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Full text of "The Free Homestead (Winnebago City, Minnesota)"





J AS. L. CHRISTIE Editor & Pioprietor. 


Terms— $1.50 — Invoriably in Advance 

VOL. 4. 



NO. 15, 


CfEco on Maia Street next door North of tbt 
Winnebago City Hotel. 


One copy one year - - - SL'l' 

For any term less tuan b aiotliS, 5 cents a weoU. 


koTin. I I 80 IJjTl-t^q rrco l. I I col. I 1 col 

I wouk : 1,"0 l.^'> 

1 mi'tli 
.H m'ths 

2,">0 4,00 
.3,5!), 5.00 

4.00 1 5.J0 

10. Of 



6.0(l! T,00 ; 12,00 
3.00' fl.OO ; 16,00 : 2;\.0O 
000 s 00 12.00. U.oO i 24.00 : ">J.OO 
H lu'ths ' sioo 11.00 1*5.00 I'O.OO; 30.00 J .10,00 
1 year. ; 10,00' 11,00, 20,00' 25,00 1 40,00 • 70,00 
Ten lines or loss mako one squar'}. 

. U X Xili. 


Corner of Holley «fc Main Streets. Wiunebago City 

D- S LAW Proi)rietor. 

Sta;»e8 leave tbis IIousc for all Points. 

C J J J-J JL4 1 1 X X O Xl X X I 

1 n^K^ \/- The B.orrors of a Private 

X. ■ i - - 



The Little Gray Cloak. 

A pa'.r.rul c:ise of constraint nnd con 

. ., » , r. " ftbobo.iv linouicnt of a lunatic in a private liouse 

known a? '-Knif^bts of Arabia" in tbc tfoutb. It luisjust bcen brought tO tho "OUCO Ot 

. ^ , , ii from ibo ::cv; Oiksus Picayune: the Euthorit-ios by Di'. Arthur r.Iitcholl 

There is also a good livery conuectea with the j . / t r G ♦ 

iloHse. Oct30'6G There's a lilllo gray cloak that goes trotting ' deputy inspector ot Lunacy tol OCOl 

Advertisements not marked for a specificil time 
will becontinueJ. and charged for accordingly. 

Yearly advertisors will bo held strictly to ad- 
vert emcnts peitainiiig to their bu'ini-TS All 
other notices will bo changed at tho resitilarrrtto? 

Kiccsi of a Jvertisomenta insci ted will be charg- 
d proportionately to tho number of Sfjuares bar- 
gained for. 

Le.:^:il ad\t.rti.-'cmonts inoortcdat tho the ex- 
pense of the attorney ordering tbcm, and not dc- 
uyublo for legal proceediugs, but must be paid 
on delivery of the afihiavit. 

Notices iuacited in the reading cnlumn. dou- 
cblo rates JAS. L. CHRISTIE 

Editor <k Proprietor. 


Elv.c Eaitli City, 

This bouse hnvi'i.^' been rep.iircd and newly fur- 
nished throughout, is now open for the rectption 
of .^ruests. 

Tli«< proprietor respee folly iolicits tho pr.tron- 
:i!^c of th'j travclin.!^ publi';, and is detLi!i:incd 
rhatnonc ?ball go away dissati^lied who may ta 
vor bim with a call. 

47y G. S. CO>:VERSE. Proprietor. 


Fr:)Qt 3lreet, near the Lc /ee. 

M. T. U. I'LCWillC, Proprietor. 

General Slace Oeic^forall Tolnta j .the State. Good 
S'aWhis with attentive Ostlfo. lOyl 

"garden city hotel. 

Evans & Fall, Proprietors- 

about — 
Ileigh-ho ! tho little prny cloak ' 
ThcrcV something beneath it, I Lave no dolut— 

ilci-h-ho ! tho Httlo gray cloak ! 
In sansbina or rain, in pleae^ure or pain, 

Wherever I go, or v/hatevcr 1 do, 
Like a :^pirit of the air, 'lis now hero and now 
I sec it before me, that little gray cloak. 

Oh 1 I fear that my heart is not strong as my 

lIc!.i,h-ho ! the little gray cloak ! 
That my heart is bttrajing it.-elf by itu sighs— 

Iltigh.ho ! the little gray cloak ! 
For all through the day, a virion of gray 

Is over my heart juid over my «'yc?; 
For my eyes, I can't s»;o ; for my heart I declare 

'lis under .the folds of that little gray 
cloak ! 

land. From inrpurics ma<lo re.u'ar.Ving 
the ca?c to whicn attention has thus 
been Jrawn, tho fjllowius f-cts have 
bo^n elicited : 

ivbout fourteen yetirs a-o a young 

LfwivQ to ''Green'* SkaterG. I by. He phnad an oxtraet do opprji 
Now that the skating mania has bro; the othor niirht. He v.n hi. fingers 
ken vith violence, an cxoliange | through his hair twice, then grinned, 
takes occ.sion to print the following then cueked his eyes up to the ce.bng, 
direction, for new beginners: Hl^e a monkey huntinv' for fl.e., and 

1 Never try to skate in two dircc- ' then came down one ot his fingers and 
tions .It onee. Thi.s feut has- often been | I he.ard a delightful sound, Rimihirtri 
attempted by new beginners, but ncv- | that produced by a cockroach dancnig 
cr successfully. It ^always ends in • upon the tenor string of a f.ddle Down 

came finpcr, and I was remiud 

2. Eat a few applet fvr refreshment ! cd of the wind whistling throngli a 

d bo sure to I knot liule in 9. hen eoop. He touched 
farit ska i his thumb, a^d I thought that I was in 


p.ako while skatin;r, 

1 T,.w^f f^inii.holl 1 na- ' throw the cores on the ice for 
woman narr.ed C.^u.pbell, a na , ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ .^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ , ^^ ^^,^^^^_.^^ ^.^^^^^^ ^^^ the distant br.y 

skaters arc your luitural enimies, and . ing of a jackass. Now he ran his fin- 

■ • ' ^ ' ht of 

live of the village of Rcay, and then 

a do 

n health and a prey to moruid melon- ,,*'.,,. 

. , , T 1 r.. ,., ^'cli to omit tliLS. 

clioly. At last she disai'peared Irom 

Business Directory. 

Winuebago City Dl.^trk't. 

A.. H. Bn.M.'*. Register, 
H. W. Ii(»Ll.KY, Ilcceivur. 

rar- OlTice h^ursfrom S A. M. til! 4 I'. M. 
Wintiel)i3) City, Minn.,:3ct.2C; ISti*^ 

NO. 27. 

a I'ho regular C-jnituuaicati'ins of tiu.i 
^m£^ L'.d-c is held on Tuesday encuin.;^', on or 
'Ntn before tho full in )w:i. 


". S. W1I.T.'»KY, W. M. 
• i. K. Mm LT(»N", S. W. 
THUS. P. I, A •:'.,.!. «•. 
llEO. A, WKIll, S. D. 

1). r. wr:it, J. o. 

.IM. L. Vt KUt. 
T. W. .TKNSK--, Trt;:^. 
i. iliCllAUDSON, TvLir. 

This House is New, Commodious 
Pleas.intly Located, and has been New j aloiio— 

ly Farni.'<h( d tliroughont. Tlit; veiy ' Ileigh-ho! the little gray cloak! 
best nccoiinuodiilions guaranteed to , HI ^top by itsfide, and I'H take for my guide 
travtlcrs and boai"dor.s. 

Gootl Stable liooui for Tt-arhs. 
D4a0vl Garden City filinn 

Ihavefalthfully.worn-totheoathl.-illown- -;- mado her way home tO ! ^^ ^^''' ^'''' f '^^' ^"^^ ,^"^7^ 

Iki^'h-ho! the little gray cloak! , iici p.acc, anu luvuc ul ^ . i once. Knock cm dowD. It makes fun 

That the ratio gray cl.ak .han't go tottering i On her return to her Iriends , ^.^^ .^^ 

it was evident that her intellect was de ' ^ . , , . ..i 

It N\ ay e\ KiLiu u au ^ U von tkata into a hole in the 

nm-ed, and she soon became so vio- J 
i lent that it was found necessiry to con 

ico take it coolly, Think how ycu 

Wbataver m-ty be in its mysteries hid; 
I «ball fear not tho storm- it v.ill keep us both ; "UC her 
For broj:d arc the folds oi that little gray j j^ft^i,- ylnj lijij been aboUt, tWO ycaiS JH 

. , , . , . TT,„. I would feel is the water was boiling 
in a fetraiiht-iacket. liei 

clothes were lorn to pieces and, at Ls^t "O^- , 

6. If your katcs are too slippery, buy 

ricane had struck the house, and the 
walls were caveing in. I imagined I 
was in the cellar, and a ton of coal was 
falling upon my head I thought that 
tho machine had bursted, when the in- 
fernal noise stopped I heard my wife 
ejaculate : 

'Ex(prsito !' *What the deu'^e is the 
matter?' The answer was 'Why, my 
dear, that's La Soinnamba'a !" D— n 


f hcKff -C. E. CUVl'ET-. Co. AU'.v— A. C. PrXV, 

rr.»'r-IC n. JOMN?«iS .Iu.t|c— ^MOt* P r.i:.-^TON, 

liH.'Utcr— A. I'dNWKLL, r..r..ner— WM. A. WA\ . 

Auditor— W. V. CADV, CunilConi.--A. rilEMOX 

— District Conrlofthis DtitiiclmeetEat Blue EartUCity 
n tbe M Mouday in May. 


WiltcD, "»,7r3cca Coaaty, Liinnesota, 

J. K. G-nAY. Prop. 

Terms Heasonablo. — Teamsters over night 
(h»e iloliar and u half. 

tieneril stu;;,o office. Good Ptabliug, and reason- 
able ebar^cs. 47v:'>yl 


Attoi iiev and Coun.sellor at Law 

">-)- Will attend to prof:ssional bu?lne?j 
hrough >ut ihi; .*tate. 
Wi I'l^bago City, Minn. 



The und.-r>igncd takes this method of inform 
K"- t!ie po'.plo of Winnebago t^Uv and vioiuity, 
hat ho has just opened a n..w harne.-s du.p in 


an 4 is now prepared to do all kind:J of work in 
bis line. New harness made to onlcr, and nil 
kin. U ..f repairing douo on short u,)t;-c. f^I'.op 
up -fairs, next door scuth of Uii.-hardii'n & Key- 

AVinnebago City, May 25, ISOO. 32tf 



Calls by day or night promptly attendsd to. 
Winnebago City, Aug. l."», 1 Stiff. 

T" M. L C K W I) , 

Pnvr.iciAX a:n'1) Srue;Eoiq-, | 

v7iaacl>aso CAj. - - - IHiaucsota 

The undor.~;?;nc71 would ref-p.-rtfully infirm the 
p'Voplo of V/jntebago City .lud vii-iniry that ho 
iias ugiiin opened his oRico in this place, ai.d t.^ 
prepared to attend on all who may roi'jirc nis 
I) id. Ollicc up stairs in City Sab>on buibiing. 
I're^crlptiuns carefully compounded. Per^niir; 
\vi>hiu" to consult ino upon any di-case, ciliicr 

a blacksmith's ='.ilrt of a Huturday night. 

IIow the £V. irl of the llake^ in the wind exaUs/- 
So likt* ttio shower Ep.-^om baits. 

And the dashing .sleighs, how swiftly they go. 
With the drivers all is gelatio. 

IIo, boy ! a pail of ice-water bring» 
And over my head the tea-bell ring.; 

smull plat of ground and keeping one 
cow, and have barely the means of ^^^ 
ckltig out a scanty subsistence for them 
selves and her. From i.^norauce and 

8. Wlion you fall headlong, cxr.m 
inc the straps of yo'dr skates very care 

Put snow in my fuco while my feet I soak j 
rU have my fun, if I am dead broke. 

" Co On, Sir, Go Oa." 

Arago says, in his Autobiography, 

you know 

9. Wear a heavy overcoat or cloak 


tiiey thus immured ; and, several years 
ago, when the parochial authorities of- 
fered to place her in an asylum for prop 
er care aud treatment, they poiiiively 
refused to give consent. So their 

that his master iti luathamatics was a ' reluctance to entertain the idea of hor 

word ov two of advice which ho found ; removal that they have not only kept 

in the binding cf one of his text books. ! entirely out of Mght, but the very ex- , 

, , ,.^ ,. . 11- V „i 'mediately. Don t be reasouable about 

Puzzled .and discouraged by the diffi- ! istencc oi the wretch.ed prisoner has .al- i i 

. , ,. ! „ , , !■ • 1 1 .. „i it : fikato three or tour lioars — Sjvate 

eulti^'^ ho met with in his earlv studios . iuo«; faded out ot mind, and many ot ' 

. " ,1 . , , • I M i frauticallv— skate till you can t staud 

l,c W.B almost ro.a.Iy to gu „ over ,!,o their ncgLbor, ,n l>o v, la,o wc o c» , ^^^ / _.^ ^^ ^__^ ._ ^.,| ^^ 

pursuit. Some which he fou.U ; froly i,M,nm. of th« tac o hor bom, , ^ 1_^^ ^^ ^^,^^ ^.^^ ^^ ^_^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ 

on tho wa-te loaf used to btifTen the conuned there at ail. NV lien visited v i ♦! -« -ii i ^ „„ «^ 

on mo 'wa^ic it.ii usuu lu .tuii.ii m^ . , ' vou may die, aud will be an ex- 

found brouching stark ! J -^ . .,, , , , 

celh'ut thing; it will be sach a good 

A Southern Flatforni. 

Jacob Slevis, a candidate for Con- 
gi'csi' from Alabama, puts forth a fun- 
ny platf'Tm : 

"You have a rite to no the prinsipuls 
that will govern my kangreshunul kar 
rer. I am not the person to kensole or 
equiverkait. My prinsipuls ar those of 
the American Egul, which, whar the 

till you get thoroughly warmed up, and j.-^^.^^^ jg qHq^.^ gathurd togethur. la 
then tlii-ow it off and let the wind cool | ^^.i^^i-^jj ^o tho niggur, I exsept the sit- 
you. This will inqare ycu a fine cold ^^^^^^^^ Slavery Is ded, and so will 

I that will lust you as long as you live. 
I 10, After you get so you can skate 
I tler.aMc well, skate yourself sick im- 

i;;;tu.:L^':?^:w:^li:'^'"^^^^^^^ ofhi. paper tound textbook|rccnitlyshewas , , ,, ,,,j :„ , c.t.ea. uuu, , . ... ...... . ,.... 

.ays exclusively to this branch «; tb^ 1-tc.ion ,,,,„^,t ^.j, ,y, ,„j i,u,,ested hin.. | inked, on tho bottom a lox-bed in ^ ^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^,^^ 

Wionobago City, August it, i' C6 4:imC ! 'I..pol!ed,' lie >ay., 'by an indefina- | the room in -.vhich she has spent her ^ 

blecurio.ily, Idan'ii.enedlhecoverof;rni>erable captivity of a do^zou years, ' P^*^ 
WILLAIID & BAIINEY. ^^^ ^^^j, .,,^^^ oarefullv unrolled the leaf ! seven or eight of these in almost ab.s-^ute 

^Umiosota Mutual Insurance Co. 
Mankato, Minnesota- 

Insures agaiost loss by 

Fre aud Lightning, aud Death 
of Stock. 

B. FINCU, President. J. A. Wl.SWELL See 
0. O. PITCUER, Treasurer. 

Attorneys & Counselors at Law. ' to see what was on the other side. It darknefct;, as well as absolute nudity. 

' ~ " About eight years ago the windows 

A few simple direction.? fi-r lady ska 
ters are added : prettily on parsing an air 

MAXKATO, bucs EARiii COUXTY MixN. i proved to be a letter from Iroin D'A'.em 

'^tJS'^LJtrSl' '^"' """"" '•*'" '"""'""' ^ ^''^ t^ ^ 3^'^""S person disheartened, - - ^^^^^^ ^ ^.^^^^-^ 

Have for sal. at aU time.,, Ut go quantities of like myself, by the difScultics of math- wcre «p with stone and lime,and o a nrotectional wav 

Winnebago Trast Lands, and other vaiuaUo ^^^.^^-^^^^ g,^,^ ^nd who had written since that time the only light that the I t^^j '»^-^ 0^'-^ '\ pioteciionai w aj 

Farming land.-. > • ' i , -. . i i ^ r ,.-.. 

to him ior counsel. I wretched creature hai; seen h.a.-j been 

J. A. WiLLARD. - - 21yl - 



A. Ki:SNK!>Y, 1 

AS. U. BiTTs. ) General Agents. 


DAN M tf.a H M & CO. rr.os. 

opposite Clifton House, 
M.i^4<ato, Minnesota. 

Our tables are new and are of tho best mako 

, . 1 1 /. 1 hole and mve the arm oi Charles Au- 

of the room m whiJi fehe IS conliiied, .""'^''"' »* ^ , ,. 

" ■ It makes him 

onal way. 

If your skatiug partner ij eliKible, 

, , 11 T '• 1 •. • and vour foot is nrdtty, don't hesitate 

•Go on, sir, go on,' wns the counsel ! admuted by a small slium- panel in . ^"^ ) ^"^ '^'^^ » I ^ 

' . ,. , • II 1 ' in a«kin2 jum to aaiust youi skaie 

which D'Alembert gtive him. The dif ; the roof, only occasionally opened, a.'» ^ •*-«■'« •> J 

icultics you meet with will re.olve them i it can only be reached with diliiculty. , straps every ten minutes. He wi.l rath 

selves as you advance. Pivceed, and , The room contained no furniture ex- ^^ "^^ ^'- 

light will "dawn and shine with increas ' cept the old box bed, on which she 

ing clearness on your path ' 

squatted more like a c^ged wild beast 

My "Wife's Piano, 

From the r-Iusical Gazette. 

n,.n rha» SchefTer. St. Paul. Hon. E. G. TIam . ^ ., . 

n St Cb;«d Hon. A. Chambers. Owatonna. Good ciga rs and uuuors at th., bar. 
U.<u. tJ. E. Cole, F.irib:iuit. Hon. II. A. Subclia 


'That maxim,' said Arago, 'was my j a creature. Her guardians j j^^^ j]^,(,d is accomplished. My wife 
"jreatcst master in nir«lhematics.' Fol- j admit that she has brcn naked for near ; j^j^g „^^ ^ pjano, and now farewell to 

New rdmV Uou. M. Donahue ikMidorson^^^ WHOLESALE tfe llETAIL lowing out the simple words 'Go on, I eight years. Her hair is felted on the %y,^y^^,j-ji ,nind^fare>.\ ell content and 
Franklin" A Keyes, Winonal'"'' ''' * ^^'^hli\i Sir, go on,' made him the first astrbm- sc?'p, and has not been combed for ^j^^ evening papers, and the big c'-ara 

Practical ^Vatch■:\[ake.I, 



Mankato, - - - Minn. 


"Watches, clocks, Jewelry & silver tvuic 
Kcpairina neatly eiecuttd and warranted. 

Crockery Store 


ALBERT S. WHITE, rroprietor. 

i 1 ical malhcmaticiaQ of his a;^e. 

. many yeitra. It is impossible to describe ■ ^i^.^^ make ambition virtue, O, fare«ell! 

the appearance it preseiits. ^Vhen tl e j jt^^^ oh, ye mortal engines whose rude 

Worrying Him. tattered ami filthy blanket that was on throats the immortal Jove's dread clam 

OuG morning dariog the late war, an ; the bed was removed the raa s of rot- j^^r.^ counteifieit I Cut stop ! I can't 

officer riding through the woods of Al ; tcnness beneath can only be described | |^: j ^^^^^ farewell, fur one of them h.ts 

abama, was attracted by a tall, lank ' j,s a duns heap. On thhs she crouched i j^g^ arrived. It came on a dray. Six 

men carried it into the parlor, and it 

ery is ueu, ana so wnl 
the niggurs be afore long. I am in fa- 
vur of a general amnesty to all the 20,* 
000 dollar men, sein they had nothing 
to do with bringing on the war, or fi- 
ling in it when it was brot. Boath of 
these were did by the pour men ; but 
those of that class who made nothin by 
ihu I think suffishuntly punished, 
and those who did ort to be pardoned 
for gettin rich at the expense of the re 
belyun. All I have tu Bay in konklu- 
sion is, that if any man doubts my lo- 
ially eny longer he is a misurable tra- 
tur, and I will kick hira as sure as civil 
guvernineut is rest.ablished. 

'What arc you doing there, Jane ?* 

'Why, pa, I am going to dye doll's 
dress red.' 

'Cut what have you got to dye it 
with ?' 


'Who on earth told you that beet 
would d;. e red ?' 

'Why, ma said that it was beer that 
made your nose look eo red, and I 
thou;;ht ." 

'Here, Susan, Lake this child.' 

Here is a golden sentence, f^parkli.ig 
like a diamond, among Goethe's aphoi* 
isms 5 *A higher standard, even if it be 
not fully attained, is better than a luw- 
cr one, whose demands are entirely sat 

b/i^'aie^oJt^r Sl^aof^vS^;:^ i countryman, who .ecmed to be and day, except when she crept 
on raas«nub!> term?. Rooms On iJain b.reet ^ ^jg i^^st eiidcavors to re.ach the top of to the fire for a little Warmth. Crawl- 

no'irlv onrosite Dradley & Bro. i, i-i .. o iiji! .. . ..-i -ii 

"^ '^ I a jarge hiukory tree, bc.arcciy had Itc jno" ig the only term to describe her 

p. B. 1>AVY, 

gained the summit, when rapidly de- manner of locomotion, as from long 

A newspaper recently contained the 
following in its notices to correspond* 
er;ts : '1 ruth is crowded out of our col- 
umns this week." 

J. S. PERU Y. 


Wiimebaojo Citv ]\Iinnesota, 

:\IaT be found In rdlows' New Block. Op- 
posite CotttcU & Doarbon's New Stoxo. 

at aV. limes, prepared u> li' all work intrusted to 
hira. in the lato-.i New York Fashions, or to suit 

he customer 

,Mo-!t kinds of coirotry i r uluce wanted for work 
Cutting done on sh<n^ notice, and warranted u> 
fit if propetly made up. n2--l 

I scending he st.arted up another. This ; conunement and disuse tne mu.acles of 
Auction *CoitW!itssioi) Merchant, ^^'•''^"^'e procecding.^wa^ continued at ; her legs h.-^.TC become incapable of ex- 

i least a dozen times the countryman ercise, -and the legs are bent together 
Corner < f Soa:h :»'>d Vnlvha jtreets, j climbing and descending one tre? after jj^j permanently stiffened. 

Blue K'lrth ('icy, - - • Id ionesota. another for nearly a quarter of a mile.! 

I The officer overtaking him, inquired \ A young German girj was brutaJy 
CASn paid for IIII'ES X- SKINS, the cause of his eccentric gyrations, /^-^i^^^ed at Ottumwa. ^o^^' /'"J^^ l , ^^^^ jj„, f^^ a friend 

I 'Wal, stranger,' ho answered, 'I was 16th ult.,by two rulhaus. one o. whom ^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ domoli,hin:r a .ix 
Iveeps ccnsMntiy on hand a good a..orttt€nt of • j^.j^^, ^,^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ hickory, ^^hc•n a ^^s been aiTcstod. Ihe poor girl 

IL jii six ^ >iu. 

grunted awfully. It weighs a ton, 

fhine» like a mirror, and has carved cu ..,«.* 

.-,.,. ./ ,. ,„ ».,i „„^.i. A cotemporary likens the elTect of 

i)id.s chmbtnx up it« limbs. And eucn i ., <^, . ^ rr- > ,• e .t. 

1^' " "p 1 the Chicago limes new policy fur tho 

lungs- whew! My wife has comraen Democratic par«y to that of castor oil 

ced to pra-tice, and tho first time Aie 
touched the machine I thought we 
were ia the mid.-t of a thunder storm, 
and tlie lightning had struck the crck- 
ary cbcst^ The cat, with tail erect, 

on the boy, who made wry face«, ftnd 
said to his ni'»tlier; 

'I don't think I quite like ca<>tor oil, 
it is a little too rich.' 

found in a half frozen and in^enpiblc 


Mtnuf.Aruiiv-r and Doa'erin 


of every vanety. 
GiltMouVungs Kept On Hand 

STS. MAXKATO illNN. 21)1 

darned squirrel dropped a shell bark 

Rr..nrvct:« -Uon. .1. P.. w.kcfiei 1, Hill A into mv evG. Im goin' to wovry him c^°^^^-'«" ^y ^^"'^ ^'""^'^^^ P^'"^"- ^^^ 
Dust.r, Earf. : l.u.e .^Jarks^ J. F. ileagh- ^.^^ ^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^ settlement, If I die in t^ok prop-'-r care of her. 

upon the back fence, domoliahing a g 
shilling pane of glass The b.aby 
awoke, and tho little fellow tried hia 

Matchles" misery has h«»en defined as 

having a cigar aud nothing to lighi it 

cr, Mankato; Manger Bros., SL Paul, 
•lane 4, 1SC8. 

SSm ^ the attempt." 


A brother editcr s-'va that when he 
was in prison for libeling a Justi^Q of 
A c'.orgyman 'J o:\a East' asked a the peace, l.e was requepted by the jai! 

A Western editor, in speaking of A 
concert .singer, fjiyu h**r voice is deli- 
ci.Mis, pur«« as mo^n bght. and ai ten- 
best to beat the instrument, but he ; j^r ^^ ^ ,hree whilling hhirt. 
could not do it. It heat liim. 

, . . J -I ' t^' Whv IS a bush like a lut?e girl? 
\ teacher has been lutroiuctd mio , o^ " •. i ** 

A »,caL»i<.i iiuo uv Uecauge It btcomes a woman. 

the hfive. He siys he is the last of 

or to give the prison a putV. 

Billiard Eoom and Saloon. \ ^^^^^"^ ^^° ^^^ baptized, zh she was 

Wiiion, ?Xi«ue»otH. { comiug cut of the water, bow sue felt { Templing £uhjcc«; for animal paint-- 

Xavoleoa's rrt.n 1 army. He wears a . A clergyruan gave the folio wtn.q; toaHe 
■*^ * " that was not v«My galiant, :it a late fire- 

man's celebration : 'Our fire engines — 

hu<T'e mustache, looks at me fiercely. 

TU b.» '''I.';°"„ ..d'cC*:. .h. ■-.- ; ia her mlna, ..nJ ,»« somevfliat surfri cxs~A dog tning to imiUte 'the Lark _ ^'«<^^ °f S "'''^' ='• ^ S^'^" '■" ">' :'^">' j may t'.ey bo like cM otids-ever rwd,, 

All kind^ of Bitters a\;d Candies consUntly on } 


Also fr««h '.yaters in their s€«ion. 47tfc3 seu 10 near aer answcr, CUIIj. 


of a tree. 

i of Count Run away- never come back- but never wantetV 

"gr •- 



















[ I 













LV - 

rimioiR isoiic toleii.lily wtll airhrniicu i'rcm CollimbuS. 

tc.i to ihe cti'iCL ll".<"t lloiauv.- (iiit'lov ; Spc-ia! n;3ii:.ttU to tLe St. ItuU TrtK*^. 

ilcIiiKd :i!>i>ir!iU ns t>r ili- (H»vc>ti-il ujU) 
iuaiion in 'OS ; more tii:i!» t!ia% he be- 
iicvi'S h'i ^ll:lll cbtiin it. 

TiuTi' Sb not Uie ^lii^'I.test t;.!k an.onc: 
, Hi'}>ut)!i<:ii)s i.l.;iit (^r.tiu. In (;M-t, no 
I tne considors I'v.n ui all uvai alie on 

Colut.ilns, O., .T:in. 01. 'llie Sfite 

Coutlicrn Opinion of Another 

T1k» ?Jacon ((la.)^ in iMtio- 

Ice Beat Eaco. 

. A sixteen m;!e touk place be* 
Iwoen tl.c II.'ii'/j jiL'd Si; nv{i.;ke, «if tlie 
l'«)n;;Lkotj sio ]cg l^oat As.iociation 

Convenl.uMurthL. Graul Ai niy ol lh« i,... a v.rv warlike .peed. l..t<ly made -"^'H^ct, >.o .co i.u=u .^.^ucuhu. 

lie, uliic to .lay, and v.a« well .^ '\. ., .'.....^.^ i,.,- .. j,,,. c.nueclicut i "^ m' '""T"- '';';'' ''''' , "^ '^^'^ t^''^' 

:.t end <l. ii ad<.!)tcd die i-llowi:''' ,^ . ,. , ,, .-it ">i» ^' -•' -'um- w.j icavu ij^ .>l\v uu.„ 

.. . ,.,,; ... J)cni(>'jialio htaie Convention, by J as. one' or tlienaity oa ilie bnuwllakc tie 


JL.^oh'nl^ WQ cndor.-st' the rea \ S. lia-ok^ ol'^ew Yoik, makes the fol- 
{)lutii>n ex; )it«-ivc « J" the j^iijeij-los and luuin.^ senyiMe reuuirks : 
pnrp. «f.^i>l the lir.nd Aiu.y «d die lie- ; "liiuHinir i„;,y be a very go-od prac 

hired to tnke'rest up train b:ick on the 

Ilu.J«;t)n ] liver llaih'oaJ. The Know 

Ihike cariied him over, and on her re- 

Inni wiiile -loinLr ut d»e i:ite ol'a ujiio a 

X :\e 

Coninrssi'n'n* General of ^^i'-' 1 i',''*'"'. ',^,''.' ^'! s r..M?!w v'* * ' ^'"''^ .^'t'^* '" •» reckless a game as i« now j;o j ndnule. carried awav her ri-rglD?, ihe 
Luid Ui:ii.e iru> tr:iiisj:.iilUt« to tlic (.em licsGheJ^ ihal the <.. A, 1!. is not >'-k' ^" 5 ^"^ ^^'° '^^J? '^''^^■'' ^'-' ^i ■S.-'-'^^^ I^i>=^^' ^•"'•t>lld^! and all her s^andinji; yvz- of Ii...:i,.n ;;fiaiis, h)r delivery ! ov^aidzed to make n..a.'.,.'aiioii8' to ftir tliat if there's goin,' t) be r.nv more j.ui^-.^ t') the leeward :is quick as a iia>h 

' ■ " ' ' ' ot iij:litMiuL'. J ne Hcc-upants ol tlie 

J. I*. CKK:STI3 . - - - - - 

V. •••<-- i' rcsu iho \V;iil!J:i-lou Kep. oi Ihi.- 21). h ••!• 

-.- — I Yest"rday m rntMi an editorial para »• 
I'^iiiph v.'as puiii shod in a mouiing pa | 

Kurdor in iJrowa County, 

aud mr "• t «d- all patriotic and iil.'rai \ -"^1 »t is not ;vonderriil, therefore, that was tt)wed back to Puu.i:hkeep.«ic. 'J !u- 
nn.uled ti.;zen.s. | they should bo spoiling for another op ^^=^^'« le^<^ ^^.^'^^'^ past iivo, beatmg 

Jl^soJccd, lh:!t ta refnte cr,1 miny ; p„j.^j,„-j;y^ Not so with the people on ! 

per, r^halvc to.x,ecntive .ppuiuta.c.ts 1 ;in^.i'revcia ndja^pvchen^i. .y we l'cr«- • ,^j^ ^j^^ ^^^^^^^ Potomac. Kvery man 

Lcrore the tv-na^e for conlh niath>n .nd j »'>' '^"cL^.'-e while the A. (,. K. has i:s ,,vo'ic'ed with 

•m mre'e i.o'M :hv Po'l, edit I ^'^'-'^'l <•• ^ "loMOii and n:cans o! reco-- 1 ^^ '»o v .anted to h^ht was pio. uad with 

tlte fiixfeen miles agaii^t a liuht ;iir ot 
wind to the Nos-thward the thermoiuc. 
(er jualkinu: zero, nirivin^' hnnic in goou 
seasan. — A', Y. Sun. 

Go to the Drug 8tore to buj your 
School Books, Stationary, Juvenile 
Books, Novels, &c. 

Dfslrict Court, Cth Jaaicial District, > 
County oS Furil.ttult. j 

[P.wcuue :?»uinp, 60 cents, Cor.ccllcd.] 
Pai!i.!el lIutoMrison, Jo.«iab R. II.ilchff.Bcn;") 
Jercuiiaii Reeve, aud Charles J. UuwtsU. j 

ria>.itiL"s. \ SS. 

Orlando Ward, JJefendftnt. j 

TliC State of Mi-.incota, to the above canicd 
Dtlondnnt : You are bcrchy rccjuircd io nnewer 
the conij.);iint in tho action above entitled, which 
bis boen tiled in the office of the Clerk of eaid 
Court, at Blue Earth City, in said county,and to 
ilo^oui- aafwcr to said complaint, in the Clerks 
>>fiiLe aforcs.Tid, within tLir-y dayp after the ser- 
.icc of ihii; suinuK'ii." on yon, exclusive of the day 

if S'.'rvico; and if you fail to answer the said 
Oiniphiiut the r'.iiintiS'a will take Jo Igm^nt 
.•^TL'iiist you r)r the sum of nine hundred and 

ucntw-eight dollursand seventy cents ($^^928.70) 

vith interest thereon at the rate ol seven perceot. 

rom June l*t, 1805, hegiats the coeta of this ac- 
Uatd Jrinuary 8ih. A. D. 1867. 

ANDREW O.DUiXN. PUintifr.-. Atty. 
.-In j2k7 Winnebago City, Alinit 




'lt':-'iM.<iai^^ that S.hmidl had lived ' immi-va'cd to Idalu) to escane the con j <-';ea>ioMs to av<.w ; and (| at ct)t,scio<is , di!apid:,ted icrluncs, than take a hand 
•' - ., . .. : c« ' 1)1 the iti-'Uev} (.f oUi" ] rinci".>ies, \\c wii 

m<!n:;ry apopiesy 


Ik^S. Ctllt.J>'ii'«D • 

ils c.vpeiis'.'.-t. If all the 

threw her d<»\vn stair-." SetTch was 

n-de "ml the hody foutid as above sla j ''"''/'^,, . .,. ii- - . . 

1 "^ ii h.' cel'ar | M"*- <- •••'•ii'""^:'^ q'^'i'^'Y lecovcred his ij;,,j{,s ccttld he ]>er.vuaded to join lu. 

Schmidt wai'a man letweon -10 i.nd ' Vaui!'^""^"l'' ^!"^ advancing in oentuiK. | .,,,^.^ nn atran-cment it would yield him 

jaw tirtiily lie!'i be 
twren she jaws d' ins Itrmidiihlo smtat: 
niu-f, whose uj^jKT teedi had penetra 



Wf utd respccff "My ii-f'-inu the puT-lic that tbcy 
hnvc opuned m. iirst cl;i-s Livery t table in AVinnc- 
b;>.<jo City, win re ,'?ood '•estiibrisbiocn's" csin l>e 
h:ui at all tii:>.cs, d ly «r night. ra.-fcn;.'trL- ar- 
rii ing by tinyx carri.,:« to any pnint t'.ojirod. 

Stable and Ofll>.c just back ol tba Kcw Diibtibl 

^Yili^cba20 Ci'y, Jan. 10, ISC7. 



County o,' T'lribauU, i ' ' 

To tJc Plicriff or any Constablp of faid eourty: 
In tlie numc ol tb.e f>titto of JUnncfota. yo-i arc 
lurcby 0':i!iin;i!:'lou t) suiitnior. David 51 (j.ini- 
son, if ho sbi'll bo toui'.l in your connty, to be 
anTi ii)ipt'!ir bcfovs tbo unibTsignwl, one tf the 
Justices of the peace iu and for P^iil county, on 

tod within the negro's motUh, while his ; {i,e iilb dny ef February at ten o'clo.-k in 
nnder t.-eth hi^^*} last to the chin oJ the I It'c .'orcno.m, at my oHice in Wjt)ntba<;o City iu I 

F;i''I county, io aiij-wi-r to lic;'j;>!i:iii tirit irps in a. \ 
civil action; and bavo you then and there this 

(Jivcn under my, lliis day of Janua'-y 
A. D. Ii07. 

A. F. Di: LAVEI^i^N'E, 

Justica of the Peace. 


'•as on hanfl the largcrt and best selected stocn. 
.f Ilartlwa'e. Stov«s and AffricultnriU Imple- 
:ntnts ui the Mu.Le.sota valley. My stock of 
\:;nculuiral Imi'kiuer.ts is very large and com- 
>lete,eonsi.ting of the following maehiDcs : 

55 Buckeye's. 

60 J. n. Manny's, 
Self a Hand Rakes, 

20 Kirby,a 
Excclaior Droppers, 

and Cangia CLier, 
d Svreepsialves Tbresliers, 

G J. .1 Case's Threskers, 
u Telrator Threshers, 

I\Iassellon I>racLIne3, 
;) BuflV.lo Sulkey R ^es, 

35 Revolving, horse rakeg, 

anu all the pn>nn<'r iinplenipnt? in s* f 

My jifck of Uaiiders llardwai h£« brrn re 
lortod with care, and is very large. 13uilJcr» 
will alwaj'S fiiid a full 5upj>ly of 

Nails, Glass, Sash. 

Doors, Blinf^s, 

Locks, Latches. <^'c. <kc. 

Prices Exceedin for 


AH pcrsoLS desiring' to jjurchase Reap «nd 
Thro.-Ler.':. would do wi-!l to ffivt RJe a cnti r>Bf"ra 
VMrcliasiii?. as my stock ia ve*-? lar/:e and 1 will 
Warraiit a'l maciiines to give f.'.ti-ia tion, and 
my prices and icri"" «!nnr.ot fail t" suit. 

} . • , 1 ,1 ...^ v.. ^irT'l.r ' veiv severely pitnished. both coming, I 

l"d CI" it or ten mtl^^s ao'iNOoNew Llta > - •:.,» , , . , • •,• : 

and IS now m pi!l at tliat p. xee. ' * ♦ • „ 

V- £• 1- • t' 1 .,.: it'c ..i..iu'^^^ Vr cantserateties. 
Conudmi; m .■climi'its piom.'^e?, .»ir 

Jlnehl refuaiiied here hunger than ho rTi,,-_.^_„ 

first intended, tmd vmis <n his way home ^^l- lia^cia.. 

wlien he rc"(iv(d the {i:-sMn;c!;i'rcneej An:o!ig other things eoiurernmg the _, ^ _ „. ^ ._„.-. ._ i i 4 i t • r - 

of the nuirder. Mrs. lltiehi i^ a daught ; (rosl.y <,;pera House, the Chicago Tn \ duc*>d, in onhr to lessen tlie -cBend 1 ^"""^ '''''' ^^" '"' '''■'"""•^' 
cr of Mr. Swickert* ot this place. 


, to .abolish the lax en newspaper adver 
ti3ir.e:its. It is ua lersto:'d tliat the 
lill will will he reported within the 
nesf ten davs and taxes en fi larg>' ntuu- 
ber of articles will be c >:isiderablv re 

fiiiancial reverbcs, <]eternrmed to com 
' mit .-uicidc lie secretly maue his col 
fin at the barn drcrsed hiineelf witn .scru 
Ijulous nealnes.'!, got itito his rude cas i 
ket, swalh)wcd mtiio ncid. and was 

huiic gives the followin;^; i^'g'i'ti''.<g ^ n;vt.nne from internal .«on.rc.s. 

Schmidt after his arrest, wc under- 
|.tand, eonf 'ss.-d his guilt, ar.d s .id his : the transa r : 

intenlijn at iirst waa to mar-ler the | 'A nimiber of cont'fnicn of (his city 
children and burn the hou-o, but hav- 1 ,^j^.^ ^.j^.^ j^^^ ^^ Kii>s'ev'.s to con-raiu- 
i.g killed Mt-s U.vhl. he changj^d his ; j^.^^^ ^^^^ j^.^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ,j^ 

mind. He had ah.vnvs bpcn kin-l.\ i • 

treated by Mr. Ktidtl .nd f-udly, and \ I^^e annfUt^ced h;S wdlmgee-s to tiv^t. 
when he left to l"> on his claim, the In tlie conrse of. ihe c.^nveiJ^atio'i ?<!r, 

\j . II. Ciosby, \vlu« -was preheat, niauc 

lornicr paid hitn six or s-.-vea djllars 
more than was owin;^ to him. 

Voik in the currency burcaa of the 
tre:isury departu'.cnt avus resuaied to 

The Kiehmond "\Vh::r publi.^hcs the 
.'ollowing: Carolino .Tame.-, a colored 
woman died ia Ihli citN' on the l5di 

day th.e board of cx.anuaers bavhigcam "i^t-. ^^ tlio advanced a-c of 1:10 years 

, , , ^ c ^ ■ ^he was onlv once married, and leave! 
idefed the contit of current isnics . ,. i ., , .„.. o,.„ '„„ r ,. 


whit h is found correct. The amount 
..which the cx.-wiincrs ha;e counted is 

hirxi an oiTcr to parch ;se the Opera 

nearly C-S0O,(;00,00O. 

HrcALTii or WtN'oNA.— Tho Demo- 
emt reports that OJ interments have 
been made the pngf year, as follows : 

•Consumption, 10 ; diptheriu. S ; sere 
throat. 1 ; conLGstion of the lu?'g>\ o ; 
i-flxratUi-in of tl'P lungs, 5 j quinsy, 1 ; 
mcasjels, 2; tevcrs of v.irious kinds, 1); 
shot, 1 ; prematuro birth, 2; old age, 
1 ; paralysio, 1 ; cr^up, 3 ; inward bleed 
ing, 1; sun-^^tU'ko 1; Cts, 2; cholera 
infantu!)i, l: ; dysentery, lU j marr.s- 
n)U!i, "2 ; cramp 1 ; misean age, 1 ; ab- 
scess. 1 ; iiiilaaiation of the brain, 1 ; 
hem rage of the bowels, 1 ; hemor- ge 
ol tha luuLis. 1 ; broken blooi)-vcsseIs, 
1 ; s;ill born, 2 ; bronchitis?, 1 ; drop- 
FV, 1 ; small p^x, 1 ; bean disease, 1 : 
ulcerated throat, 1 ; spinal complaint, j 
1 ; tctthiii;:, 2 3 unknown, 42..— 00. 

2>atiouaiuic8— United State?, SS ; 
Germany, 20; Enuland, 7: Norway G ; 
Italy, 1 ; Scotland, 1 ; Ireland, 1 ; un- 
known. 7. 

lliiise forihesum of.S!20(',000, and MriPenlaiij Sentenced to Boatli. 

Lee aceej-tt^d the offer and relinquish- Tt)ronto, C. Vv' , .Jan. IJO. The Fe 
ea hl.a ri-l.t to tliC property. nians recently loiuul cr.ilty were to day 

tliirtv^five children. She was formerly 
a slave (d'.'*-ir Ilerjaiiiin Pilcher. 

NEW ADVi:ilTiSE.Mi::NTS. to-.s?s ^7cre drank upon the 
cec.i>jicn and responded to. 


It may be interesting to look over 

seiilenced to be han;jcd on the 5lh ol 
M.-.rch. The majority heard tl.e sen 
tencc wiihout any ap:areut emotion. 
Several denied being Fenians, r.iid sia 

own They Oo! 

Is tec crJer of the day, 


o-)eration is completed, and see how 

the account stan-ls : 

U. II. Crosby, Dr. to 210,000 ticketa 

at f j,t;o 

CI,C:0 000 

Prc3idea«i?.l Speculations, 

Cr. by ;-.0,GOO '«ot sold, 


•* AdvfitisiTsg, 

1 30.000 

•' Faintin-s, 


" Eii;.T:ivin-ir, 

" Oo:n!ai^^si)D», 


" rri;;lir.g. traveling, Ao., 


" Fa id to yr. Lcc, 


Total debt. 


Pecur.iarv profit. 


V.ilae of Opera Iloa.'c, 


the bahnce sheet, now tliat the grand | ^^^^ ^1,^^ ^^^g testimony was lal<?. The 

namt's of the condemned .m e : Tatrick 
Norton, F. II. ?daxweil, Pat.ick O'Neil 
James Duch, Daniel Qainn, 1'. Led- 
with, John Otonner, Joiin Rt^gan, IOacu Kennedy and J'din Gallaoer. 

Chica;:n. Jan. 20. No. 221 Wells 
street, occupied by S. D. Stoken as a 
saloon, anil several other families was 
bunted this moniiou'. Lo.><s .^o,000. 

'.Miiwauket;, V. is., Jan. 20. Afire 
this murnin,; burned the store of John 
Walsh oa -dim Siicet, and Kinner & 
Ilulhemers al j<^ining. Ihdh were dry 
<;oods stores ; loss $25,000, fully in- 

Vetran Bounties. 



infill 11 



Have now 







— 0- 


Total profit on the tmdcrt;^ling, $C;0,OUO 

An Towa ''Nasby." 

'A free and unterrified Copperhead 
citizen of O-ka'oo.-^a, Iowa, addressed 
|t» the schoolmaster of his district (j.iho 
had prop(^se ] to introduce aniong liis 

Ileprescntalive Parling has present 
ed to the House a j)etition signed by j i.fy you that we arc selling gooJs 

liidian Head Shcetltig— a yard wide— 2D cents, 

Bcot Fr'.nti 13 cents. 

Dc.^t cf FLANXEL..S Irom 33 to SO ccHs. 



SIX pounds lijidit lirown rn.-^ar for $1.00 

Hon COFFEE 35 cl.«, lb. 

.SIX pounds good DRIED APPLES for $1,00. 

And a great variety of all other goods to nu- 
merous to mention, which will be 
Efild very low 
FOR C & S H. 

— 0— 

We, the under?i;:;ncd, will say to the public, 
that we do not ad\erti.-e anjtbing but what we 
will live up to. und if any one wants CtjOD 
<iood.'=. pleas'^ call and ec • us bef>,ro you buy 
elsewhere, fur v.c arc couiident that wc will sat- 

0^ Fall and \Vinter Goods, of tlie choicest .styles and best qnality 
to be found in the maiket. Comprising 

Merinos and Empress Cloths! 

Striped and Broelie Poplins ! 

riaids aud Alpaccas ; Common and all Wool Delaines , Prints 

and Sheetings ; Balmorals and 

Prest-icntial s^ ect;latious, in a late let- 
ter : 

T ide \- coiis*. 1 Ted a strong mr.n, 

A Wnslnncton corro:.i,on.Ui,t of the j ; . '^ ,,'^; ^^,„|., ^,. , „,,;,„;.,„ j;-^^.,.„ | over 1500 vyti-rnns who request llinU Cheaper any other 

.Aiih-auWee Sa.l,.l ha, the fcMowi-.g Li a... h;-er Oate^ the f.liowh.g eh. • ! ^-^-f^ ^^ttl-'.^ro,- houn tk.: To r.ij i" ^^^ Bl»« ^^-'^^ V. 

actenstic letter. >> e pimt it as iiuo i:«h . i i i t i„ a r ^, 

, . ., /» I I , ir J J ^ I icrs who have been d.scharired from 

L'd in the Usk;i!oosa y/.;vfA<: • i i v i i-, .1 

, „ . T •„ • ,. service by reason or dis.abihlv other 

_ „ . -^ , 'M:stT hnftmier, I wdl m form yon ■ ^j^.^,, ^.(,„j,ds. tmd to those who h.avc 

but Fesscauer looms up rapidly. Huth '^=»t we lav Iwrred you two icch skool , j^^j ^i,^;,. aischan-e papers ; bo<h class 
the>3 I ttor are rresidmti.d a.^'phants ^"'1 »t" .'^cu v. ant tech my Childnn in ; ^^, ^f the.'e men being now deprived of 
5«o aUo Senator Kichurd Ya c", than i tbe books taat thay bnng send theii ; jj^unK under the act of July, 18GG. 

T h.nn, for a certaMi bad habit, there is I home aud you go to \vA\ wh^-re till ol 
p. man so aoe.-pt.iMu in the Senate •'''l<^''i T"'!"* "^'^^^ two bo .and I will in 
Chamhcr 'lorxn you that yon arc hained two tech 

Oats de, Scliuylcr Colfax and Gen. 
Ho-.v .rd are talke I of as a strong team. 
gr* they .'ire of second rate men. JJutler 
has* *if co>i! s«* entered the list, and Lo 
CTH also. The lalttr has ni.-ide two 
blunder'*. When Itere he called on 
An'iv aud toid nim he wjis against im 
p-'ichment. and he contemptuously ig 
nored a prtmuse to meet with 'the 
grauJ army oi the rcpuhlic,' at Indian 

the skool and ynu g't the [ay i(*r hit 
and I want y u two Muke your one 
lires and I want them that hant got noe 
books two Slav at home and let Mv 
Childs books a lone. 


The London Jicvieic's comment upon 
the ocean yacht race is as follows : 

'The Yankee.-', who can boa«t that 
they have made the biggest national 
debt ever mud • in the same time, that 
they have carried on the bigijcst civil 
war, received the biggest tltra-^hin;:. 


Git e us a Call 


E «& W Bsadiey. 

you fed that the fn]tertcnder would 1 and crushed the bigiicst rebellitm that 
bee a round ro cxXamen votir sk<xd I ever was known, may now claim the 
and y u wante them to have bo -ks all ] gh-ry of having liad the bigg-st yacht 
a like I dont Cair a damn for him and I race." 

Very crood. But wiiere docs the 

• NEW 
Cabinet Shop ! 

BURRUS ifc wixa:n's 

Silver Uraided t^pring Skirts ! 

Jklerino under garments, Flannels, Gloves, Fine Hosiery 

Boots and shoes, Hoods & shawls, 
Ladies cloaking, Gents cloths, 

Table Linnen. Towling, Trimmings, atul a variety of Worsted 
and Fancy articles. Also constantly on hand 


And a complete stock of Number One 


thi ashing come in ? 

yt u nolhcr th:it tlamablc pairty lias tri- 

■i3e two ruin our '"ouniry in Chertz 
Gen Hiram Walbridgc of N.^w Y'ork j '»"»! *d pole'ekel a fares I Must Close 
it. 1 ciK)r ed as having stro^.g aspirations I /■"?»» Jacob Mincer 

for t.:e second place 00 the comiagi two Mister uuff'Uier. 
ticket ; so al#o has Gen. Banks. * i Ihe above wc consider us eooil asl^^re not transgressors; tor the way ot 

Thfc w. 81 cur.wujj 0/4 -Jit of all these • anything 'rctixlcuui' ever wrous." 

■WoiiM refTtcetfullT inform tlo pnblic. that 
thcj hare ornjaed a Xew CACINLT SHOP iu 


Shop and ruroifure room in Mr. Fellows 

' building on Main ("trcet, oj>f»osi".e the large new 

«torc of Co'trell A Dearborn, also the building 

_, . '. TT , we«t of Moolion A Dendon. in which tbeT have 

Prentice S.iys the muidy streets of » Turning lathe. Dm Sa*8, and sa.h machiea- 

Louisville are proot that the inbabitaofS t-ry as will enall<s ibem to make all kinds of fur- 

citare to order, oa ?hcTt :»otice. 

Alt work warranud. ilnal klcda of produce j 
taken ia exehacge. t^12ic3 | 

the truDsgrcasor is bard. 

Our Agent in Boston is constantly watching the n»arket f'»r 
us, and we are thus enabled to give our patrons the ad vantages 
by offering the best goods at reasonable rates. 
Winnebago City, October 20, 1866. 

Wiuship & Goodwin. 





■ " 






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L,.vem-.-.r.I,, J.n. H.-The Jlm.tnna! Xl^W AKVE IiTlsaiENI S. 

Pnstoi ihc 27th fiiv»'S an nocpunt ot a — 

l,!r,(lv.-.r;r.:vutfi.vo(iulchonihel4lh p 4 ni\Tir/r SHOP 
„i D.-c •a.l.cV, c.n nccmnt of ti.e jump- V^i\.D ixN -Li X OiiWJL . 


Winnebago City, Feb. C, l^^GG. 

AVM. i:alla>:dk 

\XonU rospccffiillv inform the public iliat nftcr 
aviiuchud a week CVl'.irtiu r.-hiii with l'..ut 

TllO District School opened lor the 
"tt inter tenn oo 3Iondjy Inst. Sixty- 
ihree schollari were in attcudancc the 
first duy. 

The article Jiom "DoiiG\s" arrivCvl 
♦oo hite for insertion thiij week. As . . 

the concert iH t. be ropo:.teil. it will be ro.l tu the he:ir;Ls. unmeaning d;spo 
appropriate fur next week. I ^itior. of the hi;.her order. 

.11^ of t!aiii.<. r.-ifrick O^born, John 

l^rrctt, ^\'n^. Chocvor. and Comi Me- 

Chnij^h wore killed caul John IVlicrty 

and several oliiers vronnded. The ot- 

uaviiur iiud a wccu ».y i ...i-v ....(. ...— - -. 

fenders were arrested ana heiil to Diiu. ^ j^^^^^ ijumis, vs.ijsain aoiu;^ i.n.-iii.cis m us own 

ii.anic. i:xp.riv...vo and lor tlio drsJ time liiiviii^' 

Who Ar.K IIai py ?— Lord Byron ■„ j.ood stock of 

paid: 'The mechanics and ^vorkinj:- i -vy^|| gg,^g^^,^^,j J^y,^^]-,^,^ on llAIul 

men who c^n maintain their Jamllios j ^ .,,.,^ ,i.i,,'<8 to .-ti^fy all ..M 

I 1 I also an • null ''-'"i MJ*'p» iiiiiuvs i<» ('..ii ijf •"> "" 
are in rny ottinion, tlio h:i|^piest botJy | ,.„„toia«.rs. md mw r.ncs t»o. AM Tur- 



Haov/ Thy Destiny. 

M.:Jama E. P, ITioriiion. the frpat En^riMi Astro! «- 
gli.t, Clii!'. .-oyaU aiKU'fiyclu.mot.kiat), Who li:i« as- 
; toi.i.>hodtliL' sckntiCc classtbof tlis OU Vrorid. lias n 
AOP:NSFOR located herr-If at Hu<:!on, N. Y. MailaDe Th.crt.t 

I possescs such wonderfi-l powers of atcoiid g:;;ht, :.« lo 
FAIRBANKS SCALES!; enal'l'-' her to impart Icowlodgc of t'lo grea'cst ix.or- 

j tanccto thi siagle or aaarricd cf c!tho* sex. Wlale in 


Ne\r Urug 


A t 


lu th« builillns adjoining tho Laud OSSoo. 

O X . X JX\J A..', 


of n>c,.. Poverty is wrelel,«!„oss but j .;»"" o» •-. J. ».-, .o .o o,,bp ,,™,.r.l.v. 

ovc. r"ve..v is, iKTh:,;,.-, .,. be ..refor- |^ew CI., torners need not a.k for 
^ ' ■ '• ray rooin^^, as 1 have tlie 

oiilv in:D I-UILD- 

•College there. 

Mr- McuUoa, ' t' »iio i^'"'" oni'u] 

ton *S; Dou»I n, the Post Ofiice and 
what do you think he done? N-Kliin^^' 
elaa for u whole week, lut 'Murk 
duwn" lu9 «'o ds. 

rnilC LADY'S FIlirND— 
jLTiiuCci: of tlio .MoiitUlits dcroted toFii!*h. 
ion and Pure Lilt-r.-ittiro. ?2.r.O a yeiir ; I wo cop 
ios •?!. i::-lit (;ind one -^ratU) CIO. V.'IIEELEl" 
Prcmiu-n.3. i-ciul 15 cents for a saiuplo copy t' 
DEACOX 4 PETEfiSOX, 319 Walnut St., PLil 

7 wouia uo a neauny 
Cull pos.^'J*!sion ol hif; str. ngth and fac- 
uUie.-', sroiag lurth in llse uiorning to 
woik for his v.ifo and children, or liing 
in;:; them home his wnges ai niuht.' 

I-itl.<bur<'h coiittiias 5'Jl) Ln'gG mnnu ; vaU A. i^i\tt;.rri»ii. ^.tutin;.; th^u llonr.v K. Putur 

r . • '^ . 1 i: "' ..^»..«.3 If Ii..u M I si)n did iu: -.^tutc on or ut>o it iLo K'.ili day of 

facturiiii' ei.tabii^.iinonvS. It l»as j) ,..„._.. ,.,•.-. „..i ...r„v.,Mrthn. .:,.•...! i>h:ur.,r 


Pr'biuc Conrt.Ptatc oi" Mlnn-'foii, ) 
Couitty of Jai-lciOii. J 

In the mattar o( t:;i: cst^to of L'o ry K. Patter- 
fon .'ecot.tfd, Vii liiij It'.j d.-.y ol .Jau;t;iry. A U 
1:07, ujio:» ri-adni::and liiiii;; ilio potitiin of Sii- 

A new lot of V,\n'i'anti/ Dce-Js ju 
pvinN'd and fur at ih's ofucc. A 
.soi all kiiid.s o{ J luo tire's jil-inJ.-fi. 


astjvte of trance, she delineates the very features of the 

person you are to marry, and by the aid of an lustru- 

reenl ofi.iti.nsc poorer, Wnown as tha Psychomotrope, 

guarantees to prod'ice a life-like picture of the, fulure 

liuEbnrid or wife of the cpplicant, together with date of 

.aan^iS?, position in life, Ita-ting traits of cliaracter, 

ic. Tills i3 na humbug, as tiiou-Jands of testimonials 

can assert, fciio will send, wli»;n debircd, a ccrtiBed 

ccrtiricite, or written guarantee, '.hat the picture is wliat 

it purports to '«. ty enclosing a small !oc1j ofhi-ir, snd 

statin K place of birth, Bije, di.spositioa and completion, 

and enc!c«in;^ SO cents and stamiied envelope addressed 

to yourself, you vrill receive the plctn.f and cteurcd in- 1 ^, . T> .z' 

formation by return mail. All comi'iunicatlons sacred- V../ ilOlCG iTCliUQltiiy 

\v conri.Tontial. Ad.'.ress, inconf!(!ence, Madame E. i\ 

TUOU^;TO^■, r. O. Eox 2J3, ll^idson N. Y. 

Vnk. C. J. FARLEY. 

I'ukes pleasure iu ar 6 ncing that MsCRUO 

STOjCIE i< liDW open a''d btockcd 

with a I'lll assortment of 

Drugs & Chemicals, 

Piiteiit MediciBesr 

n=^ Ti. n rf 


Fancy Toilet Soapf 
Ba}^ It lira, 
FurtJ Unadulterated Liquors 



man nrtnied Piovincher ha\e been a> I ^^^^,^^^.^^,^ t.,,,,-, j .j^.^ ,.f .u<h 

restei], he for mnrilcrlnj^ lus wife and Dated », Jackjou iiia;i, tliis-i.h daynf.r.m- 
t ,. -. • . 1 . .' 1... 1 1 K,r 1 i-T • fi'? ) V i>:t.kx \ i» 

ns. ^ — r'VTrr'" "nMa KT^'nn ' sJio for laurdciint^' her husband, by uvry.i oz. 

Stanley's Lo Aery.- 1 his sp-en ; 

1 poison 
ilid Gift Enterprise will uow soon c< mo 

off, iind all those who want tiekcif 



JitJ-e of Prob itc. 

I N 

^ ._ . Amannaniedls-.acKellin-rwhi'o ^'^' ^'''"' ^^•''' '^l;^l2^%^!'''-'] 

slunM socuro tliein at. ouco. TickeS in a hJ.itL- oi' int •xierition, ami on ]y:i\ To (Jerr/c IL Suiith-— Pkntz has tLi- 


Sila^ KichsrdKon is building a finelar-e 
ice, one htrgo cncaig'n to hold all 
the ice tliat will be used in our town 
dnrincc the 'i lils is a very 

[ niuht a!:<l that hish^'is were so terrihly 
I b'l'rncd that Ijotli wi:l l.tive lo bo aiu])U 
that :-lr. 't..tLd. 

and iuvcjtlfr i'i;<n. 

A.'l!. r.rLTJ.=5 Po-i^tir. 
II- v.- liOJjLEY, ll:;ec;ver 

^ii:U\t\L NjTClrS. 

T'4 ' V 


"F-^ - 

^ Vi 

Medical Prr.po.sES. 

A small quantity of Choice 

■ToEACco and Cigars 
School Books and Stationery/ 

Attention is called to the frdiowing list of P<t- •; 
tent Me l-.cinc?,' among many 
fouuci at the Drag Store : 



-Ague Cure^ * 
Cherry Pectoral, 
Ves^etable Pills. 

V/hcro tlicy are opening a splendid assortment, consisting cf rich and com 

nion Dress Good;?, tsuch aa 

f7, '■■•' 7't"Uf Oj;!i:e. 
Wii.r.t'r'-jo fit," J5iii:u. Jiin. 22 1«';7. 
To CLaiIca .*tL Sai::!d'.Ts: 

Jlr. Alkr ?. Puillipa Lns tlii'< d:>y nppHed f-r 
th.c Horth ca-ot <iuar«tr of i-cetim :',2 town 10! 

iK'.vt KuuiniM-, if he tloi^s liot now 

lVep;'.reu in rti;!a 

The ..^:^:^;:^:::::^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

aav ovenin- la':t. It constituted a. ort ; ^"''^ " mc liS ^J';; To John Jl. F..i::.,-Mr Vc..,To..d T.llivcr. 

