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Full text of "The Gentleman's magazine"


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T^^^F; 'K -~ 7 . - -^ \^^^^^^^HHH 


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■"—^— ------ 


** Sir -^ih^s (i^ CVflwr" _ 



Genl/e/nans Mamsme 

Volume CCXLI. 




EdiuJ h SYLVANUS URDAN, Gmfkmof^ 






By JAWI» Mew 319 

By W. Ctiu.rrr.SAMURU 57 

OtaritfSuttice. IW |>I7TT0N CCOK 6ai 

pMdw^d, Iht Ctoe cJ LonL By Afltkur Arnold . . do6 

hod^Ttic tteind Abuicor By RiCHAJiii A- PsocTOft , > aiz 

Snoii of Lcfc^ Thev By AHunvw WileiW, Fh.D, . - S4i 

■dllU,OxL B}' AXJIREW \VJU<P7<. Pit-D J3I 

roriiMrV, C<il£jcM-l, I'-iprwliiirm tt^ fEif Upper Nile Rr^nnfi, By 

FUDBSKC A. Edwards 197 

>«b ud oilier Apn, Tbtf. fiy Richaku A, PftocroR . . 411 

blbdn, Huu, at hi3 F.aad. Ity Ctukles I'ebody ... 364 
l4r>ce. A Qiuuid from. By AUktin DouftOEf : 

EximBum TkniufL (Roridcftu) 61S 

iVnico* Odi, LTriokL) 61S 

Xtes HiDDulvo^ (Rondvl) 619 

Tu DC Qii-nirri^ {VHliinHIr) , . . , ^ . , 619 

[jtfbr» " l^cxto' for Chiidwn,'' Discovery ol by K. H. SHrmtni] 1 1 j 

J ric^ami ib, By rKi£i>hKi(jK A. Cljwakus. , . . . 4^3 
dte MikUthrepe- DyJir^lH McCamtuy; 

CbapL XIX. Mr, SL P4urs My^icry I 

XX. V^vo and EI«:tioTLWTtn|c , • • . , 11 

XKl. An Episode . . ..... 19 

XXII. Mr. Shtppard^B Offer ©fSurtcnckr. » , ,139 

XXIII- " MiKhit/, tbou nn nfooi*' 140 

xxfv. All tht Ti/nli at crn^e 150 

XXV. Victor— Propositi? 357 

XXVI. '* Uink^^ love's irrcr|MTlpr" . . , ' . aCj 

Xxvii. "Wnstvcf womnnin thri humour wftoed J* . . 274 

xxvm. Ttic Member for Kecion 38J 

axix. A t^ungc HI lite P.irk . , ^ , . . ^9^ 

XXX, " LcAn'dher breast uptilJ a Ihom" . . 405 

XXXI. " Aud even for love^viH bury love m caflh" . - 51 J 

X3LXIL Leftl*>nel> . , . - - ■ ■ 5^3 

xxxUL The Man i^ithout a Grievance . . . . jjo 

XXXIV. ** He wrung B^sanio's hand, ^nd so they p«irted " 641 

XXXV. A ijpnem] Btcakjng-up ^ . . . . . '>4S 
ZXXn. ''WliOTC [rtidbonn. thercsFinn I end" . . ^6l 




'Mr. Dumas //f ind Daniel Deranda— Dmners at 
I— Lives nf AtJors — Strange pTa^er.s—Pri?e- fighting 
■baltinE— Tcnnysonian Coincidences— bmollctt and Sit 
!icDU — Horsps in war-dme - . . ^ . . 755 

,0n someMarvelsin.— [1. By RitHABD A. PROCTOR 
By JfcHE.s Mf.w . , , . 

Taimania. By Red-Spjwer 


m in Europe, A Foirgotten, By Kari 
By Mark Hebon . 
i,.\. By H. R. H. 




iSTHATioys TO "Afjss misanthrope: 

Bv Arthur Hopkins. 

\.\%'Z Corinne" FroHtispieci 

ION ._,-..- hifecepagt 153 

HARRV WE?". „ iSo 



rc AWAV „ 641 


TWO evtiVU occiinin|{ altnoi^l logcthci alTccird i flood deal bOin« 
of tliif people of thin siory. 'I'lii^ firat wa« ifir iJcvtIi uf Mn. 

Mtu Crry *a* at OdcP invJJod by the lawjf « whrt the chirgc 
of her l^hcrH :if&iir« li» viiil Koftan, m nidpr to Ijccoirtf fitlly ac- 
quunWS Willi lhercw<li«pciiirii>n ofihrngs in vhich hKc Jijidhomuch 
iniQcst TVrtHpon Mr. Money amiouflcctl that, an MunOrrybjid 
&0 rdy dOM friend to look rtfirr lifr imcrcMs, he win rcsoKcd K> 
poi hittuvlf in Ihc j^bux of A ;>0Tcr>t or mn>v near rcifiiion, and go 
with her and see thai all her tntcrf^t^ wcnz projvrly carrfd lor. 
Utnob wuumhlling (4 put him fo ^o mueh Irotibk and lo-i'i oft^m?, 
«e1l Inowtn^ how ab40rl>cd in buninosi hf:-n-;i^ ; Enit he net nH her 
rniouiEaficca »i'lc with blimtt good'b\iniourcd kindnrnf. 

" Lucy is eoming with uC he nid, " if you flon't Ihink htr in 
ihc way; n mighi be pleasant for you to have a companion." 

** E ^uld so mudi like lo go with NoTel," jilcfldcd Lucy. 

''Oh, I ahall be ddi^'hiLid if Lul^ wiU go," Minola said, not well 
hnov^ng hovr xo put into words her khhc of all their kindncA». It 
was really a great r^jlief to her to have Uic/a companionship in such 
a vtnL Man- Blanche! did not Ukc to go back even for a few days 
to Keeton. The jvjctcM objected to seeing ever again the place 
vfacfe fthe ooruddercd that art and she >iad been degraded by hur 
ttniciuJe in the Court-boTib^. ^o the conditions of the visit were 

VuC.CCXll.TCO tyja 9 


Th£ G^rttUvia^'s Magasine. 




Bitt there arose siiddmly lom^ nnv rroofSvtiont which MitioIa hod 
never ciptrtt'd, ITic long-iookcd'fbr mcancy ai Icnt-th 0['<^1TT«1 in 
tJif rqireftcntalion of K^ton. The siniBg mcmlner announced hi) 
dflCTmination to resign hi^ waH n« fiiKm :ii the nfcnuT^r amngc< 
xn4?nt7 Ibr stich a step roiild |^^? put into effect. It *<ii5 iroi^>omt irt lluf 
Vietof Hcnon should lore no rime in throwing himwtf upon the 
vftcAiit borough. Mt, Money anH T^tieyrflrtled op to Minrjk'i i!oof 
one morning hrcathlcs* with ihc nrwii, l-nejp'» cyra were positively 
dnnciri^ >viTh c^cilrtncnt and ildight. 

" It »crm« lo me llui Ihrrrc's going tc be A rcgiitar invAiicm <if 
yonr boroiigh, MiM nrcy," Mr, Money said- "We're all (;oin^ In 
l)e there. Yo« wc that yon »rt iindcf no tiiAnriCT of obligation lo 
me. I m\i*A have gone down in Kceton in any case ; \i'^ otit of th« 
lucky things that don't often bctjll a busy man Ufcc me lo be aWe to 
till the two bifdswjth the one stone J must take care of our friend 
Hcfon .HM xfiiW as of you. He would be doing some ridiVulou* tTnry 
if there were no elder to look after him, lie i* a* innocent of the 
dodgn of an English election ss you are of the yrtcyn of English 
lawyers. So we'll be aU together ; that will be very plea«nt- Of 
counc we'll not inierfcre will-) you— you shall be ju*l a* quiet as you 
like while wc atc doing our electioneering." 

^Vhateouid Minoln say Again r« all fhisnrrangcment^whiriiiieemM 
50 Mrfjrfactaty ond so ^olighJfiU to her fncnds ? \l wa.^ not plcMAani 
for h^^ to be brought Ihu^ into a sort of <:ompamon:*hip with Vittor 
Heron, Hut it ivovild be far 1cm jplcASfluu ii would indeed lie in* 
tolcmblc and not to be thought of, Ihiil she should in Any wAy miic 
an oljjcciion or maku a diifituky whirh nii^ht hint of the foclm^ 
that pos&esMid her. 

"After all, what does it mAtlcT?" she asked hewdf as Mr 
Money wa^ si>e^king. " 1 shAll have to sufiet this kind of thing in 
some WAV for half my life, I iiippose- It ie no one'* lauU but wy 
own. Why ihould 1 disturb the arrLtngement? of ihpic kind people 
because ofimy wcoknCHj^s of mine > If women will be foolsnat \£^M. 
they ought Co' try To hide their foJIy. Thi« i» as good praeiiec for mt 
fls 1 cfiuW have." 

So she told Mr, Money and I^icy thnt any nrmngrment thu 
suited them would suit her, nnd tliAl she would be reAdy to p> the 
moment he gave the word. Then .Mr. Muney h.isiencd jway to look 
afitr other IhingHj and Lucy remained licliind "Mo W-\\' Nola ndh 
h(T preparation^' n^ 9^>e tnAi^Ecd on putting it, Lmt pjtMly, ,is Mmola 
fdt only iDo sutc, to ta^k wiih her alK» Victor Hcrixi, 

Since Heron had oflered her tiisndvicein thcl^ark^andshehadpot 


Afiis Misanihropi. 


ttolji uul he hfld onlj iH-cc once <w m[rc, Tlim he had 
xHc rir»t lime of ihcirmodmi,', lo rcn-.^ hia Apolc>^i», anri 
pat th^m lifc'htl^- iin^jr, &« she already hail clom' Iht- idvice, 
ImiI piecn him t» undcntand th«t hhc wi»ho(l lo hear no aaorc of 
She had hi^icd Ihtt by UMming a manner of iniliircr< 
CNDcahfmi^t lead him to for;gcc Ihc nrhok' Uot he did not 
tadamid her. and really 1>clict^ tlut he had IubI her [neiubhip 
ftf mcr by tbc tnanntr tn wFijdi he had upokiiii a^in^ Herbert 
'ttvkL He was iTOuhlL^l for b^ mtich more thtn for hiniscIC 
kktti( or ttt leaat feriof. thai she hnd ^^t her heon on a man 
VMfrf ol her. He l;qii avaf ^'rn her thcrdbrc, ovruming that 
hb wodf wtiA no lon^ wdcomcp and rcnolutc noi to inirude 

Umb h»d hoped ihu the wont wo^ mer. and that hi- 4uid s^he 
wc ftdf lo settle gndiully rind uminticcd ■>)' oUil^ into o con- 
IMt«tf ordinMy ftcqiuinianccthip. I'hxi mcIaniiictW hope, lo hcrr 
MOdneccssity in xist^Mt b»t yet ihc hc^^ hope nhc roiild licc now 
ttlrher, WAS Ukdy to be duOUfbod for a white by ihn iti-oainicil 

^[iiolx was btify nuLlcin^ her prcparAiion^ for goin^ to Kectoii, 
OAnth A very Kc^i>y hcsin. >^vcryiUin|; .-iboirl the W^ii waa uiijw 
^Hrturing to her. 'l1ic occasion wah inoiu-DfLi] ; ^Hl- t[n:adt:d lun^ 
iftlind ^»eus«iOfn with Mr S*ulBbury ; ilie drciidcd iticctini^ old 
li[^attLAces i& Kteton ; s^e ihruik from the rc^puoaibHiUr^a of 
«iMB kuidii that seemed to be thni^ upon her. When ahe leA 
bctoa »hr tboM^t ahc h&d done wiUi il for ever ^Micre woi the 
frnlikiheTi^itTTangcdfbr her^ir? i^oihing seemed to tumoul au 
4t bkd cxpeacd. 

Ilc»i«1iilc Moiy Blanchctfiml I^ucy Money were hodi dk'li^htcd. 
ni(A0kdrdilfcfentvivya,at the prospect of Mtnol.Vs visit to Kccton, 
VitXf uw bcT Urider nnd pMroncM come back rich, and rcftdy (o be 
^um^ibcd a£>d to coiiTcr distinction. lAiry Money had the pro- 
^iGct of vanciy, of & holiday with Minola whom she lo%'cdp a^d of 
bat^yay often in the tocictj' of Victor Hi^ron. Minob wa&, Lfany' 
A^ Bade oddttiooaJly sid by the thought that it woa not In her 
I iMvr lo ^ktre their fedin^ and the fear that ahe mij^ht sccn^ r^ 
B VB bknket seentiim&t on their happin&!£^ 

I Lbcy bad bccti with h^r vM the momine. helping her with Mary 
^wkt peqMntionH J:ir Ihr joiimrj'. MinoU v/ws -k.i whirn it wiifi 
I Wid that tocac things were wanting, and I ,iiry nnd Mnry olTcred lo 
t9«m ud bsy them m Oxford Street. 

UbaUwas enjoying the sfnnc of being nlonr, nnd irifi, at tlic 



Thi GfHtifmtatii itagazimf. 

liu^M3ttljAamB^h<rvtf<)f«Mti of fi^eiiasUp because &h£ 
rn^orrd fi, vrfkcn 1 c«n! vai broqgbt to bn, aad »be «M lold tluu ihf 
^Ritlcmftti ttid he iii&i«cl to ipcsk to bcr. if «bc pawned. " r«thcr 
ForbnlXE.' Tbc oniirjsEhJior Mr $1 Pud. He )>^ oev^ vniied 
Minob bdOTCi i>ov wa« tbc rvcn ivm thai ke knew tttkrre die tiwcL 
Sbe vu inprtirid, bcsi thr Uad not kao^of lar nnson whjBhemaebt 
not ftce him. i^ hasCrncd dovn to hrr suiag-fooia, md ibcrc fihe 
foondUrSt I'l^^phidfocxndMtBluidKt oncrbdbrc Mr. 
SL Pdiri kkokfd even a smnger figopc in bcr roooi thu Mr, Bbndui 
httiit dooct Lhc thoQ^ Mc «vtnc<l ^ tco LiH fiar the plBc«« and 
h»d ft hcodlcu, lou^iing, hail-xwacgcnng way, vhkfa apfiuervd as if 
it woe c«Bpo«ndcd oT dte old buaqvt of the canky ikui 4Im1 the 
newer hib«t« of tW Wc«iem hunter. Nothing, hoveva, coiiM hate 
been aiCR euy, covtluJmC and BeV-f>oaanaed thaa liw «ay in vhtpdi 
be csme fonrvd lu greet Umob. If be had beeo insiung ber cvoy 
day for a niooth before, he covld x>ot hare been cnocv friendly m± at 

'^ How d'ye do. Mid Grey? Jiut in time torn you, I tuppoac^ 
before jQQ go^ I've been down to Keeloo jiready. J'^ gcinf 
down i^aa — I nvon to nvkc my iuri there «oinchi>ir * 

Minola ibott^hE, viih a ccruin hftl&anued, htttabtthed feeing 
of the renuiks tlio lixl heaiU cooccraiaK henetf umI Hr. Sl Pud, 
but die did no4 dko* any enal&mssneDt in bcr manoer* Jndcedt Hr, 
Sl FjuI WAV not a pervjn to allow aiiy one to 6ed owck enbamn" 
meni in dls prcvcncc He vos euinel}- e^i^, sdr^nliified, flfld miaf- 
fcctcdt and be had Ji w;iy of pouring out his oonSdences at thoijgh be 
had known Minob bom her birth ufnranJs- 

" I hope >'ou fuund a pleasant Tt:<epuon theic/' 

** V«ft, vrdl enou^ for that matter. 1 find iiiy brother and hi* 
wife are not anything liki; ko populax iu I vnu given to undcrtcand 
iKu they ••urtit, 1 tow my brother in London — didn't 1 tetl you?— 
I»cf0f c I weni down to Kectcm, you kno^/' 

" Xo» t di>^ not know (hat you had locn hlm^ I bope be wuglAd 
to»ee>'Ou, Mr.SL Paul?" 

" Not he I I dare say he w^^ vrri^ sotry T fuidn't bwn vjped out 
by the Induni. 1)0 you know whiitbvtn^' wipvdout akMU?" 

" Yd, I think 1 could gueo that much. J suppose it inctn« 
bang lulled?" 

*' Of cour^. ] mean to (fft^h you alt the dang of the W««t ; I 
think a nice ^t-E nev^ looks «o nice a.« when she is talking good ex* 
|>rc»ivc falang. Out Ithti^h slang ii ail unmeaning 4CutT; you know ; 
only consist; in caUing a ihing by some short vulgar vord^^r ^me 

Aiiss Mhafithrope. 5 

t»V md ikO(b|KFUfl worO, the fu [1 btm^ iii tJi? pomp<>u»ncs( ; but the 
K^mcn ilii«s lis BOtt uf iikltirc-wnlinuj dun't ywi know?— a kind of 
UuipCMid meuphor, arnu^t^iin^ \\\t puri-utci of ^in intcllvctud pcm- 
■ioD Of tlarttui Dti you kijowwliai dn*« [hingi arc, MiisOrcy^" 

"Oik, fc« : cotnpTctsud meati of some kind* 1 sirpiKMiC. Uiit J 
dcD^ ikaik T ore ibout tloiiii ycT> much," 

* Vou msy be icLir« you ulU wht^n you ^ci <rvt;r ifiu defects of your 
Ktdoa briD(iri)£-upp Hui what uLth I kole^i: Io u-ll you? Lcl mc 
itr. Ob. r«a, About my brulh'.^ ;iiid hie wifo. The hoiicil Kcclon 
Uka lecia t« hai<e foigoiu-u thi-iii, Bui I wju tpi^uig, too, n^oui 
By goang lo sec my brother in town. Oh, yes, I went io sl^c him ; 
U dkla'i vnnt okc. and he made no boTieK ibout letiing nic know (t. 
Keitaiakt I hjivc dugnoed ihc family; it wjta quite like che^enc 
vOkepl^-^vhoK! phy \t il? — I rim «urt; J don't remember — vhcrc 
Uvd Foppifigton't brother eocs eo kcc hini. and i« uken «o coolly. 
I luvm't rend ihc play for more yeami th^in you have tf^od in tbe 
wdd, 1 djkfc «ay, t)[ii ]i all came bock upon mc in .1 moni(;nL I felt 
tt» «)^f: 'Good-bye, FopjMngic-Tj,' only tli:il he wowld never have 
aiiMood thtt illusion, Ami ^uuld think I mciirti lo «u^ he avu n 
*ii9i which he a not, bten hinv" 

'^Ika jnonr innit did not bring you any nearer to a recondliotlon 
«Hljoar brother? " 

*X« a bit w" it— pushed ut fwihcr atundcr, I thinJc- The od^t 
aiai«M ih^t t told bitn I wixmed niching Irom him, nnd thni I 
W nukde money enough for mytelf in the West, Vou would h:ivc 
iM^ thai wonld have feccbud him, wouldn't you ? Xoi \\\t Ici^l 
Utt^l ^ve you n^ word." And Mr St. Vnul Uughcd good- 
^MOitdly %\ the idea. 

*I IB fiotty to hc3t ir/ said Mino]d. " ! think ihcrc Arc <.iuam:ls 
■Atfitci cnongh in the ^rojld, withovii brothers joining in with ^11 

'Ead funn, icn^l it<— don't you Eiimk? liui 1 don't suppose in 
^ 01 hroihera and ti^tterv ^i^ do care mucEi for t^ach other — 
^ yon IhiDk ihey do ? 1 haven't known any such cafes ; have 

UinoU could not contribute much from her own family history to 
imcwiaie the affection ond dcvoiion of brothers ; but she bnd no 
to cf agreeing in ihe n^ih of Mr. St^ VstM.V& ^'hibsophic rcflectionv, 

' 1 bctievc whai you say la iiuc enough aa regnrdi: ihe broihen, 
^ I an'i ftdmSt it of tht si^tt^n." 

TooA iKtr, }09dtrat n-Mfy bcHcvc ih^t actmt::\\c, I know" 


Thf Gtntkman's fildgazine. 

'^ Bdievc what nornmic ? That lintcn may be fond oT ihar 
htitlhtn sometime* ? ° 

"No, I doii'i mean Ihci j but Ihac there is AnytiMl diffcreticc 
t'clwcm men ahJ ivomcn in Tlieir wi^ys — iTmt men ucoll bkul ^nd 
wLifiieit 14IT yoEiU, Atiii ili^r hort of thin^ One's At Imt aft xhnr olfiti, 
Miw Crcj-, Wli^n you hyv<: iikrcd ns Inn^ rn (he world ait I hivt, 
you'U find it| 1 Iv^l you. ItuL T don'c find much f^ult with either 
lot. I ihmk ibcy arc both rtghi enough ali thing* conibidcmi, don't 
ytflx koow." 

"I am vm Maxy Bbnchel b devoted to hex brothec" Mva Geo/ 

*'Th£[t litile old maid? Wdl, now, do yoii knoW| I khotitdn't 
wonder Thnt'* juM the u^rt vif ivojiun u> bir devoted 10 a brolheii 
nnd, of couTftc, he doeiin't cure Iwupcncv Ahoni her." 

" Oh, for hliftuic 1 " siid Minolit, not, however, feeling quili; s4lj*- 
ficd *hiiiU the slren(ilh of Herbert Blandiei's a/TftUon fur Iiih *tiiLc«, 
even while Khe feJt bound, for MiLty's biike* lo uUer her pcvtevl agjiii»t 
hi« IkIn^ stl down an wholly undcsdving. 

« But, 1 uy," Mr- St Faul -observed, '* what a Ibol he » f I dotft 
think J cvcc *aw ;i more conceited cad and idit>t." 

" He ]* a veiy p^tieuUc Itivad of mine, Mr. St. Paul," MUa G«y 
began. •' At least, his sinter b one of my oldest fiicndsn" 

" Ves, yes ; ju&l £□, The good old spin&tei i% a fticnd of yotin, 
yoii tiy to like ihi; cad-hrother on tier Jittouiit, All t^uitc nghi, 
coursf. I sUcmld say lie taa* just llit- sort of tellow lo lionow lh« 
|ioor old \^»y^ nioneyt if the hjtd any." 

'^Oh, Mary liJb Lio money, ;xnd I :^m sure, if hhch^, the Would bt 
ouly (O^ j^^l !<' )^^^ ^1^ ^u hinir" 

*' Very likely ; anyhow, lnj i*ou!d be only ii>o ^lad to lake it, you 
may be suiCh BuE I donU iv^nl to bay ooyihin^ a^AinsL youi fijendv, 
Miss Grey, if you don't like ilr Only women generally du like ii, you 
know — aJid then, you may say anything you plea»e, in your Inm, 
a^^intit any o( my fficjids 01 lelaLLves. I shui'l be oifended one bit, 
I dkii n^mc you." 

Miiii:ihL had nothing lo ^^y^ ;xnd iliercfure suid i^oihing. Her IKW 
acquaintance did DOI allow nny siknte to spnn^ up, 

" Talking of fnvnds," he said, '* thetv is one of your iViends who 
poUtely dedinejs nny hcl|jiuy hand of mine in the election busine*s at 
Kceion. although 1 think I could do him a goud turn with some of 
the fellows who ore out of humuur widi my brother. Our (|uuotic 
young mend viW h.tve none of the help of hrothci^ who qiwrrel with 
ir/vi/jff/Sf it *eema, Etxsy to sec Ihai ht vievet liid b. biother," 

Mi^ MisttHiirc^ 

^Mt Utsun it I min of wry «cil9Iiv<^ catiire^ I bdieve," Minola 
md: "bt vill noc do onjFthiDg Uuu he daes nm tliink ciactly nfth^i 
Ut UG0t7 uyi.^ - 

" Yet, ia I hcflT. Odd, i« it n<M ? licroQ always wj* a. con- 
iMckd >«<(ms tool, you know. He got kiw aII his ilif^kuliic-t liy 
Utiiefing jJkhii ihingi ehAl Di^tn'l in Iiaic tianci^nicd hiw one a-d 
4X Well, he woo\ have ruy diuntcreircd it;.* ]&T;in(:r- ^i brrr dgiun 
l^aAftool, lov I cciuLd have done ^offnciliing Tor him, and Mooty 
k&o*^ it— ir WX4 |urt]y on Ma*\ey'\ .^cr.otini (liat f llioiighi of takiuig 
i^tidW't ndc or Xbt atUif, l>r<-j|i<ir, fo fjf ak I im conccrnrd, 
llfbody vb« woLild do mit jmt a well »l» toag at lie <jpputnl nay 
"mjKha^ wan," 

' I cm quilc uodmuiid Ihnt Mr. Heron woubl not Allovr hini-vlf 
kibr BUdc ft mere in^tiumcnt to wofk out yuuf qtihrrcl witli ^i/iit 
bnxkct- i think he w^ quite iix^^l** 

The xood-ktimriiirod tst- Paiil Ihiik^ii^- 

■ AH »tfT finct Mi« titry, iiJid it du« fo( » lady uotommunly 
«cI,Eipdout>l;Uii ifyciu tout to^ imu firliaiairmH it v^n't d^ lo 
kfjilt so tqveoctibh, I am vmi I vhould be only :oo hA]>ii/ to i^ct 
^bdporCftind^iuiAUJw At>cl«4E^iimiCain, tf 1 could, in inch 

" }tot£ men would, 1 due tay," Mint^ »ifcA*urinl, with Hi much 
«*iiiry fts tko cookl auumc vadcr the posaibfc pun^dEy of Mr. Sl 
FvTt boghter. ''But I um gLid dm ihtte ans ^ums msn, ot itiu 
^mt'miMke man. at ItinsU wEiu ihrnks Lhi^rv ib t;ouie object !□ Ufc 
^^don th» ofgettinf^intu railiuitK^nL" 

"Ofa, an Ikr u that gi^c*. 1 quite iiffcv with j-uu. Mis C^rey; I 
iWildo'i cvc twopence tuysdf ^out a seat ia Porlljjnent — a con- 
tedvdborr^ I think. Bui if you go in for playing a gjune,yhy, you 
<^ BO pUy it, you know." 

"Boi art Uictc not nilc* in every game? Are Ihere no! such 

"Of counCi ve<(; bui I fancy the £troa^ playare generally make 
%lila CO kuit ihtiir own idoaji in the i^nd, Anyhoi^', I ni^'cr ht^ard 
4aar/%)t>e phjvi^ ut cleoioneerint; tvho would hive hesitated for a 
MbsGt aboct accepting the hand t ofTcrt^d to out quixotic young 

*Itfi|Iid he is tlUixotiCr" Mbola »LLd i^gorly. "I Hkc to think 
tfiaun who venturer to be n Qui\ote." 

'Very ftcoiy to hear it, Misb Grcy^ for 1 ain afraid you won't like 
Vch tothnk 4i1x>iit riK'. Vet, do you know, I came li^re to rtxi.^t % 
%fttjtgi6s^ticoJkrjiKMrtfi!3 very dcaion." 


Tkt GtntUmans Ma^izint^ 

" I am gbd to hear it ; the mcac quivotic il ik, the more I slull 
lllce it- To whom \% the offer :o be jnadc^^io Mr, Heron?" 

■*0h, no, liy Juvel— excuse mc, Mi** Uicy — noihio^ uf Ihc sort. 
The offer is lo be ituuIc lo you," 

"To mc?" MinuU wjui -a Ihtle auiprised* but fthe ftfd not 
colour or show any luqariie. She knew vt-ry well ihai it ^t^k not Ml 
cffrr r>r himsrif Mr. S(. PaiiS ttos jLiout lo tnukc, but It jjnus^d her 
10 think of the imj^ipretation Marj Blanchcl, if she could Imvfl beCQ 
present, would it once have puE on hU words. 

*' Vet, indeed, Mi&^ C>jey, to you. 1 bB\'e if tn my [iowct to make 
retuming-oflicer for Kecion. Dt^ yoLi uiitJefhinnd uhat thiu 

*' J know in a sort of way whJl a retuciiEng-oftieet \% ; but I don't 
at all imdentand how I can do his oflice," 

" III »how you, Yuu thall have the f;ile of Kceton .ifi much in 
yourhondfifts If you owned the ^'hole concefii — a deuced deal inorc> 
in fhcE, ihtin if you owned the whole coni:em in days of biilloi like 
iheee^ I boUcve you do own a good many of the houses there now, 
don'c you 7" 

" r hiirdJy know ; but I know that, if I do, t ftihh I didn't," 

" Very well ; just you try what you can get oat of your influence 
over your tcnuiita— that's all." 

*'Thcn how am I to become rcluming-officcT for Kceton?'* 

" That's quite another thing. Thai depends on ma." 

"On you, Mr St, Paul?" 

" On rae^ Just listen." St, Paul had been sealed in hia favmirite 
attttitde of carel fas indolence in a very low ch-iir, so low tiiat hii long 
Ic^ seemed aa if they stretched half-way across the room- His potition, 
joined with iin exEiression of self- satis Fied lawlcsancas in his faee, might 
lnvc whimsically ^uggt St t:d a sort of rcscnibluncc to Milton's arch-licnd 
" sireichcd out huge cil length." in one of hia less malign humourn. 
He now Jumped up and stood on the lieanh-rug, with his bticJt to 
the fireplace, his .^lightly !i[DO]«ng *ihou1dera only seeming to mnlte him 
look tnllcr than otherwise, because ihcy might set peoiilc wondering 
ai to the height he would huve re:ichcd if he hod only »iood erect and 
m^de the tnoti of him inches. His blue eyes had quiie a ftparlcle 
of eiciied interest \ry them, and his prematurely ludd forehcaid 
looked oddly infuntmc over these cyet and that keen, firarlcu 

" l^ok here, Mis% Grey, it's all iti yoitr hands, Vot) knAV boilt 
these fellows, ilon'l you ? " 


Miss MisoH/Afvff. 9 

" Thna itlUrmt who wint to yd i n for K«ton> Yoa know them 
beck Kow, wiuch of ibeiii do yoti wjmE to wb ? '' 

'Whtf CUi it iKUtcr «4iidi tivy my wtHhcs ij^^if thoy went any 

' How like A woman ) )raw veiy Uke a wQtnjiQ 1 '^ lUid h« laughed, 

"Whit ii like N Honaii P I Ltiuw wlien ji man wvy« aaythtng is 
ttci«<<msnfatf nwuiHtu ay Ihii it ia ridkulouiL" 

"Wdl, Ihafiini^ rnou^i ; thjit » about wh^t wc do mean in 
\VhAt I tncaat m thiK cu^c W3» only th;ti yoti would nut 
iBj' qucvliodL [ puti plain dJrcci question, lo which you muHt 
kivc BOtDC answer to ^vc. 4i;nd yon on]y asked me a question in 
irCffQ vhicH hjd nothing la <lo wiiJi mine." 

" P«rlufii ] hnvt n^ Af\tvfvt to i^vv^ 1 may hive the an&wcr in 
VT own Kind, and yvi not havu it to give to nnyone dbC," 

"Ofc, but ]FOU may reaJly gir*; it to me :— in scrict^t confidence, 
I SMffv yoa ; no Uving AOul «bdl evei knon- from me, Comei Miss 
GccT- ^ BC koov the tiuth. It can't possibly do you anyharm^or 
OftNidy bvm, for that matter, cx^^cpt the wrong man — for 1 ukc it 
fci piMed that the Run you don't favour must be the wtonR man." 

' But I don't know tliat I ou^ht to have anything to do with such 

"Never mind thcw scruples; It'^ notliln^ ; thcrc'4 to be no 
in Uio buAJfLC&Bi nor any unfaii play. Jt't only tins : I 
t gel ia I6r the borough mywir, cvtn if t tried ir\y best, but 
I on send in the one of the two whom ! prefer — or, in this case, 
^m yon prefer^ 1 cin do this nii ccrtninly »s anything in this 
moMaatt -workl con bf f'L.^rtafn," 

' Btt how rould th;i E bf ? " 

'Tkaiit would not nut me to tflZ you jufii At prricnt [ know 
liAwif, thit'3dJL In the te«th of the ballot I cin promise you 
iu Now. Mbi Gttyt who i>lo have the leat?" 

'AreyouradlyACriouiin all this, Mr. St, Paul?" 

"M itntxa u t ever was in my life about anything— a. good deal 
Mt icriowi, 1 djtfeuy. thfln I often vr!\s about graver things and 
■Cit important men. hiyw ihen^ MU^ Crty, whkch of ihesc two 
Ub«f n io ni f<ir Kexton ? " 

bftt why dofou make (hit offer toQ^c?"*he asked, wuh some 
"What havr 1 to do with it?" There was wimctMng 
4nMfig to ber in hUodd ptoposiiion, aboui which he was evidently 

•*"hjdoI nuke the ofTeiloyoi/? U'e!^ because 1 shou\d^iVe! 
*> fltate/Mv lefTMjnr jtut ojt * >(in of woman 1 like— a repiVai 


Thf- GfniUmaris MagHxiue, 

goor! girl, I Ihinkr without Any nnnfion«^ or Aifc<t*lvin About you. 
Now, IhAtK ihi! ivhnic roiiian vhy I nMrr Ihti in yoiv I don't cm 
murii m)«^lf rirlirr w^y, w^rpt to -innny iny hroLlii?r, ftod ihJit CbA 
he di^ne in Ofty oiht^r wny« williont h-ilf ihe trouble to mc, I utM 
iodind to ilriw out of iht whole a^xn aniil I rvm«rabcred thai you 
kaciv both thf fc}loq^, and I ihaught vcu mi^ht havp a wnh fod one 
of them to go in in prefctpncc to Ihc olhrr^ — tlicy ^nt both go In, 
you itc^— jjid *o I made up m_v mind to ^isr you ihe chjtncc rf 
ttying wbkh it should be- Now thtn, Miai Crcy, ujtmn your luftn," 

fit? put hU h-'kndh iiito his pockrlii ;inil coolly w.uEiril for an 
.mtwcr- He h:(d nijl the :Lfj]>?4r;uiT% of bdi^j^ in the Lcjtl iniuiKd 41 
hcf prrpkxity. He took thf whole alTajr in a culm mrittcr-of-fact 
w*y, riK if it wcfp ihfs max uiitiitnl thing in ihc world. 

\f iTifii^ waft pcrpTetcd, She dJd not sc« wh^it ijj;fil he could Have 
E^> control ihr coinitig conteil in any VfS.y^ and tliil Ich wlu^ lift^t »hc 
could huT^ iQ inHucnce him in doing so. Tlie direiumA wn* one in 
krhkli no previous ex]>eiicQce could well guid*; her. She ntuch 
mhed she had Mr- Money ai hand to give her* word of counsel. 

" Come, Mlh-s <!ity, make u^i your mind—^r r^itlticr, tdt mo qjttl^ 
you have alrciidy madti up your mind to, for I Am Bute you lia»« not 
Liccn wiitimg uniil now to Ibrni :in opinion. ^Vhjch c-f llicsi! (■!> 
men do you wani lo ^ce iu PjirlioiutinL ?** 

Th«« did noc se«m Uiy punlcutor icaEon wliy Mioohi or suiy 
jj;Irt miylit not say in pUtn words which of twu condidaies she would 
rather see jjutcosifiil. 

Mr, Si. Patik apfit.ircd lo umlersund hct difTiculiy, for he eaid io 
an encouraging w^y — 

'^ Aft(?r all, ytju know, if you h^d wom«n*s rij^hta tend nil tluit ran 
uf thing yo^i would have to yire yuur vote for one or other of 
these fcllo^^'s, and 1 dare ^y you would be expected lo take tbc 
stump for your favourite candidate So there rally can't be HJiyvtfy 
serious objoction to your telling me in conJ;dence which of the nn> 
you want to win." 

Minoki could not ?>oe how there could t>e any objection on juay 
moral priticiplc ahc couy think of just then— being in truth a link 
conJuHct! and jjnz^led — to her giving u voice: to the wieh she hftd 
fonncil about the ck'Ciion. 

'• Jt":; not die speaking out of my wish thnt gives mc nny doubl»" 
the «Aid ; " it is the condition under which you wont mc to ^pcak. I 
setim to be doing sotnetFun^ that 1 hav^ no right Co do ; that U^ Mr. 
SL P;3uJ, if vou ore eurious." 

^' J Tieweinbei reading, Jong ago," he eavd/'wauw ft.i*Uba Nights' 

Afiss MiSttntfiKopr. 1 1 

flor^f Of BOtttdhieg of ibr kind^ jboul a king, I ihiiA it vnu, who 
v» brod^t Ai oi^t to «^mp myiterjom pluc aiul lotd to r.ui « lapc 
tor, iXkd iKiA tomdliing or other v^juld hdji^kcn, he diij oal Lnow 
•fall or vbcn. Th* thing vcmcd very simple, nJidyet he rfidn'l quite 
ftc li> do tt wilhouc. ktiQiiin^ why aiid lti^« .^nil aII aboui iE. Il 
fltha KK ite yen irccm to he in Ihc MirLc mrt or fii-" 

"So I ■!» ; Jtj*i the ttm^. Why cflirt you tcH me what yon arc 

"I like i\ux\ Thjtt iftdty )i«CKt for the prncnt." 

'^And your kifi);^ — ihr king in your story— did \it oil tbc rope ai 

*~1 jm tlkud I have furgotlen that; but I h^vi: no doubt he.' did^ 
lixbc «B£ A reiAcnable «oFt of cfOJture, bciri^ a man, And 1 know 
ikr trcr>lhia^ cdnir n^ht with him in Ihe ciid^*' 

"^Vcry well ; I Accept th? onit^n nl' ^our kiiiX' -^"*1 ^ 1<"> ^>11 '-'Jt 
lk B«i« vidKXJt >%kifJ|C vrliy. Of ruuibL' I wiali \\v-\X Mi. Hvrun 
lAnU bo «l«cicd. He \a a I'ibi-ral in (icihlicK. Why do you laugh 
rtdloytlkit, WrSt-Piiul?' 

"WcU, 1 d:dD t know thai you CJtcd much for that »ort of thing ; 
b1 viQCENn Are genecdly Kuppofcvd lo be rc^Lctioniuics idl the vorld 
ne^art ih*y Aot^ Wc-U, unyliow, that's on« rfiafot), his btfui;: ^ 

Uol WhAlDOCt?" 

"I don't knonr ihit ii>y next is wandr^'^ But of tourae I think 
tei Heron is a much dcvcrcr tiwn, and is hkely to be much belter 
lUi to get on in the House af Cotttnnons : and then he hAS his com- 
phun 10 ottkc agUMat the Covcmnieiu- — -" 
'Va; and then >- 

*ThcD, he is iviy much liked by people whom I like— and J like 
^mymuciimyv^." Minc^U apoke out with per/ect ffjuitnem, 
U&ciinf that |hA^wa« the bot thing sbo could ito, and not showing 
tWkttt vifn of GinbarTaf»mcrit. 
Ui.5l Pjiul bufihed. 
'^Voidoo't lik«thuoibtT^lbwso wcll?''hesaid. 

■I ma 4urc be f* ii vtTy good man " 

"IbM't rnougb: you need not say another word. Wo all can 
Mafan a critic oicons when he s|)cak,s of !<ome actor a« a careful 
ndfiiniiakiag pertbnneT. U'r jui^t the same uhcn a woman sayit 
^Mnkvtrygood. Then you pronounce for Heron? " 

* I pnoonncc for Mr^ Hcion d^idcdly, if you call Keying what 
^AoiUlikc 10 happen pronouncini; for a;iyonc/* 

■ IbiUi caw it ts of mon.' vifcct th^a many othtr prouundiincTiX<», 
T» hnir dcafd Heron, Afjw City, if I am not much mwe OvO. flv 


my cAlciilaEtona than I hnrc been lhL<i tonf time. All rrg^r, [ am 
Mlicfietl. If j'OH h^x^ money to throw ainy. ju*l back whaiS-litB< 
name?— Sliq>pflTd— heavily, Md you j^rc imw co get rid of u." 

" And you won't icW me wlun all thii meflTi« ? " 

" Knt I, xndccd ; not likely. IicuHi-dny, Mi« di^ j ynvi Have 
dcfttJ yOHT friend Heron, I fan Ml yon. OtIiJ, im't it, iliat he 
tihoiild come to licclceTrtI after nil hy me?" 

He bade l^cr good-d.iy <igum, ^'ul iltodc anil sliaiiiblcd cmt of the 
room ind dtrnnsla-irs, leaving Minol:i much pcrplcKcO jnd not (^ulia 
pleated, ;ind yet full of a sccicl wonder and imdc at ihe powU^lily 
of htr having bclped lo do Mi. Horon a service. 

" E wonder whm lie mnild «y if he knew of U?" ¥he Ukcd 
herself, ;tnd iilic enuld h^idly think tlut he ^uuid bc^rc;;tly dclightod 
wUb the pruini^e 4>f tnch inlluenccH 



W Tut: innl of Kecton. a» n loeal omlor ex|ireMed il, was itirrcd 

I to its depths by the cvcnti which succeeded. The ihrcc 

I csTales Of the Mwi, whereof we hnve ;»lrcady spolten, wenc Alike 

I concerned in the cleclion- HjwI it nevcf ot[:urrcd, there wonid hav^ 

I been enough m the deaih of Mre, Ssiiilslmryan-l the rfarrsngemeni of 

I Mr. [Jrey's property To keep converwition up among the middle paiAe 

of Keeton folks. lUu bu'iincfs Itlse Ihil would not iricrcil the |>ark, 

and of coune it hnd no intercut for the working eLiis of (he towa. 

The clecElon^ on the contrarj', wns of equal eoneern to p.^ik, semi- 

deUdied mM, and cotUge, or even garret, A contest in Kectoo 

WJ5 .m absolute novelty so fer a^ ihc memory of living man conld go 


U n^ay perhaps be said thai the opinion of the class who alone 
concerned Lhenise1vc*P about lier affairs had been on the whole de* 
eidedly unfavourable lo Minola. She had j^nne us a *iOT| of rebel 
againil Icgilrmate autlioiily out of Keelon, and had flung heiselfinto 
the giddy vortex of London life. No one weliknt-w whiit hjidbetonie 
of her; and thai vHih Keefon folks wa« another way of uyrni^ ih;it 
nhe mnsr have ni*hpd upon desiTiiclion, Some person* held that 
*hc mtisi ha\e Rone upon tht ^taj^e, I 'hi!* idea became ^ImoM a ctr- 
Uim/ ithcn .> Keeton man, being in lyondon on bu&meuT broug)il 
tfucjir with hit}} ftoai foirn a play-bill anTioipVntin^ ^ ftew ffrta tn^ufir 

Mfjs JfijdKfAn'/^. 13 

b ftbkfl one of Ibc minor |if rformcn wii naraci.1 ^ M iKi M;illJe Grey."* 
Iftftegood Ki^fton mui had only Tookcd in 1 icw other plRy-bill^ he 
vbU fc»vr no doubi Tonnd «irt^jr» in abund^tncc— Maiti^. Minncci, 
IMlA.AAd vurh-tilc^ tircy U ing talhci n favoiurite name wjlh young 
li&a lA the iifofcuiaii. Bui he made no luch invcftTi^tion, «niJ it 
vu 4C OttKt uuBiied lUii Mnltic iifty WJti Minola Urcy in divgiiue^ — > 
> Affoite du ftilidc *\ rlu: nr the l^imnikh knighir Sir TrJiirjimr viho^ 
ata hr milled to <!Cin''cMi hit iilrnTiiy ltnn> all obncrv^rt ahiI pUrr 
tittsvlf beyond All iioitutiiliiy o( <tdc<iicin, <^t1ccl him«cir Sit 

WIkd. bonrcvef, i4 was foiinj Ihitt Mtnolit u-dq to hAvc her father's 

pc|KtiT ailcr aU, d ivTtAtn change look pUc c in ihr t>|iiii]ori uf most 

M*m&iiboconi:enivdthcii»cliicfabuut thcmiirtcr, lEn^tdstLiincd 

^Ipvsllr tloi Me. tlrcy wxt fj.r ti>o Aooil ;xnd Chrii^lian ^ nun Cohavc 

Mbit proifcrty in ^ girl who could lie imji^Ul- of jdii^jf in an c^ra 

Jp|qfi& Tbcn, ulunt MtA dcy in iJcrfOn c-imc I^ llie tu«n i/i ihc 

taw^igy of to ,iJulinKiii»hL'd * niui ;ia Mr. Muucy^ even i^oftiiip 

itMrd Ttptniini iX iJii kOLiuiJ ilsclf I>:i[J mudL-. und bc^Jin ti> tirny 

lh*i ii had ct^cr midt.' jny Bound Ji all, Mr. Muticj' wn't a wrt uf 

hnu among ihc tniddie d««i otrywlicre. He was knvun l<j h*vc 

iMgll ]ii» way vp in life, and Ijj Iw now ifry rich y and when MiM 

(rfty cjuv into ;hc lown ui the compiLny of Mi. Nfoneyan<.l hi* 

^Cfhlcr. the rciJort wcni about forlliwilh tli^l Minola Grry Lid got 

UU ihe \<rf Iksi tiQciny in London, and ilml the wu going 10 

■>Ry ihe clJ-ol son of Mr- Monify, .ind to be prcHrnlcd ae Coitrt, 

Hr. Money lud taken a co^pk of l^oor^of the bctil hnid lo brgin 
tiA. lie liad brnu^C his fam.igv wiih him — a carnage in which ht' 
ivbuvtly evecbnovvTi ID Ukc a wat when in lown. llchad brought 
1K« of retinnc of «cr\'jmu, JU wmi deliberately abovit making 
**« Ur St. Piiul would have tnllcd " a splurge." Mr. Money knew 
tn fif^tcoheimcn. lleLnek^tlul he n^svtcU known lo L^ve sprung 
fcn aoiJiiDiC. but he al^io knew dul t]:ie n^iddJe ^tid l^vter i^[iUiie> nf 
KttlOQ woutil hijve ^Jveii him hitlc Llmnks if he h.-ul tried to plc^asc 
ihctobyexhibiVifL^ llicrc .1 utorLcvty biii^nming hit modest origin. Hc 
bn %tll enough that Ihr (i^ori: he pot en diiplay, the mori? chcy 
*3ikl think of him ^md of hi« clients. I'lierefore he pot on diiiplay 
bti gaimeol— ^A gjitnent TO whii h lie was tiiTle nsi^d, And in wEiieh 
felftfifc DO ma&ner of dchghl, 'I'heie wsi generally a liElie group of 
Itnoaa round tlie hotel d^jon M all hour^ of the day waiting to 
■ttMr Uoncy ^nd his fiiend<h go ocrl or tome m. At fir^i Minola 
FMit^itiy dcdmed [□ go out n all, ca:ccpf at night ; and the recent 
AG«ih«C her U.titct'i widow gave her a fair excuse for remaking 


T^ G^knutfts Magazine. 

<|iiicily tndoorv Lucy iJcl||*hto[) in <hc ^i^lr ^ifl^r, .inJ often de- 
durctt thjic «hc fell a« if the h^d bven tumcd inio a princiru. Milien 
Mr. Htfron olric down, be loi? i^-cint^d i^lltrr lo crijuy it- At 
1»M. hr; took il ^11 >t« n m^lk-i uf <:ijiii>c, 'Hie Vfci>vri4ti4:cs of 
culcsmul <lM/«ii whi-'n the rwlcr of .1 colony, ln>hvcvi-r *m*ll il inay be* 
ih » |wr«ojj uf iii:ijr!^tiu |ji>trf>urliuLLB in hW owJi 4|jhcrc»~cnabli.'>d him 
to lake Mr. Money's pump quite seriously, 

Mc;tn«hilc Mt. Auj^u^Ilis Shcppard had got hi* com mittt*- rooms 
and h\% diipliiya of vjiioua fcinUhn ariti wai uxiclnrnood to be working 
hard^ The election conte^ %e lo^^ looked for, luiJ Liken eveo^one 
n Ittde by iiurpd^e Hhen k ^howtd luclf «o ne^r. h was natural tlul 
Mr. ShepL^ud und M^ friends should fcc^ confltkTit of the result. The 
lutirinji rqirij'itni.tttVL' wai^noAv an tiM niitn- Hi? lud UJthfiilly lenncd 
out III* lirnt' ; ht h:itl always loltd ai hU i^alrvn* x^iishtil him tu do 
hij ?iad uffVLT madr; a speech in die Hou&e of Cuiiimans: he had 1 
ntfvijr jndefd rison 10 his ff*;l ihenr at all, extept once or twice to 
pnfiriit a pcliuoH, The ddigTili of a parlbineiitaTy career wiffc, , 
llicrefoa', iliis long time beginning to poll upon him. He had been 
nototifjuily ;inxiDUS to t^et out of Porlionient, He hid been Mnt 1 
into the Houic trf" Commonii by the late duke to keep the »eQl 
ivnnn uatit the present duke shfjuM come of ai^e, Dut the prescni 
duke iLucceedcd lo the pceiage befurc he ca-ine gf age* aQ<I llieiefore 
nevct liad 4 dunce of sitting in the House of Coinmont, The man 
in povtcssion \vas Ediowed to leinain there tbroit^h y^^x^ and yeara 
until die f recent duke could be: irtduccil to return fii>m abroad und 
Uke Rome inlerc&t in. the poKiical and other :iditiis of Keelon, H» 
own M"ii"j was yc! loo juunji^ for Piirliamei*l,and as the silUng mcinber 
(kimid liiHisclfyeUi-rig loo i^iTd, nod begged for relciLse, there wijs nodiing 
betler lu do than lo giH sonic safe uiid docile person to lake on bint 
therci.fitstfnralioii of ihe borough for some time to come. Th«e 
who koevi' Ketton could recymmend no one tnore fitting in cvciy 
desirable Avay ihan Mr. Au^,^ustUK ShepjMird, 

Tlie time ivas when Mr- Shejipard ^sould only have Iiad to present I 
the ordtrs of the reigning duke to the (.uiiBiituuncy of Keclon and 
to lake hih &eai in ihe Hooiie of Commons .iccordin^iy as if by virtue 
of Q. sovereign patent in anLieal days. But times had changed even j 
in ttleijpy Keetoa Tlit; yoiingisr generation had alRigsl ftiT^^rtieti I 
their dukvs) it waa bo long ainue a chief of K\w hon^e hnd t>een 
among them. Evcr» the women had grown coinparatirely indiflercril . 
to- the InHuence of the namet seeing that it had no long been only & 
name fur them. There had been for many ycatii no dnchessea and 
their bdr daughters to meet ui f!ou'cr-£how3 and churitable ba^ann, 

i 1 

I9 Ite Mg^l <>f whoc« &cvi iDd the Aoviitl uT whciti; feet, and the vind 

«(v1»«c ImMv, as iIm; pqei ha> it. th«5 cxjuIU be madciP fed hiLppy 

mA «9iBknl, Thm vnce Bi?(Y.l)ti|;bicr <layi, vhm ihv cooinff and 

of tl>c kulioi at th« CeuaIc L^jttc the vumcn of Ktclon d pcr- 

«t1j^ea of ulkiOrihcHighc, of hopc<acdof qLiiTTcL Som^of 

fiCidMi oTihM Aocy nay i;>i^hi]tJ!i havct^pcma liutc tunc in small 

OBikvbtnksor forcijcn — MyoTAmfiJcafi — rivtn which h^vea 

of 6Mthig upxtt Winter CDmv4> and btcombi^ oaeluM for navf 

HfiiM to (kIi bnnf- co(tvrrt«J fran rivtrs inio gr^itt ffUJten roads, 

wA ffprioc Ufilocif th« Aowvri and the strcanu ag:iin. Such m 

iiiui nun ball^ noiktd wh;!! 4n unfuiLing topic of conivnaiiun nich 

ititer ntpplks to ihosn? obo dveU «a hs hulca. How «oon will it 

ItCK ihk MASon ? Go what precue day was it closed tn nn^igailon 

hK jtOT'^ibc ycir tcforc— Ihc yc^ir (iL-forc that? In whai ycir did 

iftoCM tocnoi? Do you remember thjit pamcniar >'wr when il 

faK«ov«iy«ooct, or did not ^ctc lor ^uch nn unprecedented Uni£;h 

^ tJnu? Tltti u^B (he ftAine year that— no, not that ycAr -, it w^as 

te othcf y«ar, doot you remember? 'I1icn follow conbadicUonfi 

«d 4iflpvti0% And Ihe eMrn ulway-i remcmbtr thr; river having been 

flfriul^ fan Ihe habit of perforniiTig some frat whidi now it i3e\'ur cares 

t>«pc«L Tbe taiw of the frost mvlting mid the river liecoiming 

fally a river apui \% a matter jUTil ai fruiiftil of du<u;;nion. The 

Snnfcr '\% often tempted to vrumler whac the people of that place 

vmld Ittve to talk about at aU if ttiddcniy the riycr wrrc to ^vc itp 

■ tndt of freezing, and were to temnin alwnp ai llviom ns our ow-n 

Mtfiuiunoai Tboates^ There r,eeni^ in him iiomr reason to Xcax tliac 

tW toQgtm of the people woutd bccon^c frozen <ii9 the liver ceased to 


lik«thcfrfVJttiigand the melting of iheitrivt^f xa those who lived 
n it! banki. wai thf oomtal viait of (hi; ladii^^f of the dutal family 
tt Ae »oraanki«d of Keeton in Keeton's brighter daj^ GirU were 
pwing up there now who hi^d never seen a duchess. The arrival, 
tttlcdEth of stay, the probable time of dci^mirc, the appcaroricusm 
\pMk % whether store or leu frequent than this time lost year, the 
tans worn by the ffadoot Todies, the per^ns spoken 10 by them, 
4f pcnoa< only bowed 10> the unhappy creatures who got neither 
i^Ecdk nof MJutation— it la a fjict that there ^-os a gcneraEion of 
VWA gT<mn^ up in Keeton wilh whom iheae and sLich que.illons 
W aevcr fonwd any pan of the intrresl of their lives. They could 
■K b« expecKd to caitt much interest all at once and a^ \\ v-cre by 
■Rioci in iLe pcililical cauir: of thf diLca.1 Tamily, 

TlHre wa* tbercfore a good den! of unotnainty about the condilion^ 



The GmHemafii Alagasifit* 

vt Llie t>rob)eibK The fuMowcrs of the ducii family v cmome of th«iB 
lull of ho[K. The rca]>peAmrc£ of a Awkc and duchcu, And their 
trai:i, might do wondc^rs in ic^tQcin^ ihc old order of Ihinjp. In 
Kcelon pellicoai mjluencc counted for a ^^3t dcjl, ^d in other <by« 
those who had the promiMt «>f Un: wive* hitiUly thought it worth wiirlc 
lo flo through ihe form of aiking the huKbaads. But nctv there wu 
A new cr.^ndji;on of tl)c rtoltuoit problera even in th^t tcipecL The 
bfllioE, nhjch \\iii\ inude the voter mtlcpendent of the iaAuencc of his 
bndlord or hh weiUitw cu&ioiner, h^ convcrced Lhe power «^ the 
putlicoat into a tott of unknown quantity. Theie could be Ihile 
ilOubE lliui the Tnouil influence 'ind ihc tr^^diiionnl coniroT would still 
prtvoil ivith some ; but h\^ must be a r:iah electioneevlnt* agent wba 
would venitire to say how many voit:^ uoulil thus be counE^ on. It 
IK 0. jcmaxhthU tribute lo the morjl gfeaintfB* of an arislocracy, Ihai 
the influcnw ihus obuined in old diiys ovec the wives and i3au}chleT» 
of Kceton was absuluteiy Lincamcd by any overt atis of favour ur 
conciliation. The blcr dukes and their familicii had always been 
KEnarknbLe for never making any advances towards the townspeople. 
None of the traders of the town, however wealthy and respecuble, 
found themsL^lvt^ urihcir v/'tva invitctltoE'nyTnannerof fi^iilvity tip at 
tlie ducal halL AH ihat the noble family ever L3id for the townf* 
people was to come at ceriJ^in s^easont \tj ICeeion andallow theiiHelvet 
to be looked aL Thi^ wm enough for the time. The ilhialriouft 
todies could be seen, and, .ta h:ts been said, they did wmetimes s|ieak 
a word to favoured and envied persons. They were lovtd for beinj 
great jiersonages. not for anyihii^ lliey did lo win Mich devotion, 
" Love is enough," J^ya ihe poet- 
All these toujiidcTauons, huivcvtr, rendered it hard to aUodaic the 
exact ehtnei-sof opposition in tlie borough of Keeion. Of couiserc* 
voluiionary q^nions werw growing up, old pooj-Ie found, there as wefi 
OS elsewhere, Thtte was ;i new class of Conserxntivea springing 
whom Bieady, old-fushioned [lolidcians found It not easy to distil 
from the Radicals of thi;:ii younf;er daya. On the other hnnd^ ki 
sighted pertoOi could Jiot fail ii> (perceive tl'mt. whereas in their youth 
almo&l all young men had a icntli^riLy ti> be or to fancy thems^lve* 
R^icaUr il was now growing nLther Che foEhion for immamre politicioiU 
to boasi ihein^wlveii Tories, and to Lalk of a spirited foreign policy and 
the dunyers uf Cuiinopoliurtism. It would beliJird losay howthing* 
might turn out, knowing people thought, as they shook their haada^ 
and hoped the expected coniefit might not come on for sone 

Now thii contest was at hand, At Ukk, the sitting member ha4 

Miss MmntArapc. 


^BOfiicfKlf dedircd thai he vxiuld qi no IoDger» and it \\a,t announced 
Kh«illMf iSoke wcis ccmtng to Kret(;n, and that Mr, Augu^ius ShcpjiaH 
^ru to be ibe duke's otndidite. No more i^rildng proof could be: 
prtsi q( ihc reoeni dujige in ihe poHiical condtlion of Kccion, Uuin 
14 feuikd m the iLCt ihsii the n.i:topiion of Mt. Shcppard a» a dndidAlc 
\ff tbc dual bttuly did net even to ihc tnont devoted and aiinguJQc 
fc O o'TCTT of the grcftl house mnke Mr, Shcjip^rd't election sccm by 
M]r meafli & njitcr of nbBoluie ccnainQ^ There wass, tolornbly 
itnMlf oOQvklion everywhere, Iohe: before any op]>uflLlton was ui- 
TKiWfit thai ihc duke'ft candidEitc ivculd nui l>e iIT(»ved lo walk 
over the conne and right Irtio the Hont^c of CoinnionK ihis tlme^ 
Nobody in ihc town would oppose ihc dukCi very litcly, but the man 
tt oppose voutd come. 

Now the Qus icruatly h^d com^- Victof Heron hod iMucd hi» 

■ddfcn dod was in Kccica His uddrcss wju original; hchiid pOAi- 

ibdy icfincd from ihe iirsi to make any grand profetsicfns of 

«petwe flUtomonahip or pairloti^in. T^c would ttll l^ngUslinicn, 

h ttid, ilttt be vnu fcekin^ a, MOM in Pulmmcnt n^a way ofgctring 

vedKu In a ^cni wroog done to l^i^n. ^nd through him to some ^ 

Ik pnndpk» moit dear to the covniry. When he had fought hfH 

bole in pBriionMflt, and ivon or lotu he prominrd tliAt he wlmeUI then 

ftehinudf ID thehindi of hii c:nii3lluicni» jtnd icriign Ihc nest if 

ikff dedred. The whole addrc» wu tnink^ odd, originft), and 

pe^Mfcemcd a little seireoneeiird. The mUhnr's ^baorption in im 

ftlferi «a4 misljdtcn by infiny people^ u «rj|] hjipjien sonirthties 

fcr tdr-conceit. 

ICr Sbcpp«rd'« addrcM, on the contrary, talked only of the good 

41 CoQstTTativc prindplrt which had m^dc England the envy and 

iteatian of all wrrounding StAtei; of the locil iinercsl« of Keeton 

Q4 tbc fandidote'^ iirqUj-iinEaiKe Iherewiih » and of Ihc miuty 

tiling done for the town by the noMc fitEnlly ivho had done 

honour to hA>t: a paiL ilicrc. 

I docTl think Heron^ ;iddrcH* imrN li^iH l>.-nlly,"' Mi. Money 
4 oof evening in the absence ^f Hercn. lo hit luo com|>3r-ijoTis ; 
^the •hole, I ^liouldn't wonder if it look some pro pic, the women 
Mculariy. AnytliJna pr-jiomJ. inything In the nalnre of a grjcv- 
VCi a likely to have a ^ood ciiki^i on maxiy people, espcci^illy 
^kie ihc njured penonnjiic U young. a.nd good-looking, nud plucky' 
Ivahihe womco l^d the \oteM hcnr juai fur this once, for 1 think we 
Aiild iijrfcd to win if they had," 

"Thm, papa, do you ihink wc shan't win oowP" Lucy iL^kcd- 
Miaob looked up cj^vrly for his answer. 



Tkr GtHilefHans Magazint. 

"Wdl, l.ureleCj I don'r like lo wyi I Am not quite chanacd 
•w\\\i tin- U>ok of thiA^ L find Jhcrc *ic -i^ijd maay very Mrans 
Rulicfift grown up in thi« |iUicc ^tdcc thccc wut A conic«t licn: 
bdbrc ; Jind Mcroua ncl wild cnoagh for ihcm hy half, They arc A 
liltic of ihc red' hot ■sotiaJ-rc volution sort (if llun|t— iho j^ro/irairr 
hiiiiiicsi, wi(h a di^ o£ the brabbling athci&t— the fcltuwti who thbk 
le ih not liL lo live if he even ulmiCv Ibic |>o^ibiUly of onoihcr 

Id' 1 am afntid lh»c fcUows will hold aloof (njw uh alcoffcthct, 
or f^vun tnku hoiiic whini of \oling Against itkj aud they nunr be 
nCiOLL^ wiioogli lu luin ihc Kale." 

MinoU bo|:icd lluit if her friend Mr. St< Fnul hud really any 
chiinii by which to cvtort victory for llvroa as hc bad promised be 
would not forget to usr it in gornJ riiiK". But *hc bcg^ui lo have IcH 
QiLlh, and In*, in the poKsit^ily of Any ^ch feat She wa& ;t litiJc tn 
ihc pvrpIeKcd condition of iomt one of medieval itRiuKi who hu 
entered inca a borgjirx fof mperiialuul inicrrcrencc, and lb not quite 
ccrUtn wlitther ig wi&h that tlic compact loay b^ ruftlly voiricd out or 
ihtt it iiMv prove to havK betn only the figment of a drtim, 

" Tin luld *< ou^ht to have *onie [kjoiis done/* Money went on 
to Bay, "Not meivly sqmbs, yoi» Kno;v, but appeal* ubout ri^l 
and juftUct. and th« c;lu»c of oppressed hunuiniiyi ^uid nil thai.'' 

■'1^1 «ire MinoJa tould do some bcauiifullyl" Lucy exclaimed, 
loolting beseechingly low-jrds her ftiirnd. 

^' Oh, no ; 1 tjimldn't indeed 1 My appeals would be dreadfully 
weak ; they conld not rouse the spiritH of any mortal creature Now. 
if we only hjd Mar>' Blanthct T " 

Thifi, it mu&t be owned, wab MinolaS fuii^ but It gave on idea io 
Mf- Money. 

*' Tell you what," he sjjd. " we ought to have her brother-^he 
b&rd, you used to call him, LuccLeL" 

" Oh, no, i»apa ; indeed I ncva called lum .mytliing of the kind. 
1 never did, indeed. Nola." 

" Well, whatever you called him, Luctlci, we can't do bctler tlun 
lohave him. We'll put Pct'asLia into hanuss, by Jove— a capital 
fiofHl ijw to make of him tool I'll write to whaf^-his-namc ? — 
BUtichet — nt once," 

" But I don't think he woufd like it, pajia ; J think he would uJtc 
oflE"n<:e Bi tlif idd of yuur asking hull to dsr poems for aa cler:tioiL 
I don't lliink he would cotnL-/' 

"Oh, ye*, he would cornel wc would make it worth his while 
These young fellows give themselves airs» to niokc you BJtls adnkire 
theja, that ihcy tirvet think of trying on hith men. U wimld be a 

Miss AlisaHikrepc. 


ndkcr icDiag lUos hot, igo, if ii got ibuut tlul wc lud bfought a 
Tfd poet qiccuUy dooTD from London. I'lt wril« «t ouec," 
Thi* KdDod ai>kef atdrming tu MiRoI;u 

"*! doobt whether Mr, Ilvron would much Hkc it," fJie pkndcdi 
*t iooH knov vbcthcr ihcy arc «jdi very good fricml* jiisi now — I 

'^ Oh. jt^ i of couTW thuy tuu» t>v j^uod friendt 1 Heron \% not 
halu^-c it iUl his ovn vay it) every thini^. inyltow- lie muat Jikc (he 
Kkft ; he iholL rU n-rite wiilioui U^^ing him anything Miqui ie, and 
HcrcQ couldn'i help being friendly to any fellow who came under his 
■mC aa one ought b^y * 

Ko one mjbde any further objection, 

" 1 WGk Heron hod not been ko confoundedly |tiJticulaf .iboot 
' Pai^'' Mr Money went on to luy in ti discontented tone. "Hut 
^hdisvRL St. PfLtl't Qo worwtluui lots of other fellows, 4nd m 
«idh a ihie^ a« tbt» wc can't alTord to throw xway any olTcr of tiup- 
Tort W« hive to Tight jjpunsi the diikc and his Jot anyhow, jind 
Af Ldp<tf St J^iulcouldn^ have done ns^ny harm in that {juortcr, 
tfdlt n3|}ii tuLV^doQc US somc^ood Ln oihera. 1 shouldn't wonder 
JSt Paul h^d Bonic friendb ajid tititinwirs here »tiil i and it is oa 
Itdr >* <^t ^1 ^^ being iiv;th us uught conciliate a fcvr cff the mad 
Itifiah. They mit;ht like fatin juai beuustf he t£ agjun» hi:) 
tai*cr. U)e diike." 

" B«t Mr. Heron mould not have «udi help uj that,'' Lucy snid, in 
^Wi of pride. 

"Oh, by Jovet if you want lo carry an election- and now, 1 

*^90iG, if Sl Paul hfts iny irJ^uencc at oil it wtlJ be given o^nat 

Xbdia tlKxightorbn unholy cocnpacttand did not venture lo i«y 
AfCti oQ the subject 

Ciumz XXi, 

Tkxr v2i an odd and, on the whole, a wondrous pleiuant lime. 
lad bcT nxnial ifoublc and ^lunilcxity Minob coLild uot help 
iz^vrinjiL It ir3S like a grvdC liolid^y^hhk: 8omo extiavagiuil 
^ of mjtfqticndin^ or private theatricib^ h wli!> impua^ble that 
**Ai9ihti ciMtd go down, or at least that Uiey could remain long 
^xv.nadtr vucb ciroimiunccv. Life wj^ a perpetual rattle itid 



20 fhc GmtkmoiJis Afagazinc, 

etcif^mcTit ; and ihc compony^ wfl* (^ of minb. E*«i Victor 
Hrron hinuHf, lot all his carn«8incss, went on or if (he whole ftAdr 
were Mine cnoTtna us j oka Electioneering appeared to be the ben 
K^rt Af pAAiimc devi^le^ They all »i up imiLl ihc ni[>ntin£con> 
rorling appcil:^ lo the electors, addicsT^es to this or ibAt intcre^ sup- 
posed 10 be fttfectcd, ixtUick^ on Ihe opposiic party — no: however on 
Mr. Shcpprird pcrtonally— squibs about the Tories, deouncifltions of 
the Ministry, cxhonacrons to the women of Kecton, the mothen of 
Keeton, fhc daughters of Kcclon. and every daas in and about 
Keeton who oould be fegitrdcd da in the 1ei£i degree open lo the ini' 
|Mitse9 of rational or pauioiie feeling. Some of thc^c apficrak hud t» 
be prepared in the alisenfL' and without the tnowledgc of the can- 
didate whom they were intended lo 6Ctvi\ Heron waG ao seneitiTt 
about wluu htf considered fair play, thil he was inclined as &r as he 
could to restrain rather unduly tvtn the good npiriuof his ehicf 
■upportCTS, and not to allow ihein to deal half fu freely n^ they could 
have wished in the weapon* tti snrrasm and ridicule. Minok wm 
developing quite a rcTnirkahlc r.ipnrity for politicil satire, and Lucy 
Money was indcfatigohlc at copying documents' There were meet* 
ings held day and night, and Victor sometimes made a doeeti speechn 
it) the courae of a single afternoon. 

' Scarcely ksa elof|nmt did Mr. Money prove himself to be. He 
never failed when called upon lo stand up anywhere and recount die 
mi5de^^d6 of the Ministrj', iind The crime* geneially of the aristocracy 
of Britain, in language which went to the very hearts of his heaien; 
and he had a roL:gh tdling humour which kept his audience amuscij 
in the midst of all the horrors that his descrption of the countr/ft 
possible min might have bfoiight up berore thdi minds. Mr, Moory 
toot the middle-aged electors immensely; but there eould tc litllfl 
doubt Iha-t the suffrages of the women, if they had had any, would have 
been given freely in favour of the eloquence and the candidature of 
Victor Heron. 

SoTue times it was delightful when a ni^ht came, after all the meet- 
ings iinti fipecch -makings were over— and Jl happened by siisn^ 
chance that there was nothing morv lo do In the way of electioneer" 
mg ju5| then ; for then the liule party of friends would shut them- 
selves up in their drawing- room. :ind chat and laugh, and sing anct 
play oil ihe piano, and make jokes, and diatuss all manner of odd 
and fantastic quefltions, uniil long after prudence ought to have com- 
mended sleep. Minola s^ng whenever anybody asked her, although 
she never sang for Hsleucre in London : and she sang, if she could^ 
Vi^A-irrAer JUdieJSce wished to hear. Lucy played and sang \^ 


Miss Miianihrop^. *»i 

jKldy Iool Victor Heron faod picked op in hb colonJd cxpoicncea 
■d li^ inzMlennp about the world manf aweec, wild, untutored 
n«|i of aotvi^ and semi fara^ r»c0 md iKbct, and he S4ng them 
ftfa a dnmutic skill or^d fc^rvc for vhich none ci hii hfmrCTH hid 
evabefae intrii htm credit Tbc liltle eompany tccmod in fact ro 
be dUcring into n condiiionof tomcthing hkc Wild ^tmplicity and. 
fankncw^ vhcn ^L the jUl^otiom of civiliution wore let lail, And 
ndi did cvcr)ih)ng he oould to the bctt effect, unconccmod by fomi.s 
ort^ oitics. 

To Locf in c^i*ciiJ all ttitH viu dcHghtfu!. ll was not jin effdrl 
lothrow kcnetf inio Ihc spihE of the cnjo^cnt ai lE was to 
To herttie hAppmcu of thr prciirnt had no al]i>^. Uver 
Ac pttMig hours then; were no prmeiil cloud*. In Ihc vrholc world 
ibc two pcno>ii ahe meet Admifvd were VicEar Heron ind h^ itixhcv - 
>Dd tboe two were the hcroci af the ocf-niton, seeming to havi^ th<? 
qei ^ Ihc vorid on them, and to be the admired of all as ot91oi?> 
md aacf«me». To hcAr ihem Addrei^i cheering rtowdii l>riiitgh( 
of pride xrA deLij;hE into the eyn of the kinrl luilr n^aid She 
glonoift:! in their glory; thou ^mof^st.'* were hcrt Then she had 
too alwajES w jth her* and tficy were all together, and walled o^T 
fan the wocld into a liltk cennm^n wealth of Iheir own. and had 
to do but 10 be grcit politicians all d»/, And hftti-n to 
ipceches, and at night retire at it wi:rc into their tent, and 
be kKOBCal and joyous and full of glorious hope It waj» all a dream 
c' l9vt and pride tn the gentle little huedet. 

Mow thao once— ah 1 more than twenty timeft — did J^ey tell 
Unola thii her father hnd taken her to the Uouac of Commons, and 
ibtt ihc hid often heard all the good spcaken* and that ahc hud 
Vrcr hcaid ooe who could in her estimation compare with 31r- 
Bnon. She had heard Gbdsionc; "and, <if course, he was very 
|»ad oh, yci, very good indeed !— but if you had heard him, NoU 
te.fOd would uy with me that he is not Co be compared to Mr- 
Hcpoo.* She had haird Mr. Disraeli too— '* oh, yes, many times, 
ud b« wu ^"cry elcverl'^shc quite admitted that, "nndhemade 
iMfk Uugb a great deal ; '* and ^he had heard Mr. Bright, whom 
Wflpipa always considered the hc^t speaker of all — '* but wait until 
pi hcM them, Kok— And you ^hall hear them all, darling— and you 
rtl fcy younclf that none oflhcm is Ukc Mr Heron, 1 don't know 
■lut il ii, but there is lomcching about Mr, Heron that none of them 
WBa to havo-'-4i leaai, to my mind, Nok dear" 

Indeed, Hola knew well enough thM there 1^'a5 for Luey a charm 
« Ac cloquMiec of Mr, JJe/o/r which Mr. Gladstone and Mr. tiii^V^l 


33 Tkt GmUcmatis Mag&sinc. 

would fiftvev^lylT^cdlQnvd, For hcndr, hliv be fUfi' 
pO0«d lohftve1)tfen under thv eamvinfluirnccatLuc-^.shcdiiliioCrate 
th« eloquence of Mr^ Hen>n quiEv so Iti^hty. The charm in h<-r cue 
didnoc worl< in juBlthesnimi* way. SlicltsWncJwiih :( certain ntlmifa- 
tlon ;tit(l surprise to t?ie vivacioird^ camttti and oftm Iiif;hTy impo* 
Kionvd sjj«th« that Victor H^fron threw off daily by the doicn. and 
ahv rtcogmspd wifi ^uCtre Jldit'lit thtf genuine frtsTiness »nd force 
Ihai wea- «» ilitm. and (houfiht tlitiii i gTcai dc;il better than she had 
expected tuheat; but *he would not have had the lean difiiculTy bi 
admitting thai Mr, Gliitiatonc and Mr. Brighi were x*rota]>Iy much 
finer &i>enlccrs than Mr, Heron ; and. n-ithout hjiving heard either of 
these orators, she was already qiTite prepared to corvsider their 
eltM|uence as higher m order Lhan his, Whiti conctrnei! her far morr 
vas thac ahe saw nothing in Victor Heron that did rot coniprl her to 
holdtoortointreiisetht opinion «he had already fomiL^d of hiaaiaaly 
and unEelfish chamcler. She hid hoped in a strange, rcTuctani way 
ihati white sennt: so much ofhiiii lie ^hc mtist needs do during their 
ttlay in Keeton, she might see in him, not indeed anything to Iowvt 
her opinion of his courage, and truthfulness, and nianhuod, but some 
KirlP wcflknesscs or afft'^^^TionB nhtth, harmless in themwlves, niighl 
lower him in her mJnd from hit place, and give her relief and rest 
Yes, »hc hnd in her tccfet heart somcrimes longed poEEionaCely and 
dcspaWngTy lo be able Thtis lo dethrone him from her heart, and to 
sec him as a young mjin Tlko another, She nas suffering so much 
from the pan wluch she had imposed on herself and was detcmbcd 
to play, that she wonli) havir wekoined relief even ;it the cost of the 
overturning of her idol There were times when she yUnp*.t wished 
the were able lo hate him or to despise him, btit she co;ifd do neither- 
The more she saw uf him* the more she was competed to see thui. 
i^der that extetior of almost boyishimpulfiiveneasandrestk-ht enei©', 
there were only too many of the qualities which she held to be 
especially heroic. He was so fmnk and simple, and yet so <icvcr \ 
so fuTI of courage, and yet so modest ; *o strong, and so swtiet and 
gentle. He would not fl.ilter Neptnnc for his trident, she thought, 
nor Jove for his power to thunder. But there is many a man jk good 
as Coriolanus in thai, who, lik*:; Coriolomis, would brag^and bidly* 
and be coarseiy haughty; and Mr. Heron could do nothing like thnL 
To her he seemed nil kindnes5 and frank, simple sweetness, and ^c 
could not dethrone him from his place in her heart, 

Perhaps we may w^eil ask ouraclret whether the cltf^-et and urcastic 

Minob wa-J not, after all, as extravagant a hero-worshrpper as Kitic 

lAic^t? Is It, to xty the Teast, not quite possible that when Liaqr 

uqr J 

Miss MiiaRthropc. 3 j 

<»I)r ciOfEgrniting hii m^u in one wd> x\ much h^ Minob wai cx^g- 
gmting Ibera m another? Ik il likcTy lti:ii hv wiiv Liy uii/ nii';iTiB Out 
p«VBnd ficrfcci hero, »]t tcrm^ili, ;(i;U irulh, iinJ nobUur^e* tb^C 
UinoU wAit rc^tvttl lo bcltcvc him ? Toiiany of ut* pcrliiitUi if 
vchttl kftuvrii liiiii, lie mi};1it ^mvc ^ecuiL'J ;l clever, i^v«:ibft, iiunctfC, 
\aA rathtr simple and impncticable youn^ iFi,in, jnd nolKIng znurr- 
nVintglil have probed hit charai:lrrM'Uh thr muft miparti-il und even 
tecvolem purpoie, hoping to find llttjc our ij^Jt of m.iiihood, 
ffi£ hockfitty fomnd oimr]vt« unabTe to v;e jfiythiDg <^ the lund In 
kE. Btri il may be, loo, that Mmol^ rt^nlly did •sc^ uh:it we rolled 
n sec, and that the hid gm witli her bve. riot 4 daxiled light, but 
i dnnfim n. Vou unnal mnlcc j Loiichslone of every ]>e1>h1e. The 
oilEt pebtkt puydothtir hoiir*i bc*i, -ind Rive ihcir judgrticni, and 

Tirisi howeiin. wt bha]] nul bu abk- to di;::ide> Tl lij.9 JilK^dy 
Ivca Aid in favour of l]^e inipurtuUrty of Miiiub's judgment tlul iil 
fai d)c lud done h^ beil to prwc It ;i inist;ike, ind Eiiid to ratify \\ 
«in>4 her will. But. ti^hc ur wrong, it ^iffecteO her ilU tlic Ktm& 
r^trf diy Uut «he |>u%ed in KccttJn uiidtr ihue [icLulisr circnm- 
iteco only added to the sirengtlt of the frellni^ which oppiencj her, 
ad dfiumt vhich the fought her figlit ia vaJn. 

"] do witJi Uiu ^Tcction ^ould hut for ever, M<^'i dear/' Lucy 
nil, vjth a M^h of minuUd plcasun: and fe^ir. " I never liked ,'Lny 
|tn of icy ItTv luJf 40 nvU " 

T^ierc wu^ 11 isuitl bv ovned. a gr«;Lt d«ja] of pleasure in it for 
Hirab at (relU The pk:i»mc wis u fc;LrfuI joj-, and u-oa mixed uij 
ittTcq'fti:urep3in;ffiiU, ihe cxhilJtocion and ihc de%hiwuTetlieTe. 
A] Ihc time ihcfe v-u a feeUn^f that she wofl not only working u-iih 
Tktor Kcton. but for hini. It is true that ihe time had many bitter 
ttCBtOtt ; it JR true dsio not for years hod bcr spIrLU risc^ £0 
ifan to to hitth a potnu 

Tbat WAS, for inttincc. a ddlftHlfi*] night when they all wcm out 
bibc park And rjimblod about there, iind looked :it ihe ^rt:^t nmu&o- 
bm. U v^u DOLT Dnidjjighi wUlu ihi-y ^ct oui, ftjr it w-i^ wdl-nlgh 
VpOtAle for ihvtn to ^cl jtny tun^ to Lhcm&elveiJ at any t^vller 
W. The vnsal ^MlvH of tbe t>^rk w«re dosed long belbre (hat timo ; 
WUtnob knew uf a little stile Jt one of the baEindLi/t^^ of dic [lark, 
AniQ^h which ttie>~ tnif^t easily ent^, and this guve <juile :k romantic 
Q «f liecpcusmg atid biV'brcaking to the whole escapu-de, which 
VK&tnlunccd it« chaim. The duke ond bis family hud Jiut come 
bth«pUcc,bm««iccapc»£iJci'CJ>'cla7,:ind ihere was someAiiift 



Tht G^l^tnans Maga^inf^ 


nuher piquant in the notion of Ihua tr^apouing on the luidt of iJicir 
pfiiiiical cnfmy. Mr. Money was much dmuseddt the idea of thdr 
all hfing :itTcsTccl .is Tf<:iipi^cr*"[»eriiii|is even as robbcra — and 
brought ticforc some cmintry jiiatlcc, whc iHJght ukc it in:n hii hfAd 
lo render r scrvjre to the duke and Mr. .Shc[i[i:ird by conunilting 
(hem to prison, 'I'hcy were ilt in the highest ipinl^. 

The nijjht iviis one to Inspirit jiny hcitt- It wli& soft fttid watm, 
with a puk'f jjociir rrc*ecni moon )iiat showing itself over the park 
trcc4,an(l .t plLintt oi' ahmingsihef just beneath ihc crc«ccnc of the 
moon, looking like the citiblcm of the Ottoman doinc in light upon 
the ?k)\ There WhIh somcthrng f^int&stk', poetic, an<l a litrlo uiteanny 
about th]fthulf'm<3onwiihthcpLinctju?twLihm the entlo^un'Ofhcrbown 
'* Can any thinjj be more beautiful V Minob oiked al?ud, and in 
her heart she thought " I ought to be very happy and very tlvankfuL 
When laat I w-as here, how lonely 1 was :— I had hardly a friend: 
-ind now, ^hat good, kind friends I have, whom I lovCj antl who, I 
believe, arc really fond of me. How ungmtcful I ihould be if 1 
were lo repine bci:;tiwe I have not everything Ihal an idle lani:ynM.k<« 
rtir a^k for!" The whole influence of the ptace, the hour, the con* 
clitjon* entered into her soul, and m,idc her think life very *wcei and 
graelous thdL 

1'hey were standing near the steps of the raausoleum- 
*' Sow, ' BAid \Ai<:^. " Lherc is one thing I should so like just at 
this moment : it would be delightful'* 

*'\Vell. Uicelci. is it >" her father -v^kcd- "Is it to haw 
scleral hnirs of the duke's beard? Perhaps Mr^ Heron will pledge 
himself to gel them jf ymi only ask him i^eltily." 

" P.ipa, deai^ what nonsense !" I-Liry was not acquainted willi 
Ihc advenrurei of Sit Huon of Bordeaux^ " No ; I raiiy wnni NoU 
to sing for U4 just hert. It would be delightful in thiM ^ir And t\ 
thin npot " 

"Don't know tli:il it would do Mi» Grey's voice mucli good lo 
be exerted .-it midnight in the open air, l,ticclet." 

" It couldn't do it anj p.iriicitlar h^mi," Minola (jid, only too 
Ivppy In her ptcM'ni mood to h^vc a cimncc of pleasing anybody. 
'^My voit^ 1*1 not gixid enough lo ^tA any h^iim, I am only afra»d 
ihat yoti nijiy not be able to hear roe/' 

-'WcH (^ume dostj around you and make a ring, so far da out 
Qumbeii will albw u« " VicLor ijid. 

Mii:ola inounied die ^lepa of the mausoleum to get some advao- 
tdlge OVL-r her uudiencc, as her voice was not strongs aniT ihcy siood 
belOlVf not in u ring, but in a row. 

Afiss Misaf:t&r€pf. 

"mac stall I nng? ' »he ai&ked. 

Of coiin« ehtf ^oii only bcioughE \o ixvig any .*iang &hc pko^c^!; 
»^ oiher thfln keep ihcm wailing and moke herself appear fu if she 
fW ftlteichicv *^^ touch vduc ro a iriAc* she tang at once the T^rsi 
M<f U»l came mto her ntind. Ii w^ (he »ory of the liicklCKa lovci 
c/Butttia Allen. 

^liaoU's Ti>>C« wu &in^lar1y frcah^ pUT«> and sweet It WiiAied 
■Mpgili^Alid would have ioundctl lu htlk- udvnntAj;<: in n coTici;n 
^Bn. It bod KiQio exqtnMto !iliadvH> ir ve may \ii< atich an cx|in:i- 
vco. vtiicb wouM have been bat altogcthur In a grcit hall and on on 
eofiBOiT' ottdicDOC Minob. Eionacious of the lock of itrcnglh in her 
tnn; ubd yet c<Hiipcl]t.\l by hn tlrsntaiic inattncis lo >cek for the 
kkittixpTesuoo even when »he only sang to pleas? h^r^df, htu3 tried 
u nakc S«r sangicig ^iuty her fecliug^ and her pcrce|>uon of p(i^ic;lI 
naning by gmng its fullol \-iilu« to every syllable ttnd every tone- 
Tbc Kini^ ihc ung teemed to have much more in ihcm th;Ln as they 
vttcmig by anyone chc, Netv meanings and shnd^s of meaning 
ipfcvtd 10 come out 3s llie 'kVords ULmc from her Lips. But it 
nqu^ed apprGci-ttive lisEcnert to get al the gcmiine l)&iuly of her 
«flB<V ' ^^ ^^ littencn mLiiit not be f^i iwa)' from the singer, or, 
aa Cttlter how ipprecifllivct they must lose much of the effect. Iti 
ii>c «peD lir hef voieu would U£Uj:t]ly have failed to impreu one ; but 
ikii night the air waj to pure and clear and soft, and the whole 
ptoee was so nlcnt, that the voice eecroed mode fL^r ihe pEace, the 
hnt,iDd the lUnntphcre; and the voice, indeed, liccame to ihe ears 
flf 9Unc of the dijdicnce u if it were a port of the scene, on esse nCial 
fnrijEiOQ of il) charm. At ihc song went on, the liaicncrs found 
Acftieltfie^ dmwa on to ciAccnd the first fitep of the mairsoleiim, that 
Aej might uot ]o«c a i^ylLTldc c*f the 5wcci, ud, old-fdi^hioncd siory 
tkn fr^crly 4nd lympathciicjlly told. 

Iht tockg wu over. No one haid n stord iSircctly in its praise. 
FcTA moment, mdctd, Ihcte wu silence. 

"1 irith she would not come down fiom Ihe ?ilepi just yet," !;aid 
Uqr. "Suy a moment, Nob dear^ we shari Ask you to sing 
WDdhiaij elw if you will. I do lik? ro acr her Atd.nding 
llwc,' she exjiUiocd t«> her f*xthcr and Heron; ''she looks like 

They jukcd her to ting ^omethin^ elbe^ and of course she wa£ 
•ttly too gUd ro ple.iie ihcm. This time ihe chow u little b;*llid of 
^'lltei Sioil's t" l*c found in "The T^ralc," of wltidi in her >oung 
^\-i<A lom^inLc MmoU Ubcd to be fonH Tlii^ ^oiig <ihe hail put of 

WovQcotxeit to liie miitic oT^tlijiJe-k^joivji folk -Kongoflh^botdet, 


i6 Tilt Gtntfetnafis Ma^^jslnr. 

whif}» Mcmcd to hor to suit its apHt and wordii. Il uilic ballad 

which giv-CH the betrayed lover** frtrcvcH to the *'wild fcrr)- which 
HAcan rouM bnivf, when the peaks of ihc hfcerp)' were white with the 
wave/ and lolhc maid who "niny look over thOHc wild warc?( in ram 
for the skiff of her tovcr, he eoin'^ft not a^in." For ihe broken row^ 
the maiden may fling Ihem on ihc wild cuncnt, and the merroaidcn 
tnfty sTng ihcm. "New iwcttncn Ihcyll ^vc her btwilderins 
Mtnin; there i* one who will never believe ihcm ngain." If MinoU 
hod really been n beirjjcJ lover, slie could not have czpresKd 
more aimpl/ and more mo\-in5ly the proud pansEon of a brokcci 
hmTt- A* Lnr/s face was iiprumcd in the moonhghl, Vielor «* 
her eyei were sftrimmm^ in tcfirs- Ht was grently ehiumcri Jind 
hed by her senairivcncM, and fcTi drawn to her Iti ati iiniwiuil 
He iLimed hia eyes away, fearing she might know thnt he had 
«en her tears. 

Minola caine down Trom the stepn silently. A« yet, no one had 
thanked her or r>aid hn songi: gave pleasure; huF Mfnola Telt that she 
had pleawd them, and th^il ihcy hkcd her to «^ing, and for die time xhe 
WAS happy. Jf she eoidd ha>c known that her song had hroiight 
Virror Iferon nearer in feeling than ever he was before to her friend 
Luey^ she woidd pcihajw have fell an added Although a rather melan- 
choly pimsure in the power of her song. CcrtJiinly the scn&inod tluit 
passed through Victor's breast js he heard the last lines of Ihe ^n^;; 
aiid looked on Liicy'^i face, and saw the sfKtrklin^ tears in her cy*», 
W2& wmetUingnew to him, .ind lo iliwlf no poor tribute to Ihe influence 
of the musie. 

Mr, Money was the first to (peak. 

" Your way of singing, Mius Grey, reminds me of what I otic« 
he^rd ^ \cTy i^lcref man iiy of ihc reading of Shakespeare** wnrrelt. 
He saiJ he never hmid diem properly read c^f^rpl by a Iiiaq wSi> 
was dying, lite your fncnd ihc lover of ttnibarit Allen, uod who c^uld 
hardly upeak above his breath.' 

"My dear pa]KL, what a compliment lo NoU I " the astonished 
Luey exclaimed. 

" VoLi don't undci^uind it, Lueelct — MIbs Grey doi^, 1 am Hure, 
and I hope Heron dot^, altliough 1 am not to aure In hi& ast. It 
means that this poor dying (joet— he was a poei, didji'l I say ? " 

*' No, indeed you dJdn V' eaid Ljcy. 

" Oh, yes, he was a poet. Well, this poor dyiiij; poei had to nuk« 
Sttcb use of his failing voice to express all the meaning of the pocRifl 
be loved above all others, that he would not allow the most delicate 
tovch of meaning or feeling to escape in his reading- Mow you begin 
undtmundj Lticehi ? Miss Grey's ain^ng is as f^Tve o& ^^^iv" 

Afiss MhanihrGpe. 

"OK ir Kob ih i:oiii[:nfi:<! Io;l \\mv\ I don't mind. Bu[ -^ cly'riK 
poet t* nthcT £ mcUTuholy jJo, a.i]J not a bit liLir N'oUl I Jilwjiy* 
tlnak «f Kola as full of bcalih and life, oi^d everything biJ^bi uid 

" Still I i)Tiftc on(l<:numd what ^fr, T^loncy moans, and ii it u threat 
fOOpUactitt*' Minoli fald^ "There mu^E have been st>mcthina 
vohderM, lupernaTiiral, in hearing ihis dyin^'i>ovt recite such 1inc«." 

" P«Offt(- «ith great siroiii; voicei hardl}' w^r think jnuch of wlui 
on W dODC t;y inerv cx^'Fcs^iurk" ^Tuiil')' rtnuirki'd, 

*"njcn *< ou^t to litf ;;hU if we hjv^.' wyt\ Kt>^ voices?" 
)axb asted , 

"Wtfit yc?!: In many cnxn, ai Ic^f. T ihmk »o, Ii inake» yo\i 

"And petlutiit ihey would ting bctt v^bo hud no voice At uH." 

** Ptrhapi so." aiid Money ifnvcly; *' I aliouldrv*! ^rondtt." 

Aftc* this ihcy all laughed, and the moment of sentiment wni 
Bel yet Victor Httt>n remaibc^J very allcnt and sccminEly 
ftt Tl^c new and atnin^ beneation which had artBon m him 
ion heutAg Minob'ft votce and secliig Lucy's tear-sparUfrd ^yc« 
U not Gided yet. It pnplextJ him, and yut L:id sonatluin: 
Irt^lflful in it. The a;iiliOT of ■■ Caleb Williams " declared lh;it in it 
k lodd i^ve to the world Huch a l>£>ok tliaC no man who had read it 
AooU ever be quite the ^mc man again. Siirh a change It happens 
% mcve i^rdinaiy hcingt to work uneonadou^ly En many men ot 
■Wwi. A ^-frwofft ballfld, an air plnycd on a harp, a<hiuicc word 
« TtD, the cxproaion of a l:p or an eyc^ an all unstudied attitude. 
ifaT dutagt a whole life t<o that never again shtdl lE be exactly what 
«ns before. 

" Wc must be getting home/' said Money. " There are speeches 
IVbttnideiO-xnorTow, Heron, my good fellow— there arc dc^putalionfi 
IVnccfre, and I own to being a mon who likes to slcap,^ 

"Jn« here ind just now." s.iid Vicior, "the apcech-mnking and 
ivdqmtationaE Ecem tathct vulgar business," 

He thought KO now very sincerely. A sense of the vulgarity (tad 
^^ of commonplace ambiitons and mniggles is one of the 
nnaaBoHa] effects of moonlight^ and miiik, and iridnight air, and 
■4 din- But in Heron"* taK lhi:rc was something more than all 
ifairUch he did not yet undeT»tand^ 

"The things hive to be got through -inyhow." Mn Money 
■«w<d, "And these young Indies will be losing altogether tlieir 

"Oh.! x^soAthtidc^ot'gamgiosit^iKi fuch anighlis odiou 


38 7*^ CtniUmati's JlLi^asim, 

when wf might be out under the flar* in ihU ddighlEil pUfc ! " Lxiqr 
cxcUimrd- ''And hcndca, papa, the truth i% thftt NoUand J atngiyv 
nit up together for ever so lon^ after cvciybody cIac his gone, no 
matter whnt the hdur maybe — jnd ga wc might ^kswrlJ hrhrrc as anj- 
where d*r. If our bcaiily depends on e^rly hour* it i^ rorfciicd lolifl 
Bircc, and tliert*^ no use ihrnkin^- nbout U now/' 

" J know Miss Groy is far too ■scn^iiblc a. girl to ^hanc any such 
sentiments— so come with mc, MifpS Grey, and we shjill at !cut Kct J 
good example." 

He took Minola's arm and drew it within his own with goud- 
humonrcd mastery, and led her away, I-ucy and Vjclot had perJw« 
to follow. Iliey tan jifier Money mdhiseompanion- MmcJacould 
hear ihnr Ijitightcf and the sound of thdr qviJi^k feet AXtitfy approached. 
Then when Ihey came near Ihey shekencd their speed, And lai^ged a 
litlJe behind- She could hear the ^ound of their voice^aslhcy Ulkcd. 
They spoke in low tone*, hul liic swcer pure midnight iir <dLowcd at 
Iciist the fainf murmur of the Utnc* to rcjicli her ear as she walked 
quickly on, leaning *tn Mi. Money"* arm, and trying to talk to him 
about the prospects of the coming elec lion. 

" If hctovcs her. he mU5| tell her so now— here," MinoLnhought 
"This surely w the place and the hour for a declaration of love, and 
he iXocs love lier^tlie is so very sweet and good/' 

She tried Is? make henelf believe thai she was very l^ri-iyt an*I 
that iXiK rejoiced lo know that Lucy was loved— by him, and even 
tliat ^e wo^ tathcr amu^icd in a high, rniconceined ^^ay by their lovi^ 
making. When ihcy had crossed the slile of the park and passed 
into llie stretia, Victor jnd Lucy came up with them again, and walked 
by Iheir side. 

'* Itis done," Minola iJwught- "'She has heard him no^i, and she 
has all her wish.** Aloud (he ^id, " I suppose you arc rigbt, Mf. 
Uoney, about the ballot — I had not dtotight mudi of that, but I am 
mie you must be right." 


Pa»t M. 

THE Best norvd of Iclcfiiaphy (0 be^ described blhc Izon^nii^bn 
of ACtuil iusimila of wrilingx or drawings. So far x: btnct 
tcqscnct of t«bj«-'l-matfcr ii conrcmed, I ought, pcihaps, at th^s 
fditt, to ihow hOTC duplex ickgnpby h^f l>ccn siiq^ssed by <i Tcrcnt 
ttvtmion dubliog three ot four ormoTV mr&s^ts lo br aiirLitJuncously 
nuiBiattcd leWgraptiioIly^ But it vilL be more corkv^^nicnt (o con- 
tidci diu woodcf6iil advanire ^icr ! have dctfrtbc^l \\\^ nicLhod^ by 
*^b fmimiTn ofhjindffTitiniE, Uc, are 

Hirhfrt:^ wc hive coD*tdcrt(1 the 

■sun tA ihr drtfOw rurrtnt in dcflcri- 

if 1 m{n<:tic nccdU ir> right or [cfr, a 

»hod of mnniinicuion leaving no 

biaef itt trftD«iii«iion. Wc hn^c nnw 

DeoMideT a method ac once Mniptcr in 

fhKiple and affording nififi» thereby 

ifcmunnt ncord ain be lefE of each 

fOttge mnMntTl«1, 

If iheinsuliLcd wire 14 Lwidted in (he form of a hclb: or cciit 
fvnd a h4T of »o1t irotij the bjtr becomes tnagnetucd while the cur- 
ntis pftning. If th: bfir be bent into the hor»c-9hoc fonn> as in 
% t, ■hrrc A c B rq>re«mt3 the bar. a * < rf ^/ihe coil of insulutcd 
•Tttvdie hor aos w A mognci whik the cuTwrn is passing along 
Ik cinf, but ccfljca to do »o as soon u the curcnt is inE^mptcd J 

rtrt. & 

' I wok a^ai the FPtdo jL^^ainkt fj^^ 348 in GuiUcmm'i 4^/J><Wfjrn ^f^f 
'^■uf Avrf^io vtW.hlhr [mrlf ^ i>rUiF wixr ianol ih^nii. Tlirf^o colli qip 
■ wlij Hit </ ■ tln^lr oniliilMiVfl mfo lwt> 1o pemiic of ihrr luir Wing 1<ji|; 
Mbivio*vUkc |«rt f ^ii to djvldc (he wiie, DmJ, c>f coiinr, timk itjc cumnU 
BlBlllCKiesUuT f VptAVAfrom Ihc kuoIc udcof coil A £. Ii£, &, 10 the ne«r 
lial tdl ^f. H it Hrcir ulctn nmnd ihe (cmole liijc uf ihe laTlri cni^^ ttt 
4ao«tth*t*e(<''J'W'«™A»'MpByrRTrp/rftecLir«nt Along th« otYiOt. 



T^ GcHlUmans Ma^asine, 

It^ lliCRi wv havi? a tctc^r^ijJiii: wLr^ from a. dutant fUtioii lit tiectric 
connvUiou whh the wire a ^ ^ llic pajt f / d^^scciiiliiig U> an «mfa- 
plaii;, ihcTQ, acajfdiiig at Lho opcmior al that diri^Luil tfLitiun tmumtu 
or fiiupn ihc cutTvau the Iwn a c u is uiagnclised ui <[cQugneiisod» 
The parte is cfNumoDly replaced by u flat piece (if iron, u ismpposed 
to be ihc COM with the tempunry nia^^aet^ shown in tig, 7, whiTrc tbU 
flat piece Ik below the coil^ 

So Taj buck AB jSjB diib projierty was applied t>y Mottt« n 
Aiucrica jn the rccor^ling initninieni whidi bcjn hit name, and is 
now (with tli^hl modifiuiionA) tngeaeml u&e not only in Americm 
but un the Continent, The principle of this mslramvm is exoceiS- 
ingly simple. Its easeniial fxirts are shown in fig, 7; h ia ihc 
hATdlc. ir A the lever of ihe manipulator at the sucion -i. The 
mflnipulAtor U nhowa in the position for receiving ti mesvtgc torn 
the sLiiion II along the wire w. The handle ii* of the manipulator 
at the «uiion 11 U shown (depressed, making connectton at a' with the 

Fre. 7. 

wire from ^e hattcry n'p'. Thus a current passes tlirough the 
handle 10 t', along ihe y^iie to c and through ^ to the coil of the 
tcmpomiy magnet m, aHer circling which U passes to the earth at f 
and so by e' to the negative |>oLe n'. llio jxissa^-e of this cnrrcnl 
magneiises m, which dmws down ihe armature ni. Thus the lever /, 
policed dovi-n on this Bide, presses upwards the pointed &iylc j ogntnst 
a strip of paper / which is steadily rolled off from the wheel w so 
long as a message h being received. (Tlie mcchnnism for diis pur- 
pose is not indicated in fig. 7.) Thus, so long ob the opcmior at a' 
hold^i down the handle tt'j the style J mnrks the moving slrip of 
paper, the spring r under the tever s /, dmwing ihe style away so 
soon as the current ceases 10 flow and the magnet to aict, Ifhe 
simply depresses the handle for an instant* a dot is marked; if 
longer, a dash; «nd by various combinations of dots and duhcs aU 

On St^me Marvils in Tde^mpky. 

Ibc )ffU«% ttumenafa, &c arc indicatviJ. Whvn iLo Q|>i;ralor al u luu 
GctnpkCnl hi) lueujgc. the liaiidlc u' Lctng rdiftcd by the :;ptin£ 
onder it lo ibc position in whieb li is thowo, a racs^ge r^n be 


I hjivcici ife figure v)d <Ic£cnption t^aumcdthat the rurrcnf ffom 
other nuioci mc(» directly on the magnet whirJi ivorks the rccoftho^ 
9l\t* tTnAlirt io 1oii£-<)i:(Linoe iclcffTnphy, the ciincnc jstoov^eak 
lor thiiv ^d the mj^ci on which j[ a*:ts is lucd only to complete 
Iteda^ii of A loLil hAttery, the current from which docs the real 
foit of roacnniftinc: u at a or m' at b, aa the caac may be. A locii] 
knay tktu eiDptoycd is called a nv^/. 

The Mone inatiumcnt ^^■ill wrvc to lUuitrjlc the friadpU of Ihc 
Mhodft by vhkh Idcsniulcs on: ohlAiiictl- Ihc deuub of cxinitni& 
IM IPC Altogether diOercnt from thosi; of the Morse irutrumcnt ; they 
Jin my gieitly In different injicnimentXH and nrc too complex lo be 
nKnsicstly dcsdilicd here Bui the prlndplc, which i»ihc cavcnrinl 
loas, cut be rctdily undcratond. 

In irorking the Monc [nsifumcnr, the operator at B depresses die 
hiAjc n\ Siip|jose that ihiH handle is kept dc-prcHNcd hy a ^prin^, 
ttlthil a loQg strip of ya^^tx pas^tl^ unifomily between the two 
piittat«pceveclscDniact> TheanocurrenCeunpOAS. But jf there 
iil&ole ia ihU jupcr, then when the hole reaches it the two metal 
poduaitt fuciH nnd the eiirrritt puacx. We hare here thcprinriplc 
tfttt Bitn trlfgraphr A Iciii^ imp of paper in punched with sm^ll 
nd long hole*, corTMponding to The dou .ind marks of a mt^age 
tf the Mone jlphabet At it passes between a mel^L wheel and a 
9ni^ bolh IbnniTig part of the circnii, it hreakn the circuit until a 
te allow* Ihe spring to touch the whoel, ciThcr rot » tihort oi (onger 
iSMlefval, during which the current pasne^ to the other ntation, 
■fcoe it *et* a reby ai work- In Ikin's sjiflcm the message i^ 
WOTtd on athemicjly-prcparcd «rip of paper, moving imiFumit^r 
CAe recei^i^n >TAiicJn, and conncniett wUh Ihc ncgaiivt jmlc of rhc 
Dtky butciy. When eontarl ia made, thcfnee ofchcixiper iaimiched 
lyiMed pointer <^onnecie(I with the posiU've pi^ifc, and the cjn^^nf 
*ttcft pufcs from the end of Ihr pointer ihroLigh the p.ipcr ro the' 
Scfllivepole ptodneoa blue mjirk on thcfhcmically-prc^iared paper.' 

Wc lee that by Hain*» amn^emcnt a paper it marked with dnis 
ul lino, corretponding to ronnd .imJ i-1cmgn.ti^ Unles in a ribljoii of 
pipe:- U is only a *tep from Ihii tu the production of fLUisiiojIcs of 
vittuip e« diawingi. 

' TW papv ia tMLcil iA dilate Afrr«ymUI« of [loiftBlum, find Ibe ]H«n^ of 




Th€ Geniletnati's Magaziru, 

SupiXKtf a filicct of i>»])cr iQ prcp;Ln:(| an to bu u vonduL'tcv of 
electricity* and lh»t a, xnt^ViSt^t' U svhiLcn on the pupcr wi^li vjin^ non^ 
conUuctin^ stib^Unrt fuj ink Iflhut ^hn:t wcic i/.iHvnl be twc^n lliv 
knobv al tf |i1k^ h^^-ndk k lit'in^ pn^^cd down Ly -i ^|jfinf;h vrhitKl 
vimultanf^vu^ly a ^hcvl ^r FS^iIu'k thttmdlly'j.rrtpuml jfAiJi^r ircrv 
paEicd 0thw^Tt iTif ^ird putnkT ]\\. tlic rct:eivm|>; siitruii. Ilirrt wuuld 
be trued amrost (he l:L«t'nLiTn<^c1 pjipcr ;; blue line, which uould be 
broken jl fuiti corrrs|)onding to thoie on the olhet paper nbhere the 
non-tondurting ink intcmiplfd the t-uiteni. Suppose the pvocus 
lepe-Jietlp «:Adi pip^r being i^gtltly khifled ko lh;it the Xmc tntoed 
Bcto«s rilhef would be piiraliel and vciy dtwc :o ihe fotmer, but pre- 
cisely cgttesiiondiug u respects the po&ition of its lenglJi. Thett tbii 
line, ^IsOf on the recording paper wiU be biokcn ae paitt comapondinit 
to Ihoif in H'hich tht line :<cru*i% Oie iratt&minmg jufprf meett 
ihc writing. If line ^cj Itiic b<; dr^wn iji Ihfis wiiy tiil ihc G<ilir« 
breadth of the IrAnsmiitinK (HipEr ha« b^en crosicd by clow piridld 
liiithjllic entire bicjiJth of ihcrsfceiviugpapfrw'tll be covered bvcloiely- 
m-tik^d blue Imcs except where ihr iviitnij^ h»& broken thu contACl. 
Thu^ a nfrgalivp fjcatmili^ of the wrihttg will be fijund in ihp mar^jwr 
indicated Jii figs. S and Q,' In reality, in pmcewe^ of this \u\<\, the 
p^pcrb (unlike tJic rjtrbotis on l^ain^s 1<?lcgTRp)i) ^re noE carried acrow 
in The way I have Tmapincrf, tiitt arc *4vc|]t by 5iicc<ssivc *Lrok*( of A 
moveable pomlcri o^loji^ « hich ttic current flou'i ; birl the principle u 
Ihe «anic. 

I'm. S. Fiu-g- 

It is essential, in such apror^^ss tA I luivc described , fir^l, tiuit 


telegaph, In Nicbol's Cyihf^ia, Hiv. \\a inTerllon 0/ thli'pioctt* is dn to Mr- 

Oh S(^mf A/<Tri:r/s in Telegraphy, 

iMMdini ihcci ahotdd be caHfd athw&n ihf painter which eenivevi 
ftc MOtbg cwTvnt (Or the potnicr cimfd actoift the rtcoiding 
tfacCI) ia prtcHc actordflncc vith thr motion of the Irarismiuing 
^ax ftthwiTl The viir or 9t}-lE which conrcyi the fiirr^iM to i]ic long 
ftif between the rtJtiom (or of thti siyle aaoii the tan^ciitting 
Am). The recording sheet and ihe transminirg sheer mnni attobc 
afatted h«t»vem c»di afmko iiy an e^ual amount. 'Ilie Tnriw j»giut is 
CMfl|r 96CQrtd ; tho feimcr is secured by CAurin^ the rnnhanism 
tlidi ^ve* the u«n«miiimg Myle its aucecsttvc itrokci in niAke jnd 
IrA cvcuil, by whifh a leciponuy magnet at the fc^ riving sTation 
ii ■■pftiTf iT tatfi fltnu^clised : hy the oetion of thit nuA^nci ihc 
f?cffi£Bf pointCT i^eajtted EnKtArtoniL^mfltinn nthw^iTtth? receiving 
ibeet,40d mora^ nniformly it complcKii ji« thwart ^Iroke at the umc 
tMDBi u the tnrumitting style. 

Cucllr^ lioj^elegnph admirably elTecti the tniD«mL»ion of fac- 
ttttk^ The tnmnnttting style ifl cutictI by the motion of a hexvy 
fflidahim m in are of fonitanl mngc otct a rytindrical siirfbfe on 
lAkblbe p*pcr toinuining ihe tn«sagF:, wnling, or picture i^ si>n:ad, 
Ai the nrifl^ of the pcndiilum begin-s ^ ^imLlor pendiiluni av the 
fRxrTtng«talMiihef:in» ibi iwin^; the mmcbrcAkofciTcuii which (by 
rt^H.iwli 11114 ■nii»|iMiBfjiniijTnri)riTnTi I one, reka^fv the other also. 
TV tilTer airing» Ln an sk of prtviidy the Mmr rangr. and camca 
1 |ved»dy um^ltr style over a itinilar cylintlnoal aiirfice on ^hich is 
|ted the prefEued receiving pAprr, In fed, the same penduluni 
itothcr rtalwn a nied for transmiHiog and for r^teiving fawimile(^. 
Ilf, &0C ooly w\ but each pcndvilum, aa il swings, serve* in the 
mli both of nan^mUELQg and reeording ^csimilcs. A&it swings oue 
^.htrivcU along a line over each of two rocssHTge? ordrawmgji, i%hile 
ie otiier piadalufn in Itt lynchionou^ swing trat:^ s a coriei^pojiding 
l»m«rfad> of two receiving sheets ; and la it suings ihr other 
*3y,it tiwre* a line on cachof two receiving 5 he tts, rorreiponding \o 
lae hitct aliai^ which the trarnmuting Jtyle of the other i> pa&sin); 
mciuges or drawings, jinch. ai least, 1.1 the viay in wliich 
[iBcnt works in buiy timwi- It can. of course, send a me*- 
^^ « two meuages, without reef iving any.' 

UCudlPi pantdegnph m^Mersarc 10 arranged that innteadof 
* Dcynhf £i<iuni1c, like Bg. 9* ^ ituc ijcvmik iri chtained in all 
fetpKU cwvpc thai tlic Ictlcn and figures arc mode by ctose]y-$et 

M( It to bt nt*?rT ', howcTtf, ihil Th* iei^on]in|{ ]>uinrFi inu^i tlwayi mvk Un 
l«lBAeiHMil«vNiW| •Dtha^l, unlcHs iii??uee L) \x\k^ iTuumicrvd » (he 
■v to* dttt CQC (> l»lrig r«p1*rrt (in which cue lh« QfiCitUtJona both vrKy^ mt 
*AMh tht MalmHi* *T/i' oe^ Jum^ dcv Ii4!r of each cjmpktc ilou'b^c 

7& Castlfman's Magtame, 

dnJc linefl Enbtoad of bdng dnrk tl]rc*u;i;hotii at in the mr^ftig& 
tnminiittiDg paper is c:onduL:ting and iho ink non-i:oi;[Iuctui^ v 
BaktiweU'sotig^nj] arrangement; but uisttadofthe coDduttiog p^ 
completing t3ic ginuiL for the di^tatit lUtion, it comptclct a sht 

hdUic cjicuit (iK> t<} ii^caL) ^luiig whidi Uic currcni trai'di mthci 
entering on ihc distant circuit. When the ncm-conducting ink bm 
the *hoit circuity the furrcnl ttAvcli in the long circuit thron|i;ti t 
recording poinirr at ihc receiving station; and a maik \% thu^ am 
iiTMpanding to the mkcd pATi of the tmmnutting ^hcct tnttcad 
^thtf bknk |uri^ ai in the oidci pkii. 

The following panugefmmGufflemin's "Applied tion of the Phjiic 
fortes'* indicates the effeclivcneB of CflacHi's [WTUck^;ra|ih not OC 
•^ Tcspeci^ the clujraricr of the mcaage lE tnnvej*, Jjiii ns lo rjipiJi 
of irawsmi^sJon, (I alter Ihf^ nieastires from the metric to oux us 
system of notAtion.^ " Nothing is ^jmpler than tlw writing of 
jLinlctcgraph- The message vrhen wntlen is placed on the nifC 
tt\ llic tr,inMniI(in^;f-ylindti. The clerk mwlkes Ihc warning tJgna]^ a 
then sel« the pcnduTum gojng- TUt Ifansmis^jou of the message 
accomplished auJom,ilKallyj w:lhoiit the clerk having any work to di 
and conieqn(.*ntly without [his] being obliged to acqmre any specfj 
knowledge, hincc two danpatdhes may be sent ar the same timt- 
And lincc ahcprthand may he used — the mpidi^ of iranHnission mi^ 
be considerable." "The long pendulum of Ca^setli's lelegi^ph," uy 
M. Quel, " gencr.iJly perform'! about foriy oidlUtions a imnutcT *« 
ihu Mylts trace forly broken lidcs, separated from each other by kv 
than the bundfedth jart of an inch. In one niinule the hnc 
de^Liibed by the style have ranged over a brcfldth of more lh:Ln luJ 
an inch, and in twenty minutes of nearly loj fnche*. As ve C2 
give the hne* a k-nglh of ^j inches, it follows IhaT in iwenlf niinuie 
CufUi'v apparatus rumishe^ the facsimdc of llic writing on drav 
ing traeed cm a metallised plate 4^ inches broad by toj iodic 
long. VtiT cIcamcM of rejiroduction the originjil writing must be ver 
legible and in Iflrgc ehamctcts- " " Since iSft5 t^e hne from PaHt t 
Lyoni anil Mur^eiJIcs has been open to the public for the troiwDh 
Hion of messages by this Inily marvellous system.'* 

It will easily be seen thnt CaseUi's method is capable of man 
important usc> besides the uansmisJion of tacsimile^ of handwrttia, 

^ 1i SAtiat la me n piiy iliin In itie En^Tldi (ifriinn or thli wmk Ihc uvvi 
mtisufd havf not Iwm tubttiiiLicil ihroin-liuui. The ^*tk it nui inteurfed ■ 
inili^eil kuiE^ble for HjcgrJn: tetAvn, whci lUonp s« ji[i:uVciiiia1 t*i xhr nj^U 
lyiEfin. Olh?t re^li^iado noi card Ed lutvp a liLlSv mm in rpiIucElDn tfr£0 itindl? 

On Somt Marvils in Tibgraphy* 

jftsuncf, b) meukt of >t a portnuC of some pctun who it lo b^- 

bMlic, uf wiii; vfau tiM ctopcU^KiniliL'i huhtumi, iirliUklmnd who fiu( 
letcndd bb vi£e« or miniiuc child, alkI ao ui^^VrUu bf muI iii a ft-tF 
eiaates to a dj>utit di> wliciv ih« iiirninK pcrwJi i< liktrly tu btj. 
ABihub arcc«Q:y is that fiurii :l photo^rjph of uihvr poitni; nn 
viitL eiii]>kfycd fbr the purpou: iv iJic iiaiuniituux sl^lio" tliould, in 
^nU iikI beivy line*, ^kclch ihc liQcAUicnu of ihc mitun^ per^ion on 
wm <4 iIlc pr^;trctl shccu, at in fig. lo. The purtr4it ai the fccciv- 
tf| audon «iU jfj|H^r ^ in fr^. l i, anij If neoctaary aei ariibt Jl thlti 
Mauioo cin iLukcn Uw ]inc« or ui oittci way» tmprovt; t)ic pictiin 
vibthout Alicnct llic lilicncu. 

Fi& lo. 

Fiu. II. 

8vi no* wt mLi« mm to the gfttilwi inorrd oi all— the uanM* 
jQ of lories, tunc*, and v&rds by the clrptric wire. 

The mniaiitiiOTi c.f l!n> rliylhm of an air is of couTStf i very 
^m^ lOARcr. 1 l«vc <ccn Uie fonfming pHsaagc from " I-aidner'e 
V»etia of Scsenoe aad Ait," 1S59, (]uotcrd as describing an antid- 
picin of ibe tclcphodCn thm^i^h in rc.ilitj' il only ahtms whui cvery- 
•3 wfci> bis bcijd a ttlcgrjiphic: uidirjiiot ai wotU muti hnvc noticed, 
fcl the dkk of th* instrunicnt may be mad e lo keep Umc with aiV 
*t * Wc *«e in \hf li^narfr ^ticet Office^ when there ^aa 'i 




Tk4 G^nelefHan's Afagasinf^ 

pau% in ihtf liusincHs operacionE. .Mr. M, Porter, of ihp oAkv ai 
Boston— the writer being ax New Yort— flslccd what tunc we would 
have? We rejilicd, "Yankee Doodle/ and lo our surpritc he im- 
aaedlntcl^ complied with our request. The inirtnimcnt, a Momc one 
ttmrncnccd ^irtimming the noi^ of the tunc an |>crfccily and ilb- 
UncilyosB skilful dnimmer could have mode ihcm at the heAd of a rc;gi. 
meni, and many \A\\ be astonished to hear that ' Yaolcce Dnoflle ' can 
travel by ligliLning. - - . - So ^rfcctly.ind distinctly \verelhr-toiTndi 
of the nin'£« tranKmined, that good inamimcnul petfonncn rn\ild hive 
h4td no dimculiy In keeping time with the inatrumenis M ihi« end of 

Ihewirca 'l"hat a in^niet in London should enccutc n TanCuli 

at V\\f\^. ]Sr\ts5cISi Berlin, and Vientta» At thv some momcni, and with 
the Kame nptrit, cuf^re^OD, imJ precisioii as if the inatmincnti at 
these dtstanE places were under lii& itngtiis, ie not only within the 
limits of ijmuitability* but ruiilly ^trirscDls no other difiicuUy tli*n 
may oribC trum Ihe i^\|jcn5t^ of the pi'rforni:inces. From wh^t hu 
juKt bcon btitvdt it is duar that the time of mu»ic haa been alrcftd/ 
transmitted, aiid the pmdut(ion of the sounds docs not offer Jtny 
more diEcuUy than the priiifing of the letters of a despatch," Ifn- 
fortuiiately, Lardner omitted to describe how this c^^y la^lc was to 
be Jichieved- 

Kewis 6ist in iS6i showed how a sound can be transmitted, Ai 
(he lending KUtionn 4C[:ordinfc to his method, ih^te is a box, into 
which, through j pipe in the side, the note to be transmitted is 
sounded. The box is open at the tup, and across ii^ aear Ihe top, is 
6iretcl«d a membr^ine which vibiale:; synchronously with the Aerid 
vibrations and re^i^ondin^ to tht note- At the middle of the membrane, 
on its upper Eurface, is a ani.'^ll disc of metal, connected by a ihin 
strip of copper with the positive ijult of the battery at the transmittir^ 
fiCfltion. The disc also, when the machine is about to be put in tise, 
lightly touches n point on a metallic &rm, cilong which ^while tliii 
contact continues) the electric current passes to thewc comnnin^ 
eating with the disunt station. At that station tlie wire is carried ifl 
n coil round a straight rod of soft iron su&pended horiiontfllly in siicli 
a way ns to be free to vibrate beiwetn two sounding-boards. Afla 
forming thin coil» the wire which conveys the current pAsacn to the 
cAith-platc and ao homi."- As already explained, while the cunent 
prisscs the rod of iron is mngnctised, but loses it^ mnguctiBation uhen 
the furrcnt ceases. 

Now, when a nolc is aoundcd in the hos: at the tian«iiiitiing 
station^ the membrane vLhrates, and at each vibration Ihc mctji! di»i; 
is t^tttrai&d from ihc point which it lightly touches when ai rest 

On Sem^ Marvels in Ttl^mpky, 

iittCMiU^E \\ hfAkcn Al rcguUr intcrvftl^r rnrrrvprrmlinft to [he ti\t 
ti KOntaan due id ihe note, Su^po&c, im inihtancr^ [h<? note C i» 
nmiaii iben iJick ore 256 complcTc vibntiOM in a iicci^ad, 
tk«lectfkcarTcm ift therefore imemipifd and renewed^ jind ihf boi 
vltok iron nugnctked and demngnctiicd 15A dmci m .i Kctond. 
!^, it hod b«CB dincorcred by Page and Henry thac when £l bar of 
bca is fopidlr nutcncriicd and dctnagnctucd, it is put inif> vibmsions 
qiachroniunff ^^^ ^^ 'mii:napti^-ai. o( the current, and iIk^cTotv 
KB A note or the same tone a« that whkli hoa been soiindcd imo 
ikifvttnuttiag box. 

Praflaftor HeUltf.mhJa^'I^hrbuchderLCchmschen Pl^iik," 1S6A, 
»we of RcuK'a (clfphofic : "The insimment lj «i!l in it* infancy; 
kfvttcT, by ibc use crf UittcriCA of i^roper utiL^n^tb* it [Ufi'july trans' 
VU DOI onEy »inflc musit^ toiit^i but t^vcn thv moKt intricate 
mcImIks^ smg at out; end of the Unc, to the olhvr. ■ijtuaiud at a 
pm (fistUkOC, A&d m:tk(vt ili4-m |>i.rceptiblc there with all dc^iruble 
^WBcnort." Dr. Via dci Wcydc, of N*:* Yarfe. autcs Ouit, lifter 
■odiQgin account of llcuas's tcJtifhcnCi ht had trvo ^uch iuslru' 
Bttli eotutnicted, and cvhibittfd them ai the meeting of the Poly- 
Ifthuc Qub of the Amerie^in Insiitute. ** TUi: original i^ounds M'ere 
fOkduced u the lirthci>l eKircmity of the huge building (the Cooper 
lMiiuie),ioinlly out of hearing of the Ai;&ocution; rmdthc receiving 
tttnffteftt. lUsding on the table in llic Icemre room, produced, with 
i;oai!i:tr And rather n3K.lL cwo.nj', the different tunes sung into the 
kt M the other end of the Itnc ; not powcrfnlly, it is mjc, bvLt very 
6iibct)y' And correctly. In the bucceeding ^-Limmer 1 mi^^roved the 
him of the box, 90 a» to produce a more powerful vibration or the 
■cotane. I also improved the rcceiviti^ iiistrumcnL by introducing 
>nta3 iroQ «irc?( into ihi.' coil, so as tu pruduce a stronger vibratioiu 
I vibmilted these, with some other improvements, lo the meeting' of 
^American Aisociation for the Ad^incemcnt of Science, and on 
i^ocasion (now icven yean: £go) eiprc^&cd the opinion thiit thu 
DWraDtnt conuint^d the ^crm o( ix new method of working thu 
teik idegTEiph. n,nd would undoubtedly lead to further improve- 
fama la ihU bucnch of science-" 

The tclcphonie succe^es recently achieved by Mr. Gray were in 
putaiuidpatcd by Ut <Jour of Coponliagcn, whose method nuy be 
itedc*chbed : Ac the tranamUtin^ station a tuning-fork is act in 
ttetioD. At ^^eh vibration one of the piongs loniJies a line strip of 
BWlcomj^Uiingacireuit- At the receiving sUlion the wire conveying 
At dectnc cunent ii coined round the prongs of anoUier tuning-focW 
•'ibe mme ton^ Wr mf&ovt toacliJag them. The intcrtnitlET^tCLit- 



rent, roTTC^pondtog as it docs with the nttc of vibniiion proper 10 

ihc receiving fort, sctn ihis fort in vibrarion; And in Iji Court 
instfumcnt ihc vibrations of the receiving fork ^rcrc used to complete 
ihc drcuu of a local halter)'. H(s object was not 'O n»ich the pro* 
dnciLOn of tones as the ti&c of the vitr^tions corTC3i>onding to 
tfffcrent tones, to act on diflcient receiving; iiisirurntTiLi For only x 
fork corresponding to the Knding fork could be Srt In vtbmtion by 
the intL-rmhtcni current resulting from the Utter*a vjtiralitini^. So thtt, 
if there were several transmitting forks, e^ch onuld «nil il* oim 
mcii'wgc >il the s.imc limp, each receiving fork rv*iionding only to the 
vjbriiiona of rht corrs^s ponding ir,in^mitting fork- 1,a Coiir pro- 
posed, in fflf't. that hh ini^Lnimeni ahoulil he uacd In combination 
wiih nthcr methods of idcgmphic tnnifrruniiiiiiion. Thus, since the 
tninBmiEtinj; fork, whenever put in viI>nilion, Kti the local hsitery of 
the receiving «lntion at work> \\ can be uai^d to work a Morse instni< 
nicnr, or itwovJd work an ordinary Wlicat^lonc and took infttmmciM, 
or It could bo uiiL^d for a pantelcgraph. The aanto »vire, when 
riiffcrCTil forks arc uncd, could xvork simvilUncously several instru- 
ments at the rc-^ciring station. Ono spt^cinl use indicated !>)- I-a 
Cour was the adaptation of his syafcm to the Caiietii piinrclcgraph, 
whereby, instead of one style, a comb of siylei might be caniud 
over the tfiniraitting and recording platen. It nould be nocesiUiy, 
In all 5iich applirjliona of hin method (though, strangely enough. \a 
Cour's dcwription m.ikcs no mention nf the point), that the vJbRt 
tion^of T ho transmitting fork ahcfUld admil E>f being instantly stopped 
or "damped." 

Mr tJray's *y5tcm is more directly telcphanic, as aiming rather 
the development of sound itwlf than at the transmission of mc»- 
Fflfies liy the vibrations corresponding to sound. A serlog of tuning- 
forks art used, which are set in sepamtc vibrarton by fingirring the 
notes of a kcy-boardn '^I'hc vibrations are Iransmlncd to -t receding 
instrument consisting of a series of reeds, corresponding in note to 
the series of tranamitting forks, each reed l>einE enclosed tn « 
sCTinding-bojc. These boxes vary in length from two feet to six 
irw-hca, and are crmnected by two wooden b:^rs, tine cif which earriet 
an elcftro-m.ignet. round Ihc coils of which pass ihe curri-'nts from 
the tfjn-imitiing in^tnimcnt. When a tuning-fork is set in vibration 
by the performer at the transmitting key-board, the eleetro-raa^et ii 
magnetised and demagnetised synchronously with the vibrations of 
the fork. Not only arc viijrationa thus im]Mirfi.^d to the iced of cor- 
frvtpofidfr)^ note, but thc*c arc synchronously atrcngthencd by thudt 
'ititJgfhfjB the lengthening of the iron '»j\\c!> Toa^aiacd, 

Oh Stftfu Afan'rJs m T^legrafiAy, ^ 

So br d4 it* mnuoil cipa1}i1[tics am concerned, Cn/n telephone 
QB terily be rcginM as fulfillinie nil the liopc* ihnt lure ht^n 
Ofnucd concerning Idcplionic mutic^ " DicAn^(nj{ (Mhmuubt oT 
ilfcf^etk lurn mf inuui foretold,'' u^ Tcjin, " Ihsi » lime would 
ooe «fcen foivre l^iti» if onkl siiift on .1 T,4jnd[>/i iti^igc: lo .lurticnrct 
tl Kt« Voih, Fk'ilin. S^ TV^Ttliurn, Sfi.*ii^.hi*ij ,S.tii Kmrtciscii, anil 
C'ctttminoplc all ^l once" Htn Mic -nrrmnt nf (be first concai 
pWi M » dvMlUY SMfTcIy rciJiSC* lhc*f frinrf otpoialTcins. When 
*1kttr, Sweet Hmnc,^ piftvcd ni Hhil/idrl^hu-fc, r.imr tloiiing through 
btlruilkel^muy Mxlt, \'cw Vork, "Ih^^ gwumi] vi^rs }i)ic Lbat of 
idvtant Or|*An, nlhrr £aint, fhr a kinl ttorm xv?^ in jirogrrtA, aitJ 
4ec «u con»c^V3ffitly jt jrwi I<'Ak;i>ic of llir ciccthr cuncnT. h<u 
fSledcuMxf niu&ical, 'J'he low^^r nMci wrrr Che best, thi_- higher 
bdsp «imctftnc4 ilmc:»l in*iidible. 'Thf l^st Uotc of Summer/ 
*Coo' t gefttil,' ind oflher mcTodit'% followed, with more or le« 
wrcsSv Tlierc wn no sttfrrnpt to pZajr dior-dit/* though three or fbvir 
DoiCicML be Mntndcd togc^thfr It miut lif confriflpd thit the rony 
fndictiooiorU^Stiiikcach (the rm/rtsiir;\r} *^ 1.* fo the fiiinrc of ihi* 
wnmmt term rather ciutltcd, ^nd wc >irc nnt likely ,*» yc-i to Uy o;i 
ev Btnie from a centml nscr^oir nn wc \ay on }^^ .and y^nWt, 
tagh the experiment wras ccrumfy a vrry ntrmitJi one," 

TV importineeof Mr fim/i, nnof kt Omr'^Tnvmliona.dciJen^'h, 
lc»emT, Lit marc on tlic way in ivhich (hey iiicrcMi!: the inca^ag? 
tcniagcjqkiciiyoTtelcgTiiphylhan oit their power nf conveying -liis to 
idiitfthre- At the Phihdelphia lilxhtbition Sir W. n^mnison heard 
bv MMs^ lOundi^l itmuCtJtneously liy the (jiay telephone The 
Ucaealp^bet ifRii used. I h;Lvc mentioned that in that alphahei 
Wm combicmLCnf of doi^ ^nd dashes Lire used to repreacnt dif- 
faac kttcn; it Is only necesniTTy to suhsiiturc (he short and long 
dcniloa of A cote fcrr dots nnd (toshes 10 have a limilnr sound 
itpUd. Supposei non^, four liinEnf^-forks ;il the tranamicting ^t^^tiotii 

>kfie Doict ore do fg^^l tai, wl, ind do i fc^f ^J, or »y c> i^i c, 

>rf c', tfceo by each of these forks :i sepamti: mcsiaj^c may be 
^uniued, aB thv mewages being ramccJ siitaiti-int^oWy by the 
BBc line 10 separate sounding reed? (or furkv> if pnifeircd), and 
■tccmd by different dcrki, WUh a ^mUUt key board, a single 
Hctconld send the four metngc^ aimaltiineou^ly, ^iiiking ehords 
'Sfttad <>f Mnjite noie«f though cotisidctahle practice would be 
<w«*tety to Uoxtoibnn four verbal messages at once into the proper 
til^honiG music, and wnio skill in fingering to give the proper 
^ntks to each not^ 


40 TAt CtntUmnHs Magattnt. 

Jjurtlj-, wc come lo Ihc grcitert achicrcmcnt of all, I*rof. Crahitt 
BeU'« vocal tdcphone. Some cighlctn months unce ] had the 
plcaiure of hcsuing from Prof. IkH in the courac of a ride — alt too 
ihorl^from Hoatoii lo SjUem^ Ma«K.^ an arcount of has iniEnuncnl 
u then Jcvi&ccl, and of liis hope« «.■! lo ftituic dcvelopmcttts- Thcic 
hopes h^ve sincf bcm tn l^rrat pjri fulfilM^ bul 1 venture to pmliet 
XhnX ivr do tiot f el blow :iLI^ or nearly all, thai Ihe vocal telephone, 
in Bdi'* hands, is lo achicve. 

