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Full text of "Illinois masonic register"





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Masonic Register 


Sent by mail, post-paid, on receipt of piice. 


The Commercial Hotel, 



200 Rooms, with Board, per Day, 


A good, substantial, new and modern HOTEL, CENTRA IX Y 
LOCATED. The largest and finest of its class in America. 

A home for sensible people at a REASONABLE PRICE. 

The Business Man's Hotel of the World. It has ample accommoda- 
suit the times, #2.00 PER DAY TO #2.50, according to location 
of room. 


Formerly of Revere House and Metropolitan Hotel. 



Directory of the Lodges, Chapters, Councils, Commanderies, 
Conclaves, and Scottish Rite Bodies in the State, 

and containing 

Lists of the Officers of every Masonic Organization, with Full Cajalogues 
of the Members of all the Lodges, 

together with 
Officers of Grand Lodges in Foreign Countries. 

N. fu 





Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 18T5, by 

Erasttjs N. Tucker and Alfred L. Smith, 
In the office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington. 

A. Zkesb & Co., 

No. 114 Monroe Street. 



IN issuing the present volume, the publishers desire to acknowledge their indebted 
ness to the Rt. Worshipful John F. Burrill, Secretary of the Grand Lodge ; E. Sir 
James H. Miles, Recorder of the Grand Commandery and Grand Council, and Secre- 
tary of the Grand Chapter ; 111. Sir Jonathan J. French, Recorder of the Grand Im- 
perial Council, R. C. of R. and C, and to a great number of Secretaries of Lodges and 
other bodies throughout the State, for their fraternal assistance in its compilation. 

It is presumed that the character of the work will be sufficiently apparent, even 
from a casual examination, to render prefatory explanation unnecessary. The general 
features of the present volume will be preserved in subsequent ones, with such im- 
provements and additions as experience may suggest. The publishers are not un- 
mindful of the fact that, in the mass of detailed information contained in the book, 
the first issue of the Illinois Register stands far in advance of all similar publications 
in other jurisdictions, and it will be a constant aim to maintain the position. 

It is designed to issue the Register annually, and as soon after the sessions of the 
Grand bodies as practicable. Each volume will show the Grand officers for the 
ensuing year, the officers of subordinate bodies for the current year and the members 
of Lodges in good standing at the time of closing the annual reports. With the assist- 
ance of the Secretaries, in returning lists Of officers and changes in membership, the 
work of compilation could be so greatly expedited as to ensure the publication of the 
Register during October. 

In preparing the material for the present volume, every effort has been made to 
secure accuracy. It could hardly be expected, however, that so extended a list of 
names could be transcribed from the manuscripts of nearly nine hundred persons 
without errors occurring. A careful examination of the lists is requested of all in- 
terested, to the end that the necessary corrections may be made in the next issue. 
For obvious reasons all names borne upon the Register must come from official 
sources, and it is therefore suggested that communications, directing changes of any 
kind, be made through the Secretary, or some other proper officer, and under the offi- 
cial seal. 

To the establishments whose advertising favors appear upon these pages, the reader 
is principally indebted for the almost unprecedentedly low price of the book. 

Chicago, Ills., 


Table op Full Moons 

Grand Lodge of Illinois 

Subordinate Lodges 

Grand Chapter of Illinois . 

Subordinate Chapters 

Grand Council of Illinois . 

Subordinate Councils 

Grand Commandery of Illinois 

Subordinate Commandeeies 

Grand Imperial Council of Illinois 

Subordinate Conclaves . 

Scottish Rite Bodies . 

Alphabetical List of Locations of all Bod 

Masonry in Europe 

Appendix .... 





Almini P M & Co, Importers Artists Materials and Fresco Painters 
Anderson Magnus, Manufacturer Show Cases ... 

Andrews A H & Co, Manfrs Church, Lodge and School Furniture 
Baker & Co, Engravers on Wood ..... 

Brown J W, Publisher Voice of Masonry ..... 

Bulletin Printing Company, Printers and Publishers 

Burley & Tyrrell, Importers Crockery, China, Glass Ware, etc 

Burnham E, Son & Co, Importers and Jobbers of Drugs . Facing 135, 

Caberey H R, Manfacturer and Dealer in Regalia and Military Goods 

Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co, Importers of Dry Goods . 

Chicago Scale Company, Manufacturers of Scales 

Chicago Ship Chandlery Co, Manufacturers Flags, Tents, Awnings, 

Childs S Djr & Co, Card and Seal Engravers . 

Collins C C, Dealer in Boys' Clothing .... 

Devine's Boiler Works, Manufacturers Steam Boilers, etc . 
Field, Leiter & Co, Importers and Jobbers of Dry Goods 
Foss, Elliott & Co, Commission Merchants ... 
Foss S D & Co, Commission Merchants .... 

Fuller & Fuller, Wholesale Druggists .... 

Gibson A L, Dealer in Oysters ...... 

Gooch & Barber, Commission Merchants ... 
Gruber Brothers, Commission Merchants .... 

Hale, A L & Bro, Manufacturers of Furniture 

Hanson C H, Engraver and Die Sinker .... 

Harris & Cobb, Manufacturers of Shirts . 

Hilger, Jenkins & Faxon, Wall Paper, Window Shades, etc. . 

Hopkins & McKnight, Managers Allemannia Fire Insurance Co 

Illinois Masons' Benevolent Society, Life Insurance 

Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Co. Publishers of School Books . 

Johnson, Clark & Co, Agents Home Sewing Machine 

Langguth J G, Optician ...... 

Manning Organ Company, Church, Lodge and Parlor Organs 

Marder, Luse & Co, Type Founders and Electrotypers . 

Mason & Hamlin Organ Company, Church, Lodge and Parlor Organs 

Meserole P S, Dealer in Seeds and Agricultural Implements . 

Middleton J W, Manufacturing Stationer and Printer 

Myers E B, Publisher Templar Manual, etc 

National Boiler Works, Manufacturers Steam Boilers, etc . 

Neuberger, A J & Bro, Manufacturers Furniture 

Neuberger & Benz, Commission Merchants . 

Northwestern Aid Association, Life Insurance . 

Noye W F, Manufacturer's Agent and Commission Merchant 

Peacock C D, Masonic Jewelry and Emblems . . 

Phillips C C, Fire, Life and Accident Insurance 

Pulling H G, Commercial Hotel ..... 

Reed, A & Son, Dealers in Pianos and Organs 
Sewell Alfred L, Chromatic Printed Envelopes 
Shedd E N & Co, Flour and Commission Merchants 
Smith, Barnard & Carter, Manufacturers Star Printing Inks 

Facing 81 

44 195 
44 112 
" 144 
44 145 
44 160 
194, 206, 211 


" 161 

" 195 

44 134 

Bottom of 11, 188 

Facing 25 








. Facing 134 

Facing cover 3 

Facing 16 

44 205 

* 210 


" 144 


44 160 

u 113 



Cover, 2 

Facing 7 

44 161 

44 204 

• 4 161 

Index to Advertisers. 

Smith R W,' Attorney 

Speigel & Cahn, Manufacturers of Furniture 
Squire W H, Commission Merchant . . . 

Terwilliger J M, Agent Cincinnati Safe and Lock Works 
Wadhams & Roundy, Regalia and Society Goods 

Wadskier T V, Architect 

Wells M D & Co, Manufacturers of Boots & Shoes . 
Wright James & Son, Undertakers .... 
Zeese A & Co, Electrotypers and Stereotypers 


Agricultural Implements and Seeds, P S Meserole 
Architect, T V Wadskier .... 

Artists' Materials, etc, P M Almini & Co . 
Attorney. R W Smith ..... 
Awnings, Flags, etc, Chicago Ship Chandlery Company 
Boots and Shoes, M D Wells & Co 
Boys Clothing, C C Collins .... 
Card and Seal Engraving, S D Childs jr & Co . 
Commission Merchants, Foss, Elliott & Co 
Foss, S D & Co 
Gooch & Barber 
Gruber Brothers . 
Neuberger & Benz . 
Noye.WF . 
Shedd E N & Co 
Squire. W H 
Crockery, China, ito, Burley & Tyrrell 
Chromatic Printed Envelopes, Alfred L Sewell 
Drugs, Burnham, E, Son & Co 

Fuller & Fuller 

Dry Goods, etc, Carscn, Pirie, Scott & Co 

Field, Leiter & Co , . , 

Electrotyping & Stereotyping (See also Type Founding) 
Engraving and Die Sinking, C H Hanson . 
Engraving on Wood, Baker & Co . , 

Furniture, Andrews, A H & Co , 

Hale, A L & Bro 
Neuberger, A J . 
Speigel & Cahn .... 
Hotel, Pulling H G . . . . , 

Insurance, Fire (Allemannia) Hopkins & McKnight 

Phillips, C C 
Insurance, Life, Illinois Mason's Benevolent Society 

Northwestern Aid Association . 
Masonic Jewelry, C D Peacock 
Optician, J G Langguth . 
Organs and Pianos, Manning Organ Company 

Mason & Hamlin Organ Company 
Reed, A & Son 
Oysters, A L Gibson ..... 

Printing and Stationery, J W Middleton . 
Printing Inks, etc, Smith, Barnard & Carter 
Publishers, Brown, J W . . . . . 

Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Co 
Myers, E B . 
Regalia and Military Goods, Caberey, H R 

Wadhams & Roundy 
Safes and Locks, J M Terwilliger 
Scales, Chicago Scale Company . . . 

Sewing Machines, Johnson, Clark & Co 
Shirts, Harris & Cobb ..... 
Show Cases, M Anderson .... 

Steam Boilers, etc, Devine's Boiler Works 
National Boiler Works 
Type Founding, etc, Marder, Luse & Co 
Undertaking, James Wright & Son ..... 
Wall Paper, Window Shades, etc., Hilger. Jenkins & Faxon 


Facing 134 



M 204 

" 113 

M 204 

Facing cover, 2 

Facing 80 

" 112 


. Facing 210 

" 204 

, " 81 

" 134 

" 195 

Facing cover, 2 

. Bottom of 11, 188 

Facing 134 

kk 33 

" 134 

44 81 

** 204 

" 33 

" 113 

** 204 


" 160 

" 161 

Facing 155, 194, 206, 211 

Facing 65 





" 112 

** 195 

" 207 

" 160 


Cover, 2 

Facing 96 


A ZeeBe & Co 


Facing cover, 3 
Facing 205 

. ' •* 210 


Facing 144 


" 113 

" 204 

" 161 

Cover, 3 

, Facing 81 




" 16 

" 112 

" 64 


Table of Full Moons 

Grand Lodge of Illinois 

Subordinate Lodges 

Grand Chapter of Illinois . 

Subordinate Chapters 

Gra^ld Council of Illinois . 

Subordinate Councils 

Grand Commandery of Illinois 

Subordinate Commanderies 

Grand Imperial Council of Illinois 

Subordinate Conclaves . 

Scottish Rite Bodies . 

Alphabetical List of Locations of all Bod 

Masonry in Europe 

Appendix .... 




Almini P M & Co, Importers Artists Materials and Fresco Painters 
Anderson Magnus, Manufacturer Show Cases " 
Andrews A H & Co, Manf'rs Church, Lodge and School Furniture 
Baker & Co, Engravers on Wood ..... 

Brown J W, Publisher Voice of Masonry ..... 

Bulletin Printing Company, Printers and Publishers 

Burley & Tyrrell, Importers Crockery, China, Glass Ware, etc 

Burnham E, Son & Co, Importers and Jobbers of Drugs . Facing 135, 

Caberey H R, Manfacturer and Dealer in Eegalia and Military Goods 

Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co, Importers of Dry Goods , 

Chicago Scale Company, Manufacturers of Scales 

Chicago Ship Chandlery Co, Manufacturers Flags, Tents, Awnings, 

Childs S Djr & Co, Card and Seal Engravers .... 

Collins C C, Dealer in Boys' Clothing .... 

Devine's Boiler Works, Manufacturers Steam Boilers, etc . 
Field, Leiter & Co, Importers and Jobbers of Dry Goods 
Foss, Elliott & Co, Commission Merchants ... 
Foss S D & Co, Commission Merchants .... 

Fuller & Fuller, Wholesale Druggists .... 

Gibson A L, Dealer in Oysters ...... 

Gooch & Barber, Commission Merchants 

Gruber Brothers, Commission Merchants .... 

Hale, A L & Bro, Manufacturers of Furniture 

Hanson C H, Engraver and Die Sinker .... 

Harris & Cobb, Manufacturers of Shirts ... 

Hilger, Jenkins & Faxon, Wall Paper, Window Shades, etc. . 
Hopkins & McKnight, Managers Allemannia Fire Insurance Co 
Illinois Masons' Benevolent Society, Life Insurance 
Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Co. Publishers of School Books . 
Johnson, Clark &, Co, Agents Home Sewing Machine 
Langguth J G, Optician ...... 

Manning Organ Company, Church, Lodge and Parlor Organs 

Marder, Luse & Co, Type Founders and Electrotypers . 

Mason & Hamlin Organ Company, Church, Lodge and Parlor Organs 

Meserole P S, Dealer in Seeds and Agricultural Implements . 

Middleton J W, Manufacturing Stationer and Printer 

Myers E B, Publisher Templar Manual, etc 

National Boiler Works, Manufacturers Steam Boilers, etc . 

Neuberger, A J & Bro, Manufacturers Furniture 

Neuberger & Benz, Commission Merchants . 

Northwestern Aid Association, Life Insurance . 

Noye W F, Manufacturer's Agent and Commission Merchant 

Peacock C D, Masonic Jewelry and Emblems . . 

Phillips C C, Fire, Life and Accident Insurance 

Pulling H G, Commercial Hotel ..... 

Reed, A & Son, Dealers in Pianos and Organs 
Sewell Alfred L, Chromatic Printed Envelopes 
Shedd E N & Co, Flour and Commission Merchants 
Smith, Barnard & Carter, Manufacturers Star Printing Inks 


Bottom of 11, 

Facing 81 

44 195 
44 112 
44 144 
" 145 
" 160 
194, 206, 211 


" 161 

" 195 






4 * 134 


44 210 


" 204 

44 207 

44 33 

44 81 




Cover, 4 

Facing 1 
Facing cover 



Index to Advertisers. 

Smith RW, Attorney 

Speigel & Cahn, Manufacturers of Furniture 

Squire W H, Commission Merchant 

Terwilliger J M, Agent Cincinnati Safe and Lock Works 

YYadhams & Round/, Regalia and Society Goods 

Wadskier T V, Architect 

Wells M D & Co, Manufacturers of Boots & Shoes . 
Wright James & Son, Undertakers .... 
Zeese A & Co, Electrotype™ and Stereotypers 


Agricultural Implements and Seeds, P S Meserole 
Architect, T V Wadskier .... 

Artists' Materials, etc, P M Almini & Co . 
Attorney, R W Smith ..... 
Awnings, Flags, etc, Chicago Ship Chandlery Company 
Boots and Shoes, M D Wells & Co 
Boys Clothing, C C Collins .... 
Card and Seal Engraving, S D Childs jr & Co . 
Commission Merchants, Foss, Elliott & Co 
Foss, S D & Co 
Gooch & Barber 
Gruber Brothers . 
Neuberger & Benz . 
Noye.WF . 
Shedd EN&Co 
Squire. W H 
Crockeby, China, «to, Burley & Tyrrell 
Chromatic Printed Envelopes, Alfred L Sewell 
Drugs, Burnham, E, Son & Co 

Fuller & Fuller 

Dry Goods, etc, Carscn, Pirie, Scott & Co 

Field, Leiter & Co , . . 

Electrotyping & Stereotyping (See also Type Founding), 
Engraving and Die Sinking, C H Hanson . 
Engraving on Wood, Baker & Co . , 

Furniture, Andrews, A H & Co $ 

Hale, A L & Bro ... 

Neuberger, A J . 

Speigel & Cahn ..... 

Hotel, Pulling H G . 

Insurance, Fire (Allemannia) Hopkins & McKnight 

Phillips, C C 
Insurance, Life, Illinois Mason's Benevolent Society 

Northwestern Aid Association . 
Masonic Jewelry, C D Peacock 
Optician, J G Langguth . 
Organs and Pianos, Manning Organ Company 

Mason & Hamlin Organ Company 
Reed, A & Son 
Oysters, A L Gibson ..... 

Printing and Stationery, J W Middleton . 
Printing Inks, etc, Smith, Barnard & Carter 
Publishers, Brown, J W . . . . . 

Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Co 
Myers, E B . 
Regalia and Military Goods, Caberey, H R 

Wadhams & Roundy 
Safes and Locks, J M Terwilliger 
Scales, Chicago Scale Company . . . 

Sewing Machines, Johnson, Clark & Co 
Shirts, Harris & Cobb ...... 

Show Cases, M Anderson .... 

Steam Boilers, etc, Devine's Boiler Works . , 

National Boiler Works 
Type Founding, etc, Marder, Luse & Co 
Undertaking, James Wright & Son ..... 

Wall Paper, Window Shades, etc., Hilger. Jenkins & Faxon, 


Facing 134 






Facing cover, 2 

Facing 80 

" 112 


. Facing 210 

M 204 

, 81 


" 195 

Facing cover, 2 

. Bottom of 11, 188 

Facing 134 

"- 33 

M 134 

44 81 

" 204 

44 33 

" 113 

, ** 204 


" 160 

" 161 

Facing 155, 194, 206, 211 

Facing 65 




A Zeese & Co 

" 112 

** 195 

" 207 

" 160 


Cover, 2 

Facing 96 


" 97 
" 134 

Facing cover, 3 
Facing 205 

•• 210 


" 161 

" 144 

Cover, 4 

Facing 144 


ki 113 

*• 204 

" 161 

Cover, 8 

. Facing 81 





" 112 

m 64 

73 OJ 

C. f -1 











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Jh CO 





"3 00 

Oj r-l 





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02 CO 










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J- <M 



53 C* 



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p 00 



73 co 






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co Ci 









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73 C<J 



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OFFICERS, 1875-76. 


R. W. JOSEPH ROBBINS, of Quincy, . 

R. W. WILLIAM J. A. DeLANCY, of Centralia, 

R. W. HENRY E. HAMILTON, of Chicago, . 

M. W. HARRISON DILLS, of Quincy, 

R. \V. JOHN F. BURRILL, of Springfield, . 

R. W. and Rev. GEORGE W. MARTIN, of Streator, Grand Chaplain 

R. W. GEORGE M. McCONNELL, of Jacksonville, Grand Orator. 

Grand Master. 
Deputy Grand Master. 
Senior Grand Warden. 
Junior Grand Warden. 
Grand Treasurer. 
Grand Secretary. 

W. FRANK HUDSON, Jr., of Springfield, 
W. JOHN A. LADD, of Sterling, . 
W. ROBERT RICHARDS, of Amboy, . 
W. GEORGE W. CYRUS, of Camp Point, 
W. JOHN D. HAMILTON, of Carthage, 
W. RICHARD T. HIGGINS, of Vandalia, . 
W. GEORGE BARRY, of Alton, . 
W. PAUL ZIEMSEN, of Chicago, 
W. JOHN P. NORVELL, of Danville, 
Bro. JOHN P. FERNS, of Chicago, 

Deputy Grand Secretary. 
Grand Marshal. 
Grand Pursuivant. 
Grand Standard Bearer. 
Grand Sword Bearer. 
Senior Grand Deacon. 
Junior Grand Deacon. 
Grand Steward. 
Grand Steward. 
Grand Steward. 
Grand Steward. 
Grand Tyler. 


Masonic Jurisprudence. 
James A. Hawley, DeWitt C. Cregier, Wiley M. Egan, Jerome R. Gorin, 
William Lavely. 

Appeals and Grievances. 
Hiram W. Hubbard, Miles H. Wilmot, Asa W. Blakesley, 
Joseph E. Dyas, Joseph Holland. 

Chartered Lodges. 

David A. Cashman, C. Kirkpatrick, S. C. Smith, David E. Head, J. R. Jones. 

Lodges Under Dispensation. 

R. W. Hammond, Louis Ziegler, B. F. Newlan, T. W. Hay, J. C. Willis. 

Joseph Piobbins. 

Illinois Masonic Register. 

Mileage and Per Diem. 

S. W. Waddle, S. Chance, W. F. Bromfield. 

Auditors: — G. W. Barnard, C. B. Garnsey, J. B. Rosecrantz. 


B. W. M. D. Chamberlain, . . . . . . Freeport. 

R. W. Edward Cook, 
R. W. A. T. Darrah, 
R. W. J. H. Fawcett, 

133 & 135 State St., Chicago. 



P. 0. Add. 

Counties Composing District. 

W. A. Stevens 

2 D. J. Avery 

J. O'Neill 

J. B. Babcock . 
L. L. Munn . 
J. C. Smith 
John D. Crabtree 
Perry A. Armstrong 
Thomas J. Wade 
J. H. Fawcett . 
H. G. Calhoun . 
Wm. H. H. Rader 


Wm. Rounseville 
Louis Zieg-ler , 
Haswell C. Clark 
R. L. McKinlay . 
A. A. Murray 
John Bennett 

A. A. Glenn . 
E. C. Selleck 
Geo. W. Davis 
Geo. M. Raymond 
Henry Palmer 

H. W. Hubbard . 
John M. Pearson 

B. J. VanCourt . 

C. H. Patton . 

L. D. Bennett . 
P. W. Barclay 




Marengo . 

Freeport . 





Princeton . 










Mt. Sterling 


Carroll ton . 

Litchfield . 


Centralia . 
O'Fallon . 
Mt. Vernon 

Fairfield . 


South Chicago and all that part of 
Cook county lying south of the Chi- 
cago river and east of the Illinois 
and Michigan Canal. 

All that part of West Chicago and the 
county of Cook lying south of the 
Fulton Branch of the C. & N. W. R. 
R. and west of the 111. & Mich. Canal. 

All that part of the city of Chicago and 
the county of Cook lying north of 
Fulton Branch of the C. & N. W. R. R. 

Kane, McHenry and Lake. 

Boone, Winnebago and Stephenson. 

Jo Daviess, Carroll and Whiteside. 

Ogle, Lee and DeKalb. 

Kendall, DuPage, Will and Grundy. 

La Salle and Livingston. 

Bureau, Putnam, Marshall and Stark. 

Henry, Rock Island and Mercer. 

McDonough, Fulton and Schuyler. 

Knox, Warren and Henderson. 

Peoria, Woodford and Tazewell. 

McLean, Be Witt and Ford. 

Kankakee, Iroquois and Vermilion. 

Champaign, Douglas, Edgar and Coles. 

Piatt, Moultrie, Macon and Logan. 

Mason, Menard, Sangamon and Cass. 

Brown, Morgan, Scott and Pike. 

Adams and .Hancock. 

Calhoun, Greene, Jersey and Macoupin. 

Montgomery, Christian and Shelby. 

Cumberland, Clark, Crawford, Jasper, 
Richland and Lawrence. 

Clay, Effingham, Fayette and Marion. 

Bond, Clinton and Madison. 

St. Clair, Monroe and Randolph. 

Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Perry, 
Jackson and Williamson. 

Wayne, Edwards, Wabash, White, Ham- 
ilton, Saline and Gallatin. 

Hardin, Pope, Massac, Johnson, Union, 
Pulaski and Alexander. 

Grand Lodge of Illinois. 



Grand Lodges. 

Representatives to. 

Representatives from. 



British Columbia 

California . 

Canada . 




District of Columbia 


Florida . 



Idaho . 



Kansas . 



Maine . 





Missouri . 



New Hampshire 

New Jersey 

New York 

Nevada . 

North Carolina 

Nova Scotia 

Ohio , 

Oregon . 


Quebec . 

Rhode Island 

South Carolina 

Tennessee . 


Utah . 




West Virginia 


Daniel Sayre 
E. H. English . 
Simeon Duck 
Alex. G. Abell. 
Wm. M. Wilson . 
Henry M. Teller 
James S. Gould . 
Daniel Goodwin 

C. F. Stanbury . 
Brackstone Baker 

D. C. Dawkins 
Samuel Lawrence 
S. D. Bayless 

J. W. Brown . 
Joseph Chapman 
R. B. DeBurgh 
R. R. Bees . 
Thomas J. Pickett. 
J. Q. A. Fellows 

John A. Berry . 
Henry Chamberlain 

A. T. C. Pierson 

Martin Collins . 
Cornelius Hedges 
Geo. H. Thurmmel 
Horace Chase . 
Thos. J. Corson . 
James E. Morrison 
Robert W. Bollen 
D. W. Bain 
J. Schofield. 

B. Jennings . 
Richard Vaux 
G. H. Borlace 
Thomas A. Doyle 
A. G. Mackey. 

J. Frizzell. 
Philip C. Tucker. 
James Lowe 
j. b. hollenbeck 
John Dove 

Thos. H. Logan 
L. M. Tracey 

James A. Hawley. 
John Bennett. 
Loyal Munn. 

Wiley M. Egan. 
James A. Hawley. 
DeWitt C. Cregier. 
George E. Lounsbury. 
DeWitt C. Cregier. 
John M. Palmer. 
0. H. Miner. 
W. J. A. DeLancey. 
DeWitt C. Cregier. 
John F. Burrill. 
Joseph Bobbins. 
Wiley M. Egan. 
Harrison Dills. 

Ira A. W. Buck. 
Daniel Wadsworth. 
D. A. Cashman. 
DeWitt C. Cregier. 
William Lavely. 
DeWitt C. Cregier. 
Jerome R. Gorin. 
H. W. Hubbard. 
John M. Palmer. 

Ira A. W. Buck. 
W. B. Allen. 
John C. Smith. 
James C. Luckey. 

0. H. Miner. 
0. H. Miner. 
John M. Pearson. 
Ira A. W. Buck. 
James A. Hawley. 

Asa W. Blakesley. 
Ira A. W. Buck. 

James Lowe. 
G. W. Barnard. 


Illinois Masonic Register. 


Levi Lusk, . . . . P. G. M. 

William Lately, . . P. G. M. 

Harrison Dills (G. T.) . P. G. M. 

Ira A. W. Buck, . . P. G. M. 

Jerome R. Gorin, . . P. G. M. 

DeWitt C. Cregier, . P. G. M. 

James A. Hawley, . . P. G. M. 

George E. Lounsbuby, . G. M. 

Edward R. Roe, . . P. D. G. M. 

Ben. J. Wiley, . . P. D. G. M. 

James H. Matheny, . . P. D. G. M. 

John C. Baker, . . P. D. G. M. 

Nathan W. Huntley, . P. I). G. M. 

Charles Fisher. . . P. D. G. M. 

Isaac R. Diller, . . P. S. G. W. 
Andrew J. Kuykendall, P. S. G. W. 

Asa W. Blakesley, . . P. S. G. W. 

Edwin F. Babcock, . P. S. G. W. 

Adam Brewer, . . . P. J. G. W. 

Carlton Drake. . . P. J. G. W. 

William H. Turner, . P. J. G W. 

Elijah M. Haines, . P. J. G. W. 

Horace Hayward. . . P. J. G. W. 

James C. Luckey, . .P. J. G. W. 

Joseph Bobbins, . . D. G. M. 

W. J. A. DeLancey, . S. G. W. 

Henry E. Hamilton, . J. G. W. 


Abraham Jonas, of Columbus 

Meredith Helm, of Springfield . 

Alexander Dunlap, of Jacksonville . 

Levi Lusk, of Rushville 

Rev. William F. Walker, of Chicago, 

Nelson D. Morse, of Henderson . 

William Lavely, of Springfield 

William C. Hobbs, of Bloomington 

Christopher G. Y. Taylor, of Belleville 

Thomas J. Pickett, of Peoria 

Eli B. Ames, of Hennepin 

William B. Warren, of Jacksonville . 

James L. Anderson, of Rushville 

AVilliam B. Herrick, of Chicago 

James H. Hibbard, of Alton . 

Harrison Dills, of Quincy 

Ira A. W. Buck, of Aurora 

F. M. Blair, of Paris 

Thomas J. Turner, of Freeport 

Henry P. H. Bromwell, of Charlestown 

Jerome R. Gorin, of Decatur . 

Harman G. Reynolds, of Springfield 

DeWitt C. Cregier, of Chicago 

James A. Hawley, of Dixon 

George E. Lounsbury, of Cairo 

. 1840-42 


. 1843-44 


. 1845-46 


. 1847-49 


. 1850-51 


. 1852-5;) 


. 1854-55 


. 1856-57 

. 1857-58 

. 1858-61 

• 1861-63 

. 1863-65 


. 1866-68 


. 1870-72 


. 1874- 

Carson, Pine, Scott & Co., 


Importers and Wholesale Dealers 




Jpitif^ 4p00tls t jphawk, 




Keep large lines of Popular Brands in every 
Department and make the 




Office, 177 Madison Street, Room 17, Chicago, 111. 


1st. To furnish substantial aid to the families of deceased Masons, through 
small contributions from each, of a large number of members. 

2d. To relieve the Lodges of the heavy burdens so often imposed upon them, 
and to accomplish what neither the Lodges nor small local societies can do, viz.: 
to place such families safely beyond the reach of want or the need of Lodge 

3d. The general elevation of the Fraternity, by reducing the expense to actual 
cost, and so low as to enable every member to provide protection for his own familVj 
and thus maintain a manly self-reliance. 

The Association is not restricted to any territorial limits, but admits only care- 
fully selected risks, from all healthy portions of the country, extending now from 
Maine to California. Thus local epidemics have no marked effect upon the average 
death-rate, and the membership can be more surely kept up to the maximum needs 
of the Association, both very important considerations. 

The membership is unlimited, which admits of a constant influx of newly ex- 
amined, healthy members, and this keeps down the average of deaths; and the 
expense is limited. 

The experiencesand statistics of many years prove, beyond question, that, by this 
means, these benefits can be, and are secured to our families at an annual expense 
of from $6 to $18 (according to age of members) for each $1,000, so secured, or about 
one-third the cost of ordinary life insurance. 

This Association is designed to furnish as high as $7,500 benefit to the families of 
those who wish to pay for as much, and smaller sums as required. 

Confined exclusively to Masons and purely fraternal. 

Full particulars sent free on application to the Secretary. 

Daniel J. Avery, Preset. 
T. B. Brown, Vice Pres't. 

Wm. Aldrich, Treas. 
J. A. Stoddard, Sec y y. 

177 Madison Street, Boom 17, Chicago, III 

Subordinate Lodges. 



ABINGDON, No. 185. 

ABINGDOX, Knox Co. Chartered Oct 
1855. Reg com Tues obfm and 2d week 
thereafter. Ann com n b St John's, 
Dec. Membership 46. 

D W Andrews, W Master 
J Woodmansee S W Ardie Lacroix, S D 
J J Bradbury, J W Jas O Andrews, J D 
Martin Lutz, Treas Robt Ground, S S 
Wm Hughey,Sec Jas Lown, J S 
W S Gillespie, T 

Aten, A P 
Bates, M C 
Bird, James H 
Bond, John 
Branson, J R 
Butler, S H 
Carter, Frank 
Cash man, Jas H 
Chesney, John H 

Sroshaw, G H 
awdy, Jas 
Deakin, Thos 
Dunkison, T W 
Frey, Henry 
Harden, E S 
Hawthorn, Jas 
Humphrey, S H 
Johnston, M F 

Kays, James 
Kays, Wm 
Kelley, Hugh A 
Kinnie, R 
Lewis, C C 
Miller, C C 
Moats, Josephus 
Mowrey, Manuel 
Murdock, Thos W 
Pollock, S D 
Shawgo, Benjamin 
Shoemaker, J H 
Swan, M P 
Terry, J L 
Thompson, A J 
Turner, A H 
Vertrees, John 
WyKoff, Thos 


OAKALLA, Iroquois Co. Chartered 
Oct 1859. Reg com 1st and 3d Mon. Mem- 
bership 35. 

T Newton Boee, W Master 
Wm H Bradley, S W Chas W Long, S D 
James Baxter, J W Thos D Healey, J D 
Vol Weaver, Treas S B Warren, S S 
A S Austin, Sec Jno W Walters, J S 
Andrew J Hammond, T 
Kimball, WS 
Kinsman, Thos 
Lehman, Frank W 
Mattocks, Robt M 
Mills, James G 
Pinkham, Wm H 

Avery, John H 
Beer, Barnard 

Clinton, Joseph H 
Coo ley, Paul 
Dean, Horace C 
Delker, George 
Foster, Robert D 
Healey, Daniel 
Helmer, John 
Herrick, James S 
Huestis, Joshua 

Poffenberger, Isaiah 
Rankin, Andrew C 
Stroup, Wm D 
S warner, Henry 
Waters, N elson T 

Johnson, Lyman M Watkins, Wm A 
Keith, Jacob 


KIRKWOOD, Warren Co. Chartered 
Oct 1867. Reg com 2d and 4th Tues. 
Ann com 2d Tues Dec. Membership 53. 
See's address, Kirkwood, 111. 

Edwtn M Paine, W Master 
Cyrus Bute, S W Beni C Davis, S D 
Geo H Carlon, J W Jacob Long, J D 

J J Gayer, Treas 
George N Carr, Sec 
Abbott, Robert H 
Allard, Joseph S 
Armstrong, John H 
Baldwin, Bloomer 
Barnes, Jedadiah E 
Bosler, Christian 
Brown, Clark K 
Burrus, Nathaniel 
Carmichael, Chas A 
Cavins, William 
Clauson, Edward P 
Davidson, John 
Davidson, John P 
Erving, Charles C 
Francis, Henry 
Gee, Elisha 
Gilliland, Samuel T 
Graham, John M 
Gregory, Joseph B 
Hasler, Charles 
Henry, Jacob 
Hough, Joseph 

F L Stubbs, S 
F Farrell, T 
Houlton, Charles A 
Houlton, Edward R 
Houston, Samuel W 
Imbody, Jesse J 
Jennee, Charles M 
Kellogg, George W 
Kennedy, Peter P 
Leacock, Jonathan 
McCommons, L H 
McCoy, Alexander 
Mclnty re, Jacob T 
Munson, James 
Perkins, Charles E 
Prevost, Joseph 
Prevost, Joshua 
Rhea, Stokes P 
Sofield, John B 
Thorp, Peter S 
Tubbs, Henry 
Willett, John E 
Woods, James B 
Woods, N Wilson 

ACACIA, No. 67. 

LA SALLE. Chartered Oct 1849. Reg 
com Wed obfm. Ann com Dec. Mem- 
bership 83. See's address, P O box 56. 

Stephen E Foster, W Master 
D Wertheim, S W Joseph Yackey, S D 
Thomas Clark, J W John V Evans, J D 
Gott Haage, Treas Jacob Knapp, S S 
M Friedman, Sec Harry H George, J S 

Gustavus T Rundell, T 
Aitkin, Nicholas Jr Gatiss, Richard 
Alderson, Thomas Gatiss, Thomas G 
Alexander, Fred J Graham, Hugh B 
Amsler, George Grant, George 
Amsler, Rudolph E Gray, John 
Bartlett, James^C Gray, Peter 

Bedard, John W 
Bolt, William W 
Boulson, Chas F 
Bry, Francis 
Buck, John H 
Campbell, Alex 
Carter, Samuel B 

Grow, Timothy R 
Gmelich, John 
Hall, William D 
Hoeffler, Phillip 
Jacques, Thomas 
Jeffrey, John 
Kinder, James 

Chapman, Henry B Lacey, George H 
Cornish, Standish V Lanning, James 
Coulter, Robert K Leffman, Leo 
Coutant, George F 
Crane, Furman G 

Day, John B 
Diestenveg, Chas 
Evans, Daniel 
Feldes, John 
Fleming, Thomas 

McDonald, Royal D 
Mack ay, Peter S 
Marks, Enoch C 
Marshall, Ovid H 
Mason, Edwin B 
Mason, William T 
Miller, Charles S 

Follett, Harmon D Moller, James K 
Fox, David B Orthel, John M 

Friedman, Isaac 
Fulier, Philetus 
Gates, Darius B 
Gatiss, Henry 

Plum, Marcus H 
Robinson, John V 
Rosenhaupt, Joseph 
Resenhaupt, Joseph 

C. C. Collins, Boys' Clothing, cor, Clark and Monroe Sts., Chicago, 111, 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Webster, Edward C 
Weertz, Gottfried 
Weller, Nelson J 
Wertheim, Adolph 
Wertheim, Henry 
Weyl, Albert 
Williamson, Jas P 

Rosenhaupt, Sol 
Rut ledge, Robert 
Stevens, Rufus C 
Tomlins, Alfred J 
Trasher, Jesse R 
Troeseher, Chas F 
Vroman, Adam 
Washburne, Ira F 

ACCORDIA, No. 277. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1858. Reg 
com 2d and 4th Fri. Membership, 89. 
Place of meeting 114 Randolph Street. 

H Peters, W Master 

E Meininger, S W F W Bipper, S D 

A F Buschick, J W Chas Wenborne, J D 

J Deschauer,Treas R E Schultz, S S 

C Koop, Sec L Knerr, J S 

F Weidermann, Tyler 

Asmus, Theo Luckhardt, Just 

Bauer, Julius Madlener, F 

Baumer, Gust Mendelson, G. 

Best, Charles Meyer, C B 

Boerlin, Louis Meyer, J B 

Brackebush, A C Molter, John 

Cudell, A Muller, Gallus 

Dietze, B Neubarth, Theo 

Drandorff, Chas Ortmayer, A 

Eschenburg, H Pfeiffer, Chas 

Eschenburg, J W Rocher, H 

Feklkamp, R C Roesch, F 

Flammer, Ch Rosenbaum, L 

Floersheim, S Rosenmerkel, A 

Floto, Wm Schlickrull, P L 

Freytag, H Schmidt, A 

Froeber, Chr Schmidt, E 

Geiger, H Schneider, Geo 

Geudtner, F Schneider, J B 

Goetz, Jacob Schmidgall, F L 

Grommis. H Schumann, Charles 

Grosh, F Seipp, Conrad 

Guyer, Jno R Shinkle, John 

Hartmann, F Shober, Chas 

Heunisch. A Siebert, Chr 

Hoebeck, J F T Troendle, J F 

Hoffmann, Ed Vergho, C A 

Jaeger, Emil Vogier.H 

Jaeger, Ferd Week, Volckman 

Jaeger, Friedr Weigle, F 

Juergens, Paul Weinberger, C M 

Kauffekl, Chas Wetzler, Charles 

Knobloch, V Wippo, Charles 

Koch, Geo Wirth, Charles 

Koenig, Paul Wittemeyer, G 

Rubles, Jos Wittemeyer, Louis 

Kurz, Louis Wolff, George 

Lassig, M Zeese, A 

Leiff. Jos Ziegfeld, F 
Lob, Otto 

ADAMsTno. 529. 

com Thurs o b f m. Ann com Reg n b 
Dec 27. Membership 26. 

J W Vtckers, W Master 
JWHollenbeck,S W Wm P Hull, S D 
G W Fashsach, J W J P Hull, J D 
C G Boren, Treas M B Sterdevant, S S 

A J Melter, Sec J A Landon, J S 

Oscar Wagg, T 

Carter, Jacob M Lewton, Nelson 

Clark, Samuel Lyon. E G 

Fales, Philip Lyonberger, John 

Foster, John McKee, Harrison 

Gayns, James S Monroe, James 

Harris Franklin Rollings, J W 

Hull, John T Vicker, Joseph 

Lete, Henry Whitcomb, Jasper 

ADVANCeTno. 689. 

GALVA, Henry Co. Chartered Oct 
1872. Reg com 2d and 4th Tues. Ann 
com 4th Tues Dec. Membership 21. See's 
address, P O box 296, Galva. 

William W Johnson, W Master 
S S Moore, S W W B Crawford, S D 

Blith H Ober, J W Darwin C Kerr, J D 
Chas Eisele, Treas Chas G Gibbs, S S 
Fred Grubb, Sec Chas O Smalley, J S 

Charles J Peterson, T 
Austin, Charles E King, Hiram 
Bassett, Orville D Lawson, James 
Cronkhite, James Milchrist, Thos E 
Flansburg, Nelson Riggen, Francis M 
Gibbs, Jonathan Soles, James 
Grant, Isaac Todd, James F 

ALBANyTno. 566. 

ALBANY, Whiteside Co. Chartered 
Nov 1867. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann 
com o b Dec 27. Membership 44. Sec'i 
address, Albany. 

Henry M Booth, W Master 
D W Lundy, S W Wm McBride, S D 
D Heffelbower J W Samuel Curry, J D 
Sam'l Happer, Treas I Johnson, S S 
Dean S Efner, Sec Cor Knapp, J S 

Charles F Lusk, T 
Adams, Chambers Haslet, William D 
Baird, Ebenezer B Hugunin, James 
Beckwith, Silas R Laycock, George 
Booth, William S Mattice, David H 
Brewer, James Miller, George M 

Brewer, John Mitchell, Abram 

Brewer, Robert N Mitchell, J B 
Chacey, Ezia J Mitchell, John 

Cottle, David Nicewonger, David 

Crotzer, Wm T Peck, James C 

Culbertson, L Rood, Charles R 

Drury, Richard Slocumb, Chas G 
Eaton, James M Snyder, John C 
Ege, Peter Snyder, Simon B 

Ellingham, Charles Whitcomb, A O 
Fletcher, Wm H Winans, Aaron 
Hauks, David C Winans, Mahlon S 

ALEDO, No. 252. 

ALEDO, Mercer Co. Chartered Oct 
1857. Reg com Tues o b f m. Ann com 
Nov. Membership 70. 

W F Brook, W Master 
R E Patrick, S W AD McCandless, Sec 
Philip Kelley, J W Lewis Bernard, S D 
W H Holmes, Treas B F Reynolds, J D 
ML Marsh, T 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Allen, John V 
Bassett, Isaac N 
Batterson, C J 
Besson Philip 
Bentley, James L 
Blue, David 
Blue, Peter 
Boyles, Charles 
Brown, John 
Cabun, R C 
Chowning, John 
Clinch, Colecroft 
Close, John W 
Craig, WD 
Doak, William 
Dunlap, H S 
Eakin, James 
Fanan, John 
Feather, James 
Graham, G P 
Green, Alex 
Guthrie, N H 
Holmes, A J 
Humphin, James A 
Irwin, George 
Lair, Joseph 
Lundblood, J O 
McAffer, F 
McBride, J H 
McClintock, Thos 
McKillip, A 

Macey, James M 
Madder, Thomas 
Mathews. J S 
Miles, Elisha 
Miles, M F 
Miller, G D 
Owen, F T 
Pinkerton, J S 
Ryan, Cornelius 
Saxon, Daniel 
Shat'er, John 
Sharpenock, G W 
Shearer, Nicholas 
Slater, John N 
Smith, James M 
Smith, John B 
Smith, R D 
Smith, Solomon 
Snyder, George 
Snvder, John H 
Spence, James R 
Strong, Luke 
Swazy, Charles A 
Taylor, J D 
Taylor, Zachary 
Tracy, Lewis L 
Urmson, James 
Will nor, Morrison 
Wilson, James M 
Windor, William 
Wright, H E 

Buck, Elijah 

Kee, Robert M 


ALEXANDRIA, Warren Co. Chartered 
Oct 1873. Reg com Fri o b f m. Member- 
ship 34. 

John E Alexander, W Master 
Robt T Wray, S W Jos H Wright, S D 
Notley Scott, J W Thos R Squires, J D 
J C Blaynev, Treas R V Coulter, S S 
M D Scott, Sec F E Wray, J S 

E Hammack, Tyler 
Alger, Raynor H McKaskill, A 
Armstrong. Robert McKelvy, Michael 
Dodge, George B 

Dunn, Thomas 
Fairfield, David 
Ga,mble, Stephen 
Gregory, Asa 
Gregory, P H 
Heard, Louis C 
Jackson, Wm A 
Lord, Truman 
Loveridge, Thos 

Nelson, Alford 
Parker, B 
Reese, C M 
Scott, Joseph R 
Scott, Louis C 
Scott, Nathaniel J 
Scott, Philip E 
Scott, William 
Shaw, David J 
Shaw, James H 


ALGONQUIN, McHenry Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1858. Reg com 1st and 3d Wed. 
Ann com Reg o b Dec 27. Membership 34. 
See's address, Algonquin. 

William A Nason, W Master 
J C Rennett, S W Wm Stewart, S D 
Wm H Earlie, J W A Cochran, J D 
C C Chunn, Treas R R Sherwood, S S 
John Peter, jr Sec H B Hubbard, J S 

John Crue, T 
Balch, Edwin E Benson, Wallace P 
Benson, Orrin H Bigelow, Chester M 

Chappell, Stephen S Knapp, Frederick J 
Earlie, George W 

Ford, Henry B 
Gillilian, Richard 
Goodrich, Ira C 
Henry. William 
Hill, William C 
Hubbard, Edward 

Miller, Charles F 
Morton, John 
Philp, James 
Sherwood, James A 
Sherwood, Nelson B 
Southworth, G S 
Truax, Clarence H 

Hubbard, FrederickWilcox, William M 

ALLEN, No. 605. 

STANFORD, McLean Co. Chartered 
Oct 1868. Reg Com Sat o b f m. Member- 
ship 32. 

Wesley T Crane, W Master 
Josiah S Weir, S W Wm M Hanes, S D 
P D Springer, J W James Kemp, J D 
E S Gibson, Treas David C Dossett, S S 
Geo M Wright, Sec Jacob W Osman, J S 

Elias Garst, T 
Baird, John Johnson, Ward P 

Belle, B B Jones, John R 

Bowling, Beni F Outlaw, Robert C 
Carter, John A Paugh, Henry H 

Chase, James A Perry, William R 
Eversole, John Shryock, William M 

Gore, Charles Springer, A J 

Gore, Isaac Springer, John 

Hall, F Stout, George W 

Hanes, Volney O Trott, Walter C 
Hennershotz, C H Wadsworth, Chas F 

ALMA^No. 497. 

STEEL'S MILLS, Randolph Co. Reg 
com Sat o b f m. Membership 48. 

Archibald Stewart, W Master 
W H Stephens, S W John Harris, S D 
Jacob Hawken. JW Thos E Baker, J D 
Eli M Harris, Treas John H Barber, S S 
Chas Y Oliver, Sec Rob't Morrison, J S 

Benjamin Kinder, T 
Bigelow, Reuben O Morrison John 
Brown, Joseph Robbins. Charles 

Brown, Samuel N Robinson, Archib'd 
Campbell, Alex C Rury, Henry 
Campbell, James P Schaffner, Dan'l H 
Dennis, Robert F Short, Thomas E 
Galbraith, William Snodgrass, Reuben 
Gordon, George A Steele, Anthony 
Griffin, William N Steele, Joseph 
Hannah, John Stilwaugh, Albert 

Harris, Frank Sutton, Charles H 

Higgerson, Sam'l W Tessier, Leander 
Hill, William S Thies, John H 

Jones, Joseph Valentine, George 

Kingsbury, Chas E Weeden, Fletcher 
Korn, Abram Williams, John S 

McKee, Henry T Willson, Martin J 
McLaughlin N J Wilson, John C 
McMillen, George A Wilson, John K 

ALPHA, No. 155. 

GALESBURG, Knox Co. Chartered 
Oct 1854. Reg com 1st and 3d Fri. Ann 
com 3d Fri Dec. Membership 147. 
Rowley Page, W Master 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Jae I Perkins, S W 
G D Lawrence, J W 
Jas H Collins, Treas 
Eobert Fox, See 

F A Me< 
Abell, Henry 
Adcoct, Joseph 
Allen, Simeon 
Anderson, Aug C 
Armstrong, Joseph 
Atwood, Joseph 
Barton, J H 
Bechtel, George 
Belknap, A L 
Biedeman, Henry 
Billings, M D 
Boydston, John F 
Bradshaw, D W 
Broadie, H H 
Brown, George W 
Burton, H B 
Burtch, George S 
Byram, William H 
Callendar, James 
Carpenter, H W 
Clark, Daniel A 
Clark, S R 
Cobb, D M 
Coe, Joseph 
Coleman.Julius C 
Colville, Eobert 
Cothum, J W 
Courtney, George 
Cunningham, H W 
Davidson, S H 
Deoendorf, AS 
Dietench, Julius 
Dorwin, Thomas 
Drake, H L 
Drake, Joshua 
Dudiy, E D 
Dupen, H 
Egar, Frederick 
Egan, John M 
Eldridge, D S 
Erickson, Charles 
Evans, H L 
Feild, E C 
Finch, Nelson 
Fleherty, William Q 
Flensburg, Abram 
Folay, Thomas 
Foote, George W 
Fuller, C H 
Gage, Charles H 
Gebler, William 
Gillfon, John A 
Gipport, John B 
Gordon, J R 
Griffith, H H 
Hachney, Wm D 
Hanford, G F 
Hannormer, Geo 
Harrison, Edward 
Hasbrook, D J 
Harvey, William H 
Heath, L- jr 
Herring, William J 
Hiller, Stephen 
nilton, Frank A 

Alberts Smith, SD 
John Lindsey, J D 
J McEldowney, S S 
E M Spalding, J S 
Queen, T 
Hinckley, F E 
Hobbs, Marion 
Home, George H 
Horton, J B 
Housel, William H 
Howard, Lewis J 
Hoyle, William R jr 
Innman, S B 
Johnson, W O 
Lay, George 
Lill, A H 
Luce, Joseph 
McCutchin, J P 
McEnony, William 
McKinzie, James A 


McQueen, Thomas L 
Main, Wm B 
Mason, Abe 
Mayer, Abe 
Mayer, Henry 
Mems, John 
Merrick, S S 
Merrill, AT 
Mitchell, Charles 
Mount, Michael 
Nash, J C 
Norton, L R 
Patch, Daniel 
Patch, W W 
Perry, L J 
Peake, M M 
Phillips, W H 
Potter, Phillip 
Prindle, Edward 
Railler, Edward 
Rangburn, J V 
Raulk, Charles 
Reisner, Augustus 
Rice, Jacob E 
Richards, H G 
Richardson, J D 
Road ho use, Levi 
Roberts, J B 
Root, George jr 
Siloins, A W 
Sisson, Fred P 
Smith, John J 
Smith, Munson 
Sonne, A N 
Speer, S 
Stanborn, F D 
Swan. Lewis J 
Swan . Obadiah J 
Swan, William H 
Taller, James P 
Taylor, John 
Temple, John 
Thirwell, Joseph 
Tuttle, George W 
Ulmer, John 
Van Ornom, Sels 
Walker, John S 
Weeks, Charles B 

Welch, W W 
Wells, Henry 
West, Charles B 
West, James F 

Wood. Nealy C 
Workin, J H 
Zumbro, F S 

ALTONA, NO. 330. 

ALTONA, Knox Co. Chartered Oct 
1860. Reg com 1st and 3d Mon. Member- 
ship 47. 

L B Young, W Master 
J W Cline, S W R C Edgerton, S D 

L H Byers, J W E S Keyes, J D 
G W Sawyer, Treas P Weaver, SS 
J W Farr, Sec L B Cummings, J S 

William Moore, T 
Anderson, A J McAlmont, J B 

Arnold, R H McGregor, Jas 

B'rott, W M McKon. George 

Brown, Alex Maile, Adam 

Brown, L B Main, J T 

Byers, S K Mauch, Philip 

Chalmers, George E Nelson, E F 

Chambers, J S 
Cole, C H 
Craig, William 
Craver, Thomas 
Florentine, Jas H 
Friend, J J 
Griffith, J H 
Hall, WH 
Herrold, Clark 
Hodgman, R B 
Houghton, O B 
Lawrance, O S 

Norton, J W 
Peterson, J F 
Rains, R B 
Ransom, George 
Robinson, P A 
Scott, B H 
Snydam, G V 
Sornberger, Briggs 
Stephens, A P 
Templeton, T F 
Tinker, N E 
Whiting, William 

AMES, No. 142. 

SHEFFIELD, Bureau Co. Chartered 
Oct 1854. Reg com 1st Tues. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 59. See's address, 
Sheffield, 111. 

Anthony Morrissy, W Master 
Thos H Owens, S W Jeffrey Farnum, S D 
A Marples, J W Albert Richards, J D 
W F Lawton, Treas Albert G Scott, S S 
Wm Wilson, Sec Henry Booth, J S 

Francis Lafrinier, T 
Baty, William H Moore, Daniel G 

Booth, J C 

Morgan, James L 

Boughton, Charles Nichols, David 

Beyer, Frederick Norton, Luther M 

Callender, Wm A Norton, Ozro 

Campbell, William Pervier, Melvin E 

Carmichael^ James Peterson, Christian 

Peterson, George 
Peterson, Lars 
Prior, Henry 
Prior, John 
Raddecliff, William 

Converse, Elmer 
Davis, Hiram D 
Donelson, Wm H 
Fair man, William 
Gankle, Daniel A 
Haskins, Jonathan FReed, John G 
Healy, John G Reed, Page 

Humphreys, H P Reider, Frederick 
Jackson, Samuel W Reider, Henry 
Jones, Thomas Richel, William N 

Klock, John C Sain, George W 

Knowlton, Jacob Sain, Noah 

Lloyd, Hosea W 
Mason, Stephen R 
Mills, Garner C 

Sells, Frank M 
Sells Frederick B 
Sprangler, Jacob Y 

Subordinate Lodges 


Stetson, JamesB Weirick, Daniel 
Stevens, Francis W Williams, Benjamin 
Stevens, Rufus E 

AMITyTno. 472. 

TURXER, Du Page Co. Reg com 1st 
and 3d Sat. Membership 58. 

F F Loveland, W Master 
Hy Bradley, S W Caspar Voll, Sec 
Win S Reed, J W William Ripley, S D 
JMc Williams, Treas George Webb, J D 

John Newberger, T 
Allison, George B Hills, Allen E 

Hungerford, Benj 
Lakey, John H 
McAnley, George 

Ballon, Melvin 
Balls, Charles E 
Barbier, John S 
Bartlett, B S 
Blackman, Joseph 
Brooks, I C 
Bushnell, B W 

McConnell, J 
Moore, John R 
Morgan, Edwin 
Norris, Joseph 

Campbell, Andrew Peerso'n, Lucius B 
Cantelo, Alfred _ Purnell, William 

Rees, Frank V 
Reynolds, G W 
Robertson, Robert T 
Sargent, Taylor 
Stephens, Edgar 
Stewart, Franke 
Town, Morris L 
Trull, James B 
Tye, John 
Warren, Charles B 
Wheeler, Wentworth 
Wiant, Albert H 

Chandler, John B 

Church. L B 

Clark, Lyman C 

Colloton, John B 

Doffenbach, Theo. 

Fenwick, James 

Fernstow, James 

Fessler. Michael 

Gates, A L 

Gooby, William 

Gough, Richard S 

Gregory, G M D 

Hamilton, Thomas Wiant, Joel 

Hasford, James S Wiant, Thomas 

Hill, John D Wilson, Frank L 

AMON, No. 261. 

MARKXN", DeWitt Co. Chartered Oct 
1858. Reg com Tuesobf m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 78. 

W H Caetiff, W Master 
W G Page, S W G W Lemon, S D 
J S McConkey, J W Isaac C Lafferty, J D 
J M Kichten, Treas Jackson Samons, S S 
Thomas A Carl, Sec W A Finlay, J S 

G B Leasmer, T 
Beal, W C Gaba, Isaac R 

Bidwell, Jackson Gardner, Edward T 
Gardner, Joseph M 
Grev, Worship 
Harrold, J F 

Blount, J K 
Braserman, David 
Braserman, E 
Braserman, John 
Brown, A J 
Cain, John W 
Cain, W S 
Calleson, John 
Chapin. A D 
Chapin, S A 
Dennison, James 
Dolly, G W 
Drew, Albert 
Field, Jonathan 
Fuller. Daniel 
Fuller, Smith 
Fuller, William 
Fondersmith, S B 

Harrold, Orrin 
Hasket, James 
Hodges, William 
Hoffman. John 
Inskip, Olvin 
King, A 

Klipzig, Charles 
Lafferty, Lafayette 
Lemen, G B 
Lemen, J W 
Lewis, B G 
Lewis, John F 
Lisenby, William 
McConkey, A 
McCord, James W 

Maloy, David 
Marsh, David 
Marsh, John 
Marsh, John T 
Mittan, G H 
Nixen, Thomas 
Norris, A L 
North, Win H 
Rask, P 
Parle, Wm 
Reed, WF 
Richards, A B 
Richards, J W 
Richter, Charles 

Richter, John W 
Simpson, J F 
Timmons, Albert 
Turnipseed, S K 
Tyler, J H 
Vance, F 
Vance, Jesse 
Vanderenter, James 
Waldo, G H 
Walton, Jacob 
Watt, Elijah 
Wilson, Asa 
Wilson, James A 
Zarger, Jacob 

ANCONA, No. 552. 

ANCONA, Livingston Co. Reg com 
1st and 3d Sat. Membership, 25. 

Ira D. Bullock, W Master 
A M Taggart, S W Ellis L Stratton, S D 
Joshua C Mills, J W Win T Clark, J D 
O B Wheeler, Treas John G Garce, S S 
A J Bosseman, Sec Sam'l D Carson, J S 

Lewis J Halsted, T 
Arnold, John Hupps, Andrew H 

Boyd, Alexander H Mc Vean, Dugald 
Chubbuck, Orlando Mathis, Jeremiah 
Danforth, Wm A Morgan, Jas P 

Phillips, James B 
Lipe, Jacob 
Lipe, Philip 

Fordyce, Gerrard 
Gumm, Joseph S 
Howell, Isaac C 
Howell, Ulysses 


LOCUST GROVE, Franklin Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1866. Reg com Sat o b f m. 
Membership 41. See's address, Corinth, 
Williamson Co. 

Johx F McAnolly, W Master. 
John W Ross, S W Wm V Harper, S D 
W C Fletcher, J W F M Martin, J D 
Elijah Ross, Treas Moses Arms, S S 
M S Strike, Sec John Hogan, J S 

James W Smith, T 
Biggs, Cornelius C Jones. Irad 
Bryant, George W Maxey, Francis M 
Chance, Elijah A Melton, Joseph M 
Chandler, Samuel L Mitchell, Jesse G 
Clarida, Thomas Mitchell, Samuel M 
Dewoody, Geo W Mitchell, Sion F 
Dorris, Thomas M Morris, James 
Edwards, William J Murphy, William B 
England, James Odle, Henry 
Ewbanks. Thos J Roberts, George H 

Flemming, Saml A 
Fletcher, John J 
Harris, Calvin 

Ross, George C 
Smith, James 
Stilley, David A 

Hawkins, Zachariah Stewart, James H 
Hearn, Pernell Weaver, Benjamin S 

Hearn, William E 


ANDULASIA, Rock Island Co. Reg 
com Tues o b f m. Ann com Dec. Mem- 
bership 25. 

James Cozad, W Master 
H H DeSanto, S W J H Britton, S D 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

R W Buffum, J W Anthony Wenks, J D 
John Buffum, Treas A Thompson, S S 
A T Ekstrom, Sec S C Wakely, J S 

David Finty, T 
Babcock, Robert F Hartman.Wm W 
Bonney, Francis M Healy, E R 
Bowman, A M Morton, Archibald 

Buffum, John M Robbins, John A 
Roberts, Arthur P 
Sheet, Benjamin 
Wells, R 

Buffum, Seth R 
Burdick, Joseph 
Cobb, F A 
Dill, Benjamin 

ANNA, No. 520. 

ANNA, Union Co. Reg com Wed o 
b f m. Ann com Dec. Membership 38. 

Asa Harmon, W Master 
John Spire, S W J no F Willford, S D 
M V B Eaves, J W D W Smith, J D 
Rev J A Smith, Ch W W Kirkpatrick, S 
W H Willard, Treas James J Hale, J S 
John B Miller, Sec C M Willard, T 
Ashley, J Frank Johnson, Ricklif 
Bagott, O P Kroh, P H 

Bohannon, J P Loomis, E B 

Brasenell, James E McGahey, E C 
Britton, A G McKinney, J A 

Canton, Monheimer Maxey, George W 
Carlile, Robert W Penninger, Geo W 
Crittenden, C B Phillips, Thomas H 
Dodds, F S Robinson, A W 

Griffith, William T Scarsdale, F E 
Harwood, John Shick, Cyrus 
Harwood, M V B Stockes, Thomas G 
Hubbard, H B Terpinitz, J E 

Inman, M M 

ANNAWAN; No. 433. 

ANNAWAN, Henry Co. Reg com Fri 
o b f m. Ann com Fri o b Dec 27. Mem- 
bership 31. 

Hugh Whtte, W Master 
John Sandham, S W Charles Vaughn, SD 
H N. Gilman, J W F W Steinhart, J D 
J Show, Treas I) B Myers, S S 

S L Andrews, Sec AV L Robinson, J S 

Daniel Mussy, T 
Andrews, Samuel L Hassett, Mahlon A 
Baker, S N Hassington, Geo B 

Bates, John Heaps, C L 

Chappell, Henry H Heaps, Israel G 
Combear, Edward H Hilding, Joseph 
Craig, Lyford McNeal, Jason 

Dufer, Leonard Melar, R W 

Everett, Edward Newell, O W 
Fick, J C Pomeroy, M K 

Fisher, C E Spencer, Edward 

Galvin, William Stillwell, C J 

ANTIOChTno. 127. 

MILBURN, Lake Co. Charted Oct 1853. 
Reg com Thurs obfm and 2d Thurs after. 
Ann com Oct. Membership, 43. 

John J Smith, W Master 
John Minto, S W Gleason Stafford, S D 
Alex Trotter, J W Wm E Thayer, J D 
R Pantall, Treas A G Hestings, S S 

Chris Webb, J S 
Yule, T 

Merrill, Henry B 
Miller, Henry P 
Miller, Jacob 
Mills, John L 
Page, John 
Simmons, Frank M 
Simons, Ira 
Stearns, George 
Stevens, Homer 
Strong, William 
Strong, William H 
Taylor, David B 
Tiffany, Charles C 
Voss, George 
Warner, Samuel D 
Welch, John T 

Jas Jamieson, Sec 

Adams, John 
Appollus A Ames 
Blunt, Martin M 
Bonner, James A 
Burdick, Martin L 
Cannon, Norman S 
Collier, Joseph 
Dolan, John 
Elliott, John H 
Emmons, William H 
Fairman, Gallio 
Haynes, Charles 
Heydecker, Charles 
Heydecker, Chr T 
Howard, Martin A 
Kennedy, William 
Leith, Samuel 

A. O. FAY7No. 676. 

HIGHLAND PARK, Lake Co. Char, 
tered Oct 1871. Reg com 1st and 3d Tues 
Ann com 3d Tues in Dec. Member- 
ship 28. 

John Middleton, W Master 
Henry Obee, S W Henry Coles, Sec 
Albert Dixon, J W E R P Shurly, S D 
V E Kissco Treas John J Austin, J D 

Joseph Bath, T 
Allen, P B Moses, M 

Barge, Henry C Morgan, O H 
Mosier, J I 
O'Brien, Richard 
Plummer, E H 
Rambo, EBpm 
Seeley, I H 
Smith, George 
Stewart, Albert 
Stripe, W H 

Brooks, John 
Burdick, M L 
Depue, M L 
Downs, W S 
Fay, A I 
Fay, A O 
Field, C R 
Litchfield, C 

APOLLO, No. 642. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1870. Reg 
com Thurs. Ann com 2d Thurs Dec, 
Membership 176. 

Geokge Howison, W Master 
M Q Fair, S W John Gow, S D 

P Cummings, J W Hy R Thomas, J D 
Aug Rose, Treas Thomas Neil, S S 
F W Croft, Sec Thomas Gerry, J S 

Hugh Robertson, T 
Aarhons, Louis R Burrows, Charles S 
Acres, Standish Braham, George 
Adams, Thomas W Cairns, William 
Allan, James Camp, W F 

Anthony, Joseph T Casson, John 
Arroll, James Chaffee, Charles W 

Bach, Samuel F Chatfield, Wilbur T 
Becker, John C Clark, Asa W 

Beister, CHR Collins, Lindsay 

Bernstein, George Condit, George A 
Bienes, Simon Cranby, John 

Bluhm, Otto Croxon, W B 

Bluttner, Henry Bamon, Fred S 
Bowers, John Decker, Marcellus 

Brown, Fred Dickson, Robert A 

Brown, John D Dixon, John 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Dorsey, E W Martin, W K 
Edgar, William Matthews, Jacob 
Ellitt, William A Mayo, Oswin 
Everts, Charles E Mershon, Martin C 
Ferguson, Duncan Michel, Andrew- 
Fish, A C Millard, Charlie 
Fish, Benjamin F Miller, Chris 
Ford, Martin A Mills, W J 
Farwell, Robert Mitchell, William J 
Fox, Henry Moody, John A 
Eraser, Roderick Moore, Thomas J 
George, Henry P Morgart, Francis T 
Gilmarten, Felix Morton, Mandred A 
Golden, Joseph Myles, Thomas 
Goldring, William Nelson, W B 
Gooding, C F O'Mally, William 
Goodman, Jacob Oswald, John J 
Gorasen, Fred Peacock, Thompson 
Gough, James W Pendleton, Chas A 
Greene, Edwin Peterson, Chas E B 
Greene, Harry F Porter. William 
Griffiith, Ed F Reid, James 
Griffith. John M Reid, William H 
Griffiith, W S Reidle, Frank 
Gummerdinger, H Robertson, R 
Hartel, Joseph E Robinson, John 
Hartley,Calvin S Robinson, S L 
Harvey, William Rogers. P T 
Herdgson, Jos P Rosenbaum. Lewis 
Herlan, William Roth, Joseph 
Hesse, Louis Rothschild. S M 
Holm, John Rygle, Urias R 
Holze. H D Saraw, Henry S 
Hotaling, George W Schumacker, N E 
Houghton, G X p m Seharnhost, Charles 
Hugson, Edward Shaw, J B 
Hurd, Benjamin Sisson, William H 
Jenkinson, William Slee, Alfred L 
Johnson, Arthur Slee. Edward J 
Johnson, Thomas Smith, John 
Joho, George Smith, Thomas 
Joho, Jacob Sommers, Owen 
Jones, Frank D Speer, Charles W 
Jones, Hugh Spies. Joseph 
Kallar, Abraham Stahl. E L jr 
Kemp, William H Stewart, Shaw 
Kennington. Steph Strauch. Albert 
Kern. Joseph L Strong, Jonn G 
Kohnert, E Gustav Suddard. Thomas J 
Larson, Xeils Sutcliffe, John 
Lawson. Edwin R Sutherland, David 
Leavitt, John Thayer, Moses p m 
Livingston. Simon Timeson. John 
Livingston, W T T Tinley, Charles 
Low, James Turnbull. James 
Lybrandt, Henry Turney. M J 
IfcAvery, E F Varlie, Dunton S 
McDermott, John Wallace, Adam 
McDonald, Geo W Warren. William 
McDowell, S H Weir, Robert 
McFarlin, Mandlore Wells. Thomas J 
McGregor. William West, Andrew F 
McKee, William Wilev, Samuel 
McKillop, Matt H Winship, James 
McKinstry, H L Wolfson. Rudolph 
McLaren, Malcora Wood. George 
McLarty, Angus Woodward, John W 

APPLE RIVER, No. 548. 

APPLE RIVER, Jo Daviess Co. Reg 

com 1st and 3d Fri. Ann com 3d Fri in 
Dec. Membership 41. 

James Cakr, W Master 
C J Maxwell, S W Sidney B Funk. S D 
George Frost, J W Robert Perkins, J D 
W T Adams, Treas Harvey P Becker S S 
M Cushman, Sec W H P*eters, J S 

Hugh Williams, T 
Adams, James A Matson, A C 
Allan, James Maynard,H J D 

Anderson. John Maynard, M 

Birmingham, T J 
Black, Joseph P 
Blackbourn, Fred 
Church, A M 
Crunner, Rev Jos 
Easley, P A 
Funk, Edgar M 
Goldthorp, John 
Harrison, W H 
Kluberger, Ed A 

Olmstead, Rev T L 
Paige. George A 
Parkins, Thomas A 
Pillmore, Robert 
Rivenburg, William 
Rob bins, Joseph B 
Robson, Robert 
Seymour, Charles 
Sincoe, Edward 
Skervis, Absolam 

Kluberger, Geo L H Waugh, C J 
McDonald, John Weed, William 
Mayner, T A White, Thomas J 


BELLEVILLE, St Clair Co. Reg com 
Thurs. Ann com Dec. Membership 55. 
See's address L box 24. 

FkedePvIck Reiss, W Master 
Geo Loelkes, S W B Muhlhausen. S D 
Chas Steffani. J W Aaron Baer, J D 
Louis Bartel. Treas Geo C Bunsen, S S 
Gebhard Hoefle. Sec G Temmelroth, J S 
Jac Thorn a, T 

King, Charles 
Rnispel, Charles P 

Abbegg, Louis 
Andel Casemier 
Baer, Amson 
Baumann, G F 
Biebel, Mcalaus 
Brumm, Christian 
Deidisheimer, H 
Dombach, Charles 
Ehrard, William 
Fischer, Charles F 
Friedmann. John 
Fruth, Andreas 
Fuchs, Gustav 
Glaser, Charles 
Goelitz, Albert 
Grieser, Louis 
Heber, Henry 
Henckerncier, M 

Lenz, August 
Merk, Charles 
Keff, Josef 
Xeu, Philip 
Opp, John 
Palme. Charles 
Panier, Ernst 
Pitthau, Valentine 
Pri ester. Freidrkh 
Rudof. Freidrich W 
Stanfenbeil, F J 
Steinkopf. Chas A 
Vanderschmidt. G 
Vogel, Gotlieb 
Vogcl, L A 
Wastermann. Louis 

Junohane, William Weber, Philip 

Kalb. Frank Wehrle, Joseph 

Keil, Charles Wurmb, August 

Kerchner, Anton Wurster. Gottlieb M 

Kerchner, Joseph Zenger, Heinrich 

ARCOLA, No. 366. 

ARCOLA. Douglas Co. Chartered Oct 
1861. Reg com Tues o b f m. Member- 
ship 62. 

George Klink. W Master 

Wm R Rust, S W A C Moore, Sec 

J W Spencer, J W Morris H Kelly. S D 

S Dorman. Treas Perry M Moore J D 

John Killgore, T 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Apperson, John W 
Ashworth, G H 
Avey, Richard 
Bachstein, EdF 
Bales, Caleb 
Barnes, John C 
Blackwell, Sam'l B 
Beisley, Alfred 
Cooper, Charles 
Cosier, Isaac 
Craig, Joseph W 
Cuppy, William C 
Dodd, Richard 
Donalson, Joshua 
Borland, Robert 
Erwing, Isaac 
Gardner, Marvin 
Griffin, A A 
Grnelle, John B 
Gruelle, N R 
Hall, George W 
Henry, John J 
Hitchcock, Dwight 
Hunt, Volney G 
Jones, William 
Kaya A D 
Ladd, Andrew L 

Lonthan, Stephen H 
McKown, John M 
Magner, John M 
Moore, John J 
Moore, William L 
Muirhead, James 
Pee'cr. Thomas M 
Polk, John L 
Ray, Philip D 
Reinheimer, Benj 
Richard, Jacob W 
Robinson, Rush 
Rogers, Tomson 
Seymour, John B 
Shirley, David L 
Snyder, John W 
Spelman, Clem 
Spencer, William H 
Stapp, John H 
Strouse, Aaron 
Thompson, James A 
Thompson, Mort R 
Todd, Allen 
Tdrry, James L 
Warne, Robert L 
Welch, Reason C 
Yoter, William 


AUBURN, Sangamon Co. Chartered 
Oct 1860. Reg com Friday o b fm. Mem- 
bership 73. 

James M Stout, W Master 
Aug P Storer, S W A P Lorton, S D 
G Ledgerwood, J W W H Wineman, J D 
D D Martin, Treas W A McElvain, S S 
M G Wadsworth,Sec Elijah Bradley, J S 

William M Cozine, T 
Antisdell, Willard Kennay, John 1ST 

Barbee, Joseph C 

Barr Alexander R 

Bayer, Frederick 

Bland, John 

Bremer, George 

Bridges, Chester L 

Bridgman, F 

Britton, John 

Brownell, F M 

Brownell, William 

Caldwell, Charles M Moore, William 

Cleringer, Robert T Ogg, James A 

Colburn. W S Paley, Elisha 

Coleman, W Harry Pattern, David H 

Crumpler, Benj R Patton, Matthew sr 

Davenport. AdamS Patton, Robert L 

Dodds, J Henry Peebles, William 

Dodds, Joseph Pike Milton 

Dodds, F Ewing Pulliam, John R 

Easley, Robert H Purcell, William E 

Kenney, William 
Knowles, Wiley 
Kubisch, Albert 
Lochridge, Jas M 
Lochridge, John M 
McCoy, Roice 
Mason, L 

Mickolls, George W 
Mickolls, John sr 
Mickolls, Thomas J 

Ewing, Amos E 
Fowler, John B 

Richardson, Wm 
Scott, James S 

Gardner, James M Scott, William W 
Gish, Abram A Sinniger, C J 

Goodpasture, Wm B Snyder, John H 
Goodwin, Samuel F Spencer, Alex C 
Hart, John W Tucker, Elias M 

Hart, Sterling P Wadsworth, Daniel 
Hutton, James S Wheeler, Matthew S 
Jeffreys, A L Whejsler, William D 

Williams, John 1ST W T oolsey, Joel B 

AROMA, No. 378. 

AROMA, Kankakee Co. Reg com Sat 
obfm. Membership 28. 

Jesse C Dan forth, W Master 
Geo D Blake, S W Chas A Haslett, S D 
D Shannon, J W Geo A Harrison, J D 
ReviloBeebe, Treas AlphonseMellen, SS 
F H Brooks, Sec William Beebe, J S 

Henry P Lowe, T 
Baldwin, Frank A Legg, Lorenzo D 
Beebe, A W Oldham, Sanford H 

Byrns, S H Richmire, George 

Carmichael, George Skelly, Jerome H 
Dixon, Willard Swan, George W 

Haworth, John Swan, Henry Y 

Hitchens, L S White, John 

Legg, George M White, Thomas 
Legg, George W Woodward. W A 

ASHLAR, No. 308. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1859. Reg 
com every Tues. Ann com 1st Tues June. 
Membership 217. Place of meeting, 72 
Monroe St. 

F S Allen, W Master 
W H Thompson S W H D Clare, S D 
Geo M Darting J W F M Lewis, J D 
Rev H Perry, Chap K D Kaufman, S S 

E C Cole, Treas 
C H Cram, Sec 
Albertson, T 
Allen, J A 
Anthony, E J 
Appieton, E S 
Armstrong, T R 
Baker, Thomas 
Barber, Hiram jr 
Bates, J G 
Beach, H S 
Beard, J P 
Beard, W M 
Belz, F W 
Benson, F N" 
Bigelow, G F 
Bird, C W 
Borden, J N 
Bonier, Wm p M 
Boss, H R 
Brown, Enos P m 
Burrill, A F 
Butters, W H 
Cameron, W W 
Castigan, G P 
Chapin, H L 
Chase, H W 
Cheney, G A 
Christie, J 
Claflin, Herman 
Clark, Edward 
Clark, L E 
Collins, H O 
Colwell, B L 
Conlan, F J 
Cook, E C 
Cory, D A 

M H Price, J S 
John P Ferns, T 
Counselman, C 
Cregar, L P 
Day, C F 
Dertinger, Peter 
Dickey, C E 
Dow, J H 
Dowling, Thomas 
Duncan, F C 
Dwyer, J W 
Eddy, F C 
Edwards, E 1ST 
Elliott, F J 
Elliott, W S 
Elmer, T H 
Empson, J H 
Erickson, G 
Ferns, J P 
Ferrier, F E 
Fisher, F P 
Flagg, E H 
Fletcher, B L 
Frink, C S 
Fuller, M A 
Galloway, A J 
Gates, G A 
Gates, Horatio 
Gates, J L 
Gibson, A L 
Gibson, John 
Grant, W W 
Graves, D E 
Green, R F 
Gregorie, F H 
Griffiths, J 
Gronback, J B 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Grow, C 
Haggerty, M 
Haines, EH 
Hale, E C 
H alien, A 
Hansel], J R 
Harding, A 
Harnois, J 
Harris, A J 
Hasbrouck M 
Hassard, J 
Has well, W B 
Hawkins, T 
Hebard ,B H 
Hilton, John C 
Hinckley, W H 
Hindle, C L 
Hotchkiss, C T 
Howard, J H 
Hnrlbut, W H 
Huyek. J H 
Jackson, ffl 
James, Edward 
Jennings, A A 
Jewell, E W 
Jones, Clinton 
Jones, C W 
Kellogg, H P 
Kennison, S W 
Keribot, Wm D 
Kern. Charles 
Kernahon, G 
Kinsley, H M 
Knickerbocker,!! L 
Kroft, C J F 
Krolt. H F 
Laefler, C M 
Latlin, G H 
Lane, C H 
Law, William jr 
Lawrence, G W 
Leonard, A G 
Lithgow, C H 
Lithgow, W H 
Locke, A G 
Lucas, Thomas 
Lyman, N W 
Lynn, J E 
McAvoy, J H 
McCoy, M B 
McDonald, A 
McGee, J B 
Madden. J B 
Madden, J D 
Martin, A 
Mason, J O 
Matheson, R 
Matthews, R A 
Merrick M M 
Meyer, A B 
Miner, A B 
Moore, C E 
Morris, W K 
Morrison, F J 
Morrow, G L 
Mortimer, W E 
Munsie, J K 
Myers, J J 
Newell, Harmon S 

Nichols, J R 
Nolton, R H 
Ordwav, G W 
Paterson, Andrew 
Patterson. J A 
Penwiil, Charles 
Perkins, I) W 
Perry, J H 
Pope, WD 
Rolston, R W 
Ransom, Richard 
Rice, Tf R 
Robbins, J A 
Robinson, G F 
Robson, W H 
Rounds, E L 
Rounds, Sterling P 
Ruggles, S D 
Kivu\ H A 
Sabine, J B 
Sample, A A 
Savage, II H 
Seater, Thomas 
Shaver, CH 
Sheffield, J P 
Sherritt, William 
Shortall, John G 
Sinclair, R M 
Siffie, C C 
Skedd, W R 
Small, CH 
Smith, AL 
Smith, C A 
Smith, C J 
Smith, II L 
Snyder, W 
St John, C II 
Stark, Audrey/ 
Stephenson, G W 
Stiff, William 
Still, D A 
Stoetzei, J C 
Stone, A M 
Streamer. J V 
Stuart, E B 
Swanson, H 
Tapper, G 
Thoburn. H A 
Thomas, G E 
Turner, E 
Turner, W D 
Van Doren,-A V 
Wadden, J K 
Wadsworth, P 
Walbridge, W H 
Warren, Julius 
Welch, J E 
Wells, Moses D 
Wentworth, M F 
Weston, U W p M 
Westphal, C 
Wickham, S S 
Wilbur, C A 
Wilde, W A 
Willetts, J E 
Williams, EB 
Williams, J E 
Williams, MD 
Wenban, J H 

ASHMOEE, No. 390. 
ASHMORE, Coles Co. Reg coin Mon o 
b f m. Membership 31. 

Petek B Pabcell, W Master 
Isaac N Moore, S Yv G F Ashmore, Sec 
H A Collier, J W J B Waters. S D 
P MShleppey, Treas Zack Campbell, J D 

C C Stoddard, T 
Ashmore, H M McDevitt, J W 

Ashmore, James M Mack, W II 
Austin, James A Oman, John 

Comstock, W R 
Galbreath, Win B 
Graham, A N 
Hawkins, O D 
Robert, F E 
Hooper, V\ illiam H 
Hutchinson, P 
Keigley, H B 

Parker, John G 
Robertson, A L 
Roland, Isaac W 
Shoots, John S 
Tinkle,' Benjamin 
Ward, Russell R 
Waters, F M 

ASHTON, No. 531. 
ASIITON, Lee Co. Reg com 1st and 3d 
Sat. Ann com od Sat Dec. Member- 
ship 33. 

John J Hodges, W Master 
Geo B Chartus, S W Henry Bly, S D 
Oscar F Vvilke, J W Richard Gireh, J D 
Wm Frees. Treas S J Griffiith, S S 
Wm French, Sec J M Burnham, J S 
A J Bernard, T 

Hunt, Miligan 
Hunt, William 
Huston, George W 
Lautz, Ed 
Moats, J C 
Ogle, William 
Lie uardson, James 
Root, John 
Tilton, Francis 
Tiltbn, Richard 
Wor thington, A J 

Andrus, John A 
Bates, Eri 
Batchelor, John 
Brown, James 
Buright, Milton 
Buright, L D 
Crombie, James 
Emons, Henry 
Fairchild, George 
Gery, Robert 
Glenn, David A 
Gooch, Edgar 

ASTORIA, No. 100. 

ASTORIA, Fulton Co. Chartered Oct 
1851. Reg com Sat o b f m. Member- 
sip p 63. 

J W GrBEEU, W Master 
O P Randolph. S Yi S R D Palmer, S D 
A Hoffman, J W John Skinner, J D 
Wm Burrows, Treas Jasper Bartholin, S S 
W H Emerson, Sec William Hare, J S 

S F Cuinmings, T 
Bader,_Wm Cummings. S P 

Bevis, H D Curl ess, John 

Blankenship, Jno S Day, Walter W 
Boyd, John Doison, William 

Bradley, E M Fraley, John 

Bradley, Thomas H Fry, Oliver P 
Branson, Eidred Grlsham, R C 
Briney, J S F Hopkins, George V 

Brinton, Edward Hughes, Joshua 
Bogue, Marx Jameson, John 

Burrows, Martin C Jenkins, Alexander 
Capier, John B Jones, Lewis S 

Clemmens, Joshua Kinzer, Amos 
Cummings, M D Layhniker. James H 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

McCanaghey, Jos 
McLaren, Robert F 
Miller, F R 
Mooney, Henry L 
Neidenricht, F 
Offerd, William 
Renshaw, Newton 
Reum, William C 
Rice, George W 
Roberts, James 
Robertson, John M 
Rolerson, Solomon 
Schultz, H C 

Severance, Saml J 
Sharp, Jacob 
Smith, C S 
Smith, John G 
Spark, James C 
Thompson, W 
Toler, Benjamin C 
Turner, William P 
Vansicke, Moses 
Wakefield, LL 
Ward, Lindsay 
Wrestler, Wash 

ATLANTA, No. 165. 

ATLANTA, Loean Co. Chartered Oct 
1855. Reg com 1st and 3d Mon. Mem- 
bership 51. 

Chahles N Okmsby, W Master 
J T Perriton, S W Azel E Church, S D 
D W Boruff, J W S Eichberg, J D 
J Landaner, Treas F W Albright, S S 
Benj Bean, Sec Isaac Chinowith. J D 

N Friedman, T 
Bails, Gibson Kirk, William T 

Bane, William Larrison, Abel 

Buzeby, William Larrison, Geo W 
Brown, Davis Larrison, James 

Ludlam, Anthony J 
McFaiiand, Robert 

Bruner, John C 
Cameron, Charles 
Carter, Henry E 
Church, Ira A 
Curry, James B 
Dicks, William E 
Douglass, T B 

McLaughlin, Peter S 
Martin, Alexander 
Medberry, Henry N 
Mouston, Wm B 
Roach, Joseph E 

Eastabrook, Geo H Sanders, C B 

Ellis, William 
Ewing, Isaac N 
Fields, Samuel JS" 
Fisher, Stephen D 
Fluegal, Charles 

Shoenfeldter, Louis 
Smith, Alvin 
Stack, Fred J 
Sutfin, John A 
Tidd, Joseph 

Graeser, William E Turley, A J 
Guildford, N M Twadele, Stephen 

Johnson , John T Zollers, Wesley 
Joseph, David L 

AUROBaTno. 254. 

AURORA, Kane Co. Chartered Oct 
1857. Reg com 2d and 4th Med. Ann 
coin 2d Wed Dec. Membership 126. 

F L Baktlett, W Master 
A F Wade, S W C Zimmers, S D 

N L Bliss, J W B II Dewitt, J D 

J A Wade, Treas G B Tilton, S S 
J D Calahan, Sec F M Rathburn, J S 

Burr Win ton, T 
Barnes, Wm Bpm Burroughs, E P 
Barrett, W H Calkins, George 

Beaufrie, W S Camobell, P F 

Beebe, Thos Jpm Canfield, Epm 
Bell, David Card, C W 

Benton, J M Cams, B F 

Bishop, Joseph H Christie, C B 

Bissell, Thomas H 
Brown, Morris P 
Brundage, Chas F 
Buck, Charles T P 
Bunnell A D 

Colwell, C B 
Cooley, A B 
Covolt, Floyd 
Crance, Peter 
Crance, Samuel 

Darling, A G Palmer, A G 

Daton, J S Pardes, A E 

Degerald, Peter Parington, J W 

Dewitt, Azial Payne, George 

Densmore, HP Pearson, John R 

Dunn, John P Perkins, W H 

Edwards, Isaac Philips, Van W 

Farrell, Richard Plumb, William O 

Fasher, George W Plumstead, George 

Fellows, W H Pollock, W J 

Ferry, A C Postle, Martin 

Fickinger, W M Race, John D 

Flowers, James Race, Van W 

Forrester. J E Reed, John H 

Frederick, Ben Reeves, F J 

Frill, James Richardson, Russ 

Gandal, George W Rising, Joseph 

Gise, Henry Ryder, D B 
Goodwin, Charles H Scott, George M 

Gustofson, John Scott, Henry 

Hall, Robert H Sedgwick. W H II 

Hays, George W Sheldon, George 

Hazeltine, T H Sherwood, IN" 

Herrick, D II Shoemaker, F M 

Hickman, P G Sibell, Edward 

Hinds, Harrison Simpson, George C 

Hinds, William Slaker, Valentine 

Holtz, Fred Smith, DWC 

Howard, George L Smith, J H 

Hoyt, Charles L Spalding, H I 

Ingham, Joseph Stoddard. J M 

Jameson, John Stolp, A W p m 

Judd, A T Tarble, Jay 

Johnson, R B Tarble, Melvin 

Kendal, John W Thayer, F L 

Kinney, E D Tilton, W H 
Knickerbocker, OB Trask, Alonzo C 

Long, Fred Tucker, Charles A 

McDole, A G Turpin, J E 

McFaiiand, M Tyers, John 

McGregor, John Lnderwood, Fred 

McKay, John Van Northwick. H F 

Miller, John Vealie, A A 

Miller, J S Wallace, Jason 

Miller, Thomas Ware, H F 

Mix, Eugene B Waterman. D B 

Mckolas, N F Watkins, V A 


A VOX, Fulton Co. Chartered Oct 1857. 
Reg com 1st Mon. Ann com Dec. Mem- 
bership 60. 

Pe*nxel Haekod, W Master 

W H Rose, S W M F Shawcross, S D 

L J Adams, J W A J Churchill, J D 

L Stacker, Treas Wm Babbitt, S S 

Geo Simmons, Sec Chas D Cutler J S 

William Jennings, T 

Abbott, George Burnaugh, Daniel 

Ackcrman, Nich Creighton, John 

Austin, William T Creighton, Robert 

Aylesworth, Nath Crisson, Oliver pm 

Babbitt, Silas Dounair, Jacob 

Barlow, John W Drake, N H 

Barnum, L W Ellinger, Samuel 

Belding, Robert Fisher, Joseph W 

Bell, Thomas p m Gill, James P 

Bliss, E T Gorham, D H 

Bliss, Royal Grow, Asa K 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Hall, Lewis A 
Hewitt, Leander H 
Hovell, Jacob J 
Hovell, Tliomas 
Ingraham, Eliliu 
McCrea. John 
Merrill, Charles H 
Minninery, Jon pm 
Morey, Amos 
Nance, Francis p m 
Nance, John W 
Nickerson, M T T 
Ogden, Job 
Ogden, William H 

Perry, William D 
Ratciiffe, Thomas 
Rose, George A 
Rose, Silas N 
Ross, Leonard F 
Seal, William 
Sherwin, C D 
Spurgeon, Israel 
Thorpe, John W 
Tompkins, A B 
Tompkins, Gilbert 
Wiard, Rollin 
Yeomans, Isaac 
Young, George K 

A. W. RAWSON, No. 145. 

PECATONICA, Winnebago Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1853. Reg com 2d and 4th Mon. 
Ann com reg n b Dec 27. Membership 52. 

F D GFvOver, W Master 
John Tanner, S W Jno Harenstier, S D 
A K Searles, J W ED Petebone, J D 
D A Stetsell, Treas B D Perley, S S 
C C Stevens, Sec A W Thompson, J S 

H R Smith, T 
Andrins, Arch Paddock, S A 

Bates, Henry M Patton, Wra H 
Butler, Thos M p at Petingale, Wra W 
Colvin, Paschal Pierce, William L 
Coleman, Robert B Plumb, Jos M p M 
Cumings, Edward P Rogers, Oliver C 
Emery, Seth S Salsbury, Winslow 

Farwell, Gusta Searles, Stephen P 

Far well, Henry B Segantson, L 
French, Irvine p ai Snyder, John A 
Furmell, George Spicer, George 
Grondenberg, Chas Thorn, Hiram T 
Guilford, Elijah B Town, Orrin C 
Harrell, John A Van Antroesp, M 
Hebard, Henry Yan Dyke, AS?m 

Huntley, Oscar H Walters, Thomas 
Jordan. Frank A Weld, Arthur 
Loveland. Geo R Wells, John 
Marks, Nathaniel Wiechelbaum, Geo 
Noye3, Lucius A Winchester. John 
Oakes, Samuel S Wirtey, Peter 

BARDOLPH, No. 572. 

BARDOLPH, McDonough Co. Char- 
tered Oct 186T. Reg com Tues o b f m. 
Ann com Dec. Membership 47. 

Nathaniel H Jacksox, W Master 
Lyman Porter, SW H A Maxwell, S D 
Win N Porter, JW R O Allison, J D 
Lewis Wilson, Treas Wra J Jackson, S S 
Thos A Jackson, Sec John W Boothe, J S 

Wm Roberts, T 
Allison, John A Gardner, Jonn H 
Clark, George H Harris, John M 

Cleveland, Wm C 
Conner, George W 
Dallam, Chas W 
Dallam. Joseph S 
Darr, Milton L 
Dougherty, Wm H 
Foster, Moses 
Foster, Wm G 

Hindman,Hugh D 
Hoagland, Oakey M 
Jackson, John M 
Keevil, Michael P 
Kelso, Samuel G 
Knapp, James B 
Knowlton, Nelson S 
Leighty, John 

Lowe, James H 
McMahon, Robt T 
Merritt, Wm J 
Owens, Nathaniel 
Pelley, James H 
Pickering, Jos C 
Pontious, Lyman 
Porter, Joseph E 
Porter, Ransom N 

Royston, Amos 
RoDerrs, James A 
Seybold, Henry H 
Stevens, Edward D 
Vincent, John G 
Welch, John S 
Whisler, Jonas 
Worthington, Ed 

BARRY, No. 34. 

BARRY, Pike Co. Chartered Oct 1845. 
Reg com Sat o b f m Ann com Dec. 
Membership 83. 

Johk L Sweet, W Master 
D W Greene, S W Jon P Grubb, S D 
G W Perry, J W Wm Mclntire, J D 
Alex White, Treas James Smith, S S 
W G Hubbard, Sec B McConnell, J S 

Richard St John, T 
Allen, Charles S Jackson, Calvin 

Beard, Joseph 
Bill, Mahlon 
Blades, Ezekiel W 
Bowman, John 
Brammell, John H 
Bright, William 
Brown, John H 
Brims, William F 
Burke, Alexander 
Carter, John T 
Casey, John R 
Clarke, George W 
Clingingsmith. D 
Corwin, Edwin M 
Crandall, Edwin A 
Crooks, John B 
Davis, Perry H 

Johnson, Nathan 
Kaufman, Harry 
Kidwell, David D 
Likes, Robert F 
Lippincott, Chas P 
McDonald, Henry O 
Massie, Melville D 
Morris, John 
Newnham, Allen 
Patterson, Moses G 
Perry, Oliver H 
Phenneger, Jacob S 
Philips, Jared F 
Riffey, David 
Riffey, Thomas Y 
Sellers, David 
Shields, George W 

Dobney, Francis M Shields. Wm M P 

Emerson. John Smith, Nathaniel 

Evans, John M Talbert, James H 

Farmer, Joshua Talbert, Joseph M 

Freeman, Jordan L Terry, James L 

George, John Wallace. James 

Gray, Harvey R Watson George H 

Guss, David P 

Hadsell, Nathan V 

Hamilton, Alex 

Hamilton, John 

Hatch, Seth C 

Higgins, Richard B Wike^ George H 

Hildebrand, Wm Wike, George jr 

Wheelan, James 
White, William F 
Widby, Mathias 
Wike, David J 
Wike, George 

Home, John B 
House, James 
Hoyle, Joshua 
Hurt, Elisha 

Williams, Edward 
Williams, Joseph 
Winner, Jonathan 
Wood worth, John C 

BASCO, No. 618. 

BASCO, Hancock Co. Chartered Oct 
1869. Reg com Sat o b f m. Member- 
ship 33. 

Wiley N Biggs, W Master 
W P Damron, S W D McGinnis, S D 
J H Wetzell, J W J E Garard, J D 
V Manussier. Treas Wm George, S S 
J R McGinnis, Sec John Z Hills, J S 

John Elder, T 
Anderson, James A Ayers, Robert 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Baldwin, Charles W 
Bass, Obed N 
Braid, John A 
Cacheux, Constance 
Clare, Theodore 
Cook, Alphonse 
Doty, Edward 
Doty, Lyman 
Dryden, William 
Elder, Hugh 
Garard, Miner C 

Gorden, George C 
Harrison, James 
Huff, Francis M 
Huff, Malachi D 
King, Clark 
King, James 
Knabe, Christian 
Marlot, Gabriel 
Mourning, Samuel 
Waldo, Charles D 

BATAVIA, No. 404. 

BATAVIA, Kane Co. Chartered Oct 
1864. Red com 1st and 3d Sat. Ann com 
last reg Dec. Membership 92. 

Charles A Bucher, W Master, 
Geo S Haly, S W J as M Miller, S D 
Robt R Hunt, J W EM Veil, J D 
G R Ken yon, Treas Cyrus RRoff, S S 
Dan' I M Mason, Sec Jas Martin, J S 

Eugene A Parkhurst, T 
Abbott, Edward C McCullough, W T D 
Alexander, James McCummins, Jos 
Arnold, Addison H McGuire, John 
Averill, Wm F McLean, Ezra S 

Barker, Lawrence P McMaster, JasT 
Billings, Simeon Mennum, John J 
Blancli ard, Frank Mennum, Wm J 
Bowditch, Nathan'l Meridith, Edwin 
Bower, David F Meridith, Thomas 
Briggs, John H Merrill, Allen N 

Briggs, Lyman P Metcalt, Robert R 

Brown, RufusJ 
Bun, Bradley 
Bun, George A 
Burnham, John 
Burroughs, L M 
Cleveland, A C 

Moon, Amos M 
Moore, Wm G 
Newton, Don Carlos 
Korris, Chas A 
O'Conner, Thomas 
Palmer, Chas A 

Cleveland, John H Phillips, W T m S 

Cleveland, Thos L Pratt, Wm H 

Conde, Cornelius B Price, Francis A 

Crandon, Frank R Roff, Arvin S 

Davy, Edwin C Sagle* Charles 

Donohue, Thomas Scoville, Robert 

Eddy, James M Shaw, Whitley 

Evans, Hiram F Sheets, George H 
Fannings, Michael LSmith, Calvin E 

Fesler, John Smith, Ed S 

Frazier, Wm P Snook, Charles F 

Furgeson, Robt T Snow, Orin T 

Geer, Phillip 
Germain, Walter 
Green, Geo S 
Grimes, Alex 
Hall, Alonzo 
Hall, Anson 
Halliday, Daniel 
Haley, John H 
Harrold, Wm 
Hibbard, Fred T 
Kesler, Myron S 

Stafford, Ed S 
Starkey, Chauncy H 
Starkey, David W 
Stephens. Ben F 
Stewart, Wm 
Thompson, S E 
Van Nortwick, J 
Updike, Wm 
Wade, Henry N" 
Whitney, Lewis M 
Wood, Clark 

McClellan, James O Worthley, Ed H 

BAThTno. 494. 

BATH, Mason Co. Reg com 1st Wed, 
Membership 50. 

Jay E Smith, W Master 

C MVertreesSW 
L D Moore, J W 
W Heberling, Treas 
John Cogeshall, Sec 
M Fr 
Ains worth, Win 
Allen, James S 
Barr, Thos J 
Beck, Win 
Berkstead, F H 
Bond, John F 
Brown, J A 
Bush, Geo 
Cameron, R E 
Daniels, Calaway 
Duncan, John S 
Gardner, John 
Gatton, Beiii H 
Gillworth, Isaac 
Gore, John W 
Havighorst, G H 
Hole, John N 
Houston, Robert 
Howarth, Wm 
Hull, A J 

H C Ruggles, S D 
Ed D Foulks, J D 
J R Lane, S S 
Chas A Gore, J S 
ank, T 
Lucas, Alex 
Lucas, Thos J 
McGehee, SAD 
Moore, Gibson 
Morrow, John A 
Perry, Hiram 
Raymorid, C H 
Renshaw, Thos P 
Rice, Horace J 
Risheli, Jas F 
Ruggles, A G 
Scanlan, John 
Schirtiiff, Fred L 
Sehulte, Jno H 
Shunk, Michael 
Thompson, Wm 
Toland, John F 
Toland, Phiiip H 
Town Giles S 
Williamson R W 

BELLE CITY, No. 483. 

BELLE PRAIRIE, Hamilton Co. Char- 
tered Nov I860. Reg com oaf m. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 31. 

William M Hall, W Master 
Adam Cramb, S W S Pearcy, S D 
Joseph M Hale, J W F C Vandevort, J D 
W L Draper, Treas Jacob P Koger, S S 
P W Morgan. Sec Geo W Draper, J D 

Henry Black, T 
Bernard, William L Lowery, Moses F 
Buckman, J W McClure, Wm H 

Burton, Enos A Peer, Abram 
Cookey, Thomas J Perry, Abram 
Crisel, George A Powell, J 
Daner, Walter S Richison, Price T 
Draper, James W Seudmore, Jos B 
Ferguson, Rob't M Shelton, Sylvester W 
Golden, John M ■ Tomason, Joseph F 
Hall, James Witten, James C 

Halley, John 

BELLE HIVE, No. 696. 

BELLE RIVE, Jefferson Co. Chartered 
Oct 1872. Reg com Sat o b f m. Mem 30. 

Charles S Todd, W Master. 
L D Davenport S W W W Walters, S D 
Alfred Kniffen, J W W R Burton, J D 
A Howenstine, Tr H Riggs, S S 
Chas H Judd, Sec Seth P Ingram, J S 

Oram Webster, T 
Auxier, Benj F Morris, Alfred 

Bonnett, Henry Nesmith, Oliver P 
Fuller, Dudley D Price, Edward 

Grimes, Robert O 
Grimes, Samuel F 
Harding, Anson C 
Hays, Dodson C 
Hunter, Wm H 
McClure, Benj F 
McDonald, Jas M 
Mcllwain, Perry 

Price, James F 
Price, , James P 
Reed, John F 
Richards, Robert 
Stanley, Thornton 
Sterman, Nathan D 
Shrumb, John R 

Subordinate Lodges 



BELVIDEEE, Boone Co. Chartered 
Oct 1S48. Reg com 1st and 3d Mon. Mem- 
bership 99. 

A E Jexner. W Master. 

John S Loper, S W Chas B Loop. S D 

Chas H Peek, J W Chas L Smith, J D 

G TV Downs, Treas S C Munn, S S 

S H Moss, Sec J H Buhmyer, J S 

H M Wooley, T 

Ames, Geo B May, E M 

Anyell, Abner Merrill, J J 

Avery, Cyrus H Miller, J D 

Avery, Win D Miller, J S 

Baderer. John Miller, TV A 

Baker, Geo TV Morley, E T 

Barmore H H Morse, J 

Baum, Gabriel Murch, S H 

Benson, LE Murphy, M B 

Bowiey, H F Northway, Asa 

Burnside, A TV Nutting, Simeon 

Coon, R W Orton, M M 

Covey, Simeon L Peal, G M 

Crineie, C TV Pile, R T 

DeGraff, A M Porter, F C 

DeGraff, TV B Porter, M M 

Davis, Thomas Porter, Wash 

Dean, C B Porter, W S 

Dean, George Pratt, J F 

Dean, J TV Randall, AF 

Debrick, W C Randall, J TV F 

Edeley, ThosJ Reed. Charles 

Foote, WS Rice,OW 

Fox, S C Royal, Solon 

Fuller, A C Sabin, D D 

Fuller, Chas H Sands, Fred 

Gardner. Cephas Shattuck, LL 

Gilman, L O Sheldon, H J 

Gleason, A H Souie, J K 

Gregg, James Stott, Daniel 

Gritzbauch. TV Stow, Daniel 

Gustin, C O Styles, J C 

Hall, F J Temme, R S 

Hannah, John Trent C A 

Hildrup, J S Truesdell, Wm H 

Hotchkiss. N Tuttle, W C 

Huribut, Geo H VanAtta, A R 

Hurlbut, S A Waldack. J 

Hunt, TVm E White, Chas W 

Karlisky. Mark White, Marcus 

Keeler, M E Whitehead, Wm 

Keisey, C E - Wilcox, Daniel 

Lidster, Ralph Williams, Wm R 

Longcor, Samuel Wood, TV W 
Marwin, S A 

BEMENT, No. 365. 
BEMENT. Piatt Co. Reg com Sat o b 
fm. Membership 59. 

Charles F Tenxey, W Master 
Wm M Camp, S W Geo M Turner, S D 
A T Wetherall. J W TVm D Moma, J D 
Jno R Nelson Treas Jos E Evans. S S 
G A Burgess. Sec J Coughenbaugh, J S 

Samuel Templin, T 
Bacon. Benjamin B Bodman. L K 
Baker. Joseph H Bowdle. William H 
Benard, Louis Bryant, Francis E 

Camp, James H 
Camp, J Mallory 
Cooper. Thomas 
Dickinson, George 
Ellison, J B 
Fertig, Robert 
Fisher, diaries 
Fortune, Geo M 
Gregory, G M 
Haldeman, Horace 
Hancock, Levi E 
Hawkes, S B 
Hesser, William F 
Hicks, Leander C 
Hill, Joshua 
Jones, Francis A 
Kirnel, Dwight D 
Lesure, George J 
Macklin, Periy F 
Moore, Caleb D 
Newton, Orlando 
Nichols, Harrison S 

Niies, D C TV 
Ownby, James P 
Parker, Joel J 
Peck, Isaac 
Pettit. Thompson T 
Pierce, Warren A 
Shearer, Lewis 
Skidmore, John M 
Sparks, J O 
Spear, George L 
Sprague, J B 
Tanner, John 
Trabue. William C 
Turner, Wallace TV 
Vaughan, Darius 
Vrooman, S G 
Webster. Charles T 
Wharton, James 
White, Robert B 
TV ilk ins, H O 
Yoakum, Benj F 


MEREDOSIA, Morgan Co. Chartered 
Oct 1848. Reg com Sat o b f and n m. 
Membership 56. 

Peter Banyan, W Master. 
J C Doyle, S TV David H Loilis, Sec 

Perry H Moon, J TV Joseph A Rusin, S D 
J H Carver, Treas Geo McNary, J D 

Frank M Davis, T 
Anderson, Alex Quelch, George 
Andre, M F Rieman. Henry W 

Beard, John P Rouse, David L 

Bryant, Alpheus Rouse, William R 
Butcher, Adam A Samuels, James S 
Crawford, John Schaefer, Henry 

Crawford, John T Thompson, Clark 
Doe, Conrad Thompson, J B 

Eskles, John Thompson, Owen 

Fettinger, James Turn ham, George 
Freeman, William Turnham, Joel 
Gilberts, Chas H Vance, Joseph 
Gove, Chas S Yanpeit, Joseph 

Graham, George TV Wackerle, Wm J 
Hale, Isaac Waldo, James D 

Hall day, Charles Watson, James 
Heinz, Charles Wayman, John 

Hysinger, Henry S "VT eychoft, Henry C 
Lanner, Charies Weeks, George TV 
Lusk, Edward Weeks, John L 

Masterson, David Weeks, Thomas J 
Masterson, J Weltzhimer, Harry 

Muntman, John F Wilday, John T 
Price, Benj F Winegan, S S 

BENJAMIN^ No. 297. 
CAMP POINT, Adams Co. Chartered 
Oct 1859. Reg com every Thurs. Mem- 
bership 54. 

Geo W Cyrus. W Master 
J H Francis, S W Geo Simmonds, S D 
Richd Seaton, J W A Hughes. J D 
O Noble, Treas H Raimer, S S 

Joseph PLasley, Sec Christian Judd, J S 

James W Colwell, T 
Bailey, Thomas Baker, Jno Thomas 


Illinois Masonic Register . 

Bates, Thomas J 
Batschy, Caspar 
Chase, Moses C 
Craver, Marcus D L 
Cunningham, Jas M 
Cuness, John H 
Curl ess, Samuel 
Dewey, Lorenzo D 
Easum, Charles A 
Farlow, Samuel 
Graham, Jas Polk 
Gruny, George 
Hanna, William 
Harris, James M R 
Koellcr, Herman 
Lester, John AY 
Liggett, David E 
Livingston. Benj 
Lunn, James H 
Lyon, Thomas A 
McDonald, James 

MeNeall, Arthur B 
Mileham, Samuel 
Muiler, Henry 
Morse, Sainl Lewis 
Oliver, William L 
Parmenter, A 
Pond, Geo O 
Robertson, James F 
Roth, John A 
Scott, William 
Selhy, H Edward 
Seiby, Seneca 
Sel by, William T 
Stewart, Martin L 
Stewart, M Park 
Thomas, Lafayette 
Thomas, Wm W 
Uscke, William 
Vance, Moses 
Wartick, Joseph 
Whitiord, John S 

BENTON, No. 64. 

BENTON, Franklin Co. Chartered Oct 
1849. Reg com Sat o b f m. Membership 


D M Browning-, W Master 
A G Orr, S W John Mulkey, S D 

J J St Clair, J W W R Jones, J D 
A D Jackson, Treas T W Sweet, S S 
Jas F Mason, Sec H Swofford, J S 

G T Hubberd, T 
Akin, Charles A Mcintosh, W J 

Akin, James M 
Akin, W S 
Barr, W W 
Berness, W D 
Brown, Kenedy 
Couch, W B 
Cooley, Joseph 
Crosslin, Thomas 
De Bruce, A B 
Deming, W B 
Denno, John 
Dillon, W M 
Dollins, A D 
Easley. F P 
Easley, James 
Fletcher, A C 
Fitzgerrell, Evan 
Fitzerrell, J J 
Fitzgerrell, S 
Gee, Q G 
Glover, Carroll 
Harris, G M 
Hickman, J 
Hoblit, G B 
Hoe, M D 
Hutson, J J 
Hyatt, A A 
Jones, Smith, 
Jones, William 
Latta, W J 

Minor, WT 
Moonerham, D 
Moonerham, F M 
Moonerham, John 
Moonerham, T J 
Moonerham, W L 
Moonerham, Wm 
Moore, Carroll 
Munday, John 
Panny, W A 
Payne, C 
Richeson, Henry 
Samples, Joseph 
Stanfield, M T 
Swofford, J PI 
Swofford, J W 
Taylor, Jordan 
Taylor, Q C 
Vancel, J M 
Ward, T J 
Ward, John 
Ward, William 
Ward W R 
Webb, S S 
Webster, B E 
Whittington, Willis 
Winn, James R 
Youngblood, F M 
Youngblood, Wm 

BERWICK, No. 619. 

CAMERON, Warren Co. Chartered Oct 
1869. Reg com 2d and 4th Thurs. Ann 
com 2d Thurs Dec. Membership 84. 

Leander Geddings, W Master 
John M Norris, S W Homer T Dale, S D 
P H Sheldon, J W Augustine Short, J D 
Wm H Snell, Treas Cyrus H Butler, S S 
Clark C Bone, Sec F M Devoss, J S 

James Patterson, T 
Allen, EW Hutton, J J 

Beck, R A Jones, M W 

Booton, Vincent Lewis, J V 
Bowers, Aaron Norris, S F 

Brinngton, George Munroe, W H 
Carrier, Noah O'Riley, William 

Freeman, D T Paxton, Owen 

Giddings, E W Pearce, T C 

Glick, Alphonso Sheldon, Burr 
Goddard, Henry Shelton, S W 
Gunter, G W p m Short, J P 
Horney, J C Watson, W J 

BETHALTO^ No. 406. 

BETH ALTO, Madison Co. Reg com Sat 
obf m, Ann com Dec. Membership 25. 

Luther W Lyon, W Master 
DanT A Lynch, S W James P Woods, S D 
Jacob S Deck, J W J Greenwood, J D 
C H Fleck, Treas Wm L Pigerott, S S 
J V Richards, Sec Wiley Prewitt, J S 

Milo Hovey, T 
Baehr, George H Harrison, S B 
Huppert, Jacob 
Klein, Louis 
Kulp, George W 
Patterson, Samuel T 
Randall, J rank M 
dishing, Joseph L Richmond, Volney P 
Green, Ephraim 

BETHESDA, No. 661. 

POTOSI, McLean Co. Chartered Oct 
1870. Reg com Sat obfm. Membership 

H L Terpen ing, W Master. 
V Bowers, S W Jno C Swatzley, Sec 

T B Killgore, J W O D Butler, S D 
A W Green, Treas P J Decker J D 

Elisha Winters, T 
Allen, Herman Pearcey, William 

Bechdel, Emanuel Reninger, Jacob 
Decker, William Spencer, M M 
Fanner, Jno F Stillson, Edward D 

Hudgin, John H Wibright, Wm C 
Hartley C Worley, Elijah 

Kirbey, John W Worley, John P 
Mann, James B F Worley, Lewis C 
Morgan, William 


Chartered Oct 1861. Reg com 2d and 4th. 
Tues. Membership 36. 

Frank P Smith, W Master 
J F Henewig, S W AW Collins. Sec 
H H Barker, J W Jas O Hurd, S D 
M W Willis, Treas John German, J D 

Hervey Gage, T 
Barker, John Bowdish, Oscar 

Becker, Edward 
Bowman, Henry 
Carter, Thomas 
Carter, William 
Clayton, Wm P 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Bowdish Melvin S 
Bowdish. P S 
Brown, Wallace W 
Carver, Daniel L 
Chase, A L 
Cleveland, Charles 
Collins, John 
Cooper, LC 
Dorn, W W 
Downing, Frank S 
Foss, Chas C 
Gould, George W 
Hathaway, Willis 

Jordon, Michael 
Kendall, Wirt W 
Lindsey, William A 
Morrell, Stephen J 
Myrick, C Z 
Spalding, C 
Spalding, G S 
Stewart, John 
Stone, Ezra O 
Swane, Mark F 
Warn, John 
Warne, Gideon W 
Wert, Geo C 

BLACK HAWK, No. 238. 
HAMILTON, Hancock Co. Chartered 
Feb 1857. Reg com Sat o b fin. Ann com 
reg o b Dec 27. Membership 63. 

Horace J Mack, W Master 
A R Gahagan, S W Gilbert T Sewell, S D 
Win H Tvrrill, J W A J Thompson, J D 
John A Leas. Treas S B Rockwell, S S 
Wm O Sanford. Sec Jatham P Clark, J S 

Prentiss K Tuttle, T 
Agnu, Daniel W Hanson, William B 
Arnold, Charles R Humphrey, E H 
Bolton, James Irwin James 

Bolton, William 
Brant, Hezekiah 
Bridges, Wesley C 
Brown, Horace 

Larimore, Thomas J 
Lewis. John M 
Lewis, Periander 
McDoil, John F 

Chapman, Henry C McLellan, Wm T 
Clapp, Solon F McNeff, Daniel 

Clark, James R Mayer, Frank E 

Clark, James R jr Miller, D C 
Connor, Svlvester L Morrison, James E 
Coudron, J B C Pagett, David N 

Crane, Frank C Parsons, Henry B 

Cushman, E C A Pinckley Richard A 
Davidson. William Pomeroy, Orlando 
Denton, Edmund P Pritchell, Noah 
Dickinson, Henry R Rockwell, Asa D 
Dunn. Patrick C Root, Calvin 
Gahagan. Wm G Ruggles. Thomas 

Gates, AlphonsoS 
Gates. George D 
Gethens, Win H 
Gordon, Samuel 
Gould, Frank 

Russell, Francis J 
Smith, Christopher 
Smith, Robert F 
Smith, William F 
Stoddard, Wm L 

Gowkes. George W Swigelson Henry 
Guthrie, William L 

BLAIR, No. 393. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1863. Reg 
com every Mon. Ann com Reg n b Dec 
27. Place of meeting 72 Monroe Street. 
Membership 178. 

C M White. S W J M Terwilliger, S D 
J J Gillespie, J W Stephen Morris, J D 
John O'Neill, Treas E B Spencer, S S 
C W O'Donnell, Sec Victor White, J S 

John P Ferns, T 
Abbott, Wade Anderson, Fritz M 

Ackerly, Richard C Anderson, James 
Ackerman, C V Appleton, I B 
Agnew, Francis Appleton, J B 
Alexander, E S Bacou, William 

Bassett, James 
Ban von, J Fred'k 
Bates, W W 
Bee, Joseph, 
Berlingheimer, B 
Best, William 
Bell, Arthur M 
Blaisdell, Sam'l E 
Bogle, Walker S 
Boniel, Moses A 
Boyser, K L 
Brown, William G 
Buchanan, John 
Campbell, John S 
Carroll, John R 
Chapin, GS 
Chase, Parker B 
Clappert, F E 
Clark, Howard 
Cline, William H 
Cook, Charles A 
Cornell, Jason L 
Courtney, Thos E 
Crooker, W W 
Cruse, Daniel L 
Dale, Edgar V 
Dale, William M 
Davis, Edward 
Detweiller, Jacob 
Devine, Peter 
Dickinson, David H 
Dietz, Chas N 
Dodge, Philo 
Dubois, Anson 
Durst, James 
Dutton, II R 
Edbrooke, Geo H 
Edson, J M 
Edwards, Geo H 
Esr< .ger, Bernard 
F arris worth, Geo S 
Feenev. Patrick C 
Fergus, John B 
Fitzgerald, John 
Fraser, Edward J 
Garensev. George D 
Gee. John 
Gillis, John 
Gobel, J C 
Graham, Geo T 
Hair, James T 
Hamilton, Wm H 
Hanson, Peter 
Hanson, R H 
Hardacre, Joseph 
Haskell, William 
Hayes, Samuel J 
Hebard, Earl S 
Herrick, Charles K 
Holbrook, Thos L 
Houghton, Thos A 
Howind. Ole A 
Ingraham, James 
Jahson, J G 
Janson, M 
Jeffries, E T 
Johnson, John F 
Jonas, Julius 
Jones. Joseph C 

Jones, L L 
Kellogg, Henry 
Kennedy, Charles 
Kennedy, John H 
Kiefer, Lewis E 
Kinkead, AVilliam 
Knowles, Henry 
Koenig, John G 
Krouse, John 
Levis, Henry H 
Lewis, John 
Liphard, Fred C 
McArthur, John 
McCabe, Charles 
McDermott, Wm 
McFarland, W W 
McKay, Charles P 
McMullen, John B 
McNierney, Michaw 
Mallet, Richard D 
Marshall, GeorgeC 
Matson, Canute R 
Moos, Bernard 
Moore, Owen L 
Moore, William D 
Morse, Nathaniel R 
Murray, John 
:N esbit, James R 
O'Neill. John 
Odell, AC 
Ogden, Amos 
Olson, Ole H 
Over, Henry 
Parker, Thomas A 
Patterson, Thomas 
Peterson. H 
Peterson, M C 
Quinlan, Simon 
Quirk, John L 
Reason, A 
Richardson. Samuel 
St John, JM 
Sanford, W T 
Schmidt, R E 
Scuitte, Augustine 
Scofield, Henry 
Scott. George A 
Shaffer, L B 
Sharp, C W 
Shaw, William 
Sherburne, E J 
Sherwin, Joseph 
Sherwood, W T 
Short. L H 
Simons, Charles 
Smith, Andrew 
Smith, H T 
Smith, Thomas 
Smith, Walter L 
Smith, William 
Smithers. John F 
Spafford, L W 
Stanley, James 
Stanton, W A 
Stern, Albert 
Stevens. C W 
Stewart, James 
Storrer, Daniel 
Squires, Collins L 
Tonjes. J F 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Torrey, George H 
Vore, E C 
"Waggener, Rob't G 
Walker, W S 
Watson, James D 
Wilber, John P 
White, George E 
White, Samuel F 
Whitney, Charles A 
Whitney, LL 

Wickersham, S 
Wild, John 
Wilson, Luther L 
Wilson, William 
Willet, Charles E 
Wilt, Charles T 
Winter, Joseph 
Winter, Wallace W 
Wolcott, Frank E 
Wollersack, J F 

BLANE1T, No. 271. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1858. 


com 2d and 4th Wed. Ann com reg n b 
Dec 27. Place of meeting 72 Monroe st. 
Membership 156. 

Iea W Bitell, W Master 
Elias Morris, S W H G Brainard, S D 
Joseph Salzer, J W Robert Hall, J I) 
RevR Collyer, Chap W F Hoadley, S S 
B F Chase, Treas Wm Chalmers, J S 
JDC Whitney, Sec John P Ferns, T 

Adams, Wm F 
Allison, Benj F 
Andress, Hiram 
Arnett, John P 
Badger, A C 
Baldwin. John A 
Barber, Seth 
Barger, Samuel R 
Barrow, William 
Berry, Henry C 
Biggs, Charles 
Bishop, J H 
Blackall, A H 
Booth, Alfred 
Botsford, John R 
Bowzer, E G 
Bradbury, J F 
Bradley, David C 
Bradley, David E 
Bridges, Lyman 
Briggs, Arthur R 
Briggs, Samuel A 
Brown, Aaron L 
Brown, David P 
Brown. Thos Hjr 

Ducat, A C 
Dunlap, George L 
Duval 1, Harry 
Edbrook, W J 
Felix, B F 
Fuller, Moses N 
Garber, C C 
Gardner, George 
Garland, D D 
Garst, Morrison 
Gear, W O 
Gladding, Charles 
Glover, George H 
Glover, S J 
Goodrich, H J 
Goodridge, W M 
Grant, Orville L 
Hammond, David 
Hammond, TC 
Harris, Joseph 
Harrison, NP 
Hendrie, Wm A 
Higgins, Charles 
Hobson, Robert F 
Hood, James 

Buckingham, F W Hornby, William 

Cameron, Daniel Hughes, Kendrick 

Carpenter, Chas H Kimbark, D A 

Carpenter, G B P m Kirkwood,JThos S 
Carter, James S 

Chambers, George 
Cherry, Alexander 
Cherry, James 
Clark,' Charles H 
Cleal, George 
Coffin, W C 
Colby, George J 
Cook, Edward P M 
Cooper, Hugh 
Costello, John 
Cowdery, H C W 
Cregier, DCpgm 
Crouse, C J 
Crouse, William F 
Cutler, J M 
Davenport, WH 
Day, Charles W 

Knowles, W H 
Lathrop, J H 
Lefler, Christopher C 
Lewis, William G 
Lincoln, William C 
Long, Charles G 
Lord, N J 
Low, Edward J 
McBean, D D 
McDonough, Hy P 
McLauchlan, E A 
McLaughlin, M 
Magee, Guy 
Martin, H G 
Martin, Henry 
Miller, A H 
Miller, W G 
Mitchell, J L 

Mills, William B 
Moffat, Albert 
Murray, T B 
Nellegar, John B 
Olmsted, K A 
Ottman, George L 
Parker, Ed A 
Park, W H 
Patrick, Jones 
Phelps, G D 
Polkev, Samuel 
Port, William 
Pot-win, W S 
Prall, William G 
Read, G eorge J 
Richards, E S 
Roberts, John W 
Robinson, John H 
Rugg, George F 
Saunders, Edward 
Sax ton, Charles F 
Schaeffer, J L 
Scott, W T 
Seaverns, J S 
Seaverns, W S 
Shaughnessy, Thos 

Sibley, W E 
Sickels, W A 
Sid way, L B 
Simmons. J W 
Skinner, Oscar 
Smedley, J D 
Snydann James 
Squier, S A 
Stewart, John 
Sturges, Frank 
Taylor, T T 
Tompkins. W F 
Turner, E H 
Turner. L H 
Walker, D T 
Webb, James 
Weed, W A 
Wells, Charles J 
Wells, E W 
Wells, W H 
Wheelock, S 
White, L A 
Whiting, W A 
WignaH, Thos M 
Williston, George D 
Wood, E P 

BIuAZINO STAR, No. 458. 

CRAB ORCHARD, Williamson Co. Reg 
com Fri a f m. Membership 46. 

Caeol A Fttklong, W Master 
J M Campbell, S W J C Campbell, S D 
J W Clariday, J W A H W illson, J D 
J W Erwin, Treas J Huddleston, S S 
John Scobey, Sec J T Cum ningham, J S 

Wm A Starrett, T 
Allen, Seth Furlong, Francis M 

Bealev, Hezekiah G Furlong, George M 
Caplinger, W J Furlong, James M 

Clariday, Archibald Grisham, Sanders 
Corder, Joel F King, Robert 

Corder, Wm G McClusky, Hiram W 

Cunningham, Jas T Mosley, Daniel L 
Davis, Ihos R Motsinger, S L 

Dodcls, Richard P Norman, Calvin M 

Edwards, Jas M 
Edwards, Thomas 
Erwin, James C 
Erwin, Milo 
Erwin, Thomas »j 
Erwin, Robert P 
Fuller, Isham C 
Fuller, Leonard C 
Furlong, Benj F 

Parks, Milo 
Rumage, Jno H 
She'ton, Thomas F 
Spain, James M 
Tidweil Jno F 
Turner, Elijah 
Turner, James W 
Turner, Lucilius H 
Vfoods, William 


CHRISM AN, Edgar Co. Ch artered Oct 
1854. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann com 
reg n b Dec. 27. Membership 67. 
John" W Wykn, W Master 
John M Welch, S W Jos O Hartley, S D 
J Stanfield, J W Geo D Mitchell, J D 
C T Caroway, Treas John II Mitchell, S S 
Will Hartley. Sec David W Fouts, J S 

Benjamin F Waldruff, T 
Adams, Arnold P Boon, Albert 
Barth, Henry Boon, Charles 

Boles, James Brant, Jacob 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Che^g, Charles 
Clark, Alexander 
Clark, Edmund 
Collins, David 
Colvin, Perry 
Colvin, Rolla B 
Cooper, John 
Davis, John 
Dinsmore, George O 
Driskell, Jonathan 
Ellsherv, Wm T 
Fout, Iienry H 
Griffith, George W 
Harding, Wm S 
Hartley, John S 
Jenncss, Samuel 
Jennings, AE 
Johns, James B 
Johns, Samuel 
Keriek, B T 
Kizer, Mikel 
Legg, George W 
Leist, Jonas 
McKelfresh, Oscar 
Manning, Ed 
Mark, Anthony 


BLOOMIXGTOX. Chartered Oct 1847 
Reg com 1st Thurs. Membership 190. 

Ira J Bloomfield, W Master 
Jno L Fowle, S W John Hull, S D 
T W Stevenson, JffH P Fierce, J D 
]ST X Winslow, Treas C W Lenseney, S S 
C Strehorn, Sec W P Peter, J S 

Samuel Eouch, T 
Adams, RD Cox, TJ 

Andrus, F M Davidson, A Y 

Armstrong, James Dawson, James 

Mitchell, A F 
Mitchell, John 
Mitchell, Samuel 
Moore, Samuel 
Payne, John W 
Read, Charles S 
Read, Ed 

Rexrood, Solomon 
Savre, J D 
Scott, Robert L 
Simpson, Alexander 
Simpson, Seldon 
Smith, Cary A 
Smith, Daniel W 
Stiggleman, LW 
Stow, John 
Titus, George 
Tweedy, Anthony 
"Welch, Silas 
Wells, Israel 
Whaland, James G 
Wright, Truman 
Wright, Winfield S 
Wyett, Joseph 
Wynn, Thomas 

Asire, L 
Ball, F 

Ballard, William J 
Barger, B F 
Baughen, B R 
Beard, William F 
Beckett, J 
Bemiss, F 
Benson, H R 
Bentley, P W 
Birney, J C 
Bishop, L 
Boyce, W G 
Bovnton. B F 
Brophy, WP 
Brown, E 
Brownell, Wm 
Bunn, L 
Burnham, J H 
Burrows, A S 
Bushnell, A 
Campbell, A B 
Chase, F 
Clark, James 
Clerke, C H 
Cogswell. HD 
Collins, M D 
Cotting, J M 
Coultas, JW 
Cox, X W 

Dermison, X W 
Dixon, X S 
DuBois, C 
Dunn, McCann 
Eddy, E S 
Ela, G P 
Ellis, J C 
Enrrlish, John 
Ferre, G 
Ferre, L 
Fifield, B P 
Fleming, Samuel 
Folsom, P 
Gallagher, Samuel 
Gauntlett, C 
Gee, M 
Gerbrick, F 
Gerbrick, M 
Goodrich, L 
Goldsmith, V E 
Gramse, R 
Green, J L 
Gridlev, A 
Guthrie, A 
Hecklcy, J L 
Hedges, C 


Hercd, G 
Haerinsr, T T 
Hamilton, W W 

Harrier, C 
Hawks, S L 
Hawks, R 
Hull. J C 
Holder, C W 
Holloway, H D 
Horine, H C 
Houser, D 
Houser, F 
Hughes, G W 
Hughitt, M 
Hunt, E 
Hunter, M 
Huntington, C 
Huntley, L J 
Hutchinson, T 
Izatt, J 
Jacoby, Peter 
Jameson, T H 
Jeter. Hugh 
Johnson, F 
Laraway>, H B 
Lawson, Alex 
Leach, Alex 
Lewis, A E 
Lewis. H 

Lichenthaler, G W 
Lighthall, J X 
London, R 
Lord, S L 
Lowe, W F 
Lucas, B L 
McLean, John 
McLean. John P 
McXuita, Jno 
Martin, E 
Mason, J R 
Mat em, L 
Merriman, A J 
Merriman, H P 
Millspaugh, C H 
Milne r, J V 
Monroe, J A 
Monroe. W 
Moore, J P 
Moulton, T J 
Xelson, Alex 
Xichois, T J 
Xoble, S K 
Perry, X P 
Perrv, Man 
Perrigo, C B 
Pettibone, E L 
Popple, M L 
Ports, J L 
Price, F 
i^ringey, S C 
Rayburn, James 

Reed, Jno 
Reese, J F 
Riddiehuber, J M 
Rinehart, A X 
Robinson, C W 
Rockwell, P 
Roult, J L 
Scott, J M 
Shelper, GS 
Sherman, F H 
Simmons, J P 
Slocum, George 
Smith, J D 
Smith M 
Spaulding, J L 
Spaulding, J T 
Spence, M X 
Spurgin. Wm 
Steel, ML 
Steere, E B 
Stevenson, A E 
Stevenson, J B 
Stevenson, W W 
Stout, E 
Stickney, C W 
Stiliwill, J M 
Sunderland, X S 
Swett, L 
Taplin, xV J 
Thomas, Benjamin 
Thomas, E 
Thomas, L B 
Thompson, Alex 
Travis, G 
Veitch, George 
Wakefield, O 
Walters, J 
Ward, J M 
Warlow, W C 
Warren, C F 
Waters. Z 
Webb, C F 
Welch, J 
W r icker, A B 
Wilkins, Daniel 
Williams, R E 
Williams, T 
Mails. J M 
Withers, W P 
W T olcott, J L 
Woodward, A 
Worrell, T F 
W T right, W H 
Young. D 
Zimmerman, J L 
Zimmerman, W 

BLUE GRASS, No. 407. 

BL LIE GRASS, Vermilion Co, Reg com 
Sat o b f m. Ann com Dec. Membership 

John G Mick, W Master 
H C Wright, S W Edward S Pope, Sec 
L C Micsner, J W Man Benedict, S D 
M V Robbins, Treas Robert Young, J D 

Peter Mercereau, T 
Anderson, James D Armantrout, H 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Bales,Caleb T 
Brewer, J W 
Carter, James 
Chisholm, John 
Clapp, Solomon 
Court nay, James B 
DeHaven, James 
Dickson James 
Gaston, Eugene A 
Gay, C W 
Goodwin, Marion 
Hornbeck, Wm 

Johnson, John J 
Layton, David A 
Leiever, Wm 
Partem, Jesse 
Piles, Jesse 
Bobbins, John J 
Runyan, Wm J 
Tennery, Truston B 
Thomas, David 
Thomas, Wm W 
Wise, Benjamin 

BLUE MOUND, No. 682. 

BLUE MOUND, Macon Co. Chartered 
Oct 1871. Reg com Sat obfm. Member- 
bership, 59. 

John Hatfteld, W Master 
H T C Coffeen, S W J W K McClure, S D 
Benj Z Taylor, J W James Hatfteld, J D 
Jacob Waltz, Treas Casper Sadlier, S S 
F M Abrams, Sec Thos J Pope, J S 

Nathaniel Edwards, T 
Abrams, Daniel O Gray, Robert A 
Abrams. James H Haddon, George W 
Anderson, O L Heushie, Daniel H 

Armstrong, William Henshie, Fred H 
Barnack, Joshua Hollier, Chris C 
Baughman, Joseph Houck, L F 
Bellamy, David House, Elleason 
Bellamy, John McBride, Daniel N 

Bliter, Elias Merget, Abraham 

Bowler, Nimrod Mercer, John G 
Buchen, Martin L Miller, James A 
Cherry, Wyatt T Myers. John S 
Campbell, Rob't A Myers, Joseph H 
Coffee, Newton Neely, George W 

Colli ver, Richard Royer, W T 
Davidson, Ellis Salisbury, Enoch 

Dickey, Harvey Sandoe, Henry H 
Dormer, John O Slaughter, John T 
Dnggan, Stephen Smith, John W 
Dunbar, Daniel H Spooner, Lyman H 
Ervin, Samuel Stewart, J P 

Foltz, Joseph H Taylor, James M 
Gordon, William R Thomas, Aug F 
Gough, Henry Yarned, J W 

Gray, Aaron 

BLUEVILLE, No. 647. 

EDINBURG, Christian Co. Chartered 
Oct 1870. Reg com Thurs obfm. Mem- 
bership 25. 

W T Houston, W Master 
L C Carlin, S W JN Kelly, S D 

G D Hooker, J W M P Frame, J D 
I Stokes, Treas Wm Casey, S S 

W Wyscarver, Sec L D Peck, J S 

I Hart, T 
Alexander, Hugh Martin, A 
Casey, William Munus, T J 

Connor, G B Miller, J F 

Gardner, H T Ralston, A V 

Halford, AW Ralston, G 

Harvey, J A Reefy, S L 

Hill, Levi Wyscarver, J K 

Hill, T B 

BODLEY, No. 1. 

QUINCY. Chartered April 1840. Reg 
com 1st and 3d Mon. Membership 102. 

W A Summeks, W Master 
Thomas White, S W Wm A Bradney, S D 
W M Robertson, J W McA Dickerson, J D 
Thos Carter, Treas C C Washburn, S S 
E M Broughton, Sec Wm Vorndoem, J S 
Asa W Blakesley, T 

Adams, George Q Levi. Moses 

Aldrich, Joseph W Lichterberger, A 

Ayres, John H Lowe, James 

Bagby, Charles H McKinnie, Wm B 

Bagby, Robert B McVay, Michael 

Bane, Moses M Mathenia, Wm S 

Behrens, Herman Meisser, Henry 

Bloom, Louis H Menke, Fred W 

Bonnett, John J Meyer, John 

Bryapt, Thomas H Meyer, Jonas 

Bushnell, Abner C Minter, Wm H 

Carter, John L Moore, Samuel G 

Castle, Chancey H Moulton, George W 

Crawford, Wm B Nelke, Isador 

Danzeger, Sampson Obert, John W 

Davidson, Emil Osborn. Henry S 

Davis, Greenleaf H Perce, David 

Demaree, Albert Pogue, J C 

Dennis, L S Randall, Geo W 
Dills, Harrison pgm Randall, Joseph 

Donleavy, James H Raft, Max 

Dudley, Jeptha Rearick, Frederick 

Durant, Thomas E Roeschlaub, R S 

Ebert. Jacob Rogers, Edward A 

Felsenheld, Morris Rogers. Thaddeus M 

Fisk, William H Salmon, Isaiah H 

Gardner, Henry J Sebastian. Wm L 

Goodman. Charles Seehorn, Eli 

Haxel, John F Shepherd, Joseph 

Heirs, Thomas J Shinn, William H 

Henry, Peter Simmons, Samuel 

Henstein, Philip E Slack, Albin B 

Hibbard, George Sylvester, John A 
Huffman, Francis W Tansman, William 

Huffman, I G Thorn, Owen 

Jacobs, Moses Thompson, William 

Jamison, David T Travilla, William 

Jones, William Vanfrank, Willis R 

Joseph, Martin Warren, Calvin A 

Joseph, Thomas J Washburn, V R 
Kingsbaker, Samson Watson, Louis 

Kingsbaker, Moses White, Lewis D 

Lambert, Rodney Wilcox, George W 

Lambur, Louis jr Wilson. Robert 

Latham, Robert S Williams, David G 

Lesen, Henry Wooters, Ed M 

BOLLEN, No. 412. 

SPRING HILL, Whiteside Co. Reg com 
1st Fri a f m. Ann com Dec. Member- 
ship 35. 

John S Mouvel, W Master 
Benj F Brooks, S W Erwin Dow. S D 
B C Benson, J W Wm McNiel, J D 
John Riley, Treas Thomas Bollin, S S 
W R Fuller, Sec R A Langdon, J S 

John Zimmerman, T 
Arnett. Louis C Arnett, William 

Subordinate Lodges 


' Amet, Joseph 
Bollin, W R 
Booth, William 
Bracken. "William 
Chapin, Milo 
Clifton, Abram 
Clifton, Joseph 
Cole, Daniel F 
Cole, Horace B 
Dorathy, Morris 
Fuller, Clark C 
Fuller, Erastus 

Fuller, Levi 
Garrison, E J 
Graham, Wesley C 
Guthrie, John 
Guthrie, Samuel C 
Hills, Frederick A 
Johnson, Frank V 
Martin, Asa 
Rapp, John jr 
Shockey, Christian 
Townley, John 



BOWEN, No. 486. 

BOWEXSBURG, Hancock Co. 
com Fri o b f m. Ann com Dec. . 
bership 28. 

Jesse Palmer, W Master 
Arthur McXeahS W John W Yeach, S D 
J M Hughes, J W W R Harris, J D 
W H Yeach, Treas Thos C Clayton, S S 
Martin C Mills, Sec Jas A Yeach, J S 

Wm Wescott, T 
Butler, Jefferson M McXeal, Matthias 
Clancy, Andrew N Owen, Thomas G 
Crumm, Jacob P Rist, Milton 
Dudman, Thomas J Sherman, L W 
Fordyce, James R Stevens, E B 

Gentle, James 
Horton, Milton M 
Kelly, Josiah R 
Mcxeal, David F 

Thompson, Joseph 
Whray, Thomas R 
Worley, John J 
Worley, Lewis D 

BRADFORD, No. 514. 

BRADFORD, Stark Co. Chartered Oct 
1867. Reg com Thurs o b fm. Ann com 
reg o b Dec 27. Membership 57. 

Haemox Phexix, W Master 
John Winslow, S W B F Thompson, S D 
John Lackie, J W Jas E Noyes, J D 
Wm P Dator, Treas M H Weaver, S S 
A R Abbott, Sec W W Winslow, J S 

George Cushing, T 
Abbott, Alvin 

Barmingham, A J 
Blanchard, Mark 
Boyington, S S 
Damon, James G 

Hopkins, Harlan P 

Liggett, Francis J 

Lognels, James 

Longmire, George 

McCullough, John C 

Davison, Freeman R Morris, James M 
Davison, Samuel A Phenix, Charles W 

Doyle, Frank N 
Doyle, James B 
Doyle, Wm H 
Drawver, JohnH 
Eiwell, William S 
Foster, Bradford S 
Foster, Charles B 
Foster, Thomas A 
Greeley, Hiram C 
Green, Amos J 
Hall, Walter T 
Hall, William H 

Pilgrim, William M 
Plnmmer, David G 
Reed, John M 
Seeley, John 
Smith, Martin H 
Steele, John F 
Sturm, Isaac 
Tate, Johnston N 
Tate, Thomas F 
Thompson, Aug S 
Thompson, Chas R 
Whitcher, John 

Hammond, James T White, Fred S 
Harris, Harvey B Wilcox, Wm H 
Hatch. Thomas J W 7 ood, Henry B 
Heerns, Robert M 1 oung, H B 
Holtmyre, Joseph H 

BRAIDWOOD, No. 704. 

BRAID WOOD, Will Co. Chartered Oct 
1873. Reg com 1st and 3d Thurs. Mem 55. 

Charles K Charltox, W Master 
Jno Broadbent, S W Ed Davison, S I) 
William White t J W John Bonstead, J D 
Robt Dunlap, Treas Joseph Peart, S S 
Jos L Allison, Sec J W Patterson, J S 

John Barnett, T 
Anderson, George Peart, John 
x\ndrews, George O Petit, T M 
Backus, John B Rankin. William 

Barnes, Calderwood Ray, John 
Beath, John W Ray, Thomas 

Blackburn, Thomas Scat, Emery D 
Blood, Winfield Sharp, Montgomery 

Brown, William B Shenk, John H 
Campbell, William Sitterby, Martin H 
Cherry, James Skinner, David 

Fairley, James Skinner, John 

Felton, Egbert W Smith, Theodore T 
G.illr.cher, John Stevenson, John 

Hagstrow, William Stufhebean, John O 
Harrup, Robert Sweet, Benjamin F 

Howat, Alexander Thornton, Thomas 
Howat, Benjamin Trask, Miles H 
Malcolm, William Trotter, Robert 
Marsh, Ira R Watson, William H 

Meredith, William Wlgnall, William W 
Murdock, John WUson, Joseph 

Oswald, David Zeigler, Isaac G 

Patterson, Alex 


BRIDGEPORT, Lawrence Co. Reg com 
1st and 3d Sat. Ann com 3d Sat Dec. 
Membership 35. 

R P Beck, W r Master 
M Eshelman, S W M D Frazer, S D 
C J F Bussell, J W Dan'l W r Myers, J D 
H Melburn, Treas Daniel Leach, S S 
J Schlenker, Sec Moses Hersley, J S 

James Lanterman, T 
Applegate, J T 
Barnes, Moses E 
Barnes, Peter S 
Beal, James W 
Bishop, W L 
Bonner, Charles W 

Campbell, F A 
Cooper, George W 
Conover, Richard 
David, Joseph A 
Foreman, E 
Hughes, Lewis 
Jackinan, John 

Kocher, Sanford R 
Lewis, Perry 
Lourey. Talmon P 
Mill house, William 
Reiber, John 
Rogers, Henry H 
Sehmalhauser, E 
Sehnalhauser. II 
Smith, Robert 
Somes, George 
Somes, John 
Stees. Thomas 
Stivers, Sidney 

BRQMWELL, 3STo. 451. 

ASSUMPTION, Christian Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1865. Keg com 1st Sat o a t m. 
Ann com Dec. Membership 65. 
J R Milligax, W^ Master 
J W r Aldrich, S W Heniy L Reans, S D 
James F McKee, J W Peter L Myers. J D 
F A Seymore, Treas Daniel T Dell, S b 
John A Bridge, Sec Joseph P Stark, J S 
I William Spear, T 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Kem merer, John B 
Kercheval, Moses C 
King, Harvey 
Liilard, Perry 
Little, C C 
Long, Robert H 
Maynard, Wash 
Miller, Martin V 
Moore, S M 
Pearcy, Charles 
Peck, Richard 
Pickard, J H 
Pound, James B 
Potter, William 
Ponder, Isaiah 
Rasbach, T F 
Reber, John K 
Reed, Joseph W 
Shepherd, Edwd R 
Shoube, Gabriel 
Travis, Thomas M 
Watkins, Lyman T 
Watson, Dudley J 
Weekly, Emanuel 
Wright, James B 
Wright, Just 
Yantis, Samuel 

Adams, H H 
Anderson, John L 
Armstrong, John £ 
Baltzly, Henry H 
Barrett, Marcus L 
Benepe, Frank 
Birce, James 
Bixby, L P 
Branyan, James 
Campbell, Isaac 
Cazalet, Augustus 
Chastine, Thomas 
Cochran, R C 
Conner, T L 
Courcier, Clovis 
Davidson, Elijah E 
Dornblaser, Benj 
Downe, Samuel J 
Doyle, E A 
Fisher, O W 
Funk, Henry 
Harper, Robert 
Harper, Samuel 
Hiilabrant, J W 
Hoffa, Samuel 
Hoit, L A 
Hood, Robert M 
Hutchinson, George 

BROOKLYN, No. 282. 

tered Oct, 1858. Reg com Wed obi' m. 
Membership 42. 

John W Hills, W Master 
R S Farrand. S W Walter Little, S D 
David Gilmore, J W S W Carnahan, J D 
D Giiinore, Treas Lewis Bushey, S S 
J F Cole, Sec W W Gilmore, J S 

Edward Lamb, T 
Atkinson, Wm Glasspool, Albert 

Bird, Montraville Hargadin, John 
Bird, William Harris, D L 

Cain, Joseph W Hoibon, Wesson 
Carnahan, Henry H Holdren David 
Carnahan, Hiram Holdren, Richard 
Carnahan, Lafayette Hyde, John W 
Chainey, George Johnson, Oliver P 
Christance, A V Ketley, Edward 
Clemmons, James T McFarland, A W 
Davison, James Merrill, Joseph 

Dedrick, Miller, Wesley 

Edmonds, Isaac Richey, Robert 

Ellsworth, Edwin Robinson, John K 
St Clair, Jacob 
Swhisher, James W 

Fairchild, Sam G 
Fairchild, Sam C 

BUCKLE1T, No. 634. 

BUCKLEY, Iroquois Co, Chartered Oct 
1869. Reg com Wed o b f m. Ann com 
Jan. Membership 59. 

Joel G McClave, W Master 
Wm A B Tate, S W Elisha Luther, S D 
Aug G Schleh, J W A J Whitaker, J D 
J A Koplin, Treas Henry Ruche, S S 
John T Riggs, Sec M B Waterman, J S 

August H Ruehe, T 
Andrews, S A Beeson, David 

Ball, Henry C Birchenough, M 

Burnham, John 
Cassingham, M 
Crossly, Henry 
Didama, Simon A 
Dunbar, John N 
Flora, William B 
Geer, Charles, 
Hartshorn, Calvert 
Hartshorn, E D 
Horner, William F 
Hull, Elmer 
Hull, Elvin 
Hull, Japheth 
Hurst, Thomas 
Huston, James M 
Johnson, Wm L R 
Lincoln, Horace 
Lincoln-, Melvin D 
McClave, William 
McFarland, A 
McKinley, John 
McNall, James G 
Meserve, John B 

BUDA, No. 399. 

BUD A, Bureau Co, Reg com 2d and 

4th Tues. Membership 46. 

Wm T Lewis, W Master 
E C Anderson, S W Geo H Fuller, S D 
Cbas M Chase, J W F D Webb, J D 
J L Sweet, Treas A H Gunn, S S 
E B White, Sec R W Morse, J S 

H Churchill, T 
Anderson, Benj 
Boling, John 
Brainard, M G 

Meserve, William H 
Nelson, Charles J 
Newlin, Samuel H 
Newman, Edward O 
Niles, A M 
O'Harra, Andrew J 
Outtrin, James 
Pierson, Thomas 
Pusey, Jonas S 
Ricker, E S 
Riggs, John T 
Root, Arch N 
Sanborn, Ira Q 
Selleck, Erskine 
Smith, Joel R 
Soper, Nelson 
Still, A M 
Stokes, J M 
Temple, Thomas 
Thompson, Geo II 
Thompson, Wm H 
Waterman, M H 

Bruner, J J 
Corey, Rufus 
Cummin gs, Wm 
Davis, S D 
Doyle, J no V B 
Emerson, Geo S 
Gaskill, Joseph H 
Gaskill, WmP 
Hale, Llewellyn 
Haley, Thos J 
Harriman, Henry 
Horson, Eli 
Lewis, David R 
Lewis, Thos W 
Mosher, B H 

Mosher, E D 
New, N U 
Pennington, BC 
Pervier, Joseph N 
Rick, Jno G 
Robinson, Geo A 
Robertson, W H 
Spafford, F S 
Strauburg, W O 
Swab, Chas W 
Sweet, Geo F 
Sweet, John B 
Sweet, Levi F 
Thorndyke, Wm 
Walte, B F 
Warren, Courtney 
Way, Benjamin 

BUNKER HILL, No. 151. 

BUNKER HILL, Macoupin Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1854. Reg com Thurs o b f m. 
Ann com Dec. Membership 52. 

Joseph A Messifield, W Master 
Jos Lancaster, S W John Patrick, S D 
Stephen F Hale. J W Marcus Sessel, J D 
J V Hopper, Treas Hugh Spears, S S 
II M Hutchinson, S S S Ol instead, J S 
Thomas Hobbs, T 

Baird, John 
Barnett, C F 
Brother, F 
Brown, H H 
Butcher, Henry 
Camp, I W 

Cross FWpm 
Cummings, JFpm 
Digman, A 
Diliiard, Luke 
Duncan, E B 
Gibson, Joshua 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Hedley, F Y 

Huggins, P C 
Illhardt, C F Max 
Johnstone, D II 
Kates, John 
Keuhl, Wm H 
Lancaster. F W 
Lee, Josiah 
McPherson, John 
Mess, Alex 
Misner, W C 
Morris, David 
Parnienter, Charles 
Pennington, Jas T 

Ridgley, J 

Sawyer, David H 
Sawyer, Dempsey 
Scwell, A M 
Slaughter, John H 
Smailev, David E 
Snia 1 lev, John H 
Smalley, K C 
Smalley, Samuel 
So aire, Samuel 
Stbldt, A 

Summerville, Thos 
Van Dom, Thos I 
Weich, Henry 
Weston, I S 

BTJBEATJ, No. 112. 

PRINCETON, Bureau Co. Chartered 
Oct. 1851. Keg com 2d and 4th Tues. 
Membership 111. 

J H Fawcett, W Master 
T F Green, S W I) T Bailey, S D 
G W Stone, J W H D Gihbs, J D 
G Crossley, Treas € Weidrich, S S 
S D Hall, Sec T Harris, J S 

W A Warren, T 
Adams, Lyman A Knox, L M 

Archer, George W 
Bacon, Newell A 
Bailey, John W 
Baldwin, Charles 
B a scom, C P 
Beede, J C 
Biles, T E 
Bishop, Joseph H 
Brady, John G 
Burke, B H 
Caiiaim, M K 

Lamb, Silas 
Langworthy, C G 
Leach, J W 
Long, F M 
Lovering, M G 
Marsh, George 
Martin, M M 
Mason, Charles A 
Meach, B F 
Mercer, Joseph 
Mercer, Levi 

Caiiaim, Thomas C Meseigh, Joseph 
Carse, Martin Miller, John E 

Cauffman. C H 
Christman, Jacob 
Clark, M C 
Colby, Charles 
Cooper, David C 

Moore, William T 
Morris, David K 
Munger, W H 
Oakford. B J 
Olds, Abel W 

Crossley, George W Oppenheimer, A 
Dunterman, Henry Parker, CLY 

Elliott, P II 
Epperson, J M 
Fisher, Amos 
Fisher, J M 
Gaylor, Adam 
Hall, S F 
Harpin, Henry 
Hennesey, John 
Henoch, P 
Hensel, G W 
Hoskins, J K 
Hoskins, Jesse 
Hoskins, WW 
Hubbell, Charles S 
James, E S 
Jehlinger, George 
Jerome, LR 
Jollier", James E 
Jones, Cyprian 
Jordan, W H 
Kellogg, C C 
Kinnan, Jacob 

Perry, J W 

Phelps, E S 
Pierson, S 
Pixley, Ira A 
Potts, Andrew M 
Prouty, John 
Rackley, George 
Raw^son, Harry W 
Romberger, L D 
Searle, John S 
Searle, W W 
Seaver, Ezra 
Shenlund, Andrew A 
Shugart, John 
Smith, L S 
Stipp, George W 
Storm, John M 
Strock, Joseph H 
Sutton, Frederick 
Thomas, Charles G 
Tinley, Edward 
Vandegrist, James 

Vanvelser, Charles 
Virden, Edward R 
Waldron, Perry 
Waldron, Z R 
Waller, F W 
Walters, Allen L 
Weldin, J J 
Wescott, Charles II 

Williams, J L 
Wilson, James F 
Winter, Wm H 
Winter, Wm M 
Zearing, James R 
Zeigler, Oliver A 
Zeigler, P H 


BURLINGTON, Kane Co. Chartered 
Oct 1869. Reg com 1st and 3d Thurs. 
Ann com 3d Thurs Dec. Membership 40. 

A J Manitc, W Master 
J Roseberg, S W E J Moncrilf, Sec 
E Sholes, J W A Walker, S D 

E M vVatson, Treas J Rosburg, J D 
M Chapman, T 

Barnebee, J 
Brown, D C 
Brown, J C 
Chapman, B F 
Chapman, M 
Crawford, A 
Doty, I 
Farrell, C A 
Gage, J 
Godfrey, C 
Hainan, A 
Hodyabone, D 
King, J A 
Lane, E 
Lasher, J 
Lord, J W 

Lord, R L 
Mann, F 
Mann, P A 
Mann, S D 
Morris, J 
Muir, R H 
Russell, J 
Samis. V 
Smith, I 
Smith, L 
Strong, D W 
Terwelliger, W 
Truax, A 
Vote, J M 
Willing, A J 
Wood, J 

BURNSEDE, No. 683. 

BURNSIDE, Hancock Co. Chartered 
Oct 187:2. Reg com Sat a f m. Member- 
ship 38. 

O C Ing, W Master 
B Fordham, S W W R Burbridge, S D 
H C Tetter, J W E W Walters, J D 
David Akin, Treas J S Gordon, S S 
Jas McCormick, Sec J B McMillen, J S 

R M Dufiy, T 
Akin, David Hutchison, A V 

Alestrise, L V Logan, W H 

Alestrise, William McCarty, J H 
Bates, J T McKay, N O 

Brumbach, B F Perkins, J J 

Davison, J Yi Roash, J W 

Emmert, William H Shinn, J L 
Fiscus, N C Stermbaugh, Isaac 

Gales, Abner, 
Gentry, William 
Glaze, A W 
Hair, James 
Henderson, R L 
Howel, Smith, 


BURNT PRAIRIE, White Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1861. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. 
Ann com Sat n b Dec 27. Membership 38. 

Wesley Phtllips, W Master 
W R Wheeler, S W N W Goodrich, S D 
Jas H Bradford, J W Isaac Cravens, J D 

Thompson, J D 
Tynes, William 
Wilson, Lycurgus 
Winters, George 
Wysey, Henry 
Yople, Warren 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Wm Headley, Treas John Hagele, S S 
R S McCullough, SecWm J Heflin, J S 

William M Vaught, T 
Buck, Thomas J Hunsinger, Ezekiel 
Conner, John Lock, James 

Cravens, Milton Maricle, Robert H 
Cravens, William P Moffit, John A 
Felix, George Murphy, Wm C 

Fenton. Robert F Nicks, George W 
Files, Peter J Pattorff, William J 

Fox, William B Renfrou, Robert S 

Freeland, Simeon Rusher, Masterson 
Freeland, Simeon J Scudder, Oliver P 
Funkhauser, Jno J Seal, Francis M 
Halfele, John Sharp, John H 

Harlan, Alfred W Vaught, Martin 
Harris, Wade A Vaught, Thomas 

BUTLER, No. 459. 

BUTLER, Montgomery Co. Reg com 
2d and 4th Tues. Membership 31. 
James Judd, W Master 
C W Jenkins, S W Wm Elliman, S D 
G W Brown, jr J W M M Stucky, J D 
W Williamson, Tr J C Sammons. S S 
Chas O Brown, Sec Milton H Mitts, J S 

John W Strunk, T 
Barrett, Jesse C McAlister, Albert H 
Berry, Peter Mitts, Stephen 

Cass,' John J Nail, Hiram 

Chappie, Alex Noggle, George R 

Dailey, Doran Stanley, Henry S 

Diddle, Andrew J Sutton, William 
Diddle,_Wm G Van Doren, John R 

Doyle, Isaac Van Sandt, A J 

Elliman, Thomas Van Sandt, Geo W 
Hut-sett, Wm G Young, Wm A 

Judd, Charles 

BYRON, No. 274. 

BYRON, Ogle Co. Chartered Oct 1858. 
Reg com Thurs obfm. Membership 49. 

John S Kozier, W Master 

N H York, S W SB Shuart, S D 

Wm A Grove, J W J Hamaker, J D 

Jas R Sensor, Treas Selby Trumbull, S S 

J H Sanlord, Sec G G Conover, J S 

Al W Hetrick, T 

Alden, Israel Murray, W E 

Anderson, Wesley Nobles, Silas 

Bardwell, John Patrick, p; W 

Bennett, WW Reber. John S 

Bothwell, W A Rice, M A 

Byron, Thomas C Sargent, Daniel 

Clothier, Lewis Sanford, J W 

Conover, Gilbert G Seals, Peter H 

Cooling, F W Shott, George 

Davis, John C Smith, J P 

Dexter, Horace Spalding, Harry 

Eaton. Frank Wagner, Horatio 

Hall, C L Walker, Alex 

Hammun, Alvah Walters, George 

Ives, John Weld, Henry 

Jordan, Jerry Wilbur, Charles 

Rosier, George Willson, Robert M 

Lockwood, James Woffle, John 

Mack, A H Wood, Dudley 
Mack, JWpm 

CACHE, No. 290. 

MOUIS D CITY, Pulaski Co. Chartered 
Oct 1858. Reg com Wed obf m. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 33. 

John W Morris, w Master 
John A Waugh, S W A J Dougherty, Sec 
H F Rotter, J W J S Cordingby, S D 
Geo G Morris, Treas C W Felter, J D 

William E Johnson, T 
Albright, Isaac F Jones, Francis M 
Canico, Thomas W Jones, William 
Chister. Edwin S Labagh, Peter J 
Dyer, Henry W Lounsburv, G E G M 

Frieganza, Romeo McCune, John B 
Fulton, James B Mertz, Henry C 
Goodloe, R V Tyler, Asa H 

Gutmann, Adolphus Watkins, E B 
Hallerberg, Aug F Wearm, I J 
Hambleton, W L Wheeler, Samuel P 
Henry, John B Wherry, John R 

Howorth, W L Wilson, Charles 

Jones, David 

CAIR,67No. 237. 

CAIRO. Chartered Oct 1857. Ueg com 
2d and 4th Mon. Ann com reg n b Dec 
27. Membership 128. 

