibid). 

1608, June 19. Thomas Overbury, of Co. Gloucester, (ibid). 

1608, July 6. Egbert Eidgeway (near Dundalk by Sir Arthur 
Chichester, lord deputy of Ireland). 

1608, July 19. Henry Goodyeere (by the King at Lamer, the seat 
of Sir John Gerrard in Wheathamsted, Co. Herts.). 

1608, Aug. 1-3. Charles Morden (Mordant) (at Grafton, North- 

1608, Aug. 1-3. Eichard Catchmayd (Catsmay) (ibid). 

1608, Aug. 1-3. Thomas Eotheram, of Co. Beds. (ibid). 

1608, Aug. 1-3 (? 5). Thomas Tresham, of Newton, Co. Northamp- 
ton, (ibid ? at Bletsoe). 

1608, Aug. 1-3 (4). Thomas (John) Cheney, of Bucks. (Sandown, 
Beds.) (ibid). 

1608, Aug. 1-3 (4). William Sanders, of Co. Northampton, (ibid). 

1608, Aug. 1-3 (4). Thomas Haselrig, of Co. Leicester, (ibid). 


1608, Aug. 4. Henry Anderson, of London (at Holmby, Aldeiton, 

Sir Thomas Haselrig's house). 
1608, Aug. 5 (July 10). Anthony St. John, third son of Oliver, 

lord St. John (at Bletsoe, the seat of said lord St. John). 
1608, Aug. 5. Alexander St. John, fourth son of said lord St. John 


1608, Aug. 6. Richard Harper (Harpur), of Co. Derby., sheriff of 
Derby, (at Holmby). 

1608, Aug. 19 (8). Seymour Knightley, of Co. Northampton, (at 

1608, Aug. 19 (8). Edward Griffin, of Co. Northampton, (ibid). 

1608, Aug. 19 (8). Lewis Watson, of Co. Northampton, (ibid). 

1608, Aug. 19 (8). Richard Merwood (Marwood), of Co. Yorks. 

1608, Aug. 19 (8 ? 3). Thomas Butler (ibid ? at Grafton). 

1608, Aug. 20 (29). Edward Lenthall (at Windsor). 

1608, Aug. 20 (29). Robert Lee (at Windsor). 

1608, Aug. 20 (29). Thomas Lee (Leigh), of Stoneley, Warwick. 

1608, Sept. (end of) (Oct. 2). William Bodeniiam (Bodringham) 

(at Hampton Court). 
1608, Oct. 1 (2). Philip Fairfax, of Co. Yorks. (ibid). 
1608, Oct. 1 ? (28). Justinian Clarke (at Whitehall). 
1608, Oct. 4 (28). Francis Heale, of Somerset (at Royston). 
1608, Oct. 4 (28). George Chaworth, of Co. Yorks. (ibid). 
1608, Oct. 4 (28). John Peyton, of Suffolk (Island, Cambridge) 


1608, Oct. 14. George Chewte, of Stockwell, in Surrey (at Christ- 
church, Dublin, by Sir Arthur Chichester, lord deputy of 

1608, Nov. 1. George Justinianus, Venetian ambassador (at White- 

1608, Nov. 6. Barnard Grenvile (Greenefeilde), of Stowe, in 
Cornwall (at Christchurch, Dublin, by Sir Arthur Chichester, 
lord deputy of Ireland). 

1608, Nov. 7 (6). Charles Vaughan (Wangham), of Co. Hereford. 
(at Whitehall). 

1608, Nov. 10. John Molineux, of Co. Notts, (ibid). 

1608, Nov. 13 (14). Rowland Cotton, of Salop (Ibid). 

1608, Nov. 13 (14). WiLiiAM Swann, of Kent (at Whitehall). 

1608-9, Jan. 2. Francis Neale, of Hants, (ibid). 


1608-9, Jan. 6. Robert Oglethorpe, 2nd baron of the Exchequer 

(in the Presence Chamber at Dublin Castle by Sir Arthur 

Chichester, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1608-9, Jan. 8. Thomas Finch, of Kent (by the King at Whitehall). 
1608-9, Jan. 9. Robert Brooke, of London (Cocfield, Suffolk 

1608-9, Feb. 1. Richard Barnaby (Burnaby), of Co. Northamp- 
ton, (at Theobalds). 
1608-9, Feb. 1. John Andrewes, of Co. Gloucester. (Bucks.) (ihid). 
1608-9, Feb. 2. John St. John, of Lidiard Tregoos, Wilts, (at 

1608-9, Feb. 2. Peter Pettesworth (Bettesworth), of Milland, 

Sussex (ihid). 
1608-9, Feb. 2 (7). Henry Whettenhall, of Kent (ihid). 
1608-9, Feb. 2 (7). William Webb, of London (ihid). 
1608-9, Feb. 2 (7). George le Hunt, of Suffolk (ihid). 
1608-9, Feb. 7 (12). Robert Douglas, of Scotland {ihid or at 

1608-9, Feb. 14. John Eliot, 3rd baron of the Exchequer (at 

Dublin Castle by Sir Arthur Chichester, lord deputy of 

1608-9, Mar. 3 (5). John Davers (Dan vers), of Co. Gloucester. 

(at Whitehall). 

1608-9, Mar. 7. William Cavendish, of Co. Derby, (ihid). 

1608-9, Mar. 7. William (Edmund) Paston, of Norfolk (ihid). 

1608-9, Mar. 7. Humphrey Baskerville, of Co. Hereford, (ihid). 

1608-9, Mar. 7. William Maynard, of Essex (ihid). 

1608-9, Mar. 7. Leventhorpe Franck, of Essex (ihid). 

1608-9, Mar. 7. Thomas Edolph, of Kent (ihid). 

1608-9, Mar. 7. Henry Samborne, of Co. Oxford, (Moulsford, 

Berks.) (ihid). 
1608-9, Mar. 7. Thomas Awbery (Aubrey), of Co. Hereford (ihid). 
1608-9, Mar. 7. James Bogg, of Co. Lincoln, (ihid). 
1608-9, Mar. 22. George Boston (Beston, Beeston), of London 

(Cheshire) (ihid). 
1609, Mar. 30. Henry Nevill, of Berks, (ihid). 
1609, Apr. 18 (13 ? Mar. 30). Theodore Newton, of Somerset. 

1609, Apr. 18 (?Mar. 30). John Crook (Croke), of Co. Oxford. 

1609, Apr. 21 (27, 29). Thomas Gainsforth, of Co. Surrey (ihid). 
1609, Apr. 29. William Erskine, a Scotchman (ihid). 


1609, Apr. 29 (May 8). Henry Bartlett (Berkley), of Somerset. 

(Gloucester) (At Whitehall). 
1609, May 23. Anthony Gawdy, of Norfolk (at Greenwich or 

1609, May 28. John Denham, of Berks, (at Greenwich). 
1609, May 28. Francis Aungier (Anger), of Surrey (Cambridge) 

1609, June 2 (May 23). John Bouchier (Bowcer), of Co. York. 

(at Whitehall ? Greenwich). 
1609, June 24. John Cage, of Co. Cambridge., sheriff of Cam- 
bridge, and Huntingdon, (at Greenwich). 
1G09, June 24. Edward Southcot (ibid). 

1609, June 24. Adrian Manmaker, of Middleburg, Zeland (ihid). 
1609, June (July) 25. Cornelius Hoffman, of Antwerp (ihid). 

See p. 623. 
1609, June 26. RobertFisher, of Co. Warwick. (?6?^ or Whitehall). 
1609, July 2 (June 29). George (John) Hollis (at Greenwich). 
1609, July 2. Thomas Cottel (Cutteal), a German (Dutch denizen 

merchant) (ihid). 

1609, July 3 (2). Thomas Herne (Horxe, Harne), of Norfolk 

1609, July 5 (3). Edward Bullock (at Richmond). 
1609, July 7. John King, of Abbey O'Boyle, Ireland (at Whitehall). 
1609, July 9. Brian Cave, of Co. Leicester, (ihid). 
1609, July 10. Thomas Delves, of Cheshire (ihid). 
1609, July 18. Henry Skipwith, of Lincoln. (Prestwould, 

Leicester) (ihid). 
1609, July 23 (29). John Heyward (Hayward), of Salop (Kent) 

(at Windsor). 
1609, July 23. Henry Minne (MEENE,MYNN),of Rutland (Norfolk) 

1609, Aug. 2. Thomas Tracy, of Gloucester (at Salisbury). 
1609, Aug. 13. Anthony Mayney, of Kent (at Basing). 
1609, Sept. 20. William Lovelace, of Kent (at Theobalds). 
1G09, Sept. 30. Nicholas White (at Loghroer by Sir Arthur 

Chichester, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1609, Sept. 30. James Carroll {ihid by same). 
1609, Sept. 30. Robert Pigott, of Disei-t in Leix {ihid by same). 

1609, Oct. 3. Henry Gostery (Gostry, Gostro) (by the King at 

Hampton Court). 
1609, Oct. 3. John Lidcott, of Co. Oxford (Sussex) (ihid). 


1609, Oct. 3. John Kiderminster (Kederminster), of Bucks. 

1609, Oct. 3. John Blenerhasset, of Norfolk (ihid). 
1609, Nov. 11. Anthony Terrill (at Whitehall). 
1609, Nov. 14. James Hamilton, a Scotchman (at Royston). 

1609, Nov. 27. Henry Bowyer, of Bucks, (at Theobalds). 
1609-10, Jan. 6. William St. Clere (at Whitehall). 
1609-10, Jan. 7. Charles Jones, of Monmouth (ihid). 
1609-10, Jan. 9. William Lygon, of Co. Worcester, (ihid). 
1609-10, Jan. 9. James Altham, of Essex (London) (ihid). 
1609-10, Jan. 9. Henry Davies, of Hants, (ihid). 

1609-10, Jan. 9. John Horton, of Cheshire (Gloucester) (ihid). 
1609-10, Jan. 10. John Ford, of Essex (at Theobalds) (? confusion 

with next item). 
1609-10, Jan. 20. John Lunsford, of Sussex (at Theobalds). 
1609-10, Jan. 20 (16). George Farwell, of Somerset (ihid). 
1609-10, Jan. 26 (23). Henry Tancred, of Co. Yorks. (at Eoyston). 

1609-10, Jan. 26 (23). John Lawrence, of London (Iver, Bucks) 

1609-10, Feb. 25 (26). Edward (Edmund) Dowse, of Hants, (at 

1609-10, Feb. 26 (1610, Mar. 25). Edward Bromley, of Shropshire 

(at Whitehall). 
1609-10, Mar. 24. William Power (at Dublin Castle by Sir Arthur 

Chichester, lord deputy of Ireland). 
.1610, May 17. Albert Joackimy, deputy of Zealand in the 

Assembly of the United Provinces and councillor of Goes; 

an ambassador from the United Provinces (by Letters 


1610, May 17. Helias ab Oldenbarnevelt, doctor of law, lord in 

Middlehem, syndic and councillor of Rotterdam, and 

ambassador as above (by same). 
1610, May 17. John Berk, doctor of law, lord in Godschalkoor, 

syndic and chief councillor of Dort, and ambassador as 

above (by same). 
1610, May 17. Albert de Yeer, doctor of law, syndic and chief 

councillor of Amsterdam, and ambassador as above (by 

1610, June 25. Thomas Cesar, a baron of the Exchequer (at 




1610, Aug. 9 (? 15-20). Dudley Carleton, of Surrey (at Holdenby 
on his audience of leave on going ambassador to Venice 
Pat Windsor, July 2). 

1610. Murray (ihid). 

1610, Oct. 30. Francis Willoughbie (at Dublin Castle by Sir 

Arthur Chichester, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1610, Dec. 20. Jacob Van der Eynden, prefect and governor of 

Woerdam (by patent dated at Westminster). 
1610-11, Jan. 7. Peter Osborn (by the King at Whitehall). 
1610-11, Jan. 7. Edward (Edmund) Yerney, of Bucks., knight 

marshal (ihid). 

1610-11, Jan 
1610-11, Jan 
1610-11, Jan 
1610-11, Jan 
1610-11, Jan 
1610-11, Jan 
1610-11, Jan 


8. William Sidney, of Kent (ihid). 

8. John Leedes, of Surrey (Sussex) (ihid). 

8. Richard Lea, of Salop (Cheshire) (ihid). 

10. Richard jS'orton, of Hants, (at Hampton Court). 

10. Thomas Brert-^ton, of Cheshire (ihid). 

10. Cornelius Hooftman, of Belgium. See p. 621. 

15. Francis Wortley, of Co. Yorks. (at Theobalds), 
Jan. 22. Adam Loftus, eldest son of Sir Dudley (at 
Dublin Castle by Sir Arthur Chichester, lord deputy of 

Feb. 3 (10). Henry Crofts (at Whitehall). 
Feb. 4. Edward Peyto, of Co. Warwick, [ihid ? at 
Newmarket, Mar. 5). 

1619-11, Feb. 
1610-11, Feb. 8 (4). 
1610-11, Feb. 8 (4). 
1610-11, Feb. 8 (13). 

1610-11, Feb. 8 (4). 
1610-11, Feb. 12 (5). 
1610-11, Feb. 12 (5). 
1610-11, Feb. 16 (6). 

1610-11, Feb. 16 (6). 
1610-11, Mar. (early) 
1610-11, Mar. 14 (5). 

Richard Worseley {ihid ? at Richmond, Feb. 13. 

Thomas Mewtas (Meutis) (ihid). 

Thomas Erskine (ihid). 

Bernard Dewhurst (Dias, Dyose, Demsturt) 

Henry Kingsmill (ihid). * 

Francis Prince, of Salop, (at Theobalds). 
William Springe, of Suffolk (ihid). 
Henry Pallavicin, of Co. Cambridge, (at 

Charles Howard (ihid). 
Robert Bell, of Norfolk (at Greenwich). 
Henry Fane (Yane), of Kent (at Newmarket). 

1610-11, Mar. 24. .Ioiin liouKcniER (at Dublin Castle by Sir 

Aithur Chichester, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1611, Apr. 13. John Steward (at Royston ? at Whitehall, Apr. 25). 


1611, Apr. 25. Thomas Wiiaeton (at Whitehall). 

1611, May 5. The Venetian Ambassador (at Greenwich). 

1611, ? Aug. 3. Otto Starciiedell, president of Hessia and in the 

retinue of prince Otto of llesse. 
1611, ? Aug. 3. Gasper Widmarkteii, a colonel in the retinue of 

prince Otto of Hesse. 
1611, Oct. 6. Francis Cooke (at Dublin Castle by Sir Arthur 

Chichester, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1611, Oct. 6. Mathew Carew [ibid by same). 
1611, Oct. 6. Thomas Stafford {ibid by same). 
1611, Nov. 10. John Hobart, of Co. Norfolk (by the King at 

1611, Nov. 10. Richard Bingley, of Co. Flint, (ibid). 
1611, Nov. 10. Lawrence Stoughton, of Surrey (ibid). 
1611, Nov. 10. Gilbert Pickering, of Co. Northampton, (at 

1611, Nov. 10. Edward Whorwood (Horwood, Harwood), of Co. 

Stafford, (ibid). 
1611, Nov. 10. John Hunt, of Co. Leicester, (ibid). 
1611, Dec. 6 (2). Thomas Wentworth, of Co. Yorks. (at Eoyston). 
1611, Dec. 6 (2). Augustine Pettus (Pethouse), of Norfolk ('ii/ii^, 
1611, Dec. 20 (5). Ferdinando Hebburn, of Midds. (at Theobalds). 
1611, Dec. 20 (5). John (James) Leveson, of Kent (ibid). 

1611, Dec. 20 (5). Henry Lee (Leigh) (ibid). 

1612, Apr. 4 (9). ThomasBrudenell, of Co. Northampton, a baronet 

who had not before received the honour of knighthood (at 

1612, Apr. 4 (9). Lewis Tresham, of Co. Northampton, a baronet who 

had not before received the honour of knighthood, ut supra 

1612, Apr. 4 (9). John Shelley, of Sussex, a baronet who had not 

before received the honour of knighthood, ut supra (ibid). 
1612, Apr. 9. William Metiiwold, chief baron of the Exchequer. 

Ireland (at Theobalds ? 1611-12, Mar. 16, at Whitehall). 
1612, May (Mar.) 24. Lyonell Talmache, of Suffolk, a baronet 

who had not previously received the honour of knighthood 

(at Whitehall). 
1612, May 24 (June 8). Thomas Spencer, of Oxford, a baronet, 

etc., as above (ibid). 
1612, June 3. John Molineux, of Notts., a baronet, etc., as above 

1612, June 3. Thomas Puckering, of Herts., a baronet, etc., as 

above (ibid). 


1612, June 5. John Hackett (at Eltham). 

1612, July 21. Egbert Sandy alia^ Napper or Napier, of Co. Beds. 

(at ? Wrest, the seat of the earl of Kent). 

1612, Aug. 19 (July 24). Edward Devereux, of Co. Warwick, (at 


1612, Aug. 30 (?31). Egbert Eaton (at Eycott). 

1612, Sept. (PJune 3, P Oct. 11). Egbert (Gteorge) Gresley 
(Gredisley), of Co. Derby, a baronet who had not previously 
received the honour of knighthood (on the King's return 
to Whitehall ? at Eoyston). 

1612, Sept. (? June 7, ? Oct. 11). John Wray, of Co. Lincoln, (at 

1612, Sept. (?Oct. 11). Charles Howard (at Whitehall, Pat 

1612, Nov. ? 15. G abelline, a banker (at Whitehall on the 

agents of Savoy taking their leave prior to the King's going 

to Theobalds). 
1612, Dec. 2. William Van der Eyt (Eit), of Brodchen, general 

of horse of the United Netherlands (by especial patent dated 

at Westminster, enrolled on the French Eoll 201, membrane 

38, Eecord Office). 
? 1612. Thomas Burke, of Ballyloughmask and Newtown, Co. Mayo 

(dubbed in Ireland). 
? 1612. William Burke, of Kilcowley, Co. Galway (ibid). 
1612-3, Jan. 10 (12). Egbert Knolles (Knowles) (at Theobalds). 

1612-3, Jan. ? 13 (after 14). Humphrey May, of Sussex (at New- 

1612-3, Jan. ? 13 (after 14). Francis (Olave) Leigh, of Co. 
Warwick, (ibid). 

1612-13, Jan. ? 13 (after 14). Egbert Wingfield (ibid). 

1612-13, Jan. 15 (after 14). Edmond Wyld (ibid). 

1612-3, Jan. (after 14). Edward Ayscough (Askewe) (ibid). 

1612-3, Jan. (after 14). Joseph Killegrew (ibid). 

1612-13, Jan. 15 (after 14). Edward Underhill, of Co. Warwick. 
(? Hants.), late proctor of Oxford (ibid). 

1612-3, Jan. 15 (after 14). Nevill Poole (ibid). 

1612-3, Feb. 2 (5). William Pordage, of Kent (at Whitehall). 

1612-3, Mar. 21. Edward Altiiam (At Eoyston). 

1612-3, Mar. 21. WiLLiAMTRESHAM,of Northumberland (Northamp- 
tonshire) (ibid). 

1612-3, Mar. 21. John Woodward (ibid). 


1612-3, Mar. 21. John Temple (At Eoyston). 

1612-3, Mar. 21. Eoger James (Jeames) of Surrey (ibid). 

1612-3, Mar. 21. Edmond Cockett, of Norfolk (ibid). 

1612-3, Mar. 22. Thomas Gourney, of London (at Theobalds). 

1612-3, Mar. 22 (1613, Mar. 30, May 19). John Wynn, of Car- 

narvon. {ibid ? at Whitehall). 
1613, Mar. 27. Eichard Molineux (at Whitehall). 

1613, Apr. 21 (Mar. 30 ? May 19). Robert Houghton, justice of 
the King's Bench (at Whitehall). 

1613, Apr. 22. Richard Aldworth, provost marshal of Munster 
(at Dublin Castle by Sir Arthur Chichester, lord deputy of 

1613, June 27. Henry Apleton (Apulton), of Essex (at Grreenwich 
by the King). 

1613, July 4. Lyonel Cranfeild, of London (at Oatlands). 

1613, July 9. Arthur Ingram, of London (at Theobalds). 

1613, July 20. Edward Moore, eldest son of Sir Garret Moore, of 
Melifont (at Dublin Castle by Sir Arthur Chichester, lord 
Deputy of Ireland). 

1613, Aug. 1. Gamaliel Capell (ibid by same). 

1613, Oct. 9 (20 or 6). Charles Caesar (by the king at Theobalds). 

1613, Oct. 22 (?23). Francis Seymour (at Royston). 

1613, Oct. 22. Henry Wardeler (Wardlaw), a Scotchman (ibid). 

1613, Oct. 22. Edward Baynton, of Wilts, (ibid). 

1613, Oct. 25. Gerrard Herbert (Harbert ? Harbord) (ibid). 

1613, Oct. 25. Thomas Bilson, of Hants, (ibid). 

1613, Oct. 29 (?24). Humphrey Lyne (Lynde), of Surrey (ibid). 

1613, Oct. 29. Robert Clarke (ibid). 

1613, Nov. 8. Henry Yelverton, of London, solicitor general (at 

1613, Nov. 11 (12). Thomas Wroth (at Theobalds). 
1613, Nov. 13. William Steward, a Scotchman (at Royston). 
1613, Nov. 19. William Uvedall (Udall) of Wickham, Hants. 

1613, Nov. 26 (20). William Selbie, of Northumberland (ibid). 
1613, Nov. 26 (20). Thomas Brook (Brookes), of Co. Leicester 

1613, Nov. 26 (20). Robert Bell, of Norfolk (ibid). 


1613, Nov. 26 (21). Charles Gawdie, of Norfolk (at Eoyston). 
1613, Nov. 26 (22). Thomas Walsingham, of Kent (ibid). 
1613, Nov. 26 (22). John Gill, of Somerset. 
1633, Dec. 15 (14). Thomas Trenchaijd, of Dorset (at Theobalds). 

1613, Dec. 15. Thomas Hewet, of London (shire clerk, of Worsop, 

Notts.) (rbid). 
1613-4, Jan. 16 (18). Humphrey Tufton, of Kent (at Eoyston). 
1613-4, Jan. 16. John Clavering, of Co. Northampton (Calely, 

Northumberland) (ibid). 
1613-4, Feb. 20 (9). Michael Everard (Evered) (ibid). 
1613-4, Mar. 4. John Steede, of Kent (at Theobalds). 
1613-4, Mar. 4. William Clopton, of Norfolk (Kentwell, Suffolk) 


1614, Apr. 1. Robert Darrell (Dorrell), of Kent (ibid). 
1614, Apr. 1. Henry Robinson (ibid). 

1614, May 3 (5). Timothy Thornhill, of Kent (ibid). 

1614, May 29. Edward Rodney (at Somerset House). 

1614, June 8. Randolph Crew, of Cheshire, speaker of the late 

House of Commons (at Whitehall). 
1614, June 13. John Merrick, of London (at Greenwich). 
1614, June 13. William Crosse (Croft, Crofts) (ibid). 
1614, July 7. John Horner, of Somerset (at Windsor). 
1614, July 18. James Scordeck (Scordicke), a Belgian (at the Rye 

in Hatfield Broad Oak). See infra. 
1614, July 19. Paul Banning (Bayning), of London (Little Bentley, 

Essex, a baronet) (at Audley End). 
1614, Aug. 25 (18). Henry Lee, bart., of Quarrendon, Bucks, (at 

1614, Oct. 2. John Franklin, of Co. Midds. (at Theobalds or the 

1614, Nov. 5. John Smith, of Flechamsted, Warwick, (by lord 

Chichester, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1614, Nov. 5. Rowland Ridgley {ibid by same). 
1614, Nov. 7. Lawrence Hyde, the queen's attorney (at Whitehall 

by the king). 
1614, Nov. 21 (20). William Some, of Great Thurlow, Suffolk (at 

1614, Nov. 21. John Repingdon (Reppington), of Co. Warwick 


1614, Dee. 29. James Schoordick, of Renounwen, Netherlands. 
Letters patent dated at Westminster; enrolled on French 
Ivoll 201, membrane 38, Record Office. See supra. 


1614, Dec. 31. Edward Moseley, of Grays Inn, attorney of the 

Duchy of Lancaster (at Whitehall). 
1614-5, Jan. 19. Dudley Norton, secretary, Ireland, at his going 

over into Ireland (at Newmarket). 
1614-5, Jan. 30. John Savage (ibid). 

1614-5, Feb. 3. Robert Anstrother, a Scotchman (ibid). 
1614-5, Feb. 12. Oliver Shortales, of Ballilorkan, Co. Kilkenny 

(by lord Chichester, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1614-5, Feb. 15. Eobert Dillon (by the king at Theobalds). 
1614-5, Feb. 21. Christopher Dillon, eldest son of Sir Theobald 

(in Ireland by lord Chichester, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1614-5, Feb. 26. John Blagrave (Blaugrave), of Berks, (by the 

King at Whitehall). 

1614-5, Feb. 26. John Garrett (Garrard), of Lamer, Herts. 

1614-5, Mar. 2. Edmond Wheeler, of Datchet, Bucks, (at 

1614-5, Mar. 2. Charles Nowell (Noell) (ibid). 
1614-5, Mar. 17. William Lampton (at Newmarket). 
1614-5, Mar. 19. (Nicholas) Claudius Foster (Forster) of 

Bamborough Hall, Northumberland (ibid). 
1614-5, Mar. 21. Thomas Gerrard (at Royston). 
1614-5, Mar. 23. ThomasWhite, of Farnham, Surrey (atTheobalds). 

1615, Mar. 30 (Apr. 3). Robert Vernon, the Avener (at Woking). 
1615, Apr. 13 (9). Fulke Greville (at Whitehall or Greenwich). 
1615, Apr. 13 (9). Edward Banester (Banister) of Hants, (ibid). 
1615, Apr. 13 (9). David Bafford (Bafore), (ibid). 

1615, Apr. 24. George Yilliers, of Co. Leicester, (at Somerset 

1615, Apr. 25. Thomas Lamplough, sheriff of Cumberland (at 

1615, Apr. 25. John Offley, of Madeley, Stafford (ibid). 
1615, Apr. 25. Samuel Tryon, of London (Essex) (at Newmarket 

? May 20 at Greenwich). 
1615, Apr. 30. Pierce Butler, of Lismalin, Co. Tipperary (in 

Ireland by lord Chichester, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1615, May 26 (20). Richard Carrell (by the King at Greenwich). 
1615, June 2. Roger Manners, of Whitwell, Derby (at Theobalds). 
1615, June 2. Richard Newport (ibid). 
1615, June 3. John Ashfield, of Netherall, Suffolk (ibid). 


1615, June 10. Thomas Blackstoxe (Blackiston), baronet (at 

Greenwich ? Theobalds). 
1615, June 13. Thomas Cave, of Co. Northampton, (ibid). 
1615, June 13. Henry Cowley (ibid). 
1615, June 22. William Elways (Elwiss) (ibid) 
1615, June 22. Thomas Winne (at Wanstead ? Greenwich). 
1615, June 22. William Zouche (ibid). 
1615, June 26. Thomas Elliott (at Greenwich). 
1615, July 2. William Lister, of Co. York, (at Oatlands). 
1615, July 11. Porter (in Ireland by lord Chichester, lord 

deputy of Ireland). 
1615, July 13. Godfrey Eodes, of Co. York, (by the King at 

1615, July 16. William Gar way (Garraway), of London, the 

chief of the Customers (at Theobalds). 
1615, July 19. Henry Southwell (ibid). 
1615, July 21. Thomas Southwell (at Whitehall). 
1615, July 21. Thomas Smith, of Cheshire (ibid). 
1615, July 21. Barnaby Bryan, of Ireland (ibid). 
1615, July 22. Thomas Belley, of Hunts, (at Bagshot). 
1615, July 23. William Colley, of Edendery (in Ireland, in camp, 

by lord Chichester, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1615, July 23. Henry Belinge, of Killussy [ibid by same). 

1615, Aug. 5. John Samwell (Cammell, Samrill, Lamvill) (by 

the King at Salisbury). 
1615, Aug. 15. John EitzJames (at Lulworth Castle, in Co. Dorset., 

the seat of Viscount Bindon). 
1615, Aug. 19. John Beare, serjeant-at-law (in Ireland by lord 

Chichester, lord deputy). 
1615, Aug. 27. John Kichards, of the Isle of Wight (at Broa<l- 

lands, the seat of the family of St. Barbe adjoining the 

town of Romsey). 
1615, Aug. 29. Henry Clarke (at Tichborne, the seat of Sir 

]3enja.min Tichborne). 
1615, July 29. John MacDowgal, a Scotchman (ibid). 
1615, July 31. John Dixgley, of the Isle of Wight (at Famham 

Castle, the Episcopal Palace of the sec of Winchester). 
1615, Sept. 7. lioBERT Naunton, master of the Court of Wards (at 

1615, Sept. 14 (21). Francis Tiiorney, of Co. Notts (at Theobalds). 


1615, Oct. 6 (2). George Marshall (at lloyston). 

1615, Oct. 9. Patrick Murray (Marrey) (ibid). 

1615, Oct. 14 (Sept. 14). William HarinCxTOn (ibid). 

1615, Oct. 14 (July 4). Edward Hinde, of Cambridge (ibid). 

1615, Oct. 31. Henry Crook (at Theobalds). 

1615, Nov. 5. George Hastings (at Whitehall ? Theobalds). 

1615, Dec. 1. William Bardes (Bardesius), lord of Waimen- 
huysen (letters patent dated at Westminster, enrolled on 
French rolls 201, membrane 38, Record Office). 

1615, Dec. 1. William de Hertoghe, lord of Ormaele, Steeu, and 

Steenorkersel (same). 
1615, Dec. 1. James Magnus, lord of Amers, Arentsberg, Bercham- 

bacht, and Melissant (same). 
1615, Dec. 1. John ab Arsen, governor of Breda (same). 
1615, Dec. 4. William Brouncker (Brunkard), (at Newmarket). 
1615, Dec. 4, Thomas (John) Leighton (ibid). 
1615, Dec. 15. Alexander Moncrieff (Muncrife) (ibid). 
1615, Dec. 22. John Oglander, of the Isle of Wight (at Eoyston). 

1615, Dec. 23. Robert Brooke (at Theobalds). 
1615-6, Jan. 22. Thomas Peryent (Perriant) (ibid). 
1615-6, Jan. 22. Robert Leigh, of Billesley, Warwick, (ibid). 
1615-6, Jan. 22. Robert Offley (ibid). 

1615-6, Jan. 22. John Leigh (ibid). 

1615-6, Jan. 22. John Suckling (ibid). 

1615-6, Feb. 27. Thomas Bland, of Co. York, (at Newmarket). 

1615-6, Mar. 16 (22). Giles Waterfleet, a Belgian, in the retinue 

of the ambassador (at Theobalds). 
1615-6, Mar. 16 (22), Cornelius Waterfleet, a Belgian, in the 

retinue of the ambassador (ibid). 
1615-6, Mar. 21 (24). John Finett, of Kent, master of the 

ceremonies (at Whitehall). 

1616, Apr. 4. Francis Henderson (Hindersham), a Scotchman (at 


1616, Apr. 20. John Huyssey, lord of Catterdyke, in the Nether- 
lands, a lord of Zeeland. Letters patent dated at West- 
minster, enrolled on French Roll 201, membrane 39, Record 

1616, Apr. 24. Anthony Marbury, of Surrey (at Whitehall). 

1616, Apr. 25. Thomas Ridell (Bedell), of Newcastle (at 

1616, Apr. 25. Walter Smith (ibid). 


1616, May 4. Walter Eaele (at Thetford). 

1616, May 8. Henry Doylet (ihid). 

1616, May 9. Edmund Gawsell (Gowshtll) [ihid ? I^ewmarket). 

1616, May 14. Stephen Boteler (Butler) (at Newmarket). 

1616, May 18. Thomas Chamberlaine (at Greenwich ? at New- 

1616, June 3. John Dacombe, on his being made chancellor of the 
Duchy of Lancaster (ibid). 

1616, June 6. Edward Baesh (Bashe), of Co. Herts, (at Theobalds). 

1616, June 6. Thomas Braythwaite, of Westminster (ibid). 

1616, June 8. William Cockaine (at Alderman Cockaine's house). 

1616, June 15. Gerrard Sams (Samnes), of London, Lankford 
Hall, Essex (at Theobalds). 

1616, June 15. John Bennet, of London (ibid). 

1616, June 16. Thomas Tildesley, of Lanes, (at Greenwich). 

1616, June 16. Eichard Wynne, of Co. Carnarvon, (ibid). 

1616, June 20. Henry Finch, of Kent (at Whitehall). 

1616, June 20. Conor Macgwire, of Ireland (ibid). 

1616, June 26. Egbert Wiseman, of London (at Greenwich 
.P Whitehall). 

1616, June 26. Henry Fox (ibid). 

1616, June 27. Theobald Gorges (George), of Wilts, (ibid). 

1616, June 28. Patricke Fox, of Ireland (ibid). 

1616, June 30. John Yilliers (Yillers), of Co. Leicester, (at 

1616, June 30. Egbert Gorges (George), of Wilts, (ibid). 

1616, July 3 (2). John Sedley (Sidley), of Kent (ibidj. 

1616, July 3 (2). Thomas Wiseman, of Norfolk (ibid). 

1616, July 3. George Stoughton (ibid). 

1616, July 3 (4). Thomas Mildmay (ibid). 

1616, July 10. HuMi'HREY Mildmay, of Essex (at Whitehall). 

1616, July 10 (15). George Smith, of Co. Hereford, (at Theobalds). 

1616, July 16. Henry Leveston, a Scotchman (ibid). 

1616, July 16 

1616, July 17 

1616, July 17 

1616, July 18 

1616, July 18 

1616, July 18 

Charles Snell, of Wilts, (at Theobalds). 
Sebastian Harvy (Harper), of London (ibid). 
Peirce Crosbie (Corby), of Iieland (ibid). 
Edward Chichester, of Devon, (ibid). 
Francis Anneslowe (Annesley) (ibid). 
Arthur Basset (ibid). 


1616, July 18. Edward Doreington (Doddington, Carington) 

(At Theobalds). 
1616, July 18. William Henton (Fenton) (ibid). 
1616, July 19. Richard Lumley, of Sussex (ibid). 
1616, July 19. Egbert Lloyd (ibid). 

1616, July 20. Archibald Napper, a Scotchman (at Eoyston). 
1616, July 20. James Cragge, a Scotchman (ibid). 
1616, July 20. Sidney Montagu, of Co. Northampton., master of 

the Requests (ibid). 
1616, July 26. Thomas Hatton, of Co. Cambridge, (at Bletsoe). 

1616, Aug. 6. Francis Bodenden, Bodendine, or Bodeniiam (at 

Burley on the Hill). 
1616, Aug. 17. Thomas Cave, of Co. Leicester, (at Dingley). 
James Ware, of Somerset, (at Holdenby). 
John Burgh or Burke, of Ireland (at Woodstock). 
Francis Rogers, of Somerset, (ibid). 
William Pope, of Co. Oxford, (ibid). 
Richard Cecill, of Co. Northampton, (ibid). 
John Denham (at Rycott). 

Andrew Grey, a Scotchman (at Bisham ? Bletso). 
Thomas Button, of Larenny, Co. Pembroke., and 
captain of the King's ship " Phoenix " (in Ireland by Sir 
Oliver St. John, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1616, Sept. 7. Edward Villiers (Villers), of Co. Leicester (at 

1616, Sept. 7. Henry Butler, of Herts, (ibid). 
1616, Sept. 7. John Drake, of Devon, (ibid). 
1616, Sept. 17. Giles Bridges (Bruges), of Co. Gloucester, (at 

1616, Sept. 23. Francis Coningesby (Conesby), of Herts, (at 

1616, Sept. 23 (29). William Plomer (Plumer), of Surrey (at 

1616, Sept. 28. Richard St. George, Norroy King of Anns (at 

Hampton Court). 
1616, Oct. 2. Robert Tracy, of Co. Gloucester, (at Theobalds). 
1616, Oct. 11. George Sexton (at Royston). 
1616, Oct. 12 (22). George Hamilton (Hambleton), a Scotchman 

(at Hinchinbroke). 
1616, Nov. 5. William Segar, Garter King of Arms (at Whitehall). 


























1616, Nov. 5. Charles Coote, provost marshal of Connauglit (in 

Ireland by Sir Oliver St. John, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1616, Nov. 11. EiCHAED HoBERTS, of Comwall (at Whitehall). 
1616, Nov. 12. George Newman, of Kent (at Theobalds). 
1616, Nov. 12. Charles Bowles (Bolles), of Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 

1616, Nov. 14. John Lenthall, of Oxford, keeper of the King's 
Bench prison (at Royston). 

1616, Nov. 18. Giles Mompesson, of Wilts, (at Newmarket). 

1616, Nov. 20. William Pelham, of Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 

1616, Nov. 25. Moses (Moyses) Hill (ibid). 

1616, Nov. 28. Huntingdon Colby, of Suffolk (ibid). 

1616, Nov. 28. FerdinandoKnightley, of Co. Northampton. (^i6i(?j. 

1616, Nov. 29 (20). Egbert Oxenbridge, of Hants, (ibid). 

1616, Nov. 29. Robert Brown (ibid). 

1616, Dec. 6. Charles le Grosse (ibid). 

1616, Dec. 6. Henry Radley (Rodley), of Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 

1616, Dec. 6. Samuel Somester, of Devon, (ibid). 

1616, Dec. 6. Richard Sandford, of Westminster (ibid). 

1616, Dec. 12. Richard Waldron (at Newmarket). 

1616, Dec. 14. Patrick Moneypenny (ibid). 

1616, Dec. 16. George Lamplough (ibid). 

1616, Dec. 16. Thomas Wentworth {ibid or Theobalds, Dec. 20). 

1616, Dec. 21. Henry Martin, of Berks, (at Theobalds). 

1616, Dec. 21 (31). Thomas Leigh (at Whiteliall). 

1616-7, Jan. 16. William Martin, of Essex (at Hampton Court). 

1616-7, Jan. 31. John Harbert (Herbert) (at Theobalds). 

1616-7, Feb. 1. John Gresiiam, of Surrey (ibid). 

1616-7, Feb. 2. Basil Brooke (in Ireland by Sir Oliver St. John, 
lord deputy of Ireland, " in the presence on Sunday being 
Candlemas Day"). 

1616-7, Feb. 2. John A^aughan (ibid). 

1616-7, Feb. 8. Owen Smith, of Norfolk (by the King at Hampton 

1616-7, Feb. 10. Thomas Midleton, of London (at Whitehall). 
1616-7, Feb. 14. Roger O'Shaghnes (in Ireland by Sir Oliver St. 

John, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1616-7, Feb. 16. Francis Howard (by the King at Whitehall). 
1616-7, Feb. 19. Nkteof (Neetens, Neetese), a Dutchman 

(at Theobalds ? Wliitohall). 


1616-7, Feb. 22. Thomas Dacres (Dakers), of Cumberland (at 

1616-7, Feb. 22. Thomas Noiicliffe, of Co. Yorks. (ibid). 

1616-7, Feb. 23. Philip Cartwright (Carteret) (at Wbitehall). 

1616-7, Feb. 28. John Smith (ibid). 

1616-7, Mar. 1. John Howland (at Theobalds). 

1616-7, Mar. 1. William Acclom (Achlam, Askam), of Co. Yorks. 

(Andescott, Oxford) (ibid). 
1616-7, Mar. 6. Thomas Savile (at Whitehall). 
1616-7, Mar. 6 (?10). George Blundell (ibid). 
1616-7, Mar. 9. John Leman, lord mayor of London (ibid). 
1616-7, Mar. 12. Robert Hatton, of Co. Northampton (ibid). 
1616-7, Mar. 12. Thomas Fisher, of Middlesex (ibid). 
1616-7, Mar. 12. John Wolstenholme (ibid). 
1616-7, Mar. 12. Francis Jones (ibid). 
1616-7, Mar. 12. Thomas Watson (ibid). 
1616-7, Mar. 12. Nicholas Salter (ibid). 
1616-7, Mar. 12. William Jones (ibid). 
1616-7, Mar.' 14. Rowl.\nd Egerton, of Cheshire (ibid). 
1616-7, Mar. 16. Thomas Coventry, solicitor general (at Theobalds). 
1616-7, Mar. 16. Philip Pakenham (Deckham) (ibid). 
1616-7, Mar. 17. Francis Moore (at Theobalds, in the King's 

1616-7, Mar. 17. John (James) Poyntz (Poynes), of Essex (ibid). 
1616-7, Mar. 18. Edward Fiennes (at Royston). 
1616-7, Mar. 18. Francis Swift, of Essex (at Royston). 
1616-7, Mar. 20 (21). Thomas Hutchinson (Huchenson), of Co. 

Notts (at Hinchinbroke). 
1616-7, Mar. 20 (21). William Bird, LL.D. (ibid). 
1616-7, Mar. 24. Beverley Newcomen, eldest son of Sir Robert 

Newcomen (in Ireland by Sir Oliver St. John, lord deputy 

of Ireland). 

1617, Mar. 26. James Evington, of Co. Lincoln, (by the King at 

Burley on the Hill). 
1617, Mar. 26. Richard Conway (Connye, Conner), sheriff of 

Rutland (ibid). 

1617, Apr. 4. Henry Bretton (Britton), of Surrey (at Lincoln). 
1617, Apr. 4. Thomas Willougiiby (ibid). 
1617, Apr. 4. John Buck, of Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 


1617, Apr. 4. WiLLi.\M Wilmer (Willmoee), of Co. Northampton. 

{ibid ? at Newark). 
1617, Apr. 7. George Peckham, of Co. Derby (at Newark ? York). 
1617, Apr. 7. Henry Herbert, a captain (ibid). 
1617, Apr. 11. William Ellis, of Co. Lincoln, (at York). 
1617, Apr. 11. William Ingram (ibid). 
1617, Apr. 11 (?12). Ferdinando Legh (Leigh), of Co. Yorks. 

1617, Apr. 11. William Sheffield, of Co. Yorks. (ibid). 
1617, Apr. 11. William Hungate, of Co. Yorks. (ibid). 
1617, Apr. 11. Peter Midleton, of Co. Yorks. (ibid). 
1617, Apr. 11. John Hotiiam, of Co. Yorks. (ibid). 
1617, Apr. 11. Richard Darley, of Co. Yorks. (ibid). 
1617, Apr. 11, Walter Bethell (Bythell), of Co. Yorks. (ibid). 
1617, Apr. 12. Edwin Sandes (ibid). 
1617, Apr. 13. Robert Ascough (Askwith), lord mayor of York 

1617, Apr. 13. Richard Hutton, recorder of York (ibid). 
1617, Apr. 14. Richard Harper, of Co. Derby, (at Sheriff Hutton 

1617, Apr. 14. John Hippesley (Hepsley) (ibid). 
1617, Apr. 14. William Bellasis, of Co. Durham (at Sheriff 

Hutton Park). 
1617, Apr. 15. William Chater (Chator, Charem), of Co. Yorks. 

(at York). 
1617, Apr. 15. Thomas Ellis, of Grantham, Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 
1617, Apr. 15. George Reresby (Risbie), of Co. Yorks. (ibid). 
1617, Apr. 16. John Vavasor, of Co. York, (at Ripon). 
1617, Apr. 16. Michael Wharton (Wartox), sheriff of Co. York. 

1617, Apr. 18. John Stanhope, of Co. Yorks. (by the King at 

Bishop Auckland, in Durham). 
1617, Apr. 18. Thomas Merry, clerk comptroller (ibid). 
1617, Apr. 19. Arthur Gray (Grey), of Co. Northumberland 

1617, Apr. 19. Marm.\duke Wivell, of Co. Yorks. (ibid). 
1617, Apr. 23 (24). George Tonge, of Durham Bishopric (at 

Durham ? at Auckland). 
1617, Apr. 23. William Blakiston (Blackstone), of the saiuG 

1617, Apr. 23. Talbot Bowes, of the same (ibid). 


1617, Apr. 23. Ealph Conyees, of the same (ibid). 

1617, Apr. 23. Matthew Forster, of the same (ibid). 

1617, Apr. 23. John Calverley, of the same (ibid). 

1617, Apr. 23. William Wray, of the same (ibid). 

1617, Apr. 23 (24). William Kennet (Knevitt), of Newcastle (at 

1617, Apr. 27. John FitzGerald, grandson of Sir John Fitz- 

Edmond FitzGerald (in Ireland by Sir Oliver St. John, 

lord deputy of Ireland). 
1617, May 1. Henry Babington, of Northumberland (at Hexham). 
1617, May 4. Peter Riddell, of Newcastle (at Newcastle). 
1617, May 4. John Delavall, of Newcastle (ibid). 
1617, May 9. Edmund (Edward) Gray, of Newcastle (at Chilling- 
1617, May 11. Anthony Weldon, of Kent, clerk of the Kitchen (at 

1617, May 11 (12). William Muschamp, of Northumberland 

(at Berwick). 
1617, May 13. Robert Jackson, of Northumberland (Berwick) 

1617, May 14 (24, 29). William Fenwick, of Northumberland (at 

Cavers in Co. Roxburgh). 
1617, June 8. Thomas Lake, of Middlesex (at Edinburgh). 
1617, June 29 (July 2). Roger Grey (Gray), of Northumberland 

(by the King at Edinburgh). 
1617, June 29. Thomas Savage, of Cheshire (ibid). 
1617, June 29. John Caesar, of Herts, (ibid). 
1617, June 29. John Kingsmill (in Ireland by Sir Oliver St. John, 

lord deputy of Ireland). 
1617, July 17 (23). Arthur Tirringham,* one of the gentlemen 

pensioners attending the King into Scotland (at St. Andrews). 
1617, July 17 (27). John Brand, a same (ibid). 
1617, July 17 (27). Ralph Sidenham (Sanders), a same (ibid). 
1617, July 17 (27). Edward Goring, a same (ibid). 
1617, July 17 (27). Sanders Duncombe, a same (ibid). 
1617, July 17 (27). Richard Green, clerk of the band of gentlemen 

pensioners (ibid). 
1617, July 17 (27). Edward Fowler, of Kent, a gentleman 

pensioner (ibid). 

* Chamberlain to Sir Dudley Carleton dated .Tune 4th. 1617. " All our pensioners that went with the 
King are knighted there that were undubbed before, and all the Gentlemen of Yorkshire . . . and the 
Order [of Knighthood] is descended somewhat lower even to Adam Hill that was the Earl of Montgomery's 
barber and to one Green husband to the Queen's laundress an host finnkeeperl of Doncaster and to another 
that lately kept an inn at Rumford ... all the mean officers of the household are likewise said to be knighted.' 


1617, July 17 (27). Arnold Herbert, a gentleman pensioner (at 

St. Andrews). 
1617, July 17 (27). Henry Ryve (Eeve, Eeeve, Keene), a same 

1617, July 17 (27). Thomas Evelyn, a same (ibid). 
1617, July 17 (27). John Hales, a same (ibid). 
1617, July 17 (27). William Fryer, a same (ibid). 
1617, July 17 (27). Edward Burnell, a same (ibid). 
1617, July 17 (27). Edward Gilborn, a same (ibid). 
1617, July 17 (27). John Farmer (Farwell, Farewell), of Kent, 

a same (ibid). 
1617, July 29. George Trevellian (in Ireland by Sir Oliver St. 

John, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1617, Aug. 6. Richard Fletcher, of Cockermouth (at Carlisle 

? at Bruin or Brougham Castle, at the King's return out of 

1617, Aug. 6. Henry Blencow (Blynkhowe), of Cumberland 

1617, Aug. 6. William Musgrave, of Holme, sheriff of Cumber- 
land (ibid). 
1617, Aug. 6 (8). Francis Brandlyn (Brandling), of Newcastle 

(at Brougham Castle, a mansion of the earl of Cumberland). 

1617, Aug. 8. Henry Trotter, of Co. Yorks. (ibid). 

1617, Aug. 8. William Thorold, of Co. York (Lincoln) (ibid). 

1617, Aug. 8. Thomas Hutton (Hatton), of Co. York (ibid). 

1617, Aug. 8. Christopher Dalston, of Westmorland (ibid). 

1617, Aug. 8. Philip Mounteney (Monckton), of Co. York. (ibid). 

1617, Aug. 8. George Bowes, of Durham (ibid). 

1617, Aug. 8. David Dromond, a Scotchman (ibid). 

1617, Aug. 9. Henry Mildmay, sewer to the King, master of the 

Jewels (at Kendal). 
1617, Aug. 9. George Spencer, sewer to the King (ibid). 
1617, Aug. 9. Francis Knightley, cupbearer (ibid). 
1617, Aug. 9. , a Scotchman (in the Park [near Brougham 

castle] the earl of Cumberland's). 
1617, Aug. 12 (11). Charles Gerard (Garrett), of Co. Middl. (at 

Ashton Hall in Lancashire, a mansion of lord Gerard's). 
1617, Aug. 12. Thomas Walmesley, of Co. Lanes, (ibid). 
1617, Aug. 18. Arthur Lake, of Co. Middl. (at Houghton Tower). 
1617, Aug. 18. Cecil Trafford, of Co. Lanes, (ibid). 


1617, Aug. 20. William Massey, of Co. Lanes. (Puddington, 

Cheshire) (at Lathom House, the seat of the earl of Derby). 
1617, Aug. 20. Robert Bindlosse (Bendloes), of Lanes, (ibid). 
1617, Aug. 20. Gilbert (Gervas) Clifton, of Lanes, (ibid). 
1617, Aug. 20. John Talbot, of Preston (ibid). 
1617, Aug. 20. Gilbert Ireland, of the Hut (ibid). 
1617, Aug. 20. Edward Osbaldston (Olbaston, Osberston) of 

Lanes, (ibid). 
1617, Aug. 21. Thomas Ireland (at Bewsy Hall, his house). 
1617, Aug. 21. Lewis Pemberton, of Herts, (ibid). 
1617, Aug. 23. George Calvely (Calverley) (at his own house, 

Leigh or Lea Hall, near Alford). 
1617, Aug. 24 (23). Henry Ley (Leigh), of Cheshire (ibid, or at 

Vale Royal). 
1617, Aug, 24. Richard Grosvenor, of Cheshire (ibid). 
1617, Aug. 25. John Done, ehief forester of Delamere (at his own 

house of Utkinton). 
1617, Aug. 25. Andrew Corbet, of Co. Salop (ibid). 
1617, Aug. 26. Hugh Wrotesley, of Wrottesley, Stafford (at 

1617, Aug. 26. William Owen, of Condover, Co. Salop (ibid). 

1617, Aug. 26. John Davenport, of Davenport, sheriff of Cheshire 

1617, Aug. 28. Roger Puleston, of Co. Flint, (at Gerard's 

1617, Aug. 28. Thomas Wolseley, of Co. Stafford, (ibid). 
1617, Aug. 28. Richard Liddall, of Berks, (ibid). 
1617, Sept. 1. Henry Agard, sheriff of Co. Derby, (at the last 

bounds of the shire of Derby). 
1617, Sept. 2. Walter Devereux, base brother to the earl of 

Essex (at Ashby de la Zouch). 
1617, Sept. 2. Matthew Saunders, of Co. Leieester. (ibid). 
1617, Sept. 2. John Bale (Ball), of Co. Leieester (ibidj. 
1617, Sept. 2. William Hartop, of Co. Leieester. (ibid). 
1617, Sept. 2. Francis Ashby, of Middl. (ibid). 
1617, Sept. 2. Thomas Trentham, of Co. Stafford, (ibidj. 
1617, Sept. 5 (4). William Bowyer (at Warwiek ? Coventry). 
1617, Sept. 5. Henry Snelgrove, pensioner (ibid). 
1617, Sept. 5, William Cade, of Co, Herts., a gentleman pensioner 

1617, Sept. 5, John Bodley, of Surrey (ibid). 



1617, Sept. 5. Francis Crane, secretary to the Prince, chancellor 

of the Order of the Garter) (at Warwick ? Coventry). 
1617, Sept. 5. William Burlacie, of Bucks, (ibid). 
1617, Sept. 5. Humphrey Ferrers, of Co. Warwick, (ibid). 
1617, Sept. 5 (6). Arthur (William) Maxey, of Co. Warwick 

(ibid ? at Compton). 
1617, Sept. 5. Richard Samwell (Samuel), of Co. Northampton 

(ibid at Compton Wingate, the seat of lord Compton). 
1617, Sept. 5. Henry Gibbes, of Co. Warwick (ibid). 
1617, Sept. 6. William Somerfield (Somerville), of Warwick. 

1617, Sept. 6. Hercules Underhill, of Co. Warwick, (ibid). 
1617, Sept. 10. Thomas Glenham (Glemham), of Suffolk (at 

1617, Sept. 10. Thomas Wayneman, of Co. Oxford, (ibid). 
1617, Sept. 10. Henry Eowe, of Middl. (ibid). 
1617, Sept. 11. Egbert Dormer, of Co. Oxford, (at Rycot). 
1617, Sept. 11. Arthur (Anthony) Vincent, of Surrey (ibid). 
1617, Sept. 11. John Culpeper, of Sussex (ibid). 
1617, Sept. 15. Anthony Benn, recorder of London (at Hyde Park 

on the King's entering London after his return from 

1617, Sept. 15. Ealph Freeman, of London (ibid). 
1617, Sept. 16. Alexander Denton, of Bucks, (at Whitehall). 
1617, Sept. 23. Arthur Capell, of Co. Herts, (at Enfield). 
1617, Sept. 29. Clement Edmonds, of Co. Northampton., a clerk of 

the Council (at Hampton Court). 
1617, Sept. 29. George Calvert, of Co. Yorks., a clerk of the 

Council (ibid). 
1617, Sept. 29. Albert Morton, of Kent, a clerk of the Council 

1617, Oct. 1. Grevill Verney (at Whitehall). 
1617, Oct. 3. Nicholas Kemp, of London (at Theobalds). 
1617, Oct. 22. EiCHARD Ingoldsby, of Bucks, (at Sir Oliver 

Cromwell's, at Hinchinbroke, ? at Theobalds). 
1617, Oct. 28. George Ayloff, of Essex (Grettenham, Wilts) (at 

1617, Nov. 5. Edward Trevor (in Ireland by Sir Oliver St. John, 

lord deputy of Ireland). 
1617, Nov. 5. William Cole (in Ireland by Sir Oliver St. John, 

lord deputy of Ireland). 
1617, Nov. 8. John Killigrev^t (by the King at Whitehall). 


1617, Nov. 8. Nathaniel Rich, of London (at Hatton House). 

1617, Nov. 8. William Wythipole, of Suffolk (ibid). 

1617, Nov. 8. Francis Needham, of Suffolk (ibid). 

1617, Nov. 8. Peter Chapman (ibid). 

1617, Nov. 11. John Wild (Weld) (at Theobalds). 

1617, Nov. 12. Edward Gresham, of Surrey (ibid). 

1617, Nov. 12. Thomas Parker (Porter), of Ratton, Sussex (ibid). 

1617, Nov. 12. Christopher Buckle, of Essex (Bansted, Surrey) 

1617, Nov. 12. Gabriell Dowse, of Hants, (ibid). 
1617, Nov. 17. Robert Digbt (at Newmarket). 
1617, Nov. 24. Thomas Moore, eldest son to the lord Moore (in 

Ireland by Sir Oliver St. John). 
1617, Nov. 27. William Fish (Fitch) (by the King at Newmarket). 
1617, Nov. 30. William Sarsfield (in Ireland by Sir Oliver St. 

John, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1617, Dec. 3, Charles Hussey (by the King at Newmarket). 
1617, Dec. 6. Richard Saltonstall (Saltingstall, Saltinstone), 

of London (ibid). 
1617, Dec. 14. John Skitt (Skept, Skeyete), ambassador out of 

Russia (ambassador from the King of Sweden) (ibid). 
1617-8, Jan. 7. Richard Young, of London (Surrey) (at Whitehall). 
1617-8, Jan. 8. Richard Lucy, of Co. Warwick (Broxbourn, Herts.) 

1617-8, Jan. 10 (20). Edward Fleetwood (at Theobalds). 
1617-8, Jan. 10. Rowland Yaughan (ibid). 
1617-8, Jan. 10. John Bingley, of the Exchequer (ibid). 
1617-8, Jan. 30. Francis Blundell, of Ireland (at Newmarket). 
1617-8, Feb. 3. Simon Norwich, of Co. Northampton, (ibid). 
1617-8, Feb. 7. Michael Longevill, of Bucks, (ibid). 
1617-8, Feb. 8. Jasper Herbert (ibid). 

1617-8, Feb. 23. Henry Yelverton, of Gray's Inn (at Newmarket). 
1617-8, Feb. 25. James Hales (Halles), of Kent (at Theobalds). 
1617-8, Feb. 26. Walter Scott (ibid). 

1617-8, Mar. 16. Hugh Clotworthy, of Devon, (at Whitehall). 
1617-8, Mar. 18. Edward Broughton (at Hampton Court). 
1617-8, Mar. 20. Henry Manwaring, of Surrey (at Woking). 
1617-8, Mar. 23. Gabriell Lowe, of Co. Gloucester, (at Whitehall). 
1617-8, Mar. 24. John Dowdall (in Ireland by Sir Oliver St. John, 

lord deputy of Ireland). 


Mar. 25. Edward Conway (by the King at Whitehall). 

Mar. 28. Henry Palmer, of Kent (at Theobalds). 

Mar. 31 (30). Benjamin Rudiard, surveyor of the Court of 

Wards (at Whitehall). 
Apr. 3. John Manwood (ibid). 
Apr. 6. Ralph Burchinshaw (Birkenshawe), of Ireland 

Apr. 12 (10). Thomas Stepney (at Theobalds). 
Apr. 12 (10). Thomas Garton (Gerton) (ibid). 
Apr. 22. Thomas Bludder (at Whitehall). 
Apr. 22. John Tracy (ibid). 
Apr. 25. William St. Leger (ibid). 
Apr. 28. James Reynolds (at Theobalds). 

Apr. 29. William Russell, of Chippenham, Cambridge 

Apr. 30. Robert Jenkinson, of London (ibid). 
May 3. Christopher Sibthorpe (in Ireland by Sir Oliver 

St. John, lord deputy of Ireland). 
May 3. Garret Lowther (ibid by same). 
May 4. Thomas Hawkins, of Kent (by the King at White- 
May 6. William Andrewes, of Bucks, (ibid). 
May 9. Matthew Boynton, of Co. Yorks. (ibid). 
May 18 (13, 10). John Eliot (ibid). 
May 19. Henry Lee (in Ireland by Sir Oliver St. John, lord 

deputy of Ireland). 
May 20. Henry Bosvile, of Kent (by the King at Theobalds 

? 1620 at Whitehall). 
May 21 (14). Francis Beaumont (at Whitehall). 
May 26. Andrew Hume, a Scotchman (at Greenwich). 
May 31. George Bowles (Bolles), lord mayor of London 

June 8. Francis Waineman (Weynman), of Co. Oxford 

June 8. William Caulfield (in Ireland by Sir Oliver St. 

John, lord deputy of Ireland). 
June 16. William Halton (Houghton, Haughton), (by the 

king at Theobalds). 
June 16. Roger North, of Suffolk (ibid). 

1618, April 20. Chamberlain to Sir Dudley Carleton, " I hear also that the King hath knighted one 
a Muscovy merchant, who is in speech with Sir Robert Mansfield (Mansel) to buy his place of 
erof the Navy." 


June 22. Francis Medcalfe, of Co. Yorks. (at Greenwich). 

June 23. William Ford (at Greenwich). 

June 25. Thomas Watson, of Kent (at Halstead in Kent, said 

Watson's residence). 
June 26. William Campion, of Kent (at Greenwich). 
June 29. William Barnes, of Kent (ibid). 
June 30. John Stepney, of Pembroke (at Oatlands ? at 

July 4. Edmond Scory (ibid). 
July 4. Charles Blunt (Blount), son and heir of Sir Robert 

Blount of Mapledurham (in Ireland by Sir Oliver St. John, 

lord deputy of Ireland). 

July 4. Richard Bolton (ibid). 

July 5. Francis Ashley, of Dorset (by the King at Windsor). 

July 6. James Kirton, of Somerset (ibid). 

July 6. Edward Morley (ibid). 

July 7. Francis Wyatt, of Kent (ibid). 

July 8. Charles North (ibid). 

July 15. William Wendy, of Cambridge, sheriff of Cambridge 

and Huntingdon (at Theobalds ? at Windsor). 
July 15. John Price (ibid). 
July 19. Richard Calveley (in Ireland by Sir Oliver St. 

John, lord deputy of Ireland). 
July 20. Thomas Wilson (by the King at Whitehall). 
July 20. Edward Wardour (ibid). 
July 20. Henry Spiller (ibid). 

July 21. Charles Pleydell (at Halstead ? at Woking). 
Aug. 1. Rawlyn Raghley Bussey (Bushey) (at Bruncham 

or Bromham, at Brampton). 
Aug. 10. George Wroughton (at Salisbury). 
Aug. 10. Anthony Bugg (Bugges) (ibid). 
Aug. 14. Hercules Pawlett (at Cranborne, in Dorset, the 

seat of the earl of Salisbury). 
Aug. 29. Thomas Timperley, of Suffolk (at Tichborne). 
Sept. 2. (?Aug. 29). Benjamin Tichporne, third son of 

Sir Benjamin Tichborne (at Aldershot ? at Tichborne). 
Sept. 2. (?Aug. 29). John Chapman (at Aldershot Pat 

Sept. 2. Richard Uvedale, of Hants, (at Aldershot). 
Sept. 22. John Smith (at Whitehall). 


1618, Sept, 30. William Drtjrie (Drewry) (at Hampton Court). 
1618, Oct. 1. Gregory (George) Tenner {ihid or Whitehall or 

1618, Oct. 3 (8). Thomas Clarke, of Kent (at Theobalds). 
1618, Oct. 31 (Nov. 3). Edward Stafford (at Whitehall or at 

1618, Nov. 5. Thomas Hibbotts (in Ireland by Sir Oliver St. John, 

lord deputy of Ireland). 
1618, Nov. 9 (3). Thomas Littleton, a baronet (at Whitehall). 
1618, Nov. 11 (9). Edward Sulyard (at Theobalds or Whitehall). 
1618, Nov. 12 (11). Shilston Calmady (ibid). 
1618, Nov. 22 (24, 30). George Tardley, the new governor of 

Virginia (at Newmarket). 
1618, Nov. 23 (12). Richard Saltonstall (Saltingstone) (ihid or 

at Theobalds). 
1618, Nov. 23. George Ellis, of Co. Torks. (ihid). 
1618, Nov. 23. Robert Kemp, of Norfolk (ihid). 
1618, Nov. 24 (23). Benjamin Thornborrow (at Newmarket). 
1618, Nov. 30 (24). Nathaniel Napper (ihid). 
1618, Dec. 1 (Nov. 30). Thomas Derham (Deerham), of Norfolk 

1618, Dec. 4 (1). John Hare (ihid). 
1618, Dec. 5 (4). Philip Bedingfield (ihid). 
1618, Dec. 11 (5). Robert Willoughbie (ihid). 
1618, Dec. 12 (11). Francis Leigh, of Co. Warwick, (ihid). 
1618, Dec. 15 (12). John Brewse (Bruse, Brase), (ihid). 
1618, Dec. 21 (15). Nathaniel Barnardiston (at Newmarket or 

1618, Dec. 21. Stephen Soame (Soham) (ihid). 
1618-9, Jan. 1 (1618, Dec. 21). Francis Kynaston (at Whitehall 

or Theobalds). 
1618-9, Jan. 2 (1). Walter Heveningham (at Whitehall). 
1618-9, Jan. 2. Robert Mordant, of Norfolk (ihid). 
1618-9, Jan. 4 (PDec. 18). Bartholomew Peel (ihid). 
1618-9, Jan. 8. Robert Baynard, of Norfolk (at Theobalds). 
1618-9, Jan. 9. Francis Yivyan (ihid). 
1618-9, Jan. 9. John Lane (Lamm, Lambe) (ihid). 
1618-9, Jan. 21. Robert (John) Lacy, of Oxford (at Newmarket). 
1618-9, Jan. 21. John Miller (ihid). 
1618-9, Jan. 22 (9). Edward Dering, of Kent (ihid). 
1618-9, Jan. 24 (22). Robert Filmek, of Kent (ihid). 


1618-9, Feb. 1. Thomas Polhill (Polley), of Kent (at Theobalds). 

1618-9, Feb, 2. Nicholas Fortescue, "one of the commissioners 
that are employed about the matters of the Household and 
Navy" (ibid). 

1618-9, Feb. 2. John Osborne, a commissioner as above (ibid). 

1618-9, Feb. 2. Francis Gofton, of Surrey, a commissioner as 

above (ibid). 
1618-9, Feb. 2. Richard Sutton, of Essex, a commissioner as above 

1618-9, Feb. 2. William Pitt (Pitts), a commissioner as above 

1618-9, Feb. 16 (10). George Etherington (at Whitehall). 
1618-9, Feb. 16. George Horsey (ibid). 
1618-9, Feb. 16. Egbert Seymour (Seamor) (ibid). 
1618-9, Feb. 16. Isaack Wake {ibid ?Apr. 9 at Eoyston). 
1618-9 Feb. 16. Richard Wiseman (ibid). 
1618-9, Feb. 19 (17). Thomas Musgrave (at Theobalds). 
1618-9, Feb. 19. Henry Roswell (ibid). 

1618-9, Feb. 21. Edward Harris (Davies) (in Ireland by Sir Oliver 

St. John, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1618-9, Feb. 26. Thomas Fleetwood (at Newmarket). 

1618-9, Mar. 24. James Blunt (Blount) (in Ireland by Sir Oliver 

St. John, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1619, Apr. 19 (10). Henry Marvyn (Mervine) (ibid). 
1619, Apr. 19. John Jackson, of Co. Yorks. (ibid). 
1619, Apr. 20. Henry Hungate, of Co. Leicester. (Surrey) (ibid). 
1619, Apr. 24. Charles Rich, of London (at Theobalds). 
1619, Apr. 26. Robert Knolles (Knowles) (ibid). 
1619, Apr. 27. Peter Wrothe, of Kent (ibid). 
1619, May 10. John Wingfeild (ibid). 
1619, May 18. Charles Chibborne (Chyborn, Chebborne), of 

Essex (at Greenwich). 

1619, May 18. John Walter (ibid). 

1619, May 18. Thomas (John) Trevor, of London (ibid). 

1619, May 21. Charles (Christopher) Harfleet, of Kent (ibid). 

1619, May 24. Alexander Muncrife, a Scotchman (ibid). 

1619, June 1. Nicholas Lower (at Whitehall). 




















Miles Sandes (at Green wicli). 
John White (ibid). 
Joseph Hayes (ibid). 
Robert Bennett (ibid). 
Robert Gorges (ibid). 
Sampson Darrell (Dorrell) (ibid). 
1619, June 18. John Honywood, of Kent (at Wansted). 
1619, June 22 (20). Nicholas Fuller (ibid). 
1619, June 24. Thomas Ridley (at Greenwicli). 
1619, June 28. Charles Smith (ibid). 
1619, June 28. Samuel Rolles (Rodes) (at Wimbledon). 
1619, June 29. James Wolveridge (Wolrich), master in Chancery 

(at Greenwich). 
1619, June 29. Richard Moor (More), master in Chancery (ibid). 
1619, June 29. Ewball Thelwall, master in Chancery (ibid). 
1619, June 29. Robert Rich, master in Chancery (ibid). 
1619, July 1. Thomas Hinton (at Oatlands). 
1619, July 1. Baptista Jones (ibid). 
1619, July 7. Thomas (John) Trevor (at Windsor). 
1619, July 7. Alexander Hume (ibid). 
1619, July 7. John Howell, of Kent (at Windsor). 
1619, July 8. Robert Vaughan (ibid). 
1619, July 9. Edward Widnall (Wignall, Wiggenhall), of 

Surrey (at Wanstead). 
1619, July 13 (19), John de Goch (John Cochre, Coker, Goche, 

Gooche), consul of Zutphen, a commissioner from the 

United Provinces (at Theobalds). 
1619, July 13 (19). Ewald van der Dussen (Edmund Yander- 

duffin), consul of Delft, a commissioner as above (ibid). 
1619, July 13 (19). Joachim Lynes (Liens), syndic of Tholen, a 

commissioner as above (ibid). 
1619, July 13. John Tunstall, of Surrey (ibid). 
1619, July 15. John Clarke, of Kent (ibid). 
1619, July 15. Edward Ingham (Engham), of Kent (ibid). 
1619, July 19. Nicholas Trot (ibid). 
1619, July 19. James Chisselme (Chishealme) (ibid). 
1619, July 19. George Crayford (Crafford) (ibid). 
1619, July 19. William Parkhurst, of Kent (ibid). 
1619, July 19. James St. Low (Sandelowe) (ibid). 
1619, July 21. Thomas Reade, of Herts, (at Royston). 


1619, July 24 (22). Henry St. John, brother of lord St. John (at 

Bletsoe, the seat of lord St. John). 
1619, July 24 (22). Beauchamp St. John, brother of the said lord 

St. John (ihid). 
1619, July 25. Cornelius Vanchelin (Vanschenlin) (at Castle 

Ashby, the seat of the earl of Northampton.) 
1619, July 27. Francis Browne (ihid). 
1619, July 28. Edward Watson, son of Sir Lewis Watson (at 

Rockingham Castle, seat of the said Sir Lewis Watson). 
1619, July 29. William Beecher (at Kirkby, the seat of Sir 

Christopher Hatton). 

1619, July 29. Robert Charnock (ihid). 

1619, Aug. 3. William Roberts, sheriff of Co. Leicester, (at Belvoir 

1619, Aug. 6. James Buchanan (Buckhannon), a Scotchman (at 

Belvoir Castle ? at Welbeck). 
1619, Aug. 10. Sutton Coney (Conny, Cunnye), of Co. Lincoln, (at 

Welbeck, the seat of Sir William Cavendish). 

1619, Aug. 10. Charles Cavendish, brother of Sir William 
Cavendish (ihid). 

1619, Aug. 10. Edward Richardson, of Bucks, (ihid). 

1619, Aug. 10. William Carnaby, of Northumberland (North- 
ampton) (ihid). 

1619, Aug. 12. Ralph Hansby, of Co. Lincoln. (Tickill Castle, 
Yorks.) (at Nottingham). 

1619, Aug. 12. John Ramsden, of Co. Derby. (Longley, Yorks.) 

1619, Aug. 13. William (Philip) Balfour (Baford), a Scotchman 


1619, Aug. 13. Thomas Barton, sheriff of Notts, (ihid). 

1619, Aug. 17. Francis Cook (at Tutbury). 

1619, Aug. 17. William Powell (ihid). 

1619, Aug. 19 (?18). Thomas Scrimshire, sheriff of Stafford (in 

the fields in Staffordshire). 
1619, Aug. 20. Philip Eaton, of Eaton, Salop (at Tamworth). 

1619, Aug. 21. Bartholomew Hales (Hale), of Co. Warwick, (at 

1619, Aug. 21. Richard Brown (Brawn), of Warwick (ihid). 
1619, Aug. 25. Hector Pawlet (at Woodstock). 


1619, Aug. 27. William Guise, of Co. Gloucester (in the fields at 

1619, Aug. 27. Edmund (Edward) Fenner, sheriff of Oxford 

1619, Aug. 27. Francis Duncombe, of Northampton (Brickhill, 

Bucks, (ibid). 
1619, Aug. 27. John Catcher, of London (ibid). 
1619, Sept. 5. Anthony Thomas, of London (at Windsor). 
1619, Sept. 19. Francis Nethersole, of Kent (at Theobalds). 
1619, Sept. 23 (21). John Fowle, of Kent {ibid Pat Alderman 

Jaye's house). 
1619, Sept. 23. Thomas Culpeper, of Kent (ibid). 
1619, Sept. 23. Thomas Hoord (Hoode), of Salop (at Alderman 

Jaye's house). 
1619, Sept. 23. Samuel Thwaites, of Essex (at Whitehall). 
1619, Oct. 10 (?13). William Steward (at Royston). 
1619, Oct. r3. Edward Skerne, of Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 
1619, Oct. 14. William Lewis, of Hants, (ibid). 
1619, Oct. 19. Henry Grimston, of Kent (at Sir Oliver Cromwell's, 

at Hinchinbroke). 
1619, Oct. 19. John Pickering (ibid). 

1619, Nov. 3. George Hastings, of Grays Inn (at Whitehall). 
1619, Nov. 4. Thomas (George) Hughes, of Gray's Inn and of 

Somerset (ibid). 
1619, Nov. 6 (?4). John Bruen (ibid). 
1619, Nov. 5 (4). Edward Lawrence (ibid). 
1619, Nov. 5. Robert Loftus (in Ireland by Sir Oliver St. John, 

lord deputy of Ireland). 
1619, Nov. 5. John Bellew, of Bellewston {ibid by same). 
Edward Butler {ibid by same). 
Edmund Tuite, of Tuiteston {ibid by same). 
William Hill, of Allenston {ibid by same). 
Maurice Griffith {ibid by same). 
Edward Yowell (Fowell) (at Greenwich). 
John (Richard) Carnshaw (Carveshaw, Cranshaw), 
Lincoln (ibid). 

John Amy (Amie), LL.D., of Great Abington, Cam- 
bridge (at Whitehall). 
1619, Nov. 9. James Hussey, LL.D. (ibid). 

1619, Nov. 9. John Hayw.\rd (Heyward), LL.D., of Salop (ibid). 
1619, Nov. 9. John Michell, of Surrey, master of Chancery (ibid). 


Nov. 5. 


Nov. 5. 


Nov. 5. 


Nov. 5. 


Nov. 8. 


Nov. 8. 

of Co, 
Nov. 9. 




















Edwaed Lawley, of Herts. (Salop) (At Whitehall). 
William Reeves (at Theobalds). 
John Thoenhill, of Kent (ibid). 
John Bouechiee (ibid). 

William Spaeke (in Ireland by Sir Oliver St. John, 
lord deputy of Ireland). 
1619-20, Mar. 2. Geoege Sheeley (Shieley), chief justice of 

Ireland (at Whitehall by the King). 
1619-20, Mar. 24. Chaeles McCaety (in Ireland by Sir Oliver St. 

John, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1620, Mar. 31 (Apr. 1). Aechibald Acheson, a Scotchman (at 

Theobalds by the King). 
1620, Apr. 11. Geoege Abeeceomie (at Hampton Court). 
1620, Apr. 13 (15). Aechibald Beton, a Scotchman (ibid). 
1620, Apr. 19. Lewis Dive (at Whitehall). 
1620, May 1. Allan Zouch, of Greenwich (at Greenwich). 

1620, May 13. Ramsey (ibid). 

1620, May 31. Heney Bellingham, of Westmoreland, a baronet 

(at Theobalds). 
1620, June 1. Rogee Twisden (at Greenwich). 
1620, June 7. William Paesons (in Ireland by Sir Oliver St. John, 
lord deputy of Ireland). 

1620, June 18 (1). Clipsby Ceew (at Theobalds ? Greenwich by 

the King). 
1620, July 4. Daniel Delyne (De Ligne) (oi Henault) of Harlaxton, 

Co. Lincoln, (at Oatlands). 
1620, July 4. Anthony Hynton (ibid). 
1620, July 4. RoBEET Tinte (in Ireland by Sir Oliver St. John, 

lord deputy of Ireland). 
1620, July 8. Samuel Awbeey, of Co. Hereford (in the Western 

1620, July 8. Staffoed Wilmot (in same). 
1620, July 8. Andeew Boyd (in same). 
1620, July 10. Paul Pindae (Pendae) (in same). 
1620 (?) John Heydon (in same). 
1620 (?) Thomas Menzies, of Durn, provost ot Aberdeen, 

delegated to the Court in England on a mission concerning 

some civic affairs of Aberdeen. 
1620, Oct. 2. Thomas Lambeet (at Theobalds or Royston). 
1620, Oct. 4. James Whitlock, of Bucks, (ibid). 


1620, Nov. 5. Henry Stradling (at Theobalds). 

1620, Nov. 5. Henry (William) Yelverton (ibid). 

1620, Nov. 5 (12). David Watkins (ibid). 

1620, Nov. 5. John Dillon (in Ireland by Sir Oliver St. John, lord 
deputy of Ireland). 

1620, Nov. 26. Lawrence Parsons {ibid by same). 

1620, Dec. 3. Francis Michell (Mychill) (at Newmarket ? Theo- 
balds; degraded June, 1621). 

1620, Dee. Alexander Norton (at Theobalds). 

1620, Dec. 5. Gilbert Cornwall (ibid). 

1620, Dec. 26. Clement Cotterell, groom porter (at Whitehall at 
Xmas) . 

1620, Dec. 26 (31). Henry Carvell, of Norfolk (z6td Pat Nonsuch). 
1620-1, Jan. 23 (22). Jervis Hollis (at Theobalds or Whitehall). 
1620-1, Jan. 28. Robert Heath (at Whitehall). 

1620-1, Feb. 1. William Elliot, of Surrey (ibid). 
1620-1, Feb. 13. Richard Brook (ibid). 

1621, Mar. 25. Thomas Richardson, speaker of the Parliament 

1621, Apr. 2. Peter Scott, of Kent (ibid). 
1621, Apr. 8. Jacob de Wingareden (Wyngaerden), lord of 

Benthus, an ambassador from the states of the Low Countries 

(at Whitehall). 
1621, Apr. 8. John Camerlyn, syndic of Delft, a same (ibid). 

1621, Apr. 8. Albertus Suche (Souck), consul of Home, a same 

1621, Apr. 8. Albertus Bruguing (Bruyeninck Brunning), a 

same (ibid). 
1621, Apr. 8. Jacob de Schotte, consul of Middelburg, a same 

1621, Apr. 8. Frederick de Yerver (Yervon), from Martuahniss, 

a same (ibid). 
1621, Apr. 8. Paul de Grenn, lieut. gov. of the Forces of the 

United Netherlands. 
1621, Apr. 10 (20). Charles Williams (at Theobalds). 

Leonard BosviLE(BoswELL),of Kent (at Whitehall). 
William Hull, captain in Ireland (at Theobalds). 
James Bayly (at Greenwich). 
Francis Glanvile (ibid). 
Alexander Cuaulke (ibid). 


Apr. 24. 


May 11. 


May 13. 


May 16. 


May 18. 


1621, May 18 (23). Anthony Haselwood (At Greenwich). 

1621, May 18. Egbert Joselyne (ibid). 

1621, May 31. William Nuce (at Theobalds). 

1621, June 2. Peter Haye (at Theobalds). 

1621, June 2. Patrick Hay (ihid). 

1621, June 18. Nicholas Tempest, of Co. Durham (ihid). 

1621, June 22. Thomas Springett (at Wanstead). 

1621, June 24 (28). William Whitmore (at Greenwich). 

1621, July 9. Henry Campion, of Kent (at Windsor). 

1621, July 13. Robert Pye (at Theobalds). 

1621, July 16. Arthur Ingram (ihid). 

1621, July 16. Thomas Leveson (ihid). 

1621, July 16. Thomas Eversfield, of Sussex (ihid). 

1621, July 19. John Fenner (at Royston). 

1621, July 19. Richard Rogers (ihid). 

1621, July 21. William Crawford (Crayford) (at Ampthill). 

1621, July 21. Robert Cook, of Essex (ihid). 

1621, July 21. Edward Salter, of Bucks, (ihid). 

1621, July 24. Francis Stanton, of Beds, (at Bletsoe). 

1621, July 26. John Lambe (at Castle Ashby). 

1621, Aug. 4. Anthony Colly, sheriff of Rutland (at Burley on 

the Hill). 
1621, Aug. 6. Edward Wortley, of Co. York, (at Belvoir Castle). 
1621, Aug. 6. Thomas Savage (ihid). 
1621, Aug. 12. Thomas Waldron (in Ireland by viscount Grandison, 

lord deputy of Ireland). 
1621, Aug. 19. Robert King (by the King at Tutbury). 
1621, Aug. 19. Hercules Langford (in Ireland by viscount 

Grandison, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1621, Aug. 20. Henry Marny (Merry), of Barton Bakeping, Derby. 

(at Whitehall). 
1621, Aug. 21. Edmond (Edward) Windsor, sheriff of Stafford (at 

Tarn worth, the seat of Sir Humphrey Ferrers). 
1621, Aug. 22. Nicholas Overbury, of Barton, Gloucester, (at 

1621, Aug. 22. Edward Littleton (ihid). 

1621, Aug. 28 (26). Stephen (Richard) Hawkesworth (at Wood- 
1621, Aug. 31. Richard Harrison, of Hurst, Berks, (at East- 



1621, Sept. 9. Edward Leach, of Cheshire (at Windsor). 

1621, Sept. 11. Maurice Berkley, of Hannam, Gloucester, (at 

1621, Sept. 18. Arthur Gorges (at Theobalds). 
1621, Nov. 5. Peter Vanlore (at Whitehall). 
1621, Nov. 9. Henry Bourchier (at Theobalds). 
1621, Nov. 19. Alexander Culpeper (at Newmarket). 
1621, Dec. 8. Thomas Liddell (Lydall), of Newcastle (ibid). 
1621, Dec. 17. Robert Cressie (in Ireland by viscount Grandison, 

lord deputy of Ireland). 
1621, Dec. 22. Thomas Fernefold (Fernefoll, Farnfield), of 

Essex (Sussex) (by the King at Theobalds). 

1621, Dec. 31. Francis Godolphin, of Cornwall (at Whitehall). 
1621-2, Jan. 5. Thomas Stanley, of Essex (ibid). 

1621-2, Jan. 5. John Boteler (Butler), of Kent (ibid). 

1621-2, Jan. 11. Tracy (Nedham) Smart, of Kent (at Theobalds). 

1621-2, Jan. 11. Thomas Nugent, of Moyrath (in Ireland by 

viscount Grandison, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1621-2, Jan. 14. John Culpeper, of Kent (at Theobalds by the 


1622, Jan. 17. William Washington, of Northampton (at 

1622, Jan. 28. John Meade (in Ireland by viscount Grandison, lord 

deputy of Ireland). 
1622, Feb. 2. Daniel Leigh, bart. {ibid by same). 
1622, Feb. 7. James Barret {ibid by same). 
1622, Feb. 12. George Hayes (at Newmarket by the King). 
1622, Feb. 21. Thomas Barker, of Suffolk (ibid). 
1622, Mar. 31. John Parsons (in Ireland by viscount Grandison, 

lord deputy of Ireland). 
1622, Apr. 6. Mathew Brand, of West Moulsey, Co. Middl. (at 

Hampton Court by the King). 
1622, Apr. 7. Marmaduke Lloyd, of Masluellyn, Co. Cardigan, (at 

1622, Apr. 13. Robert (John) Sharpey (Sharpeigh), of Kent or 

Westminster (at Theobalds). 
1622, Apr. 18. Thomas Gee, of Mildenhall, Suffolk (at Whitehall). 
1622, Apr. 28. Randall CLEYTON(in Ireland by viscount Grandison, 

lord deputy of Ireland). 
1622, May 1. Henry Holcroft, of London (by the King at White- 


1622, May 4. William Temple (in Ireland by viscount Grandison, 

lord deputy of Ireland). 
1622, May 4. Roger Hope [ibid by same, which day the lord 

viscount Grandison embarqued for England). 

1622, May 13. Preston, a Scotchman (at Whitehall). 

1622, May 14.* Paul Bowle, a Dutchman (ibid). 

1622, May 22. Thomas Shirley, of Betlebrig, Rutland (Hunts.) 

(at Whitehall). 
1622, May 31. William Courteen (at Greenwich or Whitehall). 
1622, June 5. Peter Morton (Mutton), of Slenny, Co. Denbigh. 

(at Whitehall). 
1622, June 8. Thomas Allen, bart. (in Ireland by Sir Adam Loftus 

and viscount Powerscourt, lords justices). 
1622, June 8. Charles O'Connor, bart. {ibid by same). 

1622, June 11 (22). Jeronimo (Sercomius) Lando, the Venetian 

ambassador (with a patent of augmentation of his arms given 

by His Majesty) (at Greenwich). 
1622, June 12. Thomas Sackvill, one of His Majesty's gentlemen 

ushers, daily waiters (at Whitehall). 
1622, June 16. Edward Barkham, lord mayor of London (at 

1622, June 18. Francis Lower, fourth son of Sir Thomas Lower, 

of St. Wynow, in Cornwall (at Wanstead). 
1622, June 20. William Waller, of Brenchley, Kent (ibid). 
1622, June 26. Samuel Argall, of East Sutton, Essex (Kent), 

governor of Virginia (at Rochester). 
1622, July 3 (23). William Sherrard, of Greenwich (at Oatlands). 
1622, July 10. John Cowper, of Rockburne, in Hampshire (at 

1622, July 10 (13). John Prescot, of Hoxon, Suffolk (at Windsor 

? at Wansted). 
1622, July 13. Francis Ireland, of Westhull, Co. York. (ibid). 
1622, July 14. William Hobby, of Hales, in Gloucester (at 

1622, July 15. Humphrey Handford, sheriff of London (at his 

residence. The Hearts, in Woodford Row). 
1622, July 23. Richard Reynell, of Devon, (at Theobalds). 
1622, July 25. Thomas Holland, of Berrow, Anglesea (at White- 
1622, July 27. Richard Weston, of Sutton, Surrey (at Guildford). 
1622, July 27. Robert Spiller, of Sutton, Surrey (ibid). 

* 1622, May 14. Philpot p. 84. " Here came the Privy Seal from his Majesty and a proclamation 
followed the same." See introduction p. xlix. 


1622, Aug. 6. John Meldrom, a Scotcliman (at Windsor). 

1622, Aug. 10. Francis Inglefield (Englefield), of Shelley, Co. 

Leicester (Wootton Basset, Wilts.) (at Easthampstead). 
1622, Aug. 11. Humphrey Stiles (Style), of Kent (at Earnliam). 
1622, Aug. 12. Thomas Holmeden (Hamsden), of Tincliley, Surrey 

(at Holt). 
1622, Aug. 12. John Compton, of Priors Dean, Hampshire (ibid). 
1622, Sept. 5. Thomas Greve (Greeve, Green), of Bobbing, Kent 

(at Windsor). 
1622, Sept. 5. Francis Pooney (Perndy ? a duplication of Biondi) 

(at Windsor). 
1622, Sept. 6. Francis Biondi (Byondy), an Italian (at Windsor). 
1622, Sept. 7 (17). Thomas Hillersden, of Elstow (Ampthill), Co. 

Beds, (at Theobalds). 
1622, Sept. 8. Cary Lambert (in Ireland by viscount Falkland). 
1622, Sept. 25. Samuel Smyth (ibid by same). 
1622, Oct. 13. John Cunningham {ibid by same). 
1622, Oct. 21. Charles Harbert (Herbert), of London (at 

Royston) . 
1622, Nov. 7. Percy Herbert (at Theobalds). 

1622, Nov. 8. Ballantine, a Scotchman (at Royston). 

1622, Nov. 16. William Beecher, of London, clerk of the Council 

(at Newmarket). 
1622, Nov. 29. Valentine Blake (in Ireland by viscount Falkland). 
1622, Dec. 3. Giles Estcourte, of Sarum (Newton), Wilts, (at 

1622, Dec. 3. William Maisters (Master), of Cirencester, 

Gloucester, (ibid). 
1622, Dec. 8. Nicholas Arthur (in Ireland by the viscount 

1622, Dec. 9. John Madison (Wadeson), of Co. York, (at New- 
1622, Dec. 11. Thomas Wauton (Waughton), a Scotchman (ibid). 
1622, Dec. 13. Peter Beelen (Beling), of the Hague (ibid). 
1622, Dec. 15. William Brownlow (in Ireland by viscount 

1622, Dec. 18. Walter Waller, of Kent (at Theobalds). 
1622, Dec. 24. Henry Peirce, bart. (in Ireland by viscount 

1622-3, Jan. 1. Theodore Docwra {ibid by same). 
1622-3, Jan. 1. Edward Loftus {ibid by same). 


1622-3, Jan. 24. Stavenets, one of the States ambassadors, 

prior to taking leave (at Whitehall). 
1622-3, Feb. 1. Heney Batten (Battey) {ihid, or at Theobalds). 
1622-3, Feb. 1. Philibert a Tuyll, a Serooskercke, Thienhouse, a 

lord of Zealand (letters patent dated at Westminster, with 

an augmentation of arms. Enrolled on the French Roll 201, 

membrane 46, Eecord Office). 
1622-3, Feb. 1. Verb a Cats, of Maelsted, a lord of Zealand (same). 

1622-3, Feb. 1. Philibert a Tuyll, Serooskercke, and Popkensburg, 

lord of Zealand (same). 
1622-3, Feb. 1. Henry a Tuyll, lord of Serooskercke, Stanenissen 

and Rynhus, a lord and councillor of Zealand and maritime 

Prefect of Middleburg (same). 
1622-3, Feb. 10 (12). John Proud, of Canterbury, Kent (at 

1622-3, Feb. 12. William Monson, of Kennersley, Surrey (ihid). 
1622-3, Feb. 21 (12). John Washington, of Co. Northampton, (at 

Newmarket) . 
1622-3, Mar. 2. John Meade, of Lofts, Essex (ihid). 
1622-3, Mar. 12. Thomas Sanders, of Agmondisham, Bucks. ('^6^(ZJ. 
1623, Mar. 25. Thomas (John) Symons, of Buckerell (Brightwell), 

Oxford (at Newmarket). 
1623, Apr. 17 (27). Richard Higham, of East Ham, Essex (at 

Hampton Court). 
1623, Apr. 17. William Dorrington, of Bremer, Southampton 

1623, Apr. 29. Charles Howard, son of the earl of Nottingham 

1623, Apr. 30. Robert Napper (Napier), of Lawton (Beds.) (at 

1623, Apr. Charles Moore (in Ireland by viscount Falkland). 
1623, May 4. John Burgh (Burghower, Burrovv^es), of Stowe, 

Lincoln (at Greenwich). 
1623, May 6. Christopher Yelverton, of Maudit, Northampton. 

1623, May 9 (29). Henry Audley, of Barton Benchurch, Essex 

(at Theobalds). 

1623, May 28. Spott, a Dutchman [ihid ? at Wansted). 

1623, June 2. Paul Fleetv^^ood (at Greenwich). 

1623, June 8. Peter Proby, lord mayor of London (ihid). 

1623, June 15. Erasmus de la Fountain, of Kirkby Bellers, 

Co. Leicester (ihid). 
1623, June 19. , a Dutchman (at Wanstead). See Spott 



1623, June 22. Heneage Finch, of Kent, recorder of London (at 

"Wansted or Greenwich). 
1623, June 29. George Crook (Croke), of Waterstock, Oxford (at 

1623, June 30. Edward Barkham, of Southam, Norfolk, baronet 

{ibid ? Theobalds). 
1623, June 30 (July 18). Thomas Cannon, of Haverford West, 

Pembroke (ibid). 
1623, July 13 (18, 12). Richard Lechford, of Selwood, Surrey (at 

Wanstead ? Theobalds). 
1623, July 18 (3). Thomas Cecil (at Theobalds). 
1623, July 21. Randall Cranfield, of London (at Whitehall). 
1623, Aug. 7. Henry Herbert, master of the Revels (at Wilton, 

the earl of Pembroke's). 
1623, Aug. 7. Thomas Morgan, of Glamorgan, steward to the Lord 

Chamberlain (at Wilton, the earl of Pembroke's). 
1623, Aug. 8. John Evelyn, of Westdean, Wilts, (at Salisbury). 
1623, Aug. 8. Thomas Sadler, of Salisbury (ibid). 
1623, Aug. 8. Miles Hobart (Hoberd), of Halford, Bucks, (ibid). 
1623, Aug. 8. Augustin Sotherton, of Davers, Norfolk (ibid). 
1623, Aug. 8. William Brown, of Ireland (ibid). 
1623, Aug. 10. Peter French (in Ireland by viscount Falkland). 
1623, Aug. 19 (14). John Bath, of Ireland (at Cranborne). 
1623, Aug. 26. Charles Berkley, of Bruton, Somerset (at Beaulieu, 

seat of the earl of Southampton). 
1623, Aug. 29. Henry Tichborne, of Hampshire (of Ireland) (at 

1623, Sept. 3. Bevis Thelwall, of Easthampstead (at Easthamp- 

1623, Sept. 4. John Home, earl Home (in Ireland by viscount 

1623, Sept. 4. Richard Southwell (ibid by same). 
1623, Sept. 7. Richard Kingsmill (at Windsor). 
1623, Sept. 12. William Plater (Plaiters) of Soterby, Suffolk (at 

1623, Sept. 13. Henry Spottesworth (in Ireland by viscount 

1623, Sept. 29. Christopher Darcy (at Hampton Court). 
1623, Oct. 3. Simon Harvy, remembrancer of the Household (at 

1623, Oct. 4. James Hilderston (Hillersdon), a Scotchman 


1623, Oct. 4. John Cotton, one of the Serjeants at arms (at Hamp- 
ton Court). 

1623. Oct. 4. Hugh Cullum (in Ireland by viscount Falkland). 

1623, Oct. 10. Toby Mathew, of Co. Yorks. (at Royston). 

1623, Oct. 23. Edmund Blanchvile (in Ireland by viscount 

1623, Oct. 28. Kenelm Digby, of Goteburst, Bucks, (at Hincbin- 

1623, Nov. 8. Nicholas Walsh (in Ireland by viscount Falkland). 
1623, Nov. 12. Christopher Wray, of Kent (at Theobalds). 
1623, Nov. 12. Jasper Fowler, of Dover (ihid). 
1623, Nov. 17. Thomas Crew, of Stean, Co. Northampton, a 

serjeant-at-law (at Whitehall). 
1623, Nov. 17. Thomas Hedley (Hetley), of Brampton, Co. 

Huntingdon, a serjeant-at-law (ihid). 
1623, Nov. 22. Thomas Moston (Moisten), of Flint (at Theobalds). 
1623, Nov. 27. Theobald Roche (in Ireland by viscount Falkland). 

1623, Dec. 1 (Nov. 23). Giles Overbury, of Burton, Co. Gloucester. 

(at Theobalds). 
1623, Dec. 1. John Strode (Stroude), of Chantmarell, Co. Dorset. 

1623, Dec. 2. William Smith, of Hill Hall, Essex (ihid). 
1623, Dec. 3. Thomas Longvill, of Cannons, Berks, (ihid). 
1623, Dec. 7. John Bridgeman, of Nymphsfield (Mirfield), Co. 

Gloucester, a serjeant-at-law (at Whitehall). 
1623, Dec. 8. Thady Duffe, mayor of Dublin (ia Ireland by 

viscount Falkland). 
1623, Dec. 8. William Howard, son of lord William (at White- 
1623, Dec. 16. Edward Wingfield (in Ireland by viscount 

1623-4, Jan. 6. Arthur Blundell [ihid by same). 
1623-4, Jan. 11 (1). John Lloyd (Fluid), of Keyswin, Co. 

Merioneth, (at Whitehall). 
1623-4, Jan. 15. Egremont Thinn, of Braxborne, Co. Herts., a 

serjeant-at-law (at Theobalds). 
1623-4, Feb. 8. Henry O'Neale (in Ireland by viscount Falkland), 
1623-4, Feb. 12. Walter Covert, of Vintners, Maidstone, Kent 

(at Whitehall). 
1623-4, Feb. 22. Peter Curteen (Courteen), a Dutchman, of 

Belgium and London (ihid). 
1623-4, Feb. 22. Robert Carew (in Ireland by viscount Falkland). 


1623-4, Feb. 25. William Ingram, of York, (at Hampton Court). 
1624, Feb. 26. Arthur Smithes (Smithies), of Obden (Olden), Co. 

Gloucester, (at Hampton Court). 
1624, Mar. 4. Thomas Crooke, of Carbery, Ireland (at Theobalds). 
1624, Mar. 11 (10). Ealph Cantrell, of Hemmington, Suffolk (at 

1624, Mar. 23. William Dove, of Upton, son of tbe bisliop of 

Peterborough, Co. ISTortbampton. (at Wbiteball). 

1624, Apr. 2. Charles Howard, son to the earl of Nottingham 

(at Theobalds). 

1624, Apr. 9. Cornelius Baltis (Baltris), of Tregose, in Zealand 

1624, Apr. 19. John Saunders, of Marston Moretaine, Co. Beds. 

1624, May 7. Walter Roberts, of Glastonbury, Kent (at Green- 

1624, May 9. John Brereton (in Ireland by viscount Falkland). 
See infra. 

1624, May 18. William Roberts, of Willesden, Co. Middl. (at 

1624, May 19 (20). John Brereton, of Brereton, Cheshire (ihid). 
See supra. 

1624, May 23. Martin Lumley, lord mayor of London (ihid). 

1624, June 1. John Danvers, of Culworth, Co. Northampton. 

(at Theobalds). 
1624, June 2. Anthony Irby, of Whaplode, Co. Lincoln, (ihid). 
1624, June 2. Richard Onslowe, of Knoll Cranley, Surrey (ihid). 
1624, June 6. Roger Jones, of Sligo (in Ireland by viscount 

1624, June 10. Lucas Dillon, of Ireland (at Greenwich). 
1624, June 10. Thomas Couny(Cunny), of Hescomblind (Wisholme), 

Co. Rutland, (ihid). 
1624, June 13. Peter Gleen (Glean), of Norwich, alderman (ihid). 
1624, June 14 (15). John Huizon (Husseyn), of Middelburg, in 

Zealand (at Theobalds). 
1624, June 15. William Cobbe, of Adderbury, Co. Oxford, (ihid). 
1624, June 17. Humphrey Davenport, of Cheshire, a serjeant at 

law (at Greenwich). 
1624, June 19. William Theckston (at Wanstead). 
1624, June 23. Edward Hawley, of Buckland, Co. Somerset, (at 



1624, July 2. George (Geegohy) Winter, of Durham, Co. 

Gloucester, (at Oatlands). 
1624, July 4. Robert Crayford (Craford), of St. Margarets by 

Rochester, Kent (at "Windsor). 

1624, July 7 (9). Ralph Done, of Duddon, Cheshire (ibid ? White- 

1624, July 9. Francis Bindloss (Benloss), of Kendington, Co. 
Lanes, (at Kensington). 

1624, July 10. Thomas Whorwood, of Sandwell, Co. Stafford, (at 

1624, July 10. William Leigh, of Oldesthorpe, Co. Gloucester. 

1624, July 13. Christopher O'Dempsie (in Ireland by viscount 

1624, July 14. Theodore Mayhern, the King's Physician (at 

1624, July 14. Thomas Conway, senr. (ibid). 
1624, July 14. Thomas Conway, junr. (ibid). 

1624, July 17. John Borrough (Boroughs), Norroy King of Arms 

1624, July 17. John Conyers, captain, of Co. Worcester (ibid). 
1624, July 17. Jacob Astley (Ashley), of Norfolk (ibid). 
1624, July 18. Peter Le Maier, of London (at Royston). 
1624, July 19. Clement Scudamore, sheriff of Herts, (in the 

highway between Royston and Houghton Lodge). 
1624, July 20. William Fleetwood, cupbearer (at Houghton 

1624, July 20. Samuel Luke, of Woodend, Co. Beds. (ibid). 
1624, July 23. Francis Clarke, of Houghton Conquest, Co. Beds., 

sheriff of Beds, (in the way between Bletsoe and Castle 

1624, July 24. Luke FitzGerald (in Ireland by viscount Falkland). 
1624, July 25. William Lytton, of Knebworth, Herts, (at Castle 

Ashby, the seat of the earl of Northampton). 
1624, Aug. 3. George Quarles (at Burley on the Hill, the seat of 

the duke of Buckingham). 
1624, Aug. 3. John Taaffe (in Ireland by viscount Falkland). 
1624, Aug. 4. John Bale, of Carlton Curleiw, sheriff of Co. 

Leicester, (at Belvoir). 
1624, Aug. 5. Six Frenchmen of the retinue of the French 

ambassador who pursued the Royal footsteps throughout 

the progress (at Belvoir). 


1624, Aug. 7. John Savage, son and heir to viscount Savage 
(at Belvoir). 

1624, Aug. 7. John Winter, of Lydney, Gloucester, (ibid). 
1624, Aug. 7. John Thimbleby, of Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 
1624, Aug. 7. John Medlicot (ibid). 

1624, Aug. 8. Thomas Hartop, of Burton Lazars, Co. Leicester, (at 

1624, Aug. 8. EiCHARD Blake, of Galway (in Ireland by viscount 

1624, Aug. 10. John FitzHerbert, of Norbury, Co. Derby, (at 

Welbeck, the seat of Sir W. Cavendish). 
1624, Aug. 10. John FitzHerbert, of Tissington, Co. Derby. 

1624, Aug. 14. Mathew Palmer, of Southwell, sheriff of Notts. 

(at Nottingham). 
1624, Aug. 16. Eoger Cooper, of Thurgarton, Co. Notts, (at 

1624, Aug. 17. Henry Eainsford, of Clifford Chambers, Co. 

Gloucester, (at Tutbury). 
1624, Aug. 18. Edward Vernon, of Sudbury, Co. Derby (ibid). 
1624, Aug. 18. Gervaise Cutler, of Stoynborough, Co. Yorks. 

1624, Aug. 19. John Skeffington, of Skeffington, Co. Leicester., 

sheriff' of Stafford (at Tam worth). 
1624, Aug. 20. Richard Skeffington, of Fisherwick, Co. Staff, (at 

Bastwell Hall, ? Berkswell or Balsall). 
1624, Aug. 21. Simon Archer, of Tam worth, Co. Warwick, (at 

Warwick Castle). 
1624, Aug. 24. Arthur Hyde (in Ireland by viscount Falkland). 
1624, Aug. 28. John Repington, of Atherston, Co. Warwick, (at 

1624, Aug. 28. Ralph Dutton, of Standish, Co. Gloucester, (ibid). 
1624, Aug. 29. Timothy Tirrell (at Shotover Lodge, Sir Timothy 

Tirrell's Lodge in Oxfordshire). 
1624, Aug. 29. John Farmer (Fermer), of Swinerton, Co. Oxford. 

1624, Aug. 30. Richard Boyle, viscount Dungarvan (in Ireland 

by viscount Falkland). 
1624, Aug. 30. Richard Smyth (ibid by same). 
1624, Aug. 30. George Boyle (ibidhy same). 
1624, Sept. 9. Peter Aylward [ibid by same). 


1624, Sept. 9. John Cook, of Hall Court, Co. Herts,, master of 

requests (at Whitehall). 
1624, Sept. 13. John CopriNGER (in Ireland by viscount Falkland). 
1624, Sept. 19. Thomas Fanshaw, of Jenkins, Co. Essex (at 

1624, Sept. 19. Yaleresso, the Venetian ambassador (ibid on 

his farewell audience). 
1624, Sept. 23. William Terry (Tirret), of London (at Enfield). 
1624, Sept. 26. Anthony Browne, of Kingston, Surrey (at 

Hampton Court). 

1624, Sept. 26. , a Scotchman (ibid). 

1624, Oct. 3. Edward Carre, senior, of Hillingdon, Co. Surrey (at 

1624, Oct. 3. Edward Carre, junior, a gentleman pensioner (ibid). 
1624, Oct. 5. Henry Gibb (Gill) (ibid). 

1624, Oct. 29. William Gourdon, a Scotchman (at Eoyston). See 
p. 188 infra. 

1624, Nov. 6. William Major (Majon, Mayon, Mason), of Bering, 
a Dutchman (at Chesterford Park). 

1624, Nov. 19. Philip Parker, of Arwerton (Annerton), Suffolk 
(at Newmarket). 

1624, Dec. 2. Alexander Brett (at Newmarket). 

1624, Dec. 10. Walter Coppinger (in Ireland by viscount Falk- 

1624, Dec. 14. Brian Ianson (ibid by same). 

1624, Dec. 19. Egbert Rokewood, of Coldham Hall, Suffolk (at 

1624, Dec. 23 (29). Egbert Hudson (Hodgson) (at Whitehall). 

1624, Dec. 25. Two Scotch captains 

1624, Dec. 27. Archibald Douglas (at Whitehall). 

1624, Dec. 29. Four Frenchmen (ibid). 

1624, Dec. 30. Egbert Dallingtgn, master of Sutton's Hospital 

1624, Dec. 30. James St. Clere, a Scotchman (ibid) see infra. 
1624-5, Jan. 3. Patrick Drummgnd, a Scotchman (ibid). 

1624-5, Jan. 4. Boswell, a Scotchman (ibid). 

1624-5, Jan. 4 (29). St. Cleer (Singler), a Scotchman (ibid) 

see supra. 
1624-5, Jan. 29. James Eey (Roye), a Scotchman (at Theobalds). 


1624-5, Feb. 8. Thomas Swinboene, of Northumberland (at 

1624-5, Feb. 15. Nicholas Martin, of Devon, (ibid). 

1624-5, Feb. 20. Thomas Culpeper, of Kent (of Tegington, 

Sussex) (ibid). 
1624-5, Feb. 24. Eoger Thornton, of Swainwell, Co. Cambridge. 

(at Newmarket). 
1624r-5, Feb. 24. Edmond Sawyer, an auditor of the Exchequer 

Court, London (at Chesterford Park). 
1624-5, Feb. 28. Eichard Bettenson, of Essex (at Royston). 

1625, Apr. 12. Morris Abbot, merchant, alderman of London (at 

1625, Apr. 22. Abraham Williams, agent for the queen of 

Bohemia, clerk of the Signet (ibid). 
1625, Apr. 25. James (John) Lesley a Scot. (ibid). 
1625, Apr. 30. Paul Harris, of Boreatton, Salop, (ibid). 
1625, May 6. John Miller (Meller), of Little Bredy, Dorset. 

1625, May (?) Charles Glemham, master of the Household (ibid). 
1625, May 15. Edward Clerk, of Reading, Berks, (ibid). 
1625, May 20. Edward Griffin, of Braybrook Castle, Co. 

Northampton, (ibid), 
1625, May 24. John Hales, of Kent (ibid). 
1625, May 26. Walter Long, of Wraxhall, Wilts, (ibid). 
1625, May (?) Thurston (Truston) Smith, of Walpole, Sussex 

(Suffolk) (ibid). 
1625, June 9. George Malby (in Ireland by viscount Falkland). 
1625, June 15. Christopher Man, of Canterbury (at Canterbury). 
1625, June 15. John Finch, of Kent (ibid). 

1625, June 15. Robert Honiwood, of Pet (Charing), Kent (ibid). 
1625, June 18. Thomas Power, of Newcastle (at Whitehall). 
1625, June 20. Hugh Stuckley (Stewkly), of Hinton, Hants. 

1625, June 25. Robert Travers (in Ireland by viscount Falkland). 
1625, June 27 (18). Roger Martin, of Long Melford, Sussex (at 

1625, July 4. William Gourdox, a Scotchman (ibid) see p. 187 

1625, July 9. Martin Lyster (Bister) (at Hampton Court). 
1625, July 10. Morris Drummond, a Scotchman (ibid). 


1625, July 16. Nicholas Row, of Muswell Hill, Middlesex (at 

1625, July 17. Richard Hutton, of Goldsborougli, Yorks. (ibid). 
1625, July 19. Morgan Randall (Randel), of Oxenford, Co. 

Surrey (at Woking). 
1625, Aug. 2 (?3). Thomas Pope, of Wroxton, Co. Oxford, (at 

1625, Aug. 7. Thomas Morton, of Eastnor, Kent (ihid). 
1625, Aug. 7. Thomas York, of Brackley, Northamptonshire 

1625, Aug. 8. TnoiviAS Baker (ibid). 

1625, Aug. 11. Francis Ackland (in Ireland by viscount Falk- 
1625, Aug. 15. Henry Killigrew (at Woodstock). 
1625, Aug. 25. Richard Whitburne (in Ireland by viscount 

1625, Aug. 25. William Bishoppe, mayor of Dublin {ibid by 

1625, Aug. 31. William Saunderson, of Co. Lincoln, (at Albury). 
1625, Aug. 31. Thomas Broderick (Bordery, Brodery), of 

Arnbury, Co. Wilts, (ibid). 
1625, Sept. 4. William Morley (at Titcbfield). 
1625, Sept. 12. John Ashburnham, of Bromham, Sussex (ibid). 
1625, Sept. 13. Edward Barkley, of Bruton, Somerset, (at 

1625, Sept. 15. Richard Reynel, of East Ogwell, Devon, (at Ford). 
1625, Sept. 15. Thomas Reynel, brother of abovesaid Sir Richard 

1625, Sept. 15. John Yong (Young) (ibid). 
1625, Sept. 16. John Chichester, of Devon, (at Plymouth). 
1625, Sept. 17. John Carew, of Devon, (ibid). 
1625, Sept. 19. James Bagg, of Plymouth (at Salcombe). 
1625, Sept. 26. Simon Leech, of Cadley, Devon, (at Ford). 
1625, Sept. 27. Francis Doddington (Dorrington), of Doddington, 

Somerset, (at Hinton). 
1625, Sept. 27. Thomas (Amyas) Pawlet, of Somerset, (ibid). 
1625, Sept. 28 (?23). Thomas Thornix (Thornhurst), of Kent 

(at Plymouth). 
1625, Sept. 28. William Courtney, of Devon, (ibid). 
1625, Sept. 28. Henry Sprye, of Devon., captain (ibid). 
1625, Sept. 28. James (Thomas) Scot, captain (ibid). 


1625, Sept. 28. Sheffield (John) Clapham (at Plymoutli) 

1625, Sept. 28 (23). John Gibson, captain (ibid). 

1625, Sept. 28. Henry (Francis) Willoughby, captain (ibid). 

1625, Sept. 28. Thomas Love, captain (ibid). 

1625, Sept. 28. Michael Gear (Gere), captain (ibid). 

1625, Sept. 28. John Watts, captain (ibid). 

1625, Sept. 28. John Chidley (Chudleigh), captain, of Devon. 

1625, Oct. 3. Thomas Jay, of Netherhaven, Wilts, (at Wilton). 

1625, Oct. 18. Eobert Cock, clerk of the check (at Salisbury). 

1625, Oct. 31. Richard Shelden, solicitor general (at Hampton 

1625, Nov. 3. Edward Bathurst, of Horton Kirby, Kent (at 

1625, Nov. 22. John Netter vile (in Ireland by viscount Falkland). 

1625, Dec. 18. Edward Bishop, of Parham, Sussex (at Hampton 

1625, Dec. 27. Edw^ard Spencer, filius domini Spencer, of Baston, 

Co. Middl. (ibid). 

1625, Dec. (PSept.), 29. Peter Killigrew (ibid). 

1625-6, Feb. 2. Brian Maguire (in Ireland by viscount Falkland). 

1626, Mar. 27 (Coronation day). Lucius Gary (ibid by same). 
1626, Mar. 27. Edward Brabazon (ibid by same). 

1626, Mar. 27. Henry Blaney [ibid by same). 

1626, Mar. 27. Anthony Brabazon {ibid by same). 

1626, Apr. 12. Dodmore Cotton (at Whitehall). 

1626, May 12. William Killigrew, son of Sir Robert (ibid). 

1626, May 19. Hugh Cholmondeley, of Whitby Abbey, Yorks. 

1626, June 4. Charles Coote, junior, (in Ireland by viscount 

1626, June 6. John Lowther (Loder), of Loder, Westmorland (at 

1626, June 14 (4). John Gore, late lord mayor of London (ibid). 
1626, June 14 (4). Allen Cotton, then lord mayor of London 



1626, June 26. Marmaduke Whitechurcii (in Ireland by viscount 

1626, July 2. Francis Harvey, of Cotton End, Co. Northampton. 

(at Whitehall). 
1626, July 9. Edward Denttt (in Ireland by viscount Falkland). 
1626, July 11. Thomas Harris (ibid by same). 
1626, July 22. John Underhill (at Oatlands). 
1626, Sept. 7. William Gardner, of Peckham, Surrey (at Hampton 

1626, Nov. 26. John Clotworthy (in Ireland by viscount Falkland). 
1626, Nov. 26. James Dillon (ihid by same). 

1626, Nov. 27. George Knevit (Cenit, Kevitt, Kerrit), a captain 
(at Whitehall). 

1626, Nov. 30. Thomas Huncks (ibid). 

1626, Dec. 2. Thomas Eichardson, of Thorpmarket, Co. Norfolk 

1626, Dec. 3. Walter Leech, of Cadley, Co. Devon, (ibid). 
1626, Dec. 6. Simonds D'Ewes, of Stow Langloft, Suffolk (ibid). 

1626, Dec. 9. Miles Sands (Sandys), of Wilburton, Co. Cambridge. 

1626, Dec. 11. Eichard Minshull, of Cheshire (ibid). 

1626, Dec. (?) Egbert Sands, brother of aforesaid Sir Miles (ibid). 

1626, Dec. 16. Peter Wiche, of London, ambassador to Constanti- 

nople (ibid). 

1626-7, Jan. 28. Nicholas Hide, lord chief justice, of Marlborough, 
Wilts, (ibid). 

1626-7, Feb. 8. Francis Clark, of Hitcham, Bucks, (ibid). 

1626-7, Feb. 11 (21). George Kemp, of Pentlow, Essex (ibid). 

1626-7, Mar. 4. William Craven, afterwards lord Craven, of 
London (at Newmarket). 

1626-7, Mar. 6. William Carr, son of Sir Eobert (ibid). 

1626-7, Mar. (?May) 21 [? 1627-8]. William Peshal (Pelshull) 

1626-7, Mar. 22. William Alexander (at Whitehall). 

1627, Apr. 9. Christopher Trentham, of Co. Stafford (ibid). 

1627, Apr. 10. Edward Seabridge (Sebright), of Besford, Co. 
Worcester (ibid). 


1627, Apr. 14. Robert Barkly, one of tlie King's serjeants-at-law, 

of SpetcHey, Worcester. (At Whitehall). 
1627, Apr. 19. Thomas Kelleyon (Kellion, Kelley), of Scotland 


1627, Apr. 21. Toby Cage, of Woodford Bridge (ibid). 

1627, Apr. 21. Edward Bagshaw (in Ireland by viscount Falkland). 

1627, Apr. 29. John Hanbery, of Kellmarsh, Co. Northampton, (at 

1627, Apr. 29. William Bryers, of Co. Bedford (^bid). 

1627, May 20. Cuthbert Hacket, lord mayor of London (ibid). 

1627, May 23 (28). Martin Snouckaert (Snowkart), of Scanbergh, 
Flanders (ibid). 

1627, June 20 (21). Richard Greenville (Grenvyle), a captain 
going the voyage with the duke of Buckingham (at 

1627, June 20 (21). Thomas Fryer, a captain as above (ibid). 

1627, June 20 (21). William Cunningham, a captain as above 

1627, June 20 (21). John Talcarn (Tolcarn), a captain as above 

1627, June 21. Con Magenis (in Ireland by viscount Falkland). 

1627, June 22. Daniel Norton (at Southwich, Hants., seat of the 
said Sir Daniel). 

1627, June 22. John Savill, of Lupset, Co. Yorks. (ibid). 

1627, June 26. Simon Harcourt (Harecourt), captain (at 

1627, July 7. Robert Honiwood, servant to the queen of Bohemia 
(at Oatlands). 

1627, July 17. Drew Dean, of Dineshall, Essex (at Theobalds). 

1627, July 22. George (John) Russel, of Richmonds, Co. Beds, (at 

1627, July 23. Henry Austrey, of Woodcnd (ibid). 

1627, July 24. Matthew de Renzi (in Ireland by viscount Falk- 

1627, July 29. L.\urence Washington (at Alderton). 

1627, Aug. 5. George St. George (in Ireland by viscount Falk- 

1627, Aug. 5. Richard Butler, of Knocktofer {ibid by same). 

1627, Aug. 7. Edward Clark, of Arlington, Berks, (at Bisham). 

1627, Aug. 22. Cope Doyley, of Greenland, Bucks, (at Windsor). 


1627, Sept. 23. 

These six Knights following were Imighted hy the king of 
Sweden at Darsaw, in Prussia, in the midst of his whole 
army in the King's tent ivith great honour and triumph, 
the King himself at the same time receiving the Order 
of the Garter, being upon Sunday, Sept. 23. The first 
two of these six Knights loere sent ivith the said Order 
of the Garter as amhassadors from the king of England 
to the lung of Sweden; ivho liheivise gave to each of 
them as a perpetual badge of honour the arms of the 
kingdom of Siveden to be joined with their oton arms 
for ever. 

Peter Yong, gentleman usher and daily waiter to the King 

of England, a Scotchman. 
Henry St. George, Richmond herald, of Cambridge. 
Patrick (Palmer) Euthin, colonel, a Scotchman. 
Alexander Lesley, colonel, a Scotchman. 
Thomas Muschamp, colonel, of Co. Northampton, 
John Heybron (Hebron), lieutenant colonel, a Scotchman. 

1627, Oct. 8. Henry Morison, of Tuly Park, Co. Leicester, (at 

1627, Oct. 13. William Blake, of Kensington, Middlesex (ibid). 
1627, Oct. 13. Garret Rainsford (ibid). 
1627, Oct. 31. William Denney, of Norwich, one of the King's 

Counsel-at-law (ibid). 
1627, Dec. 5. John Tueton, son to lord Tufton (ibid). 
1627, Dec. 7. Anthony St. Leger (in Ireland by viscount Falkland). 
1627, Dec. 9. Thomas Gough, of Waterford {ibid by same). 
1627, Dec. 23. George Vernon, of Hassington, a baron of the 

Exchequer (at Whitehall). 
1627-8, Jan. 20. Francis Ratcliff, of Newcastle, Northumberland 

1627-8, Jan. 26. James Cutseus, syndic of Dordrecht. 
1627-8, Jan. 27. John Terril (Tirrell), of Essex (at Whitehall). 
1627-8, Feb. 1. Philip Oldfield, of Somerford, Cheshire (ibid). 
1627-8, Feb. 5. Marmaduke Langdale, of Peghall, Co. Yorks. 

1627-8, Feb. 13. Robert Forth (in Ireland by viscount Falkland). 
1627-8, Feb. 15. White Beconshaw, of Moyl's Court, Hants, (at 



1627-8, Feb. 17. Christopher Garvey (in Ireland by viscount 

1627-8, Feb. 18. Basil Dixwell, of Folkestone, Kent (at White- 

1627-8, Feb. 20. William Maynard (in Ireland by viscount Falk- 

1627-8, Mar. 11. Henry Acheson (ibid by same). 

1628, Mar. 21. William Peshall, of Cannell, Staffs, (at Whitehall). 

1628, Mar, 26. Edward Gary (in Ireland by viscount Falkland). 

1628, Apr. 1. Timothy Featherston (Featherstonhalgh), of 

Northumberland (at Whitehall). 
1628, Apr. 1. Lewis Boyle, viscount Kinalmeakie (dubbed in 

1628, Apr, 1. Roger Boyle, lord Boyle of Broghill (ihid by same). 
1628, Apr. 14. Thomas Lucas, of Colchester (at Whitehall). 
1628, Apr. 16. John Sackvil, of Suddlescomb, Sussex (ibid). 
1628, Apr. 29. Thomas Lewis, of Penmalk, Co. Glamorgan, (ibid). 
1628, May 12. Charles Crofts, of Bardwell, Suffolk (ibid). 

1628, May 20. Edward Richards (Richard), of Southampton 

1628, May 21. Alexander Macdonell, bart. (dubbed in Ireland). 

1628, May 23. John Lyster, of Lincel (Linell ? Linton), Co. 

Yorks. (at Whitehall). 
1628, May 25. Hugh Bethel, of Alne, Yorks. (ibid). 
1628, June 3. Robert Morton, of Easture, Kent (ibid). 
1628, June 4. Thomas Hope, of Scotland (ibid). 
1628, June 8. Hugh Hammersley, lord mayor of London (ibid). 
1628, June 10. Thomas Cary (dubbed in Ireland). 
1628, June 29. Thomas Gerrard (Garret), of Ashby de la Zouch 

(at Whitehall). 
1628, June 29. John Trelawney, of Trelawney, Cornwall (ibid). 
1628, June (?) Walter Langdon, of Keverel, Cornwall (ibid). 
1628, July 11 (? June 12). John Fotherby, of Canterbury (ibid). 
1628, July 11. John Rowth, of Romiley, Derbyshire (ibid). 
1628, July 12. William Hopkins, of Coventry (ibid). 
1628, July 27. William Vaughan (dubbed in Ireland), 
1628, Aug. 5. John Mills, of Devington, Kent (at Bewley). 
1628, Aug. 6. Thomas Staples, bart. (dubbed in Ireland). 
1628, Aug. 6. Cyprian Horsfall (ibid). 


1628, Aug. 16. Thomas Esmond (Ismond), captain, of Ireland (at 

Bewley or Southwick). 
1628, Aug. 16. John Crosby, captain (ibid). 
1628, Aug. 16. EoBERT Grise (Le Gris), captain (ibid). 
1628, Aug. 16 (PAug. 1). John Langwoeth, captain (ibid). 
1628, Aug. 16. John Harvey, captain (ibid). 
1628, Sept. 1. John Leigh, of Newport, in the Isle of Wight 

1628, Sept. 8. Thomas Culpepper, of Sussex (at Farnham). 
1628, Sept. 9. Christopher Bellew (dubbed in Ireland), 
1628, Sept. 23 (13). George (John) Wilmot, of Charlton, Berks 

(at Windsor). 
1628, Sept. 24. Lodovick ab Alteren, a Dutchman (ibid). 
1628, Sept. 25. Cornelius Fairmadow, a gentleman pensioner, of 

Fulham, Middl (ibid). 
1628, Oct. 29. Edward Dodsworth, of Troutsdale, Yorks. (at 

1628, Nov. 2. William Salter, of Ritchking, Co. Bucks, (ibid). 
1628, Nov. 8. Jervis Nevil, of Haddington, of Co. Gloucester. 

(Lincoln.) (ibid). 
1628, Dec. 4. Eowland de la Hyde (dubbed in Ireland). 
1628, Dec. 6. William Catchmay, of Brixweer, Co. Gloucester, (at 

1628, Dec. 9 (19). William Ashton, of Tingery, Co. Beds, (at 

1628, Dec. 9. George Grimes (Crimes), of Peckham, Surrey (ibid). 
1628, Dec. 10. William Quadring, of Iraby, Co. Lincoln, (at 

1628, Dec. 10. Cheyney Culpepper, of Hollingborn, Kent (ibid). 
1628, Dec. 14. Tegue McMahon, bart. (dubbed in Ireland). 
1628, Dec. 23. James Harrington, of Merton, Co. Oxford, (at 

1628-9, Jan. 1. John Bracken (Bracking), of Eaton, Co. Beds., 

cupbearer (ibid). 
1628-9, Jan. 6. Cornelius Vermuyden, of Hadfield, Co. Yorks. 

1628-9, Jan. 7. John Heydon, of Baconsthorp (Barkenslop), Co. 

Norfolk (ibid). 
1628-9, Jan. 9. Richard Graham (Grimes), of Eske, Cumberland 

1628-9, Jan. 22. William Rowe, of Higham Hill, Essex (ibid). 


1628-9, Jan. 27. Richard Manley, one of the Board of Greenclotli 
(at Whitehall). 

1629, Mar. 25. Lewis Morgan, son of Sir Thomas (ibid). 

1629, Apr. 20 (26). Jervis Elwis (Elwes), of Co. Notts (? North- 
ampton) (ihid). 

1629, Apr. 28. William Dalton, of York city (ihid). 

1629, May 3. Robert De Yere, earl of Oxford (at Greenwich). 

1629, May 31. Richard Dean, lord mayor of London (ihid). 

1629, May 31. William Acton, sheriff of London (ihid). 

1629, June 11. William Galley, of Burdrop, Wilts, (ihid). 

1629, June 11. [Captain] Balthezer (Balthazar), a Dutchman 
[one of the retinue of the Queen] {ibid). 

1629, June 21. Cranmer Harris, of Creeksea, Essex (ihid). 

1629, June 28. John Lee, of Lawshal, Suffolk (ibid). 

1629, June 28. John Wilson (dubbed in Ireland). 

1629, July 6. Hardresse Waller, of Kent (at Nonsuch). 

1629, July 19. Anthony Mansel, of Bretton Ferry, Co. Gloucester., 
Glamorgan (at Greenwich). 

1629, Aug. 11. PoPHAM Southcot, of Mohun's Awtry, Devon, (at 

1629, Aug. 14. Henry Cason, of Peyton, Suffolk (at Bagshot). 

1629, Aug. 18. Charles Wiseman, of Steventon, Berks, (at Barton). 

1629, Aug. 19. John Yate (Yates), of Buckland, Berks, (ibid). 

1629, Aug. 23. Nathaniel Brent, doctor at law, warden of 
Merton College, Oxford (at Woodstock). 

1629, Aug. 27. William Spencer, of Yarnton, Co. Oxford, (at 

1629, Aug. 28. John (William) Stoneiiouse, of Radley, Berks, (at 

1629, Sept. 5. William Anderson (dubbed in Ireland). 

1629, Sept. 24. Thomas Worteley (at Hampton Court). 

1629, Oct. 3. Valentine Blake (dubbed in Ireland). 