It oM^ht to be mentioncii a1 the outset tliat Pell claim lo have 
demonstrated iti iS;^ (a yc^ir btTforc T^ CoitrJ the posiibiJitj'' of 
uaimnixiuig icvcfal mciugcs ilmuttuncoiialy by meant uf the Mone 

Bd)*! oriftin-il anangcment for vocn) tcSephony wai at fol1oi»i:'> 
At one (Ution n drumhead of goMbcAicnh' skin, about 2 j inches in 
diameter, wj* placed in front of xa electio-inignet. To the midiflc 
of the dnimliejd, on the side towards ihe mngnet, was glued a circuloi 
piece of clocki^pring, A «jniilv electro-msgnet, drumhead, &c>, irat 
placed at ihe other stjtion. When notes were sung or words ipokeo 
bdbre, the vibrations of the goldbcalcn' nkin ciiricd the 
small picf-c of dockspring vibratingly towordi and from rhc electro- 
roagncC without producing acru-il ron!.ici- Now, the current which 
was passing dong Ihc coil round the c^ectro-magncl changed in 
drength willi each thnngi^ of position of thi? smiU piece of mctAl. 
The more rapid the vibmjion?, and the greater rhdr amplitude, the 
tnorc rapid and thi^ more intense were the changes in the power of 
the clcctTLc current. Thus, the dcciio-magnet at the other suiion 
underwent chaiif^ci of povpcr whidi were sjnclifonoua with, and pro- 
pottionjiic (D, thoaedinngc^ of power in ilie current which were pro- 
duced by the d^an^rs of position of the vibrating piece of docksprin|[. 
Accordingly, the \i\ccx: of clockapring at the r«\civing ^cation, and 
with it the dfumliCLid there^ was caused b)' the elcctro-niagnrt 10 
vibrate with the sjimo rapidity and cnef^ as the piece at the tmns- 
mtcdng station. Thercrore, as the drumhead at one station varied itt 
vibrations jn respond to the sounds uttered in its neighbot;rhood> m> 
ihe drumhead ax the other station, varying its vILmitions, emitted 
similar sounds, later, the receiving drunalieod was made yinXikt the 
transmitting ontn Instead of a mcmbrcine carrying a smaU piece of 
metaJ, a thin aiiU vcryflexitik disc of sheet iron, held in position 
by a ttLfew, ivas used, ITiis disc, stt in vibration by the varyioij 
action of an dearo- magnet* xi in t^^e older acrangemeat, uttered 
articulate sounds corresponding to those whidi^ setting in motion 
thtf m^mhTAJiG at tlie transmitting station^ c^tUb-cd thv diongcs is 

oftbe clcctnc cuirmt nnd in the xcLion of did tlccirO' 

M the mcwngi of the BmiUi AuocUibii li.'^i autumn. Sir W, 
TloDson £.ivG ihc fo]lijwin£ account of (he p^Tfonnancc of this in- 
OHKIU at the Phiiadfti'h^ Exbibitbn :— " En the Cajiadbn depm- 
ttem" (iov ProL BcII u->u noE u ih<: ijedc on Aiu^ican dticen) "I 
kjnJ *To b« or not 10 be — ihcrc'iilhti rub/ ihrrju^hlU-i^kcijic wifu ; 
boi, Koming mooOQ'miiUSt the i-]<;L(r)<: aniculiLtiLJii robc to higher 
l«bii» and fM« abc pa«uct« ukwi at niudotn fix»[ii ihv ^<3w York 
icvav^wa :-^'S. S* Cox huA amv«d' (I Cultid to makv out lb« <& 
SCoxO>*<h*CitXof ^t-K Vork/ 'Senator Monun,'*lhcS(-naU has 
■MOU>J 10 priii; A ihoLiunU extra copies.' ' \}\v Amvrii^uiE Jn l.ondun 
Ivf niOlvtd to crkbrue the covaixtg founh tif July.' All ihis my 
fwn Qi« beard ipokrn to mc uith uimii^takcibltf diiitinctncf^ by Lhe 
iktt cucul^u diu: jmutUTtf of ju^t such onothur Hule i-1cr;Ero-[naf;[ieL 
tt 4>« vhkli I hold in yrry haaiL Tbv words vcn; thouicd ^-nh n 
dor and lood ioic>c by my colleague judge, Pruf. Wauoo, 11 die fur 
cad uf tb« tine, hoklio^ lib moudi do^e to a. sUetdicd mernbr^nc, 
ORjuif; a ptvce of soft iron, whidi w^is thus mad«! to pcHbrm in ibv 
Mi^iiboiKbood of an clccIio-in^igTLvU In cticuii with the IJjic. n^otiotis 
fWpQftioii*! to the Miuohlk motioos of the air. This, tl^e BTcaie^t by 
fv oTall ibe nurvcU of il:e cIcctiJc tel^gi^ph, is due io a yoLUi^ 
cooUiyisfla of oiti offu, Mr CrMk^m B^'U, of Edinbat|th, uid 
kbnucalt umI Boston, now about to bcrcooje n n^turaLised ckixcn of 
4e tjiitcd S(iicv Who owi but iidinirc the hardihood of inveniion 
1W1 dcrviwd web very tlj^^t twitJ\s to realise the riutliciiuiticBl 
ESDUpQon ihil. jf dai^Irkily it to tont^^y ull tht; clL-tic:idc£ of qu^Uty 
>hiJi diilin^ujsli attiti.Llati: sjiee^H. the «lTeivjj;t)i of iu Litrrrnt must 
fttj contuMfuiMlyi md< dk ncafly oa nuy be, in slm^jle proiiortioii to 
^yiiooXytJ a (lailide of air eii^^eU in conijCniitmg the :4ound. " 

SIkv t]i<»« liurd-i i4Ta' spokeu by otie of the highi;sL anihoriii^ 
■ Mflviv ItZeffnphic, Profi^sur Bell h:is inliodueed fotne inL|joit;tn1 
MUicxtioai in hii 2pj>ji;[[ut, i!c iiu^v cinpJoy^, not an eLrctrO- 
EuiBct* but B pennaDeut magneU That 11 to aay, Jtislcad of using 
it«ub lUban wch a bar of toft iron as i^ ^hown in Fig. 6, which 
f^CCfliLi A DUgDcL while Uic cZecIfie current (s pasiuig through ihc 
cal tttroBndJng it^ lie uses at vacli buiion a has of iroa pemiu.iicntly 
ttifFMciscd (gr pftftj.ilTv li i owerful unjunet mode of Bcveriil horae- 
Aoe bttr»->lluit i« '-()M,|ioiiud "i^KiK-'Or ^uironndcd simiLLrly by 
061 of wc- No b:tllew is needed. Jn»Li:ad of n current ihro^igh 
ttf Will rruicncitiui^ lhe iron, the iron alicady mflgnetised cause* a 
oiTTrftt lo tiavcoc the toils nbenev-tr it acts, 01 fiilliet wUencvtt \tt 


Th€ G^tHnnaiis Magn::tn^ 

BCIion changei. If an flfmaturc were planed acrasi it* ends m pofe^, 
at thi? mumcni ^^hcn it dtcw ih^t nrmniiire to the pck* by virtue of 
its mflguctit: power, ji current woiild iravcnc the coil* ; hiil niiciwnrdj, 
satongfis ihcamiatiitc rcmnincd there, There won M he nocurrest. 
If an irmiitunc pbced near the polci were shifted r.^ptdly in front of 
the poles, currents would I^avcrsI^ ihc coils, c/i be indiit^cdp ihot 
inteDfiily depending on ihe strength Oi' fhc nugnft, the Icnpth of iht 
coil, ind the rapidity and range of the mcition*. Jn front or the poTtt 
of the magnet bfl di.iphragm of vcry^lcxihlc iron (or dfc some oAa 
flexililc matcr[fll btiarin^- h. small piece of iron on The surfiirc ncarc*r 
the poles), \ Tn'Juthpii:ce to eonvL-rgc the iroundupon thi"* diaphragtn 
subsbntiiitly compliflcs the appitrntus at each atiUion. J'rofeiwr BcQ 
thus dcjeribes the operation of the instnimcnt :— "ITic motion of 
steel Of iron in front of the poles of n nugnei create* a current of 
electricity in coiJa jurrounriing the poles of ihc miignct, nnd lite 
duration of thi* oirrcnt of electricity coincides with ihc dumttott of 
the motion of ihc atcci or iron inoved or vibrated in ihe proximity of 
let- ^\'hcn the hmnan voice c-iitws ihc diaphrjigm to vibrate, 
il urjdubliopi are induced in the eoiin around tTie magnets 
ptccSscly similar to the unrtulatrons of the air produced by the roict. 
The coils !Vrc connc':tcd with ihL- Jr no wire, and the undiibtion* tn- 
duced in them tnvd through the wjrc, jiTidj pnssing ihroufiH the roil* 
of anothtr inslmmonl of simiLir conatr\(rtion at Ihi^ other end of Ac 
line, are agjin resolved mio air undulations by the di^phr^i^m of tMa 
(othcrj instrument/' 

So perfectly are the sound imiUdflilon^ repeated— ihough ihe 
instnuiieni hns not yet aesiiraed iift finjil form— ihi;t not only h.'is the 
lighicBi tvhispcr uttered ai one end of a line of 140 miles been dlfl^ 
tinctly heard at the other, but tlio Bpc^kcr can be distinguished by 
hb voice when hf: ia known to thi:? listener. So tarns can he sceti. there 
if; every rooni to believe thai before long Prufesnor Bdl'ft p^nd ijjvcn- 
tion will be perrected to such a degree that words uttered so low on the 
Amcrtain side of the Atlantic that the n earest bystander cannot hear 
ihcm will be heard distinctly after tmvcrsing i,ooo miles under the 
Atlantic, at the European end of the ^tibmnrinc cable— so thai Sir 
W- Thomson at Valcnda could tell by the voice whether c:nLh«m 
Bell, cr Cyras Field, or his late colleague Professor ^^''nison, were 
speaking 10 him Irom Newioundland. Vet a single wave of ibo** 
which tois In millions on the Atl.intic^ rolling in on the Irish sinnd, 
would utterly droun the voices thus made audible after pA££Liig ll^ 
ncalh tiv'o thousand miles of ocean. 

Here surely is thcgrcutesi of telegraphic achievcmenti Of all tbit 

£5« Stmtf AfartWs tn TfltgrapAy^ 43 

rf l«ktni|vhy— and thty arr many— none nre eqUfll 1i\ none 
Xfn cm romponb^ with, t>it» cue. Strange truly is ihc hiitlory of 
AepraerraoTrttctrch urtirch has culminated in iKi* nobrclriimiph, 
fwJc riM tbc I^ou^t tine from th^; irtudy of :bc fi^nvutiLv^c IwJich. 
lipaf a dcajd frog by dlTint, ;ind of ihc quh'triin^ or dcHcald^ 
pcned magnetic iicci!ff« by AmptTf^, &honliI grrulti^lly hivi: arisen 
tongb ncicrcftiiic dciTlopmoiU a vyil^nk of commtinJEATion ^ 
pafed and 10 ^rcnikTftil ^s rc^lf^grajihy ]i;u .tlrcAdy l>eri>tnc, and 
fUBBBOg yet grentcT nrurvek in the ri^turc. 

The Utf pongnip^ Kjid Mrcty hcvt\ wniten *ifhcn t^ntf* arrivrf or 

vnhrT farm of tHrj.hfinr. wirpt^^tng Gi»iyV anJ 1.* Cout'* \t\ Mtne 

»^W a* 4 canvryoT of mii^ifAt tone*, but a* yft un^hlc (o spirah 

fte Bdl\ It is Ihc mv«ition of Mr, lldiion, an AmCTican tlfciri- 

am He caIIs It tlic motognph, Wn dtiroivrtd nboul ftvtf jtm* 

ipthc canoo* propiTT)^ on irhidi ihc construction of rhe intlnimcnr 

dcpOuK If a pic« of p.tpcr moiiccned with ccrUm chemical *c-lu- 

lien tt Laid upon a mdaTLic plat? rdnnrrcicd with thr pmitivc pole of 

1 pkanic battery, and a pUuTinm win- connirctpcl with tlic negative 

Idif if itnt£Ee<I crct (he moiitirnriT paper, the winr xhdcs over ihr 

;cpeT ineexmooih iron ovrv ii-it— llir \w^^\ iutwntx di^^ippe^nng KO 

^ »> the <TKfTrjtf \\ f^^ing froin t!ir ^iir ('i tlu' fiblt' thrrnipfi tUi^ 

V^/et, At IV rcreitmj; itiifinn of Mr. fVli^fOn'* iHntui^rajjh Ihere is 

tjr^ bm from one f^ce of nhich rTlcndn >1 *^pnn;^ liranu<j; a 

point, which is prvtsed by the spring uj/on a M|ic of cTiemi- 

paper. Thii Upc \> ite^idily uuwountl, dn wing by 

platintim pomi, nnd with ii the fnce of the resonator, 

mircjt- *nrif sTfahl cinin cm the tioc of the reionator continue* 

aj no cturent pa«c* from the rilatinum point to the metallic 

over which the moiflencd Mpe \% rollinj^. Bm m loon a* a 

i»reti |>iuv«, the friction imuicilLitcly crjises, nntl the tice of the 

rr»uiz:«?( hi nomwl poMLion. If then ai the Iransmitling 

iheir i* a raembtanc or a very fine diiip^irAgiii (as In Renss'ft 

* amA^^inenl) which is iirt vihrjting l»y a note of any given 

ttfc, ihefttirent i* ah in those -imngcment? tran^milted i.ind stopped 

& sitfvifi eorrei^noding 10 the tone, and Ihc f^ce of the rc^sonaling 

tet "n Irrtil iind pulled M Xht «inc intervals. H^ nee, it spwks the 

ocerifondinje lone "Hie imcrumcrt iippe:»« lo bme the advantage 

rrr; T-fsyS in ran^ In IdcRi^iphic cornmunii :»lion f Imj^s telephone 

b United to about on? octave, M-ion^s e«end5 froni ide deepest 

ttti itoiei to the higheit notes of the human voire^ which, when 

n|T«» Jit crnpToycd, .irc almoil inaiTriiblp. But Kdi son's moio^nph 

hai jn to team to yta^ 


Oihcr telceniphic moncln mi^ht well find a place hert, If 
wtrc ^k'oibblc 1 might speak of ihc woadcn of tmbOMrilie 
graphy, and cf the marvellous ddicocy of the omitgcmCQU bjr whkli 

rDC4ii3^ei hj Ibi: AtToimc Cable arc xtad, anil not ootjr rcoid but jm£t 
to record themselves. I (night dwcU. agjiin, on the ingcnic^ua t^^f 
telegraph of Mr. Hughes, which scU up its own types, ink« lhcDft,iiid 
prints ihcm, or on the still more duboraij: plnn of the CbcnUcr 
BonelU "for convcTting ihe eckgraph fiUtionh into ito many tjpfr 
setting workshops," But space ^vnuld altogetlicr uil mc lo deal [*•- 
perly wiih thtso and kirnlred marvels. There ^s however, one (ppS- 
caiion of tckgrjphy, c^pcciAUj^ interesting to the Jiitronomcr, to nbkb 
i inu!it dcvcitc ihc nrmAinin^ epAcc avA-ihiblc to me: 1 mcuv I'l' 
employment of dectrictty la a regulator of lime. Here tipjii lE a 
the principle of the Jiystcmr rather than details of construction, wfcidi 
1 propose to destribc. Suppose we have a dock not only of CK^- 
leni construction, but under iistronomicol aiuvdllancc. iwithiitirtifli 
it in a second or so in error it is set right again by the sum, Utd« 
pendulum of this clocJc boat seconds ; and at ouch beat tcl a galiU^ 
current be made otid broken, 'fhis may be done in many vip- 
thu£ the pendulum may at each swing tilt up a very light meUllii: 
hammer, which forms part of the ciri^ijt whtn down; or (he eniiit 
the pendulum may be ixtvered with noKic non-eondu(^(ing »uhi;idmcc 
which comea at each awing between two meioSlic springs in verylcjH 
contact, aepjuaiing them and so breaking circuit; nr in many othtfj 
ways the circuit may Uo broken, When the ciicuii h m.ide, IcttM 
current travel alon^ a wire which pa3£cs through a nuniber of^tiiiaa^ 
near or remote, traversing at each the coils of a teinporary magnet 
Then, at cacii swin^; of the pendulum of the rc^ulaltn^ clock, ai'ti 
magnet is magnetised and demagnetised- Thus anAu once in * 
second, draws to iladf and then releases its armature, which U 
thereupon pulled back by n spring. I-et the armature, when dnv^* 
to the magnet, move a lever by which one tooth of a wheel is eonM 
forward. Then the wheel k tunied at the rate of one tooth jitf 
second. Thill wheel communicates motion to others in the u»u^ 
way. In fact, we have at each station a clock driven, not by a wd^ 
or spring and with a pendulum which alloy's one tooth of on escape? 
ment whed to pass at each swing, but by the diamnl regulating doci 
which turns a driving wheel ai the rote of one tooth per second, ihifl 
is, one tooth for euch swlii^ of the regulating dock's pendulum. EacJ 
clock, then, keeps perfect time with the regulating clock. In oiitrtv 
nemy, where it is often of the utmost importoncc to secure pcrfeC 
^lidironjnm of observation, or tlte power of noting Ihe ciact difft* 


Ott S&m€ Marv€ls in Te/^afAjr. 


of time betwrco otifcivjiioat nude M djblani sl^ljons, ufjX unJy 
the vtniic <lock Otui kcrp lime for l«ooWrv(^riliuiidtcO«of 
Apart, bul cadi obkrrbcr ou; tirroid hy llit: «unic nirajifirinei^t 
PlOOeiH v( ibc oc^urrciKc uf some |>hcnoni«t;on- J<^ur if ,1 ia[>e 
fiJ jL'iilUKULlk^ly, us m the Muhh; instrument^ it i» c^y ag 
iiultim ihjkt «i'c;'y MK^ond'tt bvax of the peu^uliun icc^rtb 
bf K dot or ihori knc on the ut«, and thai the observer am 
. a tODch nuke <<ji brr^t) c^jnUct at the insnlant of obiovotion, 
to A tnuk be judde jriopcrly placed belvecn tuo ^enoiid^' moikv— 
siving tbe prc^iie lliuc when the obwrvniJan was madc- 
A]4il)c:aliotu, however, tlioui^h i-xce^edlni^ly inicrettinfl to ajjtrono- 
^rc DOI araotin thoiic In which thv ^vncial (lub^k lakv chief 
Titm WIS o"« occ4thion, howi^er, whon asnononilcal tioi^ 
««rv connectnl in the ino^l uiltimtiu^ inaniiiT with ore of 
of all ibt ru:m'eU of teleiiZr^phy : 1 iiiean. itheii the 
Eastern " in mi*! wein ^vns lupplied rcrgularly wiih Grtcnwich 
tmd thk »o perfectly (juid therdbre with »iich jwrfect indiratigti 
4ki pliioe in ^c Atlaittic), that vhen it wj» calcubicd fixirn the 
i t Myi iflk that tbe buoy left in open ocean lu niorL the place of 
teou cable had btcn rcachedTsnd the captain woi^ coming on deck 
><ilfcKTcnJ oflSccrc (o look for it, the buoy ;tnnounc«d kt« pr««cnce 
tr Avptng tbc biJv of th« gzti-l (liip. 

ric'JjUid a- rftocToiJ. 


46 The GenlUfftatCs Magaant. 


THE niosi lasting Tnonument of A naiion'i grcAincAt \% 
after all, ihat fliric&t of rallies in the ftir, it* folk-tore, 
jmlaccs of A|;amcmnon nnd Mcnclaus arc hiiricd under the dd 
of ccnturii^H lieyond rediscovery LLndidcntiriciition,/fjtfSdUKtufitt 
bul their glory and Uint of heroic Oreece live in the |iQ^' of HoWf 
indelible, ^rt ptrennitts. And even without a poet of wpral 
.genius the rrsulf f* the Such is die viiftl forecof j-opulai&nq 
that ito creations siiTvivt: all thangesof rimr, anil locality, andcjatofl 
Slonea tni^'riite from one nuartci of t'lc ^-lobe to anoUicf tm 
acddcntalfl varied in iA\ i*ossibk" ways ; but ^^\< eascnIiaJ fealuW 
ri^niam uncliani^ed, und ihc h^o of mjiny a nunciy filory ^howr ^ 
mintokablo attributes of n niythic hero, if not of tht; Sun bimMl 
Grimu'it Ihiry t^lea arc full of sudi instances. 

Next to Ibe Fall of Troy and the Arthurian legends, pcrtttpft lU 
■toiy or agglomeration of siorie; has left so many and ^n impflroil 
ttuea in internaiionul Action 9s, the tale of Sigurd or Siegfried ajid W 
nee, the god- bora, heroic VoJfiungs. Considering, indeed, thepoiitkl 
snagnifioince and the remoteness of the island in which this siory too 
its corlic St surviving form, this enormouEsuccess— if that modem ten 
may be applied— i*emsai first singularly out of proportion. Bin it mil 
be remcrabcred that Iceland ^vas little more than the storehouse o( li»a 
old traditions, which were the common property of the Teuio^o; 
dinavian ra<:e long before the Norsemen set foot on thenorthcmill 
This claim bas been repeatedly viiidicited by tlie poets of the varioi 
Tcuionie tribes frcnn the earLiesi middle ages down to our tin 
It it, indeed, ngt many months ago si/ice the attention of the cul» 
Viited classes in this country and Ll Gemmnywas directed towardi c| 
Btory of Sigurd by two important events — thcpeffarmnncc of Wajjao 
tetralogy, "The Riny of the ?Jibliing/" at BayicuLli last August, and li 
api:'earanee of Mr. Morrises **The Story *jlt Sigurd the Volnuj^ 
With the Utter work wc chiefly concerned here ; but before coj 
sidcrmg its most imporUnl incidents and the roaiuier in which thi 

Tkt Story of Sigurd astd Us Sourta. 47 

Abc been dnwn &o«ii llic origimJ (Oiiivcft, \\ vrill bt well to prcnuM 

iferrcnuilctikteo thecoturc and gcndiaofthewsoarcct themselves. 
Tbe 9lof]r of the i^dlilEC hero who >lAjfi the <lm^n uid wins an 

it<raontirc4«ircor»hiiun£C0Hui4Jif m liia turn fiUm by Ihc Ins* 
dojor bn focft, b b^ fno«t modrm schohra idmtifiril, or at <my ncc 
caitocctcdr «il^ th« " loUr myih/' a ronitnirnt heiding comprehend- 
Bg a vut <teal of deep lotrninj, together tvitti in cqu-il .imoital of 
■^ «r)n)ctiUR, FonuTi4LCcly there is no need Tor u<i to trr^d ori thu 
^LagtTOui gT^ond. When wc ]^r*( meet with Sigi:ir), Farnir*! lune, 
k ii dfCkkdlf A man of t&nglblc ftcAh And bcmc .ud a atout he^rt, 
riutcvcr lit pu>- Mt« l)ccn ac ji jircviom ]>criod. It is tmc that 
'-\i M^ dAUs from A comparaiivciy htc ci»och, Tlic elder 01 
, . -ic Fjldi IS generally asaibcd to an Icdandio priest called Kic- 
-vhose Wrth look jiIjcc aboui ihc middle of the eleventh 
-^i»- He a di:5<3ibcd at & man of great leamingp who np^nt 

.". of hia life in foreign trivds» ftom which he brought hark, 
...cqpt other ^ccompliahmcnt£i a deep in^ighi into nugic n^^tcticK- 
,^ tnspicioa of forbidden knoirlcdgr ;iEi.ichiiig to rcio^ leanicd 
■cB ia ibc middle d^« U, in hiti casv. sufficiently accounted for by 
kk cvidoit prcdQection for the old rvlit^iun of his country. supct:u:dcd 
ton *ifty yrsin before hta LInli by the new light of ChriniianuyH 
IWfldelky with tthich he h^iH prutervcd ihc pagan imdiiions, unaK 
Iq^ by any aiiempt. so eommon amungitl Chriation prieats, at 
^mlting tbe rfcw itlcot into the old n;itianal myths <1<>CI ftll postible 
ucdit to ihc liher^il mlnilcdnru of So^emimd. 

Aa AttCQupc of the kind dcicritjed ti obiicrvable in thc M-odlcd 
piflCtr Of prose Kdda(the elder work ii^AK-iittrn m aillieraiix'cvcne), 
paoiDy aaa^droSnomSturltJiion. K^pccln-IIy in the "Foreword to 
Ac Edda*" ChiittLin ^d even Greek fdcaa .and names appear in 
onous )utU[?OfiEdon with Odin and the gntlj^ of Valhail. This 
^Forcwo^*" hi^weier, i* motnl piobaUy of si j.attf d:ite than other 
(UUoJ tbe coUedioUT and many of the cArlici ch^piors o^erwel- 
CQBIf additiOiULl dcuilt rcgaEding □orthr:in niytholojty Jtncl [e^'^d, 

Tbe twp Eddai me the inoal fnmed co]le;;lio[ii^ of anijcnt sagas. 
Buboido die florid told in Ihe^e, there were and ure adonC in 
Lcdmd iniMimctaMe iriidiuons more or Us3 ideciiil^vd nilh certain 
pnio^ uid lociliticv but -ill pciiniirtg back to n great mytbi'^ 
cowc. It i», Lnde^, cot without paihctic aignrfirance |u itee the 
fe»n<»f »OQS -Kid unry bloMominft forth in iht' midst uf storm and 
■0*— 10 fiad, in thi* jjwtiitAt a^e of ours, the inhabitants of ri 
»WMe isUnd lAiliog Jway the terrible m^\\% of a northern winter 
If wernbtanect of lUi 3^ of n^ttional greatneis no more ml 



Thi Gtnileman's Afoftzinf. 

perhaps (torn the hi!Ltnrivi'» point of view, than the gMe« o 
\'alhan Jl-ictf. 

U'jih foixic cf thcM-- u^fti, 0% (ot imtimee the «t<iry of C^lir tlu 
Hnlii, ihtt fn>n<h of Mr. Miviift'i prtciry Ar^ fjuniTr\r Ihrougb b) 
rxn-llt'iii TransUtmna - AnoThf r. tlki^ l^itddcU Sfjjj^, m the touTce o 
Ihf Wfriril slory^ of love .md rcvcnyc^ '-The Invert of Gcidnilli," in ife 
*' Earthly Piintdiftc" Rui byfailhc mo^l itnpYjrtant one amoQgit th 
number i? the ?0'r:u3lcd Volsung* Siig^ alio ImuLitn) by Mr 
Morrisj with Mie ftsaislante of Insi Icelamlic friend, Mr. Vjnkr Mifl 
ndiion, llua is the moiil (Ximjilute Icelandic trejimmc of SytunJ" 
life and death and the fiirrhcr tragic issuci thereof, and nujr ^ 
lome K^pctis be compaied ivith the greatest epic productiont o 
other nationv Although vrrittcn in proic, il» languJise rite* fro 
i|ucTllJy tn Ihe aim^jlc gia-iuleur of popuW poetry, 4nd, herring Ihi 
Od>'J«Ty, there ii perhaps no namvtive poem in cxittence ** fnU^ 
imbitcd with and rcprcscniativc of the spirit of the lyjiintry «hcrc i 
wrtu fA*htiincd, The VoKiingn Sag.i bflongs to the twelfth r-rntuy 
.■md U flt any mlc ronsidenbly Uler than the vetTw Edd.t, which i) 
inctrect, one of lib ^ocireei. Hut, heing chiefly concerned wJLh <mii 
hero and his ^urroundrnga, its. design h naturally more prccue, ii 
colouring more vLvid, From this s^a the iaeidents of Mr. Moi 
poem arc mniinJy draw:?. 

Bui hi* attempt at brtn^ng the grand old sloiy home Kt 
feelings of contemporaries vents preceded by several others, one 
whicli at Ic^t ought to rfccive passing mention here, It is the 
caJlctt " PJibchtngenlied,* or, more properly, '* Dcr Nibelungc N. 
the Need of the Niblungs, a mediaeval German poem, dating inj 
present form from about the beginning of the thirteenth eemnrj' — i 
is, fifty yeai^ later than ihc VoLsunga Saga. Considering this s| 
intetvalj it is aslonLshing to note the difTcrcnrc of conception mj 
two trrsitmcnts. In the Icelandic story, puncly mylhiVj*! trsit* ii 
finnilv komnimgle with the human ei'cnts ; and Ihe svijircinc 
slif;htly disgiij^d as a wanderer, *• onc'Cycd and weming nncj 
ap]>ca« on the scene more ihao once. In the Cerinan poc 
connection with another world is onrirdy severed. 'J'hc ii 
heroes are convened into mcditcval knights, and on rare oci 
only doe^ the poet try to grapple with the siipcmatnral fcati 
ihtf tloiy transmitted to him, which, naturally enough, he 
ditlicuU to m^kc ^igrec with the renlisiic colouring of hia 
The reasons for %i]ch a divergence bctiieen the twn talcs ^k 
]n Iceland the pji^an traditions remained jlIivc iill a coinj 
Jjte perM, and even after that the aagas were pr»erirei 

Thi Siory of Siguvrl and iis Sotttrcs^ 49 

sbcMm of rfic conniry and the je^I or p.iniotic collce^-tors from Ihc 
of hdcTOseficoitH dcmfnts, vt-hi^h, on the iwnTJaTy, were hy 
npfksOpttqiosicIxcnjfrnfrciI on ibc oripnal mjths. The 
Midcacy rmtihin^ ffom the latter proceM fouid not 
iktrinxntt) eo the tmity :ind coniiaulty oi* the Ccmifln 
offiisalOfl. Ibr rn^tAncc* of the voiri exchanged by Siegfried 
BvynhiVl vfpcs the Edi::i or tragic guill from the fate of \h^ 
WBiond lowen the motive or Brynhild'f rcvcn^'e to the ordinary 
^diid enty of a cajtow mini^cd wonunn Button the other hand, 
Ik German Udtmtnt hM done an enormous s*rvite to the old 
iaJh»a bjr localning it in one of ihc moit beautiful spots of the 
Mntaari The " Rhine," vaguely n*cd in the Edda u an equiva* 
W fbr nittnin; mter, has in the "Nibelungenlied" lieeome the 
peat Gemon riTcr, ond C'^pcdnlly Wagncfi dnma hats gdnt^d 
imenidr by this oonneciion with a. fccne dear to all lovers of 
^nnvand poetrr. 

Mr Morris owe9 little to the ' tied ' as f^ eis Ihc incident!; of hit 
Mr afc concerned. His mind, strange to ^ly. i:t m^ich more 
JBUJUfcldy imhned «ith ihc spirit of the old cfn<lilion llun thai of 
AtGcnun port six hiindred ycare Jigo. fSui wiihrc^rd to niiciiher 
bUR he iG undnubtcdly indebted to the tr^JimoTit x.mdcf disetiii' 
livL I ai» tji&iking of hia neirC' This metre h.nt been 11 sore 
^1^ to ihc rritic* of "Siffjrd/' It bnsbeei^ describe^i a?, ^Mna- 
l«k»' "dactylic," *' Fnglish ballad weiTo*" and whfli not. Z\tw 
*e vibctf of ilic nianefly artide on Mr Morriii"* poem in the 
4iMMM of Dec g, i?;0 M^m« Lii^dccidixl on thm ptyww. He 
^ctboT EnKtiif] hexamelers. which Mr. ^t^>mft'^ line* undoubted^)' 
in a ccrtum sense -in <io far, nAfnely* ^a ihey cont^ttn six 
^fk-loned or aecenln-ited sj-llables. Uiit a eouplel lifee tliis, chosen 

Tbe tlijifB ancicm mUn thai hsih i") chnnj;r nnTcmJ, 
X«chan|»«astl no bcemriiD;;, hw flfliv nrjr Cofi lu jucnd — 

UJKd/Uwiniiliat the fundunicnlaUdierneoflhenietrem '^Sigurd" 
**crthcr dactylic nor aiwp;oUi;, but mnbic ; and u comparison of 
*< U£ac onrpkl vith the \eij' lirsl verse of the '■ Nibeluogc^nlicd "— 

t'HJ bl ID AltvA mflEferi — wwdcti» Ttl gesciL-^ 

^i***? ptoires thai both metre* are identical, or, in other word^, ihai 
'•s^Monw has adopted thc"L3ng2eiIc,"the long-line of the okj 
■*■■■ poera, *Tlh such raodlfjcaiions as the genius of the language 
'bildmdiul bias neetaM to require. One of These modiiicaiioos 
^iheiMn frcqticnt Introdnci^uo of nw insfcfld &f one jhoil syVUb\c 



Th* CmtUimaKS Magasnm^ 


in the thcKu:. vKpccJAll)' ax ihc bi;^(>TiiD(: uT the liiM, wfiich prod 
the app«anuiccof aJmpftBiicinulrvuUoix^ludvdto. Eut ilmllcc- 
\% Vy uu iiiiMiifi unf:ijnimcin in Oh- *' Nibi-lutijr^nUt^* and nuj 
indf^d be ikrivvd frgm tin* iiutiflh:r<-»cv with irluiJi the uuiQUtof 
low'ionod «vllablcs u uvattd in ihv ol<] uUitcralive rcrw. IV 
cjinur;!, lick in bvtb pocniB after ihc thud foul* And it of tudi r«u 
ill t<j jilti>Li, of th^ iit^ruUutliun uf an ^Ldtlitiuiijl khon tyllablCi n«t 
otlicn^'ibv tu bv Ac^uuntvd fur by the metrical uhcinc — ft pEwno^ 
locnun wbidi. by (ii« w^y^ uccuis otw in dii: genuine hcrok vcfX 
HK-duvvAi FtviKli and Pfuvvtii;;il 

AAtfi ihlf* short cAtutiion i^ti tcchmcal prounds, ^bich Mcmed 
'deutiiDc in iKu mkri^si bvtU uf Mt. Monii and of his rcodti^ 
wc return lo ibc ktciy u wc fotind it in llic Volihun^H So^ju 

The ortJinAiy luodcrn Tcadci ukJng up thv S;ij:;t or cither oflbe 
£dd» \nihotit ^>re|>aTaiujn wouH |jrob&b]y i^uv in thcni hciT« more 
than a confuHvd aLOumuUlion Qi impo^Aiblc ;Ldvi;ntUFc« nnd dctdio' 
prowG6j^,wiitiiui:\dujiuurcuriiu.c:^^ fr^tjii:j(ti*»im(luthcr hfitrr^r^. EuC 
on luokmu closer oni; dihO[jvi;r% & cett^tm pkin in (his cmanglcnicm* A 
pluu much ub'bdjrud by the itnLrndtcd fLkiuy of tbc old lumiiurt aoi 
h^ijdly rvatiicd by tbemhtivt*, but whiuh, if j^ropecly «ftcd, JNtaonn 
to whftl. in miidcm ijii'*="J<itS "c sliguJd caU n mornl or idea. T* 
"[winuhism(ir;iVtucomiHti?ivlly devtlop this idca,.i« ihg La?ik of 
modem pgct <:;>virob'<^^<i^ f;nuu}j^li tu jji^LppIc with «iicb a 
Two ways arc open [o bim. Esther he uuiy wliolly abandoti 
w^iuencc of ibe nUl talc, and i-sruup iu Ssjeda mtm^ n^und 
Iwdinji idvn ;i}i .1 4:uiitrcf or cUe he iiuiy ^Ihcrc t^ thu order 
enMniv uf tht Ic^ji^nd as originuHy toLd. only dntilk^ibiain;* «iich 
ns are euBfiifiuL lo ihL' sinuitlcaiuic of ihi? su>r>', imd oinimnii 
throwing inlo ijoiriiJar.Utvc^liiulu iho*e inddentm liivli by their 
betray thtmedvtf 6 tu bcurbiiTary atldiiii>ns <if !:iut date. W, 
has cho5en the former way, Mr. Woiiia the biUr, This fact 
ihc divergent reqiiiwimjiUs of the Jmnm antt the epic, liufficjen' 
account for ihuir difTerenLC of treatniunt Tlic lc;iding idea in botfi 
cflflcs ttmains the s.ime ; it is the faljil curse which atuche* (o ihc 
gold, or, which Is the wme in a moral sense* to the desire for gold^ 

At fiP't *ight the inle of S'lgunl. Fafiiii's bane, seems to haw 
^tt!* coiincelion ft-iih ihM id^a. It is brivfly thi^. Si|;urd, ti)e «ii 
of Sigmund the Volsungi is bruvit;ht \\\t m the ti^:iirt of Kii^ fclf, the 
-ccoiwl hUhUind of his muther :dli;r Sigmnr^d lias been slain at 
T^fifTlo- Wilb a suord fathioneU fruui ilie bbiiids of hi^ laihcr'A 
|je sb/s Tafnir^ an cnormovis worm ot dragon, and 




TK/ S^ry c/ Sigurd dttd i4s S^ii>r€S~ 


AiiAtfirf^che moiuirrvfttched hj Ihc monntrr^ inducing it rin|! itiid 
ll'JiMmorAMnfEt'ifcr brief in rhe"Nihf]ungcn1int*'con\-rrtc<iinlo 

fe •" UffAji^jpr," 1 Tfti :( i IIP TKLilitlr w+jiffi fiwkm the turarrr 

■rtrfA. ami f mifwr* >ui ^ :[irmfiiunil *tn^n^*th. Tfntiiiii nf ihc 

kod erf lh4 dn^joru b^ iiniVT«eftnil& xht Inngioi^ of IfinSiv uul aa 
iolh lri*ie^ Ji bnoitiftit iHididcn \y\v^ A>Iob|V on ,-> rork. CHiM' 
■anovmlrxl I7 A «:iU 0^ Ti-a^criii): firt JhTf>ojfh HtiTipjrdiJ 
vd ahmIc^ ftfjr.Mtd ihf jiwt>rflMnji*di.ift, 'It Valkyrie, front he p 
r Amih^- l^oni: tvituT^llir ro][oiH'>. 'l'\\^ |j(iLr live lo^clhrf on;j 
cil ftvittftKiiviiEHl KrynhiUlcaurhcvl^youtJ) ihc nines of her; 
MtxTi, fl ocmrrpliitn of itrjTnjfn'.i nrttninj^ jitid t'ivili'^fig miuioiu^ 
tqbcmiljr net u'tih in old (kminmc \:\\*i^ Wh«n Si^rd Icavca her. 
Kck neir a<fVL-niuro. ihcy plight Ihu crvth ct ii«nui) love ; ami 

Tlm> If Wf O** ■Inj* JiJt tt<r ^ni?*', H'l' '>m^, ii t\f'rt mg^if, 

Uw,' wht-re dwil thctini^^bruihcn^Gutiiur, tlugci, .uul <fviiinnii« 
iMKIIIu^pk^iofivihcTwitliil^ir Lit ccrUmlnin/' the fairest of III AidvnR,'' 
nd flirir mcthvr (irmihiM. ''^l ^j»pv uifu" :tiiil a " Acxxtt.h«4inl 
Pimta^JHlhc VaIqiti^ ,Sj;j;t .iJttFnAtcly dcuiiibrv her. It n lliniu|elL 

lrfd> i ' ' [iDd brron^n vmminjrcd of Guiiiun, wliorn \ve soon 
4Ar ^ ^ > fK>4«fvi i^iZwrhAnn. xUaX \X\c very namu of hisfcirmcr 

kncte been vipt^d from Sigiii^ memcnyk ontJ he willingly under- 
bk« tW Budi CO voo and vJn B^ynhiM for hiK brodier G ui^nar, Tor 
lWpifpc«« he, bj' mcaiv of hU mofiiG c;iiJ, lu&unici Gunnar'^fivm- 
liae«i, tcOt aA«r havirin mice more irotfcdthr^^aUor w:ivering fiune^ 
t^«b HrrnStU \n licnomu^ h\f, bTide. B»c» f^thful to hU ptonti^tf, 
^)bon adiHwit ^wufd Lctwuk^n iiimwlf uiU iliG moid ''(u ilivy )l(; 
Wi* b«d tog^lic^/' Oti I'antnR frum Eiot hr ir^-ctrivc^ baok from 
%tbild bat own rihe, eivi,<n to lut M HmdfcU in theday^ of thetr 
W %itrdihvn TeUictiic^'Cunnar Wrcsujn<;£l)isowa form, nnd 
dfctvn homi;. the kiui; Il-^Jhim 1ii>^ umvillinf; briJc iA Uxumpli' 

TW feUovio^ cvoit^ ;uv (111- oui^oiA'lU of iht tragic gutU thvjs 
Dcnred, Si^rI rctY-jl* the fp«n*t of bTynhild'^ wbouiK to Ins wife, 
«tf iBvn hex to uVf (lOKtriiron of tbc TeI^I ririg, which fihr agJiJn, 
^»B(g* iptfrrrf. shoh-? loGmirtiir* wife. ErynhiUj, lliU'i In-fomitd of 
t^frvjd pm:ti*t*l on brr. t}iTnti of vcngwtnce, und mciipti W lius- 
Wri ind hit brothcra to LLII Sij-tird. I'hr deed is done wbiJc Sigurd 
in nfec^ in Itit chiunbrr ^ith Godrun, or, according to the moie 
f"ftic Tcrvkm of ihc Ctmun epic, while he bends ovor a brook in 
^lc««tt to<IucD<b bn lliir»( After 4 diTyV JtimJing; But ftS ttOQU » 


J 3 Tk^ CexiUfHan's Maga&imt 

h«r beloved foo (a 1till«d th< old puaioA, never quench 
Again in Brynhild* hc^irt To t>c nniccd *rith her lovcf in do 
pierces ber hrcAii viih ^ awofd, ^md one p}^e consumes botb 
With Ihis dimnx Wagner very propcrij' coQCludes his 
Butihe cpi«poct laveaio follow the course of cvcnti to theiri 
consequences, and Mr. Mortis, in acfx>riincc with the Vc 
Saga« piocecds lo rckic \vovi, after many years of mournful wido^ 
Cudmn is mairlcd to Atli, a mighcy lung, the hroihcr of Br 
Eager to becomo poascsscd of Sigutd'a trcaMircy he invil 
Niblungs^ \\5 actual owners, to ht£ country, on d here the, 
brothers and aJl their followers arc tilled by base trcache 
the most heroic reaiatance. They refuse stf^mly to ronsci 
livt» by a discovery of the hoard which* previous lo their 
turc, they hnve hidden at the bottom of .t bkc, -iitd whidi 
irrecoverably loat to mankind. Gudrtm Itas Lncili^d her husD 
the deed, and h:i5 looked on calmly while h(^r kiuamcn v^i-te ala 
after another. But when all arc dead, and the murder of Si^i 
been revenged, the feeling of blood 'relationship, ao powerful ai 
aorchemjiationSrisrcftwakefied in her bosom. While AtUand hi 
are asleep she sets fire to the kingly hall, and her wretched ht 
folU by her own hand. It is chancteristic of the IceUndic cp 
after all these fates and horrors Oudnm lives for a number of 
and is yet again inarhed to a third husband. Rut to lhi« Icn^ 
Mr Morris revises lo accompany the Ulc- In JKx^ordancc «^ 
Vol&ungti S^^ his Gudrun ca^ts herself into the sea ; but the wa 
not carry her •* to the burg of King Jonakr, a mifihty king an 
of mflnyfbtlt." The magnificent lines in which we hear ihd 
the iU-falcd queen may dose this akeich of the story :^ | 

Then <^i)nm girded her rjtimenl, on Lhe edge oF l.kc deep ah£ ^tood, 
She IddVcI i/rr ihc thmrlHA wnli^r, vxA cried oul o'rr ilic im^uiirrlnt I 
"Oh ■«,, I ilfcfid bvfoiv ihee i mqd 1, uho was SigUid's wife, i 

J); bi* bnghiDc^ unforgoiiGn 1 bid ihcf deliver my lite 1 

>romthe deeds and the longiof af dayi, nndlheliLck I hive won of Ihel 
Anft lilt wrong aniFJidtMl hy wrong, flpil \ht h\\Xti wrong of n>y birth V 
ljh« huh sprvftd out hf r atou uahe tpake it, md avqy from die anh she I 
And cut ofTth* tide of ffiaramg, foi the aci wnyct o'*i her swept, J 

And ihcir *ill i> hctwiU hcnwbrwAnl; uid wlm kiai^irrth tlirdnptufit 
And 1^1 V Wftllhof the bed of Gudr-nn, arid ihe days that yet ihullbc! " 

All (his is very giand and w^ifd, the re^er will ^y, but li 
the moEBl, the ideal cuirnce of which thue evenis are but the \ 
refiex? To this essence we gradually ascend by inquiring JT 
mythological sources of the lale, by askiitfj who is Sigurd, u 
doei hi come, oa what mission is he <iem, and by i^hom f alM 


7"^/ St&ry efSi^trd and its Si?Hr<a* 5^ 

liltei]gnifiunc«orihetTVUurem^ATchei!bya^ngionflndfoVCTed hy 
damkind? Thit (TCMiife,wc ihtn i.\isM lind, nnd Lhe cur»c aXl^iing 
l»V cv«vunce ii wjk robbcil ftoin Andvaii, tltc wAtw-df, i« ih« k?y- 
Mlt of lft« whol* tUu>, The cui^ proixft hu\ tu iitl ill succj^uive 
omen, fcooi A»dT*ii him&cir jind F^Xnir, who, fui iu i^Akr, kills hi» 
UNTidowQ loSognrd arid BiynhJd ftftd tlir NrMun^ IsrotbcrsL Nay, 
QSn faimselC, the tuprriDc god, becomes labjctt Uj the curie or the 
IDU lhrou|^ hanng oncf cov?l«d JC, and we dimly diiccm tlutl the 
iftunMe docm of the Aeiir, the Ra^nafdkH or Dmk of the Gods^ of 
vUch llie Voloapd »peaki> it i^^i^m^tlcly connected wiJi the lianie 
huefal tnflueoce. It furilier becomes evident lluii Sigucd the 
Volung, the dcicmdu)! of Odin, in declined to wreii the ireoiiura 
oA llic puwcT derived fruin it fjoni ihe S'lbhiii^i^ the Uitrk or 
tlgndjr people "tio tiireaien die bright ^fod-worlcl of Vj4.]lw[] will) 
iMracuoiL And ihis Icodi ui bick tu li itjll eiiriier il^i^t of tiiv 
flfllt w vtiidi S^uid hJmaeir bec^t^mes ll^e lymbgl of the eeleftliuE 
kamaif coaqueiing night :ind miiiy il^irknen, an idd lepeuttiHy 
Iteed At by Ht. MomK. and sjilendidly lUuKirated by Wagner when 
fiKgfiied appean on the »Uge illuaiincd by the first nys of ihe 
tuiig ten. In die work of the ('Omi^n poet all this is I^rought out 
I vA A difttincccen of tthlcli only dritiuiiic ui-nttLh of the highest 
I Oder ig capahlei ^^*lth an As^tinuuiin^ K^i^P of dct^l, and with .a 
^^pimntcy of (hoqehi rardy equalled, Warner has remoulded the con- 
HBjld ud complux OTK^ntviu of the old lale, cmiuiii^' what seemed 
iwiutimy, ami pljacma in iutta petition i nc^ukn is organically eon - 
■KIcd twt »e|>araU*d by the oblusi^uess of later s;if;ainen. Like 
^^31^ binikelf lie hu recovered the pure gold of poetry from the 
<Mni of obscured Iradilio:], 

Ur> UornSt *> li's been i^iid before, proceeds on a different 
indple' Hu Krsi ubjecT it to LeM ;i l^c, and I0 tvll it as nearly ^ 
leiflble in the spirit and aeLunliug to Ihe letter of the old &a|^. 
lilbbbe has suceeedr^ in a manner .^1 once indtcative of hi^ high 
fftffic ^fti and of a deep sjinpnlhy wtth the spirit of the northern 
fqih, which bfeailies in every bnc and in every turn of his phraseo- 
^. To compaie the peeuli» linge of hi« lajtgtiage witH Ihe 
44irarf SKbaifiDs and euphuisrnk nf lilerar)' poeU would be riis- 
ttng a 6rid Qo«er of swcclei^t fragrancr for it<^ countrrp^tt iii a 
■dkiei'} »hop-window. It ii tr\ie Ihat he al*o hinta at the larger 
lUosophic tfjid moral isaues of the tale alluded ro '\n the above^ 
fca irben he refers 10 the end of the gods brought aj-iom by Iheir 
•B polir or to liic redeeming mission of l^iguid, it is done in the 
ikfttnooi, not lo »/ h.ilf-ajnKi0U9f manner pf t^e ^1^ \t^^^, 

lu? ^^^ 

54 Th9 Genikmafii Ma^smnc^ 


I the «^k<X 13 liut^b ha, froni hit ou-a point of ^cw, h« viUluM it k^A 

I could nut l)ut intend u lo (jc. 

I "- But tft«n in another «iilo lo tlT« ()UMti(»»- The Edd*«aj]jdik 

Ttafe cf the Vol2iuii9« are, at ivv huvc (^eco. iioi iJbo work of mt 
nktster hantl but ihe accuiovibu;>]i of succvnaiv ogv* loosdf put 
together by in obKoirc coUcctur^ la iuuh ajUectiwis U ts » cca* 
Dti pheiiomcnun t^ m:l- oriKiiiul fe^lurvv of ihtf stury tjipen id 

gcncc of ihc sogmn^iti. Tlicnc diCTtrrc^t %-ciniefiB of oni: ibd ^ 
same fncfdcnt ^4du:dly develop into diuinct «ioncK, ind uib u 
«Dch, In^fi'rted in the collection by uticdticnl niediseval cdOV 

Paralli^liaHis of (his Itind abound in the Volsunga SoK*. The »lar W 
a dUum land in ^^pUc of wirnm^^ rind oiiitfiiv, iiS\6 thu bcoijll 
by &rir reepL-etivc ho&c& of (hi? Volsungi in ibo 6ni and cfftc 
Ntbkings if] thif East bucjk of Mr, Moirih^ J'^^u, ore not i1>nTc ^ 
!iutipidon of hcing different versions of the sxaio ori^iaul idea. TU 
prophetic ktiowledjje, by dint of which Taiiou* people foresee lod 
forett^U the uldccutte box of Si^ird, h anotlier instance of the szm 
kind. Hut this multiplying tendency of the ^oga rcAche^ iu ditvi 
when SLfrmund the VolsLjng is crt-ditcd with ofkpiing by no fewer tfw 
three different unions, Sigurd being the 6on of Hiordisinstcid of Sipf' 
The connoctiou of the latter willi Sigm and, her broihcr, is tviJewIy 
iniTodutcd in the oldest vcTiion of tlie iale in ordei lliat feifyurd, itc 
rcdccniLT of (he gods, niay have the iinmixcd Mood of tlic VcrlfuQ^P^ 
or, which ia the 5anic» of Odb the supreme god himiielfj in hisvcio^j 
and the later Gogaman. in ignoring this circLim&t^uice, hjts eniictlj 
de^^troyed the agmftcancc without by any means abating the lepoi" 
wvencss of the inddent In adhering fitrietly to hie source in tlw 
instance, I cannot hcJp thinking that Mr- Monis hu SLcrittCod Ac 
ri^ht and even the ditty of the modem pocL 

There is yet another such duly to which r»hnn reference flWlt 
here b^ R'uide ; this is the anibtlc construction and dirhaoatioii of 
chotndcr. The old Dies furnish excellent maioTiaia for this purpo*^ 
touches sometimes of the uunosE subtlety n^nd truth of obwnnum; 
but they never work up tTiese deuchcd features to n fmfahcd pkliife. 
Aa regards this point,acomp:^i$on of the different methods cmployrd 
by Wagner and Mr Morris tcajienivcly Icrtdt again to mosi inteit*- 
In^ cDDsidentions. By the fonu(.'r his licruca and hLToinea vc' 
designed with a view to imjiiediate driii^iaiic action; their every ncnt 
and fibre is instinct with sponianeous life and energy. Mr. Mom*, , 
on the othei luind. loves epic breadth, nnd the de^'e1o^ln1cnl of hif I 
coaccptions /ic^ucmiy nnd pur^scly i^ expanded over a number a£- 


Tk€ i>^ry of Sigurd ^nd its Sauna,. 55 

ym^ £aineorhii£ni^AAdmQRchAiHct?»«Hr«ir«rUu«4d]ieved 
tfltaii dmmiioa ikf saniivc not only tii *' Hif^r^^f but jJw in hii previous 
uCc*, npeciolly in ihoM dniwn rrr>m J^rUnrlirT M>ijriri:i. The }>otti> 
kifll til [iTOfik ^urun^ thrar wmih Jr^r yron .iml yciT4, cif their living 
tvcibcr rA utmotf lociii mt^Tfounr, biit nvvrr losing ught fov ^ 
pOcncEVt of ihc fiiuJ god-l of rr«^n^r, ^ui nrvrr brea monr ttrikingly 
|BtfntC<l thui in thflt v-drd utc t:i ;in<:cljcia ti:rnt(l lo dcodJj 
med. "Ihc Lover* of On Jrun," The difTcrcncc of conception :ibove 
llimd U> bficomct caQ«t Ji|jirjrcnt iii the ctunctor of tlic hero 14 
Rtecaicd br the two p<Hit in thctr indivithial Ihthion. Wagnc/i 
lc(^d i» cMcniulJjr «nd tntL'nav^t)' ^^Ling. Ht* p-uacB ihrough 
jn^nt uid pcrformt heroic dr«d« trith ali thr uncon^cmcd- 

len oC jrouilh. His love for ISc^^hild ii sincere; but when once hu 
koqgbti vc averted irom her by thf^ magic draught, hu heart mmi 
mGeoinnc fervour u>vard4 (he Normiing Nihlung nuid^n, juifl only 
D Ihc hour of dcalh docs he Tcmrmhcr hi£ hni and derpiT i>.-ii<*iici(i, 
kir. JkUtmi** Si^rd it 4 dr^uiniFr of drcanu, more of »n riimf^t 
ttAiaf Gttin Ikin SirgfrircT, Ahhr>iigh ff» Of :i gL-kt-inH[»]T(il Tiltu, 
ilcilm i* <nen>0*Tred liylfrimhifO'^lovc'jhhillcr, hut hrn itiiald.iticin 
■aoKdjury. lie numo tiMdri-in marc from ix feeling of pii> JhflJi 
tf b«e; Aod «AcT he has nvognjic^ Iht^ foUl error, be Innguidly trio 
li weft the doom whifh, ht knowft, nwiiib ftll contcmcd m ihc 
4acd TlAifc loodi of ftuJism .uxd reii^jiion is, from a nan-HiVc 
pttcd itciT, more ituprcuive than Siegfried's bucjjnt cATelo^&ncvt- 
^ eolf iJidli'Bit)' hm^ lo r^nccivc hew ^mh -1 character ihauFd 
^Kfiuily hirrn'[*d ftom it* find aifcclion- Vot of thi* awkwjLrd 
IciUm love-phtller i»j Jiftrr aII, 1iH( an aiiolugrliL ^ymboliiiaiifin. 

AArr hdviii}; irie^ Ui sbow^ ai a$ uu"* j»o»ihIi! ivilliin the j^jycJi 
^cee how Mr. Sfonii hu tutcorilcd ii> aMinjU^iha^ |o E)i« jndividiul 
'fBfOtK the nrutCrTofhuoTigiDiil, it now rl-jn-iinv for m? to add a few 
•>d» M to ti>e TO-innei, the litcury style, in which this difficiJl 
>fchu beoa occamphfhed. Thi« cannot be dooc better ihan by 
l^oag Xmcc Uk Ucc A pfiiugc bom the Vol-nin^ ^iigii -ind lUc I tcut- 
Mttof tlie UBM tituAtion in "Ihc Story ofStgurd." Tlic ^c\\v^ 
dtesT ocojT* M the wnlding of ^igny, SigniLindV ST^lrr^ (o King 
Ifprk, tbc IfCJB^IicrottfL host £nd uUimatc miinlcrer i>f hi^i kin&fijik. 
^ttfuiger, i* need Ltrill/ be ^dded, \% Odin iht: ^nj^ ■^'^U llit; 
*l*lhcHDitei" into ihc trunk of the tree the same ^rith which ^gurd 

"TV IrIc lelU that greftl tires were made endlotig the hnll, 
<idth«|ftil Iwe Aforcinid stood midmost Ihcreof. folk saw 
^AUthcim BicQ »t by the t'sfc& m the ci'ciiin^, a cerUin tiuu CiTftG 



56 . TAt Ginti€maHS Magasmc, 

JfltO the hdll, unknown <jt upcci lu aSX men ; and iiiclilike 
bt lud tli^L uvcr Iiini w«t» u viiL^ttcd cluak, und he tvu bar 
and liiid lini-n brvi^ict Lcil tiKht w^^n untu Ihv Ixmc, nod he I 
t'A'uKi in ]^ia fund ;u he went up tu ibv Biunaiock, and a iJi 
liLil upc^n his bifat!. Hiij^c he w:is, and seeming indent, and oni 
So lie drew hia itivyrd and smote it itiio iJie trce-tnjnt, h> ihat; 
in up to tlie hilt ; Jind ail held bar-k from gieeting the man. 
he itjok up the v^otd and Nud^' Whc^o duweih thu t«or4 
Ihii ilock shall hivtf Ebe iJim? m ;i gift fruni mCn and tliall £nd in 
»uotI^ thaE nevL't bore he better sword in hand than it thif.' 1 
with out went (In; old man fr^ni Qichall ; and none knew wito Iv 
or whitUt? hv vunt." (V'okunga Sai^, Kn^lUhcd by Morni 
M^K'^^'^^^"' ) ^^^ ''i^^ ^ini|Jc gernj Ilic fuJIui^hij^ ii tl^e n 
ICiuwth rfml davL'lo]>mcnt; 

Then into iTl£ V^hUiiiE d^lbifan^ibljr man iTian imodii, 
On« r>Ttt And ttcmiiLE anci^ni. jrat bnght hif ttMC« (krtivd t 

Cluutl-'ilikc wu th? hoixl iipnn Ii[id> aikI IiU thhtk glouii&f^ficy 

Ai (lie kuer mumirift k|]»dut| wjirni OwH<jnn ii un llic w«y: 

A hill he bnrc crn bin aliauUltr. whtwc mielity bhon beam 

Vnntl bnchi hLlli tLc llairiv nf ihc I4a and Lhc hlOiiM Bl'ci'l 

Ami vi\\\ mvi* [lie (jiiiu; i.hf lii^ ijtiiriirihr j* (Lc VoUuij|f cblf rt Tud tal 

Wak brjmr )iy their {ithi^rh' fulien, itad th« fini \^mi vsTrn! hi th« 

IM kln^ilL- tif lo ihq Jtraiulock, nor crvrEtiL any lord, 

Jltil jHiih finn) li A cloudy raini-nl ln^ drew a (Iraminf Bword, 

And unutr ii iL?r|t in t^c iri>c Tm^If^ nn'l ilif hIM h.iwi^ mrerTiead 

lADchH 'ncaih ilio poIerI hnvch aJ m Ifiat h? iptkc and taxAi 

" iCflilt r>f iht l^lha niiLJ Vnlxiin^, Ahidrn on ihv fut'ii 

IjU lliri': aijiid Xhn l^rnh^liKk 4 lilode l^I (iltntcoitt wuElh ! 

TJie folk of ill*; wiir^winJ't fuik-ci* wruu;;!]: iivrvj TvUrT ulcri 

ftinrt Ihe finl Itutt uf iicnvtn uriruiW tuj uiim fclli'ii wf*]- 

Nmv Irl iSr mon anioiTt Vlju -nhD^f heart and hafid may fchift 

T*i |iliM"tL ir frnrn ihr oakuitm] rVn lake il fur my giftr 

'llic<ri nf «, but hl< o#r> 1)»rt fnlr^r, lit puini And cd|re dull fall 

L'lUiE the DiffhLt bctinmng LnO the ciiiJiLi£ vf Uk lolc" 


Sn twiW 1iH ipraVing uniiuJM, hi ww UkwonU JkI ^rwn^ 

Thm movrieu fill men mj tl^*Ts, as In a hip[>f drwm 

Wv v\r not Ac*! ^vc ^viten i but ihcrr his ipFevh hfld end. 

AihI tUi*ly Ai:>Vi\i Clir hiLll-flmt and uiilAi-nl ilid Itc wvml, 

f\r^t Tifrn? W\->\\\t\ c^*\ him a i|UKi.jnrL m fu]li>w un hia wayi, 

tor ihry knc^ ihiM the gift nai OlLn'i. asworJ for Lhc world (Of 

If apace jicmiifii'il, I would iiuatc :v[so the version, by "Waj 
Lhc sanic i-tcnt!, whUb tucuri as a narrative in the fivcond part 
tetralogy, the '^ Valkyrie/* But for this 1 niuet refer the re 
the Engliih tramlation of the ivork by Mr, Alfred Fomaan, pii 



IFihc^«y1Ubleaof tbcGrcck word iMfitm^iiv^ hare dwindled 
doim, llkffough pbiloloipcil wear and icar, bio the monoiyllAhic 
Zn|Uih cquimLcoi of " alms,'* the Enciamorpho^n which ihc word 
J n ^»«)cc hoa mdciSOQe, till it a^Bumcd in our vemaculnr th? tcr^ 
htdctanivc forni of " p^SiT are no kss dcairuttivc and pcculinr, 
TlMvtuJog7»Ixrwvcrib«tWKn Ihetwo^OTds \% not complclc ; for, 
vUbt " dms * U the only reprc«^niiivc of iin Greek ongioolT ihc 
trads wfaicfa npmeai an-ri^>itc ore numcrou^i and divcnilud. To 
spak merely of ihe Kngli^h of the lo.-^t ccninry and a hnlf, wc And 
iWUowing fbrais in ihc Eubjainc>d descending scaEc of lin^iatic 
deci]^ !— ^AipoopM— sparxgits — sparragus — ipcragu.i — aitl^mgraas^ 
vpmpub — (pCTigrass—spaircrgr.iss—spajTOVf grass -grass. 

la coupamon with these vulgar ofTshoots from the original, these 
tmimn^ Gnvcn Qte .i&paragus raoc, tlic olda English " iffra^'' is & 
IKdbt «nd refiocd dcrivsiivc. 

We cannot mce Iht; cultL^'ation of a^pirogu^ In England nny^ 

fahsbftclE than th<; close of the aixtefnih century, and from that 

vtee ttU the middle of the \^l century the two exprei&ions ^ ipcragc" 

aad " upiragiijt' were uicd iodlscrimlnittcly by persons of education. 

The homely form " tpcragc " se^^ms as if it had been ntanufLic- 

%nd cacpicfldjr to obviate the monstrosities to which ihc cfassical 

■fmfut apidly gai^e birth. As early, indeed, d^ the year t6ii wc 

U,iiBOng the eniiics tn the household book of Sir WiUium Fit£- 

Aoi, of Mtlton, the following item t " Twoe roots of sparrowgrcs, 

'■£* This 19 altc^cther a curious expiession j the price is hifih^ tlie 

coat cf the purchAse small, ind the orthography suggestive^ as indi- 

ciifig tlttt the associative principle tended then rather to the omitho- 

liVCdthflB to the boianic4.l comiption of these later diy^i^ whiht 

^ Imlced number may nhow thnt the worthy knight wf^lied to 

c^NrinKRIaliAcbelbrc going in for "Bparrow^rcs" culture m i^anif. 

* " 7*iv* U (be biJUuikal term fur Ihc >Juif>[& vf Ibe abi>ftni);iu mJ »IdiUu 
' li Ibc <bnn " fl|ifliT9wcooK, " incnUaoed by !>kiniicr. Tlut urw (atuoiik 



Tkt Gmikmttfis Megdtinc, 


'Hic form " ^tt$jffi" however, waA by bu- the uiorc uftuoi one tn 
oTdiiuiy parlance,' iliough the c]aaif-il icm^ was often cmplofctl by 

botimati. Thia ib ahotvii by ihc folbi^in^ ((uotations from some of 
the aitlhon m ^hoic workt ih<r word otcura. In Holland'* PUny 
(1601), wc find : " Aj touching -^P^^^ff Ihcrc la not ft herb tii the 
garden wherc^of there \A tO ^rcat i^ire tuktEi^of them/' whilst m the 
same work both terms appear in juxtipoailEon ; " Now there is m. 
middle rtort of these ip^ng''^^ i^^t ^o c:ivik 4Qd gentle tkS the t^^ttrmpj 
of ^e garden, and yet more kind ;md mild thu the cffrru^ > of the 
field." Iti Sylvesicr*s ima^lation of " The Fnrici" of Du Buuu 
(1605) ihc fi^bwing iiaasagc occurs : — 

In Kk-lchcr'fl " BiftotcncEs," whidi was i>ublishcd tn 1633, wc raid 
as follow! : — " Eating of CanJuus btQedicttia, of nw, onjWM, Aiifae 
seed, ^ikc, /Al'^ ^ fj>eraffr, R^nclL, fen^Tcekc. Are. ; " jind in R^f% 
" Catftlof:UH njintanun Ah^^Wk" iit>67) wc find, aa explanation ofibt 
botaQicjil ^5]Ku;LguA i*^" ^/rrc^i^-found in sundry placc^ aa tn Uk 
miushra near Briaiow, abom tlunvich in Essex- I found it growii 
on ihi; cblTa at the Ijctcitd point in ComwaL" 

The natumi alibrcviaton r^artigus was also cmployicd, jmri w 
find ihat this identical atippTc^ion of Che iniiml *' x" hul al 
taken placf! m l^i^n, aa the rraf^ing *' spjiagus" on^irt, accoridin^ 
to Nonius, in Varronios. It can scarcely be accoiiiiterl a vmIj 
dnd indeed it was constantly used by i^iilers of the he^'inning of 
liat centtuj, In Longrevc's transtalion of Juvenal wc rea^d^ 

J^evl l)iat <TieJI iiLuujitoin //,trflj^nj be \xi\\. 

' ThflforrBi '**]3urp;" aaJ '^ipurty" nf* dfiibtly queried InLAfhsin; vlillff 
[lie fuini '* >|rtiragi:," wliidi it givm hy Dr. JohniuD, Liit mIucIi N»fi:j *lylbc^i. 
Mvcrcuiiir iL-fuv, i» ^qt^ in Ci>TGnivc li^^u), Di. JulULHHjirnAiicninuhliktr. h 
cvtr, Ipwyinc ''from the Ynnsh arfi.iroffCf" >shwli Ua funa i^hidi ilifl vnjul 
nrvcr AULmicd in EhaC [AneUiiec^ I'cw h'tiiii Hdvq ihc tcrmmati'Ui "*^' 

' " Carmda" it dio clKsfal iml botinlriE oiuiw fur the wiM b[iar«|[uai- 

' "'Wi EuLbiLfci of the wild a-^trA£ui 13 nursby e'*'^'^ "^^ t^i^ '^ piiiiliiing ^ 

Aflpanv^, pQtIto quot jceii vU[k& ftkto."-^JavcDil, Stftfrr, tin 

"And B9ipiUfi(;U9 frail] lIil niuuali]iiis» Mhich mj' baillTTi wile (^ihercd when 

Ind ]ai<I JEbJilt h?f «pinilJ('.'* TMi ngniit rt^frrs tu i\\c \i"rn<it}, wIlilIi L« vLill « 

cnnmup trn ih? Itsliut liUle^ as appmi frgta Sii WtUbira Huvk«r't noiv ^ 

iteffAiun'j %vrstoa otJuvonaL ^ 

ild in BbkOfh l^ylar .i^auut T^uUubiUnliatktn t " An uxut^cni 
Ai^ Use ^ocuu'i gouni or :{|ttrm«^ '* <" «e-uon only ai huime 
too.* Af^a id tvdyn'i " Aevum*' (iTjc^) Wc ^d : " -^jMnvw, 
ujiu %u (fli^ oifitriiaif^, (n\i[JcrjLtcLy hut imiiirnKM, ixiidrj I, diuretic, 

fc (imuhon ol th<^ word nnd the prqicrtic^ ciE Ihc pUnt arc 

The fbran '^ <par«£niu," '^ispcTS^ras:^" finrl HrialEy thr idrtblr 
'cpuiott;n«* have only latlcrty become vulgnnhma. In ihc Lut 
fdnivTt and «vtQ nit thelMt gcocntioni ihcjr nrcro only ditioricd 
kam tthkl) otooc Uirougb rniKonecplion or fnljtc AMinutALun. 'the 
ptU bdooenpfaci h&i g^wa a ccruin douicaKty to the farm 
*'^prwgniw^" as be admiticd it m b genuine Knf;4^ word and 
pmm iosuacc oHn utt;!:^^ In tiic firu ediLton. bowuvcr, of Ms 
fHfTfannrj be only fiotjcca ihc rorm " uijmni^ui." And ^vt^s two 
C<rtmitt1 nuihofs' jo hi> ■tttboritic^ It is in a itubscqucnt E;(Iitioii 
fi»d liw Ibtlownig ^iiouiioQ trom '' Thi Ate o( Cookery " :— 


Y^f infant pMJ* lo f^/^Pftynfj/ p«fcr, 
Whuh (D Lhc Hipper ytn irmy bcti dvfur- 

Tkcuu^ of the form " siam>ttT;:Tii*is " WhLS fiilly c&ubll^lied m jigtite 

««6rf mttd 'juiEV Litdy, tliuitgh ^'Cuthberl BikI^j^s" Hi^l-i od the 

*»l»tctiTi "Koios Jtiil Queries* C*ks not itirticulnrly lend to sub- 

vUMicte this Ajoeriion* He Kiyf : " I would vt^atuie lo o^k wbelhei 

^^itnvK'Srass i« not the older and iroer pronunciation (II) In fact, 

M* 'oiJccgc' inO *omc otht^ wurdi, it obuins it llii? prT^icni day, 

*» \ hiTc Uc^itd [I so called fy the sifter e/nji tarl. a iady npumrdi 

^^r^rtQytan^A^r Docs the writer mean lu to infer tfuidus 

**i i«cn be ordiographicilly corrvtc because employed by the aiKlcr 

i'k arJ, and ihai it laust be ihc pronuntiaiion uf the iJteseni day 

W»c ihe Udy in tioetiion wa* Eeveniy years of iige? Wc are 

«ci«ed to think that licr hi^h birt!i l>y nu means iii^iurtd correctne» 

'f PQCuiKijtion ; and die f^ci of her being a iieplu^igeiiAri.itk would 

^ttc l«d m to eipecc die otdiQ^Tapby of her youth* ^nd not of het 

WehaT« no« arrived at the last and mo^t crushing vulgarUm, 
*Kxh at |>fc*cn! auoils our car* at evtry step— namely, ^^giiass-'' 
*"biiC3(iirc*Kio[i show* an cviTL ]^r?:alL-r ^-crversion from tht' orij^hial 
'«*a^»^ otOJRCd \t\ the<:h:ini^e f^^ ^\*z artkhaut ^rmoh luVoJi-ritatfetn 
^'tiddt. The odioui at^bievi^Lun luwcrs man to the r,\nk of an 



60 Tbi Gi9Utcma9ts Afngasinr. 

icrblvorous Animal, bc«idc« giving tisc 10 erroneous notioni Tcgudifl 
bt^Uiniful nnturc :ind order of the plant. GriiS! ii the jgaobl 
apl>ciUtion ln-stowcd on the esculent v^'hid^^ atuintng lordly pn 
portions, gTiir^xl Ihc hiinqLicIs of Apiciu* und ],ikiiIJua, And who! 
pmiKc* hnvc liccn the theme of the cpicwci of cicry a^c! Tni 
it may bf said, ■* Litct an^is in Aer^." ThU, hQ:^«vc^, night I 
t-bomc; buiihi: possibilitj'of ilicptrptiuailon of the expffeviofLt own 
it?i frcqitcnl i:tiiployracnt in i^rint, h uliAl i& most 10 bc dreulei 
It» kJtc in ^vorks on hortiailturc is bcooming univerKil, And tf 
^riodioihnnd niitg4Jiinc-i devoted to gardening dnd botAny, irbk 
fflught In .ict ;is tlie guo-rdijuis and champion* of ihii mnsi Kcdiieti^ 
Jily, atz, Ah a glance «t their pngcs will provc^ the principal otfcndci 
The ctTet:! is still more comical when the icim i:i appticd to Jt uti^ 
^/o^H Thus in the "Cardtner'sM^^azinc " Mr^ J. C. Clarke* a gre 
authority on tiic cuUivniion of rtspiTiipjs, virile* J " Thi* year it wj 
about ihe sitid of A[>rii bcfcrc I harj a sin^'lc fnii* fil for table 
Surely no one ^hoiiM Ijc c^ieL-med a bi^otL-d pririfit who wiibei I 
check the ^owlh of (.'rf^rrTessions aurh bs fhiis I The term JJattfrb 
^mfs, which was once w usual, has natmolly died nut since d: 
f^round in that suburb ha» bcioi devoted to a more luerittivc grooi 
than even ai^jmr^i^uiip and ihc he ail -quarters of tondon gra^ |a 
now been transferred to Fulham and Mottlnkc, H 

}|pivfng ih«s discussed ihe vufgarisms conncrfcd with Ihia n»c 
refined vegeUble, wc hnvc now to make a few observations touchi. 
the derivation of the original appellation. That the word aspuiQ 
15 of Hretk descent then? is not any donlrt, but its root is subject 
much question, and \id^ umnsed frequent diaeuasion amon^ ■ 
learned. The vt5u,illy at^ceptcd dcnVation, cspedally in botaiu^ 
treauscs, \s that from n inJeiiBilive, and ^wapaatiw fo tear, alluding:;; 
the thorns or pricfdc? with which miiny spt' dc^t are jirovidcd — as, 
inbiajict:, jisjmrsj^jj jjYrrj/rrV and Ai/<u'agt4S aa4lififiiHS, There:: 

nothing forced ot improbable in tills etymology; but if the fw 
be imtpaatrw, we flJc inclined lo think that the d b privntive, M 
thai the meaning of the tt:rm is that which is not rent nr torn 
jjieccs— that Is to say, the shoot before the leaves expand T^ 
view is supported by Estiennc's definition in his '* Thesaurus: " " 
dicitur, ^piod primnm in lucpm prod 1 1 oTcria germen, priusquarn 
folia cxplicilur."' In I'otti^'s "Etymological ]iivcsiigJtions" a mf^ 
suggested akin to ntiif-yit, ir^upnyaci 0^1 yaw, all of which doinC 
fulness to biusting. In this case the n is merely etiphonit (ITio^J 

' In the /ilyfHoti/£ium Uirjftue Cnnfr {179°] 1-ciine|i »yt [[ ilmolca ibe I 
^Uid ifriftavlj frcuu t pijvsliw, and i/trtTtfjirin lulHT, 

^sfiar^us. 6| 

>« Attk Tom of the %-<trd w» Atr^apayo^, Thil pUFCly diAlMtiC 
ia(e C3Umot po£nt lo OAy comiieciiOQ with the Homcrir wonl 
'■•^•TK, deoo^ *' the tieck,*) 

Both ihf^Gicckb and the «ailicrRonidn« applied ihc term" dApam- 

tk' U> tbc; shooU of many planet, and not mcrd/ to nnc liountcal 

fcdei. They probably ate k, i^ihcMoaoind ArnbAc^uihpfthooti 

^ik ^^^tf^pu o^Vm ai the present d;Ly~iuiiiely, in (hoir vild stue, 

TW aaXf occamacet of the nx^rd in Creek afc in quoiationti tn the 

'DcfpttOtOfihuu* of Ad^cnxuK fiom the now lofL workA of obtcurc 

vhen. BoE when *b come to view the vegeublc as ifc^itird by the 

rrp— ni, it naitna i^iiiie a different tinponanE:c both at the t^ble 

md ht the pkunutoopoJa. nnd the mtnuEc msiructions of Cata the 

Kkfcr lor hs proper culture show t?iAt it wm thus cajly a favourite 

«iih the Romacd, HieHj^LeinofcuUivatioii advocMed by Columella 

in Us "Hutundry^more ihao iwu huodied yeara later, dou not 

diiEr mucriaUyfroin that fvct:imincDd«dbyC;ito, but the mstnimionii 

of iht SfunUh borticuUui]£t arc not V> dear ^d prcei^pc as those 

of the tartkf Rom:in wiiter Jls gastronomy gamed nAccndcney 

dtfing the pencKl o( the emprron, so did afipan^B ci^ltivniion 

in bnpoactnce. and the xhoots in bulL Thi: Romanii 

PMroover, h^vc thus early been awnre of one of the moul 

Mcreu in prepaiint; the sproutR for tnble— namely » fthatp, 

ffdci botlil)ff'-&nd the proverb so frequently used, oa Suetonius letls 

«% by Aflp'ttu* — "Vcloeiut quam aApfinfii coquoDlur " (Quicker 

4tt upuMgas ^ould be cooked)— has been ^erpctULiicd to later 

4^ as if to remind cook« that briakDes» and boiling water are 

mamPf to prtvent thiJi delicate ve(,'elalile from becoming Trodden. 

Ihtt ve fi&d m Rsbehis. who knew tto well both the cuat^ms of the 

bnm and vhiii wju ^-ood fur hima^elf, *' RemMe n'y a que des' 

<iftpn d'tcy, )e du^pluslouit qiiencntinteuyiiflspcfgc3"{" PflnL"v. 

K Juvenal only refen lo the ^ild asparagt]^^ but Mnrtial in h\x 

'Pfitrimn" (xin. it) alludes to the edcbmted produce nf Ra- 

fr«ii wiE tnmtlii )[raliQT aflpinieLi. 

fUteasporaguiof l^vcnns wasafl cclebratLd in cUstiicd] tinaaS 
he of Sua Sebo^tian waa a century ago, or a^ the produce of Fulbun 
* A^enicail is at the prcirmt day. Pliny tclli ms. ^^ Asparagus, by 
Vtei^ ««■ (mended to grow vild. to that cAch might gather It when: 
h|kHcd' Biil loar.d bchaldl wc tind it in the highest state gf 
<ttiibon;a;nd Ravenna producvi heads that weigh as much as three 


The GtHiUmafii Magazine. 


pQUEidfi cvtfiL AL-u for thcntfni>troi&C3Gc«te'of gluitofivl" Htciv 
W9 pit^bably some ciopgeniiocj in Ihu >Oktcfncnt, ^ lAic i^Ee^mtc 

Eitch n bulk, antl the ^TCriEtfAl ex^floiT rrcoixIv'J in England is ihll of 
Mt GnysoD of Mortlnte, who cl fev ytars a^ prodiK^d t huftdrtd 
head of wpanigui whkH w*;igh^ 4a lb*. Thf fhoob wtrc 18 !ii, 
in len^« \\\n piriy .iljout 3 in. were c^tsibk ; the rc*t wm irbxt Mn 

CuthiU conitfinpiu<n»3y tlinadcrisee of dritmstkh. That great caw 
nnd troulJc were bcitLfwcd by the Romans on it* mrccsiftil cvlcuc^ 
is shewn l»y Ihe opening wonJa of the grenr nnrurjliftt oh ihe in)14c<t? 
" Of ill ihc g.irden phms nspanigup is ihe one ( rcTuircPlH^nwBl 
delicate care in its cultivntion." The ApicH, Hicnlli, nnd whcrcoti' 
fioqftveim tii" Tcnnvfo had this ve^-iftbly M^ngtn In pcrfi^ii^n IHun 
the n«ijchbouHioo4l of >Jc^», in Cftmpaiila- 

Pliny Thentionii it &uT^»eiitifioi\ rtyanHng the k'wwth orflSparagWI 
whicli hnfc been pfrpvtu^icerl r^mo^f Eo our own day, nnd u'hfeH iM^ 
IJBthnfiK, sLiU Jingfr in ihc niindw of sonu' ptrden^m of the r»M H:htK>L 
Hu writvH; "I find \X etatcd < if rxms' horns are pounded and Ihcrt 
buried '\i\ ihf ground. n5|>cimKi-'B ^'^'^ conn; up." rtioscoridw, whc* of 
cuune a:]}y irejted of the asjKiragus as entering largely into the Jtncicnr 
phjtraacupona, meniioiu ihip^ alreurdity, hut refuses to tredit itiWB 
that ii held its ground is showji by th<* fb^llowing eMfairis. Rithe-' 
laitttTili:s("Panr"iv. 7): " Tkltu me Inn '.hese horn':, and braf thenitt 
lictlewiih an iron pestle, or villi on andin:Tn, which you tOefUie? itii 
di one to nwf. Then bury them wherever you will, providdticnuk/Mi 
where [he sun nmy shine, and^^ait^r them fre^^nc^mly, In a firw niontta 
111 engage yoit wtU ha\e (he be^i osp^rsgLis \l^ the vrorldt not «vcfi 
eiceptinu thnse of Ravcnna." And ur read in >i Frertch wti[l5 
on lnjrtkuUurc ; "Est ivnian:|iiat>1e la natiirelle ainiti^ de «eftie 
planiB !i\e(. Jes rumes du Lt tnoutonnitk', por:T t^aocnnAK 
j^eioeni ]jr&s dVllea, 'lui a faii croirs ii avirun*;. les n^rpcrges 
proced^r bimediaLiauirnt dg cornet " Tn John EvclinV fEvdjli) 
** French GardjnLT" {^(^*)\) we futther- find; " 3gme Ctiribils 
persons pni ^./"jj /wra ai the bcaiom of the T't^iJr. and holj 
for certain, that tliey have ^k kind of sympatliy with Asf*ar^9i^ 
which makes them pioeper the better ; but I refer Uicra lo Ac 
Experienced."^ ' 

The other passages in the Latin wrilers deal with the meiKdnal 
proptrlie* of ilii; plant. Pliny recommends it for all kinds of' 
cnenu. and Gdtn, when e^fpaii^iLTig on the eubiecii shoe's xhsil fae 
was fnlly aware that tht' principal therapeutic merits were contained 
in the root, owiiij^ to the presence of^a strb&tance wbieh modem 




^fCBti have UtvmiI tf;^rrv»u.< "ITic mam cxtnorrlhary vimie 

V}4>Ai»lScbcnck{"Ob'^ Med-"' 1. 1); ' If fhertiotiipiiEuponft 

^llBtachc9violcnt]y,itcsttWAiMoromc<»itwilhdut jKiin.*'** Oar 

nkxB dcBUMa ha*« norc conAclcsrc tn rhli^roform or rthrr-vpray t 

Tteaoil taufccd »ttkitt of a^tcrtipAf ii on the krdncy^ and ihe 

W b still dtcttuveLr etnplojtd u Purii and cbewhctc an a dhirvrd*?, 

iwiutliily l>y pcraoM of acdcntiry habiu. It iaan antucnrhditic; 

' b eood G3T drofwr. but bad for g^nut ; it is also usul ax « llihic. 

Hl Bromab recoounenda Ir ad ^ ncdativo for pafpiutioni ot ihc 

^ofL The wcdof tiad pspaia^UK ia not lutfdm mixlcm phjirmAcy, 

ind litem a a popnkr bdicf pm^lcnt ilut ihc bern<4 arc poisonoifiL 

So lu frotn th^« bcin^ the cqk, Ifac settle vcrc aod pcrhjpi jitt, unctl 

at Gcnuanf as a TuLntilute iot fofifcc ; wiih vfIui mnccsa wc mrinoi 

i^lHitihoiikl imo^cthaitbc famcomoumof plcamrablci^cnwtion 

produced CIS » fell in m'aLlowin;: a decoction of a«)m powd^-r, 

jmjr othtfr substitute for the Ijcrry of Modu. The Ronvin biflic*, 

Tcuificd the Sf orun Lncctidsm of early times long oAct their 

l—ii. hid suak domi ihc dcscentfin; :tca1e of gnstronomr, cpiriirc. 

BJ i—it , gourmmd, j^Litton, utcd 10 drink aflimraf^v^ uine. puralcy- 

sc«4 iHdc^ marjonsi wme.flnd oihcr mild voe^Btile dococtiotis. Our 

latfvs &o longtr waicr their Chi&n ani^l FoilcRhan, &nd rceogniie the 

^npviof lacnb of Pominery and Heidticck. 

fWougfi the dark and middle a;ich 'nc loie nglit of the "^^tle 
^■■bc.* 7lio«|;h in cultivauon wuf- iifobattly continued in HaJy, ond 
^ ^m introduced eufy into Ktancc. oa is ^ihotrn by the extraccs wc 
h»tihii3i1fo<nthi!»oiidcrfi.iliaiiJV of tho Luti! of Mtudon^ yet it» re- 
^ved^fowth under cvlui'^tiou had, like tliat of mi)i:h other valuabJc 
QcMibc knowledi^e, to aw^t the advent of iht- RcnixlE^nce. 

Iht fim incftlkm of culthMlcd afparapit in Ku^-liind w met with 

■ I wtsi tkai is inTttlualilc far all infvrix,atbn rcg^irding the kitrhen 

PriCMof oc uiecstors al ihr dose of tliu sixtecnih century— naniely, 

Qont^'lJotoiH,'' vhic-h nu published in i^q;- From his n^^couni 

■« karo ihtt Ac vild upcjagu* vat thuo more used ituii the 

,ttAMid, aitd «e also gain a deicriptbn of the cuZinary pro- 

10 which "fniM" WAS subjected in the days of good 

Bmo: ^Thtf .tndcnEi have set ibnh two «otIc^ of Rpcmge^ 

^ CttdcD aad thtr wild $pvr.'i£& The later writtn h^ve found 

*^ Of the vrild kind." lliu nsp.iragus of the tuble, whidi 

■ n^Ma ml Dt, J*^^ ^*^ tnttptd [|i« mcdkiHAl profvrflci of the p^ant 



The GtniientaHs Magasin^. 

jiince the time of Liniiji^us i« kTiohn botmicall^r af Atpanagui 
ff^iinaiiit htt describe under thr hrid or'^AspLUagusSAtivuv" Wc 
Tc^td ; '*ThK fint !ipruut3oriiukf:d tender ^uolihcv^cof be ofldidma 
KodJi;!! in f1?^ btoth md eaten , or builcd in fune wnter, snd Masoned 
with oile, vincgcr, mII, itnd pepper ; /^m ort urvtd at mra> itoA/o ftr 
it saUmff. 'I'hey jic pleii«nt to the toste^ easily concgcEcd." ' Aspon- 
^t did not, however, became fj;c(ier;il]^ IciLcrnn titl About ft cvaULtr 
ur the uientiort of it would noi h^v^r been kI dt^wii 'Jt\ «u| 

IchnjiitHMi Jjy the -tittliLH" of '* The Art <jf Co^iltcry," w\\^ wnlet ? 
" Neillietuina./WpiilJ/'^j in an EngUihituin't /ffinA btiutx .fftn^ 
t^mc in : n^ cj,n lie sent^ liim ukhi Oitti of C-rr^i Ivfore that time; 
Ileoiighl as^vcU give KingySi*n« tlie Firala J?/*.^ ^( At^r^nxm 'Ofion 
hh Tint coining lo LvniiiM, whidi veic not brought into £t^Mmt 
liU nuny Y&in* after." Uul Anderson is wrong in Hying that «Up«a- 
gu& WIS E^ot knova in EngUnd till the middle of Lhe eighlcciuli 
century, thougli ]m rem»uks ar« intereiling vi ilKidratfng ibc st^te ^ 
<)uatLiutioD of thv bJic;hcn-^ijrdcn}> of our Anccfctorf, who cen^n^ 
canriLjt be iq^aidtd a^ v^geuruns. In the " Sute of Engbnd," 
pttbiiabfJ In tjbS, we rtrad that thf: EngH^h cultivaEcd h^ly anf 
vegelnbleH htiotv the bsc Cm> ct^ntune^ Al Iht LVdjincriKemeiit of 
the reign of Hairy VIII-, iterlhcr salad, nor carroltj uui c^bboge^ 
ludiahci. iioi any other comesuL>Ira of a like iil^uti', vivtc grown 

nny part gflhc kingdunii ihcycame from Holland iind FlHndcn. 
In 1793 Qut?(;n Catherine hnsdfLUuld nol procure 4i udad lUr bcr 
dinner. The King wii* olilig«i to send over to Holhind for a 
gitrdcijcr In tuEliv,itr tJiose imldierbs wiiEi uhicl] England iB,pcrbap«, 
belter furnished now than jny oilit-r country in Eurojje, Cauliflower* 
were noi known in En)i;land till the innt! of ilie Reatoiuiion ; jnd, 
sv^^king of the year 176J*, Anderson says that in/ary^s ami arti- 
Lihuke* Hert only iniroJutcd n few yciirs antctedcnl to that dBt«^' 
Nuint^^us aliLi&ioD^ and dc^icriptii^na prove. howe«ei| that ti^dt was 
not tlie ca&c. In all the Herbal^ from Gerard's itme a»pargt|i;uG it 
spoket] of aian csLiblishcd denizen of the kitchen jLT^rden. There 19 a 
full desi:riptitin of it in JhOVcU's llaji;]«rntflAo>m> or *' Compleat Her- 
bill." published in 1665 ; and in I«omird Merger's "Corapleai Enghih 
Clardncr '* ( i*^;o) «« Itatn that t/iirragut tiiliure wa» conduited then 
much as in ihe present day. Allusion has before been niadc to 
Evelyn's " Atetarta," published m i&y-j, as well as to his " French 
OardinKT/ in both of winch rhc spelling ai/itr-afcus is utud. The 
fonnet is a highly mlercsbng work, and his derivalioa of as^ra^m 


tieiftd'l litr^a, c %h P> 3Ji> 

* $P7**( raiUftfAMs 



' Ai/rrjfeaif) w«3 iu>l llic tTUdtTrtmt miitJikc t^at Xar^i considered 

-T Ib» * (;io*w*y."' fef i\ sfotc from the b^mdc^ of Vrtrro, who viys - 

.fitrit i*r][$iJPit, unW%9 from ihc Grt«k " From hU wofk wt 

-!L3t uf uagos w?a forced for the Uble ai the clove of llie 

t^itittenth cemuiy, «nd Meager Ktitn thit Londoa vit well nrp- 

}M with Tofced up&ngtu aj eaily a* i6;o- hy ihc begmtiiog of 

6r pievfitoefitinyfcirerdu wetL as nitural aapxragut hcut beeome 

iSc m^ and not the exception ai Uie t4bles of the rich, Ri\d ihc 

namei vatttf luraUhc*^ plentiful suppliet lo the tncifopoUA. 

GrtfwodotMl Hattenea ivere the mosl Umout loc^litiet foi iti pro- 

Jaction, uid ve read in the " KpicMie** Alnmnnck " ftn 1815 ih^i 

'"from Craveseod the AKpirrij[ij« ainvct by lUt-btui^ every tide 

cbnAf ebe<e*4nn, At Bniin^iigati^ whr-TF in lUrk Hoant l^ne ihfte 

X I kiM ofnuikel 1*09 it." Yhr vfntrt is profmr in hit prais» af 

CO/*<tH Cittrdm ; Mnd re^nyj.iflcrnll, t( \s only The biiiltting and ni:< nm- 

taocUtioQ whjch are V> unworthy of Ihe Ifti^c*l lapiial in (be ivorkl. 

Thc vci^ibte «ad llOTal prcKluce exhibited is, (flken coHectn-cly, snrh 

n DO other Bit'oa, not evrti /a b^IU /nrr/ir, oji boAHt of, Riil it Uji« 

IdM tlir racUJ ititus uid to|ncj{ inideai which it once enjvyed. In 

jS>5 it b docribed thu« — 

CwblCte LobJod aoiu lliiI LondoQ fi^lJici, 
t^Qwl CiA«llL Cfiirdcri bluuiii« uj %tt\tr)ty ^aijt 

For eooehincii, coffec-roomH, piujfja, ilcjlLieaj 
CAl4a|:r( tod comnltant teincJ in fiery, 

la ientier dftyi the itpcrtitAr resorii^d hither tD frilne^i the 
IdBOun of A Qflrket njnrning ; the fficctio"? Tom Orown portwycd 
i«d dmoutUed ihc cDllAqiirjit w\\\e% c\' the market folks ; rhix .^iccne 
«v dqiieied fay Hogjinh in hin " Rxkr!'*^ Ptogren ; " it vas ihii spot 
V^kfa Kafqulur «nd V.mlmigh frequently cbo^e in their comedies 33 
<fa| ftRdcrpous of tntTLgiciniii - it kvjis tlie ^u^dtmut of epicure:^* dm- 
vdAk Jtz^ eesnic philowphen: it lA now the haunt of Heh^c^vs 
»l GBAUnooogen, of livened aervants and spinsiera of limited 

IW Atfanepts i0cina!is\A:i descendant of the wild nsparaguE, 
ii indigenoiM to Great llTitam. It is not, however, a eommoti 
t^ucii its tiiK-4lttvited lUte . but we gather frotn various auihori' 
liadat ic hii bees fbnnd, alwiy^ ni^ar the senmidt', in the l^Xt of 
'l^ted, neftT Bmtol, and ipanngly near Edinburgh (l.oudon); at 
Cilhr Point and GoifoTd* (CInrkc); whilsr in Kynancc Cove, 
^ Cntiral, there ii xu i*l*nrf, c.illcd Asparagus Inland, where ii 
^^ pIttKifiiJIf (Kritner, " Jiook oi ihc T.ib]c")H ll HOA bi:>;v-' 

The G^nilfmam's Afa£a^w< 

crroncouftly t^latcd ihat the odglnd haHlut of ihc plant vtt At 
thi^Ugh it itiL fact ihiit excellent aipjinguE growi ^ild onili^bauki 
of Che Ei-iphraiM, whtK ihv kHdoIi ojc nutlUfcd by what Ibe}^ par 
tTcularly aff«i:t— >(v1jirrI(*aiioii- It i» fonnd in iridtt EDT^ion c(iui> 
tri«s*— AS, for insuncv. on ihe sAiidy iiloiult of ihc Rtione rad Scine-^ 
wliithl in tht Mil sic|JiK;*of R-Litoia and PrJand il gro^nj *o fterfy t 
iirtdllyJo^i bijcomf; j^'iTi*. jnd U cof^ly devoured V ttu'li 
urtd u>i-(i, Tlic UKiULMKUH bckkiigt tu thi> bnUDical oodtr of Eh' 
UUaene, or litywoii*, nnd the wdnrtJve thnrm in cadng it ih 
be cnhwtccd by the Itnowledgc thai we are enjoying a very near fdi* 
tion of (he lily of the valley; whilst n hu a clMe connection wid 
llic jsphodcl, ihftt cbsical fkiwcr of the dcparied. Few pUmsim< 
prove so much by judicious oiltivadon as Mp^tragus doci, -ind moKf 
f»f OUT tnark(?t grxidencn now produce it in n high '*t«le of pcifeciic*, 
especially, 3S Mr Unihill lays in his eitcclldnt "Vegclalilc ManUftJ,' 
tince the jtbsunrlity of hnvin^ only Ihrcc inchn of vegciAhle irMCv 
at llie top» and jjrowmg ihrce-TjiiitrlcTB of llie sh^hnl tn eneurohrt^ 
Ijjnflnii dnslhina, hj,-! been wi m iit-h exposed- it hft* been |iroTed If 
chemical arudyii^ that aspara^is contJiins 1cs>( niilriTnent Ihxn tlnml 
any other vcgetablcj for eveTi the b^^t of pLnnts must have their bit 
ings J *jurdy, therefore, It should be Ihc nim of gardenns to rcrjff 
the ealable part of thu shoot; s^% Jong as po-ifiible. sinre quanlit}' ii^ 
in thi? caar, as necessity ns quality, 

France, however, nKirit be locked upon ai the home of fa 
aipriTJtgns far rxrej/rncr. Htr nurkct gardcncn know how lOgTW 
it: htr cooks tiiow how to prepare ilf and he artimn*. *t wed* 
her epicures, know how to ual and enjoy it It is a hard cue ll»l 
llie flavour of tlus native of (ircat Britain i* unkccwn to nuny d 
our middle and to the bulk of our laxa claara ; hiu it must al*'Vft 
remain a select vegetable, otnng to the amount of groisnd reijuiffJ 
for its ailtivtition» and the and trouble necc«&Acy to pmdi« 
it to advajitngc. Put in Fmnct it is within the reflch of all chut^ 
and is a dainty which i^ included, for months together, in a VvatiBB 
dinner. In " KnifL' and Fork," n tn-iga^Inc which appcan^d fm VO 
years under the editorship of " Fin Bcc," there ia a goorl ortirit c* 
French market- gardening, which vvaa miiinly rcprodurcd from dn 
■■ Times." The irnicr very conottly states that the student of ThI 
Quarlier Latin enjnya his nftj^oragiis longer thiin rtwny an Ijigrab 
country genileman with \m bevy of t-ardencra. A very nice pliteof ll 
may be had at any of the j,-reat Paris catablibhmcnta for i^if. ; vhilCiT 
its aldenuanic proportions, polished ivory shall* and rcay bud tc 
Darand's, or any of the first-class rcslautnnis, are truly adminblc- \ 

iSe win oot ilhM lift to cEitrr fulljr into the mixio of culiotr oi 

lagw m EflglaiMli Fmno:, rind vlhcr for^iii^ rountric<i> but a lew 

icului of its growtli ainong our nc;^)boin> iiMy pn:nv inictcst- 

thc tyiAcm of calbvstion a cliamctHc«ll]r Ow oppoiiti- <if onn, 

EdKh gEow it in «iuk trrnchn iiiitrid of tti rAiv-d beJi, 
( micBiJctl ti* produce \he gioit Ltrsu)» Air [^laiiEnl v^ry wide 
i, UHi tlic pUnu nc amduoatily w^Mrn^ in thr? nimmer ^itct the 
I ltt» ocatccL Tliih U the linic fl( yc4r when u]ur;i^M Kxfnirut 
h eoiui»hEncitt, ami ihih cuct^tul potnr iitoo tVcfLUCfiily ncxI^xItU 
agbnd, r^icriuily Uy |iTi«itr ft-ird-^ncii, Tlie plinU arc carc- 
liUkoJ, (tf prrivut Lhc ^cm« »id brinrhci being hrolhcn by tliv 
tauJ iQ decayed or ddictlc pLuiti »re r4rcli;illy lepUccU by 
r«f a ^ronjjc iind vi^Ei>roirt groorib. The Girth is rvi-rj' yrju 
icwly itBiOvrd TO thr mnth, uml roiim mAnurr )4 «])rcAil nvcr 
lliefoe tficf W covered up n^m ; but ci4 a niJr Ihr Krench do 
,Biick io fieaviljr *« the Knjclisli gmivrr% Th^r largest And 
Im Md^t arc choKTt eo propjg.ilc! From, and iKt ruuts ^rc always 
ipbuicd OS ytarhiigi. jnd tjurfuily prenervcd from thi- ait during 
cnvL The Long, blanched il^mi. oa which the 1-rcnch i;iDwcri 
eilmindvr««n much,aJV jirodiiccd l>y a system of fiithinfl, nnd 
BfaOdl W coljr allowed to push onr inth above thr actiimiibicd 
'befan cstlifig. In the growth of the giant aiparngin -AhicU wc 
mlly Mv in l->igbnd at CKristnui time, and which i« sold ai 
ate of about u. a head, much .iitcntion ii devoted Co cadx indi- 
mI iikraul An i^tifVf tube is plored over the hw\, And tin: 
01 1\ iliCft alloired to rise liigbci nbove the siiriiirc than U llic 
' Bith tV ludin.'iiy ctop» :i3^ by Ihc e^clusirm nl .iir, aivd 
rtalff Ii^'tti the mri(>i'pn/ed bbnt^itin^ is «ciiieciI^ i^lif^teAS, 
Inr gtrn tiibc^ vrtr u«?t1, ihe %hooL wlpliU lie hjntriricd for* 
0, bul iMMild a^t^Mmc th.-il grct'Tidfss ^ihii.h the Ficnth tbink 

(BcJeiu-jUr. I^j^tciic wy* thai in Spaiii a j<;iuii of cime 
[ilucd otrr caih nhoot ^ whiKl, in ;& coiiinuu) it-it Ion to (he 
Ol lloriiciiltunLl SuctcTy. l^Aunmnn. of Vn^nna, sf.iles ihni ibe 
Incn of th^t lorahry employ n wooden tiibi? i8 inches long nnd 
A ID diameter. A ^rciE deal ofaHpaii^tgu^ is grown m Holland, 
Iwnuy be fure thai those inoit pnclical ^nd ^uccei^fui gArdenen 

DK £iil in pjtidiieing utisfaclory f«idti. Their systrm of 
DddiR T* to he«p up iooK sand over ihe rising head. The i^stem 
^biKlLOu in America is ranch Ihe same as ours, bnl no mcmlier at 
icnlcfU indigenous to (he New ^Vorld, The vcgciabtc \% now 
naja the SiiUei on a Ixrgc »cale, and muL'h aticniinn avak rcr«nily 
bjr ihc introduction thcnoc into thia comilry of ^ bvcd 

7h< OmiUfHarti AJa^aztHf. 

called ConnDver"! Colonal, which wu (buiul, however, not lo be t 
diTcreni bpccici, bui only s. voiicly frequently obiicrviLhle in ■! 
pUna lacked from tccdf whiUt the pcculijiilicfi of the »c«dHag had 
bvcn inti;(i)ijri<.Mi by dbitmclivc circuin«limcc« of {irowih- To rvtun 
to Fnnce, iho^t^^inds of cliamjiAgnc botUet aic u^vd a.t AtjcaMnj! 
fort'tc puTfw*^ of Llini:hing, uftrf llie bottoms have been luivd;«J 
UlU, ^iil Llieio is .1 rvgcjbr i\^i}c with itic u^inufjii^luhn in dduku^ 
bvtllta pujcbastU y^\\\\ lliis intt^nL Frequent rtcourte it sXxo Ind lo 
tiviliti, i*r brll-Kl;L?*ca, whiiii may, in the early s|jriii(-, be Kien dotted 
all wcr ilie j^uunij t\\ the lleporinietiE of the Seiiie-el-Oi»e« jod 
CJS>w:idl!y in the Valky of Mu^lmorcncy, The use of bcII-ijlMwi 3 
now bccoinine frequent ;cMiong Ei^gU^h gro^i'cn, ^uid they iivl> U 
purcbaifed at the lAtge gbut-vrcirks at one shilllnn apjuce. if ukco tt 
4uuitliti(& of not fewer than 300, A sp^ragtis- forcing a one of the otr^ 
^'a-u;'rr(jf Prcndi HardenJfig,Andbc:ii.tiiftilbi]ijU]c6cn«ybtf seen ioOv 
ahopA AS early oa November. Siem$ have been exhibited four mdiei 
inciroun^ferpnce, ami the cy>icurcfiof Pans ftel th^fmuelve* in dulf 
bound to lelifeh hi-adt which have been crowned \\\i\x the gdd 
meikl uf tht^ (Imi^trftnl) Horlkuhiud Society of Fonce. We 
have of^eii wi>ii*Jcft:d who tils the mammoth *'gra»" und lb 
j£"30-a-tIoien peiire dispbya^d in Mr, Solomon** window, bm iW 
mysiety 13 exphiined by tlie folloxvinp anecdute taken from B 
Siivaritfs " PEiytiologie du Goftt," which wguld apply e^jiiflily w 
I-ondon Ui to Pa-ris: — 

?MsJng Ehiuu^-Ii Xh* ralflJA Royal ohf fine diy in ihc munlh of Prbfiafr 
I Woppnd before Mrnlam*- f liPTPf-i w inflow, Ihff AOiil famouK placf of itc liiM n 
Ttm, 1 Tibiicvd iDaie r?inarkoMy Tine ufjam^s tHostnaLlcfl itick of vlmhTU 
larii» ihiUk my fowfingcr, 1 aifced ihepricf, '^Foily fiunnv TnunHnir," •" 
Muli^ne rlifvpi*i n]j>]y ■■ It w xcilly vt ry fmp mpafagu*. Imr al Budi 1 pfv ' 
only klDG**^ pHncn can mi it" "Vnu Drciiiii!taL;n. SiLch aitiorg^ti mi\» 
nrivcrru^licip&taccs, L( la I4a|-0A] f<>r iliAt. 1 hIikII hcL] je 4(1 tZicMm*.-, ibuufi; 
nml ihia in Uuw jt tvtLl lir done i^llitjc iic In l^nit* aI lh» ]irpi«iu munvnt |0a 
m«^ of fnonniiiii wtulih— llitunntFri, r^|iitnli>(U, n-iLiV4] irciifpnneii, ipj OEtet— 
who Ste cWiAnpcl tnilicir home*; hyipiul, liyttic fcfli of CiHifrfi, b^ (toctorVoidcni 
nr by other ciui»c± wltich do nut prtvcrU Ibcin fmm catinc uiil cnjujin^ pod 
ihlnj^t, TL(y «■! bcfuif Ihc tkiGinit liLmovn In llit^innlmk what Milt V41I ulikiy 
their ilatmyg|]]wJiT«. When ihcyhnvv mntu-kfO their brnSni uniucctfurul ly, ibct 
atml Ihcij \-aItr-4f--'hiimhrt on a voy»K* T>f di^^avcfy, ilc will ^mne bfir. ml 
wt mjr o^pual^p uiJ will carrf il off iL Aiiy [Jiu^e, Or rl^r .i prrlfy unoun h^I 
psit with her luvcc, md 'Aie will «ay^ ■ Oli, whtiE Tm? :i>parM^< : L«t oi bar 
lonw- Obr cDoti maVft thi* uitce for it la |t(?rr«:rian. yon ^now.' Id mch «<«« 
Lhe liner nnnol rrfut^ intl ri^nnni cl«nikir Cl the priic Ur che il ut 1 l^t bv^ 
■ chn»tcninc. 4 auJdcn mtrcajc of Jtutu^r ^— how Jo I kii(»w? la ■ wopj, tk« 
itearlhiiigi (o ejukkcr ikafi lliciiTiPip in Vni'w, luxau^, In ihp t'oLint ^fUlther^ 
£udi cvtmonlEEiory circuiikfiitLnni aH«c ibai there ic nlvsyi ui oppotltinily e< «|l< 


m.'* AitW(pok«»iiM tfofiiKnciuhmiD paiHdunL^'Bna. Ther ■topped 

AcMnAvvt 1^ ifcciT bcfi ctpKued gmiE filnuraliuu. Oqf ef rhrni 

kill ihe UUiirllmiljr Gne b^ira^ut Juiu up ici ir:il>«r, withiJtiL 

Ibfl pfteo^ p*M fer It, lod amorl U off [in<f*r hm arm, wbitrlini- 

A* IU«fr* "Tim, iMOiMurE" lOi-lMitlAmr^hcvrE Ii>ma vnibi 

«iu opnfoo, bowLTcr, ai(|ungu« Uouirlit witb tuch wanron 

of QKKMjr nonld, like firawbcrri^ >l oiiv bhiUiii|- tfi'.- ounce. 

of fttOiMy ih^ of ihc naiur:i] Ituxour ofthu vir^cubU-. 

Tbc lutd mdct asparagus ^tivAticm irv France is more CKtcnsive 

b E&sbind.ctptidaIly«tDcc of hic years so much h:iB btf(;n Kent 

e London nurkcL Thousiods of pt!rioni urr t^plojed in iu 

llie ix^bourhood cjf Farit alone. Mu^^h of the natural 

hovicvcr* which (upplii:^ ihc Kngli^h nurkcc before 

ova crop comcf. in is raificd in jj/i'T^vriW ucixr TouIouhCi :ind 

daUKO in the South of Franri*, ^hcrcic is mu^h gn^/wn amongst 

liocti *» tl flUo IE in the ^^culc-« Oiae. The ronsignraents lo 

hat« Jnatat«denonnoL]6ly within ihc k«t few y&'xrs, v^thout, 

; dkuNfi ^ui>' n»tcrinl ilj(rcrc3ki.cirithepnLeofthcvogcub)e 

cooniry. The mauti.i for Urgv hvadv of aifparagus is i\o new- 

hot>t>>' in Fnocc, as ie sf^o^Ti by ihe fuElowing cruv! iimctltal 

by Ekilkil-Savahn, >vhkh vru givt; in the ijriginnl FR'ndi, 

lOMB U onch of tU piquiiTicy in tran^latiun ok ihe Li^pura^uit 

' tloci when tsxdly drtss«d ;— 

aif«^(« d^w QtbuffUT m*n«i1lBii«4 polntaii dann un il« catrr' ilf wn 
fcntcf A ['toKAat lotilc )* Mciftc K (iiin9]}Di-ta jdr l« Ilcuih T'Q"' 
Ir bit; Cdr, ilmhTn jnlili ^»htM|jiiux uubt dil mdianLi^ tl'ivmii 4iuii]']iKi 

■ puiJHAlC ilrj* ui-iSaAid <1u hit ; In iL-k< i^ii ^jul «rrundir; vuiimiitf* 

tf pftnKllaUuatf calficin* pint ty^it pU'jjiP^inaiEir 

<hitr«ffi4n(r c» phrnom^t d'horiLfuliurc i on o^av^il qu^^ moa^clehistr 

Hyiitulia le clfJit dc LniEiparer de iii fjcific. <t Ic <OLLtclicr v»uL^ifui E:hiugt 

mmi un iiruLau appj-uiiEic ^ cltIEl- liquid rxii^t lun, 

la jCFtm titEvvtU ru(ief|!c n« fit qua ciotlrp vn ({t&cc e[ t-n bmntf ; 

i^i kfrtc (Atii fonimuE't cl hicinl^L on cumiricTi^a A cipcrc^Tair J& 

MtttatW o4 inJ U piopilrt'^ t^ualcnlt <!« iie IrjjuiiiL'. Lc Irm]-! Jp Iji 

■"C^** t^pim dc u rjj^c If! vi.'^cedI uti^iidillcuii rumJis <^iiu riiiitL' li L-oiir 

niiijMJt i^cique iuifallencc lTch etamLnfir Ic^ fiban rl U cDUtculura, 

**.* iBfiiic! A JiuppmitimrtPf -' J rfiw/rJif f fc prclftt « iclc« \ei 



The GmiierHan's A/ag4tsine, 

illfiot^LK lie tuiEt prilni la fiu«.ic pUnIc. Vt^t^i mSiaizc at c««httiOi ti }k >cftlirwl. 

iiii[]rtE fhiu^iir ji>ur i^oiir Imiitr la ciUHtOCT "imMld. >. 

>l«nHiBninjr n? u\ui pOA ti«p d« qndlo imuUfrii II drrvl p»t«4n CU 

Bl^bMtion (cuc^efi d»it bicQ utkc) ; Biiuf vaycntclt>k nutuit-i (cp^''^^'^ ^'* 

rin v^ril-tUrturm Vinmi^ririu* - nn vrnporio done Is E«fv do iWiL tfH' «mtiv<r: 

du d^inqvui I 41 pour »[tf solrdc tfUTnouit \t. MiUfSfftiy:* fax viuAH 
neon du uJoa. 

The Aystcm of na^mgu:^ cultivarion in Ccmuiny clssely 
that puriucci iii Fmncc ; but no very cxicn(ivc area i» under colli 
lion. Ic it miacd, however, in cocisidcr^ihlG quimiicie» jrovalij 
Vii-mui ontE ihc Viennese fuUy appa'ciatc the comforu And Imani 
of life — Js .also .IE I'lm ort the JJnnubc, and at AugsbuiE' *hvt| 
ihc soil ifi calc-vcfu^i sand three or four foci deep, and ihc nilwW 
always Mturated wji)» water. In ihe " Clarilener's Wcoklj- Ma^uio^i 
under d^rtc November si, ia6i, tliereis Jninteresimgcomniiinkaliooj 
Trom Hcrr Htiinnch Behiens on the Gennai^ mode of gn>wmg lem 
mijus, to which, hovveverj only a wry short fcferi^tc can be nodu 
Hs say a tl^at a&parngus wliich has alUinod a ^ecn colour (lUiutcii^ 
exposed to ihciiriBtiuUeoulof favour at Lutjeck ; bul iJjaU'^idioi 
ajtificial m«in5. the thoots. if well nuinaged, are while and tattiiC 
almost the whole lenyih. A gre:it quantity of aspaiajpis is ca*c4tB 
the neighbourhood of ihc old Hnnsc town, hting favcmtcd bj* 
light, nuidy loU, and is nold there at the rate of from Uturpatot ^ 
fcvenpenoc per pound. A ^pply it thence de^i)acched to S 
and odicr countries on die Baltic, Hi* remarks about cuiting 
»bogU are quite correct, aiid bJUfEicient atieniiun is uimciimi^ 
paid to this iiolnt in England. It should be cut either at 
late in the day, and the fkvouris finer the (ooner it itiuicnal^ 
severed from the crown. It is vtry unwite to plunge atparjiffu^ i* 
%o often done, into a tub of water, a^ the thooEii become Rabby, 
mucli of the favour is \oiL To pre^-rve it till ici^uircd iot 
Soycr reiximmends ihai it lihoukl be pUeed by ihc ihick cndu in 
vessel contaiuing abotii two inches of water, Of, better sdlt, 
haV'Way up In fre&b hnind. 

Having E«en how Eubfrngation and moistvire at the roots k 
ducive lo llie iinprovt^d growth ofaspiiragua,lhc scael of the 
of our Eriglisb grower^f by ihc banks of (he Thames, where ha 
of acres ore de\-oied to its cuhivation, k easily arrived at- A loit 
perpetual subiaxaticoji irrigation is effected by xhe ebbmg afid 
vf ifiQ ride, ,ind alao by the rapid nsmg ft^i foll^ti^ of the rivec \ 



Mttof iMavy ndsL* Its sromh is« morcoi^cr, fr/stcrcd by Ihc (k^p, 
MC asd rid] soil* as veil a> hy Ihc^ carcfijE and kl icaiiAc 9ps\tja\ ot 
oAiwtioa. Foflum and MatUw^ Ch&Tlton, ]>cptford, &nil Rothcr* 
tt^ aU said lai;^ mppHct oT citce-iknt si^puAjEW lo Tanrkct; a&d 
Ifc-Gctxgc B^k7, nf the fini-mcntionf^d pkcc, imy be considcrad' 
sencoTihcmofl iucccs&riil tiroducera. I^Tp:<|uaiititicsAiC0towii 
aOnibndffaldri^ where one grorrci has beds unfkr cuimte to the 
knftft of ttn nulfs ; bui tha prodDce doc« not coimiumd 
« hich price as tbdi ^ro^n rouod London. Evesham, on tho 
tan, in Woctcaitrahm, ia alio noted for im aspaugus, a£ iri^ll OA 
Dfar mOM ochimcjetaLIca, u in ilso thi? cuuQty of Surrey. Much iii 
RppvB m Comwill; tt uawandt:T thui iht-quiLJility lunotcvcngrcakr, 
«d] bi9QdlU] mil being ready to han<1, and the oounty enjoying 
10 ftaiil A dunatc; pAnicuTuly at oqioragus coo be vcr>' vastly 
Kkcd for tnuaport. u Cpompafcd vriil^ rhubarli or broccoli If grown 
the CAvcs ood mines, it mi^hi bt? produced very c^xl^. and wcIL 
iBulKd for iho^ who liltc u whitr,' 
Some of the fbllcmin^ hixifs. ^thi^rod irom n vciHcTy of tJCftttflCt, 
lypiOTcinicrcxtii^ or useful ^— Good, clioicc sccdnhould be aclcctctl 
B SDviiiff cither for the pinpo&; of obtaining roocn or for siocktog a 
kd wbci^ vt is town. ScedstocLng the cidvanugc thot by ihfa 
praccis ihctc u no ^hc^k through rcmovfiT, :LQd no ch^ce or muti- 
the root*. Ic stocking a bod mili root5. cro^vna should be 
of ona ycaftt sr^swih, or nro jcon^ at Uiu ouuidc. and core 
ioold be taken that they are noi exposed loo long to thi* air in trann- 
They should not be placed too dose to one another, ai is 
hiiV«atly the c»e. The roots should be planicd when thtfy have 
ifRMlvd about o«ie inch* and not before they ar^ in a siato of activity, 
K ■! the bttcT case they Trcqiicntly rot from lying in the earth. The 
ttoo should not be p!;inrcd too deep, as the increased effort lo gain 
ftcRU^ce \\ an additional Lkx on the strength of the plant, and the 
Indcc he3d8 become Irayed, The long drumsticks of French nnd 
tegbsh ■rhile j«panigu» arc not produced by planting tlie roots deep, 
hnty cuthinf- to the height of several indies when the sprouts ar« 
dnotinfc. The tyjicm of manuring should be judicious and generous. 
Tk jfifflitadon ofaltemaie dr^aings of salt and manure is. perhaps, 
Ac bot method to jHimue, 1 1 la not necessary to npply a heavy coat 
<l B)iaiire before the win»er> nor even lo covet up the beds or fill in 
lh( aShf% with leaver as the aspatagu* Ib .1 hardy plant ', but a good 
aUtfiug should be given 10 tlie beds in the spring before the crop 
OancAcev Salt should be applied stt the rate of * lbs> per sqiiarc 

1 Ctrirmtr'i »'i«4^,U«wov, 

A'mjt 4k4 lark. 


72 Tiu GtHiUmafCs MagastHe. 

yvA. Sf^wf «d \% an cxtcllcnt manure for upamgus, md Should be 

applied ivhcncvf J- obtnJimble. The aUeyt ahodd QOt be ci-crplaillcd 
wiEh oihcr vcgcablcSn tuid only with ihon kinds whove roou do noi 
extend dtcp bcncith the surface. The phnis ihould be c*rcfj31y 
itorcd during the svimmcr monduv efpeciall^ if ihc Kuson be diy, 
the bcd» nuy with odvjAUge be eovercd «ilh the thon g;ntt 
'l««[>l up from ihe lawn, ft should be remembered fhm fc<r phzita ttt 
so tOfllly dnmaged by wind, and ihxx ihc Ktooli; tuifei when tht nsiki 
are broVen. This is wcU iUusiraicd by Mr. J. AddisonV cntcruitdo^ 
ocoount of hi& AUnnptt to grow asparagus when apj-^jEntod gsrdencr 
to ih« late EavI or WonyBs, and his deacription is jdmosi n sumnijuy 
of uparagus culture :— 

For a paili>l of eleven yrant while I wu in lH« nnki^ I ner«r f&w oHMb 
dIAtiUlIy kn crowLng \\ wcH. but ■( Hom? pluci I hiw Hcn II Aifuiiai a liitirrt 
In l8j8 I Hpnl 0Sl fTf fiif «n(j ^^ ^f. ],>|e iij^f ,,f Wniiy», fiu«ruri1 llciii^, Hul' 
Jlriglon, kml th^rr was only ■ hnJ of upiri^i^ib licrv and [hvTT ; 1t hxA divJ oil, 
vxl he hoppl I ih'juM be bMc Eu en^ it. 1 wns full of hope then, nvl, •« [bi 
ntflitfc of [he aDi] h-u i-uc-kL unci ihcrt wpj do nnm cf tniuuK and If tuur. I nm 
«aii|^ii]]« of Ai]aT», I ]>Unltd hcjiJtliy Iw^'ycai-mlit ^ncls ami tlirr tpfrputiaio' 
up wril ; Imt ibt ttconil year nm1> oil tlifl r^irtH pn:p*w! to be mireci 1 Wl >ll 
ih^conrrit itkci> oiii of me. btu ihtrf was no i<EumbliDg, aitd, u 1 uneTftevBt* 
li\C lllni urmiPil. I kaIvcJ Id try a^pLn. My second dl.Eanpt was Altatdtd i*U 
lliir «unt If tulr. The rucjT> ukI hndt utrrr finiEid lo b? ojal-blAclL, I[ tinK^nC 
lliAl ihr wind tnlghl have «oaiething to do uiih my vani of n)cct«, u GWM 
iff» a vcTy windy ptaec. The n«>il time 1 ln«L I fastened all tlic itAlkk kip 
M>Ui at iJtfy r<':|Utrrd >upL>jrt. Liid aL luE 1 hAtl Ihr KliafartLop uf hrEidinp iii > 
fijii! iliili fui lablfi buT il hs^t tArrt me sj« ^cnn lo i^roduL'e il, Tlie ^rjcrnii" 
Oil? Eail uT HaElLbi]£>EuP arid l1» Miht|1Ij^ c>rT*ce4kiii]e brai me in 1S5S, yrhtalb 
pntv wat cHin?d by twelve hcniU of t^hi inihB in Icngrh. woig'hjB^ 15) 0^' 
KCOoJ, I4f UL 'ITimigh I nTubcoEcnfor a lime, I urn Uappj' Eo a\y 1 won ihefWl 
bi 1H55 ^'h twelve heBJJ% wfij^tiing iSoi,, and hI a iubGE[[ii0ni Uinw I r0rt<d 

No Geed« should be aUowed to bvpcII, cerounly not to npen, on 
young plants ; chiK b as essential as cutting die ftow^nng shoots oFT &ci< 
kile and rliubarb. ' The duration of the bearing powcf of the beds van*' 
according 10 the soil in which the root i^ plninted, bLil from iwelrt U 
fifteen yeare may be taken as the average ; and there is no such *«>> 
ligT^ of c^h^LUMion in a&paragos plants as their too free production rf 
seeds. It ja not absoluti^Iy iiL'CL-Ti^ary lh;d the toois should be planf^'J 
in raised beds, the main object of which is to secure due drains 
and increased depth ofBoil; where the latter U already deep ^ 
porouB, equally fine asparagus may be grown on le^'clbeds— a*>*^ 
which is corroborated by many powers, and confimtcd by the opjaio« 

' Tk/ Crfr.iVHfT, Apia 1873. 



«eUfUioed by Mr l^Hcy, nbo Iim ijublinlicj » link Uv4UkV tfuurcly 
^rtowJiothccdtivaiionof AfpAuifiM. H« M>-bllutljy ihi^mclliod 
MTT tmiforia moiMai^ \\ (ccur<i]. llic vuijciAcjuL yjM\% i\vc utUited, 
tettfOU wo WA LiAftgjvuUy »cvrrtiJ in Jv^diiiiKVul xXm LrviKhct, and 
fKOa ecviMinncd Nu liod iumtlcr cluiii ^ rvd, or aji square 
Jsi^iboubd be jppTusjna£cd to Uitf gEuwth ufuponigusas iliaii» ihc 
abcKm o.(«nc of ground calcuUlcd to jiroducc a. fau'tixcd di^, all 
ttlKad>or"^i<:fi3fV tut 1^10 siinc day. KmAlly, in cuuing Ihe tboou, 
a Apkngut knife ibuold jfw.iyi be uird, u if cue wiUi a »crrat«d 
«^ ihe WDUfkd U HL^ged, md doc« not bleed neoriy «o mudij 
ibsuft a cIcaA wound Ic^Vd tlic up vei^cls opc-n. Carc^ should btr 
nku to jiuK the knife doicly dtjnii the item of the «prDutt so kt not 
bUJ^Mv ftiif b^ult whirih hive nox yet mmlc the;i Ji|>peanuicc abovt? 
pevod, snd K'^ea^ precaution U iLcccu,i.ry lo^tvoid jirickingihe (.rtiwii* 
lltdi iikiiU{ii>Kbenfcioin prcv,iil« u ta luiin^j hrAd« unciil in ihc bed^t; 
ttcbot pUa a lo cut tiil, when tbc tjcdt J^re jo tiiong bcrjritigt until 
ihtlcpEitttuojcof Junc^ The tAiAlLci npiouEb iicctJ nut'iJjit^iifaE lablt! 
M « tvgcUbW CO do discredit lo ikcgarctciicri Ihcy «houtd be rtacrved 
b iuvp Of om<Ltta. 

like ibe potato and tfie rinr. the A<f|viiag\iAhuEb sworn focv 
1Wcl*er«ocnijr of grower* n the a*pJin»gus beetle ( C'wUrit Af/arirjii\ 
^kA h, Iw^crcr, fortunately very ijitennittenl and bcaL The lu\a 
>%of ibeitucct laiti^nly about lea day«, during which hselectfttlic 
ICQg dioots ju iu food, and iheck hune^ il&clf in the ground. They 
ttif be ciptuicd by pauiikg ihe bond down tli:^ i\aik. Theaaparsgus 
teffti iVcqu^nily appun m the C;iTnbrJi3grsFiire hcdt^ overi^jiTvndirig 
iMfcillir^ OUc pla^ilft ; it it only knovrn to iiLyiuJifj^istsas^t irrycdium, 

Ia COQClmion, ivr must uy on? word, itgardinjj th? mm uud 
%et of sll Mi^ntKUb tuhurc — [lie costing and eaLiog of the 
A>Mt [b England the cuTinaiy proce&s du^ not admit of much 
vcnifcatioD. 1'he occtisity of quick, husk boiling liJ*i olrcudy been 
QuDcid on, and the Knile:nt Iorcs its delicate flavour by aiiy flabo- 
^Vna All thaEwc lequiTc \i good nielEed butter, and how vxEr^mely 
*^vegtt it! In hirmg a cook, let him or her produce presentable 
^^«auce iiid mtflti:d butter as crwlentinls. The wust on which the 
■"iii ut hid ihould be dipped in the water in which ;hey havt btcn 
^'flol For ftoup the damaged heads and the thin green sprouts 
* fs»nd)y tised. which biccr arc icchTiically known by tht name 
^'*'qnt.* Thii h not a vord ro be found in ar.y dictionary, but is 
incu^uiwd Icmi in the indc, and is often to be seen wiictcn up in 
ftc^DOcn' shopc, to the no umall bcwirderment of thounlearnciL 
I* hmtt, however, ill uf cs ^rc awri; variou:^. It ciUet^ uxicnswcV; 


74 The Gstiikmaris Magasiti^ 

iaio rj^Oci. and ihc drumf^Eirkt lircomc iciuIcTf if not I 
by prolorjgwi cooking. It is viicd in ftabds, as in lines of ; 
b<ails of ihc sproutt arc cu: off to ihc lonjcth of ihrtMHel 
inch, ihcTi boiled and fric<l m but(CT, like pcaft; ii iaa vo 
;idjimrE to tlic K^vc^uiy onii.'It:t> Jia it ulso is in Spftin i 
Sojw rccomiiicndB /pjWj jTas/trx^ m. excellent wiTh 
cgRs {trufx f^tviti/thY Tliai some Fwn<^hmcn oficti prcfc 
with oil. instead of butttT, in shown by Uic wclUknown a 
Fonivnditf: — 

T}\r }-iv?[ 4t( fifltfiiitjiiiZcty fund uf ikf hftgui. tui lie lik?t1 the 
lUi f^itnJ CotOinsI Dulmis liked ilicm not loa fc^cntf^. bat he pn 
wLib nic^ltfd Ifi:li£i. I'^roiirnclk Jivi 4 Eiret Inindlc of upAticQ" >^ 
told Ihf l.Aiillnat or k, wi>il ^n« i1^ him Vo 'llimpr. pmmHnjf fiitbli 
thnuU br trrvcl wilh -ill ^rid bdlf ^Billi boLLrr ITie l>nllHl icaii 
•buul Elw JiubF f^r dinner x mo^cjgfi umc Lu (he liOM tu M^ ihH 1 
(fUfJiL had blkb iiiTo a li\, uiit w d»d or '];r''i|;. FtmlciuUe nul 
■he kiirlKin " All »k|>i>11 r aT] ii<uU oil r" |>r rrlnt, in frai Wl ihp 
not HenJ up en'jii|;Ti of hla favcqriLe i-{jtLiItint:uE lr> eril vlEh ilL lb*1 
huuDur lu tile k>|]iuneiu, he rdumcil Ui hi,h dinific-coom it loinctit ov 
Sn gml Ek llic inrliLFiicc wbicli upicngus wittk ihI Hjh bfrfln kuoWB !> 
Lhp humAn niiniL 

We only wish what Ketmu" ^ay^ in his " Rook of t 
regarding ttic process of eating isj^arogiLs were strictly com 
fcfciting thjit vegetable! *tc considcfftl merely as adjuni 
Hnglrsh dinricT— dial i^nto be e4tcn or'/M thcjoint^hewy 
rhokpsatid n&]j^sfru& are aloiic thought uoithy to be sc 
raldy- (He niigliT, by Ibe wnyjuivc indinied soiknle.) N 
the pftivigc, the absoJtitc corrcr.iness of which we insh wi 
obliged to dullengc ; " Ii is a C|uc&tion whether this e»cep 
Co a piirt- adTniralion of The vegcUblc or to Ute ii'rtutH^ 
An-i-irsf; io be <aien ^ith iht firtfitrs, it \s neccifciry to put d 
LiTifc or fork lo sei^ iho vegettbic- The probflbility is I 
CreaNir Ihoiighl fit, in His wnsilom, Io endow the f 
ftitli three or four hands, he wouJd never have been seen 
artEchokc or 45p3Jagus aloaie, but .ilways in conjunrifon 
Other food." Without ooimnenling on the Ihppancy and 
vcrcnct of the laitor I'^n of this pjuagniph, wc wish to dtt' 
to the pabfiOfjc prititiKl in JuHcs, AlosT it is noi con&id 
loanj^eis to eal a3(^rjgt)« with tht: An^crb in polite society- 
Biiy» at dinnef v^riiei, 01 on occaftions when asparagus 
lerved in EnglMid as a tourst iifttt ihc joints. Happily, tb 
in locij ethics dot'-; not exit^nd to home life, for in the & 
h is pfrfe*:i}y allowable 10 grafip the esculent by ih^ b 



falfov the bent olonc'R own incIinacioiviH The knifc-and fork procus 
% v« «Mit cmincmly urtsaiisfjtctoT^. but ihc bitmitf^cis of life 
MH be confOniMd i<\ and to suck asparngva in sociciy i'& as pvat a 
tvnch of etitiactte lu for a tadjr lo n[»e chceac to her mouth ciii a 
LviTr, ot 10 aniic il Oic cookntA tif an egg by the proccan of dccjipi- 
ticcfi— 3 xuiumirproccoiIinE which riwayr raniTidB ^ of ^i: poppf 
Bptf Kuicin Kistory- Aittchuket, \l is tme, masibc eaten with 
i^ fingcn even in videiy, or the rctfiiU noLild be luigative ; but wc 
9i}iQi ihst Mpangu^ lUcking must bv witnvTiticd onty by onc't family 
ml indnutc ^wnds. Even thus the ar^oiagni cnjoyt on odmntogc 
mtT ibe shinpv ihat ^cuoDtu queen of frui£:i, ;ind almost (he only 
trcpkal ooe which iV. not a ddusLoii ortil a cnarc. To be (hnroug?ily 
njoycd, a b^kci of grafi^d mang<jc!: imist be ctticn in cciniptGtc 
riQrcnKmt ; the founuind niuRt be cbd in the «cimiiut of dn^ciyt 
ud liiUt hold Ills head over .in amptc ba^m of pure wntur. with no 
ffe^ not even that ''^X hU native vn^lct« und lIiU less thai of hfi^ wEf« or 
hun &icnd, to ajiy ihc myticiica of a mango icvd- 


Fart tiie Fiiut. — Thk CoiricTitv Maid£!(, 

ON (he ni^rth'CASl Miic ofTi:m;ilo Bar, cpposJLc CliiW's BanlE, 
The ycaT 169;, There ^as a narrow, dingy thoroughfjrie oi!] 
fihifc Ij^nc, in which wa^a pasiTv -cook's shop kcpi by oncChrisiopI 
Kat, iirid known by the sign of ilic Cjiatid Fiddle. It was hcrCii 
roomibihvc, tliJt iht cclcbmi^d Kii-Kai' Club hdd its meetings, Th 
WM iTor a niOTC amtocralfcand notJtMe gaihcTtng in Ml London tf 
Ihrit which as3cniblffl weekly within those si'jualMj |)rmncrt; duk«! 
among ihcni Ihf C^^nt M^trlborou^'h— cnrl?, lordj, ;ind wjt^p cf vh 
IfliE Addison ail d Steele wuic the foremt>5l, vi'ert: ihu lucmljors;^ 
ull wCTC good Whigs. Kwcfm haters of ibc SlujiitB, and d^^mpioT^ 
Ihe ProtcstiiTii succcision. One evening wbik Iho wine wju dr 
Iflting freely, aii<l ruigning beauties were being loiislct^ Eve 
Picrrepoint. Marquis of Dorehcsicr and Earl of Kingsion, rose 1 
proposed his daughter, Lady Mary. "ShcispMtierthanany bc« 
ofihem all," he cried. "You shall see her." Andlhereuponhea 
flvvay his camnge 10 bring Iter ihitlier By-and-by fihc irrivcd 
demure little bdy of eight, dre^st^d for the occa^ion^ and a]l| 
gentlcnicn to.'isti^d her standing, ond afcerwoids fed her wilh sw 
\\\^A\% and kissed and fondled her, and linally inscribed her tu 
i^ith .1 diamond upon a drinking ghss. '' Heasurc," she wf 
ihcrcalter. " wag loo poor a word 10 express my seiisaiions. Tl 
amounted to ecSM^f. Kcvar agdn throughout mj life did I pojs 
hiip|iy an evening," 

The incident \f'\^ the more likely to impress the little nuiden. t 
lo b^^ long rcmennbere^, coming as ii did in the midst of & d 
monoroiioics life, the greater part of which was passed in a rem 
conniry m^inaion fif away from sueh gnicties. Her mother, L 
Mary Fielding, uf the son^e family as the gr^at novelist, died ir 

■ 11 tl iup]>aKd to have laktu iti iMUue frgm the ^ign of ih« houw. kit il 
fjiiig, t\ y* *»d[ knnvm, n 5ina]l fuliltr, Popr, hofftvcr^ con»i^*^^ ll>it dtrivn 

A Reprssmi^tive Ltr^ ofilu Last Cmitiry. 77 

ifcev»(Mlr four ycus oldn ^nd ahc J^nil her «i*t«9, Lidy Fnmo», 
ifrmudi ifae ualprtuiuuc C-^uDtvs^ of Mur, ««rc brought »p chicdy 
u T)c«iabv-ia^h«iuxxid. their f^ith^r*! counUy ifX-AX. tMluvuiiort, buih 
tf mfe ind fcmale, Ikii ctprruMy of ilie hitor, w,i? at Ihis |>tTiuJ 
illbetowc«l tf 1>t> krfaidi luiU bc-ciLiiiu^Ei unLc iht' ri^viwiil of Itfarmnij, 
-k oltjutcil wolrun vac indCEd u rirrj; Af/y jii thiAO diir> ; bvw 
ttueiAd igikOnni W(!ve cv^n the brhl-bn-d Ijida^a in.iy be k^I^^^vU 
texperuatlorthccomcdk^of Con^iTvc, Wydicily, ahJ Vanbrugli. 
^Vc iicrr KOod, dulli volid huii^cwitTi :imuE]g ilicni, who tn mtd- 
kOviloUibre t>^rc 5(^in:d^oii a level with the fannci'i wifcof ihc 
^ gcamiioii, but the tciwn Iit;« ladies were imly I'ulgar c:cK(ue(i«fi 
ad caid-playeni who cuuLi not ipcll thvir »u'ii n;imr4 cortvt :Sy. 
TW Mafquis of Dorchotcr hail iccminuly no iii;Hi/v to iiuki; hus 
^agbun an exception to this nilo, ^ncv hv d!d not coiibidin it 
•Cdcnuy 10 piQwdc any inMn.iction for iheni. Wc suppose ihey 
«m b icm* way lau^ht to tKix\\ ^nd wrtie, bui ceruiiily 110 further 
>cu>IctHrratioa v^ :itlvni|iltd. Fotlun-itely. however, then: w^is 
1 ■dl'»l<x:kt^ Jibfjjf M TWctUy^ anil J-idy Mi*ry Ti>veJ boots. 
TV ituftij enable fitliuHh <?f >f.idiiincSuidcry, tho^c tvpta/ti 4f !<}»,^ut 
Ukiw, -CUlu-;' -MbrJiim;' (lie " Grami CyniC arid ihc ii^m 
*doD« inlQ t^ji^tsh)** jud Tom d^UifiryS ^'Aslrxa,*' her fav(7uri:c 
WJ^ v«tv ddjgvnily prrustd, but only a& leLualJodK to graver 
^te Alone :uul uiiabifi<iit^d ulie iLiasWred the L^itin and French 
'N|U4;iM 4Jid nude fomt piugmi m Gi^f^tf and during ha ki»iu£« 
k>n wit olwayi mrrounded by dittionahes 4Jid pile& of learned 
^oiuNs. She even tnnvlolcd the "Enchmdlon" of Kpictcuis^ 
'bovith probably ^m a l^iln vc-rMun, aud bent hex iranvlauon to 
Mv|i fianvic for rc^i^ioii. 'I"his petfcjtmjnti? la ic bt found among 
^OtUccied -HOtkn, with die bbhop's LJjrreciionfe. But not wholly 1 

^^iktMeio devote herecif TO ^i^h puisuiis; theu- were household 

^*ttiQ bo p9l6nn— 'for at llt^I liiuc evt^n gr^C tndits dul not disdain 

'kimly caret— and Lady Lou^m ^luurt, hei granddau>;htef, itifurniit 

^^iabcr "AjM^cdotea'* of her celebrated anceslresst ibat Lord Dur- 

5*"*er. having no wiff to do the honour* of hiH tabic at Thortsby, 

*<^|uid the Uik opon hi* cldc« diU;al>ter, aa noon au ihe lud bodily 

^^npb (br the ofnce. which in those days required no small sh.ire; 

^AcnUuv&A of a counliy nianMoi) uas not only io iiivii« — tlui i^t, 

^tn ind mw^her company to cji more than hmnjn tliroats could 

^'^'i^caitQtly swalloT^i but to carve every di»»]i, whi-n choiicn, wiih her 

'^Tihindt The greater iho lady, ihe moie indispensable thv duly. 