J S Rearden, W Master 
Paul G Schuh, S W J Schlesinger, S D 
Jno Antrim, J W Conrad Alba, JD 
F Korsmever, Tr B F Barker, S S 
Byron T Blake, Sec G. T. Whitlock, J S 

Fred Whitcamp, T 
Alba. Wm 
Arter, C D 

Arter, Daniel 
Ayers, S D 
Baird, R II 
Barclay, J S 
Barclay, P W 
Bedard, Frank 
Bixby, Hiram 
Bowen, B F 
Brasher, C P 
Burnham, M 

Foote, C H 
Foss, Moses 
Furgueson, Thos 
Goldstine, Jacob 
Gould, George 
Gunter, M D~ 
Green, W H 
Green wo Id, J W 
Hagey, H G 
Hanny, C 
Hannon, H A 
Haynes, A A 

Cantwell, Nicholas Henderson, C W 

Castle, W M 
Coan. Edwin 
Coe, E J 
Corey, C H 
Courtway, Joseph 
Cundiff, R J 
Cundiff, R M 
Gushing, GT 
Davidson, CC 
Deitrich, E B 
Dickerson, Elijah 
Doll, A 
Doss, S W 
Dunning, C W 
Dunning, M L 
Edwards, Jas 
Eichoff, Henry 
EichofT, Wm 
Elliott, Henry 
Farquhar, Joseph 
Finn, Chas 
Fisher, Geo 

Henry, Wm jr 
Holden A G 
Howard, Phillip 
Irvin, A H 
Johnson, James 
Jorgenson. Louis 
Kearney, W B 
Kinnear, J W 
Knickerbocker. Jas 
Lane, W S 
Lawrence, Thos 
Limbert, John 
Linton, Nathan 
Luf kin, J H 
McBride, Stephen 
McEwen, John 
Mc Kinney, J W 
Mann, Seiig 
Man waring, H K 
Marshall, W T 

Mathews, Willis 


Mesler, W P 
Metcalf, J H 

Mever, Herman 
Meyers, John 
Morris, W H 
Mulachy, J H 
N el lis, C F 
Nesbit, Richard 
Norris, F A 
Ohlsen, Leonard 
Parker, B F 
Parker, David S 
Parker, T J 
Phillis. Jas A 
Poor, G B 
Rabe, Chas G 
Ransom, A G 
Redman, TV A 
Rennie, J T 
Rosenwater, S 
Rittenhouse, S W 
Ronan, Lawrence 
Sheldon, J B 
Simonds, Parker 

Sloo, Wm R 

Spaulding, HE 
Stegall, C C 
Stormant, J W 
Summer well, Jas 
Swavne, A >i 
Swayne, James S 
Sweeney, Anthony 
Taber, J C B 
Theabold. Fred 
Thrupp. Chas 
Traxler, Herman 
Trover, Jno W 
Trusell, Victor 
Uhl, E C 
Vincent, Francis 
Walder, Moses 
Wardner, Horace 
Wertheimer, D 
Williamson, Samuel 
Wiley, Morris B 
Winston, C 
Wood, John 
Woodward, C R 


NORTH CALEDONIA, Pulaski County. 
Chartered Oct 184T. Reg com Thurs o b f 
m. Membership 24. 

J M Davidge, W Master 
D J Britt, S W H M Smith, Sec 

J F Lyerly, J W John Flinn, S D 
R M Johnson, Treas J A Sickling, J D 

J J Walker, T 
Calvin, R T Pidgeon. G S 

Easter, Solomon Rand, S F 
Gore, James M Renard, L B 

Hatheway, W M Rolland, Thomas H 
Hiatt, J W Royall, W E 

Hight, W A Spence, James J 

Kenterbach, L Spence. Samuel 

Olmsted, E B Steers, J G 

CALUMET, No. 716. 

BLUE ISLAND, Cook Co. Chartered 
Oct 1874. Reg com 1st and 3d Tues. Mem- 
bership 36. 

John Sidle, W Master 
H B Robinson, SW E P Hansen. S D 
A P Pierce, J W H W Schmidt, J D 
G Luechtemeyer, Tr C C Eidam, S S 
M Helbreg, Sec H Bertrand, J S 

John Wolff, T 
Andres, Christian Kirby, John 

CAMAKGO No. 440. 
CAMARGO, Dougla Co. Reg com Wed 
o b f m. Membership 58. 

A Salesbery, W Master 
W F Jarman, S W G W Ritter, S D 
F W Bassett, J W J E Bagley, J D 
J W McKiney, Treas P Watson, S S 
G B Houk, Sec J II Bagley, J S 

G Osborn, T 

Auld, Robert C 

Attwood, Orvil E 

Barney, George 

Bose, Herman 

Buck, Louis 

Callighan, F P 

Crandall, Albert 

Crandall, Herman A Sevforth, Edward 

Diefenbach, Fred G Sidle, John 

Fehrenckamp, Fred W T aldo, Howard J 

Gasser, Joseph J AVartles, Perry A 

Gurrad, Francis L Watson, Wm W 

Hahman. Fred 

Kuhr, George 
Luechtmeyer, Louis 
McCord, Ira 
Mc>s abb, Sebastian 
Parson, James M 
Rinckenberger, C 
Rail, John 

Allred, W F 
Baird, W 
Barrick, W R 
Brown, John 
Burton, J B 
Burtnell, W H 
Campbell, WC 
Carmack, J A 
Carmack, Robert 
Chilcoat, N B 
Clements, James 
Cole, W C 
Connolly. J L 
Coy, Kendall 
Duzan, X C 
Elfes Theodore 
Frame, J F 
Gill, G C 
Gill, L 
Hall, W H 
Harnett. J R 
Harnett, W S 
Helms, A 
Helms, G S 

Helms, J T 
Henson, G W 
Henson, S S 
Hopwell, J H 
Howard, S A 
Jones, W W 
Jorden, W II 
Kauffman, J 
McGrath, L 
Mifflin, S H 
Morris, R C 
Murphey, W F 
Parcells, J C 
Patterson, R C 
Randall, J R 
Rice, Martin 
Richman, Peter 
Ross, H 
Smart, J T 
Smoot, W F 
Tenbrook, J R 
Whallon, W C 
Williams, James 
Woolverton, C W 


CAMBRIDGE, Henrv Co. Chartered 
Oct 1848. Reg Com 1st and 3d Thurs. 
Ann com Nov. Membership 60. 

Frank G Weltox, W Master 
E D Richardson. S W James E Ayres, S D 
R H Hinman, J W Wm J Vannice, J D 
Amos Gould, Treas J G Davis, S S 
Thos G Ayers, Sec L L McFarland, J S 

Robert H Sadler, T 
Alfred, Samuel Djr Kinsey, Jared C 
Baldwin, Edwin J Kline, Francis S 
Benson Lars Langshon, Sam'l J 

Beveridge, Peter H Martin, Daniel 
Bolinger, J P 
Bowen. Samuel F 

Bowling, Samuel 
Boyd, Samuel G 
Burrows, B H 
Busenmbark, J F 

Miskimins, Harvey 

Moch, Anthony R 

Morris, Charles A 

Xewmann, Henry 

Newmann, Hugo 

Newman, Wm L 

Comstock, Henry S Patten, Lewis H 
Dolrymple, Wm L Petteys, Sherman P 

Fox, John P 
Frithioff, Peter. J 
Gardner. Wm A 
Glass. Neal 
Gould, L Y 
Grant, William 
Higin. John B 
Hinman, Julius S 
Hinman, Wm W 
Hoffner, Conrad 
Jackson, Y David 
Jennings, John L 
Keagy, James 

Piatt, John 
Piatt, John jr 
Pierce. Silas 
Randall, John M 
Randall, Samuel B 
Shepard, Wm H 
Stackhouse, J P 
Sthughton, H E 
Stuart, Henry H 
Thompson, R M 
Willis, John 
Wilkinson, L J 
Wing, George P 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

CAMDEN, No. 648. 

CAMDEN, Schuyler Co. Chartered Oct 
1870. Reg com Sat obf m. Membership 

Edwin B West, W Master 
Geo E Harvey, S W Isaac P Melvin, S D 
John H James, J W Geo R Anderson, J D 
H Wells, Treas V Anderson, S S 

Elisha G West, Sec Lewis Craeraft, J S 

William F Hendrix, T 
Adams, James P Hass, John 
Anderson, Cyrus Hendrix, James 
Anderson, Franklin Hetrick, Henry 
Anderson, John Hetrick, Theodore 
Averv, P H Jackson, O P 

Bissell, Charles L King, Charles D 
Bissell, Clinton C King, Jonas 
Bleeker, John J Lewis, T P 
Byrns, Harvey McCartney, John 

Cady, Danford McHatton, Robt G 

Cady, Henry McHatton, Sam'l N 

Cady, Isaac G KcKinley, Charles 

Cady, M E McMurry, Thomas 

Cady, Stoel F Marlow, Henry 

Cady, William H Meyers, Nicholas 
Chapman, Thomas Miller, P B 
Clark, Marcellus M Murphy, Abner 
Clark, Nathaniel Owens, G W 
Curry, Joseph W Peckenpaugh, John 
Drake, Robert P Prints, John A 
Dunlavey, James A Smith, Benjamin D 
Fetch, William Tyree, William 

Foley, Henry Walker, John H 

Foster, James B Watts, B P 
Garver, Greenburg White, Wm P 
Harvey, John A Wells, Arthur L 
Harvey, Wiufield S Yocum, Jackson J 
Harvey, Zachary T 

CAPROnTno. 575. 

CAPRON, Boone Co. Chartered Oct 
1868. Reg com 2d and 4th Wed. Mem- 
bership 52. 

Chas E Freeman, W Master 
S Jno Johnson, S W Reuben Powell, S D 
N H Wooster, J W F J Bates, J D 
ET Schellinger, Tr Elijah Loveless, S S 
N Goodrich, Sec Samuel Bates, J S 
Chas Fenton, T 

Merrill, Geo H 
Moore, David A 
Nesmith, Milton M 
Nichols, F A 
Nickels, F H 

Bates, Benj A 

Bates, Charles 

Bates, Isaac 

Bennett Almon 

Berry, Thos F 

Briggs, Mortimer C Pickard, David 

Carey, Peter V Rofflns, Jno H 

Champlin, James Powell, Julius 

Cornwall, Barney 

Dean, Geo S 

Decker, Charles 
Decker, Lewis 
Emery, Harrison 
Head, Chas S 
Hill, Isaiah 
Jackson, N D 
Lilly, Joseph R 
Lowing, ^V alter 
Markle, Jesse B 

Schellinger, Almon 
Schellenger, H C 
Sherman, Eri 
Smith, Joseph P 
Stow, Henry H 
Stow, Thos J 
Taylor, Wm 
Tucker, Lawrence S 
Webster, David 
Willett, Henry 
Willett, Wm 

Woodward, A D 
Woodward, M C 

Wright, Gardner C 
Wright, Gibson 

CARMI, No. 272. 

CARMI, White Co. Cnartered Oct 1858. 
Reg com 1st and 8d Tues. Ann com reg 
n b Dec 27. Membership 64. 

James I McClintock, W Master 
F W Foster, S W Thomas W Hay, Sec 
M Schumacher, J W Thos G Parker, S D 
Jas H Shipley, Treas Thorn Hilbourn, J D 

Richard Spicknall, T 
Ashcroft, Thomas F Miller, Conrad 
Barth, William M Mills, John 
Berry, Daniel Monical, James W 

Burrell, Peter S Parker, Theophilus 
Charles, John Partridge, Jasper 

Clifford, Harry C Pearce, William H 
Clifford, James E Phillips, James K 
Cochran, Wm R Pomeroy, Robert 
Darrah, George Poole, John W 
Damron, Joseph M Putnam, Madison 
Draper, Brice M Reis, Myer 
Finch, James Rucker, Richard W 

Franks, Isaac Russell, James R 

Hargrave, Thomas Sholts, Jackson 
Higdon, Philip Shanberger, Louis J 

Hinde, James B Shannon, Albert R 
Howell, Benjamin F St John, William A 
Jackson, James M Staley, George S 
Jessup, Richard Stewart, Elam M 
Johnson, William H Stone, Thomas W 
Kelly, George W Strong, Samuel 
Kerney, Thomas Stum, John W 
Kerney, Thomas M Swisher, Samuel L 
Land, Yerby Tanquary, David 

McDowell, Chas E Ward, Willis, C 
Mclntire, Wm H White, James 
Martin, Ira Wilson, Thomas K 

Martin, John D Youngs, David 


CARROLLTON, Greene Co. Chartered 
Oct 1848. Reg com 1st and 3d Mon. Mem- 
bership 106. 

John Hill, W Master 
Wm L Greene, S W F P Greene, S D 
J T Cameron, J W Jacob P Moore, J D 
J P Morrow, Treas T G Jefferies, S S 
J C Woolford, Sec Joseph Ober, J S 

Henry C Sieverling, T 
Admire, Philip Campbell, David W 

Andrews, Nathan J Carice, Silas 
Armstrong, Clinton Clendenen, H Perry 
Armstrong, W H H Cooke,Woodson 
Ashlock, George K Crow, James T 

Ashlock, Wm M 
Barnett, Wm L 
Beaty, Wm Wilson 
Billings, Wade H 
Bowman, George 
Bowman, John 

Davis, Geo W 
Davis, James M 
Davis, Wm R 
Dee, John W 
Driver, Pleasant 
Eldred, J B 

Bowman, Martin sr Eldred, Leonard E 
Brown, John M Fishback, Fred M 

Brown, Joseph Fox, Thomas E 

Browning, A M Freels, Jesse M 

Browning, J Perry Furgeson, James E 
Burr, Albert G Guild, Henry A 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Gullet, Wm D 
Halbirt, Wm L 
Heist, Keller 
Hensler, Lewis 
Hobson, John Thos 
Hudson, Wm H 
Hutchins, Gideon C 
Jenne, Jacob M 
Johnson, Henry L 
Johnston, J C 
Kaser, John 
Keeley, Charles W 
Kelly, John C 
Lakin, Leander R 
Levy, Samuel 
Lewis, Stephen G 
Mclntyre, Thos A 
Martin, James 
Meldrum, Geo W 
Meyerstein, Mark 
Milnes, Joseph 
Mormon, Wm P 
Morrow, Z A 
Newbold, Wm H 
Newman, Wm 
Nolan, John 
Orr, William L 
Pegram, Edward B 
Perrine, Samuel 
Perry, Nathaniel M 

Pierson, Robert 
Pope, James Oscar 
Powers, Wm R 
Price, George B 
Price, Thomas D 
Rainey, John 
Reed, Joel G 
Reynolds, Joseph 
Roberts, F M 
Robinson, M L 
Robinson, R G 
Rumsiil, Geo Ed 
Rumsiil, Geo W 
Smith, Alex H 
Stith, David 
Smith, James M 
Spencer, Henry R 
Stocks, Zeno 
Tandy, Waiter S 
Taylor, Geo W 
Thomas, Wm D 
Varble, George 
Tedder, Sylvester A 
Waggoner, Adam 
Ward, Richard E 
Warren, Henry 
White, J C 
White, Lewis 
Withers, Henry C 
Williams, Geo A 
Woodson, David M 

CASEY, No. 442. 

CASEY, Clark Co. Reg com Sat o b f m. 
Membership 43. 

D C Sturdevant, W Master 
J Dougherty, S W F L Shinkle, S D 
Jno W Ba;sley, J W Aaron Jacobs, J D 
J M Hendricks, Wm Eche berry, S S 
Wm A Crosby, Sec Taylor Emrich, J S 

Elisha Cook, T 
Bloomer^Austin L Monts, David 
Closson, Wm C Peterson, Jesse 

Dosbaugh. Samuel Pierce, Emory T 
Doughty, Francis M Price, Jacob 
Gilkeson, Wm J Redmond, John 

vjiimouu, >l 111 u 

Guthrie, Wm M 
Haws, Jacob 
Henderson, Geo S 
Hodge, Joseph 
Jacobs, John 
Jacobs, Wm 
Jacobus. Marcus 

Reeve, Reuben 
Rosebraugh, D R 
Rvan, Lewis S 
Sherman, Henry 
Sherman, Wm H 
Short, John 
Shute, Edward F 

Jewell, WSanford Simpkins, Mark 

Johnson, John W Ward, Benj F 

Lang, John J Wiley, Geo W 

Milliken, James H Williamson, Eli 
Miner, Allen 

CASsTno. 23 

BEARDSTOWX, Cass Co. Chartered 
Oct 1843. Reg com 1st & 3d Mon. Mem 67. 

Henry Garm, W Master 
Id W Kells, S W SO Spring, S D 
Joseph Elder, J W Ed P Logan, J D 
3 B Wilson, Treas Jos Bolejack. S S 
phas F Norton, Sec J J Dresser, J S 
James A Butter, T 

Menke, Henry 
Misenhammer, T 
Nead, Henry J 
Newall, Edward I 
Norbury Charles J 
Norton, Philo T 
Parker, Charles E 
Pilger, Christian 
Putman, John E 
Rhineborger. W H 
Riggs, John P 
Robertson, John 
Rogers, Towner H 
Root, Maurice T 
Ruppell, Adam 
Scott, Otis P 
Scamon, John W 
Seeger, Henry 
Sheeler, Joseph W 
Smith, Samuel 
Steele, T Alexander 
Steinmeitz, W 7 m C 
Tin k, Richard 
Vanvranker, H N 
Ward, Asadasia 
Warwick, Thos D 
Wilkins, Theodore 
Wilson, James E 

Andrews, Cyrus P 
Baker, Daniel 
Burns, Edward C 
Burns, Benjamin F 
Darnell, James M 
Davis? Edward 
Desonar, Henry C 
Dick, James A 
Dutch, John R 
Elam, Stephen F 
Elmore, Julius J 
Elmore, Travis 
English, D W 
Gentry, Jeremiah 
Gentry, John W 
Grey, John W 
Hal pin, Michael D 
Heinz, Theodore 
Horking, Joseph J 
Huffman, Isiah E 
Husted, John 
Jacobson, Henry C 
Kavanagh, A A 
King, Solomon M 
Kueshler, Oscar H 
McClure, Joseph W 
Maurer, John 
Maxwell, A D 
Medley, Philip 

CATLIN, No. 285. 

CATLIN, Vermilion Co. Chartered 
Oct 1858. Reg com 2d and 4th Sat. Mem- 
bership 67. 

J C Vance, W Master 
Henry Lloyd, S W Jas Ciipson, S D 
Wm Harper, J W Wm Knapp, J D 
Richd Jones, Treas D B Douglas, S S 
S A McGregor, Sec Clement Rhoads. J S 

Fred Tarrant, T 
Bracewell, Louis Pate, BC^ 

Burgoine, Evan 
Burgoine. J H 
Burgoine, J W 
Calp, J D 
Caraway, C T 
Chamberlain. Wm 
Church, Albert 
Church, G W F 
Church. Thomas 
Cline, Wm H 
Crosby, J F 
Crutchley, John 
Davis, Jesse 
Douglas, J M 

Payne. C L 
Payne, H M 
Price, Jas 
Ray, Wm 
Raybourn, J W 
Renie, John 
Runyon. Thos 
Russel, Fred 
Sandusky. J C 
Stevens, Fred 
Stevens, Samuel 
Stevens, Wm T 
Stocton, J P 
Tarpening, D H 

Douglas, Windfield Task, Wm 

Eng'eman, J N 
Fertig, C A 
Goins. Chas 
Hoyles, Geo 
Jones, Edward 
Keenv, H F 
Kiger, L C 
Lafftem, Frank 
Linen, Michael 
Majors, J W 
Newton. J W 
Oakwood, J H 
Olmstead, A G 

Taylor, T A 
Tilton, G W 
Tilton, Samuel 
Timmons, Wm 
Trimmel, J P 
Trimmel, Wm 
Van Allen, Wm 
Villars, Isaiah 
Wilmeth, Chas 
Wolf, G W 
Wolf, Isaac 
Wolf, Peter 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

CAVE-IN-ROCK, No. 444. 

CAVE-IN-ROCK, Hardm Co. Reg com 
Sat obfm. Membership 33. 

David Frayser, W Master 
J T Lerlbetter, S W Edwd Shearon, S D 
Jos O Mason, J W Richd C Frayser, J D 
R L Hastie, Treas Samuel Oxford, S S 
Jas C Mason, Sec Joseph A Irby, J S 

Henry C Frayser, T 
Barnard, Chris W Mitchell, John 
Brown, Anderson Neely, John 
Doggett, Evan Oakerson, Albert 

Dossett, Elbert Odam, John 

Dossett, James H Oxford, James R 
Douglas, George W Sabnar, John A 
Guatin, Isaiah Shelby, Moses L 

Hanskins, I R Tyer, John 

Hinson, Josiah Willis, James 

Jack, John A Willis, John 

Lowry .James S Winn, William W 
Mead, Enrico 

CEDAR, No. 124. 

MORRIS, Grundy Co. Chartered Oct 
1853. Reg com 1st, 3d and 5th Tues. 
Ann com reg n b Dec 27. Membership 84. 

Charles E Halbert, W Master 
O N Pratt, S W WW Phillips, S D 

J H Roseman, J W A F Mallory, J D 
Fred Caspari, Treas Peter Grant, S S 
H D Hitchcock, Sec M C Strasburger, J S 

Enoch T Hopkins, T 
Antis, John Lane, George W 

Armstrong, Joseph Lott, Lewis P 
Armstrong, P A Mason, William 
Anderson, James Massey, Stillman E 
Ashton, George W Massman, Francis 
Beach, Lafayette F Mayo, Frederick C 
Beach, George R Miller, John C 
Bean, Irwin,"~W Miller, John W 
Bliss, Seneca, C Miller, James 
Boyer, Andrew J Nichols, John 
Bross, Moses Patterson, Robert 

Burrell, Henry Pettitt, Joseph H 

Bush, Henry Phillips, Thomas 

Campbell, G A Pierce, Charles M 

Cooper, Henry Quad land, Nicholas 

Coulony, David Reading, James N 
Cleveland, H A Rider, J Q A 

Cryder. Israel Robb, Emory 

Eversole, W T Sanford, Edward 

Ferguson, Chas D Schobert, John 
Field, Edwin R Schoville, J S R 
Garich, Jacob Schroder, John 

Geisen, Jacob Southard, Charles E 

Goold, Charles H Southcomb, John 
Gordon, Miles Stanbury, Byron 

Gorham, Henry G Steadnian, James 
Granby, George Stephen, Merritt J 
Hall, Francis Strong, R B 

Hanna, Edward B Smith, A D 
Harford, David R Tatham, John W 
Holtryman, H H Telfer, Alex W 
Horrie, James Thayer, H Milton 

Horrie, Robert B Thomas, Samuel B 
Hunt, Thomas B Tompkins, O 
Irons, Henry A Weston, Orange W 

Irons. John F Woelfel, George 

Irons, Leander Wood, Timothy 

CEMENT, No. 304. 

UTICA, LaSalle Co. Chartered Oct 
1859. Reg com Tues o b f m. Ann com 
reg n b Dec 27. Membership 53. 

Thos E Culver, W Master 
C C Prentice, S W C A Wilcox, S D 
M P Sweet, J W James Isham, J D 
Rev D A Clugston, C J P Hazel, S S 
M D Learned, Treas James Briggs, J S 
F A Leonard, Sec C B Clugston, T 
Alden, W H Holland, J M 

Arthur, William Meade, James 
Ballow, C W Peckham, J B 

Brewster, Ralph Perrin, C C 
Buell, C M Prentice, M 

Clark, J L Prentice, P S 

Clark, James Rennick, Hugh 

Collins, C A Schooley, I P 

Crosiar, Asa Schooley, L A 

Culver, C W Simmons, James 

Davis, W A Smith, Joseph C 

Delany, Thomas Smith, L M 
Dickenson, Z Snell, Salathiel 

Dills, L Sparham, H I) 

Edgecomb, William Stinor, George 
Flinck, J N Strobel, James 

Gardner, C J Strobel, Joseph 

Hailaday, C C Taylor, E E 

Halladay, J J True, G A 

Hess, Abram Turner, Thomas F 

Higby, H W Watson, E T 

Hixon, David West, George C 

CENTER, No. 694. 

PANA, Christian Co. Chartered Oct 
1872. Reg coin 2d Wed. Ann com Dec. 
Membership 12. 

Salem Dickey, W Master 
W S Buell, S W Wm E Scott, S D 
Saml W Bird, J W Wm Mason, J D 
H N Schuyler, Treas M M Heath, S S 
Gustine I Sadd, Sec R E Weller, J S 

Nelson Warren, T 
Hutchens, J S Schleirbach, Wm 

CENTER STAR, No. 651. 

MACKVILLE, Piatt Co. Chartered Oct 
1870. Reg com Mon o b f m. Member- 
ship 45. 

Samuel H Holt, W Master 
D A Meeker, S W Nelson Stevens, S D 
C Harshbarger, J W Nathan Garrett, J D 
W C Pierson, Treas Joseph Moore, S S 
John H Easton, Sec David Barrett, J S 
J W Merritt, T 

Harshbarger, Sam'l 
Hawks, J A 
Helton, Joel 
Helton, Richard M 

Ball, Dennis 
Barrett, Peter 
Bendle, Erastus 
Briggs, W J 
Brame, John 

Kagey, John W 

Browning, Franklin Monroe, R B 

Davis, C C Moore, Allen 

Edwards, Thos H Marshall, J S 

Ellars, William Masterson, Charles 

Erhardt, John Masterson, Chris 

Gillespie, Napoleon Matts, Isaac H 

Hamilton, Samuel Nelson, George 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Snyder, Wm G 
Suffren, Wm 
Taylor, L C 
Tobey, D D 
Walker, Bowland 

Quick, Isaiah 
Quick, John 
Rayel, J L 
Samson, James A 
Shultz, P M 
Snodgrass. W G 

CENTRAL, No. 71. 

SPRINGFIELD. Chartered Oct 1849, 
Reg com 2d Mon. Membership 75. 

Chas C Cromwell, W Master 
Richd Young, S W C Wood, S D 
Chas E Hay, J W Saml Keyser, J D 
R L McGuire, Treas Joseph Bennett. S S 
H C Watson, Sec Frank Cleverly, J S 

Jas W Watson, T 
Averitt. Thos G Lippencott, Chas E 

Babcock, A J Little, Thos S 

Bateman, Newton London, Wm J 
Brooks, Andrew M Low, James D 
Burrows, Henry McClernand, John A 
Chenery, John W Masters, Alex 

Conner, Thos L 
Cook, John 
Crafton, Wm P 
Day, David 
Diller, Roland W 
Douglass, James 
Eastman, Asa 
Eberhardt, Geo 
Elkln, Wm F 
Elliott, Jno W 
Enos, Zimri A 
Fancher, James H 
Fisher, Charles 
Fisher, John S 
Fossieman, Jos B 
Glidden, Henry H 
Gorman, Th<;S G 
Harper, J Drake 
Hatry, Charges 
Henkle, J Coke 
Jewell, Thos C 
Johnson, Paris D 
Kain, Reuben 
Kidd, ChasP 
King, Turner R 
Kingsbury, L 
Latham. Geo C 

Million, John L 
Morgan, Geo W 
Myers, Elisha E 
Nafew, John A 
Niles, Lotus 
Norwood, J D 
Pipe George 
Price, F Bird 
Rayburn, Jas 
Richardson, Hy H 
Ridgeley Henry 
Ryan, Charles 
Sands, Wm 
Saunders, Asbury H 
Smith, Wm F 
Smith, WmT 
Souther, Lewis 
Sowle, C Howard 
Talb&tt, Benj F 
Thrift, Wallace 
Tracy, Frank W 
Watson, Wm W jr 
West, Jas M 
Whittle, Richard 
Willard, Samuel 
Willett, Samuel J 
Winters, Augustus 

CENTRALIA, No. 201. 

CENTRALIA, Marion Co. Chartered 
Oct 1856. Reg com 1st and Sd Fri. Ann 
com 1st Fri Dec. Membership 112. 

Hiram W Hubbard, W Master 
Geo W Smith, S W E I Mitchell, S D 
Saml A Conrad. J W Alfred P Turner, J D 
C House, Treas Samuel J Smith, S S 

Hem an G Hand, Sec John W Turlay, J S 

James V Swarthout, T 
Aked, Thomas Brewster, Hiram B 

Allen, James V Brokaw, Wilmot I 
Arthur, Charles B Bruning, George H 
Avery, Moses H Buck, Henrv D 
Bagg, Frederick H Campbell, John A 
Betz, John Charles, J W 

Bicknell, Samuel G Clark, Guy R 

Condit, Edwin S 
Conover, George C 
Cooper, James Cpm 
Corbin, Sherman C 
Cormick. Joseph G 
Crosby, Aaron H 
Cunningham, H T 
DeLancey, WJ Apm 
Dibble, William H 
Dickinson, Peter S 
Farrow, Edward 
Fletcher Cyrus D 
Flowers, Joseph A 
Freeman, George W 
Giles, James J 
Gillham, John D 
Gilmore, Adam C 
Granger, John 
Guynn, William 
Hallam, John Lpm 
Harvey, George P 
Harvey, John S 
Hay, Carson D 
Hobbs, Joseph S 
Holton, George p m 
Horn, George F 
Howard, Blake C 
Howell, William M 
Johnson, George V 
Jones, Edwin W 
Jones, John P 
Kell, Dornton B 
Leavitt, Aurin L 
Lemen, William S 
Lender, Carol F 
Lope, Charles Fpm 
Lope, John Kpm 
Lucas, Charles A 

hall, James E 
Martin, Samuel 
May, Thomas R 
Meriwether, Frank 
Monk house, M H 
Morgan, William J 

Musselman, John 
Noleman, Robert D 
Nollman, Henry W 
O'Melveney, WmC 
Oxley, David 
Oxley, Richard D 
Patrick, James N 
Perkinson, Thos L 
Petit, August J 
Phelps, Elijah P 
Porter, Thomas A 
Porter, William 
Powell, Henry F 
Pulcipher. John 
Putnam, Alfred M 
Rasbach, Wallace H 
Rhodes, Henry L 
Riffil, John W 
Ross, James R 
Sadler, Morrison B 
Sanders. James B 
Saxe, Frederick R 
Stone, Anthony M 
Storer, Samuel 
Thorp, Edward P 
Torgerson, Ole 
Touve, Jacob 
Van Antwerp, A W 
Van Cleve, John 
Van Patten, Martin 
Van Patten, Wm B 
Wallace, William W 
Washburn, Geo W 
Welch, Charles H 
Welden, Elias W 
Wellman, Alexis L 
Whitney, John F 
Williams, Jonathan 
Woods, Richard 
Woodward, WI 
Worrall, George W 
Young, William R 
Zick, Bernard 
Zuck, Frank M 

CERRO GORDO, No. 600. 

CERRO GORDO, Piatt Co. Chartered 
Oct 1868. Reg com Fri o b f m. Member- 
ship 43. 

O J Harlan, W Master 
A L Rodgers, S W John Fields, S D 

— - , J W John Welty, J D 

John Marsch, Treas Sol Welty S S 
J L Reed, Sec Levi Rambo, J S 

John Young, T 

Anten, Joseph 
Ater, Franklin 
Ater, John S 
Baker, S M 
Baker, William 
Blood, Robert C 
Bubinger, John 
Burns, Andrew C 
Clifton, Van B B 
Cole, Aaron 

Folrath, Peter 
Grayson, William 
Green, Henry M 
Groves, Charles M 
Halstead, Abraham 
Hickman, William 
Hill, James 
Hitt, George W 
McKinney, H E 
Mickey, Simon P 

Creighton, Matthew QuinrnJonathan Y 
Drum, Eli Reed, William L 

Dustin, Henry W Saylor, Daniel C 
Edwards, Jas W Sherman, Jamea 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Starr, William Thrall, E 

Stephens, Wm M Willett, James L 
Stiles, John B Young, Wm N 


tered Oct 1862. Reg com Sat o a f m. 
Membership 32. 

Dennis Oscar, W Master 
Wm B Elledge, S W Sylva J Wilson, S D 
W A Hume, jr J W Jos W Smith, J D 
Geo H Dunn, Treas James Akin, S S 
David S Metz, Sec Jas A Metz, J S 

James H Swan, T 
Anderson, William Irving, Edward 
Birlt, James M Loer,John 

Burroughs, R W Metz, Albert G 
Butler, Levi Metz, George S 

Chenoweth, John S Metz, Henry 
Dennis, James H Metz, James L 
Dunn, Thomas B Metz, Joseph, F 
Dunn, William A Smith, Nelson 
George, John Swan, Chris J 

Giilis, William Thompson, Geo L 

Ham, Lewis Wilson, Benjamin 


tered Oct 1874. Reg com 2d and 4th Tues. 
Ann com reg b Dec 27. Membership 33. 

Linus C Chandler, W Master 
Chas C Brown, S W Levi M Dick, S D 
J T Chandler, J W Robert Clark, J D 
Jos M Telles, Treas Thos A Skaggs, S S 
John S Full, Sec Henry C Nen', J S 

Thomas Mullen, T 
Baker, William Paddock, Joseph A 

Boone, Nathaniel H Pendleton, A M 
Butler, Isaac Read, Newton S 

Chandler, H T Renshaw, Thos P 

Carr, Daniel Skaggs, Moses D 

Eveland, Samuel Silvernail, C P 

Swartwood, Wm 
Taylor, Jeremiah 
Wilson, Calvin 
Wilson, Calvin J 
Zorne, August 

Harfield, James W 
Kershaw, John 
Layman, Joseph H 
Merphy, George 
Morse, John C 
Mullen, John 

CHANNAHON, No. 262. 

CHANNAHON, Will Co. Chartered 
Oct 1 858. Reg com 1st and 3d Tues. Mem- 
bership 45. 

Ephraim West, W Master 
N Bedford, S W Jas O Smith, S D 
Wm Leipold, J W Calney Bailey, J D 
Wm Fisk, Treas J F Alexander, S S 
Caleb Fowler, Sec C W Walters, J S 

Robert C Miller, T 
Abell, Edward Buell, George 

Abell, William Conklin, Edward 

Alexander, George Cook, George B 
Bashuyte. Nicholas Drew, Isaac 
Bates, Elijah E Drout, Peter 

Bradford, Chauncey Eames, John 

"own, Cyrus W Effner, Charles W 

Fitch, Joseph 
Fowler, Charles E 
Fryer, Joseph N 
Hurd, Stephen H L 
Kipp, Artamus P 
Kipp, Henry 
Ledyard, Joseph C 
Lisch, Byram 
Miller, Robert B 
Miller, William D 
Moore, William F 

Norton, Jacob R 
Randall, Alfonzo G- 
Randall, John F 
Scrcggins, Josiah 
Scroggins, S 
Smith, Charles C 
States, Frank 
Sweet, Louis G 
Whitmore, Franklin 
Wilkins, Charles W 

CHAPEL HILL, No. 719. 

WOLF CREEK, Williamson Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1874. Reg com 1st Sat. Ann 
com Sat n b Dec 27. Membership 24. 
Hiram J Higgins, W Master 
F M Rushing, S W L L Golemore, S D 
J R Townsend, J W J H Pendlan, J D 
Eli Lance, Treas R T Dennison, S S 
John F Hall, Sec Pink Wyatt, J S 

J W Chitty, T 
Crowder, Geo W McCammark, RevT 

Doudy, Samuel 
Fowler, John H 
Howell, Calvin D 
Hudson, Wm 
Jones, Eli 

Martin, Joseph 
Thomas, George 
Thomaston, Jas P 
Thrognoton, Thos J 
Townsend, John 

McBerrick, James Yates, Wm 


CHARLESTON, Coles Co, Chartered 
Oct 1845. Reg com Tues o b f m. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 75. 

E B Buck, W Master 
J W Tucker, S W WE Ginther, S D 
E H Wilev, J W Jos E Curd, J D 
Chas Clary, Treas Geo Gordon, S S 
J I Brown, Sec D P Evinger, J S 

G W Burton, T 

Aldrich, J C 
Ambler, D C 
Bain, A N 
Barnard, H C 
Barnes, Silas 
Brewer, John 
Brooks, B E 
Bull, E F 
Calvert, D H 
Catlin, G L 
Chadwick, H M 

Higinbotham, R S 
Hitchen, George 
Hodgen, R S 
Hutchason, L R 
Kennedy, J W 
Kirkpatrick, J W 
McCrony, James 
Marsh, J E 
Merritt, W D 
Mitchell, G M 
Mitchell, J D 

Connolly, James A Moore, M 
Coon, W S Myer, Solomon 

Davis, G 
Davison, Ben 
Decker, C V 
Dowling, W S 
Fisher, W N 
Gage, C N 
Gage, E B 
Gage, G N 
Gage, Joseph 
Gilcrest, Virgil 
Gregg, H 
Holbrook, G W 
Hall, J C 
Hall, J W 
Haselton, J B 

O'Grady, D C 
Ogden, J W 
Oliver, S A 
Parcels, R M 
Parker, G W 
Peterson, A M 
Ratcliff, James 
Reynolds, E H 
Ricketts, J A 
Ricketts, Joshua 
Said, H 
Schaua, Ed 
Scott, James 
Shasberger, F 
Smith, J N 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Steigman, George Trimble, D H 

Theaker, W C Tucker, George 

Toland. G A Walker, S B 

Todrl, A J Walton, P N 

Took, S M Winter, Isaac 

CHARTER^OAK, No. 236. 

LITCHFIELD, Montgomery Co. Reg 
com 1st and 3d Thurs. Ann com Sd Thurs 
in Dec. Chartered Oct 1857. Member- 
ship 88. 

George M Loughmiller, W Master 
F M Stratton, S W Wm Kissinger, S D 
G W Hathaway, JWJBW Amsden, J D 
Wm S Lea, Treas L Hoffman, S S 
Geo W Amsden, Sec James Tobin, J S 

Henry Waterland, T. 
Amsden, Daniel C Lee, Eli 
Ashlock, James M Linck, Christian 
Austin, E K Lowe, William E 

Barefoot, William McCullough, Jos T 
Beach, Henry H McGovern, John 
Beardsley, Benj C McKinney, Byrd L 
Bennett, Eli McLennon, Daniel 

Bilyew, Andrew McWi-lliams, Robt 
Bronson, Denison Mason, Elijah 
Bush, Charles Mathews, William T 

Carson, John D Mills, Francis M 

Chenoworth, Jasper Morris, James 
Clearwater, Jacob O'Bannon, Richd W 
Cram, Alonzo W Olmstead, Samuel H 
Cromwell, John Pearman, Benj C 
Dobyne, James B Pope, Charles H H 
Endicot, John Renshard, Robert 

Fletcher, Lewis D Rhodes, Thomas 
Galbrath, Robert Rogers, Charles 
Gaylord, John S Rogers, Daniel P 
Gilflllan, Clement M Rogers, James 
Gilmore, Eph M Rowley, Alexander 
Handsacker, James Sharp, William 
Hobson, Ezra Shindler, Robert 

Hobson, Thomas G Sparks, David R 
Hogg. Thomas Sparks. Nelson M 

Hood, Joseph L Stahl, Fred W 

Horner, Samuel Stanford, Homar 
Huey, James Sullens, Charles C 

Jackson, Henry Summerfield, Ed 
James, P T Swafford, John 

Johnson, William Thalls, James 
Johnson, Samson Tufts, Jotham S 
Jones, John D Tyler, William 

Jones, John P Updike, Pierce B 

Kessinger, James Weipert, Phillip J 
Kessinger, Willis F Willson, John G 
Lark, John Wilson, Henry C 

Lavenue, Lewis J Wilton, James F 

CHATHAM, No. 523. 

CHATHAM, Sangamon Co. Chartered 
Oct 186T. Reg com Sat o b f in. Mem 45. 

John M Van Deren, W Master 
Dallas Davis, S W Thos Cloyd, S D 
F D Nunes, J W Jacob Leanord, J D 
E B Smith, Treas Wm Gardner, S S 
T M Moore, Sec Thos McElwain, J S 

Arza D Pilcher,T 
Baugh, Henry Caldwell, B Fpm 

Bran am, A M Collier, Hezakiah 

Darnielle, James M 
Dickerson, Joseph 
Drenan, John C 
Drenan, Thomas 
Fletcher, Benj F 
Foster, John E 
Gibson, Hampton 
Greenwood, John V 
Gross, Charles F 
Hewitt, Samuel C 
Hilleman, Wm C 
Ledbrook, Leonard 
McConnel, James S 
McCulev, David jr 
McGinnis, Z T 
McGredy, Wm K 

McManus, Felix 
Miller, Edward T 
Neal, John R 
Patterson, Alex L 
Patterson, M S 
Rauson, Charles 
Rickard, Noah M 
Robinson, James E 
Short, E J 
Sinegar, George 
Smith, Blake G p M 
Smith, Wm J 
Stout, Samuel J 
Thayer, A F 
Van Sise, John P 


CHATSWORTH, Livingston Co. Reg 
com 1st and 3d Fri. Ann com IstFri Dec. 
Membership 38. 

Charles We inland, W Master 
R Rumbold, S W G G Hemperley, Sec 
J H Megguier, J W L Hamilton, S D 
N C Kenyon, Treas Wm Gingerich, J D 

John Dorsey, T 
Bordeaux, L Moore, D M 

Brown, Jacob E Parson, Hiram 
Ballard, J T Reeves, W J 

Caughey, S W Rehm, Jacob 

Cowling, William Seibold. William F 
Crane, A M Sears, AY W 

Feiker, F Shaw, David A 

Fosdick, S T Speicher, L C 

Hall, M H Struckmeyer, F 

Hunt, Delos W Taylor, George O 

Irwin, William Wakeiin, W H 

Koehler, Gustavus Wann, Geo K 
McCray, Horace Wheeler, M A 
Mahannah, J Wild, Joseph 

Mette, L Yates, Charles 

CHEMXJNg7no. 258. 

CHEMUNG, McHenry Co. Chartered 
Oct 1858. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. Mem- 
bership 42. 

Wm G Billings, W Master 
Jas White, S W S H Callender, Sec 

J A Wood, J W A J Alderman, S D 

D Barrows, Treas Geo J Curry, J D 

George Downs, T 
Alexander, Frank Little, David 
Barth, Jacob Little, E 

Bauer, Louis McComb, Robert 

Bird, John Nash, George 

Bowman, T H Park, Wat 

Brown, William Pennington, Wm 
Callender, J G Puffer, L L 

Carpenter, Ely Reid, William 

Carpenter, Lorin Ruggles, C 
Downs, D W Sinderson, J J 

Eldridge, William Sitzer, D S 
Everest, J G Showier, Wm E 

Farnum, Asa Thompson, James 

Hamilton, F J Thompson, Wm G 

Harper. Robert Wade, B A 

Hill, H T Wheeler, G L 

Leonard, John Wooster, J C 


Illinois Masonic Register. 


SAYBROOK, McLean Co. Keg com 
Sat o b f m. Membership 68. 

Philip H Hiett, W Master 
R J Cheney, S W Jno M Cregher, S D 
Geo McMahan, J W Jonathan Owen, J D 
S R Riggs, Treas Win R Woods. S S 
C W Knapp, Sec Henry Dahl, J S 

Simon J Budrean, T 
Atkinson, Chas W Ingram, Job 
Ball, Amos McCord, Chas W 

Ball, Robt M McFarland, Jno R 

Banus, Alfred G McNutt, James H 
Barck, Thomas Maurice, Thos W 

Barwick, Joseph S Maxton, Robert 
Bell, Andrew P Means, James R 

Bellew, R A Meckling, Fredk 

Biggs, Win Palmer, Runson 

Buitty, Fredk Payne, James F 

Butcher, James C Phillips, Chas W 
Buoy, John W Powell, Wm 

Cavanaugh, Simon Prater, Wm A 
Colby, O C Prothen, Benj 

Conklin, Augustus Reed, Thos B 
Dancy, Nathaniel Rhea, Thomas F 
Doran. James T Roberts, Samuel 
Ellsworth, Walker Sabin, Oliver C 
Flint, Geo W Sage, E C 

Folleck, Oliver P Springstead. Oliver 
Gardner, Wm P Stansbury, Wm K 
Glazener, Geo W Stine, Solomon 
Grant, Lafayette B Stipp, John M 
Grayson, Joshua Thompson, Geo 
Green, John W Trusler, Frank 

Guthrie, Robert E sr Watson, David 
Hall, Moses T Wheeler, Geo W 

Hepburn, Thomas Winter, Henry A 
Hiett, Francis M Wolf, Geo B 

CHENOaTno. 292. 

CHENOA, McLean Co. Chartered Oct 
1859. Reg com 1st and 3d Wed, Ann com 
reg o b Dec 2T. Membership 55. 

Okville D Saxbuex, W Master 
Noah H Pike, S W Alfred Evans, Sec 
Alex B Seybolt, J W RE Beard, S D 
Louis Ziegler, Treas J D Moore, J D 

Jacob Ballenger, T 
Arnold, George J Holbrook, Chas H 
Jenkins, Edward M 
Jenkins, Phillip 
Jewell, George W 
Kimpton, A B 
LaBar, Horace 
Lenney, John B 
Levers, William 
Lounsbury, George 
Mears, Dennis S 
Mertin, F M 

Bal linger, Wm 

Banta, W E 

Brown, Nathaniel 

Carson, Isaac W 

Casey, D F 

Chapman, S S 

Churchill, Chas F 

Colter, James 

Colter, James S 

Coonley, Geo T 

Copeland, Albert H Monroe, James A 

Elder, Charles S 
Epner, Charles 
Evans, Albert A 
Ewing.George V 
Fales, Warren M 
Gordon, Henry P 
Haynes, Wiliett S 
Hicks, Joel 

Morrow, Samuel 
Payne, S L 
Pence, John L 
Pence, Jonathan J 
Pike, Ed M 
Riley, Peter 
Rollins, Reuben C 
Sallee, R C 

Sample, James Sweet, Jonathan 

Sanborn, Nelson A Sweet, Oscar O 
Southwick, AsherF Wyckoff, Henry B 
Stocker, G W 


CHERRY VALLEY, Winnebago Co. 
Chartered Oct 1855. Reg com 2d and 4th 
Fri. Ann com reg o b Dec 27. Member- 
ship 53. 

Thos M Lee, W Master 
C M Bell, S W A A Horton, S D 

J Manning, J W Eugene Riddle, J D 
John C Smith, Treas William Craig, S S 
Wm J Slater, Sec A C Teeple, J S 

GM Yandercook. T 
Akerley, W F McCartney, A S 

Andrus, Henry McKee, J N 

Brodt, John Mackey, Charles H 

Brownell, T E Neff, Martin B 

Callaher, R I Pearson, H L 

Canneil, R T Potter, James H 

Compton, Henry P Roach, John M 
Crandall, W H Rourke, William 

Crill, H C Sheldon, DM 

DeGraff, A F Stetson, H B 

Hill, H E R Sutherland, James 

Horter, A C Teeple, Luke 

Horter, G L Terry, G E 

Hussey, D J Thompson, J C 

Jenks, Alonzo Urqurhardt, James 

Jenks, F S VanBuren, L M 

Jones, Charles A Vandercook, W C 
King, Oscar Welty, Calvin 

Kizor, Densly Williamson, A L 

Lane, A F Williamson, J R 

Lee, William Williamson, John 

Leggett, A P 

CHESTER^ No. 72. 

CHESTER, Randolph Co. Chartered 
Oct 1849. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. Mem- 
bership 87. 

James Douglas, W Master 
Thomas Grant, S W Robt H Canine, S D 
Geo Douglas, J W Noah Harmon, J D 
G L Jones, Treas Joseph R Nixon, S S 
J N Holloway, Sec H Neville jr, J S 

Wm Vineyard, T 
Anderson, Chas C Guthrie, William 
Andrews, Truman E Hall, A C 
Block, Adolph Harmon, James A 

Brown, Fredk W Harmon, John J 
Hartman, Henry 
Hartzell, Wm 
Holbrook, James C 
Holmes, Joseph B 

Bunge, William 
Butz, Charles 
Clendenin, Wm H 
Cole, Zachary T 
Connely, William 
Day, Reuben F 
Dudenbostle, E A 
Dunham, John 
Edwood, John L 
Evans, Perry C 
Fline, Fritz 
Gant, Robert 
Gibson, William 
Gnaegy, Jacob 
Gollon, Frank 

Hughes, George 
Hughes, Louis 
Hughes, Miles 
Hughes, William 
Johnson, J Perry 
Jones, Alex G 
Jones, Cuthbert A 
Jones, Cuthbert T 
Jones, Henry L 
Jones, Wm B 
Keller, Jacob 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Lee, Chas B 
Lindsay. John H 
Lowe, James Alex 
McCormaek, C L 
McGuggan, Toos D 
McNabney, Robt 
Mann, J M 
Marshal], John 
Miller, Robt D 
Millard, Joshua D 
Neville, Harvey sr 
Parks, Wm R 
Roberts, Harvey TV 
Ryall, Robert 
scheminer, Ernst H 
Schoen Philip 
Short, John 
Schraeder, Ernst 
schrodi, Chas A 
Spencer, Chas L 

Stalev, Jacob M 
Stebbins, TVm L 
Sternberg, Fritz 
Sternberg, Henry G 
Tackinberg Wm B 
Thompson. Robt P 
Tiner, Samuel H 
Triefte, Henry F 
Vanmeter, H M 
Warren, John R 
Warren, Stanford 
Watt, John 
Watt. John C 
Weltshire, Beverly 
Werre, Charles 
Williams, Carter C 
Wilson, Julius M 
Williamson, Hy R 
Zimmerman, X M 


CHESTERFIELD Macoupin Co. Reg 
com Mon o b f m. Membership 41. 

Joh2>- J Leach, W Master 
H J Loomis, S W J W Armstrong, S D 
James Rafferty, J W Wm D Goodell," J D 
Wm Towse. Treas S L Berryman, S S 
Edson C Hall, Sec Jno W Stultz, J S 
Robert Oliver, T 

Love, Samuel 
Lumpkin, James W 

Bates. James 
Bielby, Thomas 
Cook, Green L 
Cook, Philip R 
Hagaman, John 
Hewitt, Edwin 
Gelder, Jno 
Finch, William J 
Eldred, Moses S 
Diamond, John 
Duckels, Edward 
Duckels, Wm G 
Kirby. Ebenezer 

Moss, Philip 
Murphy, C H 
Paulsen, Martin 
Peebles, John C 
Rafferty, Joshua 
Simmons, Jackson 
Slagle, Peter 
Towse, Thomas 
G Wills, Jno W 
Woods, Abram H 
Woods, Benjamin 

Lawson, William B Wheeler, Calvin 

Loomis, W E 

CHICAGO, No. 437. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1865. Reg 
com 1st and 3rd Mon. Ann com 3rd 
Mon Dec. Place of meeting 122 LaSalle 
st. Membership 165. 

Adolph Shike, W Master 
Isaac Gelder, S W Charles Cohen, S D 
M A Weinberg. J W Henry Gelder, J D 
T Goldschmidt, Tr Joseph Stein, S S 
Saml Seeleman, Sec Nathan M Plotke J S 

Abraham J Neuberger, T 
Adler. Dankmar Bernstein, Jacob 
Alschuler, Samuel Birkenstein, S 
Alschuler, Simon Brunswick, E 
Barrett, Thomas Cohn, Bernhard 
Bash, Abraham Cole, Henry 

Beifield, Morris Cohen, Louis 
Benz, Philipp Cohn, Louis 

Berg, Adolph Daniels, Joseph 

Berg, Morns H Daniels, Samuel 

Dreyfoos, Adolph 
Eisenstedt, J 
Ellis, Samuel A 
Elzas, Samuel 
Engel, Bernhard 
Engel, Samuel 
Fleishman, S M 
Forman, Rudolph 
Fox, Robert M 
Frank, Jacob H 
Frank, Leon 
Frank, Mayer B 
Frost, Jacob 
Gerstley, Henry 
Gerstley, M TV 
Goldsmid, Abraham 
Greenebaum, Henry 
Greenebaum, M 
Guthman, Solomon 
Haas, Adolph 
Haas, Henry S 
Halm, Herman F 
Hanenstein, John F 
Harris, Solomon 
Hart, Abraham 
Hartz, Jacob 
Hefter. Nathan p m 
Henoch, Elkan 
Herzog, J 
Hirsh, J E 
Hoffman, Henry 
Hyman. Siegmund 
Isaacs, C M 
Jacob, Edward 
Jessel, Joseph E 
Johnson, Jacob 
Joseph, Moses p m 
Joseph, Alexander 
Kahn, Samuel H 
Kaufman, H A P,m 
King, Henry 
Klein, Emanuel 
Kohn, Morris 
Kosminsky, Charles 
Kramer, Ernanuel 
Kramer, Nathan 
Kuhn, Jacob 
Lebolt, Lazarus 
Leopold Asher F 
Leopold, Henry 
Levy, Henry 
Levy. Newman 
Levy, Solomon 
Liberman Abraham 
Lichstein B 
Liebenstein, Henry 
Lindheim, Louis 
Lip man, Abraham 
Louis, Abraham 
Machol, Michaelis 
Mandel, Emanuel 
Man del, L 
Mandelbaum, S 
Mandelbaum, S jr 
Mannheimer, Robt 
Marcus, Adolph 
Mergenthaler, A 
Michel, Isaac 
Miller, Otto F 

Minzesheimer, F 
Mitchell, Morris 
Monheimer, Henry 
Moore, Jonas 
Morris, Moritz 
Morris, Nelson 
Nathan, Samuel 
Neuberger, Ferd 
Pflaum, Isaac 
Powell, Simon 
Pozner, Abraham 
Reilly, James 
Reinman, Simon 
Reitler, Moses 
Rosenberg, Jacob 
Rosenfeld, Levy 
Rosenthal, Julius 
Rothschild, J A 
Rothschild, Sol 
Rothschild, Sol 
Rubel, Abraham 
Rubel, Abraham J 
Rubel, Marx J 
Rubel, Moses 
Rubovits, Edward 
Saiky, Samuel 
Salomon, Levi 
Schlesinger, S 
Schlossman, Benj 
Schlcssman, Simon 
Schott, Louis 
Schrimskv. Isaac 
Schwartz, Abraham 
Schwab, Benj 
Seligman, Isaac 
Shakman, Adolph 
Shank, John 
Shire, Isaac 
Shire. Isaac jr 
Shoyer, E M 
Silverman. Emanu'l 
Silversmith, Julius 
Simon, David 
Simon, Leopold 
Smith, Mathias M 
Spiegel, Joseph p m 
Spiegel, Lewis 
Squire, W H 
Stein er, Henry 
Steinetz, Louis 
Sternfeld, Albert 
Strauss, Jacob 
Stretch, Edward 
Strotz, Nicholas 
Sumerneld. Caspar 
Tuckhorn, Henry 
Unna, L J 
Untermayer. David 
Untermayer, Henry 
Van Baalen, Jos 
Van Praag, Abr'h'm 
Wampold, Louis p M 
Weil, Marcus 
Weiss, Albert 
Wiener, Jacob 
Wihl, Gustave 
Witkowsky, David 
Wolf, Isaac 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

CIRCLE, No. 707. 

MATTOON", Coles Co. Chartered Oct 
1873. Reg com 1st and 3d Wed. Ann com 
3d Wed Dec. Membership 70. 

D S McIntyre, W Master 
John Griffith, S W Geo W Clark, S D 
J B Durnell, J W Philip Link, J D 
A W Puffer, Treas Geo W Shaw, S S 
H P Coppage, Sec Moses Alshuler, J S 

Luther Adams, T 
Abell, H F Kilner, Albert 

Alshuler, Charles King, John 
Anderson, Jerome L Lemon, Win J 
Atchinson, Cyrus L Lewis, William 
Aubert, John L McFarquahar, Hy 

Ayer, James B McNutt, Samuel 

Ayer, James T Mac, C G 

Bennett, Charles Millar, Michael 
Bennett, L Minor, John L 

Boedendike, Wm Morris, George 
Caldwell, Edward C Morse, Leroy F 
Caldwell, John P Mulford, J A 
Campbell, Neriah C Newall, Richard A 
Campbell, Saml A Pope, Abraham 
Chapin, Ben Pope, John 

Curtis, Thomas Pebbles, James J 

Dennison, Geo H Ritter, Albert M 
Donnell, Thomas Ross, Webb 
Douglas, Charles H Smith, Charles L 
Duddleson, T J Stanley, John 

Durnell, GeoB Summerlin, Adolph 

Emory, Maurice Thielans, Ed A 
Estus, William B Thompson, M P 
Eairbrother, Wm Tieley, Samuel G 
Hapner, Joshua Tilden, Joseph 
Hoddy, Orran Toles, Jerry 

Hoffman, Edward Wager, Nathan K 
Holding, James G Welsh, Patrick 
Jones, Eli Weymouth, Charles 

Kahn, Moses Wood, Charles 

CLARK, No. 603. 

MARTINSVILLE, Clark Co. Chartered 
Oct 1868. Reg com Sat o b n and 
Membership 43. 

John A Ewalt, W Master 
Geo A Baird, S W Aug G Felter, S D 
E H McDaniel, J W W B Turner, J D 
J C Phillips, Treas T H Connelly, S S 
H C Howell, Sec A B Gallatin, J S 

Jesse C Poe, T 
Bach, Ernst Ogle, Atkin 

Berkley, Thos E Poe, William M 
Black, Harrison Porter, Samuel L 
Brannon, F M Randall, William H 

Campbell, WmE Roberts, Wesley 
Clark, Richardson Ryan, Alex H 
Curtis, H B Ryan, John L 

Duncan, Charles Sharp, Geo B 
Gamble, John Sloan, George 

Gardner, John B Stevens, Eli 
Hammond, Fred A Stevens, George C 
Ishler, Jesse Sutton, Ethan 

Laingor, George W Tarble, Martin 
Midkiff, Samuel Thornburgh, P F 
Milligan, Thomas Van Metre, J W 
Nichols, James D Washington, Rob't 
Norman, Howard 

CLAY, No. 153. 

ASHLEY, Washington Co. Chartered 
Oct 1854. Reg com Mon o b f m and 2 

weeks after. Ann com reg n b Dec 27. 
Membership 42. 

James W Hudson, W Master 

J J Purdue, S W T E Wescott, S D 

J Thon, J W E W Tate, J D 

Rev J B Bentley, C H Campbell, S S 

M Kerstine, Treas J Spear, J S 

A H Brown, Sec D F Hill, T 

Anglen, G E Mitchell, J C 

Berry, David Offiel, J H 

Brooks, W H Port, J L 

Carter, J D Quackenbush, C H 

Catterlin, S E Reeder, J J 

Coffey, W W Skelly, Thomas 

Dees, J A Smith, H 

English, S C Stephenson, H F 

Foulks,J Tabb, NM 

Goodacker, Wm Tabb, W K 

Hammond, C E Templeton, H F 

Hains, J P Thompson, JAM 

Hoyt, C C Walker , W M 

Johnson, Samuel Wheat, N R 

McBride, J L Wheelis, Reuben 
Mersrly, E A 

CLAY CITY^ No. 488. 

CLAY CITY, Clay Co. Chartered Nov 
1866. Reg com o b f in. Ann com Dec. 
Membership 41. 

John T Evans, W Master 
Israel Mills, S W Robert E Duff, S D 
E L Dickson, J W David G Tilly, J D 
W Brissenden, Tr William Martin, S S 
C L Feldweg, Sec Joseph Figg, J S 
James E Mcllvain, T 

Afferson, W W Duff, Richard F 

Anderson, Eli Enyart, Samuel 

Bagwell, Thomas J Harris, Roland O 

Barnett, David M Hull, William J 

Berry, Caleb R Hunley, ArchibaM 

Both well, Henry C Manker, James W 

Boyles, Elijah Miller, George C 

Brissenden, Plenry Mills, Hugh 

Bunn, Hiram C Prother, Washingt'n 

Chaffee, Vasco M Raley, David 

Cole, Cyrenus Redmond, H H 

Cutler, John W Sharp, George 

Davidson, John Sowles, David N 

Davis, William Standford, Austin W 

Deicher, Jacob Vale, Harrie 
Duff, James N 

CLAYTOnTNo. 147. 

CLAYTON, Adams Co. Chartered Oct 
1851. Reg com 1st Mon. Ann com Dec. 
Membership 58. 

J B Miller, W Master 
E Hartman. S W Jacob Hazlett, S D 
E B Ball, J W J W Merritt. J D 

Rev R Chapman, C Jss Hazlett, S S 
AS McDowell,Treas George H Ball, J S 
J A Smith, Sec Jas Tallman, T 

Anderson, F M Ballon, Charles 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Bartholomew, J W 
Bell, Josiah 
Black, S N 
Black, T G 
Boothe, G L 
Briggs, Robert 
Brown, A 
Bryant, B W 
Cain, Laban 
Camp, L W 
Coe, HP 
Coe, H Porter 
Coe, J B 
Cox, G W 
Craig, H C 
Davis, W O 
Distin, W L 
Dougherty, John 
Ewing, R M 
Griffith, A J 
Hopper, J L 
Horn, Henry- 
Jackson, B T 

Jefferson, James 
Julian, M L 
Kirkpatrick, J S 
Kirkpatrick, WT 
Logue, J C 
Long, J C 
Mc:N urry, A 
Morrey, S J 
Newton, O L 
Patton, J D 
Pevehouse, J J 
Roe, S L 
Slocum, Lewis 
Smith, F A 
Smith, J W 
Stout, William 
Swope, A F 
Swope, John 
Ferrill, Edmund 
Watson, D K 
Weems, J S 
Wood, J D 

CLEMENT, No. 680. 

CLEVELAND, Henry Co. Chartered 
Oct 1871. Reg com Tues o b f m. Mem- 
bership 33. 

Jos A Sawyer, W Master 
Chas Griffin, S W Robt Hughes, S D 
John O'Neil, J W L Rathgeber, J D 
T P Cozad, Treas James Wilcox, S S 
Joseph Ramsay, Sec Danl P Brannon, J S 
John Wilem, T 

Bain, Geo P 
Bartlett, Hiram 
Clement, Thos 
Dillon, Hiram 
Ellingsworth, Jos 
Emmert, A J 
Fuller, Chas 
Gore, Geo D 
Hanna, H N 
Hill, Geo W 
Hill, Milton 

Irwin, J H 
Ollson, Andrew P 
Osborne, Geo H 
Paddleford, Jas H 
Pollard, Alfred H 
Shafer, William 
Taylor, Hudson R 
Taylor, Jefferson W 
Tan Liew, Wm 
Waldorf, Samuel H 
Wightman, Benj 

CLEVELAND, No. 211. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1856. Reg 
com 1st and 3d Thurs. Ann com Thurs n 
b Dec 27. Place of meeting, corner Halsted 
and Randolph sts. Membership 421. 

Reuben Cleveland, W Master 
Geo W Deal, S W Wm E Roach, S D 
M McDonald, J W Edwin E Sage, J D 
Wiley M Egan, Tr F E Edbrooke, S S 
Geo K Hazlitt, Sec Wm F Higgie, J S 

Thomas D Fitch, T 
Abbott, Nathan W Andrews, Allen C 

Ackerley, A A 
Adams, Sam'l W 
Agnew, Thomas H 
Albin, HenryS 
Allen, JohnW 
Amerson, Wm 
Anderson, Hans 
Anderson, John H 
Andrews, A a 

Atkins, Arthur H 
Backus, Edward M 
Baker, Eli P 
Baldwin, Chas W 
Bamford, James 
Barry, Charles 
Bell, George S 
Benduhn, Fred S 
Bennett, George A 

Bennett, Joseph 
Birkland, OleT 
Blaekman, Roswell 
Blake, Samuel C 
Bonney, Chas C 
Bostwick, Edgar M 
Bowen, John H 
Bridges, Thos B 
Briggs, Jamps L 
Broomhead, Win D 
Brown, Albert H 
Brown, Henry W 
Brown, John P 
Brown, Thomas 
Brown, Thomas B 
Brown, Wm G 
Bulwer, Edward 
Burgess, Chas A 
Bushnell, Lewis 
Button, Peter 
Byebee, Charles 
Cameron, NathT 
Cameron, Wm H 
Carlill, James B 
Carqueville, Edw'd 
Carr, Calvin 
Carroll, Henry 
Cass, Chsistopher M 
Chadwick, Sering 
Chalmers, Thomas 
Chamberlin, JasM 
Chapman, Horace B 
Chase, Charles E 
Christian, Robt T 
Christie, George B 
Christie, Henry A 
Clark^William E 
Clay, Richard M 
Cleveland, David T 
Cleveland, Silas E 
Cloyes, Henry C 
Cobb, Martin R 
Coleman, A C 
Cook, Charles E 
Cooper, Wm G 
Corbitt, John 
Cortis, John 
Courecer, John F 
Cowan, John 
Crane, Charles S 
Crane, Edward 
Crane, Richard T 
Crawford, Alex M 
Crumb, Silas P 
Curtis. Henry 
Curran, David 
Curran, William 
Davis, George B 
Davidson, John P 
Davis, William 
Davison, Benj F 
Deal, David B 
De.mary, H H 
Demoney, Aug F 
Deseamus, Jas A 
Dewey, George A 
Dexter, Ransom 
Dobson, Adelbert 
Donavan, Francis C 
Donnelly, L L 

Dcolittle, Chas C 
Doolittle, Edgar M 
Drake, Geo Van D 
Driver, Thomas 
Duckett, Peter 
Dunlap, George 
Dunham, G D 
Dunham, James S 
Eakin, George 
Easter, John D 
Eaton, Isaac 
Eldred, Deloss W 
Elsey, John 
Ellithorpe, Albert E 
Emery, Francis J 
English, Jacob E 
Esterbrooke, Amos 
Estep, W H 
Evanson, John 
Farrar, John T 
Farrow, John A 
Felt, Orson B 
Fenelon, Charles 
Fest, Charles H 
Fest, Oscar L 
Finlayson, Ross 
Fisher, Freeman A 
Fisher, George H 
Flack, William 
Flood, Edwin F 
Flint, William 
Flournoy, Rich'dT 
Forch, Fred W 
Ford, David M 
Foskett, Apdrew H 
Foss, Sylvester D 
Foster, William 
Fountain. Thomas 
Freund, Jacob W 
Fuller, John C 
Fyfe, George 
Gardinier, Barney 
Garland, Richard 
Gay, Henry L 
George, James 
George, John B 
George, Simon C 
Getman, J Madison 
Gibbs, John B 
Gilbesh, Henry 
Gore, Joel G 
Gould, George 
Gray, Josiah 
Gray, Moses 
Greenacre, Isaiah 
Gregson, John 
Haehnlen, Louis F 
Hammond, James 
Hanley, John J 
Hanna, John S 
Hannaford, Wm J 
Hanson, Herman 
Hart, J Potter 
Hastie, Thomas 
Hatfield, Isaac P 
Haugham, A Helge 
Hay, Alexander B 
Havne, Fred W 
Head, Fred B 
Heaps, William F 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Heath, Munroe 
Hemstreet, Wm J 
Higbie, David M 
Higgie, James L 
Higgings, John C 
Hiller, Henry 
Hiltorf, Henry J 
Himrod, George 
Hinckley, Eben N 
Hinsdale, Chas M 
Holden, A H 
Holland, Henry 
Holliday, Aaron 
Holmes, Alfred F 
Holmes, Henry A 
Holmes, Herman 
Holmes, Joseph 
Holmes, Win H 
Holtslander, Henry 
Hopkins, Wm S 
Horner, William 
Hotchkiss, Isaac M 
Howe, E W 
Hull, Thomas 
Hunt, Robert 
Huntington, R M 
Husander, Peter J 
Hutchings, Thomas 
Hutchinson, Geo L 
Hutchinson, Wm A 
Irons, James 
Jackson, Simeon 
Jennison, Chas H 
Jevne, Otto 
Johnson, Chris 
Johnson, Louis 
Johnson, Morris 
Jones, John M 
Jordan, Wm H 
Kaiser, Marcus L 
Keith, John A 
Keith, John G 
Kennedy, John M 
Ketcham, James P 
Kimball, Chas B 
Kirk, William 
Kirkley, James 
Kirkeby, John 
Knauss, Jacob 
Lamb, Herbert C 
Lane, Joseph 
Lane, William 
Laughlin, Wm M 
Lawrence, William 
Lawther, A B 
Leach, Don Carlos 
Lehner, John H 
Leslie, James M 
Lewis. David B 
Lipe, Clark 
Lives ey, Joseph H 
Livingston, Peter M 
Livingston, IT R 
Lloyd, William 
Loftus, Thomas F 
Loomis, Aug H 
Luce, Don Carlos 
Lull, Albert H 
Lydiard, John M 
Lyman, Wilfred C 

Lvons, James W 
McArthur, John 
McCorquodale, D 
McClay, Arthur 
McDonald, Peter 
McDonald, Ronald 
McDougal, Duncan 
McDougal, John 
McGee, John 
McKay, Angus 
McKay, Robert 
McKetchney, John 
McKinlay, John 
HcLaren, John p m 
McLean, Henry S 
McLean, John W 
McLeod, Donald 
McVey, John 
Magill, Jacob C 
Marsh, Van Buren 
Martin, Edward 
Martin, Thomas C 
Matthews, James 
Meguire, James E 
Mellewr, James B 
Melville, William L 
Mercer, Francis C 
Merrill, Henry P 
Milligan, Henry J 
Moffat, James 
Mollinelli, Andre 
Moore, John F 
Morgan, Albert H 
Moulton, George W 
Mowatt, James 
Mullins, Daniel 
Murphy, John 
Nelson, William 
Norton, Richard 
Nourse, John A 
O'Hara, Edward L 
Oleson, George 
Oliver, George 
Oliver, John 
Oliver, John M 
Oliver, William 
O'Neil, Arthur 
Outhet, Reubel M 
Palmer, Hiram 
Palmer, John J 
Patterson, Thomas 
Patterson. Wm B 
Paul, Charles 
Pease, Bradley C 
Peck, Daniel P 
Pelton, Oscar A 
Perkins, Jesse D 
Perkins, Moses H 
Perritt, Joseph C 
Peterson, John 
Pitts, Florison D 
Plamondon, A 
Pomeroy, Joseph B 
Pond, Henry H 
Powell, Moses W 
Pullen, William 
Pullman, Jesse D 
Quarles, Charles 
Raffen, John T 
Reed, Jacob R 

Reed, Silas K 
Redmond, James P 
Redner, Alex W 
Renther, Paul 
Rice, Elijah H 
Richards, P S 
Richardson, RK 
Richie, George H 
Roberg, Gulbrand 
Rockwell, Sidney E 
Roe, George H 
Rognow, George C 
Rooney, Thomas F 
Ross, J P 
Roundy, Daniel C 
Rowell, Aaron G 
Rowlands, David W 
Rush worth, Israel 
Russell, John F 
Ryerson, Martin 
Salisbury, Alvin 
Sampson, Henry C 
Sanborn, John H 
Schauble, Louis 
Scheuler, George L 
Scolley, Alvin PB 
Shaw, William W 
Sheldon, A H 
Shepard, J W 
Sherman, Ward B 
Sherwood, George 
Sirnscrott, Henry 
Sinclair, George F 
Sisson, Edward F 
Skeen, Joseph C 
Skinkle, Jacob W 
Small, Alvan E 
Smeal, James G 
Smith, A Howard 
Smith, Eldridge L 
Smith, George Y 
Smith, Henry 
Soelke, Henry 
Southwick, John 
Spry, John 
Squier, Charles Y 
Stafford, Charles 
Stedinan, Isaac D 
Steinhaus, August 
Steel, Truman W 
Stevers, Robert G 
Stewart, Ramsey H 
Stone, Richard 
Straus, Samuel 
Stray, William 
Street, Harrison L 

Sunnock, John 
Talbot, Eugene S 
Talbot, Henry F 
Tanner, Joseph C 
Tarrant, Robert 
Taylor, Henry Paul 
Taylor, Horace 
Taylor, James M 
Taylor, Peter 
Tebbets, Walter G 
Thomas, Nicholas 
Thomas, Thomas J 
Thompson, F jr 
Thompson, George 
Thompson, J K 
Throop, Charles B 
Tobias, George E 
Trowbridge, Chas J 
Triminghani, R N 
Vandecar, William 
Wade, Amasa G 
Wade, John L 
Wallace, Thomas 
Ward, Edward P 
Ward, Jasper D 
Warnock, John 
Waterman, John 
Weide, Alex 
Weiman, Gustavus 
Wells, A F 
Wentworth, Isaac 
Westwood, William 
Wheaton, Edward H 
Wheeler, James S 
Whitley, Henry 
Whitley, John pm 
Whitley, Thomas W 
Whitney, Henry C 
Wild, Thomas S 
Wilde, Edwin 
Wilder, Thomas 
Wiley, John 
Wilkie, Francis B 
Wilson, George W 
Wilson, Lyman 
Williams, G A 
Williams, Richard A 
Williams, Robert A 
Wiser, Albert A 
Witbeck, John 
Wood, Franklin 
Woodbury, W II 
Wight, Charles B 
Wyatt, Simeon W 
Young, John S 

CLIFTON, No. 688. 

CLIFTON, Iroquois Co. Chartered 
Oct 1872. Reg com Tues obfra. Ann 
com reg o b Dec 27. Membership 23. 
Thomas Bakham, W Master 
S R Beardslee, S W Jos St Hilaire, Sec 
I) MacBeth, J W Peter Wrie:ht, S D 
Edmund Sill, Treas Hy WFairchild, J D 

Edwin Caswell, T 
Barnieter, M B Gage, Joseph L 

Beebe, Selva Gordon, James J 

Comstock, C H Heath, George B 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Hooper, Joseph H Skinner, Wm B 
Hubert, Edward Taft, Wallace W 
Marshall, N R Van Druff, Benson T 

Reed, John Walton, Samuel B 

Sanders, George __ 

CLINTON, No. 19. 

PETERSBURG, Menard Co. Chartered 
Oct 1843. Reg com Sat o b f m and June 
24 and Dec 27. Membership 117. 

An sox Thompson, W Master 
Jas R Carver, S W H Withrow, S D 
Ed Laning, J W James Altig, J D 
H Montgomery, Tr C E McDougall, S S 
Jas L Black, Sec N W Bronson, J S 

Thomas M Stith, T 
Altig, Edward M Hawthorne, Geo S 
Antle, Francis P Houghton, A M 
Bacher, G Johnson, James A 

Bailev, S M Judy, James W 

BatteVton, A J Laning, Caleb B 

Bean, Ruel H Lingrell, John H 

Beekman, George S Kincaid, J T 
Bell, Silas S Kirby, George jr 

Bennett. Henry A Kirk, A S 
Bennett, John Knoles, James 

Bennett, John T McDougall, Isaac 
Bennett, Theodric C McDugle, Win C 
Biggs, James W McElwain, Edwin F 
Blare, Samuel H McNeely, T W 
Boyd, Stephen Masters, Hardin W 

Brezina, Francis W Matthews, B K 
Briggs, Henry H Matthews, Wm W 
Brooks, Albert J Morris, William J 
Brooks, John T Nance, Carey F 

Caldwell, Niram A Newcomer, Jos L 
Carrice, Samuel T Oeltjen, Albert F 
Carver, John W Peake, Thomas 
Cheany, James W Rayburn, Samuel H 
Clary, Abraham L Reep, Eli 
Clary, Robert Rule, Daniel 

Coffey, Henry T Sampson, Wm H 
Coffey, Nathan J Sawyer, Josiah M 
Comos, Milton G Shepherd, Geo W 
Conant, William S Shipp, Columbus 
Conrad, Peter L Short, Benjamin F 
Cox, Warren P Short, William E 

Cox, William P Simonson, Thos 

Curry, Henry P Spears, George C 

Dickerson, James E Spears, John Q 
Dodds, Thomas C Spurgin, Liffin G 
Do we, Wesley S Stevens, Reuben N 
Doxstader, Jacob L Stewart, Homer 
Eaton, George S Still a, Henry 
Edgar, W Robert Stith, Isaac 
Eldridge, James Stith, William D 
Elliott. Frank W Strodtmann. Jno G 
Fischer. John G Sutton, David L 
Fisk, Edson Thatcher, Charles B 

Fraits, Henry Thomas, Charles H 

Fricke, Charles Traylor, Edward 
Fulton, John F Traylor, James H 

Garretson. Thos P Waller, William 
Goff, Matthew L Welsh/George B 
Goldsby, William M Williams, Elijah W 
Goodpasture. W J Woldridge. J Heath 
Gramlich, Louis F Wright, Buck D 
Greene. Johnson G Wright, Jack D 
Hamilton, Hobart Wynne. Lewis B 
Hatfield, C L 


CLINTON YILLE, Kane Co. Chartered 
Oct 1S66. Reg com 1st and 3d Wed. Ann 
com 3d Wed Dec. Membership 32. 
Thos W Tefft, W Master 
N P Collins, S W H J Cranston, S D 
Chas Klock, J W S M Wheeler, J D 
Philip Slagor, Treas John De Laney, S S 
S N Wright, Sec John Districk, J S 

S K Larkin, T 
Adams, M J Hammond, E 

Barnard, Edward Larkin, N II 
Barry, Charles Longley, Edward 

Boyington, G E Mason, Lemuel 

Dedrick, Jerome Mann, Lewis 
Dedrick, N O'Connell, Charles 

Elman, I J Ratcher, Herman 

Freeborn, W H Shef ner, Philip 

Gilbert. F T Smith, V 

Gilbert, J H Yarney, E J 

Gould, Charles Walker, Thomas 

COBDEN, No. 466, 

COBDEN, Union Co. Chartered Oct 
1866. Reg com Fri obfm and 2 weeks 
after. Membership 36. 

B F Ross, W Master 
A J Miller, S W J II Lawrence, S D 
J P Reese, J W J J Ferril, J D 

J F F Wallace, Tr Elijah Leming, S S 
W T Miles, Sec H Rendleman, J S 

J K Davis, T 
Blumenthal, Henry Lamer, W F 

Buck, Adam 
Buck, John 
Cauble, Willis 
Coleman, E W 
Ede, Henry 
Fowley, James 
Freeman, H C 
Frick, Henry 
Hagler, P M 
Herrin, Peter 
Holcomb, T A E 
Jacques, J C 
Kimmell, Daniel 

Lawrence, D A 
McLoney, J F 
Meade, Philip 
Mensson, Willard 
Munn, Columbus 
Phillips, ET 
Phillips, J N 
Rendleman, Henry 
Rich. J M 
Sifford, Daniel 
Spaulding, S C 
Sumner, A J 

COLD SPRING, No. 513. 

AYILLIAMSBURG, Shelby Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1867. Reg com Tliurs o b f m. 
Ann com reg o b December 27. Member- 
ship 26. 

Thomas J Fritz, W Master 
EAMcCracken, SW A J Corlev, S D 
W McClanahan, JW Thos E Myers, J D 
Rev H Kellv, Chap J L Henderson, S S 
Wm Lockwood, J S 
Allen M Stett, T 

John M Frizzell, T 
B B Corley, Sec 
Adams, John 
Bechtel. George U 
Butler. Ignatius 
Cochran. L H 
Corley, Canial 

Dunaway, James F Smart, A T 
Frailev, Dickerson Whittington, J G 
1 Had ley, Wm T 

Jones, Joseph H 
Newkirk. WW 
Rhodes, John C 
Sellers, John L 
Severns, Schazanan 


Illinois Masonic Register. 


COLLINSVILLE, Madison Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1873. Keg com Tues o b f m. 
Membership 30. 

William H Courtney, W Master 
Wilson Penney, S W W Duckworth, S D 
W C Hadley, J W H M Sanders, J D 
C W Wilkins, Treas Win J Friend, S S 
Val S Nelson, Sec Philip Listemen, J S 

John O Evans, T 
Brettell,John K Malone, Daniel 
Brown, Frank Miller, George A 

Chapman, Job L Moore, Isaac C 
Caste, William S Nelson, William M 
DeWald, Henry Powell, William 
Fletcher, William Wads worth, J LaR 
Fulton, Martin Webb, Emanuel 

Hanley, Daniel Wickliffe, Joseph N 

Jones, Thomas R Williams, David R 
Lemen, Clarence J Young, Anthony 

COLUMBIA, No. 474. 

COLUMBIA, Monroe Co. Cnartered 
Oct 1866. Reg com 1 st Sat. Ann com 1st 
Sat Dec. Membership 40. 

H A Boenemax, W Master 
Wm B Smith, S W Frank Horan, S D 
Martin V xYxley, J W Henry Riebiing, J D 
Ernest Grosse, Tr Aug F Weinel, S S 
M G Nixon, Sec John Th Angew, J S 

John Hoehnstein, T 
Agnew, Asa F Holcomb, James 

Bidlingmaier,G R Jacks, George T 
Brown, Solomon J Kelly, James J 
Charleswortli, D M Lacey, Joseph V 
Crowder, Green McKee, James 
Daab, Frederick Nimerick, Alex 
Dace, James M O'Gorman, Thomas 

Dickson, Robert M Pulse, John T 
Doran, Michael Reid, John 

Douglass, Richard DRoden, Hugh P 
English, Michael Rogerson, Charles 
Gall, James L Sharp, J ames S 

Hoffman, Fredk C Soukup, Wenzel 
Hoffman, Goswin Strickland, Maston 
Hoffman, Henry Warnock, Joseph 

COLUMBUS, No. 227. 

COATSBURG, Adams Co. Chartered 
Oct 1858. Reg com Sat o b f in. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 32. 

J W Bonney, W Master 
Geo Phirmann, S W Seneca Carver, S D 
AW Howell, J W BFShriver,JD 
I N Pevehouse, Tr Thos C White, S S 
W E Gilliland, Sec Jonathan White, J S 

William Roberts, T 
Adair, R M Gregsbv, John 

Barlow, William H Hammer, Antone 
Davis, George H Lierly, James 
Dowing, John F Lovejoy, William O 
Everston, William McGuire, Alex 
Frost, George Mayer, J F 

Gibbs, Charles M Metcalf, F C 
Gibbs, William E Murrah, Peter, E 

Pollock, John S White, John A 
Shake, Adam White, William J 

Spinder, John Wipprecht, August 

COMEtTno. 641. 

MINIER, Tazewell Co. Chartered Oct 
1870. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 39. 

James M Edmiston, W Master 
J E Raiteback, S W A C Henslee, S D 
BNEwing,JW B R Bachman, J D 
John F Quigg, Tr Jacob Schaaf, S S 
E F Norton, Sec David Saxbury, J S 

Symon B Petree, T 
Allen, Smith S Hecker, Fred 

Baker, Nicholas R Johnson, John 
Beal, Jesse F Ley, Fred 

Clarke, John K Mordock, George M 

Davison, S O Nicolay, Silas J 

Decker, Joel Nicolay, William J 

Fenee, George W Ogdeu, H L 
Forbes, John B Rowell, Frank 

Freitag, Henry Shreve, William M 

Freitag, Simon Somme, John 

Gaines, John C Sullivan, Andrew 

Glotfeiter, Wm A Tilly, William 
Hagerbaumer, L Tompkins, A S 
Hainline, Henry E Whitman, George 
Hainiine, Obed H 

COOPEbTno. 489. 

WILLOW HILL, Jasper Co. Chartered 
Oct 1866. Reg com M and 4th Sat. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 32. 

Jonas B McNaie, W Master 
Phil ATerhune, S W Wm H Eidson, S D 
Jas C Ireland, J W EC Terhune, J D 
Henry Curtis, Treas Frank P Hunt, S S 
James Stewart, Sec Wm H Higgans, J S 

David C Brackney, T 
Brinson, James H Parks, Wm C 
Collins, Matthew G Peck, Joshua T 
Erdson, Wm II Perrine, Moses H 

Finley, JohnH Reed, Herbert 

Hatterman, Lewis C Roberts, George W 

Lee, John W Stogsdill, 

McKain, Wm Stretcher, John E 

Miller, John Vantreece, Andrew 

Myers, George Watt, Fidelia N 

Myers, Wm Watt, Wm T 

Neal, Thomas J Wiseman, John A 

COKDOVaTno. 543. 

CORDOVA, Rock Island Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1867. Reg com Fri o b f m. 
Ann com Dec. Membership 25. 

Robert C Cool, W Master 
O N Whittbrd, S W Isaac Cool, S D 
M M Corbett, J W Wm C Haney, J D 
A Bolinger, Treas Sam'l Adams, S S 
John Q Adams, Sec Geo W Nelson, J S 

Milton Murphy, T 
Brink, Wesley Karr, Thomas 

Glasscock, John K Morgan, James W 
Hamblin, A Frank Phillips, Charles A 
Johnston, John A Phillips, William B 
Johnston, Wm K Pyle, Leonard S 

Subordinate .Lodges. 


Rathbun, Henry W Whitford. Spencer J 
Rolf, William P Zimmerman, Dan'l 


PAW PAW, Lee Co. Chartered Oct 1856. 
Reg com Thurso b fm. Ann com Dec. 

Thomas D Palmer, TV Master 
T TV Marble, S TV WL Nicholson, S D 
J C Jackson, J TV James H Blee, J D 
Rev AS Peck, Chap R M Valentine, S S 
Wm McMahon, Tr Dexter B Pratt, J S 
J Hendershot, Sec D C Breese, T 
Aglet, Jonathan Leobdell, Benj J 
Barnes. William Lobdell, John 
Blee, John W Lyman, Charles 

Britton, James McDonald, Thos 

Bryant, Obadiah W Mayer, William 
Cradduck, Thomas Miller, Adam 
Dickinson, Henry S Mitchell, Samuel C 
Flagg, Lucius H Morris, Nelson 
Goodyear, Henry Nicholson, David H 
Hampton, W P Nicholson, Edward J 

Haywood, Charles Nicholson, John W 
Helderbrant, Hy D Rogers, J W 
Howard, Daniel A Stetter, Thomas H 
Kelley, George - Siglin, Amos 
Ladd, A H Vickery, P F 

Lambert, John Wells, Joshua C 

Lazenby, Chris 

CORTLAND, No. 301. 

CORTLAND, DeKaib Co. Chartered 
Oct 1859. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. Ann 
com 3d Sat Dec. Membership 25. 

Sheldon Cossett, W Master 
Wm Raymond, S TV J Gwinerup, Sec 
Carthalo F Elv, J W M R Hubbell, S D 
R P Bates, Treas Jas D Seaman, J D 
Baie, N Christian Hovev, Lucin A 
Colsjn, Marcus G Humiston, Caleb M 
Cone, Archibald Jcslyn, Harry A 
Evans, Thomas King, John 

Evans, Thomas jr Matteson, Jonathan 
Gallagher JPatk TV Raymond, Jay E 
Gallaher, TV F Snow, Charles S 

Gormley, Michael West, Wesley C 
Hitchcock, Chas N Wilcox, James O 

COVENANT^ No. 526. 

CHICAGO. CharteredOctl867. Reg com 
lst&3dFri. Ann com 3d Fri Dec. Place of 
meeting 187 Kinzie st. Membership 201. 

Jxo A Ceawfoed, W Master 
A Warrington, S TV G B Coffin, S D 
John Ives, J TV Hy W Woolsley, J D 

Thos E Miller. Treas E Lawrence, S S 
Wm Kerr, Sec Peter W Nelson, J S 

S M Richardson, T 
Andrews, L M Best, William E 

Arwedson, Jno M Blackburn. Martin 
Axman, Henry Blaisdell, Jno C 

Barney, Royal S Blake, O W 
Barton, Francisco Bowman, Justin 
Bent, Andrew J Bramhall, George R 
Berry, Benj S Burns, James 

Berry, Peter A Callahan, Thomas 

Capi thorn, John Ives, William B 
Carpenter, Andrew Jackson, David 
Carter, James ir Jaimeson, John W 
Catlin, Edward R Jannings, Charles J 
Chadbourne, H E Janssens, Barnard 
Channon, Henry Johnson, Frank 
Charleston, Chas W Johnson, Jonas M 
Cheshire, William H Jones, Robert 
Clark, Robert Kalkobeck. Frank 

Cohn, Henry Keith, William G 

Collings, Wm Jno Kelder, Abram 

Congdon, Isaac W 

Connors, Henry T 

Coulter, John 

Crawford, William 

Cronkite, Alfred 

Curran, Archibald Knox, Samuel 

Gushing, George TV Kugler, James 

Kerr, James W 
Kerr, John B 
Kerr, Samuel 
Kirkwood, Matthew 
Knapwurst, Fred 

Dall, David 
Davis, Charles C 
Dean, Wallace R 
Deo, Abram 
Dickerson, Jno O 
Dotzler, Chas 
Edwards, ENpm 
Erby, William 

Lane, Horatio J 
Lawrence, J W p m 
Limberg, John 
Lincoln, D H 
Lind, John T 
Lincl strum, Nels 
Little, Joseph 
Lochbihler, Lewis 
Lund, Roald 

Evans, Jno Hooker McCullock, Peter 
Falch, Charles H Mclntyre, Charles E 

Field, Andreas L 
Field, N T 
Fisher, Frank 
Flack, James 
Flentye, Henry 

McGregor, James 
Mcllwee, James 
McKichnie, Alex 
McNeill, Charles G 
Magee, Charles D 

Flynn, Barthol'm'w Maine,' William B 
Fougner, A C Mason, James 

Gano, Harry C 
Gasaway, E Y 
Gee, Charles 
Gilbraith, Thomas 
Gornio, Thomas 

Matthews, F H 
Meppen, John G 
Miller, William M 
Mitchell, Fred 
Moncur, George 

Gunderson, Gabriel Moore, Daniel G 
Gwinnapp, John Moore, Thomas E 

Haines, J TV 
Hale, George TV 
Haley, James F 
Hall, John B 
Hall, Joseph B 
Handlin, William 
Hannah, Alex D 
Harris, Jno 
Hawkins, Joseph 
Hea, John C 
Hemingway, H W 

Mowry, George 
Moulton, J M 
Moyle, Ed 
Mullins, Ed 
Murchie, G L 
Murry, A B 
Murry, John 
Myers, James 
Nicholson, J T 
Nelson, Knute 
Norgberg, Andrew 

Henderson, SMpm Norwood, Joshua 
Hertz, Henry L Olin, S O 

Hessler, Theodore 

Higlev, William B 

Hilson, Andrew 

Hobley, George R 

Hoff, Charles 

Hogg, David 

Holland, Charles T 

Holland, James 

Howard, William H Pulver, Louis 

Hoyt, Jeremiah P Quail, Thomas 

Huber, Jno Jacob Quimby, O H 

Hughes, Nelson W Rauth, Lewis C 

Hyde, Charles Epm Raymond, Andrew 

Ives, James Richmond, John 

Parmenter, Chas H 
Peake, J L 
Phillips, CC 
Pierce, William H 
Pitkin, S G p m 
Pringree, Wm p m 
Pope, Samuel I 
Powell, G S 


Illinois Masonic Registeb. 

Riley, John 
Roe, Joseph S 
Roseberry, Isaac S 
Ross, Peter 
Salloway, Daniel G 
Sawyer, Franklin 
Sehroeder, Lewis C 
Schwartz, Henry 
Searles, W A 
Shaffer, Henry R 
Sheffield, Geo N 
Shertz, John A 
Smith, George 
Smith, William D 
Sobiesky, Max 
Stalba, Fred'k 
Storm, Peter S 
Strehl, Lewis 

Sykes, Chas R 
Thompson. Harry C 
Tompkins, Win F 
Towers, Walter 
Turner, Henry 
Turner, Emanuel 
Van Dyke, Jacob B 
Veander, Ephraim 
Wade, George G 
Warner, Edwin R 
West, Charles 
Whitchurch, Wm 
White, John S 
Whitney. Geo F 
Wiener, Morris 
Williamson, Frank 
Willis, Hugh 
Worvelle, Geo W 

CRAWFORD, No. 666. 

ANNAPOLIS, Crawford Co. Chartered 
Oct 1871. Reg com Sat o b f and n m. 
Ann conn reg o b Dec 27. Membership 20. 

S H Newlin. W Ma:ter 
G H Ball, S W T G Athey, S D 

T P Barlow, J W M T Vance, J D 
J W Bline, Treas J L Myers, S S 
Wm H Joseph, Sec James Bennett, J S 

Bennett Wood, T 
Barlow, James Hill J W 

Bishop, D D Holmes, R S 

Coy, G L Longhrey, Wm 

Godey, W F H Mount, F F 

Griffith, L F Parr, S S 

CUBA, No. 534. 

CUBA, Fulton Co. Chartered Oct 1867. 
Reg com o b f m, Ann com reg Dec 27. 
Membership 46. 

G W Cltne. W Master 
J A Riechard. S W W H Heller, S D 
J G Moss, J W S D Wells, J D 

W W Shiyock, Tr J J Reichard, S S 
Henry Shiery, Sec Jos Harmison, J S 
John Wright, T 

Bath, Jacob 
Benton, H J 
Betts, C W 
Biglow, T A H 
Burk, Denis 
Burrell, MW 

Johnson, J A 
Montanya, Harvy 
Montanya, Isaac 
Montanya, Isaac jr 
Murphy, W P 
Neff, Abram p m 

Clayberge, George Nickelson, AVm 

Patterson, Joel 
Philip, Simon 
Philips, Wm 
Powers, Lafayette 
Rector, Wilson 
Rust, David 

Conley, S S 
Gillen, G W 
Gray, J W 
Half, J M 
Heller, Joel 
Henderliter, B 
Hendricks, T S 
Herrell, James 
Hilton, David 
Hughs, E B 
Jamison, R L W 

CYRUS, No. 188. 

MOUNT CARROLL, Carroll Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1856. Reg com Tues obfm and 

2 weeks after. Ann com reg o b Dec 27. 
Membership 47. 

Charles C Fanner, W Master 
Daniel R Miller, S WC Kellenbach, S D 
Moses Furlong. J W Geo R Christie, J D 
Wm P Baird, treas H E Sheldon, S S 
E T E Becker, Sec Louis Lipman, J S 

John H Deeds, T 
Armour, Volney Keech, John H 
Beardsley, O S Lewis, Jacob 

Bowden, Collan Long, Will H 

Craig, James H Loveland, George C 

Darrah, Samuel M Miller, John W 
Davis, Thomas P Moore, Samuel 
Dresbach, John M Nycum, Wm N 
Dresbach, Thomas E O'Neal, Sanford 
Durham, John C Patch, Benjamin S 
Elter, D Frank Pulley, Wm 

Fletcher, Nelson Rea, George 
Green, Albert M Shinier, Henry 
Green, William O Smith, Charles B 
Gross, John C Smith, David B 

Hawk, R M A Tracy, Frank D 

Highbarger, Adam Whorrett. Geo M 
Hollinger, Josiah V Wildley, Wm H 
Hughes. Win D Young, George S 

Irvine, Wm 

D. A. CASHMAN, No. 686. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1872. Reg 
com every Tues. Ann com 3d Tues Dec. 
Place of meeting cor Robey and W Madi- 
son sts. Membership 97. 

Robert J Dauphiney, W Master 
H G Thompson, S W John Bonner, S D 
James H Frees, J W Harry M Marks, J D 
L H Bisbee, Treas John D Osgood, S S 
G A Douglas, Sec Edwd Murray, J S 

James F Dane, T 
Arend, Augustus Howard, Charles H 
Baldwin, Albert W Healield, John W 
Bandoine, Samuel M Heron, Walter D 
Barclay, Daniel Hilliard, Hiram 

Birch, Hugh T Hinckley. Henry A 

Blair, Alex Hitchcock, James 

Boot, James W Hubbard, D P 

Borchardt, Julius C Hunton, R A 
Brazier, William H Hutchinson, John L 
Brown, Augustus Hyman, David 
Burtis, Peter T Jackson, George W 

Cashman, DApm Johnson, Charles A 
Corgill, William H Kellum, J H 
Cowles, Charles Kern, Emanuel II 

Coyle, Charles J Lines, David J 
Cauddeback, F F Longbottom, Chas J 
Damon. O B Ludwig, John W 

DeAnquera, A McFarland, JSpm 

DeAnquera, Phillip McKay, James B 
Ebellng, George McKay, Robei t E 
Fletcher, John H McKihzie, Alex H 
Foster, Addison H Mandl, Bernhard 
Gill, John E Marden, Loomis 

Goldstein, Henry Mayhen, Payson E 
Goodyear, William Merrill, George W 
Gould, Grey T Mowatt, John 

Griffin, Michael C Oliver, John A 
Griswold, John A Owrley, John E 
Harris, William H Parsons, Volney T 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Paulk, James Tenney, J F 

Pike, Adolph Tracey, Albertson 

Purington, H G Tucker, George W 

Quart, Alfred Tuller, Rollin B 

Rice, Martin Yale, "William 

Richardson, Wm H VanBuren, A 

Schroeder, A W Van sands, S J 

Sibley, John W Wadhams, A S 

Smith George W Wallace, Joseph L 

Sprague, Henry W Whitcomb, Henry J 

Sprague. John G Wedner, Robert D 

Street, Samuel jr Wilkins, J R 

Sundberg, Fred "W Wilkins, S Grafton 

Taylor, Sorrell Wolfe, Robert 
Templeton, Thomas 

DALLAS CITY, No. 235. 

DALLAS CITY, Hancock Co. Chartered 
Oct 1857. Reg com Sat obfra. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 80. 

Maxwell Dickey, W Master 
Saml Simmons, S W B F Mendenhall, S D 
Perry C Walker, JW Wm C Walker, J D 
John Cooper, Treas Charles Steffen, S S 
William Scott, Sec A C Scott, J S 

Henderson Rose, T 
Akin, James F Hull, Milton 

Avery, Oliver S p m Jennings, J H 
Avise, Wm Hpm Jolly, William 
Babcock. Abram Keiifer, Antoine 
Banks, Clement W Kreig, George 
Banks, William C Lionberger, David S 
Barr, Adam Lionberger, John M 

Barr, Newel R Logan, Alfred A 

Brooks, Franklin Logan, John 
Brown, John L McLean, J M 

Burr, Edward Mack, Theophilus 

Byler, David Marsden, William 

Byler, Jacob Miller, B F 

Carper, James M Mills, David W 
Cisner, Zelile Mills, William 

Clover, Josephus Newlon, B T 
Coffman, J W Padburg, August 

Crane, Robert W Pence, Phillip 
Craney, A C Pershin, Isaac 

Delliplain, Thomas Potter, P 
Duffy, Jacob B Rand, Joshua Ppm 

Eckles. Stephen Rice, Jonathan 
Feasley, Joseph Ruth, John R 
Finch, Hiram Scott, Thomas M 

Gassaway, James Styles, Ashel 
Gassaway, John H Taylor, Stephen 
Gauff, Samuel Teasdale, Thomas 

Gibbs. John Thomas, Chm M 

Green, William Thomas, George 

Haines, Elijah Tilton, Hebson 

Harvey. Thomas Yanbuskirk, M V 
Horn, John C Yaughan, Samuel E 

Horner, Daniel Vaughan, Wm A 

Hovey. Asburn S Wibble, Geo F 
Hull, Granville. Wirner, W T 

DABWIN^No. 551. 

DARWIN, Clark Co. Chartered Oct 
IG1. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. Member- 
ship 27. 

Leeoy B Anderson, W Master 
Benj Francis, S W Albert Prevo, J W 

C S Hall, Treas 
Burns Dixon, Sec 
Otis J Gunn, S D 

George F 
Baker, Janies H 
Davidson, John 
Davidson, Richd N 
Figg, Wm T 
Files, Thomas E 
Gibson, James A 
Higgin, Robert B 
Jumper, Simeon 
Knight, James M 

O C Sanford, J D 
Chas Harmon, S S 
L Dixon, J S 
Davidson, T 
McClure, John W 
Marvin, John 
Marvin, William 
Murphy, Liberty 
Prevo, 'Samuel 
Stell, Andrew T 
Stover, Samuel S 
Underwood, Thos R 
Williamson, Robert 

DAWSON, No. 556. 

DAWSON. Sangamon Co. Chartered 
Oct 1867. Reg com Sat o b f in. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 51. 

James W Wilson, W Master 
J B Greenhut, S W A F Thompson, S D 
R K Hawley. J W James M King, J D 
John C Woltz, Treas T Rubly, S S 
William W Judd, S Henrv Cooper, J S 

George A Rentschler, T 
Alexander, William King, John F 
Barclay, John C Kohn, Jacob 
Billington. John Kirby, James 
Cooper, Dobnev Kirby, William 
Constant, Alfred S Lloyd, McAgy C 
Constant, JohnT McGinnis, John 
Crumley, John Matthews, James H 

Dunaway, A C Maxwell, Archibald 

Ellington, Alvin M Mitts, John T 
Ellington, George W Moore, George W 
Enos, John R Moore, James H 

Enos, William S Nichols, William H 
Foster, William A O'Conor, John C 
Greening, W S Palmer, Michael 

Greening, Z T Plummer, Nelson H 

Hays, John Ross, Jacob 

Hall, Owen H Shankland, John H 

Hunt. Janies W Shaw, William H 

Hussey, Jacob Y Taylor, Simeon M 
Jones, James W Willams, David S 
Judd, Marquis L 

D. C. CREGrlER, No. 643. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1870. Reg 
com every Wed. Ann com reg o b Dec. 
27. Place of meeting 280 Milwaukee av. 
Membership 101. 

Henry Munsterman, W Master 
Edwin Sykes, S W James Keats, S D 
G H Rettmiller, J W T A B Morris, J D 
G Brinkworth, Tr Wm Foreman, SS 
Wm H Dunn. Sec John Stewart, J S 

Fred Timmerhoff, T 
Amsden, Joel Crowther, Joshua 

Ayles worth, Geo Dalton, John C 
Ball, George Darrow, Merritt S 

Barker, Anthony Dicker, Oswand 
Beemer, John C Donihoo. Jos A M 
Brisco, Joseph Dunn, John O 

Brown, Charles H Feideke, Fred 
Camiett, Isaac Felsenthal, Herman 

Cogswell, W B Figg, James J 

Conway, Michael AV Franklin, A.M 
Crell, C A Frantzen, Fritz 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Frees, Charles 
Furguson, W M 
Garvin, Frank B 
Gelder, John 
Ginochio, John 
Gregg, Thomas 
Grossenbacker, J 
Grossman, Benj 
Hannah, Wm 
Hartung, Leonard 
Havard, Win 
Hastee, Robert 
Hoerstel, Wm 
Horson, Wm 
Jacobs, Louis 
Jameson, Wm 
Jones, George 
Judal, August 
Keller, Jerome 
Klein, A W 
Liness, Joseph 
Lundy, Joseph 
McClellan, Wm W 
McHenry, John 
McPherson, Joseph 
Marckress, S D 
Margett, George 
Marguerat, Eugene 
Marx, Matthew 
Meads, Joseph 
Meyer, Chas E F 
Miller, Matthew 
Moffatt, A K 
Morrison, S L 
Morton, James F 

Osterman, Henry 
Parkes, Charles T 
Patterson, Wm 
Penzin, Frank 
Perkins, Henry C 
Plantz, C H p m 
Poleman, Wm C 
Raphel, Abram 
Raphel, Julius 
Reed, Henry C 
Eelleen, Edward 
Ritter, Andrew 
Ritter, Charles 
Rodgers, Patrick 
Room, Robert 
Sauer, Henry W 
Seneco, Charles 
Skilding, James 
Smith, Enos W 
Spengler, John C 
Toombs. Thomas 
Van Gelder, Levi D 
Vant Wood, John 
Webb, Job 
Webber, Eugene 
Webber, Jacob 
Westley, Samuel 
Wetzler, Chas G 
Wetzel], Charles 
Wheeler, Chas S 
Wills, Porter B 
Wilsey, Almon C 
Wilson, John 
Woweries. Adolph 

DEARBORN, No. 310. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1859. Reg 
com every Fri. Ann com reg o b Dec 27. 
Place of meeting, 72 Monroe St. Mem- 
bership 153. 

William K Forsyth, W Master 
J A McCartney, S W C M Fitzhugh, S D 
J Sutton, J W Wm Heavitt, J D 

John Sutton, Treas Robt C Griffith, S S 
Jas D McKay, Sec Wm H Thexton, J S 

John P Ferns, T 
Abrahams, Henry Colbeith, James M 
Colburn, J E 
Connor, Charles B 
Cox, William 

Adams, George 

Atkinson, David S 

Bartlett, R E 

Bassett, Andrew T Crawford, James H 

Bell, Barber 

Cummings, James 

Berington, Henry S Danley, Milo S 

Berry, James 
Bidwell, James A 
Bliler, Lewis M 
Boomer, W H 
Breitzke, T V 
Brey, Joseph D 
Brierly, John B 
Brown, Charles S 
Brown, George F 

Dickinson, F H 
Doolan, James 
Doyle, Lawrence 
Eagle, James E 
Eckart, Valentine 
Fancher, Bickwell 
Faul, Fred B 
Favor, Fred H 
Fenner, P M 

Burghstream, Chas Fenerstein, Henry 
Burroughs, Chas J Ferguson, Peter 

Call, D Henry 
Cameron, Hugh 
Campbell, John G 
Clark, Oliver B 

Filtean, Charles 
Foy, George 
Foskett, Perley P 
Gable. John F 

Gair, Wm McR 
Galloway, Albert 
Ganniere, Charles 
Garthwaite, E W 
Gereaux, Samuel 
Gil more, Charles N 
Goldstein, Elias 
Goodwin, James A 
Goold, Nathaniel 
Greenhill, James A 
Greenhill, John S 
Gormley, William 
Hamblin, John J 
Harris, Abram 
Hart, Charles F 
Hirschfield, Charles 
Holt, Charles 
Howley, William 
Hurd, Charles E 
Innes, Hugh 
Innes, William 
Jobin, Hepolile P 
Johnson, Thomas H 
Juneau, Felix J 
Kendall, George S 
Kennedy, William 
Kimball, Horner B 
King, Charles J 
King, George C 
Kohn, David A 
Large, Andrew T 
Large, Andrew T ir 
Large, Jonathan H 
Large, William H 
Lawson, Andrew 
Livingston, A S 
Longstreet, A 
Lowe, George W 
McClory, Patrick 
McFarland, James 
McKindlay, Jas D \ 
McMahon, Thomas 
Marinisi, Carlo 
Miller, Charles 
Mitchell, James 
Molynouse, John 
Montford, Thomas 
Moody, Chas S P M 
Morley, Robert W 
Murdock, W A 

Murphy, John D 
Nichols, Francis W 
Overy. John G 
Paine, Freeman L 
Pelouse, Edward 
Periolat, Renhold 
Petrie, E D'Lancy 
Phillips, Charles R 
Pierce, William L 
Pollock, Mark 
Poritz, Albert 
Pulham, Charles 
Puliti, Vinciens 
Reason, William A 
Reed, William 
Reese, Edwin M 
Renaud, Dumont P 
Richardson, Peter H 
Roberts, Robert 
Robinson, Benj G 
Robinson, Charles H 
Root, David S 
Scott, James A 
Seebach, Bertram G 
Seigwalt, J 
Shafer, John A 
Shrum, Perrie 
Smith, John R 
Smith, Roland 
Smith, Samuel M 
Spaulding, G W 
Spaulding, Madison 
Stearns, Theodore R 
Studley, Davis 
Sutton, William T 
Swatkins, Alfred 
Taft, Fred H 
Taylor, James S 
Tennis, J C 
Tighe, Francis J 
Toby, Henry Spm 
Tolby, Wiley C 
Turner, William 
Vehon, Abram 
Watson, G W E 
Wilcox, C S 
Willis, William W 
Wilson, John J 
Witkousky, Conrad 
Woodman, James A 

DE KALB, No. 144. 

DE KALB. Chartered Oct 1854. Reg 
com 1st and 3d Wed. Ann com Dec. 
Membership 97. 

S O Vaughan, W Master 
M V Wilder, S W W B Barber, S D 
Thos Corkings, J W W Trip, J D 
L H Post, Treas P J Rickard, S S 
C H Salisbury, Sec P S Young, J S 

L Mendelson, T 
Allen, W H Brady, James 

Arnold, Wm Burt, S D 

Atwood, J E Butts, J D 

Austin, H Calhoun, A H 

Barber, C L Camp, M J 

Barr, William Campbell, A 

Beers, E A Cheney, O 

Blackman, F M Cheney. W J 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Condec, J J Perkins, J S 

Crawford, Jacob Pierce, Bester 
Crego, O C Pierce. W F 

Belong, H Randall, I 

Dunning, W N Reed, John 

Earl, D W Reed, William 

Earl, J F Reynolds, J S 

Elwood. A Roberts. R H 

EHwood, L L Roberts, Robert 

Erwin, George Rolpb, A H 

Fowler, Jacob Sanborn, H B 

Fox, P L Simmons, C M 

Garner. J C Simonds. J H 

Gilbert, E B Skeels, H B 

Glidden, J B Smith, E R 

Glidden, J F Smith, F W 

Goodell, J M Smitn, Ira H 

Green, W Smith, John 

Haish. Jacob Snooks, J 

Hall, S A Snow, B 

Herrington, B F Sweet, Norris 
Holderness, J S Taylor, S 
Hunt, D D Tyler, S A 

Jackman, R Vaughan, PWTpm 

Loomis.E W Wadsworth, G N 

Lott, J D Wagner, P C 

Love, C Walkup, E A 

Marsh, CW Wallace. EO 

Miller, C W White, W 

Miiler, J P White, J A 

Miller, W H White, S N 

Needham, D C White, W 

Noble, E Wolcott, G E 

Overton, M C Wright, F P 

Park, A F Young, C 

Pearl, O 

DELAVAN, No. 156. 

DELAY AX, Tazewell Co. Chartered 
March 1875. Reg com 2d and 4th Fri. 
Ann com i eg o b Dec 27. Membership 73. 

Theodore Vax Hagxe, W Master 
Caleb Hopkins, S W Sol Reinheimer, S D 
David C Patten, J W Thos O Baker, J D 
J B Phillips, Treas George F Lux, S S 
E A Hauptman, Sec Jno X Snedeker, J S 

William F Watkins, T 
Appleton, Joseph C Hill, Harrison A 
Bailey, Joshua Hill, John W 

Ball. A W Hobart, Stephen C 

Burbridge, Robert Holmes, Richard 
Beecher, Miner D Humbert, Phillip 
Booth, William Keefer, F R 

Carr, John Kingman, Cvrus M 

Crossman, Wm W Latham. William P 
Cook, Henry C Lawler, David 

Crothers, Robert W McCaddcn. James 
Dillon, Cyrus McKee, Samuel P 

Edmonds, Dow Mason, James A 

Evans, Jesse Merrill, Pharis 

Evans, Joseph M Miller, Josiah P 
Few, Charles W Nelson, Sherman W 

Flint, Stephen P Nichols, Jerrv V 
Gifford. Charles L Orendorff, John L 
Green, Nathaniel W Patten, Geo W 
Guild, Charles G Perry. John H 
Hall, Orlando C Phillips, William H 

Hatch, Chester T Price, Levi 
Heaton, Thomas T Pugh, James K 
Herpich, August Reid, Alfred 

Reinheimer, M I 
Sanders, James T 
Schureman, Thomas 
Slagle, Henry 
Still, Daniel P 
Stillman, Alvin L 
Strouse, David 
Strouse, David jr 
Sutton, Alex H 

Sutton, Richard S 
Tefft, Stephen P 
Thompson, L D 
Thorne, Allen 
Varney, William S 
Vreeland, Ed ward L 
Wakeman, Chas R 
Warne, John 
Whitmore, George 

DELIA, No. 525. 

ELLIOTTSTO WN,Effingham Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1867. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 35. 

Thomas J Duxx, W Master 
Andrew J Wiles, SW Wm T Gordon, S D 
Foster J Davis, J W Wm P Holloway, JD 
Thos J Wood, Treas William H Davis, SS 
John W Field, Sec Wm H Poynter, J S 

George W Davis, T 
Allen, Zachariah Johanson, ChristnA 
Barcus, Rev Geo W Lloyd, Charles S 
Baty, John L Lloyd, Fred 

Baty, William C McCann, Thomas M 
Clark, Eieazur Merry, James R 

Davis, John W Merry Way M 

Davis, William C Pendlay, Ira 
Dye, Adam E Perkins, William J 

Dye, George Poynter, James T 

Field, Lewis J Sloan, James E 

Hogan, Andrew I Tress, Jacob 
Holloway, James T J Wiley, James 
Hyden, AVilliam H 

DEMENT, No. 515. 

CRESTON, Ogle Co. Chartered Oct 
1867. Reg com 1st Mon. Ann com reg 
Dec. Membership 58. 

Thomas Wadsworth, W Master 
U Swingley, S W Geo H Aumer, S D 
Jno A McCrea,J W Geo Brown, J D 
H W Dunning, Treas John Brown, S S 
T T Snow, Sec James Smith, J S 

Hiram Fogleman, T 
Adams, Charles E McDale, Wm B 
Balcom, Clarence Mett-es, Wm 
Bickford, J B Morey, Smith 

Blackmer, A Pacrom, Ezra M 

Bruley, Cyrus I Patton, Geo W 

Campbell, Frank Payne, George 
Campbell, Joseph Pierce, Bland ford R 
Caddington, George Prince. Simeon 
Chapman, Charles Raymond, Henry 
Dimon, AsaPM Richie, John B 
Dimon, Daniel Rickey, Albert F 

Dimon, Jacob V P M Robbins, Henry C 
Drake, Clines Rowe, John H 

Fay, Joseph Sockett, Robert G 

Frost, T T Schnee, Joseph 

Gannon, John Smith, Thompson 

Hizer, John Southgate, V W p m 

HaVton, Charles B Thompson, James 
Hooper. Edward Townsend, Wm 
Leat, Wm Washburn, Warren 

McBride, Wm White, Joseph 

McCrea, A B Wilkinson, James 

McCrea, L A Wiltsey, John 

McDale, John Woodard. Salman 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

DENVER, No. 464. 

DENVER, Hancock Co. Chartered Oct 
1866. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann com 
reg n b Dec 27. Membership 34. 

Thomas M. Okton, W Master 
L Hartman, SW TB Brumback, S D 
Jesse Wright, J W John R Duvall, J D 
G M Browning, Tr Thos Whaley, S S 
J J Redburn, Sec Geo M Massie, J S 

Wm T Saunders, T 
Adams, Thos E 
Barr, RW 

Bates, William I 
Breckenridge, J E 
Brewster, George 
Brumback, Henry 
Capron, Geo W 
Clark, Marshall L 
Corben, James 
Davis, Matthew 
Ewing, George W 
Fletcher, Jas P 

Grove, John 
Hays, Benj P 
Jones, Geo W 
KamTman, A R 
McClure, Elzy 
McClure, John S 
Mourning, Felix G 
Pitts, Henry C 
Robinson, Amos R 
Spicer, Benj F 
Sumpter, Henry C 
Todd, John 

DE SOTO, No. 287. 

DE SOTO, Jackson Co. Chartered Oct 
1858. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann com 
reg n b Dec 27. Membership 37. 

H S McElhose, W Master 
Thos Dickie, S W E A Davis, Sec 
Thos Swofford, J W W C Bradley, S D 
W G Spiller, Tr Wm P Duncan, J D 

L M Bradley, T 
Albion, James Hall, James W 

Bandy, Jonathan Harper, Wm 

Jacobs, Henry 
Kiefer, Peter 
Lipstadt, Morris 
Morgan, Benajah 
Morris, Daniel 
Murphy, Thos 
Outler, John M 
Redd, L H 
Robinson, H C 
Standing, Wm jr 
Varner, Jesse 
Watson, H M 

Culley, Joseph H 
Davis, A L 
Davis, Amos H 
Davis, Amos J 
Davis, G B 
Davis, John L 
Dinglidine, S 
Elliott, James 
Gibbert, Daniel 
Gibion, W B 
Gill, F M 
Gill, Phillipp 
Halliday, Jethro 

DE WITT, No. 84. 

CLINTON, De Witt Co. Chartered Oct 
1850. Reg com Fri obf m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 123. 

Edwaed De Land, W Master 
John C Carl . S W G E Brooke. S D 
Edwin Weld, J W Eugene Davis, J D 
Saml Magill, Treas Jas W Adams, S S 
Aug V Lisenby, Sec Thos O Addisson, J S 

James E Wood, T 
Adams, John D Byerly, Isaac W 

Adams, William W Chambers, W T m L 
Barber, A H C Clagg, William 

Barngrover, G W Coffenberger, Isaac 

De Luis, M M 
Dennett, Charles H 
Donahue, Michael 
Dutton, Samuel 
Edmeiston, David W 
Edmeston, John H 
Finch, E 

Frendenstein, Jos 
Frudenstein, L 
Funk, Cyrus 
Goodbrak, Chris 
Gawrose, Henry E 
Green, Levi W 
Hall, Darius 
Hani pieman, D H 
Hand, Bradford 
Harrell, Samuel K 
Harur, John 
Haynie, William 
Henderson, John 
Henderson, Noel 
Hickman, Wm H 
Hanson, B W 
Huesan, Henry C 
Hull, Benjamin 
Johnson, A 
Johnson, E 
Kelly, Joseph J 
Kelly, Thomas 
Kelly, WH 
Kelly, William R 
Kirk, O L 
Kirk, Samuel 
Lane, Tellman 
Leavitt, Win J 
McAboy, A J 
McArthur, Duncan 
McCuddy, F S 
McGraw, John J 
McGraw, Leander S 
McHenry, Alonzo D 
Mcllhainy, Thos B 
McMillan, John 
McPherson, John W 
Mahonev, Michael 
Miller, John F 
Moor, Clifton H 
Monson, William 

Mullus, N B 
Nagely, Aaron 
Nagely, William G 
North, James M 
Orohood, E 
Palmer, Ezekiel B 
Peck, Arthur 
Phares, John A 
Pollock, Joseph 
Porter, John A 
Randolph, J H 
Rasbrech, Jas A 
Rasy, Nathan 
Richardson, G B 
Rogers, JohnD 
Roerers, William O 
Rose, LH 
Ross, Charles E 
Saekett, Reubin 
Smith, Thompson S 
Smith, William H 
Speier, M B 
Stainals, H L 
Stiles, J W 
Strain, Isaac H 
Sturm, Isaac 
Sylvester, E 
Taylor, Homer B 
Taylor, Smith 
Taylor, William H 
Tnoreky, Enoch 
Thurber, Isaac C 
Tver, Maddison 
vandervoort, John 
Vandervoort, W E 
Warner, Charles 
Warner, Vespasian 
Weaver, Augustus A 
W T eldon, D 
Werner, Alfred M 
Wheeler, Thomas W 
Wolf. Phillip 
Woodey, KB 
Woodward, T J 
Yeomans, E B 
Zeigler, Jacob 

Behring, Lewis 
Black, William 
Bradfleld, T H 
Brouse, John S 
Burns, T W 

Coffenberger, S P C 
Cox, B H 
Daneson, Michael 
Day, John W 
De Lans, James 

DILLS, No. 295. 

HICKORY RIDGE, Hancock Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1859. Reg com Sat o b f m. 
Membership 45. 

O J Reese, W Master 
Jos Harrison, S W Win T Newman, S D 
G W Barnett, J W Wm W Howes, J D 
Jas Harrison, Treas Richard Stringer, S S 
L P Bisel, Sec B F McCracken, J S 

L W Fryer, T 

Benson, Thos G 
Berry, G W 
Blades, Wm H 
Calhoun, Jesse 
Caywood, Jos R 
DaVton, Aaron O 
Elston, Wm 
Fry, Peter 
Guymon, W 
Guymon, Wm 

Hankenberry, Levi 
Harris, Jas R 
Hendricks, John 
Howard, Wm A 
Hunter, James 
Kinchloe, Jasper 
Laughlin, Geo F 
Laughlin, Robt F 
Madison, James 
McKenzie, Jos 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Moore, John B Smith, C P 

Newman, "VVm S Steele, G W 

Oliver, Jno H Stiner, Michael 

Parker, Henry C Symmonds, G L 

Parker, LL Tull, J P 

Pettit, John Wigtman, Russell 

Poling, Chas Williams, Geo W 
Pounds, James 

DONGOLaTno. 581. 

DONGOLA, Union Co. Chartered Oct 
1868. Reg com Thurs o b f m. Ann com 
reg o b Dec 27. Membership 29. 

Henhy Moweey, W Master 
T N Henley, S W Wm L McLane, S D 
Henry Harmes, J W J A Peeler. J D 
F Neibauer, Treas C J O Roussel S S 
T J Eddleman, Sec Wm H Finney, J S 

Thomas N Garrett, T 
Bouser, A C Morgan, Jacob 

Cantor, Henrv Murray, James 

Eichhoff. Charles Peeler, Alexander 
Field, Theodore F Peeler, Richard D 
Freshett, Frederic Penninger, Geo W T 
Hicks, Louis Penrod, David 

Holshouser, John Rives, R T 
Keesel, John Stephenson, John G 

Little, George Upchurch, Jas H 

Merrill, Chas A 

DONNELSON, No. 255. 

DONNELSON, Montgomery Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1858. Reg com Tues obfm. 
Ann com reg n b Dec 27. Membership 36. 

John B. Carey, W Master 
Wm J Young, S W Moses Hanes, S D 
B F McLain, J W Wm Williams, J D 
Geo R Aydolett, Tr Geo W Willson, S S 
M N Allen, Sec Elisha N Brown, J S 

Micle Hampton, T 
Allen, Robert Nelson, Martin 

Booher, Jacob Price, John 

Brown, Thomas Sharp, George 

Christopher, John 
File, George 
Hampton, Alex 

Stephens, Cyrus 
Thacker, Jas H 
Thompson, Jos P 

Hanner, Harrison S Vaughan, Noah 

Hanner, Jos Cpm Vickorey, Wm 

Hawkins, C Warden, Nathan E 

Haynes, Baxter White, Ira J 

Johnston, Jas W Willson, Uriah 

Montgomery, John Young, L 

Neal, Wm Young, Wm J, p m 


DORCHESTER, Macoupin Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1868. Reg com Wed obfm. 
Membership 21. 

John A Ward, W Master 
F Mever, S W John R Sawyer, Sec 

E A Sisson, J W B H Dorsev, S D 
T R Hayden, Treas W H Edwards, J D 

Lemuel Taylor, T 
Clark, Rundel Gibbs, M 

Corrington, N A Havden, John A 
Dunsden, John McDonald, John P 

Furber. Simeon S - Kidglev, Stephen E 

Roberts, Wm Walker, John 

Schmidt, Geo Wm Ward, John H 
Walker, Jacob 

DORIC, No. 319. 

' MOLINE, Rock Island Co. Chartered 
Oct 1859. Reg com 1st Thurs. Member- 
ship 104. 

J W Morey, W Master 

W C Bennett, S W J N Watt, S D 

N R Zeigler, J W J Norrish, J D 

J S Gillmore, Treas R L Brown, S S 

C A Barnard, Sec G A Stone, J S 

D Kelso, T 

Ainsworth, H A Marshall, D C 

Anderbury. G O Mattison, Frank 

Anderson, W H Merryman, F 

Appleton, Charles Milholland, R 

Atkinson, E B Mill, W 

Ayers, J A jr Miller, Jacob 

Barber, H E Moore, J C 

Barnard, H A Morris, W G 

Beatty. John G Nourse, E G 

Beers, E J Nourse, H G 

Bemull, Z A Peterson, E A 

Billington, C A Pierce, H A 

Bolton. N C Pierce, R R 

Channon, John Pierce, W H 

Chauncy, John M Pingrie, Geo E 

Collins, W M Pinkham, L 

Cornwall, Geo L Porter, D G 

Dahms, John Porter, S R 

Davidson, J B Rosebrough, James 

Dimock, D C jr Rosebrough, Thos 

Dow, George W Sailor, Amos 

Elmstead, John A Salisbury. J G 

Fairclough, H W Seifferts, H A 

Feeney, M Sharp, G W 

Good, Charles A SiMs, T S 

Gould, Geo D Slight, H O 

Gregory, L Smith, A J 

Groom, L D Sowers, O P 

Gunnell, F Taylor, H N 

Hagerty, John Tobias, H J 

Hememway, L E Towndroor, B R 

Higbv, D E Tuffley, Job 

Hovey, CP Uhleman.W 

Hubbard, C A Velie, S H 

Hubbard, C E Vinton, A F 

Huntoon, Edgar Vinton, George W 

Hutt, G Waters, C C 

Hyde, H W Waters, Walter 

Irwin, H S Webb, George 

Iverson, A Wegers, C 

Johnson, Adam Weising, Thomas 

Kelsey, H B Wells, J G 

Levi, L J Wells, Lucius jr 

McBurney, A R Whipple, H O 

McMann, R Wood, Ira 

Magill, J B Woodworth. H 

Mangold, J G Wright, A S 

DOTJGLAsTno. 361. 

MASCOUTAH, St Clair Co. Chartered 
Oct 1861. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. Ann 
com 3d Sat Dec. Membership 56. 

John D Mollmann, w Master 
Le Rov W Free. S W John Wolz, Treas 
Chas Cannady, J W Peter W Lill, Sec 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Geo Gaskill, S D Henry Nicol, S S 

W D Hoover, J D Geo T Wright, J S 

Jacob Singler, T 

Barth, August Leim, Adolphus 

Barth, George Lilbig, George D 

Barth, John W Lischer, Christoph 

Beeson, John W Ludwig, Zach 

Beeson, Joseph W McMurtrie, Brick 

Benz, Phillip Miller, David 

Castello, William Muehlheiser, John 

Crain, Edward F Padfield, James R 

Dathan, Frederick Ritter, Balthaser 

Dilg, Frederick Ross, Alexander 

Eisenmeyer Geo C Scheurer, Christian 

Henrich, George Scheve, Charles 

Henrich. William F Scheve, Frederick J 

Heupel, Henry H Scheve, Gust J 

Holtes, Frederick Schofield, John 

Horn, Phillip Sheely, William D 

Jenkins, Alfred Simpson, Daniel A 

Klingel, Louis Slade, William D 

Kugler, Major L Swaggard, George 

Kunz, Charles Wallhauser Fredk 

Land, James Wasen, August 

Leibrock, George Wasen, George P 

Leibrock, John Wasen, Valentine J 

DTJBOIsTno. 624. 

DUBOIS, Washington Co. Chartered 
Oct 1869. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. Ann 
com reg o b Dec 27. Membership 22. 

William C Willmore, W faster 
S B Gilbert, S W John H Doty, S D 
W H Bowen, J W JKP Bridges, J D 
A J McConnehea, T Josiah Stout, S S 
William S Wade, S S Scronce, J S 

William W Stewart, T 
Bridges, Rutherford Jewell, Gideon D 
Bunce, Louis Norris, Oliver P 

Caldwell, Robert L Stuttard, Thomas W 
Dufur, Abel L Wade, William S 

Eledge, James B Walker, Benjamin F 
Gilbert, Cyrus White, Henry F 

DTJNDEeTNo. 190. 

DUNDEE, Kane Co. Chartered Oct 
1856. Reg com 1st and 8d Fri. Ann com 
8d Fri Dec. Membership 44. 

W W Norton, W Master 
Wm Dalton, S W A I Chapman, S D 
James W Duff, J W C A Hoxie, J D 
Rev L Clifford,Chap C E Wood, S S 
Geo E Slaid, Treas R Archibald, J S 

J G Grick, Sec 
Adams, D C 
Austin, E W 
Borden, Joseph 
Brinkerhoff, A R 
Brokaw, A 
Crabtree, L A 
Church, W D 
Cleavland, E F 
Dempster, A R 
Hendricks, E 
Hendrickson, A 
Hibbard, J L 
Hill, J L 

B P Bradley, T 
Hollister, A S 
Hoxie, E E 
Jamerson, Chas 
Kempfer, Chas 
Nolte, August 
Otis, C B 
Otis, G C 
Otis, Wm 
Parker, W J 
Plumleigh. Chas 
Schee, OM 
Staid, C F 

Smith, J R Willmarth, H G 

Torrance, H G Willsie, J C 

Wells, J H Woloner, N E 
Wesson, J E 

DUNLApTNo. 321. 

MORRISON, Whiteside Co. Chartered 
Oct 1859. Reg com 1st and 3d Mon. Ann 

com reg o b Dec 27. Memberhip 81. 
Albert J Jackson, W Master 

John Grierson, S W Wm Lane, S D 

I V Walker, J W James .Lister, J D 

M V B Smith, Tr John Furlong, S S 

E J Congar, Sec Benton Bullock, J S 

Mitchell Y Lewis, T 

Abbott, Asa M McElrath, Wm 

Allison J Taylor McKay, Alex 

Bacon, BeniH Milne, George 

Belding, LC Milnes, Joseph 

Bent, Charles Moss, Henry G 

Bickert, John Norton, J W 

Butcher. John H Nowlan, Arthur 

Carter, Abe A Nowlan, J Albert 

Carter, Jas S Paine, John H 

Chapman, Frank W Patten, Enos 

Clark, Wm F Payne, Ed W 

Clendenin, Frank Payne, W A 

Durword, Peter Philleo, A J 

Eads, Chas W Piatt, John B 

Fay, George H Reemer, Chester K 

Farrington, A Reemer. Eugene B 

Farsting, L W Rice, John W 

Fisher, Frank J Ritchie, Alex 

Gibbs, Andrew B Roberts, Miner 

Grierson, Alex Robertson, Andrew 

Hayes, John Root, John W 

Heaton, Alfred Rosenfelt, George 

Humphrey, M B Savage, Morris 

Imley, Wm Schoole, Wm 

Jackson^Jas T Simonson, Jas H 

Jacobs, Horatio H Sly, Chester 

James, George O Sloan, Samuel 

Kahn, Isaac Spafford, D wight S 

Kahn, Marx Touner, Henry B 

Kahn, Samuel Van Osdoll, Wm A 

Kennedy, A E Warner, Ed B 

Kier, James C Warrell, Ed A 

Lincoln, Lewis C Weldon, John W 

Logan, Robert E Wilcox, W W 

Lum, Cyrus B Woodruff, Orr F 
McDonald, John 

DTJ QMOTnTNo. 234. 

DU QUOIN, Perry Co. Chartered Oct 
1857. Reg com Thurs o b f m. Member- 
ship 61. 

S Freidenstein, W Master 
J Robertston, S W J P Clough, S D 
Thos Hickman, J W Jno Sturdevant, J D 
J A Bowlin. Treas Jas Bruckshaw, S S 
C F Linzie, Sec Robt Spence, J S 

J M Wright, T 
Anderson, Alfred C Brasher A W 
Arms, Wm Bramly, L C 

Ash, John Brooking, Allen C 

Blackburn, James Clark, SM 
Blum, Robert Col, Jacob 

Bowby, Wm J Cotton, Samuel 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Cowles, R B 

Elstun, Win 
Ford, LW 
Harris, W B 
Howell, ThosH 
Humphrey, T H 
Johnson, H W 
Jones, B W 
Kelly, Jno B 
Kelly, Geo W 
Lemon, Joshua 
Long, H H 
Louis, W F 
Louman, S J 
Maclin, J B 
Marlow, Wm 
Messmo~e, Jacob 
Monk, Joseph 
Oglevie, James 
Penwarden, Thos 

Pier, R S 
Pope, P W 
Powers, M N 
Pruit, Wm 
Pyle, Ephraim 
Roberts, Thos 
Ryan, G P 
Sandford, L 
Sawyer, J V 
Skinner, L B 
Smith, G L 
Solomon, Jos 
Sprague, Benj 
Stacy, J. F 
Story, W D 
Tetirck, Amos 
Tucker Joseph 
Ward, J H 
Whitehead, John 
Whitly, John 

DURAND, No. 302. 

DURAND, Winnebago Co, Chartered 
Oct 1859. Reg com 1st and 3d Thurs. 
Membership 46. 

E C Stevens, W Master 
John Davis, S W HE Harris, S D 
Chas G Turney, J W D J Stewart jr J D 
S C Eastman, Treas Geo H Joslin, S S 
R L Cleveland, Sec C A Rosencrans, JS 

Jacob Simcox, T 
Adams, D E Partch, Orville H 

Adams. Ross Patterson, Peter 

Afflerbaugh, Jos H Pierce, George W 
Anderson, C A Pitcher, Benjamin 

Andrews, J P Robinson, William H 

Burrell, Henry Rolason, Horace J 

Cleveland, E F Rowe, Elford M 

Cleveland, Lewis L Stewart, A McG 
Doolittle, Alonzo P Stewart, Duncan J 
Fiemming, Danl W Shorb, Hugh M 
Ganonng, Arthur H True, James R 
Gilman, Joseph W Tyler, James W 
Humphrey, J H 

Hurd, D S 
McCoy, Martin 
Martin, Samuel L 
Norton, Daniel D 
Norton, Eliakem 

Walker, George R 
W T ebster, Abel B 
Webster, D R 
Webster, Miner P 
Wike, Lawrence 
Williams, James M 

EAST ST. LOUIS, No. 504. 

EAST ST LOUIS, St Clair Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1866. Reg com 1st and 3d Thurs. 
Membership 66. 

Anson Gtjstin, W Master 
C Rohm, S W George L Kolb, S D 

William Amos, J W Geo T Phillips, J D 
Wm G Kase. Treas Wm T Noel, S S 
E C Newkirk, Sec Thos H Nolan, J S 

Martin Becker, T 
Alter, William W Bissett, Alexander 
Ashley, Dennis Buff ham, George 

Attridge, Thomas Cairns, Madison 
Baries, John Christmann, Philip 

Bassett, Edwin E Clubb, Samuel C 
Baumann, Peter Cory, Charles F 
Boughan, Henry C Draper, R S 
Bourne, John G Eggman, Emil J 

Elliott, Henry 
Elliott. William 
Finch, Marcus 
Griffith, William 
Hake, Samuel S 
Herbert, James. 
Hite, Luke H 
Hoskins, George A 
Hull, Cyrus E 
Jennings, Thomas O 
Johnson, Edward 
Juleson, Edward S 
Key, James 
Kirby, Caleb 
Knight, William A 
Lewis, William L 
McClurg, James 
McGinnis, Jno H 
McGraw, J J 
McLean, Jno J 

Masters, Leander S 
Milroy. Jno C 
Mitchell, L 
Niemes, Jno 
Philbrook, Lyman 
Powell, Jno R 
Rennick, Thomas 
Riffle, Matthias 
Roberts, Thomas 
Saddler, George 
Schall, Henry 
Schulte, William 
Schwarz, Ferdinand 
Sikking, James B 
Simonds, Jno J 
Stanard, Charles H 
Thomas, Cvrus 
Traubel, Leonhardt 
Vaughn, Patrick W 
Wider, Ernest W 

EDDYVILLE, No. 672. 

EDDYVILLE, Pope Co. Chartered Oct 
1871. Reg com Sat a fm. Membership 35. 

Wm Jackson, W Master. 
J N Maynor, S W John S Barger, S D 
Wm S Barger, J W Noah S Barger, J D 
J Anderson, Treas John F Kiner, S S sr 
Jos W King, Sec Jas Lackaby, J S jr 
Thomas Boulden, T 

Boulden, Geo A 
Boulden, Jesse 
Boulden, John 
Boulden, John H 
Barger, Abram S 
Butler, Jacob 
Butler. John 
Davidson, George 
Davidson, Wm 
Duncan, F M 
Fowler, Hiram R 
Fowler, J A 
King, James W 

Lauderdale, Frank 
Lauderdale, Wm 
Lockaby, James 
Melton, R G 
Raulston, M D 
Rector, L A 
Russell, John B 
Smith, R S 
Southerland, WP 
Whiteside, Jas A 
Williams, Henry N 
WDlis, John T 

EDGEWOOD, No. 484. 

EDGEWOOD, Effingham Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1866. Reg com Sat o b f m. 
Ann com Dec, Membership 28. 

William R Wright, W Master 
Wm Gillmore, S W Daniel Fender. S D 
M A Brown, J W Cyrus North, J D 
Wm H Brown, Tr Wm Jones, S S 
Jno McDonald, Sec A Granger, J S 

William Hans, T. 
Baker, James Heth, Andrew 

Briggs, Edgar W Heth, Christopher 
Dyer, David Hooksey, Henry C 

Faulk, Jay N McClov, John 

Faulk, John L McClov, Robert 

Fender, Isaac D O'Donhell, Michael 
Gillmore, Alfred G Scott, James R 
Gillmore, James L Wheeler, George 
Hegeman, Elbert A Wright, James 


LAWRENCEVILLE, Lawrence County, 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Chartered Oct 1855, Reg com 2d and 4th 
Sat. Ann com reg o b Dec 27. Mem 42. 

Chaeles M Cartek, "W Master 
Addison Lewis, S W Win Musgrave, S D 
J W Musgrave, J W A Rawlings, J b 
^i V §F$$h Treas George Green, S S 
Wm G Gilbert, Sec John Kirkwood, J S 

James C Euark, T 
Baddolet, HSpm McCleave, John W 
Barton, Samuel R Miller, John H 
Berkshier, John Miner, Wm H H 
Blackburn, Win Musgrave, Jas N 
Burmingham, John Musgrave, Robt W 
Clary, Henry T Parker, Charles W 

Crews, Eugene C Pea, Charles W 
Detron, George Price, John C 

Dorr, Jacob Price, Wm C 

Foredyce, Jairus Russell, Edward A 
Hen sly, Aug C Seed, Thomas H 

Judy, Alfred L Shepherd, Wm W 

Knepf, Whitman Tanquary, W T m H 
Laird, Samuel Tischemacher, Chas 

Lewis, Jasper M Watts, Isaac B 
Lewis, Samuel Whitaker, James W 


ED WARDS VILLE, Madison Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1851. Reg com 1st and 3d Thurs. 
Membership 86. 

Jttlifs G. Barnsback, W Master 
John D Heisel, S W John Keller, S D 
Ed W Goodwin, J W W S Lockwood, J D 
C E Clark, Treas Chas E Tindall, S S 
Wm H Hall, Sec W M Fahnestock, J S 

Geo J Webb, T 
Armstrong, Jno M Jones, Wm H 
Bamsback, Henry C Judy, Thos J 
Barrett, K T Judy, Wm L 

Barnett, Rufus C Keller, Alonzo 
Bayer, Jacob Kerr, Jas W 

Bonner, John Lane, John 

Boyd, Wm L McGregory, S E 

Burroughs, Ben R McKee, Joseph N 
Cramer, Newton Miller, John M 
Cook, Cyrus L Morehead, Samuel 

Cooper, Jas T Poag, Andrew J 

Crocker, Chns W Pogue, Joseph 
Crocker, John T Prickett, Jas M 
Cotter, Wm H Prickett, John A 

Dimmock, Chas W Prickett, Thos J 
Doubt, J Michael Prickett, Wm R 
Eaton, Henry A Richards, Ben H 
Eaton, Henry K Risley, Samuel L 
Eaton, Wm P Ritter, Herman 

Fahnestock, John G Robinson, Joseph G 

Floyd, J R 
Gaffney, John 
Galser, Ernest G 
Geer, Thomas 
Geer, Wm L 
Gillespie, David 
Graves, Wesley R 
Hall, George L 
Hall, Winfield S 
Happy, Cyrus 
Hobson, John 
Irwin, John G 
Johnson, Wm B 

Robinson, Wm H, 
Ryan, John 
Sabin, H N 
Sebastian, Chas 
Shackleford, N D 
Sloan, John F 
Snyder, Chas H 
Spitz, Albert 
Springer, Levi C 
Springer, Thos O 
Springer, Wm M T 
Stolnackei- Wm L 
Stall man, Frank H 

Stewart, Robert Webb, Jesse 

Terry, Jacob W West, Edward M 

Tunnel, Robt F Wier, John H 

Wallace, Jerome Wolf, Adolph P 

Wainwright, Geo Wolf, Frits W 

EFFINGHAM, No. 149. 

EFFINGHAM, Effingham Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1854. Reg com 1st and Sd Fri. 
Ann com Dec. Membership 50. 

Feank B Kectaed, W Master 
Wm H Barlow, S W John T Barlow, S D 
John O Scott, J W EC Vaughorn, J D 
W P Surrells, Treas William Bear, S S 
Gus Elbow, Sec Thos A Brown, J S 

Lemuel J Harding, T 
Allman, Lorenzo D Keply, Menry B 
Alloop, Samuel Lacy, John H I 

Coleman, James D Lecrome, John 
Craddock, Thos D Lock, Morris L 
Doyie, Harry Lucas, Samuel W 

Gibbons, N W McCabe, David J 

Gilleunater, Thos J Myers, William T 
Gillmore, Samuel F Nitcher, William W 
Griffith, Thos W Powell, D 
Hawkins, SamT F Prienx, Frank 
Hansley, John F Rice, Daniel E 
Higgins, M Rinchart, Daniel 

Holmes, LG Spiers, Thomas 

Horsey, Edwin Theilges, Peter 

Hudson, Thomas Upton, E 
James, John G Vandever, Thos G 

Jones, John West, Eckhard L 

Jones, Joseph B Williams, Benj B 
Kagay .Frank Woodruff, James R 

Kelly, Eli D Wykoff, Eli D 

E. F. W. ELLIS, No. 633. 

ROCKFORD, Winnebago Co. Char- 
! tered Oct 1869. Reg com 2d and 4th Thurs. 
Ann com reg o b Dec 27. Membership 104. 

Johx T Lakix, W Master 
W Wormwood, S W MM Rowley, S D 
G F Tread well, J W Geo R Forbes, J D 
Jos Burns, Treas T O Scaugall, S S 
Julius Gerber, Sec Ira Predmore, J S 

William Nichols, T 
Abell, E L Coop, John O 

Albertson, A R Dyson, William 

Allen, Wyatt Edwards, Justus E 

Andrus, D A H Evans, Blake 

Angell, George A Ferguson, Thomas 
Ashcroft, H E Ford, Colvin 

Ash worth, William Gardner, James 
Baird, Frederick K Garver, John C 
Ball, George C Gault, Frank M 

Ballon* George Gerould, Marcus B 

Barbour, Wm B Goodlander, Daniel 
Beattie, Ed W Griggs, Edward H 

Bingham, John W Hamlyn, Thomas 
Bronson, S G P M Harbison, Wm L 
Brown, Hiram S Hayes, George E 
Brown, Horace Hudler, Wm F 

Calkins, Melville Jones, S N 
Carney, Henry C Keeney, John D 
Chalmers, James Kelley, Sylvester D 
Chandler, Horace Kerr, Thomas 
Conkling, E K p m King, George E 

Subordinate Lodges. 

Knapp, James G 
Linderman, John 
Marsh, Jason 
Marsh, P A 
Mills, Robert E 
Miller, Wm H C 
Montgomery, I S 
Parker George W 
Parker, James L 
Peers, Joseph C 
Porter, John R 
Price, Henry W 
Reynolds, Geo W 
Rice, George S 
Rielrings. Charles H 
Richings, Henry 
Robinson, Calvin L 
Rohr, George AV 
Ross, Hugh R 
Ross, William G 
Sanborn, C A 
Sanborn, R S 
Sears, Edwin B 
Seccomb, Jos W 
Segar, John 
Shearman, Oliver R 

Shedd, Henry C 
Smith, Eliphaz p M 
Smith, Geo M p M 
Squire, William H 
Stanley. S W P m 
Stockton, HPpm 
Strachan, Alex 
Taylor, S W 
Thayer, Robert B 
Thoresin, Thorvel 
Turkenkopt, David 
Upton, Charles O 
Utter. Morris L 
Van Annan, Wm 
Vincent, Thomas G 
Walker, Kelson A 
Warner, Henry *. 
Warner, Norman C 
Waxham, Ernest 
Weaver, George W 
Wells, Alfred P 
AYilkins, S B 
Wilkins, W S 
Williams, H W p m 
Winch, William 
Wood, Reuben 

ELDRIDGE, No. 579. 

FERRELL, Edgar Co. Chartered Oct 
1868. Reg com Sat a f in. Ann com Dec. 
Membership 52. 

William H Stubbs, W Master 
Wm A Pearson, S W Wm F Dinken, S D 
H W Ferrell, J W Jos L Stubbs, J D 
Rev J Miner, Chap Henry Jewell, S S 
J B Herrick. Treas J W Thompson, J S 
John W Winans, Sec Win A Edwards, T 
Allen, Jacob Y Laufman, Orlando 

Art, William T McCollough, ER 

Bremman, John Madaoch. Stephen 
Bunting, Daniel Nocols, George 

Clearwater, Berry A Palmer^Gideon 
Cummins, F M 
Davis, George W 

Davis, Oliver 
Elliott, Asa 
Elliott, James 

orter, Henry 
Ray, John A 
Rahel. Charles 
Shiveley, Armstead 
Shiveley, Craven 

Evinger, Thomas T Slatey, Oliver 

Taylor, Robert 
Trout, Jesse 
Vance, James 
Vance, John 
Vance, John G 
Whitcomb, N 
Willson, Whitton W 
Winans, James H 
Wright, W A 

Fears, John T 
Foulke, Harvey 
Fuqua, James 
Fuqua, Marion 
Hitch, Hugh H 
Holley, Charles 
Jordan, John D 
Knight, John A 
Lautman, Jonas 
Laufman, Keefer 

EL DARA, No. 388. 

EL DARA, Pike Co. Chartered Oct 
1862. Reg com Tues o b f m. Mem 38. 

M Evaxs. W Master 
AVilliam Evans, S W W W Ward, S D 
Geo Brooks, J W ML Roftrey, J D 
J W Chamberlain, T W R Landun, S S 
S P Hornback, Sec W P Prvor, J S 
H G Kendall, T~ 

Bell, Alexander 
Barton, Isaac 
Burke, J W 
Evans, R F 
Fesler, Jacob 
Freeman, J H 
Green, Warren 
Hall, Henry 
Hendricks, J H 
Hesley, J C 
Irich, Jacob 
Kendall, C A 
Krouse, C T C 

Mansfield, E J 
Martin, Hutson 
Moorhead, T W 
Moyer, John 
Potter, P H 
Pryor, W H 
Strubinger, J H 
Strubinger, J H jr 
Strubinger, M 
Taylor. H L 
Taylor, Samuel 
Troutwine, F 
Underwood, J L 
Wilson, James 

ELGIN, No. 117. 

ELGIN. Kane Co. Chartered Oct 1852. 
Reg com 2d and 4th Fri. Ann com reg o b 
Dec 27. Membership 91. 

A L Clabk, W Master 
G D Sherman, S W W C Purdv, S D 
Horace French, J W Geo Hawkins, J D 
H T Plummer, T CD Baker, S S 
G R Bassett, Sec A E Price, J S 
F WPurdysr, T 

Adams. C B 
Adler, L 
Bach, E D 
Baldwin, M B 
Ballou, W E 
Barclay, D F 
Bigsby, C L 
Brown, D W 
Buck, I N 
Calbert, John 
Campbell, John 
Chrisholm, O P 
Clarkson, George 
Daniels, C M 
Duck. J H 
Eames. E R 
Fish, G W 
Foster, T H 
Gilbert, W J 
Grosh, T J 
Grow, A C 
Gustason. A 
Hagelow, B 
Hammond, D S 
Hartwell. D R 
Hemmens, J 
Howe, H 
Hunter, Robert 
Hunter, W J 
Innis, D 
Johnson, J A 
Joslyn, E S 
Joslyn, M B 
Kee, J L 
Kilmore, W D 
Lasher, S 
Lawrence, T L 
Long, John S 
Lusk, P C 
McAllister, AV P 
Mack, C 

Martin, R M 
Mattock, A 
Maule, G H 
Miller, F L 
Moore, G I 
Morrison, George 
Murray, G F 
Norton, J H 
Patchin, H N 
Picket, John 
Raulston, James 
Renwick, G L 
Ren wick, G W 
Rogers, G E 
Russell, I N 
Savin, George 
Sedgwick, H C 
Seisloff, M 
Souster, G 
Stemeker, J 
Strauss, Abe 
Tazewell, R 
Tefft, J 
Ticknor, R S 
Todd, W F 
Truesdell, J N 
Underwood, A K 
Vogtman, John 
Walter, A S 
Weld, N F 
Weld, S E 
Westover, LH 
Whitford, H K 
Wilbern, A W 
Wilcox, J S 
Wilder, S D 
Wilkins, B C 
Winchester, Wm 
Wright, J D 

ELIZABETH, No. 276. 

ELIZABETHTOWN, Hardin Co. Chart-- 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

ered Oct 1858. Reg com Fri o a f m. 
Membership 52. 

J Q A Ledbetter, W Master 
Paul E Brocar, S W Henry McGraw, S D 
James Rose, J W John W Miller, J D 
H McLellan, Treas Harvey Hill, S S 
J F Taylor, Sec John Pankey, J S 

William Casad, T 
Ayers, W W Lee, A J 

Burger, Abraham McPherson, Thomas 
Coghill, John W Martin, L D 
Crewdson, James W Pankey, James 
Crouse, George W Pankey, Samuel 

Eller, Charles 
Ferrell, Charles M 
Ferrell, P 
Finney, James M 
Hall, James W 
Hamilton, W P 
Hampton, J H 
Hayes, John 
Herod, John W 
Hill, James 
Hosking, Clifton 
Howard, Philip 

Pushman, Julius 
Renfro, J H B 
Renfro, James 
Reak, Matthew 
Rose, Elbert 
Rose, JohnC 
Sheppard, John 
Shipp, J R 
Smart, John O 
Tobias, Charles M 
Vinyard, John 
Vinyard, Jonas A 

XXKJ w ai u., J. limp y xi-ij ai va, uwuao - 

Hubbard, Edward S Walrab, John C 
Hughes, Hugh Warford, William N 

Jackson, James M Weston, Charles W 
Lawrence, Daniel Wheeler, George 

ELKHART, No. 545. 

ELKHART, Logan Co. Chartered Oct 
1867. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 33. 

William T Wylie, W Master 
J A Critchfield, S W Wm H Davis, S D 
John W Kline, J W W H VanMeter, J D 
Robert Leslie, Treas Hiram Lloyd, S S 
E D McMasters, Sec Alvin M Barnes, J S 

Michael Miller, T 
Carr, Balous J Norred, Charles H 

Caskey, Archibald M Rayburn, James S 
Cass, Franklin D Robinson, John W 

Clanswitz, Fredk 
Drake, Octavius 
Dye, Alexander M 
Herst, David F 
Hess, Levi W 
Irving, William 
Leslie, Frank A 
Lynch, John M 
Moore, George A 

Schraeder, James 
Stahe, Henry 
Streigow, Frederick 
Stollard, John 
Taylor, James G 
Thompson, Jesse H 
Thompson, John 
Turley, David K 

EL PASO, No. 246. 

EL PASO, Woodford Co. Chartered Oct 
1867. Reg com Thurs o b f m. Ann com 
Aug. Membership 71. 

Daniel Lewis, W Master 
John H Miller, S W John Callahan, S D 
Ozro R Webster, J W Dexter, Pease, J D 
S T Rogers, Treas G Antinett,S S 
F W Carlton, Sec R Lewis, J S 

James M Fishburn, T 
Birtorious, Albert Brenn, Thomas H 
Bodger, JohnB Bullock, Samuel 

Boies, Wilber H Burlingim, Wm E 
Bounds, T W Campbell, Geo PI 

Este. C B 
Fell, George H 
Fulton, David R 
Fulton, Jefferson 
Gardner, W 7 m H 
Gibbons, E P 
Gibson, George L 
Gibson, Worth W 
Hadley, Henry 
Hankins, Henry S 
Hanna, John 
Johnston, Smith 
Kerr, James J 
Kerr, Samuel L 
McAlden, James 
McCafferty, David 
McCord, A A 
Messer, John 
Moore, James H 
Myers, Oliver P A 
Patton, John L 
Phillips, Henry C 
Pleasant, Calvin L 
Pleasant, James W 
Punke, Rheinhold 
Randall, George W 

Reynolds, A D 
Roust, Samuel 
Schwizer, John 
Shurr, A O 
Shurr.C Y P 
Sine, Jacob 
Sloan, M W 
Springgate, R C 
Stone. Eugene 
Stone, Ira C 
Sturgeon, Samuel 
Swartz, Joseph B 
Tennes, John II 
Tompkins, Phillip H 
Treadway, John 
Trotter, Thomas 
Tucker, Charles 
Tucker, Truman F 
Wait, Frank H 
Webster, Daniel B 
Weinhamer, A J 
Wilkie, Daniel O 
Worley, J P 
Young, George M 
Young, Lewis O 
Young, Peter 

ELVASTON, No. 715. 

ELVASTON", Hancock Co. Chartered 
Oct 1874. Reg com Tues obfm. Mem- 
bership 24. 

John A Forster, W Master 
Saml S Wilson, S W Thos B Ewing, S D 
W RHendricks, J W A P Phelps, JD 
W L Phelps, Treas Robt W Ewing, S S 
Wm A Walker, Sec John R Price, J S 

John Phelps, T 
Atherton, Chas Lively, Lewis 

Cazad, Benj Miller, David 

David, August F McClellan, Frank W 
Gridley, Wallace Speckman, Wm H 
Howes, F M Watt, Alex 

Johnson, John S Williams, R H 
Kingslej r , Yirgil Wilson, Alex 

ELWOOdTNo. 589. 

ELWOOD, Coles Co. Chartered Oct 
1868. Reg com Sat obfm and 2 weeks 
after. Membership 41. 

Josephus Danner, W Master 
Clark Elkin, S W MK Hutchinson, S D 
Geo W Woods, J W John F Maxey, J D 
J D Bonham, Treas Z J Beard, S S 
John T Holden, Sec Wm B Hawkins, J S 

Horace Wells, T 
Allaman, Frank Hoots, Sanford 
Allen, Francis W Hoots, Wm A 
Anson, Fred B Hortenstine, F M 

Ashworth, Marcus Howell, Ellis 
Atchison, Garrett P Hubbart, Nicholas 
Blount, Wm D Irwin, Israel 

Bowman, Lewis R Junkin, David S 

Boyd, John A 
Farrar, John W 
Gray, Geo W 
Gray, Francis H 
Gray, Jersey B 
Hoots, Henry A 

Louthan, Chas N 
McGrew, John F 
Moore, George 
Schoneld^Vm J 
Skinner, Wm H 
Sparkes, Abner 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Stevenson. Joel 
Sutherland, A H 
Wade, Elk<*m H 

Watkins t J H 
Wick, Michael 

EMPIRE, No. 126. 

PEKIN, Tazewell Co. Chartered Oct 
1853. Reg com 1st and Sd Thurs. Ann 
com 3d Thurs Dec. Membership 44. 

Oskar E Hofer, W Master 
J Cohenauer, S W F Schnellbacher, S D 
H P Wevrich, J W Hiram Barkus, J D 
P Weyrich, Treas L C Habberneld, S S 
E Schurman, Sec K S Conklin, J S 
John B Orr, T 

Ames, John 
Arlington, Henry J 
Carter, Levi C 
Clauser, Jacob 
Copes, Fletcher W 
Cummings, C B 
Dissman, F William 
Fehrman, Gottlob 
Haas, Abraham 
Haas, John 
Jones, Rival 
Lederman, John G 
McGrew, James A 
Milam, John S 
Nienkirk, Nathan 
Nosier, Henry C 
Rankin, John S 

Reeves, Thomas C 
Bernhardt, Willliam 
Ruhaak, Garrett 
Russell, Rev A B 
Schaub.F M 
Smith, Diedrich C 
Smith, George S 
Smith, John L 
Stolz, John 
Strader, John J 
Swayze, Beni'amin 
Thompson, David T 
Wagenseller, Samuel 
Wandschneider. D 
Watson, Samuel 
Weimer, Robert 
Westerman, H P 

ENFIELD, No. 677. 

ENFIELD, White Co. Chartered Oct 
1871, Reg com Sato b f m and two weeks 
after. Membership 31. 

Samuel J Foster, W Master 
W H Baird, S W Jno H Sterling, S D 
S H Veatch, J W J N Nation, J D 
A M McLarn, Treas D A Hunter, S S 
Edward Rice, Sec R G Rice, J S 
David Harmon, T 

Pearce, Jerome D 
Perkins, Leonidas C 
Porter, Thomas J 
Povnton, Thomas 

Ball, Oscar F 
Cully, Richard N 
Duckworth, J M 
Garseberger, A 
Hawthorn, James 
Hunter, Aaron M 
Hunter, Charles T 

Thompson, Ira M 
Upton, John 
Upton, Jno C 

McColyan, Thomas Upton, Jno N 
May, William Veatch, Allen P 

Miller, Alvin M Wallace, Newton M 
Musgroves, James R 

ENGLEWOOD, No. 690. 

ENGLEWOOD, Cook Co. Chartered 
Oct 1872. Reg com 1st and 3d Thurs. 
Membership 64. 