1629, Oct. 4. Thomas Warner, captain of the ship "St. Chris- 
topher" (at Hampton Court). 

1629, Oct. 16. Christopher Abdy, of Belgat, Kent (ihid). 

1629, Oct. (?). John Peshall (ihid). 

John BoWen (dubbed in Ireland). 
William Gilbert (ibid). 
RossE Cary (ihid). 
John Veel (ihid). 














1629, Nov. 15. Edwaud Povey (in Ireland by viscount Loftus and 

the earl of Cork, lords justices of Ireland). 
1629, Dec. 9. Leonaed Feeby (Feeeby), of Pauls Cray, Kent (by 

the King at Wbiteball). 
1629, Dec. 9. Edmond Moulfoed (Mondefoed, Mountfoed), of 

Feltwal, Norfolk (ibid). 

1629, Dec. 9. Thomas Gawdy, of Gawdy Hall, Norfolk (ibid). 
1629-30, Jan. 17. Peecy Smith (in Ireland by viscount Loftus and 

the earl of Cork, lords justices of Ireland). 
1629-30, Feb. 6. Feedinando Caeey (at Whitehall by the King). 
1629-30, Feb. 7 (21, 27). Ralph Blackstone, of Blackstone, Yorks. 

1629-30, Feb. 11. Thomas Thoenboeough, of Elmley, Worcester. 

1629-30, Feb. 12. Nicholas Bieon, of Norfolk (ibid). 
1629-30, Feb. 15. Edmund Scot, of Lambeth, Surrey (ibid). 
1629-30, Feb. 21. Petee Paul Eubens, ambassador from the Arch- 
1629-30, Feb. 28. Dudley Loftus (in Ireland by viscount Loftus 

and the earl of Cork, lords justices of Ireland). 
1629-30, Feb. 28. James Waee {ibid by same). 
1629-30, Mar. 1, Dudley Caeleton, of Holcombe, Co. Oxford, (at 

Newmarket by the King). 
1629-30, Mar. 12. John Beowne (in Ireland by viscount Loftus 

and the earl of Cork, lords justices of Ireland). 
1629-30, Mar. 21. Geoege Heebeet, of Dorrow, Ireland (at 

Whitehall by the King). 

1630, Apr. 17. Laueence de La Chambee, of Rodmell, Sussex (at 

Somerset House). 
1630, Apr. 25. Geoege Wentwoeth, of Whalley, Yorks. (at 

1630, May 1. John Moeley, of Chichester (ibid). 
1630, May 3. Olivee Nicholas, of Manningford Bruce, Wilts, (at 

Somerset House). 
1630, May 23. James Cambell, lord mayor of London (at Whitehall). 
1630, May 25. Philip Stapleton, of Walter, Co. Yorks. (ibid). 
1630, June 1. William Faiefax, of Co. Yorks. (ibid). 
1630, June 4. Robeet Needham (at St. James's). 
1630, June 6. Philip Langdon (Langton), of Handleby(Haldenby), 

Co. Lincoln, (at Whitehall). 
1630, June 7. Edwaed Mastees, of East Handon (Langdon), Kent 

(ibid or St. James's). 


1630, June 13. Charles Pointz (dubbed in Ireland). 

1630, June 24. Thomas Gower, of Sittenbam, Torks. (at 

1630, June 24. William Strickland, of Hildingley, Co. Torks. 

1630, June 27. Jervis Scroop, of Cockrington, Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 

1630, June 28. Edward Lloyd, of Bertbloyd, Montgomery, (ibid 

or St. James's). 
1630, June ? (July) (29). Walter Pye, of tbe Minde, Co. Here- 
ford, (at Wbiteball). 
1630, June (29). James Stuart, duke of Lennox (z6z(^ or St. James's). 
1630, July 4. Stephen Scot, of Hayes, Kent (at Wbiteball). 
1630, July (4 ?). John Harper, of Swarson (Swarkston), Derby- 

sbire (ibid). 
1630, July 7. James Montgomery, a Scotcbman (ibid). 
1630, July 9. Richard Pigot, of Dotbersol, Bucks, (at Tbeobalds). 
1630, July 15. Christopher Forster, mayor of Dublin (in 

Ireland by viscount Loftus and tbe earl of Cork, lords 

justices of Ireland). 
1630, July 15. James Moore (ibid by same). 
1630, July 15. Thomas Meredyth (ibid by same). 
1630, July 15. Walsingham Coke (ibid by same). 
1630, July 19. Thomas Bowes, of Mucb Bromley Hall, Essex (at 

Nonsucb by tbe King). 
1630, Aug. Robert Eaton (in Ireland by viscount Loftus and tbe 

earl of Cork, lords justices of Ireland). 
1630, Sept. 4 (14). John Thorowgood, of London (at Moor Park 

by tbe King). 
1630, Sept. (?Dec.) 19. John Suckling, of Wbitton in Twicken- 

bam, Co. Middl. (at Tbeobalds). 
1630, Sept. 27. Henry Dawtrey, of Moor in Petwortb, Sussex (at 

Hampton Court). 
1630, Sept. (?Dec. 27). Henry Atkins, son and lieir of Henry 

Atkins, doctor of pbysic and one of His Majesty's pbysicians- 

in-ordinary, of London (at Wbiteball). 
1630, Oct. 16 (6). Thomas Carlton (Charlton), of Cbarlton, 

Cumberland (at Hampton Court). 
1630, Dec. 2. Frederick Cornwallts, of Bromball, Suffolk (at 

1630, Dec. 2 (7, 27). Walter Alexander, of St. James's (ibid). 
1630, Dec. 14. Roger Lang ford (in Ireland by viscount Loftus 

and tbe earl of Cork, lords justices of Ireland). 
1630, Dec. 25. Edmund Plowden {ibid by same). 


1630-1, Jan. 11 (13). Thomas Swan, of Southfleet, Kent (at Theo- 
balds by the King). 
1630-1, Feb. 13. Vincent Gookin (in Ireland by viscount Loftus 

and the earl of Cork, lords justices of Ireland). 
1630-1, Feb. 15. Arthur Egbinson, of Deighton, Yorks. (at 

Whitehall by the King). 
1631, Apr. 25. Martin Barnham (Branham, Barham), of Holling- 

born (at Whitehall). 
1631, May 21. James Weston, a baron of the Exchequer, of Castle 

Camp, Co. Cambridge (at Greenwich). 
1631, June 5. Robert Ducy, bart., lord mayor of London (ibid). 
1631, June 7. John Banks, attorney general to the Prince, of 

Gray's Inn (at St. James's). 
1631, June 12. Robert Yelverton, servant to the queen of 

Bohemia (ibid). 
1631, Oct. 13. William Foley (Pooley), of Bickstead, Suffolk (at 

Hampton Court). 
1631, Oct. 30. John Caswell, a captain with the king of Sweden 

(at St. James's). 
1631, Nov. 5. Samuel Mayart (in Ireland by viscount Loftus and 

the earl of Cork, lords justices of Ireland). 
1631, Nov. 9. Gerrard Lowther (ibid by same). 
1631, Nov. 21. Edward Powel, bart., master of requests (at St. 

James's by the King). 
1631, Nov. 27 (21). Thomas Windham of Kentsford (Rensford), 

Somerset, (ibid). 
1631, Nov. 27. John Philpot, in Ireland by viscount Loftus and 

the earl of Cork, lords justices of Ireland. 
1631, Dec. 4. Lancelot Lowther (in Ireland by viscount Loftus 

and the earl of Cork, lords justices of Ireland). 

1631, Dec. 11. John (Thomas) Sherlock (ibid by same). 
1631-2, Feb. 2. William Piers (ibid). 

1631-2, Feb. 6. Soranzo, the Venetian Ambassador (by the King 

at St. James's). 
1631-2, Mar. 19 (18). William Witherington, of Widdrington, 

Northumberland (at Newmarket). 
1631-2, Mar. 22. George Devereux, of Sheldon, Warwick, (at 


1632, Apr. 30. Francis Astley, of Hill Morton, Warwick, (at 

1632, May 6. John Somerset, of Pontley Court, Co. Gloucester. 


1632, May 23. Eiciiaed Prime (Prince), of Shrewsbury (Salop) 

(at Greenwich). 
1632, May 27, George ( .^ William) Whitmore, lord mayor of 

London (ibid). 

1632, June 3. George Fleetwood, a colonel to the king of Sweden 

1632, June 6. George Carnegie, a Scotchman (ibid). 

1632, June 18. Francis Windebank, of Middlesex, secretary of 

state (ibid). 
1632, June 22. Francis Eainsford, a captain (at Theobalds). 
1632, July 2. James Carmichael, a Scotchman (at Oatlands). 
1632, July 3. George Carey, of Bradford, Devon., son of Sir 

Edward (at Greenwich). 
1632, July 5. Anthony Vandyke (at St. James's). 
1632, July 29. John Hall (at Oatlands). 
1632, Aug. 4. Robert Pain, of Barton Stacy, Hants., sheriff of 

Hampshire (at Bagshot Hill). 
1632, Aug. 24. Nicholas Slanning, of Devon, (at Nonsuch). 
1632, Sept. 11. John Melton, of Co. Yorks. (at Wanstead). 
1632, Sept. 30. Henry Atkins, D.Ph., of London (at Whitehall). 
1632, Nov. 4. Francis Crawley, of Luton, Beds. (ibid). 

1632, Nov. 22. Thomas Honiwood, of Mark Hall, Essex (at 
Hampton Court). 

1632, Dec. 8. Edward Alford, of Offington, Sussex (at Whitehall). 
1632-3, Feb. 24 (13, 18). William Brockman, of Bilchborow 

(Richborow) (ibid). 
1632-3, Mar. 4 (?Feb. 24). Arnold Wareing, of Sivington, Bucks. 

1632-3, Mar. (?4). John Colt (Coult), of Rickmansworth, Herts. 


1633, Apr. 21. Henry Knowlis (Knolles), of Grove Place, clerk 

comptroller of the King's House (ibid). 
1633, Apr. 21. John Ramsey (ibid). 
1633, May 2. Alexander Hall, of Allemer Hall, Northumberland 

1633, May 6. Nicholas Rainton, lord mayor of London (ibid). 
1633, May 8. John Wolstenholm, of Loudon (ibid). 
1633, May (?8). Abraham Dawes, of Putney (ibid). 
1633, May (?8). John Jacob, of Stansted, Essex (London) (ibid). 
1633, May 22. George Douglas, a Scotchman (at Worksop). 


1633, May 26. William Allenson, lord mayor of York (at York). 
1633, May 26. William Belt, of Overton, recorder of York (ibid). 
1633, May 27. Paul Neile, of Hutton Bonvile, York, son of tlie 

archbishop of York (at Bishopsthorpe). 
1633, June 4. Lionel Maddison (Matteson), mayor of Newcastle, 

of Northumberland (at Newcastle). 
1633, June 17. William Eobinson (Eiddell), of Newcastle (of 

Newby, Topcliff, Yorks.) (at Edinburgh). 
1633, July 4.* Edmund Bowyer, of Camberwell (at Dunfermline). 
1633, July 16. Pelham Gary, son of the earl of Dover (at Innerwick). 
1633, July 16. John Coke, son to Sir John Coke, deceased, principal 

secretary of State (ibid). 
1633, July 16. Patrick Abercromy, one of the band of gentlemen 

pensioners (knighted by the King in Master James Maxwell's 

house at Innerwick). 
1633, July 16. Thomas Hopton, a gentleman pensioner ut supra 

1633, July 16. Thomas Aston, a gentleman pensioner (knighted in 

Master James Maxwell's house at Innerwick). 
1633, July 16. William Eyre, a same (ibid). 
1633, July 16. James Achmuty, a same (ibid). 
1633, July 16. Francis Sidenham, a same (ibid). 
1633, July 16. Robert Wood, a same (ibid). 
1633, July 16. Matthew Howland, a same (ibid). 
1633, July 16. George Theobalds, a same (ibid). 
1633, July 16. John Saltingston, a same (ibid). 
1633, July 16. George Windham, a same (ibid). 
1633, July 16. David Kirk, a same (ibid). 
1633, July 16. Thomas Tress, a same (ibid). 
1633, July 16. John Thorowgood, a same (ibid). 
1633, July 16. Nicholas Servin (Selwin), a same (ibid). 
1633, July 16. John Temple, a same (ibid). 
1633, July 16. Roger Higs, a same (ibid). 
1633, July 17. Thomas Dakers, of Cumberland (at Berwick). 
1633, July 17. William Riddal, of Northumberland (at Newcastle). 
1633, July 25. William Boswell, resident for the King of Great 

Britain with the States of the United Provinces; was made 

knight by the lord Vere of Tilbury and other commissioners 

named in His Majesty's letters patent of 1633, June 8 
(in the army of the said States at Buckstal, near Balduck, 

in Brabant, the same day that the Prince Elector Palatine 

received the Order of the Garter). 

*^For the Scotch knights bachelors made by Charles in Scotland between June 13 and July 16, 1C33, see 
Introduction, vol. i. pp. liii.— Ixiii. 


1633, July 25. George Wentworth, fifth brother to the lord 
deputy (at Dublin Castle by viscount Wentworth, lord 
deputy of Ireland). 

1633, July 25. Thomas Danby, of Leighton, Co. York, (ibid by 

1633, July 25. Thomas Remington, of Lund, Co. York, {ibid by 

1633, Aug. 4. Richard Plomlet, captain of the King's ship called 

the " Antelope " {ibid by same). 
1633, Aug. 5. Richard Hobart, of London, groom porter (at 

Greenwich by the King). 
1633, Aug. 5. Selwin Parker, of Eastford, Sussex, a gentleman 

pensioner (ibid). 
1633, Aug. 27. Thomas Coghil, of Bletchington, Co, Oxford, sheriff 

of Oxfordshire (at Woodstock). 
1633, Aug. 27. Erancis Norris, of Weston, Co. Oxford, (at 


1633, Nov. 1. George Radcliffe, eldest son of Nicholas Radcliffe, 

of Overthorpe, Co. York, (at Dublin Castle by lord Went- 
worth, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1633-4, Feb. 4. Thomas Dayrel (Darrell), of Lillingstone Dayrell, 
Bucks, (at Whitehall by the King). 

1634, Mar. 27. Lorenzo Cary (at Dublin Castle by lord Wentworth, 

lord deputy of Ireland). 

1634, Apr. 2. William Boswell, see supra p. 201. 

1634, Apr. 14 (24). John (Thomas) Pennington, vice admiral 
(aboard the "Unicorn," by the King). 

1634, Apr. 23. William Le Neve, of Aslacton, Norfolk, norroy 
king of arms (at Whitehall). 

1634, Apr. 27. Arthur Loftus (at Dublin Castle by lord Went- 
worth, lord deputy of Ireland). 

1634, June 1. Thomas Moulson, lord mayor of London (at Green- 
wich by the King). 

1634, July 13. Philip Mainwaring (at Dubbin Castle by lord 
Wentworth, lord deputy of Ireland). 

1634, July 17. Anthony Cage, of Stow, Co. Cambridge., sheriff of 
Cambridge and Huntingdon (at Wentridge, Herts., by the 

1634, July 25. Edward Hartop, of Buckminster, Co. Leicester, 
(at Bel voir). 

1634, Sept. 22. Robert Dixon, mayor of Dublin (at the mayor's 
house at Dublin, by lord Wentworth, lord deputy of 

1634, Nov. 5. Robert Farrer {ibid by same). 


1634, Nov. 24. John Bramston, of Margraling, Essex, chief 

justice of the King's Bench (by the Xing at Whitehall). 

1635, Apr. 18 (Mar. 8). 

These four gentlemen who came over with the Sivedish 

Jacob Skittee, younger son of said ambassador. 
John Krus, a Swede. 
GusTAvus Banir (Baniz), a Swede. 
Gabriel Oxenstern, a Swede. 

1635, Apr. 18. Nathaniel Catlyne, speaker of the House of 
Commons (in Ireland by lord Wentworth, lord deputy of 

1635, May 10. John Skittie (Skytte), junior, baron of Dudeor, a 
gentleman of His Majesty's Privy Chamber and colonel of a 
regiment of Scots in Sweden (at Greenwich). 

1635, May 24. Robert Parkhurst, lord mayor of London (ibid). 

1635, June 6. Edward Littleton, of Henley, Salop, solicitor 
general (at Whitehall). 

1635, June 28. William Wentworth, eldest son to the lord 
deputy (in Ireland by lord Wentworth, lord deputy of 

1635, June 28. Edward Rhodes, brother to the lady Wentworth 
[ibid by the same). 

1635, June 30. Richard Scott [ibid by same). 

1635, Aug. 11. DoMiNiCK Browne, mayor of Galway (at Galway 

by same). 
1635, Sept. 6. Robert Meredith, chancellor of the Exchequer (at 

Dublin by same). 
1635, Sept. 13. Richard Dyett, of Lichfield, in England {ibid by 

same) . 
1635, Sept. 23. John, lord Poulett of Hinton St. George (by the 

earl of Lindsay, on board his Majesty's royal ship the 

"Marie Honor"). 
1635, Sept. 23. John Poulett, son to the said lord Poulett (ibid 

by same). 
1635, Sept. 23. James Douglas, son to the earl of Morton [ibid by 

1635, Sept. 23. John Digby, brother to Sir Kenelm [ibid by same). 
1635, Sept. 23. Charles Howard, son and heir to Sir Francis 

Howard, of Bookham, Surrey [ibid by same). 


1635, Sept. 23. Elias (Ellis) Hicks, one of the gentlemen 

pensioners to his Majesty, on board the " Marie Honor " by 

the earl of Lindsay. 
1635, Oct. 4. Ralph Whitfield, of Tenterden, Kent, his Majesty's 

Serjeant at law (at Hampton Court). 
1635, Oct. 11 (12). Thomas Corbet, of Sprouston, Norfolk (at 


1635, Dec. 7. Eichard Weston, a baron of the Exchequer, of Co. 

Stafford (at Whitehall). 
1635-6, Jan. 13. John Sherlock (at Dublin by lord Wentworth, 

lord deputy of Ireland). 
1635-6, Jan. 14 (8) (P1635, June 14). John Dalton, of West 

Wratting, Cambridge, (by the King at St. James's). 
1635-6, Jan. 16. John Gyfford (at Dublin by lord Wentworth, 

lord deputy of Ireland). 
1635-6, Feb. 2. Edward Bolton, the King's solicitor {ibid by 

1635-6, Mar. 1. Richard Vivian, of Trelotoren (Trelawaren), 

Cornwall (by the King at Whitehall). 
1635-6, Mar. 6. Leonard Blenerhassett (at Dublin by lord 

Wentworth, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1635-6, Mar. 8. Henry Calthorp, attorney of the Court of Wards, 

of Cockthorpe, Norfolk (by the King at St. James's). 

1636, Mar. 28. William Shelley, of Michelgrove, Sussex (ibid). 
1636, Apr. 3. John Gibson, eldest son of Sir John Gibson, of Co. 

York, (at Dublin by lord Wentworth, lord deputy of 

1636, May 26. William Usher (ibid by same). 
1636, May 29. Charles Herbert (Harbord), of Moor, Herts, (by 

the King at Hampton Court). 
1636, June 2. Paul Davis, clerk of the Council (at Dublin by 

lord Wentworth, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1636, June 2. Philip Percival, clerk of the Lords' House of 

Parliament and clerk of the Court of Wards and Liveries 

(ibid by same). 
1636, Aug. 30. Simon Baskervile, of Fleet Street, London, doctor 

of physic (at Oxford by the King). 
1636, Oct. 11. Matthew Lyster, of London, physician in ordinary 

to his Majesty (at Oatlands). 
1636, Oct. 16. Thomas Ingram, of Co. Yorks. (at Newmarket). 

1636, Nov. 27. John South, of Kilstirne, Co. Lincoln, (at Dublin 
by lord Wentworth, lord deputy of Ireland). 

1636, Nov. 27. Henry Frankland, eldest son of William Frank- 
land, of Thirkleby, Co. York, (ibid by same). 


1636-7, Jan. 15. Christopher Clitheroe (Clethero), lord mayor 

of London (by the King at Hampton Court). 
1636-7, Feb. 3. William Elverton (Elveston), a Scotchman (at 

1636-7, Feb. 7. William Howard, of Bravor, Co. Yorks. (ibid). 
1637, Apr. 9. Richard Osbaldeston, the King's attorney (at 

Dublin by lord Went worth, lord depiity of Ireland). 
1637, June 4. Edward Bromfield, lord mayor of London (by the 

king at Whitehall). 
1637, July 23. William Wentavorth, 2nd brother to the lord 

deputy (at Dublin by lord Wentworth, lord deputy of 

1637, Aug. 7. Charles Mordant, of Massingham, Norfolk (by the 

King at Oatlands). 
1637, Aug. 28. DoMiNiCK White, mayor of Limerick (at Limerick 

by lord Wentworth, lord deputy of Ireland). 

1637, Dec. 4. Job Harvey (Harbey), of London (Aldenham, 

Herts.) one of the farmers of the Customs (by the King at 

1637-8, Feb. 2 (20). Arthur Hopton, of Witham, Somerset (ibid). 

1637-8, Feb. 12. Rowland Wandsford, of Haddegly, Co. Yorks., 
an attorney of the Court of Wards and Liveries (ibid). 

1637-8, Mar. 24. Thomas Milward (Mildward), of Eaton Dove- 
dale, Derbyshire (ibid). 

1638, Apr. 22. Maurice Williams (at Dublin by lord Wentworth, 

lord deputy of Ireland). 
1638, Apr. 29. Robert Parkiiurst {ibid by same). 
1638, May 8. John Barrington, of Barrington, Essex (by the King 

at Whitehall). 
1638, May 8. John Lucas, near Colchester (ibid). 
1638, May 20. Charles, prince of Wales. 
1638, May 20. Robert (Devereux), 20th earl of Essex (at Windsor 

on the occasion of the prince of Wales's installation as 

Knight of the Garter).* 
1638, May 20. IJlick (Bourke), 2nd earl of St. Albans {ibid on 

same occasion). 
1638, May 20. Thomas (Bruce), 1st earl of Elgin {ibid on same 

1638, May 20. William (Villiers), 2nd viscount Grandison {ibid 

on same occasion). 

* For an account of the knighthood of the Prince and h\t 4 companions see the documents in 
Appendix Ixxxii. and Ixxxiii. of Anstis's Essay upon the Knighthood of the Bath. These documents 
prove so conclusively that the knighthood conferred on this occasion was knighthood by the Bath, and not 
a mere Bachelor knighthood that I have entered the five names, supra p. 163 vol. i. in the lists of the Bath. 


1638, Maj 27. Richard Fen, lord mayor of London (at Whitehall). 
1638, June 23. Thomas Beddingfield, of Holbom, Midds. (at 

1638, June 27. Angelo Corrario, Venetian ambassador. 

1638, Oct. 2. Balthazar Gerbier (at Hampton Court). 
1638-9, Jan. 8. Edmund Williams, of London (at Whitehall). 
1638-9, Mar. 17. Randall MacDonell, earl of Antrim (at Dublin 

by lord Wentworth, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1638-9, March 17. Phelim O'Neale {ibid by same). 
1638-9. Maurice Eustace, serjeant-at-law (dubbed in Ireland). 

1639, Mar. 26. Arthur Jermy (Jenny), of Knowdshall, Suffolk (at 

Whitehall by the King). 
1639, Mar. 26. Richard Allen (ibid). 
1639, Mar. 26. Gillam Merrick (ibid). 

1639, Apr. 1. Roger Jacques, lord mayor of York (at York). 
1639, Apr. 1. Thomas Widdrington, recorder of York (ibid). 
1639, Apr. 1 (30). Alexander Davison, of Blackstone, Co. Durham 

1639, Apr. 1. Thomas Riddal, of Tunstal, Durham (ibid). 
1639, June 23. John Hele (Heal), of Wembworthy, Devon, (at 

1639, June 23. James Thin (Thynne), of Wilts, (ibid). 
1639, June 23. Bevil Grenvile, of Stow, Cornwall (ibid). 
1639, June 23 (26). Edward Savage, of Westminster (ibid). 
1639, June 23 (26) William Darcy, of Witton Castle, Co. Durham 

(at Berwick). 
1639, June 26. William Bellasis, of Co. Durham (ibid). 
1639, July 6. Charles Gawdy, of Cross Hall, Suffolk (at Newcastle). 
1639, July 7. Andrew Barrett (at Dublin by lord Wentworth, 

lord deputy of Ireland). 
1639, July 26. William Selby, of Twisle, Co. Northumberland (at 

Berwick by the King). 
1639, July 27 (26). Vivian Molineux (Mulleneux), lieutenant 

colonel (ibid). 
1639, July 27 (26). John Pawlet (ibid). 
1639, July 27. Humphrey Sideniiam, a major (ibid). 
1639, July 27. Peregrine Bertie, son to Robert, earl of Lindsay 

1639, July 27. Charles Howard, of Croglin, Cumberland, son to 

William, lord Howard (ibid). 
1639, July 27. Richard Bellars, sheriff of Durham (ibid). 


1639, July 27 (26). John Morley, mayor of Newcastle (at Ber- 
wick, by the King). 

1639, July 27 (26). William Gun, a Scotchman (ibid). 

1639, July 27 (26). Charles Lucas, of Essex (ibid). 

1639, July 27 (26). Michael Earnley, a sergeant major (ibid). 

1639, July 27. Douglas (ibid). 

1639, July 27. John Barkley, brother to Sir Charles Barkley, of 

Bruton (ibid). 
1639, July 27. William Barkley, brother to Sir John (ibid). 
1639, Sept. 4. Thomas Knot (Nott), of Obden, Co. Worcester, (at 

1639, Sept. 4 (24, 26). Jervis (Jacob) Eyre, of Rampton, Co. 

Notts, (ibid). 
1639, Sept. 4 (26, 29). William Craven, of Combe Abbey, Co. 

Warwick, (at Whitehall). 

1639, Sept. William Sambach (at Dublin Castle by lord Wentworth, 

lord deputy of Ireland). 
1639, Oct. 12. Edmond Eeve, of Stratton, Norfolk (at Whitehall 

by the King). 

1639, Dec. 31. Thomas Daws, of Putney (ibid). 
1639-40, Jan. 1. Nicholas Crispe, of London (ibid). 

1639-40, Jan. 1. John Nulls (PNeells), of the Custom House, 

London (at Whitehall). 
1639-40, ? ? (30). Robert Forster, of Forsters, in Egham, 

Surrey (ibid). 
1639-40, Feb. 26. James Dillon, eldest son of lord Dillon and 

grandson of the earl of Roscommon (dubbed in Ireland by 

lord Dillon and Christopher Wandesforde, lords justices). 
1639-40, Mar. 21. Henry Blunt (Blount), of Co. Herts, (at 


1640, Mar. 31. Thomas Fotherly, of Essex (ibid). 

1640, Apr. 2. George Sayer, of Bewsers Hall, Essex (ibid). 
1640, May 12. Nathaniel Finch, serjeant-at-law, of Ash, Kent 

1640, May 31. Henry Garraway, lord mayor of London (ibid). 
1640, June 23. Henry Vane, junr., son of Sir Henry Yane, secretary 

of State (ibid). 

1640, June 30. Thomas Aston (Ashton), of Weathill, Co. Beds. 

(Lanes.) (ibid). 
1640, Aug. Robert Belt, lord mayor of York (at York). 
1640, Aug. Thomas Wrightington, of Co. Yorks. (ibid). 


1640, Aug. James Baery, one of the barons of the Exchequer (at 

Dublin by Christopher Wandesford, deputy to the earl of 

Strafford, lieutenant general of Ireland). 
1640, Oct. 11. Thomas Haerison, of Co. York, (at York by the 

1640, Nov. 22. George Vane, second son of Sir Henry Yane (at 

1640, Dec. 24. Henage Proby (ihid). 

1640, Dec. 30. Thomas Tempest, the King's attorney (at Dublin by 

lord Dillon and Sir William Parsons, lords justices). 

1640-1, Jan. 4. John Harrison, of Herts., farmer of the customs 
(at Whitehall by the King). 

1640-1, Jan. 9. Martin Lumley, of Essex, knight and baronet 

1640-1, Jan. 25. John Gore, of Co. Hertford, (ihid). 

1640-1, Jan. 28 (18). Thomas Fairfax, of Co. Yorks. (ihid). 

1640-1, Jan. 28. Edward Herbert, attorney general (at White- 

1640-1, Feb. 1. Robert Wildgoose, of Sussex (ihid). 

1640-1, Feb. 11. Simon Fanshaw, of Herts, (ihid). 

1640-1, Feb. 11. Nicholas Cole, bart., of Durham (ihid). 

1640-1, Feb. 15. Arthur Ashton, of Lancashire (ihid). 

1640-1, Feb. 16. John Witterong, of Herts, (ihid). 

1640-1, Feb. 25. Thomas Meautis, of Gorhambury, Herts, (ihid). 

1640-1, Feb. 26. Wilfrid Lawson, bart., of Northumberland 

1640-1, Mar. 8. Ralph Yerney, son of Sir Edmund, of Co. Bucks. 

1640-1, Mar. 21. Nicholas Miller, of Kent (ihid). 

1641, Mar. 26. Richard Howel, of Norfolk (ihid). 
1641, Apr, 18. William Palmer, of Co. Beds. (ihid). 
1641, Apr. 19. William Pole (Pool), of Wilts, (ihid). 

1641, Apr. 27. Edmund (? Edward) Pye, of Leckhampsted, Bucks. 

1641, Apr. 30. Peter Ricaut (Ricott, Rickhard), of Kent (ihid). 
1641, May 13. Samuel Oldfield (Owfield), of Co. Lincoln, (ihid). 
1641, May 24. John Key (Kay), of Woodsom Hall, Co. Yorks. 

1641, May 29. William Butler, of Kent (Bedford) (ihid). 
1641, May 31. Nicholas Kemis (Kemys, Keymich), of Keven 

Mably, Co. Glamorgan, (ihid). 

June 1. 

June 4. 

June 4. 

June 4. 

June 5. 

June 6. 

June 18 

June 19 

June 20 

June 23 

June 23 

June 23 


Robert Thorold, of Co. Lincoln (At Whitehall). 
Simon Every, of Co. Derby, (ibid). 
John Worley (Wyrley), of Co. Stafford, (ibid). 
George Winter (ibid). 

EoGER Fielding, of Barnacle, Co. Warwick, (ibid). 
Peter Temple, of Bucks, (ibid). 
Herbert Whitfield, son of Sir Ralph (ibid). 
Thomas Dike (Dyke), of Sussex (ibid). 
Edmund Wright, lord mayor of London (ibid). 
George Courthope, of Sussex (ibid). 
Robert de Grey, of Norfolk (ibid). 
Christopher Athowe (Athoe), of Beechamwell, 
Norfolk (tbid). 
June 24. Thomas Cave, of Co. Northampton (ibid). 
June 25. John Evelyn, of Surrey (ibid). 
June 26. John Cotton, serjeant-at-arms (ibid). 
June 28. Thomas Whitmore, of Apley, Salop (ibid). 

June 28. John Palgrave, of Barningham Norwood, Norfolk 

June 29. Yincent Corbet, of Salop (ibid). 
June 29. John Mayney (Main), of Kent (ibid). 
June 29. George (Gerard) Napper, of Dorset, (ibid). 
June 30. Rowland Barkley, of Co. Worcester, (ibid). 
July 2. Valentine Pell, of Norfolk (ibid). 
July 4. William Butler, of Co. Beds. (Teston, Kent) (ibid). 
July 4. Anthony Aucher (Augher), of Borns, Kent (ibid). 
July 4. Richard Napper, of Bucks, (ibid). 
July 4. Thomas Bernardiston, of Suffolk (ibid). 
July 6. Thomas Mallet, a justice of the King's Bench 

July 8. Thomas Abdy, of Essex (ibid). 
July 8. Samuel Sleigh (Sly), of Co. Derby, (ibid). 
July 9. William Doyly (Doyle), of Norfolk (ibid). 
July 9. Thomas Guibon (Gibbon), of Norfolk (ibid). 
July 10. Thomas Hewit, of Herts, (ibid). 
July 11. Edward Duke, of Suffolk (ibid). 
July 13. Roger Smith, of Co. Leicester, (ibid). 
July 14. Robert Litton, of Co. Warwick, (ibid). 
July 14. William Drake, of Bucks, (ibid). 


1641, July 18. EoGER Burgoyn, of Co. Beds (At Whitehall). 

1641, July 19. John Norwich (Herwich), of Co. Northampton. 

1641, July 21 (23). Thomas Godfrey, of Kent (ihid). 

1641, July 21. Peter Godfrey, of Kent (ibid). 

1641, July 22. Thomas Woolridge, of Salop (ibid). 

1641, July 23. Thomas Eversfield, of Sussex (ibid). 

1641, July 26. Henry Pratt, bart., of Co. Berks and alderman of 
London (ibid). 

1641, July 27. John Henden, of Kent (ibid). 

1641, July 27. John Gore, of Herts, (ibid). 

1641, July 29. John Wilde, of Salop (ibid). 

1641, July 29. Thomas Bridges, of Somerset, (ibid). 

1641, July 30. Norton Knatchbull, of Kent (ibid). 

1641, July 30. George Stroud, of Kent (ibid). 

1641, July 31. William Dalston, bart., of Cumberland (ibid). 

1641, July 31. Edward Partridge, of Kent (ibid). 

1641, Aug. 5. John Curson, of Co. Derby, (ibid). 

1641, Aug. 5. Robert Barkham, of Co. Middl. (ibid). 

1641, Aug. 7. Robert Kemp, of Essex (bart. of Gissing, Norfolk) 

1641, Aug. 7. Sampson Eure, of Gately, Hereford, a serjeant-at- 
law (ibid). 

1641, Aug. 7. Henry Hamond (Heyman, Hayman), of Kent (ibid). 

1641, Aug. 7. John Glanvile, of Wilts, (ibid). 

1641, Aug. 8. Thomas Hamersly, son to Sir Hugh, alderman of 
London (ibid). 

1641, Aug. 9. John Rolt, of Co. Beds. (ibid). 

1641, Aug. 9. George Ascough (ibid). 

1641, Aug. 9. Francis Williamson, serjeant-at-arms (ibid). 

1641, Aug. 9. Robert Fen, clerk comptroller of the King's House 

1641, Aug. 9. Michael Hutchinson, a pensioner (ibid). 

1641, Aug. 9. Isaac Sidney (Sidley), of Kent (ibid). 

1641, Aug. 9. Francis Rhodes, bart., of Co. Derby, (ibid). 

1641, Aug. 9. Robert Crook, of Co. Oxford, (ibid). 

1641, Aug. 9. John Potts (Pets), of Norfolk (ibid). 

1641, Aug. 9. Thomas Bishop, of Co. Lincoln. (Sussex) (ibid). 

1641, Aug. 10. Hugh Owen, of Co. Pembroke, (ibid). 

1641, Aug. 10. Hugh Windham, bart., of Dorset (ibid). 


1641, Oct. 23. John Hoye (at Dublin by Sir John Borlace and 
Sir William Parsons, lords justices). 

1641, Nov. 1. John Borlace, eldest son and heir of Sir John (ibid 
by same). 

1641, Nov. 1. William Courtenay, eldest son and heir of George 
Courtenay, of Newcastle, Co. Limerick [ibid by same). 

1641, Nov. Patrick Wemys, of Dunfert, Co. Kilkenny (at Edin- 
burgh by the King ?). 

1641, Nov. 21. Robert Bar wick (at York). 

1641, Nov. 22 (P1642, Apr. 21). Thomas Northcliffe (Notcliff) 

(at York by the King). 
1641, Nov. 25. Richard Gurney, lord mayor of London (at 

1641, Nov. 25. Thomas Gardner, recorder of London (ibid). 
1641, Nov. 25. John Pettus, of Norfolk, bart, (at the Guildhall). 
1641, Nov. 29 (26, 30). Edward Nicholas, of Wilts., principal 

secretary of State (at Whitehall). 

1641, Dec. 3. John Cordell (at Hampton Court). 

1641, Dec. 3. Thomas Soame, alderman of London (ibid). 

1641, Dec. 3. John Gayer (Gair), alderman of London (ibid). 

1641, Dec. 3. Jacob Gerrard, alderman of London (ibid). 

1641, Dec. 3. John Wollaston, alderman of London (ibid). 

1641, Dec. 3. George Garret, alderman of London (ibid). 

1641, Dec. 3. George Clark, sheriff of London (ibid). 

1641, Dec. 5. Edward Astley, brother of Sir Isaac (Sir Francis) 

(at Whitehall). 
1641, Dec. 8 (5). Anthony Percival, of Kent (ibid). 
1641, Dec. 12. Thomas Trevor, of Middlesex, bart. (ibid). 
1641, Dec. 18. John Spelman, of Norfolk (ibid). 
1641, Dec. 20. John Roberts, of Kent (ibid). 
1641, Dec. 21. John Tufton, of Kent (ibid). 
1641, Dec. 23. John Mallory, of Co. York. (ibid). 
1641, Dec. 27. Henry Cholmley, brother of Sir Hugh (ibid). 
1641, Dec. 28. Thomas Lunsford, of Sussex (ibid). 
1641-2, Jan. 5. Thomas Martin, of Co. Cambridge. ( ? Cumberland) 

1641-2, Jan. 5 (8). Richard Halford (Holford), of Co. Leicester. 



1641-2, Jan, 12. John Dorrel (Darel), of Kent, son of Sir Robert 

(at Windsor). 
1641-2, Jan. 21. Isaac Astley, of Melton Constable, Norfolk, son 

to Sir Jacob, the famous general [ihid or Wbiteball). See 

infra on p. 215. 
1641-2, Jan. (?) John Rainey (Rayney), of Kent (ibid). 

1641-2, Feb. (?Jan.) 10. William Speingate, of Kent (at Hampton 

1641-2, Feb. 10. John Jennet (Jenny, Jermy), of Suffolk (ihid). 
1641-2, Feb. 14. Henry Palmer, of Kent (on His Majesty's 

journey towards Dover). 
1641-2, Feb. 15. Edward Philmer (Filmer) (on same journey at 

1641-2, Feb. (?) Henry Stradling, of Co. Glamorgan, (at Dover). 
1641-2, Feb. John Menys (Minnes, Mennes), vice-admiral (ihid). 
1641-2, Feb. William Man, of Kent (ihid). 

1641-2, Feb. Martin Van Tromp, admiral, of Holland {ihid on the 
20tli of May following he received by letters patent from the 
king a grant of supporters in addition to the honour of 

1641-2, Mar. 1. William Cooper, of Cathrincork, Kent (at 
Theobalds ? Dover). 

1641-2, Mar. 2. William Cawley (Caley) [ihid ? Dover). 

1641-2, Mar. 12 (16). John Read, of Herts., second son to Sir 
Thomas (at Newmarket). 

1641-2, Mar. 12. Robert Crompton, of Middlesex (ihid). 

1641-2, Mar. 13. John Fortescue, of Suffolk (ihid). 

1641-2, Mar. 14. Richard Stone, of Co. Huntingdon, (at Hunting- 

1641-2, Mar. 20. Edmund Cooper, lord mayor of York (at York). 

1642, Apr. 18. James, duke of York (ihid). 

1642, Apr. 18. Robert (Dormer), 1st earl of Carnarvon (ihid). 

1642, Apr. 18, George or Charles (Stuart), lord Aubigny (ihid). 

1642, Apr, 18. Lord John Stuart (ihid). 

1642, Apr. 18. Lord Barnard Stuart (ihid). 

1642, Apr. 21. Brian Palmes, of Astwell, Co, Rutland, (at ?York). 

1642, Apr. 23 (?June or July). Patrick Drummond (at Durham, 
? at Nottingham, or ? 2 different men), 

1642, Apr. 23 (21). Thomas Norcliff (Nortcliff) (at Durham), 
of Co. York. 


1642, Apr. 24. James (Thomas) Pennyman, of Ormsby, Co. York. 

(at York PDurliam). 
1642, May 1. Francis Butler, of Herts, (ibid). 
1642, May 2. Thomas Boswell (Bosvile), of Kent (ibid). 
1642, May 2. Jordan Metham, of Co. York. (ibid). 

1642, May 21. Richard Tankard, of Wixley, Co. York, (at York 

? Durham). 
1642, June 6. John Girlington (Garlington), of Co. York. 

? Lanes, (ibid). 
1642, June 7. Thomas Williamson, of East Markliam, Co. Notts. 

1642, June 25. Ingram Hopton, of Leathley, Co. Yorks. (ibid). 
1642, June 25. Francis Monkton, of Cavel, Co. Yorks. (ibid). 

1642, June 26. George Middleton, of Leighton, Co. Yorks. 

? Lanes, (ibid). 
1642, June 27. Edmond Duncombe, of Co. Yorks., sergeant major 

of the Trained Bands (ibid). 
1642, June 28. Peter Courtney, of Cornwall (ibid). 
1642, July 12. John Digby, of Mansfield Woodhouse,, high sheriff 

of Notts., Co. Notts, (at Newark). 
1642, July 14. Charles Dallison, recorder of Lincoln (at Lincoln 

? Newark). 
1642, July 14. William Coney (Conny), of Sturton, Co. Lincoln. 

1642, July 14. Robert Tredway, of Hoffe (Haugh), Co. Lincoln. 

1642, July 14. Richard Wingfield, of Ticken, Co. Lincoln. 

? Rutland, (ibid). 
1642, July 14 (15). John Burrell, of Dowsby, Co, Lincoln, (ibid). 
1642, July 14. Jordan Crosland, of Co. York. (ibid). 
1642, July 26. Euseby Pelsant, of Cadeby, Co. Leicester, (at 

1642, July 28. George Binnion, of London (at Beverly). 
1642, July 28. Anthony St. Leger (Sellenger), of Oakham, Kent 

1642, July 30. Francis Cob, of Beverly, Yorks. (ibid). 
1642, Aug. 8. William Clark, of Ford Place, Kent (at York). 
1642, Aug. 9. Edmond Fortescue, of Fallapit, Devon, (ibid). 
1642, Aug. 13 (9). Edward Garret (Jarret), colonel (at York). 
1642, Aug. 19. George Thynne (Theam, Theim), (at Leicester). 


1642, Aug. 21. Robert Leigh, of Co. Warwick, (at Stoneleigh 

1642, Aug. 22. Thomas Leigh, of Hamstal Eidware, Co. StafFord. 

1642, Aug. 24 (22). John Middleton, of Stockel, Co. Yorks. (at 

1642, Sept. 7. Henry Jones, of Albemarle, Co. Carmarthen, (ibid). 

1642, Sept. 13. Robert Stapleton, of Co. York. (ibid). 

1642, Sept. 19 (21). John Wilde, of Wolly, Salop, sheriff of Salop 
(at Wellington). 

1642, Sept. 21. Francis Otley (Ottley, Oatley), of Pitchford, 
Salop (at Shrewsbury). 

1642, Sept. 22. John Wilde, junr., of Wolly, Salop (ibid). 

1642, Sept. (?22). Walter Wrottesley, of Co. Stafford (ibid). 

1642, Sept. 25. Hugh Calveley, of Ley, Cheshire (at West Chester). 

1642, Sept. 26. Richard Crane, a captain (lieutenant colonel) of 
Prince Rupert's troop (regiment) of Horse (ibid). 

1642, Sept. 27 (28). Thomas Biron, colonel of prince Charles's 
regiment of Horse (at Shrewsbury). 

1642, Sept. 29. Arnold de Lille (Lisle), a Frenchman (ibid). 

1642, Sept. 29. Thomas Scriven, of Co. Denbigh (Salop), in the 

field at the head of his company ((ibid). 
1642, Oct. 1. Richard Wyllis, brother to Sir Thomas, of Fen 

• Ditton (ibid). 
1642, Oct. 1. Thomas Lister, of Salop (ibid). 
1642, Oct. 1 (Sept. 29). Richard Byron (ibid). 
1642, Oct. 7 (3). Richard Lloyd, of Denbigh (at Wrexham). 
1642, Oct. 9. Garret (Gerard) Eaton, of Co. Derby. (Denbigh) 

(at Shrewsbury). 
1642, Oct. 11. Thomas Eaton (Eyton), of Co. Salop (ibid). 
1642, Oct. 21. Anthony Morgan, of Co. Northampton (at Southam). 
1642, Oct. 22. Richard Shugborough, of Shugborough, Co. 

Warwick, (at Edgecot). 
1642, Oct. 24. John Smith, a captain, at Edgehill fight, brother to 

Sir Charles ; he recovered the King's great banner which the 

rebels had taken in battle the day before (at Edgehill or 

1642, Oct. 25. Robert Welch (Walsh), an Irishman {? ibid). 
1642, Nov. 2. AVilliam Palmer (at Oxford). 


1642, Nov. 7 (8). WiNGFiELD BoDENHAM, of Co. Rutland (at 

1642, Nov. 9 (8). Edward Sidenham, of Essex, knight marshal 

1642, Nov. 10. Henry Hene, of Folly John Park, Berks, (at 

Maidenhead ? Reading). 
1642, Nov. 12. John Tyrringham, of Bucks, (at Coalbrook). 
1642, Nov. 29. Thomas Manwaring, recorder, of Reading (at 


1642, Dec. 27. Thomas Blackwell, of Mansfield Woodhouse, Co. 

Notts, (at Oxford). 

1642-3, Jan. 1. Henry Huncks, lieutenant colonel ( ? ihid). 

1642-3, Jan. 9. Edward Chester, of Herts. {? ihid). 

1642-3, Jan. 10. Robert Murray, a Scotchman {? ihid). 

1642-3, Jan. 14. Henry Yaughan, lieutenant colonel. ( ? ihid). 

1642-3, Feb. 1. William Mallory, captain {? ihid). 

1642-3, Feb. 3. William Neal, Scoutmaster, upon bringing to the 

King the news of the taking of Cicester (ihid). 
1642-3, Feb. 6. George Vaughan, of Wilts, (ihid). 

1642-3, Feb. 22. Edward Hyde, chancellor of the Exchequer 

1642-3, Feb. 22. Henry Helye, privy councillor ( ? see Hene supra 

1642, Nov. 10). 
1642-3, Feb. 23. Isaac (John) Astley, son of Sir Jacob (ihid). 

See supra on p. 212. 
1642-3, Feb. 24 (.PFeb. 5, ? Mar. 5). John Penruddock, of Wilts. 

(Southampton) (ihid). 
1642-3, Feb. 26. John Winford, of Astley, Co. Worcester, (ihid). 
1642-3, Mar. 2 (Feb. 24). Henry Hunlock (HuNLOKE),of Winger- 
mouth, Co. Derby, (ihid). 
1642-3, Mar. 5 (4). Thomas Bad (Baud), of Cairns Oysels, Co. 

Hants, (at Oxford). 
1642-3, Mar. 5. John Penruddock (ibid). 
1642-^, Mar. ( ? Feb.) 22. John Scudamore, of Ballingham (Bull- 

ingham), Co. Hereford, (ihid). 

1642-3, Mar. (?Feb.) 24. Walter Lloyd, of Co. Cardigan (ibid). 

1642-3, Mar. 24. Francis Lloyd, of Co. Cannarthen (Cardigan) 

1643, Apr. 12. William Blakeston (Blackston), of Newton. 

Durham (ibid). 
.1643, Apr. 23. Lewis Kirk, of Bridgenorth, Salop., a gentleman 
pensioner (ibid). 


1643, May 17. Edwaed Laurence, of Dorset, sheriff of Dorset. 

(at Oxford). 
1643, June 1. James Murray, a Scotchman (ibid). 
1643, June 13 (30). Charles Kemish (Kemys), of Keven Mabley, 

Co. Glamorgan, (ibid). 
1643, June 13. Edward Stradling, of St. Donats, Co. Glamorgan. 

1643, June 13. John Urrey (Veerey), a Scotchman (ibid). 
1643, June 24. Humble Ward, of Co. Stafford, (ibid). 
1643, July 15. [? Edmund] Butler, an Irishman (ibid). 
1643, Aug. 3. Charles Mohun, of Putmoghan, Co. Cornwall (at 

1643, Aug. 3 (4). John Granvile (Grenfield), son to Sir Bevil 

1643, Aug. 3. Samuel Cosworth (Colawarth), of Cosworth, Co. 

Cornwall (ibid). 
1643, Aug. 3. Cheistophee Weay, of Trebigh, Cornwall (ibid). 

1643, Aug. 15. Richaed (Heney) Chomley, eminent in the law, 
of "Whitby, Co. York, (in the army by Sudeley). 

1643, Sept. 8. William Morton (Merton), of Winchcombe, Co. 
Oxford, (at Sudeley Castle). 

1643, Sept. 9. William Howard (Hayward), of Surrey (ibid). 

1643, Sept. (?) William Davenant, poet laureate (at Gloucester). 

1643, Sept. 22 (21). Michael Woodhouse, governor of Ludlow (at 

1643, Sept. 24. TiMOTHYTiRREL,of Co. Oxford. (Bucks.) (at Oxford). 

1643, Sept. 28. George Ap Robeets (Peobeet), of Pautlacy 
(Penalt), Co. Monmouth, (ibid). 

1643, Sept. 30. Edwaed Alston, of AUvercot, Co. Oxford. 
(Northampton) (ibid). 

1643, Oct. 4. Edwaed Foed, of Harting, Co. Sussex (ibid). 

1643, Oct. 7. Petee Ball, of Devon., the Queen's attorney (ibid). 

1643. Oct. 26 (20). Feancis Chock (Choke), of Abington, Berks. 

1643, Nov. 9. Aethur Blany, of Co. Montgomery (ibid). 

1643, Nov. 10. Otley (ibid). 

1643, Oct. 11. Joseph Seamoee (Leamoee), of Devon, (ibid). 

1643, Nov. 17 (P1642, Nov. 17). Orlando Beidgman, of West- 
chester, attorney general (ibid). 

1643, Nov. 22. Henry Baed, colonel (ibid). 


1643, Nov. 24. Edward Vaughan, of Cornwall (Caermarthen) 

(at Oxford). 
1643, Nov. (?Dec. 28). Thomas Pert, colonel (ibid). 
1643, Dec. 6. Robert Brerewood, recorder of Chester (ibid). 
1643, Dec. 9. Edmund Yerney, 2nd son to Sir Edmund Verney, 

Knight Marshal (ibid). 
1643, Dec. 12. Charles Compton, a brother to the earl of 

Northampton (ibid). 
1643, Dec. 12. William Compton, a same (ibid). 
1643, Dec. 12. Spencer Compton, a same (ibid). 

1643, Dec. 20 (28). Marmaduke Rawdon (Roydon), of Hodsden 

(Herts.) (ibid). 
1643-4, Jan. 4. Richard Lane, attorney general to the Prince 

afterwards chief baron of the Exchequer (ibid). 
1643-4, Jan. 9. William Manwaring, of West Chester (ibid) 
1643-4, Jan. 19 (27). Robert Holborn, attorney to the Prince 

1643-4, Feb. 5 (Jan.) 5. John Reed (Read), a Scotchman (ibid). 
before 1643-4, Mar. Thomas Armstrong (in Ireland by the earl of 


1644, Mar. 25. Thomas Gardner, captain of a troop of horse, son 

to the solicitor-general (at Oxford, knighted by the King 

whilst he sat at dinner upon delivery of the news of prince 

Rupert's success against the rebels that had besieged 

1644, Apr. 2. Hugh Cartwright, of Southwell, Notts, (at Oxford). 
1644, Apr. 9. William Courtney (ibid). 
1644, Apr. 16. Henry Wood, clerk comptroller (ibid). 
1644, Apr. 19. Thomas Chedle (Cheddle), of Anglesea, governor 

of Beaumaris (ibid). 
1644, Apr. 24. George Villiers, brother to lord Grandison (ibid). 
1644, Apr. (?Aug.) 25. Francis Gamull, of Cheshire (ibid). 
before 1644, May. Theophilus Jones (in Ireland by the earl of 

1644, May 6. William Godolphin, of Spergor, Co. Cornwall (at 

1644, May 12. Robert Byron, brother to lord Byron (ibid). 
1644, May 12. George Parrey, D.C.L., recorder of Exeter (ibid). 
1644, June 18. Barnard Astley, son of Sir Jacob (at Burford). 
1644, June 18. Martin Sandes (at Worcester). 
1644, June 18. Daniel Tyas (Tyers), mayor of Worcester (ibid). 


1644, June (?) John Knotsford, of Studley, Co. Warwick, (at 

1644, June 29 (July 2). Robert Howard, a younger son to the 

earl of Berks, (at Cropredy Bridge for taking Wemes, the 

Scot, general of Sir William Waller's artillery). 
1644, June 29. Thomas Hooper (at Williamscot). 
1644, July 27. Hugh Crocker, mayor of Exeter (at Exeter). 
1644, July 30. Thomas Bassett, general of the ordnance to prince 

Maurice (at Crediton). 
1644, July 30. Richard Cholmeley, younger son of Sir Richard 

Cholmeley, of Whitby {ibid at the taking of Exeter). 
?1644, July 30. James Smith {? ihid). 
1644, July 30. Francis Bassett, of St. Michael's Mount, brother 

of Sir Thomas (at Crediton). 
1644, July 30 (? 28). Joseph Wagstaff, major general to the army 

under prince Maurice in the West (ihid). 
1644, July 30. Henry Carey (ihid). 
1644, Aug. (July 5). Charles Trevanian, of Cornwall (at 

1644, Aug. (?3, July 9). John Arundel, of Cornwall {ihid Pat 

1644, Aug. James Cobb (ihid). 
1644, Aug. 3 (July 11). John Grills, sheriff of Cornwall (at 

1644, Aug. 8 (?25). Francis Gamull, of Cheshire (at Boconnoc). 
1644, Sept. 1. Edward (Robert) Brett, captain of the Queen's 

troop (in the field at the piirsuit of Essex's army). 
1644, Sept. 1. Sackvil Glenuam (Glemham), son of Sir Thomas 

1644, Sept. 1. Thomas Prestwich, of Lancashire {ihid or at 

1644, Sept. 1. William Ratcliff {ihid or at Oxford). 
1644, Oct. 22. John Boys, governor of Donnington Castle (upon 

Redheath at Read Hall near Newbury). 
1644, Oct. (?). John Campsfield (Cansfield) (near Newport 

1644, Nov. 1. Henry Gage, governor of Oxford (at Oxford). 
1644, Nov. 1. Ch.\RLes Lloyd, of Co. Cardigan., governor of Devizes, 

quarter-master general (ibid). 
1644, Nov. 2. Peter Brown, of Co. Oxford, (ihid). 
164*4, Nov. 3. Anthony Greene, of Co. Oxford (ihid). 
1644, Nov. 3. Charles Waldron, captain (ihid). 


1644, Nov. 7. William Campion, of Cooly, Kent, governor of 

Boistall House (at Oxford). 
1644, Dec. IT. John Owen, colonel, of Cornwall (ibid). 
1644, Dec. 17. William Eollock, a Scotchman (ibid). 
1644, Dec. 18. Christopher Lewkenor, colonel, recorder of 

Chicliester (ibid). 

1644, Dec. 18. James Croft, the pensioner (ibid). 
1644 (Dec. or 1644-5, Jan.). Lewis Lewkenor, colonel. 
1644-5, Jan. 14 (4). Gilbert Talbot, colonel, the King's agent at 

Venice (ibid). 
1644-5, Jan. 17. Arthur (Capell), lord Capel (ibid). 
1644-5, Jan. 17. Henry lord Seymour (ibid). 

1644-5, Jan. 23. Henry Chichley, of Co. Cambridge., lient. col. 
to Sir E-ichard Willes (ibid). 

1644-5, Jan. 27. Richard Hatton (Halton), of Co. Northampton. 

1644-5, Jan. 30. George Buckley (Bunckle, Bunckly), of Green- 
wich, lieutenant governor of Oxford (ibid at Christ Church). 

1644-5, Feb. 1. Thomas D'Abrigecourt (ibid). 

1644-5, Feb. 2 (?9). Edward Walker, garter king-at-arms fz^j'Jj. 

1644-5, Feb. 3 (? Jan. 21). Stephen Hawkins, colonel (ibid). 

1644-5, Mar. 20 (19). Thomas Ekeves (Eives), the King's advocate 

1644-5, Mar. 21 (6). Charles Cotterel, master of the ceremonies 

1644-5, Mar. 21. Eichard Braham (Bream, Breym) (ibid). 

1645, Mar. 28 (27). Eichard Maleverer (Malevery), of Co. 

Yorks. (ibid). 
1645, Mar. 28. Eobert Peake, lieutenant colonel (ibid). 

1645, Mar. 28. William Mason (ibid). 

1646, Apr. 3. John (William) Eatcliff (ibid). 

1645, Apr. 29. Lodowick Wyer (Wier), a German (ibid). 

1645, May 5. Bartholomew La Eoche, a Frenchman, principal 

fire worker to the King (ibid). 
1645, May 14. Edward Barret (Barogh), of Droitwich, Co. 

Worcester (at Droitwich). 
1645, June 2. Eichard Page, colonel (at the countess of Devon's 

house near Leicester). 
1645, June 2. William Bridges, sergeant major to Sir Eichard 

Page (ibid). 
1645, June 2. Matthev/ Appleyard, colonel (ibid). 


1645, June 4. Edward Hopton, colonel (at Leicester). 

1645, June 4 (25). Dudley Wyat, commissary general (at Hereford 

? Leicester). 
1645, July 6 (31). Henry Lingen, colonel, of Co. Hereford, (at 

Hereford ? Leicester). 
1645, July 6. Henry Lunsford, governor of Monmouth (at 

Monmouth) . 
1645, July 10. Edmond Peirce, LL.D., and colonel of horse, of 

Greenwich (at Ragland Castle). 
1645, July 31. John Walpole, of Co. Lincoln., comet to the King's 

troop (at Cardiff Castle). 
1645, Sept. 5. William Layton, colonel, lieutenant colonel to the 

King's regiment of Guards (at Hereford). 
1645, Sept. 5. Barnaby Scudamore, of Hereford, governor (ibid). 
1645, Sept. 15. Henry Wroth, a gentleman pensioner (at Hereford 

or ? Chirk Castle). 
1645, Sept. 23. John Watts, governor of Chirk Castle (at Chirk 

1645, Oct. 27. Theophilus Gilby, colonel (at Newark ? Chirk 

1645, Dec. 20. Edvs^ard Cooper, a gentleman pensioner (at Oxford). 
1645, Dec. 21. George Lisle (Lyle), colonel and master of the 

King's Household (ibid). 
1645, Dec. 21. Ferdinando Fisher (ibid). 

1645, Dec. 25 (28). Charles Lee (Leigh), brother to Sir Robert 

1645-6, Feb. 2. John Ogle, son to Sir John (ibid). 
1645-6, Feb. 4. Anthony Willoughby (ibid). 
1645-6, Feb. 16. Allen Butler, colonel, of Bourney, Co. Bucks. 

1645-6, Feb. 17. John Southcote (Surcot) (ibid). 
1645-6, Feb. 25. Thomas Shirley, lieutenant colonel, of Sussex 

1645-6, Feb. 25. William Byron, brother to lord Byron (ibid). 

1646, Apr. 2. George Aglionby (Eglandby), lieutenant colonel of 

horse (ibid). 
1646, Apr. 4. Francis Rouse, scout master general (ibid). 
1646, Apr. 8. James Bridgeman, colonel (ibid). 
1646, Apr. 11. Edmund Pooley, of Badlev, Co. Suffolk (ibid). 
1646, Aug. Robert Rothe, mayor of Kilkenney (at Kilkenny by 

the marquess of Ormonde). 
1646, Oct. Henry Talbot (by same). 

The King went from Oxford the 27th of April, 1646. 


Knights made [by Charles /.], but the dates not known. 

1646. Thomas Longueville. 

Edward Bathurst, of Lechlade. 

1646. Edmund (Edward) Bray. 

1646. Edward Prideaux. 

1646. Allen Zouch. 

1646. Allen Apsley. 

1646. Edward Clark, of Berks. 

1646. GrEORGE PrOBAT. 

1646. William Morgan. 

1646. Edward Walgrave (PMulgrave). 

1646. Henry Jones. 

1646, Apr. 11. John Norris, of Northamptonshire. 

1646. Gamaliel Dudley. 

John Walcot, of Sherborn, Co. Dorset. 
1646. John Duncomb, of Battelsden, Co. Beds, (in the Isle of 


John Chiesley, of Scotland (ibid). 

Knights made in Ireland by the earl of Ormonde. 

1648, before Oct. Walter Blake. 

1648, Nov. 12. Robert Sterling (at Cork). 
1648-9, Jan. George Monroe (at Kilkenny). 

1649, Nov. John Walsh, mayor of Waterford (at Waterford). 
1649-50, Jan. Nicholas Comyn, mayor of Limerick (at Limerick). 

1650, Apr. Oliver French (at Galway). 

1650, May 6. Dermot O'Shaughnessy (at Galway). 
1650, May 6. John Burke, of Derrymaclaghny. 

Knights [incorrectly stated to have been] Tnade in 164-9, by the Speaker 
of the House of Commons, by recommendation of the House* 

* A draft Act exists anionp the State Papers Domestic Commonwealth (ii. 3) dated 1649, June 6, to 
authorise the Speaker to knight Thomas Andrews, the Lord Mayor, and Isaac Pennington and Thomas 
Atkins, aldermen of London. This was doubtless with a view to the feast in the city on the following day 
(June 7). But the bill did not pass the House and the ceremony was not performed. (See Commons 
Journals, vi. 225-6 ; Whitelock's Memorials, iii. 46-7 ; Soraers' Tracts, vii. 57.) 


Knights made by Charles II. abroad. 

1649. John Sayer, lieutenant colonel to colonel Robert Sydney (at 

1649. William Swan, a captain in Holland (ibid). 

1650. Egbert Killegrew, son and heir of Sir William (ibid). 
1650. Robert Staresmore, younger son of Staresmore of 

Staresmore, Co. Leicester, (ibid). 
1650. Anthony Jackson, of the middle Temple (ibid). 

Knights made by Charles II. in Scotland in 1650-1. 

1650, July 10. Thomas Nicolson, His Majesty's Advocate (at 

1650, Oct. Philip Anstruther, of Anstruther (at Perth). 

1650, Nov. George Settone, of Hailles {ibid). 

1650-1, Jan. 2. Lawrence Oliphant, of Gask (at Scone). 

1650-1, Jan. 2. James Drummond, of Machany (ibid). 

1650-1, Jan. 2. George Hay, junr., of Megginch (ibid). 

1650-1, Jan. 2. John Ker, of Lochtower (ibid). 

1650-1, Jan, 3. James Richardson, of Synton (at Perth). 

1650-1, Jan. 3. Alexander Blair, of Balthayock (ibid). 

1650-1, Jan. 8. Archibald Douglas, junior, of Cavers, sheriff of 
Teviotshire (ibid). 

1650-1, Feb. 14. David Aciimuty (at the earl of Wemys's house). 

1650-1, Feb. 14. Thomas Gourley, of Kincraig (ibid). 

1650-1, Feb. 14. Walter Scott, of Whitsted, base son to Walter, 
first earl of Buccleuch and colonel of a regiment of horse 
(at Largo Sands, the same day when the King ran at the 

1650-1, Feb. 14. Gilbert Ellet, of Stobs {?ibid). 

1650-1, Feb. 14. Alexander Seton, second son to George, earl of 
Wintoun (Pat Largo Sands). 

1650-1, Feb. 21. James Durham, eldest son to the laird of Pitt- 
carrow (at Dundee). 

1650-1, Feb. 22. James Hay, brother's son to the earl of Tweed- 

1650-1, Feb. Patrick Lesley, former provost of Aberdeen (at 

1650-1, Feb. Robert Farquiiar, provost of Aberdeen (ibid). 

1650-1, Feb. Moavat, son to Mr. Roger Mowat, of Baquhaley, 


1650-1, Mar. Thomas Mudie, provost of Dundee (at Dundee). 

1651, Mar. Cecil (William) Howard, third son of lord Howard 

of Escrick (at Breda). 


Knights made hy Oliver Cromwell. 

Henry Cromwell, his son. 
1653-4, Feb. 8. Thomas Yiner, lord mayor of London (at Grocers' 

Hall, London). 
1653 or 1654. William Boteler. 

1655, June 1. John Coppleston, sheriff of Devon, (at Whitehall). 
1655, Jnne 11. John Reynolds, commissary general in Ireland, 

son of Sir James, of Essex, drowned 1657 (ibid). 

1655, Sept. 20 (23). Christopher Packe, lord mayor of London 

1655-6, Jan. IT. Thomas Pride, colonel (at Whitehall). 
1655-6, Jan. 19. John Barkstead, lieutenant of the Tower and 

major general, of Middlesex (ibid). 

1656, May 3. Peter Julius Coyet, ambassador from the King of 

Sweden (ibid). 

[1656], July 26 (25). [Gustavus Du Vale], one of the chief 
gentlemen attending the Swedish ambassador, 

1656, July. Anthony Morgan (at Whitehall, on being sent over 
especially from Ireland to inform the protector of the state 
of Ireland) ? an erratum see infra under date 1658, July 26, 
also see p. 232 infra. 

1656, Aug. Richard Combe, of Combe, Co. Herts, (at Whitehall). 

1656, Sept. 15. John Dethick ,lord mayor of London (ibid). 

1656, Sept. 15. George Fleetwood, of Co. Bucks, (ibid). 

1656, Dec. 10. William Lockhart, colonel. His Highness's resi- 
dent in France (ibid). 

1656, Dec. 10. James Calthorp, sheriff of Suffolk (ibid). 

1656, Dec. 15. Robert Titciiborne, lord mayor of London (ibid). 

1656, Dec. 15. Lislebone Long, recorder of London (ibid). 
1656-7, Jan. 6. James Whitelock, colonel, son and heir of Sir 

Bolstrode (ibid). 
1656-7, Mar. 3. Thomas Dickenson, alderman of York (ibid). 

1657, June 11. Richard Stainer, commander of the frigate 


1657, July 16. John Claypole, hart. (ibid). 

1657, Aug. 26 (20). William Wheeler, of Channel Row, West- 
minster (at Hampton Court). 

1657, Nov. 7 (2). Edward Ward, sheriff of Norfolk. 

1657, Nov. 14. Thomas Andrews, alderman and mayor of London 
in 1650 (at Whitehall). 


1657, Dec. 5. Thomas Foote. 

1657, ? ? John Hewson. 
1657-8, Jan.. 6. James Drax. 
1657-8, Feb. 1. Henry Pickering. 
1657-8, Feb. 1. Philip Twistleton. 

1657-8, Mar. 2 (?22, 9). John Ireton (at Whitehall). 
1657-8, Mar. 9. John Lenthall. 

1657-8, Mar. 22. Eichard Chevedon (Chiverton), lord mayor of 
London (at Whitehall). 

1658, July 17. Henry Jones. 
? Thomas Whitgrave. 

? William Ellis [see 1671, Apr. 10]. 

? Thomas Atkins, alderman and mayor of London in 1653. 

? John Carter, of Wales. 

? John Strode, sheriff of Dorset. 

Knights made in Ireland by Henry Croinwell, lord deputy 
of Ireland. 

1657, Nov. 24. Mathew Thomlinson (at Dublin in the Council 


1658, May 3. Robert Goodwin (ibid). 

1658, June 7, Maurice Fenton (in the forenoon at Cork House). 
1658, June 7. John King (in the afternoon in the Council 

1658, July 21. William Berry (Bury) (at Dublin Castle). 
1658, July 22. John Percivall (ibid). 
1658, July 26. Anthony Morgan (ibid). 
1658, July 26. Thomas Herbert (ibid). 
1658, Nov. 16. Hierome Sanky (ibid). 
1658, Nov. 16. Daniel Abbott (ibid). 
1658, Nov. 30. Henry Piers (ibid). 
1658, Dec. 20. William Pen (ibid). 
1658-9, Jan. 24. Thomas Stanley (ibid). 
1658-9, Feb. 23. Oliver St. George (ibid). 

Knights made by Richard Cromwell, Protector. 
1658, Nov. 26. John Morgan. 
1658, Dec, 6. Richard Beke. 


Knights made by Charles II. abroad prior to his Restoration. 

1656-7, Mar. Henry Bennett, second son of Sir John, of Uxbridge 
(at Bruges). 

1656-7, Mar. 17-27. George Lane, of Tulsk, clerk of the Council 

1657, Mar. 31 (Apr. 9). Connell O'Farrell, of Ireland (at Ghent). 

1657, June 14-24. Arthur Slingsby, of Kent (at Brussels). 

1657. Godfrey Lloyd, a captain in Holland and engineer (ibid). 

1657-8, Jan. John Stephens, governor of Dublin Castle (at Bruges). 

1659. Anthony Demarias, a French gentleman servant to the duke 
of York (at Antwerp). 

1659, Apr. Ellis Leighton, servant to the duke of York (at 

Knights inade by Charles II. 

1660, Apr. EiCHARD Fanshaw, master of requests (at Breda). 

1660, May 8-18. Thomas Clarges, muster master general (ibid). 

1660, May 10-20. Thomas Woodcock, of Lewes, governor of 
Windsor Castle (ibid). 

1660, May 10-20 (? 16-26). Samuel Morland (ibid). 

1660, May 16-26. James Bunce, alderman of London, commissioner 
from the City to present the address to Charles II. (at the 
Hague on the reception of the commissioners from the 
Parliament and the City). 

1660, May 16-26. John Langham, alderman of London, a com- 
missioner as above (ibid). 

1660, May 16-26. John Robinson, alderman of London, a com- 
missioner as above (ibid). 

1660, May 16-26. William Thompson, alderman of London, a com- 
missioner as above (ibid). 

1660, May 16-26. Thomas Adams, alderman of London, a com- 
missioner as above (ibid). 

1660, May 16-26. William Wilde, recorder of London, a com- 
missioner as above (ibid). 


1660, May 16-26. Anthony Bateman, alderman of London, a com- 
missioner as above (ibid). 

1660, May 16-26. William Wale, alderman of London, a com- 
missioner as above (ibidj. 

1660, May 16-26. Theophilus Biddulph, of London, a com- 
missioner as above (ibid). 

1660, May 16-26. Richard Ford, of London, a commissioner as 

above (ibid). 
1660, May 16-26. William Vincent, of London, a commissioner 

as above (ibid). 
1660, May 16-26. Thomas Bludworth (Bloodworth or Bludder), 

a commissioner as above (ibid). 
1660, May 16-26. William Bateman, of London and of Charlton, 

Kent, a commissioner as above (ibid). 
1660, May 16-26. John Lewis, of Ledstone,York8., master chamber- 
lain of London, a commissioner as above (ibid). 
1660, May 16-26. Laurence Bromfield, of London, a commissioner 

as above (ibid). 
1660, May (? 16-26). Cyril Wych, of Hockwold, Co. Norfolk (at 

the Hague). 
1660, May (? 16-26). James Langham, of London, eldest son of 

John Langham, alderman of London (ibid). 
1660, May 20. George Cathcart (ibid). 
1660, May 20. Thomas Chamberlaine (ibid). 
1660, May 21. George Downing, English resident in Holland 

1660, May 27 (?26). William Morrice, of Werrington, Co. 

Devon., secretary of state (at Canterbury). 
1660, May 27. Edward Massey, major general (ibid). 
1660, May 27. Edward Ross-ter, of Somersby, Co. Lincoln. 

1660, May 27. Philip Howard, brother of Charles, earl of Carlisle 

1660, May 27. Robert Paston, of Oxnede, Norfolk (ibid). 
1600, May 27. Thomas Stewkeley (Stuteley), of Alton, Co. 

Devon, (ibid). 
1660, May 27. Daniel Harvey, of Combe Park, Surrey (ibid). 
1660, May 27. Eliab Harvey, of Chigwell, Essex (ibid). 
1G60, May 27. Thomas Ingham, of Gotxlnestone, Kent (ibid). 
1G60, May 27. George Kinxaihd (Kexart), of Scotland {? ibid). 
1060, May 27. Arnold Brahams, of Bridge, E. Kent (ibid). 
1660, May 27. Robert Moyle, of Buckswell, Kent (ibid). 


1660, May 27. Ralp Bankes, of Corfe Castle, Dorset (at Canter- 
1660, May 28. Baynham Throckmorton, of Tortworth, Co. 

Gloucester, (at Rochester). 
1660, May 28. A¥illiam Swan, of Denton, Kent (ihid). 
1660, May 28. Francis Clarke, of Rochester, Kent (ibid). 
1660, May 28. George Reeve, of Thwaite, Suffolk (ihid). 
1660, May 29. Thomas Alleyne, lord mayor of London (at the 

King's entry into the city of London) (at London). 
1660, May 30. Richard Browne, senior, alderman, the succeeding 

mayor of London. 
1660, May 30. Richard Browne, junior, son of Alderman Browne 

(at Whitehall). 
1660, May 31. Robert Townsend [alias Agborough), of Hem 

House, near Holt, Denbigh, (ihid). 
1660, May 31. John "Warre, of Hestercombe, Somerset, (ibid). 
1660, May 31. George Norton, of Abbots Leigh, Somerset, (ihid). 
1660, June 2. Robert Hyde, justice of common pleas (ihid). 
1660, June 2. Edward Ayscough, of South Kelsey, Co. Lincoln. 

1660, June 2. Capell Luckyn, of Messinghall, Co. Essex (ihid). 
1660, June 2. John Dawney, of Cowick, Co. York. (ihid). 
1660, June 4. William Pulteney, of St. James's (ihid). 
1660, June 4. Robert Reynolds, of Elvetham, Hants, (ihid). 
1660, June 5 (?4). Robert Abdy, of St. Albans (ihid). 
1660, June 5. Roger Mostyn, of Mostyn, Co. Flint, (ihid). 
1660, June 5. John King, of Abbey Boyle, Co. Roscommon, (ihid). 
1660, June 5. Philip Harcourt, of Stanton Harcourt, Co. Oxford. 

1660, June 5. James ( ? John) Drake, of Ashe, Devon, (ihid). 
1660, June 5. William Hovell, of Hillington, Norfolk (ihid). 
1660, June 5. William Dalton, of Hawkeswell, York. (ihid). 
1660, June 6. John Talbot, of Lacock, Wilts (ibid). 
1660, June 6. Lancelot Lake, of Canons, in Edgeworth, Middl. 

1660, June 6. William Wray, of Asliby, Lincoln (ihid). 
1660, June 6. Henry Coningsby (Conysby), of North Mimms 

Herts, (at Whitehall). 
1660, June 7. John Maynard, of Tooting, Surrey {? ihid). 
1660, June 7. John Carter, of Kinmell, Denbigh, (ibid). 
1660, June 7, Charles Cleaver, of Bygrave, Herts, (ibul). 
1660, June 7. John Clobery, of Bradstone, Devon, (ibid). 


1660, June 8, Christopher Clapham, of Clapham, Yorkshire 

(at Whitehall). 
1660, June 8. Francis Gerard, son of Sir Gilbert Gerard, of 

Harrow, Middlesex (ibid). 
1660, June 9. Robert Bernard, serjeant-at-law. 
1660, June 9. Robert Brooke, of Cockfield Hall, Suffolk (ibid). 
1660, June 9. Andrew King, of London (ibid). 
1660, June 9. Henry Oxenden, of Dene, in Wingham parish, Kent 

1660, June 9. Thomas Heblethwayt, of Norton, Torks. (ibid). 
1660, June 9. William Penn, commissioner of Admiralty and 

Navy (ibid). 
1660, June 9. Robert Parkhurst, of Porford, Surrey (ibid). 
1660, June (?9). John Prescott, of Radwinter, Essex. 
1660, June 11. Richard Atkins, of Clapham, Surrey (at Whitehall). 
1660, June 11. Thomas Meers, of Kirton, Lincoln, (ibid). 
1660, June 13. Arthur Cayley, of Newlands, in Coventry, 

Warwick, (ibid). 
1660, June 13. Brian Broughton, of Broughton, Staffs, (ibid). 
1660, June 14. Richard Franklyn, of Moor Park, Herts. 
1660, June 14. Henry Maynard, of Estaines. 
1660, June 15. Thomas Tipping, of Wheatfield, Oxon. (ibid). 
1660, June 15. Walter Rawleigh, of West Horsley, Surrey (ibid). 
1660, June 15 (?or Aug. 23). Francis Salkeld, of Whitehall and 

of Salkeld, Cumberland. 
1660, June 16. Gilbert Ireland, of Holt, Lancaster (ibid). 
1660, June 16. John Yorke, of Gouldthwayte, Yorks. (ibid). 
1660, June 17. John Laurence, alderman of London (at Sir 

Thomas Alleyn's house when he entertained the King). 
1660, June 17. William Leech, of Squerries, Kent (ibid). 
1660, June 17. John Cutler, of London, merchant (ibid). 
1660, June 17. Charles Coote, son of the earl of Mountrath 

1660, June 18. Clement Armiger, of Bloomsbury, Co. Middlesex 

and North Creek, Norfolk. 
1660, June 18. James Drax, of Deresalt, York., of London and 

1660, June 18. Roger Bradshaigh, of Haigh, Lanes. 
1660, June 18. Emanuel Sorrell, of Ipswich, Suffolk. 
1660, June 19. John Covert, of Slaugham, Sussex. 
1660, June 19. William Hartopp, of Rotherby, Leicester. 
1660, June 21. Richard Ottley, of Pitchford, Salop. 


1660, June 21. Eichaed Wiseman, of Thoralds Hall, Essex. 

1660, June 23. Philip Egerton, of Egerton Hall, Co. Chester. 

1660, June 24. John Godshall, of Aldeston, Worcester. 

1660, June 24. William Wiseman, of Eivenhall, Essex. 

1660, June 25. John Hale, of Stagenhoe, Herts. 

1660, June 25. Thomas Overbury, of Burton - on - the - Hill, 

1660, June 25. Eobert Cotton, of Combermere, Cheshire. 

1660, June 25. Miles Stapleton, of Carleton, York. 

1660, June 25. George Horner, of Cloford, Somerset. 

1660, June 26. John Frederick, alderman of London. 

1660, June 27. Eowland Lytton, of Knebworth, Herts. 

1660, June 27. Thomas Beaumont, of Whitby, York, (at Whitehall). 

1660, June 27. Nicholas Strode, of Westerham, Kent. 

1660, June 30. George Browne, of Eadford, Warwick. 

1660, July 1. John Marsham, of Whornes Place, Kent (at White- 

1660, July 2. Thomas Twisden, of Bradbourne, in East Mailing, 
Kent, judge of King's Bench. 

1660, July 2. Thomas Wentworth, of Bretton, Yorks. 

1660, July 2. Edward Atkyns, of Hensington, Oxon., baron of the 

1660, July 4. John Alder, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, West- 

1660, July 5. Abraham Eeynardson, alderman of London (at the 

1660, July 5. Jasper Clayton, alderman of London (ibid). 

1660, July 5. Thomas Player, senr., chamberlain of London (ibid). 

1660, July 5. Thomas Player, junr. (ibid). 

1660, July 7. Thomas Nutt, of Lewes, Sussex. 

1660, July 7. Edward Turnor, of Parendon, Essex, afterwards 
Speaker of the House of Commons. 

1660, July 7. Henry C^sar, of Bennington, Herts. 

1660, July 7. William Bassett, of Clofferton, Somerset. 

1660, July 8. John Cremer, of Siechy, Norfolk. 
1660, July 9. John Ardern, of Ardem, Chester. 
1660, July 9. John Eitz-James, of Leweston, Dorset. 
1660, July 10. Andrew Eiccard, merchant, of London. 
1660, July 11. Thomas Stephens, of Sodbury, Gloucester. 
1660, July 11. George Chute, of Streatham, Surrey. 


1660, July 11. James Beverley, of Begurney, in Eaton Socon, 

Co. Bedford. 
1660, July 11. Oliver vSt. George, of Drumrusk, Leitrim. 
1660, July 11. GoBART Barrington, of Toftes, in Little Baddow, 

1660, July 13. Robert Jennings, of Ripon, Torks. 
1660, July 13. Stephen White, of London. 
1660, July 14. Edward Farmer, of Holbeck, Lincoln. 
1660, July 15. Thomas Ogle, of Pinclibeck, Lincoln, and of Wykyn, 

1660, July 15. William Thorold, of Hough, Lincoln. 
1660, July 16. Ralph Assheton, of Middleton, Lanes. 
1660, July 16. Christopher Turner, of Milton Ernest, Co. 

Bedford., baron of the Exchequer, 
1660, July 16. Thomas Tyrrell, of Hanslope and Castle Thorpe, 

1660, July 17. Thomas Gardiner, of Tollesbury, Essex. 
1660, July 17. Andrew Ramsey, of Abbots Hall, Scotland. 

1660, July 19. William Nutt, of Chigwell, Essex, and London, 

1660, July 19. Audley Mervin, of Castle Mervin, Co. Tyrone. 

1660, July 21. Andrew Henley, of Henley, Somerset, and of 
Bramshill, Hants. 

1660, July 21. Combe Wagstaff, of Tachbrook, Warwick. 

1660, July 24. Peter Brook, of Mere, Co. Chester. 

1660, July 24. Thomas Rant, of Bramshill, Hants., and of 
Broomhill, Norfolk. 

1660, July 24. Joseph Payn, mayor of Norwich. 

1660, July 25. Richard Sandys, of Northbourne, Kent. 

1660, July 25. William Tredenham, of Philleigh, Cornwall. 

1660, July 28. John Shaw, commissioner of Customs. 

1660, July 30. Humphry Gore, of Geldeston, Herts. 

1660, July 30. Conrad Gildenshorne, of Ylaburg, Sweden. 

1660, July 30. Nathaniel Powell, of Ewhurst, Sussex. 

1660, July 30. William Hugeson, of Linsted, Kent. 

1660, July 30. Thomas Davison, of Blakston, Durham, sheriff of 

1660, Aug. 1. Thomas Vinor, of Lombard Street, London, gold- 

1660, Aug. 1. Allen Broderick, of Wandsworth, Surrey. 


1660, Aug. 1 (or 31). William Domville, of Fryern Barnet, 

1660, Aug. 3. Gabriel Lowe, of Newark, Gloucester. 
1660, Aug. 5. John Roth, of Utreclit, Holland. 
1660, Aug. 6. John Stapeley, of Patcliam, Sussex. 
1660, Aug. 7. Robert Gary, of Clovelly, Devon. 
1660, Aug. 9. John Hanmer, of Whittingham Hall, Co. Suffolk. 
1660, Aug. 14. Herbert Perrott, of Hanoldston, Co. Pembroke. 
1660, Aug. 16. Thomas Meadows (Medowes), of Yarmouth, Co. 

1660, Aug. 17. Francis Kynaston, of Oateley, Salop. 
1660, Aug. 18. Jerome Alexander, of Dublin, judge of common 

1660, Aug. 18. Arthur Chichester, of Dungannon, Ireland. 

1660, Aug. 18. John Gore, of Sacombe. 

1660, Aug. 19 (or ? 18 or 16). Edward Cropley, of Clerkenwell, 

1660, Aug. 25. Robert Smith, of Upton, West Ham, Essex. 

1660, Aug. 26 (or Sept. 7). Stephen Tempest, of Brougbton, 

1660, Aug. 29. Gideon Scott, of High Chester, Co. Roxburgh. 

1660, Aug. 29. William Floure, of Ireland. 

1660, Aug. 29 (? Aug. 30 or Sept. 28). Richard Kennedy, a judge 
in Ireland). 

1660, Aug. 31. Edward Minshull, of Minshull, Cheshire. 

1660, Sept. 1. Richard Hopkins, of Coventry, Warwick, sergeant- 

1660, Sept. 2. Samuel Jones, of Courteenhall, Northampton. 

1660, Sept. 3 (or Oct. 24). John Rolle (Rolles), of Bicton, 

1660, Sept. 3. PuRBECK Temple, of Croydon, Surrey. 

1660, Sept. 3 (?) Edward Alston, M.D., of London and Edward- 
stone, Suffolk. 

1660, Sept. 11. Clement Throckmorton, of Haseley, Warwick. 

1660, Sept. 19. John Clenck, of Amsterdam. 

1660, Sept. 21. George Smith, merchant, of London. 

1660, Sept. 24. John Lawson, vice admiral, of Ashford, Essex. 

1660, Sept. 24. Richard Stayner, rear admiral, of Greenwich, 


1660, Sept. 26. Thomas Crew, of Steen, Northampton. 

1660, Sept. 28. William Aston, a judge in Ireland. 

1660, Sept. 29. George Prettyman, of Loddington, Leicester. 


1660, Oct. 10. William Langdale, of Longthorpe, York. 

1660, Oct. 20. Henry Pigot, of Nether Gravenhurst, Beds. 

1660, Oct. 25. Thomas Burton, of Stockerston, Leicester. 

1660, Oct. 27 (?23). Laurence Smyth, of Bramley, Surrey. 

1660, Nov. 6 (?5). Edward Cater, of Kempston, Beds. 

1660, Nov. 8 (?7). George Crooke, of Waterstock, Oxon. 

1660, Nov. 16. John Glynn, King's Sergeant, of Henley Park, 

1660, Nov. 16. John Maynard, sergeant-at-law, of Gunnersbury, 

1660, Nov. 16. William Beecher, of Howbury, Beds. 
1660, Nov. 19. Edward Harley, second son of Sir Robert Harley, 

of Brampton Bryan, Co. Hereford. 

Anthony Morgan (at Whitehall) see supra p. T05. 
William Hewytt, of Breckles, Norfolk, 
John Atkinson, of Stowell, Co. Gloucester. 
William Gage. 

John Poly (Pooley), of Boxted, Suffolk. 
William Ayscough, of Osgodby, Co. York. 
William Forster, of Bamburgh Castle, North- 
1660, Dec. 4. Samuel Browne, a justice of the King's Bench, of 

Arlesey, Beds. 
1660, Dec. 4. Wadham Windham, a justice of the King's Bench, 

of Salisbury (at Whitehall). 
1660, Dec. 5. William Strode, of Northington, Devon. 
1660, Dec. 6. Walter Plunkett, of Rathbeale, Co. Dublin, 

1660, Dec. 10. Thomas Fanshaw, of Jenkins, in Barking, Essex. 
1660, Dec. 14. Henry Hatton, of Mitcham, Surrey. 
1660, Dec. 15. Thomas Grubham Howe, of Kempley, Gloucester. 
1660, Dec. 22. James Shane, of Dublin. 
1660, Dec. 30 (?31). Henry Teynt (Tynte, Taynt), of Bally 

Crevan, Co. Cork. 
1660-1, Jan. 18 (?8). William Cobb, of Beverley, Yorks. 
1660-1, Jan. 26. William Bury (in Ireland by the lords justices). 
1660-1, Jan. 27. William Juxon, of Albourne, Sussex (in England 

by the King). 
1660-1, Feb. 2. Thomas Doleman, of Shaw, Berks. 
1660-1, Feb. 4. Joseph Throckmorton, of London, merchant (on 

board his own ship at Blackwall. 























1660-1, Feb. 5. Richard Combe (Combes), of Hemel Hempstead. 

1660-1, Feb. 16. Arthur Denny (in Ireland by the lords justices). 

1660-1, Feb. 16. Boyle Maynard {ibid by same). 

1660-1, Feb. 19. John Ponsonby {ibid by same). 

1660-1, Feb. 21. Humphry Hooke (Hookes), alderman, of Bristol 

(in England by the King). 
1660-1, Feb. 21. Hubert Adrian-Yerveer, mayor of Dublin (in 

Ireland by the lords justices). 
1660-1, Feb. 22. Richard Lane {ibid by same). 
1660-1, Mar. 2. Thomas Estcourt, of Sherston Pinkney, Wilts., 

a master in Chancery (in England by the King). 
1660-1, Mar. 12. James Cuffe, of Ballinrobe, Ireland. 
1660-1, Mar. 12. William Ryder, alderman, of London. 
1660-1, Mar. 13. John Rowley, of Castle Row, Co. Londonderry 

(in Ireland by the lords justices). 
1660-1, Mar. 14. Nicholas Purdon, of Ballyclogh, Co. Cork (ibid 

by same). 
1660-1, Mar. 15. Peter Courthop, of Little Island, Co. Cork (ibid 

by same). 
1660-1, Mar. 16. William King, of the Hospital, Co. Limerick 

{ibid by same). 
1660-1, Mar. 18. Ralph Wilson {ibid by same). 
1660-1, Mar. 18. Gilbert Gerard, second son of Sir Gilbert 

Gerard, of Harrow-on-the-Hill, Co. Middl. (in England by 

the King). 
1660-1, Mar. 19. John Barer, physician-in-ordinary to the King. 
1660-1, Mar. 19. Isaac Thornton, of Snailwell, Co. Cambridge. 
1660-1, Mar. 19. Francis Foulke (in Ireland by the lords justices). 
1660-1, Mar. 20. St. John Brodrick {ibid by same). 
1661, Mar. 27. Thomas Clayton, master of Merton College, Oxon., 

regius prof, of medicine (in England by the King). 
1661, Apr. 1. Francis Pridgean {alias Prugean, alias Privian), 

M.D., of London and of Hornchurch, Essex. 
1661, Apr. 8. Thomas Byde, of Shoreditch, Middl., and of Ware 

Park, Herts., a brewer. 
1661, Apr. 9. Robert Mason, of King's Cleere, Hants, (at 

? 1661, Apr. 9. Richard Mason, of Bishops Castle and Ednop, Co. 

Salop, Avener. 
1661, Apr. 10. Edward Dymock, of Scrivelsby, Lincoln., King's 

Champion at the Coronation of Charles II. 


1661, Apr, 11. William Petty, M.D., of London, surveyor-general 

of Ireland. 
1661, Apr. 12. William Warren, of Wapping, shipbuilder. 
1661, Apr. 13. John Dethick, alderman of London. 
1661, Apr. 17. George Courthorpe (of Wylegh in Sussex) a 

gentleman pensioner (at Windsor). 
1661, Apr. 17. George Blundell, of Cardington, Co. Bedford., a 

gentleman pensioner (ibid). 
1661, Apr. 17. Edmund Barker, of Sibton, Suffolk, a gentleman 

pensioner (ibid). 
1661, Apr. 18. Walter Walker, D.C.L., of Busliey Hall, Herts. 

(at Whitehall). 
1661, Apr. 19. John Lowe. 
1661, Apr. 20. Edward Bysshe, of Bysshe Court, Surrey, Claren- 

ceux king-of-arms. 
1661, Apr. 20. Nicholas Pelham, of Lewes, Sussex. 
1661, Apr. 20. George Cony, of Gray's Inn, sergeant-at-law. 
1661, Apr. 23. James Doxellan, chief justice of the Common Pleas 

(in Ireland by the lords justices). 
1661, Apr. 23. William Titchborne [ibid by same). 
1661, Apr. 23. William Dixon (ibid by same). 
1661, Apr. 25. Sampson White, mayor of Oxford (in England by 

the King). 
1661, Apr. 26. John Morley, of Chichester, Sussex. 
1661, Apr. 28. Thomas Leigh, of Addington, Surrey. 
1661, Apr. 28. James Wilford, of Olding, Kent (at Whitehall). 
1661, Apr. 30. Bernard Hyde, of Bore Place, Kent. 
1661, May 8. Francis Gore (in Ireland by the lords justices). 
1661, May 9. Robert Wiseman, D.C.L., King's advocate-general 

(in England by the King). 
1661, May 10. Charles ITmfrevill, of Langham, Essex. 
1661, May 11. Joseph Cradock, commissary of Richmond, Co. 

1661, May 12. William Child, of Kinlet, co. Salop, a master in 

1661, May 12. Justinian Lewyn (Lewen), of Heybam, Essex, a 

master in chancery. 
1661, May 12. Mundeford Br.\mston (Brampston), of Little 

Baddow, Essex, a master in chancery. 
1661, May 12. William Glascock, D.C.L., of Wormeley, Herts., 

a master in chancery. 


1661, May 12. Thomas Bird (Byrd), of Chancery Lane, Co. Middl., 

a master in chancery. 
1661, May 12. Nathaniel Hobart, of Chancery Lane, a master in 

1661, May 12. Toby Woolrich, of Cowling, Suffolk, a maater in 

1661, May 14. Francis Clinton, of Stourton Castle, Co. Lincoln. 
1661, May 19. Richard Kyrle (Kearles) (in Ireland by the lords 

1661, May 25. Thomas Ivy (Ivey), of Malmesbury, Wilts, (in 

England by the King). 
1661, May 29. George St. George (in Ireland by the lords 

1661, May 30. John Farrington, of Chicester (in England by the 

1661, June 10. John Finch, ambassador to Constantinople. 
1661, June 14. Anthony Craven, of Sparsholt, Berks. 
1661, June 25. John Busby, of Addington, Bucks. 

1661, July 10. John Dormer, of Lee Grange, Bucks, (at White- 

1661, Aug. 21 (?24). Thomas Bennett, a master in chancery 

1661, Sept. 27. Thomas Bladwell, of Swanington, Norfolk. 

1661, Oct. 3. Augustine Coronel or Collonel, agent for the king 

of Portugal (at Whitehall). 
1661, Oct. 23. William Throckmorton, son of Sir William (ibid). 
1661, Sept. 24. John Shaw, of Colchester, Essex (ibid). 
1661, Sept. 25. John Bernard, of Abingdon, Northampton. 
1661, Nov. 8. William Merick, judge of the Prerogative Court 

(at Whitehall). 
1661, Nov. 10. John Floswick, of Amsterdam (ibid). 
1661, Nov. 23. William Caley (Calley), of Burderope, Wilts. 

1661, Nov. 24 (? Oct. 24). George Oxenden, of Dean, Kent (ibid). 
1661, Nov. 29 (?Oct. 29). Hans Hamilton, of Hamiltons Hall, 

Armagh, Ireland (ibid). 
1661, Dec. 9. William Blois (Bloys), of Yoxford, Suffolk (ibid). 
1661, Dec. 10. James Austin, of Southwark. 
1661, Dec. 16. Richard Bishop, of Bridgetown, Warwick, senior 



1661, Dec. 22. St. John Moore, of Fawley, Berks, (at Whitehall). 

1661, Dec. 27. Clifford Clifton, of Clifton, Notts, (ibid). 

1661, Dec. 27. Francis Compton, of Hamerton, Hunt. (ibid). 

1661, Dec. 30. William Lowther, of Swillington, Yorks. 

1661-2, Jan. 2. Thomas Tomkins (Thompkins), of Monington, 
Hereford, (ibid). 

1661-2, Jan. 7. Robert Christopher, of Alford, Co. Lincoln. 

1661-2, Jan. 9. Henry Yaughan, of Derwydd, Carmarthen, (ibid). 
1661-2, Jan. 16. Nathaniel Napier, eldest son of Sir Gerard 

Napier, of Middlemarsh Hall, Dorset, (ibid). 
1661-2, Jan. 17. John Lort, of Stackpole, Co. Pembroke, (ibid). 
1661-2, Jan. 21 (?16). John Keling, of Southill, Beds., sergeant- 

at-law (ibid). 
1661-2, Jan. 22. William Craven, of Elston, Glouc, gentleman 

usher to the queen of Bohemia (ibid). 
1661-2, Jan. 23. Thomas Cookes, of Stanton, Worcester, (ibid). 
1661-2, Jan. 29. Jervase Cutler, of Stansborough, Yorks. (ibid). 
1661-2, Jan. 30. Mathew Hale, of Alderley, Co. Gloucester., lord 

chief baron (ibid). 
1661-2, Jan. 31. Charles Hamilton (ibid). 
1661-2, Feb. 13. Edward Winter (Wintour), of Lidney, Co. 

Gloucester., and of the East Indies, a sea captain (ibid). 
1661-2, Feb. 17. Dratner Massingberd, of South Ormesby, Line. 

1661-2, Feb. 23. Walter Littleton, of Lichfield (ibid). 
1661-2, Feb. 23 (?24). Thomas Monpesson. 
1661-2, Mar. 3. Francis Goodrich, of Manby, Line. (ibid). 
1661-2, Mar. 4. Jeoffry Shakerley, of Shakerley, Lanes. 
1661-2, Mar. 14. Job Charlton, of Ludford, Co. Hei-eford, chief 

justice of Chester, 
before 1661-2, Mar. 19. John Harbert, sheriff of Breconshire. 

1662, Apr. 22. Robert Canne, of Bristol. 

1662, Apr. 26. Thomas Daniell, of Beswick, Yorks., a captain of 

the Foot Guards. 
1662, May 24. Henry Peckham, of Chichester (at Portsmouth). 
1662, June 16. Edmund Hoskins, sergeant-at-law (at Whitehall). 
1662, June 24. John Rogers, of Langton, Dorset (at Hampton 

1662, July 5. Thomas Beverley, of Lincoln's Inn (ibid). 


1662, July 6. John Clopton, of Clopton, near Stratford-on-Avon, 

1662, July 19. William Turner, alderman of London. 

1662, Aug. 3. James Weymes (in Ireland by the duke of Ormonde, 

lord lieutenant of Ireland). 
1662, Aug. 3. William Davis (ibid by same). 
1662, Aug. 3. George Carr (ibid by same). 
1662, Aug. 24. Nicholas Loftus (ibid by same). 
1662, Sept. 2. Martin Noell, of London, scrivener (at Whitehall 

by the King). 

1662, Sept. '7. Toby Potntz (in Ireland by the duke of Ormonde, 

lord lieutenant of Ireland). 
1662, Sept. 30. George Gilbert, mayor of Dublin (ibid by same). 

1662, Sept. 30. Daniel Bellingham, alderman of Dublin (ibid by 

1662, Oct. 11 (?1). Nevill Catelyne, of Kirby Cane, Norfolk (at 

Somerset House by the King). 

1662, Nov. 14. John Birkenhead, D.C.L., M.P. for Wilton, Master 

of Requests (at Whitehall). 
1662, Nov. 14 (?16). John Davies, of Pangbourne, Berks. 

1662, Nov. 16. Henry Waddington (in Ireland by the duke of 
Ormonde, lord lieutenant of Ireland). 

1662, Nov. 22. Edward Norrys, of Weston on the Green, Oxon. 
(in England by the King). 

1662, Nov. 24. Philip Medowes, of Bentley, Suffolk (at White- 

1662, Dec. 18. John Whatton, of Newarke, Leicester, (ibid). 

1662-3, Jan. 28. John Fettiplace, of Colne St. Edwins, Gloucester. 

1662-3, Feb. 13. Thomas Gore, of Barrow, Somerset (ibid). 

1662-3, Feb. 14. Charles Pym, of Brymore, Somerset (ibid). 

1662-3, Feb. 28. William Eyre. 

1662-3, Mar. 11. Scrope Howe, of Langar, Notts, (ibid). 

1662-3, Mar. 14. John Eustace, of Gray's (Lincoln's) Inn (ibid). 

1662-3, Mar. 14 (1662, Nov.). Maurice Eustace, of Lincoln's Inn 

1662-3, Mar. 16. Jeffry Burwell, of Rougham, Suffolk (ibid). 

1662-3, Mar. 16. John Huxley, of Eaton Park, Beds. (ibid). 

1662-3, Mar. 23. John Wynn, of Rhiwgoch (Ryworth) Merioneth. 


1663, Mar, 30. Peter Pett, judge of the Admiralty (in Ireland by 
the duke of Ormonde, lord lieutenant of Ireland). 

1663, May 8 (?2). Thomas Tarborough, of Snaith, Yorks. (at 
Whitehall by the King). 

1663, May 8. George Wynneve (Wynyeve), of Brettenham, 
Suffolk (ibid). 

1663, May 15. John Rea, of Richmond, Surrey (ibid). 

1663, May 30. John Hebdon, of London, merchant, agent for the 

emperor of Russia (ibid). 
1663, June 1. George Juxon, of Canterbury (ibid). 
1663, June 2. John Musters, of Hornsey, Middl. (ibid). 

1663, June 3. Robert Cotton, of Hatley St. George, Cambridge. 

1663, June 9. Robert Henley, of the Grange, Somerset, chief clerk 

for enrolling pleas in the King's Bench (ibid). 

1663, June 17. Thomas Higgins (Higgons), of Gruell, Hants. 

1663, June 24. George Vinor, eldest son of Sir Thomas Yinor 


1663, June 30. John Hewley, of York City (ibid). 

1663, July 1. John Stawell (Stowell), of Bovey Tracy, Devon. 

1663, July 7. Edward Walpole, of Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire (^jizc/j. 
1663, July 23. Frederick Hyde (Hide), sergeant-at-law (ibid). 
1663, July 26. John Payne, steward of the Charter House (ibid). 

1663, Aug. 15. John Temple, solicitor general (in Ireland by the 
duke of Ormonde, lord lieutenant of Ireland). 

1663 ? ? Thomas Fortescue {ibid by same). 

1663, Sept. 5. William Cann, alderman of Bristol (at Bristol by 

the King). 
1663, Sept. 5. Henry Creswick, alderman of Bristol (ibid). 
1663, Sept. 5. John Knight, burgess for Bristol (ibid). 
1663, Sept. 5. Robert Atkyns, junr., of Saperton, Co. Gloucester., 

son of Sir Robert Atkyns, the lord chief justice (at Bristol). 
1663, Sept. 7. Robert Yeomans, alderman of Bristol (at Bath). 
1603, Oct. 1 (?Nov. 9). William Peake, ahlerman of London (at 

1663, Oct. 6. Dowse Fuller, of Chambcrhouse, Berks, (ibid). 
1663, Oct. 11. William Bolton, alderman of London. 


1663, Oct. 12. RiCHAED Chiverton, alderman of London (at 

1663, Oct. 12. RiCHAED Ryves, sheriff of London (ibid). 
1663, Dec. 2. James Drax, of London (ibid). 
1663, Dec. 4. John Aeciier, justice of Common Pleas (ibid) 
1663, Dec. 10. John Bridges, of Kainsham, Co. Gloucester (ibid). 

1663, Dec. 18. Richard Chaworth, of Richmond, Surrey (ibid). 

1663-4, Jan. 10. William Delaune (De Laune), of London, 

merchant (ibid). 
1663-4, Jan. 22. Winston Churchill, of Minterne, Dorset, (ibid). 
1663-4, Jan. 24. Edmund Turner, of Lincoln's Inn Fields, London 

1663-4, Feb. 4. Walter Moyle, of St, Germains, Cornwall (ibid). 
1663-4, Feb. 6. Edward Turnor, son of Sir Edward Tumor, 

Speaker of the House of Commons (ibid). 

1663-4, Feb. 16. George Dalston, eldest son of Sir W. Dalston, of 
Dalston, Cumberland, bart. 

1663-4, Feb. 16. John Dalston, second son of the above Sir W. 

1663-4, Feb. 26. William Turner, of Richmond, Surrey (at 

1663-4, Mar. 3. Samuel Tuke, of Cressing, Essex (ibid). 
1663-4, Mar. 9. Henry Bosvile, of Aynsford, Kent (ibid). 
1663-4, Mar. 25. Giles Sweit, dean of the arches (ibid). 
1663-4, Mar. 31. Edmond Fortescu, of Fallowpit, Devon, (at 


1664, Apr. 30. William D'Oyly, son of Sir W. D'Oyly of Shottis- 

ham (ibid). 
1664, May 13. Henry Onslow, of Warnham, Sussex (ibid). 
1664, May 27. John Heath, of Brasted, Kent (ibid). 
1664, June 5. Thomas Harman (in Ireland by the earl of Ossory, 

lord deputy of Ireland). 
1664, June 5. Henry Brooke (Brookes) (ibid by same). 

1664, June 27. John Foley, of Boxted, Suffolk (at Whitehall by 

the King). 
1664, June 27. Robert Sewster, of Great Ranby, Hunts, (ibid). 
1664, June 29. Robert Yallop, of Bowthorpe, Norfolk (ibid). 
1664, July 15. John Browne, of Pinchbeck, Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 
1664, July 30. Michael Heneage, of Gray's Inn (ibid). 

1664, Aug. 7. Francis Peisley (Peasley) (in Ireland by the earl 
of Ossory, lord deputy). 


1664, Aug. 8. Paul Paynter, of Muswell Hill (at Whitehall by 

the King). 
1664, Aug. 8. John Colladon, of St. Martins-in-the-Fields, a 

physician to the Queen Consort (at Somerset House). 
1664, Sept. 11 (4). Thomas Worsop (Worssop) (in Ireland by the 

earl of Ossory, lord deputy of Ireland). 
1664, Oct. 11. William Brodnax (Brodnix), of Godmersham, 

Kent (at Whitehall by the King). 
1664, Oct. 25. Peter Harvey, of Dublin (ibid). 
1664, Nov. 5. Arthur Ingram, of London, merchant (ibid). 
1664, Nov. 17. John Clayton, of the Inner Temple (ibid), 
1664, Nov. 19. Christopher Eyre, of Harrow on the Hill, Middl. 


1664, Dec. 29. Robert Worsley, eldest son of Sir Henry Worsley, 

of Appuldurcomb, Isle of Wight (ibid). 
I? 1664-1672]. Tristram Beresford (in Ireland by the lord deputy 

of Ireland). 
1664-5, Jan. 2. John Griffith, captain of the fort at Gravesend 

(at Whitehall by the King). 
1664-5, Jan. 16. Theodore De Yaux, of Middl. and Guernsey 

1664-5, Jan. 20. Edmund Beaucock, of Finchinfield, Essex (ibid). 
1664-5, Feb. 11. William Adams, of Scawesby, Yorks. (ibid). 
1664-5, Feb. 11. Thomas Bathurst, of Franks in Horton (Kirby), 

Kent (ibid). 
1664-5, Feb. 11. Thomas Foster, of Egham, Surrey (ibid). 
1664-5, Mar. 1. Francis Rolle, of East Titherley, Hants, sheriff 

of Hampshire (at Portsmouth). 
1664-5, Mar. 3. William Coventry, secretary to the duke of York. 
1664-5, Mar. 8. Henry Thompson, alderman of York (at White- 
1664-5, Mar. 10. Philip Frowde, of London and Kent (ibid). 
1664-5, Mar. 18. Samuel Mico (Micault), alderman of London 


1665, Apr. 15. George Ent, M.D., president of the College of 

Physicians (at the College of Physicians). 
1665, Apr. 22. Edward Thurland, of llyegate, Surrey, solicitor 

to the duke of York. 
1665, Apr. 27. Thomas Bonfoy, alderman of London. 
1665, May 2. Thomas Turberville, of Bere Regis, Dorset, (at 

1665, May 10. Demetrius James, of Ightam, Kent. 


1665, May 12. Matthew (Martin) Holworthy, London (at 

1665, May 14. John James, of Crishall, Essex (ibid). 

1665, May (?Apr.) 16. Paul Whichcote, of Hendon, Middlesex 

1665, May ( ? Apr.) 19. Eowland Okeover, of Okeover, Stafford. 

1665, May 31. Francis Clarke, of London (ibid). 

1665, May 31. John Coell, of Depden, Suffolk, a master in 

Chancery (ibid). 
1665, June 10. George Waterman, sheriff of London (ibid). 
1665, June 10. Charles Doe, sheriff of London (ibid). 
1665, June 22. Henry Codony, gentleman usher of the Privy 

Chamber to the Queen (ibid). 
1665, June 22. Jerome Smith, captain R.N. 
1665, June 24. Robert Yiner (Yinor, Yyner), alderman and 

goldsmith of London (ibid). 
1665, June 24. Edward Spragg, captain R.N. 
1665, June 24. Thomas Allin (Allen), captain R.N. 
1665, June 27. Christopher Minnes (Mynnes, Mings). 
1665, July 1. Thomas Teddiman, captain R.N, 
1665, July 1. Joseph Jordan, captain RN. 
1665, July 1. Roger Cuttings, captain R.N. 
1665, July 1. Stephen Fox, paymaster of the Guards, etc. (at 

1665, July 4. William Ltsle, of the Middle Temple and of 

Wootton, Isle of Wight. 
1665, July 4. William Oglander, of Nunwell, Isle of Wight. 
1665, Oct. 14. John Elwes, of Barton Court, Berks, (at Oxford). 
1665, Nov. Martin Noell, son of Sir Martin Noell. 
1665, Nov. ( ?) John Ernle, of Wheatham, Co. Wilts. 
1665, Dec. 21. Robert Southwell, a clerk of the Council. 
1665, Dec. 21 (?) Edward Hooper. 
1665 (?) Clement Farnham. 
[1665]. Luke Dowdall (dubbed in Ireland). 
[1665]. Thomas Hume (ibid). 
1665-6, Feb. 1. Robert Hanson, sheriff of London (in England by 

the King). 
1665-6, Feb. 1. William Hooker, sheriff of London. 


1665-6, Feb. 24. John Poyntz, of Iron Acton, Gloucester, (at 

1665-6, Feb. 28. Richard Pigott (Pygott), of London, and of 

Woodford, Essex (ibid). 
1665-6, Mar. 6. Thomas Chambers, of Bromley, Middl. (ibid). 
1665-6, Mar. 6. Richard Bellings (Beeling), principal secretary 

and master of requests to the Queen. 

1666, Mar. 27. Robert Holmes, captain of H.M.S. " Defiance " (at 

1666, Apr. 28. Charles Tufton, of Coston, Co. Gloucester. 
1666, June 18. Edward Master, of Canterbury. 

1666, June 30. Miles (Michael) Whartox (Warton), of Beverley, 

Yorks. (at Whitehall). 
1666, July 10. Edwin Rich, of Lincoln's Inn, and of Mulbarton, 

1666, July 24. Robert Faunce, of Cliffe, Kent. 

1666, Sept. Edmondbury Godfrey, of St. Martins in the Fields (at 

1666, Oct. 8. John St. Loe, of Knighton, Wilts, (ibid). 
1666, Oct. 23. Joseph Sheldon, sheriff of London (ibid). 
1666, Nov. 4. Thomas Langton, of Bristol (ibid). 
1666, Nov. 10. Thomas Gery, of Lincoln's Inn (ibid). 
? 1666, Nov. 10. John Gonning, alderman of Bristol. 

1666, Nov. 18. Thomas Wodehouse (Woodhouse, of Kimberley 

Hall, Norfolk (at Whitehall). 
[1666]. Edward Ormsby (dubbed in Ireland). 
1666-7, Feb. 20. John Malet, of St. Anderry's, Somerset, (at 

1666-7, Feb. 20(?) Nicholas Myllet, of Battersea, Surrey. 

1667, Apr. 13 Philip Carteret, son of Sir Geo. Carteret, of 

Ilawnes (at Whitehall). 
1667, May 8. John Wentworth, of Elmes Court, or Elmhall, 

Yorkshire (ibid). 
1G67, Oct. 21. Samuell Sterling (Starling), alderman of London 

1667, Oct. 23. Thomas Davies, sheriff of London (at the Royal 

p]xchange when Charles IL laid the foundation-stone). 
1067, Oct. 23. Dennis Gauden, sheriff of London (at the Royal 

Exchange as above). 
1667, Nov. 20. George Curtes, of Otterden, Kent (at Whitehall). 
1667-8, Jan. 6 (? 7) John Sparrow, of Corbets Tey, Essex, and of 

the Inner Temple, counsel at law. 


1667-8, Jan. 10. Richard Knight, of Chawton, Hants, (at White- 
1667-8, Feb. 18. Ralph Ratcliffe, of Kitchen, Herts. 
1668, Apr. 9. William Hoskyns, of Oxted, Surrey (at Windsor). 
1668, May 15. Robert Booth (at Whitehall). 

1668, May 19. John Vaughan, of Trescoed, Co. Cardigan., lord 

chief justice of Common Pleas (ibid). 
1668, May 30. William Constantine, of the Inner Temple (ibid). 
1668, July 18. Roger Hill, of the Inner Temple, and of Denham, 

Bucks, (ibid). 
1668, July 18 (?21). Roger Pratt, of Riston, Norfolk (ibid). 
1668, July 21 (?29). John Howell, recorder of London (ibid). 
1668, Aug. 28. William Godolphin. 

1668, Sept. 2. William Drake, of Shardeloes, Bucks, (ibid). 
1668, Oct. 16. Henry Tompson, alderman of York (at Newmarket). 
1668, Nov. 24. William Gostwick, of Willington, Beds, (at 

1668, Dec. 8. Thomas Croft (Crofts), a master in Chancery (ibid). 
1668. Robert Hartpole (dubbed in Ireland). 

1668. Richard Ald worth (ibid). 

1668-9, Feb. 12. William Jesson, of Coventry. 

1668-9, Feb. 26. John Hamby, of Tathwell, Line, (at Whitehall). 

1668-9, Mar. 19, Ralph Warton, of Beverley, Yorks. (at New- 

1669, Apr. 19. James Worsley, of Apuldercombe, Pylewell, Hants. 

(at Whitehall). 

1669, Apr. 21. Clement Harby, of London (ibid). 

1669, May 11. Francis Theobald, of Barking, Suffolk (ibid). 

1669, May 25. Joseph Colston, of Pudding Norton, Norfolk (ibid). 

1669, June 1. Thomas St. George, of Bexley, Kent, Somerset 
Herald (ibid). 

1669, June 2. Mathew (Martin) Pierson, of Lowthorpe, Yorks. 

1669, Aug. 4. Thomas Clutterbuck, consul at Leghorn and 

merchant in London (ibid). 
1669, Aug. 12. Thomas Leigh, of Testwood, Hants, (ibid). 
1669, Aug. 14. Charles Scarborough, M.D. (at Durdans, lord 

Berkeley's house at Epsom, Surrey). 
1669, Sept. 14. Charles Meredith (dubbed in Ireland). 


1669, Oct. 9. William Haslewood, of Maydwell, Co. Northampton. 

(at Whitehall). 
1669, Oct. 29. Samuel Marrow, of Barks well, Warwickshire (^? 6? cZ^. 
1669, Dec. 6. Edward Barnard, of North Dalton, Torks. (ibid). 
1669, Dec. 6 (?18). Thomas Stringer, of Gray's Inn (ibid). 

1669, Dec. 17. John Mordaunt, deputy governor of Tangiers 

[1669]. William FitzGerald (dubbed in Ireland). 
1669-70. Alexander Bence (ibid). 
1669-70, Jan. 7. Leoline Jenkins, judge of the Admiralty and 

Prerogative Courts (at Whitehall). 
1669-70, Jan. 11. John May, of Raymere, Sussex (ibid). 
1669-70, Jan. 20. Benjamin Tichborne, of Aldershot, Hants. 

1669-70, Jan. 28. Gabriell Sylvius. 

1669-70, Mar. 2. Simon Degge, judge of South Wales (ibid). 
1669-70, Mar. 2. William Wise, of Beverley, Yorks. (ibid). 

1670, Apr, 5. Barrow Fitch, of Woodham Walters, Essex (ibid). 
1670, May 14. John Halsey, of Great Gadsden, Herts., a master in 

Chancery (ibid). 

1670, May. John Kempthorne, of Ashford, Essex, rear admiral. 

1670, June 2. Thomas Chicheley, of Wimple, Cambridge (ibid). 

1670, June 24. Timothy Tourner (Tourneur, Turnour) of Shrews- 
bury, a serjeant-at-law (ibid). 

1670, June 26. Robert Shafto, recorder of Newcastle-upon-Tyne 

1670, June 28. Hugh Windham, of Pilsdon Court, Dorset, a baron 
of the Exchequer (ibid). 

1670, June 28. James Hayes, of Beckington, Somerset. 

1670, July 8. John Smith, sheriff of London (ibid). 

1670, July 8. Francis Brewster, alderman of Dublin (ibid). 

1670, July 10. Timothy Baldwyn, of Stoake Castle, Salop, a master 

in Chancery (ibid). 
1670, July 10. Robert Stewart, of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, a 

master in Chancery (ibid). 
1670, July 12. Robert Peyton, of East Barnet, Herts, (ibid). 
1670, July 26. John Darrell, of Calehill, Somerset (ibid). 
1670, Aug. 12 (?18). John Churchill, of Churchill, Somerset, 

afterwards master of the rolls (ibid). 
1670, Sept. 12. John James, of Heston, Middlesex (ibid). 
1670, Sept. 20. William Bucknell, of Oxey, Herts, (ibid). 


1670, Oct. 26. Thomas Nortcltffe (Northcliffe, Norcliffe), of 

Langton, Yorks. (at Whitehall). 
Before 1670, Nov. Francis Chaplin, alderman of London. 
1670, Nov. 5. James Edwards, of Islington, Middl., alderman of 

London (ibid). 
1670, Nov. 21 (?20) Henry Archbold, of Lichfield (ihid). 
1670, Dec. 1. Edward Rich, of Lincoln's Inn (ibid). 
1670, Dec. 3. Thomas Lynch (Linch), of Rixton Hall, in Great 

Sankey, Lanes., governor of Jamaica (ibid). 

1670, Dec. 4. Thomas Lake, of Canons, near Edgware, Middlesex 

[1670]. Albert Conyngham (dubbed in Ireland). 
[1670]. Egbert Hamilton (ibid). 
[1670]. Thomas Newcomen (ibid). 
[1670]. Robert Ward (ibid). 
[1670]. Abraham Yarner (ibid). 
1670-1, Jan. 16. Andrew Hackett, a master of Chancery (at 

1670-1, Jan. 22. John Caw, of Zeeland, one of the gentlemen to 

the prince of Orange, son to the Baliue of Flushing, com- 
mander of Isingdike (ibid). 
1670-1, Jan. 29. John Trevor, of the Inner Temple (ibid). 
1670-1, Feb. 12. William Beversham, of Holbrook, Suffolk, a 

master of Chancery (ibid). 
1670-1, Feb. 18. Humphry Ferrers, of Tamworth, Co. Warwick. 

1670-1, Mar. 2. Gilbert Clerke (Clark), of Somershall, Derby. 

1670-1, Mar. 22. John Sabine, of Eyne, Beds. (ibid). 

1671, Mar. 25. Robert Cole, of Ballymachey, Co. Tipperary 


1671, Mar. 27. Richard Barker, doctor of physic (ibid). 

1671, Apr. 24. Edward Chisnall (Chesnall, Chesenhall), of 
Chesnal, Lanes, (ibid). 

1671, Apr. 30. William Ellis, of Grantham, Lincoln, serjeant-at- 
law (ibid). 

1671, May 16 (?June 16). William Rant, of Thorpe Market, 
Norfolk (ibid). 

1671, May 21. [Some days before the 23rd] Francis North, 
solicitor general (ibid). 

1671, May 25. William Walrond (Waldron), of Bradfield, 
Devon, (at Whitehall ? at Bedford). 

1671, May 30 (? June 30). Andrew Owen, of Dublin (ibid). 

















1671, June 29. Timothy Littleton, a baron of the Exchequer (at 

1671, July 6. William Paul, of Bray, Berks, (at Windsor). 

1671, July 15. William Jones, of Gray's Inn, attorney-general (at 
Berkshire House, Middlesex). 

1671, July 18. Thomas Beery, of Devon, (at Plymouth). 

1671, July 21. Thomas Caeew, of Barley, Devon, (at Dartmouth). 

1671, July 23. Benjamin Olivee, mayor of Exeter (at Exeter). 

1671, July 28. John Cocks, of Northey, Gloucester, (at Whitehall). 

1671, Sept. 22. John Mynne, of Lincoln's Inn (ibid). 

1671, Sept. 27. John Blodwell, of Swannington, Norfolk (at 

1671, Sept. 27 (?28). Robeet Baldock (Boldock), of Tacolnestone, 
Norfolk, recorder of Yarmouth (ibid). 

James Johnson, of Yarmouth (ibid). 
Geoege England, of Yarmouth, Norfolk (ibid). 
Henry Hobart, of Blickling, Norfolk (at Blickling). 
Thomas Browne, M.D., of Norwich (at Norwich). 
Edwaed Massey, of Hodgsdon, Middx. (at Sir 
Robert Paston's house at Oxnead, Norfolk). 

1671, Oct. 4. Charles Caesar, of Benington, Herts, (at Cambridge). 

1671, Oct. 26. Thomas Jones, of Shrewsbury, serjeant-at-law (at 

1671, Oct. 30. Jonathan Dawes, sheriff of London (at the Guild- 

1671, Oct. 30. Robert Clayton, sheriff of London (ibid). 

1671, Nov. 28. Derrick Popely, of Bristol (at Whitehall). 

1671, Dec. 1. Francis Leigh, of Bexley, Kent (ibid). 

1671, Dec. 11. Edward Nevill, of Grove, Notts, (ibid). 

1671, Dec. 14. William Langham, sheriff of Co. Northampton. 

1671, Dec. 14. George Norton, of Abbots Leigh, Somerset, (ibid). 

1671, Dec. 23. James Morton, son of Sir William Morton (ibid). 

[1671]. George Ingoldsby (dubbed in Ireland). 

1671-2, Jan. 17. Edward Ayscough, of South Kelsey, Lincoln. 

1671-2, Jan. 24. Joseph Williamson, a clerk of the Council ( ibid)^ 

1671-2, Feb. 29. Nicholas Pedley, of Abbotsley, Hunt., a former 
reader of Lincoln's Inn (at a dinner at Sir Francia 
Goodrick's at Lincoln's Inn). 

1671-2, Feb. 29. Richard Stote, of Joemond Hall, Northumber- 
land, a former reader of Lincoln's Inn (ibid). 


1671-2, Feb. 29. James Butler, of Lincoln's Inn, an illegitimate 
son of James, duke of Ormonde (at Lincolns Inn) 

1671-2, Feb. 29. Francis Datrell (DorrelJ, of Lincoln's Inn, and 
of Lillingstone Dayrell, Bucks, (ibid). 

1671-2, Mar. 13. Stephen Langham, of Quinton, Northampton. 

1671-2, Mar. 20. Edward Bash, of Stanstedbury, Herts, (at 

1671-2, Mar. 22. James Oxenden, of Dene, Kent. 
1672, Mar. 30. Strafford Braithwaite, of Catherick, Yorks. 

(at Whitehall). 
1672, Apr. 7. John Totty, mayor of Dublin (in Ireland by the 

lord deputy). 
1672, Apr. 30. Francis Wingate, of Harlington, Beds, (at White- 
hall by the King). 
1672, May 10. James Russell, late governor of Nevis (ibid). 
1672, May 13. John Moore, sheriff of London (ibid). 
1672, May 24. Thomas Baynes or Baine, M.D. (ibid). 
1672, about end of May. John Berry, captain R.N. 
1672, June 20. Alexander Waldron, of Barbados (ibid). 
1672, July 6, John Platt, of Westbrook Place, Surrey (ibid). 
1672, July 20. Henry Ford, of Bagtor, Devon., secretary to his 

Excellency the eai-1 of Essex, lord lieutenant of Ireland 

1672, July 21. John Edgevtorth, captain of the Guards in Ireland 

1672, Aug. 14. John Oneby, gentleman of the Privy Chamber 

1672, Sept. 20. Dav^^es Wymondesold, of Putney, Surrey (ibid). 
1672, Oct. 28 (?23). William Prichard, sheriff of London (ibid). 
1672, Oct. 29. James Smith, sheriff of London (ibid). 
1672, Dec. 7. Laurence De Bustie, merchant, London. 
1672, Dec. 10. Edward Chaloner, of Guisbrough, Yorks. 
1672, Dec. 17. Francis Winnington, of Bewdley, Worcester, 

solicitor general to the duke of York. 
1672, Dec. 19 (?9). Percival Hart, of Lullingstone, Kent (at 

1672-3, Jan. 13. Henry Osborne, esquire of the Body in Ordinary 

1672-3, Jan. 21. William Pargiter, of Greatworth, Northampton, 

a master in Chancery (ibid). 
1672-3, Jan. 21. Edward Lowe, a master in Chancery (ibid). 
1672-3, Jan. 28. Jonas Moore, surveyor of the Ordnance (ibid). 


1672-3, Feb. 5. Samuel Baldwyn, of Stoke Castle, Salop, and of 
the Inner Temple (at Wliitehall). 

1672-3, Feb. 22. Samuel Clarke, of West Haddon, Northampton. 

1672-3, Feb. John Davys (dubbed in Ireland by the earl of Essex, 
lord lieutenant). 

1672-3, Mar. 15 (?5). Richard Langley, son of alderman Langley, 
of London (at Wbiteball). 

1673, Mar. 28. James Bradshaw, of Aspull, Lanes. 

1673, Apr. 13 ( ? 3). John Crew, of Utkinton, Chester (ibid). 

1673, Apr. John Povey, lord chief justice of the King's Bench 
(dubbed in Ireland). 

1673, May 14 (?24). William Hustler, of Aclam, Co. Yorks. (at 

1673, May 29. Thomas Skipwith, of Grantham, Lanes, serjeant-at- 
law (ibid). 

1673, May 29. Charles Dymock, of Scrivelsby, Co. Line. (ibid). 

1673, June 16 (?6). Lacon William Child, of Kinlet, Salop 

1673, June 20. John Otway, of Gray's Inn (ibid). 
1673, June 24. William Halford, of Welham, Co. Leicester. 
1673, June 26. Stephen Thompson, of York. (ibid). 
1673, Aug. 2. Edward Abney, of Willesley, Co. Derby (ibid). 
1673, Sept. 22. James Stansfield, a commissioner for managing 

the estates of the duke of Monmouth (ibid). 
1673, Sept. 30. John Narborough, rear admiral. 
1673, Oct. 29. Robert Jefferies, sheriff of London (at the Guild- 
1673, Oct. 29. Henry (? William) Tulse, sheriff of London (ibid). 
1673, Nov. 15 [Oct. 21]. Francis Bbidgeman, 3rd son of lord 

keeper Orlando Bridgman (at Whitehall). 
1673, Nov. 20. Christopher Wren, surveyor of His Majesty's 

Works (ibid). 
1673, Dec. 6. Richard Munden (Mundy), captain, for services in 

the retaking St. Helens, also the three Dutch East India 

Prizes (ibid). 
1673. Michael Cole (dubbed in Ireland). 
1673. Charles Fielding (dubbed in Ireland). 
1673. Richard Reynell, second serjeant-at-law (ibid). 