Alaj^aeao^ aSI Wool iJelaiiiL^^ 

toadies uJiotii. 

Jayxe's — Alterative, 


GrafenLergs Catuolicon, 



*> T, 



Print?, checks, Stripes, Sheetiiicrs, and Denims. . Flannels, 
cloths, Yrool Blankets, Heavy cloths foj* hard service. 

aav ovenin:< la".t. It constituted assort i m^^^'I'-A Y\xr^<^ ^^ To John Jl. Fr:i,:.,_:jr \.t i,To.,d T.llivcr. -rn^ ja TS 1 ^1? • dfi A A* 

o.-;oneertorrehorsnl,and.a.liste.d!,^ ,_.,, .::-:;^r; di...ion. J- -^f^ -'l^t;:--^:;::^^^^ I^adC Clotlimg, C^eEltS f^^^ 

t u)hv a lar.^!a t.tientive audience, ■yc.^"';;!'"?;;-;'^^^^^^ Y.u arc hJrci-y nishing goocls, Gloves and Mitts, Hats & Gaps, Boots & Shoes. 

AVe we:-, not able to u.tend but., m^. ..!.... ...s.^^^^^^ QlTGeeFieg, EtC. MtC. 

■ ' - f'^u:^,^!l^"^S^''o;irr.^^■.,n.nh.. not ! day tl.o Sth day of F^hru.try 1J^(J7. at iio'ci-ck M 
Wliilt we hear, shuuld ConeUvle th;;t tllfl : .,.rt ■nnV-^i: r.rX Ci:ilS,"l.ave l.i.n sttul f..r tlvm ; Jo.- the pnrpoM. of fr.vM.K the .vholo niaitcr a fair 

cbss had been greatly btncQied by 
ihfir ttaehiug. Ur. Chapruiin, the in- 1 
s'nsctor, has certainly apir^jtl no pains j 
to a.lvanee them, and he h'aves u.s ac- 
coiup'.nied by llio kind ui^h'.s of all. 

Three months ac^o the Goxl Tom- 
plci- loclge in this p'aro, proposed to 
prcs<'nt to its utsMni-or who v. ould pro 

^.^ K.,ne,„h.r .lie and luhu uo ...licr. I and impaUial »^'ve--'j::'' j'^" ^ . 

r.Vs.lo 1 y <!ru=.,-nt. and C.rocer.. ovcry;vUc;c A II I^. ^^V^/ i^'^ehcr 

C. 11. t^V; A IN. Proprietor. II. W . IIOLLLY LL'-ei%tr 

o I £i-:Uh Wati;3 St., C'aicaso 

At \7boksrxlo in St. Paul, by 

BEAUri^IE ifc; KELLY. 


Ja u.iry blh IS(»7. 
To Charles Miller :— Wostw^ol ToUivtr bar 


TiT-x-rr-/ r r<<-\ o -^i .1 I thii I'iiy applied for tha north rvc<t quarter of 

Bli-SZ i^ CvJ. V.>nii} 1 Section 22, township Ul, farjr' 26, it In-i:':; the 

.^ ■ land yon Clcd on. Y..u arc hereby notiftu'i to 

T^ S T "lid Oflice WinnelaL'O City -Minn, be and appear it this onier. on the Slh day of IVb 

Ji;nu.;ry 21.~t IS07. 

t"'~ _ .. . . Tr, Oeorrrc A. ITasktns : 

cure the "jeatcst ninnber of ncn mem- iicnrv chi! l has ihisday RpplieC for the «rt-t 

^ ,... I 4 11 » i ' l.-i t .!'• ilio Poatii east fina'-ler. and ea.t iialt of 

bera, a fine Photograph Album. At j J-'^j;- ;;;«4f;;,,^^-, ,1,.,,,,;^^ 

I .»« ..1 • . .!. . i.._.l t',t„l iiii v., II -irp 

GrrGcerie^, l^tc. Etc. 

All of which have beai bought at low figures, and will be sold rca.'sonabk 

Remember the sign, COTTIIELL cfe DEARBON, 

McCabe's new bidldhn^i?. 


ra:jry KS07. at two'.vo o'eloiV .M., for tlio piit- 
ji >e*ot pivin^ tut matter a fair and impartial 



Ji. \\. IIULLEY, Kcecivcr. 

AVinnchngo City, Jan. 8, loC7. 

thcir mceiins I„.l week .1,. prize vras J --^^'^ ;l 'ir;;; tlSt^^^^ ^ ™ 

number of new member.'? P;.'Cnr<'d by : ^ j-^jj j^^.^,.,; .^ti'.n. Mr. Wcstwoud Toiiivcr hn.^ the dny npphc.l 

, . • 1 » ixr 7 r 1' A 11 Dullli register. II W Ilollcy receiver. c,r the north wc.-^t r.ii.irlcr cfp,<eti-n 23 to'vn. hip 

her cll.rt;» hein-j; C.gilt >\ e unuei'sinna l , _ — hnntlred and one north, run'-e tvTcnly-f ix we-t 

1- .. ... , 

the lodtrs hadnfiVred a similar prize to. £iCHSISrCS'ii S3AV7S2i> TOInIC. 

the m.-Miiber ?ecaring the l.-.igest nuni- j ^,. j,yi:....VT/.>>.. ;:.,n,c>i.i!oa-^J3?vo th-:«; 

btr f r tliO' quarter. Tiiis ; nv-»::«u:atocUr.n^i:ici-.r.tpr^c^i^oi-<; :es:vo=. d/ 

^ ^ 1-1 ^c-'^w't;:; the ^u-.v.-'a «;..« Lwj^-a 

lodtje now nuuibcrs :;b:>ut one hunurcd i p^ia, f.i-. x^ao ^jarctor.^ s tnd :ooa 

T . .. I .., that coiiJU n<j* 1-3 cavea IjO.'Sfo UiiU6 .4 wUi W5 easily 

nud tv.-enty-liyo member?. di^.i^icd. 

I CjTiJJ-.'p'on t-m-X iJ3 cure'. hrS-'^-T^rVj PrA 

Tlio Juvenile Concert giv.en ly over j; r::pan:eoai'.o gtonxchaud uvcr \% \cz.i-i 

fiftv .f the little folks of our t.)wn on 

hCi't'i..- uni'l'.io r.r'^toriB'.orcl, h3::i3 iliO Tra' 
CJ'l Pi'la arc v: . : . .1 ia rear:/ crcv ci'o c! coti« 


iat^nlny evening, wa..,,!™.!..,!. Tl.olr ; '^^,-J;;^-:^-^::^J^i^ 

icrieet order was trui> reiuarKuUe, : pills r.-:i;5.iroa-.:rcr.!;.:!ir/ cv? ora-p-iv:*. 

and their su'gMig ttlm.ost ])ei leet. i lie ^^^.^ „^.,^^^ ^, ,. ^ .-.^.j^-rj,,. 0.-.-0 ::j pu-ai;'.. 

lion<e Wa^ crowded to overflowing, and rV.a ev^r/ VLV'.i. BcocaJyiw?orio:c-.::iri:o'.-,cr 

. uupiuipalcicacca^aiaptlia lir h.J ua.. o i;r 

all were highl.v pleased with the enter- u,,,. 

tainment. Ltttlo boys and gtns not ^i;:^;,t;^c":C«:^ "^nl^'i.- u . .a. d 

five V-^art o!d iiot 'in and sang their C-n-aTis^ior, ar.l i'.ijaih:fiih?o;Tr .Xiar-v-ci 

songs through without a U)ista';e. It sy.db/ o::iJrui'/-t.'iaaiii?«a:-.-. i»-':.5 ?i.'5 ?-r. 

^, ,. " , 1 .. . fcoitlc. or '..r.^Otha ha'.-lo2Ja. Atiict::.-! or-idr cs 

wtis by lar the be.-t concert wo ever ^j^^^^.j j^ aaare..vj :o rr. s-nsNCi'd Prno izi 

bad the pleasure of listenin- to. Both '^^=^-^^-^f^:'\^'''^'':^-' ' ^^. 

1 -I • i« General Whole:* A I' : l> c; ^--v, 

teacher and schoUars ere deserving tt :;. v.; e. a. iiauro. uaiiiMco. ::;.; .i.:i.t d. 

, . rirk,>, Cln-'innvJ, Ohio: ^Va k.r .t Ta.-'.or, Clii- 

niueh praise. 

ono hnntlred and <ine north, run,'-e twenty-fix west 
it !>' ill;; the land you iilod 0:1, You are hcrc'-y 
iiotifu-d t" he nnj'appcarntthi:- fflicoon wclncs- 
d;.y the Sth day of Iclrnary 1SC7, at 12 o'c.erk 
,M. fv-r iho piirpoioof i;ivins tho malt-T » f"!! 
and iiupariial investigation 

.' . 11. RrLl.TP. Rf?i?ter, 
11. 'V.HOLhLV. Ut-eivtr, 

Land Oillee, \Vini:ebat:o City, Minn,, 
Jiiuiiiiy .^;h, ivi7. 
To Fiance Ti'.eyla..,— •.'.•c.^.trroo ! Tclliver, hn? 
thi.-'div ai. plied' lor the nor.h cast .'I'.artcr of 
.teliou'22 town i*)l rarse 2;i, it bcin;^ iho land 
you Iilod on. Yo;i are hereby notified i) b« and" 
,>pi rar a* thii. ofSeo on wodius lay the J?ni day of 
IVbrn.iry ItOT, at 12 oVdoi-k m., for the i^ir- 
poio ol ziyin^ tuc Bia'.tcr a ir:ve.«fi;'atiou. 
A. II. / ri.LlS l!o<:i5ter. 
U. AV. HOL..EY Receiver, 

:-H.mi Lwaosi 


Winchester's Ilypophosphite? 
01 Lime and Soda, 

The rao.=;t effcctnal known rctaeuy for the cure oi^ 
Dronicbitis, Dyspepsia, and Consumption. 

Hall's Balsam for the Luncjs.- 

Mrs. AYinslow' Soothing Syrup.- 

Morse's Medicines. 

Elixor Peruvian Bark, Mustang 
Liniment, Gargling Oil, 
and Condition Pow- 
ders for horses. 

Extracts & Essence' of allkinds.- 

Orders promptly attended \.o 

and Prescriptions carefully 



Winnebago City, June 4, 1866. tfnS J 


S c a 1 'e s 


Better opportunity is now offered to any 


caao, lii.; Cojua* Uroi., £; lA-.^'it. Mj. 

\ — . 

Generous. — "^•\'^' understand that 
Ihe Juvenile Concert wdl he repeated 31^awi e<l L ad-JeS ! 

on .Moil lav evening next at the iKip- 
tist church, aiul tliat ti;e proceeds of 

Land Olaco, Winnchago (Uy .Minn , 

January Sth 1-^07. 
To II. F. Chew — wcstwood Tollivcr has this 
il.iy :!;.plicil for ti:c soatb re*t rjuarter of icction 
22 t jvvn H 1 ran,5C 2»t. it beinj tl;e land you filed 
on. Ypu arc l.erv.iiy notiaed »o be and appear at 
rhis olVn.-e OH wedr.tiS'lay. thcSib riay of 1 obn-ary 
li>(J7, at 12 oVloel: m., for ttie purpo.-c of giving 
tho matter a fair iuvisti^ati m. 

A. II. I'.ILLTS P.c-ister. 

II. W. IlOIiLLY PvcceiNcr. 

Woman, or cliild, wi.shing to purchase anything in the of Fancy Dress 
Goods, French and Eagli-h 3leiinos, Alpacca?, Scotch Plaids, Delains, Woolens 
Flannels, Striped Poplins, Balmoral Skirls, Lauici Cloaks, Cloak Cloths, Do- 
mestics, prints, shawls, hoop Skuts, Shirts-', drawor.s, wrajipcrs, Hosiery, Notions 
No. 1 "Wojlen Blankets, Boots, Shoos, Il.ats, and Cap.", and Fur goods of every 

description, than has ever lcfo:e been 

Also, Warehouse Trucks, Lettrf 

172 Lake Street, Chicago. 
^t§* Becarcful to buy onlythe genuine. SZy 




f vs - lail-"^ 

/lag P K B-'^ 

^V K N T I V B ,"' 

/ftor which they aro^ 


^iti. erery instance. They'' 

we cordially re-.:oniineadc<i to 

/aU Ladies who, from •ickae«» or' 

® ^tlier cauacs. nr« enable to ondargo' 

,/the penis of acconclimcat. This remedy !• 


PROF. VOxi VSr^AE'S ' 

the concert' will be ^^ivL-n to the Hap- DIAiflUND DROPS I 

test S»)ciety, to aid in the fin.'il comp'e ^ 

lion of their new church. This will . 

indeed be a ;:ei:cron8 CMitribnlion on! 

tho part of the children and their; 

tetu'her. There is one thini !.■' this t«r- ! 

rangetnenr, however, in whieh v.c do 

'not fully agree. It appears that the 
older peop'ie decided where this money 
ehcuM go. Now thi* a childrens con- 
cert, and we say let the chi'dren de- 
cide whitt shall be done with the pro- j 
ceeds. If this \Ya8-done wc^hink they 
would sny "buy mars, or globes, or j 
Eomethln«.I of lhi.« kicd fi-r or.r n< w 
school house." P.rhspa they wroiV.d , 
llO^ Lut trv them and sec. ; - _,^ 

j; ___^__ I tt^ 8«nd Ked Stamp for Clrenlar. or fbr ta« 

,, T- 1 » .^ W«ol t,,„frtn •» ««nedy. to C. B. MOXSOB & CO . Geaer*! Acenta 

^ir. Link-S went to >\ asH-nptOn a p. o. Drawer BMI. Clilca«o. nund.; OaJce 155 Sout* 

few daVS aco, but scon returned in Clark StrMt. Por aala at wholesale la^o ty 

1 ', 1.", J,.^., Iw.f.nnw..* nn '\ BinEl>-KAiIS 4: VAN SCHAACK, FTJLI.BH. I-IKCH 

h!gu dudgeon, Ju'cau»e, Mtale on a ^ y^j^a. lord * smith, chas. o. smith 
gniTO he had Ueen miatakeu for An- bjhth* DWTBB,and H.scoTiixj»a4far«»j« 
drew Johnson. : >r —ri^M.-. u ** %^^ , . 

In Faribault County. 

High prices are 


And the new mode of trading— late decline 

U S Land odoo winncb-i;;o city minn Jpn. S h, 
lSi;7 To Uriiih Hiiluvin: — wc-^iwool Ti'i!i\cr] 
has thi.s day applij I for rhe south ea>*t ipjart T | 
section twenty- two township lol range 26. it 
!>ein» the land you Jiloti on Yoa are hereby notified 
to be and appear at tbi:» offieo on wedi.^day the 3 
day of Feb. next at 12 ocl-ck m, for the purpose 
of giving tiic wh do matter a lair and iuipariial 

a h balUa register h w hdllcy receiver 

U S Land Office winnchngo city Minn. Jan. 9. 
18(37. To David .M t.'orte* .— wcjtwood Toiliver 
h;i3 tiii* day app'.i-.vl for thcsouta c.jsi quarter of 
geeti.>n 2S, town lOl range 2t3, it boing the land 
vou filed Yon arc Uerely notitietl to be and appear 
lit this office on wediiesilay ihcSthday of Feb ls87 
at 12 o'loekm for ttc purpose of -iving tho wbole 
matter a fair andjirapartial investigation. 

a h ballis register h w hollcy receiver 

U 5 Land OfTico 'Winntbogo city I^Iinn. Jan. P, 
l-^eo ToIIenrv Dillon :—weitwood Tollivcr bas 

m^r^^^'u^^lJ^^^laSd^a^iiror^^^ Goods will warrant general satisfaction to persons coming 

are hrreuy noiiacd to l»e and appear at thi? office 
on Wednesday the 6th day of Fen. 1667 at 12 
o'clock m.. Ji.r the parpo»c of i^Iving the whole 
in»iler a fair an4 imoar ial investigation 

a li Lullis r.iiister h w holley receiver i 

rS Land Office,Winr.e'.iig'> City Minn. Jan. 8. j 
iNt^fi To .'Sam'. Vr.ttin:—\Vc4two-.d Tollivcr '1.18 . ^ , •, •/. .1^.^ —til ^«%r nnll ftf 

.hi?daTarpi,edfortbe5WQr«f*cc23townioi rp^ j^y in thcip wmtcT 3 supply, if they wiil oiiiy Call at 

ranjc 26. it beingtho land yon filed on "ioaare •' 

UTe".^'' noticed to be and appe.arat this ''ffi'-e on 
weilne day the Sth day tf Feo* nex. at 12 oebx-k 
m for the purpose of giving the whole matU-r a 
fair and iapartial investigaii^'O. 

a h builii register h w hol'.ef receiver 

Wlenetoag'© ©My 







Pure Winea and Brandies ^oi 
Medicbial Pai poses, 

A Patent Medicines, &«. is. 

Letter, Cap and ItoteFapeM^ 
Pencils, Superior Ink, 

»nd other articles kept by Drnggii^lf genera!!** 


MoultoD <& Dcudoii's. 

Mankalo . . . .Minnesottt 








1 \ 



* ■ 


Blue Earth City Advertisements, 


Goods well bonglit, aie half sold. 





. ^ *-» ■«i^ U LAB. I 

I am now roceiving ihe 

J^argest and Most CoiPj)lete 

Etuck uf 




f^ ■ 



YA^^KEE ^^oTio:;s, 

Etc., Etc. 

at prit-'Jd tliat 



I>ry CkooiIs, 

Butter & Ciicese 

wanted at all times at the market price. 

I never was, Never can, and 
Never will be 


Give nie a:i early call, and see 
ior yourselves. 


Blue Earth Ci:j, May W, 1866. 3na0jl 

Blue Earth City 



Have opened » Dnig ?tore at Blue Earth Citj, 
and offer tor aale at lowest prices 




31at8; Caps, d^€. 

Ever Brought to the Minnesota 

and have coiutuenccd 


ofwLich fu^t all my old customsrs and tLe pub- 
lic geucial y 

Will l-o satisfied l>y calling nn»l Kxaaa- 

lu'iui^ my Goods, and licarin;^ 

my 1 rices. 

ever bearing in ciind mj motto of 

Sellincc MORE Goods for ONE 


House in the Valley. 

Isaae Marks. 

Maiikato, Minn.,Nov. 20, l^OO ly 

WIir.,«KE!:=! & MUS- 
TACHES f..rccd to 

grow upon the imooih 

est face in friin ctbrc 

to fivo ween", \>v ii-i"::^ 
i^%|»T»r. SKVKJN'K'S HEs 


iliaire, the most woa- 
ikrfiil discovery in mo dern Ft-icuce nctinj; up^n 
»Le 15eard and I'air in an almost niirinntmn 
manner. It Las bvon ii^rd by the elite of Paris 
and London with ftic ino'-t fijittcrirpr eucct??, 
Kiimesof nil pcreh.ucrs will be rc•J•i^•tt■rt•d i-nd if 
tntiru sati.-faftion is not },iv(-n in every inir;iTi(e 
the money will bo chcerfullv rf funded. Price 
by mail, scaled and pn-timi 1. $1. Dc«''ripti»o 
circu!nrs .-I'ld fatiinor'i ils ninili-d free. Addrcsx 
nKRGr.R, PUfTTS * CO., ('h<mi«l«. No. S-.».') River 
Street, 'f ruy, N. V. t«iL' ageiitd for iho L'liitLtl Jr'latei. 


TvLy suffer vith this 

Dangei'ous 6c Loathsome Disease 

when it 


and entirely 

Eradicated fioni the SysteicL 

by the use of 


Calarrli rCiiiedy 




C A T A 11 R II 

will surely result in 

C O N S U M V T I O N 

UiilccS chc'.ktu in iti incipient htagcs. 

l-i tilt" onlv l'l.ysii''i''.>, K» a t^j.'T!»ii-t 
now iu Cr.icn^'o thnt ckii •«• intirtiy 
rcHf^ rj'-m. «io t*' mm. rm-I ni>l i-iill"! 
thr.t lifviiMpilisPuiio to r^-nn'in ii. your 
h>Btfm,ilii»iiguri>i>;y"*ii' t .c< utnl hfMly, 
I.V<i.i»« <I»«tii'.\!ii^ >i 'ir I iiijit?ii-n?iaiiil 
fu'itli- priiyi"" ti ■<{' ii'ti. ill- liai iiii'ile 
I'lnVAlK L'I.-KASKShii.I Nt'<VO\;rf 
Itt'.IMl.lTY hi* Miiiy fT tii« p:.»l 
-% ■-. '-.rf- ' '''-"'y y«*;':< ••''■ ' '^ ttiHvfori' i\n- j-it- 
.rf\Wlic ."" ^ „ wl.'.ni nil uir.i. r.Ml sli.til.t r.m.MiJt 
Xi on- ov«T liciirJ of a p.itifnt of I'Jh "i"! \>:-inx <.-iir<'.i 
.i!:.'' lie jKi<l l'";i ill Itii^ <«'.v. l!is !•« |i'ita«i,.n bii* 
I'i'.-li.T.i ill :;!l tU'i'lv ;ir.i<i.!-, bi-i l".tl")'.Ht anJ liio 
Ml -il!.,-! i.i-..f,.s-«ii'ii, b.lh li r- iii;.l iiVn.a>l, u> I.ciri- tti.- 
.I'l It .sUiI!.' I «pit!uhat Ikt.'. Jii.a a i:i...:-.ii!i,U inrnt r o( 
ill .«(.\tiiil il!M-.;.-,n. If »11 ■'<!i"*rs fiil, <!f»"t d'*p-i!r 
^i-.L- liiia a cull. It il ""''J a CiItuh-hi ih-iiirr. tu-c rtiih 
'im to cine o"' li in»i:». Ili« r.iiais are Rtpiiraie t-n 
!.ul,.\i .111.1 f.%-ii:l' ii;ou, i»'>il til- imtl 1 ..niiilrt." in the city 
Ymso Mix, 'J'aki; I'AurnxLVR NuTict.— .H'Ctor l!i;ci!- 
i.iAv Jnr.ti< tur.' I: "f lii< tii!i« t<t tlio trcati.-etit "f llu;f<.. 
.■;w<«s ci'swil l>v a hM-ret li,<! it, wLicli ruic.s iiolh ln..!y 
i:;-!iii;ii.1.'.irtli;i;ii.'-lJn>i!:l'i'i"tii!;.iLPit:,lii nhv.l I'^r ^tili.-r (TI!- iiiiy. TIi'-siKlctr.'i.tof til VI.. i<.irl.v lisihits, 
f t'.i •irv;- o.'' I i!"T yi-.irs, l^ t-> v.;mI.'ii luni <i IJIi- 
Uiti- lln- L-. ;i t:i.;ii'.!i. tieotjuy llm jiiiy.-ic-.l iiiiil imiiinl 
^..«,!-i.. .nhii.:!-!! nii^l dilWlli- lh». !«- ■llii;-'!'. iuil 
exiriiHi tli^ vlliil eii-Tf^icJi of maiiiuci'l: l!ii' ('l-n.>iiri.g 
fif i;i"'U'' iiitrri-<l, *tli3 ..l.;t-ct of :iiarri.;;» fnifli;j'p<i, 
*n'l .•.*i.|.r..;i>il- 'If ivn-KTi-u a i*i:ii uruur.-.i-iii;? tii!«vry 
li!'l »-Ui-ot. t-'iuh ].. i.-)l!S, o^ji.r.ii.lly 111 i- C -Iitilil- 
lililins^ i«tirrt;K\'*-li '"''l ''"•'' ''" •'•="' "» "'•''^'•' - '•'i'.'''- 
:i il •»r;<;il:..<li"ii. as P-. IJ. I'V Us iw.w tri;ii:i.'-al, ii 
I''li-'l lo iii^'tn- a ^ll«.•^•.:y ii:i I i)Hriii:;:iiiif (.ui'j. 

('.■iix.ilt'ifi •;i.- fi'-e ttn'l r.iiifiili-iitiiil. (i'ii'-. >'o. 179 
■<..utll Cliiik f<trfi-t %,'i-j..f M.^n!-..o, li.i.lf .1 Mi'', mmu 
!.,■ l'>.wt 0'!Uc. P. it Olli--' U"S lii, CUiciuo, 111. 

ji:;.- hu.i.-s fri.!!i fi A -" t'. X r.M. 

.■^■■i:ii r^r liU "Uul.ii.' to ;lc.ilili," i>uL!i3!icil nioKthlv, 
.! ;'.^ .:t" rliiir>r-*. 

N. H.— Lii.t''"i, I" nJ f -r .1 dt-'criptiv*' circi-.It.v ..f P.jv 
j'rie ILt-at<''':e. the I'.-^t pr. vcntivo jf tuno-litiuB 
liOWU. Beat ti- 4»i.y a.l:!i '•>«? f.-oe of cb' r;:e. 


JLOuO. Ihe be»it 0/ tLo Aionthiies — devoted 
to LITERATURE and FASHION. $2.50 a 
year. AVe^ive WUEELER & WILSON'S cele- 
brated $i>i> Sewing Machines ou toe ioliowing 
terms :— 

Twenty copies and the Sewing Macbineg. $70. 

Th'Tty copies " ' " " $85. 

Forty copies " '' '• " $100 

Send 15 cents for a sample coiy to DEACON 
t PETERSON, 319 Walnut Street. Philadelphia 

Just received, a new and com- 
X>lete assortment of 


Cure warranted if Diicctione are Followed. 

SIn-lc DoUles will last a i>Jo::ni. 


1 ? 

Cold in The Hc^^d 

Kckaved in a Few Minutes. 

Bad Breath 

Caused by oilen^ivc .ecie .^ 

^Veak Eyes 

Caused by Catarrhal cction^ 

Patent Medicines, 

Paints, Oils, 

Putty, tfec, Szc. 




Ili6 very best '>ote. Letter, and Cap Paper kept 
coniitantiy on baud. 

NOTIONS of all kinds. 

a good variety, and chc;ip. 

Call and Ske U.s. 


Blue Earth City, May 29, 18«ft. 32mti 


OJicc opposite ^^ Union Iloase " lilue 
I^arth Clhj, 7t[inni,<ota. 

Will do a Oentral Banklnjf and Real Esi:i!t 
Uusineiis, pi»y Taxes lor uon rcsidtnttf, luuke 
Collect.ouf, Ac., Ac, 

U. I>. B.ALDWIN, ~ - - S. P. CHILD. 

Blub Eart City, May 7, C6. 30 

TO uoN£U8irxr/i:s. 

TtlO ;»»Jvciii.v ,-. iij»vlLi>^ i>t.«n ,f-ii>fi;il (O uc.tUL 
in H le^ vf,w,-kn by /» "bfy I'linoio f»ii;eJy, aricr 
hiivira; Miiti«-r<'a tor »*;.reriii y«-irs ««iiu a stverf 
iuMR attc'*tiim, i-MdtSit lirtfad di<."is3, Cm.-'nmp- 
tiun — it; 4*ixi<>ii>s III make Knt>"fu t" his fellow 
iuffereri? ttiii mean.'!. 

To all who il»'"irf it, he will f.^nda cipy of the 
|jr«;<!cription used (free ot charge), wifti the diroc- 
ii< lis for prefarinff and nsiii<r td<> sjuic, wtiiih 
they will f'niJ a snro cure foriloni-umpiitin. A'tli- 
U!a. I'.ronclii'is, Ci.'ii^hi>. Colds, cihI •ni li!r<,a! 
and Lunv AlTc'ti-His. Theonl, oljcf-t ofiliu ad- 
vertiser in scudiLj; .bo Prescription is to benefit 
the aflicted, and hprcad inforiiintion which he 
conceives to b'> inva!u;iblc, and be Iio]>cs cvcjy 
culTcrer will try his remedy, as it will cost iLeai 
noMiiiijr.and may prove a b!os.-iii;f. 

Partic." wi-lii,,«f the Proscription, TRKE, by re- 
turn mail, will pb-usc^ss 

Wil!iunisbur).ih, Kinss Co., N. Y. 

Foundry & Ma- 

ehhie Siiop. 

Tbe Mankntn Foundry and Machine ?hop is 
now in operation, and wu are prcfiarcd to 


of every dcwription. Steam cniiinca. Tbrfsbing' 
M!i'"lune.-», l!e:%>Lrs. Fiirmin.s Inipb-incnts, Ac. 

Wo al.'o tnake .?1: kinds of iron and bra»'s caff- 
in??. Babbitt metal always on hand. Orders 

S')I»(i:ed and [)roint)tly atteuded to. 

Old Iron, Brass and Copper 

wanted, fur which the bi^ibcst price will i- paii 
vOnTyl C. W\ BARNEY, A Co. 

Sense of Smell 

" When 

en or do.s loxwu. 


when caused by Catarrhal difiiculties. 
cured by this remedy. 

All are 


Aro more fre'|uciitly than oth-trwiso caused by 

a thick, A\ny mucous, falU'ig from tho 

head, e.«peciall.v during the nii^ht, 

and resulting ir-jm Cist.nrrh, 

and aru cured by 

Vegetable Sicilian 

4^ i^ 


R. WArrE, 

J E W E I^ E il , 

lia^, and will keep cousiantly on baud, fur sale : 

i'LOCKci and }yATiIIj:s^ 

Jowelry and Silverware, 

And wiU attend promptly to all kinds of Repair- 
in.: of «.|ii<?ks, Wnicl'c.«, and Jewel'-y, and tuar- 
a'ite« pertect satisfaction to all wLo patronize 
him. Rortm onp,»«ite I'nion Hotel. 30yl 

biue Earsti Cil.«, May 17, 1666. 

NKU' MUDKu ^.w TJi]N(T^ 


Winnc*!»ciiii* rilill 

Havinsi madn >»<>i!i« »'h?iiji'>'!< c eminj; the 

>>'isines» trausiictlo'iK 01 thn*'Winiieiiag'0 City 
Milla.'' we wi.^h t«. Mnuiximo «•• tic juoiic dat 
w^aie n-'w (irepareti to di> all fcind* of work in 
our line of l-uaiuts's, fm rt'ady p«v. Lo^d. woi»d, 
wuerii, or ek'er. Mouoy tuKfii in i-iviuent for 
work. Our terms f.-r »awinc sie : Gn»? half, or 
H* ;jcr thousand. Fl^>ur. l'.r.->n. nnd iL^ria con 
•lAtitty un hand, and I'jr saie .*neap. 

Lutiibcr $2u.00 pvi* Thotisatid. 

F. hHwl»E6. 
Wiuucbajio City, March I7tb. I»ti6. 

A3 the name inJicite.=, not only itr.NEWs 
the growth of the hair whea thin and falling 
o:T, bu\ positivclj Tcneics the cclor to /Is 
orij;iQal J^da when it is turning gT^y or 
white, whe^^r caubei by disease, ijfrief or 
jlJ agp. 

It will certait?^ do what is cUflmed for it, 
a fact to which VinJreda, japy thousande, 
who have used il, ^0 readl^and wiUlng to 
testify. Where onel^tt^ia fairly usod, in 
any c;!nmunity, itsjlpeputation "hpreads 
like wild fire," at^r iXthe best advertise- 
ment and recora^endaV^n we decire. In 
the Eastern SfV^, whcrcVjie ♦'RENEVfEIi," 
originated, ^e young la\e3 use it as a 
hair dres^ig; it is foun\on tbo toilet 
tables c^^oung men, (also ai\i3ir barbers), 
whilejfider men and womea Vho dos:re a 
RenJrtr and Bcs'ora'ii^e for iheiVjrrcy locks 
avi bald beads will not be w-Viout this 
errticlc. which gives in every iiisii\ce, en- 
tire sciiifactioa, '\ 

lV->n't lot any dnigicist or dwilcr xirc* npoo Ton a 
ilifftTPTit article, lu tliere is no j.rtj>f.ri..ii..n In ;be Vriiiid 
like tbio, iieware of any article VQrponing to bo tli« 

Try nALL'3 IT.VTR RKXrVTER acccrding toJMrrc- 
tions, anJ V''^ will u«f> no ether. 

Tf nut 'io'.l at Jru'7?i'<U in jonr toirn, 11 tri"»l l.otn« 
w-l! l"* »enl yoo or exprese, ui'-n rectii t of tuc d'-.liar 
by triJuU tJi'v* jc'Tlnp y.>M an ippottmiity at cnce ol 
le^i'i.rn< eTCfTlor.t qna!;ti<w. 

Onldn &>i trtai Mtlts most b« a^drasMrt t* 

f . A. C00£, micnsro. 

aenT K^mn for Northwwwn States, 
Tt. r. HaT-L k ox m{>ri«t^.rs Na-onn-o, N. H. 
SoM at ■»> nOT.KSALE. in t r.lrao. by rTLLER, fprcn 
* FFLT.EK. BrR.>U.\»(« » T\N SCHAACK. LOKD k 
SMrTU. SMrtfl a DWYE?.. J. U. ^ZSXt k Crt.. 
CHA?. 0. ?MITn. T>IKTZ5Cn. BL«?CRI k Cj-, Yl 
eCOML, \r. D. UAKRIS * OtX. POST k BADEaC, sa* 
hf dmggitts aai dealers foneratly. 


Catai'ili Remedy. 

RiciiAEDsoN tfe Reynolds. 
has now opened .it hi.s rooms in 


One of thcbest selected, varied and most exten- 
sive assortment of Coods iu Ibcir line 

Ever imported into Faribault 

Which they are scllinprto the People of the Blue 
Karth Valley ch.:!aper than Tdankaio or any other 
m.-i n . 
In the 

(j110{;ERY & PRO- 

Their faoUitios for supplying the wants of the 
peojilc of this immense re ;.aon are on ascjlcto 
wurrant the fullest s;;tii^faelion. 

Wo oJcr to the citizens of Fiiribault and Mar- 
in Couuticji tLciiUCbt stock of 

DR. WHirXIER isregularly 
cdnciitcd and legitimately qual- 
ilicd, and has experience iu all 
forms of disease, a knowlcdfje 
(luite indispcnsible in the trcat- 
waa^t^i^-p^ii mentof the vcneral disease in 
"t^'^^^^^^-v" ill '^'^ varied and complicated 
*%S^^^^^P forms, and has for years made 
tho trcat-nent of private diseases his business and 
Ptndr. Experience, tbo best of teachers, has en- 
abled him to peifcct remedies at once sufficient, 
safe, permanent, and in most sases can bo used 
without hindranc to business. 

Particular attention given to old standi! jc cases, 
such as were considered incurable. Sypbillis, in 
nil forms; (Jonorrhaa, (-;leet, Strictures, Orchites 
D'abetes, Bladder and Urinary Diseases. Also, 
theefiects of solitary habit*, both ruinous to body 
and mind, and which produces some of the fol- 
lowing effects: Blotches, Weakness, Con- 
stijation, Aversion and Uneasiness in Female 
Societj', I'nmp.nliness, Dread of Future Event.*, 
finally a complete prostration of the vital po-.v 
crs. loss of memory, ringing in the cur.'', can be 
fully restored to health. 

All letters. wi*h stamps, answered. 
Dr, W. is the publisher of a new worlc. entitl- 
ed "Nip the Evil in the iJud," which willbe sent 
to all on receipt of 10 cents to pre-pay postage. 
Con.sultation free. Charges moderate, and 
cure {Tuarantecd. 

Dr.Wbirtier cures the very worst kind of rup- 
ture in a few week."?. 

Post Onice Box 2294. Office and Consultation 
Rooms lt)l South Clark strtet. Chicago. You 
can seethe Doctor every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m 


Dealers in 




wifhes to say to the people of Winnebago City, 
and the neighboring towns, that he has the larg- 
est etock of 


s and 



Frcali Meat, 







ij \-} y. Jc XjJuk »J, 





tf i 

^ ,3 

Ti.o symptoms of Cat.irrb arc ai first rery 
.slight Pcr-oni< find they hnve a eo!d, that they 
have fro^uciit attacks, .ind are ttiore sensitive to 
tho changes of to nperature In this condition 
the no.'c may bo dry, or a !>liglit di-f-harge, thin 
ac.d acrid, afterwards thick aud adLciive, may 

As tho diroaso becomes chronic, the discbarges 
arc increa.-:t:d in ((uar.tjty and changed in 'luaiity. 
ibey arc now thick and heavy, and are hawked 
or c•>ll^hcd off TLe secrctii'neareoiTensive, tan? 
ing a l),nl bicath; the vojoe lliick and nasal ; the 
eyes arc wcjk; tbc sense <'f smell is Ic.-sened or 
destroyed ; dcafncis freiiuct:tly lakes placo 

Another common and important symptom of 
Ciltarrh is, '.bi^ tbc perron is ohli;cd to clear hia 
throat in the moining (f a flick or stiajy mncous 

EverbrouKU tothls ciarktt. 

AI^o a cotn|>lete assorlincnt of 




cou.sult their own interests 




Wc have tbo 

Facilities and Determination 

Sell Goods as chonp as any house West of the 

Pay Cash for AVheat, Oats, Corn. 

E. I C^ U © II S . 

ever brought in :o thi town. Consi'r'-ng iu part of 


^?^ Particular attention paid to Mu«ie Orders 

3T((ri'lar/e and Celibacy. 

AN Essay of Warnings and Instmft 
tion to 7oui>g- Twcn. AUo, Disceaea 
and abuses which prcuiaturciy Pi ostrate the vi 
tal Powers, with sure means of relief. Sentfre« 
of Charge, in sealed letter envelopes. AddresSi 
Pr. J. fcKILLAN HOUGUTON, Howard A»«»o 
cialion, Philadelphia, Pa. v3D21yl 

Free to Everybody! 

The Guide to Health <fe Beautyj 

Oust Published. 

It tenches bow to remove Tan, Freckles, Pim- 
ples, Blotches, Moth Patches, Sallowne«s, Erup 
tions and all impurities of the skin ; how to en 
amel the skin, leaving it white and cieir as ala- 
baster; bow to produce the fullest development 
of the female form (as practised by the French,) 
causing the bu»t to grow round and full, and if 
the form has been lost by padding, lacing, or ma 
tcrnity, restoring it to more than its original 
fullness, firmness and beauty. It teaches how to 
reduce in size the bands and feet ; produce corpi 
Icncy or the reverse ; remove superfluous hair ; 
cure Corns, Eunion-i, Warts and Moles ; renew 
your age; cure Drunkenness, Catarrh, Dyspep 
sia, Nervous Debility, kc how to faciuate and 
gain the love and affection of anv pesson you 
may choose, together with ether ns'efnl and vau 
able information. Ko young Lady or Gentb»- 
man should fail (0 seiid their address to the un- 
dersigned .^nd receive by return mail a copy of 
this valuable work iu sealed enveloi.e free of 
charge. .Addres-i, 

BElltiER, feHUTTS A CO., Chemists, 
:;«i) River Bt, Trey, N. Y. 

8^ (\(\(\ ^ '^^^^ 'K'-i'^f ^y any one with 
s ^»',VV/V ?1j— stencil tools. No experience 
necessary. The Presidents, Cashiers, and Treat 
uicrs of o Barks endorse the circular. Sent free 
wi h ^«mrlt.«. Address the American Stencil 
iool Works, Springfidd, Vermont. 42yl 

The mason & Eamlin Cabinet Orffani 

forty 'JiCcrent style.-, adapted to sacred and sec- 
ular muMc, for $su to $C(.iO each. FIFTY 
ONE GOLD or SILVER meadals. or other first 
premiums awardcl them. Illustrttcd Catalogues 

,7,''cr.i'^,''!'^;'-^''"'^**'** «<.Hamiin, Boston, o 
MASON BRO'lllEKj;, New York. 

WHlSKEK.q ! WHISKER ! J—Po yo* 
want ^Vhii•kcr.<for jAJonstachtft/ Oui Oi« 
clan Compound will force them to grow on tb« 


New Englad Rum. 

Bourbon Bitters, 

Plantation Bitters, 



Bourbon Whiskey, 
Wahoo Bitters. 
Hostetters Bitteis 
«tc., ic. 


CJnstauHy en haad tbo be-t 


If you Hant to buy good nice fresh 

oysters^ iobsterj^ 








New Tork. 

": lie alfenlion of !);e PiinrJcp.ndihe irMde is invited to 
r"r,.)i;.'I ^?.'" '^ <■ ^<^TAVK ROi^EWOOD PIANt/ 
1 < i. i I..S, wl;:(ii for vo<iia3e and purity of tone »re imri- 
\ a.icf! l).v ar.y liilliert j c fiertd in lliis mj.rlfet. Ttiey con 
lain a!l ttiernodeni Improvements, Trencli Grand Act'on 
lliirp Pedal. Imn Franic, Overstrung Riss, etc. , and each 
iiistrununf l)t!njr mai> nnder thepe-so;,aI .supervision of 
Air. .1. H. Groversteen \r!i:> has hud a practical experi- 
ence of over 0;, years in ihrir marafactur, !s fnUy war-*d iu every particular. 

The " Grovesteen Piano Fortes " rc- 

coived the Av/.im of Merit over ail 

ctliiTS at the celebrated 

Wot Id's Fair, 

Where wer 
of I,or:don, 

Rosl'Il, HIi- 

tute for five succ.-stive year?, the gold and silver meUal^ 
ironi l-otli o. uhich can he seeii at our warn -room. 

PytlieiTutrodiiclion of ln!i>roveTncnt8 we m.ike a Mil 

'rc "xhiliiu d inr'tr Dscnts from the hen Diak*ri 
1, Paris (Jirniary, P» )il;»dilphi», Paltimorc, 
i.d >tw Yort ; »rid also at Ihc America:) Ingt 

> 1, -ri 1 1 • ■!> 1 • 11 '''""^^I"-'''f<'*^* ''!'*"<' fortf, and hy niarinfa<-,turinL'larirfltf 

r'p^A X ;• n IM. ; r'T^'., -^ .'"'"^ "7"^.';!"'^^' ^"" '- '^'"«".V ch^ :., arc .Ll.-vd to Ethelf ii'' 
f C-\Ni:.D ikt lis, this is tuc piace to^^et thciu struments at apru-A «lii<n ntll |)rccluf:e all competitiou. 



Of CANDIES, both pljim ana fan- 

cy.he has them in endlc^^: quantities. 

And of NUTS from every climo, h'- 
kctp.s a largo supply coii»-t:intly on hand. 


riuo: -net C'tisti tk < urrm' luuds. 

D«>«!cripiive rirrulair' BfntStc: bituS^ 

Do'nt forget the placo. 

Next dor SOUTH 


Don't forgot the name 

Geo. E, Nelson. 

Winnebago City, Nov. 15, ISC'). i).^tf 

Choice First Class In.siirance 

A,';:i'.nst L'..7s by FZRS, by' tho 



whi.h h:is fallen from the bead during fhe night. Pork, HidcS, ButtCr and E<rrrR, Of il-r'ford Ca 
Wnen this fakes place tho person may be sure ' , . ,, '^^ | vi ii.-r.iora, <.,a 

that his discijse is on its way to the lung.-, aud S. KICil.AilDSON, M. IIKYNOLDS. 

Winncljago City, Minn. nlv3 




A TEAR made by any one with 
StcDcil Toclj No experience 
nccesary. The Presidents, Cashiers, and Trr.i*- 
urers of 8 Banks indorse the circular. Sent fre*' 
with sample;!. Address the American gtcbcil 
Isiol wvrka, aj'ric^iaid, Vtraioni: ^ 

should lose no time in arresting it 

The above ore but few of the many Catarrhal 
."ymptoms. Write to our Laboratory fos oar 
pamphlet dcsr-rlbing fully all syiajiloms : it will 
be sant FUEF. toany address. Also directions 
where to procure the medieiuo 

ATc are receiving letter? from alt par+s of the 
Union, and al-o numerous testimonials from 
tbosQ vsing it, bearing the cvldonco of its infalti 
ble merits. 

^SiS- This remedy contain? no mineral or poi- 
sonous ingredient*, but is prepared from vegeta- 
ble extracts exclusively ; therefore it is pcrl';'!tly 
harmless, even to the most let^dtr and utlieato 
child •:St^, 

Call for Scc'cysj Cr.tarrii Pcracdy, and 

tnbe no other, it njt sold liy druggists in yoar 
vicinity, they will order ii fur you Price $2,U0 
per bottle. * 

^S?^ All persons snlTbring with any aCection 
of the Head, l>iiu,t or Lungs should write at 
once for our pamphlet fully describing all symp- 
toms pertaining to the above dise.ises. 

It will bo cent free to any addacss. 


Dii. I>. II. SEELYE <fc CO., 

FkeKPOUT, iLMfTOia, 

Svdd t>T all wnole^altt ana re'.»»l Urugglsts 


John D Park Cincinnati. »>bi > ; Fuller. Finch 
± Fuller, Chicago III; Bnrobam ' Van^chnack 
Chicago III; Demas Barnes Jk Co New York : D 
R.ia«om i Co. Bnffalo New York ; Farrar-l .^00 
Iry A Co Detroit Mich ; weeks * Potter Bo«t..n 
.^lufs : Frtn-h Richards A '""o Philadelphia. Pa . 
K E Scllcr« <t <"o Pittsbnr*:b Ph ; Coilir* B-n'«. 
?'. Louis Mfi : Barn^«, war.! A C >, New Orloin!« : 
K \ Kotin.'on *C>, I^ioui^ville. Ky : iJigiey i 
Bro. Memphis Tenn : PE Denny Richmoml'Va: 
Tijorop.a i Block Balfmoro J!d . Dex»fr A 
Nellegcr Albany N Y; vtrong A Ar-T.^tr-n^, 
Hevcland O ; Wci Johnnon Detroit Mfhi wit- 
k*w& retcu-d i Co Lvoisviila Ky, v;ii::>lyl 

'3 ^i^^m^ 


1". .;ir!>' 

BITT'IK.? AUK Pn!:p.4!li;D IN PURE 
l>in W!.i.-l;ey. a coinl-hiaiijij of <'V'-t 
tivtiniy dilTerent ktiids of root-s. h-\.ckt and h*rl><. 
Tliii-v, set la jrf-riVt conct-rt one with theoihor, jtf 

■ ' r;;rin;i! firmnla pvea by tne Lri-t 

. 1 1 l)r. (Tli.ipin. wl:-. use I th»!i; -ti.- • 

•• <■ : • •■ V - ■ • ^v l;:oir 

I- ■ ct nil.! 

c : ,.; : 1. Sic!: 

^ • ■ iVver a: ' '1 di-:- 

» ' : 'd I'Vtr fi- , ::■-. Pi-r- 

r r< ^iiuVrii:.; fj-'im either of the«o hmlnsouie dispn-c 
>» il :;-il a crrc by llio n-e "f t!ie?e Bitt-rs, which ktc 
pfTfc I'v ;>nre.Tnd free frim sll tbr>se cm;rs »n.J yi ■!- 
•.-ni n>>u;Uly r.Tit 11^ in KU'h prepHrHii-mi, and fuil'iici 
jff'inaann-' " '. A sir^le trial wiil c..n- 

rinco the 1. hat in tLp UKD JACKli'I 

tStrs iu a tLtiuc i.i.-: n 'n" liittrni pnirrnn. 

They «trrnsthen rxnd i'lv! '.j-it* tho ayst em 











r-< Uf.f-|;i;ii!f!d .' 

.1 debility. 
Leaiiby appetit«. 

'.:»y c:f the fctomanh. 
\ M ir'(TM. 

• and diet. 

They are perft;.:tl/ pure ani paWible. 

In Ti-'.r! *'''t?l«.j: r.-vr tiy . trr^nt. 

." private GoTetai.-j:..; itii..;> is uni>rfi!sca 

> ' ; 'y lui dra^sta and dealers throagboat ibe 
C«ll f T R-^ .Tacket wad take ti-t other.> to the trad* aaygU a d on epjuicatioa. 




D. liicorforated 1S19. 
ter Perpetual. 

The iETNA Insurance Company would call the 
dttantion of the pnbiic to the following fiicts : 

A heavy cash capital, with As- 
set t.s aiiioiiiiting to 

lias transacted business saccejsfully Forty -nine 
year.--, and continues to progrc-s in lle.-dth. 
Wealth and Vitality. Has paid an aggregate 

lossof $ir>,72^,380 58 

The yETNA in org-nizcd on a National Basis, 

with reliable L jcal agents, »nd ocupycs 

an enviable reputation, equal 

to all the cmergancics 

it undertakes, 

worthy tho 


Founding it.s claims to fav'<r and patronage 

to Merit Alone. 

Affording nnorpialcd facilities and security for 

Insurance, and ranking 

The FIRST of Fire Insurance 

And insnres at rates as liberal as the ri.=l:s a<?- 
fumed permit for solvency and fair profit. 

Losses Equitably Adjusted and 

projIptly paid. 

Apj)lication8 Solicited, and Policies 
Issued by 

H. E. ABBOTT, Agent at 

Winnebago City, Minn- 

Empire Shattle SeWicg Stachiaes 

are superior to all otl:cr3 for 

Family and Manufactimng'. 

CoBtain all the la'est iirprovcmerjts ; ace tpce 
dy : noiseless; durable; and easy to wora. 

Ilia.'trated Circulars free. Agents wanted. — 
Liberal discount allowed. No aocsi^cmects 
made. Address, 

awjl EMPIRE 3. M. CO., Eroadway N. T. 

T V U N G M E N. 

Just publiehed in a scaled envelope. Price 
siz cents. 

A Lecture on the Nature, Treatment 

and rndical (.'lire of Spermatorrhoea, or Seminal 
wcakiics.-. Invhuitary Emissions. Reinal Debil 
ity. and Impediments to m.irriHge generally, 

Ncrvou.-^rc-s, Consumption, Epilepsy and Fits; 
iMental and Physical Inonpncitv, resulting from 
self ahuso, Ac— By ROBERT J. GULVER- 
WELL, Id. D., Author 01 the "Green Book" Ac. 

The world renowned nnlh.-r of this ai'miraMo 
Lecture, cbarly proTcs f.tni his own exj.eritnoe 
that ti,c aw^nl conse(;i:»nces of self abuse may be 
effectually nmoved without medicine, and with- 
out dangerous surgical opera tir.ns, bougies, instrn 
ments, rings, r.r cordijtb-, pointing out a m<)dc of 
cure nt once certain and »ir<.ctual, by which ev- 
ery sufferer, no matter wbi-t his condition may bo 
may cnre biraselt chcnply, privately; and radical 
3y. Thi.s Lt. turc will Piove A BOON to Thous- 
ands and Thousands. 

Sent under seal, to any nddrcss, lit a jdain seat 
ftd envelope, en the receipt of six cents, or two 
'.stamps. Also Dr. rulverwell's "Marriage Uu'de*' 
pwce 25 centj. Addre^•s the Puhliebers. 
r)I.AS..I. C. K1NE A CO., 
I£7 BOWERT, IVavt York. 

Post Office Box 4586 

BEAUT Y.— Au- 
i urn Golden, Flax 

• u and Silken CURLS 

produced by the use 

of Piof. Dr pRBi x'8 


VHJX. On«» applica 
tion warranted to curl tho 
most straight and stub born hair of either sex in- 
to wavy ringlets or battry massiva curls, llaa 
been u.=cd bf the fashionnhlca of Paris and Lon- 
don, wi'.h thb mo.n gratifjiajj results. Docs no 
injury to the hair. Prica by nail, aealep and 
po-'lpaid, $], Descriptive Hrcnlars sent free. 
Address BERGER, SHUXTS A CO., Cheui tte. 
No, 28 J River St., Troy N. Y. B«l* agenta fgr 
the United States. 



For Ic\provingHnd Boaatlfjiiii^tb. Complexion. 

The iROBt valuable and perfect preparation in 
ap.e, for giving the skin a beautiful pcarMikd 
tint, that is only f'-nnd in jvrth. It quickly re 
moves Ian, Freckles, Pir-pUr, Blotches, Moth 
Patches, 6«llowne«8, Eruptions and all impuri- 
fics of the skin, kindly healing tb« tame, leaving 
the skir white and clear a« alabastf^. Its nso 
can not be detected by the clorert acmtiny, and 
being a vepetabie preparatioa it perfectly barm- 
lesti. It is the only article of tk« kind used by 
tbc French, ac<j is considerel by the Parsian ai 
indespcnsible to a perfe'st toilet Upwards of 
SO.Of'O bottien were scH ilorieg tko past year, a 
sufScieEt guarrHntce of '*■ ••c««y- Price only 
75 »*nt.'', etnt by in«ib o" receipt of an order, by 

BERGEB, SHUTT«? A CO., Chemista, 
T'328n« 385 HiTer Bt., Trey, N. Y 

A GENTLEMAN, cured ef VerToas Debifity 
Incompetency. Prematuf* Decay and Youthful 
Error, nciuated by a desire to benelt others will 
be happy to fnTnifh to all who need it, (free of 
charge), the leceipt and ^irecticni for makiuf; 
be simple remedy osit^ 'n tbla «a«e. Those 
wj/'hingto profit by his experieoee, and possesa 
a Valuable Kcmedy, will reeeiTe the aaxoe, by 
re'iuminail, (carefully scaled), by addreacing 

Ii31m3 60 Naeaan re^t. New Tork^ 










/ > 

I I 





JAS. L. CHRISTIE Editor & Proprietor. 



Terms— S1.50— Invariably in Advance 

VOL. 4. 



NO. 16, 


Office on Main Street next door North of th( 
Winneb.-igo City Hotel. 


Ono copy onoyeai - . - $l.yO 

Fur an> turaa less tuan t> aioths, 5 cents a wclk. 

I./IAVS XIOTKL. I t^' Va LkI U T P E T U Y. I IrrAIES on tie TLAlliS.\^^o\~'Mh-ugi]vMim^slbodone Booner _ sprung across tlu- zone nf desoi-tpraind 
Corner of Ilolley 1 Main Streets. Winncb.-igo City ; 

I or Inter." 


S't. in. I I sq I 2 s(| I J -^q I } caA. | 5 col. [ 1 col 

I wjjii j l.'iO l.J") 2. So'' .T.OtT o,J» 

I uii't!i' 3,"*0 4.00 C.OOJ 7.00, 12.00 

»i >»'l{3 j .5, 50 5.00. 8.00 10.00 i 16.00 

.» in'tha ' .J.OO a. 00 r2.00i 15.00 ' 24.00 

6 .n'.Ijs S.OOTl.Oa JlJOOi 2i).no I .311.00 

1 yjir, ,10,0314,00 20,uo' 2j,00 i 40,00 
Ten lines or tu^s make one squa.-o. 

D. S. LAW Proprietor. 

Stages leave this for all Points. 

There iii aUo a good livery conuecfeJ with the 
il<ni:-a. Ott30-68 


Dine Earth City. 

"'>'()(' ^-^'^ bou?e hriving been rcpiircd and newly ftir-j 
".'; ' niched (hruugLuut, is now open for the rLcei'tionJ 
2i),ti.) „f guc.<t.-'. I 

Taken from the St. Piiul Pioneor. 

Last August Luu*. Gen. Shernian, 
having just received liis promotion to 
tho rank he now liol'Ls, set out on a 

35. no 



AdvertisenoontB not mirkeil foi s speciried tiino 
will bccontiniied. and charged for accordingly. 

Yearly advertisers will be held sttictly to ad- 
vert ements peiiainin;; to their bujincrs All 
)tlior notices will bo ehi..gedat tht> roi^ular rates 

Excess of advertisements insv-j ced will be char.ij- 
d propcrtionately to the number of squares bar- 
gained for. 

Legal adytrtisomoDts iojerted at the tho ex- 
pen*e of the attorney ordering them, and not de- 
■ayablo for legal proceedings, but must be paid 
on delivery of the afUdavit. 

Xotiees in»v»lcd in the reading column, dou- 
eblo rates JAS. L. CHRISTIE 

Editor «!fc Proprietor. 

The proprietor respcc fully solicit.* the patron- 
aiie of the tiavtling iul)ii>', and is t'cti-nuiiJcJl 
tliiit none shall go away di.ssati:-tied wlij Uiay la 
vor him with a call. 

47y (;. S. COXVERSJ]. Proprietor. 


Fiontdtrett, neavlhe Lc/ee. 

M. T. U. Jh'LOWilR, Proprietor. 

General Sl.neo Ofilc.for a)! Point;, ...the State. Good 
Stviblin^' with aiteiitnc OstU'«. lOyl 

Fiontdtrett, neavlhe Lc/ee. 

Business Directory. 

Winnebago City Di:^trlct. 

.\. If. ntT.LI.'S. Rtt?i.-tor. 

U. W. noLLKY, Receiver. 
r^P-OTiceh-^nr.sfroTn S X. .>r.ti:i4I». M. 
Wlanebi^o City, Minn., .3ct. jW; 1S63. 

NO. 27. 


A I'iio regular Comuiunicatious of this i 

>j^^f' Kod^e is lieM on Tuesday enening, on or 

'^r\ before the full uio^m. 


S. S Wn.T.^'RY. W. M. P. P. WKIt, J. n. 
O. li. MUCLI'ON, S. W 

Evans & Fall, Proprietors- 

Th's lTou.<5e is Xtnv, f'onnr.odionsj 
Pleas.intly Loc iteJ, aiitl l)<,i.'n Xew' 
iy rinni^hcd throughotit. Tin- veiv 
jocst accoiiini<)J;,ii(in,s «;UL.raiiioc'il to 
tiiivnltr--= amJ Ijourdi'is 

Good citable li'j'>;;i for Teams, 
n^n'l' 1 Garden City iiVTinn. 

Ternon Cenuc. illuo E:irih Countj- 3Iir.:;i^o!n, 

A. D. 3IAS0X - - - i'ru},riet.;r. 

I would respi'c^fiily call the nttcniion of ib-'j 
ravciiiig (.ablic tu the f.n-i thnt I can now give ' 
hem aj ^•md a<?e')ict)dations as any Itou^u i'i 
bo niue K.i.-th Valley. (J"<.d StaliLS couuecttJ j 
i the iloiise. ! 

l-.'5-ly A. D. M-iSo.f. 

eo well doiciibed by General Pope, it 
A Spicy Report from General ' ^^''^^° *''*-' General readied Denver, j is all important that onr cliain of niili- 
5^1 ' { he was received '.vith distinguished hon tary posts should be alouir that line 

•" ^^Uil'lf'* j Qj.f, Of course, uuich of the demon- 1 which affords the best chancoB for farm 

~ titration was a genuine ovation, but wo ! inj? and for settlements. The dan^-era 

i ^ 

su-i)ect that the General interpreted at and privations of the long journey will a part ol the civilties as intended . be better diminished hv o-ottin<y a9 
to influence him to niahc that city a many settlers along the route Irsve'ed 
post for the dstnbution of supplies. | as possille so that corn, oats and for-; 

ye may be produced, and obviate the 
cessity of hauliuc; these thinnr'? at 
eh heavy cos's by frain5. I want to 
a.v«n iu a small oaciul docu.neut re- . "'' ""f '^f^ ^^ontlctncn, who took us in : send cavalry up into that remote fe 
rerred a few days .ince to the Commit i '"■•"^' ''^"'^ ^'"^'^ ^'''' ""'^ ''' ^""'"'"^ ^'•""' ^^"^ '' ^°"'^ ^' "^"^"'-^ ''> «'^<-''"l't 
.ec on Lidian AllUirs in the House of "' ^^"'"S^^' ^'''^ "--''^ '''^ '^^^ '" ^'"^ i '^ ^^'^ ^'" ^"^^ ^^'^^-^ «"" ^^' ''^'^ ^herd 
Kep'^'^ontativcs and ordered to i^^'^^ ^^^^^ ;^ '^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^Y ^^^<^^^ ^^ some price below its weight in 
, ■ , t T^ ,-, ,,..,, able, and fo dav T must FubuiU to two frold." 

printed. Lniike maiiv ctlj.ial d<ca- ,. *o t» ,» , , i ^ 

- , . . , ,', , 1 ,. ,, /. uiii.ers, one at d P. M. and another at 

lu^nts, it i.s leiNe, read;;bte an} lull of - ,, ., m , .,. 

■,.-■(. I / r. M. Tomorrow I wiif fj 

mteicsiuig lulormatiui*. ; /i i i ,o t • a- n t 

I tTaiiaiid andean. Luis \ allev. lam 
Nothuvz cscaperhis obccrvation.- | tuld that there arc farms all the way, 
ihe mil.tary value of the Union Pa- ; ^„,j j ,,,^^ji ^,.^,^.^, .^^-^j^^.^^^ ^^^^^.^^ 
c.titj lladway, in view of Indian and 

tour t)f inspecti n over ft poition of the 1 ., , ,.../.,, -n* i •;,-.• • 

..,../,.,. I J lie cliectofllie Denver hospitalities a<T territory included wilhin liii com- ^ • ^ -, c .t r n • 

. "" can be jud^^ed from tlie fullovi-ing ; I nc( 

_, , ^ ^. , . I *■ We met outside of Denver the 3Lay sue 

1 he result ol his (-bscrvations are ' ., , , , . ' 

says : "liie jxjst was ilr.<t built of sods 
aiul now looks like hovels into wliich a 
nouro v.'ouid hardly go. Surely liad 

TH03. i;i,Arj£ J, .V, 

Oh J. A, WHIR, S. D. 