Chas Chamberlain, W Master 
Geo MuirheadjS W D W Rossiter, S D 
J C Martin. J W Wm Pullman, J D 
G M Garrett, Treas James Smale. S S 
Robt J Colburn, Sec J F Adams, J S 

John Bucklew. T 
Barney, F N Calligan, C E 

Brayton, J H Carson, George W 

Chase, George W 
Chittick, Hugh 
Condit, A B 
Dickerman, L W 
Drake, Isaac 
Fellows, Oliver 
Fashbaugh, J P 
Gardner, Charles E 
Garrabrant, A 
George, P W 
Glynn, Henry Q 
Griffiths, James 
Guernsey, L H 
Hancock, Wm S 
Hawelka, John J 
Hawthorne, John B 
Healy, Joseph 
Hendershot, R M 
Hyndman, John 
Johnson, James 
Kirk, James 
Kohn, Moritz 
Landor, Albert W 
Lewis, ER 
McCagg, Oscar 

Parker, Charles 
Parker, Richard 
Parry, Richard 
Ritchie, Thomas 
Russell. J M 
Ryder, Reuben H 
Sayles, R T 
Sharp, Henry 
Smith, Ishi 
Smith, William 
Smith, William N 
Terpenny, Wm J 
Tobin, James E 
Veeder, Albert H 
Vehmeyer, C H 
Watson, John H 
Wentworth, D S 
Wheeler, Stephen W 
Whitehead, R D 
Willis, William N 
Woodbury, F A 
Woods, James G 
Woods, Joseph 
Young, L Albert 
Zealand, L C 


EQUALITY, Gallatin Co. Chartered 
April 1840. Reg com Sat o b f m and two 
weeks after. Membership 31. 

Jonisr W Clifton, W Master 
Jehu S Bunker, S W Jos C Baker, S D 
Thos A Davis, J W WHLamb,JD 
Ed Holman, Treas F E Watkins, S S 
F E Watkins, Sec F P Wilson, J S 

James H Pankey, T 
Bunker, Joseph Ross, Marquis 
Coats, John C Ross, William N 

Crawford, W H Seaton, Roswell C 

Foster, James M Shapley, Wm R 

Gibbons, Thos M 
Helm, Christian 
McCaleb, Edwd H 
McCaleb, Geo W 
McCombs, Geo B 
Pankey, James M 
Pearce, James M 

Shore, John L 
Siddall, John M 
Sisk, Andrew J 
Smith, Charles A 
Smith, Jacob 
White, A 

ERIE, No. 667. 

ERIE, Whiteside Co. Chartered Oct 
1871. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 34. 

Joins Abby, W Master 
Jos Cocking, S W G G Matthews, S D 
O S Martin, J W GeoFaddcn,JD 

A S Rounds, Treas R L Burchell, S S 
Samuel Orcutt, Sec Jas C Hubbart, J S 

H G Church, T 
Benedict, George Meighan. James 
Davis, William R Murry, Henry C 
Dickinson, John F Perkins, Robert 

Earley, Alfred M 
Groves, L J W 
Hubbard, Benj F 
LaAvson, J W 
McLane, Arthur 
Mahonev, Asher B 

Rexroud, Adam 
Riley, Charles 
Robinson, Linieus J 
Sage, Ralph 
Short, Ira 
Smith, Charles A 

Matthews, Kingsley Smith, Kelley B 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Stone. Neltsen 
Teats, Serrille C 

Wells, Henry K 
Wood, Arthur PJS 

ERWIN, No. 315. 
ALTOX. Chartered Oct 1859. Reg com 
Thurs o b f m. Membership 42. 

Adolph Ixveex, AY Master 
N Seibold, S W Wm Sontasr, S D 

F Rudershous'n, JAV Philp Bauer, J D 
J M Tonsor, Treas H Faulstich, S S 
J G Schoeffler, Sec J H Oltman, J S 

O T Ash, T 
Adams, Emil Meyer. H 

Basse, Henry Meissner, Paul 

Behrens, Henry Mold. John 
Borkman, C Kienhaus, H D 

Gerhard, William Pfeifer, Emil 
Goetz, John G Plenninger. - 

Haagen, Louis Raible, Julius 

Heide, H Robenever, Wm 

Herb. Charles Sicher, Joseph 

Herman, B Sokop, Martin 

Herman, P Stochr, Lorenz 

Horat, C Strehle. John 

Hunt, R Sutter, John 

Joesting, Wm Weisbach, Chris 

Koehne, John H Winker, F 
Lehman, S Weigler, G H 

Merdian, Rudolf 

EUCLID, No. 65. 

XAPIERVILLE, Du Page Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1849. Reg com Tues b and a f m. 
Membership 73. 

Johx A Bell, W Master 
S A Ballou, S W Mark A Xaper, S D 
James E Hunt, J W William Barber, J D 
Levi G Kent, Treas James J Hunt. S S 
A McS Riddler, Sec A Knickerbocker, S 

Samuel Balinan, T 
Ayers, Marshall B Hatton, A A 
Bailey, Chauncey Hess. David 
Beach, Clinton Hobson, John H 

Beidleman, B L Hughes. B W 
Beidelman, W J King, William 
Boettger, Charles Krimble, Ed W 
Butler, De Witt C Leonard, H E 
Butts, Owen W McDonald, Alva 

Castle, Cheny M Mather, Asa F 
Chase, Franklin L Martin, George 
Clark, Alva B Morse, Samuel R 

Clark, Carlos B Peasler. Henry L 

Codv, Hiram H Reed, Robert 

Crampton, AV M Root, Elijah 
Daniels, Henry E Saiftsberg, Jacob 
Davis, Mark Schulz, Charles 

Ditzler. Eli H Scott, Alvin 

Ellsworth, Lewis Scott, Willard jr 
Ellsworth, Alilton S Shafer, Levi S 
Finley, Thomas Shafer, AVilliam 

Fox, Charles N Shimp, Samuel E 

Fredenhagen, A Slick, Benjamin J 
Freeman, Augustus Smith. Samuel AV 
Freeman, Robert Smith, William H 
Frost, John B Strong. Alfred W 

Graves, Amos C St rouse, Louis 
Gross, Daniel X Strubler, Daniel 

Ham, John Thatcher. AlpheusT 

! Thatcher, Xelson R Winkle, Walter W 
Warren, Julius M AVright, James G 
AVescott. Seth A Yundt, Xathan AI 
Williams, Harry C 

EUREKA, No. 69. 

AIILAX, Rock Island Co. Chartered 
Oct 1849. Reg com 1st and 3d Fit Mein- 
bership 46. 

AVilliam Fraxcis, W Alaster 
Archibald Cook.S W David Coon, S D 
Isaac Palmer, J AV Fred H Cramer, J D 
F X Young, Treas C Armstrong jr, S S 
R B Olmstead, Sec AV J Wallace, J S 

William AIcFarland, T 
Adams, J C Haskell, Joel 

Adams, Jacob Hayford, H H 

Anderson, L J Hayford, Riley 

Armstrong, C jr Jones, Thomas P 
Johnson, Peter 
Keller, Geo M 

Bradley, N D 
Brashar, AVilliam 
Coon, L L 
Coon, Samuel H 
Dickson, Geo AV 
Dickson, James 
Dickson. John 
Eastman, L W 
Eby, J S 
Feris, William 
Frysinger, AV B 
Furguson, John B 
Goldsmith, AVm 
Harris, Frank H 
Haskell, Howard 

McCartney, Edward 
McClain, Alonzo 
Mosier, Helim 
Owens, Alexander 
Patterson, Robert 
Peterson, Xelse 
Rohan. James 
Rhodenbaugh. I 
Stearns, AV H 
Sturgeon, AI AI 
A^alentine, Cyrus 
AVebster, Geo P 

EVANS, No. 524. 
EVAXSTOX, Cook Co. Chartered Oct 
1ST2. Reg com 1st and 3d Tues. Member- 
ship 93. 

Lloyd G Gage, AV Alaster 
G AV Hunton, S AV M B Jott, S D 
J C Humphrey, J AV C H Getchell, J D 
Rev L C Abbott. Ch Burt Stevens, S S 
Wm Gamble. Treas E B Halstrom, J S 
Robt Beaty jr, Sec John Osborne, T 

Alexander, F E 
Anderson, John H 
Ayers, Chas G 
Bannister. H AI 

Fletcher, Archer W 
Fowler, Jacob R 
French, Orvis A 
Fussey, John C 

Baume, Rev James Gamble, Geo H 

Bell, John 
Bradley, Seth E 
Brainard, AVesley 
Brown, J D 
Charlton, George 
Clewland, Chas B 

Geer, Ira B 
Geer, O F 
Gifford, A AV 
Gilbert, AVilliam 
Goebel, John 
Hallstrom, Hans 

Clifford.AVinchester Hard}', Silas A 

Comstock, John H Harvey, John B 

Comstock, Wm C Haskih, Cnas G 

Cosgrove, Thos A 
Crane, O A 
Darke, John R 
Davis, L P 
Deardon, Robert 
Dewy, Dave B 
Doe, S H 

Drummond, Alex 
Easter. John P 

Haywood, John S 
Hedder, H D 
Hecse. Fred J 
Hurd, Henry B 
Iglehart, Xick G 
Jenks, AV AI 
Kellogg, John F 
Kestler, Louis 
Kinney. James 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Knowlton, M D 
Ladd, Merrill 
Levin, John 
Leinhardt, Louis 
Ludlarn, J Watts 
Lurch, Frank M 
Lyon. Joseph M 
Magill, O W 
Mann, O H 
Merwin, O H 
Moran, James 
Obee, H 

Osborne, John B 
Osborne, John W 
Paine. S 
Paul, E R 
Pierson, J O 
Powers, Earl S 

Pridham, J D 
Raymond, Chas 
Raymond, Win M 
Reese, Theo 
Schwall, Andrew 
Shumway, P B 
Simpson, Robert 
Snodgrass, Frank 
Staymaker, Percy L 
Stratton, Charles C 
Taylor, Ed S 
Thompson, Chas H 
Truesdell, Arthur 
Weedham, H H 
Wheeler, D H 
White, Julius 
Wiswall, W H 
Woodward, Geo B 

EVENING- STAR, No. 414. 

DAVIS, Stephenson Co. Chartered Oct 
1864. Reg com 1st and 3d Fri. Ann com 
3d Fri Dec. Membership 43. 

G W Becker, W Master 
E A Benton, S W D H Klickner, S D 
I Croneiniller, J W S R Blackmore, J D 
Rev S J Haines, C D G Lashell, S S 
A J Goodrich, J S 
John Zimmer, T 
Marshall, Edward J 
Mayer, G C 
Morris, S Harrison 
Milks, Thomas W 

John Gift, Treas 

John F Fink, Sec 

Bollman, David 

Boil, D G 

Briggs. T H 

Cole, H D 

Crockett, Solomon Nash, E J 

Croneiniller, Thos Rockej-, H M 

Fisher, J S 

Gift. C M 

Gold, Aaron 

Goodrich, L 

Harting, John 

Hayes, Robert 

Klickner, William 

Knudson, H 

Kurtz, L C 

Mallory, Jasper 

Smith, A A 
Slabick, T 
Stohlnecker, F P 
Webb, E Boone 
Weber, John 
Wolf, Michael 
Wolf, Peter 
Wright, Charles 
Young, John C 
Zimmerman, D 

EVERGREEN, No. 170. 

FREEPORT, Stephenson Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1855. Reg com 1st and 3d Mon. 
Ann com 3d Mon Dec Membership 112. 

John S Rogees, W Master 
H X Cronkrite, S W J A Grimes, S D 
X Yount, J W A B Smith. J D 

D Adamson, Treas W C Howlett, S S 
D Padmore, Sec Jno Erfert, J S 
Levi Martin, T 

Adamson, John 
Arno, Philip 
Arnold, Aaron 
Babb, A W 
Benson. John K 
Bernhardt, C F 
Bliss. Albert 
Black, H L 
Bongye, Daniel 
Bordner, Charles 
Bordner, David 

Brewster, A W 
Brown, Mathias V 
Buchanan, Samuel 
Burchard, H C 
Carr. W F 
Carroll, Thomas 
Cochrane, James S 
Coe, Lyman B 
Colby, A H 
Cooper, Robert F 
Cotton, James A 

Crane, James W 
Crowden, Geo W 
Crippin, Ira 
Cronkrite, Ed L 
DePuy, E C 
Eagan, Edward 
Eaton, U H 
Elder, RS 
Ford, A W 
Frazer, E P 
Gardner, SB 
Gere, Greenman 
Goddard, Alphus P 
Goodell, F W 
Graham, G W 
Harding, John 
Hartman, Jacob 
Hicks, James 
Hillebrand, C M 
Hineline, Cyrus M 
Hostetter, E F 
j Hutchinson, S M 
I Ilgen, Daniel G 
Uarel, FE 
Keise, John W 
Kennegy, Jacob B 
Ketchum, H B 
Kindinger, Theo 
Kings) ey, George P 
Kirk, Rufus 
Kisther, Colvin 
Knapp, Charles H 
Kryder, Daniel 
Kryder, William 
Kunz, Daniel 
Lamb, John 
Lebkicher, Samuel 
Lott, E C 
McCool. W T 
McHenry, William 

McLaughlin, Ed 
Manion, Thomas 
Marlin, Peter 
Martin, James 
Meyer, Frank 
Meyer, J F 
Miller, Adam 
Mills, W H 
Parker, William D 
Peck, James 
Perkins, Elias 
Porter, John H 
Reel, J P 
Reitzell, W J 
Renn, George 
Khodearmed, A 
Rickert, George 
Rowell, W D 
Sattbrd. Levi 
^chmeltzer, Jacob 
Schrader, Henry 
Stiles, George A 
Stout, Robert 
Stuart, Jonathan 
Stuart. William 
Swarzey, William 
Swartz, John 
Trembor, William 
Upp, Henry H 
Yoight, David 
Wagner, John 
W T alker, F B 
Walker, George 
Warner, Ed C 
Weld, D F 
Wertman, John 
Whiteside, Geo W 
Wright, William O 
Wurtz, August L 
Young, William 

EWINGr, No. 705. 

EWIXG, Franklin Co. Chartered Oct 
1873. Reg com Sat o a f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 31. 

John M Daee, W Master 
S?££ Ba y e ' S W Jas A Lindlev, S D 
w ^ Peterson, J W George Young. J D 
i El^tt. 111 ^ 011 ' T James B Hill. S S 
J W Hill jr, Sec Lewis M Webb, J S 

Moses R Williams, T 
Clemons, R P Patton, Arthur W 

Darr,_William H Pevler, James W 

Day, Lemuel 
Duty, William 
Fitzgerrell, Wm J 
Hill, Charles M 
Hill, Richard 
Kelley, C O 
Loucks, David 
Lunn, John 
Marshall, James P 

Phillips, Peter P 
Prince, R J 
Reece, John G 
Richeson, Howell 
Swain, Richard D 
Sweetin, Gilbert* G 
Webb, Eli 
Whittington, W W 


FREEPORT, Stephenson Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1851. Reg com 1st and 3d Thurs. 
Ann com 3d Thurs Dec. Membership 99. 
Henry Cyrus Hutchinson, W Master 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Jay S Gates, S W Jas E Perkins, S D 

J M Nichols, JW W S Lamb, J D 

Jacob Krohn, Treas John W Child. S S 

W W Lott, Sec A F Miller, J S 

Levi Martin, T 

Adamson, David Jordan, James R 

Arthur, John Lane. Rul'us 

Ashendorf, Louis McKee, Joseph 

Atkins. Smith D McKee, Samuel W 

Bailey, Z C McKibben, John F 

Barnes, Walter G Molburn, Benj F 

Barnes, William Mayer, Martin M 

Beebe, William L Menzie, Charles 

Best, Solomon J Mernitz, George 

Best, William S Montelius, Wm W 

Branyan, Henry Moore, Andrew 

Bright, Hiram Moore, William W 

Brown, Edwin P Packard, Charles H 

Brown, Wm Cyrus Palley, Silas H 

Buckman, Guy T Pattison, Wm R 

Buckman, Royal M Polk, William 

Buckman, Seth C Pomeroy, Andrew J 

Burton Chester C Rhodes, Joseph 

Chamberlin, Milo D Rhodes, Wm H 

Coppersmith, Geo G Rhodearmel, H D 

Currier, James B Ross, Alexander 

Currien, Robert B Sawyer, James M 

Dana, George M Scofield, Lewis K 

Davis, William H Settley, Henry 

Dean, Jeremiah Shaunessy, Samuel 

Delhauer, John Smith, John H 

Diffendorf, Jay Smith, Robert W 

Dow, George H Smythe, Wm H 

Ford, Walter G Snow, Jno V 

French, Thomas Snyder, George M 

Good, William Snyder, J Harry 

Goodhue, Charles F Staver, James H 

Green, Charles H Stine, Isaac 

Green, DeForest E Symes, David 

Grosh, J M Taylor, John B 

Guiteau, Luther W Taylor, Samuel F 

Hanson, P C Thorp, Walter M 

Hayes, Robert F Waddell, T L 

Hettinger, Matthias Waddell, Wallace W 

Hibbard, Sidney M Waddell, William G 

Hibbard, Z M Waters, H P 

Hill, Charles S Wheeler, Hudson 

Hodson, Hamilton White, William B 

Hurst, Charles W Wilcox, Melton E 

Huyck, Ed H Young, Lafayette 

EXETER, No. 424. 

EXETER, Scott Co. Chartered Oct 1865. 
Reg com Thur o b f m. Ann com last 
Thurs Dec. Membership 29. 

James B Gtllnan, W Master 
Rufns Funk, S W J W Covington, S D 
William Brown, J W William Bennie, J D 
John W Morris, T Michael Mackey, S S 
John Alderson, Sec Winslow Hart, J S 

John H Brachelt, T 
Armitage, Elihu jr Hawk, George R 
Borum, Pleasant Hawk, William R 
Boyle, Owen Hitt, Henry W 

Brown, Frank M Huffman, John D 
Donald, Neal McKamey, John M 

Gillett, Daniel O Mason, Henry E 
Gillham, Erastus L Mayes, John B 

Neely, James Skinner, Bradford H 

Redshaw, Stephen Thompson, Robert T 
Sheehan, John D 

FAIRFIELD, No. 206. 

FAIRFIELD, Wayne Co. Chartered 
Oct 1856. Reg com kd and 4th Sat. Ann 
com reg o b Oct 7. Membership 43. 
Henry V Leach, W Master 
John Keen jr, S W Wells T Clark, S D 
G C Chittenden, J W Jos L Ball, J D 
Thos L Cooper, T John W Tullis, S S 
Jas T Fleming, Sec James H Nichols, J S 

Perry Covington, T 

Alexander, John C Hanna, Robert P 

Hay, Lowry D 

Hodges, J Holly 

Hoffee, Phillip 

Holmes, Oliver 

Bangs, Joseph V 

Barkley, D W 

Barnhill, Jeff W 

Baylis, John 

Beecher, Charles A Kerr, William M 

Bennett, L D 
Boggs, Carrol C 
Branch, James 
Butts, H G 
Carter, William H 

Knight, M M 
Koontz, Simon P 
Nevins, James A 
Nichols, John H 
Patterson, O P 

Creighton, James A Robinson, Wm H 

Gaddis, John 
George, G J 
Glessenner, Benj 
Goldburg, G S 
Handley, John L 

Sailor, William J 
Schell, Frank H 
Sprouse, Thomas B 
Vertrees, Samuel W 
Witters, John K 

FAIRMOUNT, No. 590. 

FAIRMOUNT, Vermilion Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1868. Reg com 2d and 4th Thurs. 
Membership 39. 

S W Cox, W Master 
Henry Davis, S W J L Carr, S D 
W F Keyhoe, J W J R Baldwin, J D 
D Gunder, Treas James Thomas, S S 
W W Stockton, Sec D R Cottrell, J S 

John Reese, T 
Booker, T E lies, W R 

Buckingham, T W Littler, J H 
Burke, L L Loomis, L B 

Catlett, H H Mitchell, J W 

Cox, J S O'Connor, J H 

Cummings, A Reynolds, M 

Davis, E P Rice, Wm J 

Doney, Jesse Shamfelter, E J 

Dougherty, J H Smart, John 

Douglass, B E Stadler, G A 

Downey, J D Stallins, S 

Dunn, Peter Wilkins, J M 

Freese, Samuel Williams, James 

Giles, John Wolf, William 

Hopper, Lewis 

FAIRVIEW^No. 350. 

FAIR VIEW, Fulton Co. Chartered Oct 
1860. Reg com Thurs obfffl. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 53. 

J B Negley, W Master 
Geo Negley, S W D G Christopher, S D 
MSweegle, JW M Morris, J D 
A Voorhees, Treas S S Brokaw, S S 
A Anderson, Sec T H Traverse, J S 
E E West, T 

Subordinate Lodges. 

Miller, Isaac N 
Morse, A B 
Morse, Timothy M 
Negly, Benjamin E 
Norvill, Cornelius 
Parks, David A 
Pomroy, Deforest 
Pfiffer, John 
Prall, George 
Ramsey, M K 
Schnur, John W 
Shreeve, Henry 
Smith, John 
Standard, Frank 
Stines, John 
Swarts, A C 
Swarts, Wm S 
Sweegle. Jacoh 
Wagner, John 
Walters, Henry P 
Wilson, A D 

Barhee, F R 
Beer, S B 
Bennett, S B 
Blakeslee, Eli 
Bradfield, S S 
Butler, Andrew C 
Clayburg, S S 
Crnig, J B 
Dodds, David T 
Downin, James 
Downin, Thomas K 
Everly, Joseph 
Gillmore, Clark V 
Harlass, Thomas H 
Jones, Daniel 
Luman, William 
McComh. Andrew J 
McLean. John F 
Martin, Jacob 
Marvill, Samuel 
Meeks, R C 
Miers, David 

FARINA, No. 671. 

FARINA, Marion Co. Chartered Oct 
1871. Reg com Sat o b f m. Membership 

James W McLttke, W Master 
E J Bond, S W Wm L Arnold, Sec 

W C Crandall, J W Alex W Power, S D 
S T Moore, Treas John W Wenck, J D 

A Beckman, T 
Bryan, Alfonso H Coon, Asa S 
Butts, Michael Krug, Justin 

Clayton, Ishmael 

FARMER CITY, No. 710. 

FARMER CITY, De Witt Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1873. Reg com Mon oM in. 
Ann com Dec. Membership 43. 
J S Millek, W Master 
J H Funk, S W Alvin Haynie, S D 

T Bosler, J W John Clowser, J D 

Rev I Allright, Chap R Clearwater, S S 
A Cummings, Treas J B Whitcomb, J S 
W L Suggett, Sec John Johnson, T 
Beam, W H McMunes, W C 

Bissell, A S Moreland. J W 

Campbell, Elijah Parker, J M 
Chopalleor, H S Saymon, L L 
Davidson, A F Stewsell, John 

Doyle, John Sweney, W L 

Durbin, J F Thomas. Michael 

Fox, Fountain Weedman, Amos 

Gillispie, H K Weedman. George 

Hutchinson, H K Weedman, John 
Jones, Preston Weedman, T S 

Jones, S D Weedman, Z C 

Kincaide, A T Wisegower, George 

Lawler, James Whorton, Henry 

McCabe, George W Wheeler, George 
McKinley, J H Woodard, J W 

FARMERS', No. 232. 

TINDALSVILLE, Massac Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1857. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 31. 

Joseph R Pitt, W Master 
Jos A Gibson, S W Nathan D Fox, S D 
T McCormick, J W William Martin, J D 
A Sidner, Treas John D Young, S S 
James C Roe, Sec Henry Hailey, J S 

James W Fox, T 
Allard, John L Litton, Barnett 

Armstrong, William McCormick, Robert 
Adkins, Samuel A Metcalf, David N 
Babbs, J C Phelmire, Henry 

Bishop, Edwin Roe, Henry L 

Chandler. William Spencer, Thomaa D 
Cheney, A G Stratton, F M 

Davidson, Ryley Walker, James 
Duggan, Thomas R Wright. John N 
Lamar, John P Yates, E R 

Lewis, Thomas C 

FARMINGrTON, No. 192. 

FARMINGTON, Fulton Co. Chartered 
Oct 1856. Reg com Fri o b f m and 
2 weeks after. Membership 73. 

Thomas S Gentle, W Master 
Robt H Dickie, S W Emerson Clark, Sec 
Jos E Deuel, J W William T Ray, S D 
G Littiewood, Treas A P Harkness, J D 

William M Spence, T 
Barlow, James J Link, Jacob 

Barlow, Joshua 
Briscoi, George 
Brown, Edward A 
Burbridge, S C 
Collins, James 
Crandall, S V 
Crawl, Eli A 
Deuel, Edward G 
Deyo, John 
Dixon, Littlefleld 
Durkee, George B 
Enright, John 
Gentle, James 
Gentle, John 
Gillett, Joel B 
Gore, James K 
Gridley, Albert G 
Grouard, Benj F 

Loomis, Eli E 
McMullen, John 
McMullen, Robert 
Marchant, Richd T 
Martin, Charles M 
Montgomery, James 
Morton, Henry D 
Monninger, Jacob 
Muller, Hugh 
Nappin, David 
Newcomb, Charles 
Oldfield, Nathan 
Oldfleld, Nelson 
Petrie, Peter W 
Price, Zachariah 
Roy, Ralph 
Roy, Thomas 
Ritson, Hugh 

Harkness, William Root, Royal M 
Hart, Joseph _ Schoonover, H W 

Higgs, Thomas D 
Hill, C M 
Hill, E M 
Hill, Lysander 
Hill, Russell 
Hill, William A 
Hunter, George 
Johnson, John W 
Jones, E R 

Scott, William 
Smith, George O 
Snyder, John H 
Summers, James B 
Tagor, Stark 
Tayler, Frank 
Tenly, William 
Wasson, John 
Wickwire, Charles 

Kenton, William M Wilcox, Joseph 
Kerr, George Wilkinson, Charles 

Lake, Charles J 

FAYETTeTno. 107. 

FAYETTE, Greene Co. Chartered Oct 
1851. Reg com Sat o b f m. Membership 

John H Hogan, W Master 
John W Teany. S W W M Collins, Treas 
, JW R G Robertson Sec 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Jos R Bell, S D 
P M Cole, J D 

Carroll, W H 
Crooke, George 
Crouch, F W 
Grizzle, Jas H 
Hand, John 

Thomas Skaggs, S S 
G G Cole, J S 

, T 

Haskey, Robert N 
Miller, John G 
Roberson, Hugh J 
Spealman, John 


MARION, Williamson Co. Chartered 
Oct 1850. Reg com Fri o b f m. Mem- 
bership 91. 

Augustus N Lodge, W Master 
M TV Barham, S TV CM Edwards, S D 
Wm R Hall, J TV Geo TV Brock. J D 
John M Young, T G B Chamness, S S 
J M Burkhart, Sec James M Tippj", J S 

Joseph Hopper, T 
Aikman, Willis Holland, J B 

Allen, William J Holland, R D 
Appleton, John W F Hopper, William 
Barham, Joseph VV Hundley, Robt M 
Barker, Henry Ireland, Samuel S 

Blay, Zadoc Jenkins, Obadiah W 

Boles, William H 

Bradley, James M 
Calvert, Joseph L 
Calvert, William S 

Jennings, John D F 
Kimball, Michael 
Landrum, James M 
Lewis, George TV 

Campbell, James M Mclnturff, A B 

Campbell, Oliver G Mclnturff, James 

Cash, James S Mclnturff, P J 

Cash, Jerry Manier, JohnH 

Cash, William C Newton, John G 

Chamness, ME Odern, William 

Chamness, Mike M Owen, Alonzo N 

Chamness, Thos W Perry, John H 

Clemens, Wm W Ragsdale, Thos M 

Coleman, Thos F Rainey, Joseph TV 

Crain, George F Reese, Addison jr 

Grain, John Reian, Thomas 

Denison, Edward L Reynolds, John H 

Dunaway, S W Rice, Jerry S 

Ensminger, M Roberts, Joseph W 

Felts, Martin V Robertson, M W 

Goddard, Geo TV Samuels, James 

Goodall, Frank M 
Goodall, Hardin 
Goodall, John 
Gould, Creigh ton 
Gray, Henry 
Grissom, Joseph 
Gulledge, John L 
Hampton, Wm T 
Harris, Isham 
Hearn, James T 
Hendrickson, Wm 
Henry, James F 
Hill, John T 
Holland, Caleb T 

Scuriock, Allen B 
Shreve, Robert 
Spill er, Columbus W 
Spill er, William J 
Stilley, Levi A 
Thedford, Henry 
Vick, Monroe, T 
Vick, John W 
Vick. Samuel S 
Westbrook, Frank M 
Westbrook, Lewis 
White, N S 
Young, W W 

FIDELITY, No. 152. 

FIDELITY, Jersey Co. Chartered Oct 
1855. Reg com Wed o b f m Ann com 
Dec. Place of meeting, Hanskin's Hall. 
Membership 44. 

R S Moore, W Master 

Joseph Hunter, S W Andrew Stead, S D 
J C Marshall, J TV Zack Kemper, J D 
T C Watson, Treas James Starritt, S S 
TV T Whitfield, Sec N P Lawson, J S 

John B Garathy, T 
Babcock, Jasper D Hunter, George W 

Bateman, Wm F 
Butler, JohnK 
Carson, Thomas E 
Charney, John 

Hutchinson, Joab N 
Lax, Jacob 
Morgan, Enoch K 
Parker, Benj K 

Christopher, Henry Rhodes, James W 

Christopher, J W 
Christopher, TV 
Daniels, John 
Dodge, Vilas L 
Farrow, Albert 
Foster, Benjamin 
Garrett, George 
Grubb, John F 

Rhodes, John L 
Rhodes, Wm H 
Rice, James TV 
Rice, John W 
Rice, Thomas B 
Ryan, Henry 
Sherwood, Aries B 
Simpson, Francis B 

Hanskins, James F Trotter, David Q 
Havcraft, James J Vance, Thomas i ! 
Huffman, Henry J Williams, John M 

FIELDOnTno. 592. 

FIELDON, Jersev Co. Chartered Oct 
1868. Reg com Sat 6 b f m. Mem 45. 

C C Buz by, W Master 
H N Belt, S TV Wesley Park, S D 

Elias F Brown, J W B F Campbell, J D 
E R Brigham, Treas T J Campbell, S S 
Wm Eads, Sec S B Johnnessee, J S 

Fred Loelka, T 
Belt, George W Moran, Jame 

Belt, James H Osburn, Wm C 

Cannon, Andrew J Phillips, Solomon J 
Carson, H P Phipps, John M 

Dayton, Thomas H Reddish, Stephen M 
Eads, James Rowden, Columbus 

Elliott, John D Short, James M 

Fisher, Morris Sinclair, James D 

Greanby, Augustus Smith. Andrew J 
Greathouse, F M Smith, Augustus 

Harmon, Henry C 
Harmon, John B 
Harmon, Geo A 
Highfill, GeoT 
Kruger, William 

Smith, Wm W 
Sweet, Freeman 
Thompson, A J 
Washburn, L C 
Weighardt, Henry 

McCbrmack, Aaron West, William I 
McDonald, Chas Young, James M 
Mortland, William 

FILLMORE^No. 670. 

FILLMORE, Montgomery Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1871. Reg com Mon o b f m. 
Membership 56. 

Aaron G Butler, W Master 
Jno C Jackson. S TV E H Donaldson, S D 
A B Watkins, J W Joseph P Ivy. J D 
Wm Jackson, Treas G W Miller, S S 
P C Abell, Sec Harry T Mason. J S 

John Hicks, T 
Baker. Wm T Butler, Enoch R 

Barringer, John L Cadwell, H A 
Beckham, Wiley Card, Sylvester 
Bliss, George A Casey, Willis D 

Bost. George TV Davis, Wm J 
Bost, Henry Fish, John 

Bost, Victor A Halford, David H 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Harper, Wm J 
Harris, M A 
Harris, Z O 
Hicks, James J 
Hill, Henry 
Hill, Squire 
Ivy, John 
Knowles, John H 
K no wis, Wm 
Landers, Henry 
Lane, Jonathan B 
Lynn, Edward 
MeCarlin, Franklin 
Matthews, George 
Miller, Geo W sr 
Morris, Benj S 

Perkins, Albert N 
Poland, Jacob 
Prater, Asa 
Price, John 
Sanders, James B 
Short, Hiram S 
Short, Jonathan S 
Tackaberry, Elijah 
Whitten, Easton 
Whitten, Levi 
Williamson, Otis M 
Williams, Samuel A 
Williams, Thos S 
Wright, Christopher 
Wright, James J 
Wright, M 

Park, E C 
Parker, A L 
Payne, Samuel E 
Raymond, Peter J 
Rea, Joseph N 
Ross, Lyman J 
Saxton, George T 
Sawhill, W W 
Sheehan, Lawrence 
Sheehan, Maurice 
Shipley, James 

Smith, Randolph 
Sons, Isaac 
Thomas, B B 
Thompson, James H 
Underwood, John S 
Vandaveer, TP 
White, Lafayette 
Wilcox, Joseph F 
Wilson, William B 
Winter, John F 

FISHER, No. 585. 

GROVE CITY, Christian Co. Chartered 
Oct 1868. Reg com Tues o b f m. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 38. 

James W Haetsock, W Master 
L Montgomery ,SW P B Daigh, S D 
O Z Honsley, J W L Obreiter, J D 
F M Thomas, Treas Andrew Flock, S S 
Jas M West, Sec Geo L Daigh, J S 

JohnS Richards, T 
Armstrong, Jas F Hunter, Richard P 

Barrett, Daniel F 
Brodess, Allen W 
Crosthwait, Hy C 
Daigh, Wm B 
Davis, James H 
Deeven, William 
Green, Adam P 
Harmon, John 
Harvey, John G 

Johnson, Henry M 
Kirk, Henry 
Martin, Wesley 
Miller, Calvin 
Miller, George D 
Moler, George W 
Paxton, John C 
Porter, Eli 
Porter, John K 

Heinline, Edward H Shanat'elt, Henry C 
Heinline, Lawrence Stewart, Francis 
Hobben, Ruben Virden, Oscar 

Hansley, George s Webber, Henry C 

FLORA, No. 204. 

FLORA Clay Co. Chartered Oct 1856. 
Reg com Wed o b f m. Ann com Dec. 
Membership 62. 

John F Shadwell. W Master 
J F Townsley, S W Matthew Law, S D 
Jas M Williams, J W John M Brown, J D 
Rev J Lawrence, Ch M B Fletcher, S S 
L F Wilson, Treas Charles James, J S 
Eli Blackburn, T 
Harned, Joseph 
Hart, D M 
Harter, George 
Holbrook, Daniel 
Holbrook, Wm H 
James, S D 
Kitley, Thomas 
Lawrence, John 
Lebus, Andrew 
Lock, William 
Lourey, John 
Major, S J 
Merris, Nathaniel 
Morgan. James S 
Nesbit, Rev A B 

John H Gunn, Sec 
Baitv, H 
Bradock. J T 
Brown, P P 
Chanev, James 
Chaney, W C 
Chaney, W H 
Clark, Gabriel 
Cochran, James S 
Cox, Thomas S 
Ewingr, James W 
Fry. John H 
Glenn, Robert A 
Golden. Thomas 
Gunn, Daniel 
Gunn, Havilah G 

FORREST, No. 614. 

FORREST, Livingston Co. Chartered 
Oct 1869. Reg com 1st and 3d Mon. Mem- 
bership 39. 

Moses W Moulton, W Master 
E W Dickinson, S W M S Bullard, S D 
B M Bullard, J W W H Ferguson, J D 
Fred Duckett, Treas P C Higglns, S S 
L Bullard, Sec Thos J Kerr, J S 

P C Higgins, T 

Keller, Enoch C 
Krack, John 

Arney, William 
Booth, Erastus L 
Brownlee, Thomas 
Burch, Asa H 
Cooper, Silas H 
Cook, Marcellus H 
Coyner, Charles L 
Coyner, Jno A 

Lockwood, Wm W 
Montgomery, Robert 
Mount, Benj P 
Parcels, James 
Pepperdine, Thomas 
Powley, David W 

Crocker, William H Robinson, D A 
Galbraith, James F Smith, Charles N 

Hall, Philo B 
Havenhill, Anson 
Hoffman, Albert 
Igon, DeWitt C 
Jennings, Sol M 

Smith, Christopher 
Smith, Madison E 
Spoor. Jacob L 
Woodburn, Chas F 
W r orrell, George 

FORRESTON, No. 413. 

FORRESTOX, Ogle Co. Chartered 
Oct 1864. Reg com 1st and 3d Fri. Ann 
com 3d Fri Dec. Membership 26. 
John C Beook, W Master 
S W Potter, S W Levi Clark, S D 
John Meyers, J W J N Knoells, J D 
D H Reynolds, Treas P S Meyers, S S 
J F Campbell. Sec J G Beck, J S 

B K Shryock, T 
Blair. M Lang, Ailing 

Botchorf, Thomas McElliney, A R 

Buchanan, J H 
Claffin, H M 
Galbraith, J C 
Hempina:, D 
Hoffer, Jacob 
Knoff, S H 

Philbrick, M H 
Pool, M H 
Prichard, M N 
Reynolds, Henry I 
Savage, B 
Werner, William 

FORTITUDE, No. 638. 

SAG^TOWX. Henderson Co. Chartered 
Oct 1P69. Reg com Mon o b f m. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 35. 

Geoege W Brighttvell. W Master 
A McFarland, £ W J S McFarland, S D 
Charles Dopp. J W Reason Rvasan, J D 
D McMurtry, Treas John H Willev, S S 
A M Graham, Sec William Clark, J S 
Frank A Frank, T 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Bell, William 
Bruen, John N 
Burns, Robert 
Chandler, Burton 
Dobbin, David 
Fee, Charles D 
Fort, John B 
Galbreath, Samuel 
Gearhart, S M 
Haislett, Otto D 
James, John 
Kemp, Frederick 
Kemp, Jesse 

Kemp, William 
Lent, William 
Martin, Charles A 
Nebergall, Joseph 
Perrine, Joseph 
Putney, Ira 
Ritchey, Thomas G 
Roberts, Thomas 
Russell, O H 
Swertz, Abram Spm 
Ward, James F 
West, Martin 
Wilson, George 

FOWLER, No. 599. 
FOWLER, Adams Co. Chartered Oct 
1868. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 27. 

John Watson, W Master 
N B Vertrees, S W John H Butter, S D 
Allen Davis, J W Charles Leslie, J D 
A S Chase, Treas Wm R Ingram, S S 
J S McClelland, Sec James R Dalton, J S 

John D Straub, T 
Aneals, Francis A McClelland,William 
Baker, Andrew H McCormick, A Y 
Camerer, John W Petrie, George W 
Chase, Isaac N Shurtz, Frank 

Craig, Isaac N Straub, William 

Davis, Edward F Swain, Noah 
Johns, William H Watson, George D 
Kline, Peter Wilson, Daniel 

Lowry, Benjamin F 

FRANKFORT, No. 567. 

FRANKFORT, Franklin Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1867. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 72. 

R D Kiekpatkick, W Master 
HCMurrah,SW John A Baker, S D 
J A Stroud, J W A P Adams, J D 
JF Richerson, Treas R H Sanders, S S 
Jesse D Adams, Sec Francis Links, J S 

Wiles W Horrell, T 
Ashby, Joseph H Griffin, John 
Baiar, Jasper C Hampton. John W 

Bulington, Benj F Harrell, Anson 
Burgess, William J Harrell, E H 
Cagle, R C F Harrell, Jason L 

Clark, Edgar H Harrell, Thompson 

Clayton, Grandville Japlin, Hiram T 
Clayton, Lorenzo D Jones, James A 
Clayton, Thomas S Jones, John 

Coop, John H 
Darrow, E L 
Darris, Josiah B 
Darris, Stephen H 

Ice, Andrew J 
Ice, Frederick 
McCollum, Jesse 
McCollum, John 

Darris, Tellford H L McCollum, Tillman 
Denning, JTohn D _ Mack, George 

Dillard, William M 
Ersay, John H 
Ester, Elijah 
Evens, Albert 
Evens, Owen 
Fallis, James T 
Feurrer, Martin 
Fitts, Montroville 
Garland, David B 

Maddox, Henry 
Maddox, J W 
Merrical, Henry J 
Murphy, John 
Murphy, Willi m 
Neal, Aaron La 
Oeth, Anton 
Oeth, Anton G 
Oeth, George 

Osteen, Andrew J 
Parker, George W 
Powell, M M 
Ratramel, Elijah 
Ratramel, R R 
Ray, Thomas D 
Reel, William 

Sadler, Francis M 
Stagner, William 
Steverson, John M 
Tittsworth, William 
Troup, Lorenzo D 
Waster, Peter 
Williams, S D 

FRANKLIN, No. 25. 

UPPER ALTON, Madison Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1844. Reg com Sat o b f m. 
Ann com Dec. Membership 76. 

Allest G Seavell, W Master 

Benj F Culp, S W F J Maxey, S D 

L Magowen, J W James Scovel, J D 

John Atkins, Treas F Hagleman, S S 

S B Gilhem, Sec Lewis Ehler, J S 

Henry P Runelle, T 

Adams, William B Lowe, John L 

Bare, Charles Lowe, Michael A 

Barnard, Luke L Lowe, William P 

Benbon, Richard Maxey, John A 

Brown, Squire Merrill, Charles C 

Bostwick, John Merrill, Frank F 

Bundach, Harry More, Frank 

Collet, John W More, Samuel A 

Culp, John Murphy, Thomas N 

Davidson, John C Nash, Charles 

Davis, Charles C Ripsamon, Frank 

Dillon, John D Roach, Frank 

Elwell, Joseph E Robinson, John C 

Frederick, Fred Rodgers, Andrew F 

Garrett, Thomas G Roloff, John 

Geer, William E Russell, Wm B 

Gill, William Star, Charles L 

Gipson, Robert Stewart, Daniel 

Grey, Martin Silvers, Zephanier 

Grigsly, B G Smith, Samuel B 

Hagwon, Robt D Stanley, Norman 

Hailer, Albert Stebins, Fred J 

Haller, George Stocker, Geo R 

Harris, Thomas N Stoor, Henry P 

Hart, Alvin S Tipee, Fred 

Hayes, Elijah VanOsdall, Fred J 

Hulbert, Silas WarniCh, J E 

Johnes, Charles Weeks, James H 

Kirkpatrick, Jno R Wilson, Andrews 

Laiad, F H L Wilkinson, Daniel 

Leiter, Lewis Williams, Isjy 

Lemon, Edward C Yerker, Titus P 

Lenert, Cyrus W Young, John W 


tered Oct 1858. Reg com 2d and 4th Sat. 
Ann com reg n b Dec. 27. Membership 

Henry A Black, W Master 
J M Forbes, S W Leroy G Fish, S D 
Miles Bahen, J W Samuel Mong, J D 
A R Whitney, Treas Wm Clemens, S S 
Philip Runyan, Sec Jas S Johnson, J S 

Joseph B Spafford, T 
Black, George D Decker, Bascom 

Bruce, Richard A 
Chase, Hudson 
Crawford, John M 
Crawford, William 

Drummond, Levi 
Drummond, Lewis 
Durkes, Conrad 
Dysart, Alex P 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Dysart, John 
Dysart, Joseph W 
Dysart, Samuel, p m 
Dysart, William 
Dysart, "William C 
Eakie, Lewis 
Faunce, Edwin E 
Fish, JosephusF 
Fitch, Alva 
Forbes, Charles M 
Griswold, SA 
Hanger, Jacob S 
Hansen, Charles 
Hansen, Wm H 
Hart, Charles D 
Hewitt, Geo W 
Johnson, George 
McBerney, Jas M 
Kay, Noah N 
Parker, John H 

Roe. Nathan C 
Scott, Thomas W 
Shaw, S T 
Shipman, John 
Sitts, John D 
Spanogie, Geo B 
Spence, Benj L 
Stewart, William 
Strock, John L 
Taylor, James 
Taylor, James Z 
Thomas, Cyras 
Thompson, Wm S 
Tilton, Benj F 
Whitney, Jesse R 
Whitney, Nathan 
Wood, Thomas L 


MONTICELLO, Piatt Co. Chartered 
Oct 1848. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann com 
Oct. Membership 74. 

Harvey E Huston, W Master 
Wm J Britten, S W E A Barringer, S D 
E P Fisher. J W M M Dickerson, J D 
John F Riser, Treas W D Shultz, S S 
S B Webster, Sec J P Goodman, J S 

William Warsley, T 
Andrews, John E McKain, Felix W 

Baker, Jacob 
Bond, Levis J 
Class, James 
Cramer, John 
Davis, Chester P 
Davis, William H 
Dove, John R 
Dupson, John 
Dupson, Reuben 
Fisher, Reuben D 
Foster, Joseph G 
Foster, William T 
Grav, James T 
Gray. William W 
Hanline, James 
Haneline, Nathan 
He.zzard, Michael 

McReynolds, Wm 
Marquess, George L 
Martin, Henry 
Miles, Edward V 
Miller, George F 
Mintun, John 
Musser, V>'infie!d B 
Noecker, William 
2s orris, Daniel 
Pipher, Alonzo T 
Plaster. Samuel 
Reese, William H 
Reed, Samuel R 
Reck, David D 
Ryder, Watkins L 
Sackriter, Henry 

Heath, Noble Porter Smith, Harry A 
Herron, William G Smith, Jacob 
Hill, James A Tatman, Caleb A 

Holmes, James M Thompson, S E 
Hopkins, Wash Unangst, William B 

Houston, Preston C Varner, Andrew C 

Hughes, John E 
Johnson, J C 
Jones, Byron B 
Jones, Jonas 
Keenan, John 
Kerby. John 
Lynn, George W 
McCann, William 

Watson, Felix W 
Webster, William C 
Williams, Edwd M 
Win stead, James H 
Winstein, L J 
Wolfe, Harrison 
Yakum, Jesse 
Zybell, August 

FREEBTJRG, No. 418. 

FREEBURG, St Clair Co. Chartered 
Oct 1864. Reg com Sat o b f m. Mem- 
bership 50. 

F Koeberlin, W Master 
A Kraup, S W G W L Carr, Sec 

J H Baker, J W JHS Carr, S D 

C Scheidt, Treas T O Holcomb, J D 

Louis Mahlman, T 
Anthony, Albert Leppert, Henry 

Baumgarten, John 
Betz, John 
Block, Henry 
Bolgard, Charles 
Borger, Daniel 
Briscoe, William 
Carr, Matthew L 
Dare, Philip C 
Dreter, Peter J 
Drew, James D 
Drew, William H 
Einge, John 
Feneer, William 
Ferber, John 

McMillen, James A 
Mack, Franz 
Maurer, John 
Meng, Louis 
Poole, Edwin L 
Rauch, John 
Potter, Matthew jr 
Schaaf, George 
Schauz, Frederick 
Simpson, Robinson 
Sutton, William 
Tate, George R 
Thielman, Fredk 
Turner, Lucius D 

Gierchner, August Twaenhoefl'el, B 

Hedwig, Louis Vogel, John 

Kaufman, John Watts, Richard Q 

Knaell, George White, Frank 

Kraup. William Woelz, William 

Lauffer, George Woods, Alexander 

FREEDOmTno. 194. 

HARDING, La Salle Co. Chartered Oct 
1856. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 56. 

Milo Allen, W Master 
F Bradshaw, S W Ervin Cole, S D 
J M Downing, J W Chas Blackwell, J D 
S J Chapman, Treas John Miller, S S 
R S Woollev, Sec M Dickerson, J S 

Theodore McClure, T 
Armstrong, A Hupp, Riley 

Bacheller, J B Hupp, Hovila, 

Bayley, Jcsiah Jacops, Peter 

Brads'haw, Charles Lowrey, James 
Bradshaw, G W Lowrey, Samuel 
Brown, William M Lucass, Robert 
Bucheller, R W McClure, W T, P M 

Bucheller. Wesley Mc2seal, William 
Butterfield, Frank Parsh, H K 
Bye, James, p m Penney, GE 
Clark, Augustus Pennypacker, D H 
Collis, John Place, h M 

Cooley, A L Pool, William, p m 

Crumpton, Samuel Ramsdell, Leander 
Curryea, C Riggs, George 

Davis, David Rowe, John 

Eiwell, S B Rowe, Robert 

Ford, Frank Sampson, T 

Green, F L Smith, Norman 

Guy, Eli J Stevens, Daniel 

Higinbotham, Thos Vance, George E 
Hoag, Mark Warren, William P 

Hull, William C Worrall, William H 

FREEMANTON, £To. 533. 

ALTAMONT, Effingham Co. Chartered 
Oct 1867. Reg com Sat o a f in. Member- 
ship 45. 

I P Carpenter, W Master 
J A Reams, S W H C Hooks, Treas 
J C Russell, J W SB Wade, Sec 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

T W Tipsword.S D S S Rice, S S 

G W Guinn, J D John Harrison, J S 

George Tipsword, T 

Armstrong, John Melizer, John 

Ayer, M Miller, John 

Baker, Jacob Perry, Felix 

Barlow, Frank Phillippi, Louis 

Bayne, John C Piper, David 

Bradley, Joshua Ranny, Samuel L 

Chamberlain, W R Riley, William 

Champlin, W H Rochat, George W 

Cokenower, John Said, Jesse H 

Cross, W H Saylor, T F 

Crura, J D Simonton, Hiram P 

Davis, Major H Smith, J H C 

Groves, John N Thomas, George 

Guy, R L Tipsword, Ashby 

Hiram. Joseph Tooley, W H H 

Kerchner, L M Tucker, J H 
Lambert, Benjamin Walker, J C 
Melizer, A 


DIXON, Lee Co. Chartered Oct 1841. 

Reg com Thurs o b f m. Membership 128. 

Johk V Thomas, W Master 

James Hatch, S W T F Moeller, S D 

J W Latta, J W John Guthrie, J D 
J B Pomeroy, Treas Henry S Cook, S S 
James B Charters, S Chas G Smith, J S 

Eli B Baker, T 

Adams, John Q Fisher, Tobias S 
Anderson, George J Flatt, Montraville 
Andrews, William C Fruchtenicht, J F 

Atkins, Charles C Fuller, Stephen 

Ayres, Jason C Gibson, Henry C 

Ball, James M Geer, John 

Ballou, Clark Gillie, John L 

Beal, Horace W Hartman, Aaron P 

Bevins, William H Hawley, JA,pgm 

Blackman, John F Herrick, George L 

Blair, H S Herrick, Harvey 

Boardman, Isaac S Hubbard, M D M 

Brown, Clark S Kennedy, Wm M 

Brown, Daniel Keyes, Charles H 

Bremer, Henry Kling, August 

Brubaker, A J Law, David H 

Buffett, Josiah Levanway, Wm A 

Burket, John K Lint, Cyrus P 

Burr, A D Lord, John L 

Butler, Wm Lumison, John 

Camp, Harvey McKenney, D B 

Chace, John W McKenney, D W 

Cheney, John T McKenney, Oscar F 

Countryman, I B McKenney ,11 N 

Crabtree, Henry McMartin, Finlay 

Crabtree, John D McPherran, A 

Cuddington, M F McVey, Wm J 

Davis, Thomas Means, Isaac 

Dement, Henry D Mellon, Henry C 

Demick, Alfred S Mitchell, Luther W 

Deshon, Benj C Morgan, Harvey 

Detmers, Henry J Morehouse, Nathan 

Dodge, O B Morse, Austin 

Ebinger, Jacob Moussean, Chas E 

Edwards, Will A Murphy, John 

Emery, Joseph Neff, Nathaniel 

Fargo, Edward S Nichols, Charles M 

Noble, Charles H Steele, John A 

Norton, Charles E Stevens, Aaron M 

Paine, Henry E Stevens, William 

Palmer, George B Stevens, William G 

Parks, Abner H Strong, Henry K 

Patrick, Jacob M Tellson, Alonzo H 

Peck, Richard Tilton, William W 

Perry, Hilliard H Tooke, M McK 

Pratt, Benjamin F Truman, Fred'k A 

Pratt, Truman L Tucker, George A 

Preston, Charles A Turner, George N 

Rayman, Jeremiah Underwood. Nathan 

Reynolds, Charles J Van Epps, Wm H 

Roberts, John C Van Epps, Win H, jr 

Robinson, John P Wads worth, W McL 
Rosenthal, Sampson Warner, Edward B 

Sellman, John H Williams, Harvey E 

Shaw, Benjamin F Williams, Martin H 

Smith, Edwin W Wood, Enoch 

Smith, Warner E Worth, George B 

Smyth, Samuel L Wynn, Webster W 

Specht, Augustus C Zeiig, Augustus 

FULL MOON, No. 341. 

GRAFTON, Jersey Co. Chartered Oct 
1860. Reg com Sat o b f m. Member- 
ship 50. 

James L Biekne, W Master 
B Stafford jr, S W L M Brady, S D 
Hiram Baxter, J W Fred Steinman, J D 
H Eastman, Treas Cornelius Lyons, S S 
Wm H Gearing, Sec Alfred A Foster, J S 

Thomas Geering, T 
Aur, Jacob Marshall, Jacob 

Barrett, Aug H Noble, Daniel 

Bell, James R Onetto, William G 

Brainard,Chaiies Ratzel, Albert 
Brinton, Emmor Renfro, William P 
Brinton, William S Schneider, Xavier 
Brower, Eliphalet Simms, James T 
Clark, Lyman R Slaten, Chris J 
Eaton, Charles B Slaten, James R 
Fitchner, James C Slaten, John T 
Fleak, A D Smith, B J 

Funk, Hezekiah Stafford, C P 
Godfrey, Jacob Summerscales, Jesse 

Graff, George P Terry, Jasper A 
Grafford, John W Thompson, W G 
Heath, Hiram Tyndall, N B 

Herriott, E L Veitch, James B 

Highflll, Davis M Worthy, Absalom 
Keller, Louis Youngblood, Geo H 

Legat, Henry L Zimmerman, Wm 

PULTON CITY, No. 189. 

FULTON, Whiteside Co. Chartered 
Oct 1856. Reg com Mon o b f m. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 93. 

William C Snydee, W Master 
Jacob Brown, S W S E Seeley, S D 
William Stuart, J W Jas W Hulburt, J D 
L Smith, Treas Cloys Summers, S S 

Oscar Summers, Sec Samuel V Boyer, J S 

Charles D Rose, T 
Adams, Reuben H Bates, Socrates E 
Baker, Birney G Bond, Warren 
Baker, Oliver Booth, Adaniram J 

Batchelder, C B Brink, Chandler 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Broadhead, Jabez "W 
Brown, William G 
Buck, Edwin H 
Bull, John 
Butman, Theo F 
Camfield, William M 
Church, Zala M 
Cowles, Horace W 
Curley, John J 
Deihl, George 
Dodge, David E 
Downey, Hugh 
Dull, Peter 
Dutcher, A M 
Dutcher, Edward E 
Eckert, George 
Eddy, John 
Egan, Andrew 
Ferris, Andrew H 
Finch, Oliver E 
Gage, E F 

Griswold, Charles A 
Hall, Warren P 
Herrold, William M 
Hollinshead, Jacob 
Hollinshead, Joshua 
Houghton, H L 
Hubbard, K W 
Hudson, John 
Humbertson, Saml 
Hunter, Robert 
Ives, W Y 
Jenks, Andrew N 
Johnson, Samuel W 
Kennedy, J C 
Kilgore, Isaac C 
Kinney, Lucien S 
Kitchen, Peter 
Knight, William H 

GALATIA, No. 684. 

GALATIA, Saline Co. Chartered Oct 
1872. Reg com Sat a f m. Ann com Dec. 
Membership 28. 

J C D Cake, W Master 
W M Simmons, S W Azariah Wray, S D 
A J Webber, J W D W Shaw, J D 
S R Upchurch.Treas W L Ostin, S S 
J S M Beaver, Sec Daniel Abney, J S 

William P Dillingham, T 
Abney, Jesse Laswell, Thomas 

Abney, Levi Lyon, David A 

Bond, Chesley L Martin, William L 

Langford, C E 
McCoy, James 
McCoy, Wm James 
McKenzie, John 
Morton, Evan 
Martindale, John C 
Mitchell, AD 
Morton, William C 
Osborn, Martin L 
Park, Oscar 
Padelford, Geo W 
Peabody, James B 
Pearson, William 
Phelps, John 
Pierce, Ezekiel H 
Pierce-Williain H 
Pratt, William H 
Preston, Augustus H 
Reed, Frederick 
Reed, William J 
Root, Germain L 
Sallee, Abraham 
Sallee, James H 
Smith, James W 
Smith, Thomas H 
Startzman, J M 
Stowell-Orvilie J 
Stuart, William 
Summers, Cyrus 
Torpley, James J 
Wandeil, Lorenzo 
Ware, Carlos L 
Wetzell, W Y 
Wilcox, George C 
W'orthington, H 
Williams, Leslie 
Winslow, Charles A 
Yule, Henry 

Bundy, Thomas 
Caples, John I 
Cox, John W 
DeJarnett, John B 
Empron, G I 
Grattain. DBpm 
Karnes, Isaac 

Massey, Henry T 
Massey, Parker, P m 
Prentiss, John D 
Roper, William C • 
WeDber, Henry 
Williiams, James D 


GALESBURG. Chartered Oct 1862. 
Reg com 1st and 3d Thurs. Membership 

A S Converse, W Master 
W H Davidson, S W W F Arnold. Treas 
H N Hogan, J W Leonard Miller, Sec 

E C Atchison, S S 
Thos L Clark, J S 
— t T 

Jones, Claudius 
Jones, Otis 
Lanstrum, Alfred 
Livingston, Wm 
Long, Edward 
Marble, W H 
Marshall, J A 
Merrill, Isaac 
Merriil, William 
Miller, LB 
Mitchell, J K 
Moore, Henry 
Morgan, D S 
Morris, W S 
Nichos, George 
Ostrander, H B 
Owen, Thomas R 
Parry, Samuel J 
Phares, A W 
Peterson, A O 
Phelps, E F 
Poal, D A 
Prentis, A L 
Rathburn, S O 
Ray, F A 
Richardson, A C 
Ridley, John 
Rogers, O M 
Scudder, EC 
Selk, Charles 
Shaffer, Washington 
Shorey, S W 
Sommers, P W 
Stockdale, J F 
Stout, Jesse 
Taber, A B 
Thomas, George 
Warner, W W 
Weed, Lee 
Welch, E W 
West. Daniel 
Weston, WHS 
Williams, John 

G Clough, S D 
R C Haines, J D 

Adcock, J N 
Adcock, William 
Anderson, J C 
Arnold, William 
Atchison, George W 
Barnett, C M 
Barnett, W H 
Bassett, L J 
Bartlett, JDjr 
Blood, J P 
Boggs, J B 
Brechwald, Charles 
Brown, Alfred 
Brown, Harmon 
Brown, J M 
Brown, Peter F 
Brown, William 
Brunerson^N W 
Burgess, J K 
Calkins,W C 
Carter, W R 
Chandler, CP 
Cleveland, E S 
Coburn, George W 
Cousins, W S 
Converse, W H 
Dunn, MR 
Feerhman, B C 
Fletcher, Samuel 
Fymire, George H 
Gardt, Henry 
Gillett, LA 
Gillett, W H 
Graham, William 
Hadley, T G 
Hale, H M 
Hale, T J 
Hartman, J L 
Hartman, J T 
Hoover, A S 
Hosier, Thomas A 
Howard, L G 
Jacobi, Abraham 
Jacobi, Henry 

GALVA/No. 243. 

GALVA, McHenrv Co. Chartered Oct 
1857. Reg com 1st and 3rd Tues. Ann com 
3rd Tues Dec. Membership 61. 

Samuel J Jarvis, W Master 
S G Spencer, S W OP Stoddard, S D 
A J Welch, J W E Simmons, J D 
John LFinley, Treas Isaac Boostrum, S S 
Geo W Williams, Sec John A Regnell, J S 
James Lord, T 

Abdill, J W 
Aby, Alexander 
Babbitt, Job 
Babcock, A D 
Bell, J S 
Bergman, A C 
Bryant, Oscar 
Bushnell, Leonard 
Clark, C W 
Crozier, Edmund 
Daniels, Samuel 

Davis, John F 
Donnelly, Benj 
Dudlev, Stephen A 
Ek, L*P 

Guthrie, Thomas D 
Hamblin, D W 
Hamblin, W B 
Harrington, J W 
Heaton, Thomas C 
Hollis, W B 
Hunt, Henry 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Ives, Charles S 
Kelsey, Norton 
Kent, Richard 
Kent, W H 
King, Henry A 
Lampson, Robert 
Levine, Augustus 
Liverton, John H 
McBricle, William 
McCorkle, Thos C 
McCullough, Thos 
McMullan, Root R 
Main, Simon N 
Morgan, John N 
Netsell, Olof 

Nichols, John "W 
Norton, David 
Ogg, Christian K 
Peterson, J Charles 
Pierce, is elson 
Reed, George 
Robinson, M G 
Rogers, Edmund 
Severin, Morton 
Skinner, Daniel 
Sopher, Amos 
Sopher, Joseph W 
Van Anker, FT 
Ward, Frederick T 

GARDEN CITY, No. 141. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1854. Reg 
com eVery Wed. Ann com Wed o b Dec 
27. Place of meeting 122 LaSalle st. Mem- 
bership 174. 

H I Holcomb, W Master 
James John, S W H R Burton, S D 
G Mc Williams, J W T F Talmage, J D 
J D MacLean, Treas Robt A Howard, S S 
L L Wadsworth, Sec Wm Campbell, J S 

Edward Hanson, T 
Addy, Edward Dol ton, George A 

Alexander, U D Duify, Francis 
Anderson, Harry A Eilertson, Henry 
Archdeacon, Wm Ellis, Horace S 

Ash worth, John 
Atkins, William 
Baker, Frank W 
Barber, Hiram 
Barnard, G W, p m 
Barren, James 
Baron, Charles T 
Bartlett, Wm M 

Elston, Daniel T 
Fisher, Edward H 
Flood, Alfred L 
Foose, John 
Forrest, Phillip C 
Geary, John W 
Gilbert, Julius L 
Gilmore, John J 

Batehain, W B, p m Gleason, AC, p M 
Beadell, Madison Goel, Bruno H 

Beardsley, Geo R 
Becker, John 
Bent, Thomas 
Bergen, Henry 
Berry, Francis 
Berry, John J 
Bonner, George 
Boyd, Joseph 
Bradbury, John L 
Bradley, George L 
Brown, John A 
Burghofler, J J G 
Burnes, William 
Butler, Joseph 
Case, Wm E 
Clark, George F 
Coey, David 
Cole, Henry A 
Cole, James A 

Gordon, John 
Grout, Frank R 
Gyles, Henry J 
Hand, Wm E 
Hayes, Joseph J 
Hayes, Robert 
Hayes, Wm B 
Hazlitt, Thomas M 
Heap. James 
Heap, William 
Higgins, Prank 
Hirsch, Joseph M 
Hoffman, Fred 
Hustands, Wm 
Jenkens, Isaac R 
Jennings, Francis S 
Jennings, Wm R 
Johnson, George F 
Kenny, Edward H 
Kersoskey, Isaac 

Crosby, William D Kiely, Matthew 

Davis, Robert C 
Deking, Phillip 
Delap, John 
Dennen, John W 
Diehl, Phillip 
Dixon, Arthur 

Kinselly, Abram 
Klein, Jacob 
Kleinschmidt, John 
Lacey, John M 
Larsen, E A 
Leister, Benj 

Dolton, Andrew H Lillibridge, C H 

Lindenberg, Ernest 
Lindergrin, Ernst 
Littell, George W 
Louri, William jr 
Macohea, Patrick B 
Manny, John D 
Margeiles, Phillip M 
Matthews, William 
Maurer, Jacob W 
McCarty. John C 
McCormick, John 
McKinzie, John 
McMillan, Thomas 
Miller, Fred W 
Milligan, W F 
Moe, Henry 
Moffit, John J 
Mullen, William 
Murdock, David 
Nash, Spencer 
Newberger, Henry 
Obendorf, Henry 
Obendorf. Louis 
Ockerby, Thomas 
Ohlman, Albert R 
Otis, Charles R 
Pallen, Thomas 
Parks, John 
Perkins, Thomas G 
Peters, William 
Pope, George J 
Porter, Thomas 
Pratt, James 
Prouty, Charles B 
Rauch, Andrew 
Reid, Milo B 
Retterer, Jacob 
Rhodes, George H 
Richford, J W 
Robinson, O L 

Robinson, Phillip 
Robinson, W W 
Rogers, James 
Russell, Alfred 
Russell, John C 
Salmon, Benj 
Salomon, Fred 
Schmidt, George J 
Schmidt, Otto 
Schotchman, W E 
Schrutz, Peter J 
Scwhitzer, John 
Shirk, John 
Smith, William W 
Sowersby, Francis R 
Spaids, Walter 
Sonnenberg, Frank 
Starring, Henry 
Stender, Chas F G 
Stewart, James F 
Stiles, Clarence M 
Stiles, John M 
Story, James B 
Talcott, Lester A 
Taylor, George 
Taylor, James S 
Thompson, E W 
Tomlinson, Samuel 
Tompkins, James 
Tyler, Romalne E 
voss, Frederick 
Wakerly, Henry 
Watte, Joseph M 
Weber, Charles T 
West, Lucas 
White, Thomas 
Whitfield, John 
Wolcott, Alex 
Wolfson, Fred 
Wright, James 

GARDNER, No. 573. 

GARDNER, Grundy Co. Chartered Oct 
1868. Reg com 2d and 4th Sat. Ann com 
reg o b Dec 27. Membership 65. 

Heney B Elliott, W Master 
John F Peck, S W L E Daniels, S D 
Wm H Long, J W James Cole, J D 
John H Holl, Treas D T Scoville, S S 
H S Whalen, Sec H A Crawford, J 8 

James Johnson, T 
Alford, Stephen P Elliott, George B 
Allison, John Evans, John L 

Bailey, Daniel B Fifield, Jenks L 
Bamfield, Richard Fuller, Gilbert G 
Becker, Martin C George, Philip 
Benson, Ira F Hall, John W 

Best, Robert C Hamilton, Chas V 

Brown, Hugh Hastings, Wm F 

Brown, Wm B Irons, Salem 

Carter, Abram C Lutz, Jacob C 
Clover, Amos McDonald, Angus 

Clover, Philip McGinniss, John 

Cram, Mahlon McMann, Perry 

Crane, Edwin A McMann, W w 
Crane, Thaddeus P Mayden, Thomas 
Cummings, John P Meecham, Jamea 
Daniels, Martin H Myers, George 
Donaldson, Henry Palmer, A £ 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Parker, Bertram D Small, Wilson 

Porter, Henry C Smith, William G 

Potter, Lewis D Stewart, Geo 

Powell, John Sutton, Edwin L 

Pratt, Geo W Taxis, Gideon R 

Rodgers, John W Taxis, John B 

Royal, Wesley P Turner, Richard 

Savage, James Wakefield,Edwin M 

Sawyer, John N West, Nathaniel T 
Small, Henry 

GENEVA^Nc 139. 

GENEVA, Kane Co. Chartered Oct 1854. 
Reg com 1st and 3d Wed. Ann com 1st 
Wed Dec. Memership 65. 

Henry B Pierce, W Master 
Joseph Kessler, SWA Mc Wayne, Sec 
Jno B Gulley, J W John J Howard S D 
Simon Krum, Treas C A German, J S 

John M Ferris, T 
Adams, A Washt'n Jones, James C 
Alexander, Ed W Jones, John 
Bennett, Charles D Knap, L A 
Bowman, G W P Krum, Isaac 
Buck, Dan W Middleton, Thomas 

Burr. George S Moore, Alexander B 

Carter, Frederick Nelson, Samuel 
Carg, James H Ormsbee, William W 

Chase, Jonathan M Ott, Frederick 

Coe, Joel L 
Conant. Luther 

Patton, Charles 
Poor, Thomas W 

Crarv, Cushman W Rathborne, James 
Curtis, EE Rice, A L 

Danford, Eben 
Danford, Gregory 
Davis, John W 
Derrick, William 
Downer, George D 
Downer, George O 
Everts, Lewis H 
Foster, Samuel E 
Gould, Frank 
Gulley, John B jr 
Hoag, Smith 

Rich, Otis N 
Robinson,William S 
Rodgers, Eugene 
Scott, George 
Scott, Hollis A 
Shannon, James 
Stevens, Ezra 
Tucker, Luther K 
Ward, Pinder F 
West, Asa P 
West, William P 

Howell, William H White, Amasa L 
Hull, Sanford W Whitehead, James 
Humphrey, Russell Wilder, William C 
Huntington, Henry Wilson, Isaac G 
Jennings, Augustus 

GtENOaTno. 288. 

GENOA, DeKalb Co. Chartered Oct 
1858. Reg com Wed o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 59. 

George E Wood, W Master 
Alex C Senska, S W J McLean, S D 
Jno Patterson, J W Thos M Force, J D 
Jas P Brown, Treas Clark S Bailey, S S 
Marcus W Cole, Sec C D Blackman, J S 

Charles Preston, T 
Allen, Daniel M Colvin, Daniel 
Beebe, Daniel Colvin, John 

Blanchard, William De Wolf, Wm C 
Bowen, Thomas Flint, James C 
Brainard, Alto Green, Alanson B 

Brown, Jermiah L Green. De Witt C 
Brown, Jeremiah W Gregory, E S 
Carr, Alonzo E Hoag, John L 

Holcomb, Milo S 
Hollenbeak, A N 
Jackman, Kendal 
Keeler, Moses P 
Knox, Theodore G 
Lane, Richard W 
Mead, Sylvester 
Mullen, Parker C 
Perkins, H N 
Phillis, Samuel 
Porter, Amos 
Preston, George 
Reed, George 
Rheinhart, Joseph B 
Risden, James A 
Ross, Alexander B 
Russell, John 


CHILLICOTHE, Peoria Co. Chartered 
Oct 1856. Reg com Mon o b f m. Ann com 
Mon o b Dec 27. Membership 51. 

Russell, Sanford S 
Siglin, Isaiah 
Siglin, Joshua 
Shattuck, F H 
Sherburne, B F 
Shutts, Nehemiah 
Slater, Henry H 
Smith, John G 
Taplin, Orville H 
Votej John 
Walling, Sevier 
Walter, George L 
Whitney, Samuel D 
Wilber, Oliver E 
Wilcox, Ed S 
Wilkie, David W 
Wood, Lester P 

Allison, Thomas 

Ashworth, Thomas 

Barnes, George N 

Booth, Levi 

Brown, Grove L 

Caldwell, Henry F 

Carroll, Chas Np m 

Carroll, O Perry 

Cartright, N S 

Damon, Joel B 

Dixon, George M j..<^ u , v,j i u» 

Donaldson, George Reed, Erastus R 

Dunbar, EdwardB Reed, Harrison 

Gibbons, Alfred M ~ 

Hanlin, Joseph 

Hinman, Isaac 

Hinman, Monson 

Lester, George P 
Lott, William H 
McLean, Wm p m 
Mead, Hiram M p'M 
Miller, William H 
Moffitt, Jacob W 
Murphy, Frank 
Nelson, Andrew 
Niell, Stewart 
Pond, Lambert 
Reed, Cyrus 

Robinson, Henry . 
Robinson, Henry jr 
Ricker, William 
Shaw, Charlas 

Hosmer, Henry p m Shepard, Francis E 
Humphrey, Elias F Silli man, Norman H 
Hunter, Hiram A Stocking, R F 

Hutchinson, D B 
Hyde, Henry F 
Jack, Edward H 
Jack, Samuel C 
Jameson, Elisha 
Kenner, John L p m 

Thomas, Jos Fpm 
Truitt, Henry 
Unger, John 
Van Petten, S 
Wood, Lathan Apm 

GEKMANIA, No. 182. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1855. Reg 
com 1st and 3d Thurs. Ann com 3d Thurs 
Dec. Place of meeting 62 N Clark st. 
Membership 185. 

Adolph Candler, W Master 
H Niether, S W John M Arens, S D 
Charles Kirby, J W John Dewald, J D 
H Brauckmann, Tr J Ricmann, S S 
G A Seydler, Sec G Boszhart, J S 

Andreas Friedrichs, T 
Abraham, F C W Bierwirth^Carl 

Agger, C J 
Ahrens, John A 
Arend, William N 
Baierle, Adam 
Bormann, F 

Blandow, Villi am 
Blauer, Frederick 
Borer, Jacob 
Brand, Ernst 
Brand, John 

Barnum, Charles B Bruns, Heinrich 
Berg, Henry Bochmann, Arnold 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Bucttner, Louis 
Buehler, Michael 
Buehrle, Lucas 
Burger, Friedrich 
Burgheim, C 
Burgheim, H 
Burky, Friedrich 
Dietz, John .l 
Drickmann, Fritz 
Ehinger, Herman 
Eiflrt, Alex 
Feeler, F A 
Feindt. H 
Feist, Martin 
Freeman, Isaac 
Friedrich, Adam 
Froehlich, Max 
Funck, Jacob 
Gall, Friederich 
Gareis, Martin 
Glassner, George 
Gottfried, Ferd 
Gottmanshausen, G 
Greser, Johann 
Grube, William H 
Guenther, Ernst 
Guenther, Theodore 
Gunow, W 
Grisendorff, H 
Habben. George P 
Hagemann, R 
Haller, H H A 
Harris, P M 
Hart, C A F 
Hartke, J B 
Hastreiter, M 
Hauser, Christ 
Heinrich, Carl 
Heinze, Edward 
Heinzmann, George 
Helms, Charles 
Hennis, N 
Herfurth, F 
Hern, William 
Herr, August 
Held, F W 
Hirsch, Morris M 
Hoff, M 

Hopmann, Phillip 
Holz, Gottfried 
Hottinger, Jacob 
Huck, John A 
Huelscher, Charles 
Huth, A 

Jenczcwsky, Alex 
Johansen, P 
Jost, Phillip 
Kaefer, Matthew 
Kaestner, A 
Kastler, Nicholas 
Kehres, John 
Kersten, Albert 
Kieffer, Augustus 
Kirchner, E E 
Koch, J 
Koch, William 
Kohlhammer, R 
Kraemer, J H 
Kramer, John 

Krause, William 
Kuhn, Win 
Lamparter, Henry 
Leber, Nicholas 
Liffirt, P A 
Lefl, Abraham 
Lehmann, Felix 
Leistikou, Ernst 
Luebicke, F 
Lund, E W 
Lutz, A 
Lutz, John 
Maikow, F W 
Matthews, F A 
Matthews, G E 
May, Gustav 
Mayer, Leopold 
Meddermeyer, D 
Mendelson, S 
Meyer, Christian J 
Meyer, Frederick 
Minster, Edward 
Michel, F 
Moeller, Henry 
Obermeier, Henry 
Obermeyer, Charles 
Oest, John 
Otto, A F 
Pauch, Carl 
Pedlich, Henry 
Penner, J 
Peters, FLA 
Peters, H M 
Pfeiffer, Christian 
Pflster, John F 
Pomy, Herman 
Press, Jacob 
Rehm, Jacob 
Eeichert, Arnold 
Eicdel, Henry 
Richter, Carl 
Rodemeier, H F L 
Rosenberger, Carl 
Sass, Louis 
Seachse, Fritz 
SchaefFer, Conrad 
Schaub, Herman 
Schiebel, Frank 
Schiffer, C 
Schmid, William 
Schmidt, F W 
Schmutz, Martin 
Schnabel, G W 
Schnetz, Herman 
Schoeppe, Erdman 
Schoneck, Nicholas 
Schroeder, F W 
Schroeder, Henry 
Schroedter, Otto L 
Schueler, William 
Schunemann, O 
Schurz, C P 
Schwahn, D H 
Schwarz, August 
Schuert, Carl 
Sigmund, E H 
Smith, John E 
Snatholt, Henry 
Snears, Henry 
Snecht, Louis 

Steinmet, John 
Straus, George M 
Stupp, George 
Thomas, Henry 
Todtmann, Peter 
Treichel, H 
Vocke, Rudolph 
Vogt, Win 
Weber, Henry 
Weber, Joseph 

Weick, Louis 
Wendt, Henry 
Willert, Christian 
Wischoever, A 
Woelffer, F 
Woelfner, Isaac 
Wolf, F W 
Wolfram, H 
Zorn, Philipp 

GILL, No. 382. 

LYNNVILLE, Morgan Co. Chartered 
Oct 1863. Reg com Tues o b f m. Mem 
bership 38. 

Richard Boston, W Master 
TM Angelo, SW JRM Watson, SD 
Thos Gibbs, J W W H Angelo, J D 
W Richardson, Tr R C Graham, S S 
R R Ransom, Sec Win Glossop, J S 

Thomas Sturdy, T 
Anderton, George Gordon, John 
Angelo, Samuel F Gratton, JeffersonH 
Campbell, James H Hammel, William H 
Chrisman, Edgar M Hellam, John 
Combes, William McDermott, Danl H 
Delapp, John M Mawson, John R 
Dickinson, Joseph Minear, Philip N 
Dobson, George Packard, Charles 
Dobson, Richard Perry, Socrates 
Eubank, George W Potter, John 
Gibbs, Charles Scott, John W 

Gibbs, John Tankersly, Barnum 

Gill, David Vasey, Richardson 

Gill, William Willoughby, John 

GILLESPIE^ No. 214. 

GILLESPIE, Macoupin Co. Chartered 
Oct 1856. Reg com Fri o b f m. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 26. 

Bailey P McDaniel, W Master 
T W Floyd, S W DK Campbell, S D 
Win Dickie, J W Frank Missik, J D 
W M McDaniel, Tr G W Duncan, S S 
Robt Brown, Sec Chas Francis, J S 

William Wooldridge, T 
Bailey, Theodore O Irvin, John 
Craige, James F Link, Lewis W 
Crawford, James B Netherton, A K 
Duncan, Frank Pearson, James P 
Francis, George Potter, Mathew 
Foster, John Quarbach, Jacob 

Frey, Abraham Rice, Hugh 
Harris, Zachariah Woodroof, Alex 

GtIRARdTno. 171. 

GIRARD, Macoupin Co. Chartered Oct 
1855. Reg com Mon obfm and 2 weeks 
after. Ann com reg o b Dec 27. Mem- 
bership 67. 

James David Metcalf, W Master 
George Ball, S W W S Littlepage, S D 
Wm H Ross, J W AH Reynolds, J D 
C C Armstrong, Tr Jas P Wiley, S S 
Fitz J Woolley, Sec J W Woodroof, J S 

, Tyler 

Andrews, B P Armstrong, A S 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Ball, John 
Ball, Thomas 
Ballinger, John W 
Bellamy, B K 
Bock, Fredk A W 
Boston, David B 
Bowsher, Russell B 
Bradley Henry C 
Bradlev, James A 
Brelst'ord, M C 
Bristow, James J 
Bristow, Josiah W 
Cain, James M 
Charney, Michael 
Clardy, Jordan 
Cooper, Edmund M 
Cottingham, D J 
Crenshaw, Geo W 
Drum, William 
Eastham, Wm E 
Fish, Charles E 
Fisher, JohnH 
Gar&t, Samuel S 
Geenty, Francis 
Gibbens, Wm H 
Hamilton, A F 
Hamilton, Henry q 
Hays, James M 

Hays, Samuel J 
Hulse, William A 
King, Jacob 
McBride, John 
McBride, Thos W 
McDonald, N 
McDaniels, Wm T 
McKnight, Robt P 
Magoon, Alfred H 
Marsh, Henry M 
Metcalf, Thos M 
Metcalf, Wm D 
Xorman, James B 
Richardson, F G 
Poach, Wm C 
Pyan, John E 
Ryan, Samuel C 
Stump, Daniel 
Thacker, Zachariah 
Thompson, LJ 
Thompson, Wm C 
Tietsort, James L 
Tiller, Henry C 
Van Buskirk, L 
Yansickle, Jos C 
Wall, William 
Weed, Frederick 
Wiley, Frank 

GOLCONDA, No. 131. 

GOLCOXDA, Pope Co. Chartered Oct 
1853. Peg com Sato b fin. Ann com Dec. 
Membership 56. 

John W Ratjm, W Master 
P Y Faeld, S W Wm Threldkill^S D 
W A Sim, J W John Phelps, J D 

H D Baker, Treas John Baker, S S 
Jos A Rose, Sec H D Pierce, J S 
Robert McGown, T 

Abbott, John 

Austin, P 

Baker, C F 

Baker, James F 

Baker. W J 

Barger, Jacob S 

Bird, M G 

Brown, Henry 

Calkin, D L 

Carroll, J R 

Clark, Wm H 

Class, M M 

Craig, Hiram M 

Davis, Wm II 

Derman, Wm W 

Dunning. Thos M 

Flovd, James B 

Floyd, Willis R 

Hamberg, John F 

Hanna, J E Y 

Hodge, James 

Hoffman, Hugo 

Hoewisher. C Lewis Young, J B 

Hughes, David 

GOLDEN GATE, No. 248. 

PRAIRIE CITY, McDonoughCo. Char- 
tered Oct 1857. Reg com 1st Tues. Ann 
c om Dec. Membership 49. 

Lowth, W A 
McClellan, G W 
Murphy, Robert i 
Phelps, Wm C 
Ready, James 
Richey, W H 
Roper, J A 
Ruchard, John G 
Schnider, C F 
Schnerlie, Benj 
Sim, J J 
Sim, John A 
Steyer, Theodore 
Sutherland, John A 
Vaughn, G W 
Yinyard, John A 
Wallace, George C 
Wasson, John A 
Williamson, Geo W 
Wells, F P 
Wells, Robert B 
Weston, Fred B 

Thomas L Magee, W Master 
L B Sanford, S W Jas A Rose, S D 
J E Dunham, J W AN Davis, J D 
B F Bradbury, Tr John W Cape, S S 
Wm L Kreider, Sec Enoch Ray wolt, J S 

John C Hallendsworth, T 
Abel, Bennett Hulich, Edwin 

Banker, Lemuel Jones, James G 
Bearce, Hamer Keith, Joseph A 

Benel, Adam Linsay, Wm H 

Bradbury, EldenW McDonald, Samuel 
Cannahan, Jas P Magee, W Thomas 
Claton, A J Phillip, Haselip 

Day, Levi B Ricely, Geo W 

Detmeyer, Wm Sanforcl, HCpm 

Dodd, John W Servent, John J 

Dodge, Robert Skean, James 

Evens, William K Stearns, R D 
Evertt,John Taft, Loman 

Gallup, Oliver R Taft, In orman G 
Gardner, Michael Tobin, Samuel P 
Hamilton, Geo p m Trimble, George 
Hefter, Xathan p M Westfall, A M 
Hemenver, CH White, Elisha 
Hendryx, CordenD Whitman, Geo H 
Hoyt, C Bruce 


CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1874. Reg 
com every Tues. Ann com 3d Tues Dec. 
Place of meeting, 122 LaSalle st. Mem- 
bership 43. 

J W Bkowk, W Master 
H C Weston, S W Jas G S Best, Sec 
D Goodman, J W A E Alexander, S D 
H G Reich wald, Tr H Selvage, J D 
D F Brandon, T 

Allen, John T 
Bauld, William 
Beach, George 
Bird, Jas A T 
Bradshaw, W D 
Cabery, H R 
Capus, F M 
Clancy, Mark 
Cottiers, HNE 
Dutton, Thomas 
Foote, Amasa 
Fox, William 
Fry, Isaac H 
Geogawsky, J 
Gobet, Constant 
Graham, F B 
Hill. Alfred 
Hills, E E 

Hinman, C D 
Jarman, Wm S 
Kauffmann, Wolf 
Kissling, Henry 
Lasier, D S 
Lowenthal, ft 
McCollom, John 
McKee, Thomas 
Macfadyen, John 
Madden, M H 
Marshall, Jas D 
Mitchell, Morris 
Murphv, William 
Noble,* John T 
Rich wald, E C 
Rockafellow, x : f 
Wagner, H T 
Walker, James 

GORDON, No. 473. 

POCAHONTAS, Bond Co. Chartered 
Oct 1866. Peg com Fri o b f m. Member- 
ship 39. 

W P GORDON, W Master 
Geo W Powell, S W Jas M Watkins, S D 
Chas E Short, J W Jacob Wendt, J D 
C Riemann, Treas T Schneider, S S 
W V Weise, Sec Wm H Hesse, J S 

B F Pressgrove, T 
Baker, Henry Boyer, John 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Bradford, Owen J 
Buhler, Charles 
Casey, Wm P 
Chajlis, Samuel H 
Crownover, Garritt 
Daniels, Richard T 
Dever, Joseph 
Dodge, W S 
File, Thomas B 
Fleck, John C 
Gillespie, Robert L 
Gordon, John H 
Gullick, Andrew J 
Hatch, Melvin 

Hawley, R M 
Hignight, Daniel 
Howell, Isaac M 
Kirkham, Robt C 
Lindley, Jacob 
Long, Lemuel B 
Lucus, John M 
Matlock, James M 
Minor, James M 
Plant, Charles B 
Roberts, John M 
Watkins, Josiah 
Wiedmer, John 

GRAND CHAIN, No. 660. 

GRAND CHAIN, Pulaski Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1870. Reg com Mon obfm, 
Membership 24. 

Geoege W Beistow, W Master 
W K Bartleson, S W Jno W Evers, S D 
W C Armstrong, J W R C Lipe, J D 
F D Lipe, Treas Jas Bartleson, S S 
Jas M Jones, Sec Hugh McGee, J S 

Edwin Bartleson, T 
Anderson, WH Evers, J AL 
Bartleson, A C Evers, V C 

Bartleson, Wm Lancaster, E H 

Copland, J M McArtney, J F 

Copland, J S McGee, P H 

Copland, L W Medcalf, E H 

Cortney, W P Porter, David 

GRANDVIEW, No. 198. 

DUDLEY, Edgar Co. Chartered Oct 
1856. Reg com Tues o bfm. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 46. 

Ebenezer Thompson, W Master 
G N Humphrey, S TV Z F Shultz, S D 
John A Waltz, W Geo LGorham, J D 
J Shrader, Treas James R Jones, S S 
W J Hite, Sec Isaac Turner, J S 

John A Bandy, T 

Ames, Henry Gilbert, James M 

Ames, Henry G Hyden, John L 

Baird, A M Jump, John 

Ballew, Andrew J Lynch, "William 

Bandy, George A Morris, Charles L 

Blevins, Thomas J Murphy, Samuel R 

Buckler, Wilford Parker, John C 

Brinkerhoff, James Roberts, Lewis 

Broyles, Joseph H Roth, Jonathan G- 

Burton, Ira W Rowe, Mark 

Carey, James M Salle, Joseph H 

Carey, Joel S Shearer Daniel J jr 

Chorlleen, Andrew Shroder, George E 

Cline, Orlando B Shroder, Lewis 

•Coffman, Daniel A Shroder, Silas B 

Deen, Robert B Shultz, Daniel C 

Francis, Robert R Vanmeter, John H 

Gilbert, George A Woodward, Levi 

GRAFTOnTno. 328. 

HUNTLEY GROVE, McHenry County. 
•Chartered Oct 1859. Reg com 2d and 4th 
Tues. Membership 39. 

F J Glaziee, W Master 

D Glazier, S W Henry Dean, S D 
A J T Woolcott, J W S Van Tover, J D 
TSchermerhorn,Tr C A Bruckman, S S 

D E Wood, Sec J G Templeton, J S 

John Tracy, T 

Blanchard, A Hitchcock, A 

Brooks, Charles Johnson, F A 

Brown, George Johnson, J B 

Burgess, W W Jones, C B 

Butler, O F Kelly, James M 

Chambers, Alex Robertson, Wm 

Cuinming, John S Rowe, C H 

dimming, Willard Schiller, George 

Darling, Homer Scott, C H 

Darling, Thomas Skeele, John P 

Ferris, Theodore R Sweeney, B II 

Foley, James Tait, William 

Gurke, Albert Wales, John 

Haight, C H Wanzer, Elias 
Haight, Sanford 

GBANtTno. 452. 

RICHVIEW, Washington Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1865. Reg com 1st and 3rd Mon. 
Membership 38. 

W R Hesler, W Master 

Wm D Foust, S W WW Shanks, S D 

Wm P Cooper, J W G Faulkner, J D 

Geo T Hake, Treas A C Whittenberg, S S 

J H Askins, Sec L A Gamble, J S 

P F Farmer, T 

Afflack, Thomas B Leath, S B 

Bingham, Geo M Morrill, Wm S 

Chapman, S J^ Muller, N H 

Clayton, Wm H Pate, John 

Dixon, W Pickett, W C 

Foster, Robert Pirtley, W H 

Hake, T J Pittsford, A J 

Hazzard, J C Russell, J K 

House, S G Sprual, Matthew 

Howard, S T Thompson, Wm 

Kent, A C White, D A 

Keys, Robert B Whittenberg, Danl 

Kinyan, Joseph Whittenberg, H G W 

Leath, R J Whittenberg, J C 


GREENFIELD, Green Co. Chartered 
Oct 1853. Reg com Fri obfm. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 61. 

William S Ki^caid, W Master 
Richd A Short, S W Thos A Weisner, S D 
F M Hatler, J W Samuel Dixon, J D 
I R Ostrum, Treas John Wahl jr, S S 
M T Nichols, Sec Elijah B Short, J S 

Henry C Myers, T 
Allen, George B Crouch, Martin 
Allen, Winfleld S G Cunningham, N L 
Barnett, Francis M Day, William C 
Belknap, Edward A Drenan, Jackson 
Brodmarkle, John B Ellis, William H 
Brown, Peter A Finch, Thomas 
Burroughs, Wm P Gray, J Howard 
Collins, John F Griswold, Edward 

Cooper, James S Henderson, Jas W 
Cooper, Martin A Keeley, Jacob 
Copps, Thornton G Keeley, Jesse 

Subordinate Lodges. 


La Masters, E S Saxton, Francis A 

Linder, Isham M Saxton, William T 

McCaulev, Wm H Smith, Edward B 

Milton, J B Smith, Lewis N 
Morrow, William M Strawmat, John 

Overby, Thomas H Swallow, Albert L 

Parks, John Valentine, Edward S 

Roberts, John D Waller, James W 

Robertson, Wm B Walton, Francis M 

Seeve, George A Weisner, James H 

Short, James A Weisner, Joseph B 

Short, Joshua M Whitcomb, S J 

Short, Thomas J Woods, Morgan L 

Short, William S Woolley, Edwin 
Slaughter, William J 

GREENLAND, No. 665. 

GREENLAND, Fayette Co. Chartered 
Oct 1871. Reg com Fri obfm. Member- 
ship 21. 

John Wills, W Master 
Jacob Young, S W T D Tennery, S D 
Henry Miller, J W M W Clayton, J D 
S D Lartan, Treas J B Reynolds, S S 
Noah Jennings, Sec Tolbert Griffith, J S 

OF Kevins, T 
Arnold, Henry S Muck, George B 
Arnold, Samuel Smith, John 
Jennings, Jesse Spurgeon, George W 
Jennings, Wm H Stringer, H M 
Little, Clinton Vail, William 

Logue, William 


GREENVIEW, Menard Co. Chartered 
Oct 1870. Reg com Tues obfm. Mem- 
bership 43. 

W H Williamson, W Master 
Ed Johnson, S W Fred Wilkinson, S D 
Levi Probst, J W T C H Palmer, J D 
R Hornbeck, Treas C R Pierce,S S 
W S Morse, Sec A J Davis, J S 

Henry Semon, T 
Burns, Z T Mcntgomer3 r , Alex 

Dockum, Hosea Myers, Henry 
Eads, E W Nichols, Elijah S 

Eby, M S Petrie, David A 

Engle, Abner Powell. George M 

Flager, George F Reed, W W P 
Glenn, James A. Renfro, Joseph 
Godby, Russell B Robinson, Richard 
Gritman, Delos W Robinson, Thomas J 
Kincaid, John A Rule, Henry K 
Kincaid, John H Sampson, Joseph 
Kincaid, Joseph Schofield, Joseph 
Killion, Jacob Stone, John H 

Johnson, John Wade, Francis A 

Johnson, AYilliam E Wade, George S 
Merre.ll, William C Williams, Wm B 
Meteer, William 


GREENVILLE, Bond Co. Chartered 
Oct 1857. Reg com obfm. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 57. 

Lemuel Adams, W Master 
P C Reed, S W R S Pollock, J W 

C D Harris, Treas Thos D White, J D 

Geo M Tatham Sec R L Mudd, S S 

W H Williams, S D J B Reid, J S 

John Wenting, T 

Alexander, J F Neeley, G S 

Allan, William A Palmer, G W 

Buchanan, J L Phelps, G S 

Carter, J C Powell, BP 

Clause. W T ilson Reidermann, E 

Crocker, S H Riley, John 

Davis, Thomas M Sargeant, J M 

Davis, W H Seaton, W B 

Denny, C K Seeds, V C 

Flovd, George W Simmons, E P 

Gerichs, J C Sprague, C D 

Gordon, James Sprawl, WM 

Hastings, J W Tabor, D N 

Howard, H Thrauer, F 

Hvnes, Samuel B Upton, H L 

Jott, S J Van Trees, F M 

Kelly, James A Walls, J E 

King, Thomas N Walls, O W 

Lycan, D P Warren, J A 

McNeil, N Weigle, Joseph 

Mace, S C White, J B 

Moss, J H Wilds, Ralph 

Moss, Lemuel S Wise, E B 
Myers, J H 

GREENUP, No. 125. 

GREENUP, Cumberland Co. Chartered 
Oct 1853. Reg com Thurs obfm. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 26. 

Thomas C Ttjtewilee, W Master 
C Nisewanger, S W N F Troxil, S D 
T L Norman, J W John Reed, J D 
S Monohon, Treas Michael Shull, S S 
George Lewis, Sec S W Quinn, J S 

Michael Shull, T 
Bosworth, A K Jones, William 

Bosworth, A R Markwell, William 

Covil, Hiram Moore, Thomas F 

Collins, Lewis Ruffner, Michael 

Cook, Henry C Severance, John J 

Ewart, A Judson Starbuck, Isaiah 
Ewart, James B Talbott, Edward 
Holt, John Ward, James S 

House, William 


GRIGGSVILLE, Pike Co. Chartered 
Oct 1847. Reg com Tues obfm and two 
weeks after. Membership 66. 

Aelond Moxeoe, W Master 
John Donovan, S W 7 E S Cotton, S D 
P Shinn, J W Stephen Oliver, J D 

Andrew Wilson, Tr George E Pratt, S S 
Jason A Rider, Sec C W Kneeland jr, J S 

N T Philips, T 
Anderson, Otis L Conner, William H 
Baxter, Edwin W Cotton, Alfred C 
Battles, Jason D Cotton, Porter 
Baxter, Moses E Cree, W T alker D 
Bennett, Morgan L Cunningham, T J 
Bonnel, Albert Dean, William H 

Cadwell, Franklin Dobbin, Joseph L 
Cadwell, Gideon Donovan, William 
Clark, William H Fajin, D A 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Fagin, Idelbert 
Green, Jonathan 
Griffin, John H 
Hainsfurther, M 
Hatch, Mason 
Higgins, James M 
Hopkins, BenjB 
Hull, John 
Jones, William B 
Kenney, William W 
Love, Charles E 
McMahan, Levi W 
Monroe, Oliver P 
Morrison, James B 
Mure, George A 
Nesbitt, James T 
Newman, Benj 
Parker, Edgar L 
Parker, James 

Parker, Lafayette J 
Parker, Thomas W 
Parker, Wallace 
Pastors, Wesley 
Petrie, George S 
Pyle, Joseph G 
Eider, Samuel 
Robinson, Chas G 
Shinn, William 
Shoemaker, Thomas 
Sleight, John G 
Small, Reuben 
Stagg, Elijah 
Stoner, EK 
Thackray, Samuel 
White, John G 
Wilson, George W 
Winn, Charles G 
Wise, William A 


GROVEL AND, Tazewell Co. Chartered 
Oct 1860. Reg com Sat obfm. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 28. 

John W Mooberry, W Master 
J Crandall, S W Wm Z Nichols, S D 
S Scriven, J W Milton Snyder, J D 

H S McKibben, Tr Lot Shurtleff, S S 
L Durham, Sec Francis Marion, J S 

Anderson, James Harris, Benj H 
Barton, Chauncey E Hinsey, Cornelius 
Burhaus, Charles O'Brien, Joel T 
Cleveland, Geo F Rutnewsky, John 
Conibear, Wm H Shreeves, Julius 
Ely, John W Shurtleff, Flavel 

Hancock, H Uberhine, John 

Hardman, Sam'l B Wilkins, Wm 
Hardman, Wm H Wilson, Samuel L 

HAMILTON^ No. 563. 

OTTERVILLE, Jersey Co. Chartered 
Oct 1867. Reg com Sat o b f m. Mem- 
bership 32. 

John Ltnkogle, W Master 
John Buckles, S W J T Curtis, S D 
Noble C Israel, J W JFGilham, JD 
S C Ellis, Treas Wm T Noble, S S 

A M Slaten, Sec Wm W Dobbs, J S 

Frederick Giers, T 
Anderson, Thos W McDow, John H 
Buckles, James C McDow, Wm 
Cadwaleder, Jesse K May, Joseph T 
Chappie, Richard Palmer, Leonard H 
Claridge, F A Rogers, Noah T 

Darlington, Wm A Rogers, Silas W 
Giers, Henry L Rutherford, Geo 

Hartman, Fred Sappington, Mark T 

Keedwell, Daniel Slaten, Henry L 
McAdams, Lewis Y Sloman, James 
McAdams, Williams Terry, Thomas J 

HAMPSHIRE, No. 443. 

HAMPSHIRE, Kane Co. Chartered Oct 
1865. Reg com 1st and 3d Tues. Member- 
ship 28. 

Samuel C Rowell, W Master 

Elisha Weed, S W Oliver Roath, S D 

L J Carlisle, J W M H Grimes, J D 

Wm Tyson, Treas E L Starks, S S 

S L Grimes, Sec Wm Ingolson, J S 

Allen, C C Getzleman, Henry 

Allen, E J Kitz, Geo A 

Allen, Geo W Levy, Wm H 

Allen, Henry J Reid, John 

Axtell, Edward W Rowe, Benjamin 

Baldwin, Duane St John, George 

Carlisle, Nathan S Stevens, Marshall 

Chapman, Samuel Whiteome, Geo 

Doty, Edward Williams, David 
Doty, Philip 

HANCOCK^ No. 20. 

CARTHAGE, Hancock Co. Chartered 
Oct 1843. Reg com Mon obfm. Mem- 
bership 69. 

W H D Notes, W Master 
David C Booth, S W David E Head, S D 
Wm J Dale, J W John P Kuhl, J D 
A J Griffith, Treas Wm L Booth, S S 
John Elder, Sec N P McKee, J S 

Frederick Loring, T 
Atkins, Alex B Jacoby, Reuben 

Bailey, Colbert James, Joseph A 

Barber, Levi Kenedy, Solomon 

Black, Sylvester D Ketterer, Eugene 
Bowers, Jacob Lamey, Edward F 

Booth, James Logan, Thomas 

Buckner, Charles P McMenemey, Richd 
Campbell, H W McQuoid, Daniel 
Campbell, James H Mack, David 
Carlton, James W Magner, Wm C 
Cherrill, Adolphus Manier, Wesley H 

Cockern, LB 
Collins, John L 
Durant, Thomas 
Earls, Eli 
Eggleston, A J 
Emert, James M 
Ferris, Hiram G 
Ferris, John M 
Ferris, Leonard L 
Frees, William 
Griffin, William 
Hamilton, John D 
Hamilton, Wm R 
Hannan, Wm T 
Hansford, James 
Head, M A 
Hogue, Wm S 
Hooker, Wm C 
Howd, Joel 

Miller, John D 
Moody, C E 
Newton, John R 
Nitterhouse, B L 
Orr, John B 
Patterson, Wm A 
Pittman, JAW 

guimby, Jesse B 
amsey, Johnson 
Randleman, John J 
Ramey, Wm L 
Rice, Thomas E B 
Sample, James 
Spangler, John S 
Symonds, Wm A 
Westbrook, Henry C 
Williams, Wesley C 
Wilson, Stephen S 

HANOVER, No. 300. 

HANOVER, Jo Daviess Co. Chartered 
Oct 1859. Reg com 1st and 3d Fri. Mem- 
bership 28. 

A B White, W Master 
Jno J White, S W T E Moore, Sec 
S S McGrath, J W J B Reynolds, S D 
H N Upson, Treas J K White, J D 

A C Huntington, T 
Bockins, Thos B Chase, Augustin 
Chase, A B Jeffers, Stephen 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Kearney, John A 
Laselle, Josiah 
Love, Joseph G 
McKinley, William 
Moore, George W 
Oliver, R A 
Phillips, J L 
Reynolds, Abram 

Rogers, John D 
Ryan, M J 
Shoepskee, Henry 
Skellie, William 
Stewart, James B 
White, James W 
White, Samuel 
Wright, Thos 

HARDIN, No. 44. 

MOUNT STERLING, Brown Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1847. Reg com Sat o b f m. 
Ann com Dec. Membership 116. 

Wm H McCabe,W Master 

S S Brooks, S W H Hessman, S D 

J P Murphy, J W James Givens, J D 

A A Glenn, Treas Conrad Ritter, S S 

Moses Black,Sec A J Campbell, J S 

Henry Wetzel, T 

Allen, James A Huffman, Michael 

Anderson, John S Irwin, C N 

Barry, LS Irwin, Geo C 

Barton, James Jones, Lindsey 

Bates, H N Kendrick, WW 

Bates, William H Kerr, James 

Baxter, William W Keyser, Francis 

Beard, William P Keyser, Jacob 

Bell, Jackson Lamb, M H 

Bell, JohnC Lambert, John 

Bell, Marion Lowry, A K 

Birkenfeldt, Alex Lowry, Joseph M 

Brandenburg, Eli Lusk, Levi 

Brandenburgh,S McMillen, John 

Briggs, Philip R McNeil, Isaac 

Brockman, Alex McPhail, Angus 

Brockman, Wash Martin, Adam E 

Brooks, Martin Miller, Samuel W 

Brown, Otis R Montgomery, John 

Burns, Robert Morris, Philip V 

Clark, John S Norvell, Timothy J 

Clark, RW O'Neil, Martin 

Cox, Robert A Orr, Arthur 

Crawford, W C Patten, F M 

Curry, F A Porter, James J 

Curry, J A Prevost, A J F 

Curry, J V Putman, Ambrose 

Curry, R N Rea, James M 

Dawson, Thomas Robinson, LP 

Dearborn, J jr Ross, R H 

Dyer, Franklin Rottger, F W 

Fenn, Robert S Russell, D L 

Forsythe, Alex H Sarratt, D J 

Frindlick, Jacob Shields, F W 

Fry, F M Singleton, Jas W 

Gant, Wm P Singleton, R E 

Glass, J B Six, Virgil 

Glenn, Henry A Smith, R G 

Glenn, S R Spencer, Henry 

Glenn, Wm H Suields, William 

Hackett, G J Stout, B D 

Hambaugh, J S Taylor, A J 

Harper, John Taylor, Arthur 

Hayden, G F Thomas, Henry 

Hedrick, Alex Vandeveuter, J F 

Heisman, G J Vandeveuter, W L 

Hersman, W T Vincent, B C 

Hickman, A F Warren, James 
Hickman, Ithamer Washburn, Wm 

Huffman, Henry Westbrook, U S 

Whiteside, C C Williams, George W 

Whiteside, Isaac S Wilson, G W 
Williams, Alfred Wilson, M T 

HARLEM, No. 540. 

OAK PARK, Cook Co. Chartered Oct 
1867. Reg com 2d and 4th Tues. Ann 
com 2d Tues Dec. Membership 49. 

B H Aldex, W Master 
F Andrew Vogt, S W J S Zimmerman, Sec 
H Scharenberg, J W C H Cerlidge, S D 
A W Pebbles, Treas Wm Williams, J D 

Jacob M Ness, T 
Adams, Carlo J Kimball, T L 

Bassett, Nejson M Lamb, Thomas C 
Lowry, Louis 
Meyer, William 

Bell, John W 
Blair, John 
Booth, Daniel 
Butters, George 
Came, Virgil M 
Coville, M F 
Crandall, Miles 
Ellis, Frank M 
Furbeck, J H 
Gurley, J H 
Haring, J K 
Hawey, Joseph 
Hendricks, H H 
Herrick, O W 

Middleton. J W 
Murphy, Peter 
Patterson, William 
Pebbles, Frank M 
Quick, J H S 
Roberts, C J 
Roe, Charles E 
Rost, William 
Scales, Joseph 
Schlund, Joseph 
Schureman, A 
Sherwood, C W 

Humberstone, A A Steiner, William 
Humphrey, E Hpm Thompson. J Q 
Johnston, John W Timme, George E 
Keifer, Lawrence W Young, C C 
Kettlerings, J W 

HARMONY, No. 3. 

JACKSONVILLE, Morgan Co. Chart- 
ered April 1840. Reg com 1st and 3d Mon. 
Memberhip 111. 

Abeam Woods, W Master 
Elias Keemer, S W John Wood, S D 
G F Middleton, J AV Matt Minter, J D 
Rev P G Gillett, Ch David Wilson, S S 
W B Johnson, Treas John Hopper, J S 
H P Huntsinger, Sec John A Schaub, T 
Aiken, William Davis, William R 

Andrews, B B Dewees, C H 

Anderson, John T Dickerson, Thos W 

Atkins, Andrew J 
Beems, Dennis S 
Booker, Joseph B 
Boungard, Alfred 

Dresback, Wm O 
Eames, Charles M 
Eastman, Samuel 
Ellis, Stephen 

Broadwell, Charles Ewing, John M 
Broad well, Wm H English, Nathaniel 
Campbell, Geo A M Fisher, Joshua 

Carson, John A 
Carter, Samuel W 
Cassell, Charles 
Clark, E M M 
Craig, Hez 
Craig, John U 
Crain, Isaac B 
Crain, Martin F 
Crain, William H 
Cunningham, A L 

Glasgow, M V B 
Gee, Robert 
Glenn, George R 
Hay, Abel L 
Harrison. William jr 
Hayden, Edwin 
Heinl, Joseph 
Henderson, John 
Henry, Charles 
Holmes, J Stewart 

Cunningham, James Howard, John 
Daniels, James Humphrey, Wm D 

Davidson, Wm W Hunt, J H 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Jones, John 
Kirby, Edward P 
King, Hudson B 
Knolenberg, Henry 
Lanham, James C 
Larmon, John A 
Lawton, James 
Levy, Lewis 
Lin kins, James A 
Loar, John R 
Lord, James O 
McBride, John C 
McEvers, William E 
Marcy, Charles 
Mathews, James R 
Megguisen, Geo A 
Megguison, John R 
Mitchell, Charles W 
Mitchell, ZT 
Montgomery, Jas L 
Mornsen, Robert 
Myers, John H 
Mullirons, Benj F 
Nagel, Frederick 
Nay lor, John W 
Nichols, Samuel W 
Phillips, James ~ 

Pierson, Jeremiah 
Piatt, Wesley 
Pofferberger, Frank 
Richardson, J B 
Richardson, T C 
Rifn, Jacob 
Rule, William S 
St John, Homer 
Scott, Abel H 
Sharp, Elbert 
Sharp, Francis M 
Short, Geo W 
Spellman, N W 
Sperrier, Joseph H 
Springer, F M 
Stacy, Matthew 
Staley, H M 
Taylor, Samuel D 
Taylor, Smith 
Taylor, William 
Thornborrow, John 
Tipton, Albert W 
Tomlinson, Joseph 
Updegraff, John C 
Wilbur, C T 
Wilson, Hugh 
Woods, Abraham C 


HARRISBURG, Saline Co. Chartered 
Oct 1859. Reg Com 1st and 8d Sat. Ann 
com reg o b Dec 27. Membership 88. 

F M Pickett, W Master 
J F Conover, S W G W Williford, S D 
Wm Roark, J W LB Church, J D 
W G Sloan, Treas W L Mitchell, S S 
T Y Reynolds, Sec J W Traveistead, J S 

F M Wright, T 
Alsop, William H Hutchinson, J W 

AsheY, D C 
Baker, Cornelius 
Baker, John M 
Baker, Wm R 
Bell, Sampson B 
Blackman, Wm S 
Butler, H D 
Cannon, James N 
Christey, Wm H 
Copies, Robert I 
Dallis, James H 
Dewitt, John 
Dollins, David A 
Dollins, Hugh A 
Dollins, Presley D 
Dorris, William 
Eaton, Beni H P 
Ewell, John D 
Forgg, S W 
Frank, George 
Gibbons, Elijah 
Glass, George W 
Gi\;cc, D B 
Gregg, James M 
Gregg, John M 
Greer, Robert F 
Grimes, D L 
Guinn, Levi T 
Hill, Silas P 
Hinds. L S 

Jones, John J 
Jordan, James F 
Keith, Marshall 
Kline, Thomas J 
Lewis, Caleb H 
McCormick, John N 
McGeher, Moses 
McIIaney, Wm A 
Mcllrath, James H 
Mcllrath, Robert J 
Mcllrath, Win J 
Mick, Leo W 
Mick, Robert 
Mitchell, Geo R 
Mitchell, John W 
Nolon, German H 
Nolon, Lucius D 
Paukey, Hampton 
Paukey, Wm H 
Peebles, Wm W 
Pickering, B S 
Potts, Monroe J 
Banner, Green B 
Rice, Arthur L 
Rice, Benjamin H 
Robinson, Charles 
Roper, Seth 
Russell, J E 
Russell, James N 
Russell, W D 

Sargent, Wm W 
Segraves Samuel A 
Simmons, Daniel 
Sisk, Benjamin 
Stricken, Newton 
Stricklin, Joseph B 
Stricklin, S S 
Traveistead, A H 

Traveistead, J W 
Turner, Daniel W 
Turner, Joseph B 
Vickars, Alex 
Von Linen, Henry L 
Warfield, Richard N 
Wiedimann, Ed W 
Wier, Joseph M 

HARVARD, No. 309. 

HARVARD, McHenry Co. Chartered 
Oct 1859. Reg com 1st and 3rd Mon. Mem- 
bership 7G. 

Herbert S Williams, W Master 
John Morrison, S W A Coventry, S D 
A W Young, J W PL Russy, J D 
Lot P Smith, Treas C M Wilkinson, S S 
P Wilkinson, Sec H C Crumb, J S 

Win H Grovesteen, T 
Andrews, Geo B Lampson, Wm G 

Ayer, Edward E 
Ayer. Elbrige G 
Axtel, Alon'zo E 
Backus, Lyman 
Ballard, George M 
Banner, William 
Barrett, Abijah 

Lobuc, Joseph 
Logue, James 
McEllroy, John 
McEllroy, Peter 
Mason, Lowel 
Merritt, Wm H 
Miner, Henry B 

Blake, Nathaniel E Nickols, James M 
Brainavd, Asel Powell, Wm H 

Brainard, Marvin R Randolf, Murrey F 
Colburn, Anson O Rodgers, DeForestP 

Cole, Horatio B 

Cotten, Charles A 

Crumb, Joseph C 

Biggins, Orson C 

Errickson, Sardon 

Farnham, P C 

Frothingham, Chas Shoner^Jacob 

Gardner, Robert Smith, Ezra 

Groesbeck, John W Spicer, Erastus 

Rodgers, James W 
Rosecrantz, John B 
Satterfieid, Thos R 
Saunders, Phillip E 
Sherburne, James C 
Shifter, Levi M 

Hagerman, C E 
Harris, Wm L 
Hawver-Janies F 
Hewitt, Win H 
Hodgkins, Henry 
Hotchiids, C A 
Huntley, Jabin 
Jackman, Miles H 
Jackson, Hiram 

Stockwell, David C 
Thompson, Arthur 
Tiffany, John W 
Toohev, Martin 
Walker, Wm B 
Waterman, B T 
Weeden, E S 
Whitlaufer, Henry 
Williams, Morgan N 

Jenevern, Frank D Wood, James 

Jordon, Lewis Wooster.George 

Keyes, Fred'k C Young, George W 
Kingman, A J 

HAVANaTNo. 88. 
HAVANA, Mason Co. Chartered Oct 
1850. Reg com 1st Mon. Membership 52. 

H W Lixdley, W Master 
Chas Schill, S W AT Beck, S D 
L R Haack, J W A Gordon, J D 
N Siebeaunaler, Tr Peter Lindberg, S S 
H H Haurath, Sec Geo Gordon, J B 

J W Howell, T 
Audrus C W Bowman, B F 

Anno, P T Biggs, Alfred 

Athey, Alfred Biggs, George 

Barwick, J S Biggs, P G 

Bigelow, E H Browning, J B 

Subordinate Lodges. 

Burnell, A L 
Conover, J G 
Davies, W M 
Doenig, Charles 
Everest, J M 
Fisher, John 
Frankenfield, S 
Hamlin. W H 
Harpham, O H 
Harpham, E B 
Hawks, J L 
Kayworth, S B 
Heninger, R A 
HowelLB F 
Knox, W E 
Krebaum, C G 

Krebaum, Adolph 
Langford, G W 
Little, Nathaniel 
Mcllarrv, Hugh 
McHarry, J W 
Oakford, W M 
Paul, J B 
Rhoads, J W 
Ringhouse, Peter 
Ross, L W 
Samuels, J H 
Scotield, Robert 
Tenevke, Cornelius 
Tonifin JS 
Walker, W H 
Wenipie, A J 

HAZEL DELL, No. 580. 

HAZEL DELL, Cumberland Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1868. Reg com Sat o b f m. 
Ann com Dec. Membership 43. 

John W Kelly, "VV Master 
Calvin WPolen, S W James C Kelly, Sec 
D H Sanford, J W T F Kelly, S D 
Rev J W Carlin, C DW Laymon, J D 
Adam Rader, Treas John W Carlin, T 
Baughman, David Morey, Chas F M 
Bridgeman, N S Morey, Frank F 
Bumgarner, Ed Patrick, LK 
Clark. Ithamer Rader, John 

Cochran, Charles G Rader, Thomas T 
Davis, William R Randali, Oscar M 
De Bord, William H Rue, Joseph 
Forester, E Taylor Shoutz, Leonard 

Foster, Dennis 
Freeland, James 
Jared, Israel 
Jennine, Jacob 
Kellv, Silas W 
Kelly, William J 
Lawson, David H 
Leamon, William 
Leigh, W J R 

Smith, John V 
Swope, William 
Taggart, William 
Teppy, Silas 
Wfterer, Samuel 
Worden, Isaac 
Yeiton, Charles 
Yelton, Wm J 
Young, Wallace 

HEBRON, No. 604. 

HEBRON, McHenryCo. Chartered Oct 
1868. Resr com 1st and 3d Wed. Ann 
com 1st Wed Dec. Membership 40. 
Daniel A Claey, W Master 
H Housholder, S W Charles Easton, S D 
P Erkenbrack, J W Dennis K Smith, J D 
David Rowe, Treas Henry G Noves, S S 
D S Blodgett, Sec Huber W Noyes, J S 

Willis Burley, T 
Begun, Russel Goodsell, M S 

Bennet, Charles H Groosbeck, Wm H 

Brando, Chancey 
Brando, John H 
Brewer, John 
Brown, John S 
Buchannan, Ed 

Halderman, Jas A 
Kane, William R 
Krause. Henry 
Mansfield, Ed F 
Mansfied, Mason 

Chapman, William Mead, Henry W 
Con kling, Warren C Morgan, Frank C 
Dyke, Henry Northup, Chester 

Erkenbrack, Chas Proutv, Charles F 
Erkenbrack WS Reynolds, John 
Fink, Emery D Rowe, Frank 

Rowe, Henry 
Stewart, Edwin V 

Thayre, Crandel H 
Woodbury, John 

HENRY, No. 119. 

HENRY, Marshall Co. Chartered Oct 
1852. Reg com 2d and 4th Tues. Ann 
co mm reg o b Dec 27. Membership 32. 

James D CultojST, W Master 
A C Christern, S W E T Disasway, Sec 
F A Powell, JW J L Ottermann, S D 
J K McConnell, Tr Joseph P Hall, J D 

John C Rolley, T 
Baker, John G Kaufman, Lewis 

Barran, William Kline, John 
Bawers, Rev A Law, Wm T 

Britton, William J Mathews, Jacob R 
Mathison, Peter B 
Merrett, S S 
Perry, Duncan J 
Scholes, George 
Townsend,Geo W 
Wekoff, Peter W 
Warrell, James P 
Wray, James 

Burt, George J 
Cook, E iu 
Dunnell, Wm G 
Faulkner TL 
HawkinSjC D 
Heedan, Henry 
Herder, John N 
Hutchins, Asa V 
Hyndshaw, Silas C 

HERDER, No. 669. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1871. Reg 
com 1st and 3d Mon. Place of meeting, 
corner Union and Mitchell streets. Mem- 
bership 62. 

Paul Ziemsen, W Master 
Val Kopf S W David Braun, S D 

John Kummer, J W M Kettner, J D 
David Kahn, Treas Emanuel Myer, S S 
Wm Blanke, Sec Wm Ganshow, J S 

Christ Hansen, T 
Bachelle, Gideon V Lobstein, John 
Blettner, August Lobstein, John G 
Lott, Edward R 
Lumpp, Fred 
Maypole, J J 

Blume, Louis 
Burmeister, J 
Bussack, Christian 
Dietz, Henry 
Donald, Max 
Faulhaber, John 
Faass, Rudolph 
Fenn, Christian 
Fick, Henry 
Frank, Francis 
Furst, Henry 

Metzger, Wm 
Miller, George 
Mollier, John 
Pnugrath, Chas 
Quirmbach, Peter 
Rehbock, Wm 
Roos, B L 

Furstenburg, Henry Schultz, Fritz 

Hammel, Jacob 
Hartmann, Henry 
Hartman, Wm 
Hassler, John 
Hefter ChasB 
Kettner Jacob 
Korner, Geo 

Schumacher, John 
Stein, Joseph 
Steinmeyer, F 
Stofft, Henry 
Timm, Charles 
Trost, Christ 
Treeber, Wm 

Kretschmer, Ernest Weinheimer, Philip 
Kuehne Ernst Wenk, Jacob 

Kuehne, Fritz Willmer, Henry 

Legro, Florian Wondreyka, Frank 

Lehmann, John Zander, Julius 

HERMAN, No. 39. 

QTJINCY. Chartered Oct 1846. Reg 
com 2d and 4th Wed. Membership 66. 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

George O S Best, W Master 
John D Mester, S W Julius Samuels, S D 
H Ohlschlager, J W J Wehnhoever, J D 
E Hanke, Treas F Giegerist, S S 
W W Stockwell, Sec John J Yost, J S 

Louis Santz, T 
Abrahon, Isaac Lantz, Louis 
Adam, Ernst Levi, Edward 

Adamy, Joseph Luther, Jacob 

Arntzer, Edward Marks, L 
Bachrach, Moses Meyer, Geo S 
Benjamin, Isidor Michael, Geo 
Cabbell, S M Moecker, Herman 

Chaffin, Simon Mohr, Joseph 

Davidson, Louis Moore, John J 
Duffy, James Neal, Thomas 

Dyke, James Nold, Henry 

Eisenstein, Wm Patcher, W W 
Ernst, George Petrie, Charles 

Feldkamp, Hermon Pierce, William 
Futterer Joseph Rensch, Henry 
Ganweiler, Jacob Roschke, Chas 
Heidermann, J W Eoschlaub, Michael 
Heller, John A Euff, Casper 

Hermann, David Ruff, John 
Hirsch, Hermann Sceicl, Henry 
Hyman, Abe Scheckles, R T 

Jackson, Manheim Sontag, Andrew 
Jacobs, Abe Storck, J Chas 

Jacoby, Herman Wetterhahn. M 
Kaiser, L Whitehead, Lazarus 

Kappens, John J Worden, Horace 
Kase, Henry Zimmerman, C J 

Kern, Joseph Zimmerman, Philip 

Lanter, Philip 

HERMITAGE, No. 356. 

ALBION, Edwards Co. Chartered Oct 
1860. Reg com Sat obfm and two weeks 
after. Membership 50. 

James Vyse, W Master 
Harrv Dalby, S W Joseph White, S D 
Ed L Rude, J W M McKibben, J D 
Geo Weaver, Treas John Walker, S S 
Jas Churchill, Sec A Shurtleff, J S 

Charles Hall, T 
Adamson, W H Ferriman, Jas 

Allison, Samuel Gill, Thomas 
Applegath, Fred Graham, David 
Balding, Jacob Hibble, William 

Bassett, William Lines, William 
Bowman, William Longbone, Thomas 
Brown, William McClure, A H 
Bunting, Eli Mathews, A B 

Campbell, J M Metcalf, A E 

Carter, A J Porter, H C 

Chism, Elisha Rude, Albert 

Churchill, Charles Rude, Randall 
Clark, H H Shemeley, Benj 

Craig, H P Skeavington, Joseph 

Curtis, John Smith, C W 

Curtis, William Stroup, George 

Dalby, S N Taylor, Atkinson 

Douglas, A H Thompson. F B 

Elhott, Albert W Woods, George 
Ferriman, George Woods, Lee 

HERRICK, No. 193. 

PONTOOSUC, Hancock Co. Chartered 
Oct 1856. Reg coin Sat o b f m. Ann 
com reg o b Dec 27. Membership 36. 
Matthew Waldenmetee, W Master 
A B Bonnevill, S W John Jackson, S D 
Robt Jackson, J W John Lamb, J D 
Chas B Finch, Treas C S Shipman, S S 
A Abernethy, Sec Wm Haigh, J S 

Wm McAuley, T 
Cheadle, G R Jackson, Lansing 

Cheadle, Richard Kidson, Thomas 
Cheadle, S R McMurphy, C C 

Clark, Abraham Maxwell, John W 
Doerr, Phillip Mayes, John 

Evans, George W Persian, H B 
Full, John R Smith, Riley 

F ull, Wm W Thamurt, Ernst 

Graff, Ferdinand Thornber, David R 
Hancock, Caleb Walker, Charles 
Harper, JolmS Walker, Henry 

Henning, Paul II Walker, Joseph H 
Hulson, John N Wood, Waterman S 


HERRIN'S PRAIRIE, Williamson Co. 
Chartered Oct 1872. Reg com Sat obfm. 
Membership 31. 

D B Harrison, W Master 
A II James, S W J W Blair, S D 
Wm H Bundy, J W H F McNeil, J D 
J B Walker, Treas J G Williams, S S 
W H Perry, Sec B F Norton, J S 

Jno L Spilier, T 
Bennett, William Lander, Robert 
Bundy, Rev Saml Morris, Adam 
Carlisle, Samuel Reeves, A P 
Hayes, P A Smith, James 

Herrin.JohnD Tennant, James 

Horn, Q G Thompson, James 

Howell, James Titsworth, Alvadus 

Howell, Stephen C Warren, Rev Thos 
Hunt, Charles Washburn, Will S 

Jones, E C Wilson, Rev M 

Lander, Alex 

HESPERIA, No. 411. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1864. Reg 
com every Wed. Place of meeting cor 
Halsted and Randolph sts. Membership 

Charles H Brenan, W Master 
Wm Stewart, S W James Smith, S D 
P W Millard, J W David G Rush, J D 
M D Rapp, Treas James Senior, S S 
Chas F Foerster, Sec Myron F Tarble, J S 

Thomas Parker jr, T 
Adams, Alvin 
Anderson, H 

Anderson, J C 
Arlien, George G 
Austin, H L 

Bard, Robert L 
Bell, Marmaduke 
Bennett, AMpm 
Best, Martin 
Boynton, Matthew 

Avery, Daniel Jpm Bradley, Charles H 
Avery, S J Brower, William M 

Babcock, O M Brown, Warren M 

Baker, H F Brown, William L 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Bryan, H S 
Buck, A H 
Burgess, William 
Burton, A 
Button, F W 
Campbell, George 
Canda, F E 
Canlieid, M 
Carpenter, B J 
Carr, John D M 
Chandler, E G 
Chapel, G R 
Clinginan, L P 
Close, A J 
Conant, Thomas N 
Cook, Daniel 
Cox, Arthur L 
Cox, William D 
Dalton, N F 
Darcey, John R 
Davie, C H 
Davis, S W 
Dibble, Charles F 
Donnelly, C C 
Dubois, Oscar 
Durphy, Charles H 
Eastman, Kirk N 
Edmonson, George 
El ford, WH 
Elliott, H T 
Ellis, Francis M 
Evans, Evan 
Evans, Jonathan 
Everhardt, T J 
Featherstone, John 
Feltman, Henry 
Felton, Charles H 
Fluke, LH 
Fordham, Oliver C 
Forsvthe, J H 
Freeman, D B 
George, Charles H 
Gilbert, Tilly 
Oilman, John jr 
Goodridge, A G 
Goodridge, Edward 
Goodridge, Herbert 
Goodridge, Henry 
Grassie, Isaac A 
Gray. John 
Guerdon, Henry- 
Haas, Louis 
Hall, Jesse 
Hall, Thomas P 
Hamilton, James 
Hanson, Fred F 
Hartman, H F 
Hartwell, W S 
Hatch, Henry W 
Ingersoll, O P 
Ireland, J E 
Jacobs. Charles 
Keilerstrass, H 
Kennedy. WW 
Kenney, George 
Kerrott, Edward M 
Kerrott, W F 
Knaegs, R C 
Knight, Stephen W 
Knight W M 

Lawrence, T F 
Lewis, Win E 
McCrea, Win A 
McFarland, Charles 
McGowan, John E 
McKinian, Peter 
McLean, D McG 
McNeill, A 
Maurer, D T 
Mawford, John W 
Merritt.M J 
Miller, John 
Miller, George 
Milleman, Philip 
Mills, Luther L 
Morris, Joseph 
Morrow, Thomas 
Moulton, R H 
Nelson, GS 
Newquist, John 
Oliphant. John R 
Palmer, Samuel 
Page, Joseph 
Peck, AS 
Plows, W J 
Price, William R 
Pribyl, Joseph A 
Purcell, Robert 
Ramsbottom, J 
Rapp, A P 
Reed, William A 
Reynolds, Isaac 
Richardson, J H 
Robinson, John 
Robinson, Thomas 
Root, Warner A 
Ryan, Edward B 
St George, William 
Sandy, H J 
Sawyer, L 
Schram, Jacob 
Schram, Louis 
Seymour, D L 
Shaw, A K 
Shepard, J H 
Shephard, L B 
Shumway, Chas W 
Sidell, Albert 
Simpson, William 
Sinclair, A C 
Sinclair, G G 
Sloan, George M 
Slaymaker, Henry S 
Small, H J 
Small, R B 
Small, N T 
Smith, Henry Dorr 
Smith, Thomas M 
Snow, Joseph C 
Stebbins, W L 
Stocker,Abner H 
Stokes, William N 
Sweet, Henry 
Sweetser. Hugh H 
Swift, GeorereB 
Thickstun, C E 
Tilden, B F 
Titus, Henry 
Vanzwoll, AHpm 

Vaux, Thomas Wellington, W C 

Voute, W F Welsh, Charles 

Vrooman, G H White, William R 

Wallace, O W Wight, S F 

Wallace, Van A Wight, William 

Wandell, John M Wilson, Clem B 

Ward, Charles F Wilson, Robert H 

Warner, H H Woltersdorf, L 

Warner, M L Wood, Alonzo C 

Warren, James H Wood, Amos C 

Warren, S jr Young, H C 

Watrous, C W Young, H N 
Weber, J H 

HEYWORTH, No. 251. 

HEYWORTH, McLean Co. Chartered 
Oct 1857. Reg com Sat obfm. Ann com 
reg Dec. Membership 60. 

Joseph Dorlaxd, W Master 
J H C Dill, S W Henry A Karr, S D 

W L Pollock, J W C W Perkins, J D 
Wm W Elder, Treas J C Johnson, S S 
S T Thery, Sec J W Hootin, J S 

John Shannon, T 
Barclay, Charles E Noble, Charles M 
Bishop, William J Phinney, Joseph C 

Brock, Elias 
Coveny, John 
Cusey, John 
Dorsey, Isaac E 
Draper, Carry M 
Evans, Daniel D 
Flemming, J 
Fowler, Wm M 
Freeman, Geo W 
Funk, Absalom C 
Funk, John W 
Groff, Theodore L 
Hill. JohnE 
Horner, Eber 

Plummer, Ed D 
Raynor, Westley 
Ream, William C 
Richmond, Joseph 
Rust, F M 
Rust, Thomas J 
Rutledge, Andrew S 
Rutledge, Owen C 
Simpkins, James H 
Smith, Iranus L 
Stephenson, George 
Steward, Wm C 
Thompson, Wm 
Tilghman, Chas M 

Jerollman, Jacob C Vanordstrand, Isaac 

Vanordstrand, I S 
Vanordstrand. John 
Vanordstrand, S 
Vanordstrand, W P - 
Vanvaly, H S 
Washburn, John 
Washburn, Uriah S 
Wheeler, Levi 

Jewett, J B 
Karr, William 
Kelly, John 
Low, Nathan 
McFarland, Jas C 
McGowan, Samuel 
Mason, Lemuel W 
Mills, John J 
Moore, George G 

H. G. REYNOLDS, No. 395. 

MILO, Bureau Co. Chartered Oct 1864. 
Reg com Wed o b fm. Membership 31. 
See's address, Henry, Bureau Co. 

Richard M Teeeell, W Master 
H Thompson, S W D Spelman, S D 
H J Wilcox, J W Enoch Sedwick. J D 
D M Dunlap, Treas Jas Chambers, S S 
Jas R Newman, Sec John Bevinger, J S 

J B McLaughlin, T 
Barto, William H Hatfield, John A 
Bates, Simon J Hill, James A 

Brandenburg, Chas Hill, Smith P 
Deihl, Alford Hunter, Edward 

Essex, Jesse B Hunten, Enoch 

Faris, Robert Hunter, Robert 

Hatfield, Jesse Leet, William 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Mock, Joseph B Scholes, Walter 

Okerman, John Scholes, William 

Phelps, Roger W 7ail Alexander 
Reed, James 

HIBBAKD, No. 249. 

BRIGHTON, Macoupin Co. Chartered 
Oct 1857. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 70. 

John Ash, W Master 
F L Keas, SW FH Simmons, S D 

F Stewart, J W E F Dam, J D 

Rev J A Scarritt, Ch F M Jones, S S 
A Gifford, Treas Geo W Weld, j;S 

Geo L Bean, Sec 
Albro, Grus 
Aylworth, G W 
Barber, J H 
Barber, N D 
Bartlett, A D 
Bean, T S 
Bean, T T 
Beam an, A 
Beeby. James 
Bentley, C H 
Bell, James 
Bliss, W W 
Brenholt, Byron 
Brown, Charles 
Brown, M S 
Burk, James 
Butler, E 
Butterfield, I L 
Carroll, George 
Chase, O A 
Christopher, B F 
Clement, F A 
Colman, Jerry 
Crawford, R W 
Davis, J H 
El dredge, Phineas 
Greely, J 
Guiler, John 
Halloway, R A 
Hathaway, B C 

AG Nixon, T 
Hill, J W 
Hilliard, G W 
Hume, N 
Jones, William 
Kelsey, John 
Kelum, John 
Langdon, W O 
Lurton, J N 
McCune, W V 
Merrill, W C 
Montague, J L 
Montgomery, John 
Moore, S C 
Moore. W C 
Palmer, James 
Percival, C C 
Potter, Asa 
Ralph, J F 
Rambo, R F 
Sams, P W 
Slade, Samuel 
Stacy, H A 
Statt, H G 
Sutton, L M 
Thombs, I W 
W T aldo, N W 
Weiss, Henry 
Wilson, J H 
Vannaman, J N 


HIGHLAND, Madison Co. Chartered 
Oct 1868. Reg com Thurs o b f m. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 29. 

James H Miller, W Master 
Jno Stevenson, S W T Gruaz, S D 
LEKinne,JW Henry E Todd, J D 
Hale M Thorp, Tr John S Hoerner, S S 
Robt Suppifer, Sec George Rott, J S 

Albert Debruhner, T 
Appel, Louis 
Baer, Erwin 
Brotbeck, Otto 

Flanders, John B 
Hagnauer, Chas G 
Halter, Robert 
Hearrin. George 
Keith, James A 
Knoebel, John B 
Laengle, Henry 

Menz, Jacob 
Oechmer, Andrew 
Raith, Edwin J 
Ruegzer, Adolph 
Ruts, Gallus 
Schott, Martin J 
Suppifer, Robert 
Waiters, Walter G 
Zimmerman, Jacob 

HINSDALE, No. 649. 

HINSDALE, Du Page Co. Chartered 
Oct 1870. Reg com 1st and 3d Thurs. Ann 
com Dec Membership 86. 

David A Courter, W Master 
F A Rogers, S W O O Robinson, S D 
Wm Duncan, J W V Fredenhagen, J D 
A L Pearsal, Treas John Todhunter, S S 
Wm Johnston, Sec A Johnston, J S 

Eben Millions, T 
Alexander, James Fox, Charles 
Banker, William R Gifl'ord, Lewis E 
Barr, James M Godwin, Frank W 

Brown, Royal F Hinds, Isaac L 
Burt, George H Holland, John 

Clark, Thomas B Holmes, Charles B 
Coe, A Samuel Hunt, Sanford M 

Edwards, Thomas D Lake, William 
Eldridge, Beni J Plummer, Benj 
Estabrook, D S Plummer, ChasT 

Everden, William Lasselle, J W 
Farrer, Eugene W Terrill, B E 
Fearns, Daniel Warren, Nathan H 

HIRAmTno. 26. 

HENDERSON, Knox Co. Chartered 
Oct 1844. Reg com Thurs o b f m. Mem- 
bership 32. 

W E Roberts, W Master 
J R McMurtry, S W Jas Mitchell, S D 
J H Champion, J W George Soper, J D 
A J McMurtry, Tr James Condry, S S 
M Blanchard, Sec Thcs Champion, J S 

A P Morse, T 
Atcock, Henry Hemin, Reuben 

Bandy, George Hoag, J D 

Bandy, Richard McMurtry, E G 

Becker, Luther McMurty, J C 

Briggs, Dennis Pool, Thomas H 

Chittenden, M W Sheppard, Charles 
Collins, James Sheppard, D O 

Davis, George Sheppard, George 

Davis, T J Stegall, George A 

Davidson, Joseph Stevens, Isaac W 
Fuller, Samuel C Voris, Ralph 

HOMeTno. 508. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct. 1866. Reg 
com every Fri. Ann com Fri o b Dec. 
27. Place of meeting 134 22nd st. Mem- 
bership 205. 

Amos Grannis, W Master. 
G M Holmes, S W R T Pettingill, S D 
N T Gassette, J W C C Chandler, J D 
L S Parsons, Treas P G Dodge, S S 
B B W Locke, Sec J F Jackson, J S 

Issac Parker, T. 
Ackerman, J W Bargerbach, B W 
Adams, Charles Barrett, O W 
Aldrich, William Bennett, H 
Arion, C P J Berdan, J H 

Atkinson, E M Bogardus, H A 

Avers, F H Boone, D L 

Babcock, F Borden, T C 

Baker, W T Born, Jacob Jr 

Baldwin.W T Botkin, W W 

Ballard, E A Brown, G S 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Carpmill, John 
Casano, L TV 
Chamberlain, EW 
Chrimes, John 
Clapp C 
Clark, L W 
Cochran, Jno C 
Collins C C 
Coiton, D A 
Condee, L D 
Conger, LTV 
Conger, Moore 
Conger, R P 
Conover.H H 
Cook, F E 
Cook, James 
Cozzens, Samuel 
Crilly, D F 
Crihy, WM 
Curry, V S 
Day, Charles 
Dean. J E 
Dering, HP 
Dix, J H 
Dixon, L B 
Dorr, G J 
Dunham, J P 
Eckerson. Edward 
Elmer. EP 
Eldridge, Isaac 
Favorite, C M 
Ferris, U B 
Follanshee, M C 
Fox, G H 
Getty, TVm 
Goodridsre, MH 
Goodspeecl, CE 
Gookins, D S 
Graham, A 
Grannis. R TV 
Green, S 
Greenley, C C 
Griffiths, E 
Hamilton, A A 
Hamilton, DG 
Hamilton, F B 
Hanford. P C 
Hausser, TVm 
Har ridge, D H E 
Hastings, G R 
Hastings, LR 
Hatch, H L 
Heath. HH 
Hempstead, P 
Herrick, R Z 
Hewes, D A 
Higinhotham, A H 
Hise, J H 
Hoerner, M 
Holmes, J TV 
Hoagland, C 
Horton, E M 
Hough, J 
Houston, A 
Howe, TV H 
Hughson, M B 
Humphrey, John 
Hunt. C H 
Hurlbut, H TV 
Ingram, K J 

Isham, C T 
Jackson, E M 
Jackson, TVm 
James, T B 
Jewett, SAW 
Jenkins, TV H 
Keith, E G 
Keith, MLjr 
Kennedy, C P 
Kneale, Thos 
Kessler, G T 
King, William 
King, W H 
Kirchway, M 
Laughlin, J H 
Leach, E C 
Lees, Edward 
Light, DeWitt C 
Lindsay, L F 
Loomis. R R 
McClelland, A 
McCord, JC 
McCord, J T 
McKintey, S E 
McLanahan, M B 
McPherson, D 
Mallory, H E 
Mallory, W H 
Martin, A 
May, F H 
Meredink, C J 
Messenger, N J 
Miller, L PI 
Milliard, S M 
Mills, J W 
Monroe, M 
Montgomery, L 
Mott, J M 
Murphey, R P 
Murphey, B F 
!Nash, J 
Nichols, E A 
Nicoles, T 
Odell, WHS 
Parker, G F 
Patterson/T H 
Pierce, AF 
Pinney, H L 
Piatt, J H 
Raymond, C L 
Reed, C H 
Rice, S W 
Rich man, J 
Rohinson, T S 
Rogers, S L 
Root, C L 
Russell, WH 
Schultz, O W 
Scralford, M J 
Seymour, H H 
Sherman, J B 
Sherman, W W 
Shorey, D L 
Simonds, J H 
Smith, Eli 
Smith, William 
Smith, William 
Spring, T O 
Starkweather, C H 
Start, John 

Volwider, J 
Walworth, J R 
Ware, L 
Warner, H D 
Webb, Isaac 
Westervelt, D 
Wheeler, WE 
Wigelsworth, J J S 
Wiley, W R 
Williams, G T 
Williams, W H 
Wood, J 
Wood, T H 
Wright, A H 
WrUht, A W 
Wright, T 
Young, J 

Stephens, J W 
Stevens, W A 
Stone, Burke 
Strahorn, R 
Stowell, H M 
Swallow, J 
Swartley, J S 
Swezey, T R 
Teel, AP 
Thayer, C H 
Thompson, F L 
Thompson, R A 
Tobey, E P 
Tourtellottee, F W 
Tucker, F B 
Turkington, Wm 
Vail, F 
Vail, G W 

HOICER, No. 199. 

HOMER, Champaign Co. Chartered Oct 
1856. Reg com Thur o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 42. 

G W Yates, W Master 
W A Conkey, S W S M Custer, S D 
B H Towner, J W Jacob Tindale, J D 
Rev T M Hess, Chap M B Custer, S S 
Geo Custer, Treas D E Foreman, J S 
W H H Custick, T 
Moutle, Jesse 
Muclge, W W 
Plout, Solomon 
Pratt, ZS 
Robinson, Paris 
Sager, Adam 
Scott, J N 
Stearns, Calvin 
Swisher, E W 
Thompson, A L 
Upp, Alonzo 
Upp, O J 
Upp, O N 
Vensrout, W E 
Wright, J G 

J A Goiusha, Sec 
Burdick, E N 
Cusick, W H H 
Custer, J M 
Custer, J Mjr 
Custer, J W 
Custer, S W 
Coffeen, B E 
Coffeen, M D 
Coggshell, JS 
Davis, James 
Elder, WG 
Elliott, William 
Harmon, A 
Lawson, Wesley 
Lyons, William 
Morris, Eli 

HOPE, No. 162. 

SPARTA, Randolph Co. Chartered Oct 
1855, Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 59. 

W P A skins, W Master 
J B Jorden, S W SD S trickier, Sec 
W A Campbell, J W John Huston, S D 
L D Burgess, Treas William Barns, J D 

William A Young, T 
Alexander, Thos F Fellers, John G 
Beck. Philip Gerlach, Daniel 

Bergfelt, Sullivan F Glenn, Amos K 
Bergfelt^ Wm B Goddard, Reuben J 
Gorsuch, Elijah 
Graham, George 
Gray, John L 
Hanson, James F 
Hartley, James 
Higgins. Joseph 
Holcomb.Wm M 

Booth, DavidS 

Brown. Henry B 

Campbell, Jabez B 

Carson, Gideon K 

Copeland, William 

Coulter, Arthur P 

Dale, Robert 

De Wier, J Richard Huston, Robert 

Dunlop, Robert J Jones, J Blackburn 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Johnston, Abner W Morrison, William 

Kaley, James Morrow, James F 

Kemp, Mark Nelson, Robert L 

Laird, Martin J Perkins, Ephraim 

Leplie, James M Pyles, Lucelius 

Leplie, Matthew Stanway, George 

Lepue, Samuel W Shrewsburry, B 

Lonergan, Thomas Taylor, John G 

McCoilam, Isaac N Wells, Albert H 
McCormack, MS PMWilson, Andrew p.m 

HcHenry, John Wilson, William F 

McQuiston, J W Wood, William A 
Milne, James p m 

HOPEDALE^ No. 622. 

HOPEDALE, Tazewell. Reg com 1st 
and 3d Thurs. Ann com reg o b Dec 27. 
Membership 29. 

Green P Orendokff, W Master 
W H Franklin, S W Elihu Stout, S D 
R E Hodson, J W Beni L Sparrow, J D 
E S Hobart, Treas Win Paine, S S 
Henry M Ford, Sec R Brandt, J S 

Win H Schutte, T 
Barger, Robert N Orendorff, Davies W 

Orendorft, Thomas H 
Penfield, Fredk W 
Prunty, John 
Roach, John N 
Roelofson, Aug N 
Smith, George J 
Sparrow, Felix G 
Young, Andrew J 

Bennett, William 
Bever, Mathias 
Bowers, George W 
Byers, Andrew J 
Hicks, Asa 
Hodson, Wm F 
McClure, Aaron B 
Murphy, Alex H 
Ogden, James R 

HOUEB, No. 363. 

ELMWOOD, Peoria Co. Chartered Oct 
1861. Reg com Tues o b f m and two 
weeks after. Membership 75. 

A J Wiley, W Master 
PVR Dofee, S W W H Bentley, S D 
O H Hopkins, J W CM Slayton, J D 
H P Tracy, Treas W D Mathews, S S 
J H Spring, Sec R F Clark, J S 

J Fry, T 
Adams, S Hand, L 

Andrews, A S Harkness. A 

Armor, H Herrington, J W 

Atee, J Holy, William 

Bent, M E Horsly, T E 

Bohrer, P Hutchinson, J 

Bohrer, S Jay, N D 

Booth, FE Keller, PF 

Brown, D L Kellogg, WH 

Cahill, J W Kellogsr, W R 

Caldwell, J F Klock.^J R 

Coe, S Lee, James 

Connell, — Leet, J M 

Cox, J Lewis, F G 

Cravens, S Lloyd, R H 

Creighton, T Lowe, J J 

Davis, J W Mann, H D 

Devilbliss, J H Mathers, T 

Farrar, S M Maxwell, J 

Forgy, J D McClure, H D 

Oris wold, F W Merrill, A J 

Griswold, G W Miles, W W 

Hammerbacker, JW Mitz, M J 

Smith, P 
Spayle, C W 
Spencer, Charles 
Steele, H 
Taylor, J D 
Walker, E J 
Weedner, J H 
Wilkins, J 
Wood, W J 

Moon, D 
Morris, James 
Moses, J M 
Mullgar, T 
Oldfield, — 
Robbins, H S 
Russell. SG 
Schumpff, G H 
Secord, J H 
Smith, H C 

HORXCON, No. 244. 

ROCHELLE, Ogle Co. Chartered Oc 
1857. Reg com 1st and 3d Tues. Ann con 
3d Tues Dec. Membership 94. 

D A Baxter, W Master 

O A Warren, S W H R May, S D 

W Slaughter, J W F B Coon, J B 

E Hill, Treas J A Brundage, S S 

C H Rathbun, Sec S G Marsden, J S 

B S Smith, T 

Addy, George Jones, John 

Bain, Angus Lewis, W E 

Baldwin, G W Lichty, Daniel 

Baumbach, W R Lovejoy, Moses 

Bayer, O B Mackilwain, B E 

Braiden, M J Malory ,J M 

Brink, Daniel Miller, W 

Brown, J B Mills, J W 

Brown, Wallace Milne,E 

Brownell, G D Martin, H 

Brundage, Z P Parker, Joseph 

Bushey, J H Parkhurst, B B 
Butterfield, Charles Patchin, JS 

Byington, A Perkinton, G 

Calditz, W Perry, J S 

Calkins, D N" Putnam, J L 

Carpenter, Josiah Rae James 

Carter, Peter Rae, John 

Chamberlain, A Rae, R H 

Cooper, Ira Reed, Charles 

Cox, George Roberts, J C 

Croft, RC Roberts, S 

Dancey, C C Robinson, N" D 

Ducey, H Rogers, H O 

Elder, A J Schamholz, N D 

Emmons, M M Scripture, F 

Flagg, WP Sexton, GB 
Fletcher, Samuel H Sexton, EP 

Franis, A C Shackley, W 

Frisbie, H H Southord, H 

Gardhouse, E Spooner, C 

Gardner, E Steele, J R 

Gaylord, M M Thomas, L M 

Gerr, J M Thorp, A A 

Glenn, H H Thorp. J E 

Halley, J G Tunison, D H 

Hickart, O P West, B 

Hill, A Williams, W K 

Hinckley, E A Wise, C 

Hoodley, A S Wheeler, A L 

Howe, G D White, O A 

Jackson, R A Wolstine, O 

HUMBOLDT, No. 555. 

OTTAWA, La Salle Co. Chartered Oc 
1867. Reg com 1st and 4th Fri. Membei 
ship 35. 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Geo W Ravens, W Master 

Geo W Fuchs, S TV A H Strobel S D 

Paul Bernet, J TV Chas Metzger, J D 

H YVarlich, Treas A Alshuler, S S 

Henry Koch, Sec H TVoibert, J S 

Henry Philips, T 

Alshuler, Hermann Hess, Jacob 

Riich, Andrew Howard, TVinslow 

Barnet, L C Lavendale, Bernard 

Cordey. Henry Lutz, Charles G 

Degen, Jacob Mayer, Jacob 

Drnliardt, Chas TV Molt, Hugo 

Dreyfuss, Samuel Rabenstein, Chas 

Duebner, Henrv Scherer, Anton 

Dueringer, Win Strobel, Fridolin 

Forster, Christian T\ assemer, Charles 

Gondoif, Henry TVitte, Julius 

Hess, Amsou Wolf, Christian 
Hess, Benjamin 


HUNTSVILLE. Schuyler Co. Chartered 
Oct 1866. Reg com Mon o b f m. Ann com 
reg o b Dec 27. Membership 56. 

Wm H H Radee, W Master 
Wm H Cram. S TV J B Overstreet, S D 
A J Anderson, J W Josenh Sharon, J D 
Wm H Calvin, Treas Zebuion Allphin, S S 
R Homer Mead, Sec William Moore, J S 

John Moore, T 
Allphin, George Huff, Shubel E 
Allphin, Henry Klepper, Jacob 

Bacon, Alvin G Knight, Uriah 

Baxter, James McAllister, Enoch 

Bilderback, John MePherson, Benj F 
Blaekley, James F Mead, Richard H 
Bodenhammer. J TV Miller, Daniel V. 
Brumback, Nathan Mills, George A 
Clark, John N Moon, Charles TV 

Clark, William A Moon, George A 
Cox, Elijah Petlv. Henry 

Croxton, William P Phelps, Charles H 
Damrun, Henry C Rader, Peter S 
Da\ is, Lewis Scott, John E 

■fenny, James H Scott, John W 
Denny, William G Scott, William R 
Eversbn, Charles F Stover, James 
Ewing, William R Ward, Joseph N 
Golden, Robert Wells, Marshall 

Graham, Forgus Wells, Phinneas 
Graham, Thomas Wilson, Tolemieus 
Granger, Robert Wheeler, Edward 
Hills. Amaziah Wilson, Xenophon 


EUTSONVILLE, Crawford Co. Chart- 
red Oct 1S53. Reg com Mon o b f m. 
Ann com o b June 24. Membership 25. 

Isaac X Lowe, W Master 
J R Stemford, S W Win P Clavpool, S D 
John C Page, S W Wm Cannaday, J D 
BCannaday, Treas Robt TV Truett, S S 
m H Perrin, Sec John Olwin, J S 
Chilton Rogers, T 
Bowman. W B Evans, Noah 

Clavpool, T B Golden. John J 

Cox, William B Hunt, John R 

Dolson, Thomas H Huston, John 

Lake, Ira W Petri, Joseph J 

Langton, Michael Raimer, La Fayette 

Layton, Richard Smith, L W 
Parker, J O 

HUTTOnTno. 698. 

HITTTON, Coles Co. Chartered Oct 
1873. Beg com Wed obf in. Member- 
ship 40. 

Allen Hill, W Master 
F Cottingham, S W J L Spencer, S D 
John A Stull, J TV James O Pipher, J D 
J I Tucker, Treas R Haddock, S S 
John B Lee, Sec Smith S Bills, J S 

Henry Beavers, T 
Adams, Elijah Hoseney, Burkhardt 

Ashby, Edwin Hutton, James 

Ashby, Philip Johnston, Elijah E 

Baker, Basil McMorris, John N 

Bell, Dennis Moor, Levi 

Bensley, Thomas A IS eal, William 
Bidle, George Parker, Benjamin A 

Boyd, Flavius Rennels, William R 

Brandenburg, Chas Rosecrans, A N 
Brandenburg, Wm Rosecrans, Chas P 
Carpenter, Newton Sanders, David 
Darling, Charles Scofield, Charles C 
Endsley, Thomas A Swisher, Lochard 
Fuqua, Clayborne Walker, William P 
Garrison, A C Wiley, Owen 

ILLINOIsTno. 263. 

PEORIA, Peoria Co. Chartered Oct 
1858. Reg com 2d and 4th Tues. Ann 
com 2d Tues Dec. Membership 64. 

William H Eastman, W Master 
S Ottenheimer, S W M E Esler, Sec 
William Perry, J W J W Groxer, S D 
A J Boylan, Treas E A Casey, J D 

William Price, T 
Barret, Frank M Magee, Wm H 
Bell, James S Matthews, Frank 

Braynard, Chas D Mathews, Newton 
Calhoun, Samuel A McMillan, James 
Carroll, John TV Negley, Elial L 
Cumming, Chas M Oberdorfer, Morris 
Cummings,David M Pillsbury, James E 
Cumming, Samuel B Powell, Michael M 
Day, Florence P Pursley, Thomas 
Eaton, Mortimer M Robinson, James T 
Edwards, Isaac C Roth, C II 

Emory, Enoch- 
Ford, Charles E 
Foster, Charles M 
Freeman, Albert 
Gill, Samuel L 
Gill strop, Levy 

Rounsville, Wm 
Salzenstein, M 
Seabury, Charles 
Seabury, Samuel 
Shatz, Sol 
Slane, Samuel 

Hancock, Jonathan Smith, Day K 
Hewitt, Wm O Sniteman, Chas C 

Hodges, Thomas D 
Holden, George W 
Holden, Benj W 
Hudson, Edward 
Jeffries, James A 
Johnson, Wm H H 
Kellogg. Wm 
Laux, Samuel A L 
Lochheim, James 
iLorentz, Jacob 

Stevenson, Jos H 
Swentzel, John 
Van Buskirk, H W 
Van Drelzen, Jno A 
Wheeler. Thos E C 
Wriffen, Wm B 
Wright, Geo W 
Williams, Wm B 
Wood, John C 


Illinois Masonic Register. 


AMBOF, Lee Co. Chartered Oct 1855. 
Reg com 1st and 3d Mon. Ann Com 3d 
Mon Dec. Membership 127. 

Robert Richards, W Master 
W H Badger, S W Geo Stimpson, S D 
C S Miller, J W Zeno C Spear, J D 

8 B Hughes, Treas George Keeling, S S 
C P Miller, Sec Isaac A Holmes, J S 

George Binns, T 
Anderson, John W Krouse, Henry 
Andrus, Virgil B Little, Josiah 
Andruss, William B Lyman, Levi H 
Armstrong, Alex McCarty, William 
Arnold, Oliver McGary, Nathan 

Badger, Henry E McGraw, Henry 
Badger, Simon Maine, William L 

Barrell, Harvey Metz, Henry 

Barron, Henry Miller, Edgar 

Battle, Seth P Milliard, Ira 

Blackman, Joseph Miner, William C 
Booth, K F Morgan, George F 

Brauning, Charles G Morse, Herman R 
Bridgman, Cyrus Moulton, Horace A 
Brogley, Simon Newell, John 

Bromley. Richard Nichols, Frederick 
Brown, Abijah Olsen, James S 

Brown, Andrew Olsen, John S 
Brown, Charles Palmer, Walter M 

Brown, A O Patterson, Israel R 

Calkins, Henry C Pennebaker, Joseph 
Christopher, Wm H Perry, John G 
Clark, Andrew F Pierinton, Josiah 
Conderman, E W Pierinton, S L 
Conderman, Jacob J Powell, Denis 
Comstock, Samuel C Preston, Albert W 
Cuthbertson, James Preston, James H 
Daniels, John E Randall, Charles 
Doan, William C Robins, Arthur 
Drummond, Joseph Rosier, Russell 
Eastwood, James Ryan, Norman H 
Edoms, George Sackett, Joseph T 

Feillis, Thomas B Sage, George B 
Felker, John B Sherwood, Henry 

Finch, Jared Smith, IraS 

Finney, Charles G Somers, James F 
Fisher, Thomas B Spaulding, John 
Fuary, Andrew Tait, Charles 

Gary, John G Tait, Joseph 

Geddis, Robert Taylor, James 

Goldman, Phillip Thayer, Charles M 
Goldman, Samuel Thomas, Richard 
Goodrich, John B Toohey, John W 
Gordinier, Chas H Thorpe, John 
Gosden, Henry Trainer, John 

Graves, Homer Travers, E R 

Higgins, J J Triteline, James 

Himes, Joseph Trude, William 

Howard, Burrill B Vaughan, C D 
Hudson, Francis sr Warriner, Oliver F 
Hughes, Morris G West, Arad W 
Hulbert, Lucas A Westcott, Frank 
Hyde, William Wilder, James H 

Isaacs, Joseph Wolcott, Alfred 

Ives, William E Wooster. A H 
Jacobus, Cornelius Wright, Thomas J 
Jeredoe, Richard O Wylie, Frank 
Kaley, John B Zeek, Darwin 

Kenyon, Alonzo 


ILLINOIS CITY, Rock Island Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1871. Reg com Mon b f m, 
Membership 33. 

Lewis Feiderlein, W Master 
W H Kistier, S W Benj Vannatta, S D 
Jas Vannatta, J W Joseph Ryan, J D 
Geo M Cole, Treas M F Felix. S S 
R Kingdon, Sec R A Hawthorne, J £ 

Leonard Bendle, T 
Beardsley, Calvin Miller, John A 
Beverling, Thos J More head, John 
Brandenburgh, J H Murdock, Thomas 
DeMoss, Peter Piatt, James F 

Drury, William Reed, Leonidas V 
Foster, J H Swigart, A H 

Hays, James Tyler, A G 

Kennedy, John Tyler, John R 

Kistier, David J Thornton, E 
Kistier John Womacks, A F 

Kistier, John S Womacks, Wm H 

LaQuatte, Jeremiah 


ILLIOPOLIS, Sangamon Co. Charters 
Oct 18G7. Reg com 1st Sat. Ann com Is 
Sat Dec. Membership 36. 