1673-4, Jan. 25. Miles Cooke, a master in Chancery (at White- 

1673-4, Feb. 21. William Soame, of Haughley, Suffolk (ihid). 

1674, May 17. Eichard Lloyd, of Hallum, Co. Notts, (ibid). 

1674, May 19. William Heveningham, of Heveningham, Suffolk, 
and of Ketteringham, Norfolk (ibid). 

1674, May 29. Joshua Allen, lord mayor [of Dublin] (in Ireland 

by the lord lieutenant). 
1674, May 29. Arthur Jones (ibid by same). 

1674, July 10. Nicholas Wilmot, of Osmaston, Co. Derby., 
serjeant-at-law (at Hampton Court by the King). 

1674, Aug. 9. Nathaniel Herne, of London, merchant (at Windsor 

1674, Aug. 24. Humphrey Sydenham, of Cholworthy House, 

Somerset, (ibid). 
1674, Sept. 15. Thomas Escourt, of Lincoln's Inn, a master in 

Chancery (at Whitehall). 
1674, Sept. 18. Philip Lloyd, one of the clerks of the Council 

1674, Sept. 26. Charles Crofts Eoad, of Bradwell, Suffolk (ibid). 
1674, Sept. 29. Herbert Evans, of Nethe, Glamorgan, (ibid). 
1674, Sept. 29. John Lethieullier, sheriff of London (at the 

Guildhall, London). 

1674, Nov. 5. Didrigh Tulp, meestersknaep of Holland and West 
Friesland, and director of the Dutch East India Company 
(in His Majesty's bedchamber at Whitehall). 

1674, Nov. 5. John Caw (Cau, Cavte), commissary of the Musters 
to the States General (ibid). 

1674, Nov. 7. William Yorke, of Burton Pedwardine, Lincoln, (at 

1674, Nov. 8. Isaac Gibson, of Combe Abbey, Co. Warwick, (ibid). 

1674, Nov. 9. Duncombe Colchester, of Abenhall, Co. Gloucester, 
and of Gloucester City (ibid). 

1674, Dec. 10. John King, solicitor general to the duke of York 

1674, Dec. 13. John Champ ante (in Ireland by the lord lieutenant). 

1674, Dec. 15. Christopher Nevill, of Aubourn, Lincoln, (at 

Whitehall by the King). 
1674, Dec. 27. Humphrey Doleman, of Shawe, Berks, (ibid). 
1674-5, Jan. 15 (?25). Vetbh Avsj^by (ibid). 
1674-5, Feb. 2. Robert Hardinge, of Bramcott, Notts., and of 

King's Newton, Derby, (ibid). 


1674-5, Feb. 12. Robert Robinson (Robertson), captain, late 
commander of the Monmouth frigate (at Whitehall for good 

1674-5, Feb. 16 ? Thomas Warner, of the Inner Temple, and of 
Barbados, attorney general of Barbados, son of Sir Thomas 
Warner, knt. (at Whitehall). 

1674-5, Feb. 16. John Biggs, of Petersfield, Hants., recorder of 
Portsmouth (ibid). 

1674-5, Feb. 22. Letters patent containing a testimonial of the 
honour of knighthood granted to Angell de Ruyter, of 
Holland, at Whitehall (Crown Office Docquet Book). 

1674-5, Feb. 24. Lestrange Calthorpe, of West Barsham and the 
Middle Temple (ibid). 

1675, Apr. 13. Kendrick Eyton, of Eyton, Denbigh, (ibid). 

1675, Apr. 13. Palmes Fairborne, major, for services at Tangiers 

1675, Apr. 14. Richard Rooth, captain (ibid). 

1675, Apr. 16. Mathews Andrew^s, of Walton-upon-Thames (on 
board an East India ship). 

1675, Apr. 19. Philip Skyppon, of Stratton, Suffolk (at Whitehall). 

1675, May 9. Richard Blake, of the Strand, Middlesex, the King's 
tailor (ibid). 

1675, June 18. John Molesworth, of Pencarrow, Cornwall, vice- 
admiral of Cornwall. 

1675, July. Richard Haddock, a commissioner of the Navy. 

1675, Aug. 30. William Franklyn, of Mavern, Beds, (at White- 

1675, Sept. 19 (?9). Thomas Page, provost of King's College, 
Cambs. (ibid). 

1675, Oct. 6. Francis Pemberton, serjeant-at-law (ibidj. 

1675, Oct. 29. Patience Ward, alderman of London (at the Guild- 
hall, London). 

1675, Oct. 29. Thomas Gold, sheriff of London (ibid). 

1675, Oct. 29. John Shorter, sheriff of London (ibid). 

1675, Nov. 12 or 14. John Franklin, a master of Chancery (at 

1675, Nov. 23. Thomas Exton, of Doctor's Commons (ibid). 

1675, Dec. 7 (?3). Mark Guyon, of Dynes Hall, Essex (ibid). 

1675, Dec. 14. Thomas Middleton, of Stansted Montfichet (ibid). 

1675, Dec. 24 (?4). Henry Calverley, of Eryholm (ibid). 

1675-6, Jan. 12. Jamf:s Russell (ibid). 


1675-6, Jan. 19, Eichard Bulstrode, king's agent with, the 
governor of the Spanish Netherlands, appointed resident in 
that Court (at Whitehall). 

1675-6, Jan. 24. John Hoskyns (Hoskins), a master in Chancery 

1675-6, Feb. 14. Egbert Rich, of Stondon, Essex (ibid). 

1675-6, Mar. 15 (?10). Gregory (George) Hawkmore (or Hock- 
more), of Buckland, Co. Devon, (ibid). 

1676, May 17. Thomas Hardresse (or Hardy), serjeant-at-law 

1676, May 17. George Strode, of Lee Weston, Dorset., a serjeant- 
at-law (ibid). 

1676, June 6. Henry Beaufoy, of Emscote, Co. Warwick, (at 

1676, June 26. Ealph Carr, of Cockin, Co. Durham (ibid). 

1676, Aug. 12. Rice Williams, of Rhydodwin, Carnarvon, (ibid). 

1676, Aug. 22. Charles Pittfield, of Hoxton, Middl. (ibid). 

1676, Sept. 13. Robert Knightley, of Ashstead, Co. Surrey, a 
merchant in London, sheriff of Surrey (at Worcester Park, 

1676, Sept. 13. Edward Evelyn, of Long Ditton, Surrey (ibid). 

1676, Sept. 24. Robert Rands, of London, merchant (at White- 

1676, Oct. 2. John Peake, sheriff of London (ibid). 

1676, Oct. 20. Richard Gipps, of Whelnethan, Co. Suffolk (at 
Saxham, Suffolk). 

1676, Oct. 24. Barrington Bouchier, of Beningborough Grange, 
Yorks. (at Newmarket). 

1676, Oct. 31. Thomas Stampe, sheriff of London (at the Guildhall, 

1676, Nov. 2. Marmaduke Dalton, of Hawkeswell, Yorks. (at 

1676, Nov. 22. George Walker, of Bushey Hall, Herts, (ibid). 

1676, Nov. 27. Giles Hungerford, of Calne, Wilts, (ibid). 
1676, Dec. (? 1). William Chiffinch (when the king dined with 

him at Windsor^. 
1676, Dec. 27. Thomas Hanmer, of the Inner Temple (ibid). 
1676. Robert Colvill (dubbed in Ireland). 
1676-7, Jan. 16. Richard Lloyd, of Salop, and Doctor's Commons, 

D.C.L. (ibid). 
1676-7, Feb. 2. John Jones, of Funmon Castle, Glamorgan, (ibid). 
1676-7, Feb. 3. William Dolben, of the Inner Temple (ibid). 
1676-7, Feb. 10. John Boteler, of Watton Woodhall, Herts. 



1676-7, Mar. 5. Henry Bernard, of London, merchant (dubbed in 

1676-7, Mar. 18. Thomas Heath, comptroller of the house to 
archbishop Sheldon (ibid). 

1677, Apr. 10. Egbert Hatton, of Thames Ditton, Surrey (ibid). 

1677, Apr. 17. John Mathews, of Evesham and of London, mer- 
chant (ibid). 

1677, May 6. William Lytton, of Knebworth, Herts, (ibid). 

1677, May 18. Ealph Jenison, of Elswick, Co. Northumberland (at 

1677, May 25. William Dugdale, Garter King of Arms (ibid). 

1677, May 25. Henry St. George, Norroy King of Arms (ibid). 

1677, July 18. Henry Dacre (Dacres, Dacers), of Clerkenwell, 
agent for the East India Company at Bantam in India 

1677, July 22 (?23). Thomas Hudson, of Breemwich, near Don- 
caster, Yorks. (ibid). 

1677, July 25 [or 1678, Aug. 25]. C^sar Cranmer, of Whitehall, 
and of Astwood Bury, Bucks, (ibid). 

1677, Aug. 13. William Bastard, sheriff of Devon, (ibid). 

1677, Sept. 14. George Jefferies, common serjeant (at Whitehall). 

1677, Oct. 17. Robert Sawyer, of the Inner Temple (ibid). 

1677, Oct. 19. Edward Waldo, of London, Mercer (at his own 
house in Cheapside). 

1677, Oct. 19 (29). Thomas Beckford, sheriff of London (at the 

1677, Oct. 19. William Rawstorne (Royston), sheriff of London 

1677, Nov. 23. Robert Hackett, of Barbados (in the bedchamber, 
at Whitehall). 

1677, Dec. 18. Henry Robinson, of Cransley, Northampton (ibid). 

1677. John Dillon (in Ireland by the duke of Ormonde, lord lieut.). 

1677. Thomas Crosby {Ibid by same). 

1677-8, Jan. 14. Gabriel Roberts, Dep. Gov. of the African Comp. 
(at St. James's by the King). 

1677-8, Feb. 22. Francis Watson (at Whitehall). 

1677-8, Feb. 26. John Sympson, of the Inner Temple, serjeant-at- 
law (at Whitehall by the King). 

1677-8, Mar. 13. John Lenthall, of Basselsleigh, Berks, (ibid). 

1677-8, Mar. 18. Jonathan Jennings, of Ripon, Yorks. (ibid). 

1678, Apr. 7. Henry Gough, of Perry Hall, Staffs, (at St. James's). 


1678, June 5. John Boynton, of Roecliffe, Yorks. (at Whiteliall). 
1678, July 13. Fleetwood Dormee, of Arle Court, Co. Gloucester. 

1678, July 16. Eobert Owen, of Llewenny, Carnarvon. 
1678, July 17. Robert Goring, of Coldeston (at Whitehall). 
1678, July 22. William Bishop, of Bridgetown House, near 

Stratford-upon-Avon (ihid). 
1678, July 27. Egbert Talbor, physician-in-ordinary to the King 

1678, Aug. 31. John Meade (dubbed in Ireland during the lord 

lieutenant's progress). 
1678, Sept. Richard Hull [ihid same occasion). 
1678, Sept. Samuel Foxen, of Limerick [ihid came occasion). 
1678, Oct. 2. Creswell Leving, of Gray's Inn (ihid). 
1678, Oct. 28. Richard How, sheriff of London (ihid). 
? 1678, Oct. 28. John Chapman, sheriff of London (ihid). 
1678, Nov. 5. Henry Weymes (in Ireland by the duke of Ormonde, 

lord lieutenant). 
1678, Nov. 24. William Robinson, of London (at Whitehall by the 

1678, Nov. 27. John Lloyd, mayor of Bristol (ihid). 
1678, Nov. 27. Charles Neale, of , Co. Northampton. 


1678. Francis Bramston, baron of the Exchequer ( ? when knighted). 
1678-9, Jan. 7. Jeremiah Snow, of Lombard Street, goldsmith, 

London (at Whitehall). 
1678-9, Feb. 23. Robert Gore (in Ireland by the duke of Ormonde, 

lord lieutenant). 
1678-9, Feb. 23. John Parker (ihid by same). 
1678-9, Feb. 23. John Topham [ihid by same). 
1678-9, Feb. 27. Richard Weston, a serjeant-at-law. 
1678-9, Mar. 8. Roger Bradshaw, of the Haigh, Lanes, (at 


1679, Mar. 26. Francis Morton, chajicellor of the Island of Nevis 


1679, Apr. 16. Joseph Brand, of Edwardstone, Suffolk (ihid). 
1679, June 26. Thomas Raymond, baron of the Exchequer (ihid). 
1679, June (or July) 26. Edward Atkyns, a baron of the 

Exchequer (ihid). 
1679, July 26. William Gregory, a baron of the Exchequer 



1679, Aug. 3. Benjamin Newland, of London, merchant (at 
Titchfield House, Co. Southampton). 

1679, Aug. 7. Richard Stephens, of Lincoln's Inn (at Portsmouth). 

1679, Oct. 20. Jonathan Raymond, of Barton Court and Kentbury, 

sheriff of London (at Whitehall). 
1679, Oct. 20. Simon Lewis, linen draper, of Cornhill, sheriff of 

London (ibid). 
1679, Oct. 20. William Russell, of London, mercer (ibid). 
1679, Oct. 26. John Keling, of Southill, Beds. (ibid). 
1679, Nov. 5. Thomas Osborne (dubbed in Ireland). 
1679, Nov. 5. Henry Ponsonby (ibid). 

1679, Dec. 7. Thomas Fitch, of Blackfriars, London (at Whitehall). 
1679-80, Jan. 6. Edward Bering, of London, merchant (ibid). 
1679-80, Jan. 11. Peter Lely, of St. Paul's, Covent Garden, the 

King's painter (ibid). 
1679-80, Mar. 6 [or 8]. Henry Johnson, of Blackwall, shipbuilder, 

M.P. for Aldborough (knighted in his own house). 
1679-80, Mar. 6. Thomas Millington, M.D., of York Buildings, 

1679-80, Mar. 8. William Gulston (Goulston), of Whitechapel 

(at the lord mayor's). 

1680, Apr. 3 (or 13). Richard Derham (Dereham), remembrancer 

of London (at Whitehall). 

1680, Apr, 6. John Edwards, of Heath House, Salop (ibid). 

1680, Apr. 7. Edward Villiers, knight marshal of the Household 

1680, Apr. 16. Thomas Holt, recorder of Reading (at Windsor 

1680, Apr. 18. William Dodson, of St. Paul's Churchyard, 
London, woollen draper (at Whitehall). 

1680, Apr. 18 (17). Francis Wythens (Withens), of Eltham, 
Kent, dep. steward of Westminster and a J. P., Westminster, 
on presenting an address to the King from the grand inquest 
for the city of Westminster testifying their dislike and 
abhorrence of the late petition for a parliament (ibid). 

1680, Apr. 18. Thomas Cann, of Bristol (ibid). 

1680, May 1. Jemmett Raymond (at Skinner's Hall, London, the 
house of his father, Sir Jonathan). 

1680, May 15. Robert Wright, of Wangford, Suffolk (at White- 

1680, May 28. Robert Adams, of London (at Windsor Castle). 

1680, May 28. Rowland Gwyn, of Llanelwa, Co. Radnor (ibid). 


1680, June 17. William Dawson, of Asterley, recorder of Ripon 

(at Windsor Castle). 
1680, June 30. Adam Ottley (Oatley), a master of Chancery 

1680, Aug. 1. James Herbert, of Colebroke, Co. Monmouth, (at 

1680, Aug. 5. Phineas (Phines) Pett, of Chatham, master ship- 
wright of the King's yard at Chatham, comptroller of the 

stores (to be a principal officer and commr. of the Navy). 
1680, Aug. 9. Jonas Moore, surveyor of the Ordnance in the 

Tower (at Windsor Castle). 
1680, Sept. 16 (?14). Henry Bathurst, of Edmonton, Middl. (at 

Mr. Coventry's Lodge in Enfield Chase). 
1680, Oct. 27. EiCHARD Hart, mayor of Bristol (at Whitehall). 
1680, Oct. 28. William Kingsmill, of Sydmonton, Hants, (ibid). 
1680, Nov. 6. John Magill (in Ireland by the duke of Ormonde, 

lord lieutenant). 
1680, Nov. 12. EoGER Puleston, of Emrall, Flint, (at Whitehall 

by the King). 
1680, Nov. 20. John Wetwang, captain (ibid). 
1680, Dec. 3. Mathew Deane (in Ireland by the duke of Ormonde, 

lord lieutenant). 
1680, Dec. 21. Phillips Coote [ibid by same). 

1680, ( ? Dec.) 28. Nathaniel Johnson, commissioner of hearth 

money (at Whitehall by the King). 

? 1680. George Etheredge. 

1680-1, Jan. 20. George Treby, recorder of London, solicitor- 
general, 1689 (ibid). 

1680-1, Jan. 27. Robert Napier (Neppier, Naper), of Puknoll, 
high sheriff of Dorset, (ibid). 

1680-1, Feb. 9. Henry Langley, of the Abbey, Shrewsbury (ibid). 

1680-1, Mar. 4. Humphry Nicholson, of Mile End Green, Middl. 

1680-1, Mar. 7. Richard Tufton, of Westminster (ibid). 

1680-1, Mar. 14. George Pudsey, of Elsfield, Oxon (at Oxford). 

1680-1, Mar. 16. Richard Croke (Crooke), serjeant-at-law (ibid). 

1681, Apr. 7 (?16). William Scroggs, of Gray's Inn and of St. 

Clement's Danes, Co. Middl. (at Whitehall). 
1681, Apr. 17. Thomas Dereham, resident at Florence (ibid). 
1681, May 1. Richard Ryves (Reves), recorder of Dublin (in 

Ireland by the duke of Ormonde, lord lieutenant). 
1681, May 15. Daniel Fleming, of Rydal, Westmoreland (at 

Windsor Castle by the King). 


1681, May 19. George Woodruffe, of Poyle, Surrey (at Hampton 

1681, May 19, Edmund Wiseman, of Paternoster Eow, Mercer 

1681, May 30. Christopher Phillipsox (Phillopson), of Colgarth, 

Westmoreland, and Creek Hall, Cumberland (at Windsor 

1681, May 30. Eichard Mat, recorder of Chichester (ihid). 
1681, May 31. John Farington, of Chichester (ihid). 
1681, June 1. Thomas Walker, of Exeter (ihid). 
1681, June 2. William Eliot (Elliot), of Godalming, Surrey (at 

Hampton Court). 

1681, June 8. Thomas Street, a baron of the Exchequer (at White- 
1681, June 10 (?20). William Perkins, of Marston Jabbett, Co. 

Warwick., one of the six clerks of Chancery (ihid). 
1681, June 12. Edward Nevill, recorder of Bath (at Windsor 

1681, June 13. George Savage, of Blackworth, Dorset, (at Windsor 

1681, June 14. Henry Chauncy, of Ardeley, Herts, (ihid). 
1681, June 14 (?18). John Collins, of Chute Lodge, Hants. 

1681, June 18. John Buckworth, of London, merchant (ihid). 
1681, July 5. Michael Wentworth, of Woodley, Yorks. (ihid). 
1681, July 23. Thomas Fotherby, of the Bury, in Rickmansworth, 

Co. Herts, (ihid). 
1681, July 23. Nicholas Miller, of Hyde Hall, Herts., sheriff of 

Herts, (at Windsor). 
1681, July 23. Thomas Field, of Stanstedbury, Norfolk (ihid). 
1681, Aug. 1. Charles Rawley, of Downton, Wilts, (at Windsor 

1681, Aug. 3. James Clarke, of Moulsey, Surrey (ihid). 
1681, Aug. 3. John Marshall, of Sculpuis in Finchingfield, Essex 

(at Windsor Castle). 
1681, Aug. 5. Christopher Buckle, of Bansted, Surrey (ihid). 
1681, Aug. 8 (6). Andrew Noell, of Pickwell, Leicester (ihid). 
1681, Aug. 12. Richard Osbaldeston, of Hunmanby, York. (ihid). 
1681, Aug. 12. Edward Dingley, of Charlton, near Evesham 

1681, Aug. 15 (?18). Thomas Haslewood, of Wich (Wyke), Co. 

Worcester, (at Windsor). 


1681, Sept. 6. George Rainsford (Raynsford), of Lincoln's Inn 

Fields (son of the lord chief justice Raynsford) (at 

1681, Oct. 18. Richard Crumpe (Cromp), of Bristol, merchant 

1681, Nov. 5. Humphrey Jervis, lord mayor of Dublin (in Ireland 

by the duke of Ormonde, lord lieutenant). 
1681, Nov. 6. George Vernon, major, of Farnham, Surrey (at 

Whitehall by the King). 
1681, Nov. 11. Edmund Warneford, of Sevenhampton, Wilts. 

1681, Nov. 18. Richard Downton, of Isleworth, Middlesex (ihid). 

1681, Nov. 21. Nicholas Toke, of Goddington, Kent (ihid). 
1681, Nov. 21. Thomas Wallcott, of Bitterley, Salop., serjeant- 
at-law (ihid). 

1681, Dec. 4. Thomas Earle, mayor of Bristol (ihid). 
1681-2, Jan. 2. Thomas Griffith, of London, merchant (ihid). 
1681-2, Jan. 17. Benjamin Bathurst, deputy governor of the 

Royal Africa Company (ihid). 
1681-2, Jan. 31. Jeremiah Sambrooke, merchant, of London (on 

board the earl of Berkeley's ship "Berkeley"). 
1681-2, Feb. 3. Richard Bassett, of Beaupre, Glamorgan (at 

1681-2, Feb. 17. James Etheridge, of the Inner Temple (ihid). 
1681-2, Feb. 25. Thomas Cutler, of Lechlade, Gloucester, (ihid). 
1681-2, Mar. 2. Nicholas Butler, of London, merchant (ihid). 
1681-2, Mar. 3 (?8). William Wilson, of Leicester town (ihid). 
1681-2, Mar. 12. John Knight, sheriff of Bristol (at Newmarket). 
1681-2, Mar. 17 (1681, Apr. 17). John Chardin, a Frenchman, 

merchant and jeweller (at Whitehall). 

1682, Apr. 26. Charles Skrymshire (Skrymshaw), of Norbury, 

Staff., high sheriff of the County of Staffordshire (at 

Windsor Castle). 
1682, June 4. Robert Dashwood, of London, merchant, and of 

Northbroke, Co. Oxford, (ihid). 
1682, June 7. Thomas Blood worth (Blud worth), of London and 

of Leatherhead, merchant (ihid). 
1682, June 13. Raphael Cotes (Coots), of Bruges, in Flanders 


1682, June 19. Francis Guibon, of Thursford, Norfolk (ihid). 
1682, June 28. John Brattle, assay master of the mint (at White- 


1682, June 29. Robert Legaed, of Anlaby, Yorkshire, master in 

Chancery (at Whitehall). 
1682, July 13. Two Ambassadors were knighted, from the king of 

1682, July 23. William Hill, of Teddington, Middl. (at Windsor 

1682, Aug. 18. Cornwall Bradshaw, of London, one of the farmers 

of the hearth money (at Windsor Castle). 
1682, Aug. 18. Orlando Gee, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields 

(steward to the earl of Northumberland, and registrar to 

the Court of Admiralty) (ibid). 
1682, Sept. 1 (?11). George Wheeler, of Odiam, Herts, (at 

1682, Oct. 1. Thomas Roult, of London, merchant (at Whitehall). 
1682, Oct. 12. Robert King, bart. (dubbed in Ireland). 
1682, Nov. 5. Martin Bently, of Barbados (at Whitehall). 
1682, Nov. 12. William Booth, a captain in the Navy. 
1682, Nov. 27. Richard Gipps (Gibbs), of Gray's Inn, and of 

Horninger Hall, master of the Revels (at Whitehall). 

1682, Nov. 29 (?25). William Glasscock, of Farnham, Surrey, 

sheriff of Essex (ibid). 
1682-3, Jan. 6. Edward Sherburne, clerk of the Ordnance in the 

Tower (ibid). 
1682-3, Jan. 15. Humphry Mackworth, of the Middle Temple 

1682-3, Jan. 15. Charles Adderley, of Lea. 
1682-3, Jan. 21. Edmund Saunders, chief justice of the King's 

Bench (ibid). 
1682-3, Jan. 29. Thomas Atkins (in Ireland by the earl of Arran, 

lord deputy). 
1682-3, Feb. 11. Dudley North, sheriff of London (at Whitehall 

by the King). 
1682-3, Feb. 19. James (Lamer) Ward, of London, merchant (at 

1682-3, Feb. 21. Thomas Davall (De Yall), of London, merchant 

(at Whitehall). 
1682-3, Mar. 17. Henry Allnutt, of Abston, Bucks, (at New- 
1682-3, Mar. 17. Henry Martin, of Longworth. 
1682-3, Mar. 17. John Weld, of Willey. 
1682-3, Mar. 17. John Churchman, of Illington. 

1683, Apr. 12. Edward Selwyn, of Friston, Sussex, sheriff' of 

Sussex (at Whitehall). 
1683, Apr. 2L James Leigh (in Ireland by the earl of Arran, lord 

1683, May 6. Thomas Dufpa, gentleman usher of the Black Rod 

(in England by the King). 


1683, May 17. Robert Fenwick, of Bywell, Nortliumberland (at 

Windsor Castle). 
1683, May 20. John Ivory, of New Eoss, Ireland (ibid). 
1683, May 24. Richard Holloway, of Oxford City (ibid). 
1683, June 17. Abraham Jacob, of Dover, governor of Walmer 

Castle (ibid). 
1683, July 26. William Stanhope, of Shelford, Notts., gentleman 

usher daily waiter to the Queen (ibid). 
1683, Aug. 7. Paul Barrett, recorder of Canterbury (ibid). 
1683, Aug. 14. Edward Wigley, of Whitwell, Rutland (ibid). 
1683, Aug. 14. William Holford (Halford), of Welham, Co. 

Leicester, (ibid). 

1683, Sept. 6. George Browne, of Wolverton, Hants, (at Ports- 

1683, Oct. 4. Thomas Jenner, recorder of London (at Whitehall). 

1683, Nov. 19. Mathew Jennison, of Newark-upon-Trent, Notts 

1683, Nov. 20. James Astry, master in Chancery (ibid). 

1683, Nov. 27. William Clutterbuck, mayor of Bristol (ibid). 

1683, Nov. 28. Andrew MacDowgall, of Scotland (ibid). 

1683, Nov. 29. Henry Waldgrave, of Chiswick, Middlesex, doctor 
of physic (at St. James's). 

1683, Dec. 3. John Brisco, of Harrowden, Co. Northampton, (at 

1683, Dec. 8. Samuel Astry, of Henbury, Gloucester., clerk of the 

Crown in the King's Bench (ibid). 
1683-4, Feb. 10 (P1683, Dec. 10). William Inwood, of Cobham, 

Surrey, sheriff of Surrey (ibid). 
1683-4, Feb. 19 (P1683, Dec. 19). Edward Herbert, of the 

Middle Temple, chief justice of Chester (ibid). 
1683-4, Feb. 24. Richard Dixon (in Ireland by the earl of Arran, 

lord deputy). 

1684, Apr. 6. Richard Carney, Ulster king-of-arms (under the 

canopy in the Presence Chamber, Dublin Castle, by same). 
1684, Apr. 13. William Bowes, of Streatham, Northumberland (at 

Windsor Castle by the King). 
1684, Apr. 13. Peter Daniel, sheriff of London (ibid). 
1684, Apr. 13. Samuel Husbands, of Shalford, Essex (ibid). 
1684, Apr. 23. Elias Best, lord mayor of Dublin (in Christ Church 

at the foot of the stairs by the earl of Arran, lord deputy). 
1684, Apr. 29. Herbert Whaley, of Broyle, Surrey (at Windsor 

Castle by the King). 


1684, May 20. Thomas Travell, of Jermyn Street, Westminster 

(at Windsor Castle). 
1684, June 15. Richard Shijttleworth, of Forcett, Torks. (at 

Windsor Castle). 
1684, June 22. Richard Atherton, of Busey (Bushby), Co. 

Leicester, (ibid). 
1684, June 30. Simon Taylour, of Lynn Regis, Norfolk (ibid). 
1684, June 30. John Turner, of Lynn Regis, Norfolk (ibid). 
1684, July 13. Robert Clarke (Clerke), junr., of Twickenham, of 

Long Buckby, Co. Northampton, (ibid). 
1684, July 30. Samuel Dashwood, sheriff of London (ibid). 
1684, Sept. 26. William Goslyn (Gosling), sheriff of London (at 

1684, Sept. 26. Peter Vandeput (Vanderputt), sheriff of London 

1684, Nov. 13. Abell Ram, lord mayor of Dublin (in the Tolsell, 

Dublin, by the duke of Omionde, lord lieutenant). 
1684, Nov. 14. Henry Bedingfield, a serjeant-at-law (at Whitehall 

by the King). 
1684, Nov. 14. Edward Lutwiche, a serjeant-at-law (ibid). 
1684, Nov. 21. William Trumbull, of Doctor's Commons, D.C.L. 

1684, Nov. 26. William Dutton Colt (ibid). 
1684, Dec. 1. John Clerke, of Twickenham (ibid). 
1684, Dec. 15. Edmund Worcup (Warcop), of Northmere, Co. 

Oxon. (ibid). 
1684-5, Jan. 1. William Creagh, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (ibid). 
1684-5, Jan. 7. William Domvill (in Dublin Castle by the duke 

of Ormonde, lord lieutenant). 
1684-5, Jan. 24. John Floyer, of Lichfield, doctor of physic (at 

Whitehall by the King). 
? 1684-5, Jan. 24. Richard Rainsford, de Dallington. 
? 1684-5, Jan. 24. John Younge, de Escot, of Great Mitton, Oxford- 
? 1684-5, Jan. 24. John Boothe, de Woodford, near Over. 
? 1684-5, Jan. 24. John Stratford, de Nuneaton. 
1684-5, Feb. 14. Peter Rich, of Southwark, alderman of London 

1684-5, Feb. 13 (? 18). William Walker, mayor of Oxford (ibid). 
1684-5, Feb. 25. Edward Frewen, of Northiam, Sussex (ibid). 
1684-5, Feb. 25. Robert Wymondesold, of Putney, Surrey (ibid). 
1684-5, Mar. 8. Thomas Vernon, of London, Turkey merchant 

1684-5, Mar. 8. William Heyman, mayor of Bristol (ibid). 
1684-5, Mar. 13. William Drake, of Ashe, Devon, (ibid). 
1684-5, Mar. 13 or 18. Henry Johnson, shipbuilder, of Blax^kwall. 
1684-5, Mar. 17. John Soutiicott, of , Co. Devon, (ibid). 


1684-5, Mar. 19. ED^\ARD Des Bouverie, of Loudon, merchant (on 
board a sliip). 

1684-5, Mar. 20. Mathias Vincent, of London, merchant (at 

1684-5, Mar. 20 (PFeb. 20). William Wren, of Wilberton, Isle 
of Ely (ibid). 

1684-5, Mar. 22. Marmaduke Dayrell, of Castle Camps, Co. Camb. 

1685, Apr. 1. Richard Varney, of Compton, Warwick, (ibid). 

1685, May 20. John Leigh, of Addington, Surrey (ibid). 

1685, June 5. Henry Selby, a serjeant-at-law (ibid). 

1685, before July. John Kid (by the duke of Monmouth during his 
rebellion, near Taunton). 

1685, July 9. John Cotton, of Bottreaux Castle (ibid). 

1685, July 9. Rowland Lacy, of Pudlicott, Oxon. (ibid). 

1685, July 11 (P1684, July 11). Sebastian Smyth, of Cuddesden, 
Oxon. (ibid). 

1685, July (?20). Henry Sheee, surveyor of the Ordnance, com- 
manded the Artillery against the Monmouth rebellion. 

1685, Aug. 3. John Friend, a brewer in the Minories (at White- 

1685, Aug. (Oct.) 23. Benjamin Thorowgood, of Cornhill, linen 
draper, of London (at Windsor Castle). 

1685, Aug. 23. Thomas Xinsey, sheriff of London, vintner, kept the 
Crown Tavern in Bloomsbury (at Windsor). 

1685, Sept. 7. George Stroude [see under date 1676, May 17]. 

1685, Oct. 8. Paul Ricott (Ricaut), of London, chief secretary to 
the lord lieutenant of Ireland (at Whitehall). 

1685, Dec. 12 (13). Robert Nightingale, sheriff of Norfolk (ibid). 
1685-6, Jan. 25 (PFeb. 28). Charles Porter, of the Middle 

Temple (ibid). 
1685-6, Feb. 2. Edward (Edmund) King, M.D., of Hatton Garden, 

physician-in-ordinary to the late King (ibid in the King's 

1685-6, Feb. 6. John Fleming (in Dublin Castle by the earl of 

Clarendon, lord lieutenant). 
1685-6, Feb. 6. John Knox, lord mayor of Dublin (Christ Church 

at the foot of the stairs by same). 
1685-6, Feb. 9. John Holt, of Gray's Inn, recorder of London (at 

Whitehall by the King). 
1685-6, Feb. 23. John Bucknell (Bucknall), of London, merchant, 

and of Oxlie, Herts, (ibid). 
1685-6, Mar. 20. Martin Beckman, major, of the Tower of London, 

his Majesty's chief engineer (ibid). 

1686, Apr. 11. Ambrose Phillips, serjeant-at-law (ibid). 


1686, Apr. 23. Michael Ckeagh (in Dublin Castle by the earl of 

Clarendon, lord lieutenant). 
1686, Apr. 25. Christopher Milton, a baron of tbe Exchequer (at 

Whitehall by the King). 
1686, Apr. 25. John Powell, of Broadway, Carmarthen, a justice 

of the Common Pleas (ibid). 
1686, Apr. 25. Thomas Powys, solicitor-general (ibid). 
1686, Apr. 26. William Turnor, of Barton, Co. Lincoln, (ibid). 
1686, May 13. John Lytcott (ibid). 
1686, May 25. Thomas Manbt, of Bawds Farm, South Weald, 

Essex (ibid). 
1686, May 28. Beville Granville, captain (at the head of the 

earl of Bath's (his uncle) regiment, at the camp on Hounslow 

1686, June 5. John Coghill, master of Chancery (in Dublin by the 

earl of Clarendon, lord lieutenant). 
1686, July 4. Thomas Pinfold, of Doctors Commons, D.C.L. (at 

Windsor Castle by the King). 
1686, July 11. Thomas Jeffreys, of Alicante, Spain (ibid). 
1686, Aug. 6. Thomas Rawlinson, sheriff of London (at Windsor). 
1686, Aug. 22. Thomas Montgomery, of the Middle Temple (ibid). 
1686, Aug. 26 or 26. George Willoughby, of Bishopstone, Wilts. 

(at Marlborough). 
1686, Aug. 27. Charles Winter (Winton), of Lydney, Co. 

Gloucester., high sheriff of Gloucester, (at Bristol). 
1686, Aug. 27. William Merrick, sheriff of Bristol (ibid). 
1686, Aug. 27. Edmund Thomas, of Glamorganshire (ibid). 
1686, Sept. 26. Thomas Fowle, of London, goldsmith, an alderman 

and sheriff of London (at Windsor Castle). 
1686, Oct. 22. Richard Allibond (Allebone, Alibon), of Gray's 

Inn, a King's council-at-law. 
1686, Oct. 22. Richard Heath, of Hatsland, Surrey, a baron of the 

Exchequer (at Whitehall). 
1686, Nov. 29. Richard Neale, of Plessy, Co. Northumberland, 

high Sheriff of the county of Northumberland (ibid). 
1686, Dec. 1. Edmund Gardner (Gardiner), deputy recorder of 

Bedford (in His Majesty's Bedchamber, ibid). 
1686, Dec. 13 (?18). Richard Reynes (Raines), Dr. of Doctors 
Commons, a judge of the Admiralty and Prerogative Courts 
1686-7, Jan. 1. Franciscus Knuydyt, of Rotterdam (ibid). 
1686-7, Jan. 1. John Castleton, lord mayor of Dublin (in Christ 
Church by the lord lieutenant). 


1686-7, Jan. 14. James Tilley (Tillie), of Pillaton Castle, Co. 
Cornwall (at Whitehall by the King). 

1686-7, Feb. 18. Charles Cotteeell (Cottrell), junr., master of 
the Ceremonies (ibid). 

1686-7, Feb. 20. Richard Nagle, attorney general, Ireland (in the 
earl of Limerick's house by the earl of Tyrconnel, lord 

1687, May 1. Thomas Powell, of Lleckwedd Derris, Co. Cardigan, 

a baron of the Exchequer (at Whitehall by the King). 
1687, May 12. John Tate, recorder of London (ibid). 
1687, May 13. Griffith Jeffreys, of Acton, Co. Denbigh (ibid). 

1687, May 14. Bartholomew Shower (Shore), deputy recorder of 
London (ibid). 

1687, May 28. Edward Vaudry (Vaudrey), of Whitehall (at 
Windsor Castle). 

1687, June 19. Peter Pallavicini (Palavicine or Paravicini), of 
London, merchant (ibid). 

1687, June 28. William Phipps, captain, governor of Massachusetts 
Bay; for good services in a late expedition, bringing con- 
siderable treasure home that had lain in the sea 44 years 

1687, July 3. John Sparrowe, clerk-comptroller of the Honourable 

His Majesty's Board of Green Cloth (at Windsor). 
1687, Aug. 2. Basil Firebrace, sheriff-elect of London (at Windsor 

1687, Aug. 15. Richard Hawkins, scrivener in the Old Bailey 

1687, Aug. 15. John Parsons, sheriff-elect of London, a brewer in 

St. Katherine's (ibid). 
1687, Aug. 15. John Eyles, merchant, of London (ibid). 
1687, Aug. 21. Stephen Rice, lord chief baron of the Exchequer, 

Ireland (in the Castle of Dublin by the earl of Tyrconnel, 

lord lieutenant). 

1687, Oct. 25. Charles Carteret (at Whitehall by the King). 
1687, Oct. 31 (?Aug.). John Bauding, alderman of London (^z6iij. 
1687, Oct. 31 (?Aug.). William Ashurst, alderman of London 

1687, Oct. 30. Thomas Hackett, lord mayor of Dublin (in the 

Castle of Dublin under the canopy in the Presence Chamber, 

by the earl of Tyrconnel, lord lieutenant). 
1687, Nov. 1, John Barnewall, recorder of Dublin (at the lord 

mayor's house by same). 


1687, Nov. 17. Henky Dering, a commissioner of wine licences (at 

Whiteliall by the King). 
1687, Nov. 18. Humphry Edwyn, of London, mercliant (ibid). 

1687, Dec. 11. William Williams, of Anglesea, and Gray's Inn, 

solicitor general (thid). 
1687-8, Mar. 6. William Hedges (aZms Lacy), of London, merchant 

1688, Mar. 13. Anthony Mulledy, of Robertstown (in the Castle 

of Dublin, by the earl of Tyrconnel, lord lieutenant). 
1688, June 10. William Waldegrave, Her Majesty's physician 

(by the King at Her Majesty's bedside soon after her 

1688, June 15. Mathew Bridges, who brought news to Ireland of 

the Prince's birth (in Dublin Castle by the earl of Tyrconnel, 

lord lieutenant, " but went immediately after for England 

without paying any fees at all"). 
1688, June 28. Thomas Gifford (Jefford), mayor of Exeter (at 

Whitehall by the King). 
1688, July 13 (?16 or 19). John Eotherham, baron of the 

Exchequer (ihid). 
1688, July 13 (?30). Charles Inglely, a baron of the Exchequer 
1688, July 14. Thomas Elmes, of Lilford, Co. Northampton, (at 

1688, July 30. Thomas Lant?, of St. Laurence Lane, in Cheapside. 
1688, Aug. 12. Samuel Gerard (in His Majesty's bedchamber). 
1688, before Oct. 6. S. Thomson, sheriif of London. 
1688, Oct. between 11 and 13. John Fleet, a cooper or a sugar 

baker, sheriff of London (at Whitehall). 
1688. William Ellis (dubbed in Ireland by the earl of Tyrconnel, 

lord lieutenant). 

1688, Francis Wheeler, admiral. 

1688-9, Mar. 5. Anthony Keck, a commissioner of the Great Seal 
(at Whitehall by the King). 

1688-9, Mar. 5. William Rawlinson, serjeant-at-law, a commis- 
sioner of the Great Seal (ihid). 

1688-9, Mar. 5. Henry Pollexfen, attorney general (ihid). 

1688-9, Mar. 12. Charles Sedley, natural son of Sir Charles 
Sedley, of South Fleet, in Kent, bart. (ihid). 

1689, Apr. 10. Thomas Pilkington, lord mayor of London (at 

Whitelia.ll by the King). 

1689, Apr. 10. William Whitlock, of the Middle Temple (ihid). 

1689, Apr. 12. Robert Harrison, mayor of Oxford (ihid). 

1689, May 16. John Asiijjy, captain of the "Defiance" (at Ports- 
mouth on the Admiral's ship). 

1689, May 16. Cloudesley Shovell, captain of the "Edgar" 

1689, June 4. Charles Hedges, LL.D., of Doctors Commons, and 
of Wanbornugh, Wilts., and Richmond, Surrey, jwdge of 
the Admiralty. 


1689, June 4. Edwaed Moseley (Mosley), of Hiilme, Lanes, (at 

1689, after July. Theobald Butler, solicitor g:eneral, Ireland (in 

Ireland by king James II., who landed at Kinsale, Mar. 12). 
1689, (?Aug. 20). James Eoebes, clerk of the Green Cloth (at 

Hampton Coui-t). 

1689, (? Aug. 20). William Forester, of Watling Street, clerk of 
the Green Cloth (ibid). 

1689, Aug. 27. Frajccis Blake, of Ford Castle, Co. Northumber- 
land [ihid, in His Majesty's bedchamber). 

1689, Aug. 27. Charles O'Hara, of St. Martin's in the Fields. 

1689, Oct. 24. Ealph Box, of London, druggist, citizen, and 
mercer, chief -vyarden of the grocers' company (at White- 

1689, Oct. 29. Christopher Letiieuillier, merchant, sheriff of 
London (ibid). 

1689, Oct. 29. John IIoublon, merchant, sherih; of London (ibid). 

1689, Oct. 29. Edward Clark, alderman of London (ibid). 

1689, Oct. 29. Francis Child, of London, goldsmith (ibid). 

1689, Oct. 31. Nicholas Lechmere, a baron of the Exchequer 


1689, Oct. 31. Thomas Eokeby, judge of the Common Pleas (ihid). 

1689, Oct. 31. Giles Eyre, judge of the King's Bench (ibid). 

1689, Oct. 31. Peyton Ventris, judge of the Common Pleas (ibid). 

1689, Oct. 31. John Turton, a baron of the Exchequer (ibid). 

1689, Oct. 31. George Hutchins, a serjeant-at-law (ibid). 

1689, Oct. 31. William Wogan (Wogham), a serjeant-at-law 

1689, Oct. 31. John Tremain,, a serjeant-at-law (ibid). 

1689, Oct. 31. William Thompson, a serjeant-at-law (ibid). 

1689, Oct. 31. John Trenchard, a serjeant-at-law, (ibid). 

1689, Oct. 31. John Somers, solicitor-general (ihid). 

1689, Dec. 1 (?Nov. 25 or 26). James de S.ajvtiago del Castello 

(Castillo), a Spaniard, commissary general frorn. the king 

of Spain to reside at Jamaica (ibid). 
1689, Dec. 14. William Cranmer, of London, merchant (ibid). 

1689, Dec. 23. Thomas Miller, of Chichester (ibid). 

1690, Apr. 10. PuRY Oust, of Stamford (ibid). 

1690, Apr. 17. William IIussey, of London, merchant, deputy 
governor of the Turkey Company, ambassador at the 
Ottoman Port of Constantinople (ibid). 


1690, May 14. Terence McDermot, lord mayor, Dublin (in Ireland 

by James II.). 
1690, May IT. Teigue O'Eegan (ibid by same). 
? 1690. Daniel Arthur (?by same). 
? 1690. James Mocler (?by same). 
? 1690. George St. Leger (?by same).* 
? 1690. John Kirwan (? by same). 
1690, May 31. Ralph Delavall, admiral (by the King, confirmed 

1690, June 31). 
1690, June 11. William Glegg (at liis own liouse, Gayton, 

Chesliire, the King having lain there the night before 

embarking for Ireland). 
1690, July 1. Robert Admr (by William III. at the battle of the 

1690, Sept. 15. Joseph Herne, of London, merchant, governor of 

the East India Company (at Kensington). 
1690, Sept. 15. Thomas Cook, of London, goldsmith, deputy 

governor of East India Company (ibid). 
1690, Sept. 15. John Duddleston, of Bristol, merchant (at Bristol). 
1690, Oct. 9. George Meggott, of Horseleydown, Co. Surrey, 

brewer, high sheriff of Surrey (at Kensington). 

1690, Oct. 14. Stephen Evance, of London, goldsmith (ibid). 

1691, Aug. (?Apr.) 30. Abstrupus Danby, of Masham, Yorks. (at 


1691, Oct. 18 (new style). Henry Fournes (Furnace), of London, 
merchant (at the Hague, on Sunday, in the king's bed- 
chamber, for carrying the news of the defeat of the Irish 
at Limerick). 

1691, Oct. 22. Richard Levet, sheriff of London (at Kensington). 

1691, Nov. 4. John Powell, a baron of the Exchequer (at White- 

• By the courtesy of the Marquis de ruvigny I am permitted to reprint here (froni his "Jacobite 
Peerage," pp. 191-2) the following list of knights dubbed by the Stuart« in exile. 
1705, before April 10. Toby Bourke, afterwards first Baron Bourke. 
1707, before March 21. Tinion Connock. 
17119, June l.'i. James Sarsfleld of Nantes. 
1710, before Nov. 12. Captain "Jeorge Colgrave. 

1713, before Sept. 13. Tliomas Uiggons. 

1714, before Dec. 9. John Forrester, afterwards first Baronet. 
17ir), Dec. 29. Patrick Bannerinan, Provost of Al)erdeen. 
171(1, Jan. (?). Henry (yrawfonl, I'ortioner of (Mail, Fife.shire. 
1717, Jan. (?). John Walkinshaw of Burrowlield, Lannockshire. 
1717, Jan. (?). (Jeorge Jerninghani. 

1717, before Dec. 20. Peter Iledniond, afterwards first Baron Kedmond. 

1719, June . liichard (Jaydon, Knight of St. Louis, major in Dillon's regiment. 

1719, June . John Mi.ssett, captain in Dillon's regiment. 

1719, June . Edwani O'Toole, Knsign In Dillon's regiment. 

1722, l)efore July C. Luke OToole. 

1728, Ijefore June 28. John Hely, afterwards first Baronet. 

1734, before Jan. 22. Mark Forstal, afterwards first Haronet. 

1747, before April 17. John William O'SuUivan, afterwards first Baronet. 


1691, Nov. 14 (PDec). Richard Harris, recorder of Wincliester 

(at Kensington). 
1691-2, Feb. 8. John Goldsborough, commissary general to the 

East India Company (ibid). 
1691-2, Mar. 3. Godfrey Kneller, principal painter in ordinary 

to His Majesty (ibid) 

1692, Sept. 5. Michael Mitchell, lord mayor of Dublin (in Ireland 

by viscount Sidney, lord lieutenant). 
1692, Sept. 23. Richard Levinge, solicitor general, Ireland (ibid 

by same). 
1692, Oct. 21. Thomas Trevor, solicitor general (at Kensington by 

the King). 
1692, Oct. 21. Salathiel Lovel, serjeant-at-law, recorder of London 

1692, Oct. 29. John Wtldman, alderman of London (at the Guild- 
1692, Oct. 29. William Gore, alderman of London (ibid). 
1692, Oct. 29. James Houblon, alderman of London (ibid). 
1692, Oct. 29. Leonard Robinson, chamberlain of London (ibid). 
1692, Oct. 29. Rowland Ainsworth, of London, Turkey merchant, 

of Basinghall Street, London (ibid). 
1692, Oct. 29. William Scawen, of London, merchant (ibid). 
1692, Oct. 29. JosiAH Child (eldest son of Sir Josiah Child, bart.) 
1692, Oct. 29. John Foche, of London, scrivener (ibid). 
1692, Oct. 30. William Beeston, colonel, lieutenant governor and 

commander-in-chief of Jamaica (kissed hands on going) 

(at Whitehall, ? at Kensington). 
? before 1692, Nov. Samuel Thompson, sheriff of Bedford. 
1692, Nov, 5. Richard Pyne, lord chief justice of the Common 

Pleas in Ireland (at Dublin in the presence chamber by 

viscount Sidney, lord lieutenant). 
1692, Nov. 5. John Hely, lord chief baron of the Exchequer, 

Ireland (ibid by same). 
1692, Nov. 5. Richard Cox, justice of Common Pleas, Ireland (^tfetcZ 

by same). 
1692, Nov. 5. John Lyndon, justice of the Chief Place, Ireland 

(ibid by same). 
1692, Nov. 5. Henry Echlin, justice of the Chief Place, Ireland 

(ibid by same). 
1692, Nov. 5. John Jeffreyson, justice of Common Pleas, Ireland 

(ibia by same). 
1692, Dec. 4. Littleton Powys (at Whitehall by the King). 


1692-3, Jan. 22. Edwin Stede (Steed), of Stede Hill, Kent, late 
governor of Barbados (at Whitehall). 

1692-3, Jan. 26. Christopher Greenfield, alias Grexvile (Green- 
ville), of Preston, Lanes., chamberlain of Chester (ibid). 

1692-3, Feb. 20. George Rooke, admiral (at Portsmouth). 

1692-3, Feb. 24. Thomas Wagstaff, of Tachbrook, Warwick (at 

1692-3, Mar. 18. John Gayer, of London (ibid). 

1693, Mar. 26. Isaac Rebow (Reboes, Reloe), of Colchester, 
merchant (at Harwich). 

1693, May 12. Thomas Pakenham (Packenham), prime serjeant- 
at-law (in Ireland by viscount Sidney, lord lieutenant). 

1693, June 12. John Rogerson, lord mayor elect of Dublin {ibid 
by same). 

1693, Oct. 30. Edward Ward, attorney general (at Kensington by 
the King). 

1693, Nov. 2. Thomas Abney, sheriff of London (at Whitehall). 

1693, Nov. 24. Charles Lloyd, of Maesyfelin, Cardigan, (at 

1693, Dec. 2. John Buckworth, of London (at Sir Henry Furnes' 

house at Petersham, Surrey). 
1693-4, Feb. 22. Samuel Eyre (Eyres), a serjeant-at-law (in the 

bedchamber, Whitehall, on his appointment as a judge of 

King's Bench). 
1693-4, Feb. 22. Henry Gould (Goold, Gold), serjeant-at-law, 

appointed a King's serjeant (at Whitehall). 

1694, Mar. 28. Henry Titchbourne (in Ireland by the lords 

1694, Apr. 22. Fleetwood Sheppard, gentleman usher of the 

Black Rod (at Whiteliall by tlie King). 
1694, Nov. 12. John Sweetapple, of London, goldsmith, sheriff of 

London (ibid). 
1694, Nov. 12. William Cole (Coles), sheriff of London (ibid). 
1694, Nov. 28. Thomas Day, mayor of Bristol (at Kensington). 

1694, Nov. 28. William Danes, sheriff of Bristol (ibid). 
1694-5, Feb. 14. Isaac Preston, of Beeston, Norfolk, and of 

Lincoln's Inn (at Whitehall). 

1695, Oct. 14. Edward Wills (Wiles), sheriff of London (at 


1695, Oct. 14. Owen Buckingham, sheriff' of London (congratulating 
the King on his safe return and success) (ibid). 

1695, Oct. 23 (Wednesday). John Combes, of Daventry, Northamp- 
ton, chief justice of Chester. 


1695, Nov. 2. GiLBEi.'T Metcalfe, mayor of York (knighted at the 
duke of Newcastle's house at Welbeck, Co. Notts., where 
the King lay in his progress). 

1695, Nov. 28 (?21). HicuxVRD Holfoed, a master in Chancery. 

1695, Nov. 28. John Hawles (Hawlis), of Lincoln's Inn, and of 

Salisbury, Wilts., solicitor general. 

1695-6, Jan. 26 (P1695, Nov. 28). John Cope, of Kensington (at 

1695-6, Feb. 6. Willoughby Chamberlayne, colonel, of Barbados 

and Chelsea (ibid). 
1695-6, Mar. 22. Henry Peachey, of Sussex (ibid). 
1695-6, Mar. 22. Charles Tuenor (Turner), of Wareham, Norfolk, 

M.P. for Lynn Regis (at Kensington at the delivery of the 

Association for Norfolk). 
1695-6, Mar. 24 (?1695, Nov. 28). Edward Seaward (Seyward), 

of Exeter (at Kensington). 
1695-6, Mar. 24. Joseph Tyley, of Exeter, and of Bromley, Co. 

Middlesex (ibid). 

1696, Mar. 29. Alexander Rigby {ibid; on delivery of the Associa- 

tion of the mayor and corporation of Wigan, Lanes.). 

1696, Apr. 12 (P1695, Nov. 28). William Mylord (Millard), of 
Houghton Regis, Co. Bedford., sherifi: of Beds, (on 
presentation of the Address from the Association of Co. 

1696, Apr. 20 (22). Charles Morley, of Droxford, Hants, (in the 
bedchamber at Kensington on the presentation of the 
Association for Co. Wilts.). 

1696, Apr. 27. George Hanger, of Driffield, Co. Gloucester., high 
sheriff of Gloucester, (at Kensington). 

1696, Apr. 28. John Elwill, of Exeter (ibid). 

1696, Apr. 30. Joseph Smart, draper, alderman of London (at 

1696, May 1. (Signer) Lorenzo Sorenzo (Soranzo), the eldest of 
the ambassadors from the Republic of Venice (at Kensington 
at his audience of leave and had the SAvord wherewith the 
King knighted him, as the ambassadors claimed). 

1696, May 1. Dewey Bulkeley, of Nether Burgate (at Kensing- 

1696, May 1. Theodore Janssen, of London, merchant (ibid). 

1696, May 1. John Robinson, of Sudbury, Suffolk {ibid on the 
delivery of the Association). 

1696, Oct. 8 (7). John Johnson, goldsmith in Cheapside, alderman 
of London (ibid). 

1696, Oct. 8. John Wolfe (Woolfe), sheriff of London (ibid). 


1696, Oct. 8. Samuel Blewet, sheriff of London (ibid). 

? 1696-7, Jan. 5. Nathan Wright, serjeant-at-law, recorder of 
Leicester (at Kensington). 

1696-7, Jan. 29. Patrick Dun (Dunn), president of tlie King's and 
Queen's College of Physicians (in Ireland by the lords 

1696-7, Mar. 9. Thomas May, of Eawmore, near Chichester (at 
Kensington by the King). 

1696-7, Mar. 18. Richard Blackmore, M.D., physician-in-ordinary 
to His Majesty (ibid in the bedchamber). 

1696-7, Mar. 24. Joseph Trilby, of Bow, Middlesex. 

1697, Apr. 16. Charles Isaac, an officer of the Green Cloth (at 


1697, Apr. 23. Robert Murray, of Scotland (ibid). 

1697, Apr. 23. Barrington Bouchier, of Beningborough, Torks. 

1697, Apr. 23. Lambert Blackwell, shortly afterwards knight 

harbinger and envoy to Genoa (ibid). 
1697, June 17. William Billingtox, lord mayor of Dublin (in 

Ireland by the marquess of Winchester, the earl of Galway 

and viscount Yilliers, lords justices of Ireland). 
1697, Nov. (Oct.) 17. Bartholomew Gracedieu, of London, salter, 

sheriff of London (in the bedchamber at Kensington by the 

1697, Nov. 17. James Collett, sheriff of London (ibid). 
1697, Nov. 18. Thomas Cuddon (Cudden) chamberlain of London 

(at Kensington). 
1697, Nov. 18. Robert Bedingfield, woollen draper, alderman of 

London (ibid). 
1697, Dec. 12. John Blincow, justice of Common Pleas (in the 

bedchamber at Kensington). 
1697, Dec. 12. Henry Hatsell, a baron of the Exchequer (at 

1697, Dec. 12. William Simpson, cursitor baron of the Exchequer 


1697, Dec. 12. Joseph Jekyll, chief justice of Chester (ibid). 
1697-8, Feb. 26. John Jermayne (created a baronet immediately 

after (ibid). 

1698, July 20. John Mason, mayor of Waterford (at Waterford by 

the marquess of Winchester, the carl of Galway and viscount 
Villiers, lords justices of Ireland). 


1698, Dec. 5. David Mitchell, an admiral and iisher of the Black 

Eod (at Kensington by the King). 
1698, Dec. 6 or 7. Jacob Banks, a Swede by birth, of Milton 

Abbas, captain of the " Russell " man-of-war (ibid). 
1698, Dec. 14. Steeynsham Master, of London, merchant, a 

director of the New East India Company (in the drawing 

room at Kensington). 
1698, Dec. 14. James Bateman, of London, merchant, a director of 

the New East India Company (ibid). 

1698, Dec. 14. Edmund Harrison, of London, merchant, a director 

of the New East India Company (ibid). 
1698-9, Jan. 15. Edward Littleton, of London, merchant, 

president of Bengal for the New East India Company (at 

1698-9, Eeb. 8. William Phipard, of Poole, Dorset, (ibid). 

1699, Apr. 2. Nicholas Waite, of London, merchant (ibid). 
1699, May 15. Edward Hasel, of Dalmaine, Co. Cumberland 

1699, May 31. Jonathan Andrews, of London, an East India 

merchant (ibid). 
1699, June 1. John Darnell, of the Inner Temple, serjeant-at-law 

1699, Oct. 20. Charles Duncombe, sheriff of London (in the 

bedchamber at Kensington). 
1699, Oct. 20. Jeffry Jefferies, sheriff of London (ibid). 
1699, Oct. 20. William Withers, linen draper in Cheapside (at 

1699, Nov. 12. George Gourdon, tutor to the marquess of Huntley 

1699, Dec. 17. Charles Eyre, of London, president of the Old East 

India Company at Bengal, on his appointment to be governor 

of Port William (ibtd). 
1699, Dec. 30. Andrew Pountaine, of Narford, Norfolk (at 

Hampton Court). 
1699-1700, Jan. 6. Anthony Percy, lord mayor of Dublin (under 

the canopy in the Great Dining Eoom of the Castle, hj the 

lords justices of Ireland). 
1699-1700, Jan. 6. William Handcock, recorder of Dublin (ibid). 
1699-1700, Jan. 9. Eoger Jennyns (Jenyns), of Ely, Co. Cams. 

(at Kensington). 
1699-1700, Peb. 1 (?1699, Apr. 2). Richard Walter (ibid). 
1699-1700, Peb. 21. Theodore Collydon, a Avalloon physician to 

Chelsea Hospital (ibid). 


1700, June 23. Solomon De Medina, of London and Middlesex, 

a Jew (at Hampton Court). 
? 1700, June 23. Gaudentius de Capell (Capol). 
1700, Oct. 24. Egbert Beachcroft, sheriff of London (ibid). 
1700, Dec. 23. Philip Medowes, knight marshal of the Household 


1700, Dec. 26. John Meeres (Meres), one of the clerks in 

Chancery, eldest son of Sir Thomas Meres (at Kensington). 
1700-1, Jan. 21. Nicholas Vanaker, of London, merchant (presently 

after made a baronet) (ibid). 
1700-1, Teb. 6. Edward Laurence, collector of Customs at 

Shoreham, Sussex, usher of His Majesty's chamber (ibid). 
1700-1, Teb. 16. Thomas Bury, a baron of the Exchequer (ibid). 

1701, before Apr. Mark Eansford, lord mayor of Dublin (in 

Dublin by the lords justices). 
1701, May 21 (.^30). John Cooke, king's advocate (at Kensington). 
1701, June 18. John St. Leger, of Ireland (brother of the first 

viscount Doneraile (ibid). 
1701, June ( ? July) 18. Egbert Sutton, late resident at Yienna, 

ambassador to Turkey (ibid). 
1701, June 27. Benjamin Poole (Poule), of Amsterdam, merchant 

(in the bedchamber at Hampton Court, for good services 

done abroad). 
1701, June 29. Peter Elgyer, refiner and goldsmith, sheriff elect 

of London (at Hampton Court). 
1701, July 1. John Munden, of Chelsea, admiral (on board the 

"William and Mary" yacht). 
1701, Nov. Stafford Fairbgrne, rear admiral (on board his own 

ship when he brought king William over from Irehmd). 

1701, Nov. Egbert Constable, sheriff of Yorkshire (at Hampton 


1702, Apr. (? 1701-2, Mar. 14). John Leigh, of Addiugton, 

Surrey (at St. James's). 
1702, Apr. 24. William Claxton (Clacksgn), mayor of Oxford 

(ibid the day after the coronation? or the coronation day 

itself, Apr. 23). 
1702, June 1. Edward Ngrthey, attorney-general (at St. James's). 
1702, June 1. Simon Harcgurt, solicitor general (ibid). 
1702 (P1701), June 19. William Eobinson, of Dublin, receiver 

general [of Ireland] (at St. James's). 
1702, July 3. Thomas Winfoud, of Glashampton, AYorcestershire, 

second prothonotary in the Court of Common Pleas. 
1702, Aug. 27. Samuel Eckley (Ecclye), sheriff of Gloucester, (at 

Mr. Master's house in Cirencester, Co. Gloucester.). 


1T02, Sept. 3. John Hawkins, mayor of Bristol (at Sir Thomas 

Day's house in Bristol). 
1702, Oct. 31. Thomas Haedy, captain, E.K (at Windsor for 

bringing the news of the burning of the French fleet in 

Vigo Bay). 
1T02, Oct. 29. James Eyton, of London, merchant, a linen draper 

in Cheapside (at the Guildhall on the Queen's driving there 

on lord mayor's day). 
1702, Oct, 29. GiLBEiiT IIeathcote, alderman of London {ihid on 

the same occasion). 
1702, Oct. 29. Francis Dashwood, of London, and of Wanstead, 

Essex, silk merchant, brother to the lord mayor {ihid on the 

same occasion). 
1702, Oct. 29. EiCHARD Hoare, of London, alderman, goldsmith 

{ibid on the same occasion). 

1702, Nov. 29. Thomas Hoeson (at St. James's for his good service 

at Vigo in breaking the boom). 
1702-3, before Feb. 9 £or 13]. Andrew Leake (Lake), captain, 

11. N. {ihid for his service at Yigo). 
1702-3, Feb. 9 or 13. Thomas Crisp, of Dornford or Dransford, Co. 

Oxford (at St. James's). 

1703, Apr. 3. David Hamilton, one of Her Majesty's physicians- 

in-ordinary (ihid). 

1703, Aug. 1. Dalby Thomas, of Essex and London, general, and 
chief director for the Royal Africa Company (at Windsor 

1703, Aug. 30 (?12). William Lewis (Louis), (at the Bath). 

1703, Nov. 11. Thomas Doleman, of Shaw, Berks, (at St. James's, 

the Queen having dined at his house on her return from the 

1703-4, Feb. 3. John Leake, admiral (for his good service in the 
relief of Gibraltar). 

1703-4, Feb. David Nearne (Nairn), a Scotchman (at St. James's 
and constituted recorder of the order of St. Andrew in 

1703-4, Feb. 6. Daniel Gahan (in the Presence Chamber, Dublin 
Castle, by the duke of Ormonde, lord lieutenant). 

1703-4, Mar. 23. William Mathews, governor of the Leeward 
Islands (at St. James's). 

1704, Apr. 5. Charles Thorold, alderman of London (at St. James's 

1704, Sept. 6. Joseph Wolfe (Woolfe), sheriff of London (at St 


1704, Sept. 7. George Mathews, of London, captain of a company 

of (at St. James's Palace). 

1704, Oct. 22. George Byng, admiral of tlie Red (at St. James's, 

for services against the French in the Mediterranean). 
1704, Oct. 22. Thomas Bromsell (Bromsall), of Biggleswade, 

Beds., justice of the peace (at St. James's Palace, being 

presented to the Queen by the earl of Kent, the lord 

1704, Oct. 24. Thomas Dilkes, rear admiral of the White {ibid for 

services against the French in the Mediterranean). 
1704, Oct. 24. James Wishart, captain R.N. (ibid for services 

against the French in the Mediterranean). 
1704, Oct. 24. John Jennings, commander of H.M.S. " St. George" 

(ibid for the like). 
1704, Oct. 26. William Humphreys, sherilf of London, an oilman 

in the Poultry (at St. James's). 

1704, Nov. 21 (?24). William Jumper, of Leeds Abbey, Kent, 

commander of H.M.S. " Lennox " (at St. James's for many 

good services performed against the French), 
before 1704, Dec. Humphrey Foster (Forster), sheriff of Berks. 
? 1704, Dec. Edward Whitaker, captain R.N. (at St. James's 

Palace for good services done at Gibraltar, in Spain). 
1704-5, Feb. 6. Francis Stoyte, lord mayor of Dublin (dubbed in 

Dublin Castle by the duke of Ormonde, lord lieutenant). 
1704-5, Feb. 22. William Whetstone, rear admiral of the White, 

and commander-in-chief of the Squadron designed for the 

West Indies, captain of H.M.S. " Montagu " (at St. James's 

for great services done at sea). 

1705, Apr. 16. John Ellis, M.D., master of Caius College, 

commonly called the Divel of Keys or vice-chancellor of 

Cambridge (at Trinity College on the Queen visiting the 

1705, Apr. 16. James Montagu, queen's counsel, son of George 

Montagu, sixth son of the earl of Manchester (ibid on the 

same occasion). 
1705, Apr. 16. Isaac Newton, president of the Royal Society, 

master and worker of the Mint (ibid on the same occasion). 
1705, July 9. Charles Hobby, of New England, merchant (at 

Windsor Castle for good service done in New England). 
1705, July 9. Thomas Parker, a serjeant-at-law (at Windsor 

1705, July 27. William Read, Her Majesty's oculist in ordinary 

1705, July 29. Edward Hannes, first physician to the Queen (ibid J. 


1705, Sept. 6. John Gibson, a Scotsman, deputy governor of 
Portsmoutli (at Winchester). 

1705, Sept. 6. William Gifford, commissioner of the dock at 
Portsmouth, and M.P. for Portsmouth (ibid). 

1705, Nov. 25. John Norris, captain of H.M.S. " Britannia " (at 
St. James's, being sent express by Sir Clowdisley Shovell 
to inform the Queen of the taking of Barcelona). 

1705, Dec. 18. William Milman, of the Inner Temple, and of 

Ormond Street, Red Lion Square (at St. James's). 

1705-6, Feb. 22 (P1705, Dec. 18). Samuel Stanier (Stannier), 
sheriff of London (ibid). 

1706, June 3. George Newland, of London, and Gatton, Surrey, a 

scrivener in Smithfield and deputy lieutenant for London 
(at Windsor Castle, on the presentation of the London 

1706, June 3. William Fazakerly, of London, merchant, and of 
Totteridge, Herts., chamberlain of London, a deputy 
lieutenant for London (at Windsor Castle on the presentation 
of the above address). 

1706, July 10 (?7). John Bennett, serjeant-at-law, steward of the 
Marshalsea of the Household, and judge of the Palace 
Court (at Windsor on the delivery of the address from the 
county of Middlesex). 

1706, July 24 (?14). Thomas Clerk (Clark), of Brickendonbury, 
Herts, (at Windsor Castle). 

1706, Oct. Thomas Cole, captain of Sir Clowdisley Shovell's ship 
(at Kensington). 

1706, Dec. 8. William Benson, of Bromley, Middlesex, a sheriff of 

London (at St. James's). 
1706-7, Jan. 1. Ambrose Crowley, sheriff of London (at St. James's 
in the bedchamber). 

1707, May 11. William Thornton, of the city of York (ibid on his 

presenting the address from that county about the union of 
the two kingdoms). 
1707, July 16. James Hallett, of London, goldsmith in Cheapside, 
one of the commissioners for the lieutenancy of London (at 
Windsor Castle). 

1707, July 16. Charles Peers, of London, merchant, one of the 
commissioners for the lieutenancy of London (ibid). 

1707, Nov. 16 (Sunday). Benjamin Greene, a brewer in Leather 
Lane, Holborn, a sheriff of London and Middlesex (at St. 


1707-8, Mar. 18. Isaac Shard, of Horsleydown, Soutliwark, a 
deputy lieutenant for London (at Windsor Castle on pre- 
senting the address from tlie city). 

1707-8, Mar. 18. James Clarke, of Moulsey, Surrey {ibid on tlie 
same occasion). 

1707-8, Mar. 18. George Thorold (Thorald), of London, mer- 
chant (ibid on the same occasion). 

1707-8, Mar. 18. John Scott, of London, soap hoiler, and of Enfield 
{ibid on the same occasion). 

1707-8, Mar. 20. Thomas Johnson, of Liverpool, merchant and 
M.P. for Liverpool (at Westminster, in the Prince's 
Chamber, immediately after the Queen returned out of the 
House of Lords on his presenting the address from Liver- 

1707-8, Mar. 20. Daniel Wray, of London, high sheriff of Essex, 
soap boiler in Little Britain just without Aldersgate (at 
St. James's, on his presenting the address from Essex). 

1708, July 18. Thomas Bury, of Exeter, citizen and merchant (at 
Windsor Castle, on Sunday). 

1708, July 26. Robert Dunkley, of Westminster, ironmonger, a 
deputy lieutenant for London {ibid on delivering the address 
to the Queen on the victory of Oudenarde). 

1708, July 26. Randolph Knife, Turkey or Russia merchant {ibid 
on same occasion). 

1708, Aug. 2. Godfrey Webster, merchant, of London, and of 
Nelmes, Co. Essex, a packer by trade, one of the com- 
missioners for the lieutenancy of London (at Windsor). 

? 1708, Aug. 2. Richard Hutchinsox. 

1708, Sept. 12. Peter King, recorder of London (at Windsor 

1708-9, Feb. 21 (?22). Samuel Cvniel, of Over Tabley, Co. 

Chester (at St. James's within the verge of the bedchamber). 
1708-9, Mar. 21. William Dodwell, of Sevenhampton, Co. 

Gloucester, (at St. James's). 

1709, May 17. William Fovv'nes, lord mayor of Dublin (dubbed in 

Ireland by the earl of Wharton, lord lieutenant). 

1709, Sept. 7 (12). Charles Hopson, sheriff of London, joiner to 
the Queen (on attending the Queen concerning the 
congratulatory address from the city on the victory of 

1709, Sept. 7. Richard Guy [Grey], sheriff' of London (on the 
same occasion). 

1709, Sept. 17. Edward Gould, of ITighgate, Middlesex, justice of 
the peace, one of the commissioners of the lieutenancy of 
London (at Windsor on the occasion of presenting a con- 
gratulatory address on the late victory). 


1709, Sept. 21. Charles Cox, of Southwark, brewer, a magistrate 
for Surrey. 

1709, Dec. 8. Chaeles Wager, admiral (for his services in taking 

the galleons in the West Indies). 

1709-10, Jan. 18. Thomas Dunke (Danck), sheriff of London. 

1709-10, Jan. 18. Andrew (Ambrose) Chadwick, gentleman pen- 

1710, May 6. Robert Eyre, solicitor general, one of the managers 

of the trial against Dr. Sacheverell (on his appointment as 
a judge of the Queen's Bench). 
1710, May 29. Nathaniel Lloyd, LL.D., of Doctors Commons, 
King's advocate in the Court Military. 

1710, June 4 (Sunday). William Oldes (Owlds), gentleman usher 
of the Black Rod. 

1710, June 6. Nicholas Trevanion. 

1710, July 24. Clement Cotterell, master of the ceremonies (at 

1710, Oct. 20. Robert Raymond (Raymund), solicitor general (at 


1710, Dec. 12. CoNSTANTiNE Phipps, of the Middle Temple, lord 

Chancellor of Ireland (ibid). 

1711, April 5. HovENDEN Walker. 

1711-2, Feb. 16. Maurice Crosbie (dubbed under the Canopy in 
the Castle, by Sir Constantine Phipps, lord justice of 

1712, June 14. John Cass, alderman and sheriff of London (at St. 

1712, June 14. William Stevs^art, sheriff of London, a barber 
surgeon, president of the Blue Coat Hospital (ibid). 

1712, June 14. Samuel Clarke, of London, merchant and sheriff 

1712, June 21. William Stevens (Steavens), of Rotherhithe, on 

the presentation of an address from Surrey on the subject 

of the peace (at Westminster). 
1712, July 6. Peter Seaman, of Norwich, on the presentation of an 

address from Norwich on the subject of the Peace (probably 

at Kensington). 
1712, July 7. Thomas Gery, a master in Chancery, M.P. for 


1712, July 13. Peter Mews (Mewes), LL.D., chancellor of Win- 
chester, M.P., for Christchurch, Hants. 

1712, July 22. Joseph Martin, of London, a Turkey merchant (at 

1712, Dec, 17. William Lewen (Lewyn), sheriff of London (ibid). 


1712-3, Jan. 16. Samuel Cooke, lord mayor of Dublin (under the 
canopy in the Dining Room of the Castle, by the lords 
justices of Ireland). 

1713, Apr. 15. George Merttins, alderman and goldsmith (at St. 
James's on presenting the address about the Peace). 

1713, Apr. 27. Anthony Sturt, of Heckfield, Co. Hants, (at St. 
James's on presenting the address from the County of 
Southampton on the subject of the Peace). 

1713, June 3. William Banastre (Banister), a baron of the 

1713, June 7. John Cheshire, serjeant-at-law. 

1713, June 7. Nicholas Hooper, a serjeant-at-law, M.P. for Barn- 
staple, Co. Devon. 

1713, June 17. Thomas Davall, of Burr Street, Wapping, M.P. for 
Harwich (at Kensington). 

1713, June 17. Ralph Cressfield, of Colchester (ibid). 

1713, June 23. Samuel Ongley, of London, merchant, linen draper 
in Cornhill, director of the South Sea Company, of Old- 
warden, Co. Beds, (at Kensington on presenting the address 
from the South Sea Company). 

1713, June 23. Christopher Bouverie (Desbouvrie), a director 
of the South Sea Company {ibid on the same occasion). 

1713, June 23. John Williams, of London, merchant, a director of 
the South Sea Company (ibid on the same occasion). 

1713, July 3. Richard Oldner (Odner), sheriff of Surrey. 

1713, July 11. John Suffield, of Portsmouth. 

1713, Aug. [10 or 7 ?]. William Pendarves, of Pendarves, Co. 
Cornwall (probably at Hampton Court [before or on the 
10th] or Windsor after the 10th?). 

1713, Oct. 6. Marquis de Dresnay, captain of a French man-of-war 
and gentleman of the bedchamber to the king of Spain 
(at Windsor). 

1713, Dec. 30. Francis Forbes, sheriff of London (ibid). 

1713, Dec. 30 (20). Joshua Sharpe, sheriff of London, stationer 


? 1713. Grimani, the Venetian ambassador. 

1713-4, Mar. 23. Richard Carter, appointed attorney general. 

1714, Apr. 10. Duncan Campijell, of Scotland. 

1714, June 18. John Statham, of Wigwell, Co. Derby., a deputy 
lieutenant and justice of the peace of Derby. 

1714, July or August. James Barlow, lord mayor elect of Dublin 
(in Dublin by the lords justices of Ireland). 


1714, Sept. 18. William Sanderson, of Greenwich, Kent, com- 
mander of the Peregrine yacht, which brought over the 
King (knighted in the yacht immediately before the King 

1714, Sept. 19. John Vanbrugh, Clarenceux king of arms, and 
comptroller of works and surveyors of gardens (at Green- 
wich House). 

1714, Sept. 23 (?25). Robert Child, alderman of London (at St. 

1714, Sept. 23 (?25). Peter Delme, alderman of London (ibid). 

1714, Sept. 25. [Thomas Snelling], of Deptford, Kent, brewer, 
one of the gentlemen who accompanied the lord Rockingham 
on the delivery of the address from Kent. 

1714, Sept. 25. Joseph Laurence, alderman of London. 

1714, Sept. 25. Thomas Scavs^en, alderman of London, governor of 
the Bank of England. 

1714, Sept. 25. John Ward, alderman of London. 

1714, Sept. 25. Gerard Coniers (Conyers), alderman of London. 

1714, Oct. 4. William Chapman, of London, director of the South 

Sea Company. 
1714, Oct. 4. James Dollyffe (Doliff, D' Olive), of London, 

merchant, director of the South Sea Company (at St. 

1714, Oct. 4. Harcourt Masters, alderman of London. 

1714, Oct. 5. David Hetchetter (Hochstetter, Hechstetter), 
of London, merchant, a director of the Merchant 
Adventurers Company. 

1714, Oct. 9. Peter Meyer, of London, director of the Africa 
Company (at St. James's). 

1714, Oct. 11. Samuel Dod, councillor-at-law, shortly after made a 
serjeant-at-law, etc. (at St. James's). 

1714, Oct. 11. John Pratt, serjeant-at-law. 

1714, Oct. 10. Samuel Garth, M.D. (the poet), physician-in- 
ordinary to the King (at St. James's). 

1714, Oct. 11. Robert Breedon, sheriff of London. 

1714, Oct. 15. Philip Jackson, high sheriff of Co. Hereford (at 
St. James's, on presenting an address from Co. Hereford). 

1714, Oct. 20. William Perkins, of Chertsey, Co. Surrey. 

1714, Oct. 20. Barnham Rider, of Kent. 

1714, Oct. 20. Daniel Webb, mayor of Oxford. 

1714, [?Oct., ?21]. Richard Lane, sheriff of Co. Worcester. 


1714. Oct. 25. Charles Norton, a gentleman of the Honourable 
Band of Gentlemen Pensioners (at Whitehall). 

1714, Oct. 25. Thomas Saunders, a gentleman of the Honourable 
Band of Gentlemen Pensioners (ibid). 

1714, Nov. 16. John Eccles, alderman of Dublin (at St. James's). 
1714-5, Jan. 1. Mathew Kirwood, of London, goldsmith. 
1714-5, Jan. 8. Thomas Heath. 

1714-5, Jan. 8. Eichard Gough, of London, merchant, M.P. for 
Bramber (at St. James's, on the occasion of an address from 
the city on the advantage to the country by the accession of 
His Majesty). 

1714-5, Jan. 8. William Joliffe, of London, director of the Bank 
of England and a Turkey merchant {ibid on same occasion). 

1714-5, Jan. 21. Francis Page, serjeant-at-law. 

1714-5, Eeb. 17. Nathaniel Mead, serjeant-at-law. 

1714-5, Mar. 4. Henry Newton, LL.D., judge of the Admiralty, 
formerly envoy extraordinary to the great duke of Tuscany 
and the Republic of Genoa. 

1715, Apr. 9. George Cooke, prothonotary of Common Pleas. 
1715, Apr. 9. Robert Thornhill, of Lincoln's Inn. 

1715, Apr. 9. Richard Steele, of Bloomsbury Square. 

1715, May 15. James Misson, of Great Ealing, Middlesex (at 

1715, June 9. Thomas Molineux. 
1715, June 9. Thomas Moore, of Chertsey, Surrey. 
1715, June 18. John Shadwell, M.D., physician to queen Anne 

and king George I., son to the poet laureat (at St. James's). 
1715, June 19. William Johnston, of Gilford, Co. Down, Ireland 

(dubbed in England). 
1715, July 10. Nathaniel Whitwell, of Dublin (at St. James's). 
1715, July 18. William Thompson, recorder of London. 
1715, July 29. Peter Eaton, of Woodford, Essex, 
1715, July 29. Richard Houblon, of Woodford, Essex. 
1715, Aug. 9. Charles Farnaby, of Kipington, Kent. 
1715, Aug. 21. Humphry Howarth (Howorth), of Lewis, Radnor., 

sheriff of Radnor, (at St. James's on the presentation of an 

address from Co. Radnor.). 
1715, Sept. 13. Thomas Jones, of Boswell Court, Lincoln's Inn» 

barrister, secretary to the Society of Antient Britain (at 

St. James's on the presentation of an address from the said 

1715, Nov. 15. Henry Penrice, LL.D., judge of the Admiralty. 


1716, June 22. John Colbatch, doctor of physic (?St. James's). 

1717, Jan. 24. John Fortescue-Aland, a baron of the Exchequer. 
1717, Jan. 24. Chaeles Cooke, sheriff of London and Middl. (at 

St. James's). 
1717, Jan. 24. William Boys, doctor of physic at Canterbury 

1717, Mar. 4. Heney Bateman, of Queen Square (ihid). 
1717, Aug. 3 [July 6]. Nicholas Lawes, appointed governor of 

Jamaica (at Hampton Court). 
1717, Oct. 27. Timothy Lannoy, on the occasion of a deputation 

from the governors of the Turkey Company, together with 

several merchants trading to the Levant (ihid). 
1717, Oct. 27. Philip Jackson {ibid on some occasion). 
1717, Oct. 27. William Hammond (ihid on same occasion). 
1717, Oct. 27. John Lock, director of the South Sea Company and 

of the East India Company, a Turkey merchant, sometime a 

residen at Ispahan [ihid on same occasion). 
1717, Oct. 27. John Bull {ihid on same occasion). 

1717, Oct. 27. Charles Vernon {ihid on same occasion). 

1718, Jan. 14. Thomas Brand, gentleman usher of the Green Rod 

and gentleman usher daily waiter to the King. 

1717-8, Eeb. 10. George Caswell, of London, banker, and of the 
South Sea Company. 

1717-8, Eeb. 10. Jacob Jacobson, of London, merchant, director of 
the South Sea Company. 

1718, Apr. Adolphus Oughton, of Tachbrook. 

1718, May 11. Patrick Strahan (Strachan), of Glenkindy, Scot- 
land, barrack master general in Scotland, in consideration 
of his loyal and acceptable services during the late rebellion. 

1718, July 7. William Smyth, high sheriff of the County of 

Bedford (at Whitehall). 
1718-9, Jan. 2. John Askew, of Lydiard Millicent, Wilts., sheriff 
of Wilts. 

1719, Apr. 3. Richard Wynne. 

1719, May 1. Thomas Pengelly, serjeant-at-law. 

1719, May 1. George Howell (on presenting an address of the 

high sheriff of Glamorgan, etc., at St. James's). 
1719, May 9. Thomas Ambrose. 
1719, Nov. 16. John Tash, sheriff of London. 
1719, Nov. 16. George Ludlam, chamberlain of London. 

1719, Nov. 21. Thomas Hewet, surveyor of the Board of Works. 
? 1719-20, Jan. 21. Robert Johnson, captain of a man-of-war. 

1720, Apr. Benjamin Wrench, M.D., of Noi-wich. 
1720, May 2. James Thornhill, serjeant painter. 


1720, June 11. Nicholas Dovigni, an engraver. 

1720, June 11. Philip Yorke, solicitor-general (at Whitehall). 

1720, Oct. 8. George Saunders, captain, R.N. 

1720, Oct. 8. Luke Schaub, a Hanoverian. 
1720-1, Jan. 1. Walter Sinserff, of Amsterdam. 
1720-1, Jan. 15. George Walton, E.N. 

1721, Mar. 26. William Savage, of Barbados, solicitor-general in 

1721, Apr. 14. Nathaniel Gould, M.P., of London, merchant, 

director of the Bank of England. 
1721, Sept. 8. Roger Hudson, director of the South Sea Company 

(at Kensington on the address from said Company thanking 

the King for the treaty with Spain. 
1721, Sept. 8. Thomas Frederick, director of the South Sea 

Company [ibid on same occasion). 

1721, Nov. 4. Chamberlain Walker (in the Presence Chamber, 

Dublin Castle, by the duke of Grafton, lord lieutenant). 
1721-2, Feb. 18. Richard Manningham, M.D., of London. 

1722, May 9. Edward Becher (Beecher), alderman and sheriff of 

London (on the occasion of an address from the city of 

congratulation on the subject of the Pretender's conspiracy). 
1722, May 14. John Gonson, of the Inner Temple (at Whitehall). 
1722, May 19. Isaac Tillard, of London. 
1722, May 19. Daniel Dollins, of Hackney. 
1722, July 25. Richard Hopkins, of London, merchant, a director 

of the South Sea Company (at Kensington on presentation 

of an address from said Company). 
1722 Aug. 31. Edward Hill, of Wanborough, sheriff of Wilts. 
1722, Aug. 31. Isaac Townsend, commissioner of the Navy (at 

Spithead on the Royal progress). 
1722, Aug. 31. Jacob Ackworth, surveyor of the Navy (ibid). 

1722, Aug. 31 (?) Thomas Peckuam, sheriff of Essex (at Stanstead, 

on the Royal progress). 
1722-3, Jan. 26. Sydenham Fowke, of Westowe, Suffolk (at White- 

1723, Apr. 11. Gerard Roetiers, of London, a Dutch merchant. 
1723, May. Challoner Ogle, captain, R.N. 

1723, May. Thomas Renton, the rupture doctor. 

1723, Dec. 2. Felix Feast, sheriff of London (at St. James's on an 

address from the Corporation congratulating the King on 

his safe return from the Continent). 


1723-4, Feb. 4. Clement Wearge, solicitor general (at Whitehall). 

1723-4, Mar. John Darnell, serjeant-at-law. 

1724, Apr. Moore Molyneux, of Losely, near Guildford, Surrey. 

1724, Apr. James Campbell, of Edinburgh. 

1724, May 4. Lawrence Carter, king's serjeant. 

1724, Sept. 24. John Rush, high sheriff of Berks. 

1724, Dec. 9. Joseph Eyles, M.P., sheriff of London (at St. 

1724-5, Jan. 7. Jeffery Gilbert, baron of the Exchequer. 
1724-5, Mar. 6. Thomas Masters, of London. 

1725, May 1. Conrade Joachim Sprengell, M.D., member of the 

College of Physicians and fellow of the Eoyal Society, 
physician to king William III. and King George I. (at 

1725-6, Jan. 11. Francis Porten, sheriff of London (at St. James's 
on the occasion of an address from the city to congratulate 
the King on his safe arrival from Hanover). 

1726-6, Jan. 11. Jeremiah Murden, sheriff of London {ibid on 
same occasion). 

1725-6, Jan. 16. Bernard Hale, a baron of the Exchequer. 

1725-6, Jan. 20. John Dimsdale, M.D., of Hertford. 

1726, Nov. 8 (15). Edmund Probyn, judge of the King's Bench (at 


1726, Nov. 8. John Comyns, a baron of the Exchequer (ibid). 
1726-7, Jan. 31. William Billers, F.R.S., alderman of London. 
1726-7, Jan. 31. Edward Bellamy, alderman of London. 
1726-7, Jan. 31. John Thompson, alderman of London. 
1726-7, Jan. 31. William Ogborne, sheriff of London. 

1726-7, Feb. 24. Nathaniel Hodges, colonel of the 2nd Regiment 

of the Tower Hamlets. 
1726-7, Mar. 22. Philip Hall, of Upton, sheriff of Essex. 
1726-7, Mar. 24. William Rooke, of Leeds, Torks. 

1727, Apr. 29. Thomas Stevens (Steavens), sheriff of Surrey, a 

timber merchant. 
1727, May 18. Charles Dalton, gentleman usher of the Black Rod. 
1727, June 16. Robert Bayliss (Baylis), alderman of London, a 

commissioner of Customs (at Leicester House). 
1727, July 8. John Grosvenor, sheriff-elect of London (at St. 

James's on an address of sympathy and congratulation on 

the occasion of the accession). 
1727, July 8. Thomas Lombe, sheriff-elect of London {ibid same 



1727, Oct. 11. MuLTON Lambard, colonel, represented the duke of 

Aquitain at the Coronation of George II., lieutenant 

governor of Tilbury Fort (at Whitehall). 
1727, Oct. 11. GrEORGE Walters, represented the duke of Normandy 

at the Coronation of George II. (ibid). 
1727, Oct. 11. William Wynne, gentleman pensioner (ibid). 
1727, Oct. 11. John Taylor, gentleman pensioner (ibid). 
1727, Oct. 13. John Boyce, mayor of Oxford (at the Coronation of 

George II.). 

1727, Oct. 13. Oliver Greenway, alderman of Oxford (same 


1728, Apr. 26. Philip Ryley (Riley), surveyor of woods. 

1728, Oct. 13. Charles Payne, governor of the Leeward Islands 

(at Windsor Castle). 
.1729, Apr. 15. John de Lang, merchant of Holland, and F.R.S. 

1729, May 14. James Shephard, serjeant-at-law. 

1729, May 14. William Chapell (Chapple), serjeant-at-law, a 

justice of the King's Bench. 
1729, Aug. 16. John Emerton (Emmerson or Erneston), of 

Holland (deputy governor of the Merchants Adventurers) 

(at Liineburg). 

1729, Sept. 13. Richard Brocas, sheriff of London. 

1730, July 16 (14). Rt. Hon. Pieter Yerdoen, lord mayor of Dublin 

(at his house in Dawson Street, Dublin, by their excellencies 

the lords justices). 
1731-2, Mar. 10. Edward Lovet Pearce, captain, surveyor of 

works, Ireland, and architect of the Parliament House (by 

the duke of Dorset, lord lieutenant, in his robe room in the 

Parliament House). 
1732, Sept. 26. Charles Hardy, commander of the "Carolina" yacht. 
1732, Sept. 28. Francis Child, lord mayor of London (at 

1732, Sept. 28. Henry Hankey, sheriff of London (ibid). 
1732, Sept. 28. John Barnard, alderman of London (ibid). 
? 1732. John Randolph, of Virginia. 
1732-3, Feb. Hugh Clopton, of Stratford-on-Avon. 
1733-4, Mar. 19. Henry Hicks, of Deptford, sheriff of Kent. 

1734. Maltis Ryall, of South wark, sheriff of Surrey. 

1735. Matthew Skinner, of Oxfordshire, serjeant-at-law. 

1735, Oct. 3. Everard Fawkener, merchant of London, appointed 
ambassador to the Ottoman Porte, Constantinople (at 

1735, Oct. 31. John Salter, alderman of London (at St. James's 

on the occasion of an address from the lord mayor and court 
ol aldermen, etc., congratulating the King on his safe return 
from Hanover). 

1736, Oct. 31. Robert Godschall, alderman and sheriff of London 

[ibid same occasion). 


1735, Dec. 23. Thomas Abney, judge of the Marshalsea (at White- 

1735-6, Jan. 25. Thomas Eeeves (Eeeve), one of the judges of 

His Majesty's Court of Common Pleas, appointed lord chief 

justice of same Court (at Whitehall) (?not knii^hted). 
1735-6, Jan. 31. Eobert Cowan, late governor of Bombay (at 


1736, May 6. Richard Grattan, lord mayor of Dublin (dubbed in 

Ireland by the duke of Dorset, lord lieutenant). 
1736-7, Jan. 18. William Eous, sheriff of London (at St. James's 

on the occasion of an address from the lord mayor and Court 

of Aldermen of the City of London congratulating the King 

upon his safe return from Helvoetsluys). 
1736-7, Jan. 18. John Lequesne, alderman of London (ibid). 
1736-7, Jan. 18. George Champion, alderman of London (ibid). 
1736-7, Jan. 18. Benjamin Rawlins, sheriff of London (ibid). 
1736-7, Jan. 23. John Willes, attorney general, appointed lord 

chief justice of the Court of Common Pleas (at Whitehall). 
1736-7, Jan. 26. James Darcy Lever, LL.D., of Alkington, 

Lancaster, high sheriff of Lancaster. 

1737, June 8. William Lee, chief justice of the King's Bench. 
1737, Aug. 4. Joseph Hankey, alderman of London (at Hampton 

Court on the presentation of an address congratulating the 
King on the birth of a princess to Her Royal Highness the 
Princess of Wales, from the lord mayor and Court of 
Alderman of the City of London). 

1737, Sept. 9. James Somervell, lord mayor of Dublin (dubbed in 

Ireland by the duke of Devonshire, lord lieutenant). 

1738, June 9. Robert Kendall Cater [or Kendall-Cater], sheriff 

of London (at Kensington on an address from the lord 
mayor, aldermen, and commons of the City of London of 
congratulation of the birth of a prince). 

1739, May 30. Robert Wilmot, of Osmaston, Co. Derby. 

1740, May 12. Dudley Ryder, attorney general (at Whitehall). 
1740, May 12. John Strange, solicitor general (ibid). 

1742, Dec. 4. Thomas Parker, chief baron of the Exchequer. 

1743, Apr. 27. Charles Molloy, captain, R.N. 

1743-4, Jan. 24. William Richardson, justice of the peace, of 
Surrey (at St. James's, on the presentation of an address 
from the lord lieutenant, high sheriff, etc., etc., for the 
County of Surrey, of congratulation on his safe arrival, the 
recovery of the duke of York, and marriage of the princess 
Louisa and the birth of a prince). 


1743-4, Jan. 24. Abraham Shard, of Kennington, Surrey (on the 

same occasion (at St. James's). 
1743-4, Feb. 1. Thomas Denny (dubbed in Ireland bj the duke of 

Devonshire, lord lieutenant). 
1743-4, Feb. 18. William Calvert, sheriff of London (at St. 

James's, on the presentation of an address from the lord 

mayor, aldermen, and council of the City of London, on the 

threatened invasion of the pretender's son). 
1743-4, Feb. 18. Daniel Lambert, alderman of London, M.P. 

(ibid on same occasion). 
1743-4, Feb. 18. Robert Ladbrooke, (Ladbroke), sheriff of London 

(ibid on same occasion). 
1743-4, Feb. 18. Simon Urling (Urlin), serjeant-at-law, recorder 

of London (ibid on same occasion). 
1743-4, Feb. 18. Right Hon. Robert Westley, lord mayor of 

London (at St. James's on presentation of an address from 

the lord mayor, alderman, and common council of the City 

of London on the threatened invasion of the Pretender's 

1743-4, Feb. 18. Robert Wilmot (Willimott), alderman of 

London (ibid on same occasion). 
1743-4, Feb. 21. Charles Eggleton, deputy lieutenant of Middlesex 

(at St. James's on presentation of an address from the 

commissioners of lieutenancy for the City of London on the 

threatened invasion of the Pretender's son). 
1743-4, Feb. 21. William Smith, deputy lieutenant of Middlesex 

(ibid on same occasion). 
1743-4, Feb. 21. James Creed, deputy lieutenant of Middlesex, 

director of the East India Company (ibid on same 

1743-4, Mar. 5. Thomas Head, sheriff of Berks, (at St. James's on 

presenting an address from the sheriff, justices of the 

peace, grand jury, etc., etc., of Berks, on the threatened 

invasion of the Pretender's son). 
1743-4, Mar. 7. Jeffery Elwes, of Hoddesdon, Herts, (ibid on 

the occasion of a like address from Co. Hertford). 
1743-4, Mar. 7. Richard Chase, of Much Hadham, Herts., sheriff 

of Hertford (ibid on same occasion). 

1743-4, Mar. 13. Edward (Worseley) Worsley, of Gatrombe, 
Isle of Wight, sheriff' of Hants, (at St. James's on presenta- 
tion of an address from the high sheriff, grand jury, and 
justices of the peace on the threatened invasion of the 
Pretender's son). 

1743-4, Mar. 13. Thomas Snell, of Upton, St. Leonards, sheriff' of 


1743-4, Mar. 13. Samuel Gower, justice of Middlesex (at St. 
James's on the presentation of an address from the justices 
of the peace for the liberty of the Tower of London and 
precincts thereof on the threatened invasion of the Pre- 
tender's son). 

1743-4, Mar. 13. Clifford William Phillips (Philips), a deputy- 
lieutenant of the Tower Hamlets (at St. James's on presenta- 
tion of same address). 

1743-4, Mar. 13. Thomas De Yeil, justice of the peace (ibid on 
same occasion). 

1743-4, Mar. 21 or 13. Thomas Ryder (Eider), of Boughton 
Monchelsea, one of the grand jury, and son of Sir Barnham 
Rider (at St. James's on presentation of an address of the 
high sheriff and grand jury of the County of Kent on the 
threatened invasion of the Pretender's son). 

1744, May. John Balchen, admiral of the White, and governor of 
Greenwich Hospital. 

1744, June 8. Peter Davenport, of Macclesfield, Cheshire, receiver 

general of land tax for Cheshire. 

1745, Apr. 21. Michael Foster, justice of the King's Bench. 

1745, Sept. 5. Henry Marshal (Marshall, lord mayor of 
London, president of St. Bartholomew's Hospital, M.P. for 
Agmondesham, Co. Bucks, (at Kensington). 

1745, Sept. 5. Samuel Pennant, sheriff of London (ibid). 
1745, Sept. 5. John Bosworth, chamberlain (ibid). 
1745, Sept. 9. Thomas Hankey, of London, a banker, a commis- 
sioner of lieutenancy for the City of London (ibid). 
1745, Oct. 31. Richard Hoare, lord mayor of London. 

1745, Nov. 23. Martin Wright, justice of the King's Bench (at 

St. James's). 

1745, Nov. 23. James Reynolds, a baron of the Exchequer (ibid). 

1745, Nov. 23. Thomas Burnet, justice of Common Pleas (ibid). 

1745, Nov. 23. Thomas Dennison, justice of the King's Bench 


1745, Nov. 23. Thomas Bootle, chancellor to the prince of Wales 


1745. Nov. 23. Samuel Prime, serjeant-at-law (ibid). 

1745, Nov. 23. Thomas Birch, serjeant-at-law (King's serjeant) 


1745, Nov. 23. Richard Lloyd, King's counsel (ibid). 

1745, Nov. 27 (Dec. 3). Peter Thompson, of Bermondsey, sheriff 

of Surrey (ibid). 

1746. Aug. (Sept.) 20. Thomas Ridge, of Trotter, sheriff of Sussex. 


1747, Jan. 30. William Browne, of Lynn, M.D. 

1747, Sept. 30. George Ribton, lord mayor of Dublin (dubbed in 

Ireland by the earl of Harrington, lord lieutenant). 

1748, Nov. 25. John Stracey, recorder of London. 

1749, June 22. The Hon. Henry Bellenden, gent, usher of the 

Black Rod. 
1749-50, Jan. 9. Charles Burton, alderman of Dublin (dubbed in 
Ireland by the earl of Harrington, lord lieutenant). 

1750, Nov. 7. Sydney Stafford Smyth, a baron of the Exchequer. 
1750, Nov. 10. Joseph Allen, surveyor of the Navy. 

1750, James Stuart, on being appointed admiral. 

1751, Nov. 18. Thomas Salusbury, of Offley Place, Herts., LL.D., 

judge of the Admiralty. 

1752, Feb. 12. George Lee, LL.D., treasurer to the princess dowager 

of Wales, dean of the arches, and judge of the Prerogative 
Court of Canterbury, and a member of the Privy Council. 

1752, Nov. 22. Crispe Gascoigne, lord mayor of London (at St. 

1752, Nov. 22. Richard Adams, recorder (ibid). 

1752, Nov. 22. Charles Asgill, sheriff of London (ibid). 

1752, Nov. 22. Richard Glynn, sheriff of London (ibid). 

1752, Nov. 22. Thomas Harrison, chamberlain of London (ibid). 

1753, Jan. 2. Percy Brett, captain R.N. 

1753, Feb. 9. Edward Clive, justice of Common Pleas. 

1753. William Anne Stephenson, of Oxfordshire. 

17'53. William Bentley, of Mount's Mill, Cornwall (at Kensington). 

1753. William May, of Knighton, Essex. 

1754, Apr. 9. William Burnaby, of Broughton, Oxford. 

1754, May 25. Thomas Clarke, a king's counsel-at-law, appointed 

master of the rolls (at Whitehall). 

1755, Jan. 31. John Glanville, of Catchfrench, sheriff' of Corn- 


1755, Feb. 3. John Eardley Wilmot, of the Inner Temple, 
appointed one of the judges of the King's Bench (at White- 

1755, Apr. 20. Charles Hardy, governor of New York, afterwards 

1755, May 28. William Evans Morres, mayor of Kilkenny (at 
Kilkenny by the marquess of Hartington, lord lieutenant). 

1755, Sept. 19. William Moreton, recorder of London, M.P. for 
Brackley (at Kensington on the occasion of an address from 
the lord mayor, aldermen, and commons of the City of 
London, congratulating the King on his safe return). 

1755, Sept. 19. Samuel Fludyer, sheriff of London {ibid same 

1755, Sept. 19. John Torrtano, sheriff of London {ibid same 


June 8. 


June 8. 


June 8. 


Sept. 20. 


Oct. 5. 


Oct. 16. 


Nov. 12. 


1756, Apr. 10. Geoege Montgomery Metham, of North Cave, 

slieriff of Co. Yorks. 
1756, Apr. 18. Ellis Cunliffe, of Liverpool, M.P. for Liverpool. 
1756, June 5. Thomas Reeve, of New Windsor, sheriff of Berks. 
1756, Oct. 29. Robert Henley, attorney general (at Whitehall). 

1758, Dec. 5. Charles Cotterell Dormer, master of the ceremonies 


1759, June 8. Mathew Blakistone, alderman of London. 
Thomas Chitty, alderman of London. 
James Hodges, town clerk of London. 
William Stephenson, alderman of London. 

. John Bentley, captain R.N. 
Thomas Stanhope, captain R.N. 
James Douglas, captain R.N. 

James Burroughes, vice-chancellor of Cambridge, 
and master of Gonville and Caius College. 

1760, Jan. 21. Thomas Wilson, of West Wickham, sheriff of Kent. 
1760, May 17. Fielding Ould, M.D. (in Ireland by the duke of 

Bedford, lord lieutenant). 

1760, Oct. 16. Robert Kite, sheriff of London (at Kensington by 
the King). 

1760, Oct. 16. William Hart, sheriff of London (ibid). 

1760, Oct. 28, Thomas Rawlinson, alderman of London. 

1760, Oct. 28. Francis Gosling, banker, of London. 

1760, Nov. 3. William Baker, alderman of Bassishaw Ward, 

1760, Nov. 11. Clement Trafford, of Dunton Hall, high sheriff of 
Lincolnshire (at St. James's). 

1760, Dec. 5. Robert Bewicke, of Closehouse, sheriff of North- 
umberland ( ? at St. James's, on the occasion of the presenta- 
tion of an address on the accession). 

1760, Dec. 9 (?Nov. 3). Lancelot Algood(Allgood), of Nunwick, 
Co. Northumberland (ibid on same occasion). 

1760, Dec. 10. Henry Cheere, deputy lieutenant of the County of 
Middlesex and a justice of peace, Co. Middlesex (at St. 

1760, Dec. 17. Onesiphorus Paul, of Woodchester, Co. Gloucester., 
sheriff of Gloucester, (at Whitehall). 

1760, Dec. 22. James Hereford, of Modiford, sheriff of Hereford. 

1760, Dec. 23. Thomas Jones, of Shrewsbury, and of Stanley, Co. 
Salop, sheriff of Shropshire. 


1760, Dec. 24. William Bennett, of Fareham, sheriff of Hants. 
1T60, Dec. 24. Henry St. John. 

1760, Dec. 27 (1761, Jan. 3). William Dalston (Daulston), of 

Milrigge, sheriff of Cumberland (at Whitehall). 

1761, Jan. 16. Benjamin Truman (Trueman), of Hatfield, sheriff 

of Herts. 
1761, Jan. 21. John Vanhatten, of Dinton, Co. Bucks, (at St. 

James's in connection with coronation condolence and 

1761, Jan. 24. Philip Yavazor, of Wisbech, high sheriff of the 

County of Cambridge (at St. James's on same kind of 

address from Co. Cambridge). 

1761, Feb. 9. Thomas Thorowgood, of Kersey, sheriff of Suffolk 
(at Whitehall). 

1761, Feb. 23. Christopher Treise, of Lavethan, late high sheriff 
of Co. Cornwall (at Whitehall). 

1761, Mar. 4. Charles Price (Pryce), of Eotherfield Peppard, 
sheriff of Oxford. 

1761, Mar. 6. William Farrington, of Shaw Hall, sheriff of 

Lancashire (at St. James's). 
1761, Mar. 18. Samuel Gordon, of Newark-upon-Trent, sheriff of 

1761, Apr. 10. Septimus Robinson, gentleman usher of the Black 

1761, Sept. 18. Thomas Churchman, mayor of Norwich. 
1761, Sept. 18 (before the coronation, probably Sept. 21 or 22) (?22 

or 23). Thomas Robinson, of Rookby Park, Co. York, bart., 

representing the duke of Normandy at the coronation of 

king George III. (at Whitehall). 
1761, Sept. 21 or 22 (previous to the coronation). William Bretton 

(Breton) )who represented the duke of Aquitaine at the 

coronation (ibid). 
1761, Sept. 24. Thomas Munday, mayor of Oxford. 
1761, Sept. 24. Peter Fenouilhet, exon of the Yeomen of the 

1761, Sept. 26 (after the coronation). John Bridger (Bridge), of 

Combe Place, Sussex, standard bearer to the Band of 

Gentlemen Pensioners (at St. James's). 
1761, Sept. 26. Owen Jones, senior gentleman of the Band of 

Gentlemen Pensioners (ibid). 
1761, Sept. 26. Charles Townley, clarenceux king of arms (ibid). 
1761, Sept. 30. John Fielding, of Westminster, police magistrate. 


1761, Oct. 5. William Fleming, of Norwich. 

1761, Oct. 30. Timothy Allen, lord mayor of Dublin (dubbed in 

Ireland by the earl of Halifax, lord lieutenant). 
1761, Oct. 30. Patrick Hamilton, late lord mayor of Dublin 

1761, Nov. 2. Henry Gould, a baron of the Exchequer (by the 

King in England). 
1761, Nov. 2 (9). Nathaniel Nash, sheriff of London. 
1761, Nov. 9. John Cartwright, sheriff of London. 
1761, Nov. 9. Thomas Fludyer, of London. 
1761, Nov. 10. John Cotterell Brooks, of Garnon, sheriff of 

Herefordshire (took the surname of Cotterell). 
1761, Nov. 16. Thomas Ward, of Guilsborough, sheriff of 

1761, Dec. 28. Charles Pratt, chief justice of the Common Pleas. 

1761, Dec. Edward Simpson, LL.D., dean of the arches and judge 

of the Prerogative Court, of Doctors Commons, M.P. for 

1762, Jan. 25. Fletcher Norton, solicitor general. 

1762, Jan. 26. Thomas Blackhall, one of the sheriffs of Dublin 
(dubbed in Ireland by the earl of Halifax, lord lieutenant). 

1762, Feb. 14. Clifton Wintringham, M.D., physician extra- 
ordinary to His Majesty (by the King in England). 

1762, Aug. 25. Alexander Powell, deputy recorder of Salisbury. 

1762, Sept. 3. Thomas Gatehouse, sheriff of Hampshire. 

1762, Sept. 8. John Meredyth (Meredith), high sheriff of Brecon. 
(at St. James's on the occasion of an address from Co. 
Brecknock, on the birth of the prince of Wales). 

1762, Sept. 17. Samuel Hellier, of Woodhouse, high sheriff of 

1762, Sept. 22. Robert Goodyere, lieutenant of the band of 
gentlemen pensioners. 

1762, Sept. 29. George Kelley, of Bishopsdown, Speldhurst, Kent, 
and sheriff of that county. 

1762, Oct. 1. William Bridges Baldwyn, of Wallington, high 
sheriff of Surrey (at St. James's on the occasion of an 
address from Co. Surrey on the birth of the prince of Wales). 

1762, Oct. 4. Henry Bankes, alderman of Cordwainers Ward, 
London, and sheriff of London and Middlesex. 

1762, Oct. 4. Thomas Challenor, sheriff of London and alderman 
of Aldgate Ward. 


1762, Oct. 26. Thomas Gunston, of Upcott, Bishops-Hull, Co. 

Somerset., sheriff of Somersetshire (at St. James's). 

1763, Mar. 25. Dr. James Jay, of New York {ibid on an address of 

the governors of the King's College, New York). 
1763, July 27. William Erskine, of Torrie, Co. Fife, lieutenant 

1763, Sept. 21. James Porter, minister at Brussels. 
1763, Nov. 10. Edward Newenham, high sheriff of Co. Dublin 

(dubbed in Ireland). 
1763, Nov. 21. William McLeod Bannatyne (in England by the 

1763, Dec. 16. Joseph Yates, judge of the King's Bench. 

1763, Dec. 29. Egbert Fletcher, a major in the East India 

Company's service. 

1764, Jan. 16. Charles Coote, Knight of the Bath (dubbed in 


1764, Feb. 10. John Lindsay, captain R.N. 

1764, Apr. 16. Robert Barker, major of artillery at the Siege of 

1764, Oct. 19. George Macartney, ambassador at St. Petersburg. 

1764, Nov. 30. Thomas Sewell, master of the Rolls. 

1765, Apr. 19. Richard Aston (late chief justice of the Common 

Pleas in Ireland), on being appointed a judge of the King's 
Bench in England. 
11765, Apr. 20. James Douglas, consul general at Naples. 

1765, Aug. 28. Thomas Harris, sheriff of London, on the con- 
gratulatory address on the birth of a second prince (at St. 

1765, Sept. 18. Francis Molyneux, gentleman usher of the Black 

1765, Sept. 30. James Taylor, lord mayor of Dublin (in Ireland by 
the lord lieutenant) (at the Mansion House, Dublin, by the 
lords justices). 

1765, Nov. 22. John Johnson, son of Sir William Johnson, bart. 

(in England by the King). 

1766, July 3. James Wright, British minister at Venice. 

1766, Oct. 8. Robert Darling, sheriff of London (at St. James's). 

1766, Oct. 8. James Esdaile, alderman of Cripplegate Ward and 

sheriff of London (at St. James's), 
1768, Jan. 27. Thomas Slade, surveyor of the Navy. 


1768, Feb. 22. Peter Francis Laurent, of Grenada (then recently 
ceded by France, and the first native of the ceded islands on 
whom the honour was conferred) (at Whitehall). 

1768, Apr. 28. Tomaso Querini, ambassador from Venice. 

1768, Aug. 19. Charles Whitworth, M.P. for Minehead, and 
lieutenant governor of Tilbury Fort. 

1768, Nov. 22. Chaloner Ogle, of Martyr Worthy, captain R.N., 

sheriff of Hants. 

1769, Apr. 12. Timothy Waldo, of Clapham, Co. Surrey. 

1769, Apr. 12. Eichard Hotham, of Merton, Co. Surrey, M.P. for 
Southwark, and founder of Hothampton, or Bognor, Sussex. 

1769, Apr. 21. Joshua Reynolds, president of the Royal Academy. 

1770, Feb. William Blackstone, judge of the King's Bench. 
1770, June 22. William Henry Ashurst, judge of the King's 


1770. Anthony King, one of the sheriffs of Dublin (dubbed in 


1771, Jan. 27. George Nares, judge of Common Pleas. 

1771, Jan. 28. William De Grey, justice of the Common Pleas. 
1771, July 15. William Desse, clerk of the cheque to the Band of 

Gentlemen Pensioners. 
1771, Sept. 27. John Williams, surveyor of the Navy. 

1771, Oct. 16. Thomas Kent, of Kingston, sheriff of Surrey. 

1772, Jan. 31. John Clerke, captain R.N. 

1772, June 5. George Osborne, bart., of Chicksands, Bedfordshire 

(on being appointed proxy for H.R.H. Frederick, duke of 

York, at the approaching installation of the Bath) (at St. 

1772, June 5. Stanier Porten, under-secretary of State, proxy for 

Sir George Macartney at the Installation of the Bath, 1772 

1772, June 5. Thomas Mills, town major of Quebec, proxy for 

Sir Ralph Payne (afterwards lord Lavington), at the 

installation of the Bath, 1772 (ihid). 
1772, June 10. Peter Parker, captain, R.N., proxy for Sir John 

Moore, bart., at the installation of the Bath, 1772. 
1772, June 10. Horatio Mann, proxy for his uncle. Sir Horatio 

Mann, at the installation of the Bath, 1772. 
1772, June 10. Basil Keith, captain, R.N., proxy for his brother, 

Sir Robert Murray Keith, at the installation of the Bath, 

1772, subsequently governor of Jamaica. 

1772, Sept. 10. John Hasler (dubbed in Ireland by viscount 
Townshend, lord lieutenant), 


1772, Oct. 22. James Eyre, a baron of the Exchequer (in England 
by the King). 

1772, Oct. 23. John Hawkins, cbairman of tbe Middlesex Sessions 

(at St. James's). 

1773, Feb. 5. Watkin Lewes (Lewis), alderman of Lime Street 

Ward, London, sheriff 1772. 
1773, Feb. 5. Thomas Hallifax, lord mayor of London. 
1773, Mar. 10. James Burrow, master of the Crown Office, and 

sometime president of the Royal Society (on presentation of 

the address of thanks from the Royal Society : at St. James's). 
1773, June 22. John Carter, mayor of Portsmouth (at the 

governor's house, Portsmouth). 
1773, June 24. Thomas Pye, admiral of the Blue (on the quarter- 
deck of the " Barfleur" at Spithead, the king's standard then 

flying at the top mast head). 
1773, June 24. Richard Spry, rear admiral of the " White." 
1773, June 24. Joseph Knight, captain of the " Ocean," senior 

captain in the Fleet at Spithead (ibid). 
1773, June 24. Richard Bickerton, captain of the "Augusta" 

yacht (ibid). 
1773, June 24. Edward Vernon, captain of the "Barfleur" (ibid). 
1773, Sept. Michael Cromie (dubbed in Ireland). 
1773, Oct. 27. Edward Hughes, captain, R.N. , commander-in-chief 

of His Majesty's ships and vessels to be employed in the 

East Indies (at St. James's). 

1773, Nov. 11. George Hay, D.C.L., principal of the Court of 

Arches, and judge of the Admiralty. 

1774, Feb. 25. Robert Herries, a banker, (at St. James's). 
1774, Mar. 4. Walter Rawlinson, alderman of London. 

1774, Mar. 30. Elijah Impey, of Lincoln's Inn, chief justice of 
His Majesty's Supreme Court of Judicature at Fort William 
in T3engal (at St. James's). 

1774, Apr. 8. John Burland, appointed a baron of the Court of 
Exchequer, a serjeant-at-law (ibid). 

1774, July 21. Baptist John Silvester, M.D., F.R.S., physician 

to the Army in the Low Countries. 

1775, Jan. 27. George Collier, of Froyle, Co. Hants., captain, 

R.N. (at St. James's). 
1775, Mar. 15. Noah Thomas, M.D., physician-in-ordinary to the 

King (ibid). 
1775, May 17. Beaumont Hotham, appointed a baron of the 

Exchequer (ibid). 
1775, Sept. 20. Rouert Ainslie, ambassador to the Ottoman Porte 



1776, Mar, 29. Trevor Corry, consul at Dantzic. 

1776, Apr. 3. HiCHARD Perryn, appointed a baron of tlie Exchequer 
(at St. James's). 

1776, May 31. John Eliott, of Peebles, M.D. (ibid). 

1776, June 4. Alexander Schomberg, captain of His Majesty's 
yacbt " Dorset " (at Dublin Castle by earl Harcourt, lord 

1776, June 4. Francis James Buchanan, major, usher of the Black 
Eod (ibid). 

1776, Sept. 30. Patrick King, sheriff of the County of Dublin 

1776, Nov. 4. Boyle Roche (ibid by same). 

1777, Feb. 12. James Wallace, captain E.N. (at St. James's). 

1777, May 2. Philip ( ? or Patrick) Craufurd, conservator of the 
Privileges of Scotland at Campvere and other places in 
Zealand or elsewhere in the United Provinces, and resident 
there for the same (ibid). 

1777, June 7. Robert Chambers, a puisne judge of the Supreme 
Court at Fort William in Bengal (by patent). 

1777, June 18. John Day, judge advocate general in Bengal (at 
St. James's). 

1777, Nov. 23. John Skynner, appointed chief baron of the 

Exchequer (ibid). 

1778, Jan. 28. John Durbin, of Walton, Co. Somerset., mayor of 

Bristol (ibid). 
1778, Feb. 25. Philip Ainslie, of Pilton, N.B., and lieutenant 

colonel of Horse Guards (at St. James's). 
1778, Mar. 13. James Napier, superintendent general of all the 

hospitals in Jamaica for the forces in North America (ibid). 
1778, May 10. George Massy, captain (at Dublin Castle by his 

excellency the earl of Buckinghamshire, lord lieutenant). 
1778, May 19. Digby Dent, captain R.N. (at St. James's). 
1778, Sept. 28. John Davis, brewer, captain of the West Kent 

Militia (first militia captain who had the honour of mounting 

the King's Guard) (at Winchester). 
1778, Sept. 30. Charles Ventris Field, captain of the Bedford- 
shire Militia (ibid). 
1778, Oct. 9. James Marriott, LL.D., His Majesty's advocate 

general [on his appointment] to be official principal 

commissary general, etc., judge of the Admiralty Court (at 

St. James's). 


1778, Nov. 4. William Bishop, mayor of Maidstone. 
1778. AsHTON Lever, of Alkrington, Co. Lancaster. 

1778, Nov. 15. Thomas Bell, M.D. (at Dublin Castle by the lord 


1779, Jan. 15. Andrew Snape Hamond (Hammond), captain of His 

Majesty's ship " The Roebuck " (at St. James's). 
1779, Apr. 21. Hyde Parker, captain E.N. 
1779, Apr. 30. George Munro, of Poyntzfield, Co. Cromarty, proxy 

for Sir Hector Munro, at the Installation of the Bath, 1779 

(at St. James's). 
1779, Apr. 30. James Duff, of Kinstoun (Kenstair), Aberdeenshire, 

N.B., proxy for Sir James Harris at the Installation of the 

Bath, 1779 (ihid). 
1779, May 5. Thomas Fowke, of Lowesby Hall, Co. Leicestershire, 

proxy for Sir Henry Clinton, K.B., at the Installation of the 

Bath, 1779, sometime groom of the bedchamber to Henry 

Frederick, duke of Cumberland (ihid). 
1779, May 5. Charles Gould, of Ealing, Co. Middlesex, judge 

advocate general (ihid). 
1779, May 5. Hew Whitefoord Dalrymple, major of the Athol 

Regiment of Highlanders (ihid). 

1779, Oct. 15. Clement Cottrell Dormer, appointed master of the 

Ceremonies (ihid). 

1780, Apr. 19. Richard Pearson, captain R.N. (ihid). 

1780, May 31. John Cummtng, colonel in the Bengal Army (ihid). 

1780, Dec. Thomas Chapman (dubbed in Ireland). 

1781, Mar. 19. Walter Stirling, captain R.N. (at St. James's). 
1781, June 22. Wadsworth Busk, attorney general of the Isle of 

Man, a bencher of the Middle Temple (ihid). 
1781, June 22 (?2). George Moore, late speaker of the House of 

Keys in the Isle of Man (ihid). 
1781, July 6. Peter Burrell, deputy lord great chamberlain 


1781, Aug. 24. George Younge (Young), captain R.N. (ihid). 

1782, Jan. 5. John Turton, physician in ordinary to the Queen. 
1782, May 24 (Apr. 12). Abraham Pitches, of Streatham, sherifF 

of Surrey (ihid). 
1782, May 12. William Plomer, alderman of London, lord mayor 

of London (ihid). 
1782, May 29. Henry Blackman, constable of Lewes, Co. Sussex, 

one of the chief magistrates of the borough of Lewes (ihid). 
1782, June 19. Thomas Kyffen, of Mayman. Co. Carnarvon (ihid). 
1782, June 19. William Fortick, high sheriff of Co. Dublin 

(dubbed in Ireland by the duke of Portland, lord lieutenant). 


1782, July 29. Hopton Scott, high sheriff of Co. Wicklow (at 

Dublin Castle by the lord lieutenant). 
1782, July 29. Jerome FitzPatrick, M.D. (ihid). 
1782, July 29. Henry Jebb, M.D. (ihid). 
1782, July 29. Eobert Scott, M.D. (ihid). 
1782, Sept. 4. Sampson Wright, one of His Majesty's justices of 

the peace for the Cos. of Middlesex, Essex and Surrey (at 

St. James's). 

1782, Sept. 8. John Morella Oldmixon, lieutenant of Dragoons, 
and one of the gentlemen-in-waiting on His Grace's Family 
(at Dublin Castle by the duke of Portland, lord lieutenant 
of Ireland). 

1782, Sept. Richard Wheeler-Denny-Cuffe (dubbed in Ireland 

by same). 
1782, Sept. Thomas Ashe, high sheriff of Co. Meath (ihid). 
1782, Nov. 29. Roger Curtis, captain R.N., for his services at the 

siege of Gibraltar (at St. James's). 

1782, Dec. 20. William Fordyce, M.D., of London (ihid). 

1783, Feb. 26 (Jan. 25). Robert Taylor, sheriff of London, 

architect to the Bank of England, on the address of lord 
mayor, alderman and commons of the City of London, in 
common council assembled, " hoping the stipulations of the 
Treaty are such as will revive our injured trade and restore 
our commercial intercourse with our American brethren," 
etc., etc. (ihid). 

1783, Mar. 11. Robert Tilson (Deane), 1st lord Muskerry 
(knighted at Dublin by earl Temple, lord lieutenant, at the 
first investiture of St. Patrick as the proxy for prince 
Edward Augustus. For the names of the knights of 
St. Patrick knighted on that occasion see supra, i. pp. 96-7). 

1783, Mar. 17. Alexander Munro, consul at Madrid (at St. 

1783, Mar. 17. William Hawkins, ulster king of arms (dubbed in 
Ireland by earl Temple, lord lieutenant, after the banquet 
at the first installation of the Knights of St. Patrick). 

1783, Mar. 19. William Jones, one of the judges of His Majesty's 
Supreme Court of Judicature at Fort AVilliam in Bengal (at 
St. James's). 

1783, Apr. 7. Joseph Senhouse, mayor of the City of Carlisle 

1783, May. William Synnot, high sheriff of Co. Armagh (dubbed 
in Ireland by earl Temple, lord lieutenant). 

1783, May. John Meredyth, high sheriff of Co. Meath (ihid). 


1783, June 27. Thomas Davenport, serjeant-at-law (at St. James's). 
1783, July 4. John Collins, captain, E.ISr, (ibid). 

1783, Aug. 22. Thomas Hyde Page, lieutenant, Eoyal Engineers 


1784, Jan. 9. Henry Augustus Montagu Cosby, lieutenant colonel, 

adjutant general in India 1773 (at St. James's). 
1784, Jan. 16. Barnard Turner, sheriff of London (ibid on 

presentation of an address of concern at the "present 

alarming moment on a measure whicli tended to encroacli 

on the rights of Your Majesty's Crown, to annihilate the 

chartered rights of the East India Company, etc., etc."). 
1784, Eeb. 23. Benjamin Thompson, colonel of His Majesty's 

Eegiment of American Dragoons (at St. James's). 
1784 (?1783), Feb. 23. James Patey, sheriff of the County of 

Berks, (ibid). 
1784, Mar. 8. John Edensor Heathcote, of Longton, sheriff of 

Stafford, (at St. James's). 
1784, Apr. 14. Henry Thomas Gott, of Newlands, Co. Bucks. 

1784, May 28. Charles Booth, of Stede Hill, of Harrietsham, 

sheriff of Kent (ibid). 
1784, June 2. Eichard King, captain, E.N., commodore in His 

Majesty's Fleet employed in the East Indies (ibid). 

1784, Aug. 11. Francis Willes, of Hampstead, Co. Middl, some- 

time under secretary of State (ibid). 

1785, Apr. 20. James Douglas, His Majesty's consul general at 

Naples (ibid). 
1785, May 14. Eichard McGuire (dubbed in Dublin by the duke 

of Eutland " as a mark of approbation for his undaunted 

courage and enterprising spirit in going up in the balloon"). 
1785, Sept. 13. John Treacher (at Oxford). 
1785, Oct. IS. Christopher Knight, mayor of Limerick (at 

Limerick by the duke of Eutland, lord lieutenant). 

1785, Oct. 25. Henry Marr, captain, 47th Eegiment (at Killarney). 

1785, Oct. 28. James Carty, sovereign of Kinsale (at Kinsale). 

1785, Oct. 31. Eichard Kellett (at Cork). 

1785, Oct. 31. John Haly, doctor of physic (ibid). 

? 1785, Nov. Joseph Gray (dubbed in Ireland). 

1785. Paul Banks, captain, 20th Eegiment (ibid). 

1785, Nov. John Alcock, mayor of Waterford (ibid). 

1785, Nov. Simon Newport, one of the sheriffs of Waterford 


1786, Jan. JofiN Fhanklin, mayor of Cork (at Dublin Castle). 

1786, Feb. 13. John Ceickloe (Crichloe) Turner, of Great 
Stukeley, slierift' of Cambridge and Huntingdon (at St. 

1786, June 2. Isaac Heard, garter king of arms. 

1786, Aug. 11. Benjamin Hammett, alderman of Portsoken Ward, 
London (at St. James's on presentation of an address from 
tbe lord mayor, aldermen, etc., of congratulation on the 
late escape of the King from an attack endangering his life). 