^^ Isint «3» earned up In lU turn to bi; operated u|ioi) by her, and j 

^ikat|ik>c« tht pun and bti^bL» oii either hand were «o ?ai m 

5 J 


The GmtUmatii Magadm. 

14^0111 being boimd to oAb* their otsbmncc, tiut the tieiy maner of i 
houK, poficil opponie to her, mig^ tKii net &£ her croupiev: hlr^ 
(tcpeLTtmcni was to ptKb the bottle after dinner. At for the crovrd of 
gucsit. the mOEC incomidcr^ble :^rnong them^-lhe cumt«, or suball 
or ^uirc'^ joungcr bToth<;T— if tutfvwJ tlironfih bcr nq^t to hi 
himself to A friice of ch« nxutton pla^ccd bcfon hlnir would hapc 
chewed it in bittcrnctif* uiid gonu home a& ofTfoiUcd nws, 
iiicUned to gix^« ft wrong yuIo at the noxl election. Inhere 

feaoed aLr^iDg-masier^, i^-ho tiught young kdica the Art 
'ficoJlr. frt^m one of whom I^dy Mary raid ^hc took l<is»onH dint] 
times a week that she might be perfect on her father's public 
when, in order to pcrf£»rm her funtiiona uuhuut intirrniption, she 
farcud to cat her own dinner oJane :;n hour or two beCorehaiKL 
And so omongfii tonuncesi dicdonories, cluric author^ miied 
^DCCftdoiulty by gn^t feasts and pradiglou£ fcdt£ of oirving. the 
girlhood pai^donn Som^dines the young ladies tighedovet 
soliury livef« and longed for the time when some hero of their u 
nation wtjuld beai thtm off to a mure L-ongcniol 5phi:rc, Lady 
fuuuJ hvr liero durinR one of htrrarvviuiiB lol-ondon, Herei 
fneiid vas Miitresfe* Anne Wortlizy Mcniaen. T>ho had a handsoi 
brother, l^dward, die tuusin of Clterlcs Montagu* Karl of Halifax, a| 
row of wit and Icmung, and the &icnd of Steele ^tnd Addison. 
is add to have frequently lupplied hints for Thf Spectator, if iiid< 
he did nol write :>omc of ihe papers; the i^cond votumu of 
T^Htr Ik dedicated to him. Fayjjig his lister » vitlt ont dA|r 
encountered Ijdy Mary, and, struck by hi-r btfauty, filter^ inlO 
cotivcrsation \i\i\\ her. To hit turprisc, ht;, nho had hitherto f(?U liule 
bnt conitm|Jifur the st^t, diaeovered dtai he had met ;il List a woman 
of w.-nsc 3Jid culiji-iiiion, and one too— greater wonder sidl — wfj*- 
could convtiHc witij him upon his favuuriie dassies. He ^poke 
QinnlUB Curtius ; shf h^J not rc^d that author. The neat day 
siirnt her a s^ilendid t-dili^jn af hjs works, and opposite the tide-] 
n eopy of verses wriiicn ui the highly -strained eulogy of the period 

The old Latin hi&icman fomied the fir»it diapicT of ihcir hw ^ 
story. Mr. Moniiigu feli dL-%peMtcly in love with his Eislex's lrienc::3. 
He was some years bcr aenior, bm Lady Mary was flanered by tt^^e 
intentions of s> distingi]i!ihi,'d und learned a umri^ and lent & willif^^ 
eai to his vowii. She liked lum, preferred hJm to anyone she h^fc<J 

1 Tlir Uile qF Mitlra» ft'Ot Chen applird Ici Dvon ^vry yaan|^ unmBirieil Iklifi 
*Mlu Van 9 (crm of ciirtempt. ELS indtcatin^A very childish 9]i<t rrtvij|i>iuper<ifli 
amnnrihc critit, children oftven tivc nrsis ycoriofi^e wcietravcJy *tylft| W**j 
J'r»« iA^ffjf) ur wh;ilc^f ihcir name Frhighl he. 



A Rfpresatiaik'€ Lady ofilu Last Century. 79 

■ct; butl]Wlh*/K«/liiDi,uiihchi^(;«ttcn£CCi£ the word, t& very 
AibiU, 10 l^dgc lh»n her Icttcn to him ai thit pcritxl She kciiis 
V be pcTpccuflfiy qvKaioaitv her hcan upon ihc «iibjcci— ,1 vory 
■ Hidon« dw-iu a wft ftcc, <i*OC lore ncrtr qucsdofU OT TTiflMm. Mr. 
SfottSfa cvidcntlj fcle chU, lad hjH icctcrt Arc LrriubTc, rci^rondi- 
U. &I1 of doutt uid cJit^tu^iiiciion. More ihitn once Uic vows 
ik xii not vtktf to h]ii» A^n, ;^ut ^11 uLU«t bv ol ^iri eiid Wi^l-vd 
Obl&i But ibe bnacb a quiclly rtp^JrcJ by upuluK<^'» '^^ fi'riowtfU 
pMMsbua^ QpOA the pan uf the k^"^'^'><^>^' ^■^'v ^^ u>znc 
oi»cU from one of h<^ leiu-n^i which will give a j^oud Idea of the 
■lote ecne^Mifkdcnoe :--> 

Tds lUik, if fcn DAfTtoJ tDCp I ibf^uTd tit patilcnixtly ^^TU'1 of j^hi an« 
«i^ tad cf wtodT^clic (Ac nnT- ISlee nciilirr ivuuld }iupp<iL t ctn cuTHm. 
lev l« t fttnk^ ta l4aA^i kaow wbidi^ I cin E^irc, Iji^cct ill thic it caid' 
filHiliBtvufi btf MvFi wtior v» ftviil iH nir- - - . Hy-Hi fun ri-vj(vrici Utro ^ih 
t««ifaMB tlttl ^1 biiF ftl] (hf <I(ltT«nn riw 10 your <u[4rli>rUy of |[ihnJ t«rrt«. 
■y iW fou pnpokAb ufl !;« icT«iibtc to llia>c un whom 1 (LC]>cn[L> I h±yt 
Mte| Id aj «piait iK^m, ^ , . Vfhcn jiro^»le «rr Eeo-I fui life, il [ifJiFir mulual 
hiiiviftM to V* vrinof «Tir an^lht*. If 1 bud >7I (h* |H-(iimiiil chcirmt 1 
^^1 teotofav ftliiibi4 tiOD'^iitfn for bflfpii^u. Yonwouiil toott be lifed 
«* wai CToy 4*7 Ibe lamv Ehiuc- Vr JictT TOu i*w pMhint cb* you vroubl 
ti« ItMiR lo mrV iJI Ibr tlcfnts wlikh voiiM i1h»d-i* in {tropr^ithtHr >t lliv 
Nubf li^med, •A'lcTi ii tlvriyi a j;™t chcLnn ... I ihoulJ qui fliooi; uj 
HitAooird i I ccpuld be vviy mrU pIcflXiE Co be in tfiMm. mUiuiit innkro^a 
ta %w, -IT Mnag dhoi« fig)jl VF iiii^c j^rKcmUe ^^cojilc. Af ju-CEtLrnlA. lablr, 
^OtlMnC^i^u hnrr cvmr mlo my head, Itui I will qnrci- ihiiaL ufanyltijiiu 
*kml tte cofHfM vf my UaU^, aM tdviit y^m hqI to ianay t kappkim In 
"fir aftiiilr, ■tlich /ud would duJ orJy In bncy. , . . I[cw<t«f, pTCKfVc tnc 
f^ ItknAvfrLpt nk^h 1 'hl^L nf «^lh ? gm:^ rlrai] I'i jalnHiicti anf] viHip vai^rTy 
^ t*B r=^ tec ■!• ■HrrW<l. I ttiLKer iny(i>lf yoa')' ^v ^ cnmluci yoii irill jim be 

The nuniuu entertained the tuiior, ^ind ull went KiiKiutbly in that 

until h CflDie lu the bLi^mea of wiUetiii^nis ; thcmatquit 

thai all Mfn Monugu'i patvisiun^ fhuM be xcllled ia ;he 

ik<<il u^n the eldctl toci tn/u/urir- Mr, M^intotiu rcfii^i-d ; 

; ottccTtil Ut ih:; lav of cniail on |innci]}Ic^ St> l)ic negoLJaligni 

m hnfcai o(Tr and L^Jy Mary wu told to Uiink no more of liini. 

although be vouM not rcliiK^uIih hU piindplc, neither ivt^uJd 1^ 

vdia^ish the kidy. A clandv^ltnc coireNi^ondeuce w^ carried on 

■CCD frew. siuch in the iuii»t ^Liain aa br^foiv, until another suitor 

in the fieid. nhuHi ilie iniinjuii pti"<:Mtp(oriJy commandT^d 

loncdrc. The bver uiy<;d an eloijcmcnl , the lidy liL-sjuitJ ; 

r^ «a* prvpued for die mflrriai^e ^Jth ihc nval, even ilie wed- - 

4uf 4n« mjKlc- Tfje iciien ^ru^' mofc and more ui^eLit. lahc d^ ^^| 

So The CeutkmafCs Afaga^iiu, 

not tavc him— hcT hcan wm irfven to another, he uM, to lAich thf 


I unwillitif tj? Abindnn ^1 coRYeruIian but jmnn^ If yoaplev^ 1 wiU 
ire ihocfvr ipati, Tmltorl, 1 will ^irtrt Milh ajiylhlri|j ff tvhj, hiiE yoii, I sITIfLl 
Juv* piTj A (ninnt^ to lci« ymi for ihp rwl of my Ufa. If yew fan pvnilF Lh* plu 
orhappuifu begun villi yrmr rrirntT. onrl \t\it mt ftrt thtc frientl, I un^ttr fooi 
I have c^iammcil my tjwn hdcl whrlbcr I cjti lcn*j cuiTthinc forjoui I thiollt 
nn. If r cKvigc my mini!, 704 >IiaIL kiu'W IkHiiv -HuiKUy; tLfln ihil 1 mllMt 
cJuBjjv my ralml, 

She did TLC1I change her mind, and mi a ccrtun Sunday nlf^t imie 
oiiE oT her feiher** house lo meet her lover, who was waiting fOTl«t 
sy in a chnise, Thcm.irrugc Ijccnci- inljitcd August 16, t;TL 
in as she wnn E^Oe her nisrcf, in rt great fnght lesl tJif^ iJimJd 
lall into her fothcr's hnnds, biiuicd a diaiy sh^ had kc]ir xnij ^1 ha 
I'liivMc papers. The mnrtjuis wn^ fi'^t^v cntagtd 3I hi* dmighErr^ 
flight, and sccniiR never lo have re-iUy forgiven her. 

After the honeymoon, polilicjl ot other bij^mcts terms Co hlT? 
oliliged Mr MonLigu to go lo London, And hJs young wife wenE to 
5laytt-Jth flomc fnends at WaUing WeJIs, in Nottinghamshire. M«- 
riaye secras to have solved her douhts and ^lrcr»glhc^cd herlovc.*nd 
her first Iftlcr lo him aA^r thetr separaiion breathes a spirit of tcBto 
affection: — 

r duck myKlf n-hcn \ grkrc fen your flliBcnce by remcmbrrini; how drf 
lt2^>Jlt 1 bayp li> iTJoicf Jti ihc h"|?f of jiAuiit^ my wlmle Jife wllh yrpu ■ A ||IW 
fortune nol to Iw imlucri. I txn afrairt of [j^tling joi] I rctuxB ihanL-s fflT il » 
HoTcn, bcciiu» you will c^cl[g^ roe witli hypocrisy ilaul you art mistaken. Ii"** 
(Tcry dfly at puUif pnycri in thi^ famUy. and never forfct in mj prime fji^fl^ 
liaDi haw much I awe to lluini Jti malEiJig nic ]notiri. 

The n»t letter, wUlitn Ihree monibf after Iheir mflmsge. ]> b l 
sadder strain- She U unca»y at hii long silence, h^u he ii noi vr^V 
or llul he lliinti ^uriling 10 her of smaU imporlince. She is vpfV 
nearly cKsifaictcd amongsl her dJimal apprehensions, and i:oncli:dtf 
with " Pray, dear, write to me, or 1 shall be very mad,'* Again, *he 
writes, " When I gave myself to yon, I gave up the very deiite of 
pleasing the rest of the world, and was preily indifferent about it' 
A Jiiile Uter il i^, ** [ am alone, wilhoiit any amuscmenis to tike up 
itiy thought*, i am in circumsLinees m which melancholy i^ apt W> 
prevail even over all amuscmenli, dispirited and alone, and yoti 
write mc quarrelsome letters. , , , - I hate complain ing- Tift tut^ 
sign I am easy Ihai I do uol trouble you with my htadaehei and m 
spleeiiT ^ . . . 1 believe you have kindness enough for me to be sOrt)^« 
,tnd iO you nould leli me, and Ihings rematn in rhcir primitive itHC^ 

R^presintativt Lady oj iht Last Cminry. S) 

\Q tpon you tbai ii&ln. T would ftlwuys give yOLt fjturare. 
faiCFv jrott arc Rody W kll mv iIibi f (to not evci kcrp lo ihe^ti 
pdmoxuni,. I oonCrs* I oAcii t|ji:jk im^citjnvnily, Uut 1 :t]ways 

A ycir aA«r the maniafftf a son wjli liom, tlij; iinvruuji noLoricmt 
Bvn] Wonky MoUAftu. Althnugh still living a suUluEy li£r, only 
ifcta by occ^tioi^ vittiv lYoin her huitondi %hc ficni .iw jy th« chiJJ 
Euinv> according to ihc fuHion of die lime. It tccmt uranflCt how- 
ir, dut. undo t^tt: circumicjui<:et« the i^ld not kixp it witli hcfi And 
nan to iadic^tc a Ijuk of affvtnoii, Vpon tfic occci^ion oT 
Di^ l-r fclr- Monu^u v^JLt appoinu-<! n T^ofil of ihc Trcd^tiry. 
C fbRowiag cipiutlv u-rittcn l^tlrr, ijn^kr d^tc Si-pt^iirU'r ^4. 
14, b in quite a di/Ttreiit btrjun fruiii those \Xiii hAvc ^onc Uffunri 
) H die fint oucvanJ si^ii of the c^junlry muddets developing into 
\ vooun o' the wodd : — 

IWntfc I «iB TOT itfipfliifnc to ice jroti* I wduI'1 not Uavt fou. hj kur«nln£ 
Odbt 4»ait Jax my pin nf jntir bumt. . . . t nni j[l)4t ji'mi (Muli ■\l «i?r^ini{ 
ViBo^i t hflpt II Till pill ihein In mind of *tf\iin; yaunoir. I need flJl 
pwpoa AcadfiOEifD of mnncy; cvcryllitiic wchcar ptiU uh in rL;iiicnihr3iii;c 
)L II iiS»Mp*Mihl*lp*rt»tflfC liberty iQjir>iiranmiry, nrhmiUbf fBCioachmtnl^ 
||ien]f»tltv Trj rvOutiii;; ^uneCf iu ■ ff»rr«L, t ihuiild bv plnud lo thara u 
IriGiM ■ fnAVRty tviih you ^ but » the worl4 11 uid vriLI hr, 'Tu a torL «1 <JflIy 
Iblkh, tim ilinsy be in flnoVpffwCTto -li* cnod— nchc« Mnff aoolhef wuiJ 
i fDvtr. ?owqnl4 ibr obtilnlng cif whirli ih# lit^i nrcfi^iy j^ualirttllun It im- 
fton; iod {u DtnTiocLdcDrt uld of pronujKiniicfi Ln omlory) the neeriad in 
V^Aaec. tlw ikird ii tCilE i^npudcDLC- ^4 tnodol man ever did tafm will 
lb bv foTttnc- Your IritnLl l^nl Ifjiliru, Robriil WiljajlF. mid ill ulHcr 
b^Ut WuBcc^ mi ^uifli vEranrfnirnr. Lave t>»eii remii-IabEy inipiuloil. 
kHkvOrr U lilK « f>Tif tt Couft ; thvJY'i ■ liUle dorx W c*' III ^^ B creal 
t"* «Bboiit« kbvmC And thruklLnff who ahAlT be foremoAT t peapJc vhn Iznock 
B «^ llni (Acm. rliuf^iH a lirilp U*J* itf iKe sbms "nil HiSJ rhm»l 
ttidy fefvtniii m curt of 4 sn»<1 pLic*. Your inodeJi oian kUnd> liehind in 
• »fl»d, tl ifci»M lb«Ul 67 CT*IT^«^y^ bn cblhci lom. alniial KjUfrmi tft 
h^*^ Hb ihoo>*nJ» Ktr in IvfiVC bim iliaC dcni'l mnVc *r> ^L-mil :i Ijpif^ m 
^4t 1 liiA^^^'rl ik impiAihlr fcir iin iiiipiulriil itinn nni ro rite Inche worH; 
t>>aad«n:« aieir iihh d lir]£f ahnrp of ini|-iii4l«iicr !■ more ptobftbJc 10 be 
M^Ed ift»a the flBSf ii ^uiMciLJwi Uriihoui n. 

I Sood aftn writing this q>ifttle Lidy M^y Jnbcd her huaband In 
WAmlh And so I'jnishe* the preUv. plej^nt image: of thu Louiury 
Viten and the loving youixg vifc^ and in lu phioc ri^c^ snotlier 
' W not 10 cxmienipUtc — the hacd* bfilliant, varcasitCi censorious 
Mttfkcf die world, 'flic first |um of my siory has been something 
■>* id|U ; the tecond, nlas f is Uut a lown ccfoRue, iis coarse as 
"■T It be faufid saamtg the wiitinj^s nf the dghlceuth century, 
'Gcm.vaiys«< r. 



Tlu G^HiUmnn's Magasimt. 

PAtt-i THi SkOWU. — 7Ht WoitAJf Oi* THE WoftLPb 

W£ ore aocuBloiiu-J lo feganj tliu Coun of Clutrlct II- » d 
it; //^/ xiUm of licviiLi^u>incu, but th^l uf iIk Hivl «iu5 tcctf 
GvoHKC ^^ >^t>rit9' Tlitf 4|ih»k]?» x\\': gaiety, ihc ui:lja(Cmi«J rtfiq 
uent even of ^3u Ibiincr, aUhtjuj^h huL in juiy «->tf iiiuri] 
exciiSHmg ii, tcdccnitd somctliing of it* co4Uk*ucm- Bui 
groK, brutal vice, tliv s^xyr-like debttuclit'ry, wliich ittifkcd 
iDftoncn oi ibc ;LCC'ra}uu of tliL- houw of HajiiTVcr, an 
hideous and Wthsoni': fot description. After reading Ch 
Javcnalian tiiiic, " Tlic Time*," we may -ttk our^clvet wbethcx 
RomuHB undvr HeLiogLibdJut couLd huve been much wonc 
lielOi ii> -I" [mi>L]blUbtd mcmi^ir. quoted by Lord IvLthon, cmploii 
ally pjt:iures llic ch.i.ngt: of ininncr); tvbich follovmJ Qu^'ii huM 
death. Hu sayft tlxai >^hE: had alivnyA been Ll;?voui,ch.i«iC|jind fbnq 
in short, a pniJe ; i^ut i^hc di&countKvd ^ iiiuch Aa islic ouuld i 
UfcviaL aTid even muft (lartlurubk' vjctv c^f Cuurtt; th,-ii her dimi^ 
roomit Wife uiurc rc«|>a ublt- th^in 3Kat-iblL\ md hjd x\\v Airmt*?^ 
soknin pLict'i of A^otihip than yf thf ^<uel}' uf i Couit. " PubB 
and i:.^o^^dcd x^^einblit^v* wlicrv «very man wm vurc of mectU 
every wcrm-in. \yvse not known in tho*e days, Bui cvciy wooa 
nf fiiihioo liopt whfll wai called * a day/ whidi wat a fornMl drde4 
her acquaintance* of both *rxct, unbrolten by any cjtrd-cablcSflq 
Ublcfi, or other jiuLUHcn^ents. There Ute tine women and fine D( 
inei pcThifK for jjn houi ; and if thty hod onyihini; paniculu to n 
10 one another, it could cnly he eon%'£yt;d by ihi;^'LJage cC A 
c>'Cii. The 0(h*» imblic liiversion w,*i nirrely Tor the eyei. for 3t Wl 
^ng roirnd ni:id found die ling Uk Hyilc ^^rk, and bowing to liil 
tinoihef aHgUlly, tesi>cclful]y, or uiiderly, ns octiution rtquircd lk 
woman of lo^hlon could K-cc-ive .iJiy mjci at her niomini; toilet vid 
out alaTming thehu^b^ndand his friends. If a fine nun and £1 
woman were well enough disjiost'd For a i>rivaie meeting, the cMd 
lion of their good im^niions nM±> diflicult and dongeronK. The iq 
hminarics <:ould not be setd^d by the huordouK expedient of tcctd 
jind the only ptacc^ almoi^t for die concLunion and r^Eil^cuioti of d 
definitive Ircicy were the Indian honsea in the City, where Ihc gw 
tvoman of ifu' housv, from good'iiLUure, and [leihap* «>rac tiH 
itioiivc of interest, Wi out hei back rooms for the convcnicace « 
diktrcKscd lovers Bui al) thtj^C difticuhies and dongen vcit in 
grrjt mcJtsoK removed by Lhe arrival of the present Roynl Funl] 

A Rc/>rfs<ntatiw L<ufy of ih Last Cmtury. 83 

Gcdfge L loved t^mure:^ nnd «li nol dcHcite in the choice 


>«t the CMirt, unlike those of other timovm hhrrtin« 
Mdi *4 Charft* IJ. JJkd Lows XV„ n^^i ai diiU a< ii w 
ttmance ibr fcillivirm^ 1mm one of Popc't trlti^rt :^ 

V^ 17 ««ttT w Uaaqrlon CeoiL - , . Hlu Be1]«ttlcp and Mill L«pel 
Midct i^lr pnAvcikni. an^ ^vc nc a dinuor, \nth KKniihinc £ liLrJ 
<ip|iuiiiidrf «tf (4D¥avliriQ BTih Mr\. HoHiLhI. Wf all a^irril 
■ liff uf 1 Viii u( Ittinijiir wu, of iJI iMiics "^^ ffion iniwrabliv uid 
iJV nviy Wman wfio «ink<1 llh«d ■ f^edvicn of it. Tonr WntjihuliB 
Htfvfaf; i^e L7HT h<4|p* tnel dtuhci vn borron'cti hjuki^ cnoic liomp 

on ibc fuwtol it<« Ul ILDBur hal ; jJI lMi miy <tiJiiUfy rTigni Eo raoJie 

kin* loc k4-lhiDtcr\ u>l Ixv BbumlKruc af ri]<ld;T-er}nip]iruoaed 

Aitaoa urttr; cui nipt nfTthc ivrtat ol ihcdiLjr, Chrr nii»r v'iii(4rr an 

j^d oitck nld In ll>* I'rinrr^'t i^nmriLl i from [hrnnr>^ ii« ^lukcip^ara 

|i,lDdiJntr, irliTi vtutijiWiicihtfOHy. uid aflEFf thai ik]l onjdn^hCH %«rli, 

Di ArtL— *1tjch Ibcv ^n«> t om wLfy MIcwr Oio loac tioav m WstTrt. 

1 m «if-'iln «d4 t\i';:^V<r7. J> A^rc LUhtdiiplalLVC tlUD ihia Cfit;rt ; nnJ, a» b 

rrtf 4 I fm<l nttrl'^l t^c, MTu-I-f^tI «ii]knl t'llli iiic tliice Qtftnir hnun 1>^ 

F^ Vkg-< t MibcriMB. 40 bIcm, uflilcv [Tic i-urJcTi wall, 

At wu the Own of thr second Ocoric. it vas a Ali^t im- 
up<ii} ihai or his father, but »tilt coiusc* vicioua, hideout 
in jB oxnciraccL Asodeiy of f^^h and gamblers (male 
;femakh po^ UOBualius, corrupt polilici^n^, without honour or 
r, foUlical inirigueri (niak uid fcmak- ), u-omcn without deUt^acy 
linuc, vulvar as they were J^uranE. a^-aricious as ihcy were cjl- 
II, tukift^ thfir onm Euid their husband's honour on th« 
of » pack of fjfda- Ihdc were the assodatiftns into X\\t very 
qf whirh the yoimE wife w^s thrown. It is not my ]inriJOst lo 
rni lirr hJ* a niMic innocent, ignormt of Ihc vice* of the town, 
iln«n inio them hy very iimplLciiy— far fTOtn it 1 have no 
ihflt l^Y Matj knew pictty wcW the niiinnfn of her limc, at 
from bwraiy— her own futhti was noloriouB for Ubtnini^tn; 
[W. until ihc WW inooduccfl M Coufi, she hid never minglcil in this 
" beauty, her wit. antt her acf^omplibhiiicnts madt a grcot sen- 
bU ilic lloci Jmuiiwcn: athcrfct.!, bvtshinp ujion her Ihcir 
md iwfeceoi rtatteric* : among ilic r^ it the Trintc of Wile*, 
IhoTtrr* upon Andinf her adhere to The king^a pnny. «oon 
ijfibnacd hix ailcnrTon^ it\ li^gh (lu<igi^o)i. 
In ijiiUr. Monta^i wits Appointed aciiha»arEcr to Conilttntt' 



S4 7A^ GiHtlanems Ala^sinf, 

Dopk. iind \\h wife xcct^mpanicd him. On tJv« way 
]ilil« LiiEir ai Vii^nn Jt ;ind hi very explicit, buL nut ii all •■: 
leticJiL up^n iht niorut Ijixity thjt pni^^ili^ there. *'A 
writes, '^ loL^ks o»L fer jt lov«r :ii soan ai aliv U niJirivdt W 
cqui|>a^c, witEiuuL i^liicLi hIiv ctjulil not be ([cated, and 111 
anldc fit iht irealj- ls L'iUibU»hiiig tlic pr^niion, vhidi rcnuins 
bdy^ in tLiie tin: ^lUani suhould ptuvc tiicDLitunL . . . . i 
pmt of Ihdr cnmTation tonusU io !ij"ing who shall get mort 
having nu btngue ai ;iU Uxdugmcc-" She oddi that the 
icmvicd. th<; ^'could Dcjt pgujbly luivc cuiiiiLion scnwt tin 
had Lcca in llie town abijve n f^ttnighti and bad made At 
towards commcncmg an apj^^/r." ■ 

I'hi^ joiiTticj had Ihe icmjirkjiblc rt»Ji of mtToducid|| 
iHlioiir untiT tli^n vLnlcni>wi], into Kngland' WitLmg from Adn 
khc s»ys :— 


Tfac oTull-pDx, » Uhl ami fc ^nsnl vnanf ut, u hfiv tfcittrd^ 
b^ tho invfritinh ni incnLfirns, wtiidi it the ttim ihrj £jvr ll There b 
oLJ VDiDcn wIli> «iuLp 1| (h?ir l-mtknfa 10 ^FTWm (tip if{ici«1ioa t^vty UEi 
Ebc manib ef September, ^vhi^i The grur h«[ U ibiied. People kq4 
Hfi^Ehcr 10 Liw«T il Lay of chvir fafiLily hib a mind tA h^vt the mka||<po> 
iiiikv |jMlJo fcfi tKl4 |iLiri>04r, anii» k^hrn itarj arc mcl, iheold tturnAU eoni 
» DUL^khcU full of the mnrivr of thr t-r^l t-^rl of biittll-pDii, uid vkt «l 
yoD plouifl 10 hdvff op«[wL fibe Jnmedi&EeFy riph open that jrou «ff« bo 
laTKF pi^lr, A]>it puu itiioEhe vcm ta muth maiUr a« can lie uponlt«J 
her iirfTillr, anil iS\et iTi,t[ Inndji up ]l\t llirlt wmiitil svEth a hQ]l»4 fbclt 
lhi> monner opens four or five veini. , , . Ttpre ii no csafliple of aafoi 
boa difd in it, uid you irdt bc^cvc I un v^c^ siii^Fil of ih« oAtf t 
uperiment liintt 1 mtondto try i( on &yd«r Jiirit ton. 


Upon her rctnrn to England, .tl the m^ of 171S. she m 
inouns to bring this remedy s,gainst the foul, distigunng discu 
pmctkc. Of the opposition she encountered Ijujy Louiwi S 
before quoted, gives the following deseripiion \ — 

n bo*? 

^V^iit AD AFdiiodi, vrhcLl A fearfuL mil, wf isdy vld, wbaf a tl 
prite 1l vtiTi, TiolnJy it iiov in tht Ira^t iw^rt. Thih' whn hatV 
npp1nuc1&:1 for i[ ever tince they were bom. arfl b0v« bI» Koen 
VAC<; miction yvt^ wckomcd in tlicir '^wn <lay!i» iimy iiAEuftlZy conclude IbM 

10 cLo bul to KJr 'Inwn rrium^iUiiiit nml r-i?eeivF lIiv ihnnLit anil btrvln^' 
eouii[[ymen. Hui Si far oihonv^^f. , . . Tn (lif ffniicirli'e yeirtimttw 
ipucccci^Unf ^c^ iimv«) aX home, she vldojo pusefC a Jay wLihout ftpenltt 
pilrtutlr: ii-i[1cr[aV.:(L^» and ^h? vu^ccl aIic uoLild never Jiavc Aircmpted it 
b.iil furrMTn ihc vrv^tljcin, itic fhCCincuEiun, bul^ evi?n tU^ oblmjuy 'w biuu|^ 
hrt, The cramourt taivd a^inM ihe ptacElce, nod of cou^w ai^inn her. 
bcjoivl bclL<f- 'Hk? fa^uby til laic in juTls to a nuui. fOTticltiPc fuJiin a 
/iM'^ d'*R^lrovf convjrirncn; the dexj^y ductnicd front tben pglpitt 

Hcnd^ iM It AtxM In iniTU ttcm 9fsf mlTer fron thefr 
Hot Igr^n4-by vrti^bodx »fnf tLi hm bcg^mc h<r odvirr, tad 
Vdwilf canM b?t di«ghler wfth li«r lo Jnfnlnl houwt lo pmv* h^r 

■> Muj- oov i«pnt tu roidv at T-ntcLcn^^tJV item Fopei 
Hkcre hhc »M iiHjn ULLtjouniJeJ by lumc <jf (lie lirfil Iitcr^iy 

lit; brr qurrrl wkh Pope. Sh« had made hit acqumnunor 
Bile tiHw brrunr ihc Irfl for the Ilut. and kept up ^ crjnitanl 
^hSchcc ■)[*! him during hei abrcncc, I'hc LuJc 4:rooktd 
■ blim dciprmtdr iii bv? urrth the bnllknt bc^iuty. *^^ lu^ 
pii|ituroui and oca Ungui^hing I'crio' u^on Iter pcifcctions; 
lOR, boldly a^<jitcd hii ]U4iii-iii in liit Lcltcn in n i-itiin some* 
extnordiiuiy to our prcicnt idrvu of propiicly, Hut noon After 
Slun a coIdnr» iprang up bciwfcn thcni. »'htcli gndua^Iy ad» 
4 to a iQAli^iufil haired npon lilt !(idr> utid ,t v.ircdy Lew 
UHixiotiTj c>(i hcit- The atimc of ihit Kiiddcn rcvultion of 
jLh^ nncr been aiceruiAtd— ^beyond coajeLturc. Uti own 
■vf (Ik «iraif vtv^ th^i at honic ilJ-cliujien time he mude tucH 
|SjM Iovv tf> licr, »\ IN «|»iU; of hn ulmuit iriuU'Svoiir^ tu be 
mud look ^rati*, pt^]vakc<t Jm tmrtiorlfTrjLi; fit of Mugbtcr; £rom 
■om«Di woimded wiitymndc him her impkczLble enemy. In 
Mc*iliccoolndictithi3«uicmcnl: in ont^ letter she says, "T got 
men frMod (» >iiL Mr. J\jpe why he left <jtr vUiting;" insnuthcr 


TAa Gentleman's Magasim. 

tht; ^ibT cause of hbi r^iraitgcnienu JL-nluuHy wa* llir ni'xl — yakm 
of t^l; profli^iLtf Duke of Whidrtoii. wIiut^C UUrnlJutu Lud^ Mv 

she voftly enjoyed, uiid mtd lo >il }ii:r iucqiuinUiicei ; ilic had 
ridiculed hU cpiupli on the I wo fuxlic; kivvJH tlnick by ligh' 
IjJy Ma:y'» wil wm fl» sharp imd cruel m tven Popc'j; it f(aR 
ndlhcT fiicnd not foe, Jiid wj.* <:vti tiAdy lu iciw U|>oo ariy qxb 
or pljyiid] intinniiy to deridr, wouud, ot cnub 3 >ittJm. The pOfl 

'boUi b habib mid penon. gnve a-mple icop« 19 Mtch a 
ibove ill In his pulsion foi her, and ii rtytxy \k ofcty avorcd 
did nvi spare him. Hiinsclf the iiju«i biller of uiirJKUf at 2. 
MiiUtfrice be wAa the most .iciiiuly sensitive to ridiculv- 

Thc war began wilh Ihu ftrsl etliUon uf ihc Duotiad, itt 
Ijidy Mury appeared urdcf th]; ^obnt^uev uf isi^kpho. There ^ 
mivlvkkii^ the pi;rfonEi|^ iriiMnl. ;i^ in the d^fvi of thetr &ic 
had addrcKwd ci^rnpUiiienury v«r»e^ to her by that tuunc. Bin 
l^m bitler aitack was ccnuiined in the Tiiird Eptnle of ibc 
Esaayji r— 

ArcnO-^ Kuli iSglit ^y ineln^r of a apark, 

Agren as ill wUh UuIa nlutCyinj* LoOtc, 

A* Saj^fiho's tli'nhjnri* *viih her Jiity inii^cli,' 

Willi Smjplirp Ira^L-niii at nb cvtuiuc miia[ue. 
Sa Enomin^; iimcccs rhit in cnitck begun, 
SbJmv TniTz, adJ Ajr^blfnv in ihr (Filing Min. 

Even thPSL' lines wert far exceeded hy a gm^is :ind ziboini 
couplet, loo disgUNliny tu he quoled, in the tini r\i Khv *^ ImitA' 
Horace," He afterward* denied ihat therjc lines were iikiendol 
her, but Pope did nut temple to tell a f;i]sehood when driven inu 

Another victim of his pen was Lord Hervey, llie author 
the eelebmted " Memoirs of the Keign fif George 11." Ilui I 
tori temporaries scarcely gnve him credit for ihose |xjH-cra ilic fiu** 
whjch were leserued for jtoslcrily- He Wijs B iVipfjiah, eAcjiitfiA 
young genlletiiiuiT ^ ladjc-^' d?.n^ler, wh-is cuuited (l^e iiiu^ev tii wflt 
mawkishly sentimental veiscs, mete milfc-aiid-watef d^ibbliJ^g*, 
at were in vugue in those days- Aaron Hill dei(;riUe« him as— 

TtiJU-fijl Alrxin Oil lUeTframn' fcii ticle, 
like LadiK' pbythtng anil ^he musc'i prifte. 

' Wilh 411 herlKHJiy and fuciMiitin, VMy Majy waintPl^nousJjiatidJ' 
rtra dit^y In her Jieu- 


A R^Jfrt4fHiaHv£ Lady &/ the. Laxi Cat/nry. %j 

iFnvk hca <arik4t youth he via-; cutrcmcly dcticAto in \\caXih And 

net, a cimnkit4uicc whikh hi^ fitihcr Ascribed xti ihc uxc *' of 

dcUaulile J9d pctsonouA pUnt, ic,i/' Smniln] pnvc him to XnAy 

att one of her tovcr»-* Kl^ ihni £lr ii niAy, he AliArcd tvUh her 

StwBvabk dii|inctii>n of A^tnn^* m Vf\^it'f Sitirta, wlierc he wu 

under the name of " Lo^l Kjinri}'," 
Soon ftltcnrvdi \httt ftpp&ired a paeni vntitLod " Vcriutt. ad- 
to the Imitaior <;f the First Saiifc of the: Socand Book of 
" Tba £i piil>It*hed among Laiiy Mnry* work-i, bui in ont 
her kucn ihc lays : *"Now, 1 can awurt him (Pope) ihey were 
(■tShaiit my knowledge) by 4 gentleman oi ytiy grtnl tncrii 
1 \tTf irwh f*rfTn, who he vnH ncvrr giin*, nnd who if he 
hcd[;rst not aiucfc," This point* to l-orrt Hi^voy ; but il 
Mftn to hive been their Joint produci(on» Mlhoii/^h ihc liu^tr 
iiR probably iKlonp to the jenilemsn, "The vrracs"' are remark 
lUi only for Iberr csitremf^ mftlignAnc/t .ind their alMck upon the 
pcrtccu] drfbmitif^ of tfac satinet. I Mihjoin a few line a t^ 

A* ihoi Ui>Klf ut m Ili« wnb of men i 
Wbce uur u*ei *|>« uf lriirTr«i[iir we Intr. 
A uen^pMl Ulicnim (if lUc Iiuhliii rjct^. 

\i none ■rtrh v»n£rtine yn thy cninn punuf, 
Or gTiv [by nADlfalLl nlfinm^ ihtlr >Juc ; 
If liml!4 luibrolm, ^a wUhoat Ji ^Uin, 
llnvli^, Qtib^utkercii, tmkickcd, untlam, 
Thii wrrttbfJ hlilr fjnnsr yiwi main , 
Hftl Kvon it IK'I lh>f |S# wnrM majin f jrrt ■ 
Bciithw ul tpmcan, they m. uhI ih«y ddplAb 

M lh«i hal'kl, be hblcJ by maakind, 
Avil itilh iIk' rmhlfm nf ihy cnmkcil miiul 
Mut^d on Thy Inf t^ Iikr Ciin, by C-wW own hanctp 
W«Blej bkc him aoctini?d Ihrwfh Ihv )an<]. 

■ At Loed Hcrvt/t -Icoilip a Tew jem jiftvf Uidy Mary went pbrvwl* liU >i>n 
^ lad Ktanicd all 1i«r L?n«rt 1o bb Eniter. wuh tn aviarance that nunc cf 
^■htd bMft r«Ad bj httn. llci rt-^ly wa<^ rhtl ihr "cruiM nlmiuL rvcrrt he 
Usi( ^aanil k^i ?fc cv(t q coimjKiik^fencr wlikh wiiljT>I \\aw \\\''m\\ Turn 
HilV^igai|^LBLJ«3 in^l be irulirn?*! [4 UuubE-Thv {xiikibilJEV of ■ [ori£ iinil 
ittdf fe^iai^ihip brtVRtifwo pcoanit uf diFTcrcnl >chk^ weiIip^iI Ihc \zsM mixlurf: 
(flflt* It Buy be •fry roiitr doulnpJ, A [>)fllniik AiEnflnLii'iif l^tiwcrn a 
|a«^ *Dd besmifnl wuinin \sA ± iioloiiouk nn^o' wouM 1^ nn ?iTrD4iiil-nary ]ih«- 
uy >^k iDuth In' iiL Ihc vj^htctull) ^mmy- Ki) bcmp of iTju* 
i Um AtMtvj^\ (ban all. 





Woe to thoAc who entered the li^t^againsi Po|>e I— sopoora ras- 
pouEiDu o^ iht£ could bill bniig down i cm^hmi; rcion t^w ihe 
writcTfl, The nnwcr was given in ihc " Kpisilc lo ArbuthnM,^' in 
ttut Icrtilktc picture, unniLTpans^nl in the mIiH:: JiteniiUTe of Ihc wixldi 
ffhieh, while wc shudder m iw Ticndi^h mnlignancy. «rike*u*«iUi 
admiralion hy Ets power And brlUiAnc)'. I MkiJo to tlic ch&mctaof 
SponiB. Linder ivhich he i>'pificd l-ord Httyey. becinnin; 

Ixt SpDTU tremble, —What, thai Ihinf of >ilk, 
Kpora^ \htX not vhile curi! tif av'« ipilk ? * 
Sjttim or tRiM^ lUk I nn fifianu ftt, 
Who bnukfc a bulttstll;^ Lipcph a <)vhd0] 7 && 

Lfldy Mnry did not figuiv in Ihf satire, but Pypc uneCft^n^ 
fied her in his letters nnd conversation until she left England m v,\9 
for a iH'cnty-iwo ycors^ exile, — wc con regard her cibwnoc in no odid 
light She and htr husband aepcmtcd— for ever. Thc/coniinufdti 
mamtnin ."a friendly correspondence; but although he iwiee viiifciiJM 
Concineni, hL' never went lo see her. The eiuae of \x^r 2x\\c ixtho 
her feparaiion from Mr^ Montagu both remain m/sieriei thu in 
never likely lo he ducidnicd. She kept ^ di.iry. whieh after he 
death wna jeaJou&ly guarded l-y her daughter, Lady Hut^, «h< 
occasionally read portions of this, and extr.icis from a large nUEl c 
her moilter^ letters, to favoured pcnona, but never allowed tlWBB 
go out of her handii, and viltinintdy rfesiroyed ihcm. The dia 
assigned for doing so wlij; :hac ihey eontaincd ko many scandaloa 
Glories against persorirh ^titl bving or only reccoiTy d^d, On h< 
rtuirn front Iwlj, in 1761, L-iJy Mary gave iiuo the hands of M 
Sowden, xhe Kngtish inmibter at RutterJam. n. number of leliervfl 
public iitiun afUT her death, Upon receiving intelligence of thii th 
Buies s^et'io 10 h.^ve been in great alarm, and sdkited him togi* 
up hiE chan^'e ; which he did for. it is said, a consideration of ^CS*" 
Lady B^*te was evidently fearful of something dishonouring lok* 
inoihi;r's memoiy coming to liyliL 

We (19W eurne Lu the question, were the acandabua amovcratioi 
of Pope and Horace W.dpoli^—both bitter enemies, lei it be rema: 
beied— juotilied by uuth, or was she, as most of her biographcrt 1; 
inclined to believe. :m innoeent und much maligned woman? 

* Lor<1 ITtiv^y hu'vLiig I'liKTririttinl tuine irLciptt^TiT qccack^ n! rpltvpft % 
hlmwlf iij>on fl /pry ^irici reginicn, tif which a^\ milk ami flouT-bltcaiTi fM« 
th« principal T>ati. llii; countenance fs ul'l to Lavc bcm to piLlliJ thuhci^ 
paint La lOlLen in chajlly fLppHinnce. Jn the |i«Inil at h'xm. b^Ttwrn, vhi 
tlLlI c(l>rA, he appMt» JL hiiiidHiEiie itinn, rLirlraiL-pulntt'n, IioM'vv«r, |«VI btf 

^ Ripr^eniaiwe Lady 0/ ike Lasi Cmtury. S9 

Kcn* GO B« Ihxl 00 mcD «toiild h.ivt; dorvd to tpeak ontj witce of 
«lidf of her positioa in luch gross terms as botft T^pv ^md W^lpolc 
M. vdCM they had i^imng grounds for (heir ^cindal, Thcnc arc no 
isucndoeSr no dtfgi^c nbout ihc vords of cither ; ihcy arc itci fjith 
IdtHr Asjbsscrtiom kno«-n to be tnic, and noi 10 be commdicicd. 
Attoaifc It 4i not jtrobnblc chkL her intimacy with Pope ever 
cMcrdtd in Act ihc moral boundaiy, the klt^r^ he \inA^ to hec 
«Ue tbe was in the Eii«t could acarccly have been addrc^^cJ lo ^ 
■fidttt woiBan. HtTC ift a specimen :— 

IiUbIi I low j<aiiu veil » Kin; Hcr^d c^M HeruJiAA iahligtE^h I iicver 

UvW dW uiotbcr't h^id. ttiii ^Ln^r Jup^t^r will imt l■;^nT il m» 1 mmT lir 
ttWH OB kbo* oy (hlc 111 lilr, u t do in paiuEiri^, \}f lo^inij lo lin^r 4<i iLliV 
AftftT 14 ivtftaMc. (Il<^ follow* ik icm«ii« a Ijtllc too broiij f^r innicripiinn 
• ii;«|l4ff,) . , , Ymi nii^j uti-l;r in^^ne how ilcurobi 1 muit 1« oT i 
iWnif di?ncg v(|]i M prm-<n uihr' h^Li uu|;l*i in' Inn(- ,i^i« ih^l ic vn m i^uqulilq 
tiMNi* «t Arit licTii at lolovt | ^nit wtiL] hrit vncf mih#<l ni4t Ttir :in chr 

ttlcin 1 fwcQt of til i3j< i^boil Htklm I nm a|iablc cf farmliij; or rocJ*;iB 
fa>4i^j<LngoK]gcti bLil minr arr hulnv] no w-^nn (hn) 1 Tear ility cui |mj(ca] 
^ M<bin( li|[ vkat I CAn't vcty ilfc^uLly (jwd to >t>u.) thiu^S In '^i anollitr- 

Hcr a)jv1<^isiii invwcr drntiiin-h ivAiihe strain in tvhith th; fine 
lonlnncn of tJic src »<;ti: Atcu^lonied to Addrcu the An? bdira, 
Tii)f K>; but Hlut were llic fmc UJi1^b of ihc jgc? l>id£4^nri' 
liKvni irotitd haic Iwcn rvvtuiicd tu rmd one vii'iiious woman amcing 
tei If I^y rkt^ naa vulIi, ^fu^ wa6 mi exception lo thciulE; 
Ut ^ enreption shoid^t be cjtlendcd lo the style of corropondencc 
^ pcttATitrd- \\fr*t cAnr^icly, Aid c<^cn lewdly, ^hc hcrtell could 
•iBJuprOTrd in the" Kjiinik from Arthur lit cy. the Footmaii;''' 
lompoiiibon wJiich n penny ^itieci Italtul-mongCT wniiLd no^ blu^h 
^ c«n ; and ftddril (o h^ ciHence^ ^^in&i decency i^ the cuucUy of 
^lag ttp 0»e poor lady, wlinne notoriety atrc.idy Mittkbntly 
faldfijli lo fculhrr ribAldr}-. Nor dnc^ tfaia paem al^nd oLanc ; the 
'Tjim Eclogues" and oih«sof hcrfugilivt pieces arc alinost equally 
PM; «^iff tn herlettcTK she treats the L;rciitio(isniJinTii'ri of her age 
■ii a hanincw and levity inipmvblc to one who eondcmncd them, 
Wf Bale, at m-e ha*e iccn, coniidetcd these epistles unfit for pubU' 
odm, and Or, Vounjt \\ *jid to have destroyed all those she wrote 
VlU bong loo indecent for the pub! it eye. Thc^iC arc fact* for 
*^ ber apologiiu otfet no eiplojialiuEii^md lo which they carefully 
■^10 fcArrcDCC. They urge, hcnstvcr, Uui ^11 the Iciters she rcrcived 

' II* «•■ e^Tklcd It the OLd Btllcy Jbr an ilivnipi tiM»mniil viultnct: upun 



90 Th€ Gfnikmani M^asin^. 

— L'vcn lliow wrilU'n hy Pope, and in which he tini2.\\y K«d& 
i;umplirf;i*iil.!i ;Lntl tctDtiiibnii^i^ 10 Mi, Moithif-U' — vets cndo 
hy lifi hu?ilKmd Sudi in ix'iLimly ihccA&c; h\tX weri- ibcy cndoned 
iH thir time- or ilidthi7afun*TiTi.U (a\\ bto lik Hands ? ot docA thet 
lie the htfcrci gf their BrpLir:itiuJk ? 

Hct whole mairici] lift, i;vtn from tt^ rommencrmcnt, lE CTvc 
ui niy>tcij'- lliu: Mr MoQlnsu wasi^ «ion*t*ly in love with hcf n 
who read hi& lcEtc» can doubt Htf is cv«r urging for a. rctum q 
lu bi» own. untJ ihc uuth of hi* iUrcclion is jjToviai by tho^ iilini 
of ml incffui,1ual blMiKylc Jftiiinsi it, as ihoiigb he doubled ihv co 
paiibilliy of their tempore, or of lasiing happintits resuliirg from i 
union, wliich wc find h*fre and ihirrt Aad yut wiiliin ihxtt inoD 
Lifter their marriage ^c fiud Ihc lie «o Aidcnily deairtd Irf 
■loliEutW, and t^oniinuallj' coinpliLining of bis .ibstncr. Atid wcni 
rcine^iibcr ihui Mr. Monugu was no cummon gaJlant, likely to c 
iin mediately on possession, hut. a nwn of stusT? and soUd ncqui 
mt^ols, and grc;vtly superior to }iis average tomfniijotiiriti. We t»D 
only conjecture ihitt thai[KiLiLiility of dJ&pOKUian hchadfaiwd 
WAS realised ; althougli upon which side by {lie €nt fault it it nct^ 
poiaiblc tu say, Ri-adcis of ilie lady's kttcrs of that period iril' 
ccrlainly hympLJtbi&e witli her. Piqued probably by this cojly ncjglect 
wc next find hi^r on*; of (he tvignini; beaulie^ of 1. liccnuouv conit 
The infertinces are nai diilieuU to dr^v^. Afiei tlieir rciuin fromth* 
Ejsiern embassy the estiungemenc continued to wideii. More iku 
one. to tise Ihti nildi^t ex|>res-iton, doubtful j^dvtncure ii uscnbv 
to hLT, SLie K^mbted in South Sen ^lock to a gjcat exient, ttbdj 
Frenchman n;imed R^mund— accordiL^toSt, Simon, a very woflbM 
'ktwJ of fvElow— phiced in het hands ^ 5.000 to iitvest in this Rpecn 
btfon* Ulien he demanded hit money, ii ii;isiiot fonhtoming, K 
thrctLened, and afierwatds sent a kner addressed to Mr, Moniag 
slating the whtrlc aiTaif ; ih< inteicepled the me»eiiger. but veM VX 
giCJt state of terror. In a letter to her sister, I,ady M.itt, Bh« ESfi 
'^ Vou may imagine tlio inuvLtabte, eternal inibforiune il would htiv 
thrown me iuto had it been delivered by the [lerttin lo whom il wa 
«ntruaied>" In the next e[>Lbt]c, however, she pbcuif herttctf in quit 
a different lighl : *" Did I Ttfuse giving the strictest account, or had 
not the L^k-arest d4fmLjnbtTa.Lic-ri in my hand of the truth with whidt 
acted, tliere might be some temjjiiuion for this baseness, bni all h 

can expect by mforming Mr, M is lo bear him repeat the UlD 

things I aj^cri : he will nai rttntve one rtriliinj^, and ] am for €fl 
miserable." Of course, scaiidil added Rcmond to the list <lf Hi 
'ck^-rs; bi^r there are no pioofs to support bucU a supposition- Li4 


A JitfirtuniiUiv€ Lady 0/ Ihs La^i Cefiinry. 9 1 

Uoj had lo^ convld(;nljlr iii the " bubblv ; " probiibly torn^ of Oic 
BCKj 10 «quaQj(tcd 1131 £^ed b? di>j:ctdiubLc ucjuu: «lic fc^cL^ 
ir ntb I'caujiin^ hci hiiibatid's can^ at wcU Ai the ndicuJe which 
m ikcircml upon cvcij- vittim of that ndwrion* ichcm^ \fr, 
Ibttxgu ViuiDCthodicjt jud iipngl>( m Jill hf« dealing^ .mdJl ^tAt bc^n 
■Q9led tiar some disgrACefiU tnoney inuiwction might ha>c (>cm 
9c OHM of dicir uUtmilc leparjlion- TKc cvcnT crcalpcd no At3^if^i | j, 
tticcdabon , il s«cn>:h lo hafc« been tacitly ycX nol famuilJ/ um!er- 
flMid bctncn them, but tmknonTi 10 the world aX [he lime — n J'.n 1 
■hirf^ coiuodcrins the niinibti of gcTUjpi And ^clnda^fno^»gcTi thc:f 
^rrahcpiM, adilt jinoth^^r mpirry to ihr m-iny olhcn. From the period 
ofkj rrliim from I'l-^niitrtniinrtplc Mr MontR^u fjilh Jmn ibc b^r.k- 
piCtnd, Anil j|pi>rm onlj- tirro ,incl thrcr in aji indirtTt ae^iI un^m- 
^Dctuil wvf. Indr>fd, from the ftr^t wr Hiil ii> obE.Liri jLTiy ^l^r virrvr 
•f fcii <iuLMcUt, 'I'hroughoLil tlic iwo-nnd'twcnty, *]ic nrivr 
Ireuhftonr wotJ of cuirpLiitil agninit him— a circumhtiTir^ whiiTi 
Wh iirongly in liis favour ^ for Uidy Mjry lud giill iiud wHnnwutxl 
bdirho injured her, and wjs not a pcMon to ptnythc wronged 
Ulan^rlic: wife. To the Usnt the write* to him even icncWly and 
libciioiutelj^ fof ihc r.[>rn'>iJ<ifnTciKCof tin:* itlfin^e conplc vTa.^ ncx'cr 
iBMrrupred- Intunnc the (ullu^^ng paifAHc from a kltrr .-iddrc?i»ed 
Eokm liiA lon^c bcfmc M\^ death 2^^ 

tilrioig IhJ no upfiorlujilly vf writiii^ by ■ prirnti* lutrjd, t havr il'Uyrd 
■tfrfcie«n*w«ii4j )^ur liihi It;[(ci, >*iliicTi touclml nic morfl dun I imi ^'Ithpr 
ib^ V DiSiaf I0 t^prci^ 1 hcpe your iptirehcnkioiu uS btnidfttfia ire fiol ccpn< 
fcvql t^ tfif frah >yiDplOin» of thiC tcmlilc DiiHlorEiiiir \i \ coiJd Lc uf nriy 
Vtit Id fm, 4ia lliAl nr any aiho- DCiMon, I tiul] rhihk my lul ronaiiU oT 
^ Wl tHLjilgjvd, 

\ wife vho hod b<;ai bani&hed her husband's hearth fcr yehin 
T&fDogh n** £iult of ber own would icarceiy write thus, ITie gneatcr 
pcrt<m of tho« long ycoi^ was parsed in a farm n! |j>vero, ncnr 
Venke, wticrc »he cultivated silkworros toT mcrr,>ntilc purponci But 
4| oocuuHuUy tisiti^d VentLc jnd J-lorcncc. Whtmg fTom the 
tatepkce, iindfT dale September 35, 1J40, iloracc WalpoJc ^vcii 
fofcJlowinj; mahciouiily-colouri^d &trErh :^ 

tJld I Cdl TDu Udy Moiy b hvrc t Slip luii^ lU my Ll4y Wdpolc, ftttU* 
^Udy l^oofri^ uul IB lai^JiKl At br (he what* town. H« drv^ b« andcc, 
^'WfaipwItfKt iiHiit nuje aayo w (ba[ iwrfr ht^nt her iwnr. ^c woann 
Ma^thatf dveft roi «ciwer hft |[i«A( bLick Iuc1.a» ihul hhitglinoK, De^rTCULabud 
*(iiric4i UEold muarmc tlvv wn(rj>er, vlwl ^tiiw opeD «nU dUcov<»* W^4* 
FElUagi. ijfc fj^n hwdlnl TioldilJy on niif aide with tlie ronsint of < . pVtljT 
^U«i wllh pliklrr, mj [tuily wtrli wtiiic p.ilnl, whicfi foi chn[inrw i,hc 
htffci u oovK ^ui you »i>ii?-i oy; um i: br iwuft a ^hirrmfly. 

After making aU olluvuuce Tor ihW m being Aporinlt drawn by ir, 
ciucay, cnui^ of trutli rtiiuLfis to mak* ii txcw^liojlj' piiaftil t»^ 
tbot« wlio bave contempt led Ihtf Ui^y Miry of Tborc«by^ H^ 
letters of thb period oiu as vivExcioij:», ut devtTi u hard, vid ^ 
nttriool u tvcT : if ihc worm is gmimng it her bcut. ihv hLdc^ hoi 
AngiUKh bcncadi i gny eviction Only oelcc or tvrict: U 4 mU nu** 
Ktruck, and ihat only when th« end i;; drawiitg very closc^ " A loori 
icric of di^ppoin:mcnu/' «he writer lo Sir James Sluon m i;^^ 
^^ have, petfiap^. worn oiil my nfl.ujul >jpiritiq. Eind given a mclanchoc 
caitt io my w^y of thinkjtig. I would noE communicate lhii& u^ikav^ 
wany but yourtolf, who can havL-Lompassion." The plaint Uoidyiuj! 
3 gcnilc one as mtghl be expected froiii tven a luppy dd a^e, but tl^ 

ud, hiirJ, indomiuUe Epiric, that ibe weight &fsc\'cntyiwo ye^ 

lid not tubilue) bieak^ i^mi in the midst of it 

Mr. Mont^Lgu died in J761, le^Lving behind an immcnvc fottij^c 
ftmi ihcn, :xi ihc dciirt of her daufc-Ht^r. \he reiiuned to Engla^B 
On? motv ]ilitiiTc, evtn mori; terrible tK^n tliL' l^^ti and froni (Ite^^-i 
mcrciJoM himd— the date Febmary j, 1763: -''LJtJy Majy \\"on-/« 
iwiurivt'd ; 1 hjve icen her. 1 think her avarite, her ditl> a^d he 
vivueiiy aiv all inaeiised- Her dress, likeherlaiiguage.isa gaUroata^ 
t>r ht'vcrul toutitrit^s, — the gcound-work rag*t ^itid Ihe embtoidcf;^ 
nitttinevt She needs no cap, no handkerchief, no gowa, no pctri- 
cunt, nx> »hoe& An old bloclt laced hood represents the lint, the fur 
of ii horseman's com, which replaces the third, serves for ibc tccond, 
a diiniiy pcitkuat h Uqiuty and officiates fur the foujth, o-nd iJippefs 
net the pait of tht: bst. W'hi^ii 1 v/35 M Ploreoce and ^e wu 
expetitfd ihcro, we w^v drawing Sortn y/f^/iavat for her j vc 
UteraUy dicw Imaninri z-ot^i oj/^fjv. It would have been a strongct 
prophecy now even than u was then." Her cyiiGin, Miss Elimbeth 
Monugo, gives us a sketch tdmost as whimsical, but not ao coarsely 
pcTiona] ^— 

^lir rlnpi not Icok cilLlcr [bfia when ih? ivenl abroad* hai rnore ihui ihv 
vIvjLSHy of h[t»nt ud a nicinDry wliich » perhaps unique, ... 1 vk, virr gn' 
Ctoui^y icctivcil by unr ivliki hfjiIilt think*, i[i(fjilt&, oru, nor dmwi like ^njhaly 
I'lie. !ldi //-.*«/«/ 1« i]iB<Lv up of all noiion^ a,f\A whtn yfjugct iotci her Ji»«. 
in^'inonv yau ImAzme yaii ore ifl the HriiT 9E<:iiy oF Lhc Tower of QatxL An 
Hnnt^rian »<rT»in idko ^our name at Ote iltxir ; lir uivfi ir to mi Italko* Tirt»» 
Llfllvrri It lu ■ Kr?tiL'}irniiii i ih' Frcnthmnn io v. S^vin, an*! ibc S*ikf C» ■ 
Fr^uidn: fcturai, I7 ihf lime ynii g*i lo Tici l*dy^hip't prps*ii«, ytui hviv 
ctmgod jDut fiamo livi tJmn wtihoui lEic eipen^i; o[an acl of iwrluai^M' 

to- on, Horaee Wnlpoir ivfoie to Mann :— *' Lady M*»y i« ifc- 
^e Aroughr over a cancer ifi bw \JTCatt,■*^^ch she cootealnl 

A Rt^rtstniaiivi Lady o/ih^ Last Ctnittry. 

CJtl iboDi «uc v«clc» igD ; it bunr, And ihfTc aic no Knpen for her. 

She tiditTC* wilb j^»it Tortihidc, And uy* ^c ha^ lived Icmg enoush.^ 

iDdkMBitlWc 10 the loct r 

A»d 80 the COfbln falli upoo this Rcprc^cniattvc Wonun of h^r 
ajp ; fbr, fro« fint to U»t. it would be: dLfBtuU to dii<:ovcf a more 
coQipki« fenwlc type of tht cightcenih century, Whclbcrwccomcm- 
pbteber Al the bcul of herfaihtr'tlAblc ai ThoTCib>%or thcbnllinnE 
Coon bcsotf, or the q'nical, ccnfioric^:*, and coctncly-qmkcn womfin 
ofbcroldase^she isdic reflcciitm nCbcr Time- Her ItTcrary rcpui.l- 
tioQtcst* tolcly ii[>on her "Lckgia," Ilut, unlike ihniic of SfSvignCj 
tlV7 CAD «c»rtclf be repirded a« genuine cpintkv It nros her eustom 
%i^ nrilie down her obwrrvnlLoni and Jidvi^nturcs in u jovim^t, from 
^liA *hc cEtmctcd mniicc for btr corrt^ipondcncc. Many of the 
l « mi were never sent to the pcr:sons Id u-hora ihcy arc cndoncd. 
•ASi dyse Ac received from fxlctkratcd pcr>Dtiftgc!i ftcrc alio entered 
1x1 thit book- *She WM* in the habit of giving rnpics of her compffli- 
%iacEi in rojnuirripl to her fricndf. Thus, After her death, more Ih^n 
^>n-fcrnonof her letters appeared. After buying up those f-oofidcd 
%oSoirdcn,Che Jinles were ^Btoundcd to find the greater jiott of thcrn^ 
MCkC lanAiion^, piib]i»thcd >t fow nionih^ nfterwnj^ljj. Included 
tbeac 4r* her befit— those \sriiicn from the Ka^i. Some of :hc 
cqpuU h*vc pertihed, .md some of ihos- given arc nndouhlcdlj- 
^ApnttaL These compo^Ltion^ will always amu^ and instruct from 
:9r)|bllineM,)iod ^ piciurc^ of manners; buL ihc^y arcJn no way 
i^ll totbofe of Sifvi^n^, whom, strange to say, 1-ndy Mary affected 




i, [ion hoA conqdcn:!] from oui of the rcalnu of the dJ&unt i 
unknown, and iidikd year by year to ihe Etiglinh dominions, Jl ^ 
doidilful whctluT tJicre be any one spot of corresponi^ng area, p 
acntini; to mnny l^igi^ que^onK^cK^iul and political — an the colors 
ofNaul, Wrrtled some itiiiiy yeiirs ago from ihe patiiarciuil Bonv 
and pcoplvd by a few acititcred scores of adventuious t^i^n' ^~-mn 
Natal liaa with hard toil gained for itself 2 prccuiious foothold lutf£^^Tsrd[f 
yd to lie Gidlird 311 cxisiuncc. Known chiefly to the outside wor «::jnrM 
n^ the sudden birthplace of those tremendous ]jolenucal mlssi^,^} 
which battered «o fiercely, eome fe^' years ago, against ihe n-aUa^^ in 
the EngliidL Church, il h now attracting aUentlon to the shape w^ And 
proportion of ihai unEolveti riddle of the future, the Native Qucsti -£ .ion. 
In those former dftys of rude and hand-to-mouth legi&laiion, w1P^-^"hfo 
the ccjiajn evil of the day had to be met rtnd dealt with before ihe 

poflsibTc evil of the morrow^ the seeds of great political trouble »» "tit 
planted in the young colony, seeds whose fniii is fast ripening br^-^bre 
our eyesn 

When the strong aggressive hand of England has grasped s^:>jnf 
freah portion of the earth's surface, there b yet 3 spirit of justice ia 
her heart and head which prompts the question, among the firs* of 
such demandsj as to how l>est and moat fairly to deal by the iiaii^<Si 
of the newly acquiri^d land. In earlier times, when steam wis no^ ^ 
and teiesraphs and special correspondents were equally unknonr^^n 
agencies for getting ni the tnitli of things, this question wu mot ■**' 
cosily oit'iiwered acros; a width of dividing of^eao or continent Dvm- "^^ 
diatttnt action might be prompt and sharp on emergency, and no ont^'^ 
would be the ftiKcr, But of late years, owiny to these rcsoU* of civili- » *^^" 
saiion. h^r&h measures liave, by llic mere jiressurc of public opimon^*^'^ 
and without oonaidemtion of their necessity in the eyes of ihf^*'^' 
colonist*, been *el aside aji impra<:ti<:ablt and inhuman, In theeaj^^***^ 
of Natal, most of the eaily queslions cjf ^ossesbion and tight ^'t'^^^J 
settled, »word in hand, by ihs pioneer Dutch, who, after u spice t^^^^ 
leiTible wu&re, drovr back the Zulus over the Tugela, and finally-^ ^ 

^ ponesvon of the land. Bui they did cot hold it lon^. Tlie 
*K bitcftil unoding En^lbiimAn, with hit new idcdK and his 
jWf Amn of civilisation, who h^ ciiiisc^d thcin lo 4jutE U)<; " Old 
looy," lh« bod <rf" ihcix birth, came and drove Ihi-m, vi tt armU^ 
n the Uod of their a<loplio(i. And it wa« not loog bclbrt ihcte 
le Eaglish b«c»n« lonJ* oT thi« red AfrU^n hoH, from th« coa»t 
to the Dnkifntbr?jt SliH thifr? n«rtdi(^culiitv: fuq although ihe 
r-coiaen migh^ br kTidi uf llii; loiJ, thi^rtf itTEi^nirictl ye\. a nnniiMil, 
I a vcTjr iTcnbkitoiiie iciniianli cf its orijjiiru] nnd ii^lunil rnasten: 
Ucfed fii^cniK uf IL^ Zulu fjuw^r in N;ital. \^v\\ uhu had once 
rpi over the uiiitiliT' ill the /fLTLv i>f Chaka the '[^crrible, Chak^ of 

.ShcMT Spev, but who hid rcmahufd behind in llie &ir nev Und, 
ni Oiaka*t midt h:id been checked bf the white man and hit 
dijr wcapociL RciunanU« too, of conquered ihoriginil iribct. who 
, found et«o Chaka*i rule cadcr than that of iheir own chJcitaiiis, 
Dvd the unotmi to 4 totjJ of tome 100,000 «oubi. 
OtW 0^ the (im icti of the En|>lii!^ Government when it took up 
rrvifi* wju to allot to E^ach of thc^^c coc^i^triiicnt fntgnieni^ u large 
rttotk of land This mi^hl pcrha|i« have licrn ^horE-^i^'hted 
;iiLitioni btit il atu^c IruKii tl;c neces?iily uf the iiioiiicnl, AL:corJii)g 

even dw then rrcerved ideas of tolontaation and its duties. 
aa« hardlr V<n»ible — d:ingn ai'^rt— to drivt j^ll the nnitvcs over 
;&DBticf, » they were jJIu^ved to fiuy and vhare the tights and 
hiliget of BHtiih sai;juctiH But the evil did not sio|i there. 
*£ tong nroe potilkal Tefugeei, defeated in bittile; fled before 
c atcn^g hand of the conquefof, jnd craved ph-nie and j>m- 
oion from the Govonmeni of Nalat, It wus griinted : and the 
lindplc once eitaUiihed, body a^r body of men poured in: tor, 
H nrpptnji over the boundary Hnc, they lell the re^oni^ of ntSn 
nd tcRJlilc death, >nd entered Ilioie of peace, security, and 

Tboik it that the native popuUilion of NatAl, fed from vritliin 
idvilknililULft in thin y year* qnadnipkd ib niimbcT*. 
ttlidfd lh)m the oiilndc >*orld in his lorntion, the niitive h,is tivcd 
» pttce and watched hi* cattle grow upon .1 ihouMnd hill?, Mih 
Mft Itai become gicat and his wive* manj-. lie 00 longer dre-tcJa 
i<A"iItti}i b)r order of the king/* or by word of the -unidi-doflor. 
*«"inip*,"<jr native roftintent, can tiow iweep ^tmtt on luni .lud 
'Whinin|),*'tlul iBycarryofThiiteailK to the t]-inies, ,ind 
fcWt hii people, hi* ^rive*. *n<9 rhiMrcn to Ihc nssepai, For the 
■iliae in die ilory of the gre;it Kafir race, he rjjn, when he rises 
ilh< EBomiag, be mire That he wxW not sleep Ifml night, stiff, 'w a. 


The GffitUmafti Ma^zhr. 

bloody gmvc. He hA^t t'iittcd lUc t>]i?^aing« of peace ^d KCcnrilrH 
vrhM U tKc conKfjitcnrc ? He hn4 increased nnd ronltiplied until 

hiB numbers arc a>|>;rjiinA of ^nd on Ihc scA-iihorc CvcrlAp^nsf tfic 
irckr^ of hU locitiion, he squats on private UndAt he a^htncctli^ 
gredl lidAl wavo, he erica ar<»ud for room, more room. Thu ii tOc 
lroul>lc which stores m in the face, looming ki]£a and norc dumci 
ycit b/ycir - Uil' gKii cvci-gTowbg ptobtcm whidi ihoufifet&J mo 
fcumuft csncdayfindamddcn :ind violent aoluuop. Thu»itcofnc« 
to pflss thai thtre hangfi low on ihc horizon of South AfHca the dart 
cloud ff Ihc Niilivc education, How and wlicn ii will Luni twi nun 
carv pretend lo say. but aomo time: and in aomc vay burst il mtA, 
unleiii means of dispersing it an be found, 

'i'hcrc is now at work among the Kftlir poimlnuon the «im 
motive power whkh has raised in lum -ill while nn^ona, njid, hjnint 
built ihcm up to *i certain height lio;; then net ii> work to u\\ ihcai 
urtLi) they have fallen— thv power of civiLisntion. Hftnd in h^rMf thf 
iTiixiJonary and the trader have pcneiritred the locations The ftT^rts 
of the Iftichi^r have met vrith Ijui .1 parii-il surecss. " A C'hn«iiiC 
may Ik a good man \\\ his wnj% but he is n Zulu spoiled," »jd Cny- 
wayo. King of the ?luluft, when fli^uing the question of ChrintiaflUj 
Willi the Sycrctaiy f^*r Native AiTitirs; and such is, not nItogcihC 
wrongly, the ec[n;ral foelmgs of the nnlivtB. With ihciraderailto 
been different, Squil^ have dciilt honestly— and more, it is to bl 
feared, dbhonestly — not only with those with whom they hive bad 
dealings, but with their feIloW'Subji:cis and their GovcmnwnL It 
IE tljc« men chiefly who have, in defiance of the law, supplied 
the natives with those two great modem elements of danger adA 
destruction, the gin-bottle and the rifle. The first is as yt't iojurt' 
ouf only lo the rccij>ieni5, but il will surely re-act on tho» who have 
l^jught Ehfm iTs use ; the dangef of po^ses^ng the rifle may e^gt 
home 10 iifi any day and at any moment- 
Civilisation, il would seem, when appii[;d to blade rnrM^ pto* 
duces effecls diiimeirically Ojjposilc to those wc ate acciiMom«sd 
to observe in while nations: it debases Ijcforc it ran elcvitc; 
dnd ail regards the Ka£rs It ta doubtful, and remAina to be 
proved, whether it has much power to elevate them a\ all Take Ihe 
avetAgc Zulu warrior, and il will he found that, in hi* nAiuraJ »taic, 
bis vice* are largely counterbalanced by his good 4U-ihtie»i, In times 
of peace he \% a dmple, pastoral man, leading a ^/lod- humoured caty 
bfcwilh his wives and his cattle, perfectly indoknt and pcf£c<tl) 
hnjtp)'. He i-'^ a kind husband and a kinder ^Eiicr, he never ditowni 
Jua poor relations, his hospitality is extended aJikc 10 while 


Jt Kk!h \Vsr-D^>:€e. 

Ii open ID bifi dealings and roJEhrul lo hi« w<ml. And hi« 
I a ptovoti in Uic hnil True, if war breaks nui and ihc 
ibugbter comes upon htm, he turna inco iLdiiT^ireni mjin. 
'. tece snva^ s^i is oni:o uou&cd* btorjd alone will rnol 
vcs ihcB he hju viitupR. If \\iz i\ cruel, he u hmvc in the 
IkcB tcckk$fiofthc 1ivc« of others, he r:^guc]:inothTfto»ti; 
n ilcath Gomet; he mwis \\ without ftior, and gon to ihc 
hiis luhcn boldly, a% » w;trTLor B-^iould, And n^iw reverse 
(c sod nc btm in the djv^uioi; %ht uf th:it eiviliiii^Eion nbich 
^1 wid by n^itara he iv ^oniu five ccniuiic^bthind Sec hitn, 
|t*h>dden virtneabC4(«riyMTt/enncI gr^rt iu moHt piomincni 
D liil own bemttii^ <liut. ]3(*t)oTd l^im by dfgrct!^ adding 
a hb avclty, avaricr to hi* love of ixjBsesiion, repladng 
y by OMrae bjmUibt and iiis-uleni-c. and hcs truth by lie*. 
» in1Lu»ing ill hii p:Lbiigi]ft \vit}i (he ri^addeitiug drink of 
nuiii arul Ihvri folEuw liiin Uiruiif^h many dc^^recii of dcgra- 
^IheCiiK int^ thme and ends in a g:)ol Sudi ore. in only 
Ihhttncei^ the eoDscquenco of this partuil dviliEuiion, and 
even coumerbahmeed, eKtepi in iudividuitl casc«, by the 
tcajii the truth* of « creed nhith he carmot, docK noi. 
undefiland. And \i ihU be the result in the c^nnpatalively 
\ who have been broughi under thei^c tnflucnf,^;^, it 
to aisue that it ^11 diUtT only In dc^ec, noE in hind» 
inllucncev aic bruu^lxi to bear on tltc same material 
iondiogC firoponions- ^Vl^jievcr may or may not be the 
pur puiul civitii^iion when impcrfecily and hp,a&moi:ltf;illy 
\ ihc V3*t fiHlWe |>o|rii]atLon of SoLtth Afrii:aTonc thm^ muiit, 
tf tin^v, feiuU from ii The olct LitMom^N, the uld fufnii^ihe 
fl, nniit each in turn die HwAy. The oi;i(f t ejcprtt^ion of 
ilic firtt, arid it will nut be loii^ before [be \try memory of 
Ifcde oil! of thi- byHi^rit. hrJil- 71ic Etile niu^l replace, 
M, actually ha* rq^Lntftl, [be aise^yii and the ihitldj and 
f the ca«I-o£Fun]fo(iii$ ut iilf Thi^ armic4 of Kiiro^ie are rf> 
pcfc imtil hibely the l.Tonje-likc fomiof the Kafir warrior 
B as on l!bc day be was botn. But ^o long aa native cu&- 
^eranonf^siin lin^^erin some of the more distant locations. 
& tixy eitfciw a cecuii) attrition for d^vellcn amid Euner 
ft is ihvrtforc ftoni a l>elief in llic magnetii^m of contrast 
ygWy-dviliscd le.nlcr is invilerl to come to where he can 
the barbarian face to f^tc and wiinetf tfiat vild reremon}', 
Uf griua eaine^t^a Zulu war-djnce. 
tfiegood fortune of ibe^rir^roj' this pn pet lofiudbimsd^, 
na //j'ft W 


Th4 Ctntienia^x MAgasiKt^ 

ttrly in the p«i y^ia^ travelling throagb the up-rovmtty rf 
NatfU, in ihc ri^mp;iiiy of ccrlnin high otftdAln of \i\^ Ko^ltih Gmef> 
iDCfit I'he joiirnry riisggcd ^owly fiu^gh hy w^iggon^ xnA vac 

inciDOlonf>ii^ wivk« lipid paved hcfoic we pili-hvd our cxitt;\ mc 
dhulini^ git^iy night, on J4 high pbioAU raiTfiunili^cl by it till \tiia 
hiUa. A wild and I'lrnmn] jjIqcc it looked in th? growing dusk of i> 
amtumn evening, nor wils it more iiiggt^tivcly uhcerful when we tc4 
Bw«y friim ii next morning in ihc sunshine, Icoving the ^i^fMt 
in follow- slowly. Our faces wi-re itl lowards ;t grcif mouflm 
lowering high above iu fellows, oUcd I'agLidi'i Kop— P.i|;adi bdii(» 
pfnvcrfnl ehicf who had fled from the Zulus in the early d«y> of (k 
roTony, and li:iiJ i^vt^r iit^ca dwelt li^yully atid pQctrfuUy here in A^ 
mid pbcc, beneuih ihe (frxnenbti of the CToi\vn. Mc«cnscri bj 
been duly tent tu itifuEiu him thit he wit itj rixelve the honoorcf ■ 
\mu for your uue ^uvu^f; ncv^r LLke^ lo be luken by surprise. Cf^ with the prevni of a^cvitiondtk 
TG«pectful answer, suOnemjliniii|>hrJ5co]og>',th,it " ^igjidi ^ueH 
he was inform, yL^l he ugiild ari^i* ^od come 10 greet hia lotd^" £iii^ 
mile or so of our kIow pro^Test a fre&h messenger would ipringupbctel 
u% Euddedi^'t :u though he tud ^tiutvdout of thceariii at our fc!(i,t*d 
prefiMng hih j;rci-iing witli the rojal talutt'.yivcn wiLh up-^ai^ftl itf* 
ann, 'Bayfif, lUyctc!' — a latutition oiily iiccoiileJ Lo Zulu roy^lLf^lo 
ihe Covtrnofi of ihe dittcfent proviJice*, and to Sir 1'. Sh?p»too«. tk 
Secretary formative Affairs — he would dclivt:rhi& message or his dta 
nnd fall into ihu rear. Picicnt'y came one, iiying, " Pagadi b r«rydj 
and wciik; Pagsdi is wc*ry ,- lethtsluTds ibrftive him :f hcniccitbd> 
not ihw day, To-raorrtmr, ivhtii Ihe sun it hiL;h. hi: will i,-<ime », 
ihcir place of encamp nn^nl and grecL hi&lorth ind hold h- iin <! ' ■ 
ihcm. But Icthisbrds, iht w-hUe lofdsof ;ilUhthndrL m :. 
Monnlaina 10 die Blark Waivr. ko on up to his kraal, n: li 1 \\.m 
Uke the bigyetl huiand drink of the strotigi-st bttr, i htrc iu» wi^ 
the chief that i<tu bc^allda^ hb wives, shall greet ihcni ; lelhiVlcrfl 
\t*t honoured by P;ig^di, through ihtm," An aLknvwk'd|;rnent wa!fMnl> 
mid WL' 8 (ill rode on, beginning Lhca»:em of LlwrorLuidable tirjoghol^ 
on the tlAt top of which was pbced the chJc/'a kraal A bard ttd 
stiff clinilj it was, up a bridle path wuh fwr mote resemblance \%l 
Biaircflse than a load. JliU if the road ttasi biiJ, ihe Eci-ncry and ik 
vegetation wer^^ wild and beautiful in the ejitreoie. Now wc aunc ■ 
ft deep *■ kloof" orilL'ft in [he steep iiidunlaiii sidv, at the hoiTOIOCi 
which, half hidden by rht masitsof rL'm* and rich rank £re«o0|t 
iricJded a little stream ; now loan open Kjiace of rough ground, co%t«J 
oaiy w-?:Ji huge, wcadier- washed boulden»^ A licde funficr on l«f 

W i^uiu iVar-Dan^^ 


the toJt s^cc^ stalks wefe &irly l»mi 
of the corn-bdcn hcfl'ls, ind beyond 
ipin, ft pvlc like slope of Kf^ar vcldL And l-vct, when w« 
hM behind us, the vut urduiAtinf; phin over wluch "tft hAd 
lib nrctchcd ivsy in itf inyBtcrioiu bunlit bilcnce, tiU it blended 
I kit^ viifa th« loA hluo hotijon. 

^b0, 4Ac« noch lu/d and aCcody climbbg, wc reached the 
|» nd *lAod itpoti a [)erl«<tJy level spoof Icn or twelve jicm 
I aUAL exactly ia the centre of which W4£ pUced the 'ihtff's 
oil Bdore «c dknounied wc rode 10 the extreme weitem 
of the pAucni. to look at one ol the most perfectly lovely- 
it it potobk to imogincH It wo^ lilo; coming I'aci; eo fiurc 
imt phtnevaJ Mature ^01 N^ilurc ^ we civilited peoijli; kaovr 

BuUag in com-6ekU vuiing in nvllordered woods, but Nniurc 
llic vu oe the momjw of the Creation- Thttre, to our left, cold 

(rcyaAd g;rand, rofc Ehe ffie^t r"^.ilc, iliDgintt Itf dnrk shadow for 
tlMd its bi^e. Tvixj ihou»^d iVet .ind ftt<\vc btn^.ith uabythc 
ill^ of the blDoi hvtr, with \hc broad tnuiquil stTe:im flying lOrcr 
Inqgb its nidn. Orer ogoinat u rose another ningc of towering 
^ Mb mddcsi t^Kfrinp in then blue depihs: through which 
M taetctfi Itic spfendid dkijinon of a chaiTi]xii^ couniry, Im^ 
uAtfcly At OUT feet, and teeming to girdle ihc great finiint peak, ky 
<Arcp valley, thronich which the J.itilc Ki^hinAn'h River forced it« 
buig way. All around ro»e the £^.u hit^h-ci^d hills, vi ^tcn. 
thqgbt in the ^onoQ4 rvtreaminj^ aunlighl« atid yet w> a^vruUy 
Md of file, so solemnly silent. It was indecii a flight ncvrr to \ic. 
I|MMD, ibu wide pAQoramLC ouE-look, vith its towering hillft, its 
ttpf iiUlcyi. its liathing sfrcimA* tti all-pervading SUoUght, and 
fdnp ud ulmcc^ But it ^ra.^ nnt ^vays bu lifeleM aod no still, 
^ frar f ears Ago llio«e hilU, th<oc plains» thote rivers were teem- 
% MCh wilb th«r wloiu crcotura^ BuE a short time rtlnrc:, and 
^idng here ai eventide, the traveller could have seen henla of 
h|4«nt3 cooling [hcmtch'cs yoridcr oAcr their day's travel, whilst 
leUkck-headcd wbiK'tusthed ko-cow rose and pluikgcd in the pool 
tto*. Th*t bott^^^d hill wa^ the iavoiiritc haunt of drovc» of 
H^Oci snd cloftdt, «nd on that {flairs KK^anncd thousands upon 
tendftof Kpriogbi^ and of iiuj;gg^ of h&rict;ee«t and of oribi, 
f ifan life most eca.«c before Ihc white nsou* and so these wild 
fidinu of famt, BUCdkffl, and plain have pa&acd away never to 

1 TttmMg ftl length frotn the canico>pUCioTi of a scene so new 
*4 n HrprJiicig. ur ottered the tiock^dc of the krafil. Thi;^c 

knul£ connn of Ji vtout outer paliadc, and dwn. At tome duunn 

from ihc Ariu a iccond cnclgsurc, bcrtwct^n which tt:c cink iH 

drivcTi at nifiht. or in cue of danger. Al ihc outer cninjKc w 

were mec by ihc chiefs cidcsi son, ;[ ^nvly-buill inui, who £rcvinl u 

Willi much r^pcci anil conduciccl ufi thrwifih rowii of huci U> tU 

dwi^I1mFj-plaot& oi' ll^e chJefii ^mily, fenced olT ffoin ch« mt l)f i 

fatdgeof Tiunbouki |^r;uK. Ln the centre of thM« itood F^^ldAi 

liut, wliLch n-i^ liirgcr himX mori: ftni^ly \k'ovcn and thatched (bm ihti 

lenL It is imposhibfc lu describe these huis beittT thj.n by Bfiqf 

tkit they tcacmbl^ «rjr>tni(^LU sLniv beehives ofthe old.fa<tbtonedp■^ 

tern* In front of iht hax Vkcrv grouptd a do^pn or so of yiVtat^ 

cUd in thsi ^tiHtfEl of ci>sEtaines, a iiirinf^ of Leiuh. They vcri 

PagodiV ^ivcs. ?iid r^uiged Uow the ftr^t fihrivcIlcUup wife dkJi 

youth Uf thtf piurtip yoking damsel bought l:i&E muntb. The Kpoka- 

woroanof the pany. however, hms not one of tJie tt'ives.buiadaujtiltf 

of Pagadl*5, u hund^mv girl, taif, Jud ^plenUidly formed, v.ih l 

finely -cut face. Thi» prepui^sesiiag young bidy entreated her lodi 

10 eillCT, which tliey did, iti :i very unbtdly way, on their hand! ui 

kuera* So i^^^on ^ ihc eye becpime accu&iomed tu the cool duktkffl 

of the hut* it waft »;]f^dent1y inCere&ling to iiotii:e thi; nuJe ^tUciopu 

at comfotl with which it was set forth. The lloorini;. of a rto* 

lure of dity ajtd cnw-xkng, looted ex^xctly hkc bbck iDuble^ 

smooth and yjolibbed had u biien in.idei and on its shining, levd^ 

surface couches of buckskin and gay blankets were spread in tt 

orderly fashion- Soukj litlli.- thrce-len^ged wooden sleeping-piUovt 

and a few cooking-potK made up m sole futJiBCUi-c besides In CH 

comet rested a bundle of as^egui^ and wjt-fihieldb, and oppoetl«dMj 

door were ranged scverni large colabnshca full of '* tvala " or ulhC 

bctr, The chief's son and all the women folbwed us into thehA 

The la/lics wt themselves down demurely in a double row opposnc 

ta UNr but the young chieftain crouched in a di&tant corner aput $oi 

played with his .ib»egjus> We p^itooU of the beer and eaehio^ 

c 01 npl intents I almobt Onentnl in thi'ir dignified courtesy, in the wS 

and liquid ZuKi languaEc, but not for long, for we had still far to ndft 

The stars were shining in southern glory before we reached the yUd 

of our night^s encampment, and supper and bed were even tnorttfal 

U!^tLaUy welcome. There isa pleasure \n the cai]vaft-^hdicredPM4 

in the after-pipe and evening talk of the things of the day thll kM 

been and those of the day to come, here, ornid these wild nimad 

ings, which is unfclt a:id unkno^^n in Jjcenes of greater coinfart flU 

higher civilisation^ There is a senie of freshness and freedom in tbi 

wind-sttvpt w,7^on'bcd rhat is not to be excJuaDged fo« the voAtl 

^ Zulu War-Ditnce. 


Wdi in the rumi tuximniu chjiinhcr^ And whrn At \€-.n^\h eHq 
ttnuog eome^ tmtfX in thr kcche of l^owrn^, And j^Ejid m the voico 
tfknl%ic 6ruh vs rtady tQ j^nrct il, nfit biding it (rom ui with 
iMpf ud Mmilt ■* ift thr way of ritin. 
Tbv KCDT of iW tDtnmg vpottjttlrr of \ha bnghl d«w day liet 
bfforc nv^juid ocrtninly no >pot coLtId hive bf*n bcHcf cKo«n 
ifeuutic cfirct. In ftoni of t\\c tmggoni i« i l^fge. Hit, cipcD 
faukin) by bold filing gE¥>Lind irith jutting cragt and dotted 
of luTUTL-uit vcgttition. All aroiind iprud? Uic dcme 
bash, ^loiring Uii of one wiy ofappiamh, fiom ihc kft Pur- 
Ac ovoming vc coitid he.u 111-iEdici of dUunt dunu growirk^ 
jnd louder -u tirne wore oti, ^uid ioeeU) akich |[limp)irh of wjld 
ihfCMhng ihe lh(iTn-s, wjmfin ki^icriin^ in tliC iiirr^riiT|:-|)brr, 
tii*ou^ di« pill nigiit Ihc (dinners for mik* around had been 
nucd br the loud in^Wcm crici of <ht cliielV mc*4cngrT» a\ flwy 
acd Ur 4Ad wid^. Mopping but a momciiT whcrcvi-r utn.' of thifir 
^ tojoumicd. JLi}d bidding him tome and Ijring pluutc and ihkid, 
l^gjdii had need of him^ Tliu d^y, wc niny be lUic. ihc bcrd< ^rc 
ImMndcd, iSe mcibc-heads ungj-iiicrcd, for thr htrdimcn and 
mpen have tome hither \a in*wcr to the *ummOTn of their 
L link reck they whether tt be for fe*uvcil or -wsij , he need< 
aand hu CJJted them, and that U enough. Higher And higher 
dte fiifitl diiiant chant, but no one eould l^c lecn. Siiddaily 
e nood before us a creature, n woman, who, *Jivc for the colour 
f W* Jon, might have been the originvii of any one of Machelh's 
vrird cttlcnL" little, withered, and bciiE nearly double by ^ige, 
!i jKtTvily wi« yet pjit comprchenHon, CFad in a itrangc jumble 
!vukr-«kisM, fejttherA, fiini, md lion»j Ji forked wand in her oitt' 
h«nd, ihe ruiKcd to and frn before Ihe little ^roup of wbiic 
Htt cyrftfiramed like IhMe of Ji hAwk through her inched 
ttid the ^cnuLBeneM o1 her IVitniii^ citjlemtm w.t^ eWdcnt by 
^lavcriDg 4cih and workmg t^ec, Jind the witd* apn^imodic words 
ipokc The spirit at Ic&it of her nk]>id uttt-rance; may thu» be 

On. oa, ou, ai, ai, ai- Oh, ye w-nrriors that shall d:ii)oe before 
ipcBl oikci of the cartti, come \ Gh| ye dycn f>f r>[>enr», yc |>lumcd 
ol bJood, come ! 1, the IsauLisij I, Ihc witch-hndcr, I, the 
man, 1, Ihe >ccr of Grange lighti, 1^ the redder of dark 
call yet Come, yc fierce ones ; romc, ye brave one*, come, 
do honour ii> the whitr turd^ f Ah^ 1 hear ye ! Ah, 1 amell ye \ 
1 tec yc ; ye eomcj ye conic ! '* 
Hin% hftd her myorpTxrifi fr/tihil oft ivto the "Ou, ou, ou, u, n^ 


■ ■•h 

ai." vri\h vihiiJh it hnd opifnc^, vlien tlii-rr roiJivd ovrt iht edfc 
hiUi tiiitL by, auuthcr %urc iconrviylcu vilJ* Ivl iioi ii> 
a^>canuxci;- Tlii* bn was a liiietr'l'uiU warrior itn^iyixl la ihe fat 
panoply of wt'igc war. With hit rigin hainl lie gr.upi-d liifc fpo*fc 
nnd on lii« Icfi hung bis Large bktik ok- hide KliitiJ, \iu*-d on jta Eirikr 
udc with spwc assegais. Fiom ihc "man't" ring rwmd It* hrti 
an>tt A fhingle uH gruy jJunic, robbcii Uocx the Ka6r cniH: lb 
btwd ihouldcrs H^re bare, anil bcncJih the arm-pits n:u biirocd i 
■jbon K^irroeni of surips of skin, inicnnixcil vtth ox-laili of iJifii*iit 
cvlonra. Ftoiii liin wj.\t,i hung a rtir^c kilt nude <^ef1y or^oatS bit 
ullital TOiLod ihtculf <.iHhv Ttght Ic^; nas filed a fthort fringe ofblxi 
F- ~ '^ OK-Uilft. Avhetilgod btrTore ii4 with lifUd wc^jion ami onuuttdhd 
viildd, hib ptumu beiiiliiiM to the breeic. and hi§ uiagc atipeci in>4f 
m^rc ravage sill] Lry the gMcefuL, siikiui-»iue pom, the dUaud^ 
and narUkc; niLTuld of ihc icl ft^Jlurvt. Js )■« stoud thw, :in rmlbn 
aod a lype of the times and the thinss which ire pateiriK a*i>'i W 
feet tcuing on ground whkh he hdd on turr<-tance, and hia hasA 
gmaping weapons inipoicnc as a child's loy agjuiisE thoisc uf th* Me 
UMia^—hv: v^hi> v/n* the nghi/id JordofaUi- — wh-ii rcrioctionip did ^ 

/■'■' ■**'' ind'ice, whiit a marjl diJ lie iioi i«ch *. 

..•' Tho wamor Itffi UK httW Uiin.-, however, for etcher rvflecti^nr * 

diHluctioas, for, striking his thiuld with hit assL^i.'ait h« ra|iidly ^^ 

"'\ forth this silufalion :-- 

•;;; "Biiytte, BayCle, O chief from lh« oldvn lifno», O hmUandcW 

X' ofchieHi ] Pai^di, the son of M^vini^nno^ the ^-M diiof, chc leritf 
of hravv oiieSf the son of Ulubjlto^ grteis yuih PajiaJi in hurt* 
btrforc yuu ; he corner wiLii wanior and iviih shield, buL htr ^omei tf 
loydicm at your feet, O father of chie&, son of the great Qucciio^ 
the water, is it permiued ihw Pagad' approach you? Ou, 1 weii* 
your face iti ph:[ ; Biiytte, Bayfii^ 1 " 

He end^, and. saluiiny jgiin, fiprings forward, and, flying ^^^ 
and ihither, chants the prai*ie4 of his thief, ■*Rigadi,* he Mp* 
" Pagad", thkt and Either of the AmotMna, is comine. Pagad'p *** 
hrnve in baiile. [iic flif>e m council, tht slayer of wiiiriorv ; V»po 
who slew tlie tigt-'r in jhe night time ; Pagadi, the rich in calde> *^ 
htiaband of many wives, the father ofnKinychiEdren^ Fa^d' is0Q<3nlfr 
but not :ilone i hp tomes surrounded tviih his children, his waniO** 
He eotnes like a king at tht; head of hi^ brave children, Tsi^iif ' 
soldiers ate coming; his soldiers who know well how K> ftj^ht;!* 
(oldiera and his captains who make ihe hearu of bra\-c men loot* 
down ; his shakers of spears ; his quftffers of blood, Pagnd' Mii »•; 
soJdiers arc comm^ ; tremble all yfl* oti, o\i, ou J " 



<ln* on hit lipi thr air fi fiJTi*<l uitti A dtrrp, 
like d^Mm dtunder; it vrrlb u\d td\l\3Ji4 hnaXiy 
to giT* pbfT 1o the K>und of the rushing of mjny fect- 
bviMr of tbr hill ilath» a ocirnpiLct htjdy ot wirdon nittmng 
liE>d of foar witli thcit capUin JLf I^^ir hcJici, ail cbd io the 
g»rt> a* the hmld. R*ch hcftn a i^niw-white shield atrried 
uwl abnvr fiir^t nanior't Ivadiiuv a grry hCTOJi'tpUiinc. 
die adtattif KittrdfuTtm-il of ihc "^ grey* " oi vtlcriin Ifoopn. 
:onK itvtti 6j]I vie* ihv ^U^ri'^^ hfrAve Hiid fiill. jntL then fr^m 
om tiunlA tJ^ HAT-nrOi'i^ of thc /uE:l^. I'jiAtni; ub vtviflly, 
ap their pcALiiom in a doi-ihlc t^nc iin inir njtlil, and nuind 
Eomly i^uniiiifl uU lli^^ whilir. Aii<j[1ut riitli iif fctl, And 
Unpaftir fltl4 fiiTr iho hill lo^iidi m, lntr |hj-jh<-,^r co-ll- 
Bd% aarnJ tliC dnTOping pLuinr« flrt bbrk a^ rii^hl ; (hf/ Irtll 
ncit the fit%t rociarTH Jinct tfikr »]> the tlunL Nrrw iht-y 
ntf tiMer, hut sM rhmugh the wmr ^p tn thr hii**!, 
linrhki tbi' dun Bihirldi, ihr mottled ^hieTdit, thr )cIIt?>v 
low each other m qukk bui rrgulat luccvtNJont till it len^^th 
before in a body of some 5C0 men, prewnting, in 
dray ilitir various <hicid» .lod tijshing spcir*^ at wiW a 
itt ir it pouiblt to conccive. 

BOl our eicion^y ihM -iLTe nitaniiihcd, for from CAfh of Xhoic 
etl throatt ihrre tvivlk iLhuni never tu lit? forgot [rn. From 
f CO CixnpVJyi! pauict> l^ul wilU^ LJiamf:tcnslic Hin^^<tO luiidi< 
1 listpie f^undeur, w* ei^jrcuivt- in itiL i.1e?p, p^tllictic tohirnr, 
tc men-wUe>\Mcnci\ hftd hc.iri:! the sung or choirs rin^^tng down 
ing 4)nle«, ihey had been tbrillfT'l by the roll of oratrphoa 
m mHoily, bcMtJlil'ul nnd rHmplc^^ ihruugh [he giandcit of 
ttaktrct, ln"t fii.'V<T :i1l now hiHl Ihey heard mtisjc i>f voices 
^W«oA snd yd v3 ^viigr.vo vnnpTr and yet to «ll-eipT-^uivrr 
in^i-»< pWMoni kruwn (»> the hunwin hcnrt Kaik I now it 
■»■ r nnd loBiFCT it (inks, it growiiiiinc, dnpuring : *'Whydoc« 
cooie, onr chief, our lord? vhy does he not welcome his 
' Ah * see. they come, Ihc heraidt of our lord '. out ch^rf i« 
to cheer his pr^isen, Aur chief incoming to Itnd hiswMrrion." 
1 rikci nod swells fonder and ionderr^ sorg of virtory nnd 
it roHi agumr the mountatnn, it bents ngarnst th<i ground: 
eoimg, he i* here^ Attended By Kia chosen. Now fthflll nc 
•o (lay ; itow *haU wr t^Ie of the bottle/' Higher yet find 
lAllengilh the i^hiet, t'ngadi, nrathcd in irar- garments of 
bn, preceded by ninnrrt And accompanied by picked 
creeps tkm^ up. ifr ;V oid .ihJ totlenng, and oi an xji* 


The Gmikmath Megazxm.. 

wieMy bulk, '['ivo Atltinthinb lUi^iiorL him, whilst a third b^^i h£l 

thidd, :uiJ a fODitli (uh buiiiu^l} u C'inc>t>otlomcd tbair. One mo* 
nicnt tJic uld uuiq ^loiidK m\A iiiEvuyv hj« M^iTigth mU littcni to the 
familiar wur-cry. Ai; h^ smudt, hih Hu? ik IJL with ttit Ii^hi oTbuUe, 
th« light of ici[^vE»b«rif(l d^/b. Thi: LuilciiuK I'M"^ (icAJAhLcn;! iltctfi 
the feeble hind bccotncs strung ore? luorc. Uiihi .1 Khout, the c»li1 
man shakri olT hii supporter* fli'd gnijin hiH »IiifW, Aixii fhcr, Ibt- 
gclting hii ymji and ]ii« wv^-kfTos, lie riiifJin Eu hU (hifrlhtin't ]>ljite 
in the midit of his merih And as lie ccimv« lJic cKjint powt 5«t 
louder, die lime yet /it»ier, tilt it rtics, and rinj^, and roilH, no lon^r 
1 chajiC, but J uar-cry, H lAE^n uf pQwer. i';i^ndi ^tc»|}^ >nd nim 
Ilia hand, and rhir ]>]ace li nilrd with a ^Tenc? that mny he folL Hut 
nol for long, TKp noi moineTit live hundred shiitfdi Are lowed 
alofkr Ave hundred spcanflaih in the iun^hinc. And with a sudden 
roir, forth spring? ihc ?a.kitc, " Hayete I " 

7^e clnef ilt'iu'^ bick jnd giv« direetions I0 his r/ufuaoj, hU 
chinkera, his wise ones, men disiinguished from theii feUows by the 
absence of shield and plume ; the iiufunas [lasft on :he orders to (Ac 
captain^ and at once the so-collcd dn.ntx' begins, Firtt ihry nunccuvrc 
alittlejntibsoluic silenec, and ch^inging thdr posit inn with wonderful 
precision and rapidiiy i bul tt^ thtirhlowl w.^min there fomciawuod 
u of the hUsing of ten chou^nd makes, and ihcy charge nndduiK^ 
again, A pjase» and the company o( '^ grcya ' 011 out rtghi, thtonilf 
itself into open ordci', fliis past us Itkc w nuny vulnirestn preciptBiW- 
iCftclf with a wild, whistling cry on an opposing Ixjily ivhich nti^bcdlO 
meei it They join issue, ihey grjp^>k^; un ihem Nwoojie anoAct 
company, (hen another and ana 1 her, until riorhingistobedistinfiutfcO 
except i niasior wild faces heaving; of changinj; forma roUiiij ind 
writhing, t^JMing and turning, und, to all appearance, killin; lod 
bciny killed, whilst the whole air W |>eTViidccl wiih a ahrill, saiaj^ 
sibiUatSon. It is not always ihe same riy; now il \^ the snortiai^ 
a troop of buffaloes, now \h<t shriek of the eagle os he sdees li* 
prey, anon iJie terrible cry of Ihc *' night- prowler," the hon, and no*— 
mort thrilling than all— ihc piercing waJI of a woman, ^^l\^ wluu'vcr 
the cry, thv oidence rises and falls in perfcci time and uminimitTi 
no tiTO mix with one nnolhtT so as to mar the effect of each. 

Again the combatanLs draw batk and pause, and then, fi:inh fMi» 
the ranks springs a chosen warrior, ind hurls himhcif on an inuii' 
nary foe. He datts hjdier and ;hilhcr ;vith wild activity, he boiin6 
hve feet into the air like n panther, he iwists it^rougli the grass hkr a 
snake, and, Jinally, making a ircmcrdoLis efToTi^ he socmt to ^ 
hia mry opponctit, And sinks citham^tecE to the j^round. 'Jhe OQ' 

r, looking pfoutllf anjun J, atvl laUlJnf^ his liu]t-d»w ntcLlete, 
>fn crety bitlc IniiM* (Vnnh a 4l<jnn uf nbillulmg »[ fpl;iu&i.'. not 
I ujJdtTTfr <J»'^>i (>"C fiiJin llic olti nic", women and chtlitn^n, 
sU hv« ncnT laniuMiiiEiii: <LincCr JL continuev. nnd w1it^ he 
bU it fc<tout>kf, Ibrii Oio ^iway. but only lu Liursi out Mj^m 

tier, prolnbl)-, lu giv« the w^uriora a brief btcitlurLg ipucc, 
boag it now lei np^ uid ii is [QArvcllou^ the accoiacy ±ad 
^ of melody n-rih which the paru ate KUng, like a glcc or 
c lime beinx Lt |>i by i conduccar. who rLishci from rank lo 
ling lime *ith -i «Tind- Vd it it h;iidly lite chantitig, mther 
rird, fobbing mclcKly, with tones in it which range fixun Ihe 
btt» to (he Khrill«t treble. Ii cxnU in a long ai^h, and then 
, 9€tot, rt tnmuli, a mfl^e, which h,udly .ulinit* of i dt^cTip- 
*oed%. The warrior* ert^a^je in mimit, once moTc 
■tV retre*!, conituer^ and »ic defrj-aEc-J, jM in riirn*i. In fi^onl 
Pcxcilinj( llirtn Ui new dii-Tliun^^ willi ^vord and ^rfsttirr, 
I'JIi * ^T.tcrftj] d,mf^ iif Uit'if owfi ilit " iniotnbasi" the young 
^ tlic tiitic, Kilh green ^nain-^ic* in thcJr Ivind*, atidaH their 
■np finery KhtTeririf on iheir ^thfliir^ly ItniTj;*, Some of 
B(nit«r« rraWy handmme. and round tlicm sg^iin dflntir Ihe 
I Arnio'l wilh mimir ^jJCJira and shields, Witd lis wfcnis the 
n, throirgh it nil, tteo in the tnoment^i of highest eitcitemcnt, 
K oi rough order i« nuinuined ; mote, it would &ecm, by 

condusloi) ^'ith a fivrcc, L[iiiijk ^;tttli^ T^il^ e« thv ro>'3] wdr-^ute c 
thtf Zuluf., And is but i^ircly U> Ijc ht;ard. One iiu>r« Loodroux soluft 
mth voicv aihl Jiiukd. ajitJ thud the varrlon diufipfnr iu ib^ cuae 
ciic^piiig Hwiftly >knd i^ilcutly over Hie brtjw of the hill iD COOlfMBin 
In u few uionidCA no iiijip or vctti^c of iLtncc ur tlaaccct rcnuiMMdl 

IftdcD wilii Ulw cnJAbvilic^ i.if bi^v^r, :i]iiJ i" viit can some diMUU 
dyiiif; trattliL-t of vhafith^ The ungiris wtic on ilicir joyfjl v>f fQ 
«luy oJitl dirvuur the oxen pioiiJtrd a« ;i stiinulu* oiiO rewMrd for then) 
by Oicir chicTa Ubvnlii}'' 

When ihK lii^ ilu^lty fL^Lrc Katl ltj|>|hxI tlw ritiiig ground oret 
which the huLiivu'iirJ j>aLh hiy, ^nt:! huil fitumJ^it fuTinliuttntafiaiBa 
the 0;imiiig bflctground n( llic wrtlcring vm, and thca dtOp^d,S' 
Jl were, bock inio iw n*hve daricTM:** hcy<ind Ihwie b»ic» i^ fir^ Ik ' 
old chief drvw neiir lie had liivrt^i^il bnnsi:If of ha heavy ««^ | 
drcHf 'inJ ut duwn nmic-ibl> iiironKV iis. 

*'Ah/' he inid, Ukmg the 3iJiniJ c»f Sir 'Ihcuiihilnt She|j^onc« aod 
addtewbghim bj- hi* nnlive Jifljiit, "Ah! fSottipseu, I'Suiujjku t^ 
icuiuitATe ni.\ny ilncc firat t hdd thin your hand. Then wc Ih^ vtre 
yoimR, Mtd Ufc lay hTighi before m, and now you h.ivc grown grot 
and arc gTo^ving flrcy, .\nd 1 have grown very old 1 I h*vc vaicn ife , 
com of my lime, till only the cob iileft for me to mck^ and, tw,'tl^ \ 
bitter- BliI n ii wcH thai I ihonJd gra^p lh« your h.ind onec inorft 
ohn 3inLdei of ihc ^pinl of Ch.ikii^ before I sjl ;Iown 'ViiJ itlcqi Hidt 
my fathers. Ojc. I iim gladn" 

Jmj^ioiirig AS vms this rrld-tiwie war-dflnce, it is nnt diffietilt w 
imagine the heights to which iis savage gmndeur must iweil *yhen i 
is held — h1!i i^ the custom U cich new ycnr— ai the kiaal of L^eiywiift 
King of the /iilui. Then 30,000 warnors tike pitrt in it, tit4* 
iTjigjc inlcrcal U sddcti to Ihc licrec ipcciAcle by the nlat^irhuf^ 
m:iny men. It 19, in fjeit a great politirftl opiM^rttiniu' fur grltii^fi^ 
of the " irrcconrilable ' okmcnt fioin coumil a.nd itM. I lien, id It* 
momt^nl of wildest enthii5ia5!m, the wiirh-frmkr darts fonv.inl iO* 
hghdy touches wlthaswitrh some doomed in«n, silting, it mii)^** 
quLetly among thf spectators *Jr ''■ipcrint ftiih hi* Urilow wldirf*- 
Instamiy ho i* led :»w.iy. ntid hi3 pbee knows him no morc- 

Thtouglioui the whole p erf ormante there was one icmnrkahlc a*** 
genuine fcaiufe, the iirong petaonal attadirocnt of eaeh mrmlff ^ 
the trihe I0 its chief— nor unly to the hne old chief, Pagaili, Hb^ 

' Tlir mctei must bear in miml thu ihe Zulu wmrint in huTird sInLng atA ™ 
ftiU WBr.<lre«- Chakn, tw T'^hala, wm ihe fi^imiV-r of itie Zuln ptwr, trd I*" 
tpiitr it eppposcd 10 hare pudtd Inia ftu vtiilv ctiL^I. 

L. and from il ^piiitg^ hit hope for ihc fuEurc Surely t^va ihc 

ujjnxiUL TJiE rjnoLta inA(iciKc« o£ tlie white m-xn iinvc 
mo ilic native tyticiii A* mit irtio ifon, dn^l their :iili<.^n will 
H^tr till all !>c ikitrovci,!- 'J'hc liulwarkh di l*.\i\iar\kTaj itt 
Bltomt ^tnil ijimnr bm, -Mtr t:onr, oi c:«jat only m nm^ic^ htil 
^cat priiiiipks fiolyj^xiny Ap<\ ihiciuirti^hi]), yd fliiiLrish .ind 
HK Time vHil undo hit ircjrk AJltl finil fi^r th*?^ j1«i a jjLii^ 
rOTjOttm Ihmgs And il I4 llir imilriuhlrd dxiiyoiwn Kn^Uth, 
vtO^ prcT|kk') AEul Ifrnttuin iri Ihr ^ij^li namr of nvilivLtinn, 
rue lo om jiTinriplr^ wnil our Aim, And Aid tUr |(^AI df^ttoytr 
^pd rvciy vifr nnd ju^UtuiUk iiirinn. ]ttit Itctinrcrn thi^ !r^i- 
Beans and the ni^ih. ini;^';i[cubrinK Liprooui of tiiMOTnt .ind 
ttSi, which arc not Iht lf?*H vrnoRiliI^ nml good in Ihcir *jij,' 
E dicy do not accotcI \nth our own |in!!H'iit idt-fis^ thL^n: ih n 
ktffixftL Such >n uproorul might prccipii^itc an outbdMt of 
J rril« it arms ai df^tioym^ 

tf Ifte nitiridtr factor our policy will ht, wlun the leaven 
Med Ihc whole, wticn the fioodi^ntcji ath lirttd, ami tliis vjisi 
fopulaluvi (which, contrary lo all onlinjiy i>fet:edwiip dots 
U avay before ihc sun of iho v-hkc mari'd puwor) is Ivt ]uo»u 
i>dolent ihouund% uiircjlraii^^^d. mv(.- by tliv bondit uf civilim-i:! 
cm presume lotay^ But thiti bt u*A toipra^ai ixiiisidcr^- 

Thi Gotiianan's MagauHe. 


AT that uncerLain and mrslerious hour 
When aJghf» dark ocgh ilmj;s iu Imt dim wa 
Upon the roseair shore* of happy daw:>, 
MccbouRhi I i^iiv a shadow pacing slow 
BcCwcf-n VM! aiid the £wifLly Ctding EtAn. 
It bore ilic ahajit: of woman in \\*ii ]!iiue, 
Ati<I all thv rounilcil ttcticait; uuelmi?i ithoi^c 
Clear tliroui^h a vflfO'cms vtSl of drifting cloud. 
Long did 1 ^i^tch IE) in a E^cret nxvi^ 
Aa with a lolcmn and mtijcblic sle]> 
It gUdcU un iis raclmcholy wLiy. 
The coH while moon, upon the edge of Iieaven, 
Lay with upturned snd wistful couniemincc, 
Paling before the fcirtly flushing East \ 
While ihai Lranaccndeot singei, PhiLomdi 
Swung on a quivering aspL-n-brfinch, end song 
Once more her pluading* passionate song of lovCi 
TiU» having poured her heart apon the air, 
She ended wilh a long drawn, farewell noie, 
And fled ^Avay amid the dittani woods- 


Now gaiitiy, I bthdd that woman-shape 

Pause in her resllc^s journey to and fto^ 

And, raismg up ^ white iTansp:ifCT]T hand, 

Slie plucked away iHc vril tint draped her ronn, 

And fai:cd me in ujie^tlily lovehncss I 

Upon her lol^y brow b Uurcl wreath 

Twined wilh the tresses of her golden liMir, 

Whidi Tell in curliri|^ loirks and twisted briidn 

Down o'er her bosom to her ^mall bare feet, 

Th^il jiccped, like sLmrtflakM, from benearh her robe 

Sable in hue, and bound about her wjjit 

With & broad ciiqkt of flaine'tta^Vuft^ ^^k. 

Dream of Sapp&o, 


? iCCDWd 4 child of (iiinKlciJ grief 411(1 joy \ 
licriUwd iwrow, like a fngik flown, 

-j^ >'^r» "•ctth hw (Ipq.'-frnigtfil "fyeKJs. a.nd wa» kept 
^tcfed by biiicr, yet tritimptuint iisti* I 
^^'^>id the silence, hcf ciitcancing vuice 
^™*'<Ljte on tny sj^irii like a natldcn jong ; 

*^W< mooa <icUycd ilcpariyrv while she ^pokci 
^^■*^<| lU i^ic wi>ridirrirni univtfvc \vji8 hunhcd 
^ ^^ liftca I0 the sccfvi* tjf her sou L 
.^ *f«r, Othou Eirth J"tihecrLM. m Acc«riudccp. 
,.^^Jj^ear. O thou wrvlchcJ. yet niom hajij^y yt^^^ 1 
,^^7"*^[| liny h^liiution of ciinkLid, 
—Jl^Obereon I, living, lavcJ* ^nd, loving, died 1 
■*^^iough I am Kt at h'bcny to roam 
^^'"^/tnjgh »H live wide, impc^i^h.^bIc 5;|ihcneST 
?^-*^^xnung ihe cndlcin Riybtcrics of Cod, 
^^^y ipiric clinga to tJicc, and vl&fis tlill 
^^^^e^ltlc sUf whcKon [ found griiai joy, 
^^^ct tuftrrcd aoTTow, cvon unio death ! 
^^^t O my Lwbian home \ tiiy njtire tandi 
-^'"rPm who»tc ijrctn bouglie 1 plucked the v^n-atli of FimCi 
^^iaat thou forgot thy 5ap]>ha, ai^d her anng^? 
^'ea, I am Sdpphc \ Hearen'e immort:Ll fire 
^Sturried on my lips, and flamed in cloiiucnt vord* 
"Through all ^*idc HcUas, like the iighining ipcars 
'^^'hiclt pierce the jei'blackcarmemi of a storm : 
yor me my people twined the l.inrcl ctowti, 
And 1>ore me in che hi^h triumphal car, 
Sutvri&i: young ro»'« 'ne^lh my hones' hogfs. 
tr Athens on my entry I wjls hailed 
U'jth cbrnorou» pUudlu fVom ten llionnand iliroaiit, 
Hliiie round me pteised tlie shoudng multitude 
'^jgcr to catch die faintest ray that fell 
'^'rom oiil ih" in^jiitcd glory of mine eyes 3 

** Ab, I fememler ! Twas on ^uch a day 
' leaning ffom my t^hariot seat Ijehdd 
^ youth who wore the liVeness of a )i,ivl ; 
*-lifc clutlviirj;; d;irk-biou-n locks wcie nculy de'kcd 
•Vith fraL^nnl violvt* — {O thrke hiip;iy flo^nv \ 
iiow proud yc nnut have been to perish tlitre I) 


110 Tke Gentiemafis Magasint. 

Hb cyea were large an^ luminous ^ at&r^ ; 
And as I dfiwly p^icd in pompous itAtc, 
Thdr gUnrici inr«j my brjin, my heart, my muI 
Wiih jm-Mfinfllr iovf- lliJit IJvcth in mc sliLl i 

" Ton soon 1 Icamcd the namu of him I lovpd- 
Twto oold, impervious Phaon T he who cared 
For nothing avt his own too hcaiUcoua 5df. 
Vet knowing thl^n 1 hade him lo my halla, 
And wclcomccl him ^ qiiecn might welcome king, 
1 ^prt.'afl rich fciuCif jind ^iih my os^ Inir h^ml 
FiMcd tip his goWct with ilic MrcsT iviiitM, 
Pledging his haalih in &ony. The whiic my aIavcx 
Swung ptrrfuiriLvl ccnscre roimd the vauhed room. 
And ajtfciid frt'sh myrtlc-1jriim:hei 'nc4th hi* feci* 
Divincst music hruaihcd voluptvcmw sir.iin* 
Swoctning in distant cchnei nn hi» rAr<t. 

"One eve- a£ he rcctined in hnj^uid gmc^c, 
LUllesfily Itfaning back, Iub Wiiving curls 
Ki^n}ii tlic purple velvet of lus couch, 
I. ^vau'liing him, felt nil my pent-up ihoughl 
Siargt in big waves through my lumulnious aouL 
The blood rushed quicker in my burning vsins : 
The lime had come when J must gpeflk or die J 
'iVembling, J knelt beside him, and his arm, 
Sujjple and M'hitc. fell carvleuo round niy waisi, 
Uliik- in sheet lack of ihoLight he pressed hi$ lips 
Lightly upon my hot Jitid Ihrobbmg brow, 
My bosom panied like :i frigkEened bird 
BctiCAlh itri heavy i>'fight of secret iovu ; 
So hidiuj- my w:um blushes in his Irtcost. 
I whispered ' Phaon V fearing yet in hope, 
■ Phoon, ! icivc thee more than fame or life ; 
Give me thy henn, as 1 have pv'n thee mine !' 

*' Scarce had I spoken when he leaped erect* 

Contempt and mockery curling round his month. 
With one strong h-ind he took me by the chin. 
And laughing in my face with cruel glee* 
Said, ■ And is this the Sappho of ihe Creeks 
Who kneeling sues to Phaon iox his love ? 

/tf Drettm &f Sappho, 

^ bmbfe S^pbo t knowr rhit l.ibcrrEy 
'^■Apotttchdntt for Phaoti than ihyidf^ 
'^ ' W? the Grcclu Ihy sorrow, and my »<rom ! ' 
^wicsi h« gA^i^rcd lip hit (lilk^n rol^n 

-^"tf aaddcfily departed from my light, 

"CTftcr (0 *« roc on Ihc auihi Jfijio ! 

"'cvfi A^'^iDf for when ihc rrcvrnt incon 
'-*At<! hrt niliTT hoTTi ,ihovc Ihc *i;ji, 
' *to|f iiniccn from out my pal.ire g<4lc« ; 

****y hravj on my *nrthfxl .inci blccJiii^ hcjirL 
^ Klided »ofUy clt^^n tf»o marblir ittpa, 
'^^tvtfcn the ranki of pcaociful aiuml^cring sI^lvci, 
'^* **<! bicd mc iriih .1 verSx un&liffring font, 
=t»iiijh| to the |Dr*ely, grim I^ciionijan rock \ 
^"^otc did I panw X moment- Ali wai uliH ! 
**^=yc:iet Hi*; Uy the ociSLn, durkJy blue 
^^'^tl I«\tI> Ji iiJ. cjIhl inU'fi>,c repose— 

*'''t»^\| to my 'vrildrrni Hnnd »ri-mfd stomfiiJ cyt* 
^1 O^king, Utc HhAonj my gical ngon)', 
"-» 1 itood giziiig oVr the (nwK|Liil m^iin 

* ^^irU J wicmti tingling in it* dqiJhs. 
^V">»p(tof I could diiikijjuiiJi Lui lljtcc wocds— 

* ^^Jtaoi dts^iik Sapffh / ' ihcst were 4II ; 
» ^t lliei>r Jiluac i.Eid drivr ii^e nvin^ mod t 

'- Sflpphi>. spunw^t My biain grew light at iUr, 
t^f CTii^ (nabracud luC' 1 unUoimd my l^tk^ 
AmJl^l ih^ui uTrtMtii upor, the wanton ^ind : 
'*'*»*ed my n^bct, :i;id wiLh uTiojTlJim ]ee[ 
'*'*« cd on the brink of Death ! I ntorcd the edge 
Z^ '^e o'eihangmg crag, ;tad u^ I c^mc 
"*** 10 D&inu:;ion, with cxari« of joy 
^ ^^RhcJ Aloud, while EcJiQ laufthcd again, 
^'■ctia^ wifd pc«l8 .imonji the auriled Toek^ ; — 
-. '^-><jn 1 ' I cried. ' tu ih^^v &1ia!t tcU [bo Greck» 
^-f^t ^ppho'i duad, a-Dil tlmu host umrderc:d hcrl ' 
. '*^ ihttt I l«a;iCKJ iit^" the wcltioniiriii w.ivci, 
_ "^O like a fljjh of li|;lu my prisoned lioiil 


**^l fioia its (SLTlhly itiaiiaion \ 1 was free I 
**^- I>cdiuig in mid air, I w^iicheU ibt world. 


•■ I lAw my body cut opt>M Ihs: ihorc, 
And ftighicned tiihcnnon did quake lu meel 
The ghastV stArtng of iw vjwum eyes — 
They raiatd thf drippini; heavy locks of hair. 
Crying alDudt 'Tia Sappho T Sappho's dead T 
Through HcrlbH Wtw ih^' woid^ ; my wnsflest day 
Was borne to Alhci^s with a Htjivfiin pumj.* 
'MiJ weeping ihousjntls 1 liulc did ihoy d«em 
/followcrt in the mounif'il funeral train I 
ythcxi they had iCnilcd mine nshcn in ihc urci, 
Anri Mlihc rroA'd had sc-jiiEcrcd to Lhcir hemes, 
Phiion, the jromcT, c.imc lO ace my tomb, 
And Phacrri wept i O unfotKOllcn tcaf* ' 
prcdoub drop* of baJm I be wljh for rts^n' 
Anon ho whiitpcrcd ^Swf^ct, uhy didst thoti dIcP 
Come bock and I ^vilI give thcc love foi lovu I* 
ThTOUgh tny new bcin^" nt^hod a flood of joy. 
For wdl I knew that in Klysian bowcra 
Sooner or later onr dissevered itoula 
Should rnecl ond sokmuiiic their bridol-day. 
So, bending tlovm, C kissed his sad swctft lipa. 
And Jilowly pa^cd inio the Unknown Ijind." 
She ccawd— -irid bowing ^ow hcf queenly hc«d, 
She mf fled in Iht I losom of a riond ! 
The bliiihing iky innoimccd the rising itin. 
And Chnniidecr wiih Iftud disf.ordanT nnte 
Broke np the *pdl that hung upon Xhc ennli. 

StArec did I h«fir the hurn of wakening life 
Or feel the morning brf*aes k^^a my chcrk; 
Hrcdicjs Of diiy, [ s.iw thf golden bcsmn 
Cmwn the liiir lur^'hcfld of \ht: glowing F«t : 
My *onl wai chiml> Kith wonderment and nwe, 
Wmpt up in one iimating, gTorious thcnighl 
Of the ijitcn^ic Divinity and Strength 
Aud dca[b!css Tassion of a Woman'* i-ovc ! 





FOR children:' 

WR oecd not £^0 b^ck to periods of remote Aniiqiiity, to the 
anjuli of Ciiccrc and Rome, to Ihc XtAX l>ook.4 of f.ii^lld or 
Ibe lort 1)e(M<1cf of I-ivy ; wc need noi even ^o hif.k to the ^feni 
Elicibcttvui fiCTiad of <jur own tiEcr-xiure, ro ftn<l LnM.-LnceA of workt 
once putilithcd, 4nd more or less Cimibv to the ^enerstion in irhich 
thfT wefc pfCdiaced, trai of vrhich cverj' tMee ha« diBappcucd. 
" 'I'tme, the conaunaer of atl thingC maEU^s lottietimcs io do bift 
^^TMiriaf work very eifcetually within the limiti of h^II a tentury. 
Ii b only 6(iy4v« years since Shellry wan Hro^ned, nnif y^r at tcut 
lira hTtle volumes of hia, indubiubly publLshcd, advcTtlaed. and re- 
viewed in the year iSio. ve to all appoamnce VaX. to hiimnn kcxii 
Twovovki by Charles lAmbandhts?i»tfTrpubli<hheiS About the name 
lirae, Have loDig been supposed to hare ih^rcd a similar fate 

The tmexpeoed discover)' of one of tbcief uodCT circumiiHsnrrn 
«laio«l Jt« rottiiittic and c^iraordinftiy a» thntc of if.^ divpfK-aonrr, 
ba* led » into ibc above ir;un of rcHccElnn. Nor could die 
AoaouoccBicnt of thl» discovery be ni^e Altingly made than in the 
|h«ge« of the mEc mt^ctnc »t])9 c?iMnc, in wEio^e eontury And a 
of honoured ud funous roninbutort die nnmc of CharT» I^mb ' 
tuUu ooi as one of the leo&t. 

It miy Mfcly be afftrni^d ikit during tlie two-ind-foriy yedr« 
V.' cbpaed since ihe dcAlli \A Ivtmb, ihc intercit 
*;_.., :l_ Lvtiylhang about him hatt bcvn yearly wi the increase, not 
oo the mne, and hu ^ufTt^rcd no diminuiion from the departure* 
cMir aAcT another, of muikt of thotc n'ho knew him ititimiidy in the 
iolu And lince llic death of Xloiy Lamb the fulJ r^.'vcUtion, dli 
then withheld, of all the heroic sclf-sadifice of that tender and 
ciibckr natiut, h^ g:ivcn to Charleii Lamli':i pctsanality a charm, nur- 
ronodcd bis Ddcmory with a halo, and won for hini a kind of aJJcc- 

■ It nA b Ibe GtnikiHRiii .U]/d±i~iv \.t%\^), voJ, IxikiU, pkit I. pp. 
^^o_54S, dir-^'i ^1 LuTib't pajvr "On Cbdil't IToipiUl imJ ihe Clumctcr 
of the <Miv't U«4fJlil Boyt" Elm pppeirfd. 

tiGtmie pCTional rtgarJ such os pcrhapa no olhcr writer 
tcntnry hns been ibic to dvt^ikcn. Nor ha* our growing inJrrrti i 
Che man in any way dlslurbtd ov diminished ourinifrcfft mth««nte 
In Ihe cue of Dr, Johnson thi^ lias noioriously been so ; ic lu> m 
been sci in the ranc of Inttmh, On The fonlrsTy, fiom ihc publicstifl 
of his LrTiffs nnd /'i^tf/ M^Motiais by Tolfourd, down lo the publ 
c-iiion of the three btesit and mo5l complete cdiiionii of hw Worki i 
iB7.l-7fij no p:ims hove been jipaTed, no cffom wAr>iing, on tht fa 
of Buece^^ivc editors to imt^rth frkr i\\i^ ddcctMior of iht irorU fl 
thcKlian wajfo and atrjy^ ihai toulf] I'jy HHtmny rewaich bt puide < 
yrflit ihemfidvcs to the mdufttnoiin digger in the minc^ or oJd tf 
forgotten period iriilH, 

The enuBC* of the long and proimcicd disippcarance of ibe 
little votunicft L'unnoc thtteforc have Ji>rung cither frnm i^citjnee 
or indifference to thctr txistcnce. There arc three diaiinri jtthiui^ 
to the book in the published Letters of Ijimb. I'nck'r dale JuflC, 
1809, be ^tc* to Coleridge : — 


I khill linvc 10 ^pnil you. 'iv 3 wF?k or itaiii, xwa ^olnmvi of JtLvpnjTd PoJ 
dvcff^jy Maty irul mc widiiti die lati >it muiiiEu-. ,,,.... Oiit lilUv |x4nit 4*T I 
humliJc, E>UT llijry ttAVD bu nnmp, I cni rr-vl thcrp, njipcmbriinif X\vcf w 
|jV«k-k«L-if|. ; rtiiil pirrhap^ jr.n will nitimif ibc nmnlwr I'J *a^J«^l, ■]! -.if ETiiliTri 
I'k'VnJ utji h^ Hit 0I1I bacht^loT aVil nn nJd mpiit. Mnry p«rtnu would uo( hi 

To another corrcupondcnt. Manning, Lamb tmtct cariy i 
following year (January i. 1810): — 


ThplT rtniipk whh lhi» i^u vulume* 'jf minnr posuv-ii tcc]ilft I* "1" 
Jjiioii^r i" ilic LtChi Ihc pJfiyhiMy fl»lr(-Hj Tr>u mav riMpp^^t mine, ibc nFulln^i* 
ni^ (.'uail jut(*i \. Vuu xitij' iiniLim ykii;ivtr try i:tn.->\jii^ tlmi uul, but V laaA I'l 
you mififl SH UiF viu^-lhirJ In rguftikilLy uf ihr wbuli'- 

To Bernard Barton, s«venitf«n yvuv aftenx'ardd (1827), hemiie 

fiom Chase Sid*, EnEield: — 

On frBijiiyini: r»y boijltfielvii I fouiul P " Vlvi*<t," whkh I i^ill BtfiJu.— - 
unlf*^ Ihclwok l>c uul of pf Lnl- One liku ra liitve one o-^jy of fvcijltjiif ^ 
d'ji'* 1 of'-^lft-rwl (i> k*rp chip «{ " Puchy fnr CliiMffn,' (lir ]nint |irx>hiC*k* * 
Mair ,irJ me, and ///^ nt't la ii/ ftaf fir lai^ or mjm/y ,.,...„ Know t«ii 5af* 
thil hflji bt, nhJ WDUM CfcchniiK* i*^' 

The cvistenec of the book has therefore long heen known to (fc 
readers of Cbarks Liimb and to lollcctont of rare boofc*; an 
the quest for it has grown more eiigtr and htiitcr every ye±r. It" 
teal cflUftcs of its total diijapjirarjiiei: ior so many yeai* ore infl 
cjt^nrfy obvious — i. Its diminutive sire, a tiny i«mo, of 5^ hyj 

Discovery o/ Lamias " Poetry for CMdrm'' i 

pcoponJooatclr Uim, rach volume coiUAinin^ liuk over t09 
W>-r>VEicd oa paper of ihc ihirncx rm.oa^Ti.tbli: Ecxiurc. 9^ Its 
•I winly by dutdrvtn, gctieraUy a mofB o* lew dc^troci^c order of 
h^ J. The Ian ihai it yr^ olrefldy " out of print " wilhin tljree 
(ifMrrean of its Ant pubHc^iorip ilui nn ncrw cdilion vva« trer 
«Md, od iftoi it hod bec^imc a romy cv«n m the nuthor'« lifc' 

Iii»ji|it<or" Kt« Booitt Ibi ChiUft-n^iaiWiihoJ by M, J. Cotlvvin. 
^«fa Jm^eailc Litir^, No- 41 SULkncr.Str<'vC i^^cd a^hixm^iiily in 
Md fcftcv^Jy found 31 ihcmd of copies of Godwin's" liiiiayon 
k' ifld othtr tiooka (lul^hcd at Ui^i Librury, Lhu titjuk in 
Wiix) it ibUB adrcfrited ;— 

*fioHiy fc* ChiMrtfL* £ntin^r Orificvit By ilie Awllwi of *■ Mr». Lcicntu>B 
'^t* Is tn vfiK, iSniP.« oniJimfnEfcl b-ich two bualifitL fii:ti][iapi«ai> 

WctreiBfovmcd ^ iTicMoie timt ihaiii it ''oui of print, bui ihc^ 
; . tn««rted m Mylius'* * Fiirit Book of roc:r>/ * These lO- 
I j'«ct" luniod ottt in he iwcnryiwo in niimbcT, arid 
'Ti:'_.'nr: ! \ y Mr. Catcw HnJiUt: hi hin voltime of "Poems, Jxilcrs, 
UJ Rciiiijii^ ^A Miify and Chartcs I jmb." Two rtJrthcr piece* wore 
[>iwtc?h1 fcj' ftr<ithiT Becker from MyliuKs " Pociical Cla^^ Ilo(*V'' 
^idAtec.i*' ': r ^^ttli fiveinoTc picrcs rcprintod liy Limb ?iim self 
» btcofiff'.^d ^^ utkft in iSiS, ftnd in one oi" tlvt " tiaay* of EIW 
^iTolfi] oflvrcni^'fiinc poenns recovered oui of ci^'htyTourthat 
^i«loinc5iiow prove loconu-vrn^ 

boelkcting hia WuTk4 En ilirS, l4LiT)b printifd only thne of ^Cxt 
•■tcoftttibutioni to th«0 vo1uiii«E« Tht Titrre Frkmh, Qvrrn Otittna't 
f^^fm^ 7tf u Afff in n^i'cA a C^ld wjj thffWfseJ, .\i\^^ unu tif liitt 
■Ort, Atrvk^ in tfu C^xt if J/fu-'Jarie. Hk own i;x.|uisiie iK}Vin of 
**r, i%hll> eonjeitUTvd by an Lxccomjilixheil i.jWu\ wVio leviow^d 
^coAeaiOTt of j&ts in ihe ihapliu for Fcbrviaiy 14 of tli.^l year, 
■QEohav^becn nifan; by ChjirleK Lamb "for chilj^rciD/* And thu 
^Uhcr pne^jtH dlhUnjtuuhcd by ituhcft in Tbe e:irlict lollrciioutt of 
■ wTiliilO M "by the MOihfJT'fc liitef," arc riow prtnt-*! not tu fiavc 
^pved iH Ihe " Poetiy for Cftildieti " -ir nH. 

fe hft " Dc1:ich«:d Tbcjujjhu on Book* And KfjimK" uliicli forinfi 
'^ of the " Ij*t Eftayt or Jilia,' LamT* toolo€C4*»ion tti quote " two 
*Bjtoui hinR liul humely Miinias " by "a<]iLaint pocieisofour day."* 
^"Wropoodeaiof jWff <;]';ri' (^j/^th-j, wi^niny himseK " Un*t!a," Jind 

' ><lfWti<L yrt tAAyriQicai a cW (□ tlw ItnclingafOipbunJi. l/Jaitfv'r f^tOy, 
' 4« Ftrtry/tr C^^Jrrfit \ff Chiirlrt twi Mnn* Tjimlv SrJltcd and PrvfKe^ 






ri6 TAc GrJiUifm*itt's Magaziti^, 

didng from " PhilAdclphift," ttaicd, Aom^ ten ytKn M^} 
**ClurIf3 l^amUs vstcr Mar)' wu ihc ^iju^iint pocUn'who vroij 
Wrtf* call^ 7^e Two B\jys. i^uoti^ m one of his Ksaays * *| 
urc lo be found." he AdJ% "in a. volumt j)ubLi«hed early in! 
ccaiury, and entitled, '*Poclry for ChildT^ : entirely OriginalJ 
ihc Author of • Mrs. Leicester's School/ " Tht* intbrmalion jitor 
liceorrcci crcn ns regard* the title of die link piece in qwcilionj 
Os Lamb, in quoiing the poem, doet not give a.ny lille, the vrriB 
that nnie mum have seen the flf^tiinl book. 