J'). L. WKllt, >»cn-t:irv. 
T. W. .IKN.V! ;■!.■!. Tr.-ri-^. 
S. KiCIlAUL'SOX. Tvlir. 


Sheriff— C. E. CTIAPKL. Co. AU'v— A. C. DUNN, 

fres'i — U. D. JOilNSOK Ju.ige— A.MOi- P UI-^TON, 

ResUtt-r— A. BOXWr.LL, Coroner— W.M. A. WAY. 

Auditor— W. F. CAUV, Conrt Com.— A. PRE.-TON 

— DHi.rioi Court "flhls District meets at Blue EarlliClty 
n tlie -id M^>udii>' in .May. 


Wilton. Waseca Conn«jr, FiZinncsota, 

J. M GEAY. Prop 

Terms I?lcr.S£«nab!c.— Team.nLrs r.i„;. 
OiH: (idliur and a lialf. 

C' .<ra-o oCice. Good Ptabling, lin J ren'ou 
able charges. 47v;'.y 


Attoi iiey aiul Couns;ellor at Law 

"^ Will attend to profjssional bu.~iness 
lir>ngli .ut tho .-^^tatc. 
Wi inebago City, Minn. 



Calli by day or night promptly attended to. 
Winnebago City, Aug. 15, 1868. 

Harness 8hop. 

The undersigned takes ibis method of inf.^rin 
ng the peiijdo !>f Winneb:igo City and vicinity, 
li'it ho has jii.-t ojiciied a m-w harness .•^bop in 

avinxebago criY, 

an J is now in-cpirod to d > all kind.^ of work in 
his liii'V Ni'w harness ma ii» to order, and all 
kiiids iif repairing tlouo on .-liort n.itiac. Siiop 
lip .st;:irs, ne\t dojr.*ouih of llichardson A Kt'y- 
nolds* Grocery. 


\Vinnebago City, May 25, l^G'i. 32tf 

jMinuesota Mutual Insurance Co. 

Mankato, Minnesota- 
insures agaiiist loss by 

Fre and Lightning, and Death 
of Stock. 

S. FIXt.'II, President. J. A. WISWELL Sec 

0. U. PITCnEU, Treasurer. 

J. A. Kenntdv, I 

CnAS. U.liuTTs. I (icncral Agents. 

L M. L C K W D , 

Pjiysiciax and SrnrjEox, 

Winacbago City. - - - Kiancsot."i 

Tl'.e und'Tji-ncd would ro?pcclfui;y iiif./rm tl.e 
I't-'oplu of Winnebago Ciiy and vioirity that he 
Iia.-: a;,'uin qpencd hi.s of.ire in thi-; |)lrii>e, ai.d is 
pr 'pan.-d to attend on ali who niav rciji'lre cis 
aid. Otnco up .<tairs in City Sabon biiilaing. 
PrL'Si ripticns i-arcful'.y coiupoundi^d. I'tr-'ini! 
wishing to consult me ii]>';n any dircaje, 
priv.ile or of long ,>taniling, will p'ca.-io call or. 
Kie .^aturdnyy of each week, as I sh;!ll give thc^e 
-iiys exohK-lvcly to tliis branch of tbt- profession 

Wi.:neh.igo City, August 15, It&'o. 4::mC 


lion. Chas. SchcflFcr, St. Paul. Hon. E. G. 
n, St. Cloud. Hon. A. Uhamt'ers, Owatonna. 
Hou. (I. E. Colo, Faribiult. Hon. H. .\.Subelii 
New t'im. }lon. M. Donahue Henderson. .\. 
C Dunn, K.*.}.. Winnebago City. Suigent 
Franklin Jt Kcyes, Winona. l!hu" 

Attorne^^s & Counselors at 


W^lli attend promptly and faithfully to all businessln- 
nsted to tbetr care- 

Have for salcat all times, la,ige qnantilies of 

18G7. ^"^ 18G7. 
^t. Paid Pioneer 

[E t^blished in the ye:.r 1840,] 

Best Newspaper in the Stnte. 


Daily, Tii- Weekly and Weekly 

TheST. PATL riONmi. the first levrsp.a- 
ppr ever pri'itcd in Miniicsuia, is now avrncd 
eiiited «nd under tlio exdu.-ivo rontr-d of the 
••Pioneer I'riuiing Cc. nip mr." an n.»,-ociation of 
Winnebago Trust Lauds, and other valuable j niorc thun leading Citi/.cns of the 
Farming lands, ■ State, a nunnd. rdiallu Democratic .Journal, and 

, , iit the same tin'e, what it has ahrnys been, the 
2iyi • - .F S BARNEY ij^.j;t uewsipapcr in the State iu .-jI! "us dcpart- 



D^N MaK B M & CO. FROS. 

Opposite Clifton House, 

jMa^^Vato, Minnesota. 

Our t.iblc8 are new and are of the best make 
(jood cigars and liquors at the bar. 4yyl 


Is a foiio gbect of thirty si.M column", the largest 
published in the Northwest ; it cont.ains Special 
Dir'patches, and the full Te*egraphic Reports of 
tho Associatc<l Press, equal in .-.mount to any 
journal west of New York; Editorials upon all 
important National and Sta'e tnp-cs : corro-spon 
dcncc from all pirtsof our own State; 
documents, law, Ac, a resume of State news. 

P. K. vnsEu, 
Practical Watch-]\Iakai, 



Mankato, - - ^ Minn. 


Watehes, cloclts, .Tewelry it silver rtan 

Uepairins neatly executed and warranted. 

J. S. P K R R T, 

T A 1 L O K ! 

NViunebaiio Citv Alinnesota, 

May be found In Pcllows' New Block. Op- 
posite Cott.eU & D«arbon s New Store. 

at al! limes, prepared to do all work intrusted to 
him, in the lateil New York Fashions, or to suit 
he customer 

Most kinds of country j r .duce wanted for woik 
Cutting dune on short iioace, and warranted ti> 
fit if propetly made up. n2v4 

talcs and poetry for Ihe fireside, literary and 
scientific nrlictes. informati"n for taruiers, trades 
lirnnT l-'^ A T K* X- I?PTMT ] »""• I""'>fP?«'"n% financial and commercial col • 


C^i*tfltf*lr^B'V St01*tf*' ! ^^ rubli.«hcd Sunday, Wednesday and Fridar, 
' ■• tP^J^^a J ^C^lAJl. 1J« f„r the ^■pe. ial benefit of these -^ho are n..t ar 

comnindated by daily mails, or cannot <i(Ti./rd the 
exoenscot the Daily pa cr. It contains all tho 
matter that apiic;-r5 in rhe daily, 
tiscmculf that are not of general iuteresu 


ALBEP.T S. WHITE, Proprietor. 


With only one or two exceptions, is new the 
Crockery, Glas-'-warc. Groceries. Ac, for salo LAP.GKSr weekly p:ipor p;i».!i.hcd io the Uni- 
hy wholesale or ret.-iil. Co.iutry stores supplied . ^f^ State*. It containa FlFTY-.-lX Cidnini.a 
on reasonable terms. Rooms ..n iiain Street ' tilled with ihe chcicest -ending. It is the be... t 
nearly opposite Lradloy 1 Br.>. | and cheapest newspaper in the country. As a 

family newspaper it ca.inoi be cscelled. 

.p , I M . trr ^^^ ^^® Atlantic Cable ii 

lo morrow I wuf jretofffor ,-., , , 

t vv orked. 

; N. Y. Gor. of the Loui^villo Courier. 

j The Other day a telegiapher, who had 

iloikcd into the matter, told mo, in a 
'.. he question Ol this as a military post <- ... . j i .i «.■ • i, . 

poseibly Mormon uiiriculiies, impress T i / i i * •• n i\ i ^^^'^^ words how tho All.intic cable is 

;. li. t-.<.i»o I decide, and emthalically, no. Den „.„,i^i t, , , - , 

him strontry. At Fort Sedgwick, in / . .- ct ^^olked. I have read column atrer col 

^ -^ k,^«.,»i»..^, • « I ygr needs no proleotion. She could ;„^.. . ,, 

Colorado, he ia very much diss.-.tislied ' • • , .- ,. , ! ""^" '° ^'*° ^^'P^'"' '" ^ ^'"'" ^"^ '^ tb 

^., Mc IO »».iy "'• .*'*"*^*' m an hours notice one tnousand .,„,i^,.^..., \ -. ^ j 

with the quarters fd- the jiarrison. He i y- , ^ c . r i i uJidei&iand how ii was dotic, a:id was 

J iiv-j,,!.. niwii. *-^«= ,i^(,u . qji,] instead oi protection, she „o«.„: i i t. t 

' * ' I astonished enouo^h, I assure von, to see 

can and rd.ould proteet the neighboring ,^„^ ^-^^^^^^ ^ ^,^5^^ ^^.^,^^ ^^,^ instrument 

I sctilcnients that tend to give her sup- i ,^1,5,.,, ,.^i,., ^^^,^^.^ .j.^ ^^^ Ima/ind 

j nort and buhiuess. As to a depot al- ., cm-. 11 iin»,i!«. w >«•-,: >i,, ...1, .1 -1 
the Swulhcrn planters nut their ne- * t .t 1 ,t • i *-n . 1 needle- it A\eiol:s only threS 

, , , * , ,, ««'^^''"''^ ^''^''"^1^^"^' "^^^M'^^^'°'*^^"'^ sevenths of a grain --Set so that either 

groes m such hovels, a sami)lc would i .,„,i ,....,..,,.,„..,,,,.,,,■., n„.ntoini.,^tPi''«. 1 • » ^ mcii, timor 

,.,,,;, , • 1 . i> » janJ e.\ti.i\,g..ncc Ol aCJiiaiteimastei s end points to a powerful fixed ma^-not; 

ero lliis have been earned to uosttin, a ,,^ „ wi. .,1 ..i-o ..♦ .1 1 « \.^r^ «-« ,-^ , « "'a^.,iji*. 

, -,..1 .,, , , ., ',d:pot, v.ithcleiks, stables, shops, i.c. ^ Qver this needle j board, in which 

and exhibited as an illustration of the t» ... .„ i . n,^ ..,„... , ' .!.....»'..,, ^j'^^'iu, iu %wjica 

,,.,. „ 1 • , •,,■,! ! ^ '^^ '"'' ^^'^ quartermaster « depart- ^s fixed a small hole, above and behind 

'rucllv ttnd inhum;mily ot the m;m- . 1 . ,1 , . • . , » w.v ami wtmiiu 

j.,.,^,^.;.g „ I '»^'»'' ^'•" ^"y I't'^e luJiiber and luaten ^hioh is a blackboard. One end of thd 

l\ ' M 1 .1 . I al.s and send them wih advantage to needle, or rather tanfrnct is the nn^i- 

bhennan, although the most nerv- ! ,, , , . , , . • 1 »-i.4-,"^^ '^ me posi- 

. , , . .it.he posts within ivaeb; but a sinuie o«(i 1],^ othtM- -i nr.<r.,t;,.n />,,« o-i ^ 

oils Of men. is the least apprehensive of ' , , , i -, • '"^<^i '"*? oinci a negatue one. Tl.e 

1 ,. • • / , quartermaster and cleik, with a ehesip bittervis liken off it onp. cMn r>r *v^ 

danacr. W iitmg horn the same post, | V i ,1 1 • t - .• „ , u 'lui} is i.iKtn on at one sule ol tho 

i,e ;av.s : ! ' '''' ''*''" '^"^ "" ^ ! ^^ '' l*'*'^' ^'' '' '^ <^'^^'''^" ^>' ^^^^ ^^''i^'^ of the magnets 

,*'*.. . I here s-tores for distribution. They thmi^iplrps -alir r. «Ko ,., ^« . * .i..^ 

"I 8ee little dan^'or of Indians. The Li , n r .11 , i- o / tntmse.ves, v\ hen the operator at thd 

should go from the depots of Omaha nth^r r;,1» ;««-,•;,;,, ■, t- 1 .. j 

telegraih h unmolested; the stnue ' „ , t *' ^. .. „ -S , , ,, . other side is wnimg. Tue Lattery used 

pa.;, iail V ; and I find the road Glll-d \ ^^^^ "^rcH ^ ,' ' ' ' i ""' "''" '"' "'"'""^ °"^>' ^'•"" "'^^^ 

with travelers, back and forth, wiih \^ ^.^^^ "/^^.^^ siurman'^ policy is ' CITttv' ""tt' ""^7' "''" '"' 
ranches every ten miicvH-; yet there id ^ ^• ,y , ^^ - . ./ i takes a thousand or more to 

conveyed ;n the following extract frum ' ™„,u .1,^ _.,_•„„ „,•„ , ,- ^ ^ 

a i:eneral apprehension of d^niger, yet ' „ uu .- t . f^ 1 « 1 .. r n i v.trious wires leadmg out of 

' » ^ ' -^ a letter to Col. backett. one of the se- m,, i i- r»,.„„ , .1 1 1 .» t 

no one secm.s to ha-.e a definite idea of „: ,.. t . . f r^ 1. r n i bio.aaway, the head olUce here: 

nior Inspector (jcneriils of the arniv, Ti.n o,>vi:,.o«; .. t- .. /• » . 

*■ . ' ^ llie aj)pIicat;oij ot a current from tli^ 

who was about to make n tour across to ! v,.,«to,Mr f . «i.,. , -s-.- . -.r 

^., ,.^ , j oatteiy to the positive maiioet at Va- 

Califoinia : I ,„.,,• , • -, 

,.,.,, rr -, fAf ♦ 1 ., |ie«fiii, induces rm attraction (f thence 

''Ji the J errilory of Montana be rich '-,,,„,, „ 

, , . 1 , , -. ! '^'*^ ^'^ ^^^^ negative magnet at Ileart'^ 
in gold, as represented, and enough /.^.. . . „., 

(. 7., , T : 1 ' T • -., content, or eice versa. The move- 
lertilc lands to produce the f^ram and :,„^„. ^.t^ -.. , 

.,, ^ r •. • I 1 • . i^ent of the necule, however, IS eo very 

vc'ietables necessary tor Its inhabitants • n .i . -^ ,, , ' •' 

, . , , , r . '''"^'' ^"-'^ ^^ could not be detected bv 

as ai&o nay iind corn, or barley lor am- ; ,i.„ „„i 1 . „ , •' 

I ,.,,,,,., ,, • . ; the naked eye. A powerful m^nifrcr- 

j mals, there will be little trouble in time ,., ,„ . ,, * „ ^niircr, 

' , , , , ^ however, carries the reflect on of the 

vhenco it is to come. I haye met a 
few straggling parties of Indians who 
seemed j)Uie l)eg;j;irs and poor dt^vils, 
more to be pittied thun dreaded. I will 
start to ni'dTow for Laramie, dhstant 
175 miles, with an et;cort of ten men 
Thi.-* does not look like danger, and I 
feel none at all,'' 

(;ne source of our recent Indirn dif- i to aliunl them troops to make them 
ficultics is pretty well jiottrayed in the ! compuratively eafe whil-t eng.aged in 
f characteristic ]>aragr.i]di : 

"Kfer since tho Carolina oniiiriation 

motion of the needle through the hold 

., . ,. , ., „ w, I . '" ^''*^ '^"•'^'■'^ "^^^6. '"^''^l transforms it 

their peacelul pursuit of v%calth ; but :„„.,„» -i , . . . 

,, 1 ,, .,• - . . '" ^" enlargv^d, and, with the aid of 

tiiey should this ana next, not 1: . . ^ r i , i -. 

this road h.s been traveled as common I scatter too much but cot.fine their ef- i '«"Y'^ ^^""ol' enod form, to the black 
as the old National road, and the Indi I forts to mines already known, find i ,, "" , •'^'P'"*l'Ct m sumlar to, 

ans kept clear of it ; .n.e then all the ,0 lands that vvill not disturb tne Indi- ^ 1 """^ ^''''''''^ ^'^''' ^''^ '^^''"■'°'' 
Sioux have driven uest from Min ang in a p.sses.icn'eirher guarranteed ''' !"''^'''° ""^ ^^^ "^^'^^^'^ ^"^ ^^T 

nesot.a and the Missouri river, and the by treaty or inferred from long habit. \ T?' 'T'''^ ^ ^*''"'' ^'" ^'^'^ «^''«'- ^^'^X ^ 
Mountain region of Montana, Colora- j CopiJs of Gen. Pope's communica. * \ "" '"T ^' T"^' ""^ '"'^ "" ^^ 
do and Ut.ah is being seitled up with j tions 'and or.'ers will i)ut you in po.'^ses- i ""'I''" "f^ ^^ "« '" desirable. The mag 
minei-s and ranchoi., «o that tie poor ,i,,aorall authentic infonn.atlon ; ^^^ : "^''^ being equally attiactive hold the 
r.ulian finds himself hemmed ,n. The | you had better confer also with Gener "! '^"^\""=;''^" ^'^^n »« other influ- 

Indian agents over on the Mh^souri tell \ al Cooks, at On^aha, and possess your- \ '^"'''' '^ •'^lU>ncd. And now for the rea- 
him to come over here for bunting and | nelf with his views, as he is especially i ^"° ^^'^'^' ^ '■'"•'^" ^'atiery vovks the best, 
from here he is turned to some other | ly with the protection of the ^^ '^ "*'^ ^^''*^ * '^""^^ battery, as hag 
quarter; and so the poor devil natural , vast country bordering on the Upper ; ^^^^ popularly supposed, would eat up 

iy wrirrgles against his doom. The set 
tlements of Montana and Colorado 

disfionri and Mis.isr.ippi. I ^''^' condnetin;' wire, but that it would 

We h^ye settled d .wu to the convic I '"'^^'^ '''^ »»^ ^i*^" of the delica!e needle 
setm now to be too strong for the Indi ; fion that tho routes of trade and tr.'ivel i ^*^^ violent-to use a vulgar j>hrase, it 
ans, who turn on our roads, when the ', t . Montana will follow three routes : 1 ^^'"^^^ ^^ continually 'w.abbling about/ 
trains string cut anJ men scatter and j i. ]>y the Missouri river. j The small current used, has no such ef 

gtraggle from ihc trains. Everybody I 2, By hand following the T>iatte to , ^'-'^'• 
by traveling days and weeks without . Laramie; thence alon;> the e.a'^t base of i 
seeing an Indian, thinks it all humbup, | the Rocky Mountains, by Fort Ileno 
and rides off a ways and finds himself j ^nd liead of Yellow Stone to Virginia 
surrounded and gone." cjty. 

A;;ain in the same letter he savs : 

Surratt's Brother, 

Washington, February 3. It ig 
i known to persons resident hero, tht)n'rh 

"The creat difiTicultv is that the In. 

p. B. 15AVY. 

One year $10; moths §0: ;i months $2,50. 

T V T \V P" P t»' T V 

AnCtion ^CtM.U.I.SM.on Meivtumt | '»"e.v-r year attherate^ieo per annum. 

j AN flEKI.Y, 

' One copy or.e yosr, Twn Dollari. 

Cortier i-f South ^ 1 V'<»! 
illuc Earth C'ly, - - ■ 

•I? .xfpcets. 

C.^Sn p.aid for niDES .t SKIXS. 

Xeeps constantly on hand u good assortarcnt of 

One corv six montbs. One Didisr. 

I Pierre to the valley of the big Chey 
dians, though classed as Sioux, Chey- | enno to the 15 ack Hills, and thence 
ennes. Arrapijahoes, &C., are not act- I across lo the I', wder River, there fall- 
ing in bands, but the older Indians 1 big into the second route above de- profess fricndwhip, and an j scribed, 
iuability to restrain tlicir young braves j All of the-e roads will be partially 

■P ., - ,, , 1 /. T- I p •bans not to the eount ry ireneraPv 

From the neighborhoo'1 of Fort i ., V v ir c? . , j vtMirai.y, 
. . ,. '^ „ . , . _. that John IL Surratt had a brother 

Isaac, wl.o was in tlie lehgl army du- 
rifjg the war. It has jn^f come to li^rht 
that this brother went to Mexi<?o iinme 
diatel V alter the downfall of Richmond. 
Nt.thing was known of li!m till Octtjbcr 

I rr. -, • , . . i , , , 18G5, when (jlen. Sheridan, then as 

who go oft on their own hook and c-iin 1 guarded this year and our eflorts will ' ^ . v ri 1 , 

., ;7 , r 1 ,, if r « T. 1 1 i now, at ^ew Orleans, learned that he 

mit these acts of murder and liorse- 1 be directed to niuke them more secure , 1 1 i • nr . 

. ,. ,, , .,, . . . 1 f,^^■ ^^^'^ appeared 111 Monterrey, and cross- 

^tealin;:. Jliev will smn any treaty for 1 and easy of travel each rear. ^ • ,,^ To».« ►• -tu it. ^ -, . . 

Clubs oflOcpicsto one address, one rear. $13', , e ' T.o I ♦ T .-' 1 . r 11 .1 «' . i . j ed intO i e.taS, With the atowed ir.t-n-' 

Clubs n. 20 co|:,e. to one addre... one verr! ^5 | ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ annuit.cs, but care DO more I Wish to follow the first named route j ^5,^^ of to W.nshinoton to asw«- 
An extra c»py is forni>hed gratis t.. dubs of for thf ir pail of the conliact than if it by the valley of the Missouri River, in- L- . .i tj° • 1 . ^ *" . 

twc.ty ..rmnre. ^o disf.nnt allowed on cinb n, . I . . , ' sinato tiie J'icsident, General Sl'-elCi 

rates, iu any cuse. Address wcrc wastc paper. 1 1«ere 18 a uuivcr- ; s-pC'Cting it clo.=ely, beginning With Onia i ; 1 f ii r • 

"Pioneer Printinir Company," sal feeling of mistrust on both sides, ; ha, visiting each of the Posts of that /"^*^™j"'j^.^^ in'tdliZm'r'Jrl'c'"''" 

ST PAUL, MINN. kind this will ponoer or latef rcRult in a | route referred to in Genet al Pope's or- L 0. . .1 * • ana ^ecrc- 

!,,,_,,., I '1 tarv Rtanton thereupon felt butiSed in 

D.;vden so fond of reading ' ?<^-ral outbreak. The whites .ho are , ders Nos. 27 and 32, and sending back 1 j.i^eing a guard .abotit the White IIo, 


Mana.'a<-tarv.'r .mJ Dealer in 


of every vancty. 

Gilt Motildlngs Kept On Hancl 

Ware Koous cohn^r ot rickokt a sccokd 
STS. ma.nkato itixN. eiji 

RrrEBENOF'.— Hon. J. E. Wakefield, Hill A I thai his wife one dav exclaimed: 'I looking for g-dd, kill Indians just aa to me by the speediest means railial : Lu'li" I'll*' "/'T''' ^'7 " '"'^'^ ?"** 
- - . I . - . . - _ •' r , ; wnicfi \\.9 kept there for some time; 

orts .f your oWr- ; ^^ i.uimaUon of the matter wag eiven 
not be too full and i A^ 4. „ t>- • i . • - \i 

J 1 - /■ I .. .,.•,. .to tiie rresidf-nC an it was fearrd htt 

could Changs everj- year.' | ^^^ "O good restibing from these treat- explicit, especially in describing the wonhl not roc-ire such protection H^ 

iesso long a.s the Indians thentselvcs natural re?0'ircc8 of the co:intry afl to finally got an iden into his hoai that 

Dustin. Diue E.irth : l*.ac Marks ,TF. llcagh- wish I were h bovk, ihat I mi-ht be \ thev would kill bea?t9. and they also and confilcntial rep( 

or, .Manliato; Xlunger Lros., et- raul. «l,i-ov-c \n v,.nr crtnw^fu ■" »T ...: 1. .,^.. ' * ' 

rune.,IS.. 33« :';^^V:i,\i;\mrW ^'^".^^.°" 

Billiard Room ani Saloon. 

Wilton, :a!aiicsota. 

The be#t of Liquois and Cigars at thebir.— 
All kinds of Bit'ers a^id Candies con 
>>aud. AUo fresh oysters in their Mason. 

such « crlwd'''S^Vd;e/>'TaTa ^ ^'^ "^^^ P'°^^'^ ^'' ^^ ^ ""'^ ^^ ^"*'" *""'" ^^^^^''^'^ ^o^" buildings, character of .soil \ ^J^^ i:uards were detocfivo.., ..rd called 

yonn- woman to a p.pular lecturer.-- ^^er than they are to their iodividaal coa', and any minerals likely to attract ! ^^ZtZl ^^Ik'"? *?;^^^''^"^ ''' ▼i^''^^^* 
Jf^n^lVM 'YeVsaid he; 'but it would be pleas j interest. We ma^t go on no., untiL emigrants and settlements. It «eemg j aod%he%nbscquent wUh^^^^^ 
an. i:mi Miter to be surrounaed by one-.' i by law all the Indiaus are put in con- ' to me ti»at intsrauoh aaour people have ' guardf. 'u«^»ww or \nm 



-" - — « 




T •, 




>1 1 





rr^^^i^1ir\\/fX?Qin^V A nlat^ci.^*'f'''^«««''f^''*^^^^"'^^^^"'""* '''''''"''''*' ^'^ conduct with reg.ird 
1 11 hi liUxVl iiiOJ J^Al^^ gratioD, and to be expended by them as mileage with b.s luiul mouibcd prof 

i- ' • " — '■ ~ ~~~ . 1 . V t... ...A ..-^.»,i;^n» fi»r uinna ni pnnnnmv. when the BUV'lOCt 

to j IJ^" "IJuileigb" writes that lately a 
fea- ' scene took place in a church not far 

ihev mav think be«l and expedient for , sions ot economy, when the subject of from New York that was not laid down 
'"*=J' '*J .... ' : r.i.„ i...v.,.c ..f ,•„.. Sm-'j,^ ^ijgi^iiia^ There was a dissatisfac- 

tion with the minister. A meeting was 
called to dismiss him. On the Votes 
beinc; taken 25 were for the dismissal 
ai)d live for retention. The minority 
commenced an attack on the majority. 
They not only accused the Deacon and 

NEW ADVERTiSEMEiNTS. > Qo ^i^^«, ^'"'J? Store lo buy your 

School Books, Stationary, Juvenile 
Books, Novels, &c. 

the iutoiest of immigration to the State an increase of the Jud-es of the Su 
of Minnesota. V'"^^']^ ^onrt was under conMdora- 

Stc. 6. Tha Board of Immigration : tion." 

is furthermore authorized aud shall huve 
power to open books and invite and bo 
licit coi.tributions and endowment of 
money from corporations, manufactures 
mcrchrtnts'and all persons who are ini- 

KSWS iTEias. 


Junction City, Fel^. 2. A man came , ---., - i. ;„ «i,a 

„to Saliua, about fifty .ni.c, we«t „f I S,>porh,tc„.U-nt of be,„, ^l"-^;',^'- 

Down They Go! 

Id Ibe order of the day, 




rEBRTJARY 13. 1S67. 

J. L CHRISTIE - - Editor 

mcrchrtnts and all persons wnoaic im- mio caiina, aooui uuy ii.uc= "«^»t v.* j ^ . ^^^ ^,^^^ ^^^^ ^^^.^ ^^^^.^ 

mcduitely and directly denefitted by the i ^^^.^ yesterday end reports a frightful | '^t'-eets o '^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^ _ 

flow of immigration, which money ^^ nxix^sncxca of white men by Cheyenne j '^•ves \^ei ^ -^ ^^ ^^ ^^^^^^^ 

contr;bntvdshalUlsobcundertheconli,,V.ansnear:the bead of ^^^yZ'^^ ^^^;^Zi in th e meeting was in- 
lr>l of and expended by the boaul Jor i ^jy^r a few days since, under the to!- ^mmmm 

iho iutcreBts and purposes stated in the ^ lov.'uig circnniitunces : , jf 


proceeding scc.ion 

See. 7. The fund so created bhall 

Wallace's train with fiisty men, wert 
in camp when a party of fourteen Indi 

State News. 

A cnrrespoudeut writiny; to the St. 
Taul rioneer,irive3 ihc following as an 
estimate of the improvements in Man- 

koto for 1860: 

Scho.l House, (brck) $10,000 

M. E inmrch, " J.J^^'-"^ 

Welch " (frame) 1,^)00 

Bintlst " '' 2,C00 

Private Duildins., 120,000 

ecu. •• J liv- ." "- ••- 1- 1 

be called '^Immigration Fund," and {^ug came begging. The teamsters re- 
>ha 1 remain i;i the State Treasury sub I fused to give them anything, wLereup 
ic'Ct to the order of »he board. j on the Indians fired upon them but 


8. It shall be the duty of said U^jihout effect. The teamsters return 


board to make reports of their labors 
and proceedings to the State Legisla- 
ture, accompanied by such refercnceu, 
su ;i;ebti.m8 and fctatistics as may fur- 
nish good and reliable d .ta, and a prop 
er basis for Inture legislation on the 
subject of Immigration. 

Sec. 9. This law sha 1 take effect 
and be in force from and after its pas- 

Total value, 

In ad li.ion to the above C. II. Bar- 
ney & Co , have added from 81,000 lo 
ij5 1,0 00 worth of improvements to then- 
Foundry and Machine shop. About 
700,000 brick have been UKUinfacturcd 
here dnrin^ the season About §700,- 
OUO to .«i8u0,000 worth of good have 
been sohl here during the year by the 
different merchants- 

Accident.— Willie Waltz, a clerk in 
Frisbie's BruflC Store, was severely in- 
jured to-aay, by the fal'/mg of the awn 

cd the fire and killed eight Indians. 

About 8 o'clock that night the catnf 
was surrounded by about 200 Indians 
who massacred 59 put of 65 men. 

The man who brought the news hat 
an arrow hule through his shoulder am 
another wound in his hip and claim 
to be one of the four who escaped. 

The Omahas and K?.w.s made a thre:'. 
ening raid on the Chcyene a few day: 
since, on the Saliaa. Several head o 
Cheyenne stock were capturecb Oni , 
Kaw was killed. 9 

Win. Comstock, a famous int. rpretc 
Government scout and guide, says tin 
Cheyenncs and Arrapahocs of Arka" 
sas and Smuky Hill, appear friendly^ 

Stanley's Gift Concert. 

Geo. E. Stanley, ot La Crosse, Wis. 

Kob Law In Minnesota. 

On the 7th inst., Mr Lincau of St 
Paul, introduced in the House the fol- 
lowing resolutions, which were laid on 
tlic table and ordered i)rinted. 

Wiif.REAS, The late brumal murder of 

Campbell and Liscom at New Ulm; ] ^^^^^ ^^^^.^j.^ ^j- ^y^j, northern Indians art 

the lynching of Ji'hn Camp*^^''' i" 1^^^' i now moving southward, and have al 
ihe lyuJilng of Rhinehart at Lexmg-i^^^^^^y ^^jj^j^jj^^^j j^^.^^y murders and 

ton, Le Sueisr county in 18G5 ; the cru- , ^^^^^^ outrages. Comstock believes 
el treatment of Stevens by the Vf^"«^3 | tijgy mean war. 
of a in. b at Willow Creed, Blue F.arlh 
ing in front of the Store. While on! county, 1-ist summer; and other heni- 

the awning, removing the t:now, it gave ©us crimes that have been perpetrated ___ ^ 

way. He fell to the ^^idewalk, and part j wi-Jiont justice being meted out by the j jg one of the most extensive dealers n 
of the awuing fell upon liira, breaking j ^^^.r^i aulhoiities, show l)l./inly that tlie 'jewelry, silver ware, musical instru 
his ri^'ht leg beiweea the knee and L^^^^^^.j^ ^fonr State must be in some i ments &o,in the Northwest. In ad- 

part defective or insufficient to reach | dition to this it has been his custom t( 
the jruiity, or tho?e tfUcers neglecting i conduct a gift concert each year, ii 
their duty ; tlierefure be it I which is included the bulk of his stocl 

Eesolced, That the Judiciary com- j ^f good.s and other valuable property 
mittee be instructed to report such ; c(,„^,„encing fifteen years ago with 1 50( 
amendment to our general statutes rs ^ ^.^rth of goods, he is now able to offei 
will secure puni>.:ihmpnt to the perpe- 1 ^^j. jj^t,. illation on the Gift Concert 
trafors of crime, and to the officers neg ' pijj,^^ !S;i.=),000 in pianos, melodious, 
Icciingtheirduty, and protect the peace gjl^.^j. ^^^.^^ g^i^-j ..^j ^-,1^^^ watches. 

r 1 1 .„ ... nr.P,un(T .ho donr 1 a^*^ dignity of this State. ! docks cutlery, &c. &c. IJut there are 

discovered that the shot liaU taken i.i- •' & • i a i 

,al .ff-t in the lu.lj of l,i. son. The message of hi. exoeilency the govern xhoy co.s„t ol tlnoe .tore,, ■Deluded 

little ol',ild is said by ihoso^hoknew or, rclH.inglotl.e murders .>t New I lm:„ „ ,pieuj,d three s.ory br.elv block, 

h m -0 nve been veVy .ntoresling and tog. .her «i.h the report of the A.lor- „i,^ ,„„„.,, valued ... ?0,000 n„d 

Indian Head /^lieetlog — a yard wide— 25 cents. 

Best Prints 18 cents. 

Best of FL.ANXELS from 30 to 50 cents. 

DELANE.S 28 cents. 

— 0— 

SIX pounds ligbt IJrown bugar for $1,00 

Best COFFEE 35 cts, ft). 

SIX pounds good DRIED APl'LES for $1,00 

.\tid a great variety of all other goods to nu- 
merous to mention, wLivb will be 
Bold very low 
FOR C Xk S B. 

— 0— 

We, the undersigned, will say to tbe public, 
that we do not ad \ ertii^e anj thing but what w< 
will live up to, and if any one wants GoOD 1 
Goods, picas", call and so- us bet' you buy 
elsewhere, for we are confident that we will sat- 
isfy you that we are selling goods 

Cheaper tlian any otber House 
lu tbe Blue Earth Valley. 

Gi\e us a Call 


E & W Bradley. 

U.S. Land Office, WinneVas^o City. Minn., "I 
February 8tb, 1867. j 

To Frederick A Porter:— W ilber F Davis has 
Ibis day applied for the ncth half Eouth east 
quiirtor, and south half of the north east quprter 
of section 32, township 102, ra:if,'e ."^l ; U bein-.- 
thelaudyou filed on. You are hcr?liy notified 
to bo and appear at this oflBce on Fiida', the 
22nd day of Aiarch, lb67, at twelve o'clock M.. 
for the purpose of giving the whole matter a fal 
and impartial investigation. 

A.H. BULLIS Begistcr, 
II. W HOLLEY. Keceiver 


DiBtiict Court, 6th Judicial District, 1 
County of Faribault. j" 

[llevenue S»amp, 60 centi, Cancelled.] 
Sa«n<iel Uutchinson, Josiali R. Ilatchinson;! 
Jeremiah Reeve, and Charles J. Howell. 



Orlando Ward, Defendant. 

The State of Minne'iota, to the above earned 
Defendant : You are hereby required 1c answer 
tbe compliiint in the action above entitled, which 
has been filed in the oflSce of tbe Clerk of eaid 
Court, at Blue Earth Gity, in said county, and to 
aie your answer to said complaint, io the Clerk • 
Office aforesaid, within thir'y day? afti-r the ser- 
vice of this summons on you, exclusive of the day 
»f servico; and if you fail to answer the said 
Complaint the plaintifl's will taVc Jo igm«nt 
against you for the cum of nine hundred and 
tweutw-eight dollars and seventy cents ($928.70) 
with interest thereon at the rate ol seven per cent. 
'rom June I«t, 1866, bfeslaes the costh of this ac- 

Dated January 8tb, A. D. 186T. 

ASDKEW O.DUNNi Plaintiff's Atty. 
v4nl2w7 Winnebago City, Minn 

Livery Stable ! 



AcciuEN r.— A httle son of Mr TTiire 
of Oroi oco, aged si.\ years, waa occu- 
pied ill sotne boyish sport willi a.iolh- 
cr v)layinate on Wedncsuay last, and 
by some means had obtained posses- 
pion of a gun standing in the room 
Ihe father who was engaged in anoth- 
er room, was alarmed by the explosion 


Mankato, - • - Mdik. 

has on baua the largest and best selected stoc^ 
of Hardware. Stov«-8 and Agricultural Imple- 
1 ments in tbe Minnesota valley. My stock of 
Agricultural Implements is very large and com- 
plete, consisting of the following machines : 

55 Buckeye's, 

60 J. H. Manny's, 
Self & Hand Rakes, 

20 Kirby,a 
Excelsior Droppers, 

and Caugia Chief, 
G Sweepstakes Threshers, 

G J. .1 Case's Threshers, 
GVelrat or Threshers, 

Massellon Machines, 
G Buffalo Sulkey R kes, 
- 35 Revolving, horse rakes^ 

and all the sm.aller implements in t* f 

My stock of Builders Hardwai he* be*n se 
loctcd with care, and is^very large. BuilJert 
will always find a full supply of 

Nails, (Hass, Sash, 

Doors, Blinfls, 

Locks, Latches. <$'c. <fec. 

Prices Exceedin for 


All persons deMring to jiurchase Rent* «rd 
ThresLers, would do well to girt rce a call oefore 
purchasing, as my stock is ter> large and I will 

Would rcFpcctf lly inform the public that they 
;ave opened »• first c'la?^ Livery Stable in Winner 
.ii;»o City, where good ••establishments" can bo 
iul at all times, day or night. Papfengcrs ar- 
iving by stage carried to any point Jesired | ^^■;;;;-;;;-;[-ii ••^ac'„rnerto'ffive' sctiVfa .tion, and 

Sta'.leand Office just back of th« ^ew Babtist ^ ll^'^V^^'J^J^^^ jern' ^^„Ji fail t« suit. 

' wTunebago Gi'y, Jan. JO, 1867. | 34v3yl JOHN F. MEAGUER. 

ney General on thii; subject, be relerrrd ^^^ whole renting for §2,500 per on- 
to said committee. j ntim. They are located in the best 

_^^ , , . ,,,„i business street in L:t Crosse. Mr Stan- 

C^=Proro.sals have been pnblnhed ^ _^^^^ ^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^.^^^^ ^.^^. ^^^^, 

for the builJing of a new Methodist 

promii^ing. —Federal Union. 

The Rochester Post, under the liead 
of 'Very llopgish,' notices a porker 
raised in that vicinity which weighed 

513 pounds. We have an item more Kpiscopal church edifice in Mmnoapo 

hog^i.h than that. A twenty months ] li^ to be completed by the fir^t of De^ ^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^ .^^ ^^.^ ^.^^ 
pig was brought into town the other i eomber ne.xt, Ihe ^^"''^ '"J^/^'.' ^* «[ j „.^,^j,„^,^ Mr. Stanley personally and 

day uhich weighed plump 600 pounds | stone. It is estmiated that it will cost 

dressed. It wasrai?ed byMr. AldnchiS25.000. ^^ 

of Warsaw, and was purchased at the 

market of L. TuUle & Co.- Faribault 


St. PaulPiosieer 

[E tallished in the year 1340.] 

ley offers a reward of $1,000 for any 

article which proves to be brass or pla- , JJ^g^ Newspaper in the State. 

ted, which U advertised in his scheme 



attest hi? int'^giity in these enterprises 
For some roast n his schemes liave been 
but little known in this community. 


Mr. tdward F Hamlin, of Wright yet they have been operating for years 

county in a letter to the St. I'aur L.tst winter Mrs. Isaac Marks of this 
/>...., presumes to ask question. con-:eity. pas/mg through La Crosse, pur- 

' ' ' -t 1 _ t'...^.,.* .I, Ilia crilmino <it l;i!«r 

Daily, Tri- Weekly and Weekly 

The PT. PAUL PIONTER, tha first lewi^pa- 
pcr ever pri'iled in Miniitscia, ii now owiicd 

liMliip k Ootidwin 

a large and 

Bubjcct, on the 0th inst 

dare you, ^Ir. llambn, ask such naugh- 

S^ciios 1 

a Board of lunuigratiu, which shall 
consi.->l of three members, one of which 


There is hereby created ty questions, lie says . t],e office ot Finch & is a sheet of thirty six columns the largest 

jiui^rati.n which shall '-J have noticed in lawt week s /rfs.s ^;'"'^' ^^; 4-' ,,;,uishcd in the Northwest; it contains Special 

••1 nave iionut-u m iuok « w.. ., ^ . ^— - r i ' r published in the Northwest; it contains Special 

„•....„„ :„ 4i.„ Pitfher, is the for the sale ot i,i,,,at(he?. and ti.e full Te'cgraphic Reports of 

that the committee on mileage, m tilt . ' , .._ !^. ._.„ ,_.. . ;.,r^, ,he a..-k 

;:;;;;,;«.UcaKO,eGovcrnora„a|scna,e. hav. .oeo„,.™ae. 0,o,.y.i-^-.w.„cao^^ 

confiiniod by the Senate. 

tment of §5.00 to Senator Miller which • 

natch. For instaiico, ^!r. Baxter 
char'^ed for 60 niiles from Shakopte. 

Jkc. 2. The Governor and Secreia I appears to be liis just dues. I think 
ry of State shall be ex officio members \i would be no more than right to ex- 
ot thi.^ board, and it shall be its duty 'tend their investigations in anothei di 
to do everything which may enhance ': reciion, and find out how many ol the 
and encourage immigration to our State "Hon." Senators have received too 

Stc. 3. The members of this board 
shall, if deemed ailvisaWe and proper 

for an encouragement of i-nmigration, | whileMr. Griggs charged eighty from 
en-a^e Ruitablo°c orrespondents publish j Chaska, which is only" throe miles fur- 
or"c.a"t-e to be published, pamphlets, I otf, while the actual distance from 
guide bo'ks, and articles treating on, ' ihaska to St. Paul is only 35 mile=J. In 
and describing in a true light, the de- 1 the House the case is still worse, and 
voloped and undcveloped*rescurcc8 of > I woidd like very much to have Mr. Da 
the estate of Minnesota, and to distrib- naE. King of Gri?enleaf, Meeker coun 
ute them in such localities wherever in ty, explain by what sy-stem of arithnTC- 
their opinion, ihcy may be useful, ben- tic he can make it appear that twice 70 
eficial and of good for the promotion is 21C, which is the number of miles he 

niati m and sell tickets at lowest club important National and Sta»e topes; corre.<pon 

. n . 1 „ ..i„,.« dence Irom all p»rttf of our own Scatc; official 

rates. As llie drawing will tuUe plate ,i„eument?, lawsAc, a resume of State news, 

on the 28th of this month, tickets sho'd tales and poetry for .he fircHdc, literary »nd 
uii iiic -oin VI . , ; scientific articles, informan.«n for tarmcr?, trades 

be aj'plied for at once. — Mankato ^ and protefsiims, financial and commercial col- 
Unto a. 

umn, and local news of St Pnul. 


C?:^^^ When Gov. Andrews sent the is published Sunday, Wednesday and Friday, 

•^^^ , 1 -r ♦ for the ?pB. ial benefit of thcic "sno are not ar 

Massachusetts gnis to the paciUC coast c(,ni,nodatcd by daily mails, or cannot afford the 

* 1., t\.r. --nnf rtP fV.ii/iiiInitv in that of the Daily pa cr. it contains all tbe 

to supply the want of Icnuninity in inal ^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^.p^.-arsin the daily, excepting adver 

! l,« «.*!! il^nf ♦l»/>t' »-»/.n/l r\i\f mfir *:.»n^/i.>*DtVifir ara rkr\t rif rr**n<'l-nl int<*rpKt- 

-- — f I -■ - 1 niaiier inai >*jH)t;ar* m lue u.iiijr, irAt-i'im 

re-'ion he said that they need not mnr ^ tiiemcats that are not of general interesu 

ry iinniedia'ely but could find plenty to 
do m teaching; the little children. 
Anna Diekin?on 'can't see it ' She 

of immigration to cur State. 

Sc-C. 4. Whenever deemed expedi 


With only one or two exception?, is now tbe 
L.\r.GE»T weekly paper pub! it' bed in the Uni- 
ted States. It containa TIFTV-.SIX Columns 
i filled with ihe choicest '•eading. It is the best 
says : 'Where the little cllildren were ^^^\ cheapest newspaper in the country. As a 
1 » r ... !»>:.-.» „<•♦/,« family newsraper it caunoi be excelled. 

to come iron) out of a population ot ten •*•" j i i 

♦ 1 „., .Vo ««Ml,r TERM.'':-D.AILY, 

thousanu men, was more than she couia , ^^^ ^^^^ jj^^. ^ ^^^^^, j^. 3 ^^^^^^^ ^3,50. 

imnjrine ; but she thought that Govern } tri WEEKLY, 

r J t • „.,.«;., I, f 1»o oKln One year year at the rate of $6 per annum. 

or Andrews, being a man miijht be. aDic 1 j weekly 

claims to have traveled to and from 
St. Paul. I live withiu two nules of 

to do so." 

cut and proper the ."aid bo.ird shall also j Wtxtertown. Carver county, and we 
have power t^ cppoint agenda either i always c.illed it 30 miles to Mioneapo 

for the Urdted St\te8 or for Eurcpe, or 
both, and for thepmpcso of aiding pro 

One copy one year. Two Dollars. 
One copy six months, One Dollar, 
Clubs of 10 copies to one address, one year, $19 
i Clubs 01 20 copie- to one addr«»iJ.«, one yerr. $35 
An extra copy i.s furni.-hel gratia to clubs of 
Ko discount allowed on Club 

Amonii the curiosities of our 
country is the w bite rat. One of these \ 
fellowa recently made his appearance '' ^^J^^^^^l^jlZ^, 
near the farm of J. M. Sturdevant. He 

was first discovered one morning tak- 1 ST "PAUL, MINN, 

ing breakfast with the pig9, and at XJ S Land Office Winnebago City Minn 

■ " ' .1.1. .January 2l8t IS67. 

To Georpe A. Haskin? 

" Pioneer Printing Company," 

lis and 40 to St Paul, and 30 to Green 

leaf Mr. King's place of residence. — 
tectin^and advising the emigrant on 1 When I first saw it in the Press,! ^. 

his WHV to this Slate, and such agents ' thought there mi-ht be some mistake night was seen in the horse but 
Phall act solely under tlie instruction of | m the fi-i.res, and I took some pains to j came too late f -r supper, and trying to 

the Board of Immigration j which | find a P/..*..r in which it was also set | n.ake his e^scape come m contac^^^^^ ^::^::;;%:::/S::::^.::^.^\i;l 
board shall also fix and allow their com ! down as 216, so I no further rea the toe of Charlie Gar s boot, wnicn laia ^^^^,^29. it btin, the land yon filed on You are 
pcnsation for their services, to be paid -.« t. .nnnoa. thPr. micht hare been I him out It resembles the common hereby notified job. and app^ear at , hi. office on 

out of the fund created as hereinafter 

Have now ready 


of Fall and AVinter Goods, of the choicest rityles and best quality 
to l>e found in the market. ^ Compiifcing 

Merinos and Empress Cloths! 
Striped and Broclie Poplins ! 

Plaids and Alpaccas ; Common and all Wool Delaines , Prints 

and Sheetings; Balmorals and 

ilver Braided Spring Skirts ! 

Merino under garments, Flannek, Gloves, Fine Hosiery 

Boots and slioes, Hoods & shawls, 
Ladies cloaking, Gents cloths, 

Table Linnen, Towling, Trimmings, auJ a variety of Worsted 
and Fancy articles. Also constantly 'on hand 


And a complete stock of Number One 









Stc. 5. Ten tliousand doliarg is 
hereby appropriated out of any money 
io «h« treasury not otherwise appmpri- 

.on to suppose there might hare been him out It resembles the common he^by^n^^^^^^^^^^ 

an error. 

I wish, Mr. Editor, that you would i white as enow 

, , . .«-tur'lay the 2.'?d day of February next at 12 

rat in everything except co.or, being as ^,-^i„cji „ for ihe purpoteof giving the matter 

H W HoUey recetrer. 

His hide was careful- j * fair i-^^-^^-^j;-,^^ 

do me the favor, as a constant subscri-l ly taken off and staffed, and can be; 

ber to the Press, to ask Wr. King, io | »een at the Hardware store of S. H | Warranty Deeds, Chattle Mortgages 
yonr own peculiar way, bow he can 1 Cunii^Waverly (Iowa) Phoenir - I Ac, Ac, kt for i«le at thU office. 

Our Agent in Boston is constantly watching the market f^r 
us, and we are thus enabled to give our patrons the advantages 
by offering the beat goods at reasonable rates. 
Winnebago City, October 20, 1866. 

Wiuship & Goodwin. 








■s- t-^Ax 


WiNNEBAQo City, Feb. 13, 1866. 

A Glorious Spectacle. 

It seemed as though the angels and 
archangels, bad decended from their 
sphere to bless earths weary mortals ; 
as we listened to the warbling voices 
of forty innocent little children last Sat 
nrday nisjht 

Who could have listened to them 
without thoujjjhts of the jjlonons Fath- 
ers Kingdom. " Sutler little chiiJren 
to come unto me, anJ forbid then not, ' 
for of such '\i the kinijdora of lieuven ;" ■ 
and the angels and archangels mosit in- 
deed have smiled approvingly upon 
them that night. What heavenly mu- 
sic from such dear little ihroats! Tl;e 
only thing we regreted was, that the 
house was nut larger. And it is not 
an hour, or a day, that the enchanting 
music will linger in our ears, for the 
soul stirrini; music that thrills every 
nerve of our being, and calls up every 
noble impulse of our natures, must live 
en. and on ; and often, amid the busy 

Wood,— Several parties have prom 
ised to bring us wood to pay for their 
pubseription We arc just about out 
of wood at our house and the roads are 
good, why not bi in!» it now ? 

While in lilue Earth City the oth- 
er day, we had the pleasure of meeting 
Capt. Davy. He represented every- 
thing favorable for his Montana trip in 
the spring, and said he should sorely go. 
If any of our friends intend to cross the 
plains next summer, we advise them to 
join the capt ains train. 

Goodbye —Bro. Carrof the South has cut our acquaintance, for 
which we arc exceeding sorry, We 
would like to hear from that burc: on- 
casionally, but if we are to be unavoid 
ably cut off, we will meekly as possible 
submit. Good by e, JJro. Carr. 

The Junenile Concert which was 
repealed on Monday evening last, was 
Iar'ij;ely attended. The performance 
was better, if possible, thfit the ftrst. — 
The Baptist Society received the ben- 
efit, which amounted to about $25. 



Bourbon Bitters 

A IFcalthy Ihnic. Gentle Stimtdent^ 
and Unequaled Mornmg Appetizer. 

rrcpared in Ripe 


Free from Orain Oil, With Flowers, 

Buds and Barks of the Highest 
• Me<lical Virtue. 

By increasing tho appetite, assisting di2;Pstion, 
regulating the bowels, and giving tone to the »ys 
teth, they impart strength and vigor to tho body, 
i>nd checrtuineiis tu the mind. 

^39" If vour druffgi.-its or tradesman has not 
got Tin:SE IIITTEIIS. have him .*end for them 

i-JU Bemcmlier the name, and tuko no other. 

Fcr sale by d^u^'gisits and (Jroeers everywhere 
C. 11. SWAIN. Proj.rietor. 

.)! south Wales St., Chicago. 

At Wholesale in ?.\.. Paul, by 













Good. — beef steak left at our 
house hist evenin<^ by Mr. Cdilton, our 
new butcher, was very nice, and Mr. 
cares of life, will they be jeealled in i C- will please accept our thanks for the 
the minds vivid iinairination of the au-i same. And ye public, if you Want 

dicnce. Words are to tame to express 
our thanks to Prof ('hapman, fur his 
vxerlions in behalf of the children. 
Money cannot rcward him. It ib im- 
possible to ca'culate tine results arising 
from such an cntertaiumetit. 

•Who did the best ?' methinks I hoar 
Bome one ask. Indeed it would be dif 
ficult to say. The first solo, by Mias 
Maud, could not have been sung mure 
Bweetly by Florence Nightengale her- 
self. And the Echo I JDear little El- 
la must have been practicing with .Ma- 
ry Alkin.son, Exiled J'romie, chanting: 
the praises, of Fury queen, or Lily Isle, 
which I will tell her about some day, 
should wo chance to meet. And the 
Lost Diirliug, with her blue eyes beam 
ing with purity and loye, may she pass 
through life loving and beloved as now. 
And I'a pa's Pet, may it never wait in 
vain for his comint: feet, but may the 
light of her liippy heart forever make 
liome * Sweet tJoinc." Then there wat, 
that dear little compassionate Mary, 
possessing one of the sweetest voices 
listened to that during the eveninfr» 
plead in* the nieiils of •Aunt Jemi- 
ma's Plaster." You may sing for us 
ngain, Mary. Wo wish that ''Y'ung 
Irishman" well, for wo believe him to 
be an honor to any country, wliether 
from Cork or London. May he never 
seek for employment in vain, nor his 
employer's funds ever run low, (provi- 
kinj? he proves a giod pay master.) 
And lor the brave little TempfMance 
Man, opposed to drinkitig gin, we pre 
diet a bright future. We think Mas- 
ter Eddie, too, performed well Itis part. 
May manly courage characterize his 
march through life. We shall not soon 
forget "Our Country Cousins,'' but shall 
bo aiwa}S glad to see them providing 
they come with clean hands and face?, 

A great many ol the little folks were 
strangers to me. but keep on learning, 
childnn, and the fir.-^t day of 3Iay, 1 
will pick up my bun<lle of stories and 
songs, and if pa pa and ma ma are wil- 
ling, you shall all come to see old 

nice fresh meat, just go to Mr. Carlton's 
sliop, next to Winship's store, to get it. 

Trotting Match- A trotting 

niatch is to come otf to morrow (Wed- 
nesday) between the marcs "/*«S5," 
owned by G. K. 3Ioultop, and "Zw/a," 
owned by F. F. Ilarlow, both of thib 
town. We believe the bets are $20 a 
side, and the winner to furnish a nice 
oyster supper for the benefit of the 
sporting fraternity. An both mares 
are 'Moud of the trot," each have many 
friends, and considerable excitement 
prevails. We bet on the one that wins. 

"W^e Jo not o'lite believe the report 
that Minnesota winter weather is un- 
changeable. Within the past week we 
have had a sample of all the elements 
incident to "weather nature," except 
rain, and almost that. On Thursday 
last there was nuid in front of our of- 
fice where the snow had blown ofiF, an 
inch deep, the sun was shining bright 
and warm ; we set type with open doors 
nearly half the forenoon. About one 
o'clock it began to blow, at four the 
snow began to tly, and in another half 
hour the wind h:id reached that point 
where it might be called a hurricane, 
whirling the snow in every direction. 
We could scarcely seethe buildings on 
the opposite side of the street, and 
right glad were wc when we found our 
self at dark seated by our own fii eside 
It was a terrible night, and we (ear that 
many of our country poor suffered se- 
verely. Friday, Saturday and Sunday 
were bitter day?, the wind staying in 
the Northwest until Sunday and then 
shifting luto the South. "\Vc like Min- 
nesota weather as a general thing, but 
we have had enough "sich." 



I • 


F RLEY- WHITE.— At tho Converse Ilou'e 
in Ulue Earth (.'it\, l>y tlie Rev. Mr. Imioper of 
th.i' plaff. on the'9th in.-t . Dii. C. J. FARLEY, 
tjMwsMATTIE M. 0. WIJITE, loth of this 

Si.-ter, you have entered upon anew 
life. Many trials and perplexing duties 
will doubtless have to bo met and 
overcome. Face them with true woman- 
ly bravery, and those difficulties will 
^^ vanish before vou. 

out Concert.- Our frimd and Brother, we have uiven our sister in- 
brother "quill driver' of the Shakopee , to yctir hands for future protection. 
Argus, has determined, on account of j Watch over and guard her tenderly. 

ill health, to seli off his goods and es- \ ^'^''' '^ y^^'/"?- «"^^ ^v''^ doubtless tnany 

, , , times look to yon lorcjunsel. 3!uch 

tate in that town, and leave that part | ^^^^^^^^ ^ ^.^„ .,^ y^^r own future hap- 

of the country. To cxpi late tlicae I piness or unhappiness, rests with you. 
sale-s he, in company with some other May health, happiness and pro«peri- 

gentlemen of Sliakopec, have clubed t>' 7^' ^^ .>'^V ^o'^P^V'^"^" ^^ >'«" 
, . , , r. w ( uld attam these blessings, be true to 

the.r property together and now ofter ; y^^,,.^^.,^.^, ^^^^ to each other. 

to dispose ol it in the manner above 

stated. As editors are noted for their 

honesty generally, no one need fear to 

take a 'ch.ance in'this scheme. Here-! PROF. VON VEBAE'S ' 

fers to 8'>me of the best men in the 

S:ate, and we hope he may meet with 

the success anticipated. Tickets §1. 

See advertisement elsewhere. Address 

M. C. Russell, P. O. Box 270, Shako 

pee, Minn. 

We would call attention to the 
prospectus of the St. Paul Pioneer to 
be foun.l elsewhere. The Pioneer U 
one of tho be.>«t newsp.ipers in the State 
or in the Northwest It,- politics ara 
purely Denncrf-tic, it wliich we find 
its only fault. But all political parties 
must have their j-'urn.aU>tic representa- 
tives, and the Pioneer represents its 
party faithfully. We reeoramend it to 
all Democrats. 


WM. Balla:!7DE 

WoulJ respectfully inform the public that after 
h.ivinf: had a week Co- Partnership with Poet 
Jubn IJurrus, is ngain doing bii.^iness in uis uwn 
name. Expericuco and tor llio first time having 
a good stock of 

Well Seasoned Lumber on hand 

also an • niai J'«'d shop, thinks to satisfy all old 
cu.-itojuJTS, and new ones too. AM kinds ••f Fur- 
niture on hand, or made to order promptly. 

Xew customers need not ask for 
ray rooms, as I Lave the 
only RED BUILD- 
INGS in the City. 

According lo ai^reement made between Mr. 
Burrcs .ind tnysplt, dated Dee. loth, 18t)6. each 
one Las to pay bi3 owu dcbt:>. Orders signed by 
me I will pay. 

Winnebago City, Jan. C, 1SG7. 


Pr'-bate Court, Statp of Minn*.«oti, ) 
County of Jackson. j 

Id tho matter of the estate of Ilef ry K. Patter- 
son .icceaiied. On this 4th day of .laniiarv, A L» 
1867, upon reading and tiling the petition of Sa- 
rah A. I'atterson, statiti^- that llenrj K. Patter- 
son died inieatate on or a»«o it the ]:'.ih day of 
January, lSC,i>. and praying thtt Jared Palmer of 
Jackson eounfy .Mionts»ta, be app.,inted Admin- 
istrator of the c.^iate of said deceased : There- 
fore, It is ordered that said ap|)!icntion bo heard 
riefore me at the Probate Oliice, in the town of 
Desmoincs in said "ountv of Jackson on the ith 
day of Feb/'uary A D 18(57. at 11 o'clock A M. 

And it is further ordered that noticj shall be 
given to all persfons interested in said estate, oi 
the time and place of said hearing, by publishing 
the above order in the •• F.»^o Hi.ine»tcad,",» 
weekly newspaper printed and published in the 
town of Winnebago (jity, in the county of Fari- 
bault, for three su-'ceyiive week.<<, once in each 
week, prior lo said liuie of such bearing. 

Dated a', Jackson Alinr, this 4ih dav of Jan- 
uary, 1867. ORlN BELKNAP, 

t4nl2w3 Judgeof Probite. 

Cabinet Shop ! 


Would respectfully inf-.i-m the puMic. that 
tbcy have opened a New CABINET SHOP in 


Shop and Furniture room in Mr. Fellows 
building on .Main street, ojipojiie the larire new 
«fore of Co'trell .t Dearborn, al.'io tho building 
! we.«t of Moulton & Deudon. in trbich they have 
j a Turning latbe, Buz and sut h raachicn- 
ery as will enable them to make all kinds of fur- 
niture to order, on .ibort notio?. 

All work warranted. M>ot kinds of produce 
taken ia exchange. v4nll'm3 


TO CUBE CON3LMPTIO.S, the irBtem moat b« 
prepared so that the lanes will beal. To acooinp'i-.h 
lii..<. t JO Ivcr and Etoiuaoh laast JirM be cleansed and 
aaappef.te nreated lor pood Trholc5orao lood, whxb, 
by tbe'O medicinei will bo dij^ested properly, and 
pood hea'ihy blood made: thus builiiiau up the 
constitution. 8CUENOK'3 MANDE \KK FILLd 
cleaase ihc etomach ot all bilioca or mucar.! accuina- 
lationj. and, by luini; the Sea Weed Toax in coa> 
necticn. the Rrpet'ie is restored. 