1786, Aug. 13. Richard Tawney, senior alderman of Oxford City 
(at Oxford). 

1786, Aug. 15. Charles Nourse, of Oxford, surgeon (ibid). 
1786, Aug. 18. William HiLLMAN, mayor of the City of Winchester, 

clerk of the Board of Green Cloth (at St. James's). 
1786, Aug. 18. Alexander Hamilton, of Topsham, sheriff of 

Devon, (ibid). 
1786, Aug. 18. Stephen Nash, sheriff of Bristol (ibid). 
1786, Aug. 23. Charles Marsh, of Reading, Berks (ibid). 
1786, Aug. 25. Michael Nowell, of Falmouth, sheriff of Cornwall 

1786, Aug. 30. William Appleby, of the City of Durham (ibid). 
1786, Sept. 6. Isaac Pocock, of Biggin, Northamptonshire, and of 

Maidenhead Bridge, sheriff of Northamptonshire (ibid). 
1786, Sept. 6. Lawrance Cox, of the City of Westminster (ibid). 
1786, Sept. 13. William Altham, of the Borough of Thetford, 

mayor of Thetford, Co. Norfolk, and of Mark Hall, Essex 
1786, Sept. 13. Jonathan Phillipps, of St. Stephens, near 

Launceston, in the County of Cornwall, sometime M.P. for 

Camelford (ibid). 
1786, Oct. 6. William Watson, of the City of London, M.D., and 

trustee of the British Museum (ibid). 

1786, Oct. 6. James Sanderson (Saunderson), alderman of London 

1786, Oct. 13. James Hamilton, high sheriff of the County of 

Monaghan (at Dublin Castle by the lord lieutenant). 
1786, Nov. 15. John Wilson, one of the justices of His Majesty's 

Court of Common Pleas (ibid). 

1786, Dec. 22. Richard Arkwright, of Wirksworth, Co. Derby. 

(ibid on the occasion of presenting the King with an address 
of congratulation from the wapentake of Wirksworth on 
the King's escape from assassination by Margaret Nicholson). 

1787, Jan. 5. Robert Strange, an eminent engraver, of Great 

Queen Street, Westminster (ibid). 


1787, Jan. 19. George Chetwynd, of Brockton Hall, Co. Stafford, 
clerk of the Privy Council in ordinary (at Dublin Castle). 

1787, Feb. 7. Alexander Thompson (Thomson), of Lincoln's Inn, 
a baron of the Exchequer (ibid). 

1787, Feb. 9. Nash Grose, a judge of the King's Bench, serjeant- 
at-law (ibid). 

1787, May 23. John Fenn, of East Dereham, Co. Norfolk (ibid). 

1787, July 12. William O'Dogherty, alderman of Drogheda (at 
Drogheda by the duke of Rutland, lord lieutenant). 

1787, July 22. George Atkinson, doctor of physic, deputy recorder 
of Hillsborough (at Hillsborough by same). 

1787, Aug. 1. CosLET Stothard, of Dromore, Co. Down (at Dromore 
by the lord lieutenant). 

1787, Aug. James Bristow, of Belfast (by same). 

1787, Aug. William Kirk, mayor of Carrickfergus (at Carrick- 

1787, Aug. 25. Walter Hudson, of Enniskillen (at Castle Coole). 

1787, Sept. 6. William Boyd, doctor of physic, of Castlebar (at 

1787, Sept. James Shee, of Galway (at Galway). 
1787, Oct. 26. Paul Jodrell, M.D., physician to the nabob of 

Arcott (at St. James's). 
1787. Thomas Cuffe, innkeeper, of Kilbeggan (dubbed in Ireland). 

1787, John Traile, high sheriff of Co. Dublin (ibid). 

1788, Feb. 21. Chichester Fortescue, Ulster king-of-arms (ibid 

by the marquess of Buckingham, lord lieutenant). 
1788, May 9. James Campbell, colonel (at St. James's). 
1788, June 18. Richard Pepper Arden, master of the Rolls (^it/cZ^. 
1788, June 27. Archibald Macdonald, attorney general (ibid). 
1788, June 27. John Scott, solicitor general, of the Middle Temple 

1788, Aug. 6. Charles Scribshaw Withers, of Worcester, (at 

1788, Sept. 3. William Scott, doctor of laws, king's advocate 

general (Letters Patent). 

1788, Sept. 24. William Wynne, LL.D., official principal of the 

Court of Arches, and master of the Prerogative Court of 
Canterbury (at St. James's). 

1789, Aug. 26. Thomas Byard, captain of the '* Impregnable," R.N. 

(at Plymouth). 
1789, Sept. 13. Andrew Snape Douglas, captain R.N. (at Wey- 


1789, Oct. 28. AsHTON Warner Byam, attorney general for the 

Island of Grenada, (at St. James's). 

1790, Mar. 21. Samuel Rowland, alderman of the City of Cork (at 

Dublin Castle, on Sunday the 21st, at noon, by the earl of 
Westmorland, lord lieutenant, in the Presence Chamber and 
under the Canopy of State). 

1790, Oct. Henry Wilkinson, recorder of Kilkenny (dubbed in 
Ireland by the earl of Westmorland, lord lieutenant). 

1790, Oct. 8. Henry Brown Hayes, one of the sheriffs of Cork 
(at Mitchellstown, Co. Cork). 

1790, Nov. 24. Richard Carr Glynn, sheriff of London and alder- 
man of Bishupsgate Ward (at St. James's, on presentation 
of an address upon the agreeable prospect of a continuance 
of established peace by the Convention with Spain). 

1790, Nov. 24. John William Rose, recorder of London [ibid same 


1791, Mar. 18. William Dunkin, one of the judges of the Supreme 

Court of Judicature at Fort William in Bengal (ibid). 

1792, July 30. William Clarke, one of the sheriffs elect of Cork 

(at Cork). 
1792,* Aug. 1. Erasmus Gower, captain R.N. (at St. James's). 

1792, Oct. 12. John Hopkins, lord mayor of London, alderman of 
Castle Baynard Ward (at St. James's on presentation of an 
address of congratulation on the glorious and important 
advantages gained in the East Indies). 

1792, Oct. 12. Benjamin Tebbs, sheriff of London {ibid on same 

1792, Nov. 26. John (Fane) 16th earl of Westmorland (Letters 

1792, Dec. 19. Edmund (Edmond) Lacon, of Great Yarmouth 
(Letters Patent). 

1792. Charles Blagden. 

1793, Feb. 1. Thomas Coxhead, of Epping, Co. Essex (at St. 

1793, Feb. 15. John Mitford, solicitor general. 

*In the Gazette, dated for May 16th, 1792 (p. 317), there is an account of George III. investing Sir 
"William Sidney Smith with the insignia of the Royal Swedish Order of the Sword. The Gazette adds in a 
footnote, "not knighted on this occasion, that ceremony having been performed by the late Swedish King 
in the field under the royal banner." Townend considers him entitled to the rank of a Knight Bachelor 
of England in consequence of this recognition of his foreign knighthood having been thus marked at a 
date prior to the Regulation of 1812, relative to Foreign Orders. I cannot follow the reasoning, and in 
accordance with the rigorous plan of the present book I have omitted him and all other such foreign 
made knights from my lists whether they had or had not obtained the royal licence to accept such foreign 
order or knighthood. 

For this same reason I have omitted Peter Francis Bourgeois, a member of the Koyal Academy of 
London, who on the 16th April, 1791, received the King's allowance of the knighthood conferred upon him 
by the King of Poland by diploma, dated at Warsaw, 16th February, 1791. Townend on the contrary 
ranks him as a knight bachelor of England 


1793, Mar. 15. John Turner Dryden, of Canons Ashby, Co. 

Northampton, sheriff of Northampton (at St. James's). 
1793, Mar. 20. John Henslow, surveyor of the Navy (ibid). 

1793, Mar. William Dillon, of Mannanstown, Co. Meath (dubbed 
in Ireland by the earl of Westmorland, lord lieutenant). 

1793, June 28. Edward Pellew, captain E.N. (afterwards viscount 
Exmouth) (letters patent). 

1793, July 16. Ewen Baillie, major, of Eoss-shire, North Britain 
(at Dublin Castle by the earl of Westmorland, lord 

1793, July. John St. Leger Gillman (ibid). 

1793, Nov. 6. James Saumarez (Saumaretz), captain E.N. (at St. 
James's by the King). 

1793, Nov. 13. Giles Eooke, appointed a judge of Common Pleas, 

a serjeant-at-law (ibid). 

1794, Mar. 12. Soulden Lawrence, judge of the King's Bench, a 

serjeant-at-law, appointed one of the justices of His 
Majesty's Court of Common Pleas (ibid). 

1794, May 16. Joshua Colles Meredith, of the City of Dublin (at 
Dublin Castle by the earl of Westmorland, lord lieutenant). 

1794, May 19. Eot?ert Baxter (ibid) 

1794, June 23. St. George O'Kelly, high sheriff of the County of 
Dublin (ibid). 

1794, June 27. William Eule, surveyor of the Navy (in England 
by the King). 

1794, July 23. Henry Wilson (afterwards Wright- Wilson), 

captain 1st Life Guards (letters patent). 

1795, Feb. 9. Patrick O'Coxor, of the City of Cork (dubbed in 

Ireland by earl FitzWilliam, lord lieutenant). 
1795, Apr. 15. John Eamer, alderman of Langbourn Ward and 

sheriff of London and Middlesex (at St. James's). 
1795, Apr. 15. Egbert Burnett, sheriff of London and Middlesex 

1795, Apr. 22. Thomas Pickering, mayor of Arundel (ibid). 
1795, Apr. 22. George Picknell (Pecknell), mayor of Arundel 

1795, May 8, Robert Mackretii (ibid). 

1795, May 27. Edward Harrington, mayor of Bath {? ibid). 
1795, June 10. James Watson, serjeant-at-law (ibid). 
1795, July 15. Thomas Saumarez, major in the Army (ibid). 


1795, Aug. David Perriee, late one of the sheriffs of Cork (at 
Dublin Castle, by earl Camden, lord lieutenant). 

1795, Aug. 27 (26). William Parsons, Mus.D., master and 
conductor of His Majesty's Band of Music at St. James's 
[ihid by same). 

1795, Nov. 6. EicnARD Glode, of Mayfield Place, near Orpington, 
Kent, a sheriff of London (at St. James's by the King on 
presentation of an address of congratulation at the escape 
of the King from an assault on his way to and from 

1795, Nov. 18. Samuel Standidge, sometime Mayor of Kingston- 
upon-Hull (at St. James's). 

1795, Dec. 2. Isaac Pennington, regius professor of medicine in 
the University of Cambridge (ibid). 

1795, Dec. 9. Cuthbert Shafto, of Basington, sheriff of Northum- 
berland (ibid). 

1795, Dec. 9 (2). John Bulkeley (ibid). 

1795, Dec. 16. Thomas Bonsall, of Tronfraith, sheriff of Cardigan. 

1795, Dec. 30. Richard Hodgson, mayor of Carlisle (ibid). 

1795. Joseph Eyles, captain R.N. 

1795. Edmund Nagle, captain R.N. 

1796, Mar. 18. Charles Mitchell, captain E.I.C.S., knighted [on 

his return from the East Indies] for an action in the Straits 
of Molucca with a French frigate, he being then captain of 
the "William Pitt," East Indiaman (at St. James's). 

1796, Mar. 23. William Watson (ibid). 

1796, Apr. 6. George Powell (Pownall), His Majesty's secretary 
of the Province of Lower Canada (letters patent). 

1796, Apr. 29. John Macartney, of Dublin (at Ringsend, Dublin, 
by earl Camdeu, lord lieutenant). 

1796, May 11. Francis D'Ivernois (at St. James's by the King). 

1796, July 13. Thomas Williams, captain, R.N. (ibid). 

1796, Sept. 30. William Worthington, alderman, late lord mayor 

of Dublin (at Dublin Castle by earl Camden, lord lieutenant). 
1796, Oct. 26. Stephen Langstone, alderman of Bread Street 

Ward, and sheriff of London (dubbed in England). 
1796, Oct. 26. William Staines (Staine), sheriff' of London. 
1796, Dec. 21. Stephen Cottrell, master of the ceremonies 

(letters patent). 


1797, Jan. 11. William Herne, alderman of Castle Baynard Ward 
(at St. James's, on presentation of an address to thank the 
King on the measures adopted by His Majesty on the recent 
manifesto of the Court of Madrid, abniptly declaratory of 
an unprovoked war with Great Britain, etc.). 

1797, Mar. 3. Robert Calder, captain, R.N. (at St. James's). 

1797, May 10. Henry Russell (Russel), a judge of the Supreme 
Court of Judicature at Fort William, in Bengal (ibid). 

1797, May 31. George Buggin (ibid). 

1797, Oct. Henry Trollope, captain, R.N. 

1797, Oct. 4. John Anstrutiier, on his appointment as chief 

justice of the Supreme Court of Judicature at Bengal (at 

St. James's). 
1797, Sept. or Oct. Yesian Pick, late mayor of Cork (at Cork by 

earl Camden, lord lieutenant). 
1797, William Addington, chief magistrate of the police (dubbed 

in England). 

1797. George Fairfax, captain, R.N., captain of the "Venerable" 

at the Battle of Camperdown. 

1798. Simon Le Blanc, judge of the King's Bench. 
1798. William Seyer. 

1798, Mar. 14. Thomas Andrew Strange, sometime chief justice 

of Madras (at St. James's). 
1798, May 9. William Beechy (Beechey), R.A, (ibid). 
1798, July 18. James Bontein, lieutenant colonel (Letters patent), 
1798, Oct. 31. John Nicholl, LL.D., king's advocate general 


1798, Dec. 12. Edward Berry, captain, R.N. of the "Vanguard" 

at the Battle of the Nile (at St. James's). 

1799, Feb. 13. Thomas Boulden Thompson, captain, R.N. (ibid). 
1799, Mar. 13. James Durno, of Atrochie, N.B., late His Majesty's 

consul general at Memel (ibid). 
1799, Apr. 3. George Bolton, preceptor to the princesses in 

writing, geography, etc. (ibid). 
1799, May 10. Thomas Hayward, of Carswell, Berks., clerk of the 

cheque to the Band of Gentlemen Pensioners (ibid). 
1799, June 19. Edwin Jeynes (Joynes), banker, of Gloucester. 

1799. Rt. Hon. Willi.vm Grant, D.C.L., solicitor general. 
1799, June 26. Christopher Pegge, M.D., regius professor of 

anatomy in the University of Oxford (at St. James's). 
1799, Dec. 3. Eccles Nixon, major general (ibid). 


1799. Charles Hawley Yernon, chamberlain to the lord lieutenant 

(dubbed in Ireland). 

1799 (?) William Jackson Homan (ibid). 

? 1800. Alan Chambre, judge of Common Pleas (in England by the 

1800, Feb. 1. Edward Hamilton, captain, R.N., and commander 

of His Majesty's ship the "Surprize" (letters patent dated 
Eeb. 3). 

1800, Feb. 11. William Ouseley (by the marquess Cornwallis, lord 

lieutenant of Ireland). 
1800, May 30. John Arundel. 
1800, Apr. 2. John Douglas, major, late commander of a party of 

marines serving on board H.M.S. " The Tigre " (at St. 


1800, June 11. Eichard Hetley, of Alwalton, Co. Huntingdon, 
sheriff of the Counties of Huntingdon and Cambridge (at 
St. James's). 

1800, June 19. Eoger Kerrison, of Brooke and Norwich, banker, 

sheriff of Norfolk (ibid). 
1800, June 19. Samuel Chambers, of Woodstock House, sheriff of 

Kent (at Mote Park on the occasion of George Hi. reviewing 

the Kentish Yolunteers there). 
1800, June 19. James Earle, surgeon (at St. James's). 

1800, June 19. Matthew Bloxham (Bloxam), M.P., alderman of 

Bridge Ward Within (ibid). 
1800, June 19. Robert Burton, a bencher of Grray's Inn, formerly 

M.P. for Wendover (ibid). 

1800, June 19. William Leighton, alderman of Billingsgate 
Ward, London (ibid). 

1800, June 19. John Brazier (afterwards Arundel), mayor of 

Huntingdon (took the surname of Arundel by Koval Sign 

Manual 16, Feb., 1801) (ibid). 
1800, June 19. Thomas Carr, of Bedingham, Co. Sussex, sheriff of 

Sussex (ibid). 
1800, June 19. John Everitt (Everett), of Westoning, sheriff' of 

Bedfordshire (ibid). 
1800, June 19. Alexander Gordon (ibid). 

1800, June 19. Eobert Graham, baron of the Exchequer (ibid). 
1800, June 19. William Beaumaris Eush (ibid). 

1800, July 2. Gabriel Powell, of Capel Thydis, sheriff of 

Carmarthen (ibid). 

1801, Feb. 20. Edward Law, attorney general (ibid). 


1801, Feb. John White, late liigh sheriff of Uo. Dublin (dubbed in 
Ireland by the marquess Cornwallis, lord lieutenant). 

1801, June 16. Robert Barlow, captain E.N., knighted for the 
capture of the "Africane," French frigate (at the Queen's 

1801, June 24. Codeington Edmund Carrington, of the Middle 
Temple, barrister, D.C.L., and chief justice of the Supreme 
Court of Judicature of Ceylon (ibid). 

1801, June 30. John Royds, one of the judges of the Supreme 
Court at Bengal (Letters patent dated July 15). 

1801, June 30 (July 16). Henry Gwillim, one of the judges of 
the Supreme Court at Bengal (same). 

1801, June 30. Benjamin Sullivan, one other of the judges of the 
Supreme Court at Madras (same). 

1801, Nov. John Ferns, one of the sheriffs of Dublin (dubbed in 
Ireland by the earl of Hardwicke, lord lieutenant). 

1801, Dec. 16. Richard Ford, chief magistrate of the police (same). 

1801. John Esdaile, banker [an erratum for Joseph Esdaile, 
lieutenant of the band of gentlemen pensioners, knighted on 
resigning that office]. 


1802, Feb. 10. Alexander Mackenzie (at St. James's). 

1802, May 13 (22). William Rawlins, sheriif of London (ibid). 

1802, May 19. Thomas Manners Sutton, solicitor general (ibid). 

1802, May 19 (22). John Pinhorn, of Ningwood House, Isle of 
Wight (ibid). 

1802, June 2. John Lester, of Poole, Co. Dorset. 

1802, June 2 (?June 16). Daniel Williams, chief magistrate of 

Lambeth Street Post Office. 

1803, Feb. 2. Charles Hollow ay, major of the Royal Engineers 

(at St. James's). 

1803, Mar. 2. Richard Welch, sheriff of London. 
1803, Mar, 2. James Alexander, sheriff of London. 

1803, Mar. 16. Samuel Wathen, of Woodchester, sheriff of 

Gloucestershire (at St. James's). 
1803, Mar. 16. Henry Prothero (ibid). 
1803, Mar. 16. William Paxton (ibid). 
1803, Mar. 16. Charles Blicke, surgeon (ibid). 


1803, Mar. 16. William Blizaed (Blizzard), surgeon to Tlieir 
Royal Highnesses, the duke and duchess of Gloucester, a 
vice-president, one of the curators of the Museum, and 
honorary professor of anatomy and surgery, in the College 
of Surgeons (At St. James's). 

1803, Mar. 30. Francis Searle, of Kingston-upon-Thames, Co. 
Surrey (ibid). 

1803, Mar. 30. John Dumaresq, of Guernsey (ibid). 

1803, Mar. 30. James Duberly (Duberley), of Gains Hall, 
Huntingdonshire, sheriff of Cambridge and Huntingdon. 

1803, May 4. William Bulkeley Hughes (ibid). 

1803, May 4. Charles Green, colonel, major general (ibid). 

1803, May 4. Francis John Hartwell, proxy for lord Keith at 
the installation of the Bath, 1803. 

1803, May 4. Samuel Auchmuty (Autchmoutty), knighted as 
proxy for Sir Eobert Abercrombie at the installation of the 
Bath, 1803 (at St. James's). 

1803, May 18. James Murray Pulteney, bart., lieutenant general, 
proxy for Sir William Medows at the installation of the 
Bath, 1803 (at St. James's). 

1803, May 18. Richard Hankey, proxy for Sir Andrew Mitchell 
at the installation of the Bath, 1803 (ibid). 

1803, May 18. William (Robert) Bolton, captain, R.N. (ibid). 

1803 May 18. Francis Whitworth, Heut. col. Royal Artillery 

1803, May 18. Rupert George, proxy for Sir Thomas Graves at 
the installation of the Bath, 1803 (ibid). 

1803, Dec. 21. James Mackintosh, professor of general polity 
and the laws in the East India College (ibid). 

1803. John Andrew Stevenson, Mus.D. (dubbed in Ireland by the 

earl of Hardwicke, lord lieutenant). 

1804, Jan. 29. David Ogilby (dubbed in Ireland). 

1804, May. James Mansfield, chief justice of the Common Pleas 
{note in "London Gazette," May 12, 1804: "The Rt. Hon. 
Sir James Mansfield, knight, lord chief justice of the 
Common Pleas, was sworn of the Honble. Privy Council and 
took his place at the Board.") 

1804, June 19 (Aug. 18). David Baird, major general, for services 
in India and Egypt (letters patent dated June 19). 


1804, June 20 (Aug. 18). John Stuart, major general, for services 

in the late glorious campaign in Egypt (letters patent dated 
June 20). 

1805, Feb. 20. Vicary Gibbs, solicitor general (at St. James's). 
1805, Feb. 21. John Gore, captain, R.N. 

1805, Mar. 11. Nathaniel Dance, captain in the Naval Service of 

the East India Company. 
1805, Apr. 21. Joseph Sydney Yorke, captain, R.N. (at Windsor), 
1805, Apr. 23. John Burton, of Soho Square (ibid). 
1805, May 9. James Lind, captain, R.N. (at St. James's). 

1805, Dec. 26. William Chambers Bagshaw, of the Oaks, sheriff 

of Derbyshire (formerly Darling — took the surname of 
Bagshaw 1801) (at the Queen's Palace). 

Samuel Romilly, solicitor general (at St. James's). 

Arthur Pigott (Piggott), attorney general (ibid). 

Moris Ximenes, of Bear Place, Berks., sheriff of 
(at the Queen's Palace). 
Charles Montagu Ormsby (at St. James's). 

Busic (Busick) Harwood, M.D., professor of 
anatomy and of medicine in Downing Street, of Emanuel 
College, Cambridge (at the Queen's Palace). 

1806, Sept. 17. Stephen Shairp, consul general in Russia (ibid). 
1806 (P1808), Dec. 9. John Carr, of the Middle Temple (dubbed 

in Ireland by the duke of Bedford, lord lieutenant). 

1807, Mar. 11. Edmund Stanley, chief justice of Madras (in 

England by the King). 
1807, Apr. 7. Charles Brisbane, captain in the Royal Navy 

(letters patent dated Apr. 10). 
1807, Apr. 15. Thomas Plumer (Plomer), solicitor general (at the 

Queen's Palace). 
1807, Apr. 22. Jonathan Miles, sheriff of London (ibid). 
1807, Apr. 22. James Branscomb, sheriff' of London, a stockbroker 

and lottery contractor (ibid). 
1807, May 13. Jonah Barrington, D.C.L., judge of the High Court 

of Admiralty in Ireland (ibid). 
1807, July 16 (? 1806, June). Richard Harte, mayor of Limerick 

(dubbed in Ireland). 
1807, Sept. 16. George Ralph Collier, captain R.JN. (at the 

Queen's palace). 
1807, Dec. 9. George Smith, lieutenant colonel and aide-de-camp 

to the King. 


Feb. 12. 


Feb. 12. 


Apr. 16. 


May 21. 


June 11. 


1807. George Wood, on his appointment as a baron of the 
Exchequer (At the Queen's Palace). 

1807. Charles Imhoff, lieutenant general. 

1808, Mar. 11. Charles Shipley, brigadier general : of the Royal 

Engineers (letters patent). 
1808, Mar. 30. Eichard Phillips, sherifl: of London (at the Queen's 

1808, Apr. 27. James Gambier, consul general in the Portuguese 

Dominions in South America (ibid). 

1808, May 11. John Bayley, appointed a judge of the King's 

Bench (ibid). 
1808 (P1809), Dec. 9. Hugh Massey, of Limerick (dubbed in 

1809, Feb. 6. Christopher Robinson, LL.D., King's advocate 

general (at the Queen's Palace). 
1809, Mar. 10. Francis John Hassard, recorder of Waterford 

(dubbed in Ireland). 
1809, Mar. 10. John Bateman, of the City of Waterford (ibid). 
1809, Mar. 21 (?Mar. 21, 1810). James Fellowes (Fellows), 

M.D., physician to the Forces (at the Queen's Palace). 
1809, Apr. 26. Thomas Cochrane, commonly called lord Cochrane. 

1809, Aug. 30. Mark Anthony Gerard, captain. Royal Marines (in 
Irelajid by the lord lieutenant). 

1809, Sept. 2. Nicholas Britliffe Skottowe, one of the sheriii's 

of Waterford (ibid). 
1809, Sept. 4. Richard Jones, of Clonmell {ibid by same). 
1809, Sept. 7. William Yaschell, of the City of Waterford (ibid). 
1809, Sept. Anthony Perrier, one of the sheriifs of Cork (ibid). 
1809, Sept. Charles Thomas Jones, of Montgomery, Wales, 

lieutenant R.N. (ibid). 
1809, Oct. 25. Edward Stanley, one of the sheriffs of Dublin 

1809, Oct. 25. James Riddall, one of the sheriii's of Dublin (ibid). 
1809, Nov. 1. James Atholl Wood, captain R.N. (at the Queen's 

1809, Nov. 1. William Plomer, alderman of London (ibid). 

1809, Nov. 1. Francis Macnaughten (Macnaghten), judge of the 
Supreme Court of Judicature at Madras (ibid). 

1809, Nov. 1. Alexander Johnston, chief justice of the Supreme 
Court of Judicature in Ceylon (ibid). 

1809, Nov. 22. Jeremiah Homfray, of Llandaff House, Co. 
Glamorgan (ibid). 


1809, Dec. 6. Thomas Staines, captain, R.N". (ibid). 

1810, Mar. 30. James Dunbar, of Boath, N.B., captain R.N. 

1810, Apr. 17. John Henry Newbolt, of Portswood House, Hants., 
appointed one of the judges of the Supreme Court of 
Judicature at Madras, 1810, Apr. 16. 

1810, May 2. William Wynn, captain in the Army and governor 
of Sandown Fort (at the Queen's Palace). 

1810, June 20. James Lucas Yeo, captain R.N. (ibid). 

1810, Oct. 9. George Alley, M.D., of Fermoy (dubbed in Ireland). 

1810, Nov. Thomas Moriarty, M.D. (ibid). 

1810, Dec. 24. John James Burgoyne, provost of Strabane (ibid 
by the lord lieutenant). 

1810. Thomas Sevestre. 

1811, Feb. 20. John Rousselet Whiteeoord (at Dublin Castle by 

the lord lieutenant). 

1811, Feb. 22. George Thomas Smart, Mus.D., organist to His 

Majesty (in Ireland by same). 
1811, Mar. 7. Arthur Clarke, M.R.C.S. {ibid by same). 
1811, June 18. William Augustus Smith, captain R.N. (ibid by 


1811, June 18. Revd. John Read, of Moynoe House, Co. Clare, 
clerk (ibid by same). 

1811, June 18. John Purcell, of Charleville, Co. Cork {ibid by 

1811, Sept. 9. William Alexander Fletcher, of Londonderry 

{ibid by same). 

1811, Sept. 17. Charles Thomas Morgan, M.D. (at Baronscourt 

by same). 

1812, Apr. 9. Samuel Toller, advocate general at Madras (at 

Carlton House by H.R.H. the Prince Regent). 
1812, Apr. 9. George Eyre, captain R.N. (ibid). 
1812, Apr. 9. Humphry Davy, LL.D., secretary to the Royal 

Society, professor of Chemistry to the Royal Institution and 

Boaixl of Agricultui*, F.R.S.E., M.R.I.A., etc., etc. (ibid). 
1812, Apr. 18. Richard Fletcher, lieutenant colonel of the Royal 

Engineers, and chief engineer with the Army in the 

Peninsula (letters patent dated Apr. 25). 
1812, Apr. 21. John Hullock. 
1812, May 8. Robert Hugh Kennedy, commissary general to the 

Forces (at Carlton House by H.R.U. the Prince Regent). 


1812, May 8. Thomas Tyrwhitt, member of the present Parlia- 
ment for the borough of Plymouth and lord warden of the 
Stannaries in the Duchy of Cornwall, gentleman usher of 
the Black Eod (at Carlton House by H.R.H. the Prince 

1812, May 22. Paul Baghott (fomierly Wathen), of Lypiatt Park, 

Co. Gloucester., proxy for viscount Strangford at the 

installation of the Bath, 1812, took the surname of Baghott 

by Royal Sign Manual, 1812, May 19 (ihid). 
1812, May 22. David Davidso.y, of Cantray, N.B., major in the 

local militia for the County of Nairn (ihid). 
1812, May 22. George Adam Wood, major general, lieutenant 

colonel in the Royal Artillery, proxy to Sir J. C. Sherbrooke 

at the installation of the knights of the Bath, 1812 (ihid). 
1812, May 22 (?Dec. 14). John Maxwell Tylden, major, proxy 

for Sir Samuel Auchmuty, at the installation of the Bath, 

1812 (ihid). 
1812, May 22. John Poo Beresford, post captain, R.N., M.P. for 

Coleraine, proxy for Sir William Carr Beresford, at the 

installation of the Bath, 1812 (ihid). 
1812, May 22. Alexander Hood, proxy for his uncle. Sir Samuel 

Hood, at the installation of the Bath, 1812. 
1812, May 29 (?27). Hon. Charles Gordon, captain in the Army 

and brother of the earl of Aberdeen, proxy for the Rt. Hon, 

Sir John Hope, at the installation of the Bath, 1812 (ihid). 
1812, May 29. Charles William Flint, proxy for the Rt. Hon. 

Sir Henry Wellesley, at the installation of the Bath, 1812 
1812, May 29. Charles Henry Colville, proxy for Sir Thomas 

Graham, at the installation of the Bath, 1812 (ihid). 
1812, May 29. Christopher Cole, post captain, R.N., proxy for 

Sir Richard Goodwyn Keats, at the installation of the 

Bath, 1812 (ihid). 
1812, May 29. Thomas John Cochrane, post captain, R.N., proxy 

for his father. Sir Alexander Forester Cochrane, at the 

installation of the Bath, 1812 (at Carlton House by the 

Prince Regent). 
1812, May 29. Thomas Sydney Beckwith, colonel in the Army, 

proxy to his brother. Sir George Beckwith, at the installa- 
tion of the Bath, 1812 (ihid). 
1812, May 29. Robert Chambre Hill, lieutenant colonel in the 

Ai-my, proxy for his brother. Sir Robert Hill (ihid). 
1812, May 29. Alexander Campbell, lieutenant general, proxy for 

the earl of Wellington, at the installation of the Bath, 1812 

1812, June. Edward Hitchins, mayor of Oxford. 
1812, June (July) 17. Felix Agar (ihid). 


1812, July 14. William Betham, deputy ulster king of arms (in 
Ireland, by the lord lieutenant). 

1812, July 17. William Gareow, solicitor general (at Carlton 
House, by the Prince Regent). 

1812, July 18 (17). Lauchlan (Lachlan), Maclean, M.D., alder- 
man of Sudbury (ibid). 

1812, Dec. 11. Christopher Sweedland (Sweeland), of Lambeth 

1812, Dec. 14. Samuel Whitcombe, of Thornton House, Green- 
wich, Kent (ibid). 

1812, Dec. 15. John Malcolm, lieutenant colonel, E.I.C.S., late 

envoy and plenipotentiary from the Supreme Government 
in India to the Court of Persia, to be permitted to wear the 
insignia of the Royal Persian Order of the Lion and Sun, 
conferred by the King of Persia, and as a further mark of 
Royal favour the prince Regent was pleased this day to 
confer the honour of knighthood upon him (at Whitehall). 

1813, Feb. 26. Edward Hyde East, chief justice of the Supreme 

Court of Judicature at Fort William in Bengal (at Carlton 
House, by H.R.H. the prince Regent). 

1813, Mar. 30. Alexander Anstruther, recorder of the Court of 
Judicature at Bombay (letters patent dated Apr. 8). 

1813, Apr. 2. Robert Ker Porter (at Carlton House by H.R.H. 
the prince Regent). 

1813, May 6. Edward Tucker, a post captain in the R.N. (ibid). 

1813, May 10. Alexander Wilson, M.D., of Bath (at Dublin 
Castle by the lord lieutenant). 

1813, May 19. Robert Dallas, solicitor general (at Carlton House, 
by H.R.H. the prince Regent). 

1813, May 19. John Downie, commissary general and brigadier 
general in the Portuguese Service (ibid). 

1813, May 19. John Jamieson (Jamison), M.D. (ibid). 

1813, May 19. Ludford Harvey, late examiner of the College of 
Surgeons (ibid). 

1813, June 24. Thomas Bertie (formerly Hoar), took the surname 
of Bertie 1788, rear admiral of the Red Squadron, permitted 
to accept the Royal Swedish order of the Sword from the 
king of Sweden and it was commanded that the said Royal 
concession be registered in the College of Arms, and the 
Prince Regent was this day further pleased to confer upon 
him the honour of knighthood (Letters patent). 


1813, July 15. John Hamilton, lieutenant general (at Carlton 

House by the Prince llegent). 
1813, July 15. Henry Dampier, one of the justices of the Court of 

King's Bench (ibid). 
1813, Nov. 11. Nathaniel Conant, on being appointed chief 

magistrate of the police at the public office, Bow Street 

(Letters patent). 
1813, Nov. 11 (13). George Elder, colonel, a knight of the Eoyal 

Portuguese Order of the Tower and Sword (at Carlton House 

by H.R.H. the Prince Eegent). 
1813, Nov. 25. George Nayler, York Herald, genealogist of the 

most Honourable and Military Order of the Bath and 

Blanch Coursier (ibid). 
1813, Dec. 10. John Hunter, on his return to Spain as His Majesty's 

Consul General (ibid). 

1813, Dec. 10. George Burgman, British commissioner under a 

Convention with the emperor of Russia and king of Prussia, 
concluded September 30th last (ibid). 

1814, Jan. 4. Rev. John Tiioroton. 

1814, Apr. 16 (26). John Wilson, brigadier general in the 
Portuguese Service, lieutenant colonel in the Regiment of 
Royal York Rangers (Letters patent dated May 11). 

1814, Apr. 16 (?Aug. 24). John Browne, lieutenant colonel in 
the Army, colonel in the Portuguese Service (Letters patent). 

1814, Apr. 26. Hudson Lowe, colonel of the Corsican Rangers (at 
Carlton House by H.R.H. the Prince Regent). 

1814, Apr. 28. Archibald Campbell, lieutenant colonel. 

1814, May 11. Richard Richards, late solicitor general, on his 
appointment as a baron of the Court of Exchequer (at 
Carlton House). 

1814 [P1813], May 11. Henry Bridges (Brydges), of Ewell, late 
sheriff of Surrey (ibid by H.R.H. the Prince Regent). 

1814, May 11. William Gell, upon his return from the Ionian 
mission, under the patronage of His Royal Highness the 
Prince Regent (ibid by same). 

1814, May 11. William Adams (afterwards Rawson), oculist extra- 
ordinary to His Royal Highness, on presenting the official 
report of the directors of Greenwich Hospital of the superior 
success of his new and improved modes of effecting the cure 
of the various species of cataract, and the Egyptian 
ophthalmia (ibid by same). 

1814, May 11. Samuel Shepherd, a serjeant-at-law, and late 
solicitor general to the Prince of Wales, upon his appoint- 
ment as His Majesty's solicitor general (at Carlton House by 
the Prince Regent). 


1814, about May ? Albert Gledstanes, lieutenant general. 

1814, June 13. William Elias Taunton, town clerk of Oxford (at 

Oxford by H.R.H. the Prince Regent). 
1814, June 13 (? June 14). Joseph Lock, mayor of Oxford (ibid). 
1814, June 25. Freeman Barton, captain 2nd Foot or Queen's Own 

(at Portsmouth by H.R.H. the Prince Regent). 
1814, June 25. Henry Peake, surveyor of the Navy (ibid). 
1814, June 25. George Martin, vice admiral (ibid). 
1814, June 25. Henry White, mayor of Portsmouth (ibid). 

1814, June 29. Thomas Edlyne Tomlins, of the Inner Temple, 

barrister-at-law (at Carlton House by H.R.H. the Prince 

1814, July 13. Charles Sutton, lieutenant colonel in the Army 

and colonel of the 9th Portuguese regiment of Infantry 

1814, July 28. Cuthbert Sharp, mayor of Hartlepool (ibid). 
1814, July 28. Gregory Holman Bromley Way, lieutenant 

colonel of His Majesty's 29th Regiment of Foot. 
1814, July 28 (29). Patrick Walker, gentleman usher of the 

White Rod and hereditary usher of Scotland (ibid). 
1814, July 28. Tomkyns Hilgrove Turner, lieutenant general 

and lieutenant governor of Jersey, and groom of the 

Bedchamber, colonel of the 19th (or the 1st Yorkshire, 

North Riding) Regiment of Foot (ibid). 

1814, July 28. James Edward Smith, M.D., of Norwich, president 
of the Linnean Society, fellow of the Royal Society (ibid). 

1814, July 28. Arthur Daa^ies Owen, of Glansevern, Co. Mont- 
gomery, adjutant general in the East Indies and colonel in 
the Army (ibid). 

1814, July 28. James McGrigor (Gregor), M.U., inspector general 
of Hospitals (at Carlton House by the Prince Regent). 

1814, July 28. William Long, mayor of Bedford (ibid). 

1814, July 28. James Jelf, alderman of Gloucester (ibid). 

1814, July 28. Thomas Noel Hill, lieutenant colonel, colonel in 
the 1st Portuguese Regiment of Infantry (ibid). 

1814, July 28. John Milley Doyle, lieutenant colonel in the 
Army, colonel of the 19th Regiment of Portuguese 
Infantry (ibid). 

1814, Oct. 7. Neil Campbell, colonel in the Army and sometime 
colonel of the Corsican Rangers, major in the 55th (or West 
Norfolk) Regiment of Foot (Letters patent dated Oct. 29). 


1814, Nov. 10. Charles Felix Smith, lieutenant colonel Koyal 
Engineers (at Carlton House by H.R.H. the Prince Kegent). 

1814, Nov. 10. Charles Dalrymple, commissary general to the 
Army under the duke of Wellington (ibid). 

1814. James Wylie, M.D., councillor of State and iirst physician 

to the emperor of Russia (at Ascot Races, 1814) (not 

1815, Jan. 5. Edward Kerrison (not gazetted). 

1815, Jan. 15. Loftus William Otway, major general (not 

1815, Feb. 23. John Hawker English, surgeon to the king of 
Bavaria (at Carlton House by the Prince Regent on obtain- 
ing permission to accept and wear the insignia of the Royal 
Swedish Order of Gustavus Vasa). 

1815, Feb. 23 (?Feb. 26). Arthur Brooke Faulkener (Faulkner), 
M.D., fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, and 
physician to the Forces [ibid by same). 

1815 (.?1816), Feb. 23. Henry Pynn (at Carlton House by the 
Prince Regent on obtaining permission to accept and wear 
the insignia of a Commander of the Royal Portuguese 
Military Order of the ToM^er and Sword). 

1815, Feb. 23 (26). Joseph Gilpin, M.D., for his services at 
Gibraltar and in the West Indies (at Carlton House by the 
Prince Regent). 

1815, Mar. 7. James Stopford (in Ireland by the lord lieutenant). 

1815, Mar. 9. John Campbell, lieutenant colonel in the British 
service and colonel of the 4th Regiment of Portuguese 
Cavalry (at Carlton House by H.R.H. Prince Regent). 

1815, Apr. 20. Victor Von Arentschildt, lieutenant colonel of 
Portuguese Regiment of Artillery (at Carlton House by the 
Prince Regent upon receiving the Royal licence to accept 
and wear the insignia of Knight of the Royal Portuguese 
Order of the Tower and Sword). 

1815, Apr. 20. Richard Vaugiian, of Bristol and of Redland 
Court, Co. Gloucester, (ibid by same). 

1815, Apr. 20 (?Apr. 22). William John Struth, mayor of 
Bristol {ibid by same). 

1815, Apr. 20 (22). Thomas Lawrence, president of the Royal 
Academy, principal painter in ordinary to His Majesty 
(ibid by same). 

1815, May 3. Samuel Ford Whittingham, colonel, aide-de-camp 
to His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, lieutenant 
general in the Spanish Armies {ibid by same). 

1815, May 10 (?May 13). Diggory Forrest, of Plymouth, Co. 
Devon, [ibid by same). 


1815, May 25. John Sewell, LL.D., of Pembroke College, Oxford, 
late judge of His Majesty's Vice Admiralty Court of Malta 
[ibid by same). 

1815, May 25. William Osborne Hamilton, of the 8th Eoyal 
Yeteran Battalion, lieutenant colonel and late governor of 
Heligoland, for meritorious services (ibid by same). 

1815, May 25 (?May 27). William Coke (Cooke), judge of the 
Supreme Court of Ceylon (ibid by same). 

1815, May 25. Robert Mends, captain, II. N. (at Carlton House by 
the Prince Regent on obtaining permission to wear the 
Order of Charles III. of Spain). 

1815, June 6. Matthew (Aylmer, afterwards Whitworth- 
Aylmer), 5th lord Aylmer (in Ireland by the lord 

1815, June 20 (29). Daniel Bayley, His Majesty's consul general 
in Russia (at Carlton House by the Prince Regent). 

1815, July 27. Warren Marmaduke Peacock, major general (at 
Carlton House by the Prince Regent on obtaining per- 
mission to accept and wear the insignia of an Honorary 
Knight Commander of the Royal Military Order of the 
Tower and Sword), 

1815 (P1816), Sept. 23. James Brisbane, captain R.N. 

1815, Nov. 3. Skears Rew, of Coventry, 

1815, Nov. 27. Thomas Reade, lieutenant colonel, deputy adjutant 
general at St. Helena. 

1815, Dec. 4. Hugh Gough, colonel, permission to wear Portuguese 
Order K.T.S. granted 1815, Aug. 28, without the style of 
Knight Bachelor (?not a Knight Bachelor of England). 

1815, Dec. 11. Benjamin Bloomfield, major general, clerk marshal 
and chief equerry to H.R.H. the Prince Regent, and one of 
the representatives in Parliament for Plymouth (at Carlton 
House by the Regent). 

11815. Charles William Doyle, lieutenant general. 

1815, Dec. 22. Robert Le Poer Trench (at Dublin Castle by the 
lord lieutenant). 

1815, Dec, 22, Joseph Carncross, lieutenant colonel (ibid). 

1816, Jan. 4. Henry Rycroft, knight harbinger (not gazetted). 
1816, Feb. 4. John Rowland Eustace, captain, 19th Dragoons (in 

Dublin Castle by the lord lieutenant). 

1816, Mar. 6. John Scott Lillie, major in the Army (in England 
by the Prince Regent) [an erratum : he was an Irish knight 
and made in Ireland by the lord lieutenant, 1817, Jan. 21, 
.see infra, p. 318]. 

1816, Apr. 20. Robert Barclay, colonel, of the East India Com- 
pany's 8ei"vice (ibid). 


1816, Apr. 20. Stephen Edwaed May, of Belfast (in Ireland by 

the lord lieutenant). 
1816, Apr. 23. Anthony Buller, on being appointed one of the 

judges in Bengal (at Carlton House by H.R.H. the Prince 

1816, Apr. 29. Thomas Bell, sheriff of London (ibid). 
1816, Apr. 30. Geoege Coopee, judge at Madras (ibid). 
1816, May 29. Willtam Baeton, recorder of Liverpool. 
1816, May 14. Gteoege Sowley Holeoyd, one of the judges of the 

Court of King's Bench (ibid). 
1816, May 14. Chaeles Abbott, one of the judges of the Court of 

King's Bench {ibid by same). 
1816, May 14. James Bueeough, one of the judges of the Court of 

Common Pleas [ibid by same). 
1816 (P1815), May 14. William Paekee Caeeoll (Careol), 

lieutenant colonel in the British Army, and a major general 

in the service of His Catholic Majesty [ibid by same). 
1816, May 14. Philip Keating Roche, lieutenant colonel in the 

British Army, and lieutenant general in the service of His 

Catholic Majesty {ibid by same). 
1816, May 14. James Allen Paek (Parke), one of the judges of 

the Court of Common Pleas (at Carlton House by the Prince 

1816, May 29. Heney Matthias, of Fern Hill, high sheriff of 

Pembroke, upon presenting an address of congratulation on 

the marriage of the princess Charlotte with the duke of 

Saxe [ibid by same). 
1816, July 1. Thomas Aebuthnot, colonel [ibid by same). 
1816, July 1. Robeet Laweence Dundas, lieutenant colonel (ibid). 

1816, July 5 (PJuly 6). John Chetham (Cheetham) Mortlock, 
lieutenant colonel, mayor of Cambridge (upon presenting 
an address of congratulation on the marriage of the princess 
Charlotte with the duke of Saxe [ibid by same). 

1816, July 5. George Allan Madden, major general (Portuguese 
service), of Cole Hill House, Fulham, Middlesex [ibid by 

1816, July 5. John Woodfield Compton, LL.D., late judge of the 
Vice-Admiralty Court at Barbados [ibid by same). 

1816, July 5. Henry (Harry) Niven Lumsden, on presenting an 
address of congratulation from Aberdeen on the marriage 
of the princess Charlotte with the duke of Saxe, etc. [ibid 
by same). 

1816, July 5 (15). John Cotgeeave, mayor of Chester, on present- 
ing a like address [ibid by same). 


1816, July 5. Alexander Choke, of Studley Priory, Co. Oxon., 
LL.D., late judge of the Vice-Admiralty Court at Halifax, 
Nova Scotia (at Carlton House by the Prince Regent). 

1816, July 15. Robert Hall, post captain R.N. and commodore on 
the lakes of Canada [ibid by same). 

1816, Aug. 13 (?Aug. 17). William Cox, lieutenant colonel in the 

Army, major general in the Portuguese service [ibid by 

1816, Sept. 18. Alexander Bryce, brigadier general and colonel 

of Royal Engineers (at Carlton House by the Prince 


1816, vSept. 23. James Brisbane, post captain, R.N., captain of 
His Majesty's ship "Queen Charlotte" (ibid by same). 

1816, Nov. 22 (Sept. 6). James Little, of the Island of Teneriffe 
(by patent dated Nov. 22). 

1816, Nov. 25 (? Nov. 30). John Meade, M.D., deputy inspector of 
Hospitals for eminent services in Hanover (at Carlton House 
by H.R.H. the Prince Regent). 

1816, Nov. 25. Dudley St. Leger Hill, lieutenant colonel in the 

Army, colonel in the Portuguese service (ibid by same). 
1816. John Betton, mayor of Shrewsbury (never gazetted). 

1816. John Buchan, colonel in the Army (never gazetted). 

1817, Jan. John Leach, chief justice of Chester and privy 


1817, Jan. 18. Henry Watson, lieutenant colonel in the Army and 
colonel of the 1st Portuguese Cavalry (Letters patent). 

1817, Jan. 21. John Scott Lillie, of Drimdoe, Co. Roscommon, 
captain in the Army and late colonel in the service of the 
king of Portugal : in consideration of his highly dis- 
tinguished and meritorious services during the whole of the 
late campaigns in the Peninsula (see under date 1816, 
Mar. 6, supra p. 316). 

1817, Feb. 6. Robert John Harvey, lieutenant colonel (at Carlton 
House by H.R.H. the Prince Regent). 

1817, Feb. 20. Robert Bolton, major general {ibid by same). 

1817, Feb. 26. Robert Steele, lieutenant of the Royal Marines, 
lieutenant colonel in the Spanish service {ibid by same). 

1817, Mar. 6. Peter De Haviland (Havilland), bailiff of the 
Island of Guernsey {ibid by same). 

1817, Mar. 6. Robert Jones Allard Kemeys (Kemys), lieutenant 
colonel, of Ynisarwed, Co. Glamorgan., and of Malpas and 
Panteague, Co. Monmouth, {ibid by same). 


1817, Mar. 6. Charles Phillips, major general (at Carlton House 
by the Prince Hegent on obtaining permission to accept and 
wear the Grand Cross of the Royal Sicilian Order of St. 
Janarius, conferred by the king of the two Sicilies). 

1817, Mar. 6. Samuel Spicer, of Portsea, Hants, {ihid by same). 
1817, Mar, 13. Archibald William Criciiton (at Carlton House 
by the Prince Regent). 

1817, Mar. 21. John Salusbury Piozzi Salitsbury (formerly 
Piozzi), of Bynbella, near Denbigh, Noi-th Wales (ibid by 
same) . 

1817, Mar. 21. Robert Shafto Hawks, of Gateshead, Co. Durham 
[ibid by same). 

1817, May 14 (PJuly 11). Thomas Burdon, of Newcastle-upon- 
Tyne, brother-in-law of the earl of Eldon [ibid by same). 

1817, May 29. Francis John Wilder, major general, M.P, for 
Arundel (ibid by same), 

1817, May 29. Ralph Rice, recorder of Prince of Wales Island 
{ibid by same). 

1817, May 29. Thomas Stamford Raffles, lieutenant governor of 
Java and its dependencies (ibid by same). 

1817, May 29. Robert Gifford, solicitor general [ibid by same). 

1817, May 29. Richard Bassett, mayor of Newport, Isle of Wight 
[ibid by same). 

1817, July 1. John Evans, of Erbistock Hall, Hendreforfydd, 
sheriff of Merionethshire [ibid by same). 

1817, July 1. Spiridion Foresti (Forester), His Majesty's English 
resident at Corfu, minister in the Ionian Islands {ibid by 

1817, July 2. William Henry Robinson, commissary general to 
the Forces in Canada (Letters patent dated Aug. 7). 

1817, Oct. 10. Thomas William Stubbs, major general in the 

Portuguese Sei-vice, commanding the second division of the 
Portuguese Army (at Carlton House by the Prince Regent). 

1818, Feb. 12. Francis baron de Rottenburg, major general (ibid 

by same). 

1818, Apr. 17. George Alderson, sheriff of London {ibid by same). 

1818, Apr. 17. Francis Des Anges (Desanges), sheriff of London 
(ibid by same). 


1818, Apr. 17. Henry Tucker Monteesor, lieutenant general 
(at Carlton House by the Prince Eegent). 

1818, May 5 (7). Egbert Wigram, eldest son of Sir Robert 
Wigram, bart., of Connaught Place, Co. Middlesex, and of 
Belmont Lodge, Co. Worcester., one of the representatives 
in Parliament for Fowey, Cornwall [ibid by same). 

1818, May 28. Murray Maxwell, captain E.N. 

1818, June 5. Thomas Berners Plestow, of Watlington Hall, 

Co. Norfolk, and of Berners St., Co. Middlesex (not gazetted) 

[ibid by same). 
1818, June 5 (?6). Egbert Chester, on being nominated by His 

Eoyal Highness Master of the Ceremonies to the King [ibid 

by same). 
1818, June 5. Charles Brgwn, M.D., of Margaretta Farm, Co. 

Norfolk, late first physician to the Prussian Court and Army, 

[ibid by same). 

1818, Nov. 8 (?Nov. 15). Jghn D. Fowler, bailifl: of Burton-upon- 

Trent (never gazetted). 

1819, Jan. 30 (?Feb. 2). William Webber Dgveton, late one of 

the Council of the Island of St. Helena, and lieutenant 

colonel of the St. Helena Volunteers (at the Pavilion, 

Brighton, by H.E.H. the Prince Eegent). 
1819, Jan. 26. Frederick Watson, major in the Army and 

lieutenant colonel in Portugal (in Ireland by the lord 

1819, Mar. 18. James Egbert Grant, M.D., inspector general of 

Hospitals and chief of the Medical Department of the Army, 

lately employed in France and the Netherlands (at Carlton 

House by H.E.H. the Prince Eegent). 
1819, Apr. 28. Frederick Armstrong, captain in the Army and 

major in Portugal (in Ireland by the lord lieutenant). 
1819, June 3. John Eichardson, on being appointed one of the 

judges of the Court of Common Pleas (at Carlton House by 

H.E.H. the Prince Eegent). 
1819, June 3. William Draper Best, chief justice of Chester, on 

his being appointed one of the judges of the Court of King's 

Bench (at Carlton House by H.E.H. the Prince Eegent). 
1819, June 20. Henry Heathcote, captain, E.N. (not gazetted). 
1819, July 20. Alexander Keith, on his appointment as Knight 

Marshal of Scotland (^ibid by same). 
1819, Aug. 17. Egbert Seppings, surveyor of the l^avj (knighted 

on board the " Eoyal George " yacht, under sail and the 

Eoyal Standard flying) (not gazetted). 
1819, Oct. John Singleton Copley, solicitor general. 


1819, Oct. 30. Thomas Grey, M.D., F.R.S., and F.L.vS., of Slane 
Castle, Co. Meatli (at the Office of Arms, Dublin, by the lord 

1819. Haedinge Giffard, chief justice of Ceylon (not gazetted). 
1819. Francis Thomas Hammond, general. 

1819. Et. Hon. George Henry Eose. 

1820, Feb. 23. Alexander Wood. 

1820, Mar. 22. Garrett Neville, high sheriff of Dublin (at Carlton 

1820, Mar. 22. Eichard Ottley, judge of the Island of Ceylon 

1820, Apr. 20. John Connell, procurator of the Church of 

Scotland, and judge of the High Court of Admiralty, 

Scotland (ihid). 
1820, Apr. 28. George Leman Tuthill, physician to Bridewell 

and Bethlehem Hospitals (ihid). 
1820, May 6. William Hutchinson, maj. gen., lieut. gov. of Malta 

1820, May 10. William David Evans, recorder of Bombay (ihid). 
1820, May 10. Eobert Baker, chief magistrate at Bow Street 

1820, May 10 (?11). John Tobin, mayor of Liverpool (ihid). 
1820, May 10. Thomas Mantell, mayor of Dover (ihid). 
1820, May 10. George Smith Gibbes (Gibbs), of Bath, physician- 
in-ordinary to her late Majesty, Queen Charlotte (at Carlton 

1820, May 10. Francis Sacheverell Darwin, M.D., senior bailiff 

of Lichfield (ihid). 
1820, May 11. Gregory Allnutt Lewin, lieutenant, E.N. (dubbed 

in Ireland by earl Talbot, lord lieutenant). 
1820, May 17. Francis Molyneux Ommaney, of Norfolk Street, 

London, navy agent, and late M.P. for Barnstaple (at 

Carlton House). 
1820, May 17. Charles Edward Grey, a judge of the Supreme 

Court, Madras (ihid). 
1820, June 28 (? July 28). Archibald Christie, commandant 

general of Army Hospitals at Chatham, colonel of the 1st 

Eoyal Veteran Battalion. 
1820, July 12. Eichard Grant, captain E.N. (at the Viceregal 

Lodge by the lord lieutenant). 
1820, Sept. 27. George Garrett, of Portsmouth (on board His 

Majesty's yacht the " Eoyal George," Spithead, after the 

presentation to His Majesty of the address of the inhabitants 

of Portsmouth). 


1820, Nov. 22. Charles Lyragh MacCarthy, colonel, captain 
general and governor in chief of Sierra Leone, and colonel 
of tlie staff commanding the Forces on the Western Coast of 
Africa (at Carlton House by the King). 

1820, Dec. 19. George Airey, major general {ibid by same on his 
appointment as Knight Commander of the Order of the 

1820, Feb. 24. Alexander Wood [made K.C.M.G. in the same year] 

1821, Jan. 26. Andrew Halliday, M.D., physician to the duke of 

Clarence (at Carlton House). 
1821, Feb. 23. John Webb, director general of the Ordnance 

Medical Department, Woolwich (ibid). 
1821, Mar. 1. Alexander Crichton, M.D., first physician-in- 
ordinary to the emperor of Russia (at the Pavilion, 

*1821, Mar. 30. John Hope, lieutenant general. 
1821, July 19. Fenwick Bulmer, senr., gentleman of the band of 

gentlemen pensioners. 
1821, July 19. George Bartholomew Pocock, standard bearer of 

the band of gentlemen pensioners. 
1821, July 24. Anthony Carlisle, M.E.C.S. (never gazetted). 
1821, July 25. Charles Webb Dance, major of the 2nd Life 

Guards (at Carlton House). 
1821, July 25 (PSept. 29). Henry Askew, major general (ibid). 
1821, Aug. 8. Joseph Huddart, of Brynkir, Carnaivon, high sheriff 

of Carnarvon, (ibid). 
1821, Aug. 20. Thomas North (Graves), lord Graves (knighted by 

George lY. as proxy for the duke of Cumberland at the 

investiture of the knights of St. Patrick). 
1821, Aug. 20. Thomas Pakenham, admiral (knighted in Ireland 

by George IV.). 
1821, Aug. 23. Jonas Greene, recorder of Dublin (at the Mansion 

House, Dublin, by same). 
1821, Aug. 23. George Whitford, one of the sheriffs of Dublin 

{ibid by same). 

• The London Gazftte of 1821, May 5, contains the following notice :— 

Carlton House, 1S21, May 4. 

The following is a copy of an order from His Majesty to the Marcjuess of Winchester, Groom of the 
Stole, which in oVjedience to His Majesty's commands has been communicated by his Lordship to the Lords 
of the Bedchamber : 

"The honour of Knighthood having in two recent instances been surreptitiously obtained at the levee. 
His Majesty, for the pun>ose of effectually guarding against all such disgraceful practices in future, has 
been pleased to direct that henceforth no i)erRon shall be presented to His Majesty at the levee by the Lord 
in Waiting, to receive the honour of Knighthood, unless His Majesty's pleasure shall have been previously 
signified in writing to the Lord in Waiting by one of His Majesty's i)rincii)al Secretaries of State." 

The two individuals who practised this disgraceful trick on the King were Francis Columbine Daniel 
and Charles Aldis. 

Townend considered that as a matter of course they were not to be included in the list of Knights. I 
cannot see on what principle, for, however obtained from the King, the honour, if once conferred, remains 
until the death or degradation of the recipient. 


1821, Aug. 23. Nicholas William Brady, one of the sheriffs of 
Dublin (at the Mansion House, Dublin, by George IV.). 

1821, Aug. 30. CiiEisToi'HER Maerett, mayor of Limerick (in 
Ireland by George IV.). 

1821, Aug. 30. John Magenis, M.D., mayor of Londonderry (ibid 
by same). 

1821, Aug. 30. Edward Smith Lees, secretary general of the Post 

Office, Ireland {ibid by same). 
1821, Sept. 17. EiCHARD Birnie, chief magistrate at Bow Street 

(at Carlton House). 

1821, Dec. 8. George Attgustus Quentin, lieutenant colonel of the 
10th Light Dragoons (at the Pavilion, Brighton by the 

1821, Dec. 12. William Smith, sheriff of Dublin (in Ireland by 
lord lieutenant). 

1821, Dec. 12. Thomas Whelan, sheriff of Dublin (^ibid by same). 

1821, Dec. 12. John Phillimore, captain R.N. {ibid by same). 

1821, Dec. 29. John Kingston James, lord mayor of Dublin (ibid 
by the marquess Wellesley, lord lieutenant). 

1821. Samuel Hulse, general, treasurer of the Household (in 
« England by the King). 

1822, Mar. 16. Frederick George Herriott [an erratum, he was 

not knighted but only appointed C.B. on that day]. 
1822, Apr. 19. Robert Henry Blosset (on his appointment as chief 

justice in Bengal). 
1822, Apr. 19. Charles Ker, M.D., of Gateshaw, Roxburgh, late 

of the Army Medical Board (at Carlton House). 
1822, Apr. 19. Jahleel Brenton, bart. (ibid). 
1822, Apr. 19. Willingham Franklin (on his appointment as 

justice of the Supreme Court, Madras). 
1822, June 12. John William Head Brydges, of Wootton Court, 

Kent, captain of Sandgate Castle (at Carlton House). 
1822, June 12. Richard Church, lieutenant colonel. 
1822, June 12. Edward Banks, of Mile Town, near Sheerness (at 

Carlton House). 
1822, June 12 (or 19). George Farrant, of Northsted House, 

Chelsiaeld, Kent (ibid). 
1822, June. James Wedderburn. 
1822, July 4. John William Phillips Marshall, captain in the 

Royal Navy. 
1822, July 5. Edward West, recorder of Bombay (ibid). 


1822, Aug. 22. Thomas Pate Hankin, lieutenant colonel of the 
Scots Greys (at Holyrood House). 

1822, Aug. 27. Michael Benignus Clare, M.D., of Spanish Town, 
Jamaica (order for letters patent. Letters patent dated 
1822, Sept. 14). 

1822, Aug. 29. Adam Ferguson, deputy keeper of the regalia of 
Scotland (at Edinburgh). 

1822, Aug. 27, Henry Raeburn, of Stockbridge, president of the 
Academy and first portrait painter to the King in Scotland 

1822, Dec. 3. Hon. Charles Paget, captain, R.N. (not gazetted). 

1823, Apr. 21. William Franklin, M.D., principal inspector of 

the Army Medical Department (at Carlton House). 

1823, Apr. 21. John Hullock, a baron of the Exchequer (ihid). 

1823, Sept. 30. George Rich, chamberlain of the Household (in 

Ireland by the lord lieutenant). 
1823, Oct. 28. Christopher Puller, on his appointment as chief 

justice of Bengal (at Windsor Castle by the king). 
1823, Nov. 18 (?12). John Chapman, late mayor of Windsor (^ifoz^^j. 
1823, Nov. 18. GiFFiN Wilson, recorder of Windsor (ihidj. 
1823, Nov. 21. William MacLeod Bannatyne, late judge of the 

Court of Session, Scotland (at Carlton House). 
1823, Nov, 21. Francis Bayley, recorder of the Prince of Wales's 

Island (ihid). 

1823, Nov. 21. Charles Harcourt Chambers, a judge of the 

Supreme Court, Bombay (ihid). 
1823, Dec. 4. James Henry Reynett, lieutenant colonel, military 

secretary and equerry to the duke of Cambridge (ihid). 

1823, Dec. 11, Johannes Andreas Truter, late senior justice at 

the Cape of Good Hope (Letters patent). 

1824, Jan. 19. The Hon. William Alexander, lord chief baron of 

the Exchequer Court (at Brighton by the king). 
1824, Mar. 10. Charles Wetherall, solicitor general (at Carlton 


1824, Apr. 7. George Augustus Westphall, captain, R.N. (ihid). 

1824, Apr. 7, Peter Laurie, sheriff of London (ihid). 

1824, Apr. 7. James Williams, of The Gothic, Kentish Town 

1824, Apr. 28. James Brabazon Urmston, president of the Select 
Committee of supercargoes of the East India Company, at 
Ceylon (order for Letters patent). 


1824, June 9. Joseph Littledale, a justice of the King's Bench 
(at Carlton House). 

1824, Sept. 3. William Davison, aide-de-camp and equerry to the 
duke of Cambridge (at the king's lodge, "Windsor). 

1824, Nov. 24. Augustus West, M.D., brevet deputy inspector of 
hospitals, a physician-in-ordinary to the king of Portugal 
(at Carlton House). 

1824, Nov. 24. Ralph Palmer, judge at Madras. 

1824, Dec. 15. John Harvey, lieutenant colonel (at the King's 
Lodge, Windsor). 

1824. Francis Waskett Myers. 

1825, Feb. 9. Egbert Buckley Comyn, a judge at Calcutta (at 

Carlton House). 

1825, Mar. 23. George William Eicketts, a judge of the Supreme 
Court of Madras (ibid). 

1825, Apr. 16 (?11). Windsor Edwin Baynton Sandys (at the 
Lord Chamberlain's Office). 

1825, Apr. 20. Gabriel Wood, commissary general (at Carlton 

1825, Apr. 20. Henry Jardine, King's remembrancer of the 
Exchequer, Scotland (ibid). 

1825, Apr. 20. Charles Dashwood, late captain of H.M.S. 
" Windsor Castle " (ibid). 

1825, Apr. 20. Thomas Le Breton, lieutenant, bailly of the Island 
of Jersey (ibid). 

1825, Apr. 20. John Franks, a judge of the Supreme Court of 
Bengal (ibid). 

1825, Apr. 20. Bentinck Cavendish Doyle, late captain of H.M.S. 
"Glasgow" (ibid). 

1825, Apr. 20 (?Apr. 25). Egbert Moubray, of Cockairney, Fife, 
lieutenant colonel (ibid). 

1825, Apr. 27. Stephen Gazelee, judge of the Common Pleas. 

1825, Apr. 27. James Monk, late chief justice in Canada. 

1825, May 29. Thomas John Cochrane, captain in the Eoyal Navy. 

1825, Sept. 30. John Thomas Claridge, recorder of Prince of 
Wales's Island (at Windsor Castle). 

1825. Henry Frederick Cooke, colonel, and M.P. for Camelford 
(not gazetted). 


1826, May 29. William Lewis Herries, lieutenant colonel, 

quartermaster general in the Mediterranean, and registrar 

of the Order of the Bath, and a comptroller of Army 

Accounts (at Carlton House). 
1826, July 27. Thomas Henry Browne, lieutenant colonel. 
1826, July 27. John Stoddart, LL.D., president of the High Court 

of Appeal, and judge of the Vice-Admiralty Court at Malta. 
1826, Sept. 30. Charles Malcolm, captain E.N., commander of 

the yacht in attendance on the lord lieutenant (in Ireland 

by the lord lieutenant). 
1826, Sept. 30. Richard Hunter, M.D., one of the gentlemen of 

the bedchamber and physician to the lord lieutenant). 
1826, Nov. 27. Nicolas Conyngham Tindal, solicitor general (at 

St. James's Palace by the King). 
1826, Nov. 27. John Eraser, lieutenant general (ibid). 
1826, Nov. 27. Edward Miles, lieutenant colonel (ibid). 
1826, Nov. 27. Edward Ryan (on his appointment as judge to the 

Supreme Court at Calcutta) (ibid). 

1826, Dec. 16. Joseph Euller, lieutenant general (ibid). 

1827, Mar. 9. John Edmund De Beauvoir, eldest son of Sir John 

Edmund Browne, bart. (in Ireland by the lord lieutenant). 
1827, Apr. 30. Anthony Hart (on being appointed vice-chancellor 

of England) (at St. James's Palace by the King). 
1827, Apr. 30. James Scarlett, attorney general (ibid). 
1827, May 18 (?16). Frederick Beilby Watson, master of the 

Household (ibid). 
1827, May 23. Samuel St. Swithin Burden Whalley, of Farze- 

brook House, Devon (ibid). 
1827, June 30. Henry Willock, major (ibid). 

1827, June 30. Nesbit Josiah Willoughby, captain, R.N. (at St. 
James's Palace at the instance of the duke of Clarence, then 
lord high admiral. By a blunder of the King's was again 
knighted 1832, Aug. 21, on his investiture as K.C.H.). 

1827, June 30. John Peter Grant, a judge at Bombay (at St. 
James's Palace). 

1827, June 30. John Wylde, LL.D., chief justice at the Cape of 
Good Hope. 

1827, Aug. 17 (?16). John Conroy, captain, equerry and private 
secretary to the Duchess of Kent (at Windsor Castle). 

1827, Aug. 29. Thomas Anburey, lieutenant colonel in the East 
India Company's service (order for Letters patent. The 
letters patent passed on the 27th March, 1829). 

1827, Aug. 29. Alexander McLeod, lieutenant colonel in the East 
India Company's service (Letters patent). 


1827, Oct. 31. Rt. Hon. William Henry Freemantle, treasurer of 
the Household (at Windsor). 

1827, Nov. 16. Lancelot Shadwell, appointed vice-chancellor of 
England, Oct. 31, took seat at Privy Council as Sir Lancelot 
Shadwell Nov. 16. 

1827, Dec. 1. Thomas Charles Yeates, one of the sheriffs of 
Dublin (in Ireland by the lord lieutenant). 

1827, Dec. 1. Richard Wilcocks, late inspector of police in 
Munster [ihid by same). 

1827, Dec. 5. Francis MacDonnell, of Dunferth Castle, Co. 
Kildare [ihid by same). 

1827, Dec. 6 (7). William Robert Sydney, of Woolwich, Co. 
Kent {ihid by same). 

1827, Dec. 19. John Theophilus Lee, of Brompton, Middlesex (in 

Ireland by the lord lieutenant). 

1828, Feb. 13. Thomas (Edward) Fellowes, captain, R.N. (in 

England by the King). 

1828, Mar. 1. Edmond Nugent, lord mayor of Dublin (in Ireland 
by the marquess of Anglesey, lord lieutenant). 

1828, Mar. 22. David Charles Roose, one of the sheriffs of Dublin 

{ihid by same). 
1828, Mar. 27. John Macra, lieutenant colonel, military secretary 

to the late marquess of Hastings (at St. James's Palace by 

the King). 
1828, June ( ? Feb.) 28. Herbert Jenner (afterwards Jenner- 

Fust), on his appointment as king's advocate general (ihid). 
1828, Nov. 24. The Hon. Robert Cavendish Spencer, captain, R.N. 

(at Windsor Castle on being invested K.C.H.) 
1828, Nov. 24. John Yaughan, a baron of the Exchequer Court (at 

Windsor Castle). 
1828, Dec. 1. James Parke, a justice of the King's Bench (ihid). 

1828, Dec. 9. Jeffery Wyatville (ihid). 

1829, Jan. 4. John Whale, of North Down House, Co. Kent (in 

Ireland by the marquess of Anglesey, lord lieutenant). 
1829, Jan. 18. James Eglinton Anderson, M.D., physician to the 

lord lieutenant (in Ireland by the lord lieutenant). 
1829, Apr. 15. James Dewar, chief justice of the Supreme Court of 

Judicature at Bombay (Letters patent). 
1829, Apr. 23. Ralph Hamilton, colonel, of Olivestob, North 

Britain (at Dublin Castle by the duke of Northumberland, 

lord lieutenant). 


1829, Apr. 29. William Angltn Scarlett, chief justice of 
Jamaica (at St. James's Palace). 

1829, Apr. 29. William Edward Parry, captain, R.jS"., late com- 
mander of the expeditions for the discovery of a North- 
West passage (ibid). 

1829, Apr. 29. William Campbell, chief justice of Upper Canada 

1829, Apr. 29. William Seymour, a judge of the Supreme Court 
of Bombay (ibid). 

1829, Apr. 29. John Franklin, captain, R.N., late commander of 

the Northern Lands Expedition (ibid). 
1829, Apr. 29. William Eiciiard Cosway, of Bilsington, Kent, 

late secretary to vice-admiral lord Collingwood (ibid). 
1829, June 10. Edward Burtenshaw Sugden, solicitor general 

1829, Aug. 12. Albert Conyngham, secretary to H.M. Legation at 

Berlin (at Windsor). 
1829, Sept. 16. John Hayes (Hays), commodore in the East India 

Company's marine sei-vice (Letters patent dated Nov. 18). 
1829, Sept. 16. Robert Henry Cunliffe, lieutenant colonel com- 
mandant in the East India Company's service (same of samo 

1829, Sept. 16. Jeremiah Bryant, lieutenant colonel in East India 

Company's sei^vice (same of same date). 
1829, Sept. 30. Charles Scudamore, M.D., F.R.S. (by the lord 

lieutenant at Dublin). 

1829, Nov. 17. John McDonald, lieutenant colonel in East India 

Company's service and envoy extraordinary from the 
Government of India to H.M. the Shah of Persia (Letters 

1830, Feb. 2. William Bolland, a baron of the Exchequer (at 

Windsor Castle). 
1830, Feb. 2. John Bernard Bosanquet, Hon., a judge of the 

Common Pleas (at Windsor Castle). 
1830, June 18. John Wither Awdry, of Nottou, Co. Wilts., a 

judge of the Supreme Court, Bombay (Letters patent dated 

July 22). 
1830, July 17. Willoughby Cotton, major general (at St. James's 

1830, July 2L Willi.vm Pym, M.D., inspector of Army Hospitals 


1830, July 21. Martin Archer Shee, president of the Royal 

Academy (ibid). 
1830, July 21. George Drinkwater, mayor of Liverpool (ibid). 


1830, July 21. William Henry Eichardson, sheriff of London 

(At St. James's). 
1830, July 21 (?Aug.). James South, F.E.S., of the Observatory 
at Kensington (Letters patent). 

1830, July 28. Francis Augustus Collier, captain E.N. (at St. 

James's Palace). 
1830, Aug. 4. James Eyre, mayor of Hereford (ibid). 
1830, Aug. 4. Augustus Clifford, captain E.N. (ibid). 
1830, Aug. 4. George Ballingall, regius professor of Military 

Surgery, Edinburgh (ibid). 
1830, Aug. 4. Octavius Carey, colonel (ibid). 
1830, Sept. 11. David Erskine, of Dryburgh Abbey, Merioneth- 
shire (at the Pavilion, Brighton). 
1830, Oct. 5. Edmund Massenberg Bellinger Skottowe, mayor 

of Waterford (at Waterford by the lord lieutenant). 
1830, Oct. 5. John Kingsmill, colonel of the Battle Axe Guards 

[ibid by same). 
1830, Oct. 8. Charles Witham, lieutenant E.N. (at Cork by same). 
1830, Oct. 9. Thomas Deane, one of the sheriii's of Cork [ibid by 

1830, Oct. 27. Daniel Keyte Sandford, professor of Greek, 

Glasgow (at St. James's Palace). 
1830, Oct. 27. Edvs^ard William Corry Astley, captain E.N. 

1830, Oct. 27. James Leighton, M.D., physician to the Navy. 
1830, Nov. 17. Edward Hall Alderson, a justice of Common Pleas 

1830, Nov. 17. William Elias Taunton, a justice of the Xing's 

Bench (ibid). 
1830, Nov. 17. James (? John) Patteson, a justice of the King's 

Bench (ibid). 
1830, Oct. 24. William Horne, solicitor general (ibid). 
1830, Nov. 24. Thomas Denman, attorney general (ibid). 
1830. George Hoste, colonel. 

1830. Augustus Frederic D'Este. 

1831, Feb. 4. James Charles Dalbiac, major general, colonel of 

the 3rd Dragoon Guards. 
1831, Mar. 2. John de Veulle, bailiff of the Island of Jersey (at 

St. James's Palace). 
1831, Mar. 2. Charles Wade Thornton, major general. 
1831, Mar. 9 (?Mar. 2). Chapman Marshall, sheriff of London 

1831, Mar. 9. Major Gen. James Campbell (ibid). 


1831, Mar. 9 (?Mar. 2). William Hexry Poland, sheriff of 

London (At St. James's). 
1831, Mar. 20. Maj. Gen. H. Wheatley. 
1831, Mar. 23. Captain George Francis Seymour. 
1831, Mar. 23. Maj. Gen. Benj. Charles Stephenson. 
1831, Mar. 28. John Hall, consul general for Hanover. 
1831, Mar. 30. Herbert Abingdon Draper Compton, late chief 

justice at Bombay. 
1831, Apr. 13. George Harrison. 
1831, May 3. William Gossett, lieutenant colonel, under secretary 

to the lord lieutenant in Ireland (in Ireland by the lord 

lieutenant) . 
1831, May 11. Joseph Whatley, groom of the bedchamber. 
1831, May 25. William Burnett (Burnet), medical commissioner 

of H.M. Navy (at St. James's Palace). 
1831, May 25. William Beatty, physician, of Greenwich Hospital 

(at St. James's Palace). 
1831, June 8. Stephen Remnant Chapman, commander-in-chief of 

the Bermudas (ibid). 
1831, June 8. Rt. Hon. Robert Wilmot Horton, governor and 

commander-in-chief of Ceylon (ibid). 
1831, Aug. 3. Hon. Edward Cust, lieutenant colonel. 
1831, Aug. 3. George Baillie Hamilton, secretary of Legation at 

1831, Aug. 10. Lieut. Gen. John Smith. 
1831, Aug. 10. John Rennie, of Whitehall Place (tbid). 
1831, Aug. 17. Richard Dobson, surgeon of the Royal Hospital, 

Greenwich (ibid). 
1831, Aug. 31. John Hill, captain, R.N., and resident com- 
missioner of the Victualling Board at Deptford (ibid). 
1831, Sept. 13. Alexander Anderson, colonel. 
1831, Sept. 13. John Mark Frederick Smith, colonel. 
1831, Sept. 13. Francis Bond Head, major, of Sutton, Surrev 

1831, Sept. 13. Henry Bromley Htnricii, lieutenant of the Band 

of Gentlemen Pensioners (ibid). 
1831, Sept. 13. Henry Cipriani, senior exon of the Yeoman of the 

Guard (ibid). 
1831, Sept. 13. Robert Gill (Gyll), lieutenant of the Yeoman of 

the Guard (ibid). 
1831, Sept. 13. Thomas Brancker (Branker), mayor of Liverpool 

1831, Sept. 13. Richard IUirton, senior member of the Band of 

Gentlemen Pensioners (at St. James's Palace). 
1831, Sept. 13. Maj. Gen. Amos Godsill R. Norcot. 
1831, Sept. 13. Col. Neil Douglas, 79th foot. 
1831, Sept. 13. Capt. William Howe Mulcaster, 1{.N. 


1831, Sept. 16. George Mageath, M.D., of Plymouth, surgeon in 

the Eoyal Navy (Letters patent dated Sept. 26). 
1831, Sept. 18. William de Tuyll, baron de Tuyll, major general. 
1831, Sept. 21. Col. Michael MacCreagh. 
1831, Sept. 21. Col. Robert Dick, A.D.C. 
1831, Sept. 21. Maj. Gen. George Bulteel Fisher. 
1831, Sept. 21. John Soane, of Lincoln's Inn Fields (at St. James's 

1831, Sept. 21. Lewis Grant, major general, governor of Trinidad, 

and colonel of the 96th Eegiment. 
1831, Sept. 28. George Pownall Adams, lieutenant general. 
1831, Sept. 28. Richard Armstrong, colonel, for military services). 
1831, Oct. 5. Thomas Charles Francis Downman, major general. 
1831, Oct. 12. Nicholas Harris Nicolas. 
1831, Oct. 12. Charles Bell, F.R.S. 
1831, Oct. 12. John Frederick William Herschel, of Slough, 

1831, Oct. 19. Archibald Maclaine, colonel. 
1831, Oct. 19. John Hollams, mayor of Deal, Kent (ibid). 
1831, Oct. 21 (? Oct. 12). George Head, deputy knight marshal of 

H.M. Household. 
1831, Dec. 7. Ralph Bigland, garter king of arms. 
1831, Dec. 7. George Rose, a judge of the Court of Bankruptcy 

1831, Dec. 7. John Cross, a judge of the Court of Bankruptcy 

1831, Dec. 7. Albert Pell, a judge of the Court of Bankruptcy 

1831. George Cockburn, general (at Brighton). 
1831. Thomas Ussher, captain R.N. [?not a Knight Bachelor of 

England: only a K.C.H.]. 

1831. James Maxwell Wallace, colonel. 

1832, Jan. 26. Josiah Champagne, general, colonel of the 17th Foot 

(at the Pavilion, Brighton). 
1832, Feb. 6. Charles Bulkelt Egerton, lieutenant general (at 

St. James's Palace). 
1832, Feb. 22. David Barry, M.D., deputy inspector general of 

Hospitals (ibid). 
1832, Feb. 22. John Harrison Yallop, mayor of Norwich (ibid). 
1832, Feb. 22. John Gurney, a baron of the Exchequer Court 

1832, Feb. 22. William Augustus Montagu (Montague), captain, 

R.N. (at St. James's Palace). 
1832, Feb. 22. Sigismund Smith, major general (ibidj. 
1832, Feb. 22. James Hay, lieutenant general, colonel of 2nd 

Dragoon Guards (ibid). 
1832, Feb. 22. William Paterson, major general (ibid). 


1832, Feb. 22. Frederick Trench, colonel, A.D.C. to the King 

(At St. James's). 
1832, Feb. 22. Leonard Greenwell, colonel, commissioner of the 

garrison at Chatham (ibid). 
1832, Feb. 22. Samuel Rush Meyrick, LL.D., of Goodrich Court, 

Hereford (ibid). 
1832, Feb. 22. George Whitmore, colonel, R.E. (ibid). 
1832, Feb. 22. William Oldnall Eussell, chief justice of the 

Supreme Court of Bengal (ibid). 
1832, Feb. 22. Robert Smirke, of Stratford Place (ibid). 
1832, Feb. 22. Henry Edmund Austen, of Shalford House, 

Surrey, a gentleman of the Privy Chamber in Ordinary 

1832, Feb. 22. John Gibney, physician to the Sussex County 

Hospital (ibid). 
1832, Feb. (?Mar.) 29. Joshua Eowe, chief justice of Jamaica 

1832, Mar. 5. George Campbell, of Edenwood, Fife (Letters 

patent dated Mar. IT). 
1832, Mar. 8. David Brewster (at St. James's Palace). 
1832, Mar. 22. Martin Hunter, general (ibid). 
1832, Apr. 12. William Woods, clarenceux king of arms (ibid). 
1832, June 24. John Woodford, colonel (at Windsor Castle). 
1832, June 27. John Leslie, of Coates, professor of Natural 

Philosophy at Edinburgh (at St. James's Palace). 
1832, June 27. Joseph Straton, major general (ibid). 
1832, June 27. Frederick William Mulcaster, major general 

R.E. (ibid). 
1832, June 27. Edward Thomason, of Birmingham (at St. James's 

1832, July 4. Henry Bethune, of Kilconquhar, Fife (ibid). 

1832, July 4. John Hanbury, major general (ibid). 

1832, July 4. John Marshall, captain (ibid). 

1832, July 4. John Macleod, major general (ibid). 

1832, July 14. David Ximenes, colonel (Letters patent dated 

July 27). 
1832, July 17. Charles Marshall, chief justice of the Supreme 

Court in Ceylon (at St. James's Palace). 
1832, Aug. L Michael Creagh, lieutenant colonel (ibid). 
1832, Aug. 24. William Nicolay, major general, governor of 

Mauritius (ibid). 
1832, Aug. 24. John Deas Thomson (ibid). 


1832, Aug. 31. Feancis Palgrave (at St. James's Palace). 

1832, Sept. 5. Frederick Adair Roe, chief magistrate of Bow 

Street (ibid). 
1832, Sept. 12. George Jackson, His Majesty's commissary judge 

at Pio de Janeiro (ibid). 
1832, 0':'+. 12. Charles Eurwicke DorcLAS, king-of-arms of the 

Order of St. Michael and St. George (ibid). 
1832, Oct. 31. Francis Geary Gardner Lee (ibid). 
1832, Nov. 6. John Bissett (ibid). 

1832, Nov. 6. Charles Conyngham, rear admiral (ibid). 
1832, Nov. 6. Thomas Browne, lieutenant general (ibid). 
1832, Dec. 3. John Campbell, solicitor general (ibid). 
1832, Dec. 3. The Hon. Courtenay Boyle, rear admiral (ibid). 
1832, Dec. 15. John Nicoll Robert Campbell, captain in the East 

India Company's service, and envoy from the governor 

general of India to the Court of Persia (Letters patent 

dated Dec. 22). 
1832. William Whymper, M.D. 

1832. Andrew Pellatt Green, captain, R.N. 

1833, Jan. 22. Edward Durnford King, rear admiral (at the 

Pavillion, Brighton). 
1833, Feb. 4. Rt. Hon. Charles Richard Vaughan (at St. James's 

1833, Feb. 22. Frederick Augustus Wetherall, of Castlebar, 

Great Ealing, Middlesex (ibid). 
1833, Feb. 22. David Latimer Tinling Widdrington, lieutenant 

general (ibid). 
1833, Feb. 22. John Boscawen Savage, colonel Royal Marines 

1833, Feb. 22. Henry Ellis, principal librarian of the British 

Museum (ibid). 
1833, Feb. 22. Richard Spencer, captain R.N. (ibid). 
1833, Mar. 13 (?Feb. 13). Henry John Gumming, lieutenant 

general (ibid). 
1833, Mar. 13 (?Feb. 13). Frederick Madden, of the British 

Museum (ibid). 
1833, Mar. 26. George Teesdale, colonel (ibid). 
1833, May 1. John William Jeffcott, chief justice of the Court 

of Vice-Admiralty, Sierra Leone (ibid). 
1833, May 3. James Stirling, R.N. 


1833, June 27. Thomas Isaac Hobsley Curteis, senior exon of the 

Yeomen of the Guard (At St. James's). 
1833, June 27. Charles Wilkins (ibid). 
1833, July 18 (PJune 27). Graves Chamney Haughton (ibid). 

1833, July 23. Samuel Roberts, captain E.N. (in Ireland by the 

lord lieutenant). 
1833, Aug. 8. John Ormsby Vandeleur, lieutenant general (at St. 

James's Palace). 
1833, Sept. 26. William Wainwright Fawcett-Lynar, captain 

18th Regiment, one of the sheriffs of Dublin (in Ireland by 

the lord lieutenant). 
1833, Sept. 26. George Preston, one of the sheriffs of Dublin 

(ibid by same). 
1833, Sept. 26. James Murray, M.D., physician to the lord 

lieutenant (ibid by same). 
1833, Sept. 30. Drury Jones Dickinson, one of the sheriff's of 

Dublin (ibid by same). 
1833, Sept. 30. Richard Baker, one of the sheriffs of Dublin [ibid 

by same). 
1833, Nov. 5. Phineas Riall, lieutenant general (at the Pavilion, 

Brighton, by the King). 
1833, Nov. 15. Arthur Farquhar, captain R.N. (ibid). 

1833. Henry Willoughby Rooke, 

1834, Jan. 17. Henry Baily, lieutenant general, colonel of the 

8th Foot, 2nd son of Col. Nicholas Bayly (ibid). 
1834, Jan. 29. Samuel Trevor Dickens, major general R.E. f/6zc^j. 
1834, Feb. 21. Salusbury Pryce Humphreys, of Bramhall Hall, 

Chester, captain R.N. (at St. James's Palace [?not a 

Knight Bachelor of England : only a K.C.H.]. 
1834, Feb. 21. James Viney, major general of the Royal Artillery 

1834, Feb. 21. James Kearney, major general, late of the 2nd 

Dragoon Guards (ibid). 
1834, Feb. 21. Evan Lloyd, lieutenant general of the 17th Lancers 

1834, Feb. 21. Thomas Gage Montresor, lieutenant general (^/6?Wj. 
1834, Feb. 21. Salusbury Pryce Davenport, rear admiral. 
1834, Feb. 26. Charles Christopher Pepys, solicitor general 

1834, Mar. 5. E.\ton Stannaud Tr.wers, captain R.N. (ibid). 
1834, Mar. 12. Charles Edmund Nugent, admiral (ibid). 


1834, Mar. 19. Lorenzo Moore, major general (at St. James's). 

1834, Mar. 26. James Nicholl McAdam, of Whitehall, and of 

Tindon End, Essex (ibid). 
1834, Mar. 27. John Woolmore, captain, deputy master of Trinity- 
House (at Windsor Castle). 
1834, Apr. 16. John Williams, a baron of the Exchequer (at St. 

James's Palace). 
1834, May 3. John Ferris Devonshire, rear admiral, of Alwington 

House, Davon. (Letters patent dated May 21). 
1834, May 27. The Hon. Alexander Duff, lieutenant general. 
1834, May 27. Joseph MacLean, major general, commandant at 

Woolwich (at St. James's Palace). 
1834, June 5. Humphrey le Fleming Senhouse, captain R.N. 

1834, June 6. Henry King, colonel (ibid). 
1834, June 18. Hugh Pigot, captain E.N. (ibid). 
1834, July 9. Aretas William Young (ibid). 
1834, Aug. 6. Edward John Gambier, recorder of Prince of Wales 

Island (ibid). 
1834, Aug. 13. Samuel Thomas Spry, of Place, Cornwall, M.P., 

1834, Aug. 20. David James Hamilton Dickson, physician to the 

Royal Naval Hospital at Plymouth (ibid). 
1834, Aug. 20. Rt. Hon. Robert Grant, governor of Bombay 

1834, Sept. 17. Samuel Raymond Jar vis, of Fair Oak Park, Hants. 

1834, Oct. 8 (?3). Thomas Stephen Sorell (Sorrell), lieutenant 

colonel, H.M. consul general to the Austrian States in Italy 

1834, Oct. 29 (?24). John Dodson, LL.D., His Majesty's advocate 

general (ibid). 
1834, Dec. 15. The Hon. Henry Duncan, captain (ibid). 
1834, Dec. 22. William Webb Follett, solicitor general (ibid). 
1834, Dec. 24. John Ross, captain R.N. (ibid). 

1834, Dec. 29. Jonathan Frederick Pollock, attorney general 

(at the Pavilion, Brighton). 

1835, Jan. 23. Edmund Lyons, captain R.N. (ibid). 
James Limond, colonel (at St. James's Palace). 
Joseph O'Halloran, colonel (ibid). 
Thomas Blight St. George, major general (ibid). 
Charles Bullen, captain R.N. (ibid). 
Thomas Pearson, major general (ibid). 

















1835, Mar. 25. William O'Malley, ensign 14tL Regiment, eldest 

son of Sir Samuel O'Malley, bart. (in Dublin Castle in the 

closet by the lord lieutenant). 
1835, Apr. 1. Henry John Leeke, captain E.N. (at St. James's 

1835, Apr. 2. Charles Holland Hastings, colonel, steward of the 

Household to His Excellency (in Ireland by the lord 

1835, Apr. 15. Ralph Ouseley, major general in Portugal [ibid by 

same) . 
1835, May 6. Robert Monsey Rolfe, solicitor general (at St. 

James's Palace). 
1835, May 20. John Ackworth Ommanney, rear admiral (ibid). 

1835, June 5. Thomas Hastings, of Titley Court, Co. Hereford, 

captain R.N, (by the lord lieutenant of Ireland). 
1835, June 10. Whitelaw Ainslie, M.D. (at St. James's Palace). 
1835, June 24. George Gipps, captain, Royal Engineers (ibid), 
1835, June 24. William Henry Dillon, captain R.N. (ibid J. 
1835, July 1. Francis Chantrey, member of Royal Academy of 

Arts (ibid). 
1835, July 22. Alexander Ferrier, consul at Rotterdam. 
1835, July 23 (24). Charles Routledge O'Donnell, lieutenant 

colonel (in the Phcenix Park by the lord lieutenant of 

1835, July 31. Robert Chermside, M.D. (at St. James's Palace). 
1835, Aug. 4. William White, one of the sheriffs of Cork (at Cork 

by the lord lieutenant of Ireland). 

1835, Aug. 4. Robert Hagan, commander, R.N. (ibid by same). 
1835, Aug. 5. Samuel Warren, captain, R.N. (at St. James's 

1835, Aug. 12. David Dunn, captain, R.N. (ibid). 
1835, Aug. 15. William Rowan Hamilton, astronomer royal of 

Ireland and Andrews' professor of astronomy (in the 

Library Trinity College, Dublin, by the lord lieutenant of 


1835, Sept. 2. Ralph Darling, lieutenant general, governor-in- 
chief of New South Wales (at St. James's Palace). 
1835, Sept. 25. Horatio George Powys Townshend. 

1835, Oct. 28. William Charles Ellis, M.D., of Hanwell, Middl. 

T835, Nov. 7. William Norris, chief justice of the Supreme Court 
of the Island of Ceylon (Letters patent dated Nov. 21). 


1835, Nov. 18. Robert Lewis Fitz-Gerald, rear admiral (at the 

Pavilion, Brigbton), 
1835. John Taylor Coleridge, Rt. Hon., justice of Queen's Bench. 
1835. Maurice Charles O'Connell, major general. 

1835. Love Parry Jones Parry, major general. 

1836, Feb. 23. Wilshire "Wilson, major general (at St. James's 

1836, Feb. 23. James John Gordon Bremer, captain, R.N. (ibid). 
1836, Feb. 23. The Hon. James Ashley Maude, captain, R.N. 

1836, Feb. 23. John Strutt Peyton, captain, R.N. (ibid). 
1836, Feb. 23. Henry Hart, captain, R.N. (ibid). 
1836, Feb. 23. Charles William Maxwell, major general (ibid). 
1836, Mar. 16. The Hon. Fleetwood Broughton Reynolds Pellew, 

captain, R.N. 
1836, Mar. 16. Daniel Jones, colonel, of Brockville, Johnstown, 

Upper Canada (ibid). 
1836, Mar. 16 (?Mar. 23). William Gabriel Davy, major general 

1836, Mar. 16. George Francis Hamilton Seymour (ibid). 
1836, Apr. 20. William Jackson Hooker, LL.D., Regius Prof, of 

botany in the University of Glasgow (ibid). 
1836, May 4. Edwin Pearson, lieutenant of the Yeomen of the 

Guard (ibid). 
1836, June 8. John Simpson, lord mayor of York (ibid). 
1836, June 15. Warwick Hele Tonkin, major (ibid). 
1836, June 15. David Wilkie, royal academician, principal painter 

to the King (ibid). 
1836, June 15. William Symonds, captain R.N., and surveyor of 

His Majesty's Navy (ibid). 
1836, July 11. Thomas Carew, captain R.N. (at Wexford by the 

lord lieutenant). 
1836, July 21. William Daniel, commander Royal Navy, inspect- 
ing commander of the Coast Guard (at Cove of Cork by 

1836, July 21. Henry Esch Atkinson, commander in the Royal 

Navy, inspecting commander of Coast Guard (at Youghal 

by same). 
1836, July 24. William Parke, of Dunally, lieutenant colonel (at 

Sligo by same). 
1836, Aug. 10. Benjamin Morris, late captain 25th Foot, one of 

the sheriffs of Waterford (in the Town Hall, Waterford, by 



1836, Aug. 10. Patrick Lindesay, colonel (at St. James's Palace). 
1836, Aug. 19. Charles Lyon Herbert, M.D. (ihid). 
1836, Aug. 22. John Graham Dalyell, of Edinburgh, advocate 
(Letters patent dated Sept. 3). 

1836, Aug. 26. Edward Brackenbury, major (at St. James's 

1836, Oct. 1. William Henry Pierson, captain R.N., of H.M.S. 
"Madagascar" (by the lord lieutenant of Ireland). 

1836. Richard O'Connor, rear admiral. 

1837, Jan. 9. Thomas Baucutt Mash (at the Pavilion, Brighton). 
1837, Mar. 1. Robert Barton, lieutenant general (at St. James's 

1837, Mar. 1. Thomas Hawker, major general (ihid). 
1837, Mar. 1. Edward Ciietham (afterwards Chetham-Strode), 

captain R.N. (ihid). 

1837, Mar. 1. Thomas Mansell, captain R.N. (ihid). 

1837, Mar. 1. Woodbine Parish, late consul general, plenipotentiary 
and charge d'affaires at Buenos Ayres (ihid). 

1837, Mar. 1. Thomas Coltman, a justice of Common Pleas (at St, 

James's Palace). 
1837, Mar. 1. Adam Drummond, vice admiral of the Blue (ihid). 
1837, Mar. 1. Augustus Be Butts, R.E. (ihid). 
1837, Mar. 8. Alexander Halkett, lieutenant general (ihid). 
1837, Mar. 8. Henry George MacLeod, lieutenant colonel, 

lieutenant governor of the Island of St. Christopher (ihid). 

1837, Mar. 8. Thomas Finlay, late high sheriff of Co. Cavan (by 

the lord lieutenant of Ireland). 
1837, Mar. 8. Francis William Smith, M.D., surgeon-in-ordinary 

to the lord lieutenant (by same). 
1837, Mar. (May) 31. William Macbean George Colebrooke, 

lieutenant colonel, governor and commander-in-chief of the 

Leeward Islands (at Windsor Castle). 
1837, Apr. 5. James Duke, sheriff of London and Middlesex (at St. 

James's Palace). 
1837, Apr. 5. Francis Forbes, chief justice of New South Wales 

1837, Apr. 26. Charles Gordon, of Drimnin, secretary to the 

Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland (ihid). 
1837, Apr. 26. Charles Hopkinson, lieutenant colonel, of the East 

India Company's service (ihid). 
1837, Apr. 26. Ephraim Stannus, colonel (ihid). 


1837, Apr. 26 (?June 5). Chaeles Augustus FitzEoy, lieutenant 

governor of Prince Edward Island, in the Gulf of St. 

Lawrence (At St. James's Palace). 
1837, Apr. 27. James Macdonell, major general, first equerry to 

Her Majesty (ibid). 
1837, May 3. John Wentworth Loring, rear admiral of the White 

1837, May 10. John Gustavus Crosbie, general (ibid). 

1837, June 5. Simon Heward, chief of the medical staff of the 
Madras Army during the whole of the Burmese War 
(Letters patent). 

1837, July 14. His Serene Highness Charles William Frederic 
Emicon, prince of Leiningen (at St. James's Palace). 

1837, July 19. John Bickerton Williams, of Shrewsbury, LL.D., 
r.S.A. {ibid at the request of the duke of Sussex, being the 
first (?) knight made by Queen Victoria after her accession). 

1837, July 19. Watkin Owen Pell, captain, R.N. (ibid). 

1837, July 19. John Jacob Hansler, of Tavistock Square, a deputy 
lieutenant for Co. Essex (ibid) 

1837, July 19. Augustus Wall Callcott, of Kensington Gravel- 
pits, royal academician (ibid). 

1837, July 19. James Spittal, lord provost of the City of Edin- 
burgh (ibid). 

1837, July 19. William John Newton, miniature painter in 
ordinary to the Queen Dowager (ibid). 

1837, July 19. David Davies, M.D., physician-in-ordinary to the 
Queen Dowager (ibid). 

1837, July 19. Richard Westmacott, royal academician, Hon. 
D.C.L., Oxford (ibid). 

1837, July 19. Col. George Arthur. 

1837, July 19. William Elliott, captain, R.N. (ibid). 

1837, Aug. 7. William Henry Rough, sergeant at law, chief 
justice of the Supreme Court at Ceylon (Letters patent). 

1337, Nov. 13. George Carroll, sheriff of London and Middlesex 
(at St. James's Palace). 

1837, Nov. 13. Moses Montefiore, sheriff of London and Middlesex 

1837, Dec. 13. James Pitcairn, M.D., deputy inspector general of 

hospitals (at Cork by the lord lieutenant of Ireland). 

1838, Feb. 14. John Doratt, M.D. (at St. James's Palace). 

1838, Feb. 14. John Hampet, doctor of physic, Fellow of the Royal 
Society of London, one of the medical commission employed 
in 1831 in the North of Germany during the cholera (ibid). 

1838, Feb. 14. George Stephen, of Collins, Princes Risborough, 
Co. Bucks (ibid). 


1838, Feb. 21. Isaac Wilson, M.D. (at vSt. James's Palace). 

1838, Feb. 21. Samuel Brown, commander, R.N. (ibid). 

1838, Feb. 21. Spencer Lambert Hunter Yassaj.l, captain, R.N. 

1838, Feb. 21. John Robison, secretary of the Royal Society, 

Edinburgb (ibid). 
1838, Feb. 21. William Blackburne, major general (ibid). 
1838, Mar. 21. Henry Wilmot Seton, a judge of the Supreme 

Court of Bengal (ibid). 
1838, Mar. 21. Allan Napier McNab, colonel of militia of the 

province of Upper Canada (Letters patent). 
1838, Mar. 2. John Gaspard Le Marciiant, major (at St. James's 

1838, May 2. William Collings, colonel, and jurat of the Royal 

Court of Guernsey (ibid). 
1838, May 2 (? 1837, May 2). Fortunatus Dwarris, of the Middle 

Temple, barrister-at-law, a master of the Court of Queen's 

Bench (ibid). 
1838, May 8. William Edward Leeson, chamberlain to the lord 

lieutenant (by the lord lieutenant of Ireland). 
1838, June 20. Thomas Newley Reeve, standard bearer of the 

Gentlemen at Arms (at St. James's Palace). 
1838, June 20. Benjamin Smith, senior member of the Gentlemen 

at Arms (ibid). 
1838, June 20. George [ ? William Charles] Houlton, ensign of 

the Yeomen of the Guard. 
1838, July 18. Duncan MacDougall, late lieutenant colonel of the 

79th Regiment of Highlanders (at St. James's Palace). 
1838, July 18. Henry Bayly, major (ibid). 
1838, July 18. William Lloyd, major of the East India Company's 

Service (ibid). 
1838, July 18. Charles Shaw. (ibid). 
1838, July 18. Charles Frederick Williams, of Lennox Lodge, 

Hayling, Hants., and Upper Bedford Place, Middl. (ibid). 
1838, July 18. Edward Johnson, of Greenhill, Weymouth, Co. 

Dorset (ibid). 
1838, July 18. John Kirkland, of Hampton and Pall Mall, Middl. 

1838, July 18. William Newbigging, F.R.C.S. and R.S. of Edin- 
burgh (ibiil ). 
1838, July (? June) 18. William Hyde Pearson, F.R.S.,of Clapham, 

Surrey (ibid). 


1838, July 18. Edward Alexander Campbell, of the Bengal 
Cavalry (ibid). 

1838, July 18. Jeffery Prendergast, major general in Hon. East 

India Company's service and late military auditor general 
at Madras (ibid). 

1838, July 18. Alexander Morison, M.D., of Mid Lothian, N.B. 
and Cavendish Square, Middl., late president of the Eoyal 
College of Physicians of Edinburgh (ibid). 

1838, Aug. 6. Alexander Burnes, captain in the 21st regiment of 
Bombay Native Infantry, on a mission to the chiefs of 
Afghanistan (Letters patent). « 

1838, Aug. 15. Capt. George Back, E.N. 

1838, Aug. 15 (? Mar. 18). James Edward Alexander, captain, 
lieutenant-colonel in the Portuguese service (at St. James's 

1838, Nov. 19. George Tyler, captain E.N., lieutenant governor 
of the Island of St. Vincent (Letters patent). 

1838, Nov. 26 (1839, Jan. 19). James Edward Dowling, chief 
justice of New South "Wales (Letters patent). 

1838, Nov. 26 (1838, Dec. 19). John Lewis Pedder, B.C.L., chief 
justice of Van Diemen's Land (same). 

1838. John Morillyon Wilson, colonel. 

1839, Feb. 15. Burton Macnamara, captain E.N. (in the Presence 

Chamber, Dublin Castle, at the levee, by the lord lieutenant 
of Ireland). 
1839, Feb. 15, Thomas Eoss, commander E.N. (ibid by same). 

1839, Mar. 6 (P1838). Henry Eoper, a judge of the Supreme Court 
of Judicature at Bombay (at St. James's Palace). 

1839 [Mar.]. William Henry Maule [a baron of Exchequer]. 

1839, Apr. 17. Thomas Livingston Mitchell, major, surveyor 
general of New South Wales (at St. James's Palace). 

1839, Apr. 24. John Archibald Murray, of Edinburgh, a judge 
of the Supreme Court of Scotland, lord advocate of Scotland 

1839, June 5. Thomas Hastings, of Titley House, Co. Hereford, 
captain, E.N (ibid). 

1839, June 5. William Warre, colonel, commandant of the garrison 
at Chatham (ibid). 

1839, Aug. 7. Anthony Oliphant, chief justice of the Supreme 
Court at Ceylon (Letters patent). 


1839, Aug. 26. John Gardner Wilkinson, fellow of the Royal 

Society (at Buckingham Palace). 
1839, Sept. 7. Michael MacTurk, of British Guiana (Letters 

1839, Dec. 9. Thomas Phillips, late mayor of Newport, Co. 

Monmouth, (at Windsor Castle). 

1839, Dec. 11. Claude Martine Wade, lieutenant colonel, East 

India Company military service, political resident at 
Loodiana (Letters patent). 

1840, Feb. 19. Thomas Wilde, solicitor general and a serjeant at 

law (at St. James's Palace). 
1840, Feb. 19. William Martins, gentleman usher of the Sword 

of State, and one of Her Mjaesty's gentlemen ushers daily 

waiters (ibid). 
1840, Feb. 19. The Hon. Edward Butler, lieutenant of Her 

Majesty's Honourable Corps of Gentlemen at Arms (ibid). 
1840, Mar. 6. Thomas Marrable, secretary to the Board of Green 

Cloth (ibid). 
1840, Mar. 18. Richard Henry Bonnycastle, major, R.E. (ibid). 
1840, Mar. 20. Robert Bouchier Clarke, solicitor general in the 

Island of Barbados (Letters patent). 
1840, July 1. William Stephenson Clark, lord mayor of York 

City (at St. James's Palace, on presentation of addresses 

from the City of York). 
1840, July 1 (PJuly 11). Joshua Walmsley, of Wavertree Hall, 

Co. Palatine of Lancaster, mayor of the borough of Liver- 
pool, and magistrate, Co. Palatine (ibid). 
1840, July 1. William Lowthrop, mayor of Hull (ibid). 
1840, July 1. John Westley Williams, F.R.S., mayor of Ports- 
mouth (ibid). 
1840, July 1. Thomas Potter, mayor of Manchester, and a 

magistrate for Co. Palatine of Lancaster (ibid). 
1840, July 1. Jacob Adolphus, M.D., inspector general of Army 

Hospitals, and physician general to the Militia Forces in the 

Island of Jamaica (ibid). 
1840, July 1. Alexander Mackenzie Downie, M.D., physician to 

her late Royal Highness the Landgravine of Hesse 

Hombourg (ibid). 
1840, July 1. John Hare, of Springfield, Co. Somerset., and of the 

City of Bristol (ibid). 
1840, July 1. Ralph Pendlebury, alderman, and late mayor of 

Stockport, Co. Chester (At St. James's Palace). 
1840, July 1. John Fife, late mayor of Newcastle (ibid). 


1840, Aug. 7. James John Reid, chief justice of tlie United States 
of the Ionian Islands (at Buckingham Palace). 

1840, Aug. Richard Franklin, M.D., mayor of Limerick (by the 
lord lieutenant of Ireland). 

1840, Nov. 5. John Jeremie, captain general, and governor in 
chief of the Colony of Sierra Leone and its dependencies 
(at Windsor Castle). 

1840. Charles Chichester, lieutenant-colonel. 

1841, Jan. 22. Richard Morrison, architect, vice-president of the 

Royal Institute of Architects in Dublin (by the lord 
lieutenant of Ireland on presenting an address from the said 
1841, Jan. 25. George Simpson, governor of the Hudson's Bay 
Company's Settlements (at Buckingham Palace). 

1841, Jan. 25. Robert Marsh Horsford, solicitor general of 
Antigua (ibid). 

1841, Feb. 11. Thomas Erskine Perry, a judge of the Supreme 
Court of Judicature at Bombay (ibid). 

1841, Mar. 22. Randolph Isham Routh, commissary general to 
Her Majesty's Forces in Canada (by Letters patent). 

1841, Mar. 24. Joseph Douglas, captain, late of the ship 
"Cambridge" (at St. James's Palace). 

1841, Mar. 24. Isambart Marc Brunel (at Buckingham Palace). 

1841, Mar. 24. Arnold James Knight, M.D., of Sheffield, Co. York. 

1841, Apr. 24 (28). Thomas Noel Harris, a groom of the Privy 

Chamber (at St. James's Palace). 

1841, Apr. 28. Edward Samuel Walker, mayor of Chester (ibid). 

1841, Apr. 28. William Wightman, a justice of the King's Bench 

1841, Apr. 28. Isaac Morley, for public services as mayor of 

Doncaster (At St. James's Palace). 
1841, May 6. George Morris, lieutenant colonel, one of the 

commissioners of paving the city of Dublin, on being 

invested as Usher of the Black Rod of the Order of St, 

Patrick (by the lord lieutenant of Ireland). 
1841, May 12. Samuel Hancock, senior exon of the Yeomen of the 

Guard (at Buckingham Palace). 
1841, Aug. 21. George Le Fevre,M.D., physician to Her Majesty's 

Embassy at the Court of St. Petersburg (Letters patent). 


1841, Aug. 21. George Eose Saetorius, captain E.N. (at Windsor 


1841, Aug. 21. EiCHMOND Campbell Shakespear, lieutenant of the 
Bengal Artillery (ibid). 

1841, Aug. 21. EiCHARD La Satjssaye (ibid). 

1841, Sept. 8. Francis Cockbtjrn, colonel, governor of the Bahamas 

(Letters patent). 
1841, Sept. 9. Nicholas FitzSimon, of Broughal Castle, King's 

County, one of the divisional magistrates of the Metropolitan 

District (at Dublin Castle by the lord lieutenant). 
1841, Oct. 9. Henry Huntley, commander in Her Majesty's Navy 

(Letters patent). 

1841, Nov. 27. EiCHARD Doherty, lieutenant-colonel (same). 

1842, Jan. 27. John David Norton, puisne judge of the Supreme 

Court of Judicature at Madras (same). 

1842 [Jan.]. Et. Hon. James Lewis Knight Bruce, a vice- 

1842 [Jan.]. Et. Hon. James Wigram. 

1842, Feb. 14. Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy, of Bombay, in the East 

Indies (Letters patent). 
1842, Apr. 13. James Campbell, lord provost of the City of Glasgow 

(at St. James's Palace). 
1842, Apr. 13. Henry Thomas De La Beche, F.E.S., director of 

the Ordnance Geological Survey of Great Britain and of the 

Museum of Economic Geology Department of "Woods, etc. 

(at St. James's Palace). 
1842, Apr. 13. William Drysdale, of Pittuchar, Co. Fife (ibid). 
1842, Apr. 13. George Gun Munro, major of the Eosshire Militia, 

and of the Poyntzfield, Co. Cromarty, N.B. 
1842, May 4. Cresswell Cresswell, a justice of the Common Pleas 


1842, May 18. Laurence Peel, chief justice at Fort William, in 
Bengal (Letters patent). 

1842, June 1. George Hayter, member of the Academies of Eome, 
Florence, Bologna, Parma and Venice, etc., painter-in- 
ordinary to the Queen (at St. James's Palace). 

1842, June 1. William Allan, president of the Eoyal Academy of 
Scotland and Her Majesty's limner for Scotland (ibid). 

1842, June 1. William Charles Eoss, A.E.A., miniature painter 
to the Queen (ibid). 

1842, June 1. Henry Eowley Bishop, of Albion Street, Hyde Park 


1842, Aug^. 27. Charles George Young, on his investiture as 
Garter Principal King at Arms (at Windsor Castle). 

1842, Nov. 23. Jasper Atkinson, of Portman Square, Middl. (Letters 


1843, Jan. 21. Edward Belcher, captain E.N. (same). 
1843, Apr. 1. Thomas Maitland, captain R.N. (same). 

1843, Apr. 20. Robert Oliver, captain R.N., superintendent of 
the Indian Navy (same). 

1843, May 18. Henry Vassall Webster, lieutenant-colonel (same). 

1843, Aug. 19. James Dombrain, inspector general of Coast Guard 
in Ireland (knighted by the lord lieutenant of Ireland, on 
board a cruiser in Kingstown Harbour, after an inspection 
of the Irish squadron of revenue cruisers at Kingstown, 
Dublin, erroneously supposed to have been a knight banneret 
in consequence of having been knighted under the Royal 

1843, Oct. 30. James Wyllie, M.D., in attendance on H.I.H. the 
Grand Duke Michael of Russia (at Windsor Castle). 

1843, Nov. 22. Anthony Perrier, Her Majesty's consul at Brest 

(Letters patent). 

1844, Mar. 13. James Clark Ross, F.R.S., captain R.N. (at St. 

James's Palace). 

1844, Mar. 13. Charles Fergusson Forbes, M.D., fellow of the 
Royal College of Physicians, deputy inspector general of 
Army Hospitals (ibid). 

1844, Mar. 13. George Philip Lee, lieutenant of the Yeomen of 
the Guard (ibid). 

1844, Mar. 13. Robert Nickle, colonel (ibid). 

1844, Mar. 20. William Bain, master in the Royal Navy (ibid). 

1844, Apr. 17. William Chalmers, colonel, of Glenericht, Co. Perth 
(Letters patent). 

1844, Apr. 25. Thomas Herbert Maddock, of the Bengal Civil 
Service (same). 

1844, May 13. James Annesley, of the Madras medical establish- 
ment (same). 

1844, May 23. Frederic Thesiger, solicitor general (at Bucking- 
ham Palace). 

1844, May 24. John MacNeill, LL.D., civil engineer (by the lord 
lieutenant of Ireland, on the opening of the railway from 
Dublin to Drogheda). 

1844, June 7. William Cornwallis Harris, major in the Bombay 
Corps of Civil Engineers (Letters patent). 

1844, Nov. 18. William Westbrooke, puisne judge of the Supreme 
Court of Judicature at Madras (same). 


1844, Dec. 26. Robert Schombuegh, chevalier, recently at the 

head of the expedition for exploring the boundaries of the 
Colony of British Guiana (Letters patent). 

1845, Mar. 5. John Hamclton, captain, late of Her Majesty's 

packet service (at St. James's Palace). 
1845, Mar. 12. James Cochrane, chief justice of Gibraltar (ibid). 
1845, Apr. 23. William Eele, ajudge of the Common Vleas (ibid). 
1845, Apr. 23. Thomas Joshua Platt, a baron of the Exchequer 


1845, May 7. John Macpherson Brakenbury, late consul at Cadiz 

1845, May 7. Charles Fellows, of Eussell Square (ibid). 
1845, May 7. Henry Robinson, lieutenant of Her Majesty's 
Honourable Corps of Gentlemen at Arms (ibid). 

1845 [? July] James Emerson Tennent (on his appointment as civil 
secretary to the Colonial Government of Ceylon). 

1845, Aug. 8. Rt. Hon. FitzRoy Kelly, solicitor general (at 
Buckingham Palace). 

1845, Oct. 30. John Augustus Francis Simpkinson, a Queen's 

counsel, and treasurer of Lincoln's Inn (at St. James's 

1846, Feb. 11. John Richardson, R.N., F.R.S., medical inspector 

of Hospitals and Fleets (ibid). 
1846, Feb. 11. Roderick Imply Mfrchison, fellow of the Royal 
Society, Y.P.G.S., and R.G.S., member of the Imperial 
Academy of Sciences at St. Petersburgh, corresponding 
member of the Institute of France, etc., etc. (ibid). 

1846, Mar. 12. Robert John Kane (by the lord lieutenant of 

Ireland at a meeting of the Royal Society of Dublin). 
1846, Aug. 1. John Jervis, attorney general (at Buckingham 

1846, Aug. 1. William Thomas Denison, captain, of the Royal 

Engineers, lieutenant governor of Van Diemen's Land 

1846, Aug. 19. Alfred Stephen, chief justice of New South Wales 

(Letters patent). 
1846, Sept. 2. David Pollock, chief justice of the Supreme Court 

of Judicature at Bombay (Letters patent). 

1846, Sept. 16. Edward Pink Coffin, commissary general of Her 

Majesty's Forces (same). 

1847, Feb. 4. Edward Yaughan Williams, a judge of Common 

Pleas (at Windsor Castle). 


1847, Feb. 12. Thomas Le Breton, colonel of the Eoyal Jersey 

Militia (at St. James's Palace). 
1847, Feb. 12. Henry Edward Fox Young, lieutenant governor of 

the eastern districts of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope 

1847, Feb. 24. David Dundas, solicitor general (ibid). 
1847, Feb. 24. Christopher Raw^linson, recorder of Prince of 

Wales Island, Singapore and Malacca (ibid). 
1847, Apr. 28. William Snow Harris, F.R.S. (ibid). 

1847. William Yardley, on his appointment as puisne judge, 


1848, May 17. John Romilly, M.P., solicitor general (at St. James's 

1848, May 17. John Liddell, M.D., F.R.S., medical inspector of 

Fleets and Hospitals, Royal Hospital, Greenwich (ibid). 
1848, May 17. William Bellairs, captain, senior exon of the 

Yeomen of the Guard (ibid). 
1848, May 17. Matthew Wyatt, lieutenant of the Hon. Corps of 

Gentlemen at Arms (ibid). 
1848 [? July]. Arthur William Buller, on his appointment as a 

judge of the Supreme Court, Calcutta (at Osborne). 
1848, Sept. 19. Charles Lyell, junr., F.R.S. , late president of the 

Geological Society (at Balmoral). 

1848, Dec. 9. Rt. Hon. James William Colvile, puisne justice of 

the Supreme Court of Judicature at Calcutta (Letters 

1849, Jan. 31. Elkanah Armitage, later mayor of Manchester (at 

Buckingham Palece). 
1849, Feb. 22. George William Anderson, governor of the 

Mauritius (at St. James's Palace). 
1849, Feb. 28. Thomas Seymour Sadler, senior exon of Her 

Majesty's Bodyguard of Yeomen of the Guard (ibid). 

1849, June 29. William Winniett, commander R.N., lieutenant 

governor of the Gold Coast (at Buckingham Palace). 
1849, Aug. 4 (3). William Lyons, mayor of Cork (knighted by the 

Queen on board H.M. frigate " The Fairy " yacht during 

Her Majesty's visit to Cork). 
1849, Aug. 12. William Gillilan Johnson, mayor of Belfast (by 

the Queen on the occasion of Her Majesty's visit to Belfast). 
1849, Aug. James Anderson, lord provost of Glasgow (by the Queen 

on the occasion of Her Majesty's visit to Glasgow). 
1849, Oct. 19. Edward McDonnel, merchant, of Dublin, chairman 

of the Great Southern and Western Railway of Ireland 

(knighted by the lord lieutenant of Ireland on the opening 

of the said railway to Cork). 


1849, Dec. 29. William Jeffcott, recorder of Prince of Wales 

Island, Singapore and Malacca (Letters patent). 

1850, Jan. 30. Thomas Noon Talfourd, one of the judges of 

Common Pleas (at Windsor Castle). 
1850, July 3. John Watson Gordon, limner to the Queen for 

Scotland, and president of the Royal Scottish Academy (at 

St. James's Palace). 
1850, July 3. Charles Hastings, M.D. (ibid). 
1850, July 3. Robert Carswell, M.D., physician to the king of the 

Belgians (ibid). 
1850, July 3. Edwin Landseer, royal academician (ibid). 
1850, July 12 (?Aug. 14). Alexander James Edmund Cockburn, 

on his appointment as solicitor general (at Buckingham 

1850, Aug. 14. Robert Stanford [of the Cape of Good Hope]. 
1850 Aug. 19. Benjamin Fonseca Outram, of Hanover Square, 

Middlesex, M.D., retired inspector of Hospitals and Fleets 

(Letters patent). 
1850, Oct. 14. Frederick Ashworth, major general (by the lord 

lieutenant of Ireland). 
1850, Nov. 13. Samuel Martin, a baron of the Exchequer (at 

Windsor Castle). 

1850, Nov. 13. Charles Lock Eastlake, president of the Royal 

Academy (ibid). 

1851, Feb. 3. James William Morrison, late dep. master and 

worker of the Mint (at Buckingham Palace). 
1851, Feb. 3. Alexander Bannerman, lieutenant governor of 

Prince Edward's Island (ibid). 
1851, Feb. 3. James Meek, late comptroller of the Victualling and 

Transport Services in the Admiralty (ibid). 
1851, Feb. 26. John Thomas Briggs, accountant general of the 

Navy (at St. James's Palace). 
1851, Mar. 26. John Kerle Haberfield, mayor of Bristol (ibid). 
1851, Apr. 14. George James Turner, a vice chancellor (at 

Buckingham Palace). 
1851, Apr. 14. William Page Wood, M.P., solicitor general (ibid). 
1851, May 28. James Tyler, lieutenant of Her Majesty's Hon. 

Corps of Gentlemen at Arms (at St. James's Palace). 
1851, July 17. Robert Walter Garden, sheriff of London and 

Middl. (at Buckingham Palace). 
1851, July 17. George Edmund Hodgkinson, sheriff of London 

and Middl. (ibid). 
1851, Aug. 7. John Hindm.\rsii, captain R.N., lieutenant governor 

of Heligoland (ibid). 


1851, Aug. 28. Rt. Hon. "William Johnston, of Kirkliill, lord 
provost of Edinburgh (at Holyrood Palace, on the occasion 
of the Queen's visit to Edinburgh). 

1851, Oct. 9. John Bent, mayor of Liverpool (at the Town Hall, 

1851, Oct. 10. John Potter, of Buile Hill, Co. Lanes., mayor of 
Manchester (at Manchester). 

1851, Oct. 23. Rt. Hon. Richard Torin Kindersley, a vice- 
chancellor (at Windsor Castle). 

1851, Oct. 23. James Parker, a vice-chancellor (ibid). 

1851, Oct. 23. Joseph Paxton, fellow of the Linnsean Society, 
Horticultural Society, and the Society of Arts (ibid). 

1851, Oct. 23. Charles Eox, of New Street, Spring Gardens, Co. 
Middl. (ibid). 

1851, Oct. 23. William Cubitt, fellow of the Royal Society 


1852, Feb. 11. Charles Barry, architect, royal academician, fellow 

of the Royal Society, the Society of Arts, and the Institute 

of British Architects, etc., etc. (ibid). 
1852, Eeb. 25. Charles Nicholson, M.D., and speaker of the 

Legislative Council of New South Wales (Letters patent). 
1852, Feb. 26. Charles Crompton, a judge of the Queen's Bench 

(at St. James's Palace). 
1852, Feb. 26. George Goodman, mayor of Leeds (ibid). 
1852, Mar. 24. John Dorney Harding, D.C.L., advocate in Doctor's 

Commons, and of the Inner Temple, baiTister-at-law, 

advocate general (ibid). 

1852, June 10. William Bartholomew Hackett, mayor of Cork 
(by the lord lieutenant of Ireland on the opening of the 
Irish National Exhibition of Industry in Cork). 

1852, June 30. John Kincaid, late captain in the Rifle Brigade, 
and senior exon of the Yeomen of the Guard (at Buckingham 

1852, Nov. 19. William A'Beckett, chief justice of the Colony of 
Victoria (Letters patent). 

1852, Dec. 2. Charles Robert Mitchell Jackson, puisne judge 

of the Supreme Court of Judicature at Bombay (Letters 

1853, May 12. John Benson, architect of the great Dublin 

Industrial Exhibition (by the lord lieutenant of Ireland 
on the opening of the said^ Exhibition). 

1853, June 13. John Stuart, a vice-chancellor (at Buckingham 

1853, June 13. Richard Bethell, M.P., solicitor general (ibid). 


1853, June 13. Joseph Francis Olliffe, M.D., physician to Her 
Majesty's Embassy at Paris (At Biickingliam Palace). 

1853, Aug. 8. John Forbes, M.D., D.C.L., and F.E.S., physician to 
Her Majesty's Household, and physician extraordinary to 
H.R.H. the prince Albert (ibid). 

1853, Aug. 8. James Lomax Baedslet, M.D., of Manchester (ibid), 

1853, Oct. 31. CusAC Patrick Eoney, secretary of the Dublin 
Industrial Exhibition (by the lord lieutenant of Ireland on 
the occasion of the closing of the Dublin Industrial 

1853, Nov. 25. Stephen Bartlett Lakeman, captain, late com- 
mander of Lakeman's Waterkloof Rangers, Cape of Good 
Hope (at Windsor Castle). 

1853, Dec. 9. Archibald Bogle, lieutenant colonel of the East 

India Company's Bengal establishment, civil commissioner 
in the Tenasserim and Martaban Provinces (by Letters 

1854, Feb. 16. John Bowring, LL.D., governor, commander-in- 

chief and vice admiral of Hong Kong and its Dependencies, 
plenipotentiary and chief superintendent of British trade 
in China (at Buckingham Palace). 

1854, Feb. 22. John Kingston James, of No. 8, Hertford Street, 
Mayfair, eldest son of Sir John Kingston James, bart. (at 
St. James's Palace). 

1854, Feb. 22. John Bernard Burke, Ulster king of arms (by the 
lord lieutenant of Ireland at Dublin Castle). 

1854, May 3. Eichard Budden Crowder, a judge of Common Pleas 
(at St. James's Palace). 

1854, May 3. Samuel Bignold, of Norwich, mayor of Norwich, 
deputy lieutenant and magistrate of Co. Norfolk 

(At St. James's Palace). 

1854, June 9. Frederick Abbott, lieutenant colonel, late of the 
Bengal Engineers, lieutenant governor of the East India 
Company's Military College at Addiscombe (ibid). 

1854, June 9. George Maclean, commissary general to Her 
Majesty's Forces (ibid). 

1854, June 9. Abraham Josias Cloete, colonel, deputy quarter- 
master general to the Forces, Cape of Good Hope (ibid). 

1854, Aug. 14. William Ogle Carr, chief justice of the Supreme 
Court of Ceylon (Letters patent). 

1854, Oct. 14. Henry Cooper, mayor of Kingston-upon-Hull, M.D. 
of the University of London, and fellow of the Eoyal College 
of Surgeons (on the pier at Hull). 


1854, Nov. 14. John vSpencer Login, of the East India Company's 

Bengal Medical Service, superintendent of His Highness 
the Maharajah Duleep Singh (at Windsor Castle). 