Thii gradoLis trfA^urc-irovc comes lo iia at lut, t% a hen 
in;3Lfenftblc pos^etsion, from a Mtll more miiOle region of the Hj 
From A<Jdaitlc, m South AiLsiralia, ihe Hon. W, S.)ndover 4 
us tlic long-loftt book, which he hiis, in ihe most gL^ncro 
Oblifin^ man Tier, fluted fW thu diMposa! of the publishers 
mAg^ftne, Duttn^' bom Adi;bE4:le, Dtx^rnbcr t8, 1S76, he writl 

Whenoniivbit to En^litnrE in ihe yev 1S66 I w ata^ing ia Flytf 
whtre T 4UCf idod » tiU uf fuitiiuitt siul liovhij (hcic hfii't*=ri(id |u be ^ 
■>j|itfia purchvm] by me. TKp ntiinvt c^f lli« niLlhfiiH iicii i[iiioniii]£ on lh4| 
pK^ I4 moil Jlktlf the uuK of Iht fdilur* in [lliaoYann); a copj of tli« irsdl 

Wc hjvc .ilTcjdy remiirkcd ihnt the poem* are eighiy-f<n 
number. U i* not otir mieniion to ijuoic any of the twcniyt 
piece) Afceiiible elienhere, Uiough we may here obiervc th^t 
mAjorily of the^e, j? pubh&hcd in (he MyUu& Ke^ini^-bookii, 
noubly Ihc poems entitled C/earthn/ity 7'hf Bin/ a/iii Suii^, the I 
of yyie Ma^r/i A'nt, the IJnci entitled Titttf if*fiit in Vrna^ the J 
of TJrf ffity attd ihe Skylark^ aic deplorably deficient and incorrie 
le*t, AS will be seen more fufly when the entire hook comes | 

The numerous miBprints thftE occur in these poems as lhe| 
given in the Mylms Keoding-bookfi M'ould lead U( to suppose' 
a][hi>u^h ihi!i beUctign nus probably mkcl^f wUh the tadl o:>ai«t 
the auihofi, llity cicici^ied nu kjud of supervision over it, and sai[ 
proof-sliccts- The frcqwenr omission of lines and stanua ilf 
poems above named, made generally with very btde taste orjudgii 
snd wmetrme^ to the destruction of »ense and metrt^ points C( 
same conclusion- On the other hnnd, Ihe poem which in Ihc an| 
bcNjk U somewhat baldly eniitleil Tfte A'itff. h, in the Myhus seleo 
more fully and fittingly ic-chTi^tencd Z*/ J'Yrji Si^ht 4>/ Crmt /S 
and to TA^ Afa^if's j\'fsf, shorn of it^ second tiile and of one 
Btanus, a note is added which is not to be found in ^^ rocU] 
Children." Whether iheie arc interpobrion* of Mylinsj orancRhOl] 

' A^ <^ 0, Jid S^ »ii. (July 37, ib6;J, f. 73. 

Distfi^ffty of Lamb's " P&cUy for Chtldrm^' i r 

olAeORic^nal nthoni, will prolobly rem a rn ^n insoluble raigma lo. 

VflprtCetdlOlbffCon^iJcmtionof theuBititJumof fiiVj^'fivcpiccct 
ocvfint btOM^t to light The *'iim-Dbi;r uf aubjccttp" cia vhich 
tuab iftinKft hiiDbtlf in hiH IcUtr to CDl«rii2gc abov« quoted, will be 
tmiliowQ br (^wXiiH- ilic liile* of ihesc. which are as follows- — 
^RmpfTi CAHif^ Tkt Buitfrffy. C/nvii'*x' >* Namr, Crjimbs t& tht 
AnA, DUcmioti aaif QatarrrfTiv^, Hrf'^ntarifr and /^^intuihafim, 
Xntms m Af^rd, Th< Nnv^tH fn/aHf. Motet in Mr Su/ti'tattu, 
T^IvTf 9fAfHl. Thi Ismf Srv/^er, 7»/ Tai, 73S/ /imf fi/ May, 

^Mmt, Tke Miwiffifrk^n, Thi Hffrffp/, ^' Tntf Seft. The 

Jtt^/rfBt StMert rfW ft" Sih<^. The OrtiM^r. The V&ung Lefftr- 

'TlV, " ^^ fit^f CAildr/n^ and/crthf fhrm mi is i&mi unfs Me," 

^Uat and tVfimfm anf fA< Mi»iJ^yt ■ a I^Mi^, /t>rir, Dat/h. and 

^>Mui^-- ' F^Uii Tht Spa'rt^t^ umf the Jim, Whith h iht 

d'tantttici C^OMti^ « jVii/fntimj H'<fdiflff, J^trmiai ReceiiuUMMt 

^ Qfir, A'unf Crtat, Gf^ Ttmjifr, Ah^erittiott in jyifi, Jneer^eet 

4'ani^, Ch^riiy^ Mr Birtl^y, Tht Cffnfidant, T/wi/x^ffrit Cruetty, 

^ftj, J^fty/itm, The f^ne fif Hr^bii. Ch^h Stribins. IVhyiwidoit^ 

'*'. U-daj I Ifemf J>eiigAu, 7^e Dessert, To a Yeuat; Lady an beinx 

'^fmd e/ Music, T^ Iwy, Cfngietst p/ Pre/udicf. The Crraf Grand- 

A'4»', The Sfarlaii Jky, On a Pidtireaf fhe St/idins &/ Mates *^ 

^karweJ^t I>ahgAler, J}aHd. 

The Uik of »cp:mting ihe paemf of Chnrks from those of Mary 
'Aorij «iH not, prihapf, [jiovc lo diPfitiiU aa il at firai appeals. 
Ali]uMi|[h no (iidiutbn nliaicvec of sqiAUlc auihorahip h gWen in 
^^>« volixencn thennclvci^ wc Iwvc our indtijcntlcnt knowledge of the 
■■^iitd, wIl, and indlvtdLuil dumcicr of each. W'c have, monjovtr, 
'-^tnh'i diirinrf iTrnnnr in hin Trrrrr to Manning: "Mine ore hit 
***rtiW \a qtiaiidty of the i^holc," U'c have tlie three povins which 
■^4* tflciwuds rcinibluheJ as hU oun, and Lhc thrvcwhicTi he repub- 
^Ufcltj Of quoted' it> hi\ hiittef'*, AfTutd^tL^ Uf] nbsofute cerl-itnty as to 
^'^c 4i>lbonhip of lJic ma jijc^n m I'^ucsUun, uiid ^upplyin^ valuable 
^^i^nu lor tito finhlful ulirihntionof Ihe oiher^ ju«( as in die joint 

^ h iftonU hf tncfiilrtmitit ihir [hiitv'kliurp vitlnmH ai J'.vfry for CAii'tynr rue 

^'^weht* ■aunc the in«t <«iTcctfy pmit«'luf tn><tUt J hnvoe^r kcji. ^LLljwinc 

■*■• euin qtuJatTicua uf ■imlUni; ihcn i[i v^^JJ^lc, iml a kiuU of ^irpjicr-lKui 

^■^iHim of ■u|ii3Muipil(irj' iiLitniHJu, iluc cltm^ile** la (lie ^^nct^iri? gcnrmAilj of 

* Tht lut Imc cT the IKK1D, intitJcd J^e firjt 7'Mfth, i% quolcJ m KlU'i 
'Mr fitAuift (?tfw Marrthlj hl.iipfinc, lSa6] : fit bubcm tiiMu.^^ ^u^ 



schoolboy publication, now half a cfntury old, of Alfred ud 
Tcnnyaon,' nmiLir evidence for v{):Lrjting the pf>em!i of oflc broC 
from thoac of the oihcr ii afforded 1^ the pnoc poem of Tjht&u-. 
End the volume of " Poems, chiefly i^yrica!,"' whtth Alfred Tetmy* 
published in 1829 nnd iS^o, nml by the little voULme of Soadcu a 
mL*t:d!.i4iPOui pic^H-cs which {'hafic* Tenmion puhUshoJ iwilh hiio" 
Tifim^ ,11 (*rtnil>ridge in 1 Hjo. 

Thic« tticceviive work*, at [ luivr Hsfwhrrrioniarkrd— iht^T*! 
from Shake ipcarr," " Mrs l.fir«strr'fc Srliool " anrt xhr " l*ioc1if C 
Children"^^1o Jill of whiHi M.tij' l.jimliomiTibiiErxl ihe Ur|-er,ifM 
a* her brother nlwjji .■ilTettion^Kclj' iiWKtctl, Ihc Ijeitpr part*^a!it 
hex lo no meun rank in fh.-it d;iM of UfcfffKire whirh apjicals »» 
eipecially to younger fenders The twocariicrproie woikswoBlhC 
•way Jl oi>cc In populotitv ; ind the "^ Poetry for Chiidrcm," whi€ 
cjrcuniiunfei alone have hilhcito prevented fiom becoming b«tt» 
known, r;inkK,cven at iu lowest, in Anilely higher both in pocbc 
merit and moijd -ind inteWectunl sinew nnd ^laminj, than tlic sirmlE 
ftiitingi of Wilts, and of the 'J'iiylor* of On^^tr, which luv« nirt wii 
such wodd-widc ,:icr.epUnce, The nionhry, though always apparei 
la brooder and frcL-r— more whoUsomc and Ics; ohiru^ve. 

The tragi^^al domestic history of the Lambs had compelled the 
10 live togctbtir unmarried, "an old hachclor and an ohl maid." 
Lamb write* to ColcridgCn Bui this isolated existence produc- 
just that efftjcE upon ihem that it does upon those who have to sufl 
the bitter disappointments of unrealised hope, the pangs of drai>isc 
love, the disillusion of cnrly romanet, ond who arc prone to uvo 
the insinccritiffl of fashionable sociciy, and to sock relief and rcfa( 
in the innocence of childhood and the freshness of cjirly fi^chng*, 
which ihcy return vnlh a /est that the txpcrienec nf life has rath 
heightened than destroyed, \V^ proceed, however, to the mo 
minute c:i([;minLiLion of the newly -discovered pieces. 

One litdc |x>cm of three sianzaa only> entitled ParrjUaX Jiea 
Av/wnf, we have no lie&iuition in at once [issigning to Charfca Lam" 
from iniernal evidences— 

Ai^hilil'^a plaything far an hour) 

Iti prctly riicLinc Uy 
For llui^ «r fi>r n longer i:|tiwi 

Then lire, anJ by ii by, 


Bill I iine\\i cmc, that tn il^^Jf 

All srauung could eonlrcl ; 
That wduli] htvc cnock'd Ihc icli»e of pain 

CXil uf a ^cvrtl a^ul. 

' >3vwtf ^ /hv ifrvlhers. Ijoolh : ):Li;khm. X^, 


Dist^Yfy q/'Lami's " PoUty /itr C/ii/drfu^' 119 

TTifli EiA anil aIE iJa.iU cuttf. ■ 

h iiAot often, howov. ibat i^ hJgh j kc/noic u ihi» ii unjd 
ihraoiJwu ihc two liiek volmiii^M ihc vein is gcnc^nily either hunio- 
NVOTfuintfjr didKtic. On< piuoe [here is of BJ«tl tcndcmcM, in 
.■Ivcfci movbtr endcavoum to diapcl from a chlWV. mind ihc horror 

Mat tfi« right of d<aih; &nd her? v.e 6nd tornc <4Lrl>cult7 in 
% ■^*^''CT U Iw the work fjf CharlcsoroJMory l^imb : — 

*Twrpr«fen youhavr ibd, anJ ]4uV ^-Hh^l ^aet^ nij^hl i 
W^atuuH it there ji( L«|i iDy cttfhnc aw«^c ' 
Sv ihiuli iu ]i\fm Ejwuqi |>|uvlHiiji* v>mt ufriifJi' 
Diibirli* yom ctnuponurc. Cul tDEU'C«nc4 quakd ' 

>^~bAL fvu iuiifiL]4rii-l jfOtiT 'lukr Jcvnup^ ? '' 

^Oiudicr, lliPt*'* tcMiHi — fi]f Suian Jin* [cpI.I [iir 

A dad body lin in iSr lAim hrvi 1g uun " 

"1 know il i «B^ but ivf fi>i£elfulDi<t^ iTur. 

1 ixalil )roa ih? coffiD thlt iJay ^h^ul^T have i?4-m, 
IM iiBd mc Itw iiuetiplk>n oml tu] J mc lIv ye^r 

"Qooa f«ftv« Hxollb o'(]ii? wotTf] uniiM I enter 
A iWiiltcrr whcfcio ft ifcitl t-'i>t> I.1; bi'li 
LqcwbHioOj iKildcf Elkui I Bb^hutif'l venture 
To ffl n*v the co^n imd lill up Ihs HiL^' 

"Asd thnld th«T do v uil lEw citlHn □hi.-ivcit. 
Tl* corpse utHkruvnih tt woulil l»o nn Ul M\;,hi -. 
Thi/rmm^, tjA^m att^mMnu/imtiivHJ art tiiTf. 

Hti Ktfthtwi£ 0/ it^trvr tJif fn'i'rt^ to /ri^ht- 

"To BUI 11 ihp A9w\ k pn-pn^iiTniiB ntnt^ 
To Arink f^om a foe ihai can nrv^ nmivfl ; 
SfaaQ (hit irhieh is inr>tioolc4 mow tti« to icinDt, 
tV/^H itvuni^ rviffr.-i 'miti/ fMy ,tr/ lit rrif f 

**T^L?LuiL h&raior licr <mr frxxl fcelLnca Jorbid lu 

Qy vliuin wLcii u twTic j'uu w^n; lUiiiHciI Anil Tctl ; 
yi^ \irmgi Bi> mjuiy ^uocl uHicvk ilid uk, 
t hf^er can pcruiftdo mo wnuld hun iu when dcnd, 

" Bi[ (Ino cniln'mtuF ytytf icrrsn taft nnoihn» 
Cis^. i^wyyomj J0tu ill thi aum iff your wHolhef- 

^r^iL|i. Ifi. 

" VoL it pp. 36-37, 


I30 The GenlleifMKS Magazifu. 

The poem cntidwl fnccrrt.-t S/taking (and indeed iht^ whole dia^ 
fif dirtcriy didnifU;: pt>cms), 1 mn inclined to amibutc to MuyljinK 
It cipt^ns Ihus: — 

CArdjMy avnid, xay Anni;— 

for I canQDE believe tbdt so nk^fiidioiiB a wiim u Chvlet I^mb 
would, even in a book fur c^liildttn. have made that name Hij'iQe 
(noL to *' manna/' but) lo " manner,'' as I un sgjry W »>' the ivritct uC 
ihc jiocm dgcs:— * 

StMd^ vrvU itic (fiiH of nvh 

SenlcDCC!, 3tAl b ftiy tniiiii(r 
h miiKprsenl Ihfl irutli ^ 
VemcJl^r's the atiirm c4 youth* "■ 

Very prct:y and graceful— be \l the work of brolTter or sUter— is 

ibc following, entitled 

Al iHf EtiitFiTclii; ilu-^idi Jic 
rcimm uml drt^i* her l«si new cujliijf ; 
(jra^il ciiruy» pnctliFd o'er 
In Ihe miBtry before, 
Wlwl ilmll Wr coiiifiare lier to? 
Thff dMUfci iUelf will da 
Like pKstrvs «^B^5 kqrl with cure. 
Like LJanch't] *lin-jn'l*- she \^ isli, 
^on » down on pencil lier hfiii. 
And to soft, ao imooth U aacb 
VnWy th«lt ns ih« uinp imnch, 
Yrt muif JJk« in hue rr, clipmci; 
Thpn lty< Li^i^, llu- iwppi fliMb-ti^TTLH, 
CoroliM hcnclf shall try them 
Iflhry Are nuL like v\\*i\\ nij^h Iheai; 
llrr lirij-!it rypi arc bljicli. 4h lUics, 
Urn 1 ihink tt't\ie nom? of ifnj»i>^ 
ComiiioiL fniU here— flud Ker chin 
Fmni [i nmnd poiul <Sucs befiin, 
Lik(^ (hr finiiri eniE fif ;L ^learj 
WhiT^r ilrapery iTie ^lort wirtr 
Thon tFiD froiT on ctIie i and aweeter 
Thjin ihc cake iLsrlr, anJ nta[cr. 
ThciiiKH beditkM wIlli emhloufc fini^ 
ItCHT Hltlff tMoline. * 

ITie potni cndtled /?-irvtf /« tfte Cavt &/ AMhm was, 21 wc 
luive eeen, reprinted by Lamb as his &i&ter'&. To her alto doubUct« 

JKu^'ffy ft/tamS's "Pc^iry/t^ CAikfrtn" I3i 
1 1 Ja^lUer pieM ^viog the ticorr of David xnd GoliiDi, 

e fbHowinK p«ccc I should anhcfltUioji^y ATinbutc to Clurlct 
Amiu ici iimiUritr lo ft Urcr ukncwleilgcd copy of vctk* \rj 

Cnooti^tu .\ Xahil 

I taw gol ■ ncw.boni lUtETi 
1 wb nlfsh [he fifiT lliil Hki'ii Tier. 
^MicD the mtmriL' Ionian l>rou|[lit Ler 
To l'Af4. hit inf&Al d'LicSici. 

Sbc I'ill ibonly be ta chtUten , 
Aad Pipa hu oudfl ih< oTct 

II fbdl ht^ Lhc Hinins of hf r, 
Nov I vocvVr whii uoul*] pWw ber, 
Cbtrioncv JoUft, Of Louiu. 
Ann tad Mary, they're Leo conmon; 
JrBd'a ton fnmiiil fnr n vmiiun^ 
Jut't ■ prettier name bttide; 
IJat wc had A /uw (bit died. 
TlttU tAt mrn 4j Wt!i (^n/ji/r, 
K'llth'i pimy. but iFui looks 
Iktticr ^a oLJ KntlulJ boohi e 
KUciv't Idt -jH luni; t(^ ; 
BLbbcIi* i> oDt of TjiiiItlnTi nnur- 
ff («« thni I li4vt nlmtd u ytt 
A|* » (oaJ u Matj^fcTtlh 
BmJy i> bcu OBil Fme, 
lAi'Tui (loyou Oiink orCinil&i^vf 
Hon I'm fuauJed UiJ pcrplenl 
Whil 10 <hi>«ae at Uiiok or aui f 
t tn in t liEiTc fe\rt 
Leal ihe name that 1 hhill give her 
Should liiiiGnce her or defaine her, 
1 vitt Icive I'ljULu uiiiie licr.' 

it the foUowm^, cntitrcfl C/<v^ S/nAi/ig, is also by ChaiT*» 
A curimi> panllcl rhyme in ht« iicknowledged poem of 
fccnit to Icavi* lilllc docibt ; — 

1 Did I hor the churchdixk ■ few ininuleu *£«» 

P I ia*f *«i('-Ll, ATj^l I jui^aci-Vh I liiiFiTIr dill kuaw, 

I Bat I ihoujjhl iHl I heaiJ li urike thiee- 

I S«b1 mv rr:<i>(1 then, " The hloain^ vrr tlwayi ]U»4eA 

I Wc knn na the WAhi «r» nnd pnec Ihcm the less^ 

K The djQich<]oe:k ^a* no iifv tuund lu thu* 



Tht GtniUmans Alajja^'nt' 

"A jrounf vrnman, aBlirted v^th dcifheu « ^ar, 
Hy that KiLini] yiiu M^rcr hrsH, finr piti:4rin) J>t cooU hcV ; 

1 pfn fipar lirr, /iwrf t^y ihei^H start 
Wii^ jw* ew^KtitJt tormt/; ja^jfl fit/in^ affnie. 

She <heu-*il llic Mauml "iTflit lo liri hsait," " 

IB quALfit humour also inducer tis to daim lor Cbarln Idiaib] 
nnolhcf- piece, cniilkrt T^^ Sjittrntte art^i tht Hta^ in which tie] 
foTTntT c:omplain« of having ic^ acck lU ov^nfCKxl, while the bttcr u 
UATcfvilEy provid«1 for. The old Glen's answer to the Sp-urc 

SfgLimcnl ii y^ ch*raeteri«ie: — 

-' Hfeit jnu e'er IcomM to nwl?" ARIA the lien t4 iJ^e Sparroir. 

" Nu, MAdvn/' h« antirrrM, *'I oin^l aj I htvcL" 

Tltc<i[i^ tl«i] ETfill^'l, wiLh n look «i>ry gr4vc, 
*'J/n. Ciatt* in ii TnafiM / vii^ jf^H nvtlJ fWif - 

Oht arrijv' f\iiiK{ it'H j/ifffF, AUd liU ^nOVcil lo 111 why 
Man bliidldt ii> 11.111T tevU i]» . nf gk Itp liit> uoeil 
Ev'n h«rorf we are bcrn, aven after we difl.*** 

The; muit ImporLHint. howciCT^ eif Chntlw (Jimb'* cooiri] 
To Ihcxi.- vol utiles, and by far the Jongc« pier.c in th[* whoir roll* 
IK hi* ilt-lif-lii-fiil sioiy of'Thir Throt rriciidii," i^hii It n A\Tt»&f 
known, :|M he reprinted and ac-knawleri^'crf Tt fn his coller^cd W< 

Tlic lcit»g-lost " Poclry forChildrvn'' is then aX length dii" 
and will doublTcrss soon be phtf^d bcyoTjd Ihe rhance of future 
Bui anodicr wotW of Chirlcs Limb's ytl rcmiiai Lo be (bund. In 
li*i of "New Books for Children, publi^lird by M, J- Godwin, 
ihe Jiivt'oile Library, Ko. 41 Sfcinncr Sireet/* jliejdy ipioted* 
liillowitijii piibUcalion is iidvertiscd on p, it:— 

■'FiioctDontt; m, FliUrryp^u i>ut at Coomtfoflnov'" a Pocmii. WIlL 

'i'hc bite Mr, Crahh Robinson rcconls in his "Diary." utiderj 
ditc May i5» i3ii : "A. veryple^nnt call on Ch&rlcs a&d Maqr] 
Lamb, Road his version of Prince Doni5> \\\t long-nosed kmg.* 

And he adds m a note;— "Thia is noi in his collected W( 
and. n* well ns two volumes of ' Poems for Children,* is likely tfl 
lost." Wc have found thc"Po?lry for Children^': who will 

" irinfC Horns' ? ji. HI-RKE SHKTMKfclX 

' Compure the poem aHJnler — 

h wat a loj' to thfLi aiiitd/' 
" Vul. ii, p,*7. ' Vol, ii. p, 15. 

iSOq, Vol I. p. J39. 



qibc of Mr- GlMl£tone'( ivowti). *' tlut the difltculdei of xpctling 
UC c&Mi^ 10 drive tilt" IcinitT nuvd ; " in Kpitc of Mr. Lo**;"!* 
that since there arc thirty nine tminds in ihc Engliih hts- 
aikd but hvtnty-fouf ]cticr«> (iftccn Tuorc letters should be 
fo thai e:tch IcUer should rcprv«i:at one »A>und ; and in spite 
Ac fnore or Icsf open udbeiii^n of aiitli inun ;ts ProlcsiAOT Mju: 
, Pro(c»or S«yc<. Sir Charlff R(;tfd» thtj OiuinuAfi of the 
Baud foe London, nnd Dr. Abbott, of the Ctly or London 
ibc spcllictg refonncn &rc not likdy to succeed just yet tii 
& Royil CotnmiuioQ to inquire inco the ^ubji^ct of speltii^ 
So br (he *utciii|>C£ trhidi have been m.idc to iniruducc a 
lad^ phonetic sidling bate done nntlnng to iiir ihe public, and 
crcflncd in liccnuy dreles no feeling tirQuxer ihnn amu^i-ement. 
ihlg M the rc^onncrt T^nd f;LnU with ih? present lyfiem ihey will 
ifltcmbi amonrLt of support rr:?m men of rciitlcsj habits And 
viein. I'he inoni<nr, however* the ridicule that viU aimch 
«« KbcBC of tpeHfru: ha;* been cncounk^cdt i>ic cntin; army 
Inelt ■«ar« and the few vii>ic>n.ifii:A who lujipcn to Iil- tn ^icrojd 
Ifce left to b'pfrt, like Aiig^nutiiB. ufter their ]e^i4>ii!^, Xi'lieuLc lA 
wcafion when the ctUKc ^igaln^t ^hith it U directed is 
Mkd *rtiTt ; in the rjse of ;t mere wliimjivy it ih f.iul. The 
ihpchiM e:iptrjena-* h\ te^rnmy ly ajjell .trv j^reaily- over- 
Thc^ ne iu ordiiuiy c^^uen a itunutu^t rullior tii^in a iijuutci; of 
M Mr Cbdtclooe tteemrt to thiak. If one thing could be 
motr likely l)iUEi Arrothi-r tij brinj^ tliou^ht^ oi fears of 
to tbc BtuJent, it would he the sight of the language of 
Bsciju, Milton, and Ssrift. written iii such ch:rratt<;is :ts 
nffettei] by itr. Pitman and hii fiv:ils. Leave well jlone.[says an 
Eng^liih pratierbL The*' well" that should be left alone iududes 
"irdl of English undcfylcd" of Dsn Chaucer nnd hi^ succcfiEorE. 

CERTAIN well-kiiown publishing linn in Erkglmd is accus- 
tocnrJ Eu wtiie chequcis to ils julhori (I suppose for con- 
of refereneej payable \q tbf work, instead of the Wtuw. 


T24 Tk GmiUmstCs Magasim. 

Oil otit occaaloD itiuy wrote, " Pay ' The Disprict to ihe H( 
or IJtfEirer. Arc, &c," Th« Umkr^r's civrk AiDiled nrdunicdly 
poor novdJBt wh«n thiit chc^que was f;tc«9nted. AjrariAa, 
bought audihcr work of the eame ^cer, called "Dead and 
Aijnin he ptcTcnicd ihc cheque in person. '* Pay ■ Doul ^d Gon^'j 
B Afcr," read the dcrk, aloud, '^ Well, sir, it ii fortoiuic th;ii ebb si 
pnynbk' to 'ordct/ or it would h^ivtf had lo be endorsed by 
cxccuion;." The novclitl* '^^ho '\& scnsicivc (g ridicule, now 
of h]» work q to another ^rm. 

A COMPLETE glui of riincovcrics rcsidw from the r 
thai havebiK^n conduacd in cljusicfti r^ons. At ihc 
vhcn [ v^tc, the reported tcco^'cry of both drnu of tlse Vnni 

MiLo wants GOnfirTnutioii,oTio bljitcment beting loilic effect that 
hflft been obtained L'xi.e|it ^i hjind holding' m. iliic or Eooking-glxai. 
iGjcond amounlLTig to an abooZule con tni diction of the whole stoqri 
vmtuary group, rcpitricnting a wun^an and a child, has, hon^cva, 
brought to light ax M ilos, and various figures have been dis 
at Olympta and elsewhere. At Dodomt two lemple^ and a 
grove, conimning many votive offerings, have been opened oat 
slabs of leud, with questions to the oradcs and ihe answctt 
fietatchcd upon ihcm, hxive been found. Frenchmen and C 
have been the principal ,Tgcnts in recent explof3.liQn&. -\s ihc 
do not like lo be left entirely behind, I am not surprised to hctf 
Professor Kovimonouihes, Uic secretary of the Archwologienl 
of Athens, announces that he has found the altar Tncntioncd 
Thucydides as having been erected by Pisistraius the son of 
and grandson of the tyrantn This diacovery* jf accepted, ivill set 
Test the qdosiion ccnct-niing tlie site of the temple of the 
Apollo, over which the topogrnphers of Athens have qu 
bitierJy and so long; it seems ahnosi a pity to deprive ibcirsu' 
of ihe amusement it has afforded. 

IN the Royal Atademy this year U an adinirfd ill^istiittion 
somewhat antienC c\'ctil, in which a waste of n^ten. a dt 
and A piece of tinibci are the printrpal fe.'ttures, J overb^iatd 

lemaik upon it by a lady bystander: " How I dishtc these pcrpkaj 
piciurcs, in which one never knows what is intended \ A pigeon ii 
tree by the ieaside suggests absolutely nothing-" 

IMPORTANT reiults lo agrieuUure may be hoped irwn ihe 
alleniion which is no* bestowed u[>on ihc lowest per 
forpfi of m*eci life. The di^cow^ gf vUc Rev. W. H, 

iro) noittdfl, dftlnrtred b«fbir« the Royd Ituututlon, setma wholly 

:{M»flof tbOMibcoriciiof ^ponuiKOURfcncmLion with which Pra- 

r Tj-niiaU hm ako rcc^^tJy been dcniin^- Anoittcr pApcr» rud by 

Andrew Mumy bdorc a con&rijncc i&fcmljlcd m \hc Sodcty oT 

-. deaH with lli« iiBc«tioii of KCUin^ rid of idmcIa injiirioui to 

■ ^_- '--iluvc. TKe rcmciiy Mr. Metiay rcconimenilcd vru rotaiion oT 

- TA. Imccu vUcb fireU aporT oiie cUfu of uro^n onnoi ordln.iniy 

n aupibcTp and it a. aop of barley is iiubiiiiuicd Tor one of 

c wheat insects, which 91% Tno«lJy arniuol^i, art: likdy to be 

Ji of existenccH lliU i^ eumfoning so for mi tt gpc^ It ia 

^nic (hattbcniTJCCSof mvccbOTL- muut dc^^Ily ^hcrc ihc 

[• IS coniiinyJJy growiL Still, no ocrom cur;: am. I fancy, 

■^Q/ped for f> long u the dciiruction of birds b permitted at ihc 

■ - hich it M aipeetcm conducted. In tcmpcr;iic cNmAies a fair 

,f life is ccTicnlly nuLnU-inccj* and where iherc is buircring 

of QEK fc>nn of life it will gcncnlly he found ifaut the 

oT NdCure hA» been tipwi by hunui;i tikini: Jor Ocatruclion. 

«pon guns th«L would ukc thctn out of the hand^ t^f incre idlcri 

do MmelhtDg to prncrvc our cTopt from ihc nLvo^Cjt n> whjdi 

irc oowiubjcct 

T Ihf '' R^ a&d Fami»1i " Club ll U4 now qiiUc alarming for t 

pca«fal mm to dine, so »tton|' Jtfc the " niililAry hyslcncA," 

vtdi *uch vdocr is lE prochjmcd thai war la inevitable. 'Ihc 

vufT Ihc bailie (by no mcAJi^ fromafAr) ajid cry " lUf haj" 

r the nw bone, u)d even f when conCRidicied) titamp. The other 

'■coniopcncimi^eirasdbicuvcd at dinner who has, published a 

on Ruwia (ftnd jgainsi hcr)^ and in uiid to have rcrrivrd ^ 

lOtt from Ihc Porte for hi* good utvicct, and, what \% miicJi 

IroRi ihjLi quartet, i round mm in ej^in. 

Xfat\i vencured to ob«er\'r thit this was taking a rommfrcial 

in tlie niAtlrr, whidi, eonnidenng the position in the army of 

runtkraan in <)uciLian, wa« a little I'lt/m if(c- Thf remark ^Mts 

wirh gei»ctsl dbftpprobnnon ; Un one young follow admitted 

e nua'a line waa eeitamly commcrrial^ " Ihct-iusc, you see, he 

for th< Hoii&e of 0»maji, und Xakt^s mvnf^ a/tit an/^i." 

'bdievc that wil, and cipeciaity wit on the wrong aide, is not 

npoo viib Ciixnir Ji the Ultice, or elie I >hoak! mention 

ipeftkcf's aame m th» di^tdi, 

LRRADYibe tf^ifcconcemin^lhr 1orpc<]o iibcgitiDing to ^asi 
Liray, *Bd the pOKLtion that this latest 4pplication of science lo 



T/if Gfftdcffrtms Mtxgasiftt, 

warfflTf \% likrly to hold in future lOnit-rtfi may lur ^tvriji 
A fi'W ycar^' lime il will |iTnl.rtUy havr laccn irlrg3*l*<t to that I 
wh^fTciri the wsrhltr inventions of aintiquTty, from th^ Wood«i t 
of floinrr, lo (hr lijillintn ^nd the catapult* hjivc retted foi ^ 
lies, ami lo which uc kiv? viince d^iatched a btiadnrd etsf 
once terrihlc enough in thdr wny, Irom (rtrek ^re to the cxtftM 
If \s,, no dotibtf KUl^CLcntly ahrming ta hear of the tiih torpedo^' 
a weight of thitty.fiifc pounds, an engine of fotty-hofnc povcf; 
«n explosive head, Li^mt :he iniiiact of which ndthinj^ of hu 
make CAJi lUird, and la bf told the projectile can \x " Uun 
vilh such certainry thit, by a moderate evercifc of iktll, il li n 
^ible to mi*i -in ironclad -il ijooo fixt^, whether nhc Tic \y%a^at 
moofin^> or moving cil the t\Xc of tet\ or Iwelvc kni>tH aa to 
ITimgs sc3TCc]y 1cm fofmidiible were, howcvcf^ toid \%% n>nmmj)| 
miiMi^lciisp, and alrcndy its w^c Is diacommiied, li \% eajy 
science to fnd tnesns [o w;)rd oB~ duciii^ Ihe m^lil these flange 
a*5nil.irit?i, iiinl in Ihr c!,iy-linH' rhrre will he ft'w foolhardy en(M| 
veniiire fi^rth ^vilh Uicm. Their tis^' in proteuiri^a liafbour b thitf 
tnine m rctvding rin attack on a (brtrerfs. NVhrrn lint emplofvd, 
me^viire slnick Terror into the mltidi of .1.^5L1ilnT}l5, Ttho %(i»pcclcJ 
e^rth of being honeycombed beneatli Ihenii n.nd intir ipiilcti at c 
moment being blown into the air. The defence Af^ntt tlic * 
1^15 the coimieimine- ;ind so it will prctbably pro\c m lit* |xf 
mstjoi-t, Whoii ship of iccfc lo enter a iKniiSc \»^t\ ihej 
Ihcinselvea ileipntch torpedoes in order tft e^pUiJv all that 
prir^io"^ly have been laid ciowik- 


A CERTAIN aged peer. Lord N., who will not wear a 
very sohcitous to be considered in the prime of 
brings the few brown hairs flat he yet poeseftKe* into as ^cni 
nence as possible. The other day, his fno(idA-,:Uihechib,ob»e 
10 Yam in all simplicity, upon pen:eivmg certain iiidrcaiioftfl tipot 
vestandcoatcolkr." Why, K,,.yoi) have been sitting 1>ehind ;-our| 
this morning."" '*No, sir, 1 Iiavc not. I — 1 — 1 have hc*B tu 
my hair cut.*' This airoLUy tuok place In the whlM toom, Ai 
presence of several pethoni* :dl of ^rhom \v.x\-v a sympathy for K., 
indeed for any peer. One of them look prompt occcuion MObx 
on A.'s withdrawjil frum the l:ible after b.ivtng lost three tricks' 
renottnce (whicli wah ^^eiieiiilly lookt-U upon iis a judgment), that 
man had no heart. •* And a deuced good thing too," obat-rred 
iGtdship; "\ht:rt: is ai least ouc Fnil in whidi he L-aniiot reTOke." 

Tabi^Talk. 127 

CCOROING bo \he *icir of moip abumbt«p ihc potiiion of our 

^ ihip* in friXJiof thai nrir imcny ih^tinpedu iilikc tlui ofiroJuin 

pnjmiioe of PMiCTilino cptei ygiMf. art dcKn'bcd by i^an^Itcs^inUUnut 

iftdifyias cotwenntioQ wi'h Hclctso. \V(fman's derfcncct Lht^ Ititijr 

LDOvUdf^cs " ix toUl" and shr dTtnandi of Piiollcs to " unfoUl to 

naev^Jiitikv rcwUDue-" To which ihiB l^^ui^^dtit follcwci vf 

cmm rei'Jw* :^"'ni«e n none 1 min, liEling iJi^ha Wfurc you, 

■ tiinivttiurie you, anil blotv yoa up." HciCf tKircLy, ih fLiithvr prvof 

dv t«kKr:a(iJt, llta ShAkc«[icafv .uklLi]uiicil neijM lubivquctit 

Mlhajobttiimccopmry, niJtwitlutandingMr GUdiUinc^i uloqucrtt 
dmmcuiioi^ d'crtcrMhing fiom Cot]tuiitiiii]|j]c% Tiirlcith bAths 

rinirtf Ptnoiifi uho hivv a hfcui deal of ciinL- anU a ^\^\ dcil 
ncdtey on bond, and who do not object 10 bo jiafboikd, fmd 
Im, I ocHJ«r«iAiKLt vi-ry ajiiccablc^ Kvvrytliin^ i« ]>rovLd«(l in Ihtrie 
■]Ubluttrotf,ext(;ndLnKc^'Cilto»q>v<:u] chjinnd fur thv indultfcni-t; 

!\ beM6cent ip«riE. A box is phc:^ ni uur principal Huminums. 
Hamatrm, fat dunauocu for - the- »hAm]JOQc(,' ur ^lazn poor {thcKu 
Udi tuiurs arc tgo miiJi for me)- But lbi« adminblv mrc for 
ihcttUMtUm. kimbugD («■.-« odvirrtiftrmcntK) is not, of counc, ec* 
IhoaglM of except by pcrtont of coriitidcrabic pecuniary meann- A 
ihcK^ofe, hi« mtKXf descried well of hi* counit^ who nhnll have 
or cU Ic^l iniidt^ |jii!jUc, a chcnp t^ibcritiuc for ihij^ remedy; 
txmihatmtti ] «;i^ tiavclEjnK through Umi'^hUkK- \s.\\ wixt 10 u 
cafriaf«% ifl ^ihkh I had ilic honour lo wi^oii ilit Lady Violet 
mifcncl «tth (ki lapd<ii',Cnra,'ihvi-i oncof Lhv abiin^inL-* cTiicred it. 
It*u ft big, rou^h fellow, wh'j in iiiiy oilitir county you would have 
m^had r»ir.]c a ini^t-ikv in K^Uini^iniu a I'lrhE-i Lu.x^ompjtrlmv'ni ; 
RlvhftdAknill^onh \k\\ thousand a year. Hccutca'd im<i tuiiv?r- 
Hto SOI only with in« (which I could for^vo), but h'ilh ihe L^idy 
Mct,«bcr* I an afraid, wni rather amiiicd with him. Ht' obsnirved 
pUlhtf wa^i Ivcting while-'ihc it tallr^d *' I'hv lily of Fklt;^^^^ "— 
Wthv acLnowlcd^d thai ^lic aiifTcrcd frotci iieurulf^la. 

USobc^y ihould da that, (iia'jtni,^* obswrvi-d he, "" fvr there \% a 
Ei(D remedy for W 
I ' Irdiccd:" uid lihe* with A £iloL tE^icul ttnile. " J aJtculd like to 
fUtm ihn it it." 


lookout a lovely Set of Jvoiy ublct», and lald, "How dt> 

k?" Sht ihou^?it ii njffj /wttfll mtdiciue. 



Th Gtnll^iaHs MagoHni. 

" 1 Mid dii^JIc. D o ^ darg, o i 1. i{c> (Ucgil«." 

"Good ilcavtml" cried I, "doa-oil?" 

" VcKh il aevcf fails. Takci dirjb ^>^ thAt" (he pointed to Coi 

m King Ch;i[1c«*K«panic1)t " and tiJlc hi^ii down. Then ajjply the il« 

Luly Violcl Witt liltfiiL I d^ not even now tnowf wliat 

thouj^tu, fui iLlie nifvur revealvd it lu mc, 1 atili ihiATc tliiit inipofi 
necrt:! wiLli h«;t LiUythi^}, jind wiLciici'ei Cota n-JLddtvs iiilo the 
we cxchujigc a !iisnJ£cAnE smiLc: 

IT is Itom one poln: of view at least a waste of timi; for idcncc lo 
proceed developing the oflfemivc poiver of explosives and the 
cap-iciiy f(jr tcbiisUiicc of umjour, ST^wi^ifi thjit shu i» iitrcady in pov-cv- 
siou of m^aris thai ^iU, when used, put guns and CCrfwdoOft to upcn 
shame- It is no secret thnt une of our most eminent men of »civiK< 
is in poss<;ssiuD of a ^eupoti— 1 will so call it to Avoid any iadic^Lioc 
of itG nature— by nid of which he can annihilate an entire amiy in 
the courae of a few minutes, diuposine o' it a^ complecely and u j 
tosily as the avecigini^ angel dispoit^d uf the hij&t» of Svn]udicrib> 
Should he choose to Tend the Turks the knuwlcdj^e lie poHevtok 
Rusmi) advance towardE the Dosphoru^ would meet with i ii^tdy 
and final check. It wotdd be dl, however, for the pejice of 
ChmEendom if IsEam got undisputed possession of a ficcrci of tfui 
imporunce, seeing thai shei instead of Kussia, might begin to indJiI|& 
in dreams of universd con^tuest. If* accordingly, out discm^nf, 
^shuid [tj [ri^i Ehe Russi:Ln& js Eiie i^rpiis vih that i« rcsened ^ 
expcniijt^nij, \\ la lo be hoped he will midcruke luin<&elf the coodixt 
of oiT^r^T liiid well kt^|h Eu himself ^^hat is ^eci^jt in his invcmiorL 
wonder jf the knuvled^c that i^uch a fi^offul means of dotiui;!' 
was poi^se^bed by men M'^^uld Jjui ^n end lo ^v^ar. Th? mention ttj 
ail Jigent like Oiis it liktly to move deriiion Jn Lenaio ^uarten. 
knoWt hunr^vei, enough about ii to believe in the pu&sil>ility of luiiif ' 
with more terrible results tlian have yet been seen or dreowied <f ■] 



August 1S77- 


dfArrnt XXn, 
MR. fiMEVt'AKL^'s OHCR or 5i;RRi:NDr;R. 

MIKOLA h^Jjd no trorJ irum T.iiry iJiat niglit about UtrotJ. 
I,ticy Ktmcd ro avoid all 5pf*ch an any aubjcct ihAt had 
IB do vmh the midnight walk in the park, 

TTjc a«ti djf brgufthl Mr- U[4tichci, very proiiJ of having bcr^n 
Vl jbr, and fo« the pTMcnt^ at le^st, filled witli tbc iiovdiy of i 
fltt&alcontesL As Money had pjcdiciedf my objection wliH:h Heron 
■ifd Int^ to Bbni-hct i(4V0 way ^n^ vjinished for the lime, wh^n 
Knchel bcx^ntr in 1 manntr n gur'M of hir Bue the poi^fn^ whtcli 
ladiei vai to rontnbute to the compel did not prove <l grcAt 
■tcn& They vrrca little difficult to undcraLirtd. WJicn they 
■qjpiMcd lo mu:^ tlie souls of Keeton elcclora on the subject 
honour *nd diJtJM, (hry were involved in %ufh fitnUsy 
lad eKpTrMion, Ih^tl thry would have h?iJ tn he puMUhi^L 
n!»4 gkKMiy if they were to ilhimirL^Ee by ;t <tpark or meaning the 
Wido/ ihc Ac^iienF vQler in the borongh- ftEfmchrf m^de, however, 
BAcr « pi<tiireit;|ue ligure on the pUlFornis uF rnerting^it ^ind w^l; 
ttja ajctCTubnt on the two young >vonicn when Money and 
fclft hxi to b< bmy clw«here; and Mr. Money liked, for eke- 
■*«ing citcdt Ibe appcJiranoe of a large siiit^ hfinoTn never siw 
tttjort fXCvp^ before the general compHiny. He had contented to 
<1B* to Keeton solely bctJuw he thought it would give him morit 
te ooe ofppoTliinity or «pc-ikLng a word or two io ^^^J^ private ; 
^ EM> foch cb»i(T uemed ever likely to preitnt ibelf there 
I^hAi «as ntttilf uaeon^cious c>f his wuh £jr of itn piirpoM. SV^^ 


T^u GtfUUmatis Magaiim, 

did not know ilmt when he was invilcd to Kot'toii In went to h» 
tjftter, and told her thac the happy cHuicv haJ t:o]iiB «t Utt ; ud 
that she hod ki^ed him ^vill) E(:nr^ in her t,f^, and pny^ Ibr hit 
success. Minok was :i£ fiicndly ^itU liiu &s putslble — &r xnorv lo 
than ahe seemed lo be with HcrD<ii, for example ; but h« cot u 
such chance of trying his fortune as his dstcT and he hod bdJi^tnd 
LO be coming. 

Is there oAen a pohticil election with such cross purputc* goal 
on in the ntJdst of il? It would dmcui t^eem as if all the peneai 
more directly concerned wctc dtlnri the planners ur the objocliof 
some linle side g;ime of love. Wc know what thought* and liufc" 
were formed an Victor Heron's accoutit by poor Lucy and bcr 
£ithcr ; jinit Minola aooi-i learned thai the ConservAiivc cmdtdttt 
had Ktill a purjioiie ^t hjs he;ut wluch no lawful re 
could gmtify. Add to this, to t^ nrj fuither for tlift pnUDt. 
piupose which we know tha-t Mr. Blaacjhet \v^^ bi COEWtinting lobf 
Ihi^ part of Poet Laureate to the Liberal c;LndidLi1e, ;iiid wc ibxll lOC tlie gami^ wa5 a little complex whith all these WL-re jibying. 

Minola hnd inade a ^iMve mistake: m jut^l^in^ the chami:lii;r <ifb# 
discorded lover- Shij thought him a hyixii.niO| and bv was ooC} 
she thought his love for her was all a b:3uiu)> and il wab uol. He 
a slow, formal man ; fonnal in cverylhh^^— in his myralfi oswcUtf 
hifi manners- Fur him the world's standard was all Hecnuld 
lift hit mind al>ove the level of the opinion of rcx^icctable pctfL^ 
What they said became the kw s^^ life to him. What they 
proper liv believed to be proper ; nhu.L ihcy condeuinvd bL^cjnv 
his cye^ only di^i^ning of uujiitvinn.dtion. lEuL he woa i-^iutc 
in this. What he (.;aiiie by ihii iitocias m reyajol u« wtong ht 
not have dont himsulf— cjccv'iH Lmder»EUc:hdrrumkLan;:cif of 
or provocation as may ordinarily be hv-ld tu excuse our hutnui 

Hifl love for Minola was very Ptroog. It was the one ^ 
pn^Rion of his life. \it had mode up his mind thai he "^v^ 
suce^d in Ufe. that he would become a persc^i of iin;iorljncr ifl 
London, and that he would marry Winola Grey. Nor did \<^ 
rcfu^il mnch disr.our;ige liim, Aflcr the ISr>^ pang was over, he sito 
to himself that (ill would come right y^l ; that fit k'a^t she diil te^ 
Iotc anyone else, i^nd llmt iJic world would come to him w ho *'iite<*» 
OS he had known it to comt- to himi^clf in other ways wftca 1** 
waited before. He had njsolved to reptcient Keelou in the Hua»* 
of Commons, and noK that resolve i^e^mcd to have ne^Lily woiLe^ 
out it5 purpose. But the nighc when- passing under Mmoh's windo«*» 
he saw Victor Heiouj produced a terrible reaction within him. H^ 

Miss Afisanf/tyofii, 


k nti&ftcd UkAt Heron miiM be in loi-c with her, nnd he thonghl 
liKh a^Miftlut stirh a lover vm« very {ik^\y indeed to fkidnate 
kchi^rL He began io p^yvcpi^l^ viuls to London in 4 hnlf 
REUCt nf , and 1o valch the mm-ement« of Minoln. nncl Lo try to 
bdou aU fac coiuld aT>OTiC Victor and hii fncndn. The thought of 
knnj Heron for hu nml in both wAys, tn lovt Aiiti in ambition, ^d« 
test iDorc thoQ he could bear. There fxcmi^dHimclhingommoiu^ 
ttM in iL He bccrimc iilk-d with 3 kim! of iLUpcmiiiciu feeling 
dn if be Iau the eledion he muit lose aJl, lie hpircd llcmn wilh^ 
iptiBE>n that sometime* lurpriied himsdt There jjjpcjiri,^ to him 
kbt wnething wicked in thi:! ^roLing man coming fr»m the orJ-ier 
lide 4r the eaith to cm^ him in his inn gre-it dciitc?^ His t^Iow, 
faml ttUurc worked iUelf up into dcn^c eonaistcacy of hate. The 
decrion co gitcff became x rclicr 10 hiio. li was like nicf:ting his 
ten bjJtJc The Itcicejoy w.u hetghicncd when MinolA <VLiue to 
Cc«lOD. To wJn uniicraiich conditions would be IiIec killing hifi 
Tul nnder her very ej-ct 

Jt vaa «fa<n at the veiy height of his hope, And when the nnEi- 
tptttm of Tcvoige TrX!( turning our fbrniM moriliit into 2. sore of 
■onl Bcrteiier, thai 1 pitcc of news reached hh can which wdl- 
ll^diiiigedhu purpose, lie wjii told chat Virtrhr Tkron wa^ in 
Imrj Mr. Monq/'i daughter, nnd that that w^i the reason wiiy 
ieoej tAok iiueh itilcrcil in the roiitciL He was os^siirrd of ihiK 
)D«hii tcicBied loblmgoml authtirity. Tn fad, the repoM hardly 
Ittdtd atty asthnrily lo r-onfirm it in \\\\ mind, WIieit trruld he more 
pNfaibk? IVhAt ct>uld more Mti^faetorily explain evcryihing? 
WIm otber parpoae could a man like Money have fn lakin^ jII thjit 
tahk alMMU * slrapgtT like Heron? Mr, Sheppard (rcnilfcl to 
iak of ifae istfttakc he had ncarEy mndc- 

StKibcn, rt wdM not certim thiil MinoEa lost to him, aRct alJP 
AttB>ent before, hf^ ivia onW thinking of revenge for an irrepEirAlile 
■Vcy. Noiv hope ipning tip :i^in. At the boTtom of Shfppaid'« 
*«ttt WW a reiy hijc reserve of that sdf-confidcnr.e or scEf-ci>nceJt 
vfakh hii! euried him «o far on hit^ way 10 lEicecnit j and he woi 
*4^n»»«d to f^ope Attain in ht« dianccM of conquering Minola's 
^■(BEtioa to hink. 

Bcbeeime wcldmlyhlled :riih aii idcA wMcl^in nil the thick and 
■0 of hii peep(ir-itir>[iH for the conte^l, hf: clL'tfTHiincd to pui to 
^Uf. By ihit time it should be uid tliat he hjcd little daitbt of how 
^ straggle woiiH go if ii were left to be a duel between him and 
Hooi WL>t it con hirn to lake the step he i? now taking will be 
^■cm ippcccuted if this conviction of hb i& kept in mind. 



TV GcntUmafis Mcigasins^ 

Ml. Shcpj^rd drcucd one afternoon with even more tbja hji 
Uftxu) care, U^t in «ty1c ^ LjuIc difFcrent from thai whtdl be coro 
moaly a<lopted. He had jcoi a vanui- idea th&t liift utuoJ manner oT 
dreifing ^i! rather toci formal lo i>1e:ise a gifl bkt Minola. ^dihKil 
wa* ^vanting in plctMresi^oeness and in artistic effect. He bal 
studied nmny puems and weirk« of an lately, with much p±in tod 
paitcncc. and tried to qualify hinifclf for an umlersundinj; of thoae 
schools and theories of art uhich, as ihcy were laid co be t»e% ad 
were gencnHy out of Keeton'j range, he assumed to be those of d< 
London circles whith Minola wjis rcponed to ^f|ucnL He (3i 
himself up in a ^'elvet coat, with a tie of s^e-grcen *i[kflndalKcn>t 
valch-chain, und * t*Ri«n pifrSf-htUifttr cktsping hj* *riiL Ik 
looked like a diLiTcliwarden iiuscinerading as an ooor. TTrai 
attired, he set Torth lo pay a visit to Minolo. 

He had met her several limes during the acntlcment of th« 
buaincsa consequent on the death of Mi^ Saulshnry. He had nfl' 
Mr. Money often, and acted sometimes ** the rcprcsentitive 19 
business matters of Mr Saulslmry, He had ativay* demtfanedki 
self on such occasioiis with n somewhat distant couile^iy and 
as if he wished to stand on lemjs of formal acqxmintanccshii^ 
nothing more. He '^'^ very anxious to get once tnore on siirh 
with Minoln as would allow him to «e her and .ipcjik with her 
and then, wiihnnt her being al^^ay^on hergturdaentnstlove-mKii 
It SL'cmed dear to him lh:il he had better retire for a wlnlc ffon* 
former position, ond Lf>' lo tnlcc the attitude of one who» hfivin; 
refused, hai finiilly ncccptcd the refuMl His manner dfJ to 
impose ujjon Micola. Kt:veT havinj bclievtid in ;he renhlyof 
loveTfthe fouoO no diffieuliy in believing that he had easily re< 
himself to <!isa|j]>ointmcni, .md that lie had, jierh^ps, his eye* M 
somewhere else already. Whomever they did mecl Ihcy wcrefrii 
and Minoia t^w no grcni ner.-es»fEy for Avoiding him, eyecpt »od\ 
might stem to be im[josetI upon her by the faei ihni her friends wi 
on one side of the poUlical eonicsi* while he ww on (he other, 
Sheppard even ejilted to sec her once ot* twice about some of 
affairs of Mr. SjUJhbiiTy, nnd sjw het alone^ fliid »iAjd no won! 
did not relate to matters of business. \\ was a Ji^"*t relief lo 
to see liiin and not Mr SauUbury. and she wan even ftitnk enou^' 
tell him so. He only s:titl, with a grave smile, ttiat he feared 
*' really never h,id done Jnsliee, never had done quite JLimier," to 
motive* and the dmatter of Mr, Sanlsbury. But he jdmiueil 
Mr. Sauli^burY's austere maniiLTS nrte a httlc ag:iin»t lilni, 

Ao surprise, therefore, was created in the mind uf any ofotir&ii 

Miss Mhantkropt. 


rnorniDjE Mr. Shq^pard's cord wa« bn^i^hi fo Xfinolo, uid 
trild '.t^ he wbhcfl to apeak a firw wdc^s u-itli her. 
lit. Money had never hcanJ anjlhing about Shcppord's fofmer 
Qtnnoect 10 Minoli. H< w-vii ioclincc! fo ihink Shcfipftrd n voy good 
ttow for ubing any (rouble .-ihoiit .MmaJa'i aitjirK at n tijnc whrn 
khid W l&ttCh of hi» own 10 ocoTLpy hLni. 

SaMinob rccdred Mr, Shcpp^ri] \x\ one of the fitting 'rooms of 
k betel, and irn not di^iZt!artC(l lo sec him. Sht; evi^n ukfd if he 
>CbU not like to ler Mr. Monej'. 'I'his w^ii jftc r hr had t-itk«} lo 
■vihoctl (he puticubr obje^tt of his coming — something rckiiirjg lo 
nitaeciiKd ia her Tnind the mterminabte ftrrangementi about the 
mv pro(>eTiy which h^ fallen to her ^hiire. 

■■ I liMtild h*»* no objprtion 10 see Mr. Money, Minn fj«y^ 
paoc lihAirwt ; I hope nr may be good fncnd*, flJthoufjh I'ruYidenc^ 
p» dretced IK4I trc should be on opftosilc ^ides of Ihit political 
RfiiroTcny. Uiil ] fim not aurc ^vhrOicr binder the circumsiantes it 
|i«U be ngrnable lo all paitJei if i were to see Mr. Ileion. or 
, cot being oa »uch tenn* with Iiim, 1 ought t<j cjUI on hi* 
Tbe*e are pomi*^ Mi» Circyj on which yoUf as > bdy^ might 

"Ob, I couldn't ihinL of dcLiding [ " Mii^olti Ktid hA&tity, for^h? 
nule her tumiejition in olH^^icnec to a siiitiJrn iinpuhi?, »iid ^as 
>c< imc tli«t Uie h^id nut do»c bomelhing wrong: "I drjii't know 
CfiLffl^ abuul It, mtJ (H-rluipit I uagbt noL lo have aaid juiythm^ 

"Youi »ugj;citlon. Milt Grev» was only m accordance whh aU 
tV LDjpuUes of your gunciouii rutuic/* Mr. Sheppard Mill loved 08 
ever hi« Ionj;c ^"d formj^l fcntcnces. Minola eoultj not hulp 
how ihc Houac of Commons would Hke audi a btylw, if 
MiShep|iArd ever flot 4 chu^Dce of diBi>]ayiiie it lhere< 

'You do r)ot. I hopt"," he eommued, '* diiappruve of my am- 
Wiaio diitiJ^jE"'"'' "'y*^!^ '" P^^*tit-al lift! ? Yon kiiow ihuL I have 
■tpMi dieTAlicd But:h an Ambition ; tEiat hope slILI tcni^.tii5 to me, 
■ttMDtf surr^y^ »rt illcicuiinate or uiircuEotiriblf; hope ? " 
*0X DO, Mr^ ^hept^urd, far frutn it ; 1 iiu sure that 1^ Ii1(e all 
ftvndst ^h^l be very gtad to hear that you have been succt^tsful 
imbition^I tliink it uughl to be the atnbiiion of every man 
105 talent*." 
TiiMilt you. MiH Giry- Von do not, I ohscrvc, with me suc- 
iTi ihit particular coutcKt, That^ 1 suppose, would be too inucJi 
HboU pidy »book her ApM 


Tkp. Cnififmaf^x Aftrjpasinr. 

" I am afraiO I shnll only grieve ymi m iMs then," he iiJd, di 
fang hi-1 eye*. " for I jun rj^riAin tf> win, Minn Clfcy." 

Minola thought t'fhct unholy rnrnpitrt^nnrt w*hctl hcMrnuldtal 
of notnclhing dac, or, better sEili, gi^ avxy. 

"1 ffun iony ynu ctn't hcifh win/' *hf viid goorl-liuTnniirnlly, 
"then wt could an he pk-ascd, And wctm'ght *w)r nil wc liked wilhCMir 
fear of sccmirg :mrricniTly to one or the other, " She coul^l not h<rlji 
feeling tliAt this speech wak a little tike one of Mr Shej-ponl'i own. 

■MaittTvic,'' Mr^ Sheppard italted abraptly, "what peojJc bj 
in KectOTi^-thii alroiit Mr. Heron anti Mis^ Money?" 

** ] don't know miieh about the gossip of Kecton, Mr Sheppan^ 
and it would not have much interest for me— I dotft like Kccton* 

" It h not, perhaps* mei<* gossip. They My that Mr. Heron it\ 
hemamcd to Mr. Monr^y'* cUinghtLT ^, ihry uty, in the 
why we in Kceton arc fnvonted with the personoJ tnterfcrmce of S 
Money in mtr lorjil affairs," 

MinolA rose, nnd seemed sn If she were rciolved that the ccti 
sRtlon i^ii«t end there. 

" I can"t tell yo;; anything about that, Mr Shcppard ; cvorl 
knew anything, ivbich I don't, 1 (lould hardly bu expected U>i 
iihnuf il. It does not f^oneem you or rac miteh, I *ti|rposc,"* 

" U concerns me greatly," he said warmly. '*Of courte it eoi 
mc that a stranger should eomc down hereto Kecton mtcrfcring 
our aflaira, and milking digcord .ind eonfiiiton where wr are all im 
to harmony. Hul I tell yoa rhw, Mi*n CJrey, and you may tdJ 
friends 3o. if you like— they haven't x rhanco here, cxeqkt through yc*"^ 

Minola was amrucd. And eould not help looking up with ** 
Gxpmskon of cuHoiiity- Wat thiit to be nnothcr offer to put A* 
decision of thcooiitcst in her hands? 

" Ye*." he went on, -is if he had understood her thought, ** 
fibflll be in your hnnda if yoii wtsh it. I am very ixmbiiious of rfpr** 
senting my naii\-e town in Padbmcnt ; but I have an ombttion twctf^ 
tiroes stronger ih-in that, and an older amliition loo. If yovi iriafc 
see your friends suceced lu this affair, declare yiur ^vish, ,inc! I (rW| 
withdraw to please you. r <:an find a ehanee somewhere else ; 1 »f^< 
not likely to fail in anything I set my henrt upon ; and no other m***! 
but mysdf rould louy this borough in die dokc's interest at svirtt 
lime us (his. 1 can c^irry itn and if we two tit.uid aWc-^Mr Urf^' 
and I — I am safe to earry it ; but if you only say the word, 1 
givo up the pbce this moment. Think of it, MiasGrey — dogi*ei* 
moment of Ihoughl, I don'i want to bind you to anything ; I do** 
put doy eondf tjon ; I only oak you lo '^tt tftc do thi* for j^m." 

Miss Misani^r&p^. 


l&rcjef ircT« fall of Cftccmctt, and his mrCnncr had nlmoit 1(»r 
^£i^uiian, H« did noc Hvn lo hcf the m^n ahc hnd cvtrr knnivrt 
Ao^ SIk fdi »omcthin(f Hkc rc^ci for bitr^. 

•I fwld aot Mi you to do Aiiirthin^ of the kind Tor mc, Mr. 
ftffud*' ihe uid gently* *'\\l\y ^cold I? WhnE right crmld 1 
WtoiHov yo(j 10 nuke :v:^y :(acri£cc Tor mc? T^h uouFd be a 
p^msAa ; and 1 Siippo^ a thing Ji innn ought not lo 'lo fi>r an/ 

*TonaJC<[ii^ciicht; you hAd nlwa^ji .a rlcaitr trndcratajiding 
OOMS arc sappoacd tr> hAvc nbotit ihcac thm^»— I rcmcmb^ 
;vr6tfiersiyiD5M«lten. liwoiild raise an outcry here ^rgainnlmc 
■ puty would dirnotinoc mc ; I should never hv tookod ui by 
'tf Ifcc doke'* people a^'iin. You «ui hardly Thinlc whni a Midi- 
hftMitd Isc to aanan like mt-- Bui thal'i why 1 ofltriC- I want 
IQ DHlre tcsnt gT«*t larrififc - 1 do "—to proxv to you that I ftm *in- 
<W; tnd ih« lhrf<^ b nothing I would not do fi>r ymi. Mind, I am 
>:< ttlkiT^ of ir.ikinj^ A LiE^.iin. I cinly My, if yoii wIkN mc to do 
tH J ibaU be dorif, niAt's ni I ," 

■I don't wiih you. Mr. Kheppard ; it wonid be most unfiiir and 
ttngofme todo VI. Il would be « alinnKrut rhinj^ of iiic, 1 think* 
iMlvtAyou fbid n^ thoushc of iC, nllhou^'h I r-in'l hcEp tL^cbng 
4b I tmt you *oime thank* cvtn for the oFTcr/' 

"Thiftk of iL Mi« Gfct— jmt Ihinlt a link more of tl I 
•oa it r Aiinrc yoii ; 1 morn it all. Let him have the scflt if u 
fleun Mt. -M<^nfy ,ind hi» djiiijjhtrr, and if you want lo please 
to. It will br nl] yovir dinn^. mind 1 t should be glotl tn make 
Ik MctKft A^uainuni^r more than I have done: I have no 
Bull in Mr- Heron; vhy shmiKl I hflvc? I am not in love 
fiti \|i** Afoncy," he addcd^ widj raihrr n sickly smile, Ihjii it 
fMKd ItmoU to >cc^ 

* I donl need to think It over, Mr. Sheppard ; T know already 
*W 1 tmiffn VO tny. I cckuld net ask you to do s\ich a tiling for mo, 
« dbv you to do il if I could prevent you. I don't iindcTEiEand 
W&about SLich ihinir>. hta it seems to me that what you [iropojic? 
■Bilbe dahonoornhEe to you. No, Mr. Sheppnni; go oo and light 
<K lov Agtu -why fhould you not? We may be fncnds all of u3 

'lioct lo do dils for you— lo ^ow you thit I am ^ine,erein:ill 
^ I--4II ihii I ev« s*id 10 you-'*- 

^(iooh fcti a oolouT comLng on her ch^ekii- 

*1 cm bdicvo you to be slnccrt wichoul Ruch .1 proof ns tlmt;' 


The C^niitmani Afagatim. 

■* But do yon— (3o ynu ? 1 coyld be rmilcai if 1 ltiOQgkl''70i^ 
bcljcv*^ ihat- Tell mc thnt j-chi do bdicvc that," 

" VVIiy »hmi1d T not bcliev« ii ? I have Alvajrt he ird jtai ipokc 
of A* Ji trijin of the highest i^hflratt^ " h 

"It isn't that," he toiti, nitlin^ nff licr wftrrt* fllmiptly ;9 
IS not thut I am spraking Jiboiit. You know tt m not thtt ' 1 «^ 
you lo itll mc whether you briievi? thil I am sincctr in loving yom' 

" I thought wc ^t'prc never to E^pcik of thii again," ihe md, 411 
*he wai» moving almost in alarm tou'ardi the door He qai^rtlj- vUmi 
ill hcf w^y itnd prevented her. 

" I never said aa. 1 told you ] ^vould noC give up My hope, jinI 
I rifin't nitjri fo give it up. 1 tokl you in [he pnrk here, ibc Tml djy 
ThLiT I «pnkf?OLi1— ] told yoil that ! would nm ^iv? up, ami I wiltnol 
I Irrve you always; 1 did ftrrm the time when ^<mi u^re a chitti, tfdl 
W7** not ^rt veiy tiiuch more. I am slow sometimes, but when I gd 
a fcrhii^ like thai it never leaves me. I know you used 10 lnu|jlii 
me fliiJ l(j nvikc hiTi of me, but I didii'i care nmch about that, udl 
doji'l tjrc. It Wii^n't a very generaui thing to do, knowing whal7» 
did jTwvtt me- No, no, MinoU, you *Au\}x'\ go yel -, indeed yoii »harft' 
y<3\\ must hear me now, oni:e for all." 

■*irii will be once for all, Mi; Sheppard i if you will pronua*»C 
Ihal " 

"No. no I ni promise nolhSuR- Til never pve tip this hope 1 teB 
you fairly ; ntvcr, never, Minola, Yts, you used to laugh at ine, tf^^ 
it wasn't generous; bid who expects gene realty from a woman ^--^i^ 
in iiny case il couMn't change the feelings of a man like mc to ji»— ' 
no, not if you treated me like a doj^. Yoii dow'i know what II B V 
be insanely in love with some one who dot^ nrji <-jrc abont yoo. I 
yoLi did, you could make 4ome allo^^antc i^jt me." 

Hit> whole manner was so ^tiange and so wild that \\ compeU^ 
the attention ofMinola, atul almo&t maiJe her ^tfraid, Sh« bftd IUT< 
seen Jn him anylhing like tl^is befure, Some of bii! words, too^fe 
toucbuigly and painfully on her ear. Did she, tlien, UQt knowvlbat 
wj^ to be foolishlv in love wiiliouL hope of remm^ Did dicfiot 
and ought not what she knew Iq make her more tender cowards lb 
man» who. in so strange a wivy, seemeti lo t>e only in like CAAt iri' 
herself? She ceased to fear Mr. Sheppaid, or to fed her old repuj 
nance for hira. Her manner became gentle and even nwcet, u »t 
sfjuke w him. and tried !o reason with him. 

*' If 1 ever did 3augh ai you, Mr. Sheppard. it wiv* only at p* 

who know no better will laugh at people whom, if they only did tno 

bettGTt they would respect. 1 was vrtowg and silly, and 1 ask y9^ 

Miss MisoHiArctpt. 

1MSS. warcr«1y, I don't Uiifik, Mr Sh^ppJtrd, I am Likdy to 
iDiDTpMipkUTsn^ exrti«4<irgood ftpirit* Tor the future." 
"Vow neirr oflcndinl n*c,* ht Hfd pjgctly; "ot. if you did, il w.i* 
for d)c moment, -inct 1 clLdii'l catv. Vou wcrv wlconiu {it %iy 
hig jnu Uk«d, And lo bug^L Ai mc j> much u you liked ; you 
leAl Vou ma) kugh at mc, Minoli, the moment my back is 
Dtacd, if ym like- Th.ii von'l mikc mc Eovc you the icbS, ur |tive 
^trvUtjf (o make >ou change your mimL" 
*Vf\\f wo"! ne be friciuK, Mr Slici>|j,nd ? 1 tould like yt»a 
I net], I im tufc iiu^i if yuLi >« otild cjtily Icl nic/* 

j "Xoh nil f wv never tjii W (EiiT)d\" lie viid. tikiii); ti\t his h:il, 
l»t!btfell that it ivuuld Lie UH'kn lt> y^y ;ijiy mute then, " 
■file be cncm>c9, MinoJa—iilf bough I (an> wvU thmkof mysdfjs 
fit: cDfiny— but ni never tomcnl lo bL' your friend," 
'H"e acid cac be anything elic then," MinoU »Aid more ^rmly, 
I'ltei't mcin to many ; the man docit noi live in the world," lihc 
Und tttih positive cncfgy* "whom I wouUl m^m)'; and I coiildn^t 
bw jDu, >(r, Shc^&rd ; ami fur ljc,ivcn\ sake, I bese^:uh of you, 
ki Qi oot hjn; ali tliifc to ^o over :i^in 4itL.l a^\w> 1 wonder men 
QlkgiadcihcttuclvciiinfUchnnunneE — iiUpUilul; iticfflBUincfulE" 
Aiaddcd^ ■' [ would not, if J were * Oiin, so lower inysclffof all the 
•MKS in lh« world/" 

'Here ii nOLhine I would not lower myself to for you— nothing 
Ivnldfkotdofor you. ] don'i rjiU it lowering myself; I am inlos-c 
*d jc% wid 1 wouUl do anyihing lo carry my point; and I don't 
iPctp yet Doa'i 1« it be "Mt ti> iht? kiiifu litLwecn u* iwy^ 

''I»iDt no war, but only peace," she &aid gently- *'l vr^JXK lobe 
PIT fttttui, Mr. Sheppard; I wUl not be your enemy even if you do 
. penccMte Boc'^ 

He Miile no lunhcr cITon lo detain her, but opened the door for 
^tvl illowcd hcT 19 go without another word- 

Ur. SbcpfWd'a putiiou, bironi; a^ it wnti, did not wholly blind 
ta lie siw that be had gncntd an advantage worth tr>ini^' for- 
Utnv tfeat Minok had been imprcaaed for the 5nt time with a ccr- 
''"tt rcspai for him, Thit was something ro have gained, and he 
^ni vr^j with a feeling of s-ilL-ifartion, He hod offered to give up 
^pat uul, 01 he believed, almoil ccTt/iin eharcc o^ gratifying his 
*iKtion for her soke. He wa* i^crfcftly sincere in the offer, and he 
""Id h<vc brtn wild with E>nde and delight if she had acefptcd It. 
^E»aKLiiheh«dTeFiJ4ed. he Ml that lhcbe»t thing he conUI di> wa^i 
*»i^^baitlcomasji7f iucfasj'diuTscJf, dind win il. "VJ^uvk 

138 Tkt GfntUm4ins Magaxinc. 

iJcfoaEhcTrricnJfShccan't Ijugh jX mclhcn/hcthoiugfcx. Mr. Shep- 
pird had no( had iiiudi experience in the ^sys of WDmca. nur 1eu| 
he stLiUked woQien Jmd coufutiip in romance or poecry. Bui be fa<f 
«nou^ ailtfJLSt of innin<liveknowle<l|fetoun(JrrfcUJul(Hiipower3iKf 
iuuceu ci^itint for more i^iiL-tlly in Ike cye«(^r uuinen tluui ptLcrjus 
ajipoii He went hoiui- fueparvd auaio fue the Ixiiik; aud j^n 
longing fat iL 

Ii it <.]\\\Xc ime thai Mmok for her part fdt n higher tcspert fo» 
him than shchiid cverknowti before, HerownexpencnccKhxduii:!* 
*nd h.od soE^onod her. He rcnily wns sincere; he was in IcfTt&nd 
with her, kVic now felt. pL'rli;!]^ ^ wonun oan iicver fe«l mtrdx 
aDg«r or scorn for one who ihe bcKcvci does rcallj* love her. "Hie 
whole bearing of ihe man had seemed to be dignined by gcnuiDC 
emotion. IJis strange ofler had something in it that she rcco. 
OS chivalrona in -i 50:E rif jicrttricd way, WTjcn MtnolA used w 
" Iviinhoi:,'' vinri think over all Jls people an if ihey were living 
whom^hceitherlcvcdor hated, she always fcU driven in despitcdaV 
propriety to feel .1 <-i:naJn adiniration for the Templar, Brian dc Boi< 
OuilbcrL Especially watt she sffuck with admiralion for him vheO 
hi: offfftd to throw away career and trputation in Europe if Rebcc^^ 
would love htm. and ^ with him lo sccltout some new sphere of lii"c- 
The mcmoiy of these readings and tliinkings came oddly had: npO" 
her now. 

" Thij« poor Shcppord is a aorc of Templar;' ahc coold not hcl^ 
thinking- "To oflcnd the dulcf'K people is just aa great « wcnflC* 
for hini as for my old friend Boi* CnJlhcTt lo throw swsy the chanc^^ 
of rising lo Ijo fltaiipi Mftster of bis Order. The puhlJc opinioo ^^ 
Keeloii IS aa much to one hero as the voice of Kwrope to the olhe»^'. 
Gomg to look for a, new borough is as bad a thing pcrhapi in 0*-^ 
days as trjing for a new career among the Samecn* or whefever ^ 
was. I begin to think poor Mr, S!icppaid h jli good a hero a» an^^ 
one elae. He is a fool to make nuch an otfeT^ and 1 ^TippCMC it "Jj 
rather diKliooour^blc — at least, it \oo\s a little like that lo me— but H 
suppose ^\^ men will twist their code of honour ii ItMlc In suit thrr^^^ 
sdv^. and at all events it (s no worse than the conduct of the Tcmpb^^'' 
and I used to admire him." 

Of courae in all thia Minola as<vunied herself to be talking \wtw ** 
icilly, and in fact to be relieving her mind of many s.ircjisun at C ^^ 
CTtjiensc of man. But there was a lilllc orcHimest loo in hcrcc Ion::*" 

'* Our rival most have a good deal of time to ipaiCi" Mr, Mwf**T 
obst^rved wbtn Minola *aw him shortly -j-Rei^"or he must \>evtff 

Miss Misastihropf. 


prd LjfDrcrl iQ ufct M nnidi trouble AbOTit Mr SAulsbuTy's aibin. 
f iij^iff:[fk<tnirh is thai be frcb pf*tty sirrr of ihc rttulL" 
"TVb 500 iJnnk wt! hive f<i-l ?"' Mirio!,i jt^kcd. di.imayod- 
" M\ ecc«pf bonour, I foir," he answcricti coolly. '* 1 don't *ce 
fadk<&nf«, Mii»Grfy- 'nwrt\trem<^ 'Rids "won't have anj^hing 
|> 6> iriih us, J ;im prulty 1U»- Vour Kccton friend ^V^ds In win 
VBActfain^ vnnHftful hoppmn." 
Ifcf mtl iboic ^^arnvnic people vote for him — for MT.Shfppard?" 
•TTirrrt no knowin;: : jronmo't roiint upon iliMr fHli^wv But 
if ihfy donX y^i' ""^ ^* "<^' f^rnc lo h1h>iiI Ihc wimr tJnng^tT 
iiji1c!u ihi?y*l1 MlI KatIc in x niAv, «Wh i« not ,11 .iH Ztlcdy. T 
Ik it will W thi^ way : n frrf ol iJirm will votr for Shrpinrd, jusl 
kauic they half no onr 40 much as a l,ibcral who is not <itrong 
OKKifJi for them ; »nd thoftc few will be enough to give your Kecton 
hmd :hc ncxi." 

Lacy and Minoh bolb looked mlhcr bfuik at thbt prorpect. 
KnijU bcxan dmo«( to wi'h nbc hnd taken Shcpjsird .\t hii HOid. 
Witcnly Mr. Munry wi» c.iUcd.iWJy by sOino|K)lilic4l fellow-worker, 
viio liAii A Lrc nhJcJv vriu 1tkc A litlc-pagc C£> itrtmc ncndcrfnl ^olanie 

of Dm, 

In a few inoinmti Mr, Monpy Tttumedfidlof ciei lemeiil, anqj 

hilrtin^^ ft [wi|m;t tn h^ hfloil, 

'I siy, yoimg bJi*"*,"* he ciclAiiTHMl, " here** a Tinv irddent for 
fH; lomediiog *tertMlionji}. I should buy. Here's our ^?nd Sl 
Pnlfombg out himidf at ihfrb^i momeot :t^ iicjodidatc fur Kcelon 
a fie Red Republican inteTc*l, and denouncing ihedukc, hi* braihcr, 
* if the duke Hcre Cain and he were the yhost of Abel." 

"But can lie do tJiAt, \>.\\tx ? " .L&lced Lticy indignamly, 

■Cm be dy ulr^l. Lrndtl ? " 

'Cvcunic -I uindJdjile now, deoTi ^i ihiv limi;?" 

*'Wliy, of coursuhc can — what should hinder him? llienomi- 
*&mi in)*! until the day after to-morrow." 

■Oh, but I LaJlii w unfaij !" 

'M^dcir Itttlc UiccTct, whit di> youihink he circs what you call 
'^vtnt anybody else ualls il?" 

"Then doc?( \}\vi dfitfOf our chances altog^lher?" Lucy plain- 
^V*iltTd- " I always thtiuiibi Inj wus a iTeaclicronB man." 

''Suiff, my good litilo girl; there jri? no trei-cheriw in polities and 
*^ctiQjB, But I must think tliis over a litile, T am not by :uiy 
l^tiaj fint that it nuy ngi prove ^in tmcoinmoitly good thing for us, 
^Jo^ Whcrc'ft Heron? I must get ni him at once^ and so, young 




TAe GmllemafiS Magasine, 

Mr. Money hurried away. During- llic few mftnicnt* ht W 
aioppcd Ifj lalk to ihc gtrb several cicitcd hci«is hnri ticcn thrift ato 
the room, at if entreating him ic comeawaj. 

MirioU» too, wfli nni byanymcanswrtf ihftllhhnriv imidniiim 
not mcini to t«m to the oocoimt of Victor Heron, I h*% [».co, m 
dearty Mr. Si- Pfliirs ploL She understood quite enough of thea- 
pkyiJiiion Mr. Money )i*ft been (living lo see Ihal if any of the a- 
ircrric Riiilw'jlvotc* could be lakeri from Shi'p|iard"i «dc the chiftco 
of Heron would py u[ial emce. She could notiknibt that Mt-SlFmiI 
knew thjs stiJI btltcr. She bccime full of excitement ; ULd,mJ]ii 
Ihc demoralising efleel of all manner of cnmpebljon on hijuun (W* 
ttircsij that Minol.i now found hcTfielf wishing thai ilic rjnkJi<Lic»he 
favoured might win by Mf- St. PauL'a device or ihAt of .iii)ii(irrL>e; 
bui win Homchow, 



Nevcn was the aspect of el community more suddenly ctiiinged 
than ihat of Keeion from the moment when St, Paul flung Hmidf 
into the conieat. Up lo that hour a grave decomin gcntme^ 
even its most atrennouft eflotia. There vros plenty of specch-mikic^* 
of erowiJSf confnsionf and noiee ; but everything was in dceert* 
order. There were no personal ottaeksi and the Libera] rjindidat^ 
had not Allowed n great scope even to ihc good spirit* ;ind the \w^ 
mcHoui powers of 111) hia followers A somewhat elabomie eourtesy h* ^*^ 
bcfn observed between the randTdate^ And their leading sup^xirie^^* 
on both aides, Mr Heron had always *poken with high fcspettC^^ 
Mr. Sheppaid, who uf course had not fciiled on his pnrt to do justic^^^ 
to the pergonal ilurarti-'T of his 'jpponenL In fact. Js the oraton o^'^*^ 
both ^idc5 were in the h.Thil of ob^ening about Iwcnly rimci aday, r^ ■* 
W'ls a contest of polJEici) principles ^vllogethcr^ and by no meruit " 

contest of person*. 

All this Wis now changed, Mr. St Tan! had leaped into Ihe juetT''^** 
with fl vivacity which proved only loo coni^giovis. His speech^ ^ 
wen; alternations of vt^hement personal abu^e and bro^, audackx^^^^ 
humour. Throne, iiltar, and caste seemed slilte lo be the targets ^ " 
his w^tory. He was the reddest of iill Red Republicans. He »^^^^-^ 
the typical /Ti*/i^ftu>/ of firoJi/aitis, Mr, Money had dcmouneed th^:"^^' 
Miniftttirs unO fbe Toriea; Mr, St. Paul denounced tl»c Mioiitt^'"^ 

Miss Misanihyopf. T41 

the T<»rica. ihc Libt^rals, ihc ariaiocracy, and thr 
«h eijnal fervour. The cmployera of labour nnd 
cb^r o'"*^^ cienomiiiaiions came in for milling viiupcratinn at lii^ 
Al He jffuilcd the TWO candidates m\A tficir [loliticjil pro- 
iMit wilh gDMl-lwmouKii fontcmpi^ He dccLtreci ihai if the 
nJcftndHitCC hi^l A jtrnE^Tut ^ei'dnce which he n-.ii^icd to put 
I B th« coiiccsi. he, St, Pnu), had n pcnon«t f^Tievanee of a 
« £ar mare ncirly eoncfrnin^ the pciplc of Kecldrri — a giicv- 
C^nnal the brother irho hjd disowned and cut him olT; who 

dindcnd Itini, omtrd him from the &rTections of hi« father, 
n hiro ictUt ciil*; bui whf>. thank ht-avcn, ccnild not JntiitMiJute 
\ w mm him iyilo a cnwling ijr^ophnni- He bo,i*ii:U ilui in 
t of Int hrmhcr. tvhn hjtd tried to ruin him. \v hncj ni^ide a for* 
r ^7 hi* onTi hflnTt<i aiuT hi* own biaini in ihe yre^it Krcc Re- 
ijr, the Umi whrrc there were no dukci, where all men »ete eiiual, 
It thcie ■ras na hirehag Siatt tier^iy, and no trampUtiji tyranny of 
tk^in^need he ay Jt wu ihe glorious r<;public tcyond the 
ocic? He nude dreadful work of tht-.tlluibn in Mr. Shei-panl's 
ren 10 ibe lerYicct rendered to Krctoo by the Otic^l family. He 
pUAtly a^od of hi& heifCfx wLtt :l <JuLc had ever (Tune f<jr the 
I, Wheii kid a diihc pret^ed Ihe h^nc^t h^ind of ^ Kc^etoii 
k*n|E'0^^>*^ When h^d a dulce or ;i dti^h^bs takvn the tlif^htest 
rest in Ihe jhkt !4ik1 viriuoui working women of K^t^tun ? N;Ly, 
■ked. i>h(^ii hod a Keeioii tiadesmiiii— and ihe Keeton irade^. 
I hid done more U> ituiVe ihe pl.iee lh;in the dukei — when 

« Keelon iradeiinjo of hit wife been iiiviJcd inside tlii? 
n of the Uucal re^id^nee? The veiy men who were fight- 

dw duke^s bailie to-day would find iheniselvcs stty Kicky 
led if ibey goi even a civU bow from t)ie duke or the duchifsq 

Tbcfe iraA quite enough of truth in thete hits to nuke tliom lell- 
Ptnl Dua;ifted to " feti:h/* aa he would hliiiself hitve exprvKfttd h. li 
d pnny snoii); Elie dnH-c^nEcntdd intddU'-cluR of the pbci.'. But 
b*Ehv fTvmaSrt he wja a Itttncadous sutci'ss* There had btfeJl 
it qijirrl Uiely between Ihc eni|'1oycr« and tht wutkpcufjle iJi 
rtvTi.m which the Utter were ftnidly dcftalc^d, und the dcfeLil 
:Ucd in Ibcif heart*, ind they were gbd of any thauce of givine 
miu their Kcnic of wmng, St. Paul wat, of icoune, uU the more 
Cforfijl nhen Ite denounced orihtocTHcy And caitc beciute of his 
^ODt of Ibe ftrifttocracy :tnd Uie ruliikyutstehitnidf He proudly 
B^^uedlfctt he had rtnoumed IiIa ourtcKy tide, aad ^^i^t ht; blood 
ftWtttthiflaa mim»a woikJu^-uMJi whtj lud workeil w\0\ U^ 


Th^ GmtUmatis Ma^sirw. 

ownhnndsmal^cG bnd.aiid nmdc a fonvinc there b/naalfcocTic^ 
aDd brains, and sircn^L I 

Q&c litUc bcidoni muclt.' hiiu move than cvci a licro- At ^ 
Koond moeting he }jcld— it waa in iht large room of a grtit public- 
house— there w[t5 a good dcnJ uf noisy imcrruprion, which iccnai U) 
come from ont^ man in cspcckl- He w^u rccognlKcd at once u I 
pcTEHin cfLtplovcd in rnme wuy by Mr. Shcppflrd: a nufi of gnri 
muHclc and ft iorc of loovl hully. Loud cries of " 1'iim hir) ouct' 
wf^rc mii*(?d. The dblurbcr bawled i (Icnoni re^tuett to the ^cni 
company lo !eT him know who proposed lo tum him out- 

Sl Ktnl pauned in hii% flow of clotiucncc, 

"The honrmnibk dc:ctor »-i>^hi^^ to know/' he wd, in hii hxiStt 
lone of tmpcrturbftbk goodhumour, " who will tum him otrt? I CM 
Idl him nE nnn-. I'll (urn him oiir if ht? inl<;rTupu a^n in fli^nf^, 
TEij:^ mrtlm^ \i^ i-?1lcvl l>y nif^, 'L'kis hall \\ hired by me^ I bCE^ 
my friendi here not to iiifcrfent in iTie ali^-JilCif, II that honoDfdk 
elceLor intenupi> ag-.^m 1 will tfirow lijm d<;«Ti thofft Btaire." 

Amid trcEiientluut cbcpring thv intrqiid Sl PkuI resuiurd btf 
eloquent .-vrgiimcnt- His btjrsterQUi enc^my at once begiu bills'! 
tcTTuption all oter Agiin, Si, i'aul ntoppcd, 

" Ijct no one interfere,*' he quietly Mid, " while ( put thai pen* 
uui of the room." 

He puJinptly came down from the (flfttf^m, auud nxJfaffl 
cheering ueiJ wild c»J_ilcmfnU 

Theu followL'd iL tuiTiultugu^ »e?nc, ia wblrh cheifrin^i tcnuv^h 
hUmping, ^tru^^1m|£, sweating, and indeicTibable noi^e of JtU 
<Iejffri<fll cvciy car. A wjy was m»idc for St. Paul, who adwc' 
towofd^ bi't Aiiugoui&L The Utter ftwaitcd hica in attitude of uC 
^fivicU' St. Taul setxed him round \hc w:^l41 and a furjotif »1n|^ 
&CI \n. ]l w,^ii not of lon^ rndurjn<:c, lioAcvcr. The local buUyA 
well enonj;h m Kccton *" ruwa." He h-td tirea^'di ciK^ugh and ^ >^ 
skill thftt Keeton (pam;lH coitM teach; but Sc Paul bid hod thetoiliBf i 
of Eton, imd Oxfvitl, lijid l^iiduiij xwt^ jll tlie pJattice of [hEmffij 
West- He Kiis the Cumn and ihe Rywdy in one. The oodaBiftfj 
two 1-LCiciiRphei^i; liud taught him it» urii of defence and otTence. H>| 
lifted the unlucky ;iJid too confidcot du^turbcr dean off his fccL H* 
camt'd hijn out ihruugh frantically -cheering ranks, and he kepi ** 
word by liteTiUly throwing him down the suiie> 

Then \i^ come b^tck, good'hujuoured Ufid cool At *rrtx, Afiil ^ 
vent un with hi^ tipi^edi. He w-Jis the idol of the Kecton mob fi^ 
thill moment forth. Ht^ w^ e&corttd that iviKht lo his hold \/f 
xamaltUQ}!^ ;hron^ of udmitt^, who would probably have ofEmd 

Miss Misanikr0p€. 143 

tn tbc ducft] lull if Ibc rebel or the tlucnE funiiy had hiii(«d 
iU jpve bin ai^y pIcAsuic to «cc ^t ilonc- 
FthJn dttngted coiii|itc(cly thr c1i;iiju:Iot oC iIic concisL li be- 
fivc«»id loitMilcai on boili sirt^i^. Suni« of the luLIowi-rs of 
btp^iti UtnJ rculbilivjJi, tfiy iiiLich u^^jun^t iSw: [tnidtut advice 
UiidkUlc hinucli'- Tl^c few duyB lecimuing bcfLnu ihe d^tion 
Kfunoii««nd noiotis ihAt Mr- Moti^y tv^n to ihink i( woufd 
S to irnd hit cl^iigMrr and Mmol.i home To l«nji:«n, Mr. 
I vai to tDudi m^TKj&Kd in ^la <~^n^ ^mij his <ip?e<:hc<» th^t he 
^hevdodthf itimulirL He had Imich u«rd to rougher ffc^nci.amJ 
(nade vcarcH^ any tiiii>rcBiion on hiin. ic Bametimcs nc^me^d 
D^ ihat Mr JIUnl:^<.'l hkcd (hf IuiuliII lr» th^n anjoni.', tii:it 
Lucy did ncil ^hniik fmni u ^mh <to tnudi abhurrc^ncc- Jt w^ti 
4 ahe ihoughi, iLii one who wjs ai Itiat of jioctit tmiuTc, cvea 
tPCK 001 4 great pQia, ihouH shrink iWfly from such degrading 
t ^^hc ffU her hxir.iMLimcci dislike fur nini grow more and 
inio rejlxiy -u iKc siw lh«c specimens of ihcw;iy]'n which ihcy 
<x ibdr political f onLcst^t. 

mub, there hAtI betn *pringing up in ilcc|jy Kccton of Utf 
ftclAiA oi nhom the [lArL knckv nmhing, of ivliom che middle 
knew hiilc ninre, hiri ^hicih ^.in Jikely to iTtalce :« considerable 
^i& cW wjy of n^ndueiin^ IocaI poliltCK, The \\mV. nnil tlie 
fcijU h<ed<tl nothirijt, whilr tliiH tou>:Ii nc* b^jdy was, j^jowiiig 
ku about Its oirn xUrrij^th, ifb ovi-ii M^niTi^n, und ili own ri^hu^ 
seton, a» ui other pLn.<.*, pTOjIe would i^rubsblj have Lhought 
■lostiui Att-ay from ihemselven all knowledge of implcsuant 
tl loi^Av ihe}'ci:rkkld;And if it hod been hinted that there wak a 
rbM kdf-o3niJe)teLi -4nd ficicc/fW'/i^r// cIaia growing up in the 
dttftDK all Ujc ye&rt while Ibc middle-elau were fawning on the 

and ducheue^, ^md Oic ditkct xrsA diKheiKtr^ were Itn^uldly 
liiiu^ Ibc niiddlc't'Uhtti tlic prukLeni pcimnt would hi^ve prefeired 
Vacd aay Vm inuiL* iLbuut viuh niiijki;1y iM\^ di^tj;^cc.ablc Lh'n^^ 
iteciion conieit l^rni iiuuEe it ;;vicleiic tlvvt ^onie of ihe set<[- 
'KSlKTodby ]n<^dt:rn socijJiuQ had been blown hIN fiir as Kei^ton, 
^^tak into t^Ji: M)it there oJid begun to giovr vip mlo rug^t^d 
PllvUUy Ic««e». 

iuoh abeolutvly refuted to uive hciaelF by fUght to London, or 
lievt thai ihure could bi: any danger of serious distvirbancc. If 
agdwhadkeiJt her frum U-.Jving Kcelon, her en riosily would 
bvcd enou)ib. i^fic \\a\ iiLLeiiacly jnijou^ to «ec wh:il would 

of St p-auK ajjjicaraniiL' on ihc ^ene. She was almost afraid 
iut of ihc pan bbc had imiyceinly consented lo play. Sht 


remembered nave St PnuVi iUusostion about the kini; n-ho ma 
moncd to Oil the myiictious ropc.ajul she thought that she ii** 
in a |]0»iiion very much !ikc hi*. She was pcrpJcued, jiniUAMt curisa 
a lilllcafrAidt but Hiili anxiaui abcu-c nil things for Victor Heart 
flucecm, and determined to sec the contest out, come what mighl. 

It was the night bcrorc the polling-day, Minola and Lucf ffcn 
alone in thtir room. Victor Heron nnd Moni^y were aiwar sptfti' 
luking somewheie. Since the »ppcamncc of SC, Paul in the «ft 
the giri* had not gone to many meetings* or left the hotel ftftcr nigh 
ffllL Things were looking rather unchccrful now, and the rwo jduk 
women no longer regarded the whole affair as a gncM hnlidav » 

l,ucy in e^pcdal was melancholy, Thp IJtile wcfither-glmofbtf 
Untpciamcnt row and Wl very readily to ihe changr* of the Jttn> 
iphcTc around her The two Incnda were silent for a while. L«r 
began at last lo talk of what filled her mind- 

*■ r wish this was all over, Nola dear; I have A horftd 
sa if something were going to happen— something unplestsuit, I 
of eoiirv," 

"Thisroomi^dulV'Minolasaid, " Come out on the bnleony, 
The evening is bcauTiful- It i^ -i am to sit here and not we ihe 

The pfb went into the baleony* and stood there and looked 
upon the srene. The hotel ^tood not far from the Court Houfje, 
Minola uted to know «o well in former days The roof of ihe 
and iht capitals of some of its white pillais could be seen ftotn 
baleony. In another direction Lty the bridj^, a little to the ri^' 
the giria in the balcony. The plate where the hotel and the 
llovtie &toodwa>ione of the few broad openings among the httle 
oF oattow itnxife which nude up the town of Kecion. Minola caald 
■ep the bndge plainly, and aenus the bridge the dark tree« of ^ 
pork. A faint contlnuoui mvinnur was in their ears all the time- ll 
mijiht i>CTb,ip!t be the tii-'J> of the nifer, a little louder of *ound thia i* 
ill wont i but Minol.i tini-iL^d it wa? the noi*e of thounng molift wM* 
where-'* nouc to which Keeton iireeCs. one« %r> sleepy, were grovfat 
of kie to be lonwwhaC acenstomod. This, howeret, wu louder tfl 
loofEcr tlun the ioattd of nich popukr iMniirniTinni as it uniillf 
mehni the hol^L UiBok,if abe iehaiijraluMorRiikfi^vin^ Eltouj^^ 
thtt beat thtn^ would be not to caQ her cocnpa&ions attention t» ^ 

TVe nijhi w^i b«auiifal» at Miaoia had said. It wu yet smiB^' 
■lll u aMih Ibe errrrii^ wetv groviag shut ; ni> breath of autuO^ 
cMttMi irvt Mddewl Ihe iiOA aiL 

Miss MisantArcpe, t^j 

1*1 wkh Aff woold come bode,*' Luf y murmured- " I don't 4t 
ilfte OCT bcfaig left Aloite in thfe wfty, Nola. I r«el &b if wc iiughi 
vbeifiaid. DoQiyouP" 
'Xo, dcu; dicre b nothing ta be ofnld of" 
'Dojtm ihuk sorcftJIy? Ahl bu; it Is diffcrcni with you," 
Lvqr aj^Kd, and Minob knew well whai ^hc wnuM h.ivo if 
iebd *i>obCQ out her ihoughu. She would have uid, '* Ix is fto 
dttxat vMfa you ; yon C&n Afford iq be composed jod T>ot alarmed. 
kpi have noi % foiher engiigcd in a11 ihii, nni a mati whom you 
Kl" Minds read her thoiighta ftii<j was ail<iQt, UiiOkuij all the 
ttit heocif for Ifae ftflencr. 

'Iluih. there is somebody," Lucy suddenly said, lookEn; back 
■t>thc room. "* There certaialy is *3mc one theWH* 

So (here to ; but Lc was not eiihrr of E?ie two Lucy wished to 
tt. Il proved to be Mr. Blanchet, who had come inlo the room 
WOKTx wtnic the ^is were in the balcony. Minola felt glud to sec 
lim 00 the whole. It was a relief from the mclnneholy monotony 
tf tiae erening. utd of poor little Luc/5 boding^ and fe^r^, 

Herbert lilanehci cimc out inio the balcony in his fimilior way, 
Ac way of a picturesque poet eon^sciou^ of hl^ poetry nnd hi^ 
[ie um piencBL Ei wa:» i eurifius ^tudy, if my unconccmod observer 
IbcM and ihcncnuld have made ihe study, lo notlc^c the diiference 
ItnocB the manner of Hlanehet towards the two gifl.%. To Luey he 
Ikcuyind even i>aiioni&Jn£, J^ if he woidd convey the irJea that 

RUB a kindoeu on hiapait to mako himsdf.'LgTe^\able to hvT. But 
Ifinola he went on ai If ahe wer^ hij acknowledged patroness and 
ftemlrr of hi.t destiny. In good truth, however, there was not then 
Mch of a pUc£ fof him in the mind of either girl- 

■Where hAre you come from? Where i* papa?" Lucy a&kcd 
ftb cagemcn* 

"I have not l-een in the town," he aaid ; " 1 was .iway hy the 
■tj, [ be^rd n<nie«— ihoulJng and all^and 1 did not c^are to 
iHaMmg ihc fellow* in iheir clPct]on4:cring work. I hflvc had 
lln more thin 1 cnr? for of it. My fetJow-man stents :■ pirii' 
VMroAemive cieattitc to me when he il in his ix^Iijjral and 
nhattoui moodv^ 1 don't, as ^ nHf, c^re mtich ubout N.aure, but 1 
Mr her comfuny by far lo (hat of sudi bcllo^^iiig humoniiy ^ we 
ftidnvti yonder" 

"I hope noiliinK ha* hapjwncd lo pjpj, or to Mr. Heron?" 
"Oh, notliinff ha* hajipcn^d, yoti m:iy be sure \ " the jjoet replied 
*■%■ "Tlwir bolU rather revel in that sort of tiling — ii teems Xtf 
t*4knr native clcmenl. It wonH harjn Efjem, In my ca^ \\ ift 


differvm ; 1 don't belong tu the political &ittiA i I h«ire nothing 
with the pi:}litical clcvatiun of toy LcUo^-niiin. I The i3 to be dcniciJ, 

1 am contTDt ; if noU t *tn contrnt a[sv "* 

"1 doa'C knoH how Jiny itiati can be content 1o itsJld bcfC «( 
balcony ulkmg i9 two giile^^ laid Minolu, "tdiile there b » 
CMieraeDt down there- I could not it I weir a muL" 

" 1 mil go down there xf you wish/' he rcphed wiih 
gracet " Bkhuiigh 1 don't knoiv thtX I c^ould be of mQcti ute; 
dijn't aupjiobc Ihcic in any le^ diingej." 

"I did not i^i^Ak of dAfiicer," Mino1« uid, rattier conldiiplut 
*' I only iiH-'Jit tlinJ ihtrtf ^frcirici] lo be aoni^ m^ily tncJU 
there. There is no danger. It is not a WttU-, Mr, BhincUct." 

^^Thcre WM» some tJtlk. of a row," he answered ; ** yout 
Paul secnks to haw tcl the people wild somdioiw. Bui I sboidd 
think il would toine to Atiylhiiig- Auyhow, Mi*s Gic^'. if yon 
1 ouglu lo be thcre^ or thi^t 1 could do any good, you have 
ftend me ilicrc," 

" Nu, MO| Mr. Bbndiet "^Minob was recovering hur 
humour — *'.J dun'L want you to go- Etit Miss Motie)' wss A 
wivixny about hvr iaihcr, lUtd perhaps wc were both diap| 
ikil you did noi come bringing us ionie news (eoui the scU of' 
Yoii spc, they woti't allvw ub to go lo the (rout any more' 

McLinwhile llic- noi^iU K'^f^vr lyiijci and louder i il uaoic 
ritartr loo. Tlnjie wa* a fu<y m the sound an dciHyto 
tint^uished froni the ahoutin^ to whkh they were well occustoi 
llie ub^ucperum tlainour of boys 3l pljiy is from the cry of 

" Sonielhiag lad i» going on, l Vnow," Luty siiil, turoiry 

ftnd looking at Minola. 

Miiiola :md Ul-inchyt botii Icined from tlic bakony, and 
feOV ft ^liag^U^L^ gnjupc^ women, and hovf,, ;Lnd it f^'w lucn mjdELs^i^ 
tn ^ sort of ^tanipedef for the neighbourhood of lh« hold. TbfT^ 
kept]ookm|^ i^ftKL-rly hi^hind thcmr»& il komethinu wti^ oominK t^t 
way whicli lliuy Icarcrij Jud yd were cunouBj (o iicii Thcic iu^a» 
if [.hey wdc to be cal[*?d so. seemed to iticrcuc in numben 
ihc walcJicifi in the bal«iny looked QilL 

Mr^ BUnchet went Irtnguidly down»l4in (o ask what the ttfi' 
moLiQEi v/c{s jboui, but could licAr nothing more pteci^ ia die bOVBl 
t}i:Ln |1ie rijmouT that ft rioL of ^mc k.ind h,'td broken out in the 10*111 
and thai there vrene not pobcc enongh to putitdown. Hecsttebd 
toilie half 111^ j^m. Fur his own p^irt, liefettnomuiDeTof cuoouqp 
He hdd Always ^upjHjsvd iita.1 ihfi? were tiols At dccUi 


^fiss Mtsart^ri?pg, 


thM iivac pft«onft oT ehe lowci cbw«4 grncnfly got tlidr 
brokoL There was DOliitig io rhal ta micrcai him, Ji mighi 
ripcn ihai tlw cutdi<]Aet« Off th«£r fricndu somctimci rjimr m 
tttntnacAt j Mr. Bhnchot nr^uld not have been very moi:}i 
by Uu: in iIk present ca^ If Mr. HfTom hjid ^t hurt 
^««U love thonght thai ud the v4ioI<f it served htm ri^ht. 
Mifteb HMtched cdtgdly ftom thi: tukony. Socataffngihtcd people 
VMv nmniig put under the WLndoiv^ of ihc hotel, for (he mo<(t 
|Wvom«n drogguic ihdf chjyrt:n after ihcm. MtnolA railed out to 
and juked vhit vm» happening; hut ihcy only ^LTihwercd in 
-'•• if itc>iiicmpiat cxpianition, indkcptonihtirwiiy. Some 
ltoo*l in a» mHch hasic, nnd KlaiK-liL't r^llctl to th«n 
10 0^ trtut TTja *' upy" One shouted cut IbAt there was a 
f^w^oifi^oti in the town, get up by the "St raur?imen." 
the miltfary were sent for Two of Money's leri-nnu, onp, 
mwi, were >ceQ going out of ilic hoicl \r\ the dircciicin of ihc 
i% duniynv I^ucy crtrtl lo them, ;ind J^kcd where (hiry VktT« 
whAt hid hiif4>cncd; buE t1icy only returned fi rnjirftlur 
(ueff, lomclhing to the cficct thni ir n,i» nothing of nny con^r' 
r. uid tbrn na on tcrwitrds ihc 9ccnc of the Ktppo^d disturb- 
lookios 3l« tf th<7 ihought it of much grejitcr (^onsMjuencc 
Did. The wartcn ind other nCrrants of the hotel weie 
we* \o nuke prepatationi for elo»ing the door* Jitd 


arc brffmning to look terioui," did BEnnchet^ he|tinninj£ 
very tcrioilh hiai*i;If 
"TTiry »u»l mil ditiw: ihcM; wintlow*," Minob %\\A. '* I inrjin 
here juid *ce what hApitent. If tlie/ do elo^c t^ic win<lowS| X 
l*j fccfe in the balcony all the vioic," 

And vj »-3! J, Noia," Luty ex*5flinu-d, l™Amy pfilrj liuC showing 
of pluck. ** Something mjy Ymsv hiip|n:n":»J tc.^ piipa.^' 
M't kswv that it nould not W better for jou IfuUea to go 
tgnvelyui^d. "I think, Miss Greytj-ou can hudly do 
tpoi here, Jtnd you would be <iuite Mfc indoors Sujjpoic you 
Hiadici ihjondoictheicwindowi?" 

"Vou doc/c (r«nk to imdeTstand women'i curioijtj", Mr. Blanthei, 
6ncy ih^i Ijilj and 1 eould be content to bc^ shul up while 
TW nvn Vkfre in ihe mtdsil of uinie exciting Advi^nlure', and 
inv>n9i itoetic din^-" Mmr.ln ipnkewith a contempt »hc 
ta uttU no oftort 10 ronctith Sbr thought Mr. Blcinchet wm 
ud &jd no mlrrc-r in (he Hafriy of othrr penpk. She hod 
y^ fccacd (he ftusi^icion whif Ji LiErr was Jonjcd into bcT vmnd. 


7^ Gmifeman's Magazine. 

I 148 

^H Some of the ftcrvojiu of ihti huCd arnt lo cay thnt thcr bdicvd 
^^ ih<^Tt wfl» n ruhcr serious riot going on in ihc town, and tlutil 
woijlil br pmdcnl to dose the window* and h.'ivc ih<r shittten purnj^ 
a» it wflA quite po^iibit: thai atooL-B mi^jhi bo thrown, fl«4 mi^ 
do mlichicJ'r Koth ihc girls stcaulily refused to Ic4vc thr l^l^ttf 
Mr- Itlandu-t added hi& remcnsiTacccs* but withoul any ffctiL 
Mmoh auggcBtcfl thai the uindfiwi might be dosed behind thnn. 
ihry iTood on the balcony, and that Mr. Bhnchctinight,if hcfJ< 
withdraw into Ihc hoTel ; bui she rieclarcd that l.ucy and she 
remain in ihc b^dcony. 

" \ don't bcbcvc there is \ bit of teal dnnger to u» or to an] 
she dccUrcd. 

" But, my dear young Udy^ Mr. Blanehci ur^cd, " what 
good can j-ovi do in nny coic by rcniflining in thiii balcony^ I 
arc how you rouUi help Mr. Money and Mr, Htron, supposing 
10 be in any danger, by Staying out ibcrc when these propl^ <vi< 
wanl Ub lO came m." 

"KoTfl pott, Mr Ulanchce,'* Minoln !iaid coldly, " yon Ji> not 
tohave much of the dfjimatic insimci Ihai hclp^ people to ui 
itond the feelings of other people, D» yoo tbiok Lucy Moneyn 
bt content lo bide herself in si rdlat, ai^d wait until wme one 
remembered ro come and tell bcr how things were going with 
&lher and— bcT frienrln ? " 

MinoU tpoke m iinmcnw scorn. 

The argument waa cut Abort The flying erowd .laJ 
increasing tyitry moment, and now ihc space bcfoie the hindon* 
the hotel w« tliickly studded with people, who, having mn ihtis 
appeared inclined to make a stand there^ and we ivhar wi& neill 
happen. The shadows woe falling deeply, and il wai beguiling 
be difficult to disccm feature* clearly among tte crowd undfrsM 
windon-i- The rlsmour, the screaming, the noise of every kmd Itfi 
been inereasing with each moment, until those in Ibe Tmlcony im^ 
almost have fancied (hni a battle of the old'ffl*hionc<l kind, befo«*C 
use of gimpowdcr, was being foi;ghl at a liillc dibtancc. 

In another moment a small group ofjieisons came hurrying i;pS* 
ihc doot of the hotel in j* direction opposite to Ibal from vrhich d>C 
clamijiAr of itrift wjs he-t^d. ^lioola could see the uniforms of poliC^ 
men among this hurrjing and seemingly bteathlesi group, and ^ 
thought she recognised one face in their nudsL 

The group consistfjd of a few policemen, wild wjtb the httW***^ 

the EKCilcnienL of thtir movenjents, and some civilinne mixed upi"^ 

thrrtt i itnd MmiA:^ soon saw thtit h^t 615,1 coc;\ccturc ww righl.i'^ 

Mtss Misanikrope. 149 

fbnniR^ a boJy-uuani to protect Mr. Augusttia Shcp- 
f»L SIk ciJuU DOW see Sheppard*s face disrirtctly. It w&i pale, 
nd lull of njprbc and wnih : but there did not seem muc:h of fear 
Ani iL On ifat conirv}'> ^t'' Sheppord seemed Eo be a inn of 
CMMT auKini^ hit prottfclom and guordiaQs. Ainporcnily ihcy were 
Wao^ him arajr from a scent; where ihey bclietcd there was danger 
khinr Bad lu vas endeavouring to ugue o^inst Lhem, .ind itlnio^C 
fr scan thcif frccdly pretture. All chis Minola, having tokr.ibly 
iMpOVcnofobKcrvation, took Xn, or believed she look in, at A 

Tbe polkfmen ajvl tome or the civilians ^^'ilh ihem w<:tc knock- 
l|ai the door of L^chot1;l| aad apparently C]ipostubtmg ivitb sc<mo 
fihe people within. AE fir»t Miiigh could not understand the 
■eunD{ of thn. Mr. Elanchvl wan qtutker^ He fj^tic^^ed what Wiis 
^■1 on, jnd bj leaaing a:( br a& hia long form alluwcJ him urer 
feUkocry be iras able I0 hear ifotnt! of the words of parley. 

"I !*)-,■ he »id, drawing back his head, "this is rather too good. 
[lasklkm — what's-hi^-name^ Sheppaid— is ibe unpopuku candidate 
(0v, and the mob 11 After him. and ihe^c polit^^men are uklng the 
■cpk to tii:e him in here, and Lring all the row on us. 1 do h<jpe 
Wy won't do thic What do -we core about the fellow? Why 
haold vc ruD any ri^s if ihi; police LEiemselves can't protect him ? " 

3*1. Blanchet was very pnle. 

"For ahanc, Mr. Bhnohet 1" Minola naid indign.onUy, "Would 
nloteUm to be killed?" 
I "01^ they "vji'i kill hiui I you may be sure " 

U^Jto, oat if v« can utve him," Miuoh laid. "These people 
lake him in 1 Lui.y, ihcbe rooEtis belong to your fathei now— 
«a DO thetn and uu&ib: on thvir letting him in. Til go down myself 
odopeathe doortj and bring him in." 

" They shall lei him in," Lucy cxclairaedT and mn downfitaiTB. 
ttnoU wu about to Tollow her. 

"This ta very generous/' Kaid BlLinchei, with a sickly elTort at 
-VipcmtC, "but it i:^ very unwi^et Mis£ Gtey. I done know ^\\X in 
ka1)9CEKiC of Mr. Money 1 ought to allow you to expose yourselveti 
ndi ruka," 

"Try if you cna hinder us, Mr. Blanchet! For shame 1 Yes, 1 
■ahnied of you. Oh, no» don't talk to mc E I am sorry to ^nd 
■tyou are a coward" 

With this hard word she left him and ran downstairE. Just at 
b BonkcAt he heard the doora opened, in compliance with th^ 
of Lucy* He heard her «/ with % certain ten ^^^^i 



The GMtilnwtn's Afaf^ne. 

which he had hardly cxpc^fcfl (o ftnd in the HtOc raaid, thai tf nny 
harm w^rt done lo the holil bcrtusc of Mt. Shcppird being taken in 
her falher would make it good to ihf ownt-r, Then, i'l n noomcnt, the 
two iprU rciumcff, doing the honoun u hoi^fOMCS to Xlr. Shcpfitfd- 

Chaftkr XXIV. 


Mr. Sir^PPAiED mndc what he mmt have felt to be a 
Triumphal ontian«. Perhaps he might have said wilh 
Ituth, in the language appropriate lo elcciiofi coutcits, ihit 
was the pToudcBt monient of his 1ife> He i«a«abnoEt dmjjged 
the room by the two breithless girls, wIkj, hi the flentrout ddi^- 
having KLved him from donizcrt ^«?incd a^if Ehiry couM not 
tiro tnuch of him. He Icit Minola's hand on \m. ii* hhe forced 
into the room. She would not let him go until &he had lairlj hi 
him into the room and dosed the door behind him. For Mr. Sht^ 
pard had finally resisted with some earnestness the attempt to tmfc* 
him ]^risoner for liis own safety. Thesenbl constraint of MJctiW 
hohd ^otta ddighc. There was, Ic&a perceptibly to himself, anoW 
sensation of delight en his heart alao. Ht; had for the first limff it 
hi^ life been in aorious danger, and he knew thiti he had I30t bei* 
afraid, Ii is no wonder if he ftflt a Unle like a hero now. 

He came in a good deal flushed, and even, if wc ma/ BJ ft 
Tumpk-d; but he made a gnlloni effort to keep ui> liia compoiuic 
The first sight he met in the room wa.-! the pale, piliftiJ, angrr, 
scowling face of the insulted lilnnchcL "Are they going to 
lh« fetbw } " the embittered poci asked of his tndignnDt soul, tfl 
saw the unpopukt candidate ihtis led for^^rd by the cogcT girU. 

BlLiiithet fell back itito a corner, not dtigning to say a worf 
welcome to the rescued Sheppatd. Mr, Sheppard, however, hirflf" 
noticed him. 

" I am fiony to diatnrb you, ladies.'* he said ; '*afld I om 0^ 
beyond meastue for your kindness. I am not afraid myiEClf < 
danger in Kcelon, but the police thought some diamrhonoe 
happen, and they insisted on my going out of the fltrcrt» ; hut 1 
be ;ible to relieve you of this inUTiaion in a few miniie^ 1 ftel qfl 

"You shan't etir from Ihi? place, Mr. Shcppard, until 
/rj3entc(/j'saVc*ndquiel," Muiokanid. " Hneecmiy, Lucy— 1 

Miss MisoMikrope. 



BBej — And I will hoM ywi pnxincr uoiO all danger ii over 
Ic AM Kfrafd ciihcrr 

' At Ifaot mom^ai there wu ttjch a rcnenAs.! of the cLiinour thnt 
tliMii coukl not retUiiJn her «iirioiity» buT, b:iving begged Mr. Shcp- 
|ud ID rrsuin wh«re he wu, and not ^ow himself, the nn into Ihe 
^nkoay again. 

Yhe eight idic WW vju m hirhiileDt^ and lo her so iintitual, that 
b a K^nAd or two ihc n^ild mjike noth i ng of it Sht uw only a 
k4 bflufti uwl Aicct^ Jinc^l Mhirling athi^ jind h(;ln«, and 
Jttd farina btow« intrrfhjin^rJ, md iJi*^ ronfuiton was 
tkcvikleting by the fchooting, the ncrcntiinfi, ;ind ihc curun 
adyvibiof tnsmfih vhirh teeirieJ lo her exriteJ v;ivi lo fill ;ill th« 
IK At IaC she ^ot to undcr^rand, ai if by a kind of im^irjition, 
ivaftfree mol>«eic trying to bre.ik into the hold, itid ihat the 
fktt were doing ihcir heel to defend it. The poor pohce were 
pttigthc irorii of t1. At the lame lime %hc wot Atme af A ceruin 
iMncHioo in \\\c room behind hrr, ^hifh sht^ Celt ^luchow was 
IfBlMmed by llie efforts of Mr. ^L)ir|j|iiinl (o gt^l. iiul ;4t :my mic la 
tiMlft And the Allenipu of Lucy AJid ^orni^ of ihE st^rviint^ to ^\%- 
michfm. To this, hnAvev^, Mino1:i now could pay hut >«:li^]'Lt ;ittrn- 
•fc She feh hcr*df >;f riw(ii|< %u-\ ;tr\d fiiicjl with horror a% »hc saw 
nepoUceman iitrtick Johti, and ^.iw the blood sin^aminfi; from Im 
tot- She couJd rwi kc%'}> '^^"i ^ ^"^^ ^'y- Suddenly her attention 
^dnivnaviiy cTcnftom this ; fof in a moment, ^le could not UU 
kv.i diversion teemed lo be effected in ihe stni^lc, ;ind Mmok 
■vihat Heron and Mr Money were in the ihit.k of it- 
Bo lirtt iiDfhil^e was to hjiiin^ bdtck in(o the room and tell l.ucy 
<f fcB(alTi<T*t d-Jfij^Cr. LucJttly, huwever, bhc Imd bcni^c enough to 
iWiia this mad impultie* and nol lo set Liiey wild wiih ainnu lo no 
pBiAlr purpote' Slie taw that HeruMi at the; hcsd of a small, reiao- 
vtboOy of follower*, had ^ugbt hlb w^y in 4 moment into the very 
^ <if the cTowd, and was by the side of the policemen. He 
wlpjld to hi» fc?L the Cillen pohceman ; h? sciicd with vehement 
%r^ib one after onoihtr of lho»c wlio weie picking mo^t fiercely 
Ibc pool feUow ; the coulO tec iwo or three of ilie^e in «uccefslon 
^f bockwaidb m ihv crowil ; tfit^ could >ic?c; that Heron had seme 
^wz^ tHnfl in hill h;md which the a^^iumcd to be a ivvolver ; and 
*v I>m her liandi to her tarn, with a woman's inttinctive Uoirut of die 
■••J tth;ch tlie e:ipccted lu folluw ; a:id, wh<^n no sound c^imc, she 
^BBdevrd *li>' Heron did mil uhc hi*; wcjpon nod defend the police- 
^CQUld KC Mr. Mt/ney vn^j^itfd n^w m futiyus rciuonsirancc nnd 

^bliinoiis blown with static of thv inob, wh<>m he u-i^t^^*^ ^** 



TA^ Genilfman's Magazine^ 

drag, and push, and driv^ about, as if lh*:tc were no rach toigfli**, 

world u ihc poBsibility of harm \o himself, oi of bis gening 4c '^^ 
of ic. Fur a whik th« reBC'lutc i^ntrgy of ihc 3iitiiii|A at iciacu; iiia^ 
by Heron aud Money apptared to carry all before it ; bui o&tf fc 
nujmcnt or iwy jjn; mob saw howsrmil] *^ tlie number of thOK^ktt 
'vrcie trying tu effect the <3iv«isiijn, A« Mlnr>U came to knon aftc^ 
wirJa. Heron and Moucy IiaJ onU heard in another part of ihtttnro 
that & riot wu gomg on i^ear Ihr hold, and hurried on widlhlUK 
down fticiid^T jrriving just ai a very cntital moment- I'hcy otDKby 
the sani*; w^y la the poUce and Shcpiiaril had tome, and, fclBng on 
Ihe mob UTicxpecicdly, made for a moment a vciy «uix<&tful diver- 
sion. But ihcy wL'ic soon surrounded by the ra^llyLiig ctowd, anj 
Minola sjw her two friends icccive m^ny SAvage blow*, and ihe 
wondered in all ber wild alarm how ihey seemed to nuikc so littltf •£ 
them, but went on stniggling» striWIng, Lnucking down, ju^t aibrfoiT- 
Abovc all she wondered why Viclur Heron did not u*c hu icTOber 
to defend his friends nnd him wlf, not knowing, as Victor did, 
the wrapon was good for noibinm- At kast. it was good for nnthiniE 
ju*t iheQ but inonioubtc dumb show. He had not loaded it, nc*«r 
ihinttD^ thai ihcrc wis ch^; Jeaet chance of his having to u*r it ; 
indeed, it was only by the merest chance thai he happcnnl tohai 
it in hiK pocket Such as it was, however^ it had done him somej 
servl^^e thus far ; for mort^ Ihan otic siurdy rioter had Tillco back id 
SLidden dismay^ and giv<.Mi Victor a cEiance to knock his hcclt froutf 
under him when he found The mu^ilc of the revolver eloae to 
forehead. This could not liisf long. The mob tiegrin to undervtad^ 
both liie numbers ^nd the wcniiona of their enemies. The polkc' 
fought wiih teJonbled pluck and cnorj^y fur a while, but the com- 
baUnl^ were all too crowded together to ailow coolness and disci- 
pline lo ull, as they inighl have doni; otherwise ; jnd the numbei* 
wtre ovcEwhelming ii^insi onr fticnds. Just aa Minob saw Victof 
Hi^Ton struck with a stone on the head, and saw the red blood conw 
slTcaminy, she heard some one be*idc her in the balOTny. 

•* Go back. Uicy," she cried ; " go back 1— Diis is no place br 


** !b it a place for ynu, Miss Grey P " a rutrlandioly voice ^cd 
'* It is not Lucy ; it is I- You said I was a coward, Muss Grtf ; IH 
show you that you have ^Tonged me."' 

The pocl. for alt hi* excitement^ was as grandly theatric as was his 
wont H<: looked ci^mly over the exciting scene, and tried Ift ' 
hh lip^ fmo qmverine at its de<:idedly unpleasant aspect Thai hi 
^ .^,,^ -i-1.1 pven vu\cat iUufftXc Nflii "\Tv ^a^^H a hide 


v^^ uOTom^i^c,^^^ cvenvulBMsuu^^V 

Miss Misanihropa. 

foe -A pictutoquc fiocC lopIoniEV inio. Vvl wi^v Mr. BUnchci'i 

cm. Mr BlvKbci. th«v *iil be kil]<:<l;'* 
'Who?— who?" ^ po«cricii. peering wildly doAVdinio thchoT' 
ftob^droa Mow. 

Oh-doot TOwftocP-'Mr-Hcr^n, Mr Moton^and Lucy's father 
immrJiiX bcAvia, ht- it aJowu— ihcy will kill him I " 
HI i»re hisir the |>ovc vibLljr cicbimvd ; " TIJ ct\-e hioi, Mitfs 
, or pcruli vidi hint !" He wa-i turned with a pf>kcr» vrhlch he 
Riadlf romd hU hcatL 
at Uut moment ATmoh was sianlcd (o 'jcc Bln-nchcl pre- 
,|o »fzuntilc over the bakony, and tlitig himself that way into 

"Oh, doflX *Ioo"! 3 ' fihccTLCtliohim; "jou will bckillftdn" 
He nuitcil tiKk a wild ^mle. 

"* At tcMsa you ihalJ siy I am no cow-trd/' he cxckimcd ; and in 

- nuxncnt hchwl ffmnbkdi^er thchfilconyaDddroppcdhim> 

jfwknng^ pnki^r in h^ind, on ihr inntin^ mjiMof hmdi helnw. 

:.ny other mocnnit Mmoh mi^^ht liavc ihnujM orit^opniycTtn 

■ x po£"i to be «cnt down from above, and the iincx* 

lI niiinncT in ^*hn'h thr jirayi^r w aniivctod. At Jiny 

nt(>incoi. j>erh<|i«, f^ niigl^t have Tound it hard to restrain her 

r Al the mjt&ncr in which Mr. ll^mchel came crashing down 

n/aili of Ktme of thf! combdtAnL^.ind iht contFitcmalion which 

rnt created among thrm. At hi> iir?i coming dawn he carried 

or v> of combatatui lumbling on the ground ^ong with him, 

MnoU in her Rcbecca-pORt of oh^rvaticin rould see nothing but 

a» of flirugglmg legs and omiK. bm Mr, T^Iandici 

acoroblcd to hU feet again, and he laid ahout hini with hia 

in inch [nunc fashion, and with sueh advanra^ of long aims, 

rvit^lf and vhoUy tihMtorrd ptowtiiidid really for the momeni 

ttncX[>rctecl liivtTsion in favnur of Ihosc he tame k» rtscm:. 

iMOlDi^ci Mifiola saw Victor >[cTon on h\s fct^t again ; and she 

MnidoH the Ihick of theaflmygive Blanche! an encoungmg 

clap on the bnck , and then ihe thoiighl ihe saw lllanchcl 

ag»uii xmA theo confutron inextiicable ^ctmcd to ^waliow 


All ttui, it will he underittood, occupied but a few minules, Sud- 
%\f the triT^v Imt: :^f hur«c4 wat heard^aTid a cry waa raised that Ihe 

•*Oii,<haftkGod"' MinoUsaid tvhcrscif ;ind to thenishlair/'it 


Tkt Gmttemafts flfagasine^ 

Tt w«A not the caTadry. however, hnt &n intcq^ositlon *lndi il 1 
momcnc proved uclTcctivr. MinoTA raw Honif Tnco oa bonrvfiill 
into the thick of (h^ croird, farcini; their way a« if huautn bnngi vi 
not Ibbic to any incton^^nicni oonwqucnc^r* ftom hi\"ing the hoot^t 
horses plunging Jmong thcnv Wild ind maddtncd :ii ri was, then* 
hftd to pfty sonic little Attention to thc*c ncw-*Dmcra. One ct the 
who L4?d the >vdy, kepF sliouiirig in ^tridr^nt And occu^onilly dffi 
tonu i coLnm^nd to sli ivho ht^rd hmk to disperse And "flop 1 
TOW-" Hi* voice and his prewnce were mxignivd in anoi^er ii 
incnt,and thenrarrst nottr^^et up 3 tremendous cJ^eer for hin^vhi 
oUifis [=].ifgKt up aiiij icnr^xvcd again jiid ■igAin, unci). MtnotJ ittift 
have tJuiughl the whoir business in whft'h the^' were engiged w 
Ipo humh for the new-comer, Mrn ii^ttudly in hind-to'handfi^ 
with some policem-in at other repretentativc of the canse of onL 
gave up for the niomcnt defence or offcnec, and let the mtagoei 
liTLTnnier -iwTiy 4i he thought fit, while they cheered for their fftifluib 
Minnb had recognised him alrcjuty. There w^is 00 TnisUltiog Q 
bold head. Lhe bold blue t^yes, the ^looj^itiy shouMcra, the garot 
air of reckless tnavado Jind good'humour. She rouJd sec hia fcccill 
head [>].ai(^ly, for he earned hi^ hat in hi«i h^nd .ind waved itgMllBll 
at tvtfy cheer of the crowjl. He forced a way nghl up to the da( 
of (he hold where the thu'k of the struggle was, and in iinssi ng liDdl 
the 1>;i|rony ho looked up ,nnd saw Minr>la, jiid made her a coiirtOSt 
how. There wa* ^ome furlher scufilinuH cbmoiir, and AltetuUOQ 
but Mmola <:outd see thM the influeDce of [be jhopulwcAndidatewi 
aH-previiiling, and th.1t the Ijnitle was over. In n few 5ecx>nd* d 
crowd begiin to melt away. The njr wa.*i rent with nhouls of «h 
Strife no longer, but wilh repeated cheers for the hero of the ni^ 
The police m-idc sonie futile eftorta 10 reLiin a {<:rK prisonfTS f fc" 
not much seemed to come of that, Minoh wa^ rejoiced to bc 
the voice of Mr., Money sayfin its luual tones of bhuE )^ 

" Never tnind, ofticers ; you know the nwnci of lotnc of il 
fdlowa ; you rjin see to tliem to-morrow ; belter look alter )VLirsdtt 
juit now, Where's the [joor fclJow who was hurt?" 

In anolher moment or two Minola found herself OliI of tf 
balrony, and trytiig to nislte a way into thi? room which she hi 
quitted, and which seemed now a genera! tvaotx. Fin! itht siit Lli 
throwing her arm-t round her father's neck- Then icomc thiftiv 
figure intcrvenedf ,ind she saw no more of Lucy, but ik«» ftiwe 
Victor lleion and Mr Sheppard exchanging friendly vraixti. "H 
rotmj Wits fail of pt^^ple. *i\w could Vveu NUitvowh voijcet dedifil 

Miss Muanikrops. 


' '■■■r(p*nci» 'Ptcir not in Hw icasi huft ; but ahc could »ce thai 
' tfrTDEi h:kd tbf toark of a Urge ml on llic focchcad, and ihat 
tnu oa? ins lyintj Money*! ami in a alin'^c. 

"Oh, ]^ all ri^ht!" she licArd Vidor tay; "nothing much 
H^coed la iii« ; Mon^y cinic ofT much worw- But that poipr 
>«&^r^ii— I Aiii jocAliy ^frjiiJ fir; «^it bLidly hurl" 
*N'oxT iA» mch 9cvuiidfi;U,*' Mcmty ubBcrv^O ; "by Jove, 
f thijQ^hc at one time ihuE your grit:v:ince v/as about to be 
ttrld far ever. I1 wa>f alMhut amfoutidvd Sl P:iurs dcings.^' 
At tiji moment Minola »aw the in^n;pld St, PaliI himself enter 
nwn. She, rtaoding with her back to llie windov, ww Uim 

KTfone ebe did. 

Ur.Sc. Pun] [JULhcd hiq «('a)'wuh hJs caflyind indolent hardihood, 

"Ihivt ccRtc 10 oflTcr an ai^oLogy iij the ladie^T" he Midr >¥hile 

■^Totw turned round xmuicd at tlie eoufid of his vofce, and he 

iiaettiai; with dxeeiy conipOEiure the <sitt of all tlite eyes, and 

Ifew various eiprtsaion*. '* I wish lo offer an apology 10 the 

f*bo, I am tsorry to hear, were alanncd by the viglcncc of come 

ay «jppo(lcr5— of course by tia eticoutagement of tninc, a* 

■flni i^emlcmau here wiH uaderstarid. Rn: I am vcfy sorry 10 henr 

faUdB Money xnd Mns Grey were ilarmed by the lictEc row, iind 

^cutiie to offer them die -isaurancc of rny regrer" 

Vicivr Heron broke from those around \\\m, and wem up 10 

"Mf. St PaiL^ T hold you responsible for tiic whole of what lias 

"PI*iipi[ tonight," be t.iid- '^You St! your blm^kKUiiTds on to 

*«iirb UiIh tosvii, and if .my harm comes tif it— if ihai poor 

'ffcwan who liai bten hurt should come to any grief— you shall be 

•"("uiLiblc for it. I prombe you that yon shall." 

'^>Dje all rather confu^d to-night,'' St, Paul coolly replied, 
^ »» ire in ft hiimour for mailing rnihcr sweeping n^scriTons. I 
*wrry jqu fioi hurt, HfTon, on my honour ; but there's no use 
'^ t^ing A funii about ihcn things, I tell you what, my good 
™°*in]U owe h TO mt; atto^^cihcr thnt you have not had your 
"^ backed OJL" 

*VTOt gan? of hired bravoc* were capable of anything in ific 
'T^tcirDe," Heron tald ; "bm if they hiidn'tbt^t^n twenty to one 
^^^Uat have trxniod the intcni-nlion of thtir employer, Tliank 
^ ^ |"it my tnarft on some of Ihem \ " 

''lint lay jx>ti did— that'a ihc way with nli you peaceful fellows. 

" ^ I c&nie in time, however ; and it'* no use our losi^ig imt 

^^'^^nt the irli&Jc affair, fr wxijn'l much of ft tow, aila ^^fl." 


Ijfi The GeniUmafCs Magazint. 

"Lft mc \t\\. you, Mr. Sl TatO." Money si'id. coainf 
KACue. ** that if you ihink you on c^rry ihingi off in this 
ore coixfoundr-dJy mistak<;nH Vou know u well as I do thit) 
will n^vcr be :illowcd to hold a seat got by ^uch flogmnt ;md md 
such infunml intimidation." 

" You may rely upon it, Mr. Si. Paul," Mr. Sheppju-d sj-id, Itl 
viM interfering in ihe dispute, "that neither Mr. Hcfonnortl 
iUow the piocci-dingK of diU niglic to ^ wjihouc a fuU jui)i< 
Inqyify, Violence, sir, shall never be oJlowcd to iriumph in ■ 
parllAmentof^' elections of this nnci(^t ai^d honourable borough." 

"BravOfShcppftfdi ihil'svcry ^vell laid, inii^cd," ihc inconJcil 
St. Pflul observed. " Ymi luvv tvidcnily been preparing Jot the pb 
of itl r?prc«entutivc^ Bui vruuldn'l it be aii well, gentlemen, to n 
until the do^ of the poll before we go mto all this? Ihavr, ofcoM 
ftU the con^dencc which a good cnuEc juid the T^upport ol the peo^ 
miiAL give a mnn ; but in ii\ieh n hoToi^gh there are unforiuiwd 
other inHucnceii at wotIl, ^ our friend Sheppard Iniowf, ftnd it isj9 
possibLc that I m;ty not be elccied. For the prcsciTit I onlyonne 
offer to the ladies the expression of tny sincere regret that lb 
should lutve been annoyed cf alnrtned in any way, I don't &ee Mi 
Money present ; but 1 um happy enough to sec Mlas Crey, aad 
hope she Vp^U allow ine to offer my ;Lpoiogic£ for what was, hOBTn 
no fault of mine." 

Minok had kept near her window all this time, and was in hli 
of escaping without notice. But Mr 5L Paul coolly made hii « 
to her. pushing all intervening persons aside, 05 if they hin 
counted for anything in his progress, 

" I hcpe you don't think all this absurd nilair wa» my perta 
doing." he Kitdt when he w^ close to her. 

*' I hope it was not your doint%" Min/>b replied en^aticAl 
"I ^liouJd think it disgraci-'rul f^^r aityone to have caused «> im 
dbturbance and done so much harm." 

" Hadn't a thing to do with it» I give you my word. Bat di 
yon mind these fools— lucky for some of them that 1 cime 

** It W3S dJHgroccful," said Minola ; ** a poor man wa» very mi 
hurt, t am told." 

*Mt was noifl very big mw, aflCT all," he observed calmly; 
have seen twenty biggcr» about which there w-isn*t half the t 
AnyhoWf you'll find I have kept niy word, MiKstircy; your i 
stands to win-" 

lie made her a polite how, \t^ in ^h^ tefftL^fljiy g^menHy i 

Miss Misanthrope. 


tiodlf nluifp aad \cft thr room with thr inmc cnEirelj' fcir-utlsified 
|DO(^bumou^ which h« had brought in wjth him. 

UiDoia fi^ll th^l in 1 nriAnnrT the eyes of thr worfd were on hci- 
likunrv^lo M*. Money, passing Viclor Heron onhei w*y, 
* tfTierc U Ijicy, Mr. Money ? " she aikcd, 
"Ofc. ire Jimi hfT om inf ih? room *• \ really thoiiglu [ mw yon 
pif »((hhcr, ?>hr/;ot Irighienirii when «ihe *,iw ihat Hemn — and 
t|«it f Mi;tp04r, wfTe n hltle hurt. She i» verj' nervijue, and the 

" ill e:o to hCT " Minoh wi J 

^ V2f hastily l«nviiig Itie room, whrn V'lrtor Heron stoifiped 
lie M«ixkcd greilly »nnoyeJ M Bonit'thing. 