S'JHKNCK'S Pl'IiMONlC BYRUP ia nutricioug 
Bi weil »i medicinal, and, bv na'inj Iho three rcmcl ca, 
all i.npuritiei ar<! expoDed trom the i>'ctcm, and 
pood, wholesome blood made, which will rei>el all 
di?ca*e. It p'iticafa! will tate the^e medicine? accord- 
tag to directions, Coasumption very Irequently in 
itf '.aA ata-re y'e'.dfl readily to their action. Ta'^e the 
p'il.<) re lucntly, to cicanM the liver and stomach. It 
do^ not .oilow that b-.-caiuc the boweU arc not cos- 
tive they are not re-jaired, for societiniej la diarr- 
hcra ihpy arc ueceisary. The rtom&ch mart be krpt 
koal:br, and an app^tllo created to allow the Pul- 
monic Syrup to actoa lie re^piratorr orrans properl/ 
an i allav any irritation. Tliea all that la r&]u!rcd to 
p?r orm a permanent care is, to prevent taking 
colli. KxcrciiK; aboat the rooms te much as poasibio, 
cat all the richest lood— at meat, pame, and, m lact, 
anj-thine the appetite cravea ; but be particular and 
ma«;cate well. [iad w. ca. mo. 1 yr. 

J. The Best of the Monthlies devoted to Fash, 
ion and Pure Literature. $2.50 a year ; two cop- 
ies f4. Eight (and one gratis) $16. WHEELER 
Premiutns. Send 15 cents for a sample copy to 
DEACON * PETERSON, 319 Walnut St., Phil- 

A new lot of Warranty Deeds ]\\si 
printed and for sale at this office; .41- 
so all kinds oi Justice's Blanks. 

Eiiow Thy Destiny; 

Madame E. P, Thornton, the great Bn^jlish Astroio- 
gist, Claiivoyaut and I'sychom'^tiician, who haa as- 
, toniahedtbe scientific classes of the Old World, has n 
' located herself at Hudson, N. T. Madaue Thornt 
' possescs such wonderful powers of second trght, bs to 
enable her to impart knowledge of the greatest impor- 
tance to the single or married of either sex. While in 
a state of trauce, she delineates the very ftiatiires of the 
person you are to marry, and by the aid of an instru- 
ment of intense power, known as the Psychomotrope, 
guarantees to produce a life-like picture of the future 
husband or Wife of the applicant, together with date of 
marriage, position in life, kailing traits of character, 
ic. This is no humbug, as thousands of testimonials 
can assert, fehe will send, when desired, a certified 
certificate, or written gtiarantee, thatthe picture is what 
it purports to he. By enclosing a small lock of hair, end 
stating place of birth, age, disposition and complexion, 
and enclosing 50 cents and stamped envelope addressed 
to yourself, ynu will receive the picture and desired in- 
formation by return mail. All communications sacred- 
ly confiilential. Address, in confidence, Madame E. F. 
THORNTON, P. 0. Box 223, Hudson N. t. 

CoHrell I Itearhon 

HXairied X^a^dies! 


As wo z.'i to presa it is tryincf very 
hard to rain. Thavini; it is, and has 
been for the past fifteen hoiirs. Water 
!■ runaing in th« streetn. 

''In* P B ] 
^lor wtiloh they are*^ 
^in erery Instance. Tliey'^ 
'are oordiaUy recommended to^ 
lAdiea who, from sickneas or'' 
^oUier oaooca. are anable to ondarco^ 
th» perils of acecachment. This remedy is^ 


Not an At>ortiTe. Imt sU&ply a 

^and is not In the least Isja- 
^rlooa to tba meet delicaiey 
^eonatitauons. Krery^ 
Bottle Warranted.^ 

Urr BVSBT , 

L A D T 



tCT Bend Bad Stamp fOr Orcnlar. or tUS tat IM 
»«B»dy, to C. R. KOXBOB ft CO . Oeneral Agents 
P O Drawer eeei, Chioago. lUiaoia; Offloe 1S» Sontfe 
Clapk Street. For sale sc WTioleaale ta Chicajro by 
tt TVl^iJtK, LO aP tt SMITH. C1IA8. O. SMITK. 
miTH tt DWTXB. and H. BODVXLiLi tat, tOK Ml* 

U S Land ofFiee winnebago city minn Jan. 8th, 
1S67 To Uriah Gillinan : — westwood Tolliver 
ha? this day appli^ 1 for the south east qnarttr 
section twenty- two township lUl range 26. it 
beinj the land you filedon You are hereby notified 
to bo and appear at this office on wednsday the 8 
day of Fell, next at 12 o'clock m, for the purpose 
of giving the whole matter a fair and impartial 
in vea ligation 

a h bullis register h w holley receiver 

U S Land Office city Minn. Jtin. 8. 
1867. To David M Cortes .—westwood Tolliver 
has this day applied for the soutb east quarter of 
section 2S. town Kil range 26, it being the land 
you filed You are hereby notified to be and appear 
at this office on Wednesday the Sth day of Feb IS67 
at 12 o'lock m for the purpose i>f giving the whole 
matter a fair andjimpartial investiiration. 

a h bullis register h w holley receiver 

U S Land Office Winnebago city Mi«n. Jan. ?, 
1866 Tolleury Dillon: — westwood Tolliver has 
this day applied for the n e qr of section 28 town 
101 range 26 it being the land you filed on. You 
are bcreoy notified to V)e an>l appear at this! office 
on we<lnesday the Stb day of Feb. 1S67 at 12 
o'cl'ck m.. for the purpose of ;;iving the whole 
matter a fair and impar ia! in^eitigarion 

a h buUia register b w holley receiver 

ITS Land Orice,WinreV>affo City Minn. Jan. 8. 
1S56 To Saml. Fatttn : — Westwood Tolliver hus 
«hi<daT applied for the s w qr of sec 28 town 101 
ranjr** 26, it being th^j land you filed on Yon are 
hereby notified to be and appear at tbi.* "fficc oti 
>»ednedaT tbe S?h d:iy t-f Fe*-, nex. at 12 o'clock 
m for the purpose of giving the whole matter a 
fair and impartial invei ligation. 

a L btillia r*finer b w boliej rveeiTW 


e?' f j^a".! Il . .J. juM.i IB. 

'm_ \ I. Mmnmr-^m^umtmrnm^^mm^, 

I N 

FFieiieliag'® City ! 

Where thej are opening a splendid assortment, consisting of rich and com 

mon Dress Goods, buch as 

Empress Clotli^ Merinos, Poplins, 
Aiapacas, all Wool Delains, Vel- 
vets, Silks, Siiawls, Cloaking, and 

Ladies Clotli. 


New Drug Stores 



In th« building adjoining tho Land Offioa. 


Takes pleasure in announcing that LisDRUd 

bTORX! is now open and stocked 

with a full assortment of 

Drugs & Ciiemicais, 

Patent Medicinesj 
Choice Perfumery. 

Fancy Toilet Soap 
Bay Rum, 

Pure Unadulterated Liquors 


Medical Pueposes; 

A small qntttitity of Choice 

Tobacco and Cigaes 
School Books and Stationery. 

Attention ia called to the following list of Pa- 
tent Medicines, among many others 
found at the Drug Store: 

Ayer's — Ague Cufe^ 
" Cherry Pectoral, 

Verretable Pills. 


Prints, checks, Stripes, Sheetins^ and DenihiS. Flannels- 
cloths, Wool Blankets, Heavy cloths for hard service. ' 

Rready made clothing, Gents fur- 

nishmg goods, Gloves and Mitts, Hats & Caps, Boots & Shoes, 

Grroceries, Etc. Etc. 

All of which have been bought at low figures, and will be sold reasonable. 

Remember the sign, COTTRELL <fe DEARBON, in 


3IcCabe's new bniklins:. 



Jatne's — Alterative, 


Grafenbergs Catholicon, 

Winchester's Hypophosphites 
of Lime and Soda, 

The most effectual known remedy for tho cure of 
Bromchitis, Dyspepsia, and Consumption. 

Hall's Balsam for the Lungs; 

Mrs. Winslow' Soothing Syrup; 

Morse's Medicines. 

Elixor Peruvian Bark, Mustang 
Liniment, Gargling Oil, 
and Condition Pow- 
ders for horses. 

Extracts & Essence' of all kinds; 

Orders promptly attended to 

and Prescriptions carefully 



Winnebaso City, June 4, 1865. tfn33 


Better opportunity is now offered to any 

Woman, or child, wishing to purcha-se anytliing in the Jme of Fancy Dress 
Goods, French and English 3leiinoS, Alpaccas, Scotch Plaids, Delains, Woolens 
Flannels, Striped Poplins, Balmoral Skirts, Ladies Cloaks, Cloak Cloths, Do- 
mestics, prints, shawls, hoop Skirts, Shirty, drawers, wrappers, Hosiery, Notions 
N"o. 1 Woolen Blankets, Boots, Shoes, IIat.«?, ai:d Cap?, and Fur goods of every 

descriptiL,n, than has everbcfore been 


In Faribault County. High prices are now 

And the new mode of trading — late decline 


Dry Goods will warrant general satisfaction to persons coming lo 

¥¥innebag'o City 

To lay in -their winter's supply, if they will only call at 

Moulton i& Deudon's* 



OP all KINDS; 

Also, Warehouse Trucks, Lette 
Presses, Ac. 
172 Lake Street, Chicago. 
^S*. tiecareful to buy onlythe genuine. 33y 



^0 EMPOa 










Pure Wines and Brandies fot 
Medicinal Pni poses. 

Patent Mcdicioes, &c. &^. 

Letter, Cap and Note Papers, 
Pencils, Superior Ink, 

and other articles kept by Draggisti generalh* 



Front Stre«t« 

Mankato . . . .MiiLiiiesdti 


.-^. *-v-.-« 

> 9 









' » 

1 1 



Blue Earth City Advertisements^^ ^^ ^ COMMENC D. 


Goods well bougjit, ai e half sold. 

A. B. BALC03I 




I am nov reccivics tbo 






Etc., Etc., Etc. 

tt pi-icefl tbst 



Batter & Cheese 

wanted at all time? at tlio market price. 

I never wa.s, ^'ever can, 


Js^over will be 

Ui^'eEK SOLD! 

CAT A I^ El H! 

Give me a:i early call, and see 
for A'ourselves. 


Blue Eanb City, M;w 1 i, 1SC6. Zn'Miyl 

Blue Earth City 



Largest and Mos^t Ccmpletf 

btuck of 

Dry Goods, 



Iiat8^ Caps, 4&C. 

Ever Brought to the Minnesota 

and hnvo rommenccd 


ofwhich fact all my (.Id cuptom«Tp and tie pulj- 
lic genera' y 

Will be salisCed ly callincr and Exnm- 

iuiii.i; uiy Gootls, aiiJ liciiriiig 

my 1- ricea. 

ever bearing iu misiJ TUf motto of 

Selliiic: ?^IORE Goods for OXE 

House in the Vallev. 

Isaae Marks. 

Manlcato, Minn.,Nc.v. 2G, ISGG ly 

TACIii:."^ forced to 
grow Ilium tho smooth 
est fico in from etlira 
to fivo T\ct-!;«, 1)V usin;» 
Dr. Si:VI<;XF/S UES 

iliaire, the most woi- 

d. rful di.'covcry in mo dcrn fcicine actlnj;uprin 

[the Board nnd I'uir iii an nlioost miraculoua 

j manner, it has been u»oil by the e'lite of Pari): 

nnd L'ln lou vriih the mcst fliittcrin;^ sucofss. 

Xiimc.s of iill'rs will be re;;i-tcreil and it 

' entire sati.-'iiiction is not tivon in eviry ini?t;incc 

[ the uionty will bo chtoffuUy rot'iinili'd. Price 

by mail, .«e.aled and ]i'><tj)aid, SI. Dc(>cri;)ti»e 

o'TiMiliir< siiid tcsfniioiiials iiiaiird free. Addres.* 

KKUnEI!. SIHTTS A CO., Chemist-i, No. S25 River 

Street, 'i'loy, N. V. l^do a^-erUs for tlie United Stales. 

whj gulTer v-itli this 


Dange]'oii3 ifc Loathsome I)isease 

Tvben it 


and rntirely 

Eradicated fiom the System 

by the use of 


Catarrh remedy 

N.'. ><\' cvi r ln' 

irt lb' onlvFh.vRiriHTi, as a gj'Pciuliit 
now ia I hic»So th::t cm •.-• <ii;irel.v 
toK'^ v.i>"ii. <'«o T<> HIM, nail >fi --iinei 
t'i»l hui t i' !*• (^^:t••^^•» to n iii.iin ti. your 
nyttuW, .ii»fif,ui i«i;t .vour lUtr iiu.l loiiv, 
liK:»iil«< a»try.'jin;; your h;iv|.iu(i^ ana 
fr.tiin- IT. •.| ul hi: >!.• I:n3 iT.mlo 
1'J!Iv/tV. MHZ.1SK3 n« 1 NKI'.VOUa 
I;K!;i!irY 111* »'t"i-1.v t-r thii piial 
1»VT!tv viirs. i',n.l U ili. rt fori' \hc pc r- 
N,.!i wiio.ii a!! mr.i.turf i'liouM coii-ult. 
r.l ..r n j>itie:it of liin "'•» '■''"" '■"•■■:J 
J.:r« he Una W.n. ii> tUi city. Uui ropi!t.ui..ii b « 

VMIrl.rn: iu :iil t:i*-ci'J«l..-.». l.H'..cs li.d u. 
.u. .l., ;.iMr.-f»;>l>. '"ith h.t\- iii..! flin.:.... as hcmji Un- 
,n.«i sl;iif>- 1 sp,^ Ulia Jior .. u:i.l » li.oToii^li m.i-.t«r ol 
III »,.>...d .ll..t.s.M. ll .111 otlurs f..i!. rtoi.V.l.sp'i.. 
'i. • lii!H :i . :ill II I- '"•'> * <*om!'».ti ..v;i;nnM..«- Wiy 
llillJ Ij rur.- «ll<h v.:-r*. H-.s n-ii.'. iuv «.-r.:.l..t- lor 
u.i;os «!»■! -....t I. :).<•.., iurl tlu- nu..t' t<' fti thor.ty 
" Y'lN.i M£V, TMtr P.'.KTl'l't.ut NofK'K.- i>ct"r I ife.^ 
.,v, .J..»..! -s iiuk;'.! of liis tiiiK- to tl..- inuf .Ki.t ol tU.iSB 
.1 !,v ft I", rut hnl't. \vl.;.li i.i iif bod) 
til.' iiii!.)i liuiriti- !ii<li> Kill il I I • llh'T 
Tti" -U'l ''n-ct of 111 •!••■ ■■■>''>' ''•>' it.H, 

to"!! !llld,l'.'^'i!i- 

.<.i-..-i»tiinii'.ii, ii.Klr<..v t!.e y]-} <\-::\\ and muiitix! 
U.'!.-!! '<i;d <'iif.jeblb lU« iii.taial l<i.l!M^':S «"•>' 
•xli....»! '.h- V.I..I cu. .^iM <.f th^ pl.-iH">r«« 
^.' lif-aru mir-L-l, the .-bjivt ..l,tiun!«-f f.;i>tr:itea, 
itv! Hxi- I'liic iii..-irriii'1-rfJ ii ti-rm ..f niii-.-xsiu^ iius.-rj 
,i,.l .-jft-t Su I. ix-x-^M. ^•^{..^i..Jly tliwe o..|it<-w- 
...:irii..g-. t ,.sc. :,o ti..- in i.i tk.i.^ I..iu.- 


lOOO. 1 ho best ofibe Monthlies— devoted 

to LllEKATUllK aud FASlilON. '$2.60 a 
year. We give WlIEELliK & WILSON'to cele- 
brated $55 ScwJLg Machines on toe following 
terms : — 

Twenty coitios and the Sewing Machines. $70. 

Thirty copies " •■ " " $S5. 

Forty copies " " " " $1C0 

Send 15 cents for apamplccoiy to DEACON 
k PlilEKSON, 319 Wttliiut Street. Philadelphia 

;;i»' s '.1111^' 

kU.1 miiirl uiiiUtin.; 

•1 til" n\-> i-KH «.1 rit"T yi'r^r.s, 
Wte t!.. 
^>wer». itinii; 


{!:tr;ip,.U'.ili''n, 11* Ur. B. !•>• hi* m:W tu- .f.o' !lt, 
nil 1 ..i f. i!i.iiiri' :i .<\>''tU- :iti.l i«!i:Mnfiit i';»-<'- 



will surely result in 


Vtilcsa cheeked in its incipient stages. 

( .a.»iiU..Ji- usfifi- a..;l ci,ii. iiii.iiil. <Uk.-, 

-..ith ClH.-k Sir. ot o-i.-r ..I Moi.r..^. i:uf iiblocU frora 
I,. p...sf Oil.-. V a' 0<li" l'<'^ lA Cliicjiijo, 111. 
)r,h-. tiuurx froiii y A M l- h V. M. , ,. , ^ ,, , 

Si;i.H..r his -OuiU^ I- ilealui,'" pubUshtd moutblv, 
,ii- iif char;;-*. . . ^ n 

N. ;i. — (.i.:;'S<=''»J for a di?Scrijit!V» ciiru'ar of I'l*- 
nr!» ilcwiii", (*h- b-.t vn-vinlive if liUCiiilioB 

fto\rn &eiJt to any'« free of c!i- r^;*. 


Just received, a new and com- 
plete assortment of 


Cure Karrantcd if Diicctions are Followed. 

Sln-ile Bottles will last a iMontH. 

Cold in The Hc;.d 

riclcavcd in a Few Minutes. 


has now opened at lii.s rooms in 


One ofthebcst Si'jiectcil. varied and most exten- 
Bive a.«iorlment oi Uootls in their lino 

Ever imj)orted into Faribault 

Which they are scUingto the People of the Blue 
E.'.rth Valley cheaper than llankuto or any other 
In the 


DR. WHU'TIER is regularly 
educated and legitimately qual- 
ified, liftd has experience in i.11 
forms of discat'e, a knowledge 
.(uiic iudi.-pLDsiblc in the treat- 
ment of the venenl disease in 
all its varied and complicated 
'^Ji^^^^ forms, and has for years made 
the trtuiiuoiit of private diseascshis business and 
.study. Experierce, iho best of teachers, has en- 
abled him to perfect remedies at once sufficitntj 
safe, permanent, and in most sases can bo uscu 
without to business. 

Particular attention given to old standing cases, 
such as were considered incurable. Syphillis, in 
all foriiii; Gonorrhoea, (,lect, Strictures, Orehites 
D^abcte.-!. Bladder and Uriuar^ Diseases. Also, 
thocffejts of solitary habitJ, both ruinous to body 
and mind, aid wLich produces some of the fol- 
lowinxeffcctj: Dlotchcs, Weakness, Con- 
stipaOon, Aversion and Uneasiness in Femnl'.- 
Society, Unuianliness. Dread of Future Events, 
finally a complete prostration of the vital povr 
ers. loss of memory, ringing in the ears, can 
fuilv restored to health. 

All letter^, wi'h stamps, answered. 
Dr, W. is the publisher of a new work, entitl- 
ed "Nip the Evil in tl!" liud," which willbo sent 
10 all on receipt of 10 cents to pre-pay postage. 
Cousultatiou free. Charges moderate, and 
cure guaranteed. 

I» r. Whit tier eurc.<i the very worst kind of rup- 
ture in a f(rw Weeks. 

Post Ofiice Box 22^i. OBicc and Consultation 
Roims 1f)Ii=outh Ciark strtet.. You 
can seethe Doctor evcrv duv from 9 A.ii. to 5 p.m 


Dealers in 



2^*^ Particular atl*nlion paid in MuMfl OrJeri 

— — ■ .■ i T-a 

Marriage and Cdlba-cy. 

AM Essay of Warning' and Initrvo 
ticn to Tonpg RIcn. Also, Disesaes 
aiid ubusts which premuluruiy Pi ostrate the t| 
lal Powers, with sure nieaiiS of relief. Sentfrca 
of Charge, iu sealed letter envylopci. Address, 
ciation, Philadelphia, Pa. v3n21yl 






wishes to say to the people of Wiiineb.igo City, 
and the neighboring towns, that he has the larg- 
est stock of 

i ' Tp r\ o r^yn xr 



Have opened a Drug store at Blue Earth City, 
and ofler for sale at lowest prices 



Bad Breath 

Caused by offeceivo £ecreticll^ 

Weak Eyes 

Caused by Catarrhal actions 

Sense of Smell 


on or di" l :>i eu. 


Patent Medicines, 
Putty, <fec., etc. 

P.iints, Oils, 





'£Lo ;t>ikei II.--1.. (j<fvii"!» iM-c.i n-t-.i^'tu <o health 
iti Alow «*".'k« oy * vc-iy miupln rruiedy, aucr 
' h:ivini: siM.n<-a tor ••jviTiii ytf«r« vi'h a sc»er«" 
_ j.-p, y->. j^-j-y» 1^^ ' lunjr itlf'-'r-d.i, i..nllli;i flu-ad di^.-af-:;, t'onsiaup- 
jMxj Uii- i.-N-tiO, ; ti,„i._jK «uAIou» i..< i*>ak» Kij<-«"' I- hl3 felii'W 

SoffcH'ts tn«i ii>4rtriA. 

To all wno di'sire it, ho will wnd p •v.'py of the 
piv.ecripfion used (iVce of cliarge). wi'h tho dircc- 
ii<-us I'M- prr)'anrig and iieiiii; thn saii-.c, which 
they will tiini a sure cure for <'';i;jumpiioD. A.-ih- 
niii, I!roncljif!s. Ci'U^'.:», C'<li!.'=. and n.l Throat 
aiid Lunj: AfTdti'dis. Theonlv obj»^ctoftho ad- 
VLrii>.r in scuiiii;: he Prix liption is to b.nctit 
(be atUicted, and spread iuloruiation which he 
conceives to bo invaUiable, and he hopes cvcay 
sutTercr will try hij renr ly. as it will ost tbcui 
uothinp:, and may prove a bl(;rsing. 

Parties wisbi,.i^ the I'rescripUou, free, by ro- 
tnru mail, will please addrass 

Kkv. EDWAKl* A. WTI.POX.^ 
Wiliiamsbtirgh, Kings Co.. Jf . Y. 


Tho very best Vote, Letter, and Cap Paper kept 
' constantly on hand. 

NOTIONS of all kinds. 

a good variety, and cheap. 

Call A^'D See Us. 


when caused by Catarrhal diClcultics. 
cured by this remedy. 

All are 

Foundry & Ma- 


Are more frequently than otherwise caused by 

a thick, slimy mucor,.--, fal'ing from tho 

Ik-I'I, es(iicia!iy duiing the i.ight, 

and rtsuliing from Catarrh, 

and are cured by 


Liquid ' Catarrh Remedy. 


Their facilities for supplying the wants of the 
peoplcofthi< immense rc;,Mon are on ascileto 
warrant (he fullest satiwf.iclinn. 

We ofler to the <;itize3S of Faribault and Mar- 
in Counties thefiucst stock of 

Groceries and 

Fresh Meat, 





L I Ci U O R S . 

ever brought inio thi town. Consisting ia part of 

Free to Everybody! 

The Guide to Health & Beauty, 

Oust Published. 

It teaches how to remove Tan, Freckle*, Pim- 
ples, Blotches, Moth Patches, Sallowness, Erup 
tious and all impurities of the ekin ; bow to en 
amel the slun, Itaving it white and cleir as ala- 
baster; how to produce tho fullest development 
of the female form (as practised by the P'rencb,} 
causing the buft to grow round and full, and if 
the form has been lest by padding, lacing, or ma 
ternity, rt.-toring it to more than its original 
! fullness, fiimncKS and beauty. It tcachcEbow to 
reduce in size the h^nds and feet ; produce corpi 
Icncy or the reverse; remove superfluous hair; 
cure Corns, Bunioa-i, Warts and Mules ; renew 
your age; cure Drunkinness, Catarrh, Dyspep 
sia, Nervous Debility, Ac. how to fariuate atid 
gain the love and aticciion of any pesGon you 
may choose, together with other useful and va u 
able information. Ko young Lady or Gentla- 
man should fail to send their addrees to the un- 
dersigned .-nd receive by return mail a copy of 
this valuable work in sealed envelope free of 
charge. Addrc*?, 

BEKa£K,-faHDTTS A CO., Chemists. 
2S.'> River St , Trty, N. V. 

S9 000 ^ T^A"^ '^■^^^ ^y "y «"* '^'^^ 

T /WjV VV tflo — ttciuil tools. No experience 
neccfsary. The Presidents, Cashiers, and Trcas 
urcrs ot o Banks .ndorse tho circular. Sent free 
wi h s.impks. Ad Iregs the American Stencil 
Tool Works, Springfield, Vermont. 42yl 

The ItI?.Eon & Kamlin Cabinet Org^ans 

forty 'iifiercnt styles, adapted to sacred and sec- 
ular musii-, for. S80 to $600 each. FIFTY 
ONE GOLD or SILVER meadals, or other first 
premiums awarded them. Illustrited Catalogues 
free. Addrees. Mason ^ Hamlin, Postoit, o 
MASON" BROTHER:;, N.-.v York. 

New Englad Rum. 

Bourbon Bilters, 

Plantation IJittcr.-. 




B' urbon Whiskey, 

(10 Pi; tors. 

eltcrs Littcis 

T f want Whiskers or Moustachte .' 

Ue3.)8 constantly on hand the host 



If you sant to buy good nice fresh 




oysters, iobslerss 

Peaches. BliMUbrrrics. Pa.»pbcrrio'_ cr any kind.' 
of CANED FRLilcj, this id the place to get iLem 


Blue Eanb City, May 29, 1S63. 




Ojjioc opposite " Union House " Blue 
Earth Citi/, Jllnncsota. 

Will do a Banking aud Real F;tato 
Busiuerfs, pay Ta-xea for nou reeidtnts, make 

Collect. ou.s -tf.. A<^-> 

H.D.BALDWIN, - - - S. P. CUILD. 


The Mankalo Foundry and Machine shop L- 
uow in opcrati'.ii, nnd we arc jircparod to 


of every description. Pteam cncine?, Throhing 
M.Tidiines, Rea^icrs. Fiirinin:; Imp 

We also mute ali kinds ot iron 
iugs. Babbitt metal always on hand. Orders 
solkiicd and promptly attended to. 

Old Iron, Brass and Copper 

wanted, for which lie hiji,licst jriee will Ic paid 
v3a7yl C. W. EAIiNEY, 4 Co. 


-V II r ?> 

The symptojus of Catarili are at flr.^t very 

sli-ht Persons liud they havo a cdd. that they 

h:i\e freijueut attack.-*, and are more .'enbiiive to 

ihe changes <d" tenperatnrc In this condition 

nes, ^'•'■'^'"""g jji,e i^ose luav be drv, or a slight iii.«ch,»rge thin 

,lcments, *?•. ^^ j ^^^. j ;fij,j^a-^a ^jji^j^ ^n,i adhesive, may 

and l(ra>'s cast- ' 


As the disease become? chronic, tho discharges 
arc increase.l in fju.intity and ch.ii'.i:cd in iji-.aiUi', 
llicy are now thiek and heavy, and arc hawked 
or coughed off Tlie 8ej!.'etif->nc are offensiivc, cans 
ing a bad breath; the voico thick and nasal ; tho 
eyes arc weak ; the sense of smelt is lessened or 
destroyed ; dtafue-s frevjuently takes place 

.'.T^etable Sicilian 


•ff t 

a i»iii'^E¥/EH, 

Hue Eart City, May T. 66. 


R. \YA1TE, 
J E W E L E II 5 

Ha.**, aud will keep oonstautly oo hand, for sale : 

<:LOCK^and WATClIEii, 

Jewelry and Silverware, 

And will attend promptly to all kind^ of Repair 
log of 01 >cks. Watches, and .low;!^', and guar 
anieo perfect satisfy. ctii-n to all who patronize 
hi.n. Room opposite Union Hotel. 50yl 

B.ue E*rih Ciiy, M.iy 17, lSe6. 

As the nftme indicates, not only benews 
the growth of the hair whoa thin and faUinf5 
olT, l)uv positively rmcu 
add whea it 
while, ■wlie^Spr cause 
i*lJ age. 

It will ccrtai 
a fact to w hich \iindred3, 
who have used it, \-o re: 
testify. Where one 
any coiamauity, 
like wild fire," a 
ment and reco 
the Eastern 

originated, Me young 
hair dres^e: it is fo 

rUCU lliiU UilU^ 

'ii:s Vie color toy'^is 
, id turning gjJy or 
by disease, Aiicf or 

cd for it, 

y thousands, 

and willing to 

13 fairly used, in 

ation ".-iprcads 

ho best advertise- 

n we desire. In 

e '-RENEVrEll" 

.03 use it as a 

on tl:e toilet 



Nr:w ouniut •»^' 'l•^l^(;^ 

WiniEc^luisit* '^ViW 

Having laadu houiH.olianiKs" r'-ocemmsr thf 
business iransactioMi. ot the '-Winnebajro City 

KdiUs,'* -,vo wifh ('• anuouncti to iiie puolic iba: 
we Hie now prcprfTtnl to do all kii;d« of work i»> 
( ur lino of bu.iuess, for ready i».»y. Logs, wot.d. 
wheat, or e*-en Money faKeu in payment for 
work. Oar term* for waning arc : One half, oi 
f l"V ,>cr thouiand. Flour. Gran, ard ih.)rt3 eon 
f l.»nt'ly on hand, aud for sale cheap. 

Lumber |25.00 per Thott*<aoi3. 


tables c^foung men, (also atVieir barbers), 
whlle^fidcr mea and women Vho desire a 
Rfnmcr and Rcttorative for thciVBTey locks 
ayi bald Leads will not be w^tout this 
afrticle, which gives ia every inai^S^e, en- 
tire setisfaction, X 

I>on't l»t any Urupicist or deuler nrge npon Ton a 
di.Ttrent article, as tlieie is no f rei>nrati'>n In :he world 
lik« this, Bewara of may article lurpofling to be tb« 

Try ItALVS TIATTl REVKWER acconling to Pireo- 
tiiMiianJ v. -a wi'.l use no otbcr. 

If n •: 9(>;J nt JrUitplsU in T'tir t.^wn. s trial bottle 
will be ««nt yi>n t>y express, u;p» n rorriit of cn^d^liir 
by laaJU t'.nia aiTiag: you an epportuuity at oaeo d 
tMtiiii t\i .-xPeTletit qualitiM. • 

Orders f ji irtai ImUUs uiu«t l>e ^UOna^fA r' 

f. 1. COO It, iiJicasro. 

6ent k^mn for Northw«T«m States, 
r.. V. nALL A 0">- /Tepri^rs. NasTni-., N. H. 
8oU at W nOlKSALE, in I nlca^rv by FTLLER. fr«Cn 

r*tiTn. sMnrt * dwyer, j. n. aiXD * otv. 
en AS. 0. Fsurn. PiETZscn. bl'XT.t * oi, H 

fCOVIL, Vr. D. HARRIS 1 oo, POST k BAI>E«r,aal 
by dm^sts and dealers getMralty. 


Another common and important symptom of; 
Catarrh is. '.hat tb« person is o!.ii4,ed to clear his , 
throat I a the nio: ning of asliek or silicy mucnuj 
which has faiieu from the head during the night. 
Wden this takes place the ptriop may be su.-o j 
that his dista^c is on its way to the lung.*, aud j 
should lose no limo in arresting it 

The above arc ^ut few of the maoy Catarrhal 
syirptouis. Write to onr Laboratory foe our 
pamphlet describing fully all »ymi>toms ; it will 
be sent FKi^E to any address. Also direction* 
where to procure the medicine 

AVe are rtcLiving letters from ati parts of the 
! Union, and aUo numerous testimonials from 
those vsing it, bearing che evidence of its iufalli 
ble merits. 

^^ Thi* remedy contains no mineral or p'd- 
sonous ingredients, but i? jirepared from vegeta- 
ble extrafcts cxelusiaeiy ; therelore it is perlctly 
harmless, even to the most leader and delicate 

r Scclcy's Catarrh Remedy, and 

e no other. Jiiutsolil by druggi.-is in your 
vicinity, they will order it for you Price $2,00 
per bottle. 

^3^ All person? gnfferiiig with any affection 
of the Heal, Throjit or Lungs should write at 
once for our jiamphlet foUy describing all symj'- 
terns pertaining to the above diseases. 

It wiU be bent free to any addacsa. 


Dn. i>. II. SEELYE <t; CO., 


SjIJ bT all wnohsale auo m»il lirugglstf 


I John D Park Cincinnati. Ohio ; Fuller, Finch 
A FuIl'.T. Chi'-agT III: Burrliam Vanseba.iclf 
. rhica_-oi:!; Derna* Bnrnes A Co Nf w York : l» 
I RaD?oin A Co, Bufi':ilo New York; Famnd .^be 
I ley A. Co Detroit Mich : we-ks A Potter Boston \ 
I M'««s : Fren- b Richards & Co PbiUdelphia. Pa ; I 
1 R E Sellers A Co Pittsburgh Pa; Cdlin? BroV, 
1 St L'-ui* Mo : Barne*. ward AC-. New Orleanf ; 
I h A RobinsoTj ft C>. L'ini.«vitk, Ky : xiigley A 

Ever brought totbis tnarktf. 

Abo a cotiiphitc assovlincnt of 



cou.^^ult tlicir own interestB 

Wc have the 

Facilities aud Determination 

soil Goods as choap as any house West cf the 

Pay Cash for AVlieat, Oat.s,Ccrn. 
Pork, Hides, Butter and Eg^^s. 

Winnebago City, Minn. nlv3 

-Do yt»« 
Oui Gi« 

cian Coinjio.ind will force them to fprcw on th«j 
smothest face or (Liu, or hair on bald heads, in 
.«!ix Weeks. Price. $1.00. Sent by mail uoy 
where, c'o.-elv ."^ealed, on the receipt* of price.-- 
Address, WARNER Jk CO., P x };}&. Brook !•». 
New Y'oik. 




451? acway, - New Tork. 

Tl»e attention of He Pii.iilcanil.he u-jide iFinvit«d fo 
f.ur Ti.w seale of 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIA?JO 
FC»in KS, Wiiieli for volume ami puiiiy of tone are uurl- 
VHlicd by any liitliertj < ffered in tbts market. Thev con 
lain all tlie modern iDiprovf mem?, French Grand Action, 
H:.ip Pedal, Iron Frnme. Overstrung Bass, etc., nnd each 
iiistiuiii«-nt hehi!.' mad*; under t'.epenjonal supervision of 
Mr. J. H. GroTerstecn »•"> has had a practical experi- 
ence of over ."j years in ihrlr m*r>.tfrc».ur, Is ful'y war- 
rauied iu every particular. 

Tho '' GruveL^teen Piano Fortes " rs- 

c-f^ived tlie Awnrn of Merit over all 

rthvrs nt the cclebrat/^4 

Woil'j's Fair, 

Where w^ri exhibited insi- ir'Ti's from the bert mal -ra 

ofLoiidin, Pari*, Gern-.arf, iniladelphia, Baltimore, 

Bost' n. ai,d N-.w Vork ; «ljo at th* American Ir>»t 

' lute for five succ-^rfve years, lltp go'd and kihtrniedali 

; froia l.oth r'wl.ich can be see»i at our war p -room. 

By tlieJt>»roduciion o! irorrovepi'.n-.s we m«ke a util 

1 idiv perfed Pjuiio J-orie, »'ud t»y uiffi.ufac.iurin^ largely 

i TTltli a str.'-t'y casn sy>t. ni, are enabled to offer thtse in- 

tiruinditsu^upr'c wliicn rfJI precln'Ie all competition. 

•" ruir:-nrt Cii«*f? f-» 'jurrm* lunds. 

Daqcriptivo circalar* •cnt f ko. 61b»3 

Of CANDIES, b:th plu-ii at.a fan 

cy.hc has them in endle.'^s quauiities. 

Ami of NUTS from every clime, hi'- 

keeps n large supply constantly en liaud. 

'^'^ A E1':C1^URE 


Do'nt forget the place. 

Don't forget the nnmo 

Geo. E. 

Winnebago City, Nov. 15, 

Next dov SOUTH 





Ai^|A A TEAR made by any one with 

\J\J\J stencil Tocii No experience I p^o. Memphis Tenn ; P E Depny Richmond" V; 

Bait more Md . Dex'er A. 

Y: strong A /Armstrong, 

with samples. AJdreca the American SteaciLj ClaveUnd O : Wm Johnston D«trjit Mich : w^l 

" ut: . at'D Peter" * Co L'huptjIjs Ky, 

necesury. The Pre«idents. Gabbier?, and Treas i Thompson A Block 
urers of 3 Banks indorse the tircular. Sunt free j Nellcger .Albany N 

Tvol Works, S^tringSeld. Vtriaoi 


BourJ>'in Whi-key, from a conibinatiiin of ovcr 
tvrunty different kinds of roots, barks and berlw, 
whicli act in peifwt concert one with the orher. pr»- 
pnretl from Itie ori,onal fjrninl.i given by tne frreat 
chief R«.! Jfoket, to Dr. Chapin- who u«eil them 8Uo- 
ee-«. fully i;. his practice f r m.iiiy y«irs. and by tlieir 
n^e p>'n'?d w) prei.t a popnlarit.' in the treatment no'l 
cure of D.v^pop'iiu I/ver Ciniplaiiit. Cfinrtip.-»t;i>n. Sick 
and Nerv'.'us IlejuUolie, Ferer and A;?oe. and all di«- 
ru-es arisiri.i fr .ni t.'rniil liver and in.liee?tion. I'er- 
•••r.* >nircri!iK fri>nj eitli<?r of these l.atli-ome i!i<eas.*9 
WiU lind a cure by tho n»e of these bitters, -which arc 
peifyitiy pure an j frf>e from all those dru;:« and poi- 
»^jn» usually put u;- in such preparation"!, and pivlinetl 
jflT on an unsuppectini; public. A single trial will con- 
rince the ni<wt ckeptir^l that in tt:"? KKD .J.ACKfcT 
there l-> a virtue that no other Dittera pjkSesB, 

They strenj^hen and invigixate the syatem 

They are noefpiiilled fjr general debility. 

They are a cure fw Dyspepsia. 

They (five a eood and healthy appetite. 

They a<*:<t 'liiie^tijn. 

Th-y j'Urify the breath and ^ci-bty of the atomar.h. 

They cure Di.irrhtea and ni.)l»'r» MTbas. 

They are an antid.'tc t.> ctianc^e <>f water and diet. 

TUry are the host stimalant in existence. • 

They are a preveiitiTe of Fever .lad Ague. 

Tiiey relieve Ci-nstijalijo. 

Their cure Nerr.ins IfeadA."he. 

They are jierfoctly pure aaJ p-iUtable. 

Tlie peanine UED JACKET BITTLUS art only <k1<J 
Id ip.iiut b ■tties; never by the ,^:Jlon. quart <t j.o.t. 

See that "ur private Gorernrrent stamp U unLr. kea 
arer ev;h ci>rk. 

S Id by >11 dm;;sista and dealers throo^itoat Ibf 

Can fjr Red Jacket. *»d t\ke no other. 

Circahtrs t.^ the tr<tUe sappUed on apitlicatioa. 


SI snt] S3 MICITIGA:^ A>X3il'E, 

Choice Fii-st Class Insurance 

Against Lnr'* bv FIKE, by the 



Of Hartford, Cnn. li:corporated 1819. Char- 
ter Perp<!tual. 

M E N. 


The iETNA Insurance Company would call the 
attention of the public to the following facts : 

A heavy car-h capital, with As- 
setts amoiiiiting to 

lias transacted business succ2Jsfully Forty-nine 
years, and continues to progress in Health, 
Wealth and Vitality. Has paid an aggregate 

loss of $15,724,380 58 

The iETNA is org-nized on a National Basis, 

with reliable LkuI agents, «ind ocupyes 

an enviable reputation, equAl 

to all the emergancic* 

it undertakes, 

worthy the 


Founding it.s claim- to favor and patronage 

to Merit Alone. 

Affording nneriualed fa.cilitifts and security for 
In.-uraMCO, and ranking 

The FIPwST of Fire Insurance 

And insares at rates ai liberal as the risks as- 
Burotd pflfmit f<Jf eolvency and fair profit. 

Losses Equitably Adjusted and 

Applicatious Solici^ccl, and Policies 
Issued by 

R- E. ABBOTT, Agent at 

Winnebago City, Minn- 

Just published in a sealed envelope. 
s:z cents. 

A Lecture on the Kutuic, Treatment 

and radical Cure of Sjermilonhoea, or Seminal 
wcakcesi*, Invclui.tnry Emissiuns, Sexual Debil 
ity, and Impediiucnts to marriage ger.erally, 

Ntrvou.-re-s, Consumption, Epilepsy and Fitij 
Mental and Phy^ieal Ijicapaciiy, resulting from 
self abu;-, Ae.— By RORLRT J. OULVi-R- 
WELL. M. D., Aultior oi the -Oreon Book" Ac. 
'I he «orl<l renowned authrr of this admirable 
Lecture, cknriy proves f.f.m lis own experience 
that the aw'ul consequences of self abuse nmjr be 
ciycciualiy removed wiilicut m»;dicine, and with- 
out dangerous surpjcal rperatiorip. botigies, instru 
mct;t.«, rings, or cordiaJf-, poif.iing out a mode of 
cure nt once certain and tffccfi.ial, by wLich ev- 
ery snflcrcr. no matter wL:.t hlH condition may be 
may cure hit.i^elf cheoi>*y. privntelv* nnd radical 
ly. Thi? Leetnie will Piove A BOON to Thons- 
aiids and Thou.-acds. 

SciiJ under seal, to any .nddrcss. in a plain scat 
je.d envelope, on the receipt of six cents, or two 
' stamjis. AI?o Dr. rulverwcH's "Marriage Gu>de" 
price 25 ccnt^. Addre/s the PubliKhers. 
- C1MS..T. r. FINE A CO., 
127 BCCL'tKV. IVsivr York, 

Posi Omce Box 4586 

Empire Shuttle SeWingr Machinct 

are superior to all otters for 

Family and ManHfacturing Purposes. 

CoBtain all toe latest improvements; ftneapoe 
dy : Doi«iek«B : durable ; and easy to worir. 

lilaMrated Citcalarf free. Agent* wanted, — 
Liberal discoant allowed. No aonsignmenu 
made. Addres?, 

£9jl EMPIRE S. M- CO., Bio»4w«j'?* T. 

BEAUT Y.— Au- 
1 :rn Gold«n. Flax 
• n and biikin CTRLS 
produce^ by tb« nee 
■A Prof. De InRirx's 
VEL'X. One applica 
tion warranted to cmrl the 
most straitrbt and etub bcr^ fcair of either sex in- 
to wavy ringlets or bflx'Ty mnesiro carls. Ilaf 
been used br the fashionabkF cf Paris and Lon* 
don, wi*h the most gr.\lif7l3g results. Docs no 
injury to the hair. Price by nail, soalep and 
postpaid, $1. Descriptive eireolars sent free. 
Address RKRGEB, SUUTTS A. CO., Chem sta, 
No, 285 River et.. Trey K. V. Bolo Kpai*B lor 
the United Statc£. 


For Improving and Bctanttf jtug tbe Complexion. 

Tbc luoKt valuable rnd perfect picparation in 
tise. for giving the skin a bcantlfal pearl-like 
tint, that is only f'~nnd in yo^th. It quickly re 
moves Ten, Freckles, Pie-plw, Blot'shes, Motb 
Patches, Spilownetui, £niptiuvs and ell impnri< 
ties of the skin, kindly hea!>r>g the aame, laeving 
the skin white and eloar as &!aba*iPr. Its nse 
can not be detected by the cIoy>«?t semtioy, nd 
V>eing t vegetable preparation is perfectly barm* 
less. It is the cn^y article of t%e kind used by 
the French, ard is coneiderri by the Parriao a* 
indcspcnsihle to a perff* toi^tt- Upwardt of 
30.ti00 bottle;* were sold drring tb* pest year, a 
sufficient guarrantcc o' ^ta ^fl^'-acy. Price only 
75 «*a»s, wnt by mail, on »'#tceipt of m> order, by 
BERGBR, BUUTTS k CO., Cbemista,. 


285 River Pt., Troy, N. Y 

A GENTLEMAN, ctirtd ciVTwrnt Debility 
Incompetency. Premator* Decay and Youthful 
Error, nciaate** bya .tesir* tobenef* others viriil 
be happy to lomi'b to all who need it, (free. of 
charge), the i«ce:pt and ^Ir^-tS'Tis for m akin f 
he simple remedy nt»^ 'O Ifc's eaae. Those 
wiahingto profit by bis exverien^e, aad possess 
a Valuable will -Mcive tba teue, J>y 
rctammaiLCiarefnily seal-d\ by addweMing 

nJlmS eiOKa#ee« re*t, New 7m%« 






* * 






. I 

JAS. L- CHRISTIE Editor & Proprietor. 


Terms— $1.60-*-Invariably in Advance 


VOL. 4. 


NO. 17, 


Office on Main sstreet next door A'ortb of tbt 
Winnebdgo City IJotcl. 

I. A 



Onfl copy ono year - - - $1,50 

For an> term leai (uan o uiotbs, 5 cents a week- 


No. in. I I »<\ I 2 s'l I 4 aq | } col, | 9 col. | 1 col 

Corner of Ilolley .i Main Streets. Winnebago City 

D- S- LAW Proprietor. 

Stages leave this IIou.«c for all Points. 

There is also a good livery connected with the 
lli'iisc. Oct30'66 

1 m I'tb 



1.50| 2,50? .iM 
4.00 fi.OO) 7,00 


^ tn'ths 

3,.>!t .i.OOj 8.00 10,00 
5,00 3.00 I2.0!>| 15,00 

12.00 20,00 

IB.OO 2J,00 

24.00 .15,00 

f> ruWia ; 3,0.1 11.00 ICOOl 2l»,00 .10.00 ( 50,00 

1 yjir, i 10,0;)' 11,00 20,00' 25,00 i 40,00 ' 70,00 

Ton lines or iuj<a make one 9quu>e. 

Ailvertisenipnts luot marke-l for j. specified time 
will becontinued. and chirgedfor accordingly.'y advortjiors will be held strictly to ad- 
rert omenta pcitaining to their businers All 
other notices will bo cb^.gelat the regular rates 

Excuss of ad/ertiiements insti led will be charg- 
d propf-rtioaaiciy to Ibo number of squares bar- 
gained for. 

Ijcgal advtrti.^ementfl inserted at the the ex- 
penie of too attorney ordering them, and not de- 
ayablc for legal proceediugei, but must be paid 
ou delivery of the affidavit. 

Notices iukcitcd in the reading column, dou- 
ebla rates JAS. L. CHUI<TIE 


Blue Earth City, 


3 5 0,000, 

The Bankrupt. 

perhiips, will pity my luiRfoitune but 
no one will duubt m\ honor or ray pro 

•The probity and honor of a lank- 

Bas.— Why dost thou whet thy kiife so earn" t- 

Shy. — To cut the forfeiture from that bankrupt 

there. —Merchant o( Veaico. rupt,' said Vermond with a sneer. 

It w.-is the 15th day of ISfay, a day j 'Happily fur me,' said th.e old 
i wcil known in the mercantile w,.rld. I chanr, 'my } robity is well known ; my 

pliuH that kiiHVj.'g and cowanis knew 
not how to die ' • 

WhtJe llifc .j).I tnjth -.vas wringlHg liis 
hands in agony and tlie jouiijij orto si^ 
pcared to ei'joy the misery he liad iii- 
flicted, t!ic door of the room opened soft 
ly and a yoUMg girl :ipj)Oan'd who was 
evidently ipi:orant of her fhthor'a em- 
harrassinentS, She had entered Rmi- 

]0,0('[tL1s house having been repaired and newly fur- 

nished throughout, is now open for the reception 
• if guest*. 

The proprietor respcc" fully solicits the patron- 
age of the traveling pubiii-, and is I'etennined 
thai none «hiiU go away disssatijfied who may ta 
vur him with a call. 

47y O. S. CONVERSE. Proprietor. 


Front Street, near the Lc/ee. 

M. T. U. FLOWER, Proprietor. 

General Sta^e Ofiu';for .nil PoinU i ithe State. Good 
Stabling with atUnlive OstU"-. I'Jjl 

TTAVING LOST THI2 HEAD OF MY FAMt ! and Mr, Ternon. a man approacliinfr ! transactions have been publicly made: j ijnnr u'ith her arius ra-«ed as if infi-nd- 
Rl^\'^u'^;^;^"'rZ^'''' '''''" ''"''''"^ the winter ot Life, retreinu f,om tlfe j the expenses of n.y Loms- have been itj^ to place her pr.lry h.nd. dn ,he 


In the centre of the great Peach Orchan's of 


6,000 Fruit Trees, 1,200 Pear Trees, 

500 Cherrry " 200 Plum 

Seven, acres in Berriea, 



.... .- J , , .^ 1 ..» ninli.r- TP/1 • mv tirtota hiTft bppn rprr- "Id mail S CVeS lenVltJ'jr hlHl to i;tU'R!l 

society ot hi.<? wife and daui'hter shut n>o»er, tea , my Dooh.3 nave uccn leg „,,,,, " • j-", • . u . j 

^ ^ ' l 1 I f 1 ' '^ ''*'*" thus surj)rispd h:m. Ashamed 

himself up in his cabinet and desired I "':'>•'>' ^^\'^ J*'-^ I of aj)peariuiT Ums before a stranzer. sU 

to bo left undisturbed. For a time ho | 'I» isfalso/ cried the young man rude I pa„s«(] and blushe.h In murht h:ivd 
eave himself up to the most di-trcss- 1 'y ijiternipling hun. 'some ufjMurdeal ! been supposed di .t she would have iii- 

5!lJ!nt1y withdrawn but wlu'tln*r thronyh 
asionishmcnt or a fj:tr of bein* reprov- 
ed by Iter fjiiher whom she expected to 
find alone, she con!inued for a ft^w sec 

ini? rejections, for a succession ot ad- inffs "'•'^v liave been transacted in open 
verse circumstaucea had brought hitu to 
a state of insolvency, and his name 

day the better to conceal tho e of rath- 
er a mysterious nature. Yenr affect 

probably miuht in a few davs be join- I i'Jg cconnniy in your house has been a ; ond motiordess ami confused, wjiilethe 

One of the FINEST IIOMES I ed to that or"a bankitlpt. Ilupe howev \ species oi' hypocrisy to i , vitv <• nfidence ' eye. of the younrr man were livefed nj) 
v/uc ui LUC xj.i.ijjk.x -ixwxiA-LJkj 1 i 111- . <• on lior. I5ut nndinj; that her fntlwr 

er did not desert lii-n, and he be«;an fH'^' }•<>'>'' regular bo-k a «ort of 

Evans & Fall, Proprietors- 

Basiaess Directory, 

Winnebago City District. 

This House i.s Xew, rommodions. 
Pleasantly Locate J, and has been New 
Edit..r A Proprietor, jly Farni.'-hcd throiigfiout. The veiy 
i best accouimodntious guaranteed to 
travelers and boarders 

Good J^table I^ooni for Teams. 
n4n6yl Garden City D^inn. 


With fire B.arns and Out House?. Th«» Flower to Consider arrangemenli« whicli fni^ht ; kiiavish j>rccaulion.' 
Garden is not equaled in the Northwesi, haring ,.«• .ted and ooeu a^^aiu to him the I '&•!>•, »'< cxclaimcd the old man, as 

over .iCl) varieties ot Flowers, with beiiutitul jiri "*^ tiittitu, .i lu u])tii .il,.iiu \,u iiiuj iiic | » > > 

vet cedar hedges and ah k^nks of ornamental j ^j^y ^^^• fyviulie His bills mi-dit SliU ' ^'^ SUnk bfick on hig .*^eat 


A. H. nCLLl?. Riei^tpr. 
U. W. UOhLEY, Ktceivtr. 

OlTice tmars from S .V. M. tIM 4 P. M. 
iMeb-igti City, Minn., Oct. 26; Is^S. 

NO. 27. 

FSEF. .-kSD accepted M.VSOXS. 
A I'ho regular Com-jjunicaiions of this 
>^^^T,od'4e is held on Tuesday cncning, ou «r 
^^ir\ before the tull ni<»on. 


I?, .s wtr.TSEV. v,\ M. u. P. wm. j. n. 

a. \i. M>)VtA'OS, S. \V. JO. L. WKIK, SeCfpUtry. 


V'crnnn Coiuic. Blue Eurlh County Minncoofa, 

A. D. MASON - - - IVoprietor. 

I would rcspccTiilly call the attention of the 
raveling ^abiii- to the fact that I cm now give 
hem as f4>>'>d .■xooouiodatiou.s as any Ilou:40 in 
he Dlue E.irth Valley, Sthbles copnecteJ 
3 the Ilouiic. 

1-3-ly A. D. MASo.f. 

tld'S. UI.Al!{..I. »V, 
OK.». A, WrUU, f>. D. 

T. W. JKNNK-;S. Treas. 
S. lllC.IAUDricN, X\l.\T. 


•herlff— C. E. CIIAPKT.. Co. .iU'y— A. C. Dl NN. 

Tri-«'r— R. D. JOHNSON Juilsv— A.MOJj P ItKSTON. 

rt'eslrter— A. ItONWEKL, Cotoiiir— W.M. A. WAV. 

Auditor— W. F. CADV, Couit Com.— A. PUtSTON 

•^ nwiric! C-mrt'.frWsDUtrlctmeetsat KlueEaiihCity 
a tUu uj Moua.iy la Mnj. 

A\!.ftr;W C» DINX, 

Attorney and Couii.selior at Law 

■'<?* Will attend to professional business 
hr->'igh Hit tlivj .^tate. 
Wi laohugo Cit\', Miun. 

Harness 8hop, 

Tho un Krsigncd takes this mc'hod ft in.forra 
hg the ptvJide of Wiunetingo City and vie nit. . 
L'*: he ha< j'l^t opened a new harness .shop ia 


4ni is now prcpnrod to do nil kindiJ of work in 
his Hue. New h)»ruca8 matlo to order, and all 
kinds of repairing done on short nutit*o. Shop 
up stairs, ue.\t doorsouitj of Richardson A Rcy- 
noKla* tlrocerv. 


Wnnchngo City, .Ma.v 23. lSi>6. 


Wilton, Waseca Coanty. Dflinnesota, 

J. M GP.AY. Prop 

Terms Reasonable.— Teamsters over night 
One dollar and i» half. 

<lon<'r:il ."trij^e office. Good f tabling, and reason- 
able c'hurgis. 4"v:!yl 


MiiiiKSota Mutual lusurauce Co. 

Mankato, Minnesota- 
insures ugaiost loss by 

Fre aud Liglituiug, aud Death 
ot* Stock. 

S. riXCU, President. J. A. W^5^VELL Soo 

0. U. PITClIEll, Treasurer. 

J. A. Kf.'«nei>t. ) 

CnAS. JI. 6ltts. ) General .\gent«. 


tloo. Ch«!«. Soherrer, .<;t. Paul. Hon. E. G. Ilam 
n, .St. Cloud. Hon. A. GhaTnhcrs. Owatonna. 
lIou.G. E. Cole, Farihiult. Hon. H. A. .Sube'.ia 
New Illm. Hon. M. Dou.ihue. Henderson. A. 
C. Dunn. E.sq., Vinaebago City. Sargent 
Franklin ,t Kcycs, Wiuona. 


ni Ys re L 1 y a xd s un ge ox 


Calii by d;iy or night p'.omptly attended to. 
^Viuneb:•.go City, Aug. 15, lvG6. 

4> M. L K W D , ~~ 

Winacbag-o City. - . - ni2icncsota 

Tlie uiidc.r-'ii.iiol would rcspeetfr.lly inftiriu the 
people of Winnebiig(j City and vioinitj- that he 
has agjiin opened his oflTn-o in this plate, ai,d isi 
prepared to attend on all who m.iy refjuire nis j 
!iid. Offico up st.iir* in City Salmon bisihiing. | 
Prescriptions carefully compounded. Persons j 
xvijihing to consult me upon any disicase, cither! 
priviiie 'ir of long standing, will p' call on , 
uic .Saturdays of each week, ns j[ »-hflll give these | 
..iiys exclusively to this branch of the ]irote.<'iiion | 

M A L0CK\Vl>01). 
\Vien«b.?go City, Atiguat 15, 1SI56. 4.'5m6 

Attornt3ys tfe Counselors at Law. 


fTll; a'ttad pro;nptly and faithfully to all businessln- 
a^ted to their care- 
Have fi.»r sjIo at all tiuic*, luigo iiuantltlcs of 
U'inneb.igo Trust Lauds, and other raluablo 
Farming lands. 

The house contains !.•> moras, with all modi-rn ' be negotiated; hiS VCS^cIs Still tmvcrse 

r:;:;r?;'„%.e':'ri:'i;."f «';;;Li';;;.r„';' ; »^'a» ='-' '-^u™ tu po,-t .are »r.d proper 

backward and forwordis, aud on a bright ckar ou.j. From lllis revClic lie Wa.-* rOUScd 
day vou can see the Gardca city, Cuicugu, Id., '■ , • , i i n i - • 

iro'iu'yr.urowu door. , by a hic;h toued voice and all his vis- 

o.^^r,"^'''^ thi. present year from 15,009 to ; j^^,,^ ^^ riMU'wed credit and prosperity 

2G,l)liO baskfts of the finesi graftrd tr-iit, ana >t . i r j 

I nly costs 10 ceutrf per basket to deliver them in Vatlif^hed at thc SOUn<h 

^n'Sulturists of thi., place and adjoing cities ' 'I t^'»l y<» ^'^ is at home ; I kno^ he 
haveurt'ed tic idei o*^ m-jkiiig the tii.-pn.^-al of jg and I iiiust See him, therefore un 

ihi.s iModtl Froii Farm, *ifh personal jtropi-rty, j t -n - i • • 

Ac, the basii of a niitionul distrd-ut.on upon tho , nOUUCO mC Or 1 Will enter WltllOUt m- 

Art Uuton pinn. The foiiowiiii: is a full list of troduftiou." T he fiiirhfcoed domestic 

tlio artivicb iiiid the niuiuu-r of drawing : =' 

There wiil be issu«d to in*>ui'>cr8 rertlfif^alcJ 
for 5t.0t)0 siijirf.": at $2 ca<h, i.unil)erii:g fioiu I 
to 50,000 inclusive, eac.» one oi wbnh iviil enti- 
tle the holder one fine >Stcid Eiigiuviiig aud a 
share iu thc award of prcinitiras. 


No 1— Tho model Fruit Fiirui. $34,000 

2— $i,O0(l in tiiftnback*. 4,000 

3 — One span of uiatcht d Pay Uorses, 

with top carriage aud hiur.iss, 2,500 

4 — One superb oil painting, Mary Mag 

diilune aud child, vahu-, J ,500 

f» — One Piano (Cbivkcr ng.) 700 

This piiino was drawn by me :!t the North 
RC-iern liiir in Chicrigo ; lickef .S;.i. 
No — One complete s'.t of black walnut 

fiirnituri.', in gret-n rep. COO 

?— One li:rge mirror, Fitnch plate glass 

7 feet hvh, lua'blo trimmings, £'t».1 

8— One Mtlodcon, 325 

y — Oneccuipiete set of parlor bedroom 

10 — One «i<t of sittlhg room furniture, 
II — Oil palming, l,ini-o!n, 
12— 0-1 1 :!!i;!ipg, Waslduirton, 
13— Oil painting, l.,ady \V.ishi»gton> 
14 — Oil painting, ticii. Grinf, 
15 — Oil paiiitiTig. Gen, ^ii.innan. 
If) — Oil painting, Daniel \V'tt'*ter» 
17--0il I'ainting, Tropics, ^priug, 

'Ah I have I touched you,' said Ver- 
mond risiiifj, 'your heart smites 3'ou does 

contiimed unconscious of her pi-esence 
slie gtuiled agiin, and putting one pret- 
ty fitiijer on lier rosy mouih to cnjoiti 
silence to V'ertnond, she stole 8ile»i*Jy 
out of the room closir.s the door gently 
after her. A spirit from heaven, aii 
anijel with blue evf p and fair hair had 

it not ? Well then ; remember your i apijcarcd to softcn'the anger ot thc tref 
own word^ some bixte n years ago; I i-il^^s creditor and open his heart td 

new and kindlier aensatinns. IJie ha-^ 

opened ihed-or with a trembling hand 
and readin;:; tlic c-.ird given him anuoun 
cud "Mr. VeruKMid.' 

Mr. l*enion wng seated with his 
back to the door and therefore did not 
see his unceremonious visitor; he rose 
however, from his chair, his blood J'eel 
ing chilled ; hut he seeaied to want tiie 
power ot turning his head and Mr. 
Vermond was ohiiged to make the half 
circuit of t!ie ta' le in order to face liis 
dcltor. This person so formidable to 
Mr. Pernon ho dared not ndsc his 
eyes toward him, had nor.G of the harsh 
fe.'itures of a cre«lit<r. 