1855, Feb. 28. Eichard Graves MacDonnell, captain general, 

and governor-in-chief of South Australia (at Buckingham 
1855, May 1. Henry Muggeridge, sheriff of London and Middl. 
(at Buckingham Palace). 

1855, May 1. Charles Decimus Crosley, sheriff of London and 

Middl. (ihid). 
1855, May 22. Thomas Tobin, president of the Athenaeum (at 

Cork by the lord lieutenant of Ireland, on the occasion of 

the inauguration of the Athenaeum of Cork). 
1855, May 22. John Gordon, mayor of Cork (same occasion by 

1855, Aug. 14 (?13). James Shaw Willes, a judge of Common 

Pleas (at Osborne). 

1855, Nov. 21. Robert John le Mesurier McClure, captain E.N. 

(at Windsor Castle for services in the Arctic regions). 

1856, Jan. 30 (Feb. 28). George William Wilshere Bramwell, 

a baron of the Court of Exchequer (at Buckingham Palace). 
1856, Jan. 30. William Carpenter Eowe, chief justice of Ceylon 

1856, Jan. 30. Matthew R. Sausse, puisne judge at Bombay (ihid). 
1856, Jan. 30. William Edmond Logan, director of the Geological 

Survey of Canada (ihid). 
1856, Jan. 30. Peter Benson Maxwell, recorder of Prince of 

Wales Island (ihid). 

1856, Jan. 30. Eichard Bolton McCausland, recorder of Singapore 

1856, Feb. 20. Thomas Blaikie, provost of the City of Aberdeen 

(at St, James's Palace). 

1856, Mar. 12. William Macarthur, of Camden Park, New South 
Wales (at St. James's Palace). 

1856, Mar. 12. Hugh Lyon Playfair, H.E.C.S., provost of St. 

Andrews (ihid). 
1856, Apr. 4. William Henry Holmes, of the Civil Service, British 

Guiana, late special commissioner from British Guiana to 

the Paris Exhibition of 1855 (at Buckingham Palace). 
1856, July 2. Valentine Fleming, chief justice of the Supreme 

Court of Tasmania (Letters patent). 
1856, July 2. Dominick Daly, lieutenant governor of Prince 

Edward Island (Letters patent). 


1856, Nov. 28. William Henry Watson, a baron of tlie Exchequer 

(at Windsor Castle). 
1856, Nov. 28. Henry Davison, of tlie Inner Temple, barrister-at- 

law (ibid). 
1856, Nov. 28. Benjamin Chilley Campbell Pine, governor and 

commander-in-cbief of Her Majesty's Forts and Settlements 

on the Gold Coast (ibid). 
1856, Nov. 28. William Brooke O'Shaughnessy, F.R.S., surgeon 

in the Bengal Army (ibid). 

1856, Nov. 28. Rowland Macdonald Stephenson, civil engineer, of 

Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park and late of Calcutta 

(At Windsor Castle). 

1857, June 18. Charles Cooper, chief justice of the Supreme Court 

of South Australia (at St. James's Palace). 

1857, June 18. William Fry Channell, a baron of the Exchequer 

1857, June 18. Henry Singer Keating, solicitor general (ibid). 

1857, June 30. James Watts, Abney Hall, Co. Chester, mayor of 
Manchester (at Manchester). 

1857, July 10. Charles Justin MacCarthy, colonial secretary of 
the Island of Ceylon (Letters patent). 

1857, July 13. William Foster Stawell, chief justice of the 
Colony of Victoria (same). 

1857, July 13. James Frederick Palmer, president of the Legisla- 
tive Council of the Colony of Victoria (same). 

1857, July 13. Daniel Cooper, speaker of the Legislative Assembly 

of New South Wales (same). 

1858, Feb. 3. William Hodges, chief justice of the Cape of Good 

Hope (at Buckingham Palace). 
1858, Feb. 18. William Topham, of Her Majesty's Hon. Corps of 

Gentlemen at Arms (at St. James's Palace). 
1858, Feb. 18. Benjamin Travell Phillips, major general, lieu- 
tenant of the Yeomen of the Guard (ibid). 
1858, Feb. 18. George Deas, Hon., one of the senators of the 

College of Justice, sometime solicitor general for Scotland 

1858, Feb. 18. Andrew Orr, lord provost of the City of Glasgow 

1858, Feb. 18. William Montagu Manning, LL.D., barrister of 

Lincoln's Inn, member of the Executive Council of New 

South Wales, and one of Her Majesty's counsed for that 

Colony (ibid). 
1858, Mar. 12. Kichard Dry, late speaker of the Legislative 

Council of Tasmania (Letters patent dated Mar. 16). 


1858, Mar. 17. Hugh MacCalmont Cairns, solicitor general (at St. 

James's Palace). 
1858, Apr. 14. John Barnard Byles, a judge of Common Pleas 

1858, Apr. 28. Adam Bittleston, judge of the Supreme Court of 

Judicature of Madras (ihid). 
1858, May 7. Henry Watson Parker, late first minister and 

principal secretary for New South Wales (at Buckingham 

1858, June 11. William Rae, M.D., inspector of Hospitals and 

Fleets, Royal Navy (at St. James's Palace). 
1858, June 11. James Prior, deputy inspector of Hospitals and 

Fleets, Royal Navy (ihid). 
1858, June 15. John Ratcliff, of Wyddrington, Co. Warwick., 

mayor of Birmingham (at the Town Hall, Birmingham). 
1858, Aug. 30. Frederic Hughes, late a captain in the 7th 

Regiment of Madras Light Cavalry (Letters patent). 
1858, Sept. 2. John William Fisher, chief surgeon to the Metro- 
politan Police (at Osborne). 
1858, Sept. 4. Charles Tilston Bright, C.E., engineer of the 

Atlantic telegraph (by the lord lieutenant of Ireland). 
1858, Sept. 7. Peter Fairbairn, of Woodsley House, Co. York., 

mayor of Leeds (at Leeds, on the occasion of the opening of 

the Town Hall, Leeds). 
1858, Nov. 12. Henry John Brownrigg, inspector general of 

Constabulary in Ireland (at Dublin by the lord lieutenant of 

1858, Nov. 13. Etienne Paschal Tache, colonel, of Montgomery, 

Canada (at Windsor Castle). 
1858, Nov. 26. Charles Clifford, speaker of the House of Repre- 
sentatives of the Colony of New Zealand (Letters patent). 
1858, Dec. 13. William Arrindell, chief justice of the Colony of 

British Guiana (same). 

1858, Dec. 30. Mordaunt Lawson Wells, judge of the Supreme 

Court at Calcutta (at Windsor Castle). 

1859, Jan. 13. James Buchanan Macaulay, some time chief justice 

of Common Pleas for Canada, West (Letters patent dated 

Jan. 20). 
1859, Feb. 2. Joseph Arnould, puisne judge of the Supreme Court 

at Bombay (at Buckingham Palace). 
1859, Feb. 23. William George Armstrong, D.C.L., LL.D., 

F.R.S., engineer to the War Office for Rifled Ordnance; 

inventor of Armstrong gun. 
1859, Apr. 13. Brenton Halliburton, chief justice of Nova Scotia 

(Letters patent dated Apr. 14). 


1859, Apr. 18. Hugh Hill, a judge of the Queen's Bench (at 

Buckingham Palace). 
1859, May 26. Barnes Peacock, chief justice of the Supreme Court 

of Judicature at Calcutta (Letters patent dated May 30). 
1859, June 25. Alexander Dundas Arbutiinott, vice admiral (at 

St. James's Palace). 
1859, June 25. Hercules George Robert Robinson, governor of 

Hong Kong (ibid). 
1859, June 25. Stephenson Villiers Surtees, chief justice of the 

Island of Mauritius (ibid). 
1859, July 6. William Byam, president of the Council of Antigua 

(Letters patent dated July 11). 
1859, July 6. "William Snagg, chief justice of Antigua and Mont- 

serrat (Letters patent dated July 12). 
1859, July 23. John Thomas, speaker of the House of Assembly of 

Barbados (Letters patent dated July 27). 
1859, Aug. 22. Edward Hay Drummond Hay, governor of the 

Island of St. Helena (Letters patent dated Sept. 2). 
1859, Oct. 12. James Carter, chief justice of the Supreme Court 

of New Brunswick (Letters patent dated Oct. 18). 

1859, Oct. 15. Rt. Hon. John Melville, lord provost of Edinburgh 
(at Holyrood Palace). 

1859, Nov. 10. John Arnott, mayor of Cork, M.P. (by the lord 
lieutenant of Ireland on the occasion of laying the founda- 
tion stone of the bridge over the Lee). 

1859, Nov. 15. Bryan Edwards, chief justice of Jamaica (Letters 

patent dated Nov. 21). 

1860, Feb. 23. William Atherton, M.P., solicitor general (at St. 

James's Palace). 
1860, Feb. 23. Francis Leopold McClintock, captain R.N., LL.D., 
commander of the Arctic (Fox) Expedition (ibid). 

1860, Mar. 28. Henry James, colonel, of the Royal Engineers, 

director of the Ordnance Survey and of the Topographical 

and Statistical Department of the War Office (ibid). 
1860, Mar. 28. Edward Shepherd Creasy, chief justice of Ceylon 

1860, Apr. 24. Colin Blackburn, one of the judges of the Queen's 

Bench (ibid). 
1860, Apr. 24. James Plaisted Wilde, a baron of the Exchequer 

1860, May 24. William Martin, late chief justice of New Zealand 

(Letters patent). 
1860, May 24. Francis Brady, chief justice of Newfoundland 



1860, May 24. James Hurtle Fisher, president of the Legislative 
Council, South Australia (same). 

1860, May 24. Ciiristoffel Josepiius Brand, speaker of the 
House of Assembly of the Cape of Good Hope (same dated 
June 7). 

1860, May 24. Francis Murphy, speaker of the House of Assembly 
of Victoria (same dated June 8). 

1860, May 24. Redmond Barry, senior puisne judge of Victoria 

1860, May 24. Thomas Maclear, astronomer royal at the Cape of 

Good Hope (same dated June 11). 

1860, May 24. Walter Currie, commandant of the Armed 
Mounted Police at the Cape of Good Hope (same dated 
June 12). 

1860, June 13. George Burdett L'Estrange, gentleman usher of 
the Black Eod (by the lord lieutenant of Ireland). 

1860, June 19. John Nodes Dickinson, first puisne judge of the 
Supreme Court of New South Wales (Letters patent). 

1860, June 20. William Lockyer Freestun, colonel (at St. James's 

1860, June 20. James Eanald Martin, F.R.S., physician to the 

Secretary of State for India in Council, and surgeon in the 

Bengal Army, retired (ibid). 

1860, Aug. 21. Narcisse Fortunat Belleau, speaker of the 

Legislative Assembly of Canada (at the Parliament House, 

Quebec, by the prince of Wales, under authority of Letters 

patent granted for that purpose). 
1860, Aug. 21. Henry Smith, speaker of the Commons House, 

Canada {ibid by same). 
1860, Aug. 23. Stuart Alexander Donaldson, formerly principal 

secretary to the Government of New South Wales (Letters 

1860, Oct. 26. Charles Sargent, member of the Supreme Council 

of Justice of the Ionian Islands (at Windsor Castle). 
1860, Dec. 10. Jean Edouard Remono, first puisne judge of the 

Supreme Court of the Island of Mauritius (Letters patent 

dated Dec. 18). 

1860, Dec. 10. Andrev^^ Scott Waugh, lieutenant colonel, Bengal 

Engineers, superintendent of Trigonometrical Survey, and 
surveyor general of India (Letters patent dated Dec. 19). 

1861, Feb. 4. Arthur Cotton, colonel-commandant, Her Majesty's 

Madras Engineers (at Buckingham Palace). 


1861, Feb. 14. Richard Charles Kirbt, late accountant general 
of the War Department (at St. James's Palace). 

1861, Mar. 13. George Everest, colonel, F.R.S., of the Bengal 
Artillery, formerly superintendent of the Great Trigono- 
metrical Survey, and surveyor general of India, on the 
retired list (ihid). 

1861, Mar. 13. Collet Harman Scotland, chief justice of Madras 

1861, Aug. 5. Roundell Palmer, solicitor general (at Osborne). 

1861, Aug. 9. Edward Coey, mayor of Belfast (by the lord 
lieutenant of Ireland, on his visit to the Botanical Gardens, 

1861, Nov. 14. Patrick MacChombaich de Colquhoun, LL.D., 

chief justice of the Ionian Islands (at Windsor Castle). 

1862, Feb. 28. Edmund Grimani Hornby, judge of the Supreme 

Consular Court at Constantinople (Letters patent). 

1862, May 30. Walter Frederic Crofton, captain, R.A., chair- 
man of the Directors of Government Prisons (by the lord 
lieutenant of Ireland at the Yice-Regal Lodge). 

1862, June 11. John Mellor, a justice of the Queen's Bench 

(Letters patent). 
1862, July 18. George Alfred Arney, chief justice of the Supreme 

Court of New Zealand (same). 
1862, July 18. Francis Smith, judge of the Supreme Court of 

Tasmania (same). 
1862, Sept. 16. Charles Augustus Hartley, the civil engineer 

employed by the European Commission for the improvement 

of the navigation of the Danube (same). 
1862, Sept. 17. Robert Joseph Phillimore, Q.C, Queen's advocate 

general (same). 
1862, Oct. 31. Gabriel Pierre Jules Fropier, of the Island of 

Mauritius (same). 

1862, Dec. 11. Luke Smithett, of Dover, Co. Kent, one of the 

justices of the peace for the borough of Dover (same). 

1863, May 30. Francis Richard Sandford (Letters patent dated 

June 8). 

1863, June 30. John Gray, M.D., of Charleville House, Rathmines, 
Co. Dublin, chairman of the Waterworks Committee of 
the Dublin Corporation, " in special recognition of the 
indefatigable zeal and high ability evinced by the chairman 
of the Waterworks Committee throughout the whole 

5rogress of the undertaking" (by the lord lieutenant of 


1863, Aug. 10. James Coxe, of Kinellen, Co. Edinburgh, doctor of 
medicine, one of the commissioners of the General Board 
of Lunacy for Scotland (Letters patent). 

1863, Aug. 10. GoLDSvvoiiTHY Gurnet, of Bude, Co. Cornwall 

1863, Oct. 13. Alexander Anderson, lord provost of Aberdeen (at 
Aberdeen on the occasion of unveiling the statue of prince 

1863, Nov. 1. GiLLERY PiGOTT, a baron of the Exchequer (Letters 

1863, Nov. 23. Egbert Porrett Collier, M.P., solicitor general 
(at Windsor Castle). 

1863, Nov. 23. Peter Stafford Carey, bailiff of Guernsey (ibid). 

1864, Jan. 28. William Eobert Wills Wilde, fellow of the Eoyal 

College of Surgeons in Ireland, surgeon-oculist-in-ordinary 
to Her Majesty in Ireland, and vice-president of the Koyal 
Irish Academy, " not so much in consideration of high 
professional reputation, which is European, as to mark the 
sense of services rendered to statistical science, especially 
in connection with the Irish Census " (by the lord lieutenant 
of Ireland). 

1864, June 10. William Shee, a judge of the Queen's Bench (at 
Windsor Castle). 

1864, Aug. 30. David Eoss, lord provost of Perth (at Perth on the 
occasion of the unveiling the statue of prince Consort). 

1864, Nov. 30. Thomas Henry, chief magistrate at Bow Street (at 

Windsor Castle). 

1865, Eeb. 11. Alexander Taylor, doctor of medicine (Letters 


1865, Feb. 21. George Clendining O'Donnell, eldest son of Sir 
Eichard Annesley O'Donnell, bart., of Newport House, 
Co. Mayo (by the lord lieutenant of Ireland, the said knight- 
hood having been claimed in accordance with a privilege 
pertaining to the heir of the said baronetcy under the terms 
of a clause in the patent of baronetcy granted in 1780 to 
Neale O'Donnell). 

1865, May 18. Montague Edward Smith, a justice of Common 
Pleas (at Windsor Castle). 

1865, May 18. John Thwaites, chairman of the Metropolitan 
Board of Works (ibid). 

1865, Aug. 14. John How^ley, Q.C, the Queen's first serjeant in 
Ireland, late chainnan of the County of Tipperary (by the 
lord lieutenant at the Vice-regal Lodge). 


1865, Nov. 20. Robert Lush, serjeant-at-law, a justice of Queen's 

Bench (at Windsor Castle). 
1^65, Nov. 20. Edward Hilditch, M.D., inspector general of 

Hospitals and Fleets (ibid). 

1865, Nov. 20. John Campbell Lees, late chief justice of the 

Bahamas (ibid). 

1866, Feb. 10. David Munro (Monro), M.D., late speaker of the 

House of Representatives, New Zealand (Letters patent 

dated Feb. 13). 
1866, Mar. 24. Francis Grant, president of the Royal Academy of 

Arts (at Buckingham Palace). 
1866, June 13. Richard Couch, chief justice of Her Majesty's 

High Court of Judicature at Bombay (Letters patent dated 

June 18). 
1866, June 13. Walter Morgan, chief justice of Her Majesty's 

High Court of Judicature for the North-western Provinces 

of the Presidency of Fort William, in Bengal (Letters 

patent dated June 19). 
1866, July 26. William Bovill, M.P., Q.C, solicitor general (at 

1866, Nov. 10. John Rolt, attorney general (at Windsor Castle). 
1866, Nov. 10. Samuel Canning (ibid). 
1866, Nov. 10. William Thomson, LL.D., F.R.S., professor of 

Natural Philosophy in the University of Glasgow (ibid). 
1866, Nov. 10. James Anderson, captain (ibid). 
1866, Nov. 10. Samuel White Baker (ibid). 
1866, Nov. 26. Richard Atwood Glass (Letters patent). 
1866, Nov. 30. John Morris, mayor of Wolverhampton (at 

1866, Dec. 12. William Hackett, recorder of Prince of Wales 

Island (at Windsor Castle on his appointment as chief 

justice for Penang). 
1866, Dec. 28. John Burgess Karslake, solicitor general (at 


1866, Dec. 28. I3enjamin Samuel Phillips, alderman and late lord 

mayor of London (ibid). 

1867, Feb. 2. Richard Malins, a vice-chancellor (ibid). 

1867, Mar. 26. Henry Mangles Deniiam, rear-admiral, F.R.S. (at 

Windsor Castle). 
1867, Mar. 26. George Harvey, president of the Royal Scottish 

Academy (ibid). 
1867, Mar. 26. Charles Henry Pennell (ibid). 
1867, Mar. 26. Joseph Noel Paton, R.S.A., Her Majesty's Limner 

for Scotland (ibid). 


1867, July 27. William Mitchell, editor and proprietor of the 

"Shipping and Mercantile Gazette" (Letters patent). 
1867, Aug. 3. Henry Thompson, F.E.C.S. (at Osborne). 
1867, Aug. 3. William Hknry Bodkin, assistant judge of the 

Court of Sessions, Middl. (ibid). 
1867, Aug. 3. John Iles Mantell, late chief justice of Her Majesty's 

settlements in the Gambia (ibid). 
1867, Aug. 3. William Anderson Rose, alderman of the City of 

London (ibid). 
1867, Aug. 3. Sydney Hedley Waterlow, of Fairseat House, 

Highgate, alderman and sheriff of London and Middlesex 

(at Osborne). 
1867, Aug. 3. Francis Lycett, sheriff of London and Middlesex 

1867, Aug. 3. Charles Jasper Selwyn, M.P., solicitor general 

1867, Aug. 19. Harry St. George Ord, colonel, lieutenant colonel 

in the Corps of Eoyal Engineers, governor and commander- 
in-chief of the Straits Settlements (Letters patent). 
1867, Aug. 31. John Brown, of Endcliffe Hall, parish of Sheffield, 

West Riding of Co. York (same). 
1867, Aug. 31. Joseph Neale McKenna, of Ardo House, parish of 

Ardmore, Co. Waterford (same). 
1867, Nov. 4. Travers Twiss, D.C.L., advocate general (at Windsor 

1867, Dec. 11. John Paul Hopkins, major, governor of the Military 

Knights of Windsor (ibid). 
1867, Dec. 11. John Henry Cooke, lieutenant colonel, lieutenant 

of the Yeomen of the Guard (ibid). 

1867, Dec. 20. Arthur Edward Kennedy, governor-in-chief of the 

West African Settlements (at Osborne). 

1868, Jan. 17. Charles Lanyon, of the Abbey, White Abbey, Co. 

Antrim, a justice of the Peace, Co. Antrim, M.P. for Belfast, 
president of the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland, 
and a Royal Hibernian Academician (by the lord lieutenant 
of Ireland). 

1868, Jan. 17. Richard John Theodore Orpen, president of the 
Incorporated Society of Attorneys and Solicitors of Ireland 
(by same). 

1868, Jan. 30. Charles Wheatstone, F.R.S. (at Osborne). 

1868, Feb. 29. William Baliol Brett, M.P., solicitor general 

1868, May 14. Rt. Hon. George Markham Giffard, a vice- 
chancellor (at Windsor Castle). 


1868, May 14. James Haxxex, one of the justices of Her Majesty's 

Court of Queen's Bench (At Windsor Castle). 
1868, May 14. Rt. Hon. William Carroll, M.D., lord mayor of 

Dublin (ihidj. 
1868, July 7. Thomas Tilson, of Clapham Park (ibid). 
1868, July 7. William Charles Hood, M.D. (ibid). 
1868, Aug. 29. Andrew Fairbairn, of Woodsley House, Leeds, 

West Eiding, Co. York., mayor of Leeds (Letters patent). 
1868, Aug. 29. Frederick Arrow, of Pilgrims Hall, Co. Essex, 

deputy master of the Trinity House, London (Letters 

1868, Aug. 29. Edavard William Watkin, of Northenden, Co. 

Palatine of Chester (same). 
1868, Nov. 3. James Lumsden, of Arden, Co. Dumbarton., lord 

provost of the City of Glasgow (same). 
1868, Nov. 13. John Barrixgton, a deputy lieutenant for the 

county of the City of Dublin, and lord mayor of that city 

in the year 1865 (by the lord lieutenant of Ireland). 
1868, Nov, 13. Edward Eeid, of The Elms, Londonderry, mayor of 

that city (by same). 
1868, Dec. 1. Charles Henry Firth, of Heckmondwike, near 

Leeds, West Eiding, Yorks (Letters patent). 

1868, Dec. 5. Peter Tait, of South Hill, Limerick, mayor of 

Limerick in the years 1866, 1867, and 1868, and a deputy 

lieutenant of the said city (by the lord lieutenant of 

1868, Dec. 7. Philip Francis, judge of the Supreme Consular 

Court at Constantinople (Letters patent). 
1868, Dec. 9. Anthony Cleasby, a baron of the Exchequer (at 

Windsor Castle). 
1868, Dec. 9. Eichard Baggallay, solicitor general (ibid). 
1868, Dec. 9. Louis Mallet, assistant secretary to the Board 

of Trade (ibid). 
1868, Dec. 9. George Hayes, one of the justices of Her Majesty's 

Court of Queen's Bench (ibid). 

1868, Dec. 12. John Duke Coleridge, M.P., solicitor general (^i6i'// 

1869, Jan. 14. Matthew Digby Wyatt, (at Osborne). 

1869, Feb. 4. William Milbourne James, a vice-chancellor (ibid). 
1869, Feb. 8. William Young, chief justice and president of the 

Legislative Council of the Province of Nova Scotia (Letters 


1869, Feb. 13. Hugh William Hoyles, chief justice of the Colony 
of Newfoundland (same). 


1869, Mar. 7. Egbert Hodgson, chief justice of the Island of 
Prince Edward (Letters patent). 

1869, Apr. 1. Charles Farquiiar Shand, chief justice of the 
Island of Mauritius (Letters patent dated Apr. 3). 

1869, Apr. 14. Michael Costa (at Windsor Castle). 

1869, May 4. James Martin, late first minister and attorney 
general in the Colony of New South Wales (Letters patent 
dated May 5). 

1869, May 4. Robert Officer, speaker of the House of Assembly 
of the Colony of Tasmania (Letters patent dated May 7). 

1869, May 4. Terence Aubrey Murray, president of the Legisla- 
tive Council of the Colony of New South Wales (Letters 
patent dated May 6). 

1869, July 9. William Tite, M.P., F.R.S. (at Windsor Castle). 

1869, July 9. Thomas Duffus Hardy, deputy keeper of the Public 
Eecords (ibid). 

1869, July 9. James Meek, sometime lord mayor of York (ibid). 

1869, July 9. Richard Davies Hanson, chief justice of the Colony 

of South Australia (ibid). 
1869, July 9. Joseph Heron, town clerk of Manchester (ibid). 
1869, July 9. Peter Coats, of Paisley, N.B. (ibid). 
1869, July 29. James Cockle, chief justice of the Supreme Court of 

the Colony of Queensland (Letters patent). 
1869, Aug. 7. William Wright, of Sigglesthorne Hall, chairman 

of the directors of the Dock Company at Hull (at Osborne). 
1869, Sept. 6. William Richard Drake, of Oatlands Lodge, Co. 

Surrey (Letters patent). 
1869, Oct. 9. Sidney Smith Bell, chief justice of the Supreme 

Court of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope (Letters 

1869, Nov. 11. Albert William Woods, Garter Principal King of 

Arms (at Windsor Castle). 
1869, Nov. 11. James Alderson, M.D., F.R.S., president of the 

Royal College of Physicians (ibid). 
1869, Nov. 11. Roger Therry, many years a judge of the Supreme 

Court of New South Wales (ibid). 
1869, Nov. 11. Thomas Gibbons Frost, of Dolcorsllwyn, Cemmaes, 

Co. Montgomery, and of Redcliff, Co. Chester, late mayor of 

Chester (ibid). 
1869, Nov. 11. William Fothergill Cooke, for great and special 

services in connexion with the practical introduction of the 

electric telegraph (ibid). 


1869, Dec. 11. Joseph Causton, alderman and sheriff of London 
and sheriff of Co. Middlesex (At Windsor Castle). 

1869, Dec. 11. James Vallentin, sheriff of the City of London and 

county of Middlesex (ibid). 

1870, Feb. 26. John LrciE Smith, chief justice of the Island of 

Jamaica (Letters patent). 
1870, Mar. 12. Michael Egberts Westeopp, chief justice of Her 

Majesty's High Court of Judicature at Bombay (Letters 

1870, Mar. 31. Francis Eonalds, in consideration of his having 

been the original inventor of the electric telegraph (at 

Windsor Castle). 
1870, Apr. 30. John Morphett, president of the Legislative Council 

of the colony of South Australia (Letters patent). 
1870, Apr. 30. George Strickland Kingston, speaker of the House 

of Assembly of the Colony of South Australia (same). 
1870, May 18. William Brown, late accountant general in the 

War Department (at Windsor Castle). 
1870, June 4. James McCulloch, chief secretary to the Govern- 
ment in the Colony of Victoria (Letters patent). 
1870, June 23. John Henry Briggs, late chief clerk of the 

Admiralty (at Windsor Castle). 
1870, June 23. Antonio Brady, late superintendent of contracts at 

the Admiralty (ibid). 
1870, Aug. 9. Et. Hon. George Mellish, a judge of the Court of 

Appeal in Chancery (at Osborne). 
1870, Aug. 9. Daniel Adolphus Lange (ibid). 
1870, Aug. 17. Edward Smirke, vice-warden of the Stannaries (at 

1870, Nov. 3. Edward Kenny, late president of the Privy Council 

of the Dominion of Canada (Letters patent). 
1870, Nov. 29. James Pennethorne, late architect to the Board of 

Works and of the Woods and Forests (at Windsor Castle). 

1870, Nov. 29. Llewellyn Turner, deputy constable of Carnarvon 

Castle (ibid). 

1871, Jan. 14. James Bacon, a vice-chancellor (at Osborne). 
1871, Jan. 14. John Maclean, of Pallingswick Lodge, Hammer- 
smith, deputy auditor of the War Office (ibid). 

1871, Feb. 8. William Harrison Walker, captain, senior pro- 
fessional member of the Harbour and Marine Department 
of the Board of Trade (at Windsor Castle). 

1871, Feb. 13. Charles Eouert Turner, late senior master of Her 
Majesty's Court of Queen's Bench at Westminster (Letters 


1871, Mar. 6. Maurice Charles O'Connell, president of the 

Legislative Council of the Colony of Queensland (Letters 

1871, Mar. 24. William Boxall, E.A., D.C.L., director of the 

National Gallery (at Windsor Castle). 
1871, Mar. 24. George Elvey, doctor of music (ibid). 
1871, Mar. 24. William Sterndale Bennett, D.C.L., doctor of 

music (ibid). 
1871, Mar. 24. Julius Benedict (At Windsor Castle). 

1871, June 21. Francis Hicks, treasurer of St. Thomas's Hospital 

(on the occasion of the opening of said Hospital). 
1871, June 29. John Wickens, a vice-chancellor (at Windsor 

1871, July 24. Hugh Allan, of Eavenscrag, Co. Montreal, Canada 

(Letters patent). 
1871, July 28. Francis Pettit Smith, curator of the Patent Office 

Museum, South Kensington (at Osborne). 
1871, July 28. James Jell Chalk, barrister-at-law, secretary to 

the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England (ibid). 

1871, Oct. 3.* Robert Stuart, one of Her Majesty's counsel, chief 

justice of Her Majesty's High Court of Judicature for the 
North-Western Provinces of the Presidency of Fort 
William, in Bengal (Letters patent). 

1872, Feb. 21. William Egbert Grove, a judge of the Court of 

Common Pleas (at Osborne). 

1872, Feb. 21. George Jessel, solicitor general (ibid). 

1872, Feb. 21. Oliver Nugent, president of the Legislative 
Council of Antigua (ibid). 

1872, Feb. 28. Egbert Prescott Stewart, Mus. Doc, of Holyrood, 
Bray, Co. Wicklow, professor of music in the University of 
Dublin (by the lord lieutenant of Ireland at Dublin Castle 
before the levee). 

1872, Mar. 14. John Coode, chief engineer of the Portland Break- 
water (at Buckingham Palace). 

1872, Mar. 14. Joseph Cowen, M.P., alderman, of Newcastle-on- 
Tyne, in recognition of his services as chairman of the Eiver 
Tyne Commissioners (ibid). 

1872, Mar. 14. Peter Spokes, late mayor of Eeading (ibid). 

1872, Mar. 14. John Eose Cormack, M.D. of the Universities of 
Paris and Edinburgh, physician to the Hertford British 
Hospital of Paris, and late surgeon to the Ambulance 
Anglaise at Paris (ibid). 

*ln August, 1871, knighthood was offered to John Campbell, of Dublin, on the ocsasion of the visit of 
the Prince of Wales, but was declined. 


1872, Mar. 14. John Gilbert, A.R.A., president of the Society of 
Painters in Water Colours (At Buckingham Palace). 

1872, Mar. 14. Francis Wtatt Truscott, alderman of London and 
sheriff of London and Middlesex [ihid in commemoration of 
the Queen's visit to St. Paul's Cathedral, Feb. 27). 

1872, Mar. 14. John Bennett, sheriff of London and Middlesex 
[ibid same occasion). 

1872, Mar. 14. Thomas Chambers, Q.C, M.P., deputy recorder 

1872, Mar. 19. John Goss, composer for Her Majesty's Chapels 

Royal, and organist of St. Paul's Cathedral (at Windsor 

1872, Apr. 11. Albert Abdallah David Sassoon. of Bombay, 

member of the Council of the governor of Bombay for 

making Laws and Regulations (Letters patent). 

1872, Apr. 22. John Richard Quain, one of the justices of Her 
Majesty's Court of Queen's Bench at Westminster (at 
Windsor Castle). 

1872, Apr. 22. Thomas Dakin, alderman (ihid). 

1872, June 7. Daniel Brooke Robertson, Her Majesty's consul at 
Canton (Letters patent). 

1872, June 25. James Ramsden, of Barrow-in-Furness (at Windsor 

1872, June 7. William Perry, late Her Majesty's consul-general 

at Venice (Letters patent). 

1872, June 27. Cowasjee Jehanghier Readymoney, of Bombay, 

(Letters patent). 
1872, Aug. 9. George Gilbert Scott, R.A. (at Osborne). 

1872, Aug. 9. John Savage, mayor of Belfast (at Belfast by the 

lord lieutenant of Ireland). 
1872, Aug. 9. James Hamilton, chairman of the Belfast Harbour 

Commission {ihid by same). 

1872, Aug. 17. John Le Couteur, colonel, late adjutant general of 
the Royal Jersey Militia, and one of Her Majesty's aides-de- 
camp, viscount of the Isle of Jersey (Letters patent). 

1872, Nov. 30. JosiAH Mason, of Norwood House, Erdington, near 
Birmingham, Co. Warwick, (same). 

1872, Nov. 30. Edward Lee, manager of the Dublin Exhibition of 
Arts, Industries, and Manufactures (by the lord lieutenant 
of Ireland, on the occasion of the closing of the Dublin 
Exhibition of Arts, Industries, and Manufactures). 


1873, Jan. 16. William Palliser, major, for his distinguished 

services in connection with Artillery (at Osborne). 
1873, Feb. 5. Thomas Dickson ARCiiiiiALD, a justice of the Queen's 

Bench (ibid). 
1873, Feb. 5. Charles Edward Pollock, a baron of Her Majesty's 

Court of Exchequer (ibid). 
1873, Feb. 5. John Cordy Burrows, ex-mayor of Brighton (ibid). 
1873, Feb. 13. Joseph Neediiam, chief justice of the Island of 

Trinidad (Letters patent). 
1873, Feb. 21. William Hamilton, Her Majesty's consul at 

Boulogne (Letters patent). 
1873, Mar. 14. Francis Dillon Bell, speaker of the House of 

Representatives of the Colony of New Zealand (Letters 

1873, Apr. 15. Ralph Smith Cusack, chairman of the Midland 

Great Western Railway Company of Ireland, clerk of the 

Hanaper in Ireland (by the lord lieutenant, on the occasion 

of the opening of the "Spencer" Dock at Dublin). 
1873, May 5. James Hill, chief commissioner of Charities for 

England and Wales (at Windsor Castle). 
1873, May 10. Sidney Smith Saunders, late Her Majesty's consul 

general in the Ionian Islands (Letters patent). 
1873, May 31. Charles Gavan Duffy, lately chief secretary of the 

Colony of Victoria and its Dependencies (Letters patent). 
1873, June 26. Alexander Nisbet, doctor, honorary physician to 

Her Majesty and inspector general of Hospitals and Fleets, 

Royal Navy (at Windsor Castle). 
1873, June 26. George Biddlecombe, captain R.N. (ibid.) 
1873, June 30. Joseph Ritchie Lyon Dickson, M.D., physician to 

Her Majesty's Legation in Persia, in attendance on His 

Majesty the Shah (ibid). 
1873, Aug. 4. Thomas White, sheriff of London and Middlesex 

(at Osborne). 
1873, Aug. 4. Frederick Perkins, sheriff of London and Middlesex 

1873, Aug. 31. John Hawkshaw (at Balmoral). 
1873, Sept. 2. James Milne Wilson, late chief member of the 

Executive Government and colonial secretary of the Colony 

of Tasmania (Letters patent). 
1873, Dec. 12. Henry James, Q.C, M.P., attorney general (at 

Windsor Castle). 
1873, Dec. 12. William George Granville Venables-Yernon- 

Harcourt, Q.C, M.P., solicitor general (ibid). 
1873, Dec. 12. Charles Hall, a vice-chancellor (ibid). 


1873, Dec. 12. Archibald Paull Burt, chief justice of the Colony 
of Western Australia (ibid). 

1873, Dec. 12. William Henry Doyle, chief justice of the Bahama 

Islands (ibid). 

1874, Jan. 27. Eichard Paul Amphlett, a baron of the Exchequer 

(at Osborne). 
1874, Jan. 27. James William Mackey, of Clonsilla House, Co. 

Dublin (by the lord lieutenant of Ireland, for public services 

as J. P. and alderman of Dublin, lord mayor 1866 and 1873). 
1874, Jan. 28. Thomas Sidgreaves, chief justice of the Straits 

Settlements (Letters patent). 
1874, Jan. 31. Julian Pauncefote, chief justice of the Supreme 

Court of the Leeward Islands (Letters patent). 
1874, Feb. 20. Henry Donovan, J.P., Co. Kerry, and high sheriff, 

1873 ; chairman of the Tralee Town Commissioners (by the 

lord lieutenant of Ireland). 
1874, Feb. 21. Charles Reed, M.P., LL.D., F.S.A., J.P. and D.L., 

chairman of the London School Board (at Windsor Castle). 

1874, Feb. 21. Charles Alexander Wood, formerly one of Her 
Majesty's Commissioners of Emigration (ibid). 

1874, Mar. 2. James Watson, lord provost of Glasgow (ibid). 

1874, Mar. 17. John Smale, chief justice of the Colony of Hong 

Kong (Letters patent). 
1874, May 12. Joseph William Bazalgette, engineer to the 

Metropolitan Board of Works (at Windsor Castle). 
1874, July 7. John Rice Crowe, Her Majesty's consul general 

at Christiania (ibid). 
1874, July 7. John Green, late Her Majesty's agent and consul 

general at Bucharest (ibid). 
1874, July 20. Richard Francis Morgan, Queen's advocate of the 

Colony of Ceylon (Letters patent). 
1874, Aug. 6. Mutee Coomara Swamy, a member of the Legislative 

Council of Ceylon (at Osborne). 
1874, Aug. 6. Charles Whetham, sheriff of London and Middlesex 

1874, Aug. 6. John Henry Johnson, sheriff of London and 

Middlesex (ibid). 
1874, Sept. 16. George Campbell Anderson, attorney general of 

the Bahama Islands (Letters patent). 
1874, Dec. 12. John Holker, M.P., Q.C., solicitor general (at 

Windsor Castle). 
1874, Dec. 12. Ludlow Cotter (ibid). 


1874, Dec. 29. Munguldass Nathoobhoy, of Bombay, member of 

the Council of the Governor of Bombay for making Laws 
and Regulations (Letters patent). 

1875, Jan. 30. JosErii George Long Innes, attorney general of the 

Colony of New South Wales (Letters patent). 
1875, May 13. John Walter Huddleston, a baron of the Exchequer 

(at Windsor Castle). 
1875, May 13. Nathaniel Lindley, a justice of the Court of 

Common Pleas (ibid). 
1875, May 13. William Ventris Field, a justice of the Queen's 

Bench (ibid). 

1875, Mav 13. Eichard Garth, Q.C, chief justice of Bengal 

1875, May 13. William Henry Walton, late senior master of the 

Court of Exchequer and Queen's Remembrancer (ibid). 
1875, July 17. William Henry Fancourt Mitchell, president of 

the Legislative Council of the Colony of Victoria (Letters 

1875, Aug. 14. John Larkins Cheese Richardson, speaker of the 

Legislative Council of the Colony of New Zealand (same). 
1875, Sept. 29. Samuel Wilson, of Ercildoun, near the town of 

Ballarat, in the Colony of Victoria (same). 
1875, Sept. 29. Charles MacMahon, speaker of the Legislative 

Assembly of the Colony of Victoria (same). 
1875, Oct. 26. Matthew Baillie Begbie, chief justice of British 

Columbia (at Balmoral). 

1875, Nov. 24. Frank Henry Souter, commissioner of police at 
Bombay (by the prince of Wales at the Government House, 

1875, Nov. 27. Hardinge Stanley Giffard, Q.C, solicitor general 

(at Windsor Castle). 

1876, Jan. 5. Stuart Saunders Hogg, commissioner of police, 

Calcutta, in recognition of his services during the Royal 
visit (by the prince of Wales at the Government House, 

1876, Mar. 24. Edmund Hay Currie, chairman of the House Com- 
mittee of the London Hospital (at Windsor Castle in 
connection with the Queen's recent visit to said Hospital). 

1876, June 27. Thomas Howell, late director of contracts, War 
Department (At Windsor Castle). 

1876, June 27. George Webbe Dasent, D.C.L., one of Her 
Majesty's civil service commissioners (ibid). 

1876, June 27. Charles Wyville Thomson, professor, director 
of the Civilian Scientific Staff of Her Majesty's ship 
"Challenger" (ibid). 


1876, July 21. James Taylor Ingham, chief magistrate of tho 
Police Courts of the Metropolis (at Osborne). 

1876, July 21. Henry Arthur Hunt, consulting surveyor to Her 

Majesty's Office of Works (ibid). 
1876, July 21. William Henry Wyatt, a deputy lieutenant and 

magistrate for the County of Middlesex; chairman of the 

Committee of Management of Colney Hatch and Leavesden 

Asylums (ibid). 

1876, July 21. Daniel Macnee, LL.D., president of the Eoyal 

Scottish Academy (ibid). 
1876, July 21. David Patrick Chalmers, Queen's advocate of the 

Gold Coast Colony (ibid). 

1876, Aug. 17. John Steell, R.S.A., sculptor to the Queen for 
Scotland (at Holyrood Palace, on the occasion of the 
unveiling of the memorial to Prince Consort in Edinburgh). 

1876, Aug. 17. Herbert Stanley Oakeley, doctor of music, pro- 
fessor of music in the University of Edinburgh (ibid). 

1876, Aug. 19. William Milne, president of the Legislative 
Council of South Australia (Letters patent). 

1876, Aug. 19. Luke Samuel Leake, speaker of the Legislative 

Council of Western Australia (same). 
1876, Sept. 27. Henry Schofield, Her Majesty's consul at 

Guatemala (same). 
1876, Nov. 28. Henry Manisty, a judge of the High Court (at 

Windsor Castle). 
1876, Nov. 28. Henry Hawkins, a judge of the Queen's Bench 

Division of the High Court (ibid). 
1876, Nov. 28. Henry Charles Lopes, of Easthill, Somerset, a 

judge of the Common Pleas Division of the High Court 

1876, Dec. 5. Rt. Hon. George Bolster Owens, M.D., J. P., lord 

mayor of Dublin (at Dublin Castle by the lord lieutenant of 

Ireland, on the occasion of the presentation of the address 

from the Corporation of Dublin at his Grace's farewell 

1876, Dec. 5. George Devonshire Penrose, mayor of Cork {ibid 

by same). 

1876, Dec. 5. William Miller, mayor of Londonderry 1875 — 77 

[ibid by same). 

1877, Jan. 30. Robert Boag, mayor of Belfast in 1876 (knighted 

at the duke of Marlborough's first levee held that day at 
Dublin Castle). 
1877, Mar. 12. Allen Young (at Buckingham Palace). 


1877, Mar. 20. James Gell, attorney general for the Isle of Man 

(at Windsor Castle). 
1877, Mar. 20. William Leece Drinkwatee, first deemster of the 

Isle of Man (ibid). 
1877, Mar. 20. Walter Henry Medhurst, late Her Majesty's 

consul at Shanghai (ibid). 
1877, Apr. 30. Edward Fry, a judge of the High Court (ibid). 
1877, Apr. 30. Herbert Bruce Sandford, colonel, R.A., acting 

assistant director. South Kensington Museum ; in recognition 

of his services as commissioner for this country at the 

Philadelphia Exhibition (ibid). 
1877, July 11. Et. Hon. Henry Cotton, one of the lords justices of 

Appeal in Cbancery (ibid). 
1877, Aug. 13. William Richard Holmes, late Her Majesty's 

consul for Bosnia (at Osborne). 
1877, Aug. 13. Erasmus Ommanney, admiral, F.R.S. (ibid). 
1877, Aug. 13. Edward Augustus Inglefield, vice-admiral, F.R.S. 
(At Osborne). 

1877, Aug. 13. George Henry Richards, vice-admiral, F.R.S 

1877, Aug. 14. Henry Whatley Tyler, late a captain in Her 
Majesty's Corps of Royal Engineers, and late chief inspector 
of railways (Letters patent). 

1877, Oct. 4. William Buell Richards, chief justice of the 
Supreme Court of the Dominion of Canada (Letters patent). 

1877, Oct. 4. Antoine Aime Dorion, chief justice of the Court of 

Queen's Bench for the Province of Quebec, in the Dominion 

of Canada (same). 
1877, Oct. 4. John Henry de Villiers, chief justice of the 

Supreme Court and speaker of the Legislative Council of 

the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope (same). 
1877, Oct. 4. David Tennant, speaker of the Legislative Assembly 

of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope (same). 
1877, Oct. 4. George Wigram Allen, speaker of the Legislative 

Assembly of the Colony of New South Wales (same). 
1877 Oct. 4. John Budd Phear, chief justice of the Supreme 

Court of Ceylon (same). 
1877, Dec. 12. Andrew Barclay Walker, late mayor of Liverpool 

(at Windsor Castle). 
1877, Dec. 12. Bryan Robinson, late judge of the Supreme Court, 

Newfoundland (ibid). 
1877, Dec. 12. James Bain, of Crofthend, Cumberland, late lord 

provost of Glasgow, D.L., J.P., F.R.S., F.R.G.S. (ibid). 


1878, Jan. 8. John Preston, mayor of Belfast (by the lord 
lieutenant of Ireland at Dublin Castle). 

1878, Jan. 15. Lewis Whincop Jarvis, D.L., of Middelton Towers, 
King's Lynn (at Osborne). 

1878, Mar. 18. Samuel Ferguson, LL.D., Q.C, deputy keeper of 
the Public Records in Ireland (by the lord lieutenant of 
Ireland at Dublin Castle). 

1878, May 31. Thomas Elder, member of the Legislative Council 
of the Colony of South Australia (dubbed by the Queen, 
but at first intended to have been created by Letters patent). 

1878, May 31. Salvatore Naudi, doctor of laws, judge of the 
Court of Appeal of the Island of Malta (Letters patent). 

1878, May 31. Edward Eyre Williams, late puisne judge of the 
Supreme Court of the Colony of Victoria (dubbed by the 
Queen, but at first intended to have been created by 
Letters patent). 

1878, July 30. Edward Hertslet, F.E.G.S., librarian and keeper 
of the Papers of the Foreign Office (at Osborne, in recogni- 
tion of his labours at the Congress of Berlin). 

1878, Aug. 14. James Oldknow, mayor of Nottingham, and 
chairman of the Committee of the Nottingham Castle Art 
Museum (ibid). 

1878, Aug. 16. Jacob Dirk Barry, recorder of the High Court of 
the Province of Griqualand and West (Letters patent). 

1878, Nov. 25. Frederick Leighton, president of the. Royal 

Academy of Arts (at Windsor Castle). 
1878, Nov. 27. James Salmon, M.D., inspector general of Hospitals 

and Fleets (ibid). 
1878, Nov. 27. Ben Thomas Brandreth Gibbs (ibid). 
1878, Nov. 27. John Anderson, LL.D., M.I.C.E. (ibid). 
1878, Nov. 27. Thomas Scambler Owden, alderman and late lord 

mayor of the City of London (ibid). 
1878, Nov. 27. John Milton, late accountant general of the Army 

War Department (ibid). 

1878, Dec. 20. Alfred Sandison, Oriental second secretary at Her 

Majesty's Embassy at Constantinople (Letters patent). 

1879, Apr. 23. Charles Arthur Turner, chief justice of Her 

Majesty's Court of Judicature at Madras (Letters patent). 
1879, June 26. Charles Synge Christopher Bowen, one of the 
judges of Her Majesty's High Court of Justice (at Windsor 


1879, June 26. Henry Bessemer, of Denmark Hill (at Windsor 
Castle in recognition of his services in the manufacture of 
malleable iron and steel and in numerous other inventions). 

1879, June 26. Henry Edward LANDORTnuiLLiER,Eoyal Artillery, 
F.R.S. (ihid). 

1879, June 26. Thomas Bouch, M.I.C.E., chief engineer of the Tay 
Bridge (ibid). 

1879, July 29. Walter Eugene de Souza, of Calcutta (Letters 

1879, Oct. 29. Charles Packer, chief judge of the Island of 

Barbados (same). 

1880, Jan. 5. Henry Connor, LL.B., chief justice of the Supreme 

Court of the Colony of Natal (same). 
1880, Feb. 24. Thomas Alfred Jones, president of the Royal 

Hibernian Academy, in recognition of his high professional 

standing as well as of the eminence of the Royal Hibernian 

Academy of Painting and Sculpture over which he had so 

long and so honourably presided (at Dublin Castle by the 

lord lieutenant of Ireland). 
1880, Feb. 27. Nicholas Gustave Bestel, barrister at law, formerly 

senior puisne judge, and lately acting chief judge of the 

Supreme Court of the Island of Mauritius (Letters patent). 
1880, Mar. 18. Henry Lushington Phillips, judicial commissioner 

of the High Court of Justice in Cyprus (Letters patent), 
1880, Mar. 18. John Braddick Monckton, town clerk of the City 

of London (at Windsor Castle). 
1880, Mar. 18. William Thomas Charley, D.C.L., M.P., common 

Serjeant of the City of London (ibid). 
1880, Apr. 20. Edmund Stephen Harrison, deputy clerk of the 

Council (ibid). 
1880, Apr. 20. Thomas James Nelson, solicitor of the City of 

London (ibid). 

1880, Apr. 20. Thomas Cuppage Bruce, R.N., superintendent of 
packets, Dover (ibid). 

1880, Apr. 20. Algernon Borthwick (At Windsor Castle). 

1880, Apr. 28. John Lentaigne, of Tallaght, Co. Dublin, formerly 
one of the inspectors general of prisons in Ireland and now 
an honorary member of the General Prison Board, a com- 
missioner of national education and inspector of Reformatory 
and Industrial Schools in Ireland, president of the Royal 
Zoological Society, and ex-president of the Statistical 
Society (at Dublin Castle by the lord lieutenant of Ireland). 

1880, May 13. Farrer Herschell, M.P., Q.C., solicitor general (at 
Buckingham Palace). 


1880, May 31. Egbert Eipon Marett, bailiff of Her Majesty's 

Island of Jersey (Letters patent). 
1880, July 12. George Maurice O'Rorke, speaker of the House of 

Representatives of the Colony of New Zealand (same). 
1880, July 31. Philip Prothero Smith, mayor of Truro, for 

services on the occasion of the visit of the prince of Wales 

to Truro to lay the foundation stone of the new Cathedral 

(at Osborne). 

1880, July 31. George Henry Chambers, chairman of the London 
and St. Katharine's Docks Company (ibid). 

1880, Dec. 1. Rupert Alfred Kettle, of Merridale, Wolver- 
hampton (at Windsor Castle). 

1880, Dec. 1. Louis Steuart Jackson, late a judge of the High 
Court of Judicature at Fort William in Bengal (ibid). 

1880, Dec. 1. Watkin Williams, a judge of the Supreme Court 

1880, Dec. 1. Gustavus Hume, lieutenant colonel, lieutenant of 
Her Majesty's Bodyguard of the Honourable Corps of 
Gentlemen at Arms (ibid). 

1880, Dec. 16. Walter Watson Hughes, of South Australia (^i6tV7j. 

1880, Dec. 16. Edward Burrowes Sinclair, A.M., M.D., of 
Dublin, in recognition of his public services in training 
soldiers' wives as nurses (ibid). 

1880, Dec. 16. Edward Baines, late member of Parliament for 

Leeds (at Windsor Castle). 

1881, Feb. 25. Arthur Need, lieutenant colonel, lieutenant of 

Her Majesty's Royal Bodyguard of Yeomen of the Guard 

(at Buckingham Palace). 
1881, Mar. 2. James Risdon Bennett, M.D., president of the 

Royal College of Physicians, F.R.S. (at Windsor Castle). 
1881, Apr. 1. James Charles Mathew, one of the justices of Her 

Majesty's High Court of Justice (ibid). 
1881, Apr. 1. Lewis Will • am Cave, one of the justices of Her 

Majesty's High Court of Justice (ibid). 
1881, Apr. 1. Charles William Sikes (ibid). 
1881, May 2. Edward Ebenezer Kay, one of the justices of Her 

Majesty's High Court of Justice (ibid). 
1881, May 24 (Nov. 1). William Johnston Ritchie. chief 

justice of the Supreme Court and Exchequer Court of the 

Dominion of Canada (Letters patent to bear date 1881, 

May 24). 
1881, Aug. 18. Frederick Joseph Bramwell, F.R.S. (at Osborne). 
1881, Aug. 18. James Allan son Picton (ibid). 


1881, Aug. 18. John Humphreys, senior coroner for the County 

of Middlesex (At Osborne). 
1881, Aug. 18. Hugh Owen (ibid). 

1881, Aug. 25. Rt. Hon. Thomas Jamieson Boyd, lord provost of 
Edinburgh, and lord lieutenant of the County of the City 
of Edinburgh (at Holyrood Palace). 

1881, Aug. 26. William Collins, ex-lord provost of Glasgow 

1881, Nov. 1, James Prendergast, chief justice of the Supreme 
Court of New Zealand (Letters patent). 

1881, Nov. 23. Edward Porter Cowan, of Craig-a-vad, Belfast, 
and of Clintaugh House, Anahilt, Co. Down; mayor of 
Belfast (by the lord lieutenant of Ireland). 

1881, Dec. 7. Joseph William Chitty, one of the justices of Her 
Majesty's High Court of Justice (at Windsor Castle). 

1881, Dec. 7. Eord North, one of the justices of Her Majesty's 
High Court of Justice (ibid). 

1881, Dec. 7. William MacCormac, surgeon and lecturer on 
surgery, Saint Thomas's Hospital; consulting surgeon, 
French Hospital, and examiner in surgery. University of 
London; in consideration of his services in connection with 
the International Medical Congress (ibid). 

1881, Dec. 7. George Christopher Molesworth Birdwood, M.D., 
late Bombay Medical Staff, special assistant in Revenue 
Statistics and Commerce Department of the India Office 

1881, Dec. 7. Erasmus Wilson, F.R.S., president of the Royal 
College of Surgeons of England (ibid). 

1881, Dec. 7. Andrew Crombie Ramsay, LL.D., F.R.S., director 
general of the Geological Survey of the United Kingdom 

1881, Dec. 24. Charles Lilley, chief justice of Queensland 

(Letters patent). 

1882, Jan. 20. William Patrick Andrew, of Saint Bernard's, 

and of Charlefield, both in the County of Midlothian (same). 
1882, Feb. 27. William Henry White, one of Her Majesty's Army 

Purchase Commissioners to carry into effect the provisions 

of the Regulation of the Forces Act, 1871 (at Windsor 

1882, Apr. 8. John Gorrie, chief justice of the Supreme Court of 

Fiji (Letters patent). 
1882, May 17. William Fettes Douglas, president of the Royal 

Scottish Academy (at Windsor Castle). 
1882, May 17. John Jones Jenkins, M.P. (ibid). 


1882, June 29. Reginald Hanson, alderman of London and sheriff 
of London and Middlesex (At Windsor Castle). 

1882, June 29. William Anderson Ogg, sheriff of London and 
Middlesex (ibid). 

1882, June 29. Richard Cayley, chief justice of the Island of 
Ceylon (ibid). 

1882, June 29. James Marshall, chief justice of the Gold Coast 
Colony (ibid). 

1882, June 29. Henry James Burford Burford-Hancock, chief 
Justice of the Supreme Court of the Leeward Islands (ibid). 

1882, June 29. Adam Gib Ellis, chief justice of the Supreme Court 
of Mauritius (ibid). 

1882, June 29. John Charles Day, one of the justices of Her 

Majesty's High Court of Justice (ibid). 
1882, June 29. James Nicholas Douglass, engineer-in-chief to the 

Trinity House (ibid). 
1882, June 29 (Nov. 30). George Pringle, secretary to the 

Ecclesiastical Commission (ibid). 
1882, July 20. George Phillippo, chief justice of the Supreme 

Court of Hong Kong and its Dependencies (Letters patent). 
1882, Nov. 30. Joseph Cocksey Lee (at Windsor Castle). 
1882, Nov. 30. Richard Temple Rennie, chief justice of the 

Supreme Court for China and Japan (ibid). 
1882, Nov. 30. John Pearson, one of the justices of Her Majesty's 

High Court of Justice (ibid). 
1882, Nov. 30. Oscar Moore Passey Clayton (ibid). 
1882, Nov. 30. Robert William Jackson, brigade surgeon (ibid). 
1882, Nov. 30. Jacob Behrens (ibid). 
1882, Dec. 7. John Peter de Gex, Q.C, treasurer of Lincoln's Inn 

1882, Dec. 7. John Blosset Maule, Q.C, treasurer of the Inner 

Temple (ibid). 
1882, Dec. 7. Francis Roxburgh, Q.C, treasurer of the Middle 

Temple (ibid). 
1882, Dec. 7. William St. James Wheelhouse, Q.C, treasurer of 

Gray's Inn (ibid). 

1882, Dec. 7. Thomas Paine, president of the Incorporated Law 

Society (ibid). 

1883, Jan. 30. Daniel Vincent O'Sullivan, late mayor of Cork 

(at Dublin Castle by the lord lieutenant). 


1883, Apr. 20. Charles Parker Butt, one of tlie justices of Her 

Majesty's High Court of Justice (at Osborne). 
1883, Apr. 20. Archibald Levin Smith, one of the justices of Her 

Majesty's High Court of Justice (ibid). 
1883, Apr. 20. William Siemens, D.C.L., LL.D., F.E.S. (ibid). 
1883, Apr. 20. Frederick Augustus Abel, in recognition of his 

valuable services to the War Department and other depart- 
ments of the Government in his capacity as chemist to the 

War Department (ibid). 
18l'3, Apr. 20. Abraham Woodiwiss, councillor and sometime 

mayor of Derby (ibid). 
1883, Apr. 20. Thomas Baker, alderman and sometime mayor of 

Manchester (ibid). 
1883, Apr. 20. Richard Henry Wyatt, for the valuable services 

rendered by him to the Government during the last 25 years 
/ as Parliamentary agent to the Treasury (ibid). 

1883, Apr. 20. Henry Darvill, solicitor and town clerk of Windsor 

1883, May 9. Alfred Balliston, staff captain, R.N., commanding 

Her Majesty's Royal yacht "Alberta " (at Windsor Castle). 
1883, May 22. George Grove, D.C.L., director of the Royal College 

of Music (ibid). 
1883, May 22. George Alexander Macfarren, professor of music 

of the University of Cambridge and principal of the Royal 

Academy of Music (ibid). 
1883, May 22. Arthur Seymour Sullivan, doctor of music of the 

Universities of Oxford and Cambridge (ibid). 

1883, June 16. Henry Thomas Wrenfordsley, chief justice of the 

Colony of Fiji (Letters patent). 
1883, June 16. Roderick William Cameron, commissioner for the 

Dominion of Canada to the Australian International 

Exhibition (same). 

1883,June 16. Alfred Roberts, honorary secretary and consulting 
surgeon to Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, New South 
Wales (same). 

1883, July 19. Jacobus Petrus de Wet, acting chief justice of the 
Island of Ceylon (at Windsor Castle). 

1883, July 19. William Bower Forwood, alderman of the City of 
Liverpool (ibid). 

1883, July 19. John Gillespie, secretary to the Royal Company of 
Archers, the Queen's Body Guard for Scotland (ibid). 

1883, July 19. Henry Alfred Pitman, M.D., registrar of the 
Royal College of Physicians (ibid). 


1883, July 19. Edwin Saunders, F.R.C.S., surgeon-dentist-in- 
ordinary to Her Majesty (At Windsor Castle). 

1883, July 19. George Hornidge Porter, surgeon-in-ordinary to 
Her Majesty in Ireland (ibid). 

1883, Aug. 23. Joseph Devereux, mayor of Windsor, justice of 
the peace and alderman (at Osborne). 

1883, Aug. 23. Robert Eawlinson, chief engineering inspector of 
the Local Government Board (ibid). 

1883, Dec. 31. Henry Morgan Yane, secretary to the Charity 
Commission for England and Wales (ibid). 

1883, Dec. 31. William Hardy, deputy keeper of the Public 
Records (ibid). 

1883, Dec. 31. Francis John Bolton, C.E., of the Local Govern- 
ment Board (ibid). 

1883, Dec. 31. Henry Edmund Knight, alderman and late lord 

mayor of the City of London (ibid). 

1884, May 20. James Joseph Allport, of Littleover, Derby, (at 

Windsor Castle). 
1884, May 20. Richard Dickeson, late mayor of Dover (ibid). 
1884, May 20. Frederick William Burton, F.S.A., director of 

the National Gallery of London (ibid). 
1884, June 13. Samuel Davenport, of South Australia (Letters 

patent) . 

1884, June 20. David Taylor, mayor of Belfast (at Dublin Castle 

by the lord lieutenant of Ireland). 
1884, Aug. 11. Elliot Charles Bovill, chief justice of the 

Supreme Court of the Island of Cyprus (Letters patent). 

1884, Aug. 11. Rt. Hon. George Harrison, LL.D., lord provost of 
Edinburgh, and lord lieutenant of the County of the City 
of Edinburgh (at Osborne). 

1884, Aug. 11. Alfred Wills, one of the justices of Her Majesty's 
High Court of Justice (ibid). 

1884, Aug. 26. William Carter Hoffmeister, M.D., of Clifton 
House, West Cowes (ibid). 

1884, Sept. 11. John William Dawson, LL.D., principal and vice- 
chancellor of the McGill University, Montreal, in the 
Dominion of Canada (Letters patent). 

1884, Sept. 11. William Comer Petheram, Q.C, chief justice of 
the High Court of Judicature for the North-Western 
Provinces of India (same). 

1884, Sept. 29. Bruce Lockhart Burnside, chief justice of the 
Island of Ceylon (same). 


1884, Oct. 27. Samuel Lee Anderson, crown solicitor for Water- 
ford and Kilkenny, in recognition of his long and able 
services (at the Vice-Regal Lodge by the lord lieutenant of 

1884, Nov. 29. Henry Enfield Eoscoe, LL.D. (Cambridge and 
Dublin), F.R.S., professor of Chemistry in the Victoria 
University of Manchester (at Windsor Castle). 

1884, Dec. 22. Raja Sourindro Mohun Tagore (Letters patent). 

1885, June 6. Charles Alexander Cameron, M.D., medical officer 

of health and city analyst [of Dublin], in recognition of his 
services in the cause of sanitation and public health in 
Ireland; president of the Royal College of Surgeons, 
and vice-president of the Chemical Institute of Great Britain 
(at the Vice-Regal Lodge by the lord lieutenant of Ireland). 

1885, June 6. George Joseph Wycherley, M.D., high sheriff of 
the city of Cork (ibid by same). 

1885, June 27. William Squire Barker Kaye, LL.D., Q.C., 
assistant under-secretary to the lord lieutenant (at Dublin 
Castle by same). 

1885, June 27. John Ball Greene, commissioner of valuation and 
boundary surveyor of Ireland (at Dublin Castle by the lord 

1885, July 9. Richard Everard Webster, Q.C, M.P., attorney 
general (at Windsor Castle). 

1885, Aug. 1. John Eldon Gorst, Q.C, M.P., solicitor general. 
1885, Aug. 1. William Willis, late accountant general of the 

Navy, and comptroller of Navy Pay (at Osborne). 
1885, Aug. 1. Michael Connal, ex-chairman of the Glasgow 

School Board (ibid). 
1885, Aug. 1. Edward Walter, captain, late 8th Hussars, founder 

and commanding officer of the Corps of Commissionaires 

1885, Aug. 1. Peter Eade (ibid). 

1885, Aug. 1. George Clement Bertram, bailiff of Jersey (ibid). 
1885, Aug. 1. James Dromgole Linton, president of the Royal 

Institute of Painters in Water Colours (ibid). 
1885, Aug. 1. James Parker Deane, D.C.L., Q.C, Her Majesty's 

Admiralty Advocate (ibid). 
1885, Aug. 1. George Hayter Chubb (ibid). 
1885, Aug. 1. Henry Christopher Mance, engineer and electrician 

to the Indian Government, Persian Gulf Telegraph 

Department (ibid). 


1885, Aug. 1. Arthur John Hammond Collins, Q.C, ctief 

justice of Madras (at Osborne). 
1885, Aug. 7. Robert McYicker, mayor of Londonderry (by the 

lord lieutenant of Ireland at Dublin Castle). 

1885, Sept. 14. Eoper Lethbridge (Letters patent). 

1885, Dec. 15. James Sawyer, M.D., of Birmingbam (same). 

1885, Dec. 15. "William Thomas Lewis, of tbe Mardy, Aberdare 

(Letters patent). 
1885, Dec. 29. Albert Kaye Rollit, LL.D. (at Osborne). 
1885, Dec. 29. George William Morrison, town clerk of Leeds 

1885, Dec. 29. William Hardman, chairman of Quarter Sessions 

for the County of Surrey, and recorder of the Borough of 

Kingston-on-Thames (ihid). 
1885, Dec. 29. Oswald Walters Brierly, F.R.G.S.,R.W.S. (ihid). 
1885, Dec. 29. Dr. William Roberts, of Manchester, professor in 

the Victoria University (ihid). 

1885, Dec. 29. Henry Edwards, M.P. 

1886, Jan. 18. William Bartlett Dalby, M.B., of Savile Row, 

(letters patent). 
1886, Jan. 19. William Grantham, one of the justices of Her 

Majesty's High Court of Justice (at Osborne). 
1886, Jan. 19. James Crichton-Browne, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S. 

1886, Jan. 25. Andrew Searle Hart, LL.D., vice-provost of 

Trinity College (at Dublin Castle by the lord lieutenant). 
1886, Jan. 25. Robert Stawell Ball, LL.D., Astronomer Royal 

for Ireland [ihid by same). 
1886, Feb. 15. Richard Nicholson, of Cleveland-gardens, Padding- 
ton, Co. Middlesex, and of Oak Hill, Hildenborough, Co. 

Kent; clerk of the Peace, and clerk of the Lieutenancy for 

the County of Middlesex (Letters patent). 
1886, Mar. 8. Charles Russell, M.P. , attorney general (at Windsor 

1886, Mar. 8. Horace Davey, Q.C, solicitor general (ihid). 
1886, Mar. 8. Monier WiLLi.\MS,D.C.L.,Boden professor of Sanskrit 

in the University of Oxford (ihid ). 
1886, Mar. 8. Robert George Raper, of the City of Chichester 

1886, Mar. 8. Henry Edmund Watson, of Shirecliffe Hall, Sheffield 

1886, Mar. 8. Charles Douglas Fox, of Coombe Springs, Kingston- 
on-Thames, civil engineer (ihid). 


1886, Mar. 8. William Turner, M.B., LL.D., F.E.S., professor of 
Anatomy in the university of Edinburgh (ibid). 

1886, May 8. James Brunlees (ibid). 

1886, May 8. Edgar MacCulloch, bailiff of Guernsey (ibid). 

1886, May 8. Dyce Duckworth, M.D., treasurer of the Royal 
College of Physicians of London (ibid). 

1886, May 11. David Radcliffe, mayor of Liverpool (at Liverpool). 

1886, May 18. Vincent Hunter Barrington Kennett-Barrington, 
M.A., L.L.M., of the Manor House, Dorchester, Oxon., and 
of the Inner Temple, barrister-at-law (at Windsor Castle). 

1886, May 28. William White Cooper, F.R.C.S., surgeon-oculist- 
in-ordinary to the Queen (nominated for knighthood but 
died before dubbing. By royal warrant dated 1886, June 26, 
Mary Elizabeth, his widow, was granted the style and pre- 
cedence of a widow of a knight bachelor). 

1886, June 21. James MacBain, president of the Legislative Council 
of the Colony of Victoria (Letters patent). 

1886, June 21. Robert Dalrymple Ross, speaker of the House of 
Assembly of the Colony of South Australia (same). 

1886, June 21. William Colles Meredith, late chief justice of 
the Superior Court of the Province of Quebec in the 
Dominion of Canada (same). 

1886, June 26. John Edge, Q.C, chief justice of the High Court 
of Judicature of the North-Western Provinces of India, at 
Allahabad (at Windsor Castle). 

1886, July 9. Robert Molesworth, lately a judge of the Supreme 
Court of the Colony of Victoria (Letters patent). 

1886, July 30. John Tomes, F.R.S., F.R.C.S., etc., L.D.S. (Eng.) 

(at Osborne). 
1886, July 30. Douglas Maclagan, M.D., professor of medical 

jurisprudence in the University of Edinburgh, and president 

of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (ibid). 
1886, July 30. Thomas Longmore, surgeon general, C.B., professor 

of military surgery in the Army Medical School at Netley 

1886, July 30. Samuel William Sayer Lewes, late director of 

victualling for the Royal Navy (ibid). 
1886, July 30. Richard Nicholas Howard, mayor of Weymouth 

1886, July 30. Edward Henry Sieveking, M.D., LL.D., F.R.C.P., 

physician extraordinary to Her Majesty (ibid). 
1886, July 30. Horace Jones, for distinguished services to the City 

of London as architect to the Corporation (ibid). 
1886, Aug. 2. Edward Charles Buck (ibid). 


1886, Aug. 2. William Stokes, M.D., president of the Royal 

College of Surgeons in Ireland (at the Yice-Regal Lodge by 

the lord lieutenant of Ireland). 
1886, Aug. 3. Thomas Francis Brady, J.P., inspector of Irish 

fisheries (ibid by same). 
1886, Aug. 16. Edward George Clarke, Q.C, M.P., solicitor 

general (at Osborne). 
1886, Aug. 16. William Lambert Dobson, chief justice of the 

Supreme Court of Tasmania (ibid). 
1886, Aug. 19. James Gowans, lord dean of Guilds of the City of 

Edinburgh (at Holyrood Palace). 
1886, Aug. 26. John Simon, serjeant at law (Letters patent). 

1886, Oct. 21. Charles Edward Keith Kortright, of Grosvenor 
Crescent, parish of St. George, Hanover Square, Co. Middl., 
and of Wherstead Park, Co. Suffolk (same). 

1886, Nov. 11. Rowland Francis Nichol Fanning, late deputy 
inspector general of the Royal Irish Constabulary (by the 
lord lieutenant of Ireland at the Vice-Regal Lodge). 

1886, Nov. 26. James Stirling, one of the justices of Her Majesty's 
High Court of Justice (at Windsor Castle). 

1886, Nov. 26. Arthur Kekewich, Q.C, one of the justices of 
Her Majesty's High Court of Justice (ibid). 

1886, Nov. 26. Joseph Dodge Weston (ibid). 

1886, Nov. 26. Balthazar Walter Foster, M.D., president of the 
Council of the British Medical Association (ibid). 

1886, Nov. 26. Philip Magnus, director and secretary of the City 
and Guilds of London Technical Institute (ibid). 

1886, Nov. 26. John Richard Somers Vine (ibid). 

1886, Nov. 26. Edward Bosc Sladen, M.S.C, late chief political 

officer with the Burma Expeditionary Force (at Windsor 

1887, Feb. 14. Alexander Wilson, sheriff of Calcutta (Letters 

patent dated Feb. 16). 
1887, Feb. 14. Ramasw ami Moodliar(Mudaliar), sheriff of Madras 

(Letters patent dated Feb. 16). 
1887, Feb. 14. Dinshaw Manekjee Petit, sheriff of Bombay 

(Letters patent dated Feb. 16). 
1887, Feb. 14. Henry Leland, Harrison, Bengal Civil Service, 

commissioner of Police and chairman of the Corporation 

of the Town of Calcutta (Letters patent dated Feb. 16). 
1887, Feb. 14. Henry Meredyth Plowden, senior judge in the 

Chief Court of the Punjab (Letters patent dated Feb. 16). 
1887, Mar. 25. Thomas Martineau, mayor of Birmingham (at 

Windsor Castle). 


1887, May 9. Matthew Crooks Cameron, chief justice of the 
Common Pleas, of the Province of Ontario, in the Dominion 
of Canada (Letters patent). 

1887, May 9. Andrew Stuart, chief justice of the Superior Court 
in and for the Province of Quebec, in the Dominion of 
Canada (same). 

1887, May 9. Frederick Matthew Darley, chief justice of the 
Supreme Court of the Colony of New South Wales (same). 

1887, May 14. John Eogers Jennings, master of the Drapers' 
Company (at the People's Palace for East London). 

1887, June 1. Eugene Pierre Jules Leclezio, chief judge of the 
Supreme Court of the Island of Mauritius (Letters patent). 

1887, June 27. Henry Edmund Cartwright, of Magherafelt 

Manor, Co. Londonderry (at Dublin Castle by the lord 

lieutenant of Ireland). 
1887, June 30. Henry Morland, captain, of Her Majesty's Indian 

Marine (late Indian Navy), port officer and chairman of the 

Municipal Corporation of Bombay (at Windsor Castle). 
1887, June 30. Charles Allen Lawson, of London, in the County 

of Middlesex, England, and of Madras, in the East Indies 

1887, June 23. Henry Lunnon Simpson, mayor of Windsor (ihid). 
1887, July 4. John Charles Robinson, of Newton Manor, parish 

of Swanage, Co. Dorset, surveyor of pictures in ordinary to 

Her Majesty (ihid). 

1887, July 6. Pryce Jones, of Dolerw, parish of Llanllwchaiarn, 
Co. Montgomery. (Letters patent). 

1887, July 28. James Wright, late engineer-in-chief to the 

Admiralty (same). 
1887, July 28. William Christopher Leng, of Sheffield, West 

Riding, Co. York (same). 
1887, Aug. 5. Joseph Terry, of Hawthorn Villa, the Mount, York, 

lord mayor of York (at Osborne). 

1887, Aug. 5. James King, of Campsie, Co. Stirling, LL.D., lord 

provost of Glasgow (ihid). 
1887, Aug. 5. Benjamin Chapman Browne, mayor of Newcaatle- 

on-Tyne, D.C.L., justice of the peace for Gloucestershire, 

Northumberland and Newcastle-on-Tyne, member of the 

Institute of Civil Engineers (ihid). 
1887, Aug. 5. William David King, mayor of Portsmouth (ihid). 
1887, Aug. 5. Henry Stephenson, mayor of Shefl&eld (ihid). 
1887, Aug, 5. George William Edwards, mayor of Bristol. 


1887, Aug. 5. Harry Bullard, of Hellesdon House, Norwich, 
mayor of Norwich, justice of the peace for the City of 
Norwich, and deputy lieutenant for the County of Norfolk 
(At Osborne). 

1887, Aug. 5. Edwin Gaunt, mayor of Leeds, a justice of the 
peace for the Borough of Leeds (ibid). 

1887, Aug. 5. James Poole, mayor of Liverpool (ibid). 

1887, Aug. 5. James Farmer, of Hope House, Eccles, Lancashire, 
alderman and mayor of Salford (ibid). 

1887, Aug. 6. Henry Fox Bristowe, Q.C, of the Cliffe, Nantwich, 
Vice-Chancellor of the County Palatine of Lancaster (at 

1887, Aug. 5. Henry Aaron Isaacs, alderman and sheriff of 
London and Middlesex (ibid). 

1887, Aug. 5. Alfred Kirby, lieutenant colonel, of Fairlawn, New 
Cross, justice of the peace, sheriff of London and Middlesex 

1887, Aug. 5. William James Farrer, high bailiff of Westminster 

1887, Aug. 5. Arnold William White, the Queen's solicitor 

1887, Aug. 6. Alfred BARI^-G Garrod, of Harley Street, Parish of 
Marylebone, Co. Middlesex, doctor of medicine, fellow of 
the Royal College of Physicians of London (Letters patent). 

1887, Aug. 12. Henry Doulton, of Woolpits, Ewhurst, Co. Surrey, 
a commissioner of lieutenancy for the City of London (at 

1887, Aug. 12. William Lawrence, of Lancaster Gate, Co. Middl., 
and of Adelaide Crescent, Brighton, Co. Sussex, an alder- 
man of London, in the commission of the peace for the 
County of Middlesex and City of Westminster, and a 
commissioner of lieutenancy for the City of London (ibid). 

1887, Aug 12. John Smith, of Parkfield, Derby, alderman and 
justice of the peace for the Borough of Derby (ibid). 

1887, Aug. 12. Edwin Edward Galsworthy, of 18, Park Crescent, 
Portland-place, London, and the Chestnuts, Shepperton, a 
justice of the peace and deputy lieutenant for the County of 
Middlesex, chairman of the Metropolitan Asylums Board 

1887, Aucr. 12. Andrew Maclean, of Yiewfield House, Balshagray, 
Partick, chief magistrate Partick, N.B. (ibid). 

1887, Aug. 12. George Husband Baird Macleod, F.R.S., Edin- 
burgh, regius professor of surgery in the University of 
Glasgow, and surgeon-in-ordinary to Her Majesty in 
Scotland (ibid). 


1887, Aug. 12. John Neilson Cuthbertson, chairman of the 
School Board of Glasgow (At Osborne). 

1887, Aug. 12. Henry Mitchell, a justice of the Peace, president 
of the Bradford Technical College (ibid). 

1887, Aug. 12. George Martin - Hollow ay, of Tittenhurst, 
Sunning Hill, Berks, (ibid). 

1887, Aug. 12. William Aitken, M.D., F.R.S., of Grove Cottage, 
Woolstone, Southampton, professor of Pathology, Army- 
Medical School, Netley Hospital (ibid). 

1887, Aug. 12. Warington Wilkinson Smyth, M.A. (Cambridge), 
r.R.S., professor of Mining in the Normal School of 
Science and Royal School of Mines, chief inspector in the 
Department of Woods and Forests (ibid). 

1887, Aug. 12. Henry Watson Parker, late president of the 
Incorporated Law Society (ibid). 

1887, Aug. 12. Francis Pittis, mayor of Newport, Isle of Wight 

1887, Aug. 22. James Horner Haslett, mayor of Belfast (at 
Dublin Castle by the lord lieutenant of Ireland). 

1887, Aug. 22. Thomas Lecky, mayor of Londonderry (ibid by 

1887, Aug. 22. George Moyers, LL.D., alderman of Dublin {ibid 

by same). 
1887, Aug. 22. Henry Cochrane, alderman of Dublin, D.L. (ibid 

by same). 
1887, Aug. 22. James Spaight, Esq., president of the Chamber 

of Commerce, Limerick, and chairman of the Waterford 

and Limerick Railway Company (ibid by same). 
1887, Aug. 22. Patrick Maxwell, president of the Incorporated 

Law Society of Ireland (ibid by same). 
1887, Aug. 22. Robert Herron, chairman of Kingstown Town 

Commissioners (ibid by same). 
1887, Aug. 22. Howard Grubb, F.R.S. (at Dublin Castle by the 

lord lieutenant). 
1887, Aug. 25. Morgan Morgan, of Cathedral road. Parish of St. 

John the Baptist, Cardiff, and of Hendrescythan, both in 

the County of Glamorgan, mayor of the Borough of Cardiff 

(Letters patent). 
1887, Aug. 25. Thomas Richard Edridge, of the Elms, in the 

Parish of Croydon, Co. Surrey (same). 
1887, Aug. 25. John Henry Puleston, of Ffynogion, Parish of 

Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd, Co. Denbigh, (same). 
1887, Sept. 1. Harry Thomas Alfred Rainals, late Her Majesty's 

consul at Brest (same). 


1887, Sept. 8. Morell Mackenzie, M.D., in recognition of his 

valuable services to the Queen's son-in-law, the Crown 

Prince of Germany (at Balmoral). 
1887, Sept. 12. Charles John Pearson, of Drumshaugh Gardens, 

in the City of Edinburgh, procurator for the Church of 

Scotland (Letters patent). 
1887, Sept. 12. Thomas Storey, mayor of Lancaster (at Balmoral). 
1887, Nov. 28. Arthur Charles, Q.C, one of the justices of Her 

Majesty's High Court of Justice (at Windsor Castle). 
1887, Dec. 20. Adam Wilson, late chief justice of the Queen's 

Bench, of Ontario, in the Dominion of Canada (Letters 


1887, Dec. 29. Henry Cockburn MacAndrew, provost of Inverness 

(at Osborne). 

1888, Feb. 7. William Tindal Eobertson, M.P., a member of the 

Hoyal Commission to enquire into the Education of the 

Blind, Deaf and Dumb (ibid). 
1888, Feb. 7. Owen Roberts, M.A., F.S.A., of 48, Westbourne 

TeiTace, Hyde Park, Middlesex, clerk to the Worshipful 

Company of Cloth Workers of the City of London (ibid). 
1888, Apr. 21. Dominic Ellis Colnaghi, Her Majesty's consul 

general at Florence (at Villa Palmieri, Florence). 

1888, Apr. 30. Rt. Hon. William Thackeray Marriott, Q.C, 

judge advocate general (Letters patent). 
1888, Apr. 30. John William Tyler, M.D., F.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., 

L.M., and L.S.A. (London) (same). 
1888, June 18. William Henry Melvill, of Beaufort Gardens in 

the Parish of Brompton, Co. Middlesex, and of Lincoln's Inn, 

barrister-at-law, solicitor to the Board of Inland Revenue 

1888, June 18. Thomas Galt, chief justice of the Common Pleas 

Division of the High Court of Justice, Ontario (Canada) 

1888, June 21. James George Lee Steere, speaker of the Legisla- 
tive Council of Western Australia (same). 
1888, July 10. Charles Halle (at Windsor Castle). 
1888, July 10. John Stainer, Mus. Doc, late organist of St. Paul's 

1888, July 10. John James Harwood, mayor of Manchester (ibid). 
1888, July 10. John Hassard, M.A., principal registrar of the 

Province of Canterbury, and registrar of the Diocese of 

Canterbury (ibid). 
1888, July 10. George Barclay Bruce, president of the Institute 

of Civil Engineers (ibid). 
1888, July 10. George David Harris, formerly member of the 

Executive Council of the Bahamas (ibid). 


1888, July 18. Theodore Thomas Ford, chief justice of the Straits 
Settlements (Letters patent). 

1888, July 30. Daniel Wilson, LL.D., president of the University 
of Toronto, Canada (same). 

1888, Aug. 24. James David Marwick, of Killermont House, 
Dumbartonshire, LL.D., of Glasgow University, F.R.S.E., 
formerly town clerk of the City of Edinburgh, and now 
town clerk of the City of Glasgow, and a justice of peace for 
Lanarkshire (at Blythswood). 

1888, Aug. 24. William McOnie, of Heathbank, Pollokshields by 
Glasgow, and of Ballochneck, in the County of Stirling, 
lately lord provost of the City of Glasgow, a justice of the 
Peace for the Counties of Lanark and Renfrew (at 

1888, Dec. 4. Peter Henry Edlin, Q.C, assistant judge of the 
Court of the Sessions of the Peace for the County of 
Middlesex (at Windsor Castle). 

1888, Dec. 4. Polydore De Keyser, alderman, late lord mayor of 

the City of London (ibid). 

1889, Jan. 28. William Conrad Reeves, Q.C, chief justice of the 

Island of Barbados (Letters patent). 
1889, Jan. 28. John Turney, of Springfield, Alexandra Park, 

Nottingham, ex-mayor of Nottingham (at Osborne). 
1889, Jan. 29. Alexander Edward Miller, of 11, Stone Buildings, 

Lincoln's Inn, one of Her Majesty's counsel, and late one 

of the railway commissioners (at Osborne). 
1889, Jan. 29. Myles Fenton, of South Nutfield, Surrey, lieutenant 

colonel of the Engineer and Railway Volunteer Staff Corps, 

general manager of the South-Eastern Railway, and a 

justice of the peace for the County of Surrey (ibid). 
1889, Jan. 29. Charles Wathen, mayor of Bristol (ibid). 
1889, Feb. 4. John Campbell Allen, chief justice of the Province 

of New Brunswick (Letters patent). 
1889, May 25. Andrew Reed, inspector general of the Royal Irish 

Constabulary (at the Vice-Regal Lodge, Dublin, by the 

lord lieutenant of Ireland). 
1889, June 4. Arthur William Blomfield, A.R.A., M.A. (at 

Windsor Castle). 
1889, June 4. Joseph Crosland, of Royd's Wood, Huddersfield 

1889, June 4. William Henry Crundall, mayor of Dover (ibid). 
1889, June 4. Richard Charles Oldfield, Indian Civil Service,. 

late a puisne judge of the High Court of Judicature, North- 

Westem Provinces (ibid). 


1889, June 4. Aubrey Walsh, J. P. and D.D., formerly chairman 

of the Justices of the Liberty of the Tower 

(At Windsor Castle). 
1889, June 4. James Robeeton, LL.D., professor of conveyancing 

in the UniTcrsity of Glasgow (ibid). 

1889, June 22. James Russell, chief justice of the Supreme Court 
of Hong Kong and its Dependencies (Letters patent). 

1889, June 22. Benjamin Benjamin, mayor of the City of Mel- 
bourne, in the Colony of Victoria (same). 

1889, June 22. William Macleay, member of the Legislative 
Council of the Colony of New South Wales (same). 

1889, June 22. Charles Frederick Blaine, of Port Elizabeth, in 
the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope, for services rendered 
to the Cape of Good Hope (same). 

1889, June 29. Jacob Wilson, honorary director of the Eoyal 
Agricultural Society of England, and fellow of the High- 
land and Agricultural Society of Scotland (at Windsor 

1889, Aug. 27. Evan Morris, of Roseneath, Wrexham, in the 
County of Denbigh, and 3, St. James's Place, S.W., mayor 
of Wrexham (at Pale, Llandderfel, North Wales). 

1889, Aug. 30. C. C. Connor, mayor of Belfast was offered knight- 
hood but declined (at a farewell levee while presenting the 
marquess of Londonderry with an address from the Belfast 

1889, Nov. 18. Edmund Arnout Grattan, late Her Majesty's 

consul general for Belgium (Letters patent). 

1890, Jan. 20. Matthew Henry Davies, speaker of the Legislative 

Assembly of the Colony of Victoria (same). 
1890, Jan. 20. Joseph Hickson, general manager of the Grand 

Trunk Railway of the Dominion of Canada (same). 
1890, Feb. 8. Raylton Dixon, of Gunnersgate Hall, Middlesbrough 

(at Osborne). 
1890, Feb. 8. Robert Palmer Harding, chief official receiver of 

the Bankruptcy Department of the Board of Trade (at 

1890, Feb. 8. Thomas Sowler, of Victoria Park, Manchester (^/6?Wj. 

1890, Mar. 10. John Nugent, M.D., late inspector of lunatic 
asylums (at Dublin Castle by the lord lieutenant of Ireland). 

1890, May 5. Frank Forbes Adam (Letters patent). 

1890, May 5. John Bridge, of Headley Grove, Headly, Surrey, 
chief magistrate of the Police Courts of the Metropolis (at 
Windsor Castle). 

* On the name occasion Mr. James Musgrave, chairman of the Belfast Harbours Commissioners 
■declined to be kniglited. 


1890, June 12. Eopert John Pinsent, D.C.L., senior puisne judge 
of the Supreme Court of the Colony of Newfoundland 
(Letters patent). 

1890, June 23. Henry Ludlow, chief justice of the Leeward 
Islands (same). 

1890, June 23. Eomesh Chundee, Mitter, late a puisne judge of 
the Calcutta High Court (same). 

1890, June 30. Henry Beyer Robertson, of Pale, Corwen, Mer- 
ionethshire, and of Llantysilio Hall, Denbighshire (at 
Windsor Castle). 

1890, June 30. William Arrol, of Seafield, Ayr, contractor for the 
Forth Bridge (ibid). 

1890, June 30. Henry Trueman Wood, secretary to the Society of 
Arts (ibid). 

1890, June 30. William Gray, of West Hartlepool and Greatham, 
in the County of Durham (ibid). 

1890, June 30. Robert Stickney Blaine, of Summerhill, Bath 


1890, June 30. Reginald John Cust, chief commissioner of the 

West Indian Incumbered Estates Court (ibid). 
1890, June 30. John Compton Lawrance, one of the justices of 

Her Majesty's High Court of Justice (ibid). 
1890, June 30. Roland Lomax Vaughan Williams, one of the 

justices of Her Majesty's High Court of Justice (ibid). 
1890, June 30. Horatio Lloyd, one of the judges of Her Majesty's 

County Courts in England and Wales, chairman of the 

Quarter Sessions for Cheshire and Recorder of Chester 

1890, June 30. Francis Godschall Johnson, chief justice of the 

Superior Court of the Province of Quebec in the Dominion 

of Canada (Letters patent). 
1890, July 25. Tharia Topan, of Bombay (same). 
1890, Aug. 29. Thomas Newenham Deane, architect of the Museum 

of Science and Art and of the Library in Kildare Street, 

Dublin (at the said Museum by the lord lieutenant of 

Ireland on the occasion of the opening). 
1890, Sept. 11. Steuart Macnaghten, of Bittern Manor House, 

County of Southampton, and of the Middle Temple, 

barrister-at-law, chairman of the Southampton Dock 

Company (Letters patent). 

1890, Nov. 22. Robert Romer, a justice of the Queen's Bench 

Division of the High Court of Justice (at Windsor Castle). 

1891, Jan. 12. James Godfray, colonel commanding 2nd Regiment 

Royal Jersey Militia, Military Aide-de-Camp to Her 
Majesty, and of Grainville Manor, Jersey (at Osborne). 


1891, Jan. 12. Alfred Hickman, of Goldthorn Hill, near WolTer- 
hampton (At Osborne). 

1891, Jan. 12. George Murray Humphry, M.D., F.R.S., professor 
of surgery in tlie University of Cambridge (ibid). 

1891, Jan. 12. George Samuel Measom, chairman of the Royal 

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ibid). 
1891, Jan. 12. Henry John Waring, of Osborne House, Plymouth, 

late mayor of Plymouth (ibid). 
1891, Jan. 19. Frank Ringler Drummond Hay, late consul 

general in Tripoli (Letters patent). 
1891, Jan. 19. Josiah Rees, chief justice of the Bermudas or 

Somers Islands (same). 
1891, Jan. 19. Edward Loughlin O'Malley, chief justice of the 

Straits Settlements (same). 
1891, Feb. 23. Francis Henry Jeune, one of the justices of Her 

Majesty's High Court of Justice (at Windsor Castle). 
1891, Mar. 20. William Pink, mayor of Portsmouth, and of 

Shrover Hall, Cosham (ibid). 
1891, Mar. 20. Robert Samuel Wright, one of the justices of Her 

Majesty's High Court of Justice (ibid). 
1891, May 21. Alfred Seale Haslam, of North Lees and West 

Bank, in the County of Derby, liveryman and citizen of 

London, mayor of Derby (at Derby). 
1891, June 28. Henry Bennett, of Westlands, Grimsby, and of 

Thorpe Hall, Louth, both in the County of Lincoln, mayor 

of the County Borough of Grimsby (Letters patent). 
1891, July 13. William Charles Windeyer, puisne judge of the 

Supreme Court of the Colony of New South Wales (same). 
1891, July 13. Walter Thomas Wragg, puisne judge of the 

Supreme Court of the Colony of Natal, for services in 

Zululand (same). 
1891, July 13. Julian Emanuel Salomons, member of the Legisla- 
tive Council of the Colony of New South Wales (same). 
1891, July 30. Archibald Geikie, F.R.S., director general of the 

Geological Survey of the United Kingdom (at Osborne). 
1891, July 30. Henry Reader Lack, comptroller general of the 

Patent Office (ibid). 
1891, July 30. GusTAVus Nathan, Her Majesty's consul general at 

Vienna (ibid). 
1891, July 30. Henry Oakley, general manager of the Great 

Northern Railway (ibid). 
1891, July 30. Walter Sherburne Pridkaux, clerk of the Gold- 
smiths' Company (ibid). 


1891, July 30. Egbert Gillespie, of Spring Hill, Douglas, Lanark, 
N.B., and of Brighton (At Osborne). 

1891, July 30. William Farmer, of Coworth Park, Simningdale, 
and 40, Cornwall Gardens, sheriff of London {ihid for services 
on the occasion of the visit of the German Emperor and 
Empress to the Guild Hall). 

1891, July 30. Augustus Henry Glossop Harris, of the Elms, 
Avenue Eoad, Regents Park, sheriff of London {ihid same 

1891, Sept. 9. The Hon. Richard Henn Collins, a judge of the 
Probate, Divorce and Admiralty Division of the High Court 
of Justice (Letters patent : writ dated 1892, July 16 ; Gazette 
notice dated 1892, July 30, but the letters patent ordered to 
bear date 1891, Sept. 9). 

1891, Nov. 28. Alfred Jephson, captain R.N., honorary secretary 
of the Royal Naval Exhibition (at Windsor Castle). 

1891, Nov. 28. Evan Colville Nepean, C.B., late director of con- 
tracts at the War Office (ihid). 

1891, Nov. 28. John Boyd, late lord provost of the City of Edin- 
burgh (ihid). 

1891, Dec. 3. George Reid, president of the Royal Scottish 

Academy of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture (ihid). 

1892, Jan. 18. William Hollingworth Quayle Jones, chief 

justice of Sierra Leone (Letters patent). 

1892, Jan. 22. Royal warrant granting to Catherine de Soysa, 
widow and relict of Charles Henry de Soysa, in the com- 
mission of the Peace for the Island of Ceylon, deceased, the 
style and precedence of a widow of a Knight Bachelor of 
Great Britain and Ireland as if her husband had been 

1892, May 9. Edw^ard Charles Ross, colonel, Indian Staff Corps 
(at Windsor Castle). 

1892, May 9. William Duguid Geddes, doctor of laws, vice- 
chancellor and principal of the University of Aberdeen 

1892, May 9. John Charles Samuel Grenier, attorney general for 
the Colony of Ceylon (ihid). 

1892, May 9. George Buchanan, M.D., E.R.S., late medical officer 
of the Local Government Board (ihid). 

1892, June 15. William James Bell, of Scatwell, in the Parish of 
Contin, Co. Ross., and of the Inner Temple, barrister-at-law, 
doctor of laws of the University of Cambridge (Letters 

1892, June 15. Joseph Palmer Abbott, speaker of the Legislative 
Assembly of the Colony of New South Wales (same). 


1892, June 15. Alexandre Lacoste, chief justice of the Court of 
Queen's Bench for the Province of Quebec, Canada 

(Letters patent). 

1892, June 15. George Claiike Pile, president of the Legislative 
Council of the Island of Barbados (same). 

1892, July 5. Frederic Bateman, M.D., F.R.C.P., senior physician 
to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital (at Windsor Castle). 

1892, July 5. William James Richmond Cotton, chamberlain of 

the City of London (ibid). 
1892, July 5. John Gardner Dillman Engleheart, clerk of the 

Council of the Duchy of Lancaster (ibid). 

1892, July 5. George Findlay, general manager of the London 
and North-Western Railway (ibid). 

1892, July 5. George Johnson, M.D., F.R.S., physician extra- 
ordinary to Her Majesty (ibid). 

1892, July 5. Robert Micks, joint secretary to the Inland Revenue 
Board (ibid). 

1892, July 5. John Gorell Barnes, one of the justices of Her 

Majesty's High Court of Justice (ibid). 
1892, Aug. 6. Gainsford Bruce, D.C.L., one of the justices of Her 

Majesty's High Court of Justice (at Osborne). 

1892, Aug. 5. Joseph Barnby, precentor of Eton College, principal 

of the Guildhall School of Music, and conductor of the 

Royal Choral Society, Albert Hall (ibid). 
1892, Aug. 6. William George Cusins, master of Music to the 

Queen (ibid). 
1892, Aug. 5. Walter Parratt, organist of Her Majesty's Private 

Chapel, and of St. George's Chapel Royal, Windsor (ibid). 

1892, Aug. 5. Arthur de Capel Crowe, Her Majesty's consul 
general, and late commissary judge at Havana, Cuba (ibid). 

1892, Aug. 6. Phillip Crampton Smyly, Esq., M.D., physician-in- 
ordinary to the Household of the lord lieutenant (at the 
Viceregal Lodge by the lord lieutenant of Ireland). 

1892, Aug. 13. John Harley Scott, Esq., high sheriff of the City 

of Cork {ibid by same). 
1892, Aug. 13. Francis Xavier Frederick MacCabe, Esq., M.D., 

commissioner of the Local Government Board [ibid by 


1892, Aug. 15. Daniel Dixon, lord mayor of Belfast (76/J by same). 
1892, Aug. 15. S.\MUEL Black, town clerk of Belfast [ibid by same). 
1892, Aug. 15. Robert Sexton, alderman of Dublin [ibid by same). 


1892, Sept. 15. Ellis Asiimead Bartlett, of Grange House, 
Eastbourne, Co. Sussex, and of Grosvenor Street, in the 
Parislt of St. George, Hanover Square, in the County of 
London (Letters patent). 

1892, Nov. 26. William Rann Kennedy, one of the justices of 
Her Majesty's High Court of Justice (at Windsor Castle). 

1892, Nov. 26. John Eigby, Q.C, M.P., Her Majesty's solicitor 

general (ibid). 
1892, Nov. 26. Douglas Straight, late puisne judge of the High 

Court of Judicature of the North-West Provinces of India 

1892, Nov. 26. Charles Oppenheimer, Her Majesty's consul 

general at Frankfort on Main (ibid). 
1892, Dec. 2. Forrest Fulton, Q.C, common serjeant of the City 

of London (ibid). 
1892, Dec. 2. John Blundell Maple, M.P. (ibid). 
1892, Dec. 2. John Benjamin Stone, of Erdington, and Sutton 

Coldfield, Co. Warwick, (ibid). 
1892, Dec. 2. George Irwin, of Cumberland Lodge, Headingly, 

Leeds (ibid). 
1892, Dec. 2. William Smith, D.C.L., LL.D. (ibid). 
1892, Dec. 2. William Renny Watson, chairman of the Glasgow 

South- Western Railway Company (ibid). 

1892, Dec. 2. Joseph Henry Warner (ibid). 

1893, Jan. 2. John Tanker ville Goldney, chief justice of Trinidad 

(Letters patent). 

1893, Jan. 19. David Harrel, under secretary to the lord lieutenant 

(in Ireland by the lord lieutenant). 
1893, June 26. Samuel Henry Strong, chief justice of the 

Supreme Court of the Dominion of Canada (Letters patent). 
1893, June 26. John Madden, chief justice of the Supreme Court 

of the Colony of Victoria (same). 
1893, June 26. George Shenton, president of the Legislative 

Council of the Colony of Western Australia (same). 
1893, June 26. Henry Dias, late puisne judge of the Supreme 

Court of the Island of Ceylon (same). 
1893, July 6. Francis Henry Laking, M.D., M.R.C.P., London, 

surgeon-apothecary to Her Majesty (at Buckingham Palace). 
1893, July 14. Joseph Renals, alderman and sheriff of the City of 

London (at Windsor Castle). 
1893, July 14. Walter Henry Wilkin, colonel, alderman and 

sheriff of the City of London (ibid). 


1893, Aug. 11. William Roger Beown, of Highfield, Hilperton, 

Wilts (at Osborne). 
1893, Aug. 11. William Davies, of Scoveston, Pembrokeshire 

1893, Aug. 11. William Henderson, late lord provost of Aberdeen 

1893, Aug. 11. Samuel George Johnson, town clerk and clerk of 

the peace of Nottingham (ihid). 
1893, Aug. 11. John Leng, M.P., Dundee (ihid). 
1893, Aug. 11. George Henry Lewis (ihid). 

1893, Aug. 11. Patteson Nickalls, of Fallowfield, Chiselhurst, 

Kent (ihid). 
1893, Aug. 11. Francis Powell, R.W.S., president of the Royal 

Scottish Society of Painters in Water Colours (ihid). 

1893, Aug. 11. William OvEREND Priestley, M.D., of 17, Hertford 
Street, May Fair, and of Sherrards, Welwyn, Herts, (ihid). 

1893, Aug. 11. Hugh Gilzean-Reid, first president of the Institute 
of Journalists incorporated by Royal Charter (ihid). 

1893, Aug. 11. Benjamin Ward Richardson, M.D., F.R.S., of 25, 
Manchester Square, London (ihid). 

1893, Aug. 11. John Richard Robinson, of Addison Crescent, 

Kensington (ihid). 
1893, Aug. 11. Edward Richard Russell, of Liverpool (ihid). 
1893, Aug. 11. John Tenniel, R.I. (ihid). 
1893, Aug. 11. Thomas Wright, of Leicester (ihid). 

1893, Aug. 11. Joseph Henry Gilbert, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S., of 

Harpenden, near St. Albans (ihid). 
1893,* Aug. 11. George Augustus Pilkington, of Belle Vue, Lord 
Street West, Southport, and of Swinithwaite Hall, Yorkshire, 
formerly mayor of Southport (twice), and at one time M.P. 
for the Southport Division of South-west Lancashire (ihid). 

1894, Feb. 1. Donald Horne Macfarlane, of Portman Square, in 

the Parish of Saint Marylebone, in the County of London 

(Letters patent). 
1894, Feb. 15. Fielding Clarke, LL.B., chief justice of the 

Supreme Court of the Colony of Hong Kong (same). 
1894, Feb. 15. John Winfield Bonser, chief justice of the Island 

of Ceylon (same). 
1894, Feb. 15. Hartley Williams, senior puisne judge of the 

Supreme Court of the Colony of Victoria (same). 
1894, Feb. 15. William Patrick Manning, mayor of the City of 

Sydney, in the Colony of New South Wales (same). 

"In November, 1893, Cliristoither RoJiinHon, Q.C., of the Canadian Bar was offered knlRhthood In 
recognition of his services l)efore the Behring Sea arbitration. lie apptjars not to have accepted it. 


1894, Mar. 12. William Lane Booker, Her Majesty's consul 

general at New York (Letters patent), 
1894, Apr. -6. Thomas Salter Pyne (same). 
1894, May 21. Anthony Marshall, lord mayor of Mancliester (at 

Manchester at the opening of the Manchester Ship Canal). 
1894, May 21. William Henry Bailey, mayor of Salford, of Sale 

Hall, Cheshire, and Glan-y-Mor, Beaumaris (ibid same 

1894, May 24. Thomas Farrell, president of the Eoyal Hibernian 

Academy (in Ireland by the lord lieutenant). 
1894, June 25. The Hon. Frank Smith, senator and member of the 

Government of the Dominion of Canada (Letters patent). 
1894, June 25. Louis Edelmar Napoleon Casault, senior puisne 

judge of the Superior Court of the Province of Quebec, in 

the Dominion of Canada (same). 
1894, June 25. The Hon. Arthur Renwick, M.D., commissioner 

for New South Wales at the recent Exhibition at Chicago; 

formerly minister of Mines, minister of Public Instruction, 

and now member of the Legislative Council of that Colony 

1894, June 25. John Joseph Grinlinton, member of the Legisla- 
tive Council of the Island of Ceylon, commissioner for that 

Island at the recent Exhibition at Chicago (same). 
1894, July 2. John Charles Bucknill, of East Cliif House, in the 

Parish of Christchurch, Co. Southampton, doctor in medicine 

of the University of London, and fellow of the Eoyal 

College of Physicians of London (same). 
1894, July 2. Edward Leader Williams, of the Oaks, in the 

Parish of Dunham Massey, in the County Palatine of 

Chester (same). 
1894, July 13. John Voce Moore, alderman and sheriif of the City 

of London (at Windsor Castle). 
1894, July 13. Joseph Cockfield Dimsdale, alderman and sherili" 

of the City of London (ibid). 
1894, July 13. Albert Joseph Altman, chairman of the Bridge 

House Estates Committee of the Corporation of London 

1894, July 18. Thomas Roe, M.P., of Litchurch, Derby (ibid). 
1894, July 18. Robert Hunter, solicitor to the Post Office (ibid). 
1894, July 18. Henry Thoby Prinsep, judge. High Court, Calcutta 

(7 bid). 
1894, July 18. James Alexander Russell, Rt. Hon., lord provost 

of Edinburgh, and lord lieutenant of the County of the City 

of Edinburgh (ibid). 


1894, July 18. Francis Seymour Haden, of Woodcote Manor, 
Alresford, Hants., founder and president of the Royal 
Society of Painter-Etchers (At Windsor Castle). 

1894, July 18. Philip Manfield, M.P., of Eedlands, Cliftonville, 
Northampton, (ibid). 

1894, July 18. Jerom Murch, of Cranwells, Bath, ex-mayor of 

Bath (ihid). 
1894, July 18. John Hutton, chairman of the London County 

Council (ibid). 
1894, July 18. Isaac Pitman, of Bath (ibid). 

1894, July 18. Thomas Wemyss Reid, of 26, Bramham Gardens, 
South Kensington (ibid). 

1894, July 18. Thomas Grainger-Stewart, M.D., physician-in- 
ordinary to the Queen in Scotland, and professor of the 
Practice of Physic in the University of Edinburgh ; deputy 
lieutenant of the City and County of Edinburgh (ibid). 

1894, July 18. Richard Tangye, of Gilbertstone, Kingston Vale 

1894, July 18. Thomas Thornton, of Thornton Castle, town clerk 
of Dundee (ibid). 

1894, July 18. Thomas Robinson, M.P., of Maisemore Park, near 
Gloucester (ibid). 

1894, July 18. George Williams, of 72, Saint Paul's Churchyard, 
,and of 13, Russell Square (ibid). 

1894, July 18. Joseph Leigh, M.P. (ibid). 

1894, July 18. Bosdin Thomas Leech, of Oakmount, Timperley, 
near Manchester, director of the Manchester Ship Canal 
and deputy mayor of Manchester (ibid). 

1894, July 18. Robert Threshie Reid, Q.C, M.P., Her Majesty's 
solicitor general (ibid). 

1894, Nov. 30. Frank Lockwood, M.P., Q.C, Her Majesty's 
solicitor general, justice of the peace and deputy lieutenant 
for the North Riding of Yorkshire (ibid). 

1894, Nov. 30. Frederick Wigan, of Clare Lawn, Upper Sheen, 
Sun-ey, high sheriff of Surrey and justice of the peace for 
Surrey and the County of London, and deputy lieutenant 
for Surrey (ibid). 

1894, Nov. 30. James Weeks Szlumper, of Glanteifi, Kew Gardens, 

Surrey, and of Aberystwyth, in the County of Cardigan. 

1895, Feb. 4. John McIntyre, Hon., member of the Executive 

Council and Legislative Assembly of the Colony of Victoria, 
and lately president of the Board of Land and Works, and 
commissioner of Crown Lands and Survey in that Colony 
(Letters patent). 


1895, Feb. 27. John Baker, M.P., of Nortli End House, Ports- 
moutli (at Windsor Castle). 

1895, Feb. 27. Edwaed Egbert Pearce Edgcumbe, of Somerleigh 
Court, Dorchester (ibid). 

1895, Feb. 27. Israel Hart, of Ashleigb, Knighton, Leicester. 

1895, Feb. 27. Alexander Campbell Mackenzie, principal of the 
Hoyal Academy of Music (ibid). 

1895, Feb. 27. Joseph Turner Hutchinson, chief justice of the 
Gold Coast Colony ,and chief justice designate of the Colony 
of Grenada (ibid). 

1895, Feb. 27. Charles Scotter, general manager of the South- 
western Railway (ibid). 

1895, Feb. 27. John Jackson, contractor for public works, of 3, 
Victoria Street, Westminster (ibid). 

1895,Feb. 27. James Thomas Woodhouse, of Elloughton House, 
Brough, Yorkshire (ibid). 

1895, Apr. 1. William Henry Rattigan, barrister-at-law, Doctor- 
of-Laws of the university of the Punjab, and vice-chancellor 
of said university (Letters patent). 

1895, July 4. (William) Thornley Stoker, M.D., president of the 
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (in the Presence 
Chamber, Dublin Castle, by the lord lieutenant of Ireland). 

1895, July 4. Christopher John Nixon, LL.D., M.D., physician- 
in-ordinary to His Excellency {ibid by same). 

1895, July 15. Alexander Campbell Onslow, chief justice of the 
Colony of Western Australia (Letters patent), 

1895, July 15. William Hales Hingston, M.D., of Montreal, in 

the Province of Quebec, in the Dominion of Canada (same). 
1895, July 15. Arthur Snowden, mayor of the City of Melbourne, 

in the Colony of Victoria (same). 
1895, July 18. Arthur Arnold, chairman of the London County 

Council, of 45, Kensington Park Gardens, W., and Hyde 

Hill, Dartmouth (at Windsor Castle). 
1895, July 18. Edward Temperley Gourley, M.P., V.D., justice 

of the peace and deputy lieutenant for the County of 

Durham, of Roker-on-Sea, Sunderland, and Cleaden, County 

of Durham (ibid). 
1895, July 18. Frederick Howard, of the Abbey Close, Bedford 


1895, July 18. Jehanghier Cowasjee Jehanghier, of Ready 
Money House, Malabar Hill, Bombay (ibid). 


1895, July 18. Henry Duncan Littlejohn, M.D., LL.D., of Edin- 
hvLTgh (At Windsor Castle). 

1895, July 18. James Low, lord provost of Dundee (ibid). 

1895, July 18. Clarence Smith, of the Hawthorns, Chislehurst 

1895, July 18. Walter Besant, of Frognal End,Hanipstead(^t6ii^. 

1895, July 18. Joseph Ewart, M.D., of Montpelier Hall, Brighton, 
and Holmhead, Bewcastle, Cumberland (ibid). 

1895, July 18. Christopher Furness, merchant and ship owner 

1895, July 18. William Martin Conway, of 21 Clanricarde 

Gardens, W. (ibid). 

1895, July 18. Nicholas John Hannen, of Lake Lodge, Wargrave, 
Berks., chief justice of Her Majesty's Supreme Court for 
China and Japan, and consul general at Shanghai (ibid). 

1895, July 18. Henry Brobribb Irving, of the Lyceum Theatre 

1895, July 18. William Wollaston Karslake, Q.C, of 8 Curzon 

Street (ibid). 

1895, July 18. Joseph Francis Leese, M.P., Q.C, of the Eed 
House, Sidmouth, and of 12 Members' Mansions, Victoria 
Street; recorder of Manchester (ibid). 

1895, July 18. George Charles Mason, of Courtlands, Clapham 

Park, Surrey (ibid). 
1895, July 18. Lewis Morris, of Penbryn, Carmarthenshire (ibid). 

1895, July 18. Robert Pullar, of Tayside, Perth (ibid). 

1895, July 18. William Howard Russell, LL.D. (ibid). 

1895, Aug. 12. Thomas Acquin Martin, agent of the Government 

of Afghanistan (at Osborne). 
1895, Nov. 25. William McCammond, lord mayor of Belfast (at the 

Viceregal Lodge by the lord lieutenant of Ireland). 
1895, Dec. 12. Robert Bannatyne Finlay, Q.C, M.P., Her 

Majesty's solicitor general (at Windsor Castle). 
1895, Dec. 12. Harry Bodkin Poland, Q.C, recorder of Dover, one 

of Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the County of 

London (ibid). 

1895, Dec. 12 (July 15). Henry Hicks Hocking, attorney general 

for the Island of Jamaica (ibid). 

1896, Jan. 6. Patrick Coll, chief crown solicitor for Ireland (at 

the Viceregal Lodge by the lord lieutenant of Ireland). 


1896, Jan. 6. Thomas William Moffett, LL.D., president of 
Queen's College, Galway (at the Vice-regal Lodge by the 
lord lieutenant of Ireland). 

1896, Jan. 6. [James] Acheson MacCullagh, M.D., late mayor of 
Londonderry [ibid by same). 

1896, Jan. 17. Charles Edward Howard Vincent, M.P., L.C.C., 

commandant of the Queen's Westminster Volunteers, of 

1 Grosvenor Square, London (at Osborn). 
1896, Jan. 17. Egbert Martin Craven, F.E.C.S., of 14, Albion 

Street, Hull (ibid). 
1896, Jan. 17. Willoughby Francis Wade, M.D., of Kilmurrey, 

Edgbaston (ibid). 
1896, Jan. 17. John Smalman Smith, late chief justice of the 

Colony of Lagos (ibid). 

1896, Jan. 17. John Senhouse Goldie-Taubman, speaker of the 
House of Keys, Isle of Man (ibid). 

1896, Jan. 20. Joseph Prestwich, of Darent Hulme, in the Parish 
of Shoreham, in the County of Kent (Letters patent). 

1896, Jan. 23. Samuel Lewis, barrister-at-law, unofficial member 
of the Legislative Council of the Colony of Sierra Leone, 
and first mayor of the City of Freetown (same). 

1896, Jan. 23. William James Smith, chief justice of the Supreme 

Court of the Island of Cyprus (same). 
1896, Jan. 23. Henry Pering Pellew Crease, on his retirement 

as senior puisne judge from the Bench of the Supreme Court 

of British Columbia, in the Dominion of Canada (same). 
1896, Jan. 27. Charles Frederic Hamond, of Lovaine Place, in 

the County and City of Newcastle-on-Tyne (same). 
1896, Jan. 27. Charles Frederick Farran, chief justice of the 

High Court of Judicature, Bombay (same). 
1896, Jan. 27. Lyttleton Holyoake Bayley, late puisne judge of 

the High Court, Bombay (same). 
1896, Feb. 28. Alfred George Marten, Q.C, one of the judges of 

Her Majesty's County Courts in England and Wales (at 

Windsor Castle). 
1896, Apr. 25. James Charles Harris, Her Majesty's consul for 

the Department des Alpes Maritimes, France, and for the 

Principality of Monaco (at Cimiez, Nice). 
1896, June 6. David Stewart, of Banchory Devenick, Kincardine- 
shire (at Balmoral). 
1896, June 18. William Ralph Meredith, LL.D., chief justice of 

the Court of Common Pleas of the Province of Ontario, in 

the Dominion of Canada (Letters patent). 


1896, June 18. William Henry Lionel Cox, chief justice of the 

Straits Settlements (Letters patent). 
1896, June 19. Vincent Henry Penalver Cailliard, president of 

the Council of Administration of the Ottoman Public Debt 

(at Balmoral). 
1896, July 4. William John Anderson, chief justice of British 

Honduras (Letters patent). 
1896, July 9. John Cass, of Maylands, Bradford (at Windsor 

1896, July 9. Joshua Girling Fitch, LL.D., of 13, Leinster 

Square, London, W. (ibid). 
1896, July 9. Joseph Sebag Montefiore, of 4, Hyde Park Gardens, 

London, and East Cliff Lodge, Eamsgate (ibid). 
1896, July 9. Peter Le Page Renouf, of 46, Roland Gardens, 

London, S.W. 
1896, July 9. Allen Lanyon Sarle, secretary and general manager 

of the London, Brighton, and South Coast Railway (ibid). 
1896, July 9. Charles Cecil Trevor (ibid). 
1896, July 9. The Hon. George Arthur Parker, late judge of the 

High Court, Madras (Indian Civil Service, retired). 
1896, Aug. 15. Frederick Richard Falkiner, Q.C, recorder of 

Dublin (at the Vice-Regal Lodge by the lord lieutenant of 

1896, Aug. 15. Francis Richard Cruise, M.D. {ibid by same). 
1896, Aug. 15. Arthur Edward Vicars, F.S.A., Ulster king of 

arms, registrar and knight-attendant on the Most Illustrious 

Order of St. Patrick {ibid by same). 
1896, Oct. 12. Francis William Maclean, Q.C, chief justice of 

Bengal (at Balmoral). 
1896, Nov. 2. Henry Spencer Berkeley, chief justice of Fiji, and 

chief judicial commissioner for the Western Pacific (Letters 


1896, Nov. 25. Edward John Poynter, president of the Royal 

Academy of Arts (at Windsor Castle). 

1897, Jan. 9. Owen Randal Slacke, captain, divisional com- 

missioner (in the drawing-room at the Vice-Regal Lodge by 
the lord lieutenant of Ireland). 

1897, Jan. 9. William Huffington Findlater, J.P., D.L., presi- 
dent of the Incorporated Law Society of Ireland {ibid by 

1897, Jan. 9. John Thomas Gilbert, F.S.A., LL.D., M.R.I.A., hon. 
librarian of the Royal Irish Academy, and hon. professor of 
antiquities in the Royal Hibernian Academy of Arts (ibid 
by same). 

1897, Jan. 9. [Robert] Newman Chambers, town clerk of London- 
derry {ibid by same). 


1897, Jan. 25. The Hon. John Worrell Carrington, D.C.L., 
LL.D., chief justice of the Supreme Court of the Colony of 
Hong Kong (Letters patent). 

1897, Jan, 25. William Eaymond Kynsey, principal civil medical 
officer and inspector general of hospitals of the Island of 
Ceylon (same). 

1897, Jan. 25. John Woodhead, mayor of the City of Capetown 

1897, Feb. 3, Frederick Thomas Edridge, of Addiscombe Court, 
Croydon (at Osborne). 

1897, Feb. 3. Richard Farrant, of 2, Park Square West, Regents 
Park, London (ibid). 

1897, Feb. 3. William Webb Hatward, mayor of Rochester 

1897, Feb. 3. James Laing, of Thomhill, Sunderland, and of Etal 
Manor, Northumberland (ibid). 

1897, Feb. 3. William Laird, of No. 168, West George Street, 
Glasgow (ibid). 

1897, Feb. 3. Thomas Wardle, of Leek, and Swainsley, Warslow, 
Staffordshire, F.G.S., F.C.S. 

1897, Feb. 3. William Birt, general manager of the Great Eastern 
Railway (at Osborne). 

1897, Feb. 3. William Arbuthnot Blain, of the Park, Notting- 
ham (ibid). 

1897, Feb. 3. Campbell Clarke, of No. 116, Avenue des Champs 
Elysees, Paris (ibid). 

1897, Feb. 4. James MacPherson Le Moine, of Quebec, ex-president 

of the Royal Society of Canada (Letters patent). 
1897, Mar. 29. The Hon. Charles Arthur Roe, chief judge of the 

Chief Court of the Punjab (same). 
1897, May 14. Edmund Widdrington Byrne, one of the justices 

of Her Majesty's High Court of Justice (at Windsor Castle). 
1897, May 14. Edward Ridley, one of the justices of Her Majesty's 

High Court of Justice (ibid). 
1897, July 9. George Henry Long, mayor of Windsor (ibid). 
1897, July 15 (? 16). The Hon. Henry Hubert Juta, Q.C, speaker 

of the House of Assembly of the Cape of Good Hope 

(Letters patent). 
1897, July 15. Thomas Naghten Fitz-Gerald, F.R.C.S., senior 

surgeon of the Melbourne Hospital, in the Colony of 

Victoria (same). 


1897, Aug. 2. Frederick Fitz James Cullinan, a principal chief 

clerk in the secretary's office, Dublin Castle (by the lord 

lieutenant of Ireland at the Vice-regal Lodge). 
1897, Aug. 2. George Frederick Duffey, M.D., president of the 

Eoyal College of Physicians of Ireland {ibid by same). 
1897, Aug. 2. William Thomson, M.D., president of the Royal 

College of Surgeons in Ireland, surgeon in ordinary to his 

Excellency (ibid by same). 
1897, Aug. 2. Gerald Richard Dease, colonel, chamberlain to 

His Excellency the lord lieutenant of Ireland (at the Vice- 
regal Lodge by the lord lieutenant). 
1897, Aug. 2, Reginald Robert Bruce Guinness, {ibid by same). 
1897, Aug. 2. William Watson, chairman of the City of Dublin 

Steam Packet Company {ibid by same). 
1897, Aug. 2. Benjamin Whitney, clerk of the Crown and peace 

for Co. Mayo {ibid by same). 
1897, Aug. 3. Henry Howe Bemrose, M.P. (at Osborne). 
1897, Aug. 3. Charles William Cayzer, M.P., of Ralston, 

Renfrewshire, N.B. (ibid). 
1897, Aug. 3. Thomas George Fardell, M.P., of 26, Hyde Park 

Street, London, W. (ibid). 
1897, Aug, 3. Thomas Richardson, M.P. , of Kirklevington Grange, 

Yarm, Yorkshire (ibid). 
1897, Aug. 3. John Archibald Willox, M.P. (ibid). 
1897, Aug. 3. Alexander Richardson Binnie, chief engineer to 

the London County Council (ibid). 
1897, Aug. 3. Frederick Bridge, Mus. Doc, organist of West- 
minster Abbey, and Gresham Professor of Music (ibid). 
1897, Aug. 3. William Crookes, F.R.S., of 7, Kensington Park 

Gardens, London, W. (ibid). 
1897, Aug. 3. William Richard Gowers, M.D., F.R.S. (ibid). 
1897, Aug. 3. John Fowke Lancelot Rolleston, of Glen Parva 

Grange, Leicester (ibid). 
1897, Aug. 3. Henry Harben, of Seaford Lodge, Hampstead 

1897, Aug. 3. James Vaughan, a magistrate of the Police Courts 

of tlie Metropolis (ibid). 
1897, Aug. 9. Benjamin Alfred Dobson, of Dofi'cockers, Heaton, 

in the Parish of Deane, Co. Lanes., mayor of Bolton (Letters 

1897, Aug. 18. Charles Thomas Skelton, deputy mayor of 

Sheffield (at Osborne). 
1897, Aug. 18. Squire Bancroft Bancroft, of No. 18, Berkeley 

Square (ibid). 


1897, Aug. 18. Felix Semon, M.D. (At Osborne). 

1897, Aug. 18. Wyke Bayliss, president of the Royal Society of 

British Artists (ibid). 
1897, Aug. 18. John Dunne, deputy lieutenant and chief constable 

of Cumberland and Westmoreland (ibid). 
1897, Aug. 18. Felix Calvert Mackenzie, of Forres, N.B. (ibid). 
1897, Aug. 18. George Clement Martin, Mus.Doc, organist of St. 

Paul's Cathedral (ibid). 
1897, Aug. 18. Henry Hugh Oldham, lieutenant of Her Majesty's 

Honourable Corps of Gentlemen at Arms (ibid). 
1897, Aug. 18. William Lucius Selfe, one of the judges of Her 

Majesty's County Courts in England and Wales (ibid). 

1897, Aug. 18. George John Smith, of Treliske, Truro (ibid). 
1897, Aug. 18. James Thompson, general manager of the Caledonian 

Railway (ibid). 
1897, Aug. 18. Horatio Page Yance, lieutenant colonel of Her 

Majesty's Royal Body Guard of Yeomen of the Guard (ibid). 
1897, Aug. 18. Christopher Annakin Milward, alderman, lord 

maj^or of York (ibid). 
1897, Aug 18. John George Blaker, alderman, mayor of Brighton 

1897, Aug. 18. Charles Rackham Oilman, mayor of Norwich 

1897, Aug. 18. Richard Mottram, alderman, mayor of Salford 

1897, Aug. 18. Patrick Playfair, late president of the Bengal 

Chamber of Commerce (ibid). 
1897, Aug. 18. (Andrew) Charles Howard, assistant commissioner 

of Metropolitan Police (ibid). 
1897, Aug. 18. James Smith, lord mayor of Birmingham (ibid). 

1897, Aug. 18. James Thomson Ritchie, sheriff of the City of 

London (ibid). 
1897, Aug. 18. Robert Hargreaves Rogers, sheriff of the City of 

London (ibid). 
1897, Aug. 28. George Cotton, sheriff of Bombay, and president of 

the Bombay Municipal Corporation (Letters patent). 
1897, Aug. 31. William Burgess Goldsmith, staff captain, R.N., 

on retirement from the command of the "Alberta," which 

he had held for the last fourteen years ; (at Gosport, on the 

quarter-deck of Her Majesty's Royal yacht "Alberta"). 
1897, Sept. 15. George Montgomerie John Moore, lieutenant 

colonel, R.A. (retired), president of the Madras Municipality 

(Letters patent). 


1897, Sept. 29. Melbourne McTaggaet Tait, Q.C, chief justice of 

the Superior Court of the Montreal District of the Province 

of Quebec, in the Dominion of Canada (Letters patent). 
1897, Sept. 15. John Hawkins Hagahty, D.C.L., late chief justice 

of the Province of Ontario, in the Dominion of Canada 

1897, Oct. 7. Rt. Hon. Andrew McDonald, lord provost of 

Edinburgh (at Balmoral). 
1897, Oct. 7. John Cheyne, Q.C, procurator of the Church of 

Scotland (ibid). 
1897, Oct. 22. Thomas Wardlaw Taylor, Q.C, chief justice of the 

Province of Manitoba, in the Dominion of Canada (Letters 

1897, Nov. 25. Charles George Walpole, late chief justice of the 

Bahama Islands (at Windsor Castle). 
1897, Nov. 25. John Charles Bigham, one of the justices of Her 

Majesty's High Court of Justice (ibid). 
1897, Nov, 25. Charles John Darling, one of the justices of Her 

Majesty's High Court of Justice (ibid). 

1897, Nov. 25. Arthur Moseley Channell, one of the justices of 

Her Majesty's High Court of Justice (ibid). 

1898, Jan. 5. Edmund Thomas Bewley, judge of the High Court 

of Justice in Ireland, land commissioner, on his retirement 

[at the Viceregal Lodge, by the lord lieutenant of Ireland]. 
1898, Jan. 15. Henry Thynne, deputy inspector general, Royal 

Irish Constabulary [by same]. 
1898, Jan. 17. William Brandford Griffith, chief justice of the 

Gold Coast Colony (Letters patent). 
1898, Jan. 25. Henry Arthur White, Her Majesty's solicitor (at 

1898, Jan. 25. George Thomas Brown, professor, consulting 

veterinary adviser to the Board of Agriculture (retired) 

1898, Jan. 25. Herbert Barnard, chairman of the Public Works 

Loan Commission (ibid). 
1898, Jan. 25. Ernest Clarke, secretary to the Royal Agricultural 

Society of England (ibid). 
1898, Jan. 25. Thomas Hughes, alderman, late lord mayor of 

Liverpool (ibid). 
1898, Jan. 25. Thomas Johnstone Lipton (ibid). 
1898, Jan. 25. Robert Henry Symes, mayor of Bristol (ibid). 
1898, Jan. 25. John Batty Tuke, M.D., president of the Royal 

College of Physicians, Edinburgh (ibid). 