'WhiU WW rtiai fci low saying to you, Mtas<iTey? 1 advised yon 
fMt to let that man talk to you %q mnck Von are too young; 

ideal uiutenund, hut ] do wisli you would not encourage him. 
kevou to go on a> if he were a pentonaf friend of youn. Don't 
IttVicn, Mim C^tcy-jlo have »en»c aniJ take my advice.* 

UinoU th;inktd him n-ith a grave and peq>]ciing politeneii, and 
•Klth«(c 10 follm* I.ucy. While she was apciking to, or rath ei 
Bsumg to. Heron, the cy^i of Mr. Shcpii.irJ InJ hecn on them, 
<vo u (he eyti of Hr^^ had been on ht^r while aZic spoke to Mr. 
StPuil She p|Ktrd raw that her mciimcr to Heron wm oooI and 
ffldiflwcoi, and he was ghd once more, 

^irtor Heron turned away diiappointed. Aa Minoln ww teaving 
tertom die heard him ask- 

''\t"hcrc'* Blanchet? Haa anyone seen Elanehei? I law him 
btbthciluc^ of the fight— he came to my help in good time, and 
^bopf he isn't hurt. Look iot Blanchet. aonuebody." 

A pQTig went through Minola's heart. She Thought that if any 
tinnbidbefdlen the jkjM it might have been her bitter words which 
*owhi]nm the way of it, "And 1 wa-i quite unjust to him, nnd 
1* 11 n& coward," »hc uid to herself remorsefully. 

{T0 U ivnlintud.) 


Tk< Gmiiemeois Magazine. 


WHEN* vOim« months ojiid now, a t^cpuuiioa of LontJ 
mcichjnu jaicrt^ftcd in ific trade with Sicily waited up 
Lord Dorby Tot the puipotc of urging him lo repic^cnE to the lul 
Govcmmcni iht ,il»^1uic neccMJly of fcpr«M[»g i:nerj^ct;*3Uf I 
bri^L^du.gc which thri^-^ilfnciL liJ make ^11 c.iviLi«L\} iiilcrcouCK V 
Ulc island impo^iLilt^i lEic ncwsjmpcr* tthtch tiFLiughl the tCCODlfll 
tli« iaX^\> so Utcn by ilicse Ijjndon Intdcrit were nx^ivtxl withal« 
uf indiunfitiun in It^ly ! A few of [h? dloii.' rrh}>cc-1jililtf AAd dinA 
ful orgZLRE, especially ihnac of tJit^ jFiiriy iiuw ju oiifJuAidon,— I 
"Moderates," u thry arc caJicd In o[i]iosilion lo the "LibenJ 
which litl*: -inswers to what wr shoiiU call tlic Hadirak, dnrhi 
thai the blualiof sh-ii]i««hichsuch i iUcL niutt briog to th« chcckl 
every |>auioiii: ItiLllRQ ought lo at;! only oi a ftiaiulus to UDOld I 
evils coLiipbiued of ; thitt, indi^iuni 4i5 he cnubt fc^l, thv only poi^ 
onEwer to suth oii affronl wa« nn uAjnctt dclcfmiiuiion W remove i 
auWCT of II- BuL the gcrnrral soiutimcnt called lortli was o:icof I 
imxcd nngcr al the atid»ci(y of those foTcigntrt who had d^und 
move a forcigr Governmcfit on the subject '* If the Knglishjtnd 
don'i Ukc Sirily as Ihcy tind it, let them go tlncwhert 1" cxcUin 
one of Ihc^ patriotic wrttcrs. It was remarked in reply by I 
Qpiniont, one of the moit ably cond'LicEcd papcrt whidi ti 
pOf^tc:<4(^, tlmt Ihc writer above quoted eiidcntly d»i noL krw wl 
he was Ltlking abnxit when he invited the KngJijih mcrrluuits indi 
Willi SitJly lo withdraw ihctr cApil;]! from the id-md ; that a deltf 
nation on their part to do so would be r<jniv.'xlcnt to the doUUCB 
of all that WAS heal in Sieily. j 

But Oie Italian fcchng, which was iTriJattd by thp tOUCh oflbst 
hands on iJii* sore pTacc, Wicc is nothing when compiUcd 10 
Sicilian feeling nmuaed by an apjjc;d from Sicilian* to the Icd 
Uovemmcnt at Roracn So strong is the demand for *" Elonie Ro 
on the part of SiciJiiiti p.ilriot^ * A groirp of Skilinns (Pakriinu 
I believe) te]egrai>hed to the present Minister for I Ionic All^kitt Cfl 
Utile timf -igo, urging on hina the abtoUile ncectuiy of ul 

The " Miifia" flwrf ' Omerid " in Suily, 

^Vt ttianuit« for tlw- butter jirt^ttrcLioa of 1ir« imd property ia 
ibmL Od wliidi d SidLjin deputy tosw in liis place in the 
ibcf li» ilvtiouiicv th« ricL will] the ittEOoai indignotioo, uid lo 
ikI ^Ar ^amtt of thoKc irliu h^id sent the lel^gnuc I The 
« veiy properly rtfuwd aliwluicly :o give llicm. And, 
d, to tttve done so vould have been io render the Hves of hi^ 
n«n BDt vonh UL hour'« purdukie. 

idvhen the Uie Minustry^ shortly before Ihcy Left office tut 
itirdvemonlh.Jiltenipted to pA^cia biU giving them eitt q>tional 
klbr lite pulling down of biigandagc in ^icil/, ihcy were 
ad hj AlmosL every Sicilian deputy in t]^c ChjinLbc-r, They 
lOpOM tlicir bilL wtd the (^-ilwrc comrilvmcd lo Iht-jr fall The 
*" Ubcnl ' p^tny voted u^nat the cn^tmtjnt of any cxcep- 

PineSfe mtiit\y u a incana of uuutin^ their opponcntn trotn 
btaipg ihcir op[>OBitioQ on th*;ir unwilliogncia to cniniM 
pewier to hand* iii which they bod no con£dcii<^. Itui thr- 

dqtutics op[x»cd all meddling vrith their island inntiiiifioikt, 
trbyooe or the other pfllin'ca! party, Thcfaft \\ \\ml\ ihoy 
aUcly choose to live m their sotial Ay such aa they have niATJe 

1 oy abnd against tavf attempt (o dcart^u it 1 

i^iih cophol hii3 not yet been quite driven out of the island, 
igluhsicn ire tenacious And not eatLty l^oaicn. l^Tit here i» an 
Ott, which roi^hcrl the pTcseiiE writer directly from ilic penon 
nedt which may f<crve to shoiv how entirely ^^\i. isbnt^l ib iti the 
tikm of the uncoiled rftajia, ^"^^ l*)^^ f^^i^l ^"^h a HlatL' of 
tntst be 10 ;jiy economical atnulio ration^ 
iffe CAtsieiJ. md exists iliU I presume, <i thinily of ancient 
D{ in ihc icterior df the bland, -wliieh po&sc^seb ;l large ;inc! 
•ooUcctioa of andcnt anucjur, which the owners had co:ne to 
Etcneinaiion to icD. A Eom:x:i dealer m antiquities^, my in^ 
% tbooght he saw hii way to a protiULble iitroke of businr.-^, 
ode itp his mind to xcan for Sidly fur the purpose of buying 
ire eoJIcctioQ. Etut juM tA Kew^ about to leave Kome hi^ 
od a letter, Aying that there would be no objection to his 
lang the 4»lleE:33onT btit that it muft be understood thiti the 
ivnuld not be flowed to !>d], or the purch.-vset to remove his 
■a from the inland, without the pfiymcnt of a ecriain named, 
Ely rvtonionaU'f percentage to the brigand chief^j. The l^niily 
woa ffid not Bcem to conceJve lor an iui^l^nt the idea of <li£- 
I or roiAing this decree in any manner: the Roman deiiler 
^bn joumey. and the arinoitr Joiibttesn 1^ still hanging un 
nbBb^ il h^ remained ibr ju uutxi/ cunturice* 


I'ki GmtUmatfs Magasine. 

Ko«» beSxc spc^kifig of tbc oMSdo in which it actii' 
■liilc to expUin v^t ihb at^tfa u and meant, fbr nwijr CMHil 
tddft hive bc«n cuirent cooiccniuig it. 

Hereiftfae b«ii ci)vluiation I Iii«t found or th« word, liki 
tvcn by Sifpior Frmchctli Iri liib rcccni wurk on Skfry, Nd o4l 
tlir gnfal number of wril^n oii Ih*; s»lijc^-t, idiooc uvritinc* I li 
teen, secini ed have undentood ih? matter ai UiorwiftMy u hf ll 
" La mafia^ he x«>i> " b & mcdivv^ sentimetit. \Vbc>K>cvcT bM 
th^ he a.Ti provide for the prototlian and ^cturiiy of hU pen 
vid hi* goods by dint of hi« own (vrwo^ ptcnvoLt and inflixil 
wilhfjut having viy recDijr»c to bw or ihe ccmsiuutcd authoKufi^ bi 

Htui thofc who meld ihc po>*«!n of. and profii by, Ihe vi 
uc lermed majieii ^ btit il i« an error to iuuginc th^l iheiv n ■ 
de^nitc ftodctf so named, ikcdel or other, «rhich h^ cvrUinnI 
ftikd lo which a nun ii regtihirly Admilled, If we inuguie i ich 
in whkh, by reuon of Ihf negligmc^ cif ihe numer and the qniMl 
tempcmment of the nu3£ of thr >iniller hoyt, "buDyjng* bl{ 
|rro««e%t form ii preralcni, the "btiHicK*' Jtrr then* majUo. 1| 
sociciy where !aw fan hardly be *aid in exi*i, where loiig cenivi 
of the mo?! mon-iETflUsly bad gcivcrmncni have r;»(i*ed ii lo be i^ 
lion of ihe nature of every mnn in every cIm* i<i fiomider luff, il 
All appril to the law, a^ in unmixed evil, ih« man wuh the un^ 
ment of h schooJ hnlly beoome% nni by any maTncrulaiJon or igp 
gation, bur by the forre nf things and the ^length of his «in. 
«tfA»jii, Strength will be lord of irabeciTity in the long-nin ni 
in civiliaed eommanilica. The diffeTCDce in Sicily ik thai i 
" run," unmodified by ilie inieTvencion of law, is a very short ett 
and ehu man who is most audacious in the astnion of hts »fll 

PcrViaps die rao6i Extraordinary feature in the eaae, andil^ 
tame time that which more than any other make* it seem a hnpdl 
one, IS ihal those who MiJfci miobI by the majia ost: wttctU 1/t^ 
to any f-rtiiJOs.\U nr me>is(ifci (or iht! aiuelionttion of jL They— I 
qwncTs (ii |:»ro(»crly. a* well a* those who live on thtta by raniftefl 
violeOLc— pn;kr lafftesiness lo law. In iho»c few word* (he itt 
of the causes of so liopelcss a stale of things arc Kiiflitienily 4ft it€< 
The power of the nuJ^ii iii action is supported by a <o<te 
elhk^, prt'valent and (^:<rlu5ively te^pCH;lcd thtou^-hout the iiltf 
called •* Omrrfd." I have seen this word incorrectly, as I bdtf^ 
stated in some English work to he a pravinr'n! proDundaliot 
MmiM, "humility;' which sti^ais an idcj ah nittch of^CMd 

Th4 " A/ajia " auJ " Om^riA " i« Suily. 1 6 1 

hKtttfikh undcriin the ^CiiUn r^e t^f mantJily jin tui well l>c 
^HTjVi u» I lake il, ttrrvcii fmrn j^tfrmf, uid signifies '^inon- 
j"* and ihih imntinrw h io lie thown by hiilm^, irorning. nnd 
ifcfviag all JtppfnL til Ltw- OnfTfti rrrjuirr^ iti^t y^hiir c^vn h:ind 
llcoe tbouU) pcolecl jrdUr he»d ; bui 11 aIao n^nirrB thai in any dp* 
tmtaaxKe% in vhich it «!inul<] iM\ lo he aTit^ lo dn fO, tli« man who 
ht*mirtA at fafart muvl bend hii hcntl -ind ^wfTor. Vftif^siccir, 
hcvTtrr Urdy, «Dd obuincd by whatever nmodnt of trucber^ nnd 
Vmn^ frtMi b<^hind, ih in h(fnc»ur^hk' c;unfbriTUty with eutril.) , 
kvihcfe muit he no Apir^n-I to Uw, Nor doc4 it alwjtyit appou ihaE 
Afr B^ibui. howcvfT iiKli^pii^iblc fhcir titl^ to the appdUtioni Jic 
wpfrocD the mccgcanct ol tbcirfdi'i'ftv tfjiwkiido i^Lck ouihaivk*' 
m ia Skily. 

SigbdT Fnndicni. in bb adraimblc volume refcnify publi^hf^d jif 
namre, *"On the Po^lical andAdminismitivi: Conditiomnf ftiVily/ 
ndunthi! awcflhhrjjroppittorof ihc ndghbourhood of l^ilcrmrt'waft, 
fatWimntcdiair Yif ioiiy of tho city, bhoE al Hfs he poMrd in hii rvir- 
Aii nuny ** five ot rlx bullets whiiccd past him ; hut afmr.^r 
buhly he c*cap(^d. No complaint w.i* nvtde tn the poller 
itiA, and iu> in>rt E^f notice tticmed to be taken of ihc citeiim- 
Suc wiittin a few months every one of iho^ ^ho 
put in ibo nEiempied jusorainntJon \fx\ himself 'lAaiLviHi Tinted. 
n^jffiv/, who :ilieiiipied the crime and filled, hiul imprn- 
y alUtlced one more majhsif ilian themselves Jind ]^^i] with 
liTci for the RiiJitAke- And ihc "jusivce'^ thus donr eonijaletrly 
all the exijfcncws of SidJim publie opinion I Hud the 
object of the a^RAstins appealed to the hft co protect or 
turn, there would r-oi have been the smallcM chance of ob- 
any oidcnce or n conviction af:ainfii the a^i^^sina ; and thetr 
victim would have undoubiodly [08i hia life by aome Icsa 
t hand^ He would .ilfio hiwe bcvn diahonmired by his 
io amfrti, '*The mitsa of the popubiion," wys Signer 
"admits^ lecognuefip and (iistifics ihc exbtcncc of forces 
would elviv here be deemed unlawful, And the menn« whkh 
6an<* use to anain their olicctn." So thai whosoever should 
to pbcc himMlf on the side of Ihe law would incur, besides the 
ti vrofCATioCj that pabtic dii^^pproli^iion which constitutes dis- 
! « » ■, 'JTiu* rrimc* are committed in ihc man open manner, 
ib being pOTiible for the miihotiiii.& t.* discover the Mithor* 
Brciybody knows ivho ihcy iirc, where ihey arc» what iIk7 
d:nc, and what Ihcy tae jjoinj: to do, Btu nohody denounces 
iWa, nebody gives eiidcncc against tltcai ; not even ihc viciim,vtfViO, 



TAe GaUUmans Magasine. 

if he i> ttrong pnoufih And bold cDou^h, awiits hk oppcntniaLf 1 
■vcDjc htmtcIT; ir not, mfTen ^th itsigi^on And tt akaL 
ptnboilcc ihc police by cUdi of ml >nd ooi^'ity mccc<df> in ihci 
TDOcTicnu after the cornmisucm of a crime, ia obuinJ^s tone 
the pcrpcmtors of i;, or some dcnanciMion of (hem, all 
afi toon 'M a'oi the trial be^n». WimcMcs deny whfti ihtf 
|irevK)U»ly ^jid ^ thoj< H'ho luvi; ucuii^d nithdnw their accimt 
De&pLl« cvidenoc aiu! the public noionety which point out ttic 
uiinal, tht taw [)> impotcnl for the pufiikhmcni ofhini. 

The fi^lIuwiiiM iicctjum of t(jc diTiculiy m wliich ihe rejjicMwai 
ofthie Government — the Prefei.-t — fintk hin^i^olf on airi^ing at Pull 
and cnlenDK on ihv dutii-A of lii^ ofllce, iii «o cunoun and ffo 
that ^i;; <jJiiiuL ubsLiEii houi tikifiK it from Stg&gr Franditfl 

A TrpnTBTnlativo pf Ibr rioverrmri^t it «pnl to r>li*rtiio arn'^l wTlEi tit 
bxIcAlIciI puviA ever tl)v nlllTiry ror(« of ihc whole uf the lilontl. aarl m 
civil adnunut rAiiuo ol ihc {Jiaytncf of l^tknito, uml vnTii crdcn to do Lii 
bf the iv-rtt>Ttli%]impn| r>f onicT- lie jiirivr* full nf n?!. and nn^rni^j tli 
or AtUiJilUfi ll^LJ mil pmpnoFLl whim. HW (ini VtjiiDccc li lo look UQUftl 
and KCk fOt fomj* i:inc wh'*' mfiy ^vt Eilm iiiTofiDalloD i^hiffi ui&y 
diacnvcnht; Ibc cauki of >ik«>rdcr ami (he mouu uF punAhinc the i^\\\j. !i4 
[•iivrriiiiifiLr cjlbcci lie fifLiU A COmpldE tl^ruuic ur dll he nmlt &> knnn. 
lb«4Jiy. <3tk llic <^nr.rflry, lie llnd* (nv^ftful oi|[uiivirfant ^^iifi With «cfa 
in thcif olTvrt in nvrvv him with ihcit intiraqrv knowittl^ df the lociJ coat 
mlhrir muat (fcuflpljlc |iunc4ila»> ami N^tlh tUc«Ute Ami lumniJ^ mrunof 
i»f w^ln'^ iTit'j nun JiijiLFM, wllJlu^( o^i]ienTi]ij[ Ka tltmiamT anj iithpf 
Iftvc (h« liDEiciuf uf icivin^ TiutL Itc flrnla ut iiinuin«rabl» qtiiuilLlyof 
ulvptiln mUTdi-r» and rrndy Lptommli IT fnr inrboitf who wi3t pnj ihcxi 
fiiulh UjCIi uldcr AtnJ more tc«nt FCiorli nC ic]>muuiu c&cculcil t^' th? ^ 
tlir (luvstHrnciiL, bill wTiidi likvr HtJit Uit uii of au4>i>i]iJiion« lliin of 
ncnii. In 'neU d lymiJUiuei uf ihiofih* ia ilriwn^ nnc nuy uy, iA\^i 
ott thr duFit f^irix which he finilt within hiin«ch. \\t rccufrD tu lEiciindjiM 
tin vtd lltflirUjn (JovtniTHpiiT, wliLfh h**^ tKwi l-Ltih riiliidjr Tjn>krB *i(li: 
|wni*tT* niil^fiijii-ii^ tn W rrnviUnl jn itivrirmcJ furce crflhprhovtnuneat j l«^ 
the (.Vav«nirL>cM unLti^na un ilivui : Ue Oftcrkt Lu ibcm ihf otnou of the 
police -, bt Allows rhc ]lic;lI AitmLnLiCiaiiDn^ ui(i aJI L*ic coTcrnnicaUl 
tc ilU hiifl [ht |»oWTr (A X\tc mfliirniiiJ jjirinrni* from whuui he lemw* 
. . , Ami rtifii rinr ^'■^^ ihr< niFTrflnl^m f^i^'l by tlir Covvnimtu, 
one Uiiy uy, faiiTi lh« Gflvoniucm the ^Tutt of WLAnVint: nch 
arv iKi luxukci] b^ ihcntfcWc^ which xh^y pLinrtUAltjr <ln whntrts vpd 
ficTori ih- nfit nlly ihiiiiix Ur^ m\t\i i^vni jiiJ »lWiitr nilJi (hem (Jtc pmOwoil 
llidf cnmn. M* n vnKn|; ih* ofllct*] UDLfum h4v< becft bev eaiiuBilUB|i 
4bo OA Ibf if owD uniim. while the refirciuUBiina of the GovcrumoI 
itniiiai ttf rcTnLn fyoia LultiDC tpa elMdy mra Ihc incibedt of pv«c«riK^ . 
Vpy «iKb peri]ui4> iittlnuuQiii^ 4im1 tn!iitnl Ij^ •hui ihrir fyn u> (lie HiC 
CiioHik rthOc cuvriin^ i3iciii «iih i}iv luihohiy of djc tulUp ConrvnsDt 

Jf irould be Si grcdl nuflCAke, hovcvcr, to wp;totc thu liw 

Tki "Mafia" and" OmertA" in Smiy. 163 

OS dM whole CDSimumt^ in Sictly 14 o^nfiiic.'d tf^ ihc oaan- 
Bft) of hriganrfagc and crime. The mflifcf m tAr mote 
and ihc »inis iir more intimaid)' nssimiJatcd with cvny 
UoAii ftf fhr hfidy lAdnl- Murder i* ihc fmiodfiiion- 
ihe wholf isf the iftcUl IjhKf^ resbt If (he a^sLssin 
rtj^fn prewficc rol-hflndcd on Ihcarcncthc^holcbusinisi 
proofcdpi on ihc !horo"|{hly well-grounded flasumjition 
QCVCT ab^nl from brhind ihi; wings, and is rt'sdy 10 jppi^r 
DKiit^s notice. A man vilsIii^ \o icII n hotiBc or 1 hdd 
ri«hc< to bay it whr? ii known t» be .1 at/V wr^d — a 
gun among the ncr/Nur, that is to ny. For that fiefd or Ihnt 
other vtxii vill be found tn ufTcr >i Hirtiiiii^ Tho Ihrng bju 
»o nccq^rtcd, in mnr-h i iHiittLT of comae, that ihcMic who 
t vid by Ihr vsXc of the majin very frcquciilly do not 
ly ronnHou* Jinronm TO ihcmndvM of the tnmive* on whif^h 

not necrtwry thjit 1 niao Hlinufd aay In hiiiiiielf : " Tf ] offer 
thitt fiekl my neighbour ihr jjn&Lcr will lie annoyed^ ami 
of Uuit will Iw thuc thnt swjg^rin^ fctlow, hit wif<^'a eoiTsin^ 
ledly put n bullet into m<^/' It i« ns -i matter of coiitse to 
he puB no impediment in the way of the man, who it 
luTc the mcjuii of letting loose munjer. Out why, it may 
4!oc« not ilic m.i-n who would hnve liked to bid fur ihe 
darcti not, nJunlei' lUc grcn cr, ai *-iuse him lo lie iniirJciod, 
of fr'uin)f CO be mMidaed by him ? The answc^r is siinply 
gnxer, A? wt have tailed him, is (he Atron^er rhjrarlct of 
ihr boldcvf. Ihc moat urrsLnipiilcms., perhaps al^Oj in sumc 
,thc niOBT favovired by tliance— tlic ihantroriuiving tliAt wife's 
for example^ As hanging i; tlie xtfftma rath oa which ihc 
}dru|inidcac:ie rests, though i\ be but rarely IroUKht into 
wiT i» ihi- ttltima ruth 00 which jiH ijiirraalioflal 
ts ind dtAlJngi depend — 5v> murder ii the i^ffrwii tufcn on 
vrhole bocuI fahrie reposes in Scily. 
M no dci^nmcnl of life whatwc^^r in whirh » povver 
thit uf tlie biv, >ind ho.stile (o th^L of (he 1,lw, does not 
udoiiTOhir^iUvr ^tir;Ljii of the conuMuiEe) ure managed 
witli (he mtereblhiud iheivit] of ceitain well^kMuwnund 
pCJ^uziK in the coumiuEiily. ll ptftmct »» a metier of 
ihcy th^uld be «o. If the ui1[ of the persons in iiu»lioii 
Vc uny whn'-socver amount of corRijilion, mulvers-ilioii, 
bf fundi, oppnsuion of the poorer cla^iu lu \h-: 
the ridier^ Jt/^ fAir ii n auiict of coimv too. Aud ^^ 

7X-f C^ntltm/tn' t Afagazine. 

proliably m-ty n^t w-Cur to iin/ of Ihosc who sidkinii to thi« ijnni^ 
and oppression lo my it> thcmsclvw; the rci»^ *hy *n tfri* maU 
vcrafttion tJikr* plftcc, the reason why the making of lh^i wm 
necessary road is cmtrtnicd (o A- B,, whoi, instcaH nf c^Trytng out t# 
contracr, put* the money in hiS pocket— why the whole comanoe 
rotc5 for the rr-clcfiion of ji maycrr and rodncillor^ who ^rcknovnli 
hivtr icaniUlovisly rohbcd ihc community— is, that tf the nuj 
dtd not giv€ Ibc conlMcI to the fraudulent contractor, ud if 
voters did not vote for the comrpt mayor, not many tvcckftvoijU 
p.vsrt hffotc the offender would be ihot from behind the (^omef ofj 
hoitic or fl gnrdcn v/i\\\ while Iho ^cal C !>,, ibe .^j/i? uw^iir 
ofthc difftiet^by nil ivdl known to he such, b tctnquilty tmol 
hiaci^r or bunging down the villngc street wiih hin hand* in 
pockelt r bill ihfl-t is whftt is in the brtckground of oil ihi^ir mirt 
jtnd the. result i^ not only a great fear, but ft great mpe^^l (or thei 

1 remember a story told me by a friend who had juti 
from Hgypi- i!e a^kcd his fukU', while tra veiling, to whonibHi 
a handftomc 'looting house hy the side of the road^ *' O sir, 
Ijve^ So-nnd-sot Most rcapcf^tabic man, sir. The other digp 
tilled bi'i cook! /'>v respectable raiin, sir." Tlie F^-ptian uJ 
htft KngJihh more correctly ihnn many to the manner born ' I*< 
man who had killed bis coot was fi miin to be rcspeclfd> And lU 
ftcnitmcnt of the ??Lcilbn is of precisely the same nature ak thii c»fl)it 
Egyptian. The man whose lawless violence was so mflsten'ul mW 
kill hi-^ took bccatisc he had offended him wnt a man evidcmlru 
bcfearedn " Rcepcctcil," in the ethical conception ofthr EprptiiB 
and the Sicilian equtUly, is synonymous with *' feared." 

Jiignor Franehetti shows with great abundance of dcui)lj ■IB 
indeed one knew from tnflny sources befarc, ihai iln* ierron« 
[>CT^adcs every — HbsoUitcly every — department of life Ereii rta 
fund^ of charitable foundations ^rc distributed in accordance frilb iv 
diclntci. Not A servant can be hired or disehatgcd withou: refereV 
to ihc wit] of the unseen power which is paramount in the UbnJ. 

I have [pointed out thai in every commui^e tliere wdJ be foiind tM 
mAr\ or some family whose will is law in that district* who ^as^c/Vt^ 
of The rommimal fitnds, controls the elertion of mEiJiiei|»al 
whose pro]«T[y is never touched, while deprecations of all sothi 
constantly committed ngaiiisi thai of others, ar^d whose motfu 
fncqiicntly arc incrcascJ from sources Lhe nature of which cveiyi 
unr!et*lands perfectly welt, ihough no one drti-mn uf mt 
/iiCJTt ■^u^^'f persons or fui:oiUca ixni the despotic lord* of iheir > 

and " Omtr/d " in Suify. 1 65 

ti nuy tic rvflfUjr undcritood, U tioi imfri-iiucnily happeat itiU 
Kf nufbivcanvslncai ihc ilirun^r, tli^uhcrc ui^y tic uUicr a^pinnU 
Itbcpoutiun nhiclt 1.bc>' hulJ, And Uivii itlvti^ a itUtc of Iljin^i 

K mmJtM'n of u jiny sutus ur rij^hc m iv^uili cuch oihtsr. Fur 
I nch A cue the ti/f{na rath of munJei \% x\ once appealed 10. aiid 
enmoins ihc cock of (he mLW »ho coa murder mott Tbtu ^inily 
hii are j(cnci>uO which o^vn tiulurc; ttll one t>f the rival races J> 
flcminaicd. Rccd^tly, in x diurici near 10 PaIctiuo. a civil Tvjir of 
& nn biiAc outi a£ Siicnor Franchctti n:lHtv&r bciwten vm> f^imtlic^ 
tw ooatcndtim for preeminence' The murder of a member of cjoe 
^vxtf Tu pTOAnptly avcn|fi;tl by the killmji of one un the other »ide- 
^ (hut in that one coniuuinc, and in \ht; spjitc ^rf one yeur^ tIictc 
(CM £re-3iftLl-th(7Ly ini.irdeiH 1 

WhcD d riv;il>y of tbii vort bri^^kv out. Uicrc iriricpi jlu unfKilvkj^ 
OiScQC^ to ipnail tht; opcn(Lozt> of mine nniJ violence uv(*r H 
aNinuousTy inc;reaiui4j aica» ^^ Ejch pirly*'* ^uy^ Sitinor Fnmcbeltf, 
'ihonifi LEH buiscv from ibc inexhuustiblc jirscnal of poljijcal or vvcw 
(fpoin piutie«i Umauefi little whm. for (he lumc u all th^it Ii 
nainL Then ejch of ihe rivals, iccks to reciuii hii p;lic> and c\(end 
milloncct amcrng the clouet of maJefaccoT&T £i>uu»m:s jmii (lio&e 
ujtn^ ftom juttice* And for the attracling of ^uch ^idherent^ for 
« GKoungcmcni oroldfupi>or(erb,:uid lo invite new onesp he seclLs 
I qicnd his repulatbn for power, influence, and violence. His 
necE ii u> «how (h»c his clivnEu^ k-t thdr bubinc^v or th[;ir n^d be 
bttitrmyt sire aaauicd of iiid :Lnd ptutecuon never fading ihem, 
^ ^vrxjv vfliocioujk And (bus eucli hi;:id uf a p:LrLy adds to (he 
cfaictB eonmiitted on his own ftctXfuni ihoce cunimitted on bthulf 
Uiadherenis He rtscnis injuticK done to ihcm a^ if they were 
> ovQ, and he udopi^ theit qt];UTel& and vengeances." One is re- 
odcd in many respects of the Border life of some couple of himdred 
Mt igo^ larc thai the crime* of the Sicilian outbw are unredeemed 
roy toarJi of generosity, chivaliyt or manly f(;c]Lnf; of any kind. 
■> aure deep and tu'rciching indication of t!ie piofound degrada- 
n tJt character uid Kniimoni p^evaihnt^ tlian the lise of the: word 
bv'tAI" eo «tpreia the meaningE it signities in a Sidtian mouth, 

1 ha*f shown, on the authority of Signor Fmncheitii the extreme 
fcnihy which the Govcmment has to contend witli in deuJiny wilh 
btiflSJcilj'. But it baa in its hands one most poteut arm, the 
•■tofwiMthmmi now be explained to ihereader. This formidable 
*pa»coDa*t»of rwojMrts, the "admonition," and " r.ottt^MXwt^ 





'J'A£ Gentleman's Magasins. 

reudcDCi; " {ifemiaVw cmfffo). When l\w [h^Vkv fiiu rc^uon, 
prinlc iufbmMLion of ixs ;i^-iibt lu tunpt^ct iny uulividcul u 
cruniiLil ut an accumplicc in crirac* it w;itchu itut pcnou, U lEi 
vutpir:ion« utc con^-mcd by the results of such vaEdtfulnc^, the ii- 
dividual ifi clcnounci^d to ihe Prxior, The Fmtor seeks iitfonniuui 
on the subject (secretly)* !ind if he has reaton io ihinlk that the ^dic? 
have bc^'ii li^ht in iliJ^lr su&picjon:^, he " odmonihljci " the nu^nLcd 
jnfr^n noi to i^andui.^ hiru&elf »i ft inviner calcul^ed to give rix to 
furLhcr suspicions. Thertcwfo™-arJ it [s Uie Juty ctf th« jiipniii of 
|>LibL[c t«curily to (log thr; sLepa (>f (hui tn;xn, unO ii>:ikc ihcindw 
riciiuuirtiefl with all his habits, his haunta, ind ihc pcnons vb«f 
fiocir^Cy he frequcm^ Should hi« uonduui »ucm tci thr:rn tovouiiaur 
c;iLkiil,ili»i to arouse suspicion, ht' ik a^Iji tei^ioflcd to Utc FnOor, 
Add if thin duQunciation should jLpp(f;ii.r tu bv wi^ll foucidcd, & to^ 
dt^mnatioM for "contravvntiun vf aditiumU'jn" follows, AlWrlbA 
thtf Minipter of lh« Interior m:iy. on the proposal of tlitf VrxkO. 
htnii^ntc the mdividu:il in <iu<;slion to dffmidHv Ci>trfti> — ^uc i'. 
coiidt'UiiL liiin to reside in Q,ny tiput whidi iimy be ;LKH^nvd tuliiitt, f^ 
twoyenr* if Lhc condemnation had been preceded by ocitiidniorniwa 
and fof five years if it had been preceded by two. And whtnthw* 
lufo Of those live years are over, a new admoartioo tnay at cnnr W 
inflicted on the culprit, fulbwedby 4 new cQudemnation to jj^-^'^'^ 
cuaihK So dial, as Signur FrjncheUi remark*, 'a man mayihii»l* 
for ever exiled from his home and isoUted from sode^." " It *onW 
seein," he <^ontinuc&, "'that any GtJVtrnnjent furnished with sc |hI'!i: 
an arm wouJd havi: the ifuwcr, atturduiji to tht- manner in w ;il i- 
was u^di eidier lo dt^Vnialale a. jirovini^, or to ^cfitoic it |^ jhectcllT 
And ]inK|]erity." " If only a. Gdvcrnmi^nt bt: well ^rrvvd by LI&Agc1U^ 
he ob^i'r\es, i^ih this wtapori in Jis hand&, ^' thcie if no fiim^w 
hitlJi^ii that it cannol soontr or ktci discover the auUior of it, inJB* 
iiit^lividual vo hi^h-phced tltaL ilie nuthoriliea cannot strike hjov 
And in Inilli [he powet thus given, though by i\a means gteattr ttl* 
^vouliJ be nercs5,iry fur tWin^ with such a ilatc of dungs as thAt m 
Sicily, h a tcmble one. Let us now see how u has been used. TW 
demandof new and eiL-eptionat powers nwdeby the late Miui&UTV* 
refused by ilie Chamber of Depiilies. And the present MinltUjIiA 
Ijciidct |iOL]fing trooi^s into the inland, which it is of couric ctHJOT" 
tion^ly compeLent lo du, <itrained the? powerb jiccoiTdcd to it bf t^ 
U« lo a point somewhat beyond the unnosi. letter allowed lo if 1^ 
strict Jei^alily, a* 1 siiall have uctasion lo shuw more parlicriWlr 
jjiricntly, Wcwill nnw sec huw it h.i^ employed the veiy fturonW"" 
p^wct which [he ittw hv placed in. ;U hauds- 

Mafia " and " Onur/a " in Sicify. 167 

quot* ^i^iii Trom ^uqf Fmrtchciti : " The liais of the nume- 
p«noil« ' admoniihcd ' and sent to demkiits aaattif in the ctly or 
and its cQvin>n» ore; like therac in the oEbcr pam of Kicilir, 
ECoi ia gE034 put with Uic namo of the |>ctly ihlcvct the doLin* 
fUDUofmrnci imporunoc, and all that small fry or cuEpriia which 
■every counay is led to aUrcofinv^lantyby povcny of idJcnc^a— 
■cius cf pcnoiu iroublcsotnc r^ulici than tUngeious to &odexy, but 
vtudi nuy bv rendered (longctous by the appliudon to ihcm of such 
Highmcnn, li, on the other hnnd. there ore not worting some 
ttOB of dangcn>uii 4j&i»jn»i of the l^^wer cLosai^, rar^ inde^^d an: the 
■Boa of those U-j^efBofthc ut^.^r, the orgvini^cr!] of dime, enrichod 
^ttfoKfaftg thctr mastery on oiijerii, and who have tu nuny co^a 
Wpoff, by ft tyttcm of tecT^ri^dV iliu ;ibsobte dcaputit of jui untiro 
oiBunuiiv. And in tbern? liats tliuri! is oii alicinst tfiitirv ubbvuce of 
tb romea of tho^ tyr:int£ bc1on{p.ii^ to a higluT B|>htiiVi n'ho are thv 
^wc, ihiJ bvijixming, :ind ihv fijuud^tion of tbe vuac aystcm of ttan- 
CWtfy rioki:Lce wbich oppresKr^ iliv coiiritry* 1'hcte ia aoine iiefjift 
'ati:v vtdcb protects their pcr&oni, and Mii'pofts Ihtfir influL-iici;, 
^KM vtionuocver ii raj.y bv, aud CfipifcbUy ogoLQat public 

nis ic a mcBi tremendous chtub'c against the Goveimnvat of the 
<%,« liL^asdgai&itthc JLUibvtjiivs in th« Ul^uid, But surely the 
'iocw"" cf which SignoT Fiauthcui spe^iks k nut so very srer/t a 
f"K Ho has likoKlf in another yosvtge ofhisboolc spoken of tbe 
^ihua portion of (ho »um8 levied by os^ciaEion^ of ni:i1er:LctoTS 
BiliCtidpe of bhck-iniil or ttcK y^^v-^^ imd iht IJki;, goi^ ii3 aLH^Ltri; 
frnvoioQ tor Ibe criuiinvla In hi|;h lEuufius .ind even iif A^iMf. It is 
*^y imporG»ib]tf 10 bcheve for un inSL^nt th^E tlie majkn' •* in frock 
^^ax* uid while tsloves,'' who JLte ooLorious to tjveiy ma:L tn tliij 
^bq4 con never incur vten l?ic tinijiijit. ion of tbe police w ifuih a 
A|m as to produce an *^ ddmomilon," As Signor FraoclieUJ luin- 
■elf^bMrves. there can be no crime so hidden that ihv system of 
**i»o<iiaoo," and the orH;iniscd eij.ibiiii^ on wlikh il is based, 
•oiJdaotaiail todiacorcr it. Awd it ii to be observed [hat wnh 
ftftdDgof this ircmendouu wtipoii do difTicnUies of leyal process 
o»i micrfcrc. Witnesses «-ill not ^ptaki juries will not tonvict ^ 
^TOtiqn* arc impossible. But all this rnatien but liiOi: to ihc 
'Mpntatc who can proceed by '' admonition " ;iiid domidUa ajutio l 

Inoicvi wys tlic *.inie author, goes with }\ttr cyirs Uind^igcd 
VcaniKippod up, groping in sejldi of mminals and Ji^safi^ms, of 
^■WjII the wt'/^d, save she alone, kni>W5 iierfccdy ucU wbcic they 
-te 4iad who! ihey ore doiqg. Her jj^fcuts ^ue inetEuent, 01 '^^ 



T/te GcnilffmaH^ MtM^azin^. 

rmy llCL GiMS might be cited ki ivlmli the oitaUiric^n Ijh 
slict force) have been beating ilic juounlj^n* and vaUi-y* ubi: 
snow and twn, while the bfi^uul Ihey arc m neuxih of bu been 
quilly pauing Uii winier iii P^Vmio, and hy no m&^ii«;ilw3iyi 
Weicmerabci the levcTalioni o( Mr Rji*^ wlicn he relijincd 
hilt «oJQijrn among tlic bngands i how thi^ bn;;ivn«l chief Lconi kot 
all ihat wai paMing re^peeting him an<l hi^ victrm nt PaJcrtno; 
he wns inroimcd even of the pro[ios-ils djinTSicd nnd the 
formed by the mcmhtfi of ihc victim's own (ainily in hii c™n h< 
In short, thAt the adlhoritiiis are ^yattnuttcally bctmycd bf dieir 
Agcnb is abundantly clear iind undeniible. 

Yet J m.ijority of the Chamber of Deputies wtli found \<tAi 
th-itno c-xccptioTiftl powers were needed for the e\liipation of 
ganrfflgc ni:d lawlessness from the island, Jt is injc that the vow 
qucfllion was in a great measure dictatcd^not by any eon^rlerftlico, 
to Che qi-icstiDn whether Jtny such powers were needed nr not need* 
but simply by cneemesa to use the opportunity which presented i( 
for the ousting of the then Ministry Irotn their pUccs. Hut 
refjsa] of nil such powers to the exccutiye was violently ^^upjiortcd 
the Sicilian deputies themselves, and by those w^ho thought that 
should be for the Sicilian, and governed by " Sicilian ideas." 
tnisforlunc of that vote has l^een that the country has been mied 
a Ministry who ciuiie into power pledged against the Adoption ofi 
cjicepiional nica?mrcs in Sieily. It la a cunous fat^t uIto, and onCi 
wide signifieaoce, that the " Liberal/' that \% as wc should 
Radical Ministry, which is (n opposition to the " Moderates.' cdii 
Wt should say J Conservatives — the Liberal M inislry finds iissuj 
mainly m the southland their opponents in the nortli. So that, 
invellinfi round tht Chamber from " right " to " left," you trc. 
taking the matter roughly and in general, moving from north 
south. Thus, even independently of ihe fact of thciT having 
mined themselves to the task of ruling Sicily without having rwxi 
to any execptional means, they cnnnoi afford to lose ihc supporti 
the Sicilian deputies, und of :ill the Neapolitan sympjtlhiwf* 
them, who hare a constitutional objection to adding to the jTOKcr< 
ihe l:iw. 

From what has been said it will have been tindcrslood that 
notion common in Iialy^ and probably uniTcrsal to the north cfl 
Alps, Hut the mttfta and brigandage arc two nanieiL for on* and 
same things is trroneous. lirigandat'c is only one of ihc formfti 
which the majia shows itself. The brigand chief is perhup 
picat petfcct product and manifestation of the spirit of the 

Om^rfA " in Sicily. \ 69 

he Uve» in tbc nio^t con;ii;iat and open defiance of and 
iil4y to ihc b«- ; bccauu ihc nud-tcic^ needed fur hi^ pui^uic^ 19 
¥j 10 cx\i ihc DUpdAci^ of oihcr} engaged in lesii hazardous tt^iIcs^ 
IbvcaiMC be 11 coiwequenci/ more able to Inspire /car, v^'hidi 19 
bftte and foundacion on which ihc entire sui>e:^lTuettiT(^ of 
mtfia re&ts. The whole mciilI life of Stviily is pervaded and 
imt6 by the mnjh : briguidigc i;; only the cuEminating blossom 
dkC pbAL It is the monlfcMaiion of 11 which we nAturaLly 
mosi of on this sMe of the Alps, which iJio*i strileca Lbc iniagi- 
loo, Ukd moft «>nccii». those who irtivcl, or woutd wistj to travel, 
in; Liiand, But fof ih? inl)iibit-ini6, and afl regjirds the hope and 
iRhJSly of rccEannmg and r^encraiing the taland In future, 
(pitfi^r b by no lot^ans the nio^t tiupoitini feature of tlie cviL 
1 B it, or rather ouf^bt it lo be, try a v«ry gr^at deal, the nioftt 
kuH to deal wUh. 

Tbc specialty of biiganda^e properly eo called, as it exiBts In 
bft b thai thoK who iro enf^a^ed in It fellow th& occupaCion pro- 
tioMlly, Olid do 50 in organi^ird kuids, '[lie btter quality dls- 
^iibcs the brifond from the ordinary nmlelactor, such as he may 
totd in other conununilics : the former raorlcH the distinntiun 
xcfn hittuid the bulk ofthcSicibnn popubtioD, who live iheirortH- 
TU>c» in subjection to, or availing thcmHctvcb of, the power of the 
ia. Tlw eatirecy of Ihi?, ii is Imc, is founded and rcMs 011 murder 
the background, never iax dieitanl, and always ready to come to 
6int, u bu been shown, And^ maifmuch as (he brigand is a 
kri pnctitiorier of murder, and always ready to undertake it, it 
f frn^cRUy occurs that his scrvfcea arc put in rcquisdtion by those 
I hive need to tccut to i\\ax utUmn rati't of Sicilian society. In 
, nothing wotild more et^cicHLly tend to conft^r considention and 
icctability on a at^o mn/tit.t<i than \\\t known hcl he had such 
a] xelations with a bng^nd chief 3.% <;hould promptly and surely 
X Ac iBttcr at his ordcrsv All brigands, therefore, are /trq/hJi\ but 

tU ma^ti btigand!!- 

Ihe tdj^irtd hai no other piofcwionj cndheaiways recognises the 
hofity of hi* ehief. He not only has no other profession, but he 
icei no atlempr at ptctcnding to have any other. And for this 
vm^ ik^pTKr the fact thai no Sitiliin wili help Justice in her effort 
apCtRtacd purn»h him, it i* far more pogiibie to rompOS^ his 
Jroction than to root out any other frrrm of the mafia. Thu3, 
uUqTc has been done for tbc reprc^ion of rrime in the island 
liifto^l entirely conMstcd in hunting down the bands of lirigands. 
<ir ftgtii and the/ occAshaallyt iberc(oiet are got lid oi by ftvG 



ocpcditi^us [>Tr>cc«i of shooting Ihcm down m fair fight %\ 
troops. It U thf^ only way in whi<ih Ihfy iir/^ Mt»rdClonly gotiMi 
For i£ ih.v. I>rigani] h^s the good fbrliim; to fiiii mto the handi 
hit good friends the police, and the courts and the junev hff 
lo]cr,ib[y 5ure of eacaping conviction. And if, for imfattM, ' 
were f.onvicted, he is quite sure of bdng allowed to retuni Idl 
orrujwjlion afitr a longer or ihonpr period of xcdualon, if he^l 
«acapu Trom prisDa at anc:irlicT Jai«. 'flic Government kwi» to 
the di^crent cstablishmcnia of '*hulk&" mention ihaca±« of one p 
[toner serving hi^ lixth con&neinent fur life. I'lve liinei* liiecdtx^ 
hiLs cither escaped or been p^udoncd. And imiamiLch Jts (he icnicf 
of imprison mcni for life ia noi awarded savu for murilct (and « 
often not for that), fwG perhaps ^-oluablc lives have been soenllovli 
the sake of prcacrvirg thi-'i oive ^orthicsa one ! 

The only ehanoe. tht.T?forc, of finuJIy ^^otliEi^ hd of a brigi;ad 
that he should be killed in gghc with the troops. And ?udk afl A 
of him is not ^ distasteful t^ Sicilian ideas, or £o likely to pron 
indignation and hostility on llie p;Lri f>iai^Y fturvivort, at ihc unjU 
interference with Ihe real fundataeiiial prindtilca of the oaw 
in^^timiEon of Ehe majia. Trubably tlic inhahiuntt i>f the di>incl 
which he prtved may hive souke gtndge ag:iijut bim ; but ther ki 
better than lo expect that his untimely cud will in any degree libd 
them front Ihc lyrartny and bbdc mail \q which ihey have hi 
subject Uno avuJsfi, wn defidf afUrf Probibly hia ftnt lieum 
may be promoted to his place, if he is a mm of sufficient CWi 
j^iidacJty, and n-source. If noc» the bun<l ^'ill piobably b« UB^ 
mated with that nourishing in on adjoining di&uict- 

But the main point in ^vhidi brigandage eoroes. into coni<iet ■ 
ihe general life of the inhnd and the no n- professional lirigond pM 
of tile popuUtion. is by the commia&fon of the crime which iba I 
calU manutfiizhn^^ U. the hnrbonring, conciuiUng, and givingjidJ 
comfort to malefactois. For this, as might be readily suppc«edfr 
ihe general rondUions ii^ the island, b a ve^' eommon oSo 
itnd one which is common to all classes of society. II hasb" 
shown— and. inrlted, needs very little showing— how great an iacri 
of consideration and Eiocial standinj^ must accn^e to the noblest X 
wealthiest landed proprii^tor in e-i^lcIi a condition of things and 
feelings 0* has hctn descriltfd, from having a profession,!! muri 
ot hift beck fttid cal]. But the services which such mtn cau refl 
must, as is natural, be repaid at need* ll was only the tf 
dniy that all Ihc |»apcTs had an account of the detection of one of 
hading ptopuQXoi^ ia the south of the isltind in the act of shi 

of sh^ 

Tke'*Afa^"and"OmerJA'inSi£tfy. r?? 

Ivffoota wvrc m Eevch. Of tlie OcLtchua of thu wcalUiy puthdan 
'bqawioa inacb v?« li«ani : but nothing hua been h<;Exrd dnce of 
mtj mdb from th;it dcieciioa 

Now k «-lI] U; lufTlckitily di^r, from what has been EiiiJ* that ;Lr]y 
' GftivnMntfuc lutirif, in diiyiuvuipt to nxklm Sicily and place it ou the 
howc%«T loii|c ihiil pHt?i cjiay iiromib:; to bc^ by whidi it iiiay 
tt> tile pru»pcrtty wluch k once ]X)«scvai;d. un exumlingly 
and ihomy Uik before ibein. The piuHeiu Govemmeuu ;ind 
B^Lcon Niuoiera, in wboic ileparinwtii, j^ Minwier for 
A£ur(, the mutter lies, while pfof«*e01y adhering lo the 
vole vltidi rcfuncd lo ihcii prcdcccuor* ;01 cAccption:il 
for dcaJujg with the evii undci coJiiidcE^tlion, hjve tlierns^elvei, 
himcd lo«3n]« the beuianiii^ of llilii papur* cxcei:dcd ihe Untitt 
ponv? conceded by the bw in n very striking mcahurCf which 
[«dof)lcd on the l^sc day of Apiil, Then; ^v[i» iji Jie inland a 
body of police called mi/iti » dwisUfl^ who&e duty wa» thai of 
lUO putke. They dij iiutlivi; in butmck^t niji fonna r(;yj;inieiU, 
7 con lin:d in hii ocvn huuse. and the !;iieci:il object and in- 
of them w*% to secure i. body of men who ihotild be 
;UyACiquamtcd nith the lx>c^iicsand the inhabitants of ihcm — 
[bb)ccc, indeed, vbich wax thoroughly atiojned- Well f On the 
LoCApnk bsu in cvcty province throughout thetsfand. at ihcsame 
\mA boor, ihcM men ««rc called out as for .1 review. Tlicy were 
i^uinty furroundcd by h/rtat^lifH^ Sk ihatouyldy tnisiy l>ody of 
mdnly rccmttvd ffoin iW hills of Pitdmthril, who hud teceivt-d 
U hatt tkrir mitiktjt kadttL The: SJuih'^n hyrs^mtn wi-re ihtu 
to diuaount, atid luivinu doi^e nc*, th<.y >^^^t<- dividi-J iiitu 
Citcgorie*. Th4»i- in Ih^ find of ihe^e wtrt- told thai theii 
would 1>C Accepted in a it^w budy of ntountL*(l gu^rdu about 
fonnetl upon \\ oew lycteni. Tliose iu tiie second category 
updtred to lay ^<iw:i theit amis aji^I strip otT theii ujiiform, 
ifaey did. then and ihere^ They were then Infi^rined that the 
had ao fdrlhfr need of their vervicet. uitO they nii^hl go 
they j>kased, TJiufie in t}ie third category were ^hniUrly 
to lay dottn tlicir armi ^ud pult kM their mxirunn ; and \\ wa:^ 
ioiinMted to them tl\at they were under attcil, pre<i lory \.<.\ 
•Ol to Ai^iVt^^ nioi'/ij! Thii lait ttep constituted the iLlt^l 
! Of thne ungularly dramatic proceedings^ for the condmrnotron 
\ hmki£^ OM^tUr mutt legally be preceded by *' admonition," It is 
r, however, diat the m^r^mn //-x of ilie safely of ihc Staft will 
lo panfy thit somewhai h^h-Jjindcd bit of dcsp^JU^nv^v^u^ 


lublc, itlfto, th,il Ihoic who brtt knf>w the whf>1e stair of thr ca^ 
will be tnclincd to fhinlc that the ctror of the minister corsislc^ in 
ict-iining inyponion of a body of men, a veiy great number of rlKcn 
were noioriatjaly in le^i^^ with the criminati they were employed to 

In cdntlusion, it mny, ] think, be o^ntidcrMl as prQv«1 bqrood 
riw pdssibilily of timibl th.n there is nor the remotest hoj* of » 
tlilming &nd rcgi^ncrating the island wiihoni citccpiionil (Ticasiirw flf 
a very drjmtir kind, Thcrc.irc nol wciming ihmighiliil 1ta1i«n)«ltf. 
iiiurh mi^doubl the efticacy of itny mcnsuics whfl.i«»ocvcr to effect lti 
Cflil in virw- Such js not mj'own opinion. Hut the ftrsl thing nadH 
would bc.t Ibnrongh imdtist-indmglhatSidJy ua* noLlobe^OVlflC^ 
according to SiriliaE^ ideas- Thcxmhcs of tho gentlemen ^M bjrW 
island to Ihe Ilaliitn Parlrament might be uj^fnlly Iffttcned to in K 
perfect conviction th,it wisdom nnd ?imMid policy would be found ■ 
« dimnion dumemriilly oppo^d to them. Ihe next i^rdindl piB 
would he that ihc work of government in all its branches, Irom M 
highest to the lowest, must 1>f done by non-SiririAns, preferably ndl 
from the north of Italy. And, thirdly, though the mere mention (I 
gurh a thing wnuld make the islanders wild with fufy^^n sbsoliit*: Uti 
entire diiutnnsmcnt, under ihe steme»l penalties^ would be abtottitd} 

1. ALlOl-l-llUS TROLLora. 




BiwiBckMCT, TrtUch licihtnka b«t *>« pfoperJy prini«l bfln intrudojalon :— 
'*S>;'-IIi*iB^nv]inlbi«ti>&ctiDiithercnmtkiEHitbcKa)^1 Acitdrmyin ^ur 
pM*of dm pbBcMht bick, will ^dq fUovmr In^n^pknirnE lln^ni, Jinil rtiroK? 
Ik IKfiiTtn* l^ rtip '*nrIov<] >r|irff. wriictii i 1«^'"'1 nijtjiy iiionili^ ^"> l^t 
lltfdc tJt I cocll |E«l iTlltr uquiifU»1 «vk]i thr niAni and pbrn rmptofD:] liy 
lAoUl CcmfWDCDU in fiarihcnincc of ih? FincArtSp in<l mure |:cirEkiiiar|y 
fvHhfii^ pcUic nhihiriuiu <if livjji^ niL lUviiig fct niAMjr tt^n Iw-rm in- 
Milf locpiidnt*! wiik ih* ihupt Ufa of niir ArvlTrnkc liotly, — ai Wordiwonh 

" 'Tie T«y ptilic of the raachlo*^'^ 

MH^ jciiw I yy<f iIlf Iirr ihrt« nit fucit clitLlitMit iif AhmcEaln, nurl nnly fiit 
•t etfVln thai thv im^nciicibli iDiiituciDn ihovM b« tmivd ia a lliiE* pUn 
Uli^ II. lUuf Ibv opcmac of tbf L^r»TTTrior. the Ac-idcJDy rtniorc tLHmnintd 

i^aiHd EH Lomlan, ^ufL^y r1i« limc i« 44m« for iftc jiiu^-'^itil w<Et)i «hich I 
icWc viAoat w^IifL); fur jafarmiUon rq^tdini; CHjutlnenULl s^dm£« wfatch 
ibaMj vcsld mix u vtry Itltlr.— Venn ut confidciicft &&^'J 

r^HB Ro>'a] AcaJcidv, once locuti^d in Soraer&^t Hou^, tribed Eo 
L go out by tiK Govenjmpnt givins (htin iW hatf of the NfliionaJ 
pcry. ud iiain btibed Ui quit by Eh« g^fi of lialf of Old fiurlmgton 
SOMi gOM on At the present ^\y ^ it tit^;in ;i hundred and «Jeven 
m ago, with a conitilutncy of forty, boasling gf a limited elccmo 
3uy cdiioiion, and 3L(>pT0priAtniiLi the emolamcnts of the central 
bibcikm of thr; Jinuu^l pTrxlLiutiunt of mir ^t& 

PoffVijt Lliit (jcriod, how fjvixx has been tlic Uf^veJopnicnt rn every 
KT inXituliuM, |>ohtt(jJ, cocnmercml, iiicnimL, liLerary, and arti&nc [ 
LC art ^4* wvlcKoiour |Hjntmj< li'i« risen into a pvrrection hiliivrtu 
known in luatoryi aud two iqiK'^oniauvc soctdieii Ltvt; h^d to fight 
sir WA)' unjiidvd iutv iiidcpeiidL'nce- The number of iLbk pio- 
lional iniui in ihc ^leUion of pjintcr& in oil, as wifU n% the number 
[■ffchJtfOT xnd cDlIcctorfi* hot incice^ed incdkuUbly- TJie cstab- 
nneQt ofideiwrmLcni ofSacncc and An, under Hm Coininiiteeof 
WDctl OD EUucsiion, hu crtatcd aji Ait-colkge &iid Mu^tum ax 

174 ^^ C^nttcman's Magamn^. 

South KcDB[ngU)nj havEng miaor schools find coU^ea ftD 
iiiiELndiL In the London eoiUOD &ad throughout the 

arc now nuirl/ a himdrod c^xhibitlona open AnnuATl>-. T( 
va.^t ^^prud iLnd estriblbhiricnl of taste and kaow1c<ig«, the ^ 
has uniiofmly tumtd tts ba cl: ; nft step has ever bocn Ukeii. OS 
given, not a guinea ^ent, not civcn .1 smile bestowed. It H 
nothing but gather ihc annud proceeds, now amounting % 
^50.000, and guard with n land of fcrodiy the dcgnrc, ofi 
properly <j\\\ tu of R,A, fjom boini^ i?.\tcndcd bcynnd ihci 
whicli nnmhcr wi:Tc ai first comprehended, according 10 JcJ 
" flower paimers^ seal engrpvcra, die amkcra, watch diajiens aJid 

For a long time general tndiiTetencc to matters of ustc, 1 
prntigeorthifi pet found:^tiuu of George HI., who w^ not t^ 
did not see liow the up^Jcs got into the duniplini;, and who ni 
bought Jin Academy wus an cdutjiioDfllcttabllohmint tiriiply.O 
to ronuin imqiic^rifincd except fram pcrTuino] motives. The D{| 
of Ihc fiTst president, Reynolds, followed by Fnadiflnd otineoi 
Jin intdlecttiol posiilon. Now itfi position ts entirely difTerenli 
dincc the Govcrnn^unt tried to ^ervc high art by thi; dccon 
the Houses of Parliament, and found to the ostoniihcncjit 
country that there e^iitcd nmong us fifty young artists of ec 
Ability, nearly all utterly unknown lo ihc Aaidcmy, and sii 
establishment of Schoolfi under a Department of An h^ mi 
Aiandnr^l of ornamental taste bath in workmen and the pub 
Hoyal Academy reniiiining as if deaf ,iiid blind, only J4live 
Interests of its pocket, the old respect towards the body has bi 
geChcr cluingcd- PartiamenUry liiquiriL-s have taken ploct* 
resulti the Acadomiei^ns cliiirniny in fati co be the Queen's fl 
like the playL'rs of ibc time of Quc^en Elizabeth. .\]U] hi M 
Sir C W. Dilfce called the attention of the House tO the flQ 
the Royal Ac^i.dtfmy to attend to ihereeommcndauonBOf ibep 
Royal Commission, that of (S6^. * 

These rtcommendationa U'etCn we niLift: say, of afutib A 
ftnd the Rc»ya.l Aendt^my only aasiti character by neglecting pi 
S[f C, W. Dilkc'a motion produced no effect; he aeems to hr 
no intelligent adviser* ^d might havij iiaved himiScir the tfO 
doing js he did. U'e bciievc he thinks bo novr. At dlC 
Science Congress at Liverpool htst year, Mr. VVatldas Uoytf 
very good paper cm "The Influcncij of Academies upon the I, 
Nation," i^hameterising t^ioin as Old Men of the &ea» whoK b 
u-jspurtiyidfishiandMi. *\itciuaou, ^ho followed, spoke of l 

oofaaa ifisdbecd to thu writer so mixny dinat^anda and 
iota 10 vUch th« medium painter i^ lii\.h\v^ ihat he ccmc-i lo ihc 
lOnthoi tome vulilicmeatun; win tK-c:imvd:ibortly lomitig^EC 
ome Acm, A few yean ago* the ciutluu:; iiaxtiM feared his 
idling himik:U't<i so prcconousa way of lifir. Now tE is eniirdy 
l!;1he[»Ainicriaa "pro<pcTon»SCnilcmnn." Hisjintcccdcntn, 
re teased 10 be unincntionahEo. Ho 1oob« without awn and 
oae amusancnt on the profotioiul ^vind bo^ with honorary 
ailcr hit Ttainc, or 4ii ihe upcdnli^ vho^ lijniii.^ beat in hi» 
vtiow ulk i& of oxen, and who tr.'JttcA in hops, Irna^nc ihc 
of the culEhated 3L9|i^miit when Ik iintl^ ihai tuch men hold* 
in Adr hinib, hy uxcludin^ h\i plciurca froEn being seen }ty 

the interior of the Aca^demy h by no means it "happy 
nor aksk oMnpOCt body opjjosinf; pmgres;^ tike the Knnush 
lod. The three or four tuprcme |>ainiers> members of iJmt 
thQ haw this ycji^ ethibiled ai the GrDAvenor, are c^dncly 
'he dDr*c borough feeling. They ore universally rcspcMcd; 
i^ty wcRl artl-it wi:hin tlie pale ^cis 03 if he were superior to 
icot pjdntcr in Engbnd wiihaut it, and this Action on bis pari 
ioncd by ihe attitude of tlie pubtic and of iha great majority 
ptofaoon- Neocsii;)- i* loo cunsimning: year .ifier yi:iXT, 
ncmcsx in hh heart* the- middle-cloH orti^i grins and beftra hi^ 
;hcmiuie,\hibiiKomew4)cro— ifpovGiblcin BuiUoglon Hou^e; 
adrv /lar he raav set a. sieo funher I Monr. ihnt " rmnrun 

7~Af CtniUmsu's Maga^im, 

trcflcmcni he h^ not cipcdenccd foir hilTft lifetime ^Vbai 
roAon? A few roondi^ bdoirc he h.iri been oTTcrcd and ba4 

into ihc AcuLdcmy ! He W«d wtitod for Ibny fcui, M 

did not nec<l disdnrtjon, so be iraivnl ihc honaur, and il ^ 
widcrflcxvl iho! ^f^ Honlcy, ibc tnemboT'dert. who U alaip f< 
fbnvafd promincnily oti the hanginjE eommitl^c, had brrn cuJc Aj 
in-itrumcQi of punj&hing him. Mr. linndl did not submit qmetlf 
ihe pkcuie had been conditioniUy lold far a veiy Urge «uid, and ^ 
'(rightencd j]urch:i5tT fjmiubJcd ; Mr. Ijmicll hoih wrote to the Tim 
fftnd puhli^hfd n p^mphlci. and he hu been Iree truiD a Kinuhi 
ocvurrence since. This reicctiun of picmm is n waj- \\\z chamral 
ifkttiiuiinnha^ofadcfLOih'led^iQg good advice A ye^r jigi> Uic wodEi 
of cme f>f our moM cuitivaied landscape p^LinLcrs trore rcfiucd exhi^ 
lirrn, ITii* had never h^pptncd befort ; he hnd hccti wek<«Dedl 
jcftr^ but he now learned that he had been taken (or \ht »viUf i 
ccruiit «riciurci lately appearing m the ptpcr». He had oot 
die writer, and had been punished by lnia^1ke ! Mn Ai 
WTO^nt leifCT in ihc Tmts Mowed, flppriainj; the public llui 
had a right to mm out any vi-ork he chose, and that he mc^ili 
cxerdie it. which mndc him quite a hero vviiKm the runks. 

This fight 10 turn out any wort on unstated grounds ha* 
lim"bc<rn t^c Jooihoflhcani'^t. I'he reader may i^rhaps mi 
(wc ^peak. of 1S7O) a very tall uninteresting bron?e figure of 
Lawrence, a figure with narrow shoulders and iwrrowCT 
done witli the least ]:ossiblo labour, to go out to IndiA, bp 
U'oolni?!. R,A., occupying the r'^^ct of hunour, or ax least thcwrf 
conspicuous place, oppoeile the entrance- One of the nol>]e« wfli^ 
yet reahsed by Enghsh sculpture, the "Valour and Cowardicc'l^ 
the late Alfred Stevens, part of the national Wellington momjwat 
foi Si. Paul's, 5roDd cvgainsi one of the angles of (he npanmcnt; tfd 
the splendid group of **5l, George and Ihu Dragon," n work oftrndf 
omplcd dramatic anil aritsiic skill, wan placed in one of the 
galicfiefi- Ituc anolhtr large w\-'ik of ^re;»t eKcelkncc. I ud 
becausL* I must pretTiise I have not seen iu the work of three 
years, by Mr. Earle, a sculptor who once modelled the Queen, 
on th,U account was then nearly elected into iJie Ae^cmy, 
rejected. Mr. Earlt's dtatl^ which ocunrrod n few wcekit oAtf 
opening of the exhihicton, was slated in the papers to luvc f«t*i 
result or the frighrful disappointment of having the great wort «fl^ 
IJICt hifc three yi:oP3" labour, de|;/rivcd of llie chance of |)ub1ic rcecfd^ 
tion, Thi^has never been denied ; it has been confimod ; hu irid*" 
hji3 beat j^kci^d on the civil pension X\$x. How plcasmt 

Th£ R^fot AftuUmy and ExhiHihn, 177 

nlptor ccBinandin^ on Ihc oc4^ui»rt. ^rr T'li Any oTh^, 10 ftel 

bvIe vid dtfkwJC 10 prOvc, Although well known \\\ [nivatf circles ; 
ki <rc^«iOti!d ^ much fitrlhcr : wc have mvidi more to ray; utd to 
ipotk wiih brc«lf and cl«irnc!i\ let us divide out Argimicnt 

itL Is tbr Roy^>iI Atudcniy now, tn itii rrbilona to tho l^no m 
profculons, reilJy whsi it wo^ Jnti^Jidt^d at iiM vAUbliBfa- 
nkmi tob«? 

jnd. DOCA il ^dv^ntiL^outJy and honOLttably lepreieni iha in' 
tervHtA mvoived? 

jtd. It gtatuitoiu niuoiligii now JListi5^b!t:? 

4th. U Ibc Royal .UaJcmy like Old Saium ? 

To begin *ilh Ihc fij6l of these quciiwiiSn The Arts repnscntcd 

ty the Atadcmy ire Piintine, Stulpiurc. Arehilctlurc. and Engraving. 

At the time of^thi: instULilioix of the Acd Jcmy, tht failure of the 

'Sddcty" «faidi 1^ luccedvd it, x body coMUtnm^ n ^€^\ uiany 

^p-paiMcn V)d othcn luivin^ IlilI^ cIouvl lo the L:ha.ruet(;T of artista» 

theadTiMriKTiopfvpArcdthclitw^oflhe iiruposcd "Atad^my" 

a timil — a. limit, ho^vwur, hLi|)p<.<Ht:d eo W kirge <;ngugh 

ire all tlie rr-^l ^rtisl^ living, itnd which was re:iUy larger tlun 

■, a« th<f firat set nuiiibcitd but thirty-six. leaving four v;ican- 

10 be lULcd. 

Tbc fint exhibition fir^^}, befori: thv Academy occupied ronma 
imcnct H<7UKe) ccint:Lined only i^fworkst indtiding oil pUiurcfif 
aichitcrtuml ilcxi^fm, sculpturejir n^odols in *^^y^^ ffc* 
Uii« with the exhibition of 1^70, whiih contumi'd ii5«a 
aJUiough cwo WjiLcr-Cotodr Societies ^id m^my oEhurs were 
The Aculptuiea aloQC numbered 165, twenty nine more than 
m ibow no ytara ago. Archiltfcturc contained 117. nearly 
ftu^rn the entire fint >^ar'fl shott-. Jn watCT colour :!iero ^cre 
ifaogi J40, Tbe majority of ihc remainder, roughly cilculfttLd, were 
in oiL So im^iuibly have our arts Uki; our tmdc dL^veloped, 
ofofGctal neglect and Academic di'^coiimgcmcnT, c&pccially 
r-oolouT painting and hndacapc ! 
ict lu now WL* how the membership of this limited body ia nt 
|iMait i£vidcd : beginning with landscape- The revenue of th€ 
-AcvJctny retulu from the e^hibitlonf and Lt appe^ir^ from Mr. 
^^^nnfi pamphlet, lately pL;bl[qhcd, Lhat our landsc^tie pAmters 
'■taiiOcariyathirdoftheBLibi^jctpicturts, Thc^tntlcmcnwho paint 
*w* bwe bceti ihe lea« submissive under the severe Ireatracnl o^ 


The GtHtUma^s Ma^zint^ 


Inie yem, and wc mii^t admit hndtcApc ik a po(tulAr pit 
ux^juiii pcrhapri ihc moM -nLiccc^isful diviiian Af our school 
hcnithy lanfliu-jipc, ihAt \^ Co uy, Lmdsrj^pt? iniipircd bf alorco^ 
NfttUTTJ Yd Ehc:rc b not one Undscape pointer in Ihf ^ha^TiVdT' 
wittnlirr* ! Thctc 15 one painter of nhipping and «n *iil)jfrft jrfco 
pfttlialty ,1 bndsrapi^t, jind there arc tio\r three AfvsociAtct; 

Will any inTcllit;cnt pcfflon aRirmUiai Mr. l^eoder, wliMt'worb 

jrc among the most attmrlive »n (ho exln'lfiiions— we do i>ol mrt- 
tion Linni^ll, lice^u^ he rcfii>i(?d the nicr^licrfhip \\^ tod vuml b 
v&irt for during forty ycjin ; Mr. Mark Anthony^ wh<B« noble e^fctl 
■md 3ikilfiil rcJili^Ttion of nature we used to ^eer for nuayyeAlSf Ms^ 
Alfred Ilimi, a man of rare oi^comfiJiiihmcnis anrl refined strrdy ; }b^ 
llrcit, posRciKd of sueh powers of imitilioo of lexture ARilsuito 
Afi were pcrhflp* never seen before i Mes-^iejirs McWhincr ; J. la. 
I'lckcHng; WiilEon, MAtftllum i Leslie Thomson; A. II Reid;&fRi! 
<7oliJcr; Adruna; Hahcrj Aitmonier^ Linndl, jim.; Kjiveii; orma^l 
other* we could name — wjK any tritie iiRimi ih^il Mr. Vk-al CoJC; 
and Mr- QjJfes are superior to and should t?e ^panted ^m all 41 
any of these? Mr, Cook is the only scn-jiainter within the pJe. 
Should he he distinguished beyoinT J, G. N^ii^. \V\ L, Wyllic^ \\ 
Moore, PI. Hayes, C llurler, and many others? 

When ftr^t instituted, the Academy actually contained sefen 
sciipc painters,' not counting (.>aiil»boroiigh, although he 
*' l.indscips" in the first yearns ahow. to which we hxivc 
aJliidc*!, Now, when tht- English sdiool of landscape \\ in poialrff 
frifl, thr fiist in the world, when the IJUlc influence we have on tbC' 
cnntineni of Europe has been and isi exclxinivdy a Und^capc inHucDO^. 
and ihe professors have increost-^d ;i hunrlrt'dfold^-ihtre arc bul dvec. 
Associates ! It would oltnofit accm Ihul ihc amiable body h^d bea^| 
frying tJll latclj', when it elected three probationory gentlcmfit, lOi 
de^Trcry tht' moai thoroughly English branch of p.imting we |>oVe3fr' 
'ITii-s stntc of things is the nioie at^surd when v^c find three aiMMl,| 
painicrs in ibi; body. Mr. iJavJs^ one of these, has indeed 

^ Till' wiilcr irgfclii If} Ve icvrnl of our ahlFTil Cf JEiCf, turo of Ihrm iL 
tilimPlinfl thi^ anilififtl-porlicfil " .m lor ■n'* iokc" ijwcl** of bnjHjpt' 
DogUlxjuiiptnctlsc, iilK>ve one owtu Thc^ kiLawbclti^tliaiithAtlDFniKx: 
ruiil[1 pflinl- B |>iiVuiL- dnily ^K'ithciul Frc^i atudy Qf siiccillc motive; but hr 
d1I<>b1.(ot] till lilt eccrnlric U^nid avj^inii^ (clehrnlc»i by Alfihoitv K»ir, 
hlG picHirc. Olw of the IwH w^jltT» in Pari* hoa cflll«| Cmifth-'i work "*■*< 

' ThcM wac; G. llflrreU J. KichflJdi, I'auJ Aod Thoni** S«ttihy, Do^ 

Serrcs, K. Wihicn, and F, Zuccbt«11L In ainmhiLinQn of only Iji irorbEbtf* 

wzrc 40 ifrntf^apcL , 


itoydl Acafiemy and ExAibtfwn, ty^ 

p«Unrlscapc pamicr. ^klthougb iVmt is nothi^ spociAliiy. We 
MntoldthJLt ttcTc w,i4 ;rrrjit iN^WlJirjition citprciHcd >\ Vienna 
flic Imcmatioful tjliihujon tta.» hcM Ihcic^ i\ma tlicrv t^rc no 
pscnl frofn ihM Uiiiiilry save ihow of »hr mcmljcTs of the 
m^ jtnd their ftirnrts, .inj» ronwijucnlly, iran'icly any Ijiiid- 

( 0* next eummc ihc purtrMt painttra, of whom ihcrc arc 
DT d£^ nlihoufh their works arc in all rcipicu the Ic^it inlcr- 
to Uk |iablic^ ihc cniEh bcir^ that llic best ptJilrdita, or mthcr, 
mid «y, the onlj' fxnj f>ortrait^ wt- nnw have, ;Lrc those done 
(CCf hisBorion! iinl iKuntcrs W:ittH, MilUt^, and 
Of the Acadcruician portrait painters Sont is tl^e only one 
us Attmcttvc picture:!, bctiiuac lie painti latJica, Mr. Wells 
C-iixc portrait paJaicr only bccAuac j>hotD^raphy cJciinguiahcd 
^jUnro pnwiicc ; And his keen inaiioci for munidpaJ digniurics 
» hi:! work« of any intcjcsL Sir Fr.-incis Crant, Sir A\'. liomiJ^ 
Lni^i, Richmond, *nd Thorbum arc all Advancing in yean; 
their belt lime they did ncjlhmg fo be rtmcmhcrcd, cxcrjiE 
ID his nuomiufc period. A^ for Sir \V~, ItoxnlJ, who ho^ 
ig «c con recoil, he would never hjivc hccn made 
of Uic ^fatjonal Gallery hod he not been ii n^ciabcr of the 

k ponmiK in the Btmc cihibiiioji mo&t wordi looking at, 
fOulctf; Edtlit; K. S, Gregory; Misa.Starr; Misa M. Siimrt 
f ; J. Archer ; L. DKiinaon ; F. A, Philips ; wiLh Kome from 
irgtL There »'vrc others byttomt of 'jurbcHl painttTn; but these 
1k<r 10 mention at prc^eui. tajjecially an ptiriraiiure no more 
public ittCDiion. it \s no longer what it was \m the meridi-in 
Df the vt, nor even in the day of Reynolds. Coaiumc isogamst it 
en more than tiicn,. and ihc vtmeity of the sux\ is prefer j1>1c to 
mtirre chances cf an; male portrait* ^ire with inoniimt'iilnl 
r ihc defiaon ^ the dnliscd world, except in thi^ lianjs of 
f OUT £teat hiatorica! painicrL^.^ 

be Burpfiw! at this taeftion at itio irnsfnl umcv when 

of Ibfflii trt^ry SnniTinjjp,uihi[rt||i jirlf.i.'S. TUr frtcl, hi>w<!Vrr, l( patiaL 

iMcmvDt i*^m M*, E, tJwtfJ*, "On ihc Fm^ Aii4 !n iSinknd," 

pnrlonticcuicc of |ior;ruU m Uli; ai.niiAl cvhiUiliDiu ]£ incJc^'il Miof- 

« lElum lb c]&uii 'A IN< niimlTr fi ^tiuk* [gthibii-:^] timing A'm ycdf* 

If^H^i Vtiilcltic nLCUbcF of purtrakb wiis 5i<J^3p or ncflfl^ 4 Eu l» 

^)mM6Uamitaiici^'cttiifrffm;ifi lyhrvign iirt><tsthcimnv^tv« m*Jn\>a 



Th^ Gtnthmasis Magazine. 

T^ ftculpton ncvt. Thi*rc are »cvf n in the Acudcmy, Mfntleil 

AuoctJircs, ihc iTMJority or whom aic .ictuil t>'pct of m«tK>alt^ 

those ch/fsd'atn't-e-K^ x-ik for m >Min. Since thf death of Foley udflf 

Alfred Stevcn.i, who w.ii indeed the grcileit sculplorfet bom mliftf 
Und^or second onlylol'laxm;^!! in .nmenity and purity, the bat Enjliiti 
sculptor livinfi b John Bdl, the acuiptor of the '* Eagle-shTrr" tht 
Crimean Monument in Witctloo riacc, &c.; aiid the mort imatiTe 
sculptor in full praetitc among ua al present is the nAionlttJ 
Gemmn. J. E. Bochm, neilhci of ^hom arc in ihc body. Moict^ 
ihal, to keep them out it the last ek^ciiun vrhai a sculpioi wis riljibte 
ft Mr, Woodmgton, of whom wc ean hear nothing after dilificnt xx^tx^ 
antt i:onsuUaiion of catalogues, ft-a-H unaaimously elected \ Ii i» uii 
tliat whea the Acudemie porter went next day £□ intimate his elcc^ 
with the official letlcr in his hand, Mr. Fred. Will. Woodingtoc,"* 
thJ!! genilcniaEi's nanic^ now appcfirs in the X\i.\ of A^fiOcutcit woildj 
not believe him, and threatened \.Ci tick Lbc messenger down noinfll 
an impostor X I 

This amount of liA<:l(-stair influence and injiiBtiec \% pwUptl' 
revelation lu in^ny ; but in the election of :inothcr man, a uufpoxi 
Ml E. B. Stephens* the stupidity of ihe body ptruvcd itself equJ » 
thfl injusEJct!. Mr> )C, B. Stephens was actually elected in xeXM- 
for Mr, Alfred SievcnB> The sculptors at the meeting, who did vm> 
want so supcnora competiim, winUod at thf ignorance of thepaitWii 
and arthitccLs, and defrauded the most able man in the eouatr^' 
his election. Such are instances of the working of profesnou'' 
jealousy or trade competition in a limited body like the Acadctay. 

Ankitfcts, — There are six arthilcet members, all, properly spc^cs, 
leading men in their profession. But a^ ar^^hrtecis have an Jr^ntfi 
of their own, their reception into the At^cmy if^ 10 be coiuiddn 
only as a compliment M the same time, the narrowness ciM 
number makes even this an injnsrict-. We fiincy not one of thd*i 
six gtfoilemen would say thjiL the elder Pugin or 0^^cn Jones s&c«itf 
have been excluded ; that the learned archriecc whose rescarcha * 
the Pardienon gave him a European rcputaJion would not havedoi* 
honaiir to ihe Ac^idemyi or tiui Messrs. Limerfjcld; WaicrhoffCS 
Surges ; Seddeii ; Trofcssor Donaldson ; G, Godwin ; Bodlcy; Chinp 
ncys ; C. AiLcliison ; and R. P. Spien, should not be welcomed, Bi* 
to mention even these is, we feci, an Impropriety, there being nun]' 

of pofU4it> Id out EithibiLJon?— Ie it \ vtiy capmvm xuA yay jutl nAwi^f 

Ilir RojbI Acjtilcni) cxtila Ly [iie |iruAiJi uF cKhlLUioiL, itiii ihi^rc itno tfjsia't' 

tJui hriiii^a mota modey to iha dogn than \ht pomans." Him t^H iheltf** 

4iV turjwii Jndeed* 

/fe Royai A<a(fffny ami ExhibUion. 

Xh flf cultivAtrd artttttc \M\t among*! ii* wiih wlioie 

wt aic IcM fiimiTfar. The eril* cf the n*rrofr CivvrurliJxai, 

hove bMi> icvPTdy fcH by the coimtty, VV'ilkinc »«* 

Irt build (he Xfliional TMllciy mlcly U-ciiu^c Iw wa» a 

aiKl in ibccgnfidcnccof the Ai:adcnky, ^lO »[jul]1 Llic'^finnE 


;»-Thr tdion of the Academy on the art of engrjvinij 
artiKmledgetl even by ttwif to h,ivc been unjuKti/Libtc 
of the nUbliiJinitm by George III. Ihc principal enj[rav«r 
Robetl Stnngc, * Jacol^le gentlemnn of fiucily. HIh Jaco- 
noi suu>d tn Iiii way at Court, ws thr king Icnigbtcd Kim ; 
cotnbinuig aniEii «eie moilly veiy plain jo^u Du]1&, i.nclMr. 
who dici:Urd tlid* |>bn* a %<y.v\ clcv^l— rt busybody whc* luid 
t€ the kiTig — baring a Tcud with Strin^c, mntw^rc'^ a.long wilh 
Chamb^n, torxchidc the Itnight P^ycxdudrng hb Art. It was 
ih,« engraving, not hcjng .in inventive art. on^hl to be 
allbougb in rvery Acattemy m ICuropc fl hat been and la 
honoured. It t<t the democratic nrt* and pcrmealei the 
;beside«, from DuTcrand ManFegnato John Bumct.inany 
h*YC been invcnioni. That somi: personal fceUng Ijiy 
ic pfoeecding wan proved liy the rccqicion of Bartoln;ri <t$ 
; And the cffi^ct ha* bten ihoC not one of our grcatciC 
h«ji been in the body. The Acadiimy have taken off ihcir 
veto, bi^l \i H now tookcciw;: have Tl^w or no Une 
ur piibbihcrj employ Frenchmen. 

<r Po^U and Gtnrt PainUn. — To go over these, who 
nallotha dmsions in the Academy, so much so that 
bcraD The rc^i coUcctivoly, might be a hille invidioua. 
e time, gentkmt-n occupying a public position, and arro- 
ontyal>ove their ftllowfl, m>.i3t submit to be criticised But 
thcmaJI, the hnir anrl the lame, and even iho blind » from 
en who x^\y have onee painted i good picture or »wo, to the 
Xiom of Mcsrr^ Storey, Stoot", Burgess, and Morris, which show 
the Academy \% filing Uii face like flint against tht^ " poeltc&l 
*»rd dinging mare and more to modest mediocrity. Lei 
|C them, alihough any picture connoisseur or exhibiiion specu- 
Duld he pretty lure lo t^y, 

1 euiBol march ihrou^h Covcntiy wilh ibc&c, that*i AAt t 

u» ai the same time ace who are our best figure -painters, 
tdtnowlfdging that there i» a eonwidcrablc sprinkling of diesc 
rhf Ihirty-nine or forty-OTic Members nind Awociates, ThcTO 



The Gmikma^s Magasine. 

W ujvenki mcii, indeed, whoiic; nULncf vrouTd tiri^btcn thk 
wilhoLil whom rind ilic arcliiicciK» Aw Acidcmy could be ilu>vctk^ 
into the tluil bin uf ilxf j}a.4t iij-morrj^v. Two of ihcic, w^ 
prcmiav, were Ijai;^:^*! in tin- woTSt «i«rit and with the wm« ini 
The laic Mr- J, 1* Lewis vi-Jh clcOtd in t'rdei lo wiibdrnw him 
Ibc Water Colo;ir Society lo iJj« iojuryof tliai licdy,' And Sir 
Gilbert alwj. Neither, howcvt'j, ha* t'ver exhibited wata- 
picluivB ut the Acadtmy, ^uid tl-ic last iij^utt^il stilJ conunucs hU 
tributlniJs lu dif \\'^Jttcr-Colour Society. 

Ill iIk; Academy, then, Oien: ntc a number of our beat imnlcrt; 
but our »thool i« now so ri-jli and ruried, iliat iiny limitatiim, 
although Uhj miniLierH were doubled <jf Ueblcd, would itfll romia 
un|iisi. Wc huvc scea Ihtw it was with tbc landscape moi. let 
now notice in the wiuc way d»e figuie |iainttrs— " outsiderr,' to 
the Khtnjj; of ibc Academic body^— -most imptjuant in making 
exl^ibitioii (>r bitt yc^Lt the lucceii it wk& Tlic i^e^son of 1S7& 
ptrhapH, l»(; niAikeJ in oLir jit ixincit!^ .u tltc year of the ap| 
of AUh^d SiL'veiWs "Valour and Cowardict," even in prccnot 
of the aiiunijhs of LeightoQ, Poynier, Millais, and otbrR, Bum 
have already spoten of smlpiofi a& well js landscape pdnicr^. nw 
business is MOW with figure pajotets, nxid ivich these few cxocpCioQs! 
men, the most iniportant by fitr were all "^ outiiiders :" Mi. L» Rdcfc 
whose " Wi Jowcr" was only infefior to bis « Casuals at the ^Vort 
hou5« Dot»f" of lust year ; Mi, Gow, whose ^' Relief of Lc>i 
was certainly one of tlie few historitu! lectures done in thii coi 
equal to Uie l>est of the Frentli school ; Mr. F. R, Baroard. 
•'Satur<]ay Night ^' ought to be mentioned ool)' after Hoganh 
Albert Minjie. whose *m^l contiibuLion calkd "Beads" sap| 
hiB tharaLti^r :^ a poelJc paioler ; Mr- H, WiiMis, whose "Oi 
FriEon ill IlaJy " ind " Oatis in tlxe Dtseit " wijie uaivei^ly idi 
^tlie paiDterwhoae"De!ithofCI^JittectoD" would have been ackr 
ledged many yeara ago by a properly consrituied body able to 

' At ihc tiiPcufMr, Ltwii's fU-clifMi the Ararlpmic law wnt ihit noutStt^ 
retain mcnibcrslijp ^ Uh nnyMhcr AnSocieiyif eJedest IntoihcAijidcmy, 
ihui ipilutccJ In Itatfc |h< Wfttti-CftlmiT Sixielf. of whicL li-jdj- W w?* n l^i 
PrtlLdCflN The amlii^jlt: Acinltiiiy[blluTVf>llli**aiMe]ialii7 *iih Ih* Ini 
Sio^cly of Ifrili^ Arii^ii^. cif i^ulTolk SirvcL The Cunncil otfrfni X^t^^^ 
% nicniWisliip if lie wLtbilrcWf whicli he did* m^ich in |hf Los oT flic BccJeV' 
Ifrili^ti Aniiii*- Wl' lidTC been lold that tJip Mm? mc^lr uf ].tfi)cn]ur« 
[owed With Stnnrttl(5, ii-fjo wjH rtUo in lliillioily- Mr. Miuk Anthony »»■ 
ilmQarly 10 TfavE^ but the croundl ro[jui11ut^ Lhc |>roml« of tbc bojybodfi 
hcrawholiiul a^lvistil Mn Aiulionyi ami he hiu nrjt only ncvo- ban el«tcd«ttfl 
IwtH rppt:i!H!ly insiihol m lhc eihibition litnc. 

7X* Rcyai Arati^my ami Exki^iiitm. iJJ3 

Ml. V. Printcp^ in vxiiMU works ; Mn llctkomcr, kve were 
L M xay, t>ut we hailAic, bcu-LiitC ie(iumciil«l fpu^rcrhiuion, m in 
ittUTCh "^At IV^th"* PcKjr" jnti " TH-f UittflayiH," "* ihc ban-^t of 
dOruliuoiitTh* Mi. l\- Kivitrc ifiJ Mi, H, HiirO/.wi: iiti^lit My, 
lhct« leo'Uleit'CU jfU m fai J^urn wjih fukij fvcl f»[hci. )3iil avc 
n uu(^a lo i;xi«rE(j thu Ym for (JUf;L'&, ^iiil iiicittiOLi ihc voilta of 
iecn R. W. Mubcih ; Itoughlon; G.Smilh; A. Johiiilone; H. 
^Obcmon; C CaUhyrji; K Hall; L. J. Pou ; H. H. Cutity; 
ui; Mn. \V:ud; Mi5i Macgregor^^ goodly juray <jf Jr.iniei, liiac 
tbe ondi pccAoDgcd 

imnporc iB tlie*<r wi\^ the iiinual supply tiom (he large nmjority 
eltAiwho icpcJl themstlvri ycai after yc^it, a.iid il ii dor 
f <m w!iidi side of ihc p4gc ihc vasi majiHity of our bc*l Jtti^u 
» be increvingly founri NonMd;iys a p,iinJer fmdi n coi^gcnul 
dt dor% tmc dis^iingiiiihcd woik, i«mJ tcpui^ himself or (.xda 
aU ihe rc»t of hrt life:. If he Ia itxcivi'd Jnio Ihc *miill iflivi- 
body, Ihrre be i^ lill he is levi^nty ycifn of .ige, jt m^rk fo;^ 
ID print juid oul of pnnL \Vc fefnttii bi>m naming iMin^ 
uHy of velcrana, bill we mu^l say ihia—beCHusL' tin: Acjdemy 
rtx aB the monry rcceiveil wilhuut the *,h^htf?5t gratilude — if il 
led in riltihilinnr4 to t\\c work« of \U Own mcmlicrs, th^re arc 
Jvc Of *ii who oould sflVC the imslitUtion from htinp banknipl 
OUplc of yCsir^. 

I. Nrrillc GrcnviJIe, in Ihe dobale on Sii C- W, Dilkc's iiiolitin^ 
"the discomoti ihat had arisen niLi5t do tbc Academy go(>d. 
tilmt lomentton ibat there wnsa jrrowing prnctice of ihc best 
m ticH hftci^ *eiH 10 the Arjdemy," Lind in illiiiLlrJTion of Ihii 
cd ID Ihcitc hy Mr- Hciiman Hum :ind Mi*it 11ioni|>&on. But 
^1 have ^Linc very much further. Some of out very nobiefil 
I inll not Venturis to i^end-^llic lianj^ji^ conimiUw being no 
i9X\ ] OlJ»CtH hi4¥trseji[ye-ar -iii.e\: year, and l>ecLi <sy*iUiiJ!ttitidly 
cd frcm |icr*onjLl fi:eting, oi from b^?ill^^ sujjposed to be inunical 
r«idiisivc pruilcj-cs of rhe ^lody. Oi ccjiiibc the Council or tbc 
j» afe not infnlliblf ; ft would be absurd lo cicpcct them to be 
J Ahny< right ; but whiit vic must inflexibJy demand \f> they 
be unbJAikVfl .md hor>ourjblc, neither of which, conslituL^d as 
\aAcmy n, <^T\ tbcy ^tner^tly h^. 

b Ibe J^itii^tiy Rrrtav last year, wc find ,in able i^tcr, 
L StAthMU, tpealcin^out on tbc subject of the poor ituiliLy of the 
tt^lhc mAJorily of ihc membcre. '* It is time that a plain word 
UbcMid : that what is being everywhere spoken in the gw should 
*Qduiilcd from the hoiLHii-tops. The majority of the tvoxY^ o 


184 Ti^ Gfyiilemans Ma^eu^^ 

At^cmichni uliidi hong on the line aic mnticn of coni 
everyone widi t5Tnp.iibiw above the mot! vul^ and comi 
Idc'u ; and no^ the cdiicL^tcd public wQI no longer stuid ihrn 
far ftom ihc Royal Academy being iLn influfnoc Tor raiAiaf 
U&ic, it ifl, in viituc or a hr^c proportion of its mttnben' work^ 
CDgine for dcbaeinj; .-uid vuTg:insiiig it," 

Thl« is vtfry btrongly put, but perhaps not loo strongly^ In' 
ma^uiDC, tivo inont>iB ;iei:i, Mr C. Cirf spoke out almost ai pi 
and if wt consider the w.i)' fn which Ihc elecrioni arc many 
nuLnAgctl. the evU can only be remedied by a revolution- Ti 
fifw kce dtfctJons of Assoctaicsas cxi^mpltlyinf: 10 whnt Icnglht 
fflMionfll jealousy ctvn gA. Wc liavf iilrc-idy mcruiont-d that 
F. W, WoodiJiglon, ofwhom we c:in Ic^rn iiothm^', ^'astlccledwl 
out Mr, BoehmH Or the same ni^jbt was elected Mr. Oakcs. a 
scape painter, who has scarcely been before ihc public for ten 
in order 10 k.eepout Mr. P. Cmham. IT Mr. OakCK should 
ihi^ Academy, and wc think he al^ould, Mr P. Graham ought to 
bt'On ckct^d liftLcn zebu's agu. A lliird nun ticcicd wjm A5r. 
whos^ production, a child having a dancing le&soo, the readCT n 
have observed, in order to kt^ep out Mih V, Prinsep, and abol 
he lives in Si. John's Wood, a locality principally celt:bra:ed for 
dofH-momfe, but likcvvisc as the abode of a clique of ortisi^ who 
a ncck-and-ncck race with the Scotchmen in ihc Academy 
flucnce at the elections ! Mr. P, C»rahani xf, a Scotchman; but 
have the fficnds of Messrs. BoL'hm nml Prin^cp tried in tain 
series of years X.^ carry ihc'n in? Because ihey belong to 
Leighton faction, an increase of whi^hi jirc^ious to nE:xt de 
of a President, all the mediocrity in the Academy \^ si 
fl^insi : 

That it b of no tise Va try to adopt such a body to the 
the country, in view cif the vast number of mir artiste now, is 
clear by the resulL-? of the inquiry of 1S63- The President uidi 
before the appointment of the Parliameniary Committee, "theA* 
demy had resolved lo cany out important reforms, cmhTsring iht 
cnbrgcment of the con5*uiucncy ;" hut afterwards, and tha in 
ai-kd^.t^v lodgment of the recnmnicnrtarions of the Conmutlee, he iPTt*^ 
offirirUly: "With regard lo ihc qucilion nf l.irgcly incrcvir.; I^f 
numhcr of Associates, the Academy very wnrmly at ftm entered iiW 
the B<:hcu^e, but thty found that il was beset inih many diffiaihir^ 
The Aciidcmy, seeking to [ivoid these diftieultiCH" (which, hmrtTft 
arc not ei'en indicated), " and ai the same time dciiring to havf ii ^ 
their po\vtT 10 pecognisc d// tcmarkahlc talent outside ihc imllA 


TAe Royat Academy and ExAidifit/Ji. 185 

die tbtlowiag rcMluitoiiKi which they hope will be «itielaciorr 
jilAjenjr'ft GoTfiffmnciK And ihc <:ountr/. Rctolvcd ;— 

[Ll Th< Atnbvn of U»e Kof*^ Ar»dpftiy Jo rot <oiuIJ»i' li eipcflleni rt 
hatfc Ibc pMQit ■ll■^f^ «f AadctticiuVb 
ULjIVutbc nmbctof Ajwciaia be uukfanit^ but that thttrv duU bq & 

tiVAQfr«C*l7Ql>bTAi**p&TltiJ dp. 

Aftrr ihc tin* and cxpcnw of a rarllamoitar)" inquiry and blue- 
ki)^ thb wju tbt rcsuh ! NcxI season no one thought more of the 
The niimhcT d member* wai tn remain ihi; iimc ; the 
of the prohationary graxle the «me jJ*o 1 TTicre arc now, 
; of |hi( nbjiv.rioiuLhle ri^utv made itiU mnre objectionahle by 

dMBce* of Ihcir All getting into the Acai!cmy being reduced 
iKtIy in prop^rtiotk to Uie Cfiltrjcmcnt of iheir o^vn nHmbcTTi — 
leit arc al j>fe5ent (fourteen jiear* after the ParlianvfTitaTy inqtiiTy), 
Mcsd of ao~i6, and thai is what ihe Aeatlcmy hoj^rt wiW saHafy 
econntfy, and talli "rccoj^ising a/Ifhc talcni outride thcwaKsl" 
be tnali it, this eittenijun \% nnly [he cxicniion of an evil : an en 
Mvd body vbotr prime Ainf.lion is exhibition — a scheme for 
kfftiienieci ti^ ule wjih money ta-ltcn at the door— is not an 
odnny ^ it ii a traijc monnpoly. 

Hating a geacral noqiiamianrr with rritfr^ ^s well .m znist%, >ve 
ippca 10 know the name^ ar Icax of ^ jr;i.>od ni^ny men held in 
MMn by their brcJhrm in Ihc higher liranrliw of iwiiniing, a 
vnber otfrhrmnr>-cT sending Wihc Anidcmy tnlnhitioniSndwfcan- 
ll Mp Itinkii^g thi^ phruwr of " rccogni!<ing it// the talent oMFf^i^^Je 
hr viUi" ia amrably »id at tho^ i^jaintera^ and at oihi^r^ j^wrl], th>e 
nicfrd body having an Jn^finrtivc fteling ihat the nmjorily of 
ite *re lis enemies. But let u* mfll*e a list of .40inc of the im- 
fttOBt aniits (figure painterB), luiponant either from whM Ihi.7 have 
Im or from their po^^er and intliicncr We have already cnume< 
■Cd fifty or sixty exhibitors of last year at Burlington House, on 
iltte world the show mainly depended for its success, and the in- 
iteon «insequently for its funds. Let u* add some who eillicr 
tttol send, or at lout did not appear there, or have not yet been 
Mfted; McBiieur* Arm^rong, poetical and genre; John Bell, 
n^iMf ; F- M- Brownn genre, hi^mrical ; F. W. Burton, historieal^ 
Ifenorof the National Gatlciy ; Cruilcshank, rarit^aturLSl. humorist ; 
llvnfl scnior,*acA and Undsrape pointer : Drummond, genre, his- 
Ivial, Director of the Scottish National Gallery ; Du Mauricr, iUus- 
**«; W. Holman Hunt, aacred art^ Arthur HugheSn poetic and 
; E. Bume Jones pocii^aJ ; W. J. Inchboldj Umdaca'pt ; S»« 


Ths G^fUlcnmsts MagasiHt. 

J. Nwl Paitin, poviical, hbtotical i William Mtims <l«yraurr-' 
W, B, Rii.hmond, pocdciU ; H. Q. RoRwui, poetical ; Tajmclfa- 
loricnl, Hail]tk-;il ; W, Qnvc "nionus, hUtOTj'cal, ^'iuious ; W. B. Sc«t 
hitrtoncal, ^luctic^; S^it^nccr Slinhupv, poetical; S^iTidyi, pvim 
poetical ; CIuKlon Mujhh:in * vmout^ i Svlout. hidloricaJ ; Uk 
Elijubeth Thompsun, UtUe paintt^ : Mn. Joplin^ ; ]. M- Whirikt 
elchcr and puinU-r. 

Such U ;i j&hort lUt uf wur heading pjuaten nuC cxhi^ting liC 
itcflson, frotn ibc wfilci'* pomt of view, without, wiih omt- excqiQoa, 
jnduding Eculptora gr .iichiicciE, mcmbctii of tlic Wntcr-Cobv 
Society or InMiiTitej ihc So<;3eiy of En'tish ArdsW, or men wilh forap 
na.mc3| as Legros, I.i^man. Tlssoi, Pcrxigini. T^t the T^^ct oa- 
siJcr well the nwjtJiiiy of ihc namea, and thioi t*y if Ijo doo Qfl 
n^fiii; witli lis, tliac 0»c iisstrtioii ncidt !'>■ the Academy vi!ii.-n It kft 
itbuul addi;i|,' six to ihc dclehied t^r.»de <jf AssociaU-ht th:il ii " JttiiH 
to rccoi^Eiuv aJ/ die tjUnt ourHidi: the walU/' niubt b? a con4ciott 
unuuth } To c^l a spndc a epadu, wu may siy tt nae a lie intend 
to net M cm insult. !m:igino it, loo, signvd by Jt *>vcond mie a^ 
4L1 P.R-A. \ Imagine a du!) of pi5et& having the power lo I'cwpab- 
licniion, consisting of Beddoes, Pmed, Hamson Alnawonh, Ljdui 
Bbnchari:!, and " the |>ocl Bunn," issuLug a ^imHjir tn;uiifcao tigufJ 
by Murtin Faii]uh,ir Tuppet -la Pri^sident ! 

2ni\. Does the Academy advantageously and honourably Tq>it- 
sent tilt' intofcsls involved ? This question is partly answered niUod/* 
but still it niay be well to inquire whether the mcmbcR, and ptfiJ' 
cularly the offite UcaaTs, n'altse the fact liwt they arc cot l^or 
soldy for iheir own advanlhigii The FrtsideiiU wu are bomid » 
suppose, is, in (he opinion of the A'.aJeniiuaas,-tHhehciadof Fr/-'^ 
art, the mor^l ficcompliahed man living in an/ of the i>ro'. 
icprcscmed, and no bail able to appear as their repre^etiiativc (a 
sight of Europt. ^Ve ore lar from wishing to make any rem, 
on offensive kind, and acknowledge him to bs an uncxccpfii 
gentleman in j^rivatc life. But if our inquiiy is to be good for 

• Mr- Morrifi, ftud Iwo odirt eaiUcmcn among Ihe tuccwiJine Eodcslfi 
11*1 hove ulif^n im|>iiniih1 t"'vii<jn» in the wodU of IctWr* a* j>ucIs. VTcdtl 
fTcnTUni(iml iht Arri Fprtita bcjug iiii.orjKkntr[1 ^idi die iiiib *ff dtai|Eii 
'^AcaUciiLv/' Ldi wc Lhiiik iht pov^ck-inik ot cucli tncmal rulti-raEion 4iid 
mr: icijuiird l^y \lnr- |K>ct ihc tiin'^\ gumiinicr UjaC In^oihcJ wujk>\riU htK 
Vd1ii4, Tlifj will poisrH a rctiifiiiis-iltlc ff^AifK <^*'^f ■■ *1 Irn^l, 

' S«nn aliar-pipcp, *'dnUt in Oic T«inl»," in rkr Scialb Kfn^Lcifipni; 
Ehowine A>vi/ of the iloUceI anutic ijiuliiLu. We nrc nnt fic-iidimcil wtA 
gcndcmui't (Hher works. 11ii;t oIdiwi however, cnttUci btm to cpjior tt 


Jiifyit/ Atad^my and Bxh^ittOH. 1S7 

Mut ipvak of thf- Prcfeicti^iit is a.Q artist, ind wc uiiibl do ki 
aiuj Gumallr, ;iod ^^ nmic Ihtfrvfon; ba>' uf Sir Fnuidi 
tiaii ik4t be K< n^ in bit ptupcr plice :is ihc h«jd uf r;ur njlioiial 
buCf.. He ii indeed leu iin Atli^l hy natun: und ^tvccdents 
ka m Amateur. Ai his cumin Aticj 11 bufuro llii; Commiui-i^ of 
lifiiry Into the proem potiiiort of the Rojil ^ciidcmy, Mirch, 
IU3, bo jAtwen die ijudtioa if he \> well octju^inted wJib that 
Wj?— ''Siimonihsof the year 1 live out of Ixindon ; ihese arc the 
Milhi whcD the principsil iuc*:tingt of tlic Audcmy t-ikc pbcc:*' 
Md i^aun, when questioned j9 10 the dA^«e» : " 1 huve never been a 
MM in the life-tthoc»I. becjiuic whcti in town my litbcuiri arc »o 
tnK I am e^diiOUc"] in the evening;'* — eihautted by }ii* diiJly 
Miqg,aU1touT whii:h cxhauiiti^ c»thcTjiti!«tsa^ well; ;ind thJK iniichei» 
pr ccniral reiv:in hvhy Ihc clL-cnioKyrury Ecanhing m Ih? RnyAl 
Isdony cUhc* h^A aU^vs been uj li^ly LMiimried 1o, tlimi^h he 
Im t>ak teem 10 think of lluit- A^^in, he JKt jiikr^d : " nn )<ou tlimk 
II Ibc Academy i:ni|;h[ d^jiriiw wjlh llic Aviodulr rLv« ? " .knd 
^IU>4 " I have never ^^onisiitcrcd th:(t subject, ^nd could scarcely 
^: I loion,'— *■ ^Virre yyu yi^HOfiraOLinluiiicd Co atlcnd cithci: 

. lool or the jrainlmg'irhoo] -is a Mmknt?"— " NoI " Wc 
Iknutnd ^r Krmcis never even die^ir from th<; antin^tic, Jind we 
mnber one rtf ihe gentlemen ^iltin^ on thp totimiillec siying to 
I viiter ifiem-Ards: " T thought of asking hitn if he considere'd hi« 
■bag ihe life-wrhool m lettchcr would be of any use to ihe students, 
rt poJitcncsv forbade." 

Webcar itcon^danllyFaid ihiitSirR Gunt hw made an excellent 
wiJcEj- No doubt he hai , but ik Ihi.i (^td one to hojist of> He 
b Ihc chair of Reynold* in ihcie critical lime*, .ind his le.iming in 
t mMtcT oJ an-hi«LOTy may be iEluilraled by variotis anec:dotes, 
Bieni both Huhin and wjihoiit i]ic body. It is said, but wc do not 
nnntce the precipe tmih of the dciJiJ^i, Oiat htr h^vd tu re^d ^ EcUcr 
tCouikcil Juc^ri^ fuf furtlimng one of tlic ExliiUiUony of Old 
[tfce^ wbcrein *onic oi;c oUcred a. \Aci\it^ by It^ph.icl- The 
inve of painler*" was rami^d by his patronymic " S.inzio." 
Wd^ geiidetn»/' ;idded the rrcsident, " we want the picuirfrs of 
|nima*tei^ ywi know; ,ni forSanaio, 1 never hesrd of him. ^ome 
f^ are A gre^t deal better up in these niatici^ tl^an I am^ but I 
l«l Ifak iJfe want plcturoi Ly obs;:iirx: ciitn liki: that ! " A^aiD, 
Ite doe telling him that Mr. Horsley i«,is |umtin^ ihc Queen nnd 
niacc Alben'» ponr.tjiA for the Adelphi, Lo go bt^idt lijrr/i I'"j4c 
|Wa fte(e; " Bany f" ^aid the P.R,A,i " ha^i Barry Idt off his 
IPC and been painting pictures ? " 



Tki Ctntitmans M^^ajfrnr, 


We m;iy be remmi^ed thai Ae lumination of Sir F.^ 

J/rrtifr ttJiivf, ikcT I-.Tnrisecr fliwJ >!jc1]ihc boA 
lioiiOtii, Itut ^lifh rc^fii^il onTy ihnwt that Ihc office^ tlic ^iilict^ 
wlutl] ;iiic iiiainly thoae of lo^si-ma^ic^r xi ihc AnniiA) dlnncf, a tq^ 
nanl Ig ihc Uslc nf m<(i ofgcniu*^ They shoulj not be rci«i'rJl» 
IXTform n Jitty any rjstf^ntiliijus fifnl niighf ilo bolter, Tlir spw'wa I 
icpty lo tlie toMis allowing gmpr^Oly .1 JiumiluCTiig dcgfw uf ig» 
laocc of art 

This jiiinuLiT (Tinni-t ic^clf, cillhoughit niELy h.ivc bad a raa^w/l/if 
when inaiiiutcd C*hortly after the Acidcmy itself, we supjiotci, now M 
EnglUU ail U cut of tu Jiirnorily — limcc have changed Bince the |0d 
I liiureate hid .1 ■iitit of doilies and a buEt of >sndc ;iTkii;Litly— *U loobd 

f upon a liUle a^kijncr by our br^t |.iaiii(crs, ^lEthLiu^h Ihc itrjttf 

( WttfiTi^ii in \he ALaJ<?niy hapten lo tl wilh siwc ami Otilii^lil- I lu"C 

I <;v<jn htfL^iil them Lunimcnd ihc abovt aji^cdote^ q( thuit ?tr^iiiiLtf\ 

I indLfre(«nce lo Tiiatvry at if iTiey proved tlut am jiniit bad iioiIhd; ''i 

do with ^^ kncwlrdge ind ItMriiiii^ and that sun of thing ! " iij tbC 
we tiiusi not be auq^rised if tlic appetite of sunie of them faib 
the [igiuiinji sense uf honour ! On one yctasion the wTilcrhad 
fdiciiy 10 be preseni. and heard ihc Prcjident, itutfud of dlico 
cunctnup^ ihe "awful joys" and vait intereiU of perfecl art 
Tiiodt^rn Ei^ienci;, dwell u]jt>Ti the pleasure of fbOowiDg the he 
pleisuri: of tht'"xip|fKt ten." On that occation the writer wi 
two men, one of our g^^^^^i painters and a Imrned f^ueti 
evening, and he still teinenibets the ainincd expression 
Giccii, Hot he remembers niso meeting on the following d.iy r>i 
SAW there, men of the typioil R.A, this; he found them still 
with their chins in the air, plainly saying to themselve?!, •* We 
mere artisls^ we aTe members of the Melton Mowbray htJTi!, 
follow hITI Iu p,3^s om lime in tc»vn,'' 

I ^t lis further observe the effect of the election into the Acid 
Ihe painters [licmsclvcs, Ecmt-mbering that it is the go^t^f the 
of family-men who ijjlni Endless " pot-boilers;" of all indeed i 
- not sustnincd by the higher motives. Every ordinary mnn 
intelle<2t and hiod work together, dors hU be«t at one a 
period of hfe, and eannot as a mie be enpecled to prodliec e 
good Jind iiew u^orlcs foT a long penod of years. Mr. Fn 
instance, ri^s from '^ Slicny, Sii f " a rcuiTPiwenfe of his 
bnrmaid, to the eoinmanding skill of " Ramfigaie Sand^' 
siib^idfs again while aril] in the prime of life into the "V. 
Wakefield. " and the " Tropos.!] of M.ifringe," Mr. Hook ( 
Other hand goes on for a whol? lifetime repcaung bu *' 1^% 



Tk4 Rayat A<adcnty and £xlttWwn. 1S9 

■It rcty Hitlc (kgencralcd. ISttt it hA4 been od^rvtd time aricr 
^tn>dcu wclliioailvdc iht bMljr* Ehni (Hl- miijurtty of pAlmet^ 
■bSbb frata tbc djty ihqr Ar« elected .i^ laU mcinbcnt Th« tpccjch 
tfAciilanil j>rof<»ioiuiJ Atlniomcnt conftTTc<l \yfXUc initiah K.A., 
■d the humbk kvfl Cif Ihc avenge Academic nlnrubrd, have a faUl 
rAOiaoi oo Ac^dea few n-hum m-c need not imoic, bul nn a\\ 
'beMd^ TIk vu^ppy m^Lii who has been lUuggling to mt to the 
wdvd oeccxBuy for thia giveir object, bcginsat anccto take hix c^sc 
iiui;heGUiniuc hb (dee and tomnmnd a ccnitin limJEcd nutrkrt j 
3lr. GUdtfone'i face c^r Lord Bcixi:i>nL£eld'.i ma^k at tlic ;Lnniial 
and ihc l-ord Mayor inviie.-i him to the M^nAlan lloktsf ! 
; tbea, do aJl but a very few men of cxtmorri in^T> indepcnd- 
privtte SDCCess wail round the doora qI ihe Academy? Not 
of die honouri but beciiti^e of ihe professional advanlogr, 
Advantage. Ihc battle of life is too compcllmg; Ihc 
Klember, or A««odjiic, takc^, for a time, a pofiiEioTi tliat 
|Mle« the <JfaIer 10 work the oracle for him ; a^d for ihi^ the hope 
thut nukcA the bicart sick niuiit be endured, the kind cif 
|kwt the Acidc^ny otecma mu^i be ^nnurdly |)aJnicd. 13ut zh^ 
is in he nujr do what he likei. It i:t mueh the umc in other 
or coportncrahipa. Within the Acfldcmic ^jrove there is 
idfrd lSc pieaKiie of icijuiting the ptofcisioo for all the srrewSnf; 
iecAi Ku (oti, of t^Lming the Eabli:! .ind tytonnihing oser Uioae who 
M lOEl tiA*tin£ £nnily without, of li^iving a veiled right in tlic hinirle 
iNcd guild rrm^iining tn tht« reformed country. 

Mr. Roberts, before the tSO^ CoxTtmitlec, read a j>£ipcT he hnd 
penomly prepared on the pains and hiiiniLiations of Asaocialcs 
Mhing fovadmiition jLi full members. He drew a touching picture 
f dKir siispcQse. nnd ipoke of tt js having bern very deletefiou^ to 
iOlh the ».n and the henllh of &iMnc of hi4 friends. Yet it iit by 
1 few 10 thia probaiionjry body that the AcAdetny propoics to 
uhpc il*dr to the Tncrca.*img interests of the pic^fcs^ionr aud 'Mo 
Uirff ihe rf>nnlry/ " llivc they nniaU ^tool?* fi^r you Assfn.btc? 
chain for Ihenuelve^ ^*' WooLlctE \\%cA to ^L^k his assistant, 
1^ Ofi ttttimtng from the gencrAl meetifigs. When Mr. Watts 
AnctMd hii old friends And hi^ old jtrincipEc of JudcpcndeDcc^ juid 
Uu^ the Academy^ sidvAnced ^3 hi' vi^x^ in lif^, hi: stipuUtfd 
\tin% DOC to lemun long in ihe prCib^ilionary grad^ But few can do 
fcl' it b, moreover, ungenerous and e%-en unjust to older Aiiociates. 
iIlc number of thja lower cU^s without increa&ing the 
Upa, H to doom x ccrlAin mimber of men to an endles« minority, ^ 
^ackhn Ur. Roberts, nor rn^y oiha itiUieEft(:Ka^iQ(:d,mr^\\oiv«<i ^ 

The Gentlattaf^i Ma^mnt. 

linf widC"5pread cvih ^luflVrcd by the •* oubridfT*" wailing for f>Q«jUf 
op<r[ting5, Ihc taloit wasltd, Uic chanoe* of sale dcnJcd, einli budc 
9orTn?timc?3 with hfrotJm, 2.I ©thti times with despair, ailisti ^"^■'4 
ditjppearins from public view m Ihc first place, and n«tt from foe 

pffofe«rion <si from fif«- 

jrri. I> gratiiitoij* cdni!Aticin n'ghl? The Audcmy Mt*tmr]ua' 
tumtbly foonded lo act ompli^h Ihc fLinction or l^tchm);, thai muA 
mnbcd, and began by oulbiddrn^ ihr mfaccltAncrxis *' Socic^ tX 
Artistn" previously cxisliiig, ivtio made their ^tudcnti pay 1 guindl 
year. The ;^cademy was To teach for nothing, ami Rc-j-noTdi begW 
dclivenng his '^ Discourses," which gave the sya(i.-rn and the officca^ 
Preiidcni ti ])icsiigc which has ksled to the pinerit d-iy. in »]Mif rf 
the mistaken juinciplf, and the ailL:ncc^ or wcir^c than silco&c, cJ bk 
ycflfs. of Presidents and profcsaora. 

Hue is gramiious cducaiion the best eiiliof for the ^trjdciil or iA 
professor? Is it not humiLlaling to the one and a lai upon tlkC 
other, more like the aciioQ of a be'icvolcnt aocicly than ad Acidtfu^ 
borly? ThcfCsuU has licen snr-h approves to any iinprejudit.ed 
that it is a dlGa&iroU5 sysicin, the English being notaUy ihc 
ignorant in dravvixtg tLnd dcsi^ii omong European ^Jiool^, the 
ambitious and the mostdeficienc in fcdin^; for high and serious an. 
remains ihc weakest \\\ tlie iccbniqiio also, in all that can be 
indeL'd, whilt; it bos shot ahead in trnpiiit-al pracdec, ecruun <i 
and pDwcia— colour, a lory- Idling, and land^eapc — in ttW thai 
done by talent or tiislc, indccdi waiving education. M'- 1^ 
who airs his eloquence at public dinners in tJie bopea of om' 
his rclbw-AcadomJcions dial he ^ould make a good coom- 
the annual feast, asstned. at the last Artists' DenevoTem Fund 
thai aU the artists in England, and especially those liatcniBg to 
were slill indebted to the Academy for their unpaid-for edu 
This statement wos received with a burst of indignation by ihe 
or three hundred gentlemen present. He resumed his seat ax 
very red in the face; yet a few weeks after he actually repeated 
s.imc atatcmcnc at the M.inaion House. although he must hivct' 
that die assertion w,is altogeihi^r ijicorrcct. and tiiat the Icadinf 
even in the Academy have not been tludcnts iherxv from ihc 
dent to thf then lasi-cltaed Associate, jind that his rcceplion tl 
HcncvnlL-nC Fund dinner proved how ^>Tong the ajncrroti 


in past time, how murh leas likely is it to be aonow, the spirit oflfte 

being L-nfire/y againnt \\\ The cor^sccp^aicc ia, that it has been nwi 

T&c Rfiya/ Academy and Exhidieion. 151 

bM ia diia and in cvcr>' wny, ixiccpt in the Amction of cxhihi- 
It Ina Ittpt the shoj) 1 tint ihe Uniibh Mtivciun opcitcd Lea 
coUcciJon or mArblc« to Ktuttcnta in drnvidg;. ibcQ the Nftiiomal 
^aObrdtid l)ic Mine fiici% in pj^tnling, Thc^ tuc: Govern- 
I c»t«bUflhaeQts, ftcc 10 th^ public. Then rose Schoal^ of 
k, (hoping ihci'Qielvi-t al i^i ititu Ihe ritpcutmcDl of Science 
n, ihTcw^h which the whole couuiiyis now rising into prftcdcal 
Hl£c:LndskilXhoihinilicfincaQdornami:nu]art^.— aknowli^ffge 
:iU goin£ hand in hanri, which in a i*:v^ yc^ra must produce 
K TCftttt& L^stlj'i the SI(i(io ProfcrsnorAhipn hnvt? con>c into 
Ion* tvo of them lU prcKcni IccCurcahips dn^ttncd to BUko 
f in JLTt jt pwl of hi^;hcr education, but in ihc ciwc of the 
n Ufiivcratj aiforiilinjf aciuol Lc.iching of the besi order. 

ru: or^anJation of the Government Schools of Art throujjh- 
couialTy, the Question of fcca ^as fuljy conaidefcd* jind the 
m unhc^itatiA^fy prOnoiincod by adepts in cducaiic^n, by ccono- 
uid by artiiHi iilikc* wis i!iai ^^mtuitous inslni^jtion was q mU- 
tetnnicolal to aJl puticJi humiliating to those e^-en who could 
ilTord to pay, and not vn^ucd by thum. How iiritacing it b, 
to bear any m^in, bucly influenced, telling us in a pubKe 
idy, when wc arc having our gifi--u; of wine af:cr dimmer, that we 
U> be ^rnicful 10 the Academy forire,;ting the coming gci if ra- 
' ajiitta like ppUii^cr* \ Icia a thing not la he borne, .ind cnn 
suit frtum the rnoit im|>crviou» ignnrancc. 
! luiTe heJid Sir K. Grant snyin^ in his aniaieur way ttiat lie was 
idtiuf idiiy'swork to go out viHiling the schoob. Of course he 
nd 11 b not fair to tqictt other* lo go on with Ihe duly even if 
ed, ^ihich the majority art uoL Au able painta, capLt-jjJly in 
Qglith mojwcr, is ixot necessarily an able teaeliefn Jt is absurd 
po«e he bt; in fACi, wc ore pretty >urD he Ih not, Acctirdingly 
:idcm]r ift adopting the p];tn of fl].^pointing Bularicd icathcni, or 
ign. But cA"cn hcrclhey havt aJready partiuily lost tlie con- 
LOf the MuJentf by appointing over the School of Pdnring a. 
,vho» piaurv^f it b said, ore not equfilto it^u^eof !<omeof 
He is A friend of t:otne of tliti Seotd; members, but chey 
bins into thi; bady ; iliey mak^ him their prafcsiior ; he ifl 
[h to tca<^ on the t'nituiioua syHlcro ! 
ik Jt the Royal Acadc^ny Hlcc C>td Sarum ? If one looks up ti^c 
« of the antiquated times of the Reform iSilT, one fmd» an 
UE pother about veiited rights, robbery, ^nd spoliation. Now it 
aunnni^ then it was imixisdoned by party fetling. Some day- 
look bock with a simihr difference of feeling on the i\mc 



Tht G^tUUma^Cx Magasint. 

^H vhcn % 9ctf-«leciDd body d" fortjr moi bdd a wid upoo the boooti^ 
^H tbc cihtbMon ud sale of dw prodoctioiK of peraal impofun pi» 

AadcDsy. S»d, b d^cfioc of die iiuyudoa, dui f^nrj eacmboi ■« 
quite cfiCA^. bcopice u no odm tbould ve find n»rc than fonjroc* 
lemponr)- anfeit who voidd s<) down to pccUfkr, ^nd iJ^ At 
Acadeny wai an Av«¥Ii,t or Ho3KM;ie« and noihbg «lbc I ttil i 
repeated to th« pro»t dir; wc hire heard ic 

Bat, in the fim pbn. forty artkti mtct lircd fli ooe tinM 
ttuno went dovn 10 poftitriiy; «t ibcmU hate to dindnUfc 
TWfnbcr id R«gan and Gonvril did dkck £silier> following, 
himictf k oolr nifmion.tble m the tdiort dittancc of lime u hiiii 
been P.R-A-' "Ilie AtadciJij' »>ai i»uiltJt«d » in ct^ucniional 
hi wtiLch it ha.« been in girat meouirv mpeneded ; now \\ \\ an 
Utin^ body, and in ihi« way it is not aa Akftccnbly of Honour,. 
» shop, a Tradk MoiforoLT. BcAdes. hov can it be our Ai 
of Honour in Kngtish Art. when Wr, Wixjijitigion \% voted in. 
5tcvcn« and Mr Jol-n Boll left ouc ; when XTr, J. G. ^orty \^ 
in, and— ivboni shall we *ty?'™Mr- Buroe Jones, or oven Mr, 
who his been valung* cap In handi tome cinw now, kept out; 
Crevwitik :uid V, Cok iire voEcd in, John l.mnQll kept out lUl Wj 
seventy i Yeajnti vi.>tifd in, Holinaa Hunt kept out? Il W 
assembly of the "cluUitih: min" who hAvcnot i^tnotism 
nous erioug^h 10 6ee its ddVct!( and tn Aid thv itrofffs^ion in remt 
them. It may bccanif^, perhaps has ^ilrcady become, an 
of Duhonour ! 

I^t U£ h^ve lionoxiTs by all incjiis, but the Ittt^rt R.A. and 
in the professLons of sculptor jLTid painter uedmiUr to degrees in 1 
Icj^c bred profcisioti^ Suppois the LoTkdon College of Ph; 
con^ibtcd of a limited numb^, 40, or ?oo if you like \\ better, and 
an cichiRive iighi tu oward to lis members the title of M.D. tl 
out the kingdom 1 Suppose t!ia! no man, however gfeat in 
quolllietl byeduoiiion^able in tncdi<:iiie,coviTd havt* this stamp ofl 
riiy after his name tf the Royal College did not choose, but 
Stand on hi& otm meriu a£ ;Ln empiric — would it be fair to the 
rousand leained ''oui&idtrs" whom we should all know then? The? 
position M so monstrous that we cannot enienain it for n momttu; 
thifl iA exactly pu^illel to Ehe present action of the Academy, cvpcci 
vich the exhibition at iu command, Ouranahould be ab«o}A 
fVce, wc repeat, iilce oiher trades, or our literalurct 

The Academy makes the parallel ns complete a> it cint?^ 
recognising the degrees confeired t/ Olhtt bodies modelled i 

C^lu Royai Academy and ExhiiUion* 193 
Roftil ScoitUh or Royal Hibcmmn Acadcmk^. VVTicn 
re of dicse bodict exhibit at Burlington Hdu^<pc, ihnr 
h« bi ih« body of (be dintoguc arc dcau^iicil of the honorary 
ibh. Lui Mty the Presidcm of ibc Koyal Scotlish Academy hftd 
IV of bb pktuiea rcjccti:<l, aiiU utLcrs cxhibiicd u-iih his b«Te lutme 
^CDdod.* Vet he i* one of the beti living ponrwi pnintcrfl, and 
ce thai UEiic he baj» rvcciti^J ihc honour of kniglitl^ocK^H This 
Bt of respect to Sir Daniel Macnee :md bodies exactly similar to 
lie the vriter ukes it, juscifit;:: him in tlic r^cetlofn of hit 
itskenc of the AcjdemfH 

Afain. if it \% an Assembly of Honour, \x% learning, usic. and ^mius 
M be above ibe avcrs^ Itvel of thai of the communiiy— muAt 
kc iucif fell to be «o. Bui \\ has nai been ^o ; not in one InsuiDu; 
ift •SLved u» Buy public diiplay of incompetence, nor attempted 
euldvacc SI higher condition of the ans, Ni^r h^s it tried to aid 
r IK' monifctaiiofi of gcirim ; tE hag, on the conCRir>', tried to 
tff» Mch out; the only picnin: by MiilUr ever ndL pkced on its 
Dl «ts a forgery .^Aer hJi dcnth. This foi^ory was cxccUcntly 
ltftiU«d b^cau&cii waHi^entinbyfln influential collector! Theor;iy 
B cvcf w«U «xhJbitoJ b> David Scott wj^ tti:iE seen lo^t winter ; he 
■ imwibly denied eihibiuon whiEt; he livr:d, nnd we believe had 
H Miy ptctuiv, ihe ua«lc dwaiipi-aranM; of a Duke of Gloucester 
tttheWateri^xleof the IWcr, rejected I Jyhu Martin vrjB similarly 
oicd \ uid, u to Blndcv. his wonderful and unobLiusive works nvre 
nyt r«ie<cted ; he hat hod 10 wait till lineofthcj and vindicated by 
I Buitxpgtua Clubn 

We are sorry tos:iy that the level of the "Academic" to^te and 
fluent *( »u lotf tlial a cerLain executive cleverness !s all it 
B^ipreciate. Let u£ lake the Liic^t incident in its Idsioty 09 .1 
nfcer proof of the fact. The Council has now, tlirough the wilt of 
rF, ChantTcy coming iuto X^x^t:. two or three thousrond pounds a 
m 10 tpcnd ioworIji the forraaEion of a *' Gallery of English 
umcr^" What doe* lh« reader Uiink dit CuuuliI did ihi£ firei 
■VQ 10 ioitiate thia fc«pon«ib]c underuking? Tlit; worst thing that 
3D3d happen vrould be Lo hejp toiitcther another cuUecLion of odds 
ad tiida. like those of Mr Vemun or Mr. Shtjtrjiiihaiiku* and the 
■nr thiD^ to hap(jen would be the gradual formation of a conBtelia- 

^^^■■^ tMi itilcmenl qiiilr rxBct, w? tim1 [iidUca-»iil]iB namtw arc Micrei] 
I <k aiilagM ^ ittioiH i1ie mJiieh K.S.A. or K,K.A- TKck lEan irnlct sx Hic 
B^Wvctu* lahemn. in «»nic tascs, LlicimLiala appear, 'HjbI |]ic tntmbtn \>l 
AnAcBlrniifi tlmulil ilinjr in Lin? l^rge capiiitl !i?ife«, whctd^j the AcD^cmV 

■-■-*: / r.- - -I: T,-.-t_- ;^_l ^Ll irt I'Si^— b^ --t^T- JTtWg-il^, 

■_-.:„ V-, , .^ /.— r:^--. 1— ^ :i:zi^i; Ti-^jxjiz Sunt * '■U^d 

-. - :.^_: ; \r:^.-\- "- . -1.:^' - - \t7J:z^ - T-j — ,. ' V' jIIi- j. ♦'Qana^ 

'■■- "■ : — '- _j7t:_:" -. -nn-zz. -"j:' ^- =±^^^-—--fsr-r-^ -nn j^^-^ar^ Sol 

- ■- -■.-. :> .-^- - y..- -r — :.:rr: "^- fi"j;:r t iHctart U 

---- ' -~ : -i ."'.IT V ^T_- - .^^ !^ r_~v: ~; Eei^ i»L :ii^iecijnJi 

* .. -■-,.:-- -.:_^ ^lili^l "...11".^::—^: "'iT:.'- i;:; Urii— s ^ i^c^L^ M 
.. ■--.-,' ■,.'.■.._ :;.. mij: j v,::f^ -litt- js-'t;. ^Tiir ti:iz^ re »irw: 

, .. %'. ...•-. ,..-. v.T -.'.-rr_.: . L.:,r=i x:.;z. ^-zt «-r* -ft* 

._ /...'-. '. '..1^,7-^ ii::" ::" :-■; ^ji* iLics cc pcibfe 

,,,...-.> ., '. r..-- :-^T-.-^ vV; :■-;; ^:— > Ke:^s--^iu ik 

-^ . ■ '.." V.': ;-:^r. W* — '.;s: "-^vi zo L=jce<;^Li:e rept- 

.^ _, 'l - :;■'..- L*; fr-^-r — Sc^ t- i":^- 5^ c^v-I*:;- meet ■ 
, ..f,r'i.;>/ -.* liv; r/.T-^ o: ■>.-; <i^ ii:d the idicsjacoiT 

,,1 . . . I 

- .- - u t ,- r(.f-^i "''';''ti "jf the Ar.ademv, -^ thai ii tnay to con- 

^ , ,,^ ^ ^ I ,, , iL. A .iiriil/iy 'jf Honour, i:- lu^Lr.ess lur.ttiori beafl 

f.- ir,[ l-viMi '[■ tLU \%i> i: iri"it he dlwjys iinjuit. but weaie 

/ ffitti ''l'J':''^r*K ^" ^*'^*^^^'' ^►^^r^a P^^ to artists. Men tf 

^A^ Royal Academy tind Exkilniion. 

ircrcr,(bou!iiih;ixemfitichhonoun: mdec<^ariLais should 
m ih« MAC ground wi:^ literary men and pocu, scientific 
mloaopb^r^ \a% uft have an Onter of Merit, a Hriiish 
pomoun a civic VictoriA Crogii, knighthoods and tiaronctcioe 
liuiDCtoiis inincr honours ticstowed tjy the French Govern- 

fe mofit viainunE vxhiLitooi ax the; S^lon sci-in lo bv judi' 
» a lAinter'H best work^ llui arc ll^t^iv disiin^ishvd. aiiU 
fat ts tiot ili?ri'b^ j^bctfd ih .1 ptjvlkgud cbuJE] removed 

fiei hu tK)«' come [i^ariy to llic end of his paper, ir he 
9 out a good deal in Uie action of the Royal Acadeitiy liir 
bd Crighriully detettrjciui, he liiu tium; su lu u]idei;dre the 
C vjiti the hope tliil any atlvkc or auggt'stiun would be 
TBdorc the Ct>mn>itc^i of the House, whose Reports 
ltS6j) arc full of Eirgumcntt for und a^nsi the ififtfiuiicm^ 
ic wen mmincd were manifwily int^rciicd parties. 
[, or wanting co enjoy, proinotitjn and privilege. Such 
non feft on ihc minds of ihe Comnntlee, who advl&cd 
of ibc nLimUc;i of AidocJaLci. jJid oilier luca^urea to 

Emorc aitiidt, But i^erliafih Lhc limt^ lu»i come when 
t>c con^idcicd as l[)i|>ort»nt .~ui omamvnud an,' jind ns 
for le^iiUtton u iipgllEn^- 1-I^d our cLcjgy aJid itieir 
n educated insttratl of ignocant in iht arx&> (be rwival of 

Pfrculd huvci have p1:^^'e^ell their n]iad!> in matters of 
Kould rrstoratwn have been allowed 10 defUoy tiie 
;our bUlory in ttone^ 

U then, which the writer would advise heing brought 

[>r Coinmonii is not whether a few men more or le^ 

voted riglita ; it ic that the fine arts he in< orporaled with 

l,tuideE the Council un KJucation 1 thiu Uie ciiniculum 

not ActitiouSp AtaOeniii: nol gtinintons; and that, above 

Kietit veutL^n and morbid .-iniieiy about cihibJiion should 

end to hy the n^tioinal proviiiun of a vaht haJL fcji iliat 

^The number of peECy locietiet Jnd speculaiiug ^IcrtL-s \& 

to defcai their own end^. :ind wc have just ^ceji a uew 

Kc eiiaUiihed and another uiuiooncud. Jftlic ^chooU 

■awcTed to confer geti ificatei or degrees of ^luli^caiion, we 

A mcuii of electing the juty for reception and hangiDf^. 

dt^t on Muuunv af 5ciirnc« oni] Art iii thtf Home of 

■7lh oik, Ur, I'/oit rinjf.iir ^ilvocACnl ihr i^tucin^ ot ^he 
ibe K*1»aa] OtXiay vaJcr ihe uiiDdgcrmeUt of the M^^ti 




The Gmti^matis Magazine^ 

Yor the Salon in P^ris al] tortaci exhibitors vou in the coundl ^ 
hinging committee, and iipwArd:i of a hundred distinctions by medil 
by ihc Order of ihc IxgioQ of Honour, ot by purchase, art *]wap 
made hy the Admvniatraiion of the day- Exhibition, to the En^tiA 
pointer, lui!< become a necessity; it ik his moinfi of nuking hicuzif 
known and of selling h!& productions la the public the cxhlhiiioo 
lA at once a festival of ia.^Ui nnd n nicjns of study ind rcftntrflcK 
The tiicmbcr> of an irrcEpoimible society, which claims lo be caly 
an AsscTiibly of Honour, with inadcL^uaic accommodation, hUitf 
it« tyrinny and low standard of .iclcction^ almost shui the ikM^ 
againDE the highest clara of design, and b.^^ ctuscd twenty taut 
abowft to start into existence. Lot our Government undcrtaJceriv 
office of Nai'ion.m, ExHiBiTcm. and in a very fc*- years the Dfpin* 
ment uf Art will havt: eomplutcd a system bc^or than tliatofdK 
Eulon or any other. As to education in fine urti, it is identical vtf^ 
edULiition in the ornamental. Avast anniud cKhibitioti ttooU M 
the completion uf the structure, ibc keystone of the nrdi. ^Vh 
then, sliould be done with the Academy ? The Senate of Rome iw 
exista, :ind the Council of Ten at Venice. Why should not the fttff, 
continue to hold their meetings and elect ;i Fresidcnt as the Ci 
electa I'opc? 