He was not more than twenty six 

was then a boy and my poor father was 
in similar circumstances to what are 

tred seemed to dcjiart and his c'e ite of 
vengeaace satisfied. In vain he tried 

now your own. You went to him as I to resume his invictives; he conld nd 

lepartea, iiait ex[) 
you to he merciiul and requiring; only a ' ygain the eyljd^-like flguie and" sweet 
little time, liut vou sir, not abject per ; countenance which had smiled on hiir» 
son you seem today answered him in a I ^« innocently. He pas-ed his hand 
, . ,' . , ,. ! over liH brow «& it to smooth its cou- 

high tot.c and in lai:izuage far more ^j.^^.^^j ^^^,^^,^3,^^ . j^^ ^j,^^ raised the 

harsh than I have addiessed to you. | unf nlun.ate Licero from tlie ground 

and replaced it oil the book case.- 
Wheii lie had d'-na this he reseated 
himself oppo^te Peroon and lotjked ai 
the afiforinnate man, but it was no I6tl- 
ger with an air of disdain or threateil- 


,,„,,..,, . ,. T I ' - •■ would have forgireri 

years of age tall well made ami with a | house, even into this very room; I re- j 0,3? Could his Voice now be heard hd 



250 ^ 

2-^" ' handsome wlien free from the cxpres.-* 

250 I . 1 J J 

250 ion it now bore of co'itftnpt h:ttiea and 

Your sarcasms on a bankrupt were bit 
ter ami uncharatable ; and not ontent 
wi:li your own cruelty you instigated 
the other creditors to refuse all ar- 
rnngehienfs, and we drank the cnp of 

mi.<ery to ilf? dre^s. Do you remember 'Sir !' snid the old mart not h ^afe 6i 

the implacability of vour hatred? I the powerful anxilery which h.d beert 

*^ •' ' sent him, hatred and vengeance artf 

younir as I was, did notescnpe your un i,,,(i passions and are not nat-ral at your 

kindliest. One day in the midst of our ' age. Believe me I huve long repenied 
distiess, my mother took me by the '^'^he conduct wherewith you have not# 

, 1 1 . 1 . , « .1 • ! reproached me ; and do yon not think 

hand and led me to your house — to this ,, ' ^ .,' •' 

•^ that ynur father 

lace th.'it would havi been deemed I memb r it well. 

There is the same large chest ; the 



He was dressed in mouriiin;i 

that it 


'If there be ^o:ne flecret cause for your 

IS — Oil ;)ainiii!g, '1 ropio, (nil. 

19— Oil paintiiir, "Huntc-s Lust Shot." 2.-II j but with SO mucll 

2iZonc Mirror! Fi'7."h'p'are, 151^ | njig'»t lia'.c bceii Bupptjscd he had come persecution of my l.usband,' said .^lie, 

ouT^^''f, '""""' "''•''''^•^'•P7"''"*='"H''- '"" j on a visit of coicioony to the white | 'at least liavc pitv on my boy, my poor 

2o to .i2 iiM-hisivc — i en i]r!<t class sewing | f .1 l ■ j j'> i i 

iiiavhii.etf, $150 ca.h. 1,500 h.iircd man wljo stood befoie liim. — [Charles. Do not deprive us of every- 

U hen :\Ir. Pernon did at length glance j thing I conjure yon ; allow u9 the 

wouM say th -t you were not honorin** 

his memory in imii-nting tlie haishnesR 

of my proceedings It is true th;it I am 

, , punished Mr. A'^ernnmd, in e^tendin;* 

selt at your feet, fche pntyed in tears i „,y ut.kin Iness tu his chid, bat I kne^5 

same liOokcase. My mother threw her 

32 to 37 inelusiv( — I-'ivo class Knit- 

ting M.Kltinc.-. CI 25 ench. 


not then how dear a child mi .Ijt bf' 
come, for my child had searje enter- 
ed the woria. lint now 1 trewhje for 
my dear Cicile ! tho honor of her f ith- 
oris in your hands. Ah I Sir, hard 
pity of her !' 

'air/ s.aid Chnrles VeftrlOTld ri-ing, 
and half inclined buw before hi« debt- 


"^^luh\e'<\^L\^^'''''^ !• towers, with furtively at thc young man lie saw at j means to continue his education.' And 

."9-tJDcVh;.tu'ot,' French plate mirrors, 75 , oncc that no hope rem«i.ied for him ; I recollect,' continued the youn;; man ^^"^ "''^'^ mciincd buw before hi« de 

40— I'arim Marble CrdKercivcr, "^ .i-i I. i.!o ;..».. viotori ^.i-.w'it,..- .«n,t iK-.t I -.-ii • . V. *i «-.i.-t « I or, you Will perhaps, find fhends,' fl 

41- One Mtrror, French plate g;as., 50 i ^^••^' »"« Hifun.atcd cicitor, .^ud still more ir tai.' by the lailhtulncss I ^^j^,, .^ ,„j„Jf^^, ,J„,,ti,,„ of selfblame 

- I J>e was doomt-d to an interview which of his memory, 'that tis a boy, thinking | and newly awakened emotion he np- 

J he wonhl have given more than a trifle ; no harm, I took a book from the book ; proached the door nut knowino; what 
to avoid. He placed a chair, trembling i case-1 see tho same book still there; ' ^^^ lye to say or how to conclude the in- 




in every j"int and the youi.g man threw 
himijelf into it. 

'So,' said he after an interval of si- 

J. A. ^\iLLARD. • . iljl 




Opposite Clifton House, 

Mn^^kato, Minnesota. 

1 1 •. I 1 V -. .. 1 • I terview. Mr, Pernon. too much din* 

and opened it holding it t)ward you m i ,..^„^„ i f^ « , i i 4- •^" ""• 

' tressed to hnd any consolation or ht)pc 

suj>port of my dear mother's pleading, j,, the young inaTi's last woords, offered 
and joining; her in begging that I might no reply that would reassure Vermond 

\f \ \T TT'Tp Q T I Q^^Tf i Icnee, 'you have not honored your bill.' . have an education. And you sir, snatch ' ""^^ placin.;; his ungloved hand on the 

-^▼-■-^ i JjXJWOl, J.OUl. j i\i„ . r »• u ...„i ^„» «t.J^ . I J „.„„ I , J .1 1 1 r \ ' ^ • m- I handle of the tloor which hitd been 

' 'Alas, no; faltered out the old man aa thc book Trom mv hand sayin;; 'Cic 1^ i j i . i .i J ■ \ , . . * 
1 . •„,.." .'.,.-, J I . .1 r 1 ' I , ituuched by the fair h oid of the 

A committre will bo ap. ointed to sttperintcnd 'but — indecJ— on my honor Sir '- Cio- llic SOU ot a baijkrui)t has no need ! K,...,.,»;,',,i „;,.i ),„ of>on».ri ;t ..r.^ •«.;.i. 

thedistril.ntion of the Prizes, by the i.orticuitur- ,^ .1 « ,i • ' t 1 t- ,. , v- - , »Ca lUlUl gll Ij he Opentd It and •with- 

I al and Agricultural Soviet es of Michi;:.iM Ycs, ycs ; oatlis are fine thinirs, .«?ald , of Ciccro.' Y OU gave that we drew. 

the young man sternly interrnpiing j should be driven from your house and I Mr. Per.ion, eihanstett by tJie vio-' 

{ lence of Vermond and hi.-* own Kuffer^ 

posed cxc'i ."ively of Fruit Ort wers -nd I'aruiers 
none of whom shall Lavo ^ny iuterest wiialever, 
in thc drawing. 


Practical Watcli-Make.t, 

A N D 


Siankato, - - - Minn. 
i>c:aler in 

Watches, clocks, .Tewelry &, silver T»aic 

Hepairing t:catly exectitcd and narranted. 
'^.v^- • ■ 

K» soon H8 t! c awards are made, a perfect Vi- 
tie of the different PretaiuMS will be furnished to 
the fortunate holdeis of certificates. 

On r^eipt of$2 we Will forward one certificate 
witu list of Engraving."", from which ]mrlies may 
•elect any one they (dioo.^e. The Engravings 
WHOLESALE <fe RETAIL ' ^'" ""n^'-*'' ""^^^ j*" ditrerent varietic.«. the .ctail 

' vttluo of wiiieh is $2 each io uny Art Asiociatiun 

Our tables are newiind are of the best make 
Good cigars aud liquors at thc bar. 4ilyl 

Crockery Store! 


ALBERT S. WMIITE, Proprietor. 

Crockery, Glass-w.nre. Groceries. Ac. for sale 
by wholesale or retail. Country store* supplied faj home for himkcTf or fainilv 
on reasonable terms, llooms on 3iain Street 
nearly opposite Dradley <fc Brc 

in the country 
Please observe that you receive thc worth of; jjeance to an old man whom the chun 

your money at oncc, and at the 8-»me time an op 
pi>rfunity is given vou to secure an iiulepcndent 
fortune for life tne same us Mr. k. \\. Lee of 
Prairie du Roche, who drew thc Crotby Opera 
House, a' Chicagc. \>n .he 31st of January 1S(S7, 
with a single ticKct u\ $5, or hundreds of others 
whom we might meation tha' have made ihem- 
■vlve> wealthy by the simple investment of one 
< r two dollars. Every farmer and llorticultur- 
i>it should feel an interest in se<^uring this beauti- 

Pcrnon. j vou succseded in preve:itin2: me,' coo- i i , . , ... 

... , , Ti .1*1 r '. , .. nis:, passed t.u the cliambei *.f his w fe 

'Ah, ah ! I knew that a d.ay of ven- , tinned \ ermoad a.s he a-ain tonk the \ a„cl tiirew himself upon a couch. 'We 

peance wonl arrive though I did not | book frum its depo.siloiy anJ looking »re lo>.t !' he exchimed ; 'irreiriev:ddy 

tiiink it would come so soon.' 

'Keven;;e !' said Portion trcn»bhng at 

voting, so rich so furtuoate ta k of veo 
iieance to an old man whom the chun 
CCS of comuicrce have made your debt 

'I thank thec'-ances" said Vermond 
clenching his teeth. 

into it, dadied it after on tho ground, j *'^''" ""^ ^'^b' ^"^ we owe more we 

II.' 1 , T can i)av, but our ]>rinci!)al cre<lit<ir is 

'my education was never completed ; I ; ,. .. ' ,; !.. ,. „, ,^ ' ', ' , ^ "[7 '^ 

can vou— fco ; . 1 /-• - • ^ r. the ton ot that Vermond, who si.tlccrt 

cm i m i-o . cannot read Ciccro. 1 quitted Pnnce years ag.-— but you remember. Ah 1 

to seek my fortune among siraogcrs. I am bitterly retaliated upon! The 

and you sir, was a fortunate aud happy younj; man lia.s been hire decdaiiing 

his intention to revencrc the wroncj he 

ufFered. Ah ! hapny f am that indth- 

man ; on the day you were g) un^Jiy- 
ing to us a aau^hter was born to you. 

you nor our dear Ceoile were present • 


P E H R Y, 


Citv Minnesota, 

There are characters that are hardened ' his reproaches would have overwhelm- 
by good frtune. I\ora that moment ' ^'^ y^'"- Yet I am at a loss to Im^irino 
'Eight days since/ continued the ! i Hved for but one end and you know i '''.^ ^^ b.-came so suddenly calm.— 
r»-,.l. u* 'i l.nn.rht inv«;clf a i""i» m.-jQ ' i i t i_ , , , • . !*» hat caprice or str.ange alterrii«Mi.s of 

s ch-n.. 1 honghtmysclt a 1. J. man , ^y^^^y^^ ^ ^ave succeeded. K is long , sentiment conld have ehecked hi., a:.t?«r 

The Horticultural Association ! of mv wealth nor had mv conGdence 

The sea had not s-valiuwed a portion ] gj^yg ^^ i^^vc hqui.l.ited your debts to 

vou. But thc wealth which I was for- 



May be found In FeUo'vrs' New Block. Op> 
posito CotticU &. Ooarbon s New Store. 

at al- times, prepared to <i.> all work intrusted to 
bim. in th« late'tt New York Fashions, or to suit 
ho I'ustouicr 

Most kinds of country \ r «ducc wanted f')r work 
Cutting done on short LOUee, and warranted to 
fit if propetly made up. n?: 4 


MAoufa'-turcr aud Dealer in 


of every variety. 
Gilt Mouldings Kept On Hand 

m. M.UiKATO MIlilT. tlrl 

p. B DAVY, 

Auction A.Ci'inin«ssi«)n Merchant 

CorrtT '^f Sourh .Tid Valo'^is "treets, 


{Jlue Eavih C'ry, ... Miunesota. I 

Of St. Joseph. Michigan, 

j been abused ; at least I knew not that , ^^^^,^ ..^^u^h to procure and the re- 

Is No Gift Enterprise, ' 1 ^ ^'"^ ^■""'''^^ '" ^''' unworthy. I w:.s ■ of my father in his fur 
And must not be confounded with the D.dL.r i ^.^'"«^^"\'»>«t^ that paper ^'^a f'-^H^'" in- | ,„,, respectability were not sufficient. 

t^een ad- , to yoi.r hauds and I mi-ht h.ave been | ^y^.ar has now happened could alone 

Gift Concerts and humbugs which liave 

verti.edso extensively through mt th« country. : i„formcd of it Without bcin- thu.^ tioub 

Th« /«sociation would reapoctfully refer to the led.' 
following gentlemen 

satisfy me. Yes I confe-s that I have 
watched yon with eye of a falcon. It 

I kn .w not. I'Ut. .ilter having treated me " 
more like a criminal ih*m an unfirtn- 
nate merchanr, he left the room widi 
quite an al'^ered bearinjr, and even 
8<tme .ipproach at politene-ii,' 

lli.s wife still ond««artired io t«nnsnle 
her husband while C'eeile threw her- 
self into her f:ithpr'5 arm-* .ind hid her 
blushinj; f^ce npon hi- honhler. 'Do 
not dciJpair, my goo»1 friend,' said his 

CASH paid for I1II»E.? S. SKIXS. 

J^ . Hon Jno Morrison. Geo Ward.Capi H R Lang- appearing tO inClCflSe as he SUrveyCtT* foyor nof nitv t 
ley, Capt Samuel Lrnglev, Ji»me« E .<»eTCD«, B , .-.- . . . ' » '' 

F King. W Oviatt. .'^t Joteph Mich.; c S ' ^"e apartment. ♦lcs,yonr p.iper is in y^\^^^ ^^^ j^ ^j^^ 


Keep* eonstanily on hand a gao<l assortnrent of i Frink. Cb;cago III. ; B F Lawrence, banker, ^^^v hands, for fiii* 8 not the only bill ! ,.,„ <•.,♦!,„- •'» 

^(*phen Lasher. Elgin 111: L Oillett, Aurora Id . ! . . . „. . / tuy talPer . 


J E Dickenson, Carter, Pitkin A, Davis, Milwau 
Kee Wis : James Dlnck. I>etr»>it Mich. : Wiliiam 
Bort, Niks, Mich. ; H Y Scbell. Chicago III. 

RitrKnKrtCEs.— lion. J. B. Wakefield, Hill k 
Dustin. Blue Eurth ; Isiac >r irks. J. F. Meagh- 
er, Mankato; Maug^r Brus., C^L Paul. \ Applicationt for certifici tcs should b« addrtss 
lnne4, 186«. oSm ' «^ to 

HALL <t CO., 
Billiard Room and Saloon. 

'Wlltoo* ninnesota. 

The bast pf Liquors and Cigars at tbabvr.— 
All kind? of BiOers and Candies constantly on 
haal. Also fraab oyaurs in tbeir Maflon. 4rm3 

I hold of yours. This as you know, 

falls due today, but I have others -one .^^ ^^^^ ^.j.^.j^ „y g^^^t Cecile; oh '. 

for the lait of this month and one to be c^ciie my child I 

OMl 1 rt VV til 1 1 li2.U, am the bankrupt s greatest creditor.' | before yoa, her child lound no mercy 

(At bu own rkk,) P. 0, Drawer 6,187, At the word bankrupt Pernon raised j ^ j^^^ hands.' 

CHICA G O, ILL. , his eyes, which kindled for a moment \ .j ^^^^jj ^j^ , ^^j^ pernon, 'I cannot 

^ll!*tt.r.cot.uioi.goT«$i»pie.«r,giat«.|to his v.sitor ; but thefla^h Pa»«ed 1 ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ,^j i^^^-j^^jj^^ 

pm- Agent» wanted in erery townaad county ' awar, his head dropped and he sighcd ; -.1 for me ' 
throughout th* fnited Stataa, ta wboia a libaral j , ,, t t j .*^ 1 XT ^l^. 

diacoBot wui b« Bada.'^B I betTiW as he obf ertei— *Few t>ersoiii < 'My fath« 

Hon. J B Upton, M c, Won Morgaa .«»herwood ' '^ ^*'' ®''*"^ ^^',^ voung man his anger ig ^ow my turn and you have neither j wife ; ail may be a nir ably ' siir.-'.nrretV 

to expect from rac, I will . perhaps. J,»'t us hone better things ; 

stake as you once bound ;>:"';'''«'; ^^'''e rat.y find a rith and 

kind lin«bana.' 

His wife wag indeed ri:rM; her jinsa 
*.dy poor wife, sobbed the merchant , band found no more dificultv in meet* 

m- h'sppyments; and a few m mths 
after that awful l.'ith of May, Charles 
V«mon deputed the m •nageroent ot' 
his busines to the old merchant, whit« 
he indulged in the happinesa r\t% yrm\. 
ding tour with th'j mediating angol^'Mt 

^rsoiii ^ 'My father said so to you bat you re 

the fair Cecile. 

—Why is the hedgehog of vegetable 
origin ? Because he ig the 0&pHh« tff 
A prickly pelf (psur)i 

■#-— ^ 





li '• 




thl: homestead 


gooJ?, olcoiirRo he will u=o uvery elluit 
to get the road to that town, May the 
pi'uple of Bine Karth riiy all live nnJ 
be hApi\v, till the Southern Miunesotn 
itailroad is built to th:it p'.jce. Mark 
our word, gentlciucn, it will never be 
tliil. The lolliiuing lu what wsia biii-i 
and done on llie 14ih ; 

"'J he Kaihoud conimittpe reported 
faorably to the pnssinge of Mr. \V;ikc- 
fhld'H Huhstitute f r the bill iutrod-i^cd 
l)v Mr. Millar acceptin}; the grant of 

Homo Cunespundonce. 

Scliool Teaching. 


Wf would lure (/b-erve .1 few of the 
qualifications of jjood teachers. 

First 11 leaelier thou'd poesess u larce 
share of common sense and I'mctical i 

w'.sdoin, for there are many opf.oriuni 

ties for its exercise in the sdiool loom; 

, , . • „• 1 r,».^ Q. „,',w.ii. Mill niany instances wheie the want of it 
lands given in aid oi ilie buuineiu .>iin- j 


rEBRTJARY 20. 1367. 

nesoia Jlaihoa<h 

Mr. MIL1J:U'S bill si'P->!y acceptu 
ihegraui, while Mr. Wakdiel Is:^ impo 
se? certain conditions ou tlu^ Soutjicrn 
.^linnei»nta cou)pany before the said 

imjieiils the (caoher or ) roves liis ruin 
Tiie existance of his authority, and Ids 
dcBliiiy as a teacher, dejiends upon 
jM'onipt aii'-l judicious nctiv>n in the set- 
tlement of all difiv.-tdties which may 

4. X.. cariXSTiB 

"We Belire. 

VVltii ihi>^ nuinht-r we vacnto 

E nt«, oon.pany accept, tlie grant. I ^'<^"»^^ ^^■^^^'•^' ''»"'• ^^ '^'^''^"^ ^'''^I'^^i- 

Mr. MILLER moved tli.^r the report I V^^^^^'^ '« '^^^^ «--«^'-^^»'^^ <« success in 

» . • . u 1 1 „ 1. .,:.,„' teacliincT- The raiJiatit smilo of cheer- 

of the committee he aincnd by laying ; "'-^'^ = r , , , 

\\ ukeficlu s bill on tue table, aiul saul 


A SnbstiUfU' for Colon tt. 

TUe..v Pilia ttPO coiupieiol %ai-loi'? root*, tiaving 
tl.o p>vr*r to relax il.« eurcfiov.* ol the Uvji- «; 
p-oiip'iv *rA c(T2ottclIy aa b'ue p'll or mer-iur/, 
\.-\C -.ritliju* pi-!^u-ac'u,T2ny oi" tl^ofe (ISmi TCoal.:ocr 
aaii'-crjui: cC^Cb which oltan icllow the ubc of ihc 

In ft' I WHiWB 'IzoricTi th-jT" rria tany bo u-cd w!th 
cojI-' juce. a., the/ promote the ui charfrc oi vit:at'>d 
LtKu, »-.<! rciuo\» U»oi.o •l)-'tvac-iion» iroia Ihd iivef 
oal V..5ry di'".:*, which ure ihe caitse ci bUou? 
ctiEciuiie lu t^e'iera'. 

:,L:ij..NL;:i'a ii-v-\'na\in pii^ls euro s;cu 

llci '.a;*!", audall 'Jlecruc-J o. ihe L'v.r. iB4x!itod hy 
fa.'.o..' <!lJn, caa'.ei to'!tn|e, ocA^e.ietE, di'crsb:ca, 
tal » c«iao«jJ. JV-c'.in* 0* v.oa "Inwd an! '::«>:( lifis. 
clioniut; iliat liiu Uvit is ia t. ijrii; J or oli oracled 


In p'loi-t. ficjo FIKj i.S-i • tw ii'd \T;;h alvan- 
tt'o ia a'l f:a.-,cs when a par-a'.ivo «r &iUj-;itivc 
jn,'Jic!..e J re ju'.rcJ. 

I'c .'ft (Kk lor 'Pr. Schenc-U's Msiiftki IM's," 
ua\ oiikiva iho tvro llkane;*"* ol l.'ie lioc-.or 
ars Oil I'le iJ jveruuicn: E'..i;np— o'-iC wl;.;.! 'i.i ihc last 
y.i^c u; Coa;ui';""ion, auu tiit; other in liU x«:u.;eiit'!;u 

pvvTKix. trine Ml OiuL-e, Sa. !"• Soi'.h ♦i.h ore^t, 
l*;>s:c ic'iih'a, 1^ 

.^iiio.-a WiioiCEa'c Aroii'.e: De-iXi nar.:es & Co., 
n ra^k H'lW. Nl-w YcrKr P. S. Urica I'W r.irfti- 

KlviV .i . I^ ti .:01 .. Vet.'. Jolltl i). i'ui-ii. K.;K. 

cc;-. J'. I'ojrt'.i aid "iWi lU. b .. C-ii-ci. j.".l :, OlCo: 
Y>'ii. U-r & Tuior, 1;;4 auJ 1;;> V.'i..yj'.i .^winiie, 
Cli.cvi . li!. : Cci;lii3 Di'ot'vtM. fciJr.vtj*. ccrua 
ft. ;-.(■' .i?i ir.i SV., G;. Lj.-.'s, :.:•!. 

• ft*i * i^ h TV. PH. TTo. 1 yr. 


All he asked was 

that the Southern Minneso.p liailroad ^'''^'^''-'"^ ^'-'«^''^"'- '^'^"^'■- ^"^ l*"^'''" ^•^'^"" : '^>--7,- -^''t ^ Ino tho«..„ml dollar. «oHb of 

lliai me nouilie n • , ,- ful. Lut sadness and di^C0U^;t^cment on vmIuu Wlc rr..po,ty and money l„ be .i.-^.nl.uted 

niif'ht receive the ,'»;nie eons:deiallon i » , ^ l to tiel'it holders ^o i.osri.oncaicnt. Jitkets 

^ , ,. , T • 1 ^ .1 i Iiiicouiiti'iiance burdens me mental at one d, liar cndi The |iriz.-3 (oii>i>t or a noueo 

„ .., , .. -1, ' the Le-'islature uiitrammcied and stand „ . , ,.^ 

the Freb IIoMESTKAD, with g«.o.t \Mii j f ,,^ duties and scenes of scliool hfo. 

thrown m, to Mr L. A. lloioiiiviss, ; i" . 

now a resident of this towr>, formerly 
of New York 

For quitting,' tlu diities we have io 


health is poor and wid nut permit ol , ''" 

, , 1 I 1 ', Uld 

Gift Concert. 

Russfcll .t Co., of Sbakopee. will give ft Grand i 

Tlie Gift Concert s>:\ Etidreh'.t IIjiII, feh.ikor.ce, ?^llI)l., ' 

»>n we(lrIC^day eveiiinf;;, May l-:t l;^r,7. One ■ 

.... . ^ 

Down Tliev €roS 

li the order of the day, 



— -0 

Indian Head .-hecting— a y.ird wide— 25 cents. 

Best Print:) 18 cents. 

Bust of FL.\.VNEL.S from 30 to 50 cents. 

I>ELANEF; 28 cents. 

— 0— 

SIX pounds ligbt Brown rupar for $1.€0 

Best COFFEE 35 cts, ft. 

SIX pound* good DUIEI) APPLES for $1,00. 

And a great variety of nil other gnod.s to nu- 

incroii!? to mcnlicn, wbicb will bo 

Bold very low 

FOR C A S £!. 


AVc, tbe UTider.-igncd, will sny to the publii.'. 
that wc do not adverlise tinj tbinj^ but wb:it \vi 
will live up to, and if any one wants GoOI^ 
(loods, please call and se us befi.ic you buj 
elf^ewbcro, lor wo are confident tbsit we will sat- 
i.jfy you tbat we are selling gooJ* 

Go to the Drug Store to buy yoiif 
School Books, Stationary, Juvenile 
liuoks; Novels, &Q. 



DiftrJct Court, 6th Judieial Dictrict. ) 
County of Faribault. j 

[Revenue S'amp, 50 ceuta, Cancelled.] 

Fatnjcl llntchinsou, Jofiiib R. ll.ilthins'jnj^ 
Jereuiiab Reeve, and ChArlcs J. llu^^toii." 

AC.^JN'fT J 

Orlando Ward, Defendant. J 

The State of Miunceota, to the above Lamed 
Defendant : You are hereby required to aniw«»r 
the conipliiiiU in tb»i action above entitled, which 
bMf been filed in the office of the Clerk of eaid 
Court, at Blue Earth City, in said county, and to 
Pile your answer to gaid complaint, in the Clerks 
Ofiice aforcsiiid, v.iihin tliir'v day? after the eer- 
vico of tbie summons on you. exclusive of the day 

f service: and if you fail to anevrer the said 
'>)i!iplaint the plaintifl'a will take Ju Igment 
(gaiust jou for the t>uai of nine hundred and 

wentw-eigbt dollars and seventy certs ($92S.70> 
(\ith interest thereon at the rateot seven percent. 

roin June I't, ISCJ, besides the costs of this u6- 

Date-1 January Pih. A. D. 1S67. 

ANDREW 0. DUKN, Plaintifl-g Atty* 
»-4n]2w7 Winnebago City, Minft 

Clieaper than any other House 
in the Blue Eartli Valley. 

Gi\c us a Call 

,. at the hands (,f the Legislature as otii- ! ., , i i -n *i n.d lot on i;a street, Si,L>(in; a lot on 2d sireit ' 

In,.., ,1, So,, t .r^ .lid not Ihurontrh I '»<-»*=P-'«'''^' ^^»'" g'O^''^ aiul cl.ll.S the ,f 4^200 ; a bouse and lot on Holmes street at : ]B:;^ ^^ ^"«7' 1^ b»^ -1 1 ^v^^ 

„r years perlonued, wo have several | f'" *-^>^^^*^«- ^ '"=:\'"^ ^^'^^ ''''' ^'-;"«'' \ ,,p^. ^^,^,^.1 ^f ,j ^ous ihoucrht. A ?'.'M.; four lot. f.nely located $.00; one piano; Ii< ^S^:^ W iSi^aO !e> . 

^ » ' -14. I ly un..'er>tand liilS mailer a.S }ei, and , ' » , ' • • , ""C pr;/.e in grccub.Tcks SlOO ; ono hor^c, one l *^___ 

K<o\H. Tlte chief of these IS that our j -' • ,.1 .,.,. *\\ ,i,„,. natural and earnest .sympathy with Uie top bncgy; three silk drc.s patterns, one sewing 1^ ^ , , ^^ ^„. ^ 

'hcde.UeJ ItDil-htlny oxer untd tl-ey ! , ^^ -^ [^ J.^ ,_ ^^ „,;,i.ine; one };cdd lever watch; one .American ; l^. S. Land OScc, Wrnr,>) n-TorCrly Minn., | 

,vatel.. Albums. nHpkin ring-s &(•, in ailil2 I .. . Febraary Sih, 186^.. J 

the close eonfinement and hard labor. I ""** , , , I chitracter of the te;;clier. Willi hiin life prizes. The object M the coucert is to dispose of > 

' iWr. »> .iivnr li-lj»' liu 'iti luo iiiu 1 , , , , ,, , thciro;ierty aavciliscd, and not for a sj eeuln- 




- - MiXN. 

we are subject to. Another is, we are j ^.^^ ^j. ,,^. ^....^^ ^^.^^^j^^ hh ^Tevail, U^^^^hl ever be young. He must he 

not .able to fumish tie improvement, j ^^^^^ ^^^^^^ the report of liaihoad com- i ^^^'"^ ^^^^^^ society of children acd the ^^.^^^^^^^^ 

tion. Address by lunil (with priea of ticket en 

Febraary Sih, 1867. 
To Frederick A Porter: — W ilb'.;r F Davis has^ 
this day applied for the no th bah' r<.uth cast 
(luarfcr, and south half of the north east qn.Trrei 

to cur oftioe tlia^ it now needs. And 
another reason might, peihaps, bo ad- 
Tied, to wit : that we hit ourselves un- 
qutd.iied to edit a pr-pcr such as would 
fully meet the demand.-? of the people of 
our coinmuir.ty. Li ihii re-pcct we 
h:»ve only to say, we have done our 
best. The political talent wu have, we 
liave used in the name of Freedom and 
J!cpial lights to all mankind. 

So far as our local talent is concern- 
ed, we have endeavored to show up 
the superior advantages of Southwest 
^.innesota, and those td" Faribault coun 
ty in particular, to the best advant;<ge. 
Mr. Ilotehkiss, who succeeds us in 
owncibhip, will albo excell u.s in those 
other respects. He will re fit and re- 
furnish the olhce and make it a credit 
to the town and county-. lie is an I'ld 
hand at ''quill driving" and the frater- 
nity have received an ornaincut iu its 
ranks. We recommend 1dm to the pub- 
lic, and eincerely hope he nay be bet 
ter paid for his labors in the future, 
than we have been in the pivst. 

To the business men of our town. 
we tender our thank« for their very lib- 
eral patron.igc, and the many other fa- 
vorri they have shown ns. To the pub 

mittee w-mld be a.h.pted. He at i y^-^th ; must partake largely of their 
some length ol the right, of the i-oople i ^'^F^ ^''^■"' j'^-vs ""'^ t^'^^"' eulhu.^iasm, 

cid) M. C. Ru'=sull. P. 0. Boa 270, Shu':opec, : of section ^2, fo-.vKslip 102, r^:.-c .^I : if bcin.L 
,,„.,,.,, the land von filed on. "i ou aro hcr?by nutifico 

as contradistinguished irom the claim. I ^"'^ '""^^ ^'^ .ensiuvely alive to all that | f. pROF. VON VERAE'S 3 


Mft v;uiiii U1119 till '^uin-iv v4 »iv.<iji t..»v >.».•»».«•- ' 

of the Southeni Minnesota Railroad '"tercets . r tioubles them 

company, rematking that the muni- 
ticent grant of landri which w;is pro- 
posed 1 1 be turned over to that C"i:ipa- 

Such ti teacher has a fvmpa'hv, an 
inteiiBt, an tilTt'ction for his pupils ! 
which wil' create in their minds ccrrcs 
ponding fti-iings and give him power 

ny WJH rea'ly the .:;ift of the pt-ople ofj' ^ ^ .i . „ i. 

•^ . ;,. ' ... and mliuynce over tlein can tc 

Soulliwest Minnesota, and in turning ; ... , „ 

,. , ; gained 111 no other v. ny. He can inm- 

over the trrant, the right ol those peo- l*^, . , . ■*, . i • i • 

, . ', ' . , , , ,, ! tile in Iheir s-ports Without loosing hi3 

ide bhou'tl be Hnfdy L'uardei. He eon i \ , " . 

• •/ ^^ j .1,,,,.,.,, ... r> 1 t 1|<\I it f • /•«-«» r<>l\,VH-.. ',71.! 

'., , , . ,, ,.". T •!♦ .! dignity or autljoiity ; cr.n rei)rove and ; 
{•idered the ot the Lf^:.'i.'l:!ture to i " ■' ^ ' ' , . 

,, 1 . , ,. , . r' correct them without prov(d<infj tlieir : 

grant lands m advance ot the act ot ; .. , 

Congrceis— referring to ilio act ot l«b-t i ' 

1 *• « 1 1 .1 «•. .. ... I...,,. I Self cntrul a! 

in relation to lands tlierefiftcr to te ac | . , 


'cuch a nja.'-ter will succeed gives auiJioMiy. 

er -iaU- 
ing PRE 
V E N T I V B . 
for which the; are 
in every instance. They 
are cordially recommended to 
all Ladies who, from siokneaa or 
other catises, are unable to undergo 
the perils of acconchment. This remedy ia 


aimply a 



. , , ., c . 1- •, 1 he onalificd to govcvn otheis, the mas- 

quired by the fctate for rtiilroa.l purpo- | > =^ ' 

ses, andquoterl the tie. ision of the Su- I *«'• "'"^^ govern himself, his tamper and 
preme court of the United St.tles sus- j J^''^ tongue. Ills power to quell a ra- 
taining his position that such grants ;S"»S tumult or a nberion lies in 

i his coolness. Af'er all, the teacher, to [ 



from a State are void. 

Mr. A. AllMSTIiOXG th^n ,,,,,, '^>^ ^^^^^^^^^^ ^-^^-^^^^^ Vy^ro^.^ou^Wy tda 

and said : The fitst question to sett e | ^='^^'^^ ^^'^ ^^''l*^'''^* " >'^'""- '"^° ^'^ 
was the riyht and power of the S-ate to [ \>^^^ ^''••'>"^1> l"-^»f^"^«'''"-^l Unimug, 1 e 
impose terms np..u turning over the ' ^'""^ ^'^ ^'^'^ prac'ice law or mcdicme, 
land grant to the company Such h .d , "^ iH-come a re.pectaMo mechanic, 
been the policy of the State in th« case | •'^"^1 «''=^'l ^''« '^'^^^'"^^ ^'» ^^^'^'" '^ <^^"«- 
of every grant f >r purposes. I ""^^'^^ the great woik of (raining the 
In thi.caiemu..tofthc land, embraced I ^'"'"'^" '""^'^ ^''' ^''■*'" '"^"'^ I'^mcTtahfy 
in thoirrant arc situated in the south >^ '"''"" ^•^'^ ""'"^ i.npressihle and furma 


rloos to the most deUaaWB> 
Bottle Warranted. 

Z. A D T 

© V |» 

U7 Bend Bed Stamp for Clronlar, or tS.26 for tks 
Bemedy, to C. R. MONROE & CO., Oeneral Agent* 
P. O. Drawer 6fi61, Ctaicaco, lUinois ; OfBoe 165 South 
dark Street. For sole at Wholesale in Chicago, bf 
BUITH & DWYER, and H. 8CX)VILL; and for salt 
bgr cvaar Pr^iffStet iM the Wamt^ 


has on hand the largcft and beet pelected stoc*» 
uf Ilardwa-e. Rtov<s and Agricultural Imple- 
ments in the Mlnnes'/,-;. valley. My stock of 
\„'ricul'.iira\ Iir.})!cinc;. J "is very largo and com- 
plete, eonsioting of the following inavhin«s j 

55 Buckeye's. 

TiO J. li. Manny's, 
Self <fe Hand Rahes, 

20 Kirby,d 
Excelsior Dropper^., 

aiul CaiiGjia Chien 
G Sweepstakes Thresliers, 

J. .1 Case's Threshers, 
Velrator Tines hers, 

Masselion ^Machines, 
(3 Buffalo Sulkey Iv kes, 

35 Kcvolviiig, hor?e rftke^, 

and all the sfnnlier implements in s* r 

.My stock of Builders llardwai hr« bom ?e 
Ic^-Kd with care, and is vory birge. Builders 
will alwjiys find a full supply of 

Xails, (4 lass, SasL, 

Doors, Blin<ls, 

Locks, Latches. <$'c. ifec. 

Prices Exceedin for 

Would rcepcclf illy rnform the T<"blio that they ' CASH! 

have opcncJ >» first cliis? I/n-(.rv .'^t:l11e in Vi'iiine- ' 

ba-o City, where good '-cstablisbments" can be ' '^l' ?«'"'>"-» <lc--iring to purchase Reap and 

had at ail times, d ly or night. Pass-cnjrcrs ar- I Tbrc>):ers, would do wcH to i;ivr tno h call nof.-rt. 

riving by stoge carried to any point desired. 1 P'Tchiisinp. ns tny stock i.« v.t> large and 1 wtll 

Stable and ODice jast back of iha New Dabtist ^Varrant a!l niaciiincs to give satRtar.tion, and 

to be and apjiear at this oCiio on Fiiday, tlu 
22nd day f f March, li>C)7. at twelve o'clock M., 
for the purposii of giving the wboJc nfattcrafai 
and iinpariial iuTesligaiitin. BULLIS Register, 
11. w liOI.LEY, Receiver 

able ! 


.x.Jinol irii' t'> suit. 

Winnebafio Oi'.y, Jan. J.O, IS67. 



T 11 E 

vorsli.ey Dave snow. u«. .^ .... ^^..^ .-, J tivc period of c.xiBtance, be allowed no 

T * j«k.. ,.» «■« olon ti-nflfr nnr thanks western counties of the btate, an<l , « , .1 

lie at mige, tno also tuulcr oui inaiiKs ,•„„«, .,\.t; ., ' ^P^cinl ).repnration. Teachin- thould rp' tallitshed in the year 18 

4- - ♦! « r..;to W In« f>ontrilutod to our I where, in such counties, the question » ' / ^ . , l*- '-^'"'■"-" '" ^"^ J*-" 

lor the miteit has coniiiiuuo 10 t-ui 1 1 be recognized as a profession, the 

Tr ..^ i.-A-n «,■, 1 tl.inrrs that of impo.smg oond itioHS up' >n tlic coni * * ' \ „.., ^,.^... ...,,x 

support. If >^ehu\csaa tiiin^htnai 1 o ,, ^ , . teacher should be satisfied with noth-l THE OLDESl AND 

18G7. '"'^ 1867.! 
Hi. Paiii i^loiieer 

should not have been said, or have left 
unsaid things that we should have s.aid, 
V e only ask that it cray be considered 
uu eiTijr, and not au intentional wrong. 
All contracts of our making, in the 
way of advertising or subscriptions, 
and .arc left unfinished, will be comple- 
ted by our successor 

pany was canvassed by the people in 

.11.14- 1 1 .1 1 • T^j ing less Ih.m a thorough profession.^ ' _ ., . , , 
the last flection and by them d<.'Oided ° . Tlcvf W.\vcnonPv in the State 
,' „ ,• / f, • education; .nnd when fulivqualified he- -^^^^ -^<^^^'T*^r^^ ^'^ Uie folate 
at the polls, and in lavor of turning j ' - ^ , 
. . '... . Tf ^hould receive that comi)cnsati.->n and; ---, t^ , rr-^^^r^ a rry-ir /-h 



over the grant upon certain terms. Ir , .... 

1 -, • i .1 '.1 ! cncourageir.ent which his sell sacrifice 

land:^ were given to the companv witli " 

. . ,'. . ._. .„ r. ' ,1 and devotiotj to the good of the rising 

out restriction as to route, tvc , tlicn . , . . 

.1 • ..1 1 I , „ ^,„ 1 „, .^ : jreneration so richly merit. \Vhile he 

their survey coulJ be s<j mailo as to ' "^ ^ 

make the most of the I.nds come with \ ''^'"^''^ ^''^ l.rolc..s.^ion he shoul-j be hon- 


Daily, Tii- Weekly and Weekly 

wishin,! you all a prosperous future, 
we bid you a kind adieu, hoping you 
have no ill Mill toward us, asauring 
you we have none tow.ard yen. 

Railroad Matters. 

Ill the Senate on the 14th in>t., the 
llailruad queption came up and the fol- 
lowing: action was liad relative to the 
Eonthern Minnesota Road. Mr. Wake 
field's bill a.-* passed, compells the com- 
|)any to f..v points, having it to Mr. 
■\Vakeficid to pay what poinds or town 
lets should bo favored. Mr. Miller 
ou belialf of the roiid, proposed to ac- 
crot the 1 md grant without burdcnsom 

ft c? 

Legislation provisions being placed up- 
on it, and leaving it to the com])any to 
eelect the route. Wh:U the fate of the 
\/dl nill bo iu ihe House, we do rot 
know ; and if passed there, what effect 
it Will h.kve on the road, we do not j 

Have now 







of Fall and Winter Goods, of the choicest r>tyles and best quality 
to be found in the market. Compiising 

Meiiiio^i and Empress Cloths f 
Striped and HfgcIic Poplins! 

1 . f. .1 » .3 i hi^ air;-, imitates liis tones, habits and i THE u.MLY ■*»- *^ 

tno conduct of the company towards, ' j^^ ^ . U ,,,,.,,,,,, or ^^.Wij ^.^, ^o :.r,cnt ' ^ i ii v.^ i tm • " r* • 

^^.^ ,aImo.^t nis Mry looks, jk aibo coi i.s ,^.^,^j.^j^^^ .^^^^^ j^._,^^j^^^^^. .^ ^^^^^■,^, .cp^ciai Llaid.s and Alpaccas ; Common and all ^\ ool Delaines , Prints 

j his romjliMCSS, his odities, his CITOrS , Dispatches, and the full Tc'egrapbic Reports of , <»;hnfifii-to-u • P.o1i^t/^t.o1- on/l 

' ^ the Associated Pre?g, equal in amount to any ailU kSnCeillJgS , i.>aimorai!5 aUQ 

fifty miles from the lot-ality of the pco- j 


, , ,, , I f. 11 .1 ! mav be expected to exhibit lii> teacher I Ht the same ti'^e. 
who shoul be bei.efittod by the: - ^ ., ,. ii . ,J, . , : 

/, * Af A n 1 1 . 1 before the world. He often a.-sumcs ! '"'•^ "^^i^-'i'" ' 

e of the gr.ant. Mr. A. alluded to , »uen..<. 

fctate. a sound, rcliablj Detuocratic Journal, and 

what it has always been, the 

iu the State in all itd depart- 

i and prote'iiions, financial and commercial col- 
I umn, and local news of St Paul. 

the industrious homestead settlers 

rin^ the fall and winter, and condemn- i ,,.,,, x- ..i . mo .f%»soe..iie.i i r««„ o.4ua. ... ..muu^. . — ., 

1 1 .. • .1 . 4 . ~ ! ami his ljUimler"». iNio person, there- :,,,,_,,„i „„tt nf\'«'w Vori- Fditorii*i'» unon all 

such CUldiiCt in the strongest terms, » ' journal west oi .>cw »<^r'-- ^.a.coriais upon an 

, . , i fote, should lH'OSUme to enter upon the important National and State topes; correspon 

and said that the company having been 1 . ..! . , ) dence Imm all p*rttf of onr own fftatc; ofiicial I 

,/,.•,,/. ., ^ 1 I I 1 I rcspon.^ibi!ilieS of the teacher's office documents, lawii, <tc., a reh-nmc of State news, 

defeated before the people, hnve placed , / . I ,,,eg „nd poetry for the fireside, literary and 

<me of their number in the Legislature ' ^^''^ '^^' "^^ '" ^^^^^^ e.xereise every | ^^.^^^.,^ articles, information for tarmers, trades 

, . J 1 J 1 1 T ♦ » i ' principle ot trne manhood, 
elected one hundred miles distant from , * ' 

the people most interested, .and now ! The Allien-', Tc-nn., /*/*<?.s5 says : On! THE TRI-WEEKLY 

l.rcsnnU'S to ask this Le'^islature to • ^^ '^•^"^^'^^y ^^'^"^"S^^"" ^°^" ^'^^ ^'^™° j Ta publi.»bed Sunday, Wednesday and Friday, 
, , ." , ,' '^ , , 1 what enlivened from its usual dullness for the spe'i«l benefit of these -^ho are not ar j 

thwart the will of the people ami re- ^ ^.^^,^^^^ whippitig her hasbnnd ! ^•°"''"«^nl^y ^'l'^'^'^'^' ""If'^^^'^^^^^ 

verse their acti<.n upon this q-icsnion. .f.,,,.,, the streets with a large hick- , Z^th^t^a^P^at^in'^Ii^daily: ^e^ptrnVrd',!;: 
All that the Kepre.-sentative from ory. Won't some ot onr Chalfield la- j tisemcnts that are not of general interest. 

Southwest Minnesota a,k is, that thcldiosget up a Kitnilar excitement ?-| tue WEEKLY, 

.. . .- , . , ( There lire lots of /Ai/?''/.< running around ' With onlv one or two exception.-, is now the 

same measure ot justice be meted out j ,^^^^^^ .^ ^j^j^ villa-e. every dav, called laege^t w.ekiy paper published ia the mi- 

to their con>tituent9, that is accorded , husband.s who would be much' benefit- ' I'f f'^^'.^t' u^ ^«?''''"* FIFTY-SIX Columm 

, , ' - 1 » 1 . y-yj jy it' filled With luo CRCicpst rcauing. It is the best 

Silver Ili aided Spring Skirts ! 

Iklerino under garments, Flannels, Gloves, Fine Hosiery 

Boots and slioes^ Moods & shawls^ 
Ladies cloaking^ Gents cloths. 

Table Linnen. Towling, Trimmings, and a variety of Worsted 
and Fancy articles. Also constantly on hanO 

to ropr, sentativcs from other portions ted by a good clubbing.— Chatjield 
of the State upun their own local meas- ; J)c}nocritt. 

yxTQ*. If 'I'^t \i\^<\ of work should prevail 

know liut time will reveal all Wei The vole then t.iken .and Mr. "» Chatfield, would'nt that thinr; yic 

and cheapest newspaper in the country. As 
family newspaper it cannot be excelled. 

Ono y«ar $10; C moths $5; 3 months $2,50. 

One year year at the rat*, of $6 per a::Eum. 

One copy one year, Two iJoHar*. 
One copy six months, One Dollar. 
,_.,.,,, - - Charleston, Feb. 14. Four men late : Clubs of lO copies to one address, one year, $18 

)a . In o,.r .,,.„„<,«. work wll be sus ,^^ „^,„, ,.^.^ „,^ .Mh,.o,.ta ,_, belonging to the crow of the .tean,- ! '^i:^::^^^:::^^:^^^^^^.^^ 

hope none of our friends w ill attempt Ji,j|i.r's nioti -n was loj't 

to hold their breath till they hear the 
cars coming, Biiouhl this bill become a 

Kenny, catch it, thou;;h? 

The liailroad committee aUo report- 
ed that the bill ef Mr. Miller accepting 

Ship Burned at Sea. 

pended on the read, till other arrange 
raents can he made. We do not be 
lieve th-t the present company, or any 
other company, will LuilJ the road and 
to compel cd to ruu it pai-t the doois 
ot a few Senators, jiun bec.iuse a few 
Senators- get t(-gellier and vote it so. 
Our leoui'j Senator has a few town 
lots in Lilue Karth City which he can 
never gi>.:6 aicay ucless tlie railroad 
does go there, and as ihcbe .'"ovr town 

Haihoad, be indefinitely postponed. 

On motion of Mr. LOHD, th.e re- 
port was adopted, so that Mr. Miller's 
bill was laid on the table." 

ship City ot Bath, arrived here from t''«^"'/or°^«'"''- ^'° *^'';:?""' allowed on club 

*^ •' rr., rates, in any case. Address 

Georgetown. The report the steamer ,, t>- t> • i.* /i i? 

, ^, c J • «• / • 1 Pioneer Printing Company," 

burned on Sunday morning off ( ape ! ST- PAUL MIXN. 

Hattera., and of twenty six persons ^ g L,„a Ofiice Winnebago'city Minn, 
aboard, all of whom are believed to January 2l6t IS67. 

have been lost, excejtt these four. The To George A. Jlasklns 



'9 ia- 


A Southern correspondent makes an 
odd blunder in writing to the Nation : 
♦Why, then, trample on the crippled i ,^j^ ^^ Savannah 

body ? the sleeveless arm can!not strike 

and'wonld not if it could." Sleevclesi' The man who guided Lee's .array in- k7rebV;Mie";d";o iH.Vn7;p'p;;;'^\his officro^ 

a complete stock of Number One 


Our Agent in Bo.ston is constantly watching the. iparket for 
us and ve are thus enabled to give our patrons the advantages 








'""": i City of bath was on" her way from Bos Henry child has this day applied for the west I by offenng the best goods at reasonable rates. 

PP'e<^; ton to Savannah. _ half of the xonth cast qnarter, and easl half of ^^ -, o/./? 

Winnebago City, October 20, 1806, 

I Ibe sonth west quarter of section 8 township 102 
range 29, it beinfj the land you filed on Ton are 

luis are all he has got^of ih's world's | before thi^. 

I to Pentiylvania is practicinj^ law io J*eo- Saturday the 23d day of Febm: 

blows J j} Heou-ht to be enga -cd in ' •''^,^?^'5 "^ *' '^.« P"'"»'*»«*'^ 8»i 

,,. , ° ° ^ .» fair mrestigafi.-in. 

! pulling hemp. • AUBuiUsrciL'Ur. nw 

._ , ^ , , „ bruary next at 12 

amis have s'ruck some naighty blows ..^^ jj} He ou dit to be cn<ya -cd 'n "*^^*'*^'^ m &.r the purpose of giving the matter 

•' -flfT'f^ 

Ilolley rcc«lTer, 


Wiiiship & Ooodwiia. 

I '. 






Winnebago City, Feb. 20, It 60. 

A L L F R 







,tm^^ .^V'jifjwy** ** ' 'm^i0^'0' J^^' . 

Know thy Destm^i^ 

i •' 

ourhosiBstters HARDWARE ! 

li'iititii l^mic. (rtrittle >>tnHU/"if, 

Owing to the extra amount of bus 

innf matter i> somewhat short. 

For Sale.— We have 160 acres of 
goo<l farming land in the town of Kcis 
ter, tliis county, which we will sell up- 
on reasonable terms. Address J. Lute 
CiiKisiiK, Winnebago City. 

FriOflda, ^lo not furget the Ludies 
Mite Society. It will meet at the huuse 
of Mr. Van Nice on to morrow (Wed- 

LY, and desiring to retire Irom ttre aud 
.r. V 1 11.^ ..„, ^1 ! arxietv. I chilli di>-p<'3eofuiy 

incBS (talking) we have had to atteml ' ^j^ FRUIT FARM, 

to tliis week, our usual amount of read- •>J-^^-i-^ -^ ^ , n », i. ./ 

' In the centre of the great Poach Orchards Df 



G,000 Fruit Trees, 1,200 Pear Trees, 
'soOChcrrry " 200 IMum 
Seven acvco in Berries, 

One of the FINEST HOMES 

With fire Barn? and Oul House?. The Flower 

^„ , , Uardtii is not cjualed iu the Northwest, having 

-, V • IV',. lw,r>n» will "vcr ;;oi) varieties of Flowers, with beautiful pri 

nesday) eveni.l;,'. >V e Uypc mere «ni , ^.^.^ ^^j^^^ hcdgw and ah ^t oruaaitutal 

l»o » fiiU flticudau'^e and liberal ■iiiite" trees. . , .. 

be a lUa aiuuu.ui. . _^^^ ^^^^^^^ contains n rooms, with all modern 

contributed. ."improvements. Situated on lal e Mi'hi^an, 

__ - _- — - 1 r;turj j'ouoau see hundreds of !?tearaers pussinj; 

W^ nrnro v5«ifpd bv a VefV di."<a- ' Wfkward aud forwards, and on a Lri^'ht clear 
C were visiiea oy a ^cry ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^,_^^j^^ ^.^^^ Chicago, Li., 

}?reeab!o storm on Thursd.iy l-^t. It tvom your own door. ,.„,„. 

° 1 1 .,»x rtt ' It willsicld ihi' present year froin la,Oo<J to 

came from the east and was niucie up oi j ^^ ^^^^ ba'sk^ts of the fuu-> grafted fruit, ana it 
snow sleet and rain, with a very high l . nly costs lO cents per basket to deliver them in 
wind. Snow and sleet fell to tUO Uf ptn , ji^rtkulturiits of thii place and adjoing cities 
„ , ,. -• „„,„K,o U \i."n» 1 haveurired the idea o^" m:iliii.g the disposal of 

Ofabjut lour or hvo inches. It was a, ^i^.^ ,^i,:riel Frui. Farm, with personal property, 

Ac, the basis of a national distribution upon the 
Art Union plan. The fullowiutf is a full list of 
the articles and the manner of drawing : 


A Jl , - CnujuaLd Jloniuu/ Appcttzc 

Prepared in Ripe 


Free from Grain Oil. With Flowers, 
Buds and 15.!vks «>f the Highest 
Jledical Virtue. 
By increasing the nppctitc, n-sistiiig di;rfsti(.n, , 
re^ulatin- the bowels, and giving tone to the ?-,t 
tern, they impart .^irengih and vigor to the body, 
i<nd chv;» tothe uiiud. 

■T^^ U voilr drnjigi.-'is or tradesman has not 

^'ot THE.^i; RITTEUS, have him sond for th.-m 

•:5:^ ll.numbir the name, and lake n«> olher. 

Fer "^le bv dni-'Oxis and Grocer.^ everywhere 

'C. U. t^WAlI*. Proprieto'-. 

31 south Wales St., Chicago. 

At Wholesale in V-^K Paul, by 



F A I R B A N K S S C A L E S ! 




rrr ^ 

The Heal 




ies: of the Monthlies devoted to Fash, 
ionaud Pure Literature. f2.jOa year : two cop- 
ies $1. E^tjht (;iiid one gratii)$10. 'VVHEELKIl 
Premiums. Send 15 ceuts for a sample copy to 
DEACON Jt PETERSON, 319 WainutSt., Phil- 

A new lot of Wr/n-rmfi/ 7>^(-.»^- j\ist 
printed and for sale at tliis ofTice. A\- 
so all kiud.s c,{ Ju.-ih'rr'.-i JihinLs. 

M:i.l!«me E. P, Taornlon, the tTtat En^li.'^li Astrol'- 
gL.t, Clairw)yat.l and l'y.vcb..i.i' Lilian, wl"o Iik- as- 
touislitillhf scimlific Llassts, ofthe OKI Worid, lias u 
lo'-atid hersilfat IIuusoc, N. V. Madaue Tl.uri.t 
posses^« such wonderful powers of second siglit, Ufi to 
enable Iier to impart Icowlcdgc of the greatest Impor- 
tance to tht single or married of either 'ex. Wliile in 
astale of trance, she d.'lhieates tlie vcr> features of the 
I person you are to marry, and by the ahl of an mstru- 
van^^yl i mciit of intense power, known as tSe PsycUomotrrpe, 

I ({uarautees to produce a life-like picture uftiie future 

hiisband or wife of the applicant, together with date of 
mdrriago, position in lirf, lea<lin^' traits of character, 
ic. This Is no humbug, as tliuiisands of tcstliuonials 
can assert, hhc will send, when desired, a certified 
certiGcAtt", or wiitlca i;uarantee, thatthe picture is what 
it puri'orts to »«. By enclosing a small lock of hair, end 
statin g place ofblrth, age, disposition and complexion, 
and enclosing .50 cents and stamped envelope addressed 
to yourccir, you will iccelve the picture and desired in- 
formaticnby return mail. All communieations sacred- 
IrconQdential. Address, in confidence, Madame E. F. 
TllOUNTON, 1". O. Uox 2;;;J, Hadsou N. V. 

I^ew Drug Stoi'ff 

,r. ••!(,.,» 

IJ , . i. 

▲ T 

^- . : .1 • ' ■ . . . ' j/ 

very disagreeable day. ■* 

If ivport speaks correct our Blue 
Earth City folks had a 'hi-hold time" 


There will b.-" ;.>?ued to mea.hor.' Certifje.iics 

on Saturday night last, after reading f„r.'> share.-- at $2 each, numborlng from l 

, , , I 1 • ,1 Q„„ ! to JO.OtK) inclusive, eae.i one of wl.ich v.illenli- 

What action had been naa m me ^•i"- , ti^. the holder one fine Steel Engraving and a 

re"-irdin<r Railroad Hiatt.TS. They had share in the award of premium... 

„;i thcir'bi, gnn, C. po;. gun) a.ul was- ! LIS T OF FREillUMS. 

14: „ 1. ra ot a rato Af. 'No 1— T'"«:n«'l'=lFruit F.trm. $34,000 

ted nrc-crackers at a leaiiui laie. -^vr- , . ^ 

tcr the fireciackers Jailed them, they 

aijourned to the saloon, and concluded 

the exercise.' with 'rot gut.' Our in- 

lorinant says the last he licxid of them 

. ., , ,• Lcw '. ,1 ;^\ : westi-ni fair in Cliiea'go; ti; 

wa.s a fellow shouting, "W e won t (hie) . ^^ g_()„c complete set of black wolnut 

go houjc (hie; till morning, (.hie ) 'Jluh '• " " "'""'"' '' 

for the rail f hie) road, 'i^ah (br (hie) 
^Vake^leld, (hie J." 

2— $J,00l) in Greenback*. 4,000 

3 — One i^pan of matched Ray IIor.scs, 

with top carriage and harness, 2,.^00 

J — One superb oil painting, Mary Mag 

daleuc and child, value, 1.500 

5 — One Piaiio (Chickering.) 700 

This pinna wa:' draivn by inc at the North 
westi-m fair in Chicago ; ti;I:et .3'> 

"daek wolnut 
furniture, in gretm r-'p. fiOO 

7— One large mirror, Frinrli phitc gljss 

Owing t^ ^^»e big Iha-.v, and bad ^ 

condition of the roads fur tliO past week, | 

tlic trotting' niiitch did not cuuie off last \ 

week, but has been indetiinitely post-' 

poned. Althuugh tlie trot did not ccme I 

i»lT, the supper ))endini4 Jid. Accepting 

the invitation of Mi", llurlow, wo atten- i 

ded, aud su.h a supper. V-i'o will not j 

uilcmpt to desoribo it It i^ not every ! 

day that a lot of good, whole souled ! 

fellows get together and of 

such a feast. Oysters in abundance, , 

with all tlte &c"s., were olTcrwtl I^Iany j 

jokes were cracked, tosts given, and 

fci.Je bets on the approachin:; race made. 

About twenty-five of the hloods of our 

town, young and oh], were present, and 

nil seemed highly pleased with them- 

selves Mid with mankind generally. 

We hope to hear of aooiher race and 






nnotlier oyster suiipi r, soon, 
enjoy thcni. 

\Vc rath 

7 ft-ct high, ma'ble trimmings, 500 

8— Melodeon, '.'•I't 

«i — One eoinpietc set of farb*r bedroom 

]0 One set nf sitting ro<»ra furniture, 

1 I_Oil painting, Lic-oln, 

JJ— Oil l•ainti!:i.^ Wairhln^-fon, 

i:;— Oil painting. Lady V.'ai*hingl..>n, 

1 1— Oil paiuting, Gen. (irnnt, 

i:,_Oil painting. (Sen, Pherenr.n, 

Id— Oi! painting, Daniel V.'obsler, 

i;--Oi! painting. Tropics, tpring, 

],S— Oil pi;iniiL'g, Tropics, fall. 

]<)_Oil painting, "Hunter's Last Shot. 

20— One Ciibiuct Organ. 

21— One .Mirror, Fie.nCh p!atc, 

22— 0;ie rosewood ic:>rblet'>p centre lallc, lOO 

23 to '.Vl in(dunve — Ten Srsi class sewin;' 
U'.;-.vhincr., SloO ciu'h. l.oOO 

32 to :i7 inclusive — Five first class Knit- 
ting Ma.hincs. $12.^ ea'.h, 625 

33_Xwo Vares French Flovcr£, with 

Marble Stand.. 100 

S9 — One Whatnot, French plate mirrors, 7.7 

\\) — Parian .Marble Card Receiver, 76 

41- One Mirror, French plate glass, 50 



AT ST. JOSEril, MCH., 

MAY FIRST, 1807! 



Would rcspec tfully inform the public that aHcr 
having had a week Co-Partner.^hip with P.'t-t 
John Liirrus, isagiiin doing business in bis own 
name. Esperitnce aud lor the tlisi time having 
a good s'loek of 

Well Seasoned Liiniljer ou liand 

also an •r.laipi'd shop, thinks to safi>fy all old 
euidomers, and new ones too. All kinds ff Fur- j 
niture on hand, or made to orler promptly. j 

New customers need not ask for 
my roouii^ as I Lave tlie 
^only RED BUILD- 
INGS in Uie (Jity. 

A'*c'ordin<' lo .igrccninT^t made between Mr. 
Buin .s ar.d"my.»iir,\hited Dec. iJth, ISCti. each 
one has to pay bis own debts. Orders signed by 

me I will pay. 


Winnebngo Citv, Jan. G, 1807. 