898, Jan. 25. John Struthers, M.D., LL.D., vice-president of the 
Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (at Osborne). 

898, Jan. 25. Edward James Ackroyd, late a puisne judge of the 
Supreme Court of the Colony of Hong Kong (ibid). 

898, Feb. 23. George William Burton, chief justice of the 
Province of Ontario, in the Dominion of Canada (Letters 

898, Apr. 28. Louis Addin Kershaw, Q.C, chief justice of the 
High Court of Judicature at Allahabad (Letters patent). 

898, May 6. Robert Baret Stokes, captain (at the Viceregal 
Lodge by the lord lieutenant of Ireland). 

898, June 9. Edward Knox, late member of the Legislative 
Council of the Colony of New South "Wales (Letters patent). 

898, June 9. James Reading Fairfax, in recognition of services 
rendered to the Colony of New South Wales (same). 

898, June 9. John Langdon Bonython, in recognition of services 
rendered in the cause of Public Education in the Colony of 
South Australia (same). 

898, June 9. Ormond Drimmie Malcolm, Q.C, chief justice of the 
Bahama Islands (same). 

898, July 13. Charles Hubert Hastings Parry, D.C.L., Mus. 
Doc, M.A., of 17 Kensington Square, London, and Highnam 
Court, Gloucester (at Windsor Castle). 

898, Aug. 6. John Gunn, of Cardiff, and Llandaff House, Llandaff 
(at Osborne). 

898, Aug. 6. Augustus Frederick Godson, M.P., of Westwood 
Park, Worcestershire (ibid). 

898, Aug. 6. Arthur Wellington Marshall, colonel, of Buckden 

Towers, Huntington (ibid). 
898, Aug. 6. Marcus Samuel, one of the alderman of the City 

of London, of 20, Portland Place, London, and of the Mote, 

Kent (ibid). 
898, Aug. 6. Swire Smith, of Steeton Manor, near Keighley 

898, Aug. 6. Henry Charles Fisher, of St. Heliers, Bromley, 

Kent (ibid). 

898, Aug. 6. James William Whittall, of the Tower, Moda, 

Constantinople (ibid). 

899, Jan. 5. William Christopher Macdonald, merchant, of 

Montreal, in the Dominion of Canada (Letters patent). 


1899, Jan. 12. John Chute Neligan, Q.C, recorder of Cork (at the 

Vice-regal Lodge by the lord lieutenant). 
1899, Jan. 12. James Henderson, lord mayor of Belfast {ibid by 

1899, Jan. 12. John Barr Johnston, mayor of Londonderry [ibid 

by same). 
1899, Jan. 12. George Plunkett OTarrell, M.D., commissioner 

of Control and inspector of Lunatic Asylums [ibid by same). 
1899, Jan. 14. Andrew Mure, of Edinburgh, late senior puisne 

judge of the Supreme Court of the Colony of Mauritius (at 

1899, Jan. 14. James Fortescue Flannery, M.P., of Gibson's Hill, 

Nor^rood, Surrey (ibid). 
1899, Jan. 14. John Furley, of 14, Evelyn Gardens, London, 

commissioner to the National Aid Society (ibid). 
1899, Jan. 14. David Richmond, lord provost of Glasgow, and Her 

Majesty's lieutenant of the County of the City of Glasgow 

1899, Jan. 14. Hermann Weber, M.D., of 10, Grosvenor Street, 

London (ibid). 
1899, Jan. 14. Thomas Townsend Bucknill, Q.C, one of the 

justices of Her Majesty's High Court of Justice (ibid). 
1899, Jan. 30. Arthur Strachey, B.A., LL.B., chief justice of the 

High Court of Judicature for the North- Western Provinces 

of India (Letters patent). 

1899, Mar. 1. Edward Lawrence, of the Grange, St. Michael's 
Hamlet, in the City of Liverpool, in the County Palatine of 
Lancaster, a justice of the Peace of the said city, and mayor 
1864-5, of the borough of Liverpool (Letters patent). 

1899, May 24. John Thomas Soundy, J. P., mayor of Windsor (at 
Windsor Castle). 

1899, June 26. James Creed Meredith, LL.D., secretary of the 
Royal University of Ireland (at the Vice-regal Lodge by the 
lord lieutenant). 

1899, June 26. Walter Armstrong, director of the National 
Gallery of Ireland (ibid by same). 

1899, June 26. John Edmond Barry, president of the Chamber of 
Commerce, Dublin [ibid by same). 

1899, June 26. Robert Alexander Taylor, of Coleraine (ibid by 

1899, June 30. John Francis Rotton, Q.C, late legal adviser to 

the Local Government Board (at Windsor Castle). 
1899, June 30. Aluri;d Dumbell, judge of the Chancery Division 

of the High Court of Justice, and clerk of the Rolls for 

the Isle of Man (ibid). 


1899, June 30. Herbert Hardy Cozens-Hardy, one of the justices 
of Her Majesty's High Court of Justice (At Wndsor Castle). 

1899, June 30. Lawrence Alma Tadema, E.A., of 17, Grove End 
Road, N.W. (ihid). 

1899, June 30. Walter Murton, solicitor to the Board of Trade 

1899, June 30. Charles Bowman Logan, deputy keeper of the 

Signet of Scotland (ihid). 

1899, June 30. William Pollitt, general manager of the Great 

Central Railway (ihid). 
1899, June 30. John Sibbald, late lunacy commissioner in Scotland 

1899, June 30. (Henry) Evelyn Oakeley, late chief inspector of 

schools. Education Department (ibidj. 

1899, June 30. Thomas Morel, alderman, J.P., mayor of Cardiff 

1899, June 30. William Mitchell Banks, M.D., F.R.C.S., LL.D., 

of 28, Rodney Street, Liverpool (ihid). 
1899, Aug. 17. Lawrence Hugh Jenkins, chief justice of the High 

Court of Judicature, Bombay (Letters patent). 
1899, Aug. 17. John Alexander Boyd, chancellor of the High 

Court of Justice of the Province of Ontario, in the Dominion 

of Canada (same). 
1899, Aug. 17. Thomas Crossley Rayner, chief justice of the 

Supreme Court of the Colony of Lagos (same). 
1899, Aug. 17. Matthew Harris, mayor of the City of Sydney, in 

the Colony of New South Wales (same). 
1899, Aug. 17. Thomas Jackson, chief manager at Hong Kong, of 

the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank (Letters patent). 
1899, Sept. 16. Joseph Erizelle, late chief judge of the Chief 

Court of the Punjab (same). 
1899, Sept. 26. William Fischer Agnew, recorder of Rangoon 

1899, Nov. 15. Herbert Ashman; lord mayor of Bristol, justice of 

the peace (at Bristol). 
1899, Nov. 28. George Earwell, one of the judges of Her 

Majesty's High Court of Justice (at Windsor Castle). 

1899, Nov. 28. Franklin Lushington, chief magistrate of the 

Metropolitan Police Courts (ihid). 

1900, Jan. 22. The Hon. John Stokell Dodds, chief justice of the 

Supreme Court of the Colony of Tasmania (Letters patent). 
1900, Jan. 22. Francis Henry Lovell, surgeon general and 
member of the Executive and Legislative Councils of the 
Colony of Trinidad and Tobago (same). 

z 2 


1900, Jan. 22. Malcolu Doxald McEaciiarn, mayor of the City 

of Melbourne, in the Colony of Victoria (Letters patent). 
1900, Feb. 2. V. Bhashyam Aiyangar, diwan bahadur acting 

advocate general, Madras (same). 
1900, Feb. 5. Bhalchandra Krishna Bhatawadekar, justice of 

peace, chairman of the Standing Committee of the Municipal 

Corporation, Bombay (same). 
1900, Feb. 9. Gerald Raoul de Courcy-Perry, Her Majesty's 

consul general at Antwerp for Belgium (at Osborne). 
1900, Feb. 9. James Balfour Paul, Lyon King of Arms (ibid). 
1900, Feb. 9. Thomas Henry Tacon, justice of peace, D.L., of the 

Eed House, Eye, Suffolk (ibid). 
1900, Feb. 9. William Theodore Doxford, M.P., of Grindon Hall, 

Sunderland (ibid). 
1900, Feb. 9. Walter Thorburn, M.P.,of Glenbreck, Peebles, N.B. 

1900, Feb. 9. Thomas Lauder Brunton, M.D., F.R.S. (ibid). 
1900, Feb. 17. George Dalhousie Ramsay, of Manson Place. 

London (Letters patent). 
1900, Mar. 3. Henry Burton Buckley, Q.C, one of the judges of 

Her Majesty's High Court of Justice (at Windsor Castle). 
1900, Mar. 5. Otto Jaffe late lord mayor of Belfast (in the Throne 

Room at Dublin Castle, by the lord lieutenant of Ireland). 
1900, Mar. 12. The Rt. Hon. Samuel James Way, of Montefiore, 

North Adelaide, and Kadlunga Mintar, both in the Colony 

of South Australia, lieutenant governor and chief justice of 

the Supreme Court of the said Colony, chancellor of the 

University of Adelaide, and member for the Australasian 

Colonies of the Judicial Committee of Her Majesty's Privy 

1900, Mar. 29. William Purdib Treloar alderman and sheriff of 

the City of London (at Windsor Castle). 
1900, Mar. 29. Alfred Henry Bevan, sheriff of the City of 

London (ibid). 
1900, May 15. William Macpherson, judge of the High Court of 

Judicature at Fort William in 13engal (ibid). 

1900, May 25. Daniel Joseph Hegarty, lord mayor of Cork (in the 

Throne Room at Dublin Castle by the lord lieutenant of 

1900, May 25. William M'Learn, mayor of Londonderry (by 

1900, May 25. Joseph Downes, high sheriff of the City of Dublin 

(ibid by same). 


1900, May 25. Alfred Graham Dobbin, high sheriff of the City 

of Cork at Dublin Castle by the lord lieutenant of Ireland) 
1900, May 25. Thomas Henry Cleeve, high sheriff of the City of 

Limerick (ibid by same), 
1900, May 25. John William Moore, M.D., president of the Royal 

College of Physicians, Ireland {ibid by same). 
1900, May 25. Thomas Drew, president of the Royal Institute of 

Architects of Ireland (ibid by same). 
1900, May 25. John Malcolm Inglis, president of the Dublin 

Chamber of Commerce (ibid by same). 
1900, May 25. Thomas William Robinson, chairman of Kingstown 

IJrban District Council (ibid by same). 
1900, June 27. Arthur James Richens Trendell, the assistant 

secretary of the Science and Art Department (at Windsor 

1900, June 27. John Groves, formerly mayor of Weymouth from 

November, 1886, to November, 1889 (ibid). 
1900, June 27. John Glover, justice of peace, chairman of the 

City Liberal Unionist Association, and of Lloyd's Registry 

of British and Foreign Shipping (ibid). 
1900, June 27. Thomas Godfrey Carey, the baililf of Guernsey 

1900, June 27. William Wilson Mitchell, member of the 

Legislative Council of Ceylon (ibid). 
1900, June 27. Charles Arnold White, chief justice of Madras 

1900, June 27. James Williamson, director* of Her Majesty's 

Dockyards (ibid). 
1900, June 27. William Ward, Her Majesty's consul general at 

Hamburg (ibid). 
1900, June 27. Allan Arthur, of Calcutta, member of the 

Viceroy's Legislative Council (ibid). 
1900, June 30. Hector Clare Cameron, president of the Faculty 

of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow (ibid). 
1900, June 30. John Watney, clerk of the Mercers' Company, 

honorary secretary of the City and Guilds of London 

Institute for the advancement of Technical Education 

1900, June 30. (Henry) Homewood Crawford, of Guildhall, in the 

City of London, and of 3, West Bolton Gardens, South 

Kensington, S.W., solicitor of the Corporation of London 

1900, June 30. George Hare Philipson, M.D., of Newcastle-on- 

Tyne, president of the University of Durham College of 

Medicine (ibid). 


1900, June 30. Charles Clement Boweing, J.P., of Park Grange, 
Derby (At Windsor Castle). 

1900, June 30. Willlam Haswell Stephenson, alderman, City of 
Newcastle (ibid). 

1900, June 30. Richard Claverhouse Jebb, M.P., Eegius Pro- 
fessor of Greek in the University of Cambridge (ibid). 

1900, June 30. Colin George Macrae, of Wellbank, Forfarshire, 
and writer to the Signet, Edinburgh, late chairman of the 
School Board of Edinburgh (ibid). 

1900, June 30. Riley Lord, mayor of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (ibid). 

1900, June 30. James Cornelius O'Dowd, formerly deputy judge 
advocate general (ibid). 

1900, June. Rt. Hon. Edward Henry Carson, Q.C, M.P., solicitor 

general (ibid). 
1900, July 16. William Bisset Berry, M.D., Q.C, speaker of the 

House of Assembly of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope 

(Letters patent). 
1900, July 16. David Palmer Ross, M.D., surgeon general of the 

Colony of British Guiana (same). 

1900, Oct. 24. Francis Pratt Winter, chief judicial ofl&cer of the 
Possession of British New Guinea (Letters patent). 

1900, Dec. 14. Matthew Ingle Joyce, one of the justices of Her 

Majesty's Court of Justice (at Windsor Castle). 

1901, Jan. 16. Arthur Robert Wallace, D.L., principal chief 

clerk, Secretary's Office, Dublin Castle (at the Viceregal 
Lodge by the lord lieutenant). 

1901, Jan. 16. Edward Matthew Hodgson, chairman of the 

Rathmines Urban District Council {ibid by same). 
1901, Feb. 9. Edward Henry Busk, chairman of Convocation of 

the University of London (at Marlborough House). 
1901, Feb. 9. Robert Harvey, high sheriff of Cornwall (ibid). 
1901, Feb. 9. John Mark, J.P., of Didsbury, Lancashire (ibid). 
1901, Feb. 9. Edward Wollaston Knocker, registrar of the 

Cinque Ports (ibid). 
1901, Feb. 9. Alfred Cooper, of the Gables, Surbiton (ibid). 
1901, Feb. 9. Hiram Stevens Maxim (ibid). 
1901, Feb. 9. Joseph Sykes Rymer, late lord mayor of York 

1901, Feb. 11. The Hon. Henry John Miller, speaker of the 

Legislative Council of the Colony of New Zealand (Letters 



1901, Feb. 11. Hugh Adcock, consulting physician-in-cliief to His 
Imperial Majesty the Shah of Persia (Letters patent). 

1901, Oct. 31. John Quick, LL.D., of Victoria (on the occasion of 
the visit of the duke and duchess of York to His Majesty's 
Dominion beyond the seas) (nominated Jan. 1). 

1901, Oct. 31. James Graham, M.D., member of the Legislative 
Assembly of the State of New South Wales, mayor of the 
City of Sydney (on same occasion). 

1901, Oct. 31. The Hon. Samuel Gillott, member of the Legisla- 
tive Assembly of the State of Victoria, attorney general of 
that State, mayor of the City of Melbourne (same occasion). 

1901, Oct. 31. Louis Victor Delafaye, chief judge of the Supreme 
Court of the Colony of Mauritius (on same occasion). 

1901, Oct. 31. Ebenezer John Buchanan, senior puisne judge of 
the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope (on same occasion). 

1901, Oct. 31. Benjamin Wesley Greenacre, member of the 
Legislative Assembly of the Colony of Natal (on same 

1901, Oct. 31. Thomas George Shaughnessy, president of the 
Canadian Pacific Railway Company (on same occasion). 

1901, Nov. 4. Arthur Richard Jelf, a judge of the High Court 
(at Maj-lborough House). 

1901, Nov. 4. Joseph Walton, a judge of the High Court (ibid). 

1901, Nov. 7. John Stanley, K.C, chief justice of the High Court 
of Judicature for the North-Western Provinces, India 
(Letters patent). 

1901, Dec. 10. Charles Swinfen Eady, one of the justices of His 
Majesty's High Court of Justice (at Marlborough House). 

1901, Dec. 10. George Gough Arbuthnot, of Madras (ibid). 
1901, Dec. 10. George Bullough, of Isle of Rum, Scotland (ibid). 
1901, Dec. 10. Anderson Critchett, F.R.C.S., honorary surgeon 

oculist to His Majesty (ibid). 
1901, Dec. 10. George Hussey, mayor of Southampton (ibid). 

1901, Dec. 10. Archibald Campbell Lawrie, on retirement as late 
puisne justice of the Supreme Court of Ceylon (ibid). 

1901, Dec. 10. (James) Ernest Spencer, M.P., of Warren Mount, 

Oxshot, Surrey (ibid). 
1901, Dec. 10. Albert de Rutzen, chief magistrate of the 

Metropolitan Police Courts (ibid). 
1901, Dec. 19. Joseph Ignatius Little, chief justice of the 

Supreme Court of Newfoundland (Letters patent). 
1901, Dec. 19. Samuel Brownlow Gray, chief justice of the 

Bermuda Islands (same). 


1902, Aug. 11. John Olphert, gentleman usher to His Excellency 
(in the Throne Room, Dublin Castle, by the lord lieutenant). 

1902, Aug. 11. John Hamilton Franks, secretary to the Irish 
Land Commission (ibid by same). 

1902, Aug. 11. John George Barton, commissioner of Valuation 
[ibid by same). 

1902, Aug. 11. James Brown Dougherty, assistant under secretary 

to the lord lieutenant [ibid by same). 
1902, Aug. 11. (Francis) Henry Miller, mayor of Londonderry 

[ibid by same). 

1902, Aug. 11. Thomas Myles, M.D., late president of the Royal 
College of Surgeons in Ireland [ibid by same). 

1902, Aug. 11. Vincent Nash, high sheriff of the city of Limerick 
[ibid by same). 

1902, Aug. 11. George Roche, late president of the Incorporated 
Law Society of Ireland [ibid by same). 

1902, Aug. 11. William Whitla, M.D. [ibid by same). 

1902, Aug. 11. James Murphy, president of the Dublin Chamber 

of Commerce [ibid by same). 
1902, Aug. 12. Robert Lloyd Patterson [ibid by same). 
1902, Aug. 14. Edward Albert Stone, chief justice of the State 

of Western Australia (Letters patent). 
1902, Aug. 14. The Hon. Arthur Rutledge, K.C, attorney general 

of the State of Queensland (same). 
1902, Aug. 14. The Hon. Henry Norman MacLaurin, LL.D., M.D., 

M.A., chancellor of the University of Sydney, and member 

of the Legislative Council of the State of New South Wales 

1902, Aug. 14. Henri Elzear Taschereau, K.C, LL.D., puisne 

judge of the Supreme Court of the Dominion of Canada. 
1902, Aug. 14. The Hon. Adye Douglas (Thorpe-Douglas), 

president of the Legislative Council of the State of Tasmania 

1902, Aug.l4. John Lancelot Stirling, LL.B., president of the 

Legislative Council of the State of South Australia (same). 
1902, Aug. 14. The Hon. Edward D'Alton Shea, president of the 

Legislative Council of the Colony of Newfoundland (same). 
1902, Aug. 14. The Hon. Robert BoAK, president of the Legislative 

Council of the Province of Nova Scotia, in the Dominion of 

Canada (same). 
1902, Aug. 14. WiT,Li.\M Russell Russell, member of tlie House 

of Representatives of the Colony of New Zealand (same). 


1902, Aug. 14. John Logan Campbell, M.D., late mayor of 

Auckland, in the Colony of New Zealand (Letters patent). 
1902, Oct. 2. The Hon. James Liege Hulett, speaker of the 

Legislative Assembly of the Colony of Natal (same). 
1902, Oct. 2. WiLLEM VAN HuLSTEYN, of Johannesburg (same). 
1902, Oct. 24. John Charles Bell, sheriff of the City of London 

(at Buckingham Palace). 
1902, Oct. 24. Horace Brooks Marshall, sheriff of the City of 

London (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. William Allan, M.P. (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. Francis Cowley Burnand, B.A. (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. Caspar Purdon Clarke, F.S.A., F.R.LB.A., director 

of the Victoria and Albert Museum (Art Museum), South 

Kensington (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. William Laird Clowes (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. William Job Collins, M.D., F.R.C.S. (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. Alfred Cooper, F.R.C.S. (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. (John) Halliday Croom, president of the Royal 

College of Surgeons (Edin.) (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. Arthur Conan Doyle, M.D., D.L. (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. William Emerson, past president of the Royal 

Institute of British Architects (ibid). 

1902, Oct. 24. Colonel Aubone George Fife, standard bearer of His 

Majesty's Bodyguard of the Honourable Corps of Gentlemen- 

at-Arms (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. Joseph Thomas Firbank, M.P. (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. Thomas Richard Eraser, F.R.S., M.D., president of 

the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. William Henry Holland, M.P. (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. Samuel Hall, K.C, vice-chancellor of the County 

Palatine of Lancaster (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. Reginald Hennell, colonel, lieutenant of the King's 

Bodyguard of Yeomen of the Guard (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. Victor Alexander Haden Horsley, F.R.S., 

F.R.C.S. (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. Henry Greenway Howse, president of the Royal 

College of Surgeons (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. Joseph Lawrence, M.P. (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. Ralph Daniel Makinson Littler, K.C. (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. George Thomas Livesey (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. Oliver Joseph Lodge, F.R.S. (ibid). 


1902, Oct. 24. Henry Bell Longhuest, honorary surgeon dentist 

to His Majesty (At Buckingham Palace). 
1902, Oct. 24. John Henry Luscombe, chairman of Lloyds (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. John McDougall, chairman London County Council 

1902, Oct. 24. William Macewen, F.R.S. (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. William Mather, M.P. (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. IsAMBARD Owen, M.D., senior deputy chancellor of 

the University of Wales (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. (Horatio) Gilbert George Parker, colonel, M.P., 

D.C.L. (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. Paynton Pigott, barrister-at-law, D.L., chief 

constable of the County of Norfolk (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. Arthur William Rijcker, D.Sc, LL.D., principal 

of the University of London (ibid). 

William Jameson Soulsby (ibid). 

Charles Villiers Stanford, Mus.Doc, D.C.L. 


Oct. 24. 


Oct. 24. 

Oct. 24. 


Oct. 24. 


Oct. 24. 

Alfred Thomas, M.P. (ibid). 

John Isaac Thornycroft, LL.D., F.R.S. (ibid). 

Ernest Albert Waterlow, A.R.A., president of the 

Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. Joseph Loftus Wilkinson, general manager of the 

Great Western Railway (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. Guy Douglas Arthur Fleetwood Wilson, assistant 

under secretary of State for War. 
1902, Oct. 24. Charles Wyndham (ibid). 
1902, Oct. 24. Catchick Paul Chater, member of the Executive 

and Legislative Council, Hong Kong (ibid). 
1902,* Nov. 9. John Elijah Blunt (knighted at Malta by king 

Edward VII., 1903, April 16). 
1902, Dec. 1. James Percy Fitzpatrick, of Johannesburg, in the 

Colony of the Transvaal (Letters patent). 
1902, Dec. 2. George Farrar, of the Transvaal (Letters patent). 
1902, Dec. 4. Edward Fleet Alford, of the Boltons, in the Royal 

Borough of Kensington, in the County of London (Letters 

1902, Dec. 5. The Hon. William Arbuckle, president of the Legis- 
lative Council of the Colony of Natal (Letters patent). 
1902, Dec. 6. Lewis Lloyd Michell, member of the House of 

Assembly of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope, and late 

chairman of the Martial Law Board in that Colony (Letters 


♦ John Wlnthrop Ilackett wag gazetUnl a knight bachelor, 1002, Nov. 0, but declined the honour. 


1902, Dec. 8. William Meigh Goodman, chief justice of the 
Supreme Court of the Colony of Hong Kong (Letters 

1902, Dec. 9. Henry Alleyne Bovell, chief justice of British 
Guiana (I/ctters patent). 

1902, Dec. 10. The Hon. William Jukes Steward, late speaker of 
the House of Representatives of the Colony of New Zealand 
(Letters patent). 

1902, Dec. 18. Thomas Robert Dewar, M.P. (at Buckingham 

1902, Dec. 18. Charles John Owens, lieutenant colonel. Engineer 

and Railway Volunteer Staff Corps (ibid). 
1902, Dec. 18. (Charles) Frederick Harrison, lieutenant colonel, 

Engineer and Railway Volunteer Staff Corps (ibid). 
1902, Dec. 18. Charles Hampden Wigram (ibid). 
1902, Dec. 18. Henry Hall Scott, of Eilanreach (ibid). 
1902, Dec. 18. Robert Hudson Borwick, of Eden Lacy, Lazonby, 

Cumberland (ibid). 
1902, Dec. 18. Thomas Henry Brooke-Hitching, sheriff of the 

City of London (ibid). 
1902, Dec. 18. John Mowlem Burt (ibid). 

1902, Dec. 18. William Thomas Dupree, mayor of Portsmouth 

1902, Dec. 18. Walter Gray, late mayor of Oxford (ibid). 
1902, Dec. 18. Robert Mitton Hensley, chairman of the Metro- 
politan Asylums Board (ibid). 
1902, Dec. 18. John Hollams, of Dene Park, Kent, J.P. for Kent 

and D.L. London (ibid). 
1902, Dec. 18. James Hoy, LL.D., late lord Mayor of Manchester 

1902, Dec. 18. Edward Letchworth, F.S.A. (ibid). 
1902, Dec. 18. John Roper Parkington, colonel, D.L,, J. P., County 

of London (ibid). 
1902, Dec. 18. (Emil Hugo Oscar) Robert Ropner, colonel, M.P. 

1902, Dec. 18. John Sherburn (ibid). 
1902, Dec. 18. George Wyatt Truscott, sheriff of the City of 

London (ibid). 
1902, Dec. 18. Max Leonard Waechter (ibid). 
1902, Dec. 18. Charles John Follett, solicitor of His Majesty's 

Customs (ibid). 
1902, Dec. 18. Robert Rowand Anderson, LL.D. (ibid). 
1902, Dec. 18. William John Crump (ibid). 


1902, Dec. 18. Edwin Hughes, colonel, V.D. (ihid). 

1902, Dec. 18. Henry Seton-Karr, M.P. (ihid). 

1902, Dec, 18. James Gildea, colonel (ihid). 

1902, Dec. 23. Charles Bent Ball, M.D., regius professor of 

surgery in the University of Dublin (in the Throne Room, 
Dublin Castle, by the lord lieutenant of Ireland). 

1903, Jan. 1. Montagu Charles Turner. 
1903, Jan. 1. George Watt. 

1903, Jan. 1. William Ovens Clark. 

1903, Jan. 1. James Lewis Walker, lieutenant colonel. 

1903, Apr. 17. James Acworth Davies, Indian Civil Service, 

judge of the High Court of Judicature, Fort St. George 

(Letters patent). 
1903, Apr. 18. William Earnshaw Cooper, lieutenant colonel, 

commandant Cawnpore Volunteer Rifles (Letters patent). 
1903, Apr. 20. Hurkisondas Nurrotumdas, sheriff of Bombay 

(Letters patent). 
1903, May 12. Robert Cranston, colonel, treasurer of the City of 

Edinburgh (at Holyrood Palace, by the King). 
1903, May 12. William John Menzies, writer to the " Signet," 

agent of the Church of Scotland (ihid). 
1903, May 12. James Guthrie, president of the Royal Scottish 

Academy (ihid). 
1903, May 14. John Shearer, convenor of the Parks and Galleries 

Committee of the Corporation of the City of Glasgow (at 

1903, July 18. Patrick Heron Watson, LL.D., M.D., F.R.S.E., 

hon. surgeon to His Majesty in Scotland (at Buckingham 

1903, July 18. Alfred Downing Fripp, surgeon-in-ordinary to 

His Majesty (ihid). 
1903, July 18. Stephen Mackenzie, M.D., of 18, Cavendish Square, 

W. (ihid). 
1903, July 18. Hiram Shaw Wilkinson, chief justice of H.M.'s: 

Supreme Court for China and Corea (ihid). 
1903, July 18. William Alfred Gelder, mayor of Hull (ibid). 
1903, July 18. Alfred Arnold, of Woodroyde, Halifax (ihid). 
1903, July 18. Henry Fleming Hiubert, of Dalegarth, Chorley, 

Lanes, (ihid). 
1903, July 18. Francis Charles Gore, solicitor to the Board of 

Inland Revenue (ihid). 
1903, July 18. George Collard, mayor of Canterbury (ihid). 


1903, July 18. Edwix Cooper Perry, M.D., F.E.C.P., pliysician to 
Guy's Hospital (at Buckingham Palace). 

1903, July 18. Alexander Carmichael Bruce, assistant com- 
missioner of police of the Metropolis (ibid). 

1903, July 18. John Johnson Runtz, first mayor of Stoke Newing- 
ton (ibid). 

1903, July 18. William Godsell, of 18, Ridgway Place, Wimbledon 

1903, July 18. George Thomas Lambert, late director of Green- 
wich Hospital (ibid). 

1903, July 18. Lewis Tonna Dibdin, D.C.L., dean of Arches (ibid). 

1903, July 18. Charles Samuel Bagot, late legal commissioner in 
lunacy and now an honorary commissioner in lunacy (ibid). 

1903, July 18. Charles Petrie, late lord mayor of Liverpool 

1903, Aug. 3. The Hon. Charles Abercrombie Smith, M.A., late 
controller and auditor general of the Colony of the Cape of 
Good Hope (Letters patent). 

1903, Aug. 4. Charles Peter Layard, chief justice of the Island 
of Ceylon (Letters patent). 

1903, Aug. 5. Charles John Dudgeon, chairman of the Shanghai 
Branch of the China Association (Letters patent). 

1903, Aug. 26. Eyre Coote, high sheriff of Co. Dublin (at the Vice- 
regal Lodge by the lord lieutenant of Ireland). 

1903, Aug. 26. Robert Anderson, high sheriff of Belfast (ibid). 

1903, Aug. 26. Abraham Sutton, high sheriff of Cork (ibid). 

1903, Aug. 26. Thomas Brown, chairman of Kingstown Urban 
District Council (ibid). 

1903, Aug. 26. James Carroll, chairman of Queenstown Urban 
District Council (ibid). 

1903, Aug. 26. James O'Donohoe, chairman of Galway Urban 
District Council (ibid). 


1903, Aug. 26. Lambert Hepenstal Ormsby, M.D., president of the 

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (ibid). 
1903, Aug. 26. Augustine Fitzgerald Baker, president of the 

Incorporated Law Society of Ireland (ibid). 
1903, Nov. 9. Alan Reeve Manby, M.D., surgeon apothecary to 

the King's Household at Sandringham and to the prince of 

Wales (at Sandringham). 
1903, Nov. 30. Francis Bathurst Suttor, Hon., president of the 

Legislative Council of the State of New South Wales 

(Letters patent). 
1903, Dec. 1. Edward Dundas Holroyd, puisne judge of the 

Supreme Court of the State of Victoria (Letters patent). 

1903, Dec. 18. Thomas William Snagge, a county court judge, of 
14, Courtfield Gardens, S.W. (at Buckingham Palace). 

1903, Dec. 18. John George Craggs, of Claverley, Chislehurst 

1903, Dec. 18. Charles Holroyd, keeper of the National Gallery 

of British Art, Tate Gallery (ibid). 
1903, Dec. 18. August Manns, of Gleaadale, 4, Harold Road, 

Norwood (ibid). 
1903, Dec. 18. Henry Alexander Giffard, K.C, of Braye du 

Valle, Guernsey, bailiff of Guernsey (ibid). 

1903, Dec. 18. John Macdonell, master of His Majesty's Supreme 

Court, of 31 Kensington Park Gardens, W. (ibid). 
1903, Dec. 18. Henry Katz Davson, of 20, Ennismore Gardens, 

S.W. (ibid). 
1903, Dec. 18. Ernest Flower, M.D., of 6, Upper Phillimore 

Gardens, W. (ibid). 
1903, Dec. 18. Professor Clement Le Neve Foster, D.Sc, F.R.S., 

late one of His Majesty's inspectors of Mines, of 86 Coleherne 

Court, Earl's Court, S.W. (ibid). 
1903, Dec. 18. Nathaniel Nathan, of the Cottage, Edenbridge 

1903, Dec. 18. Alfred James Reynolds, one of the sheriffs of the 

City of London, of Digswell, Welwyn, Herts, (ibid). 
1903, Dec. 18. Robert Kennaway Douglas, of the British Museum 

1903, Dec. 18. Harry Simon Samuel, M.P., of 7 Park Lane, W. 

1903, Dec. 18. Charles Scarisbrtck, J.P., of Scarisbrick Lodge, 

Southport, Lancashire (ibid). 
1903, Dec. 18. William Henry Venables-Vernon, bailiff of Jersey, 

of St. Peter's House, Jersey (ibid). 


1903, Dec. 18. Arthtjr Yeenon Macan, M.B., president of the 

Eoyal College of Physicians of Ireland (at the Yice-regal 
Lodge by the lord lieutenant). 

1904, Jan. 29. Walter Mttton Colvin, barrister-at-law, of Alla- 

habad (Letters patent). 
1904, May 2. James Aloysius Power, mayor of Waterford (at the 

South Railway Station, Waterford, by the King). 
1904, June 7. Thomas Rolls Warrington, justice (at the levee 

at St. James's). 
1904, July 5. George Barham (at Buckingham Palace). 
1904, July 5. Thomas Barclay, 13 Old Square, Lincoln's Inn 

1904, July 5. Albert a Beckett, late assistant accountant general 

of the Army (ihid). 
1904, July 5. Arthur Bignold, M.P. (ihid). 
1904, July 5. John Brickwood, of Brankesmere, Southsea, Hants. 

1904, July 5. Edward Townshend Candy, Indian Civil Service 

(retired), lately puisne judge of the High Court of 

Judicature at Bombay (ihid). 
1904, July 5. James Dewar, professor, F.R.S., Royal Institution, 

21 Albemarle Street (ihid). 
1904, July 5. George Donaldson, 4 Queen Anne Street, W. (ihid). 
1904, July 5. George Doughty, M.P. (ihid). 

1904, July 5. Edwin Harris Dunning, of Stoodleigh Court, Stood- 

leigh, Devon (ihid). 
1904, July 5. Edward Elgar, Mus. Doc, of Craig Lea, Wells Road, 

Malvern (ihid). 
1904, July 5. George Stegmann Gibb, 31 Great George Street, 

Westmister (ihid). 
1904, July 5. Thomas Hewitt, K.C, 9 Queen's Gate, S.W. (ihid). 
1904, July 5. John Edward Gray Hill, Law Society's Hall, 

Chancery Lane (ihid). 
1904, July 5. Constantine Holman, 26 Gloucester Place, Portman 

Square (ihid). 
1904, July 5. Frank Thomas Marzials, late accountant general of 

the Army, 9 Ladbrooke Square, W. (ihid). 
1904, July 5. David Munro, captain, late inspector of constabulary 

for Scotland, of Allan House, Fearn, Ross-shire (ihid). 
1904, July 5. Walter Richard Plummer, M.P. (ihid). 
1904, July 5. William Handcock Pilkington, of Haggard, 

Carbury, high sheriff Co. Kildare (ihid). 


1904, July 6. Alexander Oliver Riddell, Craiglockliart, Slate- 
ford, Midlothian (At Buckingtiain Palace). 

1904, July 5. William Phillips Sawyer, Draper's Hall, E.G. 

1904, July 5. Benjamin Scott, Linden House, Stanwix, Carlisle 
( ihid). 

1904, July 5. Edward David Stern, 4 Carlton House Terrace, S.W. 

1904, July 5. Thomas Stevenson, M.D., scientific analyst to the 
Home Office (ibid). 

1904, July 6. Henry Tanner, of the Office of Works (ibid). 

1904, July 5. Thomas Marchant Williams, of Taff House, 
Cathedral Road, Cardiff (ibid). 

1904, July 5. William Lloyd Wise, of 142 Inverness Terrace, 
Hyde Park, W. (ibid). 

1904, July 8. Hugh Montagu Allan, of Montreal, Canada 
(Letters patent). 

1904, July 9. Peter Nicol Russell, formerly of the City of 
Sydney, New South Wales (Letters patent dated July 9). 

1904, July 11. Pope Alexander Cooper, chief justice of Queens- 
land (same, dated July 11). 

1904, July 12. Kendall Mathew St. John Franks, M.D., of 
Johannesburg, Transvaal (same, dated July 12). 

1904, July 13. Andries Ferdinand Stockenstrom Maasdorp, chief 
justice of the Orange River Colony (same, dated July 12). 

1904, July 14. William Herbert Greaves, chief judge of Barbados 
(same, dated July 14). 

1904, July 15. Alfred Scott Scott-Gatty, on his investiture with 
the insignia of office as garter king of arms [ibid after the 
Council meeting). 

1904, July 15. The Hon. Edward Patrick Morris, minister of 
justice of Newfoundland, delegated to England on the 
"fisheries question, 1899 and 1901 (same, dated July 15). 

1904, July 16. William Thorne, mayor of Capetown, Cape of Good 
Hope (same, dated July 16). 

1904, July 18. Gooiioo Dass Banarjee, M.A., D.L., lately a puisne 
judge of the High Court of Judicature at Fort William, 
in Bengal (Letters patent, dated July 18). 

1904, July 19. Robert Alfred Hampson, alderman, maj^or of 
Liverpool (at Liverpool, on the occasion of the laying of 
the foundation-stone of the new Cathedral). 

1904, July 19. William Robert Burkitt, Indian Civil Service, 
puisne judge of the High Court of Judicature for the 
North-Western Provinces (same, dated July 19). 


1904, July 20. David Parkes Masson, V.D., lieutenant colonel and 
commandant of the 1st Punjab Volunteer llifle Corps, a 
member of tlie Council of the lieutenant governor of the 
Punjab for making Laws and Regulations (same, dated 
July 20). 

1904, July 20. Griffith Thomas, mayor of Swansea (at Swansea, 
on the occasion of the opening of a new a dock at Swansea). 

1904, July 21. Hallewell Rogers, mayor of Birmingham (at 
Rhayader, on the opening of the new waterworks of the City 
of Birmingham). 

1904, Aug. 10. Reginald More Bray, recently appointed judge of 
the High Court (at Buckingham Palace after the Council 

1904, Nov, 14. Alfred Tristram Lawrence, a justice of the High 

Court (at Buckingham Palace). 
1904, Dec. 19. Theodore Vivian Samuel Angier, of Hill Crest, 

Dyke Road, Brighton (at Buckingham Palace). 
1904, Dec. 19. George Washington Baxter, of Ashcliffe, Dundee 

1904, Dec. 19. (Richard) Melvill Beachcroft, of 11 Craven Hill, 

W. (ihid). 
1904, Dec. 19. Joseph Arthur Bellamy, of Yalta, Mannamead, 

Plymouth (ihid). 
1904, Dec. 19. Henry Cook, of 32 Eglington Crescent, Edinburgh 

1904, Dec. 19. John Lowe McCraith, of Park Terrace, Nottingham 

1904, Dec. 19. Alfred Major, of Gibraltar Close, Cookham Dean, 

Cookham Rise, S.O., Berks, (ihid). 
1904, Dec. 19. Charles Hayes Marriott, M.D., of Harcourt House, 

Kibworth, Leicester (ibid). 
1904, Dec. 19. Shirley Foster Murphy, of 9 Bentiuck Terrace, 

Regent's Park, N.W. (At Buckingham Palace). 
1904, Dec. 19. Allan Perry, M.D., surgeon major, principal civil 

medical officer and inspector general of hospitals in the 

island of Ceylon, of 8 Draycott Place, S.W. (ihid). 

1904, Dec. 19. Thomas Pink, of Thornton House, Clapham Park 

1904, Dec. 19. William Japp Sinclair, professor of Obstetrics and 

gynaecology at the Victoria University of ManchesteT (ihid). 
1904, Dec. 19. (Matthew) Henry Stephen, lately acting chief 

justice of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, London 

Joint Stock Bank, Gloucester Road, S.W. (ihid). 
1904, Dec. 19. Joseph Wilson Swan, F.R.S., D.Sc, of 58 Holland 

Park (ihid). 


1904, Dec. 19. Aston Webb, E.A., of 19 Queen's Gate, S.W. (ihid). 

1904, Dec. 19. George Henry Jenkins, clerk of the Parliaments 

and clerk of the Legislative Council of the State of Victoria 

(date of writ for letters patent. Letters patent dated 

Dec. 19). 
1904, Dec. 19. The Hon. William Henry Bundey, late judge of 

the Supreme Court of South Australia (same). 
1904, Dec. 19. The Hon. Alfred Sandlings Cowley, speaker of the 

Legislative Assembly of the State of Queensland (same). 
1904, Dec. 19. Stephen Herbert Gatty, chief justice of Gibraltar 

1904, Dec. 19. William Henry Horwood, chief justice of the 

Supreme Court of Newfoundland (same). 

1904, Dec. 19. Walter Llewellyn Lewis, chief justice of the 
Colony of British Honduras (Letters patent). 


(Beneral IRules foUoweb In tbe constructiott 
ot tbis in&ej. 

(i) Sovereigfns of England are indexed under their ruling title. 

(2) Princes of Wales who succeeded to the throne are indexed under 

their ruling title as sovereigns. If they did not succeed to the 
throne they are indexed under WALES. 

(3) Princes of the Blood Royal of England are indexed under their 

titles, e.g., Cumberland, Cambridge, etc., etc. 

(4) Peers of England, Scotland or Ireland are indexed under their 

family names. If any such peers occur in different parts of 
this work with different titles, representing their successive 
advancement in the peerage, they are here indexed consistently 
only under their final title, that is under the title which represents 
their highest step in the peerage. 

(5) Foreign sovereigns are indexed under the countries over which 

they ruled. 

(6) Foreign nobles are indexed under their title, not under their family 


(7) Purely Mediaeval names are indexed under the forms adopted by 

Palgrave in the index to the "Parliamentary Writs." In the 
text, the spelling of such names has been left in every case in 
the form in which it occurs in the original authority, whatever 
that authority may be. As a rule there will be no difficulty in 
identifying the form given in the index with that given in the text. 

(8) Wherever there is an admixture of mediaeval and modern forms of 

one and the same name, all the forms are brought together in the 
index under one head ; the various forms are printed first in 
capitals, and all the items under those capitals are recessed in 
order not to disturb the strict alphabetical sequence. This is 
the plan adopted in the Parliamentary "Return of Members" 
and is the only feasible plan where such bewildering varieties of 
spelling occur in one and the same book. 

(9) Purely modern names, that is where there is no admixture of 

mediaeval names, are left in their exact modern forms. 

(10) Compound names are indexed under the first element of the 



The numerals and figures at end of lines indicate volume and page respectively. 

Abarow, a Barow, Aborough, Borough 
Abarow (A Barow), Maurice, Kt.l487, 

Aborough (Borough), Edward, Kt.U87, 
IT. 24 
Abbott, Abbot 

Abbott, Charles, Kt.l816, 11.317 
Abbott, Charles S. A., lord Tenterden, 

K.C.B.1878, I. 286 
Abbott, Daniel, Kt.l658, II. 224 
Abbott, Frederick, Kt.l854, II. 350 
Abbott, James, K.C.B.1894, I. 265 
Abbott, John J. C, K.C.M.G.1892, 

Abbott, Joseph P., Kt.l892, 11.389; 

K.C.M.G.1895, I. 380 
Abbot, Morris, Kt.l625, II. 188 
Abdelsadok, Abderrahman ben, K.C.V.O. 

1903, I. 441 
Abdy, Christopher, Kt.l629, II. 196 
Abdy, Robert, Kt.l660, II. 227 
Abdy, Thomas, Kt.l641, II. 209 
A' Beckett, William, Kt.l852, II. 349 
Abel, Frederick A., Kt.l883, 11.375; 
K.C.B.1891, 1.292; G.C.V.0.1901, 
Abercorn, marquess and duke of. See 

Abercrombt, Abercromt, Abercrombib 
Abercromie, George, Kt.l620, II. 175 
Abercromby, John, K.C.B.1815, 1. 218 ; 

G.C.B.1815, I. 183 
Abercromy, Patrick, Kt.l633, II. 201 ; 

Abercromby, Ralph, K.B.1795, I. 174 
Abercromby, Ralph, lord Dunfermline, 

K.C.B.1851, I. 278 
Abercromby, Robert, K.B.1792, I. 
174; G.C.B.1815, 1.180 
Aberdare, lord. See Bruce, H. A. 
Aberdeen, earl of. See Gordon, G. ; 

Hamilton-Gordon, J. C. 
Aberdenny, — , Kt.l471, II. 16 
Abergavenny or Bergavenny, lord (1376). 
See Beauchamp, W. 

Abergavenny, lord, earl or marquess. 

See Nevill 
Abernethie, Thomas, K.H.I 83 4, I. 470 
Abetot, Hugh, K.B.1327, I. 124 
Abney, Edward, Kt.l673, II. 248 
Abney, Thomas, Kt.l693, II. 268 
Abney, Thomas, Kt.l735, II. 285 
Abney, William de W., K.C.B.1900, I. 298 
Aborough. See Abarow 
Aboyne, earl of. See Gordon, G. 
Abrichecourt, D'Abrichecourt, 

D'Abrigbcourt, Dabridgecourt 
Abrichecourt, John D', K.G.1412-3, I. 9 
Abrichecourt, SanchetD', K.G.1348, 1.2 
D'Abrigecourt, Thomas, Kt. 1644-5, II. 

Abruzzi, Luigi Amadeo, due d', G.C.V.O. 

1903, 1. 426 
Abulkassim, khan, styled Nasr-ul-Mulk, 

K.C.M.G.1889, 1.374; G.C.M.G.1897, 

Achard, Robert, K.B.1306, I. 117 
Aches. See Wautor 


Acheson, Archibald, Kt.l620, II. 175 
Acheson, Archibald, earl of Gosford, 

G.C.B.1838, I. 206 
Acheson, Archibald, earl of Gosford, 
son of the preceding, K.P.I 855, 1.102 
Acheson, Archibald B. S., earl of 

Gosford, K.P.1869, I. 103 
Acheson, Henry, Kt. 1627-8, II. 194 
Aitchison, Charles U., K.C.S.I.1881, 

Aitchison, John, K.C.B.1859, 1.245; 
G.C.B.1867, I. 195 
Achmuty. See Auchmuty 
Ackett, John, Kt.l532, 11.48 
AcKLAM, AccLOM, and see Ackland 
Acklam, William, Kt. 1607-8, II. 144 
Acclom (Acklam, Askam), William, 
Kt.1616-7, II. 161 
Ackland, Arthur, Kt.l603, II. 117 
Ackland, Francis, Kt.l625, II. 189 


Acland, Henry W. D., K.C.B.1884, 

Ackland (Acklam), John, Kt. 1603-4, 

II. 130 
Acland, Wroth, K.C.B.1815, I. 218 
Ackroyd, Edward J., Kt.l898, 11.403 
Ackworth, Jacob, Kt.l722, II. 282 
A'Court, Charles A., K.H.1818, I. 463 
A'Court, William, lord Heytesbury, 

G.C.B.,1819, 1.205; Grand Master, 

K.P.1844, I. 94 
Acton, Humfrey, Kt.l546, II. 58 
Acton, Jo, d', Kt.l347, II. 8 
Acton, John, Kt.l603, II. 124 
Acton, lord. See Dalberg-Acton 
Acton, Richard, Kt.lo91, II. 89 
Acton, Eobert, Kt.l542, II. 53 
Acton, Thomas, Kt.l596, II. 93 
Acton, William, Kt.l629, II. 196 
Adair, Charles W., K.C.B.1882, I. 259 
Adair, Robert, Kt.l690, II. 266 
Adair, Robert, G.C.B.1831, I. 206 
Adam, Agenor M., count Goluchowski, 

G.C.V.O.1903, I. 428 
Adam, Charles, K.C.B.1835, I. 233 
Adam, Frank F., Kt.l890, II. 386 
Adam, Frederick, K.C.B.1815, 1.228; 

G.C.M.G.1821, 1.332; G.C.B.1840, 

Adams, Francis 0., K.C.M.G.1886, 1.370 
Adams, George P., K.C.H.1831, 1.457; 

Kt.l831, II. 331 
Adams, Henry W., K.C.B.1855, footnote 

I. 241 
Adams, John W., K.C.B.1831, 1.232; 

G.C.B.1837, I. 188 
Adams, Richard, Kt.l752, II. 288 
Adams, Robert, Kt.l680, II. 254 
Adams, Thomas, Kt.l660, II. 225 
Adams, William, Kt.1664-5, II. 240 
Adams (afterwards Rawson), William, 

Kt.l814, 11.313 
Adcock, Hugh, Kt.l901, II. 409 
Adderley, Augustus J., K.C.M.G.1886, 

Adderley, Charles, Kt.l683, II. 258 
Adderley, Charles B., lord Norton, 

K.C.M.G.1869, I. 355 
Addington, William, Kt.l797, II. 304 

Adolphus, Jacob, Kt.l840, II. 342 
Adrian - Verveer, Hubert, Kt.1660-1, 

II. 233 
Adye, John M., K.C.B.1873, 1.254; 

G.C.B.1882, I. 198 


Afghanistan, Abdul Rahman, amir of, 

G.C.S.I.1885, 1.312; G.C.B.1893, 

Shahzada Habibulla Khan, of, 

G.C.M.G.1896, I. 344 
Shahzada Nasrulla Khan, of, G.C.M.G. 

1896, 1.344 

Agar, Felix, Kt.l812, II. 311 

Agard, Henry, Kt.l617, II. 165 

Ager. See Aucher 

Agha Khan, of Bombay, G.C.I.E.1902, 

Aglionby (Eglandby), George, Kt.l646, 

II. 220 
Agnew, James W., K.C.M.G.1895, I. 380 
Agnew Stair A., K.C.B.1895, I. 294 
Agnew, AVilliam F., Kt.l899, II. 405 
Aguilar, Charles L. D', K.C.B.1877, 

1.256; G.C.B.1887, I. 199 
Aguilar, George C. D', K.C.B.1852, I. 239 
Ahmad Khan, K.C.S.I.1888, I. 324 
Ailesbury, earl and marquess of. See 

Ailsa, marquess of. See Kennedy 
Ailward. See Aylward 
Ainslie, Philip, Kt.1778, II. 295 
Ainslie, Robert, Kt.l775, II. 294 
Ainslie, Whitelaw, Kt.l835, II. 336 
Ainsworth, Rowland, Kt.l692, II. 267 

AiRBT, Airy 

Airey, George, K.C.H.1820, 1.455; 

Kt.l820, 11.322 
Airy, George B., K.C.B.1872, I. 285 
Airey, James T., K.C.B.1877, I. 256 
Airey, Richard, K.C.B.1855, 1.240; 
G.C.B.1867, I. 195 
Airlie, earl of. See Ogilvy 
Aitcheson. See Acheson 
Aitken, William, Kt.l887, 11.383 
Aiyangar, V. Bluishyam, Kt.l900, 11.406 
Ajaigarh, Ranjor Singh, of, K.C.I.E. 

1897, 1.409 



Ajudhja, Narayan Singh, of, K.C.I. E. 

1895, I. 408 
Akerman, John W., K.C.M.G.1887, 1.371 
Akihito of Komatsu, prince, G.C.B.1890, 

Alabaster, Chaloner, K.C.M.G.1892, 1.377 
Alava, Miguel D', K.C.B.1815, I. 228 
Alba de Tormes, duke of, G.C.V.O.1902, 

Albaine. See Allamy 
Albany, duke Leopold G. D. A. of, E.G. 

1869, 1.64; K.T. 1871, 1.86; 

G.C.S.I.1877, 1.311; G.C.M.G.1880, 

Albany, duchess of (1784). See Stuart C. 
Albany, Robert, Kt.l605, II. 138 
Albemarle, earl of. See Keppel 
Albemarle, duke of. See Monck 
Albemarle, William de, K.B.1326, I. 123 
Albert, prince consort, K.G.1839, I. 56; 

First and Principal G.C.B.1840, 

1.188; K.T.1842, 1.83; K.P.1842, 

1. 101 ; G.C.M.G.1842, 1. 334 ; Grand 

Master of the Bath (1843), I. 109; 

K.S.I.1861, 1.306 
Alborougli. See Aldeburgh 
Albret, sire d'. See Libreto 
Albright, — , Kt.l489, II. 27 
Albuquerque, Joaquim A. M. de, 

K.C.M.G.1898, I. 384 
Alcester, lord. See Seymour 
Alcock, John, Kt.l785, II. 298 
Alcock, Rutherford, K.C.B.1862, I. 282 
Aldeburgh, Alborough 

Aldeburgh, Richard de, K.B.1332, 

I. 125 
Alborough, Richard, Kt.l460, II. 12 
Aldeburgh, Richard, Kt.l497, 11.32 
Alder, John, Kt.l660, II. 229 
Alderson, Charles H., K.C.B.1903, I. 301 
Alderson, Edward H., Kt.l830, 11.329 
Alderson, George, Kt.l818, 11.319 
Alderson, Henry J., K.C.B.1891, I. 264 
Alderson, James, Kt.l869, II. 361 
Aldis, Charles, Kt.l821, footnote 11.322 
Aldrich, Aldridge, Aldrigg 

Aldridge, George, Kt.l605, II. 137 
Aldrigg (Aldrich), John, Kt.l596, 


Aldworth, Richard, Kt.l613, II. 153 
Aid worth, Richard, Kt.l668, II. 243 
Alexander, Du Pre, earl of Caledon, K.P. 

1821, 1.99 
Alexander, James, Kt.l803, II. 306 
Alexander, James, K.C.B.1871, I. 252 
Alexander, James, earl of Caledon, K.P. 

1897, I. 106 
Alexander, James E., Kt.l838, II. 341 
Alexander, Jerome, Kt.l660, II. 231 
Alexander, Robert, Kt.l603, II. 116. 
Alexander, Walter, Kt.l630, II. 198 
Alexander, William, Kt.1626-7, II. 191 
Alexander, William, Kt.l824, II. 324 
Alexandra, queen of England, Lady of 

the Garter 1901, I. 71 
Alford, Edward, Kt.l632, II. 200 
Alford, Edward F., Kt.l902, II. 412 
Alford, Lancelot, Kt.l603, II. 101 
Alford, William, Kt.l603, II. 108 
Algood (Allgood), Lancelot, Kt.l760, II, 

Ali Kuli Khan, of Persia, K.C.I.E.1892, 

I. 407 
Alibon. See Allibond 
Alison, Archibald, K.C.B.1874, I. 254; 

G.C.B.1887, I. 199 
Allamy (Albaine), Edward, Kt.l603, II. 

Allan, Allen, Allin, Aleyn, Alltn, 
Allen, Christopher, Kt.l553, II. 66 
Allyn, Francis, Kt.l591, II. 89 
Allen, George W., Kt.l877, 11.369; 

K.C.M.G.1884, I. 366 
Allen, George W., K.C.I.E.1897, 1.409 
Allan, Hugh, Kt.l871, II. 363 
Allan, Hugh M., Kt.l904, II. 418 
Alleyne, James, K.C.B.1897, I. 269 
Allen, John, Kt.l529, II. 47 
Allen, John C, Kt.l889, II. 385 
Allen, Joseph, Kt.l750, II. 288 
Allen, Joshua, Kt.l674, II. 249 
Allen, Richard, Kt.l639, II. 206 
Allen, Thomas, Kt.l622, II. 179 
Allevne, Thomas, Kt.l660, II. 227 
Allin (Allen), Thomas, Kt.l665, IT. 

Allen, Timothy, Kt.l761, II. 291 



Allen, William, Kt.l571, II. 75 
Allan, William, Kt. 1842, II. 344 
Allan, William, Kt.l902, 11.411 
Allard-Kemys. See Kemys 
Allenson, William, Kt.l633, II. 201 
Allercar, Rauf, Kt. after 1549, II. 65 
Allerton, William, Kt.l549, II. 64 
Alley, George, Kt.1810, II. 310 
Aleyn. See Allen 
Allibond (Allebone, Alibon), Richard, 

Kt.l686, II. 262 
Allin. See Allan. 
Allington, Alyngt.on 

Allington, Gyles, K.B.1509, I. 148 
Alyngton, Giles, Kt.l530, II. 48 
Allington, Gyles, Kt.l603, II. 105 
Allnutt, Henry, Kt.1682-3, II. 258 
Allonville, Armand 0. M. d', K.C.B.1856, 

Allot, John, Kt.l591, 11.88 
Allport, James J., Kt.l884, II . 376 
Almeida, Antonio J. S. de,K.C.V.O.1903, 

Alston, Edward, Kt.l643, II. 216. 
Alston, Edward, Kt.l660, II. 231 
Alston, Francis B., K.C.M.G.1886, I. 370 
Altamont, earl of. See Browne, J. D. 
Alten, Charles, baron and count, K.C.B. 

1815, I. 226; G.C.B.1820, I. 185 
Alteren, Lodovick ab, Kt.l628, II. 195 
Altham, Edward, Kt.1612-13, II. 152 
Altham, James, Kt.l607 or 1608 or 1610, 

II. 141,144,149 
Altham, James, K.B.1661, I. 166 
Altham, William, Kt.l786, II. 299 
Altman, Albert J., Kt.l894, II. 393 
Alwar, Mangal Sinh of, G.C.S.I.1886, 

Alyngton. See Allington 
Amar, Singh, K.C.S.r.l891, I. 324 
Amaral, Francesco J. F. do, K.C.V.O. 

1903, I. 441 
Amaravati, Seshayya Sastri, K. C.S.I. 

1902, I. 327 
Amb, Akram Khan, of, K.C.S.I.1889, I. 

Ambrose, Thomas, Kt.l719, II. 281 
Amcotes, Richard, K.B.1603, I. 155 

Amcottes, Henry, Kt.l548, II. 63 
Amherst, Jeffery, lord Amherst, K.B. 

1761, I. 170 
Amherst, William P., earl Amherst, 

G.C.H.1834, I. 452. 
Amir, Khan, sirdar, G.C.M.G.1897, 1.345 
Amphlett, Richard P., Kt.l874, II. 366 
Ampthill, lord. See Russell 
Amy (Amie), John, Kt.l619, II. 174 
Anburey, Thomas, Kt.l827, II. 326; 

K.C.B.1838, I. 236 
Anderson, Alexander, Kt.l831, 11.330 
Anderson, Alexander, Kt.l863, II. 357 
Anderson, Edmond, Kt.l582, II. 81 
Anderson, Francis, Kt.l603, II. 105 
Anderson, George C, Kt.l874, II. 366 
Anderson, George W., Kt.l849, 11.347; 

K.C.B.1850, I. 278 
Anderson, Henry, Kt.l603, II. 128 
Anderson, Henry, Kt.l608, II. 146 
Anderson, Henry L., K.C.S.I.1867, 1.318 
Anderson, Henry P., K.C.M.G.1885, I. 

367; K.C.B.1890, I. 291 
Anderson, J. Jocelyn, K.H.1837, I. 477 
Anderson, James, Kt.l849, II. 347 
Anderson, James, Kt.l866, II. 358 
Anderson, James E., Kt.l829, II. 327 
Anderson, John, Kt.l878, II. 370 
Anderson, John, K.C.M.G.1901, 1.389 
Anderson, Joseph, K.H.I 835, I. 472 
Anderson, Robert, Kt.l603, II. 100 
Anderson, Robert, K.H.I 836, I. 473 
Anderson, Robert, K.C.B.1901, I. 298 
Anderson, Robert, Kt.l903, II. 415 
Anderson, Robert R., Kt.l902, IT. 413 
Anderson, Samuel L., Kt.l884, 11.377 
Anderson, William, Kt..l629, II. 196 
Anderson, William, K.C.B.1897, 1.295 
Anderson, William G., K.C.B.1870, I. 285 
Anderson, William J., Kt.l896, II. 398 
Andoe, Hilary G., K.C.B.1902, I. 273 
Andover, viscount. See Howard, T. 
Andrew, Eusebius, Kt.l603, II. 108 
Andrew, Edward, Kt.l603, II. 108 
Andrew, William P., Kt.l882, 11.373 
Andrews, Andubwes 

Andrews, Henry, K.H.1837. 1.477 
Andrewes, John, Kt.l 608-9. II. 147 
Andrews, Jonathan, Kt.l699, II. 271 



Andrews, Mathew, Kt.l675, II. 250 
Andrewes, Thomas, Kt.l553, II. 67 
Andrews, Thomas, Kt.l649, 11.221; 

Kt.l657, II. 223 
Andrewes, William, Kt.l618, II. 168 
Angain. See Engaine 
Angelo, Edward A., K.H.1827, I. 465 
Angely, Auguste M. E., count Regnault 
de Saint Jean d', G.C.B.1856, 1. 192 
Anger. See Aungier 
Anges, Francis Des, Kt.l818, II. 319 
Angier, Theodore V. S., Kt.l904, II. 419 
Angle, Guichard D', earl of Huntingdon, 

K.G.1371-2, II. 4 
Anglesey, marquess of. See Paget 
Anhalt, prince Aribert J. A. of, G.C.B. 

1891, 1.213 
Anino, count Nicolo, K.C.M.G.1820, 

1.350; G.C.M.G.1823, 1.332 
Annaly, baron. See White, L. 
Annandale, marquess of. See Johnston, 

Annbslbt, Anbslib, Annbslowb 
Annesley, James, Kt.l844, II. 345 
Aneslie, Philip, Kt.l603, II. 126 
Anneslowe, Francis, Kt.l616, II. 158 
Ansam. See Awnsham 
Anson, Archibald E. H., K.C.M.G.1882, 

Anson, George, K.C.B.1815, 1.219; 

G.C.B.1833, I. 187 
Anson, William, K.C.B.1815, I. 219 
Anstruthbr, Anstrother 

Anstruther, Alexander, Kt.l813, 11.312 
Anstruther, John, Kt.l797, 11.304 
Anstruther, Philip, Kt.l650, II. 222 
Anstrother, Robert, Kt.1614-5, II. 155 
Anstruther, William, K.B.I 603, I. 154 
Antelme, Celicourt A., K.C.M.G.1890, 

Antoniadas, John, K.C.M.G.1887, I. 372 
Antrim, earl and marquess of. See 

Anvyll, Key van, Kt.l503, 11. 33 
Aosta, Emmanuel Philibert, etc., duke 

d', K.G.1902, I. 72 
Ap Griffith, Ryce, K.B.I 326, I. 123 
Ap Meredith, Morgan, K.B.I 306, I. 115 

Ap Roberts. See Probert 
Ap Rice. See Price 
Ap Thomas Res, Kt.l485, II. 23 
Ap Thomas William, K.B. (1426), I. 132 
Appleby, William, Kt.l786, II. 299 
Apleton, Henry, Kt.l613, II. 153 
Appleton, Isaac, Kt.l603, II. 125 
Appleyard, Matthew, Kt.l645, II. 219 
Appleyard, Nicholas, Kt.l513, II. 37 
Apslye, Allen, Kt.l605, II. 138 
Apsley, Allen, Kt.l646, II. 221 
Apsley, Edward, Kt.l603, II. 108 
Apsley, Peter, Kt.l675, II. 249 
Arbuckle, William, Kt.l902, II. 412 
Arbitthngt, Arbuthnott 

Arbuthnot, Alexander D., Kt.l859, 

II. 354 
Anbuthnot, Alexander J., K.C.S.I.1873j 

Arbuthnot, Charles G., K.C.B.188I, 

1.258; G.C.B. 1894, 1.201 
Arbuthnot, George G., Kt.l901, 11.409 
Arbuthnott, Hugh, K.C.B.1862, I. 247 
Arbuthnot, Robert, K.C.B.1815, I. 224 
Arbuthnot, Thomas, K.C.B.1815, 1. 224 
Archibald, Adams G., K.C.M.G.1885, 

Archibald, Edward M., K.C.M.G.1882, 

Archibald, Thomas D., Kt.l873, II. 365 
Archibald, Henry, Kt.l670, II. 245 
Archer, John, Kt.l663, II. 239 
Archer, Simon, Kt.l624, II. 186 
Arcot, AH Muhammad, of, K.C.I.E.1897, 

Arcot, Azim Jah, prince of, G. C.S.I. 1877, 

Ardagh, John C, K.C.LE.1894, 1.408; 

K.C.M.G.1902, I. 393 
Arden, Ardern 

Ardern, John d', Kt.l347, II. 9 
Arden, John, K.B. (1400), I. 129 
Ardern, John, Kt.l660, II. 229 
Ardern, Richard P., Kt.l788, II. 300 
Arendrup, Christian H., G.C.V.O.1904, 

Arentschildt, Frederick, baron de, 

K.C.B.1815, I. 226 
Arentschildt, Victor von, Kt.l815, II. 315 



Argall, Argoll 

Argoll, Reynold, Kt.l606, II. 140 
Argall, Samuel, Kt.l622, II. 179 
Argyll, duke of. See Campbell 
Arkwright, Richard, Kt.l786, II. 299 
Arlington, earl of. See Bennet, H. 
Arlye [Artye], Owen, Kt.l577, II. 78 
Armesdroffer, Paul, Kt.l513, II. 41 
Armiger, Clement, Kt.l660, II. 228 
Armine. See Ermyne 
Armitage, Elkanah, Kt.l849, 11.347 
Armstrong, Alexander, K.C.B.187l,I. 253 
Armstrong, Frederick, Kt.l819, II. 320 
Armstrong, Richard, Kt.l831, 11.331; 

K.C.B.1852, 1.239 
Armstrong, Thomas, Kt. before 1643-4, 

II. 217 
Armstrong, Walter, Kt.l899, II. 404 
Armstrong, William G., Kt.l8o9, II. 353 
Arnaud, John, K.H.1833, I. 469 
Arney, George A., Kt.l862, II. 356 
Arnim, Ferdinand G. H. von, K.C.V.O. 

1900, I. 439 
Arnim, Gustav C. H. F. E. von, G.C.V.O. 

1900, I. 424 
Arnold, Arnould, Arnoldb 

Arnold, Alfred, Kt.l903, II. 414 
Arnold, Arthur, Kt.l895, II. 395 
Arnold, Edwin, K.C.I.E.1888, I. 405 
Arnold, James R., K.H.1831, I. 465 
Arnold, John, K.C.B.1827, I. 230 
Arnould, Joseph, Kt.l859, II. 353 
Arnolde, Nicholas, Kt.l549, II. 64 
Arnoso, Count d', K.C.V.O. 1901, I. 439; 

G.C.V.O.1903, I. 426 
Arnott, John, Kt.l859, 11.354 

Alphonsus I., of, K.G.1450, I. 12 
Arran, earl of. See Hamilton ; see Gore 
Arrindell, William, Kt.l858, II. 353 
Arrol, William, Kt.l890, II. 387 
Arrow, Frederick, Kt.l868, II. 360 
Arsen, John ab, Kt.l615, II. 157 
Arthur, Allan, Kt.l900, II. 407 
Arthur, Daniel, Kt.l690, II. 266 
Arthur, George, K.C.H.1837, I. 462; Kt. 

1838, 11.339 
Arthur, James, K.H.1837, I. 478 
Arthur, Nicholas, Kt.l622, II. 180 

Artye. See Arlye 

Arundell, Arondell, Arundel, 
Arukdele, Arrundell 
Arundell, earl of. See Fitz-Alan; see 

Arundel, Arundel T., K.C.S.I.1904, I. 

Arundel, Edmund [John] de, K.B.1306, 

I. Ill 
Arondell, Edmond, Kt.l497, II. 29 
Arundel, John, Kt.l800, II. 305 
Arundell, John, K.B.(1400), I. 129 
Arundelle, John, K.B.1465, I. 134 
Arundell, John, Kt.l487, II. 24 
Arundell, John, K.B.(1494), I. 144 
Arundel, John, K.B.1501, I. 145 
Arundell, John, Kt. 1513, II. 36 
Arundell, John, Kt.l538, 11. 51 
Arondell, John, Kt.l542, II. 54 
Arundell, John, Kt.l566, II. 72 
Arondell, John, Kt.l585, II. 84 
Arundel, John, Kt.l644, II. 218 
Arundel, John, Kt.l800, II. 305 
Arondell, Mathew, Kt.l574, II. 76 
Arundell, Thomas, K.B.(1483), I. 139 
Arundell, Tliomas, K.B.(1483), I. 141 
Arundell, Thomas, K.B.1533, I. 149 
Arundell, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 110 
Arundel, William, K.G. 1394-5, I. 6 

Ascu. See Ayscough 

Asgher Khan, Amin-es-Sultan, grand 
vizier to the shah of Persia, G.C.B. 
1889, 1.213 

Asgill, Charles, Kt.l752, II. 288 

Asgill, aiarles, G.C.H.1820, I. 449 

Ash, Ashe 

Ash, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 127 
Ashe, Tliomas, Kt.l782, II. 297 


Ashburnham, Cromer, K.C.B.1882, 

Ashburnham, George, 3rd earl of 
Ashburnham, G.C.H.1827, 1.460; 
K.G.1829, 1.53 
Ashbornham, John, Kt. 1603-4, II. 129 
Ashburnham, John, Kt.l625, 11.189 
Ashby, Francis, Kt.l617, II. 165 
Ashby, James W. M., K.C.B.1902, 1.274 
Ashby, John, Kt.l689, II. [264] 



Ashby, Robert, Kt.l603, 11.118 

Ashe. See Ash 

Ashenden, William, Kt.l596, II. 93 


Ashfield, Edmund, Kt.l570, II. 74 
Ashfield, Edmond, Kt. 1603-4, II. 130 
Ashfield, John, Kt.l615, II. 155 
Ashefield, Robert, Kt.l598, II. 95 
Ashford, Edward (Henry), Kt.l603, 

II. 122 
Ashley, Asheley, Astley 

Ashley, Andrew, Kt.l603, II. 121 
Ashley, Anth., Kt.l596, II. 92 
Astley, Barnard, Kt.l644, 11.217 
Astley, Edward, Kt.l641, 11.211 
Astley, Edward W. C, Kt.l830, II. 329 
Astley, Egidius de, K.B.I 306, I. 118 
Ashley, Francis, Kt.l618, II. 169 
Astley, Francis, Kt.l632, II. 199 
Ashley (Asheley), Henry, Kt.l553, 

Ashley, Henry, Kt.l603, 11.123; 

Kt.l603, II. 108 
Astley, Isaac, Kt.l642 or 1643, II. 212 ; 

11. 215 
Astley (Ashley), Jacob, Kt.l624, II. 185 
Astley, John, K.G.1461, I. 14 
Ashley, John, Kt.l603, II. 106 
Ashman, Herbert, Kt.l899, II. 405 
AsHTON, Aston, Asheton, Assheton, 

Aston, — , K.B.1501, I. 146 
Aston, Arthur, Kt.l604, II. 134 
Ashton, Arthur, Kt.1640-1, II. 208 
Aston, Arthur, G.C.B.1843, I. 207 
Aston, Edmond, Kt.l532, II. 48 
Aston, Edward, Kt.l570, 11.74 
Aston, Edward, Kt.l588, II. 87 
Ashton, John, K.B.1400, I. 128 
Ashton, John of, Kt.l460, II. 12 
Aston, John, Kt.l513, II. 36 
Aston, John, K.B.1501, I. 145 
Assheton, Ralph, Kt.l660, II. 230 
Asheton, Rauf, Kt.l482, II. 17 
Asheton, Richard, Kt.l497, II. 32 
Ashton, Richard, Kt.l603, II. 116 
Aston, Richard, Kt.l765, II. 292 
Aston, Roger, Kt..l603, II. 101 
Hasheton, Thomas, Kt.l487, II. 26 


Aston, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 101 
Aston, Thomas, Kt.l633, II. 201 
Aston (Ashton), Thomas, Kt.l640, 

II. 207 
Aston, Walter, Kt.l560, II. 71 
Aston, Walter, afterwards 1st lord 

Aston of Forfar, K.B.1603, I. 155 
Ashton, William, Kt.l628, II. 195 
Aston, William, Kt.l660, II. 231 
Ashton. See Aston 
Ashurst, William, Kt.l687, II. 263 
Ashurst, William H., Kt.l770, II. 293 
Ashworth, Charles, K.C.B.1831, I. 231 
Ashworth, Frederick, Kt.l850, 11.348 
Askam. See Acclom 
Aske or Askew. See Ayscough 
Asman, Jah, K.C.I.E.1888, I. 405 
Asswillian. See Oswilifant 
Astley. See Ashley 
Aston. See Ashton 
Astry, James, Kt.l683, II. 259 
Astry, Rauf, Kt.l494, II. 28 
Astry, Samuel, Kt.l683, II. 259 


Charles, prince of the, G.C.B.1903, I. 
Atherton, John, Kt.l544, II. 55 
Atherton, Richard, Kt.l684, II. 260 
Atherton, William, Kt.l860, II. 354 
Atholl, marquess and duke of. See 

Murray; see Stewart-Murray 
Athowe (Athoe), Christopher, Kt.l641, 

II. 209 
Atkins, Atkyns 

Atkyns, Edward, Kt.l660, II. 229 
Atkyns, Edward, Kt.l679, II. 253 
Atkins, Henry, Kt.l630 or 1632, II. 

198, 200 
Atkins, Richard, Kt.l660, IT. 228 
Atkins, Robert, K.B.1661, I. 166 
Atkyns, Robert, jun., Kt.l663, II. 238 
Atkins, Thomas, Kt.l649, 11.221; 

Kt.l658, II. 224 
Atkins, Thomas, Kt..l682-3, II. 258 
Atkinson, George, Kt.l787, II. 300 
Atkinson, Harry A., K.C.M.G.1888, I. 372 
Atkinson, Henry E., Kt.l836, II. 337 
Atkinson, Jasper, Kt.l842, II. 345 



Atkinson, John, Kt.l660, II. 232 
Aton, Gilbert de, K.B.1306, I. 119 
Atje (Atey), Arthur, Kt.l603, II. 106 
Aubigny, lord. See Stuart 
Aubrey. See Awbrey, Avery 
AucHBR, Auger, Agbr 

Aucher (Auger, Ager), Anthony, Kt. 

1547, II. 59 
Auger (Aucher), Anthony, Kt.1604:, II. 

Aucher (Augher), Anthony, Kt.l641, 
II. 209 
Auchinlech, William, Kt.l633, II. Ixii. 


Achmuty, David, Kt.1650-1, II. 222 
Achmuty, James, Kt.l633, II. 201, Ixiii. 
Auchmuty (Autchmoutty), Samuel, Kt. 
1803, II. 307; K.B.1812, I. 178; 
G.C.B.1815, 1. 181 
Auchmuty, Samuel B., K.C.B.1857, I. 
243; G.C.B.1861, I. 193 
Auchterlony. See Ochterlony 
Auckland, earl of. See Eden 


Awdeley, George, Kt.l547, II. 62 
Audley, Henry, Kt.l623, II. 181 
Audley, James, K.G.1348, I. 2 
Awdeley, James, Kt.l487, II. 24 
Awdeley, John, Kt.l497, II. 30 
Awdeley, John, Kt.l513, II. 36 
Awdeley, John, lord, Kt.l513, II. 38 
Audley, Thomas, lord Audley, K.G.I 540, 

I. 23 
Audley, lord. See Touchet, J. 

Auersperg, prince Franz J. von, G.C.V.O. 
1904, I. 429 

Austen, Francis W., G.C.B.1860, I. 193 

Auger. See Aucher 

Aungier (Anger), Francis, Kt.l609, II. 148 

Austen, Austin 

Austen, Francis W., K.C.B.1837, I. 233 
Austen, Henry E., Ktl832, II. 332 
Austin, Horatio T., K.C.B.1865, 1.249 
Austin, James, Kt.l661, II. 235 
Austen, John, K.H.1837, I. 477 

Austrey, Henry, Kt,1627, 11. 192 


Albert II. of, K.G.I 438, 1.11 

Archduke of, G.C.B.1834, 


Francis I. of, K.G.1814, I. 51 
Francis Joseph of, K.G.1867, I. 64 
Franz Ferdinand, archduke of, G.C.B. 

1901, 1.216 
Franz Salvator, archduke of, G.C.V.O. 

1903, 1.427 
Frederick C, archduke of, G.C.B.1842, 

Frederick M. A. W. C, duke of 

Teschen, of, G.C.B.1904, I. 204 
Leopold S., archduke of, G.C.V.O1903, 

Ludwig v., archduke of, G.C.V.O.1903, 

Rainer, archduke of, G.C.V.O.1903, 

Rudolph, etc., crown prince of, K.G, 

1887, 1.68 


Francis Ferdinand, etc., archduke of, 

K.G.1902, I. 71 
Avalos, Inigo d' count de Monte 

Odorisio K.G.1467, I. 15 
Avenon, Alexander, Kt.l570, II. 74 
Avery (Alvev, Awbray), Edward, Kt.l603, 

Avila e Bolama, count, K.C.V.O.1903, 

Avranches, count d', K.G. 1445, I. 12 
AwBRET, Aubrey, Awbert 

Awbrey, Edward, Kt.l603, II. 125 
Awbrey, Samuel, Kt.l620, II. 175 
Awbery (Aubrey), Thomas, Kt. 1608-9, 

II. 147 
Awbrey, William, Kt.l603, II. 125 
Awdeley. See Audley 
Awdry, John W., Kt.l830, 11.328 
Awdry, Richard D., K.C.B.1902, 1.299 
Awnsham, Julian, Kt.l603, II. 120 
Ayers, Henry, K.C.M.Ct.1872, 1.356 

G.C.M.G.i894, 1.344 
Aylesford, Gerard de, K.B.1306, I. 119 
Avlmer, Frederick W. W., lord Aylmer, 

K.C.B.1855, I. 241 
Aylmer, Garrett, Kt.l698, 11.95 
Aylmer, Gerald, Kt.l541, II. 52 



Aylmer (Elmer), John, Kt.l603, II. 125 
Aylmer, Laurence, Kt.l497, II. 31 
Aylmer (afterwards Whitworth-Aylmer), 
Matthew, 5th lord Aylmer, Kt.l815, 
11.316; K.C.B.1815, 1.221 
Aylmer. See Whitworth-Aylmer 
Atliff, Atloff, Awltf, Alyf, Atltf 
Ayloff, George, Kt.l6l7, II. 166 
Awlyf (Alyf, Aylyf), John, Kt.l549, II. 

Ayloff, Thomas (William), Kt.l603, II. 

Ayloff, William, Kt.l603, II. 105 
Aylward, Ailward 

Aylward, Peter, Kt.l624, II. 186 
Ailward, Richard, Kt.l602, II. 100 
Atscough, Atscue, Atschub, Ascu, 
ascue, askb, askewb, asktje, 
Ascu, Christopher, Kt.l513, II. 41 
Ayscue, Edward, Kt.l603, II. 103 
Ayscough, Edward, Kt.l613, II. 152 
Ayscough, Edward, Kt.l660, II. 227 
Ayscough, Edward, Kt.l672, II. 246 
Askue (Awskame), Francis, Kt.l545, 

Ascough, George, Kt.l641, II. 210 
Ayscue, Henry, Kt.l603, II. 117 
Askew, Henry, Kt.l821, II. 322 
Ascue, Hugh, Kt.l547, II. 62 
Aske, John, Kt.l482, II. 21 
Aske, John, Kt.l482, II. 18 
Askew, John, Kt. 1719, II. 281 
Ascough (Askwith), Robert, Kt.l617, 

II. 162 
Aske, Robert, Kt.l497, II. 31 
Ayschue (Askewe, Askoth), Roger, Kt. 

1603, II. 102 
Ayscough, Walter, Kt.l603, II. 124 
Ascue, William, K.B.1501, I. 147 
Ascu, William, Kt.l513, II. 39 
Ayscough, William, Kt.l660, II. 232 
Azevedo, Dedo de, Kt.l501, II. 33 


Babbage, Charles, K.H.I 831, I. 466 
Baber, John, Kt.l661, II. 233 
Babford, John, Kt.l603, II. 113 

Babington, Babtngton 

Babyngton, — , K.B.(1483), I. 140 
Babington, Anthony, Kt.l529, 11.48 
Babington, Henry, Kt.l617, II. 163 
Babington, William, K.B.(1426), I. 

Babington, William or Henry, K.B. 

1483, I. 141 
Babington, William, Kt.l574, II. 76 

Babthorp, Bapthorpe 

Babthorpe, Henry, Kt.l603, 11.113 
Babthorpe, Ralph, Kt.l603, II. 101 
Babthorpe, Rauf, Kt.l482, II. 21 
Babthorpe, Thomas, Kt.l460, II. 13 
Bapthorpe, William, K.B.1547, I. 151 
Babthorpe, William, Kt.l560, II. 71 
Back, George, Kt.l838, II. 341 
Backes. See Backhouse 
Backhouse, Baccus, Backes 
Backhouse, John, Kt.l347, II. 9 
Baccus, John, K.B.1626, I. 163 
Backes, Paul, Kt.l588, 11.87 
Bacon, Edward, Kt.l603, II. 105 
Bacon, Francis, Kt.l603, II. 114 
Bacon, James, Kt.l604, II. 134 
Bacon, James, Kt.l871, II. 362 
Bacon, Nathaniel, K.B.1626, I. 163 
Bacon, Nathaniel, Junr., Kt.l604, 11.134 
Bacon, Nicholas, Kt.l558, II. 70 
Bacon, Nicholas, Kt.l578, II. 79 
Bacon, Nicholas, K.B.1661, I. 165 
Bacon, Thomas, K.B.1332, I. 125 
Bad (Baud), Thomas, Kt.l643, II. 215 
Badcock, — , K.H.1835, I. 471 
Badcock, Alexander R., K.C.B. 1902, 

Baden-Powell, George S., K.C.M.G.1888, 

Baesh. See Bash 

Bafford, Baford, Bampford, Bafore 
Bafford. See Balfour 
Bampford, Bartholomew, Kt.l586, 

Bafore, David, Kt.l615, II. 155 
Bafford, John, Kt.l347, II. 8 
Bagenal, Bagnol, Bagnall 

Bagenol (Bagnol), Henry, Kt.l578, 




Bagenal, Nicholas, Kt.l552, II. 66 
Bagnall, Rauf, Kt.l547, II. 61 
Bagnall, Samuel, Kt.l596, 11.92 
Bagg, James, Kt.l625, 11. 189 
Baggallay, Richard, Kt.l868, 11.360 

Bagot, Bagott, Baghot 

Bagot, Charles, G.C.B.1820, I. 205 
Bagot, Qiarles S., Kt.l903, II. 415 
Bagott, Lewes, Kt.l501, II. 33 
Baghott, Paul, Kt.l812, 11.311 
Bagot, Ralph, K.B.1306, I. 115 
Bagshaw, Edward, Kt.l627, II. 192 
Bagshaw, William C, Kt.l805, II. 308 
Bahawalpur, nawab of, G.C.S.I.1880, 

Baieux, Richard de, K.B.1329, I. 125 
Baieux, William de, K.B.1306, I. 121 

Baillib, Bayly, Bayley, Baily, Bailey 
Bayley, Daniel, Kt.l815, 11.316; 

K.H.1823, I. 464 
Baillie, Ewen, Kt.r793, 11.302 
Bayley, Edward C, K.C.S.I.1877, 

I. 321 
Bayley, Francis, Kt.l823, II. 324 
Bayly, Henry, G.C.H.1834, 1.452 
Baily, Henry, Kt.l834, II. 334 
Bayly, Henry, Kt.l838, 11.340; K.H. 

1835, I. 472 
Bavly, James, Kt.l621, II. 176 
BaVley, John, Kt.l808, II. 309 
Bayley, Lyttleton H., Kt.l896, 11.397 
Bayley, Stewart C, K.C.S.I.1878, 

Bayly, William, Kt.l525, II. 46 
Bailey, William H., Kt.l894, II. 393 
Baillie-Hamilton, William A., K.C.M.G. 

1897, 1.382 
Baillie-Hamilton-Arden, (Jeorge, earl of 

Haddington, K.T.1902, 1.89 
Bain, Baine, Baines. See Baynes 
Bainton. See Baynton 
Bainhridge, Edmond, K.C.B.1903, 1.300 
Bainbrigge, Philip, K.C.B.1860, I. 246 
Baird, David, Kt.l804, 11.307; K.B. 

1809, I. 177; G.C.B.1815, I. 181 
Baird, John K. E., K.C.B.1890, 1.263 
Baker, Augustine F., Kt.l903, 11.416 

Baker, Benjamin, K.C.M.G.1890, 1.375; 

K.C.B.1902, I. 300 
Baker, Henry, Kt.l606, II. 140 
Baker, John, Kt.l538, II. 51 
Baker, John, Kt.l895, 11.395 
Baker, Richard, Kt.l573, II. 75 
Baker, Richard, Kt.l603, II. 104 
Baker, Richard, Kt.l833, II. 334 
Baker, Richard C, K.C.M.G.1895, I. 380 
Baker, Robert, Kt.l820, 11.321 
Baker, Samuel W., Kt.l866, II. 358 
Baker, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 108 
Baker, Thomas, Kt.l625, II. 189 
Baker, Thomas, K.C.B.1831, I. 230 
Baker, Thomas, Kt.l883, II. 375 
Baker, Thomas D., K.C.B.1881, I. 257 
Baker, William, Kt.l760, II. 289 
Baker, William E., K.C.B.1870, I. 284 
Baksh, Singh, K.C.I.E.1887, 1.399 
Balastre, Thomas, Kt.l360, II. 10 
Balchen, John, Kt.l744, II. 287 
Baldock (Boldock), Robert, Kt.l671, 

II. 246 
Baldry, Thomas, Kt.l523, II. 46 
Baldwins, Baldwyn 

Baldwine, Francis, Kt.l603, II. 116 
Baldwyn, Samuel, Kt.1672-3, II. 248 
Baldwyn, Timothy, Kt.l670, 11.244 
Baldwyn, William B., Kt.l762, II. 291 
Bale, Henry, K.C.M.G.1901, I. 390 
Bale (Ball)] John, Kt.l617, II. 165 
Bale, John, Kt.l624, II. 185 
Balfour, Andrew, Kt.l594, II. 91 
Balfour, George, K.C.B.1870, 1.284 
Balfour (Baford), William (Philip), 

Kt.l619, II. 173 
Balfour of Burghley, lord. See Bruce, 

A. H. 
Ball. See Bale 

Ball, Charles B., Kt.l902, 11.414 
Ball, Peter, Kt.l643, 11.216 
Ball, Robert S., Kt.l886, 11.378 
Ballantinc, — , Kt.l622, II. 180 
Ballary, Richard, Kt.l608, II. 145 
Ballingall, George, Kt.l830, II. 329 
Balliston, Alfred, Kt..l883, 11.375 
Balneavis, Henry, K.H.1836, I. 474 
Balthozor (Balthazar), capt, Kt.l629, 
II. 196 



Baltis (Baltris), Cornelius, Kt.l624, 

II. 184 
Baluchistan, Ghaus Bakhsh, chief of the 

Sarawans, K.C.I. E. 1903, I. 412 
Baluchistan, Shahbaz khan of, K.C.I.E. 

1901, 1.410 
Bambrough, William, Kt.l603, II. 101 
Bamfield, Amyas, Kt.l603, II. 113 
Bamfield, Matthew, Kt.l604, II. 132 
Bamford. See Bafford 
Bamra, Sudhal Deo of, K.C.I.E.1895, 

Banarjee, Gooroo Das, Kt.l904, II. 418 
Banastre. See Banister 
Banbury, earl of. See Knollys, W. 
Banckley. See Buckley 
Bancroft, Squire B., Kt.l897, II. 400 
Bandiera, Francis de, K.C.B.1841, I. 237 
Banding, John, Kt.l687, II. 263 
Bandon, earl of. See Bernard, J. F. 
Banister, Bantster, Banastre, 
Banester, Banestre 
Banester (Banister), Edward, Kt. 

1615, II. 155 
Banyster, Robert, Kt.l605, II. 137 
Banastre, Thomas, K.G.1375, I. 4 
Banestre, William, Kt.l347, II. 9 
Banister, William, Kt.l713, II. 278 
Banington (Barington), Henry [? Wil- 
liam], K.B.(1483), I. 141 
Banir (Baniz), Gustavus, Kt.l635, II. 

Bankes, Banks 

Banks, Edward, Kt.l822, II. 323 
Bankes, Henry, Kt.l762, II. 291 
Banks, Jacob, Kt.l698, II. 271 
Banks, John, Kt.l631, II. 199 
Banks, John T., K.C.B.1889, I. 291 
Banks, Joseph, K.B.1795, 1.174; 

G.C.B.1815, 1.205 
Banks, Paul, Kt.l785, II. 298 
Bankes, Ralph, Kt.l660, II. 227 
Banks, William M., Kt.l899, II. 405 
Bannatyne, Ja, Kt.l633, I. Ixiii. 
Bannatyne, William M., Kt.l763, II. 292 
Bannatyne, William M., Kt.l823, II. 324 
Bannerman, Alexander, Kt.l851, II. 348 
Bannerman, Patrick, Kt.l715, footnote 
II. 266 

Banning (Bayning), Paul, Kt.l614, 

II. 154 
Bantam, two ambassadors from, Kt. 

1682, II. 258 
Bapu, Sahib, K.C.I.E.1887, I. 400 
Bapu, Saheb, K.C.I.E.1895, I. 408 
Barantine, William, Kt.l513, II. 40 
Barbour, David M., K.C.S.I.1889, 1.324; 

K.C.M.G.1899, I. 387 
Barchhaile, Robert de, Kt.l347, II. 7 
Barclay. See Berkeley 
Bard, Henry, Kt.l643, 11.216 
Bardes (Bardesius), William, lord of 

Warmenhuysen, Kt.l615, II. 157 
Bardolf, lord (1418). See Phelipp, W. 
Bardolf, Thomas, K.B.I 306, I. 113 
Bardsley, James L., Kt.l853, II. 350 
Barentino, Drogo de, nephews of, K.B. 

1256, I. 110 
Barham, George, Kt.l904, II. 417 
Barham. See Barnham 
Baring, Evelyn, earl of Cromer, K. C.S.I. 

1883, 1.323; K.C.B.1887, 1.290; 

G.C.M.G.1888, 1.341; G.C.B.1895, 

Baring, Thomas G., earl of Northbrook, 

Grand Master of Star of India, 

G.C.S.I., I. 305; G.C.S.I.1872, I. 310 
Barington. See Barrington 
Barker, Anthony, Kt.l608, II. 144 
Barker, Christopher, K.B.1547, 11. 151 
Barker, Edmund, Kt.l661, II. 234 
Barker, George D., K.C.B.1900, I. 271 
Barker, George R., K.C.B.1859, I. 245 
Barker, Henry, Kt.l603, II. 112 
Barker, Richard, Kt.l671, 11. 245 
Barker, Robert, K.B. 1603, I. 156 
Barker, Robert, Kt.l764, II. 292 
Barker, Thomas, Kt.l622, II. 178 
Barkham, Edward, Kt.l622, II. 179 
Barkham, Edward, Kt.l623, II. 182 
Barkham, Robert, Kt.l641, II. 210 
Barkstead, John, Kt.l656, II. 223 
Barlee, Frederick, K.C.M.G.1883, I. 

Barlow, Alexander, Kt.l603, II. 124 
Barlow, George H., K.B.1806, 1.176; 

G.C.B.1815, I. 205 
Barlow, James, Kt.l714, 11.278 



Barlow, Robert, Kt.1801, II. 306; K.C.B. 

1820, 1.229; G.C.B.1842, I. 189 
Barlow, Thomas, K.C.V.O.(1901), I. 433 
Barnaby. See Barnby and Burnaby 
Barnard. See Bernard 
Barnardiston. See Bernardiston 
Barndt, Barnabt, Barnebt, Burnaby 
Barneby, Charles, Kt.l603, II. 125 
Barnaby, Nathaniel, K.C.B.1885, I. 

Barnaby (Burnaby), Richard, Kt. 

1609, II. 147 
Barnby, Joseph, Kt.l892, 11.390 
Burnaby, William, Kt.l754, II. 288 
Barnes, Edward, K.C.B.1815, 1.220; 

G.C.B.1831, I. 186 
Barnes, George, Kt.l549, II. 65 
Barnes, George, Kt.l587, II. 85 
Barnes, Hugh S., K.C.S.I.1903, I. 328; 

K.C.V.d.(1903), I. 435 
Barnes, James S., K.C.B.1831, I. 231 
Barnes, John G., Kt.l892, II. 390 
Barnes, William, Kt.l603, 11.117 
Barnes, William, Kt.l618, II. 169 
Barneston. See Bernardiston 
Barnewall, Barnewell 

Barnewall, Christopher, Kt.l551, II. 

Barnewall, Christopher, Kt.l566, II. 

Barnewall, John, Kt.l687, II. 263 
Barnewall, Patrick, Kt.l552, 11.66 
Barnewall, Patrick, Kt.l566, II. 72 
Barnewell, Robert, baron of Tremles- 

ton, Kt.l566, 11.72 
Barnewell, Patricke (Peter), baron of 

Tremleston, Kt.l5S3, 11.82 
Barnewall, Patrick, Kt.l586, 11.84 
Barnewall, Thomas, Kt.l555, II. 69 
Barnham, Francis, Kt.l603, II. 120 
Barnham, Martin, Kt.l603, 11.118 
Barnham (Branham, Barham), Martin, 

Kt.l631, II. 199 

Khunde Rao, guicowar of, K.S.I. 1861, 

1.306; G.C.S.I.1866, 1.308 
Sayaji liao, gaekwar of, G.C.S. 1.1887, 
Barogh. See Barret 

Baron, William, Kt.l523, II. 44 

Barr, David W. K., K.C.S.I.1902, 1.327 

Barrel, John, Kt.l497, II. 29 

Barrera, Edouard P. A., K.C.V.0.1897, 

Barrett, Barret 

Barrett, Andrew, Kt.l639, II. 206 
Barrett, Edward, Kt.l608, II. 145 
Barret (Barogh), Edward, Kt.l645, 

Barret, James, Kt.l622, II. 178 
Barrett, Paul, Kt.l683, 11.259 
Barrie. See Barry 

Barrington, Barington, and see Ban- 
Barrington, Bernard E., K.C.B. 1902, 

Barrington, Francis, Kt.l603, II. 104 
Barrington, Gobart, Kt.l660, II. 230 
Barrington, John, Kt.l638, II. 205 
Barrington, John, Kt.l868, II. 360 
Barrington, Jonah, Kt.l807, 11.308 
Barington, Nicholas, Kt.l513, II. 40 
Barrington, Thomas, Kt.l571, II. 75 
Barrington, William A. C, K.C.M.G. 
1901, I. 389 
Barrow, Edmund George, K.C.B.1901, 

I. 273 
Barrow, William, Kt.l603, 11.119 
Barry, Charles, Kt.l852, II. 349 
Barry, David, Kt.l832, 11.331 
Barry, Jacob D., Kt.l878, 11.370 
Barry, James, Kt.l640, II. 208 
Barrv, James F., viscount Buttevant, 

kt.l567, 11.73 
Barry, John E., Kt.l899, II. 404 
Barry, John W., K.C.B.1897, I. 295 
Barry, Redmond, Kt.l860, 11.355; 

k.C.M.G.1877, I. 359 
Barrie, Robert, K.C.H.1834, 1.460; 

K.C.B.1840, I. 236 
Barry oge, Thomas, Kt.l585 11.83 
Barteville, — , Kt.l547, II. 62 
Bartlett. See Berkeley 
Bart lev. See Berkeley 
Barton, Alexander, K'.H.1836, 1.474 
Barton, Edmund, G.C.M.G.1902, 1.348 
Barton, Freeman, Kt.l814, 11.314 
Barton. John G., Kt.l902, II. 410 



Barton, Robert, K.C.H.1837, 1.461; 
Kt.l837, II. 338 

Barton, Tliomas, Kt.l619, II. 173 

Barton, William, Kt.l816, II. 317 

Barwick. See Berwick 

Bash, Bashb, Baesh 

Baesh (Bashe), Edward), Kt.l616, 

II. 158 
Bash, Edward, Kt.l672, II. 247 
Bash, Ralph, K.B.1661, I. 166 

Bashall, Talbot de, Kt.l347, II. 9 

Basinges, William de, K.B.1306, I. 115 

Baskerville, Baskervilb, Baskbrvyle, 
Baskervile, Humphrey, Kt.l609, II. 

Baskerville, James, Kt.l461, II. 13 
Baskerville, James, Kt.l487, I. 24 
Bascarville, James, Kt.l547, II. 63 
Baskervile, Simon, Kt.l636, II. 204 
Baskerville, Thomas, Kt.l553, II. 68 
Baskerville, Thomas, Kt.l588, II. 87 
Baskerville, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 108 
Baskervyle, Walter, K.B.1501, I. 145 

Bass, Michael A., baron Burton, K.C.V.O. 
(1904), 1.437 

Bassett, Basset 

Bassett, — , of Blowre, Kt.l529, II. 48 
Bassett, Arthur, Kt.l575, 11.76; 

Kt.l579, 11.80 
Bassett, Arthur, Kt.l616, II. 158 
Bassett, Francis, Kt.l644, II. 218 
Bassett, John, K.B.1501, I. 145 
Basset, Ralph, K.B.1306, I. 117 
Basset, Ralph, lord Basset, K.G.1368, 

1.3; Kt.l355, II. 9 
Bassett, Richard, Kt.l682, II. 257 
Bassett, Richaid, Kt.l513, 11.42 
Bassett, Richard, Kt.l817, 11.319 
Bassett, Robert, Kt.l599, II. 96 
Bassett, Thomas, Kt.l644, II. 218 
Basset, Will, Kt.l336, II. 5 
Bassett, William, Kt.l660, II. 229 

Bassingburn, Humfry, K.B.1306, 1.112 
Bassingburn, John de, K.B.1306, I. 121 
Bassingburn, Warin, K.B.1306, I. 114 
Bastard, William, Kt.l677, II. 252 
Bateman, Alfred E., K.C.M.G.1900, 1. 388 
Bateman, Anthony, Kt.l660, II. 226 

Bateman, Frederic, Kt.l892, II. 390 
Bateman, Henry, Kt.l717, II. 281 
Bateman, James, Kt.l698, II. 271 
Bateman, John, Kt.l809, II. 309 
Bateman, William, Kt.l660, II. 226 
Bateman, William, viscount Bateman, 

K.B.1732, I. 168 
Bateman-Champain, John U., K.C.M.G. 

1886, 1.368 
Bates, Henry, K.C.B.1879, I. 256 
Bath, earl of. See Bourchier ; marquess 

of, see Thynne 
Bath, John, Kt.l623, II. 182 
Bath, Nathaniel de, K.B.1333, I. 125 
Bathurst, Benjamin, Kt.1681-2, II. 257 
Bathurst, Edward, Kt.l625, II. 190 
Bathurst, Edward, Kt.l646, II. 221 
Bathurst, Henry, Kt.l680, II. 255 
Bathurst, Henry, earl Bathurst, K.G. 

1817, I. 52 
Bathurst, James, K.C.B.1831, I. 231 
Bathurst, Thomas, Kt.l665, II. 240 
Batten (Battey), Henry, Kt. 1622-3, II. 

Battenberg, Alexander Joseph of, prince 

of Bulgaria, G.C.B.1879, 1.211 
Battenberg, Francis Joseph of, K.C.B. 

1896, I. 294; G.C.V.0.1897, I. 423 
Battenberg, Henry M. of, K.G. 1885, 

Battenberg, Louis A. of, K.C.B.1884, 

I. 288; G.C.B.1887, I. 212; G.C.V.O. 

1901, 1.418 
Baud. See Bad 
Baudissin, count Frederick von, K.C.V.O. 

1904, I. 443 
Bavaria, Luitpold C. J. G. L., regent of, 

G.C.B.1901, I. 203 
Bavent, Roger, Kt.l336, II. 5 
Bavent, Roger de, K.B.1306, I. 118 
Bawde, Thomas, K.B.(1494), I. 144 
Bawdin, John, Kt.l687, II. 263 
Bawdryppe, William Kt.l513, II. 41 
Baxter, George W., Kt.l904, II. 419 
Baxter, Robert, Kt.l794, II. 302 
Bayley, Bayly. See Baillie 
Bayliss ( Baylis), Robert, Kt.l727, II. 

Bayliss, Wyke, Kt.l897, II. 401 
Baynard, Robert, Kt.l619, II. 170 



Batnes, Bain, Baine, Baines 

Baines, Edward, Kt.l880, II. 372 
Baynes, Edward S., K.C.M.G.1833, 

Baynes, Henry, K.n.l837, I. 477 
Bain, James, Kt.l877, 11.369 
Baynes, Eobert L., K.C.B.1860, I. 246 
Baynes or Baine, Thomas, Kt.l672, 

II. 247 
Bain, William, Kt.l844, II. 345 
Baynham, Alexander, Kt.l482, II. 18 
Baynham, Christopher, Kt.l513, II. 41 
Baynham, Edward, Kt.l599, II. 98 
Baynham, George, Kt.l545, II. 58 
Bayning. See Benning 
Batnton, Batntun, Bainton, and see 
Baynton, Edward, Kt.l574, II. 76 
Bainton, Edward, Kt.l601, II. 99 
Baynton, Edward, Kt.l613, II. 153 
Baynton, Edward, K.B.1661, I. 165 
Bavntun, Henrv W., K.C.B.1815, 

i. 220; G.C.B.1839, I. 188 
Bayntun, Rob, Kt.l347, II. 8 
Bazalgette, Joseph W., Kt.l874, 11.366 
Beachcroft, Robert, Kt.l700, II. 272 
Beaconsfield, earl of. See D'Israeli 
Beadon, Cecil, K.C.S.I.1866, 1.315 
Beake, Beke 

Beke, Richard, Kt..l658, II. 224 
Beake, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 126, 117 
Beamond, Beamont. See Beaumont 
Beare, John, Kt.l615, II. 156 
Beare, Owen O'S., Kt.l565, II. 71 
Beatty, William, Kt.l831, 11.330 
Beauchamp, Beauchampe, De Bei.lo 
Beauchamp, earl. See Lygon 
Beauchampe, Gilbert, K.B.(1426), I. 

Beauchamp, Giles de, Kt.l347. II. 7 
Beauchamp, John de, K.B.1306, I. 117 
Bello Campo, John de, Kt.l346, II. 6 
Beauchamp, John, K.B.I 478, I. 138 
Beauchamp, John, lord Beauchamp 

de Warwick, K.G.I 344, I. 1 
Beauchamp, John, lord Beauchamp of 

Powyk, K.G.I 441, I. 12 
Beauchamp, lord. See Seymour, E. 


Beauchamp, Richard, earl of War- 
wick, K.B.1399, I. 127 

Beauchamp, Richard, K.B.1471, I. 15 

Beauchamp, Richard, earl of War- 
wick, K.G.1403, I. 7 

Beauchamp, Richard, 6th lord St. 
Amand, K.B.(1475), I. 136 

Beauchamp, Thomas de, K.B.1306, 

I. 121 

Beauchamp, Tliomas, earl of Warwick, 

K.G.1348, I. 1 
Beauchamp, Thomas, earl of Warwick, 

K.G.1373, I. 4 
Beauchamp, William, lord Bergavenny, 

K.G.1376, I. 4 

Beauchamp, Thomas, K.B.1400, I. 128 

Beauclerk, lord Amelius, K.C.B.1815, 

1.220; G.C.H.1831, 1.451; G.C.B. 

1835, I. 187 

Beauclerk, Charles, duke of St. Albans, 

K.G.1718, I. 41 
Beauclerk, Charles, duke of St. Albans, 
K.B.1725, 1.167; K.G.1740-1, 1.43 
Beaucock, Edmund, Kt.l665, II. 240 
Beaufield, Thomas (Francis), Kt.l603, 

II. 101 

Beaufort, duke of. See Somerset 
Beaufort, Edmund, duke of Somerset, 

K.G.1436, I. 11 
Beaufort, Francis, K.C.B.1848, I. 277 
Beaufort, John, marquess of Dorset, 

K.G.1396, I. 6 
Beaufort, John, duke of Somerset, K.G. 

1439, I. 11 
Beaufort, Thomas, duke of Exeter, K.G. 

1400, I. 7 

Beaufou, Beaufot, Beaufob 

Beaufou, Henry, K.B.1306, I. 120 
Beaufoy, Henry, Kt.l676, 11.251 
Beaufoy, Roger de, K.B.1306. I. 112 
Beaufoe, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 107 
Beaulieu, earl of. See Husscy-Montngu 
Beaumont, Beamont, Beamond, Db 
Bei.t-o Montr 
Beaumont, — , K.B.(1483), I. 138 
Beamont, — , Kt.l492, II. 28 
Beaumont, Francis, Kt.l618, II. 168 




Beaumont, Henry, lord Beaumont, 

K.B.1399, I. 128 
Beaumont, Henry, Kt.l47l, II. 14 
Beaumont, Henry, Kt.l603, II. 101 
Beaumont, John, lord Beaumont, K.G. 

1392-3, I. 6 
Beaumont, John, viscount Beaumont, 

K.B.(1426), 1.131; K.G.1441, 1.12 
Beaumont, Lewis A., K.C.M.G.1901, 

1.390; K.C.B.1904, 1.276 
Beaumont, Richard, Kt.l603, II. 120 
Beaumont (Beamond), Thomas, Kt. 

1603, II. 103, 109 
Beaumont, Thomas, Kt.l660, II. 229 

Beauvale, lord. See Lamb 

Beauvoir, John E. de, Kt.l827, II. 326 

Beche, Henry T. de la, Kt.l842, II. 344 

Becher. See Beecher 

Bechtolsheim, baron Anton von, G.C.V.O. 

1903, L 428 
Beckering. See Bekering 
Beckett, Albert a, Kt.l904, 11. 417 
Beckford, Thomas, Kt.l677, II. 252 
Beckingham, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 128 
Beckman, Martin, Kt.l686, II. 261 
Beconshaw, Wliite, 1628, II. 193 
Bective, earl of. See Taylour, T. 
Beckwith, George, K.B.1809, 1.177; 

G.C.B.1815, I. 181 
Beckwith, Leonard, Kt.l544, II. 55 
Beckwith, Thomas S., Kt.l812, 11.311; 

K.C.B.1815, I. 221 
Beckwith, William, Kt.l482, II. 20 
Beckwith, William, K.H.1832, I. 466 

Bedell, Beedle 

Bedell, Thomas, Kt.l616, II. 157 
Bedell (Beake), Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 

Beedle, John, Kt.l603, IL 117 

Bedford, duke of. See Tudor, see 

Bedford, John, duke of, K.B.1399, I. 

127; K.G.1400, L7 
Bedford, earl of. See Couci, see Russell 
Bedford, Frederick G. D., K.C.B.1894, 

1.266; G.C.B.1902, 1.203 

Bedingfield, Bedingfeilde, Bedding- 
feild, Bentnfbld, Beningfield 
Bedynfeld, — , K.B.(1483), I. 139 
Beningefeld, Edmund, K.B.(1483), L 

141 ; Kt.l487, IL 24 
Beninfeilde, Edmonde, Kt.l523, II. 45 
Bedingfeilde, Henry, Kt.l549, IL 64 
Beningfield, Henry, Kt.l604, IL 134 
Bedingfield, Henry, Kt.l684, IL 260 
Bedingfield, John, K.C.H.1831, I. 457 
Bedingfield, Philip, Kt.l618, II. 170 
Bedingfield, Robert, Kt.l697, II. 270 
Bedingfield, Thomas, K.B.1509, I. 148 
Beddingfield, Thomas, Kt.l638, II. 206 

Bedlow, John, Kt.(1397), preface to 
Irish Kts., II. Ix. 

Bedlow. See Bellew 

Beecher, Becher 

Becher, Arthur M., K.C.B.1873, L 253 
Becher, Edward, Kt.l722, IL 282 
Beecher, William, Kt.l619, 11.173; 

Kt.l622, IL 180 
Beecher, William, Kt.l660, II. 232 

Beechy (Beechey), William, Kt.l798, IL 

Beedle. See Bedell 

Beeling, Bellings, Beling, Beelen 
Belinge, Henry, Kt.l615, II. 156 
Beelen (Beling), Peter, Kt.l622, IL 180 
Bellings (Beeling), Richard, Kt.l666, 
II. 242 

Beeston, Beston, Boston 

Beeston, George, Kt.l588, II. 86 
Boston (Beston, Beeston), George, Kt. 

1609, IL 147 
Beeston, Hugh, Kt.l603, II. 104 
Beeston, William, Kt.l692, II. 267 

Begbie, Matthew B., Kt.l875, II. 367 

Behrens, Jacob, Kt.l882, II. 374 

Beja, due Manuel, etc., de, G.C.V.O. 1904, 

Beke. See Beake 

Bekering, Christopher de, Kt.l347, IL 9 

Belastse, Bellasis, Bellastse 
Bellasis, Henry, Kt.l603, II. 101 
Belasyse, Henry, K.B.1661, I. 164 
Bellasyse, Rowland, K.B.1661, I. 164 
Bellasis, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 113 




Bellasis, William, Kt.l617, II. 162 

Bellasis, William, Kt.l639, II. 206 

Belcher, Edward, Kt.l843, 11.345; 

K.C.B.1867, I. 250 
Belet, Ingelram, K.B.I 306, I. 115 
Belfast, earl of. See Chichester 

Leopold I. King of, G.C.H.1816, 1. 447 ; 

G.C.B.1816, I. 183 
Leopold n. of, K.G.1866, I. 63 
Leopold George F. of, K.G.I 81 4, I. 52 
Belgrave, George, Kt.l603, II. 122 
Belhaven, lord. See Hamilton 
Belhouse, John de, K.B.I 306, I. 122 
Belhouse (Belluse), Jo de, Kt.l347, II. 7 
Beling. See Beeling 
Belknapp, Edward, Kt.l513, II. 39 
Bell, Charles, K.H.1831, I. 466; Kt.l831, 

Bell (Bolt), Edmond, Kt.l603, II. 109 
Bell, Francis D., Kt.l873, 11.365; 

K.C.M.G.1881, L363 
Bell, George, K.C.B.1867, I. 251 
Bell, Henry, K.C.B.1815, I. 219 
Bell, John, K.C.B.1852, 1.239; G.C.B. 

1860, I. 193 
Bell, John C, Kt.l902, II. 411 
Bell, Joshua P., K.C.M.G.1881, L 364 
Bell, Robert, Kt.l577, II. 77 
Bell, Robert, Kt.l611, II. 150, 153 
Bell, Sidney S., Kt.l869, II. 361 
Bell, Thomas, Kt.l547, II. 60 
Bell, Thomas, Kt.l778, II. 296 
Bell, Thomas, Kt.l816, 11.317 
Bell, William, K.C.B.1867, I. 251 
Bell, William J., Kt.l892, II. 389 
Bellairs, William, Kt.l848, 11.347 
Bellairs, William, K.C.M.G.1882, I. 364 
Bellamont, earl of. See Coote 
Bellamy, Edward, Kt.l727, II. 283 
Bellamy, Joseph A., Kt.l904, II. 419 
Bellars" Richard, Kt.l639, II. 206 
Bellasis. See Belasyse 
Belleau, Narcisse F., Kt.l860, 11.355; 

K.C.M.G.1879, 1.360 
Bellegarde, count August, etc., K.C.V.O. 

1903, 1.442 
Bellendcn, Henry, Kt.l749, II. 288 

Bellew, Bellet, Bedlowb 

Bellew or Bedlowe, Christopher, Kt. 

1605, II. 139 
Bellew, Christopher, Kt.l628, II. 195 
Bellew, John, Kt.l551, II. 65 ; Kt.l556, 

IL 69 
Bellew, John, Kt.l619, IL 174 
Belley, Thomas, Kt.l615, II. 156 
Bellew, Walter, Kt.l541, IL 52 

Bellingham, Beltngham, Belingham, 


Bellingham, Daniel, Kt.l662, 11.237 
Belyngham, Edward, Kt.l513, II. 42 
Bellingham, Edward, Kt.l547, II. 60 
Billingham, Edward (Edmond), Kt. 

1603, IL 108; Kt.l604, II. 129 
Bellingham, Henry, Kt.l460, II. 13 
Bellingham, Henry, Kt.l620, II. 175 
Bellingham, James, Kt.l603, II. 100 
Belingham, Roger, Kt.l487, II. 25 
Bellingham, Roger, Kt.l497, II. 31 
Bellingham, Robert, Kt.l497, II. 32 
Bellings. See Beeling 
Bellomont, earl of. See Coote 
Bellows, William, Kt.l557, II. 70 
Belluse. See Belhouse 
Belmore, earl of. See Lowry-Corry 
Belson, Charles P., K.C.B.1815, I. 223 
Belt, Robert, Kt.l640, II. 207 
Belt, William, Kt.l633, IL 201 
Beltz, George F., K.H.1836, I. 475 
Bemrose, Henry H., Kt.l897, II. 400 
Benanges, vicomte de. See Grailly 
Benare.s, Narain Singh of, K.C.S.L1866, 
I. 316 ; G.C.S.L1877, L 311 ; K.C.I.E. 
Benares, Prabhu maharaja of, G.C.I.E. 

1898. I. 403 
Benbow, Henry, K.C.B.1902, I. 274 
Bence, Alexander, Kt.l670, II. 244 
Benckendorf, count Paul, K.C.V.0.1896, 

1.438; G.C.V.0.1896, 1.422 
Bendemann, Felix R. E. E., G.C.M.G, 

1902, I. 348 
Bendloes. See Bindlosse 
Benedict, Julius, Kt.l871, IL 363 
Bengnr (Berengar), John (Thomas), Kt. 

1553. IL 68 
Beningfield. See Bedingfield 



Benjamin, Benjamin, Kt.l889, II. 386 

Benloes. See Bindlosse 

Benn, Anthony, Kt.l617, 11. 166 

Bennett, Bennet 

Bennet, Cliarles, earl of Taukerville, 

K.T.1721, 1.77 
Bennet, Charles, earl of Tankerville, 

K.T.1730, I. 77 
Bennet, Henry, earl of Arlington, 

K.G.1672, 1.36 
Bennett, Henry, Kt.l657, II. 225 
Bennett, Henry, Kt.l891, II. 388 
Bennett, James R., Kt.l881, II. 372 
Bennet, John, Kt.l603, II. 113 
Bennet, John, Kt.l616, II. 158 
Bennet, John, K.B.I 661, II. 166 
Bennett, John, Kt.l706, II. 275 
Bennett, John, Kt.l872, II. 364 
Bennett, Robert, Kt.l619, II. 172 
Bennet, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 127 
Bennett, Thomas, Kt.l661, II. 235 
Bennett, William, Kt.l760, II. 290 
Bennett, William H., K.C.V.O.(1901), 

Bennett, William S., Kt.l871, II. 363 
Benson, John, Kt.l853, II. 349 
Benson, William, Kt.l706, II. 275 
Benstead, — , Kt.l492, II. 27 
Bensted, Edward, Kt.l513, II. 40 
Bent, John, Kt.l851, 11.349 
Bentheim and Steinfurth, prince Alexis, 

etc., of, G.C.V.O.1904, I. 428 
Bentinck, Henry J. W., K.C.B.1855, I. 

Bentinck, lord William Cavendish, K.B. 
1813, 1.178; G.C.B.1815, 1.181; 
G.C.H.1817, I. 448 
Bentinck, William, earl of Portland, 

K.G.1697, I. 39 
Bentinck, William, duke of Portland, 

K.G.1741, 1.44 
Bentley, John, Kt.l603, II. 124 
Bentley, John, Kt.l759, II. 289 
Bentley, Martin, Kt.l682, II. 258 
Bentley, William, Kt.l753, II. 288 
Bere, de la. See Delabere 
Berefort, Janekinus, Kt.l355, II. 9 
Berengar. See Bengar 

Beresford, lord Charles W., K.C.V.O. 

(1903), 1.435; K.C.B.1903, 1.276 
Beresford, George de la, marquess of 

Waterford, K.P.1783, 1.96 
Beresford, lord George T., G.C.H.1827, 

I. 450 
Beresford, Henry de la P., marquess of 

Waterford, K.P.I 806, I. 98 
Beresford, Henry de la P., marquess of 

Waterford, K.P.1845, I. 101 
Beresford, Henry de la P., marquess of 

Waterford, K.P.1902, I. 106 
Beresford, John H. de la P., marquess 

of Waterford, K.P.I 868, I. 103 
Beresford, John P., Kt.l812, 11.311; 

K.C.B.1819, 1.229; G.C.H.1836, I. 

Beresford, Tristram, Kt.l664, II. 240 
Beresford, William, K.H.1832, 1.467 
Beresford, William C, viscount Beres- 
ford, K.B.1810, 1.177; G.C.B.1815, 

I. 181; G.C.H.1818, 1.448 
Beresford, William L. de la Poer, 

K.C.I.E.1894, 1.408 
Bergne, John H. G., K.C.M.G.1888, I. 

373; K.C.B.1903, 1.300 
Bergyll, Thomas (John), Kt.l482, II. 18 
Berham, John, Kt.l584, II. 82 
Berk, John, Kt.l610, II. 149 

Berkeley, Berkley, Bartlett, Barkley, 

Bartley, Barkeley, Barclay, 

Berkeley, Augustus, earl of Berkeley, 

K.T.1739, I. 78 
Berkley, Charles, Kt.l623, II. 182 
Berkeley, Charles, earl of Berkeley, 

K.B.1661, I. 164 
Berkeley, Edward, K.B.(1487), I. 142 
Barkley, Edward, Kt.l588, 11.86 
Barkley, Edward, Kt.l625, II. 189 
Bartlett, Ellis A., Kt.l892, II. 391 
Barkley, Francis, Kt.l599, II. 95 
Berkeley, George, lord Berkeley, K.B. 

1616, 1.159 
Berkeley, George, K.C.M.G.1881, 1. 363 
Berkley, George, K.C.M.G.1893, I. 378 
Berkeley, George C, K.B.1813, I. 178; 

G.C.B.1815, I. 181 




Bartlev, George C. T., K.C.B.1902, 

I. 300 
Berkeley, George H. F., K.C.B.1815, 

I. 224 
Berkeley, Henry, lord Berkeley, K.B. 

1553, I. 152 
Berkley, Henry, Kt.l584, II. 83 
Bartlett, Henry, Kt.l609, II. 148 
Barkly, Henry, K.C.B.1853, 1.279; 

G.C.M.G.1874, I. 337 
Berkeley, Henry S., Kt.l896, II. 398 
Berkeley, James de, lord de Berkeley, 

K.B.(1426), I. 131 
Berkeley, James, earl of Berkeley, 

K.G.i718, I. 42 
Berkeley, John de, K.B. 1303, I. 110 
Berkeley, John, Kt.l399, 11.11 
Barkeley, John, Kt.l545, 11.56 
Berkeley, John, K.B.1559, I. 153 
Barkley, John, Kt.l639, II. 207 
Berkeley, Maurice, Kt.l471, II. 14 
Barkley, Maurice, Kt.l487, II. 25 
Barkeley, Morris, K.B. 1509, I. 148 
Barkleye, Maurice, Kt.l545, II. 57 
Barkley, Moris, Kt.l596, 11.92 
Berkley, Maurice, Kt.l621, II. 178 
Berkeley, Maurice F. F., lord Fitz- 

hardinge, K.C.B.1855, 1. 241 ; G.C.B. 

1861, I. 194 
Barkley, Richard, Kt.l574, II. 75 
Barkly, Robert, Kt.l627, II. 192 
Barclay, Robert, K.C.B.1815, I. 227 
Bartley, Robert, K.C.B.1842, I. 237 
Barkley, Rowland, Kt.l641, II. 209 
Berkley, Thomas, Kt.l513, II. 37 
Berkeley, Thomas, K.B. 1603, I. 153 
Bartlet, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 124 
Barclay, Thomas, Kt.l904, II. 417 
Berkeley, William, marquess of 

Berkeley, K.B.(1475), I. 137 
Berkeley, William, K.B.(1483), I. 139, 

140, 141 
Berkeley, William, Kt.l576, II. 78 
Barkley, William, Kt.l639, 11.207 
Berkshire, earl of. Sec Norris, see 

Berlav, Richard de, K.B.1306, I. 119 
Bernack, William, K.B.1306, I. 117 

Bernard, Barnard, Barnardb 

Barnard, Andrew F., K.C.B.1815, I. 

223; K.C.H.1819, 1.455; G.C.H. 

1833, 1.452; G.C.B.1840, 1.189 
Bernard, Charles E., K.C.S.I.1886, I. 

Barnard, Charles L., K.C.B.1887, I. 

Barnard, Edward, Kt.l669, II. 244 
Barnarde, Francis, Kt.l545, II. 58 
Barnard, Frederick, K.C.H.1828, 1. 

Barnard, Henry W., K.C.B.1856, I. 

Barnard, Herbert, Kt.l898, II. 402 
Barnard, John, Kt.l732, II. 284 
Bernard, Henry, Kt.l677, II. 252 
Bernard, James F., earl of Brandon, 

K.P.1900, I. 106 
Bernard, John, Kt.l661, II. 235 
Bernard, Robert, Kt.l660, II. 228 
Bernardeston, Bernardiston, 

Barneston, Barmston 
Barnardiston, Nathaniel, Kt.l618, II. 

Barneston, Thomas, Kt.l501, II. 33 
Barneston (Barmston), Thomas, Kt. 

1547, 11.59 
Bernardeston, Thomas, Kt.l578, II. 

Barnardeston, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 

Bernardiston, Thomas, Kt.l641, II. 

Berners or Barnes, lord. See Bourchier 
Berney. See Perny 
Beron. See Byron 
Berry, Bury 

Berry, Benjamin, Kt..l600, 11.98 
Berry, Edward, Kt.l798, 11.304; 

K.C.B.1815, I. 222 
Berry, Graham, K.C.M.G.1886, I. 369 
Bury, Henry de, K.B.1306, I. 120 
Berry, John, Kt.l672, II. 247 
Berry, Thomas, Kt.l671, 11.246 
Bury, Thomas, Kt.l701, II. 272 
Bury, Thomas, Kt.l708, II. 276 
Bury, viscount. See Keppel 
Bury, William, Kt.l658, II. 224, 232 




Berry, William B., Kt.l900, II. 408 
Bertie, Albemarle, K.C.B.1815, I. 217 
Bertie, Francis L., K.C.B.1902, 1.299; 
G.C.V.O.1903, 1. 421 ; G.C.M.G.1904, 
Bertie, Montagu, earl of Lindsey, K.B. 

1616, I. 160 
Bertie, Montagu, earl of Lindsey, E.G. 

1661, 1.35 
Bertie, Peregrine, K.B.1610, I. 158 
Bertie, Peregrine, Kt.l639, II. 206 
Bertie, Robert, earl of Lindsey, K.B. 

1605, I. 156; K.G.1630, 1.32 
Bertie, Roger, K.B.1626, I. 162 
Bertie (formerly Hoar), Thomas, Kt. 

1813, 11.312 
Bertram, George C, Kt.l885, II. 377 
Bertram, William, Kt.l460, II. 12 
Berwick, Barwick 

Berwick, duke of. See FitzJames 
Barwick, Robert, Kt.l641, II. 211 
Berwick (Barwicke), William, Kt. 
1604, II. 133 
Besant, Walter, Kt.l895, IL 396 
Bessborough, earl of. See Ponsonby 
Bessemer, Henry, Kt.l879, II. 371 
Best, Elias, Kt.l684, II. 259 
Best, William D., Kt.l819, II. 320 
Bestel, Nicholas G., Kt.l880, II. 371 
Betham, William, Kt.l812, II. 312 
Bethell, Bethel, Btthell 
Bethel, Hugh, Kt.l604, II. 132 
Bethel, Hugh, Kt.l628, II. 194 
Bethell, Richard, Kt.l853, II. 349 
Bethell (Bythell), Walter, Kt.l617, II. 
Bethune, Henry, Kt.l832, II. 332 
Beton, Archibald, Kt.l620, II. 175 
Bettenson, Richard, Kt.l625, II. 188 
Bettesworth. See Pettesworth 
Bettia, Kishor Singh of, K.C.I.E.1888, 

Betton, John, Kt.l816, II. 318 
Bevan, Alfred H., Kt.l900, IL 406 
Beverley, Beverly 

Beverly, George, Kt.l604, II. 132 
Beverley, James, Kt.l660, II. 230 
Beverly, Thomas, Kt.l662, II. 236 

Beversham, William, Kt.l671, IL 245 
Bevill, Robert, K.B. 1603, I. 155 
Bevill, Robert, K.B.1626, I. 163 
Bevill, William, Kt.l589, 11.87 
Bewicke, Robert, Kt.l760, II. 289 
Bewley, Edmund T., Kt.l898, II. 402 
Bhadour, Atar Sing of, K.C.I.E.1888, I. 

Bhatawadekar, Bhalchandra Krishna, 

Kt.l900, IL 406 
Bhaunagar, Jeswunt Singjee of, K. C.S.I. 

1866, L317 
Bhaunagar, Bhavsinghji of, K.C.S.I. 

1904, I. 328 
Bhaunagar, Tukht Singh of, K.C.S.I. 