Miles H Wilmot, W Master 
Peter P Lucas, S W Robt C Maxwell, S ] 
Isaac, Mitchell, J W Peter A Wilcox, J ] 
J H Kendall sr. Tr David W Peden, S S 
Wm J Millar, Sec A W Kendall, J S 

John P Condin, T 
Boughton, Gordon Lucas, John D 

McGuffin, James ^ 
Mayers, David J 
Mussender, Jas A 
Ribsaman, Jacob 
Ruby, Virgil S 
Sheen, Samuel K 
Stingell, Jacob 
Tinker, Wash G 

Boughton, Henry 

Cowell, David S 

Carrell. William F 

Council, Wm C 

Dahe, Sylvanus 

Farris, John P 

Ford, Aaron 

Ford, Elias 

Gilbert, Amariah D Van Hook, Wm R 

Gregory, Lisle D Wise, Jacob M 

Harbert, Samuel M Woodey, John 

Lindsay, John L Woodey, Joseph P 

INDTTSTB/S\ No. 327. 

INDUSTRY, McDonough Co. Cha 
tered Oct 1859. Reg com Sat o b f 
Membership 73. 

Isaac N Beaver, W Master 
Hugh Wilson, S W Wm Kinkade, S D 
W H Taylor, J W R C Pointer, J D 
T B Stewart, Treas Wm J Wilson, S S 
A J Wilhelm, Sec Wm S Hiatt, J S 

Caleb Hatheway, T 
Ansbury,John Comes, Joseph 

Austin, Andrew Creel, Durham M 
Barclay, Andrew Crosson, O C 
Bartlow, Ivan L Dawson, Enoch C 
Beghtol, Uram Dodge, John 

Bennie, Andrew Greenup, James 
Bennett, Riley Hammick,Wm 

Brown, Joseph Hershaw, Henry 

Carsen, Samuel Horrill, C H 

Chandler. Isaac Johnson, Nathan » 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Pile, William B 
Pile, W S 
Pointer, William 
Rapes, William G 
Ross, George W 
Seward, John E 
Singer, G A 
Smith, Simon 
Smith, William H 
Snider, E L 
Snider, William F 
Spragg, William 
Stockton, Elihu 
Stockton, Lycurgus 
Stockton, Marion 
Thomas, George W 
Thompson, Wm C 
Towner, J L 
Vawter, William D 
Wicough, S D 
Wilson, William V 

Jones, John 
Reach, Elisht* 
Reach, James 
Rirkpatrick, W 
McAHister, John 
McFadden, John W 
Met- adaen. Sam D 
McFaden. Thos M 
McGrath, John 
McKamy, Wm C 
McKamy, Wm C jr 
MeLane, William 
McMillen, William 
Meader, George 
Merritt, Henry F 
Miller, William B 
More, Joel 
Nichols, George 
Odenwilder. Thos F 
Pain, Thomas J 
Pennington, Allen J 
Pennington, David A 

IOLA, No. 691. 

LARKINSBURG, Clay Co. Chartered 
Oct 1872. Reg com Wed obfm, Mem- 
bership 29. 

William J Moore, W Master 
James R Scaief, S W L R Bounds, S D 
James C Craig, J W F M Herman, J D 
W D Watson, Treas David L Wood, SS 
Samuel Pruitt, Sec W T Compton, J S 

Levi Thomas, T 
Britton, William L Presley, B H 
Cochran. Hugh A Presley, M H 
Elkin, Isaac H Pruitt, William A 

Finch. Amos P Rapp, John F 

Gray, Robert Sager, George S 

Hudson, Thomas A Stansfield, G W 
Morgan, William H Thompson, M H 
Nixon, L Truax, Stiliwell 

Patton, Jonathan D Watson, Henry S 
Patton, Edward 

IONIC, No. 312. 

DECATUR. Macon Co. Chartered Oct 
1875. Reg com Mon o b fm. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 92. See's address, P O 
box 425, Decatur. 

Rurrs C Crocker, W Master 
J N Baker, S W John A Bohrer, S D 

Wm H Starr, J W William Young, J D 
A A Murrav, Treas D H Heilman, S S 
John A Barnes, Sec Wm M Barrett, J S 

William Towling, T 
Abbott, William R Bieelow, David 
Adams, Ben.i N Bills, B G 

Alexander, David R Blanchard, J A 
Allison, Charles M Bonesteele, Luke 
Brown, Charles H 
Busher, William F 
Coleman, Theodore 
Cool, Isaac N 
Davis, Amos T 
Davis, Joseph E 
Davis, Samuel C 

Allison, George S 

Armstrong, Wm C 

Babbitt, John H 

Baker, Robert N 

Barber, Volnev 

Barnett, John T 

Barnwell, E A 

Barrett. WiPiam H Davis, William 

Bell, W E Dawkins, R C 

Durfee, B K 
Durfee, Charles M 
Durfee, George S 
Durfee, Harry B 
Durfee, James H 
Durning James 
Einstine, Michael 
Eldridge, E R 
English, W W 
Fenton, James C 
Fisher James 
Gartman, E A 
Giveler, M Y 
Goff, James 
Hoffman, Peter A 
Ham, Rollin N 
Hand, Jacob S 
Hardy, George P 
Harnsborger, G G 
Harnsborger, J J 
Hatch. M K 
Haynes, Nathaniel S 
Imboden, Adam H 
Imboden, Cyrus M 
Jones, J W 
King, J S 
Kirby, Isaac 
Lapham, A M 

Locher, James 
Luttreli, Edward 
McMunamy, B F 
March bank, Wm 
Martin, Andrew 
Moore, William A 
Nelson, W E 
Park, R H 
Park, Virgil H 
Pearce, William M 
Peck, L M 
Pierce, Alonzo 
Provost, P B 
Quinlan, John 
Quinlan, Wm J 
Ray, Joseph 
Reber, George W 
Roby, K H 
Schlandeman, H 
Scott, Jehu 
Shea, John G 
Stratton, James A 
Swim, Henry 
Ullrich, John 
Wells, George T 
Wilson, John M 
Wood, Charles L 
Wright, J N 

IPAVA, No. 213. 

IPAVA, Fulton Co. Chartered Oct 1856. 
Jieg com Sat obfm. Ann com Dec. 
Membership 65. 

William Willis, W Master 
Robt Tratt, S W Wm M Hunter, S D 
J W Quillin, J W Jabez Beers, J D 
V M Grewell, Treas David Hager, S S 
I M Van Horn, Sec C M Salzenstein, J 8 
Samuel McCamant, T 

Allison, J C 
Bacon, A J 
Bacon, J W 
Ball, J T P M 
Barns, J W 
Branson, Calvin 
Cadwallader, J K 
Caley, George 
Cooper, John 
Craig, J D 
Dabler, David 
David, Isaac p m 
David, J W 
Easley, J C 
Elrod, I F p m 
Ferguson, James 
Fleming, James 
Garwell, Obed 
Gillett, WJ 
Gilson, Alex 
Glore, C C 
Harriford, John 
Holmes, Wm H 
Hughes, John 
Johnson, Charles 
Joy, Stephen 
Kost, Wm K 
Lane, J B 

Larimore, I M 
Little, J P 
Logan, I J 
Logan, J A 
McCance, Wm 
McCaslin, S W 
McCoy, H 
Marshall, S P 
Maxwell, J 
Pavey, Henry 
Perdue. LC 
Pond, Wm W 
Porter, Samuel 
Pugh, Peter 
Ramsev, Robert 
Reed, William 
Roberts, Abram 
Rodman, J M 
Rov, Peter 
Shipton, J R 
Smith, I B 
Smith, Jesse 
Smith, J N 
Sperrv, S A 
Trickey, C D 
Tuttle, E 
Zoleman, Lewis 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

IRVING, No. 455. 

IRVING, Montgomery Co. Chartered 
Oct 1865. Reg com 1st and 3d Tues. Ann 
com reg o b Dec 27. Membership 43. 

Charles A Ramsey, W Master 

M D 8 Cannon, SWHJ Bartlett, S D 
J T Carnker, J W Saml J Hunter, J D 
R Miliigan, Treas T H Padgett, S S 
James O Hall, Sec D H Luther, J S 
Thomas H Hunter, T 

Ault, John S 
Berry, William S 
Black, Thomas G 
Bowles, William 
Coffey, James W 
Donaldson, Jas C 
Gaylord, Alfred E 
Harbin, James A 
Heikman, John W 
Heickman, R A 
Huestis, Hiram J 
Judy, George 

McCormick, John D 
McMay, William 
Rhinehart, Alford A 
Roberts, John C 
Satterlee, Marion B 
Smith, John C 
Tatch, Frederic 
Taylor, Samuel 
Thumb, Marvin 
Towel, S T 
Upchurch, Joshua 
Upchurch, R M 

Keitch, Ephraim H Weinn, Marshall 

Kelly, George Whitten, Thomas J 

King, William L Yeamons, Parmel 
Ludwick, Henry M 

IRVINGTON, No. 650. 

IRVINGTON, Washington Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1870. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. 
Ann com reg o b Dec 27. Membership 24. 

William Brown, W Master 
Wm Fisher, S W Nelie Breeze, S D 
James Pertil, J W R Faulkner, J D 
Thomas Kats, Treas Wm F Davis, S S 
John M Scott, Sec John Cox, J S 

B O Mitchel, T 
Armstrong, Enoch Gusmore, James 

Armstrong, Grant 
Artibery, Elisha 
Baldwin, Frank 
Carpenter, Ira 
Dewey, E S 
French, George H 

Hunkley, Henry H 
Melton, E 
Palmer, A L 
Quick, Thomas 
Reynolds, Thomas J 
Way, N E 

JACKSON, No. 53. 

SHELBYVILLE, Shelby Co. Chartered 
Oct 1848. Reg com 1st and 3d Wed. Mem- 
bership 87. 

Elisha E Waggoner, W Master 
John S Cooper, S W A R Lanney, S D 
Jas N Ballard, J W Wm Sampson, J D 
Jas T Weakley, Tr Geo W Littler, S S 
R E Guilford, Sec John W Hamer, J S 

Jackson Seaman, T 
Abel, Gabriel W Cochran, Wm A 
Allen, Thomas M Cooper, Wiley T 
Askins, James Cottlow, Henry 

Barnhart, M M Cottlow, Morris 

Barton, William Cummins, Wm L 
Brant, Uriah Cutler, John 

Bruck, Randolph Dannenberger, A 
Campbell, Wm T Dexter, Chas J 
Carroll, John C Douthit, Jasper L 

Clements, Wm A Echard, F M 

Ellicott, Joseph P 
Ellington, Jeptha 
Emorich, Jacob 
Ford, J B 
Green, James D 
Guilford, Joshua 
Guilford, Wm H 
Hall, Cyrus 
Hall, WWesley 
Homrighons, E 
Hanneham, Geo 
Harnett, Joseph N 
Heite, Ed T 
Henderson, Jas W 
Johnson, John W 
Jones, John C 
Kellar, Abram L 
Kelley, Chatlin 
Kleeman, Max 
Kribble, Samuel 
Krick, Adam 
Lake, Danford 
Larrimore, Elijah 
Lumkin, I A 
McMorris, Jos W 
Marks, David W 
Martin, Horace L 
Martin, James 
Maunish, Carl 

Menard, Napoleon 
L Miller, Richard B 
Mulligan, David 
Minto, Thomas 
Mittendorf, Lewis 
Moore, John R 
Moulton, Samuel W 
Oliver, Joseph 
Parker, Philo 
Perryman, John W 
Price, William 
Reber, Chas T 
Rhoads, Geo W 
Ross, Chas M 
Scarborough, H M 
Seaman, Jackson 
Seaman, Joseph 
Seaman, Noah 
Sears, Hiram 
Slocum, E B 
Stewardson, Wm jr 
Taylor, Joseph 
Trower, Wm A 
Warren, Phineas J 
Webster, P H 
W r illhelm, Wm 
Wilson, James D 
Woodward, Chas E 
Yantis, Daniel 


JACKSONVILLE, Morgan Co. Char- 
tered Oct. 1867. Reg com 1st and 3rd 
Thurs. Ann com reg o b Dec 27. Mem- 
bership 104. 

Stephen H Thompson, W Master 
Wm H Worrell, S W Green F Black, S D 
Jas P Willard. J W Thos J Bronson, J D 
Leopold Weil,Treas George W Graves, S S 
N Milburn jr, Sec George L Nellis, J D 

John A Schant, T 
Adams, Lyman L Fox, George W 
Allen, Samuel M Frame, George 
Anderson, Samuel T Gilman, Artemus H 
Askew, Joseph R Gill, Jonathan 
Barker, Charles A Gordan, E S 
Beesley, Benj F Greenleaf, Edward S 

Cady, G B Grover, Isaac P 

Catlin, Charles A Gurley, N 
Chambers, L W Hackett, James H 

Chambers, GeoMjr Hammer, Emil G 
Cogill, John W Harvey, James L 

Combs, Joseph K Hastings, Charles L 
Coulter, Wilson S Hay nor, Frank L 
Cowan, Henry C Hughes, James R 
Cranston, Earl Huntley, William T 

Crowell, William D Johnson, J P 
Davids, Miner King, Edward J 

Denson, Thomas Knollenburg, E D 
Deutch, A Bernard Lambert, Edward 
Deweese, Samuel S Lee, Phillip 
Dobyns, Thomas P Long, J W 
Dunlap, James M Lowe, Frank B 

Elicock, William 
English, J W 
Epier, Cyrus 
Fitzsimmons, O D 
Flint, Henry A 
Follansbee, S C 

McConnell, Geo M 
McCounell, J H 
McDonald, Andw M 
McLain, Calvin W 
McMillen, James T 
Martin, Samuel M 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Mathews, George E Kowe, David 

Miller, C D Russell, Sol Smith 

Moore, Thomas J Rutledge, Edward 

Moorse, Charles M Saunderson, David 
Morehead, Wilson ASawyer. Joseph E 

Mount, E P Scott, Edward 

Neil, John O Scott, Thomas 

Palmer, Smith M Smith, John C 

Perley, Henrv P Smith, William H 

Patterson, Frank H Stevenson, Quincy A 

Pataszvk. John Taylor, Frank C 

Pratt, Charles C Tilton, Peter 

Prcsser, William S Turley, Thomas 

Pratt, B Walher, George 

P'yatt, John C William, Ira W 

Rodrrers, E V B Williams. John S 

Rodgers, Michael Wilson, James E 

Ross, Charles E Wiswall, Henry C 

Ross, William W Young, William M 
Rotger, John 

JEFFERSON, No. 368. 

LYNCHBURG, Jefferson Co. Chartered 
Oct 1861. Reg com Wed o b f in. Mem- 
bership 36. 

Henry Cornelius, W Master 
W S Alexander, SWTA Creal, S D 
A Marlow, J W Denison Foster, J D 

L W Bruce, Treas W H Allen, S S 
M V Montgomery, S John Estes, J S 

D T Phillips, T 
Achison, Thomas Keller, Willis 
Allen, S K Knapp, E M 

Booth. James J Livsey, L M 

Brena;her, A D Madux, W 7 illiam 

Brown. Russell Marlow, H A 

Clifton, B F Moore, Ezekiel 

Dulaney, J H Scott, R J 

Foster, Jared Stonemets, Jacob 

Grant, W T C Williamson, J A 

Henry, W C Williams, James 

Hopper, John Yemgan, G M 

Howard. Simeon Young, W L 
Jones, J C Yost, G W 


ered Oct 1866. Reg com Wed o b f m. 
Ann com reg o b Dec 27. Membership 28. 

Eli Bbock, W Master 
R A Moss, S W Watt Bestow, Sec 

Thomas Scott, J W Saml D Witters, S D 
Jno C Bestow, Treas John D Wilson, J D 

Jacob Yoho, T 
Barrickman, Wm S Moolan, Hector C 

Bull, Samuel 
Bunting, John 
Carson, William 
Clevenger, Amos 
Davis, Andrew W T 
(ire;m, Thomas P 
Harris, Thomas J 

Moore, Luther P 
Palmer, James K 
Pride, Hiram 
Rinard, Adam 
Rochell, Peter 
Russell, Orr 
Secroy William 

Hilliard, Geo Hpm Stone, Phillip E 
Martin, Ambrose M Truax, David P 


JERSEYVILLE, Jersey Co. Chartered 

Oct 1864. Reg com Mon obfm. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 88. 

Joseph G Marstau, W Master 
A A Goodrich, S W Rev J M Scott, Chap 
T S Chapman, J W Charles E Miner, S D 
Jas S Daniels, Treas Henry T Nail, J D 
Henry Nevins, Sec James B Roary, T 
Adams, Charles N Jackson, John 
Adams, N L Knapp, George H 

Beardslee, R L Knapp, Robert M 

Bohannan, Edward Krumpaintzky, B M 
Bonoman, S H Lanclon, Milo 

Bothweil, Samuel Lobb, Horace 
Brinton, Alfred Locke, James A 
Brumhead, William Locke, Morris R 
Calhoun, Adrastus McBride, William 
Calhoun, Benj F McCiusky, Hiram 
Calhoun, James W Marshall, Thomas 
Carlin, W 7 aiter E Miles, George S 
Cheney, P D Mott, John D 

Clapp, Samuel B Mundee, Thomas G 
Clark, John W Nelson, George F 

Cockrell, Elias Nevins, William B 

Cockrell, George C Newton, Robert 
Cockrell, James H Onetto, John H 
Colean, Edwin Page, Joseph M 

Cope, Andrew Piatt, William E 

Cross, A W Pitt, Alexander F 

Cummings, C C Post, Caleb A 

Eck, John B Post, Justice L 

Edwards, Henry D Remer, Thomas F 
Elliott, Robert P Roach, Herman 
Embly. William Sanford, John E 
Field, Henry D Schroeder, Joseph B 

Fries, Erasmus Smith, James K 

Goodrich, C H Smith, Nicholas L 

Grimes, J T Smith, Nick F 

Hacknev, W Stockel, William H 

Halliday, Levi Titsort, C W 

Hamilton, MV Trabul, Edward 
Hamilton, O B TripD, Isaac 

Hansell, L S Van Horn, A K 

Heinsputer, Nathl A Van Pelt, John E 
Henry, W W Vinseu, John W 

Hewett, William White, Robert H 
Houghtlein, D M Wilbur, Rev H N 
Howell, Charles H 


AURORA. Chartered Oct 1850. Reg 
com 1st and 3rd Tues. Membership 225. 

James Walker, W Master 
James Powell, S W LB Johnson, S D 
L Hay ward, J W Sam' 1 Johnstone, J D 
J H Pease, Treas Charles Carter, S S 
Geo L Taylor, Sec O O Wormwood, J S 

Winton Burr, T 
Albee, Charles S Bartlett, A B 
Albee, Harrison A Bates, Charles 
Allen, Robert C Battles, Edward 
Allen, William B Battles, James W 
Alexander, George Benson, Philip G 
Alshuler, Jacob Bevier, Isaac T 
Baker, Chris M Bevier, Wm S 

Bauer, Augustus Blaksby, Ed N 
Barclay, James M Boam, Bela 
Barnes, M S Bond, Wm G 

Bartholomew, G W Bowren, F H 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Bayer, Dennis 
Bradley, C E 
Bradley, Frank F 
Break, J AW 
Breer, Samuel 
Bronghall, John J 
Brown, Robert A 
B usher, Abner 
Case, G S 

Charles, George B 
Church, Zenos 
Clark. Alexander 
Cooley, D C 
Coon, Alanson E 
Copeland, Samuel 
Cordeimer, Win 
Cottrcll, Nathan A 
Coulter. Thomas B 
Dales, John P 
Day, Truman H 
Dickens, William 
Dirks, Christian 
Dolph, Henry M 
Dotterwich, John 
Drake, J L 
Drake, Jesse B 
Dugay, George 
Dumars, Joseph 
Eddington, W J 
Ellwood, A H 
Empie, John G 
Farr, John 
Farr, John jr 
Finch, David D 
Fletcher. James 
Follett, John B 
Foot, William J 
Fouth, Frederick 
Fowler, Wm J 
Freeman, James 
Fullerton, John T 
Gardner, William 
Gates, Wilder R 
Gellison, Isaac 
Gessie, George C 
Geyer, Charles F 
Goodwin, Rieh'd M 
Gorton, James 
Graham, Wm J 
Gregory, Jason 
Gronberg, Chas A 
Hagadone, B Y 
Hall. J B 
Haney, Charles 
Hawkes, Wm F 
Hawkins, Wm H 
Henoch, Morris 
Hisrgins, George 
Hill, John 
Hobart, D O 
Hoddcr, John H 
Holden, James L 
Howe, James E 
Howell, Edwin B 
Howell, O D 
Hoyles, Samuel 
Hurlbut, JohnS 
Jassoy, John 
Johnson, Andre A 

Jawriett, C F 
Jaynish, Hugh 
Jeisey, Christian 
Joslyn, O Fitz 
Juriett, John F 
Kantenberger, J 
Karoley, S 
Keefe, Robert 
Keyes, J L 
Kinley, John A 
Kirkpatrick, Ja3 E 
Klein, Peter 
Labreck, Frank 
Lee, Chauncey W 
Lee, Frederick W 
Lee, Luther C 
Leins, Isidore 
Lennington, Chas 
McCollom, James 
McDaniels, Amos 
McGrath,M J 
McKenzie, John W 
McLallan, James J 
McLallan, Wm H 
Mahar, Charles 
Markle, Hugh 
Marsh, Charles 
Millard, S R 
Miller, Henry H 
Miller, Jacob 
Miller, Martin B 
Millgate, Wm 
Mitchell, Moses 
Morse, John 
Mulvey, Joseph 
Nedeau, Frank 
Osborn, Curtis 
Parmely, O R 
Payne, Oscar 
Pease, John H 
Peck, Nelson 
Perrigo, Elijah 
Pierce, Sanford 
Pierce, Wm H 
Plummer, Moses 
Plummer, Samuel 
Plumstead, James 
Polleys, Edward 
Pooley, John N 
Pooley, William 
Porter, Theodore 
Qurean, George W 


Reeves, Chas H 
Reutter, Joseph 
Rice, F B 
Rice, Phylander 
Riddle, Adoniram 
Robbins, M M 
Roe, Charles S 
Rose, John 
Rossiter, HD 
Rowan, William 
Sceva, H A 
Scrafford, Hiram 
Seigmund, Jacob 
Seymour, Harvey S 
Shears, George 
Shears, Joseph 
Shears. Thomas 

Shephard, Geo M 
Shephard, H O 
Shephard, Levi 
Shoemaker, Walter 
Simmons, N C 
Slosson, James M 
Smith, George W 
Smith, John F 
Smith, John T 
Sneil, James H 
Snyder, Charles 
Spain, Wm B 
Spaulding, A 
Spicer, Thomas 
Squires, Zjr 
Standt, John N 
Steadman, H D 
Stickle, Albert 
Stickler, Christian 
Stippick, Christian 
Stoip, Levi W 
Strakle, Thompson 
Stroup, George 
Tabor, Merwin 
Thompson, John H 
Thorwarth, John F 
Titsworth, Henry 

Titsworth, John N 
Titsworth, Lewis 
Torrey, H R 
Tousley, Thomas 
Twist, Henry 
Updike, A E 
Updike, Alfred 
Underwood, R J 
Van Liew, D F 
Van Vieet, A H 
Wagner, Charles 
Waite, Morris E 
Warren, John W 
Waterman, Evan 
Webster, Frank B 
Weldon, George 
Welfare, John 
Wlieatun, Charles 
White, Edward W 
Williams, Geo W 
Williams, Seiah 
Williams, Thos D 
Wilson, D C 
Winton, Lucius B 
Wood, Wm K 
Wright, Wm H 
Young, Henry 

J. L. ANDERSON, No. 318. 

AUGUSTA, Hancock Co. Chartered 
Oct 1859. Reg com Sat o b f m. Member- 
ship 63. 

Orvil L Pitney, W Master 
D E Belden, S W Wm J Pitney, S D 
Thos WYckoff, J W J W Campbell, J D 
D P Coffman, Treas D H Swisegood, S S 
H W Simmons, Sec J C Asbury. J S 

Joseph P Fosdyck, T 
Antrim, Thomas E Morrell, Charles H 

Benneson, N 

Bertholf, James C 

Browning, J W 

Byland, J W 

Campbell, Wm D 

Curran, D A 

Dearborn, H G 

Eaton, John 

Fowler, George W 

Gorden, George W 

Grigson, R J 

Hawley, E P 

Haymaker, S J 

Heck, J A 

Hetrich, John jr 

Hoover, James V 

Jones. I A 

Jones, J E 

Kennedy, JOB 

Kinghorn, James 

Leach, William G 

McAfee, Samuel B 

McClure, James W Wells, George H 

Mead, William H Wilborn, Henry 

Mickle, J W Working, John C 

Moore, James C 

JO DAVIESS, No. 278. 

WARREN, Jo Daviess Co. Chartered 
Oct 1858. Reg com 1st & 3rd Sat, Mem 86. 

Newcomb, F H C 
Newcomb, P P 
Nicholds, L D 
Patch, J P 
Pease, Joseph 
Pennock, George T 
Pitney, Daniel P 
Raymond, John H 
Reynolds, Reuben H 
Robinson, Geo H 
Short, Andrew J 
Shupe, Samuel 
Sickel, Peter A 
Slingerland, Geo H 
Smith, B H 
Smith, J H 
Steinberger, J F 
Stockton, Willis L 
Thomas, John 
VonBrunt, Isaac 
Wait, Damon W 
Watson, Wm H 

Subordinate Lodges. 


A C Schadle, W Master 

J M Hussey, S W ZG Coppernoll, S D 

W L Gale, J W Stephen Smith, J D 

John Tear, Treas C A Kreamer, S S 

S A Cjark, Sec J L Stanton, J S 

Mark Tower, T 

Anderson, W J Murphy, John A 

Barnes, A T Murphy, M S 

Beais, W L Parsons, John A 

Benson, W S Pepoon, G W 

Blackstone, B Phillips, A E 

Bond, H J Phillips, J ohn H 

Bordway, WH Pierce. B G 

Bucknan, A F Piatt, John D 

Brink, A S Purday, O W 

Burr, M H Renwick, R B 

Caldwell, W T Robbins, Alexander 

Clark, L H Sanford, E A 

Clock, Alonzo Schofield, J A 

Colburn, "YV R Spencer, O F 

Coniee, T A Stevens, A 

Cox, L M Tear, Wallace 

Dean, Andrew Teffs, S C 

DeLong, W C Thornton, L D 

Foster, Amos Townsend, Asher S 

Francisco, J A Townsend, E E 

Fox, L B Townsend, G N 

Gaing, Z H Townsend, G N jr 

Gann, H C Townsend, H S 

Garver, D E Townsend, J W 

Haub, C H Tucker, K Z 

Hayes, S C Tucker, R B 

Hicks, Joseph Van Bervort, 

Hicks, Thomas S Vick, William H 

Hindel, L W Way, Solon 

Holcomb, Alonzo Weich, EY . 

Johnson, M M Wilbur, R F 

Jones, Alfred M Wilbur. Samuel 

Kessier, L E Wing, George S 

Landphair, H Woodworth, J C 

Lavin, H R Woodworth, LP 

Luke, M H Woodworth, W H 

March, John Wright, Jesse 

Mathews, W C Yerrington, Benj 

JOHN D. MOODY, No. 510. 

IUKA, Marion Co. Chartered Oct 1866. 
Reg com 1st and 3d Fri. Ann com reg o b 
Dec 27. Membership 48. 

Ctjthbert M Jones, W Master 

Wm R Lynch, S W John Harlon, S D 

S C Swalley. J W John W Cheeley, J D 
Rev T Middleton. C J S Middleton. S S 

J W Humphrey, Tr W M Middleton, J S 

B F Middleton, Sec Henry W Krodell, T 

Beaver, Manuel Freeman, Geo W 

Bradley. William Holstlaw. John H 
Bradley, William R Hoyne, John D 

Burge, Ashburn E Irwin, Thomas L 

Chapman, John W Jarvis, Oliver S 

Chapman, Wm M Keating, Jeremiah 

Cheeley, Irvin McQuown,John 

Cheeley, Woods C Middleton, Alfred 

Castello, L W Middleton, Dan J 

Condin, James Middleton, Geo T 

Cope, J Dill Middleton, Joel H 

Cragham, John Miller, Jesse F 

Crundwell, Samuel Morgan, John W 

Fotherer, Benj Porter, Leonard G 

Pruden, Wm H Stonesipher, Jesse 

Rogers, Jasper M Stonesipher, Joseph 
Smith, Solomon Vancleve, William 
Songer, Aaron A Vermillion, Wm H 
Stonesipher, Ezra B Young, William J 


JOHNSON VILLE, Wayne Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1874. Reg com 1st and 3d Men. 
Membership 30. 

Chaeles C Bunch, W Master 
J Pennington, S W Win M Church, Sec 
W M Johnson, J W Hon G Wheeler, S D 
J S Rogers, Treas Chas R Ellis, J D 

William H Durham, T 
Archibald, C G Ga'.braith, A T 

Armstrong, Alex Gaibraith, F M 
Bullard, Wm H Hill, Henry C 

Brown, Thomas 
Cisne, Levi 
Colvin, Solomon 
Colvin, Thomas D 
Crisp, Thomas B 
Ellis, Alfred A 
Ellis, Francis M 
Ellis, James W 

Hill, James 
Means, Chas W T 
Moses, Jones 
ISTaney, Malen W 
St John, Wm H 
Watkins, William 
Wood, Isaac 
Young, Samuel 

JONESBOHO, No. 111. 

JOXESBORO, Union Co. Chartered 
Oct 1851. Reg com Sat o b f m. Mem 49. 

Jeffeeson L Uey, W Master 
L W Nimmo, S W M C Crawford, S D 

Henry H Hill, J W 
C Barringer, Treas 
Jos H Samson, Sec 

Jos M Randall, J D 
Alex J Nimmo, S S 
Robt R Townes, J S 

, T 

McCrite, James E 
McElnany, Jasper N 
McElhany, Joseph H 

Andrews, Hugh 
Austin, George W 
Bouton, Thomas F 
Bridewell, James M Misenheimer, A 

Butler, David Peak, Alfred B 

Davison, Henry C Poole, Edward 

Decker, Jasper Reed, Francis M 

Doughertv, Alex N Rendleman, D H jr 

Doughertv, John Rich, William C 

Goodman, Moses A Richardson, Hy H 

Hacker, Henry C Sessions, Richard W 

Hale, E H 
Harris, George W 
Hartline, Benj F 
Humphrey, James 
Jones, Luke M 
Lence, Alfred 
Lence, William C 
Lyerly, Daniel W 
Lyerly, John 

Shiplev, Robert T 
Smith, David 
Spann, Silas H 
Spencer, William R 
Walburn, George W 
Webb, H Watson 
Westman, C E 
Willard, Elijah A 
Williams, George W 

JOPPA, No. 706. 

COWDEN, Shelby Co. Chartered Oct 
1873. Reg com Wed obfra. Ann coin 
reg o b Dec 27. Membership 28. 

L G Toeeence. W Master 
Thomas Inman, S W L H Williams, S J) 
S Cozart, J W John T Jones, J D 

N T Pinkley, Treas H Cowkenower, S S 
James Barton, Sec R R Jones, J S 
William Barron, T 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Aldrich, J T 
Barden, Franklin C 
Barker, Nathaniel 
Cowkenower, Jos 
Hall, Nathan T 
Howiand, James 
lnman- Thomas 
Leadhetter, Henry 
McLaughlin, D M 

Moore, Jackson A 
Moore, James T 
Neel, Jonathan 
Neel, Robert 
Perkins, Charles W 
Phillips, William 
Sullivan, George 
Thompson, J L 
Warner, John 

J. B,. GO&IN, No. 537. 

SADONIS Champaign Co. Chartered 
Oct 1867. Reg com Sat o ta 1 m. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 46. 

William H H Brown, W Master 
O C McConney, S W A J Tenbrook, S D 
N J Meeker, J W Saml M Jewett, J D 
Hy T Sadonis, Treas Wm M Haines, S S 
Saml H Smith, Sec C E Roughton, J S 

Alfred Bowyer, T 
Armstrong, William Hixon, Robert O 
Balsinger, John Holbrook, Osbert 
Blocker, John Jacobs, Matthew- 

Brown, Joseph J Jacobs, Nehemiah 
Campbell, David L Johnson, William H 
Casey. Charles M Johnson, Wm Q A 
Catron, Alfred Kinsey, William A 

Chambers, Jacob G Lochne, George 
Cook, Jesse G McKinney, James 

Craw, Samuel Parsons, George 

Douglas, Henry Roberts, Samuel M 

Edgar. Jacob B Robinson, Hugh J 

Elder, William T Sadonis, William 
Fields, John W Schmidt, William F 

Foster, Joseph A Shiveley, A M 
Fritz, Louis Smith, Henry R 

Gillum, Alphro D Swiggett, George 
Green, Francis O Wade, Isaac N 

KANEVILLE, No. 425. 

KANEVILLE, Kane Co. Chartered Oct 
1865. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. Ann com 
8d Sat Dec. Membership 81. 

Francis L Young, W Master 
T W Merrill, S W Geo E Young, Sec 
Norris A Fink, J W Chas Ames, S D 
J F Weston, Treas Jas E Tracey, J D 

John Samuels, T 
Annis, David W Mason, Jeduthan 
Benton, Charles Needham, Wm 
Benton, Russell Perry, Henry L 
Benton, Spm Price, Elihu 

Benton, William Ravlin, N 

Cary, Alvin 
Crego, George M 
Cottson, Milo E 
Freeman, Robert 
Goding, A L 
Lafl'ens, Andrew 
Long, Alonzo L 

Seavey, Henry 
Tinker, Robt L 
Wagner, Hiram D 
Wagner, Joel 
Waterman, W S 
White, C p M 

KANKAKEE, No. 389. 

KANKAKEE. Chartered Oct 1863. 
Reg com 1st and 3d Tues. Membership 85. 

H C Clark. W Master 
Otis Durfee, S W R J Hanna, Treas 
W N Dusenbury, J W D L Durham, Sec 

E S Waterman, S D J S Taylor jr, S S 

L A Burch, J D Joshua Gray, J S 

ABurchin, T 

Archambault, J E Myers, Jacob 

Ashley, Rodney M Madeau, L H 

Babcock, J E Nichols, A E 

Bean, D G Nichols, F D 

Bellamy, F E Nichols, J D 

Boilard, Charles Nichols, S E 

Bon-field, T P Ohnesarge, Fred 

Bonfield, Wesley Orr, Joseph N 

Bowdle, Zachariah Paguin.LE 

Brotton, L B Petro, George W 

Brownell, W D Rintz, E G W 

Butts, MD Rivers, BW 

Chester, Franklin Savoce, Charles O 

Chester, Nathan Scobey, J E 

Cleghorn , William Scobey, W E 

Croswell, J K Shepardson, N 

Dana, E O Sherman, R D 

Delay, Joseph Shofier^J H 

Driscoll, Michael Sibley, William A 

French, A G Small, A L 

Gordon. Thomas Smith, J T 

Gougar, William T Snediker, Charles 

Gray, Samuel Sterling. James 

Hatch, F D Sterling, John 

Hatch, F S Storrs, W R 

Hirsch, Augustus Terriil, N C 

Holcomb, Aurora Todd, H C 

Holmes. E C True, William M 

Holt, Charles Van Meter, H O 

Jannery, W W Vaughan, D B 

Kenaga, M H Way, J H 

Kenaga, William F Warriner, E B 

Kerr, Andrew Whitehead, J M 

Kerr, Thomas Williamson, H A 

Ketchum, N F Wocknetz, Wm J 

Kummitz, Worrell, J H 

Laparle, A B Yeates. Andrew 
Leonard, J F 

KANSA"s7No. 280. 

KANSAS, Edgar Co. Chartered Oct 
1858. Reg com Wed o b f m Member- 
ship 47. 

D W Zink, W Master 

Jno W Winn, S W W H Brown, S D 

W S Brown, J W Cyrus Bellus, J D 

W T Arterburn, Tr J Beatty, S S 

S J Payne, Sec Saml Thomas, J S 

Louis Huben, T 
Bane, Benjamin L Lewis, Daniel 
Barber, John McCollum, Nelson 
Blood, George R McDavitt, J Riley- 
Bond, George McDavitt, John L 
Boyer, John K McNanny, Francis 
Boyer, William F McNanny, John 
Coffman, John H Murphy, Hansberry 
Comstock, Isaac Poulter, Harrison 
Corzine, John Ringland, George 
Dodd, Henry A Rinker, Edward J 
Fairchild, John Russell, Wm B 
Forsyth, H P Safford, Mordecai 
Graham, George Shy, Samuel 
Honnold, John R Stout, Cyrus 
Honnold, S F Stout, John P 
Hoog, Stephen Stubbs, Harvey 
Hurst, William M Sweeney, George W 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Wiley, Henry 

Wigal, George L 
Wiley. Darius 


KASKASKIA, Randolph Co. Chartered 
Oct 1850. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. Mem- 
bership 85. 

Geo W Staley. W Master 
Donatio belter, S W John Miller, S D 

G D Seymour, J W W R McKenzie, J D 

F E Rauch, Treas E C Staub, S S 

H E Seymour, Sec Henry Feaman, J S 

J F Rauch, T 

Baker, Morris L Morrison, Geo B 

Beare, Edward Morrison, Samuel 

Bergfeldt, Arnold Mudd, Felix 

Bollinger, George Murphy, William 

Bond, Benjamin Meviiie, James 

Brown, Charles Nixon, William E 

Brown, Richard Nixon, William J 

Burch, Joshua G Oates, Edward 

Campbell, James C Ohms, Charles 

Campbell, John A Owen, Eiias K 

Cassow, Antoine B Pape, Gustavus 

Chestnutwood, J Paschall, Nathaniel 

Cohen, William L Paschall, Samuel B 

Cooper, Charles Peters, Frederick C 
Derousse, Antoine C Pollock, John T 

Douglass, James Rauch, Frederick 

Douglass, Samuel Richardson, George 

Dudenbostel, F R Ritchie, James 

Feaman, Elias Roberts, Jacob 

Gant, Wesley Seely, William J 

Gant, William Seymour, Edward 

Gendrow, Henry Squires, Cyrus 

Gordon. William A St Vrain, John T 

Gray, James Stanley, Joseph 

Harmon, Abram Stineberg, John 

Huey, Thomas Stipe, Benjamin 

Hughes, Felix Stone, Philip 

Karsteller, Martin Sulser, John J 

Kintz, John Swanwick, William 

Klineoerg, Charles Taggart, John L 

Lasiie, Jacob Taylor, Thomas R 

Link, John Terry, Charles 

Miller, Alfred linger, Philip 

Miiligan, Thomas Wills, Franklin 

Minter, Francis Wiltshire, Charles H 

Mitchell, Calvin Wright, Abram C 
Montroy, Joseph 

ELIZABETH, Jo Daviess Co. Chartered 
Oct J 816. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. Mem- 
bership 57. 

John Bawden, W Master 
J E Reynolds, S W Mark Thomas, S D 
Joseph Barnes, J W Richard Bryant, J D 
John Hefty, Treas Charles Shaw, S S 
Win H Eustice, Sec John Leigh, J S 

John Martin, T 
Anthony, John B Eade, Septimus 
Blewett, Benjamin Eby, Charles 
Barker, John Gates, Robert B 

Barrett, Herbert Glessner, Henry 
Barker, Robert Gobie, John G 

Comman, George Hassig, Leopold 
Daniels, Robert Hoffman, Charles 

Olds, John 
Pierce, Franklin W 
Ransom, John 
Reese, Joseph 
Reese, Moses 
Roberts, John 
Roberts, Paul 
Roberts, Thomas M 
Shore, Solomon 
Tart, Benjamin 
Thomas, Edward 
Watts, Robert 
Weber, John 
Westphail, Julius 
Wilcox, John 
Wilson, William F 

Holland, Edwin 
Holland, Thomas 
Hunt, Alonzo 
Hutchison, James 
Kitterer, Anton B 
Kittoe, E R 
Lee, John C 
Logan, William M 
Long, John 
JLong, Owen 
McDonald, Robert 
McKillip, William 
Mackey, Calvin 
Marshall, George 
Marshall, Silas 
Merrifleld, John 
Miller, James 

KEBHON, No. 340. 

MT ALBURN. Christian Co. Chartered 
1860. Reg com Wed o b f m. Member- 
ship 39. 

Richakd Kimball, W Master 
J F Ferguson, S W Geo A Parish, S D 
J A Toothaker, J W W A Henderson, J D 
John M Hill, Treas J A Henderson, S S 
J V Koogler, Sec J j Yirden , J S 

Thomas J Lorton, T 
Cole, John Lawrence, John A 

Coppenbarger, Jas Lockhart, Jesse 
Darmer, Alex Marshall, Robert 

Davidson, E P Miiligan, James 

Davidson, H F Pettus, William E 

Davidson, W P Rhoads, B E 

Drennan, Eli W Sanders, F M 
Drennan. John L Sargeant, Ezekial 
Dugan, J J Smart, A W 

Ellis, Ira Stafford, Moses 

Ellis, Jesse Sudduth, B F 

Ellis, P C Sudduth, Thomas 

Foval, Isaac Swick, M V 

Henderson, Wm A Travis, P H 
Johnson, Joseph M 

KEENEyTNo. 223. 
EDGINGTON, Rock Island Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1856. Reg com Wed o b f in. 
Ann com Dec. Membership 24. 

William Fisher, W Master 
Horace Flower. S W J H Haziitt, S D 
Chas Laflin, J W M Robinson, J D 
T Dutton, Treas W A Hubbard, S S 
S Johnson, Sec Charles Seam, J S 

S O Elliott, T 
Brown, John I Halsted, Cass B 

Campbell, John H Montgomery, John 

Elliott, Lorenzo C 
Engle, Hugh S 
Fisher, C Will 
Girton, Lloyd 
Grau, C H 

Montgomery. Robt S 
Montgomery, W G 
Morris, William 
Roberts, Simeon E 
Wait, William 

KENDALL, No. 471. 

YORKVILLE, Kendall Co. Chartered 
Oct 1866. Reg com 2d and 4th Thur. 
Membership 34. 

Johx McMueteie, W Master 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

P C Dearborn, S W Orson Dolph, Sec 

Wm Graham, JW R W Willett, S D 

N Hubbard, Treas Jno Thurber, J D 

Dow Shibley, T 

Bennett, S G Marshal], John R 

Cornel], Andrew J Minkler, Thomas E 

Eldridge, Ctiarles Morton, Phineas A 

Everett, Jeremiah Mouiton, Ephraim F 

Gable, Henry G Mouiton, John B 

Godard, Geo A Needham, George L 

Godard, James A Palmer, Josepli 

Gray, William Raymond, Charles H 

Harris, Blixton Sherwin, J Proctor 

Hudson, Henry S Thurber, Cyrus 

Lee, George R "Weed, Alvah 
Litchfield, Alfred H Welch, Andrew 

McOmber, John Wickham, Flavius 

KENDRICE; No. 430. 

MT STATION, Brown Co. Chartered 
Oct 1865. Reg com Sat o b f m . Member- 
ship 47. 

J G Phillips, W Master 
King Keriey ,S W Calvin Ausmass, S D 
J Beckman, J W Peter Smith, J D 
J N Robinson, Treas W T Hobbs, S S 
C H Kartin, Sec H A Manny, J S 
R D Long, T 

Ausmass, G W 
Belamy, James 
Bond, William 
Briggs, Lewis 
Briggs, M H 
Brown, J 
Brunk. John 
Bush, G M 
Cooper, William 
Davison, T A 
Farmer, GLM 
Flanders, John 
Hartley, J M 
Hicks, C R 
Johnson, Monroe 
Keller, T E 
Kendrick, J M 
Lee, William J 
Lee, William L 

Long, J M 
Linn, J A 
Long, Joseph 
McCray, A J 
McDonald, J W 
McNitt, HC 
Oliver, Josephus 
Plew, James 
Robinson, Henry 
Rockwell, N C 
Scoggans, Y A 
Shields, John 
Sides, D M 
Tainter, R F 
Ward, W B 
Whitesides, Thomas 
Williams, Alex 
Wright, Wells 

KEYSTONE, No. 639. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1869. Reg 
com 1st and 3d Wed. Ann com 1st Wed 
Dec. Place of meeting 62 N Clark st. 
Membership 69. 

Joseph H Dixon, W Waster 
Wm Pflaum, S W E A Sittig, S D 
Chas Kenig, J W B Glover, J S 
C L Ekral, Treas J W Cunningh'm, S S 
B F Prince, Sec J P Loehr J S 
A Frederick, T 

Allen, GF 
Anderson, H S 
Bannon, P 
Becker, F 
Breaton, J 
Burkherdt, E 
Carrol], P 
Cheverick, B 
Clark, T K 

Cromie, D G 
David, M 
Davidson, K T 
Dickinson, C H 
English, G P 
Framhold, H 
Hale, F M 
Harmon, RG 
Hanson, C C 

Harz, Theodore 
Hartman, C C 
Hathaway, A W 
Hill, C S 
Kaatz, A 
Kaufmann, J 
Kuhnes, George 
Lally, D 
Lambach, W 
Lindstrom, A 
Lipman, P 
Ludwig, C C 
McCarthy, L J 
McCauley, M 
Marcuse, L 
Marshall, F B 
Musing, A J 
Metzpie, F 
Michaelson, M 
Miller, J K 

Morbeck, L 
Niceley, A 
Nicol, John 
Olsen, F 
Palmer, R C 
Peterson, George 
Probsthum, A 
Rehm, Charles 
Rosenthal, J 
Sadyell, M 
Samuelson, J 
Samuelson, S M 
Schreiber, J 
Shoreditcher, W 
Simmonds, H 
Thompson, J 
Voettler, M 
Weyhe, J L 
White, John 
Wicker, J L 
Wilson, Charles 


CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1859. Reg 
com every Thurs. Ann com Thurs o o 
Dec 27. Place of meeting 185 Kinzie st. 
Membership 224. 

A II Robijstson. W Master 
Jno P Mohr, S W ' W F Lothian, S D 
Geo D Eddy, J W J L Sandstadt, J D 
D H McDaneld, Tr Lewis Moots, S S 
L S Charlette, Sec H C Schreiber. J S 

S M Richardson, T 
Aiken, Frank E Clark, James E 
Albert, Edward Clark, James R 

Allen, Alex S Clayton, Thomas 

Almini, P M Cly bourne, Henry C 

Anderson, Frank A Clybourne, J as A jr 
Andree, Ambrose Constantine, Chas W 
Armour, Thomas Cook, James 
Auer, A B Cooper, William 

Baldwin, George Cord, Samuel 
Ballentine, Robert Coursen, A G 
Barney, E W Covert, Jno P 

Baruth, William Craigie, James 
Bauld, David Cramer. Theo L 

Bay, George P Craven, Jesse 

Bay, Henry K Creavy, William 

Beckwith, James L Crocker, A L 
Black, George Davis, Jno W 

Bolshaw, Wm H DeLong, Benj F 
Booth, Edward Devine, Henry 

Bradley, Jno H Dimond, A S 

Breckbill, W W Dcggett. J B 

Brenner, August Donaldson, Oliver 
Brennan, John Donaldson, Robert 

Brown, Ed W Donaldson, S H 

Brown, Sherman W Duddles, M 
Bucher, M P Duff, James 

Burch, Harvey L Dyer, John D 
Buschwah, John Eddy, Albert M 
Butler, Frank S Edward, C B 

Butler, George S Ehrnfieid, Chas 
Cameron, R McL Elder, Alexander 
Cardy, Charles Ellis, W S 

Carman, Wm H Elliott, Horace M 

Carroll, Chas P Fitch, A L 

Carse, Lewis Follett, N P 

Chatneld, Eli P Frankenstein, 8 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Frillman, Hy D 
Fritz, Fredalin 
Gallagher, D C 
Gardner, W H 
Giles, John 
Goodman, James 
Goodrich, J M 
Gould, S A 
Grant, Leroy 
Green, J Henry 
Greenough, Fredk 
Grover, Thomas D 
Gunderson, Martin 
Gunderson, S S 
H alley, J B 
Haiverson, Enoch 
Hammond, Win 
Handyside, Thomas 
Harding, Charles 
Hatten, W T 
Hayes, R H 
Hensel, J J 
Hepp, Jacob 
Hillock, Charles 
Holland, S C 
Ho r ton, Charles 
Hottniger, Jas M 
Howland, Thos H 
Huberty, R N 
Huggett, Thomas 
Hyslop, James 
Johnson, Martin 
Jones, Owen 
Kastler, Philip 
Keefe, John 
Kennedy, David 
Kennedy, Thornton 
Kniarht, Frank 
Kroff, Samuel W 
Labagh, R H 
Lucas, Robert G 
Limning, Herman 
McAllister, O J 
McCauley, John 
McClements, A 
McDougal, Hugh 
McElroy, James 
McGilvery, Neil A 
McGregor, E D 
Mclntyre, John 
McKechny, William 
McKirdy, Alex M 
McLean, George 
McMahon, Jerry 
McMillan, Wm C 
Mahoney, Tim 
Macomb, Geo A 
Mamby, Jas F 
Mansur, Geo B 
Marks, Edward 
Marks, Morris 
Marshall. W H 
Martin, N 
Martin, J K 
Mason, Parker R 
Mattison, W P 
Meheffey, John 
Miller. John 
Mohr, F C 
Moll, Wm F 

Moore, John P 
Moore, Thomas 
Moriord, T T 
Morse, B F 
Musham, T H 
Musham, William 
Myers, Victor E 
Naef, Otto F 
]Si ettleson, J R 
Newhouse, Aug 
O'Byrne, Michael 
Oberne, George 
Pearson, John 
Peck, Geo H 
Pennycock, John 
Pennycock, William 
Peterson, Fredk A 
Peterson, Peter 
Phillips, Jacob 
Pickley, Jerry A 
Probst, Charles H 
Raffen, A W 
Riboni, Joseph 
Richards, Jno B 
Roberts, Elias 
Robinson, John 
Reynolds, Geo H 
Ryan, Thomas 
St Clair, Charles G 
Sage, Rums H 
Sage, Russell jr 
Sanders, Edgar 
Saurborn, James 
Sawyer, B L 
Schmidt, Jno 
Schotte, Chas 
Schumacher, PA 
Seaverts, E G 
Smith, B F 
Smith, Charles M 
Smith, Henry K 
Smith, John 
Sobey, James 
Solden, John 
Stark, Thos L 
Stewart, Dugald 
Stromberg, Chas J 
Strong, Bushnell 
Stuart, Robert 
Sutter, Jacob 
Tanner, W M 
Thibodo, R 
Thomson, Alex M 
Thomson, Chas 
Thompson, Wm H 
Tilton, Geo W 
Tuller, Elam 
VanDalson E 
Voice, John 
Vore, L T F 
Wachter, Wm H 
Waiters, Louis 
Ward, Dennis 
Weisbrood, Jno 
White, Carlton 
Whitehouse. F W 
Wight, Jno E 
Wilkinson, Thomas 
Williams, Thomas 
Willis, Thomas 

Wilson, Thomas Yondorf, Charles 
Worley, George 


KINDERHOOK, Pike Co. Chartered 
Oct 1860. Reg com Wed o b f in. Mem- 
bership 33. 

William G Smith, W Master 
R M Murray, S W H Farnsworth, S D 
D Thompson, J W Henry A Green, J D 
J C Colvin, Treas J S Pendleton, S S 
Selah B Gaines, Sec T W Hankins, J S 

Joseph Fitzpatrick, T 
Bancroft, H O Hill, Andrew S 

Benjamin, John W Hull, Thomas W 
Calvin, Timothy Poor, George W 
Clare, Norton H Leigett, George W 
Clutch, John Smiley, J W 

Colvin, Charles C Spooner, Daniel 
Demoines, James Sprague, C C 
Estergreen, Frank Talbert, Thomas O 
Gaines, Samuel B Tandy, Thomas S 
Gard, Cicero Wilson, William 

Gard, Seth Yorck, Lewis 

Henel, Smith 


KANE, Greene Co. Chartered Oct 1856. 
Reg com Sat obf m. Ann com reg o b 
Dec 27. Membership 57. 

Samuel G Gardiner, W Master 
A P Stroude, S W Peter Fenity, S D 
E P Woolsey, J W Amos Irwin, J D 
Lucien King, Treas John Powel, S S 
Aug T Perry, Sec Geo H Gardiner, J S 

Lemuel M Ohaver, T 
Banister, Gharles T Neeley, Charles E 
Newton, Henry 
Parker, Henry" L 
Parker, Thomas S 

Bolt, Jefferson 
Brooks, James E 
Carrico, Francis M 
Carrico, John C 
Cockrill, George C 
Carey, George W 
De Pry, Daniel T 

Perry, Judson M 
Perry, Nathaniel M 
Pope, Jacob L 
Pope, Jacob G 

Downey, Sylvester J Pope, Samuel L 

Dressel, Joseph 
Erwin, Greene W 
Erwin, John G 
Erwin, Samuel C 
Fry, William M 
Gerdes, George T 
Gardiner, Chris J 
Gardiner, James B 
Hamilton, John B 
Hull, Milton J 
Jewsberry, E C 
Jones, Theophalus 
Littlefleld, Enoch 
Livingston, L M 
Massey, Lewis C 

KINGSTOnTno. 266. 

KINGSTON, Adams Co. Chartered Oct 
1858. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann com 
reg o b Dec 27. Membership 59. 

Charles M Grammer, W Master 
John Insle, S W W P Asken. Treas 
A Carbaugh* J W MA Davidson, Sec 

Ramey, William 
Reno, Franklin 
Seago, Daniel E 
Smith, Alexander H 
Smith, Frank W 
Stroude, Richard W 
Stroude, Silas 
Titus, Zebidee M 
Trask, George W 
West, James V 
Witt, George W 
W T oodbridge, B C 
Woolsey, Simeon L 
Worley, James H 

Illinois Masonic Register. 

Elijah Lutner, S D 

Isaac F Asken, J D 

Francis M 

Apel, Hoyman 
Ashley William 
Baker, Aaron 
Baker, John 
Bane, George 
Bumngton, Peter B 
Carbaugh, John 
Cleveland, Edward 
Craigg,, Mil.toi 
Davison, "William 
Dayton, Aaron O 
Deighton, Richard 
Eidson, Nathan M 
Eidson, William M 
Ellwood, Thomas 
Evans, William 
Farmer, Willliam 
Bedrick, William F 
Hoffman, Leonard 
Hoi comb, William 
Hull, Benjaman 
Hull, John N 
Huls, Thomas 
Iasle, William 
Jamison, John 

B W Hardin, S S 
F A Askin, J S 
Beleymer, T 
Kelly, David B 
Likes, William 
Marlon, John M 
Morrison, Hugh H 
Perkins, Andrew J 
Pilling, John W 
Price, A F p m 
Proctor, Oscar 
Rick art, John W 
Rickart, John p m 
Robertson, Geo W 
Ross, Alex K 
Salthou.-e, Thos 
Sittler, Christian 
Stevens, Henry 
Sykes, James 
Tbmlin, William P 
Tyler, Ira 
Wallace, Benj 
Winterbottom, Jos 
Wiscott, William 
Wolf, John 

KINMUNDY, No. 398. 

RINMUNDY, Marion Co. Chartered 
Oct 1864. Reg com 1st and 3d Tues. Ann 
com 3d Tues Dec. Membership 63. 

Montgomery Wilson, W Master 
Thomas Bagot, S W John W Wilson, S D 
E G Forshee, J W Wm T Coleman, J D 
B Chalfant, Treas John W Miller, S S 
George N White, Sec Wm C Ingram, J S 
William R Danbury, T 

Arnold, John W Johnson, Samuel 
Babcock, Newman Johrans, Jacob 
Ballance, John H Jones, M R 
Burns, Francis M Jones, Thomas S 
Chesley, B H Lawwill, William H 

Cowin, William D McBride, J B 
Danbury, William R Moore, Daniel C 
Doolin, Daniel Mulvihill, John 

Elder, Robert W Munger, Henry C 
Forshee, Thomas W Parker, A C 
Foster, William H Raser, Tilman 

Fox, D J 
Fuqua, Samuel M 
Gray, Isaac D 
Gray, James N 
Hall, Henry R 

Reaton, James M 
Reed, T D 
Reno, William 
Robb, James W 
Rohrbough, C 

Haymond, Thos W See, Charles M 
Hayworth, James C Schriver, William A 
Hensley. James W Sprause, W T 

Herrick, Edward 
Herrick, Hiram R 
Howell, James F 
Hubbard, N S 

Tucker, J W L 
Wall, John W 
White, William H 
Wiiliams, Thomas W 

Hubbard, William R Williams, Wm M 
Humble. TJ M Wilson, John C 

Jenkins, George K Wilson. Samuel C 
Jonhson, John H 


KINGSTON, De Kalb Co. Chartered 
Oct 1864. Reg com Thurs o b f m. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 30. 

Henry R Fuller, W Master 
A D Gibbs, S W Ozias Perry, S D 
Edward Parker, J W II F Raymond, J D 
N L Raymond, Treas A W Dibble, S S 
Amos N Wyllys, Sec G Vanderbergh, J S 
George Oleny, T 

McAlister, Charles 
McDonald, W W 
Merrill, Lewis G 
Nichols, Stephen L 
Rote, Hixon 
Shanon, Parker 
Shanon, Robert 
Sherman, Israel C 
Siveright, James 
Wilber, B F 

Been, Samuel 
Brainard, Eli 
Branch, Hiram F 
Drake, Frank 
Grass, Joseph K 
Harper, Jerome 
Hickman, John 
Kingsley, Mason B 
Little, He 

enry H 
Little, James 


KNOXVILLE, Knox Co. Chartered Oct 
1849. Reg com Sat o b f m and two weeks 
after. Ann com reg o b Dec 27. Mem 62. 

, W Master 

D O Molthrop, S W Joseph R Scott, S D 
Robt Higgins, J W Thos W McGill, J D 
T Woodmancy, Tr Loren R Sykes, S S 
S Stevens, Sec J C Cover, J S 

William S Allison, T 
Armstrong, Isaac L McClelland, M W 
Bailey Horace L McCracken, Jas P M 
Bird, Albert Z McGill, George W 

Boyd, James p M Martin, Albert W 
Butts, William T Miles, Rums W 
Carson, Cyrus N Montgomery, Rolin 
Codding, Edgar Moore, Ge ^rge F 

Cole, Nathan Myers, John W 

Dodd, Horace F Parmenter, Theop T 
Eiker, David Mp m Peal, Charles L 

Evens, Charles 
Fash, Charles 
Guliher, Isaac 
Gunn, Isaac B 
Hale, Clayton 
Hannaman,Robt L 
Harvey, Curtis K 
Hicks, Thomas 
Hister, William 
Hodge, Levi 
Huggins, David B 
Irland, S Carl 
Jackson, James F 
Johnson, N E 
Keller, William P 
Krotter, John 
McCallester, M W 

Pickeril, James 
Pierce, Albert 
Rebstock, James 
Redd, Walter 
Robinson, William T 
Rosenbur*?, Henry 
Sanfort-Patrick H 
Sargar, Frederick H 
Southerland, John 
Sumner, James H 
Svkcs, Francis M 
ThoTupson, Andrew 
Warfel, E M 
Wells, James S 
Westerfield, Samuel 
Winter, John S 
Woodmancy, Leroy 

KYLE, No. 553. 

MACOMB, McDonough Co. Chartered 
Oct 1867. Reg com 3d Fri. Mem 48. 

Joseph W Hays. W Master 
Jno H Fuhr, S W S P Brewster, Sec 
Arch Fisher, J W R Gregory, S D 

, Treas R A Bowie, J D 

Chauncey Case, T 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Btmger, William A 
Burton, Joseph 
Chambers, Win M 
Chandler, ChasV 
Chapman. C C 
Cole, A B 
Corliss, L W 
Downing, James M 
F alder, Cornelius 
Carnage, James 
Gash, Henry W 
Gesler, John 
Gregory, Thomas L 
Gregory, Warren S 
Hamlin, William H 
Hammond, Rich D 
Hungate, JohnH 
Keeier, John M 
Kendrick, E J 
Kendrick, T L 
Knight, Harry A 

Lane, John E 
Livermore, H B 
McCleod, John H 
Monsemy, A J 
Provine, John S 
Seaton, James A 
Simmons. Lewis A 
Smith, Albert L 
Stapp, J Butler 
Stevens, Henry A 
Summers, S L' 
Thomas, William O 
Venable, James 
Walker, Daniel L 
Walker, G R 
Ward, Q C 
Wells, Edward L 
Whitson, B T 
Whitten, Charles P 
Wilson, Samuel P 

LA CLEDE, No. 601. 

LA CLEDE, Fayette Co. Chartered Oct 
1869. Reg com Thurs o b f m. Member- 
ship 27. 

Henry H Wolfe, W Master 
H C Whitney. S W S Chitwood, S D 
Uriah Perry. J W W D Johnson, J D 
K Schmidt, Treas I N Kepner, S S 
E L Wilkins, Sec Geo Tibbitts, J S 

William W Park, T 
Boyce. George R McLean, John W 
Carroll. Reuben X Maxrield, John M 
Chitwood, John J Sawyer, H H 
Gordonier, AVilliam Schwerdlfeyer, Fred 
Snyder, John S 
Spencer, Pinknev T 
Vermillion, Chas W 
Waithers, ChasL 

Guntry, S M 
Hende'e, Clark 
Hewling, Christian 
Holtslaw, John C 
McCaffrey, James 

LACON, NO. 61. 

LACON, Marshall Co. Chartered Oct 
1868. Reg com 2d Mon. Membership 43. 

L C Rose, W Master 
F M Thirkell, S W HE Rowley, Sec 
H J Martin, J W H A Wright, S D 
C B Mayer. Treas Jas Hoyt, J D 
Thomas Alexander, T 

Banes. Mark 
Blackstone, G F 
Blau, Godfried 
Brereton, E G 
Chapman, E C 
Chapman. J R 
Cook, W E 

Lehman, L L 
Lowe, Thos j» 
Lussier, L O 
Martin, J B 
Mohler, J L 
Ong, Joseph E 
Pettet, H S 

Ellsworth, Spencer Ramp, Samuel 
Fairbanks, Win R Ramsey, S J 
Filday. Joseph 

Finks. Morris 
Fort, G L 
Fort. Wm J 
Foster, J F 
Go way, L L 
Hastings, C R 
Hoftriehter. John 
Kings! ej, J C 

Fioberts. A 
Roberts, P D 
Rose, T H 
Stire, F H 
Thomas, D E 
Treakle, George 
Wallace, D C 
Winters. John D 

LA FAYETTE, No. 657. 

GRAND TOWER, Jackson Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1870. Reg com Thurs obi' m. 
Ann com Dec. Membership 23. 

Ebeneazer Day, W Master 
C W Iioach, S W Daniel J Brett, Sec 
Ed L Lott, J W A Brennaman, S D 

R M Morgan, Treas Daniel Unroh, J D 

Jonathan Urmey, T 
Baronowsky, F Kinney, Winfield S 

Bruihl.HR Kuntze, William R 

Cope, George W Long, George W 
Conghonowr, Wm Mattingley, Thomas 
Goodwin, Charles Peters, Joseph D 
Hay den, William Russell, Henry 
Huhn, Henry Schieferdicker,T BR 

Kelly, Benjamin F 

LA HARPE^ No. 195. 

LA HARPE, Hancock Co. Chartered 
Oct 1856. Reg com Sat obfra. Ann com 
reg n b Dec 27. Membership 117. 

James M Mayee, W Master 
W A Piper, S W N Bacon, S D 
J Brundage, J W William Sharp, J D 
Jas Manifold, Treas H B Evans, S S 
H L Bacon, Sec Elias Bowen, J S 

L P Bowen, T 
Anderson. J O 

Babbett, John 
Bacon, J W 
Bainter, W A 
Barnes, H H 
Beal, A F 
Beckman. H F 
Betson, C H 
Booth, J R 
Borden, John 
Bowman, Ely 
Bradshaw, A J 
Brandon, J F 
Brawner, J F 
Bray, J W 
Bray, T S 
Brinter, J N 
Brinter, W C 
Bullock, Andrew 
Bullock, J H 
Bunger, William 
Bush, Oscar 
Butler, N B 
Butler. S B 
Butler, W O 
Campbell, T J 
Cogswell, L S 


Comstock, C W 
Colton, George F 
Dorothy, G H 
Dorothy, Nathan 
Eaton, Thomas 
Evans, James M 

Gilliland, B F 
Griffith, Frank 
Gutman, A L 
Haight, S M 
Harris, Aphas 
Hastv, Samuel 
Hazlewood, J R 
Herbert, James 
Hills, E Z 
Hirsch, George 
Hurd, S E 
Ingraham, Robert 
James, A J 
Kellermeyer, Henry 
Ketler, Charles 
Kinnev, J P 
Kirk patrick, Geo 
Landers, Isaac 
Landers, Joseph 
Lincoln. H 
Lovitt, David 
Lovitt, William 
Lovill, WH 
Mayan, Rev J M 
McConnell, A 
Miller, John 
Miller, John 
Moore. Josephus 
Munger, F C 
Myers, Richard 
Mvers, William 
Orr. R M 
Otto, George F 
Parsons, Martin 

Fleming, Thomas J Parsons, S D 

Fritz, M D 
Gayly, John 
Gottmgs. C 
Getting, Kinsey 
Glass, Robert M 

Parsons, W M 
Peck. Polk 
Peterson. James 
Purpont, John 
Ptirpont. Jonathan 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Sutton, Robert 
Swisher, James 
Swisher, William 
Todd, G W 
Trask, E H 
Tuck, C E 
Tuttle, Abner 
"Waggoner, D 
Warren, John 
Watrous, R H 
Worley, E A 
Wright, S M 
Yelter, Lewis 

Beinoehl, J B 
Kiggins, W J 
Roby, J N 
Ross, J S 
Sayler, R A 
Sharp, Samuel 
Shinn, R K 
Smith, Jeremiah 
Smith. W K 
Spaulding, John 
Spiker, J F 
Springer. J M 
Stone, D B 
Strong, P J 

LAMBERtTno. 659. 

QUINCY. Chartered Oct 1870. Reg 
com 1st and 3d Tues. Membership 47. 
George V Bristol, W Master 
W Somerville, S W G J Richardson, S D 
W H Konantz, J W W W Templin, J D 
R C Lockwood, Tr Jos A Waddell, S S 
George A Dills, Sec J B Miller, J S 

A W Blakesley, T 
Adams, John Q Holmes, Truman L 
at D Knight, Hammond 
Larkworthv, Win B 
Marrett, Louis Cass 
Minard, Charles E 
Munson, William G 
jjuLnri, u^im ..», Newton, Milton W 

By water, William F Owens, Thaddeus S 
Calkins, John W Pollock, George 
Colburn, Walter N Rickerson, F D 
Rittler, Fred W J 
Seeger, Charles 
Slack, Charles C 
Thomasmeyer, F C 

Baker, Bryant 1 
Banker, John W 
Barker, James E 
Bartlett, S P 
Burman, Henry G 
Butler, John R 

Erhard, August 
Ertle, George 
Evatt, Granville M 
Evers, William 

Grieser, Christopher Thompson, John W 
Grieser, Leonard Viberts, John 
Goodrich, Robert E Wood, Samuel 
Hill, Edwin W Wright, M H 

Hoffman, John 

LA MOILLE^ No. 383. 

LA MOILLE, Bureau Co. Chartered 
Oct 1863. Reg com Fri obfm. Member- 
ship 43. 

C A Stoughton, W Master 
"Daniel Clough, S W F L Angier, S D 
W C Wilkinson, J W John Igou, J D 
Mathew Buhler, Tr Jas J Hopkins, S S 
E M Cheney, Sec Jas E Chapman, J S 

George W Graves, T 
Angier, Julius A Edwards, Abner H 
Bailey, Daniel D Ewing, Daniel H 
Baird, John Fassett, E W 

Belknap, Wesley Hogue, Thomas L 
Betz, George C Hopkins, James K 

Booth, Chester Hopkins, Joseph C 

Booth, Everett Hopkins, Lorenzo D 

Collins, Lewis Kirk, Barney 

Coming, George A Minkler, Reuben S 
Crossman, John Minkler, William E 
Curtiss. Samuel J Palmer, William L 
Davis, David Perkins, John 

Downing, Walter Porter, Walter G 
Eastman, O M Roach, Albert 

Rogers, Byron Wood, Charles C 

Showalter, Henry Wood, Ellis B 
Webb, Hugh 

LANAEkTno. 423. 
LANARK, Carroll Co. Chartered Oct 
1865. Reg com 1st and 3d Thurs ; Mem- 
bership 69. 

D H Snyder, W Master 
I L Hamilton, S W OP Tabor, S D 
D E Wolff, J W Conrad Roth, J D 

R P Wales, Treas G H Baker, S S 
J L Reynolds, Sec J A Sleer, J S 

J R Rule, T 
Ashton, George W Long, Stephen 
Maciey, Hugh 
Miller, Benjamin 
Mure, George W 
Myers, Jos 
Noble, Benjamin 
Noble, Frank A 
Potter, Daniel G 
Reason er, George 
Reasoner, Wilson S 
Root, George A 
Robinson, Win H 
Root, Charles W 
Shrader, Solomon 
Shumaway, Alviro 
Sprogle, John L 

Beans, William 

Belding, Win M 

Bingman, George 

Brown, B F 

Bray, Levi T 

Burt, J T 

Bussell, Samuel 

Cogswell, Charles 

Cogswell, Elmer G 

Cogswell, Leonard 

Cook, Levi 

Cunningham, W O 

Dame, Daniel W 

Dimon, Judson 

Dingee, Edgar H »i» v/g^uuiw 

Dresboch, Harry S Stone, Charles W 

Frautt, Simon D Storer, Daniel C 

Storer, Emanuel 
Stouffer, Daniel H 
Tallman, Mathew 
Van Meter, H D 
Van Veen ten, G F 
Wales, Henry W 
W^arner, Jacob M 
Warren, Archibald 
Welch, Merritt D 
Wickey, Henry 
Wiley, Seth C 

Edwards, Geo H 
Emery, Samuel A 
Garner, King G 
Garratt, Lyman D 
Grossman, Jacob H 
Hanish, Martin E 
Heath, Alonzo 
Hegennan, C 
Higgins, Lyman H 
Honing, John V 
Hutton, Fletcher 
Leland, Erastus D 

LANCASTER, No. 106. 

GLASFORD, Peoria Co. Chartered Oct 
1851-. Reg com Fri obfm. Membership 

Edward J Jones, W Master 
A C Doll, S W W H Mattocks, S D 

H M Smith, J W Wm V Watson, J D 
S A Glasford, Treas A G Maple, S S 
J L Fahnestock, Sec Jas N Pierce, J N 

Henry Hornbaker, T 
Akin. James H Hill, Perez 

Bolton, John W Hinkle, Nebas 
Campbell, Guy Howard, Robert A 

Chellew, Joseph Jones, Andrew R 
Dockerty, Wm B Johnston, Wm H 
Duffield, John W Kelly, John B 
Earnest, John King, Alexander 

Fahnestock, Allen L Love, Thomas J 
Fahnestock. ChasE McCook, Alex McD 
Griggs, James McMain, James J 

Haines, Ansel Partridge, Q H 

Hammond, D G Pierce, Henry 
Hebb Samuel Pierce, Josiah 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Pierce, Newton Strube, Ernst 
Roberts, David Strube, Harmon 

Shirck, Daniel Taylor, Eli 

Smith, William H Vaughan, Job 
Somerby, Joseph A 

LANDMABK, No. 422. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1864. Reg 
com every Fri. Ann com 1st Fri Dec. 
Place of meeting cor 37th st and Cottage 
Grove av. Membership 99. 

W Irving Culver, W Master 
W G Purdy, S W Myron S Crego, S D 
J E Chadwick, J W Wm J Graham, J D 
Peter Daggy, Treas F M Donley, S S 
Jno L Bennett, Sec J H Bridgeford, J S 

James G Savage, T 
Ballard, Henry E Johnson, Wm J 

Barron, John M 
Banford, Levi L L 
Beecham, H K 
Blair, Claudius 
Blair. Francisco 
Blair, George W 
Blair, Thomas B 

Kennicott, J A 
Kerr, George W 
Krepps, James W 
Laduc, T F 
Launder, Wm H 
Lee, George 
Lorensen, John P 

Bowman, Daniel M McEwan, John 

Bradford, Albert J McKean, John S 

Brouse, Orrin R Martwich, Julius 

Brown, A F Maurve, Bery F 

Burbank, A P Moulton, J T 

Burchel), Joseph E Munson, Francis 

Burns, John Ii Myers, J C 

Cade, Samuel T Neely, John C 

Calder, Arthur J Nocquet, James 

Carter, Ii R 
Clark, D G 
Clarke, Thomas C 
Clark, William W 
Colby, J S 
Cool, D M 
Cotter, Cornelius P 
Crego, David R 
Craig, Robert 
Crccher, Albert H 

Norris, Joseph 
Odom, George M 
Parker, Charles 
Potter, D W 
Pratt, Charles L 
Purdy, William H 
Rand, William H 
Reynolds, C H 
Reynolds, FD 
Roberts, John J 

De Golyer, Frank G Root, Daniel E 

Dennis, Paul 
Excell, Robert 
Fellows, Eugene J 
Fobes, E W 
Fuller, Hiram W 
Gilleland, TheoF 
Gillett, Truman S 
Gil more, Frank 
Gray, Edmund B 

Schauten, John L 
Shibley, Byron W 
Shibley, James J 
Smith, William H 
Sunter, Charles 
Thorndyke, John P 
Tiffany, Henry S 
Tucker, James I 
Vail, C A 

Hammond, Isaac B Vanderbogert, H R 

Harris, Mvron 
Harvey, H A 
Harvey, L II 
Hayne, F E 
Hills, Erasmus W 
Hurd, Edwin R 

Walker, Joseph 
Warwick, James 
Webster, Aaron B 
Willett, Consider H 
Williams, Richard 
Young, Alex E 

LA PRAIRIE, No. 267. 

LA PRAIRIE, Adams Co. Chartered 
Oct 1858. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann com 
reg o b Dec 27, Membership 39. 

Robert A Bacon, W Master 
W J Strickler, SWAB Burke, J W 

Saml C Moss, Treas J L Strickler, S D 
Chas M Kern, Sec John Bennett, J D 

John Prother, T 
Adams, Archibald Hagsett, William 
Ashley, Andrew p m Hoyt, Daniel W p M 
Balfour, Nixon Graham, J J 

Barrel Is, George C Ketchum, A J p m 
Bennett, Jacob Leech, Josiah 

Bennett, James N Lyle, John 
Bucklin, Samuel Pearce, Augustus F 
Burke, Samuel Prother, Thomas C 

Chambers, Charles Shirrick, John W 
Cook, Joseph Stormer, John W 

Cromwell, Joseph Stone, James 
Crossland, Elijah Strickler, Abram R 
Drake, James M A Strickler, Joseph W 
Elliott, William B Strickler, W M 
Hennick, N eele Swartz, R C 
Hicox, Rosel 

LAVELY, No. 203. 

WILLIAMSVILLE, Sangamon County. 
Chartered Oct 1856. Reg com Sat a f m. 
Ann com reg o b Dec 27. Membership 51. 

Nintain K Tatlor, W Master 
John A Pierce, S W Orin S Webster, S D 
D C Duncan, J W Jas B Kiplinger, J D 
Isaac J Taylor, Tr Jas B Langston, S S 
I F Constant, Sec Henry V Taylor, J S 

Francis H Cover, T 
Avlesworth, Perry Groves, George 
Bair, John H Groves, George A 

Brittin, Evans Groves, Isaac 

Callaman, Geo W Groves, John H 
Canterbury, O P Jones, Samuel H 
Can trail, Charles Larew, Jerry 
Cline, William McClelland, Robert 

Constant, Nathan E McClelland, Tnos L 
Council, H F M McClure, Charles 

Council, Robert McCue, Edward T 
Council, William R Manson, John 
Cresse, Edward Miller, Henry 

Dalby, George Stephens George 

Donnon, Benjamin Til son, P D 

Dunlap, James 
Fetter, John 
Flagg, Cornelius 
Frietag, Charles 
Fulkerson, Abram 
Gilbreath, WmC 
Glasscock, James 

Turley, SS 
Van Meter, A D 
Van Meter, Edward 
Van Meter, James B 
Winn, J Y 
White, William H 

LAWN RIDGE, No. 415. 

LAWN RIDGE, Marshall Co. Char- 
teredOct 1864. Reg com Wed o b f m. 
Ann com Dec. Membership 30. 

John- Morris, W Master 
R S Kilerore, S W Frank E Stone, S D 
John A Titus, J W Phillip Peck, J D 
S Cornell, Treas John E Willard, S S 
Eri H Mallory, Sec Edward Bragg J S 

W E Smith, T 
Cooper, Casius M Marshall, Henry 
Cornell, John W Montgomery, John 
Davidson, Richard Peterson, William 
Green, Nathaniel P Phillips, John B 
McVicker. Jos N Powell, Cyrus 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Powell, Leander Vining, William H 

Sickles, Edward Will, Robert 

Speers, William Wilmot, Stephen B 

Stickler, William Wilmot, William H 

Stowell, Elijah Wilmot, X C 

lebanonTno. 110. 

LEBANON, St Clair Co. Chartered Oct 
1850 Reg com Tues o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 75. 

William B Bradsby, W Master 
John Swears, S W G E Monk, S D 
SRNorris, JW Henry Seiter, J D 
A Sanspier, Treas H J Blanck, S S 
S A Jones, Sec John Reiman, J S 

Thomas M Parker, T 
Alvis, D H Morey, Peter 

Atwood, C Morris, Joseph 

Barten, D B Morris, Lewis 

Berger, Adolph Newman, J B 

Berger, L A Newman, Thomas T 

Bitzer .Daniel Nichols, Isaac 

Blair, F O Palmer, E J 

Black, John Peasold, Fred 

Black, William M Peterson, J L 
Bradsby, F M Porter. William 

Bryan, James R Rankin, James 
Calhoun, O M Reichenbecher, L J 

Chamberlain, J M Bernhardt, Charles 
Cook, J H Reuter, Charles J 

Cunningham, R S Schmidt, Jurgen 
Eckert, T W Scott, Phillip 

French, EL Simmons, H H 

Hallar, James Smith, J A 

Handsaker, John Smith, John M 
Hanover, H D Smith, Silas 

Hinckley, Samuel Smith, William J 
Hutchinson, Charles Sublett, James H 
Hypes, Benjamin Thomas, James 
Hypes, Joseph Thompson, P A 

Hypes, William H Wallace, James 
Russell, Robert Wangdine, W E 

Lasley, L D Watkins, J R 

Learman, George W Webb, Jean F 
Leggett, W C Whiting, A 

Lucers, J A Whittlesey, Louis 

McCoy, H Williams, W D 

Meguire, A S Woods, William I 

Moore, M L 

LEE CENTBE, No. 146. 

LEE CENTRE, Lee Co. Chartered Oct 
1854. Reg com Fri o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 44. 

Darius Sawyer, W Master 
T Nicksolson, S W Clark E Loomis, S D 
Ralph B Evitts, J W William Leake, J D 
Rev R Hullah, Chap L T Wellman. S S 
W Salsbury, Treas G A Lyman, J S 
Benj F Lane, Sec Cardon R Dewey, T 
Bahn, John Crombie, John 

Bliss, Volney Fairchilds, Charles 

Blunt, George Franklin, Lane 

Brown, Russell M Frost, William S 
Cary, Joseph M Hartshorn, Fred 

Casey, James Henry, J Emanuel 

Chadwick, Charles Hicks, Wallace 
Chadwick, Lot Hill, Jacob N 

Kelly, John 
Leake, John F 
Linn, Charles F 
Linn, George W 
Lyman, T A 
Mead, J M 
Morey, Edwin 
Morgan, William E 
Phillips, James 

Phillips, Shipperd 
Reed, James 
Sawyer, Charles F 
Sawyer, L C 
Stark s, Samuel S 
Tait, John F 
Trowbridge, Sabin 
Warnick, George G 

LELAND, No. 558. 

LELAND, La Salle Co. Chartered Oct 
1867. Reg com 1st and Sd Wed. Ann com 
Wed o b Dec 27. Membership 29. 

George J Monroe, W Master 
J S Van Deusen, S W Robert Knight, S D 
Thos L Welsh, J W H T Thompson, J D 
L C Ball, Treas Frank G Brown, S S 

Arthur H Dale, Sec H B George, J S 

Thomas Abrahamson, T 
Bothwest, Samuel B Nelson, Erasmus H 
Brigman, Charles Park, Matthew 
Clopeaddle, Fred Pattee, Harrison 
Cove, William G Purington, Benj F 
George, William H Rogers, Benjamin F 
Hanson, EliasH Rogers, Lora 
Herrick, George J Shepard, Amos D 
Hutchinson, Wm R Watson, George F 
Knight, Daniel Whitson, Joseph 

McKindley, Hugh N 

LEMONtTno. 708. 

LEMONT, Cook Co. Chartered Oct 1873. 
Reg com alternate Thurs. Mem 24. 

Wm P Pierce, W Master 
Thos J Huston, S W S L Derby, S D 
Geo W Briffett, J W Aug D Freeman, J D 
L W Park, Treas Wm Erwin, S S 
John Brooks, Sec Wm Bevington, J S 

Francis Bridges, T 
Barnes, Thomas H Erwin, A W , 
Box. James Hird, Edward 

Burns, James Matherson, William 

Clifford, James P Norton, Isaac C 
Coates, Felix Shattuck, J S 

Dennison, Thomas Thomas, P P 
Eberhard, John Van Buren, B 

LENaT^o- 174. 
LENA, Stephenson Co. Chartered Oct 
1855. Reg com Wed o b f m. Ann com 
reg o b Dec 27- Membership 72. 

Adam Kemper, W Master 
John Metz, S W Wyman Roe, S D 
J H Gunsaul, J W W Schermerhorn, J D 
Zaeh Stover, Treas Emanuel Kailey, S S 
Elias Stamm, Sec John Seise, J S 

Peter Seise, T 
Albee. Harvey Corning, William 

Albright, William Daws, William W 
Austin, Hiram M Dodds, Samuel J 
Babbitt, Charles W Grigsby, Lewis M 
Baird, Benj F Hayes, David W 

Baysinger, Regin Hayes, William 
Bowker, Wm E Heiter, Henry L 

Bj'ers,Fred W Houser, Christian F 

Clark, William J Janssen^ Allen 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Kappes, Valentine 
Kaufman, Pat'k H 
Kaufman, Thos J 
Kraul, George W 
Leigh, Jesse D 
McEathron, Alex 
McFatrich, James 
Merrill, Benj W 
Muliux, Edward 
Murphy, Martin 
Newcomer, Jas W 
Osburn, David W 
Oshurn, John B 
Osburn, William T 
Packer. Daniel B 
Pattison, Richards'n 
Perrin, Xoah 
Pickard, Joseph C 
Pickard, Lorenzo F 
Prindle, Edwin R 
Quance, Henry 
lieese, Abel J 
Reese, Daniel J 

Robey, Cyrus A 
Roush, Cornelius 
Russell, Gardner T 
Ryerly, Marion S 
Schermerhorn, J M 
Schermerhorn, Win 
Sechler, Joseph 
Shannon, Alex 
Sisson, Christopher 
Slaight, James W 
Stahl, Andrew H 
Stahl, William W 
Steinmetz, Jared A 
Waite, Charles 
Weaver, Abraham 
Wire, Benjamin F 
Wire, John N 
Wilcoxen, Regin 
Wilkinson, A L 
Winter, William 
Young, Andrew 
Young, William 

LEROY, No. 221. 

LEROY, McLean Co. Chartered Oct 
1856. Reg com Tues o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 65. 

M Stout, W Master 
I N Kaufman, S W A B Johnson, S D 
L Wilcox, J W William Joues, J D 

Rev J B Sevmore, C R C Hallowell, S S 
D Cheney. Treas Thos L Smith, J S 
Benj F Aj'ton, T 
Jess, Michael 

C A Barle}\ Sec 

Arnold, John 

Bamum, Samuel F Kelly, Thomas M 

Brown, Elijah E Kimler, Frank 

Baumgardner. J F Lacy, William C 

Bingham, Elbert C Lewis, Thomas M 

Brigham, Fletcher 
Birhey, Oliver 
Bishop, Alien. T 
Bishop, Lewis L 

Little, Jehu 
Long, Jonathan 
London, Samuel C 
KcKinnie, Charles 

Br indie};, Benjamin Metchi, John P 

Buck, Hiram 
Cope, Charles 
Craig, John J 
Cranmer, John G 
Crumbaugh. F M 
Dunlap, Thomas F 
Feustemaker, B F 

Montgomery Jas 
Myerr Charles C 
Parks, LeRoy H 
Pearce, George W 
Phillips, D H T 
Robinson, John H 
Savage, James M 

Ferguson. Marcus E Smith, A Frazer 
Gilmore, Thojnas Sterling, Benjamin 

Greenmann, E E 
Hampson, Win C 
Hazel, James W 
Hines, William 
Howard, Robert S 

Sterling, Samuel 
Taylor, Lee R 
Thomas, Andrew J 
Walt, Pleasant P 
Whitlock, S H 

Huddleston. Reuben Williams, Henry 
Humphrey, N G Williams, John W 
Iden, Thomas J Wirt, Rush 

LESSINaTNo. 557. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1867. Reg 
com 1st and 3rd Tues. Place of meeting 
12 N Clinton st. Membership 76. 
_ „William Swisslee, W Master 
W Heinemann, S W A Mueller, J W 

Wm Shade, Treas 
A Gichan, Sec 
Lorenz Mattern S D 
Ahrens, Henry 
Amberg, Frank 
Ambrecht, Louis 
Bisk, Jacob 
Boldenweck, Louis 
Brown, John 
Burkbart, William 
Degenfeld, Henry 
Dreyer, Hugo 
Feldkamp, John 
Friedrich, Franz 
Gottfried, Matthew 
Griesmann, Jno T 
Gross, Jacob 
Gross, Jacob jr 
Gutgesell, John 
Hahne, William 
Heintz, Louis 
Hesing, Anton C 
Hirsch, Clemens 
Hoffman, John 
Hoffolk, H J 
Jahns, Henry 
Kadisch. Charles J 
Karls, Theodor 
Klein, John P 
Koltenbach, Chas 
Kredlow, Louis 
Linde, Christian 
Mass, Philip 
Mueller, George H 
Mueller, Louis 
Mutschlechner, Otto 

Frank Nolte, J D 
L Spangenberg. S S 
Andrew Bischoff, J S 
Koch, T 
Oswald, August 
Peterson, Christian 
Pottgeiser, Henry 
Reinhart, William 
Remin, Ernst 
Rietz, Charles 
Rieck, John 
Rietz, August 
Rietz, Frederick 
Roebelen, Hermann 
Rohr, Frank 
Rocs, George 
Rueprecht, Gustave 
Ruh, Valentine 
Salsmann, Charles 
Schmidt, Edward 
Schumann, Chas F 
Schwartz, GP 
Slauss, John M 
Steinhaus, George 
Steinmiiler, Philip 
Sriefel, Hermann 
Stracker, Henry 
Strauss, Henry 
Strobacker, Herman 
Thurmann, Henry 
Ulrich, Julius 
Ulrich, Ravmond 
Walz, George 
Warnecke, Conrad 
Wibeil, G David 
Wiedemann, B 
Wunderiing, Henry 

LEVI LUSK, No. 270. 

ARLINGTON, Bureau Co. Chartered 
Oct 1858. Reg com Wed o b f m. Ann 
com reg o b Dec 27. Membership 47. 

R B VA2f Law, W Master 
L O Hills, SW J Gibson, SD 

W H Robinson, J W G E Tompkins, J D 
Rev W A Cross, Ch Jno M Wilson, S S 
T T Larking, Treas J Buckingham, J S 
M D Paxson, Sec Joseph Van Meter. T 
Barrett, John H McGann, Thomas 
Barrett. Robert Maul, Thomas A 

Barse, George R Mellow, William G 
Bowcher, Daniel Michaels, Morris 
Campbell, A Morrison, Joseph 

Cheesman, John T Moulton, Nathan T 
Cochran, John Park, Robert 

Corley, Martin Paxson, Joseph D 

Crispeil, Edward P Phillips, John Henry 
Dodge, Henry Prescott, Samuel P 

Field, John T Shaw, Eben A 

Gray, Nathan Short, John J 

Hildebrand, John T Van Meter, John F 
Haley, Frank Warren, Charles C 

Hills, Elijah J Watson, James 

Hoover, Christopher Whipple, Samuel C 
Lawrence, D M Wier, Hiram G 

Laws, Edward R Winters, James 
Lippincott, Robert 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

LEWISTOWN, No. 104. 

LEWISTOWN, Fulton Co. Chartered 
Oct 1851. Reg com Fri o b f ra. Mem 57. 

Edwaed F Mooee, W Master 
H Baughman, S W Francis P Paull, S D 
1ST F Brace, J W Milton Cain, J D 
Wm W Fox, Treas Hy B McFall, S S 
Isaiah C Worly, Sec Wm II Hupp, J S 

E J Brown, T 
Ayers, Sheldon G Lewis, William W 
Barnes, Elijah McElwee, George 

Barnes, G McMullen, Horace 

Bearce, Orson Mauss, Jacob 

Bryant, Henry L Munson, Adelbert P 
Clute, H V V Peirsol, John H 

Duncan, Thomas P Peirsol, Millard G 
Fisher, Che,jselden Porter, Isaac 
Ford, George W Proctor, John W 
Fothergiil, Wm H Ross, Lewis W 
Freeman, Dexter Shuert, Thomas P 
Fressner, James Standard, Perry J 
Gustin, John Strauss, Solomon 

Hair, John Talbott, C W 

Hasson, William R Tompkins, Charles B 
James, Lawrence W Wedge, Dudley C 
Johnson, John W Weirauch, Martin 
Judd, S Corning Wertman, John 
Kerby, William C Wheeler, Howard O 
Lancaster, James Whitaker, George 
Lane, F Willison.A 

Lane, James M Worley, Henry V 
Laws, Abner Worley, William C 

Lenhart, Isaac P 

LEXINGTON, No. 482. 

LEXINGTON, McLean Co. Chartered 
Oct 1866. Reg com Thurs obfm. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 57. 

Timothy Robeets, W Master 
WH Kennedy, S W Wm H Russell, S D 
D T Douglas, J W Wm S Kelley, J D 
Rev J S Millrap, Ch John P W Eron, S S 
A J Moon, Treas R H McLean, J S 
Jno L Longstaff, Sec John N Stevenson, T 
Abbott, John W Macy, W H 
Adams, James Moon, James 

Bailey, Crawford Newgan, John L 
Beem, Reese B Ogden, Albert 

Bennett, John Pawley, John W 

Biggs, A E Shade, S S 

Bowers, Charles A Skelley, William 
Camahan, John Smith, M R 
Cassidy, John Smith, Shelton 

Davidson, A B Smith, William L 

Dawson, John Smith, William M 

Doyle, James A Stiller, Charles 
Dement, R S Stevenson, R p m 

Dennison, Joseph Underwood, D S 
Elbert, William Valentine, William 
Franklin, James N Vanderman, J A 
Harpole, Enoch Warner, Hugh W 
Hilbersh, H H Waters, John W 

Hopkins, R M White, John M 

Horney, H Williams, James B 

Knatts, George W Williams, John B 
Lawrence, H Williams, R B 

Lewis, D W Wood, EH 

McMullen, Allen I 

LIBERTY, No. 380. 

LIBERTY, Adams Co. Chartered Oct 
1862. Reg com Thurs obfm. Mem 40. 

Samuel F McBeide, W Master 
Louis Coyer, S W Martin L Roe, fcec 
A M Browning, J WThos Wheeier, S D 
Amos Linn, Treas James Holman, J D 

Morris McBride, T 
Blamer, Edward Hendricks, Saml M 
Booth, Isaac McClintock, Joseph 

Bosen, W R Isham, P 

Buttz, Henry jr McCrorey, James 
Coats, William Martin, James E 

Cook, Chauncy Mations, B R 

Corbin, George W Mations, L S 
Corkins, P G Nations, James 

Cox, William Nations, Joseph 

Daniels, James M Samuels, A M 
Dean, George W Schoffer, George 
Faren, William Stewart, George R 
Franks, William W Tichnor^P 
Gorman, John Trotter, William C 

Grover, Benjamin F Wheeler, A B 
Harris, James W Williams, Robert R 


LIBERTYVILLE, Lake Co. Chartered 
Oct 1866. Reg com 2d and 4th Sat. Ann 
com 2d Sat Dec. Membership 55. 

Laueektine H Howell, W Master 
E B Messer, S W IS Gleason, S D 
F P Dymo ad, J W Harry Bio wse, J D 
Edwin Osborne, Tr L E Penniman, S S 
D E Gibson, Sec Frank M Ray, J S 

A G Fisher, T 
Allanson, John B Lee, Bradley- 
Ay nsley, John H Lee, John G 
Bartlett, Hiram Madden, James 
Blood, William H Merrick, George G 
Brothers, Charles T Messsr, Edwin P 
Bowen,JETarrison Moor, Daly S 

Morgan, William A 
Parkhurst, E W 
Penniman, LG 
Phillipps, Charles 
Phillips, David 
Price, John M 
Price, William 
Russell, Adam 
Scott, Henry P 
Simpson, Andrew 
Trig^s, George 

Cater, William H 

Colby, Byron L 

Colby, Mason B 

Combs. J E 

Cook, Ansel B 

Davies, William E 

Devoe, Elias W 

Douglas, Adrian R 

Dusenberry, E W 

Dusenberry, Robt 

Dymond, William ig^, vrwigc 

Farmer, William G Webb, Alden H 

Fisher, C P Webb, Nelson 

Grant, John C Wenban, Curtis G 

Heath, Isaac Wilson, Edwin 

Hendee, Hosea Wilson, Robert 

Hutchinson, A M 

LIMA7~No. 135. 

LIMA, Adams Co. Chartered Oct 1853. 
Reg com Wed obfm. Ann com Dec 
Membership 44. 

Geoege W Marshall, W Master 
John W Shaw, S W Wm A Abrams. Sec 
A J Ewing, J W J A Vinson, S D 
Jos B Weaver, Tr Isaac J Snipe, J D 
E J3 Vinson, T 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Allen, John W 
Atkinson, Charles 
Barlow, Andrew J 
Brothers, George A 
Brothers, J no Fp m 
Brothers, J W W 
Cary, Edward 
Cheney, Alfred 
Conover, Thaddeus 
Crenham, T 
Dazey, Michael 
Earhart, George 
Enunger, John L 
Enmanger, Philip 
Fawbush, Wm H 
Fossee, Ben W 
Hopkins, John T 
Jackson, Alonzo 

Jacobs, Francis M 
Jacobs, James C 
Jacobs, William 
Kirkpatrick, F C 
Kirkpatrick, J M 
Leiper, James C 
Leiper, Thomas F 
Mc Adams, Wm C 
Neal, Thomas jr 
Perry, J Corbin 
Reager, Conner J 
Shipe, Jacob 
Smith, George 
Thompson, Wm 
VinsomE J 
Wade, W H 
Welshouse, Joseph 

LINCOLN, No. 210. 

LINCOLN, Logan Co. Chartered Oct 
1856. Reg com 1 st and 3d Tues. Ann com 
3d Tues Dec. Membership 71. 

John W Spellman, W Master 
John A Niles, S W John Thomas, S D 
John L Leeds, J W EG Hudson, J D 
S Kohn, Treas A Wilkins, S S 

M Greisheim, Sec Joseph Childs, J S 
Samuel Parker, T 

Backer, D J 
Barngrover, M 
Beno, James 
Bowers, P C 
Bowden, John T 
Burnel, E 

Logan, B F 
McLaughlin, J A 
Miller, A M 
Morris, John C C 
Musick, George 
Musick, Levy 

Campbell, George H Paisley, John B 

Criefield, A R 
Denger, Martin 
Dixon, C H 
Dixon, Levy 
Dustin, William M 
Forbes. Levy 
Fossett, Alexander 
Friend, J J 
Gardner, T G 
Gillham, J C 
Green, J J 
Harvey, George J 
Hilcher, J S 
Hill, T J 
Howser, W W 
Jackson, Edward 
Jenkins, John T 
Johnson, Henry 
Johnson, Samuel 
Jones, William B 
Joseph, Thomas P 
Kochule, FCW 
Larison/Thomas J 
Lattan, Robert B 


CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1869. Reg 
com 1st and 3d Fri. Ann com reg o b 
Dec 27. Place of meeting 869 N Clark St. 
Membership 90. 

M B Cleveland, W Master 
E Cheetham, S W A J Dox, J W 

Parker, George W 
Parker, John H 
Pegran, N E 
Peton, L P 
Plummer, E W 
Randolph, Wm P 
Reissenhurz, H D 
Rethaber, Simon 
Shackelford, E D 
Sims, Luther M 
Smith, John W 
Speer, John 
Speiel, Nicolaus 
Stankey, William G 
Sweitzer, Jacob 
Thompson, Jos B 
Walker, Harvey 
Wallace, Henry 
West, Elijah 
Welkins, Eliiah 
Williams, George W 
Wilson, Robert 
Woods, Preston 

J A Smith, Treas George C Abbott, J D 

C S G Fuller, Sec H Severns, S S 

F W Cleveland's D J J George, J S 

A Fredericks, T 

Aspinwall, M H Lees, Thomas 

Austin, L S Lindh, Axel 

Banker, G B Lloyd, E C 

Bartels, J H A Long, E E 

Beebe, L A McBean, George 

Boitz, F J McGarrigle, W J 

Brinkman, T J McNally, A 

Brooks, Joseph McTavish, N 

Buschwah, M Macauley, W B 

Childs, S D Macauley, George 

Childs, Samuel D Marks, S 

Clybourn, J H Marshall, W A 

Coats, Noyea Martin, W L 

Cook, J D Miller, T W 

Cram, J S Moore, S L 

Crocker, O W Newsome, G 

Cromlish, Thomas Noyes, H C 

Daniels, S Osborn, Charles 

Dodge, W M Owens, L D 

Egarton, A R Patch, A 

Fisher, J S Remington, F A 

Fredericks, J H Rhodes, J C 

Fuller, C W Richards, C 

Gardner. P G Salisbury, J C 

Gerardin, E Schaffner, L 

Gorton, J Schmidt, C A 

Hale, D R Schuneman, F B 

Hamilton, H E Searing, C W 

Hamilton, J C Simmons, C E 

Harrington, B Skinner, A P W 

Hutcnins, J C Smith, W D 

Hedges, S P Stanly, J 

Holt, J G Steinwond, Joseph 

Holton, C C Trucsdell, C G 

Howarth, D Watson, J S 

Howland, H I Wells, Frank 

Klokke, E F C Wheeler, Nicholas 

Kreicker, W Whitney, William 

Kroger, J H Williams, J F 

Lanfersick, G W Williams, J P 
Laux, Cjr 


LITCHFIELD, Montgomery Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1867. Reg com 2nd and 4th 
Thurs. Membership 56. 

William E Bacon, W Master 
A T Kethley, S W Sol Hoagland, S D 
John K Milnor.J W Percy C James, J D 
G A Stoddard, Treas James M Briggs, S 8 
Thomas J Cox, Sec James Collins, J S 

Chester W Parrish, T 
Bacon, Dennis C Goodell, George W 
Beackwelder, J F Goodsell, Horace W 
Best, Wesley Grubbs, S M 

Buler, Jacob Hall, John B 

Colt, John D Hoagland, Martin C 

Cummings, George Hobson, Robert 
Cummings, Warder Hobson. William 
Davenport, Jas W Joice, Michael 
Davenport. J B Kayser, Harmon 

Elliott, William Kethly, Henry 
Fisher, Eh Knaak, Teeodore L 

Fitzgerald, John H Lange, John 
Foglemen, John W Levy, Leopold 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

■McMannus, John H 
Mil nor, Frank 
Orcutt, Frank D 
Samson, Aaron W 
Samson, Hugh M 
Schoen, William B 
Smith, John C 
Slaughter, L E 
Stoddard, Wm A 
Thomas, Joel H 

Trethaway, Edwd L 
Tyler, Jesse 
Tyler. Larken G 
Van Deusen, Delos 
Wallace, D C 
Ward, Charles 
Watson, Henry C 
Weingrafte, Wm 
Woodman, E F 
Yalley, John S 


DWIGHT, Livingston Co. Chartered 
Oct 1862. Eeg com 1st and 3d Mon. Mem- 
bership 57. 

King S Sedgwick, W Master 
Jas B Parsons, S W H A Renyon, S D 
Henry Wright, J W Geo T Burns, J D 
H Eldridge, Treas G A Seymour, S S 
Frank W Ford, Sec — Patterson, J S 

Thomas L Sims, T 
Adams, Silas G Hackett, John A 

Austin, Isaac E Hanson, Peter 

Baker, Alpha Judd, Curtis J 

Baker, John B Keely, Leslie E 

Bathalie, William P Kenyon, Homer A 
Bladen, Walter A Libby, Amos 

Bohan, John 
Borin, William 
Brayton, W M 
Cornell, Charles 

McGooden, Samuel 
Newell, Charles S 
Newell, Henry T 
Nichols, Edwin O 

Crandall, Charles H Rhodes, William 
Crooker, James R Robbins, Horace E 

Cubberlv, Henry 
Cutler, Henry P 
Davis, Frank W 
Donigan, James 
Dunlop, A B 
Dunlop, John W 
Dunlop, Joseph J 
Eaton, John 
Flaglor, Geo Z 
Flaherty, Henry 
Flaherty, Thomas 
Foot, Henry 

Schumm, John F 
Simason, Z 
Sims, Thomas L 
Sims, William S 
Slanson, Joseph H 
Small, Nathan 
Smith, James M 
Smith, Manning 
Smith, Oscar 
Stevens, Hugh A 
Wilson, William S 
SToung, Josiah 

LOAMI, No. 450. 

LOAMI, Sangamon Co. Chartered Oct 
1869. Reg com Wed o b f m. Ann com 
reg o b Dec 27. Membership 62. 

Joseph Jones, W Master 
Stephen Staley, S W Thos Jarrett, S D 
Wm E Joy, J W Jesse J Martin, J D 
Peter Workman, Tr James L Foster, S S 
J C Stansbury, Sec S P Colburn, J S 

John P Davis, T 
Alexander, Hiram Colburn, Levi O 
Baker, Thomas Colburn, W S 

Blood, Augustus Dodd. Charles 
Blood, Ward Dodd, Joshua J 

Brastield, James P Foster, Samuel L 
Browning, A H Gibson, John E 

Campbell, James S Graham, Dee R 
Campbell, Robert D Graham, Thomas 
Campbell, Wm P Granwood, Jas W 
Coburn, John W Greening, John W 
Cochran, Joseph H Hall, Aaron 
Colburn, Eben Hall, James W 

Hall, Wm T 
Henry, Levi 
Holland, Walker 
Hudson, John 
Huffm aster, Robert 
Jacobs, James A 
Kinney, Daniel 
Kirk, Josiah S 
Lucas, Edward W 
McGinnis, Wm 
Miller, James F 
Nye, Marvin J 
Reese, Isaac M 
Sanborn, Jerry D 

Short, James L 
Short, Robert E 
Smith, Martin L 
Sowell, Thomas 
Starr, Wm H 
Stott, John F 
Turpm, James M 
Wilcox, John F 
Wilcox, John L 
Wood, Joshua W 
Workman, Isaac 
Workman, Saml M 
Workman, Wm B 

LOCKPORT, No. 538. 

LOCKPORT, Will Co. Chartered Oct 
1867. Reg com 1st and 3d Thurs. Mem- 
bership 71. 

Charles H Bacon, W Master 
Charles L Stone, S W John Mackie, S D 
M J Backus, J W Wm M Stowe, J D 
F Hopkins, Treas James D Frazer, S S 
Wm C Fisher, Sec Chas N Sprague, J S 
Peter Miller, T 

Alderman, AS 
Ayers, Mahlon 
Backus, John C 
Bacon, E R 
Baker, James S 
Bush, Henry L 
Casey, James E 

Killmer, Reuben W 
Lamb, Albert C 
Le Carron, Henry 
Leonard, Goorge 
Lotz, Jacob F 
Lynn, Randall 
Lyon, George 

Campbell, Harry C McNaught, James 

Caswell, Edward R Mason, Stephen 

Chamberlain, S S 

Champion, Fred S 

Chidsey, Darwin 

Clark, Homer R 

Clay, Charles 

Coxon, George E 

Deeming, Arthur 

Denton, William J 

Dougall, William 

Eddy, Henry G 

Miller, Henry 
Moon, Orrin W 
Morse, Curtis 
Nicholson, H F 
Nobes, Isaac 
Norton, George B 
Olefield, John 
Paxon, Amos C 
Paxon, Luther C 
Potter, George 
Emerson, William M Rouse, William B 

Evans, William 
Fisher, William K 
Frazer, Harmon V 
Gerrish, James L 
Godfrey, Joseph S 

Sisson, George W 
Stees, Gilbert W 
Stenger, Emuel 
Sprague, Thomas J 
Taylor, J Grovenor 

Gooding, Edward L Taylor, Horace 

Van Buren, Evart jr 
Walters, Michael 
Whitley, Robert 

Goodwin, E B 

Hanley, William 

Harris, Thomas S 

Johnson, George R Williams, Ira 

Killmer, James 

LOCUST, No. 623. 

OWANECO, Christian Co. Chartered 
Oct 1869. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 31. 

A B Leeper, W Master 
T Hunter, S W John C Handel, S D 

A Wilson, J W Thos H Cape, J D 

J W Hunter, Treas D C Cowgill, S S 
John J Danford, Sec Wm Lynd, J S 

Jeremiah Millhow, T 
Atkinson, Robert Baker, Phillip 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Butt. Dias 
Cochran, B C 
Cummings, John 
DeBarr, Adolphus 
Ebert, Phillip P 
Fleming, Enoch 
Hatton, Robert 
Henderson, R M 
Lakin, T N 
Large, Samuel 

Law, Thomas 
Leeper, William P 
McShea, Royal 
Maxwell, William H 
Meell, Henry L 
Murry, John R 
Okey, M G 
Winters, F M 
Work, James A 

LODI, No. 594. 

LODI, Kane Co. Chartered Oct 1868. 
Reg com 2d and 4th Wed. Membership 20. 

E P Robertsox, W Master 
F C Vanblack, S W Fredk Tuttle, Sec 
E O Rood, J W C E Smiley, S D 

H Renwick, Treas L G Smith, J D 

R H Smiley, T 
Blackman, Seth B Kelsey, Alonzo H 
Brown, Thomas J McMerchie, Jno 
Burk, Michael Mack, Thomas 

Guslcr, Jacob Royce, O O 

Holdridge, Edward Smiley, Samuel S 
Hoyt, Henry B Tuttle, Frederick C 

Keefe, Culler 

LOGAN, No. 480. 

LINCOLN, Logan Co. Chartered Oct 
1866. Reg com 2d Tues. Anncom2dTues 
Dec. Membership 66. 

David Gillespie. W Master 
A D Skelton, S W J D Bumcrats, S D 
A McGalliard, J W Levi Rosenthal, J D 
Sam Stern, Treas Geo M Hawley, S S 
W A Corwine, Sec Saml H Guttery, J S 
Furman Thorn, T 

Little, William D 
Llovd. A W 
McKee, A S 
McMayhan, Robert 

Beach, Timothy T 
Benner, Joseph F 
Blacker, Robert 
Blinn, Edward D 
Bolin, Benjamin 
Bowman, Samuel 
Boyden, Frederick 
Burton, Edward 
Buswell, James H 
Chowning, Geo W 
Condell, J W 
Couch, Charles 

Mayneld, Abraha 
Murphy, Joseph 
Nessley, Harry H 
Nessley, Samuel H 
Newkirk, Thomas 
Pegram, Thomas 
Perry. TB 
Ragsdale, John S 

Corwine, Thomas J Rankin, Sinet 
Crain, William H Rankin, William 

Damarin, John 
Davis, Ezra N 
Davis, L B 
Derby, William H 
Foley, Stephen A 
Fox, John G 
Gillespie. James 
Hobblit, James S 
Horton. W H 
Houk, H W 
Hunting, N C 

Roach, Henry 
Ross, J C 
Rowell, William B 
Russell, H G 
Schreiber, George C 
Sharon, Hugh 
Skellev, Frederick S 
Smith,"" Edward W 
Splain, Robert 
Stephenson, L 
Stewart, John M 

James, Benjamin F Van Patten, J M 
Jones, John L Warren, George 

Lee, William C Waters. Samuel 

LOSTANT, No. 597. 

LOSTANT, La Salle Co. Chartered Oct 
1868. Reg com 2d and 4th Sat. Member- 
ship 32. 

William F Willey, W Master 
Nelson Dugan, S W E F Dougan, S D 
W S Bobertson, J W G C Spring, J D 
H U Robison, Treas S P Massey, S S 
Frank Foulke, Sec Henry Grove, J S 

Jonathan Page, T 
Blair, William Mortinson, Peter 

Casey, John Phillips, John 

Fisher, Asa PhilsomJ W 

Goheen, Hugh Pierce, Enos 

Haerins, William Rosehall, Richard 
Hailey, William Schermerhorn, A C 
Knapp, Abram Spring, William F 

McManus. James Stonebraker,ChasM 
Mills, John H Ulmer, George 

Mitchell, Jesse P Wood, Eli C 
Moore, James Wood, Gideon 


LOUISVILLE, Clay Co. Chartered Oct 
1856. Reg com Thur o b f m. Member- 
ship 56. 

Charles W Appeesox, W Master 
John H Odell, S W S A Apperson, S D 
Geo W Smith, J W Ben Hagle, J D 
Thos J Farris, Treas E N Hopkins, S S 
Richd J Burns, Sec H H Rayburn, J S 

John C Smith, T 
Apnerson, John A Miller, Heber R 
Apperson, Francis Miller, Joseph D 
Beal, Andrew K Miner, Henry C 
Beck, Benjamin F Monical, George W 
Boyles, James M Moore, Henry 
Bvers, David L Moore, William A 

Chase, David H Neff, Adam J 

Chesley, Hiram H Newbv, William 
Cormell, Thomas F Pearson, Reuben W 
Davis, Caleb R Plant, Levi Moses 

Dunn, John Rotan, Byron J 

Erwin, Crawford Ravburn,LvcurgusF 
Erwin, John Reynolds, Benj F 

Golden, Wesley Sabine, Charles W 

Henry, George W Steinbrich, Ch A 
Hill, Henrv H Stephenson, Fred D 

Hungate, George W Sullivan, John W jr 
Johnson, Sylvester Surrels, Benjamin F 
Kenan, Patrick Turner, Benjamin F 

Kendall, Cyrus D Waller, J L 
Kurr. John T Wheeler, Ariel 

Luiss, James Wilders, James 

McCollum, Adam jr Young, James D 

LOVINGrTON, No. 228. 

LOVINGTON, Moulton Co. Chartered 
Oct 1857. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 58. 

James A Geegoey, W Master 
W G Cochran, S W James W Peset. S D 
David C Chase, J W O T Atchison. J D 
Joel Freeman, Tr Milton C Foster, S S 
Byron Cheever, Sec W M Aldridge, J S 

Thomas W D McCroy, T 
Atherton, Geo W Anderson, Marion J 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Aubert, William S 
Bailey, George T 
Bandy, John P 
Banks. Zachariah Z 
Bradley, John E 
Bundy, Isaac N 
Campbell, A K 
Chase, Francis M 
Collett, Tneodore H 
Crum, Wesley 
Cutler, George W 
Dawson, William C 
Dumond, Jacob 
Dunscomb, Elisha J 
Dunscomb, John H 
Ecord, Peter J 
Fanston, Thomas X 
Foster, William J 
Freeman, John C 
Hamilton, Chas M 
Harris, George W 
Hosteller, CML 
Howell, John T 

Kensel, Smith 
Keyes, William 
Landers, Frank 
Love, Evan J 
McClary, William 
Martin, John 
Milligan, Charles M 
Milligan, Francis K 
Minor, Henry M 
Moody, Matthew H 
Moore, James 
Morrell, Edward L 
Myers, Levi 
Nichols, Curtis L 
Reynolds, Thos F 
Smith, James M 
Stewart, David E 
Thompson, Leon B 
Weakley, William 
White, William 
Woods, Samuel S 
Wren, Miles E 
Wright, Jesse 

LUCE, No. 439. 

QUINCY-. Adams Co. Chartered Oct 
1865. Reg com 1st and 3d Thur. Ann 
com 1st Thur Dec. Membership 66. 
William M Avis, W Master 
J Shepherd, S W F W Tansman, S P 
F Silberman.J W Geo R Pfeiffer, J D 
T T Woodruff, Treas John Riley, S S 
H H Hoffman, Sec E R Kaylor, J S 

OW Gallup, T 
Aldrich, James Lageman, Henry F 

Allen, Leonard J Lesom, Isaac H 
Allen, William F Levi, Gustav 
Amery, Samuel A Mallory, J W 
Avery, James E Mitchell, Thomas J 

Avis, William Epm Nelke, Ferdinand 
Basrett, Moses F Nicho!s, J S Bentz 
Beatty, John B Parker, L D p m 

Bloom, Caleb Richardson, C H 

Brinkolter, John H Richardson, Jas H 
Brown, John Q_ Rogers, Hiram A 
Chenoweth, AW Rohland, D P 
Collar, E Silberman, Adolph 

Collen, Thomas F Silberman, Sigmund 
Crawford, Wm H Stewart, James H 
Cuyler, Walter F Stewart, Robert 
Deshazo, George W Storne, Charles 
East, W H B Sturgess, Samuel M 

Ewing, William G Tansman, August 
Harris, Daniel Tansman, Herman H 

Harvey, Wm p m Trobridge, Chas H 
Hirsch, Solomon Wagner, Caleb S 
Inghram, John T Wayne, William J 
Irwin, John Wilhermsdorfer, G 

Ives, A Williamson, Wm P 

Johnston, FGpm Wittv, John F 
Joseph, A C Woodruff, T Drury 

Joseph. Wolf Wright, Charles H 

LUMBERMAN'S, No. 717. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1874. Reg 
com every Thurs. Ann com reg o b Dec 
27. Place of meeting — Halsted st. Mem- 
bership 46. 

S S Buffam, W Master 
T B Simpson, S W W A Wright, S D 
Henry Pratt, J W Fred Burcling, J D 
Rev J Holden, Chap Frank Rowes, S S 
US Childs, Treas Horace Acree, J S 

J P Higgins, Sec 
Ashley, Edward M 
Baker, Christians 
Bartley, M W jr 
Bowes, Eranklin 
Brown, George P 

G R Chapel, T 
Guthman, D 
Hobut, Max 
Jewell, Frank 
Jones, Charles A 
Knowles, George C 

Caffman, George A Krautsberg, John F 
Curtis, George C Kreig, Con F 

Dawes, Robert 
Dethloff, August 
Downer, Chas F L 
Falrey, P J 
Feaser, John W 
Gifford, John H 
Gibson, Frank B 

Parkin, Richard D 
Rooney, Thomas 
Sherrenberg, John 
Simpson, Harvey 
Smith, Henry 
Spalding, P 
Taylor, Fitch A 

Goodfriend, Samuel Toffan, Frank L 
Grist, Joseph P Turner, Edward 

Guiles, George B Walker, John 
Guthman, Charles 

McHENRY, No. 158. 

McHENRY, McHenry Co. Chartered 
Oct 1854. Reg com Satobf m and two 
weeks after. Ann com reg Sat o b Dec 
27. Membership 37. 

Smtth Seaels, W Master 
Simon Coville, S W Philo D Smith, S D 
Rollin Waite, J W John M Smith, J D 
Rev H C Allen, Chap Oliver W Owen, S S 
A T Hubbard, Treas Henry Colby J S 
George Gage, Sec Pulaski Allen, T 
Bishop, Richard Hogan, John 
Buckland, R A Harrison, Charles 

Carr, Jabez Howard, O J 

Colby, Charles C Mory. Charles H 
Colby, Page Nurse, Joseph E 

Colyer, Sheldon Perry, James B 
Cristy, Joseph W Pick, Benjamin F 
Curtis, Charles B Smith, David S 
Dodge, Solomon Smith, Harrison C 
Dosan, Frank B Smith, John C 
Dosan, John H Smith, John M 

Dufieid, Robert L Smith, John W 
Drodley, Horace Wattles, Horner 
Gilbert, Benjamin 

McLEAN, No. 469. 

McLEAN, McLean Co. Chartered Oct 
1866. Reg com 2d and 4th Mon. Ann 
com reg o b Dec 27. Membership 32. 
H aret son W Wood, W Master 
James D Taylor. S W John H Taylor, S D 
C Snedeker, J W John Yates, J D ■ 
C C Aldrich, Treas Amos R Stoner, S S 
George Church, Sec Geo Foreman, J S 

Nelson Cunningham, T 
Archer, Lafayette Kenyon. Dennis 
Bachman, Hiram W Kinney, Samuel B 
Briargs, William T Leach, Sumuel I 
Crain, Andrew J McFarland. Daniel 
Ewing. William W McGeary, Thomas . 
Finch, William Palmer, David G 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Palmer, James Spencer, Roswell T 

Pierce, Tavener Stubblefield, Eclwd 
Preshau, John M Walker, Samuel 
Rawlins, Austin Whe2lock, C W 
Skelly, William D F Youngman, Geo W 

MACKINAW, No. 132. 

MAC KIN AW, Tazewell Co. Chartered 
Oct 1053. Reg com Mon obfni. Mem- 
bership 39. 

D Beckley, W Master 
J L Gunnel, S W N Campbell, S D 
C W Search, J W John Lutz, J D 
Philip Smith, Treas Geo Patterson, S S 
L M Brock, Sec W M Watson, J S 

Reuben Sargent, T 
Allensworth, Jas E McKay, William 
Barton, Cyrus A Moore, Win A 
Boucher, Joseph L Pcndergast, John M 
Bowyer, Thomas F Phillips, David 
Clemsan, M Perry, O&kar F 

Davis, Joseph L Puterbaugh. John 
Elliott, C J Rogers, Lewis H 

Fesler, Dominique Sargent, E D 
Fletcher, E R Shoemaker, Wm 

Harris, Wm B Smith, A C 

Haybarger, John C Sparks, Richard 
Hittle, George Wheeler, Wm M 

Hittle, Lewis T Williamson, Geo T 

Judy, John Wilson, Geo W 

Kilby, Frank O 

MACOMbTno. 17. 

MACOM3, MeDonough Co. Chartered 
Oct 1843. Re? com 1st Fri. Mem 82. 

Albert Eads, W Master 
Thos J Farley, S W Jas W Wyne, S D 
Amos R Lodge, J W Jas F Shannon, J D 
Ed MeDonouxh, Tr James Hume, S S 
I N Pearson, Sec Char es Kline, J S 

Chauncey Case, T 
Adcock, Joseph T Gill, Beni F 

Adcock, Thomas 
Applegate, Ja3 T 
Archer, John 
Barileson, H R 
Beard, Thos J 
Bolles, Edgar 
Brooking, Alex V 

Graft m, Jos3ph 
Hall, Ge jr^e P 
Hall, JohnX N 
Harding, Chas N 
Jacobs, M F 
Johnson, William 
Johnson, Wm C 

Campbell, James M Knappenberger, J 
Chapman, James A Kyle, Frank R 
Chase, Henry Kyle, James B 

Churchill, C Lawrence, Cyrus A 

Clingston, John B Lawrence, Richard 
Davis, Wm H Lawson, David 

Delaney, Patrick H Lewis, Andrew 
Dewey, Stewart P Lightner, Arthur B 

Dixon, Amos 
Dodson, Geo W 
Douglass, Uriah T 
Durr, Joseph 
Ervin, Hugh 
Ervin. William 
Ervin, William M 
Farwell, G L 
Frost, Samuel 
Garrett, Loren 
Seer, William A 

Lipe, Wm M 
Lyon, Jos3ph 
McLean, Alex 
Marshall. Horace 
Martin, Joseph M 
Maury, Thomas B 
Moore, John C 
Mosher, John 
Nichols, John R 
Nickel, Joseph B 
Odell, Wm E 

Patrick, George W 
Price, Thomas J 
Rexroat, James 
Reynolds, John C 
Rice, William H 
Robbins, C C 
Roberts, James C 
Ross, Harvey L 
Sackett, Freeman 

Sherbine, David B 
Stocker, Louis 
Strader, Simeon 
Strauss, Jonas 
Trull, Geo C 
Twyman, Henry C 
Wadsworth, S G 
Wiles, B N 

MACON, No. 8. 

DECATUR, Macon Co. Chartered Oct 
1811. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 141. 

Elisha D Carter, W Master 
Wm H Gipson, S W Walter J Taylor, S D 
Wm W Foster, J W A L Roberts, J D 
Wm L Hammer, Tr Hanry Baurer, S S 
Jas S Carter, sec James L Reese, J S 

David P Churchman, T 
Able, Thomas J Henkle, Renson N 

Adams, Charles Henney, David F 
Adams, John L Hostetter, George F 

Baker, Anzi H Houck, Hanson T 

Baker, N M Hubbard, John T 

Bankson, Wm L Hughes, David L 
Barnes, Ira H Hummell, Henry 

Barnes, William A Inscha, Thomas 
Bishop, Henry Johnson, Milton 

Bonworth, Jos B Kasson, Michael F 
Boughn, Zachariah Kune, Nathan L 
Boutman, James W Lafever, John A 
Braden, James Y Lambert, Isaac 
Braden, John E Leighman, Henry 
Bright, George W Linn, W H 
Brandon, Harrison McChain, Jasper F 
Brown, William J McCoy, Hamilton 
Bunn, David P McDaniels, Wm G 

Burrows, Lowber McNabb, E 
Carnman, Alex C Maehan, Robert M 
Carman, William B Mahannah, Harvey 
Carpenter, L B Miller, Phirips H 

Cassell, Perry H Mills, Robert H 
Chenoweth, C Montgomery, Dan L 

Churchman, Henry Montgomery. R R 
Condell, Wm J Moore, Jesse H 

Conklin, Abram W Morrison, James R 
Corson, A S Myers, William J 

Cox, Frederick M Neeiey, Robert 
Cross, John Newell, Richard A 

Curtiss, Ira B Nichols, W S 

Dempsey, George Noble, John H 
Downing, Thomas Noble, Silas 
Durhani,J Henry Odor, Josiah Q A 
Eiwood, David P Peake, George B 
Foster, Hickman E Peake, James L 
Fuller, Charles H Peddecord, Jasper J 
Fuller, John N Penniwell. Wm B 

Glare, William Piper, Edward A 

Gorin, J R, p g m Plant, Henry R 
Greer, Samuel F Pope, Willis 
Grindall, William H Rankin, William 
Hallman, William A Richardson, Jas M 
Handlin, Wm C Ricketts, John 

Hargis. George F Risdon, A D 
Harry, William B Roberts, Richard J 
Hawood, Kilburn Roberts, William R 
Haworth, L L Samuels, David W 

Hildebrandt, Theo Samuels, Wm R 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Santer, Joseph Thompson, A J 

Sawyer, John Thompson, W H 

Sheilaberger, .0 S Travis, James 
Sherman, David F Tuttle, Charles A 
Shockley, De Witt C Vance, John S 
Shull, R "Wesley Vance, Nathan S 
Simpson, James Wallace, Andrew J 
Smith, John W Warren, John K 

Sparks, Peter B Watts, Thomas 
Stamper, William T Wentworth, B 
Starr, Joseph G Whitsit, Charles W 

Stevens, Ancil C Wingate, Thomas H 
Stevens, Beirj F Winholtz, Wm E 

Stout, James Wilson, William H 

Swearinger, John A Young, Robert J 
Tanner, Elias Zimmerman, W N 

Taylor, James Y 

MADISOnTno. 560. 

NEW DOUGLAS, Madison Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1867. Reg com Frio bfm. Mem- 
bership 60. 

Abram Allen, W Master 
Wm K Marney, S W Aaron Fleming, S D 
S W Watson, JW R T Murdock, J D 
J, ASaunderson,Tr Bird W Stepp, S S 
Robt Alsop, Sec W K Pembrock, J S 

Malachi A Cline, T 
Averd, Henry Hudson, James H 

Bell, Leonard Ppm Jackson, Charles 
Bell, Leonard P Jackson, James 
Bennett, Joseph Jackson, Thomas R 
Bennett, Samuel Jones, Franklin 
Brigham, William L Jones, Martin 
Brown, William H Kennedy, John O 
Cheeney, David H Kissick, William 
Cline, Alexander P Lectoskey, R 
Cline, Larkin C Liversey, Ellis 

Cline, Perry R Long, John R 

Cooper, Willis J McGilbey, Willis 
Deney, William M McGilbery, Charles 
McKiney, B H 
Marion, Thomas 
Mathews, James H 
Mayo, Isaac J 
Prickett, Thomas M 
Reeves, Thomas 
Sapp, David B 
Skeown, Robert J 

Driskill, John 

Dusenbury, A T 

Earley, M R 

Foster, Alonzo 

Foster, John W 

Fulk, Israel 

Gambol, Aaron 

Gehrig, John 

Greening, James A Smith, William R 

Herem, George Vance, Robert W 

Hill, Burrill H Wat? on, Warren 

Holdaway, Daniel T Young, Henry C 

MAGNOLIA^ No. 103. 

MAGNOLIA, Putnam Co. Chartered 
Oct 1851. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. Ann 
com 3d Sat Dec. Membership 48. 

Orlando Dent, W Master 
John W Massie, S W Austin Hannum, S D 
Geo W Keller, J W Theo F Lash, J D 
B F Fyffe, Treas J Dill man, S S 
S B Mitchell, Sec John Haws, J S 

Henry Ditmar, T 
Baker, Oscar M Bush, Henry 
Babbitt, William W Cowen, Jesse M 
Brenn, Thomas Custer, Presley H 
Brock, Nathan C Ditmar, George W 

Ewing, Robert 
Fyffe, Darius P 
Fyffe, John Perry 
Gaylord, Edwin 
Gaylord, Horace 
Given, R Alonzo 
Glenn, Isaac A 
Goodwin, Jesse 
Gurnea, Andrew B 
Haws, William jr 
Hiltabrand, Geo W 
Hukell, John W 
Hulme, George H 
Hulme, James 
Kays, George W 

Kays, William A 
Kohler, Winchester 
Law, Benjamin 
Lightheart, Calvin C 
McCoy, William 
McDermott, Henry 
Mario w, Richard T 
Mills, Thomas K 
Otto, Gustave 
Roberts, Thomas 
Ross, Clendener 
Savage, Patrick 
Shields, Campbell 
Smith, Benjamin F 
West, George M 

MAQUON, No. 530. 

MAQUON, Knox Co. Chartered Oct 
1867. Reg com 1st and 3rd Fri. Member- 
ship 64. 

James L Burkhalter, W Master 
Joseph Swan, S W Israel Howell, S D 
Samuel Way, J W Alex Donason, J D 
A C Housh, Treas A M Taylor, S S 
J D French. Sec John Godfrey, J S 

Christian Garrett, T 
Andrews, Samuel Minard , C J 
Ashby, Thomas G Morrison, Prosper 
Benson, L W Morse, John C 

Black, Edward E Murphy, Michael 
Booth, Jacob Murphy, Nicholas 

Booth, James Nerritt, Henry C 

Buck, Samuel S Norris Henry 
Butcher, L H Olmsted, T C 

Coffman, Benjamin Palmer, Wilson P 
Cook, Owen Davis Pickrel, George 

Cook, Richard J 
Conner, George T 
Cope, Isaac H 
Dennison, B F 
Desett, George 

Pickrel, Harvey 
Powers, Robert 
Sampson, Josiah 
Shearer, Daniel 
Shearer, GG 

Dickerson, James T Selby, George W 
Dickson, Augustus Swigart, William 
England, Warren Tallmann, B F 

Farris, Martin 
Foster, Joseph C 
Foster, Thomas J 
Foster, William J 
Freemole, Samuel 
Hanlon, John W 
Higby, Darwin 
Housh, Daniel M 
Milam, Abner 

Taylor, George 
Tillman, Joel 
Tillman, John 
Thompson, RD 
Walter, B F 
White, Alexander 
Woods, Henry C 
Woolsey, David 
Woolsey, Isaac 

MAHOMET, No. 220. 

MAHOMET, Champaign Co. Chartered 
Oct 1856. Reg com Men o b f m. Ann 
com reg o b Dec 27. Membership 53. 
J W Davidson, W Master 
D C Ford, S W C C Curtis, S D 

J D Brown, J W PA Savage, J D 
W Hubbard, Treas J H West, S S 
Jas W Starling, Sec W M Horney, J S 

Samuel Stein, T 
Abbott, Ira C Brown, Theodore M 

Bailey, David Barnett, Hiram E 

Barnes, Horatio G Carson, Joseph A 
Blue, John W Carson, Robert S 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Cheyney, David 
Davis, Robert 
Davis, Wiley 
Davis, Wesley 
Denyre, James 
Franklin, H J 
Funston, Jolin 
Greenawalt, Adam 
Gindley, John 
Gleasou, Stewart F 
Green, Jesse 
Hanawald, J B 
Harwood, Emery 
Heffington, J W 
Killgore, J C 
Lester, J B 
Lyle, George H 
Lyons, H C 

Maxwell, Joseph 
Nebeker, W 
Orr, Henry S 
Reagan, Christian 
Recter, Daniel C 
Sancake, Jesse W 
Skeels, W L 
Smith, Joshua 
Stearns, John L 
Taylor, Joseph F 
Thomas, James Q 
Thurman, Cornelius 
Wallace, W H 
Ware, James C 
Webb, John A 
White, Joseph 
Wright, L H 

MAKANDA, No. 434. 

MAKANDA, Jackson Co. Chartered 
Oct 1865. Reg com Thurs n b f m. Ann 
com reg n b Dec 27. Membership 67. 
Joseph E Springes, W Master 
N J Powers, S W Robt H Miller, S D 
Saml P Lirely, J W J A Baker, J D 
J S Springer, Treas Wm Rendleman, S S 
Win F Hopkins, Sec Jesse Morgan, J S 
Joseph B Turner, T 

Lindsey, R G 
McGuire, Edward 
McGuire, John 
Maples, David P 
Miller, Cyrus L 
Neighbor, John A 
O' Daniel, John 
Patterson, Gabe W 
Peak, Thomas J 
Pomeroy, George S 

Agnew, F M 

Almon, J A 

Almon, J A jr 

Baker, A P 

Bailey, Thomas L 

Bangs, H I 

Basder, Charles 

Bonn, Henry 

Bond, S C 

Brandon, A K 

Brandon, Thomas W Rendleman, Jacob 

Butler, O S 
Chase. M S 
Childers, James S 
Clutts, Peter 
Collins, James 

Rendleman, John 
Rendleman, Martin 
Robinson, Alvin 
Robinson, S W 
Robinson, Theo T 

Eaton, Benjamin W Robinson, Wm U 

Ellis, William 
Gentry, William 
Gregorv, J B 
Halm, Henry 
Hannahs, Samuel 
Hartman, J S 
Holland, Louis P 
Hunter, John 
Kimmel, Ephraim 
Kimier, S C 
Lee, A M 

Rushing, R A 
Saunders, James N 
Schwartz, J P 
Smith, George W 
Stout, William J 
Thomas, John W 
Thompson, T W 
Vancil, Y J 
Welsteed, Thomas S 
Wiley, Ben L 
York, Robert S 

MALTA, No. 320. 

MALTA, De Kalb Co. Chartered Oct 
1859. Reg com 1st Thur. Membership 49. 

Caleb Peteks, W Master 
R M Hevener, S W George Chople, J D 
H Claxton, J W E A Watkins. S S 
Jos C Pierce, Treas C Barns, J S 
David Claxton, S D M F Spoor, T 

Ader, George 
Ader, Thomas 
Ball, Alfred 
Bridge, J M 


Byers, James 
Coe, S L 
Coles, F M 
Corbit, G W 
Dederick, M C 
Deryea, Simeon 
Dixon, Joseph 
Gelles, George 
Haish, Charles W 
Ingersoll, G A 
Lewis, E W 
Lewis, G A 
Lintlemar, R F 
McMerch, Walter 
Mayo, E Ljr 

Myers, C F 
Nelson, Charles 
Newhall, J P 
Offenbach, John 
Orput, J M 
Orput, S P 
Prmdall, Moses 
Reuby, B U 
Rickard, Jacob 
Sargent, John 
Scotield, William H 
Spickerman, Geo 
Sumney, John 
Thompson, A C 
Watkins, C D 
Wealch, Joseph 
Wesgate, J C 
White, Alfred 
Worden, Stephen 


MANCHESTER, Scott Co. Chartered 
Oct 1857. Reg com Tues obfm. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 88. 

James D Roodhouse, W Master 
Robt B Hicks, S W HA Huggins, S D 
John PI Wilson, J W J as H Pinnel), J D 
D M Husted, Treas John E Hunt, S S 
H Leighton, Sec Wm A Saunders, J S 

James Dinwiddi, T 
Allen, William P Martin, Silas 

Barnes, Squire P m 
Billings, Henry C 
Bradley, Benj T 
Clark, Fletcher F 
Clark, WilliamS 
Cochran, Samuel 

Mitchel, Oliver H 
Peak, Harden B 
Pegram, Samuel M 
Robarts, John L 
Rutherford, Robt-H 
Smith, Frank N 

Crabtree, William A Smith, March PI p M 
Cryder, David Thompson, Wm A 

Doss, Charles Hpm Tirrell, George H 
Grant, John Wailis, Francis M 

Greenwalt, Charles Wilson, James M 
Holley, Walter Wilson, Richard B 

McUarry, Marion Wright, Gilman 

MANITCVNo. 476. 

MANITO, Mason Co. Chartered Oct 
1866. Reg com 1st and 3d Wed. Member- 
ship 34. 

T W Thomas, W Master 
D K Broderick. S W J A McCarnas, S D 
R S Ekin, J W A J Rodgers, J D 

Joel Cowen, Treas R Soutter, S S 
B Ruthenburg, Sec J Beard, J S 
T W Walker, T 

Black, David 
Carteney, G W 
Davis, Dan 
Garden, M 
Gay. T W 
Griffin, A A 
Heibel, John 
Ingersoll, J S 
Knollhof, F 
Lathan, H 
Meeker. Moses 
Mosher. S 

Miller, Z 
Myers, James 
Perkins, James 
Robinson, W B 
Rodgers, M 
Starritt, E S 
Shoninger, F 
Stevenson, G 
Thomas, J 
Walker, H E 
Walker, H S 
Whiteford, R 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

MANTENO, No. 507. 

M ANTE NO, Kankakee Co. Chartered 
Oct 1866. Eeg com 1st and 3rd Tues. Ann 
com 2nd Tues Dec. Membership 19. 
Rudolph Grimes. W Master 
Wm J Mann, S W Jules Teissede, Sec 
Jos M Morse, J W Jas A Ingram, S D 
Henry N Peters, Tr John D Breen, J D 

Cornielle Teissede, T 
Comstock, G- P Lockie, George 
Crawford, Thomas Reed, Thomas 
Crawford, Thos D Stephenson, A M 
Ewzire, Leon Teissede, Paul 

Hamilton, Cyrus Wright, Elnathan 
Lockie, Adam 


MARCELLINE, Adams Co. Chartered 
Oct 1851. Keg com Sat o b f in. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 40. 

Henry C Bisel, W Master 
G H Walker, S W Wm E Miller, S D 
P M Daniel, J W Thos J Hunter, J D 
W McLaughlin, Tr Robt M Denson, S S 
J C Anderson, Sec J L Workman, J S 

Webster Bisel, T 
Adair, Wilson 
Agard, W T 
Barnett, William 

Orr, William M 
Pocock, Mordica C 
Richards, John W 
Ruddell, William D 
Rumbaugh, J M 
Slack, Benjamin F 
Stineback, AD 
Stineback, F W 
Tarr, William 
Thompson, O W 
Tout, John S 
Vandike, William 

Campbell, E M 

CampbeH, John 

Campbell, Louis 

Clayton, John P 

Crawford, Orvil B 

Duncan, James M 

Grimes, Abraham 

Leachman, W C 

Logan, James 

McKinnev, John W Wade, James A 

Miller, Uriah K Wait, Allen 

Orr, Flavius O Weaver, Francis C 

MARENOoTno. 138. 

MARENGO, McIIenry Co. Chartered 
Oct 1853. Reg com 1st and Sd Wed. Ann 
com 1st reg Sept. Membership 84. 
.John W Green, W Master 
P T Parkhurst, S W George Samter, S D 
Wm Avery, J W Benj S Parker, J D 
Rev T Gilkerson, Ch Amos Boyce, S S 
G V Wells, Troas Georee Crego, J S 

Ira R Curtiss, Sec 

Adams, Thomas J 

Axtell, Henry N 

Babcock, JBpm 

Barber, George W 

Barber, Lester 

Barmore, William 

Belden, George D 

Belden, John 

Bogawrief, James 

Bridges, P E 

Broughton, Chas M Gray, Lewis M 

BiOughton, Geo W Gray, Thomas 

Cady, Bennajah Goodrich, Elias J 

Casely, William J Griffith, P S 

H M Fillmore, T 

Caswell, Charles W 
Coon, Amos Bpm 
Cranch, John 
Crissey .Sherman] A 
Dalby, Richard 
Denion, Thomas 
Doty, Lewis W 
Dulfield, James A 
Fillmore, F C 
Groves, Francis H 

St John, Thomas 
Saunders, Wm H 
Searles, Ira E 
Searles, Orrin J 
Shurtiiff, Alfred J 
Simons, Julius A 
Smalley Daniel 
Smith, Henry A 
Smith, Phillip B 
Steele, Lefler 
Steell, Myrenus P 
Stewart, Alex S 
Treat, Warren A 
Underwood, Henry 
Underwood. James 
Vail, E P 
Webber, C N 
Wells, John T 
Wells, Philander L 
Wheeler, N J 
Wilber, Darwin 
Woodard, Lorin 

Hackley. E G 

Hills, Calvin 
Hills, M S 
Hoof, John 
James, Samuel J 
Jenks, Oliver Spm 
McKinney, EF 
Mariner, Charles D 
Mead, Fredk M 
Merrill, Jerry B 
Munger, George 
Oakes, Horace 
Olcott, Roswell 
Ostrander, John B 
Payer, Myron W 
Peck, Daniel E 
Phillips, John 
Pray, Frank J 
Reed, Charles R 
Renweck, George F 
Robb, Charles 
Rockwood, Wm H 
Rogers, Anson P 

MARINeTno. 355. 

MARINE, Madison Co. Chartered Oct 
1860. Reg com Sat o b f m. Membership 

A H Judd, W Master 
LA Richardson, S W H H Elbreng, Sec 
H Gieseman, J W Jacob Wenty, S D 
Fred Wenty, Treas William Ewes, J D 

H Brandos, T 
Anderson, John McCain, St Clair 
Barlow, H C Mame, Fred 

Case. Benson Nieksch, Joseph 

Eaton, E M Nireder, J A 

Elbring, H K Parker, F F 

Fahncstock, Preston Peterson, Edward 
Geyer, Daniel Pierce, W W 

Geyer, Henry Spies, Charles 

Harncst, Fred Spies, Louis, 

1st, G ottlieb Stepp, J T 
Heidelberg, H L Tabar, H H 
Hetherin^ton, John Utiger, E M 
Judd, A H Utiger, F A 

Kerley, David Valier, Charles 

Lehr, William E Wetzel, John 

MARIONVNo. 130. 

S A.LEM, Marion Co. Chartered Oct 1 853. 
Reg com 1st and 3d Wed. Ann com Dec. 
Membership 76. 

S S Chance, W Master 
William Moore, S W A R Allmon, S D 
T W Spencer, J W Lewis O Vogl, J D 
H G Goodnow, Tr J E Castee, S S 
C D Grisham, Sec J W Locksom, J S 

L J Unorowski, T 
Aker, Benjamin Carr, Michael 
Andrews, S S Carrigan, Samuel R 

Baldridge, Isaac W Castle, James E 
Barnes, J A Chance, S S 

Bennett, William J Clover, Thomas 
Bloys, M D Cole, George E 

Brazier, W H Crist, Joseph 

Buckpont, M C Cunningham, G W 
Bumgarden, B F Cunningham, John 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Cunningham, M R 
Day, Thomas E 
Dewey, Fred S 
Duncan, C C 
Elliott, John G 
Farrow, W E 
Fyke, Joseph F 
Haines, Thomas M 
Howe, John D 
Hunsche, Henry 
Jones. D C 
Jones, W P 
Kell, A P 
Larimer, John W 
Larimer, W S 
Lydick, J S 
Marlow, M A 
Marshall, B F 
Marshall, W A 
Martin, B E 
Martin, James S 
Mercer, Green "W 
Moore, H C 
Morgan, Andrew 
Morrow, J M 

MABOA, No. 454. 

MAROA, Macon Co. Chartered Oct 1865. 
Keg com Tues obi' m. Ann com Dec. 
Membership 65. 

Thomas N Leavitt, W Master 
Wm M Phares, S W W J Compton, S D 
Henry B Smith, J W James Craig, J D 
M Friedman, Treas Samuel Lowe, S S 
Wm H Austin, Sec Jas B Garvin, J S 

Bivens T Jump, T 
Adams, Stephen A Leach, Jacob J 

Pitts, Benjamin 
Pitts, John H 
Porter, William H 
Ray, James K P 
Ray, William M 
Reynolds, J B 
Rogers, Charles R 
Rothchild, Louis B 
Shandfelt, Saml A 
Shultz, Joseph 
Simonson, P A 
Smith, B B 
Smith, R L 
Towner, C C 
Trimble, James 
Underwood, D 
Wham, Joseph W 
Wham, William 
Whittaker, R H 
Willard, W B 
Williams, John A 
Wilson, Reuben 
Wilson, Tilton 
Wuorowski, L J 

Arnold, Samuei E 
Bennett, Henry S 
Biddle, James M 
Bowel en, EliasP 
Bricker, Aaron 
Brown, Jas W 
Carter, Richard A 
Clifford, Wm M 
Cloud, Albert D 
Clough, John H 
Corn well, Wm 
Crandall, Chris C 
Crocker, John H 
Crouch. John A 
Cox, Wm J 
Davis, John P 
Emery, Charles F 
Franklin, A 
Funk, Henry B 
Harris, Nathaniel 
Hartman, James A 
Hempshall, John 
Hockodav, Beni B 
Hult, Charles W 
Hughes, Albert M 
Jones, Joseph 

Lewis, Sharpe P G 
Lingle, Jonah 
Longstreet, John 
McKee, James 
McLean, Chas A 
Marsh, John 
Mayall, Samuel 
Mayall, Venis 
Metcalfe, Henry S 
Newman, A E 
Parkhurst, Job B 
Robinson, Wm D 
Russell, Weldon 
Scott, David 
Sherlock, A A 
Squire, Wm A 
Stafford, Joseph H 
Stauffer, Henry 
Walker, John 
Wallar, David M 
Williams, Wm O 
Wilson, Cephas B 
Wyhoff, Arthur 
Wyseng, Aaron D 
Young, Sanford 
Young, George S 


MARSEILLES, La Salle Co. Chartered 
Oct 1864. Reg com 2d and 4th Sat Ann 
com 2d Sat Dec Membership 5a 

William H Sindle, W Master 
D Samuels, S W John J Demott, S D 
David H Slagle. J W I R Whiteman, J D 
E Butterfield, Treas Joshua Pilling, S S 
A T Ferguson, Sec Wm R Ferguson, J S 

Frederick Cane, T 
Baker, Eber p m Johnson, William E 
Blanchard, Alva G Long, Christopher 
Brady, William Loring, Hulbert H 
Bruce, Samuel Lund, Oscar F 

Brumbach, Geo W Montgomery, Jas M 
Brundage, G S Nichol, John T 

Butterfield, Frank L Parr, John T 
Butterfield, M L Pitcher, Thomas W 
Cleave, J ohn Pritchard, WEpm 

Douglas, A Norris 

Evens, Foreman 

Ferguson, John 

Ferguson, John W Spicer,' E H 

Ferguson, Lewis ^ 

Fleming, Nathan 

Richey, Henry C 
Sindle, Dixon 
Sindle, Theodore J 

rcigusuu, ouull >v epical, rj n 

Ferguson, Lewis G Titus, Frederick E 

Waite, John B 
Way, Daniel 
Wilson, Martin 
Woodward, Geo D 
Zimmerman, Chas A 

Groves, P H 
Haynes, Lorenzo 
Heagle, Edward T 
Hobert, John 
Howard, James M 
Hughes, Edward 

MARSHALL, No. 133. 

MARSHALL, Clark Co. Chartered Oct 
1855. Reg coni Wed o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 87. 

Warden H Griffith, W Master 
H C Balsley, S W Thomas Brown. S D 
Elisha Hurst, J W H G Deuzer, J D 
Rev W Blundell, Ch John W Black, S S 
Halbert Benedict,Tr D O Martin, J S 
Jas WAnderson, Sec Daniel Lyn, T 
Adams, William T Harlan, Ed 

Archer Burns p m 
Archer, John R 
Archer, L G 
Barlow, John W 
Belt, Richard 
Besser, William T 

Henry, Charles 
Horner, George G 
Hurst, H M 
Hurst, Harvey 
Hurst, John 
Hurst, Robert 

Bourroughs, James Hutchison, H H 
Bradley, L H Johnson, B R 

Brenten, John Kester, A H 

Brown, Robert King, James E 

Bryan, James Cpm Kulman, William 

Cole, D Lance 
Cole, Thomas W 
Coons, William H 
Daily, William 
Davis, William 
Deitz, Godfrey 
Dougan, John 
Dow, Isaac 
Durell, John 
Eldrige, Otis 
Eldrige, Sylvester 
Fry, Eli 

Gasaway, Henry 
Gasaway, Peter 
,Guysort, Jacob 
Hall, Isaiah 
Hare, M D 
Harlan, Curtis 

Laingor, Geo Wpm 
Lockhart, James W 
Lycan, Jacob 
McCabe, James 
McDaniel, Jacob 
McDonald, Andrew 
McFadden, J B 
McGrew, J J 
McKenzie, Donald 
Mark, Franklin 
Martin, W T 
Michael, Allen 
Miller, Frank 
Mundy, James 
Neal, Rufus 
Park, Samuel P M 
Pavne, A M 
Prewett, R C 
Pritchard, T H B 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Quick, Homer Smith, R M 

Reed, H B Terril, F M 

Reed, Leander Twilley, Robert 

Rhorer, Simeon H Washburne, Isaac 

Richardson, James Wilkin, Jacob Wpm 

Schoifield, JohnPM Wilson, Robert 

Smith, J C Wilson, William D 

MARTInTno. 491. 

DUNLEITH, Jo Daviess Co. Chartered 
Oct 1866. Reg com 1st & 3d Sat. Mem 47. 

Augustus Campbell, W Master 
A S Johnson, S W David B Wilson, J D 
J B Chapman, J W Albert Glaw, SS 
A H Mood y, Treas Wm E Kingston, J S 
Charles Conrad, Sec Moses Leneville, T ' 

Brula, Anthony 
Burt, C S 
Churchill, S M 
Clise, John D 
Crighton, John 
Crockett, David 
Daggett, John M 

Morgan, Edward 
Monton, NP 
dinger, John 
Paul, Edwin R 
Pierce, David O 
Piatt, Merritt 
Powell, WW 

Danies, Theophilus Rewell, E J 
Draper, M J Rewell, George B 

Ennor, William P 
Fairfax, Samuel 
Fargo, G H 
Fox, Calvin P 

Robinson, C T 
Ropps, William A 
Rose, Alonzo 
Schrader, William 

Frentress, Henry X Simpson, William H 
Gertenbach, Henry Snow, Thomas D 
Isenhart, Francis M Standenmeyer, Jno 
Johnson, Levi J Summer, Samuel 
Keepers, Harry Wilson, Robert 

Martin, R S Worden, Benjamin 

MASOZsTno. 217. 

MASON, Effingham Co. Chartered 
Oct 1856. Reg com Wed o b f m. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 55. 

Henry B Turner, W Master 
C R Hanson, S W Joseph Buchner, S D 
William Willis, J W William Turner, J D 
Rev J D Bush, Chap Sam'l H Baile}', S S 
S Hardin, Treas Andrew Nelson, J S 

W Leatherman, Sec Martin W Smith, T 
Bailey, Andrew Hoxey, Henry T 
Baker, Isaac Idleman, Jacob 

Billings! ey, James Kimberts, Ambrose 

Blair, Jesse 
Broom, John 
Broom, William A 
Bush, Robert M 
Claypool, Benj M 
Claypoole, Erastus 
Claypoole, James 
Dale, John 
Dodge, Norman 
Donaldson, Alex 
Druory, Henry 
Duffy, John 

Leith, Isaac L 
Lewis, William 
Long, James M 
Mahon, Isham 
Marquis, Sydney I 
Matthews, David W 
Mills, Roberts 
Oakley, Edward S 
Richmond, David E 
Ruffner, Harrison N 
Savage, Frank M 
Shahan James 

Fitzgerald, James J Siddone, Joseph 
Godderd, Jacob Smith, Lawrence 
Hardin, Leander M Thistlewood, D B 
Henry, Aaron W Weston, John 
Hobbs, Andrew Wharton, Nicholas 
Hollo way, DHC Wilson, John N 
Holloweh\ Silas Young, Andrew M 

MASON CITY, No. 403. 

MASON CITY, Mason Co. Chartered 
Oct 1864, Reg com 1st and 3d Tues. Mem*' 
bership 94. 

S M Badger, W Master 
J S Townsend, S W D W Riner, S D 
A Damarin, J W M C Vanloom, J D 
RW Porter, Treas John Trainor, S S 
J C Warnock, Sec James Hawes, J S 

Jeremiah Riggins, T 
Ambrose, J C LaForge, M R 

Bauer, J S McIIarry, H C 

Bell, J C Medarns, Marcellus 

Benscoter, D V Mill, E J 

Bentley, Thomas H Miller, Robert 
Bergen, J W Miller, S M 

Bird, A M Minor, J W 

Bivens, S Montgomery, J p 

Bolinger, Jacob Mundt, Peter 
Bolinger, John Norton, Frank B 

Bowman, T B Norton, Patrick 

Burnham, H C Osborn, A M 

Cam pbell, G H Parker, H C 

Childs, D M Powell, David 

Clark, Daniel Pugh, Jno W 

Cooper, Hugh Ross, A D 

Culp, J F Ross, W W 

Curry, D H Sharp, R W 

Dietrich, George W Silvey, Joseph 
Dietz, Eli as Simpson, J C 

Ellsbury, J C Smith, F N 

Ellsbury, J N Smith, George 

Freeman. C E Stone, C L 

Garden, Peter Stone, J F 

Green, Aaron Strawn, H F 

Green, Augustus Swing, S D 
Green, Charles Thomas, Eli 

Gulick, C W Tomlin, E M 

Hamilton, W M Towberman, Wm 
Heaton, John Wakeman, Henry 

Hibbard, E S Wal ker, J A 

Hodge, S M Walker, J S 

Hornbuckle, S N Walter, Adolph 
Hornbuckle, Wm Warwick, J N 
House worth, Henry Warnock, Nelson 
Hulshizer, Godfrey Waters, A B 
Ironmonger, B H Waters, J T 
Jackson, A S Watkins, T J 

Jackson, S F Whitnev, Dewey 

Kahn, Marcus White, W sr 

Kincaid, W J Wilburn. J S 

Kramer, Walter Zimmerman, A 

MATTESON, No. 175 

JOLIET, Will Co. Chartered Oct 1855. 
Reg com 1st and 3rd Tues. Ann com 1st 
Tues June. Membership 179. 

Cheney Puffer, W Master 
F B Willetts, S W George B Mann, S D 
D Rusenheim, J W James Clark, J I) 
Rev D G Wells, Ch Jas B Stevenson, S S 
S O Simmons, Treas John Butler, J S 
Saml A Mateer, Sec James C Alpine, T 
Aiken, E H Avery, M H 

Alexander, M Borlton, Wm 

Amos, W P Bates, Geo S 

Armor, Wm T Booth, Ashiel 

Arnable, John Bowen, Albert S 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Bowman, John A 
Breckenridge, S L 
Brooks, Win Spm 
Brown, F C 
Brown, George W 
Brown, Roswell S 
Bunker, Wm L 
Burden, Alex 
Burgess. George 
Burns, Thomas 
Cahan, Alfred 
Cameron, Wm 
Cagwin, Abijah 
Cagwin, F L 
Cagwin, H A 
Cagwin, Thos P 
Chamberlain, Geo 
Chase, E T 
Clark, Allen 
Cobb, Levi M 
Congdon, James 
Cope, Benjamin 
Culbertson, H W 
Cutting, Charles S 
Davis, W P 
Demaworth, Jas H 
Denmond, D D 
Denmond, M G 
Denmond, W C 
Dewey, LB 
Dewey, R H 
Dodge, John 
Drim, Philip 
Duffy, Geo E 
Duffey, H E 
Ellison, James M 
Elwood, James G 
Farvoid, Geo D 
Fay, Wm D 
Fellows, W R 
Finnegan, James 
Fithian, John B 
Flock, M A 
Ford, J M K 
Foote, S D 
Fox, Osmund 
Francisco, Peter Y 
Gamsy, Chas Bpm 
Garvian, Albert 
Gay, Leslie 
Gooden, R A 
Goodenough, J W 
Goodspeed, F 
Gookin, F Y 
Groves, Noble W 
Grinton, Wm jr 
Grinton, W L 
Hailstrom, Horatio 
Hall, James P 
Hall, Lambert P 
Hallsworth, J M 
Hammond, Lewis jr 
Hardin, Isaac P 
Haviland, Frank 
Haviland, James E 
Heise, A W 
Henester, John 
Henry, Geo W 
Henry, Wm E 
Hodsen, John 

Hovestrol, FW 
Hunt, James 
Hunter, Elijah 
Hutchins, Thos H 
Hyde, Geo W 
Jamison, Wilson 
Jones, Robert 
Keeling, W 
Keeyes, John 
Kelly, James D 
Kelly, Julius B 
Kemp, John 
Knickerbocker, N 
Knowlton, H C 
Koemer, Charles 
Lambert, John 
Lankin, George 
Leasun, J 
Lang, John C 
Luin, W D B 
Lumbarger, George 
McCrellis, J D 
McDonold, James 
McRoberts, Josiah 
Mason, Truman A 
Mather, Edward 
Mead, F J 
Munger, Charles E 
Munroe, George H 
Mies, Charles M 
Nobes, Charles 
Northrup, Chas M 
O'Reilly, William 
Odell, Willliam H 
Olney, C C 
Osgood, A A 
Powley, John R 
Peirce, E H 
Peirce, L P 
Pettegren, Charles 
Phillips, Ira A 
Pickles, James 
Plympton, H C 
Porter, Edwin 
Porter, J G 
Price, William E 
Pruin, J D 
Raynor, George C 
Richards, Charles 
Rosenheim, S 
Sanders, Frank 
Sanger, H A 
Savage, George H 
Sawyer, Isaac 
Scriven, R D 
Seymour, Chas B 
Shaw, E B 
Smith, Albert F 
Smith, W A 
Smyly, Frank R 
Starr, A R 
Stearns, SCpm 
Steele, William A 
Stryker, Martin 
Stryker, Jacob 
Strum, Jacob 
Stump, O P 
Swage, George H 
Swayne, C H 
Swarthout, J A 

Taylor, Henry 
Tinley, Samuel 
Treat, Francis 
Wade, George H 
Walsh, James 
Walsh, John 
Ward, David F 
Warren, Caleb 
Webb, E H 
Wheat, J L 

Wheeler, Andrew 
Wheeler, C O 
Wheeler, Emmett 
Wilcox, Edmund 
Williams, C A 
Williams, J C 
Wood, Horace E 
Woodruff, H T 
Woodruff, O H 

MATTOON, No. 260. 