Pf'bate Court, State of Minu'scti, \ 
County of JacU.'iiiD. ) 

In the matter of the eitnto of I!oi ry K. Pufter- 
Hon .teccased. On this Itii day of .January, \ D 



It* the buildin^j adjoiniog t^c l^fiSiA OWce^ 

III ^t^ "lii *— - 


Takes pleasure in announcing that hisDRUCf 

bTO&E! i'' now open ar.d stocked 

with fl-f'iU a&«ortmeai of 

Drugs & Chemicals, 

Patent Medicines, 
Clioice Perfumery. 

• Fancy Toilet Soap' 

Bay Rum, 

Pure Unadulterated Lifjti'^'a 


I N 


A small (Quantity of'Choico 

Tobacco aud Cigars 

School Books - and Stationery. 

Attention is called to thelollowing list of Pa- 
tent Medicines, among many others 

found at the Drug Store : , . 

Aye r's— Ague Cure^ 
" Cherry Pectoral, 



Vef'etitble Pills. 


they are opening a sjdeDdiJ assoitment, consisting of rich and com 
mon Dress Goods, buch as 

Hon .teccased. On this Itii day of .January, \ 'O j 

Tj^^n:;::^f^i.^';i;!:.''!iJ:;^t"vl'^. \ Empress Cloth, Merinos, Poplins, 

son died into.-tatc on or aho it the l.:tii day of - _ * -n TO»*r a "*^ ^ ^ • "ttT 8 

•!-',":!'i'^::^t"^;ls:!:^.:r:;.i^^^^^^ aii Wool l^elaifii^, V el- 



given to all person.s interested in said estate, ot 
the time and place of said hearins . by publishing 
the al ovo order in the •* ili.ii)eitead,"> 
weekly n;wspapcr printed nnJ published in the 
town of Winnebago City, iu the county of Fari- 
bault, for tliroc su •ccjsivc %7echs, once in each 
week, prior to srid 'imc of such hc.iring. 

Dated a: Jacli^son Minn, this ^'h d.iy of .fuu- 
uary. 1807. ORIN LHLKNAP, 

T4nl2w3 Judge of Prob tc. 

A committee will be np, ointed to superintend 
j thedistrii.utioii of the Pri/ the llorticuUur- 

Church Festival.— l ■'« pCOplC ^ ^ , ^ i.xcl..sively of Fruit tirt wers snd Farmers 
t>f Vernon Center and vicinity, propose i none of whom shall have any interest whatever, 

, * /M 1 i iu the drawing. 
to hold a festival in Iho new Church ; 

ixiivardi are :aa le, a perfect U« 


Cabinet Shi>p ! 


Would respccifiillf inform the public, that 
tlcy have opened a New CADIXET SHOP iu 


Shrp aiffl rur.iituro room in Mr. Fellows 
! building on M:iin si reel, opp>)iiic the lar^c r.ew 
i '^toro of Co'trell A. Dearborn, ai.-o the building 
I west of MonPi.n .' Dcndon. in which they liare 
' a Turning lathe, Hu/. Sa.vs, and su« h raaehien- 
I try as will cnalb.- them to maUc all kinds of fur- 
I ui'inro to ordc", en sh'^rt notice 

Prints, checks, Sti Ipes, Sheetings, and Denims. Flannel? 
cloths. Wool Blankets, Heav>^ cloths for hard service. 

Rready made elothhigj Geiils fur- 
nishing goods, Gloves and Mitts, Hats & Caps, Boots & Shoes. 

Groceries, Etc. Etc. 

All of which have bei.n bought at low figures, and will be sold reasonable. 

Remember the Mgn, COTTRELL «fe DEARBON, in 

McCabe'8 new building. 

J A yke' s — Alterative, 


Grafenbergs Catholicon^ 

Winchester's ITypophosphites 
of Lime and Soda, . " 

The most effectual known remedy for the cure of 
liromehitis, Dyspepsia, aud Consumption. 

ILiU's Balsam for the Lunsjs. 

]\[rs. Win slow' Sootliing Syrup; 

Morse's Medicines. 

Elixor Peruvian Bark, Mustang 

Liniment, Gargling Oil, 

and Condition Pow* 
ders for horses. 

All work warranted. MjsI kinds of produce 
1 taken in e.ichi;n;:c. v4ul2ia3 


TO CUBE CONolMPXION, the syslcia must bo 
prepared so that the lan?g will heal. To accomplish 
tixii, the liver and stomach most first be cleansed and 
an appetite crated ibr good wholesome lood, which, 
by theic medicinci will be dise^tcJ pr ipirl.v, and 
good healthy blood made; t\i\u buildujp up the 

... rpt !,,_, ,,,.MiiitMr tlif> ! '^=' soon as the awr — 

in \ vrnon, on rhulS.lay eMnn.g^ ,'"-! tie of the different Premiums will be (urnbhul to 

''l.*^t in**t lor the pUrriOSC of raising the fortunate holdeis of i-crtiSeates, 

' *' , I , 1 -. I On r.vcipt o''.?2 wc will forward ore ccrtiCcttte 

funds to complete IhC Cliurcn. ana ex- ; ^j,^^ y^^^ ^^ Engraving-, from whioh parties mny 
,; .-^K ,V,rt.1..Lta nnon tho «:imO Tho icleet any one theychooso. The Engravings the tk-bts up.>n ine same, x n . ^ ^.^^ ^^^^j^^ ^^^^ ^^^. ^j;.,^.^^^^ vsriotie^.. the .etaii 
Vernun lolks are taking hold of the mat ^ y^lue of whivh is $2 each in ary Art Assoeiatitn 

tcr with a will, and propose t> make it j '" J.JJa'^'o'Tb'ervc that you n reive the worth of 

mi inti-VOSliu" and peasant alf; ir. All ' your money at once, and at the same time aa op 

- * .1 pr.r'unilv is given vou to s.nura an ludepenaent 

who would enjoy a pleasant evening ' f„r,u,io for iito ttio same i.s -Mr. A. II. Leo of ^ 

X , f, ,,,<... <^n a ' Prairie du P.ociia, who drew the Cmsby Opera j constUulion. 8CnENCK*3 MANDRAKE PILLS 
ri>.vi at the same tune ne'p on .\ ^ ij,,,,.,^ n, Chtcagc, on ihe aist of January l^&7, eleanac the stomach oiall bilious or mucous accamu- 
f«it)d C-IU90 should not fill! to ro to ; with a single ti "kcI of $.S or of others tations; and,by usiaK the Sea Weed Tonb in caa- 
o ' ' . " I whom wo might mcRtion fl.n* Lave ma-lc theci- , nection. the appetite is restored. 

Vyrnon on Thuri'Jay evening. Oysters ^p,^.^, wealthy bv the siniplc of one sOHKNCKS pulmonic syrup is nutridoM 

... , ,, • -.^ .. „.,.! I!. ,.; .„it„r- 1 ^^ciganiedlclral, and, by wine the three reined es, 

all impurities are expelled trora the .\rEtem, and 
p>od, wholesome blood made, which will repel all 
disease. If patients will take these medic'ne? accord- 
ing to direction?, ConFun-.pilon very ire.ipently in 
ita laai itage yields readily to their action. Take the 
pills &»queatly, to cleanse the liver and stomach. It 
does not ioUow that becaase the towels are not coe- 
tive they are not rcinired, for sometimei in diarr- 
hcea they are necessary. The stomach mo-'t be kept 

in*»^'maiia, ^^vui ;is«v.i. »»>.t'""..^ ; \,vl mn-t not be confounded with the Dollar 1 healthy, and an appetite created to allow the Pnl- 

. . ' • .„ ,u,, ^ollirsc of a COten^- I Oi" Concerts and humbugs whioh have been ad- j nwrnlc Syrap to act on Uie re^iiratorr or,-ans properly 

in antlouncmf:; tHe COliajSc OI .1 cuim. | ^^^^..^j^^ ^^tg„3j,.j,,y throughout th« country. and allay any irritation. Then all that is required to 

periorm a permanent cure Is, to prevent taiing 
cold. Exercise about the rooms aa much aa poae'.ble, 
eat all the richest food— liat meat, eame, and, tn lact, 
anj-thine the appetite cravea ; but be particular and 
nnr"Tii*'° welL Pad w. ea. mo. 1 yr. 

, ., ^i-..oel,„-,nMt<! Ti-ill liP (snnnlitHl "■ two dnlbirs. Every faruur and Ucrtuu.tur 

and other rclrcshmeutb will be SUppiUU .^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^n interest in sacurina this boauti 

iu abundance. Aa the sleighing is , ful Lome for himself or family. 

e we presume our youn- people will ) ^^^^ HorticurturaT Association 
ad thems'dves of this opportunity to 



Better opportunity is now offered to any 

Extracts & Essence' of all kinds. 

Orders promptly attended to 

and Prescriptions carefully 



Winnebago City, June 4, 1866. ■ tfnSj 

FAIRKANK^ standard" 



"^ Also, Warehouse Truckf, Lett? 

Presses Ac 
172 Lake Street, Chicago. 
\^^ Be careful to buy only the genuine. 33y 




have a good time 

The Omaha, Nebr.aska, Republican 

Of Si. Joseph. Michigan, 

Is No Gift Enteii)n9e, 

porary 'Copperhead' sheet sympatl'izcs 
by saying this has been a bad year for ' 

The /ssoeiation would respectfully refer to the 
following gentlemen : 

Hon. J B Upton, M C, Uon MTrgan Sherwood 
Hon Jno Morrison, Gen Ward, Capt II R Lang 

WoTnan, or child, wisliing to purchase anything in the bne of Fatuy Dress 
I Goods, French and PZnglish Mciinos, Alpaccas, Scotch Pl.iids, Delains, Woolens 
j Flannels, Striped Poplins, B.almoral Skirts, Ladies Cloaks, Cloak Cloths, Do- 
mestics, prints, shawls, hoop Skirts, Shirty drawers, wrappers, Hosiery, Notions 
Xo. 1 'Woulen F.lankets, Boots, Slices, Hat^ and Cap?, and Fur goods of every 

description, than has e verb efore been 

,«G EMPo^^ 







The Boston Transcript says : The j cd to 
rumor that A II. Lee, Ks.p, has tender! 
ed the Cro.sby Opera House as a pros- 1 
ont to the Prince of Wales, is probably 

A Democrat was fsked if he WMild 
endorse a Jefiersonirlu aphorism, 
'Kqual and exact justice to all men.'' — - 
•Yes,' said tho Democrat, 'If ym will 
make an exception of the nijigers." 

*rut a beggar on horseback and he 
will ride to the Devil.' It amounts to 
the same tiling if you substitute 'John- 
Kon' for "beggar" and 'White House" 
for "horseback." The chaogo dosen't 
alter tho destination a partical. That's 



(\t hU owTi risk.) P. O. DrtJWCT C',U7. 


All letters conttijLng over $1'^ please register. 
Xfr- Aden's wanted in orery t^urn and county 
throughout the rnited i^tales. to whom a liberal 
1 discpurt will Ih: made. *%•!'• 

In Faiibault County. High prices are now 

in vca ligation 

a h bullis register 

h w holley receiver 

f . B. DAVY. 

xVuction -vOfinm»?'^">i» ivr^rrliant 

Corn'--'' ."f S,.mh »>.d r-vro i» ^ireett, 

Blue Earth i'iiy, - - - Mini.esota. 

U S Land OfTioe winnobago city Minn. S. 
1867. To Darid M Corte* . — westwood Tolliver 
has this day applied for thesouti east quarter of 
section 2S. town 101 renge 26, it being the land 
von filed You are hereby notified to be and appear 
at this office on weiinesday the 8th day of Feb 18(57 
at 12 o'lockra for tbc purpose of giving the whole 
matter a fair andUmpartial inveetigation. 

a h buUis register h w holley receirer 

And tlie new 

mode of trading — late 


W'arr.'Htty Deeds, Chattie 3iorip;agcB 
&?.. &<:.• '^^ **»' sale at this office. 

r 5 Land Office, Winnebago City Minn. Feb. 8, ; 
. — ♦ «f l<;66 To Wm. P.Ma^on :— Geo. M. Pct:er hai 
Ke«r^ eoTtstanlly on hand a gocl awortnccat of i on 

CASH paid f.r BIDES & SKINS. 

eoTtstanllv on hand a sr>o»l •s'^rti 

rrrrprxcr.".— Hon. J. B. Wakeiield. Hill A 
Du*i'n. Blue Lirtb : Isaac .Marks, J. K. Meaga- 
»T. Mankato; Munger Bros., 6t; Paul. 
J ana 4, 1S6«. •_ ".C v '. J- ?3m 


X S Land Office Winnebaso city Minn. Jan. 8, 
1*66 ToUcnry Pillon :— westwood Tolliver has 

thisday applied for then eqr of section 2S town ,•/»,• i^ ♦^..-nc-nnc r»Ammc/ to 

101 ran-e 2». it being the land you filed on. Yon -r^ Goods will WHlTant general Satisfuction tO pOrSOUS COming LU 
are hereby notified to be and appear at this orice -L/^ > vjwv^via ^^ o 

on Wednesday the Sth day of Feb. 1867 at 12 
o'clock m.. for the purpose of giving the whole 
matter a fair aud impar.ial in'^csti^aHon 

a h bullis register h w holley receiver 


.hi7da;«pri'e'i'f'>v**rT*''"^/,^^^^ lav in th^ir winter 3 Fupplv, if thev will only call at 

ranee M, it being the land yon filedon You *re lO lay \VL LllwU v» iuwca ^ 11.' 




Pure Wines and Brandies ^ct 
Medicinal Pui popes, 

Talent Mcdiciues, •&«. &«. 

Letter, Cap and Note Papers* 
Pencils, Superior Ink, 

vnd other ariulea kept by Druggi/tr general!*' 



h»T«bT notified to be and appear at thu once ou I 
Monday the 11th day of March aex at 2 o'clock ' 
p m for the purpose o( giving the whole matter* 
fair and rnapanial inrt^iiigation. 

a U builii regi>ttir h w holley receiT«r 

lHoiilton & De.iidon's.lMaHkatoy.^;/M4J5i^^o;v»^, 


I i 




60 .tf 






_-•• . ^ 1 ■'.~. -.~, -• 


Blue Earth City JVdvertisemeutsi 

Goods Avell bought, are half sold. 








Etc., Etc., Etc. 

at prices thai 



Butter & Cljeese 

WAQtcJ at all times at tlie market price. 

never was, Never can, 


Never will be 


Give me an early call, and see 
for yourselves. 


Llue tarth City, May 14, 1866. 3n30yl 


I am DOW receiviDg the 

Largest and IMost Complete 

etoek of 

Dry Goods, 



Siats^ Caps, &c. 

Ever Broucrht to the ]\Iin.'iesota 

and bare cotnueoced 


ofwLich fact all m^old cu8tom»rii and tlie pub- 
lic general 'y 

Will be satisfied by c.illinj; and Exam- 

iuinuf luy Goods, and hearing 

my t rices. 

ever bccricg in mind m^ motto of 

Selling :\rORE Goods for ONE 

House in the Valley. 

Isaac Marks. 

MaiiTcato, Minn, Nov. 26, 18G6 


Blue Earth City 



TJxve opened a Drtig !«tor« at Blue Earth City, 
and ofi'er for sale at lowoi-t prices 



Patent Medicines, 

Putty, <fcc., <fec. 

Paints, Oils, 


an A 


TACHES forced to 
grow ujiQB the smooth 
e-'t face in from ethre 
to fivi wfeUo. by u.^ing 
T.MfltATE^'R CAP- 
iliaire, the most woa- 

dtrfnl discovery in mo dcrti fcieiito acting upon 
tbe Beard iind I'air iii an ulmot^t luiruculou^ 
manner. It bas been Uied by tbe elite of Paris 
and London with the most flattering eucce?«. 
N;iiMC6 (if all pcri-h<<icrs will be re^i>-tered and if 
entire ?ati^f;iction is not j^iven in every in«t.'inie 
the money will be chcertully refunded. Price 
by mxil, sealed and poi^tpai 1. $1. I>ef«eri|>ti*c 
cir<''ilnr* and rpstiinonijils mailed free. Addre.-<g 
I5ER0KII. sm.TTS A CO., ChemlsH, No. S2S Kiver 
Street, Troy, N. V. S«>ld ageatit for the L'uileJ Slates. 


'itio xaveiikitxr. uavihi; i>t^u i«iKi.»roti (O bealth 
ill 4 lew .*«*Mk>i ny ji ^'ety Kunplo fputed^', Hiier 
tixviiig «!i'n«:rru I'T .•)«t-ri<i f*-*!" «»ifb a smerf 
lun? »ti''v»'i»M, *tu< thst. di«ad «li>>.!H»ti, lloisiiiup- 
iiou— It* duAiou» ill tfiake j<ii)>>«i> t" Li5 !'ull>>>v 
aufferniK tan ii-«»aiifi. 

To ttl' wn'^ «l»\sire it, be will »«nd 1* •; jpy of the 
liineCTtption used 'free of ebar^rftb wi'h tbe diree- 
ti<*ns tor {irci^arinj and usirjr fb« x.ime, which 
they will tii:>lu sure cure for f^oujuinption, A.stli- 
nia, Ihouehi'i*, Cougbi", Cold?, an.t ail Throat j 
^ml Lunp Afiectiins. Tbe onh object of the ad- j 
vcrtiser in sending he Presoriptioii is to benefit | 
the afiiicted, and sprciid information wbieh be 
conceives to b» in\al;iablp. and be hopes evcjy 
lufferer will try bis remedy, a? it will cost tbem 
nothing, and may prove a blessing. 

Parties wii?hiug tbe Prescription, frek, by re- 
turn mail, will p1ea.''e ad<lrcss 

Willi»ni»burgh, Kin^s Co., N. T. 


why suffer with IbiJ 

Dangerous & Loathsome Disease 

when it 


tnd entirelj 

Eradicated fiom the System 

by the use of 


Catarrh remedy 

C A T A R 11 H 

will Barely result in 


Unless cheeked in its incipient stages. 


Cure warranted if Diiections arc Followed. 


in the onlv Physician, ms a gpHM«U»t 
uow In Cfilrari) that can U entirely 
rt-Hwl niKin. Co to rim, an'l not puffei 
that lion ililediupjise to i •■niHiii ii. your 
»v»fini, ai«fitiiiiiic v.. in <":.c«aii'i t-xly. 
l.'c«i.l«« iJ«wtroyiii(J yur hiipiiimsKand 
futiiri' i.iii>iM-<-tii ot lilf. Ill' liii.^ liiadp 
liKtill.lTY hi'i ftu^ty f<r lh«' past 
U.r ^^ ii£> t»iii«> veaiT. ini.l If- th.Tolori- Ih^ JKT 
"^lA VHA I*** „ ,„ wl.o"i:i iill ii«ll';l>-vl ^l'ol!^^ •■■msiilt 
Ko on.- ev. r h-ar.l ol » pntit-nt of his not l»iii« . iiied 
,l„r^ h.. I.iis lK-.n in tni« nty. I*l» r. i.i|lali..n W 
roiuliei* in ull thecitv |.;i|....n. hi? ,..itiwifi. ami ho 
,„.-d,.al ,.r..f.*.lon. i-tli b.-r.- ;.n.l .. r.ii.!. a' l-oln;: tl.n 
n,.«t hkili.-.l -.!.« >i<-r-. »>•<« ^« th"|..>i!;,h ma-ti-r ol 
ill »«x.ial .li-M-.i. If rill -Ii.'" lail. <1..i. t <l.-«|uir 
zii* hint a c^ill. It i« ""•>• " 'Oi""""' 'HH-'nT. ur.- with 
;.iin I., .in.- iii'h t"-*«^- "•" "'"""* "'''' "' r'"~^'« }^^ 
l;«l.-4i.iidc.'iillim.'u, un.lth.. most oniiiihlf in Lii-citf 

YilN.. Mt.V,T\K£ I'tKTI' XLAU NOTICB.— »>r B!KH- 

,.,w .lofot.* luiKli "t hi., tiuie to til- tr.-at..ui.t ol llh«o 
»se* rHiM.-.! Iv a ». >ret wlii. Ii lU n^ l-->tb M..!y 
indmiu.I.iiiinitiii.,'ih-uiilo!tniiiHei!'!.! tortillifr 
ui-itM-H., or »...i.-!v. Thr sad .rt.ct uf th -n*- t;.rly^, 
.r the i-xc-iK of !ij..'r, i-. to lUid li.l.ili- 
UU' til.' ...i,-tit>ilion. d.^iroy tin- i:h«»i-.i.l ati.i iik iita 
pow.Mv.. .iiiiiijMsh and PUK-fldf the (.-.•ilir-'s, and 
TxliMi:-! lU- vltM fii.rsie* of inaiih --l: tin. i-U'iiMsn* 
0' V{- «!■•• i!iirn"I. Ihe ol.j;tt of mairias'' ti iwtratwl, 
«ild"t- xl>t>uce iiM ifr.i.d.nd a t.n.i of niu-. a 11!;.' inis?ry 
tii<l i-'rrt. Su.h ).«r>uim. i- .|..-.i.4lly tlr»;e .-.iMt.-m- 
iil itir ■"mairi.ip-, >lioiil.i I>>m ho liiii<- iu iii:iliin- iiiiui..- 
.;ii|e«r|i;.;:'nti..a, sw Dr. II , I'V his new tivnliiiuut, in 
i.'ii.-»|.|i.-.l't" iii»me a ."jnedy ui.'.l ix-iniiiuiit tiir«. 

t...u»iilMti"ns fret "ind tonlnieiilial. Offlre. >o.l.!l 
■«..iilJi Clark Stnet .O'i'ir ..f Moiipk-, h.ill a Mock Ir-.m 
ill,- I'.Hl Oilicc. I' *f Om. e Hv.x 104, Chicas", 111. 
;»ince hours fiolii ft A.M to S 1'. M. 

SeuJ lor his "Guide to lloiilih," published monthlv, 
fre" of rhurii-. 

N. U.— I.MlieH, send for n descriptir* circular of Pe*- 
«rie }leiuiH3ie, th? I"-<1 picreiitive •>f c<iucri>tioa 
■own £«ut to any addn^sa frea of eh f^e. 

1 Q^^ TIIELAbY'6 Fill END— 

ioUU. 1 bo best of ihe JUoulblies — devoted 

to LITERATUllE and FASHION. $2.50 a 
year. We give WllEELEK k WILSON'H cele- 
brated $65 Sewing Machiueii on too folloning 
terms: — 

Twenty copies and the Sewing Machines. $70. 

Thirty copies " ' " ♦' $85. 

Forty copies " '* " " $100 

Send 15 cents for a sample coiy to DEACON 
k PETERSON, 319 Walnut Street. Philadelphia 


Just received, a new and com- 
l)lete assortment of 



Dealers in 



Particular attention paid to Music Orderi 

Single Bottles will last a Montu. 

Richardson tfe Reyonlds. 

has now opened at bis rooms in 

One of thcbcst selected, varied and mostextcn- 
xive assortment of Ooods in tbeir line 

Ever imported into Faribanlt 

Which they arc sellingto tbe Poople of tbe Blue 
Earth Valley ebeaper than Maukatoor any other 
In the 

DR. WIIIITIER is regularly 
educated and legitimately qual- 
ified, and bas experience in all 
lorins of disease, a knowledge 
quice indisjiensible in the treat- 
ment of the veueral disease in 
ail its varied and complicated 
;^-:^4j^ forms, and has for years made 
the treaiiueut of private diseases bis business and 
study. Experience, iho best of teachers, has en- 
abled him to perfict remedies at once sufScicnt, 
safe, permanent, and in most sascs can be med 
without biiidrane fo business. 

Pa rticularatteni ion given to old standing cases, 

such as were considered incurable. Syphillis, in 
all forms ; Gonorrhoea, (.leet, Strictures, Orcbitc* 
D'abctes, Bladder and Urinarv Diseases. Also, 
tbecfTeets of solitary habits, both ruinous to body 
and mind, ar.d which produces some of th© fol- 
lowing eflects: Blotches, Weakness. Con- 
stipation, Aversion and Uneas-iness in Feu.alr 
Society, Uninanliness, Dread of Future Events, 
finally a complete prostrotion of tbe vital pow 
crs. loss of memory, ringing in the cars, can be 
fully restored to health. 

All letters, wi'h s-Mamps, answered. 

Dr. W. is tbcpuldiibcr ofa new work, entitl- 
ed "Nip the Evil in the Bud," which willbc sent 
10 all on receipt of 10 cents to pre-pay postage. 

Consultation free. Charges moderate, and 
cure pua run teed. 

Dr.Whittier cures tbe very worst kind of rup- 
ture in a few weeks. 

Post Office Box 2294. Office and Consultation 
Rooms 1G4 South Ciark street. Cb^caiO. Vou 
can seethe Doctor cvcrv duv from 9 A. M. to5 



wishes to saj- to the people of Winnebago City, 
and the iieiyLboring towns, that he bas the larg- 
est stock of 


Cold in Tbe Heed 

Rclcaved in a Few Minutes. 

Bad Breath 

Caused by ofiTensive secretions 

Weak Eves 

Canaed by Catarrhal ectious 

or » I o Kj 





Sense of Smell 


en or de.*« »ojwa. 


when caused by Catarrhal difiScuUies. All we 
cured by this remedy. 

Iho very best ^^ote. Letter, and Cap Paper kept j 
eoustautly on band. 

^'OTIONS of all kinds. 

a good variety, and cheap. 

Call a>'d See Us. 


Blue E.irUi City. May 29, 1S66. S2m6 

Fovmdry cfe Ma- 
chine Shop. 


Are more frequently than oiherwisfe caused by 

a thick, slimy mucous, fal'ing from the 

bead, especially duiing tbe liight, 

and resulting from Catarrh, 

and are cured by 


Liquid Catarrli Remedy. 



DALOWIN & ClilLl), 



OJice opposite " Union House '* Blue 
EartJi. Citify Minnesota. 

Will do a Banking and Real Est.ite 
Business, pay Taxes for nou-residents, make 
Collect. ons, 4c., Ac, 
II. D. BALDWIN, - - - 6. P. CHILD. 

The Mankntp Foundry and Machine shop 
now in operation, and we are jirepared to 


of every description. Steam ensines, Threshing 
Machines, Uoipcrs, Farming Implements, Ac. 

We also mal^e^U kinds ofiron and hra<s cast- 
ings. Babbitt alwnvs on band. Orders i 
so^ciied and promptly attended to. As the disease becomes chronic, tbe discharges 

▼ ^% J n ; are increased in ouantitv and ebanged in fjUiiiiiy. 

Old Iron, Brass and OOpper i they are nr-w thick and' heavy, and arc hawked 

Tbe symptoms of C.itarrh are at first very 

slight Persons find they have a cold, that they 

have fre<|uent attacks, and are more sensitive to 

the ehai.gcs of tc ni>erature In tliis condition 

! the nose may be ilry, or a slight discharge, thin 

\ and acrid, uflerwaris thiek and adhesive, may 

i ensue 


Their facilities for supplying the wants of the 
peopleof this immense rc};i..:i are on ascjlcto 
warrant the fullest satisfaeiion. 

We offer to the citizens of Faribault and Mar- 
in Counties thefiuc>>t stock of 

Si'ocerles and 

Fresh Meat, 





TEAS & corrEES, 

L I a U O R S . 

ever brought inio thi town. Consisting in part of 

Marriage and Celibacy. 

AN Essay of WauiKioff and Instm« 
tion to Yonpg' XlfXen. Also, Disesaes 
and abuses which prematurely Pi ostrate the vi 
till Powers, with sure means of relief. Sent free 
of Charge, in sealed letter envelopes. Address, 
ciation, Philadelphia, Pa. v3u21yl 

Free to Everybody! 

The Guide to Health <fe Beauty, 

Oust Published. 

It teacLcs bow to remove Tan, Frecklet, Pim- 
ples, Blotches, Moth Patches, Sallowness, Erup 
tions and ail impurities of the skin ; how to ca 
amel the skin, leaving it white and c!eir as ala- 
baster; bow to produce tbe fullest development 
of the female form (as practised by the French,) 
causing tlie bu>!t»to grow round anfJ full, and if 
the form bas been lost by padding, lucing, or ma 
ternit}', restoring it to more than its original 
fullness, firmness and beauty. It teaches how to 
reduce in size the hands and feet ; produce corp i 
lency or the reverse ; remove superfluous hair j 
cure Corns, Bunion,', Warts aiid Moles; renew 
your age; cure Drunkenness, Catarrh, Dyspep 
sia. Nervous Debility, Ac. how to fariuat'e and 
gain the love and ufTection of any pesson you 
may choose, together with other usefni and va O 
able information. No young Lady or Gentle- 
man should fail to send their address to the un- 
dersigned . nd receive by return mail a copy of 
tb's valuable work m eeuled envelope free of 
charge. A ddrest, 

BEKtiEK, bHU ri-S k CO., Chemists, 
2t<.'.lliverSt,Trcy, N. 1. 

^9 OnO ^ ^EAR made by any one with 
v/v,VV/\y $15— stencil tools. No experience 
ntccK.'^ary. The Presidents, Cashiers, and Treat 
urers of 3 Barks endorse the circular. Sent free 
wi h s!»mrles. Addreis fbc American Stencil 
Tool Works, Spriugfitld, Vermont. 42yl 

The Msson & Bamlin Cabinet Organ* 

forty 'itiereiit styles, adui.tcd to satred and .sec- 
ular music, for $8<t to $6(10 each. FIFTY 
ONE GOLD or SILVER meadals, or other first 
premiums awarded them. Illu*trited Catalogues 
free. Addrers. Mason 6(. Bamlin, Bastoj, 
MASON BllOTIlLRS, I?ew Voik. 

New Englad Hum. 

Bourbon Bitters, 

Plantation Bitters, 




Bourbon Whiskey, 

Wahoo Eiiters. 

Hostetters Bitteis 

Ac, Ac. 


Do yo« 
ant Whiskers or Moustiichte/ Oui Gia 
eian Compound will force \Wm to frrcw en tbv 
srootbegt face or ckiu, or hair on biild heads, ia 
Six Weeks. Price. fl.OO. Sent by mail aoy 
where, c'osely sealed, on the receipt of price. — 
Address, WAllNEIlA CO., V K 3:5S, Erookl-s, 
New Yoi k. 


PIA]\^0 rORTE 

459 ad-ccray. 

Ncttr Torli 

x.' i > ke3T8 constantly on hand tbe boit 


wanted, for which the Li;;hest price will be paid 
v3n7yl C. W. BARNEY, 4 Co. 

or coughed off The secretione are offensive, caus , 
ing a b<»d breath : tbe voice tliick and nai!al : the { 
eyes are weak ; the sense of smell is lesj'eucd or I 
destroyed ; deafness frequently takes place 

Blu* Eart City, May 7, C6. 



J B W E IL E R 5 

ffas, and will keep constantly on baud, for sale : 

Jewelry and Silverware, 

And wi'1 attend promptly to all kinds of Repair 
iiig ot (Jl'icks, Watches, aod Jewsl'-j, and guar 
antee ver^^JCl satisfnction to all who patronire 
him. Koom opposite Uuiop Hotel. 3Uyl 

Blue E.irih Citj , M^y 17, IS66. 



Wliin tabasco Mill 

Tlavidg m.<id« i«om« chatiif<*« c«Mic«rQing the 
b;i<inc«* trausuctio'i,! ot tht 'Winnebago City 
Btlills.'' we wish t« »au>>uoco >o mc put>tic thai 
we aie n"W pn'paretl lo d" all Itinds of work in 
our line of bo»'ine4s, for ready p»y. Logs. wuud. 
whe;»t. or «t-eL Money taiica id payment foi 
w^rk. Our terras for SAwing aie : Oue half, or 
$1": }>«r thou.'Mnd. Flour. Bran, and shortd con 
•t^utiy uu Land, aud for sale .'heap. 

Lumber ?25.00 per Tboti^.nnd. 

B. RHODB.<*. 

Vcaetable Sicilian 



As the name indicates, not only KKS«wa 
the growth of the hair when thin and falling; 
off, buV positively rtnewt the color KqAm 
original J^de when it is turning g^ or 
white, wheu^r caused by disease, .^ief or 
jld age. 

It will certaiiJ^ do what is dftTmeJ for it, 
a fact to which ^ndreds, jpy thousands, 
who have used it, Ve re^y and willing to 
testify. Where one^ot^is fairly used, in 
any community, itsl^eputation "spreads 
like wild fire," a^r i\tbe best advertise- 
ment and rccorMiendaVin we desire. In 
the Eastern StyCs, whercVie "RENEWEU" 
originated, ^t young la\e3 use it as a 
hair dresyfig; it is foun\on the toilet 
tables o^yotmg men, (also aiVieir barbers), 
while^nder men and women Vho desire a 
Render and Restorative for theiXerey locks 
ana bald heads will not be w^^out this 
ifrticle, which gives in every inst3Spc» en- 
tire eetisfaction. \ 

Don't l#t any Jruftjfist or dealer nr»t© cpoo yon a 
Jifferent Mlicla, lu thers i* oo preiwu-hium In :Le wurld 
like thu, Beware of aaj article parportiaf to b« the 

Try HALL'S HAIR REKEWER according to Direo- 
tion«,anJ j-i>u will uee no other. 

U ikH K>Jd .>« dnKE;ciat« In your town, a trW Iwtile 
will be eent vmi \'r expro*^ ujioo receipt of one il>>ll»r 
by mail. thn« f)r\ng ym an oppoctuuity M ooce ol 
teatiii|( 111 exce<1t>Tit qn-tiitiec 

Onkn fM trtal OotUu tuoMt t« »<T < H— i l »^ 

€. A. C03£, iHirsfo. 

QenT k^mn for Northwvrani States, 
W. V. TtAVL k 00, rTe(>ri««ors. Na«iu«. N. II. 
SoM »t 1» nULeSALC In taloMro, by FTLLER, fnCII 

fMrru, SMnn * dttter, j. n. mxsd k oo^ 
en AS. o. fMirn, pirrzscn, euk-ri t uc.. a 

fer drassiata aad 6mUt% gooemly. 

Wines &l>iiquors 

Ever brought tothls market. 

AliO a cotnplotc assortment of 



consult their own interests 

We have tbe 

Facilities and Determination 

sell Goods as cboap as any house West ef the 

Pay Cash for Wheat, Oats,Corii. 

The a'.ienlion of the PuiHicandihe <rade is Invited to 
our rew siale of 7 OCTAVE KOSKWOOD PIAN'O 
I KOllTK?, wliicli for roJnine and puiily ot t.,iic are ui.rl- 
viilicfi by any Jiithertj tfftred in ttiii- mnrket. Tlit-y ron 
lain all Uke modern In prowraeMs, Prt-nrli Grarxl Act'on, 
HHrji Pedal, Iron Frame, Oversf rnnp BaM, etc., and ench 
ir.ftrUnicnt teiup made under thcpe»*o«al eujx rvision of 
Mr. J. H. Grcvcrsteen who has had a practical expert' 
enceof over .'Jj year? iu thrir mnr-ifcriur, is fiU!; war* 
ranied In every partlcalar. 

'J'he " Groveotceii Piano Fortes " ra- 

coived (lie Av;nrn of Mf^rh over dl 

cUurs at the celebrated Fair, 

Where ver" esiiibited im-f nen'j from tlii* beM rmJ-tri 
I pi Loudon, VktU, G^rumry, P».iladel|)lii», Ujiltinmre, 
I iJcst-'ii. and Niw Voik ; nMd sl-io at '.I * American Ir't-i 
,-.-»'/-.'^.*k ••£M P ^rv ]S-a ti -4 /. ' -eio ' '"J't for five tucce«1ve*-ekr.». the /odknd rihomtdaJj 

O \ fe f C r S q I O r3 SlC;^ fe I ^''"■■' "-^ "' *•' '• ''•^'- "" '^'-* ^*^^ »'" *"•• *«''^ ■«•"'••"■ 

Ry tlieirtroduciion of i.*pr<i-.enieTi;g we in<kc a stil 

moil- ptrfctl t'iaiiu lorlr, and by mux ufiu-'.urln^ lajjuly 

r.-'.ili a htriCPy t«sn sypUir, nrr enah).-d lo offt-r l)iese iu- 

eliuiueiits at apric* wtiion •'IJprtcIn'U- a!! couipetitSou. 

' rsift -net t>-».«» »a '/fi.-rrn* fbiida. 

r»<!cripiivo cirrular* a?"nt Trr*. 5Ja8 


If you <»ant to buy j»ood nice fresh 

Pciicbes. Claokberrics. Itaspbcrries, or any kinds 
of CANED Ell LIIS, lbs is lac place to get tbcui 

Of CANDIES, both pltun ai«a fan 

cy,be bas them in cndlciN^- quantities. 

And of NUTS from evcr^ clime, lift 

keeps a large supply constantly on hand. 

Do'nt forget the place. 

Next dor SOUTH 


Another common and important symptom of | 
Catarrh ii, •hat the jterson is <>bli.^ed to eiear his | 
throat in the tuoining of a sliek or stimy niucou! ; 
whit h has lalieu frmn tbe bead during the night, j Poi'lv, IRJeS, ButtOr ailtl EsfffS. 
When this takes jdaco the person maybe sure i.t^h tx •/^xT »« ■ni'wm'r^c 

that his disease is on Its way to the lunf.-, and i ». RItIIAl.D^ON, M. llL\NOLDb. 

Don't forget tbe naftre 

Geo, E, Nelsois. 

Winneba<»o City, Nov. 1.5, 1S55. 



§•2,000 "^. 

TEAR made by any one with 
tcncil Tooli No experience 
j«:ce«»ry. The Pre»idents. Oashiers. ^nd Treas- 
arers of 3 Baaks indorse the circular. Sent free 
with Minpiee. Addrcst the Aineric«a Steaeil 
Xuwl m\>tk», S^ringScld, Vcnaont: , 

should lose no lioie in arresting it 

The above are but few of the mauy Catarrhal 
symptoms. Write to our Lal»«ralory foe our 1 
pani[>hlet describing fully all symptoms ; it will ' 
be sent FRklE to any address. Also direetioas 
where to procure tbe medicine 

VTe are receiving letters from all parts of the 
Union, and also numerous testimonials from 
thoie viiing it, bearing ibc evidence of its infalli 
ble merits. 

^^, This remedy contains no mineral or poi- 
sonous ingredients, but is prepared from vegeta- 
ble extrauts exclusively ; therefore it is j»erf»jotly 
harmless, even to tbe most teiider and delicate 

Call for Seeley's Catarrh Femedy, and 
take no other, it n'jt sold by druggists in your 
vicinity, tiiey will order it fur you Price $2,00 
per bottle. 

^a^ All persons stificring with any affection 
of tbe Head. Throf«t or Lungs should write ot 
once for our pamphlet fully describing all symp- 
toms pertaining to the above diseases. 

It wiU be sent free to any addacss. 


Dii, h. II. SEELYE <fe CO., 

Tkkepokv, iLLtwoia, 
Sjld !>▼ all WQolcsale auo retaJl Druggists 


Jr»bn D Park Cincinnati, Ohio ; Fuller, Pinch 
A Fulhr, Chicago 111: Burpham ' Van.'cbaack 
Chicago III: Dcma^ Bsmes A Co New York; D 
Ransom k Co, Buffalo New York ; Farrand She 
ley k Co Detroit Mich : weoks k Potter Boston 
Ma«s : Fren-b Richards k Co Philadelphia. Pa : 
R E Sellers k Co Pittsburgh Pa; Collins Bro's, 
St Louis Mo ; Barnes, ward Jt €■*, New Orleans : 
H A Robinson aC), Louisville, Ky : liigley k 
Bro. Memphis Tenn : P E Depny Rirhmoud Va; 
Thompson k Block Baltimore Md , Dexter k 
Nelleger Albany N T ; itrong k Armstrong, 
Cleveland : Wm Johnston Detroit Mich '. wil- 
« loa r«t«r* I; Co Louisville Ey, vSuilyl 

Winnebago City, Minn. 


i;..url>'>ti WliisUey, fnmi a tn.-nWnatii-n of "vvr 
t ■.»<•:!:> liiiiTejit kiiidi of ro<jt<, l>ark^ awI horli* 
•«f?.!(b net ill pprf«wt C'>nr<«rt one with the o'licr. pre 
jiired fruni tiie nrijrin-il f rniula (riven by tne grinl 
cliieJ Red Jarkct. to l>r. Ch^pia. win. use-I tliem snr- 
ce*-fiiny in hi:< pm'-ticc f r innny ye-ir». iind liy tbeir 
o^o trunt't »o eroot » ["•iHilnril-' in liie treatment and 
euro >if I>y«pep«)ia. I4;ver f^mpli>:iit, 0)n»tip-it!<<n. Sick 
and NerviMi* Ile.i-lziclie. Fever and Ajfiie. and nil di«- 
f^rn .iriniiiR from torpid liver and in ii^jestion. Pcr- 
*oE« 'nffering front either of the*e lo-itlixonie di»oa<et 
will liii'l a cure by th« n«e of tbes* Hitteri, which are 
perfectly (-nre and free fn«:n ail th-ice ilmirt and ikiI- 
Mnt usually ynt n;- in »ncli prei^aratinn^. and palmtvi 
>ffon !«!i u:i«u»peclin;; pnl.lir. A 8in;jle trial will mn- 
rince t'le iv.ivt tkepticul that in Ihe Rr:l> JACKET 
there h^ a virtue tliat no other Bitters lojaaem, 

They »tr»n;;then and Invip^rate the aysteta 

Tijey are u'le^nMHel for peneral Oebility, 

They .■•re a rn'-c f.-r l>j-»pe;>-ia. 

They pive ;v tf.> -d and beaUby api>etite. 

Tbey a»<i«t uizectiou. 

Tbey purify the bre-tth aid aridity of the stomarlL 

Tbey cure Diarrh'pa aud Cholera Morba^t. 

T1i«y are an antid.>te t.> rb.vise of water and diet. 

Tijey are Ihe beat fitimulant iu eii»teoc«. 

They are a prerentive i-f Ferer aU'I Agoa. 

They relieve CuiMtipatiun. 

Tbey cure .Vermtis Uevlarhe. 

Tbey are perfectly pure and palatable. 

Tbe psnuine JZED JACKET BITTEIiSnTi only sold 
In ju^rt bottlM: never by Ibe frititoiu i^aart or pint. 

:(c« tliat nnr private Govemrient •tampia onbrokMl 
aver earb ct>rk. 

f^ Id by all dnigpsta and dealers throag^oat the 

Cai f >r Red Jacket, and take no other. 

CkTCoUr. t'> tbe trade supplied oo application. 


tJ iMMi S3 MK-niGA^r ATESVl^ 


Choice First Clas.s. Insurance 

Againut Loss by FSHS, by the 


Of Hartford, Cnn. Incorporated 1819. Char- 
ter Perpetual. 

Tbe 2£.T^.K Insurance Company would call the 
attention of the public to tbe following facts : 

A heavy cash capital, with As- 


[^ 1 V U N G M E N, 





Juat published in a se.Tlcd cnvclojc. 
six cents. 

A Lcctnro on tlie Nature, Trontmc-nt 

and radical Cure of Speimatoriboea, or Ftininpl 
wenhnes.-', Inxlunlaiy £mi>sion., Sexual Debil 
ity, ai,d Impcunnents to mniringe ge.:er»;lly. 

Nervouti'C^s, Cousumjition, Epilepsy and Fitp; 
Mental and Phy^ienl Ineapueiiy, resulting trom 
M-ll abuf-c, Lv.—YjJ hOBLKT j. Cl'LVKU- 
WELL, M. D., Auihor oj the "Oretn Book" Ac. 

Tbe world renowned iiulbor of this aimiraMo 
Lecture, clearly pro\es f.< ni bis own exj eriince 
that tbe aw'ul connequences of self abuse mny l.o 
tfecfuaily removed without meditine, and with- 
out dangerous surgical fiperntioi;^, bougies, instio 
mcnts, rings, or cordiuls, pointing out a mode of 
cure at onee eertain and efiVctnal, by whieh ev- 
ery sufterer, no matter wli:-t bis condition miy be 
may cure himself che::p;y, private.'vj and radical 
ly. This L».cture will Piore A BOON to Tboui' 
iinds and Thousands. 

Sent under teal, to any address, in a plain seal 
fA envelope, on tbe rfctii't of six rents, or two 
elain^js. Also Dr. ''ulvcrweU's "Marriage Gu^ue" 
price 2b cent*. Addre-^s the Publi«ber.--. 
ClfAS .T. C. KINK A CO., 
127 EOWERV. jv«ur York. 

Post OiHce Box 4586 

lias transacted business sucoa^sfully Forty -niue 
years, aud eontinues to progress iu Health, 
Wealth and Vitality. Has paid an aggregate 

lossof $ir>,724,380 58 

The iETNA is org-niied on a National Bails, 

with reliable L >cal agents, -nd ocupyes 

an enviable reputation, e<iual 

to all the emergancics 

it undertakes, 

worthy Ibc 


Founding its el.nlms to favor and patronage 

to Merit Alone. 

Affording unequaled facilities and security for 

Ins^uranee, and ranking 

The FIRST of Fire Insurance 

And insures at rates as liberal as tbe risks as- 
sumed permit for solvency and fair profit. 

Losses Equitably Adjusted and 

Applications Solicited, and Policies 
Is.^ued by 

R. E. ABBOTT, Agent at 

Winnebago City, Minn- 


E A U T Y 
► 1 nrn OolJcn. Flax 

Empire Shuttle SeWing RZachines 

are superior to all otLers for 

Family and Manufacturing Purposes. 

Contain all the latest improvements; aitespce 
dy ; noiseless ; durable ; and easy to worr. 

Illustrated Circulars free. Agents wanted. — 
Liberal di«eoont allowed. Ko ooDsigniBeiita 
I made. Address, 

J Zifl EMPIRE S. M. CO.. B?9»d»«y K. Y. 


< n ar.d S'lken CUULS 
producer bv tb* use 
»f Prof. Dc Trkcx's LS on E 

VEt;X. Orj<* af>t>l'c4 
tiop warranted to «'url tbe 
most strai'^ht ar.d stub bora fcair of cither sex in- 
to wavy ringlfcis r : b'^/•»y mnesivi^ carls. llaS 
been used br the fr,«bionab?os cf Paris rod Lon*- 
don, wi'b the most gr.'»titying results. Does no 
injury to the hair. Price by nail nealep and 
postpaid, $1. Dsscriptive eircUars sent free. 
A'Mrcrs 15ERGEH, fcUU'^TS k CO., Che-u si», 
No, 2.'»5 River St., Troy H. "7. Do'a agenU ior 
the Unil-jd States. 



For Ir-proving and Eo^uttfyiugtb* Complexion. 

The Vio^t viiicalde and f^rfest f tcparstioit ia 
use. for giving tbe skiii a bcaatl^'oi pearl-lika 
tint, th»t is onlv ''-•md in yo^tb. It quickly re 
moves Ian. FrctHes, Pir-pl«r, Pk>t';bes, Motb 
Patches, Sr'lowneFS. UmptTor^ and p'l impuri- 
ties of tte skin, kindly bea!*«tg tbe •a«Qe, leavicf^ 
tbe skir wbi'e and clear as aIaVa*t«*. Its ns« 
c«B. not be detected by ibe clof*n scrutiny, and 
being a vefet^ble pn'para'Wii ?• perfectly barm* 
lest:. It is tba cn^y ar*'/!* of tbe kind used by 
the French, »tA is conrider^l by tbe Parsian aa 
indespensihle to a per^e*"* toi'et. Utjwards of 
.^n,(trK) bottles were sold dn^'ivg the past year, a 
sufficient guarr.Tntee o' 'tn rV'-xej. Pri^e only 
7i ••tiis, sent by mail, op '"ceipt of an order, by 

6ER0ER, fc5HUTT«; * CO., Chemists, 
▼»rj28ri« 2S5 Uirer Pt., Troy, K. Y 

A UENTLEMAS, cured cf Ifprrons Delliiiy 
IncompetencT. Prtmattsv* X>e«a/ and Youthful 
Error, Kctuated bya.«e8iv»tobcne«* others will 
be happy to Ipmi-b to all -sr**© aead It, (frc« ol 
charge I, the i«»eeipt and <li*nfiu lor making 
be simple rt-oiedy ns<f^ •« tMi onae. Tboso 
wishing to profit by bis exporienro, asd poaaes* 
a Valnable Rcoiady, will •«oeiv« the saue, bj 
retaniiiiail,(«»refally sealed), by addrcMisf 

. nnma •VNaMM* mh, S«« Toflt. 



< ' 











i ^ 



E. A. HOTCHKI-S, Editor & Piopnetor. 

< ♦*. 


Terms— $1.60— Invariably in Advance 



NO. 18, 

j«rrtT. :-.—.-»—, .,—_—-^—TO^T'.— ^ 


Oilico on JMain Street next door A'orth of tli. 
Winnebago City Hotel. 


oths, 5 ccut3 a wfi'k. 

Onn copy nne3'ea; 

Fur :inv term le^s (uau o 


No. in. I l«fj 1^ si] I 4 dq | j co l. [ j col . | 1 col 

t w ! )k I l.mnr.'v), 'lOjo) .5.(10 j..-,o lo.iK 

I laxih I •-'. .'• 4,i>n fi.Oil) T.OO 12.00 2H,0(i 

< '.r'ta I .5. VI 5.00. 8.00 10.00 Iff.OO ■. 2i>Mi 

•im'fisl .).<W ».(»0;l2.fl!)i l.i.nO 24.00 . 35.(;ii 

♦> -n'tfij ; S.O') ll.Oii lO.iiOl 2(1,00 aO.Oft 1 5ft,im 

! yjir. . t;).i)()'l t,i<i» 3(t,li»: 2j,li0 10,00 ' 70,00 

Tun Hues or lo.fd mitke one si|ua.e. 

A'lverf j-'8!ncntb liOt n\irke«l foi .4 sjtcfilied time 
will beontiuued. <ind chnr^oii for accordingly. 

Ye.iriy a lvcrti:J2rs will beheld strictly to ad- 
vert nmcnts pcitfiiuius to their businor? All 
)ther noti'^c wih be chu. ^40 I at the regular rales 

Lxcc'iof advcrtidemants in«vi ted will he eharjj- 
i\ pr^pTtionaiciy to the number of snuarea bi»,r- 
pained f'>r. 

Leiriil advtrciscmpnts 5n;-<-ftcd at the the cx- 

r..^c of the attorney ordering them, and not de- 
ar ibla for Ic,*^:;! proceedings, but must bo paid 
iu delivery of ibc affidavit. 

N'otices inbcited in the rcadirt"^ cnlnnin. doa- 
cblo rates E. A. HOTCHKItS, 

Jk.ilX \\ O KJiKJ JL X«JH. 

Corner of lloliey &. M.iin Streets. Winnebago Ci!y 

D. S LAW Proprietor. 

Stages leave this IIou.<<e for all Points. 

There is also a good livery conuectea with the 
II"iise. ■ Oct30"GC 


Elae E.iith City, 

T!ii>' hon?c h?.vi':g been re;iaired .-ind nowh- H'r- 
nished throughout, is now open lor the recei-tion 
•>f guejt.^. 

The ]irnprictor rc?pce fully >oIi''its the pnfrou- 
;»;^c of the triiveling ;'uh!i<', and is <'eter;niiicd 
[h:U none .«liall go away (!is.«atisli-jd who iLiiy la 
vi>r him with a e.iU. 

47y <;. S. CONVKn.^K. Proprietor. 

Fiout 3lreet, near the Lc /ee. 

>!■ T. t. yLOvVillt, Proprietor. 

General Stiice Otiicfor :ill Point. . .t>i.^ State. Good 
SliiljliUij with attentive O.slU--*, li>yl 

Evans Sc Pali, Proprietors- 

Xciv advi;uti3K.M!:nts. 

3 5 0,000, 


Strength cf t lie Beetle. leoint.ioD wcivor, who was so miiaou- 

Tliis insect just asto.iisheil mc- \ '^"-^^V 1='^«'' ^^'^^ ^''^ ^''•'^■"''s ^«?rc eiicour 

A Sketch cf Horace Greeiy. 

From an intefei^tincr colninn of ir' «■ , - .• i -. . 1 ,• , . . . 

sip. all abottt llto New York Tribune, \ by its vast strcn->l. of Every ■•^S^d to oeiievc tliai ,n cn.e ll.o scnfi- 

■r is ex- i one N\ho has taken the coiiunon beetle ! turtsvvere stncly carried o-it he would 

which we find in a JJuston purer, is 
tr::eted tlic following notice uf Horace 
Greeiy : 

in his hand knows that hi^ Jiinbs, if | 'inherit ilic earth.' lie never got hig 
not remavlcalle for asility, are very j property. 

Th'.s ITonse is Xew, roniniodions. 
pleas. intiv' Loote '. and has hccii New 
E.lit(»r & Proprietor. |lv Fdrili>iMil tlil-ollLila^tlt. Tlie VCIV 
— - • « - ' i-'c'st acccMaiijotlatioiJS {^ujranited to 

Uasinass Directory. itrav.:ki-5 and boarder.s 

_ . (,J()od Stable Ifootii for Tennis. 

In the centre of the great Peaeh Orchards of 


C .\ T A I .N I N li 2 4 ACI;E S, 

G,000 Fruit 'irce.s, l.iJUU Pe.a- Trees, 

500 Clierny " 200 Plum " 

Seven acrca in Derrics, 

One of the FINEST HOMES 


vrith Arc Hams and Out lLiiue.«. Th'i Flo-vcr cccdm^lv grabhic, y.jirited and faithful 
Garden is net equaled ;u the N.^rthwe.-^i. having j 


His family reside ujion his farm 30 
nillts above New York, on he Ilarlem 

— died iu child Idrth, he and his luo h- 

Greeiy was born in Amhorsf, Hills- | powerful ; but I wa. not prepared for I J^'^" ^^''''' ^^t-'C'' wns a .oap boihr, 

HAViXd LOS r THE HEAD OF :dV FAMI y^^^^ , ^^ v,.^ Hampshire, and so Sanisonian a feat as that I have just | «"^1 "Ot a very good goap bo.ler rt 

LY. and ( i->-iri'ig to retire Irom care auU c> ;» i «],"(• T,.lin i...v,.r ir.or.-;f./1 .,t ,. o*.,..;.ir | is iiow fifty five vcars oUl.. Ho is a n.ciu Kvitr.essed. When t..e insect was ^''-t- J-i'n ..t\.r mnnicd at matun-y 

MODEL FHUIT FAll^I, , ber of Pr. 11 If. Chapin's (Univev?al brouL^ht to mo, luiving t50 box immcdi- 

ist) church, where he may he Boc-n re.?- | atclv atlinn'l. I was a los-; where to put ^ 

nlarly sleeping almost any Sunday in j jt till I could kill it ; Lut a (piart boitie j ^ John John;:on was .-i black.-.miili. He 

the year. rrobal:\bly he is not alwnys 

Jlumlcrins: so eoundiv as he seems. On 

one oeciision a''ter noilding all through 

a sermon by the famoti:^ Chapin he 

went iuiinodiately to his ofuec and 

\V-iiiiieb;igo City Oistfiet. ' Vi:r.^jON centre 110vt.11 

j Vernon Cennc iJIno Ejrlh County ilinn(.«ota, 

A. D. MASON - - . Iroprieter. 

I would ri'si)<'c*ful!y call the attention of the 

raveling |».iMie to the fact that I can now give 

IILIE EAllTlI V.XLLEY LODCE j »'":« '^^ ...,u,l a.-^-.D-hu'....* i. any llou-c in 

"ae Cine Laith \ ailfy. \i""d J^lr.Llus eonnceted 
J the Houie. 

A. H. Itrt.LI.^. Knjister, 
H. W. UOLi,t;V, llLceivjr, 
■*-^T"Onic..-!i«?tr<«ri')nrj S A. M. till 4 P. M. 
Wiimel>i?o C;ly,.Viaa., Jct.iii;\iiji. 

tun ago 

iIortictjlUiri.-t3 of thi' place ar.d adjoing cities 

have urge. 1 the idea o*' uivdiirig t'lc disposal of 

Ga^'dc-a City r/Tinn. ; tld.< Model tVuii I-arm. Aiih pc.xmal jiropvrty, 

ic., the bysi.^ of a national di.-ird..ntion ui>on tiie 
Art Union jlan. The fidlowir;: In a full list of 
ihc article; uiid iLe uiunntr ot drawing : 

NO 27. 


A 'i'he icLT'ilar ('<.m;iii:eiea'ions of 

^'^'jf' il.i' I'' d.'<' t on t'le TurslhVs Ml or oc- 
^^r\ |.,re every I'uU Mo )n, and two wetks 

iliLiial er. 


T, '>• ni.vY. w. M. CIO A. WFin. f. r>. 

W 1 ; 3 W. M. ^. i.KVXOl,!)>, ,1 P. 

B ..Al>i.-.»s J. »V. A I-. \VIl':C!« \M, T\l»r. 

U. K. .MOl I.TON, T;e:;;. K. II. IlLTCill.NS.^u^y^ 


.«lii-nfr-C. 1'. eUAPK'-. Co. AM'y— A. C. DfNX, j 

Jres'r— U V.. .lOM.VfuN Jml-t— A.MO;- P UKSTON, 

iCesi.'ittr— A. IIONUKM,, (.'..ron. r— W.M. A. WAY. 

AuaUor— W. F. CADY, CourlCom.- A. PUtSl'ON 

— Di^rric' r .iir;. fthi-iDi^Hictmoetsat BlueKartliCity 
II liio ;.l in .May. 


A. i). M.iso.f. 


1 Wilton. I7a30ca Conn*y. Tlinncsata, 

! J. H GKAY. Prop 

Terms I:cas^nablo — Teaui.ters b\er night 
On • il.. i. r and a-iunrtcr. 

<i n 'rill staL,e oflieo. Good sUabling, and r •.= '■- 
[ able ehar>;cs. 47v3j'l 

AN'l.ltr.W 0. DL.'iN', 

Atto, iiov iiiul C''>uiistllor iit Law 

•It* Will .j*.v\d to profjssional busiaess 
hr.>'igh '.it thv, .^taie. 
Wi ...ebago City, Minn. 

C. J. FAliLEY, 



CaiU by d.iv or night p:oiiiplIy attended to. 
Wionebiigo Ciiy, Au;;. la, 1,St5G. 


Harness Shop. 

Th« nrd.r-ig;icd tnl-es this mo'hod of i-iform 
T>^ 1 10 pi'»ple <d' Wiimahiigo City and vieinit. 
hit ho has just opened a new harnc.-s .•'li";> in 


«n^ IS iiiiw prop:ir:l *o d.i all klnd>' of work in 
ius lioL'. New" har!l'■^,■< male to order, and all 
kin 1.^ of repairing done o-i ."'tort noti'-c. Sh.>;> 
op :<!>irs, next door.-"-Uih of lliehardson i Itey- 
11, -hU' UDecrv. 

E. iL HUTCniXS. 

Wmnebigo City, Mav 2'). ISfiS. 



Wio.'.a'jajo C.ty. - - - Kiatcscta 

The r.ii'l.T.-igaed would re?pei"t fully iiif.>rni the 
piople of Wi:iiieba;;'» City ai.d •. ieir;ily he 
Ii.H again opened his ohii-e in Ibid pl.tec, ai.d i« 
prepare:' to attend on all who may require nis 
.lid. Office up stii-i in City Salonn builling. 
Pi-e-i. ripii'iis caroiully coiupounoed. Persons 
wi.-!iing to ci.n.-ult iric upon any dh-ease, either 
privnle or of long ."tandiiig, wdt p'e:l^'e call or. 
me .S.iturdays of ea'di wck, ;:,< 7. slmll givr ihifc 
.ays exclusively to this brat-eh of the pride.-sion 

M A hocicwoon. 

WicneK^go City, August l.i, 1S6(]. 4:;iar. 


Attorin,'y.s Sz Cumir^Ayva at L.iw. 

There will bo isjiied to m*niher8 Cerlififatcs 
for .i' .O'lO shnres at f 2 each, numt.eridg from I 
to jO.tlOO inelusive, eae.» oi-e of wliieh will c\ai- 
tle tlie holdiT one ji;ie .Steil l^rigraving aaid u 
share in the award of preiiii.mis'. 

I.I>S2' OF ntEMiUMS. 

Xo 1— The ni.'del I'rait F.irni. $3t.n00 

2—$:, 000 in (irceidael s, 4,i.t'0 

i! — Uno >pan of matehed V\^y Ilor.-cs, 

with i.ip Ci.rriMge i>nd lotriiess, 2,509 

4 — One.<npeib oil pniiif n.g, Mary M.ig 

<l:i!ei!i and ehil'i. vii'ii.-, i ..">fn> 

— Oi;e Piano (Chielcer ng.) 700 

This piano wa.i drawn by me at the XonU 
wcsurn luir iu Chicago; tieket ^j. 
XoH — One complete stt of black walnut 

Tumi. or.', iti green rep. CGO 

7— One 1: rge mirror. Fundi jdacc glass 

7 fvet i.^-h. lua'ble tr mmings. iiOO 

? — One ^Ulodeon, Z'll) 

H — «Jne complete sot of parlor bedroom 
lur'iiinre, T.I'O 

10 — One set of Sifting room furuiture, IJOO 
] I — Oil p.iinting, Lincoln. I.'>0 

12— Oil piiiiitiiij:, \\ n>ihin,-ct''l'i 2.^0 

l:;— Oil p:.inui:g, I.adv U",;y',iingtcm, 2h\\ 
1 I — Oil p.iinting. Gen. Gi-uit, 2.i!i 

15 — Oil painting. Get., t^herinan. 2J0 

IC— Oil puinti'.g, I>nti!el Wei >ter, 'I'M 

17--Oil j)ainti;tg. Tropics, ffiringj 2.')» 