1881, L322; G.C.S.L1886, 1.312 
Bhopal, Jahan, begum of, G.C.I.E.1904, 

Bhopal, Nuwab Sekunder, begum of, 

K.S.I.1861, L307; G.C.S.I.1866, I. 

Bhopal, Shah Jehan, begum of, G. C.S.I. 

1872, L310 
Bhownaggree, Mancherjee Merwanjee, 

K.C.I.E.1897, L 409 
Bhurtpore, Jaswant Sing maharaja, 

G.C.S.L1877, 1.311 
Bickbury, John de, K.B.I 306, I. 115 
Bickenell (Brikenell, Kykenell), John, 

Kt.l485, IL 23 
Bickerton, Richard, Kt.l773, II. 294 
Bickerton, Richard, K.C.B.1815, I. 217 
Biddlecombe, George, Kt.l873, II. 365 
Biddulph, Michael A. S., K.C.B.1879, I. 

256; G.C.B.1895, L 201 
Biddulph, Robert, K.C.M.G.1880, 1. 362 ; 

G.C.M.G.1886, 1.341; K.C.B.1896, 

I. 267; G.C.B.1899, 1.202 
Biddulph, Theophilus, Kt.l660, IL 226 
Biddulph, Thomas M., K.C.B.1863, I. 

Bigge, Arthur J., K.C.B.1895, 1.294; 

G.C.V.O.1901, L 419 ; K.C.M.G.1901, 

BiGGES, Biggs 

Biggs, John, Kt.l675, II. 250 
Bigges, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 123 
Bigham, John C, Kt.l897, IL 402 
Bigland, Ralph, Kt.l831, II. 331 



Bigland, Wilson B., K.H.1836, 1.475 
Bignokl, Arthur, Kt.l904, 11.417 
Bignold, Samuel, Kt.l8r)4, II. 350 
Bigod, Rauf, Kt.l482, II. 20 
Bigod, Roger, earl of Norfolk, K.B.1233, 

I. 109 

Bigot, De St. Quentin, count Anatol, 

Ct.C.V.O.1904, 1.430 
Bikanir, Gunga Singh of, K.C.I.E.1901, 

1.410; K.C.S.I.1904, 1.328 
Bilfinger, baron Herman von, G.C.V.O. 

1904, I. 428 
Biliotti, Alfred, K.C.M.G.1896, 1.381 
Billo, Frants E., G.C.V.O.1904, I. 429 
Billers, William, Kt.l727, II. 283 
Billesdon, Nicholas [Robert], Kt.l486, 

II. 23 

Billingham. See Bellingham 
Billingsley, Henry, Kt.l596, II. 93 
Billingsley, Henry, Kt.l603, II. 112 
Billington, William, Kt.l697, II. 270 
Bilsby, William, Kt.l604, II. 130 
Bilson, Thomas, Kt.l613, II. 153 
BiNDLOss, Bendi.oes, Benloss 

Bindloss (Benloss), Francis, Kt.l624, 

II. 185 ■ 
Bindlosse (Bendloes), Robert, Kt.l617, 
II. 165 ■ 
BiNGHAi\r, Btngham 

Byngham, George, Kt.l588, II. 86 
Bingham, George, earl of Lucan, K.P. 

1898, I. 106 
Bingham, George C, earl of Lucan, 
K.C.B.1855, 1.240; G.C.B.1869, I. 
Bingham, George R., K.C.B.1815, I. 

Byngham, John, Kt.l471, II. 15 
Bingham, John, Kt.l605, II. 138 
Bingham, l^ichar.l, K.B.(1465), 1.134 
Bingliam, Richard, Kt.l584, 11.83 
Bingley, John, Kt.l618, II. 167 
Bingley, Ralph, Kt.l603, II. 127 
Bingley, Richard, Kt.l611, II. 151 
Binnic, Alexander R., Kt.l897, II. 400 
Binnion, George, Kt.l642, II. 213 
BiNNs, Bynne, Btndb 

Binns, Henry, K.C.M.G.1898, I. 385 
Bynne (Bynde), John, Kt.l603, II. 124 

Biondi (Byondy), Francis, Kt.l622, II, 

Birch, Arthur N., K.C.M.G.1886, I. 369 
Birch, Richard J. H., K.C.B.1860, I. 281 
Birch, Thomas, Kt.l745, II. 287 
Bird, Btrd 

Bird, George C, K.C.I.E.1898, I. 410 
Bird (Byrd), Thomas, Kt.l661, II. 235 
Bird, William, Kt.l617, II. 161 
Birdwood, George C. M., Kt.l881, II. 

373; K.C.I.E.1887, 1.400 
Birkenhead, John, Kt.l662, II. 237 
Birkenshaw. See Burchinshaw 
Birmingham, Bermingiiam 

Bermingham, Gilbert de, Kt.(1330), 

preface to Irish Kts., II. lix. 
Birmingham, Henry de, K.B.1306, I. 

Birmingham, John, Kt.(1317), I. lix. 
Birmingham, Walter, Kt.(1330), I. lix. 
Birmingham, William, Kt.l541, II. 53 
Birmingham, William, K.B.(1483), I. 

Birmingham, William de, K.B.1306, 
I. 113 
Birnie, Richard, Kt.l821, II. 323 
Biron. See Byron 
Birt, William, Kt.l897, II. 399 
Bishop, Bishoppe 

Bishop, Edward, Kt..l625, II. 190 
Bishop, Henry R., Kt.l842, II. 344 
Bishop, Peter, K.H.1837, I. 477 
Bishop, Richard, Kt.l661, II. 235 
Bishop, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 104 
Bishop, Thomas, Kt.l641, 11.210 
Bishoppe, William, Kt.l625, II. 189 
Bishop, William, Kt.l678, II. 253 
Bishop, William, Kt.l778, II. 296 
Bisset, John, K.C.H.1832, 1.459; Kt. 

1832, 11.333; K.C.B.1850, 1.239 
Bisset, John J., K.C.M.G.1877, 1.359 
Bisset, William S. S., K.C.I.E.1897, 1. 409 
Bittleston, Adam, Kt.l858, II. 353 
Bitton, Robert, Kt.l603, II. 104 
Blachford, lord. Sec Rogers 
Black, Samuel, Kt.l892, 11.390 
Black. See Blake 
Blackburn, Colin, Kt.l860, 11.354 
Blackburne, William, Kt.18.38, 11.340 



Blackhall, Thomas, Kt.l762, II. 291 
Blackman, Henry, Kt.l782, II. 296 
Blackmore, Richard, Kt.l697, II. 270 

Blackstone, Blackiston, Blackston, 
Blakistone, Blakeston 
Blakistone, Mathew, Kt.l759, II. 289 
Blackstone, Ralph, Kt.l630, II. 197 
Blakiston, Thomas, Kt.l615, II. 156 
Blackston, William, Kt.l603, II. 120 
Blakiston, William, Kt.l617, II. 162 
Blakeston (Blackston), William, Kt. 

1643, II. 215 
Blackstone, William, Kt.l770, II. 293 
Blackwell, Lambert, Kt.l697, II. 270 
Blackwell, Thomas, Kt.l642, II. 215 
Blackwood. See Hamilton -Temple-Black- 

Blackwood, Henry, K.C.B.1819, 1.229; 

G.C.H.1832, 1.452 
Blackwood, Stevenson A., K.C.B.1887, 

Bladwell, Thomas, Kt.l661, II. 235 
Blagden, Charles, Kt.l792, II. 301 
Blage, George, Kt.l547, II. 62 

Blagravb, Brograve, Blaugravb 
Brograve, John, Kt.l603, II. 104 
Blagrave (Blaugrave), John, Kt,1615, 
II. 155 
Blaikie, Thomas, Kt.l856, II. 351 
Blaine, Charles F., Kt.l889, II. 386 
Blaine, Robert S., Kt.l890, II. 387 
Blain, William A., Kt.l897, II. 399 
Blair, Alexander, Kt.l651, II. 222 
Blair, Robert, K.C.B.1815, I. 227 
Blair, William, Kt.l633, II. Ixiii. 
Blair, Tho, Kt.l633, II. Ixii. 
Blair, Bryce, Kt.l633, II. Ixiii. 
Blake, Ernest E., K.C.M.G.1901, I. 391 
Blake, Francis, Kt.l689, II. 265 
Blake, Henry A., K.C.M.G.1888, I. 373 ; 

G.C.M.G.1897, I. 345 
Blake, Richard, Kt.l624, II. 186 
Blake, Richard, Kt.l675, II. 250 
Blake, Valentine, Kt.l622, II. 180 
Blake, Valentine, Kt.l629, II. 196 
Blake, Walter, Kt.l648, II. 221 
Blake, William, Kt.l627, II. 193 

Blakeney, Edward, K.C.B.1815, 1.223; 
G.C.H.1836, 1.453; G.C.B.1849, I. 

Blakeney, William, lord Blakeney, K.B. 
1756, I. 170 

Blaker, John G., Kt.l897, II. 401 

Blakistone. See Blackstone 

Blanc, Blanke 

Blanc, Henry J., K.C.V.O.(1901), I. 434 
Blanc, Simon le, Kt.l798, II. 304 
Blanke, Thomas, Kt.l583, 11.81 

Blanchvile, Edmund, Kt.l623, II. 183 

Bland, Thomas, Kt.l604, II. 132 

Bland, Tliomas, Kt.l616, II. 157 

Blaney, Blant, Blayney 

Blany, Arthur, Kt.l643, II. 216 
Blayney, Edward, Kt.l603, II. 110 
Blaney, Henry, Kt.l626, II. 190 

Blantyre, lord. See Stewart 

Blaquiere, John, lord de Blaquiere, K.B. 
1774, I. 172 

Blencow, Blincow, Blynkhowe 

Blencow (Blynkhowe), Henry, Kt.l617, 

II. 164 
Blincow, John, Kt.l697, II. 270 

Blenerhasset, Blennerhasset 

Blenerhasset, Edward (Thomas), Kt. 

1603, II. 123 
Blenerhasset, John, Kt.l609, II. 149 
Blenerhassett, Leonard, Kt.l636, II. 

Blennerhasset, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 
Blewett. See Bluet 
Blicke, Charles, Kt.l803, II. 306 
Bligh, John D., K.C.B.1856, I. 280 
Bligh, Richard R., G.C.B.1820, L 184 
Bliss, Henry W., K.C.I.E.1897, I. 409 
Blizard (Blizzard), William, Kt.l803, IL 

Blodwell, John, Kt.l671, II. 246 
Blois (Bloys), William, Kt. 1661, II. 235 
Blomer, Henry, Kt.l603, II. 117 
Blomfield, Arthur W., Kt.l889, II. 385 
Bloomfield, Benjamin, lord Bloomfield, 
K.C.H.1815, L454; Kt.l815, IL 
316; G.C.H.1819, L449; G.C.B. 
1822, L 206 



Bloomfield, John, K.C.B.1867, I. 251 ; 

G.C.B.1873, I. 196 
Bloomfield, John A. D., lord Bloomfield, 

K.C.B.1851, 1.278; G.C.B.1858, I. 

Blomfield, Richard M., K.C.M.G.1904, 

Blood, Bindon, K.C.B.1896, I. 266 
Bloodworth. See Bludworth 
Blosset, Robert H., Kt.l822, II. 323 
Blouket (Bloucat, Plouket), Nicholas, 

K.B.(U26), I. 132 

Blount, Blunt, Blountb 

Blount, Charles, Kt.l587, II. 86 
Blount, Charles, Kt.l596, II. 92 
Blount, Charles, earl of Devonshire, 

E.G. 1597, I. 29 
Blunt, Charles, Kt.l618, II. 169 
Blount, Christopher, Kt.l588, 11.87 
Blunt, Edward, Kt.l599, II. 97 
Blount, Edward le, K.B.1329, I. 125 
Blount, Edward, Kt.l497, II. 29 
Blount, Edward C, K.C.B.1888, I. 291 
Blount, George, Kt.l544, II. 55 
Blount, George, Kt.l604, II. 129 
Blunt, Henry, Kt.l640, 11.207 
Blount, Humphrey, Kt.l471, II. 15 
Blount, James, Kt.l485, II. 22 
Blount, James, Kt.l487, I. 24 
Blount, James, lord Mountjoy, K.B. 

1553, I. 152 
Blunt, James, Kt.l619, II. 171 
Blount, John le, K.B.1306, I. 114 
Blount, John, lord Mountjoy, K.B. 

1478, I. 137 
Blount, John, K.G.1417, I. 9 
Blunt, John E., Kt.l902, 11.412 
Blount, Michael, Kt.l591, II. 88 
Blunt, Nicholas, Kt.l604, II. 131 
Blount, Richard, Kt.l549, 11.65 
Blount, Richard, Kt.l603, II. 108 
Blunt, St. John, K.B.1626, I. 162 
Blount, Thomas, Kt.l347, II. 6 
Blount, Thomas, Kt.l487, II. 25 
Blount, Thomas, Kt.l513, I. 36 
Blunt, Thomas P., Kt.l603, II. 104 
Blount, Walter, K.B.(1461), I. 133 


Blount, Walter, lord Mountjoy, K.G. 

1472, I. 15 
Blunt, William, Kt.l347, II. 6 
Blount, William, lord Mountjoy, K.B. 

1509, I. 148; K.G.1526, 1.21 
Blount, William, Kt.l545, II. 57 
Bloxham (Bloxam), Matthew, Kt.l800, 

II. 305 
Bloyon, Ralph de, K.B.1327, I. 124 
Blucher, prince Albert L. L., G.C.B.1815, 

Bludder. See Bludworth 

Bludworth, Bloodworth, Bludder 
Bludder, Thomas, Kt.l604, II. 134 
Bludder, Thomas, Kt.l618, II. 168 
Bludworth (Bloodworth or Bludder), 

Thomas, Kt.l660, II. 226 
Bloodworth, Thomas, Kt.l682, II. 257 

Bluett, Blewett 

Bluett, Buckland S., K.H.1836, I. 475 
Blewett, Roger, Kt.l547, II. 60 
Blewet, Samuel, Kt.l696, II. 270 
Blum, Pasha, K.C.M.G.1890, I. 376 
Blundell, Arthur, Kt.l624, II. 183 
Blundell, Francis, Kt.l618, 11.167 
Blundell, George, Kt.l617, II. 161 
Blundell, George, Kt.l661, II. 234 
Blunt. See Blount 
Blyth, Arthur, K.C.M.G.1877, I. 359 
Boag, Robert, Kt.l877, II. 368 
Boak, Robert, Kt.l902, 11.410 
Boalor, Jo, Kt.l347, II. 7. 
Boarde. See Bood 
Bobbin, Vencatesveta of, K.C.I.E.1895, 

Bock und Polach, Frederick W. C. von, 

G.C.V.O.1904, I. 430 
Bocland, Thomas, Kt.l377, II. 10 
Boden, Monier W., K.C.I.E.1887, I. 399 

Bodenham, Bodenden, Bodendine, 

Bodenden, Bodendine, or Bodenham, 

Francis, Kt.l616, II. 159 
Bodryngham, Henry, K.B.(1475), I. 

Bodenham, Roger, K.B. 1603, I. i:)6 




Bodenham (Bodringliam), William, 

Kt.l608, II. 146 
Bodenham, Wingfield, Kt.l642, II. 
Bodkin, William H., Kt.l867, II. 359 
Bodley, John, Kt.l617, II. 165 
Bodlej, Josias, Kt.l604, II. 131 
Bodley, Thomas, Kt.1604, 11.131 
Bodringham. See Bodenham 
Bogg, James, Kt.l609, II. 147 
Bogle, Archibald, Kt.l853, II. 350 
Bogue, John, K.H.1837, I. 477 
Bohun, Humfrey de, K.B.1306, I. 115 
Bohun, Humphrey de, earl of Hereford, 

K.G.1364, I. 3 
Bohun, John de, earl of Hereford, K.B. 

1327, I. 124 
Bohun, William de, earl of Northamp- 
ton, K.G.1349, I. 2 


Boulde, Henry, Kt.l487, II. 25 
Bolde, Richard, Kt.l482, II. 19 
Boldock. See Baldock 
BoLETN, BoLAYNE, and see Bullen 
Bolayne, Thomas, K.B.(1483), I. 141 
Boleyn, Thomas, K.B.1509, I. 148 
Boleyn, Thomas, earl of Wiltshire, 
K.G.1523, I. 21 
Bolingbroke, earl of. See St. John 
Bolingbroke, Jo de, Kt.l336, II. 5 
Bolland, William, Kt.l830, II. 328 
Bolle, Bolles. See Bowie, Bowles 
Bollonus, Domynike, Kt.l548, II. 63 
Bolney, William, K.B.(1483), II. 139 
Bologna, Brankaleo de, K.B.1306, I. 122 
Bologna, count, Nicola S., K.C.M.G. 

1868, 1.354 
Bolt, Edmond, Kt.l603, II. 109 
Bolton, duke of. See Powlett 
Bolton, Edward, Kt.l636, II. 204 
Bolton, Francis J., Kt.l883, II. 376 
Bolton, George, Kt.l799, 11.304 
Bolton, Richard, Kt.l618, II. 169 
Bolton, Robert, K.C.H.1816, 1.454; 
Kt.l817, 11.318; G.C.H.1834, 1. 452 
Bolton, William, Kt.l663, II. 238 
Bolton, William (Robert), Kt.l803, II. 

Bonavita, Ignatius G., K.C.M.G.1836, I. 

352; G.C.M.G.1856, 1.335 
Bond, Edward A., K.C.B.1898, I. 296 
Bond, George, Kt.l587, II. 85 
Bond, Robert, K.C.M.G.1901, I. 391 
Bond, William, Kt.l603, II. 122 
Bonfoy, Thomas, Kt.l665, II. 240 
Bonham, Samuel G., K.C.B.1850, I. 278 
Bonham, Walter, Kt.l547, II. 62 
Bonnici, Claudio V., K.C.M.G.1835, I. 

Bonnycastle, Richard H., Kt.l840, II. 

Bonsall, Thomas, Kt.l795, II. 303 
Bonser, John W., Kt.l894, II. 392 
Bontein, James, Kt.l798, II. 304 
Bonville, William, lord Bonville, K.G. 

1461, I. 13 
Bonython, John L., Kt.l898, II. 403 
Bood (Boarde), Stephen, Kt.l603, II. 117 
Booker, William L., Kt.l894, II. 393 
Boomer, Bartram, Kt.l603, II. 108 
Booth, Boothe, Bowthe, Bothe, Bouthb 
Booth, Charles, Kt.l784, II. 298 
Booth, George, Kt.l599, 11.98 
Booth, Henry, K.H.1835, I. 472 
BoT\i;he, John, Kt.l482, II. 19 
Boothe, John, Kt.l685, II. 260 
Bothe, Philip, K.B.1501, I. 147 
Booth, Robert, Kt.l668, II. 243 
Booth, William, Kt.l347, II. 8 
Bowthe, William, Kt.l497, II. 32 
Bouthe, William, Kt.l577, II. 78 
Booth, William, Kt.l682, II. 258 
Booth-Wilbraham, Edward, earl of 

Lathom, G.C.B.1892, I. 213 
Bootle, Thomas, Kt.l745, II. 287 
Borden, Frederick W., K.C.M.G. 1902, I. 

Borgo, count Carlo A. P. de, K.C.B.1819, 

Borlace. See Burlacy 
Borough. See Burrow, see Abarow 
Borthwick, Algernon, Kt.l880, II. 371 
Borton, Arthur, K.C.B.1877, 1.255; 
G.C.M.G.1880, 1.339; G.C.B.1884, 
Borwick, Robert H., Kt.l902, II. 413 
Bosanquet, John B., Kt.l830, II. 328 



Bosoun, Peter de, K.B.I 306, I. 117 
Bosquet, Pierre F. J., G.C.B.1856, I. 192 
Bossett, Cliarles P. de, K.H.1818, I. 463 
Bossum, Richard, Kt.l513, II. 42 
Boston. See Beeston 


Boswell, — , Kt.l625, II. 187 
Bosvile, Henry, Kt.l618, II. 168 
Bosvile, Henry, Kt.l664, 11.239 
Boswell, John, of Balmowrow, Kt. 

1594, II. 91 
Boswell, John, of Glasemont, Kt.l594, 

Bosvile, Leonard, Kt.l621, II. 176 
Boswell, Rafe, Kt.l603, II. 115 
Boswell, Thomas, Kt.l642, II. 213 
Boswell, William, Kt.l633, II. 201 
Boswell, William, Kt.l634, 11.202 
Bosworth, John, Kt.l745, II. 287 
Boteler. See Butler 
Botetourt, Oto, K.B.1327, I. 124 
Botetourte, Ralph de, K.B.1306, I. 114 
Botetourte, William de, K.B.1303, I. 110 
Bothe. See Booth 

Bouat, Marie J. G., K.C.B.1856, I. 242 
Boucaut, James P., K.C.M.G.1898, I. 384 
Bouch, Thomas, Kt.l879, II. 371 
Bouchier. See Bourchier 
Bouet-Willaumez, Louis E., comte, 

K.C.B.1857, I. 244 
Boughton, Edward, Kt.l527, II. 46 
Boule, Henry, Kt.l603, II. 126 
Boulmer. See Buhner 

Bourchier, Bouchier, Bourgchier, 

Bowser, Bowcer, Boursier 
Bouchier, Barrington, Kt.l676, II. 

Bourchier, Barrington, Kt.l697, II. 

Boursier, Betremieu, Kt.l380, II. 10 
Bourchier, Edward, earl of Bath, K.B. 

1610, I. 157 
Bourchier, George, Kt.l579, 1.80 
Bourchier, George, K.C.B.1872, I. 253 
Bourchier, Henry, Kt.l621, II. 178 
Bourchier, Henry, K.B.(1426), I. 131 
Bourchier, Henry, earl of Essex, K.G. 

1450, I. 13 


Bourchier, Henry, earl of Essex, K.B. 

1478, I. 137; k.G.1496, I. 19 
Bourchier, Humphry, K.B.(1461), I. 

Bourchier, John, lord Bourchier, K.G. 

1392, I. 6 
Bourchier, John, lord Berners, K.G. 

1459, I. 13 
Bourchier, John, lord Berners, K.B. 

1478, I. 137 
Bourchier, John, lord FitzWarin, K.B. 

(1494), I. 144 
Bourchier, John, lord FitzWarine, Kt. 

1549, IL 64 
Bouchier (Bowcer), John, Kt.l609, IL 

Bourchier, John, Kt.l611, IL 150 
Bourchier, John, Kt.l619, II. 175 
Bourchier, lord. See Robessart, see 

Burghchier (Bowser), Rauf, Kt.l584, 


Bouchier, Thomas, K.B.1478, I. 138 

Bourchier, Thomas, K.C.B.1842, L 237 

Bouchier, William, Kt.l603, II. 122 

Bourdieu, Arthur de, K.H.1836, I. 474 

Bourdillon, James A., K.C.S.L1904, L 

Bourgeois, Peter F., Kt.l791, II. foot- 
note 301 
Bourinot, John G., K.C.M.G.1898, I. 384 
BouRKE, Burke, Burgh, Burghowbr 
Bourke, Dermot R. W., earl of Mayo, 

K.P.1904, L 106 
Burgh, Henry de, earl Clanrickarde, 

K.P.1783, I. 96 
Bourke, alias McDavie, Hubert, Kt. 

1585, IL 83 
Bourke, John MacO., Kt.l576, IL 77 
Bourke, John, baron of Leitrim, Kt. 

1583, 11.81, 82 
Burgh, John, Kt.l616, II. 159 
Burgh (Burghower, Burrowoa), John, 

Kt.l623, IL 181 
Burke, John, Kt.l650, IL 221 
Bourke, John, earl of Mayo, G.C.H. 

1819, 1.449 
Burke, John B., Kt.l854, IL 350 




Bourke, McWilliam, KtJ581, 11.81 
Bourke, Richard MacO., Kt.l583, II. 

Bourke, Richard, lord Bourke, Kt. 

1596, 11. 92 
Bourke, Richard, earl of Clanricarde, 

Kt.1601, 11.99 
Bourke, Richard, K.C.B.18.35, I. 233 
Bourke, Richard, earl of Mayo, K.P. 

1869, 1.103; G.C.S.I.1869, 1.309; 

Grand Master Star of India, I. 305 
Bourke, Robert, lord Connemara, 

G.C.I.E.1887, I. 401 
Bourke, alias ne Long, Theobald, Kt. 

1603, 11. 100 
Burgh, Thomas, Kt.l513, II. 38 
Burgh, Thomas, Kt.l519, II. 43 
Burgh, Thomas, lord Burgh, K.G. 

1483, I. 17 
Burgh, Thomas, lord Burgh, K.G. 

159.3, I. 28 
Bourke (Burgh), Thomas, Kt.l599, II. 

Burke, Thomas, Kt.l612, II. 152 
Bourke, Toby, baron Bourke, Kt.l705, 

Jacobite, footnote II. 266 
Bourke IJlick, Kt.l541, II. 52 
Bourke, Ulick, 2nd earl of St. Albans, 

Kt.l638, 11. 205; K.B.1638, I. 163 
Burgh, Ulick J. de, marquess of 

Clanricarde, K.P.1831, I. 100 
Burgh, Ulysses, lord Downes, K.C.B. 

1815, 1.225; G.C.B.1860, I. 193 
Burgh, William, K.B.1385, I. 126 
Burgh, William, lord Burgh, Kt.l553, 

Bourke, William, Kt.l567, II. 73 
Burke, William, Kt.l612, II. 152 
Bourne, Boorne, and see Burne 

Bourne, Christopher de, Kt.l347, II.8 
Boorne, John, Kt.l553, II. 66 
Bourne, Roger de, K.B.1326, I. 123 
Boursier. See Bourchier 
Boustred (Bowlstrad), William, Kt.l599, 

Bouverie (Desbouvrie), Christopher, Kt. 

1713, 11.278 
Bouverie, Edward Des, Kt.l685, II. 261 

Bouverie, Henry F., K.C.B.1815, I. 224; 
G.C.M.G.1836, 1.333; G.C.B.1852, 
I. 190 
Bovell, Henry A., Kt.l902, II. 413 
Bovill, Elliot C, Kt.l884, II. 376 
Bovill, William, Kt.l866, II. 358 
Bowater, Edward, K.C.H.1837, I. 462 
Bowden-Smith, Nathaniel, K.C.B. 1897, 

I. 269 
Bowell, Mackenzie, K.C.M.G.1895, I. 380 
Bowen, Charles S. C, Kt.l879, II. 370 
Bowen, George F., K.C.M.G.1856, I. 353; 

G.C.M.G.1860, I. 335 
Bowen, John, Kt.l629, II. 196 
Bower, Bowyer, and see Bowes, Boyer 
Bowyer, Edmond, Kt.l603, II. 107 
Bowyer, Edmund, Kt.l633, II. 201, 

Bower, Graham J., K.C.M.G.1892, I. 

Bowyer, Henry, Kt.l603, II. 118 
Bowyer, Henry, Kt.l609, II. 149 
Bowyer, John, Kt.l604, II. 132 
Bowyer, John, Kt.l607, II. 142 
Bowyer, Rauf, Kt.l482, II. 20 
Bowyer, William, Kt.l603, 11. 107 
Bowyer, William, Kt.l617, 11. 165 
Bowes,' Edward, Kt.l596, II. 93 
Bowes, George, Kt.l544, II. 54 
Bowes, Goorge, Kt.l560, II. 70 
Bowes, George, Kt.l617, II. 164 
Bowes, Jerome, Kt.l570, II. 74 
Bowes, Martin, Kt.l538, II. 51 
Bowes (Bowyer), Rauf, Kt. or Banneret, 

1482, II. 20 
Bowes, Rauf, Kt.l513, II. 37 
Bowes, Robert, Kt.l538, II. 51 
Bowes, Talbot, Kt.l6l7, 11.162 
Bowes, Thomas, Kt.l630, II. 198 
Bowes, William, Kt.l586, II. 84 
Bowes, William, Kt.l684, II. 259 

Bowles, Bowle, Bolles, Bailles 
Bowles (Bolles), Charles, Kt.l616, II. 

Bowles (Bolles), George, Kt.l618, II. 

Bowles, George, K.C.B.1851, 1.239; 

G.C.B.1873, I. 196 




Bowlles (Bailies, Bolles), John, Kt. 

1596, II. 93 
Bowie, Paul, Kt.l622, II. 179 
Bowles, Thomas, Kt.l482, II. 18 
Bowles (Bolles), Thomas, Kt.l607, II. 

Bowles, William, K.C.B.1862, I. 248 

Bowmer. See Bulmer 

Bowring, Charles C, Kt.l900, II. 408 

Bowring, John, Kt.l854, 11. 350 

Bowser, Rauf, Kt.l584, II. 82 

Bowser, Robert, Kt.l347, II. 8 

Bowser, Thomas, K.C.B.1827, I. 230 

Bowser. See Bourchier 

Bowthe. See Booth 

Bowyer. See Bower 

Box, Ralph, Kt.l689, II. 265 

Boxall, Charles G., K.C.B.1902, I. 299 

Boxall, William, Kt.l871, II. 363 

Boxer, Edward, K.C.B.185o, I. footnote 

Boxstead, Peter de, K.B.1324, I. 123 
Boy, Randal McD., Kt.l602, 11. 100 
Boyce, John, Kt.l727, II. 284 
Boyd, Andrew, Kt.l620, II. 175 
Boyd, John, Kt.l891, II. 389 
Boyd, John A., Kt.l899, 11.405; 

K.C.M.G.1901, I. 391 
Boyd, Robert, K.B.I 785, I. 173 
Boyd, Thomas J., Kt.l881, II. 373 
Boyd, William, Kt.l787, II. 300 
Boyer, Turtliff, K.H.1837, I. 476 
Boyer. See Bowver 
Boyland, John de, K.B.1306, I. 116 
Boylden (Baldwine, Balden, Bayldon), 

Francis, Kt.l603, II. 116 
Boyle, Cavendish, K.C.M.G.1897, I. 382 
Boyle, Charles, earl of Orrery, K.T.1705, 

Boyle, Courtenay, K.C.H.1832, 1.459; 

Kt.l832, II. 333 
Boyle, Courtenay, K.C.B.1892, I. 292 
Boyle, David, earl of Glasgow, G.C.M.G. 

1892, I. 343 
Boyle, Edmund, earl of Cork, K.P.1835, 

I. 100 
Boyle, Goorge, Kt.l624, II. 186 

Boyle, George, 4th earl of Glasgow, 

G.C.H.1830, I. 450 
Boyle, Henry, earl of Shannon, K.P. 

1808, I. 98 
Boyle, Lewis, viscount Kinalmeakie, Kt. 

1628, II. 194 
Boyle, Richard, Kt.l603, II. 127 
Boyle, Richard, viscount of Dungarvan, 

Kt.l624, II. 186 
Boyle, Richard, earl of Burlington, K.G. 

1730, I. 43 
Boyle, Richard, earl of Shannon, K.P. 

1783, I. 96 
Boyle, Richard E. St. L., earl of Cork 

and earl of Orrery, K.P.1860, I. 102 
Boyle, Roger, lord Bfcyle, Kt.l628, II. 194 
Boynton. See Baynton 
Boynton, Francis, Kt.l603, II. 101 
Boynton, Henry, Kt.l497, II. 31 
Boynton, John, Kt.l678, II. 253 
Boynton, Matthew, Kt.l618, II. 168 
Boynton, Thomas, Kt.l578, II. 78 
Boys, Edward, Kt.l604, II. 132 
Boys, John (Edward), Kt.l604, II. 130 
Boys, John, Kt.l644, II. 218 
Boys, William, Kt.l717, II. 281 
Boyville, John de, K.B.1306, I. 118 
Bovville, Thomas de, K.B.1306, I. 115 
Brabant, Edward Y., K.C.B.1900, I. 273 
Brabazon, Anthony, Kt.l626, II. 190 
Brabazon, Edward, Kt.l595, II. 91 
Brabazon, Edward, Kt.l626, II. 190 
Brabazon, John C, earl of Meath, K.P. 

1821, 1.99 
Brabazon, William, K.B.1306, I. 115 
Brabazon, William, Kt.l546, II. 58 
Brabazon, William, Kt.l603, II. 129 
Brace, Edward, K.C.B.1834, I. 233 
Bracken (Bracking), John, Kt.l629, II. 

Brackenbury, Edward, Kt.l836, II. 338 
Brackenbury, Henry, K.C.B.1894, I. 265 ; 

K.C.S.I.1896, 1.325; G.C.B.1900, I. 

Brakenbury, John M., Kt.l845, 11.346 
Brackenbury, M., K.H.I 836, I. 475 
Brackenbury, Robert, Kt.l485, II. 22 
Brackley, lord. See Egcrton, J. 
Bradburne. See Braidburie 



Braddon, Edward N. C, K.C.M.G.1891, 

Bradeston, Thomas de, K.B.1330, I. 125 
Bradford, Edward R. C, K.C.S.I.1885, 

1.323; K.C.B.1890, 1.291; G.C.B. 

1897, 1.215; G.C.V.0.1902, 1.420 
Bradford, Henry H., K.C.B.1815, I. 224 
Bradford, John F., K.C.B.1871, I. 252 
Bradford, Thomas, K.C.B.1815, I. 221 ; 

G.C.H.1831, 1.451; G.C.B.1838, I. 

Bradshaw, Bradshaigh 

Bradshaw, Cornwall, Kt.l682, II. 258 
Bradshaw, George P., K.H.1837, 1.476 
Bradshaw, James, Kt.l673, II. 248 
Bradshaigh, Roger, Kt.l660, 11.228 
Bradshaw, Roger, Kt.l679, II. 253 
Brady, Antonio, Kt.l870, II. 362 
Brady, Francis, Kt.l860, II. 354 
Brady, Nicholas W., Kt.l821, II. 323 
Brady, Thomas F., Kt.l886, II. 380 
Braham (Bream, Breym), Richard, Kt. 

164.5, II. 219 
Brahams, Arnold, Kt.l660, II. 226 
Braiboef, Hugh, K.B.1306, I. 114 
Braidbiirie (Bradbourne), Humfry 

(Thomas), Kt.l544, II. 56 
Braila, Pietro A., K.C.M.G.1855, I. 353; 

G.C.M.G.1864, I. 335 
Braithwaitb, Brathwaite, Brattii- 


Braithwaite, Strafford, Kt.l672, II. 

Braythwaite, Thomas, Kt.l616, IT. 
Brakenbury. See Brackenbury 
Brampton, — , Kt.l500, II. 32 
Bramston, Brampston 

Bramston, Francis, Kt.l678, II. 253 
Brampston, John, K.B.1661, I. 166 
Bramston, John, Kt.l634, II. 203 
Bramston, John, K.C.M.G.1897, 1. 381 ; 

G.C.M.G.1900, I. 346 
Bramston (Brampston), Mundeford, 
Kt.l661, 11.234 
Bramwell, Frederick J., Kt.l881, II. 372 
Bramwell, George W. W., Kt.l856, II. 351 
Branch, Alexander B., K.H.I 836, I. 475 
Branche, John, Kt.l581, 11.81 

Brancker (Branker), Thomas, Kt.l831, 

II. 330 
Brand, Brent 

Brand, Christoffel J., Kt.l860, 11.355 
Brand, Henrv B. W., viscount Hamp- 
den, G.C.B.1881, 1.211 
Brand, Henry R., viscount Hampden, 

G.C.M.G.1899, 1.346 
Brand (Brent), John, Kt.l553, II. 66 
Brand, John, Kt.l617, II. 163 
Brand, John H., G.C.M.G.1882, 1.339 
Brand, Joseph, Kt.l679, II. 253 
Brand, Mathew, Kt.l622, II. 178 
Brent, Nathaniel, Kt.l629, II. 196 
Brente, Robert, K.B.1327, I. 124 
Brand, Thomas, Kt.l718, II. 281 
Brent, Timothy, K.H.1828, I. 465 
Brandenburg, Frederick W., Margrave 

of, K.G.1654, I. 35 
Brandenburg-Anspach, Charles W. F., 

margrave of, K.G.1749, 1.44 
Brandis, Dietrich, K.C.I.E.1887, I. 399 
Brandltn, Branlyn, Brandling 

Brandlyn (Brandling), Francis, Kt. 

1617, II. 164 
Branlyn, Robert, Kt.l547, II. 62 
Brandon, Charles, Kt.l512, II. 35 
Brandon, Charles, duke of Suffolk, K.G. 

1513, 1.20 
Brandon, Charles, Kt.l545, II. 56 
Brandon, Charles, duke of Suffolk, 

K.B.1547, I. 150 
Brandon, Henry, duke of Suffolk, K.B. 

1547, I. 150 
Brandon, Robert, Kt.l487, II. 25 
Brandon, Robert, Kt.l513, 1.36 
Brandon, Thomas, Kt.l497, II. 29 
Brandon, Thomas, K.G.1507, I. 19 
Brandon, William, Kt.l471, II. IE 
Brandon, William, Kt.l485, II. 22 
Brandreth, Thomas, K.C.B.1887, I. 261 
Branham. See Barnham 
Branscomb, James, Kt.l807, II. 308 
Brase. See Brewse 
Brassey, Tliomas, lord Brassev, K.C.B. 

1881, 1.287 
Brathwaite. See Braithwaite 
Brattle, John, Kt.l682, II. 257 
Brawn. See Brown 



Bray, Charles (Giles), Kt.l607, II. 144 

Bray, Edmond, Kt.l513, II. 41 

Brav, Edmund (Edward), Kt.l646, II. 

Bray, Edward, Kt.l560, 11.71 
Bray, John, lord Bray, Kt.l544, II. 56 
Bray, John C, K.C.M.G.1890, I. 375 
Bray, Reginald, K.B.(1485), 1.142; 

Kt.l497, 11.28; K.G.1501, 1.19 
Bray, Reginald M., Kt.l904, II. 419 
Braye, Richard, Kt.l553, II. 68 
Braythwaite. See Braithwaite 
Brazier (afterwards Arundel), John, Kt. 

1800, 11. 305 
Brazil, Pedro II. of, K.G.1871, I. 65 
Breadalbane, earl and marquess of. 

See Campbell 
Bream. See Braham 
Bredon, Robert E., K.C.M.G.1904, I. 395 
Breedon, Robert, Kt.l714, 11.279 
Bremer, James J. G., K.C.H.1836, I. 
461; Kt.l836, 11.337; K.C.B.1841, 
Brenchesley, William, K.B.I 400, I. 128 
Brent. See Brand 
Brenton, Jahleel, K.C.B.1815, 1.222; 

Kt.l822, 11.323 
Breousa, Brehus, Breus, Bruse, Brase, 
Bruce, Brewse 
Breousa, Giles de, K.B.1306, I. 112 
Bruse (Brewse), John, Kt.l553, II. 68 
Brewse ("Bruse, Brase), John, Kt.l618, 

II. 170 
Brewese, Peter de, Kt.l346, II. 6 
Breousa, Richard de, K.B.1306, I. 116 
Breus, Robert de, K.B.I 327, I. 124 
Brewce, or Bruce, Thomas, K.B. 
(1465), I. 134 
Brereton, Breei{ton, Bruerton, 
Brcerton, — , Kt.l492, II. 28 
Bruerton, Andrew, Kt.l497, II. 31 
Brereton, Andrew (Randolph), Kt. 

1533, 11.49 
Brecrton, George (Roger), Kt.l544, 

Bruerton (Brereton), John, Kt.l497, 

II. 30 
Brereton, John, Kt.l624, II. 184 


Bruerton, Randolph, Kt.l497, 11.31 
Brereton, Randolf, Kt.l513, I. 36 
Breerton, Rauf, Kt.l577, II. 78 
Breereton, Richard, Kt.l523, II. 43 
Brereton, Thomas, Kt.l611, 11.150 
Breerton, Evrvnge (Urvan), Kt.l544, 

II. 55 
Brereton, Uryan, Kt.l547, II. 60 
Brerton, William, Kt.l513, II. 39 
Breerton, William, Kt.l544, II. 54 
Brereton, William, Kt.l588, II. 86 
Brereton, William, K.H.1837, 1.477; 
K.C.B.1861, I. 247 
Brerewood, Robert, Kt.l643, II. 217 
Breteuil, marquis Henry C. J. de, 

K.C.V.O.1904, I. 443 
Brett, Bret 

Brett, Alexander, Kt.l603, 11.110 
Brett, Alexander, Kt.l624, II. 187 
Brett, Edward R., Kt.l644, II. 218 
Bret, Gerard de la, K.B. 13 27, I. 124 
Brett, Percy, Kt.l753, II. 288 
Brett, Reginald B., viscount Esher, 
K.C.V.O.(1901), I. 433 ; K.C.B.1902, 
Brett, Robert, Kt.l603, II. 102, 131 
Brett, Wilfred, K.C.M.G.1864, 1.354 
Brett, William B., Kt.l868, II. 359 
Bretton, Breton, Britton 

Britton, Henry, Kt.l617, II. 161 
Breton, Peter,"^K.B.1327, I. 124 
Breton, Thomas le, Kt.l825, II. 325 
Breton, Thomas le, Kt.l847, 11.347 
Bretton, William, Kt.l761, 11.290 
Brewesa. See Breousa 
Brewster, David, K.H.1831, 1.466; Kt. 

1832, 11.332 
Brewster, Francis, Kt.l670. II. 244 
Briane, Guy de, Kt.l346, II. 6 
Brice. See Bryce 
Brickwood, John, Kt.l904, 11.417 
Bridge, Cyprian A. G., K.C.B.1899, I. 

271 ; G.C.B.1903, I. 204 
Bridge, Frederick, Kt.l897, IT. 400 
Bridge, John, Kt.l890, 11.386 
Bridge. See Bridgcr 
Bridgeman, Francis, Kt.l673, II. 248 
Bridgeman, James, Kt.l646, II. 220 
Bridgeman, John, Kt.l623, II. 183 



Bridgeman, Orlando, Kt.l643, II. 216 
Bridger (Bridge), John, Kt.l761, 11.290 
Bridgewater, earl of. See Egerton 
Bridgford, Robert, K.C.B.1902, I. 299 
Bridport, viscount. See Hood 
Brierly, Oswald W., Kt.l885, II. 378 
Briggs, James, K.H.1837, 1.477 
Briggs, John F., K.H.1837, I. 479 
Briggs, John H., Kt.l870, II. 362 
Briggs, John T., Kt.l851, II. 348 
Brigg-s, Thomas, G.C.M.G.1833, I. 333 
Bright, Charles T., Kt.l858, I. 353 
Bright, Robert 0., K.C.B.1881, 1.257; 

G.C.B.1894, I. 200 
Brikenel. See Brudenel 
Brind, James, K.C.B.1869, 1.252; 

G.C.B.1884, I. 198 
Brisbane, Charles, Kt.l807, 11.308; 

K.C.B.1815, I. 222 
Brisbane, James, Kt.l816, II. 318 
Brisbane (afterwards Makdougall - 

Brisbane), Thomas, K.C.B.1815, 

1.220; G.C.H.1831, 1.451; G.C.B. 

1837, I. 187 
Briscoe. See Bristow 
Brise, Evelyn J. R., K.C.B.1902, I. 300 
Brise, Samuel B. R., K.C.B.1897, I. 296 
Bristol, earl of. See Digby 
Bristow, Briscoe, Bristowb 
Brisco, John, Kt,1683, II. 259 
Bristow, James, Kt.l787, II. 300 
Bristowe, Henry F., Kt.l887, II. 382 
Bristow, James, Kt.l787, II. 300 
Brito Capello, Guilherme, K.C.V.O.1902, 

Brito Capello, Hermengilde de, K.C.V.O. 

1903, 1.440; G.C.V.O.1904, 1.431 
Britton. See Bretton 
Broadbent, William H., K.C.V.O.(1901), 

Brocas (Brockhurst), Pecksall, Kt.l603, 

II. 107 
Brocas, Richard, Kt.l729, II. 284 
Brock, Isaac, K.B.1812, I. 178 
Brock, Saumarez, K.H.1836, I. 473 
Brockett, Brocket 

Brokett, John, Kt.l547, II. 60 
Brocket, John, Kt.l577, II. 78 
Brockett, John, Kt.l599, II. 97 

Brockhurst. See Brocas 
Brockman, William, Kt.l633, II. 200 
Brodrick, Broderick, Brodery, Bordert 
Broderick, Allen, Kt.l660, IT. 230 
Brodrick, St. John, Kt.l661, II. 233 
Broderick (Bordery, Brodery), Thomas, 

Kt.l625, II. 189 
Brodnax (Broadnix), William, Kt.l664, 

II. 240 
Brograve. See Blagrave 
Broke. See Brooke 
Bromfield, Edward, Kt.l637, II. 205 
Bromfield, Laurence, Kt.l660, II. 226 
Bromley, Edward, Kt.l604,-II. 134 
Bromley, Edward, Kt.l610, II. 149 
Bromley, George, Kt.l580, II. 80 
Bromley, Henry, Kt.l592, 11.89 
Bromley, Richard M., K.C.B.1858, I. 280 
Bromley, Thomas, Kt.l545, 11.58 
Bromley, Thomas, Kt.l579, II. 79 
Bromley, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 126 
Bromley, William, K.B.I 661, I. 165 
Brompton, Thomas de, K.B.1306, I. 119 
Bromsell (Bromsall), Thomas, Kt.l704, 

II. 274 
Broome, Frederick N., K.C.M.G.1884, 


Brooke, Brooks, Brook, Broke, 

Brooke, Arthur, K.C.B.1833, I. 232 
Brook, Basil, Kt.l603, II. 103, 132 
Brooke, Basil, Kt.l617, II. 160 
Brooke, Calistenes, Kt.l597, II. 94 
Broke, Charles, K.C.B.1815, I. 225 
Brooke, Charles J., G.C.M.G.1888, I. 

Broke, David, Kt.l553, II. 67 
Brooke, lord and earl. See Greville 
Brooke, Edward, Kt.l599, 11.98 
Brooke, George, lord Cobham, K.G. 

1549, I. 24 
Brooke, George, K.C.B.1867, I. 251 
Brooke, alias Cobham, Henry, Kt. 1575, 

Brooke, Henry, lord Cobham, Kt.l598, 

11.95; K.G.1599, I. 29 
Brooke (Brookes), Henry, Kt.l664, II. 

Brooke, James, K.C.B.1848, I. 277 




Brooke, John, 7th lord Cobham, Kt. 

1471, II. 14 
Brooks, John Cotterell, Kt.l761,n. 291 
Brook, Peter, Kt.l660, II. 2-30 
Broke, Philip B. V., K.C.B.1815, 1. 222 
Brook, Richard, Kt.l621, II. 176 
Broke, Robert, Kt. 155.5, II. 69 
Brooke, Robert, Kt.l599, II. 97 
Brooke, Robert, Kt.l609, II. 147 
Brooke, Robert, Kt.l615, II. 157 
Brooke, Robert, Kt.l660, II. 228 
Brooke, Thomas, K.B.(1483), I. 140 
Brooke, Thomas, lord Cobham, Kt. 

1513, 11.38 
Brooke, Thomas, Kt.l606, II. 139 
Brook (Brookes), Thomas, Kt.l613, II. 

Brooke, William, K.B.1626, I. 162 
Brooke, William (Edward), Kt.l591, 

Brooke, William, lord Cobham, K.G. 

1584, I. 27 
Brooke, William R., K.C.I.E.1895, I. 

Brooke-Hitching, Thomas H., Kt.l902, 
Brotherton, Thomas W., K.C.B.1855, I. 

241; G.C.B.1861, I. 193 
Broughton, Brian, Kt.l660, 11.228 
Broughton, Edward, Kt.l618, II. 167 
Broughton, lord. See Hobhouse. 
Broughton, Robert, K.B.1478, I. 138 
Broughton, Robert, Kt.l487, II. 25 
Broughton, Robert [Edward], Kt.l497, 

Broughton, Thomas, Kt.l482, II. 18 

Brounker, Brouncker, Brunkard, 

Brounker, Henry, Kt.l597, 11.94 
Brinkerd (Brunkard), William, Kt. 

1592, 11.89 
Brouncker, William, Kt.l615, II. 157 

Brown, Browne, Brawn 

Browne, Anthony, Kt.l487, II. 25 
Browne, Anthony, Kt.l523, 11.44 
Browne, Anthony, K.G.1540, I. 23 
Browne, Anthony, K.B.1547, I. 151 


Browne, Anthony, viscount Montagu, 

K.G.1555, I. 25 
Browne, Anthony, Kt.l567, II. 72 
Browne, Anthony, Kt.l624, II. 187 
Browne, Anthony, Kt. 160-3, II. 119, 129 
Browne, Benjamin C, Kt.l887, II. 381 
Brown, Charles, Kt.l818, 11.320 
Brown, Charles G., K.C.M.G.1897, I. 

Browne, Cliristopher, Kt.l566, II. 72 
Browne, Dominick, Kt.l635, II. 203 
Browne, Francis, Kt.l619, II. 173 
Browne, George, Kt.l471, II. 15 
Browne, George, Kt.l591, II. 88 
Browne, George, Kt.l660, II. 229 
Browne, George, K.B.1661, I. 165 
Browne, George, Kt.l683, II. 259 
Brown, George, K.H.1831, 1.465; 

K.C.B.1852, 1.239; G.C.B.1855, I. 

Brown, George, K.C.M.G.1879, I. 361 
Browne, George S., K.C.B.1815, I. 227 
Brown, George T., Kt.l898, II. 402 
Browne, Howe P., marquess of Sligo, 

K.P.1810, I. 98 
Brawn, Hugh, Kt.l603, II. 125 
Browne, Humfrey, Kt.l538, IT. 51 
Browne, James, k.C.S.I.1888, I. 324 
Browne, James F. M., K.C.B.1894, I. 

Browne, James. See Crichton-Brown 
Brown, John, K.B.(1483), I. 139, 141 
Browne, John, Kt.l486, II. 23 
Browne, John, Kt.l549, II. 65 
Brown, John, Kt.l603, II. 116 
Brown, John, Kt.l608, II. 145 
Browne, John, Kt.l630, II. 197 
Browne, John, Kt.l664, II. 239 
Browne, John, Kt.l814, 11.313 
Brown, John, K.C.H.1831, I. 456 
Brown, John, Kt.l867, II. 359 
Bro^NTi, John C, K.C.B.1875, I. 255 
Browne, John D., earl of Altamont, 

K.P. 1800, I. 97 
Browne, Matthew, K.B.(1489), T. 143 
Browne, Mathcw, Kt.l596, 11.93 
Brown, Nicholas, Kt.l604. 11. 129 
Brown, Peter, Kt.l644, II. 218 
Brown, Richard, Kt.l603, II. 127 




Brown (Brawn), Richard, Kt.l619, 

II. 173 
Brown, Richard, sen. and jun., Kt. 

1660, II. 227 
Brown, Robert, Kt.l603, II. 125 
Brown, Robert, Kt.l616, II. 160 
Brown, Robert, H., K.C.M.G.1902, I. 

Browne, Samuel, Kt.l660, II. 232 
Brown, Samuel, Kt.l838, IT. 340 
Browne, Samuel J., K.C.S.I.1876, I. 

320; K.C.B.1879, 1.256; G.C.B. 

1891, I. 200 
Brown Samuel W., K.H.1835, I. 472 
Browne, Thomas, Kt.l576, II. 77 
Browne, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 113 
Browne, Thomas, Kt.l607, II. 143 
Browne, Tliomas, Kt.l671, II. 246 
Brown, Thomas, K.C.B.1823, I. 229 
Browne Thomas, K.C.H.1832, 1.459; 

Kt.l832, II. 333 
Brown, Thomas, Kt.l903, II. 415 
Browne, Thomas G., K.C.M.G.1869, I. 

Browne, Tliomas H., K.H.1818, I. 463 ; 

K.C.H.1821, I. 455; Kt.l826, 11.326 
Browne, Valentyne, Kt.l570, II. 74 
Brown, Valentine, Kt.l603, II. 102,116 
Browne, Valentine A., earl of Kenmare, 

K.P.1872, I. 104 
Browne, Walter, Kt.l546, II. 58 
Browne, Weston (Wystan), Kt.l511, 

Brown, Weston, Kt.l603, II. 126 
Browne, William, Kt.l492, 11.28 
Browne, William, K.B.1603, 1.156 
Brown, William, Kt.l604, II. 129 
Brown, William, Kt. 1623, TI. 182 
Browne, William, Kt.l747, II. 288 
Brown, William, Kt.l870, II. 362 
Brown, William R., Kt.l893, IT. 392 
Brownless, Anthony C, K.C.M.G.1893, 

Brownlow, Charles, baron Lurgan, K.P. 

1864, T. 102 
Brownlow, Charles H., K.C.B.1872, I. 

253 ; G.C.B. 1887, I. 199 
Brownlow, earl. See Cust 

Brownlow, John, 1st viscount Tyrconnell, 

K.B.1725, I. 168 
Brownlow, William, Kt.l622, II. 180 
Brownlow, William, lord Lurgan, 

K.C.V.O.(1903), I. 436 
Brownrigg, Henry J., Kt.l858, II. 353 
Brownrigg, Robert, G.C.B.1815, I. 182 
Bruce, Bruse, and see Breousa 

Bruce, Alexander C, Kt.l903, II. 415 
Bruce, Alexander H., lord Balfour of 

Burghley, K.T.I 901, I. 89 
Bruce, Charles, K.C.B.1831, I. 231 
Bruce, Charles, K.C.M.G.1889, 1.374; 

G.C.M.G.1901, I. 348 
Bruce, Edward, lord Kinlosse, K.B. 

1610, I. 158 
Bruce, Frederick W. A., K.C.B.1862, 

1.282; G.C.B.1865, 1.209 
Bruce, Gainsford, Kt.l892, 11.390 
Bruce, George B., Kt.l888, II. 384 
Bruce, Henry A., lord Aberdare, 

G.C.B.1885, I. 211 
Bruce, Henry Le G., K.C.B.1897, 1. 267 
Bruce, Henry W., K.C.B.1861, I. 247 
Bruce, James, earl of Elgin, K.T.I 847, 

1.83; G.C.B.1858, 1.208; K.S.I. 

1862; 1.307; Grand Master, Star 

of India, 1.305 
Bruce, James A. T., K.C.M.G.1900, I. 

Bruce, James L. K., Kt.l842, II. 344 
Bruce, Robert, Kt.l594, II. 91 
Bruce, Robert, earl of Elgin, Kt.l638, 

I. 163 
Bruce, Thomas, earl of Elgin, Kt. 

1638, II. 205 
Bruce, Thomas C, Kt.l880, II. 371 
Bruce, Victor A., earl of Elgin, 

G.C.I.E.1894, 1.402; G.C.S.I.1894, 

1.313; Grand Master, Star of 

India, G.C.S.I., 1.305; K.G.1899, 

Bruce, William, K.H.1837, 1.477 

Brudenel, Brudenell, Brudbnall, 
Brikenell, Brtkenei.l 
Brudenell, Edmond, Kt.l565, II. 72 
Brudenell, James T., earl of Cardigan, 
K.C.B.1855, I. 240 




Brikenell, John, Kt.l485, 11.23 
Brykenell (Brudenall), Thomas, K.B. 

1547, I. 151 
Brudenell, Thomas, Kt.l612, II. 151 
Brudenell-Bruce, Charles, marquess of 

Ailesbury, K.T.1819, 1.81 
Brudenell-Bruce, George W. F., 
marquess of Ailesbury, K.G.1864, 
Brudenell-Bruce, Thomas B., earl of 
Ailesbury, K.T.1786, 1.80 
Bruen, John, Kt.l619, II. 174 
Bruerton. See Brereton 
Bruges. See Brydges 
Bruguing (Bruyeninck, Brunning), 

Albertus, Kt.l621, II. 176 
Brunlees, James, Kt.l886, II. 379 
Brunei, Isambert M., Kt.l841, II. 343 
Brunswick, William, duke of, K.G.1450, 

I. 12 
Brunswick-Bevern, Ferdinand, prince 

of, K.G.1759, 1.45 
Brunswick- Wolffenbiittel, Augustus, etc., 

duke of, K.G.1831, 1.54 
Brunswick- Wolffenbiittel, Charles W. F., 

duke of, K.G.1765, I. 46 
Brunswick-Wolffenbiittel, Christian, duke 

of, K.G.1624, I. 31 
Brunton, Thomas L., Kt.l900, II. 406 
Brusati, Ugo, G.C.V.O.1903, 1.426 
Bruse. See Breousa 
Bryan, Barnaby, Kt.l615, II. 156 
Bryan, Francis, Kt.l523, II. 44 
Bryan, Francys, Kt.l547, II. 61 
Bryan, Guy, lord Bryan, K.G.I 369, I. 4 
Bryan, Thomas, K.B.(1475), I. 136 
Bryan, Thomas, Kt.l497, II. 30 
Bryant, Jeremiah, Kt.l829, 11.328 
Bryce, Brice, Bryse 

Bryce, Alexander, Kt.l816, 11.318; 
K.H.1819, 1.463; K.C.H.1830, I. 
Brice (Bryse), Hugh, K.B.(1485), 1. 142, Bridobs, Bruges, A Bruges, 
Bruges, Charles a, Kt.l497, II. 29 
Bruges, Edmond (Edward), Kt.l547, 


Brydges, Edmund, lord Chandos, 

K.G.1572, I. 27 
Bridges (Bruges), Giles, Kt.l616, II. 

Brydges, Grey, lord Chandos, K.B. 

1605, I. 156 
Bridges (Brydges), Henry, Kt.l814, 

Brydges, Henry, duke of Chandos, 

K.B.1732, 1.168 
Bruges, John, Kt.l513, II. 40 
Bridges, John, Kt.l663, II. 239 
Brydges, John W. H., Kt.l822, 11.323 
Bridges, Matthew, Kt.l688, II. 264 
Bruges (Brugys), Richard, Kt.l553, 

Bridges, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 115 
Bridges, Thomas, Kt.l641, II. 210 
Bridges, Thomas, K.B. 1661, I. 165 
Bridges (Bergyll), Thomas (John), 

Kt.l482, II. 18 
Bridges, William, Kt.l592, II. 89 
Bridges, William, Kt.l645, II. 219 
Bryers, William, Kt.l627, II. 192 
Bryson, Alexander, K.C.B.1865, I. 283 
Buccleuch, duke of. See Scott ; see 
Montagu-Scott ; see Montagu- 
Buchan, earl of. See Erskine 
Buchan, John, Kt.l816, 11.318; K.C.B. 

1831, 1.231 
Buchanan, Andrew, K.C.B.1860, I. 281 ; 

G.C.B.1866, I. 209 
Buchanan, Ebenezer J., Kt.l901, 11.409 
Buchanan, Francis J., Kt.l776, II. 295 
Buchanan, George, Kt.l892, II. 389 
Buchanan (Buckhannon), James, Kt.l619, 

II. 173 
Biichsel, William G. C, G.C.V.O., 1904, 

Buck, Bucke 

Buck, Edward C, Kt..l886, 11.379; 

K.C.S.I., 1897, 1.326 
Buck, George, Kt.l603, 11.119 
Bucke, John, Kt.l596, 11.93 
Buck, John, Kt.l603, II. 119 
Buck, John, Kt.l617, IT. 161 
Buck, Tcter, Kt.l604, II. 134 



Buckhurst, lord. See Sackville 
Buckingham, duke of. See Stafford ; see 
Villiers ; see Sheffield ; see Teniple- 
Buckinghamshire, earl of. See Hobart 
Buckingham, marquess of. See Nugent- 

Buckingham (Bokenham), Henry, Kt. 

1603, II. 124 

Buckingham, Owen, Kt.l695, II. 268 
Buckle, Christopher, Kt.l617, II. 167 
Buckle, Christopher, Kt.l681, II. 256 
Buckle. Claude H. M., K.C.B.1875, I. 255 
Buckley, BuLKELET, Buncklt, Bulckley, 
Bulkeley, Dewey, Kt.l696, II. 269 
Buckley, Henry B., Kt.l900, II. 406 
Buckley (Bunckle, Buncklv), George, 

Kt.l645, II. 219 
Buckley (Bunkley, Bulckley, Banckley), 

John, Kt.l605, II. 138 
Bulkeley, John, Kt.l795, 11.303 
Buckley, Patrick A., K.C.M.G.1892, I. 

Buckley, Richard, Kt.l547, II. 63 
Bulkeley (Barkley), Richard, Kt.l577, 

II. 78 
Bulkleigh (Buckley), Richard, Kt. 

1604, II. 135 
Buckmore, — , Kt.l603, II. 127 


Bucknell (Bucknall), John, Kt.l686, 

II. 261 
Bucknill, John C, Et.l894, II. 393 
Bucknill, Thomas T., Kt.l899, 11.404 
Bucknell, William, Kt. 1670, IT. 244 
Bucknall-Estcourt, James B., K.C.B. 
1855, footnote, I. 241 
Buckworth, John, Kt.l681, II. 256 
Buckworth, John, Kt.l693, TI. 268 
Bugg (Bugges), Anthony, Kt.l618, II. 169 
Bugges, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 127 
Buggin, George, Kt.l797, II. 304 
Buigari, count S. V., K.C.M.G.1833, I. 

352; G.C.M.G.1833, 1.333 
Bulgaria, Alexander Joseph of, G.C.B. 

1886, I. 199 
Bulgaria, Ferdinand, etc., of, G.C.V.O. 
1904, 1.430 

Bulkeley. See Buckley 
Bull, John, Kt.l717, II. 281 
Bull, Robert, K.H.1833, 1.468 
Bullard, Harry, Kt.l887, II. 382 
Bullen, Charles, K.C.H.1835, 1.460; 

Kt.l835, 11.335; K.C.B.1839, I. 

236; G.C.B.1852, I. 190 
Buller, Alexander, K.C.B.1896, 1.266; 

G.C.B.1902, I. 203 
Buller, Anthony, Kt.l816, 11.317 
Buller, Arthur W., Kt.l848, 11. 347 
Buller, George, K.C.B.1855, 1.240; 

G.C.B.1869, I. 195 
Buller, Redvers H., K.C.M.G.1882, 1. 365 ; 

K.C.B.1885, 1.259; G.C.B.1894, I. 

201 ; G.C.M.G.1901, I. 347 
Buller (Ballary), Richard, Kt.l608, II. 

Buller, Walter L., K.C.M.G.1886, I. 370 
Bullock, Edward, Kt.l609, II. 148 
Bullough, George, Kt.l901, 11.409 


Bulmer, Bertram, Kt.l603, II. 100 
Bulmer, Fenwick, Kt.l821, 11.322 
Bulmer, John, Kt.l513, 11.38 
Bulmer, Rauf, Kt.l482, 11.20 
Boulmer, Rafe, Kt.l523, II. 44 
Bullmer, Rafe, Kt.l544, II. 54 
Bulmer, William, Kt.l497, II. 31 
Bowmer, William, Kt.l523, II. 44 
Billow, count Bernard von, G.C.V.O, 

1899, I. 423 
Bulrampoor, Dig Bijye Singh of, 

K.C.S.I.1806, 1.316 
Bulstrode, Richard, Kt.l676, II. 251 
Bulwer, Edward G., K.C.B. 1886, I. 260 
Bulwer, Henry E. G., K.C.M.G.1874, I. 

357; G.C.M.G.1883, 1.339 
Bulwer, William H. L. E., lord Dalling 
and Bulwer, K.C.B.1848, 1.277; 
G.C.B.1851, I. 208 
Bulwer-Lytton, Edward G, E. L., lord 

Lytton, G.C.M.G.1869, I. 336 
Bulwer-Lytton, Edward R. L., earl of 
Lytton, G.C.S.L1876, L310; Grand 
Master, Star of India, L 305 
Bulzo, Dionizio, K.C.M.G.1818, I. 350 
Bunbury, Henry, Kt.l603, II. 124 
Bunbury, Henry E., K.C.B.1815, L 222 



Bunbury, Thomas, K.H.1835, I. 471 
Bunce, James, Kt.l660, II. 225 
Buncklv. See Buckley 
Bundey, William H., Kt.l904, II. 420 
Bundi, Raja Ram Singh of, G.C.S.I. 

1877, i.311 
Bundi, Raja Ranghubir Singh of, 

K.C.I.E.1894, 1.408; K.C.S.I.1897, 

1.326; G.C.I.E.1901, 1.403 
Burchinshaw (Birkenshawe), Ralph, Kt. 

1618, II. 168 
Burdett, Henry C, K.C.B.1897, I. 296 
Burdett, John, Kt.l512, 11.35 
Burdon, Thomas, Kt.l817, II. 319 
Burford, baron of. See Cornwall 
Burford, earl of. See Beauclerk 
Burford-Hancock, Henry J. B., Kt.l882, 

II. 374 
Burgate, Peter de, K.B.1306, I. 119 
Burgh. See Bourke 
Burgchier. See Bourchier 
Burghersh, Bartholomew, lord Burghersh, 

K.G.1348, I. 1 
Burghersh, lord. See Fane 
Burghersh, Stephan de, K.B.1306, I. 112 
Burghley, lord. See Cecil 
Burgman, George, Kt.l813, II. 313 


Burgoyne, John J., Kt.l810, II. 310 
Burgoyne, John F., K.C.B.1838, I. 235 
Burgoyne, John F., K.C.B.1838, 1. 235 ; 

G.C.B.1852, I. 190 
Burgoyn, Roger, Kt.l641, II. 210 


Charles the Bold of, K.G.I 468 I. 15 
Philip II. of, K.G.1422, I. 10 

Burke. See Bourke 

Burkitt, William R., Kt.l904, TI. 418 


Burhicy, John, Kt.l606, II. 140 
Borlace, John, Kt.1641, 11.211 
Burlacv, WiRiam, Kt.l603, II. Ill 
Burlacie, William, Kt.l617, II. 166 
Burland, John, Kt.l774, II. 294 
Burlcy, John, K.G.1377, 1.5 
Burlev. Simon, K.G.1381, T. 5 
Burlington, earl of. See Boyle 
Burlton, George, K.C.B.1815, I. 221 
Burnabv. Sec Barnby 

Burnand, Francis C, Kt.l902, II. 411 
Burne, Owen T., K.C.S.I.1879, 1.322; 

G.C.I.E.1897, I. 402 
Burnell, Edward, Kt.l617, II. 164 
Burnell, Hugh, lord Burnell, K.G.1406, 

BurneR, Robert, Kt.(1450), II. Ix. 
Burnes, Alexander, Kt.l838, II. 341 
Burnett, Burnet 

Burnett, Robert, Kt.l795, II. 302 
Burnet, Thomas, Kt.l745, II. 287 
Burnett, W^iRiam, K.C.H.1831, 1.457; 
Kt.l831, 11.330; K.C.B.1850, 1. 239 
Burns, James, K.H.1837, 1.479 
Burney, WiRiam, K.H.1837, I. 477 
Burnside, Bruce L., Kt.l884, II. 376 
Burrell, John, Kt.l642, II. 213 
Burrell, Peter, Kt.l781, II. 296 
Burrow, Burrows, Burrowes, Burrough, 
burroughes, bourough, borough, 
borrugh, borrowes, borrough, 
Boroughs, also see Bourke 
Burroughes, James, Kt.l759, II. 289 
Burrow, James, Kt.l773, II. 294 
Burrough, James, Kt.l816, 11.317 
Borrugh (Borrowes), John, Kt.l586, 

Borrough (Boroughs), John, Kt. 162-1, 

II. 185 
Burrows, John C, Kt.l873, II. 365 
Burrowes, Robert E., K.H.1836, 1.474 
Borough, Tliomas, Kt.l538, II. 51 
Bourough (Borough), Thomas, Kt. 
1513, II. 38 
Burslem, Nathaniel, K.H.1836, I. 472 
Burt, Archibald P., Kt.l873, II. 366 
Burt, John M., Kt.l902, 11.413 
Burton, baron. See Bass 
Burton, Charles, Kt.l750, 11.288 
Burton, Fowler, K.C.B.1903, I. 275 
Burton, Francis N., K.C.H.1822, 1.455; 

G.C.H.1824, 1.449 
Burton, Frederick W., Kt.l884, 11.376 
Burton, George W., Kt.l898, II. 403 
Burton, Henry (Tliomas), K.B.I 603, I. 

Burton, James R., K.H.1837. 1.475 
Burton, John, Kt.l513, II. 42 
Burton, John. Kt.l805, II. 308 



Burton, Richard, Kt..l831, 11.330 
Burton, Richard F., K.C.M.G.1886, 1. 368 
Burton, Robert, Kt.lSOO, II. 305 
Burton, Roger de, K.B.I 306, I. 118 
Burton, Thomas, Kt.l605, II. 139 
Burton, Thomas, Kt.l660, II. 232 
Burwell, Jeffry, Kt.l663, II. 237 
Bury. See Berry 
Busby, John, Kt.l661, II. 235 
Bush, William, K.H.1835, I. 471 
Bushell, Edward, Kt.l604, II. 136 
Busk, Edward H., Kt.1901, 11.408 
Busk, Wadsworth, Kt.l781, II. 296 
Bdsst, Bussey, Bushet 

Bussv (Bushey), Edward (Edmund), 

Kt.l603, IL 103 
Bussy, Miles, Kt.l504, 11.34; K.B. 

1504, I. 147 
Bussey (Bushey), Rawlyn, Kt.l618, 
II. 169 
Bustie, Laurence de, Kt.l672, II. 247 
Bute, earl of. See Stuart 
Bute, marquess of. See Crichton-Stuart 
Butler, Botelbr, Botbller, Bottlar, 
BoTiLLER, Bugler 
Butler, Allen, Kt.l646, II. 220 
Boteller, Edmund le, Kt.(1330), Il.lix. 
Butler, Edmund, Kt.l560, II. 70 
Butler [Edmund], Kt.l643, II. 216 
Butler, Edward, Kt.l603, II. 122 
Butler, Edward, Kt.l619, II. 174 
Butler, Edward, Kt.l840, II. 342 
Butler, Francis, Kt.l642, II. 213 
Boteler, Henry, Kt.l577, II. 78 
Butler (Botylar), Henrv, Kt.l603, II. 

Butler, Henry, Kt.l616, II. 159 
Boteler, James, K.B.1326, I. 123 
Butler, James, K.B.(1426), I. 131 
Butler, alias Ormond, James, earl of 

Ormond, K.B.(1426), I. 130 
Butler, James, earl of Wiltshire, K.G. 

1459, I. 13 
Butler, James, Kt.l598, II. 95 
Butler, James, duke of Ormonde, K.G. 

1649, I. 34 
Butler, James, Kt.l672, II. 247 
Butler, James, dxike of Ormonde, 
K.G.1688, I. 38 


Butler, James, duke of Ormonde, 

K.T., Jacobite, 1716, I. footnote 75 
Butler, James, earl of Ormonde and 

Ossory, K.P.1821, I. 99 
Butler, James, K.H.1836, I. 475 
Butler, James E. W. T., marquess of 

Ormonde, K.P.I 888, I. 105 
Butler (Boteler), John, Kt.l372, II. 10 
Butler (Boteler), John, K.B.(1426), I. 

Butler, John, Kt.l547, II. 59 
Butler (Boteler), John, Kt.l607, II. 

Boteler (Butler), John, Kt.l622, II. 178 
Butler, John, K.B. 1626, I. 162 
Boteler, John, Kt.l677, 11.251 
Butler, John, marquess of Ormonde, 

K.P.1845, I. 101 
Butler, Nicholas, Kt.l682, II. 257 
Butler (Boteler), Oliver, Kt.l604, II. 

Butler, Peter, Kt.l555, II. 69 
Butler, Philippe, Kt.l529, II. 47 
Boteller, Philip, Kt.l583, II. 82 
Butler, Phillip, Kt.l586, II. 85 
Butler, Philip, K.B.1661, I. 165 
Butler, Pierce, Kt.l615, II. 155 
Butler, Piers, earl of Newcastle, K.G., 

Jacobite, 1714, I. footnote 38 
Boteler, Ralph, baron Sudeley, K.G. 

1440, I. 12 
Butler, Richard, Kt.l547, II. 63 
Butler, Richard, Kt.l605, II. 137 
Butler, Richard, Kt.l627, II. 192 
Butler, Robert, Kt.l607, II. 141 
Boteler (Butler), Stephen, Kt.l616, 

II. 158 
Butler, Theobald, Kt.l567, II. 73 
Butler, Theobald, Kt.l689, II. 265 
Butteler, Thomas, K.B.(1483), I. 139 
Butler, Thomas, K.B.(1487), I. 142 
Butteler, Thomas, Kt.l533, 11.49 
Butler, Thomas, Kt.l541, II. 52 
Butler, Thomas, 11th earl of Ormond, 

Kt.(1546), Il.lvi.; K.B.1547, I. 150 
Butler, Thomas, earl of Ormonde, 

K.G.1588, I. 28 
Butler, Thomas, Kt.l608, II. 146 



Butler, Thomas, earl of Ossory, K.G. 

1672, 1.36 
Bucler, Walter (William), Kt.l547, 

Butler, Walter, Kt.l59S, 11.94 
Butler, Walter, earl of Ormonde and 

Ossory, K.P.I 798, I. 97 
Butler, William, K.B.UOO, I. 128 
Botteller, William, Kt.l471, II. 14 
Butler (Boteler), William, Kt.l515, 

Butler, William, Kt.l561, II. 71 
Butler, William, Kt.l641, II. 208, 209 
Boteler, William, Kt.l653, II. 223 
Butler, William F., K.C.B.1886, 1.260 
Butora, prince of (1816). See Wilding, G. 
Butt, Charles P. Kt.l883, II. 375 
BuTTES, Butts 

Butts, Augustus de, K.C.H.1837, 1. 461 ; 

Kt.l837, 11.338 
Butts (Bucke), John, Kt.l596, II. 93 
Buttes, William, Kt.l545, II. 58, 62 
Button, Ambrose, Kt.l605, II. 138 
Button, Thomas, Kt.l616, II. 159 
Button (Hutton), William, Kt.l605, II. 

138, 141 
Buxhull, Alan, K.G. 13 72, I. 4 
Buxton, Thomas Fo'.vell, K.C.M.G.1895, 

1.380; G.C.M.G.1899, 1.346 
Byam, Ashton W., Kt.l789, II. 301 
Byam, William, Kt.l859, II. 354 
Byard, Thomas, Kt.l789, II. 300 
Byde, Thomas, Kt.l661, II. 233 
Byles, John B., Kt.l858, II. 353 
Btlisbt, Bylesbt 

Bylisby, Andrew, Kt.l513, 11.41 
Bylesby, Andrew, Kt. after 1529, IT. 
Byng, George, viscount Torringfon, Kt. 

1704, 11.274; K.B.I 725, I. 167 
Byng, Henrv W. J., earl of Strafford, 

K.C.V.d.(1897), T. 432 
Byng. John, earl of Strafford, K.C.P.. 1815, 
1.220; G.C.H.1826, 1.4.50; G.C.B. 
1831 I. 186 
Byngham. Sec Bingham 
Bynno. See Binns 
Byrne, Edmund W., Kt.l897, IT. 399 

Byrd. See Bird 

Byron, Biron, Beron 

Byron, John, Kt.l347, II. 9 
Beron, John, K.B.(1483), I. 139 
Byron, John, Kt.l486, II. 23 
Byron, John, Kt.l580, II. 80 
Biron, John, Kt.l603, II. 102 
Byron, John, K.B.1626, I. 162 
Byron, Nicholas, Kt.l449, II. 12 
Byron, Nicholas, K.B.(1461), I. 133 
Biron, Nicholas, Kt.l630, II. 197 
Biron, Nicholas, K.B.1501, I. 146 
Byron, Richard, Kt.l642, II. 214 
Byron, Robert, Kt.l644, 11. 217 
Biron, Thomas, Kt.l642, IT. 214 
Byron, William, Kt.l646, II. 220 

By^^he, Edward, Kt.l661, 11.234 

Byster, Martin, Kt.l625, II. 188 

Bythell. See Bethell 

Cade, William, Kt.l617, II. 165 
Cadell, Charles, K.H.1837, I. 476 
Caddell, Robert, Kt.(1397), II. Ix. 
Cadell, Robert, K.C.B.1894, I. 265 
Cadman, Alfred J., K.C.M.G.1903, 1.394 
Cadogan, George, K.C.B.1875, I. 255 
Cadogan, George H., earl Cadogan, 

K.G.1891, 1.69; Grand Master, 

K.P.1895, 1.95 
Cadogan, William, baron Cadogan, K.T. 

1716, 1.77 
Caerlion (Carlion), Lcwys, Tvt.1492, II. 27 
Ciesar, Charles, Kt.l613, II. 153 
Ctesar, Charles, Kt.l671, 11.246 
Cfesar, Henry, Kt.l660, IT. 229 
CiBsar, John, Kt.l617, II. 163 
CiKsar, Julius, Kt.l603, II. 109 
Caffin, James C, K.C.B.1868, I. 284 
Cage, Anthony, Kt.l634, II. 202 
Cage, John, Kt.l609, II. 148 
Cage, Toby, Kt.l627, II. 192 
Cailliard, Vincent II. P., Kt.l896, 1.398 
Caird, Janu's, K.C.B.1882, I. 288 
Cairncross, Alexander, K.H.1S37, 1.476 
Cairns, Hugh MncC, Kt.l85S, 11.353 
Cairnes, John E., K.H.1834, 1.470 


Cairns, William W., K.C.M.G.1877, 1. 358 
Calcraft, Henry G., K.C.B.1890, I. 291 
Calder, Robert, Kt.l797, 11.304; K.C.B. 

1815, 1.217 
Calderwood. See Henderson 
Caldwell, Alexander, K.C.B.1837, 1.233; 

G.C.B.1838, I. 188 
Caldwell, Benjamin, G.C.B.1820, I. 184 
Caldwell, James L., K.C.B.1837, 1.233; 

G.C.B.1848, I. 190 
Caledon, earl of. See Alexander 
Caley. See Caylev 
Calfield. See Caulfield 
Calichiopulo, Altavilla V., K.C.M.G. 

1840, 1.352 
Calichiopulo, Angiolo, K.C.M.G. 1842, 

I. 352 

Calichiopulo, Stamo, G.C.M.G.1818, 1.331 
Calicut, Mana Vikrama of, K. C.S.I. 

1892, 1.325 
Callan, viscount. See Feilding 
Callcott, Augustus W., Kt.l837, 11. 339 
Caley, Calley, Cawley. See Cawley 
Calmady, Shilston, Kt.l618, II. 170 
Calthorp, Calthorpe, Calthropp 
Calthorpe, Charles, Kt.l605, II. 137 
Calthorpe, Christopher, K.B.1661, I. 

Calthorp, Henry, Kt.l636, II. 204 
Calthorpe, Henry, K.B.1744, I. 169 
Calthropp, James, Kt.l603, II. 121 
Calthorp, James, Kt.l656, II. 223 
Calthorpe, Lestrange, Kt.l675, II. 250 
Calthorpe, Martin, Kt.l588, II. 87 
Calthorpe, Philip, K.B.(1483), I. 139 
Calthorpe, Philippe, Kt.l497, II. 30 
Calthorpe, Philippe, Kt.l547, II. 59 
Calthorp, William, K.B.(1465), I. 134 
Calton, Francis, Kt.l605, 11. 137 
Calvelet, Calverlet 

Calveley, George, Kt.l533, II. 49 
Calveley (Calverley), George, Kt.l571, 

Calvely (Calverley), George, Kt.l617, 

II. 165 

Calverley, Henry, Kt.l675, II. 250 
Calvely, Hugh, Kt.l544, II. 55 
Calveley, Hugh, Kt.l642, II. 214 
Calverley, John, Kt.l617, II. 163 


Calverley, Richard, Kt.l497, 11.32 
Calveley, Richard, Kt.l618, I. 169 
Calverley, Walter, Kt.l513, II. 42 
Calverley, William, Kt.l497, II. 32 
Calverley, William, Kt.l545, II. 57 
Calvert, George, Kt.l617, II. 166 
Calvert, Harry, G.C.B.1815, 1.183; 

G.C.H.1817, 1.448 
Calvert, William, Kt.l744, 11.286 
Cambon, Paul, G.C.V.O.1903, I. 427 
Cambray, Charles de, Kt.l605, II. 139 

Adolphus F., duke of, K.G.1786, 1. 48 ; 

G.C.H.1815, 1.447; G.C.B.1815, I. 

182; G.C.M.G. Grand Master, etc., 

1825, I. 332 ; Grand Master and 

Principal G.C.M.G.1825, I. 331 
George W. F. C, duke of, G.C.H.1825, 

1.449; K.G.1835, 1.55; G.C.M.G. 

1845, 1.334; K.P.1851, I. 101 ; 

Grand Master of St. Michael and 

St. George, 1851, 1.331, 337; 

G.C.B.1855, I. 191; G.C.S.I.1877, I. 

311; K.T.1881, 1.88; G.C.I.E.1887, 

I. 401 ; G.C.V.0.1897, I. 417 
James, duke of, K.G.1666, 1.36 
Cambridge, John de, K.B.1329, I. 125 
Camden, earl and marquess. See Pratt 
Camerlyn. See Chamberlain 
Cameron, Alan, K.C.B.1815, I. 219 
Cameron, Alexander, K.C.B.1838, I. 235 
Cameron, Charles A., Kt.l885, TI. 377 
Cameron, Duncan A., K.C.B. 1864, 1. 248 ; 

G.C.B.1873, I. 196 
Cameron, Ewen, K.C.M.G.1900, I. 388 
Cameron, Hector C, Kt.l900, II. 407 
Cameron, John, K.C.B.1815, I. 223 
Cameron, Matthew C, Kt.l887, II. 381 
Cameron, Roderick W., Kt.l883, II. 375 
Cameron, William G., K.H.I 83 4, I. 470 
Cameron, William G., K.C.B.1893, I. 

264; G.C.B.1904, I. 204 
Camou, Jacques, K.C.B. 1856, I. 241 
Camoys, — , Kt.l380, II. 10 
Camoys, Hugh de, lord Camoys, K.B. 

(1426), I. 131 
Camoys, Ralph de, K.B.1306, I. 114 
Camoys, Richard, K.B. 1399, I. 128 



Camovs, Thomas de, lord Camoys, K.G. 
1414, I. 9 

Campbell, Alexander, Kt.l812, 11.311 

Campbell, Alexander, K.C.B.1817, I. 228 

Campbell, Alexander, K.H.1831, I. 466 

Campbell, Alexander, K.C.M.G.1879, I. 

Campbell, Archibald, K.B.I 785, I. 173 
Campbell, Archibald, Kt.l814, 1.313; 

K.C.B.1815, 1.224; G.C.B.1S26, I. 

Campbell, Colin, K.C.B.1815, I. 224 
Campbell, Colin, lord Clyde, K.C.B.1849, 

1.238; G.C.B.1855, 1.191; K.S.I. 

1861, I. 306 
Campbell, Duncan, Kt.l633, 11, Ixiii. 
Campbell, Duncan, Kt.l714, II. 278 
Campbell, Edward A., Kt.l838, II. 341 
Campbell, Frederick A., K.C.B.1880, I. 

Campbell, Gavin, marquess of Breadal- 

bane, K.G.1894, I. 69 
Campbell, George, K.C.B.1815, 1.217; 

G.C.B.1820, I. 185 
Campbell, George, Kt.l832, II. 332 
Campbell, George, K.C.S.I.1873, 1.319 
Campbell, George D., duke of Argyll, 

K.T.1856, 1.84; K.G.1884, 1.67 
Campbell, George W., 6th duke of Argyll, 

G.C.H.1833, I. 452 
Campbell, George W. R., K.C.M.G.1891, 

Campbell, Henry F., K.C.B.1815, I. 218; 

G.C.H.1818, I. 448 
Campbell, Hugh, earl of Londoun, K.T. 

1706, I. 76 
Campbell, James, Kt.l630, II. 197 
Campbell, James, Kt.l724, II. 283 
Campbell, James, K.B.I 7 43, I. 169 
Campbell, James, Kt.l788, 11.300 
Campbell, James, G.C.H.1817, 1.448 
Campbell, James, K.C.B.1822, I. 229 
Campbell, James, Kt.l831, 11.329; 

K.C.H.1831, 1.456 
Campbell, James, K.H.1836, I. 473 
Campbell, James, Kt.l842, II. 344 
Campbell, James MacN., K.C.I.E.1897, I. 


Campbell, John, duke of Argyll, K.T. 1704, 

1.76; K.G.1710, 1.40 
Campbell, John, earl of Breadalbane, 

K.B.1725, I. 167 
Campbell, John, duke of Argyll, K.T. 1765, 

Campbell, John, Kt.l815, II. 315 
Campbell, John, Kt.l832, II. 333 
CampbeU, John, K.H.1835, I. 472 
Campbell, John, marquess of Breadal- 
bane, K.T. 1838, I. 83 
Campbell, John, K.C.B.1855, footnote, 

Campbell, John, K.C.S.I.1869, I. 318 
Campbell, John, Kt.l871, footnote, II. 363 
Campbell, John D. S., duke of Argyll, 

K.T.1871, 1.86; G.C.M.G.1878,' I. 

338; G.C.V.O.1901, 1.418 
Campbell, John L., Kt.l902, II. 411 
Campbell, John N. R., K.C.H.1836, I. 

461; Kt.l832, 11.333 
Campbell, Neil, Kt.l814, 11.314 
Campbell, Patrick, K.C.B.1836, I. 233 
Cambell, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 128 
Campbell, William, Kt.l829, 11.328 
Campbell-Bannerman, Henry, G.C.B. 

1895, I. 214 
Camperdown, earl. See Duncan 
Campion. See Champion 
Campsfield (Cansfield), John, Kt.l644, 

Cammell, John, Kt.l615, II. 156 
Candy, Edward T., Kt.l904, II. 417 
Candyshe, John, Kt.l542, II. 53 
Candyshe, Richard, Kt.l545, II. 57 
Cane, Charles Du, K.C.M.G.1875, 1.357 
Cane, Edmund F. Du, K.C.B.1877, 1. 286 
Canford, Edmond, K.B.I 426, I. 132 
Canhauser, Balthezar, Kt.l487. 11.27 
Cannb, Cann 

Canne, Robert, Kt.l662, 11.236 
Cann, Thomas, Kt.l680, 11.254 
Cann, William, Kt.l663, 11.238 
Canning, Charles J., viscount Canning, 

G.C.B.1859, 1.208; K.S.I.1861, I. 

306; Grand Master Star of India, 

1.305; K.G. 1862, 1.61 
Canning, Samuel, Kt.l866, 11.358 



Canning, Stratford, viscount Stratford 
de Redclifte, G.C.B.1829, 1.206; 
K.G.1869, I. 64 

Cannon, Thomas, Kt.l623, II. 182 

Canrobert, Fran9ois C, G.C.B.1855, I. 

Cansfield. See Campsfield 

Canterbury, archbishop of. See David- 

Canterbury, viscount. See Sutton ; 
see Manners-Sutton 

Cantilupe, Cantelewe 

Cantilupe, — , Kt.U71, II. 16 
Cantilupe, George de, baron of Ber- 

gavenny, Kt.l272, II. 5 
Cantilupe, Nicholas de, K.B.1326, I. 

Cantelewe, William, K.B.(1461), 1. 133 
Cantley, Proby T., K.C.B.1854, I. 279 
Canto e Castro, viscount M. do, K.C.M.G., 

1902,, I. 393 
Cantrell, Ralph, Kt.l624, II. 184 
Cantwell, Thomas, Kt.(1333), II. lix. 

Capel, Capell 

Capell, Arthur, Kt.l6l7, II. 166 
Capell, Arthur, lord Capel, Kt.l645, 

II. 219 
Capell, Edward, Kt.l560, II. 71 
Capel, Edward, Kt.l603, II. 121 
Capel, Gamaliel, Kt.l603, II. 104 
Capell, Gamaliel, Kt.l613, II. 153 
Capell, Gaudensius de, Kt.l700, II. 272 
Capell, Gyles, Kt.l513, 11.39 
Capell, Henry (Arthur), Kt.l603, II. 

Capell, Henry, K.B.1661, I. 164 
Capel, Thomas B., K.C.B.1832, I. 232; 

G.C.B.1852, I. 190 
Capell, William, Kt.l4S6, II. 23 
Capell, William, earl of Essex, K.T. 
1725, 1.77; K.G.1738, 1.43 
Cappel, Albert J. L., K.C.I.E.1887, 

Capellen, Theodorus F. van, K.C.B.1816, 

Capello. See Brito-Capello 
Capello, Franciscus de, Kt.l502, II. 33 
Capon, David, K.C.B.1862, I. 248 

Cappadoca, Giovanni, K.C.M.G.1820, I. 

350; G.C.M.G.1832, 1.333 
Cappadoca, Paolo, C.M.G.(1820), I. 

Caradoc, John H., 2nd lord Howden, 
K.H.1830, 1.465; K.C.B.1852, I. 
278; G.C.B.1858, 1.208 
Carazia, Marco, C.M.G.(1821), I. xxviii. 
Carbery, earl of. See Vaughan 
Carbone, Guiseppe, K.C.M.G.1891, 1. 376 ; 

G.C.M.G.1901, 1.348 
Carbone, Joseph, K.C.V.O.(1903), I. 435 
Carbonell, Richard, K.B.(1426), I. 132 
Garden, Robert W., Kt.l851, II. 348 
Garden (Coordenne), Thomas, Kt.l545, 

II. 56 
Cardew, Frederic, K.C.M.G.1897, I. 382 
Cardiff, lord. See Herbert 
Cardigan, earl of. See Brudenell ; see 

Carbw, Carey, Cart, Carie, Carue, Caru 
Carew. See Crew 
Carew, Adolphus (Rodolphus Carie), 

Kt.l604, II. 132 
Carew, Benjamin H., G.C.B.1831, 1. 186 
Carew, Edmund, Kt.l485, II. 23 
Gary, Edward, Kt..l628, II. 194 
Gary, Edward (Edmond), Kt.l586, II. 

Carey, Ferdinando, Kt.l630, II. 197 
Carew, Francis, Kt.l576, II. 77 
Carew, Francis, K.B.1626, I. 162 
Carew (alias Throgmorton), Francis, 

K.B.162e, I. 163 
Carey, George, Kt.l527, II. 46 
Gary, George, Kt.l570, II. 74 
Carewe, George, Kt.l587, II. 84 
Carey, George, lord Hunsdon, K.G. 

1597, I. 29 
Gary, George, Kt.l598, II. 95 
Carew, George, Kt.l603, II. 114 
Carey, George, Kt. 1632, II. 200 
Carey, Henry, baron Hunsdon, Kt.l558, 

11.70; K.G.1561, I. 26 
Gary, Henry, Kt.l599, II. 96, 97 
Carey, Henry, earl of Dover, K.B.1610, 

I. 158 
Carev, Henry, viscount of Falkland, 
K.B. 1616. I. 160 




Carey, Henry, Kt.l644, II. 218 
Gary, John, Kt.l547, II. 60 
Carew, John, Kt.l603, II. 108 
Carew, John, Kt.l625, II. 189 
Carey, John, earl of Dover, K.B.1626, 

I. 161 
Cary, Lorenzo, Kt.l634, II. 202 
Cary, Lucius, Kt.l626, II. 190 
Cary, Lucius B., viscount of Falkland, 

G.C.H.1831, L451 
Carew, Mathew, Kt.l603, II. 114 
Carew, Mathew, Kt.l611, II. 151 
Carew, Nicholas, K.G.I 536, I. 22 
Carey, Octavius, Kt.l830, 11.329; 

K.C.H.1835, I. 461 
Cary, Pelham, Kt.l633, II. 201 
Carue, Peter, Kt.l579, II. 80 
Carey, Peter, Kt.l863, II. 357 
Carew, Philip, Kt. 1605, II. 137 
Cary, Richard, Kt.l460, II. 13 
Carewe, Richard [John], Kt.l497, II. 

Carew, Richard, Kt.l513, I. 36 
Carew, Robert, Kt.l624, 11. 183 
Cary, Robert, Kt.l660, II. 231 
Carew, Robert S., baron Carew, K.P. 

1851, I. 102 
Carew, Robert S., baron Carew, K.P. 

1872, I. 103 
Cary, Rosse, Kt.l629, II. 196 
Carewe, Thomas, Kt.l536, II. 50 
Cary, Thomas, Kt.l628, II. 194 
Carew, Thomas, Kt.l671, II. 246 
Carey, Thomas, K.H.I 81 6, I. 463 
Carew, Thomas, Kt.l836, II. 337 
Carey, Thomas G., Kt.l900, II. 407 
Carew, William, Kt.l487, II. 25 
Carey, William, Kt.l523, IL 44 
Carewe, Wimond, K.B.I 547, I. 152 
Carew, Wymond, Kt. 1604, II. 132 

Carey. See Carew 

Caridi, Pandasin, C.M.G.(1821), preface 

Caridi, Vittor, K.C.M.G.1818, 1.350; 

G.C.M.G.1839, I. 334 
Carinnrton, Edward, Kt.l616, 11.159 
Carin«,rton, William II. P., K.C.V.O. 

(1901), 1.434 

Carleton, Carlton, and see Charlton 
Carleton, Dudley, Kt.l610, II. 150 
Carleton, Dudley, Kt.l630, II. 197 
Carleton, Guy, lord Dorche.ster, K.B. 

1776, I. 172 
Carling, John, K.C.M.G.1893, I. 378 
Carlingford, baron. See Parkinson- 

Carlisle, Anthony, Kt.l821, II. 322 
Carlisle, earl of. See Hay ; see Howard 
Carlisle, Nicholas, K.H.1832, I. 468 
Carmichael, James, Kt.l632, II. 200 
Carmichael, John, earl of Hyndford, 

K.T.1742, I. 78 
Carmichael, William, Kt.l633, IL Ixii. 
Carnaby, William, Kt.l619, II. 173 
Carnarvon, earl of. See Dormer ; see 

Herbert; marquess of, see Brydges 
Carncross, Joseph H., K.C.B.1815, 1. 226 
Carne, Edward, Kt.l538, II. 52 

Carnegt, Carnegie 

Carnegy, Alex, Kt.l633, II. Ixii. 
Carnegie, George, Kt..l632, II. 200 
Carnegie, James, Kt.l604, II. 136 
Carnegie, James, earl of Southesk, 

K.T.1869, 1.86 
Carnegie, William, earl of Northesk, 
K.B.1806, I. 176; G.C.B.1815, 1. 180 
Carney, Richard, Kt.l684, II. 259 
Carnshaw (Carveshaw, Cranshaw), John 

(Richard), Kt.l619, II. 174 
Caron, Joseph P. R. A., K.C.M.G.1885, 

Carpenter, John, K.H.1836, I. 475 
Carpenter, John D., earl of Tvrconnel, 
G.C.H.1830, L450 

Carr, Carre, and see Kerr 

Carre, Edward, Kt.l603, II. 103 
Carre, Edward, junr., Kt.l624, II. 187 

Carre, Edward, senr., Kt.l624, II. 

Carr, George, Kt.l662, 11.237 
Carr, Henry W., K.C.B.1815, I. 225 
Carr, John, Kt.l806, 11.308 
Carr, Ralph, Kt.l676. II. 251 
Carre (Karr), Robert, Kt.l607, II. 144 
Carr, Robert, earl of Somerset, K.G. 

1611, 1.30 




Carr, Robert, 6th earl of Somerset, 

K.B.1603, I. 154 
Carr, Thomas, Kt.1800, 11.305 
Carre, William, Kt.l603, II. 103 
Carr, William, Kt.l627, II. 191 
Carr, William 0., Kt.l854, II. 350 
Carrell, Carrill. See Carroll 
Carrick-Buchanan, David C. R., K.C.B. 

1894, I. 293 
Carrington, Charles R., lord Carring- 

ton, G.C.M.G.1885, I. 340 
Carrington, Codrington E., Kt.1801, II. 

Carrington, Frederick, K.C.M.G.1887, I. 

371; K.C.B.1897, 1.267 
Carrington, John W., Kt.l897, II. 399 

Carroll, Carrell, Cartll, Carill 
Carrell, Edward, Kt.l603, II. 107 
Carroll, George, Kt.l837, II. 339 
Carroll, James, Kt.l609, II. 148 
Carroll, James, Kt.l903, 11.415 
Carrell, John, Kt.l591, II. 88 
Carrell, John, Kt.l603, II. 112 
Caryll, John, baron Caryll, K.T., 

Jacobite, 1768, footnote I. 75 
Carrell, Richard, Kt.l6l5, II. 155 
Carrell, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 107 
Carell, William, Kt.l603, II. 105 
Carroll, William, Kt.l868, II. 360 
Carroll, William F., K.C.B. 1852, 1. 239 
Carroll (Carrol), William P., Kt.l816, 
11.317; K.C.H.1832, 1.458 
Carson, Edward H., Kt.l900, II. 406 
Carswell, John de, Kt.l377, II. 10 
Carswell, Robert, Kt.l850, II. 348 
Carter, Frederick B. T., K.C.M.G.1878, 

Carter, Gilbert T., K.C.M.G.1893, I. 378 
Carter, James, Kt.l859, II. 354 
Carter, John, Kt.l658, II. 224, 227 
Carter, John, Kt.l773, II. 294 
Carter, John, K.H.1837, I. 476 
Carter, Lawrence, Kt.l724, II. 283 
Carter, Richard, Kt.l714, II. 278 

Carteret, Cartwright 

Carteret, Charles, Kt.l687, II. 263 


Cartwright, Henry E., Kt.l887, II. 381 
Cartwright, Hugh, Kt.l644, II. 217 
Cartwright, John, Kt.l761, II. 291 
Carteret, John, earl Granville, K.G. 

1749, I. 44 
Cartwright (Carteret), Philip, Kt. 

1617, II. 161 
Carteret, Philip, Kt.l667, 11. 242 
Cartwright, Richard J., K.C.M.G. 

1879, I. 361 ; G.C.M.G.1897, I. 345 
Cartwright, Thomas, G.C.H.1834, I. 

Cartwright. See Carteret 
Carty, James, Kt.l785, II. 298 
Carus (Carowse), John, Kt.l603, II. 120 
Caruso, count Demetrio, G.C.M.G.1852, 

Carvell, Henry, Kt.l620, II. 176 
Gary. See Carew 
Caryll. See Carroll 
Carysfoot, baron and earl. See Proby 
Casault, Louis E. N., Kt.l894, II. 393 
Casement, William, K.C.B.1837, I. 234 
Cashmere, Runbeer Sing, maharaja of, 
K.S.L1861, 1.306; G.C.S.L1866, I. 
Casolani, Vincenzo, C.M.G. (1822), pre- 
face L28; K.C.M.G.1833, 1.351; 
G.C.M.G.1853, I. 335 
Cason, Henry, Kt.l629, II. 196 
Cass, John, Kt.l712, II. 277 
Cass, John, Kt.l896, II. 398 
Cassel, Ernest G., K.C.M.G.1899, 1.387; 

K.C.V.O.(1901), 1.434 
Cassillis, earl of. See Kennedy 
Castello, George de, K.B.1306, I. 121 
Castenskiold, Ludwig, G.C.V.O.1901, I. 

Castile, Ferdinand V. of, K.G.1479-80, 

L 16 
Castile, Philip I. of, K.G.I 503, L 19 
Castilion, Francis, Kt.l603, II. 109 
Castlereagh, viscount. See Stewart 
Castleton, John, Kt.l687, II. 262 
Caswall, Caswell 

Caswell, George, Kt.l718, II. 281 
Caswall, John, Kt.l631, II. 199 
Catcher, John, Kt.l619, II. 174 



Catchmay, Catchmatd, Catsmat 

Catchmuyd (Catsmay), Richard, Kt. 

1608, II. 145 
Catchmay, William, Kt.l628, II. 195 
Catelyne, Catlyne, Catlyx 

Catlyne, Nathaniel, Kt.l635, II. 203 
Catelyne, Nevill, Kt.l662, II. 237 
Catelyne (Catlyn), Robert, Kt.l559, II. 
Catena, Strickland G., count Delia, 

K.C.M.G.1897, I. 382 
Cater, Edward, Kt.l660, II. 232 
Cater [or Kendall-Cater], Robert K., 

Kt.l738, II. 285 
Catesby, Catisby 

Catisby (Catesby), Humfrey, Kt. 1501, 

Catesbv, Richard, Kt.l542, II. 53 
Catesby, William, K.B.(1449), I. 132 
Catesby, William, Kt.U83, II. 21 
Catesby, William, Kt.l575, II. 76 
Cathcart, Charles M., earl Cathcart, 
K.C.B.1838, 1.234; G.C.B.1859, I. 
Cathcart, Charles S., lord Cathcart, K.T. 

1763, 1.79 
Catlicart, George, 1660, Kt. II. 226 
Cathcart, George, K.C.B.1853, 1.240; 

G.C.B.1855, I. 191 
Cathcart, William S., earl Cathcart, K.T. 

1805, I. 80 
Catherlough, earl of. See Knight 
Cator, William, K.C.B.1865, I. 249 
Cats, Vere a, Kt.l623, II. 181 
Caulfield, Calfield 

Caulfield, Francis W., earl of Charlc- 

mont, K.P.1831, I. 100 
Caulfield, James, earl of Charlemont, 

K.P.1783, 1.97 
Caulfield, James M., earl of Charle- 

itiont, K.1M865, 1. 102 
Calfield, Tobv, Kt.l603, II. 127 
Caulfield, William, Kt..l618, I. 168 
Causton, Joseph, Kt.l869, II. 362 
Cavagiiari, Pierre L. N., K.C.B.1879, I. 

Cavan, earl of. See Lambart 
Cave, Alexander, Kt.l603, II. 115 
Cave, Brian, Kt.l609. II. 148 

Cave, Lewis W., Kt.l8Sl, II. 372 
Cave, Stephen, G.C.B.1880, I. 211 
Cave, Thomas, Kt.l553, II. 67 
Cave, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 103 
Cave, Tliomas, Kt.l603, II. 112 
Cave, Thomas, Kt. 1615, II. 156 
Cave, Thomas, Kt.1616, II. 159 
Cave, Thomas, Kt.l641, II. 209 
Cave, W^illiam, Kt.l603, II. 113 
Cavenagh, Orfeur, K.C.S.I.1881, I. 322 
Cavendish, Charles, Kt.l582, II. 81 
Cavendish, Charles, Kt.l619, II. 173 
Cavendisli, Charles C. W., lord Chesham, 

K.C.B.1900, I. 273 
Cavendish, Henry, duke of Newcastle, 

K.G.1677, 1.37 
Cavendish, John, K.B.1616, I. 160 
Cavendish, Spencer C, duke of Devon- 
shire, K.G.1892, I. 69 
Cavendish, V/illiam, Kt.l545, I. 57 
Cavendish, William, Kt.l580, II. 81 
Cavendisli, William, Kt.l609, II. 147 
Cavendish, William, duke of Newcastle, 

K.B.1610, I. 158 
Cavendish, William, earl of Devonshire, 

K.B.1626, I. 161 
Cavendish, William, duke of NcM-castle, 

K.G.1650, 1.34 
Cavendish, William, duke of Devonshire, 

K.G.1689, 1.39 
Cavendish, William, duke of Devonshire, 

K.G.1710, 1.40 
Cavendish, William, duke of Devonshire, 

K.G.1733, I. 43 
Cavendish, William, duke of Devonshire, 

K.G.1756, I. 45 
Cavendish, William, duke of Devonshire, 

K.G.1782, I. 47 
Cavendish, William G. S., duke of 

Devonshire, K.G.1827, I. 53 
Cavendish, William, duke of Devonshire, 

K.G.I 858, I. 60 
Cavcndish-Bentinck, William II., duke of 

Portland, K.G.I 794. 1.49 
Cavendish-Bcntinck, William J. A. C. J., 

duke of Portland, G.C.V.0.1896, I. 

417; K.G.I 900, I. 70 
Caw, John, Kt.l671, II. 245 
Caw (Cau, Cawe), John, Kt.l674, 11.249 



Catlet, Calet, Callet, Callwet, 
Caylev, Arthur, Kt.l660, II. 228 
Caylej, Richard, Kt.l882, 11.374 
Callwev, William, K.B.1501, I. 146 
Calley, William, Kt.l629, II. 196 
Cawlev (Caley), William, Kt.l642, II. 

Caley (Calley), William, Kt.l661, II. 
Cayzer, Charles W., Kt.l897, II. 400 
Cazzaiti, Georgio, K.C.M.G.1844, 1.353 
Cecil, Cecill, Scissall 

Cecil, Brownlow, marquess of Exeter, 

K.G.1827, I. 53 
Cecil, Charles, viscount Cranborne, 

K.B.1626, I. 160 
Cecil, Edward, Kt.l601, II. 99 
Cecil, James, earl of Salisbury, E.G. 

1680, I. 37 
Cecil, James, marquess of Salisbury, 

E.G. 1793, I. 49 
Cecil, Richard, Et.l616, II. 159 
Cecil, Robert, Et.l591, II. 88 
Cecil, Robert, earl of Salisbury, E.G. 

1606, I. 30 
Cecil (Siksalt, Scissall), Thomas, Et. 

1575, II. 76 
Cecil, Thomas, earl of Exeter, E.G. 

1601, I. 29 
Cecil, Thomas, Et.l623, II. 182 
Cecil, William, Et.l549, II. 65 
Cecil, William, lord Burghley, E.G. 

1572, I. 27 
Cecil, William, earl of Exeter, Et. 

1603, II. 100; E.G.1630, 1.32 
Cecil, William, earl of Salisbury, E.B. 
1605, I. 157; E.G.1624, 1.31 
Cesar, Thomas, Et.l610, I. 149 
Chabannes-Curton, Octave P. A. de, 

E.C.B.1857, I. 244 
Chabot, Louis W., viscount, E.C.H.1822, 

Chabot. See Neublanche 
Chads, Henry, E.C.B.1887, I. 260 
Chads, Henry Ducie, E.C.B.1855, 1. 240; 

G.C.B.1865, I. 194 
Chadwick, Andrew (Ambrose), Et.l710, 
II. 277 

Chadwick, Edwin, E.C.B.1889, I. 291 

Chauike, Alexander, Et.l621, II. 176 
Chalk, James J., Et.l871, II. 363 
Challenor, Chaloner, Challoner 
Chaloner, Edward, Et.l672, II. 247 
Challoner, John, Et.l557, II. 70 
Chaloner, Thomas, Et.l547, II. 62 
Challoner, Thomas, Et.l591, II. 88 
Challenor, Thomas, Et.l762, II. 291 
Chalmers, — , E.H.I 83 2, I. 468 
Chalmers, David P., Et.l876, II. 368 
Chalmers, John M., E.C.B.1815, I. 227 
Chalmers, William, E.H.1832, 1.467; 

Et.l844, 11.345 
Chalmers. See Chambers 
Chalons, Robert, E.B.(1400), I. 129 
Chamberlain, Chamber laine,Camberltn 
Chamberleyn, Chamberlatn 
Chamberlain, Crawford T., G.C.I.E. 

1897, I. 403 
Chamberlaine, John, Et.l599, II. 97 
Chamberleyn, John, Et.l603, II. 113, 

Camberlyn, John, Et.l621, II. 176 
Chamberlyn, Leonard, Et.l553, 11.66 
Chamberlain, Neville, F. F., E.C.B. 

1903, L 301 
Chamberlain, Neville B., E.C.B. 1863, 
L 248 ; E.C.S.L1866, 1. 316 ; G.C.S.I. 
1873, I. 310; G.C.B.1875, I. 197 
Chamberlayn, Rauf (Edward), Et. 

1513, 11.39 
Chamberlain, Raufe, Et.l553, II. 66 
Chamberlaine, Robert, E.B.I 603, 1. 156 
Chamberlaine, Thomas, Et.l616, II. 

Chamberlaine, Thomas, E.B. 1660, I. 

Chamberlaine, William, E.G. 1461, I. 

Chamberlayne, Willoughby, Et.l696, 
II. 269 
Chambers, Charles H., Et.l823, II. 324 
Chambers, George H., Et.l880, II. 372 
Chambers [Robert] Newman, Et.l897, 

II. 398 
Chambers, Robert, Et.l777, II. 295 
Chambers, Samuel, Et.1800, II. 305 



Chambers, Thomas, Kt.l666, II. 242 
Chambers, Thomas, Kt.l872, II. 364 
Chambers, William F., K.C.H.1837, 1.462 
Chambers. See Chalmers 
Chambre, Alan, Kt.1800, II. 305 
Chambre, Laurence de La, Kt.l630, II. 

Chamoun, John, Kt.l529, II. 47 
Champagne, Josiah, Kt.l832, 11.331; 

G.C.H.1832, I. 451 
Champante, John, Kt.l674, II. 249 
Champernoun, Arthur, Kt.l549, II. 64 
Champernoun, Arthur, Kt.l599, IL 96 
Champernoun, John, Kt.1501, II. 33 
Champernon, Richard, Kt.l599, 11.98 
Champion, Campion, Champton 

Champion, George, Kt.l737, II. 285 
Campion, Henry, Kt.l621, IL 177 
Campion, William, Kt.l618, II. 169 
Champyon, Richard, Kt.l566, II. 72 
Campion, William, Kt.l644, IL 219 
Chancy, Chauncy, Chauncie 

Chauncy, Henry, Kt.l681, IL 256 
Chancy (Chauncie), Tobie, Kt.l603, II. 

Chancy, William, Kt.l603, II. 125 
Chandee, Philibert de, earl of Bath, Kt. 

1485, II. 22 
Chandos, John, K.B.1306, L 115 
Chandos, John, K.G.1348, I. 2 
Chandos, duke of. See Brydges 
Chandos, lord. See Brydges 
Chandos, marquess of. See Temple- 

Nugent-Brydges, etc. 
Chandos, Roger de, K.B.1306, I. 112 
Chang yen Hoon, G.C.M.G.1897, I. 345 
Channell, Arthur M., Kt.l897, II. 402 
Cliannell, William F., Kt.l857, II. 352 
Chantrey, Francis, Kt.l835, II. 336 
Chao Phya Bhanuwongse, K.C.M.G.1880, 

I. 362 
Chapell (Chappie), William, Kt.l729, II. 

Chapleau, Joseph A., K.C.M.G.1896, 1.381 
Chaplin, Francis, Kt.l670, II. 245 
Chapman, Frederick E., K.C.B.1867, I. 

251; G.C.B.1877, I. 197 
Chapman, John, Kt.l618, 11.169 
Chapman, John, Kt.l678, II. 253 

Cliapman, John, Kt.l823, II. 324 
Chapman, Peter, Kt.l617, II. 167 
Chapman, Stephen R., K.H.1817, I. 463; 
K.C.H.1831,1.457; Kt.l831, 11.330 
Chapman, Thomas, Kt.l780, II. 296 
Chapman, William, Kt.l714, II. 279 
Chardin, John, Kt.l682, IL 257 
Charem. See Chater 
Charkhari, Mulkhan Singh, K.C.I.E. 

1902, L411 
Charlemont, earl of (1783). See Caul- 
field, J. 
Charles I., K.B.1605, 1.156; K.G.1611, 

Charles IL, Kt.l638, IL 205 ; K.B.1638, 

I. 163; K.G.1638, L 33 

Charles, prince, K.G., Jacobite, 1742, 
footnote I. 38; K.T., Jacobite, 1742, 
footnote I. 75 
Charles, Arthur, Kt.l887, II. 384 
Charleton, Charlton, Carlton, and 
see Carleton, Cherleton 
Charleton, Edward, K.H.1836, I. 474 
Charlton, Job, Kt.l662, I. 236 
Charleton, Richard, K.B.(1475), I. 136 
Charleton, Robert, K.B.1389, I. 127 
Carlton (Charlton), Thomas, Kt.l630, 

II. 198 

Charley, William T., Kt.l880, II. 371 
Charner, Leonard V. J., K.C.B.1857, I. 

Cliarnock, Robert, Kt.l619, IL 173 
Chase, Richard, Kt.l744, II. 286 
Chastillion, Jean de Foix, vicomte de, 

K.G.1446, I. 12 
Chater, Catchick P., Kt.l902, II. 412 
Chater (Chator, Charem), William, Kt. 

1617, II. 162 
Chatham, earl of. See Pitt 
Chatterton, James C, K.H.1832, 1.467; 

K.C.B.1862, L247; G.C.B.1873, L 

Chaulke. See Chalk 
Chaworth, Christopher de, Kt.l347, II.9 
Chaworth, Gaorge, Kt.l584, 11.82 
Chaworth, George, Kt.l605, IL 138 
Chaworth, George, Kt.l608, IL 146 
Chaworth, John, Kt.l533, II. 49 
Chaworth, Richard, Kt.l663, II. 239 



Chaworth, Thomas de, K.B.1306, I. 121 
Cheape, John, K.C.B.1840, I. 238; G.C.B. 

1865, I. 194 
Chebborne. See CUibborne 
Chedle, Roger de, K.B.1306, I. 120 
Chedle (Cheddle), Thomas, Kt.l644, II. 

Cheek. See Cheke 
Cheere, Henry, Kt.l760, 11.289 
Cheetwood. See Chetwood 

Cheke, Cheek 

Cheek, Hatton, Kt.l603, II. 106 
Cheke, John. Kt.l549, II. 65 
Cheek, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 105 
Chelmsford, lord. See Thesiger 
Chenow, Connor, king of, K.B.1394, I. 

Clierif, Pasha, G.C.S.I.1878, 1.311 
Cherleton, Edward, lord Cherleton, 

K.G.1407-8, 1.8 
Cliermside, Herbert C, K.C.M.G.1897, 

I. 383; G.C.M.G.1899, I. 346 
Chermside, Robert A., K.H.1831, I. 465; 

Kt.l835, 11.336 
Chernstone, John de, K.B.1327, I. 124 
Cherry, Francis, Kt.l604, II. 134 
Chesham, lord. See Cavendish 
Cheshire, John, Kt.l713, II. 278 
Cliesnall. See Chisnall 
Chesney, George T., K.C.B.1890, I. 263 
Chester, Anthony, Kt.l603, II. Ill 
Chester, Edward, Kt.l643, II. 215 
Chester, Henry, K.B.1661, I. 166 
Chester, Robert, Kt.l603, II. 118 
Chestre, Robert, Kt.l549, II. 65 
Chester, Robert, Kt.l603, II. 123 
Chester, Robert, Kt.l818, II. 320 
Chester, William, Kt.l557, II. 70 
Chester. See Chichester 
Chesterfield, earl of. See Stanhope 
Chetham (afterwards Chetham-Strode), 

Edward, Kt.l837, 11.338; K.C.H. 

1837, 1.462; K.C.B.1845, 1.238 
Chetwood (Cheetwood), Richard, Kt.l603, 

II. Ill 

Chetwynd, George, Kt.l787, II. 300 
Chetwynd, Walter, Kt.l604, II. 134 
Chetwynd, William, Kt.l604, II. 134 

Chetwynd-Talbot, Charles C, earl Talbot, 

Grand Master K.P.1817, I. 93; K.P. 

1821,1.99; K.G.1844, I. 57 
Chetwynd-Talbot, Wellington P. M., 

K.C.B.1897, I. 295 
Chevedon (Chiverton), Richard, Kt.l678, 

II. 224 
Chevers, Cliristopher, Kt.l556, II. 69 
Chevers, Walter, Kt.l541, II. 52. 
Chevreuse, Claude de Lorraine, due de, 

K.G.1625, 1.32 
Chewte. See Chute 
Cheyffelde, Robert, Kt.l529, II. 47 

Chetne, Cheney, Cheynt, Cheint, 

Cheinet, Ciietney, Shetne, Chbnay 
Cheyney, Francis, K.B.1509, II. 148 
Cheyney, Francis, Kt.l603, II. Ill 
Cheyney, Henry, Kt.l563, II. 71 
Cheyney, Henry, Kt.l606, II. 140 
Cheyney, John, son of, Kt.l409, II. 11 
Cheney, John, K.B.(1465), II. 135 
Cheney (Cheiny), John, Kt.l485, 11.22 
Cheyne, John, lord Cheyne, K.G.1486, 

I. 17 
Cheyney, John, Kt.l487, II. 24 
Cheyne, John, Kt.l897, II. 402 
Clieiney, Robert, Kt.l487, II. 25 
Cheyney, Thomas, K.G.I 539, I. 22 
Cheney, Thomas, K.B.(1489), II. 143 
Cheney, Thomas (John), Kt.l608, II. 

Cheyney (Sheyne, Cheyne), William, 

K.B.(1426),I. 132 
Cheyney, William, K.B.1327, I. 124 
Cheney William, K.B.(1483), I. 140 

Chibborne (Chyborn, Cliebborne), Charles 

Kt.l619, II. 171 
Chicele-PIowden, Trevor J. C, K.C.S.I. 

1898, I. 326 
Chicheley, Thomas, Kt.l670, II. 244 
Chichester, Arthur, Kt.l596, 11.93 
Chichester, Arthur, Kt.l660, II. 231 
Chichester, Charles, Kt.l840, II. 343 
Chichester, earl of. See Leigh 
Chichester, Edward, Kt.l616, II. 158 
Chichester, George A., marquess of 

Donegall, K.P.1821, L 99 



Chichester, George H., marquess of 

Donegall, G.C.H.1831, I. 451 ; K.P. 

1857, I. 102 
Chichester, John, Kt.l553, II. 67 
Chichester, John, Kt.1580, 11.80 
Chichester, John, Kt.l597, II. 94 
Chichester, John, Kt.l625, II. 189 
Chichester, Robert, K.B.I 603, I. 154 
Chichester (Chester), Robert, Kt.l603, 

II. 118 
Chichester, Thomas, Kt.l607, II. 143 
Chichley, Henry, Kt.l645, II. 219 
Chichley, Thomas, Kt.l607, II. 142 
Chidioke, John, K.B.(1426), I. 132 
Chidley. See Chudleigh 
Cliiesley, John, Kt.l646, II. 221 
Chiffinch, William, Kt.l676, II. 251 
Child, Francis, Kt.l689, II. 265 
Child, Francis, Kt.l732, II. 284 
Child, Josiah, Kt.l692, II. 267 
Child, Lacon W., Kt.l673, II. 248 
Child, Robert, Kt.l714, II. 279 
Child, William, Kt.l661, II. 234 
Child-Villiers, George, earl of Jersey, 

G.C.H.1834, I. 452 
Child-Villiers, Victor A. G., earl of 

Jersey, G.C.M.G.1890, I. 342 ; G.C.B. 

1900, I. 215 
Chirkingham, Walter de, Kt.l347, II. 9 
Chisnall (Chesnall, Cliesenall), Edward, 

Kt.l671, 11.245 
Chisselme (Chishealnie), James, Kt.l619, 

II. 172 
Chitty, Joseph W., Kt.l881, II. 373 
Chitty, Thomas, Kt.l759, II. 289 
Chiverton, Richard, Kt.l663, 11.239 
Chiverton. See Chevedon 
Chock, Choke, Chooke, Cheoke 

Cliock (Choke), Francis, Kt.l643, II. 

Chooke or Cheoke, John (William), 

K.B.(1494), I. 144 
Choke, Richard, K.B.(1465), I. 134 


Cholinondeley, George, earl of Chol- 
mondeley, K.B.1725, I. 167 


Cholmondeley, George J., marquess of 
Cholmondeley, G.C.H.1816, 1.448; 
K.G.1822, 1.52 
Cholmley, Henry, Kt.l603, II. 101, 120 
Cholmley, Henry, Kt.l641, 11.211 
Cholmley, Hugh, Kt.l544, II. 54 
Cholmeley, Hugh, Kt.l587, II. 86 
Cliolmondeley, Hugh, Kt.l626, II. 190 
Cholmondeley, Richard, Kt.l497, II. 32 
Chomley, Richard, Kt.l544, II. 55 
Cholmley, Richard, Kt.l603, II. 113 
Chomley, Richard (Henry), Kt.l643, 

216, 218 
Cholmeley, Roger, Kt.l538, II. 51 
Choloniewski-Myszka, count Edouard, 

K.C.V.O.1903, I. 441 
Chowne, George, Kt.l603, 11.117 
Cliristie, Archibald, K.H.1817, 1.463; 
Kt.l820, II. 321 ; K.C.H.1831, 1.457 
Christie, William H. M., K.C.B.1904, I. 

Christofero, Don, Kt.l596, II. 92 
Christian, Hugh C, K.B.1796, I. 174 
Christopher, Robert, Kt. 166 1-2, II. 236 
Chubb, George H., Kt.l885, II. 377 
Chudleigh, Chidley 

Chidley (Chidleigh), John, Kt.l625, II. 

Chudlev, Roger (Richard), Kt.l553, II. 
Church, Richard, Kt.l822, 11.323; 
K.C.H.1822, 1.455; G.C.H.1837, I 
Church, William S., K.C.B.1902, I. 299 
Churchill, John, Kt.l670, II. 244 
Churchill, John, duke of Marlborough, 

K.G.1701-2, I. 40 
Cliurchill, Winston, Kt.l664, IT. 239 
Churchill, viscount. See Spencer 
Churchman, John, Kt.l683, II. 258 
Churchman, Tliomas, Kt.l761, II. 290 
Chute, Chewte 

Cliewte, George, Kt.l608, II. 146 
Chute, George. Kt.l660, II. 229 
Cliute, Trevor, K.C.B.1867, I. 251 
Chute, Walter, Kt.l603, II. 103 
Ciantnr-Paloologo, Serafino Georgio, 
count, K.C.M.G.1882, 1.364 



Cipriani, Henry, Kt.l831, II. 330 

Clackson. See Claxton 

Clahull, Robert de, Kt.(1312), preface to 

Irish Kuts II. Iviii. 
Clanbrassill, earl of. See Hamilton 
Clancartj, earl of. See Le-Poer Trench 
Clanrickarde, earl and marquess of. See 

De Burgh 
Clanvowe, Thomas, Kt.l399, II. 11 
Clanwilliam, earl of. See Meade 
Clapham, Christopher, Kt.l660, II. 228 
Clapham, Sheffield (John), Kt.l625, II. 


Clabe, Cleere, Clears, Clere, Cleir, 
Clare, earl of. See FitzGibbon 
Cleere, Edward, Kt.l578, II. 79 
Cleare, Edward, Kt.l603, II. 104 
Cleer (Cleare), Francis, Kt..l603, II. 121 
Clare, Francis, Kt.l604, II. 136 
Clare, Gilbert de, K.B.1306, II. Ill 
Clare (Cleere), Henry, Kt.l603, II. 106 
Clare, Michael B., Kt.l822, II. 324 
Clere, Robert, K.B.(1494), I. 144 
Cleir (Clere), Thomas, Kt.l544, II. 55 
Clarence, Albert V. C. E., duke of, E.G. 

1883,1.67; K.P.1887, I. 105 
Clarence, George, duke of, K.B.(1461), I. 

133; K.G.1461, I. 14 
Clarence, Lionel, duke of, K.G.1360, I. 3 
Clarence, Thomas, duke of, K.B.1399, I. 

127; K.G.1399, 1.7 
Clarendon, earl of. See Hyde; see 

Clarges, Richard G. H., K.C.B.1856, I. 

Clarges, Thomas, Kt.l660, II. 225 
Claridge, John T., Kt.l825, II. 325 
Clark. See Clerk 

Claverhouse, Richard, Kt.l900, 11.408 
Clavering, John, Kt.l614, II. 154 
Clavering, John, K.B.1776, I. 172 

Claxton, Clackson 

Claxton, John (Edward), Kt.l603, II. 

Claxton (Qackson), William, Kt.l702, 
II. 272 
Clay, John, Kt.l471, II. 14 

Clayborne (Cleyborne), Edward, Kt. 

1603, II. 123 
Clatpole, Clatpoole 

Claypoole, John, Kt.l604, II. 133 
Claypole, John, Kt.l657, II. 223 
Clayton, Cletton 

Clayton, Jasper, Kt.l660, II. 229 
Clayton, John, Kt.l664, II. 240 
Clayton, Oscar M. P., Kt.l882, II. 374 
Cleyton, Randall, Kt.l622, II. 178 
Clayton, Robert, Kt.l671, II. 246 
Clayton, Thomas, Kt.l661, II. 233 
Cleare, Cleere, Clere, Cleir, Cleer. See 

Cleasby, Anthony, Kt.l868, 11.360 
Cleaver, Charles, Kt.l660, II. 227 
Clement, Richard, Kt.l529, II. 48 
Clements, Nathaniel, earl of Leitrim, 

K.P.I 83 4, I. 100 
Clenck, John, Kt.l660, II. 231 
Clerk, Clerke, Clark, Clarke 
Clerk, Alex., Kt.l633, II. Ixii. 
Clerke, Alexander, K.H.1836, 1.474 
Clark (afterwards Clark-Kennedy), 

Alexander K., K.H.1831, I. 466 
Clarke, Alured, K.B.1797, 1.175; 

G.C.B.1815, I. 180 
Clarke, Andrew, K.H.1837, I. 477 
Clarke, Andrew, K.C.M.G.1873, 1. 356 ; 

G.C.M.G.1885, I. 340 
Clarke, Arthur, Kt.l811, II. 310 
Clark, Bouverie F., K.C.B.1900, 1.272 
Clarke, Campbell, Kt.l897, 11.399 
Clarke, Caspar P., Kt.l902, 11.411 
Clarke, Charles M., K.C.B.1896, 1. 267 ; 
G.C.B.1900, 1.203; G.C.V.O.1903, 
Clerk, Edward, Kt.l625, II. 188 
Clark, Edward, Kt.l627, II. 192 
Clark, Edward, Kt.l646, II. 221 
Clark, Edward, Kt.l689, II. 265 
Clarke, Edward G., Kt.l886, 11.380 
Clarke, Ernest, Kt.l898, II. 402 
Clarke, Fielding, Kt.l894, 11.392 
Clarke, Francis, Kt.l608, II. 144 
Clarke, Francis, Kt.l624, II. 185 
Clark, Francis, Kt.l627, II. 191 
Clarke, Francis, Kt.l660, II. 227 
Clarke, Francis, Kt.l665, II. 241 




Clark, George, Kt.l641, II. 211 
Clerke, George R., K.C.B.1848, I. 277 ; 

K.S.I.1861, 1.306; G.C.S.I.1866, I. 