DURING the Ujt leu or (wtnty yean our kiiowitdgc of Ofltral 
Affica tiA) bcm ^nLir|>^ fo an iminr^n^f: cxteni. It i£ but A 
4*n lime Mgo finoc tbc m)t\n di t^ls womterTuJ conlmcnt ihowcd in 
Ac bicDOC one vail baitcti bbnk— »*carc<^ly rdicvtd by ihc cvcr- 
ikngiDg " Mania Lun»"*-wh«ic now they nrecovered vpjih moun- 
nTcn, tokei;, cDUntrici, towns, und villages Dutihk IhU lime 
M^uch hjivc pu«Icd the norld liticc the linic o' llcnailohis 
bc«n findly mi al rest ; slitcti of wntcr rather dacning of the 
of *ca« ih^n of lake* have been discovered Atid siin-cycd ; the 
tUBS of lliv Ndc have been vittced, nUid couniriei recmmi; with 
buBllblv n^iuinl rchUurcca \\xv<; At \AiX been opened to ihc 
boNfiCiof commerce ^u;d civil^taiiun. In sxldiijon to thii, Iha inhu- 
mflH: in itiLVcti v^ii^li hub hLtheriu i^rovei.^ such a cuT^e to the 
,1m recmcd iUdiMlliblyw, Oflhe exjjlorJlioii of (hwc regions 
1 b^r lli> means m^jgninc^inl }uirt has Lecu accom|ilished by cupcdi- 
tiflCB orgBDiieid and de^paich^iJ by the Egyptian Goveminent. The 
r of Ibe piefent Khedive, Mehemct At], onrc icni an ex- 
wliich reached Ggndokoro ; the province's north f.f thai 
town »crt nominally tubjugntcd, and from that linic ptobnbty djEc* 
1^ idea of E^srp^*^^ ^^ "* equatorial Africa, the realisation of which 
vafmrninjited m 1865 to Sir Samuel Baker. Bake/^ duties were 
nocnt ukl extensive. In the Firnun ^hirl) eng^^ed him, he was 
i&VDCtviI to aecuin}>li&h "the subju^jllon of (he coitntries 10 the 
toinh cf Uoii^okoTO, the suppref>«ion of tlie slave-trade, the intro- 
JncftDo of H i^-slcnk of regular coiuii)tn:e, thc^ opeaing up lo n^vlgft- 
Ifcn of the gie*t lakes of ihc equator -, " and it ts not surprising that 
•ina he retired from the service in 1871, the whole of the work sel 
bdbte hon vuK by no means co^npleled, and luutrh remained 10 be 
aocoinpfiihed by his succcsigr. LicutenaiU-ColoiicI CharJc? George 
Ccsdon, who was appointed to the tn.ikt ^us nn oniLcr admiiably 
toed fof the po4l» having previously greatly disiinguiihed himself in 
the Crimean vid Chtnew wan. In the latter country also he had 


The GeniUmans fifagatine^ 

commanded ihc fiunous '*Evcr Vidorioo* Army," amA h«d hesi 

rmvinly inritriiint^ntal in suppressing the formiciifsle TAi'ping nbtiKiGa, 

Colonel liorrlon, or Gordon Pnjt^ia, as he win now oflickUx cj114 

nurted fconi Cairo on his scjuthumrd journey on the tjrd Fcbnutf 

iSJhI- and ftn th^ lyih April reached Gondofcoro, 41 th*i (imr all 

the seal of gnvtrnmcnt. The journey thus fcir waa acmmf-iiihol 

tf ilh compafaiivc case, for the ohfltmciion in the rivcr^nhirh kjd 

b;iAlcd the cfi^ns, of Sir Samuel Bakct, had been remove^! Ihtoufb 

the encig)' of l&miiil Par-ha Eyiib, the eon-.ioeror of n*r Fur, aol 

Btcamcr* were ahio to ftaccnd without hindtarce. Kinding lluM bb 

government cnn^isicd ol" the three miliLuy intAtion^ Hoodohotf^ 

FAtilto, and Fotvcirai nnd that hiii troop« wtrc in vmnt of nany ^^a#, 

and in arroixr»< of pay, he dcicnnific:^ to return lo K lurtoum to ohivS 

more troops and to meet hia storotp Having done so, hcntanodmih 

the same on June S 1 i)ul owing to htiivy rains .ind delays he didnt 

a^in arrive at (iundokoco till teeptfiniber. It wan then seen thai G«i 

dokoro was unfilled it^r ii suitton on aetount of its unh&ilthincw. \\ 

st;inds on an ctninencc of 30 or sj feci, the foot or nh^h waiv^ 

tnerly washed hy the wattri of the Nile, but owing 10 Ihc riwr hAi«| 

shitted its Goutse westward, the river bed h^ become % flCAgnani tot 

fev<^t'hteeding ni.-;rsh- It wo-s therefore decided to evacuate ii. i>d 

to c^tdhti>ib two station!* at Lado and R^ecf or Rcgiai, the foma 

twelve miles l>elow, and the Utier about the saine dii^tancc abavft 

(jondokoro. This evacuation was not e&raplcted \\\\ ihc isl J*nuirT 

in thi! following year, 

Gordon w.ts aeeompanied, as the chief of hU ^tftfl", by C.'olW 
C, Chaiik' Kong. Seven days after his arrival ai (Jondokoro, in tptt 
of the miny reason, this officer had already atnned on d joumcy w 
thi^ capital of Mtcsjt. or MT&i^, as he spells the name of lh*t poo 
tate, \ic was ateompatued by two Egyptian soldiers onlj— Sa>' 
n^igarrjh and Abd-cl-Rahman — a dragoma.n, and two s-nM* 
The objects of the mission were to cstabliah friendly rclibcMu 
wilh the king, who had not been visited by a European lincc ttf 
days of Spekc and tirant, to explore the Victoria l^ke, and to nW 
the Nile from its debouchurt' down to the Albeit Lake. He tfWi^ 
at die tapilal of Uganda in June, and met with a grand reccpitfi 
wliich, howcvrr^ w^s marred by the saerjhte in h*? honour 01 thin jo 
the king's subjects. Mle*,^ made many proleatations of fhcndf'*''^ 
and proitiised lo divert the ivory tradt- from the Zftmibai nw- 
low^rds t_H:>ndokon* In his work entitled '^ Central Aftic«" Coto*^ 
Luii^i itijics thsi K-ing MCesa was brought into willing lubjcciioa <* 
iht Egyptian Government, "and hi^ couniryt rich in ivory and p«ft*' 


C»iim€l G&rvMs SAfedfiim h (h€ Upf^cr NiU. rgl 

tMWcr, ire fvquire confirmaiion. Wi;h swrie dirtici*l[y CoJ<invl 1 -oiig 
flbuiDcd p«nDiiwui from Mcc«a to rtrLum by water, iiiul ^iccofdin^ly 
tflbflicd M Urondojpni, ijn ihv riv^r drairtltijc the Vktonu Xynji-u. 
■faidh he foQiid fuciher uurlh nt^tJn miu u ]»r;^i: lukc. Tu iUi% lit! 
p*r iW Kunt Ibnhim P^uha L^ke. U« tlitfn fuUcwvil llic riv«r tu 
Unli, ilioi mlAblisliirii: itbcuiuiift^ciuii ;Lnd ii]i:rLUly witli Oiv WtiitT Nilt*. 

IbJ ^drcJiIy been vnii^ by SpcVc, iimJ llie rtBiOciicu of Rioiiea. 
(Kxapi«9E both vidci ^ ihu Nile dbovd F<iwcir4, where he wax 
ircU receiixd- He Ixod a hohiiTc cncouiucr willx 500 ^ Kaba 
I'l (Kizij of Unyoro) men, who tried u> imeKt|rt !um, but whom 
TcpuUcd with iK heavy lot, liji^ joumuy occupied \\vm -ibout six 
Afic siayinfi some montli* tn IChiUEoum to iccrult his 
bnJiK Colonel f-ODg GUrieil<iS7S) ^'K '^ accoiul e>|jedilii>n. 
)«I4kI of which wA?i to opOQ ^ riJ^i^ tlituu^h tbc Ijo^l^Ic Vurilmri 
hftcBOlhc Miikrjka Ni^m-Niamiioimiry, Foi this juitrncy licf u-as 
kocr ciijuiviicUi uifl LmJ 450 imked aoldiejs unili^r bih toniiiMnd- 
ik ftiiiKd J coLupUte victory c>tcr Ui<^ VjJiUui, jirid [Jiuii (i[jt:nc:<l uji 
tar ifv fifit iBiiu 3, tounlry ndi in ivury and hiihertu i*Ln:L-c64iblc Of 
■Ottfif. Hh jeoj^;iiiplkii:il duttovtrin ^iv nol very jinporUnL, but hi; 
IttxJiM [nueh 10 the knowlcd^ of the k'ibiLt; und cuslotut d" lh<} 
m Ctintnl Africii, Hu i id precis lun^ of iJii; <:uuntiy and 
aw unfnvuunble. Tlie couiniy be dcscnbe* as *' dejdiy 
"—"1 plaguc-sijot " (CentrilAiiica, p, 309), and the ncgjo 
"A miscnble wretch, often devoid of ill liodilioa or belief In a 
DnQf * (f>rl^). The country jboutGoadokoro U ceit^nly |H;ttileiuial ; 
bttthw <lc*cntKion by iitj me:in*i Applies to otber yMXi. of Africa, 
NBC of whtch 4fv aJiiiuftl the ttsence of ftTiility jjid tiUubriiy. For 
Intcrtko in iliis region Long wa^ afie r wards ni.ide by ihe thedivt 
AM colonel. besidL'^ itu'ivin^ the Qiidtr of lUe Mt'djidi? {3rd 

A sboct cxplonuory exj^editLon wati made during' tlic y^r 
4}« to the wenward of Ijcb, ucidei die tw'ij Miiglish tnj(li^Offr 
bAmi^ LMUlemnis Watson ami W, H, ClilpptJidall, RhE Wbihn 
'^bwdl preparing to start for diu* Albert Nymiia, Ueut' Wiitsoii 
IS ill and returned Lo F.ngl^indt where he -irrived :iboul ihe bc^iiming 
llMay 1 8} 5' Lieut. Chi^'^kendJ] dien undertook llie t;Lsk which hi* 
Wiiiti. troni ihc sUte of Xu^ huulih, uas unable to acfuiupli^li^ In 
^Itvth 1S7 J he nuid^ a Jokimey sexeruy miles Lc!yond Ajiuddo toward* 
Aftim I0 the iCoilii tiibv^ ^md conciliaied the tiibeh of the 
tklewtiood, bui <IiiJ not eeucccciI in Evuching ihc lake itself. 



The CtniUnuitis Maj^amm^ 

Lieut, CIiippc;^dfvll was ihc Am European 10 crott ihc Bthr-d?' 
between Dufli and the Albert Nyinu (Mvuan >r'cigc), nouFMbA 
a vUlojEc or the Koftlu, H« osoenaincd from the luitivcs thute 
NUc leaves the Albert Lako by two channels, trat not ivhtn dc 

ifrcttem ^cnm flows. He states thai the rL[ilivc4 or Fsahodavflt 
mostly imkod, but that a few wore iklas of goats round ^e loiv 
Neatly everyone wore a ring in the upper lipn In the auiiunnU 
also was sent home invalided, but returned to H^ypt to resomf lot 
duties early in 1S76- 

On December 31. TS741 Gc»rc!on wait joined at l^do by Bar 
Kmst Momo. It appears that Gordon was ansions to pve hli apt 
ditfon. the cho/aclcr of a nalion-il rather thin n mtb'i^uy iind^rtiLin^ 
and having secured re[>re5enialivea of England, France, the UniEcA 
Slates, and Ttaly, he applied thtough the Austrian consul at XhuuM 
Tot a namntlistofthatDationLtlitytojoin his party, promising to dcftlf 
all expenses beyond Berber. For ibis post, on the rccommcnJjtJ»i 
of the Vienna Geographical Society. Hen Mamo ^ras selected He 
was well fitted for the vrork, as he spoke Arabic, knew the eoupttf 
round Khirioum well, Jis well as the chancier of the naiivo^m 
thorofijjhly accEim.'Lti&ed Ly r<^sidunc<.- in ihoEe partd, and 
biiih Gcienlific qtutliQcatione. A ^um of 6.000 florins having bni 
subscribed for his journey, he went by the Red Sea to Suakin, w 
on buding, he wae provided by order of t^ie Vjcefoy with eanull 
his journey to Berber, and with everything eli^c he required. Held 
Hcrbcr November 19, nind five days' ste dm brought hitntoKhan 
The iie.'Liner was one built by Eater in GondoJcoro for navtgBttng 
Albert Nyau/a with. It was :'ery small and uncomfortable, and 
cne>ne fires emmed sp.irks to a dangcroas extent, so thai meft 
to be constantly on Ihe watch on board 10 enringuish Lncipieiit 
At ChabaShombil (about 7' N". \\\.\ on the Bahr-el-Jebcl, M 
was well received by HaEsan Ibrahim, a former fnoad of Poa 
and invited by him to make an excursion into the country of 
Dyur and Niam-Niam, as far as the home of the dwarf nation 
Akkas, a young female of whom he brought for Herr Momo to 
Some male representatives of this curious race had reached 
tinder the custody of the late Signer Miani. but no females hid 
been seen previously, even by Schweinfurtli, On December 5 
met a steamer coming down with M. Cechi, one of Colonel 
party, on board, and arrived at Lado on the 318I, having had 
journey up the Bihr cljcbcl. owlr£ to the waters being iTiy 
their height. Plans for exploring Eo the cast and west of the A 
N/an£a were diaeuiiSGd, but they were never carried out. and \ 

returned lo Khancum, ^ificr he hud visaed only Rcgi;ii^ Mutola 
Makxaiu. On July a6, 1S75. He again Icfi Khartoum, imenJIjma 
penetrate mio Dar ?m, but on foiching El Obcid, the ut"^ •* 
KofJofjji {Atigusc 5), tlK dtfAired pcrmisiiDn to continue hit pjimi^ 
w-^Ti refuHctl Jiim by the mudir of Ui-it provinct. He applied » iW 
Khedive, and toe^inwhlle explored a. large i^onion of Koidobi^ 
Un veiling about i.ioo miles in iixty dayt. The nai,wcJiohv.2f^i^ 
tion IwLiift unfavouMbli^, he leturni^d to Khaitouin and l^uiopc, vi6 
a TJcli liarv^i of gi?ogr:i^h{<;jtl icNulL^t bui the taain obje^jti of ts 
jouinty — the explorsiiion of the All>trt Nyania anJ of Dm For- 
unachii^ved. He Utis <Jeti?ni]inL^1 thi; geoj^^ujihlat |xwition of ^ 
Ob«Ldi ascerlaintad numerous jiltitudee. nv.ulc mvUot6\o^tcal oUc^ 
ip-atione. and carefully plotted his routvB, and adcl«d conftidcnUf ll 
our kni»wl4^dge of Qiv diiatricL 

Injiinuary 1875 Colonel Gurdon descended and impcctei ih 
st^lLon^t Bo]ir ^ind the Sukii, ri-ujrnin^ to L^do Mar^zh 4. Iht 
remninder of the month of March was spent in the lubjugiCotfl 
Bedderi and other hoi^tile Sheikha near Kegiof: and now had u be 
faced llie great work of eilaUlishing a safe tonmiunicition bcc»t» 
LadtJ antd the bkti. Taking tt roughly at 250 mdct, ttic mtctvesuf 
country wa« one devoid of supplicji unlei« taken from the nauvdi 
force ; in the rainy season tlir numerous ^trcanu were torrents, vU 
in the dry season UiEle water could be obtained. Tl^e naEitv* 
friendly or hastily acuiidliig to one's force^ but may gei^eialTy h 
£aid to be hostile. 

A reconnaissance having shown the Nile to be nnvigskble conadtf; 
ably further south than was supposed, C'olotiL^I {aordon drier 
lo eslabiish a Ime of posts to preserve the tomiTmnfculioi]* bdl 
the N, and S. of the province along the left bank of tht; riv«, 
Dot to altcmpt the u^ual inljuid road- This portion of th^ Si 
been stated by all previuLis tr;ivdlcrs to be uunavi^able on 
of Cie nun:erou6 cataracts. The present operations, however. 
that tJie supposed obstLicles were easily surmountable, with ibe 
tion of the last or mo^l soutberlyi viz,^ the Falls of Makedo. 
Ihesc LieuL Chipp<;ndall stalal before the British Association 
tember 8, 1876} he thought would not prevent ** a Thjtmcs tug, 
England, from mounting the Nile to Albert Nyan^a* if die 
bei lime." The fall between Ajjuddo and A^ua. a ditumce 
milci, is 37^ feel; beiffi:en Asua and Redden <So miles) 
feet -, and between Bcddcn and Gondokoro (10 mile*), 75 feet 
the sleep gradient uf 15 feel per mile in the fiist of ihese sccti 
chiefly taken up in the caLiiact of Mijkedo, rendering the river 

id cmlf OfRvXnft, f(jnntn^3.11 st^rli of edi^ict. bnckvitrrB, and 
ob' Fnrai XcTgu/ to Hk inuuih v( ihc Kyji River (43 
bv Ixd wj» luckjr and tin; buuk? steep. boiDjt covcit^d wilh 
doiUw Burruunding cuuiittylx-ini; upon, rocky, and undulating, 
ted by many mouniaiu awcitnt II was ihitkly popuJjilcd by 
i Uibv. w!w ctildvated it U> a hr^ tituni, aiiJ uvrned tiuk 
f CDtllc, which they objcLtwl to sell The (irst citarjci w^s 
tntlcs from RcguJ, Aiid thi: tuicond at the nnjuch uf ihc iCy^f a 
irer (70 to So yntdt wide) tlowiog from the wc«lf which the 

rDfltivct ihUd took iu lihc in the Kuku Mountjiim. la the 
iu depth wat from ^ to 4 feet, ajid in the rainy fcuon, in 
pon 10 to 13 feet. Five m'tlvi from wlkert: k joined the Nile 
lU 50 Of 60 feet higL Totiy iiiile^ S^ of &ya i^ Mount 
on the ntA baUik of Lhe Nile, and 20 milc^ furtheE on ano^hcc 
f bilU fchclvt^d dowix to the river^ On the west side the Kuku 
BKhnlly ipprotKli die jlv^i to wilhiti a few injles. From ihis 
Mf mowtUiru i;iu both sides of ihe tiwr run paraUd witti it 
bttd of llie catatACCs, a di^Lonce of about 30 niiles. The 
ra the cut bonk runs ^lt;tight down to the river ; that on die 
MpiiratGd from it by n norroH-Etrip of Und, covered with high 
nd prickly irccSi very rouky, uninhabiit^d^ and Lincultiv^icd. 
ktivc« ttitcd lh;U thvr« was only one; \i^ili. At Dudi (on the 
ik of th« Nde opposite to Ajniddo or Uir^iiuiya), the hilU on 
in <Irop aljTaplly, the cLri]nD7 beyond being Jliit .uid oovcied 
ilns SOO 4 few other \ai^e trees, 

204 "^^^ Gfrtfl^tmnf AftJgasiHf. 

in Apudrfo again with hia soldiers in goo<l health in August* aAct 
having a fight an the road hctwccn Mtcsa's capitAl and Kil^vare with 
KahA. Rr^i-'^ ]>fr:|ilc, near tlic pUce where (lotoncl Long hod hifL 
hatllc- VVhcrj \\c liad t^carly fetched ihe sintion at Lado he was 
Bttftchcd by the flari arifl m^K^cml, with ihirry-sTx of Kis foV 
lovrcra* onJy four iioldjcra escaping, llic natives earned off all ihc 
HAcsof hij party. The IcUirrs which had been ^vtiw to him by 
Stcmk/ ivcrc afterwards found b>' a detachmtni of Colonel Gordon** 
forces, ;ind forwarded tu their destination* This is the second ?on 
thflc the vcncfLibli; linant Bey (a great irrigatioral engineer of 
Mchcmct Ali and Ibrahim Pasha) has lost in that country. On 
account of hts dcnth Gordon gnivc up his projected visit to the Albert 
l^kcjn order lo go and punish ihc tribe that had aiucked the pany. 
(A itjiu^lation of the repori mode by De Bcllcfonds to tiie Egyptian 
Minister of War re3]>eciing his visiii \a King Mtesa's capital waa pub- 
lished in full in the Daily Tflf^raphy January Ji, 1876.) 

By January i, iSjft, the whole of the scetions of the 50-feci 
steamer and two iron lifeboat? hjid pmved ai Hufli, nnd their eon- 
stniction commLnccd, while Uoopa were massed al Foweira for an 
advance auuih towards the Victoria LokL', On account of the raptd^ 
the steamer had tu be taken to pieces and carried, with nil the ba^- 
ga^c and iiiipplies* to a [>oiQi above tlie lapids, ^shcre the ^'ctiooa 
weie o^n put logL'ihcr and the voyage resumed. On February j 
Gordon wa3 at Faliko. having returned froTn M'mtl on the frontiers of 
Kaba Rcga'a kin^om. where he had been with a small force. On 
hearing of Gordon's nrrival at l-oweEra, Kaba Rega, an old enemy of 
Baker's, took- to flight, jnd Cordon appointed his co-regent Aufifui ot 
AufuDifl, the son of Fowarka. hk successorj establishing a station tt 
Masindi. the capital of Unyoro, and leaving the troops under his 
command. Aufina entertained fricndlj' feelings towards Egypt, and 
he, aa well as Rionga, the present chief of M'tuH, acknowledged him- 
self a vttssai of Egypt- Cordon also established mDiiary gnjtiaons of 
thirty men each at L'rondogpni Lind Magungo, taking formal posses- 
sion of the twobkcsMciori.'iandAlbert. inihenameoflhe Khedive 

In the early purl of this year (1676), *'Hi5 Excellency, Col- 
Gordon, Governor- General of E^junlorial Africa" (for thus SIgnor 
Gessi dc^scribes him), deputed Signor Komolo Gessi to examine and 
circumnavigate the Albert Nyantn, heiides exploring the river between 
DuUi and the bkc, and conveying stores to the sUtion Lit Magungo, 
at the mouth of Spcke's Somerset River. He placed at his disposal 
the two iron guuboaia and all that was ncceasary for Ihc accomplish- 
meat of the mrsuon. With i& uilora and a soldiera he left Dufli 


C^htul Gordof^s Expediiwit to i/u Upper NiU. 20$ 

Maveb 7ia^ reached the Ute on March iS, ac the tim* orcquindr, 

having moike but alow progress, on accrount of the rnniTury wind*, 
the isccuaot lolns, and ^le curroiL The dmance from Durti lo the 
lake is 1^ niik«,^ and throughout chc: river is nA^gA(>l1^ d^rp^ ^ntj 
bnwd| in srxnc p1a<cft c^ccfding 700 ynnU. Af tuo-Lliirdt of ihc 
distance from [Jiifli there 1:^ ft large ht».ii«.'h which tli'iwM in a NNW. 
direction, and prnbahly f!ow^ mwards Makrithd, iit cho countr/ of the 
HuA-NifinL The country i>. very ri<:h ; the natives are clothed m the 
fkiai of »ntelupc3 or goati ; ;ind ihc product? of the soil &rv vari<rd, 
CMuisling of millclr the irhriU of thr country, ^ honey, lotacco, 
b«anju« beana, &c. Cattle ve jtbLmd-int^ and comfort ^ud. pEcniy 
appear to reign amorig the people. CJn Match jg^ after delay on 
account of the storms ^eftsi started in tl^e diTcrtion of M,ig:uiigo, 
bm was preventei'! from reaching the coast by a *Irong land bneeEC, 
nrivCT) aJong liy the wind, chey were prc\cnTcd from shtltering Ihem- 
sdres undei the shore by the thrcalening atliludc thf a pariy of 
di&tanded suldicrf of K^b.! R-esa^ ^ho kepi pace wiih thetti on ibe 
beach. After much dirticuky, they eluded their iroubksomc neighbours, 
and anchored in a harbour having the shape of a hors^ihoc^ During 
Uk nighc: one of the boati was dnvcn ashore by the gale, and riJled 
With »Mter and 5in<l, ihui derttroying Ihe greater pari 0/ their pto- 
Tinont ai well as their instnimenis. Having recxivercd the damaged 
boat, they on March jo reached Mogunga/ and on April r* tiiey 
»cre Jigain m n^uU- Piirming his course along the e-iJtcrn ihore of 
the lake, past several islets, and three cataracii, c-TUed respectively 
Ruima, Wahambia, anrt N,inia, proceeding from a large river, never 
dry, called Tisi, which he idenirrics wirh SirS. Jialccr'i Kaiigiri, Gessi 
on Apdl 16 anchored in n snuy hrtrbour, which he named I'ort 
Sdtiil»a (the Vacovia of Sif S, UakerJ. Thb harbour is 250 yards 
iride, and 600 or joo in ]eiL^, and ia suTToitnded by many villages. 
Starling a^jn on the rSrli, h^ entered 3. httic further south a tiver 
(Masisij, but seven mik? from its mouth was stopped by the growth 
Of papyrus and other .iquitic vegetation. Here he saw a large water- 
Ul^ much grander than the three prcviomly passed. Geasi waa 
lalivnnfd by the natives ''that the walcrTtll nianie from waters which 
iecuRiulate in the mountains and form a river during the season of 

■ ColoDcl Gordon subicttucnlly hivcb di« Jiil*ncc u wme jo miles ]«l 
* Gmi htic. ac(0(LJ>ng Ln i^ tclcgism Froib CuLqqcI Goniuji, hoL^Ed Lhe 
Bjjptjffi Alu " un thf- li4iilk> of t^c Lflkf Albcn^ Jit Ehc |>EL:tcnix uf rhp afliL'eri^ 
MtGoit uul r^Iivs; and all the aiaeaibln£5 praypd fot lonjr lifr und contimiKl 
lictmy fof hit lltglincift iht Khcd-vc, anJ ilw Princes his lom* iridttJA vVkvt 
ffg^ani xjis\. [beir Witi^hlimSi c^me tijjiicr die rule vfthe tihalAVal Gf>'mun^4lY\,^ 


Tfu GcHflfman^ Magazine. 

i\\t rains, but dry up, togclhcf wi*h the river, in the dry toiaoii/' They 
lE^o (old hrm IhM hr wu Then nil the end of thf hkf ; thatl^yonri (he 
vatet Willi vrry *h.illoWp only flboiu the height of their kretf*; ind that 
lit WAS filled wuh .1 dense growth of **anibatch" (a specie? of //rrmimVr^ 
also known 35 j-f-dtmitnt mirabiHi)^ a. pUni which only flounahe* in 
|3 inches or 1 fed of water. Loiving the river, Gcssi endeavoured 
to force his way through the-ambarch ; but witlioiit siiceets, the 
gTOivlh being too dense .lod the ivater *cry ^haUow- fie therefore 
sitirted tlie amhcLch fieUa, the hoat'^ keel toL>ching the bottom 
rfrom lime lo lime, iin'l lints traversed the lake from lo wr«, > 
bl>HUnce of 40 inilei, withuul finding any p^is;i^. Ge^i obberrcd 
Itliat the water everywJiere a blac^k colour, otting to ihe foreili of 
ambat^rh, and wa-* undrinkible; there was no tinrcnt wh^ievcr, und 
the bottom wm *indy. From the tnAst of the boat he s^w that the 
ambntch ^itended ■' very far," and thii beyond it wa* a field of herb* 
and vegelaiion citcnding to the foot of ihemoiinUmv tin thcweitera 
shore the natives were too hoslile lo communiciUe ^vilh hitn, but a 
little TurtheE nordi iht nativeTi g^vi; \\\%w ihc sanit Lnl<>Ti]iaI]on rcspect^^^H 
t*ig Ihc end of the lake as he had reeeivcd on the easBem alwri ^^B 
Having 50 *im:il1 an cscorl, he ».t* unable to viiidtrLakeii bind journey; 
ajid therefore^ hi& etforls :il fmdiog a sonlhcrn nutlet lo Ihe lake being 
ftui ties*, he at once proceeded on hi* northward journey along the 
western coaiL He states ihnt the mouptains from Vacovia to the end 
of the laic, and alio those on the western side, dciccnd direiily to 
Ibe water's edge, and are destitute of large trees. l>einB elothed tti^ 
bnshcs only. On the return journey he pai?»fd three watetfallt, Iral 
did not sec a single harbour or sheltering place on this side of the 
lake. He was driven 40 miles out of his coune, and put in great 
peril, by (cnjpeHtnoi.ii wcaiher. The wind becoming more favonmble, 
he, on the 21st, came in sight of Ml M'Caroh, which had alrendy 
been ?een by Ilakcr from the opposite side of the lake. Geiii pivc» 
the length of the lake ^ 141 mile^, and the greatest wtdih Co milen, 
and in hw map he makes it trend futlher north than, *tnd to the west 
of, iheoitiletof the Nile, ft w thcrtforc mnch smaller than either 
the Victoria or Ihe Tanganyika, and jiunihes the dcslgnntion given it 
by Spelceof Ihe Uittf Lnta Nzige- Gordon thinks it very protjable that 
thcTc may !>e "a chain ot likes and m.irshes leading from Lake Albert 
to Tanganj'ika, for Gcssi distinctly says the ridge of mouniains on the 
west coast dflrs nM jtiin those on rhc ca&t coast of tlie lake. Thus 
there is a gap," The branch discovered flowing lo the north-west 
irom the Nile some distance below iis exit from Ihc lake is joo yard* 
%yidc, s.nd has a good current. IX TTinfl rovjarda the ]nie (Pethenek'* 



CoUmi:i C^rdou's Hxp^dtturn to ilu Upprr NiU, 307 

Afvt), which has x course of Kvend hundred nnlei ncsriy psnUcl 
10 ihc Nile foiniiig the main ttretun oppodlc Ihc commcnccmcni 

of theOirafle Rivrt m N. Ui. j'. and E. long- 30° ao'(c;rcrJiwi<'h|. 
Should \x nni join ihii river, \\ probably forms ihc Wcllc Rivet, wUich 
Bow* iftio [Unh's Kubandn. In ihi> cue U would OiUMi^ Xit. 
Sdiwcsoflanh^ theory t>uit ihc Albert Ny;inra \% drained by the WcUc 
WhofiGcfi^ left Dufli 10 explore iht lakt, be was ncxompanicd as far 
a* Hlguf^ by the well-known AlTir^n traveller, Signor Carlo Pi:iggia, 
«ho turiKd otr at thi« point to .isc^nd ihc ^omer^vi Ntk. Piiit^ia 
ttts oRifinaUy commistioncd by the Egypuan (lovemni^^ni eu uKplore 
ibcSobot Ki^tr, th«»ourcc« of which he olroady vibiicd in 1256; 
but he oftcntotda itcctved orders to Join Cordon Fa^a. On hi* 
uriTol 01 Duflj. hv wat iitBiruclvd to |:o in the dirtN^tlon of ihc MoT' 
k^rnk. but hu firuU orders ^^Itf 10 ;L:f> b^utli (0 the .\lben nnd Victoria 
I-ake^ TAingwithhim yiit small boat, twointn.andiRt'ia.htTirrived, 
oficT A Journey of 35 milci up the fi%-cr, at the grand Murchlson cas- 
Qdc. Huncc to Fowcini, a distance of 63 niik:^* the tivcr iii oil 
npfrdt, compelling Pbf^gin ami hi« men to make their way (;n foot 
lOOt* Ibresu and ravines, AAer »ome days' tciil at Fowcinit where 
ihtj ircte hospiiably treated by the garrison^ they proceeded to M'ruli, 
«htiv Pb|:i£i>i obuiincd soldiers. nniivfRt and dragomans from King 
HbcA*, who with much dill^^^iihy labowred to ^pan the part of Ihc river 
foU 4>f floating tbioad^ and brgc pap)!!]^. They ihco ca^c to 1 Like 
csUtd Cspcchii (Long's L* Ibndiiiii)* in ihc cxploraiion of which 
Piiggb fpeni ftix days, mi^asuring \\% lengths bic-adlb> and deptl:, and 
o6tnfaun£ mineral^ plants and aheMs, He found iCh bELsin tobcrram 
;> to 35 Ru](s in Ivittfth, and J 7 to j 5 iuUl-i^ in brcadlh, and dii(cOTi£r«d 
a Mcond outlet tn a branch (lowing to tJiu nonh-eai^t, which, aAer a 
sbon course, loses itself in a injtwoit of s'H'amjjs, and which he 
accordingly named Masian^ii. H<j txpresstf. hie belief that it cvcn- 
tuaUy diKchoi^s into the Sobal, or by the Makedo falls neai Dufli 
tntothc Nile; but it is very probable that this apparent outlet is 
bocbing more Uian a sott of sw^mtpy breakwater furmed during the 
rainy Muon, and of no fircat extent. The sovuh-weaiem half of the 
llkv tt tttfddcd with islands, "Kittle the opposlcc portion is iree Irom 
ihcsL Pbc^tiatea that the surrounding coimtry was almost deserted 
byrmiuiflhewainiortwond^hbuunng potentates having prevented the 
ftitive* ^m arrtling. At ihia tmit', the rjin bcir^g incessant and the air 
ttlcdvith rnaiari^L. and the men aulfering from fever, it became necessary 
lo desoend the river. Leaving the soldiers and dragomans at M*ruli, 
Ptoggia pushed on to Dutli. where he arrived on June 9- In the 
wtunn he tetijtncd to li^p^ Ltki;}^ >vidi him a valuable Gcjtocacnn 



The GtniUmatii Magenim. 

of cimfuiijir*, fhirWj' frortii Ihc tribes of Ihr Ba.n, Mftiii* M^, ftni! 
UgundJL This i-ollccUoii hr t»iTcrtd to lie Briliih Muicum; bii«, Ihc 
tkUthoiitLT* tiAi'i&g dwlinird it, it woi sold fbir ;£75, and placrd in ibc 
Elhnolt^giEjJ Musevm ;lI Bcitin, 

On Mj) io Mr. Lucj^ ^itxompaiiied Ijy Mt. Freeman, ariirrd at 
l^do, liaving *?ntcfc<! t>n an cnjilufAtiunof (he civcr of ihc '* Gft*cll«.'' 
Hr w^a un.^btc 1o tcnt^h the D,khr-cl-CUi,trc1, A^d had ta nuke ^ long 
d*?li>ut by l-idcs where bi: <iicl wuh a w:inM rccc(iUon from <rOrdon. 
After coii^iidlirij^ LcujielhiT, Mr. Lv»<xLi ilttt'fmJncd Ui iTuinj^e hi* lOotc 
and cx|>lore Ehc region of LjIu: All>cftt and thvncc to ircidcavoor XO 
reach the Conii^u at NyiLD^e. Gordon accompufiicd him lo ihc 
bordtre of itie lake, leaving him tticic la push oh lo the Njania of 
Livingstone and beyond to (he we*l. His escort proving ioo weak 
to allow him to penetrate further into the intenor, he rclunted t<* 
Khaftoum en rtuife for Slici, intending to rtorganibc hit expedition, 
uid proceed, by way uf Zau/Ibs-r, to the Congo. Alter repeated 
a of fever, he kft Khartoum QcL s&^ and le^hed Sue', whcie 
tcoTganisL'd his expedition. He then again &t;iiied I'ut the ac>tit1i. 
bm did not prntted further than JcdOah, on the Red Sfa, where he 
was struck doivn hy the hand of deadly in (he }6i\i jear uf hi» agA 
His companion, Mr, Freeman, died at Khjrtoum Oct. 5> 

In July the recoQslfucliQn of the lo-hone-power ffteomec above 
the Makedo Fulls wat tgmpleted, and it made its first voyage from 
Dufli 10 Mayiingo, reaching die latter place on the 15th of thm 
month. Gordon then pro^wsed to &t4tl for Mtesi^s dpital, where he 
would leave a gonison of i$<^ men, by special dctirc of the kin^. 
At abuut twenty mlleu south of DM the rivei begins to widen out, 
and the cunent bcconicf, iherefoie. less rjipid, l>ein^ only at tho ntt 
of huir a mile an hour. The bed is \t idt:, soinutijn^ as much as Ivo 
OT ihrce marine miles, and k filled with islands of papyrus, with 
which aLso the Ixink** are frmged. The country is veiy j>0]mlgu:^— ^ 
much more so any other portion of Afric-i dial Colund Goidon 
had seen—and the n-itivci are well disposed. The sighi of ihc 
steamboat naturally astoniihed them greatly- Thebanana cullivition 
LS met with forty miles from Dufli, and euntinues iouihward fur 
twenty miles, bill is not again to be seen tili within a short dibtanoc 
rrom die lake. I'jfly nnde:^ soul h of Dulli the natives wear «kia« ; 
those further to the soutli clothe themselves with tlie buk of a Xttt, 
Colonel tk»rdon bthcvcd that a ttide dustriLed fiom RatatdiJUnbi! 
a« a centre, wilh a radius extending to Fashoda, would include all the 
tribes that go entirely naked ; a zone out&ide that circle would Includo 
ihiMc half dad ; whiiit ouC^idc lba.1 at^un woM be iht; tribes which 




C^hntt Gorditrii Expeditimi to iht- Upptr Nile. 309 

Mtj dMhc Ih^mKlvcs. He fbimd Sir SniniicE Bftkcr** mip quite 
cofTMt for the northern ponton of ihc Ukc. Itisdtffimlttofind The 
eiuct iiineturcof the river and ibc bUc, "the whole const bciTipTOwn 
with pJLiTniA kUndfl,* 't'hf water ia nhillon- and has no pcrccpEible 
oifrent From Mn^ungo to the Murrhivm Falls the curren t doa 
imt«vowd one knot an hour, but fiom that point to thf Kamraft 
fUpidftf nine miles below Foweira, the river is full of strong rapidn. 
Ilw h*nkii were bordered by Wees, and the counby preitent&d a very 
d«i^ie *ppe(itinre, hdng almoflt deserted by the native* on ai^count 
oflhc w*rt tirrwffn K^ba Rrgi nnd AnJina, There U now every 
roMOO I0 believe ihai Kaba Kcga will come to Icrm^^ and jicccpf ihe 
half of )iit tinjiVlOTTi, RiongTE ^nd Aufina occupying the other two 
L)auten^ Thcpc rcmnins the placing of a sTramcr ou the Vic- 
toria Nifc lo ply between Fowdra, M'ndi, l.Tondogani and Ihe 
Victoria Ljlie- 'J'he \ile may now be eoniiderfd to be known 
thrDMithuLiE iu whole course, with the etreption of the branch flowing 
iqwards iJie noiih-west fiom the Nile after it* isiue from the Albert 
L^7, ;iLd alsi;' ^Hijthor bruoLh discovered flowing out of Lake IbrAhim 
Paaha, which j.'rtjbnb])^ joins the? River Sobat or Rjvft A^iua. Sho^dd 
the connection be ^rith the former river, Tt may provide givalcr faci- 
lilica for coOJmuriication Ih^fn Ihe m^in rbannel Having accrjm* 
ptiihicd the prificrpl object; be 1i'>d before him, Colon«] Gordon 
Vttvmcd to Egypt in the autumn of 1S76, atiiving x\ Cairo wiih M. 
Gcsti on December 1, his heaUh but little impaired by the marshy 
h#ai of the tropics and the rronslflnt worry of hoiliic tril>ei. He was 
COfdi*lly received by the Khedive, who presented him with ihe j^and 
crors of the Order of the Medjidie, and on the 1 7ih he cnibflrkcd at 
AloaadHa for Engbnd, He had wroufiUt immenic ehangcn in the 
K^onK in Vihith he hiid l>ce«j cngiiftcd. Tnlie* ihal were hostile are 
now fiiendly, order has iflkcn the place of disorder, and a line of 
pOSUi 50 to 100 miles apstl, has l>een eitabhshcd from Khartoum to 
the Albert and Victoria Lakes, ihu^ romplcting the communication 
between the Mediterranean ^nd " the first giciil l;ikeof the Equator" 
Chcrif Pash*, the Egyptian Foreign Minjatcr, in lumioing up the 
rttuUs which Gordon has achieved, uys: "Ain^ est accompli 
Vanorxion A IT.^ypte dc tons le-* tcrrilafr^s si* .luiour des grands Ijtcs 
Mctoiia Ci Albert, qui, avec leun uffluents ei le (leuve Somerset, 
oovrenl \ la fiavigaiion un vaste champ d'cxplora lions <jac Gordon 
Puha 1 pr<.*|i»r^ iu^qt^^ prtwrnl." A good tesi of Ihe completeness 
of this work i» afforded by the tad that ilie Colonel received his 
Eagluh ncws^Hipers with fair regularity seven weeks after the ^\t 
of blue, and he himself tr^JvcUed Jown to Cairo withviv Oma utr^e. 



There \% Ehcrefbric. in open rciod from Com lo Uie bkei 

whctlicr k it A tcud whJch wUt be found nv^ibble for 

yet remain* lo he proved, Tht tocJ jonrncy i* a^&oo miicn. 

asccndrng ihc river from Cairo thdc is as I'.ir at Mmicli a chQ 

of nil or river ^ fe>m Mmlch to Arnni^ jind Ihc ^r>i catAt 

there 14 sieun ci^mmLmJcniionT and, with a ihori ianrl ir^iufcr 

&VC mi)c9, ihcre U .ifl.'iin Ihc river \q Korosko, bcbw ihc sccc 

catAracti Here, where the river iroid^ lowardn th^ wou auid ru^ 

for mi tc« over small c«uncu, a vide i^trcEch of doert ia eiot»cd, j 

the livcTAgam resumed At Berbu, Thcr^cc for t,ooo oiLles or 

put KhAitouJii to Gondokoro, 2nd on by Ihc Gi.urari At Uufli 10 

kke, tlic rivci conimunication u a^n made lue of, A« the iropi 

duUict 11 enlerf d the nvei become* choked up tn:h ma^tf^i of vc 

tatiyn, which form into aulid islanJi and i>rcs«nT a tofal bar to p 

grcs- In hi= work on the "Albvrt Nyftnta," Sit Siuoud Pa' 

recounts his experience of thete donu. In one place, he uyi, *■ 1 

river hod suddenly disappeared ; ihere woa appart^nily an end 10 I 

While Nile, The dam wa& uboui ihree quartern of n mjfc wide 

WW perfectly firm, and was already oicrgrown vfitli high iveds ji 

fitas, thud forming a coniinaation of the j^urro^mding cotintry. 

That is U pre^nt much difficulty in obuitnin^- food in the Upi 
Nile regions- U wa* noceaary for the exploring I*"(y lo cany 
il oil the supplies which would be required, l^he tuitvf« only 
cnovigl: corn round (heir villages tor Uidr ovrn consumption ; 
rest of Lhc couotry i& mere jungk, marsh, or forei^ -, and for 
ycurti Culoni;] Gordon AJid his lucii auhsi&uJ ehic^y on beef 1 
•ervvd itiKits, coffee, and luileavtneU hrtad. The prododi of 
country, however, can be dt'velopcd i*j a wonderfi,U cxtont. TiatveH 
Cell utt of the grain, sugar, coilon, coffee, gum, senna, daiesi, iv( 
cbooy. aromatic wood^, dyes, poUih, gold, skins, and ositich feMli 
10 be oLtained Iheici and intercourse with ihe natives will doubd 
Boen result in Ihe esubliehinenc of a re^hr trade in cb 
Articles- There is nodouU that the tap jbili ties of the country 
aJmofit boundless, Ai pieiieiit ivotyisiln; sole product that is 
polled, and in thi:^ Cobncl Gvidon hus Uoded with great &ucc« 
Hiiprotics, indeed, were fiudi as 10 enable him 10 payallihecxiicB 
of hift province, including the pay of his men, his official*, and hi 
self, and to leave theii a surplus for ihc Eeypiian iTCda(iry, 
revenue ts suted roujihly Km be aboui jC6o,aQo a year. The fii 
bliHhmcnt of safe coinmunit^tion wiili the Victoria Nyanca is a wi 
which remains yet to bcaccoini-fUthed, 'I'he distance fronubc Alb 
Xj*eyjiiof i Jon^one;bulnavi4p[iun of the ViciorJaJiile or Soir 


Coi&rut GcrtUn's Expedition h fAr Upper NiU, an 

Riv«r^ whirh cnnnfCis the two iilcei, is impossible, on accnLcnl of 
ftlic nciBirroiiii m^Tihes and taUracts which occur in its cnumc. An 
Ov^lAiid tivid \s ihercfote ncccsaaiy, and for Oils the moil dirctt 
vouie Ln through liir Ee^itory ol~ Mtesji. He, hoiwcvrr, hciiatccJ to 
9*7 penniM\on fi^r this yt^y lo be made U9c oil Coliinel Gordon 
txlicvc* lEiJit hiH conHcnt ni;iy bt vjon by playing off ig-iiust him ihc 
Itatdle pfiwcT of l-Kiga, whif.h offcfs an aitcmaEive foiitc between 
Ibc t»o lokcK. The whole itvaibble force composing the eipcditinn 
vis fjooo men; <iQd Ihesr h-id to t>c &o divided, in order lo protect 
tiac post* in Ihe leir, ihal Gordon himself geneially .tdv^uiccd wilit a 
marc liAnJful uf lucn. He h;Ls proved himself a good ruler, .ind feft 
^v province in j (Utc of oidei ^nd tumpilliiy- The natives rcfeircd 
to iibn for settlement nf dicir <^uaitcI«; j his own men, draughted tironr 
ihe Hgyptiiin pnson» or enlisted from unfriendly trilws, are at! de- 
voted to hinii iind lie \% Ihroughniit the Nile district as a 
jt*t And fearle** luler. In his efforts for the aupprtision of the 
tliT^-tradc he v^s only partly succe^ul, a& he h^id nor Ihe <xirdi;il 
fUppOlt of the native ofiicidb, who i-»voiiT the slavc-ttadera wheri 
fh^OUl, and only punish Ihem ivhen they nm.iEj ^nd he was th^te- 
fare Able only to repress it in tho^c instances which came under his 
* tmoediate notice- Whether the Fpgyptian Govcmmentitsclfi^ aincerdy 
dttiroiift of annihilating the slave-tride i*^ vcrydoubtfuL In previous 
' eupcditions equipped ^nd despatched with tliis avowed object — 
flipeciaJly those of 1S57, 1B61, and that under Sir Samuel R^ke^ 
{1B69-1871) — link wo.* ^iccomplihhed beyond the (Icatniction of 
ttme ^ the aid vu- hunters' sUtions» whilst the slaughti;! of the 
WtTM, burning of their villngcs, and soiaure of their cattle do not 
tend to confirm ihc humanitarian ptofcisions of the ralets of F-gyph 
Xcrw thjil Colonel Gordon haa again been despatched to " the Pro- 
tince of the Equator/' there is ground for hope that the death-knell 
or thi'* tT,*fbc is sounded. In a letter from Cairo, dated February 
t; of thi» ycjir, he lap ; '^Hia Highness to-day has signed the 
firman, Hc eould not have given mc greater powers. He has given 
tt:e over the Soudan, in addition to the Province of the RquiTtor and 
the littoral of the Red Sea, absolute authority over the finjnce> &c. 
I aiu -iitoundcd At the powera he has placed in t^y hiinds. With the 
OovemOT'CcnctxIship of the Soudan, ic will he my fault if ihvcry 
doei not cease, and if these vast countries are not open to Lhc world. 
So there is on end of slavery if GolI wills, for the whole secret of 
Ihc Tnatter U in the gavcmmcnt of the Soudaji, and if the man who 
hold* that government is against it, it niust cease." 

r 1 


3T2 Tit (hkiiemaH^s Magasine, 


FRANCIS BACON lias kid inlow-n i* au axiom that cipeHmcTil 
ii the foundalioti of all real pra^'nrss in krigwlcUgT. " Man/' 
he laid, " as the minuter and inccipnrlvr of nature, docs ind undcr- 
sULOdii AH much is KiK (jbftcn';xcioni oa the crdcr of natuic i^nciit 
htfUi and neither knows nor \\ tis^yiMc of more/' ' It would teem, 
thvfi) 4S if ihcre could be no subject on which man should be bcUcr 
infomn-'d than on the value of various articles of food, ftnd the 
quantity in >shich fcidi should he uacd. On moit branchM of cxpcrv- 
mental inquiryi a few men in cath age^perhaps hut for a f<fw jjigifNtn 
succession— have pursued for a longer or Ehoricr portion of their 
Ur^. ;v iyKiem of etperitnent ^md observaiLon, But on the subject of 
food or diet ill meu m all a^■es have been piaLlital cxpt^tn»:nten> 
and not for a Xt>^ y&u» only, but duiin|; their cniirc life- One would 
expect, then, thai no questions could be niofe decisively sctded ihut 
those which relate la ihc uii; or ihc abuse of food. Everyone ought 
to know, it might be supposed, wliit kinJs of food are good for the 
health, ill what quanlity each should be lakiTi, what changes of diet 
tend to correct this or that kind of ill-healtli, ajid how long each change 
should be continued. 

Unfortunately, as we know, [his is far from being the case. Wc 
nil eat many things which are bad for us, and omit to tat tnauv ihingi 
which would be good for us. Wc change our dicc» too often, without 
any consideration, or from lolse con^idt rations, of the wants of ihc 
body. When wc have derived benefit from some th-inge of dici, 
we are apt lo crtniinue the new diet after the neces^ty for ii hftS 
passed away. Ai to quantity, aho. wc seldom follow welljudgcd 
nilcs- Some Uke lcs% nmrimcnl (or less of sunie patiiciilar fonn of 
nntrimcnt) ihan \s needed lo supplv the absolute requiremcntt of the 
syalem ; others [wrsislcmly nverload the system, dctpilC all ihc 
waminga which their own cupcrienceand thnt of oihcre should ificid 
of fhc mischirf lilccly to follow that course. 

* Cloacly followmn jii OiLt tc.fjccl his illustrkmi nfnin^iL? Ropar, who 



TA* Uu and Ai^mt vf Food^ 213 

It ift mily of Ijite ycAn th^l sy^ttraalic eObrlA have bocn mode ti> 
ihnMr lif^e on the aubJMl of the pri^pcr iiae of food, to distingiiibh 
between if^ various lonns. and to anaJyac ihe tipccial office of each 
Conn- I propose to tTihibit^ m a popular miinner, som*: of Ihe 
noTc impiifUinT piaciical concluaions lo which m^n <if <4cienc« 
luiTC been led by Ihf^ir invcsiigationa into ^^st questions. 

The human body has btcn comparc-l 10 n ]?ut)|j in wb)<jh a flame 
ii bviming. in Home respects the coTDparisori is ii nio^t oncj as 
we shall we presently, Hut man doce more than iivf\ he xtorkt^ 
*kh hia hrsJn or with hia muickr*. And tbcrt^idrc iht human frame 
vaj' be more justly compared to a steam-engLne iban to ihc flame of 
a banp. Of mere life, the Utter llluMralion is ^iilTidenrly ajit, IhiI jc 
kavea uniliufitTfttcd inan'A <:ai>acity for woik ; and Kince food is taken 
*ilh iwo principal objects— the iiuintenLiritc of life aiid the rcuewal 
of nutmul used up in bramwork jnd muiicular vrork— we shall f^ad 
tkit the eumj^aii^n of nmo tu a machine afTurdb a tir bcitur iUua- 
tiition of our subject than the more common coinporisoDs of the life 
of man 10 a bumfftg flamr, and of foud to the fuel which serves to 
IMiaUtn r-oml>u&Tian. 

There «, however, one class of food, and, perhaps, on the whole, the 
nkOA important, ibc opcradon of which in c<iualLy well illustraied by 
dEh<T cotnparir.on. The sort of food to which 1 refer may be ierca£:d 
^iai-mainSainitig food- I disiingui&h it thus fiom food which 5Crvc5 
Olhn cnd^r hut of course it is not to be understood that any aiticle of 
dkt Ktvet* ieidy the end of nuiTntaining heat. AccoTdrngiy^ we lind 
duil hcat-nuint^ining substance e\i£ia in nearly all the ordinuy 
iRklc« of food. Of ihe^ there are two — sugar and fat — ^vhich nmy 
b* looked on JU special ** heat-givers,'* Siarclin also> which appears 
ii All regcuibtcs, and ihas comes to form a large proportion of our 
Ailly food, \% a heat-giver, )n face, this subaiance only enters the 
9f»l?in in the form of sugar, the saliva havinglhepowcrof converting 
luich (which is insoluhlc in water) into sugar, and thus rendering it 
tolubk and digeBtibte, 

Starch, OS I have said, appears in all vegetables, But it is found 
iDorc freely in tome than in others. It constituies nearly the whole 
mbsuncc of arrowroot, sago, and tapioca, and appears more or less 
frcdy in poutocEii rice> wheal, barley, and oats. In the process of 
vejctalion it it converted into sugar; and thus It happt'ns that vege- 
table diet— whether pf eventing starch in Its natural fomi to be converted 
LUio ngaj by the consumer, or cuntaining s^ugar whidi has rebutted 
from a procCTj of dionge undergone by starch— is in general heat- 
□uinuining, Sugar is used as a tou^cnient mcou^ of m&uwn^v^^ 



Tk€ GtniUman's Magasme. 

\h^ hcil-sopply ; for m cjting sugjir wc ire savH the iTGuhtc of con* 
vcTtmg slorrJi into sngirr- A love fof swc^t Ihtnjj^ ts the m^tinclive 
CKpre^crn of the necrsstly for hf^-mAintAiniri^ food. We see ditl 

liking itrorgly JrvdopC'J m thildrcn, who*c npicl growth iv Don- 
liuujlly dmu'ing ug.ion Ll)4-ir h<^-4upp1y. So ^r an ndtiitt arc con- 
Ciftficd, the tiste for sweet fowl i* found to prcviiJ more in temptnite 
than m trofiicji] dime*, u mjghl be eicpecled - but, contrary to wliit 
we mig^l it firrt e3fpect,"wc dond find any tncrtMt in the likiii{( for 
sweei food in very told cUmjtei, ATif>ihrf and a more efTcctivc 
way of securing tht requited hat-iupply prcviili in »uch couiitrles. 

As starch \% converted into mgat, so by n fiiTthct process wi^r b 
convrrted mtf> faL Tl is by the mnveriion of ^ugflT into fat that its 
hcaE-supplying power (s made available This tnnvcnion iakr? plac^ 
in the vegetable as ivell a& in the animiil systpm^ a»d thiirfc f^t appeal) 
jn a variety of forma — as butter, 5Uc(, oil, and so forth Now, precisely, 
as sug:ir Ls ^ more cDnvenienr heat'supplirr Th;m \Tarch, so fat CJ> 
ceed? sugar in ils powerof Tn.ijntaininj!;;inimal hej^T- llh;^ calcu*" 
lilted th^l one pound of ral-^whclhei in the furm of luel, butfer^ of 
oil — will go 35 far towards the maintenance of animil heat oi twd 
pounds of flrtgar, or as two pound* and a half of starch. Thus it 
happen* that in very cold countries there is developed 3 Usic for 
5uch articles of food a* eontain most fat, or even for pure £ji and in 
analogues'— oil, butter, tillow, dripping, and Other foTms of^f^tif, 

I have spoken of starch, sugar, and &t as heat-forming Articles of 
foud; bwC I mu*l note ihffir influenee in the development of muscle* 
and nerves. Without a certain proporitDn of fat in the food x. 
wasting of the tissue* n'ill alwayfi take place ; for muscTte and nerves 
cannot form >vithout fPt, And convcncJy, the best remedy for 
wasting diseases is to be found in the supply of somcea^^ily-digcstibk 
fonn of f.itty food. Well-latted meat, and esjiecially meat in which 
the fat i' to be *cen dislribuli^il Ihrnugh the Heih, may be tjikcn 
under such circumstances, Bulfer and snlad oif are then alio proper 
articles of food. Cream is stdl better, and eream chceics may be 
used with advantage. It is on accoudl of its heat-supplying and f^t- 
forming qualitie?* that eod-Hvcr oil has taken it? place ai one of the 
most valuable remedies for ^crofulou!? and consumptives patients 

liut it must be noted that the formalion of (at is not the object 
with Mhich heM-suppEying food It taken- !t is ^n indication of 
derangement of the system when heat-giving food is too re-idily con- 
verted into fat. And in so far as this process of r.onvcrsion tikes 
place tieyond what is required for the formation of muaele* and 
nerves, tftc body sutfcns in the loss of its just propoitioii of heat> 

/"jfe Ust and /l^tsf t*/P'^d, 2 1 5 

ipfif* Of cooTM, if too Urge (Ui amount o( hcAt-gTving food fa 
tlk^n ihl^ 1bff79lcm> wc may cupcri !hjit ihc siir^ilii* will l>c dc- 
pofl>t«d in ibc form of odipOAC im\.\<r. The do ponition of Tai in such 
• cue will be fiir kw injurious to the ^y^tm ihan an CTctasivir httit- 
nrppty wrnild l>c. Bue when only a jii^t amount oC hcat-pving food 
11 takfn, and th plic^ or fuifilling it*i jtifit oHicfr this food is converted 
into odipost tiuut;, it becomei nccc^rtory to in^iuiTc into the cause of 
rC Tcchnicjilly, ihc evil may be dciaibed as rcrmlling 
dcfid^^t oxygcnntion of the hcnr rapplying food- ThU 
gmnilly arisen from defective circulaticxn, and mny often be ciiTcd by 
■ TCiy modemEe but xysUmaf/^ inrrcnSsc in ihc iimotint of daily cxcr- 
OM. or by the ti»e of Ihc spongcbnth, or, lastly, by soch change* in 
ihedrcu — and cspctbHy in the irtides of ottire worn ncsr to the 
fAin — as tend to cncounigc a ftccr circulation of the blood> The 
tendency to accumubic fat may sometimes be tr^cd 10 the irae of 
ovc^wMm covcnrigfl jlI night, and especially to the tiae of woollen 
ilght*Ctothcs, By attending ro considcntionii of thin ^rt, more 
Ntdily find ulcly than by ah undue diminuiion of the iimoTtat of 
JiMt-wjppIying food, the tctidcney to ol>cscoc»s may frc<|«ently be 

In Tvnim weaihvr we should t^iminish the supply of hcat'giving 
food, in ttidi weather the j^stcm docs not require Ihc siime daily 
•Edition fo tu anirrml heat, and the cicc?i« is eonvertcd into fat, Es- 
penmefiU hftvc shown thur despite fhc ircrea-icil rate at -which pcrspija- 
Ac ycAT increase in weight in summer and ^osc weight in winter 

So far OS mere cxisrcnce is concerned, heot-fomiing food niay be 
looked U|Hio ft« the rcjl fuel on which Ihc lamp 0I life i? susTjincd- 
But man, considcfcd aa a vorkmg hcing, camtoi exist without rn^t^y* 
fifman^ food- All wotk, wltciher of tht fiiain of of Ihc hmba, 
taroWes Uie exhaustion of nervous and fnii?^ innt^cr ; and nnlcn 
the e:<b»U8ted nuuer iie renewed, the work luiisc come to sn end. 
The supply of bcai'giviog food mj^y be cumparcd to Che supply of 
fiad for the fire of a stcani- engine 1 By tncansof thiii Hupply thcjfrr 
k kept alive ; but if the lire have nothing to work upon, its energies 
iie wmtcd or usL-d to tht: injury of the ntichinc ibclf> The supply 
of witef,and iw contimin.1 use (in the form of steam) in the propnl- 
sion of the engine, are the proccs^s rorreispnnding to the continual 
ethou&ljon and renewal of the muscles lad nerves of the hum^n 
fame. And the comparison may be cajried yet further We sec 
that in ihc ea&e of the engine the amonrit of amoke, or rather of car- 
bonic acid, tlifown out by il\c biosi-pipe is a measure of ^c \\>aX 



eiie^(90 to»pcak)vithjn ihe canine ; but the amouni of work done 
by the engine U measured W^^ by the quantity of tteua which i* 
thrown out, Uccausc the ctMtic force of every panicle of sieam hju 
'lietn CKcrtcO in the [iropul^ion of the cQ^nc before being iKr^wa out 
through ihtf blfljrt'pipt In n manner precisely cotrcspondmji to ihU, 
the amount of c4irbDnic acid ga> t^h^c:d byn man ia a measure of the 
rate ai whi^^h tncrc uxiaicncc U proceeding ; but the amount of wott, 
mental or muocular, ^v'hich tht man achieves, ia ine^LiiuJvd by ihv 
amount of used up L>nin materuU and muHcle laJtierlAl which is d^lly 
thro^vn off by the body. I shall presently show in whai way thU 
amount is e^dmated- 

In tlic compofiitton of the musdeii there iKaTnaEurial ci\\ts\i Ji^rmtt 
and in the composition of the n«rvcft there is a inawrial called ir*u- 
m^j, Thcie aic the subntaiicci^ which are eihauBled during; mrnUl 
aiid bodily labour, and wliich have lo be Eeiicwed jf we axe lo con- 
tinue wciflcing with our he:i4 or wJLh our ha.ndS' Kay more, tlTe 
itself involves work; the he^rt, tltc lun£6> the liver, cadi intcrsmi 
organ of the body, performs its sha[e of workf jua as a certain pro- 
portion of the power of a stca-m-cngicie i^ <^xpcndcd in merely moving 
1h( inadi(jicr>' which it ^eta in acdon. Jf the waste of mati:rUi in- 
vulved in ttiis form of work is not compensated by a continual ajid 
EuJricujDl supply of fibrint and albumen, ihe result will be a gradual 
lott'cnny of all the powers of the system, until some one or othci 
givet w^y— ihe heart ceases 10 beat, or the siomadi to digest, or the 
liver 10 secrete bile — and so death ensues. 

The tibrine and ;:lbumen in the animal frame .ire derived exdU' 
sively from vegetables. For ,ilthougb we &eem to derive a povtion of 
the supply from animal food, yet the fibnne and albumen thus sup- 
plied ha^-c been derived in ihe beginniny from the vegetable kingdom. 
■' It is the peculi:ir pToi^ctty of Eho plant," says Dr. J^ankesier, '' to be 
able, in ihe niinoie cells of which ids composed, to convert the car- 
bonic acid and ammoniiL which it get£ from the atmosphere into 
fibrine und albumen, and by easy chemieal processes wc <^n sepamce 
these substances from our vegetable foud. Wheat, barley, uata^ lye, 
rice, all contain fibrine.and sfime of themalsoalbunienn PoliL[<jcs, cab* 
boge. and asparagus contain albumen. It ia a wetl- ascertained fact that 
those 5ub$un[:eii which contain most of these ' nutivtiouB seccctiooifl/ 

■ Ftbunt «nd klbiimcn atv Jdcntiul m cDuprntian. C^vvu. wbicli it the 
COOguljiblc ^QTEjon <]f inilk. u cumpotcil in thr vtniC mnntia-. The chLef disltakC- 
rma lyriHiFcn ilii- ilvme aub&Ianc» A-iiiaE«(« in ihrir moJc of ccd^dlntloa; fibriov 
cooEulaiinE spontaoccu^y, tlUimen undci tbc ocUod of hcul, -ind camUu by tkt 

Th^ Us€ and Ahuu: <tf Food. 217 

48 they have been called, support Hfc the longesL" They chaogi; 
llnle during the process of di)]fo»tic^n, cnicTing the blood in d pare 
itttcaAd being directly cm J.J by *:d tofcni^w Mic ntrvoufl.ind muscular 
tntier which hai»bF«n iisoi up dunngiroTk either TUcnialormiiAt-ulAT, 
Tlunthc JUpply of lhc«: ?nib*tarrt» ift i^nTimiiilly |;ci-ig drawn upon. 
The cubon, which foTmn ihcir pnncipil ^un^titucnT, is converted inio 
caiboQic odd; and the nitrogen, which fonnn about a 9tMb |xtrt of 
iheir suhfiUnce. rcj^ppcati m the nitrogtn of urea, a subsEonce which 
lOTtoB ih;: ponctpil lolid r&nfltitiicnt of tho matltr doily thrown from 
dw ftjrXctn through the aciian of tiic kid/^eys. Thus the Amount of 
urea wtiich (h.ily p;aucs from the body affurda a lucasurr; of the kvork 
doKo during the day, '* ThU i» not/' Mys Dr. l^nkcf^tcr, " the more 
dMan of Lhe theorist; it hus been pracijcally demonacnttcd thnt 
lucrvuc-d etr?s» upon the nervous system* vi^i brainwork, emoiiou. 
or cxcilcnent from diiouu, incrc^UKS the quantity of urea and thu 
dsraaod for nitrogenous food^ In the ^>tll^c nunner thv amount of 
una u the rcpfe&enutivc of the imount ai muscular work done." 

It hoA been cUculatcd that the average amount of urea daily 
fbnntid in the body of a healthy man b about 470 gmins. To supply 
ihU daily ujasujnpikjii of nitrogcuoa-t niallerp it is neiesury thui 
■boot four ounc;tid of ilei^h- forming subslaut-v should be conifumed 
daily, ll is impuiunu tbctcidre, to inciLilrc \x(yif thi& vub^tance may 
be obtoiaedH 'Flic n-quLtite 4|uatiCiiy uf albuminous Lind fibtinou^ 
□attej ^^ is cvnUJned," «ays Dr. L=i.nkcite(. '^ in a pound of beef; in 
two pounds of egga ; in tivo quurts gf milk; iu j pound of peas ; 
in £tc pQUE^ds of rixe; iu fei^teeu pounds uf |M^utoes; in (wo pound* 
of Ij3ctian lucnd ; in a pound and a half of oJlmc^ . -md in n pound 
uid dirce-qUArlcrs of 6our." A con»Jcrj.tii;»n of (hit hit vnEI ihovr 
tbe iinportJini;c of attending to the quality as well .^s [lie qua^nUty of 
ocu Ibod- A man of oicliiiaiy appetite might satisfy hj« hunger on 
poUUMi ov on nc«r without by any means supplying hii lyttem with a 
■ttffident amount of f!esh'foiming food. On the other h^nd, if a man 
were to live on bficad and bcrf alone, he would load his iystcni with 
aa Amount of njtrogcnoi;s food. jiUhough not taking wh;ii could bo 
considered an cxcwiJvr aniouni of tlaily nourishment We see, also, 
bow it is poi^ible to continually v^iry the form in which we tate the 
leqiiired supjiiy of nitrogenous food, without varying the amouut of 
that supply from day to day. 

The supply itself should of coui&e al&o vaty ffoni day to day as 
the amouni of daily wort may vary. UTiat would be ample for & 
pCMOn pcrlomking a moderate amount of work wuuld be in'iU^^cient 
Ua one who underwent daily great bodily or menial excrtio 

u8 T^ Cfntl^mitfCx Afti^asitu. 

int^ be 100 much for one ^ho vcu ijlting hoUday. TC would 
4|9flar, from the roeiTtti^ of Dr. tlmghUin, thai the ftmount 
of urea dai]/ fonncd m the body of a hcolrhy man of xnrra^ 
wtight vaiici from 400 to 630 gnun«. Of thii ncight il ippnrs 
Ihat 309 gnuii« results from the action of the intt^rt):)! orfan^ 
It *ould seem, therefore, ihai the amount of itcsh fnrmJnti: 
food indicated in the preceding pamgraph may be diminithrd In 
the proportion <*t 47 to 40 in the csl^c of a person tAkinfE the 
minimum of cxcrcisT'-thjiE in, avoiding all movcmcnta «ivr tho^e 
ibsoluicly mrcraaaiy for comfort or convenience. On the other 
liand, that amount must be Increased in the [>ropottlon of 74 to 
6j in tile case of a person (of average weight'; woritinu tip to his 
full powi^ri- Il will be Been .« once, therefore, that a hard wrjrlctng 
man, vhcthcrLibotiieror Ihrnker, must make j^dflesh-fomnin^food 
eonstiluic a conaidcrahlc porlioti of Tms diet ; Otherwise he would 
rtquire to take an amount of food nliich wouM ^eriouafy interfere 
with his comfort and the due action of his digestive or^n^tn For 
instance, if he lived on rice alone, he would re^iuire to in^^esl nearly 
seven pounds of food daily ; if on j^iaioe*, he would nr^juire upwards 
of iwent>- one pounds; whereas one pound and a ihird oif meat 
would suffice 10 supply the Hime amount of fle^h fonning food 

Men who have to work, quickly Find out what they require in the 
way of food. Ihe Irishman who, while doing little wort, will li/c 
contentedly on pouioes, asks for better flesh-forming food when 
engaged in heavy labour. In fact, the employer of the working- man, 
so far from feeling aj^cved when his men require an jmprovemeoi 
in their diet, cither as respects quality or quantity, ought to look on 
the want iis ovidenct that thc^- arc rcatly working hard in hia service, 
and also that they Jiave a caparJiy for contmuous work. The m*n 
who lives on less than the average share of lleiih-tbnninK food {a 
doing less than an avcragu aTuounl of wotk ; the ui^n who ii unable 
to eat an avtirage quantity of flesh form ing fuod, is nrtaM< io do on 
average amount of work, '* * Qn what principle do you diiichargc 
your men? ' I once said," relates Dr. L^nkester, " to a railway con- 
tractor, * Oh/ he said, • it's according to their appeiitcu,' ' But,' I 
said, * how do you judge of that i* ' • \VTiy,' he said, ' I send a clerk 
round when they are getting their dinnerSi and tho^ who cnn't cat 
he marks witli a bit of chalk, and we send them about their 
business/ " 

At a lecture delivered at Ihe Royal Museum of fhy«tC3 snd 
Natural History at Florence, by Professor MantcgaEra, a few ycaa 
5jfec<- the Prtt/cssor dwelt on Ihf? insufficient food which lloliAM are 



The Uu and Abuse &f Food. 319 

io the luibii of talcing, u among ihc most important c^uftee or tht 
imknca of the njiCion. ^ Tullans" he said, *' you should follow u 
cloody as f cm f jn the citflmpte of the English in your siting and in 
your drinlcing, in tfic choice of flah-mfai (in lojsing off bumpCrt «f 
foar rich wine*),' in the qtialil? ti your cofiec, your tea, and your 
lotiODCici. I give yon lhi$ advice, dear counttymi^n, not only as a 
ACdic^ man, but nlso as a pairioi- It is quite evident^ fn^m the way 
nuUions of yon perform i!ic process which you call eating end drink- 

tuig, ihM you hdtve not the most (.-Ecmcniary notions of the laws of 
phyvology. You imagine that you are living. You are barely pro- 
longing existence on tnacciToni jnd wfltcr-mcloTis. Vou ncifhcTknow 
how to «! nor how to <^rink. Vou have no miisoilar cn^^rgy ; and, 
th^Tdbre, you have no cftntinuous mcnUl energy. The weakness of 
ihc indi^'idufll, mnltipUed mnny milfions of times, resultt in die col- 
1«<^vnrc wcnkncsi of ehc njvtion. IJcncc results insufficient work, and 
lh«nec insuificient producrion. Thus ihc Tclumii of the lax- collector 
3tnd the cusloni'hoiific officer sac scanty, and the national c^chc*]Uer 
tuDim ftcf^ordirj^ly '* Nor is all lli is, strange as it may sound, the 
(n^nc g^^iip of the lrtt«re»TOorTi. " The question of goofl feeding," 
ny4 Ur I^^mkutcr, " is one of national importance It is vsin to 
expcci either brain or muscles to do dhdrnt work when they are not 
provided nich the projjer niaterJAl. Neither inieltectnal nor physical 
work am be done ttithorit ^ood food." 

We have now considered the two principal form* of food, the heat- 
Cormin^^-^oniEtinies calltd tl]e0m^Ajjr0nr'*-cDn&litui?nLs,3Dit the flesh- 
fanning or mtnigfnisus tons I j merits But there lire oihct subslances 
vliieh, although fonmng a smaller proportion of the daily food, are yet 
seajGcly less important- Keturning lo our toinpanson of the human 
fliystctn to a steam-engine — we have seen how the heal-forming and 
fleah-fbrmingeonstiiLienti of food tctresjjond to the supply of fuel and 
water- bntanenginewouldquickiy fall into nuieiesi ilalc if the wcw 
aiidtcuoflhcma[en:dofwhichilii constructed were not attended to 
and repaired- Now, io the hvim^n fr.jmc there are materials which 
are continiia.ny being used up, and which icfjuire to he continually 

■ restored, if the system i* to con(inuc free fiom disease- l*he*c mate- 

■ rialx arc the mineral conhniiicnis of thestystcm. Amongst Iherowc 
ixmst include ttnter, ivhich com|ioses a much liiger |>orLion of our 
bodies than migliL be supffOsed. Ii^even-oinths of our weight consists 
simply of water. Every day there is a loss of about one-thirtieth 
ptrt of this constituent of our system- The daily repair of thisim- 


' Tolhit articlccf Uic PmreuuT'c fkiih JrcJilEid Dbj«iiDEi miul ^ igkeu^VLgviCHv. 



Th4 Gtntlfpuxns Magazim, 

>Kani waste of matcr&l ia not effected hy tmbibiu^ a corresponding 
f^fuppty of w.ilcr. A ]*igc proportion 0/ the weigh! of walcr daily 
I06I \% rtiifwcd In the iiolid food. Manj^ vegetables consist prin- 
ci|)Ally of wAlcr UliiH is notably the c^sc wiilt poucocs. Where 
the ff-AXtx supplied to a dLsLnct is badj so th«t liEtle wAlcr is con- 
3umcd by Lhc iiihahitAata— at k-ast. without the Addition of aome 
other Bub^tfloct^— it btcomw jmporuxnt to notice Ihc vAiying pro- 
portion of water prc^nt in differenc articles of food. A« An in^tini-'c 
of this, I may cjUl atlcniion to ii jumarkaUIe circumstnnce ob- 
acivcd during the failmc of Ihc pouio-cropa in Ireland. Notmth' 
■tftiiding the grc4i topics which the people susLaJned at thattim^ 
it wai ntJtieed that the amouni of ten impotlcil into Ireland ex* 
hibited X remarkable inerca^e- This scctned ai 5r!it sight a some- 
what perplexing phenomenon. The explanation was recognised in 

cireumiitflncc that the pouito — a watery vegetable, as wc have uid 

longer formed ihc chit^f portion of thc^people's diet. Thus the 

Icfldency in the supply of water had to be nia.dc up by the u^ of % 

la^crquanuty of iluiti foort ; iind aa simple w^tcr was not palatable to 

ihc people, they drank tea in niucJi Inrger quantises than iJiey had been 

in the habit of tiltine befonj rht fjomine- 

But we have to coni^Jder [he other mineral constiluenis of the 

if I were to run through tlte lis! of i^l the minerals which exist 
within the body, I Bliould weary tht: pationcc of the readi:r, ond per* 
haps not add Yvry moth to the dearm:as of his ideas respecting Uie 
conBtitucion of the human ftome. Let il suffice to sUle generally 
thati according (o the cotcukiions of physiologists^ a human body 
weighing 154 pounds.coniains about i;^ pounds of mlnen.^ matter; 
and that the mo&t important mineral compoimds cAiating »-iiljin 
th^ body arc those which contain Lime, isoda^ and pot^h. 
Without pretending to any i^tricdy acicnti^c accuracy in the 
dassification, wc may say that the lime is principally found in the 
bones, the soda in the blood* the potash in the muscles; and ac- 
cording as one or other of these important conaticucnts is wanting in 
our food, so will the correspondiog portions o£ Che Iramc be found to 

We have a familiar illustration of the effect* of unduly diminishing 
the supply of the mineral constituent* of the body in the mvogei 
which scurvy has worked amongst ihe crews of shipri which have 
remained for a long period iil-aupplieil with fresh vegetables. Hex 
it is chiefly the want of potash in ihc fooi.1 whidi causes the mi«chtcf. 
An imeKsting imiance of the rapid— iimoat btartUu^— cflccU of £DOd 

The Use and /IMise of Fmd. jji 

coauinmg pot^, iit ihe cure of tuc" su-icken by scurvy, ia rcUccil 
by D.\nfl. The crew of ashipvhich had been scvcml months il 
•ci, bet Wiii now nearine the land, were pro^iitnicd by ihc r:iv^ft of 
icufvy. Ncijly all secmtd hopdcs4!y i!I- One young lad v^a» 
ipfurently dyrng. the Imd ?ipoin which w»c ^pncjiding ^vcr Vw limbs 
e<<fning to hctotcti hh mpidly apprmvching end \\ This momoni a 
*hip nppe-ired m view which had btit bielj' Irft tl^c fand, and wai 
lidcs with frcih vcgcuWct Before long large quantiticB of the 
Ktbca^fE food hud been tramfcTTvd to The decks of ihc other ship- 
The iosifiicit of life uoghi ihc poor scurvy- stricken wrcichcft lo 
dioovc Ihe veifctable which of all oiher^ was bc»t aii^ted to eupply the 
«attt under which ihetr l^me^ were wj?cing, They also were led by 
Ae Ktme tniihful initinct* lo prefer the raw \q tooUed ^-egetablci. 
Tbu:^ thf liek were (<> 1)e t>«cn caifitg raw onEonit with a greater 
reliih Than the gourmanJ thows fcr the mtrai appetising viands. But 
the poor lad who was the worst of the tuffererti had already lost the 
power of eating: and it was >^"ithaut a hope of wivtng hi$ life that 
Mme of his companions squeezed the juice of onions between hiu 
Kp«, already quivering with the ircmnr of approaching death. He 
(wailowod a few drops, and pre'iently oikcd for more. Shortly he 
^CfAO 10 Tcvive. and to the omaKcmenE of alt tho^e who had seen rhe 
State of prci^tr-itLon to wliirh he had been rcducedi he regained in <t 
few diys his u^ual health and strengih. 

The elements whirh wc require in order to stipply the daily 
vane of the miDero) constituents of the body are comained in 
greater or lees quantities ui tieurty all the articles which man u^ca Tor 
food. But it may readily happen thjt, by adopting an ill-regiiUted 
diet- a man may not ta.kc a QuHtcienc quantity of these tinportant 
demeni-'v It nur.t alao be noticed th:ii articles of food, both nnimal 
and vegctaJile, may he dqmvvd of a lar^e proportion of tJieir 
mincmL elemenls by boiling ; and if, as often happens, the water in 
which the food has been boiled is thrown avv-ay, iT>jurioufH effects can 
Karccly fail to n-tult frgin Ihe ftte uhv of fuud which hiiii lost to 
important a portion of its constituent elemencs. Accordingly, when 
persons partake much of boiled meui, they should either consume the 
broth with the mcnt, of use it as aonp on the allemate days- 
Vqjcubtcs steamed in tmall cjuantities of water (this water beins 
tiltcn with thcn:)^ also afloril a valuable addition to boiled meal. In 
Hct, ttperience Sfcn^s to havu mggested the advanuge of niixing 
(VTOtSft parsnips, turnips, jtnd greens with boiled meat \ but unfoT' 
tunately the addition vi nol idwny^ made in a projier inflnner. If the 
^tgeuble^ 3tre boiled Ke;^arar<*ly in IjT^e qvmnui\t;% of v^«\«i, im\^ 



, ^a.1 7^ Gmilmans AfngiKfirt^ 

t^td up Alter ^U5 WAUt hu been thrown amty, more hirm thu 
gtjod it done by ihe adtiitiun; iincc ihe ap|jcuic u Mtitficd wiih 
comparattvoLy usdesE fcx^d, in&u^ of being left ht-^ to chooce, u it 
mtgbt oth«nvi&(! Oo, ^uch formfi of food ;ib wciuld best »upply the 
requireiiicuitortliesysieiii- SaUd^and unccoktd ^uiti. for msumcc, 
cunUin vjUmc mgredicnt^ in Urge (iro[>ot](on, ^id cuutd be used 
odwiUgcoii&ly aflcr 2 meal uf bdiltrd meat, j^otatoc* aic likewise 
4 viluablc Atti;;]e of food cm account of th« minctal clemcnu cod- 
[utifd in ihccu^ And thrrc tan be nodoubt that thcvniucof poLiUtcs 
V an article of fogd it latg^ly intrcastd when (hey arc tooked in 
their tkm^j, atlcr ihc Iiish fiuhiooi. 

L;isl]y, wc must consider thoBC mUoIch uf fuod uhidi promocc 
the natural vital chiugcsj but do not Ihemielvci come lo form pait 
of the Jiaiiic, or, At lta*t, not in any l.irge proportion of llieij bulk. 
Such arc tea, colTcc, acid cocoa; akohalic drinks; rtarc::c»Ui:» -, Aitd 
laatly, spicks and condiin^rtls. We may conipjire tht u^ of iTiese 
artic'e^ of food to thAC of di! jn luliricAtrng V3(iou& parts of 3l Bieatn- 
eiifiiner For, as iho o'\ nalher fonns part of iht btal-supply imm tjf 
the force-supply of the Mvam-engine, nor is u%d (o replace Ibe worn 
material of its sttunlure, ytt ^rves to render thr movements of the 
machjEie more equable ^nd cfTcctive, so the forms of fi^^od we ore 
cousideting are neither htNLt-producing nor flesh -fonuing, nor do ihcy 
terve to replace^ to iny ^fat encnt. the mincml con^lilucnti of the 
body, yet ibcy produce a sense of refreshment accorapanic<i with 
renewed vigour. It is drfficul! to determine m what preci«: n'*y the^e 
cffeclB are prodiircd, but no doubt nui r>iisi aa lo the fart that the) 
arc rcaUy attributable to the forma of food to which vc have assigned 

Tea, coffee, and cocoa owe their influence on the nervous tyitem 
to the presence of a subsraTurc vvhic^h has rcrcived the varioui name* 
oiiAriz/Ty ciiffct/te, and tfrfobrvmitsf. It is identical in compoiition wiiit 
/{ferine the most important in|;redicnt in pepper, ll may be 
Bcpartttcd in the fom of delimie hhitc, silky oystaJsH whi»--h have a 
biltcf Ustc. In its concentrated form this substance is poisonom, 
ftnd to thiii dreum.*itanee mu9t be ascribed Ihe ill cfTccti vhich Tollor 
from the too free use ofntmng teaor foficc. However, thcinsLrmccs 
of bad cflcc-ts resulting from the use of " the cup which rhcer* bnii 
not inebriates " ^vn icw and for beiwcrn, while the benefits derived 
from il ate recognised on all hands. It has, indeed, been slated that 
no nation which ha^ begun lo make use of tea, cotfce, or cocoa, has 
ever given up the practice; and no stronger evidence can be required 
tttthe vaIuc of iho^ ortides of food^ 

TAg Use and A^use of Food, 

OfAlcohol^liquontitiicimpouiHcto b|XMk w Uvoimbly. Tlieyare 
Bade u«e of, indeed, ;%lmo«i Jh ciipn^ivd^as tOAOr cufTee ; thtyhtve 
bnfi made the ihcmc of the (-hjcI, :Lnd hAJ^cd :^ the vmbkms <jf jdl 
diAt L« ^nidl and convivi^L Vci ihcrc cd.n Li^ UeeIc di»ubt that, when 
■ bftUiicc is »LTi]ck tx^ltvcfn ihLT ^uiJit ami evil which have rc^ulud 
to nun from Ihrir uifC, (he luLlc^i \'& ioujid laigdv lo ptcpundcrat^ 
ThccDn*i*lcTnlTon ofthcaccviJa I>clong*,how)^vcr| fftlhcrio ihemonlbt 
iKin to lli^ pliy^io^o^L&L- I have here ^imi^fy to ci>n«i(.|^r nlruhoik 
liquon &%.iTtii:^r« of fi-jruL Thcft? can Tc lillledoiiht r ha I, when used 
■itii cj^iUioD and jiif]giiifTTt, Llicy AlfVjrd in ci-rtain r^ic^ an impoetont 
adjunrl to thovc jirliri*^** whtrli .irc difccfly applred to ihc ttpai^tion 
of bodily wiice. WiMioui rt!>witiitcly nounshin^ ihp Tramc, ihey 
ultimaidy lend to lhi« end by ciitoutogtng the digestive procc^es 
Biiicb rcHili iQ the aMimilation of nutritive articles of food. Bui Ihe 
qiuntiry of alcohol net^cisaiy to effect chi* is far le^s than is usuaUy 
Ukcn eweft hy periotin who are termed tcmpfnte^ ll is ali-o certain 
Ihjl hundreds make use of .ilcohoiic liquors who have fio necesiiry 
fbr Ibein, and who would be betref without ihem. Those who require 
tbcm mofci Jte men who l&id .1 itudious scdenuiylife j ^i^d ii issucli 
nacn, *Uo, who surfer most from excels in the use of alcoholic 

II rerri:iin4 lliat L should cnak? a few rcm.irks im. misukes re- 
•pectin^ the quJtnlily of fnniL 

Some^ f;:ll mff? Ihf h^ljit nf l.ikmg an eice^sive (juaHtity 
of food, not frrrni greedmeH, bui Iroiti the idea (Jul a large amount of 
Jood n ncce*H.ry for Ihe mainteriance of their sLrcngih. They thus 
OTtrtAX the digestive organs, and not only fail of their purpose, but 
veaLcn instead of strengiiiening the system. KspeciaJly serious is 
ibc tikifttJEke often made by pcrsoui in delicate health of swallowing 
^^H> oihci word can be used, for the d)ge«iye ojgans altogether 
<ifu*e to (cspund to ihr action of the mout]i— targe quantities of ^ome 
Conccntrtled t>nn of fo^^dt^uch as even the strongest sloma-ch could 
AM deal n-Kh in thai foim, J knew a person who, though suHerin;^ 
from we^ikne^x such a»^ should have suggested the blandest aod 
RfnpTetl fornix of foi>d, adopted as a suitable brealdast mutlon-chop;; 
■ml bouled stokit^ arguing, when renionbtrftled with, that he required 
BvirciupiKirtthfin persona 111 atroug^t health- [1e was siiapEy requiring 
lli* weak digeilivc organs to accocrkpliiih work which would have ijwed 
tJit difttsiJve energies of the most ^lalwarV bhoiirct working da^ily 
4 IB the open air for many hour*. 
4 On iLo oilier hand, a too abstemiouft diet is as erroneous in prin. 




The Gmii^matis Magadne. 

A <]ict vrhk]) h fiimply loo Ab6l«m{i>u£ h ijerhapa Icif (Imgerous than 
peraibti'iTi aLutinente from thou^ of oertam m^esMtyfoiniAorfoM. 
Nalurt gtJii-raUy bufljctt lo prevent us from injiiring oureclvw by 
unwisely diminiihint; the quaniiTy of foodie take; ^ut, unfortunildy, 
she IB TiOt alwayi equally decided in !tct admoniliont tcipcciing the 
quality of our food. A man may be injuring his hcilth ihfoiigh a 
deficiency Jn ihc nmoutit cither of the hcit-forming or of the tlc&ti- 
ftirming foot! which he consume*, ami ycl know nothing of the crigiii 
of ihc miichief. Umayo}u:> be noted tktt lyaicmatic i^bstinertcc 
ciihcT a% rcspcctfi qunntiiy ot i]U.iUiy of food a much more d^Lngeroui 
than .in ocau>iona! ia^^L Indeed, ii is not generally injunous eilhcr 
to ab&tarn for i^evcral d.iyn from [k'jiiicular amides or fomiB of fooiSi 
or to reiDAin U>r bErveiul hours Uevund che i^aiial iiitervAl between 
mruU without food of any sot:. On the contrary.bcneftlof^eaaiiMV 
fron cich practice. The Empcriui Aurelfjn u^ed to :it tribute the good 
health he cnjoyt'd lo his hahti of ahstalniny for a whole <5a>', once 4 
month, from food of nil aomj ind jnnny havn foLind the Lenten mlcs 
of ab&iini^nce beneficial Af ;l rule, however, t^iange of diet is a 
safer measuri; ihan peiiodic.ii tiialin,Li ut abttinence from either heat- 
produdng or fleihrcrraing food h must be DOticed. in condotion, 
that young pei^ons ought not, without mediud advice, to (aa or 
ahsijiin for any length of lime from the more imponant forms of 
food. a« teriouv mUchicf to the dii;estive organs has frequently been 
known to follow from ctdier coLme. 






AT ihc prcfcm mcimcrij, wVn ihcrr i» »n idea of infliciinn a 
mcrtal blow on ftprii tic<i**fs h^ the fomifltion of " icrriluiial 
TCgimfMs,'' 9omc inrDmuLlion rcg:irding the distmctk>n\ trAdri lon^, jntl 
MKoloitfs! of ihc different regiments may not provt^ unintemting to 

TTip sToinr re^meots of ravalry rtte thi^ ist jind ind Ufc OiMudi 
ueI the Koyfl] Hone Cunrrfs, <:on At i tilling the lloy&rhoM Urigadc. 
Tlr hr*( two foftk ihtir origin fiom Ihc four troops of I.ifc Guards 
indoncnfHorv rained by Ch.irlc^ the Kcitoraiion, ITiefijimcr 
compnacd one troop cnUc^ Scottish Life tluardM, which was for jomc 
>an Always <juutcrcd in ScotJnnd- This » the troop mcntioticd in 
•Old Mortihty." The Ijfc Cimrdi were ail mcnof family, ftcnemlly 
Touiigerion», and wtrc oftidailyandonpnTadcaddtrssiedas"Gniik' 
nm of the Life tluard^" 'I'o earh troop was iiltuJied a Iraop of 
Heme ffitnadiet Guards, tompoHcd of mm of mfcriotiotiaf position, 
Tt*e iroops of Horse (ircnodicr (luards — who wctt dngoom in- 
tttkled on ofejiaion lo act on foot with hand gTen,ide<v slimX inutkctR 
**«*, *ft*r A lime, virttially sepamtcd from the Lire Gu.irds. The 
life&iATds—hreqiieaily colled >{or-ac Guards — were Afi highly prt- 
li^}nl ihM the caplam won n roloncl, the two iLcutpna^nts hrutcn^tnt- 
Wtoneb, and the comtt and the guidon major*. Th<?rc were also 
turapi« with the Mnk of captain, brigfldi^rs — origtnaUy corporali— 
»ifli the rank of lieutenant, and &ub- brigadiers — oiiginfllly stib- 
fttfpOrtlij^who weri= comets. The duties of nou commi*iitc»ned officer* 
•we performed by select private gentlemen, who nertr termed "righi- 
^Wd men/' In 173G the four acnior "right-hand men " in ciieh 
l^p were appointed w.itrant officers with the title of quArtermA^tcr, 
W ^ ibc four junior "nyht-hand men" " coriiotaJs of Horsr_" In 
i '1*3 the corps of Ufc Guards, someiimes called "Horse Gu-nriS," 

■ ttd the If orw? Grenadier Guards were com-encd into the first .md 

■ *Kond rcgimcnci of Life Guards. L'p to that dale the gentlemen of 
I 'l*c Life Guirdi had purchased thcii appoinimcnis^arLd Wiii\«a\i^ 



Tfu C^nilematis Magtutn^. 

indenture. It mu ordcrtil that for tbc iilturt tX\ men of the life 
GiumLt should be cnltited ind aUestcd- Being no longer fcqaitcd to 
provide their own hoRica and forage, their pa/ was reduced. The 
fcnilemcn of the life Guard* who irishcd to Icare Ar «cn-icc 
wore pen*irtnci1- It may intcrtii some of our rcflrfcn to \rxn\ thai 
Ihr I'orlniAn Street TUnxfkiy demoliihc^ ;dkont a tuire of yc&n Jtga, 
was Tor some lime occupied hy the Hoi^ <;rcmutier GuArd^, The 
origin of GoldMick JOidSilveraiickwflj the Rjt House Plot. After 
that event, one of the CApt*inn, cjiiryitig an cliony 3116**1111 ft gold head, 
a junior officer with A Ailvcr-htaded bUlT, and two brigadiers with 
ivory^hudcd trunch^on^ renvtineil in immcdJAte AttrndaAr^ on the 
ftOv^rcLgn from morning Till ni^ht- In the e^rty pnrC of \ht reign of 
George 111. the sttcadiACO of the oiricen hearing the ivorf tnin* 
cheons wii ^spenscd iviih, but on all state oceaaioni the Ooldirick 
and Kilvcr^ititk— i.e. u culoni'l iind a ticutenanE-coloncl of the Houjic- 
hold ravilry^rc still in aitendunct on the Queen, it i» « tndt rulc^ 
rarely departed from, thut tlie (^kjldatick must be t Peer. Formerly 
there was only one gold and one silver »tidt, whieh were handed from 
offiecr to officer OS ihc dmy changed h.inds, William IV,, however, 
prQvidud three gold slic]E& for the three col cincU of Household cavalry. 
The story od' the innovation \% related in the ''Memoirs of Field*- 
Morahol Vt'icouni Combcmtcre." li appconi thni the Kin|; auininonod 
the three coloocU — one of whom was the Oukt; of Curnhcrland— to 
Windsor, and commenced with a complaint that, whcnev« thf gold 
stictwrLS wanted, it was sure to hjivc been miAbid ornot to have been 
hjjidcd over t»y the oHiecr w!io held it. After reprimanding hin 
asionishL'd iioditora fgr ihL'ircjrelBBttne*. he laid: "Now, mj Loida, 1 
understand etiquette buttcrthun anyon^and have provided a gold rtick 
for (hat there may be no more exctHe* on rhejtuhjceV 
and with that ht- distribuicd thice batons :hcin^ i'he House- 
hold cavilry, now so imivcrscilly popular with the public, were at one 
lime in great disfavour nith ihf lower dowea of Ijindoncrs on 
accouni of the energetic mnnner m which ihey performed their 
duly on iht: occasion of the arrest of Sir yranois Bnidett. In 
conso'iT-icncc, they were for yerua afterwaida v^ilt'^ly called "Pic- 
cadilly Bukhi^rs." The olSrcrj^ are now for the most part member* 
of the t)cst families in the kingdt^m, hut at one period there wu a 
large infusion of men connected with trade. I hey were in con- 
sciiuence derisively spoken of by ihcJr comrades of the Foot (juardii 
u ^'Chccsesp" Everyone in familiar with the appearanoe of the 
cream-coTourt!d chirger ridden by the kettlc-dnimmer in each regi- 
f of Life Tjunrd^i^ It may not» how<<vcr, be gentmUy known Ifcat 
f horse is ^IwAvs presented by the CJiacerL. 

R^tHffiftr-i DisiincHons, 12J 

The Royil Hf>n£ CtUAnln Ulur^ or the "Blues," z^ ihcy nri; 
dMOkrlf callc^i n'w form *ft -^oknowlcrtjicd portion of the Housc- 
liOld Cavaliy Krigiifc, 'lljcy »ri-rf originnlly nftirialJy f^crracd the 
*■ King'* Own Kegiment of Hortc Guarfts," hut more gcncrtJlylhe 
"K*rt of Gxrord'i RfpiiTif^uL*' In 1690 they refet\'ed the natnc erf 
"OxfonJ Bluf^"" to dirrtmgihih the rcginrint from a Dutch rpgimmt of 
bante, likcwUf dothf^ iti biucwhicli ^efvert with it in IrtUtid. rroro 
the fir»t they had a elcwc eonneeiion with the Court, ani^ ft'ere constUDtly 
emp1o)-«l in ocortJn^thf novtrei^p uve (rom i76jtiUi8Q4, Mt. 
CAnnetD, in hii offin^il hisinry of Ihe regiment, ronniders that it wai 
Ai linl relieved Ifom (^imu* iliitirt in order to enable \i in rerniit urn! 
rsflf After the Ittigiien i>\ ihr >iev(-r> Ve^Ys' War, .uidAftrrwjiriln UMlcrl 
At mt eiTd)n«]r nmlry re^iinKnt rbmugti the inftut^niY of the \Mc 
Gtuvdft* It ii certain, whatcvrt the o^iitic, th^t \x tta^ ^cl iTcni<-it, In 
1S04 *l *** brovi|:ht \f> Windflm-p whore it rt-maincd nil tJ^ji, when 
for the ^t time I'l rir«umed K) former duties in Londonr. and was 
regululy im^rpOftHcd with the Household flngntJe. Kvt-n now, 
hovrercr. ihert is ;i di^inclion betw^^n it nnd the other Iwo regimcnla. 

IJn the Life CtUards the niajor is mnjor and licuicnant -colonel, ^hile 
in tlic Bluet h[^ it only mnjor and ^/rrW HL'tilcnfmE-colonel, 
George Hi., from his t-oiwtaQi rcitdenec at Windwir, hnrf Urcn 
Nou^nraeh into contici with the Bhiea^and was for many yr.irn in 
the h»bil of wearing its uniform. L^pon his dcnth the suit was pre- 
tenied w the eflrps, tnd h*s been <nrcfuUy preserved by il, Thetc 
wmt torg cnrrcril in the army a tradirion. whirh many not very old 
ftOldien will perhaps rait to mind, that the Bhics were dq^nved «f 
ihtSs gclrt Inec Tor hnving nin nwjty during the campftign in Flanders 
in t*94' It h needless to say that the report was (juite without 
femacUliori, 1hc faclr: of Ihe cjisc arc ^^ follows: Dminf the 
abiJbcnce of four iroops of the regiment on service their nnv rlothing 
- becttne due. A pamde uttiform being deemed unsuiicd for the field, 
I A pUin one wna issued. On their return their colonel, in order to 
add to hifi emolumentfi from clothing, esMbHshcd imiformity by 
ordering the t;olil-tai:ecJ oo^ts of the home troop? lo bi: Liid oiidc, 
Ajvd oooie of t?ie tuune pAlteni o,^ those of thi: other four to he worn 

Th< i9 f"The King's ") Dragoon GuardB, styled by soldiers for 
bivity the "K,D.G/s." was raistni in r6S5^ and given tbp titli: of 
"Queen's Regirr»cni of Horse." On ihcacccasionorcieoTg^I. it was 
rCfkuncd the" King's Repment of Horse," In hmreijfnit fnmi!ihed, in 
Itfctn UTth nihcf fcginicms rT hnrsr. rfo'tarhrneut* to asufst the Life 

The GtntlrmiXfis Afagasm*^ 

nbelHon of 17-15-4''. »^vcr»l rfKimcntt, and amongst olhcn 
KiD^» Rcgiincnl of Hone, wcrt, tor cconoiny'a ulcc, converted 
iolo doj^nx llioic fcgimenn wrrc, however, compcnuted «a 

regards llicir feelings by being slyled DragoiMi Giurdi. In iSio, iho 
GoloncU of the two legitneiits of IJfc Guard* being employed on ihe 
wlflffT the colonel of the ut Drftgoon Guard* peifonncd the duty of 
ColdiiitiLk in w:i.iting, nn bi>nour ncvci bcfoic or Jiftcr gsiuited to any 
but [lie coJoncI uf Household cavtilTy, 

Of the jnd Drai^uon ftUiirtIs, cjf llay*, wc aie jn poEseasion of no 
I'urticubr IraJitions. It vrAb fftiicri in (685 Ml a rcgiEncnt of buret, 
iiuti U»^ jilway^ ilialmguibhed it&elf- 

The jnj Dnij^'icn tliwrd^ vufi rjiirtd nl tUis siinc lime. Perhaps 
its moM fanoti^ iichievcmrnl u\w Ihe rapture of the sljndaul and 
fccltle'drums of the Biivarian Horw GuaTd* at the battle of tUmilUcft. 
It vfAf, on its being first r.iiHcd, a regiment of cuiraisietSf a£ were a]«Q 
nint other legimctils besides the Life Guards. Tliey were ort^naUy 
ealled " Armn's Cuirnssreni/' ihch first colonel being the Earl of Atran. 
After the siipprewion of the rebellion of 1745 the ieginicni, whitb 
hail been for ujiward* nf three- quflrters of a rcnitiry tin the Imh 
es:abli5hmcnl, wj<i dcsignnlcd " The I'lnrt Jnsh Horse," and, from \ht 
cgTour of tJie facing*, ffcfiuciitly spoken of as the " Bhic Horee." In 
1764, tbe regiment bcin^ in DubliD, the following curious garrbon 
order was iuued 1^ 

Lieu tenant- General Ki^wkci rcannmciuit la (lit offiGni of thv girriun thti 
tli«y wviulJ not ^lay 4l ihc Ciutle whil^ on ilbly - and ibsil fTit afficm of clit 
Hone Guarls will avoid miicliig with ih« ladlH In the dnwin^ room* ^n anomnt 
of the iiiconvcm?nce af apurt (o the Ivlira^ hi>op fctiiutu. 

(SiynnI) D. Gkxh r. Captain SJnrf E^»SiB«At, 

for the Afajoi orBiigvilc. 

In 1788 the regiment rertEvedflie appellation of ''4ihDfagoonGujjdi,'' 
The sth Pmgoon Gu-irdu, rawed in 1685, received ihc title of " jih 
Horie" bvit wiis more rommonly cillcd *' Shrewibmyi CuimHi«i>" 
At the forcing of the Frv^nth linen in Hiindcti hy the Duke of 
Marlborough on July 18, 1705, the 7thf or Cadogan'i HoMc, a* they 
were then trrmcil, chnrged the Bavarian Horse Grcnadiet Gitud*, 
drove ll^em ftmn the field, and captured Four standards. In 174G 
the title of the regiment was changed to ''and Ihah Horse," bu« 
Imm thai day to ihi^ Ihc regiment has, fmm the colour of the facing 
been familiarly known a* the "Green Hoist'' In 17S8 it waa 
COuUituted the 5lh Dnigoon GuEirds. Iti iSc6 Prince Leopold of 
S.ixe-Cobvrg, j/terK'ard* King of the BelgiAus, was appointed colonefl, 



and the regioieat received Ehc tilEe oftltc '* Princes Cluilottc 
WaIm"* RrgimcQt of Drjtgoon Gusrdi.'* 

tTtic 6th Dragoon CriiiiflA (Cin>l>inccn) w^ rdbcil in 16S5 as h 
toiCLiitcni ofcuiiau^ien; rvccivcd thv lalv of ihu " Qu^eu Do^auer*!* 
RcKiment," a:)ij r^nkcJ u^ lh« r^ili Hoi^^- At the conclusion of ihc- 
nv in ItvlxmJ King Williuu rewunied the ragimcnl fcir its gooci 
MTvIc^ TritU the tjllc of *' Car J4bi insert," \x tnu iic»[nctimi?« otficutljr 
deii^iutvd tlie *'Kiu;bE'b C;LraLiiiitfen^" ll took roiik, liowv\?rt uft 

»lbeSlJi R?g]m«m uf Hoi>c from 17^0, one uf ihc B«m^ le^imctils 
luvtngbccndiib^iuit^JH In 1746 it beiuinv the 3rd Imh Hor^, 
aod ia 17S8 the *lh Dragoon Guards, This tvginient has ^ Liilliant 

IiGConl, At Blciiiieim it overthrew the French gcndoj'uics; vx 
KamUlief it vjinquri^hed tlie Spanish Hoiie GiULrds and captured the 
<oloun» of the French Royal Regiment of Bonibaidicrnj 3tMalpLu|acl 
it beat Ihe Hous^choEd chivalry of Fr:Lncu. \\a euba»|uent iterviue^ ore 
■ loo well known to need mention. There iva^, however, one curiuus 
i&pddcnt in its c^trccr. In iXic ^lUck on Bui;nog Ayr^ii, undi^r Genera) 
Wbttelocke, tlie Carabineere mhI thtf 9th Dragoons were diiHiouiHed 
md vmployt'cj in ihi: ^E<nu)l. Thc^y fou^lit wll Jind lost ma^ny meii 
b tbb tuiroTtuiiule jiJIiir, hhith endfd, u^ h known, in the c:LpLUi' 
luion of the whole Briti^ furce. 

The 7th or rrincetiK Royal* Regiment of Dragoon Guards owed 
Lb origin to the following tiicumst^ince : When the Prince of Ornnge 
landed in England in i638, the E4rl of Devonshire Joined him with 
> number of yeomen and gemry. He was rewarded by an order 
to Ai»e. f:om the ]>ariiunh of the Pnnce and the Piolc^unt ^uldieis 
in Junvi^i di&bandeU tegimi-nts.A regnneEiE of cuira^iei^, uktng rank 
«S the toth Horsi?- In 1710 Colonel Ligonicr >vju a^'potniud colonel 
Of the teutincnt, and fur twcnly-ninu years '\i w.ih familiurly known as 
'* Ljgonier'B Horst." In 1G93 ji& designation had bten diunged from 
''ioth"lo *'SEh Horse." In 1746 its title was again duiuj^ed to "4th 
Irish Hone," it being on the Frigh estabttahment ; cLnd from its facings 
it ira* called t^e'^Blaitk Horse," In 17SS it was, with sev<?r;i] other 
^vgimcnifi, reduced to :he rank and pay of a ilnigoon rtgiment ; but, 
c%j on previous occa^sions of :i dmilur reduction, the blow was ^oAened 
Ijy the title "Guards" being appendeJ. In the same year, on the 
application of the colonel, the title of *' Princess Ro)'al's Dragoon 
^Suards" was p-anted. This gallant corps has fought in mnny battles, 
^ut in none did it obuifi more distinction thnn in the baitic of Deiitngcn. 
^Qofiged with Ihe Household cavalry of France. LigonieKs Horse wert; 
^t one time surrounded by an enormous mass of the enemy, and had to 
*»^i desperately for existence end victory. Comcl R\tVv«^vwftj 



The GmiUman's Magamn^. 

cnrryiDjC one ai the »»undAtdh, W3« iRoLLlgd Jn tlic throng Suicnoncd 

to «LjrTvniJ(T, h;i sicrnly TrrL:ai:d, and nav At onct m^i tipon Ijy ^ ^lomi 
qS FrcQcli lior^emcDH In ihc (.ouryc uf ;i fuw ^iLOiiiunm hu r«c:«tv«<J 
upu^trdaof thirty ^abre-cuu un hibbodyu-i^U O^ro<ii;:b biif iJothv*. 
HiB «iuii]ixrd and sLviidord seaffwere ako iniich liacked ahout Ti>e 
very fury and number of liin aswUantSj howvv^■f^ ptticrvtd h\\x\ from 
i;iHLu]t death; and when the Frcin;h tiividry were at Icn^td ^iiiv^n vff 
ihtT^cld. ihc gallant conei. though lUlm ^txd <:uvv(td with blijvd, still 
lii^Id ftut his iireciaus charge. Marvclbu$ x*^ rcbti^i hi: %urvivt^ hiv 
nuKicrou* wounds- Araongihc cfophicE cav^wd by Lie<?iiitr'K Hinyt 
w^Tc a t»air of kettle-drums, which wetc prcwnted to thciu ;kfler the 
action, and were in iSjt)— perhaps still ore — uj«l by tlic bond- For 
ihtr g'^lkutry dir^^ljycd by ll^e te^iiiionc, lib intrepid colonel, Gencrft] 
T.Lgonier, who, though he had Tt;i:mvd (wu wounds, refused to quJi 
liib V04t» was called to tile frum I'y ihc Ktii^ slihX cieaicd Ji knight 
banneret At Fontenoy tlvc fiprii finorfj of LlgonJcr's Hprec was 
cm-inplififd in a manner vuty f;tmliLjbk' to ali <ontenicd- At ihc 
lic^j^imjini^ Cjflhe miction, Piivjtie Thomas Si eveiiuju's horse bctni^sb^: 
iiud<7t Ixiui. hu did noL rejoin hii^ te^Lment till dit e^cnin|; of the (gU 
lowing day. To U&C the words of Cannon, in hjs oflicial record 
uf the rt^giment, " eveiy man was proud of bcuig 3 Ligunicr. and 
ivhi^ri StcvtnsoQ joined his lioop his comrades accus^^d hiiii of un- 
wofLhy '.unducl,:ind refvib^ to pctniubini to ri::inaui wjihiD the lincv^ 
The man demanded a triLtl, and a coutt niaitiiLl h^s assembl'^i i;ji the 
following day to Invesii^iite his conduci, when Iil- prnduci^] LicuCunani 
l*j)rd of i\\v Royal Welih Ftiiillers, who *u*t'ri thai, on ihc mutrdog 
of the day of acLiun, the pritooei addressed him, acnuainltd him with 
Ihe deulii of l\ii (the pritontr'*} horse, iind requested pcrmiuion to 
cuny n firelock in tlic yri^adier company under him. The jjusamer'i 
request wa* granted ; be behaved ihiouiihoul dit^djy with iincgintnoo 
iiitErpidityr ajul was one of the nine grenaUieri whom he (the evi- 
dence] brought out of tile actioiL Stevenson was unnaedialely 
le^iEorcd to his Iroop with honour, .^ad wa& promoted on the foHowinfj 
d,iy In a lieuleranLy in the Fuailitrii," 

The 1^1 01 RoyL^l Dragc^ons and the ?nd (Nonh Brimh) DrogooBB 
(Scots GreytJ are both ^mung the oldest and t}Lc vnogl dibltnguiflticd 
tif our cavalry tcgimtiit*- Eadi Irjn on it^ apjiointmcnts an cii^^te, 10 
cumnitf mo ration of their exyloits at Waterloo, In iliat ^cat tojtlc 
Capuiin Clirke of the Royals, and Scr^ciAiit Ewan of the tJreys, took 
each an caHle afiec slaying the bear^jr. The Greys at RoniilUes c4[w 
tured the liiandarU of the Rcyimeni dti Roi, The Royal;s were raiged 
in t^HijiiRt^ iJie Greys in 167S — that is to say, two troo|ia wctc rsisol 





bi that ycAf , IftLi iht rrf^inifiiu werr nni rrpilntly fnnn^ (ill i68f. 
liet]TmTtf4f«nrraL I )4lrid« ■ ^xm\X oIlI 4oldirr who lud fif^nrtl in \ht 
Rtunin arifiy, wkh \hv fiM r^»!rmcl *if ihr iUry^ W*^ Wflj iilmont a* 
ptat a Irnor In tht' O^vr^nanlfr^ at ClaiTrhoii^. 'ITii? rr^niml wn» 
fin* mfiiinr^S i>n nhit? horw* in 1699 In 1701 ilicf were failed 
^m "Cfty llrtgonni" xnd llw '* Scol* Ri?giracnl nf W*iJ(c? Horct* 
In 1707 Ihcyrtctivcd Ihc litle of '* Rtjyal Kcgimtni of North fbiliah 
Dn^OonV' and nunilifm] the fnd Ilra^ont in 1713. ThirywCTcin 
iSfV atmoTt purdy Scotch. In tS6ithrrcwcrc^ jj J Scotf!h, J47 KnglUh. 
and 55 Irish, The number of Scotch tn the f«gim<?nt has very much 
CiUcn olf of \aiTf oninjE ro the pracEifp of rrfruiling eKlrn^ivrly in 
LAndaiL The tlrcji ^treknotmrn the barni<i-room bythi? niclcnnrae 
of "Bubbly Jocfci,"(i*m|ttnthfiritic«—*hvibblyjorlc" beingSctirch 
for a turtey t^k- C>n April j, TR77, sn AnnriiincemenC -ippcjrcd m 
the "fiA/frce" \hAX thrGnryn wcrf >n hirurc fo be ntylcd ihe " Royil 
ScoU (^teyit." 

'11b 3td Htis«in u^u ruitcd 10 16S5, .md rtylcd the "Qiiren Con- 
Md'^ RcRiiTii^iil of Ilfagt^Otis,"' cpnvr;rt«d into ** l-i^hl llri^oni*" in 
tZ7t>,itat\ a few yr on a^Q int(^ ''Husurs," 'V\\\- Trgmicnt.tknti .iii CTifly 
prnod or ib history, tnj&yerf ! he piivileg*^ of kt'ttlf:-druni'( — nn honour 
vdiith rtgmicntil ftndition declare* wai granted bi conic-iuence of 
the CiptUTc by if of *t>mc kclttejlnim% from the enemy AI Aghrim. 
Uf, Camion, however, Uit- htMuri.Hi of ihtMci^mienl. behcvcj. \hty were 
tak«ii, not j^[ AKhrim, hLit ;ir Dellingcn. At ilie laitcr hitlle the jrd 
Dru^ooni KUhUined :t tic^ce oonflii-r with niiiei^uAdrons of the French 
Houtehi^ld t?iv;ilry, tntling lhrcny;h the btler ihree lime*. Of the 
three ciimrEi ran-j-jn^ Ht;indrtrtl», iwo were wrjimdcd and ihc third had 
tvo horv^ kilJed undci hicn. The standArd^ Iheni¥e1ve«i were totally 
destroyed by shol und Hbre-Ctlte- One Wiw very neatly cajitiirrd. 
The crimt'l, receiving s. wound in the wn«, drr»|*jied Ihc standnrd. 
Primt« l'hoiiia<( Ikown, lEjeing wh:Lt h^nd huppened^ tiJed to dismount 
to pick itupf butere he could quit ihe uiddle he \o>\ two fingers by & 
ttbrccm, And hit hor*c rjn otf with him into the Trench lines. Re- 
cowering eoniTol ovtf the ^nini;*!, l^e rode h,if k low.irdi his regiment 
While doing *4) ]i*: i^iiiceived ihr sUiii1;ird being c-irried off by a 
gendjumc- ^'Yivt, iii,ui he :£tiA4.vkcd ^nd jdetv, catching the «iUndmd 
ft! it fdl frorH ihc dyiii>i f<x:ni,Ln'H \wK%\d. He then placed the ilandard 
IjeC'^erTi hiH lf;j and the saddle* urid iiiJtdc ii d^iil^ at ilie encni)', who 
rtrore to inu-nicpl him. He marixped I<j nil hi* way Uickj btit m 
dooQg 10 rcedved wun wounds in the he^d, fare, and hndy, AnrI Iwt. 
lul »js pierced by ihroe bullet*. 

Tbii regiment WOK dt one tinic<aJlvd " BLind'% Dt^t^ooc^" ^4A\dift 



23 J Tkt Cmtliman's Ma^sixinf. 

anecdoEc \% r«tM^ whfi^ VirooAV illaftinttei th« chiractnof the 
niiltUuy chApbins of lh« auddlc of xhv i^i icnivay. The authoricict 
thought tl^iit by a]fpoinEinje a cliupluin lo «Ach rcgimenl th? rohgkoui 
And niL/r.Ll lonr of \\\t^ uiritxrt wuiild be tiu^ifovrd' It, however, 
was found ih-xt, ifibt'^^d of liic cl];ip];un iraprovrng thf officcn^ 
the Iniccf nurrujiU'f] hrm, >iniJ tvc Ir-'ini ihiAt a chjipUin of I&Lind'A 
Dugoons challtngcdt fuuglit, anJ killed *ti nHicer of Linothcr rcgi- 
moiL Thjs and ^tnilar inddmb led to the abolition of regimetiul 

TIt^ 4tli Hussais wjs laiwd in 1685, and atylcd the *' Princess of 

Denmark's Rcgimcalof Drjfioom ;" in 1788 ii reccivi-d the d«ignft- 
tion of the "Queen's Own Regiment of Drag^^om*," In iSrS ii vM 
constituted a coqi* of light drAgoom ; »nd it was, a f^w year? back, 
converted inio hLissiir*. Ac Sleinkiik and some othtt of its carixr 
actioiu It w^ di&mounteiT, jijid fuught on foot with musket and ba/o- 
nOL Thit rrgimmt v:l« uqlc ihc cAuae of a serious political cntift. 
lb eolAncEcy having bttome vatunl m 17 id, Queen Anne wished to 
confer it on Colond Hill, bruthcr of ht( NUjcil/i fivourite Mrs- 
Maslum. Tln^ Dule of MarlLiorougli objected to Colonel Hill's 
youth and» ftnilin^ the Queen rcso!vii<!, withdrew Irom the Court. So 
gTi^P-t wjs the jinli|i(.,il iuniioil causc*l by this jct of the Dulce, that 
the Qkiccn at length g^ve way. The rcgimi:m wore red cottt tUJ 
iSi^jwhcn hlue coats u-ere subslituied. In 1^32 ii was supplied with 
scarlet ctothinu, but blutwa* re^ncwed in 184*. 

The i<}\ (Ruyiil Irish) I-aotcT* has betn to recently raised thai it 
h^ no tmditioi^s. 

The 6th (Inni&killingt) nai formed oui of the Protestant ycomcD 
of Ulster, -ind firat tMted blood at the Jloyne, where they greatly 
distinguished themselves 

"ITic 7ih HiKi-ws was originally a coTyi* of heavy cavilry, formed 
from indtpendcnl troops lAiicd m Scotland by the partntans of 
William and Mary, Disbitnded in 171^, ir was raised Again the fol- 
lowing ycatj andslyltd the "Priin.cwof W^liV* Own Rcpyal Regiment 
of Dragoons." It was L-hi4!fly composed of two troops lakcn from the 
Jtnya] Dragoons und tlirec from the Grc)'s, The rocmoTj' of ilt 
Scotch origin is prt'io^^^:d by the priciicc of piaying "The Garb 
*jf Old GauI" *ben mardjing pAbi at a walk, and *'Hiehnd 
Laddie" when trotting pa^ii. fn 1737 it reci^ived the title nf the 
"Queen's Own Regiment of Dragoons." In 17^3, being ccmveited 
into lighl ilr:igoont;, blue tlolhiiiR w^^ adopled. In iSo; it was eon- 
vcTt(?d imo a torjjB of hitesai^, and reci'iveJ tht^ titL of the " 7ih 
ox ^uecn'j^ Onrn Regiment of Hussars/' In 1830 Kaikt ittiC wib- 

Rfgitmn^l Distinctions, 

niEucod far biuc polUses; the latter vcrc. however* netnel 
jfi 1 34a. 

The 8ih {Ro}-jI It^Bh) Hu£&an waa raided in IrcUadln 16^3^ *Ad 
«a»at ^1 known a% ^' Cu anin^'haini Dra^om/' The rcsimcxit wa« 
disbanded In 1714. but raised again in iht^foUtFwingycarand rcsiotcd 
to ill former ranlt in ihc ami}'. It was ihcn known ;iji *' Pepper's 
Dn^ooni'* In 1775 icwjfconatituicdn coqis of light drogoom, and 
1iro>iear»]fUcrwas siylcd the'* King's Royal Irish Regiment of Light 
Dngoonx." It was convertod into hussars in 1S24. Dunng the VVar 
of Soccci^ion 1E overthrew and annihilated a coip^ of SpJtniah 
Ckvllry. T!ie incn cquipucil ihctn^dvon with the c;m«In:U* of their 
•dvttwriCT, Jind for tnjmy yearr* aJU-riviUds were ulloived, in oorn' 
mecDonUioA of the event, to waar their «wurd.1)olca o^cr tfaeit right 
ihouldcr, flic same as regiments of horse, instead of round the waiftl, 
like dragooni In 181 j, at the siege of the foiljvsa of Callinger, a 
iqittdron of the fith, contrary 10 the uviai practice of til valTy.furaiihcd 
working pAtticx In the attack on the Goorkha foriresi of Kalunga 
in rBr4, a portion of the flth were dismounted and taok pan in the 
jMAdtf. There ia a traditinn in the regiment thai the drngoons were 
employed on this service to ahamc ihc bocknardnesa of some of the 

The 9th (Qxicen'i Royal) Lane^ ra was raised \r\ iTie aouih nf Kng* 
Und in 1715 tnr Major-Ceneral Wynne, wlio gnvc hrs name to Ihc 
Corj'fts Jn 17JJ3 tiic regiment was converted <r*MTi dragoons into light 
di^oona, and in the following year the clothing was changed from 
aorlet to bluci in tSiC it becante a corps of knct^r^ The loth 
Hassan ha* for noiirty a century been one of the crack corps 0I 
the scrvicO' It wa? rm3<!din 17 15 as a. r^^ment of dragoons, consti- 
tuted a Te^iincni of light dr^oons with the title of "Prince of Wa1c»'9 
Chm l-ight DTaj^oons" in fjZ^. and convened into hussars. In 1793 
the Pfifice of Wales was appointed eommandant^ Owing to thb 
drcumsianct the corps w^^ frequently quarteredai hrighlon, Hoims- 
W, and other good siationa, and there was great competition for 
commissions in the regiment. Among the officers who, at the dose 
of ihe eighteenth and beginning of the nineteenth ecniurits, held 
commjiiaiona in it, wcmay mention the Due deCrammont, whose son 
aow commiinda the eamp at Chalons, and the notonous Beau 
firummell. As may he imagined, the latrcr took WxiXe itouIjIo to 
kam hit duties, 2nd it iii related thiit he only knew hjs troop by a 
blue-nosed man on the right of it. One day this man was trons- 
\vTTtd to anothCT troop, and BnmmeU, bein^ consequently misled, 
look ufi a wrong position. Shouted at by the colonel to cQntt\ \w 



e looked rounds ixw tht blue-njoeBcd nun in Mi unral r^tiTC 
ndnnddH hit hdd Ji much wtQwiy, " I knnv I wasrighL" 
lie did not lonji rcmaLc in ihc cor|iii. A%zorf it told [hot thcd^ndy 
O^ccn of ihc iolI] were tXrtt gr^At «<|UE^tea lo diuicc. Our cvcnii:ig 
they vent lo >i Lull, and, louii^ng li&llcssly iilxjui us usu^l, were 
by tli4; Iti-dv (jfthr Tiou^if to Aacl pattnci^ She w:i5j, hrrwcbvr^ TirlNJlTcd 
(ritfa "Tbankij the lotii never dauicc," drawled tiui m (ht mo« 
tistteas way imaguTAble. She mjid? go rcmoric aX the time, bui thm 
supper ums annuuncrd addrtsscd Ihr d-mdict tA follows ; " The loih 
never sup. GuoJ rvening, gentlrnicn-" 

ll;e9rf dandies, hont-Vd* foui^hc tpbndidly, and vert Kt cpvdlouv 
of gloiy ai t*> be curbed by nut being ;i]lowed on a t-cruin oocjt^ion 
to di,iTj(c ilic enenfcy — al Ofthcs, *c think. They ncnC a round robin 
tn Colonel ^^t. QutnlJn, ihcir coiiiimaxidi n^ offlccr, reproaching him 
tf>t his bacfcwnrdncii- A court of inciutiy wni held. The colonel'i 
rtpuution vol clcucd^ And the ol^cen dispened among differeot 
regtmenis, 'I'heiT pbce* being supplied by oflifirs from vanous 
CWp*, the lolJi received the name uf the '* Eleg^nl KaIiacU." 

The lilh Hu^aan was lai^d »s a forps of dragoons in. 1715 ; in 
■ 783 cnnverfed into hghl dr^gocRi« ; in tS4o honouTcd by the 
appo)QtmL-nt of (Jic l.itc Prince Consort m thcTr colonel, on which 
occasion ihcy were mnsfomicd into hiisi^r*, antl received the title 
of'^ Prince Albtirl's Own Husi^ira-' Thtii imifoim— originitUy scaflet 
— ^vas cliangcd lo blue m 17S4, cbringcd bnck to icailet in tS^ 
nd 3tgain changed to blue in 1S40, The noEunous Lord C'ardigaJi 
wu for some time lieu ten ant-colonel of thi* regiment^ and made 
hirriaekr obnoxious to his ofhcer« by hia ovtrbeanng detiie«nouK 
On one otc^iiiion he fcprinwi-odcd explain Reynolds for causing hoek 
to be pourtMJ out of a bLick IjolLle, nnd thai oHieer v/^ ever oJteT 
known as " UlsLk" bottle Reyuolda," The setviues of the iilhill 
Kgypt are commtio orated by Uie Sphinx and " E^ypt '" on the 
appoinlmenls. This regiment 1* known as the " Cheny-[ncten," 
from the colour of their Irousers. 

Thc iztli (the I'linte of W.ilcs's Royal) Litnccr^ was raised at 
Reading in 1715 .15 a regiment of dragoons. In 176s it was ilyM 
the " Trinccf of Wales's Regiment," -.itid converted into light dragoorui. 
In 1784 lis uniform wai changed from tcadet to blue ; in 1815 it 
xwDi toniututcd ^ corps of lancer*, and in rSr? received the title oE 
*'rrinrcof Walei's Own Ijincer*;" in i8jo it reigned ncatlcl doth* 
tng, which in 1U4? waa ;tgain changed to blue ; in 1794, part of the 
regimcni being .11 Civiu Vecchia, thir Pope presented each OJ the 
OtUcca with ii go}d jnedal tu cumuieinur.ite his opinion of the good 

R^^cntal Disiiftciiotis. 

tmiioa of tbc c<jr[]f. Ijoidms in Egypt in lSoi« 350 men of ihf 
lacb a&d 16th lighi Dmgoons forc^ a French convoy^ cK>on«d by 
5^ officers ind mt^^-iso hdongingio the Dromcdiry Corps— 10 
cuiTCQcIcr. Ainong Qic liophic& uipiuicJ wcrv ont gnu ^ind ;t sLmiiirdi 
Tbifl is the onlr rtgimcni b€^idc!» iho 1 11I1 Hu^uon which bean the 
S|ih3ii3E and ■* Efc^r'* " <^" ^t^ apiiomiirn-nis. 

The ijth Huasiirs, raised in the midland cwumics as a regimeal 
of dra^cxins, vrcr<; coDsiiiuicJ light dragODna in 17S4, when theij 
doibuig was dunged from scarlet to blue, with light giccn fodngs; 
resumed i^failct clothing with bufl f^cing^ m t&ji ; received green 
lacings in i3j6 ; resumed Uuc clothing with huff focbgs, and were 
con^Yrtcil into husiiara a Tlw ytatu ngO' In the Pcnin&ula the 13th 
ard 14th light DneooDfi were nicknamed the'* Rd^e^cdBngudu'Trom 
ihc rough uaa^which their clothcB had undergone Tho great friend- 
chap vdiich hod subsisted during (he Peiimsolar war bctwt^en these two 
regiliienu ira* ceniented ufruih vvhcntlicy nict in 1^41 :it Canterbury, 
The 14th were about 10 eniburk for India, and pr^acntcd thdr valuable 
mcsi-tabTcsEO their old comrades Diatinguibhcd as have been the 
■orriiCCt of the tjth HLis^rSn their fnmi; wa.^ som4^wh:LL ctoiidcd by 
dn belwviour of ihp regiment In 1745 at Preston Pmie, where they 
prrcipiutcly fled the field. A few gallant men and officers, however. 
Stood by their brave commander. Colonel Ga-rdiner, and were almosi 
all killefJ- wounded, orcaplured. The 13th redeemed their character 
at Fillciik in the following year, covering the retreat of the infaniry 
vith great sicadine^^ The old £;etil used by the regiment when a 
regiment of he^iiy dngoons is still preserved. 

The 14th Hustara, riuficd AS .t regiment ol draggona in 17)5, waa 
IB t7j6 converted imo light dragoons* nnd in 1784 its uniform wm 
changed from scaifei to dark blue- In I'jq^ it received the designa- 
tion of the " Duchess 01' York's Own Light Dragoon*/' suid, na her 
JUiyid Highness was a Princeae of Prussia, the badge of the Prussian 
ta^ was granted. At tlie same time iEs facings were changed from 
lemon yellow to orjmge. In iSjo it wns auihorised lo bear the title 
of thr ^' King's Li^^hi Dragoon&," and ihe lacjings were changed from 
orange tostarfeL In 183 j the King's treat was added to its appoint- 
ments. Like the i jth, it behaved ill at Presion Fans* and hod the 
further dl-Juck a little more than a century Later to incur much ob- 
loquy for its conduct at ChillianwalljJiH This obloquy was not, 
however, merited. The t4th was Advancing to chaise the enemyj 
irhcn tome one shouted "Threes, about]" Thinking thiti an order, the 
TCgimcnt retired, and the nre being heavy a panic set in, and tht 14th 
duhcd in tliv utmost eotuu^ioit 10 Lbe rear, passing thiQ\x^\^ ^ W\'ux^ 


i^ ' T^ Gmilemitiis Maga^m. 

of utilkry arid a field hospiEal in their m:id ntfh. Willi ihnr two 
encepcioru the 14th has ever been an honour to the Briiish ax\\\y. 
specially at Villn tic] Puerto in tSio, when ihcy cnarprd Ji French 
square so home thai Lieu tenant Colonel Talbot and ejglu men fell 
deftd do« to the bayon>:ts— iKc f<imitiT, indeed, on iheir very puinis. 
The (5th [the King's) HussArs uwed lis origin to tlic followicfl 
ciTfUTuatatices : Jn 1755 GtfOrj^e II,* iiL|>precJ^ting the value cf light 
cavalry, yrd^^red a. h'ghl truojj 10 be addtd lo lun*; regi^icnt* of dra- 
goona »tid hone. Tht^e nme iroo|js were united under ihe eoniiumd 
of Colonel Geurge Eliol, af^erwordt cflebrated for liia defence of 
Gibfaliaj. Tlicue piov^d tbemt^etvcs ^o useful in the expedLUons to 
(be toast of France, that several entire regimt^nU of \\^h\ *Jragoons 
were railed. The fir^^l of thc^c wai the J^th, of which Colonel Geotgo 
Eliot WLii appointed colonel in 1759- Ii nerved in Gcnnany duriag 
the Sc^^en Years' War, and several anecdotes gf its exploiw have been 
preserved in the regimenL Quoting from Cantiun^srecord : "Onooc 
occasion, after a re|>ulse and a march of aeventy milen in rftcnty-four 
houra, when starcely a horse was nblc to walk. Major Emtiun; ww a 
irgimeti] of Frendi infunt(y fijrmed widi a morast in its rear \ and 
adv;uidng \iv called upon the commanding oflicvr lo surrender, 10 
prevent liis men from btfng cut to [ by a lajge body of cavalry 
that was approachin|T. TbJh being refutied, (he major «aid: 'Your 
blood miuit be upon your heiidb,' and liirned lound to ^o back 
to the leginient ^ tlie French cdled u^tin him to stay, and laying 
down Iheir arras surrendered IhemseKc^ prisoners of war.** Oil 
every onasion, indeed, " Ehot's Light Horse'" distinjjuiihcd iheiii- 
selvcs i and when, in 1766, ill e King iisked Geoer.'J Ehol how he 
could recompense the regiment for it^ j^Uanciy in war and yood ton- 
duel in 7ieace, the gciiefrd begged that it m[(^ht be called ihc " King's 
RegimenL" Tlje lequest xviii granted. In 1784 Uie cloihmg u^is 
changed from scarlet to blue, and the facings from bEue to scarleL 
In iSofi it W.1S tonvertcd into a hussar reginieni. Tbe most dashing 
feat pr^rformed during the campaign in Flandeis in 1794 was the 
action of Vilbei^-en-Couthe- The Fremh had in£crcc|rted the Em- 
peror of Germany on hit ivay from BiU'aeU to join ihc irmy, A 
force of cavalry, of which tlkc van was composed of i$6 olBceis and 
men of the J5tlL and izo of the Leopold Hubsars (Au&trian), w>s 
sent out to drive utT the French. The kmet weie found in fon:e iw« 
Vtlliers'cn-Couclie- The supports missed iheir way, and General 
Oito, not withstanding that he bad only 306 men opposed to )o,ooo 
of ihe enemy, detertnined (u aitatk at all hu^ards in order to uwthe 
Emperor. The t5th were ordered to attack In front, and llie Leopold 

R^mmial Disiin^iions. 337 

Huitan to lum the lcf\ tlunk. A (nErongbodyof ^kinnijhqreAUemptcd 
la vfiD Lo diffck th« ;idvLincj«. Onw^ Tiiwr^t our iiicei. T1i« French 
cavihy oovpwtietilvO cuiworU ^rnd brokci unnuLsking a lin^ of infantry 
md gun!(> Una[i)ml]cd. the i^ihilashud ^t ihc hne and rode through 
i;. They ihcn sprang at a large square composed of six baunlions 
ud dinned it. The French cavalry, who hod tried co ntUy in rear 
of ihcir infantry-, aw dnc ijth swooping down on ihem and fled in 
vtid confuKion, The Leopold Hiis^n* also nobly pcrioTmcd their 
ptn, tnd ihc foe van pursued tJll the guns from Bouchoin and ihc 
ipp4MiuiCo of A force from that city caitsed the victors first to hale 
jftd th«n retire- On iluir r^-iuni they were Intercepted by some 
ftfUed French infantry, l^Lii these were a^am ridden thraugh. not- 

tirithslanding a htavy fire of musketry and cannon ; nnd, the supports 
havii^ arrived, [he Evudacious band got clear off. The result of the 
fl|hl wai& 1,300 of ihc enemy killed and wounded, and three 
gms captured, and the safety of the Etnperoc. The 1 sih lost, ont of 
titi men engaged. 17 men and 19 horses hilled, t ofticcr bayoneted 
thmtigb the body, 12 men nnd iB horses wounded. Of tlit eight 
flftcers present one wat ixoiinded -md f!\e had horses wounded under 
them. For this exploit .ilJ the eight officers, among whom was Sir 
Hobcrt Wilson^ received from ihc Emperor a gold medal, and alter- 
mrdswerc cKaicd Knights of the Order of Maria Theresa. The 
»ioTdB"VinierB'Cn-Couche"' are borne on the nppoininicnts of this 

The i6lh Clhc Queen's) Lancers was raised aa a regiment of light 
dngoons In 1759 by Lieutenant -Colonel John Burgoyne, well known 
U A politician and dramatist, bm still belter on nccount of the sur- 
render of Saratoga, In 1766 it received the designation of the 
'■Queen's Light Dragoons." In 17S4 its uniform waschangcd ffom 
««ir1et 10 blue. Ic was constituted a regiment of lancers in iSrj. 
4^jiid in 1S31 resumed its scarlet cloEhing- It hets ser%ed with dis- 
^jpctioin all over ihevorld, but its most famous achievement was 
K^teftlcing a Sikh square at Abwal Anoiher incident of which (tiB 
S i»ttfied in feeling proud an esploit in the Peninsula, When 
^Maascna fell back from the lines of Torres Vedras, Sergcaju Baxter, 
''^rith ia% men of the [6Lh, liuaded the advanced gxiard of the Briiiah, 
^Suddenly he came on a party of fifty French infaniry cooking. The 
%jiUer instantly eeised thci' arms, bu^ regardless of odds. Baxter 
charged them, and, nith the aj^sistance of sume pu^ants, made pri- 
soners one officer and forty-one men, ihe only casualty on his side 
Ving one man killed 

The I7di (the Duke of Cambridge's Own) Lancers were raised in 

Thfi Gfnlt^mn*s Ma^astnt, 

Hcitferdahiro as a rq^mcni of light ilTaitc>oiii in 1759 by Licutdinrrl-' 
Colorii?! Jtihji Hole, This oflircihad sen ed with Wolfe, and, floiimm 
fbAt hJiL men tboulii imilaiv the i^^oiioitb eiumple of ihal hcrot he 
obtained Tor his regimejit a grant oftbc deithVhead — a akuTi and 
cn>n-bonu^4nd "or glory*' to be bumc on the sppolninicdts- 
jHCDCV tbv 17th to thi« t^!tJ S|jpak of IhcmaettfCs. ;uid atc i.iiTled b)' 
ffJthtfn, llw "Death or Glory Hoys," and ihc "Skull and Crois- 
'^^Iwnef."' Tfieir clothing was cEi^rt^rd from scaflet Id blap tn 1 784^ 
und in iSsj lliey WJ^te transfonncd into Unctn, The lille of "Dukc 
of Catnbricige'i Own " wjs granted b^t ytiai lo c^onnint^niornle the fact 
that his Royal H^Htic^'^ m the v^^\y p^rl of his career. <x>ninuinded 
thifi rcgunent^ A most heroic act was pcrfotmed by t; tirajper of the 
i7ih during the AnieHciin War of Independence- A despatch of 
great importance was *ent off through a country mfesled by the 
enemy. Tlie bearer of the despalclj w&5 accompanied by Corporal 
Ol^vory of the iTth, who, fiom bis known courage and catperiencc, 
had been selected for the duty. Aitjcked before iheyhud proceeded 
far, they were both levcrcly wounded. Tlie l>eflier of die despatch 
died in » few miTiiilc:* ; but ihe coqsoral i.n4tch<:d ihc dc^):*!!^ from 
hj5 hnndf, and, noEwitlistanJmg his omi serious injuiies, roje on till, 
from Jois of blood, he ftll from the saddle, Fcariiia that he tnigtit 
fall into the h.inds of ilie enemy, he concealed the document by 
tJmisting it into his wound. The nexl day he wm found by Eome of hfs 
own dde* H^; could not speak, bul pointed to hi^ wound, in which. 
on fieaicli being made, the papef w:ik foLind, The corporal died 
shortly afier^ tl^e surgeon declaring that his injury had Xiol been ori- 
giniilly nioitftli bui had been made so by ihe insertion of thedespau;h. 
Lord Riiwdon, commanding the jjortion of the army to whidi 
0*Lavery belongi^, conimemoiaietl ihe classical hcroiim of the cor- 
poral by a monunieni tiected in the brnve soldier's native county^ 
Down, The Sih Hii^iais ind i 7th Ijincen; served much To^thcf 
atld are great friends. They call ihcm^elvea " the twenty-fiveE." 