IS— (til p.viiiriig. 'Iropiiv". fjill. 2o.O 

lit— Oil pointing, "Huntev's Last Shot." 2..0 
2(1 — One Cj-.i.inet Organ, 175 

21— r, Fiei.idi pla'c, loO 

2J — r.i.M'Woo.l ni!'ib!i-t-.i> centre inMe, 100 
23 to '.VI iuclu.-ive — Ten tirsi ciasj sewing 

u:nchii;e>'. SloO c:irh, l.oO'J 

32 ;o ;i7 inclusive — Five fir?t class Knit- 
ting Mu'diinc:-. SI25 each, 625 
38 — 'i"wo Va.-ts Irencb l'lo^»ers, with 

.M:,rMc .><iand . 100 



>.rniiu-s()ta ^Iiitual Iii-^urancfi Co. 
Hankato, Blinnesota- 

Injures agai.isl lo.-s by 

Fre and Llglitulng, and Death 
of Stock. 

S. riNCn. rrc.oidcnt. J. A. WrSWELL Sc;' 

0. O. PITCIIEll, Tr asurer. 

.1. .\. Kknnki'V. \ 

CUAS. 11. Ui ITS. I tlcncral Agents. 

^il. a;t"....i pro:nptly and fiiit^fuily to all buiiueiln- 
asted to tlieiicare- 

Il.ive for saU^at all timers, l«,icrc ijuantiti'.'s of 
Winneba.;o Tijsc Lands, and oiher t'aluahle 
Farming lands. 

J. A. WiLLARD. • • 21^1 



Dis-K .M cii n M <k CO. rr.os. 

Opposite Clifton Iloape, 

Mfl»^Vato, Miniifsota. 


!I.>n. Cha^. Scheller. St. P.iul. Hon. E. O- Hamj ^^^^^^ ^^^l Zlc. U.J..lVs"ut'tbc b^n 

n, .'^t. Cloud. 11. >h. .\. iJhauib.r:'. Owatonna. ; \ 

ll.Mi.G. E. Core, F.iribiuit. lK>n. II. .A. .■^iiholi i ' 
New rim. lion. M. ]le:i lerson. \. 
C. I»onn. E.siv, Vinnebajo City. Sar^'cnt 
Franklin Jk Keyes, Winona. -Im:'. 

rractieal Watoli-?^ lake.i, 


J E\V ELEil 

Ilankato, - - - Llinu. 

i^cALE?! !X 
Wat.'hes, cloek^j, .Tewdry tfc silver truic 

Kepairins neatly executed and warranted. 

Orr tables" arc in-w nnd are of the best innke 



Crockery Store! 


ALBEPvT S. WHITE, Proprietor. 

over ."500 varieties of Flowtrs. with beanlilul pri 
vet cedar hedges and ah hlnks cf ortiamental 

The house contains \?, rooms, with all niodorn 
improvin.ei;;s. SifJ.itod on lule Mi,hi-an, ; ., , ,,. . . , , ,. , 

wh^re you can see hundreds of .steamers pr-ssing railroad. 11 IS Wife lias Icen an invalid 

backward and forwar'!:?. and on a bri^.,ht clear fi^.^ SLveral year:?. They h.ave h;id sev 

djy y.m can nee ihc (iardca city, Chicago, 1. 1., 

fioin v.'urcwn door. | cn cjiildren, only two ot whom are now 

^o'j.ttvu" :!n^n:"; f "',:[";;',;,!■:;" t; : tiving. ere. l^ s„enJs ev.ry ?.u„-,iny 
< niy costs 10 cents per bafhei to deliver them m upou his farm, cuiering into all its de- 
tails working zealously "t eiiopping 
W(>od, dii^ging potatoes and other man 
ual labor. Like most aaiateur farmers 
he finus it an expensive ln.\ury; imd 
d'.-uhlless all his farm prodiKts coi^t him 
four or live limes the amount he would 
have to pay for thom in the New York 
market, liut his little estjtc is pictu- 
res(jue and beiiulifa', and it enables 
him to jiraetice all his f.aming ti.eoiias. 
He declares while all the money 
he evci sjent in anythiufr else disap 
j)e;ired witlvait lea\iitg any :!perture, 
he c^n see the hole where every dollar 
invested in his farm went through ! 

During the week he spends his days 
at a room on Eighth street, where he 
was compelled, while writing his hisfo 
ry, to j^hut himself up to avoid interrnp 
tion. Eveninix usually finds him in tlu' 
T/'i^vna editorial r«M>m writing f>r the 
nest dav's paoer or t..lkin;: to visitors 
W'lio swarm upm h'm hy filiies and by 

He is prob.ably the hardest working 
jonrn:di>t in the world. During the last 
two years, in adthtiou to labor opon his 
hi-tory (which would have employed 
an crdanary autlior five or si.x jearg,) 
when at hiuie he has averaged more 
iltan a oohunn for each issue of the 
•Tj-One Wh^itnof. French plate mirrors, 75 j ^^jiy Tribune, besidc Writing fifieen 

4lt— i'nri:iM .Miirble Car'l Ueeeiver, 75 | "^ , ' , .. " . 

11- uuc Mirror, French plate gia«», 50 to twenty private letters daily, dispos 

i' jX of vi.-^itors with whom he holds a 
nightly Icvec, delivering lectures and 
political speeches by the scrore, and 
s inetimes contributing to other news 
pn]'crs and ma.:r:i7/njcs. 

OAniiig only ten shirts in the >tocV 
of the T/'(ji')ic, Greeiy controll.^ its cd 
it(d'ial conre, ;:8 fullv as when he was 
sole proj)riclor. Every year tlie associ 
ation poe.-i tl.rotiuh the f "rn) of re elect 
injx liini edit r, bv a unanimous vote. 

In private life Greeiy is libv-ral and 
oponh:indeJ, giving freely to all who 
claim to be needy. His charities are 
not always discrimin.itmg, but the gifts 
of those who invariably jrive wisely are 


the hollow at the bottom allowing him 

room to stand uj>right. PiesenMy, to 

my BUip' :«e, ihe buttle began to move 

wrote out an abstri'ct of it, nearly a | s!o\7ly and glide a'onj^ the .'^mood; ta- 

c j'.urnn in length, which i)rovcd an ex j 1.]^, propelled by the mu.scular p.iwers 

of the imprisoned insect, and ctuilinu 
ed for some time to perambulate the 
surface, to the astonishment of all wlio 
witnessed it The weiulit of the hot- 

fhU of milk being on the (able, I placed , ^'^'^- ^^ was publi.shed in tlie pnpor, 
the beetle for tl-.c t.resent under that, ^^ '^^' ^ ^'^'-'^ ''''^^ >*• 'Deatiss.' It ^v,, 

therefore thought he died to pain note 
riety. He has got an aunt livibg aorae- 

Up to tlie age of 34, Hosea V^'ilkin- 
son never had any heme but ib ine, 
sweet home,' and wlien he had that he 
had to .sing it to liimsolf. Atone time 
it was thought lie would have been fa- 
mous if lie had nn- become celebrated. 
He died. He w;.s tjreatly es!e.:ined for 
his many virtues. There was not a dry- 

tie and its contents could not have been 

less lh;in three itounds and a half, and . , ■.,,,-, 

^, , „ , , , 1 . . !<' I eye in tfic crov»d when they idauted 

that cf the beetle vasaliout nail an 1 . •' ' 

ounce, so that it really m;ived a vreight 

of 412 times its own. Abetter notion 



than figures can convey, will be obtain { 
ed of this f.ict by supposing a lad ofCl 
tfon to be imprisnno<l under tlie 'j^roni 
bell of St. Paul's, which wei-h.s 12,000 
pounds, and to niove it to nnd fro up 
on a smooth pavement by pushing 
within. - - Pidf. Cioss. 

What do \''ou.-;r. Mkx Marry.— 
Some young mea marry dimvles; some 
ears ; Some noses ; the contest, howev- 
er, jjenerally lies between the eves and 

Address "Female Lillingsville 
Sow hig Society. 

F.'iLi.ER SiisTEiis: — \\ hen I cast li^i 

eye on a cirkle uv luvly wiiumiu bnzzy 

w ith tlicir needles, nd hart seems to 

stretch clean mi buzz:um. And 

when I lelhk for a miiinit that thar to 

work for uulhin' ajid find themselves, 

j a;;d tiiata yuj?g helhen .'.^tanJs yelping 

j around the corner for the very shirt 
the hair. The mouth, too, is occ.isi n- ^,^^,. ^^.^,.j^j,,, ^^ -^ ^,^ ^.^.^,,^^ ^^^ „,^^ 

ally married; the ohm n.t so < ften. ! ^,,^^^ j ^^^^ ^^ shout hoz.eanner fur 3 
Poor partners, thes ', you will own. 
But young men do n;arry all these, 

weeks on a stretch Feller Sinters, y« 

kan kouet on Josh Billings as a frend J 

he luvs charitec, as a ])up hankers fur 

nu milk; his very nainr look.-? out onto 

the horizon of the poor f Iks, just as 
that would have a wife mu^t marry a i .j^^ j^^ ^^. ^ ^j,^ ,^^,j^^.,.„ ^,,j,^^g .,,^,.^^3 

and many other bits of scraps of a wife, 
instead of the true thing. Such as the 
manincre is such is the after life. Ho 

wom Ml. If he cat; meet with one o! 
equal 8 cial position, like educition, 
similar disj) s.tion, Kindred sympathies 
and habits congenial to his own, let 
him marry. But let him beware of mar 
rying a curl, or a neck, however swan- 
like, or a viiiee, however melodious. 
Yoiing h.dics do also niake some ciueer 

a bog meadow, And he seas the little 
bare l»ak yung ones shivering fur a 
krust ov bred, and hungry fiir a shirt j 
then he looks at the sisters, a talkinor 
and sowing, and sowing .and talking, 
and he kounts a hole p.arcil ov htllo 
shirts on the tabil, and he feels just as 
tho lie wud like to own ell the f email 

matches, and unite themselves to whis ^ ,,,.5,^, sosieties in the world him.«elf, 

kcTS. — Pan/iT/ Fern, 





A commitl'"o will be .np; ointcd to superintend 
the di-.'trihution of the Prices, by the Uorii:-uUnr- 
al and Agricultural Societ e.s of Michignn com- 
pos<!d cxc't ..-ively of FiuitGrtwcrs -nd Farmers 
none of wh(m »Lall have any imprest TrLatevcr, 
iu the drawing. 

K» snon :is tl awnrds are made, a perfect ti- 
tle of the ilifiVrcnt Premiuiii.« will be luruiiLed to 
the fortunate h'>Meis of crrfificates, 

On rt-^cipt o*' ;f2 we wid forward one certificate 
witti list of Kngraving.', from which parties may 
select any ot3e they choo«e. Tho tnpravings 
will number over .'d( different varieties, the »etuil 
value of which i.< $2 each in any Art Aasociation 
in t':e connTTV 

Ple.iso (diserve tb;rt yen receive tl:e w.)rth of 
your money rt once, and at the s tme time an op 
por'uniry is given yon f« Bccure an ind«'pendont 
fortune for life tOc isame hs Mr. .\. H. Lcc of 
Prairie du lloebs, who drew the Crosby Opera 
House, a' Chica'^c. on .he :)lst of .Taniiarv 1^67, 

aiid put bis hole fortm in the little 
ready made cotton shirt bizziuesS. 

Oh charitee ! Oh charitee I Whcil 
Josh Billings communos with you, he 
feel.- as tho he had j=st been tried out 
and Ret awav tu cool. Feller Sisters. 
doiTt bo skeerc<1, let the rich and huw- 

sclves wcalihy by tho simple investmeiit ol one 

cr tw.i dollars. Every farmer and llorticultur- 

CmckcfT. Glns^ Grc.ccriei.. Ac. for sale ' ''^\ f"«lJf'.-el an interest in ^ecurin;: thi. beauti- 

by wholes;.^ or Country store- .nprlicd 1 *^' ^^"^^ '""^ hxxA^^M or family. 

on Tca.'onatdc term.', llonms ou Amiu bircct 

neaily opposiio Bradley &, Bro. 

A Good Tiling on the JournaL 

A Correspondent of tho Cincinnati 
Commercial tells the following excel- 
lent joke upon the editor of tho Louis 

A meuibor from one of our nnuntain 
C'Mjn icp, lull' of conservatism, ar.d a | »y stik uj) their nuzes, and let the eddi- 
strong auvocaie of the Louisville Jour j k^ied Ijjf. 
nal, each morning as he w^uld take his j x » * n «•< 1 , 

seat in ti.e House, as business opened, | .. ^''''^' '''""^I^ ^'l'^' "^' ^"'^•t^^' ^"" ^^^"^ 
would coinmonee readinir Irs favorite j'-^t 'n bet his nine dollars that enny 
paj»cr, and a'nont the same nvKiient ; sister in full comnmnion with this ero 
sotnemcmb.-rwonld|,,,,.:^^ ^^^i^.^ ,,,^^ ^^ j.^ f^„ ^j 
with the reading of the louiuul, and our I j . , • . , ... 

mountain n^ember w.aifd hty down his i =""^ ^'"''^ ^^'^ ^ '^^'"- *'^ advantage, will 
paper. IJe su.od it for some time, when 1 g^'t her final rcw::rd. Tew konklude. 
rising from his seat ane morning after j Feller S'ster.<5. pitch in. Cum together 
the u.^ual motinn, ],e exclaimed at the 1 .,,] .^„^^ ^j.,j,.^ buv vure cottingby the 

top of his voice : 1 1 r 1' T ^ . » 

t-M,. c'^,t. „ !• „ ,,. 1 • pease; be keerful how yon t.ea» oufc 

' AJr. i-'pcaker, I vc sot here in my ^ 

seat fur mor'n a week and submitted t'> J'"*^^' !»'»i'bs, for there is evry now and 

the tyranny of this House. Somtdmdy then a bogus heilhin. Stan by yuro 

seldom lar^e. He has tsdsted hundreds <^v(s-y morning, nuives to disi)ense with | constitution and bi-laws ; du awl tiiis 

.»r vrviinrr iMni. wi 1 .n.ini ■ 1 1-v mi eOi-' tl n/> tllO rcadinij oi lllO ioP.riial, aud FVC |o>:t ! 1 ., ,,,-. ., T, ,, -I. o • _ 

of ^eung me.., in pc un a. j m.s.o..nnc ^^^ ^.^^ ^1^ j.^^ ^ ^^^^ ^^ , .^„d the "K-u.ail Bdl.ngsv.he Sowing 

He preserves as rehc^ notes amount- 5^^ ,„,^'„,, ,^^„ j,.,^ ^.^.,,^ ,^^^,^.,^,^ ^^ ^^..; : Society" will go d.Wu to future poster- 
ing to nearly fifty thousand dollars, : p(.,-so with the Drmorrat or Commn" ! ite, like a wide awake 'orch lite proses 
chiefly frum persons whom he has as cial, and, Mr. S-peiiker. I won't stand it ' .shjn. I bid vu tenderle .ijew. 
with a single ticKct of $.i^ or hundreds ol others | iisted, out of fricnir.ncs.i aloDO, uotcs j 'iny lo'^gor Mr. Sneaker — " 

whom we mijiht mention tl.a* have made thttn- 1 1 • .1 , i 1 ...1, Hcro the balance Was lobt in J 

' which in the aggregate are barely worth ' .,1 1 .,, i , „ 

the paper they are written U])on. Matiy 

J. s. PERU Y, 

4 1 S. O II ! 

HALL/v CO., 

Billiard Kocin an. I Saloon. 

The Horticultural Association 

Of S(. Joseph. Miihigan, 

Is Xo Gift Ent'^'rpncc, 

j And mn«t not bp confounded with tho Polhir 
Wiilcilt mniie<"otli. j Gift Concert-* an<l humbugs whi..h havebccnad- 

Thcbest cf Liquois at.d Cignrs at thebir.— : verti-ed so extensively throughout tu« couatry. 
\\\ kinds if llioer."" and C.-iiidits coit.itantly on 

Ir A 1 S_i O 1.^ I Thcben crLia.uns'anrCig7rrn\ theb,^^^ \'y X-hn first mail. IIo St.lted that hc 

,r. ^ All kinds of iiioer-x and Cmdits coi,.<ran!ly on .' - ~ had formerly been a merch.ant, pur- 

N\ lllieb;\«TO CltY MlUlies^ota, hand. Ah-olresb oysters u,»*a.Mn. 47m3 T'r^'^»'>«^^'iV''" '''"^^''^'P'-'^^^^^^^^^ , . t- i • v' ^r , , . 

= - f.;iu.w:ng gent.emen : ehasing htS CTOods luNcW Yoik; but 


strangers apply to hint for aid. 

A visitor from New Hampshire once 
a.'^ked for a fav: dollars to pay his pas 
Siige home ; telling some pi iu.<»able sto 
ry about being diaappcii;ted iu nioney. 

Origin of IHii3triou3 Irlen. 

IMark Twain has di-covcred the ori» 
gin of the following ' illusirious meti." 

Wni. Smth «::s the son of his moth 
or. Tills jarty's grandmother is dc 

May bp found In Fellows' New Block. Op 
posite Cott.cU & O'^arboa s New Store. 

at all tiaie--. \r. pared lo tlo all work intrusted to 
bim. in the late t Xew York Fashions, or to suit 
h r lusiomcr 

Mast kinds of country \ r ducc wanted for woik 
Cutting done on siiort uouce, aud warranted to 
fit if propetly made up. n?". 4 

cilAS. lIEILbOrvX. 

\f.inafa'-;urtr and Dealer in 


of every vanety. 

r. 8. JJAV?. 

Auction .^•Ct'tiu:ii>--i«)T> ;M.^r»^haut 

Hon. J I! t'pt jn. M C, *'en Morgaa Sherwood i j,.,,! .,•.„„ „ „«. ,,.;*}, .«; -r^,.*,,.,/^ 
Hon Jno M..rr.sofi. Gen W.rd.Capi H R Lang- , ^'^'' *-"'Ce met With mt-^fortUUC. 

and promising to return the amount ; ceased She was a brick, 

Edward Brown was the son of Old 
Brown by a particular friend. 

Hcury Jones was the son of a sea 



ley. Capt r'.imut.l L.-n^^v. .Tiitncs E Suvcrs. B I ''Here, ' lerbed Groe y, opening his : William .Tones wa^ a son of a gun 
F King. W Ovi-itt. ?t Joseph Jlich. : C S , »,'.•, W » r ' -r , -r r t 

■ Frink. Chicag.> lib: B F Lawrence, banker. Packet book, "iS the monCV. iJot Ot . Johu Joacs Wa.S a SuH of lemp( 

; ^'!.Pjj^«:n I-^^hcr. Elgin ju : L GUMi. Aur-ra Id ^.^^^rse I (^hall ncvcr gee it aL'ain. If ance. 

I J E Dn-ken^on. Carter. Pitkm A Davi.», Milwan , .,«».. ^ _, ^ _ . 

Corner . ftiouib i«'i-i V^ii" is streets. ; ke« Wis : James Li;i,k. Dctr-Mt .Mich.: William you have acquaintances here, and wcrc ! In ear'v life (iabri<d Jor^es was acta j i ),jjj_ f,|,,._ ab«»ve ail other i»eri 

Q'.. ^ T.'«..f K r 'it..' . \f inTio<sr>t1 Dort, Xilcs, Mich. ; U Y SchslL Chiv-ago IlU 1 • t i i • ,. • j .. ' ,, , * i tr • t i ■ • .l ii t • i 

liiue Larlli I 'r>, - - - Aunnesoia. __j j__ e in tlie habit oi pnymg y ur debts, yoa ; allj a shoemaker. He is a shoemaker | in the world— js in love. 

What They Won't Own To. 

There are sceral things whicJi you 
nev«r can, by any accident j{<»t a lady 
—be phe youn;^ or cAl — to confess to. 
Here comes some of them : 

That .she laces tight. 

That her sho s are tr»o pm.nll for Ler, 

1 hat sIjc is t-red at a ball, 

Tliat she paints. 

That she iH obuT than Khe htoks. 

'J hat she has been more thaa five 
minutcw dressing. 

'Ihut she blushes »jpon hearii-.g a cer- 
tain person's name i--pT'li(t;)e:i. 

'I hat she never s lys aiiylliing she doaj 
not mean. 

'J hat sho is fond of scandal. 

That she cannot keep a Secret. 


Appiicationa for certifici tea shouM be addrei* would apply to them and not to nio, a vet 

CASH paid for EILES »fcSKI>iS. ** *>MITH WIITTTIFR potd stninger. I arii quite wilhng lo i Previous to the ag 

,1 ./'. ._ ._'_ 'giveycu the money, but I djo't want , Jones had never p^ivci 

iveeps constantly on band a good asfortircnt of 

X U XI \ X X K. X\Xi . 

(lilt Aloilldilt'^S Kept On Hand; KrrF.-^ j. R. Wakefield, Hill A 
* ^ *■ !D.i-tu;. l;:oe E«rth: Isaac .Marks. J. F. Jleagh- 

(.\t Lm own rirfk.) P. 0, Drawer 0,187, . i_- i r i •> 

>^\-^^^ . .. ^ ,^ ^ von to think me a fool. 

Th it she nu'-'.-ai tv:;nt a new bonnet. 
That she dof.''n't kn'»w evcrvthin''. 
That she csiii di» will on« siiigle 
given any evidence : (i,infr ioss when sh« is ativ.Jt totraveh 

aee of 85 Caleb 

WARS-UOOMS COBNER OF UlCKOBY * SECOND jer..ManX»fo: Munger Bros., Su Paul. 


niTTn' t f r\ TTT .•■^" »" * "•- " i of e.xtr.aoril'narv abdity. Heha»ncv-| '1 !iat she has not the disposition of 

For the last two yc.:rs Greeley 8 la- i er t:i»en ar.y since. ! f?n auL'^'i. or a teoirer lj»t«' a saint, or 

> 11 letters containing over ?io please register. ^,-„jjg p^jjj, Pea^.;, J. J P^j^rlj, ^4,) 000 an i Patrick Murdieyig Paid to bave ,; el-e how couhlt.he g.> through with 
j ^^Ag«« wan vd in every to wr and county j^,jj^jj^. a lartrc portion of it Iroui bis bcen of Irish extraction. one half what slie does. 

i^u^o^^t'liuVm^d^-^'"''"* ""^'^'^^ i J.mcs Patt«.»on wa.-thesonof a That ahe is a flirt or CoqnetU. 














THE iiOMCJ^TEAD' ^^>""''>;: 

■'■-^*^"-* * . . : ter ti> the ^e\v 1 

. \ hK.^^^'./'j •''•--."'■5"' ■- ■ -^^^ 

I^?^(ifcn. l^.ijtlcr has a-l'lrejispi! a let 
oik Trio'ine, iu w hii;h 

Can I Help You ? 

Can I lu'lj) you ] Just Hay ilie vrorJ. , 
There spcuks tlie w li le tfoulctl, whole 1 



^ Substitute for Calomel, 

, , , Thew Pills are composed of various roots, baTing 

hor.rttMl iJiiin — Uw mnn whog»' very >*had the power to relax the secretions of the Uver as 


Iu aU M'.ioue disorders these Pills may be used with 

rEBrJJA?.Y 27, 1857. 

E. A. PI0TCH:n33, Edi-or. 

ho snys : 

"May ! ask ynti to slam»> a for;:cry ? 
A» anuonncomonl i. gcin- ihe rounds j..,v is worth more th.u the My, s.ul | ^^^%:^S^L^ZJ^Z^^^^ 

Hi the l-aptrs Miat I have Irow^ht a ' uiul estate, IKMhOnal and HJ.uitUal, of dauKcroua eS.c^s which olten loUow the uee of the 

suit against one l'< meroy, of the J^a j iwo thirds of tur liuntaii lacc bcarincr 

(.'rosflo' (Wi>*.) Jli/iocrdt, for lib.l. 

fhat ac'lon, hj contrary tr) uiy dotrrm 
ii(i(«1 pih'uto :is to nttu spTpor Rlandcrs. 

n ivhd roiiti:u):iii '11, ko the Dnnoontt 
j pidj'is^hi's a K ttfi I'tiriHinir.'^ to le s'l^n 
; od hy nil", oIlVi ing :o withdrtw tho stilt 

to which h«' uiakts a iirantrdoqucnt and 

thnsivc rrp'v. Noul I say thai, I have 

liroti>;!il no »iii !i suit n.uainst him or 

r>ny othor hi .:.i!.rin«;j scrib'rr '! 'ihe 

loiliT is a l«'rij:orv to l>ol-t«'r a lie." 

~^f^ ihe*'()ld Hoinesread'has been 

Fol'.t, but not «'iit ot the lansily ; an<: 
t>io>e friend^ niul lehilives who joiuem 
biT its h.osi.italiiy '.vv\ c^n^fort, will i'l- 
welcomed as t.f r-l.J. iml nit lonLT fee!, 
we trust, a liaerle-^tine s in the chiUi^t' 
f.t f.r Tir.itiash'l). Ne-.v lapcsiriiS n»;«> 
t;ikc the place uf i!j.)se which eyes h;ivt 
b'^eu wt.nt to look u}»o:i, tlte walks li^vc 
deeper shade, aiid the old me;!dovv bo 
broken up, butilll.e Isearthsione pro 
serve its warmth, tlie e!!an<^es will not 
1 •» Jflt as I'lnovati ns, aii I i.i tic .'u 
tUi e, who arc now stranger:) nmy, 
in coninion witii other?,, clii')) lii a as 

)m« I'!' ihe boilers of the AVis- 
consln pajM'r rii 11 at MiUvatikec, exj>lo 
ded ti!i lliv> "Jl'ili iiiKt , kilhn:5 ihe on- 
il'neer nml Ms vi e, the tirctnan and a 
Mrs. Jorani!. The wife of tlie cn^in- 
♦•er 1: .d just etiiiie with h-T hu^bnnd s 
liiii; h, acccni[)ai;ie:l hy a laily frii'iid to 
^. e ilii! pr.ce-s cf pajur makini>:, v. hen 
the i'xploHion ocen:retl, lanr.eliijii; tlieni 
'j-rtli into eterni'v. 

.U|;vin the pas:.Mjje u* llie Xegvo Suf 
iraiio bill by the ieniussee Senate, yes 
teiilay (iuvern .r IJimwhIow iintncdJite 
ly s-rl lie followiu-j' char;iel8iiist'c de 
••■patch : 

J..!;M VC. F.rnoy, ("esk of the 
Srn:)te, ""^Va^iiliiuton, D. (*, ; 


iLeir ' Old llou.estcaij." j 

The corner stone \Tas ItiM by M:. j ed lie .^eiiare— ;:yes 14, noes 9. It i- 
Carr IlantiiiiT'r.n of the Blue Earth nuw the !;.w of the State. My regards 

twe name. How he li fib the desn .nd- ^ f"'""^;"^^- •« '^^v promote the dL^-uajre of v^^^^^^ 

" •'-^p.Jia , tile, aud remove those oMrucllons from the liver 

illi; SJiirit of his brother. All «lav he ' *°'^ binary ducts, whiCh are the cauce of bilious 
, , , , 1 1 . 1 ' I ftJcctious in teneraL 

Ins iiie! ti.ecoid eyes, cold smiles, cold bciifnck'3 ma:;deakb pills core Sick 

w.ii-1m i-.i'.l linua •i!i,1 r.,il.l c- i»ii,on.,r ' UcaOftjhe, and ai! JirorJerBoUho Liver, iadicated by 
\V.)I.IM, CO. (I IK),V8 anil e<»UI SjlUVathy , .ollow ^Un, co?.;cJ tongue. co6tivcac«, dro'.v6Lno«, 

lllt'Il \\y hini b»'Cau?e (hey have heatd *""* * general feelins ot wca-inesa aud lOiMitudo, 

j elio\Tiiig that ihelivar ia ia a torpid or obitructed 

lie wa-^ niiiorlunatc. 1 m \ery poorniy- cond.ticn. 

fcjoir - \u nid h Ip you- could havt done j 

so three days aiio or three hour.s ajio — ■ 

but |>os*ilivclv have i.ot \m\, three cents I 

n r sh in't he iu p,';v:,>.eg!!j:on of that Ruin ; 

wiiile -your iuisll>riune lasts. H" yuur 

o!tl tMinl dies or your old uikIc, or in 

fact :in}l;i>dy who n\ay chance to leave 

you a fo-.tuiie^ v, hy jiist call upon me; 

I'll i'aa< au;e tn liave a little cliimj^e on 


i^ut !M)!v ! yonder comes a broad 
tfliou dercd, frank browed man wh.o 
nieetii hi.s pO'T biotli'.'r \vi h a Ix-avy 
slap on ihe tihou.der, and can I help 


la thort, tlicno Pilis mar ha ujcd v.ith advan- 
ta-^-e in a'.l cava when a part-a'-lve or alterative 
melici-.'.o is re juired, 

r.eie as'ii lor ''nr. B;hencVd Mandrako Pills," 
and &li3fr-.c tliil the t:vo lil;encs.?03 ol the Doctor 
arooa tVie GoverutucKl rtaii;p— o :c \rhen iuthc \esX 
Btarc of Cousuiup.loa, tnd the ether La his preaenl 

BjM by all Drur;r'Bl8 and dealers. Price 2"i cents 
jif^rbox. I rinc.pal Oiiice, No. 10 Norih tilh Street, 
PUiaJfc'ph'ft, Pa. 

tier.erR. V.'holefialc Arcnts: Demw Barnes & Co., 
SI Pirit How. New York; S. S. Hence, l'J3 BaHi- 
iiicre St., BaUlaiore, WO. ; John JJ. Park, N. E. 
ccr. oi Fourlh end Walnut St., Cincinnati, Ohio ; 
WaUvcr ii Taylor, 1U4 and JOG Vr-iLajh Aveuue, 
Cli-ca-o, 1)1. ; Collins Drotherg, southwest comet 
#1 Kccond and Vino St«., St. Lou's, lio. 

tiih k. iiih w. ea. mo. 1 yr. 


Down Tiiey Go! 

Is the orJer of the day, 



Go to the Drug Store lo buj your 
School Books, Stationary, JuveDlla 
Books, Novels, &c. 



Gift Concert. 

Ilu<!<cK A Oc, of :-^lia!;<''5~eo. will t;i\o a (Jraiid 
,, . 1 1 • 1 (li.'t Ci'iuir; at Eiulrch's ll;ill, Hl:.i\;»j tfti. Mii:ii,, 

you ••'just pay the .cr.i. lont be „:i weJuewSBy tvoi.inr, JIaj 1st l.S(;7. One 

■,f;:;id nov.-; what's vnur trouble? nut '-'■?^'^''' *^*<''' Five th;.n..'inJ dcjihirs w.-rih of 
^ - viiu-si'ie lo-'j-erf}' and m^xK-y to bo •liscri.JtMfd 

wiih it, and il you'd lihi a litdo cash, ! to tUiut hoMun Ao pi>-n,(ii)onicut. 'i'itUet.> 

TV ,^ , , , ' one diiliar «•«' h The i>»izt;S C()Jif^i»it of a tmutie 

just s.ay so. D;.n t be downcast ; whit .^n,, ,„f „„ 2J, ??i.2oo; a lot en 2d stre.t 
if V'U have f::iled in vour cxpecfations '^^ *'-'^" -• " i'>J..*o a.-.d lot <.n ll.iine^ strcut at 

' , 5-iiOO ; iV-ur lots itni.l.v locufi-d ^i( ; one i)iano ; 

once, twice, or thriee ! IlaVCnt some pri/u in frrcenb;icks $1(I0 ; one l.or.-e, one 

01 our nio.^l SJCLCS-.U. niC.cnanii. Uone .....^.^i^e; ouc -old Icvt-r watch; one Ain.-.ic«ii 

Indian Head •^liccting — a yard wiJe — 25 cents. 

Best Prints 18 orr.t?. 

Elm of FT. V.VNELS fn.iii 33 to 50 cents. 

DELANEJs28 cenis. 

— 0— 

SIX pounds r!.::ht Droirn >u,.:;ur for $1.00 

De£t COFri:E C5ct.-, !b. 

>:iX por.nds good l>KIi:i) APPLES foi $1,00. 

And a gnat variety of all otLcr goods to uu- 

mtjous to lacnviun, wLicL will Le 

sold v.'-ry !(W 


We, the ntidcrsjijned, will say to the publii- 
that v.e do not HJ\eri;.-'e acjtimig but «iiat wi 
will live up to. and if any one want.«< GoOI* 
(t(;od3. plea.-?'! fall nud .se ns bi-f'.ro you buy 
c'isi.'Mlicre. tor we are coLlidtnt that %ve will sat- 
isfy you that we are geiliiiji goods 

Clieaper tlian any otiier House 
in the I>lue Eaitli Valley. 

Gi^e us a Call 



District Court, 6th Judicial District, ) 
County of Faribault. | 

[Revenue S'amp, iO ceutM, Cauctlled.] 

Sauud llutctiinson, Ju.«iah R. Hutchinpon; ' 
Jcieuiiah Kteve, and Charles J. lioWbU. 

Plain tilTd. 


Orlando Ward, Defendant. J 

The ."^tate of Minnesota, to the above named 
Dclendact : You are hereby required lo «i).-wer 
tlic Complaint in tho action above entitled, nhich 
has been tiled in the olTite of the Clerk of .said 
Court, at Dlue Earth </iiy, in said county, and to 
tile 3'our answer to said complairit, in the Clerks 
Otfice aforesaid, within iliir-y dayp afttr the ser- 
vice of this Kuminon^ on you, exclusive of the day 
if gyrvit-e; and if you fail to answer the faid 
J<iniplaiut the jdaiutift's will take Ju i<;un^nt 
;gaiiist you fir the turn of nine hundred and 
[\ventw-ti;:ht doiltr.sand seventy cents (.*92S.70) 
.vith intercut tlurcon at the rate ot s-evcn percent. 
'r>iia Jane l-^t, 1SG5, bcsiacs the costb of ibis ao- 

Date! January 8;h. A. D.18C7. 

ANDREW O.DUNN, IM.xintifTs At(y. 
4ul2w7 Winnebago City, ilLiun 

the same tl;it«r? made the same mis 


wrtttl'. Album?, nMpkiti rings, <tc, in all &i2 
pr;7.L.«! The olijcft of the co:u-ei-t is to (li.^ji.i.-e o*" 

Tiie N •i:n> J^nftV.ire I'iH 1=.".^ p.nssed I tuUes r And where would they haye theVfi'^riy aaveni.<td, .lad n..t for a .^ijcoula- 


to Andrew I'h ra-'h. 



Win (i. Mos-s, 

been ir li.ey had'nt found liiends ? '\^'' .. .. ,, ,. ., „ ,, ,. „_, ^, , 

cloi-cd) M. C. IvUi-scil, P. 0. Loi 2i0, bha.opef, 

Come, wlial do you want, how uauh ? r-'innesota. 

."';,''"!'''..''::';.,''''.''';":^ ",' ''''J""'^"' RJarried Ladies I 



Guvernor of Tennis.see. j with a styx like frown il.^it says a.s 
Ihe (lovernore.vplain* th'Si-i-nature jp':^''>'y a-it he h;.d brtwlc 1 it out in 

interests of its own town, and nndor its t^y j ^ > .«'^ to fa 1 naturally to l.iii, 

popular moltoe,— 'raniih Ki:ci))i'.-s, ■ s if. 

aiid lleward Friondrt'"— h.'^is faithftilly i ,^_^~ " ', , 

J],. I »3^ i Me rejn.iUr <■>[ tlie Man.-a'o 

C:ty South M'tst, and the woik com 

j.leied by Mr. Clnstie, who has labored 

lor ve.irs i;j llit faee cf adverse cireun: 

Rtanccs, to sustain his p-.j^cr. It has by s,t\ini; that Ar.dy. having abandon j your ear, no entrance here. He ii= not 
hcen a spicy Jind ori-tnai sheet, warm ;g] the roA of 3Ioscs, lie tliinks it nee- ! one of those de«j>otie, cro^•9 ijr,iine.l, 
ly su[ porting Earil au!t cnnity -.'n 1 the j es.sary ?onic one sh.niiid t:ikc it up, and ! surly, iiK>ni-. d maehines, that squeezes ! 

a sixpence till it Fquc(.!s, and reads a J 
newsj!.?pcr uirh a r.reedy, vt^aciousl 
eafr^rnes;^, for fe&r he shall Uit get his; 
twu fent's ?i()rlh. Ho lives (or some- 1 
tiling cbe that nan. t}i:.n g.iin. Ilisp-ss 
jiort tt> Ileiven i:> written ^r. hi.s iace, 
his rel'gion on the hearts of the dovM • 
ca.^t atd sorrowinjr in the liomeb he 
lias made h..f ]»y l»y liis leuevol'.nce. 
"Can J help you ;'' 
Write the wtu'ds in j.'tViden letters, 
for they are only heard oi rare ocer^ 
5-ions. Tlie .sneer, too scorn, th.e doubt: 
the refusal - they c into with eytrv' 
n't.;htfall and fcuorise. ^«igi;aids jtow 

U, S. Land OfEce, Winncl.airo City, Minn., 1 
February Sih, 18r,7. ] 

To Fredori.-k A Porter-— W F Davii has 
this daj' api'lii-d .'"or the no-th half couth caM 
Ad(!i-t=b- liV mail (wieh price of ti./l;et en- M'lartcr, and south half of the north east C|U,->iiti 

of flection 32, town>I.ip lvi2, ranjre ."1; it l.einp 
the land y<u filed on. Y. u are hcraby notified 
to be and appear at this oflije on Fnda", thi 
22udday<f March, l>t^7. at twelve oVlock M., 
;';)r the purpose of o;iviiig the Wuoie matter a fai 
itnd impariial ijne.stija-inn. 

A. II. Dl-LLIS Repi-'tir, 
II w ilOLLEY'.Uccciver 

a-ilu'ied to a sense cf justice. 

Christie lius not lacked reward, and 

jn.iv health, the loss of which now com- 

jells h!:n to res' jn his duties, soon 

permit him to le.-ume the editoiial 

chair in Miiinesota. 

The political character of the Home- , 

BTEAD will not b3 clanired, but r 'man , ,,,.,, , ,, 

, , ' , . , ^ , : thotiGjht ho Will soon btj aole to n.'^e 

ever ready t.» advocate the right ana : ^ , . , 

. . . - carl V . IS n-nal lu the mornintr, as no 
condemn Oie wron?, as it la viewed , * , , 

, T. ,..• ' 1 1 1- • Ib.mei were br. ken. 

through Ilenub. lean gia-^scs, l.ebevingi •, r 

" .'. , *= /. ., I ib-it reporter has a ilea of 

that the national acceptance of the t . "^ 

. 1 .•.!.. . o * ' m.atri.noi.v. 

principles ol that party vuli soonest j 

Union, A ritln^ lr.<ni Card, n C ity un- 
der date ot February 11): h , per; elMtis 
llie fol!»)v\ in;^ J 

'^N :s. Clark ortliofirta A C'aik 
& Son. had 'x {3L'cs) Fi^ll, a few d,i\s 
ago. lie has not yet had njcdieal ai- 
tendiuu'O, but is doing well, and it is 

' or - lail- 
'insr P K E- 
'^for which they aro^ 
'^In every instance. They^ 
'are cordially recommended to"^ 
'all Ladies who, from eickness or\ '* 
''other cauacs, are unable to undergo 
'the porila of accoacUment. This remedy i«^ 

:diahond dropsi. 

liot an Abortive, tat simply » 

^and is not in the loast Inju-y 

^riooa to the most delicate^ 

^constitutions. Evcry^ 

, Bo ttle Warranted. 





liivery ^4tal>lc ! 



Mankato, - . • MIx^:^^ 

';as on liana the largefl .-md best selected stocK 
if JLuihva'-e. Stovi's and AtrricuUural linple- 
:ucn!s Ml the M'.io.esota vaiic-y. J.Iy stotk o/ 
\cricuiiHrai Imjdtmcnts is very lar;:o srid com- 
plete, cousiMtiDg of the toUowiug icacbincs : 

55 Buclieye's, 

CO J. II. Maiiin's, 
Self & Hand Kakes, 

20 Kii1jv,o 
Excelsior Droppers. 

and CaugLi CLier, 
G Swecpstalces Threshers, 

G J. .1 Case's Threshers, 
G Velrator Thresliers, 

]Massellon IMachineG, 
G Buffido Sulkev i-. ^^s, 

35 Eevolviii<r, horse rakes, 

'in.i aP the sma-lor Miti>Tem;?nt* in 5* ir 

My ^t• ok of Ijiiililers llardwai .Lt« bten se 
1(."-tod wiih care, and is vt-ry large. RuilJeri 
will always find a full supply of 

Xailp, (<hiss, Sash, 

I Doors, Blinds, 

j Locks, Latches. <^'c. etc. 


i Prices EzceecUn for 


Would rejpnftf lly inF>rm tho pnV.lii* fVnt they i 
havo'>;.cie.1 ti first e!:!:-!- Livrry iStab'e in ViioTn'^ ! 
b.i^ro City, whore jrood 'astablisl'.nicn's" can ho ' All pcrsors dc>irin,s to ti-.ireinso Rt-np er»<t at, ail times, d:y or ni^'Lt. Pa.-sengcrs ar- '■. Thres! crs . would di» wf 1! t" j^i'-t, 'je a call pcf< r«» 
riviiicr by Kfnjrc carried to ai:y prdnt dc^^ired. ' r">rehrt«iii<r. ns my stork is vv»»7 larce ai.d 1 wiil 

Slubleand OtBec just back o! tlo New Eabtist Warrant a'l inacfiinvs to give i--«titfa; tion, and 
Chur.di. my prices and ten"" 'innnot fail t« suit. 

Wiiinehn£:o G\'y. Jan. 10, I8C7. StvHvl JOHN F. .MEA'5JIE!l. 

iCT S*ad Bed Stamp for Circnlar, or 13.28 for Hha 
Bemody. to C. R. MO^fnoa & CO . General Agenta 

like mu-nrcojnP, but anfjels are scarce f o Drawer G58i.chieaBo,niinoi3;ocio9i5{>souu 

vTi.-j Mt-v JT-i-r'-c 'vbo shut hf>r ' XT 1 ill •« . i Clark Street. For aalo at Wholesale in Chicaco b» 

.11-3 Aia.y ija.j..-, a t.o hi.oi Niggards cati nevo hxdc bcynd them- BURimAMs&vAN schaack. FtTLLER.FiNca 
domestic qui. t, and jjeneral ptosperity j S'-dnecr, Burr)u-h^, in the Trea^iry '8^.j^.^.g ..ip^.:,. ^„.„ eomfoit, lliei.- <.\\ n ' *'"^-="- ^-ohd & bi^ith. chas. o, emith: 

and best ensure the public harmony, j 

,,.,,. , , , . BMITn & DWYER. and H. SCUVILLjaaAfor aale 

of the Ctiited States, which all covet. | bud. bn- two years r.go, baa oeen ad ; c)nvenier;ee; no tr.atter v.Iio Pt^.rves «v ev««y pruaciat .- tiw: wo»t 

As soon a.? the necessiry arrange- j niitted to the insrtne t^sylura. 
lU'^nt.'* can be completed, the record of | 
Lvcal allairs will contain wliatcver nnty i 


transpire of general interest in Fari- Sii;.Liivvii.Lr, I eb. 22d 18G7. 

bank county, and will be an important ^^^^' tiorrou :— ^ 
feature in the paper. We trust that Ilavitig been down 

the business men of Winnebaco, and to Gr.r.^eii City to Mil, I wish to report 
ail inter?sted. wdl lend their aid in | a le\v items for your The rain 
doubling the present s^ubscription list, 
end every reader each week did some- 
thing to iustruct or arau'^tf. 

ne.\t door, they .scatter ettrse.s in d ?- 
cottrageni n'^, and blight over Cod 
only knows b.ow many gentle hearts 




They never s.iy, "Can I help him V but iSic I^aiS! PlOl^CC 

"he's down, le.'s kick him." Ihcton 

f'-I"'^- [K Idli.slied in the yot.r 1810.] 

Tlin OLDE.^l AND 


C^* The speech o( Queen Victoria 
to the British Parliament, oa the 4tli 

It \^iil be recollected that on the 
hail, and suow if last Ividay, iti;proved i -^»^ of Juiy U\s\ MiS. I.iz/.io Ilawk-^-S 

the sb'ii-hing gvcatly, though vro had | ^^-'^ ^'^''^'^^ "'^ ^••^' -'^lansitm House, in ! Best Kevrsi^aiier ill the StA-te. 
not buffl-red forwantof it. This\vcek|^'>*"' ti'y ^f was tlmuglit then that | 
hasbecncod and^t.;rmy,cncV'- 'riiojl''^' Khoi-ling was acci.lerilal. Since | J^ DEMOCRATIC 

Dai 1 \', Tii- Week! v and AVeckl v 

two grist n:ilis, nnd new .^-tcatn saw 
lui'l in Garden City, are doin;,' an im- 

Ihat tiroe circumstances have ajijiearcd 
which uciiiaadeJ a more full and com- 

inst , was telegraphed entire by the At ,„^,,;gp busine^^s. '1 ho throe schools of V^^^^ investigation ot tb.c can e of Mr . 
lantic Cable, on the following d.iy. U],^, village ae Ib/tiri.-h n_'. J d on ' '''»^'^*-'*' ^*^^'^'- The rosult has been 

With regard to the re'athms belwct n : Qerry, late MaJT nf the 12th I'a Clv 

England and the Uinted Stutcs, the 
Queen sa\ s : 

*'I have suggested to the Covcrn- 
nient of the I'nittd Stares a mode by 

that aheut one week ago ati officer left 

scliool there. 1 he Baptists are pre- 
paring to build a large Chapel the com 
ing sea-on. 
which the question pending between j y^^st evening a festival was h-ld at 

in Shcr:dat:-s armv, has a singing ^'''^ city fur Chicago with a requisition 

for yir. Ilawkes. The latter was arres 

TLoST. r.\UL PIONl.FR, the Srst .ewfr*- 
pfrever pri'ikd iu Minnesota, is now owned 
edited tnd uniler the e.vclusivo eontr-il of the 

ted in Chicago by the Siiorifl of Cook ^ '•i^''^^''- i*ri:,t.r,;r Company," an a>.s..ciat.o„ of 
° _ •' i n'.oie than 0,13 Lnndnd Itadin.'r CiMr.ens of the 

Cl'Unty, llim.jis, on Iriuay last, and , ^'^ite. a sound, niiall^Dmn .eratic Jourral, nnd 
, . •,.1 1 . 1 . . ., . . , . . , '; at t'iO same ti"*?, what it ha« alwavi hetn, the 
qu.edy brought to this city la.t night, j i,e,t nci.*p..pcr in the State iu all 'its dcpart- 

the two comttries, arisrnp; cut of the , Ver„on Centrt, in the now Melliouist '^"^ was immediately placed in jail, '"'^«''- tjje DAILY 

ci\il war, mtiy receive an amicable so- Church, the recipts amounting to 
bition, and which, met, as I tjust it over $70. The mon'-y poes toward 
>viil be, in a corresponding spirit, will ' liquidating the dolt upon the liouso. 
remove ail ground of possibl- ruisun- , Jir. s. II. Thorneot .^lauk.ato, is teach 
derstanlnrr, and promote relations ofjin^ a singin,,' scho-.l there, and one in 

1j .•» folio gl'.oet of thirty si.x coiumn«, the largest 
published in the Northwest ; il contains Special 
Di.-palches, and the full Te'ej^rapbic Reports of 

cordial friendsliip " 

this place also. We believe he is giv- 
ing good sa:i'*iac'iion. 

In this village, the District Schotd 

ZM^" "ibe Suez Caivtj is open Large 
pteam tugs havejtisr passed fr^ m Cairo 
to Suez — a fact which marks an impor-| o" ovrr fifty scliolars, and is 
t.iDt era in the hi.-tory ol commercial ' taught by 3Ir. F. W. .\ orso The 
intorcoursf. The Isthmus from sea toj '^^^'thodi^ls have a go.-d chapel, and 
»♦ a is oiily seventy miles. The depth r<-ligions services are held in it every 
of the canal is to be everywhere twcn- 1 ^ "'jJ^'y- -^ Juveni e Cuncai t is to bo 
tysixfoer; its width wiil varv from ' g'^ ^ " '-^'C on Saturday eve:i ng of 
one hntubed and ninety to two hun- ' n^"#' v»eck. 

dred and --isty feet. It will h.ive no 

Your most (diedient 


»S^-^' me scfundreis have been {r.'.v : Cc^^The Atlantic cable announces 
eliDi{ ihr.-uirh V/inona county insitu- that "The PiincesS of Wales has been 
ting bogus Misonio Lodges Some cf safely delivered of a girl." 
the vlctinH t;ied to 'r«.cun;n'zj' true ' 

Masons, bit tr.e Masons coulj'nt sec 

New York. Feb. 15. The reaiainios 

J'aul Tns.^, 10:h. 

where he now rema'iis. lie ecems to 
have been quiet on the wr.y, and is ua 

disturbed now. The witnesses will be j the Associated Press, equal iu nmouat to any 
1 J. Y f • ^ fv. i^'uri^al west ofNe*' YorK : Editorials upon all 

here J-om -I .UIOIS to-morrow- St. \ i„,,.ort:,nt Nati-,n;.l and Sta»c top cs; corre?r."n 

dcnce Iroai all p:irta of our own Jt>tate; oflir-ial 

documents, law, Ac, a resume of State news, 

tales and poiiry for the fireside, literary .>nd 

A meeting of tlie proprietors of hoUS- sc-i»ntific anieics,informati<n for tarmcrs, trades 

« of rrostit.tmn i„ Xov Y.^k CUy, |i-l.;rdtTj.rr m /i'';',."'""'""''' ~'- 

was ^eld on Tuesday, in obediancc to THE TRI-'WEEKLY 

a call signed by r.n -E-Xecutive Com- l is pnbli?bcd Sunday, Wednesday and Friday, 

n^^*ia,>" r^f r^„^^tr>r,.^ ^^.. « o 1 ! for thc spC' Jul bcnclit of t hcic * ho are n.^t ar 

niittee of e^glltecn persons, all keep- , eommodated by daily mail.., or cannot afford the 

crs of houses of ill-fame The meelinf ' *^"*^°'^"* ^^® ^"''y P* *-■'"• it contains all the 

, ^ > matter that appears in the daily, excepting ad^er 

was a private one, about filty persons j tiscmcnts that are not of gener'al interesh 

being present. Its object was explain | THE WEtlKLY, 

ed in the call to be for tlie purpose of T^J? ??-' V*' 7> *"" "••^Hl"?''', '' ""V^^ 

. . * ' ; LAr.GK.>l Weekly pripcr p'lhlisbpd in the Uni- 

W i/ 1^ 




Have now 


perfecting an association for . ted states. It cor.taJna FlFTY-SIX Columng 
.... 4»^«: ., ~^ 1 u c 11 r 1 1 1 tilled with ihe chcicest n-ading. It is th 

prutection and bonefif, and also fur help [ „,<i ehcanest newspaper in the country. 

ing the passage of a licence law. family newspaper it caunoi be excelled. 

John II. Surratt setms in excellent One year JIO: C moths $:; 3 months $2,50. 

health, sleeps well and cats heartih-, 
but speaks bttie and then only iu re 
gard to his personal wants. lie can 

(hiC year year at the rate of $C r<er annum. 

One copy one year. Two Dollar?. 
One cony six montbs. One Dollar. 

portion tf Ttible Htck at Niagara Falls ' .1 „ • . -i . 1 ■' -' — 

It. The SCO indrels collected C n^it'er r n n t .- . .1 i • not Imc ary intercourse W;th anv oth- i Clubs of 10 copies to one address, one year, $18 

"'"^'*-* fell on i uesday ; loitunatelv, l)eing at 

able money, which thev will have ro .1 • •.' .v .• 

■" y "'***' '" this season no one was en it ai the time. 

use for at pre^eit, as their uLxty third 
d.^greo willbegivcu at tbecxpen^^eof' -^""^^ '^^ but an inscription en a 
the couutv. i grave ; glory tlie melancholy blazon on 

a coffin-lid 

Cc^~ The biil making appropriations 

er prisoners, and is very closely watch- ' ^""''' "' '^ '^'*''^ '° one one yerr. $35 

el by the gnards. He told his keener ' ^'^'^"•^ 

,,,,,.,. ' ; rates, in any case. Address 

that he sliouid give hini no tronble. He ' u p- 

An extra copy is furni-'hcd gratis to clubs of 
tweuty ormore. No discount allowed on Club 

was allowed the use of tobacco at his 
own request. 

for the improvement cf .he Mi.i issippi '^'® cl^tectives of the Treasury De 

river, passed the House, at Washing- P^'^rtnunt have discovered new coun 

too, b.5t week i ♦^Jrf^^t ten dollar National Bank curren ; y^.^ yoxk on the Gth 

lev notes, well exetu'.cd. 

eer Printing Company," 


U S Land Oflicc Winnebago City Minn. 
January 21et ISC7. 

Mr. Feward has ciprcs'* d the bc» ' _ . 

V f.\ , .! T>. ;^ .,# « 1- » 1 ! ^^ >s rumored that Horace Greeley 

jief thai the l»e?idcnl w.b be iini»each ' :ii u^ „..,-^;..«.i i>^o» . r> 1 

1 j will be appointed lostmaster General 

iu the event of Kandall'i retLrem«nt. 

The wife of Gcu. D. K. Sickles, who „. ^ . „ ,,. 

' i To Geor^re A. Hawkins : 

became noted some years ago, died in Henry child has thi^day applied for the west 

j half of the south east qna'ter, and east half of 
tbe»onth we«t quarter of section 8 township 102 
range 29. it l»cing the land you filed on Y'ou are 

a larL'e and 

of Fall and AVinter Goods, of the choicest styles and best quality 
to be found in the market. Coninri.'-in"' 

Merhios and Empress Cloths ! 
Striped and Uroclse Poplins! 

Plaids and Alpaccas ; Common and all AVool Delaines , Prints 

and Sheetings; Balmorals and 

Silver Braided ^prin^ Skirts ! 

Merino under garments, Flannels, Gloves, Fine Hosiery 

Boots and ^Ssoes^ Hoods & shawls, 
Ladles cloaking^ Gents cloths^ 

Tabic Linnen, Towling, Triminings, and a \ ariety of Worsted 
and Fancy articles. "Also constantly on hanO 


And a complete stock of Number One 


Recruits are being COnstantlv sent ' *^*"'«^.' notified to be and appear at this office on 
rt- . » CM • .. • ' , S»turday the 2.'id day of February next at 12 I 

VVest to fall regiments gerviog Ogamst; o'clock m fcnhe pnrpo«e«f giving the matter j 

tiie Indian.-*. i " f»'' ^^f il'L*'!.?°- . „„„„ _ ! 

H W Hoiley reeafrer. j 

> A fair inveitisratiozi. 

( A H BuU'u nrgiM*. 

Our Agent in Boston U constantly watching the-rp«irket for 
us, and we are thus enabled to give our patrons the advantages 
by o^ering the best goods at reasonable rates. 
Winnebago City, October 20, 1866. 

Wiiiship & 

.- .1.**, 



1 1 











"My Only Lover,'* is" "« ^ot^cy 

lui- Muich, tbllowtHl by Ilyj^iene, anil 
t'le Str:itajr<m of I'ucle Muscb. These 

' however, ?l onco ^rive way to The Pow 

LOCxVL AFFAIRS. ' cr of Love, aiul i lienry versus Vmc 

. -.-rrizz ' — = -irrm^ ; ijce. An Unhappy Likeness, by Ch«p. 

"SViNXERAOO City, Feb. 27, 18C0^ jD Ganlette, through some chance, 
z==^^- ~ / ^ ~ I jrained a place in this m igazine ; but 

Under Great Obligations.— a | ^y^^^j^^^^ ^,^^^ jg ^ g^^.^.^.^ pn.t„i.e.— 

riano.forte Manufacturins Una ot ^^"^ -^.^^^^^ j^^.^ IJriscoo walks to church 
York City, mourniug because 'ceit.iin , ^^ .^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^.^^ Groveclale phy- 
evil disposed persons have tried to | _^^^ ^^^.^^^^ .^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^. ^^^ gj^^^^.^ 
mislead the public and the editors ot | ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^.^ ^^^ f.snions are 
highly respectable and valuable pa- ; ^^^^ ' ^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^ ^,^^^^ ^j,^ y..^^ 
per5," respecting their instruments - : jr^^^^^f^^^^f ^^^ Qodoy, twelve months, 
thereby eti'eetint; the pockets and rep- j ^^^ ^^ -^ 
iitiiion of tlie comnany— have fovored , — — ; — 

TZ:L a.Uc.r.'c„,lnt, stating „, ,t , Washington's nut,. D,y w., 

a «re!ul ana olKcial su.vth ul f„. I'a- 1 eelclra.ea >n tin, ...y by a -'f^Mrco Ma- 
Unt Office rcvca'cd the »sloun>lmg n.ct : sonic" in tl,e .,.emng, at M....Uo.« 
,l,»t no pttonl for an improvement in Hull U.-^V. l.anJ «, J aukato .up. 
„inno.lortcs «as ever pra„t.a by ,l,c ;,!iea ,1,0 ma..c, a..d m,ue ho.t of Law s 
Vnit«a States ,0 any ,.«s„ns U.avin.j Hotel ,he oysters. All wont n,crry. 
tl,e-.rnumo, except the member., of .heir an.i those uho kn..w. »»y .t was the 
firm, ana ' repeatcMVy" eau..o,.i„g (he , best party cverl,eia_.nJV .nncbago. 
public afc'ai.iSt buyins any laH-ntpi-i Decidedly Coo!.- rvich».a-o.."8 
anos not beariiii; an iron plate with lais . jjg House. Kenie.nber this i.e.xt July. 

eU leiters. I j^. y, |. j i.;,iitoru,l ('onvc.t.on 

.\n neeoui.ianv.o" Sweet te.npoitd , •-.* ' i . i. 

An accouipan.Mu,, , ,_ — i,cia in Muniesota, met last week 



E'.iiCTioN.—The friends of Horace 
(ireelcj, in this vicinity, will -oubtless 
be pUanctl to loaru that he has been 
brought forward tor the Presidency 
f >r !80S, hy the South Westy of Blue 
Eartli G-.ty. It ways they have nailed 
this color to their mast, and probably, 
feel to say 'let 'er wave.* 

Pitch in, 5. ir., and the 'Post Of- 
fice' .It your 'fiur corners' is youis — 
Oicdtonna Journal. 

Home.— After all, downright, phvn rnnE i.ady'S frikxd— 

n ' I * _,.n ,.♦■»«.. Tlinrrt ' A The Ua.s: of tho Moutblie 

comfort IS vhat we are all after. 1 here , 

Know Thy Destiny. 

eA W^ '■'^■'^W 4 If^ ^^^'^ 9 MtdHine K. P.Tliornton, the pent Eu^li.-h A. 
i^ja.G,^> ^f jra.Ii'a5^ * g!.t,CUi.voyHUlRnai'sycl.omH.kian, >vho 1, 


New Drug Store 


iea devoted to Fash, 
ic'ii and Pure Litiratiiro. $2.50 a j-wir ; two cop 

circular kindly concludes as fallows : 


A lar;:G number of Dele- 

is a corner iu every lieart, where , .^.^ .,, j,,^,^^ ^^^^^ ^ ^^^^ ^^^^.^^ ^^^ wilEELEU 

er aud uiothtT, Irother ami si>'ter, re- j ^^ wiLSON't> SEWlXu MADUIXES given as 

side. Here is our onlv home, much as i Pruununjs. ?end 15 ceuts for a sample copy to 

we may roam. There'is beauty in mys ' DEACON i I'ETEKSON, 319 WuinutSt., PLil- 

lery, gnaitieation in nuveUy— but th.e ' "'"!' 

miiid wiil leave all, and go back to tlie j^ I,o^v l,,t of Warranfi/ D^nh just 
olJ humble hearilist ne and there rest printed and f)r .sale .at this office. ,11 

. .. '-0 ^\\V\\)^\a o^ Justice's Bhinl-s. 