MATTOON, Coles Co. Chartered Oct 
1858. Reg com 1st and 3rd Mon. Ann com 
3rd Mon Dec. Membership 101. 

James W Dora, W Master 
Geo Goldgart, S W J R Williams, S D 
James L Scott, J W F W Lawler, J D 
Rev H Robb, Chap P Benson Clark, S S 
Wm D Dunlap, Tr Cyrus Stewart, J S 
S A Cartwell, Sec David H Barnett, T 
Kilner, George T 
Lambert, Alex H 
Lawson, John F 
Leith, Frederick 
Linder, Nathan 

Abell, MelvinB 

Adams, William E 

Aldrich, Rev J H 

Allen. Charles H 

Artherburn, Jas H 

Artnerburn, Taylor Linn, George D 

Ashbrook, Eli P McClelland, H 

Barrett, William 

Bomberg, William 

Brady, Willis 

Bridwell, Henry L 

Brown, William 

Candneld, David 
Cazelett, M E 
Chambers, Fredk 
Clark, Arthur B 
Clark, Horaces 
Clark, Joseph H 

McHenry, Robt G 
Matlock, James H 
Meyer, John 
Moor, John W 
Nabb, Hamilton 
Naylor, William 
Owerby, Frank 
Parks, James 
Parish, James H 
Parmelee, John O 

Coats, Ridge way W Patterson, S M 
Cook, William H Pierson, James 
Cox, Jesse S Pile, W H K 

Craig, James W Reynolds, John 
Cunningham, Robt Richamond, J 
Dole, Stephen L Richardson, Jas A 
Drish, Johh M Rose, Frederick 

Dutton, William B Sawyer, John 
Eaton, Alonzo Sawyer, Nathan 

Ewing, Alexander C Schlicker, Valentine 
Fields, Jacob Simpson, John 

Fife, Frank H C Steel, Charles B 
Forrest, James Stevens, Henry F 

Fudge, Leander B Tate, William S 
Fulcher, William T Thomas, Isaac R 
Gibbs, J H Thomas, Philamon 

Gilfoil, Frank Tiliston, Samuel H 

Gilliam, Joseph R Tobey, Joseph R 
Grayham, Jonathan Tremble, David 
Hall, Jefferson M Turner, Frederick 
Hazelton, Charles H Van Gillson, A R 
Henry, Archibald M Williams, David S 
House, Wm Mpm Williams, Minor C 

Jennings, Ichabod 
Joute, Theo 
Kemp, William 
Kelley, James M 

Washburn, H H 
Washburn, Mason C 
Watson, John F 
Wortham, Henry C 

MAY, No. 718. 

NORRIS CITY, White Co. Chartered 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Oct 1874. Reg com Thurs o b f m and two 
weeks after. Membership 17. 

Harrison May, W Master 
W L Howard, SW R N Johnson, Sec 
Henry J Beck, J W W E Jennings, S D 
William B Jones, Tr Ed B Emerson, J D 

John Fairweather, T 
Black, Andrew G McKenzie, Aaron S 
Burnett, George E Palmatier, Oris C 
Caygood, James Spence, John A 
Funkhouser, Jno J Spencer, Melville W 
Johnson, Wm A 

MAYoTNo. 664. 

WINTERROWD, Effingham Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1871. Reg com Sat o b f m. 
Membership 25. 

A M Clark, W Master 
Jno W Scott, SW R H Shamhart, Sec 
Jesse W Lewis, J W B L Palmer, S D 
Wm M Babbs, Tr W Winterrowd, J D 

Jesse Watkin, T 
Chestnut, John Palmer, Daniel 

Clark, Columbus Palmer, John C 
Corbin, James M Scott, C M 
Creech, Jesse Scott, R G 

Foster, Job C Shamhart, George 

Gossman, Joseph Vickrey, Elias D 
Gould, Theson Wall, Thomas 

Hunter, John G Webster, Noah P 
Long, James M 


Chartered Oct 1859. Reg com Thurs o b 
f m. Membership 36. 

Oliver P Hall, W Master 
P H Kiser, S W Samuel Noyer, S D 

Benj H Giger, J W John W Zane, J D 
F M Scott, Treas L J Burcham, S S 
Ed W Bennett, Sec Preston Hall, J S 

Peter Gore, T 
Cassity, Allen McDaniel, George 

Cassity, William McDaniel, Harrison 
Christiance, C E McDaniel, Oliver 
Constant, John C McNeill, William 
Day, H H Nibarger, James 

Dawson, John O O'Bannon, M W 
Dunn, Richard Parker, Solon C 

Edwards, Benj C Priest, F M 
Gardner, A M Riddle, R H 

Gillett, Leslie Thompson, A T 

Hays, Samuel Thompson, J M 

Jack, William G Wilmot, Joseph 
Lamun, John Wilson, John 

MELROSeTno. 625. 

MELROSE, Clark Co. Chartered Oct 
1869. Reg com Thurs o b f m. Ann com 
Dec Membership 16. 

James B Sheapley, W Master 
Silas C Smith, S W N W Nettleton, S D 
L Kelley, J W Robt W Leckie, J D 

Rev J Redman, Ch E E McKain, S S 
E Dodd, Treas Burrill Bryant, J S 

A G Cowden, Sec Richard J Ward, T 

Bartlou, William McClure, Louis D 
BucknerjRichard Osborne, Jerome 
Griffith, William R 

MENDOnTno. 449. 

MENDON, Adams Co. Chartered Oct 
1865. Reg com Thurs o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 54. 

Dudley B Cooke, W Master 
David Furry, S W Thos J Brown, S D 
Wm Denson, J W Wm McFarland, J D 
S H Bradley, Treas Wm T Eisele, SS 
G W McGibbons, S W T Monroe, J S 

Charles McVayjr, T 
Akins, James Mann, Wilford 

Martin, James R 
Nedrow. John 
Nutt, Walter J 
Remp, Andrew 
Smith, Caleb A 
Sylvester, Martin B 
Taylor, William G 
Tippett, William E 
Urich, Jacob 
Walker, Henry C 
Werdeman, Jos A 
Wible, D F 
Wible, Jacob R 

Earned^ Davis 

Beer, Nimrod 

Boyer, Silas M 

Burleigh, David B 

Coffman, James 

Coling, Edmund 

Darby, Daniel H 

Dickerman, De L 

Eigsbee, William 

Ely. Jared 

Fletcher, William 

Furry, Jesse 

Furry, Louis 

Gilmer, Fredric A Wible, John 

Harrison, Joseph Wilkins, Eli H 

Heaney, Edward Williams, George 

Hendrickson, Jas H Worman, John S 

Hobby, William Worman, Wm H 

Kelly, Vincent F Wright, Rufus 

Lowary, Daniel P Youter, George A 

McVayden, Charles Young, Peter 

MENDOTA, No. 176. 

MENDOTA, La Salle Co. Chartered Oct 
1855. Reg com 2nd and 4th Tues. Ann 
com reg o b Dec 27. Membership 128. 

P J Davis, W Master 
Luke Goodwin, S W G W Tewksbery, S D 
JSchiedenhelm, JW James Clark, JD 
S Fernburg, Treas Geo Emerson, S S 
Fred H Haskell, Sec J W Cornelius, J S 
Benjamin A Moss, T 

Adams, J W 
Atkins, E 
Ambler, P R 
Andrus, M S 
Andrus, W C 
Arnold, S 
Blade, A 
Carpenter, E B 
Carpenter, EP 
Carter, P S 
Chambers, E R 
Clark, W 
Clarkson, James 
Conkey, WT 
Cook, D A 
Cook, E P 
Cooper, P H 
Corbus, J C 
Corbus, W F 
Crawford, C H 
Crooker, L B 

Curtiss, L R 
Darlington, C A 
Dawson, J B 
Dawson, R M 
Dean, A 
Dean, H H 
Dix, S B 
Dobbie, R B 
Dudgeon, Samuel 
Earnest, John R 
Edwards, J W 
Foltz, JP 
Foulk, J H 
Franks, Uriah 
Gardner, S A 
Geise, Theo 
Gifford, F 
Gillet, AD 
Gillet, S N 
Gilman. W W 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Gilmore, R L 
Gould, C J 
Gurrad, J S 
Haas,M AF 
Harbaugh, C A 
Hardiii. F A 
Hartshorne, R J 
Hastings, James 
Hastings, Samuel 
Hickok, L B 
Higgins, I 
Hinsbaugh, B D 
Howard, R H 
Hunter, Joseph 
Innes, N 
Jackson, Jacob 
Johnston, Geo W 
Jordan, T E 
Kauner, N 
Kenworthy, James 
Kopfer, W illiam 
Kobl, Jacob 
La Victoire, S R 
Lee, John A 
Lee, Simeon 
Linstrom, O 
Liscom, H F 
Liscom, J R 
Liscom, John H 
Liscom, William A 
Livers, William H 
Lytle, J E J 
McDonald, James 
McGregor, J R 
Mclntyre, AC 
McKeon, John 
McKey, M A 

Marks. L 

Meisenbach, Daniel 
Melberg, Charles 
Mettie, J I 
Moody, J D 
Newport, T F A 
Oleson, Martin 
Painter, D 
Parrie, Louis 
Plaisted, David V 
Price, George M 
Reed, George 
Rice, E W 
Rockwood, Wm H 
Ruedy, Casper 
Ruggies, RH 
Schutz, George C 
Simminger, John B 
Smith, A B 
Smith, D M 
Smith, Henry B 
Smith, O W 
Snure, C W 
Sproul, Henry 
Taylor, J L 
Tomb, D A 
Tower, J D 
Truman, William 
Tyler, H S 
Van Vleet, Chas W 
Vosburg, J W 
Warner, A J 
West, John 
White, O S 
WicKs, E R 
Willing, J A 
Wirshimki, S 
Yockey, Charles 

MERIDIAN, No. 183. 

EARLVILLE, La Salle Co. Chartered 
Oct 1855. Reg com 1st and 3d Wed. Ann 
com reg o b Dec 27. Membership 56. 
Marvin M Morse, W Master 
Joseph J Pool, S W Simeon E Snow, S D 
Hy W Edgett, J W Herman Haas, J D 
David A Town, Tr B G Barrett, S S 
L B Paine, Sec M H Signor, J S 

Asa Kelsey, T 
Ballard, Joseph A Jacobs, Benj F 

Brewer, Eugene 
Brooks, Homer E 
Carter, Joel 
Chase, Henry A 
Chrisler, Edward 
Clark, Henry A 
Courier, John 
Cox, Emery 
Cunningham, T H 
Dickinson, R H 
Doane, HazenC 
Dodge, William F 
Dole, Alonzo 
Estes, Henry N 
Grand, Edward W 
Haight, William R 
Haiseman, Wm E 
Haner, Charles M 
Hunt, Richard T 

Keyes, Francis B 
Lowder, Henry W 
Moore, John 
Morrison, Joseph 
Norton, George W 
Norton, Warren H 
Perdieu, Thomas 
Potter, Myron J 
Rogers, John D 
Signor, Samuel A 
Shepardson, Hy C 
Sherriff, William 
Simons, James 
Simpson, Samuel A 
Smith, Arthur M 
Stilson, Samuel T 
Stouffer, Christian C 
Stuart, William C 
Tisdal, Barney 

Todd. C L Wattles, Homer P 

Ustick, John Wiley. Samuel C 

Vasburgh, David M Wilson, William 


WHITE ROCK, Ogle Co. Chartered Oct 
1866. Reg com Sat obf m. Ann com reg 
o b Dec 27. Membership 54. 

Robert F Oakes, W Master 
David Sheaff, S W Hiram S Oakes, S D 
John Cheshire, J W John Brooks, J D 
Samuel Doctor, Tr Irvin E Clark, S S 
R W Sheadle, Sec Timothy Brown. J S 

William Sechler, T 
Allen, Ethan P Lillie, Jacob 

Bailey, Wiilam B Milligan, John 
Barber, Nelson F Milligan, William 
Murray, James 
Myres, George 
Nash, Jeremiah 
Oakes, William D 
Oakes, William L 
Rice, William 
Rolf, Henry 
Rock, E Hugh 
Sechler, Acram B 
Shannon, George W 
Sheaff, Peter 
Sheaff, Simon 
Stinson, Erastus 
Sweet, Riley 
Taylor, Mason 
Wads worth, Jas H 
Walker, James 
Walker, John W 
Warren, A H 

Benntr, John 
Bowers, James Q 
Brown, John 
Buchecker, Thos F 
Burns, David 
Clendenin, Henry 
Cook, Jesse J 
Currier, H L 
Davis, Jeremiah 
Disher, William C 
Evarts, George 
Feaks, William 
Getty, Thomas G 
Hill, Jared 
Hopkins, J jr 
King, John M 
Knapp, J W 

METAMORA, No. 82. 

METAMORA, Woodford Co. Chartered 
Oct 1850. Reg com 1st Mon. Member- 
ship 38. 

John W Page, W Master 
Edward Kipp, S W Jno L McGuire, S D 
M A Bowen, J W Wm J Cassell, J D 
Willard Stoweli, Tr Wm H Delph, S S 
Samuel S Page, Sec Jas H Whitmire, J S 

Charles H Chitty, T 
Cassell, Robert T Nesmith, Milton W 
Page, Adino 
Painter, George 
Parker, R B 
Perry, John F 

Cheney, James W 
Davison, E D 
Egbert, Gilbert 
Egbert, Louis J 
Ellis, Joseph M 
Feilitzch, Louis F 
Garratt, Smith M 
Hicks, William 
John, James M 
Johnson, J Lewis 

Plank, Elijah 
Power, Thomas L 
Safford, David 
Selvage, H C 
Stephens, William E 
Walden, T D 

Kinnear, Anthony H Whitmire, Zach H 
Moore, Henry C Wilkinson, Wm H 
Morely, Joseph Williams, Richard 

METEOrTno. 283. 

SANDWICH, DeKalb Co. Chartered 
Oct 1858. Res: com 2d and 4th Fri. Ann 
com reg o b Dec 27. Membership 89. 

Washington L Simmons, W Master 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Geo W Culver, S W 
E S Johnson, J W 
G Kleinsmid, Treas 
A E Bourne, Sec 

Abel, Jonathan 
Abel, William H 
Aldrich, Lysle T 
Alibrd, H L 
Armstrong, John A 
Arnold, Ira M 
Ballou, Daniel R 
Banta, Elijah 
Bass, John S 
Breech er, Gustave 
Breecher, Jacob 
Brook, D Jacob 
Brush, Daniel E 
Carpenter, Merlin 
Carr, J H 
Castle, Miles B 
Culver, James H 
Culver, John N 
Curry, Robert 
Darnell, Benjamin 
David, John C 
Davidson, Albert G 
Dean, Charles P 
Devoll, George B 
Dyas, Webster 
Eames, Mott V 
Eckert, Isaac L 
Fairbanks, Perley S 
Furman, James H 
Gabb, Thomas 
Geddis, JB 
Gillette, Cyrus A 
Gurley, George W 
Hamen, August 
Hamlin, A 
Hamlin, Ira W 
Hay, George P 
Hemmingway, L 
Hills, Frank E 
Hobbs, George E 

Van R David, S D 
G Goodman, J D 
G H Frizzell, S S 
JBurkhardtjr JS 
Delano, T 
Hueske, William 
Hummiston, LS 
Jackson, Samuel 
Jones, W L F 
Kennedy, George E 
LaBrant, John W 
Lewis, Edward 
Marcy, Abram A 
Marks, William J r 
Misick, Charles L 
Mitchell, Nelson B 
Morris, William G 
Olds, OF 
Owen, George 
Palmer, Andrew B 
Patten, Robert 
Phelps, Lester 
Pongratz, George 
Potter, John 
Potter, L D 
Pratt, Charles H 
Rarick, James J 
Sage, John B 
Sampson, Joseph A 
Sawyer, Andrew J 
Scott, Walter 
Shepard, Amos 
Shiland, William T 
Shogren, Andrew 
Thomas, Amos J 
Wallace, George R 
Weber, Ferdinand 
Whitcomb, Geo H 
White, A Gates 
White, Seth M 
Wilbern, John 
Wilcox, Chester 
Woodward, John C 


METROPOLIS, Massac Co. Chartered 
Oct 1850. Reg com Mon o a f m. Mem- 
bership 76. 

James L Elliott, W Master 
Thomas Woods, S W F A Halliday, S D 
J C Sheets, J W John M Elliott, J D 
W R Brown, Treas Wm H Roberts, S S 
James M Choat, Sec James H Craig, J S 
Lucien Chatfield, T 

Bowker, Joseph W 
Carmichael, E 
Conner, Edwin A 
Conner, John QH 
Corlis, Edwin 
Corlis, Franklin 

Davis, Benjamin F 
Derr, Lorenzo D 
Douar, M S 
Eccles, John W 
Furr, David 
Gaghagan, Samuel 

Corlis, George W R Garrett, J H 

Crouch, G H 
Cummins, Lewis 
Cutting, Alfred 
Dailey, Niles 
Davis, A D 

Grace, Allen 
Helmantoler. Eli 
Herndon, John H 
Hodges, William T 
Horst, Charles 

Howard, Benjamin 
Jones, B O 
Jones, C N 
King, Reuben 
Kurtz, William 
Lakins, John R 
Leek, Robert H 
McCammon, GeoW 
McCartney, Robt W 
McKee, Robert G B 
McMahon, Edward 
MikselL Andrew 
Moore, Dickey 
Moore, Thomas 
Moore, William L 
Morehead, J W 
Murphy, William M 
Mursgroves, Geo F 
Mussulman, Jacob 
Pergaule, Harman 
Pierce, Thomas H 

Quante, August 
Guante, Hiram 
Rankin, Benjamin 
Roberts, James E 
Rhoades, RS 
Scott, John H 
Scott, William H 
Smith, Robert N 
Steel, Henry V 
Thomas, John R 
Thrift, John W 
Trousdale, F A 
Verbury, Charles H 
Wallace, Thomas L 
Ward, William J 
Warneke, Harmon 
Witherington, F 
Whyers, Elijah G 
Willis, Jonathan C 
Windhorst, Henry 
Yost. William J 

MIDDLETON, No. 370. 

MIDDLETON, Wayne Co. Chartered 
Oct 1861. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. Ann 
com reg n b Dec 27. See's address Long 
Prairie. Membership 26. 

Wiley Green, W Master 
W W Felts, S W J F S Hopkins, S D 
G M Mateer. J W John Carpenter, J D 
S B Davis, Treas John B Wright, S S 
A M Bruce, Sec J Hatfield , J S 

James Moore, T 
Anderson, Wm J Knowles, Lorenzo 
Atterbery, Asa F Lowery, Elitia 
Beardsley, Thomas Moore, Thomas F 
Branson, Cyra J Ross, William P S 
Daniels, William R Robinson, A R 

Garner, B M 
Johnson, James R 
Kelso, William H 

Shell, Calvin 
Scrivner, Joel 
Vanelavert. Barnett 

MILAN, No. 617. 
GOOD HOPE, McDonough Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1869. Reg com Sat o b f m. 
Ann com reg o b Dec 27. Membership &3. 

James Staller, W Master 
Wm H Shaver, S W H A Allison, Sec 
J T Lewis, J W AT Brown, S D 

J W Arnold, Treas J L Hardin, J D 

W H H Collins, T 
Brockway, Daniel Rogers, Evan 

Brooking, W T 
Cape, Joseph 
Cruser, DeWit T 
Eliott, Cyrus 
Hartman, Z B 
Hunter, Ira 
Lemon, Elisha 
Lock, Samuel 
Long, Charles 
Milhorn, William 

Rowley. E A 
Sanders, Samuel F 
Shouse, R L 
Smith, James M 
Spence, Thomas 
Swain, B F 
Vernon, J B 
Wallen, I S 
Williams, O W 
Wright, W O 

-LTi-llllUl 1J., T» lllICllll M llglU', T» \-/ 

Morris, Lycurgus K Wright, W T 
Obenmeyer, Jacob 

MILES HART, No. 595. 

MILES HART, Shelby Co. Chartered Oct 

Subordinate Lodges. 


1868. Reg com Wed o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 54. 

J B Daniel, W Master 
J N Snapp, S W James H Cross, S D 
J H Curry, J W Simon Shore, J D 
M Wilson, Treas C B Wheat, S S 
Geo M Moore, Sec Albert W Hart, J S 

Garrett Winings, T 
Alexander. E C Hartenstein, Jacob 

Ashcro ft, Morgan Huntington. Don 

Ball, William 
Baninger, Orrin 
Bawlin, James 
Belle, Isaac ■ 
Bowman, Philip 
Cannes, Hessa 
Cope, John L 
Curry, Robert N 
Curry, William J 
Curtis, George 
Decker, Adam 

Kingkad, Thomas 
McQuoin, Harry 
McQuoin, R W 
Moore, Thomas P 
Pawley, Stephen 
Reynolds, John M 
Reynolds, Thomas 
Rightsell, Charles K 
Rightsell, John A 
Rominger, Michael 
Rominger, Simon 

Garraway, Robert J Sanders, James 

Gilpin, John W 
Grey, Frank M 
Grey, John 
Hart, Adam W 
Hart, Miles 
Hurley, J P D 
Higgins, Clem 
Hartenstein, Isaac 

Snapp, Columbus 
Snapp, George 
Snapp, James M 
Stallcup, William 
Waddill, Jonathan C 
Worley, Harvey B 
Worley, John 
Worley, Stephen 

M1XFORD, No. 168. 

MILFORD, Iroquois Co. Chartered Oct 
1855. Reg com 1st and 3d Thur. Ann 
com Thur o b Dec 27. Membership 36. 

Moses A Thompson, W Master 
H V Brown, S W AS Davis, S D 
J A Holmes, J W Nathan Reeves, J D 
Samuel Malo, Treas Robert Miller, S S 
J Goldestein, Sec James Haxton, J S 
James Mayfield, T 

Collins, Edwin 
Curl, Ephraim 
Curl, Thomas 
Davis, John 
Devore, George 
Endsley, A J 
Flagg, Ruf us P 
Fanning, Henry 
Fanning, John 

McConnell, James A 
Pancake, Milton 
Pruitt, James A 
Roberts, George W 
Sheridan, William F 
Smith, Henry C 
Strickler, J isT 
Thomas, Aaron 
Thomas, Asa 

Farmer, William W Thomas, Benj W 
Good, George W Van Meter, John 
Hobson, Zimri Williamson, B P 

Loveless, Thomas Wilson, J B 


MILLEDGEVILLE, Carroll Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1860. Reg com 1st and 3d Tues. 
Membership 35. 

L C Belding Jr, W Master 
W H Bushnell, S W J F Russell, S D 
Daniel Fryer, J W TO Wolfe, J D 
J H Hawes, Treas T H Walters. S S 
F A Snell, Sec A H Healey, J S 

John Bentley, T 
Barthel, Harman Busell, David C 
Beaumont, William Crame, Francis C 

Davis, Thaddeus H 
Eitamiller, William 
Estabrook, L F 
Estabrook, N C 
Fletcher, Barton 
Fletcher, Byron 
Fletcher, S J 
Freas, H M 
French, Harris 
Johnson, J B 
Lawton, Joseph H 

McElhany, Joseph 
Moeller, Augustus 
Quirey, George 
Robinson, J E 
Smith, Frank 
Smith, Henry 
Smith, T G 
Tucker, William 
Wood, James M 

MILTON, No. 275. 

MILTON". Pike Co. Chartered Oct 1862. 
Reg com Sat o b f in. Membership 74. 

Milton Grimes, W Master 
JDHeavner, SW John W Boren, S D 
F W Grimes, J W Harvey Wise, J D 
H Dinsmore, Treas William Scott, S S 
H D Williams, Sec William Morris, J S 

D O Plant, T 
Aber, H C Johnson, J G 

Allen, C J Kibler, Nathan 

Benedict, Noah P Kinman, J F 
Brown, James A Lindsey, John W 
Brown, W Long, J H 

Brown, W H Long, S A 

Clemmons, S P Lytle, Thomas O 

Cobal, William McCann, W D 

Cumby, Thomas McEvert, N D 
Cumby, William Manley, George W 
Curvy, Adam Meredith, Jas F M 

Douglas, Edward Morten, William 
Dugdell, W Roberts, George W 

Dugdell, James Roper, A 

Evans, George W Sanderson, William 
Farrington,D Shadle, John 

Farrington, Lewis Sitten, J B 
Frank, L J Smith, J W 

Garrison, George B Smitherman, W J 

Gooden, WA Stillwell, 

Grimes, Eli Taylor, Simmon 

Hall, Thomas N Thomas, H H 
Hanks, George W Thomas, NS 
Harris, Hiram J Thurman, J L 
Hayden, William H Valkner, J H 
Hess, Andrew JS" Wampler, D 
Hess, David Wampler, J C 

Hess, William Webster, George W 

Holcomb, O C Welty, George W 

Hoover, Eli Wheeler, J C 

Hoover, Josiah Wheeler, W 

Humphrey, Silas Williamson, James 

MINERS^~No. 273. 

GALENA, Jo Daviess Co. Chartered 
Oct 1858. Reg com 1st and 3d Fri. Mem- 
bership 89. 

S O Stillmax, W Master 
John W Wann, S W Chas Merrick, S D 
H H Browning, J W G C Biesmann, J D 
Jas M Spratt, Treas Richd H Heller, S S 
Jacob Fawcett, Sec John Eiseman, J S 

Daniel Stewart, T 
Arnott, George Bethel, John 

Arnott, James Bentley, Charles S 

Bachelor, H R Bray, Thomas B 

Bahwell, Conrad Bridgeman, H N 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Brown, James B 
Calderwood, J C 
Coleman, Mahlon 
Corwith, David N 
Courtney, Edward 
Cozzens, N R 
Crooks, Jesse R 
Crammer, Wilbur F 
Davidson, J R 
Davis, Zach T 
Dezoya, J P 
Drenning, Thos G 
Downing, E H 
Edwards, R J 
Ewing, Benjamin J 
Fiddick. Richard H 
Ford, Walter 
Gear, H H 
Glenat, Joseph C 
Hail, Charles E 
Haliet, Timothy 
Hassig, John 
Hatch, John 
Holder, John R 
Howard, Henry D 
Hunkins, Sidney 
James, Edward 
James, William 
Klett, Casper 
Koontz, Clement 
Le Better, Daniel 
Loncheim, A J 
Luke, John W 
Mars, Gerhart H 
Martin, William H 
Merten, Benjamin F 

MINOOKA, No. 538. 

MINOOKA, Grundy Co. Chartered 
Oct 1867. Reg com 1st and 3d Wed. Ann 
com reg o b Dec 27. Membership 45. 
Fletcher Dirst, W Master 
E N Weese, S w Saml Adams, S D 
S T Ferguson, J W J T Williamson, J D 
A K Knapp, Treas T L Thrall, S S 
A Stauffer, Sec A G Wright, J S 

W J Campbell, T 
Bedford, William Hughes, J S 

Meyers, William H 
Miner. Simeon R 
Mills, M G 
Newhall, Edward G 
Oldenhage, H H 
Parkins, John B 
Passmore, William 
Perine, Joseph 
Pool, Robert 
Powell, Alfred F 
Raw, Robert 
Richards, A V 
Ripley, EnosC 
Rooinson, Thomas 
Rowley, Louis A 
Rowley, William R 
Scandlym, Thomas 
Schneider, HFC 
Simpson, A H 
Seal, Richard 
Spare, John C 
Spensley, William 
Smith, John C 
Smith, John D 
Snyder, Samuel 
Swaim, Robert 
Taylor, Daniel A 
Trewartha, Peter 
Wann, Daniel 
Weiland, Robert 
Weinberger, John 
Williams, John P 
Wernli, Jacob 
Wonderly, Thos G 
Young, James B 

Bell, James 
Collins, William 
Conly, L S 
Dahlem, Gerhard 
Dirst, Albert 
Dirst, Howard 
Fielding, Thomas 
Gaskill, George 
Gedelman, Adam 
Gedelman, Jacob 
Gedelman, Phil 

Jensen, Augustus 
Jensen, John A 
McClure, George B 
McClure, J E 
Mason, George 
Mullikin, W Walter 
O'Brien, Stephen 
Parks, D S 
Prince, E L 
Putney, William G 
Randal], W H 
Spencer, Simeon 

\jrui nam, vvinmiii 

Griswoid Guy C Watson, S S 

Gruett, William W Wheeler, C H 

Harris, Thomas Woods, William 
Harvey, Eugene 


SAVANNA, Carroll Co. Chartered Oct 

1863. Reg com every Thur. Membership 

J M B McCracken, W Master 
H Engelking, S W J B Gadbois, S D 
M V B Reber, J W G E Miller, J D 
C F Keller, Treas J S Woodruff, S S 
D D Davis, Sec L H Westbrook, J S 

Nicholas Stebber, T 
Bramhall, John H Martin, John 

Brown, JaredC 
Cooley, Stoughton 
Deeds, Thomas M 
Goodell, John 

Mears, Patrick H 
Robinson, John R 
Rhodes, T H 
Sinclair, Edward C 

Herman, Stephen J Stedman, Frank 
Hershey, Andrew H Stammer, James H 
James, Thomas Stoddard, G H 

Jenks, Frank M Taylor, James C 
Lampmann, Oliver Taylor, Lyman J 
Lines, John Tschoepke, JnoE W 

McFarland, Van D Williams, Thomas 
Maker, Wiiliam C 

MITCHELL^ No. 85. 

tered Oct 1850. Reg com Tues o b fin. 
Ann com Dec. Membership 43. 

James Becannon, W Master 
R G Williams, S W H Stanton, S D 
Thomas Boyd, J W Geo H Slimpert, J D 
Jas L Primm, Treas Jas L Williams, S S 
vv m M Williams, S Robert Hill, T 
Bishop, Joseph McNeil, William 

Boyd, John Marlow, Samuel 

Burk, John Moore, Davidson C 

Campbell. John P Murphy William K 
Carver, Charles Myers, Abijah 

Clark, George W Raglan d, Zack B 
Edwards, M C Roe, Isaiah 

Gillis, Jackson Rule, Mathew 

Groves, Samuel P Rule, Robert 
Guy, Richard S Rushing, Evin B 

Hamilton, James Rushing, Thomas S 
Harris. J Carroll Thompson, Harvey 
Hogard, A B Wells, Giles 

Jones, John R Wilks, Richard 

Logan, Burrell G Williams, James L 
Lemmon, James W Williams, Richard H 
McDonald, James B Williams. Robert 

MITHRA, No. 410. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1864. Reg 
com 1st and 3rd Wed. Ann com 3rd Wed 
Dec. Place of meeting Turner Hall 
building N Clark st. Membership 99. 

John C Meyee, W Master 
Phillip Ittel, S W F Jungblut, S D 
John Aron, J W August Ringele, J D 
Chas Deckert, Treas Markus Steger, S S 
August Koblitz,Sec Gustav A Lott, J S 
Weidemann, T 

Adam, Jean 
Behu, Friedrich 
Berzinger, F 
Berger, Louis A 
Bodenschutz, J A 
Boerner, Friedrich 
Brinkmeier, Cpm 

Buehier, John 
Cauisius, Charles 
Dohlgreen, Charles 
Ehrardt, Jacob 
Eichenberger, S 
Emmel, P^ter 
Engl en, John 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Fiehter, Friedrich Poncelet, Mathias 

Fisher, Bernhard S Reese, Friedrich 

Franks, CJpm Rheinwald, John 

Gastfleld, William Rinn, Phillip 

Gerbing, F E Rinn, Phillip 

Hartung, Otto Roetter, Leopold 

Heger, Markus Sass, Henry 

Heibler, Friedrich Schack, Frank 

Heis3, Edward Schaefer, Daniel 

Henlein, Edward Schaenble, Mathias 

Herrman, William Schaller, John 

Herzog, Charles Schart, John 

Hinze, Friedrich Schick, Julius 

Hoffman, Friedrich Schieswohl, Jacob 

Hoy a, Charles Schmidt, Gustav 

Kadisch, Alex Schmidt, KGpm 

Kaeseberg, Ehrgott Schroeder, John 

Kistner, Valentine Schubert, Frank 

Kleinofen, Henry Schuster. Joseph 

Klepp, Otto Schweinfurth, F 

Kunz, Gustav Severin, Henry 

Lang, Alvis Sessler, John 

Langacher, Jacob Sievers, Louis 

Lambke, Charles Sommes, Charles 

Lochner, John L Spori, Charles 

Mahr, Peter Soohr, Georg 

Mohler. J F Stock, E L J 

Mas3, F A E Strasser, Nicholus 

Mentzel, Georg Sutter, G J 

Mcrkel,Jacob Thomas, Henry 

Meyer, Friedrich Virian, Charles F 

Misch, Georg A Vocke, William 

Mueller, Charles Woldhausser, Jos 

Neimann, Julius Westphal, Aaolph 

Neimcister, C Woelffer, Charles 

Nye, John P Woltz, John 

Otto, Ferdinand Yeiger, G W 
Perl, Rudolph 

MOAWEAOUA, No. 180. 
MOAWEAQU \, Shelby Co. Chartered 
Oct 1055. Re^ com Sat o b f m. Ann 
com Nov. Membership 56. 

Bahtley Scarlette, W Master 
J N Corrington, S W J P Jarman, S D 
A P Hoxsey, J W Beni F Nugent, J D 
Rev J W Hughs, Ch David A Elder, S S 
J M Freidlcy, Treas James Hawse, J S 
Judson Combs, Sec John Henson, T 
Abrams, Arthur R Gregory, James W 
Alison, Jame3 A Hughs, Elias 
Armstrong, John 
Atterberry, Wm T 
Ayar3, Alva G 
Baird, Robinson 
Bickner, Edward 
Bramlette. Benj II 
Buck, Wilber B 
Burlcw, Walter 

Johnson, Hiram 
Kirkman, Jas Hm 
Lamb, John P 
McGrath, Joseph H 
Merriman, Roland 
Nutter, Josiah S 
Pease, Sidney F 
Potter, Isaac H 
Calherwood, Thos L Rice, George F 
Campbell, Alfred C Robinson, James D 
Campbsll, John P Sanders, Prancis 
Campbell, Nathan T Showers, William D 
Clark, William J Smith, John W 
Clark, William Ii Smith, Thomas p m 
Culver, Edward Snell, Frederick P 
Curtis, Miron Snell, William H 

Doyle, Walter J Stevens, Porter C 
Gordon, Richard R Temple, Pulaski L 

Tilley, A P Winchell, Hiram 

Tolley, Danie. Wise, Solomon 

West, Samuel D 

MOMENCE, NO. 481. 

MOMENCE, Kankakee Co. Chartered 
Oct 1866. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. Ann 
com reg o b Dec 27. Membership 61, 
William D Laxe, W Master 
M R Parish, S W Mat Campbell, S W 
Chas W Marcy, J W Jno H Scramlin, J D 
Jatob Ruger, Treas Silas N Metcalf, S S 
Thos J Buntain,Sec Roswell Beebe, J S 

Harley J Ballard, T 
Arnold. Edwin V Lewis, Joel B 
Astle, William Love, Jacob J 

Blakeslee, George S Lyan, Wilson T 
Buck, Elisha H Mayer, Israel S 

Buck, Henry C Mitchell, Charles A 

Chatfield, James Moag, George 
Chipman, Joseph B Nichols, William G 
Cogwin, Edgar D Odell, James L 
Pardis, John B 
Perkins, William 
Richardson, Reuben 
Rowley, Charles E 
Scramlin, Farman 
Scramlin, Orin 
Searls, George A 
Sheridan, Millard J 
Smith, James W 
Smith, John 
Smith, William 
Smith, William F 
Teeter, Van Buren 
Van Kirk, Enos 
Watson, William P 
Wickstram, Axel A 
Wooster, Charles L 

Cooke, Edward S 
Davis, Silas 
Dickey, James 
Duvall, Samuel O 
Farley, Eiliott 
Farrington, H H 
Fuller, John 
Fuller, William 
Gardiner, Wm C 
Geager. Merwin 
Griswold, A M 
Hall, Hilton B 
Hamlim, JayL 
Hawley, Samuel 
Hay hurst, John B 
Hoag, George W 
Holmes, C D 
Keyes, Thomas 

MONITOrTno. 522. 

ELGIN, Kane Co. Chartered Oct 1867. 
Reg com 1st and 8d Thur. Ann com Sd 
Thur Dec. Membership 99. 

Noeman J Bloomfield, W Master 
R R Parkin, S W Alfred H Smith, S D 
Wm H Wilcox, J W And'w J Sharpe. J D 
Geo H Sherman, Tr Ed F Gooding, S S 
Ira M Hastings, Sec W Bodenschatz, J S 

Claude J Pierre, T 
Abbott, Frank RM Blackney^Julius S 
Adams, John S Brydges, William H 

Adams, Oscar P Burlingamc, D E 
Ahle, Charles E Burt, Henry F 

Aldndge, Charles M Cass, Gilbert 
Amick, Myron J Chapman, Sain H 
Arnold, Marshall N Chapman, Win H 
Atchison, Wm D Childs, Ebenezcr M 
Coburn, John O 
Cubett, Henry 
Denison, Milo II 
Dickinson, Chas D 

Axtell, Nathan II 
Ayer, Charle3 J 
Babbitt, David S 
Bagley, Charles H 
Baker, Julius E 
Bartlett, Patten S 
Batchelor, Wm H 
Belcher, Albert K 
Black, Wm H jr 

Eaton, Ralph W 
Elliott, Myron W 
Fairchilds, Henry 
Fairchilds, James 
Farnum, John W 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Flinn, James 
Frederick, M N 
Glass, William H 
Hart, William 
Hclden, John J 
Hendricks, Albert R 
Horton, John J 
Hunter, George 
Hutner, Conrad J 
Jackman, L N 
Jackman, R P 
Jencks, Denison R 
Kclley, Leverett M 
Kelsey. Albert F 
Kimball, Walter H 
Lcavitt, Joseph E 
Lewis, Albert F 
Lewis, George F 
Lewis, James C 
Lewis, Nathaniel R 
Long, Wyckliffe S 
Lucken, Paul M 
McNicol, William 
Mann, Sylvester S 
Marshall, George F 
Marshall, Moses 1ST 
Metthie, Jules 

Moreau, George W 
Moseley, Charles S 
Moseley, Horace N 
Payne, Nelson B 
Pease, Walter L 
Pegler, Charles 
Preston, Frank H 
Provost, Louis H 
Pyle, Josiah M 
Ranstead, John W 
Raymond, Frank W 
Reeves, Frank L 
Richards, William F 
Ryan, Jeremiah C 
Sehaller, Frank A 
Smith, Carlos H 
Spalding, Jared F 
Stewart, A Mel 
Stone, Arthur N 
Struckman, George 
SAvan, Theodore F 
Tickner, John L 
Towner, Ithiel C 
Wait, John 
Webb, John 
Wicken, William 
Young, Charles L 

MONMOUTH, No. 37. 

MONMOUTH, Warren Co. Chartered 
Oct 1 846. Reg com 1 st and 3d Tues. Ann 
com 3d Tues Dec. Membership 92. 

James A Boyntok, W Master 
James Wilson, S W Win S Holliday, S D 
Andrew Wilson, J W D Williams, JT) 
LD Robinson, Treas N S Woodward, S S 
C Coates, Sec Omie L Reed, J S 

William Stone, T 
Adams, William M Harding, A S 

Allen, Charles F 
Anthony, John M 
Armsby, Charles L 
Barnes, John 

Hartman, A 
Hartzell, J H 
Hayden, David S 
Higgins, A C 

Barnum, Orlando S Hoenadel, Frank 
Beaumont, James Holliday, Mathew 
Bond, Jesse W Holloday, Robert 

Boyd, William B Hull, George 
Bumngton, Win M King, William 
Burnett, William H Knapp, J C 
Byers, Solomon Krollman, Jacob 
Christie, Isaac L Lair, F A 
Coiner, George A Leeper, Jamison 
Collins, Y/illiam W Leeper, John 
Cool, P E Lincoln, J R 

Dalton, Thomas McCoy, Augustus 
Denman, Daniel T McDowell, A J 
Dickson, William T Marshall, Hugh 
DilTenbaugh, D D Marshall, James 

Doney, Ransom 
Dungan, D M 
Dunklc, David D 
Forwood, Benj F 
Frymire, John H 
Gosiee, J W 
Greenwald, Jacob 
Hamilton, D R 
Hardenbrook, C K 

Merwing, Jacob 
Miller, Frank G 
Morey, Daniel H 
Morrow, F A 
Morrow, J K 
Morrow, William M 
Norcross, William C 
Orr, Isaac 
Oswold, Peter 

Parkes, II II 
Porter, John 
Porter, William E 
Robinson, John 
Rodgers, William E 
Rulow, H M 
Russell, David 
Russell, Robert 
Sexton, William L 
Shoemaker, C D 
Smiley, Charles 
Smith, Charles K 

Sprout, John 
Stansbury, M L 
Wagstaff, Richard 
Wagstaff, Robert 
Waste, H C 
Welsh, A Y 
Whitemack, Wm W 
Willits, Elias 
Wilson, J J 
Wonder, John W 
Wright, Warren 
Young, John 


MORRISONVILLE, Christian Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1871. Reg com Sat o b f m and 
2d Mon after. Membership 47. 

James P Stark, W Master 
Jas M Pence, S W E P Tilly, S D 
Chas Vorhees, J W Jason Turner, J D 
R K Pence, Treas W T Ricks, S S 
Geo L Palmer, Sec John Compton, J S 

M M Sternbury, T 
Adams, T Lawrence, Geo W 

Albion, George N Lyle, John W m 
Albright, Wm B McRenolds, S M 
Bartholomew, H C Martin, Leroy 
Beardslee, N K Mathews, John 

Bell, N N Miller, Andrew W 

Boyd, A E Murry, David F 

Breedlam, John P Nutt, D D 
Camperthwait, E E Post, James F 
Craig, John S Reeves, Edward N 

Crisman, John A 
Crockett, H P 
Duspam, George 
Field, Wesley 
Finch, T 
Grundy, Edward 
Hanan, Jesse 
Herdmar, Alex B 
Klein, Jacob 

Salander, David F 
Shake, John W 
Smith, John 
Smith, Joseph 
Terrell, Jason 
Tyler, George 
White J B 
Wykoff, Charles A 

MOSAIC, No. 628. 

HUDSON, McLean Co. Chartered Oct 
1869. Reg com Fri n b f m. Ann com 
reg n b Dec 27. Membership 26. 

Daniel Gondee, W Master 
D H French.S W James K Allen, S D 
A I Scott. J W John Jewell, J D 

F M Moats, Treas P R Arbuckle, S S 
R H Dement, Sec George Stoll, J S 

Isaac T Dement, T 
Brown, S Eli Johnston, R F 

Bunnell, W William Lollis, W Mitchell 
Burkhisen, S John Miller, A John 
Cogill, Robert Skinner, Mark 

Geldersleeve, T C Stone, W Barton 

Holcomb, D M 
Hosenwinkle, Wm 
Hughton, Elijah 

Taylor, Stephen 
Taylor, Zach 
Wheeler, James 

MOSCOW, No. 457. 

MOSCOW, Union Co. Chartered Oct 
1865. Reg com Wed obfm. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 42. 

James W Hood. W Master 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Edwd S Brown, S W Robert Hood, S D 

, J W L Shaddrick, J D 

M Penrod, Treas William Penrod, S S 
Wilson Brown, Sec Miles L Pender, J S 

Daniel B Hood, T 
Carter, Asa W Mercer,Hezekiah W 

Coy, Newton Miller, Ezekiel M 

Davis, William T Newton, Henry 

Dooley, Edward 
Dubois, Joel 
Evins, Solomon 
Halts. William 
Hood, Gilford B 
Hood, James sr 
Hood, John R 
Hoed, Matthew P 
Hood, Samuel H 
Lowery, Jesse P 

Norvell, Samuel 
Norvel, William R 
Peeler, William D 
Pender, Miles L 
Phelps, Charles W 
Shaddrick, John 
Stokes, Morgan 
Strieker, Thomas M 
Toler, Woodard 
West, Andrew J 

Mangiim, Howel T West, Joshua P 
Martin, Alexander Wilhelm, David F 
Martin, Owen P Williams, Thomas K 

MOULTRIE^ No. 181. 

SULLIVAN, Moultrie Co. Chartered 
Oct 1855. Reg com Mon obf m, Ann 
com Dec. Membership 63. 

Walter B Kilnek. W Master 
Peter Cofer, S W Geo P Chapman. S D 
W B Townsend, J W Alfred G Davis, J D 
M Tichenor, Treas Abner Solomon, S S 
D G Lindsay, Sec John W Purcell, J S 

George Mayer, T 
Allen, Elijah W Lewis, Thomas T 
Ash worth, Felix E McClure, John R 
Atchison, Andrew J McClure, Thomas H 
Bushfield. Thos M McGuire, William P 
Buxton, Andrew J Miller, Robert A 
Byram, James R Miller, Robert M 
Clark, Cassius C Minor, Abia 
Cunningham, J P Noyes, Eben 
Cunningham, Robt Patterson, Jonathan 
Davis, John W Peters, Samuel 

Duncan, James R Preston, Barker 
Duncan, John Rhodes, Isaac 

Eden. William W Ritter, Davis McP 
Fread, Nelson H Shuman, Charles G 
Freeland, John A Smyser, Alfred M 
Freeland, John A jr Smyser, William H 
Freeland, Thos J Spurgeon, James M 
Freeman, Benj Stearns, Daniel F 

Harris, William S Taylor, John 
Hiler, Abram Trower, Xavier B 

Hill, Frank P Vanken, Henry F 

Hoggatt, William Waggoner, Joseph H 
Hoke, Fountain P Wheeler, Anson 
Keedy, Joseph L Williams, George^ M 
Knight, Joseph F Wright, S W 
Laughlin, M J Wynian, Albert 

Lee, Alsey B 

MOUND, No. 122. 

TAYLORVILLE, Christian Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1852. Reg com 1st Sat and 3d 
Tues. Ann com reg o b Dec 27. Member- 
ship 104. 

William T Vandeveee, W Master 
SamlH|Mos8ler,SW Jerry Snutler, J W 

W W Anderson, Tr Jame3 Brooks, J D 
J R Sharp, Sec Adam Ritcher, S S 

W H Kaup, S D Alfred Titus, J S 

M L Young, T 
Abbott, M J Lockwood, James F 

Abell, John R Luttle, Jonas 

Abington, Wm P McBride, J C 
Adams, Francis A McCaskill, Alex 
Adams, Gavin R McLatton, Robert 
Anderson, George A Mannier, Charles A 
Bailey, John Mass, Adolphus J 

Baily, Thomas R Milligan, William 
Bond, Abner Moore, William S 

Barroe, J G Morgan, John H 

Call, G A Nelson, Alex H 

Call, J J Orr, Robert 

Campbell, James M Overand, Edward 
Caloway, William R Oyler, Smith 
Cisner, J H Parsons, John H 

Coffman. W D Parsons, Samuel M 

Crabb, James M Powell, Howard M 
Cutler, Charles Price, John W 

Dorman, H L Redfern, Marion 

Dunston, G W Reed, John 

Fraley, Jerome B Richardson, James 
Goldstein, Samuel Ricks, John B 
Goodrich, W A Ricks, N Douglas 

Green, William H Rockwell, Alonzo S 
Griffith, W C Rockwell, Charles V 

Hammer, Andrew F Rosemond, Wm E 
Hammer, Sanford G Shake, William F 
Hammer, Silas R Sharp, H Edward 
Hanan, Joseph Sharp, George R 

Hankins, Gilbert B Sharp, Henry H 
Hardin, James M Sharp, John 
Hatch, W H Shepherd, George 

Hays, William F Shumway, Hiram P 
HazlettjJohn Singer, William 

Hewit, W T Slater, Lyinan B 

Hill, Josiah A Sparks, A J 

Hopson, A H Squier, Oliver P 

Humphreys, Chas F Squier, John G 
Hundley J B Squier, William B 

Hunter, William Thompson, H Clay 
Johnson, David W Towey, Joseph S 
Johnson, James H Voss, Thomas E 
Johnson, R Wesley Waller, William D 
Johnston, John W Whitecraft, John E 
Jones, Edward Wilkerson, A Jack 

Jones, John B Williams, Grey M 

Long, Math C Young, C G 


MOUNT CARMEL, Wabash Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1857. Reg com 1st and 3d Tues. 
Ann com Tues o b Dec 27. Membership 

Jacob Zimmerman, W Master 
Robt S Gordon, S W Geo Thos Bedell, SD 
Owen D Baker, J W S B Lingenfelter. J D 
Jacob Knell, Treas F Rohbacker, S S 
Jas S Johnston, Sec Geo W Shadle, J S 

Jacob Groff. T 
Applestadt, A BuchanamRobert 

Armstrong, Thos N Chipman, William F 
Austin. George M Cook, Eldad J 
Bell, Robert p m Cooper, John B 
Brower, Beriah E Cooper, William T 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Costner, Henry A 
Courter, William F 
Crowell, George W 
Eastham, John 
Fearheily, Michael 
Fisher, Daniel P M 
Foster, Michael J 
Glick, Lewis 
Green, Oliver B 
Hartmann, John 
Higbee, James 
Kavanaugh, John D 
Knight, Stephen S 
Kuerschner, Hugo 
Laird, Robert A 
Lescher, John J 
Litherland, Eben C 
Longnecker, Wm H 
Martin, James 
Mcintosh, A J 
Mathews, Wm J 
Miles, Thomas M 

Newkirk, Rufus M 
Orth, William P 
Redman, Charles 
Reinherd, David 
Roberts, Chas Wpm 
Ruby, Hiram 
Russell, Charles R 
Russell, Edwin S 
Smith, Edward 
Schleuker, Peter 
Shannon, Samuel 
Sharp, George J 
Simonds, William 
Smith, Edward 
Smith, John Wesley 
Smith, William 
Smith, Valentine 
Snyder, Charles H 
Stein, Frederick 
Tanquary, James W 
Watkins, George 
Wright, Jos Van B 

MOUNT ERIE, No. 331. 

MOUNT ERIE, Wayne Co. Chartered 
Oct 18C0. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. Mem- 
bership 30. 

Milton R Mills, W Master 
John L Irwin, S W Jas T Price, S D 
David Holmes, J W J Van Fossen, J D 
A Bleakley, Treas K W Brinker, S S 
Frank, Israel, Sec Henry Webb, J S 

Marion Brinker, T 
Atterbery, John Push, John 
Blackiord, Ephraim Russell, John A 
Crews, William Sandlin, Wlllard 

Davidson, Robert L Shelton, James R 
Johnson, Levi T E Tidball, George 
Johnson, Moses Tidball, J Brown 
Laird, Buford Walker, John 

McKelvey, W Hollis Webb, Martin 
Mundy, Samuel White, Isaac G 
Nisbet, Andrew F Wyatt, Gilbert N 


JOLIET. Chartered Oct 1846. Reg 
com 1st and 3rd Fri. Membership 154. 

John Gray, W Master 
ThosE Woods, S W Patrick B Ryan, S D 
Robt H Pierce, J W John Lewis, J D 
R P Denker, Treas Jas G Patterson, S S 
John S Millar, Sec Geo Richards, J S 

Ralph W Marshall, T 
Abbott, George Boyd, James S 
Abrams, Henry T Brummel, Geo H 
Addison, John Campbell. Joseph 

Alexander, Calvin C Casterline, Shaw Y 
Allen, Herman R Caswell, Wallace B 
Bailey t Frederick K Claus, Lewis 
Baldwin, Jesse Collins, Franklin 

Barber, Royal E Cowdry, Thomas 

Beaumont, Josiah 
Bent, Truman 
Best, George 

Cox t Daniel 
Davis, Edward G 
Doig, Thomas 

Bettinger,Valentine Dorr, John F 
Bishop, William H Douglas, John J 
Blazer, Louis Drom, John E 

Dryer, John N 
Eagan, James 
Ferguson, Thos H 
Flack, John J 
Flaught, George W 
Fredericks, A 
Galbraith, George 
George, Joel 
Goff, Joel A 
Goldschmidt, David 
Grady, James 
Gross, Alexander 
Grinton, Edward 
Haag, John 
Hammond, King ir 
Harland, L H 
Harris, Mark 
Harrison, William C 
Henry, Jacob A 
Herschbach, Thos 
Hess, John 
Hill, Charles A 
Hopkinson, Thomas 
Houck, Frederick G 
Houston, Thomas 
Humel, John D 
Ingalls, L Edward 
Johnson. William 
Jones, G L 
Jones, Holbert 
Jones, William 
King, John P 
Koch, John N 
Kramer, Ignatz 
Leffler, John 
Leonard, Edgar 
Leonard, H B 
McConachie, John 
McDaniel, George 
McDonald, John 
McElvey, James 
McGooney, Thos G 
Macombe'r, Chas H 
Mane, Daniel 
Means, John L 
Millspaugh, Isaac 
Mitchell, Lester C 
Morrison, John 
Munn, Charles W 
Munn, S W 
Munroe, George 
Myrick, Ulysses E 
Nightingale, Benj 
Nives, George 
Nives, Harvey J 
Paige, John D 
Paisold, Ferdinand 
Patchell, John J 

Peany, Charles W 
Perr>% Joseph 
Pulver, John 
Quiggle, James 
Ranney, Edward R 
Reed, Eden 
Reed, Rollin L 
Richards, Fred J 
Robinson, A J 
Russell, Harris 
Sachle, Charles W 
Salter, George B 
Schott, Jacob 
Schrader, Henry 
Schwarzenbach, O 
Seking, Frederick 
Seltzer, Leonard A 
Shaffner, Benjamin 
Shelton, John 
Shields, John 
Simpson, F W 
Sleeper, Daniel C 
Smith, Daniel Y 
Smith, Samuel D 
Smouse. Josiah 
Stafford, James B 
Steel, Jason 
Stephens, Albert 
Stephens, DavidS 
Stephens, Joseph S 
Stevens, Thomas J 
Stevens, William W 


Sweizer, Caspar 
Sweizer, Conrad 
Tait, John 
Trevor, James 
Turner, Robert H 
Wallace, George M 
Wanderlich, Chas 
Watkins Jonathan 
Webb, John 
Weiner, Adam 
Weiss, Morris 
Wells, D B 
Wertmiller, Chas 
White, Samuel S 
Whited, Charles W 
Whited, Jesse O 
Williams, Henry G 
Williams, Solomon 
Williams, Thomas 
Williams, Lewis M 
Wiser, Samuel H 
Woods,Daniel W 
Wood, Willard 
Zarley, William H 


HILLSBORO, Montgomery Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1848. Reg com Thurs obfm. 
Membership 94. 

James A Beown, W Master 
Chas L Bartlett, S W Wm H dayman, J D 
M W Miller, J W ML Morehouse, S S 
Jos R Rolston, Treas Geo L Warren, J S 
Sam B Jackson, Sec F M Smith, T 
Ault, William Barfcley, John C 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Bell, Frederic 
Blackburn, James T 
Bliss, Charles W 
Boone, James C 
Brown, Abner G 
Burns, Edward S 
Cannon, "William 
Clotfelter, David S 
Conklin, William 
Cook, William H 
Cress, Alexander A 
Cress, Jacob D 
Davis, U W 
Dickson, James M 
Edwards, John W 
Edwards, P J 
Enlow, Jonathan 
Evans, John P 
Fath, Leonard 
File, E J 
Field, Sharpe 
Fink, J W 
Freeland, C A 
Fuller, John P 
Gheen, George H 
Gilmore, Cyrus H 
Gil more, David S 
Gilmore, Frank H 
Grubbs, Edward R 
Harkey .George M 
Harris, Woyten 
Hayes, William H 
Hubble, E B 
Johnson, Ben E 
Jones, J Hanson 
Keith, John M 
Kingsbury, A N 
Kinsley, MC 
Lane, Edward 
Logan, William H 
Lingfelter, D C 

Mc David, James B 
McDavid, John T 
McDavid, William C 
McDavid, William J 
McLane, Samuel H 
Mc Williams, M C 
Maddux, John T 
Mapes, William B 
Marshall, John L 
Marshall, William P 
Messenger, T 
Michel, Norman 
Millard, Gregory A 
Millard, Ira 
Miller, Amos 
Mitchel, John 
Nelson, George N 
Nelson, H W 
Newman, Charles P 
Osgood, William 
Reeves, Thomas J 
Rhodes, Charles B 
Rountree, A H H 
Rutledge, H R 
Sawyer, A A K 
Seymour, Charles W 
Shimer, Isaac H 
Smith, Henry C 
Stoddard, Luke F 
Stoddard, W F 
Stoddard, Wm H 
Truesdale. Wm R 
Walter, W Scott 
Watson, John 
Welge, Louis 
Williamson, John D 
Wilson, James C 
Wilson, John W 
Wilson. ZC 
Whiteside, Thos D 
Whiteside, Wm A 
Wool, Charles M 

MOUNT NEBO, No. 76. 

CARLINVILLE, Macoupin Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1849. Reg com Sat o b f m and 
two weeks after. Membership 89. 

George W Hamilton, W Master 
R W Turnbull, S W W H Chaffee, S D 
G Warburton, J W W H H Horine, J D 
C H C Anderson, Tr W F Bergdorff, S S 
A G David, Sec Joseph Smith, J S 

James Lynch, T 
Allen, James Derby, George 

Anderson, H C Dugger, Samuel B 

Anderson, Jno B Dresser, D W 

Bates, George W 
Battise, James W 
Brittall, R C 
Brown, D J 
Brown, Thomas J 
Cameron, Donald 
Carr, William C 
Corn, S T 
Cross, A T 
Denby, W A 
Dennison, James 
Itennison, John 

Dubois, A McK 
Eldred, J A 
Erwin, N P 
Finnegan, John 
Filley, Lester B 
Fisher, A W 
Foley, Dan J 
Furber, James K 
Fyffe, Thomas 
Gaubert, V J 
Gilbert, S S 
Greenwood, Jacob 

Hall, Harrison 
Hughes, George R 
Johnson, George W 
Johnson, H C 
Johnson, Lewis 
Jones, John D 
Kerr, Henry W 
Kessinger, Frank G 
Kessinger, John 
Kimball, Henry M 
Koester, Julius G 
Lancaster, Jno 
Logan, John 
Loomis, T L 
Loverin, Q W 
McKee, Thomas R 
Martin, Eugene 
Masters, Jno B 
Matthews, FredL 
Matthews, Jno P 
Meyers, Milton 
Miner, Herbert 
Mitchell, Martin 
Montgomery, Hy H 
Moore, V J 

Morgan, Moses 
Palmer, Jno M 
Phillipps, Thad 
Pitman, Samuel 
Pocklington, Jno W 
Pratt, Ben C T 
Prouty, Cvrus T 
Rinaker, John J 
Sacre, JohnF 
Sell, Michael 
Seveir, VJ 
Sinclair, Charles W 
Solomon, C J 
Stubbs, Henry 
Tappan, Henry 
Teitro, Henry 
Thomas, Robert E 
Turk, Barnett 
Vanderventer, C E 
Walker, Charles A 
Watkins, Sykes 
White, John 
Worth, Edmond 
Wright, William 


MT PULASKI, Logan Co. Chartered 
Oct 1850. Reg com Sat o b f m. Mem- 
bership 62. 

C W Clark, W Master 
John R Ayers, S W Alex Morrow, S D 
W A Schafer, J W W L Curtis, J D 
Geo Meister.Treas C K Lucas, SS 
C S Landis, Sec Ceorge Hook, J S 

A L Gedion, T 
Allison, Noah 
Ayers, R F 
Baxter, John L 
Beidler, S L 

Capp, C S 
Clark, D W 
Clark, John 
Corby, P L 
Daniels, W H 
Doyle, J J 
Ewing, J W 
Erwin, T R 
Harcourt, G W 
Hareld, A J 
Hubberd, E P 
Huck, CE 
Huston, Jacob 
Huston, James 
Kent, John 
Kreig, John 
Klotz, David 
Leathers, Wm P 
Lemly, William 
Lushbough, H F 
Mann, John L 

Mayer, George 
Meister, John 
Miller, Christian 
Mitchner, J J 
Nickilson, F V 
Patterson, David 
Poe, James W 
Ring, Jacob L 
Robinson, LM 
Sawyer, Walter P 
Snyder, Charles W 
Tomlinson, Isaac 
Tool, J H 
Turley, R E 
Vanderleith, Henry 
Wagner, W H 
Weakley, E B 
Weckel, John 
Weidenbacher, G 
Werlich, Joseph 
Whitacker, B B 
Whitacker, N M 
Whitacker, W S 
Whitney, W G 
Wilson, A C 

Mathews, Jerem'h R Yager, Jacob 


MT VERNON, Jefferson Co. Chartered 
Oct i 845. Reg eo^i Mon o b f m and two 
weeks after. Membership 73. 

Albert W Patton, W Master 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

John W Baugh, S W 
Geo M Haynes, J W 
Win E Jackson, Tr 
Newton C Pace, Sec 
Edward J 
Bambrook, John J 
Barton, William 
Black, John D 
Bum pus, Wm S 
Carroll, Joseph F 
Craw, William B 
Davisson, Hardin 
Dewey, Russell 
Downer, Silas 
Flkins, Gazaway 
Evans, George W 
Fly, Jesse J 
Ford, Solomon 
Gardiner, Albert L 
Goodrich, Henry W 
Grant, Robert A 
Guernsey, Wm D 
Guthrie, Robert D 
Ham, Christopher D 
Handsacker, Thos 
Hobbs, Thomas II 
Jarrell, Richard C 
Johnson, Adam C 
Johnston, Noah 
Jones, Samuel W 
Lacy, Samuel 
Lake, Isaac 
Love, George H 
McConnell, Wm A 
Mavnor, Arch J 
Merrill, Frederick 
Miller, Bennett S 

RAD Wilbanks, S D 
D B Goodrich, J D 
John A Clinton, S S 
James Wilson, J S 
Watson, T 
Ostrander, David A 
Pace, Charles T 
Pace, Joseph T 
Pace, Robert T 
Pace, Zadoc C 
Page, Henry J 
Patterson, Joshua L 
Patterson, Sam A 
Patterson, Thos R 
Patton, Charles H 
Pickett, George N 
Plummer, Aratus W 
Plummer, Hiram S 
Poole, Benjamin F 
Porter, Samuel L 
Smith, Lucien B 
Spriggs, L L 
Strahan, Wm H 
Strattan, Benj C 
Tanner, Tazewell B 
Taylor, Albion F 
Taylor, Jeremiah 
Towner, Benj W 
Vinson, James C 
Watson, Asa B 
Watson, Joel F 
Watson, Samuel H 
Watson, Thomas P 
Weiber, Charles J 
Williams, Wm T 
Wilson, Thomas T 

MOZART, No. 656. 

BLOOMINGTON. Chartered Oct 1870. 
Reg com 1st and Ed Tues. Membership 

Peter Gratz. W Master 
Daniel Kadel, S W Herman Schulz, S D 
Fritz Haker, J W C Peckmann, J D 
S Livingston, Treas Louis Kuntz, S S 
Adolph Benecke, S Louis Haker, J S 

Christ Benecke, T 
Bittich, William Hohmann, Sebastian 
Brechbeller, John Levy, Simeon 
Duckgeistel, Henry Livingstone, A jr 
Engelken, Joseph Riebsame, Christian 
Engelken, Peter Schausten, William 
Fitzenburger, H Schultz, Carl A 
Friederieh, Carl Souther, John M 
Friederich, William Schuttner.Christian 
Froehlich, Alfred Strauss, David 
Gerbhardt, Henry Unterneiner, August 
Gerbing, Gustav Volz, Frederich 
Gluckselig, Joseph Wetzel, Joseph 
Hansen, Mathew Winter, David 
Hamerslough, S Wunderlich, R 
Hasenwinkle, H Ziegler, Charles 
Heldman, Nathan 

M. K. THOMPSON, No. 381. 

FREEPORT, Stephenson Co. Chartered 

Oct 1863. Reg com 1st and 3d Fri. Mem- 
bership 63. 

James S McCall, W Master 
Loyal L Munn, S W D B Breed, Sec 
Robert Little, J W L T Lemon, S D 
John Burrell, Treas P S Lerch, J D 
Levi Martin, T 

Bailey, J M 
Bartholf, A 
Bentley, H D 
Black, John 
Bliss, G J 
Boyd, R C 
Burbanks, J C 
Burnsides, B F 
Chapman, C H 
Cleveland, F P 
Conine, J G 
Crain, C E 
Curran, John 
Currier, C L 
Currier, D G 
Dexter, H W 
Fifteld, J S 
Foster, J O 
Groff, C L 
Hance, F W 
Herbert, J H 
Hill, F K 
Jenkins, A F 
Jones, D 
Klock, R 
Lawver, W P 
Li^hthart, W L 
Martin, C 

Morgan, E II 
Munn, L A 
Neff, J W 
Noble, G W 
Payne, S R 
Proctor, Robert 
Read, FAjr 
Runner, B T 
Sanborn, C G 
Shaffer, C L 
Sikkema, U D 
Stoskopf, Louis 
Swartz. H P 
Swartz, J L 
Swartz, R H 
Sweet, T V E 
Taggart, Frank 
Tandy, G W 
Tanner, D W C 
Taylor, H H 
Templeton, J W 
Thomas, W B 
Timms, J B 
Turner, T E 
Wilcoxon, T D 
Winner, William 
Wright, C B 
Zuver, James 


MURPHYSBORO, Jackson Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1866. Reg com Mon o b f m. 
Membership 56. 

E B Pellet, W Master 
A A McGahey, S W Geo W Smith, S D 
R W Hamilton, J W Ben Johnson, J D 
J P Vickers, Treas Frank Held, S S 
W R Jones, Sec J W Wright, J S 

Samuel Allen, T 
Agnew, James M Lander, Peter 

(Alexander, W C 

Andrews, Geo W 

Bain, Charles 

Beasley, Robert 

Brewster, James 

Coad, Samuel 

Culley, J H 

Cummings, J O 

Davis, David L 

Ford, John 

Furness, James 

Gadbois, Lewis J 

Gall, J W C 

Gill, John M 

Greenhan, G B 

Griffin, Jno L i^.m,^.... 

Grosvenor, Parker Van Frank, P R 

Haltwick, John Werner, Jno A 

Lei lis, Joseph 
Mackey, Theo K 
May ham, John B 
Moyan, Thomas W 
Murray, Thomas 
Randolph, George 
Ripley, Edward 
Riseling, Cornelius 
Saul, William 
Scott, Andrew 
Sharp, Joseph R 
Standt, Henry 
Stephens, M M 
Thomas, Llewellyn 
Tippett, William C 
Toler. John 

Hinchke, A A 
Hill, George W 
Hodge, Jno C 
Hord, Thomas F 

Wilson, Lemuel 
Worthen, Edward 
Young, John Adam 
Young, Richard J • 

Subordinate Lodges. 



MTJRRAYVILLE, Morgan Cfo. Char- 
tered Oct 1865. Keg coin Thur obfm, 
Ann com Dec. Membership 46. 

James B Beadles, W Master 
J W Kennedy, S W Robert D Neal, S D 
P S Brisendine, J W "VVm S Mnrray, J D 
Rev C N McEvers, C Harvey Scorrels, S S 
D H Virtrees, Treas John C Smith, J S 
Cyrus Fanning, Sec George W Nichols, T 
Baird, John Jackson, William J 

Bracewell, John Kimbery, Charles H 
Brisendine, G- B Lightfoot, Philip F 
Campbell, Thomas Morley, Wilmot K 
Davis, William Nichols, James F 

Devore. James H Raugh, Charles W 
Edwards, William Rirnbey, Uriah 
Fanning, George W Roberts, George W 
Fanning, William F Rogers, John 
Fanning, William J Rousey, Francis 
Ferguson, Wm J Shelton, John W 
Gunn, A B Smith, John A 

Gunn, Alex S Spencer, Jonas 

Hand, Anthony W Story, James P 
Henry, William Wholin, Henry H 

Henry, Wiillam D Widup, Thos J 
Hopkins. S L Wyatt, James L 

Hornbeck, Joseph 

MYSTIC TIE, No. 187. 

POLO, Ogle Co. Chartered Oct 1856. 
Reg com every Thur. Ann com Thur o b 
Dec 27. Place of meeting Masonic Hall. 
Membership 47. 

Sherman S Rogers, W Master 
Thomas Treat, S W Frank B Pierce, S D 
W G Atkins, J W Saml C Clark, J D 
S Hibarger, Treas Robert Lawson, S S 
James Lawson, Sec Leander Griffin, J S 
Austin W Speer, T 

Anderson, John H McClure,Thomas H 
Appleford, Isaac D McCoy, Hiram D 
Bamborough, J Moore, J Leavitt 

Barber, Charles F O'Kane, Daniel 
Brand, George Peek, Henry C 

Carlile, George Pierce, Walter W 

Chapman, George L Reynolds, George R 
Clark, Samuel W Sanburn, Abram J 
Cutts, Thomas Sanburn, Ambrose 

Donaldson, Walter Schryver, Martin E 
Garman, Hiram T Scott, Josiah P 
Goodhue, W S Shafer, Sheldon W 

Hawks, Norman Shoop, Samuel H 
Hawver, Alexander Spear, Joseph L 
Hazleton, Merrill J Stuart, Arthur W 
Hepler, Emanuel Swift, Merton D 
Hebarger, Daniel Waterbury, F H 
Hills, Charles E Wolff, Martin L 
Lawson, John 

NAPLEsTno. 68. 

NAPLES, Scott Co. Chartered Oct 1849. 
Reg com Sat obfm. Membership 38. 

Frank Linkins, W Master 
W D Rutledge, S W John Linkins, Treas 
Jos W Coppage, J W M H Mauck, Sec 

W M Chambers, S D J L Crawford, J D 

Thomas Hollowbush, T 

Abbott, Henry Mitchell, A A 

Abrams, James Mitchell, Henry 

Dresser, Henry Mitchell, John G 

Eustace, William Oaks, H A 

Gould, A W Parish, Malin 

Grable, L L Peninger, Jacob 

Green, John Quinlin, William 

Green, John W Raper, William 

Hale, James Sears, Alexander 

Hart, Bolivar Sears, Washington 

Hatfield, D O Tilley, John 

Johnson, George E Todd, John 

Keener, T C Torrence, John 

Korty, F W Unger, Curtis 

Linkins, James Work, G H T 
Marsh, S E 

NATIONAL^ No. 596. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1868. Reg 
com every Tues. Ann com 3d Tues Dec. 
Place of meeting cor Halsted and W 
Randolph sts. Membership 102. 

Albert O Wood, W Master 
L Stratton, S W AG Stevens, S D 

W E Noble, J W Geo C Oakley, J D 
J M Smith, Treas P McMally, S S 
A G Stiles, Sec J D Adney, J S 

A J Guilford, T 
Adams, Alexander Harris, Charles 
Alford, James M Harris, George B 
Allen, Egbert F Healy, John W 

Amick, Pleasant Henry .Robert 
Baldwin, H P Hews, William 

Barranger, Chas E Hickman, C E 
Barrett, Charles E Hill, Matthew 
Barry, William Hitch, William H 

Black, Fingal M Hofner, William 
Blewett, William B Hunt, William F 
Brown, John Isbell, Nathaniel H 

Caine, Robert Jones, William F 

Caldwell, James O Kelly, John N 
Caldwell, Robert O Knight, Bryan 

Clark, Thomas 
Claw, George E 
Collier, William 

Lambert, Louis G 
Leadbeater, F 
Ludberg, Andrew G 

Cone, Alexander O McGowan, Angus 

Cooper, James McLain, A B 

Cox, Jesse Mackey, Robert C 

Cushing, Charles A Mason, James 

Dodds, Alexander C Mathews, John T 

Doig, George F Miller, Edwin B 

Dugan, David B Mitchell, Charles C 

Dugan, George W Mooney. Christian 

Morris, Maurice 
Marrett, Charles 
Ostrander, John W 
Pearly, Thomas 
Phillipson, R 
Prarish, William 

Edmonson, James 

Elmer, Charles D 

Elmer, Charles F 

Emmett, Belwood 

Filkins, Lewis G 

Gavin, John B 

Goodbrand, James Raggio/JohnC 

Grober, Charles L Ramsay, John 

Greenbrook, Fred Ramsay, William 

Greenebaum, Simon Rolfe, Frank O 

Ham, David Ross, Alexander M 

Hamblin, Lewis A Shaw, William D 

Hamilton, Robert Sheriffs, M 

Hanna, John B Soger, Charles W 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Speer, John W Wales, Thomas 
Stevens, Herman G Ward, William H 
Stone, M E Wayne, Thomas D 

Stought, T M Whitely, Thomas 

Symore, H T Wilson, David H 

Thiland, Joseph Wishart, James 
Waldren, Charles G Wyland, Charles D 

N. D. MORSE, No. 346. 

CONCORD, Morgan Co. Chartered Oct 
1860. Reg com Mon o b f m. Ann com 
June. Membership 45. 

John S True. W Master 
Jno H Leonard, S W Wm Hatfield, S D 
Jno W Johnson, J W S A Fairbank, J D 
Robt Digery. Treas H F Arnly, S S 
Saml Newton, Sec Milton Ham, J S 

Patrick Daley, T 
Adyle, John Mitchell, L C 

Ausimus, Andrew Merrell, Robert 

Bickfort, G- G 
Conner, John 
Craig, Moses H 
Duncan, Samuel 
Dyer, John L 
Ewing, William 
Foster, Howard D 
Fox, Edward P 
French, Christian 
Goodpasture, A H 
Goulon, Thorn asS 
Hemberson, P W 
Leonard, James M 
Leonard, John M 
Lewis, Joseph B 
Lucas, Daniel R 

Morrison, Robert C 
Moss, Benjamin F 
Moss, Thomas J 
Pugh, H L 
Randels, Nelson 
Rayborn, Franklin 
Reutschler. Jacob 
Rowsh, Henry 
Sanders, James J 
Sewyins, James H 
Thrasher, Albert 
Turley, John A 
Vaumey, Charles 
Welch, Thomas Van 
Wenger, Adam 

NEOGA, No. 279. 

NEOGA, Cumberland Co. Chartered 
Oct] 858. Reg com Thurs o b f m. Mem- 
bership 55. 

Josiah N Smith, W Master 
Albert W Treat, S W B R Spencer, S D 
Jas L Thayer, J W T R Hancock, J D 
W B Phillips, Treas P Welspiner, S S 
John T Waller, Sec Bluford Sexson, J S 

Jonathan Higgins, T 
Albin, George W Hubbard^ Jesse H 

Aldrich, Henry A 
Best, David 
Brown, Edward 
Brown, James K 

Humes, it S 
Humphrey, WH 
Kelley, James F 
Kimery, John H 

Buchanan, James G Kirk, Mason H 
Burchfieid, William Lambert, Alfred 
Carr, Hiram McAlister, Robert 

Condit, Jacob H Myler, John E 
Crockett, George W Norisey, John S 
Cross, George W Pool, William A 
Ewing, Cyrus K Reynolds, H J M 
Ewing, James M Roberts, Larkin 
Fairchild, Lewis A Shaffer, George 
Gaskill, Allen Sniger, William H 

Greene, Cyrus D Simms, William H 

Hart, James A 
Hart, John C 
Hart, W P 
Holloway, Q C 
Hopkins, Henry 

Smith, R E 
Swingle, Jacob 
Voris, Frank D 
Wigal, W F 

Williams, J F 
Wilson, Samuel F 

Young, J D 

NEPONSET, No. 435. 

NEPONSET, Bureau Co. Chartered 
Oct 1865. Reg com 2d and 4th Wed. Ann 
com reg o b Dec 27. Membership 32. 

A B Avet, W Master 
Henry Norris, S W MA Lewis, Sec 
Jas Eldridgc, J W John O Stetson, S D 
Ezra Stetson, Treas J C Foss, J D 

James Thorndike, T 
Anderson, Gus Markee, Joseph 

Bechtel, Samuel Nichols, Levi 
Blaksley, Ezra Pratt, Thomas 

Bremer, Aaron Priestman, C J 

Dix, S C Priestman, John 

Eldridge, J G Rich, Dexter 

Ganond, James Robinson, George 

Graham, George Sharp, Robert 
Grow, Moody Smith, J B 

Harvey, G W Stetson, E Sherman 

Lewis, G W Timmerman, John 

McKey, William Vanvelzer, Clarence 

NEWABK, No. 549. 

NEWARK, Kendall Co. Chartered Oct 
1867. Reg com 2d and 4th Tnes. Mem- 
bership 23. 

George G Btddulph, W Master 
Chas O.Brien, S W W H French, Sec 
Jas H Riordan, J W D Todd, S D 
C E Adams, Treas E F Thureman, JD 

D A Munger, T 
Adams, Wright Mason, R E 
Bowne, Frank Severn, Tunis 

Boyer, John Spellman, P W 

Cleveland, D C Stevens, Frank 

Cook, George Sweetland, A M 

Gensell, William Sweetland, N L 
Hamilton, A O Washburn, J P 

Hamilton, C W 

NEW BOSTON, No. 59. 

NEW BOSTON, Mercer Co. Chartered 
Oct 1848. Reg com Sat n b f and n m. 
Membership 77. 

Walter Pryne, W Master 
Fred Clark, S W Thos F Martin, S D 
Geo Scott, J W Ed L Willets, J D 

John Fry, Treas Ed Griffith, S S 
W C Austin, Sec Leander Shields, J S 

Simon Swartout, T 
Anderson, Wm A Denison, Elmore J 

Ballard, Cyrus A 

Barnett, William P 

Bissell, William H 

Bross, Charles W 

Bross, Thomas H 

Burlinginn, Shadrac Finch, Walter 

Childs, Alanson B Griffin, J E 

Childs, Horace 

Denison, Hamlin 
Dickenson, Wm T 
Dixon, William H 
Dryden, William C 
Essley, Elisha 

Crippin, Clark 
Crippin, Wilson 
Croft, Eli R 
Cropnell, Ed A 
Cropnell, Wm B 

Griffith, Charles 
Hartwig, George 
Hillman, Thomas 
Hindman, Daniel T 
Hollinbeck, L A 
Hoover, John 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Imber, Anthony Robinson, R B 

Irvin, William Schrader, August 

Lewis, William Scott, James A 

Light, William V Seastone, John A 

Livingstone, D H Shafer, Augustus C 

Lytle, George Sheckles, John A 

McLaughlin, W H Shields, Richard 

Machn, Adam Shields, William 

Mardock, Michael Solterstrand^John 

Martin, Thomas Swertfegar, Frank 

Mason, Albert Thomas, Richard 

Mason, Augustus Tyler, George B 

Mason, Jacob J Vernon, Caleb 

Minott, George W Walters, Charles A 

Noble, Jonathan Walters, Jacob S 
Poffenberger, JosiasWillets, Adolphus 

Poffenberger, M Willets, James M 

Prouty, William M Wilson, Jay 

Rader, Christian Wood, Jepntha W 
Riggs, G W 


NEW COLUMBIA, Massac Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1860. Reg com Sat o b f m. 
Membership 46. 

Jasper F Smith, W Master 
J Cummins, S W S A Cummins, S D 
W F Marberry, J W James Wallace, J D 
JohnPChoat, Treas A J Ogdon, S S 
James G Helm, Sec William Brown, J S 

Jacob Hard, T 
Brown, Elijah Morgan, Jesse B 

Cagle, William T Morse, Ulysses C 
Clymore, John H Nelson, L A 
Cross, Jaspar N Nelson, Robert C 

Cummins, Daniel T Poor, Samuel D 
Cummins, Willis Presgrove, K " 

Gray, John H 
Gurley, John 
Gwynn, George W 
Howell, Samuel P 
Hughy, William 
Johnson, Thomas 
Kimbro, Andrew J 
McClanahan, Wm 

Richardson, Wm H 
Robertson, John A 
Scott, Dudley W 
Simpson, Larkin H 
Simpson, L H jr 
Simpson, Joshua C 
Smith, Greene W 
Smith, James A 

Marberry, James L Smith, William L 

Marberry, Luke W Stophlett^L D 

Menley, Thomas Thacker, Frank B 

Morgan, Benj R Wymore, James L 


NEW HARTFORD, Pike Co. Chartered 
Oct 1865. Reg com Sat o b f m. Member- 
ship 29. 

John W Slade, W Master 
Charles Rogers, S W G D Mather, S D 
Ed E Dunning, J W Henry Pollard, J D 
WmH Deal, Treas David Hadley, S S 
Wm Carey, Sec G S Dunning, J S 

Peter H Sullivan, T 
Anderson, John M Camp, Oliver 
Beard, John T Carey, George W 

Blake, James P Carev, Peter 
Brown, James Ellis, James H 

Brown, R Sherman Estel, George 
Brown, Sherman Helm, John 
Camp, Martin Helm, William 

Jordon, Joseph T Shaw, Henry T 
Laughlin. Timothy Townsend, John A 
Peters, Herman 

NEW HAVEN, No. 230. 

NEW HAVEN, Gallatin Co. Chartered 
Oct 1857. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 44. 

E P H Stone, W Master 
S C Hall, S W W H McCable, S D 

D C Hunter, J W W A Weaver, J D 
Jas Melvine, Treas T N Smith, S S 
W P McMurtry, Sec S S Brett, J S 

Joel H Graddy, T 

Abohead, Jackson Houck, Miles G 

Houck, Walton C 

Innman, William 

Lasater, James M 

Luther, James M 

And, W Granville 
Campbell, John M 
Combs, G W 
Crawder, James R 
Crunk, John M 
Eaton, Frank 
Edwards, James 
Gasten, E W 
Gilpin, A B 

Mcllrath, William 
Madden, John 
Miller, James A 
Moor, William 
Pierce, Oliver 

Glasscock, William Purvis, John 

Goldsburgh, A A Robinson, L M 

Hale, J B Smith, G W 

Harrington, H J Smith, W C 

Harris, R M Sturgill, W R 

Henrdicks, Samuel Surguy, A J 

Hogan, Truesdale Williams, W C 

NEW HOPE^ No. 620. 

LIVINGSTON, Clark Co. Chartered Oct 
1869. Reg com Sat o b f m. Membership 

Thomas L Oeendorff, W Master 
Robt H Smith, S W WHHMcCloud,SD 
J S Fishback, J W B W Lane, J D 
E L Davison, Treas I N Flesher, S S 
D M Ball, Sec T M Weaver, J S 

Alford Wyrick, T 
Armstrong, Jas H Lewis, Joseph E 
Barry, Charles A Ligget, Thomas S 
Barry, Wilber Ligget, William R 

Blackman, James S Little, William R 
Bland, Moses Loser, Aaron 

Bogard, John Loser, John 

Cambell, John W McFarland, Jas H 

Casteel, John 

Casteel, Salathiel 

Clark, John 

Clark, Thomas W 

Donahoe, Thomas 

Dow, A G 

Dow, John R 

Drumm, James H 

Elam, William 

Fair, William 

Farr, Jehu 

Farr, John N 

Fishback, Jacob 

Fishback, Jacob P 

Fishback, James M Shirley, Elisha J 

Greasey, J W Spotts, C D 

Gwisert. Jacob Thompson, Aaron 

Hadden, John A J W T alker, John W 

Haslet, James. Weaver, James N 

McFarland, John O 
McFarland, W P 
McGregor, Joseph 
Molter, Henry 
Page, H W 
Page, John A 
Page, Orrin C 
Park, Samuel B 
Peck, Calvin 
Peters, John T 
Peyton, Jonathan 
Peyton, Thomas 
Robinson, Addison 
Robinson, Lucius 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Weaver, Lora F 
Wilson, A J 

Wilson, Byron W 

NEW LIBERTY, No. 317. 

NEW LIBERTY, Pope Co. Chartered 
Oct 1859. Reg com Sat obt'm. Member- 
ship 31. 

N C Weaver, W Master 
H C Fisher, S W H G Cloud, Sec 
Jas R Weaver, J W H Neftzger, S D 
J no R Shearer, Tr Thos J Kincaid, J D 

William A Eads, T 
Angely, James D McBride, M V 

Bough, Elisha 
ChastaimJohn D 
Deegan, Robert A 
Eison, James O 
Gooch, James C 
Hyde, D N 
Jacobs, James H 
Jacobs, John M 
James, Abraham 
Lewis, William G 

McCauley, S D 
Mason, Calvin 
Reynolds, Jesse 
Riley, Thomas 
Stewart, John F 
Stucker, John H 
"Vickers, George L 
Vickers, James H 
Waters, William 
Weaver, Arthur J 

NEWMAN, No. 369. 

NEWMAN, Douglass Co. Chartered 
Oct 1861. Reg com Sat o b f m and two 
weeks after. Membership 84. 

J M Smith, W Master 
G W Williams, S W Saml Hawkins, S D 
I S Lewis, J W George Higgens, J D 

Jas Gillogby, Treas Win B Burgett, S S 
J M Wagner, Sec James M George, J S 

L D Casebeer, T 
Albin. Robert Janes, Abram 

Andrews, Silas Johnson, J H 

Bedwell, Thomas W Josrand, Lewis 
Bivens, G W King, J W 

Burgett, I W Kinney, James 

Brown, Marion Lee, Andrew 

Brown, William R Mattox, Milton M 

Brinnegar, John 
Cash, William 
Cooley, J A 
Coppock, O H 
Corbin, D T 
Cutler, J A 
Davis, Isaac 
Detimore, J M 
Ervin, Brown 
Fields, S 
Finney, J H 
Forley, Freeman 
Forley, James 
Gillespie, Thomas 
Hancock, William 
Harris, O H 
Harvey, Joseph G 
Harvey, Robert T 
Haverstick, Eli 
Hawerton, C C 
Henry, John P 
Hicks, George W 
Hickman, John 
Howard, Isaac 
Hughs, John 
Hull, Thomas 

Morrow, James 
Murdock, John D 
Nelson, Robert T 
Outcelt, John N 
Page, Jno R 
Parker, James W 
Payne, James 
Pool, C M 
Pope, S W 
Potts, David D 
Potts, Henry K 
Root, Daniel O 
Ross, Charles 
St Clair, Isaac 
Shaw, Thomas 
Shawhan, J H 
Skinner, John 
Smith, J W 
Smith, John P 
Speelman, F W 
Speelman, James C 
Starks, William 
Stollinger, David W 
Stockton, John 
Stuart, R H 
Swigart, S W 

Thayer, A J Watts, John E 

Todd, David Wells, Joseph F 

Turbyville, Wiley Willhite, OR 

Vandine, Joseph Woodwarth, Samuel 

NEW RUTLAND, No. 477. 

NEW RUTLAND, La Salle Co. Char 
tered Oct 1866. Reg com 2a and 4th Wed. 
Ann com rego b Dec 27. Place of meet- 
ing Breevort's bldg. Membership 31. 
William S Watman, W Master 
S HopKinson, S W James Bane, S D 
Samuel Dorsey, J W Virgil G Way, J D 
John Brevoort, Tr Jno H Swartout. S S 
Wm O Ensign, Sec George Ingram, J S 

Owen Morford, T 
Bane, Thomas W Evans, Perry M 
Bird, Greenup Frink^William E 

Boyd, George A Gray. Daniel 

Brevoort, John F Hamilton, Robert L 
Chapman, S N Hopkinson, Chas A 

Clegg, Robert M Martin, Robert S 
Clewell, Christian Pritchett, James 
Cooper, David H Swan, Allen V 
Crumrine, Benton V Stewart, James F 
Ensign, Herbert D Thompson, Chas P 
Evans, Jesse W 

NEW SALEM, No. 218. 

NEW SALEM, Pike Co. Chartered Oct 
1856. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 44. 

Johw Preble, W Master 
W P Brubaker, S W S G Chaney, S D 
W F Kinman, J W George Brown, J D 
John Sigsworth, Tr W H Laird, S S 
Dan Cover jr, Sec R D Reynolds, J S 
H Hubbard. T 

Kirtright, Sylvester 
McAlister, A B 
McAlister, William 

Andrews, John 
Cadwell, Addison 
Cass, T M 
Clarkson, James O 
Conditt, G W 
Conditt, G W jr 
Davidson, Hugh 
English, Nathan 
Farm an, William 
Gray, E E 
Gray, J F M 
Gray, John 
Gray, T B 
Gray, Thomas 
Hooper, John 

McKinney, G B 
Mc Kinney, J C 
Newman, A M 
Preble, William 
Shinn, Asa 
Shinn, Henry 
Slade, James 
Starkey, Charles 
Starkey, William 
Temple, A 
Temple, John 
Winterbotham, W H 
Hulbard, Augustus Winterbotham, Wm 
Hull, Thomas Vance, A S 

Johnston, George 

NEWTON, No. 216. 

NEWTON, Jasper Co. Chartered Oct 
1856. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 37 

John H Maxwell, W Master 
W'C Alexander, SW Jas F Plymel, S D 
John A Brown, J W Jas M Haney, J D 
Wm L Heath, Sec George H Shup, S S 
Drury B Brown, Tr John G Bliss, J S 
Simpson Johnson, T 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Adams, William 
Bridges, William L 
Brooks, John C 
Brown, Samuel B 
Chamberlain, RevC 
Courter, Francis M 
Cummins, James 
Franke, John 
Freeman, James E 
Gillson, William C 
Glines, William J 
Grube, Charles H 
Harris, Addison S 
James, Thaddeus D 

Love, John M 
Mahaney. Ezra 
Mason, John 
Martin, Thomas J 
Max, David 
Mayo. Henry H 
Monell, Ogden 
Moulden, Henson P 
Nigh, Fuller 
Patterson, Win E 
Ward, Harvey 
Yeager. John 
Yelvington, H D 

NEWTOWN, No. 714. 

PILOT, Vermilion Co. Chartered Oct 
1874. Reg com 2nd and 4th Wed. Mem- 
bership 34. 

A G Payne, W Master 
Jno O'Ferrall, S W John Kirk, S D 
S J G eorge, J W John Cork, jr J D 
Asbury Craig, Treas A S Terebough, S S 
C W" Keeslar, Sec Marcus C Davis, J S 

George Hilliary, T 
Bennett, A S Makemsome, D 

Collison, Asbury Martin, Calvin J 

Craig, William B 
Craignyle, Alex 
Derham, Samuel 
Dolby, Samuel 
Doney, Jesse 
Endicott, Ostin 
Jordan, Walter S 
Ludwig, Jacob 
McScott, Charles 
Mc Vicar, Asbury 

Oakwood, Samuel 
Osborn, James H 
Perebaugh, John P 
Porter, William D 
Solomon, Samuel 
Sumner, Clapp 
Tilton, A B 
Tilton, James R 
Vanellen, John 
Wilson, Jesse H 

NOBLE, No. 362. 

NOBLE, Richland Co. Chartered Oct 
1861. Reg com Thur o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 55. 

Henry Palmer, W Master. 
Thos Wheeler, S W A Cornthwait, S D 
J W Bradberrv, J W C Marshall, J D 
J F Palmef, Treas D Cornthwait, S S 
Thos F Taylor, Sec A M McCandless, JS 
John Shai'er, T 

Baker, William 
Bangert, John 
Beckett, James H 
Behymer, Levias 
Billings, Peter 
Branch, Charles 
Cunningham, A 
Davis, Abram 
Delzell, James 
Ellis, George 
Evans, Harrison 

Hutchinson, Saml 
Johnson, Andrew V 
Johnson, Edward R 
Johnson, William B 
Kumrey, Jerry 
Lough, R Collins 
McClure, Goorge W 
McKelvey, Perry K 
McMurtry, James L 
Marvel, James 
Miller, John 

Flesher, William H Mitchell, Andrew J 

Gard, Seth Murray, Elijah 

Gray, Orlando W Negley, John 

Haines, William Palmer George O 

Hall, Thomas Philhour, Albert 

Hastings, Hezekiah Philhower. Ira B 

Hedrick, Edwin Pleasants, Richard F 

Henry, Osbern Roberts, Henry E 

Higgins, John Roberts, John 

Rowland, Elbert Snippert, Godfrey 
Rudolph, Israel P West, Nathaniel 
Sanderson, Hugh M 

NOKOMis7~No. 456. 

NOKOMIS, Montgomery Co. Chartered 
Oct 1865. Reg com Wed o b f m. Mem- 
bership 53. 

George Sippell, W Master 
L A Swanev, S W Win Winkler, S D 
John Badge, J W Ed F Sackett, J D 
Jno L Frasier, Treas Geo M Stevens, S S 
Eli Miller, Sec A M Pocock, J S 

A Vanhonten, T 
Beatty, John H Mulkey, J M 

Carter, J H Mulkey, P S 

Churchman, J C Mulkey, W F 
Osburne, F M 
Pocock, J B 

Pyle, Charles 
Pyle, Lorenzo 
Pyle, W A 
Pucket, Louis 
Russell, J W 
Scott, J W 
Shafton, Victor 
Shoemaker, Wm 
Shoop, Aaron 
Stewart, John S 
Stewart, William M 
Stobbs, Matthew 

Cline, J W 

Cook, John 

Culp, B F 

Culp, Silas W 

Dryer, Hiram H 

Fry, James M 

Garretson, Geo W 

Gibson, Richard 

Hall, Willard L 

Haller, Jacob 

Hamell, Thomas 

Hancock, J W 

Handchey, John 

Hartsock, L M 

Johnson, Garrett W Thompson, J W 

Johns, Robert Walters, Frank H 

Kerns, T S Young, James 

Merrigan, Lawrence Zepp, David H 

Mire, J H 

NORMAL, No. 673. 

NORMAL, McLean Co. Chartered Oct 
1871. Reg com 2d and 4th Mon. Mem 29. 

Asahel F Dickenson, W Master 
Wm H Ralston, S W Charles L Horey, S D 
A C Taylor, J W Geo H Hunter, J D 
B F Carpenter, Tr Wm A Pemnell, S S 
F M Lemmon, Sec Saml J Reeder, J S 

A S Hursey, T 
Bell, Joseph Lackey, J S 

Coleman, Myron Y Lawton, Edward 
Davison, Ensign M McCormick, Henry 
Davison, George M Mason, George 
Elder, Frank M Parker, Henry 
Gannon, Benjamin Posten, John 
Gray, James M Searles, Frank 

Harris, Edward D W r ashburn, Austin 
Helm, Thomas Wright, J H 

Knight, E F 

NORTON7NO. 631. 

CABEREY, Kankakee Co. Chartered 
Oct 1869. Reg com Sat obfm. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 35. 

W A Colton, W Master 
S W Lowden, S W Geo McNamee, S D 
L D Gifiord, J W W W Porter, J D 
Rev S S Kimball, Ch Wm B Sargeant, S S 
C S Ames, Treas John Rogers, J S 
James Ogilvie, Sec J S Burroughs, T 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Ames, Thomas W 
Atherton, William 
Baker, Eugene 
Borer, Joseph 
Beach, John F 
Chandler, T W 
Clapp, Elijah 
Cornwell, B L 
Fulford, C W 
Hadden. L N 
Hore, J M 
Hiddleson, H E 

Hiddleson, W C 
Johnston, Thomas 
Kellogg, C G 
Kellogg, L M 
Larkin, E B 
Lydecker, F S 
McNamee, Job 
Skelton, James 
Stuart, Daniel 
Swartwout, D R 
Winstanly, N 
Wright. J F 

NTJNDA, No. 169 

NUN DA, McHenry Co. Chartered Oct 
1855. Keg com 2d and 4th Thurs. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 51. 

John" H Palmer, W Master 
W K Foust, S W William Miller, S D 
C H Stern, J W C Annsen, J D 

William Hill, Treas C H Laning, S S 
W S DeWolf, Sec W B Fitch, J S 

M C Buck, T 
Andrews^ Robert Merry, John C 

Ballow, Emery 
Baxter, Robert 
Brown, Samuel R 
Buck, Magnus H 
Buck, Rasmus 
Butler, Joseph B 
Butler, Mathias P 
Gleason, James J 
Haligns, Oliver 
Hartman, John G 
Hickok, Benj R 
Horn, George W 
Huffman, Wm H 
Keller, Henry 
Kolberg, Henry 
McClure, Daniel 

Mitchell, William H 
Morton, John 
Palmer, Gustavus A 
Patterson, Charles C 
Patterson, Frank D 
Pettibone, Amos A 
Pettibone, Cecil C 
Robinso li, James B 
Rowley, Robert 
Sanford, Elisha B 
Schryver, J hn 
Shepard, Sullivan E 
Thompson, Fredk 
Thompson. WillisS 
Thwing Franklin J 
Warner, Dwight B 
Warner, S E 

Mallory, Samuel W Wheaton, James G 
Mansfield, Orrin Wilbur, Joseph H 
Mathews, Joseph J Wilcox, David E 

O'FALLON, No. 576. 

O'FALLON, St Clair Co. Chartered Oct 
1868. Reg com Wed obfm. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 54. 

William S Scott, W Master 
Saml W Scott, S W Geo N Sceets, S D 
James H Scott, J W Jno McFarland, J D 
B J Van Court, Tr J H Atkinson, S S 
Jacob S Phelps, Sec William Seach, J S 

Frank M Evans, T 
Ahring, William Jones, Beniamin C 
Bates, Orrin C Joseph, Alfred S 

Beattie, John Gartside, Daniel D 

Bouler, Lafayette P Giles, William 
Brownlee, James H Herbst, Peter 
Cloud, Zeno Hill, Richard 

Coon, E B ' McCann, Charles 

Crosby, George McFarland, Daniel 

Dorey, Joseph S Mace, John p m 
Elliott, Joab Mace, Russell H 

Fisher, Louis Monyer, John 

Jackson, William Moore, James W 

Morrison, William R 
Norcross, W S 
Page, David 
Palfrey man, Joseph 
Peach, William 
Porter, Joseph B 
Powell, William 
Sankford, Charles F 
Sankford, Daniel C 
Schildenecht, P 
Scott, James W 

Shaw, Ferdinand P 
Simmons, Levi 
Simms, Hopkins T 
Smiley, Andrew B 
Smiley, Samuel C 
Smith, George 
Stange, Henry C 
Thomas, James F 
Thomas, John R 
Whaley, Jesse 

OAKLAND, No. 219. 

OAKLAND, Coles Co, Chartered Oct 
1856. Reg com Fri obfm. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 68. 

John Ruthekford, W Master 
H D Williams, S W J W Clement, S D 
R G Forsyth, J W C Rutherford, J D 
Rev J W Crane, C EH Warden, S S 
L S Cash, Treas H Collier, J S 

M J Miller, Sec. F L Clark, T 
Ames, H V McNutt, Sanford 

Ashmore, James H Menough, D B 

Baoer, William 
Blood, William 
Bran non, James H 
Brown, George W 
Brown, William 
Busbey, Milton F 
Carnahan, Robt A 
Cash, Stanley, M 

Menough, John 
Menough, Robert C 
Menough, S W 
Mitchell, J H A 
Moody, E M 
Naphew, Madison 
Naphew, Thomas 
Reel, Samuel A 

Chapman, Samuel E Ritchey, Henry P 
Clement, Charles Rohr, F M 
Coffin, William H Rosecrans, Alfred 
Crawford, L B Smith, Norman P 

Digbey, E Smith, William O 

Durham, Edward R Stone, John 
Gilbert, M *W Taylor, Johi 

Gillis, Levi D 
Gough, John 
Grisson, B C 
Hollis, Nelson 
Hooker, William O 
Jones, David 
Klemm, Lorenzo 
Kurtz, Henry C 
Larimer, Robert F 
Liston, John E 
McGee, James P 

. John F 
Taylor, Peter 
Timons, Andrew J 
Valodin, Milton B 
Wells, Daniel 
Wells, Townsend 
West, JohnT 
West, Joseph 
Winkler, David 
Winkler, Joseph H 
Winkler, Robert 
Woolley, H M 

OBLONGr CITY, No. 644. 

OBLONG CITY, Crawford Co. Char- 
tered Oct 18T0. Reg com Sat o b f m. 
Ann com Dec. Membership 37. 

John Hill, W Master 
W E McKnight, S W D C Coudrey, S D 
Levi Stump, J W Wm F Wood, J D 
Thos J Price, Treas Frank Dennis, S S 
Zach Wirt, Sec Leondas Byerly, J S 

Frederick, Lefler, T 
Barlow, Henry M Gooch, James M 
Blake, Marion Grogan, George W 

Boyd, William Hess, Lewis F 

Burton, John J Hughes, Joseph C 

Caywood, McCurry James, Martin L 
Clark, Richard jr Larrabee, Hiram 

Subordinate Lodges. 


McCrillis, George 
McCrillis, Hiram 
McKnight, James 
McKnight. James G 
McKnight, John R 
Martin, James A 
Preston, Coudrey 
Shipman, James 

Stevens, Frank A 
Thomas, Andrew J 
Utter, John 
Watts, Benjamin F 
Wood, T J 
Wood, William 
Wright, James B 


OTTAWA, La Salle Co. Chartered Oct 
1846. Reg com 1st and 8d Mon. Member- 
ship 156. 

Henry F Claek.W Master 
Chas M Catlin, S W W B Titus, S D 
Fredk F Crane, J W Alex Hanna, J D 
Henry C N ash, Tr Fatrick Ryan, S S 
R W HolinesrSec C C Glover, J S 

Justus Harris, T 
Austin, George L Goff, Gilbert 

Batcheller, David 
Bates, Sidney C 
Beatty, George 
Beem, Isaac N 
Bell, William E 
Blanchard, Charles 

Gorman, Wm O 
Gregg, David R 
Haeoerlin, August 
Hall, P A 
Hall, Wesley B 
Hapeman, Douglas 

Bowman, William E Harris, J O 
Brown, A J Hathaway, Elias C 

Brundage, Wm A 
Bull, EF 
Burgess, George J 
Bushnell, Wash 
Cameron, John A 
Cary, Wiliiam H 
Cash, George W 
Cash, William R 
Calkins, Moses D 
Caton, John Dean 
Cheever, Silas W 
Childs, F P 
Cole, Samuel D 
Col veil, James N 
Colveil, John 
Cook, Charles W 

Hathaway. Joseph C 
Helmid, Win A 
Henning. Robert 
Herrick, Edward L 
Hills, Sylvanus H 
Hobert, Edward S 
Hollister, Madison E 
Holmes, Daniel J 
Howland, Henry A 
Hull, George V 
Huthmaker, M 
Jennings, Obadiah 
Jones, David P 
Jordan, Allenjr 
Kendall, Frank A 
King, Frank G 

Comstock, James A King, Richard W 
Cotton, Henry G Krouse, David 
Crane, Charles S C Leland, Lorenzo 
Crawford, Frank jr Lewis, Edward C 

Cregar, Austin J 
Crosby, J N 
Cross* James R 
CulJen, William 
Degan, Samuel 
Degan, Solomon 
Dunavan, Wm L 

Lockwood, Arthur 
McArthur, Robt M 
McCaleb, Herbert A 
Mackinlay, John F 
Mattocks, Fredk W 
Mayo, Henry 
Mickle, T Y 

Duplain, Francis P Miller, Theodore C 

Dyer, Reuben F 
Easton, William S 
Eyster, Samuel 
Fellows, Beach B 
Fisk, Francis L 
Fuller, Dwight W 
Gardner, Wm W 
Gibbs, A E 
Gibson, John F 

Mills, Daniel C 
Mills, George A 
Mitchell, George B 
Moore, Absalom B 
Morrill, John 
Morrison, John L 
Murphy, Robert F 
Nash, John F 
O'Donnell, James 

Gibson, Theodore C Osman, William 
Gibson, William L Padgett, Benj 
Glover, Joseph O Palmer, William 
Godfrey, Henry M Pearson, Aven 

Peirgue, JohnL 
Pettel, Charles E 
Phillips, Lester O 
Phillips, William H 
Pierce, Joel F 
Poole, Albert J 
Porter, Benj S 
Porter, Samuel W 
Poundstone, Sam'l 
Powe, John 
Rathburn, James E 
Reed, Isaac 
Rhodes, James 
Riale, Robert E 
Rice, John B 
Richards, Alex 
Rising, L A 
Rugar, Jesse B 
Ryburn, Thomas 
Shuler, Henry A 
Simon, AnthonyD 
Smith, Edward H 
Smith, William C 
Snow, Charles 

Spiers, Wm Stuart 
Stadden, William 
Stead, Henry 
Steele, John L 
Stormont, William 
Strawn^Walter D 
Stuart, William K 
Swift, M H 
Thomas, William 
Thompson, D D 
Thompson, George L 
Tiffany, John N 
Trask, Ozell 
Trimble, C D 
Wade, Thomas J 
Walbridge, Ed K 
Walker, Nathl C 
Widmer, John H 
Williams, Hosea B 
Wise, Sidney V 
Works, Charles A 
Yentzer, Enoch S 
Zimmerman, Simon 

OCONEE, No. 392. 

OCONEE, Shelby Co. Chartered Oct 
1859. Reg com Wed o b f m. Member- 
ship 50. 

W D Matney, W Master 
W Aughinbaugh,SW John Garrison, S D 
John J ones, J W J M Kendall, J D 
Hinton Paschal, Tr F M Peryman, S S 
L Aughinbough, Sec John Kuhn, J S 

James Aumock, T 
Alexander, John M Pope, M L 
Christner, Lewis Pope, William 
Cox, Louis Price, James W 

Doyle, Charles A Price, Norris C 
Gisin, Gustavus Rice, Joseph H 
Gragy, Charles Sellers, James 

Halbrook, James Short, H J 
Hinton, Henry Slater, James 

Hinton, John Sloane, D J 

Holbrook, Samuel Smith, A W 
lies, Joseph Smith, James 

Ishmael, Benj R Stapleton, Joseph 
Jamison, Alfred Strable, Jacob 
Jones, Martin T Topp, A J 
Kelley, A G Turner, C S 

Leonard, John T Virden, Hiram 
Lowe, James Weddle, M B 

Lowe, Milton Welmot, A B 

McNutt, N P Wrede, Louis 

Pope, James A Wright, Rawley 

ODELL, No. 401. 

ODELL, Livingston Co. Chartered 
Oct ]864. Reg com 2nd and 4th Sat. 
Membership 60. 

Chaeles Fine field, W Master 
N Matthews, S W Jas Trowbridge, S D 
John Carleton, J W E M Vaughn, J D 
Seth H Penney, Tr Samuel D Lewis, J S 
R G Morton, Sec S C Putnam, T 
Bertsall, John W Brower. Martin 
Brower, A K Camp, Abner W 

Brower, H H Curtiss, Henry G 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Fernley, James 
Ford, S J 
Funk, James H 
Gammon, A E 
Gammon, S H 
G amraon, M W 
Gilmore, Myrom 
Glasscock, A 
Goodspeed, A G 
Graham, Ed 
Green, John 
Green, LL 
Hampton, John 
Hays, Nicholas 
Helton, Philip K 
Hontz, John W 
Hummiston, Benj 
Hunter, James A 
Johnson, Everett G 
Jones, Reese 
Kerr, Josiah 
Kidder, Joel 
Lebrecht, Simon 

Louis, John B 
Lundgren, S P 
Morse, L 
Nixon, George 
Post, NL 
Putnam, E G 
Putnam, Lorenzo 
Quiggle, George W 
Rice, George W 
Righter, W A 
Supple, Z 
Swan, C H 
Swan, H P 
Tombaugh, M 
Trowbridge, S F 
Vaughan, William 
Vincent, Charles A 
Walden, D A 
Wilson, C A 
Wright, Alonzo P 
Wright, Marcellus E 
Wright, N E 

ODIN, No. 503. 

ODIN, Marion Co. Chartered Oct 1866. 
Reg com 1st and 3d Tues. Membership 49. 

J J Fyke, W Master 
E B Wilcox, S W J W Zartman, S D 
E H Hall, J W W G Ferguson, J D 

C W Smart. Treas Allen Straiget, S S 
T J Whitehead, Sec Meyer Kahn, J S 

B F Norris, T 
Andrix, Alexander McKibben, James T 
Andrews, Robert J Martin, Marshall M 
Arrowsmith, Albert Mendeler, J H 
Berry, Samuel M Meredith, Levi S 

Barr, John A 
Black, George W 
Bronson, James Q 
Courson, Albert F 
Douglass, Thomas 

Moore, James B 
Morrison, N B 
Myers, John J 
Oldendorff, John 
Olive, William 

Downing, Robert H Pugh, John W 

Ellis, William H 
Evans, Geo Wyatt 
Hagerty, Peter C 
Head ley, J M 

Puleston, Samuel 
Robertson, Lewis 
Ruby, Lewis C 
Russell, David B 
Stead, D W 

Hoffman, Henry C Tefft, John V 
Larimer, William F Wilkinson, Carter 
Ly ford, James R Woodward, AbnerM 
McClelland, P C Vaughan, John G 
McCrady, William 

O. H. MINER, No. 506. 

IROQUOIS, Iroquois Co. Chartered Oct 
1866. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. Member- 
ship 34. 

George R Wright, W Master 
John H Karr, S W J B Strickler, S D 
Geo W Jones, J W John B Salkeld. J D 
A Tyler, Treas Jacob Taylor, S S 

Wm H McClain, Sec M Strickler, J S 

Peter B Strickler, T 
Crogier, H T Eastborn, J R 

Donovan, F J Ferry, B F 

Donovan, J H Fry, Martin 

Duzenbery, Gearet Gay, David 

Hogle, T L 
Kane, J C 
Kane, Morris 
Karr, F M 
Karr, Marion 
Karr, Oren 
Moore, G H 

Nelson, John 
Perigo, A 
Pierce, H L 
Rosenberger. Wm 
Sampson, J A 
Shortridge, W C 
Taylor, Samuel 

Mosker Samuel Whiteman, AO 

OLD TIMeTno. 629. 

HAVANA, Mason Co. Chartered Oct 
1869. Reg com 1st and 3d Wed. Ann com 
reg 1st Wed Dec. Membership 35. 

Lambert L Hillyer, W Master 
Chas C Fager, S W E A Wallace, S D 
Noah Cary, J W J Prettyman, J D 
C W Emmett. Treas O H Shearer, S S 
G H Holsgrate, Sec Elijah Snyder, J S 

Isaac L Tinkham, T 
Borgett, Henry Lyke, John W 

Brown, Dewitt C Mitchell, Isaac N 
Buchanan, Wm N Plattenberg, C B 
Campbell, W H Pollite, Fred 
Coffel, Jacob F P M Prettyman, Wm M 
Dray, Walter S Sanford, George H 

Dunnervan, Wm J Scott, Samuel 
Fager, Henry A Vanderhoof, John F 
Gay, Noah Walker, John L 

Hart, J C Webb, William H 

Kelley, James W Weiner, George 
Kelsey, James F Wright, Orlando H 
Low. Anson Yates, John Cary 


DANVILLE, Vermilion Co. Chartered 
Oct 1846. Reg com 1st and 3d Tues. Mem- 
bership 131. 

John P Norvell, W Master 
B E Bandy, S W J L Culbertson, S D 
T B Castleman, J W Wm A Payton, J D 
A L Webster, Treas Simeon Callihan, SS 
W H H Harley, Sec D S Pheneger. J S 

Louis P Norvell. T 
Abdill, D L 
Abdill, William J 

Ames, James T 
Bandy, William M 
Barton, Philip H 
Beard, David D 

Davis, Oliver L 
Denny, Alexander H 
Dickason, LT 
Doane, Albert H 
Draper, Charles L 
Duncan, William C 

Beckwith, Hiram W Dunham, Herbert L 
Black, Charles Elliott, Joseph W 

Bluckton, Hiram P English, Charles L 

Bowman, Alex 
Bracewell, James 
Brown, Cyrus R 
Bryant, Alfred R 
Burroughs, E 
Byer, Joseph 
Carnahan, Robt H 
Carter, Robert B 

Fenton, C B 
Freeman, Albert C 
Gass, John H 
Gay, Charles V 
Graham, Edward S 
Gregory, Harvey K 
Gundy, Frank M 
Gundv, Thomas 

Chartran, Joseph A Gurley, David 

Clark, Joshua M 
Clem, David 
Cosalt, Perry C 
Cosalt, William 
Danforth, E R 
Daniels, A C 
Davis, John E 

Hall, John A 
Hanford, R W 
Hankey, Chris F 
Hart, George A 
Hawes, Albert L W 
Hawes, Mark D 
Hebel, Charles 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Henton, C D 
Hessey, William 
Hill. Jacob L 
Hollo way, T 
Holton, Robert C 
Hooten, George "W 
Hooten, Sylvester 
Hooten, Reason 
Hovey, L C 
Jones, Asbury C 
Jones, George W 
Jones, James 
Kahn, Harry 
Knight, James 
Kohler, Michael 
Lemon, Charles E 
Leonard, E A 
Lister, W J B 
Logan, James V 
Long, Edmund 
Long, George 
McBride, Oliver H 
McCormick, Ralph 
McKee, St James 
Mc Mullen, Anion 
Mann, Joseph B 
Martin, A C 
Mickey, John R 
Middleton, Wm C 
Miller, Michael 
Mires, John W 
Monroe, S N 
Morew, Jerry 
Morgan, Wiliiam 
Myres, Thomas H 
Noyce, William 

OLNEY, No. 140. 

OLNEY, Richland Co. Chartered Oct 
1854. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Place of meeting Masonic Hall. 
Membership 92. 

_ Gideon D Slankee, W Master 
William Hill, S W J Cartwright, S D 
G H B Tolle, J W Isaac W r olfe, J D 
H Hayward, Treas John W Wilson, S S 
James A Niblo, Sec William H Cobb, J D 

John Knight, T 
Akley, John W Gilbert, Martin V 

Austin. Thomas R Guither, Reuben 
Babbitt, Richard W Gunn, Enos 
Bacharach, Harry Gunn, John H 

Gunn, William H 

Palner, Benjamin 
Palmer, L T 
Pardee, John W 
Parker, Matthew 
Part-ton, John J 
Payne, William M 
Pendergrast, Thos 
Perry, John R 
Peterson, Ralph 
Philips, James H 
Plummer, Charles 
Porter, Robert L 
Probst, Charles 
Probst, James C 
Bedford, Oscar W 
Beynolds, William J 
Bussell, Albert B 
Salcer, A A 
Savage, Carey 
Search, A T 
Smith, A G 
Spoor, George E 
Stephen, William B 
Sterol, E D 
Sterne, Isaac 
Teney, EliasS 
Thompson, James C 
Tincher, Charles C 
Townsend, Wood F 
Villars, John B 
Wait, William C 
Watson, Jolm 
Watson, John L 
Wilber, Peter 
Winslow, James C 

Bacharach, S 
Bail, Abner B 
Barlow, John 
Barlow, John E 
Bartram. E G 
Bowen, John 
Bowyer, Eli 
Bovd, John 
Cain, William H 
Campbell, John L 
Cazel, William S 
Coope, Henry 
Creek, S P 
Davis, George P 
Deizel, Andrew D 
Dickman, John 
Gaffner, Daniel 

Gunn, Zina E 
Gunn, Zina S 
Ham, John 
Harris, John W C 
Hoffman, J Ed 
Jenkins, J J 
Kaercher, Peter J 
Keuner, Wright 
King, James T 
Knoph, Aden 
Leentz, George 
Longenecker, Joel 
McClurg, Harvey 
McClure, Samuel 
McCullough, John L 
McCullough, Wm G 

McDonald, John A Sheets, Henry J 

McLean, Late Simmons, Samuel G 

Marshall, Henry Stewart. James A 

Monk, James C Stone, Thomas J 

Morris, R C Studer, Henry 

Nigh, Gilbert Taylor, Thomas 

Phillips, Austin R Thomas, Henry E 

Phillips, John Thompson, W T m A 

Phillips, Victor E Turner, Hezekiah 

Pierson, Harry Upton, Isom C 

Powers, Frank Walkley, Charles S 

Raling, Phillip Wallace, William H 

Rauch, John M Welty, Isaac 
Ridgewa. George C Westbrook, James 

Robinson James P W neeler, Wil^ara 

Root, Edmund Whitney, Nathan 

St John M M Wilson, Samuel C 

Schroeder, Daniel Winter, Gottleib 

Scott, David Yocum, Joseph 

Shaw, John Youngman, Stacey 

OMAHaTno. 723. 

OMAHA, Gallatin Co. Chartered Oct 
1874. Reg com Wed o b f m and 2 weeks 
after. Ann com reg o b f m June. Men> 
bership 22. 

John W Meadoe, W Master 
Charles S Dales, S W John R Wilson, S D 
L E Quigley, J W John R Chitty, J D 
Thos Kinsall, Treas Flood Edwards, S S 
¥m H Meek, Sec RLLowery, JS 

Charles Cook, T 
Asbury, Isaac M Harreil, James C 
Bruce, Isaac S Kinsall, Benjamin 

Duncan, Williamson Kinsall, David M 
Edwards, Sterling Moore, John C 
Foster, Elijah Porter, David M 

Gregg ; Francis A Trusty, William C 

OK-ARGaTNo. 305. 

ONARGA, Iroquois Co. Chartered Oct 
1859. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. Ann com 
3d Sat Dec. Membership 64. 

Isaac Ameoan, W Master 
Albm K Doel, S W Geo B Fickle, S D 
Daniel Coe, J W H M Lovell, J D 
John C Culver, Tr H Babcock, S S 
Ira F Palmer, Sec Wm T Duke, J S 

James L Burnside, T 
Asay, Anthony Doolittle, Warren H 
Asay, William Drake, Jesse 

Atwood, John H Ellis, Roswell 
Avery, Simon P Fryer, James W 
Baldwin, James B Gaswell, Peter J 
Hill, Alfred A 
Jefferson, Thomas 
Jones, Edward B 
Jones, James R 

Barber, Edwin J 
Barnes, Daniel 
Bremer, Scott 
Briggs, Caleb 
Carney, Arthur 
Case, Benjamin F 
Clark, John B 
Clark, Luther T 
Crider, William B 
Croh, Andrew 
Curley. William 
Dashiell, Virgil W 
Dawson, John F 
Doolittle, E 

Knight, Curtis L 
Lockwood, Walton A 
Mclntyre, Hiram E 
Mclntyre, L B 
Marcher, George H 
Norwell, Thomas A 
Pangborn, Thos M 
Palmer, George R 
Ramsay, John C 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Bobbins, Edwin D 
Rumley, Edward 
Russ, Lewis 
Sauni, George W 
Shear, Jacob C 
Sheffield, Frank 
Skeeis, B H 
Slattery, Timothy 

Speck. George W 
Stevenson, Edward S 
Stokes, George W 
Vickery, George W 
Watts, Frank 
Wilson, Isaac W 
Winter, Joseph B 

ONEIDA, No. 337. 

ONEIDA, Knox Co. Chartered Oct 
1860. Reg com 1 st and 3rd Fri. Ann com 
3rd Fri Dec. Membership 45. 

Frank Murdoch, W Master 
G L Stephenson, S W Chas D Graves, S D 
Edward Marsh, J W Orin Beadle, J D 
J A Leighton, Treas T Montgomery, S S 
Orin P Cooley, Sec M Flannagan, J S 

S S Russell, T 
Anderson, A B Morgan, Charles 

Ash, Joshua A Olmsted, E 

Bell, William A Olmsted, John R 
Brainard, J H Peterson, E J 

Brainard, Jeptha Powell, Orville 
Brown, Benjamin F Pratt, J A jr 
Bulkley, James C Prouty, E R 
Burt, Daniel A Ritchaz, J B T 

Carlton, Charles Smith, J T 
Clifford, George Stephenson, Wm 
Conger, C H Tate, John A 

Cooley, S H Thompson, E 

Cramer, Irving A Wallace, John 
Daunback, Chas W West, Carlton C 
Dugan Gilbert Wetmore, Charles B 

Hamilton, David Wetmore, Theo A 
Jalliff, F G Willis, J W 

Mohur, Phillip 

OaUAWKA^No. 123. 

OQUAWK A, Henderson Co. Chartered 
Oct 1853. Reg com Tues o b f m. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 48. 

James Peterson, W Master 
Lewis H Hand, S W Alex M Smith, S D 
H N Patterson, J W John A Pence, J D 
Jas Cunningham, Tr G Cunningham, SS 
Jas W Tolman, Sec H F Pattan, J S 

H Frederick Pattan, T 
Allen, Samuel S McKinney, John H 
Bosler, John Epm McNanee, P H 
Caswell, Jas A p m Mequire, Sylvester 
Chenewor^h, Wm S Mills, Myron H 
Chapin, John E Morse. JohnT 

Connelly, George W Patterson, EdwdH 
Crouch, Wm A M Peirce, Harry S 
Darnell, Samuel H Pershing, David 
Davis, James R Rose, Hiram p m 

Dixon, Joseph Scott, James p m 

Edwards, Samuel R Simpson, Jonathan 
Ellett, Edward H Stockton, Albert G 
Fair, Samuel B Stockton, Wm H 

Figg, Robert Tolman,James C 

Hanson, Hezekiah H Thrass, William 
Hodsen. Robert White, Albert B 
Horton, Joseph P White, James R 
Linell, Joseph S Windsor, James A 
McAllister, Harry F Zeigler, Josiah H 
McFarland, John 


ORAKGEVILLE, Stephenson County. 
Chartered Oct 1872. Reg com 1st and 3d 
Thurs. Ann com 3d Thurs Dec. Mem- 
bership 28. 

David A Schoch, W Master 
H W Bolender, S W Wm R Moore, S D 
Benj Musser, J W Charles Musser, J D 
Wm H Bamd, Treas Thos A Miller, S S 
Wm Musser, Sec Saml R Pollock, J S 

William Eble, T 
Bear, John G Jones, David 

Bloom, John K Lindley, Jotham 

Boyd, Calvin P McCannon, W C 

Bradshaw, BHpm Meyers, Eli 
Collin, James M Musser, James p at 
Durst, James E Musser, Michael 

Ennold, John G Potts, William 
Garber, Samuel J Sheckler, Peter 
Hess, Jacob L Shipton, Wallace 

OKEGOnTno. 420. 

OREG OX, Ogle Co. Chartered Oct 1865. 
Reg com Sat o b fm. Membership 58. 

George M Dwight, W Master 
John M Sewell, S W F H Marsh, S D 
H P Sargent, J W L M Stroh, J D 
A P Ettinger, Treas Hugh Rea, S S 
Joel E Sheldon, Sec C D Koch, J S 

Daniel Stout, T 
Arty, Joseph DC Plum, Edwin 
Austin, Amos W Rae, Hugh M 
Bailey, John B Rae, John T 

Barden,James A Rae, Robert 
Baker, Francis J Rae, William 
Bishop, William Rae, William H 
Cartwright, Jas H Reed, Virgil 
Chamberlin, E B Rutledge, John 
Crofts, George W Salisbury, Amos 
Gale, James V Schechter, Andrew 

Gale, John V Sears, DeWitt, C 

Hilt, Joseph E Smith, W W 

Horwell, C H Thomas. Joshua 

Hoi-well, Lewis Thorp, William E 

Lumsden, James Waldie, John G 
Malarkey, James Wallace, Sanford D 
March, Frank W Wells, Edward L 
Marvin, Seth Williams, Daniel 

Matmiller, John Williams, Joseph 
Mix, Henry A Wilson, Samuel 

Mix, William J Woodburn, H L 

Patrick, George T Woodcock, Albert 
Phelps, George W Woodcock, John B 
Phelps, James C T Zeigler, Jacob Y 

ORIENtTno. 323. 

LISBON, Kendall Co. Chartered Oct 
1859. Reg com 1st and 2d Fri. Ann com 
reg o b Dec 27. Place of meeting Mason- 
ic Hall. Membership 21. 

James B Welch, W Master 
F E Thompson, S W Wm M Hanna, S D 
A Van Riper, J W L H Culver, J D 
I L Kelsey, Treas Asher Gunsal, S S 

A W Raymond, Sec , J S 

James Parker, T 

Cob leigh, Nelson J Enix, Harrison 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Leach, Robert 
Lloyd, Harrison H 
Long, Henry 
McGrath, JB 
Morrison, Peter 

Rider, Edward 
Shufelt, John 
Thompson, N B 
Widney, George N 
Widney, Joseph C 

ORIENTAL, No. 33. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1845. Reg 
com 1st and 3d Fri. Ann com 3d Fri Dec. 
Place of meeting 122 LaSalle st. Mem- 
bership 296. 

Edwin Powell, W Master 
Jas H Dowland. S W Delos E Hall, S D 
Peter S Miller, J W Wm H Gleason, J D 
A G Burley, Treas John A Lyndon, S S 
E N Tucker, Sec Geo O Shields, J S 

Daniel F Brandon, T 
Adams, George W Creighton, Geo W 
Allport, Walter W Cross, Richard W 
Almy, Miles Curth, Nicholas T 

Anderson, Thos W Curtiss, Jacob S 
Athy, Stephen Cutler, William H 

Atkinson, Fred M Davis, George R 

DeWolf, William F 
Dickinson, Albert F 
Doane, John W 
Dodge, Charles H 

Ayer, I Winslow 

Badger, B H 

Bailey, John C W 

Baker, Homer 

Barden, Gustavus E Downer, B S 

Barnard, Frank E Drake, John B 

Beecher, Fred G Dryer, Herschel W 

BeDnett, Edwin B Dunham, R W p m 

Bennett, Walter W Dunkley, Charles W 

Bissell, Josiah H Dupee, John jr 

Bogue, Oswell A 
Bois, Frank 
Bourne, Charles A 
Bowen, Francis A 
Bowles, Thomas G 
Boyd, James 
Boyd, Robert 
Boyd, Thomas C 
Boyden, Aug H 
Boynton, George 

Durand, Calvin 
Dwight, John H 
Dyer, Clarence H 
Ellsworth, Lewis C 
Emerson, Wm H 
Esmay, Abraham S 
Everham, Joseph B 
Fair, Robert M 
Fairman, Daniel B 
Fallbush, Charles 

Boyington, Wm W Farwell, John A 
Bragdon, Charles D Farwell, Marcus A 
Bridgeman, Henry Fassett, George H 
Brown, Samuel Ferrell, John H 

Burdick, Henry Field, James H 
Burnham, Edwin R Foss, John P 
Burnham, S W Foss, John W 

Calhoun, John B Foss, Robert H 
Campbell, Joseph S Franche, Noel L 
Carhart, George W Freer, Joseph W 
Chandler, Peyton R Fuller, George W 
Charnley, William Fuller, Henry W 

Chase, Charles C 
Chase, Hiram M 
Chase, Horace G 
Clark, Alson E 

Garfield, Albert G 
Germaine, Geo H 
Germain, Lewis J 
Gillespie, Jud J C 

Clyde' John W p m Gipsen, John A 
Cochrane, JohnC Gossman, Adolph 

Coe, Harwood H 
Cofieen, M Lester 
Cole, Jirah D jr 
Cone, Salmon F 
Connaty. Theo B 
Cooke, David B 
Cooley, Charles G 
Coulston, Wm H 

Gould, Fred H 
Gould, John S 
Graham, John 
Gray, Reuben C 
Hainsworth, J 
Hall, Rufus C 
Halley, Richard H 
Ham. Charles H 

Hambleton, Jos W 
Hand, Bayard E 
Harmon, Edwin C 
Harmon, Isaac N 
Havens, Schenck 
Hayden, William 
Hays, Henry M 
Beafford, George H 
Henderson, Isaac W 
Hewitt, George 
Hickey .William P 
Hilger, Ferdinand R 
Billiard, LaurinP 
Bitt, John 
Bolmes, Edward L 
Boodless, Gerrett L 
Boward, Charles S 
Boward, Martin 
Boward, Robert T 
Bunt, Wm Cpm 
Hunter, Eli S 
Huntington, L C 
Bulbert, W A 
Jenkins, Samuel B 
Jenkinson, D W 
Jerome, Benj M 
Johnson, Bosmer A 
Jones, Thomas M 
Keene, Edwin B 
Kendig, John A J 
Kendnck, Thomas 
Kimball, Mark 
King, William H 
Knight, William S 
Knopfel, GC 
Kreamer, John W 
Kretsinger, Wm H 
Lane, Benjamin 
Langguth, Jos G jr 
Latcham, Frank 
Lawrence, T P 
Lay ton, Reuben P 
LeMoyne, John V 
Lewis, Biram L 
Liebenstine, Joseph 
Little, Francis B 
Locke, Sidney E 
Lull, Newton 
Lunt, John 
McBenry, Wm E 
McKindley, James 
McLeod, John D 
Macurdy, D L 
Marchand, Joseph 
Matz, Otto B 
Maxwell, John C 
Maxwell, R A 
Merriam, Charles W 
Merrill. Rufus M 
Millar, Stanley S 
Miller, Benry G 
Montgomery, E B 
Morris, Buckner S 
Morse, Albert 
Murray, William H 
Neemes, John C 
Nichols, Henry D 
Northup, Willet 
Norton, John O 
Norwood, Fred W 

Noye, William F 
O'Grady, James F 
Olcott, James F 
Olney, Charles E 
Orcutt, William F 
Overton, John B 
Ovington, Wm H 
Owen, Gus R 
Paddock, William H 
Page, Daniel W 
Paoli, Gerhard C 
Parker, J Oscar 
Parks, John C 
Parks, Robert H 
Parmelee, John W 
Patrick, Benj F p M 
Perry, Lewis S 
Philleo, Adison 
Phinney, Wm H 
Piatt, Nathan E 
Pond, Francis 
Poor, John A 
Prindiville, R 
Pullman, Albert B 

§uales, NilesT 
app, Henry H 
Rebanks, Thomas H 
Reed, Alanson H 
Reese, Benry B 
Robinson, Elisha A 
Sackett, Fredk W 
Safford, John A 
Scott, Ira 

Shackford, Samuel 
Shaffer, James A 
Shaw, Joseph B 
Shepard, William N 
Shepherd, Charles S 
Sherwin, John R 
Shuman, Andrew 
Shute, Joseph B 
Smith, Alfred L 
Smith Fred B 
Smith, J Woodbridge 
Smith, James 
Smith, Nathan T 
Smith, Robert W 
Smith, Samuel 
Sollitt, John 
Sollitt, William 
Spannagle, Louis 
Starrett, Charles 
Stearns, George R 
Stevens, Enoch Bpk 
Stevens, Robert R 
Stevenson, Alex F 
Stevenson, John 
Stickney, George 
Stockton, William E 
Stott, John 
Stubbs. William 
Sutherland, David W 
Swan, Wm 6pm 
Talcott, A Gage 
Taylor, Samuel G 
Thielcke, Charles M 
Thomas, Rev J B 
Thomas, John W 
Thomasson, Nelson 
Thompson, Albert 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Thompson, J S 
Thrall, Wm A p m 
Tobey, Charles 
Tomlins, William L 
Tree, Lambert 
Trembly, J Wade 
Trimmer, John R 
Tryon, Henry C 
Turner, William H 
Tyler, James D 
Underwood, N C 
Updike, Chas McC 
Van Horn, W T 
Van Schaack, Peter 
Vahdercook, C R 
Volk, Leonard W 
Wadskier, T V 
Wait, John F 
Waite, Horace F 
Wakefield, William 

Waldo, John A B 
Walker, Augustus E 
Washburn, George E 
Waterman, Arba N 
W T atkins, Elias M 
Wells, Fred C 
Welsh, Andrew B C 
Wentworth, John 
Wetherell, O D 
W T etzler, Morris 
Wlieeler, Fred A 
Wheelock, Elisha R 
Whitehouse, J J 
Whitehouse, S S 
Wilmarth, Thos W 
Wilson, Frank C 
Woodhall, George 
Woodman, Chas L 
Wright, Abner M 
Wright, John 
Wright, Winslow 

ORION, No. 358. 

UNION, McHenry Co. Chartered Oct 
1861. Reg com Wed o b f m. Ann com 
Oct. Membership 35. 

Joseph Read, W Master 
Amos Capron, S W O Pettingill, S D 
Jno F Browne, J W Alonzo Adrews, J D 
R'v WThompkins, C N C Gardner, S S 
W M Jackson, Tr John D Bliss, J S 
W J F Munson, Sec Henry P Bright, T 
Archer, L W Lockwood, H J 

Bartholomew, S R Lucas, James H 
Belden, Hy Wp m Morris, E R 
Crawford, Peter S Ostrander, C E 
Dunham, Alfred Palmer, Robert C 
Eddy, John Ross, C L 

Farr, Samuel M Sheldon, Edwin H 
Fillmore, Luther Sheldon, F L 
Fillmore, Luther D Sheldon, Frank 
Fillmore, W J Smith, S A 

Gilbert, Calvin Stoddard, Henry N 

Hungerford, George Thomas, D C p m 
Lincoln, O H 

OSKALOOSA, No. 485. 

OSKALOOSA, Clay Co. Chartered Oct 
1866. Reg com Tues o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 18. 

D M Laswell, W Master 
J J Phillips, S W A Pickthall, Sec 
C S Moore, J W S W Bryan, S D 

Loren Hall, Treas F F Hale, J D 

W T Bird, T 
Clifton, W J Mitchell, John 

Gammon, Harris Pickle, Frederick 
Gammon, Silas Remick, A H 

Kendall, James Smith, Martin 

Leatherman, J A Wood, John F 

OXFORD, No. 367. 

NEW WINDSOR, Mercer Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1861. Reg com Tues obf m. Ann 
com Dec. Place of meeting Masonic Hall. 
Membership 84, 

Almyrox D Underwood, W Master 
A P Petrie, S W C W Postalwait, S D 
Clinton Shaw, J W A J Moore, J D 
M Underwood. Tr J P Robertson, S S 
Benj F Brooks, Sec A A Willett, J S 

Richard S Petrie, T 
Andreene, August S McGaher, Matthew 
Arnold, William H Reynolds, J W 
Blair, Robert Rosenbaum, A J 

Brooks, Isaac Roberts, Henry H 

Cooper, Stephen Robertson, Wm H 
Cox, Joseph F Samuelson, Swan P 

Culison, William B Shivy, James 
Effersen, Samuel Shumway, S B 
Gregg, George W T Stephenson, John B 
Halberg, Alfred Streator, Alison J 
Harshbarger, C Timberlake, Jos M 

Hartgrove, Wm Timberlake, Wm 

PACIFIC, No. 400. 

KNOXVILLE, Knox Co. Chartered Oct 
1864. Reg com 1st and 3d Thurs. Ann 
com Dec 27. Place of meeting Masonic 
Hall. Membership 69. 

Elijah T Eads, W Master 
H Holloway, S W John F Grimes, S D 
Thos N Barton, J W Wm S Sessig, J D 
Geo A Charles, Tr LA Jackson, S S 
James J Egan, Sec Louis Walton, J S 

William S Allison, T 
Adkinson, M C Massie, Henry 

Aldridge, David W Masters, Henry 
Aldridge, Samuel P Moore, Elkanch 
Alsey, William D Morey, Hiram 
Bagerstoff, William Munro, George W 
Barton, Alman M Murphy, Adam 
Barton, Alpheus Ogden, William 
Barton, David C Ogden, William 
Barton, O P Plummer, Eugene 

Blakesley, Frank Richmond, Jesse 
Brewer, Adam Richmond, John 

Burt, Charles N Runcle, James 
Collins, Edward M Scott, Ephraim S 
Collins, Thomas Semple, James W 
Craig, Albert M Shawver, John A 
Dodge, David W Shelden, L W 
Edgar, Laury J Sipherd, Wm H 

Egan, Charles Sites, Henry 

Eggers, James K Smith, William T 
Emery, Silas Southerd, Robt W 

Fox, Jacob Stevens, David 

Goodell, Charles Stonesepper, E A 
Houser, Jonathan Stephens, S L 
King, Cornelius Stevens, Zach W 
King, Henry A Syler, Jeremiah 

Lacy, Peter linger, Solomon 

Leffingwell,RevCW Wainwright, David 
McGrew, John B F Wainwright, V W 
Marsh, James H A Woods, Adam 
Mason, J F 

PALATINE, No. 314. 

PALATINE, Cook Co. Chartered Oct 
1859. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 55. 

Henry C Batterman, W Master 
F J Filbert, S W G Schultz, J W 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Jas Daniels, Treas J H Schirding, J D 

D S Morgan, Sec Meyer Blum, S S 

A J Bennett, S D Win H Richards, J S 

J F Abbott, T 

Allen, J M Porter, Benjamin 

Barron, Mahlon Purdy, Harry 

Beye, William Reynolds, Milan 

Brown, Simon P Robinson, Frank G 

Cobitzki, Charles Schmidt, Gunther 

Cad well, Hiram D Schirding, Henry 

Cherry, Charles Sigwalt, Charles 

Dolge, Theodore Simpkins, Moses 

Drotzkowiski, A Slade, Joseph 

Fehlman, Mathias Sleeper, James T 

Filkins, Richard Snow, Hiram 

Havman, D H Stone, Curtis B 

Johnson, Morgan S Swick, Martin 

Keith, Shubal L Tewksberry, A P 

Revs, Nathan P Thomas W H H 
Lafrabee, Edward F Thompson, James 

Logas, John Van Valkenberg, G 

McNabb, Geo W Webster, Harris 

Matthie, Henry C Whitcomb.Colonel L 

Meissner, William Williams, James H 

Pahlman, H J Williamson, Rollin S 

Pahlman, W T m D Williams, William C 
Pohlman, W T illiam 

PALMYEaTno. 463. 

PALMYRA, Macoupin Co. Chartered 
Oct 1866. Reg com Sat o b f m. Member- 
ship 52. 

John F Chiles, W Master 
J T Gardner, S W W C Alford, S D 
Edwin Crouch, J W John Crum, J D 
D N Solomon, Treas Geo W Stewart, S S 
R J Allmond, Sec C F Alford, J S 
William B Gardner. T 

Naylor, George W 
Kifong, James F 
Padgett, Charles Y 
Range, Allen 
Richardson, John H 
Richardson, Saml 
Rickey, Eli W 
Ross, Erastus H 
Ross, Ezekiel H 
Ross, William G 
Shelton. Levi 
Simons, Charles G 
Solomon, F M 

Adcock, Beverly 
Alford, M T 
Andrew, James 
Baker, Alexander 
Bristow, Lafayette 
Bivin, Benjamin F 
Capps, Caleb 
Carlin, William 
Crum, John W 
Day, James L 
Drake, James S 
Etter, George 
Farmer, Alfred C 
Galoway, James C 
Gardner, Joseph L 
Hanke, Henry 
Hulse, Abraham C 
Hollingsworth, J J 
Liston, Joseph 
Mahan, Thomas 
Malone, M C 

Solomon, George O 
Stanfield, Green 
Steidley, Solomon J 
Stewart, Morgan R 
Thompson, Byrom 
Tongate, Elias 
Tongate, Micah C 
Vancil, Imri B 

PANA, No. 226. 

PANA, Christian Co. Chartered Oct 

1856. Reg com Thurs obfm and two 

weeks after. Ann com reg o b Dec 27. 

Membership 40. 

W King, W Master 
W S Morse, S W P M Nichols, Treas 
Schlerbach, J W J E Southworth, Sec 

E Gidding, S D R Miller, S S 

Isaac Case, J D OH McGarry, J S 

W E Hart, T 

Beach, H B McCoy, F H 

Brisbin, Andrew Mann, J J 

Browning, W A Moony, S P 

Chrisman, Larkin Munger, E S 

Clark, Robert Neeley, John E 

Colby, J F Overholt, J C 

Dobb, W T Patton, G W 

Elgan, William Pierce, D 

Elliott, D B Race, E C 

Eneck, J C Race, Isaac W 

Gayetter, John Ransdall, H 

Hubart, Turner, T 

Humphreys, E A Waddle, E 

Jones, M J Watkins, W W 

Jones, S P White, Samuel 
Kimpson, Isaac 

PARIsTNo. 268. 

PARIS, Edgar Co. Chartered Oct 1858. 
Reg com Thurs obfm. Membership 99. 

Joseph E Dyas, W Master 
A B Austin jr, S W J T Murphy, Sec 
Timothy Bowe, J W M L AVhiteside, S D 
D S Schenck, Treas James Hurst, J D 

Joseph Byles, T 
Armentrout, E J Hunt, George 
Atkinson George J Huston, D D 
Batterton, J O H Hunting, Charles 

Bell, Jacob M 
Bercaw, John 
Blackburn, D S 
Boatman, Emory 
Boatman, John 

Johnson, Ezra 
Jones, Owen S 
Keyser, Samuel 
La Grange, Jacob J 
Lycan, John M 

Boyd, Benjamin M McCully, Samuel 
Boyd, William McKimmons, Thos 

Buckler. Allen 
Bulkeley, E B 
Burt, M M 
Burt, MM jr 
Byles, Henry C 
Calvin, S W 
Campbell, Philip 
Chitcoat, Allen B 
Clark, M J L 
Clinger, John L 
Caldwell, WB 
Collins, R K 
Coiwell, Frank 
Cretors, Ezekiel 
Cretors, Jacob 
Crowell, G W 

Maloy, Phineas 
Mapes, John W 
Martin, Isaiah R 
Miller, A J 
Moore, John 
Moritz, Frederick 
Murphy, John E 
Neal, Daniel D 
Nichols, Edwin 
Payne, Joseph W 
Peale, G P 
Parrish, Robert N 
Perrott, W W 
Poole, Andrew 
Powell, Alex B 
Powell, Y E 

Dickenson, Samuel Rogers, John H 

Dow, Albert G 
Elliott, David B 
Foulke, William L 
Gillespie, G F 
Gordon, James 
Graham, Robert J 
Hannah, John B 

Sale, T C W 
Shaw, E P 
Sheets, Hiram W 
Sheets, John M 
Sheriff, William B 
Smith, B W 
Smith, Charles B 

Hamburger, Simon Smith, James H 

Harper. Joseph 
Henn, Henry 
Hending, WS 
Hizar, John L 
Hockett, Mahlin 
Hunsaker, Samuel 

Smith, Thomas J 
Shafford, Stephen 
Steele, George R 
Steele, James 
Shrader. William A 
Trogdon, A Y 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Trowbridge, Law Wellman, G W 

Valor, Frederick Wieder, David M 

Vandyke, W J Wise, William J 

Van Seeler, Henry Woolley, E C 
Walker AG 


PARKERSBURG, Richland Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1866. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann 
com reg o b Dec 27 . Membership 82. 
Makshall L Howe, W Master 
George Mason, S W J W Sumner, S D 
W Williamson, J W James Mason, J D 
F Althouse, Treas John J Parker, S S 
G W Parker, Sec Walk Hughs, J S 

John D Parker, T 
Barker, Joseph McDowell, Joseph 

Boukhouse,William McPugh, Richard 
Carsont, Wade Marshall, Robert 

Coons, John J Martin, Isaac N 

Eagleston, Joseph Martin, William 
Farmer, Leroy Parker, Thomas 

Foster, B Parker, William 

Foster, Charles Pixley, Asia 

Foster, William Rowe, Thomas 
Hundley, James Sumner, James 
Kent, Benjamin Vorght, Francis 

P ATOKA, No. 613. 

P ATOKA, Marion Co. Chartered Oct 
1869. Reg com 1st and 3d Mon. Ann com 
8d Mon Dec. Membership 51. 

James Simcox, W Master 
George Edlin, S W J Linton, S D 
J H Heidspith, J W John B Altom, J D 
Rev J Johnson, Ch John W Hatch, S S 
John M Gray, Treas James Harrison, J S 
T H Quayle, Sec William C Dorvis, T 

Altom, Jesse 
Altom, Spencer 
Brach, Ervin M 
Beach, Rollin E 
Blankenship, F 
Brown, John W 

Knight, Geoffrey N 
Laurence, Adley B 
Lee, Van Quillir 
Lewis, James B 
Livesay, Thomas N 
McHenry, William S 

Caldwell, Fenton G Maxwell, James H 
Caldwell, James R Maxwell, Warren E 
Caldwell, Robert S Miller, Abraham 
Christie, James M Morrison, Charles F 
Clendenning, Jas R Murfln, Warren D 
Creek, James R Murry, William M 

Eglin, George W Newman, William D 
Farmer, William Nichols, Jasper B 
Gray, Abner S Quavle, Robert 

Harrison, George W Simcox, Robert 
Holland, John W Simcox, William K 
Holland, N W Tune, Edward 

Joynt, Augustus H Turner, James M 
Kesner, William C Ward, Jasper 

PAWNEE, No. 675. 

PAWNEE, Sangamon Co. Chartered 
Oct 1871. Reg com Tuesobf m. Mem- 
bership 43. 

mmm W R Locheidge, W Master 
W Armstrong, S W J F Smith, Treas 
J A Able, J W Charles Smith, Sec 

Riley Stevens, S D C W Nuckolls, S S 

C w Molohon J D B F Montgomery, J S 

D W Porter, T 

Babb, L M Hardin, George 

Baxter, E A Hertle, Henry 

Beam, J H Holiway, Joseph 

Benington, JM Johnson, WC 
Christopher, Joseph Lockridge, W R 

Crowder, J F Molohon, J A 

Davis, B F Nuckolls, J W 

Dozier, John Patton, W B 

Dozier, Thomas Porter, J W 

Drennan, G C Pulliam, C J 

Drennan, J A Pulliam, J H 

Frye.JE Sanders, TS 

Griggs, ED Shaw,LW 

Griggs, J H Starkweather, L A 

Haise, Johnson Stewart, T A 

Hamlin, D M Taylor, J M 

Hamilton, James Wentzler, John 

PAXTOnTno. 416. 

PAXTON, Ford, Co. Chartered Oct 
1864. Reg com 2nd and 4th Tues. Ann 
com 2nd Tues Dec. Membership 71. 

B F Mason, W Master 
Alfred Sample, S W H A Church, S D 
John J Simons, J W G Vanderburgh, J D 
Rev W Musgrove, C Fred Stamp, S S 
J P Middlecoff, Tr N Dahlgren, J S 
W H Bell, Sec J E Morrison, T 

Berry, WH Lewis, William 

Birney, John Lytle, Seth 

Blacksteck, Robert Miller, F L 
Blattenburgh, A W Miller, Luther 

Bogardus, Charles 
Chamberlain, T W 
Christian, R C 
Cooper, S D 
Corbley, L 
Cutler, A J 
Davis, J E 
Davis, M J 
Day, Samuel L 
Dudley, TP 
Dunlop, Merton 
Emory, Robert 
Frew, Calvin H 
Guthman, Daniel 
Guthman, Edward 

Murdoch, R R 
Newlin, S M 
Nicholson, A C 
Noel, William 
Pollock, Robert 
Proctor, S W 
Putt, F T 
Rawlings, H C 
Reed, H S 
Reed, W C 
Sawyer, W E 
Sawyer, W C 
Sedgwick, C C 
Sherman, J L 

Hawley, Charles H Shepardson, Geo J 

Hawley, Alex H Shoffter, C E 

Henderson, Charles Stevens, S S 

Hendrickson, John Toft, O B 

Herbert, J H Toy, S J 

Hill, Nicholas Voutrin, Lewis 

Johnson, A J Weld, A S 

Johnson, T S White, Asa O 

Jones, L H Wilson, J H 

Kelso, H A Wolfe, Thomas 

King, J M Younggreen, N 

PAYSON7NO. 379. 

PAYSON, Adams Co. Chartered Oct 
1862. Reg com Tues o b f m and two 
weeks after. Membership 58. 

Reuben Woods. W Master 
James Pierce, S W Robt Finley, J W 

Subordinate Lodges. 


P M McCrury, Treas Alex Blauser, J D 

Levi Totten, Sec C S Lawrence, S S 
Geo H Nichols, S D James Foster, J S 

L B Fowler, T 
Bernard, William J Merz, Wolfgang 

Bowls, William Mise, Henry 

Brown, George T Mitchell, Ed W 

Carr. Lewis G Morris, George W 

Collins, David H Mumone, W T 

Cunningham, H Neal, Calvin 

Freshkon, John Nesbitt, Samuel S 

Gregg, Keuben Orr, Daniel W 

Hampton, Charles Peck, Joseph B 

Haselwood, W K Pottle, E Lovejoy 

Haselwood, Willis Rood, Price N 

Hendricks, S Seehorn, Alfred 

Hinkle, Jacob G Seehorn, Charles H 

Hinton, Samuel Seehorn Jefferson 

Hood, Joseph E Seehorn, Rums 

Howard, Abraham Seehorn, William H 

Hussert, Levi M Sevier, Joseph H 

James, Edgar Sheer, David 

Keal, William Stewart, Charles C 

Kidder, John Stewart, John D 

Kiser, Henry Tillman, Richard 

Landomlsaac W Tillman, Romulus 

Lester, William D Tripp, Thomas 

Lewis, Slater D Wells, John W 

PEKIN7NO. 29. 

PEKIN, Tazewell Co. Chartered Oct 
1844. Reg com 1st and 3d Tues. Mem- 
bership 52. 

Abiel B Sawyer. W Master 
Jos W Webb, S W J W Burdette, Sec 
Louis Zinger, J W M D Dowdall, S D 
S Roney, Treas T J Edwards, J D 

Ayers, Jonathan Mcintosh, Chas R 
Bassett, Mark M Mclntire, John D 
Bell, Thomas Main, Robert 

Bell, William Mark, Louis 

Bode^Julius Mehan, Thomas N 

Cole, William A Mounts, John F 
Cummings, John Myers, Charles K 
Eggmann, F J Niederlander, N 

Ferris, E G Orr, John B 

FlanigamMichael Pautz, Adolph 
Gaither, William G Pellins, J W 
Gronderburg, H Peyton, James F 
Hamilton, James Prettyman, B S 
Heath, Noble Puterbaugh, Sam 1G 

Heisel, Leonard Roberts, Caesar A 
Henry, Wibur F Rupert, Jay G 
Higgins, Bradley Soechtig, Andrew 
Howell, Richard B Strickley, Benj F 
Kaufman, Gustav Strickley, Robert 
Kickler, H E Turner, Charles 

King, Thomas Vandervoort, Hiram 

Leonard, J Eusrene Ware, A J 
McCormick, Jas H 

PEORIA, No. 15. 

PEORIA, Peoria Co. Chartered Oct 
1842. Ann com Mon o b f m. Reg com 
Dec 27. Membership 189. 

Robert Francis, W Master 
Lewis P Chase, S W Edwin R Mann, Tr 
Frank Bailey, J W Geo L Bean, Sec 

John S Gregg, S D Jacob M Capes, S S 

Godfrey Luthy, J D Sylvester Pettet, J S 

William Price, T 

Adler, Herman 

Allen, Daniel B 

Allen, Samuel 

Andrews, Thomas 

Anthony, Wm H 

Archenbau, A L 

Armstrond, Ed W 

Aukar, A 

Ball, R F 

Bambroke, A W 

Band, Edward B 

Baxter, James H 

Bertram, George 

Bills, Roswell 

Bourland, BLT 

Bowen, David L 

Boyd, Samuel F 

Bremer, Jonas 

Brown, C H 

Brown, David S 

Brown, John L 

Burns, David 

Burt, R W 

Bush, John A 

Cardingly, William 

Chandler, Charles E Lewis, John H 

Cole, Asa J 

Collins, Edwin H 

Comstock, John 

Conrad, Joseph H 

Cooke, Thomas B 

Crammond, Jas B 

Cramwell, John D 

Dagman, John 

Darst, Jacob 

Daugherty, James 

Deane, Charles H 

Hasbrouck. Mjr 
Hazen, Joseph H 
Hazzard, Joseph F 
Higby, John 
Hitchcock, Frank 
Holding, James 
Holmes, C A 
Hopkins, Griffith 
Hovermale, DC 
Howell, Enoch 
Huggins, Mable E 
Hunter, Jas Hjr 
Hunter, Morrison 
Ingersoll, E C 
Janssen, J George 
Johnson, J Perrin 
Keith, James H 
Kimball, Benj F 
King, Preston W 
Lance, JohnL 
Landis, William C 
Lane, John G 
Lathrop, M J 
Lawrence, Romeo 
League, Wm C 

Dennis, Charles J 
Dickinson, John 
Doty, William 
Dow, Justin E 
Durst, Isaac N 
Eastman. C B W 
Elseser, Jacob 

Lind, Matthew 
Liston, E 
Lorimer, John 
Lorimer, William 
Louks, Wellington 
Luthy, John F 
Lyman, George L 
Lynch, John 
McDaniel, George 
McLean, William 
Magee, David W 
Mawhyter, Robert 
Mason, William G 
Melms, John E 
Millard, Joseph 
Mooberry, Sam R 

Eppsteiner, David E Mooberry, David R 

Everly, Levi D 
Fallott, John C 
Filkil, John H 
Field, O D 
Frake, Christian 
Francis,John H 
Frazer, Perry 

Mooberry, William 
Murden, James F 
Norcott, Fred A 
Oburg, Francis V 
Oliver, Thomas V 
Palmer, Ed 
Parmely, O C 

Freeman, Thomas R Pierce, Eugene B 

French, John S 
Frost, Isaac N 
Fuller, James W 
Gant, Thomas D 
Garrett, Anson 
Gibson, H B 
Gilbert, Geo W H 
Gooden, Samuel 
Goodman, John M 
Greenman, B M 
Gulick, Samuel C 
Hagerty. Samuel 
Hail, John H 
Harlow, Mason W 

Pinkham, Thos V 
Powers, William H 
Price, David 
Pullman, Rev R H 
Pulsifer, Sidney 
Puterbaugh, Geo 
Putnam, William 
Raymond, Charles 
Regan, Louis 
Rench, Y O 
Reynolds, Isaac G 
Reynolds, Thomas 
Richards, John C 
Robinson, Charles 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Robinson, Wm H 
Rockhold, Chas W 
Rockhold, L C 
Rohrback, Lee 
Russell, John W 
Sanford, Henry M 
Schwabacher, Jacob 
Schertz, David 
Selby, James 
Sheppard, Thomas 
Sherman, Robert H 
Simpson, John M 
Slade, George W 
Smyth, Calvin R 
Stewart, James T 
Stouffer, David G 
Strickler, James E 
Tamplin, George R 
Tamplin, John W 
Tart, Samuel 
Teal, Henry 
Tetu, Gaspard P 
Thompson, Wm T 

PEOTONE, No. 636. 

PEOTONE, Will Co. Chartered Oct 
1869. Reg com 2d and 4th Sat. Ann com 
Sat o b Dec 27. Membership 39. 

John M Sollitt Jr, W Master 
C A Westgate^S W Charles Gates, S D 
J S Tobias. J W Beni F Forrest, J D 

A P Loomis, Treas F C Hasemeyer, S S 
M Collins, Sec P Sultzbaugh, J S 

John Farrell, T 
Adlanson, Almand Jorgensen, Ols 

Tillotson, Isaac 
Tortat, Joseph E 
Underdown, W S 
Van Buskirk, L 
Van Nest, John H 
Vance, William B 
Waldron^A J 
Walters, Henry 
Ward, John P 
Warner, Bennett O 
Wells, Henry W 
White, Crosby 
White, James H 
White, Louis S 
Wiegand, Guss 
Wiley, Lemuel H 
Williams, Samuel P 
Willis, Joseph 
Willis, Y 
Winasp, William 
Wright, Newell K 
Zeigler, Jacob 

Dennies, Jonathan 
Dolton, George E 
Dunlop, William 
Ehrhardt, August 
Folke, Henry 
Folke, William 
French, John M 
Gilmore, David 

Lincoln^Ulyrses G 
Mason, Denny F 
Melville, Andrew 
Miller, Jacob S 
Motzer, John 
Renkert, George 
Reynolds, Rufus K 
Schroeder, Fred 

Gunlach, William L Sellers, Benjamin 
Herbert, August Somarindyck, D G 
Humphrey, MW Tobias, Job M 
Hutchinson, W F Vinson, John J 
Jamison, Saml p m Willard, Albert M 
Jordon, Gustave 

PEHRyTno. 95. 

PERRY, Pike Co. Chartered Oct 1850. 
Reg com Sat o b f m. Membership 70. 