The iStli, iglh, loih, and ?ist Husa^ts have no\ yet had an kt^ 
ponnnity of acquiring iioy fame, for though the 19111 has received 
permifiaion to in^nbe " Assaye and Niai^n," and the aodi " PeiliQ- 
aul*»" on their apjjoinliiienl%, those honours were won by legimenta 
with whom they Ktve as cmly connection xw Identity of number. The 
r^lh, loih.and »x&l were ritii^d during the Indian Mutiny, and at first 
were composed of men so short that they could lurely groom Iheir 
horses. For Oiiii rcaion they obtained in the amiy the nickname of 
the " Dumpies-" Now in &i/e, appearance^ and eflicieney ihey vie 
with finy of the uldet tegmenta. w, w. Ofm-LYA, 

SEVERAL of ouf rivr^rs Iiax'c lud their histories lATJttcn. Who 
toi ntji rcid with citrUKlit the "Book of the Tbami^s,^' hy 
Mi. Aiul ySsi^ S. C^ H*JI P Derail Howujn ^jiil plhcrn liiive 
bvifl^lf recorded toiny of ihv and noble ituncs llmt ruu' 
dvtd "holy Dee "a icoaiiTicd nvrf from remotest ng«, dating back, 
m tht cnUiuBUKtic: Wdih genc^ogisls would have u« bdicvc. to ihe 
ipai Koachijn Deluge- The Dejwent of Cumberland, the U«k and 
Wje of ^ViJ^*, and the Exe of Devonshire have each found hls- 
VOriuH in the lAst ft^vr ye^irs. But« so far a± 1 Am ^w^re, no on* has 
rwT wmien j mcuiO" of ihc I'jTJt? beyoad t}vs dry sialislics rind 
bitcory of livr tnde and mjnufarrtuies, which^ in company with lFio&c 
of Wear and TreSj appt'aied )n ;i noble vuliime hi few ytars agti. Yet 
I Tcnnire lo lay thai no river in Engbod js more worthy of a carcM 
dcm^Kivc ind lusioric treicijient 1 am nolf of course, m thece 
pt^i aticmptina ^ history of this glorious Northumbmn smiain. but 
BCTcEy thiowiny loK^riher a few njufili sketches Ut thaw what enight 
b» done wc» the subjtcL fully followed up, 

Ooly a few weeks ago, when iciTi:irkiiiB to a leJined friend the fact 
Ihu cu:h of out livers, large and ^niaUi has sojue &ptci^] in^ll^IduAj 
d^UactenttJc, making U ^tond out in some one or oilier mjiitvr 

Iitrikicw^y prominent fnjni jU iti fdlowG, luy friend Uu^hed at uie; 
^^DiBgnv driver eathuslastt and uying: " Ko doubi, eio doubt. Weal] 
hstowt for fitaniple, how coaly the T>ne ia. Everyone will agree with 
Vvu that ihefc IS rio need tu bring i_oaU to Newcastle ; thai riler, at 
^iqr nte, h«t a chAixctriiatic of iLs rjwn— the filthifsti cmokiestT most 
^^iitrcrnbif nver, nuL only in Knt;1andT but in ihi.' univer&e, I veHlf 
*^>dttrvc Jt i«, Why^ the veij' vapour that risus frura it blasts the trees 
^^JoDK it» l^utkf. ; and ihe grae«, I ^m tvUl, is wi|hcr(^d o^nd dead upon 
*^»midei fur tnoic i^ian li*lf its course. 1 speak from some cuperiencc- 
^^ was there «irly h*i spring, and 1 cannot conceive u drearier sight 
^lian tlie country about Newt:istle. escepl Cw town itself ynd its 
*ilihy sewer of a river/' As if rclcntinfl a little, he added : " The 
%:iadc and rujuiLiikctutes of theTyne arc ^rand in their way, no doubt; 
%>ut the saoke &nd ditt h&ag such a perpetual pall of depre^ion 



7f^ GcnlkfHans Magasim^ 

over cvGTyihing else thai might appeal lo iheiA£t^uf ihenon-mdung 
,pu; of ihccoinmuniL}\ thai limagincAOAmouQlof endiu&uttm cauM 

kvokc inicrcs: out of such a subject," 

Now, I have noi oanscribed one hfllf of ihe unjusi timde ulcered 
against ihis noblest of salmon riverfn, wliich my friend chose lo desig- 
nate aE a IrUhy &L'vrer \ I adnLtt I Hm -t iirei enLhuEuist, as he caUed 
me; and would there wtre a ftfwmore uf the fnitemitj'. who, if banded 
together, might cause sorne practice! movement to is^ue from that 
nutae of evidarice on tlie poUution qLtcation, now reposing Ijfolvstly ia 

;siuLy expensivtly cotni>ikd ijarUam^ntajT^ blu^-books* Anni:d wttb 
thefittlsrecojtlcd in iho&o booth, and wUh n little tnihuEbsm where- 
willi to burnish ^e wcajjon* and maki- kei^u il^cir edgcB> what A 

"Crosadc ratghl be il^iCcd 4^jin:it the jircvaleot sordid self-inicrcsl, 
trajice, ajid uegtirtt winch nuw combine to cast iQlolerable burdens 
upon our rveni, only loo cffleii converting laige portions of them ilUO 
a deplorabk coiidllion* roubng iheir bnght, Ijfe-tjiviiig wattrs until 
they become lurbiJ, peatiktil ^in-'itnia, unlovely to look upon and 
deidly to drink 1 AUhouKh Ihc Tynu to this day, as I shall gIiow, 
holds its own without the help of the muc:h*needed cnis^de, bcticT 
perh<tpt ihao any other rivet in the land, 1 know full well tliat (he 
views (jf my Iciimcd friend already quoted would be re-echoed b^ 
ionunier^iblc hjtty visjlois or r^iilway paisenBers through Ncwcastl^^ 
who cany away with them a tonfuicd idea of a water-w-ay wholly 
absorbed by its modem trade* and unpleasantly eavdoped in noise 
and smote. It U noc many years since the present Inspeclorf ot 
Salmon Fisheries advised that the two upper branches of the Tync^ 
because of the poHution^ existing therein, should be btfx:ked Against 
the ascent of salmon- Happily the advke was disregarded ; bui ia 
having been given will show how not only hasty vi^ituESi but eveo 
thubC whose business it wa&eloseJy lo examine into the cundttionof the 
river, were led. after making their iiispectiDn, to conclude that those 
upper waters \m\ become unfit for the habitation of iish. Fifty, tiaj* 
a hundred times and more, has it been reiterated to me : "A dirty, 
iminteresting river la the Tyne-" In fact, thi; Tyne somehow seems 
to have got a bad name for all save its coal mbtE and its trade. 
Of course Tynesiders know the truth about their river, I do not 
write for them* but for those ^vho tiiuw nothing at all about it, beyond 
a vague idea as to :ts whereabouts on tlie map of EngLnd and its 
wedihy irflJe productions. 

Cradled in a district bounteously rich in geological fomutJonSt 
die Tyne is composed of two great branches; and innumerable atien* 
dant rivulets and tributaries. The two branches rise about forty roiled 


The River Tyue, 241 

from each other, and uuicc ibovc IfcKham. Th^ touthriDmutti 
utti Tyitc, h» ihc piat^^ cf hoiifmr, ils lopnigal atrMni being 
th« source or hc;ui of ihc; hvcr It iJ^es in Cumberland, 
|h« Hereto C^iupestuous mountain tieiglits uf Qjoa Fell, 
ThrODVOf th* stonny winds^" ^ the wlkl Icge^id'h^tuuted ntDunt^iin 
lu wcU bcrn felvTc-d. The noillicrn brandi is utlled eI^c Norlh 
iyne> Miiity uf lU iiwy Mrra-rrtlcUatreieh iipliiiough hi^h mciotlfmds, 
aCfOB ihe iKJK'l^-'f'ed {ijhc ToiciiLh uf a now almost Ucdc^i rcj^imEf to 
Uv V0y CDi^fiiiu^ (jT iScoll.iud, w Kciicc they Uian their aburidanl wutcr 
nipply fiuiii ihe dcn^c mbla iind heavy ia.Ln'ctouJ« ccn^UnUy |ja»i4ing 
■long Iti^ni the iiorik La descciul in lofrciit!^ over the ChevloE HiEIa. 
Fir down pn tht: m^Liti scream^ bebw ulieri; the iwo hcud Lranclfcs 
unite, iuodicr considerable mbuiaiy-firtder, lliv Drrwcnt, comes in 
bvax touihwArd, tsnying do imitll ^unount of W4ter from Durham, 
Od« hiir of the main Ktieani, fiom Kyloii lo the scji* belongs, 
loconjing to ripjut^n rules, to Durl^ani ; the Tyttc h^e, ;!l& the 
Dtm^nii for mosi of lis course, forming die boundaiy-liu* bulweca 
thg two couni[e$ ; Ijui the major pait uf the vratecs lie in Northumber- 
lugl. The Tyne U etsenludly a Northimibrian river Iln length, 
fri^mi Tyncf head to Ihe i&ea, is sljcly-eighl miles ; if, however, the 
(iiiiidp^tl tribuUrie^ NorUi Tyne, Kecd, the two AUcn^ eu&t Jtid 
mt^ DevilGWftbrr. and Derwcnt ure included, wc find a watetcoune 
mramitLng in. all some 300 miles, 

Tlic industries and cmdc of the river are, no doubt, her niosE 

pranuncut features in the present day. Birthplace of :he locomotive 

ct^ne, " coaly Tyne " has, ini'ieed, vast (x^bbc^ion^iH from source lo 

>ei, in the laboHoLi^ reidessne^^ of mining operations, coal exporta- 

tiont, iron foundries, world-^med gun facioiieK, pottery norks» 

cbcinicil works, ^nd great ship-building y.jrds^ A most industrious 

river, as jJl will &llo<i', \\ f^sureclLy Is; but, noCwithsl^jnding tlie ill 

ibtngs si-id of it, and die evtiaordinury lurdships giv^n tt to bear an 

Catiln Sipoti, the glory uf the nlfcjui consists in ihis : iiuUke its com- 

f>evis in labour, the Tjrne has ni*l yet been, or ever, I trust, shall be, 

^nkn^viTiM-d into Ji mere madiuie-inuving niot;ve power, a burdcn- 

2:>eatcr of coinmodilies, or a fildiy sewer. This j± the mo^l distinctive 

^bjJily of the river as tegurd^ itb modern lilstory, with ixW its 

^^^uT^'ing of ihip^, bleamboaf^ and baige^* its f^clotie^ and forges, itb 

*^iil-jams, its unJerfi^round water-ways, its sireaiii ceaselirssly busy at 

lead mimng, coai mining, turning of mill-wheeb, printing of ni:Wh 

^upen, Mid I kno^v not wJiat other wonderful work» its gru4C 

hydraulic engm«f5 may hove ECtil to do. Working Irom its very head 

Qtiieatns up among the mountoin^t down to where it flows into the 

TOI. CCXU. F10, 176a X 


Tfu Gmikmasis Magazine. 

sea,h piiiftimiB miimii«rableUbuuni,y«ti with ih«iaa]l, the Tyne still 
naintiiiiit it* intunil viLiliiy. Us wmcri ate alive wiih prime salmon 
an cictent thu: noin; other of oor wjlcr< can boa« in the prcwn; 
day, yd Kuch a^ they olE held in ancient duj^^ The Mersey* the 
Mcdwny, the Thnmc^i each Ikmed of old for an .innual, ever-rceurrin^ 

i^oUMoreyf feilimjn, no luniitr ^osjust a limbic; epecirnun Thteom- 
mon brown uouUhey may have in lumeinocvfuvoute'lipots. oicfaut^ 
dace^modi, bar]>c1, jjerch, or ihotc Lc^ fdsudioui* £iihe« whii^h, unlike 
the loiJly taLcTioQ. content thema^Lvej^ «]ih aitiAcially tpluggt«h and 
miu^ fouled itream^ : Lui anglerb. who would cstre little to «pon 
Vnon^ buch i^mall fry, know Tyn? river w^lL Rod in iLind. they wlio 
liave iravtrkt'd ii l)iraLjghout its bieexy moorliifidH and nie^dows, «nd 
lloQ^ ilt l)ia.nchLng LnLijUnes^ find have tested for iheiuselvev its 

■vpQtti&E <|ualiljes, know w\vA t>nght ip^rUing waters. «-huL gnnd 
uruuUied detjis, ^vti;iL glunuus rapids, jn fine, whiil a tit habiUL for 
cuuntkbs Ifiousiiuds uf trout and salmotij it eonlinun to be, noiwilh- 
tuudiiij^ the dfath-Aliicki^nt bUickeiicd pjtelies i)iihH|j^ily to be fuund 
in tdttie pijirLu, ;tiid the Iuilb of fRjisonous sLufTb lu tut^ileBly oitt in 
at leveiai |H>itiU ; and thut umnvilin^'looking, tirrbid itE^met'^uid- 
b)irge<ljdeti slrr^^m the fisfi have to \w-\Vc thnr 4ay tlirouj^li, Ju it 
ru»liet lullcniy by the ini|;Jity tindcr'licjpi- quiiys, and imoke- 
hesrinted wjIU <jf Newcastle- Kor ii this f.ict re^^iuxling pitutory 
pos»c^!«iuE]« only Lo be learned from tlic lipt of cQthusLj&itc angkn. 
Even luoic definitely it nuy be read in the pnget of gmve oHLcixl 
recoids, from the alatistics nf which we gnthcr th^t the Tyne yiddn 
every yrui fmcii her bountiful boRom a Urger amoirnt of t:i.lmon tor 
the fucid feUpE-ily uf the nation thnn Any two other of our Cngfith 
Ti vera put tuf^ifther It t& vastly the mo^it productive utlmon^Urm in 
Enj^land. Jt i& •eicW worth while lo ci-iH '*. little from bluc-bookK to 
elLicjd^ttr tlit>i. In the olTidal reports pi.ibha!ifd jinotiiilty b/ tbv 
Hliihc 0(fii:c, the Severn, in lish pToduciivcncss, slinds next to the 
1*yne- Moreover, wh[:n comparing them, il must be rcmembcTcd thai 
the Severn is four linii^ the Ijirger of the two rtvcrsn I'hc OLtchfneDt 
biisin of the Severn extends over an aren ol 4,437 **j"^^ nule*, 
■nhilc the catchment ba»m of the Tyne has an extent of but i^5J 
square milefi, This» of course, make& the contrEtsi: the mure stTikini^ 
Ti^e mighty Severn yielded in the last hve ]econled yeiir^, i.e. froa> 
J&71 to 18;^ iriciusrv^, 65.012 sabnoiiH while rliinng the &ime period 
the comparative iy diminutive 'I'ynt yielded no fewer thflti 381^538 
fisli^ L'his ii something to boost of m these days of nvcr deg^neidcy. 
l&houid likewdlto dilate a little upon the rcasons why ire find lhi»6sh 
vitAlity in the Tyne, but spJiec forbids to do more than give the Qcts. 




The Riva- Tyrtf, 

HAvtn£ been to fiften ^[ilhoriuiivdy lolcl, until r\ length il bccimo 

{cacnlly Adojjicd xs « crui^n:, ihM the gn^tcr iJiotridesntdc bj^ 

till aad >dciKC4 in drvcbping rivcr-«idc indnamcit the more eom- 

Fddcljr imtst wo <-Tpcct ir> »cc The nnrunU Wk ot the ri(«r« succunab 

lad ttlmun diup[>cnr frc>nn L^^Ei^h ivatcrs ii is rKif^unng to find the 

i(iiul£ftctsisihiaca6T,3ttheprc«cnt moment, BO cinpliLtticAllydcripng 

ite dknal proposition, Amid ;lI1 lKc^ miokc^ the nciK, the toil, the 

i»mfciii Bwcat of Lrow and brain, the coimdesi ericlcncca of tliot 

tionfullj dabonbled anil mof^ refined mvcnEive energy, the tnor- 

^b^naly dateron^ applicaikin of waicr ai a motive powct, nn*I all 

ik olbcr ^iist mt'diJinicil f»ff}blcni5 thought niii for the Ijcncfit of the 

■bdc world, and trsi cirricd into prnctioc in thote grcAt workshops 

vbich hdvc iiude the livcr fartous m nIL land^t inim>iindcd m fine by 

ibc mo^t »<:iGiitiAc arii^oi^l .ippliancm of modem river indU5irtc5 in 

full opcnuiorij nnrl Vnivwhig that, Added to thir work^ Already alluded 

to.onc hjilf yf .ill iJiv- fhcrairal ptodueii (f:iiicrally cotvsii^errd die 

aoM deadly of manufAc^mrcA to fish) of the rnt:rc kingdom arc m&nu- 

fatored on the l^ne, the e^ubcr&nc Mimon life of the river is a 

mOringlr pleasing feature to tontcmjjlute. It brings bdbri: tia. not 

kt ibeoretic l>ut to a monl practical form, the |K>irsibility of aalmon 

Bring and thriving abundantly as they do here, a[ons wiih the moal 

«imnoti3 wcjlth 'producing river indiiatrics to be fojnd anywhere 

K $n miieh for those two importnnt eonimLTei:il ai^peeti of the stream, 

B But hju the Tyne no nccnk aitui:t]ons or stirring hi;stotic a.-jsocia- 

H[]|fti of her own? The visitor to Nenca^Llc might perhaps, think die 

^mtf hat not much to boast in the way of iccntry \ the stnokc hungg 

lory at cime:i over the town, making the surroundings ^ for tho^e in 

twch of naEurc'A lovclint^fis, dismal enough, 1 g^nni, TmveUers, hov- 

(fW, who crotn the country by r^iil \o Carlisic can id! atiodicr story ; 

theyratch Klimp^es of many bright and even grandly beautiful scenes- 

Bw the Tynr rle^ierves a closia acquaintance than can be tiudi: from 

L icwmdow of a riiiway-carria^o, tlot out, my friend, and walk those 

■ 'toned bankfl ; make up your mind to spend a few weeks in these 

r paiB, and 1 warranL you will speedily agree with me that England 

WWttaefc no river moio worthy of adtntraiion and lo\ing ekidy ; no 

rivtr thai can bctiei rep,iy a careful t'xploration into ia varied attrac- 

^1, whether into Ub sc<?nic beauiifs or into it?* rjie uporting qujilitica — 

^lifthcr into the marvellous ma/es ofitabuay work^ ofto day, or into 

^ rdlci of its itmngc past history, or into the putsiiiis and thaiaciers 

*^lhc tndusinoufl, mining, manufactuiing. agricuUnrallabouier^, ked- 

^^ aai1o»T and fishing folks. A rough, brave, hard-working r:iec of 

"^i with lender homclytouchcs in their natures, who seem to have 



7X^ Genikma^s Mttgasttu, 

il m *on ftf indivirftialily of ihcir Q>*n from the rir« upon vhost 
hoQkjt Aeir hardy, mnnful liv»irc lived. Along T^'ncsidc, ofjd up her 
trilHitJiric.4, with the bn^ht lun md &«? iir of lirfl^vrt b1j)#ing Aboui you 
—the only living sounds the diowsy huinmingof the bees, the t^^ltcr of 
MiUdJ birdft within Ihe bushes, the cawtn^oflhcrookii jmongihc tre«, 
thcdiititDt bnrkmg ursomeco(t?^watch-doj;,orthef^T-3way voice of 
the huiibandnmn .ij> he tdlks to his horf««r cheering them on lo thdr 
work, and, added fo all, the rippling music of the nver tlowinj^ swiftly 
and tleLtt by your side ; the rising trotrl dimpling il over with tiny 
wavelets, Ihe oenuionn.! spUi^h of the lordly Bilmon telling you he \% 
there, although it may be you have not pcmiii»on to mak« nearer 
acquaintjnec with him — still lo «e him in a pleasure, and in his pnj- 
senec, if/oii c-irelodo no, yon may easily fcrrjjct ill the rough usjge the 
spkndid wnlem do-ily imdergo. Look around; no ve$:ig< of imoke 
Of turmoii lb in vicrf. Uackcd by the blitc oTitlinc of lofty moimtiin*, 
l)ie pictures now before you are rcpLcte ^ith the ea!m of peaceful plenty 
and gentle rural hcauty ; while strangely mingling with the English 
Lindscipc eomc memories of Icnpcrial Rome, ns you cncounier 
upon uplands Jnd among the fields, or cloac on the river-side, 
the consLinily recnmng, Ixm I f-un earthed iraees of buried fowni, and 
gajte with a sort of indefinable wonder Tipon the remnants of the 
grcac old Komin wall whieh traverses the whole length of the ti>er, 
Tync watenihed iii filled with Roman memories. Here, where you are 
Standing, the wise and resolute Agrirnla may have riddon by often, to 
cncounttT the wild hordea of the North or to overwc lh« erection of 
the coflicKt Roman fortresses, some of which may fclUl bo traced ; or 
the noble presence of the Emperor Hadrian probably atood upon this 
Bpotj as, -ftilh the practifled eye or^igteaibmlderj he scanned the plans 
and issued minute directions for the cflnslniction of that very wall you 
arc looking It; or, some three generations later, bome on his Utter, the 
re£tIe5S,3imbitiou&,dyingSevefu»,wiih hiAl>ad:sonCaniealkv,mu£thavt 
pasBcd bock down ihia very road, Eroni thAt terrible Calcdonbn cun- 
paign wherein perished so many thousands of the flower of the Roman 
army. The uaurptng Caransitjs, the amialjlc half- Christian Conston- 
liu9^ and even the ^reatCon?tantine himself, in their visits to Tj-neaidc, 
may here have received the plaudits of asiembicd Komiin multiluilcs. 
Kornan towns and Romrtn people^ for upwards of 300 years, thronged 
these scenes, filling the broad valley with rcsllcss, foreign military Ufc. 
while from himdreds of Roraau altars went tip the daily smoke ol 
sacrifices, and ttbatiuns were ]joi]rcd out bcfoic the innumcmblegods 
of the RomAn Pantheon. Hut now all h;].ve p.i»i£ed nway, and in 

pbcc, ftifloni^ iJK- buried towns and broken altars, over moulcnn 




ml divtnU rinog grounds. cattTe- itul vlievf) ast ^zj^in^. and bright 
com fifitdt and ploughed hndif lie' intf^nj^enicd wich nolilc maO' 
0onj, wooded |>0rkF, vilhgcs, quiet littli: couotiy chuKhe«, and 
coitaffc hotncticadfi, cnch In iu circlet af tntji. And rich and 
vcfy comfombl« to Kne^iKh cyus U nil the ^>nadiiig landscape, 
Offetdiinfl (or mile* and mHcn on cither side ;L]ona T)Te river; 
wht\^ ever amd anon, aa yuu wjtnder ujj the streams, yon wiU corne 
upon 8uch thidy Unc«. such ni^tic g^itc-wAys. such allies and vil- 
UfEP pathvfAys, auch quaint biuof ih^^ old \v^i ^nd Ungled> fem- 
dcck«d hcd^dow^ diAw-welU and pumps, And river-gidt; vignettes, 
as tttta vich of them in their TiJtiT Ireslmess to be tht; vfjry counl^r- 
pWU fiom which the B«>vick brothi^r^, more than hnlf'ii centnry ^Oi 
drew tho«e inimiubld! wtxrilcuu we Ate all fa-uiilLur with, und which 
*rere every one designed from Tyiiuside models. These utc the fiur- 
roujidingi Uirough which you push along the Tj-ne'* lowUnd t-alleys. 
It is not easy to connect sLKh scenes with the restless throbbing of 
ihchydfanlic engines, the pluionic roar of the funuiet fiTcs, thebbcic, 
gritny workmg of the co^l mines, the nohipu^ vaiiours and paison- 
Ijidcn oiiti^ow of the nikal) works, and the cvcr-brooding cToLtd!; of 
ottrhingin^ smok^> u>i i>art and iis&rcel of the same river- Vut so 
tliey sac. Tynu revels in the itdmimble blending togeiher v( such 
violent (^ontiasi£, and, c:Lrryiiig svidiin her much -enduring waters htt 
Oobltt salmon fisheries, she lives the two lives wondrous wcU, 

To know the river in ML its :i^ects you must follow the streams 
up to their first beginnings, exchanging tlie milder softness of the 
lowlands for the wild and nigged hills, where you muy wander for 
dxy% over soHniTy moorhnds. And blftOt eno^jgh. and mlst-lod^ 
o4bcn,you wil! find them, bog^ and atreatns commingling, until, having 
ntchcd the northern boundary of ihcT^ue, '* as heaven's water fulls," 
tilt uickling drops of the pasting shower, rlescendiiig on either side 
of you. proclaim as ihcy run to the left hand thni chey are bound to 
the Tweed and Kdinburgh. while those to the right pass down through 
Tyne to Newcastle. Vou are, in fact, upon " the great divide," as 
AznericanA would aiU it. where the water- partings form the boundary 
\aic between Scotland and England, Rife around this tract live tales 
of daring SconUh raidn and Border warfare, full of vivid inle rest 
and incident, hud wc the lime to linger among them. But up here, 
on thut noTihem branch, you ore as far from "the ^uroe of 
Tyntt" ^ you arc from its final outflow into the sei beluw Newcastle. 
Tyne head, .^* the cmw flics, lies some forty miles south a( those 
northern bordec etreams ; yo\i can gel from here by rait to Alston 
for Tyn* head i bm much more inteiesting and saiisfactor)' forhim 

The Gcntltntani Magazine, 

miio h&s the dmr arrd ^nrrg)- to rrxpfttd tm pcclfftruLn rxmnioni b it 
to lortCT along rhctic iip[>rr watery make aoqu^UJici^ wiih thr people, 
hoar tbnr Border stories vjatI their villagti* and explore ihcinnumrr' 
abTr ancient mnAint^ Hriti^h .ind KoinAn, ihjt abound on ncfy dde. 
Lttcky mtn if you Jia** i permit to fiih in the wntcTS of liiesc p«m, 
for then you wiLl ha\^ good diutcc of tiomc Am^mtc spon. From 
ihc bcink* of Rfcd waicr you caii pay yoOT respetti lo ihc Scotch 
flnd Kngli.'h b-uilc'tidd of Oticrboiimc clnm- hy, -and sec ihc rffrmAnta 
of MvenI nt^tcd RfrpmAn itiiirins. 1 he fnoKt mFemitmg Rni-naa rrmains 
we have lie in the region fpf those upper vatera, P^hkiii^ donvn, Ulc« 
Leave of fhc lovely North Tyne, cross tlic niuorldfid hiili lo lh« calm 
NorthumhcEland lakes, ifiri csimioc the mostmarvdloiissUCTch »o# 
ciiflting of the Roman wa^l ; foUovv its caursc to J'hirw&ll Caatie, on 
the rattling Ifttle Tipalt ^^oob, and join i^outh Tj^^, of" which TiptJt 
is a inhufary, und iht laii^s" feeders ai HaJtwhistk, from whence yoa 
may arrjin^ji: maiiy (iiofc day* uf exciting cxploratjoni Among the 
grcen'&ingcd Jii|;hljtnil vaHeys, the rich woods of Keathentone, the 
mining [[iKtricLn. and^-ii \w^\ the wccnc ofthc mountain, where, upon die 
giant 5idc*of Cross Fell, the river lakes it* lofty and firtinfi bcginmng. 
What a panuratna it is to lool: down upon from the heights of 
CroKn Fell l^a si^ of mountaini and moorlands, Jar a» the eye 4:a» 
rcfteh, and hdow them the broad green valley. You cannot ac* Tjnc 
water very 'distinctly, for many miles a hajc tills the vnllcy, but ycni 
know that bentTith that ha^e lit some of all the cndic^s variety thJit 
goc£ to moke up the matchless charm of English livci scenery ; % 
charm that appeals not done lo the outward eye, but clings aroiUMl 
those inaiiy landmarks, wiLh memori*^ of siirrin^ events in F>ng- 
land's past history. W^iihifi the smoky towna, and among the 
smiling fieMs, as we came up, were there not ruined i^asTlca, and ivj^^ 
covered lowere. empty monasteries ond temples, each with Kisioric 
asaocijdoiis uf \\> own, mlngiing wiiJi ihe remains of RomEin towDSy 
and that grand old Koman wall for & b^xckground, standing pxrts of 
it. brsvcly in defiance of all those centuries thnt have beaten upon it 
since Hadrian^fl lirgions raided [t to protect Roman Britain from the 
Caledonian foe? Up here, ci the river's Toptnosi source, on the 
rugged aides of Crofis Fell, and gating down upon ita winding rounr 
to where we know, fl.jnkefl on either side by rocky promonionc*, 
once siifmoLmk^i by alura lo the great t^od Jupiter, iJ low* iladf in 
the »co ; lengthened Roman oecupahon pres'^cs most strongly 
upon your imaginaiion. muil yo(j almoKl seem to sec the phantom 
gho£ti of the ^jttlant warrior^t clothed a^aLn in Living flesh and blood, 
paAB and rcpats about th^ daily vooattons. ^Phoie ma^Tliecai 

The River Tym. 247 

vorld conquerors, witli ihcir vnx^i and children, ftodlioufit^holdjzocb, 
■Cttlcd dcwn A^cin^ Tync river tn thuuc^md^ and ihoLiTianUt, as Hi^Y 
setUcd d<T«n a]ciagno oih^rnvcrin Ent^Untf. Hltv, ckiBKriujc around 
l&e «b11 sDUioiu and g^tti^n tovm^ they buiJc them^lvcs villas^ and 
iQiLiJft ihcm^lvc^ homes, approximating ^ much a« might be to 
KonwA tiomc^ during some thrc? or four centimes, much m our 
tnecn. eoMicTs, And dviHa^^ now ^tiii?: ihem^clv^* over India, 
'VUdS vrith ibcrn 01 dnwing u^tind them European Jiomfottt ajid 
fdllllMliionr uid dispersing, ir jh ti> be hoped, A wholesome Icjlvgii 
flUng th9 n&ttvu of ihat grcM Enstom ]an<.1, as undoubtedly ihc 
ndfni Roman ocoip^lion di^p^-r^ed a most d^o^c-tome l^^vcn 
dirou^houi our Weiicm islmd. Jndia. without ^ho Eii^sli, ivould 
W stfunge to our Ihoughu— almoel Jmi>os%ib1e for us to ooiifvivo 
lost DOW— and ret only nibout iso y«ars hav^ paseed bybiDCcthi' 
fidcrics of CUve ^ve the English a foottng in India at all approach- 
ing tBat ^hich the RomELns hetd in Britain for upw^^L of 300 yvan, 
fhrn the vioonouE citmpaigns of Agricola (owords the close of the 
fimi ceniufy until carJy in the fifth century, when the legions moved 
outofihct^ind for cvtt. their Inat wordi^ to the Britons being the 
brrwcll advice th:it they should matnoin vnliantty, ^ a defence 
9pa!Ml the dreaded Caledonians, t^iat mighty ^!\\\ before na in the far 
di&ttncc, thai then stood some eighteen feet high, with tts waich- cowers 
nd cMClcfi nt stated intervals, crossing the cou r;liy from se.i lo sea 
along the northern wniers of Tync and tlic Eden rivers Looking down 
ftom the mountain, Vlliitley Casilc— ihc Alionis of the Romona — liea 
si oar feci. Here, dose (o Ihe source of Tyne, the imperial legions 
fixed 'LheEnneivcs in force, and, gathering iheJT i*omankind around 
them, railed ramparts 10 defend this passage upon the Maiden Wn.y — 
in>ad» as all the Roman roads were, finely choien and skilfully 
pLmned, □ connecting link between the midland counties and Ihe 
Noith- The -same road is still used hy ihc miners, anrl conaidcred 
the b»t — indeed, the only safe road— for The conveyance of heavy 
lodtds iu:roit the boggy turf of ihene piiru. And as yoti walk along 
dib Tcnerable M^iiden Way votj may see cnlveris for carrying off the 
Ririace water, carefully formed oF siont, lying »'* '''<* )^^t as the 
imperial legionaries [laced ihcni, anJ ,uiin;j still as ihcy hiive acted 
foriixiccn or icventeen centuries. And below you. right opposite the 
ipoi where you are iiianding, was ihc midden heap of the station — the 
icc-i:ini'-i]atcd oflal jnd sweepings of some 300 or 300 yeurs, There 
it hii Utn fur -ig^s untouched by ihe ha.nd of nmn. until a few years 
■go it turTied up at last, a most practicfllly v:ilua!>le " find " for the 
ficrmv, who has had it gradually caned otT and spread over histields. 


Tht Gattltrntafts Ma^asim. 

to the p-eat enrichment of hU oops. He mil lell you i^sn no 
gathuHnjfouc of ini^dem stable-yards con cdrnpore in quality with 
this mellow, feriillsing smfT, and I have been cold ihc ficlrfs drwscd 
with il exceed in luxuriance all the other fields in the neigh bo luhood. 
For my^iclf I can assure ynu that to stand by at ihe disturbance of one 
of thoie old Ronun midden heaps — imd many of them have been 
broken up in modem dnyi along ihe Tyne— and lo see the workman*! 
lihovd loss a^idc out of the dark, rich mould bil& of broken poiccry, 
leather sandali, wom-OTit RhocR. and various f/^^//and gi^s of ihc daily 
household tife of ihoiic grand oLd herof^* \z an cx|>er;eiice not vasiky 
to be fot^otten, taking yoii tiack at once as it does to their »odal 
!;um>L]ndin}{^ and recalling vividly the petty^ IiouKehold careSi the 
long nionotony of life £0 marjy of them must have lived wtjaiily 
enough in the bitter sepafoticiii fruni loved rebdves and oativ^ londt. 
J.ooking on. wt mu«e over the joys and soirows, hopes ^nd disap 
poinini^is, ility tiiijM have suffered in the (ar-avp-ay coxuUry of our*, 
altogether ** out of the world " as they Jecnicd it, ever coming heic 
reluctantly, — so their historians lell us, 

Truly it ik'!is uol all the brave battles and masterful domination, of 
which history Is so full, thai formed tlic liv&j of the Ronianc and iheir 
auxiliiiry cohorts here by Tyue wal^^rs. As we slood in the Roman 
burial placet nigh sheltered sunny Ri^ingham, oa the tanks of Reied 
river, ^ fvw days before* we seemed to sec before us thnl Roman 
soldier of the Vangionian cohort nnd his grief-stricken wife, ^ho» 
T,6oo years ago* hadi on perchance just such a bright morning 3tt 
this, pasted out of the noisy garrtson town yonder to ih* quiet 
giaieyard where w^ now stood, and here upon this very spot the two 
parents con-iigned to her l^t rcsting-jilace in this foreign land their 
baby- daughter, setting up a stone to mark her grave, antt carving on 
it a rude figure of their heart's ireasure, under which the laiher in- 
scribes ^ "BlesciuB Diovicujs consecrates this to the gods of the 
departed souls for his daughter^ who lived one year and twentj-ooc 
days.'' Close by at the same pbce stood a second stone, thai brought 
up before our imaginings the figure of another young Roman soldierj 
who also, far away from heme and kindred, had to Ikjw his manly head 
in sorrow, as with filial love he erected his memorial over his motlicr, 
and inscribed the sEone with such simple, lender words that we, rejid- 
JQg them across ail those sixteen centuries, cannot but love the num 
who wrote them : ■' Sacred to The divine manes of Aurelia Lupulo, lo a 
mother moat affcciionaie, Dionysius Fortunacus, her son, erects thii. 
May the earth lie light upon you," Let the creedfl of tho«« tender. 
hearted^ mourning Roman sotdLers have been what they tnay — And 

it two iB#rriptwn^ pnint lo liflicf* of very rtW^sp kin4>**tti? first 
Ibrm hs% oftrn bcrn found in connection wtlh i^^rly ChiJitiAn buri-Us, 
Ibe ttecondt of counr, nrvci^^but tet their creeds have been 
vtat iTwy may, ihov few words rudely cut upon the sionefl by 
Tynciidc cany down to us nJoiig the ogn (hat unemng "toudi of 
otiurc that m4lEe& the wholr tvorld kin," sendirkg IhroLigh our 
human hc^th ^ IhiiM of brothcrV y\ly for Iho&e unknown Itoubltd 
touK who hj<vr [^u^st^J beyond Ih? Tr^ich of hiTmait [lily »o long .^a^ ^ 
I miKht iiivc numbtre t>f othef :i* toudiing examples of mcmotul 
MODO Mt ifp by iMrcnu Lo thf^ir childrt^n aiid clLildren to Ihcir 
pntntSt liiisbxnds to wives und wives to husbands brotherH to 
liiten and vlslen to brotliers. ihal liave been found ut v:trious of the 
Romui stations by I'jnc- Pity it i^ tint stones like ihse should 
etn be moved from the spot where Roman hands first pTaccd them ; 
bai itnfbrtuiuilcly^ if ihcy are to be pre!»cr\'ed at .ill, they must be 
removed- Htmdrtjs, ncj doubt, have been lost, broken up for road 
EDendaig and otherwise iltstruycJ ; and rnosl of those t?ial remain 
ittve, in recent years, been Lanied ift musiiums and priviite coUec- 
LioDfi. Tlie first stone, (he in^rripUonon wlildi I have quoted, is now 
lodged in Trinity College, Cambridge Were it not for llie caieM 
diKgence^fthelottil antiquaries, Dr, Brticc^ magnifRcni books on the 
Romaji wjJI, and Hodgson's Korlhumbrian history, we should now 6nd 
it an impoTuBible ta^k to tmnte tutreclly the Roman Lowiis, and locjalise 
the iiiicribed stones und other Roman rtmnanis xhixl still abide with 
tii. The Roman towns, most of which have preserved more or less 
dtKttncI truces of their existence, some having considerable poriiofis 
of (Jicir walls illfl standing, arc : Stgedimnm (Wallseiid), Pons -^lii 
(Newcastle), Condcrcum (Bcnwcll). VindobaU (RuLcheslcr), Him- 
mmi (Halton), Cilumum (Chesitrs). Procoliiia (Carrawbuigh), 
Borc'iivicus (Houacsieads), Vtndolana (Chesterholm, or Little 
Chesters), j^sica (Great Cheaters), Mayn^ fCarvoran), Bremenium 
fHigh Rochester), Habit;inci]m (Risinghani), Coralopilum fCottlies- 
ter^ Alionis (Whitley Castte). There arc also the remains of a Roman 
town 111 Ebehcslcr, and remains of mihtaiy stations at Nonh and 
South Shields, ai Juriow, and other places- The forte which con- 
fiiDlly garriBoned the Tyue p^irtion of ihe wall and the adjoining 
towns and stations may be computed ruughly to have amounted to 
from 6fOoo to 8,000 fighting men; besides an unnumbered host of 
civilians, women, and diildren. The tropes, although nil officered 
by Italians, were composed of many nationalities. Inscriptions found 
in profusion testify to the presence of legionary soldiers, along wilh 
auxiliary alie of cavaliy and cohorts from all parts of Europe. There 

were Didnns from the tmA^ (jauE!« i'tnin tlicwMi^ Bae^ivi^hji^ &om the 
noith, V^rd^li froiu (h« auuiU. Tb^n? wita a cohort of Kn^r^ins from 
llnlUnJ, and (lieri: iverr: tfto crjhorth of Nervi ffum Bi:l^'mn>. Then; 
iKis a Cohort of Thmdan's fromRntiniirlr3,ind a tohofl of DjkiULliaas 
Uoiii Lhe bordtf^re of tbe Hadmiic Js^u. Tli^ztf wetc Mgon iruro 
Africi, Aiid Hnniian& fram Syrin^ And of SpLUiiih OLvdty there were 
thrrc AsluriiMi alic, M^ny iiY«:ription* wc h-ivc prove ihjt not a 
few ctf ihe aliovc-namocj troops were |JcrmjncQtIy totalised throujtb- 
cut the entire Roman t>ccu|>aliou as the csuyithcd guordutrta of 
thcEe pans: za, for example, the cohort of B^Uvtant. which fought in 
die baLil? of {hn CranipiAds, iMidfr Agricola, h:Lve left uacei of 
their <K:iji)j)uiiun 4-r FrocoIiiLu (CaTr-i«l>u:gh) for mori: ilun tlirvv 
hundred ycar^. lo ihe beginning of Ihc lifth tciuo^, whcti thty arc 
ictocUi^d in rbc -Vi'fi/iu as liein)^ NliH quartered in tins plj^in:. Tlic 
same mty be s-tu\ of [he I'linf^riun Lohort^ iguurlcTed .il Bo[covic;m 
(Houst'sleAds}, rind ofolhers. Of cutirw in (inici tfi ediefgency, wbeii 
.4Ut C^ludoot^in^ Uiri^-ilLtieO ihf? Romui (otut^ in ovcrv/hi^lmtng 
aumbenit ujid bore down upon them with indomititbli? counii^ » 
they often did, ihe Tync and fcdcii troops would have lo b« largely 
augmented from the mote southern paris of Uritami n^ also when all 
iraji [iouc up heie. »nd di&LurLaiicrs broke out in other diieclLOlH, 
portion! of th-e wall force* would probably be «nt south for a lime- 
But as a nile the kgion^ or portions of legions, the oXx and cohoru 
reniained pcrmiincEiiJy locali&cd, iudividijaL ^Idiers chaiij^tng m 
llieir terms of inlliury servlt^ conditdcd, ;ind ihcy were nt liberty |o 
KLiim home- 

^Vlioever iindedakes lo wi'ite the meinoit of this river will hare to 
imrjvel a. long and ch^xfueied ^tory, and one well worth Lhe tcluoy. 
The Tynt has indeed witnessed roa.ny slattiJy, us welt us lerriUei 
passages in England's history. Not only have Romiin em|ienjr* truJ 
its bar»ks,S*ixon kint(% alfco have held ihcir courts inthm the wallN of it* 
chief towns, and Danish ]e:idcr? Fi;kve suled up ils tidir, ^nd from 
hence have CiUTJcd tire and sword and fearful de^olabon through aJI 
die t'ountty round, citinguishing ullcrly, for a ttme, the calm, pure 
lordi of Christian pieiy thiit had blessed tlie laud eiceediugly, havtnft 
here doLibtleaa iirtt llickered into being in llio&e euly ngcs of tli« 
RoLiUiii ijc^pation' Momian (juncjuetors followed, iind throughout 
North II mberlaiid found tougher worlc to do than [)erchanc« they 
found el&cwhcre in the whole of England ; and roughly and terribly 
they did dieir work up lieie ; th& fertile lands Let'^tnie a huwling 
wilderness; men, women, aud childien, driven from (heir homesk died 
l>y hundreds and tliousauds in the dildies; in their itiifi«ry and bun^f 

The Rwcr Tyne. 

Evootd fc«d ciT«di]y on horiscf ;Lnd do^ and at la^t even prty 
hiun&n ilcilt. 'IIk!!! die, ihoy would if d^c iticy muse— these man 
ofSaxQii.DanEfth.aail Scandinavian blood— booncf iJian submit to be 
tatd u stavifs by ihctr cnicl congvmors. If Tync nvcf could ooly 
Tpfak> what homblc rccoma of suffering under Nonnin rule might 
be disdmedr which row lie hicfden in thnt deep mournful bctsom of 
Ac buiicd poll I Northumbcrliuid wc know ky in miju long d)cr 
ibc COQflimt, uid Dnomsdiy Book has n^ughl to record of posscs- 
liooit here. *Jivc a dreary ttcraiion of " VV-nate, wa^[f, wii^re 1 " The 
miibeid countryt however, w/i^ not without some atron^H deicnnlned 
Bcn* who clunf to it teiiAciously ; nor could the fierce NoTmaa« hold 
Ihcirown a^iififtE thoae wild Northunilmnn npints until A,iv ro8o, 
irbea A« proud coQqucroT^is sod act abttut the \a^, und reared the 
Xew Cuttle cl09C by. Oi rather upon the old Ramon atEitinn of Pons 
£lii upon Tyne, using in its commiction the virty atonea that were 
cut uid fjuhioned Isy the impcriat troops of Rome eight ccniurie* 
aefott And rhcrc itiil sUnds the New Casttcr joinr mtmorial of the 
kotDoo >ladnan ^nd Ihc Norman Wilimm, now sLmv^utidci] by the 
vcihhy, bu*y toflTL lo whu:h it has given n name. The %-nm old 
donjon keep, firm ^'^ in the day^ when Robert Ciirlhous built if, is 3 
itAtely t»»king']K>:4t> re-ircd jusl mid^-ay in mir isLind story. l)ur- 
iJde^ roimd iu l)lack wa^IEb, rolls the vast strearn of trade* the bustling 
knny of pmeni life; within, cstcfjTIy g:ithcTed Together, lie the most 
iiahiafalc eoElection of Ilrilish anliqiiihc^i we possas, consist- 
ing of alcnn to m»ny godit, fimcr^l memorials lo mdividu.i]!^ of mAoy 
lutioris, inscribed slabs with historic name* thereon, a.nd allu5(ons to 
coany dates and events ai deepest interest, broken pillajs, c*pHAi% 
tiki, household hdonging* of fiottery, gLis5. iron, slioe^ trinkcr*. 
money, &c- — a Viisl variety of matters galhcied out of the ruins o\ 
T)ritciide Roraiin towns. But after Roman^ And Saxon, and nAoej 
and Homuin had swept along, leaving their varied traces by the 
wtttrs of the Tync, however othiT pons of KnglamI may have more 
or Icm leaCcd in quietness, up here, albeit the gleaming light of saintly 
live* Afid righteous df eds glowed out bright and calm now and again, 
the COramoncftt sights and sounds continued lo he trattle-cnes and 
lllOOdabed, tinming homesteads and depopulated viLUgea^ and de- 
vutalrd ficids, that lay often untilted thn:>ufth a whole generation by 
reason of the anarchy that prevailed through all those centuries of 
SeotCiih midft and Border titmiOJl that followed the Notman Conquest, 
•flIietiogTynetidc bitterly down to the itign of George ill., when, 
fur the firat lime, the sheriff of Northuraherlaud was able to rieculc 
|>OCeu through the vallevs of Tyncdale. Even naw, it Nrwcasde, 


The GtntUmafCs Magazittc. 

when you hear Ihe great b«lt of SL Nicholu Churth mg out an 
unAcconaU^le peal on the cvcmng prrcciling the horvc ;Lnri c^til^ 
ii\tt be \l known lo ;ill wh^ni ii may cpncTm thai the chijriJi is 
Annouiicing thai while ihe &ir IfuU^ and undt, si its conclusion, 
aJiochvr peal i& heard from the crowne<] sTceple, no inconv^cilt 
C|ti^ionE Ehall \k aakcd of Lhoi^c wfm cmnc witli bcjt^la tot ai^ile ju to 
how tho»e Ui^asts ca-me inltt Thtir pcjs^c^inn , neither ^haU any mftn 
be asltfrtl why he pcesumes to come under the ami of the hiw hy 
venturinjj' inlo the good town of Newcastle. In fme. the bell yoti 
hear ts tli^ '^ Thief ;md reaver bell." without which jiuthohtaEive 
guarantee being given as an amn^^d i\%\^-A cfobJiriyn, for the lime, 
to cAtLle-lifleis, otillaws, uid the like* in *^ the good old timet," no 
l^jr could iioseiUly hive been held m Netvc.istle, for no hoivci ot\ 
cattlu coiiM li^vt been procured — all the bca&E^ being ill-gotCeiit aad' 
all who biou^ht th«n^ to the fjirs being to ^ nian only too well known 
a^ oLittawb ; H.'^jiplly time!^ ^e ^ome^hat changed, though the bell 
fitill no^j fur the old custum's ±ake- 



IF Ihcrc iff qnc Mranger of Atnc^riun cxlrjictioii A'IiOkc rccepttpQ, 
ihoufd he n-ur arrivr. tmglii inspirr joalouiy in the uiiod of 
Ckneral Grani, it » the Colt^rsdo Ijcctlv. Atrcady, before he hu 
vent nny direct intimjilioii of liia timing, the ceremonuil whkh 
atttmh ihc progtci* of diitingiiiKlicd forcigncra is prepared, and Ihc 
■rtub who lie in wait ro catch the lineaments of gfcntncis have in -i 
Sfiint of wbllc flaitery dwcoimted pubtic enthufiiiiinx and tendered 
111 iamniaj with hii ftppe.njincc in Avnttcipation of hi» visit. Whcilier 
uc shall light mch hrt-» of welcome: as have blwtd in Germany 
reituins lo be seen. Mcaniitnc, U seems Ukely that public cunoiiiy 
miU tiot p^ovc to hj^vc been vAinly «timii]a1ed, hwx that the jiLgiiat 
Kningcr, hke most df those whose recepiion at home haa been out of 
keeping with their own cslinwite of thdt merits, wtII lake up pcrma* 
nently his abode in our iTiii^^t Accoring to .1 rt^port, which has 
lincc TCfcivfd oflicik:!! conliadiction, \\c ha^ already becii seen, a gen- 
Uoinnn hhiving d«imcd to bave delected htm on one of Ihe DuWin 
which he had rtichcd by means of a rope from a vessel, 
unobtmsive appearance in that portion of the United Kingdom 
best provided with hi* favourite esculent, would, had the report 
been true, have spoken for his sagacity as well as his modesty. 
According to a iitAtement of Mr. Andrew Mumy, F.L-S.^ read 
bcJbre the Horticultural SQcicly,thc Colorado beetle is less reslricied 
in LE& views upon food than is generally believed. Anyhow, it is well 
10 diurmindtc widely the infomialion tb;x: Yat\a Greco mbicd with 
i;jpAUiD or flour fliid duslcd over the Icjvcs of the planta it Affects, 
\% htcly to prcvenE a too rapid propagation of its iarva^ 

ANV anecdote relating lo science is al*rtys wckome, and efiped- 
ally if il is connected with the Elctltit Telegraph. Two 
fticnd* of mine, A and B, were asked to dine wiU» C the other day» 
but were not quite certain whether it was a bHchelor party or other- 
wise- If Mm. C- wa,*at home, they would have to appear in evening 
dotliei (which Ihey haled), and R deputed A to discover this. Ho 
did 10, and Lclegmphcd to L ; " Von uau»t weal a tail coftL'' SCru 



TTk CrmiUmmm's MagasM. 

the bwT*fy «<■ ^ I iiaiimii iiiiiu, dhe foaa^ lodf m ^ 
^^,3^illoa(» nqiii'vii "I«tte«a;«r7- Iter A. who b vcrj 
aU^vu btfitfed, rod bu% addot ""M^jMr utf^D- 

fc RECEVr nttrranrr of pK^nac Rmkm mt Ife ktnt aiw|- 

wortfa midX' CjuiBUiiiBif apoB ib« Rpon, be dectevd llttt 
levodetr "li^Dot csdavovRd Milb,uiLl| lo paeniocc afl«ctioti 
iMMOta'" 'i ludbrni "tooi^Klim the potin cDum, md not 
[Mi^ in Hw Add ^icd cotu^ s^^iScil* A Mttl^r Kbitk« m^ 
ith Jnibce ba db«ce0d aipsA wn Ihao one lindrcd ocpnaauoa, 

1tttbdfcope ^ <i''»< " di^ fc" o^"'fc^a«i'Q*^lhqiettgiW6iMh 
pedtl BMBi f egia i ioQ is feovtuiei of ^dcDa, who. m tiicir aox^ty 
> obl^ B dm li wg attt, arc ipi to coarcn inBo m$mvent* ciT 
fipmto igoo» ■*>* -rrt c4ibfidk«d te pm^ lMmt>irtn 
nBpOMi. Tte *" BOM of hamxAjr,' u Hood ctUj Ac imuactuu; 
fe Hppoacd to b« BJccpewMlly prottc to "cdouoc foci^." A 
ike ieDdnie7»caD»ioUrdCTelijped by the rw^wi oo al parvic oT 
DCKT. Had Shatepeare lirc^ new, hr auoM lave Ibvad oiitoe to 
jiulify hk ottcnion, tkit *' the quality of ncrcrtHMtMnined,'* At 
ifty wte, in apptiortkm b soDMimei "itniacd" to rety «toc« 


OME d*y» no doubly the history of ihc biiyiJc vtU be lu imercu- 
iog, from Uic httforicjd poini of ticw, as ihe jjvuH of the oJd 
coaching tim a now ate; but in ihe meannhilerctj litllu k kaoini <rf 
L Eiccpi when a moiniler merttng of the tvo-whevicd sieeda and 
heir riders tikea placCt a» *t Himpion CouH ihc other day, na 
TuWic notice is taken of these s^ih ind noiscl^f machines^ «hkli 
3n «5ily cover a hundred mile* in tl*e t^^cnty^our hoiii% and wiQ 
ant day be an nrm of " the Sen-ice," The ptattit.'c of " keeping a 
Mcycl* " ifi growing very common aiaou^ young men of the middle 
'anhs* and fs at l&isi .is commendable as nuuiy cif the habits of their 
lupcriois. A youny Scotclinmn of my aj-'qujinunw, who rejoice in 
i very wt^El Lrcd animal of thi» description, with «k-cl bAckbon<-. uid 
n epl^ndiil L^ndition, rnde to Dumfriesshire (frotn London) on H itt 
I few day) loHt month, !\]\ went well vriih him tiU he rcj^hed hta 
'SUi%'c heath," Tht' Ivnyliah pqmlaiion had everywhere soiBe 
fiS^tifimtnncc wiih the nnimni, and at tlic bt-ai nnly stared and 
\Uvt^\ (he natinnal ihibb^leEh ; but an my friend was aseending the 
^^11, with thoughib fuU of the beloved villaf^ at die top of it a 



Tabk-Talk. 155 

•Well be had piHwl fc» infiiticy, nnd muimuring «»ne paehetk !fne» 
&tkm Burnt, ht met ii fcHow twuniryiiinn driving lI tart with X Scotch 
tec in it Ncitht^r of lh«m luLd ever si-en sui;h a spectacle. The 
aun ihrcw himficlf out ;jf the vthicic willi u wild reference lo " Atild 
Hornie," and ficd to ihe tnounttioa: ihe horse and cart charged 
dvwn the hilt and tm^LthL-d die bicycle to smithereens My ^cnd is 
itve, ami that i* all; ht plabiivc]y compafes hli txperiencu willi that 
cf Uunfio Park, wfio, after CT^ploring " A&ic'& wtlijs " in safely, brtjktf 
hii neck by HilUn^ ovor the drawmg-ioom mat at ]iumc> His 
nstioDal feeling Err:Tei3l« him from ife^ng th;it hiaown f^tie was c^ctly 
the revolt of M. P.'b. 

Spooking of bicyckt, lei mc citract ihc follawiDg Ifrom the 
£jc/Aafi^ aad Mart ];L3t mijiithi — '* £.^-\ji, Speciil Cbiiitlenge [I 
fl^ipotc the name uf i-be ^tevd]. :l tno^nifiLeiit machine, niude ti> my 
order thif tpring, cycile be'jruif(ii Curtt^r'^ putcnt buke, &c., &c-, coit 
mc ^"6' Would iiccept ImndBome jiravestone, la be erected in 
Lower Norwood Cenieten% "fi exchange. Short of cash only 
nSMn," Thkj wuy b whith he linf'eis over his belnved bicycle 
(thou^ I hftvc spared my reiders much of tl) Is reolTy mosi pathetic^ 
a&d ^UJbe cqu:t] lo anything ever uid (or sung) by Ar;ih on parting 
with htt ^tccd' Nothing but dice nece^ity would induce hfm \o »cU 
h: "ahort of c^^h only reoi^n." He h^ nothing Wiv \o hve upon^ 
InA Cndontly ^viahL-s to be interred miignificenUy, ^nd is vi;Ty p^rtl- 
cubi lu 10 tbi^ localLty. Whni i^tiiket one as cuHouii i& liie L^j^tremely 
liniied urc^ uf fios^ibti; exch^ni^t^fb 10 nitlch he :iddre>4^t^ hinbietf- 
Who hai Avf a hjuid^onic grairalune in Lower NunvfXid cemetery 
;o fpjue, and eipeci^ly lo eschang^ for 3 bitycle ? 

THE vling of a nickname is likely to be entiacled «hen the 
bc-uer i* content to assume il as a title af honour, and answer 
it 01 Prince Hal answered the chailenge of Hotspur ; " Thou spejik'si 
as if I would deny my niune/* In this spirit we seem to have ac- 
cepted the name of a '* naiian of shopkeepers," tJiiown at U8 by 
Napoleon, Mr. Glad?itune hu discovered thai our (^re for the 
main chanoe diitei back to Ihe time of Caxlon* and piai^^eit the tirtt 
0/ EoKtitth prLntei^ for n&glecting tlie cjcample of his foreign masters 
Of rivftlit, und prtntinij works for which Uiere woa u popul^ demand 
instead of bc^uiiful editions of the classics. It i:a possible thai 
Coxlon's eiipericnce Jii a mctcer taught hJin tti recoDcde in his work 
lh« tfadeiujiiu wilh Ihcjaitisi. It 15 difficult to imagine, however, 
ihal he eould count upon any extensive saJe for such works as the 
Reoieil dev HifWirtfr de Troyts, which is supposed to be Iu5 fiist 

producUon, !ind which, under the pjTroTui^e of Mofgttrct, Oucheit 
BurguitJy, m who^ household he wm«, he subsequently tnniilatcd. 
Ouoidc I] I L' court »nd ihi: monM&tcry, thcrp co»l(j hitc t>ccii liulc 
USW ft>f wcifk* of solid cnidttiort Tlie grctl ehim of CaxlOn is that 
by the ir^LnsLiUOJu hv tfxccated, or ciui^ed to be cxpcLiteit, he contri- 
buted 10 fonn a public ^uch a« could scuc^Tj li^vc crulcd to hia 

Il i% not gencrany known that two Hnc CaMom were recently 
dUcovcred in « smnU $hop louth of tbe 'Humes, jnd were obuined 
by theii fine punhotet for the trnditioiul '' song.*' 

WHAT things jH^ople do nidvertJic T In Ha^iiinri&vnith xhic 
o(iicr day I ^w Lhls Jinnounccmenl : "* Chc*tp Tiip, The 
Clinstian Mt^^ion H^tlduj^h Ruilw^iy i\ one of the (|UJck«t, chcapckt. 
jmd bcbl roulPJ^ frijin the Deepest Dcplh:^ uJ~ Sui lo Ihc Highvit 
Heiithia of GJory Buotinj^ tjflice in the Tvwn HalJ next Sunday. 
Ti P^ Giay, tb^^ HAlIirlujjth Guard, and Bt^auprif, the H:ippy Eugine 
Dtiver, will <D.V,) iu^lruLt puset^nj^ers how to obUin Through Tickets 
vrithout jQOEiey ^cid without ^jricc" I ofien wundet whedier the chut 
of persons who habitually u^e ilic letters D.V. are acquainted with 
their [ncaning ; if ^h tlicy must be very egglittic lo inui^jiie their 
proceedings to be of iiuch prr>found iniporun^^c as to nectEs&tucc 
the quotation; if noE, they ;trc in tEie position of the excellent oU 
l^y who wrote tu say bhe bhould come ;tnd dmo with her d^u^^htcr 
on Wednesday, D, V., ami on T/iunrlnj ai all avnlt. 

A SCHOONER-RIGGED BOAT, to feet long, has been '* spokon 
widi " in tl^e Athtntic, and found to conuin a man} hiv 
wife, bounJ Eo Falnionth from the United Sute&. They lud been 
35 d:fcys ouL^ and h^ liud '' ^cver^l gales." So I should thLnlc 
TiHi^jne a niju'^ being aEuiI up with Wis wife in u bc>at so firct Ions 
for 35 days (it sounds like a nile-of-Chiee sum, bni it'* mudl harder) 
vfi/liQvt a. gide f The jiewsjiapers call it a " Dating Adventure," U 
well they may- One ^hip that " spuke" them supplied this intrepid 
pair, T am ^Ltd \o say^ widj bnLndyn 


THE vleaion was over. All ihe principal persons with whom ve 
^i*: tofKccDt-U had come kick lo town, KccEon hail nearly 
ttbptcd, for the time a: Icuc, into its ordinary' condition. The not, 
aoisy and ftlannine >m it wu, h;td cost na life, not even ihAt ■i^ the 
^oor poticcm-in who sccmod mott in danger. No doubt the scl^s of 
« popuUr diflconccni w^^rc aov^ pretty liTocidly in the pbce. which will 
bear Ihomjr |;rowlh some fututi- day ; tiitl Keeion just now ^cciua 
«nly the sleeper for the n-autiin after it^ uiuvonltd tfJiciitTnent. The 
ptnoni of this story who were concerned in ihc eieciion might he 
aid to be in sotncwhat *imihr condition. They secined inut-h the 
ttmc as hdbrc : hui the days in Keeton had town some seeds for 
dicm, too, whit:h will probably grow into influence on all iheir Uves- 
fjidy Limpcnny jwid a. vbh lo Mtsh Money. She had not sctii 
her friends in Vidoria Street iince the election, and she was in great 
^urio«iy to hear something alwut it, and about some turnouts indi- 
■'^^clly comncclcd with it, which had teacheU hef ears. She went e:irly, 
'n order that she might find Mt*. Monc)^ alone. 

Mrv Money might be described lis alone, so tu as visitors were 

^<mceTOed. OnlyheryonngerdaughtcfttMiwichher- Lucy n:is looking 

^ cry pretty, but pale ; and^he lud a cenainresilesanesi of manner and 

^uick hjilliancy of eyes wliich l^dy Limpenny observed, iltboiigh 

Vsually :i w^man rather imaginative than actually obtervAnt- Lady Llra- 

Vcnny tmiled iind nodded to herself, as it miftht seem ; after ihe fashion 

t)lone whocun^Tatuhlc«berk«lf on having judged euneciiy,and who 

vol- caxx. kol it&i. S 

Tkf Gmilrman's AfagastKe, 

%Xf% lo her own loul, '* Exictly ; it is just as 1 thought it would b&'' 
Bat the smile and nod might be taken as pottly intended for t!ie 
general comiiany iit this tia^. l^dy Linifenuy appcucd ok if the 
weic :^I[lirLg Mrs. Money arLt] livr dauglitvr should be taken, tn 
ail ujijckiiou'kflgtrd jncl iiiod^i w.^y, into ilic co^ifidcncc of htf 

Mi^' Mun^y ivcitt eagerly forn'^ijd lo nt^lLDinc \m^ old fiiend, ^rid 
was cxirdially glad to see her, as, indeed, tl^c wjs uBually glad \*t sec 
ino£t persons. Lucy^ ;ia A^t; know, dJd not grr^ily iiare for L^iJy 
Litnpcnijy. She had now to submit lu a pecutijily tender cmbrate, 
uhidi the did with a particularly bod grjce, luylting ail ihe tJunf away 
from Lady lilmpc^nny, even while iJic lubnitucd to be ki&ftid by her. 
Then hlic v^Itlidrcw lo ^ httle sofa of her o^nt ^^d was he^ud to cit- 
l>rL'MJ a wihh That Ngla Crt;y would come ^oou. On hearing this 
uueranoc Ijidy Llmi^enny looked round at her, and smiled And. 
nodded ay;un juiirt bfnigrly than ever. 

''And so wurdciirfritnd HtTon is in Parliament^" L»dy Lirapenrifi 
said, in lier ioft, ihundtrous voice- '* He is aoiually an M.P, I I am] 
SI* gUd ; and yoti hai'd all bad sucli delightful adventures I Vgur'l 
ii;imea in ibe [jajjers \ 1 lead il iUl willi such envy. Ves ; I alwayii 
loLigi^d lo be in :tn ;idveniure uiid to have my name ici tlje papcn. I 
iricd to gi't Sir J ^meti |q listen to it, but hv docs not L-^tre fur tbese 
llnngs. You wcr^ :lII near bci:3g killed ! And our friend, Lho hand- 
some poet— now, do tell me agiun what his name is— lie wii loetn and 
attually iup[xj&c<l to be killed, or taken prisoner, or Jiss-iulted, or 
somethuig uf the kind. How deltghlful I 1 should so Like to 
been with you." 

"Oh! Mr. Blanchet was not much hurt," Lucy satd inar^dier 
scornful tone- '* He only gi>i into ihe lighE someliow ; ! don'i knovr, 
Tm sure, wh;i[ brought liJin Uitte ; and then lie went away to 
London. I think sometbin^ must have ofTcaded him." 

l.llcy h-id scL-n, and had not forgoUen or forgiven, ihe pDeC^S 
conduct wlnt:n Mr, ShqijorJ was brouglil lo iht hotel durij^; die rioC> 
and ^he li:id not i^een bi« suljsi^-queut da^ iiuo the stiile, and jiaid 
but little Jllenlion lo what was told her about IL Jiut in any case 
]joor Blanchcl had long ceiscd lo be a hero of hers. There was a 
tinw wbeu he vr^^i her idol, and when she tried lo believe in all maTtntT 
of quaint artl&lic iheories becaL:^^ theyuere hi$i and wlun, if lie had 
expressed an x^tlieitc opinion that n lady ought to weu a oool- 
scmuIc on her head. Liny u'ould have fought h:trd lo gel her uriotheffi 
pcrml'^sion to nionnt Uieartide, It is Etninge, as the once popular 
*ongu5cdlo wyjhowa womiui tanlhink themaoabore, she thought 

Miss MisaK(hrop$, 259 

ftgod before. At Icuc, u m siruigi::^ pcrhapo, that i^hcthoiiM make the 
io «OOCL ; Off if li be coi^EcnJcd clut even tTut ik not ^itnngCj 
tvill nircly be at^miuici] that it ii> ^irantte hhc couM not contrive ur 
ancmpt to nuke iTic <hjingL- a litilv lct£ ^faringly .i]jfia.ri,-nt- Ono 
mi];fhi luvc iWit^fit ihat this ;gi>o<1 Htlle Luvy lud .^iKMily rur^utCvii 

'* MfT Hcn>^i ^>'S thai Nfr ElauJtitit vvns jn grciC il^mij^ri Lucy, 
jny <JcAr/' her znuthvr mt^rpo^d in rPEi^un^li4ifL<:c ; ^' AiiU MlhoU 
[ir>- fct^caWi vciy highly of liis cunJuct all The tioit/' 

But nliy (tiO hi- d]«iE'pi:;ir 111 ibat abru]jt lott uf uny P why 
diilo'l he itfU inyoLK- vh*;re he uiis yoiiij^?" the pcniiutiuut Lucy 
kept on. "Wc were iU jlanned abcul him, and ill rgrnothiug; and 
■^ had qulle enough 10 think ^Iwtil without that." 

"But, my Ucjrcit dajling Lucy, Uou'l you look on a poet as 
OiiTcitnt froni ordinafy iieople? I am »;uie /do. I should aot like 
U> think of our dear fmnd— now, iiMell me jgain what fV hiu nnnie — 
1 (liouldn'c like «i Lhink ofhU acting ju^t a^ everyone olw wodM do. 
Oh, so \ \ hke ;t por^C 10 be a poeL 1 am so passionately fond of 
pOvUy ; anj I h^ive lad Ui give k all up of late 1 d^rt; not reztd a 
ptjeiii uow." 

"For your uour* wki-, Lidy Umpeony?" lie irreverent Lucy 
ukcd Aucily. 

** DoHLn^ ye^ For my boul's i^ake, n& you £ay. I woa rorgcttint; 
oil my higher diiucs in life, .and ol] Th^t I owe. denr^si, to the l\lture 
life, in my lo^e fur the |HJi:tfy of itui ilcll^ihcfu! wnief — ah, tiov^, 
what scj/ hii njinit;?— i^ho isTote that lovely pocnj Jii tbi: winter llut 
evcT>'body wjs tiilking jtmur. My dc:jr, the doctrinL-ft Uuyht tn that 
po«in ^vre wmtthint^ .iwfut^I do a&sme yu«, awful- No oue Lould 
wjd them fon^i Lind Iil- ;ji^UTeil of suJcty in the hi^litf fcptiercn" 

'' I think I rtmtinbu the hook," Mrs, Money said \ "I think you 
kat it lo tnc. l^iura ; but it did not sirite in« rt^ coHtaining any 

doctriiietufa dangerous kinij. It did» inJeeJ^ proli^vt lu powerful 
accents a,K;iJriM the ^y«Leln miil^i nhich ihia countty ii rushiii|^ to hct 

'^I date not read it. deaieU ThuieiJii I dare ny[, indeed: It 
Wduld nnhinge my iniud. But I dare not read iiny pocins ngw/' 

I^fldy LimpcTiny prvicntly foie lo go ; bui *?ie pLiuned <;ven in the 
tict oi making hei adieux^ond, taking Lucy '> liaud in a manner of the 
tendercic alTcction, f»he iukcd : 

"Kui now, darliuij, what is this 1 hear about you? Th It true, thi» 
very dtilli^hTfLtl pfece of news — at Icaeti deTightful ifit is Iru^; ? Do 
teU Tax, dearevt ; Jl caQ't bu jlwaj's kqit a secrxt^ you know." 


Tht G^nilffHsn^s Magazine. 

Lucy tried to get her hind awiy; the unoonKious Lady 
LLnpenny retained it or if the were a pri%'i1cgvd lover. I.ucy coiild 
only look swiy and tn' to kcei^i ak Eompowd a£ pomble. 

"Really, I don*iknon-wh:iEyouineaaI^d>'LLtT]pcnTiy- libnlknow 
what the ncH^ U ; and ho C don't know^ wlicthirc it it delightful or noL° 

"You very vory iin«i;Hty, nty llulc ihinflT So you won't tcU even 
ttith aji old TritiiJ? ^V^'ll, yoHr iiianLLEin won't U' bO nain;hty, ! iun 
turc. ril com* JTi Jiid ulk 10 her lo-nioTrow of ntii (Jay, vhcn I am 
quite »uri; that you ^u not htr«. Oh, indtvd, t will 1 I am nirc now 
it h true : ^nd 1 offer you my congraCubtbn^." 

Mrt, Money seenied as if&he uould try lo interpose some proteM 
flgQinst Lady Limpenny'c conclusions ; but there ^-aa no possibility 
of stopping that lady, or *J co^«:tiIl^ any apprt^lnrmions she mjghi 
have fonned- She gnihencd hci skirt* ;ibout liei and w-35 gonc^ 
chauering all the time, before anyone could put in a word of cupla- 
.lation, and firmly convinced that she knew all the tniih about tvcry- 
ihing, and that het *ay of eshlbiiing it must have been delightful lo 
e *'L rybody, 

Hoi display of kuowledge vras ceH^nly not pleasing to Lucy 
Money in this instance. Sht ii;tmeJ tTv-atly annoyed, and, when 
Ijuly Umpenny had gone, she left the room and hid herself away 
somewhere, Mr. Money came horne almost immediaiely. and hb 
wife took the opportunity ofcxpreBsing some of her fean to him about 
liidy Limpcnny'a talk and Lucy's way of takinj; it. 

"She*5 i|uiic put out by it. Money dear, I do aKSiirc you. I 
never saw her so much hurt by anyihing of the kind Ix'fore." 

'^I wish that silly old Laura Limpenny didn't talk in thixi way," 
Money said with more earnestness in his manner than the talk of 
Lady Linipenny might have ftcemed to be worth, " It annoys Lucy, 
of i;oni::e ; and lht<n, what bbi: said here she ^ill say in half a dezen 
places bulore the Jay i* over/' 

" But. Money dear, it can't always be kept a secret These things 
always do get talked about. 1 really don't sec what hann \i docs 
ct'cn if they were." 

*' No, perhapa not ; in sin oidinazy case, perhaps not. Hut -^me- 
how I don't Like it in thh CJJie. 1 wish nothing had been uid. Do 
yoii think Lurdet la i^uite happy, Theresa?" 

"Surely, detiirj 1 should think so— oh, yes, she mu*t be happy, 
ver>' happy. Of euurse it is a trial— all girU feel It ao, especially i^hcn 
they arc Ijrought up ao much ni home," 

Mr. Money seemed unuMially gravc^ He stoodand \km time oa 
hh chin with hts fingers. 


Mhs Mhttni/tropi. 361 

■■ 1 don't know," he MnJ, "somehow; but 1 ihink pvcrylhmg \^ 
not quite li^c wiih Ihc litllcgirl. She *> fond t»f him?" he ii^kcd, 
iiiming jbrii;nly to hit wife. 

^Oh, yo. dcjii— fhc JiJores him." 

'■ Va ? VoLi ihink lo * \\'c]l. I ani sli»c I thiok *o loo ; I was 
quite ccrlam of tL Of course iihc ii yoiing, -ind girli oAc-n don't 
L(M>w their cjwn mindi n bii — uq, ronfoitiid it, wot \n.iyi, cither, fai 
iKit m.ittcr, J ihmk ^t (iric: Itiiic tlic uhtfl to li^; fuiirl of th-t( fcHow 
Btmchcl ; ajiil liuiv tht' dues ik>1 cjic iu-opcii*;f sbtjut him. 1 ^y^ 
lli«iCMi if Lhi« thuuld hv Lliv suiiie vort of thin^?" 

*' But, my dcnr, ii itn'i : j-ou in;iy Iw quiw »ure of ihat. 1 cau tell 
that foi ccnaiii. Why. only luok it her eyes when he is near l 
'and Ijicy h;i5 lold mc ajj^^ijn and jg^hiin that she never thought ^ibout 
Mr. 8b[]chi:t in th.u aoit of wAy/' 

" Vet, 3 have matched her, ThcresB» ait yoit tay. And T 1iivo 
looked .n her eyes and all ih.ii ; !ind I did hehVvc, tvTlainlj% iluit it 
wat <|ULtc n ditTcrunt |hi[ij£ Lh^ tiint;. If L hitcln't ihotJghi tt^my 
good heavens I— hhoidd I hiive incUdlcd ur nmde in the t^ffitir?" 

Mr. Money wLdked uneu»[y up ^nd duwn Oic room once urmiec 
iliK wife looked 3t Mm anxtuuely, W she did nut ijuite ftjllow hl« 
mcinit^t; or appredatc his alarms- She n:^ imleed, at the niomenc, 
cngagG<l in thinkbg whether (something could not be done to nuikt 
ihc life of poor Mr- lilnnchtt a little more happy Uiaii It fteetned at 
prwcnt 10 be. She wjk convinced in her hcurt ihjit Rlanchci Diust 
b« sulTcrini; keenly on accotmi of Lucy, -and, as the hel|jcr of utihappy 
men, ahe burnc[.[ with a wii^h to do bOincthing for hiuL, Sht had so 
compleldy made up hi^r mind thai Lucy viits having ^W her dusire in 
Ufe, ancJt huving i;^ must be i^tisf^edn thiit -dl her anxiety on her 
dauyhter'K Uchulf seamed to liave come to an end, and hei cares pro- 
perly reverted to the outer world* 

"Ves, I thought it was all right, " Mr, Money suddeiily came to 
1110(1 in his walk. " I had not the lease idea that it waii noi allrf^ht; 
Wthcn one doesn't kno^F— at l«ut, /don't— whether it isn't a pecu- 
iiajxty of (ir]fl thsit when you get for them what they wanij ll^enj by 
/^vft, [hey don't want \\ jny mote ; and I tell you, Theresa, I have 
f*^n thinkioj; of Thi^ a good deal lately— in the l^sf few dayii-" 

llicre arc, pcthape. women who inij^ht have been disposed to 

■*'*mtk CO Mr. Money thu: anyhow the affair was pretty well fill his 

*'*'fi drjing. There nre women who p05-'iib[y would have ^'ivcn him 

''^ Wter comfort than the reminder that ihcy had not advised him 

** ^o the things he had done; and that, perhaps, if he htid sought the 

^*^icc of his wife a little more, the result might have been more satis 



a6a Tkc Gentlona^s Moffisin^. 

priory. Mrs. Money had no i<ic*» of the kinj. Even if in* h*d] 
known miwe clenly rilit- diJ the iitcadnK of his aJirm. it Troul4' 
never hivft occuircd to >^cr W Ooijbi Ihm hr had done the ycry hw^^ 
thlni; pciwiWc under *ny given iin-imntftflccv Ifthniss wcm WTftn|; 
alter ihiit, ii muM be tlic faull of tlic ihiDj^* ; it could net be the iM\\t\ 
of Mr. Money. 

ITic lAlk wns imcmipteU /or the prescnl by the arrival of visitors 
for lhi*i was one of Mrs. Nf oney i <iay» of :t'i:eption. Prrtentiy I Jicy 
hfndf tctnrncd. Mr. Money drew hvi i»de, and 3>kird her one or 
Iwo cawftl qHCfiions. Then he wid tuddenly, and fuiny his eyes ou 
hj« daughHT. without BJvfn;; h*:r any ilrac to ihlnt of h<^elf or to 
concc:iI hcT fecUnftfi' 

" Isn't Victor coming here W-Oiiyt Lvirclvl ? " 
Thccy(r»orihcgirUjii'rkk-U;iKiiinas>licniiawered>and hisqts 
irAlchctl her aiiawtr; 

"* Oh, yes, papfl dear ; I c^pccf liim ever}- moment ; you dotii 
think he is not cnming, do you ?'' 

The smiilc that aoiuctimes made Mr, Money's rough firt^ T<k>k 
alnic^at handsome oiine over Ec Hft he saw tlic cxprti-sion in hia 
dmifihter's eyes. He took I-iity phyfully by th« thbi 

'' 1 jthouid think he waj coming indeed» Lutiekt : I rather iStiik 
yon know more about hi;; movement;^ than I do- So Lium I-inipenny 
\y.x^ l>ccn Liltting her nonsense I " 
hucy coloured. 

" Ohj yes, pnpji dcnr. I wish Thai dreadful womm diti not come 
here: she taTks cf such ihings; it is hutniliatin^; to hear cmc^icLf 
talked about in ihat way," 

'* Oh. thai'a all, is it ? dnn't you mind her Lilk, Luteki ; it cant 
be helloed, anyhow; and renituibcr llun if you were u princess all 
ihc yossijte of Europe would be t^lkin^' ahout you/' 

Theit he left his daughter and weiit to talk (o wmi; one <"1w, 
somewhat relieved in his mJnd for the moment He wntthcd his 
Lutielci, huwe\'i.T, all the lime. 

PresenLly he saw her eyes \\^m up anil her cheekn colour, and 
then her eyes droo]] again -, nnd *ht looked wondorfully preliy, he 
IhoLifihL— and so, indeed, might nnyonee3'*e have- rhonghl a^ n-fll ^vho 
hiip|»e»ed to see her just \\\c\\ If any one of lis looting on mi^ht 
hjive ;idniifed the cxpressidn on the pretty girVi erim^oning fAoe, 
what ;idniiraiioii must he h,ivc felt for whom that brightening coToui, 
came and ihote eyes sfwrkled ?— iht- king for whom— a* Ijidy 
Casrk-wood so prettily s^iid— Ihsl red flag wjls displayed? For Mr. 
knew, before he had wen any n<;w-comcr enter the room, thni 


Miss Afisapfffir<»/f. 265 

Ihe visTtoT whose comini; cnuscri all fhAi tirighmci* veM tiic mcmlfcr 
for \hc bofoufh of Kcccon, Victor Heron hut^ cmnrd the tootti, 
and vas already talking to Li.i^y. 

Victor, Ui*n. hftd won <rvcr>lhing for which he strove, and *oTne» 
thing too for which he had not striven. He had won a bnlli^nt and 
an iinrxpecied victory. Nctfcr before in Ihc mrtnorj' or man hid l!ie 
bofOHfth of Kcclon been reprcscnred by *>cr;il- There was 
nothing clve cf ^iny pnriiailAr intereiT going cin In poliLiMj and (he 
Altmitnn of the ciMmky h-id realty been mmed for nonic days very 
keenly on Ret^ton Ihc rioi^ tUt: family qiiarrcJ, ihc (att rh-it JLcron 
Saul 10 ri|;ht p^inM Ijimily influences, Tory inrtnences, and. Xhe 
red rcjiuWirjtn"- jill Jt onrc, made hi^ enierprise seem *o 
dashing that, even if he had 1<nl, he would Ivavc got a certain 
repute by it- Hut, when ir w.^b foi:nd thai he h;id |josiTivrly won. he 
became the hero of ihc hour wiih the ])ul']ic, while wilh ]li^ ow-tt 
party he wm a pernn to be made the very most of, «nd cipplauded 
to the echo. No fear of hi^ not Rjidln^ men of mark to take up hi» 
l^ncv^iince now. 

The idvcniutou.t SL Paul had kept his word. Notliing Imt hi* 
inlerventirirt eonid po55ibTy have rjirricd the plnee for Virlor, or kept 
pofir SheppAid out of I 'ail in me nl, Coming jiint at the right moment, 
Si. r*nl h,id eaiight rhc affeclicns of ihe fierce dcmorr^i^, the pro* 
EdnLnalc with ihc rifl.'Ux of atheint in ir, ind hnd drawn the voiera 
away fioni Hhcppard. Many of them had dctemimcd to f[ive their 
vote* rafhrf Tor llir tnjin inhoni they tilled their outsipoten enemy— 
the Tor), ihat ift to -,iy— tJun for rhc doubtful fiiend, jl5 every pro- 
fessing Libcnd aecmcd 10 Ihcm to be who could rol go all the way 
with the social revohition and ihcm. St, Paul aiptivaictl enough of 
Ihcm (o leave Shep|wrd M>lcly ty the support of the tliorou^-h Tone*, 
who had no ^Tieviirce nigninst the <1iical fatnily; and tlic remit wai 
ihat Viclot Heron won the cferfion^ or had i1 Ihu^won for him without 
hb knowledge or consent. Not the faintest suspicion of " a pui-up 
thing* cxiited in any mind, h was perfectly wdl known in KecLon 
and elsewhere thut Victor Heron had positively refused to have any- 
thing lo do with St Paul, and thai they had all but quarrelled ; and, 
indeed, the general opinion was that fit Paul had tmderiaken his 
(•jmdidature for the sake of spoiling Victor's thance. He fanned, 
people thought, that the e!(rrcme "rads" or "reds" might give their 
voles to VJetor for lack of any strongLT Liberal, and he therefore rut 
in between merely for ihc sake of destroying ihc gome of (he nnn 
who would not acce;)t his aasisiancc. A greni many people were 
amiued at hi« folly and his odd niiecatcuktion; and even Money 


264 ^^'^ Gft/frwan's Ma^aztHf^ 

wondcTCf^ how he couTd have been iro badly advised, and how he 
could have failed lo «ee time lh nhai he did he «u pLayiflg Vtclor'^ 
g^aic itnd not spoiling it- 
Victor Ht^oiii ihen, ha.% won, and is 01; ihe high road to be a \^\i- 

tic;4l uDc) A i^urjal success^ snd to liAve !ii^ grievsifice auX rijjht new, if 
he cari's abuiit it iir li^kiL timr to Ihnik uIjoue it ^uy iiiotc- \\ if biij 
that hi: is to be inanictl to Mr. Monty'* pn;U>' tUuKl'tcr, wlio will 
h-LVC a ETcyt foTlun^, [icoptc Jic ccrl,*in ; lu si^i n«lbin)i of the litt 
tliat Money hr?^ iiu ^on, and that ar bi* dc^lh iiHJhl of his prupcrty 
il'lll prubiiWy go to his rising san-in-bw. Tnily dot^ young Hei^jn 
BCciH to iJKiny jii'isons .* uifln who h;is dropjieij from ihc doudt to 
ikll into fortune, A disappointed poliLidan or sitly who staitcd 

rTVith splendid self-conceit, good abilities, and very fair chance*, and 
with all has come to nolhinj^ draws the moral of hi* |>cfional Ikllure 
Jrom the stoiy he htar^ of Victor Heron** success. " You mc, he 
can do vhat 1 never coidd do/ lie says ; '*he can etiteiiain the 
parly. I defy ^ny man to make his way ia i»gljticil life in a country 
Jike tfiis if lie has not the menus to entertain hi^ p^uly, and this 
fclloM' will be able to do that ^ilh Ihe girl's fariunt and w]iat Money 
must l^ve him aomc tiEne." 

Ji i& true, then, what the peo|^le say— wliat Lady Liiiipcn:iy hac 
been so broadly biniinj^ ai? It w^.is, then, as Minola Urcy supposed? 
See, she herself ha* Just tome iritJ^nd i« i.dV.jiig ^^ith Mc- Money oobt. 
She Seems ful] of apirits ; ai lea^i, she is L.ilkiny i[) a veiy animated 
way. A lady wlii> is prc^enl hus already rcmatfced, in a io*v tone, t<* 
another lady, that ^he thinks Miss Grey talks too much, and is too 
saicaaiic for a youn^^ person- Was ii as Minola gupixistd, and did 
Ihe influence uf the mounlighi wnd ilxe w^ilk home tAaf night in Ihc 
park al Keeton provu too much for the inflanimable heart of Victor 
Heron? No ; that night had i*assed ovtr, and although Heron hid 
fell the influence of the placei ific hour, and the ctrcurastLnccs, he 
had not been able to understand his own feelings clearly enough to 
give them expression in words or in acts. It was when he CJiinc m 
fresh ftom the excitement of t]ie R^eton rioi, and when he saw that 
l.ncy, who with all her love for hor lather had home up gallanily 
against the sight of hia litirts, became faint the monitot she caught 
a glimpse of Huron's wounded fiRL. and had to be taken from the room 
^it was then that the truth was bomt in upo:t Heron for the first lime, 
and he wa-S made aware that Lucy Money loved him. He wa* 
almost overwhelmed by the discover)'. This was something of which 
lie Jiad never thoiyjhl. It wa5ftl\ \TMcwhat he had said to Mtnoh 
Ckj' thai long-past day in RegentS VaiV— Vt>ai t^^'^VaA^wrt 


A/iss Mimnlhrfpt. 

of gorfdr»i theory ahftut women. He h.ul lived *n murh cut of the 
irotld nl fhihion, and of what wc cnl! life, thut Jic had no cIiauco 
of hAving hm idol] fCrslToycd. If Ihe few Engh&hwomen wliom hr 
mci in A tir f<ilony^lhr wiv« fthd cSAU^hlcr* of eMrrly, enperirii 
AlltcuU, ktirl hurh hki^^— ^^^rr nol aI] that 1il::« linncy |i;nnted uum 
be had alwiiyi ihc ronvjrtion to faJI Ixirk upon Ih-it these w 
fiir iMuatEationa of the iiiaidri i^r Ihc m:itronH of i^erry ll^gbtd at 
mr. ilc hod jil(va)'i thought of n worrmn ai ^ being whom a man 
courted and served, and -il bst by immense exercise of devotion 4nd 
.merit oi ;tJ] Jtind^T pcnuodcd to h&len ivhtlc tic told bn of bii tleci^ 
reverent love. It had not oceuircd to him to think ihai somo- 
ic*, even Among Iht inaJd^ of mcrr)' Enji-l.miJ, the uomaii iruikrs 
IC love, Aiid Ihc Diiin nnly put^ ti[> »tlh tl. Wlicn il Hashed upon 
bis niind thai Liiry Money loved him, he wjs like one to whom 
^&snt wholly new And nnetpccted <oniJJlEonK of life hive suddenly 
led iJicmselves. He fell, in a strange sojl of Wniy, sirickcn 
bumble by the thought that ^9 sweet jtid good a girl could love blm^ 
atid wliJl to xzxxiX hei life into hiE haud^. J^ (e any wond<:r if, in thv 
ftudi of hi>> sIlj(ii)u iXkA hii* ^mutijUv, \\v ti^Id hlniscir ihfLl ht: rvo^ in 
love with bci ? 

" LtTCJCLES^ love's rjJTEHPhETEk," 

TifH event in which so niuth success had fallt.-n to the share of 

Vielor Heron had not, on the whole, turned out bnitiy for his rival, 

Hr. Sh^ipard- The btter had lo3t the election, it ii true, bul be 

hjid rrmdc a cennin rcjmic for himself as a Conservative candidnte. 

>lc wna now before the eyes of his par^ and the cnnntry a.f one who 

li-iil fought a good fight, who had made aacrifiees for hi* cjiusc^ and 

Arho tbctctorc ought to be considered when another vacancy brought 

An ojipOTtnnity of ehon^ing and supporting a candidato- Mt. Shep- 

pard's name was in the political playbill, anil rhai was aomeihinfr 

After the defeat k\S Movara, Count Cavour, then only a rising policieian, 

Temarktxl thai Piciimont had gained enough to compensate for all 

her losaei m having got the right to hoist The national flag. Mr. 

Sheppard had got by his defeat the rieht to hoist the flag of his pirty, 

to be one of its hearers, and thai was tiomctliing. He was now 

looked upon everywhere ag a mnn sure to be seen in ParlLoment 

before lon^ 

Mr, Shcppsrd rtJAdc armjigenicnts for iht carr^ii^ on rH \i.* 


266 Tk€ G^ntlonani M*xgazitu. 

buiLTiF^aby oilier Kftncb dinn hii, And he mmc to five in London. 
He i^hjIc hai;<lsoinc lod^ngii in a wdtcm ilrccL not fju from where 
VicloT Hrfon lived, l!c was elected ft membcf of a new Cowerva- 
tive duK and ajmaTenl^y he wcni nhoul the Uik of K^^^i'ifL in'o 
KUL'jcu,at U'usl'mto the poliiicftl dmner-pLinic* and crowded drawing- 
iiouiiH of ^i iely- [n titat wUidi he had set ou: tn himself as tlic |^at 
pbjecl of hi? life lie was not, as we have seen, Ly any means 
IdeiporidenL He saw Ihal he lud greaily risen in llie ^ood opinion 
of Minohi Grey, She had never i^cen *o Itind ,ind respcrrtful to him 
U diirinig the <:on[<^t -il Keelon_ Alway;* befifre ilie had treated him 
with tonlcnipt, ivhith she look no trouhlt' Trt hiije ; then, for the finl 
lime, she h:id •ihc»wn *i>ine rirnperl unH even reg.ird for htm. He 
fteit!ed himwlf in l^sndon, a hopcfvil :ind iilmost a confident man 
as regarded alike hifi nmbition and bis Irtvts He couM jfTord to wail, 
he Slid lo him^icir lie cultiv>ite<^ as much 35 |>o3siblc the acquaint- 
ance^hrp of Mr. Money and of Victor Heron, whom, it is needless 
to «iy, be no longer regarded with any fecUngH of jealousy. Mr. 
Money and everyone eT»e admitted that nothing eouJd be more 
manly and rrediulile than Sbeppard's manner of taking hin defeat. 
Minola seldom heard him spoken of bni with re*peet. 

The women Ktz- not many nn whom the puhlie f>pinron of ihoa* 
immediately nroiind them has no infliitnce in determining ihcir 
esUinatc of fl man, Minoln began to sec that there were qualf^ie* in 
her old lover for which she had not given him credit. This, indeed, she 
had seen for herwlfdu ring (he contest fli Kcelon. He hrtd.-ttati event 
a certain manly dignity, even if he was slow and formal, She may, too, 
have been imprcs*ed in certain mooda with the strength and patience 
of his fecUng?! for her. In some melancholy moments she felt a 
sympathy for him, and foimd a sort of sad ateiiscmeni Ln admitting 
lo herself that she and her old lover were alike in one part of Ihcir 
destiny at iU eventt But she wa.-! sincerely glad to hear that Shcp' 
]iiird w!is beginning to go out a good deal, and she had a simng hope 
and conviction Ihoi in sGcicty he must very soon get over his old 
feeling* for her- AH that was nalurai enough, she thought, when 
Ihey bolh lived in Ihc country, and he knew very fcir women; but 
here in Ijindon he mLSt meet with many giils a thousand (imei 
nnwc allnictive— so she was honestly convinced— than she ronld 
possibly appear even To the moirl prejudiced eye, and he wrn:ld soon 
gel over the weakness that exalted a country girl into a heroine and 
a goddei*. He would n^ect with women who kncvr the world — the 
world of [loSitics and of society — who could assist a man in his public 
cuecx and in hb natural ambition, and some one of wtiom ivould 




Afiss Mt'str»//iro/e. 26; 

dovbtlctt he round ta ma.rry him. 'I'ht ihoi.\^i gave Minoh sinccic 

Some nf ihit U tnlj a tiEtll^ in nriEif^ij>niinn; (ur we .icc. u yet, in 
ibe 6rsi fntw wcrit* tfi;ii followcil (he K<!ct>.in election. ITjcic i% one, 
aaff Ibcffe are iwtt, of the pcnonagr* mo*! prooijnent to our cy» in 
tkiteontot, ofwhom -ht Jt.ivi: ftomc account to render before ihe 
fcloty rciumci in rtgiilzir marth. 

Poor Hcrberi lllimchti foitncl ^l[m^cif a nLin tidly clunKcd in ]i» 

OBtl qtlinwrc when the HVilaidcncc of the riol in the Kcrton MiecU 

tcA him i>Er;indi!d hrgh ^nd rlry, md slill dllvc. Not OTily w^x he 

alh-c* li"l lie WW ^ibiolMTply uninjicrcci. The dignity of the ^lijcli'^'^it 

wottud "x^ "111 <>f'i liim to mj.kc him mtt^rcMiiiM, AU th-ii ruijuixjUvn 

ihat hiid ^eetnrd 10 him no imihlc ihat hih nery witil shrank from It, 

tinned OUT to V, •» fsri* he yt-.\% frtnccrnrd, more innocent nnd 

'tuimlm thin 1 hi.hof*lhny gium' cA 'nrtntUiifi. Hr hid been fiditu- 

boct» Bticn *1iTiHkinj( horn thr rini, and he now frit that he must ha^c 

been riditHlimx wJim Jiy *hrri ltn:tx hr mrtKteteil htt quivering iiervct 

iuid ihicw hitntrif lilmlly into it^ In thi: wty thick of the bailie, 

d when he tsmc lo llfron'i iiitl, lie thought he raw an incHnAtion 

jiood' humoured Kiughfer on Heron's faxie at the liglit of him and 

ht» ve&pon. When the riol vrai over, and ihc crowd hcgan Eo dim- 

pcr*c, and [lie Liberal leaden went inTo the hotel, nobody took nay 

notice of htm- He teemed to beofnOicfOtint in the eye* of anyone. 

Men wliux Lornpanion he haul been durinj^ hi^ iih-irc of the c^ni]aign 

in Ket-'tun Jiamed him MpJdly hy .md did not'toc-ni lo terognise hmi ; 

they wcn^ all thitikiuf; of ulhr:i thing? nn<] other [ier*hOtm, clearly, 

£Tcn Heion, to wh<.[*e ht'lp b<.' hiid rnmc, lUd not think it worth hb 

«hllc apparently to m^ke any inquiry .ntioul hhn. 

Wc kno't of course, Lhat lieri^n did lind time jtnd tfiooght to ash 
about <he ]3oct : but the ]XKi did not Ikioiv Ihiv The thought, how- 
tTvr, which mo»t diiHirbed Blinchet't mind win not that Heron hod 
liCi-n unjinaeful 10 him, but that dearly, in the mitid of men like 
Hcrnn, the wholeaffiiirwata nipitterof no moment— an ordinal jy event 
ai xx\ vlrttion, involvinj^ an .itncjimt of iimttcr such m men encoun- 
ter in ihrii huntingi and Ihcir olher pastiinei of which HUnchct 
knew btiJc, and noi enoitjuh lohcicriou^ly ihonj;hi of it moment after 
iC ir.tH jMi^l' It wAA, Ihcn, for ijanj^er huch a* tins that Ilio poet had 
t»iti? uiadchiniHelf ridtciiloiii mi the vye^ of Minob Grey, U was for 
danger like ibii that he had evpOK'd himst'lf lo he^f from her the 
biUcrot word* that man tan hear from woman. In tiulh, it is not 
Ccttain that fxwr Llkuichet Wis really J coward. He had been 
put fuddenly in front of a ton of trial entitdy new to him, And b'u 

The Gentleman i Magazine. 

physical nctvoA had ilirunk fivni \\ ul finl. He h^ noi n virile 
nature; hehatj none of Lhc 6ir<ji)|; Aiiimul spiriib whidi cany £0 many 
men througTi all manner of dangvr witlioul giving' Ihem time to tfiink 
aljoui it. He nut much, if v^- may say so, of ihu F.ii^jliEli nniufc 
inhim^ <»f ihai *ool, strong, unimaginaiivc naiufc which tnkcM all 
tulLs Rct 1o tl >vry much ok a nuitcr of course, and goeii sx ihcm 
atconlinfe'ly to win or Swt \^^lcn K.trirrc was making Herbert 
Bl.inchct. ihcrc w.i^ for ffl>m<: reason or oii^L-f .1 lutlc too muth of ihc 
feminine m.iieriil put inio hU com;jo^itJonH We often hc<; Ihcjc 
slight mifiKLkca on the part of N,i:yrc, We mtot wiU\ a tall and 
tKStT<lcd crcitufc in >vhoma&LJiJer!ibiind,i.noc of the feminine is alwayi 
ehovrine itself; wc find some t^rclty anti dchtalc beinj; in whom Ihc 
Judement, the inclinations, the way of looking ni things, arc nil 
unmistakably moscuhne- Bknchet hod not lived a manly life ; he 
hadt indeed, not lived a life thai nould bt wholesome for man or 
womiinH It was noi, be it understootl, IxnriTifuI or imtnaral, a.i live* 
ore occounied on our fiomcwhat dwarfed and fornml |mneiplcs of 
social good or harm; but \\ wna a life without bracing strength of any 
kind. It w:i& a lifu of sickly aUcctations nnd debauching conceits* 
I1 mode sham :is good n^ etton. In that sort of life \\ ?»ffii:cd to 
think yourself .1 great person, and to &iiy to your friends that yo^ 
were w>, and there was no ocfjision for the long, healthy, noMe labour 
tivit, with whatever genius. Is reeded to develop surte*. It was a 
lire of gh:ist]y groping after orifinatity; ii Itfe in which otic beeamc 
faiitfl&lit'k not out of superabundant ranry, bin of 6Ci ptirposo- The 
moment an entirely new situiition was i^resenled 10 Jilanchel, and he 
was tailed upon to aci under eireumstimtes not previously thought 
out and reduced to tlieatrie fo^m^ all the shams were siidd^'aly blown 
away, and the weakly, naked nature Vp-ns left shivering and ^mddentig 
in the tough, unaccugiomcd air of reality, 

IJtde Mury Blanchel was sitting alone the day after the riot nt 
Keeion. It was drawing on towards evening, and she had hci books 
ofmanuscript out on the table and was at work at h^^r poems. She 
was very particular about the copying of her poems ; she bcgaft A 
long poem in a hound volmne with ruled le.ives, and if, in copying, 
she made any mijiiake, even of a word, she put that volume aside and 
began another Therefore the one poem at which she was now engaged 
had already produced several of th<:&c inanuscript books without iUelf 
approaching mvieh UL'arer to completion. She *as seated before the 
work with her pen in her mouth and her e)'e5 fixed on the ceiling. 
and was in a little doubt between a rhyme which woe of excellent 
sound but doubtful grammar, and one of which the grammar was all 



Miss Misanthropic 369 

ngbU tmt ific luund w^lk upcti lo dutTrEif-c!. Her owri vymj^aihici: 
went altugcd^ci witli thf: g^od rliymcp ^nd the w;it Kttvngly indmuLl 
to nm the ritk of being 1 liiilc tupcrioT Ibr once let ihove nonxivr 
gT^unmoticul mlci ^vhich offend ko riioiiy iKielcfsct* AVhile tbus, tike 
die Achillea of Po|it:'ii Homer, ^'in^mgui^h of !^u^;icn&edebyed/Uic 
irat lo!d ihdt her brother wUhed to %ec her. 

Maiy simnfl up In excitemeitl, IcL \\\^ luL'ttecped ^len lall on her 
Ik^oIc, ihm fvducing a new volLiitLc u> 4'orihlesbnvss, aiid, aca^ely 
<lOf>p]nji evtn for a pUJmJVf miircuur, fuin oui and bf^jnglic Herbert 
Ittwohei into the loom. Shi; wan ct^nvmced that be muM hiivi- some 
imporUriE intelti^vni-W CouLd It be [h^i lit: hud i>ropu3E;d forMinob, 
been JKTvpicd, -inJ coinebuLk 10 London in .iU»i|jecd(oarran|;e 
for the wedding? HU facej Jiowcver* did noL IooIl lile ihiit; [| was 
h;igG;ml nnd iiiiiicr.iUle* ^ii>d iTiv potL had ciid^ntEy not ^tcpt the jio^t 
night. Mary felt ber heiin liiik wiibin bet a^ she looked ut him, 

Brohcbct ui down und p;i&£ed hia h;indfe wildly ihruugli bis un- 
tcmpt hair— hair that, however, looked m beimtiful, Marj' thought. 

" Wcll^ my sister/' he said, with a gloomy effort at being IJghl and 
orelctfi of spcechi '* I have conic back, yoti see." 

" U'h»( ha^ h;^p|)(,'ncd, Hurhcn dear?" the aflTiighlCLJ old maid 
uJtcd; ^tnd ?he dcmbled all uvcr. 

" Noihinj: pHirltcular, Mary; only tb;kl your bruiher ba« made a 

Then he tmiled in u dismal wuy, wiib ghastly lip^ and livid fjuv j 
and then he put hi^ hands |lj hit foitihe^dt nnd bur^ into tears. 

Never wai a woiuaii luote friglnened itun poor Maty. She hnd 
ncFcr fcen a mun in Eeart; bcfc're ; she remi^nibercd Iiaving read and 
fehudd^ringly adtnlred 'a line in a potcn of Mrs. Hett»iUi!i"s. in ivhich 
*hc, Mar> Dlainrhct. aiid all the world in general wereudviaed nol 
to talk of ifTief until ihcy had seen the lecjrs of bearded men. Poor 
Mofy a1«rays thought diat the tear^ of bearded men mtiBt be Komc- 
thillg very dreadful to see ; Imc she never expected to see thcni. for 
fth« did not ihiiik \\ ]iosbib]e ihi^T Eii^h^hmcn. the only race of men 
ftiie knew, could shed U'ars under :inyiJtov(jcaiioii- Now she was com- 
peted to look on the tears of a be.irded man whum fihe dearly loved ; 
and she found thai Mrs. Hi'm.nns's Kuygpttions f^U far slion of the 
dreadful reality. She tried all she could to comfort her Inok en -hearted 
IrTOihcr; but comfort tK particulaxly unavailing when one does noi 
even know the sour^^e of the trouble. It waj* sujne time before poor 
Blanchct could give bi^ sister any coherent a4:c:onnE of his disire.'^.^ 
When the aioi^ tolL.1, however, it did no: seem so bopeloea to 
Miry a:; she h^d c:i|>ccted He had not Lcen refused by Mlnoh; 

370 The Omfkm/tn's Magastm. 

he hod not even proposed w her. She did not ntiach much 
importjncc to the fnctihot Minola had ftippowd him— wTongfoU>%of 
courw— to br A j^nward- \W rAuld cjinly j>rovc^ if indeed he hid 
not fionc il nUtady, [hat ho w hravf as *hc, M^rj*, knew her 
brother m««f be. ft ivJi^ ^vrong nf Minala io Jii<ige 10 iliiirWy And 
M harshly, mid very unljkc Minoh 1 but, aftct all, what did it prove 
bLil the dccji inttrcal whu-h ^hc took in Hctlcrt? Shcwas disap- 
point^ when she thought he wa« i^ot o\\ thM «hc liatl expected 
\Kh.xi did that prove but that ihc had evpcded grrat things? Well, 
il wai not by any mean* too \mc to prove her JirI expectations 
were Inie ciiimjie.% of Mate's brcither, 

It in A truth that Herbert Blanchet gradually became cncoura^cdf 
ft!moit raiorcd, if not 10 his good opinion of himself, yet 
'hi* hop«. Tt Wii wonderful what a per^^or ^t importJiTicc, a wi« 
rovintrllnr, a truiiy friend, hin sUlcr greiv to Lt in hi*i cves.iU at onec. 
liow lonfT is it since he thought her fin jibnunl Hlllcoli! nuiul tiiwhom 
no person of flfti^tic soul could pOKiihly fcel any iiitcte5l ? How long 
js it sintrr he folty believed tbjtl: Minols (.Ircy wjn kiiiJ to her p-inljr 
out of pity J and partly because il looked picturesque and charmirg 
for a handsome yoi-uig womnn to be the pnlroneii and friend of pv 
unactTJctivc cUterly woman ? How long is il since he was ashamed 
of the re tuition F»hip, and would gladly have gjvrn Minola to understand 
that he considered his sister only a poor iilde, old-fashioned pctson, 
whose pretence!! at poetry and art had his entile diMppro^al ? Atid 
now he wept upon her faithful bosom, jnd drew coniforE from her 
fljtTenng but very sincere assuranees ; .ind jioured out hi* feeLinx* 
over and over again -. and asked her lo teU hini over anj over a^in 
this, that, and the other thing lh:it Minola had wid ; iind fonrnj com* 
fori in her tulk ; ivnd would rvithcr have Ijcch in her compnny that 
evening lh,m in the centre of the beloved scliool, cr in the drawing- 
room of a lady of rank. If jjoor tittle Mary ronld have thought of 
stich a thing as being revenged upon her htoiher for .-ill hrs long oeg- 
letl, his sclJiili dcwriion of hef, she nught have fooind herself «eU 
aveni^ed (hat night when be climg lo her, and bung upun \\(iv HOn.l», 
and only resloied to think life worth liavinj^ by her tLitterit^ and 
her prt>mise% Lhat ahe wouUl do all fur him, and bjd l^uui] hope Eo 
mate everything conic n^ht even yet- 
So far ai M.iry wai cnncemecli she had hardly iiver been eo 
happy. It was enough to make her happy at any time to know ilm 
she was of importance lo her pocl-brothcr. But slie h.nT ^Iso now 
from hiui die conii^ssfon of hiy |»jiiiaionale love for her friend. It had 
jJn-a^s *mote i little on M^y'a tyusdence that, in helping her 

A/iss ASuanihrope, 

ilhfT m bii sdicmc ^boul Minobt the «u not quite certiin 
•ihrthet, after all, the poel ically Iovc»i Minoh ds Ntaiy thought 
>lit3ola deceived lo be luwil. Now she was utitlied on ll^iii jioinL 
Hcil>crt hod pOLLfcil out hu whole h«ait to her, ^nd ]ud iJiowcd her 
Out hU love lur Miriola wu devpi po^tnon^itCi «tmiAl- Ii <lid iiui 
occur lo Muy to tiLXpecl ;]ut then could be ^ wonunon uafth, even 
[inoU. who wai tjiublc of rejecting the love of fl imn lite 
rnRknchci- Thii w:lk Mary ffbnchct'K hnppiciil night ihiw 
far in Londoii ; h«r hapf^icit Dight ihii£ f^u* ir\ lire. 

In hb miicr/ Blandiijt had told tlic iTuihn He was rcJilly In love 
Minob. Hl' iud ^one in for money and jt buntJtiful wire, ind 
hid lOJl himself ho^jclcMly in Ihc ^amc- Hia sclf-conci:!! h,id 
ly made him btfliere that llj« hafldsoniff, ^uiiple couniiy ijirl w!io 
htso much of hlAsiiter mufil fall in love wiih hiin. It waft 
only by dcgroci it dawotd iij^un him that there Aias a dear strenglh 
in MinoZa'J^ charu;icr sxirh as he had Ihoughlno women t!vcr had. He 
lOiWClhai ahr: friendly to him, but otherwise unconcerned ; 
, that he wa5 fairly tn love with her- He began to be luhamcd of 
ic pStifijl hope* he had formecl alioui her money ; he begim to be 
uhunedofft good deal of hii r.hanrrrr and c:arecr. The genuine 
CKtnivagance of the drUghi which he {*^t when r^hc euabltd hfm lo 
pot hii pocm« brfort^ Ihe world in «iich splrndid drcM, had almn^t an 
igenn eflec! on him as the gift of ihc hinhop's tjndlciiticiLS on 
Jcin Vrtijean. It shook aU his previous theories of life and Its 
phiLo!(ophy, to find that there was so much of simple generosity in 
[Jhc worEd ; c:4pcci^]y lo ^nd It In the heart of a girl over whom his 
;h«nn»and hi5,iffec.lfltion3 teemed lu hive no manner of Influence, 
k foiffld that he had his world to n'tonsimcL He wi-ent home and 
fAMcd some wrctthed dayn. He looked baek on his lifc, it3 theories, 
ilA A^octations, iu pitiful liitle ^anilie^ and he wondered how he 
luld ever have thoii^hT lo make j^nuine poetry out of *udi shams 
taiotion and Biniuhcn of bcaitiy. Ic would require &ify power 
indeed to spin such rubbish of straws into gold. 

Still, he had some hopt-s from Mary and her influence ovw 
Minolo- It had tome to thai ; hi;^ sister now vras his chief resource 
and hii siai of hope. The artful Mary wns not bng in bringing her 
pLinA to maturity and to proof, 

" Minobt dear," ahc ?i£kid one everting after Mi;^s C^rey hadsctded 
in IfCndon again, **do you really never ihlnk of getting 

•■ Never, Maiy ; why should I, if 1 don't like?" 
" Weil, you can't live always alone in this kind of way," 

ij2 Tfu GcniUman's Magasme, 

"Bm I am HOI living alone in any kind of way." 

" Noi now ; noi exactly now. but I may not live, yon know ; I 
don't feci ai all like my^cir lately ; and 1 shudder at the idc* of j'our 
bcmg Icfl abncn 1 am so much older than you^ Minolo.'* 

'* But, Mury, my A^ai little ]>oetC3Bi if you think marriage such a 
good thin^, why didn't you niurry?" 

MiLiy bif^heiL, and ca^t »\ her le^uler a look of genilea melancholy 

*' Ah 1 tht'rc were reasons for my not inanyin^ wliitJi happily don't 
cxitst for you. And then my life would be :i wretched oae, MidoIo. 
but for you. Where are you to gel a Minolo, dear, when you come 
to be as old OS I am now ? " 

The pTospet:t of growing old neveT frightens ihe young. It is _ 
thdr conviction ttmc, .it worst, they will die bcfoic that cQmvt Jiboiit^^H 
It was not, therefore, the thoogbi of becommg like Mary Blanchctp^^ 
that mode Minola seem meluicholy for the moment It was the 
thought of the weariness thai Hfe must have for her in nny case, 
yoime or not, She remained thinking for a second or two, until she 
became con&cions that Mary wm wailing for her to say something. 
Then she tried to get rid of the subject- 

" Well, Mary, at all events I need not trouble myself about raar- 
tiage just al this moment : 1 don't want La Lie like the gtrl in the old 
song, who refuaed the men before tbey asked her. No one has Lcea 
asking me lately/' 

" I know 5omt oncn" Mary broke out* " who would ask you if he 
dared 1 kutiw liomc one who loves you— who lUoies you." 

Mifiola looked routed in u,muxement. It did not occue to her al 
the moment to think uf wlut or whom p>oor Mary meant. 

Mary ruse from bet tliair and ran to Minola, and threw herself on 
the ground near her in iupplieaiion. wUli her eyes full of teniv 

'•It's my brother, Minokii ii"s my brother 1 He adores you. He 
would die for you. He will die for you if you won't listen lo hira. 
Oil, do listen to him, Uurlmg) ind muke us all hap|jy 1 " 

MinoU rose from her chair in sudi anger as she had ^Idom 
known before- She was not even particularly careful how she 
CRtricaied heiself from Mary's clinging j,T"Jhp. 

" Ari; you speaking seriously, Mary?" she asked, In a low tone, 
and with determined self -restrain t- 

"Oh. Miiiola darling, it'% only too serious T He wax here (he 

other day- He is wretched, he is mi&erable, becau« he thinks you 

Mere^igry mih him. I ihought he would die^l think he will die. 

Jle dida'f want lo tell anyone ; bm a ti^^et'^ e-jvs uui'l be delved 

And ii '$ ao use, and he so loves you." 


Miss Misanihrop€. 


TklinoTi could haxt foand it in hrr h^uf to ninr T^ove and ftll 
hii worki Thu districting revelation Vimt 100 much for h«- li 
WAS ancrly tinrrp«tMl. Shf? had ncv<^r for a morneriT ttiou^bi of 
thii. Ilctbcti Etbnch^ had always »fcmed lo her a pcnon I0 hclj:^ 
And iiitf, *nd iomctimc* to be angry ivilh and dtipi&e. Uvea if &hc 
had tK«naV'iin pxl, \i lk noi hkely chat the annmrnccment nf hJ&bvc 
would have grfiiihE^d hrr vonily^ 

" Did he s*nd ynu to trll mc this, Maiy?" 
" No, de*r/' MAr>' wid humbly^ I^smg hcflft and hope with every 
poomcnt, A« «hc looked into MinoLi's face, irhicli w»^ |ialr, Jind co^d, 
juDd ifaio^E hftrd in ita cxprcviion, "No, dcjr ; biif I thought it 
would Iw better, (icihips, if I were jusr to speak lo yOM fl bttle Jibout 
k fint, j«ut 10 knou' how yoi^ folt, and thcrt I might prrhapi 
eooouragG him or not, you know; and I thought that mighl not be «> 
UDpleaiant, perhaps, MJnola," 

** You are ri^ht, Mary ; It is nnich le^ unple^SJint. tint I think 
t fke«d (Tct give you my further answer, need I?" 

Mtnota's manticr was strangely eold and hard. She could not 
hdp feeling aa if Ihtrc ivere nomcthint; like treachery in iKis sccrel 
tement of liroiher and Biai« to uy to pcraiindc her into a 
trrugc which she would atheryise never have ihought of. iloih 
lirothcr and it^er icemed for the moment mean in her ryet \ and 
Minola hated mconneu. 

Mury looked winifutEy into her leader's cold, stem fate. It niual 
Lid for Minn^Jk Ihnt the lY^ldneas and sTcmneu rjnif.' fioin dib- 
»inmicni Mthcr than from anger. It seemed lo her thrtt her 
dOMJt friend had betrayed her 

" U there no hope for him i*'' Mary aakfd fiuntly. 

" I iriih yooi wnnld not talk in that foolish way," MJnoU %ajd 

sidly. " It i> nnr worthy of yoii. It ought to be no hope 10 any 

nan ihiii 1 ^f\ who doea not love hin^ or think aboui him in any 

a.uch wjiy fchnuld marry him. And if a m^n i^ Mistily, his lister ought 

hftvc better wi^ci for him, / wonW not degrade myliroihcT—if t 

l«ki My I hftd one- and *ere fond of him— by *peakui^ nl him m 

9U^ a way^ 1 hope your brother ^las more tente, Mar>', and mote 

^irit, than yoiL leem lo think," 

" He v3 loves you . he doe« indeed," Mary feebly pleaded. 

" ]f he really loves me-^hind 1 hate to UEie the word, and I hate 

lo hear it— J am sony for him. Maiy ; and I am ashamed of him, 

and 1 feel a contempt for him, and thafi all. I hale 10 think uf oitn 

glQvcllinA in that way, or of women either; but 1 do Ih^ok Vt^iV \\ 

vou 0C3LU, no. J76t. X 


374 ^'^ G^ttlemans Ma^zitu, 

ipn Mt snch idiots, f hey, gcncraliy at leaat, have the spirit io hide ■ 
XI \cA\y anri noi lo degrade themselves." 
" Uul, Minob, n man must »pc4k >ame time, you know, or hoiv 

o*n be trH ^" Mary itrgucd, plucking tip n lirtlc spirit on hrhult of 
her mmprijirri broihcr 

** Your brother might have knowH purf^'ci])- wdt. He must have 
known. U"hat word dul I ever wy to him that i:ould make him think 
1 cartd for him ? Do you think, if .t girl r-nrcs lor » nvin, and wants 
him 10 know It, she doc^n't let liim »^r it ? 1 l>dicv<.'/^ MinoUaddcd 
in hct biltcra*ss^ and with a meajiing known only to hcndf, " women 
have trouble enough to hide their reelings even when they dion't 
wMM thciii lo be known," 

With x\y\^ uroni ^he lefr the room itbniplky, and woufd hear dq 

So ended pnot Mary Btaticbei's fttat aitcmpt To plcnid the love* 
cauie ufhcr brolher. 


Thf. dayn were not plcjiunt for Minola or Mary whidi followni 
thi^ di'iriosuTLV The two friendi for a time did not lecrm as if ihcy 
were the same persons ; there wan a cold ronsiraint between thcin. 
Minola soon got over hi^r ungcr to poor Mary, and wai only an^ciy 
wiih hcrwif for having siJoken harshly toihcnnhappy old mnid; hui 
ahe could not revive the con6dtnce that hod cxislcd l>crwecn Ihen-t 
Lcfoitf- She felt ihflt between than now was Homcthing that kilJcul 
confidence- fthc tried to speak lo her companion in toneaand wordv 
ifpotijlile more kindly flnd friendly than ever ; but ihc genial heart 
o( frieTidtihip which makes mere word^ into sweec realities was hardly 
there any ninre. 

Mary Blanrhet wa? not very good at diA^ruisting her hd 
Bven from Minoh, whom she loved, and of whom she gtood in some 
awe, *hc made IJitJc ^ffori to eonceal the fact that ihe fclt hcnelf 
kufliiier. The nine in rhedead man's eye, which told so heavily 
llie .^m ieni Mariner, was fnr more hilter. douhtlew, thin the wleoi 
re|>TUiLh III Mafy's eye, hut Minoia was much f^pptf^ned by U;e 
latter, lihc felt as if she had been doing some wrong to Maiy and 
lo the c^iue of fnifiiiiship and fcmmon siacerly ix'ouianhoodf anJ, 


iome T 

elf « 1 

y tm 1 

Miss MisofUkrope, 


^Ukt oB i:«iierou« nAiurcs, «bc was di^pr^fcd, ivh«n ihn beat of anger 
ttdSDtprifiCW over, to throw All the bL'imc on bcrsclf.or atJoflStto 
bo troubled with ihc ic-ir that she must have been to blame- £ho 

begin to long for a full recondliation v."ith Mary, She tcproachcd 
henclf with hftvini; brought the pocL&bs awiiy from hci home and her 
fidCftds ti Keeton; n£ ifpuur M^ry ha J any home 1h«ie, or any frien Jt 
ifaere or elsewhere except MUiola herselfn 

"lamguing to we my brother." MaiyBhnchct said one evening, 
not without a gentle reproach in her voice. 

"Vc}, MaT}'? lam glad- Vole trill ^ve him my reeordA— nijr 
vciy kind regards — will yon noi?^' 

^Oh. yet ; ccruunly^ if you winh it" Thifl wiu followed by A 
UnlG «i||h, A« if Mary would have ^id, " I don't chink there \a much 
com/on in th^E* if thai is alL" 

MaioU looked up and saw the meianeholy iitile face- She ^>'n3 
grcACy touched* She thought of their long friendship, going back to 
the dayft \v'hcn she was a lat]i; child, und re^rdctl Mary ^ another 
KZijHbcth BaiveU. She reiliembt-red htr own b^ot^c^ and her Jove 
for him, and her heart was pierced by ihc cxpreesjon ia M;iry'v face. 
Site went to the |>oete» and put her annb round her neck, :tnd Uic 
poor poeicw fixirly gave way and was dro^nied in tejns. 

*' It's VI unhajipy ; il't all so unhappy." sobbed Mary. *■ I ticvcf 
thDLighi fl would come to thi-i, I can't biar to think of him so, and 
Uut he RhoiLld be so wretched ; I ean'l, indeed." 

Minola waitcrd for a while lo lei ihi.^ gri£:r Live way ; and, ijidccd« 
il muai be owned that her own te^s were hard enough to restraiitp 
Then, when Ihe passion of the poetess had a liiile abniedj and Minoh 
dwu^i ahc ccuJd tisien to rcaeorij she beg^ to reason gently, very 

•^ I know you blame mc for this, Mary, my dear old friend, even 
«rhenyoatry not lo show iL But tell me. Maiy. where am I to 
blame? Vou know I don't want to many, and you know I ought 
not to marry anyone tf I don't— if 1 don't love him. dear- 1 do not 
love your brother in that way: and it would be doing him a great 
wrOnj; il 1 were to marry him merely because I wc^ fond of you. 
you foolish, fcmd old Maiy- He would only feel oncnde<I by such 
ID idea; and quite ri^ht^ 1 almost wish t could marry him, dcar^ 
for }our bdlLet anil for the soke of alt the old timcb and the plcoumt 
days wc hfbvc luid together, and the evenings, and the c:ont1di;nces — 
oJl die dear old times! But you would not ask nie to do thai, Mary? 
j^m would not let me do \\. if I were iudined ?*' 

Uaty sobbed a doubtful assent to thi^ propositioo. Ic is to h*£ 



376 TAe GentlftnafCs Magasiftt. 

fcjucd she fi:U in her own heut tbNi «he w4ju)U be ^bd if 1i«r ftiend 

would inairy her ttroUier (jn any account. 

"Vou don't know what it ia to nn;," Miity murmured out, ''tOBce 
liun «o unhappy." 

" But, my dcniT, that won't Ifut olwayjt; he will gel over thaL I 
U11 not so foolliih, M;iry dcAr, oi to bdlcvc that ihcrc tt jinyching in 
mc wEiicli ygui Liothcr will not find in twenty oih«r girU." 

" But ihat't bccAuiie you don't believe he hsji, any strong feelings 
Zl «1]|" NUiy i^d reproachfully. *'Vou do him wronii, Uinok. 
You don't mean it, I know ; but you do hint wroniE- He h^a strong 
Adbffi indeed he bas. Don't you thint /know V 

Minola rai^hi, prrhap^, wtili \z\.i\\\ havt siud thai thi^ had no 
profound relianctf t>n Mary's powtT (jfrtaUmg cliaiaL"(«r even m the 
ZJ&tt of htr Lrorhcr ; b^it she did riol touch ihll puint 

''I Lim sure he has strong fLTiiuKTi. Ma.r>' ; 1 am sure of it now, 
I didn't think so oncL-, perktps— you ate quite tight i& that— but I^— 
am sure now that 1 wiu iiiibUktrn. I have a great regard for yOUl^H 
brother ; much too gresit :l (t^yiri)/' »he added, with a certain bitter* 
no^fc in Eier tone, " to believe he could wnktc mudi of his life in idle 
rc^et becaiue a girl like me did not marry him." 

■' Ii'* all very well for you, Minoln," Mary *aSd, taiaing her head 
and tlnowiny vometliing like downright an^cr inLo her voki.' ; "it's 
all very wnM for you, who don*l have any of ihcEt' fvolings. You 
don't care for anyone — in that way, I mmn. Von don't care for 
amy niim. Other people can't ha^t- sudi btron^ f»:clin|rs/* 

Minota broke du^Mi. Why slie did so, only the benign powers 
thai understand htiman m\iX especially womanly weaknesses cm 
tell ; certainly Mlnoh never could explain. She had gone through 
ordeals, one ini>{ht have [hon^hi, f^r worse than this, and kept a 
serene face and her secret safe- Bui there was aomeihlng in this 
unjust reproach coming from the poor old friend whom ehe had known 
ao longi and for whom she hud pcr^i&iently dom^ &o much, ih:^t quite 
overcame her, The words found out the vt^ry heart of her wonum- 
hood and her wenkne^s ; the place where her emotions had no stctfl 
pktes of caniiotiready put on 10 proiett them, Half in tears, half 
in hysterica! kughtcr, the h'rote away from Mary. 

"Oh. you unjust, iilly, foolUh old Maf>- ! It's not true a word 
that you are saying I ain «s jj^-cat a fool as Me, and aa you, uut ai4 
&11 the rest, I suj^posc 1 Don't I know what such feeling* a« i Oh, 
how! wiih 1 dkdn'll" 

Mary footed op in utlct omaiemcnL 
" Why, M iJ3oh darling, "u ca^/f bt ■" 

Miss Misanihropc. 

"But ] tell you it can be and it It, Muy— sind now do let me 
■lone foi thr future. Oh, yes. I om in We— up to the roots of my 
hA]r,<Uai, ifyoa Uke ihc W0rd&<— I (um't think of any oII;ut. There, 
I hSiVe fnadu a fool cf myscLT and hunibl^il mysi:]f i;noiigh for one 
day, I think I Ncsv go Jind ^oe j'om bnjihcr, like a good, dear 
cJtdturCj iiiid leave me to my^^'lf for a litikv Don't !ib;L nie tv tell von 
auy luoie ; if J evi^r du IcU you any idoitp it Uunn't be now. 1 bale 
and deipTBe myself for all this ; but il'^ (rue* Muiy^ as cme a3 de^uh, 
oc any otJier cerUm tlii^kg you likv." 

Tlien Miuola tuniijd Lmuy, uliJ ii.-soluteLy a:U down to die pbno 
and began to play. Mar>' kn*;w that Uiere wai nothing mote to be 
got out of her juit thcD ; arid, indeed, the nas too much ovenvhcltncd 
by what ihc hid heard to liave ^ny den pur^joxe of exloiting niote. 
She tnadc hei preparaliona to go out in iikiice ; hut the very in:tnner 
ID which «he tied her lionnet-vlrings rbvc exprciibion* fiomvhow, to a 
iwind of wonder. She vent out with mo Q'Cii^r ^oad-byu to Minola 
thjji wag coRvi?yed by a gentle pre&surc on her shouldez: as «hc 
pftucd, niciini (o cxpre^ all a world of renewed syiJipaihy, fellow- 
ihip. u^d devotion^ 

It fjouM hiLrJly bi- uid that Mary had yet had brcaLhing'time 
rnougli tu allou^ her to begin fomiing any cotijeciuie js to Ihe 
prraun ^vho tnuEt nei^di^ be invuEv^d in Mingh'i» bewildering confi- 
dence. The re^^btioii itself fdled her tnind for a while, to the 
evcltuiun of all other thoughts But, as she w.9£ g^ing alonff the 
itreui, »hc WW coming towards her a fifiure whidi, e^eo with licr 
«hort Bighl. the thonglit she recognised, ll was that of a man taller 
than anyone else ihe knew, even than her brother, and ^^ho had 
stooping Jiouldeis and a walk of lounging complacency — a walk as 
of one who rather fancied that all the street belonged to hrni. When 
thiA person canie neat he raked \\vb liat and made a bow of reeogni- 
tioi^ to Maty, and then the poetess saw that »he wa& not wroiig in 
%upv^^^i"t{ 'l^^l ^t was Mr. St- Paul- ITe was cvidendy going in the 
difttlion of Minola's lodgings. A sudden thought fl^hcJ upon 
Muy Btanchel's mind, 

" Can it be Af ?" *ihe ihovtght "Ishould nevt-i have supposed 
itich a tiling But he wa» veiy uticnli^c to heff certainly j and of 
course he i^a m^tn of high family— not like poor Herbert, But 1 
never should hase tlxoughl of him." 

While Mary went her melancholy and meditative way, Mr. St. 
^ul airived at Miui^ila^E door, :ind asiked to s^e her, addlnn^ ih'XL \\« 
came Co take leave, and would not kee|j her long. TW ii;Vi"TiW.a as, 
Uino/jViixtfn^^i^rdiTn ima^cnh^i awe and vcncmio^ tor ^V^, *^ 


Tht Gmlkman^i Afagasim, 

Pail!. When he caU«l Lbcrv once befoieanil s*w MiiiofA,on the Jay 

of ihe i]nlioI^t:wH]jai:t, Maiy, Tiavini^ heard of iheviiii, c<Ki1d nijtke^> 
down ihe piiJ« fjfber htdttrbuC lei i>al the fact tli^it he wait a cIjWi 
brulher Jn tliiit <|iiii:'t itjjion the brothers uf dtiles iire rarr vntiiom, 
and it wai not liktly thai the fiict ariJ fonn of Mu* one i-OuUJ have 
been forgotten- 'nieiefarc, even if Minob hivA laken the prw.iution 
10 say that ihc would »« no one that diy, it b very douUlHf wheltcr 
the ncrvanu would have understood this gcnerAt order to apply ^^ 
A duke's brother- Anyhow, it *fls intinuled h> Minola. in touts of 
some awc« that the gentleman who aw a dukcS brother wanted very 
particularly to st:e hcr- 

Minulu w:is not in vpirits for enjoying the visits ufilukev, not Co 

of ihe hroihers of dnkt5. But ^hc felt thai she really owtd some 

^1« to Mr, St. Paul ; and she had []e^'e^ settj him iince the night 
of the Keeton riot; and if he waareillygoiny awaj^n she did not ^Uh 
him to go without z. H-ord of ;h.mks frrJm her It inny be toid, too, 
that, in spite of all his defects and his odd wajs, Minola rather lifced* 
hjm. There was ^ sort of reckless honesty about him ; and hin tall: 
was not coinmonpbce. So iht? agreed i^i hetf him, not without a 
dread that there might sHIl he iracL;^ ui' iht: soai» which had lat*l)' 
betn in her eyes. " What doc^ \\ matter/' she a«kcd of hcnelT fai 
scorn of her oati weaknesses, "even if be dots see? I suppose he 
knows very well that women axe always in lenrs ;iIkiuI something.* 

**Well, Miss Grey," he said as he eame in— and he seemed 
positively to grow laller in the gathering dusk, like the getvic in che 
story of Bedreddin Hassan — -"I haven't seen you since the night of 
therow at Kteton. Wasn't it capital fun? The |>oeI ran away, I 
hear: they say he never slopped until Eie readied l,ondon.'' Mi, St 
Paul laughed his usual good-humoured lau^-h, and he held, as if un- 
consciously, Minola's hand a momcni in his own- His inanner wm 
never a love-maling one, and Minola hardly noticed this slight 

"Oh, there was no truth in all tliail" she ^rd hastily and ttot v^th-> 
out a half-smile, " Mr, Blanelictdid noticing of the ktnd; although, 
like me, he does not lite noisy cirowda." 

"Well, I kejit ray word, you see, Misa Cr^. I seni your man 
la, in spite of them all/* 

"You did indeed ; and I ought to feel very much obliged to you, 
and I do feel oblij^d, Mr. St. Paul ; a1t}iouKh my conscience is still 
sjidly dislrc^ised to know if I did anything very wrong in allowing ymi 
to do jnyihing of the kind." 

''Di/n'tyow mind that; it^ all right; it wfl« a much more 

Miss Misanthrope 

tiQiictt trick 1J1.-W fi^r ihi- dodjcci hf wliiOi d^rctions aic won, 1 cjtn 
:tJtsiinf v<>i^' There at? jtivuys hlj(;(.-1« wjthin ^Ir'cIh in c^l-w a^ire, 
}xiu tuot^, Vou lA'iTi- in >'uut ri^tuful yVx^.^ loo \ in ljII ibcbc tliliiKk 
lbtfrt;is i(ur« tubca pctLkxut at ihc bottom. Il inj'ubl as well l>« 
foo tu anyone else — as my viiier'in bw, f^ iiuuncv.** 

" And you arc going away, Mr, 3l- Piul ? " 

"I think 10 ; ycii. If thiiiffi <ton't lumotu as t ihcm tOn I 
rIdII go away aj^^ini I Think, I don't ina ^\vx\ 1 want licrc : 1 have 
done my duly ii^ ^ btx>lhcr, you Icnow. and kepi old Sho[>p:uid, iny 
brother^ man, out of Kuetoii." 

"Arc you jfiolntE back to Amtfrica ?" 

" Jn the ifod, yes ; t uippoae «>. But not \\\^\ t\}\ the pre^ni. 
J feci iiivlined tu dkv jt rvn thr^juijh Thibet. 1 arn ti^M by «otJte 
Tdlowi thjit the y.ik is the moBi evtmonUnuTv cn^tur? ; and the 
|9j»<:v liun'l Let;!^ used up- Vou scij. Miss Crijy, 1 hvve cnoi^ij^li of 
Boney <]iie w.xy and another ; ind t am iadini^ to cunvull Etiy own 
wJimih Quw 3 litde, Cotne, what ore you tmiling fit? *' 

" 1 don't fed inclined to expldn, Mr, St. Paul'* 

" I'll do it for you^yon imile lit^aLuwe you think £ never did con- 
sult aJiy whimi- but my own ; is not thiii it ? " 

" Ve«; if 1 muat give an anhv^ef) thitt »iu iu" 

"Of course; J knew \v What 1 meiiu waA ttiAt I don't intend to 
boihcTaT;y RiorejLihi now a1>0Ltt th« mjikin^ of money > Vm I do 
panktdaily o^nt to be alloivvU to conmU th« wImiiib of KOini; ont? 
besides niyvt-lf," 

" Indeed?'* 

" ^'ou luy thjt B^ititicLLlly, 1 know. Vou don't lliink nnueh of ub 
men, il »ecnii ; at leist, yuu nay you don't." 