.tr.)l = 
halt as 
, tonislied the scientific classeh of tlie OKI World, has n 
ir^ wo r/M. located herself at Hudson, N. Y. Madaue Thornt 

posses. s such wonderful poweis of second fight, uS tc 
F A I K B A N K S S C A L E S I enaWe her to impart kiiovrledge of the grea'est impor 

. tanccto tht single or married of either sex. While in 
O nn T> A TIT i t^sivAt of trance, she delineates the very features of the 

O X ■ Jt -£A. "U A-Ii person you are to marry, and by the aid of an instru- 

v3ii*54yl ■ ""="' «f5'><«-"°se power, known as fie Psychouiotrnpe, 
guarantees to produce a life-like picture of the future 
husband or wife of tl'c applicant, totretber with date of 
marriage, position in life, leaxling trails of character, 
ic. Tiiisis no humbug, as thousands of testimoniab- 
can assert, fciie will send, when desired, a ctrfiSed 
certiacite, or written guarantee, ihatthe v>iclure Is what 
it purports to *>e. Ly enclosing a small lock of hair, rnd 
fctati';gplace of birth, age, disposition and complexion, 
and enclosing ."iO cents and stamped envobipe addressed 
to yourself, ym will receive the picture and desired in- 
formation by return mail. All communications sacred- 
ly confidential. Address, inconfidonce, Madame E. F. 
THORNTON, P. 0. Uox 223, Hudson N. Y. 

A T 


Iu the buil<!ir.£ ailjoLning tbo Laud OiUcu. 

C^IT^The >teamer Davil White, ox. 
plodfd her laibuard boiler on the ITih 
m.'t., wliilrt makiuLi her trip fniiu Ncv 
Orleans to Nn^hviile, killiiig the C;'p- 
taiM, secouJ clerk, and sixty-three oth- 





t*"^ rf 

vetenJer our thanks, though by no ^^..^^^ ^^.^.:^ ^^^^^^^ welcome, and by , Q^]^ BOrilBOX AMIISKY 

means assured that the soap (?) was ^^^^^ ^^^^^, ^j^^^^ ''swung round the cir- 
uot intended tor our predecessor, since', ^j^,,^ ^^^ doubts e.xist in our mind as to 
it is doubtful that the editcTial change | ^j^^^ ^^^^...^^.^ enjoymt>nt of ail interested, 
could so soon have been heralded to No. I ^1^^^ Governor -avo a reception, the 

1, or 2)0, of :.n out ol thc.way Steet , j,^..^.^.^ ^j.^^.^^, J^^^,. ^,,^,^ j^^ ^j,q c:en 

in a fhshionable city. j j^^^ invited them within tlie bar, the 

The moral instruction U ^gratuitously | ^^^^.^ ^^ ^j^^. Qp^ra House were open- 
pven.but if duty towarls l^>e P'>^'^'<5 , ed, Hotf 1 proprietors presented r.irc 
C.)n.sisrs in directly or indirectly adver ^.jj^ ^^ j.^^.^^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^^.^j^^ vtYcivd to 
tising in.livi dud iutercsts free, chns- j p]J^,|_,,^,..^pl, ti,e convention. Tliey tn- 
tiaii teachin;j is at a discount '>'!^1 '^"^^^^ joyed a sle gh ride, .and shot at ihe 
papers m'ght be crowded warn- ^^'^^,,^ Kvervbody iikt>? an editor, .^rme 
in^s Ri;ai:i8t ir^tool Pigeor.ry, and tl.o /;^,,^.^.. Ajl ^<. Paul they were teade 
editors con=oed wiih the consuie.icc a,,i| toasted. Xever bcller tlian in tho 
id" a pliilanthropist, and unpaid paper forty second and closing stanza of Os-^ 
\j\l^_ E. Dodge'a machine poetry, im- 

The Hom:-ST.':ad U not avaricious, promtu for the occasion, and whiihj 
bu' could a ''liltlo dral't at tii;ht, ' e-r g.j^^ the name and residence ofeveiy 
fci'^ht at a iiitlo draft, hive been subsii- g j|(yr in the State- 
luted for tlie '"'•greitt obli^^ati. n," tl e ^ „j.^^g,,j,^^ ^.^jj^-^^ jj^.,, ^^ pp^on^-jn boast, 
rratitude of the cnterprisin- manufae- So I will no» close it by giving a toast ! 

, 1 , \ . r V.,. ' Mjv vou each find a £".rl wiih a heart that is j 

turerd would have assumed a loim .nj.,joueaeu 

iLl E>-J 


Takes pleasure in unauaucing that Li^ZtHUC^ 

&TOFS is ikjw opcQ at:d etuckcd 

with a f'lU aEsortment of 

Drugs &. Chemicals, 

Patent Medicines,- 
Choice Perfumery. 

Fancy Toilet Soap 
Bay Pum, 
Pur« Unadulterated Liquora 


Fic2 fri lu Grain Oil, With Flowers, 
r_as an. I IJr.rks of the lli^^hest 
Melivul Viitiie. 
r.y incroasin.s: thn appetite. n'si?tin5 di-restlon, 
re-'ulatiii;r the, and ^xf'w'X. tone to the tys 
uiii. tlioy irnpart .•lrer!;,'.h aii.l %igor to the body, 
»vA eiieeriiiiiK-iSi to the luiiid. 

^i3^ U vur .Iiu/;.'ists <>r tradesman hn? not 
got THESE KfTrKll.s, have hii^ ?end iot them 
>Sr^ UiMUCUib.T the luinf. and taho no other. 
Fcr sal.j by drii^.r- ••''•■' nnd liroc^ rs everywL'jro 1 
C. li. SWAIK. Pr.tpriet'--. 

Sts.tith Wut'.ist., Chicago. 

At Wholcsjilo in St. Paul, by 



Medical Purposes. 

A small quantity of Choic* 

Tobacco and Cigatis 
School Books and Stationery. 

Attention is called to the following list of Pa- 
tent Medicine?, among many otheru 
fouad at the Drug Store : 

Ayer's — Ague Cure^ 

Cherry Pectoral, 
Vesretable Pills. 


be:nz & CO. 



much better understood by western 
E.iiiors and Boot Black.", since either 
class of professionals is better uCtpniu- 
ted with a "picked up dinner," than 



Would rfspcetftiny inform the public that after! 
havini: had a week Co-I^.rtlier^hip with Pnet 
John Uiirr"J3, »s again doinj,' buoine^s in uU own 
name. Experii^uee and for tho flr-st lime having 
a good stock of 


And in your own arms often lock vp hf. 
F> i;M- 

ihit stroUj^ frieni.ship which lived in Uent officers or tho year 1807, as f^l- 
ptlgriin henrts, and vhich, until now. lows: 

r! Well Seasoned Lumber on hand 

alfoan .nlaif-d ehop, thinks to s,-aitfy all old 

The committee on noimanent cr-an.U"--'^^'""'''=*' '^''i^ "^'^^ "f "/""•, All kind.. -fFur- 

1 ,iu tou'iimivi. . II I iiitiire on hand, or made to order promptly. 

izution. reported the "•'^'"e.s (.f perma- , ^,^^^, customers need not ask fur 

we lelitved exi::ted m.t in the Con.mer 
cial Metropolis. Let Maul attanvii'e 
cotiL^ratulate herseli in the possession 
of a business firm th .t looks ihroui^'h ] 
its own pockets at a gullible wurld, 
ni.d seeks at the cxjiciise of poor print- 
ers to peddle p.aler.t ]>ianos. 

Wm. Robertson, sibas Wm. 

J»)nes, alias sumetiiing elsf^, who lives 
in Oshkosh, Wis., regardless of the 
elLdith and tenth commandments, first 
took a fanc}* to a pa;r of h.)rseP, bar 

President, T). Sincl.air. 

Vice rreitldenis, Alexander John- 
son,.!. C. Wise and J. A. Leonard. 

Treasurer, H. i*. Hall. 

Jiecordlnr/ Secretary^ W. H. Mitch 
ell. St. iloud. 

Corrch'pondlng Secretary^ J. F. 

WiHi.inis, fc't. Tauh 

i:.wcutlvc Comwlttec, C. W. Nash, 

my room..-!, as 1 have the 
only Pvi:D BUILD- 
INGS iu the (Jity. 

According to !»L're'tncnt niado between Mr. 
Burrs 3 Mid my.-»'ll. dated Deo. 15th, ISCtj. ca< h 
o' to pay I'is own dobtx. Ordera eignod by 

luu I will pay. 


Winnebago City, Jan. G. 18o7. 

Where they are opening a s])leiidid assortment, cansistlng of rich and com 

mou Dress Good.«, buch aa 

Empress CJiotli, Merisio.^^ Popllsis^ 
A!apaca^9 all Wool I^eSams^ ¥el- 
vety, BlSkSj ^^^lawlsj Cloakiiig, and 

Liadies Ciotli. 

Print?, checks, Stripes, Slieetlnq:??, and Denims. Flannels 
cloths, AVool Blankets, Heavy cloths for hard service. 

M-^eacly made clotliliig/ Gents fur- 
nishing goods. Gloves and Mitts, Hats & Caps, Boots & Shoes. 

Qs'ocerieg, Etc. Etc. 

All ^<f which liave bceu bought at low figures, and will be sold reasonable. 


PemeniLer the si£:u 




McCabe'B new biilldliig. 



'r' baio Court. Stato of Minn^coti, 1 
County of Jaek.'^on. J 

Fied. Driscoll and J. P, riummer. 
The report was jtccepted. 

T'l ^ < '-*,.«.««; rtM ofi^^nitiod tn m^et 8'tn died intcJtuU on or aKo :t the Mth d:iv ff 
lhcLon\entl0.1 aOjOUUlCd. to j,„„^,^^. i^^,.,.-,^^,^,, praying that Jared Palmer of 

In the matter of Ihr c.-'tate of lie ry K. Patter 
son .Icccatcd. On this Ith d.-y ol J:ini;iiry, A L> 
ls(57, \\\i<m realinirund lilir.g the petition of .Su- 
rah A. i'atter!"('n, statisfg that lienvy K. Pattcr- 



J A yne' s — Alterative, 


Grafenbergs Catholicon, 

Vrincjiester's ITypophosphites 
of Lime and Soda, 

Tho most effectual known remedy for tho cure of 
I3romehitis, Dyspepsia, and Consumption. 

Hall's Balsam for the Lungs. 

]V[rs. AVinslow' Soothing Syrup. 

Morse's Medicines. 

Elixor Peruvian Bark, Mustang 
Liniment, Gargling Oil, 
and Condition Pow- 
ders for horses. 

Extracts & Essence' of all kinds. 

Orders promptly attended to 

and Prescriptions carefully 



Winnebago City, Juno 4, 1S66. tfn33 


And it is fi;nher ordered that noticj shall be 
Ti ., . 1 ^« P T>« .tr.,..cforQ rf> * pivcn tn all persons interested in Paid estate, ot 

The number of 1 0Stma.«5terS re , J-^ ,^ ^.^^^^ andp! of saidhearin?, by publishirs 

to ponder upon 'pleasures that have 

been,' and arrive at his own conclu 

Bions, while tho covetous ^V.l^am ; ,„oved between the 2Slh of July '00, Utct.w^^^^ 


F.eo JI'.uieMead,",:. 

fhould arrive t;oinewhero else. l>arr .,„(] i],^. Gth of Deetmber, was l,8C-i, towuCr v.'inneha^ro'Gity, iu the eouuiy of F;iri 
had a strong desire to see Uubert^nJ „„a oi that number 1,284 were removed '::^i:^X^::::j^:^]rs:::^^ 
«nd Sjiecial Doptity Puliceman, tills- f.,r political reasons, 
worth Ford was thereupon dispatclied 

from Oshkosh, to .ascert.ain the where 

g^*The Minnesota Legislature i.n 

Dated a-. Jackson "Minr, tbi- 4ih diiy of Jan- 
uary. isf'7. OUlN llEl.KNAP. 

Ju.Jlo of Prob tc. 

abouts of tho hoVMMnan, and up.n still at work, ut no act.on has yet been 
him to hi« 'Home, sweet home,' '1 he taken ,n the I f ouse on Mr. W :,kefieh. .s 
Deputv gobbled the interesting young ^.^ ^o^^^ I'i'»- ^' '« ^'^F^^^^ '^'^ »^'" 

man in Uiis city, last ;hur..lay, and F-^^l^'*-^^ ^^^>J 

ere this, injured Burr has recovered | g^-Some practical i.iind has here 
property and temper. • ^wn to poetry, and convinced us that 

Tho Lady's Friend Tor March, ; ''things haim now .as they used to once 
is received. A steel engraving of was,*' 
The Truant's Return, leads oti this 
nuu'bcr of the Queen oi" the Monthlies, 
and following the well dressed Fashion 
Plate, is jxn cngravin" of a noted 
French Aquarium in Paris, showing 
the large style in which they do some 
tlr-iga in the old world. The music, 
Tilde's T*a5jed Away, i:? very fine, 

"When tbo ?nmmer tlow'rs were dying. 
And the autumn brctzos sighing 

Mournfully and low: 
There wo left our rillic sleeping. 
Where the willow trees are wccpi.ig 

And the Qower? .crow." 

Orvilie College, and How a Woman 
Hud Her Way, arc continued. Trav- 
eling with Half a Million, is exciting ; 
nnd Aunt Julias Visit promises rich 

FAHMER?! IN 1776. 
3Ian to the plos, 
Wife to the cow, 
Qirl to the yarn, 
Toy to the barn, 

And a>l dues settled. 

M.iu a mere show, 
Girla at piano, 
Wife silk and ?atin. 
Boys, Greek ar. I Latin, 

And uU hand? rnzcttc<*< 

Cabiiiet ^h:>p I 


Would respectfully inform the pnhlic. that 
ttcy have opened a New CABINET SHOP in 


Shop afl'3 Furniture room in Mr. Fellows 
building on ^!aiii .-itreet, opp(j?iio the lar::o new 
•tore of Co'trell & Dearborn, ali-o the building 
west of Moulton Si Deudou. in which they have 
a Turniu!* lathe, .Saws, and yu. h machicn- 
cry .IS will enable them to make all kinds of fur- 
niture to order, on short notice. 

All work warranted. Most kinds of produce 
t.'.ken in cxehiinge. v4ul2m3 

Better opportunity is now oUcred to any 

Woman, or child, wisliing to purchase anything in the line of Fahcy Dress 
Goods, French and English jMciinos, Alpaccas, Scotch Plaids, Dclains, Woolens 
Flannels, Striped Poplins, Balmoral Skirts, L.adies Cloaks, Cloak Cloths, Do- 
mestics, prints, shawls, hoop Skirts, Shirts, drawers, wrappers, Hosiery, Notions 
No. 1 Woolen Blankets, Boots, Slices, Hats, aud Caps, and Fur goods of every 

descriptit.n, than has everhefore been 


c a 1 e s 

jI^jJL^AIso, Warehouse Trucks, Lette 


172 Lake Street, Chicago. 
^36, Beearoful to buy only the genuine. 33y 








In Faribault County. High prices are now 


Ciarden City 

; Medo, at Cobb mills in iSer.uford town 
.ship, at Dyer's mill on the Maple river 
'in Rapidan, and at the crossing of the 
results. Price §2,50 a year; or, copy' j^j^^ Y.^x\\\, and thence to Garden City. 
of the JTomcstead and Lady's Friend ,j,j^jg ^^^^^^ ^jjj \^^ ^ great convenience 

one yecr, for ^3,50. j ^^ ^^^ settlers on tlie Wna.^Munkato 

The citizens ol Rochester are! Union. 

U s Land Office winnebago city Jlinn. .Ian. S. 

1S67. To David M fortes .—wei-twood Toiliver 

has this d.\v applied for thesonta CHSt quarter of 

« -r. I'u r<^,.,...r.»«o«t i^ section 2S, "town U'l range 26. it being the land 

Pes r R..UTK. - 1 he ti 0% ernraenl is , ^^^^ ^ ^^^j ^.^^ ^^ herei.y notified to be and appear 

advertlMn*' for bids for canyinga niaU|a , ., . , ^ r • v i i 

h w hoUey receiver 

•rtiMU.' for bids for canvinix a mail | at tbii office on Wednesday ihoSth day ofFeb ls07 
•'^ " ,- -," ! at 12 o'loekm for the purpose ■>f::ivins ihe whole 

a week from redUiCr S Lirove to mj^^-pj. ^ f.^jr audumi-artial investigijiion. 

The route touthcs at 

And the new nic 

;de of tradincc— late decline 

a h ballis regi:$tdr 

r S Land OSHcc Winnebago city Minn. Jan. 8, 
l.-("fi To Henry Dillon : — westwooJ Toiliver has 
this dav applied for the n e ijr of section 2S town 
101 range 2«, it being the land you filed on. You -p. ^ Cir^ad^ will Wari 
are hereby notified to be and appear at this orice i-'l > O^OOU."5 W lii 
on Wednesday the **th day of Feb. 1.^67 at 12 
o'clock m.. for the purpo.e of giving the whole 
msttcr a fair and impar iai iu'^estiga'ion 

a h buUis regisu-r h w hoUey receiver 

ant general satisfaction to persons coming to 

r S Land Office, Winrebago City Minn. Feb. 8, 

Wlsifiebago City 

off.rngf:reaf.,.J.,comenU to tho State; j,,,.^^^^ J„„„.o„. „ col.r.,1 man, I.^V: *taL''':; r,f,"f _^;m i;; m i 

Agricultural Committee, to h.ave the President Lincoln's b-rber, J J^"^""2d?\t berngthe land vou filedon You tr« To laV Itl 
State fair of 1867, held in th.t city. \ has been appoiot^ed a first cla^s c'e. k j ^^^l-'ll^^^^^X'^^JT::^ f^'VlZl \ 

the whole mattor a I 

is^itiic^ii^ ii\,.-jn.v.iw *^... ». - — - ,1 rung;' A*, •' "J^'".* "*^ .— .iv. ...-. 

•hao been acpointed a first class cleik i h-reby notifie<Uo beand apne 

'in the Treasury Department, Wasliuig Monday^^^^^^^^'^^^ 

CS^ The St. Paul Opera House was , ton, a desk in the Secretary's of- j \^°;^^i iniportiai investigation 

opened on the 22d iui*- 


tlieir winter's supply, if they will only call at 

Moulton & Deiidon's. 

a \i. ttiMii i9^tt9t h w hoUey T«e«iver ; 






Pure AVines and Brandies ^or 
Medicinal Puipop^es, 

Patent Mcdiciccs, fe, kt. 

Letter, Cap and Note Paper n* 

Pencils, Superior Ink, 

nnd other articles kept by Druggiats gonerall* 



Mankato . . . ta 


't^iSHt^ ■■■*■—''■ 





Blue Earth City Advertisem^^sl ^Y^YIR'OMMENC'D. 


Goods well boiigLt, aie luilf sold. 






11 ATS ^z CAPS, 


Etc., l^tc, 

at pru'i'S tbut 

DEFY co:\irETrriox. 



& Cheese 


I am now rciciviug »he 

Larirt\<t and I^Iost Complete 

etji'k of 

Dry Gcods, 



22ats^ Caps, &c. 

Ever Erouglit to tlie ^.HiiHcsota 


and bavo ccsumonocJ 


ufwLicb fa?t all my oM eustomcrs and the pub 
lie genera, y 

Will be satlsGfd ^v calliii;r ?>n<l Txaia- 

iuiiiLij my (iood;^, and hojrlii^ 

luv luces. 

ever bcariug i: 

miii'l my Diutt«> uf 

•wautel at all tiuiL? at the marlicl price. 

I never was, Never can, and 
Never will be 


Give me a:i early call, and see 
for vourst'lves. 


E^ip Fa-th City, May M, IStiG. 3r.30yl 

Sellino; :,rORE Goods for ONE 

House in tl.e \'allcv. 

CC W« '<^ 


Blue Earth City 



Mniikato, Minn,Xov. 20, l.^Oo Ij 

M-lir?KF.KS & Ml'5- 
TACnr.S forced to 
prow u[ oa fbe smooth 
tjt face in fram ctlire 
;• to fivi w c\f!. l-.v u.*s)'sj 

V Dr. i?Evi'i:r.:'j: I'.r.s ,«f 

• T.^VKATLTii CAP- *^^ 

^' iliairo, the luost woa- 

(1. rful (ji-covcrv in ma dcrn rciciiie nctrng iip-^n 
the Cti!'.'! aii'I I'uir iii an aliiifst inira-iilom 
uioiiiuT. ilh.isl.can u.-od by the elite of Pari? 
anl l,:tMhin with the tnot-t fl;ilti'riiig succtss. 
Nr.niea of nil pcrclMSers will be refri-tcrcd and if 
entire FatiH,' iCli:jn is not j^iven in every inytanee 
the money will be tbicrfully ruiuU'lcd. Price 
by iDAil, scaled and ]'0.-f j.ald, :?l . Depcrij>fi»e 
c!rcnl:ir> iiMi] r"s)iii!(i?ii-!ls iii;iih'il f;i>e. Aildres.* 
nKH(ir.!l, SIHTTS * CO., Chimi.-t^ No. Sj.'> niv.r 
SticLt, Tioy, N. y. S'>L' ;igeut3 fur the Uiiiteii Sutes. 



why suffer vith tbia 

Dangei'ous & Loathsome Disease 

when it 


and entirely 

ICradicatrd fioni tlie System 

by tUu use of 


Calarrh resiiiedy 

C A T A \i n II 

will surely rctiuU ia 

C O N S U M V T 

I O N 

I'uless ebcektd in il:i iiicli»ient stages. 


Cure warranted if Diiections aro Followed. 

Sln-le DottU's will last a .^Jontii. 

in til'- I'li>>iciftll, lib U ^^•^•^■|;^I!«t 
now iu ('hiCSRii that i»!l bt ■ lililfly 
rchi^J i;|Min. <io To HIM, mul not "iiffm 
tkiMt lionililo lii^eiiH" t" rvmniii ii. >i ;» 
ii>>t.-in,tli*!ipuriii.:; vour infrn.i.l hotly. 
Im>:i1«W <to:(lf..J!lli; \i Ul In, i-.h"S>..".Il-l 
iMliin- in-'u-i.i-itis ii! iiTt. !''■ '•■■•'• m:i''f 

);iiv.MtiJicfc;As;:sHn<i .m:':voi9 

I'l.liII-rrY hi J «1"'I.V f'T llie iKoit 
l\> .iiiv yi'sirH. :iii'l i^ lli'-rultn-i- tlii* in r- 
Roll wi.oiu nil Hl!li<l'"l "It^'ilM r'ili-<illt. 
N .one ivr h'-Mrl I'l a palirtit ol IiIk ool l.iiii^' ••in-d 
il'iic hu »>:iN U.n iu tiii.^ <«ity. Uia n|.iitui..n Lu 
V...I. I1.T8 111 ..II lli.-.ity |.n:-rs, Ills ii.ih iit< ii'il th' 
m. ili. ul i.r..ler^ I".lii h n- :<:i'l nbro.i'l. m '"'in^ th.. 
..t..,t hUilJ. •! .1.»t iM'i", .T"t H tli'.i->ii;ti "I i_t.'.- ol 
til (...Mial .li"ii».M. If nil .'ll"i< I'". ''""^ il.>,.!r 
•Iv.- iiiiii n <:.ll. ll U ""!>■ « ••■•o'""" ■»->-'.»r~-.ur with 
l.liii lo •ilin "U'-li <i>«<"»' "»* r....!ii!( are mpirilM f..r 

I I.I.. » .111.1 1'-Ml 1.1 all I III" iii"«t .•■.':il>!'-t.' Ill Ili'M ily 

v.. LSI Mfc-., T*Ki. I'.'.i.ii. I tu< .N..:i- ;;.- »..-t -r hi^-.v 
,...v .'.■»..•.« iiiiii b ..f hhi tiriK. I.I tli> li.Mf .Hill "i tlio..« 
.u..»'.«in.-l I.* It """al Ji..l.l(. vil... Iiiti iH I. .Ill lH..|y 
.||.|iii:iil iiiilitt:iinl»>'-iiii!'i« lor'iih«r . 

...^(.•.■►norii.« rilrMll.-.I."-lo! Ill --.•.Illy Ini.rl-. 

.' !l. • of iii..r y.Mii. U •" v.'.k.ii i.i. 1 .1' l.ii 

ul,. (1.. i.|.|iitl..ii. .I.!lt|..V lllC4'll>-l.'l! KO'I iiKii'.M 

4h, «<■,». .liii.i.ii-.ii 111"' "•111" '•!• »;»■• oiaui'ii »<■ iio'r^ ii.'ii 

I -vli.iKl III • »il.'l ••ii'!»{i"< I.I iiiaiilix"!. til" r ' ■ 'Ii"* 

„,|!f,.;,r .rr.'.l, llif ..l.i.'i '•! :ii»rrliv"' fnit I'.J, 

iii'l , Ml i„-..ii-.lficii • ■M'l.ii.-MiK.f tih'- M-i'i/ iJ.i.rry 
ti.l r. ..n-t .'^il-li lifi-oii*. tvii... iilly lli'w ••■■iit.'iii- 
i,l.lii.»;'i.ioili' ■. ^li.tiM I..MM... 111.... ill ni,.Mli;i"i;H«- 
.111.. H ,.li-"ii. 11, u.. Ur. IJ. hy UU u<-.v tr...liii';ut, ik 
II |i ■■ I t . ill- 11" II -oif'ly nii'l |<""i.» •111-. 

( i.i.rilll ill'"* <•'•" "'"l coi.!i.Iiiili.«l OtUii-. No. I7!i 
•..u;li Vl,.ik .•^irutt ,o'i>*i'..i M-nr.w. InlC'i •'!•• Ii from 
I ,. H..-t >»i'.. ". r •»• '*'.<)•<■ Jt'.x 104, CUit*.:jo, III. 
i:li. .. Ii.mi 1 fn.m 'J .\ M i-< " I' ^t- 

S,;i.l l.f li!.l "'Jlliilc to /I.JUlUl," J.l|I.H:ilU!.i liojtithlv, 

'n. It. IjwII'H, »«ii'> r.>r u <J«;riiiitlv»> rlrcii^nr -C !''•» 
ttrio Ii. »ii"li", ilx* '"»« |.ri v<'iiilv# tl e.iucj'iioB 
Hovtit tf' '■' 'o uiiy ii.l.irewi lro« of ch rjfc. 

1 Q^^"* ^ "^' LADY'S FKIEND— 

lOOO. Ibo bc^t of the ^Monthlies— dcvoled 

to LlXKIlATUr.E and FASHION. $2.:«0 a 
year. We give WIIEELKH & WILSON'S cele- 
brated $55 Scwiug Muebines on toe following 
terms : — 

Twenty copies and the Sewing Machines. $70. 

Tb=rty cojiies " • " " $S5. 

Forty copies " " " " $!II0 

Send 15 cents for a sample cojy to DE.ACGN 
ft PKTEIISON, 319 Walnut Street. Philadelphia 


Dealers in 



^ar-Particiiiar attention paid to Music Orders 


Cold ill The lh.«d 

Eeltaved in a Few Minutes. 

Bad Breath 

Cuused by cfTtr. sive secretions 

Just recti! ved, a ntnv and com- 
]>lete assortment of 


Ri('irAiii)st>N tt Rkvoni.ds. 
has now oix-iied at liis roouis in 

V/ I N N J: 1} A G O CI T Y 

Quo of tbehest selected, varied and most exten- 
sive astiortiucnt of Uoods iu their Hue 

Ever imported into Faribault 

AVhich they are sollinfrto the Perple of the Blue 
Earth Valley ehea!>er than MaiikaU' or .iny other 
In the 


Their facilities for sapplyiny; the wants of the 
peopleufthi* rt;,'ii'n urc ou asc.leto 
Wiirrant tiie fuih-st satisfaclion. 

We oifiT to tlie 'itizc.TS of Farliiau't and Mar- 
in Counties the fiucst atuck of 

Groceries and 

DR. W II I TTI Ell is rc-uhirly 
educati'il ami h-f;itiin:il<'ly nuai 
iticd, and ha.* e.\perit:i:ee iu .11 
iurui* of tliseuii*!, u knowle(t;:e 
(uiic indit'peiisiliie in the treat- 
ment of the vcneral di^ca.''e in 
_^__,^ all it.s varieil an! couipliciiteil 

iS^^^^^ foruifc, and lia.-; for vears inafle 
the trtainiunt of private diseases hi.< business and 
stulj. Kxperiiiice. he btst of teachers, has en- 
abled him to perfect remedies at once suflicicnt, 
safe, p<rui.-iiiei;t, and in nioi-^t sases can bo used 
wilhotit biiidrane to liu.^^iness. 

P«riiciihirat!ciitioii;iiven tooldstandiijr cases, 
sill ii as were eonsidtreil iiicuvaMe. Sypiiilli.-:", in I 
all forms; ttonorrboca, t leet, Strictures, OrchiUs 
D'al.efi!..^, lijadder aid X'rinarT Diseases. Also, 
tlio cllV'i-ts of solitary habit*, ixitb ruinous to body 
tiiid mind, aid which pro. luce.< some of tbo fol- 
lowiii;reli'e<'f.'-: iJlotihf!, l!od ly Weakness. t"'on- 
slipation. Aversion an<l Uie:i>-irii.>.s iu Fcual^- 
.Sui i.'iy, I' Dread of Future Kvc.m's. 
Ijoiilly u coir.plcte pri'Siraticii of the vital po* 
ers. loss 1)1 nieiDory, riiijjing in the ears, can be 
fully restored to iiealth. 

/ill letters, wi'b i-', answered. 
Dr. W. !.•-• the iitilili.-IiiT of a new work, entitl- 
ed "Nip the Evil in t!ie J'.ud," which will he sent 

Marrkn/e and CtHbdry. 

AN Essay of Wnrning: ard Irstrnc 
tioa to Youbgr al... i)i!.,..<atM 

anil iibii.-is ivhieh pii li:alU!e:y P'OMratt; iju-vj 
la! Powtrs. with sure means of relii f. S.-nt free 
<)l Cliar-e, in sealed letter env'.-lup»s. A<li^rcss 
I'r. J. t^KIELAN llortiUTON, Uowr.r.i As?o 
cialiou, Phiiadt.ijdiia. l*a. v3ii2lyl 

Free to Evcirbody! 

The Guide to IIeahh<fe; Beauty, 

dust Publi.<hed. 

It teaches bow to remove Tan, FrocklcP, Pim- 
ples, Dlotthes, Moth Pairhes. Sallownc.-:. Erup 
tion.s and all iuipur ties of tlie sliiu ; how to en 
anul the skin, leivin;; it white and cle .r as i.Ia- 
baster: how to piodu.-e the fulie^if dovili.j.n.ent 
of the finiaie form (as I'taciisi-d bv the Iivneh.) 
cansin;;; the bii>tt to f;row round uti'' fulI.Hiid if 
the forai has been lo»t by j.addiiip, hu-i..". or raa 
tcrnity. restoring; il to more ihim i,^ ori"Mi;tI 
fulliK-ii.-. Crini'is.-^ (fi)d beauty. It t. aehi.» how to 
redui-e in size ihc hands anil feet ; pr.olnce corp j 
leiuy or the revcr»e ; runove siipeiflirus hair j 
cure C(.rns, Dunioii;. Warrs ami Moles; ret ew 
your age ; cure Drniikeiiiicsis, Catairb. I»ys|-ip 
sia. Ncrvou^ Dehilify. Ac. how to l««i„aiV an. I 

pain the love and alTeiiion of any i:issoi. y«.it 
lo all on receipt of 10 cents to pre-pay J-o.-tape. »"".V ••hoose. to.!;.ther with < tn.r ustfi , jii.d Va U 

Con.-uliation free, t'harges nsoderatc, and | i''''*^ "''"rmalion. No ymir^r I..i«iy or (Jeittle 
cure {rniirantced. man sh-eld laii to s:-n.'< tluir a.liiricS to -be un- 

l»r.Wbittier cures the very worit kind of rup- diiM;,Mied nd rcnive by r-iurii mail a o-py of 
tuiv ill a fi-w WK'kK th s valuable *urK in ecuicu «nveIoie fi«e of 

Post Ofhr-c Itox 22'J4. OtTi'-p and CorsultHlion eb«r}rc. A'KMess, 
llooius 104 South Chirk street, ("h.caio. You I l^^i»^l^K, fcllUT t'."^ A To.. i"hen:itls. 

can seethe Doctor every day from 9 A. M. to 5 p.m 1 2s''. ttiverh- , Tr<y, N \. 


£^ 1 Ne^ 

1 OOP ^i9 C\(\C\ ^ YrAF ina.k- bv anv one with 

JgOO ' '^J^^^ ^i:->i.i,.il tooir. Xoexieri.rco 

iiei-t-.vaiy. lli(, Fresi.Uui.*. C;i>bicrp, aid Trcaa 

urirs of :5 Parks ndorse the cin-.:Iar. ScP.frec 


wbihcs to say to t!)e of Wiiir.ebnjfo City, 
and the nei.^hhoiin^ towns, that he has the larg- 
est etock of 

wi b sampl -s. Ado'ie*s the American 
T.Mil W(.rks. SpiiT.gfi.ld, Vermont. 

Sic- I il 

Weak Eyes 

Cau.scd by Oatarrbal ections 

Have opened a Drnx. 'tore at Plue Earth City, 
and otier for sale at lowest prices 


Patent xtlediclnes, 
Putty, tfcc, <fec. 

TO Ut>r/3Ur2priYES3. 

Paint?, Oils, 




'i tio ;Mi«ei'iirvir. uaTiiir; (h-«.i .criioCid cb health 

in a lew w.-eks iiy * "-cry si«npl« rnnedy, uTier 

having sntici'ed for t-vverm y«e-«rs with a sever.- 

-«*■-.-< r\ T/"iT\TT7'vi tune atrfj.-n...., ).iidi,b<ir 4i.-'-as'j, tlo'.sdinj)- 

IM ll<Uj.v--AiN-LjO, , ti„„_,[, j,jj[„,u^ i„ yiiii;a kJj<»»T> t-r ills fellow 

su(Teri-is the iM.>rf(i.<, 

T<> al' wn'»d«'.-ire it, h« will sj'IxIh. of the 
tinecripfion used (free of char^^e), wiMi the dii-c- 
tions for prvpariiiir and usiiii,' the sau;e, which 
they will iit:da sure euro for ^ousump'ion, .Asth- 
ma. F-ronclii'is, Cciigbs, C«.hl.-i, suid nil lliroat 
and EuJig AflTccfi .ns. The onlv ohjci't of the ad- 
vertiser iu sendin;^ .he Prescription is to bonefit 
the aftlictcd, and spread information wiiich he 
conceives to b«^ invaluable, and lie hopes evcjy 
sulToi-er will try bi.i rerncly. as it will coil iLem 
notbinsr, and may prove a blessing. 

Parties wisiii.,;,' tha* Prescription, free, by re- 
turn mail, will picaso addr -.^s 

Pi.v. EDWAltH A. WTI>ON. 
Willianu-h!;rL,h. Kind's Co.. N. Y. 

Sense of Smell 


en or des> io\ctt. 

1-» r. r* ->c- c' 

The very best yotc. Letter, and Tr^p Paper kept 
cousiautly ou baud. 

NOTIONS of all kinds. 

a good variety, and cheap. 

Call and Ske Us. 


Blue Eirtb City, May 29, 186«. 32a>6 

FoFiiidry & Mi 

i> ■ 



The Mankatc Foundry and Jlaclnnc shop is 
now in opcrati'<n, and we arc jircparcd t.» 


when caused by Catarrhal dlfTiiUlties. 
cured by this remedy. 

All arc 


Arc more frequently than ofh rwine caused by 

a thiek, slimy mucous, faPing from the 

bead, espctially duiing the i.ij^ht, 

and resulting fr'.iu Catanh, 

and arc cured bv 


Catari'h Remedy. 

O X A A X JL O j.iX iJJ , 

1 sli 

The .'^yniiifoins of C:itarrh are 
lit Per-^oiiij find they have a < 

'^ ' the no.«e ni;iy be dry, or a slight di.-eh 



Oj^ce opjfoxife ^*' Union House''* Blue 
Jblarth Citi/^ JlinnCiiota. 

Will do a never.xl B.mkiTg and R'-al Esffite 
B'lsipeis. pay T^.x' s for non rcsiJcnts, make 
Collect. on?, Ac, Ac, 
U.D. BALDWIN, - - - S. P. CHILD. 

Blut Ear* City, Sfay 7, Gt\. SO 

a t f! rst very 

MAKE & liEi'AIR JLVCIIINIjUi h;ivo freijueut attiuks, and are mora sensitive to 
of cvavy description. Steam en-'nc.^. Threshing '''^ changes of tc uperature In this conditi.;n 
Maelnnes, Ilcaiers, F;'.rmin<; Impleiu'iuts, .cc 

Wc also ma^e al! hinds of iion and bras? ci.'l" 
inp?, Pabbiit i^ al.vays on hand. Orders 
Sdlvi ed and i)roiiiiilIy attended to. 

Old Iron, Brass and Copper 

wui'led, for which the hi-lc.-t prii-c will ba paid 
v.1nryl C. W. r.AHNEY, A Co. 

Vc;p'3table Sicilian 

vi-Q, thin 
av.d acrid, ai'terwar Is thick aud adhesive, may 
el: sue 

As the diFca.»e becomes chronic, the d!3?har;r''S 
:irc increasj.l in mi.intily and ehaii!;ed ia .juaiiiy, 
they arc now thirk an-l heavy, and are hawk..-d 
or coughed off The aCC'etione are ofTcns'ivo, cans 
iii^ a bad breath; the voice thick aud nasal ; the 
eyes arc weak: the sense (.f smeil is k-.-scne.l or 
d jitioycd ; deafiicss fie-iucntly lakes place 




Fresii Meat, 




THE ur.sT 

Li 11^ U CI M fe . 

ever brought in.'o thi town. Coi,si.'."ug in part o) 

The Msson & Hamlin Cabinet Org .tks 

forty ifleient styU s. ad .pte-t !■) .--at n d ai.i .-e-- 
uhiv n-u.-ie. fiij- ? ,t I.. £T,(|) ta<b. Fll'JY 


Uitaoals. or other flr.-t 

New Englad Ham. 

Bourbon Biltcrs, 

Plantation Bitters 




lb union Whiskey, 

Wahoo Pilfers. 

Ilosiettcrs Bitters 

Ac, Ac 

'■<) ci 3 co.istantly on band ttio hc-t 



If you vant to buy j^ood nice frcrh 

U ^1 iLb O J 

Wines &lAqnor^ 

Everbr.night totlils market. 

AL-0 a conipUitc assortment of 




r.remiums awaidc^i <1.. m. Ijiii-ir.'.d f.ita'.-jiues 
free Ad.lie.s Kason *. Hamlin, rosto.i, o 
Ma.^ON BllOTIiEKS, N.w Voik. 

117 III.= KEi:,=? ! V HlfK^n ? '.-T'O v.* 
y\ Want ""A hi.-kcrs or Mou^taeb, r •' Cm Gi.. 
eiaii Coniiui (n.l will f. rce i! • ui t<i j— r.w ..ri t.'tc 
smoihes! fiice .>r <l 'u. or lu-.i- on beads, ju 
Six Week.-. Pi ice. .-^-1.0(1. Sent by mai uoy 
where, c'oscly -caled. on tljo reeeipi of prce-- 
Ad.lve.-s. WAllNEl! 1 CO., r> j_ ';:>.. BiooH- ... 
New Yoi k. 


P X A j\ PORT i; 




KcVv Tcrfe 

'i ho alt.-mion of the riioiic.-in'i i»i.- .i-.,(1<. i.-in\it,ii to 
our II w .«ra!o cf 7 OCJAVi; l:0.>^KW(i(M) I'U'TO 
I-'()I;'] i;S. wh'ch tor volun:*- arni puiiiy I'l ti lie nvt ui.ri- 
v.-illtd by siy Ii!ll;e>-t . < flerert in this lohrk. t. TJi.yron 
tain .-i!) tliemmlern in.jii-ov. mei Is, l'i«-n<li fiiHnd \i\ o:i 
llaipl'ci'.a!, Ik 1. ruinie, Oveis'iuojjl!a>s, e!e.,ai,i! eaih 
i) stiuih. si! lieiii^' !ii;'d.- uinltr t\<-p.-»^>.f>/,a! ^uji. i\i.-i(,;i of 
Mr. J. 11. Crrvei>t.en \r»- hcsh.-.,! :i pi-;.eticv.l ex;., ri- 
eiice of Ol e- :i.', yt.Trs in Ihr-ir ni«' vfrMur, Sg fuJi- -var- in tvvry pH'ticu.'ar. 

Tlie " Grovcsti'i-n Pinnr> Forlcs ' r?- 
r"iv"(l llir Avni!) ui' .M' ril ovd* : !1 



•r.s -I 
Woil-^'s Erir 

crk'liyf -'i 

Peaches. Blackberries, Baspberric? or any U^v•^^ 
of CANED FUL'IIS, this is the place to gel ihciu 


Of CAXDfE.S, b'.th jilau. u-i fny 

cy. be has them in eiidlef--' <juan!ili(.s. 

And ttf NGTS from ev< rv clinic. Iw 

keeps a large supply coii'-ranlly i >^ hand. 

V.'licre wp»-. pxb'li^lvd i'l't- n^i' f froinihe l.est w.-it "rs 
ol L'.iil.iii, l'!iri>, G.rn.K'-y, I'l iiad. !i,l,!-\. Ila'.iia. re, 
l>..s'..ii. an. I N. w ''-jik ; r..»I ..l.-o at <! ? / r.i. riutn I >t 
l'.jtef..r fh' fufc wive ywr.-. -h" w J ni.i vilv. rn;tdHls 
fioiu l-vdi c'vl.itl. c:in l:e fee- u' ol:r ira-- -T... In. 

]!y tlif 11 'rfaUuiion ol inif'-i'v.-mcn s x-f ni-ke ri st",! 
ni'iir p-, rfett I'i.-n.o F.irir, ,<ii.! i,y i: .-.i u'a'- uriiv l^'pely 
witli a ^tl•.'•t'y ca.- I pv^'i in, -.ft r>. ;•!>!• «l t<. ..n, r liit-M lu- 
tlrunifiiis it* a iir'€--» V. Mill *';' j.r. tli'f'.e li! rt:n.i:. litieii. 

r»*5cripiive cir*-ulKr' s'nt ^ r-'e. ; 


ai73 A LKCTU'-E 


consult their own interests 




We bavetb.o 

Facilities and Determination 

Sell Goods as choap as ary house West of the 

Do'nt fori'f't the j.lacc 

Don't forget the name 

Oeo* EI. 

Next doi SOUXIJ o 


T Y O U X (i M 

E ^, 

Winneba.TO City. Nov. 15, l.SO.".. 


E W ^^ 


lla<, a^id will kf-'cp coiistai:ily on band, for sale : 

Jc^.^elry and Silver Virare, 

And t!" htJ^nd prompilr t.i all kinds of Bcp.iir 
in^ of i.l..cks, Watehe*. «nd JeW'!>y, and ;iuar 
aiitoo jcricet sutisf;i'jti.>n to all who j)atr>>niie 
hloi. Bo na onn >5ite I'nicn hotel. Ci'y ! 

Blue Eitrth Cit.v, jl»y 17, I6v6. 

NIAV ounru **^^ TliiXG.s 


Wh5jfi5^in»;r«» won 

TT.iviTi* TutiV houMt ctxHOi.'v,' o<Mi.-«»rniii^ thi 
lo;-ii.-' .-•< ti:»L>aiii.i>i!« ot ;h« * Winiicbag'o City 
Mills.'* wc wish »•■ uMi .iini-e ••» tie piiMio thai 
Wo jiie n.MT pr*.; ar^il ro .lo ail Itiiids of work iv 
our line of busieesy, for re«dy ^t^y. Logs. wi....i. 
wbciit, or even Money tHken \d yay.nent f»>. 
wik. Onr teims for favrin^^ j>ie: tioe hulf. ot 
$1" ,jer thousand. Floir. Urnn. and sh.jrts cot; 
ktrti^tly on hand, .ind f>r saie -horip. 

Luini)er ^I'l.OU p*r TLo.i-iUTuL 

WKin»baaf» CtfT. Mar h t7fh. l»t<i. 

As the n;\nic indicates, not only besbws 
the growth of the hair Tvben thin and falling 
off, baV positively rcnetca the color 
origin il J^lo when it is turn* 
white, wUe^^r cviiscvl bv disease, jj^icf or 
jlJ aje. 

It will ccrt.iiiJyy do what is d^mcd for it, 
a fict to which Vindreds, jpy thousands, 
who have used it,\*e ready and wilUng to 
tcstiiy. Where one J^t^ is fairly used, in 
cny ccmcuuily, itsjfi-cpulatioa "spreads 
like -wild fire," a^r i\the best aJvertisc- 
ment nnJ recora^endaV^n we desire. In 
the Eastern St^s, whercYe "BENEWER" 
originated, iBe young b-.V.'S u-:e it as a 
hair dres^^j; it ii foun\on the toilet 
tables o^^uaj men, (also a:\icir barbers), 
while^lJer men and women Vho desire a 
Render an.l R'S'oraiive for thc.X^ey locks 
aVa bald hcada will not bo w-^uut this 
sv'.icle, which gives in every instiX^e, ea- 
tiro sctisfaction. \ 

IV">n't let any drussjist or de-il-r tjr^o rj-^n yon a 
Jifli-ront article, as there is no l'rei<;irati .n in ;Le wcrlJ 
like tUi:^ Beware of any article I'U'l'ortiug tu be tii* 

Try IIVI.L'S IT.VTR RK\K«'F.R acccrding to Krec- 
tl "i<,aii i y 11 « ill us« no ciLar. 

If m«t wl.i al dru.;.;ist* iu yvur t 'iprn. » trinl l-->ttl« 
will l.«« wnt YOU vir exprr^s, uj- n rc.-.-ii't ef . tie d. liar 
l.y iitaiL tUnj C'ViTK; y '« an "ri"*tainiy «t once of 
ltr<f'!i/in p.t^rtl.?iit qual;t'>«. 

Oideri fji (rtoi boHifi niiut l-e »a(tr«s*w.1 k' 

c. A.€oaiC, micafTo. 

8en'! A^jwit for North wbstwti States, 
r. r. n \LL k <>■>.. /n^rietors, Xaffiin-i, >. 11. 
S,..M at ^ nOLCeALE, in tfitra^. by FrLbETl. f INCH 

* Fr'_LErw nrpvTiAM.* ^ v.vx scuaaci;. wr.D k 

eMITII, SMTltl A DWTEU, J. 11. HEED k OO. 

cuA?. a. FuiTir, WETz.=cn. bl-icki * t"»:-, h 
fco^^L. w. D. n AKuis k oa, post * bade.»c, &aA 

by druf^iU and dMil«rs gonerally. 

Choice First Class Insurance 

Against Loss by FIKE. by the 


wh'.eli lias labeti from the head duiing tlio ni^ht. P^ii'l' Tli'1r>^ T?nff..t' o'l/l V^ rirtii ^ -,,.., ^ . . ^ tnte\ m .- 

\i- .1 • . 1 I .1 I l.VJli\.- ill..lC.^, iJULlt'l ttilij r-'LTlIS. Of llart.ord. Ciiu. neornor.i ted 1819. Char- 

»\ !ieii takes jilaco the pirsop maybe sure ' ' ^O ^* iiuiuuiu, vuu. ...^.v., v. aw*.^ 

that his di.nrise is oa its way to the lungs, and | S. BICUAilD^ON, M. BEYXOLD.S. ter Pcr|.ttual. 

WinnebDi'o City, Minn. nlv3 

Anolhcr coninion ami important symptom ofj -t c tt-i r\ r^ 

Catarrh is, Uat the jicrson is oiilij,cd to clear bis Ray Casll foJ' U lieat, Oats.Cci'D. 
throat in the luo. iiin;r of a sliek or f liiny inucou? 

should lose uo lime in arrostin;^ it 

The above are but few of the raa.iy Catarrhjil ] 

our I 
ill i 
be sent Flil-^K to any a.blrcss. Aleo directions 
where to procure the incliciuo 

." j The above are but few of the raa.iy Catarrh) 
^^y^'^ syu'ptonis. Wriie to our LuHor.itory fos oi 
*7 or ' j.aim hlet describing fully all symptoms : it wi 

We are reecivinj? letters froui nli part.? of the 
Union, and also initiiorous tesiimonials from 
those vsing it, btariug the evidence of iis iufalli 
bio merits. 

^i^^ This remedy c^lnfain? no iMinerul or poi- 

s->!iui:s in;;rcdients. but \: prepared from ve;;eta- 

I blc cxtra«ts exclusively : thtretore it is pcrfertly 

i harijtiess even to the most tei;der and delicate 

child tL:;;. 

! Call for Sc-cTcy's Catarrh I7cmc-dy, and 
j take no other, ii n-.t > ilu by dri;!;gists in your 
; vicinity, they wiii order ii for you Price $2,00 
per bottle. 




i. '■ 



The Pre'.i.lents. Ga^hicrs. and Treas 

] ^-.>..A11 pcr.'ons snfTerinr with any aflTcotion 
j of the Head. Throat or Lui';.'-s should write at 
; on.'o for our pamphlet fully dts-jribin^ all symp- 
touis pertaining to the above diseases. 

It will be sent free to any ad.jacss. 


DiL D. IL SEELYE .\r CO., 

FHtKPOK-r, Illimoiii, 
Sjld BV all wnolesale ana m^ii Oruirglits 


i D Park Cinr>;nrati. Ohio ; Fuller, Finch 
1 A FuU.T. Chi-a,»-i III: Butrrbam Vai.«cl.aa"k i 
! Chiea;;o l;'.: Demas Barnes A C.> y.!W Y'rk: D ' 
j Ran-'om A Co. Buffalo New Y...-k; Farrar.d She 
I ley A Co Detroit Mitb ; weA.' A Potier Boston 
1 Mn.s : Fren-h Ri' h irds A Ca Phil.-doli hia. P.i : 
I R E Seller* A Co Pittsburgh Pa: C.dlin* Bro'«, 
I s: L 

A vc<£i9 1 u . L ' '" *->»••" Mo ; Barnes, ward A C '. New Orlean« : 

.,*=-^?^^r-^* V''"'^'"''' 1* A B.b,n..on *C,. L..ui,vii:«. KV : lii^-ler A 
^len.u Ii^o.s .No exr>erienc€ , Memphis Tenn : P E Dopuy Riehmos,d"Va; | 
, Tborapson A Block lUifmoro Ml. Dexter A; 

irersof 3Pjn,c8 snuorse the cin-uiar. Sent free , Xel'.eger Albany N Y : itrong A Armz-tronc, | 
with eample*. Abircs* the Amciicui i.oncil I Cleveland O : Um Johnston Detroit Mich i wl- j 
Tool wcrks, S^rmiUrtM. Veriaoni; ( lua Peltr* « Go LouisriU* Ky, v3uJlyl 1 


Tii;:?;: litt;.:..^ ap.3 pHui-An'-D in 
.! .ail •:! UKi.-kpy. a cniiiiiiati..-) cf ..v.t 
iw— jiy .:i;i, kiud-t of ruts »>iik-« anl litri.s. 
«Iii-;» art ia p«Tfeel ci.nei-it on.* with the olo.r. i-r. 
J i-f-l fi-,.;:i Tlii^ i.i-i.;iiMl f.. •.inula jivpTi l.y irreai 
• '.:■■? V.>-\ .Ifl.-ket. t> Dr. I'h ipi.n. n-ii.. ti-.-l th^ai sw- 
I-.- ra'Iy in hN priotics f.r many y..ii-^. aad l.y ti.eii 
n-c ^.-li".'.' 1 .<•> sreut a p.f.r.lnr't 'in (lie treitiii-iit a-. I 
Cinn '.f i)y«;»'i.'i'i. Liver C'i'ii).Uiiit. l-.:istiiii:.<iu. Si'k 
nnd N'-iv •«•> l^.-julif.-ln.. Kerijr an.I Asne. ami mII iI-..- 
»-'.*cs ari«it:~ fr..m t I'-pid l.^fr aial in Iv.'exiion. I'ei- 
« .r.j ■aiT.'rinz f-'.m cilh"r .>f these l.'at'avai'e di.ejwii,- 
wil Sad a ciae l>y the ii>* .if th'.-<c llitter-, whirh an 
p":fe-tlv pare and free fr>ni all tl,.-" ilriiffs «iii| |n.; 
% in u_uiily pat op in stji-li 5.rcfir«r.-\t:'in<i. and pii]ii;pii 
>iT .ia iUi uit-'iniiS'lins pnhiic. K siii^l.* trial will r..\\- 
rir. -o t'.ia in i=t f-k^jtical that ia th? It'.D J.'kCKiii' 
tiiere i.< a virtue tbiit no otfaer tiitte.-^ jn><<»eiM, 

Tli<"y rtrpnff^tien and iuTi;;-xnt« t>;e .lysteiii 

T'i>-y are unein.ille!! fir ;;enHrAl debility. 

They are a cure fir Isy'pei'.ia. 

TheV plve a c.".! r-.ii.l htallby apj>ctJt». 

Tht-y a<«>t (liie-ti ul. 

T^i..-T I'urify th? l.reijth anl ari lity of the •t^marli. 

TheT euro I'iarrb .-n and Cii>I«"ra 

TU^y are an ■■xii:i.l.te ti> rhaiise ..f »«!er and diet. 

Tliey trf the !.<'-«t stirnul-nt in exi-tenre. 

Their are a preT.->ttiTe of Fevwr and Ague. 

Tr.»y relieve C .n«tipati'n. 

T>ieT cure ^fxy «!§ ll^f Jarh«. 

They are ]«tfe<:tly imre aa.i palatable. 

Tlic e»rninc r.EDJArKKrTiTTTrn^-xr* nntr •'-Id 
in TSTS't h<>tt!»*; neT»>r by the KaUi-n. ^nart i.r 

Joe t' f or priir.tte •.iuTeru.'->eut kt^ioipis ntil token 
arer rarh r.irk. 

S. M l.y ail .Iro^lsta and dealon throa^hoat the 

Call f r Tlel Jac1t»»t %xA talte no other. 

Circtilar* t<.> the tnde f.nppliefl orj ap;>licatioii. 

SI ancl 33 lI7VfllCAX ATEXCE, 

The .,Ti;TX.'\ Insurance Company would call the 
attention of the public to the fiUowing facts : 

A lieavy cash capital, with As 



J uti piibiiiliid in :i M:;Ie'l eiiVilo^ c. 

sis cents. 
A L(clnK'«jii till- N::inu', Til nlnitnt 

and radical • ure ot ."•^(■i rmafdiil cea. or .^tnii ;.| 
WLiikiits.-. iinc-lui li.iy Jiii.-.-iiii-. .'»'« Delil 
ity. ai.'.l Iinpeilituet'ts to iuarriii;;e pc.;vr:d!v. 

Kervou.-! e-s. Consuiiij tioii. Ij iltpsy and Fits; 
Meiii.-i! aiifl IMiy-ical lii'-.-'f aciiv. rtMi'ni.;;'- Iri.ui 
.-eir iiliuse. A.-!— Py b«M;l.l;t-.J. GlI.ViK- 
\Vi:i.L. M. 1)., /^•^;|;oro. tie -(Jiteii B<ok" Ac. 

'1 Iu- world unowned uil:or«t this a niir.- 1-lc 
L'etnrc. p|' ally pM;»(s f.iin li.«oHti vvieii'iee 
that It.e t.Wul ei iiseCiUeiices ol si if abli^t ii;in be 
cllceinally r.BJoved riil.ont i)ie<iieii;e, aixl wiih- 
«iut daiii'crons snr^ieal '.penriioiit.. biin;.'icF. iisivn 
mcrls, rit.;:s, or eordial.v. poiiiti;);; r.ut n lim.le of 
( ure at oiiec »-er.iiin jiiid iHieinaJ, by wbii-b ev- 
ery snfTercr. no uiiitter wl.:-i bis e.'iiiiiiioi, in I'.- be 
may ei re biruM II i be ;;p y. | riv;iH'_\* i>!:d ra.^ 
ly. 'llii.- Leeinre wiii 1 io»e A BOON to Tbous- 
an<ls ai;d Thousands. 

Sen. under seal, to avy addn sj in a plain fra' 
t^d envelope, on (Ic Kieij't of hi.v rti.:s. f.r two 
stamps. Also Dr. «'i!lv« rwell's "Mairiaj e Gu tie" 
price 26 cenlj. Ailore-s li.e Pubii-b< rs. 

«'ii ^.'•^ .!. (• r^Av; A t fr . 
1217 ECd TRV I. ^^ York. 

Posi OiHce Box 453S 

Br A U T Y.~An 
'■ iru Gol Un FJa.x 
. 11 ard S' kc? CCHLi 
)i:odn<r-'' bj- t!** n;c 
.f P:of. Dk ' ."h x's 
II!E-H ..V. < n K 


O-l-J ilOl' tL. 

tioD uarran.r'-' !« .•»ij! ^hc 
inosf strP!';bt hid rsub b'>* i f o.'citbcr rex in- 
to w.ivy rin;:Ie.'sfr fc'-'-y w ssiv- «-jrl:. Ilus 
been u>'>'' b»' the fr rhioiiiild }>' 'f P."#is 'mj.I I.oi.. 
don, w''b •he iiio.-it gr -tit- inr remiMs. D-'Cs no 
injury (o the hair. I'rite by na" sraiip nr«l 
po>t!iai'f, $1. De.'cr:)>tiv'r nrcuJfrs feni fnc. 
Ad.lre-s StER.iE"-, Mf^T-'TS A ( ( .. « b. .. nm. 
No, 2.S.> l!iver St., X'-'-y W '^. fi/.'a «'-«in*8 ivr 
the Unite 1 Sl..te.-. 

Has transacted business .succivsfully Forty -nine 
years, and continues to ])ro;:r<:«s in Hoahli. 
Wealth and Vitality, lias paid an a-j;'^*^o'*'« 

lossot ^l.'),7-24,:}80 58 

The ..F.TXA is org-nizt d on a National Basis, 

with reliable L »cai air.Tits. "nd oeiipyc*; 

an enviable reputation, cquul 

to all the einer};ai.cica 

it nnd< r'akcs, 

woiihy the 


Founding it.i claims to f.ivir aud patronage 

to Rtcrit Alone. ^^ ^ ^ „ ...... 

, _ ,. Ill- -• .- „„,i jor..,r;«v f,.r to*- IrprovitisfHT^l P«*»:jrr'»rtgti"* •Jomrloxton. 

Affording unrf|iia!e'l bi<'iiities ond security lor, ' = " ' 

li.Mtrance, .and r.inking | "bct-ost vj.'i.abi'' rru j^rfr~t i'»eo-.rarnir in 

I oi'c. for <;i»iii^- th*- r^i!! » i-fAviru! peari Pk«, tbu ♦^'•»nd in >•.-♦*, It ^i.i-'My r« 
ni'.v<.g lu*^. Fred ie?, ''!»-tI'-' ?!<-'•!.•?. M.^ih 
Pat?bf;f, Sr"«.wiM<^rf f.rt'ii'tr'' .«r'f "-M impuri- 
ties of <>• sKin, kii'^f" hf;«'''»>; tb- in'\c, 
the shir wl.i'c hi d cl'^-T »^ a^jia'*-'. Il<i pse 



-"i L 'rrt'iiv i.iid 

The FIRST of Fire Insurance 

And insures at rates m hboral as the risk.s as- 
sumed j.eruiit f'.r solrency and fair jirojit. 

I|-> 'll ATtI 1 '■*"" no' be fleNf »f >I ^y .br 

^osses h(piital)jy Aojustea anu 11,^.;,,,^ , vcr--Mc\r'r'r,>-'-r vc.r*ct'y b«rm- 

1-)r)/',' f T)'j'T -TT 1> \TT\ [Uff. Itisil.p'n'y r-'V* t«i f'je kir d iired by 

liWAiL Hj 1 I IVILJ. : fi,. Kf«nch. f-l is e. if-d*-'* by tf ■; Parsian oa 

V-^w/rdt of 

ph..t year. ■ 

Prve t.iily 

•-T.s. ii:at by mail, op •••i eipt ft* vr, order, by 

BERGEP. ^UVT^^ i ro., CLrmisti, 

'>-.2?r-.6 it'j Kt-er Pt., Tmy, N. Y 

Applicaiioiis Solicited, and Policies * l;;'';^;'^.^'"'';'^ »« Mf;'"." .t.-i-n 

*• J 11. [?-0.(ir') br**>*r were »-ij.l ' a.":»>|» tur 

R. E. ABBOXr, Agent at 

Winnebago City, Minn- 

Empire Shuttle SeWin? Macbuics 

are snperior to all oti era for 

Family and Mannfaclnrin? Purpose.?. 

Contain all th"! la»e?t improvenient*; ate t-pce 
dy : noiseless : durable: and easy to worr. 

liiustra'cd Circulars free. Agents wanted. — 
Liberal discount allowed. No consignments 
made. Address, 

3»yl EMPIRE S. M. CO., BroiHlway Jf. T, 

A GENTLEMAN »urei tf ?• rrous Debuiiy 
Ineoinpvtercv. IrvniHtur^ l>e«-«y k'iu Youthful 
E'ror, ».einH«eH by a ie/iT» iohcne*' otlitrs will 
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