D L Freeman, W Master 
Job Clark, S W Louis P Vail, S D 

Wm Willson, J W Wm Lennard, J D 
Harvey Dunn, Treas F C Moore. S S 
Thos Morgan, Sec Thos Rogers, J S 

Ralph Bryant, T 
Allen, A B Cary, A B 

Baird, John Cleveland, J K 

Baldwin, James Condit, David 
Bergaman, Henry Doan, W D C 

Boggs, Henry 
Bradbury, J M 
Bratton, R S 
Brewer, James 
Bubb, Jacob 

Fisher, John 
Gorbet, William 
Grote, F C 
Hake, George 
Ham, Claiborn 

Hannaut, William 
Harvey, John 
Hawker, William 
Higgins, James 
Hobbs, Campbell 
Hodges, Thomas 
Hume, NDC 
James, H C 
Kellog, Theodore 
Kristner, Charles 
Libbey, Edward 
Merrill, John 
Morton, John 
Mull, Benjamin 
Mullens, S D 
Phillips, Jesse 
Read, Henry 
Reed, Ejias 
Reed, W A 
Reynolds, Charles 
Reynolds, N W 
Rickart, D C 

Rounds, Richard 
Rush, Allen 
Rush, Jerome 
Rush, John jr 
Rush, Elias 
Slaughter, J K 
Smith, Milby 
Smith, William 
Stephenson, John 
Stewart, Daniel 
Taylor, Stephen 
Triplet, Milton 
Triplet, William 
Tull, M S 
Vail, Solomon 
W 7 alker, John 
Whitaker, A S 
Winters, B B 
Withan, G W 
Yates, Monroe 
Yates, William 

PHILO, No. 436. 

PORT BYRON, Rock Island County. 
Chartered Oct 1865. Reg com Thurs n b f m. 
Ann com Dec. Membership 48. 

Wilson Flemings, W Master 
John W Hubert^ W E McDormott, S D 
J S Knowles, J W David K Zeebcr, J D 
J C Wainwright, Tr John W Lewis, S S 
John Schaefer, Sec Alex Ziegler, J S 
G D Keeley, T 

Askow, James 
Baily, J W 
Bailey, Thomas 
Bell, Rodger 
Bryant, W r illiam 
Clerk, William D 
Cone, F S 
Cook, G W 
Devore, W H 
Dovinie, John 
Filbert, Levi 
Gates, X S 
Grant, AW 
Heearey, Samuel 
Jenning, Thomas 
Johnson, E H 
Leophart, John 
Mackin, E B 

Maxwell, J W 
Pearsall, George 
Pearsall, LS 
Pearsall, S J 
Rowe, George J 
Russell, H F 
Sadgres, H 
Schafer, Matthew 
Searle, James 
Templer, James 
Temple, Thomas D 
Wake, George C 
Wainwright, Saml 
Warren, E 
W T ebster, W B 
Wells, Albert 
Williams, J G 
Winans, James 
Worren, Jacob 

PHOENIX, No. 663. 

KINGSTON MINES, Peoria Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1871. Reg com Tues o b f m. 
Ann com Dec. Membership 34. 

Geoege B Slack, W Master 
G W Beathard. S W G Meager, S D 
Robt C Ewing, J W M Manning, J D 
Thos Linsley, Treas A Dempsey, S S 
D H Flaglore, Sec Geo Holdsworth, J S 

William Wallace, T 
Beasmore, Thomas Ettenbaugh, John 
Bowton, Mark Foster, Harry A 

Burgett, Frank Gillfoy, Samuel 
Cary, Edward Graham, Richard 

Cary, Robert C Hill, Henry 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Hootman, Samuel Maple, Jehu 

Hudson, George W Maple, William 

Jiffords, Thorn Newsom, Francis 

Jones, Hugh Simmons, William A 

McGrew, T J Thorp, William W 

McKee, James P Wolf, Peter 

Maple, Abraham Yeager, Gerhard 

PIASaTno. 27. 

ALTON, Madison Co. Chartered Oct 
1874. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann , com 
Dec. Place of meeting cor. 2nd and Mar- 
ket sts. Membership 146. 

Geo kg e Baery, W Master 
Geo D Hayden, S W Thos Cannell, S D 
F H Ferguson, J W Jon V Roe, J D 
A Woodside, Treas Alfred Benedict, S S 
F S Detrich, Sec Isaiah Josephi, J S 
Absalom T Ash, T 

Hanson, George" 1 A 
Hardy, Albert W 
Hardy, Isaac E 
Harrison, Louis A 

Altenberry, Jas C 
Ash, John W 
Ash, William L 
Bartlett, Michael S 
Bayle, George A 
Bayle, Hugh E 
Bazza, James 
Berkley, George 
Billings, Henry O 

Hart, Henry W 
Hatheway, Noah C 
Hawkins, RW 
Hayner, John E 
Henderson, Charles 

Bishop, Andrew D Holliday, Chas W 
Blake, Charles R Hollister^EliF 

Boals, Manuel H 
Boqua, Andrew 
Briggs, Joseph 
Brorra, John A 
Brorra, Robert 
Bruner, John A 
Buckmaster, H W 
Buckmaster, S A 
Bulman, Austin 
Calm, Jacob 
Carnaby, William 
Chase, Henry P 
Cheney, Henry A 
Clark, Maurice W 
Cafky, Simon 
Connor, Silas F 
Croft, Benjamin H 
Crossman, Win V 
Cutter, George 
Davis, Charles 
Davis, Jesse P 
Deadman, Wm A 
Dickson, George H 
Dixon, Joshua 
Dixon, Ralph 
Drummond, Jas T 
Drury, Albert H 
Drury, Fred W 
Dunn, David M 
Dutro, Michael M 
Fisher, Ulysses E 
Fletcher, Isaac 
Fletcher, Japhet 
Foster, Walter E 
Gambrill, Alex H 
Garvin, James P 
Graham, Robson 
Gray, George 
Hall, William 

Howard, Samuel R 
Hugo, Edward M 
Huskmson, William 
Hyndman, James 
Hyndman, Robert 
Hyndman, Thomas 
Hyndman, Thos jr 
Hyndman, William 
Irons, Otis T 
Jackson, William 
Jennison, Henry J 
Johnson, John 
Johnson, Robert 
King, Robert L 
Kings! ey, Robert H 
Lea, Charles G 
Leech, Charles S 
Lewis, Frederick T 
Loar, George C 
Lock, John 
McCorkle, Samuel S 
McDonaugh, Geo L 
McPike, Henry G 
Malcolm, Samuel H 
Mann, James 
Martin, William W 
Martz, William A 
Mathews, Hiram S 
Miller, John 
Miller, Daniel 
Milnor, Charles W 
Mitchell, John 
Montgomery, Jas N 
Moore, Lewis W 
Moritz, Henry C G 
Morse, John W 
Murray, Charles A 
Nisbett, John P 
Nutt, Levi 

Paddock, Gains 
Pattison, M 
Pearson, John M 
Peters, Joseph 
Pickard, George 
Pierce, Jonathan L 
Pierce, William B 
Pierson, Norton R 
Preston, J 
Priest, Henry C 
Quartan, Johnathan 
Radcliffe, Thos W 
Rader, Charles P 
Roberts, Horatio N 
Roper, GeorgeS 
Runzi, Andrew 
Runzi, Henry 
Rutledge, Walton 

Sargent, Benj F 
Sear ritt, Henry M 
Sibert, John 
Smith, Robert B 
Springer, Emanuel 
Squires. James 
Squires, William F 
Stamps, John B 
Templeton, Jas W 
Thompson, Jas W 
Tracy, Samuel S 
Wade, Albert 
Wade, Samuel 
Waterhouse, Chas D 
Watkins, Joab L 
Watson, Henry 
Weston, William G 
Williams, Samuel 

PIPER, No. 608. 

PIPER CITY, Ford Co. Chartered Oct 
1868. Reg com 1st and 3d Thurs. Place of 
meeting Masonic Hall. Membership 46. 

J S McElhiney, W Master 
Wilson Ong, S W J A Montelius, Sec 
Jas R Resener, J W Robert A Pope, S D 
M M Pulver, Treas B F Walden, J D 

John Hobbis, T 
Barnard, James O McLean, John E 
Beach, Hugh P McLier, James 

Besletlne, George W McLier, John 
Blowers, Charles M Martin, Philip R 
Cepperly, George Martin, William H 
Conrow, William L Martin, William H 
Culver, John C Neely, Louis A 

Davis, Edward S Ong, Nathan 
Dick, William N Pepper, H J 
Finney, John W Piper, Milton A 
Fowler, Thomas G Pope, Thomas P 
Francis, James P Simmons, J N 
Halloran, Frank Sowers, T J 
Jackson, John Tindel, William E 

Jones, William C Wallace, Lemuel F 
Kearney, William A Ward, Newton M 
Lennerman, Peter Watson, William R 
Lewis, James H Wilson, Robert C 
McDermott, Thos Zea, John W 


PITTSFIELD, Pike Co. Chartered Oct 
1848. Reg com Sat o b f m. Membership 

Feancis M Casel, W Master 
V A Grimes, S W Jacob Strauss, S D 
L C Pulliam, J W Jas W Johnson, J D 
Hamilton Wills, Tr John Ray, S S 
W H Johnston, Sec Geo W Westlake, J S 

A W Plattner, T 
Abbott, William C Bush, J M 
Acton, Thomas Buttz, Abraham 

Athey, P G Chapman, Madison 

Atkinson, Henry B Close, Moses H 
Atkinson, Richd M Combs, A B 
Baker, Elliott Coulter, John H 

Baldwin, William Crane, James H 

Benn, David L 
Brown, John 
Burger, John C 

Culver, J C 
Duffield, Henry T 
Duffield, J M 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Edwards, George T 
El well, Thomas 
Enos, G C 
Fishel, Albert 
Field, John L 
Flegle, Jacob 
GalTaher, James 
Gillmore, Hiram 
Gillmore, W F 
Gorden, Joseph 
Graves, A D 
Gray, S R 
Grigsby, James H 
Grimes, William B 
Hard, J C 
Harder, C H 
Harder, Henry 
Higbee, C L 
Hollis, David 
Hubbard, W A 
Hull, John 
Hunter, Nathan 
Johnston. John J 
Jones, George W 
Kinkle, William 
Lame, Charles E 
Lame, Charles R 
Lloyd, Henry S 
Lovett, William 
Low, James 
McClintock, R A 
McFadden, H 

McFarland, Joseph 
Merril, William H 
Miller, Samuel G 
Murphy, James 
Noyes, H J 
Noyes. J T 
Obst, C L 
Patterson, C W 
Peebles, A C 
Petty, James M 
Petty, John L 
Pettingill, J G 
Porter, John 
Pulliam, T G 
Pulliam, W W 
Rauh, Samuel 
Rettle, Anton 
Rhea, James A 
Richter, Lewis 
Roberts, J S 
Shasted, T W T 
Shasted, Jonathan 
Simpkins, Augustin 
Spencer, O G 
Steers, James H 
Steers, William 
Topliff, J J 
Wacker, J A 
W 7 ebster, J T 
Wike, Scott 
Wolgemuth, J B 


PLAINFIELD, Will County. Chartered 
Oct 1867. Reg com 1st and 8d Tues. Ann 
com 3d Tues Dec. Membership 48. 

William Baktholf, W Master 
Wm Kopp, S W S L Mollinger, S D 

J Mather, J W W S Kennelly, J D 

B Whitley, Treas A S Corbin, S S 
C E Frasier, Sec W H Chittenden, J S 

J B Coldwell, T 
Austin, A T Parks, A W 

Branks, John B Patrick, Z E 
Cain, William Perkins, A J 

Chittenden, G N Rathburn, A O 
Dice, Conrad Rathburn, Charles 

Dinges, Jeremiah Robertson, A L 
Flagg, William Robertson, Daniel 

Flanders, J R Ryburn, Daniel 

Foster, Lyman Schrimer, John 

Gilbert, E W T Shearer, Andreas 

Graves, R B Sweetwood, W T 

Grodson, William Tyler, Albert 
Hamlin, Harrison van Dalson, J A 
Hamlin, N S Vandyke, John 

Hartung, A W Vanhorn, John 

Hoag, C B Vanolinda, Ira 

Jump, D W Wheeler, J A 

Kennelley, Daniel Whitley, William 
Mather, Joshua Walz, Nathan 

PLAINVIEW, No. 461. 

PLAINVIEW, Macoupin Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1866. Reg com Tues n b f m. 
Membership 22. 

John Tennell, W Master 

J C Lemay, S W 
H Morrison, J W 
J Anderson, Treas 
Brown, Samuel 
Daily, Levi R 
Dorman, William 
Forwood, Oliver 
Grimes, Stephen L 
Morrison, George 
Roberts, William B 

N H Browne, Sec 
W J Easley, J D 
Lemay, T 
Rhoads, Joel 
Shumer, John A 
Taylor, Robert 
Thomas, William A 
Vandike, JohnP 
Waggoner, Benj F 
Waggoner, Joseph 


PLEASANT HILL, Pike Co. Chartered 
Oct 1867. Reg com Sat bfm. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 53. 

John Mills. W Master 
B S Jennings, S W T J Mitchell, S D 
M V Shire, J W F L Zerenberg, J D 

A F Hemphill, Treas James A Sitton, S S 
John W Cannon, Sec James P Mason, J S 

Edwin C Guiley, T 
Berry, Bascomb B Hubbard, Eli F 
Berry, James R Huber, Jacob 
Berry, John F Jacobs, George W 

Bogard, Moses W Lock, Franklin 
Buchanan, Henry P Logan, David E 
Cannon, David E Long, Marcus N 

Lovell, Andrew J 
McConnell, John S 
Moore, William 
Morrow, John J 
Packer, William A 
Priestley, Frederick 
Reynolds, Thomas 
Rodgers, George W 
Rowley, George W 
Rowley, James M 
Smith, William E 
Swainson, Olof 
Thomas, Smith S 
Venoble, Edward B 
Wells, James R 

Cannon, Samuel R 
Colyer, John 
Dawson, James H 
Dunovin, Frank J 
Ferguson, John H 
Foiles, Louis 
Fortune, H D 
Foster, John N 
Fye, Barney 
Gaut, James S 
Graftord, John W 
Guiley, Edwin C 
Hail, John B 
Hamilton, Silas A 
Horner, John H 
Howey, Josephs 


Chartered Oct 1874. Reg com Wed o b f 
m. Place of meeting Masonic Hall. 
Membership 81. 

John H Classpill, W Master 
Isaac P Smith, S W Henry Welland, S D 
A Kernoll, J W S S Purwince, J D 

John T Epler, Treas H Washbourn, S S 
S Salzenstein, Sec John Zircle, J S 

William S Beaty, T 
Anderson, Geo W Meycrstein, Isaac 
Anderson, W W Mosteller, Martin S 
Campbell, Conicum Nothingham, Chas 
Connor, Sylvester Powell, Eli 

Sanders, Charles B 
Scott, Frank M 
Washburn, W H 
Whitcomb, John W 
White, Thomas E 

Davenport, Job C 
Davies, Thomas T 
Frogly, John B 
Hanert, Jonathan 
Irwin, Julius H 
Lyman, John 
Mastick, Seberry F 

Subordinate Lodges. 


PLEIADES, No. 478. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1866. Reg 
com 1st and 3rd Thurs. Ann com 3d Thurs 
Dec. Place of meeting 220 W Twelfth st. 
Membership 220. 

Osborn Nickerson, W Master 
E F Newell, S W James McFee, S D 
W Fennimore, J W Jos E Rand all, J D 
John Wallwork, Tr Owen, Jenks, S S 
Chas G Howell, Sec Jas Montgomery, J S 

William E Bowers, T 
Anderson, William Dodge, F W 

Bachin, A 
Bahe, Henry- 
Bailey, Henry- 
Bain, David 
Baker, J L 
Barr, George 
Barrack, Alex 
Barre, C J 
Bascom, ADpm 
Batty, Walter 
Baxter, George W 
Bemis, H H 
Bliler, B F 
Bliler, W J 
Bordwell, William 
Bowie, William 
Bradford, George 
Brown, David 
Bryant, William H Gray, John V 

Dunham, William 
Dupuis, Fred 
Dusenberry, J M 
Dussy, Frank 
Elliott, Thomas 
Elvidge, Mark 
Errickson, Charles 
Evans, John p m 
Evans, William D 
Fisher, James 
Foster, John 
Frazier, Donald 
Geek, William 
Gensel, Christopher 
Gleeman, Wm C 
Gogan, Charles M 
Goodman, WGpm 

Brynes, John 
Brundage, S O 
Butler, William 
Camp, Charles F 
Campbell, N E 

Gregg, James 
Gregory, John 
Group, George 
Gurioux, Antoine 
Hall, George 

Campbell, Murdock Hall, Warren 

Cavan, J D 
Chambers, Robert 
Chambers, T C 
Chapman, James 
Clay, Henry 
Clements, H J 
Clendening, J M 
Colbath, W H 
Collis, George S 
Conklin, J J 
Connell, William 
Connon, Peter 
Corcran, John 
CounciW P 
Cowan, W A 
Craig, Robert 
Creed. Joseph W 
Cronkhite, Theo 
Croxon, F J 
Curry, William 
Dabel, John 
Daniels, William 
Daprato, John 
Darby, Thomas 
Davis, Charles 
Davis, James F 
De Groot, H S 
DeGroot, William 
Delanty, E 
Desenphantz, E 
Dewey, H Dewitt 

Hallenbach, Wesley 
Hartman, E 
Hatch, Thos Cpm 
Hearson, William 
Herber, George H 
Herriman, G W 
Hewes, Charles H 
Hildreth, James H 
Hill James A 
Hinckley^James V 
Hodder, William 
Hoffner, Charles 
Hogan, Edward 
Horrington, Geo S 
Hooper, Edward 
Hutchinson, R N 
Jackson, Peter 
Jenkins, Robert 
Johnson, William 
Johnson, J D 
Kerber, Henry 
Kinzer, Joseph 
Kohn, Joseph 
Kopslansky, A 
Lanton, Joseph 
Lathrop, Clarence 
Lesure, Charles 
Lewis, William H 
Link, John 
Love$ William A 
Lucker, Charles 

McDonald, Robert 
McDonald, Walter 
McDevitt, A 
McFarland, John A 
Mcintosh, Robert 
Mclver, Alex 
McLennan, J A 
McMeekin, Andrew 
McMeekim, James 
Mahoney, C 
Max, Marcus 
Maypole, J Jjr 
Mead, James A 
Miles, Thomas O 
Miller, J F 
Miller, John 
Monroe, John 
Moore, John p M 
Morcamb, John 
Morrison, E W 
Muelheison, J J 
Norris, Thomas 
Newgrass, Louis 
Noblit, William 
Paddock, James H 
Parker, Samuel 
Parks, Edward 
Parker, William 
Patterson, W R 
Payne, Eli 
Peacock, Peter 
Pearry, Robert 
Pond, E K 
Powell, William S S 
Preiss, Charles 
Pride, James A 
Pritchard, John J 
Proutt, Thomas 
Pufflin, George 
Rafferty, Owen 
Reynolds, Joseph 
Robertson, John 
Roderick, Evan 
Rohil, Nick 
Ross, George A 
Roth, William C 
Russell, William 

Sames. Charles 
Sanders, William 
Sanderson, William 
Schoffer, Thomas 
Scott, John 
Shannon, N 
Sharrenson, A 
Sickles, George 
Sinclair, R H 
Sinne. Robert 
Smith, F J 
Smith, J K 
Snyder, William H 
Spoffard, J S 
Spooner, D K 
Spooner, T K 
Starrett, D A 
Steadman, Robert 
Stevens, H S 
Stewart, William 
Stokey, Thomas 
Strode, James 
Stronach, Thos H 
Swinburn, William 
Thompson, Charle* 
Thompson, Wm 
Thurnador, Frank 
Toner, J W 
Valpey, J W 
Van Cott. J M 
Van Duser, J J 
Vibert, J G 
Wallace, James 
Wallgreen, J A 
Warren, F W 
Weisendorff, W F 
White, William 
White, William 
Whitney, F H 
Whittle, John 
Williamson, George 
Wilson, J D 
Wilson, J H 
Wilson, J W 
Wood, Seth 
Young, C C 
Young, Robert 

PLUM RIVER, No. 554. 

PLUM RIVER, Jo Daviess Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1867. Reg com Thurs o b f m. 
Ann com Dec. Membership 44. 

Francis Tyrrel, W Master 
H B Tyrrell, S W S E Waldo, S D 
Jno H Leppear, J W A B Byrum, J D 
Hiram Tyrrell, Tr Samuel Tyrrell, S S 
A J Wheelock, Sec John N Sharp, J S 

John F Tyrrell, T 
Appleby, John Clay, Jerry 

Appleby, Leonard Cresley, Charles 

Dixon, Christopher McCutcheon, A O 

Ball, Joel G 
Beam, William C 
Benton, Ira T 
Blair, William 
Blanch, Gains 
Bordway, Charles 
Bourne, Henry M 
Byrum, Almon B 
Chambers, M R 

Farrell, William H 
Groesbeck, Dow 
Hammond, M K 
Hastings, Henry F 
Hopkins, Harmon E 
Johnson, Willard F 
Miller, John 
Parkinson, Silas D 
Puble, Jacob 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Robinson, Charles R Snuck, George W 
Sharp, John N Troxell, William A 

Shnghrue, Murty Tyrrell, James L 
Simmons, Ervin Tyrrell, Miles 
Simmons, Michael Tyrrell, Samuel 
Simmons, Orlando Tyrrell, Thomas A 

PLYMOUTH, No. 286. 

PLYMOUTH, Hancock Co. Chartered 
Oct 1858. Reg com Sat n b f in. Member- 
ship 57. 

Samuel K Gaylord, W Master 
T W Monk, S W D H Michaels, S D 

DWBurdett, JW Jacob Klepper, J D 
Samuel Monk, Treas A Masingall, S S 
Hy G Metzger, Sec E K Boman. S S 

H T Wier, T 
Aleshire, Jonas Huddleston, D W 

Antrim, Lewis Hysell, Edmond 

Bear, Albert Johnson.M M 

Berry, Acre King, Aw 

Bidwell, Andrew Long, Samuel 
Blair, Jacob Martin, John L 

Boman, John W Metzger, Martin 
Booze, Joel T Moor, John 

Booze, William Pain, Guilbert 
Cellars, W F Palmer, Albert 

Converse, N B Patterson, Fredk 

Darnell, William Powell, Reuben 
Davis, Jay Roberts, Stephen E 

Driskill, John Ross, David 

Edson, Barney A Ross, Henry H 
Ellis, Robert H Ross, John A 

Fallin, John G Shreckenganst, W H 

Gilbert, S C Thornton, Thomas C 

Gillis, W D Wade, William 

Gould, Louis O Walby, Albert 

Graham, James H Wear, Newton 
Hamilton, William Wells, John C 
Hendricks, J J Wright, Edwin J 

Holmes, Andrew 

PONTXAC, No. 294. 

PONTIAC, Livington Co. Chartered 
Oct 1859. Reg com 1st and 3d Tues. Ann 
com 3d Tues Dec. Place of meeting Odd 
Fellows' Hall. Membership 82. 

H Harrison Hill, W Master 
W S Lacey, S W C C Strawn, S D 
E E Wallace, J W James H Gaff, J D 
F H Bond, Treas P M Schwurz, S S 
A W Cowan, Sec John Munson, J S 

William W Berry, T 
Aerl, Robert Eylar, Daniel C 

Babcock, Henry J Fellows, John A 
Beach, John A Filkins^ John W 

Brower, Arlinus Folks, Richard D 
Brown, Adolphus Fulinler, John A 
Colvin, George Gore, Henry W 

Chaffee, Francis M Grass, Charles 
Chesbro, Joshua G Gray, Benjamin W 
Cordeal, Sylvester Greenbaum, H G 
Culver. Joseph F Harding, Alfred E 
Donaldson, Jas M Harper, John A 
Debner, John Hobbs, Henry C 

Dolde, Martin Jensen, Carl 

Duff, Jonathan John, Reason M 

Dye, Job E Johnson, Edden M 

Johnson, Morris 
Johnson, Peter 
Johnson, Thomas 
Jones t Henry C 
Kelly, John 
Kent, Daniel W 
Kent, Edward E 
Kent, Henry H 
Kent, Lester E 
Langford, Geo W 
Lewis, John 
McClelland, R W 
McDowell, N S 
Manlove, William 
Maples, Edwin R 
Marsh, Henry D 
Matthews, Rodolph 
Miller, William T 
Mock, Martin, L 
Moor, D Frank 
Morrows, James E 

Munger, E 
Murphy, William J 
Olney, Ransom 
Pile, William 
Pilsbury, N J 
Remick, James W 
Riley, Elias M 
Robinson, Benj E 
Rosenberger, Julius 
Smith, John W 
Smith, Oliver N 
Smith, Thomas R 
Stiles, Solon 
Stitt, Joseph H 
Suj'gert, Charles 
Umphenour, Isaao 
Utley, Leander 
Wash, James R 
AVickery, John C 
Winans, John C 
Wolgamott, John R 

POLAR STAR, No. 652. 

MULKEYTOWN, Franklin Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1870. Reg com Sat oaf m. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 31. 

Thomas M Rentfro, W Master 
D Kirkpatrick, S W I S Clayton, S D 
W t J Moyers, J W Win S Walker, J D 
M Henderson, Treas I Harrison, S S 
T K Means, Sec Jas M Crain, J S 

Alexander G Biby, T 
Annier, Henry Mitchell, John B 

Clayton, Lemuel Mitchell, Joseph M 
Davis, Brian Perine, Nathan 

Davis, John Perine, Thomas L 

Davis, Marcus D Puckett, George W 
Farthing, Sol H Rentfro, Josiah N 
Hudson, Henry Rogers, Silas B 

Jones, William Skaggs, A D 

Lawrence, Alex H Stacey, William T 
Malkey, Caleb F Tinsley, Thomas F 
Means, Cyrus D 

POLKTNo. 137. 

McLEANSBORO, Hamilton Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1853. Reg Com Tues o bfra. 
Ann com Dec. Membership 50. 

John W Marshall, W Master 
R L Meader, S W J li Sid well, S D 
A M Wilson, J W W A Coker, J D 
John Coker, Treas James Lane, SS 
L Powell, Sec John Judd, JS 

A F Sullinger, T 
Anderson, Robt S Hamil, David 
Ashbury. Wesley Henderson, C L 
Bowers, Erastus T Henderson, N C 
Carey, D W Johnson, Charles A 

Coker, Joseph Johnson, John M 

Crook, James Kinnear, John S 

Dailey, .Tames H Lasater, James M 
Dailey, Wesley Lasater, William L 

Defoe, Auerustus Lincolnfelter, Z R 
Edington, P C Lockhart, T L 

Eperson, Charles Mauldin, D M 
Gunter, A J , March, Rufus 

Hall, John C, p m Meador, Jasper N 
Hall. Wilford F Moor, Abner 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Rathbone, Lorenzo Thompson, John 
Reardon, Phillip Townsend, R M 

Severs, A W 
Sharp, David 
Shoeman, Moses 
Starkey, Jpm 

Volivoe, James A 
Webb, John 
White, M H 
Williams, M E 

PRAIRIE, No. 77. 

PARIS, Edgar Co. Chartered Oct 1849. 
Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann com Dec. 
Membership 86. 

Daniel G Burr, W Master 
Jas A Finley, S W R L McKinlay, Sec 
Simon P Link, J W Stephen Collier, S D 
Jas W Bindford, Tr Arthur Link, J D 

Michael Wagner, T 
Athan, William McCord, John 

Arnold, Andrew J McMurchy, William 
Bishop, Robert N Mann, J Howard 

Bovell, John L 

Boyle, John 

Burton. James M 

Cady, William O 

Connelly, A C 

Cook, William S 

Dennis, John H 

Douglas, James K 

Downs. Thomas J 

Elliott, Silas H 

Fisher, John W 

Foreman, George W Quinn, Joseph 

Geohegan, Anthony Rodgers, Jacob 

Geohegan, Wm H Ross, Jacob A 

Gist, Thomas J 

Mann, Martin V B 
Matthias, Benj F 
Mays, Thomas 
Means, William E 
Miner, Gideon 
Musselman, Henry 
O'Hair, Ogden 
O'Hair, William S 
Perrott, Thomas J 
Plaswick, Henry 
Quinn, Carter 

Hall, Orin L 
Harris, ET 
Hartley, John 
Harvey, Alfred 
Hays, John L 
Hinds, William H 
Holcomb, Burt 
Hume, George T 
Hunter, Andrew J 
Hunter, WilHam J 
Hurty, Josiah 
Huston, Abram B 
Jones, John C 
Kispert, John 
Leach, William H 
Lee, M D 

Levings, Calvin W 
Levings, Fred W 

Rout! edge, George 
Rude, Francis M 
Ryan, John F 
Shulta, William 
Siebert, William 
Lisk. Levi 
Smith, Calvin 
Smith, Moses 
Swisher, Henry M 
Tompkins, Arnold 
Vance, John H 
Vance, Joseph W 
Vance, Wesley K 
Vanhorn, Theo F 
Voorhees, Peter 
Westbrook, M L 
Wetsel, Lewis 
Whalen, B 
Wiley, Leroy 

Lidenbender, Saml Wilson, Thomas M 

Link, Francis M Wimmer, Henry C 

Lotta, John Younger, Charles 
McCarty, Harvey J 


PRAIRIE CITY, Cumberland Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1868. Reg com Sat o b f m. 
Ann com Dec. Membership 51. 

Robert A Young, W Master 
J H Eskridge, S W Miles Moore, S D 
Wm Bruster, J W Edward W Miles, J D 
Merideth B Ross, Tr John Green, S S 

Coleman O Ray, Sec . J S 

H Rhoads, T 

Ashwell, R A 
Barger, James H 
Bearcums, James 
Besic, Joseph 
Bloomfleld, R 
Breedlove, Thomas 
Brewer, Thomas 
Bruster, David 
Fulkerson, Jacob 
Green, H W 
Habert, Riley 
Hall, James 
Harris, John 
Holsapple, Levi 
Judson, David D 
King, Joseph 
Lake, William E 
Lee, A J 
Lee, Mahlon R 
Lineberry, Henry 
McCan, J F 

McCandlish, James 
McCandlish, Wm 
McMorris, S L 
Mason, G E 
Mites, William E 
Morland, George 
Morton, A D 
Mowdy, Martin 
Mumford, W D 
Nuewanger. NJ 
Ray, R M 
Ross, Wiley 
Ryan, A In 
Ryan, James L 
Ryan, William L 
Smith, Joel 
Stephens, James 


Warner, Thomas 
Wholer, D H 
Yanaway, John 

~~* No. 

PRINCETON, No. 587. 

PRINCETON, Bureau Co. Chartered 
Oct 1866. Reg com 1st and 3d Tues. Ann 
com reg o b Dec 27. Place of meeting 
Masonic Hall. Membership 51. 

Charles G Cushing, W Master 
John Pickels, S W M U Trimble, S D 
H M Trimble, J W C E Brown, J D 
B S Ferris, Treas J Trowbridge, S S 
A A Woods, Sec G Schundel, J S 

N Simonds, T 
Adly, Henry Mesenkop, Wm H 

Alason, Andrew McMannis, William 
Bradley, Charles W Norlin, Charles 
Buck, Joseph S Paddock, Henry G 

Bushnell, Cady J Paddock, Steven G 
Bushnell, N C Peckham, Charles J 

Chapman, A Scott Rawson, Hart 
Clark, Atherton Reed, Henry C 
Dean, Daniel H Romberger, H M 

Ferris, Benjamin H Royce Henry F 
Foster, Reuben B Ruff, James G 
Gibbons, G Gilbert Smith, Daniel H 
Gray, Clark Snow, C P 

Henderson, Thos J Spense, Conrad 
Hill, John C Stacey, William C 

Hunt, Will H Steckel, Solomon 

Ide, George Opm Thompson, Alex H 
Ketch, M S Thomson, SamueiT 

Lange, Charles Walton, W Andrew 

McDonald, Daniel Wonderly, John J 
McElwaine, Eli M 


PRINCEVILLE, Peoria Co. Chartered 
Oct 1861. Reg com Tues obfm and two 
weeks after. Membership 37. 

John L Blanchard, W Master 
Hy F Irwin, S W John Bowman, S D 
Hy E Burgess, J W Hy M Behymer, J D 
Albert G Henry, Tr O C Garrison, S S 
Milton Wilson, Sec J W Little, J S 

James F Carman, T 
Alter, William H Andrews, Luther M 
Andrews, Frank C Blanchard, M M 
Andrews, Lemuel K Bronson, J L T 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Burgess, Ellis M 
Camp, Hiram 
Camp, Lemuel E 
Church, William W 
Corbett, John G 
Cornewell, Chas A 
Cummins, John L 
Fast, Jacob A 
Ford, Phineas R 
Freese, Levi B 
Fuller, Ensign C 

Hawver, "William P 
Hitchcock, Daniel 
Hopkins, Julius N 
Lawrence, Wm D 
McDougall, D D 
McKee, James 
Mitchell, James M 
Murphy, Richard J 
Russell, John H 
Simpson, William 
Slocum, John R 


PROPHETSTOWN, Whiteside County. 
Chartered Oct. 1859. Reg com 1st and 
3rd Sat. Place of meeting Masonic Hall. 
Membership 93. 

Edgar S Bentley, W Master 
E R Paddock, SWF Hutchison, S D 
A H Reynolds, J W Newton Smith, J D 
Orin J Sholes, Treas E Paddock, S S 
W F Nichols, Sec Theo F Clark. J S 
James H Meyers, T 

Hurlbut, John J 
Johnson, Leland L 

Allen, Austin 
Baldwin, Orson G 
Baldwin, S G 
Barber, David E 
Barber, Flavin J 
Besse, P Bachus 
Black, George D 

Keefer, John W 
Kelly, Reuben B 
Kelley, William R 
Kent, Henry R 
Leonard, Henry B 

Brigham, William E Loomis, Alfred E 
Brimmer, Henry Loomis, John B 
Brown, Henry Loomis, Joseph E 

Burkett, William M McKenzie, M C 
Burns, William Mattson, Anthony J 

Burroughs, David S Medahack, Henry 
Chapman, James B Mosher, James H 

Church, Henry G 
Church, Leander 
Cleveland, Cyrus 
Cleveland, David 

Morris, George E 
Olmstead, John W 
Osborn, Horsey S 
Paddock, Caleb 

Cleveland, David jr Paddock, George E 
Cleveland, Edward Paddock, John C 

Cleveland, George 
Cleveland, Jay 
Cleveland, Nealon 
Cleveland, Wm A 
Crook, Rodney C 
Cuddington, Miner 
Drain, Thomas A 
Farnham, John 
Finch, Ezra 
Foss, Harris 
Foss, Jerrv 
Fuller, Afford V 

Paddock. Newell W 
Quackenbush, A 
Rew. Justus 
Roberts, John 
Rose, John H 
Sanderson, J M V 
Sanderson, William 
Scarrett, James 
Scott, George C 
Sears, Silas 
Shaw, George R 
Simpson, Samuel 

Griswold, Jonathan Smith, JabezS 
Grsswold. Thomas Spencer, John B 

Green, Rev,N S 

Havens, James R 

Helms, Henry E 

Hotchkiss, A L 

Hotchkiss, David 

Humaston, Charles 

Humaston, EphraimWall, Lawrence 

Hull, Harvey C Whalen, John 

Spencer, Porter W 
Southard. Isaac C 
Squires, Herman 
Sturtevant H A 
Thompson, William 
Tuller, J Alden 


JEFFERSON, Cook Co. Chartered Oct 

1873. Reg com 1st and 3d Thurs. Mem- 
bership 37. 

William P Gkay, W Master 
A Dunning, S W Geo A Dymond, S D 
S H Burnhaus, J W John D Walsh, J D 
Thos Freestone, Tr Chas Peters, S S 
J A Budlong, Sec John Gray, J S 

Frank DeWulff, T 
Austin John Johnson, H H 

Bradley, Henry C Kindberg, Aug N 
Bradley, Timothy M Loberg, N P 
Budlong, Lyman A Long, William 
Davis, S M Peterson, P S 

Eldridge, W A Powell, P P 

Ellis, Joel Schultz, Theodore 

Esdoh, Henry Skelly, John C 

Garfield, P H Spikins, Richard Y 

Goodman, Edward Toots, Joseph 
Gray, George L Tope, J W 

Hansen, Frederic Weatherby, R R 
Harding, Albert W Wendlar, William 
Hopkins, Brockman Wulff, Frank D 

aiJINCY, No. 296. 

QUINCY, Adams Co. Chartered Oct 
1859. Reg com 1st and 3d Fri. Ann com 
3dFriDec. Place of meeting Masonic 
Hall. Membership 113. 

Edwabd I Mitlliner, W Master 
S P Barnes, S W Alfred Glossop, S D 
H W Mead, J W Fred Aldrich, J D 
G F Jasper, Treas F E Wescott, S S 
T J Mackoy, Sec D T Holmes, J S 

A W Blakesley, T 
Adams, Charles M Grant, Rossville 
Alexander, Irwin Harris, Daniel P 
Anderson, Clarke Harris, John R 
Ash, Rankin Hatcher, Joseph L 

Baxter, Willis M Haynes, George W 
Beebe, Albert Hill, Frederick 

Bedell, Valentine Hoar, Benjamin 
Benneson, Wm H Howard, Wilbur F 
Bert, John P Huntoon, Charles 

Blasland, Samuel A Hurting, Sylvan S 
Boon, Maitland Johnson, Wm M 
Brown, Henry S Jones, James T 
Brown, George W Kingsbury, A B 
Buergen, Charles H Lane, Wilson H 
Button, James E Lee, Charles H 
Cadwell, J W Ledgerwood, Jas M 

Chapel, A J Lewis, John M 

Crocket, John Libby, Byron 

Davis, George W McFarland, E 
Drain, Albert E McGinnis, John jr 
Drew, Prentiss McGuire, John 

Dunn, James E Manson, Edward E 

Eaton, John F Miller, Bernhard H 

Edwards, Monroe P Miller, Louis 
Edwards, Thomas K Miller, Nathaniel 
Emery, Henry P Mills, George N 
Emmons, George W Morris, William 
Fisher, C C Murray, John 

Fluck, William S Naylor, James W 
Floyd, William H Nichols, Charles S 
Fortney, Benj F Nichols. Joseph H 
Gale, George A Oren, Wm E P M 

Graven, Joseph O Parker, Le Grand 
Gravell, Lewis D Patton, John M 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Prince, Edward 
Purpus, Jacob C 
Robb, Thomas W 
Bobbins, Jos dgm 
Robertson, Thomas 
Rothgeb, Gustav 
Rotgeb, Henry P 
Scheiner, Frank L 
Sclierraerhorn, F D 
Schermerhorn, J H 
Seaver, Ira A 
Seger, Samuel E 
Sellick, ECpm 
Smith, Henry J 
Smith, Henry Wjr 
Smith, Jacob M 
Smith, Joel H 

Stalkey, Abner W 
Stevenson, Nathan 
Stewart, James W 
Taylor, Shubal O 
Turner, Joseph F 
Van Frank, CDpm 
Wheat, Alex E 
Wells, George 
Williams, James D 
Williams, Pliney B 
Willis, Martin W 
Wilson, Uriah B 
Winton, David H 
Wood, Edward M 
Wood, Joshua S 
Woodward, T R 
Wyckoff, Charles 

RALEIGrH, No. 128. 

RALEIGH, Saline Co. Chartered Oct 
1853. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 53. 

Charles P Bubxett, W Master 
James T Clark, S W Thos S Weber, S D 
L R Stricklin, J W LA Stricklin, J D 
Rev T J Hale, Chap Wiley C Jones, S S 
J C Mathews, Treas Daniel Vineyard, J S 

V Choisser, Sec 

Adams, L H 

Barton, J B 

Braden, J A 

Br am let, A J 

Bramlet, Reuben 

Bramlet, Warharn 

Burnett, H 

Burnett, H A 

Burnett, Warner 

Butler, W G 

Cantrell, James M 

Chennault, John T 

Choisser, Charles 

Choisser, John A 

Elder, Jasper N 

Fair, James D 

Gillett, Martin D 

Glasscock, Geo N 

Glasscock, John H 

Grisham, William T Wrathbone, V 

Harris, David H Wright, John J 

RAMSEyTno. 405. 

RAMSEY, Fayette Co. Chartered Oct 
1864. Reg com Tues obfm. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 45. 

A Lancaster, W Master 
John C Jones, S W Henry Huss, S D 
T T Gooding, J W H B McKnight, J D 
J J Sanders, Treas S C Morrison. S S 
J Mays, Sec H Lindhorst, J S 

C F Stoddard, T 
Austin, Jacob 
Baugh, Marseiles 
Bolt, George W 

James M Sear, T 
Haley, Meeks 
Hensjn, Samuel 
Johnson, F F 
Jones, Thomas A 
Jones, Wiley 
Minas, James J 
Mitchell, Thomas S 
Musgrave, James W 
Neil, Andrew J 
Parish, William H 
Pemberton, B F M 
Rayborn, Thomas J 
Simpson, Thomas 
Stricklin, Andrew J 
Threlkeld, C W 
Wamack, William A 
Weber, Nelson 
Westbrooks, Charles 
Westbrooks, David 

Craig, James W 
Craig, Thomas A 
Crockett, John C 
Crawford, M P 

Halford, Sylvester S 
Halford, Willis W 
Hayes, John W 
Hayes, Romulus M 
Hunt. H L 
James, Joseph F 
James, Thomas M 

Donaldson, Presley Jordan, Alex M 

Proter, H S 
Ragle, Nathan 
Rice, John W 
Rush, Leonard 
Stokes, E B 
Stokes, Thomas F 
St Pier, Edward 
Todd, Louis 
Williams, John P 

Lindhorst, Henry 
Little, William 
McCarty, John 
Manifold, Henry 
Mills, Edward 
Nichols, George W 
Potter, L R 
Phillips, Athel 
Piatt, Milburn 
Price, J M 

RANKIN, No. 725. 

RANKIN, Vermilion Co. Chartered 
Oct 1874. Reg Coin 1st and 3d Mon. Mem- 
bership 22. 

John S Hewins, W Master 
Benj R Cole, S W M Chapman, S D 
W H Schwartz, J W W A Laflin, J D 
A D Buckley, Treas J T McBraten, S S 
RobtW English, Sec Thomas McGill, J S 

William L Menah, T 
Brickey, Martin V Seals, Charles B 
r Stamp, George 
Wardlow, James 
Wickham, James T 
Wovel, Elijah 
Zaylor, Newton 

Bowers, Charles L 
Bowers., Jonn H 
Brown, William 
Hoffman, Thomas 
Scovill, Otis 

RANTOTJL, No. 470. 

RANTOUL, Champaign Co. Chartered 
Oct 1866. Reg com Wed o a f in. Mem- 
bership 45. 

Lycurgtjs Booth, W Master 
Alonzo Luckey, S W Francis M Avey, S D 
Aloys Fromlet, J W Frank B Sacket, J D 
Isaiah Estep, Treas S P Coon, S S 
Louis B Cole, Sec Guy D Penfield, J S 

John Donovan, T 
Bratchees, Charles Hyde, Wesley 

Cargill, David E 
Cargill, James T 
Collison. John 
Cross, Abraham 
Darnell, Aaron 
Dodge, John W 

Lester, John L 
Marshall, Edward 
McClure, D P 
McElroy, George W 
Messinger, Isaac 
Miller, Jeremiah 

Drorbaugh,.David B Parson, E C 
Estep, Charles Penfield, John 

Estep, Harvey C Shank, Daniel 
Everington, Walter Sherrer, Daniel 
Everston, Caleb P Smith, Frank G 

Fairchilds, H 
Faulkner, John 
Folsom, Charles G 
Funk, Milton P 

Smith, William H 
Steel, William M 
Stomler, Frederick 
Tobie, HS 

Gifford, Benjamin J Withers, William 
Hinckley, J F 

RAVEN, No. 303. 

OSWEGO, Kendall Co. Chartered Oct 
1859. Reg com 1st and 3d Wed. Ann com 
reg o b Dec 27. Membership 51. 
Lorenzo Rank, W M 
Chas Roberts, S W Win K Vanfleet, S D 
Henry Helle, J W John C Turpin, J D 
Rev J G Andrews, CMC Richards, S S 
H Cherry, Treas M J Richards, J S 
Kirk L Walker, Sec Frederick Coffin, T 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Atwood, Confort 
Austin, Charles G 
Austin, OrrinP 
Bauer, William S 
Burr, Festus 
Chase, Joseph B 
Cherry, John W 
Cherry, Robert M 
Davis, William N 
Davis, Charles A 
Emmons, Abram 
Gates, Rohert 
Gentensberg, Jos V 
Gondei, David 
Hai-ht, William H 
Harris, George C 
Kinney, Joseph A 
Minard, Henry 
Morgan, Byron 
Obman, John 

Parker, George 
Parker, William 
Pearce, Calvin 
Pearce, Isaac 
Pearce, James 
Race, George A 
Richards, Moses J 
Roberts, Charles L 
Smith, Alonzo B 
Tobias, John J 
Townsend, Charles D 
Van Diventer, A E 
Voss, Gustavus 
Walker, Jason J 
Walker, Seth E 
Wheeler, Sheldon H 
Womley, Andrew J 
Womley, Abram V 
Yeigh, John A 
Young, James 

RAYMOND, No. 692. 

RAYMOND, Montgomery Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1872. Reg com 1st and 3d Thurs. 
Ann com 2d Thurs Dee. Membership 39. 

E A Hanna, W Master 
F C Hitchings, S W C F Armstrong, Sec 
S S Peebles, J W Edward Grimes, S D 
John King, Treas P J Hermon, J D 

Harrison Sharp, T 
Adams, James T Moore, John G 
Brown, Charles E Page, Thomas M 

Chapman, William 
Corn, Theodore C 
Dickson, Lawson J 
Dowdal, John 
Elledge, Isaac 
Enslow, David K 
Friend, William J 
Galbraith, Win C 
Goney, Victor 
Hanna, William R 
Henn, Andrew 

Parrott, David J 
Potts, Samuel J 
Rummons, Oscar K 
Sharp, Alvis 
Thorn ason, A J 
Thompson, Isaac G 
Tulpin, B 

Van Doren, Robt M 
Vantuyl, Jonathan 
Werts, Seymour S 
White, Orman 

Hitchings, Henry H Williams, James R 
Karnes, C P Wylder, J Robert M 

Montgomery, R C 


N AU VOO, Hancock Co. Chartered Oct 
1848. Reg com Sat obfm. Membership 

A W Gunter, W Master 
August Beger, S W Albert Person, Sec 
T R Herndon, J W J L Page, S D 
Edwd Argost, Treas V Mussott, J D 
A Fischer, T 

Edmunds, George 

Argost, Fred 
Baker, A J 
Beecher, L L 
Black, G W 
Brown, John C 
Brown, Michael 
Burtin, A 
Christy, J K 
Christy, J G 
Clark, William 
Croix, L George 
Dornseif, John 

Fenton, John 
Fulton, W H 
Hamilton, B H 
Hausmann, Felix 
Harsh, C 
Herboux. H 
Hill, C H 

Horton, John L D 
Johnson, J D 
Kelly, Thomas 
Kuhn, Ulrich 

Lewis, Thomas 
McCandless, J C 
Marshall, W 
Morrill, M M 
Neary, Peter 
Ogden, James 
Ohler, G M 
Parker, R M 
Powers, Chambers 
Quinn, A R 

Roberts, W 
Sanders, A 
Sumerhalder, R 
Thomas, F G 
Thomas, Silas 
Tilton, B B 
Travese, W 
Walthers, S M 
Wiegand, Henry 

RED BUD, No. 427. 

RED BUD, Randolph Co. Chartered 
Oct 1865. Reg com 1st Sat a f m. Mem- 
bership 32. 

Thomas J McBride, W Master 
Wm J K Owen, S W Daniel R Guker, S D 
J Rabenock, J W Theron F Owen, J D 
F 1) Guker, Treas Aries M Owen, S S 
John W Law, Sec Augustus S Zerse, J S 

Lewis Parrott, T 
Andre, Maurice McBride, John T 
Baettie, Andrew B McNelly, John 
Becker, Henry Milne, Henry 

Berger, Emil Nelson, John 

Bostwick, Eleazer Nelson, William 
Bostwick, James Shipman. Daniel 
Bostwick, Wm L Smith, John R 
Bowen, John W Varnum, Justin F 
Brickey, Francis A Weij, Peter 
Gardner, Charles D Whitchurch, Jas M 
Hillen, John W Whitchurch, Wm 


REYNOLDSBURG, Johnson Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1864. Reg com Wed obfm. 
Membership 53. 

Joseph P Woodside, W Master 
J S Whitenberg, SWChas W McCoy, S D 
W W Woodside, JW Geo Horseley, J D 
John Anderson, Tr Nicholas Cloot, S S 
J W Sanders, Sec Thos D Hern, J S 

J Harnton,T 
Bain, Charles A Kuy, Kindall J C 
Barnwell, John C Lewis, William B 
McCaw, MP 
McGee, F M 
McEwen, William J 
Mounce, John H 
Reynolds, Wesley 
Robertson, James R 
Robertson, John 
Simpson, Lewis J 
Smoot, George W 

Bayles, David 

Rell, George 

Burton, Charles 

Caldwell, Calvin H 

Caldwell, John C 

Cover, William A 

Desmoke, Ben.i D 

Duncan, David 

Emory, Michael 

Ferguson, James L Smooth Reed 

Fern, Andrew J 
Fern, L William 
Fern, William J 
Grace, Henry 
Hailey, William J 

Taylor, J H 
Taylor, William H 
Voncleve, W T F 
Whithead, James W 
Whitnel, Josiah 

Hundley, Robert A Wickham, James J 

Hood, James H 

Wickham, Lewis W 

Horsley, George W Yandel, Miles J 
Keith, George "W Yandel, Philander 
Kendall, George H 


CHICAGO. Chartered 1873. Reg com 

Subordinate Lodges. 


every Thurs. Place of meeting 770 Arch- 
er avenue. Membership 68. 

David Johnston, W Master 
Wm Clucas, SW J D Maybury, S D 
A M Evans, JW S J Guscott, J D 
Richard Cole, Treas John Patterson, S S 
Lachlan Grant, Sec John S Evans, J S 

Frank C Richardson, T 
Arndt, John Kastner, Joseph 

Babcock, Charles F Kastner, Richard 
Bailey, John Lake, Charles 

Bell, John Leinders, George H 

Bid well, TheoS McConnelhJames 
Blackburn. John McMullin, William 
Booth, William Marmont, Thos A 

Bonfield, John Martin, David R 

Brew, William Martin, William J 

Campbell, Jno McD Monroe, John 
Clarntz,John H Norton, Dee 
Clucas, Edward Notter, George T 
Coleman, Joseph G Notter, William 
Crawford, Henry Owen, George H 
Crawford, Wm L Owen, William B 
David, William Penney, Louis V 

Forbes, Henry Pote, Robert P 

Fyfe, Adam Reid, Alexander 

Ganford, Richard Render, Frank A 
Harris, William Robinson, John W 
Hawkins, William Sawyer, James 
Hatch, Hardin Sinclair, Thomas A 

Hayes, William M Storey, John 
Holder, William Thurnley, James 
Hubbard, George W Turnbull, Thomas S 
Hubbell, Richard H Turner, Malcolm 
Jones, Henry Wheeler, George 

Jones, William H Whyte, James 
Johnson, Thomas M William, Jacob 

RICHMOND^ No. 143. 

RICHMOND, McHenryCo. Chartered 
Oct 1854. Reg com Mon o b f m and 2 
■weeks after. Ann com reg o b Dec 27. 
Membership 65. 

George B Carpenter, W Master 
Jno McConnel, S W G T Wodell P M, S D 
H M Hastings, J W Jno A Rotnour, J D 
W A McConnel, Tr James Bacon, S S 
C G Cottingp m, Sec Alonzo Slugser, J S 

Stephen P Potter, T 
Alexander, A R Hyde, Josiah R 
Bennett, Robt F p m Johannott, Edwin S 
Benson, William S Johannott, Robert 
Brander, Alexander Johnson, John 
Brcadley, Henry Kelly, William 
Brown, Samuel W Kendall, C N 
Clapsattle. A B Lay, Edwin A 

Clark, Edwin D Newcomb, Daniel 

Crosby, Rensalear R Newcomb, H A 
Cummings. L F Parsons, William 

Dodere, David A Pett, Michael G 
Eldridge, George W Pickett, Frank 
Frothingham, Saml Porter, Frank 
Gavitt, Sidney Potter. David A 

Gibbs, Benjamin F Pratt, William 
Holderman, Dennis Purdy, George 
Hornby, Henry Purdy, William H 

Hicks, Milan Randall, William 

Huffmann. Aaron Rathbun, William T 
Hugg, Felix Robbing, James 

Rotnour, Sanford Stevens, Henry A 
Seymour, A J Stevens, William 

Sherman, Alonzo A Stone. John B 
Sibley, Robert Tryon, Charles H 

Skinkle, Perry G Wegg, Robert W 
Smailes, Wm p m Wilcox, Alfred 
Staunton. Benjamin Winchell, W W 
Stevens, Burton A 

RIDGE FARM, No. 632. 

RIDGE FARM, Vermilion Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1869. Reg com 1st and Sd Sat. 
Ann com 3d Sat Dec. Membership 33. 

Jonah Hale, W Master 
A A Sulcer, S W Jas P Tuttle, S D 
Saml Haworth, J W W C Hollowell, J D 
A L Aukrum, Treas H H Homer, S S 
John Griffin, Sec John W Patten, J S 

John D Harrold, T 
Banta, James H Kendall, Jacob M 
Banta, William F Lawrence, Moses L 
Barkley, William N Lyttle, David 
Bradfield/Thomas C McGee, John W 
Canaday, Benj F McGee, William W 
Mendenhall, Jas M 
Miller, Ira D 
Paxson, Cyrus C 
Stevenson, A J 
Tucker, George W 
Wilson, Alfred 

Clark, Terrence 
Cutler, George F 
Dice, George A 
Ensey, John B 
Flughearty, J H 
Gledhill, William 
Harrold, M A 

RIO, No. 685. 

RIO, Knox Co. Chartered Oct 1872. 
Reg com Wed o b f m. Membership 35. 

Alexander Heflin, W Master 
Geo Arnold, S W E J Snow, S D 
Birch Walter, J W Jas Deathrage. J D 
J Bruner, Treas J Shanholtzer, S S 
S A Brown, Sec Wm D Wright, J S 

Michael Conly, T 
Boir, David F Humes, Joseph H 

Brown, William H London, Fredk A 
Bruner, A W Miller, Alexander 

Bruner, Lucien H Robertson, Daniel 
Conly, John Robson, Richard 

Deathrage, Robt W Rice, Jacob A 
Dunlap, William Sheppard, Mathew S 
Epperson, Chas J Smith, Luther J 
Epperson, F M Taylor, William R 

Edgar, James Williamson, W S 

Hamblin, M K Witherspoon, M 

Holmes, Hugh W Wetmore, G M 
Holmes, James M 

RISING SUN, No. 115. 

HAINESVILLE, Lake Co. Chartered 
Oct 1851. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann com 
reg o b Dec. Place of meeting Masonic 
Hall. Membership 39. 

Jacob T De Yoe, W Master 
John H Read. S W Dewitt L Jones. S D 
H Dombski, J W G B Battershall, J T) 
A V Smith, Treas Chas Whitehead. S S 
Emert D Hall, Sec S W Marvin p m, J D 

Lemuel C Davis, T 
Armstrong, H F Barbour, John 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Bradway, A B Ingalls, Samuel E 

Brown, James B Lester, Edwin 

Compton, Richard Manzer, Lazelle C 

Cotes, Albert L Morse, Chauncey C 

Druse, Charles M Palmer, George 

Edic, Frank Payne, Edward G 

Fox, Joseph D Rinear, Warden 

Granger, Dighton Tower, Emory Jpm 

Harvey, Cyrus B Whitmore, Alfred W 

Hendee, ALpm Wightman, Daniel 

Hoffman, Robert Williams, David R 

Horton, Emory Wisner, Goorge H 

Hoyt, Ira Jpm Wright, George A 
Huson, Elijah L 


KEITHS BURG, Mercer Co. Chartered 
Oct 1851. Reg com Fri obfm. Ann com 
June. Membership 52. 

Charles A Murtky, W Master 
Alvah Jay, S W H G Calhoun, S D 

Jos O Calhoun, J W William Spence, J D 
William Willett, Tr B Lloyd, S S 
Allen F Glover, Sec Peter McLain, J D 

Thomas H Freeman, T 
Austin, Charles E How, Charles 
Humbert, E M 
Kelley, Samuel 
Kirk, William H 
Kolkenbeck, Win 

Be van, John 

Birely, Henry F 

Brewer, Gilbert 

Brewer, Lewis W 

Cabeen, Thomas B Livingston, Fred W 

Dodson, Blantson S Mertz, Lewis L 

Dodson, Jonathan Morris, William 

Dryden, Cyrus E 
Dryden, James M 
Eby, Aaron H 

Eckley, Charles 

Phares. William H 
Pritz, Edward 
Scott, Samuel 
Shroyer, James 

Frick, Benjamin P Strong, William P 

Frick, Charles A Taleofero, Benj C 

Gayl, William Wilson, Benjamin F 

Glancy, Ernest G Wing, Austin E 

Greenboro, Thos L Wollf, Washington 

Humbert, Robert C Wolstead, William 
Hardin, Benjamin L Wood, Cornelius M 

Heaton, George W Wycoff, Albert R 

Hedges, Andrew J Wycoff, Joseph P 

ROBINSOnTno. 250. 

ROBINSON, Crawford Co. Chartered 
Oct 1857. Reg com Sat obfm. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 46. 

William C Wilson, W Master 
M C Mills, S W Howard B Lutes.Sec 

Hugh E Allen, J W JohnNewton, S D 
Rev W D Mabry, Ch Marcuia Root, J D 
John C Iddings, Tr G W Harper, T 
Beattie, Robert A Highsmith, J W 
Brigham, Harvey C Jarrett, James M 
Callohan, Ethelbert Jones, William C 
Cochran, James C Lamb, James 
Collins, John Longenecker, R M 

Crawford, S H Mail, Isaac D 

Dyar, Charles B Metcalf, Robert 

Emmons, James P Midkiff, Samuel 
Firebaugh, David Miley, Charles 
Haskins, R E Moers, Solomon 

Heovill, John Murphy, J P 

Hicks, Green B Overimre, George 

Patson, Cullom M Thompson, J S 

Reavill, Andrew J Tyler, Silas 

Reavill, David Updyke, William 

Ruddell, Charles H Updyke, William 

Steel, James O Updyke, William 

Thomas, William C Willson, Joseph 

ROB MORRIS, No. 247. 

MINONK, Woodford Co. Chartered 
Oct 1857. Reg com 1st and 3rd Wed. 
Ann com reg o b Dec 27. Place of meeting 
Masonic Hall. Membership 63. 

Melvin A Cashing, W Master 
Wm L Lovell, S W Euclid Martin, S D 
Edward Harris, J W William Juelg, J D 
Sidney Kidder, Tr Chas L Hayden, S S 
Hy K Ferrin, Sec S F Spokesneld, J S 

Samuel A Miller, T 
Arms. Charles Moulton, Levi M 

Bailey, Sterlin L Newell, Martin L 
Barnett, James ST Newton, Revilo 
Beeman, Charles W Perry, James K 
Berga, Charles Potts, John W 

Briggs, Samuel Reeder, James W 

Brown, Joseph H Rowe t Charles 
Clute, John Schneider, John 

Davison, D H Simpson, James A 

Dent, George Stoddard, Bela M 

Dent, William H Stonier, Joseph 
Dobson, Charles Taylor, James B 
Dobson, Frank P Taylor, James T 
Du Bois, Charles V Todd, Andrew H 
Edland, Thomas C Ulyatt, Joseph 
Filger, David Vagner, Charles 

Goodrich, Caleb W Van Slyke, Samuel H 
HazelbaKer, Anth W T ardlaw, William D 
Hiil, James H Walton, George 

Jemison, John Waterman, Collins P 

Johnson, Samuel J Webber, James D 
Kerr, David Whitaker, Charles 

King, John Wickler, Jacob 

McCarty, Milburn Wilson, Benjamin 
McChesney, Jacob Wilson, Clarence E 
Miller, Horace M Wilson, James 
Mooney, David 

ROCHESTER, No. 635. 

ROCHESTER, Sangamon Co. Chartered 
Oct 1869. Reg com Wed obfm. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 19. 

William Finney, W Master 
D T Farrell, S W R J McNeil J D 
H B Ross, J W Wm Vermilion, J D 

John Hazlett, Treas John Neer, SS 
W T m J Cooper, Sec R Boyd.J S 
Robert Hazlett, T 

Prather, William D 
Robinson, Abraham 
Sharp, Joseph 

Gray, Benjamin C 
May, E P 
Miller, James J 
Neal, James H 
North, Harvey N 

Tracey, Carter 
Traxell, William 

ROCKFORD, No. 102. 

ROCKFORD, Winnebago Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1851. Reg com 1st and Sd Thurs. 
Membership 163. 

Skbly Pbbey, W Master 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Thos G Lawlei\S W Frank F Peats, S D 

Isaac Orton, J W Geo W Vestal, J D 
Thomas Scott, Treas A Lindblade, S S 

John B Nash, Sec Thomas Sully, J S 

James Alcott. T 

Allen, Charles C Gardner, Joseph 

Allen, Richard Garner, J A 

Anson, Stephen Godfrey, S R 
Archibald, James W Goff, James O 

Archibald, William Goodwin, E A 

Arnold, Charles E Grout, Alonzo C 

At wood, David Haines, Anthony 

Bacharach, Isaac Hall, Thomas M 

Bailey, Rufus C Hamilton, John D 

Baker, E H Hart, J D 

Baker, Henry N Hawn, Daniel 

Barbour, O F Hood, D N 

Barker, Ira Horn, Francis S 

Barker, John Hunter, David D 

Barnes, John Hutchins, John 

Bartholomew, E S Jenkins, Abram 

Beal, Joseph Johnson, David 

Beckman, J H Johnson, William G 

Bertrand, T F Johnston,.John S 

Billington, Edward Jones, J B 

Bird, D D Jones, John P 
Blackman. Frank L Keith, Charles H 

Boughner, A B Keys, Charles E 

Bruner, M Kirk, EH 

Brockway, William Lake, John 

Brown, E S Lamont, David 

Butterworth, Thos Largent, Jacob P 

Carpenter, T M Lawrence, L C 

Cassidy, Benj B Lewis, C F 

Chadwick, J S Lines, E H 

Chandler, D C Lossman, Charles G 

Chaney, Ralph Mclnnis, William 

Childs, L H McKnight, H F 

Clark, Norman Maine, S V 

Clark, Orlando Manning,W A 

Clay, Joseph Marsh, J B 

Congar, John Marshall, William 

Cooper, John J Martin, Henry L 

Coonradt, D S Mather, A P 

Coonradt, Levi Mather, A P jr 

Coursen, John R Maybury, J C 

Cowles, Daniel Mayer, Julius 

Cox, Henry Maynard, A J 

Crane. Chester Miller, Daniel W 

Crawford, Rich'd F Miller. Jonathan T 

Crill, Alfred Morrell, John H 

Cushman, Wm G Moulthrop, Levi 

Davis, Alex N Neumester, Anton 

Davis, D H Neumester, A 

Davis, G W Nelson, John 

Dey, Abram Nide, John 

Dunning, W A Noble, Frank 

Dunsher, Frank R Orput, John B 

Earley, John Osborn, Charles E 

Earley, Michael Palmer, Thomas F 

Fabrick, L A Parmelee. Charles O 

Fannin, Hiram Payne, E H 

Feakins, J S Peers, Henry 

Felch, John Peers, O L 

Ferguson, James Perry, Ezra B 

Fowler, G W Potter, E E 

Fraley, John Prvse, Charles 

Fraley, John Milton Riggs, E R 

Frost, Howard D Sackett, Ezra B 

Fuller, Ezra B Sames, Peter 

Trigloff, Gustavus 
Tucker, H L 
Twiss, George W 
Ubbing, Ferdinand 
Waddell, George W 
Waldo, H H 
Waugh, A S 
Weldon, Frank N 
White, AS 
Zoller, AH 

Sanders^E A 
Savery. H S 
Scott, S 

Skinner, George E 
Smith, Robert 
Spafford, A C 
Spafford, C H 
Stern, Henry 
Stiles, George 
Swits, William J 
Taylor, Lyman 
Treefoot, Simon 

ROCK ISLAND, No. 658. 

ROCK ISLAND. Chartered Oct 1870. 
Reg com 1st and 3d Fri. Membership 62. 

John E Bkeady, W Master 
Wm J Pratt, S W Eph Wood, Sec 
E D Folsom, J W Geo A Fleming, S D 
W S Parsons, Treas Henry F Thayer, J D 

John W Matthews, T 
Abbott, James E Hooper, T H 
Baker, W Ward Jackson. William 
Barmington, F D Johns, GLF 
Beardsley, J M Jones, Milton 

Beardsley, J M Kohn, Ed 
Bengston, John Lee, Mylo 
Benser, C A Leas, J Silas 

Brannigan, G A Lundy, W H 
Burgh, H B Mills, Wilson G 

Burwell, J H Otherian, Joseph 

Cani, Louis D Parker^Frank 

Channon, William Payne, William 
Copp, James F Plummer, Samuel C 

Cornwall, John B Pollard, E J 
Devoe, John G Pollard, J A 

Don, David Reed, Sherwood 

Drake, J S Reid, D O 

Drake, Pascal D Richards, Thomas 
Drayton, J H Rosenfield, Morris 

Flemming, A F Rossington, W H 
Fitzpatrick, S M Scotten, W T 
Frysinger, Ben C Swiler, Albert F 
Frysinger, George P Webber, W C 
Glaspell, Charles S Whitmarsh, John W 
Harper, Ben Wilson, WD 

Haverstick, L M Wiser, M F 
Holmes, Isaac H Woodward, W H 
Holcomb, T J 

ROCK RIVER, No. 612. 

STERLING, Whiteside Co. Chartered 
Oct 1869. Reg com 1st and 3d Fri. Ann 
com 1st Fri Dec. Place of meeting Ma- 
sonic Hall. Membership 103. 

Menno S Bowman, W Master 
F L Ingersoll, S W W A McCune, S D 
Thos Y Davis, J W Elam H Landis, J D 
Geo B Kitel, Treas Jacob R Sides, S S 
Wm S Peebles, Sec James F Covey, J S 

Gordon M Pierce, T 
Allen, Charles Brown, Nathan W 

Allen, Edwin G Church, Bradford C 
Alexander, Wm H Cochran, Frank 
Anderson, Geo W Colcord, Ralf B 
Bassett, James A Covert. William 
Boynton, B F Covey, William H 

Brown, Ceorge P Crocker, Morris 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Culver, Milton H Mallory, Aug N 

Denison, David R Manahan, James 

Deyo, James R Marks, Lachman 

Dickson, John Martin, Jacob M 

Diller, Levi A Mather, William H 

Doolittle, Wm W Murray, William 

Doty, Charles E Osmer, Svdney T 

Drew, James Osmer, Walter A 

Eiseie, Jacob Palmer, Ezra C 

Fulton, Robert Pascoe, George Y 

Fulton, Thomas Patterson, Frank 

Gait, Robert A Peck, Horace L 

Gifford, Thomas A Plant, Ira L 

Goodrich, Julius L Price, William B 

Gould, Darius Reed, George T 

Greene, Merritt Reese, John H 

Gurtisen, Benj Robinson, William C 
Haberer, Andrew K Royer, Moses M 

Hapgood, Lorenzo Sanford, Luman A 

Harden, Herbert B Slaymaker, Thos A 
Headley, Frederic OSmith, Charles 
Hoffman, Leonards Smith, Jefferson 

Holland. George F Smith, Robert W 

Holmdale, Charles Smith, William H 

Hoover, Henry H Stannard, George F 

Houser, Edward F Stewart, John W 

Huey, James L Stewart, Wm H H 

Ingersoll, James A Street, Hervey S 

Johnson, Luther C Swingley, William H 

Johnson, Morgan O Terrell, Ansell A 

King, J Lyman Teller, John 

Kline, George L Van De Mark, Edgar 

Kingery, E H Wallace, James M 

Ladd x John A Ward, Henry C 

Lawrie, Robert Weaver, Edward J 

Lipe, George W Wells, Samuel 

Lipe, Rufus J Wheeler, Frank W 

McCloy, Alexander Willcox, Welcome S 

McCune, James A Worthington, C M 
Macomber, Levi F 

ROCKTOnTno. 74. 

ROCKTON, Winnebago Co. Chartered 
Oct 1849. Reg com Fri o b f m and 2 
weeks after. Membership 63. 

Samuel Wieldowson, W Master 
Henry E Bates, S W Seth L Jenkins, S D 
J B Rockwood, J W Albert Griffin, J D 
Edwin Kinsley, Tr William Shibley, S S 
A A Snyder, Sec D Fairchild, J S 

Hiram Bellows, T 
Arnold, Smith H Farmer, Thomas 
Aspland, James Harrison, J J 
Bentley, Fred J Hart, Alexander 
Black, Edward Holenbech, George 

Boardman, Wm W Ingraham, John 
Boswell, George A Gideon, G W 
Carpenter, L N Glover, Thomas 

Channing, Wm J Gridley, J C 
Chapman, Edwin Gummon, Henry 
Clement, Sylvester Kincaid, N B 
Cohen, Hyman Lake, Joel B 

Collier, Edward Lake, V A 
Collins, A F Liddle, Joseph 

Collins, A G McLanathan. Geo 

Coons, Thomas M Manning, Charles L 
Cowles, Julius W Marston, Thomas E 
Croft, Richard Mason, Albert 

Farmer, Chester Morey, Alexander L 

Newton, A S 
Pettibone, Amos 
Pettibone, Sylvester 
Parvin, William 
Reynolds, H W 
Rockwood, John B 
Robinson, Charles F 
Robinson, Henry H 
Royden, George 

Seaton, William 
Severn, Frank 
Stilts, Erastus L 
Walthers, E 
Ward, Edwin S 
Watson, George B 
Whitney, D L 
Winsor, John W 
Zilley, William 

ROME, No. 721. 

ROME, Jefferson Co. Chartered Oct 
1875. Reg com 1st and 3d Tues. Ann com 
Dec. See's P O address, Dix, Jefferson 
Co. Membership 19. 

John F Robb, W Master 
G L Cummins, S W F M Pursell, S D 
John Whitlock, J W John Hawkins, J D 
Jno McConell, Treas W R Carpenter, S S 
Robert F Casy, Sec H H Hutchson, J S 

David Wisnant, T 
Andrews, Sidney S McNeiley, Thomas 
Bruce, James D Promt, George E 
Darnell, James G Sledgs, Benjamin R 
Dudley, Elisha Wood, William 

Hayes, Thomas J 

ROSCOeTno. 75. 

ROSCOE, Winnebago Co. Chartered 
Oct 1840. Reg com Tues o b f m. Mem- 
bership 71. 

Geoege G Smith, W Master 

Wm H Shaw, S W J M Rhodes, S D 

E Bradley, J W Theo Malott, J D 

Jabez Love, Treas Dudley Lyford , S S 

Asa T Clark, Sec Thos Buchanan, J S 

Edward Randal], T 

Armitage, Joseph Kerr, William 

Babcock, Raswell Linderman, C H 

Bacheldon, J W" Livingston, E 

Blair, J A Lockie, Charles 

Booth, A L Luffkins, George 

Bradley, Edwin Luffkins, Sydney 

Bradley, James A Lyon, William A 

Bradley, L B McMillen, Daniel 

Bradley, William H McNillage, William 

Briggs, John Q McTagget, Lochlan 

Bullard, Benjamin Morgan, Henry 

Burlingame, J J Nichols, Daniel P 

Campbell, John Nichols, Lewis 

Carpenter, Newton Peckham, R R 

Casper, William W Ramsey, George 

Cole, Edwin D Ransom, Giles P 
Cornelius, George W Reiser, Joseph 

Corning, Andrew Reynolds, S M 

Craig, Henry C Roberts, John 

Cumstock,WmR Smith, George G 

Daniels, Arthur P Spencer, J S 

Dodge, Almond F Sturtevant, D A 

Ellis, Frank Tuttle, Harmon B 

Ellis, Gilbert Vance, C C 

Fyler, L S Wager, George A 

Garrett, George W Walker, George A 

Gorlick, George Widows^James A 

Groves, Rufus W Wilcox, William H 

Hart, Charles Wilder, Seymour 

Hyer, William Wilson, Charles H 
Kendig, William H 

Subordinate Lodges. 


ROSEVILLE, No. 519. 

ROSEVILLE, Warren Co. Chartered 
Oct 1887. Reg com 1st and 3d Fri. Mem- 
bership 46. 

Alexander Stansfield, W Master 
Redmon Carr, SW J A J Smith, S D 
John Huggett, J W James C Smith, J D 
D M Talaferro, Tr H S Ratekin,S S 
RLMcReynolds,Sec O J Matteson, JS 

Daniel S Hutchison, T 
Anderson, Jacob A Lee, Stephen W 
Anderson, John Loftus, James H 
Beeler, Abram Matteson, Andre wL 

Bowman, John Mays, William S 

Boyd, Cary J Miller, John W 

Bradley, Theodore Morford, Curtis 
Cornell, Austin A Powell, John 
Cox, Benjamin A Rabourn, William R 
Cox, Charles Ragon, Barley 

Dixon, Eli Spencer, F H 

Enrich, James C Stansfield, Abraham 
Graham, George W Stansfield, William 
Hall, Lewis S Thompson, Robt N 

Harrah, John M Walsh, John 
Huggins, Win H Watters, Edward P 
Huston. James H Wittrey, James B 
Jared, Israel Woodmanson, J L 

Johnson. James M Young, John F 

ROSSVILLE, No. 527. 

ROSSVILLE, Vermilion Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1867. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. 
Ann com reg o b Dec 27. Place of meet- 
ing Odd Fellows' Hall. Membership 34. 
S D Lewis, W Master 

J R Baldwin, S W , S D 

E S Baldwin, J W P Pendergrast, J D 
Wm York, Treas D C Deanindo, S S 
Emory F Birch, Sec Jos C Gundy, J S 

Frederick Markenthum, T 
Allen, William J Kerr, Robert 
Anderson, J V Livin^ood, M F 

Bivans, John McKibben, Thos J 

Brad en, Joseph H McTaggert, John W 
Bushnell, Henry Marshall, Henry C 
Coliings, George A Marshall, L Bailey 
Cronkhite, Byron E Phillips, William VV 
Davidson, John J Peters, Irwin B 
Davis, Addison M Ross, William M 
Foutz, John B Stafford, James M 

Green, William S Tenney, William 
Henderson, Wm J Tuttle, Walter C 
Kerr, Charles J 

RU3HVILLE, No. 9. 

RUSHVILLE, Schuyler Co. Chartered 
Oct 1842. Reg com Tues o b f m. Mem- 
bership 61. 

Jonathan R Neill, W Master 
Geo W Burnett, S W John B Metz, S D 
S Montgomery J W W H Hamline, J D 
G T Whitson, Treas L D Erwin, S S 
John C Scripps, Sec Hy C Chadsey, J S 

]S B Seeley, T 
Anderson, Edwin M Brines, Henry E 
Austin, Harry Campbell, Geo W 

Bagby, John C Chadsey, Benjamin 

Clarke, Albert B 
Clark, LukeW 
Cootes, William F 
Daniell, Jesse 
Dunlap, Adam 
Farwell, Maro 
Ford, Jared P 
Ford, William H 
Hammond, Jacob 
Hall, Thomas 
Hettrick, John 
Hinton, John 
Irvin, John H 
Jenkins, Isaac W 
Kerstine, Henry 
La Master, Abram 
Leach, Elias D 
Luthy, William R 
McCabe, John 
McCreary, Samuel 
Metz, George W 
Montgomery, Alex 
Montgomery, Jos 

RUSSELL, No. 154. 

GEORGETOWN. Vermilion Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1854. Reg com 1st and 3d Tues. 
Ann com reg n b Dec 27. Membership 51. 

John D Cloyd, W Master 
Russell C Jones, SW Wm C Cowan, S D 
Danas B Reid, J W W T m V Jones, J D 
Robt W Cowan, Tr John Bennett, S S 
E R Ankrum, Sec Josiah S Long, J S 

Isaac E Parks, T 
Ashmore, James 
Baldwin, O S 
Barker, George V 

Munroe, Thomas 
Nelson, Charles J 
Parker, Wesley M 
Parrott, James H 
Parrott, Josiah jr 
Parrott, Thomas P 
Penny, James S 
Prather, James 
Randall, John R 
Ray George C 
Seeley, Albert H 
Seeley, John B 
Soms, Solomon 
Spang] er, John M 
Strong, Stephen 
Underwood, F M 
Vail, Edward P 
Vance, John S 
Warven, George 
Wells, Edward D 
Wells, Rensalaer 
Williams, Robert A 

Bell, Olliner 
Bell, William 
Bennett, Daniel 
Black, Robert J 
Black, Samuel W 
Campbell, Alex M 
Campbell, John P 
Cook, Larken A 
Cooper, John E 
Gadd, James H 
Gauts, John J 
Hall, William M 

Huffman, William A 
Jones, Alonzo F 
Lesure, John P 
Mendtnhall, Ryan G 
Moore, David 
Moore, William M 
Nesbit, John 
Palmer, Joseph 
Rice, Thomas 
Richards, George W 
Ritchie, James H 
Seem, John L 
Seem, Pahlomon 
Shefler, James 
Snapp, Henry R 

Hawerth, Benjamin Stewart, Joseph 
Hawerth, Solomon Taylor, William 
Hawes, A M C Willis, Thomas 

Hawes, Marshall H West, William O 
Holmes, Charles M Whitlock, John M 
Huffman, P B Yapp, Jacob 


RUSSELVILLE, Lawrence Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1860. Reg com Wed o b f m. 
Membership 17. 

John P Weger, W Master 
G Rundle, S W John Mickey, S D 

J P McKibbins, J W Jas H Mickey, J D 
G Dickerson, Treas Alex Roland, JS S 
John P Rich, Sec Joseph J Ford, J S 

James W Lindsay, T 
Allison, David Y Baird, T D 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Chidelix, Robert Monroe, John 
Clark, George W Polk, M S 
Funk, Anderson 

ST. ANDREW'S, No. 703. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1873. Reg 
com 1st Fri. Ann com 3rd Fri Dec. 
Place of meeting 72 Monroe st. Member- 
ship 18. 

R Biddle Roberts, W Master 
Jas H Miles, S W XT Gurney, S D 
G R Chittenden, JWME Smith, J D 
E B Myers, Treas J H McVicker, S S 
C H Brower, Sec Abram Williams, J S 

Don Carlos Joslyn, T 
Case, James S Montgomery, G W 

Collins, John F Ranney, Henry C p m 

Donnelly, Rich R Smith, Gilbert R 
Hurlbut, Vincent L Snyder, Thomas D 

ST. CLAIR^ No. 24. 

BELLEVILLE, St Clair Co. Chartered 
Oct 1843. Reg com 1st Mon. Membership 

John Woods, W Master 
S C Starkel, S W James E Lord, S D 
L Williams, J W Thomas Stone, J D 
J K Mullen, Treas Theo A Eyeman, S S 
J C Schaumliffel, S James Spencer, J S 

Jacob Thomma, T 
Abend, Joseph Lanaghan, Samuel 

Badgley, David Larmour, John 

Badgley, William W Lloyd, Edwin 
Bang, William Lorenzen, John 

Barnicol, Peter McConanghy, J B 

Bonner, Adam Mahan, Andrew 

Bradford, George A Manvill, George W 
Broughton, Corwin Marshall, George 
Broughton,WG Meyers, D H 

Merker, George W 
Miley, David 
Miley, George C 
Monk, Charles A 
Morrison, J S D 

Chewning, Jesse 

Cobb, Francis H 

Creamer, Joseph B 

Daniels, Samuel 

Davis, William A 

Denlinger, William Patrick, J J R 

Ensinmyer, John D Perryman. James L 

Fernan, August 
Ferrell, John H 
Fields, E S 
Flemming, Ed H 
Fleschert, H H 

Pigott, Jabez J 
Rawson, George W 
Rebhan, J C 
Renshaw, J W 
Rich, James P 

Fleschert, William Ritter, J H 

Goodhue, John C Russell, Alexand'r B 

Harris, E W Ryan, John N 

Heimberger, R U Schroeder.JM 

Heinzelmann, John Seddans, Henry 

Hinchcliff, John Shutt, Christian 

Hoering, George H Siefert, J H 

Houck, George Siefert, M F 

Ibbotson, Thomas Skellett, William 

Johnson, E B 
Kais, Martin 
Kase, Spencer M 
Kast, F K 
Keller, George 
Kinneard, John 
Knecht, Daniel 
Kraft, George W 

Smith, Benjamin 
Smith, John 
Streicher, Amand 
Sutton, John 
Swancutt, Samuel 
Taylor, Francis M 
Thomas, William W 
Waugh, James C 

Weir, Marshall H White, J Prim 
Whittaker, Joseph Wilderman, A S 

ST. JOHN'S^ No. 13. 

PERU, La Salle Co. Chartered Oct 1842. 
Reg com 1st and 3d Thurs. Ann com reg 
n b Dec 27. Membership 72. 

Robert C'Hattenbower, W Master 
John G Beyer, S W L Lichensteiu, S D 
John Snyder, J W Peter Hoscheit, J D 
Peter Bowers, Treas Geo H Munn, S S 
H W Gallagher, Sec Jacob Debe, J S 

Peter Throne, T 
Brewster, Calvin G Lawson, Jacob 
Brunner, Charles Leiser, George 
Brunner, Herman Lockwood, Eugene 
Bull, A L Lockwood, Henry B 

Burkart, Frederick McKinstry, Win J 
Chumasero, William Mauder, William 
Cook, William Menarry, Thomas 

Cox t Henry A Metzger, Ernst F 

Davis, Benjamin Mutsheld, George 
Dow, Perkins S Neuriether, Charles 

Dunn, John M Nisely, Josiah 

Dunn, William Nisely, Samuel 

Emens, James Neitzel, Gotfried 

Even, Joseph Orth, Conrad 

Fennimore, H V Powell, William B 
Fiste, Samuel Rector, George O 

Foster, R L Rosenhaupt, Simon 

Geer, James H Schmidt, Albin 

Grassmuck, Chas W Schulter, Louis 
Griswold, George O Sheppard, George L 
Gunther, Charles F Slyder, Albert F 
Hackman, Noah Slyder, John H 
Hagan, AT Stedman, Charles 

Haller, Philip Steinmel, Amos 

Haller, Samuel Stockdale. John 

Hardy, Frederick D Sutton, Samuel 
Koehler, Albrecht Turner, G Albert 
Koons, Joseph Walfer, William 

Kuler, John Walker, John C 

Lanber, Louis Warner, Henry C 

Laughlin, John L Weber, John 

ST. MABITS, No. 63. 

WOODSTOCK, McHenry Co. Chartered 
Oct 1848. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. Mem- 
bership 127. 

Edwin E Thomas, W Master 
G H Stinson, S W J no A Parrish, S D 
G L Sherwood, J W Alonzo Ellison, J D 
A L Salisbury, Tr Edwin Whitson, S S 
Simon Brink, Sec J P Zimpleman, J S 

Joseph Petrie, T 
Arnold, Frederic Burnslde, George 
Austin, A S Callender, W F 

Austin, Pasci Chase, Henry W 

Badger, Austin Chollar, Andrew L 

Be rtschy, Frederic Church, Benj F 
Blackman, L D Church, Leander 
Bair, Daniel Church, Malachi 

B akeslee, G Church, Richard E 

Blood, John Colvin. Edwin 

Brass, O H Conklin, William G 

Brink, Abram Crawford, Chas B 

Buell, F W Davis, Lyman H 

Bunker, Amos K Dickerson, Silas 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Dickerson, Morris 
Diesel, Rudolph 
Eastwood, James 
Eckert, Henry 
Erridgc, George H 
Fitch, Charles C 
Fitch, Cyrus A 
Forrest, Robert 
Friend, M D 
Froggatt, Thomas 
Gates, Lewis J 
Given, Charles A 
Given, William D 
Green, D C 
Green, Robert 
Hall, Joseph H 
Hammond, C M 
Hartley, William 
Hartman. L H 
Hatch, Walter 
Haytlen, Ed S 
Hebard, George S 
Hermann, Henry- 
Henry, Cornelius 
Hicks, George W 
Kickox, Mark 
Hollister, J N 
Hoyt, P D 
Hughes, W E 
Jacobs, Norman 
Joslyn, M L 
Kappler, Louis 
Kimoerly, Judson 
Knapp, E 
Knight, Lyman S 
Lamb, Elam M 
Lee, D U 

Lindsay, Archibald 
Lindsay, Thomas 
Lyon, Charles L 
McCahill, M H 
McC onnell, A B 
McGhee, A F 
McLane, James 
McNaughton, Alex 
Medlar, John S 

Mills, George F 
Morrow, James 
Mullen, John M 
Murphy, A R 
Murphy, John J 
Murphy, Theo D 
Northrup, James 
Parsons, Charles O 
Parsons, Lorenzo 
Philbrick, J J 
Pierce, John S 
Pike, Calvin 
Pratt, A B 
Pratt, George 
Renich, Fred 
Rich, Lucien D 
Richards, E E 
Rider, Anson 
Reid, A 
Ringland, W D 
Salisbury, Alfred 
Salisbury, Geo W 
Sanford, William H 
Schryver, Charles 
Schryver, Robert G 
Sherwood, E E 
Sherwood, George N 
Siliiman, Stiles 
Smith, B W 
Smith, John D 
Smith, William E 
Southworth, Geo M 
Southworth, J M 
Stevens, Martin D 
Stewart, William H 
Thomas, John II 
Thomas, Earl D 
Todd, R K 
Tower, Henry E 
Tripp, Daniel 
Wait, Henry M 
Warren, William S 
Wheat, John S 
Willis. W N 
Wright, Adelbert S 
Young, Henry S 

ST. PAUL'S, No. 500. 

SPRINGFIELD. Chartered Oct 1866. 
Reg com 2d Tues. Membership 40. 

Leonidas II Bradley, W Master 
H K Weber, S W A R Robinson, Sec 
M B Converse, J W Win L Gross, S D 
J H Barkley, Treas JasF McNeill, J D 

James W Watson, T 
Allen, George T Harlow, George H 
Ayers, James G Harts, P Wilde 
Baker, John P Ingalls, George W 

Beal, William R Irwin, Horace C 
Bradlev, Isaac K Knapp, A L 
Brainard, G R Lieber, Albrecht 

Brinkerhoff, Geo M Marble. Oliver 
Canfield, John C Peters, John T 
Dana, Gustavus S Purdie, Alexander H 
Dewey, Hiram S Raymond, James N 
Edwards, Benj S Roberts, Edward R 
Fosselman, Daniel Roberts, John G 
Furlong, James Rosette, John E 
Harlan, Emery B Sadler, Samuel J 

Smith, Albert Weber, George R 

Smith, Edward T Wright, Oscar F 
Thurber, Samuel 

SALINE, No. 339. 

GOREVILLE, Johnson Co. Chartered 
Oct 1860. Reg com Sat o b f m. Mem- 
bership 47. 

W J Hubbard, W Master 
James Nelson, S W Milo Traminell, Sec 
W J Smith, J W L F Rader, S D 
J C Albright, Treas W S Humphreys, J D 

R G Malaer, T 
Anderson, Henry Huggins, J N H 
Huntsaker, M 
Kimball, George 
Knight, Ellis E 
Lovelace, J B 
Mcintosh, Benj 
McNeeley, Alfred 
Maneece, C G 
Newton, G W 
Newton, J W 
Parish, J C 
Parrish, J M 
Row, Jacob 
Simmons, McCoy 
Simmons, S M 
Stephens, M E 
Throgmorton, J P 
Todd, J W 
Ward, A J 

Bader, Andrew J 
Bayet, W W 
Bennett, D A 
Black, Aaron 
Bradley, Jasper 
Bridges, Bradford 
Calhoun, J F 
Chapman, D C 
Davis, W J 
Drogger, Joseph 
Fly.J J__ 

Fulkz, H N" 
Francis, E A 
Galimore, J W 
Galimore, T S 
Hall, Robert 
Hastings, Wesley 
Hodges, W R 


MT MORRIS, Ogle Co. Chartered Oct 
1851. Reg com 1st and 8rd Mon. Mem- 
bership 32. 

J W Hitt, W Master 
O H Swingley, S W P Householder, S D 
John H Nye, J W Charles Smith, J D 

S Lookabaugh, Tr 
J S Gwynn, Sec 
Dougherty, N C 
Falkler, Edward L 
Glasgow, Wilson 
Hammer, D H 
Hand, John P 
Harlow, William T 
Knight, H T 
Knodle, Peter 
Knodle, Samuel 
Little, Eld ridge 
Little, H J 
Lott, Elijah 

T C Williams, J S 
George Zeigier, T 
McCoy, J E 
McKay, W II 
McKean, James A 
Malone, Daniel 
Marshall, George W 
Orvis, J R 
Potter, Thomas L 
Rice. Isaac 
Rine, David 
Sharrer, Henry 
Thomas, Joseph 

SAN JOSE, No. 645. 

SAN JOSE, Mason Co. Chartered Oct 
1870. Reg com 1st and 3d Thurs. Mem- 
ership 36. 

D G Cunningham. W Master 
E S Cutler, S W C B Vanhorn, S D 

A R Ciiesiut, J W E Lyons, J D 
R B Wiihams, Treas D W Dillon, S S 
L J Dillon, Sec H C McDowell, J S 

John Dyson, T 
Bigfer, Stephen Burner, David M 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Caldwell, Alex M 
Caldwell, Charles E 
Chace, Ira H 
Chance, Lee 
Crabb, John M 
Crabb, Willis 
Crispell, E P 
Cunningham, Jas 
Cunningham, J H 
Cutler, W M 
Dement, Samuel 
Forsyth, Charles 
Kerns, James J 

Linbarger, A T 
Linbarger, John K 
Martin, E S 
Morrison, John W 
Oswald, William D 
Newman, Jacob 
Rawlings, Charles M 
Schuck, William H 
Sullivan, Timothy 
Summers, R B 
Thorns, Henry 
Watkins, Watkin 

SCHILLER, No. 335. 

PEORIA. Chartered Oct 1860. Reg com 
last Fri. Ann com Nov. Place of meet- 
ing 124 N Adams st. Membership 76. 

John N Niglas, W Master 
Isaac A Weil, S W Godfrey Stiehl, Sec 
Albert Potthoff, J W Joseph Gillig, SD 
August Reen, Treas John J Miller, J D 

William Price, T 
Aden, John J Jung-, Godfrey 

Axman, Joseph Kirsch, Joseph 

Bachman, Fred W Klein, Henry 
Ballenberg, Leopold Koroski, Jonas 
Browne, Rev E B M Lechmer, Frederick 
Buehler, Christian Lyon, Simon 

Branch, Charles 
Dreyfuss, Jacob L 
Ege, John 
Eichhorn, John C 
Eiser, John M 
Eisler, Philip 
Faber, Jacob 
Fellrath, Hubert 
Fey, David 

Matthies, AL 
Netler, Henry 
Newman, Max 
Oberhauser, Wm 
Odewald, Caspar 

gualman, Charles 
ollmann, Eugene 
Rossmaessler, A 
Rotterman, Chas F 

Frederick, Henry N Solomon, Jonas 
Fresenius, Edward Sandmeyer, Henry 
Friederich, Herman Schimpl, Albert 


Frings, Carl H 
Furst, Louis 
Gerbing, Herman 
Gillig, C Emil 
Gillig, Karl G 
Goffel, John 

Schradzky, A 
Schradzky, Joseph 
Schwabacher, H 
Siegle, Charles 
Singer, Peter J 

Goldstein, Solomon Speck t Carl G 

Griebel, Philipp Streibich, Frederick 

Gutsche, Ernst Traeger, John G 

Haller, John Ullman, Aaron 

Herman, Carl L Ullman, Harvey 

Hessler, August Ullman, Henry 

Heyne, Bernhard L Weienett, Fred D 

Huber, Joseph Wichman, Fred L 

Jobst, valentine Woolner, Ignatius 

Jochem, George Woolner, Solomon 

SCOTT, No. 79. 

CARLYLE, Clinton Co. Chartered Oct 
1849. Reg com 1st Mon. Membership 53. 

J W Peteeson, W Master 
T J Jordon, S W F W Webster, S D 
Warren Case, J W DD Downing, J D 
A Seaman, Treas E C Dew, S S 
S C Denneth, Sec Z Case, J S 
R L Moore, T 

Adderly, Joseph Moore, David N 

Bacon, George A Moore, Robert L 

Barkley, W D Nichols, John L 

Breese, Sidney Norcross, Ferd 

Brixton, H P Norman, Samuel 

Cooper, George P Reynolds, ZME 

Deitzel, H A Richards, M E 

Doying, Geo E Roper, Frank 
Entriken, George W Roper, Henry 

Fisk, John C Roper, John B 

Frylmg,William Scott, S B 

Fuller, William Shade, H M 

Garvin, W A Smith, T S 

Hall, A A Sparks, W A J 

Heitmire, Fred Sterritt, James 

Huey,TA Stewart, J W 

Irish, Noble W Strang, Henry W 

Johnson, Samuel Truesdale, R J 

Jones, Jesse Weigle, Samuel 

Knapp, J P Weisel, B 

Low, William G White, A H 
Maddox, J W 


SCOTTVILLE, Macoupin Co. Chartered 
Oct 1865. Reg com Sat oafra. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 47. 

Geoege W Duddeae, W Master 
Geo T Ellis, S W A J Drum, S D 
Jas Walker, J W W R Williams, J D 
Jas H Rohrer, Treas T C Turner, S S 
G H Hancock, Sec John Tucker, J S 

B Alpheus Angelo, T 

Austin, Elijah Hale, James H p m 

Ballow^George A Hanshaw, Henry B 

Barto, Philo 
Bastick, Manoah 
Bastic, P Lpm 
Boyd, Samuel W 
Brown, Samuel D 
Bull, Solomon 
Bapps, Samuel W 
Cline, Owen 
Davis, W Scott 
Dalton, William B 
Drum, Hiram 
Elder, David 

Harding, John 
Hart, John D 
Haskins, Gideon 
Henderson, Wesley 
Hill, Isaac 
Lynch, John 
McCurley, Samuel 
Ruyle, JohnH 
Stottler, John J 
Van bibber, Robert 
Vanbibber, Wm 
Weaver, Noah M 

Fanning, Benjamin Wilson, S L 
Fanning, James M Wilson, William L 
Fanning, William R Woolfolk, Samuel B 
Fansler, Endimon Woolfolk, Wm R 
Fletcher, William 

S. D. MONROE, No. 447. 

Chartered Oct 1 865. Reg com Fri o b f m. 
Membership 36. 

Robeet J Foed, W Master 
Joseph Davis, S W John Williams, S D 
W H Fritchey, J W LHighsmith, J D 
W Montgomery, Tr John T Mills, S S 
S Taylor, Sec John R Gillin, J S 

Lewis C Conover, T 
BristoWj James C Delzell, Alexander 

Clark, f N 
Cochran, Daniel 
Conover, George 
Cullum, John E 

Dollahan, John W 
Fritchey, Joseph C 
Helpenstine, Wash 
Henry, Josephus 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Jower, John W 
Lago, James L 
Lindsay, Abner 
Lindsay, R W 
Maddox, Colby 
Magoon, Andrew J 
Marten, John C 
Marten, William 

Nuttall, E F 
Parker, Henry 
Parker, John 
Pinkstaff, Alfred 
Plummer, Bolivor 
Taylor, Joseph B 
Thomson v Alexander 
Weger, William 

SENECA, No. 532. 

SENECA, La Salle Co. Chartered Oct 
1857. Keg com 1st and 3rd Sat. Member- 
ship 46. 

D Maxon, W Master 
C HE Thomas, S W Frank J Wiley, Sec 
A F Rogers, J W J W Frausean, S D 
Henry Betterman, T Pat Meagher, J D 

John C Lammey, T 
Adams, Henry W Nickerson, Wm M 
Armstrong, Geo W Parrish, Calvin D 
Batten, William R Pricket, John 
Belharz, Ariel Raymond, Geo W 

Belharz, Henry Reinemnnd John 
Brown, Thomas M Richardson, Loyal 
Butterfield, E R Robinson, Frank M 
Carpenter, Chas W Schaide, Daniel 
Carpenter, Elijah Stebbins, Austin E 
Carroll, John Smith, William Y 

Clymer, Keever Stevens, Edmund 

Cook, Samuel J Thomas, Charles O 
Deveraux, John Thomas, Peleg G 
Gilbert, Herberts Tuttle, James B 
Hoag, Mark J Underbill, David 

Kearney, Joseph Waterman, James L 
Mclntyre, Nathanl Wilkinson, Smedley 
Maxon, Frank J Watson, Amasa 
Neff, William H Watson, William 

SHABBONaTno. 374. 

SH ABBONA, De Kalb Co. Chartered 
Oct 1862. Reg com Tues o b f in and 2 
weeks after. Ann com reg o b Dec 27. 
Membership 54. 

Martin V Allen, W Master 
J W Middleton, S W Frederick Ball, S D 
S H Branscomb, J W Frank A Frost, J D 
P V Quilhet, Treas H Clapsaddle, S S 
G M Alexander, Sec Charles White, J S 

E W Stevens, T 
Abels, E Husk, William 

Allen, H E Jackson, A S 

Anderson, M Johnson, J B 

Branscomb, O Kaller, Thomas 

Colby, E R Karn, M 

Connel, L Kettell, G W 

Corey, Jesse Kirk, R 

Cornish, J W Leak, W H 

Downer, A Little, E C 

Duffy, C Mann, E H 

Fish, S N Matterson, O F 

Greenwood, C F Morey, H D 
Greenwood, George Morse, J F 
Greenwood, X S Morton, Sidney 
Hall, George Palm, D C 

Helm, N R Phillips, A H 

Hotchkiss, N Post, A F 

Hughs. E Pritchard, R M 

Humphry, R Reynolds, L I 

Rose, H M 
Rowley, E P 
Sage, E P 

Stevens, J E 
White, Lemuel 

SHANNON, No. 490. 

SHANNON, Carroll Co. Chartered Oct 
1866. Reg com 1st and 3d Mon. Member- 
ship 34. 

Jethro Martin, W Master 
C Hines, S W James A Short, S D 

Henry Flora, J W Edmon Burt, J D 
G C Martin. Treas Joseph Dodds, S S 
S H Butterbaugh, S Frank Shelly, J S 

David B Short, T 
Black, James McDonough, B F 

Collins, Charles C McLain, Frank 
Conrad, George Meyer, Samuel 
Cornelius, John H Northey, Elijah 
Dodds, Joseph Rogers, George C 

Dryslin, Frank Rodgers, William 

Ely, J H Short, John A 

Flora, John G Shrader, Henry C 

Fauke, William H Smith, John 
Hoffim, David Spangler, J W 

Hyker, Peter Stamson, William 

Lashell, George W Wilhelm, Harmon 

SHABON, No. 550. 

TISKILWA, Bureau Co. Chartered 
Oct 1867. lle^ com 1st and 3d Fri. Ann 
com reg o b Dec 27. Membership 43. 
Orin Wilkinson, W Master 
Jas M Gardner, S W D Chenoweth. S D 
Aaron B Blake, JW C H Wilkinson, J D 
Chas C Slygh, Treas John H Welsh, S S 
John R Mills jr, Sec Ed S Johnson, J S 

Addison Robertson, T 
Bacon, George H Kinney, Richd H S 
Barton, John Kir kpatrick, Hugh 

Berg, Nelson B Kitterman, C 

Bogart, C P Magee, John 

Booth, Walter S Mason, Charles 
Carter, George R More, Jonas H 
Chenoweth, Isaac E Patt, Alfred L 
Dunn, L D Powers, Cyrus H S 

Fosmer, YvTlliam H Powers, John 
Fraser, James Quimby, John L 

Gurley, William I Remington, A H 
Jameson, William H Robbins, D D 
Jobling, Fryar Robertson, J os A 

Jones, Ahira Z Soverhill, Samuel G 

Kelsey, Frederick L Wllkins, John I 

SHEBA, No. 200. 

GRAYVILLE, White Co. Chartered 
Oct 1856. Reg com 2nd and 4th Mon. Ann 
com 4th Mon Dec. Membership 48. 
Gilbert R Jones, W Master 
E S Johnson, S W W H Gilbert S D 
Jas L Connor, J W John C Dinnell, J D 
John Ellis, Treas Thos Johnson, S S 
H L Goodrich, Sec Wm F Jones, J S 

J E C Hodge, T 
Bailey, George Charles, Henrv 

Blair, Hugh A Coulter, Francis M 

Bowman, George P Coulter, James S 
Butler, Thomas P Crawford, Biral 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Crawford, T F 
Dennis, Oliver V 
Eastwood, J R 
Ethridge, Job D 
Flynn, Bernard 
Frizzell, Nathan 
Gilbert, Charles F 
Gravett, William 
Griffy, Alfred 
Grovett, Thomas 
Hamilton, Isaac H 
Helm, John J 
Holiister, A A 
Holzlee, Frank 
Hunter, Albert L 

Johnson, Adam 
Kellet, John A 
Litherland, John W 
Martin, Samuel H 
Millison, Joseph 
Mitchell, M P 
Randolph, A D F 
Ronalds, Francis 
Reccord, William 
Rudolph, Wm H 
Scawthorn, George 
Smith, C R 
Smith, Richard 
Speck, S E 
Thornam, David 

SHEFFIELD, No. 678. 

SHEFFIELD, Greene Co. Chartered 
Oct 1871. Reg com Thurs obf m. Mem- 
bership 24. 

Adam E Miller, W Master 
Colin Keating, S W W M Rhoads, S D 
C P Colanews, J W A Bowman, J D 
Hiram Dixon, Treas James Dowdall, S S 
Geo D Hudson, Sec Jehu Taylor, JS 

John W Peters, T 
Bonhause^ John F Taylor, Allen 

Bowman, Daniel 
Daniels, John F 
Dawson, Peter E 
Edwards, Benj F 
Kellogg, B 
Robbards, Jesse 

Taylor, Ambrose 
Turner, William 
Valentine, James 
Valentine, John H 
Vanmeter, Isaac * 
Weaver, Charles 

SHEKINAH, No. 241. 

CARBONDALE, Jackson Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1857. Reg com 1st and 3rd Fri. 
Ann com reg n b Dec 24. Membership 73. 

John II Barton - , W Master 
Sam E North, S W Jos Ennisson, S D 
Jas M Scurlock, J W Wm H Ashley, J D 
Jas M Richart, Tr Henry Vernoy, S S 
Wm C Dowell, Sec Lewis W Marrin, J S 

Henry Whitmer, T 
Anderson, James Haistead, Jordan C 
Applegate, Lewis R Hamilton, Davis H 
Barbour, Orson Hamilton, Joseph M 

Boiling, David Hewitt, Samuel 

Bresson, Chris Hindman, Silas 

Brieker, Jonathan Holliday, Van R 

Brunn, Samuel 
Bryden, Robert 
Bridges, John L 
Chapman, Frank J 
Clements, Isaac 
Crandall, James H 

Ingersoll, Ezekiel 
Johnson, David 
Johnson, William S 
McKinney, Jonathan 
McKinney, Thos C 
Marron, Robert 

Crowell, Benjamin Mason, William S 
Davis, John M Mead, George T 

Dillinger, Isaac 
Donahoo, James H 
Edwards, James 
Eh r Heh, Morris 
Ennisson, James 

Mellor, William 
Michaelis, Samuel 
Mulkey, Isanc 
Newsome, Edward 
Post, Peter M 

Foster. Granville F Prickett, Frank A 

Gent, David A S Prickett, James M 

Glove, Alonzo Prickett, Thomas J 

Graham, Thomas Rapp, Isaac 

Grant, William J Richardson, Jas F 

Robertson, Elijah S Ward, Pleasant L 
Sears, Hiram Washburn, James M 

Snider, John W Weisenheimer, J C 
Spiller, Elijah Wharton, Benj L 

Spiller, Sylvester W Winne, Gabriel T 
Stancil, David P Woods, John S 
Stancil, John S Wykes, William 
Teetar, Horace H 


SHELDON, Iroquois Co. Chartered 
Oct 1869. Reg com 1st and 3d Tues. Ann 
com reg o b Dec 27. Membership 36. 

A C Mantor, W Master 
William Wood, S W Henry R Fields, S D 
James R Tyler, J W Henry J Miller, J D 
Jos F Good, Treas L B Brown, SS 
J H Murray, Sec A G Willard, J S 

Nicholas Gonder, T 
Allen, Jonas Hill, John 

Baldwin, Jefferson Johns, Harry T 
Bebout, Abram W King, Scott A 
Beisecker, Nicholas Knight, Joseph S 
Bell, Joseph Mantor^ Childs 

Cooper, Robert Purcupile, Frank J 

Corwin, David B Rimer, J Wesley 
Darrough, John S Rogers, Ira M 
Eastburn, David J Seward, Obadiah 
Fleager, William B Soper, Enos T 
Flemming, John Willard, Clarence B 
Foster, Robert Willard, John S 

Grubb, Joseph J Wingard, Jacob 

SHEEMAn7No. 535. 

SWEDONA, Mercer Co. Chartered 
Oct 1867. Reg coin Wed nbfm. Mem- 
bership 41. 

W A Griffin, W Master 
S H Trego, S W Wm Lemkev, S D 
L C Valentine, J W S J Jekes, J*D 
J H McGovern, Tr H S Trego, S S 
H H Long, Sec H H Long, J S 

O P Wade, T 
Bengston, G A Long, John S 

Blackfan, Benj R McCandless, Wm 
Blackfan, Charles T Neill, Edwin O 
Blackfan, Samuel Pillsbury, Silas W 
Bridgeford, Henry Rathburn, John B 
Chase, Charles E Shaw, Truman 
Chidester, W N Sherrad, David S 
Clark, James G Stephens, Erwin P 
Cook, John Stiles, Leander 

Crandall, A C Thompson, Fredk 

Everett, Joseph H Trego, Harrison 
Fleharty, Henry S Valentine, John O 
Frederick, Andrew Wayn, William 
Henderson, Thos Weidlein, Jacob 
Kendall, Edward B Whan, George 
Kinkaid, Moses P Wilson, John 

SHILOhTno. 397. 

TROY GROVE, La Salle Co. Chartered 
Oct 1864. Reg com Thurs obfra. Mem- 
bership 28. 

Henry Metnhard, W Master 
John Gorrie, S W Jacob Bauer, Treaa 
Homer Colvin, J W W A Colvin, Sec 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Jacob Miller, S D James Peters, S S 
Frederick Zorn, J D M Wallace, J S 

John Wilshey, T 
Balcom, William McLaughlin, David 
Firestine, JohnG McLaughlin, Wm 
Krausse, Christian Meinhard, Fredk 
Krausse, Ernst Miller, Lewis 

Lambson, Benjamin Schempp, John 
McDowell, James Webster, Charles 
McLaughlin, A Wixom, William 

McLaughlin, Chas Wilkins, Edward 
McLaughlin, C Zorn, Christian 

SHILOH HILL, No. 695. 

SHILOH HILL, Randolph Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1872. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann 
com reg o b Dec 27. Membership 35. 

Thomas J Ckoss, W Master 
W H Breneman, S W Ireby Barrow, S D 
Danl G Will, J W Carter J Steele, J D 
Jas B Rogers, Treas Owen G Cusler, S S 
Wm H Morgan, Sec A S Crisler, J S 

William C Givin, T 
Asberry, Abram L Givin, James 
Barber. Alexander Hunter, James D 

Bilderback, Henry 
Bower, Sylvester 
Bruett, John J 
Burke, ThomasC 
Canaday, Thos B 

Johnson, John C 
McBride, A M 
McCormick. Wm C 
Rogers, Andrew B 
Rogers, Jacob G 

Crawford, James H Rogers, James A 

Cross, Andrew J 
Cross, William A 
Dean, William C 
Down^n, George E 
Eickelman, Wm H 

Simons, Benjamin 
Simons, Samuel T 
Thompson, James C 
Young, William G 

SHIPMAN, No. 212. 

SHIPMAN, Macoupin Co. Chartered 
Oct 1856. Reg com Sat o b f m. Mem- 
bership 38. 

William G Wallace, W Master 
Casper Martin, S W S B Trotter, S D 
James Morgan, J W J W Christopher, J D 
M W Seaman, Treas John Martin, S S 
Thos G Cony, Sec Samuel H Reno, J S 

Robert Carson, T 
Bechtell, John J Marshall, David E 
Burton, James Marshall, Wm H 

Dodson, Francis M Meatyard, Robert 
Dodson, Joseph Newcomb, H A 
Ennis, Wilber P Olmsted, Martin M 
Fisher, John Richey, James M 

Ford, Elijah P Ryle, Alford 

Frabul, John W Stone. Frank C 
Hillier, Edwin Swank, Michael 

Hillier, Thomas Tally, Harmon G 
Kahl, Ferdinand Wilcox, James M 
Kendall, Henry R Williams, Thomas F 
Lee, Isaac V Wilson, Charles B 

Markle, Ferdinand Wilson, John D 

SHIRLEyTno. 582. 

SHIRLEY. McLean Co. Chartered Oct 
1868. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. Ann com 
n b Dec 27. Membership 37. 

James L Douglass, W Master 

C L Hutchison, S W Chas H Martin, S D 
BeniF Quinn, J W Gabriel Ross, J D 
Jas W Quinn, Treas Isham G Lain, S S 
L M Bickmore, Sec Olden Myers, J S 

James TMoberly,T 
Boulware, James F Karr, Harvey B 
Boulware, Taylor Lain, Isaiah 
Burnett, Audley Lain, William B 
Campbell, Robert R Mills, Mercer B 
Davis, Enos Moberly, William 

Dunk, Charles Phinney, M P 

Funk, Francis M Reed, C M 

Funk, Isaac 
Funk, La Fayette 
Gault, Jacob C 
Hart, George W 

Roberts, Emerson 
Ross, Clay 
Smith, William B 
Spence, John H 

Hartson, Thomas D Stubblefield, R W 
Hougham, Lamon Young, Orville B 
Jackson, Henry L 

SIDNEyT^o. 347. 

SIDNEY, Champaign Co. Chartered Oct 
1860. Reg com Thurs obfm. Member- 
ship 36. 

G W Hartman, W Master 
Wm Freeman, SW SB Pearce, S D 
Edward Flays, J W C Thompson, J D 
J Delamore, Treas W D Clark, S S 
A W Boon, Sec M V B Wilson, J S 

J P Silbey, T 
Betzer, Harrison J Kearns, Michael 
Love, John M 
Myers, Robert 
Ransom, John R 
Robinson, Wm A 
Shannon, James A 
Shawhan, George R 
Smith, Milton 
Tabler, Benjamin F 

Brown, S W 

Compton, Thomas 

Davis, Clarkson 

Duncan, John 

Ennis, Thomas 

France, Sanford 

Griffith, William H 

Hays, Edward 

Higgins, Benjamin Towner, Richard 

Hudson, Joseph B Warner, George 

Hulmes, Daniel T Wilkinson, Jacob W 

Jennings, David Wright, Lycurgus B 

Johnson, Enoch B 

SIGElTno. 541. 

STEWARDSON, Shelby Co. Chartered 
Oct 1867. Reg com Wed obfm. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 18. 

Isaac Perkins, W Master 
DGStarner, S W JSLowery,SD 
E Houchins, J W Rees Perkins, J D 
E Baker, Treas S Mills, S S 

R T Worley, Sec A Shelton, J S 
M B Greedwood, T 

Allen, F M McKinzie, 

Elam, Joel A Mills, Louis W 

Elam, Thomas L Montz/Thomas P 
Hemmans, John Stall, W R 

SOCIAlTno. 70. 

HENNEPIN, Putnam Co. Chartered 
Oct 1849. Reg com 2d and 4th Wed. Ann 
com reg o b June 24. Membership 48. 

Joseph Holland, W Master 
C Bodemer, S W W Baxendale, Treas 
M Baumann, J W John M Small Sec 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

A Burnham, D S Chas B Greiner, S S 
Chas P Towle, J D James M Durby, J S 

William Baxendale, T 
Barmore, "Walter B Mauss, David R 
Baxendale, Geo M Moore, John W 

Chance, Hugh 
Charles, Jacob 
Crooks, John 
Do we, Daniel D 
Dudley, Frederick 

Moran, John 
Nicholl, Thomas J 
O'Neil, William E 
Parsons, Lyman 
Perry, John W 

Duncan, Charles M Rawson, Frank 
Edge, William Robinson, James L 

Fairfield, Joseph M Robinson, Robertus 

Foster, Frank G 
Gallop, George 
Golden, Nathaniel 
Hankins, Louis 
Hartinbower, J 
Hasler, Henry 
Lenor, William H 
McClain, George 

Ryan, John 
Sceibolt, Frederick 
Schermerhorn, W H 
Sill, Alfred B 
Spencer, Edwin R 
Thomas, John W 
Thompson, Wm A 
Weigand, John 

McGuire, Ephraim Whitacre, Benj F 
Masters, Miles 

SOMONAUK^ No. 646. 

SOMONAUK, DeKalb Co. Chartered 
Oct 1870. Reg com 1st and 3rd Mon. 
Membership 46. 

Jessie F Poplin, W Master 
C E Wright, S W TN Hartzell, S D 
F H Rogers, J W H W Burchim, J D 
Thos J Wright, Tr Robt Rumney, S S 
Chas R Frank, Sec Geo Taylor, J S 

Phil H Thomas, T 
Burchim, Chas W Robbins, George S 
Rowe, John J 
Schreiner, George 
Seaman, Lucien S 
Springer, Thomas N 
Sweet, John 
Taylor, Charles 
Thompson, Russell 
Tomlin, Edwin 
Townsend, Silas 
Tyrell, John S 
vader, Matthew 
Ward, James E 
Watson, N L 
Weller, Adam 

Burchim, Wm H 
Burge, George 
Carr, E J 
Culmer, John 
Clark, John 
Davids, C A 
Ellis, Franklin E 
Evans 1 Phil A 
Finkbine, Tobias 
Harmon, Amos W 
H or ton, Darius 
Humm, Daniel 
Hunton, Hiram 

Molitor, Nicholas ty cnci , Austin 

Newhall, Franklin Wright, George M 

Potter, A J Wright, Harrison 

Powell, James T Wright, William 
Reese, Thomas 

SOUTH MACON, No. 467. 

MACON, Macon Co. Chartered Oct 
1866. Reg com Tues o b f m. Member- 
ship 87. 

R H Woodcock, W Master 
E D Cole, S W B F Hight, S D 

S G Washburn, J W Jno Schudel, J D 
W S Gage, Treas S D Moore, S S 
J D Hemphill, Sec J Jacobus, J S 

J D Peter, T 
Anderson, W K Bates, J M 
Armstrong, J A Beschle, Anton 
Ashmead, W A Beschle, Felix 

Barber, D F Biddle, W W 

Birans, Robert 
Birans, Thomas 
Brennen, Patrick 
Bromley, B F 
Bromley, F D 
Brothers, John 
Cazalet, Leon 
Cochran, W A 
Craycroft, W B 
Culbertson, G J 
Cnlbertson, G S 
Culbertson, J B 
Cumming, J H 
Curr, Nathan 
Daggett, A 
Deardorf, V H 
Drinhall, TC 
Ethridge, J R 
Farling, N 
Finnegan, Owen 
Fleming, T J 
Fry, Joseph 
Funk, Noah 
(Hbson, JG 
Gibson, O 
Harkrader, B D 
Haverfield, JL 
Hayward, H L 
Heise, F K 
Highly, HL 
Highly, TL 
Hundley, Z T 
Hurst, Alex 

Imes, Martin 
Johnson, J J 
Johnson, JP 
Johnson, Samuel 
Kyner, D T 
Lawly, E D 
Lenmster, S A 
Lewis, S S 
Little, James 
Lord, Andrew 
Lowry, J H 
McDaniels, W B 
Martin, P 
Merris, Asa 
Merris, Charles 
Merris, G W 
Nichols, J W 
Parker, W E 
Pasley, H A 
Patterson, D 
Patterson, R 
Phillips, J H 
Richmond, J J 
Sturgis, William 
Tobey, R 
Van Home, E R 
Walker, J W 
Warren, A M 
Warren, M G 
Webb, D C 
Whitaker, Samuel 
Whitaker, Thomas 
Williams, O C 
Wilt, Samuel 

SOUTH PARK, No. 662. 

HYDE PARK. Chartered Oct 1871. 
Reg Com 1st and 3d Thurs. Ann com 8d 
Thurs Dec. Membership 46. 

Charles S Waite, W Master 
Wm P Gray, S W Chas E Rees, Sec 
Leslie Lewis, J W John W Evans, S D 
W S Johnson, Treas N G Myers, J D 

Richard Williams, T 
Adams, Henry H Leach, George 
Anderson, John C Lewis, Joseph Bpm 
Barney, John F Lewis, Leslie 
Barwick, John McLane, Niel 

Cabe, John T Middleton, Robt H 

Charterman, John B Pardee, Joseph N 
Clark, Elan G Root, Eben T 

Creighton, Charles Schlund, Peter 
Creighton, John B Sherman, PLpm 

Culver, William 
Custar, George G 
Ely, James H 
Flood. James R 
Gipson, Thomas 
Hale, George W 
Halliday, J W 
Hibbard, Homer N 
Higgins, Van H 
Ingersoll, A E 

Smale, James S 
Stanley, James R 
Trintler, William 
Underwood, Asa D 
Waite, Geo W p m 
Waldron, A D 
Warren. John B 
West, William B 
Widt, William 
Yenor, Louis 

SPAR1AND, No. 441. 

SPARLAND, Marshall Co. Chartered 
Oct 1865. Reg com 1st and 3d Wed. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 45. , 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Pike, Harry J 
Prescott, George 
Priest, John w 
Rhodes, John T 
Rice, Charles 
Richardson, Win D 
Reeves, M O 
Roll, Pierson 
Ross, Daniel M 
Rnpps, Philip 
Schuck, Henry 
Skinner, Charles 
Smith, Clark M 
Spalding, Lewis H 

Henry Tesmer, W Master 
C Fosbender, S W IN Akeright. S D 
J S Brasfleld, J W Simeon Walker, J D 
Geo Tarbill, Treas Mathew Kline, S S 
TEGapen,Sec M Rogers, J S 

Harmon J Adams, T 
At wood, Samuel H Johnson, Zalmon 
Bayiey, Henry Leigh, Amos F 

Bayley, Martin L McClanahan, J W 
Bonham Oscar S Manier, James 
Burdon Edward Megarrah,Harvey R 
Burson, Joseph H Merritt, A E 
Chambers, William Mills, John Y 
Collen, James F Reynolds, John W 
Collen, Joseph M Sargent, Charles 
Drake, Andrew Savill, Charles 

Drvdan, Adam Steinke, Theodore G 

Frank, John J Swift, Isewton I 

Gehr, Washington E Teagarden, Ezra S 
Hentham, Geo F Webster, Wm D 
Hewett, William C Welch, Noah 
Hitchcock, Chas F Wollard, S B 
Hunt, John F W T ood, Thomas 

Hurlbut, Egbert 


SPRINGFIELD. Chartered April 1840. 
Reg com 1st Mon. Membership 105. 

Lafayette F Dyson, W Master 
P VanNostran, S W Fred Trop, S D 
Geo W Gorden. J W Geo W Johnson, J D 
H Robinson, Treas Hopital Tayart, S S 
J B Hammond, Sec Wm Phillips. J S 

James W Watson, T 
Adam*, Josiah H Exley, William 
Aeveret, Thomas A Fayart, Hoptil 
Aikin, William F Fortner, William J 
Artsman, E Gehrman, Charles A 

Ayers, Grover Gregory. A M 

Barret, L A Hardtner, Jno H 

Barret, L C Hatry, J Q 

Barrow, William H Hill, James L 
Bierce, Ed B Hustin, Samuel 

Boon, Peter T Ives, Hobart T 

Braman, Mason Ives, John G 
Broadwell, N M Jacoby, Frank 
Burger, Jacob Johnson, William 

Burnett, John M Keys, Gehrsham 
Carpenter, George Keys. James W 
Carpenter, Samuel Latham, A R 
Carrier, George W Laveley, William 
Chapel, R W Laveley, William T 

Churchill, Charles S Lindley, Joseph P 
Clark, William D Luce, Ed A 
Clem, Charles W McConnell, A B 
Coats, Ralph J McConnell, John 

Coleman, A W McSherry, Patrick 

Craig. Daniel J Matheny, Charles W 

Crook, A N J Matheny, James H 

Dalby, Jno W Mather, Thomas S I Andrus, W D E" 

Dalby, William M Mathews, William i Austine, Frank H 
Davis, George A Miller, H Babbitt, Marshall 

Davis, John L Miner, N W Babcock, J D 

Dongas, Adam Moon, Robert A Babcock. N E 

Dunning, Andrew J Palmer, Ed E Bassett, R 

Duston, George S Palmer, John Bean, ECpm 

Edwards, George W Parish, C G Benoit, N E 

Edwards, Harvey N Payne, B Frank I Benson, W W 

Stewart, S H 
Taylor, Charles A 
Trow, Henry 
Trow, Isaac 
Uhler, John 
Uhler, Martin J 
Vredenburg, John 
Watson, A M 
Watson, Benj A 
Watson, Chartes F 
Weston, C W 
Wickersham, D 
Wohlgamoth, Henry 
Wright, Presco 

STAB, No. 709. 

HOOPESTON, Vermilion Co. Chartered 
Oct 1873. Reg com 2d and 4th Sat. Mem- 
bership 44. 

George Steel, W Master 
P F Levin, S W John W Hughes, S D 
J P Lindeleaf, J W T C Baxter, J D 
W A Brillhart, Tr R Movey, S S 
Dale Wallace, Sec Thos Williams, J S 

J V Danner, T 
Anderson, James F Hudson, John 
Austin, R H Kirkwood, A W 

Bedell, Jonathan Levy, Abraham 
Bishop, Henry L McFerren, William 
Brelsford, Horace M McNeff, Thomas 
Calkins, George I Malo, Samuel 
Coane, John S Miller, George L 

Coleman, Patrick Miller, Martin L 
Combs, James M Moore, William 
Combs, Solomon North, Edwin D 
Cunningham, Jas A Perkins, A B 
Dixon, Alfred M Purriance, L M 
Douglass. Saml L E Reed, Andrew J 
Haas, Daniel P Ross, Enoch 

Hamilton, R M Spinning, J M R 

Hartwell, Cyrus Thompson, Hugh 
Henderson, James White, George H 


ROCKFORD. Chartered Oct 1855. Reg 
com 1st and 3d Fri. Ann com 3d Fri Dec. 
Membership 170. 

John C Norton, W Master 
W L Nevins, S W Henry Coweling, S D 
E Clemens, J W AM Ross, J D 
Rev A F Root, Chap E H Thompson, S S 
C H Emerson, Treas P L Ballagrh, J S 
G II Trufaul, Sec Adam E Lake, T 
Boardman, S O 
Bowdwin, W M 
Boyden, James W 
Brazee, C M 
Briggs, N E 

Abbott, T J 

Albertson, N D 

Allen, Thomas W 

Allen, Harry 

Arnold, W J 

Atkinson, George R Browm George W 

Buchanan, Thoma6 
Buell, J M 
Bunt, George 
Bunt, Lorenzo 
Byers, John 
Campbell, J A 
Caprori, W W 
Carey, George W 
Cameo,' T W 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

C arswell, W N 
Chandler, C R 
Chandler, H B 
Chandler, I P 
Chapin, W H 
Childs, E B 
Clark, J L 
Comings, A F 
Colton, RH 
Crandall, O H 
Creveling, Henry 
Curtis, Norman 
Cutler, R H 
Dawson, David 
Day, Charles E 
Day, Mark 
Derrick, M B 
Derwent, T J 
Derwent, W E 
Doolittle, R C 
Dunn, E C 
Dwain, Duncan 
Ebberts, George 
Emerson, T D 
Enoch, H R 
Ferguson, D 
Ferguson, D H 
Felch, C P 
Fisher, G L 
Fisher, L G 
Fowler, George 
Fowler, William 
Fox, George A 
Gault, T B 
Gearheart, W R 
Gearn, G C 
Gebler, M D 
Gent, William 
Glassell. WH 
Godfrey, E L 
Golden, W A 
Hall, F C 
Hallenbeck, A 
Hammill, John 
Kart, W I 
Hartweli, A H 
Haskell, George S 
Hepburn, George 
Hines, G A 
Hough, J F 
Huntley, J F 
Jacobs, V R 
Johnson, J H 
Johnson, O H 
Jones, H K 
Keyt, D 
Key t, George M 
Knapp, William 
Knowlton. W H 
Lake, James 
Latham, F E 
Lee, W R 

Lindsay, John 
Lundgreen, C A 
Lyon, W H 
Maguire, G W 
Manlove, J G 
Manney, J H 
Marsh, W J 
Mitchell, David 
Moffat, G W 
Mullin, Isaac 
Nerdham, A A 
Nerdham, J M 
Nichols, A N 
Nicol, R 
Niblo, Samuel 
Norman, R P 
Norton, F 
Norton, M A 
Outhaut, C W 
Palmer, J J 
Palmer, W T 
Paxon, V Q 
Peterson, Frederick 
Perkins, J P 
Pettitt, A 
Pettitt, J 
Radick, F F 
Reeves, George C 
Reeves, G W 
Richer, E G 
Richon, E H 
Rigel, W H 
Ritchie, Charles 
Roberts, George W 
Robinson. N P 
Roberts, E C 
Rogers, F S 
Roserear, J T 
Rowell, H W 
Rowley, J D 
Rutlidge, Andrew 
Schoonmaker, M 
Schoonm acker, C 
Sears, D H 
Smith, A E 
Smith, D B 
Stanley, A G 
Thompson, E W 
Ticknor, J P 
Tracey, G W 
Utter, C M 
Van Wic, E A 
Wallach, D 
Warner, L F 
Washburn, J T 
Webb, B A 
Webb, George L 
Webb, W B 
Webster, T T 
Wells, H R 
Wheat, Frank 
Wheat, Fred E 
Wighton, John B 
Worsley, J F 

STARK, No. 501. 

LA FAYETTE, Stark Co. Chartered 
Oct 1866. Reg com Sat o b f m. Mem 30. 

Theodore D Ridgway, W Master 
Edward G Hill, S W Thos W Ross, Sec 
Jacob M Jones, J W J S Atherton, S D 
A B H Snyder, Tr Thos D Church, J D 

Ira G Foster, T 
Annis, James K Inglis, John 

Barnett, M S 
Dickinson, W S 
French, M W 
Gibbs, William H 
Grant, H P 
Grant, Nelson jr 
Goold, D H 
Harris, A A 
Harris, A N 
Hurd, D J 

McClanahan, E J 
McClanahan, G H 
Nichols, Joseph H 
Scott, Walter 
Smith, Austin 
Smith, John T 
Smith, William B 
Snyder, Alfred M 
Todd, W B 
Vanderbilt, W T 

STEWART, No. 92. 

GENESEO, Henry Co. Chartered Oct 
1849. Reg com Fri o b f m. Membership 

Peter Worrell, W Master 
Levi Waterman, SWF Harbstone, S D 
D T Sargeant, J W AC Rice, J D 
Jos Hammond, Tr AG Fay, S S 
J D Grant, Sec E A Richmond, J S 

Henry Olmstead, T 
Allen, Jonathan Hoffman, R D 
Arnett, Samuel J Hosford, James M 

Babbitt, George 
Baker, Fred E 
Baker, Thomas^E 
Balen, John 
Baxter, John 
Busenback, D N 
Clark, Albert A 
Clawson, O J 
Cook, Warren P 
Crane, Scott 
Crill, Ed S 
Curtis, Frank 
Demming, H A 

Jordan, John H 
Kammermeyer, M 
Kendall, Solon 
Lawrence, Geo W 
Leach, William 
McArthur. Harry 
McConneli. Jas A 
Machesney, D L 
Martin, A M 
Moderwell, E C 
Mott, James Y 
Mowry, George G 
Newton, Frank 

Demming, Richd M Richards, George 

Duerler, Jerry 
Dunham, Charles 
Field, James 
Fones, Harry 
Fuller, Simeon 
Green, Joseph N 

Rockwell, John C 
Smith, John 
Smith, William 
Stough, Jonas 
Sweeney, Paul A 
Vanberren, Henry 

Hammer, James L Welch, John 
Harrington, Ransom Wilcox, Royal M 
Harker, John E Young, Robert 
Hobbs, George A 

STONE FORT, No. 495. 

STONE FORT, Saline Co. Chartered 
Oct 1866. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 63. 

W P Throgmorton, W Master 
Thos C Wise, S W W S Blackman. S D 
T N Lawrence, J W Thos W Russell, J D 
J V Trammell, Tr Jas R Harris, S S 
James Y Reid, Sec B F St John, J S 

Alexander Jenkins, T 
Balance, James H Blackman, Calvin S 
Basham, Robert C Blackman, D J 
Blackburn, A Blackman, Josiab 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Bojarth, Davis 
Bracewell, M 
Curtner, John 
Dillard, William L 
Edmondson, J B 
Epperson, Wm A 
Feezor, John G 
Gill, John 
Gilhara, Thomas H 
Hall, Isaac 
Hall, W J 
Hmdcock, Clark 
Harris, Eddy- 
Harris, Elijah 
Harris, James A 
Henshaw, Carrol 
Hutchinson, "Wm 
Jayner, George W 
Jayner, William M 
Johnson, John C 
Lewis, Rev Robert 
McSpain, James H 
Mizell, W R 
Morris, W F 

Morton, Rev Jas L 
Morton, James W 
Osbum, C E 
Osbum.F J 
Parks, F M 
Rich, Valentine 
Richey, Daniel 
Ridgeway, W H 
Smith, Samuel H 
Smith, Thomas 
Spears, Phillip 
Stallion, John 
Tanner, Elijah 
Tanner, James 
Thompson, G W 
Trammell, Wesley 
Weber, Arch F 
Wise, Hiram H 
Wise, R H 
Wise, OJ 
Wootton, Edward 
Wright, James M 

STRATTON, No. 408. 

VERMILION", Edgar Co. Chartered 
Oct 1864. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 60. 

D A Morrisox, W Master 
J N Lockenour, S W Hiram Tweedy, S D 
Isaac Lamb, J W Wm Tweedy, J D 
Rev OHP Tennis, C John Duck, SS 
John Mings, Treas Eli Richardson, J S 
E X Burson, Sec Jerry Dusthemer, T 
Appleby, Jesse Lisk, Charles A 

Balsey, George H Macy, J W 
Batty, Thornton May, D E 
Blaneford, C H Miner, Thomas 

Boland, AE Muring, E M 

Boomer, Carroll Pearson, H H 
Boomer, Isaac Rhoden, Wm B 

Boyer, J W Robertson. John P 

Brown, Joseph Ross, John 

Brown, Thomas C St Clair, R C 
Buell, H P Shank, Daniel B 

Burdick, Isaac Shoptaugh, A G 

Chapman, T C Smith, Henry 

Dancy, S J Smith, Julian 

Eastham, E A Sovern, A J 

Ewing, J A Stewart, Charles 

Farris, W W Stubbs, Alex 

Fitzgerald, A G Tabler, William H 
Griswold, H W Thompson, G W 

Hale, Vincent Trogdon, Thomas J 

Holloway, James L Tweedy, A S 
Koho, George Vale, F T B 

Koons, O N Watts. William 

Kunnbraugh, D A Woolery, William 
Lamb, H F Wright, Robert B 

STREATOR, No. 607. 

STEATOR, La Salle Co. Chartered Oct 
1868. Reg com 1st and 3d Wed. Mem- 
bership 90. 

_, _ , H X Morehouse, W Master 
R C Myer, S W Jno H Finley, Treas 

D S Carmony, J W L L McKinley, Sec 

J H Sweetyer, S D J G Reeder, S S 

G F Mulladore, J D J Dickerman, J S 

LDSprague, T 

Ames, Isoas Landes, George 

Ames, John C Little, David B 

Askilis, Charles Low, Robert W 

Black, Leavitt O Lukins, William H 

Buckner, Charles Luther, M Joseph 

Cahill, John M McAllister, H 

Campbell, John C McAllister, Win M 

Cantner, D G Mcintosh, F M 

Clark, Lewis W McQuain, Sherman 

Colby, Francis W Mallory. LH 

Conway, James Martin, George W 

Cope, Israel C Merritt, Henry Lee 

Courtney, Lewis T Mills, Lewis C 

Dalton, Frederick D Moody, Prince L 

Davis, Daniel O Moore, Jacob W 

Day, Frank E Moore, William H 

Doming, Cyrenus Norton, Thomas A 

Dyer, diaries W O'Niel, Josiah 

Eades, Frederick W Overhalt, Martin F 

Erconbrack, Jno M Painter, Uriah S 

Finkler, John Pirkey, John C 

Fisher, Joseph Pilcher, William H 

Fuller, Alexander Plowman, Joseph R 

Fusselman, H M 
Gilmore, Joseph P 
Gregg, Sidney S 
Groble, M N 

Rigdon, George 
Rockwood, Warren 
Ryon, Frank M 
Ryon, H N 

Halmer, Francis W Shaffenburg, Robert 

Hall, Hugh 
Hall, Robert 
Harding, Benj A 
Head, Oscar H 
Hess, Jesse M 

Sprague, Lucius W 
Sternes, ML 
Stewart. L T 
Stonehocker, M F 
Tyler, Alvan E 

Hootler, Frederick Wallace, William 
Hottenhauer, A Watson, William 
Jack, Matthew Wells, George R 

Jackson, Wiiliam S Whitney, Norman 
Kent, Andrew Wilkins, Charles 

Krontz, John Henry Williams, E E 
Kungley, John Withrow, C D 

SXJBLETTeTno. 349. 

SUBLETTE, Lee Co. Chartered Oct 
1860. Reg com Tues o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Place of meeting Masonic HalL 
Membership 28. 

Levi Mead, W Master 
H K Morse, S W Oliver A Wood, S D 
Chas H Ingals, J W Wm K Long, J D 
J A Hodges, Treas John G Hodges, S S 

J Tourtellotte, Sec , J S 

Barthold Ileer, T 
Angell, Thomas S Cook, Joel S 
Austin, Burton Hoffman, Philip 

Barton, Daniel Hale, Willi im 

Beggart, James Letten, James D 
Berkley, George M Long, Lafayette 
Berkley, Benj F Long, William P 
Bowers, Isaac Thompson, Ernst B 

Chapman, Henry C Tourtellotte, Jno D 
Clark, C H Tourtellotte, Wm D 

Coleman, Thomas M 


SUMMERFIELD, St Clair Co. Chart- 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

ered Oct 1860. Reg com Wed o b f m. 
Membership 25. 

E F Casad, W Master 
J L McMichael, SW OH Kurtz, S D 
C L Dew, JW A Schrader, J D 

J Radfield, Treas H Andrews, S S 
J as F Utley, Sec L Landwehr, J S 

George Bumb, T 
Ashmead, John Hodgdon, C O 
Babcock, W S Moore, W F 

Barnes, J G Orban, M 

Casad, O S Radfield, W R 

Eisenmayer, P H Tipton, J J 
Hecker, A Tipton, W R 

Hewitt, J H Whitaker, SR 

Hill, B A 

SUMMIT^No. 431. 

HARRISTOWN, Macon Co. Chartered 
Oct 1865. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann 
com Dec Membership 43. 

J S McCartney, W Master 
I O Wyman, SW AW Allen, S D 
D L Vancleave, J W J C Olmstead, J D 
J H Peck, Treas D Masters, S S 
J M Willard, Sec W Forseman, J S 

J T Ferguson, T 
Allen, RC Hill, Robert 

Bachelder, D Huffer, T E 

Bedford, B C Lawery, Charles 

Brown, J C Lenker, W P 

Brown, Joseph Livingston, M C 

Burks, Thomas McCormack, J C 

Cann, T W Moorey, Burton 

Clark, J W Morst, L R 

Clough. J T Pease, Shaw 

Connelly, J L Snelson, S 

Crerry, George Travnes, John 

Davis, Martin Tucker, J C 

Dunlap, D N Walton, E 

Eyman, H H Wells, A W 

Ferring, Henry Winter, H 

Grant, David Wood, J J 

Hayt, J N Workman, H J 

SUMNER, No. 334. 

SUMNER, Lawrence Co, Chartered 
Oct 1860. Reg com Sat o b f m and two 
weeks after. Membership 79. 

Thomas M Stevens, W Master 
J M Bosart, S W T R Hazzard, S D 
S J Eckenrode, J W W B Smith, J D 
Jesse P Jones, Treas D A Westall, S S 
S G Ellegood, Sec David Burgett, J S 

Joseph Eason, T 
Applegate, E R Cary, John C 

Bailey, George L Come, Wm Henry 
Baird, Foster A Cunningham, B L 
Baldwin, Thomas J Cunningham, Silas 
Barnes, Sayfatt Davids, M C 

Batcher, Fredk H 
Bell, Alfred 
Berneger, Able 
Brosa, August 
Bowen, James 
Burgett, Daniel D 
Carter, B F 

Davis, Eli as C 
Eason, Joseph 
Eber]y, Jacob M 
Farrer, William G 
Foster, John C 
French, Z D 
Friend, William 

Fyffe, James A 
Gelpin, William D 
HilL, Basil W 
Holson, Frederick 
Hoopes, Caleb 
Huff, Nathan B 
Jennings, James F 
Jennings, John W 
Jones, Calvin B 
Judy, John C 
Landis, William 
Laws, Christopher C 
Laws, William 
Leach, James 
Leib, James 
Leib, JohnH 
Lent, Benjamin F 
Lewis, John W 
Lewis, Josephus M 
Lewis, William 
Logan, David 
Loose, Thomas 
McClure, Richard 

May, Marion 
May, Warren 
Martin, C H 
Perkins, F M 
Petty, George W 
Ridgely, Alfred 
Rilea, S 
Sherridan, Paul 
Smith, David 
Smith, H P 
Smith, Orlando 
Stoltz, Henry 
Sumner, Benj T 
Sumner, Schuyler 
Utter, Lyman 
Waggy, John C 
Wagoner, H M 
Watts, David A 
Watts, John W 
Williams, Abner 
Wright, James B 
Wright, John 

SUNBEAM, No. 428. 

PLANO, Kendal Co. Chartered Oct 
1865. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. Ann com 
reg n b Dec 27. Membership 62. 

Willtam H Hall, W Master 
Avery A Beebe, S W Geo H Carver, S D 
H Q Wright, J W Jas B Sherman, J D 
Rev J McGuflin, Ch Chas H Lawson, S S 
David H Shouts, Tr Frank Smith. J S 
David M Corbin, Sec W R Wilton, T 
Andrews, Charles Jefferson, Thos p m 
Andrus, Wells C Jenks, Joel H 
Burlingame, Jno H Jones, W H 
Clark, Edward Lathrop, Leonard O 

Coleman, Edgar Lowe, John H 
Coddington, F J McCandlass, Samuel 
Conklin, Alonzo p m McCurdy, Charles 
Cox, Levi Mathews, Hosea B 

Cox, William Morse, John H 

Dewey, Milo C Nicholson, John H 

Dick, Warren Pauleson, Offer 

Dixon, Andrew P Pratt, John 
Doty, Robinson Schneider, Daniel 

Ervin, William Scott, Andrew 

Faxon, Samuel p m Scoville, A C 
Ferguson, Hugh Shehan, James D 
Frost, H C Shults, Harvey 

Givens, Alonzo W Smith, Henry T 
Givens, Charles S Stahler, David 
Haizeldean, George Steward, Amasa E 
Herwood, James C Stoffugan, Henry 
Heddlison, James F Washburn, Sanford 
Hemenway, Wm Welsh, Daniel 
Hoiser, Henry D P Welsh, Edward A 
Hunter, William Wright, John G 
Jackson, James F 

SYCAMORE, No. 134. 

SYCAMORE, De Kalb Co. Chartered 
Oct 1853. Reg com Fri o b f m. Mem- 
bership 123. 

A S Babcock, W Master 
A N Wheeler, S W Daniel Dustin, Tr 
George Brown, J W C S Cornelius, Sec 

Subordinate Lodges. 


W E Sivwright, S D Levi Winn, S S 

P Donnelly, J D H T Lawrence, J S 
John Shield, T 

Alden, Samuel James, D B 

Allen, W H Jaycox, J W 

Ashton, P L T Johnson, A J 

Banks, J R Jones, H A 

Barnard, W A Kellum, Charles 

Beavers, T H Lovell. J jr 

Beavers. W H Lowell, J W 

Beavers, W H jr Mack, M M 

Beckler, John Marshall, Thomas 

Belles, C W Mayo, Z B 

Belles, M B Mead, B C 

Boies, H L Mead, Edgar 

Bonneld, J H Middleton, Samuel 

Bourcv, J M Moore, Peter 

Boyntbn, C G Nesbitt, G W 

Brown, D D Norris, Wheeler 

Brown, H D Oaklev, J W 

Bryant. W W Partridge. F W 

Bueil, Hiram Peck, N- 

Carr, Thurston Pratt, J L 

Cass, W Relyea, M 

Chilson. George Richards, N 

Churchill, Geo W Robinson, Samuel 

Cobb. Charles E Rogers, J H 

Cobb, Henry Rowley, J W 

Colton, A C Sawyer, A 

Connart, Louis Sawyer. A W 

Covell, W S Settle, O F 

Crippen, A B Shippee, E C 

Crist, Edward Singer, Jerry 

Currier, L M Smith, A C 

Driver, A J Smith, F H 

Deily, Jacob Smith, H G 

Eilwood, Alonzo Smith, R A 
Ellwood, Chauncey Southworth, J E 

Eilwood, James E Stark, G M 

Finley, John C Stiles, A K 

Flinn, J G Stokes, W H 

Friedman, A Stuart, C T 

Fulkerson, J C Syme, John 

Gallup, E Thompson, D 

Garvin, J W Timmerman, M S 

Gault, J W Tucker, John 

Graham, W Wallim, K 

Grant, A J Warren, M T 

Hanorn, J S Warren, N C 

Harkness, J B Waterman, Henry 

Hawley, G F Waterman, John C 

Hendry, E R Weber, Philip 

Hibbard, G K Weeden, A J 

Holeomb, Morris Wheeler, L 

Holcomb, O S Whittemore, H C 

Holeomb, R J Wilcox, Nathan 

Howe, R E Wilkinson, W 

Hoyt, C H Van Fleet, N J 

Hoyt, R C Young, Wm 
Hunt, W R 

TAMAROA, No. 207. 

TAMAROA, Perry Co. Chartered Oct 
1856. Reg com Fri o b f m. Ann com Dec. 
Membership 35. 

Moheis L Joxes, W Master 
L O Norton, S W T Blanchard, Treas 
R H Nicholson, JW S H Almen, Sec 

J C Heckler, S D 

Adams, H W 
Anderson, A D 
Blanchard, A 
Christian, W M 
Curlee, NB 
Eaton, William D 
Eaton, William M 
Haines, J W 
Hawkins, M C 
Holmes, G W 
Kinney, C F 
Lee, John D 
Moore, John R 
Norton, C S 

M F Stone, J D 
Clay, T 
Pierce, E V 
Ramdtin, E D 
Sanders, Thomas 
Sanes, T M 
Sturdevant, G W 
Waller, Sylvester 
West, H 
Wheatley, W W 
Whillow, John P 
Willoughby, W H 
Winthrop, C E G 
Woods, Elias 
Woods, Ezra 

TARBOLTON, No. 351. 

FAIRBURY, Livingston Co. Chartered 
Oct 1860. Reg com Thurs o b f m. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 98. 

Edwaed F Joy, W Master 
Emery, Gregg, S W A M Burch, S D 
S M Barnes, J W J Wantland, J D 
N T Robertson, Tr John W Beers, S S 
Smith Olney, Sec Jas King jr J S 

Hugh H Stafford, T 
Allensworth, G W King, James 
Archer, Addison J Kirk, Charles H 
Barnes, Henry E W Kring, George W 
Barns, Stephen G Linscott, Squire 
Beach, Thomas A Laubenheimer. P 
Birch, George McDonald, Neil S 

Blackburn, John F McDonald, William 
Blain, William Martin, John P 

Bliss, Irvin E Martin, William E 

Brooks, William M Messinger, E T 
Brownson, G B Miller, John 

Burch, Benjamin F Miller, Milo M 
Burrell, William Morgan, Henry S 
Champlin, Allison Morris, John 
Clark, Joseph K Myers, John F 
Coun, Isaiah Patton, David A 

Cumpston, Benj Patton, Francis M 
Cumpston, Jacob J Phelps, Byron 
Cumpston, John R Phillips, Ransom B 
Decker, John Pulliam, James 

Dillon, Edwin Reshforth, Wm C 

Dominv, Lorenzo B Remington, A H 
Duffy, Thomas W Remington, Henry- 
Elliott, Demas Rettenmayer, F 
Elliott, Franklin Rice, John 
Enslow, J Harvey Ross, Oliver P 
Fitch, Benjamin F Scott, Robert 
Fleming, Jonn Scouler, Andrew 
Fraley, James F Scouler, Thomas 
Francis, Samuel Smith, John 
Gillette, Horace M Smith, William 
Greenwood, Albert Stafford, William & 
Griffith, William Stolz, William 
Hackett, William Straight, David E 
Hanna, Robert B Straight, Hiram J 
Hunt, Theodore L Suber, Louis R 
Hunter, George Vawter, John W 
Ireland, William Veach, Cyrus A 
Jacobs, John Veatch, John W 
Kimball, S P Vielv, Minard T 
King, Benjamin Wallace, Seth P 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Walton, John W Wright, Delos 
Watson, John W Wright, Seneca, A 
Weaver, Homer W Ziinmermann, John 

TAYLOR, No. 98. 

WASHINGTON, Tazewell Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1851. Reg com Fri o b f m. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 50. 

Isaac II Tobias, W Master 
James F Hoover,S W William Jones, S D 
John Bur key. J W Morris R Brady, J D 
Peter Fifer, Treas Peter Walling, S S 
Israel Zinser, Sec George Fish, J S 

Wilham A Ross, T 
Anthony, Charles E Mohle, Henry 
Bogardus, Eri Myers Jonathan H 

Cairns, Michael K Nicholes, Benjamin 
Cameron, James Pierce, James R 
Cooper, Thomas Prince, Louis H 
Crane, James R Rapp, Ernest 
Cress, Andrew Rosenburg, Frank J 

Cress, Thomas Ruble, William 

Danforth, Almon G Smith, Frank 
Denning, William H Smith, James M 
Goodyear, D M Smith, Richard D 

Govin, John G Taylor, John M 

Griffith, William T Thompson, Wm P 
Handsaker, Thomas Trimmer, John 
Harlan, James N Tobias, Benjamin 
Hiserod_t, Edward Welch, Rudolph B 

Kern, Whitmore 
Keyes, David 

Weiser, Samuel Y 
Wilson, Robert B M 

Lanoman, James C Wright, Samuel N 

Miles, Ezra 

Yale, George C 


VANDALIA, Fayette Co. Chartered 
Oct 1812. Reg com Mon o b f m. Mem- 
bership 65. 

Richard L Higgins, W Master 
C Higinbottom, S W E M Ashcraft, S D 
R A Campbell, J W G D Stinehour, J D 
S Perkins, Treas James H Scott, S S 
Joseph Gordon, Sec Andrew Shutz, J S 

Joseph A Dawson, T 
Baker, Samuel Heninger, John 

Barnett, Isaac Heninger, William 

Barnett, William S Hickman, Thos G 
Bascom, Schuyler S Jenkins, Thomas K 
Brown, George W Jerauld, Henry F 
Brown, John Kasten, Henry 

Brown, John C Knowles, Joseph 

Buchanan, William Lee, William H 
Burnett, A B McCord, J N 

Campbell, Wilson McGurdy, Nat M 
Collins, H P McKoy, William F 

Crisman, John M Peak, Alexander 
Deickmann,Geo H Ray, Andrew 
Duffy, Owen Reynolds, Oscar 

Durham, B B H Risen, E R 
Earp, Joseph Rode, Samuel W 

Ebelmisser, Henry Rode, S E 
Fletcher, G V Ross, John W 

Foster, James E Rummel, Joseph 
Gochenhour, John Shipley, Benj F 
Halle, Francis B Smythe, William P 
Heninger, George H Snerly, George H 

Snyder, William Vance, B B 

Stohle, James W T all William W 

Stuart, John Weber, W J 

Sturgess, Robert H Wetmore, John J 

Thompson, John Wygannt, Benj 
Thompson, Robert 

TEMPLeTNo. 46. 

PEORIA. Chartered Oct 18 IT. Reg 
com last Wed. Ann com last Wed Oct. 
Place of meeting 124 N Adams st. See's 
P O address, 204 Main st. Membership 

Barn hart Meals, W Master 
James Bennett, SWLT Soinmers, S D 
John J Steiger, J W Charles A Bass, J D 
H S Ottenheimer, Tr Richard T Bye, S S 
N S Tucker, Sec Benj Bergguist, J S 

William Price, T 
Abell, Lewis Johnston, John 

Allen, John Lawrence, Theodore 

Amiker, Peter Lee, Hugh N 

Baker, Nathaniel R Lee, John S 
Bannister, James Littleton, Jacob 
Beleke, Henry G Logan, John 
Bowman, Andrew Lowe, Richard H 
Bowman, Charles A McBurney, Charles 
Brightman, Jas H McDerniott, J E P M 

Brown, AddisonP 
Brown, George H 
Brucker, Geo-geT 
Bull, William G 
Boyd, Robert 
Boyd, Thomas 
Clayton, Richard 
Cosgrove, Thomas 
Davis, Thomas 
Davis, Thomas L 
Dodge, William M 
Dow, Samuel A 
Downing, Wm H 
Ely, Genel 
Entwistle, William 
Entwistle, Wmjr 
Evans, Isaac 
Flinn, James L 
Forbes, Alex G 
Frazer, Alexander 
Gleason, Seth E 
Graber, William H 
Gray, Henry 
Godell, Rufus M 
Green, Sanford M 
Griffith, John R 
Haller, Conrad 
Haller, Jacob F 
Harris, Nathan 
Hearst, Alex p m 
Heylman, William 
Higgins, Michael 
Hill, John 
Hodges, Rufus E 
Hooper, John 

Mahon, Frederick L 
Mansfield, Henry 
Martin, Geogre W 
Mill, Thomas 
Moses, Marx 
O'Brien, William W 
Off, Charles J 
Olney, Albert D 
Patten, Samuel C 
Peil, Victor 
Percey, George W 
Peters, Ellis E 
Phelps, David B 
Poice, Richard H 
Potthoff, Theo H 
Rainforth, Miles 
Rein hart, Frank M 
Ridley, James 
Ritchie, William 
Robinson, James B 
Roff, JohnC 
Ruley, Wesley 
Sawyer, Edmund M 
Scandrilt, James A 
Schembs, Jacob 
Schofield, John 
Sewell, John 
Sikes, Jesse 
Sleigh, John J 
Sloan, Augustus D 
Smith, James D 
Smith, John R 
Spencer, Daniel 
Spier, James G 
Stader, Adelbert M 

Hotchkiss, Zenas N Stuber, John 

Howe, Thomas 
Hughes. William 
Hurd, Randall F 
Irvine. John C 
Jewell, John p m 

Suss, Conrad H 
Teall, Samuel R 
Teer, William 
Thorpe, James 
Todhunter, John 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Tripp* David H White, Benjamin 

Turner, George W Wiley, Harrison E 

Uiman, David "Wolf, Kalph 

Ulrich, Nicholes Wollganstt, John 

Warner, John Wookey, Benjamin 

Wandlung, H P Wightman, Andrew 

Webber, Samuel Yates, John C 

Westcott, D M M Younger, Andrew 

TEMPLE HILL, No. 701. 

ROSE BUD, Pope Co. Chartered Oct 
1873. Reg com Sat o a f m. Ann com 
Sat o b Dec 27. Membership 23. 

Joseph L Brown, W Master 
H Wemhour, S W Henry Baker, S D 
S B Wilder, J W Geb Diterlin, J D 
A S Yates, Treas M C Rhea, S S 
H Clanahan, Sec D Shankford, J S 

Thomas J Austin, T 
Armstrong, Prank McReynolds, Wm B 
Baker, Thomas Phelps, Horatio T 

Barrett, James Pierce, David 

Bonham, J H Ross, William T 

Cole, Abram Shelton, William H 

Gowan, James S Shankard, Andrew 
Grisham, James T 

TENNESSEE, No. 496. 

TENNESSEE, McDonough Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1866. Reg com Sat obfm. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 46. 

J W Aiken, W Master 
Jas Jenkens.S W SMChipman.SD 
R McClure, J W R W Lyon, J D 
A K Owen, Treas J Martin, S S 
L B Mourning. Sec William Welsh, J S 
B F Thompson, T 
Myers, F F 
Newland, S 
Nuce, G W 
Owen, A G 
Owen, William 

Allen, Joseph 
Atherton, S A 
Averill, A W 
Burdett, John 
Eakle, !N ewton 
Gilchrist, Edward 
Gilchrist, V B 
Glasgo, Douglas 
Kail, Edward 
Hilliard, George 
Hunn, Thomas 
Jackson, C P 
Knight, William 
Lyon, D 

McDonough, Leo 
McEntosh, P 
Main, D S 
Milborn, William 

Pittman, R E 
Rapelye, H S 
Roberts, A B 
Rundle, Thomas 
Salisbury. A 
Samons, James 
Tabler, James 
Walker, J V 
Wanny, O A 
Webb, James 
Webster, Charles 
Willis, J F 
Yates, W T 


CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1864. Reg 
com every Thurs. Ann com Thurs n b 
Dec 27. Place of meeting 72 Monroe st. 
Membership 95. 

J K Murphy, W Master 
Jas D Moore, S W James Evans, S D 
Jas H Coyne. J W P M Nichols, J D 
G C Smith p m, Tr John A Burns, S S 
J E Pettibone, Sec Charles Hayes, J S 
John P Ferns, T 

Barnum, W L 
Bluthardt, Theo J 
Bur nam, Lisle 
Campbell, James 
Cave, William M 
Caverly, Richard 
Chambers, B R 
Clark, John 
Collier, James 
Coon, H J 
Cox, William 
Craig, William H 
Cram, John S 
Diffenbacker, W F 
Doty, H C 
Dunkle, Charles W 
Dutch^J B 
Erby, Fred W 
Fanning, George 
Fanning, James D 
Farlin, J W 
Farnum, IP 
Fiske, Calvin J 
Foley, Thomas J 
Fraunberg, Fred 
Frost, William E 
Gettins, Edward H 
Hale, C B 
Hendrickson, E T 
Herriff, J C 
Hilton, R S 
Hubbard, P R 
Huel, F A 
Jencks, Ezra 
Jones, B F 
Jones, Moses 
Lee, James L 
Leonard, Chas Epm 
Leslie, S 
Lewis, A I 
Livington, J H 

Lord, Thomas 
Low, Ariel jr 
Lowe, William 
McAuley, J F 
McDonald, Alex 
McDuffie, J L 
McLennan, Geo B 
McManus, C A 
McMurchie, Angus 
Macomb, John 
Mann, E B 
Marston, Robert 
Mather, Joseph H 
Morris, W D 
Nelson, Andrew 
Nichols, F H 
Parker, Alexander 
Parker, T G 
Pond, F L 
Reed, J W 
ReinbothjC F 
Roberts, William 
Shepard, John F 
Silkman.C P 
Slate, FL 
Smith, J B 
Smythe, William 
Stanton, W M 
Stayner, F S 
Sullivan, William K 
Thompson, John 
Todd, LI 
Trowe, J J 
Ulrich, M 
Wendorff, Henry 
Whitla, W H 
Wilcox, Jerome 
Williams, Walter 
Wilson, James E 
Wood, George R 
Wright, Thomas 
Wright, Thomas A 

THOMSON, No. 559. 