Clarke, George S., K.C.M.G.1893, 1. 378 
Clerke (Clark), Gilbert, Kt.l671, II. 24.0 
Clerk, Godfrey, K.C.V.O.(1902), I. 435 
aarke, Henry, Kt.l615, II. 156 
Clarke, James, Kt.l681, II. 256 
Clarke, James, Kt.l708, II. 276 
Clark, James, K.C.B.1866, I. 284 
Clerke, John, Kt.l529, 11.47 
Clarke, John, Kt.l619, II. 172 
Clerke, John, Kt.l684, 11.260 
Clerke, John, Kt.l772, II. 293 
Clarke, John, K.H.1833, 1.469; K.H. 

1837, I. 477 
Oarke, Justinian, Kt.l608, II. 146 
Clarke, Marshall J., K.C.M.G.1886, I. 

Clarke, Robert, Kt.l578, II. 79 
Clark, Robert, Kt.l603, II. 114 
Clarke, Robert, Kt.l613, II. 153 
Clarke, Robert, Kt.l684, II. 260 
Clarke, Robert B., Kt.l840, II. 342 
Clerke, Rowland, Kt.l547, II. 62 
Clarke, Rowland, Kt.l578, II. 79 
Clerke, St. John A., K.H.1832, I. 466 
Clarke, Samuel, Kt.l673, II. 248 
Clarke, Samuel, Kt.l712, II. 277 
Clarke, Stanley de A. C, K.C.V.O. 

(1897), 1.432; G.C.V.O.1902, 1.420 
Clarke, Thomas, Kt.l618, II. 170 
Clerk, Thomas, Kt.l706, II. 275 
Clarke, Thomas, Kt.l754, II. 288 
Clerke, Tliomas H. S.,K.H.1831, 1.466 
Clarke, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 116, 119 
Clerk, William le, K.B.1305, I. Ill 
Clarke, William, Kt.l578, II. 79 
Clarke, William, Kt.l594, 11.91 
Clark, William, Kt.l642, 11.213 
Clarke, William, Kt.l792, 11.301 
Clark, William 0., Kt..l903, II. 414 
Clark, William S., Kt.l840, II. 342 
Clerk-Rattray, James, K.C.B.1897, 1.267 
Clermont, baron. See Parkinson- 

Clermont, earl of. See Fortescue 

Clervaux, Richard, Kt.l487, II. 26 
Clery, Cornelius F., K.C.B.1899, I. 271 ; 

K.C.M.G.1901, I. 389 
Clethero. See Clitherow 
Cleve, Cleive, Cleeve. See Clive 
Cleveland, duke of. See Fitzroy; see 

Cleveland, earl of. See Wentworth 
Cleveland, Robert, Kt.l603, II. 109 
Clifford, Cltffordb, Cltford 

Clifford, Alexander, Kt.l596, II. 92 
Clifford, Augustus, Kt.l830, II. 329 
Clifford, Charles, Kt.l858, II. 353 
Clifford, Conyers, Kt.1591, II. 88 
Clifford Francis, earl of Cumberland, 

K.B.1605, I. 157 
Clifford, George, earl of Cumberland, 

Kt.l588, II. 87 ; K.G.1592, I. 28 
Clifford, Henry, 10th lord Clyfford, 

K.B.(1494), i. 144 
Clyfford, Henry, earl of Cumberland, 

K.B.1509, I. 148 
Clyfforde, Henry, Kt.l513, II. 36 
Clifford, Henrv, earl of Cumberland, 

K.B.1533, I.'l49; K.G. 1537, I. 22 
Clifford, Henry, earl of Cumberland, 

Clifford, Henry H., K.C.M.G.1879, I. 

Clvfforde, Ingram, Kt.l545, 11.56 
Clifford, John de, lord de Clifford, 

K.G.1421, I. 10 
Clifford, lord [John] Kt.l460, TI. 12 
Clifford, John, K.B.(146.5), I. 135 
Clifford, Lewis, K.G. 1377, I. 5 
Clifford, Miller, K.H.1836. I. 473 
Clifford, Nicholas, Kt.1591, TI. 89 
Clifford. Richard, Kt.l603, II. 101 
Clvfford, Robert, Kt.l487, II. 24 
Clifford, Roger, Kt.l460, II. 13 
Clyfforde, Thomas, Kt.l523, IT. 43 
Clifton, Cltfton, Clifden, Clivedon 
Clifton, Arthur B., K.C.H.1832, I. 458 ; 
K.C.B.1838, 1.234; G.C.B.1861, I. 
Clifton, Clifford, Kt.l661, IT. 236 
Clvfton, Gervase, Kt.l483. II. 21 
CIvfton, Gervase [Donys], K.B.(1483), 
I. 140, 141 




Clifton, Gervase, K.B.(U94), I. 144 
Clvfton, Gervase, Kt.l538, II. 51 
Clifton, Gervase or William, K.B.I 603, 

I. 154 
Clifton, Gilbert (Gervas), Kt.l617, II. 

Cliveden, John de, Kt.l347, II. 8 
Clifton, John, Kt.l574, II. 76 
Clifton, Robert, K.B.1725, I. 168 
Clifden or Clifton, Robert, K.B.(1461), 

I. 133 
Clinton, Cltnton 

Clinton, earl. See Fortescue 
Clinton, Edward, lord Clinton, Kt. 

1544, 11.54 
Clinton, Edward, earl of Lincoln, E.G. 

1551, I. 24 
Clinton, Edward, earl of Lincoln, K.B. 

1661, L 163 
Clinton, Francis, Kt..l661, II. 235 
Clinton, Henry, lord Clinton, K.B. 1553, 

T. 152 
Clinton, Henry, earl of Lincoln, E.G. 

1721, L42 
Clinton, Henry, K.B.1777, I. 172 
Clinton, Henry, K.B.1813, 1.179; 

G.C.B.1815, L182; G.C.H.1816, L 

Clinton, John de, K.B.1306, I. 115 
Clinton, John, lord Clinton, K.B. 1501, 

I. 145 
Clinton, Theophilus, earl of Lincoln, 

K.B.1616, L 159 
Clynton, Thomas, Kt.l513, II. 40 
Clinton, William Henry, G.C.B.1815, 

I. 183 

Clitheroe (Clethero), Christopher, Kt. 

1637, 11.205 
Clive, Clyvb, Clbive, Clebvb, Cleve 
Cleve (Cleive), Christopher, Kt.l605, 

II. 137 

Clive, Edward, Kt.l753, II. 288 
Cleeve, Frederick, K.C.B.1902, I. 274 
Clyve, George, Kt.l588, II. 86 
Clive, Robert, lord Clive, K.B. 1754, I. 

Cleeve, Thomas H., Kt.l900, II. 407 
Clivedon. See Clifton 

Clobery, John, Kt..l660, II. 227 
Cloete, Abraham J., K.H.1836, 1.475; 
Kt.l854, IL 350; K.C.B.1862, I. 248 
Clonbrock, baron. See Dillon 
Clopton, Hugh, Kt. 1733 I. 284 
Clopton, John, K.B.(1483), I. 139 
Clopton, John, Kt.l662, II. 237 
Clopton, Walter, K.B. 1389, I. 127 
Clopton, William, Kt.l501, 11.33 
Clopton, William, Kt.l614, II. 154 
Clotworthy, Hugh, Kt.l618, II. 167 
Clotworthj^ John, Kt.l626, II. 191 
Clovell, William, Kt.l599, II. 97 
Clowes, William L., Kt.l902, II. 411 
Clutterbuck, Thomas, Kt.l669, II. 243 
Clutterbuck, William, Kt.l683, II. 259 
Clux, Hertong von, K.G.I 421, I. 10 
Clyde, lord. See Campbell 

Coats, Cotes, Coote, Coots 
Cotes, John, Kt.l542, II. 54 
Cotes (Coote), Nicholas, Kt.l603, II. 

Cotes (Coots), Raphael, Kt.l682, II. 257 
Coats, Peter, Kt.l869, II. 361 

CoBBE, Cob, Cobb 

Cobbe, Alexander H., K.C.B.1898, I. 

Cob, Francis, Kt.l642, II. 213 
Cobb, James, Kt.l644, II. 218 
Cob, William, Kt.l603, II. 121 
Cobbe, William, Kt.l624, II. 184 
Cobb, William, Kt.l661, II. 232 
Cobham, George, Kt.l523, II. 45 
Cobham, lord. See Brooke 
Cobham, Reginald de, lord Cobham, 

K.G.1352, L 2 
Cobham, Reginald, K.B.(1426), I. 131 
Cobham, Stephen de, K.B.1306, I. 116 
Cobham, Tliomas, lord, Kt.l513, II. 38 
Cobham, William, Kt.l548, II. 63 
Cobham, William, Kt.l605, II. 138 
Cochin, rajah of, K.C.S.I.1869, I. 318 
Cochin, Rama Varma, of, K.C.S.I.1897, 

L326; G.C.S.I.1903, L 314 
Cochin, Vinakerala, of, K.C.I.E.1888, I. 

Cochrane, Alexander F. I., K.B.1806, I. 
176; G.C.B.1815, L 180 



Cochrane, Arthur A. L. P., K.C.B.1889, 

Cochrane, Henry, Kt.l887, II. 383 
Cochrane, James, Kt.l845, II. 346 
Cochrane, Thomas, lord Cochrane, Kt. 

1809, II. 309 
Cochrane, Thomas, earl of Dundonald, 

K.B.1809, I. 177; G.C.B.1847, I. 190 
Cochrane, Thomas J., Kt.l812, II. 311 
Cochrane, Thomas J., Kt.l825, 11.325; 

K.C.B.1847, 1.238; G.C.B.1860, I. 

Cochraine-Baillie, Charles W. A. N. R., 

lord Lamington, K.C.M.G.1895, I. 

381 ; G.C.M.G.1900, I. 346; G.C.I.E. 

1903, I. 404 
Cock, Henry, Kt.l577, II. 78 
Cock, Henrv, Kt.l603, 11. 127 
Cock, Eobert, Kt.l625, II. 190 


Cockayn, Edmond, Kt.l603, II. 102 
Cokayn, Thomas, Kt.l513, II. 42 
Cokin (Coker, Cokeyn), Thomas, Kt. 

1544, II. 55 
Cockaine, William, Kt.l616, II. 158 
Cockburn, Alexander J. E., Kt.l850, II. 

348; G.C.B.1873, 1.210 
Cockburn, Francis, Kt.l841, II. 344 
Cockburn, Geo., Kt.l633, II. Ixii. 
Cockburn, George, K.C.B.1815, 1.220; 

G.C.B.1818, I. 184 
Cockburn, George, K.C.H.1821, 1.455; 

Kt.l831, II. 331 ; G.C.H.1831, I. 451 
Cockburn, James, K.C.H.1831, 1.457; 

G.C.H.1835, I. 453 
Cockburn, John A., K.C.M.G.1900, I. 387 
Cockett, Edmond, Kt.l613, II. 153 
Cockle, James, Kt.l869, II. 361 
Cocks. See Cox 

Codington, John de, Kt.l347, II. 9 
Codony, Henry, Kt.l665, 11.241 
Codrington, Edward, K.C.B.1815, 1. 221 . 

G.C.M.G.1827, 1.332; G.C.B.1827,' 

I. 185 
Codrington, Henry J., K.C.B.1867, I. 250 
Codrington, William J., K.C.B.1855, I. 

240; G.C.B.1865, I. 194 
Cocll. See Cowell 

Coey, Edward, Kt.l861, II. 356 
Coffin, Edward P., Kt.l846, II. 346 
Coffin, Isaac, G.C.H.1832, I. 452 
Coffin, Isaac C, K.C.S.I.1866, I. 316 
Cofiyn, William, Kt.l537, II. 50 
Cogeshale, Jo de, Kt.l336, II. 5 
Coghill, Coell, Coghil. See Cowell 
Coghlan, William M., K.C.B.1864, I. 283 
Coidan, Pietro, K.C.M.G.1825, I. 351 ; 

G.C.M.G.1840, I. 334 
Coimbra, Peter, duke of, K.G.I 427, I. 11 
Cokayn. See Cockaine 
Coke, Cooke, Cook, Cookes 

Cook, Anthony, K.B.1547, I. 151 
Cooke, Anthony, Kt.l596, II. 92 
Cooke, Charles, Kt.l717, II. 281 
Coke, Edward, Kt.l603, II. 110 
Cooke (Coke), Edward, Kt.l603, II. 115 
Cooke, Francis, Kt.l611, II. 151 
Cook, Francis, Kt.l619, II. 173 
Cooke, George, Kt.l715, II. 280 
Cooke, George, K.C.B.1815, I. 228 
Cook, Henry, Kt.l904, II. 419 
Cooke, Henry F., K.C.H.1821, 1.455; 

Kt.l825, II. 325 
Cook, John, Kt.l624, II. 187 
Coke, John, Kt.l633, 11.201 
Cooke, John, Kt.l701, 11.272 
Coke, John, K.C.B.1881, 1.258 
Cooke, John H., Kt.l867, II. 359 
Cooke, Miles, Kt.l674, II. 249 
Cooke, Philippe, Kt.l497, II. 30 
Cook, Richard, Kt.l603, II. 129 
Cook, Robert, Kt.l607, II. 144 
Cook, Robert, Kt.l621, II. 177 
Cooke, Samuel, Kt.l713, II. 278 
Cooke, Thomas, K.B.(1465), I. 135 
Cook, Thomas, Kt.l690, II. 266 
Coke, Thomas, earl of Leicester, K.B. 

1725, I. 168 
Coke, Thomas W., earl of Leicester, 

K.G.I 873, L 65 
Coke, Walsingham, Kt.l630, II. 193 
Cooke, William. Kt.l603, II. 104 
Coke, William. Kt.l815, IL 316 
Cooke, William F.. Kt.l869, II. 361 
Cookes, Thomas, Kt.l662. II. 236 
Coker. Reginald de, K.B. 1253, I. 110 
Coker, Tliomaa, Kt.l544, II. 55 




Cokesy, Hugh, Kt.(1419), II. Ix. 
Cokesay, Thomas, K.B.(1485), I. 142 
Cokesey, alias Grevell, Thomas, Kt. 

1487, II. 24 
Colawarth. See Cosworth 
Colbatch, John, Kt.l716, I. 281 
Colborne, Francis, K.C.B.1876, I. 255 
Colborne, John, lord Seaton, K.C.B.1815, 

1.224; G.C.H.1836, 1.453; G.C.B. 

1838, 1. 188; G.C.M.G.1843, I. 334 
Colby, Huntingdon, Kt.l616, II. 160 
Colchester, Buncombe, Kt.l674, II. 249 
Colclough, Anthony, Kt.l582, II. 81 
Cole, Christopher, Kt.l812, 11.311; 

K.C.B.1815, I. 222 
Cole, Galbraith, L., K.B.1813, 1.179; 

G.C.B. 1815, I. 181 
Cole, Henry, K.C.B.1875, I. 285 
Cole, John W., earl of Enniskillen, K.P. 

1810, 1.98 
Cole, Lowry E., earl of Enniskillen, K.P. 

1902, I. 106 

Cole, Michael, Kt.l673, II. 248 
Cole, Nicholas, Kt..l641, II. 208 
Cole, Robert, Kt.l671, II. 245 
Cole, Thomas, Kt.l706, II. 275 
Cole, William, Kt. 1617, II. 166 
Cole (Coles), William, Kt.l694, II. 268 
Cole, William J., K.H.I 837, I. 476 
Colebrooke, H. C, K.H.1833, I. 469 
Colebrooke, William M. G., K.H.1834, I. 

471; Kt.l837, 11.338 
Coleclough, Thomas, Kt.l591, II. 89 
Colepeper. See Culpeper 
Coleridge, John D., Kt.l868, II. 360 
Coleridge, John T, Kt.l835, II. 337 
Coles, Jenkin, K.C.M.G.1894, I. 379 
Coles. See Cole 
Colet. See Collett 
Colgrave, George, Kt., Jacobite, 1710, 

footnote, II. 266 
Coll, Patrick, Kt.l896, 11.396; K.C.B. 

1903, I. 301 


Colladon, John, Kt.l664, II. 240 
Collydon, Theodore, Kt.l700, II. 271 
Collard, George, Kt.l903, II. 414 

Collen, Edwin H. H., K.C.I.E.1893, 1. 407 ; 

G.C.I.E.1901, I. 403 
Collett, Colet 

Colet, Henry, K.B.(1483), I. 140 
Collett, Henry, Kt.l486, II. 23 
Collett, Henry, K.C.B.1891, I. 264 
Collett, James, Kt.l697, II. 270 
Colley, Anthony, Kt.l621, II. 177 
Colley, George, Kt.l593, II. 90 
Colley, George P., K.C.S.I.1879, I. 322 
Colley (Coulke), Henry, Kt.l576, II. 77 
Colley, William, Kt.l615, II. 156 
Collier, Collter, and see Colyear 
Collier, Edward, K.C.B.1S65, I. 250 
Collier, Francis A., Kt.l830, 11.329; 

K.C.H.1833, I. 459 
Collier, George, Kt.l775, II. 294 
Collier, George R., Kt.l807, 11.308; 

K.C.B.1815, I. 222 
Collier, Robert P., Kt.l863, II. 357 
Collyer, William, Kt.l584, 11.83 
Collingbourne, Cuthbert, Kt.l570, II. 75 
Collins, Collings 

Collins, Arthur J. H., Kt.l885, II. 378 
Collins, John, Kt.l681, II. 256 
Collins, John, Kt.l783, II. 298 
Collins, Richard H., Kt.l891, II. 389 
Collins, Robert H., K.C.B.1884, 1. 288 ; 

K.C.V.O.(1904), I. 437 
Collings, William, Kt.l838, II. 340 
Collins, William, Kt.l881, II. 373 
Collins, William J., Kt.l902, II. 411 
Collinson, Richard, K.C.B.1875, I. 255 
Collonel. See Coronel 
Collymore, John, Kt.l604, II. 130 
Colnaghi, Dominic E., Kt.l888, II. 384 
Colne, Baldwin de, K.B.I 306, I. 120 
Colomb, John C. R., K.C.M.G.1888, 1.373 
Colonna. See Sonnino 
Colpoys, John, K.B.1798, 1.175; G.C.B. 

1815, I. 180 
Colpoys, Edward G., K.C.B.1831, I. 230 
Colquhoun, Patrick M. de, Kt.l861, II. 

Colquhoun, Robert G., K.C.B.1865, 1. 283 
Colston, Joseph, Kt.l669, II. 243 
Colt, George, Kt.l578, II. 78 
Colt,Henry, Kt.l605, II. 137 
Colt (Coult), John, Kt.l633, II. 200 



Colt, William D., Kt.l684, 11.260 
Coltman, Thomas, Kt.18.37, 11.338 
Colton, John, K.C.M.G.1892, I. 377 


Colville, Charles, K.C.B.1815, 1.219; 

G.C.B.1815, 1.183; G.C.H.1816, I. 


Colville, Charles H., Kt.l812, 11.311 

Colville, Charles J., viscount Colville, 

K.T.1S74, 1. 86 ; G.C.V.0.1896, 1. 417 

Coleville, Geoffry de, K.B.1306, I. 118 

Colville, Henry E., K.C.M.G.1895, I. 

Colvile, James W., Kt.l848, 11. 347 
Colvile, John (James), Kt.l607, II. 144 
Colvill, Robert, Kt.l676, 11.251 
Colville, William J., K.C.V.O.(1896), 
Colvin, Auckland, K.C.M.G.1881, I. 364; 

K.C.S.I.1892, I. 324 
Colvin, Walter M., Kt.l904, II. 417 
Colvin-Smith, Colvin, K.C.B.1903, I. 276 
Colyear, Charles, earl of Portmore, K.T. 

1732, I. 77 
Colyear, David, earl of Portmore, K.T. 

1712-3, 1.76 
Colyngwod, Robert, Kt.l513, II. 38 
Combarieu, Abel, G.C.V.0.1903, I. 427 
Combermere, viscount. See Cotton 
Combes, Combe 

Combes, Emile, G.C.V.O.1903, I. 427 
Combes, John, Kt. 169.5, II. 268 
Combe, Richard, Kt.l656, II. 223, 233 
Commerell, John E., K.C.B.1874, I. 254; 

G.C.B.1887, I. 199 
Compton, Charles, Kt.l843, II. 217 
Compton, Francis, Kt.l661, II. 236 
Compton, (Corupton), Henvv, Kt.l567, 

II. 73 
Compton, Henry, K.B.I 603, I. 154 
Compton, Herbert A. D., Kt.l831, II. 330 
Compton, John, Kt.l622, II. 180 
Compton, John W., Kt.l816, II. 317 
Compton, Spencer, earl of Nortliampton, 

K.B.1616, 1. 160 
Compton, Spencer, Kt.l643, II. 217 
Compton, Spencer, earl of Wilminfjton, 

K.B.I 725, I. 167 ; K.G.I 733, I. 43 
Compton, Tliomas, Kt.l603, II. Ill 

Compton, William, Kt.l643, II. 217 
Compton, William, Kt.l513, 11.39, 42 | 
Compton, William, earl of Northampton, : 
K.B.1605, I. 156; K.G.1628, 1.32 | 
Compton, William, marquess of North- 
ampton, K.G.1885, I. 67 \ 
Compton. See Crompton j 
Comuto, Antonio count, G.C.M.G.1818, I. '■ 
331 i 


Comyn, John, K.B.1306, I. 117 i 

Comyns, Jolm, Kt.l726, II. 283 

Comyn, Nicholas, Kt.l650, II. 221 

Comyn, Robert B., Kt.l825, II. 325 ! 

Conant, Nathaniel, Kt.l813, TI. 313 ; 

Condari,Angiolo,C.M.G.(1822),I.xxviii. ; | 

K.C.M.G.1825, I. 351 ; G.C.M.G.1832, I 

1. 333 i 

Conesby. See Coningsby | 

Congreve, William, K.C.H.1816, I. 454 i 

Coningham. See Cunningham '; 


CoNiNGSBT, Conesby, Coningesbt, ] 



Coningesby, Francis, Kt.l616, II. 159 J 

Coningesby, Henry, Kt.l585, II. 83 \ 

Coningsby, Henry, Kt. 1660, II. 227 ■ 

Conisby, Humfrey, Kt.l603, II. 104 i 

Connisby, Philip', Kt.l603, II. 121 \ 

Conesbie, Ralph, Kt.l603, II. 101 , 

Cunnisby, Richard, Kt.l603, II. 114 I 

Conisbye, Tliomas, Kt.l591, II. 89 j 

Connal, Michael, Kt.l885, 11.377 \ 

Conna^ught, Arthur W. P. A., duke of, ' 

K.G.1867, 1.64; K.P.1869, 1.103; ; 

K.T.1869, 1.86: G.C.M.G.1870, I. ) 

336; G.C.S.I.1877, 1.311; G.C.I.E. i 

1887, 1.401; G.C.V.0.1896. 1.417; ' 

K.C.B.1890, 1.263; G.C.B.1898, I. I 

202; Grand Master of the Bath ■ 

(1901), I. 109 ; Victorian Chain 1902, 


Connaught, prince Arthur F. P. A. of, ] 

G.C.V.0.1899, I. 418 ;K.G.1902, I. 72 I 

Connell, John, Kt.l820. 11.321 ' 

Connemara, lord. See Bourke ! 

Connisby. See Coningsby ■; 



CoNNT, Cony, Conet, Cunnye, Conney, 

CouNY, and see Conway 
Cony, George, Kt.l661, II. 234 
Coney (Connv, Cunnye), Sutton, Kt. 

Coney (Conney), Tliomas, Kt.l603, II. 

Couny (Cunny), Thomas, Kt.l624, II. 

Coney (Conny), William, Kt.l642, II. 

Connock, Timon, Kt. Jacobite, 1707, 

footnote, II. 266 

Connor, Conner 

Connor, C. C, Kt.l889, II. 386 
Connor, Henry, Kt.l880, II. 371 
Conner, Richard, Kt.l617, II. 161 
Conquest, Edmund, Kt.l603, II. 110, 112 
Conquest, John, K.B.1306, I. 118 
Conquest, Richard, Kt.l603, II. Ill, 124 
Conquest, Richard, Kt.l607, II. 146 
Conroy, John, K.C.H.1827, 1.456; Kt. 

1827, 11.326 
Considine, James, K.H.1832, I. 466 
Constable, Henry, Kt.l586, II. 84 
Constable, Henry, Kt.l604, II. 130 
Constable, John, Kt.l347, II. 9 
Constable, John, Kt.l482, II. 20 
Constable, John, Kt.l504, 11.34 
Constable, John, Kt.l533, II. 49 
Constable, John, Kt.l544, II. 54 
Constable, John, Kt.l553, II. 68 
Constable, John, Kt.l607, II. 143 
Constable, Marmaduke, Kt.l482, II. 20 
Constable, Marmaduke, Kt.l513, II. 37 
Constable, Marmaduke, Kt.l523, 11.44 
Constable, Marmaduke, Kt.l547, II. 62 
Constable, Philip, Kt.l603, II. 100 
Constable, Rafe, Kt.l603, II. 128 
Constable, Robert le, K.B.1306, I. 116 
Constable, Robert, Kt.l497, II. 30 
Constable, Robert (Thomas), Kt.l544, II. 

Constable, Robert, Kt.l570, II. 74 
Constable, Robert, Kt.l599, II. 96 
Constable, Robert, Kt.l701, II. 272 
Constable, Thomas, K.B.1426, I. 132 
Constable, William, Kt.l599, II. 96 

Constable, William, of Carethorp, Kt. 

1513, 11.38 
Constable, William, of Hatfield, Kt.l513, 

Constantino, William, Kt.l668, II. 243 
Conway, Connyb, Conner, and see Conny 
Conway, Edward, Kt.l596, II. 92 
Conway, Edward, Kt.l618, II. 168 
Conway, Fulke, Kt.l599, 11.97 
Conway, Hugh, K.B.(1487), I. 142 
Conway, John, Kt.l560, II. 71 
Conway, John (Thomas), Kt.l603, 11. 

Conway, John, Kt.l604, II. 130 
Conway, Richard, Kt.l547, II. 61 
Conway (Connye, Conner), Richard, 

Kt.l617, II. 161 
Conway, Tliomas, senr., Kt.l624, II. 

Conway, Thomas, junr., Kt.l624, II. 

Conway, William M., Kt.l895, II. 396 


Cognyers, Commbs, Comines 
Conyers, Christopher, Kt.l523, II. 44 
Conyers (Commes, Comines), Edward, 

Kt.l603, II. 104 
Cogniers, George, Kt.l533, II. 49 
Conyers, George, Kt.l604, II. 131 
Coniers (Conyers), Gerard, Kt.l714, 

II. 279 
Conyers, John, K.G.I 483, I. 17 
Conyers, John, 3rd lord Conyers, Kt. 

1544, II. 54 
Conyers, John, Kt.l595, II. 91 
Conyers, John, Kt.l603, II. 100 
Conyers, John, Kt.l624, II. 185 
Conyers, Ralph, Kt.l617, II. 163 
Coigners, Richard, Kt.l482, II. 20 
Cognyers (Connyers), William, Kt. 
1497, 11.31 
Conyngham. See Cunningham 
Conysby. See Coningsby 
Cooch Behar, Nripendra, of, G.C.I.E. 

1888, I. 401 
Cooche, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 127 
Coode, John, Kt.l872, 11.363; K.C.M.G. 

1886, 1.368 
Coode, John Henry, K.C.B.1855, I. 241 



Cook, Cooke, Cookes. See Coke 
Cookson, Charles A., K.C.M.G.1888, 1. 373 
Cooper. See Cowper 
Coorden. See Carden 
Coote, Charles, Kt.l616, II. 160 
Coote, Charles, Kt.l626, II. 190 
Coote, Charles, Kt.l660, II. 228 
Coote, Charles, 5th earl of Bellamont, 
K.B.1764, 1.171; Kt.l764, 11.292 
Coote, Eyre, K.B.1770, I. 171 
Coote, Eyre, K.B.1802, 1.175; G.C.B. 

1815, I. 180 
Coote, Eyre, Kt.l903, II. 415 
Coote, Phillips, Kt.l680, II. 255 
Coote. See Coats 
Coots. See Coats 
Cope, Coape 

Cope, Anthony, Kt.l547, II. 63 
Cope, Anthony, Kt.l591 (1592), I. 88 
Cope, Edward, Kt.l605, II. 138 
Cope, John, Kt.l696, II. 269 
Cope, John, K.B.1743, I. 169 
Cope, Walter, Kt.l603, II. 102 
Cope (Coape), William, Kt.l603, II. 106 
Copley, John S., Kt.l819, II. 320 
Coppin (Coppen), George, Kt.l603, II. 


Coppinger Ambrose (Henry), Kt.l603, 

II. 117 
Coppinger, John, Kt.l624, II. 187 
Copynger, Rauf, Kt.l547, II. 62 
Coppinger, Walter, Kt.l624, II. 187 

Coppleston, John, Kt.l655, II. 223 

Corbet, Corbett, Courbbt 

Corbet, Andrew, Kt.l547, II. 63 
Corbet, Andrew, Kt.l6l7, II. 165 
Corbet, Edward (Richard), K.B.I 603, 

I. 154 
Courbet, Fouke, Kt.l380, II. 10 
Corbetl, John, K.C.B.1886, I. 260 
Corbet, Miles, Kt.l596, II. 92 
Corbett, Richard, Kt. 1523, 11.45 
Corbett, Richard, Kt.l548, II. 63 
Corbet, Robert, K.B.I 501, I. 145 
Corbet, Roger, K.B.I 306, I. 120 
Corbet, Roger, Kt.l347, II. 8 
Corbet, Roger, K.B.(1465), I. 135 
Corbett, Stuart, K.C.B.1862, 1.247 

Corbet ; 

Corbet, Thomas, K.B.1306, 1.118 

Corbet, Thomas, Kt.l635, II. 204 

Corbet, Vincent, Kt.l607, II. 143 ! 

Corbet, Vincent, Kt.l641, II. 209 \ 

Corbet, William, K.B.1306, I. 115 : 

Corby. See Crosby ■ 

Cordell, John, Kt.l641, 11.211 

Cordell William, Kt.l557, II. 70 j 

Cork, earl of (1835). See Boyle, E. ] 

Cormack, John R., Kt.l872, II. 363 i 

Cormeilles, John de, K.B.1303, I. 110 j 

Cornerd, Ric, Kt.l347, II. 6 \ 

Corntcall. See Cornwall ; 

Cornwall, Edmund, duke of, Kt.l272, ! 

II. 5 i 

Cornwall, Edmund de, K.B.1306, I. 112 j 

Cornwall, Edmund de, K.B.1330, I. 125 j 

Cornewall, Edmund, lord of Burford, ] 

K.B.(1483), I. 139, 141 \ 

Cornwall, Francis, Kt.l604, II. 133 1 

Cornwall, George, Kt.l546, II. 58 ] 

Cornwall, Gilbert, Kt.l620, II. 176 '] 

Cornwall, Henry of, Kt.l257, II. 7 j 

Cornwall, John, lord Fanhope, K.G.I 410, 

1.9 ; 

Cornwall, John, K.B.(1426), I. 131 ] 

Cornwall [Corntcall], Ric, Kt.l347, II. 8 ' 

Cornwall, Thomas, Kt.l471, II. 15 ! 
Cornewall, Thomas, baron of Burford, 

Kt.l497, II. 29 

Cornewall, Thomas, Kt.l513, II. 36 j 

Cornewall, Tliomas, Kt. after 1524, II. 46 ] 
Cornwall, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 107 



Cornwallis, Charles (Thomas), Kt.l603, , 
II. 105 j 
Cornwallis, Charles, 2nd lord Corn- 
wallis, K.B.I 661, I. 164 I 
Cornwallis, Charles, marquess Corn- i 
wallis, K.G.1786, 1.48; Grand ' 
Master K.P.I 798, I. 93 
Cornwallis, Frederick, Kt.l630, II. 108 i 
Cornwallis, John, Kt.l523, II. 45 ', 
Cornwallis, Thomas, Kt.l548, 11.63 j 
Cornwallis, Thomas, Kt.l605. II. 137 j 
Cornewallys, William, Kt.l500. II. 97 ' 
Cornwallis, William, G.C.B.1815. 1. 182 j 



Coronel or Collonel, Augustine, Kt.l661, 

II. 235 
Corranza y de Echevarria, Jose de, 

K.C.M.G.1893, I. 378 
Corrario, Angelo, Kt.l638, II. 206 
Corry, Armar Lowry, K.C.B.1855, foot- 
note, I. 241 
Corry, Trevor, Kt.l776, II. 295 
Corsellis, Thomas, K.C.B.1838, I. 235 
Corupton. See Compton 
Cosby, Henry A. M., Kt.l784, II. 298 
Cosington, William de, K.B.1306, I. 115 
Costa, Michael, Kt.l869, II. 361 
Costa Ferreira, Cornelius Alvaro da, 

K.C.M.G.1902, I. 393 
Cosway, William R, Kt.l829, II. 328 
Cosworth (Colawarth), Samuel, Kt.l643, 

II. 216 
Cotes. See Coats 
Cotgreave, John, Kt.l816, II. 317 
Cottel (Cutteal), Thomas, Kt. 1609, II. 148 
Cotter, Ludlow, Kt.l874, 11.366 


Cotterel, Charles, Kt.l645, II. 219 
Cottrell, Charles, Kt.l687, II. 263 
Cotterell, Clement, Kt.l620, II. 176 
Cotterell, Clement, Kt.l710, II. 277 
Cottrell, Stephen, Kt.l796, II. 303 
Cotton, — , Kt.l503, II. 33 
Cotton, Allen, Kt.l626, II. 190 
Cotton, Arthur, Kt.l861, 11.355 
Cotton, Arthur T., K.C.S.I.1866, 1.316 
Cotton, Dodmore, Kt.l626, II. 190 
Cotton, George, Kt.l542, II. 53 
Cotton, George, Kt.l603, II. 121 
Cotton, George, Kt.l897, II. 401 
Cotton, Henry, Kt.l877, II. 369 
Cotton, Henry J. S., K.C.S.I.1902, I. 327 
Cotton, John, Kt.l553, II. 67 
Cotton, John, Kt.l603, II. 115 
Cotton, John, Kt.l623, II. 183 
Cotton, John, Kt.l641, II. 209 
Cotton, John, Kt.l685, II. 261 
Cotton, Richard, Kt.l547, II. 59 
Cotton, Robert, Kt.l603, II. 106, 125 
Cotton, Robert, Kt.l660, 11.229 
Cotton, Robert, Kt.l663, II. 238 
Cotton, Roger, Kt.l482, II. 18 
Cotton, Rowland, Kt.l608, II. 146 

Cotton, Stapleton, viscount Combermere, 

K.B.1812, 1.178; G.C.B.1815, I. 

181; G.C.H.1817, 1.448; K.S.I. 

1861, 1.307 
Cotton, Sidney J., K.C.B.1858, 1.244; 

G.C.B.1873, I. 196 
Cotton, William J. R., Kt.l892, II. 390 
Cotton, Willoughby, K.C.H.1830, I. 456; 

Kt.l830, 11.328; K.C.B.1838, I. 

234; G.C.B.1840, I. 188 
Cottysmore, John, Kt.l501, 11.32 
Couch, Richard, Kt.l866, I. 358 
Couci, Ingelram de. Sire de Couci, earl 

of Bedford, K.G.1365, 1.3 
Coudenhove, count Charles, G.C.V.O. 

1904, 1.431 
Coulke, Henry, Kt.l576, II. 77 
Coult. See Colt 
Couper. See Cowper 
Courbet. See Corbet 
Courcy, Gerald, lord Courcy, Kt.l567, 

Courcy, Michael, Kt.l541, II. 52 
Courcy-Perry, Gerald R. de, Kt.l900, II. 

Courteen. See Curteen 


Courtenay, — , K.B.1399, I. 127 
Courteney, — , Kt.l492, II. 28 
Courteney, Edward, K.B.(1483), I. 138 
Courteney, Edward, earl of Devon- 
shire, Kt.l485, 11.22; K.G.1491, I. 
Courtenay, Edward, earl of Devon, 

K.B.1553, I. 152 
Courtenay, Henry, marquess of Exeter, 

K.G.15'21, I. 21 
Courtenay, Hugh de, K.B.1327, I. 124 
Courtney, Hugh, Kt.l347, II. 7 ; K.G. 

1348, I. 1 
Courtenay, Hugh, earl of Devon, K.B, 

1399, I. 127 
Courteney, John, Kt.l460, II. 12 
Courteney, John, Kt.l471, II. 15 
Courtenay, Peter, K.G.1388, I. 6 
Courtney, Peter, Kt.l642, II. 213 
Courtenay, Philip de, K.B.1306, 1. 113 
Courteney, Philippe, Kt.l471, II. 14 




Courtenay, Thomas, earl of Devon, 

K.B.(U26), I. 130 
Courtenay, William de, K.B.I 253, I. 

Courteney, William, Kt.l485, 11. 23 
Courtenay, William, earl of Devon, 

K.B.(U87), I. 142 
Courtnev, William, Kt.l553, II. 67 
Courteney, William, Kt.l576, II. 77 
Courtney, William, Kt.l599, 11.96 
Courtney, William, Kt.l625, II. 189 
Courtenay, William, Kt.l641, II. 211 
Courtney, William, Kt.l644, II. 217 


Courthope, George, Kt.l641, II. 209 
Courthorpe, George, Kt.l661, 11.234 
Courthop, Peter, Kt.l661, II. 233 
Courtown, earl of. See Stopford 
Courtpeny, — , Kt.l549, II. 65 
Couteur, John le, Kt.l872, II. 364 
Coventry, John, K.B.I 661, I. 165 
Coventry, Thomas, Kt.l617, II. 161 
Coventry, William, Kt.l665, II. 240 
Covert, John, Kt.l660, 11.228 
Covert, Walter, Kt.l591, 11.88 
Covert, Walter, Kt.l624, II. 183 
Cowan, Cowen 

Cowan, Edward P., Kt.l881, 11.373 
Cowan, Robert, Kt.l736, II. 285 
Cowen, Joseph, Kt.l872, II. 363 


Coell, John, Kt.l665, II. 241 
Coghill, John, Kt.l686, II. 262 
Cowell, John C, K.C.B.1865, I. 283 
Cowell, Stepney, K.H.1832, 1.468 
Coghil, Thomas, Kt.l633, II. 202 
Cowen. See Cowan 
Cowley, Henry, Kt.1615, 11.156 
Cowley, lord and earl. See Wellesley 
Cowlings, Alfred S., Kt.l904, IT. 420 
CowpER, Cooper, Coupeh 

Cooper, Alfred, Kt.l901, II. 408 
Cooper, Alfred, Kt.l902, 11.411 
Cooper, Anthony A., earl of Shaftes- 
bury, K.G.1862, I. 61 
Cooper, Arthur (John), Kt. 1603, II. 105 
Cooper, Astley P., G.C.H.1836, I. 453 
Cooper, Charles, Kt.l857, 11.352 


Cowper, Charles, K.C.M.G.1872, 1.356 
Cooper, Daniel, Kt.l857, 11.352; 
K.C.M.G.1880, 1.363; G.C.M.G. 
1888, 1.341 
Cooper, Edmund, Kt.l642, II. 212 
Cooper, Edward, Kt.l645, II. 220 
Cowper, Francis T. de G., earl 
Cowper, K.G.1865, 1. 63 ; Grand 
Master K.P.1880, 1.95 
Cooper, George, Kt.l816, 11.317 
Couper, George, K.H.1831, I. 465 
Couper, George E. W., K.C.S.I.1877, 

Cooper, Henry, Kt.l854, II. 350 
Cowper, John, Kt.l622, II. 179 
Cooper, Maurice, Kt.l603, II. 121 
Cooper, Pope A., Kt.l904, II. 418 
Cooper (Coop, Roper), Richard, Kt. 

1603, II. 118 
Cooper, Roger, Kt.l624, II. 186 
Cooper, William, Kt.l642, II. 212 
Cooper, William E., Kt.l903, II. 414 
Cooper, William W., Kt.l886, 11.379 
Cox, CoxE, Cocks 

Cox, Charles, Kt.l709, II. 277 
Cox, Charles, K.C.M.G.1887, I. 370 
Coxe, James, Kt.l863, II. 357 
Cocks, John, Kt.l671, II. 246 
Cox, John, K.H.1832, 1.466 
Cocks, Richard, Kt.l603, II. 127 
Cox, John W., K.C.B.1896, I. 266 
Cox, Lawrence, Kt.l786, II. 299 
Cox, Richard, Kt.l692, II. 267 
Cox, William, Kt.l816, 11.318 
Cox, William, K.H.1835, I. 472 
Cox, William H. L., Kt.l896, II. 398 
Coxhead, Thomas, Kt.l793, 11.301 
Coyet, Peter J., Kt.l656, II. 223 
Cozans. See Cusins 
Cozens-Hardy, Herbert H., Kt.l899, II. 

Crabbe, Evre, J., K.H.I 837, T. 477 
Craddock,\Tohn F., K.B.1803, 1.175; 

G.C.B.1815, I. 180 
Cradock, Joseph, Kt.l661, II. 234 
Cragge, James, Kt.l616, IT. 159 
Craggs, John G., Kt.l903. II. 416 
Craig, James H., K.B.I 797, I. 175 



Craigie, Peter E., K.C.B.1867, I. 250 
Craik, Henry, K.C.B.1897, 1. 295 
Crampton, John F. T., K.C.B.1856, I. 280 
Cranborne, viscount. See Cecil, C. 
Cranbrook, viscount. See Gaythorne- 

Crane, Francis, Kt.l617, II. 166 
Crane, Richard, Kt.l642, II. 214 
Crane, Robert, Kt.l605, II. 137 
Cranfield, Lyonel, Kt.l613, II. 153 
Cranfield, Randall, Kt.l623, II. 182 
Cranley, William, Kt.l603, II. 128 
Cranmer, Caesar, Kt.l677, II. 252 
Cranmer, William, Kt.l689, II. 265 
Cranshaw. See Carnshaw 
Cranston, Robert, Kt.l903, II. 414 
Crape, Walter, Kt.l603, II. 101 
Craven, Anthony, Kt. 1661, II. 235 
Craven, Robert M., Kt.l896, 11.397 
Craven, William, Kt.l603, II. 128 
Craven William, lord Craven, Kt.l627, 

II. 191 
Craven, William, Kt.l639, II. 207 
Craven, William, Kt.l662, II. 236 
Crawford, Crauford, Cratford, 
Crafford, Craford 
Crauford, Charles C, G.C.B.1820, 1. 185 
Crawford, earl of. See Lindsay 
Crayford (Crafford), George, Kt.l619, 

II. 172 
Crawford, Henry, Kt. Jacobite, 1716, 

footnote, II. 266 
Crawford (Henry), Homewood, Kt. 

1900, II. 407 
Crauford, Philip (? Patrick), Kt.l777 

II. 295 
Crayford (Craford), Robert, Kt.l624, 

II. 185 
Crawford, Thomas, K.C.B.1885, I. 259 
Craford (Crayford), William, Kt.l603, 

II. 125 
Crawford (Crayford), William, Kt. 
1621, II. 177 
Crawley, Francis, Kt.l632, II. 200 
Crayford. See Crawford 
Creagh, Michael, Kt.l686, II. 262 
Creagh, Michael, K.H.1832, 1.467; Kt. 

1832, 11.332 
Creagh, O'Moore, K.C.B.1903, I. 276 

Creagh, William, Kt.l685, II. 260 
Crease, Henry P. P., Kt.l896, 11.397 
Crease, John F., K.C.B.1902, I. 274 
Creasy, Edward S., Kt.l860, II. 354 
Creed, James, Kt.l744, II. 286 
Cremer, John, Kt.l660, II. 229 
Cremorne, baron. See Dawson 
Crenequer, Robert de, K.B.I 253, I. 110 
Cressemere, Alexander, K.B.(1483), 1. 139 
Cressenor, John, Kt.l513, II. 42 
Cressfield, Ralph, Kt.l713, II. 278 
Cressie, Robert, Kt.l621, II. 178 
Cressy, Bertrandus de, K.B.1253, I. 110 
Cresswell, Cresswell, Kt.l842, II. 344 
Creswick, Henry, Kt.l663, 11.238 
Crew, Clipsby, Kt.l620, II. 175 
Crew, John, Kt.l673, II. 248 
Crew, Randolph, Kt.l614, II. 154 
Crew, Tliomas, Kt.l623, II. 183 
Crew, Thomas, Kt.l660, II. 231 
Crew. See Carew 
Crew. See Crowe 
Crewes, Jo, Kt.l347, IT. 6 
Crichton, Crightone 

Crichton, Alexander, Kt.l821, II. 322 

Crichton, Archibald W., Kt.l817, II. 

Crightone, David, Kt.l633, II. Ixiii. 

Crichton, John, earl Erne, K.P.1868, 

I. 103 

Crichton, John H., earl Erne, K.P. 

1889, I. 105 
Crichton, William, lord, Kt.l484, II. 22 
Crichton-Browne, James, Kt.l886, II. 

Crichton-Stuart, John, marquess of 

Bute, K.T.1843, I. 83 
Crichton-Stuart, John P., marquess 
of Bute, K.T.1875, I. 87 
Crimes. See Grimes 
Crioll, Nicholas, K.B.1306, I. 113 
Cripps, Grippes, Crisp, Crispe, Crips 
Grippes (Crispe), Edmond, Kt.l604, 

II. 132 

Cripps, Henry, Kt.l553, II. 67 
Cripps (Crispe), Henry, Kt.l603, II. 

Crispe, Nicholas, Kt.l640, II. 207 
Crisp, Thomas, Kt.l703, 11.273 



Crisp. See Cripps 

Critchett, Anderson, Kt.l901, II. 409 

Crocker, Hugh, Kt.l644, II. 218 

Croft, Crofts, Croftes, Crofte 
Croft, Alfred W., K.C.I.E.1887, I. 400 
Crofts, Charles, Kt.l628, II. 194 
Croft, Edward, Kt.l513, 11. 41 
Croft, Edward, Kt.l522, II. 4-3 
Croftes, Henry, Kt.l603, II. 128 
Crofts, Henry, Kt.l611, II. 150 
Croft (Crofts), Herbert, Kt.l603, II. 

Crofte, Hugh de, K.B.1305, I. Ill 
Croftes, James, Kt.l547, II. 63 
Croft (Croftes), James, Kt.l603, II. 120 
Croft, James, Kt.l644, II. 219 
Crofts, John, Kt.l553, II. 68 
Croftes, John, Kt.l599, 11.97 
Crofte, Richard, Kt.l471, II. 14 
Crofts, Richard, Kt.l487, II. 24 
Croft (Crofts), Thomas, Kt.l668, II. 

Croft, William, Kt.l614, II. 154 
Croft, Crofts. See Cross 
Crofts. See Croft 

Crofton, Walter F., Kt.l862, II. 356 

Croix. See De la Croix 

Croke, Crooke, Crook 

Croke, Alexander, Kt.l816, II. 318 
Crook (Croke), George, Kt.l623, II. 182 
Crooke, George, Kt.l660, II. 232 
Crook, Henry, Kt.l615, II. 157 
Crook (Croke), John, Kt.l603, IT. 110, 

Crook (Croke), John, Kt.l609. II. 147 
Croke, Richard, Kt.l681, II. 255 
Crook, Robert, Kt.l641, II. 210 
Crooke, Thomas, Kt.l624, II. 184 

Croker, Gerard, Kt.l575, II. 77 

Croker, John, Kt.l471, II. 15 

Cromer, Crowmer 

Cromer, earl of. See Baring 
Crowmer, James, Kt.l471, II. 15 
Cromer, James, Kt.l603, II. 105 

Crowmer, William, K.B.I 509, I. 148 

Cromie, Michael, Kt.l773, II. 294 

Cromp. See Crump 

Crompton, Charles, Kt.l852, II. 349 

Crompton, John, Kt.l608, II. 144 

Crompton, Robert, Kt.l642, II. 212 
Crompton (Compton), Thomas, Kt.l603, 

II. Ill 
Crompton, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 114 
Crompton (Compton), Thomas, Kt.l607, 

II. 141 
Crompton, William, Kt.l608, II. 144 
Cromwell, Edward, lord Cromwell, Kt. 

1599, II. 96 
Cromwell, Gregory, lord Cromwell, K.B. 

1547, II. 150 
Cromwell, Gregory, Kt.l603, II. 102 
Cromwell, Oliver, K.B.1603, I. 154 
Cromwell, Philip, Kt.l604, II. 135 
Cromwell, Richard, Kt.l523, 11.45 
Cromwell, Richard, Kt.l538, II. 51 
Cromwell, Thomas, Kt.l471, II. 15 
Cromwell, Thomas, earl of Essex, Kt. 

1536, 11.50; K.G.1537, 1.22 
Crook. See Croke 
Crookes, William, Kt.l897, II. 400 
Crookshanks, Chichester W., K.H.1835, 

Croom (John), Halliday, Kt.1902, II. 411 
Cropley, Edward, Kt.i660, II. 231 

Crosby, Crosbie, Corby 

Crosby, John, Kt.l471, II. 16 
Crosby, John, Kt.l628, II. 195 
Crosbie, John G., G.C.H.1837, 1.453; 

Kt.l837, II. 339 
Crosbie, Maurice, Kt.l712, II. 277 
Crosbie (Corbv), Peirce, Kt.l616, II. 

Crosby, Thomas, Kt.l677, I. 252 
Crosland, Jordan, Kt.l642, II. 213 
Crosland, Joseph, Kt.l889, II. 385 
Crosley, Charles D., Kt.l855, II. 351 

Cross, Crosse 

Cross, John, Kt.l831, II. 331 

Cross, John, K.H.I 834, I. 470 

Cross, Richard A., viscount Cross, 

G.C.B.1880, 1.211; G.C.S.I.1892, I. 

Crosse, Robert, Kt.l596, II. 92 
Crosse, Robert N., K.H.1837, I. 477 
Crosse (Croft, Crofts), William, Kt. 

1614, IT. 154 
Grossman, William, K.C.M.G.1884, I. 366 



Crosthwaite, Charles H. T., K.C.S.I.1888, 

Crosthwaite, Robert J., K.C.S.I.1897, I. 

Crowder, John, K.H.1837, I. 476 
Crowder, Richard B., Kt.l854, II. 350 
Crowe, Arthur de C, Kt.l892, II. 390 
Crowe, John, K.H.1837, I. 477 
Crowe, John R., Kt.l874, II. 366 
Crowe, Joseph A., K.C.M.G.1890, I. 375 
Crowe, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 127 
Crowe. See Crew 
Crowley, Ambrose, Kt.l707, II. 275 
Crowmer. See Cromer 
Crozier, Philippe M., K.C.V.0.1898, I. 

Cruise, Francis R., Kt.l896, II. 398 
Crump, Cromp, Crumpb 

Crumpe (Cromp), Richard, Kt.l681, 

II. 257 
Crump, William J., Kt.l902, II. 413 
Crundall, William H., Kt.l889, II. 385 
Cubbledike (Cobledjl), Alexander de, 

K.B.1327, I. 125 
Cubbon, Mark, K.C.B.1856, I. 279 


Coubett, Roger, Kt.l471, II. 15 
Cubitt, William, Kt.l851, II. 349 
Cuddon (Cudden), Thomas, Kt.l697, II. 

Cuffe, Hamilton, J. A., viscount Desart, 

K.C.B.1898, I. 297 
Cuffe, James, Kt.1660-1, II. 233 
CufEe, Thomas, Kt.l787, 11.300 
Cuffe. See Cutte 

Cullinan, Frederick F., Kt.l897, 11.400 
Cullum, Hugh, Kt.l623, II. 183 
Culme-Seymour, Michael, K.C.B.1893, I. 
265; G.C.B.1897, 1.202; G.C.V.O. 
1901, 1.419 
CuLPEPER, Culpepper, Colepeper 
Colepeper, Alexander, Kt.l573, II. 75 
Culpeper, Alexander, Kt.l621, II. 178 
: Culpeper (Colepeper), Anthony, Kt. 
I 1603, II. 118 

Culpepper, Cheyney, Kt.l628, II. 195 
Culpeper, John, Kt.l617, II. 166 
Culpeper, John, Kt.l622, II. 178 
Culpepper, Martin, Kt.l604, II. 132 


Culpeper, Nicholas, K.B.(1465), I. 135 
Culpepper, Thomas (Edward), Kt. 

1603, II. 118; Kt.l604, II. 130 
Cupeper, Thomas, Kt.l619, II. 174 
Culpeper, Thomas, Kt.l625, II. 188 
Culpepper, Thomas, Kt.l628, II. 195 


Ernest Augustus, duke of, king of 

Hanover, K.G.1786, 1.48; G.C.B. 

1815, 1.182; G.C.H.1815, 1.447, 

450; K.P.1821, 1.99 

Ernest Augustus, duke of, K.G.1878, I. 

George, duke of, K.G.I 684, I. 37 
George, etc., duke of, king of Hanover, 
G.C.H.1827, 1.450; K.G.1835, 1.55 
Henry Frederick, duke of, K.G.I 767, 

William Augustus, duke of, K.B.1725, 

I. 167; K.G.1730, 1.43 
Earl of. See Clifford 
Gumming, Arthur, K.C.B.1887, I. 261 
Gumming, Henry J., K.C.H.1833, I. 459; 

Kt.l833, 11.333 
Gumming, John, Kt.l780, II. 296 
Cunha, Manuel A. P. da, K.C.V.O., 1903, 

Cunliffe, Ellis, Kt.l756, 11. 289 
Cunliffe, Robert H., Kt.l829, II. 328 
Cunliffe-Owen, Francis P., K.C.B.1886, I. 

Cunnesbie. See Coningsby 
Cunny. See Conny 

Cunningham, Contngham, Coningham 
Conyngham, Albert, Kt.l670, II. 245 
Conyngham, Albert, Kt.l829, II. 328 
Conyngham, Albert D., lord Londes- 

borough, K.C.H.1829, I. 456 
Cunningham, Alexander, K.C.I. E.1887,. 

Cunningham, Alexander F. D., K.C.I.E. 

1901, 1.410 
Cunynghame, Arthur A. T., K.C.B.1869, 

1.252; G.C.B.1878, I. 197 
Cunningham, Charles, K.C.H.1832, T. 

459; Kt.l832, 11.333 
Coningham, David, Kt.l604, II. 131 




Conyngham, lord Francis N., marquess 
Coiiyngham, K.C.H.1821, 1.455; 
G.C.H.1823, I. 449; K.P.1833, I. 100 
Conyngliam, Henry, marquess Conyng- 
ham, K.P.1801, 1.98; G.C.H.1821, 
Cunningham, Henry S., K.C.I.E.1889, 

Coningliam, John, Kt.l482, II. 18 
Cunningham, John, Kt.l622, II. 180 
Cunningham, William, Kt.l627, 11.192 
Conyngham, William F. L., K.C.B.1881, 
I. 287 

Cuningham, William J., K.C.S.I.1897, 
Cuppage, Burke, K.C.B.1875, I. 255 
Curcumelli, Demetrio, K.C.M.G.1857, I. 

Cureton, Charles, K.C.B.1891, I. 263 
Currey, Edmund, K.C.H.1834, I. 460 
Currie, Donald, K.C.M.G.1881, 1.363; 

G.C.M.G.1897, I. 345 
Currie, Edmund H., Kt.l876, II. 367 
Currie, Philip H. W., lord Currie, K.C.B. 

1885, I. 289; G.C.B.1892, I. 213 
Currie, Walter, Kt.l860, II. 355 
Curson. See Curzon 

Curtis, Curtes, Curtbis, Curteys 
Curies, George, Kt.l667, II. 242 
Curtis Lucius, K.C.B.1862, I. 248 
Curtis, Boger, Kt.l782,II. 297; G.C.B. 

1815, I. 182 
Curteys, Thomas, Kt.l557, II. 70 
Curteis, Thomas I. H., Kt.l833, II. 334 


Curteen (Courteen), Peter, Kt.l624, II. 

Curton, Tliomas de, Kt.l529, II. 47 
Courteen, William, Kt.l622, II. 179 


Curwen, Christopher, Kt.l482, II. 21 
Curwen, Heinv, Kt.l570, IT. 74 
Curwen, Nicholas, Kt.l603, II. 100 
Curwyn, Thomas, K.B.I 501, I. 146 
Curzon, Curson ^ 

Curson, Francis, Kt.l603, II. Ill, 123 
Curson, George, Kt.l604, II. 133 


Curzon, George N., lord Curzon of 

Kedleston, G.C.S.I.1899, 1.314; 

Grand Master Star of India I. 305; 

G.C.I. E.1899, 1. 403 ; Victorian Chain 

1903, I. 415 
Curson, John, Kt.l641, II. 210 
Curzon, Richard W., earl Howe, G.C.H. 

1830, I. 450 

Curzon-Howe, Richard G. P., earl 

Howe, G.C.V.0.1903, I. 421 
Curzon-Howe, Richard W. P., earl 

Howe, G.C.V.0.1897, I. 417 
Curson, Robert, Kt.l492, II. 28 
Curson, Robert, Kt.l547, II. 63 
Cusack, Ralph S., Kt.1873, 11.365 
Cusack, Thomas, Kt.l541, 11.52 
Cusack, Walter, Kt.(1361), II. Ix. 
Cusack-Smith, Thomas B., K.C.M.G.1898, 


Cozan.s, William, Kt.l347, II. 7 
Cusins, William G., Kt.l892, II. 390 
Cust, Edward, Kt.l831, 11.330; K.C.H. 

1831, 1.457 

Cust, John, earl Brownlow, G.C.H.1834, 

Cust, Pury, Kt.l690, II. 265 
Cust, Reginald J., Kt.l890, II. 387 
Custance, Hambleton F., K.C.B.1881, I 

Custance, Reginald N., K.C.M.G.1904, 

Cutch, Khengarji of, G.C.I.E.1887, 1.401 
Cutch, Rao Pragmuljee, of, G.C.S.I.1871, 

Cuthbert, Henry, K.C.M.G.1897, I. 383 
Cuthbcrtson, John N., Kt.l887, II. 383 
Cutler, CTorvaise, Kt.l624, II. 186 
Cutler, Jervase. Kt.l662, II. 236 
Cutler, John, Kt.l660, II. 228 
Cutler, Thomas, Kt. 1681-2, 11.257 
Cutliffe, John M., K.H.1816, 1.463 
Cutseus, James, Kt.l628, II. 193 
CuTTE, Cut, Cutt, Cutts, Cuttes, and 

see Cutseus 
Cutte, John, Kt.l504, 11.34 
Cutt (Cuff or Cuyt), John, K.B.I 547, 

I. 152 




Cut, John, Kt.l549, II. 63 
Cutte (Cuttes), John, Kt.l571, 11.75 
Cutts, John, Kt.l603, II. 107 
Cutis, William, Kt.l608, II. 145 
Cuttings, Roger, Kt.l665, II. 241 

Dabridgecourt. See Abrichecourt 
Dacca, Abdul Ghani, of, K.C.S.I.1886, 

I. 323 
Dacca, Khwaja of, K.C.I.E.1897, I. 409 
Dacombe, John, Kt.l616, II. 158 
Dacres, Dacre, Dacers, Dakers 
Dacres, Christopher, Kt.l513, II. 37 
Dacre (Dacres, Dacers), Henrj, Kt. 

1677, II. 252 
Dacre, lord. See Fiennes 
Dacres, Philip, Kt.l523, II. 43 
Dacres, Richard, G.C.H.1836, 1.453 
Dacres, Richard J., K.C.B.1855, I. 

240; Ct.C.B.1869, I. 195 
Dacres, Sydney C, K.C.B.1865, 1. 250 ; 

G.C.B.1871, I. 196 
Dacre, Thomas, lord Dacre of the 
North, Kt.l504, 11.34; K.B.1504, 

I. 147; K.G.1518, 1.20 

Dacres, Thomas, Kt..l545, II. 57, 61 
Dacres, Thomas, Kt.l604, II. 135 
Dacres (Dakers), Thomas, Kt.l617, 

II. 161 

Dakers, Thomas, Kt.l633, II. 201 
Dacton. See Acton 
D'Aguilar. See Aguilar 
Dagworth, John de, K.B.I 303, I. 110 
Daines. See Danes 
Dakin, Thomas, Et.l872, II. 364 
Dakyns, Arthur, Kt.l604, II. 135 
Dalbiac, James Charles, K.C.H.1831, I. 

456; Kt.l831, 11.329 
Dalby, William B., Kt.l886, 11.378 
Dalberg-Acton, John E. A., lord Acton, 

K.C.V.O.(1897), 1.432 
Dale, Langham, K.C.M.G.1889, 1.374 
Dale, Theodore, Kt.l355, II. 9 
Dale, Thomas, Kt.l606, II. 140 
Dales, Samuel, K.H.I 833, I. 468 

Dalesme, Jean B. C, K.C.B.1856, I. 242 
Dalhousie, earl of. See Ramsey; see 

Dalington. See Dallington 
Dalison. See Dallison 
Dalkeith, earl of. See Scott; see 

Dallas, Robert, Kt.l813, II. 312 
Dallas, Thomas, K.C.B.1815, 1.227; 

G.C.B.1833, I. 187 
Dalling and Bulwer, lord. See Bulwer 
Dallington, Dalington 

Dalington, Robert, Kt.l604, II. 130 
Dallington, Robert, Kt.l624, II. 187 
Dallison, Dalison, Dalyson 

Dallison, Charles, Kt.l642, II. 213 
Dalison, Maximilian, Kt.l603, II. 106 
Dalyson, Roger, Kt.l603, II. 103 
Dallison, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 122 
Dalrymple, Charles, Kt.l814, II. 315 
Dalrymple, Hew W., Kt.l779, II. 296 
Dalrymple, John, earl of Stair, K.T. 

1710, 1.76 
Dalrymple, John H., earl of Stair, K.T. 

1847, I. 83 
Dalrymple-Crichton, William, earl of 

Dumfries, K.T. 1752, I. 78 
Dalston, Daulston, and see Dalton 
Dalston, Christopher, Kt.l617, II. 164 
Dalston, George, Kt.l664, II. 239 
Dalston, John, Kt.l664, 11.239 
Dalston, William, Kt.l641, II. 210 
Daulston, William, Kt.l760, II. 290 
Dalton, Charles, Kt.l727, II. 283 
Dalton (Dalston), George, Kt.l607, II. 

Dalton, John, Kt.l636, II. 204 
Dalton, Marmaduke, Kt.l676, II. 251 
Dalton, William, Kt.l629, II. 196 
Dalton, William, Kt.l660, 11.227 
Daly, Dominick, Kt.l856, II. 351 
Daly, Henry, G.C.B.1889, I. 200 
Daly, Henry D., K.C.B.1875, I. 255 
Daly, Malachy B., K.C.M.G.1900, I. 387 
Dalyell, John G., Kt.l836, II. 338 
Dalyell, Robert A., K.C.I.E.1887, I. 399 
Damaschino, Alesandro, K.C.M.G.1849, 

1.353; G.C.M.G.1855, 1.335 
Dammory, Ric, Kt.l336, II. 5 



Dampier, Henry, Kt.l813, II. 313 
Damport. See Davenport 
Damsell, William, Kt.l553, II. 67 
Danby, Abstrupus, Kt.l691, II. 266 
Danby, Christopher, Kt.l513, 11.38 
Danby, Christopher, Kt.l533, 11.49 
Danby, earl of. See Danvers; see 

Danby, James, Kt.l482, 11. 17, 20 
Danby, Robert, K.B.(1461), I. 133 
Danby, Thomas, Kt.l547, II. 61 
Danby, Thomas, Kt.l633, II. 202 
Dance, Daunce 

Dance, Charles W., Kt.l821, 11.322; 

K.H.1836, 1.472 
Daunce, John, Kt.l513, II. 40 
Dance, Nathaniel, Kt.l805, 11.308 
Dane (Dave), A. P., Kt.l502, II. 33 
Danes (Daines), William, Kt.l694, 11.268 
D'Angain. See Engaine 
Dangervile (Daungerville), Roger, Kt. 

1336, II. 5 
Daniel, Francis C, Kt.l821, footnote 

Daniel, Ingleby, Kt.l603, II. 122 
Daniel, Peter, Kt.l684, II. 259 
Daniel, Richard, K.B.1306, I. 117 
Daniel, Samuel, Kt.l709, II. 276 
Daniell, Thomas, Kt.l662, II. 236 
Daniel, William, Kt.l603, II. 114 
Daniel, William, Kt.l836, 11.337 
Danneskjold-Samsoe, count Christian 

F., G.C.V.O.1904, I. 429 
Danneskjold-Samsoe, Christian C. S., 

K.C.V.O.1904, I. 442 
Danvers, Davers 

Danvers, Charles, Kt.l588, II. 87 
Danvers, Henry, Kt.l591, II. 89 
Danvers, Henry, earl of Danby, K.G. 

Danvers, John, Kt.l501, 11.32 
Danvers, John, Kt.l574, II. 76 
Davers (Danvers), John, Kt.l609, II. 

Danvers, John, Kt.l624, II. 184 
Danvers, Juland, K.C.S.I.1886, I. 323 
Danvers, Robert, K.B.(1465), I. 134 
Danvers, Thomas, Kt.l501, II. 33 
Danvers. William, Kt.l501, II. 33 


Danvers (Davers), William, Kt.l607, 

II. 143 
Darbhanga, Lachmessur Singh, of, 

K.C.I.E.1887, 1.400; G.C.I.E.1897, 

Darbhanga, Rameshwar Singh, of, 

K.C.I.E.1902, 1.411 
Darby, Henry D'E., K.C.B.1820, I. 229 
Darcus (Darus), alias Denys, Thomas, 

Kt.151.3, II. 36 
Darcy, Arthur (Anthony), Kt.l523, II. 43 
Darcy, Christopher, Kt.l623, II. 182 
Darcy, Conyers, Kt.l603, 11.119 
D'Arcy, Coniers, K.B.I 725, I. 168 
Darcy, Edward, Kt.l603, II. 105 
Darcy, Francis, Kt.l591, II. 88 
Darcy, George, Kt.l513, II. 37 
Darcy, Henry, Kt.l565, II. 71 
Darcy or Ducie, Hugh, K.B.1661, I. 166 
Darcy, John, Kt.l336, II. 5 
Darcy, John, Kt.l347, II. 8 
Darcy, John, lord Darcv of Chiche, K.B. 

1559, I. 153 
Darcy, John, 2nd lord Darcy of Darcy 

knd Mainhill, K.B.1559, I. 153 
Darcy, Norman, Kt.l347, II. 6 
Darcy, Robert, K.B.(1465), I. 135 
Darcy, Thomas, K.B.(1483), I. 140 
Darcy, Thomas, K.B.(1489), I. 143 
Darcy, Thomas, Kt.l497, 11.31 
Darcy, Thomas, lord Darcy de Darcy, 

K.G.1509, I. 20 
Darcy, Tliomas, Kt.l532, II. 48 
Darcy, Thomas, lord Darcy of Chiche, 

K.G.1551, 1.24 
Darcy, William, Kt.l482, II. 20 
Darcy, William, Kt.l639, II. 206 
Dareil. See Darrell 
Darley, Frederick M., Kt.l887, 11.381; 

K.C.M.G.1897, 1.382; G.C.M.G. 

1901, 1.347 
Darley, Richard, Kt.l617, II. 162 
Darling, Charles H., K.C.B.1862, I. 282 
Darling, Charles J., Kt.l897, II. 402 
Darling, Ralph, Kt.l835, 336; G.C.H. 

1835, I. 453 
Darling, Robert, Kt.l766, 11.292 
Darnell, John, Kt.l699, II. 271 



Darnell, John, Kt.l724, 11.283 
Darrell, Darell, Darel, Dorrell, 
DoREL, Datrell, Datrel, Darbllb 
Darell, Edward, Kt.l487, II. 25 
Darrell, Edward, Kt.l544, II. 54 
Dayrell (Dorrel), Francis, Kt.l672, 

II. 247 
Darelle, George, K.B.(1465), I. 134 
Darell, George, Kt.l465, II. 14 
Darell, George, Kt.l492, II. 28 
Darell, James, Kt.l513, 11.40 
Darrell, John, Kt.l482, II. 18 
Darell (Barrel), John, Kt.l497, II. 29 
Dorrel (Darel), John, Kt.l642, 11. 212 
Darrell, John, Kt.l670, II. 244 
Dayrell, Marmaduke, Kt.l685, II. 261 
Darrell (Dorrel), Marmaduke, Kt. 

1603, II. 127 
Darrell (Dorrell), Robert, Kt.l614, 

II. 154 
Darrell (Dorrell), Sampson, Kt.l619, 

II. 172 
Darrell, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 118, 121 
Darrell (Dayrell, Dorrell), Thomas, 

Kt.l607, II. 143 
Dayrel (Darrell), Thomas, Kt.l634, 
11. 202 
Dartmouth, earl of. See Legge 
Dartnell, John G., K.C.B.1900, I. 273 
Dartrey, earl of. See Dawson 
Darvall, John B., K.C.M.G.1877, 1.359 
Darvill, Henry, Kt.l883, 11.375 
Darwin, Francis S., Kt.l820, II. 321 
Dasent, George W., Kt.l876, II. 367 
Daschkoff, count Dmitri, K.C.V.0.1901, 

Dashkov, count H. V., G.C.V.0.1896, 

Dashwood, Charles, Kt.l825, 11.325; 

K.C.B.1840, I. 236 
Dashwood, Francis, Kt.l702, II. 273 
Dashwood, Robert, Kt.l682, II. 257 
Dashwood, Samuel, Kt.l684, 11. 260 
Datia, Bhawani, Singh, of, K. C.S.I. 

1898, 1.326 
Daubeney, Dawbbney 

Daubeney, Giles, K.B.I 400, I. 128 
Dawbeney, Giles, K.B.(1477-8), I. 138 
Daubeney, Giles, Kt.l481, II. 17 


Daubeney, Giles, lord Daubeney, K.G. 

1487, I. 17 
Daubeney, Henry, lord Daubeney, 

K.B.1509, I. 148 
Daubeney, Henry, K.H.1832, I. 467 
Daubeney, Henry C. B., K.C.B.1871, 

Daubeney, Henry C. B., G.C.B.1884, 

Dawbeney, John, Kt.l347, II. 9 
Daubeney, Ralph, K.B.1327, I. 124 
Daubeney, William, K.B.1327, I. 124 
Daulston. See Dalston 
Daunce. See Dance 
Daunet, John, Kt.l529, II. 47 
Dauney [De Launey], John, K.B.I 306, 

Dauntsey, Daunsey, Dauncie, Dannsey 
Dauntsey, John, Kt.l399, 11.11 
Dannsey (Dauncie), John, Kt.l603, 
II. 122 
Dautre, William, K.B.1306, I. 120 
Davall (De Vail), Thomas, Kt.l683, II. 

Davall, Thomas, Kt.l713, II. 278 
Dave. See Dane 

Davell (Dov.alle), M., Kt.l603, II. 129 
Davenant, William, Kt.l643, II. 216 
Davenport, Damport 

Davenport, Francis, Kt.l603, II. 101 
Davenport, Humphrey, Kt.l624, II. 

Davenport, John, Kt.l617, II. 165 
Davenport, Peter, Kt.l744, II. 287 
Davenport, Salusbury P., K.C.H.1834, 

1.460; Kt.l834, 11.334 
Davenport, Samuel, Kt.l884, 11.376; 

K.C.M.G.1886, 1.369 
Davenport, Thomas, Kt.l783, II. 298 
Damport (Davenporte), William, Kt. 

1544, II. 55 
Davenport (Damport), William, Kt. 
1603, II. 102 
Daventry, John de, K.B.1306, I. 122 
Davey, Horace, Kt.l886, II. 378 
Davies, Davis, Davys 

Davies, David, K.C.H.1837, 1.462; 
Kt.l837, 11.339 




Davies, Edward, Kt.l619, II. 171 
Davies, Henry, Kt.1610, II. 149 
Davies, Horatio D., K.C.M.G.1898, 

Davies, James A., Kt.l903, II. 414 
Davys, John, Kt.l599, II. 96 
Davis, John, Kt.l603, II. 129 
Davies, John, Kt.l608, II. 144 
Davies, John, Kt.l662, II. 237 
Daws, John, Kt.l673, II. 248 
Davis, John, Kt.l778, 11.295 
Davis, John, K.C.B.1898, I. 270 
Davis, John F., K.C.B.1854, I. 279 
Davies, Lewis H., K.C.M.G.1897, 1. 383 
Davies, Matthew H., Kt.l890, 11.386 
Davies, Paul, Kt.l636, 11.204 
Davies, Robert H., K.C.S.T.1874, 1. 320 
Daveys, Roland, Kt.l355, II. 9 
Davies, Thomas, Kt.l667, II. 242 
Davis, William, Kt.l662, II. 237 
Davies, William, Kt.l893, II. 392 
Davies, William G., K.C.S.I.1887, I. 
Davidson, David, Kt.l812, 11.311 
Davidson, David, K.C.B.1897, I. 295 
Davidson, Randall T., K.C.V.O.(1902), 

1.434; G.C.V.O.1904, 1.421 
Davill. See Delavale 
Davis. See Davies 
Davison, Alexander, Kt.l639, II. 206 
Davison, Henry, Kt.l856, II. 352 
Davison, Thomas, Kt.l660, II. 230 
Davison, William, K.H.1822, I. 464 
Davison, William, Kt.l824, 11.325; 

K.H.1824, I. 464 
Davison. See Davidson 
Davson, Henry K., Kt.l903, II. 416 
Davy, Humphry, Kt.l812, 11.310 
Davy, William G., K.C.H.1836, 1.461; 

Kt.l836, 11.337 
Davys. See Davies 
Dawbeney. See Daubeney 
Dawes, Daws 

Dawes, Abraham, Kt.l633, II. 200 
Dawes, Edwyn S., K.C.M.G.1894, 1.380 
Dawes, Jonathan, Kt.l671, 11.246 
Daws, Tliomas, Kt.l639, II. 207 
Dawkins, Clinton E., K.C.B.1902, I. 299 

Dawnat, Dawnet 

Dawney, Guy, Kt.l513, II. 38 
Dawnav, Hugh R., viscount Downe, 

K.C.V.O.(1902), I. 435 
Dawney, John, Kt.l542, I. 53 
Dawnay, John, Kt.l580, 11.81 
Dawney, John, Kt.l660, II. 227 
Dawney, Thomas, Kt.l553, II. 67 
Dawney, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 101 
Dawson (Lawson), John, Kt.l604, II. 136 
Dawson, John W., Kt.l884, 11.376 
DaAvson, Richard, earl of Dartrey, K.P. 

1855, I 102 
Dawson, William, Kt.l680, II. 255 
Dawson-Damer, Henry J. R., earl of 

Portarlington, K.P.1879, I. 104 
Dawtrey, Dawtrie 

Dawtrey, Henry, Kt.l630, II. 198 
Dawtrey, John, Kt.l513, II. 42 
Dawtrie, John, Kt.l545, II. 58 
Dawtrey (Hawtry), William, Kt.l591, 
Day, Henry, Kt.l603, II. 117 
Dav, John, Kt.l777, II. 295 
Day, John C, Kt.l882, II. 374 
Day, Thomas, Kt.l694, II. 268 
Daynwell, John, Kt.l347, II. 9 
Dayrell. See Darrell 
Deacon, Charles, K.C.B.1837, I. 233 
Deane, Dean, Denie, Dene 

Deane, Charles, K.H.1837, I. 477 
Dean, Drew, Kt.l627, II. 192 
Dene, Henry de, K.B.1306, I. 114 
Dean, James, Kt.l604, II. 134 
Deane, James P., Kt.l885, 11.377 
Dene, John de, K.B.1306, I. 112 
Deane (Denie), John, Kt.l603, II. 109 
Deane, Mathew, Kt.l680, II. 255 
Dean, Richard, Kt.l629, II. 196 
Deane, Robert T., lord Muskerry, 

Kt.l783, II. 297 
Deane, Thomas, Kt.l830, II. 329 
Deane, Thomas N., Kt.l890, 11.387 
Deas, David, K.C.B.1867, I. 251 
Deas, George, Kt.l858, II. 352 
Dease, Gerald R., Kt.l897, 11.400; 

K.C.V.O.(1903), 1.436 
Debbniiam, Deubenham 

Debenham, Gilbert, K.B.(1426), 1.131 





Debbenhara, Gilbert, Kt.l503, 11.33 

Debono, Guiseppe C, G.C.M.G.1832, I. 

Deckham, Philip, Kt.l617, II. 161 

Degge, Simon, Kt.1669-70, II. 244 

De Grey. See Grev 

Deinliard, Carl A.,''k.C.B.1890, 1.263 

D'Eivil. See Delavale 

Delabere, Richard, Kt.l362, II. 10 

Delabere, Richard, K.B.1478, I. 138 

Delabere, Richard, Kt.l487, II. 24 

De la Croix, Henri, G.C.V.O.1903, I. 427 

Delia Decima, count Demetrio, K.C.M.G. 
1840, 1.352; G.C.M.G.1842, 1.334 

Delafaye, Louis V., Kt.1901, II. 409 

De la Mare. See Mare 

Delaune (De Laune), William, Kt.l664, 
II. 239 

Delavall, Dallivall, Dalbval, Davill 
Delaval, Francis B., K.B.1761, I. 170 
Delavall, John, Kt.l617, II. 163 
Delavall, Ralph, Kt.l690, II. 266 
Delavall (Dallivall), Ralph, Kt.l608, 

II. 144 
Delavall, Robert, Kt.l603, II. 100 
Delavale (Davill, D'Eivil), Roger, Kt. 
1605, II. 137 

Delawarre, Delaware, De la Warr. See 

Delcasse, Theophile, G.C.V.O.1903, 1. 427 

De L'Isle, lord. See Sidney 

De Lisle. See Lisle 

Delrae, Peter, Kt.l714, II. 279 

Deloraine, earl of. See Scott 

Delves, George, Kt.l591, II. 88 

Delves, Thomas, Kt.l609, II. 148 

Delvin, lord. See Nugent 

Delvne (De Ligne), Daniel, Kt.l620, II. 
^ 175 

Demarias, Anthony, Kt.l659, II. 225 

Demsturt. See Dewhurst 

Denbigh, earl of. See Fielding 

Dengayne. See Engaine 

Denham, Henry M., Kt.l867, IL 358 

Denham, John," Kt.l609, II. 148 

Denham, John, Kt.l616, II. 159 

Denham, John, K.B.1661, L 165 

Denham, William, Kt.l542, 11.53 
Denham, William de, K.B.1332, I. 125 
Denham. See Dinham 
Denia, Alphonso, son of count of, K.B. 

1390, I. 127 
Denie. See Dean 

Denman, Thomas, Kt.l830, II. 329 

Christiern IV. of, K.G.I 603, I. 29 
Christiern, V. of, K.G.1662, 1.36 
Christian IX. of, K.G.1865, 1.63; 
G.C.B.1863, L 209; Victorian Chain 
1904, I. 415 
C. Frederick W. C, crown prince of, 
G.C.B.1888, L 212 ; K.G.1896, L 70 ; 
G.C.V.0.1901, L424; Victorian 
Chain 1902, I. 415 
C. F. Charles G. W. A., prince of, 
G.C.B.1896, L214; G.C.V.O.1901, 
L 424; Victorian Chain 1902, 1. 415 
Christian C. F. A. A. W., prince of, 

G.C.V.O.1901, I. 424 
Eric IX. of, K.G.1404, I. 8 
Frederick IL of, K.G.1578, I. 27 
Frederick VI. of, K.G.1822, I. 52 
John, king of Denmark, Sweden, and 

Norway, K.G.I 493, I. 18 
Harold Christian Frederick of, 

G.C.V.O.1901, L 425 
Waldemar, prince of, G.C.B.1901, I. 
Dennehy, Thomas, K.C.I.E.1896, I. 409 
Dennet, John, Kt.l523, II. 44 
Dennet, Denie, Denny, and see Deane 
Denny, Anthony, Kt.l545, II. 56 
Denny, Arthur, Kt.l661, II. 233 
Denny, Edward, Kt.l586, II. 84 
Denny, Edward, Kt.l589, 11.87 
Denny, Edward, Kt.l626, II. 191 
Denny, Thomas, Kt.l744, II. 286 
Denney, William, Kt.l627, II. 193 
Dennis, Denis, Dennts, Dents, and see 
Dennis, Edward, Kt.l607, II. 143 
Dennis, James, K.C.B.1844, I. 238 
Denys, Mauryce, Kt.l547, II. 59 
Denys, Robert, Kt.l555, II. 69 
Dennys, Thomas, Kt.l586, II. 85 
Denis, Walter, K.B.(1489), I. 143 




Denys, William, Kt.l520, II. 43 

Dennison, Denison 

Dennison, Thomas, Kt.l745, II. 287 
Denison, William T., Kt.l846, II. 346 ; 
K.C.B.1856, 1.279 
Denre, John, K.B.1306, I. 114 
Densell (Damsell), William, Kt.l553, 

Dent, Alfred, K.C.M.G.1888, 1.373 
Dent, Digby, Kt.l778, II. 295 
Denton, Alexander, Kt.l617, II. 166 
Denton, Anthony, Kt.l603, II. 120 
Denton, George C, K.C.M.G.1900, 1.387 
Denton, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. Ill 
Derby, earl of. See Stanley ; see Smith- 

Dereham, Derham, Deerham 

Derham (Dereham), Richard, Kt.l680, 

II. 254 
Derham (Deerham), Thomas, Kt.l618, 

II. 170 
Dereham, Thomas, Kt.l681, II. 255 
Dering, Anthony, Kt.l603, II. 108 
Dering, Edward, Kt.l619, II. 170 
Dering, Edward, Kt.l680, II. 254 
Dering, Henry, Kt.l687, II. 264 
Dering, Henry N., K.C.M.G.1901, I. 388 
Dering, Thomas, Kt.l471, II. 16 
Derinzy Bartholomew V., K.H.1834, I. 

Derlyngham, Walter de, K.B.1306, I. 115 
Desanges. See Anges 
Desbouverie. See Bouverie 
Descurs. See Scures 
Desmond, earl of. See Preston ; see 

Feilding, G. 
Despenccr, Edward le, lord le Despencer, 

K.G.1361, 1.3 
Despenser, Hugh le, K.B.1306, I. 113 
Despenser, Richard le, K.B.(1413), 1. 129 
Despencer, Thomas, Kt.l360, II. 10 
Despencer, Thomas le, earl of Gloucester, 

K.G.I 388, I. 6 
Desse, William, Kt.l771, II. 293 
D'Este. See Este 
Des Voeu.x. See Voeux 

Dethick, Dethike ! 

Dethike, Gilbert, Kt.l549, II. 65 ] 

Dethick, John, Kt.l656, II. 223 1 

Dethick, John, Kt.l661, II. 234 | 

Dethick, William, Kt.l603, II. 109 i 

Deuntzer, Johan Henrik, G.C.V.O.1904, ' 

1. 429 i 

Devenishe, John, Kt.l487, II. 25 \ 

De Vere. See Vere "^ 

Devereux, Devereulx j 
Devereux, Edward, Kt.l612, II. 152 

Devereux, George, Kt.l596, II. 92 ■ 

Devereux, George, Kt.l632, II. 199 ; 

Devereux, James, Kt.l599, II. 95 ; 

Devereux, John, lord Devereux, K.G. i 

1388, I. 6 ! 
Devereux, John, Kt.l471, II. 15 
Devereux, John, lord Ferrers of 

Chartley, K.B.(1475), I. 137 ; 

Devereux, Joseph, Kt.l883, II. 376 I 

Devereux, Nicholas, Kt.l555, II. 69 ■ 
Devereux, Nicholas, Kt.l591, II. 88 

Devereux, Richard, K.B.1547, I. 151 j 

Devereux, Robert, earl of Essex, Kt. ; 

1586, 11.84; K.G.1588, 1.28 \ 

Devereux, Robert, earl of Essex, Kt. ' 

1638, 11. 205; K.B.1638, I. 163 j 

Devereux, Walter, Kt.l461, II. 13 i 
Devereux, Walter, lord Ferrers, K.G. 

1472, I. 15 ■ 

Devereux, Walter, viscount Hereford, ' 

K.G.1523, I. 21 

Devereux, Walter, earl of Essex, K.G. j 

1572, I. 27 

Devereux, Walter, Kt.l603, II. 123 \ 

Devereux, Walter, Kt.l617, II. 165 ■■ 

Devereulx, William, Kt.l565, II. 72 ; 

Devillb, Detvii.le 

DeviUe, Alphonse, G.C.V.O.1903, 1. 427 '. 

Deyville, Bartholomew, K.B.I 305, I. ' 

111 ; 

Devon, Thomas B., K.H.1820, 1.464; ; 

K.C.H.1837, I. 462 ; 
Devonshire, duke of. See Cavendish; 

see Courtenay ; see Blount ; earl of, • 

see Cavendish j 

Devonshire, John F., K.C.H.1834, 1. 460; ? 

Kt.l834, IT. 335 



Dewa, Singh, K.C.S.I.1880, I. 322 
Dewar, James, Kt.l829, II. 327 
Dewar, James, Kt.l904, II. 417 
Dewar, Thomas R., Kt.l902, II. 413 
Dewas, Jeypercash Singh, of, K. C.S.I. 

1866, 1.315 
D'Ewes, Simonds, Kt.l626, II. 191 
Dewhurst (Dias, Dyose, Demsturt), 

Bernard, Kt.l611, II. 150 
Deymer, Edward, Kt.l520, 11.43 
Deyncourt, John, lord Deyncourt, K.B. 

1399, I. 128 
Deyncourt, Roger, K.B.1326, I. 124 
Dhar, Rao Puar, K.C.S.I.1877, 1.321 
Dholpur, Rana of, G.C.S.I.1869, I. 309 
Dhrangadra, Rajah of, K.C.S.I.1866, I. 

Dhrangadra, Man Singjee of, K. C.S.I. 

1877, 1.321 
Dhuleep Singh, K.S.I.1861, 1.306; 

G.C.S.I.1866, I. 308 
Dias, Bernard, Kt.l611, II. 150 
Dias, Henry, Kt.l893, II. 391 
Dibbs, George R., K.C.M.G.1892, I. 377 
Dibdin, Lewis T., Kt.l903, II. 415 
Dick, James N., K.C.B.1895, I. 266 
Dick, Robert H., Kt.l831, II. 331 ; 
K.C.H.1832, 1.458; K.C.B.1838, I. 
Dickens, Samuel T., K.C.H.1834, 1.459; 

Kt.l834, II. 334 
Dickinson, Dickenson 

Dickinson, Drury J., Kt.l833, II. 334 
Dickinson, John N., Kt.l860, 11.355 
Dickenson, Thomas, Kt.l657, II. 223 
Dickson, Dickeson, Dixon 

Dickson, Alexander, K.C.H.1817, I. 

454; G.C.B.1838, I. 188 
Dickson, Alexander J., K.C.B.1815, 

I. 225 
Dickson, Collingwood, K.C.B.1871, I. 

253; G.C.B.1884, I. 198 
Dixon, Daniel, Kt.l892, II. 390 
Dickson, David J. H., Kt.l834, 11.335 
Dixon, Henry G., K.C.B.1902, I. 274 
Dickson, James R., K.C.M.G.1901, I. 

Dickson, Jeremiah, K.C.B.1815, I. 224 
Dickson, John F., K.C.M.G.1888, 1. 373 


Dickson, Joseph R. L., Kt.l873, 11.365 
Dixon, Manley, K.C.B.1819, I. 229 
Dixon, Raylton, Kt.l890, 11. 386 
Dixon, Richard, Kt.l684, II. 259 
Dickeson, Richard, Kt.l884, 11.376 
Dixon, Robert, Kt.l634, II. 202 
Dixon, William, Kt.l661, II. 234 
Dietrichstein, prince Hugo, etc., von, 

K.C.V.O.1904, I. 443 
Digby, Everard, Kt.l603, II. 103 
Digby, George, Kt.l586, 11.85 
Digby, George, earl of Bristol, K.G. 

1653, I. 34 
Digby, Henry, K.C.B.1831, 1.230; 

"^ G.C.B.1842, I. 189 
Digby, John, Kt.l487, II. 25 
Digby, John, Kt.l606, II. 139 
Digby, John, Kt.l642, II. 213 
Digby, John, Kt.l635, II. 203 
Digby, Kenelm, Kt.l623, II. 183 
Digby, Kenelm E., K.C.B.1893, I. 297 
Digby, Robert, Kt.l599, II. 97 
Digby, Robert, Kt.l617, II. 167 
Digby, Thomas, Kt.l497, II. 29 
Diggie, Charles, K.H.1831, I. 466 
Diggs, Dudley, Kt.l607, II. 142 
Dike (Dyke), Thomas, Kt.l641, II. 209 
Dilkes, Thomas, Kt.l604, II. 132 
Dilkes, Thomas, Kt.l704, II. 274 
Dillon, De Lion 

Dillon, Arthur, earl Dillon, K.T., 

Jacobite, 1722, footnote, I. 75 
Dillon, Charles, viscount Dillon, K.P. 

1798, L 97 
Dillon, Christopher, Kt.l615, IL 155 
Dillon, James, Kt.l640, II. 207 
Dillon, James, Kt.l600, II. 98 
Dillon, James, Kt.l626, IL 191 
Dillon, John, Kt.l620, II. 176 
Dillon, John, Kt.l677, II. 252 
Dillon, Lucas, Kt.l624, IL 184 
Dillon (De Lion), Lucas, Kt.l575, II. 77 
Dillon, Luke G., baron Clonbrock, 

K.P.1900, L 106 
Dillon, Martin, K.C.B.1887, 1.262; 

G.C.B.1902, L 203 
Dillon (De Lion), Robert, Kt.l567, IL 




Dillon, Robert, Kt.1581, II. 81 
Dillon, Robert, Kt.l615, II. 155 
Dillon, Theobald, Kt.l599, II. 96 
Dillon, William, Kt.l607, II. 142 
Dillon, William, Kt.l793, 11.302 
Dillon, William H., K.C.H.1835, I. 
460; Kt.l835, 11.336 
Dimmock. See Dymocke 
Dimsdale, John, Kt.l726, II. 283 
Dimsdale, Joseph C, Kt.l894, 11.393; 

K.C.V.O.(1902), I. 435 
Dingley, Edward, Kt.l681, 11.256 
Dingley, John, Kt.l615, II. 156 
Dingli, Adriano, K.C.M.G.1860, 1.354; 

G.C.M.G.1868, I. 336 
Dingli, Paolo, K.C.M.G.1856, 1.353; 

G.C.M.G.1860, I. 335 
DiNHAM, Dtnham, and see Denham 
Dinham, John, lord Dinham, K.G. 

1487, I. 17 
Dinham, Oliver, Kt.l347, II. 7 
Dynham, Thomas, Kt.l518, II. 43 
Dinkur, Rao, K.C.S.I.1866, 1.316 
Dinley (Dynley), Robert, Kt.l603, II. 122 
Disbrowe, Edward C, G.C.H.1831, 1. 451 
Disbrowe, George, K.H.1835, I. 472 
Disney, Henry, Kt.l603, II. 121 
Disney, Moore, K.C.B.1815, I. 226 
D'Israeli, Benjamin, earl of Beacons- 
field, K.G.1878, I. 66 
Dive. See Dyve 
Dixie, Wolstan, Kt.l586, 11.84 
Dixie, Wolston, Kt.l604, II. 132 
Dixon. See Dickson 
Dixwell, Basil, Kt.l628, 11.194 
Dobbes, Richard, Kt.l549, II. 65 
Dobbin, Alfred G., Kt.l900, II. 407 
Dobson, Benjamin A., Kt.l897, 11.400 
Dobson, Richard, Kt.l831, 11.330 
Dobson, William L., Kt.l886, 11.380; 

K.C.M.G.1897, I. 382 
Docwra, Theodore, Kt.l623, II. 180 
Dod, Samuel, Kt.l714, 11.279 


Dorrington (Doddington, Carring- 
ton), Edward, Kt.l616, 11.159 

Doddington (Dorrington), Francis, 
Kt.l625, II. 189 


Dorrington (Dodington), John, Kt. 

1603, II. 120 
Dorrington, William, Kt.l603, II. 118 
Dorrington, William, Kt.l623, II. 181 
Dodds, John S., Kt.l900, 11.405; 

K.C.M.G.1901, I. 389 
Dodmere, Rauf, Kt.l529, II. 47 
Dodgson, David S., K.C.B.1896, I. 266 
Dodridge, John, Kt..l607, II. 142 
Dodson, John, Kt.l834, II. 335 
Dodson, William, Kt.l680, II. 254 
Dodsworth, Edward, Kt.l628, II. 195 
Dodwell, William, Kt.l709, II. 276 
Doe, Charles, Kt.l665, II. 241 
Doe, Mullmore M., Kt.l599, II. 96 
Doherty, George, K.H.1833, I. 469 
Doherty, Patrick, K.C.H.1835, I. 461 
Doherty, Richard, Kt.l841, II. 344 
Dolben, William, Kt.l677, II. 251 

DoLEMAN, Dolman 

Doleman, Humphrey, Kt.l674, II. 249 
Dolman, Robert, Kt.l604, II. 131 
Doleman, Thomas, Kt.l661, II. 232 
Doleman, Thomas, Kt.l703, 11.273 
Dollins, Daniel, Kt.l722, II. 282 
Dolgorouky, prince Alexis, G.C.V.O. 

1896, L 422 
Dollyffe (Doliff, D'Olive), James Kt. 

1714, II. 279 
Dolman. See Doleman 
Dombrain, James, Kt.l843, II. 345 
Domenichini, Giulio, C.M.G.(1820), I. 

Domett, William, K.C.B.1815, 1.217; 

G.C.B.1820, I. 184 
Domraon, Bux Singh, of, K.C.S.I.1881, 

Domraon, Prosad Sing, of, K.C.I.E. 

1888, 1.405 
Domvile, Compton E., K.C.B.1898, 1. 270 ; 

G.C.V.O.1903, 1.420; G.C.B.1904, 

I. 204 
Domvill, William, Kt.l685, IT. 260 
Domville, William, Kt.l660, II. 231 
Don, Donnb, Doon, Donk, Dun, and see 

Doon (Dun). Edward, Kt.l513, 11.39 




Don, George, G.C.H.1816, 1.448; 

G.C.B.1820, I. 185 
Done, John, Kt.l461, II. 13 
Done (Donne), John, Kt.l471, II. 14 
Done, John, kt.l617, II. 165 
Done, Ralph, Kt.l624, II. 185 
Donaldson, George, Kt.l904, 11.417 
Donaldson, Stuart A., Kt.l860, 11.355 
Donalt, Robert, Kt.1603-4, II. 131 
Done. See Don 

Donegall, marquess of. See Chichester 
Donellan, James, Kt.l661, II. 234 
Dongola, Moustapha B. Y., mudir of, 

K.C.M.G.1884, I. 367 
Donkin, Rufane S., K.C.B.1818, 1.228; 

G.C.H.1825, I. 449 
Donne. See Done 

Donnelly, John F. D., K.C.B.1893, 1. 293 
Donnelly, Ross, K.C.B.1837, I. 233 
Donnet, James J. L., K.C.B.1897, I. 269 
Donoughmore, earl of. See Hely- 

Donovan, Henry, Kt.l874, II. 366 
Doran, John, K.C.B.1893, I. 265 
Doratt, John, Kt.l838, 11.339 
Dorchester, lord. See Carleton 
Dorion, Antoine A., Kt.l877, II. 369 
Dormer, Charles C, Kt.l758, II. 289 
Dormer, Clement C, Kt.l779, II. 296 
Dormer, Fleetwood, Kt.l603, II. 124 
Dormer, Fleetwood, Kt.l678, II. 253 
Dormer, James C, K.C.B.1889, I. 263 
Dormer, John (William), Kt.l603, II. 

107, 122 
Dormer, John, Kt.l661, II. 235 
Dormer, Michael, Kt.l538, II. 52 
Dormer, Michael, Kt.l604, II. 131 
Dormer, Robert, Kt.l537, II. 50 
Dormer, Robert, Kt.l591, II. 88 
Dormer, Robert, Kt.l617, II. 166 
Dormer, Robert, earl of Carnarvon, Kt. 

1642, II. 212 
Dormer, William, K.B.I 553, I. 153 
Dormond, lord, K.B.(1483), I. 139 
Dornberg, Wilhelm de, K.C.B.1815, 1.226 
Dorrell. See Darrell 
Dorrinsrton. See Doddingiion 

Dorset, duke of. See Sackville; see 

Sackville-Germaine ; earl of, see 

Sackville; marquess of, see Beaufort, 

see Grey, T. 
Dorward, Arthur R. F., K.C.B.1901, I. 

Doughty, George, Kt.l904, II. 417 
Dougherty, James B., Kt.l902, II. 410 
Douglas. See Thorpe-Douglas 
Douglas, — , Kt.l639, II. 207 
Douglas, Andrew S., Kt.l789, II. 300 
Douglas, Archibald, Kt.l624, II. 187 
Douglas, Archibald, Kt.l633, II. Ixiii. 
Douglas, Archibald, Kt.l651, 11.222 
Douglas, Archibald L., K.C.B.1902, 1. 273 
Douglas, Arthur, Kt.l633, II. Ixii. 
Douglas, Cliarles, marquess of Queens- 
berry, K.T.1821, I. 81 
Douglas, Charles E., Kt.l832, 11.333; 

K.C.M.G.1859, I. 353 
Douglas, George, Kt.l607, II. 143 
Douglas, George, Kt.l633, II. 200 
Douglas, George, earl of Dumbarton, 

K.T.1687, I. 75 
Douglas, George, earl of Morton, K.T. 

1797, I. 80 
Douglas, Howard, G.C.M.G.1835, 1.333; 

K.C.B.1840, 1.237; G.C.B.1841, I. 

Douglas, James, earl of Douglas, K.G. 

1463, I. 14 
Douglas, James, Kt.l635, II. 203 
Douglas, James, duke of Queensberry, 
K.G.1701, I. 40 
Douglas, James, earl of Morton, K.T. 

1738, 1.78 
Douglas, James, Kt.l759, II. 289 
Douglas, James, Kt.l765, II. 292 
Douglas, James, Kt.l785, II. 298 
Douglas, James, K.C.B.1863, I. 283 
Douglas, James D., K.C.B.1815, 1.224; 

G.C.B.1860, I. 193 
Douglass, James N., Kt.l882, II. 374 
Douglas, Jo, Kt.l633, I. Ixii. 
Douglas, John, Kt.l800, 11.305 
Douglas, John, K.C.B.1859, 1.245; 

G.C.B.1877, I. 197 
Douglas, John, K.C.M.G.1883, I. 365 
Douglas, Joseph, Kt.l841, II. 343 



Douglas, Neil, K.C.H.1831, 1.457; Kt. 

1831, 11.330; K.C.B.1838, 1.235 
Douglas, Patrick, Kt.l633, I. Ixiii. 
Douglas, Robert, Kt.l609, II. 147 
Douglas, Robert K., Kt.l903, II. 416 
Douglas, William, Kt.l633, II. Ixii. 
Douglas, William, earl of Morton, K.G. 

1633, I. 33 
Douglas, William, duke of Queensberry, 

K.T.1763, I. 79 
Douglas, William, K.C.B.1815, I. 224 
Douglas, William, K.C.H.1832, I. 459 
Douglas, William F., Kt..l882, 11.373 
Douglas-Hamilton, James, duke of 

Hamilton, K.T.Jacobite,1723, foot- 
note I. 75; K.G.Jacobite,1723, 

footnote I. 38 
Douglas-Hamilton, James, duke of 

Hamilton, K.T.Jacobite, 1740, foot- 
note, I. 75 
Douglas-Hamilton, William, duke of 

Hamilton, K.G.1682, I. 37 
Douglas-Hamilton, W. A. L. S., duke of 

Hamilton, K.T.1878, 1.87 
Douglas-Home, Charles A., earl of Home, 

K.T.1899, I. 88 
Doulton, Henry, Kt.l887, II. 382 
Dovalle. See Davell 
Dove, William, Kt.l624, II. 184 
Dover, earl of. See Carey ; lord, see 

Doveton, John, K.C.B.1819, 1.229; 

G.C.B.1837, I. 187 
Doveton, John, K.C.B.1838, I. 236 
Doveton, William W., Kt.l819, 11.320 
Dovigni, Nicholas, Kt.l720, II. 282 
Dowdall, James, Kt.l541, II. 52 
Dowdall, James (? William), Kt.l583, 

II. 82, 83 
Dowdall, John, Kt.l594, II. 90 
Dowdall, John, Kt.l618, II. 167 
Dowdall, Luke, Kt.l665, 11.241 
Dowell, William M., K.C.B.1882, I. 258 

G.C.B.1895, I. 201 
Dowling, James E., Kt.l838, II. 341 
Downe, earl of. See Pope 
Downe, viscount. See Ducie ; see 

Downer, John W., K.C.M.G.1887, I. 370 

Downes, Joseph, Kt.l900, II. 406 
Downes, lord. See Burgh 
Downie, Alexander M., Kt.l840, II. 342 
Downie, John, Kt.l813, II. 312 
Do^^^ling, George, Kt.l660, II. 226 
Downing, George, K.B.1732, I. 168 
Downman, Thomas C. F., Kt.l831, II. 
331; K.C.H.1831, 1.457; K.C.B. 
1852, I. 239 
Downshire, marquess of. See Hill 
Downton, Richard, Kt.l681, II. 257 
Dowse, Edward (Edmund), Kt.l610, II. 

Dowse, Francis, Kt.l603, 11.118 
Dowse, Gabriell, Kt.l617, II. 167 
Doxford, William T., Kt.l900, II. 406 
Doyle, Arthur C, Kt.l902, II. 411 
Doyle, Bentinck C, Kt.l825, II. 325 
Doyle, Charles H., K.C.M.G.1869, I. 354 
Doyle, Charles W., Kt.l815, 11.316; 
K.C.H.1821, 1.455; G.C.H.1837, I. 
Doyle, Henry, Kt.l547, II. 60 
Doyle, John, K.B.1813, 1.178; G.C.B. 

1815, 1.181 
Dovle, John M., Kt.l814, II. 314; K.C.B. 

1815, I. 224 
Doyle. See Doyly 

DoTLT, D'Oyly, Dotlet, Dotlee, and 
see Doyle 
Dovlev, Cope, Kt.l627, II. 192 
D'Oyley, Francis, K.C.B.1815, I. 225 
Doyley, Henry, Kt.l616, II. 158 
Doylee, Robert, Kt.l576, 11.77; 
Dovly (Doyle), William, Kt.l641, II. 

D'Oyly, William Kt.l664, II. 239 
Doyle, William H., Kt.l873, 11.366 
Drake, Bernard, Kt.l586, 11.84 
Drake, Francis, Kt.l581, II. 81 
Drake, James (?John), Kt.l660, 11.227 
Drake, John, Kt.l616, II. 159 
Drake, William, Kt.l641, 11.209 
Drake, William, Kt.l668, 11.243 
Drake, William, Kt.l685, 11.260 
Drake, William H., K.C.B.1871, 1.253 
Drake, William R., Kt.l869, II. 361 
Draper, Christopher, Kt.l567, 11.73 
Draper, William, K.B.1765, I. 171 



Drax, James, Kt.l658, II. 224, 228 
Drax, James, Kt.l663, II. 239 
Draycott, John, Kt.l599, II. 97 
Dresnay, marquis de, Kt.l713, 11.278 
Drew, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 125 
Drew, Thomas, Kt.l900, II. 407 
Drewell, Humfry, Kt.l596, II. 93 
Dribv, Ralph de, K.B.1306, I. 118 
Drinir, Ochemach, Kt.l596, II. 93 
Drinkwater, George, Kt.l830, II. 328 
Drinkwater, William L., Kt.l877, II. 369 
Drogheda, earl and marquess of. See 

Drummond, Drommond, Dromond 

Drummond, Adam, K.C.H.1837, 1. 462 ; 

Kt.l837, II. 338 
Dromond, David, Kt.l617, II. 164 
Drummond, Edmund, K.C.I.E.1887, 

II. 399 
Drummond, George A., K.C.M.G.1904, 

Drummond, Gordon, K.C.B.1815, I. 

218; G.C.B.1817, I. 183 
Drummond, James, Kt.l651, II. 222 
Drummond, James, earl and duke of 

Perth, K.T.1687, 1.75; K.G.1706, 

Jacobite, footnote I. 38 
Drummond, James, marquess of 

Drummond, K.T.1705, Jacobite, 

footnote I. 75 
Drummond, James, duke of Perth, 

K.T.I 739, Jacobite, footnote I. 75 
Drummond, James R., K.C.B.1873, I. 

253; G.C.B.1880, I. 197 
Drommond, John, Kt.l603, II. 115 
Drummond, lord. See Dormond 
Drummond, John, duke of Melfort, 

K.T.1687, 1. 75; K.G.1692, Jacobite, 

footnote I. 38 
Drummond, Morris, Kt.l625, II. 188 
Drummond, Patrick, Kt.l625, II. 187 
Drummond, Patrick, Kt.l642, II. 212 
Drummond, Victor A. W., K.C.M.G. 

1903, I. 394 

Drummond-Hay, John H., Kt.l859, II. 
354; K.C.B.1862, 1.282; G.C.M.G. 
1884, 1.340 

Drurt, Drbwry, Drurie 

Drury, Anthony, Kt.l603, II. 125 
Drury, Charles C, K.C.S.I.1903, 1.327 
Drewry, Drewe, Kt.l579, II. 79 
Drury, Drew, Kt.l603, II. 120 
Drury, Henry, Kt.l603, II. Ill 
Drury, Henry, Kt.l603, II. 117 
Drury, John, Kt.l604, II. 136 
Drury, Robert, Kt.l497, II. 29 
Drury, Robert, Kt.l591, 11.89 
Drury, Robert, Kt.l603, II. 125 
Drury, William (Thomas), K.B.(1426), 

I. 132 

Drury, William, Kt.l547, II. 60 
Drury, William, Kt.l570, II. 74 
Drury, William, Kt.l574, II. 76 
Drury, William, Kt.l576, II. 77 
Drurie (Drewry), William, Kt.l618, 

II. 170 

Drury-Lowe, Drury C, K.C.B.1882, I. 

258; G.C.B.1895, 1.201 
Dry Richard, Kt.l858, II. 352 
Dryden, John T., Kt.l793, II. 302 
Drysdale, William, Kt.l842, II. 344 
Drysdale, William, K.C.B.1893, I. 264 
Duarte, e Silva Antonio, K.C.V.O.1903, 

Duberly, James, Kt.l803, II. 307 
Dubois, Emile, G.C.V.O.1903, I. 427 

DuciB, Duct, and see Darcy 
Ducy, Robert, Kt.l631, II. 199 
Ducie, William, viscount Downe, K.B. 

1661, I. 164 
Ducket, Francis, Kt.l603, II. 102 
Duckett, Lionel, Kt.l573, II. 75 
Duckett, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 118 
Duckworth, Dyce, Kt.l886, II. 379 
Duckworth, John T., K.B.1801, 1.175; 

G.C.B.1815, I. 180 
Duddleston, John, Kt.l690, II. 266 
Dudgeon, Charles J., Kt.l903, II. 415 
Dudley, Ambrose, earl of Warwick, Kt. 

1549, 11.64; K.G.1563, 1.26 
Dudley, Andrew, Kt.l547, 11.62; K.G. 

1552, I. 24 
Dudley, earl of. See Ward 
Dudley, Gamaliel, Kt.l646, 11.221 
Dudley, Henry, Kt.l545, footnote II. 56 



Dudley, John, duke of Northumberland, 

Kt.l523, 11.45; K.G.1543, 1.23 
Dudley, John, earl of Warwick, K.B. 

1547, I. 150 
Dudley or Sutton de, lord. See Sutton, 

alias Dudley, E. 
Dudley, Robert, earl of Leicester, E.G. 

1559, I. 26 
Dudley, Robert, Kt.l596, 11.93 
Dudley, Robert, Kt.l603, II. 100 
Duff, Alexander, G.C.H.1833, 1.452; 

Kt.l834, 11.335 
Duff, Alexander W. G., duke of Fife, 

K.T.1881, 1.87; G.C.V.O.1901, I. 

418; Victorian Chain 1902, 1.415 
Duff, James, Kt.l779, II. 296 
Duff, James, earl Fife, G.C.H.1823, I. 

449; K.T.1827, 1.82 
Duff, James, earl of Fife, K.T.1860, I. 85 
Duff, Robert W., G.C.M.G.1893, I. 343 
Duffe, Thady, Kt.l623, II. 183 
Dufferin, marquess of (1861). See 

Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, F. T. 
Duffv, Charles G., Kt.l873, 11.365; 

K.C.M.G.1877, 1.359 
Duffey, George F., Kt.l897, II. 400 
Dugdale, William, Kt.l677, II. 252 
Duke (Ducke), Edward, Kt.l607, II. 143 
Duke, Edward, Kt.l641, II. 209 
Duke, Henry, Kt.l588, 11.86 
Duke, James, Kt.l837, II. 338 
Dulac, Joseph, K.C.B.1856, I. 242 
Dulton, Hugh de, K.B.1306, I. 120 
Dumaresq, John, Kt.l803, II. 307 
Dumbell, Alured, Kt.l899, II. 404 
Dumbarton, earl of. See Douglas 
Dumfries, earl of. See Dalrymple- 

Dunbar, earl of (1608). See Home, G. ; 

see Murray, J. 
Dunbar, James, Kt.l810, II. 310 
Dumbreck, David, K.C.B.1871, 1.253 
Duncan, Henry, K.C.H.1834, 1.460; 

Kt.l834, II. 335 
Duncan, Robert D., earl of Camper- 
down, K.T.1848, 1.84 
Dunche, William, Kt.l603, II. Ill 
Duncombe, Charles, Kt.l699, 11.271 
Duncombe, Edinond, Kt.l642, II. 213 

Duncombe, Francis, Kt.l619, II. 174 
Duncorab, John, Kt.l646, II. 221 
Duncombe, Sanders, Kt.l617, II. 163 
Duncomb. See Dunton 
Dundas, David, K.B.1803, I. 176;G.C.B. 

1815, I. 180 
Dundas, David, Kt.l847, 11.347 
Dundas, Henrv, viscount Melville, K.C.B. 

1849, 1.238; G.C.B.1865, 1.194 
Dundas, James W. D., G.C.B.1855, 1. 191 
Dundas, Jo, Kt.l633, II. Ixii. 
Dundas, Lawrence, marquess of Zetland, 
Grand Master K.P.1889, I. 95 ; K.T. 
1900, L 88 
Dundas, Richard S., K.C.B.1856, 1.243 
Dundas, Robert L., K.C.B.1815, I. 224 
Dundas, Tliomas, K.C.B.1831, I. 231 
Dundas, Thomas, earl of Zetland, K.T. 

1861, 1.85; K.G.1872, 1.65 
Dundas, Walter, Kt.l594, IL 91 
Dundee, earl of. See Gualterio 
Dundonald, earl of. See Cochrane 
Dunfermline, lord. See Abercromby 
Dungarvan, viscount. See Boyle, R. 
Dunham, John, Kt.l497, IL 30' 
Dunke (Danck), Thomas, Kt.l710, II. 277 
Dunkin, William, Kt.l791, II. 301 
Dunkley, Robert, Kt.l708, II. 276 
Dunn, Dunne, Dune, and see Don 
Dunne, Daniel, Kt.l603, II. 114 
Dunn, David, Kt.l835, II. 336 ; K.C.H. 

1837, I. 462 
Dunne, John, Kt.l897, 11.401 
Dune, Hugh O'C, Kt.l599, IL 96 
Dun (Dunn), Patrick, Kt.l697, II. 270 
Dunning, Edwin H., Kt.l904, 11.417 
Dunraven, earl of. See Wyndham-Quin 
Dunstall, Thomas, K.B.1426, I. 132 
Dunton (Duncombe), Edward, Kt.l603, 

Dunton, William de, K.B. 1323, L 122 
Duppa, Thomas, Kt.l683, II. 258 
Dupree, William T., Kt.l902, 11.413 
Dupuis, John E., K.C.B.1865, 1.249 
Durand, Henry M., K.C.S.I.1867, 1.317 
Durand, Henry M., K.C.I.E.1889, 1.406; 
K.C.S.I.1894, 1.325; G.C.M.G. 
1900, 1.347 
Dunmdo, Giovanni, K.C.B.1857, 1.244 


Durant, Raymond, K.B.I 323, I. 122 
Duras, Lewis de, earl of Fevershani, 

K.G.1685, 1.38 
Duras, Durefort, Galeard de, Seigneui 

de, K.Cx.l4G3, I. 14 
Duras, lord, K.B.(U65), I. 135 
D'Urban, Benjamin, K.C.B.1815, I. 223 ; 

K.C.H.1818, 1.454; G.C.B.1840, I. 

Durbin, John, Kt.l778, II. 295 
Durham, earl of. See Lambton 
Durham, James, Kt.l651, II. 222 
Durham, Philip C. H., K.C.B.1815, I. 219 
Durie, William, K.H.1837, 1.478 
Durno, James, Kt.l799, II. 304 
Durston, Albert J., K.C.B.1897, I. 296 
Durward, John, K.B.(1465), I. 135 
Dusmani, count A. L., K.C.M.G.1849, I. 

Dussen. See Vandreduffen 
Dutton, Ralph, Kt.l624, 11.186 
Dutton, Robert, Kt.l608, II. 144 
Dutton, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 118 
Dwarris, Fortunatus, Kt.l838, II. 340 
Dyal, Missar, K.C.S.I.1866, I. 316 
Dyer, Edward, Kt.l596, II. 93 
Dyer, James, Kt.l549, II. 65 
Dyer, John, K.C.B.1815, I. 226 
Dyer, Richard, Kt.l585, II. 83, 85 
Dyer, Thomas, Kt.l547, II. 59 
Dyer, William, Kt.l603, II. 108 
Dver, William T. T., K.C.M.G.1899, I. 

Dyes, Christopher, Kt.l547, II. 62 
Dyett, Richard, Kt.l635, II. 203 
Dtmock, Dymocke, Dymmock, Dimmock, 


Dimmock (Dymocke), Charles Kt.l603, 

II. 116 
Dymock, Charles, Kt.l673, II. 248 
Dymoke, Edward, Kt.l584, II. 83 
Dymmock, Edward, Kt.l605, II. 137 
Dymock, Edward, Kt.l661, II. 233 
Dymoke, Lyonell, Kt.l513, II. 40 
Dymmoke, Robert, Kt.l483, II. 21 
Dymoke, Robert, Kt.l513, II. 36 
Dymock, Thomas, K.B.(1400), I. 129 
Dymoke, Thomas, Kt.l460, II. 12 
Dynham. See Dinham 

Dyose, Bernard, Kt.l611, 11.150 
Dysart, earl of. See Tollemash 
Dyve, Dyves, Dive 

Dyve (Dyves), John, Kt.l603, II. Ill 
Dyve, Lewis, Kt.l587, 11.85 
Dive, Lewis, Kt.l620, II. 175 

Eade, Peter, Kt.l885, II. 377 
Eady, Charles S., Kt.l901, II. 409 
Eam, Henry, K.G.I 348, I. 2 
Earner, John, Kt.l795, II. 302 
Eames, William, K.C.B.1902, I. 274 
Earle, James, Kt.1800, II. 305 
Earle, Thomas, Kt.l681, II. 257 
Earle, Walter, Kt.l616, IL 158 
Earle. See Erie 

Earnley, Michael, Kt.l639, II. 207 
East, Cecil J., K.C.B.1897, I. 2G9 
East, Edward H., Kt.l813, IT. 312 
Eastlake, Charles L., Kt.l850, II. 348 
Eaton, Eyton 

Eyton, James, Kt.l702, II. 273 
Eyton, Kendrick, Kt.l675, II. 250 
Eaton, Peter, Kt.l715, II. 280 
Eaton, Philip, Kt.l619, II. 173 
Eaton, Robert, Kt.l612, IL 152 
Eaton, Robert, Kt.l630, IL 198 
Eaton (Eyton), Thomas, Kt.1642, 
Ebrington, viscount. See Fortescue 
Eccles, John, Kt.l714, IL 280 
Echingham, Edward, Kt.l513, IL 37 
Echingham, Osburne, Kt.l529, II. 47 
Echlin, Henry, Kt.l692, II. 267 
Eckersley, Nathaniel, K.H.1818, I. 4G3 
Eckhardstein, baron Hermann von, 

K.C.V.0.1902, 1.440 
Eckley (Ecclye), Samuel, Kt.l702, II. 272 
Eden, Ashley, K.C.S.L1878, L 321 
Eden, Charles, K.C.B.1873, I. 253 
Eden, George, earl of Auckland, G.C.B. 

1835, I. 206 
Eden, Morton, lord Henley, K.B.I 791, 

L 174; G.C.B.1815, L 205 
Eden, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 124, 133 
Edgar, James D., K.C.M.G.1898, I. 384 



Edgar, John W., K.C.I.E.1889, I. 406 
Edgcumbe, Edgecombe 

Edgecumbe, Edward R. P., Kt.l895, 

11. 395 
Edgecombe, Piers, K.B.(1494), I. 144; 

Kt.l513, 11.36 
Edgcombe, Richard, Kt.l485, II. 23 
Edgecombe, Richard, Kt.l542, II. 53 
Edgecombe, Richard, Kt.l603, II. 121 
Edgecumbe, Richard, K.B.1661, I. 165 
Edgcumbe, William H., earl of Mount 
Edgcumbe, G.C.V.0.1897, I. 418 
Edge, John, Kt.l886, II. 379 
Edgeworth, John, Kt.l672, II. 247 
Edlin, Peter H., Kt.l888, II. 385 
Edmarker (Egmorles), monsieur, Kt. 

1596, 11.92 
Edmonds, Christopher, Kt.l592, 11.89 
Edmonds, Clement, Kt.l6l7, II. 166 
Edmonds, Henry, K.B.1626, I. 162 
Edmondes, Tliomas, Kt.l603, II. 109 
Edmonstone, George F.,K.C.B. 1863, 1.283 
Edolfe, Robert, Kt.l603, II. 123 
Edolph, Thomas, Kt.l609, II. 147 
Edridge, Frederick T., Kt.l897, II. 399 
Edridge, Thomas R., Kt.l887, II. 383 
Edward II., K.B.1306, I. Ill 
Edward III., K.B.1327, I. 125 
Edward v., K.B.(1475), 1.136; K.G. 

1475, I. 16 
Edward VI., Kt.l547, II. 58 
Edward VII., K.G.1841, I. 56 ; K.G.1858, 
1.60; K.S.I.1861, 1.306; G.C.B. 
1565, 1.194; G.C.S.I.1866, 1.308; 
K.T.1867, 1.86; K.P.1868, 1.103; 
G.C.M.G.1877, 1.337; G.C.I.E.1887, 
I. 401 ; G.C.V.0.1896, I. 417 ; grand 
master of the Bath (1897), I. 109 
Edwardes, Edwards 

Edwards, Bryan, Kt.l859, 11.354 
Edwards, Fleetwood I., K.C.B.1887, 

1.290; G.C.V.O.1901, 1.419 
Edwards, George W., Kt.l887, 11.381 
Edwards, Henry, Kt.l885, II. 378 
Edwardes, Herbert B., K.C.B.1860, I. 

281; K.C.S.I.1866, 1.317 
Edwards, James, Kt.l670, II. 245 
Edwards, James B., K.C.M.G.1891. I. 


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Edwardes, Stanley de B., K.C.B.1898, 

Edwyn, Humphry, Kt.l687, II. 264 
Eeles, Thomas, K.H.1832, 1.467 
Effingham, earl of (1820). See Howard, 

Egeock, Francis, Kt.l603, II. 122 
Egerton (Everton), Charles, Kt.l604, 

II. 132 
Egerton, Charles, Kt.l607, II. 142 
Egerton, Charles B., K.C.H.1832, I. 458; 

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G.C.B.1904, I. 204 
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Egerton, John, earl of Bridgewater, Kt. 

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Egerton, John, earl of Bridgewater, K.B. 

1661, I. 163 
Egerton, Philip, Kt.l544, II. 55 
Egerton, Philip, Kt.l660, II. 229 
Egerton, Rauf, Kt.l513, II. 39 
Egerton, Rauf, Kt.l553, II. 68 
Egerton, Richard, Kt.l544, II. 55 
Egerton, Richard, Kt.l603, II. 122 
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Egerton, Rowland, Kt.l617, II. 161 
Egerton, Thomas, Kt.l597, II. 94 
Egerton, Thomas, earl of Wilton, G.C.H. 

1835, I. 452 
Egerton, William, K.B.1661, I. 164 
Eggebaston, Richard de, K.B.1306, 1. 121 
Eggleton, Charles, Kt.l744, II. 286 
Eglandby. See Aglionby 
Eglintoun, earl of (1812). See Mont- 

gomerie, H. 
Egmorles, monsieur, Kt.l596, II. 92 
Abbas Pasha, khedive of, G.C.M.G.1891, 

I. 342 ; G.C.B.1892, I. 213 ; G.C.V.O. 

1900, I. 424 
Ismail Pacha, viceroy of, G.C.B. 1866, 

1.210; G.C.S.I.1868, 1.309 
Mohamed Ali, of, G.C.M.G.1900, 1.347 




Tewfik Pasha, khedive of, G.C.S.I.1S75, 

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Eisendecker, Charles J. G. von, G.C.Y.O. 

1904, I. 430 
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1831, I. 232 
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G.C.M.G.1887, I. 341 
Elderton, Eldreton 

Elderton (Eldrington, Etherington), 

Richard,' Kt.l603, II. 118 
Eldreton, Thomas, Kt.l460, II. 12 
Eldrecare, William, Kt.l523, II. 44 
Elgar, Edward, Kt.l904, II. 417 
Elgin, earl of. See Bruce 
Eliot. See Elliot 
Ellenborough, earl of. See Law 
Ellercar, Ellerker, Illerker 
Ellercar, Raulf, Kt.l497, II. 32 
Ellercar, Rauf, Kt.l544, II. 54 
Ellerkar, Rauf, Kt.l513, II. 37 
Ellerker (Illerker), Ralph, Kt.l603, 

II. 101 
EUes. See Ellis 

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EUesmere, earl of. See Leveson-Gower 
Elley, John, K.C.B.1815, I. 223; K.C.H. 

1819, I. 454 
Ellice. See Ellis 

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Elliot, Elliott, Eliot, Eltott 

Elliott, Alexander J. H., K.C.B.1897, 

I. 268 
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Eliot, Edward G., earl of St. Germans, 
Grand Master K.P.1853, 1.94; 
G.C.B.1857, I. 208 
Elliot, Edward L., K.C.B.1902, I. 275 


Elliot, Francis E. H., K.C.M.G.1904, I. 

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Elliot, George, K.C.B. 1877, I. 255 
Elliott, George A., lord Heathfield, K.B. 

1783, I. 173 
Elliot, Henry G., G.C.B.1869, I. 210 
Elliot, Henry G., K.C.M.G.1899, I. 386 
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Eliot, John, Kt.l618, II. 168 
Eliott, John, Kt.l776, II. 295 
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Elyott, Thomas, Kt.l527, II. 46 
Elliot, Thomas, Kt.l603, II. 126 
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Eliot (Elliot), William, Kt.l681, II. 256 
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Kt.l837, II. 339 
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Elliott, William H., K.H.1837, 1.477; 

K.C.B.1862, I. 248; G.C.B.1873, 

I. 196 
Elliot-Murray- Kynvnmound, Gilbert, 

earl of Minto, G.C.B.1834, I. 206 
Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound, Gilbert 

J., earl of Minto, G.C.M.G.1898, 

Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound, William 

H., earl of"' Minto, K.T.1870, I. 86 
Ellis, Ellice, Elles, Ellys, Elves, 

Elwys, Elwes 
Ellis, Adam G., Kt.l882, II. 374 
Ellis, Alfred B., K.C.B. 1894, I. 266 
Ellis, Arthur E. A., K.C.V.O.(1897), 

1.432; G.C.V.O.1902, 1.420 
Ellis, Barrow H., K.C.S.I.1875, I. 320 
Ellis, Charles A., lord Howard de 

Walden, G.C.B.1838, I. 207 
Ellice, Charles H., K.C.B.1873, I. 254; 

G.C.B.1882, I. 198 
Elles, Edmond R., K.C.B.1898, I. 269; 

K.C.I.E.1904, 1.412 




Ellys (Elvis, Elwys, E