THOMSON, Carroll Co. Chartered Oct 
1867. Reg com Tues obfm and two 
weeks after. Membership 37. 

GeoPvGE W Sweet, W Master 
Jas T Morgan. S W N S French, S D 
J H Taylor, J W W A Carroll, J D 
H M French, Treas S J Pettit, S S 
G N Melendy, Sec S S Dunn, J S 

John Gaar, T 
Bristol, C P Hathaway, Edwin 

Bush, J S Haye, 

Carpenter, Geo H Holman, H A 
Holman, Peter 
Homideen, Henry 
Lewis, A 
Melville, James 

Carroll, C C 
Carroll, John M 
Dunn, Byron H 
Dunshee, Amasa| 
Dunshee, W G 
Green, James 
Green, John 
Green, Moses A 
Green, Noah 
Hall, James L 
Hamilton, G W 

Melendy, J A 
Merritt, Darius 
Merritt. David 
Smith, S B 
Southerburv, Oliver 
Tate, N G 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

T. J. PICKETT, No. 307. 

BUSHNELL, McDonough Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1859. Eeg com Sat o b f m. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 116. 

James H Smith, W Master 
J F Cowgill, SW E Darst, S D 

RT Howell, J D 
F F Seibert, S S 
John Leet, J S 
Moab Lovely, T 
Lovely. Martin 
McDowell, A T 
Mandeville, J T 
Markham, Daniel 
Martin, David 
Melvin, W C 

C J Hunt, J W 

Rev Jno Beach, Ch 

Joseph Hoover, Tr 

LS Mills, Sec 

Alcan, P 

Alexander, S J 

Allen, Samuel 

Applegate, Ira 

Barnes, A E 

Beadles W T 

Berkow'itz, Samuel Miller, C C 

Brandem, A P 
Brown, A J 
Brown, Fisher 
Burpee, George W 
Cadwallader, J C 
Case t J H 
Chidister, David 
Conover, Hiram 
Cummings, J B 
Davis, George W 
Denning, Josiah 
Devore^James N 
Doner, David L 
Efferson, James 
Efferson, S A 
Everett, Hanson 
Fairman, H R 
Fairman, Solon 
Fairman, Thomas 
Farnham, C F 
Ferguson, R H 
Fisher, W J 
Fritze, George 
Genekley, B F 
Gilliger, J J 
Hamilton, Alex 
Harris, Samuel C 
Hartman, John 
Hayes, J W 
Haynes, John W 
Heaton, William H 
Hendee, S A 
Hicks, M H 
Hoover, B K 
Hoover, Jacob 
Hunnes, Martin 
Hunt, Manning 
Hunt, S A 
Hunt, W H 
Kachler, Fred 
Kaiser, Lewis 
Keirns, William 
Kelly, J OD 
Kuhn, George 
Livingston, E P 
Long, Samuel 

Miner, J C 
Morgan, D T 
"Neff, John 
Negley, Joseph W 
NevergalLT M 
Oglesbee, William H 
Oren, Peter 
Pafi'ett, Isaac 
Parks, J W 
Pearce. D D 
Pearson, J B 
Place, J J W 
Praul, W W 
Ridings, G C 
Robinson, G E 
Sanders, J T 
Schloniker, James 
Schmarr, Adam 
Schmarr, Philip 
Seibert, George P 
Shrader, Peter 
Shreves, J G 
Shreves, William 
Smith, E H 
Sorter, Thomas 
Sparks, A L 
Spencer, William 
Sperry, Clark 
Stevens, H A 
Shreves, Milton 
Tamler, Benjamin 
Thomas, W A 
Thompson, G W 
Thompson, J C 
Wagoner t W H 
Wallace, E G 
Walters, J C 
Wells, Charles 
Wells, H G 
Wells, Jackson 
Wells, Thomas 
Wisheed, D M 
Wood, E F 
Wooley, Pardon 
Wyckoff, D M 

TOLONO, No. 391. 

TOLONO, Champaign Co. Chartered 
Oct 1863. Reg com 1st and 3d Tues. Mem- 
bership 61. 

Alex T Darraii, W Master 
Charles H Bell, S W Ira A Manley, S D 
Edwin Davis, J W John H Hoy, J D 
G D Tewksbury, Tr Henry C Smith, S S 
Laban C Burr, Sec Robert Cox, J S 

Jesse H Simpson, T 
Bailey, W Allen James, William 
Barnard, James C Jaques, William H 
Bennett, Martin H Keator, B D 
Blackshaw, Thos B Levy, John T 
Bocock, James S McCawley, Daniel 
Burr, George W Meddox, Mitchell 
Childers, Solomon A Miles, George W 
Colvin, John Miller, James 

Cox, Joseph A Moore, Abraham T 

Culbertson, O G Nelson, Geo Amos 
Darrah, James W Payne, Smith 
Davis, Jehu Poet, Michael 

Donohue, Thomas Redhed, William 
Derry, James Q Richards, James 

Dukes, Spencer P Richards, Patrick 
Durfey, Hiram S Ritchey, Calvin T 
Fisher, George H Sanger, J George 
Francisco, H E Sharp, William R 

Franklin, Joel L Sheppard, Frank 
Gregory, Josiah Starkey, H C 
Helm, James M Stoner, George E 
j Helm, James Win Umbreit, Charles F 
Higginbotham, WW Vaughan, James A 
Hildreth, W 7 illiam S Walker, William 
Hubbard, Eugene S Wardall, X L 
Irwin, George W 

TONICA, No. 364. 

TONICA, La Salle Co. Chartered Oct 
1861. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. Member- 
ship 35. 

Eltas W Wood, W Master 
A Wm Hoberg, S W L N Ashley, S D 
Geo W Howe, J W August Evert, J D 
C Hartenbour, Tr Louis A Kaiser, S S 
James R Casey, Sec Amos L Ashley, J S 

Freeman Nickerson, T 
Allen, Stephen W Kimball, E L 
Barns, Orange Kuhn, John A 

Bassett, John P McGrew, Beniah E 
Borden, S R Miller, Eugene H 

Carter, Ezra H Miller, Nicholas 

Copeland, Calvin Newport, William 
Dal ley, George W Newton, George W 
Dillie, Rev John B Perry, Leonard A 
Done, Elias H Reckerd, Maurice 

Ford, Piatt Talbot, Philander 

Goings. Edward Thornton, James 
Gray, A G Weston, Marvin F 

Grivin, William N 

TOULON, No. 93. 

TOULON, Stark Co. Chartered Oct 
1850. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 59. 

George Bradley, W Master 
Charles Myers, S W Levi Sillirhan, S D 
Wm G Bradley, J W John Moore, J D 
Ben) Turner, Treas Geo A Lonman, S S 
David Tinlin, Sec Wm F Johnson, J S 
Samuel Thomas, T 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Adams, Milton M 
Armstrong, Jas G 
Armstrong, Wm B 
Bacmeister, Theo 
Beers Daniel M 
Black John 
Blair, Patrick M 
Brainard, Henry A 
Chamberlain, Wm 
Cinnamon, James 
Cinnamon, William 
Colthar, John A 
Oulberton, James 
Davis, David J 
Fast, David jr 
Fell, Robert 
Frame, Oliver 
Fuller, Alexander Y 
Fuller, Chauncey D 
Geisenhayner, H 
Graen, George 
Green, John S 
Greenfield, Elisha 
Guyre, David 
Hall, Bartlett G 

Hall, Henry M 
Hepperly, John 
Jackson, Henry 
Johnson, Havilah B 
Johnson, William F 
Lawrence, George 
Lowman, Jas K P 
Lowman, William 
Lyon, Caleb M S 
Lyon, Elias 
McComsey, Charles 
Maxfield, John A 
Montooth, James 
Newman, Isaac L 
Ogle, John H 
Ogle, William 
Robins, Colburn J 
Shallenberger, M 
Shall enberger, T M 
Sweet, Wheeler B 
Tanp, Bushrod 
Webber, John 
White, George 
Wright, Thomas J 

TOWANDA, No. 542. 

TOWANDA, McLean Co. Chartered 
Oct 1865. Reg com Fri o b f m. Ann com 
reg o b Dec 27. Mem bership 36. 

Feank Jones, W Master 
P Bishop, S W John Baylor, S D 

Sam'l Marsh, J W Leander Stroud, J D 
Marcus Hitts, Tr Nelson Jones, S S 
Ethan Stretch, Sec Harvey Hays, J S 

Yanca Powell, T 
Anderson, Geo B Hinthorn, Leander 
Holderness, Ed 
Holderness, Wm 
Jones, Cyras pm 
Jones, William jr 

Bamhouse, John X 
Bishop, Daniel 
Bishop, Wesley 
Bliss, Marshal 
Campbell, John 
Coons, Henry 
Edwards, Samuel 
Hitts, William 
Hemstreet, James 
Henderson, Albert 
Henderson, Fpm 
Hetchel, John 

Morris, Samuel 
Neerberg, Martin 
Ogden, Jesse 
Paul, Henry 
Rinnan, David S 
Stretch, Benjamin 
Strevey, Hamilton 
Williams, John F 

TOWER HILL, No. 493. 

TOWER HILL, Shelby Co. Chartered 
Oct. 1S66. Reg com Tues obf m. Mem- 
bership 36. 

Thomas B Headon, W Master 
AHigginbotham.S W B L Addington, S D 
Wm Gross, J W E Brownback, J D 

S P Powers, Treas M Gunine, S S 
Thos B Hunt, Sec Isaiah Roberts. J S 

T W Sibbett, T 
Craddick, A M Holt, Horace E 

Craddick, David Husband. John T 

Conrad, Charles 
Everett, A P 
Freeze, Noah 

Jester, Joseph M 
Jester, Lewis W 
McCullough, Jas 

Frenger, George W Midddlesworth. N 
Hanson, John Minto, John 

Harper, A V Moses. Joseph 

Neil, Nelson Tilly, Sanford 

Souther, W Joseph Ward, John 

Sullivan, Daniel Warren, Bennett 

Throne, S P Williams, Henry 

Tilly, Green B Wolfly, George W 

TREMONT, No. 462. 

TREMONT, Tazewell Co. Chartered 
Oct 1866. Reg com Mon obfra. Place of 
meeting Masonic Hall. Membership 25. 

John Maech, W Master 
Wm H Harris, SWA V Norman, Sec 
W Womeldorff, J W A Mathews, S D 
S Norman, Treas T S Bailey, J D 

Aquilla J Davis, T 
Oliver, Richard Quinn, Samuel H 

Cooper, Jesse B Robison, William L 

Davis, Hezekiah T Saltonstall, M 
Hayward, William Saltonstall, Sam'l R 
Hobart, L M Stiles, William W 

Jeanpert, Francis B Thomas, Lewis W 
Jeanpert, Joseph Trout, John H 
McQueen, Charles Wheeler, Elijah M 
Pratt, Edward 

TRENTOnTno. 109. 

TRENTON, Clinton Co. Chartered Oct 
1851. Reg com Thurs obf m. Member- 
ship 60. 

A H Johnson, W Master 
Jno H Adams, S W DC Heeley, S D 
Louis Riemann, J W John Schuster, J D 
J W Dugger, Treas Jos Glanzner, S S 
J Wahrenberger, S Benj Louden, J S 

Thomas H Dawson, T 
Alvord, Julius Louden, George 

Baunn, Martin Mc Alliiy, James J 

Campbell, Jos W McDonald, George 

Carr, Joseph L 
Cordell, William 
Dugger, E H 
Edwards, John 
Elv, Christ E 
Fauth, Paul 
Geiger, John 
Gonzel, Moritz 

McDonald, Samuel 
Mallen, David 
Millhauser, N 
Moffatt, Joseph W 
Monken, John B 
Morgan, E M 
Peter, Martin 
Pope, John 

Greer, Franklin M Pope, Thomas 

Griesbaum, William Ramsav, James 

Heene, Philip 

Hobbs, Thomas A 

Hoeger, Charles 

Jones, Tilfort 

Kelly, Solomon 


Kyle, Frank M 

Leech, John Hjr 

Remick, George W 
Rhoton, Jacob 
Schaffer, William 
Seegraves, J H 
Slater, D C 
Steinmetz, C J 
Turner, Charies F 
Twiss, C H 

Leech, Joseph D jr Wanger, Conrad 
Leech,William D White, Charles W 
Lockwood, Geo C Wilson, James 
Logan, Benjamin E Woods, John 

TRINITY, No. 561. 

MONMOUTH, Warren Co. Chartered 
Oct 1867. Reg com 2d a*id 4th Thurs. 
Ann com Thurs o b Dec 27. Membership 

O D Wilcox, W Master 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

W A Grant, S W 
J B Mills, J W 
J Morningston, Tr 
W W Brown, Sec 

Baker, W C 
Ballard, BE 
Barbour, G R 
Bates, C L 
Bates, H H 
Beck, Henry 
Bolack, Joseph 
Bowles, J J 
Brewer, Melville 
Brewer, J W 
Burlingim, H 
Call, Henry 
Camp, S T 
Chapman, W L 
Cooper, William J 
Cuthbert, W L 
Davis, J B 
Day, B F 
Dredge, H W 
Dennis, G H 
Eckelson, Albert 
Ellett, T H 
Fowler, John 
Good, P D 
Haines, James 
Harvey, A J 
Hall, D A 
Hamnuck, D M 
Herbert, A S 
Higgins, John 
Hodgins, J O 
Hogan, Thomas 
Hubbard, B T O 
Hurding, H D 
Irwin, J J 

J G Madden, S D 
A T Walker, J D 
R H Greenleaf, S S 
F Rosenzwey, J S 
Stone, T 

Johnson, ECpm 
Johnston, Thosjr 
Kilgore, J C 
Lahman, R 
Lieman, H R 
McGrew, Jerry 
McHenry, C H 
Marks, Isaac 
Miram, O M 
Mitchell, GL 
Murphy, C S 
Nusbaum, Moses 
Reece, J N 
Regnier, Felix jr 
Richard, J T 
Roberts, Peyton 
Scheibel, Morris 
Shelton, RP 
Shields, H E 
Shippey, J H 
Shultz, RH 
Sickman, W S 
Stansbury, Lambert 
Stapp, Guy 
Stewart, J H 
Sunderland, M R 
Swain, A H 
Taylor, S F 
Tresham, W D 
Walker, AT 
Ward, William 
Webster, H A 
Williams, C C 
Wilson, W F 
Wolf, W B 

TRIO, No. 57. 

ROCK ISLAND. Chartered Oct 1848. 
Reg com 1st Thurs. Ann com reg o b 
Dec 27. Place of meeting Masonic Hall. 
Membership 172. 

Henry C Cleveland, W Master 
J Montgomery, S W Wm M King, S D 
Jno Siegrist jr, J W John H Lloyd, J D 
H Burgower, Treas William Gray, S S 
R M Sweeney, Sec Wm E Cropper, J S 

Isaac Webster, T 
Adams, Lewis V Briggs, Manuel M 
Adams, Nathaniel Brittingham, Thos 
Allen, Ebenezer p m Bromley, John C 
Anawaldt, E H Buford, Basil D 

Baker, John H Buford, Jas Mpm 

Bamberger, Isaac Buford, Thos Jpm 

Barber, George 
Barnes, M Alonzo 
Baumer, J B 
Bellows, James M 
Blackburn, H C 
Blanding, VMpm 
Bogue, Peter p m 
Bower, Arthur 
Boyer, John A 

Burrall, Edward jr 
Burtnett, Spencer 
Cargill, John B 
Cameron, A 
Carl, James 
Carlton, Benj G 
Carlton, Geo Lpm 
Case, George M 
Cohnan, John J 

Colburn, Zibia McBain, John 

Conet, Joseph McConochie, Jas M 

Connelly, H C McConochie, Robt 

Copp, James McConochie, Wm 

Coss, Frederick C McFarlane, Robert 

Craig, George G McLaughlin, Ciias A 

Crampton, Richard Magill, William T 

Crossley, Samuel Manley, James 

Cunkle, David L Mathews, John W 

Curtis, William K Merrill, Moses D 

Cutter, Amos F Mills, Joseph 

Davis, Melvin W Mills, J Ross 

Donaldson, David Noftsker, John T 

Downes, George F Norris. Wilbur F 

Epstein, Isaac O'Connell, Anthony 

Ewing, James Parks, J ames J 

Farrell, Peter Parmenter, EEpm 

Farr, Frederick W Parsons, George H 

Ferguson O K Pettit, William B 

Field, James R C Piatt, George W 

Field, Michael G Quick, John M 

Field, S R W Raeder, George 

Foster, George Reimers,John 

Gait Thomas Reynolds, Charles A 

Gallup, Paul W Reynolds, Hazro 

Gingles, Andrew Rhea, J H 

Grandin, P A Robinson, Thos J 

Gray, Jesse M Robson, Angus 

Gray, Joseph A Rogers, Gilbert A 

Gray, Thomas Rosenfield, Meyer 

Gray, Thomas E Ryer, William H 

Gray, William C Siegrist, Philip 

Grenell, William B Skelton, J M 

Guyer, S S Sleeper, George H 

Hamilton, C M Smith, Henry 

Hawes, Charles W Smith, Luce 

Hawes. Frank B Smythe, Herman J 

Hawley.JohnB Soloman, Robert E 

Heath, S A Spencer, E G 

Heinsheimer, Isaac Sprague, Silas 

Hill, A F Stafford, John T 

Hodgson, Wm H Stafford, M T 

Howard, James Steel, Alexander 

Huber, Jacob R Stephens, David 

Huesing, August Swanson, Andrew J 

Hull,Alvin Swanson, Charles P 

Hutchings, John Sweeney, W L 

Jarvis, William N Thompson, David C 

Jenks, George W Thornton, Thomas 

Jennerett, Charles Tillman, A V 

Johnston, James Titcomb, Oliver P 

Johnson, James R Treman, Henry 

Johnson, Thomas A Truesdale, Calvin 

Johnson, William J Turner, Elihu 

Jones, Asa H Tutchburn, William 

Jones,George Van Dusen, Chas H 

Kale, William Velie, J W 

Keen, Philip Volk, John 

Kellerstrass, Fredk Wagner, Abram 

Kennedy, Patrick G Wagner, Philip J 

Kiesow, Louis Waldheimer, Philip 

Kimball, Benjamin Wilcox, Charles W 

Koehler, Emil Williamson, John E 

Langmark, Henry Wilson, Frazier 

Lloyd, Richard H Woods, H E 

Lowrey, Homer J Zeigler, Henry 

TROY, No. 588. 

TROY, Madison Co. Chartered Oct 1868. 
Reg com 2d and 4th Wed. Membership 33. 

Subordinate Lodges. 


George Rawson, W Master 
Jos J Renfro, S W W S Jar vis, S D 
Wm Donoho, J W Wm A Wilson, J D 
J A Barnsback, Tr Jas P Anderson, S S 
A Rawson, sec J A Henderson, J S 

Thomas H Bell, T 
Anderson, N B 
Barnes, S G 
Burk, Elias 
Dewey,_John S 

Hollis, Henry Clay 
Hollis, Josephus C 
Karges, Louis 
Kohler, Frederick 
Linderman, A 
Luttle, James P 
Padon, Jesse 
Rawson, Samuel 

Riggin, Theodore A 
Riggin, William H 
Sabin, Frank A 
Sabin, Wallace E 
Shaw, William 
Smart, AlseyS 
Smart, Henry A 
Smith, John Henry 
Subold, James M 
Vance, John Albert 
Welborn, Joel H 

TUSCAN, No. 630. 
WALPOLE, Hamilton Co. Chartered 
Oct 1869. Reg com Thurs o b f m. Mem- 
bership 32. 

Wtlltam B Rhoads, W Master 
A C Smith, S W J no H Douglass, S D 
JEBarkes,JW Geo W Johnston, J D 
S T Richey, Treas J T Gholstonand, S S 
John Smith, Sec Silas A Whitley, J S 

William H Davis, T 
Allen, Lemuel B Johnson, J W 
Barden.F J Johnson, W W 

Davis, Henry Jones, H B 

Davis, J W McClintock, James 

Davis, William R Organ, Hiram B 
Deen, William A Rilev, J H 
Golston, T Roberds, R D 

Gott, John F Waynick, J F 

Gray, William B Williams, RR 
Johnson, E S Winn, J F 

Johnson, James Young, M T 

TUSCOLA, No. 332. 

TUSCOLA. Douglas Co. Chartered Oct 
1860. Reg com 2nd and 4th Thurs. Mem- 
bership 126. 

W F Bromfield, W Master 
Cornelius Bye,S WWW Richards, S D 
L Johnston, J W Oscar A Sloan, J D 
John J Jones, Treas Charles Cashford, S S 
A H Elkin, Sec Geo Wamsley, J S 

Robert Barden, T 
Anderson. G H Chandler, J F 

Apperson, J A Chappel, Henry 

Atherton, O B Clapp, J B 

Bacon, George R Cline, M W 
Barrett, E T Collins, J T 

Bassett, H J Conover, D A 

Brenton, W Cox, J M 

Bright, C Crawley, ES 

Brinton^W B Cunningham, F G 

Bowen, W M Daggett, M V 

Bundy, T C Dasrgy, Samuel 

Callawav, George Davis, James 
Cambridge, J S Dilly, James 

Cannon, E B Dix, B J 

Cannon, J G Dryer. W B 

Carpenter, O C Dunnigan, S B 

Elkin, M 
Ephlin, J M 
Ervin, John 
Ervin, J H 
Faulkner, William 
Finney, E C 
Flynn, O 
French, WT 
Friend, F M 
Garrett, C 
Glassco, K 
Green, W M 
Hackett, J M 
Hackett, O C 
Hastings.J N 
Hart, C W 
Hart, J B 
Helton, A P 
Higgins, W G 
Homble, Isaiah 
Hoot, Josiah 
Hudson, E 
Hudson, P W 
Ingraham, H R 
Jeffry, J C 
Jester, J T 
Jewell, John H 
Jewett, J C 
Johnson, D W 
Johnson, W R 
Jones, Maiden 
Jordan, J L 
Kellam, H O 
Kornblum, Joseph 
Lamb, C F 
Lamb, Derrick 
Lamb, W H 
Lawson, M M 
Layne, John 
Lindsay, A S 
Logan, S B 
McCarty, E 

McGinnis, John 
McGinnis, S H 
Macoughtry, T H 
Maris, J M 
Miller, W P 
Moats, J W 
Nelson, W L 
Nelson, William 
Niles, H C 
Olmstead, C N 
Ownings, J C 
Paddleford, Simson 
Perkins, W M 
Pike, G H 
Pursell, S R 
Ramsey, J M 
Randolph, W H 
Reinheim, S M 
Robinson, A G 
Russell, J G 
Russell, W H 
Sloan, J A 
Sloan, P C 
Speer, F T 
Speer, S T 
Stevenson, J C 
Stevenson, S D 
Stuchell, C D 
Taggart, W 
Thayer, Alfred 
Timberlake, B L 
Trowneil, James 
Wallace, A G 
Westfall, A E H 
Wicks, G L 
Wicks, Mark 
Williamson, J S 
Wood, C C 
Wood, Will 
Wright, J W 
Wyeth, J S 
York, Amos 

TYRIAN, No. 333. 

SPRINGFIELD. Chartered Oct 1860. 
Reg com 3d Mon. Membership 104. 
Frank Hudson Jr, W Master 
Geo R Hough, S W Henry G Waldo, S D 
H B Davidson, J W G McCutcheon, J D 
Thos C Smith, Treas Saml H Ciaspill, S S 
John B Sage, Sec John Rosbach, J S 

James W Watson, T 
Ayer, E H Chandler, James L 

Ayers, Byron W Coe, L W 
Amman,_Arnold Coleman, Joseph E 

Ansell, William 
Bamforth, John 
Barrell, George 
Beam, Jacob H 
Bowerman, Lloyd 
Brewer, Harry 
Brewer, John M 
Britt, Thomas J 

Conant, P H 
Cooke, John J 
Death, James A 
Dinkill, George J 
Dowe, Oscar E 
Dresser, Edward 
Drury, Patrick 
Dubois, Jesse K 

Burkhardt, Gottleib Ferrill. John W 
Burrill, Eugene L Fiske, William H 
Burrill, John F g s Flesher, Daniel 
Button, Harvey Foster, C H 

Carnochan, Peter Fultz, John Page 
Carroll, John H Gehlman, Ernest 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Gould, Hiram 
Gray, G 
Griffith. B M 

Gross, Alta 
Hall, David H 
Hamar, G W 
Hardenbaugh, C 
Harkness, D G 
Hartman, Frederick 
Hazelmeyer, A 
Hemenway, Geo B 
Higgins, Alex D 
Hill, James Edgar 
Hudson, James L 
Huglies, John A 
Hummell, Wm H 
James, Fred John 
King, James 
Kelley, William F 
Keener, H N 
Latham, Allen 
Lawrence, R D 
Loosley, Henry 
McCreery, John 
McVey, B F 
Miller, Allen 
Miner, Orlin H 
Myers, Joseph D 
Olden, William P 
Paine, Frank H 
Parker, Charles 

Perce, William L 
Philbrick, Charles 
Pringle, Alexander 
Pringle, Alex jr 
Richards, James 
Bobertson, Wm H 
Rogerson, Joseph 
Saylor, John 
Sedge wick, Jason H 
Scholes, Samuel D 
Shepherd, John B 
Slayton, JHL 
Smith, John 
Sommers, Wm C 
Staley, C Emory 
String, Simon 
Swiggleson, Wm 
Taintor, C C 
Thompson, Geo K 
Twyman, Samuel H 
Vanderwalker, C 
Veara, M N 
Waldo, George D 
Weaver, Perry A 
Webster, Robert 
Windsor, John A 
Wi throw, Sanford 
Withey, Thos Allen 
Whitley, Henry C 
Wood, Henry R 

UNION, No. 627. 

NEAR LICK CREEK, Union Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1869 Reg com Sat a f m. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 32. 

Edwix Wiggs, W Master 
Jas D Brooks. S W Jas M Brooks, S D 
Jas W Davis, J W Thos M Hines, J D 
Jesse Roberts, Treas A P Galleghy, S S 
S Crowder, Sec James Stafford, J S 

William Jene, T 
Anderson, Henry C Gaurley, Charles M 
Ballard, A Harlin, RG 

Brooks, Henry C Hunsacker, Jacob Z 
Brown, James A Kimbro, Johnson E 
Casper, Francis M Kirby, David H 
Casper, John F McGinnis, George F 

Cochran, William J Mangum, A J 
Clark, William S Peninger, A L 
Cover, Abraham Royeler, S G 
Daws, William J Rich, Thomas J 
Ellmore, William B Short, David C 
Frisham, Enoch 

UNION PARK, No. 610. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1869. Reg 
com every Wed. Place of meeting 681 
W Lake st. Membership 96. 

A D O'Neill, W Master 
J C Bailey, S W G P Randall, S D 

D T Brown, J W CO Pratt, J D 
C Bunge, Treas Jos Beemer, S S 

Andrew Cant, Sec L F Kiehm, J S 

B M Cook, T 
Adolphus, Philip Baker, Charles 
Ansell, Myer Beebe, S C 

Atkinson, J W Bingham, WW 

Bisbee, J R 
Bishop, J D 
Blankley, T F 
Bradwelh J B 
Bryant, T H 
Calhoun, F C L 
Carpenter, E L 
Carpenter, J Y 
Chandler, A W 
Chandler, F N 
Clark, B F 
Clark, W R 
Coe, William 
Colin, Henry 
Cluett, J C 
COok, J S 
Eastman, William 
Eckerson, Geo W 
Escher,D B 
Fay, J W 
Foster, B F 
Frazer, Isaac 
Frazer, J R 
Galpin, H B 
Gill, B G 
Gilloth, P P 
Goodie, M M 
Goodfellow, H C 
Greene, W F 
Greenhood, J 
Griswold, WR 
Hale, FE 
Halla, F 
Hamburgher, S 
Haslam, W H 
Haven, E P 
Havill, J J 
Heald, A H 
Heath, W D 
Hickey, A C 

Hutchins, J A 
Judson, W T 
Keeling, W 
Kellogg, A B 
Linsley, C S 
Livingstone, J 
Little, G 
Love, Henry 
Loverin, H A 
McFarland, William 
McNiel, W 
McNiel, W B 
Many, G J 
Marks, Simon 
Milner, D E 
H Moran, A G 
Morris, Henry T 
Murray, A W 
Parker, R B 
Philbrick, G A 
Pierce, G W 
Pratt, W M 
Reed, B T 
Rice, J M 
Ross, C W 
Roth, John H 
Rutherford, R 
Sammon, F 
Scales, Joseph H 
Sears, T P 
Shores, B F 
Thwing, W N 
Townsend, T B 
Weeks, C B 
W^ells, G M 
White, William 
Williams, Aaron 
Williams, William 
Winlack, T D 

UNITY, No. 48. 

.ST CHARLES, Kane Co. Chartered Oct 
1848. Reg com 1st and 3d Mon. Mem 40. 

C A Miller, W Master 
J H Burley, S W H M Clark, Sec 
C H Costin, J W AC Keiser, S D 
John McKeeva, Tr J J Goodman, J-D 

J D Bliss, T 
Alexander, F L De Wolf. J S 
Austin, Ira O Dunham, G A 

Bared, J C Hilts, J Monroe 

Barry, A H Hilts, Joseph 

Barry, EE Howard, L 

Bisby, M H Jones, S S 

Blanchard, G B Haselhurst, H B 
Bosworth, D L Lincoln, C T 

Bowe, A G Lincoln, D 

Bridges, J B McGee, F M 

Bross, E N March, G B 

Bundy, J C Nichols, Ira A 

Burchell, J P Quackenbush, M 

Chamberlain, O B Rockwell, H T 
Church, LW Ryan, TE 

Coldwell, O Zarbriskie, D L 

Dearhorn, A H 

URBANaTNo. 157. 

URBAN A, Champaign Co. Chartered 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Oct 1854. Reg com 1st Sat. Ana com 
Dec. Membership 122. 

Myron S Brown, W Master 
E Blackshaw, S W J H Benford, S D 
H W Avers, J W Wra H Guyer. J D 
E Halberstadt, Tr Eli J Heller, S S 
St J Van Armau,Sec Jesse Allbright, J S 

Reese R Taylor, T 
Allen. Andrew J McKee, John L 
Ater. Edward McKenzie, Daniel 

Beatty, Thomas M McLean, Lewis A 
Bellan, Frank L McLennan, Dnncan 
Bellchambers, John Mathewson, James 
Boyd, James W Michael, Bennett F 

Braddock, Miner. John R 

Brown, Francis A Morehouse, C R 
Brown, William G Morehouse, John H 
Bruce, Dexter W Mueller, Urban 
Burpee, Charles L Myers, Edward L 
Busey, Samuel T Myers, James 
Busey, Simon H Nelson, Joseph C 
Burt, Jesse Park, Joseph 

Caldwell, Jackson Park, William 
Call, George W Patton, Felix 

Carson, Thomas B Prentice, Fredk W 
Clark, Peter F Radebaugh, S B 

Clapp,AmasaO Rea, William H 

Coler, William N Riley, Henry 
Cranston, Wm W Riley, Ninian A 
Cruikshank, George Roach, David 
Cunningham, A P Bobbins, John T 
Cunningham, J O Romine, William H 
Curtiss, George W Roughton, John 
Davenport, Jos J Roughton, John T 
Davis, Benjamin M Roughton, Samuel 
Davis, Frederick Royer, John D 
Davies, James M Schiller, Daniel 
Duncan, Edward Schlorff, Charles 
Eubeling, Fredk E Shaw, Ezra A 
Fenner, Lyman Shroyer, Jesse 

Fenner, Robert R Silver, Charles W 
Gere, Myron S Silver, Wallace 

Gill, Zachariah E Small, Simeon S 
Goodwin, Wm M Somers, William H 
Graham, Wallace W Spencer, Alexander 
Griggs, Clark R Stewart, Henry 
Harvey, Moses D Tenbrook, John P 
Henderson, John A Thompson, Alex 
Holmes, Charles E Tiernan, Francis 
Howe, George E Tolen, Thomas J 
Ingersoll, Joseph Tracy, James M 
Jaques, Frank G Vance, Pleasant 
Kelsey, Chauncey Webber, George G 
Kennedy, Joseph Webber, James H 
Kirby, JohnH Webber, Robert A 

Lindley, Mahlon Webber, William B 
Little, John S Weber, Jacob P 

Lowenstern, Morris Weiser, George 
McClain, Allen Whitcomb, A L 

McClain, Dudley Whitcomb. Edwin T 
McClain, Judson J Whitzell. Erwin M 
McConney, N orris J Wilson, Thos W A 
McDonald, John Wire, George W 
McDonald, Wm H Woodmansee, G C 

VALLEY, No. 547. 

COAL VALLEY, Rock Island County. 
Chartered Oct 1867. Reg com Fri o b f m. 
Ann com Dec. Membership 31. 

L B Thomas, W Master 
D E Evans, S W John Phillips, S D 
Robt Patterson, J W William Adams, J D 
James Reed, Treas S G Garland, S S 
Hugh Caughy, Sec David Lyons, J S 

Levi Salmon, T 
Clark, Samuel B Meanor, William 
Donaldson, Andrew Phillips, Thomas 
Evans, David L Powell, Samuel 

Gates. Frederick Roseberry, James S 
Howell, William Scott, Josiah 
Hughes, John Stafford, Louis 

Lee, Luke — - South, Dissaway 

Lee, Robert Trego, Watson C 

Lee, William Vivian, William 

McCandless, John Weyerhauser, Fred 
McFarlane, John B 

VARNA, No. 720. 

VARNA, Marshall Co. Chartered Oct 
1874. Reg com 2d and 4th Sat. Member- 
ship 15. 

Stephen V Jones, W Master 
Edwin Gants, S W Z H Taylor, S D 
BeniWarren, J W John Law, J D 
I N Taylor, Treas S A Stateler, S S 
Thomas Gants, Sec P S Stephens, J S 

William C Stephens, T 
Croft, Marshall Wallace, John 

Eagan, Cary Wright, William H 

Parret, Orange 

VENICeTno. 621. 

VENICE, Madison Co. Chartered Oct 
1869. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. Ann com 
3d Sat Dec. Membership 19. 

Benjamin F Sippet, W Master 
S WHuddleston,SW Poinsett Letts, Sec 
John Brodan, J W Preston Bishop, S D 
John Cull, Treas Frederick Kohl. J D 

William E Bores, T 
Barco, William E Robinson, Henry 
Brown, Robert J Sippry, John L 
Irish. Tyler J Sippry, William 

Kinder, Colvin Smith, Jeptha 

Kinder, Thomas W Wood, Benj 
Reif, Emil 

VERMILION, No. 265. 

INDIANOL A, Vermilion Co. Chartered 
Oct 1858. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. Ann 
com 3d Sat Dec. Membership 51. 

Walker T Butlek, W Master 
Wm A Pierce. S W O P Gingson, S D 
J Russell Grace, J W R M Crowder, J D 
Rev J H Williams, C Geo Heiiman, S S 
Jno R Newkirk. Tr Eph Porter, J S 
Geo S Hartley, Sec George Mann, T 
Baird, David A Dickson, Benjamin 

Barrett, Franklin V Dickson, Silas 
Black, Samuel Fairman, Foster N 

Burns, Cornelius Fenwick, William 
Carson, Thomas Fisher, Isaac 
Cheney. Nathan Galway, James 
Clark, William R Galway, William 
Cnrtis, John Grace, William R 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Hughes, Theopolus 
Hull, J L 

Hartley, Joseph H 
Jones, Daniel 
Knipe, L 

McDowell, John A 
McHoffie, Joseph B 
McMiilin, Harvey 
McMiilin, William 
Mack, William H 
Miller, Franklin 
O'Brian, Adam H 

Parker, James N 
Pennington, John 
Perishoo, Jacob W 
Rigdon, Foster N 
Rockhill, Leander C 
Seance, James S 
Sidelie, George 
Spicer, Joseph 
Starks, William 
Tuttle, Frank A 
Varner, Allen 
Wells, James H 

VERMONT, No. 116. 

VERMONT, Fulton Co. Chartered Oct 
1852. Reg com Sat o b f m. Member- 
ship 75. 

Jackson Kimble, W Master 
E P Durell, S W H S Jacob, S D 
F Chandler, J W Horace Miner, J D 
D Kirkbride, Treas P D Plattenburg, S S 
W F Stephens, Sec J W Wilkinson, J S 

Alexander, William Harris, Hiram H 
Arnold, Joseph M Harris, James H 

Barker, John W 
Barker, Joseph 
Bates, David 
Bottenburg, J 
Bowles, James H 

Herron, Andrew J 
Hoopes, Silas F 
Hoover, A L 
Kinney, Thomas J 
Kirkbride, A B 

Brenan, Thomas W Kotit, John 

Burgess, Martin H Le Matty, Joseph 

Campbell, Win S McCarty, John 

Carnahan, Jesse McColley, Alonzo 

Cassidy, Leander Mickey, Jacob 

Clark, Alexander K Miles, Martin 

Clark, Jerome B Miner, John F 

Couch, C B 
Cox, George 
Cox, Henry M 
Cox, Thomas 
Crail, James J 
Craithers, John 
Derry, George W 
Deobler, Daniel E 
Dilworth, Robert 
Durell, William F 
Dureil, William M 
Elwell, Lewis 
Gilliand, John 
Goclsland, Charles 
Gore, George 
Homer, Joseph 
Homer, Simon L 
Homer, Thomas 
Harlocher, James M 

Munsinger, Joseph 
Murphy, James 
Nelson, Edward B 
Perry, Harry 
Price, Samuel J 
Ring, B J 
Russell, James 
Saxon, James F 
Sid well, E 
Smithers, Henry 
Stephens, J H B 
Stewart, Samuel A 
Toland, Cephus 
Walters, Eli J 
Wiley, John L 
Wilson, Jeptha 
Wright, Theodore 
Zoll, Cruthers 


VERSAILLES, Brown Co. Chartered 
Oct 1851. Reg com Sat o b f m. Mem- 
bership 57. 

W W Eckler, W Master 
O F Casteen, S W G S, Fields, S D 
H Burgesser, J W T J Rowland, J D 
J J McWare, Treas H Honevfinger, S S 
B R Badgett, Sec S C Root, J 3 
Jepthah L Wilson, T 

Brown, Robert 
Burgess, Allen 
Burgesser, J H 
Burgesser, John 
Burns, G A 
Casteen, J A 
Casteen, O F 
Casteen, T H 
Clark, Charles 
Clark, Frank 
Cox, Joseph 
Cox, S D 
Dawson, G W 
Elliott, J B 
Gaston, S H 
Glize, A J 
Green, Hiram 
Henry, G N 
Holtsclaw, J B 
Johnson, F A 
Logsdon. Aaron 
McGaugh, William 

Martin, J G 
Martin, M V 
May, Henry 
Northern, H C 
O'Hara, Rodger 
Park, Elihu 
Ravenscroi't, W H 
Reger, Casper 
Rice, J H 
Rice, Lewis 
Rich, Mathias 
Ritter, H D 
Rockwood, E M 
Rose, Charles 
Russeil, T J 
Shackleford, Arthur 
Shaffer, H W 
Six, Wisley 
Summy, Obadiah 
Thomas, William 
Van d venter, H S 
Whitesides. J W 
Wilber, Albert 
Wilson, Jesse 

VESPER, No. 584. 

GALESBTJRG, Knox Co. Chartered 
Oct 1868. Reg com 2d and 4th Wed. Mem- 
bership 74. 

James H Bell, W Master 
C H J Charvat, S W A J Gillett, S D 
Judson Graves, J W John A Frailey, J D 
John M Morse, Tr Thomas E Coote, S S 
Jno McFarland, Sec R P Williams, J S 

Thomas N McQueen, T 
Anderson, Jonas F Judd, Herbert 

Barnett, W W 
Barron, Alfred 
Beatty, Zachius 
Berggren, Aug W 
Block, Charles O 
Bluett, James 
Bristol, H C 
Brulin, Anthony 
Bruner, Arnold T 
Brunei*, Marshall 
Brunquist, John 
Carson, Robert B 
Charvat, Frank P 
Clark, Dugald 
CI ay comb, E W 
Claycomb, Geo W 
Converse, Sanford 

Lacy, James W 
Lambert, J M 
Lanphere, George C 
Lescher, George C 
Linsley, James H 
Lowrey, Isaac M 
McK night, James T 
Mason, Edwin 
Mecorney, John L 
Merrill, George A 
Panharst, P 
Parker. Henry E 
Price, Oscar F 
Pollock, Robert N 
Raymer, Joseph F 
Reis, De Witt C 
Rice, Arch A 

DeGroot, Edward H Robinson, George W 
Duvon, Olof T Sain, Benjamin F 

Edgerton, John F Shreves, Thomas J 
Erickson, Andrew P Shutts, J H 
Farrington, Elijah C Smith, Chauncey H 
Ferris, Charles J Smith, Milton 
Frohlich. Solomon Stewart, John C 
Fuson, IraJ Sutherland, William 

Fuson, Willis H Swartwout, S P 
Garrett, John Thompson, Geo A 

Greenlesf, David Walker, John S 
Hamilton, William Warner, E P 
Hart, John A Wertz, James L 

Hopkins, J W Williams, W O 

Jacobe, Meyer 



VIENNA, No. 150. 
VIENNA, Johnson Co. Chartered Oct 
1854. Beg com Tues o b f m. Ann com 
June. Membership 63. 

David Ragains, W Master 
J B Kykendall, S W F M Simpson, S D 
R D Mathis, J W AN Brockman, J D 
J Throgmorton, Tr Cezar Conn, S S 
Lewis C Oliver, Sec WmBDonaghy, J S 

Benjamin F Bellemy,T 
Allard, David Lunday, Benj F 

Bescgs, John M McCorcle, John R 

Boyt, Felix G Mangum, William A 

Boyt, William W Mathis, James P 
Bridges, Henry T Noble, John B 
Burnett, Ashael Perkins, William 
Cardwell, Asa D Roberts, Lewis J 
Carlton, Lewis W Rose, James E 
Carter, James H Slack, James 
Carter, John Slack, John 

Corbit, Calvin Smith, Barnabas S 

Crura, John S Smith, John F 

Damon, James M C Smith, Millington S 
Fort Mears P Stanton, Griffin A 

Hahs, John Suit, William J 

Hahs, Robert Thompson, William 

Hess, Samuel Throgmorton, H 

Hight, Robert D Utley, Gabriel 
Hill, Andrew J Veach, Green B 

Hogg, James J Walker, Lewis F 

Howell, A D Walker, Narel J 

Jackson, Samuel Walker, Robert J 
Kerley, Quillin T Walker, William T 
Kincy, Daniel S Whittenburg, Wm 
Kuykendall, A J Wiggins, John 
Leadbeater, Lewis Wright, John 
Looney, William A 

VILLA RIDOE, No. 562. 

VILLA RIDGE, Pulaski Co. Chartered 
Oct 1867. Reg com Sat o b f m. Mem- 
bership 31. 

JoHi* W Mott, W Master 
S O Lewis, S W Geo A Pavey, S D 
H H Grindshoff, J W A Huhwer, J D 
Obed Edson, Treas Wm R Crain, S S 
L F Crain, Sec S H Graves, J S 

A F Haggerstaff, T 
Aldred, James Hooppaw, David 

Bigggerstaff, Thos Hooppaw, Wm R 
Boner, George W Jones, V M 
Britt, William A Littell, Adam C 
Clay, James H Minton, Bird 

Edson, Walter S Mullin, Patrick 
Fornbelle, G L Pollock, Alexander 

Graddy, B J Robinson, Alfred B 

Hall, Adolphus C Stewart, Jesse 
Harper, Samuel H Waft'ord, William 
Hogendobler, H A Wright, James 

VIOLaTno. 577. 

VIOLA, Mercer Co. Chartered Oct 
1868. Reg com Thurs o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 38. 

John B Langley, W Master 
S McFate, S W Russel Park, Treas 

Van R Harriott, JW Hugh B Frazier, Sec 

Sterling Morris, S D 
Moses K 
Ailes, John C 
Atwater, Sylvanus B 
Baxter, John 
Bissell, Wilbert 
Bogar, Andrew 
Campbell, Matthew 
Cooper, Richard 
Crosby, Delos 
Erne, Joseph M 
Everett, Samuel F 
Firr, John A 
Godfrey, Thomas C 
Greenwell, Henry F 
Greenwood, John 
Harris, David 

John Gilbert, JD 
Flory, T 
Hartsell, Charles 
Langley, James F 
McLaughlin, Allen 
Marcy, B F 
Morgan, E J 
Morris, A L 
Page, James W 
Park, Robert 
Robinson, Allen 
Smith, Frank C 
Smith, John B 
Smith, W L 
Taylor, Robert 
Walker, James M 
Willikan B,pm 

VIRDEN, No. 161. 

VIRDEN, Macoupin Co. Chartered Oct 
1855. Reg com Wed o b f m. Ann com 
reg o b Jan 20. Membership 79. 

Archibald L Virdei*, W Master 
Geo W Tuttle, S W Balfour Cowen, S D 
Wm Bowling, J W Geo W Dillon, J D 
A C Gish, Treas L N Roland, S S 

W P Thompson, Sec Adam Ranud, J S 

John C Becker, T 
Achilles, Lewis Leek, George 

Allison, Edward McCarter, L B 
Ball, Richard McClure, John F 

Bartlett, A T Magearey, Robert P 

Bell, William A Maulsbury, Aaron 
Boyer, John Mayer, Peter 

Brienaugh, Perry S Miller, John 
Brooks, Nathan C Murray, Madison 
Browning, Luther Osborn, John A 
Burch, William Phillips, William M 

Burns, Henry O Pickens, John A 
Cheeney, Gill P Pitman, John 

Chamberlain. N Post, Uriel S 
Clemens, John B Post, William S 
Clark, Absolom Post, William W 
Cowen, Llewellyn Rae, Thomas A 
Cox, William H Rauch, Charles 
Cray, George W Rauch^Jacob 
Ennis, John Reed, William M 

Etter, Franklin G Shanklin, R 
Etter, George Shutt, David M 

Evans, John Shutt, Jacob 

Floyd, David Sims, Willis 

Freeman, Tyrian J Steed, William 
Graenwalt, George Tenbrook, Jos W 
Haggard, John Thomas, Lewis H 

Hagler, John H Turner, Joel 
Hall, Samuel Wauker, James 

Hess, Levi J Wilcox, Seymour B 

Horsey, Enos Withrow, Matthew 

Houston, John Warden, A J 

Hutchinson, A C Warden, George H 
Jones, Manoch B Warden, James P 
Kaufman, Lewis Wright, Preston 
Kennett, William P 

VIRGINIaTno. 544. 

VIRGINIA, Cass Co. Chartered Oct 
1867. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. Ann com 
3d Sat Dec, Membership 35. 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

John B Btttlek, W Master 
C M Hubbard, S W Geo Davidson, S D 
D J McConnell, JWJH Dunbar, J D 
R H Chetteck, Treas W H Thompson, S S 
G F Hellig, Sec Frank Schaffer, J S 

J W Smith, T 
Armstrong, James Hunter, William R 
Barrett, Seth W Huston, John M 
Billings, George Plagel, Casper 
Black, David Powell, James M 

Bunce, John W Rodney, James M 
Carr, Dallas Shaw, C W 

Casgro, Martin Stopher, Thurston 

Chapman, Thomas Suttliff, Charles W 
Davis, George W Thompson, B A 
Dunaway, Thomas Thompson, R Park 
Durvey, J S Underwood, P 

Heaton, Noble J Wubkin, Henry 
Hepplinger, Lemuel Yaples, L P R 


WHEELING, Cook Co. Chartered Oct 
1850. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 41. 

E H Winchell, W Master 
A W Peet, S W F R Striker, S D 

Conrad Miller, J W William Metz, J D 
John E Ballard, Tr J A Mason, S S 
L I Fischer, Sec Birney Mason, J S 

E T Beach, T 
Barchard, Ira Mier, William 

Bender, C Ocrerbey, W G 

Bleimehl, Peter Oldfield, Alfred 
Bruce, Joshua Robson, Jacob 

Easton, John Ross, John 

Gardiner, Alex Schush, John 

Gutsier, George Stege, Henry 
Harrower, O C Van Patten, F V 

Hohmann, Val Vogt, Charles 

Kopp, F G Watts, George W 

Kennedy, Roger Welfling, Christian 
Keorner, Herman Welter, H B 
Langley, William Welter, J S B 
Lower, R C Winchell, F A 

Mason, Matthew Winchell, Milo 
Mercler, F R 

WABANSIA, No. 160. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1855. Reg 
com every Thursday. Ann com lastThurs 
Dec. Place of meeting 122 La Salle street. 
Membership 191. 

Thomas J Ttjstin, W Master 
Geo E Goocli, S W J A Stoddard, S D 
James F Duffy, J W A H Bannan, J D 
Jas E Church, Treas J Barstow, S S 
E St John, Sec G H Flower, J S 

D F Brandon, T 
Abernethy, John Bauer, Herman 
Adams, F Beckwith, C H 

Armstrong, A J Berry, John ]r 
Asay, E G Billings, H F 

Baker, George L Binckley, C S 
Baker, W Vincent Blocki, John 
Barker, John C Blonman, H 
Barrett, O W Bond, W S 

Barry, James K Bonnan, A H 
Barstow, G S Bowen, C T 

„J, F King, J E 

Brewster, J P Kingman, C H 

Brown, E Kingman, W E 

Butterfield, Samuel Kingsbury, J E 
Butters, W A Kingsbury, S H 

Calvert, W H Kune, J 

Campbell, Alex Lashner, S H 
Campbell, J D Lehman, L 

Carr, C A Lovell, Ogden 

Catlin. George Lyon, G P 

Chapman, B F McEl wain, Geo pm 

Chapman, S S McKenzie, C 

Church, F L Mann, Bell 

Clegg, W Marchbank, George 

Coats, W A Marks, A 

Coburn, C E Marsh, J L 

Colby, J A Marvin, George 

Cook, G M Maxfieid, A S 

Cory, James Meech, George A 

Cornwall, M V Michael, L M 

Crosby, I F Miller, George W 

David, A A Mitchell, Oscar 

Davis, Nathan Morse, R J 

Davis, S H Neuhaus, A S 

Debus, Edward Newst, William 

Deutsch. S P Nisley, Samuel 

Dewes, F J Ogden, C C 

Dolph, S Parmelee, Frank 

Doyle, W J Perkins, Luther 

Dunning, W C Perry, T Whit 

Dyche, D R Petillon, W F 

Ellis, J Ward Phillips, John F 

Farson, James Phillips, R W 

Farwell, John V Pieters, J G 

French, J Bjr Pitkin, J 

French, J J Pomeroy, G T 

Furguson, J Pratt, A H 

Gardner, J E Putnam, J C 

Garrabrant, R C Ramsden, Copley 

Garrigan, T J Reinbort. H P 

Gaskell, Jilson Richardson, O S 

Gerson, Joseph Robinson, Prescott 

Gilbert, R J Ross, Hugh 

Goodall, G B Ruggles, George A 

Goodrich, RL Sage, William M 

Hancock, W T Sieger, F 

Hargis, Harry Semple, E 

Harring, S K Semple, George E 

Harris, Jacob Sheppard. F H 

Hastings, C E Sherman, F T 

Height, A B Shewell, F S 

Herron, O T Shipman, D B 

Higbee, D H Shipman, Elias 

Holbrook. Benj Sidfey, W K 

Holden, T N Sidwell, R L 

Howard, J A Silliman, Charles F 

Howe, Willis Simers, T D 

Howell, John C Smith, Frederick 

Hoyne, Philip A Smith, George W 

Huling, A II Smith, P A 

Huyck, G L Smith, Russell 

Huyck, M A Smith, S M 

Hyde, John Smith, Wright 

Ives, E J Snyder, W H 

James, J T Southwick, S H 

Jewett, W B Stacy, T E 

Johnson, W V Stelzer, C 

Kay, B F Stocks, J 

Kay, R F Stockton. Joseph 

Keener, W T Stone, R 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Stow, W H 
Stratford, H K 
Surplus, James 
Swasey, N M 
Thomas, Sidney 
Tillobsou, Theodore 
Townesley, L D 
Tyler, A H 
Viele, L 
Wade, George W 

Walker, George H 
Watrous, C 
Weil, Jacob 
Wheeler, S W 
Winzer, J E 
Witherell, H M 
Wood, W A 
Woodcock, J T 
Woodford, R B 
Yeager, G J 
Zimmerman, H W 

WABASH, No. 179. 

ETNA, Coles Co. Chartered Oct 1855. 
Reg com Fri ob f m. Ann com Dec. 
Membership 50. 

W W Apperson, W Master 
C W Bishop, S W AY Hart, S D 
Lewis Lem. J W John Henson, J D 
C Mayhew, Treas F Wouldridge, S S 
B H Lawson, Sec J F Goar, J S 

Harvey Beneflel, T 
Apperson, John Hendrix. Miles 
Apperson, Thos A Hickman, Willis 
Anderson, W H H Johnson, D McL 
Baker, W H Lea, J D 

Benefiel, George W Lea, J P 

Beneflel, P R 
Biggs, R C 
Bishop, James 
Cavins, Joseph 
Clark, James 
Deckard. J R 
Eldridge, G W 
Fuller, John W 
Gannaway, D C 
Gardner, S D 
Goode, Joseph 
Hart, D S 
Hart, E B 
Hart, J L 

Montgomery, Alvin 
Montgomery, J W 
Moore, J M 
Morrison, W H 
Parks, S D 
Peters, A S 
Peters, Henderson 
Rhoades. J M 
Shores, Elias 
South, James 
Tate, R B 
Tremble, John C 
Williams, James H 
Wilson, G W 
Woolery, H W 

WADE BARNEY, No. 512. 

BLOOMIXGTON. Chartered Oct 1866. 
Reg com 4 Tues. Membership 130. 

Samuel C Wilsox. W Master 
J H Pike, S W Lewis L Burr, S D 

J Y Chisholm, J W C J Northrup. J D 
John E Eastman. T Daniel W Ruff, SS 
S W Waddle, Sec Vest us Quimbv, J S 

Charles M^ute, T 
Anderson. Chas W Butterfield. Chas H 
Armour. Samuel W Capp, T F 
Atkins, John Carney, Hagan 

At wood, J W Chapman, George W 

Baker, Edward M Chapman. Jones M 
Colling, D J 
Coulter James P 
Dalton, Joseph M 
Depew, John M 
Deutch. John C 

Fisher, John 
Gilbert, C C 
Goodfellow, A M 
Goss, Joseph T 
Gregg, George 
Green, George W 
Hamer, Charles F 
Hannaford, A M 
Harris, Hiram D 
Hatch, Samuel W 
Hill, William 
Holden, Daniel 
Howe, B L 
Hughes, Joseph 
Isenberg, James B 
Isenberg, William 
Kern, David 
Kimball, Henry H 
Kinne, A W 
King, Joseph W 
Kittle, Alfred 
Koon, Henry M 
Larrison, James 
Leake, William J 
Lonnev, James 
Luddington, Lewis 
McClun, Robert 
McComb, Thomas 
McDougal, Arch'd 
McDowell, James 
McHerron, Chas H 
Mcllvane. John S 
Marmon, William W 
Marsh, Benjamin P 
Martin, George 
Maxwell, Samuel A 
Mayers, William J 
Miller, James E 
Miner, Henry A 
Mitchell, Thomas F 
Morrison, Theo N 
Moulthrop, Chas V 
Munson, L E 

Myers, William 
Owen, Clarence 
Packard, L B 
Parker, Fletcher A 
Patrick, Henry B 
Pelser, Peter J 
Pollock, John E 
Prevost, Henry C 
Rawson, Charles J 
Roberts, John 
Richardson. H C 
Roberts, Charles G 
Robson, Robert G 
Rugg, Oram el 
Rushmore, Benj C 
Seibert, Leonard 
Sensevey, H M 
Shaefl'er, William L 
Shaw, William 
Shellhorn. Thomas J 
Simons, Miles G 
Sims, Benjamin 
Smith, David E 
Smith, Lee 
Smith, Stephen 
Smith, W H H 
Stennett, William H 
Straight, Marcus D 
Strope, George W 
Sweeney, John 
Sweeney. William 
Swift, Clark 
Thomas, William F 
Thorson. Julius 
Tryner, George A 
Tucker, William H 
Watson, Benjamin N 
Wakeley, V\ llliam N 
White, John L 
White, John R 
Wilson, John K 
Wright, Samuel 
Writer, Stephen C 
Yokum, G D 

Barnes, R M 
Best, Solomon C 
Bowman, Henry 
Boyce, Samuel 
Brewster, Jabez 
Broughton, H P 
Brown, George M 
Brown, Ralph E 
Buchanan, Arch 
Budolph, W W 
Bunn, Thomas J 

WADLEY, No. 616. 
FRAXKLIX. Morgan Co. Chartered 
Oct 1869. Reg com Wed o b f m. Mem- 
bership 20. 

William P HaPvT, W Master 
John A Borer, S W S Van Winkle, S D 
F Mayfield, J W Wm Samplis. J D 
E M Reese, Treas Jno C Crabtree, S S 
A H Wright, Sec J B Manstield, J S 
W A Slack, T 

Hart, Solomon 
Mansfield, Isaac 
Scott, Francis M 

Dick, George F 
Dickinson. Chas R 
Downs, William J 
Etler. Samuel M 
Fagerberg, Alfred 
Fagerberg, Axel W 

Cline. Lyman 
Cox, Albert W 
Crabtree, James W 
Davenport, C 
Dessan, David S 
Hart, George 

Woods, W C 
Wright, W II 

WALDECK, No. 674. 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1871. Reg 
com 2d and 4th Mon. Ann com 2d Mon 
Dec. Place of meeting 227 S Park av. 
See's address 111 Archer ave. Member- 
ship 58. 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Leboritjs Gollhardt, W Master 
W Buschman, S W Gabriel Wolf, S D 
Fred Kemmler, J W Win Hausen, J D 
Paul Kleiner, Treas Henry Wink, S S 
Henry Biroth, Sec John Dreier, J S 

Frederick Appel, T 
Biers, M Neubert, Augustus 

Binz, August Nielson, N P 

Bloom, Moses Pfaezler, Louis 

Dreier, Emil Reiners, E D 

Falk, H B Riebeling, Gustave 

Feindt, William H Schabel, Joseph 
Fregien, Ernest Schmidt, Charles 
Freudenthal, John Scholl, Adolph 
Gamboni, John B Schuerle, Anton 
Geewe, Ernest Schultz, Charles 

Gill, Andrew Schulz, Otto 

Goldschmidt, H Singer, August 
Graeper, Henry Sommer, Frederick 
Graeper, William Sundmacher, C 
Harlev, William Tessman, Charles 
Hauptman. Gustave Trott, Joseph 
Hausman, Edward Uhlendorf, Bodo 
Heinke, William Ulrich, Henry 
Jochem, George Wagner, F W 
Kalischer, Louis Walter, Francis 
Klingner, Theodore Weber, Conrad 
Lebelenz, Richard Wolf, Bernhard 
Leeb, Henry Zillges, Henry 

Kehrkamp, Fred Zimmerman, John 
Muller, John 

WALNTJtTno. 722. 

WALNUT, Bureau Co. Chartered Oct 
1874. Reg com 1st and 3rd Wed. Mem- 
bership 25. 

Moses G Sheldon, W Master 
L K Thompson, S W Andrew H Price, J D 
John Burke, Treas A L Bearss, S S 
Daniel M Towner, S Robt M Wymer, J S 
Elihu B Myrlck, S D Henry C Dow, T 
Atkinson, Ephraim Knight, Marion 
Belknap, Warren LeFeber, Henry 
Emery, John W Le Feber, Philip 
Evans, Marion A Peterson, Henry B 
Frease, John H Preston, Harvey M 

Hill, Horace Stone, Addison R 

Jewett, Ebenezer Tucker, A J 
Knight, John H Wheeler, James S 


WALSH VILLE, Montgomery County. 
Chartered Oct 1866. Reg com Thurs o b 
f m. Membership 41. 

John T Koen, W Master 
Alex Strange, S W John Hill, S D 
Thos F Smith, J W Erastus M Root, J D 
Jos D Tiffon, Treas W M Fawcett, S S 
John H Lossan, Sec Charles Brown, J S 

Leonard Bailey T 
Allcorn, Joseph C Copeland, A B 
Barcroft, Ambrose Coughlin. David 
Beck, Louis F Cox, Tipton 

Bell, William N Craig, Robert C 
Bishop, Bramwell Curry, James 
Brown, John N Curry, R J 
Clary, Charles Davenport, James J 

Davenport, Martin S Kingston, W A 
Davenport, Peter L Kirkland, Thomas C 
Davenport, Peter W Moss, John J 
De Shone, A E Sturges, George L 

Dunlop, Robert Taylor, George D 
Gerlin, William J Tiffon, Cyrus H 
Greenwood, Thos Towell, Will 
Hoisington, George Van Buren, Geo W 
Jorden, Spartin 

WALTHAM^ No. 384. 

WALTHAM, La Salle Co. Chartered 
Oct 1863. Reg com Mon o a f m. Mem- 
bership 42. 

William Willson. W Master 
Win Scoot, S W J F Hill, S D 

Austin Smith, J W S D Grey, J D 
Wm Wylie, Treas Thos Orr, S S 
Alex Wylie, Sec Wm Peelers, J S 

George N Brewster, T 
Anderson, David Johnson, Niles 
Anderson, James Knowlton, Geo 
Anderson, William Lee, John 
Bowman, John Lyon, S M 

Butterfield, H A Meniere, Hiram 
Carpenter, Henry L Moore, David 
Cuthbertson, W B Parks, Thomas 
Davis, Benjamin Piercy, John 
Dibble, Leroy Shaw, James L 

Druman, Jacob L Spaulding, George 
French, A C Thorman, Hugh 

French, Samuel S Westgate, Abner 
Gallup, Orrin Wever, Frank 

Haganbach, Amos Willson, James 
Hill, E J Wylie, James 

Johnson, Marks Wylie, John 

WACONDaTNo. 298. 

WACONDA, Lake Co. Chartered Oct 
1859. Reg com 1st and 3d Thurs. Mem- 
bership 79. 

D Huntington, W Master 
David McLain, S W Frank Selby, S D 
A A Bangs, J W Jno B Boomer, J D 
Chas R Wells, Treas A Landsurer, S S 
Ed W Olcot, Sec George Mills, J S 

E F Taggart, T 
Bangs, Andrew C Hen ni well, W G 
Bangs, Harrison J Hicks, William 
Bangs, Justice Hill, Morris S 

Bartlett, George Hepwell, Richard 
Bennett, Wallace Houghton, P 
Ben well, Richard Huntington, E S 
Bundy, L Ketchum. John L 

Burritt, Hiram B Kimball, Frank T 
Calkins, Albert Kimberly, John 

Chapman, Ed B Kucker, A J 
Coggins, Charles Lawrence, Henry 
Cruver, Austin Lombard, Hiram 

Dodge, Morris Loom is, Wm A 

Ford, Stebbins Maconety, Robert 

Gardner, Benjamin Mars, Robert 

Geasen, Albert 
Ginch, Joseph E 
Gleason, Chris 
Hall, C L 
Hanson, Andrus B 

Monaghan, James 
Monaghan, Jasjr 
Morse, Charles 
Morse, Sidney F 
Muleby, Fred 

Hatherway, Martin Ohnman, George 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Parker, S P 
Payne, Thomas 
Pedison, Martin 
Phillips, Emerson 
Prat, Clarence 
Price. Albert 
Prouty, George 
Renolds, George 
Scryver, Joseph 
Senser, John W 
Senser, William 
Sernett, Paris 
Smith, Enoch 

Stephens, George 
Stone, William P 
Swinson, Peter S 
Trumball, R H 
Turner, T B 
Vandaworker, A B 
Vanslyke, Edwin 
Wells, John R 
W T ells, Theodore 
Werden, Herbert 
Wheden, A 
White, John 
Whitney, Joseph 

WARREN, No. 14. 

SHAWNEETOWN, Gallatin Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1842. Reg com Tues o b f m. 
Ann com Dec. Place of meeting Masonic 
Hall. Membership 34. 

Edward D Youngblood, W Master 
A Winterberger, SW W J Elwell, S D 
L F Bowman, J W W H Faughan, J D 
Jas H Hart, Treas Wm J Boyd, S S 
H C Barger, Sec Pleasant Rose, J S 

Hanson Goodrich, T 
Baker, Adam Jones, James A 

Barger, Joseph B Karcher, Victor 
Binklej , John F Keilhorn, Henry 
Crawford, Wm A Millspaugh, Jas W 
Cooper, Thomas J Phile, William D 
Crow, William J Pillow, Parker B 
Durham, John H Rhoades, Franklin L 
Earnshaw, Henry Rearden, John L 
Edwards, Asa L Redick, Alverson D 
Halley, William L Scates, Henry 
Hazen, David T Trafton, George H 
Hermon, Simon F W T aggener, Benj F 
Jacobs, Daniel 

WARSAwTNo. 257. 

WARSAW, Hancock Co. Chartered 
Oct 1858, Reg com Wed o b f m. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 47. 

Adolph Roesler, W Master 

E C Simons, S W Benj F Conner, Sec 

Wm G Aired, J W Robt W T isch, S D 

Darius Cox, Treas Charles Moon, J D 

Henry Beach, T 

Adams, C B 
Ash, J W 
Baker, Morris 
Barrett, J C 
Boyce, Henry 
Bnston, Henry 
Browning, J M 
Browner, T M 
Browner. Thomas 
Case, Stephen 
Chamberlain, A B 
Chase, F R 
Connors, Jacob 
Dallam, W H 
Derwin, W E 
Dodge, James B 
Gilham, John 
Harris, John 

Heberling, George 
Hilker, G F 
Hathaway, W S 
Hill, Thomas B 
Houk, John 
Jaques, John 
Kaiser, Peter 
Krebs, John 
Krushoff, Fritz 
Keen, Henry 
MacMahon, Robert 
Moon, Orin 
Merrill, W S 
Payton, John 
Piggot. J L 
Roth, John A 
Shire, E G 
Silsby, W A 

Slade, Charles 
Snair, Thomas 

Stringer, George 

WASHBURN, No. 421. 

W T ASHBTJRN, Woodford Co. Chartered 
Oct 1864. Reg com Sat o b f m. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 30. 

Enoch Buckingham, W Master 
G W Burson, S W James M Owen, S D 
J Hutchinson, J W Henrv Slauter, J D 
William Iliff, Treas E E Baldwin, S S 
Jas Tweddale, Sec Ashel G Casey, J S 

T S Brooks, T 
Buckingham, A Iliff, Jerre R 
Buckingham, A B Kennedy, John 
Buckingham, John Kruman, Jesse 
Buckingham, W E Mayes, George W 
Bill, George T Patrick, Samuel 

Caruthuse, R M Ryan, John 
Cutler, Charles A Smith, D P 
Ehrmerr, Frederick Squires, Fred C 
Evans, William S Tullis, A K 
Freeman, John Yarnell, Thomas G 
Grey, E Riley 


NASHVILLE, Washington Co, Chart- 
ered Oct 1846. Reg com 2d and 4th Wed. 
Membership 44. 

James H Sawyer, W Master 
Morand Smith, S W J S Tindale, Sec 
J A Anderson, J W Isaac J Clark, S D 
L Krughoff, Treas Jas B Matlock, J D 

George S Anderson, T 
Adams, Hugh C Marx, Leopold 
Anderson, Joseph B May, Jacob 
Apsley, James H Maxwell, F W 
Means, J H 
Miller, Isaac 
Needles, Thomas B 
Pease, W L 
Reither, Philip H 
Rhine, C R 
Sackett, John 

Bach, Isidor 

Carter, H M 

Carter, Livesay 

Carter, W D 

Dahncke, H F 

Dempsey, Arthur 

Driskill, S L 

Duckworth, Aaron Short, D T 

Forman, William L Simms, J L 

Hartman, C F 
Hay, Daniel 
Hay, Will S 
Huseman, Henry 
Hutchings, W W 
Kuykendall D L 

Sprage, John G 
Troutt, Ely ah 
Troutt, J J 
Walker. H P 
Watts, Amos 
Zeigel, Peter 

WATAGA, No. 291. 

WATAGA, Knox Co. Chartered Oct 
1859. Reg com 1st and 3rd Wed. Ann 
com 3rd Wed Dec. Membership 41. 
Samuel G Dean, W Master 
J M Holyoke, S W W^m H Wood, S D 
Wm Waters, J W H H Marsh, J D 
Peter Dolen, Treas John Wiles, S S 
Wm Palmer, Sec Harvey B Vail, J S 

Allen F White, T 
Barrer, Henry Burner, Jesse 

Barringer, Henry Davis, James J 
Bean, Charles F Driggs, Henry C 
Bottsford, Josiah C Driggs, William N 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Faulkner, Edwin R 
Ferris, Chauncey G 
Frear, Francis A 
Gilmore, Robert 
Grant, W C 
Hadley, Waymouth 
Hastie, John 
Lamoreaux, Boot E 
Langworthy, Jno H 
Mallonee, John K 
Maxwell, Joseph H 
Merrill, Joseph H 

Norton, Charles H 
Peckenpaugh, J W 
Rhodes, Miron 
Robson, William 
Slater, Albert S 
Spaulding, Silas F 
Sweeney, Thomas 
Taylor, Josiah 
Wilson, J B 
Wood, Hannibal P 
Wooley, William 

WATSEKA, No. 446. 

WATSEKA, Iroquois Co. Chartered Oct 
1865. Reg com 1st and 3rd Wed. Mem- 
bership 58. 

John W Rigge, W Master 
Wilson S Kay, S W Alex H South. S D 
S G Borie, J W Thos S Arnold, J D 

Morgan Decatur, Tr Wm M Coney, S S 
S C Marshall, Sec Jno L Donovan, J S 

John H Bishop, T 
Anderson, John Higgins, George L 
Anderson, Milton S Jewett, Daniel L 
Barney, Oliver Johns, Thomas L 

Bishopp, Edward W Johns, Samuel 
Blades, Franklin King, George E 
Bloomer, Spencer H Kue, Edward 
Brown, Lorenzo P Laroche, Polite 

Canvins, James 
Clifton, Robert 
Cullen, DewittC 
Culver, CharlesG 
Dutton, Edward 

McGill, David 
McNeill, CF 
Matzenbaugh, J 
Mires, John B 
Munson, William 

Emmons, Michael R Oliver, Thomas 
Franklin, Charles J Peterson, Abner E 

Franklin, John 
Franklin, NoahE 
Fuller, William B 
Gifford, Martin B 
Gilfillan, Alex M 

Petit, Charles 
Pittwood, Louis N 
Roff, Asa B 
Shedd, William H 
Stevenson, Jas M 

Gilfillan, Andrew J Wade, Isaac C 

Gilfillan, John Wasson, James 

Hail, Ferdinand A Webster, John D 

Hewk, Thomas Wilson, George W 

Hayes, Robert Winkler, Simon 

WATSOnTno. 602. 

WATSON, Effingham Co. Chartered 
Oct 1868. Reg com 1st and 3d Sat. Mem- 
bership 19. 

W M Abraham. W Master 
Roberts Ward, S W A L Walker, Sec 
F B Schooiey, J W Ezekiel Boggs, S D 
E G Vincent, Treas Chas P Nutter, J D 

Roland Oliver, T 
Bail, John V Martin, P M 

Barkley, Joseph T Saulsberry, William 

Beck, Edward 
Cooper, Francis 
Gillespie, James B 
Hillis, Samuel T 

Sprinkle, Michael 
Sullivan, Andrew 
Wilhite, A W 


WAUKEGAN, Lake Co. Chartered Oct 
1849. Reg com 1st and 3d Mon. Member- 
ship 119. 

James A Watson, W Master 
H L Hatley, S W Jerry K Palmer, S D 
P M Maynard, J W John K Bower, J D 
Danl P Miller, Treas T A Jenkinson, S S 
William A Gray, Sec Geo K Adams, J S 

Adams, Daniel 
Arnold, David 
Baker, George E 
Baker, John C 
Barker, James L 
Besley, George W 
Bidwell, Thomas 
Blodgett, A Z 
Blowney, Benj G 

Look, Harris 
Lucas, William J 
McKenzie, John 
Marble, Converse 
Marr, Dennis 
Maxson, Orrin F 
Murray, John 
Newman, William C 
Nichols, James P 

Bottsford, Reuben S Nichols, William 

Brand, Philip O'Hara, B 

Brewer, Daniel Page, Peter 

Brewster, Daniel Palmer, Joseph 

Childs, Daniel S Payne, Eugene B 

Cory, James Y Pearse, William S 

Deitrich, Charles B Phillips, Elihu 

Dewey, George Pollock, John K 

Dickinson, Chas T Porter, Cyrus E 

Dodge, William B Porter, Edwin W 

Dorsey, Thomas Porter, James H 

Douglass, Chester W Pratt, Henry S 

Dunning, Girard Pridham, James 

Earll, Bobert C Ragan, John G 

Ellimwood, John R Rankin, George B 

Ellis, Warren H 
Etter, Jacob K 
Fay, George W 
Fay, William H 
Flynn, Saul H 
Frayer, Robert H 
Freeman, Win P 
George, Charles B 
Gliss, Frederick 
Goble, Palmer C 
Green, Clinton R 
Haines, Elijah M 

Rice. Chauncey H 
Rochon, Alphonso 
Roesch, Frederick 
Samuels, Hugh 
Schwann, Augustus 
Schwann, Henry 
Seymour, Francis 
Shugart, Joseph 
Simmons, Ichabod 
Smith, Matthew B 
Snyder, Eugene 
Snyder. Henry R 

Hartnett, Charles E Southwick, John C 
Hassenpflug, Carl Steele, Charles R 
Hauser, Francis Stock well, Saml A 
Hitchcock, Beecher Swansbrough, John 
Hutchins, A D Tiffany. William C 

Hutchinson, H C Tompson, Frank L 
Hydee, August Turner, John L 

Ingalls. Joseph Uphamn, Edward W 

Johnson, William A Vandyke, Charles W 

Jones, Edwin W 
Kelly, Walter 
Kirk, George 
Kucker. Moses 
Lewis, Aaron 
Lincoln, Oliver S 
Lindsay, Charles 
Livesev, William 
Lyon, George R 
Lyon, Isaac R 

Waterman, Amos S 
Wheeler, George H 
Wheeler, Hiram C 
Wirard, Charles F 
Wilder, Eli 
Wilson, John 
Wood, George 
Wright, Arthur O 
Yeager, William 
Yeoman, William P 

WAVERLY, No. 118. 

WAVERLY, Morgan Co. Chartered 
Oct 1852. Reg com 1st and 3d Fri. Mem- 

James W Hutchison, W Master 
J E Barrett, S W Hy Teitgen, Treas 
Wiley A Jones, J W W A Hutchison, Sec 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Thos G Dennis, S D Enoch Kent, S S 
N K Walker, J D S H Chrisinan, J S 

Gilman Ford, T 
Allin, Jesse F Hopkins, Charles P 

Austin, John H Jasper, John P 

Atterbury, D F Kennedy, Matthew S 

Bowyer. Joseph W Laukton, Chancey W 
Boyd, Francis M McCormac, James R 
Bullock, George W McElhaney, RB 
Caldwell, Joseph W Manson, James W 
Carroll, John W Narr, Henry 
Caruthers, Amos B Neice, Jesse H 
Caruthers, George A Rethorne, Herman 
Cloud, Newton Rigg, Archer P 

Cox, James E Rodgers, James A 

Davenport, David K Smith, David S 
Davidson, Thomas J Snow, William 
Deatherage, Jas S Spires, John M 
Devore, Aaron B Thayer, Asheal 
Dodd, John W Turner, Thomas 

Gilmer, Thomas F Vancill, William A 
Gilpin, Enoch Vandever, James B 

Harris, Charles Watson, Theodore 

Harris, Emerson Wood, H C 
Harris, James M Woodrnansee, Jno F 
Harris, Thomas J Woods, Mason F 
Harris, William A 

WAYNE, No. 172. 

WAYNESVILLE, Dewitt Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1855. Reg com Sat o b f m. 
Ann com Dec. Membership 21. 

Johx M Burkholder, W Master 
C W Slinker, S W Thos Taylor, S D 
John P Bayless, J W F Crawford, J D 
Jno E Bradley, Tr Thos Cougher, S S 
John D Slack, Sec Daniel Ellington, J S 

A W Bell, T 
Booth, John Livingston, Calvin 

Denning, S S Michaels, Adam 

Graham, Samuel Strange, S P 
Groves. John Story, William M 

Hull, Thomas Whiteman, W C 

Larson, G B 

WENONA, No. 344. 

WENONA, Marshall Co. Chartered Oct 
1860. Reg com 1st and 3d Tues. Mem- 
bership 60. 

W R Phillips, W Master 
T E Rawlings. S W C W Maben, S D 
R Bordwall, J W AH Stateler, J D 
John Judd, Treas G A Wise, S S 
C E Alford, Sec F Joel, J S 

C D Parker, T 
Adams, Charles S Derrickson, Robt H 

Adams, David 
Bayne, Milton 
Barrett, C A 
Barrett, S C 
Burns, Lycurgus 
Compton. William 
Coombs, William 
Cowen, Thomas 
Darrah, Matthew 
Dennis, Aaron 
Dent, John O 

Dickinson, S 
Douglass, Rufus 
Eminger, John H 
Fowler, Bernard 
Gould, E L 
Grable, Hiram 
Grable, John F 
Grable, J K 
Grable, J S 
Hallisy, Timothy 
Hedges, T K 

Horner, James 
Judd, Benjamin 
Lloyd, Thomas 
Lloyd, Wash 
Marm, Robert 
Martin, A G 
Mulhallen, R C 
Mulkins, Nathaniel 
Okeson, W B 
Parker, Charles 
Patch, S B 
Phillips, Jefferson 
Potts, Franklin 

Raley, William 
Rich, K E 
Robbins, H E 
Scott, Samuel 
Show, Jacob R 
Snedeker, G B 
Southwell, OM 
Taylor, S J 
Turner, U E 
Wagoner, Sylvester 
Watkins, J G 
Wood, William L 
Woolverton, Saml 

WESTFIELD, No. 163. 

WESTFIELD, Clark Co. Chartered Oct 
1855. Reg com Tues o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 46. 

Charles Downey, W Master 
Wm Barber, S W Jas H Parcel, S D 
R T Houghton, J W M V Connelly, J D 
RevT J Thornton, C N P Dougherty, S S 
J F Brown, Treas Perry Lee, J S 
Jas M DeLong, Sec Morrison Hankins,T 
Anderson, Leon Hanley, Philip 
Biggs, J Alvin Hoye, S K 

Biggs, James Houghton, J J 

Bouls, James Humphry, H 

Briscoe, Cole McGahan, Alex 

Brookhart, H P Parker, James L 
Brown, H K Perry, B F 

Burnap, L S Reelman, J B 

Carr, C A Reelman, L L 

Comstock, OB - Stilh,WR 
Connelly, William Stuart, Joseph 
DeLong, W H Stull, Thomas 

Dougherty, LaF Vanscoyhe, DS 
Drake, E R Wealand, G B 

Endsley, John Wnite, Henry 

Goodman, F M Willey, Alvin 

Hammond, C H Young, Robert 
Hankins, E B 


CHAMPAIGN, Champaign Co. Char- 
tered Oct 1S5T. Reg com 2d and 4th Mon. 
Ann com 2d Mon Dec. Membership 123. 

George Scroggs, W Master 
H Hess, S W Joseph Steel, S D 

I B Arnold, J W Alex Strong, J D 
H enry Trevett, Tr J D Stanley, S S 
W F Ward, Sec J S Miller, J S 

R B Musson, T 
Atkinson, Samuel P Brown, Seeley 
Bailey, David Bryant, S B J 

Baker, Charles E Biirson, Harvey 
Bailey, William B Burson. Jesse A 
Bales, Benjamin B Carley, Markjr 
Barnes, James N" Carpenter, James H 
Barnes, Oliver C Columbia, C F 
Barrett, William C Conant, S D 
Bernstrin, Solomon Conkhng, A B 
Berry, Samuel F Conklin, Joseph E 
Bradley, Daniel Crawford. Louis 

Bragg, John Cuppernell, M F 

Britton, Oliver F Dallenbach, John 
Brown, Archibald L Danforth, David 
Brown, John D Dodson, Levi 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Dunlap, Hiram L 
Eichburg, Max 
Eppstein, Randolf M 
Faulkner, L W 
Finch, Frank 
Fisher, David G 
Folks, James B 
Garwood, L C 
Gennadins, P 
Green, Louis 
Green, Nathaniel 
Hadler, Conrad 
Hale, JohnS 
Harris, Henry H 
Haselton, Joseph P 
Hatch, Thomas 
Healy, James M 
Hensly, Alfred T 
Hensley, George W 
Hodges, George J 
Houston, Samuel 
Howard, Hart C 
Howard, W E 
Hutchinson, J A 
Jones, John S 
Karieher, Harvey C 
Kennard, George W 
Knight, Stephen C 
Lamkins. Josiah B 
Lansden, Thomas G 
Langley, Joseph W 
Larned, Charles G 
McAllister, Eli U 
McAllister, J J 
McCartney, Austin 
McVey, Phillip 
Mc Williams, Alex 
Martin, Lewis 
Maxwell, William S 
Morgan, Samuel H 
Neer, James A 
Nicholas, James O 

O'Brien, Joseph 
Odell, John 
Oliver, James S 
Pappe, Julius 
Pear man, J T 
Percival, S P 
Peterson, E V 
Price, Thomas J 
Price, William 
Ray, John L 
Rector, Henry C 
Rinehart, James I 
Rowlen, John R 
Reynolds, A C 
Richards, Selden 
Rigg, Charles M 
Rigg, Joseph 
Riker, David 
Roberts, H amphrey 
Russell, DewittH 
Sevier, John 
Skiff. Edward E 
Smith, Edward S 
Smith, Thomas J 
Switzer, Frank A 
Spaulding, John W 
Spear, Charles W 
Staley, Calvin C 
Stephenson, John 
Stern, Nathan 
Swan, James T 
Sweet, Ellis L 
Talbott, Jefferson M 
Tenny, Charles F 
Thomas, John 
Vaughn, Edward 
Walker, L W 
Weeks, John B 
Wingard, B F 
Wingard David 
Wolf, John S 


KEWANEE, Henry Co. Chartered Oct 
1855. Reg com 1 st and 8d Tues. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 67. 

John B Moffett, W Master 
A B Ashley, S W Chas K Ladd, S D 
Geo W Dustin, J W A E Mattison, J D 
S W Warner, Treas John B Mitchell, S S 
W A Fisher, Sec Chas P Leonard, J S 

Samuel Redyard, T 
Arkland, A Cramer, Jacob 

Atherton, M Cronan, Peter 

Bennerson, Henry Cross, William T 

Blair, Joseph 
Bogue, Charles H 
Boynton, W J 
Br or son, E V 
Bryan, H H 
Cadwell, C J 
Carson, H G 
Carter, Daniel 
Chisnell, John 
Clapp, Joseph R 
Clark, Frank C 

Cully, Charles C 
Eddy, J W 
Elliott, George D 
Enos, Sylvester 
Evans, Elos 
Heaps, E T 
Heaps, John 
Hill, M D 
Hinsdale, M H 
Hunt, William 
Hutchinson, J G 
Johnson, Albert T 
Keneval, J P 

Kerr, Edwin E 
Lay, Hiram T 
Lawson, John 
Maxon, John B 
Moore, Robert 
Mowett, Thomas P 
Norton, M B 
Pierce, Thomas P 
Parker, Henry C 
Potter, M B 
Pratt, N H 
Robson, William H 
Scott, A S 

Schriver, John D 
Shelton, C A 
Smith, Fred B 
Speckler, A B 
Staoles, George W 
Stine, James S 
Stokes. James 
Taicott, J A 
Thomas, J B 
Trowbridge, C W 
Vail, C B 
Vail, E M 
White, I B 

WHEATON, No. 269. 

WHEATON, Du Page Co. Chartered 
Oct 1858. Reg com 1st and 3d Wed. 
Membership 63. 

James Saunders, W Master 
Wm H Johnson, S W A E Brisbee, S D 
Horace Jayne, J W John Kline, J D 
Harry T Wilson, Tr John Hohmac, S S 
Hy M Bender, Sec Lud wig Ziemer, J S 

Lay ton Collar, T 
Adams, Adam Masters, Ephraim 

Angell, Frederick B Meacham, P S 
Bender, Jacob E Mink, J W 
Bliss, James L Neltnor, F H 

Braymer, A E Northrop, Peter 

Campbell, John G Oleson, Charles W 
Chandler, Harry Peck. Watson 
Churchill, Amos Phillips, Charles 
Dyckman, William Piatt, S Delos 
Fishburne^J P Powell, J Wesley 

Fuller, H fl 
Gary, Elbert H 
Gary, George P 
Grant, Isaac J 
Grote, Henry W 
Hadley, A L 
Hiatt, L L 
Hills, Charles H 
Hills, H B 

Pratt, Leonard 
Robert, John 
Russeyne, George 
Schupp, Simeon 
Smith, W G 
Stevens, A C 
Stephens, Josiah 
Thompson, P 
Thrasher, G H 
Teets, A J 

Jones, Marcellus E Vallette, J G 

Kingsley, Carlin Verbeck, O A 

Kinne, Isaac D Ward, A S 

Kinne, John A L Ward, J S 

Knapp, David Waterman, Alfred 

Leroy, W G Wright, Jehiel jr 
Loy, WilliamS 


WHITEHALL, Greene Co. Chartered 
Oct 1850. Reg com Sat o b f m. Member- 
ship 98. 

John H Higbee, W Master 
F F Worcester, S W W P Worcester, S D 
Thos A Smith, J W I M McCollister, JD 
A Worcester, Treas Wesley P Bates, SS 
Isaac Powell, Sec I W Bernthisel, J S 
W L Morgan, T 

Allen, James 
Allen, Peter M 
Atwood, J B 
Bell, Francis M 
Brewster, L H 
Bridges, J E 

Bundy, EfS 
Burns, George W 
Carr, Matthew 
Carr, William 
Chapin, S D 
Clark, D D 

Subordinate Lodges. 


Clark, Richard 
Clark, Samuel F 
Cobb. James M 
Collins, B W 
Cox, Isaac N 
Cox, Massey 
Culver, Alonzo 
Culver, B G 
Dagley, William 
Day, Charles A 
Day, H A 
Davis, Asbury 
Dixon, Robert 
Dugdall, Joseph 
Ford, Thomas R W 
Gregory, James W 
Griswold, Edgar 
Griswold, Henry 
Hackney, Joseph S 
Hamilton, B M 
Henderson, S M 
Heym, George 
Hicks, Samuel 
Higbee, Edward H 
Hill, George 
Hubbs, Wilson W 
Husted, E A 
Husted, Edward M 
Hutchinson, David 
Kendall, Nathaniel 
McAvoy, William 
McClemens, Jas J 
McEwan, Thomas 
McMahon, Thomas 
Marsh, William A 
Milne, William H 
Moreland, Henry J 
Mytenger, F M 

Nickelson, Edward 
Nowak, John 
Ortman, Julius 
Patterson, James L 
Patterson, Lemuel J 
Pearce, Augustus 
Pearce, Israel 
Prise, John 
Pritchett, S W 
Quigley, Charles 
Richards, Franklin 
Rickard, Joseph 
Ricks, Edward 
Robertson, Robert 
Robley, George 
Roodhouse, Benj 
Roodhouse, John 
Roodhouse, Peter 
Rose, Newton H 
Rummell, David 
Savage, Charles L 
Sawyer. George N 
Seeley, John H 
Shaw, William 
Simpson, William H 
Strang, Alexander 
Strang, William 
Tennison, Henry 
Tennison, Jacob D 
Thaxton,William B 
Vanderheyden, C 
Vedder, Aaron F 
Vedder, Isaac D 
Welch, John 
Winters, Joshua C 
Winters, Joshua H 
Wright, Lyman C 
Wortendyk, Jas H 

CHICAGO. Chartered Oct 1856. Reg 
com 2nd and 4th Sat. Ann com 2nd Sat 
Dec. Place of meeting 122 La Salle st. 
Membership 19T. 

Edward Boenemanx. W Master 
Lester L Bond, S W D S O'Connell, S D 
B S Butterworth, J W A Wvcomb. J D 
David W Clark j r, Tr Wm F Wolff, S S 
Jos R Dunlop, Sec Frank Jobson, J S 

D F Brandon, T 
Adcock, Albert W Bliss, George H 
Adix, G W 
Andress, H W 
Angers, James 
Annin, William H 
Anthonv, C F 
Arnold,* James R 
Austin, Charles A 
Ayer, Simon P 

Bradshaw, Charles 
Brown, Franklin H 
Burke. Richard 
Campbell, Frank W 
Carpenter. Geo B 
Chandler, Theo C 
Chigrany. Jacob 
Chiprowsky, Max 

Aykroyd, George M Chister. Richard 

Bacorn, S V 
Baldwin, Lewis S 
Baldwin, W S 
Barber, Solomon P 
Baker, Henry 
Beane, Edwin 
Bent, John W 
Biggs, Joseph W 

Clark, D W 
Cobb, Nathan 
Cochrane, William 
Conklin. Joseph 
Cooke, George L 
Courtwright, Jerry 
Daniels, George H 
Davis, Isaac 

Blackwell, John D Day, Joseph L 

Dedrick, Phillip H 
DeLuce Eugene F 
DeLuce, James W 
DeLuce, Otis H 
DeLuce, William H 
Dell, Joseph 
DeWolff, Calvin 
Donnelly, Charles 
Druehl, Fred A 
Dunklee, William A 
Eastman, Francis A 
Edwards, Joseph B 
Elton, AdolphH 
Farrell, Stephen S 
Favorite, Gilbert M 
Follansbee, A S 
Fellows, William H 
Garretson, David G 
Garry, David B 
Gimber. Henry C 
Guild, Stewarts 
Gough, Thomas 
Greene, Frank C 
Grobntt, Thomas 
Hale, Charles A 
Hamlin, Lysander B 
Harris, Thomas W 
Harvey, Willard H 
Haseimayer, Louis 
Hayner. A 
Hifi, John 
Hill, William 
Hills, Charles A 
Hilton, CC 
Hine, Simon 
Hinkley, Abner T 
Hogan, Joseph 
Hollister, John 
Holt, H N 
Hunt, W L 
Hutt, Louis 
Ingersoll, George M 
Jack, Albert 
Jack, Hudson 
Jeffrev, John B 
Jichling, WF 
Keitz, Joseph 
Kelly, William J 
Kellogg, Fred 
Kellogg, Joseph 
Kempton, Frank H 
Kincaid, George M 
Kingswell, John M 
Knight, Darius 
Knight, Jesse W 
Lee, Peter 
Leonard, Charles 
Leonard, George C 
Leonard, James C 
Leuff. M 

LaBerge, Gilbert 
Lammon, T A 
Launder. David H 
Launder, James 
Lickenstine. Ezekiel 
Mclntyre, John S 
McMonagle, Alex 
Martin, J R 
Maurer, Cass F 
Maum, C A 

Maynard, Henry O 
Miller, Charles 
Miller, Charles H J 
Milliken, Isaac L 
Morgan, Henry C 
Morris, George W 
Nazro, J N 
Newell. Charles E 
Newman, August 
Newport, A O 
Noyes, John 
Ogden, Benjamin R 
Ostram. John M 
Parsons, John T 
Patterson, William 
Peterson, Peter 
Pierce, R Parker 
Pollock, Robert 
Prussing. George C 
Quinn, Martin 
Randall, Alonzo 
Rankin, Jacob 
Rankin, Sanford 
Ray, James 
Reid, Arthur D 
Rice, Benjamin 
Robinson, William 
Rofsnider, Wm T 
Rowe, Samuel 
Rucker, Louis H 
Saneford, George S 
Schell, Charles G 
Schrceder, William 
Shannon, Alex 
Shattuck. Charles H 
Shaw, Alexander 
Sherman, Wells 
Sherwood, F R 
Simmons, George N 
Slocum, S F 
Small, James L 
Smith, Samuel A 
Soffler, August 
Somers, Edward 
Stearns, James G 
Stephens, Charles 
Stickney, Alonzo A 
Stoets, Alexander 
Stowell, A H 
Stowell, George 
Suter, Martin 
Taft, J W 
Taylor, R J 
Thomas, Edwin 
Thompson, Louis M 
Tibbitts, George H 
Tower, William 
Tripp, William H 
Tucker, James F 
Turnicline, Chas H 
Turniclifle, Wm H 
Underwood, H G 
Van Allen, Martin 
Waldon, M N 
Wedeking, Adolph 
Wentworth, H C 
Wentworth, WF 
White, Thomas W 
Whitney. William H 
Whittemore, E E 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Wickenham, E W 
Wilcox, Horace N 
Wilde, Joseph 
Wilson, Donald R 
Wolff, L 

Wolff, Michael W 
Wolff, Richard S 
Woodruff, Alex L 
Wright, George P 
Youhglove, Ira Y 


EUREKA, Woodford Co. Chartered 
Oct 1859. RegcomTues o b f m. Ann 
com Dec. Membership 45. 

William Mill, W Master 
M E Davidson, S W J W Finley, S D 
Samuel Spear, J W Jos M Sadler. J D 
H Damevill, Treas Andrew Tomb, S S 
T Bulloch jr, Sec W G- Vandyke. J S 

Anthony, JWpm Major, Joseph 
Arnoldj W Cpm Maupin, B F 

Baird, H C 
Black, J P 
Compton, J W 
Cooper, J H 
Crawford, N B 
Davidson, J F 
Dain, JApm 
Dunn, T A 
Evans, EW 
Ferguson, H J 
Hallam, Salathiel 

Meek, B D 
Meek, E P 
Meek, J W 
Meek, W M 
Meek, R P 
Murray, John 
Mooberry, W H H 
Search, G G 
Shaw, John 
Shockley, Spm 
Smith, H B 

Hamilton, Thomas Strausbaugh, 

Harrison, W M Tomb, John 

Haynes, James West, J L 

Hill, William p m Wood, J G 

Holbrook, J N Wright, Sylvester 


WILMINGTON. Chartered Oct 1856. 
Reg com 2d and 4th Tues. Ann com reg 
o b Dec 27. Membership 104. 

E W W t illard, W Master 
H W Blood, S W W S Noble, S D 
Frank Martin, J W L J Monteith, J D 
Rev D W Quimby, C Louis Jacobs, S S 
J Cracraft, Treas V Banyard, J S 

John Binney, Sec 
Atkins, W C 
Abt, Levi 
Allen, Robert L 
Baker, H D 
Baker, LA 
Baker, R C 
Barnhart, C W 
Binney, H C 
Bovee, Charles 
Cady, H L 
Campbell, M B 
Carter, W I 
Case, H A 
Chambers, George 
Coe, J W 
Colby, W M 
Cottell, H S 
Conboy, W J 
Cowley, John 
Cramer, W H 
Cutshaw, W G 
Dillman, D W 
Duck, C H 

Charles Copps, T 
Ferguson, J H 
Fisher. Lyman 
Girles,'W F 
Gooing, A 
Goodwin, William 
Gray, George A 
Green, William 
Gurney, R H 
Hall, Griffith J 
Hammond, Joshua 
Hart, C H 
Hart, William 
Hartman, Charles 
Harvey, Jabez 
Hyde, J L 
Jessup, E H 
Jessup, J S 
Johnson, J B 
Johnson, W W 
Jones, Hazard 
Jones, Henry 
Jukes, C J 
Larned, G F 

Lee, Joseph 
Lines, S D B 
Linton, T C 
Lomasney, John 
McCorkle, Wm T 
McCormic, Hugh 
Mateer, A H 
Miller, Frank 
Mitchell, Frank 
Mitched, W C 
Moulton, Charles 
Moulton, H F 
Nelson, W T 
Noble, E H 
Oberon, D E 
Peart, Thomas 
Perkins, Horace 
Perrington, W R 
Quimby, H L 
Randall, O T 
Rankin, Duncan 
Ransom, Calvin 
Ransom, J P 
Robins, Frank 


WINCHESTER, Scott Co. Chartered 
Oct 1851. Reg com Sat obfm. Ann com 
Dec. Place of meeting Carpenter's Hall. 
Membership 70. 

Thomas Rowen, W Master 
Saml W Ruffer, S W James M Riggs, S D 
Geo E Young, J W Wm C Moyer, J D 
Chas B Hubbard, Tr D D Bringle, SS 
J Kirkpatrick, Sec James C Weiser, J S 

Henry Dorr, T 
Adams, John P Haggard, J R 

Bean, Frederick Hamilton, D W 

Russell, W H 
Scott, Andrew 
Shiel, Thomas 
Shirk, Joseph 
Siberts, Z 
Smith, A J 
Smith, Edward W 
Smitlvlra W 
Steel, William R 
Stephenson, L L 
Strong, E H 
Stufflebean, W H 
Thomas, Simon 
Tinslar, G I 
Tollington, Robert 
Trott, S E 
Truax, E C 
Ward, Henry 
Warner, B G 
Warner, Jonathan 
Worthey, John 
Yates, B F 
Yonker, Fred 

Biggers, Richard 
Blair, Robert A 
Blake, William 
Brown, George L 
Brown, James 
Brown, James A 
Bryant, Thomas J 
Christian, Henry 
Chumley, D A 
Coats, John H 
Crinion John 
Cumby, Eustace 
Davis, Francis M 
Dodysen, Joseph 
Ellis, James 
Ellis, W r illiam J 
Evans, D D 
Evans, John W 
Evans, L C 
Ferry, George 
Frost, Robert 
Galloway, John 

Hardwick, Thos M 
Harris, James 
Hawk, W M 
Humble, Thomas 
Killebren, L 
Knapp, Nathan M 
McEvers, Edward 
McLaughlin, BF 
McLaughlin, Wm G 
Martin, George W 
Merrill, Joseph 
Moses, John 
Reiners, Dedrick 
Riggs, Milton W 
Ritchey, George W 
Roberts, Clark 
Ross, Hector L 
Rowen, William G 
Skilling, David 
Smith, John 
Sperrey, Samuel 
Taukersley, Thos W 

vjroiiiv^ vy ay , u uiiii xaimciaicj, xn 

Garland, William J Thorn, Joshua 
Garwood, Clark P Watt, Henry 
Gibbs, Robert 
Gibbs, William C 
Gross, Ambrose 
Grunert, Ernest 

Welch, George 
Welch, James 
Wheelock, A A 
Young, Ephriam 

WINDSOR, No. 322. 

WINDSOR, Shelby Co. Chartered Oct 

Subordinate Lodges. 


1859. Reg com Tues o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 84. 

Thomas Cayens, W Master 
Isaac H Gilpin, S W Thos C Wallace, S D 

James Turner, J W Robt R Russell, J D 

R M Bourne, Treas T P Fraser, S S 

L C Jackson, Sec E D Tull, J S 

James S Nantz, T 

Baldwin, Gailord S McDaniel, John H 

Ball. Robert McDaniel, Win H 

Barber, W W M Middlesworth, Wm 

Bland, Thomas Moberly, Edward 

Blythe, Berry T Montgomery, Michl 

Blythe, John T Newkirk, Kelson 

Blvthe, Joseph Phillips, L P 

Boling, John C Price, William N 

Boling, William C Ricketts, Andy A 

Brink, Charles H Riggs, William M 

Bruce, John D Roby, Reuben 

Carmain, Clayborne Russell, Robert C 

Curry, Nathan Sargent, Temple C 

Edwards, G A Shaffer, Jacob S 

Fields, Keen W Shaw, William H 

Frazer, George W Small, Timothy 

Gammill, S F Smith, Samuel 

Gilpin, H H Smvser, Hugh F 

Glenn, Thomas Storm, Hiram S 

Gould, L A Storm, James A 

Graham, Joseph H Storm, William H 

Guinn, J I Storm, William 

Harman, Adam Turner, James B 

Hedges, Salem Turner, James L 

Henry, Thomas X Turner, J L B 

Hilsabec, James A Turner, Lorenzo H 

Hilsabeck, Wm F Turner, L W T 

Holmes, Henry C Turner, Wright W 

Hughes, Isaac Tull, John W 

Hughes, Thomas Voris, George W 

Hughes, J William Walker, William D 

Jester, John H Warden, Charles D 

Keller, Lee H Warden, Selathial L 

Kemp, Abraham Warren, Samuel 

Kerns, J A Weston, James W 

Lenox, John X Wilkinson, Levi 

Linville, J H _ York. Henry H 
Linville, John F 

WINSLOW, No. 564. 

WINSLOW. Stephenson Co. Chartered 
Oct 1867. Reg com 1st Monday. Mem- 
bership 38. 

Nathan C Tylee, W Master 
Chas M Combes, S W Danl C Gaylord, S D 
Wm YanMatre. J W J H Fosdick, J D 
Byron L Wright, Tr William Thorp, S S 
J W Saneerman, Sec Jacob Sweeley, J S 

Frank E Wickwire, T 
Beady, William J Hutchings, Samuel 
Bradford, John Lincoln, William M 

Butterfield, P McDaniels, Amos 

Cooper, M J Mack, Robert E 

Fergeson, Samuel Macombes, C M 
Gordon, John M Martin, Elias 
Hakes, L C Pym, Benjamin 

Hayes, Abner Rockey, Robert M 

Hindes, Erastus F Rockey, William S 
Hoover, Benj F Rodaburgh, Thomas 

Hunter, Thomas J Rush, Henry 

Rybolt, James M Thompson, H 

Sweeley, Phillip VanMatre, William 

Taylor, Alexander White, Henry A 
Taylor, Thomas 

WOODFOBD^ No. 654. 

EL PASO, Woodford Co. Chartered 
Oct 1870. Reg com 1st Mon. Mem 47. 

Delos O'Brien, W Master 
S M Ferrell, S W W K Hoagland, Sec 
J no G Bridges, J W F Cole, S D 
J H Burtiss, Treas JnoR Sweet, JD 

James Fishburn, T 
Adams, J C Hubbard, G W 

Baldwin, J T Jaynes, J C 

Baldwin, J W Lallman. George 

Berger, J H Lanies, J H 

Bingham, W R Lee, W C 

Bowers, A J 
Brown, H C 
Cassell, J J 
Crist, P A 
Drake, J B 
Earnest, J 
Fix, Jacob 
Fursman, E S 
Gibson, W S 
Habden, R G 
Hanna, J H 
Harper, C L 
Harper, J M 
Harper, J T 
Holmes, J P 

McKean, J 
Mann, J H 
Ogden, C 
Patten, M H 
Reidal, C 
Rogers, L R 
Shur, C P 
Stitt, Samuel 
Strathman, G 
Taylor, A 
Thompson, J 
Tobias, G Z 
Wheeler, N H 
Wheeler, William 
Wilder, W D 

WOODHULL, No. 502. 

WOODHULL, Henry Co. Chartered 
Oct 1866. Reg com Fri o b f m. Mem 51. 

Julius Tower, W Master 
Mattis F Olson, S W L J Elliott, S D 
G A Richards, J W Wm O Gamble, J D 
William Payton, Tr Benj H Goodell, SS 
Wm A Fraser, Sec J M Kingdon, J S 

James Shirz, T 
Barnett, J H Mitchel, Abe! 

Bell, Jesse D Moody, Daniel 

Bence, Charles Moody, WN 

Borton, Thomas J Patterson, Orson H 
Clay, William Rylondes, Gottfreid 

Coy, John W Sherbeck, J A 

Crawford, Thos J Shinn, Libbens B 
Doyle, James Slates, George J 

Elder, S C Stitt, George W 

Elliott, Zadoc Talbot, William K 

Epperson, James W Taylor, David P 
Harshmer, David Taylor, Michael 
Herbert, Thomas M Terhell, David M 

Hoegh, Frank L 
Houghton, Lewis C 
Howell, Chauncey 
Jaynes, David 
Laird, Allan 

Tilden, Herbert J 
Turner, Levi W 
Whitmore, David 
Whitney, William 
Wilkins, Charles 

Logergreen, August Wilson, Samuel J 
Magnes, Robert H Wynar, Lorenzo D 
Maher, Alexander 

WYANEt7"No. 231. 

WYANET, Bureau Co. Chartered Oct 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

1857. Reg com 2d and 4th Sat. Ann com 
reg o b Dec 27. Membership 41. 
J A Hays, W Master 
E P Sellers, S W Jacob Kinney, S D 
J O Craig, J W Harry Flack, J D 

George White, Treas A Wolf, S S 
F C Robinson, Sec Stephen Aldrich, J S 

M Cramer, T 
Aldrich, Fenner Johnson, J 
Aldrich, Sullivan Mercer, Jefferson 
Barrett, Joseph Mount, Elisha 

Bergh, Samuel M Nichols, D T 
Blain, John Roach, Thomas 

BoardmamRobtR Sapp, Ed B 
Brown, J R Sapp, John R 

Cass, Isaac H Schoettler, Chris 

Fisher, Ellis Schultz, Gustav 

Giles, Orin W Sisler, Lewis 

Golding, Edward Stevens, Elbridge 
Hartung, Charles Tomkinson, Robert 
Hatheway, L Triplett, Julius 

Hetchner, John Triplett, Wilson 
Hitchcock. Ed Wright, George 

Hunter, Hiram 

WYOMINoTno. 479. 

WYOMING, Stark Co. Chartered Oct 
1866. Reg com Thurs o b f m. Ann com 
Dec. Membership 79. 

Thomas W Bloomee, W Master 
Geo W Scott, S W E Rogers, S D 
Selden Miner, J W F H Phelps, J D 
Jno Wrigley, Treas Isaac Thomas, S S 
Wm H Butler. Sec Perry H Smith, J S 

M F Meeker, T 
Aylmer, Samuel Hampson, Charles 
Aynsel, John p m Havely, Martin 
Bloomer, James D Hemmant, A S 
Byere, James Hight, Richard 

Childe, Charles H Hockstrasser, Hugh 
Collier, C Holgate, James 

Conover, S K Holgate, Reuben 

Copeslake, John C Holgate, William 
Coulson, Foster Jordan, John 
Cox, J Harvey King, Albert 

Cox, Jerry Lamphear, H M 

Cox, Jesse L Ludley, Thomas H 

Cox, Myron R Memlenhall, Jno M 

Cox, Simon Moffit, Alonzo 

De Boid, James Morgan, A R 
Dixon, Henry Newton, Benjamin 

Duckworth, James Nicholas, George N 
Dyer, Otis Nicholas, William H 

Earhart, Frank Otman, Sylvester F 
Egleston, George D Payne, W B 
Egleston, William Rogers, Henry M 
Ellie, John Scott, Winfleld 

Ewers, A C Shute, A J 

Fox, H N Snedeker, Alex 

French, C H Swift, E O 

Fuller, G W Taylor, B L 

Fuller, O Turner, Henry 

Graves, L D Wayman, A R 

Grinlet, Edward Weller, J K 
Hamilton, Charles H Weston, John E 
Hamilton, John Winn, Thomas 
Hammond, A G Woods, Isaac 
Hammert, J B Woods, J L 

Wooley, William Wrigley, Samuel 
Wright, John C 

YATES CITY, No. 448. 

YATES CITY, Knox Co. Chartered 
Oct 1865. Reg com Mon o b f m and two 
weeks after. Ann com reg o b Dec 27. 
Place of meeting Masonic Hall. Mem- 
bership 66. 

John W Hens ley, W Master 
E C Trouslot, S W W H Longdon, S D 
Henry Soldwell, J W W Adams, J D 
R F Anderson. Tr Obid Rinehart, S S 
J D C Hoit. Sec Chas D North, J S 

William H Housier, T 
Adams, Alfred G Lambert, Martin 

Adams, James A 
Aric, Anthony 
Bloomer, Adam C 
Bryson, John 
Camp, F N 
Corey, James M 
Cox, John B 
Craybel, John S 
Cullinim, Michael 

Low, Charles 
McKinty, John 
McLaughlin, Jno B 
Madden, Francis M 
Mason^Charles H 
Miles, William 
Millen, George 
Nicholson, James H 
Parker, George W 

Diefendorf, John W Parker, Samuel M 
Dixon, William Potts, H H 

George, W A 
Goold, Luther 
Goold, William 
Hare, Henry 
Harkness, M O 
Hill, DM 
Householder, Wm 
Hurd, Welcher W 
Hunter, James 
Hunter, O S 
Knable, John E 

Rhea, Eben B 
Rhea, Smith 
Riner, Jacob C 
Roberts, John D 
Shaffer, Benj B 
Shaffer, George W 
Sherman, William 
Sloan, John 
JSpencer, Henry 
Taylor, James 
Tedrick, Robert 
Tucker, Ephraim 

Kennedy, George W Turner, Martin L 
Kent, E Bostwick Wagner, Henry 
Keys, Samuel Westfall, Finley T 

Lambert, Isaac Wood, Thomas J 

YORkTno. 313. 

YORK, Clark Co. Chartered Oct 1859. 
Reg com Tues o b f and n m. Membership 

James A Rariden, W Master 
OmerShawler, S W W P Stiles, S D 
John H Fulton, J W Van Shawler, J D 
P C Murphey, Tr John Patterson, S S 
H S Floyd, Sec H G Hodge, J S 

George W Brock, T 
Acker, Henry Harrison, O C 

Bailiff, Thomas Hodge, W B jr 

Bradberry, John Hoge, Jonathan 
Bradberry, P G Howerton, Henry 
Brock, Henry Jackson, C 

Buckner, J S Jaynes, J M 

Crouch, Anderson Ketchum, John 
Davidson, D J Lacy, J II 

Dolson, C N Lacy, Robert 

Dolson, James B Lake, S B 
Falley, Rich Lawson, James 

Fears, Charles Lindley, C A 

Hamer, Westley Lindley, J H 
Harris, Ira Lindley, S W 

Subordinate Lodges. 


McKain, Robert 
Maloue, W J 
Martin, N J 
Marvin, Albert 
Marvin, B 
Morton, John 
Murphy, W M 
Oskett, A D 

Park, H H 
Prevo, Henry 
Prevo, Ira 
Reynolds, Aaron 
Rook, H J 
Roseboorn, A B 
Smith, C A 
Williams, Ed 

YORKTOWN, No. 655. 
YORKTOWX, Bureau Co. Chartered 
Oct 1870. Reg com 2d and 4th Sat. Mem- 
bership 37. 

W W Ceaddock, W Master 
J E Greenman, S W O Bouker, S D 
E W Dow, J W J F Leonard, J D 

J J Winchell, Treas F Adams, S S 
MA Myers, Sec W H Camper, J S 

Akins, Frank Greenman. William 

Aldrich, J H Green, S M 

Allen, G K Henriken, G 

Andrews, Andrew Hopkins, M 
Bastian, A W Johnson, Samuel 

Beach, T S Kates, Lemuel 

Berry, A H Laduc, E A 

Cain, Eli Lowe, M G 

Collins, Robert McKenzie, Robert 

Dora, C E Macmuler, Edward 

Fitzgerald, M Nixon, J W 

Ruck, George 
Sheldon, S W 
Thacabry, H 

Thomas, W 


YOUNGSTOWN, Warren Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1863. Reg com 2d and 4th Sat. 
Membership 40. 

W W Shoop, W Master 
T G Taylor, S W R B Predmore, S D 
W T Campbell, J W J C Dewey, J D 
A Vandever, Treas H H Kidder, S S 
G W Beckner, Sec J P Reed, J S 

H V Simmons, T 
Alman, T J Painter, James H 

Austin, James M Patten, John H 
Bond, John C Pennington, Thos F 

Cunnningham, Jos Pittman, James B 
Decker, Abram N Pittman, Joseph C 
Dixson, James J Ray, John 
Folger, Henry A Reed, Andrew J 
Henry, Hiram A Reed, B A 
Higgins, John P Reed, Benjamin F 
Horsington, A A Reed, John T 
Johnson, James C Schomp, David A 
Jones, William J Schomp, Jacob D 
Kidder, Benjamin H Shawler, James B 
King, William H Thomas, D A 
Lawrance, Stephen Thomas, William 
Mapes, Henry E 



OFFICERS, 1875-76. 

M. E. HASWELL C. CLARK, of Kankakee, 

M. E. ARTHUR R. H. ATKINS, of Chicago, . 

E. JAMES C. McMURTRY, of Henderson, 

E. JOHN D. HAMILTON, of Carthage, 

M. E. JAMES H. MILES, of Chicago, 

M. E. HARRISON DILLS, of Quincy, 

Rev. and E. WILLIAM H. SCOTT, of Metropolis, 

E. SAMUEL W. WADDLE, of Bloomington, 

E. SILAS 0. VAUGHN, of De Kalb, 

E. JOHN P. NORVELL, of Danville, . 

E. SAMUEL SHANNON, of Mt. Carmel, . 

E. WILLIAM L. ORR, of Carrollton, . 

E. MENNO S. BOWMAN, of Sterling, 

Comp. JOHN P. FERNS, of Chicago, . . 

Comp. ARNOLD R. ROBINSON, of Springfield, . 


Grand High Priest. 
Dep. Gr. High Priest. 
Grand King. 
Grand Scribe. 
Grand Secretary. 
Grand Treasurer. 
Grand Chaplain. 
Grand Captain Host. 
Grand Prin. Sojourner. 
Grand R. A. Captain. 
Grand Master 3d Veil. 
Grand Master 2d Veil. 
Grand Master 1st Veil. 
Grand Steward. 
Grand Sentinel. 



George E. Lounsbury, A. A. Murray, Asa W. Blakesley, James A. Hawley, 
and John M. Pearson. 

James H. Miles (Address, 49 May St., Chicago). 


Levi Lusk, 

P. G. H. P. 

George E. Lounsbury, 

P. G. 



Louis Watson, . 

. P. G. H. P. 

William J. A. Delancey 

P. G. 



Ira A. W. Buck, 

P. G. H. P. 

Haswell C Clark, . 

G. H 


Edward M. M. Clarke, 

P. G. H. P. 

Charles W. Matheny, . 

P. D. 


H. P. 

Hiram W. Hubbard, . 

. P. G. H. P. 

James C. Lucky, 

P. D. 


H. P. 

Wiley M. Egan, 

P. G. H. P. 

Arthur R. H. Atkins, 

D. G. 



Loyal L. Munn, . 

. P. G. H. P. 

Thomas J. Wade, . 

P. G. 


Orlin H. Miner, 

P. G. H. P. 

James C. McMurtry, . 

G. K 

James H. Miles, . 

. P. G. H. P. 

Peter Sweat, 

P. G. 


John M. Pearson, . 

P. G. H. P. 

T. S. Hazen, 

P. G. 


Augustus A. Murray, 

. P. G. H. P. 

Ja?ies Steele, 

P. G. 


James A. Hawley, . 

P. G. H. P. 

John D. Hamilton, . 

G. S. 

Asa W. Blakesley, 

. P. G. H. P. 

C. C. Collins, Boys' Clothing, cor. Clark and Monroe Sts., Chicago, 111. 

Subordinate Chapters. 



Grand Chapte 



Representatives to 

Representatives from 



Joseph A. Burnell, 

Hiram W. Hubbard. 


Reese J. Chestnutwood, . 

Gilbert W. Barnard. 

Iowa . 

H. H. Hemenway, 

Loyal L. Munn. 

Kansas . 

Owen M. Bassett, 

Asa W. Blakesley. 


James C. Batcheler, . 

Orlin H Miner. 

Maine . 

John W. Ballou, 

Wiley M. Egan. 


John C. Baker. 

Mississippi . 

William Cochran, 

John M. Pearson. 

Missouri . 

George F. Gouley, . 

James H. Miles. 

New Jersey . 

Rheuna D. Lawrence. 

New York 

J. F. Ferguson, 

Orlin H. Miner. 

Nova Scotia. 

James Gossip, 


Charles C. Keifer, 

James H. Miles. 


Robert Ramsey, 


R. P. Earhart, 

James H. Miles. 


Charles E. Meyer, . 

Asa W. Blakesley. 

South Carolina 

James A. Hoyt, 


John W. Clark, 

Asa W. Blakesley. 

Annual Convocation held in Chicago on the Thursday after the fourth Monday 
in October. 

Grand Secretary's address, No. 49 May St., Chicago. 


ALTON. No. 8. 
Alton Chartered Sept 1853. Reg conv 
Fri o h f m. Ann conv Dec. Member- 
ship 73. 

Root B Smith. HPT Hyndmann, M V 
George Barry, K HO Billings, M V 
F H Ferguson, S Chas A Herb. M V 
Hueh E Bovle, C H W Huskinson. Treas 
Geo D Hayden, PS F S Detrich. Sec 
James Mann, R A C , S 

ARCOLA, No. 163. 
Arcola, Douglas Co. Chartered Oct 
1874. Reg conv 2d and 4th Fri. Ann 
conv 1st Fri Dec. Membership 25. 
Geo Klink, HP B Reinheimer. M V 

Allen C Moore, K Sol Dorman. M V 
Sam'] B Logan. S Jas C Wright, M V 
M H Kelley, C H Philip D Rav, Treas 
S H Loutham. P S Perry, M Moore, Sec 
W B Rust, R A C Allen Campbell, S 

ASHLEY. No. 141. 
Ashley, Washington Co. Chartered 
Oct 1870. Reg conv 1st Fri. Ann conv 
Jan. Membership 24. 
J J Perdue, HP T E Wescott, M V 
G E Anglen, K S H Watson, M V 

E Tate. S N R Wheat, M V 

R S Colwell, C H S E Caterlin, Treas 
W W Caffrey, PS C E Hammond, Sec 
W M Walker, R A C AH Brown, S 

AUBURN, No. 92. 
Auburn, Sangamon Co. Chartered Oct 
1866. Reg conv Tues o b f m. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 57. 
R G Smith. HP P Stout, M V 
W D Wheeler, K Geo Legerwood, M V 
W H Wineman, S John Snyder, M V 
D Wadsworth, C H C L Bridges, Treas 
W H Coleman, P S Wiley Knowles, Sec 
S J Nuckles, R A C Chas Caldwell, S 

AUGUSTA. No. 72. 
Augusta, Hancock Co. Chartered 
Oct 1864. Reg conv Tues o bfm. Ann 
conv Dec. Membership 96. 
H A Young. HP D H Swicegood, M V 

S K Gavlord, K 
W H Rader, S 
J A Jones, C H 
J C Bertholf, P S 
O L Pitney, R A C 

P P Newcomb, M V 
Thomas Monk, M V 
D P Coffin an, Treas 
W G Leach, Sec 
J Van Brunt, S 

AURORA, No. 22. 
Aurora. Chartered Sep 1854. Reg 
conv 2d and 4th Mon. Ann conv 2d Mon 
Dec. Membership 211. 
Wm H Barrett, H P M Mitchell, M V 
Theodore Porter, K C M Baker, MV 
Wm B Barnes. S Charles Carter, M V 
P Y Hickman, C H J H Thompson, Tr 
F L Thayer, P S George L Taylor, Sec 

N L Bliss, R A C Burr Winton, S 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

BARRETT, No. 18. 
Rock Island. Chartered Sep 1853. 
Reg conv 1st and 3d Tues. Ann conv 1st 
Tues Dec. Membership 124. 
H C Cleaveland, HPRM Sweeney, M V 
Henry Burgower, K James T Dixon, M V 
J M Montgomery, S W McConechie, M V 
J W Matthews, C H A J Swanson, Treas 
Wm M King, PS WL Sweeney, Sec 
J Seigrist jr, R A C Thomas Thornton. S 

BARRY, No. 88. 
Barrry, Pike Co. Chartered Oct 1865. 
Reg conv Mon o b f m. Ann conv Dec. 
Membership 66. 

D W Greene, H P Geo W Perry, M V 
John P Grubb, K M G Patterson, M V 
David Reffey, S George Wike ir, M V 

Wm F Bruns, C H Alex White, Treas 
D J Wike, PS W G Hubbard, Sec 

W Mclntire, R A C Richard St John, S 

BELVILLeTno. 106. 
Belville, St Clair Co. Chartered Oct 
1867. Reg conv 1st and 3d Sat. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 69. 
Chas A Monk. H PJ M Schroeder, M V 
David Wiley, K R Coreth, M V 
George C Bunsen, S Thomas Stone, M V 
Lewis Williams, C H J K Mullen, Treas 
A S Wilderman, P S Alex B Russell, SeC 
John Woods, R A C James Spencer, S 

BEMENT, No. 65. 

Bement, Piatt Co. Chartered Oct 1864. 

Reg conv Wed obfm (except July, Aug 

and Sep). Ann conv reg after Nov 15. 

Membership 39. 

Chas F Tenney, H P George Turner, M V 
J O Sparks, K Charles Long, M V 

Joseph Bodinan, S AS Wetherall, M V 
William Camp, C H J H Camp, Treas 
George S Dustin, PS J R Nelson, Sec 
ThosT Pettill, R AC J Coughenbough, S 

Bloom ington. Chartered Oct 1856. 
Reg conv 1st Wed. Ann conv Dec. Mem- 
bership 116. 

J Brewster, HP V W Dashiell, M V 
Albert Kittle, K J T Spaulding, M V 
T W Stevenson, S Jno G Destrich, M V 
Chas G Roberts^C H Goodman Ferre, Tr 
J L Spaulding, P S John D Torole, Sec 
Jos Hughs, R A C Samuel Rauch, S 

CAIRO, No. 71. 
Cairo. Chartered Oct 1864. Reg conv 
3d Tues. Ann conv Oct. Membership 51. 
P W Barclay, HP H Man waring, MV 
John Antrim, K M Walder, M V 
H Myers, S J Goldstein, M V 

A W O'Neil, C H P G Schuh, Treas 
F Krosmyer, PS C Hanny, Sec 
Jno McEwen, R A C H Cantwell, S 

CANTON, No. 68. 
Canton, Fulton Co. Chartered Oct 
1864. Reg conv Fri obfm. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 56. 

S Stevens, H P Henry C Bolton, M V 

C Wilson, K J D Johnson, M V 

Thomas S Gentle, S Saml S Taylor, M V 
A Downing, C H Wm B Gleason, Tr 
Henry M Kline, P S J C Brinkerhoff, Sec 
Wm A Childs, R A C Joseph Warders, S 

Carrollton, Greene Co. Chartered 
Oct 1865. Reg conv 2d Mon. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 88. 
James M Davis, H P S P Morrow, M V 
Wm L Greene, K H C Sieverling, M V 
George W Davis, S R G Robinson, M V 
John Hill, C H J G Reed, Treas 

Chas W Keeley, P S William L Orr, Sec 
T G Jefferies, R A C John Hill, S 

CARTHAGE, No. 33. 
Carthage, Hancock Co. Chartered 
Oct 1856. Reg conv 4th Thurs. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 54. 
W H Manier, H P Wm J Dale, M V 
James W Carlton, K David C Booth, M V 
John M Ferris, S Wm T Booth, M V 
W R Hamilton, C H Hiram G Ferris, Tr 
Wm C Hooker, P S David E Head, Sec 
W H D Noyes, R A C N P McKee, S 

CEMENT, No. 58. 
Utica, La Salle Co. Chartered Sep 1860. 
Reg conv Sat succeeding locige. Ann 
conv reg n b Dec 27. Membership 41. 
C C Halladay, HP AD Sparham, M V 
James Clark, K Wm Wilson, M V 

James Isham, S Sam'l D Gray, M V 

John L Clark, C H James Clark, Treas 
J B Peckham, PS C B Clugston, Sec 
C C Perrin, R A C James Isham. S 

Centralia. Chartered Oct 1866. Reg 
Conv 1st and 3d Wed. Ann conv 1st Wed 
Dec. Membership 63. 
W J ADelancy, HP G F Horn, M V 
H D Buck, K R D Oxley, M V 

George W Smith, S E J Mitchell, M V 
Ole Torgerson, C H C House, Treas 
H W Hubbard, PS C B Ullyette, Sec 
S J Smith, R A C J V Swarthout, S 

Champaign, Champaign Co. Chartered 
Oct 1859. Reg conv 3d Mon. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 60. 
W J Dunlap. HP H H Harris. M V 
E N McAllister, K A Sherman, M V 
L W Faulkner, S J B Lamkin, M V 
C E Baker, C H J Dollenback, Treas 

George Scroff, P S John B W x eeks, Sec 
S Richards, R A C R B Musson, S 

CHENOA, No. 143. 
Chenoa, McLean Co. Chartered Oct 
1870. Reg conv 1st and 3d Tues. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 34. 
W M Fales, HP C S Elder, P S 
A B Seybolt, K R C Rollins, R A C 

Geo T Coonley, S Jas Colter, M V 
S S Chapman, C H O D Sanborn, M V 

Subordinate Chapters. 


Peter Riley, M V Jas S Cotter, Sec 
Louis Zeigler, Treas Jacob Ballinger, S 

CHICAGO, No. 127. 
Chicago. Chartered Oct 1868. Reg 
conv 1st and 3d Tues. Ann conv 1st Tues 
Dec. Place of meeting 134 22d st. Mem- 
bership 110. 

T C Borden. HP M J Scrafford, M V 
G M Holmes, K Jacob Weil, M V 
Amos Grannis, S Wm J Malley, M V 
M L Keith j r, C H Win Aldrich, Treas 
D C Wallace, P S El* Smith, Sec 
Delos E Hall, R A C Isaac Parker, S 

Chillicothe, Peoria Co. Chartered 
Oct 1868. Reg conv Fri o b f m. Ann 
conv Feb. Membership 27. 
Wm McLean, H P Win H Miller, M V 
Lambert Pond, K Henry F Hyde. M V 
John L Kenner, S Geo M Gibbons, M V 
John W Fuller, C H Geo M Dixon, Treas 
Chas W Carroll, P S E F Humphrey, Sec 
Geo P Lester, R A C John Unger, S 

CLARKE, No. 29. 
Beardstown, Cass Co. Chartered Oct 
1856. Reg conv 2d and 4th Mon. Ann 
conv 4th Mon Dec. Membership 43. 
C P Andrews, H P Jos Polyack, M V 
Edward W Kells. K E P Logan, M V 
John E Putnam, S H B Wilson, M V 
Benj F Burns, C H Henry Glann, Treas 
Chas F Norton, P S W C Steinmetz, Sec 
J Dreisen, R A C James A Butler, S 

CLAYTON, No. 104. 
Clayton, Adams Co. Chartered Oct 
1866. Reg conv 3d Mon. Ann conv Dec. 
Membership 71. 

B W McCoy JI P AT Swope, M V 
L W Camp, K E Hartman, M V 

H P Coe, S J H Francis, M V 

Jacob Haylett, C H B W Bryant, Treas 
J A Smith, PS J C Miller, Sec 

A S McDowell, R A C James Tallman, S 

Chicago. Chartered Oct 1864. Reg 
conv 2d and 4th Mon. Ann conv 2d Mon 
Dec. Place of meeting 185 Kinzie st. 
Membership 257. 

Chas C Phillips, H P S Kerr, M V 
J A Crawford, K L Charlette, M V 
S M Henderson, S G Mc Williams, M V 
A J Dox, C H T E Miller, Treas 

H T Burch, PS JO Dickerson, Sec 

A Robinson, R A C S M Richardson, S 

CROSSMAN, No. 155. 
Flora, Clay Co. Chartered Oct 1872. 
Reg conv Fri o b f m. Ann conv Dec. 
Membership 29. 

C Ferr, HP T Van Hague, M V 

Jno N Snedeker, K W Watkins, M V 
John Carr, S Orlando C Hall, M V 

S Reinbenner, C H J B Phillips, Treas 
Andrew W Ball, P S Ed A Hauptman, Sec 
Thos O Baker. R A C Wm F Watkins, S 

DALLAS, No. 111. 
Dallas City, Hancock Co. Chartered 
Oct 1867. Reg conv Sat a f m. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 43. 
A C Craney, HP M Dickey, M V 
William Scott, K J M Lionberger, M V 
John Cooper, S Jas M Carper, M V 

Jas M Maclean, C H A F Logan, ^reas 
B Mendenhalh P S Jonathan Rice, Sec 
P C Walker, R A C Joseph BDuffy, S 

DE KALB, No. 52. 
De Kalb, De Kalb Co. Chartered Oct 
1859. Reg conv 1st and 3d Fri. Ann conv 
1st Fri Dec. Membership 86. 
S O Vaughn, HP T Corkings, M V 
J V Dim en, K CM Simmons, M V 

E B Gilbert, S W B Barber, M V 

P W Vaughn, C H L H Post, Treas 
W F Pierce, PS C H Salsberry, Sec 
D D Hunt, R A C L Mendelson, S 

DE WITT, No. 119. 
Petersburg, Menard Co. Chartered 
Oct 1868. Reg conv 2d Mon. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 64. 
T W McNealy, H P F Wilkinson, M V 
C B Laning, K C Shipp, M V 

W S Conant, S John Carver, M V 

H Hamilton, C H H Montgomery, Tr 
P C Bennett, PS J G Strodemann, Sec 
A Thompson, R A C J E Dickerson, S 

DU QUOIN, No. 44. 
Du Quoin, Perry Co. Chartered Oct 1858. 
Reg conv 2d and 4th Mon. Ann conv 2d 
Mon Dec. Membership 33. 
Wm A Housel, H P John Wheatley, M V 
Jacob Messmore, K Jos Brookshaw, M V 
Amos Teteick, S James Lenson, M V 
J D Buchan, C H AW Brasher, Treas 
S Friedenstine, P S Thos H Howell, Sec 
J Robertson, R A C Jesse Wright, S 

EAST ST. LOUIS, No. 156. 
East St. Louis. Chartered Oct 1873. 
Reg conv 2d Wed. Ann conv Dec. Mem- 
bership 41. 

Henry Elliott, H P Wm Elliott, M V 
Anson Gustin, K Thos H Mohan, M V 
John W Renshaw, S Wm T Noel, M V 
T C Jennings, C H Wm G Kase, Treas 
George L Kolb, P S E C Newkirk, Sec 
C Rohm, R A C John H Ryan, S 

EDGAR, No. 32. 
Paris, Edgar Co. Chartered Oct 1856. 
Reg conv Mon o b f m. Ann conv Oct. 
Membership 127. 

R L McKinlay, H P John L Hizar. M V 
Joseph E Dvas, K M J L Clark, M V 
Simon P Link, S A B Austin, jr M V 
Jos W Vance, C H AY Froscdon, Treas 
Jas A Finley, P S Henry C Boyls, Sec 
Jacob M Bell, R A C Joseph Boyls, S 

Edwardsville, Madison Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1871. Regconv 1st and 3d Tues, 
Ann conv 3d Tues Dec. Membership 36. 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

C E Clark, H P John Keller, M V 

S V Crossman, K A E Spitz, M V 
W R Graves, S A P Wolf, M V 

J G Robinson, C H EG Gaiser, Treas 
John F Crocker, PS C D Dimmock, Sec 
John Hobson, R A C George J Webb, S 

Effingham, Effingham Co. Chartered 
Oct 1865. Reg conv 3d Tues. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 87. 
T A Brown, H P William Bean, M V 
Joseph B Jones, K W r in Salisbury, M V 
John H I Lacy, S J C Simmonton M V 
H B Kepley, C H Samuel Alsop, Treas 
I P Carpenter, P S Wm McPherson, Sec 
John Jones, R A C DJ McCabe, S 

EGYPTIAN, No. 45. 
Anna, Union Co. Chartered Oct 1858. 
Reg conv 1st Fri. Ann conv Dec. Mem- 
bership 48. 

J H Hamsen, HP R R Townes, M V 
C Kirkpatrick, K J B Miller, M V 
W H Willard, S MA Goodman. M V 

M C Brawford, C H W H Willard, Treas 
A J Nieman, PS J F Willferd, Sec 
W Kirkpatr'k,RAC C M Willard jr, S 

ELLIOTT, No. 120. 
Litchfield, Montgomery Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1868 Reg conv 2d and 4th Tues. 
Ann conv Dec. Membership 57. 
G W Amsden, HP WL Elliott, M V 
G M Lerighmiller, K H M Sampson, M V 
L Hoffman, S Jas M Briggs, M V 

James Collins, C H DC Amsdell, Treas 
Geo A Stoddard, PS Frank Milner, Sec 
J K Wilnor, R A C GW Parish, S 

EUREKA, No. 98. 
Yates City, Knox Co. Chartered Oct 
1866. Reg conv 1st and 3d Wed. Ann 
conv 3d Wed Dec. Membership 42. 
J M Corey, HP C Wilkinson, M V 

J W r Hensley, K J S Buckhalter, M V 
C H Mason, S L H Butcher, M V 

W H Langdon, C H Samuel Keys, Treas 
C D North, PS F M Madden, Sec 

W Householder, RAC W H Houser, S 

EVANSTON, No. 144. 
Evanston. Chartered Oct 1870. Reg 
conv 1st and 3d Fri. Ann conv Dec. 
Membership 55. 

E G Hooke, HP J C Humphrey, M V 
Wesley Brainerd, K John I Bell, M V 
Chas Raymond, S T D Simers, M V 
Lloyd G Gage, C H Louis Leonhardt, Tr 
Chas C Stratton, P S P F S Slaymaker, Sec 
G W Huntoon, R A C J R Fowler, S 

EUCLID. No. 13. 
Napiekville, Du Page Co. Chartered 
Oct 1851. Reg conv 2d and 4th Fri. Ann 
conv 2d Fri Dec. Membership 32. 
J J Hunt, H P Charles Schultz, P S 

A W Strong, K L G Kent, RAC 

Lucius Ellsworth, S Thomas Finley, M V 
M S Ellsworth, C H, Daniel Strubler, M V 

William King, M V A Knickerbocker,S'c 
Jacob Salfisberg, Tr Samuel Balliman, S 

FAIRBURY, No. 99. 
Faikbury, Livingston Co. Chartered 
Oct 1866. Reg conv 2d and 4th Fri. Ann 
conv 4th Fri Oct. Membership 71. 
N T Robertson, H P Smith Olney, M V 
T L Hunt, K F Rettenmayer, M V 

B Phelps, S Wm Hackett, M V 

J Zimmerman, C H James King jr, Treas 
Emery Gregg, P S Smith Olney, Sec 
T Brownlee, RAC Delos Wright, S 

FAIRVIEW, No. 161. 
Chicago. Chartered Oct 1873. Reg 
conv 2d and 4th Tues. Ann conv 2d Tues 
Dec. Place of meeting Cottage Grove 
ave and 87th st. Membership 64. 
H S Tiffany, HP W H Launder, M V 
David R Crego, K Joseph R Lewis, M V 
Peter Daggy, S W T m G Graham, M V 

Myron S Crego, C H J C Myers, Treas 
A Hayner, P S Jas E Chadwick, Sec 

H J Goodrich, R A C S D Savage, S 

FORD, No. 113. 
Paxton, Ford Co. Chartered Oct 1867. 
Reg conv 2d and 4th Thurs. Ann conv 
Oct. Membership 56. 
G J Shepardson, H P Ed Guthman, M V 
W 7 illiam Noel, K FT Putt. M V 
T S Johnson, S S M Newlin, M V 

B F Mason, C H N Dahlgren, Treas 
W C Sawyer, PS T P Dudley, Sec 
John Herrins, R A C A J Cutter, S 

FRANKLIN, No. 15. 
Upper Alton. Chartered Sept 1852. 
Reg conv Fri o b f m Ann conv Dec. 
Membership 41. 

J W Collet, H P Louis Ehrler, M V 
S B Gillham, K AT Scovill, M V 

E C Lemen, S W T Harris, M V 

T R Murphy, C H F F Merrill, Treas 
F F Maxey, PS T P Yerkes, Sec 

J S Elwell, RAC HP Rundle, S 

FREEPORT, No. 23. 
Freeport. Chartered Sept 1854. Reg 
conv 1st. and 3d Tues. Ann conv 3d Tues 
Dec. Membership 1*61. 
E C Warner,!! P FA Read jr, M V 

HC Hutchinson, S 
W W Waddell, C H 
W W Lott, P S 
J S Gates, RAC 

H W Dexter, M V 
J S Rogers, M V 
Robert Little, Treas 
S M Hutchinson, Sec 
Levi Martin, S 

FULTON, No. 108. 
Fulton, W r hitesides Co. Chartered 
Oct 1867. Reg conv W T ed o b f m. Ann 
conv Dec. Membership 70. 
A Sailer, HP C B Bachelder, M V 

John J Curley, K John Stuart, M V 
Noah Green, S J M Startzman, M V 

R H Adams, C H Wm C Snyder, Treas 
Henry Yule, P S John Philips, Sec 
Jas W r Smith, R A C C D Rose, S 

Subordinate Chapters. 


GALES BURG, No. 46. 
Galesburg, Knox Co. Chartered Oct 
1858. Reg conv 1st and 3d Tues. Ann 
conv reg o b Dec 27. Membership 125. 
C H Charvat, HP EL Phillips, M V 
W B Main, K J F Anderson, M V 

G L Hevenson, S T Spear, M V 
R C Hrynes, C H AS Devendorf, Tr 
J H Bell, PS CO Block, Sec 

J F Fraily, R A C TN McQueen, S 

GIRARD No. 132. 
Girard, Macoupin Co. Chartered Oct 
1868. Reg conv Thurs o a f m. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 26. 
A H Magron, H P George Ball, M V 
TV E Eastham, K John Ball, M V 
J M Cain, S H C Tiller, M V 

D Cottingham, C H J P Wiley, Treas 
C C Armstrong, P S H C Hamilton, Sec 
G Crenshaw, R A C B Bethel, S 

GOLCONDA, No. 162. 
Golconda, Pope Co. Chartered Oct 
1874. Reg conv 4th Mon. Ann conv Dec. 
Membership 20. * 

J B Young, HP AD Pierce, M V 
Theodore Steyer, K John R Brown, M Y 
John M Raum, S Jas U Vinyard, M V 
P V Field, C H AD Pierce, Treas 

J R Stigall, P S John A Sim, Sec 

James J Sim, R A C Robert McGowen, S 

Clinton, De Witt Co. Chartered Sep 
1860. Reg conv 1st Tues. Ann conv Dec. 
Membership (no return). 
A H C Barber, H P J T Carl, M V 
D HcArthur, K Edson Johnson, M Y 

W L Chambers, S AY Lisenby, M V 
A D McHenry, C H O L Kirk, Treas 
J Frendenstone, P S W R Kelly, Sec 
P Wolf, R A C J E Wood, S 

Chester, Randolph Co. Chartered 
Oct 1865. Reg conv 2d and 4th Sat, Ann 
conv 4th Sat Dec. Membership 85. 
Geo W Staley, H P Frank Menteer, M Y 
C C Williams, K Alex G Jones, M Y 
Joseph R Nixon, S Jacob M Staley, M V 
Geo Douglass, C H John L Edwards, Tr 
Robert Ryall, PS H W Roberts, Sec 
R H Canine, R A C William Yinyard, S 

HARMONY, No. 35. 
Sumner, Lawrence Co. Chartered Oct 
1856. Reg conv 1st and 3d Tues. Ann 
conv reg o b Dec 27. Membership 42. 
C B Jones, HP TR Hazzard, M V 

Caleb Hooper, K J M Basart, M V 
George W Petty, S B F Summer, M Y 
T M Stevens, C H A Williams, Treas 
W W Shepherd, P S S G Ellegood, Sec 
J P Jones, R A C Joseph Eason, S 

HARVARD, No. 91. 
Havarb, McHenry Co. Chartered Oct 
1866. Reg conv 2d and 4th Tues. Ann 
conv 2d Tues Dec. Membership 54. 

S B Rosecrantz, H P S Erickson, M V 
H A Ranous, K S H Callender, M Y 

J W Rogers, S ' R Coventry, M V 
B A Wade, C H J C Crumb, Treas 

L P Smith, PS J G Callender, Sec 

D W Downs, R A C J Huntley, S 

HAYANA, No. 86. 
Havana, Mason Co. Chartered Oct 

1865. Reg conv 1st Fri. Ann conv Dec. 
Membership 55. 

L M Hillyer, HP W H Caldwell, M V 

Noah Gary, K W H Webb, M V 

C C Fager, S C W Emmett, M V 

O H Harpnam, C H J F Coppel, Treas 

W S Dray, PS H W Liiidlev, Sec 

A T Beck, R A C Isaac Tinkham, S 

HERMAN, No. 16. 
Hennepin, Putnam Co. Chartered 
Sept 1853. Reg conv 2d Thurs. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 33. 
Jos Holland, HP D D Dowe, M V 
William H Zenor, K Frank G Foster, M V 
C Bodemer, S Chas P Lowle, M V 

E R Spencer, C H W Boxendale, Treas 
M Baumann, PS J M Fairfield, Sec 
WH Schemerhorn, Frederick Dudley, S 

HOMER, No. 94. 
Homer, Champaign Co. Chartered Oct 

1866. Reg conv Mon oaf m. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 42. 

G W Hartman, HP G W Gates, M V 

J Davis, K M V B Wilson. M V 

Adam Sagar, S SB Pearse, M V 

Win Freeman, C H J M Custer, Treas 

Jacob Tindall , P S J W Scott, Sec 

S France, R A C E B Johnson, S 

HOREB, No. 4. 
Ryo, Knox Co. Chartered Oct 1850. 
Reg conv Sat obfm. Ann conv Dec. 
Membership 69. 

A J McMurtry, H P J W Deatherag, P S 
J R Scott, K Wm Wright, Treas 

A Heflin, S A Brow, Sec 

J M Witt, C H M Conley, S 

ILLINOIS, No. 17. 
Keithsbtjrg, Mercer Co. Chartered 
Oct 1858. Reg conv Thurs obfm. Ann 
Conv June. Membership 37. 
R C Cabeen, HP T B Cabeen, M V 
J P Wycoff, K J J Mason, M V 

John A Schackles, SBC Talafero, M V 
T H Fruman, C H C A Murtz, Treas 
H G Calhoun, PS A F Glover. Sec 
W H Phares, R A C A H Ely. S 

JACKSON. No. 55. 

Shelbyville, Shelby Co. Chartered 
Oct 1859. Reg conv 1st and 3d Tues. Ann 
Conv 1st Tues Dec. Membership 43. 
E E Mavgower, H P Charles M Ross, M V 
W Wesley Hall, K Morris Cottlow. M V 
William Sampson, S Max Kleeman, M V 
J Seaman. C II J W Johnson. Treas 

Noah Seaman, P S Jas N Ballard, Sec 
J C Carroll. R A C John S Cooper, S 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Jacksonville. Chartered Oct 1850. 
Reg conv 2d and 4th Mon. Ann conv 2d 
Hon Dec. Membership 142. 
Stephen Ellis, H P Leopold Weil, M V 
David Wilson, K Benj J Miller, M V 
James P Willard, S Jacob Kesler, M V 
Jno R Plazyk, C H W B Johnson, Treas 
S H Thompson, PS AN McDonald, Sec 
D S Burns, RAC Geo W Fanning, S 

Jekseyvillb, Jersey Co. Chartered 
Oct 1870. Reg conv 1st Mon. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 50. 
M R Locke, HP J G Irwin, M V 
Edwin Colean, K DM Haughtlin, M V 
Robert Newton, S B F Calhoun, M V 
J S J )aniels, C H S M Bowman, Treas 
C E Miner, PS T S Chapman, Sec 

J G Warston, R A C Jas A Locke, S 

DAVIESS, No. 51. 
Galena. Chartered Oct 1859. Reg 
conv 2d and 4th Thurs. Ann conv reg o b 
Dec 27. Membership 107. 
S K Miner, HP G C Biesmann, M V 
J C Calderwood, K A J Loucheim, M V 
John W Luke, S A F Powell, M V 
A V Richards, C H Jas M Spratt, Treas 
S O Stillman, P S Jacob Fawcett, Sec 
E C Ripley, RAC Daniel Stewart, S 

JOLIET, No. 27. 
Joliet, Will Co. Chartered Oct 1856. 
Reg conv 1st and 3d Mon. Ann conv 1st 
Mon Dec. Membership 157. 
W W Stevens, HP D Rosenheim, M V 
R P Danker, K T E Woods, M V 

W D Fay, S P B Ryan, M V 

C C Olnev, C H J G Elwood, Treas 

F B Willets, PS S A Mateer, Sec 
C Puffer, RAC George C Raynor, S 

KANKAKEE, No. 78. 
Kankakee, Kankakee Co, Chartered 
Oct 1865. Regconv2dand4thTues. Ann 
conv 2d Tues Dec. Membership 37. 
F S Hatch, H P Benj W Rives, M V 

R D Sherman, K Frank D Hatch, M V 
L E Paguin, S D B Vaughn, M V 

J F Leonard, C H Andrew Kerr, Treas 
N C Ferrell, PS H C Clarke, Sec 
W Dusinbury, R A C Alex Burchin, S 

KANSAS, No. 125. 
Kansas, Edgar Co. Chartered Oct 
1868. Reg conv Mono b f m. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 23. 
W H Brown, H P M Safford, M V 
George Ringland, K Stephen Hoag, M V 
Samuel Thomas, S Cyrus Stout. M V 
Win F Boyer, C H Win T Arteburn, Tr 
D W Link, P S Wm B Russell, Sec 

W S Brown, RAC Louis Huben, S 

KEWANEE, No. 47. 
Kewanee, Henrv Co. Chartered Oct 
1858. Reg conv 1st and 3d Wed. Ann 
conv Dec. Membership 57. 

C Trowbridge, H P George Elliott, M V 
John B Moffit, K A E Matteson, M V 
William A Fisher, S Peter Cronan, M V 
Chas K Ladd, C H S W Warner, Treas 
W T Cross, PS C A Shelton, Sec 

J B Mitchell, RAC Samuel Ridyard, S 

KEYSTONE, No. 54. 
Charleston, Coles Co. Chartered Oct 

1859. Reg conv 1st Thurs. Ann conv Dec. 
Membership 36. 

W M Chambers, II P Ben Dawson, M V 
E B Buck, K George Tucker, M V 

S B Walker, S W W Fisher, M V 

George N Gage, C H Isaac Winter, Treas 
Ed H Wiley, P S Jacob L Brown, Sec 
W H Dickson, RAC George W Burton, S 

Belvidere, Boone Co. Chartered Oct 

1860. Reg conv 1st and 3d Wed. Ann 
conv Dec. Membership 62. 

A W Burnside, H P Geo W Downs, M V 
Asher E Jenner, K Chas L Smith, M V 
Charles E Kelsey, S H F Bowley, M V 
Charles B Loop, C H John H Loner, Treas 
Charles H Peck, P S George B Ames, Sec 
S H Moss, RAC H M Wooley, S 

Chicago. Chartered Oct 1850. Reg 
conv 2d and 4th Mon. Ann conv 2d Mon 
Dec. Membership 260. 
James H Miles, H P Ed L Rounds, M V 
Frank S Allen, K C H Lithgow, M V 
John H Huyck, S H G Reichwold, M V 
WmK Forsyth, CH Geo H Laflin, Treas 
B S Butterworth, P S E N Tucker, Sec 
J S Hewson, RAC Moses N Fuller, S 

LA HARPE, No. 134. 
La Harpe, Hancock Co. Chartered 
Oct 1868. Reg conv Sat o a f m. Ann 
conv Dec. Membership 40. 
James Mayor, H P Chas E Tuck, M V 
John Hiller, K William Sharp, M V 

Newton K Bacon, S Samuel Sharp, M V 
Abner Tuttle, C H John N Canifold, Tr 
Israel Brundage, P S C Gettings, Sec 
W A Piper, R A C George Hursch, S 

LANARK, No. 139. 
Lanark, Carroll Co. Chartered Oct 
1869. Reg Conv 2d and 4th Tues. Ann 
Conv reg o b Dec 27. Membership_52. 

HW Wales, HP 
D W Daine, K 
Charles Cogwell, S 
D H Snyder, C H 
J G Garner, P S 

J A Sleer, M V 
Conrad Roth, M V 
H C Van Meter, M V 
R P Wales, Sec 

TL Hamilton, RAC G H Baker, S 

LANSING, No. 73. 
Marengo, McHenry Co. Chartered 
Oct 1865. Reg conv 2d Wed. Ann conv 
Sep. Membership 55. 
Ira R Curtiss, HP J D Bliss, P S 
J B Babcock, K W J Casley, RAC 
William Avery, S HE Perkins, M V 
P T Parkhurst, C H Geo W Crego, M V 

Subordinate Chapters. 


P L Wells, M V 
G V Wells, Treas 

S J James, Sec 
II M Filmore, 

LEBANON, No. 62. 
Lebanon, St Clair Co. Chartered Oct 
1863. Reg conv Tues a f m. Ann conv 
re* n b Dec 27. Membership 75. 
Henry Seiter, HP S R Norup, M V 
Adolphus Berger, K H J Blank, M V 
R Cunningham, S LBuchcnbecker,MV 
G E Monk, C H G W Seamen, Treas 

J Chamberlain, P S W C Leggett, Sec 
J Swears, R A C T M Tyler, S 

LENA, No. 105. 
Libna, Stephenson Co. Chartered Oct 
1866. Reg conv 2d Tnes. Ann conv Dec. 
Membership 61. 

Charles Wake, H P E Kailey, M V 
Joseph Sechlor, K T J Kaufman, M V 
Wm H Farrell, S Alex Shanon, M V 
Sani'l J Dodd, C H John Metz, Treas 
G T Russell, PS J W Shermerhorn,Sc 
C Roush, R A C Peter, Seise, S 

LINCOLN, No. 147. 
Lincoln, Logan Co. Chartered Oct i 
1871. Reg conv 4th Tues. Ann conv Dec. j 
Membership 36. 

A Mavfield, HP AD Skelton, M V 
A McGalliard, K N C Hunting, M V ! 
D Gillespie, S Levi Rosenthal, M V 

F Thorn, C H S Kahn, Treas 

J W Spellman, P S S Kohn, Sec 
L B Davis, R A C T Newkirk. S 

Louisville, Clay Co. Chartered Oct 
1865. Reg conv 2d Fri. Ann conv Oct, 
Membership 23. 

Mchenry, no. 34. 

McHenry, McHenry Co. Chartered 

. Reg conv 2d and 4th Fri. Ann 

conv 4th Fri April. Membership 22. 
Homer C Irish, HP Benj Gilbert, M V 
George W Gage, K Jas Monahan M V 
Benj F Peck, S Edwin A Beers, M V 

Smith Searles, C H H C Smith, Treas 
Geo J Wodell, P S Oliver W Owen, Sec 
C B Curtis, R A C H B Burritt, S 

MAC KEY, No. 130. 
El Paso, Woodford Co. Chartered Oct 
1868. Reg conv 1st Fri. Ann conv Nov. 
Membership 70. 

Geo L Gibson, H P Chas Reidel. M V 
O R Webster, K D B Webster. M V 

A Strothman, S J McAulden, M V 

JasTompson, C H Jacob Burtis, Treas 

S M Ferrell, P S 
Jacob Fix, R A C 

Geo M Young, Sec 
R Hebden, S 

C D Kendall, H P 
S R Afferson, K 
A Pickthall, S 
J Wilders. C H 
C W Afferson, P S 
J T Kerr, R A C 

H H Ravburne. M V 
D M Laswell, M V 
B F Surrells, M V 
F Afferson, Treas 
Henry Moore, Sec 

LOYAL L. ML'NN, No. 96. 
Elgin, Kane Co. Chartered Oct 1866. 
Reg conv 1st and 3d Tues. Ann conv 1st 
Tues Dec. Place of meeting Free Ma- 
sons' Hall. Membership 75. 
T E Lawrence, H P H D Woodward M V 
G W Fish, K E P Gooding, M V 

George J Moore, S D W Brown, M V 
C D Dickinson. C H H T Plummer, Treas 
C L Bigsby, P S M N Frederick, Sec 

H H Smith, R A C AW Wilbern, S 

LUSK, No. 20. 
Vermont, Fulton Co. Chartered Sep 
1854. Reg conv 1st and 3d Wed. Ann 
conv 1st Wed Dec. Membership 45. 
Wm Alexander, H P J Kimble, M V 
E P Durell. K S F Hooper, M V 

Finlay Chandler, S W M Durell, M V 
W F Stephens, C H D Kirkbride, Treas 
H S Jacobs, PS P D Plattenburg, Sec 

J Z LeMatty, R A C David A Zeal, S 

MACON, No. 21. 
Decatur, Macon Co. Chartered Sept 
1854. Reg conv Tues o b f m. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 110. 
A A Murray, H P Wm H Gipson, M V 
John H Babbitt, K Wm H Starr, M V 
E D Carter, S Jos N Baker, M V 

R C Crocker, C H W L Hammer, Treas 
Geo W Bright, P S Wm H Wilson, Sec 
A C Cornwan, R A C Wm Towling, S 

MARION, No. 100. 
Marion, Williamson Co. Chartered 
Oct 1866. Reg conv 3d Wed. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 61. 
C M Edwards, H P Wm R Hall, M V 
J S Rice, K A B Scurlock, M V 

John H Reynolds, S W Hendrickson, M V 
J M Burkhart, C H M W Robertson, Tr 
J D F Jennings. PS AN Lodge, Sec 
S s Vick, RAG Jos Hopper, S 

MARKWELL. No. 48. 
Monticello, Piatt Co. Chartered Oct 
1859. Reg conv Thurs o b f m. Ann 
conv Dec. Membership 33. 
Win C Noecker, H P M M Dickerson, M V 
William H Neese, K John Mintun. M V 
J C Johnson, S J A Hill, M V 

A T Pipher, C H E P Fisher, Treas 
J R Dove, PS S W Webster, Sec 

W J Pritten, R A C W P Warsley, S 

MARSHALL, No. 70. 
Marshall, Clark Co. chartered Oct 

1864. Reg conv Fri o b f in. Ann conv 
reg o b Dec 27. Membership 69. 

J C Bryan, HP DO Martin, M Y 

W H Griffith, K James H Baker, M V 

Young Whitlock. S T W Clark. M V 

Wm T Martin, C H W T Besser, Treas 

Burns Archer. PS J W Anderson, Sec 

Rufus Neal, R A C H G Duyer, S 

MASON, No. 76. 
Mason, Effingham Co. Chartered Oct 

1865. Reg conv Thurs a f m. Ann conv 
Nov. Membership 40. 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

H N Buffner, HP I L Leith, M V 
Stephen Hardin, K Henry Dremy, M V 
Gustave Claypool, S L Smith, M V 
H B Turner, C H Jacob Goddard, Tr 
C Hausen, PS D H Halloway, Sec 

A Walker, R A C Ben Claypool, S 

MATTOON, No. 85. 
Mattoon, Coles Co. Chartered Oct 
1865. Reg conv 4th Wed. Ann conv Oct. 
Membership 77. 

Chas Alshuler, H P Theo Jonte, M V 
F K Lafever, K Jas R Williams, M V 

B L Capen, S George D Lynd, M V 

Fredk Turner, C H Moses Kahn, Treas 
Jas B Durnell, P S Chas K Douglas, Sec 
R Cunningham John Raynolds, S 

MENDON,~No. 157. 
Men don, Adams Co. Chartered Oct 
1873. Reg conv Tues o b f m. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 28. 
S H Bradley, HP A Lewis, M V 
Charles McVey, K Jesse Furry, M V 
Thos J Brown, S Peter Young, M V 
D B Cooke. C H Wm F Eisele, Treas 
John S Worrnan, P S G W McGibbon, Sec 
David Furry, R A C Charles McVey jr, S 

MENDOTaT No. 79. 
Mendota, La Salle Co. Chartered Oct 
1865. Reg conv 2d Thurs. Ann conv Dec. 
Membership 80. 

C E Ruedy, H P Fred H Haskill, M V 
Preston I Davis, K O Lindstrom, M V , 
Luke Goodwin, S J W Cornelius, M V 
E W Rice, C H Saml Fernberg, Tr 

G W Tewksbury, P S Saml Hastings, Sec 
W C Andress, R A C B Moss, S 

Meredosia. Chartered Oct 1850. Reg 
conv Sat a f m. Ann conv June. Mem- 
bership 58. 

D W Lollis, HP J S Samuels, M V 
George Quelch, K Thos J Weeks, M V 
Geo Turnham, S James Watson, M V 
Peter Baujan, C H H W Rieman, Treas 
H C Wegehoft, P S Charles Heinz, Sec 
James Doyle, R A C J H Carver, S 

Metropolis, Massac Co. Chartered 
Oct 1866. Reg conv 1st Fri. Ann conv Dec. 
Membership 59. 

Jas E Roberts, H P J C Wills, M V 
Robert H Leek, K James L Elliott, M V 
J Q A Connor, S William Kurtz, M V 
Thomas Woods, C H W R Brown, Treas 
J R Thomas, PS J C Sheets, Sec 
H Quante, R A C Lucien Chatfleld, S 

MILTON, No. 118. 
Milton, Pike Co. Chartered Oct 1868. 
Reg conv Sat o b f m. Ann conv Dec. 
Membership 35. 

Milton Grimes, H P J D Heavener, P S 
William Scott, K J F Kinman, R A C 
John Shadel, S J A Brown, M V 

J G Johnson, C H J W Boren, M V 

H Dinsmore, M V F M Grimes, Sec 
J A Williamson, Tr O C Holcomb, S 

Hillsboro, Montgomery Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1862. Reg conv 1st and 3d Fri. 

Ann conv . Membership (no return). 

N Michael, H P John M Smith, M V 

W Harrjs, K M W Miller, M V 

Wm H Stoddard, S Geo L Warren, M V 
Isaac H Shimer, C H A H H Rountree, Tr 
Charles W Bliss. PS M C McWilliams, Sec 
C L Bartlett, R A C F M Smith, S 

MORSE, No. 19. 
Macomb, McDonough Co. Chartered 
Sep 1854. Reg conv 2d Fri. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 87. 
R D Hammond, HP H R Bartleson. M V 
F R Kyle, K F Sackett, M V 

C A Lawson, S C V Chandler, M V 

J W Hays. C H E McDonough, Tr 

A Eads, PS H Ervin, Sec 

A McLean, R A C C Case, S 

MOUND, No. 74. 

Mound City, Pulaski Co. Chartered 

Oct 1865. Reg conv 2d and 4th Thurs. 

Ann conv 2d Thurs Dec. Membership 

J A Waugh, HP J B McClure, M V 
S L Cardingly, K G E Lounsbury, M V 
W L Hambieton, S A F Hallenberg, M V 
C W Felter, C H G G Morris, Treas 
C Wilson, PS H W Dyer, Sec 

A Dougherty, R AC W E Johnson, S 

Mt Carmel, Wabash Co. Chartered 
Oct 1873. Reg conv 1st and 3d Fri. Ann 
conv reg n b Dec 27. Membership 18. 
Saml Shannon, H P J Zimmerman, M V 
Robt S Gordon, K Wm Simonds, M V 
Eldad J Cook, S Geo T Redell, M V 
Wm W Hinish, C H Robert Bell, Treas 
Win F Chipman, P S Jas S Johnston, Sec 
M J Foster, R A C Rufus M Newkirk, S 

Mt Pulaski, Logan Co. Chartered Oct 
1868. Reg conv 1st Mon. Ann conv Dec. 
Membership 31. 

A C Wilson, HP TV Vickelson M V 
J N Pumpelly, K J Tomelson, M V 
George Mayer, S John H Toule, M V 
C S Landis, C H John Kreig, Treas 

John B Ayers, P S Joseph Werlich, Sec 
S S Beidler, R A C A L Gedion, S 

Mt Sterling, Brown Co. Chartered 
Oct 1869. Reg conv Tues o b f m. Ann 
conv Dec. Membership 34. 
Levi Lusk, H P Jacob Frindlich,M V 

A A Glenn, K Fred W Rattyer, M V 

James N Allen, S Martin Brooks, M V 
Francis Keyser, C H James M Rea, Treas 
Wm H McCabe, P S Sam'l S Brooks, Sec 
R N Clark, R A C Francis M Curry, S 

Subordinate Chapters. 


MOUNT ZION, No. 12. 
Geneseo, Henry Co. Chartered Oct 
1851. Reg conv 1st and 3d Tues. Ann 
conv Dec. Membership 36. 
C R Demming, H P Thos Harker, M V 
Thomas Bollen, K B C Benson, M V 
P H Sniff, S Wm Arnett, M V 

P A Sweeney, C H J C Rockwell, Treas 
Solon Kendal, P S William Smith, Sec 
Albert G Fay, R AC Henry Verheren, S 

NACHUSA, No. 56. 
Dixon, Lee Co. Chartered July 1859. 
Reg conv 1st and 3d Mon. Ann conv 1st 
Mon Dec. Membership 73. 
J B Charters, HP H C Mullen, M V 
J B Pomeroy, K J E Ebbinger, M V 
J A Patrick, S Aug C Specht, M V 

J V Thomas. C H D B McKenney, Tr 
J D Crabtree, PS C S Brown, Sec 
S S Smith, R A C Eli B Barker, S 

Franklin Grove, Lee Co. Chartered 
Oct 1868. Reg conv 1st and 3d Thurs. 
Ann conv 1st Thurs Dec. Membership 38. 
Samuel Dysart, H P Leroy G Fish, M V 
Henry A Black, K E E Faunce. M V 
Jerrod M Forbes, S Eri Bates, M V 
D H Spickler, C H A R Whitney, Treas 
Alva B Fitch, P S Philip Runvan, Sec 
W H Hansen, R A C Joseph B Spafford, S 

NEOGA, No. 150. 
Neoga, Cumberland Co. Chartered 
Oct 1871. Reg conv Tues o b f m. Ann 
conv Dec. Membership 24. 
Jas K Brown, HP CD Green, M V 
T D Vois, K B Sexson, M V 

T A Apperson, S J H Hubbard, M V 
J H Condit, C H W B Phillips, Treas 
H A Aldrich, PS S F Wilson, Sec 
P Welshimer, R A C J M Ewing, S 

NEW RUTLAND, No. 112. 
New Rutland, La Salle Co. Chart- 
ered Oct 1867. Reg conv Fri obfm Ann 
conv Dec. Membership 90. 
Wm O Ensign. H P Samuel Dorrey, M V 
S Hopkinson, K Greenup Bird, M V 
Christian Clewell. S J W Bane, M V 
S N Chapman, C H John Brevoort,Treas 
W S Wayman, PS V G Way, Sec 
James Bane, R A C Owen Worford, S 

OAKLAND, No. 153. 
Oakland, Coles Co. Chartered Oct 
1872. Reg conv Wed ob fm. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 27. 
J Rutherford, HP H M Wooley, M V 
S M Cash, K H Collier, M V 

R F Larimer, S S A Reel, M V 

J W Clement, C H L S Cash. Treas 
E R Durham, PS M J Miller, Sec 
C Rutherford, R A C J E Leston, S 

ODELL, No. 145. 
Odell, Livingston Co. Chartered Oct 
1870. Reg conv 1st and 3d Sat. Ann conv 
1st Sat Nov. Membership 41. 

R G Marton. H P Rees Jones, M V 
A D Walden, K N Matthews, M V 

Joel P Kidder, S Wm Vaughn, M V 
C Tinefield, C H Jas A Hunter, Treas 
Walter Reeves, P S Selden I Ford, Sec 
J Trowbridge. R A C S H Putnam, S 

ODIN, No. 122. 
Odin, Marion Co. Chartered Oct 1868. 
Reg conv 2d and 4th Tues. Ann conv reg 
o b Dec 27. Membership 32. 
T J Whitehead, H P Meyer Kahn, M V 
M M Martin, K EH Hall, M V 

John G Vaughn, S R J Andrews, M V 
G W Evans, C H John M Rankin, Tr 
Thos Douglas, PS AW Woodard, Sec 
A Straight, R A C John V Tefft, S 

ORIENT, No. 31. 
Morrts, Grundy Co. Chartered Oct 
1856. Reg conv 2d and 4th Tues. Ann 
conv reg o b Dec 27. Membership 66. 
H D Hitchcock, H P C E Halbert, M V 
George W Lane, K Jacob Gorich, M V 
S B Thomas, S A F Mallory, M V 

W W Phillips, C H F Caspari, Treas 
L P Lott, PS L Irons, Sec 

Jno W Miller, R A C E T Hopkins, S 

PALATINE, No. 117. 
Palatine, Cook Co. Chartered Oct 
1868. Reg conv Tues a f m. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 30. • 
M S Johnson, HP H Webster, M V 
M Blum, K Charles Cherry, M V 

H Snow, S AH Fosket, M V 

N P Keyes, C H A Drotzhowski, Tr 

M Swick, PS F J Filbert, Sec 

C Whitcomb, R A C J F Abbott, S 

PEKIN, No. 25. 
Pekin, Tazewell Co. Chartered March 
1855. Reg conv 2d and 4th Mon. Ann 
conv 4th Mon Dec. Membership 30. 
S Magenseller, H P G Kaufman, M V 
O E Hoper, K H Grondenberg, M V 

Stephen Roney, S John Cohenaur, M V 
P Weybrich, C H L Hirsel, Treas 
A B Sawyer. PS HE Kickler, Sec 
Louis Marx, R A C John B Orr, S 

PEORIA, No. 7. 
Peoria, Peoria Co. Chartered Oct 
1850. Reg conv Fri obfm. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 124. 
H C Whitredge, H P W A Hallock, M V 
A P Johnson, K B Berguist, M V 
J F Murden, S Ralph Wolf, M V 

Thos Casgrove, C H Perry Frazer, Treas 
H Otteinheimer, P S Geo F Henthorn, Sec 
L T Chase, R A C M W Harlow, S 

PERRY, No. 135. 
Perry, Pike Co. Chartered Oct 1868. 
Reg conv 1st Sat. Ann conv Dec. Mem- 
bership 28. 

Harry Dunn, H P John A Murrill, P S 
J W Rush, K C L Aume, R A C 

Allen C Rush, S Thos J Hodge, M V 
John E Morton, C H Milton L Lull, M V 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Lewis P Vail, M V 
E F Rush, Treas 

MDCL Aume, Sec 
Ralph Bryant, S 

PERU, No. 60. 
Peru, La Salle Co. Chartered Sep 1860. 
Reg con v 2d Thurs. Ann conv Dec. Mem- 
bership 51. 

R Hattenhauer, H P Henry George, M V 
I Snyder, K Samuel Sutton, M V 

R K Coulter, S John G Beyer, M V 

S Rosenhaupt, C H Peter Powers, Treas 
R W King, P S Henry H Cox, Sec 

Geo H Munn, R A C Peter Thome, S 

Princeton, Bureau Co. Chartered Oct 
1856. Reg conv Thurs o b f m. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 86. 
R B Foster, HP D H Dean, M V 
LD Rombergher, K G W Stone, M V 
T E Biles, S D I Bailev, M V 

T F Green, C H Geo Croplev, Treas 

W S Ketch, P S John Pickles, Sec 

J H Fawcett, R A C Wm A Warren, S 

QUINCY, No. 5. 
Quinoy. Chartered Oct 1850. Reg 
conv last Tues. Ann conv Dec. Mem 141. 
Thomas White, H P J H Thompson, M V 
Joseph Shepherd, K Geo W Haynes, M V 
E S Mulliner, S E McFarland, M V 

W H Kananz, C H S E Seger, Treas 
W A Summers, P S Jas Beckwith, Sec 
M W Newton, R A C AW Blakesley, S 

RABBONI, No. 95. 
Knoxville, Knox Co. Chartered Oct 
1866. Reg conv 2d and 4th Tues. Ann 
conv Dec. Membership 33. 
John W Semple, H P Charles L Peel, M V 
David O Molthrop, K E T Eades, M V 
Adam Brewer, S Robt Higgins, M V 
D M Eiker, C H Geo A Charles, Treas 

James Boyd, P S Thomas Collins, Sec 
James Huston,R AC Wm S Allison, S 

REYNOLDS, No. 75. 
Carbondale, Jackson Co. Chartered 
Oct 1865. Reg conv 1st and 3d Tues. Ann 
conv reg n b June 24. Membership 54. 
W H Ashley, HP Jas Anderson, M V 

J M Scurlock, K 
Henry Vernon, S 
Robt Bryden, C H 
J H Barton, P S 

J M Rickart, M V 
F A Pricket, M V 
J S Bridges, Treas 
William Wykes, Sec 

W C Dowell, R A C J Clements. S 

RICHLAND, No. 38. 
Olney, Richland Co. Chartered Oct 
1857. Reg conv 1st and 3d Wed. Ann 
conv 1st Wed Dec. Membership 65. 
C D Johnston, H P Henry J Sheets, M V 
J B Westbrook, K Gustav Tolle, M. V 
John H Gunn, S Jno W Wilson, M V 
G D Sianker, C H Henry Studer, Treas 
J H Cartwright, P S Isham C Upton, Sec 
Wm H Hill; R A C John Knight, S 

ROCHELLE, No. 158. 
Rochelle, Ogle Co, Chartered Oct 

1873. Reg conv 2d and 4th Fri. Ann conv 
2d Fri Dec. Membership 64. 
H II Glenn, HP F Coon, M V 
D A Baxter, K R W Allen, M V 

A Bain, S J W Mason, M V 

O A Warren, C H M J Braiden, Treas 
C H Rathbun, PS F Barker, Sec 
A J Elder, R A C OS Smith, S 

ROCK RIVER, No. 151. 
Oregon, Ogle Co. Chartered Oct 1871. 
Reg conv 2d and 4th Tues. Ann conv 2d 
Tues Dec. Membership 26. 
Lewis Hormell, HP John M Sewell, MV 
H L Currier, K Robert Ray, M V 

M W Smith, S S D Wallace, M V 

G M Dwight, C H F H Marsh, Treas 
George W Cutts, PS Samuel Wilson, Sec 
H P Sargeant, R A C D Stout, S 

SALEM, No. 64. 
Salem. Marion Co. Chartered Oct 1864. 
Reg conv 1st and 3d Fri. Ann conv 1st 
Fri Dec. Membership 62. 
W W Willard, HP J W Larimer, M V 
Fred S Dewev, K Thos N Spencer, M V 
R H Whittaker, S S S Chance, M V 
H C Goodnow, C H Joseph Shultz, Treas 
J M Morrow, PS CD Cresham, Sec 
Wm Moore, R A C L J Muorowiski, S 

SANDWIChTno. 107. 
Sandwich, DeKalb Co. Chartered Oct 

1867. Reg conv 1st and 3d Tues. Ann 
conv Dec. Membership 98. 

Geo W Culver, HP G R Wallace, M V 

B C Whitcomb, K C A Gillett, M V 

Jesse Poplin, S W H Burchin, M V 

Ed L Johnson, C H G E Kennedy, Treas 

Geo B Devall, P S Frank E Hills, Sec 

V R David, R A C Wm Delano, S 

SANGAMON, No. 124. 
Dawson, Sangamon Co. Chartered Oct 

1868. Reg conv Sat a f m. Ann conv Dec. 
Membership 32. 

A F Thompson, HP J C Woltze, M V 
John W Hunt, K James W Jones, M V 
James M King, S Dabney Cooper, M V 
JHShankland.CH John T Metts, Treas 
Walter WJudd, P S John Billington. Sec 
A S Constant, R A C Rufns K Hawley, S 

SHABBONA, No. 37. 
Ottawa, La Salle Co. Chartered Oct 
1857. Reg conv 1st and 3d Wed. Ann 
conv 1st Mon Dec. Membership 106. 
Chas H Gilman, H P Jas E Rathburn, M V 
R M McArthur, K Patrick Ryan, M V 
John R Cameron, S Benj S Porter, M V 
E L Merrick, C H Henry C Nash, Treas 
Geo J Burgess, P S James O'Donnell, S 
L A Rising", R A C Justus Harris, S 

Springfield. Chartered Oct 1850. 
Reg conv 4th Mon. Ann conv Dec. Mem- 
bership 156. 

F Hudson jr, H P Charles E Hay, S 
Richard Young, K John F Burrill, C H 

Subordinate Chapters. 


Geo W Gordon, P S Henry G Waldo, M V 
Jos D Myers, EACH Robinson, Treas 
Robt Webster, M V John B Save, Sec 
L F Dyson, M V James W Watson, S 

STALEY, No. 103. 
Sparta, Randolph Co. Chartered Oct 
1366. Reg conv 1st Mon. Ann conv Dec. 
Membership 51. 

Jas Douglas, H P Win Barnes, M V 
David S Booth, K Archey Stewart, M V 
James B Jordan, S Thos Lanegan, M V 
Saml W Lesslev, C H Lloyd D Burgess, Tr 
G K Carson, P S Wm P Askines, Sec 
John L Gray, R A C Wm A Young, S 

STERLING, No. 57. 
Sterling, Whiteside Co. Chartered 
Oct 1859. Reg conv 2d and 4th Wed. Ann 
conv 1st Wed Dec. Membership 74. 
M S Bowman, H P Jno W Stewart, M V 
Sydney T Osmer, K Geo L Kline, M V 
Thomas Y Davis, S L Marks, M V 
F L Ingersoll, C H George B Kitel, Tr 
Edwd J Weaver, P S W S Peebles, Sec 
E Brookfleld, R A C James R Deyo, S 

SULLIVAN? No. 128. 
Sullivan, Moultrie Co. Chartered 
Oct 1368. Reg conv 1st and 3d Fri. Ann 
conv April. Membership 52. 
Peter Coper, HP J WDunscomb. M V 
Walter B Kilner, K Geo Chapman, M V 
Milton Tichener, SAG Davis, M V 
Jas R Duncan. C H J N Wagoner, Treas 
W B Townsend, P S David Lindsav, Sec 
J W Purcell, R A C Samuel S Peeters, S 

SYCAMORE, No. 49. 
Sycamore. De Kalb Co. Chartered 
Oct 1859. Reg conv 2d and 4th Mon. Ann 
conv 4th Mon Dec. Membership 83. 
A C Colton, H P John W Rowlev, M V 
John Lynd, K C S Cornelius, M V 

A N Wheeler, S P Donnelly, M V 
A M Stark, C H John Shuld, Treas 

Daniel Duster, P S Frank Smith, Sec 
A J Driver, R A C John Shuld, S 

Taylorville, Christian Co. Chartered 
Oct 1866. Reg conv 2d Fri. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 55. 
O P Squeir, HP AY B Hundley, M V 

A McCaskill, K 
Wm A Goodrich, S 
S W Mopler, C H 
J S Torry, P S 
Jas Brooks, R A C 

G A Anderson, M V 

AS Rockwell, MV 
W T Vandeveer, Tr 
D S Wolf kill. Sec 
M L Young, S 

TECUMSEH, No. 152. 
Hamilton, Hancock Co. Chartered 
Oct 1872. Reg conv Tues o b f m. Ann 
conv Dec. Membership 24. 
Geo D Gates, HP J E Morrison, M V 

H R Dickinson, K 
Horace J Mack, S 
F J Russell, C H 
C B Rockwell, P S 

A S Gates, M V 
S W Gunther, M V 
John A Leas, Treas 
EGA Cushman, Sec 

HC Chapman, R A C Wesly C Bridges, S 

TUSCOLA, No. 66. 
Tuscola, Douglas Co. Chartered Oct 
1864. Reg conv 1st and 3d Fri. Ann conv 
1st Fri Dec. Membership 91. 
Derrick Lamb, HP W II Pamb, M V 
L Johnston, K Sam'l Daggy, M V 

M V Daggett, S W P Miller, M V 

Geo Callaway, C H John J Jones, Treas 
Cornelius Bye, PS AH Elkin, Sec 
WF Bromfield,RAC Robert Barden, S 

TYRIAN, No. 61. 
Polo, Ogle Co. Chartered Oct 186L 
Reg conv every Thurs. Ann conv 3d Mon 
Dec. Membership 29. 
S S Rogers, HP L Griffin, M V 
Wm G Atkins, K Martin D Swift, M V 
Daniel O'Kane, S Jos L Spear, M V 
Sam'l W Clark, CHS Hibanger, Treas 
Sam'l C Clark, P S James Lawson, Sec 
M J Hazeltine, RAC Arthur W Spoor, S 

UNION, No. 10. 
Pittsfield, Pike Co. Chartered Oct 
1850. Reg conv Thurs obfm. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 83. 
Jos J Topliff, HP L C Pulliam, M V 
F M Cassal, K J L Field, M V 

J G Pettengill, S V A Grimes, M V 
J M Bush, C H Hamilton Wills, Tr 

W B Grimes, PS C W Patterson, Sec 
A Simpkins, RAC AW Plattner, S 

URBANA, No. 80. 
Urbana, Champaign Co. Chartered 
Oct 1865. Reg conv 2d Sat. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 60. 
Ed Blackshaw, H P Geo W Curtis, M V 
Charles Schlorff, K B F Michaels, M V 
M Lowenstein, S A J Schilling, M V 
Eli J Heller, C H AP Cunningham, Tr 
Wm E Sutton, P S James Thorpe, Sec 
C E Lasee, RAC R R Taylor, S 

VANDALIA, No. 136. 
Vandalia, Fayette Co. Chartered Oct 
1868. Reg conv Mon a f m. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 33. 
John Steward, H P C Higginbotham,MV 
Henry F Jeraula, K Owen Duffy, M V 
John C Jones, S Thos M James, M Y 
R T Higgins, C H Simeon Perkins, Tr 
Isaac Barnett, P S Wm W Walls, Sec 
F B Haller, RAC Joseph Rumrell, S 

Danville, Vermilion Co. Chartered 
Oct 1865. Reg conv 2d Mon. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 68. 
John P Worrell, HP M Parker, M V 
James C Probst, K B E Bandy, M V 
Daniel Garley, S T B Castleman, M V 
I T Culbertson, C H R W Gillette, Treas 
A R Bryant, PS W H H Hailey, Sec 
C L English, RAC L Preston Worrell, S 

VIENNA, No. 67. 
Vienna, Johnson Co. Chartered Oct 
1864. Reg conv 1st Mon. Ann conv Dec. 
Membership 47. 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

John F Smith, HPFM Simpson, M V 
J Throgmorton, K A J Henry, M V 
Wilson Brown, S Wm Perkins, M V 
John S Crum.C H B Rajains, Treas 
D Rajains, PS S Jackson, Sec 

H T Bridges, R A C C Corbitt, S 

WARREN, No. 30. 
Monmouth, Warren Co. Chartered Oct 
1856. Reg conv 2d Fri. Ann conv Dec. 
Membership 129. 

E C Johnson, H P 
LD Robinson, K 
J W Brewer, S 
F Miller, C H 

Charles Allen, M V 
R Daney, M V 
Fred Rosenweig, Tr 

C D Shoemaker, P S C Coats, Sec 

M Holliday, R A C William Stone, S 

Chicago. Chartered Sep 1858. Reg 
conv 1st and 3d Fri. Ann cony 3d Fri 
Dec. Place of meeting cor Halsted and 
Randolph sts. Membership 447. 
John O'Neil, HP J M Terwilliger, M V 
A J Guilford, K A B Stiles, M V 

J H Munsterman, S F E Edbrooke, M V 
Thos Hutchins, C H M McDonald, Treas 
Peter Button, PS C J Trowbridge, Sec 
Jas E Meguin, R A C John McLaren, S 

WATSEKA, No. 114. 
Watseka, Iroquois Co. Chartered Oct 
1867. Regconv2dand4th Wed. Ann conv 
2d Wed Dec. Membership 50. 
Wm N Coney, H P Isaac C Wade, M V 
C F McNiell, K John W Riggs, M V 

Alex M Gillfillan. S S H Bloomer, M V 
Alex H South, C H Decatur Morgan, Tr 
Wilson S Kay, PS S C Munhall, Sec 
Jas Wasson, R A C John H Bishop, S 

Watjkegan, Lake Co. Chartered Oct 
1858. Reg conv 2d and 4th Fri. Ann 
conv 2d Fri Dec. Membership 89. 
Jas A Watson, H P Orrin T Moxson, M V 
Asiel Z Blodgett, K J K Palmer, M V 
George R Lyon, S Jas P Nichols, M V 
David S Ely, C H Danl P Millen, Treas 
Henry L Hatley, P S A D Hutchins, Sec 
Jas Pridham, R A C , S 

W. H. HUBBARD, No. 160. 
Mt Vernon, Jefferson Co. Chartered 
Oct 1873. Reg conv 1st Fri. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 23. 
Chas H Patton, H P A W Plummer, M V 
Robt D Wilbanks, K G W Haynes, M V 
Fred Merrill, S J J Bambrook, M V 

John W Baugh, C H H S Plummer, Treas 
Newton C Race, P S Thos T Wilson, Sec 
A F Taylor, R A C Thomas P Watson, S 

WILEY M. EGAN, No. 126. 
Chicago. Chartered Oct 1868. Reg 
conv every Fri. Ann conv 1st Fri Dec. 
Place of meeting 220 W 12th st. Mem- 
bership 125. 

J H Paddock, H P J McFee, S 
E F Newell, K O Nickerson, C H 

C F Dibble, PS WW Boardwell, M V 

T P Hall, R A C John AVallwork, Tr 

M Bell, M V George O Pratt, Sec 

W H Lewis, M V WE Bowers, S 

Wilmington, Will Co. Chartered Oct 
1870. Reg conv 1st and 3d Fri. Ann 
conv Dec. Membership 52. 
F Mitchell, HP H W Blood, M V 
L A Baker, K William Hart, M V 

Geo F Larned, S L Jacobs, M V 
E W Willard, C H V Bonyard, Treas 
W H Odell, PS H L Cady, Sec 

C J Jukes, R A C C Copper, S 

Rockford, Winnebago Co, Chartered 
SeD 1855. Reg conv 1st and 3d Tues. Ann 
conv 3d Tues Dec, Membership 190. 
C H Conklin, HP JO Coope, M V 
E B Perry, K W H Logue, M V 

J L Parker, S George Forbes, M V 

CFord, CH George King, Treas 

M M Rowley, PS H D Kroft, Sec 
P Ballaugh, R A C William Nichols, S 

WOODFORD, No. 110. 
Metamora, Woodford Co. Chartered 
Oct 1867. Reg conv 1st Tues. Ann conv 
Dec. Membership 25. 
John W Page, H P Chas H Chitty, P S 
Edward Kipp, K J L McGuire, R A C 
Adino Page, S Willard Stowell, Tr 

M A Bowen, C H Samuel S Page, S 

Woodstock, McHenry Co. Chartered 
Oct 1857. Reg conv 2d and 4th Mon. Ann 
conv 2d Mon Dec. Membership 86. 
Jas Northrup, HP G L Sherwood, M V 
Wm H Sanford, K J P Zimpleman, M V 
John S Wheat, S R G Schryrer, M V 
A L Salisbury, C H R Diesel, Treas 
Malachi Church, PS Simon Brink, Sec 
A F McGhee, R A C Joseph, Petrie, S 

WYOMING, No. 133. 
Wyoming, Stark Co. Chartered Oct 
1868. Regconv2dand4thFri. Ann conv 
4th Fri Dec. Membership 40. 
T W Bloomer, H P John Ellis, M V 

S F Otman, K 
George W Scott, S 
Chris Collier, C H 
Jas M Rogers, P S 

Sam'l Wrigley, M V 
V A Welton, M V 
John Wrigley, Treas 
Selden Miner, Sec 

J CCopestake,RAC Milton F Meeker, S 

YORK, No. 148. 

Chicago. Chartered Oct 1871. Reg conv 

1st, 3d and 5th Thurs. Ann conv 3d Thurs 

Dec. Place of meeting 785 W Madison St. 

Membership 90. 

D A Cashman, HP W C Tolby, M V 
J C Cluett, K J B McKay, M V 

Lewis H Bisbee, S J B Brierly, M V 
Jas D McKav, C H Alexander Blair, Tr 
D J Avery, P S G W Merrell, Sec 

J R Smith, R A C William Coe, S 



OFFICERS, 1875-76. 
Ills. EDWARD BLACKSHAW, of Urbana, 
Ills. LEVI R. JEROME, of Princeton, . 
Ills. JONATHAN J. FRENCH, of Chicago, 
Ills. PHILANDER W. BARCLAY, of Cairo, . 
Ills. ARCHIBALD A. GLENN, of Mt. Sterling, . 
Ills. AUGUSTUS A. MURRAY, of Decatur, . 
Ills. CHARLES FISHER, of Springfield, . 
Ills. JAMES H. MILES, of Chicago, 
Rev. and Ills. HENRY G. PERRY, of Chicago, . 
Ills. ARNOLD R. ROBINSON, of Springfield, 

M. P. Grand Master. 
Dep. P. Grand Master. 
Gr. Thrice Illustrious. 
Gr. Pr. Cord, of Work. 
Grand Captain Guard. 
Grand Conductor. 
Grand Treasurer. 
Grand Recorder. 
Grand Chaplain. 
Grand Sentinel. 



Wm. A. J. Delancy, George E. Lounsbury, Asa W. Blakesley, James A, 
Hawley, Augustus A. Murray. 

James H. Miles. 

Levi Lusk, . 

P. G. P. 

Sylvester Stevens, . 

. P. G. P. 

Charles W. Matheny, 

P. G. P. 

Charles Fisher, 

. P. G. P. 

Orlin H. Miner, . 

P. G. P. 

John F. Burrill, 

. P. G. P. 

John L. Ramsey, . 

P. G. P. 

James H. Miles, 

. P. G. P. 

James A. Hawley, 

P. G. P. 

Daniel G. Burr, 

. P. G. P. 


John M. Pearson, . 
William M. Avise, 
Hiram W. Hubbard, 
William A. Levanway, 
George E. Lounsbury, 
W. F. Bromfield, 
James H. Matheny, 
John B. Peckham, 
Thomas J. Wade, . 
Edward Blackshaw, . 

Jonathan J. French, 
George E. Lounsbury, 
Daniel Dustin, 
Hiram W. Hubbard, 
John Corson Smith, 


P. G. P. 
P. G. P. 
P. G. P. 
P. G. P. 
P. G. P. 
P. G. P. 
P. D. G. P, 
P. D. G. P 
P. D. G. P 
G. P. 

for Pennsylvania, 
for South Carolina, 
for New Jersey, 
for Ontario, 
for New Jersey. 

Annual Assembly held in Chicago on the Wednesday after the fourth Monday 
in October. 

Grand Secretary's address, No. 49 May St., Chicago. 


Illinois Masonic Register. 


ALTON, No. 3. 
Alton. Chartered Oct 1853. Reg as- 
sembly 1st Mon. Ann assembly Dec. 
Membership 20. 

Bobt B Smith, G M Silas F Connor, C 
I E Hardy, D G M F H Ferguson, Rec 
G D Hayden, PCW Hugh E Bayle, S 
George Barry, C G J H Koehne, Treas 
Clement Horat, S 

AURORA, No. 45. 
Aurora. Chartered Oct 1870. Reg as- 
sembly 2d Thurs. Ann assembly Dec. 

W A Barrett, G M Samuel Johnston, C 
M Mitchell, D G M James Walker, Rec 
T L Thayer, PCW Charles Carter, S 
T J Miller, C G J H Thompson, Treas 

Burr Winton, S 

AVISE, No. 17. 
Augusta, Hancock Co. Reg assembly 
last Thurs Feb, Apr, Aug, Oct and Dec. 
Ann assembly Dec. Membership 75. 
H A Young, G M John Thomas, C 
J Steinbarger,D G M P P Newcomb jr, Rec 
J C Bertholf, P C W W Stockton, S 
W G Leach, C G D Swisegood, Treas 
Thomas E Antrim, S 

BARRY, No. 22. 
Barry, Pike Co. Reg assembly Sat a f 
m March, June, Sep and Dec. Mem 54. 
D Rippey, G M Wm Mclntire, C 

J P Grubb, D G M W G Hubbard, Rec 
J R Casey, PCW OH Perry, S 
M G Patterson, C G Alex White, Treas 
R St John, S 

Bloomington. Reg assembly 1st Fri. 
Ann assembly Dec. Membership 41. 
H B Wright, G M EL Pettibone, C 
A Kittle, D G M John D Fawle, Rec 
J Brewster, P C W J D Holton, S 
J T Spaulding, C G Jos Hughes, Treas 
Samuel Rouch, S 

CANTON, No. 23. 
Canton, Fulton Co. Chartered Oct 
1866. Rag assembly Thurs n b f m. Ann 
assembly Dec. Membership 29. 
C Wilson, G M Joseph Krischke, C 

C N Hinkle, D G M J C Bimkerhoff, Rec 
W A Childs, P C W H A Thompson, S 
W P Tanquary. C G W B Gleason, Treas 
Joseph Warders, S 

Central City, Gilpin Co. Chartered 
Oct 1872. Reg assembly 3d Wed. Ann 
assem bly Dec. Membership 26. 
John M Rati iff, G M Richd C Lake. C G 
F Nichols, DG'M L D Bean, C 
F C Young, PCW Samuel J Losat. Rec 

Benj W Wisehart, S Geo W Mabee, Treas 
George A Pugh, S 

Centralia. Chartered Oct 1866. Reg 
assembly 2d Mon. Ann assembly Dec. 
Membership 55. 

Henry D Buck, G M Richd D Oxley, C 
S J Smith, D G M M H Monkhouse, Rec 
C B Ullyette, P C W G V Johnson, S 
Geo W Smith, CG Chauncey House. Tr 
J V Swarthout, S 

CHICAGO, No. 4. 
Chicago. Reg assembly 1st Sat. Ann 
assembly Dec. Place of meeting 72 
Monroe st. Membership 132. 
Jas H Miles, G M E B Myers, C 
D T Thomas, D G M J O Dickinson, Rec 
W L Barnum, P C W C R Vandercook, S 
C M White. C G V L Hurlbut. Treas 
Moses N Fuller, S 

CLAYTOnTno. 50. 
Clayton, Adams Co. Chartered Oct 
1870. Reg assembly 2d Tues. Ann 
assembly Dec. Membership 22. 
L W Camp, G W J C Miller, C 
A McDowell, DG M E B Ball, Rec 
B W McLevy, PC W H Place, Treas 
Jacob Hazlett, C G Robert Brown, S 

CORA, No. 29. 
Vienna, Johnson Co. Chartered Oct 
1866. Reg assembly 2d Mon. Ann assembly 
Dec. Membership 41. 
Jonn F Smith, G M W A Launey, C 
B S Smith, D G M Saml Jackson, Rec 
Saml Hess, PCW F M Simpson. S 
David Rajains, C G John S Crum, Treas 
W Perkins, S 

DALLAS, No. 57. 
Dallas City. Chartered Oct 1872. Reg 
assembly 1st Wed. Ann assembly Dec. 
Membership 19. 

B Mendenhall, G M Thos M Scott, C 
P C Walker, D G M Jonathan Rice, Rec 
B F Newlon, P C W J M Carper, S 
C McMurphy, C G A F Logan, T reas 
J B Duffy, S 

DANVILLE, No. 37. 
Danville, Vermilion Co. Reg assem- 
bly 1st Mon Jan, April, July and Oct. Ann 
assembly Dec. Membership 39. 
C L English, G M J T Culbertson, C 
A R Bryant, D G M BE Bandy, Rec 
J P Horville, PCW Harvey K Gregory, S 
A S W Hawes, C G R W Gillett, Treas 
William C Middleton, S 

DECATUR, No. 16. 
Decatur. RegassemblylstMon. Ann 
assembly Dec. Membership 26. 

Subordinate Councils. 


A A Murray, G M Win L Hammer, Rec 
J R Gore, DGM R A Newell, Treas 
D P Bunn, P C W 

EAST ST. LOUIS, No. 62. 
East St Louis, St Clair Co. Reg assem- 
bly 1st and 3d Wed. Ann assembly 1st 
Wed Dec. Membership 30. 
J H Ryan, G M Anson Gustin, P C W 

Henry Elliott, D G M Marcus Finch, Rec 

ELY S. PARKER, No. 60. 
Galena, Jo Daviess Co. Chartered Oct 
1873. Reg assembly 1st Mon. Annassem- 
Dec. Membership 63. 
R H Fiddick, G M D N Corwith, C 
A JLenchheim, DGM J Fawcett, Rec 
E C Ripley, P C W S K Miner, Treas 
J C Caldefwood, C G D Stewart, S 

FAIRBURY, No. 34. 
Faiebuey, Livingston Co. Reg assem- 
bly 1st Wed Nov and quarterly thereafter. 
Ann assembly Nov. Membership 24. 
N T Robertson, G M L Holbrook, C 
J Zimmerman, DGM Smith Olney, Rec 
T W Duffy, P C W OP Ross, S 
H M Gillette, C G James King, Treas 
J KingJrS 

FREEPORT, No. 39. 
Fbeepoet. Reg assembly 2d Tues. 
Ann assembly Dec. Membership 53. 
John W Childs, G M Jay S Gates, C 
J S McCall, DGM H C Hutchinson, Rec 
C G Sanborn, P C W Robert Little, S 
W D Powell, C G John Arthur, Treas 
Levi Martin, S 

Hillsboeo. Reg assembly 2d Fri. 
Membership (no return). 
I M Shimmer, GM Charles W Bliss, C 
G MRaymond,DGM Wooten Harris, Rec 
J A Bowen, P C W M L Morehouse, S 
Henry C Smith, C G Ira Millard, Treas 
George L Warren, S 

Knoxville, Knox Co, Chartered Oct 
1852. Reg assembly 2d Tues. Ann assembly 
Jan. Membership 34. 
S Stevens, G M JW Semple, C 

A Brewer, DGM E T Eades, Rec 
D M Eiker, P C W Thomas Hicks, S 
James Boyd, C G Geo A Charles, Treas 
William S Allison, S 

Jacksonville, Morgan County. Reg 
assembly 1st Fri. Ann assembly Dec. 
Membership 47. 

C W McLain, G M Wesley Plall, C 
S M Martin, DGM Thos Bronser, Rec 
L Chambers, P C W S Keemer, S 
N Milburn, C G Charles Cassell, Tr 
E Keemer, S 

MARION, No. 58. 
Mabion, Williamson Co. Chartered 

Oct 1872. Reg assembly 4th Tues. Ann 
assembly Dec. Membership 24. 
J M Burkhart, G M M T Vick, C 
G WGoddard, DGM A N Lodge, Rec 
Wm R Hall, P C W M W Robertson, S 
Geo W Brock, C G S S Vick, Treas 
Joseph Hopper, S 

MENDOTA, No. 32. 
Mendota, La Salle Co. Reg assembly 
2d Fri Dec, March, June and Sep. Anu 
assembly Dec. Membership 43. 
J M Edwards, G M D Meisenbach, C 
C Ruedy, DGM F H Haskell, Rec 
R L Gilmore, P C W J R Li scorn, S 
Luke Goodwin, C G G Hastings, Trea3 
B N Moss, S 

METAMORA, No. 38. 
Metamoea, Woodford Co. Chartered 
Oct 1868. Reg assembly 2d Tues. Ann 
assembly Dec. Membership 19. 
John W Page, G M MA Bowen, C G 
Edwd Kipp, D G M John L McGuire, C 
Adino Page, P C W Saml S Page, Rec 

M. J. NO YES, No. 59. 

Pittsfield, Pike Co. Reg assembly 
1st Mon. Ann assembly Dec. Member- 
ship 40. 

Wm B Grimes, G M J W Johnson, C 
Jos J Topliff, D G M C W Patterson, Rec 
F M Casal, P C W Solon Ray, S 
Aug Simpkins, C G J G Pettingel, Treas 
A W Plattner, S 

MONMOUTH, No. 14. 
Monmouth, Warren Co. Chartered 
Nov 1863. Reg assembly 1st Mon. Ann 
assembly, Dec. Membership 63. 
D D Dunkle, G M P D Good, C 
J A Boynton, D G M W W Brown, Rec 
M Halliday, P C W R M Schultz, S 
A H Swain, C G EC Johnson, Treas 
R Doney, S 

Monticello, Piatt Co. Reg assembly 
2d Tues. Ann assembly Sep. Member- 
ship 13. 

A T Pipher, G M S J Bond, Rec 
J C Johnson, P C W W G Herron, S 
W Noecker, C G E P Fisher, Treas 
N Haneline, S 

MOUND, No. 35. 
Mound City. Pulaski Co. Reg assem- 
bly 1st Thurs. Ann assembly Dec. Mem- 
bership 15. 

J M Morris, G M C W Felter, C 
J A Waugh, DGM H W Dyer, Rec 
O Wilson, P C W G G Morris, Treas 
G E Lounsbury, C G A J Dougherty, S 

Mt Steeling. Chartered Oct 1870. 
Reg assembly Sat a f m. Ann assembly 
Dec. Membership 25. 
Levi Lusk, G M A A Glenn, P C W 

J N Allen, DGM F Keyser, C G 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

G C Irwin, C J B Vandeventer, S 

F W Rottger, Rec J M Rea, Treas 
F W Curry, S 

New Rutland, La Salle Co Chart- 
ered Oct 1871. Reg assembly Fri obfm. 
Ann assembly Dec. Membership 31. 
W S Wayman, G M Christian Clewell, C 
S NChapman,DGM Wm S Frink, Rec 
W O Ensign, PCW James Bane, S 
T W Bane. C G Jno Brevoort, Treas 

Greenup Bird, S 

O. H. MINER, No. 42. 
Dawson, Sangamon Co. Chartered Oct 
1867. Reg assembly Sat a f m. Ann as- 
sembly Dec. Membership 14. 
W M Judd, G M R K Hawley, C 
J as S Wilson, D G M John Billington, Rec 
J H Shankland,PCW Jas H Moore, S 
A F Thompson, C G John T Mitts, Treas 
James M King, S 

ORION, No. 8. 
Princeton , Bureau Co. Reg assembly 
Sato b f in March, June, Sept and Dec. 
Ann assembly Dec. Membership 34. 
George Crossly. G M G W Crossly, C 
T J Henderson, DGM D H Dean, Rec 
T E Biles, PCW M Carse, S 
L D Roneberger, C G W J Moore, Treas 
W A Warren, S 

peoriaTno. 11. 
Peoria. Chartered Oct 1862. Reg as- 
sembly last Thurs. Ann assembly Nov. 
Membership 36. 

Henry Ullman, G M C L Rockhold, C 
J Schusabacher,D G M M E Eiler, Rec 
J B Barnes, PCW Jacob Dreifuse, S 
Louis Kegan, C G Perry Frazer, Tr 

Benjamin Bergquist, S 

PERU, No. 12. 
Peru, La Salle Co. Chartered Oct 1862. 
Reg assembly 4th Thurs March, June, Sep 
and Dec. Ann assembly Dec. Member- 
ship 26. 

R Hattenhauer, G M W J McKinstry, C 
Jno M Dunn, DGM John H Slyder, Rec 
Geo H Munn, PCW William Cook, S 
Fred Burkhart, C G P Bowers, Treas 
P Thorne, S 

QUINCY, No. 15. 
Quincy. Chartered Oct 1864. Reg 
assembly last Thurs. Ann assembly Nov. 
Membership 78. 

Wm M Avise, G M Henry Kase, C 
Beni F Hoar, D G M E M Broughton, Rec 
G M Evatt, PCW Thos Carter, Treas 
John Meyer, C G AW Blakesley, S 

RANDOLPH, No. 44. 
Chester, Randolph Co. Chartered Oct 
1869. Reg assembly 1st Fri, Ann assembly 
Dec. Membership 59. 
Jas Douglas, G M Robert H Canine, C 
J L Edwards, DGM W H Roberts, Rec 
Robt Ryall, PCW Gabriel S Jones, Tr 
Geo Douglas, C G William Vinyard, S 

ROCK RIVER, No. 33. 
Sterling, Whiteside Co. Chartered 
Oct 1867. Reg assembly 1st Tues. Ann 
assembly Dec. Membership 28. 
M S Bowman, G M J W Stewart, C 
L Hapgood, DGM W S Peebles, Rec 
S T Osmer, PCW L Stoeckle, S 
H S Street, C G G B Kitel, Treas 

J Manahan, S 

SILOAM, No. 53. 
Chicago. Chartered Oct 1871. Reg 
assembly 1st and 3d Sat. Ann assembly 
1st Sat Dec. Place of meeting cor 
Halsted and Randolph sts. Membership 

John O'Neil, G M E P Hall, C 

C F Foerster, DGM Jas A T Bird, Rec 
J M Terwilliger, PCW Peter Button, S 
L D Van Gelder, C G Moses Gray, Treas 
I P Hatfield, S 

Springfield. Reg assembly 1st Tues 
March, June, Sep and Dec. Ann assembly 
Dec. Membership 79. 
J M Burnett, G M Saml H Cluspill. C 
H B Davidson, DGM John B Saye, Rec 
Jos D Myers, PCW John B Saye, Treas 
G McCutcheon, C G Jas W Watson, S 

SUMNER, No. 56. 
Sumner, Lawrence Co. Chartered Oct 
1872. Reg assembly Fri o b f m. Ann as- 
sembly Dec. Membership 20. 
T R Hazzard, G M Jesse R Jones, C 
T M Stevens, DGM Calvin B Jones. Rec 
S G Elligood, P C W W D Gelpin, S 
Caleb Hoopes, C G David Burzet, Treas 
Joseph Eason, S 

TUSCOLA, No. 21. 
Tuscola, Douglas Co. Reg assembly 
1st Mon Jan, March, June and Sep. Ann 
assembly Jan. Membership 44. 
John Ervin, G M Alfred Thayer, C 
F T Spees, DGM W B Drver. Rec 
W Taggart, PCW James Davis, S 
C Bye, C G J J Jones, Treas 

C F Lamb, S 

URBANA, No. 19. 
Urban a. Membership 64. (No returns 
of ontcers.) 




OFFICERS, 1875-76. 



E. Sir JOHN FISKE NASH, of Ottawa, 

E. Sir ROBERT LANG McKINL AY, of Paris, . 

Rev. and E. Sir NATHANIEL P. HEATH, of Danville, 

E. Sir CHARLES MOODY MORSE, of Jacksonville, 

E. Sir JOHN CORSON SMITH, of Galena, . 

E. Sir RORERT HARRIS FOSS, of Chicago, 

E. Sir JAMES HOGE MILES, of Chicago, . 

E. Sir LOYAL LEVI M.UNN, of Freeport, 

E. Sir HENRY TURNER, of Chicago, 

E. Sir JAMES GAVION ELWOOD, of Joliet, . 

Sir JOHN PORTER FERNS, of Chicago, 


Grand Commander. 
Dep. Grand Commander. 
Grand Generalissimo. 
Gr. Captain General. 
Grand Prelate. 
Grand Senior Warden. 
Grand Junior Warden. 
Grand Treasurer. 
Grand Recorder 
Gr. Standard Bearer. 
Gr. Sword Bearer. 
Grand Warder. 
Gr. Capt. or the Guards. 



Wiley M. Egan, Hiram W. Hubbard, James A. Hawlet. 

James H. Miles, Vincent L. Hurlbut, Jerome R. Gorin. 


Grand Commanderies. 

Representatives to. 

Representatives from. 

Alabama .... 

P. Lockett, 

Hiram W. Hubbard. 


Charles L. Wiggins . 

James H. Miles. 

Georgia .... 

Samuel P. Hamilton, 

Vincent L. Hurlbut. 


Elbridge G. Hamilton, 

Wiley M. Egan. 


Pitkin C. Wright, . 

James H. Miles. 

Kansas .... 

William 0. Gould, 

Jerome R. Gorin. 


A. G. Hodges, . 

Charles E. Munger. 

Louisiana . 


Hakman G. Reynolds. 

Maine .... 

Josiah H. Drummond, 

Charles M. Morse. 


Edward T. Schultz, . 

Eugene B. Myers. 


Illinois Masonic Register. 


Grand Commanderies. 

Representatives to. 

Representatives from. 

Mass. and B. I 

William S. Gardner, 

Vincent L. Hurlbut. 

Minnesota . 

Henry L. Carver, 

James A. Hawley. 


William G. Benbrook, . 

James A. Hawley. 

Missouri . • 

George F. Gouley, 

Vincent L. Hurlbut. 

Nebraska .... 

Harry P. Deuel. 

New Hampshire . 

William Barrett, 

Vincent L. Hurlbut. 

New Jersey 

William H. McIlhanney, 

Daniel Dustin. 

New York . 

John W. Simmons, 

Harman G. Reynolds. 



Vincent L. Hurlbut. 


Alfred Creigh, . 

Harman G. Reynolds. 


John Zent, 

Vincent L. Hurlbut. 

Texas .... 

A. S. Richardson, 

Charles H. Brower. 

Vermont .... 

John B. Hollenbeck, 

James H. Miles. 

Wisconsin . 

Henry L. Palmer, 

John M. Pearson. 

Annual Conclave held in Chicago on the fourth Tuesday iu October. 
Grand Recorder's Address, No. 49 May st., Chicago. 


ALMONER, No. 82. 

Au&usta. Chartered Oct 1869. Reg 
con 3d Fri. Membership 77. 
R C Michaels, EC D H Swisegood, Tr 
Issachar A Jones, G Win G Leach, Rec 
Joel E Jones, C G Thos W Monk, S B 
Theodric Fisher, P T B Brumback, S B 
Jas C Bertholf, S W Albert Walty, W 
P P Newcomb, J W Jacob Klepper, C G 

APOLLO, No, 1. 

Chicago. Chartered Sept 1847. Reg 

con 1st and 3d Tues. Ann con 1st Tues 

Dec. Place of meeting 72 Monroe st. 

Membership 350. 

E B Myers, EC A B Miner, Treas 

George H Laflin, G B B W Locke, Rec 
Chas H Brower, C G Arthur Dixon, S B 
N T Cassette, P J R Dunlop, S B 

Win H Potter, S W Geo M Holmes, W 
D C Wallace, J W M N Fuller, C G 

Danville. Chartered Oct 1874. Reg 
con 2d and 4th Tues. Membership 29. 
N P Heath. EC D Watrous, Treas 

.lames Knight, G BE Bandy, Rec 
Wm P Cannon, C G A S W Hawes, S B 
J T Culbertson, P George W Jones, S B 
C L English, S W James C Probst, W 
Jos B Mann, J W R McCormack, C G 

AURORA, No. 22. 
Aurora. Chartered Oct 1867. Reg con 
1st and 3d Fri. Membership 122. 
H H Miller, EC T B Coulter, C G 
J H Thompson, G J B Bevier, P 

H R Torrey, S W C F Brundage, S B 

J D Calahan, J W James Howe^S B 

Jas Walker, Treas W K Wood, W 

J J McLallen, Rec B Winton, C G 

Decatur. Chartered Oct 1860. Reg 
con 3d Thurs. Membership 81. 
A A Murray, E C WL Hammer, Treas 

D P Elwood, G 
Wm M Camp, C G 
Geo W Bright, P 
J H Babbitt, S W 
Geo S Dustin, J W 

J S Hand, Rec 
E D Carter, S B 
J R Morrison, S B 
C M Imboden, W 
Wm Towling, C G 

Quincy. Chartered Oct 1861. Reg con 
last Fri. Membership 108. 
Wm M Avise, E C Saml E Seger, Treas 
Benj F Hoar, G George A Dills, Rec 

Wm Somerville, C G Jacob M Smith, S B 
W N Colburn. P Fred W Menke, S B 
E C Selleck, S W Edwd S Mulliner, W 
Jos Shepherd, J W AW Blakesley, C G 

Alton. Chartered Sep 1853. Reg con 
4th Mon. Membership 42. 

I E Hardy, E C 
Robert B Smith, G 
F H Ferguson, C H 
George Barry, P 
C E Clark, S W 
W Huskinson, J W 

John H Koehne, Tr 
S F Connor, Rec 
D R Sparks, S B 
Henry Watson, S B 
Jos G Robinson, W 
W E Fisher, C G 

BETHANY, No. 28. 
Mendota. Reg con 1st Fri. Mem 42. 

Subordinate Commanderies. 


Jos W Edwards, EC Jas B Dawson, Treas 
Edgar P Cook, G Fred H Haskell, Rec 
Caspar Ruedy, C G D Meisenbach, S B 
William Truman, P Luke Goodwin, S B 
P I Davis, S W JW Cornelius, W 

Win H Hall, J W Benj N Moss, C G 

BETHEL, No. 36. 
Elgin. Chartered Oct 1870. Reg con 
1st Wed. Membership 53. 
T E Lawrence, EC D F Barclay, Treas 
Wilson J Hunter, G C D Dickinson, Rec 
G DeF Sherman. C G Geo F Murray, S B 
H D Woodard, P M N Fredericks, S B 
Horace French, S W H T Plummer, W 
Chas L Bigsby, J W R R Parkins, C G 

BLANEY, No. 5. 

Morris. Chartered Oct 1858. Reg con 
last Mon. Membership 52. 
Chas H Goold, E C Fredk Caspari, Treas 
Lewis P Lott. G Saml B Thomas, Rec 

H D Hitchcock, C G Wm W Phillips, S B 
H H C Miller, P Chas E Halbert, S B 

La F F Beach, S W Robert B Horrie, W 
Joseph H Petti t, J W E F Hopkins, C G 

CAIRO, No. 13. 
Cairo. Chartered Oct 1864. Reg con 
1st and 3d Mon. Membership 49. 
C W Dunning, E C John Antrim, Treas 
James J Wilcox, G F Persmeyer, Rec 
P W Barclay, C G B F Parker, S B 
Horace Warder, P B L Magee, S B 
Wm H Morris, S W Charles Wilson, W 
Ed C Pace, J W Wm S Law, C G 

CALVARY, No. 25. 
Woodstock. Chartered Oct 1867. Reg 
con 2d and 4th Thurs. Membership 

E G Thomas. EC AS Wright, Treas 
Alex S Stewart, G A L Salisbury, Rec 
G S South worth, C G G L Sherwood, S B 
Richard K Todd, P Wm H Stewart, S B 
Geo H Stinson, S W John S Wheat, W 
Wm H Sanford, J W Chas A Given, C G 

CHICAGO, No. 19. 
Chicago. Chartered Oct 1866. Reg con 
1st and 3d Mon. Place of meeting cor Hal- 
ted and Randolph streets. Membership 

John McLaren, E C M McDonald, Treas 
John H Sanborn, G G A Williams, Rec 
R T Flournay, C G Geo A Ross, S B 
Edward Crane, P Chas E Ross, S B 
R J Linden, S W William Curran, W 
Geo F Sinclair, J W J H Wltbeck, C G 

El Paso. Chartered Oct 1873. Reg con 
lues o b f m. Membership 39. 
Jas Thompson, EC J H Burtis, Treas 
Wm O Ensign, G P H Thompson, Rec 
C P Shur, C G O P A Myers, S B 

6 M Ferrell, P OR Webster, S B 

Aug Strothman, S G Daniel Lewis, W 
Geo M Young, J W D B Webster, C G 

CRUSADER, No. 17. 
Rockford. Chartered Oct 1865. Reg 
con 1st and 3d Mon. Membership 100. 
Rufus C Bailey, E C Jacob Largent, Treas 
Jas H Manny, G F D Emerson, Rec 
J D Hamilton, C G E B Perry, S B 
C L Robinson, P Thos Hamlyn, S B 
C A Sanborn, S W Isaac Orton, W 
J P Perkins, J W Win Nichols, C G 

CYRENE, No. 23. 
Centralia. Chartered Oct 1867. Reg 
con 2d Sat. Membership 56. 
Hy L Rhodes, EC T L Parkinson, Treas 
AW VanAntwerp,G J E Marshall, Rec 
John K Lape, C G J Van L Allen, S B 
Henry D Buck, P David Oxley, S B 
HTCunningh'm,SW Chauncey House, W 
W J ADeLancy, J W James J Giles, C G 

DAMASCUS, No. 42. 
Havana. Chartered Oct 1872. Reg con 
1st and 3d Tues. Membership, 27. 
L M Hillyer, EC N Siebenaler, Treas 
O H Shearer, G IN Mitchell, Rec 

C W Emmett, C G Wm H Webb, S B 
Elijah Snvder, P Chas C Fager, S B 
Walter S Dray, S W E A Wallace, W 
O H Harpham, J W Wm H Hamlin, C G 

DELTA, No. 48. 
Clayton. Chartered Oct 1875. Reg 
con 4th Mon. Membership 38. 
Benj W McCoy, E C James Hazlitt, Treas 
Jacob Hazlitt, G Saml N Black, .Rec 
A S McDowell, P Albert F Swope, S B 
J W Marrett, S W Samuel S Roe, S B 
J W Lester, J W James A Smith. W 
Eli B Bale, C G 

DE MOLAY, No. 24. 
Bloomington. Chartered Oct 18 
Reg con 1st Mon. Membership 81. 
Jabez Brewster, E C J E Eastman, Treas 
John L White, G John D Fowle. Rec 
I J Bloomlield, C G Chas G Roberts, S B 
Samuel L Hawks, P Jas M Hunter, S B 
S W Waddle, S W E S Pettibone, W T 
A A Nickerby, J W Samuel Rouch, C G 

DIXON, No. 21. 
Dixon. Reg con 2d and 4th Tues. 
Membership 74. 

Jas A Hawley, EC AS Dimick, Treas 
M H Williams, G John V Thomas, Rec 
Jno D Crabtree, C G D W McKenney, S B 
Rev J H More, P Joseph W Latta, S B 
J M Patrick, S W Jas B Charters, W 
Jas B Pomeroy, J W Eli B Baker, C G 

ELWOOD, No. 6. 
Springfield. Reg con 1st Thurs. 
Membership 111. 

W D Richardson, EC John S Fisher, Treas 
Charles Fisher, G H C Watson, Rec 
John Cook, C G H Wohlgeneth, S B 
Samuel J Willett. P George Pipe, S B 

N B Wiggers, S W Cross, W 

C H Foster, J W Jas W Watson, C G 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

EVEETS, No. 18. 
Rock Island. Chartered Oct 1866. Beg 
con 1st Mon. Membership 45. 
H C Cleweland, E C Louis Kiesora, Treas 
Edwd Burrall jr, G W L Sweeney, Rec 
Joseph S Sears, C G Wm G Morris, S B 
John E Bready, P A J Swanson, S B 
Wm M King, S W John Seigrist, W 
M Rosenfield, J W Jno M Mathews, C G 

Feeepokt. Chartered Oct 1859. Reg 
con 1st and 3d Wed. Membership 91. 
James S McCall, E C Robert Little, Treas 
Loyal L Munn, G John W Childs, Rec 
E C Warner, C G Jay S Gates, S B 
L T Lemon, P William Young, S B 

H C Hutchinson, SW James R Perkins, W 
C G Sanborn, J W L Martin, C G 

GALENA, No. 40. 
Galena. Chartered Oct 1871. Reg con 
1st Thurs. Membership 59. 
Wm R Rowley, EC EH Fiddick, Treas 
S K Miner, G Enos C Ripley, Rec 

JC Calderwood, C G R M Spensley, S B 
Jacob Fawcett, P C Bahvvell, S B 
M Coleman, S W Richard H Heller, W 
A V N Richards, J W Daniel Stewart, C G 

Galesbukg. Reg con 1st and 3d Mon. 
Membership 60. 

A S Doenendorf, E C Benj F Arnold, Treas 
Chas G- Atwood, G Risley C Haines, Rec 
Wm W Patch, C G J Moody Morse, S B 
Myron S Barnes, P Geo A Merrill, S B 
CDJ Charvalt, S W J V Pangburn, W 
C O Block, J W T N McQueen, C G 

Metkopolis. Chartered Oct 1872. Reg 
con 2d and 4th Thurs. Membership 28. 
Thomas Moore, E C Benj Rankin, Treas 
Jonathan C Mills, G J Q A Connor, Rec 
Wm M Murphy, C G Hiram Quante, S B 
William H Scott, P John H Scott, S B 
Robt H Leek, S W James H Craig, W 
A I) Davis, J W W F T Hodges, C G 


Mattoon. Chartered Oct 1874. Mem- 
bership 55. 

James B Ayres. ECS R M Jenny, Treas 
F K Lafever, G J L Aubert, Rec 

Wm H Lewis, C G R Cunningham, S B 
Henry W Woods, P N K Wagar, S B 
Geo P Durrell, S W Frederick: P Rose, W 
Thos A Brown, J W Luther Adams, C G 

GORIN, No. 14. 
Olney. Chartered Oct 1865. Reg con 
2d and 4th Tues. Membership 58. 
H Hayward, E C Henry Studer, Treas 
John H Gunn, G John J Coons, Rec 
G H B Tolle, C G George Lutz, S B 
Gideon D Slanker,P Wm H Cobbs, S B 
J L McCollough,S W William H Hill, W 
JB Westbrook, J W John Knight, C G 

Jacksonville. Chartered Oct 1869. 
Reg con 1st and 3d Tues. Membership 99. 
L W Chambers, E C Chas Cassell, Treas 
S H Thompson, G AN McDonald, Rec 
AbramWood, CG John Hopper, S B 
Sam'l M Martin, P Neil Matheson, S B 
T J Bronson, S W William H Smith, W 
W H Worrell, J W G W Fanning, C G 

Carkolton. Reg con 4th Mon. Mem- 
bership 51. 

William L Orr, E C Wm L Greene, Treas 
R G Robinson, G J C Woolford, Rec 
C Armstrong, CG H C Seiverling, S B 
George W Davis, P Thos G Jeffries, S B 
Jas M Davis, S W James O Pope, W 
Jas P Morrow, J W John Hill, C G 

IVANHOE, No. 33. 
Kankakee. Chartered Oct 1869. Reg 
con 3d Mon. Membership 27. 
M De L Butts, E C Benj W Rives, Treas 
Daniel C Taylor, G H C Clarke, Rec 
Jno F Leonard, C G R D Sherman, S B 
John K Croswell, P D B Vaughn, S B 
F S Hatch, S W HO Vanmeter, W 

Jno C Culver, J W ABurchim, CG 

JOLIET, No. 4. 
Joliet. Chartered Feb 1858. Reg con 
1st and 3d Wed. Membership 139. 
J G Elwood, EC C H Macomber,Treas 
S W Dougall, G Sam'l A Matees, Rec 
John S Miller, C G C W Barnhart, S W 
David G Wells, P D E O'Herron, S B 
Cheney Puffer, S W John B Kelly, W 
F B Willetts, J W John Butler, C G 

MELITA, No. 37. 
Tuscola. Reg con 2d and 4th Mon. 
Membership 38. 

P C Sloan, EC C Bright, Treas 

John Ervin, G AH Elkin, Rec 

Derrick Lamb, C G Walter B Dryer, S B 
Cornelius Bye, P Caleb Garrett, S B 
WmHLamb, SW John J Jones, W 
P W Hudson, J W Robert Barden, C G 

Paxton. Reg con 1st and 3d Thurs. 
Membership 22. 

J P Meddlecoff, E C F T Putt, Treas 
William Noel, G N E Stevens. Rec 
Thos P Dudley, C G Chas H Hawle)% S B 
John S HewinsJP A Shepardson, S B 
W C Sawyer, SW R R Murdock, W 
T S Johnson, J W Thos N Bove, C G 

Mt Pulaski. Reg con 2d Thurs. 
Membership 27. 

W P Sawyer, E C Wm A Schafer, Tr 
J N Pumpelly, G George Mayer, Rec 
Chas S Landis, C G Ed B Weakley, S B 
Albert C Wilson, P I Tomlinson, S B 
Saml L Beidler, S W John Toole, W 
John Kreig, J W Alfred L Gideon, C G 

Subordinate Commaxderies. 


OTTAWA, No. 10. 
Ottawa. Regcon2dThurs. Member- 
ship 74. 

John F Nash, E C Henry C Nash, Tr 

John B Cameron, G- EL Herrick, Rec 
Edwd H Smith, C G A Mclntire, S B 
Geo J Benjess, P J L Morrison, S B 

RMcKMcArthur, SWE Follett Bull, W 
D Batcheller, J W Justus Harris, C G 

Paris. Chartered Oct 1867. Reg con 
2d Fri. Membership 64. 
D M Weider, EC AY Trogdon, Treas 
Jacob M Bell, G Joseph E Dyas, Rec 
Jos W Vance, C G James A Finlay, S B 
R L McKinlay, P John C Palmer, S B 
Silas W Calvin, S W John T Murphy, W 
A B Austin, J W Joseph Beyls, C G 

PEORIA, No. 3. 
Peoria. Chartered Sep 1856. Reg con 
1st and 3d Fri. Membership 72. 
Sam uel Yart, E C Wm H Eastman, J W 
H C Whitridge, G Perry Frazer, Treas 
Thos Cosgrove, C G M E Esler, Rec 
Lewis Kegan, P A P Johnson, S B 
Jacob Elsesor, S W Wm B Vance, S B 
Benjamin Bergquist, W 

ST. ALDEMAR, No. 47. 
Petersburg. Chartered Oct 1875. 
Membership 24. 

H Hamilton, EC J G Strodtmann, Rec 
T W McNeeley, G J M Sawyer, S B 
A Thompson, S W John T Brooks, S B 
Edwd Laning, J W T C Bennett, W 
Francis P Antle, Tr Jas E Dlekerson, C G 

ST. BERNARD, No. 35. 
Chicago. Chartered Oct 1870. Reg con 
1st and 3d Wed. Place of meeting 185 
Kinzie st. Membership 129. 
G W Barnard, E C Thomas E Miller, Tr 
John Woodman, G JO Dickerson, Rec 
John S White, C G Dennis Ward, S B 
Wm M Burbank, P William M Dale, S B 
Samuel I Pope, S W John Gow, W 
Wm B Main, J W S M Richardson, C G 

ST. JOHN, No. 26. 
Peru. Chartered Oct 1867. Reg con 
1st Tues. Membership 18. 
RCHoffenhauer, EC Peter Bowers, Treas 
John Snyder, G John H Slyder, Rec 
L F Slyder, C G G A Turner, S B 

Charles Brunner. P Amasa Foot, S B 
John L Clark, S W W B Powell, W 
Geo H Munn, J W Peter Thorne, C G 

ST. OMER, No. 30. 
Litchfield. Chartered Oct 1868. Reg 
con 1st Tues. Membership 43. 

, EC L Hoffman, C G 

Luke F Stoddard, G John W Phillips, P 

Geo W Amsden, S W Jas M Ashlock, S B 
A N Gamson, J W Geo W Sparks, S B 
Benj C Beardsley, TrCharles Bush, W 
James Rogers, Rec C W Parish, C G 

ST. PAUL, No. 34. 
Fairburt. Reg con 3d Mon. Mem- 
bership 34. 

Emery Gregg, E C James King, Treas 
H M Gillette, G Smith Olney, Rec 

J Zimmerman, C G Benj Cumpston, S B 
N T P Robertson, P Janies King jr. S B 
Thos W Duffy, S W F B Brewer, W 
Thos Brownlee, J W J T Bullard, C G 

SYCAMORE, No. 15. 
Sycamore. Chartered Oct 1865. Reg 
con 2d Wed. Membership 91. 
A W Sawyer, E C Chas T Stuart, Treas 
A S Babcock, G D D Brown, Rec 
H M Stevens, C G Alonzo Ellwood, S B 
Daniel Dustin, P John Svme, S B 
G B Wiseman, S W Chas S 'Cornelius, W 
Frank H Smith, J W John Shuld, C G 

TEMPLE, No. 20. 
Princeton. Reg con Mon o b f m. 
Membership 49. 

Geo Crossley, E C Wm J Moore, Treas 
Geo W Crossley, G John Pickels, Rec 
J A Fawcett, C G J M Wilson, S B 
N A Bacon, P J Trowbridge ir S B 

S M Knox, S W Jas Vandegrift, W 

Martin Carse, J W Wm A Warren, C G 

Sullivan. Chartered Oct 1874. Reg 
con 2d and 4th Wed. Membership 30. 
Geo W Bright, E C D McP Ritter, Treas 
George E Mil Ian, G John Duncan, Rec 
W B Kilner, C G M Ticlienor, S B 
Daniel F Stearns, PEL Morrell, S B 
Jno W Purcell. S W Peter Cafer, W 
W B Townsend, J W Jas W Pearce, C G 

TTRBANA, No. 16. 
Urbana. Reg con 4th Sat. Member- 
ship 58. 

F E Eubeling, E C Eli Halbenstadt, Tr 
M Lindley, G A P Cunningham, R 

Myron S Brown, C G John W Rowlen, S B 
Lewis A McLean, P Benj F Michael, S B 
Zach F Sharp, S W Wm T Sutton, W 
Geo WCurtiss, J W Reese R Taylor, C G 

WAUKEGAN, No. 12. 
Waukegan. Reg con 2d and 4th Tues. 
Membership 45. 

Danl Brewster, E C James Pridham. J W 
Henry L Hatley, G Geo S Wheeler. Treas 
George R Lyon, C G Jos F Ingalls, Rec 
Asiel Z Blodgett, P Aristus Brown, S B 
W P Yeoman, S W Daniel P Millen, W 
Joseph Palmer. C G 


Illinois Masonic Register. 



OFFICERS, 1875-76, 


M. E. Sir JAMES HOGE MILES, of Chicago, 

V. I. Sir JOHN CORSON SMITH, of Chicago, . 

V. I. Sir N. T. P. ROBERTSON, of Fairbury, 

V. I. Sir ROBERT BRUCE MILLER, of Chicago, 

I Sir LEVI R. JEROME, of Princeton, 

I. Sir ERASTUS N. TUCKER, of Chicago, 

I. Sir JONATHAN J. FRENCH, of Chicago, 

I. Sir JOHN 0. DICKERSON, of Chicago, 

I. Sir GILBERT W. BARNARD, of Chicago, 

I. Sir BEN P. REYNOLDS, of Chicago, . 

I. Sir THOMAS H. AGNEW, of Chicago, . 

I. Sir CHABLES W. DUNNING, of Cairo, 

I. Sir JAMES A. HAWLEY, of Dixon, 

I. Sir JOHN PORTER FERNS, of Chicago, 

Divisional Inspector General eor Illinois: Jonathan J.French, of Chicago, 

Grand Sovereign. 
Grand Viceroy. 
Grand Senior General. 
Grand Junior General. 
Grand High Prelate. 
Grand High Chancellor 
Grand Treasurer. 
Grand Recorder. 
Grand High Almoner. 
Grand Chamberlain. 
Grand Architect. 
Grand Standard Bearer- 
Grand Marshal. 
Grand Orator. 
Grand Sentinel. 

Of the Grand Council of Illinois. 

William R. Woodman, of London, .... 
Christian F. Knapp, of Bloomsburg, .... 
Frank L. Stowell, Olean, ..... 

Near the Grand Council of Illinois. 
James H. Miles, of Chicago, ..... 

for England, 
for Pennsylvania, 
for New York. 

for Pennsylvania. 


Alton. Chartered Sep 1875 Reg as- 
sembly 1st Mon. Ann assembly Sep. 
R B Smith, MPS Jno H Koehn, Treas 
George Barry, V F H Ferguson, Rec 
Silas F Connor, S G Geo D Hayden, P 
C B Rohland, J G Henry Watson, S B 
M M Dutro, H P Isaac E Hardy, H 
John M Pearson, S 

Freeport, Stephenson County. Chart- 
ered Aug 1872. Reg assembly . Ann 

assembly . 

L L Munn, MPS L T Lemon, Rec 
MDChamberlain.SG E L Cronkrite, S B 
Jas S McCall, H P Wm D Rowell, H 
Robert Little, Treas A P Goddard, S 

Scottish Rite. 


ORIENT, No. 6. 
Fairbuby, Livingston Co. Chartered 
Aug 1872. Reg assembly 3d Fri. Ann as- 
sembly Dec. 

N TRobertson,MPS James King. Treas 
Jonathan Duff, V Thos W Duffv, Rec 
H Remington, S G BE Robinson, P 
H M Gillette, J G James King, jr S B 
W S Lacey, H P Benj Cumpston, H 
D C Wilson, S 

ST. JOHN'S, No. 1. 
Chicago. Chartered Aug 1872. Reg 
assembly 2d Sat. Ann assembly Dec. 
Place of meeting 72 Monroe st. 
Jas H Miles, MPS Moses Gray, Treas 
Erastus N Tucker, V J O Dickinson, Rec 
Rob't B Miller, S G James O Cottrell, P 
Thos H Agnew, J G M Chiperowsky, S B 
B P Reynolds, H P Thos Patterson, H 
John P Ferns, S 



Ills. HOSMER A. JOHNSON, 33° . 
Ills. L. R. JEROME, 32° . 
Ills. THOMAS D. GANTT, 32° 
Ills. JAMES S. McCALL, 32° 
Ills. EUGENE B. MYERS, 33° 
Ills. GILBERT R. SMITH, 33° . 
Ills. WILLIAM A. WARREN, 32° . 
Ills. ELIAS P. HALL, 32° . 
Ills. TRACEY T. OYIATT, 32° 
Ills. JOHN O'NEILL, 32° 

1st Lieut. Commander. 
2d Lieut. Commander. 
Minister of State G. O. 
Grand Prior. 
Grand Chancellor. 
Grand Treasurer. 
Grand Secretary. 
Grand Eng. and Arch. 
Grand Hospitaller. 
.Grand Master Ceremonies. 
Grand Standard Bearer. 
Grand Captain of Guard. 
Grand Sentinel. 


Theodore TGurney, 33° 111 Com-in-Chief 
Gibert W Barnard. 33 c 111 First Lieut Coin 
Henry H Pdnd, 33° 111 Second Lieut Com 
Edward J Hill, 32 = 111 M S & G O 
John O'Neill, 32 c 111 G Chancellor 
James H Miles. 32° 111 G Sec & K of S 
Eugene B Mvers, 33° 111 Grand Treasurer 
Edward Goodale, 33° 111 Grand E & A 
Benj P Reynolds. 32° 111 Grand Hospitaler 
James L Briggs, 32° 111 G M of C 
William Shaw, 32° 111 Grand S B 
John P Ferns, 32° 111 G C of Guard 
Moses N Fuller, 82° 111 Grand Sentinel 


James S McCall. 33° 111 Com-in-Chief. 

, 111 First Lieut Com 

, 111 Second Lieut Com 

Henry C Hutchison, 32° 111 M S & G O 
William D Rowell, 32° III G Chancellor 
Leonard T Lemon, 32° 111 G Sec & K of S 
Robert Little, 32° 111 Grand Treasurer 
William Young, 32° 111 Grand E & A 
Jay S Gates, 32° 111 Grand Hospitaler 
Edward C Warner, 32° 111 G M of C 
Elijah Northey, 32° 111 Grand S B 
Charles G Sanborn, 32° 111 G C of Guard 
Levi Martin, 32° 111 Grand Sentinel 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Thomas D Gantt, 32° Commander-in-Chief 
W J Brown, Grand Secretary. 

L R Jerome, 32° Commander-in-Chief 
C G Langworthy, Grand Secretary 

Beni F Hoar, 32° 111 Commander-in-Chief 
W M Baxter, 32° 111 First Lieut Com 

Albert Beebe, 32° 111 Second Lieut Com 
D G Williams, 32° 111 M S & G O 
Geo V Bristol, 32° 111 G Chancellor 
Edward S Mulliner, 32° 111 G Sec & K of S 
S E Seger, 33° 111 Grand Treasurer 
Granville M Evatt, 32° 111 Grand E & A 
John Viberts, 32° Grand Hospitaler 
John W Brown, 32° 111 GMofC 
Albert Demaree, 32° 111 G C of Guard 
Asa W Blakesley, 3:° 111 Grand Sentinel 


H H Pond, M W & P Master 
J E Church, ME&PKSW 
Joseph H Dixon, ME&PKJW 
D C Cregier, ME&PKGO 
E B Myers, R & P K Gr Treasurer 
Ed Goodale, R & P K Gr Secretary 
A Wolcott, R & P K Gr Hosp Bro 
Wm K Morris, R&PKGMofC 
E F DeLuce, R&PKGCofG 

Robert Little, M W & P Master 
Joshua G Cornue, ME&PKSW 
Henry C Hutchison, ME&PKJW 
Charles G Sanborn, ME&PKGO 
Jay S Gates, R & P K Treasurer 
Leonard T Lemon, R & P K Secretary 
William O Wright, R & P K Hosp 
Edward C Warner, R & P K Mof C 
John W Childs, R & P K C Guard 

Wm H Eastman, M W & P Master 
Leonard T Lemon, R & P K Secretary 

James Vandegrift, M W & P Master 
Daniel H Dean, R & P K Secretary 

James H Richardson, M W & P Master 
Samuel E Seger, ME&PKSW 
Granville M Evatt, ME&PKJW 
William M Avise.M E & P K G O 
Samuel E Seger, R & P K Treasurer 
Edward S Mulliner, R & P K Secretary 
John Viberts, R & P K Hosp Bro 

, R&PKMof C 

Benj F Hoar, R & P K C Guard 


John O'Niell, M E S P G Master 
Horatio N Hurlbut, G H P D G M 
Alfred Russel, M E S G Warden 
Amos Pettebone, M E J G Warden 
Eugene B Myers, V G Treasurer 
Edward Goodale, V G Secretary 
W K Morris, V G M of C 
Joseph H Dixon, V G M of E 
Moses N Fuller, V G Tyler 

Edward C Warner, M E S P G Master 
Robert Little, G H P D G Master 
Loyal L Munn, M E S G Warden 
William O Wright, M E J G Warden 
Leonard T Lemon, ValGSKofS& A 
Alpheus P Goddard, V G Treasurer 
Henry C Hutchison, V G M of C 
William D Rowell, V G M of E 
Levi Martin, Grand Tyler 

Samuel Seabury, M E S P G Master 
Wm J Brown, V G Secretary 

L R Jerome, M E S P G Master 
Daniel H Dean, V G Secretary 

Albert Demaree, M E S P G Master 
Milton Wayne [Newton, G H P DG M 
Louis Miller, M E S G Warden 
David Gaskill Williams, MEJGW 
Edwd S Mulliner, Val G S K of S & A 
S Eastman Seger, Val G Treasurer 
Jas Harvey Richardson, V G M of C 
Pliney Bliss Williams, V G M of E 
Asa Wellington Blakesley, G Tyler 

Scottish Rite. 




Samuel W Ottenheimer, TPG- Master 
Edwin H Collins, G Secretary 

William D Rowell, TPG Master 
William Young, HTDG faster 
Loyal L Munn, Ven S G Warden 
Louis D Scofield, Ven J G Warden 
Robert Little, Grand Orator 
Joshua G Cornue, G Treasurer 
Leonard T Lemon, G Sec K S 
Edward C Warner, G M of C 
Henry C Hutchison, G C of G 
John W Childs, G Hospt Bro 
Levi Martin, Grand Tyler. 

J W Bailey, TPG Master 
Daniel H Dean, G Secretary 

William M A vise, TPG Master 

Benjamin F Hoar, HTDG Master 
! Louis Miller, Ven S G Warden 
| Milton Wayne Newton, Ven J G W 

David Gaskill Williams, Grand Orator 
I Samuel Eastman Seger, G Treasurer 
! Edward Starr Mulliner, G Sec K S 
I James Harvey Richardson, G M of C 
John Irwin, G Capt of the G 
Willis Milow Baxter, G Hospt Bro 
Asa Wellington Blakesley, G Tyler 

l E P Hall, TPG Master 
i J E Church, HTDG Master 

A Wolcott, Ven S G Warden 

C H Shattuck, Ven J G Warden 

A Pettebone, Grand Orator 

E B Myers, G Treasurer 

Ed Goodale, G Secretary 

W K Morris, C M of C 

Joseph Lieff, G C of G 

D C Cregier, G Hospt Bro 

M N Fuller, Grand Tyler 



Abbreviations: — !, Lodge; c, Chapter; coun, Council; com, Commandery; 
rcc, Red Cross Conclave (Red Cross of Rome and Constantine); const, Consistory 
(Scottish Rite). 


Abingdon: 1 Abingdon. 

Albany: 1 Albany. 

Albion: 1 Hermitage. 

Aledo: 1 Aledo. 

Alexandria: 1 Alexandria. 

Algonquin: 1 Algonquin. 

Altamont: 1 Freemanton. 

Alton : 1 Erwin, Piasa ; c Al- 
ton ; conn Alton ; com Bel- 
videre ; rcc Constantine. 

Altona: 1 Altona. 

Amboy: 1 Illinois Central. 

Anna: 1 Anna; c Egyptian. 

Annopolis: 1 Crawford. 

Annawan: 1 Anna wan. 

Ancona: 1 Ancona. 

Andulasia: 1 Andulasia. 

Apple River : 1 Apple River. 

Areola: 1 Areola; c Areola. 

Arlington : 1 Levi Lusk. 

Aroma: 1 Aroma. 

Ashley : 1 Clay ; c Ashley. 

Ashmore: lAshmore. 

Ashton : 1 Ashton. 

Assumption: 1 Bromwell. 

Astoria: 1 Astoria. 

Atlanta: 1 Atlanta. 

Auburn : 1 Ark and Anchor ; 
c Auburn. 

Augusta: 1J L Anderson; c 
Augusta ; coun Avise ; c'm 

Aurora: 1 Aurora, Jerusa- 
lem Temple; c Aurora; 
coun Aurora; com Au- 

Avon : 1 Avon Harmony. 

Bardolph: IBardolph, 

Barry: 1 Barry, c Barry; 
coun Barry. 

Basco : 1 Basco. 

Batavia: 1 Batavia. 

Bath : 1 Bath. 

Beardstown, 1 Cass ; c Clark. 

Belle Prairie: 1 Belle City. 

Belle Rive: 1 Belle Rive. 

Belleville: 1 Archimedes. St 
Clair: c Belleville. 

Belvidere: 1 Belvidere; c 

Bement: 1 Bement; c Be« 

Benton : 1 Benton. 

Bethalto: 1 Bethalto. 

Blackberry Station : 1 Bl'ck- 

Bloomington: 1 Blooming- 
ton, Mozart, Wade Bar- 
ney ; c Bloomington ; coun 
Bloomington ; com DeMo- 

Blue Grass: 1 Blue Grass. 

Blue Island: 1 Calumet 

Blue Mound: 1 Blue Mound. 

Bowensburg: 1 Bo wen. 

Bradford : 1 Bradford. 

Braidwood: 1 Braidwood. 

Bridgeport: 1 Bridgeport. 

Brighton : 1 Hibbard. 

Buckley: 1 Buckley. 

Buda: 1 Buda. 

Bunker Hill-.l Bunker Hill. 

Burlington : 1 Burlington. 

Burnside : 1 Burnside. 

Burnt Prairie : 1 Burnt Prai- 

Bushnell:T J Pickett. 

Butler: 1 Butler. 

Byron : 1 Byron. 


Caberey: 1 Norton. 

Cairo : 1 Cairo ; c Cairo ; com 

Camargo: ICamargo. 

Cambridge: ICambridge. 

Camden : 1 Camden. 

Cameron : 1 Berwick. 

Camp Point: 1 Benjamin. 

Canton : c Canton; coun 

Capron: ICapron. 

Carbondale: 1 Shekinah; c 

Carlinville: 1 Mt Nebo. 

Carlyle: 1 Scott. 

Carmi: 1 Carmi. 

Carrollton: ICarrollton; c 
Carrollton ; com Hugh de 

Carthage : 1 Hancock ; c Car- 

Casey : 1 Casev. 

Catlin: 1 Catl'in. 

Cave-in-Rock : 1 Cave-in- 

Central City: coun Central 

Centralia : 1 Centralia; c 

Centralia; co'n Centralia ; 

com Cyrene. 

Cerro Gordo : 1 Cerro Gordo 

Chambersburg: 1 Chamb'rs- 

Champaign : 1 Western Star ; 
c Champaign. 

Chandlerville : 1 Chandler- 

Channahon : 1 Channahon. 

Charleston : i Charleston ; c 

Chatham: 1 Chatham. 

Chatsworth: 1 Chatsworth. 

Chemung: 1 Chemung. 

Chenoa: !Chenoa;cChenoa 

Chester: 1 Chester; c HG 
Reynolds: eo'n Randolph. 

Chesterfield: 1 Chesterfield. 

Cherry Valley : 1 Cherry 

Chicago : 1 Accordia, Apol- 
lo, Ashlar, Blair, Blaney, 
Chicago, Cleveland, Cove- 
nant, I) A Cashman, De 
Witt C Cregier, Dearborn, 
Garden City, Germania, 
Golden Rule, Herder, Hes- 
peria, Home, Keystone, 
Kilwinning, Landmark, 
Lessing, Lincoln Park, 
Lumberman's, Mi *■ lira, 
National, Oriental, Pleia- 
des, Richard Cole, St An- 
drews, Thomas J Turner, 
Union Park, Wabansia, 
Waldeck, William B War- 
ren ; c Chicago, Corinth- 
ian, Fairview, La Fayette, 
Washington, Wiley M E- 
gan, York ; coun Chicago, 
Siloam ; com Apollo, Chf- 
cago, St Bernard ; r c c St 
John's; const Oriental. 

Chillicothe: 1 George Wash- 
ington; c Chillicothe. 

Chrisman: 1 Bloomfield. 

Clay City: 1 Clay City. 

Clayton: 1 Clayton; c Clay- 
ton ; coun Clayton ; com 

Cleveland : 1 Clement- 
Clifton : 1 Clifton. 

Clinton: 1 De Witt; c Good- 

Clintonville: lClintonville. 
Coal Galley: 1 Coal Valley. 
Coatsburg. 1 Columbus. 
Cobden : 1 Cobden. 

List of Locations. 


Columbia: 1 Columbia. 
Collinsville: 1 Collinsville. 
Concord : 1 N D Morse. 
Cordova: 1 Cordova. 
Courtland: 1 Courtland. 
Cowden : 1 Joppa. 
Crab Orchard: 1 Blazing 

Creston : I Dement. 
Cuba : 1 Cuba. 

Enfield: 1 Enfield. 
Englewood : 1 Englewood. 
Equality: 1 Equality. 
Erie: 1 Erie. 
Etna : 1 Wabash. 
Eureka: 1 "Wm C Hobbs. 
Evanston: 1 Evans: c Ev 

Ewing ; 1 Ewing. 
Exeter: 1 Exeter. 

D. F. 

Dallas City : 1 Dallas City ; c j Fairbury Tarbolton ; c 
Dallas ; coun Dallas. ! Fairbury ; coun Fairbury ; 

Danville: 1 Olive Branch; 
c Vermilion; coun Dan- 
ville; com Athelstan. 

Darwin : 1 Darwin. 

Davis : 1 Evening Star. 

Dawson : 1 Dawson ; c San 

com St Paul ; r c c Orient. 
Fairfield: 1 Fairfield. 
Fairmount: iFairmount. 
Fairview : 1 Fairview. 
Farina: 1 Farina. 
Farmer City : 1 Farmer City, 

gamon; coun O H Miner. iFarmington:lFarmington. 
Decatur: 1 Ionic, Macon: c Fayette; i Fayette. 
Macon; coun Decatur; jFerrell; 1 Elbridge. 

com Beaumanoir. 
DeKalb: 1 DeKalb: 

Delavan : 1 Delavan. 
Denver: 1 Denver. 
DeSoto: 1 De Soto. 

Dixon :1 Friendship; c Na-;Forreston: 1 Forreston. 

chusa ; com Dixon. 
Dongola: 1 Dongola, 
Donnelson : 1 Donnelson. 
Dorchester: 1 Dorchester. 
Dubois : 1 Dubois. 
Dudley: 1 Grand-view. 
Dundee : 1 Dundee. 
Dunleith : 1 Martin. 
Du Quoin: 1 Du Quoin: 

Du Quoin. 
Durand : 1 Durand. 
Dwight: 1 Livingston. 

Earlville: 1 Meridian. i 

East St Louis; 1 East St i 
Louis: c East St Louis ; i Galatia 

Gravville ; I Sheba. 
Greenfield : 1 Greenfield. 
Greenland : 1 Greenland. 
Greenup : 1 Greenup. 
Greenview ; 1 Greenview. 
Greenville: 1 Greenville. 
Griggsville: 1 Griggsville. 
Grove City : 1 Fisher. 
Groveland : 1 Groveland. 


Hainesville: 1 Rising Sun. 

Hamilton; 1 Black Hawk; 
c Tecumseh. 

Hampshire: 1 Hampshire. 

Hanover: 1 Hanover. 

Harding: 1 Freedom. 

Harrisburg : 1 Harrisburg. 

Harristown: 1 Summit. 

Harvard : 1 Harvard ; c Har 

Havana . t Havana. Old 
Time; c Havana : com 

Hazel Dell: 1 Hazel Dell. 

Hehron : 1 Hebron. 

Henderson: i Hiram. 

Hennepin: '. Social: c Her- 

Henry : 1 Henry. 

Herrm's Prairie: i Herrin'a 

Hey w r orth : 1 Hey worth. 

Hickory Ridge: 1 Dills. 

Highland: 1 Highland. 

Highland Park MAO Fay. 

Hillsboro: 1 Mt Moriah; c 
Montgomery: com Hills- 
. Hinsdale: 1 Hinsdale, 
port , com Freeport ; reel Homer : 1 Homer ; c Homer. 
Freeport; const Freeport. I Hoopeston : 1 Star. 
Fulton : 1 Fulton City : c | Hopedale : i Hopedale. 
Fulton. i Hudson: Mosaic. 

Huntley Grove: 1 Graf- 

Fidelity: 1 Fidelity. 
c De-jFieldon: 1 Fieldon. 
j Fillmore: 1 Fillmore. 
■Flora: 1 Flora; c Cross- 
i Forrest • 1 Forrest. 

Fowler: 1 Fowler. 

Frankfort : 1 Frankfort. 

Franklin : 1 Wadley. 

Franklin Grove : 1 Franklin 
Grove: c Nathan Whit- 

Freeburg; 1 Freeburg. 

Freeport : 1 Evergreen, Ex- 
celsior, M R Thompson: 
Freeport; coun Free 


1 Galatia. 

coun East St Louis. 
Eddyville; 1 Eddyville. 
Edgewood : 1 Edgewood. 
Ecigington: 1 Keeney. 
Edinburg: 1 Blueville. 
Edwardsville : 1 Edwards 

ville: c Edwardsville. 
Fftingham : 1 Efiingham 

c Effingham. 
El Dara : 1 El Dara. 
Elgin: 1 Elgin. Monitor: c Geneva: 1 Geneva. 

Lo3'al L Munn ; com Genoa: 1 Genoa, 

Galena; 1 Miners' ; c Jo Da- 
viess ; coun Ely S Parker ; 
com Galena. 

Galesburg.l Alpha, Gales- 
burg, vesper; c Gales- 
burg; com Galesburg. 

Galva: 1 Advance, Galva. 

Gardner: 1 Gardner. 

Geneseo: 1 Stewart 


Georgetown : 1 Russell. 
Gillespie : 1 Gillesp'e. 
Girard . 1 Girard . c Girard. 
Glasford . 1 Lancaster. 
Golconda: 1 Golconda; ( 

Huntsville : 1 Huntsville. 
Hutsonville: 1 Hutsonville. 
Hutton : 1 Hutton. 
Hyde Park: South Park. 

Illinois City: Illinois City. 
Illiopolis: 1 Illiopolis. 
Indianola: 1 Vermilion. 
Industry: 1 Industry. 
Ipava : 1 Ipava. 
Iroquois : 1 H Miner. 
Irving: 1 Irving. 
Irvington : 1 Irvington. 
Iuka : 1 John D Moody. 

Elizabeth: 1 Kavanaugh. 
Elizabethtown : Elizabeth. 
Elkhart: 1 Elkhart. 
Elliottstown : 1 Delia. 
Elmwood : 1 Horeb. 
El Paso: 1 El Paso, Wood- Good Hope: 1 Milan. 

ford; c Mackey ; com Goreville. 1 Saline. 

Coeur de Leon. j Grafton : 1 Full Moon. 

Elvaston : 1 Elvaston. Grand Chain : 1 Grand Chain ' Jeffersonville : 1 Jeflerson- 

Elwood: 1 Elwood. > Grand Tower: 1 La Fayette. . ville. 


i Jacksonville : 1 Harmonj « 
: Jacksonville ; c Jackson 
; ville: coun Jacksonville; 
j com Hospitaler. 
! Jefferson : 1 Providence. 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Jersey ville: 1 Jersey ville; 

c Jersey ville. 
Johnsonville : 1 Johnson- 

Joliet: 1 Mt Joliet; c Joliet; 

com Joliet. 
Jonesboro : 1 Jonesboro. 


Kane: 1 King Solomon's. 

Kaneville: 1 Kaneville. 

Kankakee: 1 Kankakee; c 
Kankakee; comlvanhoe. 

Kansas: 1 Kansas; c Kan- 

Kaskaskia: 1 Kaskaskia. 

Keithsburg: 1 Robt Burns; 
c Illinois. 

Kewanee : 1 Wethersfield ; c 

Kinderhook : 1 Kinderhook. 

Kingston (Adams Co): 1 

Kingston (De Kalb Co): 1 

Kingston Mines: lPhcenix. 

Kinmundy: 1 Kinmundy. 

Kirkwood : 1 Abraham Lin- 

Knoxville : 1 Knoxville, Pa- 
cific ; c Rabboni ; coun Il- 

LaClede:! La Clede. 

Lacon : 1 Lacon. 

La Fayette : 1 Stark. 

La Harpe: 1 La Harpe; c 

La Harpe. 
La Moille : 1 La Moille. 
Lanark : 1 Lanark ; c Lanark 
Larkinsburg : 1 Iola. 
La Salle : 1 Acacia. 
Lawn Ridge : 1 Lawn Ridge. 
Lawrenceville: 1 Edward 

Dobbins, S D Monroe. 
Lebanon : 1 Lebanon ; c Leb- 
Lee Centre : 1 Lee Centre. 
Leland : 1 Leland. 
Lemont: 1 Lemont. 
Lena: 1 Lena; c Lena. 
Leroy : 1 Leroy. 
Lewistown: 1 Lewistown. 
Lexington: 1 Lexington. 
Libert}^ville : 1 Libertyville. 
Lick Creek: 1 Union. 
Lima: 1 Lima. 
Lincoln: 1 Lincoln, Logan; 

c Lincoln. 
Lisbon : 1 Orient. 
Litchfield: 1 Charter Oak, 

Litchfield: c Elliott; com 

St Omer. 
Loami : 1 Loami. 
Lockport : 1 Lockport. 
Locust Grove: 1 Andrew 

Lodi : 1 Lodi. 
Lostant : 1 Lostant, 

Louisville: 1 Louisville; c 

Louisville. . 
I Lovington : i Lovington. 
La Prairie : 1 La Prairie. 
Lynchburg: 1 Jefferson. 


HcHenry : 1 McHenry ; c 

McLean: 1 McLean. 

McLeansboro : 1 Polk. 

Mackinaw: 1 Mackinaw. 

Mack ville: 1 Center Star. 

Macomb : 1 Kyle, Macomb ; 
c Morse. 

Macon : 1 South Macon. 

Magnolia: 1 Magnolia. 

Mahomet : 1 Mahomet. 

Makanda: 1 Makanda. 

Malta : 1 Malta. 

Malugin's Grove : 1 Brook- 

Manchester: 1 Manchester. 

Manito : 1 Manito. 

Manteno : 1 Manteno. 

Maquon : 1 Maquon. 

Marcelline : 1 Marcelline. 

Marengo : 1 Marengo ; c Lan- 

Marine: 1 Marine. 

Marion: 1 Amon, Fellow- 
ship; c Marion; council 

Maroa: IMaroa. 

Marseilles : 1 Marseilles. 

Marshall : 1 Marshall ; c 

Martinsville : 1 Clark. 

Mason : 1 Mason ; c Mason. 

Mason City : 1 Mason City. 

Masco utah: 1 Douglas. 

Mattoon : 1 Circle, Mattoon ; 
c Mattoon; com Godfrey 
de Bouillon. 

Nauvoo : 1 Reclamation. 

Mechanicsburg : 1 Mechan- 

Melrose : 1 Melrose. 

Mendon : 1 Mendon ; c Men- 

Mendota: 1 Mendota ; c 
Mendota; coun Mendota; 
com Bethany. 

Meredosia: 1 Benevolent; c 

Metamora: 1 Metamora; c 
Woodford ; coun Meta- 

Metropolis : 1 Metropolis ; c 
Metropolis ; com Geth- 

Middleton: 1 Middleton. 

Milan: 1 Eureka. 

Milburn : 1 Antioch. 

Miles Hart: 1 Miles Hart. 

Milford : 1 Milford. * 

Mil ledge ville : 1 Milledge- 

Milo: 1 HG Reynolds. 

Milton : 1 Milton ; c Milton. 

Miner: 1 Comet. 

Minooka: 1 Minooka. 

Minonk : 1 Rob Morris. 

Moawequa: 1 Moawequa. 

Moline : 1 Doric. 

Momence : 1 Momence. 

Monmouth : 1 Monmouth, 
Trinity; c Warren; coun 

Monticello : 1 Fraternal ; c 
Markwell ; coun Monti- 

Morris: 1 Cedar: c Orient; 
com Blaney. 

Morris City: 1 May. 

Morrison : 1 Dunlap. 

Morrisonville : 1 Morrison- 

Moscow: 1 Moscow. 

Mound City : 1 Cache ; c 
Mound : coun Mound. 

Mount Auburn : 1 Kedron. 

Mount Carmel: 1 Mt Car- 
mel ; c Mt Carmel. 

Mount Carroll : 1 Cyrus. 

Mount Erie : Mt Erie. 

Mount Morris: 1 Samuel H 

Mount Pulaski: 1 Mt Pulas- 
ki ; c Mt Pulaski ; com 
Mt Pulaski. 

Mount Station: IKendrick. 

Mount Sterling: 1 Hardin; 
c Mt Sterling ; coun Mt 

Mount Vernon : 1 Mt Ver- 
non ; c W H Hubbard. 

Mulkeytown: 1 Polar Star. 

Murrayville: 1 Murray ville. 

Murphysboro : 1 Murphys- 

Napierville: Euclid; c Euc- 

Naples: 1 Naples. 

Nashville: 1 Washington. 

Neoga : 1 Neoga ; c Neoga. 

Neponset: 1 Neponset. 

Newark : 1 Newark. 

New Boston: 1 New Boston. 

New Columbia: 1 New Col- 

New Douglas : 1 Madison. 

New Hartford : 1 New Hart- 

New Haven : 1 New Haven. 

New Hope : 1 New Hope. 

New Liberty: 1 New Lib- 

Newman: 1 Newman. 

New Rutland : 1 New Rut- 
land ; c New Rutland ; 
coun New Rutland. 

New Salem : 1 New Salem. 

New Windsor: 1 Oxford. 

Noble: 1 Noble. 

Nokomis: 1 Nokomis. 

Normal :1 Normal. 

List of Locations. 


North Caledonia : 1 Caledo- 
Nunda: 1 Nunda. 


Oakalla: 1 Abraham Jones. 

Oakland : 1 Oakland ; c Oak- 

Oak Park : 1 Harlem. 

Oblong City : 1 Oblong City. 

Oconee: 1 Oconee. 

Odell : 1 Odell ; c Odell. 

Odin: 1 Odin :c Odin. 


Olney : 1 Olney ; c Richland ; 
com Gorin. 

Omaha: 1 Omaha. 

Onarga: 1 Onarga. 

Oneida: 1 Oneida. 

Oquawka: 1 Oquawka. 

Orangeville : 1 Orangeville. 

Oregon : 1 Oregon ; c Rock 

Oskaloosa : 1 Oskaloosa. 

Oswego : 1 Raven. 

Ottawa: 1 Humboldt, Occi- 
dental ;c Shabbona; com 

Otterville: 1 Hamilton. 

Owaneco: 1 Locust. 


Palatine : 1 Palatine ; c Pal- 

Palmyra: 1 Palmyra. 

Pana : 1 Center, Pana. 

Paris: 1 Paris, Prairie; c 
Edgar ; com Palestine. 

Parkersburg : 1 Parkers- 

Patoka: 1 Patoka. 

Potosi : 1 Bethseda. 

Pawnee : 1 Pawnee. 

Paw Paw : 1 Corinthian. 

Paxton : 1 Paxton ; c Ford ; 
com Mt Olivet. 

Payson: 1 Payson. 

Pecatonica : 1 A W Raw- 

Pekin : 1 Empire ; Pekin ; c 

Peoria: 1 Illinois, Peoria, 
Schiller, Temple; c Peo- 
ria; coun Peoria; com 
Peoria ; const Peoria. 

Peotone: IPeotone. 

Perry : 1 Perry : c Perry. 

Peru: 1 St John's; c Peru; 
coun Peru ; com St John's. 

Petersburg : 1 Clinton ; c 
De Witt; com St Aide- 

Pickneyville: 1 Mitchell. 

Pilot: 1 Xewton. 

Piper City : 1 Piper. 

Pittsfleld : 1 Pittsfield ; c 
Union; coun M J Noyes. 

Plainfleld: 1 Plainfield. 

Plain view: 1 Plainview. 

Piano: 1 Sunbeam. 

Pleasant Hill: 1 Pleasant 

Pleasant Plain: 1 Pleasant 

Plum River: 1 Plum River. 

Plymouth : 1 Plymouth. 

Pocahontis: 1 Gordon. 

Polo : Mystic Tye ; c Tyrian. 

Pontiac : 1 Pontiac. 

Pontoosuc : 1 Herrick. 

Port Byron : 1 Philo. 

Prairie City: 1 Golden Gate, 
Prairie City. 

Princeton: 1 Bureau,Prince- 
ton ; coun Orion ; com 
Temple; consist Prince- 

Princeville; 1 Princeville. 

Prophetstown: 1 Prophets- 

Quincy : 1 Bodley, Herman, 
Lambert, Luce, Quincy; 
c Quincy; coun Quincy; 
com Beanseant; consist 


Raleigh: IRaieigh. 

Ramsey: 1 Ramsey. 

Rankin : 1 Rankin. 

Rantoul : 1 Rantoul. 

Raymond: 1 Raymond. 

Red Bub: 1 Red Bud. 

Reynoldsburg : 1 Reynolds- 

Richmond : 1 Richmond. 

Richview: 1 Grant. 

Ridge Farm : 1 Ridge Farm. 

Rio : 1 Rio ; c Horeb. 

Robinson : 1 Robinson, 

Rochelle : 1 Horicon ; c Ro- 

Rochester : 1 Rochester. 

Rockford : 1 E F W Ellis, 
Rockf ' d, Star in the East ; 
c Winnebago ; com Cru- 

Rock Isiand : 1 Rock Island, 
Trio ; c Barrett ; com 

Rockton : 1 Rockton. 

Rome: 1 Rome. 

Roscoe : 1 Rosce. 

Rose Bud: 1 Temple Hill. 

Roseville : 1 Roseville. 

Rossville: 1 Rossville. 

Rushville: 1 Rushville. 

Russelville : 1 Russelville. 

Sadonis : 1 J R Gorin. 
Sage town : 1 Fortitude. 
Salem : 1 Marion; c Salem. 
Sandwich : 1 Meteor ; c Sand' 

San Jose : 1 San Jose. 
Savanna, 1 Mississippi. 

Saybrook: 1 Cheeney's 


Seneca: 1 Seneca. 

Shabbona : 1 Shabbona. 

Shannon : 1 Shannon. 

Shawneetown : 1 Warren. 

Sheffield : 1 Ames, Shef- 

Shelbyville: 1 Jackson; i 

Sheldon :1 Sheldon. 

Shiloh Hill :lShiloh Hill. 

Shipman: 1 Shipman. 

Shirley : 1 Shirley. 

Sidney: 1 Sidney. 

Somonauk : 1 Somonauk. 

Sparland : 1 Sparland. 

Sparta: 1 Hope ; c Staley. 

Springfield: 1 Central, St 
Paul's, Springfield, Ty- 
rian ;c Springfield; coun 
Springfield ; com Elwood 

Spring Hill : 1 Bollen. 

St Charles: 1 Unity. 

Stanford: 1 Allen. 

Steele's Mills: 1 Alma. 

Sterling: 1 Rock River: c 
Sterling; com Rock River 

Stewardson : 1 Sigel. 

Stone Fort : 1 Stone Fort. 

Stone's Prairie : 1 Adams. 

Streator: 1 Streator. 

Sublette :1 Sublette. 

Sullivan : 1 Moultrie ; Sulli- 
van; com Templestowe. 

Summerfleld: 1 Summer- 

Sumner: 1 Sumner; c Har- 
mony; com Sumner. 

Swedona: 1 Sherman. 

Sycamore: 1 Sycamore; c 
Sycamore ; com Sycamore 


Tamaroa: 1 Tamaroa. 

Taylorville : 1 Mound ; c Tay- 

Tennessee: 1 Tennessee. 

Thomson: 1 Thomson. 

Tindalsville: 1 Farmers'. 

Tiskilwa: 1 Sharon. 

Tolono: 1 Tolono. 

Tonica : 1 Tonica. 

Toulon : 1 Toulon. 

Towanda: 1 Towanda. 

Tower Hill: 1 Tower Hill. 

Tremont: lTremont. 

Trenton: 1 Trenton. 

Troy: 1 Troy. 

Troy Grove : 1 Shiloh. 

Turner: lAmitv. 

Tuscola: 1 Tuscola; c Tus- 
cola; coun Tuscola; com 


Union : 1 Orion. 

Upper Alton: 1 Franklin; 
c Franklin, 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Urbana: 1 Urbana; c Ur- 
bana ; coun Urbana ; com 

Utica: 1 Cement; c Cement. 


Vandalia: Temperance; c 

Varna: 1 Varna. 

Venice : 1 Venice. 

Vermilion: Stratton. 

Vermont: 1 Vermont; c 

Versailles : 1 Versailles. 

Vienna: 1 Vienna; c Vien- 
na; coun Cora. 

Villa Ridge: 1 Villa Kidge. 

Viola: 1 Viola. 

Virden: 1 Virden. 

Virginia: 1 Virginia. 


Waconda: 1 Waconda. 
Walnut:! Walnut, 

Walpole: 1 Tuscan. 

Walshville: 1 Walshville. 

Waltham : 1 Waltham. 

Warren : 1 Jo Daviess. 

Warsaw : 1 Warsaw. 

Washburn : 1 Washburn. 

Washington : i Taylor. 

Wataga: 1 Wataga. 

Watseka : 1 Watseka ; c Wat- 

Watson : 1 Watson. 

Waukegan : 1 Waukegan ; c 
Waukegan; com Wauke- 

Waverly : 1 Waverly. 

Waynesville: 1 Wayne. 

Wenona:l W T enona. 

Westfleld : 1 Westneld. 

Wlieaton: 1 W T heaton. 

Wheeling: 1 Vitrubius. 

Whitehall: 1 Whitehall. 

White Rock: 1 Meridian 

Williamsburg:! Cold Spring 

Williamsville : 1 Lavely. 
Wilmington : 1 Wilmington ; 

c Wilmington. 
Willow Hill : 1 Cooper. 
Winchester: 1 Winchester. 
Windsor : 1 Windsor. 
Winslow : 1 Winslow. 
Winterrowd : 1 Mayo. 
Wolf Creek:] Chapel Hill. 
Woodhull: 1 Woodhull. 
Woodstock: 1 St Mark's: o 

Woodstock ; com Calvary. 
Wyanet: 1 Wyanet. 
Wyoming: 1 Wyoming; o 


Yates City: 1 Yates City; c 

York : 1 York. 
Yorktown: 1 Yorktown. 
Yorkville: 1 Kendall. 
1 oungstown: 1 Youngs 




His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, 

K G etc, Grand Master 
The Rt Hon the -Earl of Carnarvon, Pro- 
Grand Master 
The Rt Hon Lord Henry Thynne, M P, 

Senior G Warden 
Haughton Charles O'Keover, Junior G 

Rev Robert P Bent, G Chaplain 
Rev James Simpson D C L, G Chaplain 
Samuel Tompkins, G Treasurer 
^Eneas J Mclntyre, Q. C, G Registrar 
John B Monckton, Prest Bd of General 

John Hervey, G Secretary 
John Anthony Rucker, Senior G Deacon 
James Percy Leith, Senior G Deacon 
Joseph Chas Parkinson, Junior G Deacon 
Chas W C Hutton, Junior G Deacon 
Frederick Pepys Cockerell, G Suptof Wks 
Sir Albert W Woods, K G, G Director of 

James T Collins, G Sword Bearer 
Thomas Cubitt, G Pursuivant 
John Wright, Asst G Pursuivant 
Charles Bryant Payne, G Tyler 

Representative near the Grand Lodge of 
Illinois, John M Palmer. Representative 
from the Grand Lodge of Illinois, Brack- 
stone Baker. 
Number of Subordinate Lodges, 1,508. 

H R H the Prince of Wales, G Z 
The Rt Hon the Earl of Carnarvon, G H 
The RtHon Lord de Tabley, G J 
John Hervey, G S E 

The Rt Hon Lord Henry Thynne, G S N 
John A Rucker, GPS 
James P Leith, G 1st A S 
Frederick A Philbrick, G 2d A S 
Samuel Tompkins, G Treas 
iEneas J Mclntyre, G Reg 
Joseph C Parkinson, Sword Bearer 
James E Saunders, Standard Bearer 
Simeon C Hadley, Director of Ceremonies 
Charles B Payne, G Janitor 

Number of Subordinate Chapters, 463. 


Rev Geo Raymond Portal, M A, M P G M 
Capt Nathaniel G Phillips. R P D G M 
John M P Montagu, R P G I M 
Hyde Pullen, R P G Prin C of W 
Frederick Binckes, R P G Rec 
Rev W B Church, R P G Chap 
Sigismund Rosenthal, R P G C G 

Henry C Levander, R P G Lecturer 
Edw'd Baxter, Wm Roebuck, R P G Mar 
James Stevens, Steward 
Number of Subordinate Councils, 4. 




The Rt Hon the Earl of Limerick, V H 

and E Great Prior 
Maj S H Clerke, G Sub Prior 
The Rev A Bruce Frazer, Prelate 
Sir-Patrick Colauhoun, Q C,LLD, Chan 
Col C Lyne, Constable 
J Lambert Sim, Marshal 
C Goolden, M A, Treasurer 
Raymond H Thrupp, Reg 
Rev J A Rivington, Almoner & Chaplain 
G Lambert, Warden of Regalia 
B Davies, Herald 
Maj Gen Gore Munbee, W Hickman, J C 

Parkinson, Standard Bearers 
J Pratt, Maj G Barlow, J Astley, Aides- 

Joseph F Starkey, Chamberlain 
D M Dewar, C Horslev, Captains of Guards 
J Lane, Sword Bearer 
Number Subordinate Preceptories, 129. 




Sir Frederick M Williams, Bart, M P, 

M I Grand Sovereign 
Col Francis Burdett, M E Grand Viceroy 
The Rt Hon the Earl Ferrers, G Sen Gen 
William E Gumbleton, J P, G Jun General 
The Rev Chas J Martyn, Rev William B 

Church, M A, G High Pr 
Henry C Levander, G High Chancellor 
Robert W Little, G Treasurer 
William R Woodman, M D, G Recorder 
Raynham W Stewart, G High Almoner 
Angelo J Lewis, M A, G Chamberlain 
James L Thomas. F R G S, G Architect 
John Boyd, G Marshal 
Thomas Cubitt, G Orator 
George Toller jr, G Historiographer 

Chief Intendent General for the U S, 
Alfred Creigh, of Pennsylvania. 

Number of Subordinate Conclaves, 115. 


The Rt Hon the Earl of Carnarvon, M P, 

Sov Gr Com 
Capt Nath'l G Philips, M I Lieut Gr Com 
Maj Henry Clerk, F R S, Gr Treas Gen 
J M P Montagu, Gr Chan 
Major Shadwell H Clerke, Gr Sec Gen 
Robert Hamilton, M A, Gr Chaplain 
Sir Michael Costa, Gr Capt L G 


Illinois Masonic Register. 



Sir M Shaw Stewart, Bart, M W Grand 

The Rt Hon the Earl of Rosslyn, Past 

Grand Master 
Capt J T Oswald, Substitute Grand Master 
The Rt Hon the Earl of Kellie, Senior 

Grand Warden 
Maj Hamilton Ramsay. Jr Grand Warden 
Samuel Hay, Grand Treasurer 
John Laurie, Grand Secretary 
The Rev V G Faithfull, M A, G Chaplain 
The Rev W H Gray, D D, G Chaplain 
Maj W H Ramsay, Senior Grand Deacon 
Frederick A Barrow, Junr Grand Deacon 
David Boyce, G Architect 
Alexander Hay, G Jeweller 
John Coghill, G Director of Ceremonies 
Daniel Robertson, G Bible Bearer 
James Ballantine, G Bard 
The Rt Hon Lord Rosehill, G SwordBearer 
Murdoch Mackenzie, Chief G Marshal 
William M Bryce, G Tyler 

Honoeaby Membbes.— His Majesty 
William I, Emperor of Germany; His 
Majesty George V, ex-King of Hanover; 
H R H Prince Frederick, of the Nether- 

Past Geand Mastees, as such, Mem- 
bees of the Geand Lodge.— The Rt 
Hon George, Marquis of Tweeddale ; the 
Rt Hon Francis, Earl of Wemyss and 
March • the Rt Hon George William, 
Baron Kinnaird and Rossie ; John Whyte- 
Melville, Esq. 



Rt Hon the Earl of Rosslyn, 1st Grand 

Samuel Somerville, Deputy Gr Principal 
Rt Hon the Earl of Kellie, 2d Gr Principal 
Sir M Shaw Stewart, Bart, 3d Gr Principal 
Lindsay Mackerry, W S, G Scribe E 
William Mann, S S C, G Scribe N 
Alexander Mitchell, S S C, G Treasurer 
Alexander Hay, G Recorder 
Henry Inglis, G Chancellor 
The Hon and Rev A C B Hamilton, 1st G 

George F R Colt, 2d G Sojourner 
L Maitland, 3d G Sojourner 
Maj W H Ramsay, G Sword Bearer 
William Hay, G Supt of Works 
Alexander Wilson, 1st Grand Standard 

Capt Chas Hunter, F R S E, 2d G Standard 

James Baikie, G Janitor 



Re-established by King Robert the 
Bruce, A D 1314. 
J Whyte-Melville, Grand Master and 

J B Douglas, G Secretary 


J White-Melville, Grand Master 
Viscount Strathallan, Seneschal 


J Whyte-Melville, M P SovG Commander 
The Rt Hon the Earl of Rosslyn, V P Lieut 

G Commander 
Lindsay Mackerry, W S. Ill Gen G Sec H E 
Samuel Somerville, 111 Gen G Treas H E 
Thos E Mac Ritchie, 111 G C G 
Andrew Kerr, 111 G Standard Bearer 
Col A C Campbell, 111 G Sword Bearer 
William Mann, S S C, 111 G Archivist 


His Grace the Duke of Leinster, M W 

Grand Master 
Robert Wm Shekleton, Deputy Gr Master 
Lord Viscount Powerscourt, K P, Junior 

Grand Warden 
Arthur Bushe, Esq, G Treasurer 
Viscount Bernard, G Secretary 
The Rev J J Macsorley, the Rev Lord 

Plunkett, G Chaplains 
Charles A Cameron, M D, Senr G Deacon 
The Hon David R Plunkett, Q C, M P, 

Junior Grand Deacon 
George A Stephens, G Supt of Works 
Alderman Jos Manning, G Director of 

Theophilus E St George, G Steward 
Robert W Griffin, LL D, G Sword Bearer 
Stuart Nassau Lane, G Inner Guard 
Samuel G Downes, G Tyler 

Representative of the Grand Lodge of 
Ireland, near the Grand Lodge of Illinois, 
Wiley M Egan. Representative from the 
Grand Lodge of Illinois, R B DeBurgh. 

His Grace the Duke of Leinster, K 
R W Shelkton, Bart, H P 
Theophilus E St George, C S 
Charles A Cameron, M D, C of H 
Capt C Macnamara, Sup of Tab 
John F Goodman, R A C 
George H Major, Capt Scarlet Veil 
Rev J A Galbraith, F T C D, Capt Purple 

George N D'Arcy, Capt Blue Veil 
Robert W G Boyce, Chaplain 
Maxwell C Close, Treasurer 
Charles T Walmisley, Registrar 
Edward Fitzmaurice, Janitor 


His Grace the Duke of Leinster, Gr Prior 
R W Shekleton, Sub Prior 



His Grace the Duke of Leinster. Sov Gr 


Masonry in Europe. 


John F Townsend. LL D, Lt Commander 
Sir Wm Hart, Bart, G Chancellor H E 
Rev H H J Westby, G Treasurer H E 
Edmund J Armstrong, Capt Gen H E 
Sir Edward R Borough, Bart, H E 
George Chatterton, Sec Gen H E 
Robert William Shekleton, H E 
Maj-Gen Rt Hon E P Dunne. H E 


His Majesty William I, Protector 

R R H the Crown Prince Frederick 

William, Deputy Protector 

Fr A von Etzel, Grand Master 
C F Bornemann, Deputy Grand Master 
Ferdinand Dahms, Senior G Warden 
F L G Strubing, Junior G Warden 
H W T Berggold, G Secretary 
G E von Schiveinichen, G Keeper of the 

ALE Kupfer, G Treasurer 



H R H the Crown Prince of Prussia, 

Countries Master 
G A von Zeigler, Grand Master 
A H Wegner, Deputy Grand Master 
C F Gartz, Senior G Warden 
T F W Schroder. Junior G Warden 
F W L Nikisch, G Secretary 
C W Hoburg, G Keeper of the Archives 



His Grand Ducal Highness the Prince L 

Wm A von Baden, Honorary G Master 
Chr F L Herrig, Grand Master 
G H A Broecker, Deputy Grand Master 
J H Petermann, Senior G Warden 
F T Haarbrucker, Junior G Warden 
Carl A Bouche, G Secretary 


Col Don Juan de la Somera, Kt, G Master 
His Excellency Don Manuel Ruiz Zorrilla, 

Past Grand Master 
Don Juan IT tor y Fernandez.fDep G M 
Don Clemente Fernandez Elias, G Sec 

Home Dept 

Illustrisimo Sr Francis J Parody, Knight 

Commr of the Order of Charles III, 

Gr Sec Foreign Dept 



Don Juan de la Somera, 1st Gr Principal i 

His Excellency Sir Joseph Carvajal, Past ' 

1st Gr Principal 
Don Francisco J Parody. Deputy Grand 

Don Bias Ybanes de Alba. 1st Gr Warden j 
Don Jose Garcia Escobar. 2d Gr Warden 
Don Faustino Echevarria, Home Gr Sec I 

Don Manuel Prieto y Prieto, G Chaplain 

Don Joaquin Martinz Johan, 1st G 



Don Juan de la Somera, Sov GCommander 
Don Manuel Perez Mozo, Lt GCommander 
Don Jose D Ochotico, G Chancellor 
Don Antonio Maria Alvarez, G Treasurer 
Don Juan Utor y Fernandez, G Capt of G 
Don Francisco J Parody, G Sec For Dept 


H R H the Crown Price Frederick, M W 

Grand Master 
J T Tap, Deputy Grand Master 
His Highness Prince Hans of Slesvig-Hol- 

stein. Statholder 
C F Simony, Keeper of the Seal 
C Otto, 1st G Archivest 
F T Kloss, G Administrator 
H V Lange, G Intend ent 
R L Rasmussen. G Treasurer 
J C A Bock, G Sword Bearer 
H T Wenck, G Standard Bearer 
J C Knudseen, Chancellor 
A F Host, G Almoner 
A A Rist, G Inspector 
Ludwig Brunn, G Steward 
O F Olsen, 1st G Warden 
C Hyid, 2d G Warden 
P J Brechwoldt, G Commander of Guard 
J C Krieger, G Master of Ceremonies 
George Silfverberg, G Secretary 


Aime Humbert, Grand Master 
C Favre, Deputy Grand Master 
L Baillet, G Secretary 


His Imperial Highness the Prince Rhodo- 

cankis, G Master 
Prof N Damaskinos, Deputy G Master 
N S Movrokordatos, Substitute G Master 
Prof J G Papadaces, Senior G Warden 
S G Karaiskaces, Junior G Warden 
Maj Nicholas Rhados, G Orator 
Andreas Kalyvas, G Sec & Keeper of Seal 
Athanasius Duruttis, G Treas & Almoner 
John Mindler, G Director of Ceremonies 
Maximilian Rothschild, G Architect 


His Imperial Highness the Prince Rhodo* 

canakis, Sov G Commander 
N Damaskinos, Lieut G Commander 
Athanasius Durutis. G Chancellor 
John G Papadacet, G Secret Gen 
Andreas Kalyvas, G Chaplain 
Maj S G Karaiskaces, Sov G Insp Gen 


Illinois Masonic Register. 


Bro F D Saint-Jean, President 
Bros Massol and Cousin, Vice-Presidents 
Bros F Poulle and Caubet, Secretaries 



, Gran Maestro 

G Oliviere, Luogotenento Generale 

G B De Caro, G Secretario and G S 

G Palmeri, G Oratore 

A Dibartoli, G Tesariere 

B Quinci, G Maestro Cerimonie 

G Polizzi, G Capitano de le Guardie 

F Coliscibetta, G Porta Stendardo 

G Reggio, G Porta Spada 

A Caprino, G Elimasinier 

G Colosi, G Arcliivaria 



William Frederick Charles, Prince of the 

Netherlands, National G Master 
John J F Noordziek, ECU van Doom 

Deputy National G Masters 
F P Bijleveld, 1st G Overseer 
C Wiersma, 2d G Overseer 
B L Rasch, G Secretary 
H G Barnaart, G Treasurer 
P G C von Gensau, G Seal Keeper 
P Six, G Librarian 

J Van Someron Brand, G Master Cere- 

A J Schouten, G Almoner 
J Westpalm van Hoorn van Burgh. G 
Master Builder 


Conde de Paraty, Grand Master 
Jose Joaquim d'Abreu Vianna, Grand 

Joas Eusebic de Oliveira, Gr Vice Prest 
Augusto Sebastias de Castro Guedes, Gr S 

Joas Manoel Goncalves, Gr J Warden 
Antonio Manoel de Cunha Bellem, Gr Sec 


Conde de Paraty, S G Commander 
Jose Joaquim d'Abreu Vianna, G Lt Com 
Antonio Manoel de Cunhe Bellem, G Sec 




Friherre Carl Fredk Ralamb, Gr Master 



Friherre Fr Alex Funck, Grand Master 



Hans Kirkgaard Fleischer, Grand Master 


The following are lists of officers for 1876, of the Masonic bodies in Chicago and 
vicinity, haying elections in December, as far as returns haye been received. 


APOLLO. No. 642. 
Milton Q Fair, W MHB Thomas. S D 
M A Thayer. S W Thomas Gerry, J D 
Thomas Xeill, J W Robert Forwell, S S 
Aug Rose, Treas A F West. J S 
Thos J Wells, Sec Samuel Wiley, T 

BLAIR, No. 393. 
C M White, W M T A Houghton. S D 
.T M Terwilliger, S W J D Watson, J D 
C R Matson, J W S R Pearson, S S 
John O'Neill, Treas S Larson, J S 
C W O'Donnell, Sec J P Ferns, T 

BLANEY, No. 271. 
Edward Cook, W M J P Arnett, Sec 
J Sabyer, S W J H Robinson. S D 

G J Read, J W W J Prall. J D 

B F Chase, Treas J P Ferns, T 

CHICAGO, No. 437. 
Adolph Shire. W M Nathan Hefter. Sec 
Samuel L Ellis, S W Henrv Gelder, S D 
H Hoffman, J W Joseph Stine, S S 
T Goldschmidt, Tr Jacob Ershtine, J S 
H A Neuberger, T 

CLEVELAND, No. 211. 
G F Sinclair, W M Rev H S Perry, Chap 
M McDonald, S W Chas B Wright, S D 
Jno H Witbeck. J W John ANourse, J D 
Wiley M Egan, Tr Fred S James, S S 
GeoK Hazlitt, Sec Simon W Wyatt, J S 
Isaac P Hatfield, T 

COVENANT. No. 526. 
A Warrington, W M Geo W Warvelle, S D 
G B Coffin, S W P W Nelson. J D 
H W Wolseley. J W N N Lindstrom, S S 
Thos E Miller, Treas F M Nelson, J S 
William Kerr, Sec S M Richardson, T 

D A C ASHMAN, No. 686. 
H G Thorn pson.W M G A Douglas, Sec 
J H Frees, S W G W Carzitt, S S 

V T Persons, J W G W Smith, J S 
R J Dauphiney, Tr E Murray. T 
See's P O address, 158 State st. 

D C CREGIER, No. 643. 
H Munsterman.WM Chas S Wheeler, S D 
James Keats. S W Henry C Perkins, J D 
G H Rittmiller. J W John Dennis, S S 
Geo Brinkworth. Tr Alex Osterman, J S 
Thos A B Norris. Sec Edwin Sykes, T 

EVANS, No. 524, Evanston. 
L J Gage, W M G D Morley, Sec 

GMHuntoon, SW M B Iott, S D 
D B Dewey, J W E B Halstrom, J D 
L Lionhardt, Treas J Osborn, T 

GARDEN CITY, No. 141. 
H F Holcomb, W M A Russell, S D 
G McWilliams, S W W Campbell, J D 
H R Burton, J W W Fowrie jr, S S 
J D McLean, Treas C M Stiles, J S 
L L Wadsworth, Sec E D Hanson, T 

GERMANIA, No. 182. 
H Weither, W M G Seidler, Treas 
A Bochman, S W Fred Michael, Sec 
Fred Meyer, J W John Dewald, S D 
Mathews, J D 

GOLDEN RULE, No. 726. 
D Goodman, W M Wm S Jarmin, S D 
J G S Best, S W Isaac Fry, J D 
A E Alexander, J W J Flannigan, S S 
E Loewenthal, Treas H J Trumbull, J S 
J McFadyen, Sec D F Brandon, T 

HARLEM.No. 540, Oak Paek. 
A W Pebbles, W M J S Zimmerman, Sec 
A Vogt, S W Rev Dr Reynolds, C 

C H Coolidge, J W George Butters, S D 
Jos Schlund, Treas F M Ellis, J D 
S T Scales, T 

HESPERIA, No. 411. 
C H Brenan, W M James Smith, S D 
Wm Stewart, S W N E Hill, J D 
W M Brown, J W Robert S Bard, S S 
M D Rapp, Treas Jas W Jeffery, J S 
Chas F Foerster, Sec 

HOME, No. 508. 
E P Tobey, W M R Z Herrick, Sec 
B B W Locke, S W T R Sweezy, S D 
R T Pettengill, J W C C Chandler, J D 
L V Parsons, Treas Isaac Parker, T 

KEYSTONE, No. 639. 
Jos H Dixon, W M H S Anderson, S D 
Morris Pflaum, S W J C Loehr, J D 
O L Eckwell, J W Thomas Harz, S S 
R G Harmon, Treas E J McCarthy, J S 
B F Prince, Sec E A Sittig, T 

John P Mohr, W M George T Eddy, S W 


Illinois Masonic Register. 

Wm F Lothian, J W Louis Moots, J D 
Leroy Grant, Treas F W Whitehouse, S S 
L S Charlotte, Sec Albert Chivil, J S 
R Thibodo, S D S M Richardson, T 

LANDMARK, No. 422. 
W G Purdy, W M Myron Harris, Sec 
J E Chadwick, S W George Lee, S D 
P Daggy, JW W H Launder, J D 

W I Culver, Treas George M Or'om, T 

Thos Cromlish, W M W L Martin, S D 
J F Williams, S W W H Hornaday, J D 
C E Simmons, J W Joseph Brooks. S S 
C Laux, Treas C A Schmidt, J S 

C S G Fuller, Sec Geo Macauley, T 

88 Buffam, W M Fred Busching, S D 

W A Wright, S W 
Henry Piatt, J W 
H G Childs, Treas 
J P Higgins, Sec 

Frank Bowers, J D 
C F L Doerner, S S 
F Rooney, J S 
P Spalding, T 

NATIONAL, No. 596. 
A C Wood, W M W Hitch, S D 
H G Stephens, S W O Cox, J D 
J W Ostrander, J W C B Burch, S S 
A G Lundberg, Sec W Hunt, J S 
A Thielin, Treas J T Matthews, T 

Peter S Miller, W M Richd W Cross, S D 
Delos E Hall, S W Wm Gardner. J D 
W E McHenry, J W John A Lyndon, S S 
A G Burley, Treas A Gossman, J S 
E N Tucker, Sec D F Brandon, T 

PLEIADES, No. 478. 
A D Bascom, W M Win Fenniraore, S W 

Jos E Randall, J W J W Montgomery. JD 

M^Campbell, Treas Mark Elvidge, S S 

O Nickerson, Sec Wm Stewart, J S 

Robt Jenkins, S D Win E Bowers, T 

SOUTH PARK, No. 662. 
Leslie Lewis, W M G H Car 'son, Sec 
S L Underwood, S W W B Webb, S D 
J W Evans, J W T T Yates, J D 
W S Johnson, Treas R Williams, T 

ST. ANDREWS, No. 703, 
R B Roberts, W M ME Smith, J W 
James H Miles, S W E B Myers, Treas 
Charles H Brower, Sec 

William Lowe. W M James Evans, S D 
J E Pettibone, S W E B Mann, J D 
P M Nichols, J W John A Burns, S S 
G C Smith, Treas Jno S Shepherd, J S 
W B Douglas, Sec J P Ferns, T 

UNION PARK, No. 610. 
A D O'Neil, W M WW Bingham, S D 
C O Pratt, S W 
J Beemer, J W 
C Bunge, Treas 
A Cant, Sec 

R Rutherford, J D 
W M Pratt. S S 
D W Campion. J S 
G P Randall, T 

WHEATON, No. 269. Wheaton. 
W H Johnson, W M James Saunders, S D 
Horace Jayne, S W John Kline, J D 
W J Loy, J W Henry M Bender, S S 

H L Wilson, Treas L Tremier, J S 
G H Thrasher. Sec A E Bisbee, T 

I Y Younglove. W M D S O'Connell, J W 
B S Butterworth, S W D W Clark jr, Tr 
Joseph R Dunlap, Sec 


CHICAGO, No, 127. 
G M Holmes, HP FT Croxon, M V 
Delos E Hall, K P G Dodge, M V 
M L Keith jr, S Jacob Young, M V 
J H Bridgeford, C H Wm Aldrich, Treas 
Edgar A Tobey, P S Eli Smith, Sec 
J H Bowers, R A C Isaac Parker, S 

S M Henderson, H P S Kerr, M V 
J A Crawford, K John Lovitt, M V 
A J Dox, S G M Parsons, M V 

A H Robinson, C H Thos E Miller, Treas 
G W Warvelle, PS JO Dickerson, Sec 
Jas Arrold, R A C S M Richardson, S 

DORIC, No. 166, Wheaton. 
E I Hill, HP J Saunders, P S 

F F Loveland, K AH Wiaut, R A C 
C B Field, S H Bradley, M V 

W H Johnson, C H A Campbell, M V 

W J Lay, M V 
L Collar, Treas 

GH Thrasher. Sec 
A E Bisbee, S 

EVANSTON, No. 144, Evanston. 
George O Ide, HP EG Jackson, M V 

Chas C Stratton, K Simons, M V 

L J Gage, S S M Hardy, M V 

G M Huntoon. C H L Lionhardt, Treas 

C Slaymaker, P S Prindle. Sec 

J Humphrey, R A C John Osburn, S 

FAIRVIEW, No. 161. 
D R Crego, HP J II Burns, R A C 
J E Chadwick, K W H Launder, M V 
L Lewis, S W B Webb, M V 

M S Crego, C H W J Graham, M V 

F G DeGolyer, P S G M Odom, S 

D C Cregier, HP W H Reed, S 
R W Dunham, K T T Oviatt, C H 



B S Butterworth. P S E B Bennett, M V 
E Bornemann, M V Geo Laflin, Treas 
Harry Duvall. M V E N Tucker, Sec 
M N Fuller, S 

YORK, No. 148, 
J C Cluett, HP J A Wilkins, K 

H G Purinton, S Guv T Gould. M V 
S G Wilkins, C H W C Bosr, M V 
D A Caehinan, PS J D McKay, M V 
J S White, R A C Alex Blair, Treas 
G W Merrell, Sec 


CHICAGO, No. 4. 
J H Miles, G M AT) Bascom, C 

C C Phillips, DfiMJ O Dickerson, Eec 
W L Barnum.P C W E X Tucker, Treas 
C M White, C G CK Vandercook, S 
M N Fuller, S 

SILOAM. No. 53. 
C T Porter. G M Rev H G Perry, Chap 
E P Hall, D G M IP Hatfield, S 


APOLLO, No. 1. 
E B Myers, EC G M Holmes, S B 

N T Gassette, G Wm H Read, W 
Chas H Brower, C G R Cleveland, C G 
Wm H Potter, S W A F Stevenson, C G 
D C Wallace, J W Jas H Coyne, C G 
R T Pettingill, P R R Trench, M D 
Geo H Laflin, Treas Jas P Brewster. A 
B B W Locke, Rec Moses N Fuller, C G 
John R Dunlop, S B 

CHICAGO, No. 19. 
John McLaren, E C John H Sanborn, G 

Geo R Davis, C G C J Trowbridge, Rec 
H G Perry, P W McDonald, S B 

Alex White, S W Aug H Loomis. S B 
G A Williams, J W Jas S Wheeler, W 
M McDonald, Treas I P Hatfield, C G 

ST. BERN AND, No. 35. 
JJWoodman, EC T E Miller, Treas 

W M Burbank, G 
J S White, C G 
Henry Turner, P 
S I Pope, S W 
C F Maurer, J W 

J O Dickerson, Rec 
W M Dale, S B 
John Gow, S B 
H G Purinton, W 
S M Richardson, C G 


G W Barnard, 33° Com-in-Chief 
H H Pond, 33° First Lieut Com 
John O'Niell. 32 D Second Lieut Com 
A Russell, 32° G Min State 
E P Tobev, 32 3 G Chancellor 
James A T Bird, 32° G Secretary 

j E B Myers. 33° G Treasurer 
! Alexander Wolcott, 32° G A & E 
J M Terwilliger, 32° G Hospitaler 
W King Morris, 32° G M of C 
J H DeLuce, 32° G Cap Guards 
M N Fuller, 32° G Sentinel 





I s 




















































































































































































Madison <& Market Streets, 



— OF 


— (CARPETS,) — 

— AND 






Mammtog Organ. Co. 

206 State Street, Chicago. 

General Western Distributing House for the 


Every Organ fully Warranted for Five Years. 

These Instruments are 
of New Design Case, 
most elegant and latest 
improved Upright Pi- 
ano Form, with heavy 
Carvings and panels of 
Mahogany, French 
Walnut or Hungarian 
Ash, as the purchaser 
may choose. 








Are placed above the bellows, giving a rich quality of tone not found 
in any other Organs; 

Are also within the Swell-Box, thus effectually protecting them from 

The keys &vq pivoted in the middle, giving a piano-like action as well 
as the promptness and touch of the piano. 

Church and Lodge organs a specialty. Price Lists sent free on 

206 State St., Chicago, IU. 

THEO. J. ELMORE, Manager. 





imk% fkU* fkmt ^ufa> 




Pure Seeds for Market Gardening a Specialty. 

Catalogues and Prices upon application. 


Successor to F. J. RUTH, 

The country trade will be supplied as heretofore with the 

Celebrated Square Brand and Solid Meat 


The attention of families is respectfully called to the low prices and 
superior quality of these goods. Orders from church festivals and 
private parties promptly attended to. 




1. luiiiii; Sw & Co., 
Importers^ Jobbers of Drugs, 

52 & 54 LAKE STREET, 


Princes are not much given to Drugs, but 
when they do need them for personal use or in 
the way of trade, they know that they can im- 
plicitly rely upon the 


they will obtain from S. P. of R. S., E. R. Burn- 
ham, 32° of Oriental Sovereign Consistory, con- 
nected with the above firm. 

E. Burnham, Son & Co., 

I T 

52 & 54 LAKE STREET, 

Near mute St. CHICAGO. 

The COURTESIES of the Trade are extended to all 
by this House, 

As is well known to every one who has had dealings with Sir Knight 
E. R. Burnham, of Apollo, No. 1, who for the past twenty years has 
been actively employed therein. 


Has placed this Firm in the Front Bank 

With 'all who participate with them in the Drug Business. 


Manufacturers of and Dealers in 


200, 202, 204 and 206 

Randolph Street, 

Near Fifth Avenue, 

We furnish Designs and Make to Order 

rwrnitiiw fot §<rt>g*s ox ofytx moVtts, 



Safe & Lock Works, 

J. M. TERWILLIGER, Gen. Ag't, 
No. 1S7 Washington Street, 





( ptMsissits flpif tiiats 


Grain, Flour, Seeds, Butter, Egrgs, Cheese, Potatoes, Green 
and Dried Fruits, Hides, Tallow, Lard, &c, 


References by permission : City Nat. B'k, Chicago ; 1st Nat. B'k, Streator, 111. 



Rooms 16 and 17, CHICAGO. 

Architect for the following Buildings, since theFire of 1871: 

Kentucky Block, Grocers Block, Otis Block, Burdick House, Davison Block, 

Andrews Building, Chamber of Commerce at Peoria, and many others. 


E. N. SHEDD & CO., 

Wtoieeal© Flour, 

— AND — 

G-eneral Commission Mebchants, 













Diploma of 


Vienna, 1873. 


At the Industrial Exposition, held this year (1875) in Linz, the Capital of Upper 
Austria, the MASON & HAMLIN CABINET ORGANS have just been awarded the 
GRAND SILVER MEDAL OF HONOR, being the highest award for instruments 
of this class. 

Constantly Exhibited at the Principal Industrial Expositions of 
America, they have always received Highest Compensations. 

The Mason & Hamlin Organ Co. have the pleasure of announcing as now ready, 
several of the most important improvements ever made. The Piano Harp Cabi- 
net Organ is an exquisite combination, the introduction of which marks a new era 
in the manufacture of instruments of this class. The Improved Yoix Celeste is 
an improvement upon previous stops of this name or general character, which must 
delight all who hear it. The Etagere Organ presents an appropriate union at once 
useful and elegant. 

Many New Styles of Organs just introduced, varying from plain to highly 
ornate; embracing a higher degree of excellence than has been before attained in 
instruments of the class. 

The Mason & Hamlin Cabinet Organs are now sold for monthly or quarterly pay- 
ments, or are rented until rent pays for them. 

Illustrated catologue and testimonial circular — documents of great interest to 
all who contemplate purchasing — sent free on application. 



80 and 82 ADAMS ST., 


Importers and Jobbers of Drugs, 

52 & 54 LAKE ST., 

Near State St. 


Fair and every way Reliable House to 
Order your Drugs from, 

rou will find this firm just the one to entrust your mail orders with. 

And at Fair Prices and Terms, 

Vs every R. A. Mason who has dealt with Companion E. R. Burnham, 
of LaFayette Chapter, No. 2, well knows. 






Largest Manufacturers in America 


Lodge, Church, School & Office 



Blue Lodges, Chapters, Coun- 
cils, Commanderies, &c, 

Altars, Kneeling Stools, Set- 
tees, Chairs, Secretary's 
Desks, Pillars (includ- 
ing Globes), Cano- 
pies, &c. 


Send for Illustrated Circulars, 
and Catalogues of each other 
department — School, Church and 


Chicago Ship Chandlery Co., 

Twines, Duck, Naval Stores, &c, 



Lake Street Bridge, 





Crocker;, China, Class Tare, 




XTos. 83 and 85 State Street, 




Manufacturers of and Dealers in 


'■ ""* 


78 * so &$&Mc 8*., 

Xear State. CHICAGO. 



Chromatic Envelope Factory, 


Makes a specialty of manufacturing to order the elegant and tasteful 


— FOR — 

Masonic Lodges, Colleges, Manufacturers 
and all Business Purposes. 






For Lodges and Business Purposes. 

Goods sent by Express, C. 0. D. For Samples, Prices, etc., address 


118 Monroe St., Chicago, 111. 



Star Prtottog talks* 


Lithograph and Copper-Plate Varnishes and Oils, 



68 & 70 W.MONROE ST., 


4 Ton Ha7 or Stock 
Scales, $80. 

All other sizes at a great re- 
duction. All Scales warrant- 
ed. Full particulars upon 
application. Thirty days trial 
with good reference. 

The Templar Manual, 




With all ceremonies appertaining to the Orders of Knighthood; also the Con- 
stitution, Code of Statutes, and Digest of Templar Law adopted by the Grand Encamp- 
ment of K. T. of the United States, together with the Ritual and Forms for 
Constituting Commanderies, Consecrating Asylums, Burial Service. &c, &c. Fif- 
teenth Edition, revised. 
One Volume, 210 pp., price, - - - - $1.00 

Morocco, same, Gilt, " - - - - 2.00 

Mailed free. 

This is the standard Drill Book adopted generally, and in use throughout the 
r nired States. _ 


Ritual of Masonic Service for the Burial of the Dead and Lodge 
of Sorrow. 

By J. B. Sackett, D. D. G. M., of the State of New York. 
Flexible, Muslin Binding, price, post-paid, ----- $1.00 

Sample sent free to Lodges on receipt of 12 cts. for postage. 

E. B. MYERS, Publisher, 
I^aw Bookseller and Importer*, 




And Family Magazine, 

FOE 187G. 

The proprietor of this Magazine, with the view of continuing it as the largest 
aucl best of its class of publications, will furnish it on the following liberal terms : 

CLUB KATES. — Single subscription, for one year in advance, $3.00. Postage to 
be paid by the publisher. 

25 subscriptions, as above, each, $2.40 

2 subscriptions, as above, each, $2.75 

3 " " " " 2.70 
5 " " " " 2.65 
8 " '• " ; - 2.60 

10 " " i; " 2.55 

15 ;i " " " 2.50 

20 ^ « " ' ; 2.45 



In every case the foregoing rates must be net. The whole club need not come 
from one post-office. No other periodical of this class furnishes as much reading 
matter and as manj- illustrations for the price. We hope the friends of this maga- 
zine will take advantage of these rates and get up clubs wherever it is possible. 


JOHN W. BROWN, Publisher, Room 4, 196 and 198 S. 

Clark St., Chicago, or THEO. CXTRRAN, 8 and 9 

College Place, New York City. 


Law and Commercial 



Law & Conveyancing Blanks 


i'atos nnh Wtbimntt& of % feg of fiftiatgo. 

Clark & Monroe Sts., 


S. D. FOSS. M. H, FOSS. 

S. D. FOSS & CO., 
Commission Merchants, 


Rooms 18 and 19. OZHZIC-A-GO. 

J\ Or. Xj J^lSTOr Or TJTH, 

Spectacles and Eye Glasses fitted to any sight. Magic Lanterns, Microscopes, 
Mathematical, Optical and Scientific Instrnments of every description imported 
and manufactured. Send for Catalogue. 


Attorney at Law, 

Room 52, Bryan Block, La Salle St., CZEIIO-A-Q-O. 

S. D. CHILDS, JR., & CO., 

Card & Seal Engravers, 



Masonic Invitation Note Paper and Envelopes, Lodge Seals, Door Plates, "Wedding 
Invitations and Call Cards, &c, &c. 


Importers anil Jobbers of Drugs, 

S2 & $4 LAKE ST., 

Near State St. CHICAGO, 


Notwithstanding they have met many misfortunes since the establish- 
ment of the house in 1830— forty years ago — 


They are a safe house to send OPEN ORDERS to, as they deal on 
THE SQUARE, and send 

Best of G-oods at Bottom Prices 


E. R, BURNHAM is a member of ORIENTAL, No. 33. 







Send stamp for Tool Catalogue. 

5,000 Miscellaneous Cuts in Stock. Electrotypes foe Sale. 


A. ZEESE & CO., 



114 JVIonfoe $tfeet, dl)idago. 

Having the advantage of over twenty-five years of successful experience in our 
business, superintending it personally, and having facilities unequalled by any 
other house, we can, in every instance, safely guarantee the utmost satisfaction in 
regard to quality, price, and prompt execution of any work entrusted to us. 

The best and most reputable Printers and Publishers of 
Chicago and vicinity have their work done by us. 



Masonic, Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias and all other 



'/HF = 

Flags & Banners, 



Jewels, ]Mk$c£, ¥h#, &<*., 

Fringes, Tassels, Eaces, Stars, 
Etc., New York Prices. 



Send for Price List. 





Mill Furnishing Goods and Grain Cleaning Machinery. 



Mill Picks and Dressing a Specialty. 
Office and Factory : 



Ailemannia Fire Ins. Co. 

Equitable in Adjustment 

— AND — 


CASH ASSETS, over $450,000. 

Branch Office for Chicago and Western Department, 


Hopkins & McKnight, 

3VE£txx Avoirs. 





Complete Assortment 




98 STATE ST., N. W. cor. Washington, 

Opposite Field, Leiter «fc Co., 





Send stamp for Tool Catalogue. 
5,000 Miscellaneous Cuts in Stock. Electrotypes for Sale. 


A. ZEESE & CO., 



114 JMoitfoe $ti<eet, dl)idkgo. 

Having the advantage of over twenty-five years of successful experience in our 
business, superintending it personally, and having facilities unequalled by any 
other house, we can, in every instance, safely guarantee the utmost satisfaction in 
regard to quality, price, and prompt execution of any work entrusted to us. 

The best and most reputable Printers and Publishers of 
Chicago and vicinity have their work done by us. 



Masonic, Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias and all other 

waiT^ ***** * t ¥ * u 



Flags & Banners, 



Jewels, ]M¥^, fin$, fcd, 

Fringes, Tassels, Eaces, Stars, 
Etc., New York Prices. 



Send for Price List. 

1850. 1875. 

WM. F. NO YE, 



Mill Furnishing Goods and Grain Cleaning Machinery. 



Mill Picks and Dressing a Specialty. 
Office and Factory : 







GHIOA&O, I1.E*. 






General Commission Merchant 

13 Market St., Chicago, III. 

Cash Advances on Consignments when required. Returns made 
Twice each Week and Promptly. 

P. M. ALMINI & CO., 

Importers of and Dealers in 

Artists' Materials, 

Architects' Supplies & Wax Flower Goods. 

Wo. 246 State Street, 

P. M. ALMTNI. /"-NT 1 |-/""N A /-"H /—N 

c a. bourne. Q^Jrd_J_wj^_CjxQ_/- 

Commission Merchants, 


i E0 H e b a G k°b° e c r h - CMICA GO. 


171 s. tzxmMmmi street, 





Upholstery Goods. 

Successors to E. G. L. Faxon & Co., 

229 and 231 State Street, 




22, 24 & 26 MARKET STREET, 


We invite the attention of the Trade to our large and carefully selected 
Stock of 

Drugs, Medicines, Dye Stuffs, 

Paints, Patent Medicines, Etc. 



Special Attention given to 



Manufacturer of and Dealer in 

Masonic, Odd Fellow, 




Church and Society Goods, 

Jewels, Working Tools, 

JBaMot JBocces 9 Charts, Diplomas, $c* 

Bullion Embroidery a Specialty. 

IcYicfceip's I 


Reed's Temple of Music, 

do* Vkq Sufen kqd ©ekffeofq $tfeet^, 



New Styles, New Improvements.— Tone Powerful, Sweet and Sympathetic.— Un- 
surpassed for Durability.— Warranted to Stand in Tune. — Written 
guarantee accompanies each Piano. 


$30 per month, remainder at end of one year. 
$100 cash, and $50 per month until paid for. 
$200 " " $25 " " « 

Haines Brothers' Pianos. 

Rich Rosewood Cases. — Stand in Tune Splendidly.— Easy Action. — Full, Round, 
Deep Tone, very Sweet and Clear. — Warranted Durable. 


$15 per month, remainder at end of one year. 

25 " until piano is paid for. 

50 cash, and $20 per month, until piano is paid for. 
100 « " 15 " " " 


Sweetest Quality of Tone. — New and Important Improvements. — Simplicity of 

Construction. — Least liable to get out of Order. — Easiest Action for 

Quick Music— Newest Style of Case.— Every Organ Warranted. 


$10 per month, remainder at the end of one year. 
$25 cash, remainder $10 per month until paid for. 
$50 cash, and $50 every three months until paid for. 
Half cash, remainder at the end of one year. 

Prices Very Low for the duality of the Instruments. 

Catalogues and Price Lists sent free. 


222 Wabash Avenue? 


Importers, Manufacturers and Dealers in 



Parlor, Chamber, Library and Dining Room Furniture, 




Music Portfolios, Easels, Pedestals, Jardineers, 

Which we are offering at the Lowest Market Prices. 


No Trouble to Show Goods, 


GLENNOY & BEE, Proprietors, 
56, 58 and 60 PULTON STREET, 

Bet. Clinton and Jefferson Sts., 
Near the Shot Tower. 02BS0«&Q0» S&ls 



Lard Tanks, and Coolers of every description, made to order. 


Repairing Promptly Attended to at Reasonable Rates, 

J; BEE NN0N '} tactical Boiler Makers. 

Devine's Steam Boiler Work; 

Manufacture all kinds of 

Marine, Locomotive and Tubular 



Repairing 1 Promptly Attended to. 

§&, m # 99 W. ^@MM S3 9 ., wm&m @&w&& &&., 

New and Second-Hand Boilers Always on Hand and for Sale. 









Prices Given on Application. 


To Provide for their Families. 

8385,597.54. | March 9th, 1871. | 839,079.40. 

Illinois Masons' Jcnebolent 


Object.— To afford financial aid to the widows and orphans of deceased members. 
Membership.— Applicants for membership shall be Affiliated Master Masons, resi- 
dents of the State of Illinois, and between 21 and 60 years of age (they may, how- 
ever, be affiliated with a Lodge in any other jurisdiction). Members are not 
required to remain affiliated, nor are they restricted as to occupation, residence 
or travel. 
Fee for membership. Six Dollars. 
Divisions— The Society has four divisions: First, 5,000; Second, 3,500; Third, 

2,500; Fourth, 1,500 members. 
Classification.— Members in each division are classed according to age, viz: 21 to 

30, 31 to 40, 41 to 50, 51 to 60, inclusive. 
Benefits in any division are based upon the number of members at the date 
of the death of a member, and the surviving members of the division to 
which deceased belonoed are assessed 90c, 95c, $1.15, $1.80, according to 
class. For those who fail to pay such assessment recourse is had to surplus to 
make up such deficiency. Each division is independent of the others. Applicants 
can join any or all divisions— fee same in each, or $24 for all the divisions. 
The Society is now established on a firm and lasting basis, and in a highly pros- 
perous condition. Its membership now numbers near 5,000. 

Has paid benefits to families of NINETY-SEVEN deceased 
members, amounting: to $385,597.54, an average of over $4,000 
to each. Its surplus is $39,079.40. 

A portion of this surplus is invested at interest, which, with prudent and careful 
management is continually augmenting, thus affording its members protection and 
security in case of emergency. The ratio of.expenses to income, it will be seen by 
reference to last annual report, were but 8 per cent., 82 per cent, paid in benefits and 
10 per cent, added to surplus. The rate^pf mortality is low, even lower than the ex- 
perience as given in mortality tables, hence we may justly claim this society affords 
its members their insurance at th ..'lowest possible cost, and is the cheapest and best 
mode to be found. Whatever surplus accrues after benefits, and the necessary ex- 
penses in conducting the busin ess are paid, belongs exclusively to the members. 
Monthly Statements in detail, showing the receipts and disbursements, are 
sent each member, by means of which they are kept fully advised in respect to all 
the transactions of the Society. Each member has a voice in the choice of Directors 
and Officers, as well as all matters pertaining to the business of the Society. 

Great care is exercised in the admission of members, hence the new members and 
lapses maintain an average age, and rate of mortality. 

The Directors and Officers are sensible of their responsibility *jmd nature of the 
trusts committed to their care, and will faithfully endeavor to maintain, during their 
official terms, the eminent position the Society has attained. 

The Society has resident agents in nearly every town in Illinois, to whom application 
may be made for information or membership, and the same will be cheerfully and 
promptly furnished upon application to the Secretary at home office. 

Board of Directors. 

Bro. Jas. A. Hawley, Dixon, P. G. M.I11. 
Bro. Geo. E. Lounsbury, Cairo, G. M. 111. 
Bro. J. H. Calkins, Mayor, Galesburg. 
Bro. J. F. Nash, Cashier, First National 

Bank, Ottawa. 
Bro. Jacob Krohn, Mayor. Freeport. 
Bro. A. A. Glenn, Mt. Sterling, Lieut. - 

Gov. of 111. 
Bro. S. E. Seger, Quincy, Wh. Grocer. 
Bro. A. H. Robinson, Chicago, W. M. 

Killwinning Lodge. 
Bro. De Witt C. Cregier, Chicago, Past 

Gr. Master, 111. 


Bro. DeWitt C. Cregier, President. 
Bro. James A. Hawley, Vice-President. 
Bro. Geo. H. Sampson, Princeton, Sec. 
Bro. R. B. Foster, Princeton, Treasurer. 
Bro. J. F. Thomas, M. D., Princeton, 

Medical Examiner. 
Bro. H. M. Trimble, Princeton, Counl'r. 
Bro. W. J. A. DeLANCEY, Gen'l Agent. 

GEO. H. SAMPSON, Sec'y, 














Printing, Stationery, 


c. E. FOSS. 





Commission Merchants, 


Room 15. Chicago. 


Fire, Life & Accident Insurance, 

147 XjA. S-AXjIjIE ST., 


I. Neuberger. Philipp Benz. 




Consignments Solicited. Highest Market Prices. Prompt Returns. 



Seals, Steel !c Brass Stamps, 

Burning Brands, Door Plates, &c. 
Wholesale Dealer in 

Stencils, Tools and Stock. 
38 Clark St., Chicago. 



Chicago and San Francisco 

Electrotyping & Stereotyping. 


Is done by the Plaster or Stucco process, which has been found to 
be superior to any other in use, and our long experience enables us 
to turn out Work QUICKER and BETTER than any similar estab- 
lishment in the United States. 


Branch of our Foundry is SECOND TO NONE, either East or West, 
and for the Quality of the Work refer to thousands of Printers who 
can bear testimony to its superiority. 


For JOBBING and PAMPHLET WORK sent upon application. 

Contracts made for Book Work, including Composition, 


ALL WORK guaranteed as FIRST CLASS. 





Improved Metal Corner 



59 STATE ST, Cor, Mandoiph, 

a? h: e 


Simplest, Best, and Cheapest 



Cash Price, $40. 


It would be a cheap and useful Holiday 
Present for anyone. 

Sales Rcom:-141 STATE ST., Chicago. 

(Second Floor.) 

Johnson, Clark & Co., 



American Educational Readers 

Complete in Five Books. 
The Cheapest. 

The Most Durable. 

The Most Beautiful. 

The Best Graded, and 



fi4 pag 

Retail pi 

S "W 1 I£T T O IT. 

"The most remarkable School Books of the present day." 



For Intermediate Classes in Graded Schools, . . Retail, Price. 80 cents. 


For Grammar School Classes and for District Schools. Retail Price. $1.25 


For High School and College classes, . . . Retail Price, $3,00 


" Founded on Common Sense." 


A Spelling Rook for Primary Classes. 

A Speller for Advanced (lasses. 

A Rook of Word Studies for Grammar and High Schools, Retail Price 40 cents. 


'•A New Era in Geographical Teaching." 

A Complete Shorter Course. ..... Retail Price, $1.20 


Physical andlndustrial.with Special Geography for each state. Retail Price. $>.00 

Retail Price, 20 cents. 
Retail Price. 25 cents. 


"A complete course in Oral and- Wrritten Arithmetic in Two Books. 



168 pages. Price. 50 cents. 
508 "• •' $1.40 

Specimen copies to teacheks or school officers for examination with a view- 
to introduction, mailed on receiptor" one-half the retail price. 
The usual discount for first introduction. Address. 



133 <fc 135 State St., Chicago. 



027 292 517 3