"Dovou,Mr. Sl Taul?- 

"Do I wliat?* 

" Think much of men ? " 

" OH, no, 1^ Jove 2 If you come 10 tl^att I never said I did, noi 
woDkcn cither. But we ;ill likt? to Uclievc, I ^^uppoipe, t]iai you 
women tliink uii fine fcHouii and greatly i^duiJri: \\^ — ifiut l^ %hcn you 
are youn^. Anyhow, I don't inean to di9ej«K the defefis of the 
huaAn race with you just now, Miks Grey. I have conie for n 
iHfevmt pur|>ose. But Avon't you sit down?" 

She had not asked him to be i^a^Ied ; and it seemed like a miM 
rebuke of her ldx:k of hospitality when Mr. St, P:lu1 now handed her 
9. dbir. But he had no such tneaning. He wjs poiiiirely a little 
crabondBed, and did not well know for a momc^nt how to get on. 
Even Mioob notii:ed the fact» .ind tnade a good-natured attempt to 


The CmeUtnaH*s Magazine, 

help him out of his difficulty, greaily amoacd 10 And tlui he could 

have any hesitation aboai Anything, 

" Voii ^vcfc Huyin^' thai you wAnt 10 consutE socoebody'* whimi, 
Mn Si. Paul?" 

'*Vcu. 30 t was ; ihai'i what t havt comt: about I ihottld like 
to be nllowcd to contiiU yuur whimn, Mi=s Grey.'* 

*' That'i v«ry kind: bui I don't know that I hav< any whim ju^l 
at present. VVIien there is another election comixig off nOTncwhcre. 
then, indeed ' 

St, Pftul laughed. He was holding a chdr. He lumcd it uid 
balanced it on two of its legs, and Oien Ic:tncd on ihc top of it wiA 
both his hands in «i)ch a way that Minoh bc^an to be Afrnid i4 
would give way under his bulky pre^Ljre ^nd send birn proittratc it 
herfecr, The odd attitude seemed, lio we ve^ to give hmju little more 

" Look here. Mis Grey; let's come to the pmaL Will you nunjr 

He now let go the chair an<l stood upright, looking lUui^C at 
her, or mthen down upon her. 

Minola felt her breath taken away. She octuiUly started.. 

" Tbot's what 1 urn hi:re for. Miss Grey, To come to the point 
at cncc, will you many me ? " 

"To come 10 the pciint at once, Mr Si, Paul, I will noi " 

** Why not?'" He [Hit liis hatids into bb jJOJ-tcW, and roolly 
wailKl for an answer. 

-■* But there are so many reasons " 

** All right ; tell me some of them.'' 

" But really 1 don't know where to begin." 

"Weiljusl think it o-eti lew wait. Mayl takeo aciil?" 

"*; pmy be ncnted." 

He sat (Quietly ncrtr her. >Iis mannci was now once mote petw 
fecily assLireflt bu^ with all his odd roughnt'ss, perfectly resjjetifuL 

" Now wc ran talk Ihc rnatlcr regularly out, like sensible peoj^ei," 
he itaid, 

The iitiiAtion was new, to say the least of it. Minola to 
be A little amused now ihat she had rccoTcred from the firil shock of 
Iitr cmbarrasMi^ent ; jind she %iiw that with hiic h .1 ^%ooei i; would be 
far the wisest policy To \.s\W the matlcT out as he had pTopoicd, So 
lihe began lo rick her brain, not for rea»nns d^m^f aecepting the 
pro^vosal, bnl fur the reason which ought prtJjierly lo cOnlc first 

"To begin Airli. Mr. St. P.itil, 1 am iiol sure thai you aie in 
earnest in such an offer." 

Miss Mhanihropi, 28 1 

"Oh, if thats aJt, ] can easily raisfiunr yon, I Am CQofeLindcdly 
ID cimcit, MiM Gfty\ Aa you viy, J have ^cncrAlIy been 111 the 
habit of plcn&ing niy.*clf more U^an other people 1 und ibc irutJi ii, 
thit Doihmg on earth iMxniJtt pl(:uii: mr now half ho much Jtb (or yoii 
I0 lake; me u 1 offer myic^f^ Uiit 1 think J ahouMn't make half zl 
had hiuhuidp after oJl ; and honestly, do you know, 1 don^t believe 
you would be wjrry in the end?" 

■* tliU why Aa you vmnt M irurry mc? why not *omc oiher 
womaii ^ why noi «>me one in yniir own rlns* f" " 

" My rLiw? Fiddlc-dc-dcc ! whiitS my chsjt? I jim a. caitic 
p^wrr from 'J>«a ^ I am a Iftnd ^tpcLulalof from t lahfornia- If I hid 
been dcpendiTig on whai you c^W my cUfis. I shouldn't enough 
noTir to girc agiri brcnd and rhtcsc, to wy nothijigof her milhner'a hilL 
I have plenty of moiicy, ihank* to myself. I'm the aon of my own 
works; I'm the son of Marengo« aa what's'hia'naine^Na|>okon^ 

"But Ihere are so many women whoni you must haxt met and 
»ho wouW be niited to yoii lo much better- " 

" I,ook here, >f isn Clrcy ; eiji ih.n I Vou ,itc rhc only girl I ever 
*aw— I menu, of course, «nrc I was it boy^thnt I tare a red cent 
for. There's somcfhing jhout you ihat olher giilji don't hnve, Vou 
hAve no non^rnsf in you, noi jl hit! A man tiri^cE not fed a^tiameJ of 
caring nhawX j^'"\ or tiying to ^ilciie you, I s.iw thjl long ^^o. you 
wc 1 n-oinAii \o do a ninn wiiir Kf**>d. You arc; iiol sjxiired by 
nocicty, and all that rot. 1 suppose you never were in society — what 
Ihey cili loeiety— 'iti your life?" 

" No, Mr SL Paul ; I never was, I never wa* in any home in 
Ijondon but Mr. Money's ; I suppose thai isn't society ? " 

" Well. :hcre it U, you lee, I like a girl who ii not just the same 
pjLlLcm as every other gid. Ixjolc herd I don'l wy thai I ;im 
aiadly in love with you in Ihat ienumcnUl way , I snjipose tliAi *iorl 
of thin^doci 1101 last ik\ my lime of lile with a man who has knoiked 
abont the worlcl as 1 have ; but 1 tXa hay thar you am the plpa^anTe^t 
irnmnn 1 know, and the cleverest, and I'm bltc tlie beat ; and you 
arc the only woman I would many." 

" Hut [ Am afraid, Mr. St. Pai^l, that we like io hf loved in Ihni 
RrmimenMl \f^y, we foolish girls, I tlon't ihink I could be quite 
|>IcA*cd wilh anything clac ; and 1 am ];|;id ynu arif so raudni .i* tn 
tell nic the wholu iruili." MinnU now thought ^ti saw a way of 
^cttinj: i;ood'humoutcdiy out of the affair without seeming to take it 
loo »criously- 

^ Not j^i bit of it \ you uc not that sort ; you have too much 

T^f Gt^fieman't Magastnr. 

love before I wa» quite twenty years old — I wonder, ■ ajj;r wew' 

Uicn P— and 1 wiu wild to be allowcil to irrorry » poor girl \he 
djiiighter of the fellow who uught me French, Dida^ 1 g«l iiiEo iL 
nice row al tmmc? and ilic poo* gir^ ihcy huot*d hct out oJ th« 
pl.icc — ni) ptoplc did — a* if ihe and her old fjthcr had been mad 
dogv 1 dare «y my people were r^ji^hl enough in oppoftinji tijch a 
mornnge ; I date %xy I thoiitd have been iirt^d of her long a^ ; but 
if you wJint lentimrnUl Invr »nd ^o forth, lliat kv,u my time for it, 
Itnd ih^it wu wh:iC il .til c^rne lu," 

'* Vou are glad now you did i»Ot nwrry her," MiQol^i said ; " j'Oci 
mill Iht gf:ul Huinr lime that >ou did not mamy nie> I fill bv gene* 
witiH to >oTi. Mr. Si Pjul i I will [101 (ake yoo at your word." 

'^ Xo, no [ ihal'» all nonteiue ; you don't undavUnd, I only 
told you a-bcut th;Ll lo sho^ you Iiow Uvat sort of Kciuiuicnul love ifl 
DolIunK al all I know wh^t I a;n aboiti now : I koow my own 
mind, it wt^uld bettine for me, by Jovtr I Yes; 1 know my own mmd>' 

"So do I i and I tan'i acccjJt your offer, Mf. St. Voxil." 

*' UtU yoii ha\r not loid int a titij^le Eta^tOii vet- ^" 

" [ dor/l want to nuny ; 1 bad much rather renuin an 1 Jon, 1 
am iiuL a f^vut acIiTiir«r of nivii in i^encral, and 1 think \ aun morv 
likely to be hap]>y living as I do^— '* 

" It you marry me," he said, "you Ruy live in iitiy pan of ihc 
world you like, jnd ^vt^ sueei you like, and any way you like." 

Miin^lik sin]l«J> ^' How }iap]iily yon would i^fcAfl your life," die 
Mid, "living in (he west centre of London wi^ me and Mwy 
Jllanchct ! " 

" \VtlKifthe wandering fit come on me, and I HwHed a rush half 
nrrohs the worli.K ani.l you did not tare to conii: too, you mi^bt picnic 
your^lf, and remain heri.' wiih old MniyiiMtil 1 came back. I raihcT 
like old Mary ; 1 met her a few moments ago " 

" I fi;!at it would not do, Mr. St, P;mL"' 

" You bet it would— i mean, I ajii tuiile sure yuu and I tould hit 
it offadmii^Uyj if you'll only KJve us Ihe chance and tol iik try," 

"But if we tried it, and did not hil it ofF, what then?" 

" I know W(- should ; I know it- A^id do you know, Mi» Grey, 
I have ofieii thought that you rjlhet liked me — I doii'l rneom die 
RL-ntimcnul tilling in love, and all liial: you arc loo »en«Lbl« a \pt\ 
for that ; and I'm not c;uu:tly tlie txtti of fellow 1o nmke a wdruui 
feel in Out way — but I often dxoiighi ihat yooj lathcr likei! me, and 
Kked ui Ii^lk Eo MI4T, and did not luok sx ine with horror a» if I wore a 
«Ort of oiKtatt, don't you know ?* 

Minolft sxir the Ricit virtue of being ftanli and outspoken with 
ihii ilr^tnge lover. 

*' Vou Arc naite ri^il^ Mr. Si, f riiL ; 1 did luther like you, and 1 
do ftill I (lid IiIlc lo l^lk ^itli you, .teQiI 1 did nol fed any |)aitJcLjlAt 
sbmi vlicn you twc^ ^■.^chJ rniHiKit to lo^lk 1u nic, [ Otiivicd LhaC 
you liked to tilk to rnc "* 

*' VuU couldn't well a^'Oid thinkinw thaC' he said «ilh a smiki 
"for whenever I saw yon in tlit rumcr r>f ji room I made for yoti «t 
once, r l^ked ycu Trgm the fini mun^eni t »jtw yau- Do yourr- 
nembcT the day I lim ^nw you?" 

'^ Oh. yes. Mr. St, Paul ; periecdy wdL" 

"Coine, then; icl) mc somttlimg ahnut il" 

** It »fl* ai Mr*. Money** one: d;*y- 1 was there in the dmwing* 
fOOm, and you x:x£i\t; in u JLh Mi, Money, It id nol w long Ago that 
] should furji^el iu" Minub hail oihvr (ncnioric*, too, lonncdcd with 
the day wliti-h she did noL djitclo^:; Ilt Mn Si- Fin-ul, but which bmught 
a funE colour into hvr cheeks, 

" Vt5, yeb ; lliat waa the dAV. I bad seen one uTotd Mone/a 
ddU:gh1er>~ihcygU]igerone< the girl llial iigoiiig to be ma/ried lo lh»l 
yotmg fool licron— And when 1 canic inio ihc dfjiwing-Foom I 
thought you were Lhi; other diu^hler ; itnd I &J:id to myself thLLtn by 
Jovt, Moneys tlder diui^httr wiw wortli sk do«n oi" the oLhcr, ind 
llwt I thuuldn'l bt half lorry if she would iHiUry me. 1 hadn't 
sjjuken i\ word to you then. So, you hkg, \\. is nut ilh idea taluii up 
on thtr vpur of the moment.*' 

" I oin ^pjiitly obhgt?d to you, Mr- St, Paul " 

He nude a dep(ei::it[ng ((ciCiue, Minola wenl on: 

*'Aad I do feel indeed that you have paldtnea coniplimiml. jnd 

le ene :in honour. But vill you talce me it my word, aiid believe 
indeed, indeed. I nev<jr could accept your oflcr? It U out of 
thtqutttioit Mr Se, Paul— J may speak out williymi?— if I werc- 
tn Jote *Wl you, I would not ma-rry you ■■ ■ -" 

"Why not?" he iisked a!moi;i vehemently. a£ he cortfronled her, 

'* Well, because we are not the sore of people to be martied ; wi* 
have such dificreni ways, rmd such diffcrcoi friends " 

* By the wfiy/' he struck in, "that reminds mc— your speaking 
about fticndfi — of something 1 wanted lo say; I am (,'tad 1 have 
ihouflhl of u before you made up your mind. It's this —J hear you 
have money, or hotisea, or something of iJiat kind. WelL don't you 
tec* if you marry mc, you can (jivt it all> whatever it is, to old Mary 
what's-her-namc. J don't n-ant a dulltir of it ; I have plenty ; so jUEt 
ipJic that into account before you decide," 

The Gentleman* s Ma^asint. 

** Thank ygu, Mr St- Paul- I fihfluld hAvc opprJcd >o«ne 
roaity from yoii " 

" It isn't tfvciy fello^tf would do it, take my word for ihat*' 

" No, I suppose not ; if t gnve iinyonc ihc chuice- But 1 don'l 
mcin lo do so, Mr- Sl Paul. If 1 wished to marry I don't icilly 
knovi- il^at I shoultt refuse your offer. I am sure you would be more 
grncroiJt ifiiui mo*l men, and I do like you^ hut, indeed, Ihe thing i« 
out of llir <.]ueitirjn- Wc have no Ustei ot habit* in common ; and 
you woiiJd be titcd of me vcTy soon," 

" Nul J. bti of It y wc have l^tct in common. I don't know imy 
woman who *:^n [iEu1eriI,md a joke to well .L!i yon cin ; fthd you 
don't a] ways suppose evecybody is in earnest, as women ^-eneraHydo. 
MoHl women .nre so dreadfully *ienouv— don'f you know?— th*l I 
find it a trial to talk to ihcm. Vou arc not like that." 

"No," said Minoh quirtly ; " I don't inswl on people alway* 
bcmg in etimcst ; and so I shan'i treat you as \i yon were in earnest 

" But I !Lm in eirnebt ; and I XtW yoLi what. Miss Grey^ you must 
be in (uune^t too- 1 must li:ive a sfiiouA, ddibcratc answer fnOTa 
you- I tell you on my honour, and on my oath, if you will &llow 
Joe, that you are ihe only girl m the world 1 would marrj' ■ and I 
must be irtated hlto a man in earnest, and have a serious -mswer. " 

^' I have ^ivQji you my aa&wer already^ Mr- St- Paul, 1 can't say 
cuiythini^ more/' 

'* Then you won't have me V he ftsked, taking hi& hat from the 
tablu ou which he had laid it. 

"No, Mr. St Paul," 

*'And this is 4.]uitu svrious and for the very last lime? — 9& the 
children say : " and he held out one hand loi^-ards hern 

She put her hand frankly into his, 

" It la quire serious and for the very veiy lost time," 

She fell a strong grip on her hand, so strong th,ii it hurt her keenly 
for The moment- But she did not wince ax make any auempi to 
dntw the hand :iway. He released it in an iDSiacir. 

" Well, ["m aorry," he said, " and that's nJI about it, I had hopes 
that I might have persuaded you, don"i you knov??— not that I 
thought a fine girl like you wa& likely to be in love with a fellow like 
me ; but that I f^iKied you could do with mt^, on ihe whole, bettor 
than wtih Bomu others, Vou sc-e, I tvas not too selftonteited in the 
mjjtler» Miss Grey, Well, thnl's all over, and thenr's on end of it. 
Guod-bye ; I dare say 1 shanH see you soon aj^ain. 1 sliall be off 



Ait^s Misantkrop€<. 

^Ifkodurnin round the vrf^rid. On ihi? whole, I don't iro Jinythiiig 
tado ju«1 now/' 

He VIA going. ■ 

'' T nm bOrry if I hAvc diHapjToinlnJ you ; 1 am Ihtleed," ah? Mid, 
And held QUI hct hind to hjm jugain. 

Ilieboid bhje«ycs »howcH n gTeam of a lol^cr light in ihcm. 

"Oh,newr rijnd aboui mc, Mist iJrcy; I *hall comt all Tight, 
you needn't fear I told yaw, yoTi know, ihfll I h^d ooillived Ihe j^e 
when men break their hearts ; andn by Jove, n year «ro I thould 
luvc vaid 1 h^d outlived the «gc when ] could aik any woman on 
Ctflh io mairy nie- Bui I'll <;mnc all right ; and I forgive you " Lie 
added with a laugh , " although ai my umc of life wc doo'i like lo 
make ftooK of ourselves before women. Good-bye. If ynu are in 
London when I come here iiexl, I'l] look yOu up \ and if you want 
ftnythuig done then in the electionefring way, I'm your man- — - 
HuBo! here't old Maiy back : 1 ^w herpi»in^ Ihe window. Good 
laomlng. Mis* Grey ; good morning." 

He nodded in his old, familial, eaiy way,and was out ofihc room 
somehow before Mar)' Ulanchct fiot into it Minok hArdly saw how 
he got away. There w-ti .in odd moiitufe in her eyes and !i Shim- 
uift^ in hcf bcjul which made %\ h.^rd for her all :l1 uvx^ to iaCl into 
talk «ith little Mary. 

(7^ U £Otttiitutti.) 

T/U G^tUbmans Magasine. 


THI' lUniun ire Jin ancient people, the remnHiJit of a ihcc once 
fDudi more u-tdely ipreivd- Tlic^ htvc some itrangly mailccd 
LluinclCTiiviics of their ovn j and a nngular Uoj^uagCj which jLttiACE* 
by iHc J"y«cfy lurmimding it — a« ihe Celtic id long Atlncivd^Ehf: 

9)>ca)lAiion« nf ihc furiauit Aiid which ^ilill^ mn^l people ihink, ftwuis 

aome l^tm Kcnu Eo unbe iu knot I'hc trtdiTioit!! of iocIia nee 

might be rxpccteil 10 h^vc fcaiures Of pecuh*t (ntrreai : "hert,** * 

recent wntrr (Mi. WebucT^j reinArk*, '' ihcrc k a eh:tJif< of fitidiaf 

Icgciii)^ 1" ft purer and older form thAn nmong Any otI»ct Kuropcui 

peoplr." Ifwc cxccpi itomt Lc^girnds published by Fr^uusquc Mkhcl, 

.nlmoBt nothing «ccm» (o hitvc been known of Buque iradilioct 

pre iHaiis 10 the puhlicfltion in 1875-76 of M- Ca-qnflnd'i Ijgen^i et 

J^ttirt t'o^ultrim Jit F-iys lidjpte — a work which that wiiur ii iw>w 

about 10 supplemcni Uy another of \\\c character The new cnUer^Uoa 

in KngUnh, Irom which wc havejiial qooli'd, wi^rai to us 10 havcctin- 

■iderabb v^Uicon stvcrfil aocouutsa-j widening thi? field of com paj-ihon 

in thi^ kind t>riitCfaiure ; as showiuf^ whal soh of legend* iire current 

in Hiscay ; and still n)o:c for what may ht calted \K% negHHve evidence, 

fiK indicating to a ccrtaifi enieot whal isz/ff/tobcfoiindiniheiRidihon 

of a people which acholare ^einzrally agree; to rKelndc rrftni ihe family 

of nations known as .'Vryan. Some of the stories alwi fiffcr rnythu- 

logical fragments, imd eiuunples of supcRliticms beliefs, of ^-rcater 

Ic-^ value Yet, Fifter eaying so much, one must a^dd that th« u1 

hardly pos&e&s the interest and novelty that might have been expected 

from surh a tourctr, lnste:id of r<zw tradidona differing widely ftom 

those of the rvst of E^iroi^e^ ihe great proportion turn out 10 be very 

familiar stories, api>eanng in one form or other in all the wetl-known 

European collecdone. Some, we Bhall presently sec, arc borroi^*d 

from the French, and e^en from ihe fanciful later Contcs dea Ftc^ in 

which old simple legcnde appear in masquerade. Others, a» in the 

section of Mr. Webster's book headed the HcrenSuge, orscven- 

hcnidcd icTpcnt, du wejf some native features, but r.i^ic and i\U 

» Si^^t,^ U^Miii. ColJcciel, chiefly lo lUUbtmrJ, by ihtKe^'. W, Webster, 
London, iSj7, 


ffasftt^ and Oikfr L^^ids. 

dcfioed. Ludy, ihu itorin, u fitorics, lobv much (though or course 
the hul^ of ihc work inconveniently reduced) by being mor^tly prc^ntod 
1b an curcRicly tyncopiLCcd form. They arc oficn mere: palcouilincsof 
popttUr u1c», tvKilc the bctt of chuix is a grcii diDp frgm iiurh narrii. 
fives as, »)-, Crokcr'a Legend of ItotTli; HtU, or ibomc of the None 
laid tranAlitcd by Dr. Dascnv 

Wc may jjftfb on to ^y^ word or two on n few of the more tmcr- 
eating of thf Ic^cnda ihomeelve^ y)\t anti<|uicy nnd the curioun 
aigniliontt of ;>opulAr ud«» ue illu&iratcd here, as in all simiUr ^xiU 
lectonfl. One findft rtorios about destiny w^hidiluvcallbmrcriainly 
travclicd lo Biscay froai the bcnka of the Gangei or Indtm ; " Jiuin 
DdEOs" is, if wc adopt ihc cdkor^i ingenious conjecture, a B,i»<iuc 
iramformniion of Jean d'Kcossc. a talc which he coi^Kidcn lo hnve 
pavdicd to BtscAy from ihcKc Jslondt. by way of France : in another 
place occuTK the imdmi Cinderella tiory, told hf Sirobo of QurcD 
RhodopuofEg}'pt. The Buqucvcraonbcnn about Ltm^nytokcniof 
itiJ;rcnch ori|pn, especially in ihcher^cV nunc*, Ai^s-fikinand Qr^» 
IctDA'Klouflc. The fonucT is of cijune acninslaiion of Pt^U'd'Ane, 
vhich scents to designate one and ihc ^nmc pctionn^ittt witl: Cendrillon ; 
And " iJrof k-nmndouflc " is cJiplflincd to mean "Beiten-withllie- 
slippei," the lo&i part of the compoLind being con-upied from /'ifQ' 
A^^ Chatlc^ Fenault's " p«ntoullu dc i^errc" U Sy some ^uppriKt^l 
lobe iiwlf a conuplion of "pamo^iflt-dc tfffr"— so ikit thrrNh|.j>ci 
would not be ^ItiH at alli but vatr or squirrtl fur, oner miif li won^^ 
but no* OMnilUr rhidly nt. jin henddic th«|ce. However thit may 
bCi popular lAditicm does, no doubtt often ttrangcly alter nAmcv, 
cipeciaUy proper numcs, and ixinfound diMtinci pcnfmaget oiid iu- 
ckknbt For e^impk', Grcgotiua on the Kork, whose hittory whn a 
bvouritie mediKval vaI?, 1>C{:omcs the " Cnvoliu " of the fl5lh kA the 
Si^ora l^nra Gon^cnbarhV Siciliaft tj^gends; and the hoimt 
Rommi of the llorgo or TrAilcvcre Tn(k of Bernini's elcpfiaiit in the 
Pia^ui ddla Mincrvi- which they confound wilh Uic Wulf of the 
Cafalol, Ji "the porfo thai nuricd the tuo liu!<^ cmpcror*i/"» The 
naio pfiople. who yet retain a vcncraiion for the I-atin IjuiRuage, and 
in ntiny n«(CA would iieem to suppose ihcmiclves to irnder^tand it, 
0/ abont i^mr very ohsnirc matter, '' )c inmorcdi^mlt Ihrin the 

imitniliiitiuji bf kuutr^ a mm? ]tr,Tyipj> li' tLhi.- mipiMi: ilii- fm" of Llic 'MoH in 
tin oihfp A tiMf oi kwiOd fi;jufdlD the [tii;ejx[iir jr uliuimLi of i\\x Ibund^I^uijj ^r 
iiiMTCimdi*n i>]ic-^vin Ibc lEoi^ uf the vncm 4jf Vininflui, m NuiitDni.|rL>ini 
by SimlU. S«>* III D-Tiu-I^ id nnvixaaX viliii^ Aiid inltml on Stifi Sairn/li J» M/ 
jtp4«fi Z^iiatef in Uw Art'ii;filf(c Xfi^fw for iSrf. 


Th$ GmtUmans A/qga^m* 

hviil or D:(vJd with thcSrbyl" H?r<^ ihe altuflloa U 10 tht 
ver>e of ihv Dift Irn- 'I'h^l ivmafkJible liymii be^ini» 

IDka Irv, Ai^ UIu. 
Solvf t <scliLm in fitvtUt, 
ThIc ImvM cum ^>by]l«> 

Tbc -[ay of wntb, ih)i dmrlful <1iy, 
bbnll Ehe world in fl>b» Uy, 
At Jtevid Ahd the S'V7*' 'fy ■ 

as Roicommon imn^tatcd il, }?iit trtir (h witncftft} ftwnri (o thc 
Tnitcvtiini to be plainly ont word will-i j!///fl, ind hence their 
not unniUuTil bcwildennent it this tefereiice lo ihe Pjalroivt't head, 
Wc m*y idd one other nolewgrOiy instance in whjcbn i* b the 
Basque Cinderella iaIc. vre may dearly trace th* hiitofy of tradition 
by the iniemal evidence it presents. Mori people hare heard of 
that famou* Teiilonic joker, KiiJenspiegel, Tyli llowlet^asi, whose 
once nimble hones, u Mr. Cjrlj-lc called Ihem, are Mtd lo have kin 
ftl reit in Molien churchyard^ near Lubeck, **incc ihe year 1350. 
One wouJd hardly expccl to (ind Tyll turning up in Ircbnd ; yei the 
pfcscni writer has fc»und pretty ckor traces of him in the traditions 
Df ihc connty of Limerick, where he figures fli mrc UUa, whoac 
t:onfcOTon— lilce that of hi* prototype — ia yet a favourite tale ; and 
forty ycare ago Mr. Thomn pomiod oiil that ihe Mme wA^iih 
knave wns the original of the tM/£,yW of other traditions cuireni 
in the same neighbourhood. 11^c c*planation \% however not far lo 
«ek i for thcw tale* citculaic in a [larl of IteUnd where a number of 
German ictilcr? front the Palaiidflte were imjjortcd, who, as com- 
jiionty happcuN in such eauo^, brought tlidr native traditions with 
them. According 10 one of Ihc IaJcs of these " t'alatincs " given by 
Mr- Thoiin^;, there waii once ^ man xvho was married to a wuman 
whom he wi^pccied of being u witch. Determined 10 Mtiify hi* 
mind on the pomt, he be^an counting all hi* money before her, and 
in answer to her enquiry a% to whflt he meant 10 do with so much 
moncv, he i/iid thnr he had long wished to iiim soreerer, and 
was flbmit lo pay old Nanny l^rethow in Icraeh him, Hi» upoosc 
replied ihflt he might save hi* purse, since x/u. coitld instnirr him u 
well a* old Nanny. At midiiieht she bade him follow her into the 
gflidcn. They aiood oppt^sitc to each OThcr, his left leg tnurhing 
hers, and the y-Mt, who hnd Ihc pitchfork in her left hand, held it aJoft 
and sard, *'l deny all things holy, ind what Ik before me I strike." 
With thew word^* nht siruch (he fork into Jhe groimd. She then 
handed it to her husband, and hade him do just what she had rfone. 
" Am 1 to fiay the siimc vords f* " In: asked. " Vcs, the very sune." 


Basque and Oiksr Legends. aSg 

H« lictd tip llic fork^ »nd «<:]AJnim^, *' \ acLnowIcUgc all tliingi 
ho}y, jnd ivlui vi before iiT 1 faLrikt;," hi- ^tunl: (h? fork int9 lif^r head. 
^r^i kitlciJ }tcr' Nowj this veiytnlt l& luld iiithe Otknwald gfHcKH: 
jn;t. Ii ^^s howcivr, lo the miOdL^n that the witch liroiight her 

hiubuiU, u^U hiic said, 

Anl Jhiu Chrlil 1 Ja tlluiwn"' 

ttid lie, miking her dovvci at the lEnpious wordA,* never io rue Si^in. 
Wc need not dwell on ^ut-h Basque ulcs a* '' The Seipeni in the 
Wood," 'ihich is but \ tnmcated version of the AgenaJte Peau-d'-Ane, 
ag given hy M, Bladi? in his Ceniet Populatu^ rfcutiUh tn Agmaii, 
publuhrd t^t'O ycfjr^ a^o ; <Jr " Emu tlic Madman," whicli appears in 
Grtnini (The (Jiiuit and the Biavt Liule Tailor) and in many a 
collection b«id(^. So in Ihc 5(ory of " The Taitaro -ind Peiil Pcrro- 
i^uct '" wc h:Lve Ihe yiant ciyifig oii(, "" My son snidis the smdl of a 
Climtlan a Icsigue off," as in tht.' fatniliaf English tiurs^iy vtory. Thtf 
incident tsaTiij round in lush, Ru'asiLtn, and l^^txoji popular tales. "Ich 
ricche Men*"'liirn|lci'irh f '* Ihc Devil oiei out, in one of the Austrian 
Kinttft^ and iliUt^mitnhfn^ pulibshed at Vicirna in 1864 by Vcf- 
nalckcn, who nolei thai there wais an ancient pJig-i" behef as lo the 
wnell of liTiin-ni flesh. Tlic nHmc Pelil Pcm'iquei, Jind Jhe Petit 
Voige (Gei>r5e) of a Tfjirml irnnicdizjlely rollowinit, Miffiirienlly tnaik 
the Piendi ongm of lliese two florin. In "Athena the to*,'* 
Rcynani promiics to lell a Biacayan fcrrymflai three trtitha tf he will 
fetry hirn over the river. The man agree*!, and the fox solemnly aay*, 
" People lay th>ii nuize bread i.i as ^xiA a^i v^heaten breatL That ii 
a Ulichood. VVhe.itcn breiid is better. That is one truth." 'I'hc 
lecond mjih ?fcas that ihe day is cleaner than the mghi ; though on a 
bright niftM people will lay. It is juat as tlcJt as the day. He told 
ihe third iri^ih as the boat wais n earing the hank- The ferryman's 
tmw^eoi, the U>x said, were bad, but they would get worse unlcsa he 
gcil more Troni others than kf intended to give htm. So baying, he 
tprang ashore- It i* prol>able that Oriental beards have beeii set: 
a^waggini^ hy this spologne also. It ocnirs m Ide fireirfc spiritimi 
romance of Bailaam and JosaphaT^ writlen bySaint John DamaKcnus 

' i#y* **rf Lfgfmii pf Vetin^ Hiti^ni! Itiiimd- By Wllliim J* Thowfc 
London, 1S34. 

' " Ich nJche hier auf itiocrn Mi*r, 

Urn] verlkdifiw miKni Hctni Jems CliriiU" 
— " Und icb ■dilafi' todt wu dc« Tcufdt bt,'^ 
—HevUclU SajF"- lly J- W, Wolf, Cutlinjftn ondLoipug, ISSJ, No, 105, 

vol- CCXLX HUh I7l^ti IT 




7^ CeniUman's Magasins. 

in Ihe eighth ccniury, anJ avp*^'* "> >i>*"y ttxlUknown 
coUectioitft of UtcT ^\t^. It ic uiuilV iLUi^tfvt^ ^i m^tiiingiltf, or 
Komc other bird, which hATg^K Xq irapurt the fccrvU jia Uw pricv ^ 
IIE release. I^<dptc givci ao Englit^h vcnion of the UU, under Uk 
title of The Chorlc and ihc Byrd, 

Mr. Webitcr has nx ulcs ahoui the Bou-Jiijii* the Boti-Andn^ 
and lliv Laiiuj^^ik, three kinds of (jctjigi who o&en 6gurc in fijoquc 
6torte&, I^Ltl fibout whom the tnfomuuoo is icaiity wd vrnguc. The 
lirKi i& *' a kind of ut)iT, ut faun* a wood-ipntc," md die Bua-Andrc 
U a \VcKHlAVoiiian, Tht-ie iv a \-aluabIc snidj- of Llie Lmdred Foreci- 
S|jint& of the North' £11 roiJi^^n peoples in i wo rtcenl Germaci volumes,' 
and 1^ thf linlil iiflutdtd by Ihcrn we may s.tfely tecogniie in (he Baa«- 
J4ua one of (he Tfce-Men o( Wild-Meo of vanoixs old mythologies. 
Basa-Andie is hts v^Fe i and in londy mountaiti disuiet* iXvc \% 
ilonally seen by the wondering countiynun comlivng out litr 
htiir with a^ t^omb of K^Id. Slic^ouM ihusappciiaf Lobe tiomclimi'i 
cotifuundtnl wjtii thf.' MtrtuaJd, ;itid. iti point uf fatt, llivic are IvKcndi 
of die ^ca-wumcn of u^her eounirici In w}]ieEi divftv beiti^ft P^^y -^ 
pan in some cu^x taken by the women of the furcst Such aie the 
stories wbere ilie Memuid 3pr>eajs as tevcjling some medicuul 
secret to men. The Mttldyyon Mjiddvai, renowned tu Welsh 
l>o|mUT tradi^ioji, 1c:triTed their Iccchcraft of ttidc jnerinaid tuodtcr; 
and-the deottislk Metiuaid told a cure ion coQi^umptioQ in the words, 

Wid [livy tju! dfink nrttlfli (n Mojcti 
.\nd muj^^iiu^ m -M<Ly. 

W9<liia ^rg Till dny. 

Now, lit many German legends ii is ihc Tree-Woman who freely 

communicAtcs, or b cTisiisLrtd into TrllLtif;, the remedy a^init some 

(]Js<.M«e. Once in timcof po^tilcnce the tlolzfrauldn came out of the 

forcAt and ^aid, 

IJit BirLicllfn und l^nlilriiuii 

Vtrcriin cut and buEiirl-nKit ; 

n^he Trce-Dwajf in the Gn\ons however «v;ia ofA Icm conuninu- 
pallvc nature. \Vhen the [ilngne waa fflgin^ Thcf r, and sweeping off the 
populanoti m gTCH\t nnmhcrs, it vjs iiolefl th^t no Tree-Wornen or 
Ttcc' Mannikina died, JTid the i.ovnitry |)eopIetiime to the c^ncluiion 
that the ^Mld'l'eoj'k nTUsi know a remedy. 'I'his ;i nihin reiulvcd to 

,«it«/H Jty AVJIheljD Mftiihhaidc, Berlin, 1875-77- ' 


Basque and Ot/t^ Lfg^ds. 391 

lom by rt li^rk from \ Trcp-i*wiMl «hcHi» ln' wrll Itncw to daily 
Fcpait IQ a ccTtftin boUow alonv. rlis^jUyin^ ha hxiiy u^mzs^ in ihc 
vunabinV' Filling the lioUuw wtlJi ^uod VaJte'lhria tvinc, tJicr country- 
mBUKbew to K distance jiniJ h^d lumsrlf. H? nL:>t n^tccl tonft 
when h« >aw ihc hlllc Wild Mirn rcimr tip lo thc! r;ii'uurilc >poL He 
ibowed iht gtcilcsi tok«Ti» of aii<^m<ihni<^rii when he founif ihr «Lonc 
filled KTTih 4 atrLngc .HpHnkling ^otF; ri>okeii al it lon^ witli h\f, hcul 
cm one »idc, inrf finally raised hii fore nngcr and cried, " No, you 
orencftdi not mc!" {AWw. rfw ^bt-rhtrntiisi n^kA nititi). For all 
due, he bene hU pug noie over- the wine, ind at tait ht&itxl ll 1'he 
end of it wai Ihai he dntmed alt the lirjuot in theholLi>wof the^ioiie, 
Uid grjidiially gcrt ti^ellnu ^nd (alk^live- When lii: bcgitn to chatter, 
out CirK* thr <m.intrymiit) rrom hi^ hiding' pUcre, and a&ked nrlintt wa^i 
good agfttnti the pl^iguct ''I kxiow it well," the ManDtkin uid, 
^' Boftf'uxirl ' and PitfipemH ; butj" he added Irnowingly, " I'm not 
going to Icll It you." People after this began to u*c the boar-wori 
nnd the bumet, and nnhndy tisc dted of (he ]ic*ti1ciitir. It is easier 
to undersittrid why ihe TftcJ'^Mfilf should ki^c i\v- kIl0^vJcdgc 
of tlie virtues of pUnI and tree than why^ mch knowledge should be 
attributed lo the Mermaid. 

The iJdafjue Ijniiftak ate eonnccted by Mr, WebiEer,and by some 
of hi* twiev^cis, with Ihe" yairio," Sui&eUtler va^c cuphuivfiu^ 
ntiich would seem lo have primarily been used for Ibc Spiris* uf the 
Jj^aiid, covert vuiom k-indi of spirilti'i] bdiigh m niudem jiopiibr 

icf^HiUer-iipirits, foresl'^pidU, fjtc-demon5, jnd many niote, To 
rfelve« it A^em«i ptobable ihAl tlic J^minak, ^vhoAe dweUin^t arc 
Bublemnir^n^.-Lnil who appear of diminutive Aire, -ind ^ {\vi po^tcJtuis 
of bidden iTL'.'iiiirir, ^tniwcr lo ihc f^eiman ca^lh^^wa^f5 ,ind the iriih 
JL^^ffr/ifin. no* Liiprarhim, literally " Liul<^- bodies" 

TItcButiiyna story of "TlicPrrlty but Idle Girl," nhidi turns 
mi tibc heroioe'v remcmbc^rifi;L: ^ wju hV iiLirue. n a diilgTEcd version 
ofGriiiim'»"Rumpei*ii[ic:hcn ' flndChnnibcn'sWhiippUy Stootic; — 
J^Ulf keni my (ttma m huno 

The present nritcr hu heard the- aanie lalii^ or p^rt of it, in Donegal, 
where a woman spinning within a rock is overheard crooning to her- 
lelf, *'Thc woman of the house little knows that my name's Tridpaigh- 
Traipigh." There is a trxdition more ani-'icni in fomi of King Olif 
of Norway oitd the Giiini, where the liiitct petsonuge repbices ihc 
w[h;h of the other stories. He had built a wonderful church for Olaf, 
but ll\c condition wa£ that he ishoald have for p;iynic^nx *^c swn &vv^ 
* Either jomfttfrirttood or curltne i^hisUc, 

292 TA^ GenU^nan's Ma^aane, 

moon, 01 the King hlmwAii »nd dvc monarch, w ihc time drew 
for the completion of th« coQitact. woi gicaily iroubtcil in mjfl! 
Wjndurin^' cli»consohte over bill and dole, he suddenly heard a chiid 
cjying within a hill, and a (giantess soothing it w"ith the wotdl^ HuA J 
Hushl To morrow WiNUAjju Wt:j.THER,yoiirfiilhcr,willconoehoiiie, 
and bring with him the «un and ihe moon, or $L Olaf hiniKlT. 
*' Dclighictl with thitdiiicotcryf for with ihename of the evil Bpirit one 
can dcscioy his power), Olaf lumcd and went home. The «ork was 
^nished^cvcn to dip point of the fipire. Then uid Olaf, MVmd'anrf- 
Wcicher ; you have *et ihc spire awry," At the word, down fdl Ihe 
guiDi with a horrible ctttsh from the roof-ridge of the church, and hrohe 
into a great many picf f** and ever}' piece a flint atone. " ' litic ihe 
name of the giant plainly sho^vs his ^IcmeniaL characler ; and Whtip. 
pity&Loorie, too, may have been originally but a pcrsonificittion «r 
wi;id and stoim, for Chamber B^gjciously conjcciurcd thjt (he njime 
is <,omic*:lcd with " the notion that fairies were always in the vrhirii 
of du5t[s!oor] occasioned by the :md on roads and in streets.''' 

These are but two out of many instances in which evidence of the 
original mytholosical basis o{ iwpubr taJc* survivca in the namei 
which occur in iliem- A Tyrolese fanner ivas once coming hotT>e 
from Imsier market over the Pillerberg. He had got into the Bina 
Wild, whciii as he plodded along, the yoke of the oxen which he had 
sold liani^ing over his shoiildei, h? heard on a siaddcn some ln\td, 
strange vuitx ftom the midst of ihe fbrc^l crying out. •' yoiLC-cjjncf, 
Yoke'Carriur. say to Stumpyc^i that Hi^jhUark is dead 1" Then alt 
was still cigaia Greatly nilarmed, the man hurried on, and on at 
length reaching his ovi'ii house ht- toid his strange adventure to hii 
wife and the servant ni:iid who sat opposite. When he got to the 
wordSf **Sa6 der Stuukat^e die Hochrinde sei todt," up kupcd the 
maid, screaming "Mymoiher! Mymoiherl" and nishcd out into 
the forest- She '^as not ^een after ; but the news soon spread thai 
Snit/kat;e hjd now laken up her ibode in the Bannwald, and was 
sedulously following th? business of her late mother, stealing children 
and devonring them. This is a typical example of a numerous «la9a 
of lugendfi in most of whidi the Jrapuuij //rs^nte arc «ki4; — 

Jobftiij RpM ! JoKnny Rod I 
1411 Madam Motnfori 

Th4l M.-illy riwin'mlf*^ 

is the meraaje in a well-known English nuraeiy lale. There sceniA 

^ Cilsd Vy Kelly Tnmi Griinm. CntworiFus ff /tf^£Mitftam Thtrtn"i» oW 
■ /y^^ar fikym/i o/ iitoefanJ (cfi^tion of )8^|. p. 74, not& 

fftrs^u^ und cihr L^^irnds. 


lobe liiilcdoubi ihit MAimhArdt'4 itiT^Tprct^tion of Micw aiorics— 
vhkh \a nuinl)' 1»«cd on the i-h/inctCT of the namos in Ihcm -la 
concct; md that, in many cakc^ at kjiit, ihcy urigiiviJty rcljited to 
'rp«-»piril5. Aljwnbury, iifho gives thf 'I'yrokw \a\k rjjirr.uod iibovc, 
hu another, ^hich, if authentic, goe« fur to t^vuMi^Ei this rondiiAion- 
T«ro lU^D. vrhoflC buaincM led thr;m thioii^ tlic akirld of the 3Qci«rvc 
bmuaicd forest of Urm^nlh^l, whartn temf trc^s futd iatdy brCH /fUfd, 
ftorn nih:ckniinim|jiTiouftVoicc. "Tcll5ium|jyfir tUiil RoojEh- 
is fdk"<5 iind dcaci/' They toM what thoy ^i:iird to ti ccitiin 
farmer, n-ho, ui it h-iiJpentrd, had i^ncc found in the wood Et litlk 
fcnulc child, lu bodv all t:ovcfrd from hc-id co foot with 9mir, h;td 
bixiu^ht il honif, ;iiiU li;id iitterwiirds iiLLtdc uf the yLjuii|{ Wuod- 
^VomuTi d %rrvant» the iK-^t in Ihr fm? iL Thii girl hcaid m the next 
room the vordi of the tuvo men, fell tti once to loudly lomenimg, 
nifthed out into the wdd, ^md tievct wa<t xeeti again. 

'Hiere it a B^tijue icory in which ^ poi^ fellow dceejjtt w^lth on 
cxmdition of hi« Idling the -ige of the Devil by a ccTuin dny. By 
Kit wifc'« ^dm.e the ni4n cr>iwh tir^t into ^ barrel of honey And Lhcn 
into a lififrvl uf fcatlKt*, ainl when (htj Devil flpjx-Jtfc he ^uc* ruund 
him on Jill fjuit. I'hv iiAtoiiiihed demon tiiet th;it he iii nuw such 
aod luclj an age, bui [ic never saw a bt;ist like this beforv. There Is 
a well-known lii>h Ktory related to this, whete, however, a wbtned 
changeling En the plnte of a toiuger'i healthy child la astonished by 
tiie brewing vf biret ftom etTtthells 1 — 

ThoLigh T am x% *M at the iJilnT tifw^ 

A l^rBurcry of fo^livllc I ficvtf lurfort rfid nk 

VThen Wuotan'fi UMd Hoat» nko, kavcs one of th^ hounds br^hind, 
an llQwelcomc guest in nonie Cicnmn collage, it can only be got rid 
of by the «amc brew. It watches it intently, and miitlering at lAit, 

Though nnw I am u cX'\ na xhc old Jjnhcmi/in vrold» 
Vot thr hkf of eIiia, l h-ociv. in my Jifc 1 ne'er kivc seen. 

it ^nflln out of tlic door. Mr, ^ebsler'i hnok rndiides another 
CtW* "The WJtchei 3\ the Sabbat," in parf of which ra:iy be in,idp 
Out the '^hl ^Inry oi thL' Two Hunchluck.s, af whnm cibligr^ Iho 
taOOd People, n-nd is by them cured of hta deri>rmity, ^^hilc ihe othrf, 
having the ilbhitk 10 offend thtiti, fjets hLs fiiendS hump in .iddttion 
to his own. The kgcnd occur* in many jKirt^ ot" Western Kumpe,^ 
and, what \\ stronger, it may be roc:ogm<ied in one of Mr, Mitfoni^i 

■ A y'\*:aMA ventan is to t<c foiin Jia At^tuAittt (on cKecLlcni ocw Krcjich periodicid 
ilcTutel tu f^k'Luc} (or UjuUi 5. 

Thf GtntUmnnt Mttgatiar. 

'*Taics of Old Japan/' whcTf, hoTvever, wtns lake ihc place of the 
tmmps. " Laur-Crnitofti" is 4 Biiwiuc variation of the old talc, the 
tutaa of ShftkcspcAfc's CymitUrtft and o^ctirHng also tn liic Deci- 
tncron> of a Tiuhbaritl *hi> lose* a foolish wager, and turn* xwxy hit 
wife ihroiiKh an idfoti knave getting poiacisidn of her irinkctt, and 
producing Ihcm as evidence of her infidelity, " The iJupwl Priew," 
aghiMi, whcTf? M prievi is tiickcd into believing in fl flfiele of fiTirep 
bencjth the water, and fififlll/ ?jhovcd in to scclt them, in a tmg- 
iTient-ify veraion of imolhcr old and favourite story, which in a l*ilin 
metrical dress, and imdcr the name of Uniboa, ai^pcars in Gctmany 
in ihe elevenrh or twelfth ccntufy, jnd oceura in Ireland in two fonaij 
one of wjiich, '* Liitlc Fnirfy," is given byl^vcr. The last section ef 
these I5asc]uc legends contains the '' Religiotas Talca" One of the 
more rcm^rlEflHe is "The Saintly Orphan Girl" an ewamplc of ■ 
singular Hass of nanatives which .T|tpareQtly have for their purpose 
10 reconcile die incvitahlc fulfilntcoi of destiny -ft-ilh ihc mercy ol 

Scvcial legends hiivc fl plainly m^ihobgieal bnnis, And this the 
editor atccmpta in some places to irrorprttp Such an investigation h 
ill gcncT^ rcfilly a diiricidc inaltcr, needing n^uch more Cjiulion and 
patience than the int^:rpTetaiion of mj'ths like thai of Hcrmc*, tty, 
or Achilles, or Hestia, which ^'c have in a fonn between two and 
three thous,n\d years old. To have a chance of being niccesstbl, 
the inhptiry needs to be conducted from ?ievenil starting-points, and 
cspcdally by ihc aid of e^ttended comparison, and of philology. 
The meiJiod of Mr, Wchstefj iiho does not avail liinLwlf of these 
insitumenis, may be illustrjiicd from a passiige where, speatiijgof Ibc 
incident of a. bride tvnd hfidcgrooni dressing each other, as they aiv 
said to do in one of the tales, he iv&ks, "Could anything tell more 
quttinily of th^^ ninrringe of the sun and dawn?— the sun decking the 
morning cloudii with his light and beauty, and ihey jguln rolling him 
in their ^oft and t^tider colouring,*' So he has no hesitniion in seeing 
1 solar allegory (for he does not agree in the view of M. Bnfal that a 
myth is an explanation) in ihe Taruro, "a huge one-eyed giant. 
occasionally a cunnibaV who c;on'jtiiutes one of the disiinctivc fea- 
tures of Baanue tndilioii, "The CycIopK myth/' he says, "i> an 
occidental and nol an orienLj] one, u-iid is more strictly loe^ilised than 
almost any other. This may be accounted for by wying thai the 
6un's great fiery eye is rathf^r that of the sttiing than of the rising 
suii i thm the red hot stake is the ruddy tnouniain peak, or the tall 
Jlr tmiik, sctn ogainKt the western hotixon, and iUumbed liy hiA 
descending r^yn/' And he goea on ua remMV. ^cax^^cJii, " the nio« 


Sasqus and Other Legends* 295 

cuterly hxbiLxtiQn of ibv B;i!;qucK ^'itliin historic umc^,^ is also ihe 
abode of iht CytlopH of Thcocrilus and Ovid ; .md w fluggesi ihjii 
the lalic mccis in M^i^nA Crnscia .ind SlcUy may h:iw borrowed fnjm 
Ihe Basfines ihcJr special form of thU legend. Now ihe reader ia 
leinptcd 10 exclaim— to Hoiirl Quntrc did of King Agesii:iU3 of 
Sfuru — thsu he hae bcird of this sun-eye ber<>n^ ^Vilhelm Gnmm 
wu ihe AriiE, xrt; btflivvci lo so unOei^iuittJ- tlic bt-L^in^ orb in the 
Cyclops' forehvad, und to see i» ihcve giimU j whole ii^ion uf sunSn 
But |;reai pro^TfifE hjs bi«-L'ii rnoJi; iji iho irii^n^reLidon of [iiyihs 
>incc Grimm's Sa^ vi?n fWy/A^'j was wntitiu^ :iud the more recen! 
learned and kboHous Gennoa ^cbolar already referred to above 
tbowv weighty reaion for distrusting this explanation of the myth in 
qncstJoti- Maziuhardi's view i:^ tli^il ilie Kyklop!^ V'W primarily a 
bctug of ttie whHwin J jjid the thimdctstonn (i!it mimcii of ihe three 
Cyclopes io Hcsiod— BfoQEci* Sieropes, and Aryes— coantct iheiu 
■ith electiicjd ph^^omena);^ thai this peraijmlit'atiun i& dose akin 10 
tiut of the whirlwind in totnt myiht ;ind Itgends us >i Ficty Wheel ; 
and that light is thrown on ilic Creek myih by the [nodern Gernuui bc- 
lid^ reported by Schonwerih from the Upper Palatinate, chat if 3 man 
C3SU ^ Iini^e itilu the uhtrUtnd he iii:'y (of I'ut M/n^ vf die tleoion 
who iit« Hjihin lU and «tup the florin, As the Hellenic Kyklijpg 
CttEQO 10 be eonneeted with die fire-^od Heplui&Loai die flaming 
Ibvehead eye:£ppcjr:j iu ordinary European tradition as a diaracter- 
inicof fire demons; and we get an obvioufl reason for the association 
of a race of giant fire-sxniths Mlh Sicily— Dante's kfond of Fire, 
riwfa del Fuoco. Curiously eoough, the legend of the Cyclops was 
fbund a few years ago by Dr, Pitrt, surviving m Sicily yet. For the 
name " Tartaro," af.plicd to the one-eyed giant in BJ&cay. Mr. Web- 
ster follows M. Cerrfuand in stj^e&tingan et^iDQEog}' from the French 
7^rf4^f, Tartar. If we onrtclve^ were allowed Tihut schoolboyn call 
A " shot," we ^lOtdd say thnt Taitar is a Romance form of Ttirfart/t, 
a« Oreo (Ogre) is a Ronwircc fonn of OniJi ; and tbut both natnt* 
titaply awociaCe Ihe firc-gijmi& with die Hery infi^murLi, It i« jusi 
p9wn>le ftiiou^ there is another explanation) Ibai Ihe mountain 
in which the Tartara dwcjh was originally a v^/iarto—n name, by 
conuDg from an Iia!i:in tire god— and his ravenous: np]Jclile 
ibty fin eltrnicntfll signiticanLe alio. " iJrigii p/M^ ^r^r 
^fffatie"h the tide of a.n Iri^htire goddess in an ancient satirical laie. 
Though Mr- Webster fails, a£ it seems to us. to rightly intcrpreC 
what ftat^ents of mythology survive in these stories, we cannot help 

' Froui Bftfr^, Sii'jn'im ertyor^. Ii£li1riny -, Ofr'"'* flftA>i^TVi£X»T\^^.\ 


The G€titUman^i Magaant, 

HbUdng Ifut m intcrprcUtic>ii DliAht br ventiireil on in cetlAjQ 
vttbout much litk iA <rTor. In the stury, i<a «xAiap1c, c»Uvd 
'* Udbrook." hi hero steals Ji C^^w wiih l^olilea Homt Eiom the uiri* 
of a malevoleni gmudian of the iciutt or mon^u'r it-pp. Now, ;Aput 
from tliL' Ir^uent p^mjuiflcati^ri of the honitit nujOfi ^ ;l cow, 2« m 
lh^ Kiory of lo, a clue doe* vrcm lo b? ^ven to iW tin^irml si|^ifi- 
f'tncc uf ib« ihcfi in the Duqnie Ulc by \ti nJ>«cqucDl c^iravdc vhac 
the uinc yCHing thief sieili "d mmw which tt|;hted for levcn koigucs 
rouDfL** Conjecture, then, utiuhl noi, we think, go very wiiSc of the 
mirk if it niAdf the Thier in this in»lAnce that Anomt co^'Ucaler 
[|«mieii| the Cow ttie moon, it^ giLsrdbn or owner tbt contcnun of 
the gbni Ar]i;os and a wonderful V lolin, Which alK> figure? ia ike tile* 
the Kxrtic eTcmrnt u ib n^iiter. the pmornifted Wind- The Creek 
Wind-Ciotl wu, ihe reider loiy remember, the int-enior of the lyv^ 
Mr. WclMicr hmudf notci the tcicmbiancc cA Mdbrouk to ]1enBe«. 
Ttkt Ihett of the cow with the golden horns by " a ectoin A\-MriciaMfc 
kjutve adlcd hletcury, vhoie ikiU in mizttc vis siii|BMk^'' Cocmi 

ibc Wbjfn of one of Ihe hvitonM of the GcAA Roilim l 

One b temptfd to rtcogOiftc MODC dint tiftca of la ukdent 
■tooD-cultui in BUu>-, At lout, Scrabo <l!U iii) rccovds that the 
Cdtiboun^ jtnd nci^^bouKng uibct were nkl lo ncnfioe «t ni^ to 
ft DHikdesa (od A( et«iyfdl inooQ. befove their door», each hoDsclMld 
^vfag n|» the ni^ht lo itaiidii^ ood fcttivoL The omie br God, 
i§U», m Buqiac, jhMitfwMgii ionctmlPig whkh there b just r>ow Jt 
MrMwUttaoogBuqucntlMUr^ — Km been ikoo^ to mean "the 
Lotd^oon'^w" Lord of t>>e Moon,* ^ thon^-ibb seems to be a 
dOttbtltal M the llieafT that the sune word, and not the tJo^c of 
Srint GtiV^V^i^ '^^ entkhcd the EngU^ vocAbttUty vvfa mnoilKf 
OMh. Ott IMCM «oia!i of the k)ci^ty a bofse b faffed* <vt Ur, 
WcKter a. pcHu^ quite ngbt la coBAetn^ ^m mma^ wttk tltc 
^^liilic U«n wbkAiitl^ejn in sonc of hb ttorio. Nov it b«t IcMt 
• t^peMMn wwtb eoii«9deiia£, vbctbct the Vi^wit MtK mhot oac 
«iid d>e tane mxtiMlo^xal beii« wkh llw Wlitoe Cov wawiodc d 
above. In one fOxc iW MAtebrin^a atq u ttfal oCvatcrvhkk 
pir-rri tbe q<aJi^ of mkittg the hcio^ bobd Jsd hacds Mm atkr 
Uiii^ wnilrri in it It docfvcs reouik tkM a recCM Fnftdi werit 
DB UytbokfT M Alt vKlv)ea a tervncAiaiiaa, fioao A ooB or B«M 
of Diana Ladfceft Katcd oa a s>llof«nc horv aod ciOTytnf a torch.* 

* Sse Ike kum •! fr-a ■««[""■ "^ *"- ^'*** ^ *■ ^*ft^ W 
fkfcrwj ^ MKk iSn- 



Bas^U€ and Otfur Lfgmds. 

There are many oiJier suggestive maiii^is in Mr- Websler** book. 
Wc fin[i tufmcrices in itll ^ppt^inritic u> fargottL^n cu^loms, such a^ 
jrLdi;;nitt«« ofTtsvd to the <:uq>se of an iitM>[vent (bbtor; oE ciilling A 

ttrijj of skin off 3.iTULn\ back as a penalty t\jT the non-fulJilmcnc of a 
conTiaci ; or nding at a diamond lin^ hun)- fruni a bell an ji ici^t of 
homciuunihip, In tmt vlor/ a tbotoujjjily OrienUl f««(un: vcx.\ir^ 
whcit a »hip taplain, inccliii^ a I«^^" seiT^^nl, refinin* fruni huvtinn il» 
u>in|;. "Gwd has given thy life lo ilict; live, (hen*' (p, loo). The 
«Uilpr^c remarks, loo, on the chari*cteti*tic* of the fvnta tfhvfs. ami 
their suitablene** for ihe sim|)le people among whom ihey citciibie, 
*ioulrJ Iw very worthy of vjuo;»ition. Rue nJl ihc<e poiDls we musi 
poit by, And devoic ihe remaining biuci? io a brief nouce of tlirce 
OBI of many examples of Biscayan *uinTstilion. 

(l> TlieTAlkin^SincOft 1« ihe lalc of "Tlw Lady Pificon and 
Hec Comb" its heroine tpitt' before the doot of licr njom, bidding 
the fcplltit antwer for her in Iiu^t abw:rnr4^. Now, in IrL-tLtnd ai Xeast^ 
s. child IK oftf [i deicribtd as rhi; very v^// of his father ; thu m^ig^jie 
i* nid 10 have been bom of the Devil's spiit!e : boys in the north 
of EngkLnd spit their saul [soul), us ihcy say, by way of solemn 
aisevcrjiion ; ' and t^pitting is aii -ipiiroved chiirm -igainst the Kvil 
Eye, oud ilMuck of ^31 kinds,' Tt k not hard, it auems lo us, to 
dUoem thenotioiiof a f^'i^ff'^i-rtf/fCvf running through ^It the^^ lieliefs, 
and in such on association is perhnp^ to be sought the key to the 
amifasdnation powers of spictmg. Fur other practices intended to 
protect from ni:ilignanc intEucnces point in the same direction. It 
would seem that a squinti:ig or hunchbacked pen^onj or :i niadman> 
Wiis :w*ui[icd to be in some way under the influence of evit spirits ; 
that a white or piebald horse, as wtll as the piedm^^^fpie — the Duvil's 
bird — woa aI&o ^s5oc]:LtQd with Euch spirits, and that they were suppUEed 
to be about ladders, and to be present when one sneewd. The 
popular mind may regard the spiritual presence in different ways. 
Cotmnonly it* ;£ssumed purjiose is viewed as nuilignjui, :ind to avert 
the threatened harm people in some porcsof England Kpit tvben they 
pass tmder a laddefn or ^^e a single magpie, ormcetasquimin^' ma;3, 

■ Actonllni- to cbc AliW L iSonifjcf, n c\\t<\ in ^f/.'iit''it for Mny 5, Xuiy^ 

* IL wu u tn Uic Lime of I'cj^ub : — 

Kccp oTkii mn meitipn^ l^imim nuttrieriL ninJi 
lUvinlt puerum, fi^initiinqur alquc uda htiellii 
In/hm ^i^li/ ti tmraUhttj ititU- mJimJ 
F-lpiBt, uniira ncu/"! iii1ti1>cif perit*. jSnl, IJ ) 
1 wMnen in Jirlanfl ytt i^iil oQ a ncw-bom mEint, uvd tti^l^jii, "O^ 

39^ Tkc Gffttleman's Magasirtt. 

u did the Hrct^k when he net a. Tnadman or cpilcpcto— one, thai 1% 
i«nmcd \a bt pos»c??i«I by a spirit. In l-'tantc, when jou mtet ^ 
Itunchlxicb, you must pA3& hitn sn sk to have him on yonir ngftt' 
(rt form of the belief in the viniie of turning !«un'Wi»e, d/^ioif m 
cammon in Cdlie eoinuiei^ whldi appears in a Chln^i* life of 
UuddliA, derived aE a very .infjent daEe frtrm Indian ROUTDc«)t l»m 
^oftTy round, and, unknown io him, loitrb his hump, i^hotild jcni 
mret Mrfv fmsm. It in ui well toknoir, there ^HTI siircly he lain 
hi-liitc night. Ln Ihc Minr nimifiy, find also tn t^ntml Kngbnd, jon 
iiuiisl sjiil when yuu mert a pctvild h<:iJie^ iind imfp wlenrc: "until 
you tnett >i white one/' Ititt there ia anoEhtrr safbgtiAfd bci^idc the 
unplciUHint one m i^utKiOQj ^nd il* charaf tcr is pretty welt indii^led 
in the line of Persius (naming tiiigethcr both the itifami3 dtgiiui ajul 
Ihe ja/ir^ /jts/m/is) whieh we huvc italieiccd on the (irevjoi^s page. 
The Koacommon countryman) according to Su^iiliiim Wildc* place* 
hii thumb and finger* in a peculiar poailion when he passes the AW 
(aneient caithcn fori) or oihtr well-known haunt of the Hood Peoples 
K-Jng Fmiiciis I. of N'^iptei^ Mi. I'ytor somewhere notes, had the 
hjbit of pulling hh in h;\ p(x:ket for a tike purpov^ when hi* 
eye cncouniered some sinister gajc in [he crowd of hJs riubjccti And 
in Frante, instead of spitting wlicn going under a Inddcr, you miwl 
hy ho]d HJth one hand on the indc\ linger 01' the Other. Hut theft 
are u^age^ wliich su^cat Ihc exibtcncc of a belief that Ihc spirrtiuJ 
pretence m^y he Mit Dcca&ionj not ofhatni, hut ofgood to the pcrsoji 
toncemed. Snciving was undoulitcdiy vicwL-d .is an mJii-alTOH *ji( 
iUch presence, and the modem Zulu aays when he .^nccj^esj *'Spil)U 
of our people, give me atfllc," * So in Ireland the ancestral f^nriu 
are not forgotten in the saying used when taking snuH, '*God'is 
bleiMng with jour soulTiind the sou Is of the seven genciLiiions (kiuJiI 
iimi*uor) that left you ; your tiilier, and your moihcr^ and with your 
own soul in llie la&t &^yJ' It is for the nkc of such pjayers thil 
many ^jluu^ peupic lliere keep a &[UilT'box ; and Is it in p^iTl for the 
s.ime re.ison that ^nuff was origmally provided at wakes P As tljt 
ivjjliT, iu the sajiu^ Ltuoied above^ seems lo recu^tse iii a fueere tl* 
occastctn of oblainrng a Ltnefil from his SjilntB, sn in NDrihauiplcni* 
shire and rUeivheie the aayiiig alwiul sneesing is, " Onee, it nw^ ; 
twice, a ki» ; three limes, a journey lo go;" and Frentli people liaTie 
a corresponding supctitilion, save that ihete Ihe third sneeie indicate* 
a leltt-r. In Iddy people cry lo £i married woman sneeiirfi, **^ij^ 
jHiSii/iit'.'"' in France^ agEiin, une lia*i this ji^nirica.oi ]jrtvilege Of 

» Mr. K. G. llii!il>iiitoji ti\ Tem/ic ffar i^ i875- P- 34*^ 


Basque and Otkrr L^ftds. 

many of \hc cascs referred lo above, when pnssing under 
Fa or meeting a hiinehboek, or /I pfbaTd horse In England 
you muBt vi«h when you meci the picliold, and few riistic mothers 
do noi ihAri? the bellcft reeC'rricJ hy Anchbinhop Whatdy in hin 
" Miwelteneous Remain^' tb^' ibc rider of sneh a bensi can, by 
virtiK of it. prescribe a ctirc for tho vrhoctpii^g cou;;li. To what boa 
been Aaid above of bcLicfi ai-iocicLietl with ihe notion of the presence 
of Hjjiriti we muit add \vro other rtra,irkiiMe IrEeb "survivala" 
— rf we nmy employ' ihoE modem erjontcrp.-irt of ihe I^dn su/N^-sti4h. 
In the enumy of riinfriek, when one has nn dttrnotditiafy run oflitclc 
ftl <^uda, people will sny Xf> him, " K'/ir jK'/i J^^pU ort n^r jvn." 
Modem Mv.igLrs make the ctoscst connenion liclwcen a man's name, 
or even a portrait of bint, and hbi spirit In frcland it would acem 
ihni The anccatrj] spirits of an al^Tn^nt pcrion were coneeived to aPeci, 
by some »wie< influence, the eonvcr*,Hion of a company whi;re his 
name ift pronoTineed, for in (ial way, when pcoi^le arc [.ilkir^ about 
tCfiDf abunt person, and he imexjieeTedly arrives, instead of the 
Roman "/<i/ftJ iitfabni(\' or the French "Speak of the wolf and you 
see hi» tail," or the Ucnn-in, "I*ainc ifie devil on ihc wall jnd he 
nnighrwiy appears," or Ihe Kngliih, "Speak of Ihe devil/' Ac., 
people »!\j, /f iiifine refts<t/^a/i hriit^ /, " He's a gcntlemnn, wiliiOHl.i 
lie." No** a j[cntlcinti n u "a man thnt lias a grj-ndfarhcr," one, 
thAt K wh<f has anecstrjl sptnK' 

(IL) 'Ihi- ila^iquc^hLiv^ :^ belief in a certain diabohesil Toad witting 
bj the cKurch porch, wlWch. accordins to Mr. Webster, appears in 
De i'Anere. This may vet)' w^ll lie, thou^ the folio of ■* le terrible 
eonadller,^ .-a Mtchel ralJihimj bes open l>efoten!i, entitled " A View 
of the loconiuncy oflJjcl AnReUand ncmom, ^yhcieini* fully ireaied 
of i^orccrcn and Soiccry, by Pierre dc Lancre, Councillcir to the 
Kin^ At the PailMment of LVordenux- At Paii&, wilh Nicholas Duon, 
Snect of S.iini Jacques, At the sign oF Sjiiol Claude and die Wdil 
Man. MDCXin, With Privilege of the Kin^"; and we havc^tic 
ihroir^ it withovil findmj; aii explitil refeience. Thenotion i5^ how- 
ever, to be found ciisimg in later liiiici and nearer home. Woidd 
know an unrniling wny of becoming a witch ? *' J-el a nian>'* 
Uie Lite Ml- Hawker, in liu *' Footprini« of Former Men in F&r 

' Ttw iiuOuKa of living Enfilidi, Irfih, arid Frendi >uper*tilion given In tW< 
p«pvr hdve bccQ dcnvtfJaliiiaaE wiEliDiat exf^itjcn (wherq no auLhurily U'QBnwd) 

The aiimiil iLilriti vould tftm to Lie askUdtcil li* lit nl^ik ['4ir4''nl wTien ptv^ple 
^i7Gu [f tw> people chance t^^ yiiwa nl Ux tune liuic^ ihcy %n related {coimiy 
of Cork, alio Limcnck). 

300 ^^Mt Gentleman's Afagasmt. 

ComwtUr* (LoTiJ- 1870}, " no ii> ilic cUancd Co sm&rDcnU aJid l«C 
him hide and bring awjiy the broad fiam the handi of the priest ; 
ihcn, next miiliii^bt tL*! him tuVc il :iiid mir)' h itjimd Ihc ctiiirchi 
tdddenhins, ihut «» frtim *oulK lu nortlt, i.-iiii%L]i^by mt Ihrcc um«; 
lite third lime ihcfc mil niccl him ii big, ugly. vca<inioiu tO(id« 
Ripin^ and gjuplng,*" il will fcc«w ihe bread, breathe Uiricc " upon 
ihc nun. and he aiU be made a strong vrildi for creimor?.'' 

(HI,) In ihc Pny^t BLuquCi urroulin^ to cmi; of the slono, th« 
Drvil makci hit chalice of the puingi of nails cui on Sunday. Iq 
NorthatnplonihiTe a child \% ttill loM th«t (f he cut his nuls oa 
a Simd-iy he will have HI lii':fc or he will thieve lomctbin^ before the 

There flfc ™pcr*litioni which analogy wonld wvirtjmi II* i[t \q<^. 
inf; for drUDTig Ihc BiM^yans which do not occur in iJicsc Wgendjb 
Of Ihc Fmimis Host, foT cxampte^ there di>w not Ap^iear to be a 
trace in them. Yet nr> belief is mote widely i|irc,id in Europe — in 
flennony [he Wulhcnde^ Iteefj in rnnor the Mesnic FuiieiiEc, in 
KiiglflmI Aflhuf*sChA*c^inlreUnd ihcSlilj^gh SLIhc (theHo&tuf the 
fmmurtnl S|iirits, the nwd)j in m«li-t:%-M Spain llic Huesta Antigua, 
iJi itic trie m (.ire etc Ihc rh,»sc led hy Ch3nin"-nnrl fhc mper^tilion, 
wc muy Kiispeclj wo^ild not be Itiiinil to lie whuMy Jtbscnt in Bisuy. 

The*C discursive nolcs on poyiular lorr- >icnefivlly, and inon: psir- 
tkularly on pajmbr tjitcn, m,iy he apjiropnaicly brunghl to a clow by 
a reference to the curious vaiiiLlion« ot the mding* employed by th< 
rtory-lellcrs of different rDiinlrie^, The lln-tfiuc natratoni t>f Mr. 
Wcbiter's sloiic* generally dismisi their iirafnutii /fima with the 
words t "And if they lived well, they died weU aJuo." 'Hit; arUtst 
Sicilian nairalives of Pitt^ coriclude with Ihc worda : 

Iddn BTTiymu 6Uci e cuamti, 
E ciiii niiAlH seaet ricnti, 

•■ She (or they} nanaina happy and toniented, and here nrc vc with* 
oiit anything"; or, "h«c iru we picking our teeth"; or, 

Fa«olA icrltiA. ftvokdliTii, 
Didti h vost», C4 la ntk i dlttd ; 

"Siflry vritten, story told: ttll me yours, for mine is toM." The 
jiroicnl writer, when ft bo>'. often litard children in York end n talc 
with the worda: 

The rafOcn ^vu beniltd. an] my story't «wltd. 
In Irel^d the legends rekled by the turf fire with feo jovial oJi 

£a5^u< and Other Legends, 


end nriouily^ Often the imna-tor, teCliiiK of the union of 
hBeorofOrBngc JJidhis fjithrul hviic 4i latpi^Aiid liosv ihcy lived 
'^Ini^ ^^'^ '>'^^'« ^^ cmphaiJcjily : " But if tlicy didn't, ffiat K'i 
«(ic/^ Writicn Iris|> ^itoiiixt loinciiiJick end wiih Cthih ttvus Ambt 
fihc End ;ind Amen). I» Nurtliiiai^ioiuhirc the vpcaker r^\\\ \\nv\ 
a\si\i\ii\y on one of the iiitdilory nnd cry: "Voit killed Cliapman'* 
tow/ ** Ye*j 1 know ^rjt' did JT,** i* the knowing leply. Iri lrc;Und> 
aUu, ihc Coniuu^EiE Uory^tcUer^ jftcf wtniimK the ii^f^llvc uji U*) a 
poiol of tliiilljng LitLerr^E, suddenly imnn on wuic o]>e[u)jio^iLl)ciii 
crODt;, jmd giving her a up on (he thouldcf, i rJc4 uul, " You're hit \ 
Miiiv t you'fE hit I " I'hc poor old cd-iUe^uh jumps from her stool 
u if Ehoc, and thvTt; ivgre^it luujj;hicr lii the conipimy. The '^ Popular 
Talcs' Wore rckrtrd to, " roil cried m ihc A^cnais" by M- Jcaii' 
Fnm^b Blad^ (Piiris, 1874), somr of which, audi ■* Z'Ome a 
hi hrni Hoitjcs (iTi* Man wilh Ihc Red Teeth] and Pfi-tfAie 
(Pcaii-d'Ane)» arc among the teiy b<nl cJUimplcs of geuu:nc po^ubr 
waditioa, gencr^dly cud with the following prcdous mtamk : 

K trie. i^rU. 
Mnun cduitIc a liml : 

Moua OoiLDte « afAlj». 

Amlif] Linn cuilli-rii iIc fjUi* 4111 iii'au {UhuiiiJ. 
And eric, eric 

AjkI cnc, crui 
My laJc (» June ; 
■\niH hci? ^t^ 1 Lhiuufb itiy inradoM', 
All wJTh A prciau of IkAiii t^ a >poon> 


TOWARDS the end of March^ I had Dcc^uion lo viait the 
ftfljnim chief Sccococni, in hi^ nMivt' stronghold bgrcnuj Ihc 
Lootu Bctk^jl rnigc to the notlh-on.<^l of Prctoii;:, about 250 fmlc» 

awuy ; and js this joumoy waj lyj^kal of travdling in the wUdu of 
South Afriai, nn account of it may prove inicrcaling. 

It isptrhaps necessary to e.i plain, for the h<:ncAl of those who *«■ 
not atquaintLd with South African politics, thai Scr-oCimi t% ihc 
chieftain whci ha:i btcn at war with the Lite Iransvafli KcpLiblir, and 
who drove back its forces, cflpturiug aomc jooo head of caltic 
It JH from (hit rjid that ihc present staU' of afliiirs has arisen ; so 
Ihat ihi5 obsrjiTc fhk'f, with hi^ 7000 wamora, hjis materially aSectcd 
iht fmute dc^linira of South Afric*- NcKOtlations of peace had 
been set on foot) anrl it was in connection vinth these dcIu:al'^ matters 
that the journey catnc lo hti undcrtikcn. 

'* Going to Sccorccni at thi^ time of year ! Ah 1" "laid one gen- 
ticman. *■ Wdl. look hc^rc, I scot five nalivta through that country 
in this same month tMarch) last year; out of those five, three di*^ 
of the fever, and the other two just got through with iht-'ir livci*, i 
onl/tdl yon, yon know, so that you nmy lake prtraiilions. This 
is a bid fever year" However, fever or no fever, we had to go. 
Ai it HMs ncr.csmr>' to travel rapidly, wc rould oiily i^ile four 
riding hoi^ea, three for ourselves and the Jourth for a Zulu nanicd 
^* [jakiboy," who also led a pack-horse, and carried an «iormou» 
"knob'keny " or shillelagh stuck in his hutTon-holc, sb tlioiigh it *vqc 
a wedding bouquet. 

Bchmrt OUT r.ndrllc:' wi?rc fjsiened our saddk'-bag?, contaming ^ 
change of clothing, and m front xvc slrap]xrd a rug and'amackiniodL 
Our comiiiiB^ariat conhisLcd of four tins of potted ham, and wir 
medicine chest of six do-ttn bottle* of quinine, 5onic Cockle"* ^Sk, 
and a roll of sticking planttr, which^ with a revolver and KuitiiQg 
knife or two, completed our equipment, 

^Vc knew little save that our destination lay due fwu so doc cut 

A Visi'i to ike Chief Secocwnu 303 

'AAef ridinif for alioat twenty mtlcfc, andcrOR^incthe MtL- 
qChgi^ HtrcLchm;; atvay north for hundr«di^ of mil^e, wc 
cuuc to * Boct'h house, wh;jj-c wc ofT-^adL^leJ (c feed ojr hones. 
It must be uDdcTBLood thui t1>v Boors w-ca- the c^iie curlain dil!i- 
oilty, oAd one of ihc ]JOH&iblu donj^eti, 10 be encountcxcd on 
our read, for 4l co tim« nrv ihcy a plcAsunt peupl« Eo dtiul with, and 
]U5t now ihe^ :irt: rcinjrluibly unpLc-u^ini towiirds EEi^litiEimcn, 

F<ii mstuicf. ai this fint houKc. wc inaimycd to get romc fon^so 
fo onr honc«t before our icowling hoM found out who wc were, but 
not X bii ooold ipc gn w cnl. ■' Jtave you no brcid, myn Hc^f?" 
" Wc have no bread lo spara'^ " Hivc you any eggs ? " " Wc hive 
*0 ttf» " *' Can you let Wi. have ^ottic milk ? " " Susan, have you 
got Uiy Gn:lk to give thi-sc eirlci^ fJVIlow*) ? " Fmally, w;; (i^ccecdcd 
in bu>in|£ thrcti cu^if of mitk Tof a thtninB, "asa T^vour/ uid [hat f« 
all we ^ot from ^LjTiri^if tosunse^t^ 

Riding, on empty 6iomadis,ffjranolhi'r aixlymiWi over the plnias, 
wc came to a Boer's huuse where wc had lo fiktrp. Ju^it before wc 
tcftchcd the door \ n-jliccd whai I have often teen since, a lot of 
paves in ,1 roi\', with heaps of stones piled over ibctn. It appears 
thai these people do not tare shouc being buried in coniicCTaiccl 
pound, ihcit only cuijiict)^ being to be |>iii in a coEn; and ihcy arc 
t^cncrally kiid to rest jus; in front of their doors- There i« neither 
railing nor headstone, and no trees rn flowers, ihofte gtieen cmbleinatSc 
gfliments wiili which civilised pcofilc rJoihc the bareness of their 
dead; and I remember once seeing several pnvca within two or three 
yaiidf of the pubHc ro^. so tlmt i^ !t ycjir or ^o the waggons will Uq 
nunbltng over tlie ht;adii of tho^e ^^'ho lie benL'^itlii 

When you ride ui) to a Boer's ?touse» the eiiciuetie is to wait until 
some member of the family atka you lo off-uiddk-. and then you must 
go in Andr.hEike hands with everyone, a most diengreenble custom. 
Mone of the women— who arp about a?i ugly a lot ai ihp world 
can produce, being all of an exaggcnted Dutch build, and vcrj' 
heavy and fat — ri«e to meet one, dney j'ujtc hold out their hand^ 
Thtc house vtLii a fair specimen of ihe sort of habitation indulged 
in by the higher clan of Boer. The main room w.ti nlx>ut iS feei 
square, with iha* Itind rif door wliich allows the upper half to open 
whilst the lower remaini* shut, surh as is used in arables in England, 
The flooring is madt of cov^-dimg^ inio which pe^trh &iones arc 
trodden at the thrcOioUlt in order \\t ptcvcn( \m, wearing xwaj- 
Tlie fliruLlurv comii^Lb of :t dval Uibic and ^i>rjLc chairs, milier 
neatly made of strips of hide fa&(i;jLud lu a wi>aden fraine^ 
There b no ceiling, but only beumE, to ivhich ure fitb^tenei] stiipa 



TAt Gmilanarts Mugtuinc* 

" btlltonff," or gftmc'% flah, dried in Ihc %m\. Dui at ihU ro&m upon 

one i;i iwo rnofc, in wliich the bvholc <^mi1y kkqi, ^i^hout much 

Silli»^ Jiboitl ihr lOiim were Iwo c>r lluct yuLinj- UNwIioIctomc- 
lookini; niolhet^) wEtliout «[QcLin|;s.t and nursiitg howling b»tbic£; 
in liiv corner, on ii cliAir, made iwice ^v ht^i^v an my uf the oihcTi:^ 
xepuicd iiic niQlhcr of Ihc f^nily* a. \VQm:iQ uf Uic mote cm>imuub 
hulkf whose object m life seemed lo be lo cnlch nnd ciuth thv raoths 
OS they fle^v past (I hiv her kill eight in iJuee nunuie*), and to 
Take v^t quanULies of inufT The whole houb,e wj« pvTvadt^d hf 
a sickly odour, like thac of ;t vauh, ^hil«t the K'i^^^ ^^d Alth 

ii bafHei dctcriptioo. And thia wj» the pkce ivc had to 
in jjid sleep in. Howcvct^ there wm no hcJjj for il ; ihc 
onTy tiling lu <lu w34 to lifthl one's pipe, and smuke. After an hour 
Ct sOi supper V/3S put upon [he t^bte, (onsiiitlng i^r a boU''l-full of 
btflled bonet, m^ small stack of bojied mrialii; cob^ Auid, be H ddded, 
Bonie good br<rad and bnllei, 'IHie rating aiiiinyemenls of these 
people aic LtrUiiiily very trying. The other d.iy v.'e Fiiid lu eat 
gur dinner in a. II(Ki-'>i ho^Ae^ wLtli a recking ot-liidr, jLiSt loin from 
the animfllr lying on Ihc Hcrnr bt-iidc na, together with potlioD* of 
the pnor lic^l'^ head ivhost flesh He vvctt calmg Howcvi^r, un iliJs 
Wciiiicn we wen.' spared the ox-hiile, and, licing vpty hungiy, 
QUruLgrd to pul up with the other di^eomfoJU. AfUrr a. long gn^c^ 
our >tiippi^ts were K^rtvrd out to ub.. 1 Terneinber 1 got in cconuous 
bonu witli but litde finish on ii, which, if i in^y fomi an opinion 
from its fireat ^iiie and fiom a r-ipid .inaiomicjl survey, must h4ve 
be^n Ihe tibia of an ox, A young Itoer ul opposite to me-^- 
a woi^derful felloiv. He j^mi Lhrotigh twelve nluJt: nieali« ixibfi 
{i\ (.lit fued for a hijriie) wfiklbE 1 WAS eaung half a one, Hin method 
was peculiar, ^nd :?ilion« what practice can do. He shoved a 
mealie t^iib iniu Ins iiLunth, g;tve it a bttc And a wrei^ch, jubl like 
one of d>a*ie patent American tJiresltiii^ nuiictunei, brought (h« cob 
out pfrfeclly clcnr of grain, and tnok anollier. After Ihe supper was 
over we had another long grace ending with . " Boor spijze CO dnUkL 
de Hetr ik datok " (For food and drink the l^rd I Ihink). 

Aftei supper wc went outride in ordet to escape tiic Icel-washiltf 
ceTeniony (all in the lamc water) whtch this " aimple pasloral people' 
indulge in. aiid which iheyeJtpect ihc barha-rous "uiilandei" (fitt^uger) 
tu enter into wuh enthusia.stn- When werimc back wc fonnd that the 
wunicii — who, by-ihc'by, do not cm till the men h.kvc finiihed— hid 
done their mt:a1, ;iud gone (o hc:d, luving hr^t nude us up a lnturiotlV 
couch oa the Hour, coEsintuig of s, hlthy feather-bed and iKa oqu^Uy 


A yisit ia the Chkf SecoemtL 

lUthy MAOkci- M)' hciri niifignvc mt' »*hcn I looked at Ihac bed. 
Il CDij- have been Hincy, liuc onir^ or tviicc I thought it mo^^d. 
However, ihtTC wM no choict". unk-s? wc cho»c lo sit up nil 
nighl; lo ia w^ go(, looking for .ill Ihc world lite three bl^ sun- 
btimed doll) put 10 bfd l>y mmf? link girl. 1, as ihc yovin^{?4t, 
bJcir oui thr light, and then! — ftoni every side thty cunc- Up 
one^ arm*, up noe'ji Icffi, down one's back ihcy smmpcrcil, Lll life 
hecflme * burden. Sleep was impossible ; one cuxAA onJy lie Jiwake 
jknd fali^ulatc ihc bites per minute, and the quantity of blood one 
voiild lo*c before d.iybrcnk. Cold as it was, I would have turned 
OHi and slept in the veldt, only my nig ww over my tfto companioaB 
fU well ^^ myself, so J could not take iL I have ^lept In a good 
rnany dincrent places and in vi:ry f^lily uncomfortable plocc^ but 
I never had such jl night before. 

At the first grey da^vn of morning the oU! " ffau " fame stumbling 
out of the bedroom, and sat dotm wiihoiit rcrcmcny m htr big chairn 
Watting till ihe thought that we had reached a fLViflidently advanced 
4tagr in mir toilette — and her idea of what th:il was must have been 
ti strangle one—she shouted out to her daughtcn. in a voice like 
that of a jpcnking tmmiJei. iliai they tould " com," and in they all 
came. Vciy glad were we when ive had paid our bill and were in the 
Middle once more, ridirig through the c©ld morning mist that lay in 
vnaraes oti all the ridge? of the hilU like anow on mountains. 

]t tvos needful to start early, for wc h-id more than siity mJleji to 
cover, and our ponies had done a good journey the day before. The 
*«>Tk \\-\ai one Gin get out of these ponies is marvellous. There was 
my pt'ny, *' Mettle, " who had my devcn stone to carry, to My nothing 
of the saddle, heavy saddJe-bags, and d roll of rugs, who came in at 
the end of hi* journey ns fresh as paint. We caaicrcd easily over the 
great htgh'vcldt prajricj, now and then passing chimpa of tret-t, ont- 
pcnt< of the bui^h'VL'td^ Th^M: enormous ptninSf uotwithAUmling 
thcit dreary vosini^ss, have ^ wilJ beauty of their own. The grass is 
what [s coiled BOur grass, and hA£ a peculiar blue trngc^ but stock do 
not like it 10 well as the low-vcldt graas, which is sweeter, and 
fhttena ihcm more quickly, though it does not put them in ^uch ^.'OoU 
fettle- The rock here is otl white SiindsLone, and thii^ly overbjjs 
an enormous bed of coal, cfoppini," up from beneath thi- wuLer- 
waihed ^ifacc. At this time of year there arc very few beasts or birds 
of any sort to be seen, though in the winter the veldt is one moving 
mau of ** trek "or migratory game. 

Our destination that day wo;^ Botsabelo. the tnost important mis- 
flioti-UJiiion, and one of the very few successful ones, in South-east 
rot. ccxu. HO. 17^1. X 

306 Tk4 Gentleman s Magasme. 

Africa. Afl ve awed it* the; country ^dually broke inio ItHU 
peculkroadboaaiiflilfemution, whidi rendered the b^ iwo hours of 
our ride, in ihe dsuk. ihrou^li an unknown eoiintty, raifajet a difto^l 
Job. Howvver, we actimbli^d throuj^h airuftms, and o^r boulikiSv 
ftnd about nine o'clock ncrc \^c\y ctjough to come right upon the 
siacion. when* wv were mosi kintlly received by Dr. ^Icrcneky* 
Tlic HUiion itMcirMindK on the brow of a hill surrounded by gankn» 
:md (jrchordb : Lcuezith it lie slope and moutLUm. 5iTcain ;ind vaUc/, 
ovtr wliith rirtf duu<;d numht^rs of kraals, to say nolhJng of tJ^rca 
or fuur ]fub«t:uiUil hc^ur^cs t>cnipied by t^xc osi^l^iiil mtssioivw7 «iid 
Gemum anituins. Near Dr Meremk/s house siojids the church, by 
Gu the beat I have seen in thi: Transvaal, jind there isalsoastorc vi\\\\ 
some well-buih wark^ho^is :iiouad it. Atl Eho neighbouring couiitrj 
belongs to ilic suiion, which ts, in f:Lci, like a smnll independent Siaftf, 
40,000 acres in exient. On a hiU-lop eve nJiado wing the »iatioa, 
arc pl-iced the fonificitionai ccnsistmg of thick walls mnnifig b 
a c:irc1e wh ujisianding towers, in whicb auuiil one or two cannon; 
but it all reminds one more Qf .m old Norraon keep, with kt 
vjllagv clustered in iu proteciing shadow, than of a modvm miiwian 

Dr, Mercnsky commenced his laboure Jn Secocceni's country, but 
was forctfd to fly ftom thenee by night, sviih hia wife and ncw-bom 
baby, to escape being murdered by that chiti s ordcTB, who, hkc xnofii 
Kafir potcnwics, has an intense aversion to missionaries. Twelve 
yenrn 4igo he established this station, i^nd, ^thcnng liit scattered 
coovcru around him, defied Se-coc^eni to drive hmi thence. Twke 
that chief sent out a force to sweep him away, jtnd murder his 
people, jind twice they hive cooie and looked, and, like faiav Senina, 
turned L^ck again, i'he Boers, loo, have more than uncc threatened 
to destroy him, for \\ Is unpleasant to thi:m to liavti so inte1lig«nta 
wiine^ in their midit, Imi they have never dared to try. l*he place 
IB reaily impregnable to Bosutus and Bocra ; Zulus might carry \U with 
their ^^rand steady ruBhr but \% wo^jld be at a temble sacrifice of life. 
In lhct» Dr. Meren^ky haa been forcej by Lhu pressure of ctrcum^ 
stances to teach bis men the tise of a rifle, n£ well as the truths of 
ChriatianTty; to trust in God, but also to **keep their powder diy-" 
At a few ininutcs' iiotke he c^ui turn out 300 well-armtrd Dfttiv^G, 
ready fbr offence or defence; aud tJie existence of such a j^tiooghold 
is of f^reat advant^e to the few En^liiih fn the neigh bo^trhood. fiLjr the 
Buersknow well that should thuy :illack them they wo^ild draw down 
the vengeance of Dr* Merenbky's fotjnidable body of Cliiutian soldiers, 

W« only [ja^iied one uisbt at Bottabeb, :tnd next ^noming wmt 

A Visit to tAr Chif/ Sfcocmii 

on to Mtddlcburg or Nanarcih, ^liich U xn hoiit'i tide fiotn the 

tiLUion. Hctc, Xtno, wc mcl with a welcome from the biindful of 
Qiogikh resident, but wc ucic ca^cf tci puih on ax rapidly ni jxm- 
uhle, for our kind frirnJ^ tuld tie lliat it would be impcrMible lo 
pioceciJ 10 ScfXHXKni's on hof*.-ljJu-]£, bctiiusc iff the clujJly natHrc of 
the COUTH ty for ho(««s. So we luid lo hire an 0K-wflgg<?nt whi^h 
they pTt>viftjoneii for us, iuid, much lo our diiftual (jw wc wew 
preascd for itinej, we had lu tilt bai:k. on that dibtoiy metUod of 

Wc decided (hat we would tiJce the three eldest and tcisE v.iluabTe 
boTteswidius, in Older loifroccud with ihctnfiom I-'orl Wtcbci, which 
W4S out iiexi point, tt> Sccocwiii^ tc^wn^ wbilhcT waggons could not 
TOLch. FcwEngluhrcadci^are -iwiiretbal iherciii mysterious disease 
imongbonci in South Affkii, pcoulbj lo ibecountiyj called "horae- 
lictncM." nuring ihe autumn seasyii \\ rjrrics otyihoUi.iudsof bor^c^ 
annually, ihuugh ^ome ar^ gouJ eluJ uiIicfk bod ycajj^a l>;td fever 
year being gennally a b:id hurse^ickiuta yrai dLlio, AJid rov f^rj^. 
A cuiious fotULitr ubout ii b, thai as ibc vcLdE gcti *' t^mcd," 
Ehat it, fed sAX by doineslktattrii jinimdl^^ Ihi- Hicknc^ji gtsdually 
ctUappFiara. Ko cuit has iis yel bc:cn diacoi^eTcd for itj and \cty 
few horses puU ihrouyTi — perhi*p», five per i:ent. ThciL- arc called 
"sjJlcd hone^/' and :xrr veiy vjJoable ; a*, itUhough they arc not 
proof flgJim St 1 1 te ducaiBe, Ibey are Tint »o hnbL? lo lake it A wiled hnr«e 
nay be known by the peculiar loi^iicneu and roi]|;l^ne«« of In^i akLn^ 
uid ajAo by a c:eitALn uniniiilalExble :ur of dcprcvtion, a$ thDvigh \.yt 
felt that the rciponitibililiu of Hie prewd very hrivily upon hira. 
f)e is like A man ^ho has dc-irFy iH^iighl bii cxpericmce ; he can 
nevcf forget the lemblr lewion Ijuj^bl in the buying. 

tJn the foiinh diiy from our stjiI we left Micldlcburg, and, 
taking A lionlvejsL ouur^c from thU uLLi^iObl of civiEisatLon, o^er- 
t^k the wagj^on, :jnJ c^Mii^rd, uftcr :i l^i^nty miles (rek, ju»t on the 
^dfle Of Ihf buih<vcfdL. Wc hail two yoiin^ ISocr^ ta drive our 
mUPCNU — leniblc loul^ Willi ^ping niouibit juiii like cixt-fk^h»'- 
llowct'cr, rhry i]nilei>lood lioiAr to drive .1 wjggon, srid whiUl ont nf 
them drove, Ihe other would wi for hour^, with :t vacaiii i^lAre on hii 
■ tanK, thinking It i* a solemn (act IhnI, from the time we left 
MidtUeburg till the time wc returnedj neitlur ctf those fellows 
Unichrd natCTf that is. to wa^li Ibcmnclvo. Borrs never da The 
oml)' luxury in the slinpe cf comforLs of the toiler tc which they allowed 

Ithcmsdvei was a comb with a bt^us back, carefully tied lo the roof 
of the waggon with Iwo strips of ox-hide thick tnough to have heW 
1 hundredweight of lead. I don't tlimk they cvcrnsed it— it w^too 

Th€ G^fii/fm/in's Magtttinf. 

great ?^ luxikty for ^cnCniJ uac — bur thty woitM oi:r.t<i]<ina]1y uritit it 
And look at iL, Our ovm outfit in ihti wjggon wu necf vrarily vanty, 

ironawtin^j of a few iron pow in:1 ]ilat*.'*, n kcltk, Mimr ^t**" bbnkcii, 
a lanlcrn, .-ind .in oUI flnii-fritlion grpjt^-can u*cd for water, which 
f^vt it a I'lnc iLtvonf oi w.tggon-whcdi We also had 4 "<iUlle," 
or wooden rrami"» flcxoas which were atrelchcd strips of hide fiwtA 
iolo ihc waggon about two ftci above the floor, inrcndM to sleep on; 
but the less luiid about ih^t the- bcCter, 

After wc left ihc grwi high-vcklt pUina. ovrr wbirh the frrth 
breeze wm sweeping, we dropped down thio x bmntifiil bu^h-clid 
v;tHcy wilh mouniaina on dthcr «idr Tl wn^ like m.iking 4 Mdden 
dcUfCTit inio the troiMCS. Not a breath of wind stirred the rrces, and 
ihc sun *honc with a steady, burning heat. Scarcely a sonnil brok.* 
the (itcncct ^VE the muT-nmr of the river we rro»*cd nnd reermied, 
the oecaiinnal pipe of n bird, and t!ie mdancholy rrj\ h.iJf li^h, 
half bark, of an old baboon, who wa.s iwinging himself alnn^ in* 
dignant at our presence. 

If Ihc sights atid sounds were beautiful, the iiin was hot^ and the 
Toad fearful and wc were Indeed (jlad wlicu we riarlied " Whitehead^ 
Cobalt Mine." and were most kindly received by ihc genrlenien who 
superintend ihc works. The house used to belong to wme Bocr^who 
had dtRctted the place, but left behind him a beautiful orchard of 
orange and pench ttepH. The pince is very feverish and unheaUhy, 
and Mie white ants so Ironbksomc that everything bns to be stood 
in sardine tins full of ashes. 

On our way from die bousc wc wtnitosee Ihc cobiUminc, whtdi 
» on a hill-side a mile ^i^^ay, It ha? only been csr^ibli^hed inbowc 
three yc.irs, and his existed liilherfo under ihe gre.ire^t rfiffirnliic* a* 
regards labour, transport, mjjthmcry, danger from surrounding native 
tnbci^, itc. ; but it hrt? already, the proprietor informed me, reduced 
the priee of eobair— the blue dye used to colour srtch things Ji* the 
willow -pfll tern plates— by one-half in tile English mnrlict, bringing 
it down from somewhere about ;£i40 to £^0 a ton. We were \-trf 
much xsionished to see the amount of wftrk whirh Kid been done, 3« 
we exiJC^led lo finil a jiit such a* the Kaftt^ w^ik for coppirr, but 
instead of Ih^t there was a bri^ slanting shaft quitr a hundred yatxli 
long, to siy nodiing of various opcninfj^i out of hf fnllowing branch 
leads of ore- There in also n vertical shuft 100 feet deep, (brough 
which the ore tomes np^ and by which one ran ascend and descend ill -j 
a buctti- After we emerged from this awlril hole, wc went inlo-^ 
another, a drive running straight into the mounlain for more than— ^ 
300 feet, roUowJngn vein of bUt\ im&t 61 ccfca^i.,*«hi£h it mudi--^ 


Viiii io iki Chief Secoc^snu 

ibtc the ore; jint! [houfcli ihr vtm is twif more 
'E'-BQl in lhirknc»i, ir pay* very *vcll, F^nving llit minv;. wc 
rode <jn pa*t some old tCifii ro|ipci'Wurkiiiy*^lrcu]ar pii*i^ — which 
niubl hjvc hcCTi alwndoncJ. to jwdgf froin ihfif iippearanc"j, a 
hunOrvd yoanL aflo, till we cjimc to the Iwnt* of ihc greai "Oil- 
fkM*V" <*f '' KIrjilmnK'" Tivei, 'V\\\\ iTw^mrKcnl Mrcani, thouaH il 
b un^iivi^ibJc Cjwih^ Io rrc[|iictiE mpid^ hsis s1rcichi:i mclcK bng, 
donn which Iwo nicn-uf-wimjuTd steam aide by ^idt, and after iu 
juDCUon with Ihc KL-indii' River it grtFWs laiger and brucr llll, 
punuing :i tiorth-eut cuur^i^, it at IctigUi fdU idUj the [nlflhiy 
Limpopo. )l it n vcrry indjntic but somewhat iluggUh iiticuii, artd 
ici «aler i» Eol vcrygo<?d. You caimot »« the rivci liU you arc right 
upon il, owing In thc^Tc.iI ircci with whidi iii «tccp banks a.rc f(in|^ci], 
uid in thtr early marniii^ ic it (]L]ite hidden from Lmnk Lo li^nk by a 
deQsc nui& of bdlow^t of white [ni«»t| ij^desicnb^bly sb'-ingtr lo look 

Hue, beAUhfulAt i« thi«i cotmLry, \\ f<i mofiL unhfullhy fur m-nn .ind 
beHL Thf clow odour, the fong creeping line* of mist, llic lii h 
nnk wfeUtion, the iCe-ody heal of diy and ni^ht, jiU say one 
invd, "fever." and fever of the most vimlcnt lypc, 'Ihe travHEer 
Ihroit^ thin «)ri of emmiryis ronscioua of 4 Ijtentfcir lc*t Hl' ihould 
some dny begin tn feet hi>t ivher^ he oujiht to be cciifl, and cold when 
he ou^hl to be hoi, And ao bo stricken down, lo ri>ic prenuiturely oid, 
or petliapi m die, and he buried in a lonely grave tovcicd with 
flonc^ to ketjj ofV r]"tc jiXckjjK We weie travelling in the very worst 
fcvcr-month, Nfafch, whtn the aummcr vegetMion is commencing to 
rot, a/kd fhio^' off ilK poisonoua sceam. What saved us here and 
4ftetwatiTs at Sccocreni'Sj was ouf tcmpctmc living, hard eaercEset and 
plcniy ofquinmct and trjb:Lcco, smolicd. 

All the country through which wc were passing ia good game 
Tchll, but wc AAw vcT)' litllc und killed nothing. This ^vas chiefly 
owing lr> Uk fnct that wc did not dore go out of hearing of the 
waggon-whceU, for fear of getung lost in the bush, und being 
AUrvcil lo death, a thing very eiisily done- A few yi:ara back this 
Tddl swanned with big gatne, with ulejihaiils and gir.iffes. and ihey 
arc Ofn now ocTasionally seen. We managed nowandagriin lo gel a 
glimpse of lome of iht bcauiiful '" loijnda "■ buuk, or of a srnall lot 
ofblue wildcrliecsiCi* vanishing between ihclfecsj like a troop of wild 
horic»- Thcrearc still plenty of lignsiiboui^ but we did noth^arany, 
irhcihcr it wn* that they had gone lo the high-ye(dt after the eaillc, 
Of dull they do not ronr no much in summer. I do not ktvuw. 
P«ifaiji» it is m wcU rh^t hc did nod 'of ^c vsix ^ a. Vvcitv '^ ^"ts^ 


genc^riUy followKl by what ihc Dutch call a '^stirdi,'' After roajin| 
oncv or twioc toivELkc the calllcu|>, and nuke Ihcm gcccmlly uncjEty, 
the lion 9Ulhi)» hiniJ^cir about tircniy yaxda to windward of ibc 
w^ggC^n T Tho oicn ^vt ^lail erf him and promptly "ikrrch^" diat 
K brcik their rein* unrl run inadly inio llic vdd^ This is judi what 
llic Uuik wuiU. fur now bu l3i) i>ick uiit a ThI ok Anil i)viei.1^ 
i^vproach htm* frvrti thi; othirr bitlv, till hu It within Jtpringinj 
duitanc?. He ihtn jumpi upon him, ciurtht:-! his ti?ck with out 
bile, and c^ils him :il In* kisurt. 

And ?o we trekked on ihruugb tlieuuniiae, lliruugh itie burning 
mid-day and gJoving sunsctSn steering by the tim and ninkuig out 
own rood; now ihrouph rambouki prasi higher than the oxen, and 
now through dcDsc hmh, till at len^th^ c«nc dny, wl- laid good-hyc to 
the OlilUnts' ju&t where; iIic Ehndiij' RJvcr Sows into it^and tinned our 
faces fiistward. This eounne soon broiiglit us on 10 hiffhci ffTound a&d 
away from the mil noM. which lovei^ the luwj hoi vail cy*H into the rt^on 
of tho bulbar bu^h, whkh thrlvfii ujujii th^: liill^idt-R, Thi* sugai buah 
IE a very handjyanti; aitd iwculiai yi^tuX, with soft thick 1va^'C^ ttAndinp 
About twenty f^-cE hi)j;h- It beiirsabmfih-like flower, k^ch of wbirh in 
tiie Cape Colony coiilains half a ii^i^poonful of dd)ci<->U4 hone>': but. 
curiously enougli, thougli in other tvupctU tbe irctf i» prtdiely 
simihr, tins itt not the caw in the Tiansvaal or Natal. Al the proper 
seaicn the Cupe fannu^rs j*o out with buckets iiid vhake the flowoi 
till they have i:oI]ct-ti,"d sufficient h()ney to last Ihem for the winter, m 
honey much more fragrani than that made by beefi. 

After a long ride over the cipen^ which must once have been thickly 
populated) to judge from themmtbt^r of remams of Kraals, wc came 91 
length to Fon Weeher. The fort is very b;idly sttnalcd in the hollow 
of jt j^lain^ and &o surroundi^d by line hilU thai it tb entirely com- 
m^iiUt^dr Jt con^isL^ of a i^Ingii? sod wall ahoui two feet thick and five 
high, capped with Ioogc stones, whiUt ?i \.\vo of iho corner* standi o<i 
raised pbiibnoi») a Mx-|>ouiider and ;i three -pounder Whiiwurth gua 
Inside the wall elt^ built rows ofraudhutfi, which arc oetupied by the 
garrison, leaving an open E'juare. in the midst of whkh h phced the 
magaiine. We found the gatriBon in a wrelchvd condition. They 
have not received any pny excepi GDvermncnt "'Eood-fors" [pTO- 
miasory notes, generally known as'*good-for-no:h[ngs"). lO they arc 
in a sDie of abject poverty ; whilst they were completely cut off as 
faras regards ofTensive optraiionSf by the death, (mm hor&e-sickscnt 
of eiyhtj^'lwo of the ninety horstrs they owned. However, the officcn 
and iptmson gave u& a veiygiajid reception. As we rodi^ up, theyl^red 
a sslute of nvcWc guns, and then, altei wt ^^^A O^swi^^t^ and b«n 

A Visit t& the Chkf Secdca:m. 

TTCcivcc^ bj- ihc offij^crt. wc wrrr ukcn ihrcnigh a lane mtidc liy the 
jUTisnntilfni^n up in a double iinc» and, jum m: wc 501 to the middlct 
"ban^" wimt (he cii;hiy riflca o^■ct our hcode. Then an Addms 
wn rcjid (l^c %o)iiniecr$ arc great people for a<SdTcwcR>, but a more 
practical wclcomt soon Tollovrcd in ihc shape of a pood dinner. 

Ntxl Tnorning ut; sUTTijd, a party of flevvn, incliidinfr (he inter- 
pnttcr, to ride over the Loolu Bcr^* to Sta>etiMii'5. h1 distance of 
about thin)' eight miles. Poor tin fon«nai«» wclittlc knew what wa* 
bcfnriz Hi wt\cn wc ro<li" goily ivw^j ' 

For the lir*t five miles we passed through the most citriom 
granite Ibrmation, n succession of snuTl hi1T<t entirely compo^ of 
fttuidcd bonldcrs of granite, weighing from five Jo 1000 ions, and 
Ifioking rx.ictly like piles of gigantic. anowh;i3k hurtcd together by some 
mighty hand. Tlic granite Torm.ition prcwil* in fill this port of Ihc 
cfltmlry, ^r\f\ individual boiiiden sometimes take very mnou? shape*; 
in*tJ>Tif*, in ihc hiiaU'VcklT wc passed a great eolumii rowCTing 
dT)i>vc llie Iffcs, toinjiOsciT of »^n boulders j^pttin^ \m»IlLT iind 
Her fTiJiii the ktse tip, and eath arrnraTely baKuic^ *jn the one 
^'b«i<Bth it. Then vrc croiscd the range oF hiTU which overlook* 
^^tfic fort, an<l ['a^ing Secocreni'* old kr^inl where he uied (o live 
bdbre he rt'lrcntc'l to his faatnc*sc*i, wc airivcd at a grcjt allLiTul 
walley nine miles brood, on the other side of which rise* the Looly. 
ft va« on this plain that the only real fight between the volimteera 
and Secocccni*5 rncn took phce, when tht former managed to get 
between the Hamulus anrf the hills^ anH shot them iJown like game, 
killing o*'cr joo men. I.cavijig the bnttlc-ficld, where Ihc skclctona 
atill lie, a little (o out right, wc crossed the pfain and came to the 
fortt of the l.i^ohf, all along the base of winch sTintl neat villiget 
mhabilcd by Sccocoeni'4 people. Some Of these villages hnive 
birml by Ihc volunlcere, and the remamdcTiire entiicly dcftertcd^ 
their inkihirjint!! having butll fresh lial.4 ;HTiong the roLk* (ri a^moit 
inacctflibic plarcs, Theappcflmnrc of ^^Cfle white hntt peeping out 
iTI ovci the black rocks was very curious, and reminded one of the 
Stmt chAleb. 

By the siT^jm that nma along pnst the village! we off-4addled, as 
both ourficlvei .ind our horse* were nearly eih^iiMed liy the burning 
beat i bui ni there wa5, not miteh time to IosCh after a abort rest we 
atiTtcd off agnini and rode on over a bed of magnetic iron lying on 
the ground in great lumps of almost pure metal, tintH wc came to a 
•tretehof whaMiMkcdrtrmarkablybkc gold-bearing vjnan/^nnd then ro 
a limestone fcirm/Lhon: fiul the vi^olc country isevidcntlYnt'fx'at^emi 
in minerals, .4Jn/i» lime wc were passij:igihTo*ii^ sr. 



The GmitatUin's Afag&sifU. 

[□exprtsobly wild and grind, and when wt had arriTcd at thehjgl 
»poi of iba pu&i U rcftdivd a climax of *4Lva^c Iwiiuty. About 
i^a in Gront c^f lu tuwvtcd up anodier tro^Iikvru nu^'c of bltit^ 
liQi;ed rcouiiuun^ knuwn ^ the Blue Berg* wMUl .^t atgwd ic^ rca 
grcU btuh-clad bills. opening lu-ay in «v«r>- dtrvctiOQ LOward« i 
^ootoun.'d v^iUcys. The steiii; naa AugnuKlaadeolemD that I dooot' 
tiiick il lies in the p^wei oftvonJitg desoibc it 

Here WL- h-id lo dJsiTiguEil to doccnd a mon fcnrfLi] precipitous 
path consisting of boiildcR piled togtthec in ihi' ivjldcsi con- 
fusion, from one Eo iLnoiher of which wv h4d lo jump, driving Ihe 
irefis before u«. Half-way doiwi) iv^c o? uddled to Ttfl our^clvc^ ajid 
ta wc did so tk'G notict^d tlut the gall was running fhnn one of (he 
hotBCS* iiOKCK* We kI1c^^ toi^ well v/hm w'^ the luatlcri juid «<> left hmi 
then; to diu dunoy the nighi. This hoiw v^^ l^y br ilic &iii!Kl ire 
had with \Vi, :md his ownt^r iihcd to buitst that Lbe ^>oor WcMl hod 
often uLH'icd hiuit a heavy ziiaiii from his house to ]*reiuiio,a diotuicc 
of nearly <)o iniks, in oil? d^Lv* Hu «'UJ« also a '^ «uUvd " lionc It u 
a curiuus tliinfi; ih^iL ihv Bickncss gviieralty bills the bebt hontis Sm. 

After a short rest we started on agnin, and at the end of another 
hour readied tile boiioni of the passp Ffom \\x^i\K< we fudc along 
a gulley. that a.ltc^nuiely narrowed and ^videned. till u length tc 
biouyhl VIS right on to St<:octi;ni"ii beautiful, fevi!i-strit:ken home 

All ihfce of us had secnagooddealof *t:eneryiii diffcrem parts Of 
die world, and vne ofthe paily was intimatdy acijuainted with the finest 
*pots in South Africa, but we wete forced to admit that wc had never 
wen anything half so lovely as Setoctenl'* valley, Wc lisd lic^u gr juider 
vicwK. indeed the scene fiom the top of the pass wa^i grander, but 
never anything that ^o ne^ly ^pprojchcd pcrfcc:iion in dt^tatl Bcaii- 
tiful it wju, beautiful beyond rncoibuTe. but it was the soit of beauty 
undci whose veil are hidden fever and dcjlh- And so we pushed 
on, through the still lioi eventide, till at length we came to the gates 
of the town, where we found " M akurupiji," Secocceni's "mouth" or 
prime minister, who had evidently been informed of our coming b^ 
his spies, waitinR lo receive u& 

Condticied by this grandee, we went on past the cliiers knils, 
down to the lowQ, whence floelted men, women, and children, to 
look on ihe white loidsi all in a primiiivc state of dieKi, coninsting 
of a Mnp uf 5kin lied roimd the middle^ and the women with their 
hnir powdered with some preparation of iron, whidi gave il a metallic 
blue lingc. 

At lenj^li we stopped just opposite A beautiful fortified kopje 
perforated by secrst c^elvcs where tlie Bmmiuittion of thtf tnbe i> 

W Visit ii> /^f Chief Sgcoecmi. jtj 

hiddeii. So strmfj^'r is allowed lo eonjr ihtac cavti. or even to 
&icend the kopje, ihough they do noc objci;t to ones inapccUHg tome 
of the <»thrT forufiaitiijnn> Diamouniing from ^ur weariud hone*, wc 
|i:ks&cd thiough ^ t'liuiu krj^l andt^mc^ into the presence of ''Su^isi," 
ScooLxrni's untie, i h\. ulJ iVlloiv who n-js busily i^i(g^Lg(?d in braying 
a «kin. Ncaily every lujilc BasiUlu one mceiN be Uv high or low, Is 
bc&vlng abide of dome sjon, either by nibbing or by nuulictting iL 
U it A cuiiout sighc la t:<jnie across -^uni^: twenty of the^e feUows, 

I every one of ihem twisting or chewing awjy, 
Swiui wa^ :i Rort of mofilcr of the houwhold ; hi« duiy il wo^ to 
recdvv«tnn]jerb&nd acv thrit ibcy wcru |iropcr]y looked after; sOi 
afler Kttukii^ huidji with uh ruriousty fhi; wa>i ji wondciful fetlow to 
shake tandu}, he conduaed »» lo our hut. It hto^d in s. goud- 
EJMd courtyard beiutifuLly prived with Asort orconcrcii^ of MmevLone 
which looked very cleun Jind whiEtv ^md surrounded by ^ hedge of 
TeediK and '^siick^ tightly tied t^jgctUcr, ioMdc whkh lan a slightly 
imised bcnth, idso made of liniesiotiu^ Tlie hiil itself was neatly 
ihatched, the thatch prujcetinu Kevc^r^ feet, ^ av lo fonn a covering 
to a nairow vcnindoh that mn all round it^ Uvi\^^ it was com- 
modious, and ornamented dter the Eg>'pliuJi atyte with stT3.ight and 
t spiral lines, punEed on ivith some kind of red ochre, and iloored 
with ft polished substance. Certainly^ these hu3 are as much 
superior to those of the Zulus an those who dwell in them are infi^rior 
to that grand rikoe, \\'h^\ Ihv ISjisntLiii ^jin in uct nind lin-ndincbs 
they lofe in manlin^jEs and ^eniJemunl)' feding, 

W'e had just bid ouraelves Aawn on the gr^us mats in the court- 
yard — for it was too hot to go into the hut— ihoruLij^hly exhausted 
^th our tlay'5 work, when in catnc two lutn, each of them dragging 
a fine indigenous sheei). They were accompanied by Makurupiji, 
yiho brotight u« a mwiage from Secocceni to the efTeet that he, 
the chief, Vint lo greet U5, the great diii'fs; thut hescnmsalso a 
monel tu eav, leiit wv should he hungry in hifi hou«e^ It was but a 
inoncl— it should have been an ox. for great chiefs f^hould eat much 
meat — bvit be himself w^ pinched with hunger, his belt ^vas drawn 
very light by the Boersn He \^"^% ]Joor. and sio his gift vn\s jjoof; 
fdtl, ho would tee if to^momrw he could ^nd a bea^t that had soeuc- 
lhiii(E Wide« ihu skin on its bonc^, thjt lit mlHht oH't^ it tous. After 
this iiktgnitoquL-ut addiu^ the poor animalu were trundled out by the 
Other gate lo )uive Lheir throats (III. 

AAer getting gome supiier and taking our quinine, we turned In and 
dept thai night in the best way that ihe heat would let us« n£\t^\itftl 
morning with the vajn hope of getting a bathe. Oi aW ^ivt &\»:^fffk 



The GentUrtutns Afagashu. 

forts tte cifpcrfcTiCcd at Sccncreni"*, ihc tirArcit)- ftnd 1iftdn«i t^ Oi* 
irata »a* ihc wi>n?t. BiJ vaicr when yon art iti .^ hotbof! of fctci 
» JL icrrit^Sr pnvAliorn. And <o vt-c h»d to ^o unwnshi'd. with the 
ciiC^plioTi' of h,ivm4; a lilllc wntcr jioUTCtl over our h,inds oat of 
gnurd^. Wc mH^t iiavc presented a curious sight aT l>Teak&st ihji 
nioming. Before ua Imcit a SKrtly Kd&r holding a stick in cjich 
hand, on uhich were Twpcctivcly sptarwl Lvk^^ and a aide of mutton, 
from whirh wrc cut oflT great hiinks vvidi our hunling-knivc*, ;ind, 
talcing them in our fingers, devoured Ihem like beanti of prej. If we 
got ft bit wc did not Kkc, our mo<k of din^Offing of it sample and 
effective Wc threw it lo one of fhc natives sianding round in, 
among whom wjLi fhc hc:r apparcntn who pnrwnpEly gobbled \\ up. 

Bfonkla^l Eniahed^ a message utnie fmm Sccoerciu .lAkinf; for 
spirits to drinle. Hut Tte were nor to he Taken m in this w*ir, for we 
knev well rhat if ^vc sent ihc diief spirirs wc should get no bu5ine^ 
done Ihal Jay, and we did not care tn nin the risk of fi-ver by 
ftfopl^mg longer than wc could help; so we wnt baek a Tnenage 
to the cfletl thM buiine** must come fm^t nnd spiriti nltervardv 
The head men, who brought this message, said that they couM 
perfccily undumand our objection as far us Sccocceni and oursdvM 
were concerned, since wc had to talk, but a^ they had only to «t KtiH 
and listen there could be no possible objection to their hnving «omr- 
thing to drink. This nrgumcm w:is ingenious, but tvc rlid not tr* 
the force uf tt, as our stork of spirits, which wc had hmught mofr 
for medicine than anything else, was very limited. SiiTI, we were 
obliged to promise ihem a " tot " after the talking was over, in order 
to keep Ihcm civiL 

Our meaaagc had the desired effect, for prcscndy Sccocceni j^crit 
to ^y that it was now licne to talk, and ihnt his bead men wotrld Lead 
us to him. So we started Hpn accompanied by " Makurtipiji,* 
" Swfl^i." and *' O^look," the gcni^ra! of his forces, a fat fellow with a 
fnce cuacily like a pi^ The sun beat down with such tnemcndoui 
force that, though we had only iltree-qunners of a mile to walk, we 
fell quite tired by die lime we reached the chiefs trials. Passing 
through several cattle kraals, wt came to a shed tinder which 
Eat the heir itpparent dressed in a gorgeous bhnkci with his emm 
around him. Leaving hiui, \v& entereii an inner tattle kraal, utiCTf^ 
in one corner, stood >i large, roughfy-buill shed, under the ahadc of* 
which squatted over a hundrtd ftf the head men of the Iribe, gathered 
together by Sccocojni to '^^-ilness/' 

Opcnmg out of thfi kraal was the chiefs prfvnle enclosure, 
stooi! hjs huis. j^s wedrew new, Setoccero , i»\v<i Wi Lu^iv^'Ed 

, where I 

^ BueJi 1 

Visii Iq the Chkf Srco€wni, 

terror into the bold fiurghctv of the Republic, ihc chief of seven 
IhoLJund ^'axTioT^ die hiubuid of siity-four wives, the fiither of a 
bunilred fldldrcmt i^hc from the ox-hidc on which he was «cal«if, 
under the tftadc of A trcf, ut(] cume to the g;ito <o meci USh And a 
queer sight thiepoiectHtewasa^huiftoodtli^iv abaklnghandatliiough 
the ^tc- Of iiuddlt «Ui*i ibuut forl^-fivi^ yciu^ of siytr, rather Hit, 
with A fljt noiic ^nd vmnll. twinklinj;) LhcV ryr^ U^ (irvumitfd an 
entirely hideous and tit;mi'Te|ju]iive a|>]]tMiitnci;. Hik Un^^b cotitiiite^d 
of a tvjttun blimktl over wliicJi was tlircnvn :i I^^r-ftkin karotv* uid 
□n liiit hciid wj,5 iwck ;m cnurniouB old white felt hat, such as the 
Boen wear, and known as n **wj1derbec*tc diaaer." 

Aftcf wc had been duly intraduceJ, he ftftie^kJ to his ux-hide, 
jind wc went and *quaucd down omimg tljc heud men. Sccocccni 
look no active pair in the prpceedingii that followed ; he \Bl in hlri 
enctoiLire and occasionally ^hgiileU out 9oni« inttructLonr tu Maku- 
nipjji» who w^i litr^ully his '' niouch," s]>c^king for him zind making 
i»e of the pfontnin *' I." During thr four horiT>i or ^o that wc were 
there SecoctTni never ito|>jJcd chewinji :in intoxicating green leaf 
Ttry much rcKmhling that of th<r pomcgrrLnatrr, of which he occs' 
wofinlly *rm ui tome. 

After ihc hcicneit of the CommiMion had came to an end, And 
•oxnfi of our poTly started on Ihcir homeward joumeyj we were 
dfCairLed by SeicoQceni, who wi^hi^d to **e iis privately. He aeni for 
11% to hi.i priratc endosiircj and we sat down on his ox-hide with him 
dind one or two hriid men. It wjs very curious to sec this wily o(d 
*av»ge ihovii^ a handful of leu vcs into his mouth, ^nd giving hia hcud 
A shake, and then making some shrewd remark which went straight 
bo the bottom of whjtlcn'r question \\-?\s in hand. Al length we lade 
Secotxeni HOod-bye, having promised to deliver all his rtspeclfnl 
mesBgev to our chief, and^ thoroughly wcfiriedj arrived st our own 
hcL 'Hred »s we were, we thought il wo»ild be belter to slart for the 
i<irt Jil once, rilher ihiin risk the fever for another nighl. So we 
e up our mind? to a long moonhght niJc, and, sa<tdling up, got 
of SecocDsni'i town about 3.30 p.^r^, having looked our last on 
diii benutifiil fever'tmp, which only wants WLitct scenery to make 
it flbioltitely perfect Half'W.iy^ itp, we law ihc poor hopic wo had 
Icit lick the day before, lying dead, with dry foam all round his 
month, and half his fckin tnken olT by nome pMsing BasutiL A 
roiipir of liiindfcd yani* fiirther on^ we found ninothcr dying, left 
by the party wJio had ^tiried before us. It wm in truth a valley 
of the *hadow of death. Luckily our horses lasted ua back. \q \t« 
Koit, but one died tbrir, «nd Ciw other two are dcvd wv:c^ 


ncAUtM &s y^v^.^ the jctnc by <1*y, in the liftlii vf the full m<ionlt 

,^aft yci more surpassiftEly lovdy. It was ^ulciiin, u^inl. E^^t^ 

v;tnc)r became flTny$tcriou4jcqK Jind every hill, htonc. and trvcabonu 

with ihDt <-"oIcI pale lu^irc whirh the moon nlonc <;in ihrov. SiU-ncc 

fti(pic<I, the tilcnoc of Ihe dcwl, brokon only once gr twn;tr b}- the wild 

whiutmg thallcnfe-e of one of Scccsctcni"* wamors .iaJic Lamcl>oimdiji{( 

down thi; fwck*. to we who ^c wca- Ihat |>a.«L»t^. Hic effect of ihc 

fires by the huB, perched .imong the rock* at tlie entrance lo die 

paw, was very sirange and beautifi;!, reminding one of the midEt'vU 

firci of the Gnomes in the fulry lalt^i, 

And 10 we lode on, hour after hour* through the night, liU ff< 
wcH-nisli ftll asleep in our saddle*, and ot Icngili, about two o'clock 
in the mojftjiig. we reached ihc waggons to find tlic young Boer« Cut 
flulccp in (iLir K'd, \Vc kiclitxl ihcm nur, and. alter 5w,iJloi*niK soiuc 
biicuitJi, lutnhled inoursclvcjfcif tK' fcwhour^ rest which wc»i> sidly 

On the foHowingmiTimiogH Thiir^by, hvj of the \>\t\y bfldc fatertcli 
to our ho8l* at tht:; Fori ^inj ptiiTtcd on cine of the qviickciit poiwblc 
Ireks, leaving our companion to proceed aaoss country lo the for 
established Ijy President BiirEers,or"rorocororo/'aa the Hasutv« uQ 
bin>, AtSteclpon, 

We rctiTmed to Middlcburgbyan cntirelydifocnt route from that 
by which we came, giiided byonr trustworthy friends the tntt volunteer*- 
Leaving the valley of the Qlifduts, to our right, wc trvklteil along the 
hiyh-vtldt, and llius ;ivoided all the fevtr country. Roughly speaking;. 
we hlid about uo miles of country \o gel <y\'tT lo tcacli MiddlcbuT]!;. 
and we determined lo do this in three days and two ni^^hts, «o as to 
get in an the Saturday night, js we were much pressed for linne. 
Now, accurdiny lo English ideas, it is no great thing to travel i>o 
miles in thrct days \ but it is *ix day*i' jOLirncy in an os-woggon over 
bad eomiiry, and wc xvert ^^omg to do it in hall" tJiat time by doubling 

the speedn 

Ofcoorae, ludolijLswc hail lo trek night ^inddayn For instance, 
on the litst day wcin>;panncd3r a.m. and trekked till within an 
hour of simdoivn ; at rundown we ins;)ann(:d. and with one oL]ts]4n 
irtkkrd lill Minrifje: oiitsp;inned for two hour^. and on ai^n. Ircing 
seventeen and a half ho-ii* mider ihc yoke out of the iwenty-fow. 
and covering fifty-five miles. Of connc, one c^not do this son of 
travelling for more thun two ur three days without killine the oxen ; 
as n w^s, towards the eud, a? soon as the yokes were lifted off, 
the poor bcosis dro|.pcd down ;is ihotigh they were shot, and most 
of them we«c l^xic, Anothet ©eat diwdvanWfic i* ihai one 

Visii to ihi Chief Sccomni. 


ituflent vCTy much &om wani of slfcp^ The jolting of the iprin|[* 

IcH nurfiine ai ii lambcTfd over rocki a foot high and through deep 

K^ruiti or ttfumi, brought our hdd) down with luch a fcktful jfli on 

jlhc s^dlc>tagTi th4twc u*cd for piilofti, Ihai nil i!tcp was *fion 

jknock^d oiit oTthcm; or, cvtn if we were lucky enough to be cnjising 

A iircldt iif lolembly smooth groitnd, thetcffhi* \ swnying motion tlut 

Tabbed ones fare up and down fill the skin wm nearly vfom Through, 

polisibing tlic udd)e-b[i|;« to fitieh ui exieni thjt wc mighl abnoil hjite 

ihcui for lookifig'gl-iiics »a weM a* [jillows. 

K\ Setoami's krajJ wc had Eng,?g<^d two boy^ to carry our parks 

'ttVikTM thf Foti, who, on [heir Arrtval were «io well ftaturri'd with 

the wayin which we treatei^ Ihem that ^vty rnjunted to be allowedl 

. lo proceed wilhur ThciP young bjrliariins, who wrnt respectively by 

the namci of*' Nojokc " and ** Sco^'l," as being the ncarp^ appro-icb 

Jfl Eofiliih to Ihcir Si^utu ramc% were the greatest pocriblc lonrce of 

■bnucraenl to iw, with thrir curiou* wayi, I never saw inch fellow* 

fo tieep ; rt \% .1 po^ritive fiet that Ncijokc u»?d freqnenily to Like 

his leit coiled \ip like a bon-con stridor in a box nl the end of the 

waggon, in whidi bos stood three iron pois with their sharp legs 

Slicking op- On Ihoie legs he pc/ircfuHy slumbered when the 

Wft^on waa goirg over gronnd that [jrahibitetl our even stopping 

in It. "Scowl * fcvas no( ;l nice boy to fook atj fnr bis njiked 

,batk H'iiH iunply cvit to pierci anil cnvered ^Mlh huge wcaN, of 

which c^^rybody, Oonbdc*'*, rhosight wc were Ihe cause. On in- 

[quiring how he ir:ime to get *iich a ircmrndaii* thrtihing, it turned 

I01H that these IlisnTu^ have a custom of sending ymmg men 

[cf A certaiQ age out in cotrpk^, each armed with a good '^ «jam- 

rt»ock" \\ whip cut from the hide of the sen-cow), to thrash one 

I anothei till one gives in^ and that it was in one of thc^^c encounters 

fthiit the inielligeoi Scowl got lo lacerated, but, as lie remarked with a 

(grin, " My bndc is nothing, the chiefs should aec thiit of the other 

We spent one night at Middlcbntg, and nest morning, bidding 
iarfieu to our kind Enghsh friends, sififtcd for J^Vctona, Liking care 
flo end our first day"*joumey at a house where rtn Engl ii^hmnn lived, ,10 
AS to cniure a clean *lialce-do\vn. Here wt discovered thac the 
liorse 1 was riding (fhc *oIe survivor of the five wc had stirtod with) 
liad got the sitknete, and so we had to leave him and hire another. 
This horse, by the by, recovered, which i* ihc only instance of an 
«nifnflrs cnnqucTtng the disease which h;is yet come under my 
observation. We hired this horrie fram a lloer, who, i.har^ed wa 
«actly thic<; tiroes lire piopcr price, -ind Uit:^ yttzaxi^d >^ ^ 


Ti^ Gmiltma'is Magatme. 

«crmon quite a qiHrtcr of -in hmir long on his haspiuJity, his 
LindfLcu of bev^ ind h]« willingnru io help atmngeni. 1 raiut 
icU you thul, JLul V «c wftc going to sti^ the nifi^t befcue, 
A tcr^ukga hAd conic uid asked for A shntr-downj wluch wu 
^ivcn lo hiiri in tlic iuii^ loorti. Wc li^d ri&en hcTorc duy-biiSJk. 
and my i^oiiiiiajnun wh^ cicp.iitatiag to iiie, in t^lcai and TiiTdble 
languaigie, vn the liypocri^y and scouadreiisni (rf this ikidt wbcD 
suddenly a f^lcepy voice out of thr daEkDeai (mirnit^TM thickly, 
^' 1 sity. iliangcT, ^utif you sliouldh't ]i»ic your temper^ gucn 
Ihait 'etc Boer is aciing aftt-r ihe manner of himrAn twlui*." And 
then Ihe owner of Ihe voice turnt-d over Jnd weni \ty akqi ngain 

We bid over sixty milts lo ridt thai day, and it mu,%i hav* been 
ahottt eight o'clock At ntfilifj on the sixtccnili day of ovir journey, 
ttfhcn wc ^Glch^^l Prttoria nnd rortv ^iriiighl uji to our camp, whctie 
wi^ were greeted as Ihoac who had come out of the jaws of dcaih. J 
un rate that some of our friends must have felt i little diiflppomicd 
at aecing ui arrive healthy and fat, without a sign of fever, aAcr a^ 
their nicluidioly prcdicrioUL It nouJd not have bcuii "human 
natur' " if they hjid not. U'lien me got to the camp, \ laDed out 1v 
Masooku, my boy, lo come iind take the horses- \c*: momenl 
I hoard a ru^h and a stitttle in the tent like the smmmniftc lU a 
tailibiC'l.toiri'JW when fine puK \i\ the fcirett, and Ma^noku shouted 
out in Zulu, "He has cojni: Liiicfc ! by Chaka's head, I swear H! 
It \s hiif voLte, hii own voitc that calh me; my father**, my chirf^l" 
And then, jJlerwards, he look me and showed how he had keiit 
everything ?,ccure in my tent, ami ^aid solemnly in hii broken 
I'jtgli*h : " I very glad you tome back, sir; I no like to live iritbout 
you, (nkoie," Poor Mi'iGoku 1 he hadlwcn dreadfully dbappoimed Jil 
not being allowed to come with me. ■* :^urdy," he said. ■■ where my 
chief goei, there I should go too," There is sometljing very louclw 
ing in the flffeciion these fellows bear one. 

And HO cndeci one of the hiird^t ,ind most inlcresiing joome>'» 
imaginable ~,i joumoy m whi^h the risk only added In the iileasurcL 
Still, I should not c.^rc to make it again ax the ^amic time ofycAr. 

Kh r. il 



\% «unbci in a varm summer cv<;n)ri^ of Augun i6ai> The 

deponiii); lijjbt tloodA the u|>tun]vd foccb of tlic Ajjcctators. «<ated 

vn the raik bvncliev of the TvAtro dd Principe, llie riril ;]walii; uf 

Midrul. Bui tlie stflge is nothing iiiorv than a couriyiirdj o^rraK '" 

ibc Mrcct chilled frifidpc^ ihtj [lii cjr piUia is noUiiii^ iHuta lliy.ii 

woodcti fomts in tlitt open jilr, ihc bo:(e£ atg nothing more ikin the 

windows of the houac to which the courty-ird ljelt>ng=. There U no 

dunce of r.Lin ou ihiH wami August c^^enin^', but a kind (if light 

^IRinlng i^ al^Ay^ tcady fur prcittxtion .against indtmcnt Rkio-. The 

lOvatC JCCVsHOnuH arc 'jf ihc uiutl ^Hmkivi;oti,tiaU(;rrx)[)cuivab1c:. In 

(hit ToLtru Jcl rrinctpcr it id niudi thi; s^a^e ;(0 lE was tn Shake ii[ii:Are'c 

.the GUjbtfn Thcrt our forvrithcrs kiitw the /.sW* of 

^ niurdrr, and thiU of the lovco and di^jrhs i>r Romc:» 

And Juliel, by a big Loard in l]i<; buckgruunU UbdlLsd "VeinctV o( 

A coittedy u U:ing playtd In iheTuiiUo del Principe, suoh a pfcc^c 

ax we ahuuld uot call ;t vonicdv iio\\ad^}'S' A Spuniah 

of the s^emecntli cenluiy was a tuirndivc of eicub, moum- 

dicrou*. oocunlug lo private persona. Wlien ^ king ^^a^ 

ihtf play wafi vailed a tra^fdy- A ttii^i-cumedy wiia the 

tu a Uunia \\\. ivliitli ihc horo oi firsi^w/^rt dial. A 

cwnedy iiuft dica the geueiic name for any dr^inaiic fable- Tm^ 

and comic play*, historical plaji, and plays detapa y eipii<h^ mythic 

player and play» Jc tuifumlffi, puc:ms in di.Uoguc, and inch ckLofaie 

cDDipo^itionji a)i .^ j>/r^?d at CantuFQ and ZlJ Vitfafia i/e Valletas^ 

■II, |irovtdtfd dicy conLiined thrive acts, were u^ll^^d comL'dicfi. A 

pivcc containing bat oue act ^/ms m\ miifi as die aui*> su^r^mmtalw 

^1141} ion play- 

Tlic particulai Lot»4fdy played this Augu&I evcniugt niort; than 

Uro ei£ntuiie» and a half agv, hj£ a noble end, a vrelUdrspooed 

plot, a mine of doquence, ^nd ext^elCent leadiiig character^- Its 

lubject ii ihnt of ihe wi^e Preoclier who tried ail things, ind 

I found that all Ehingt ^cre vaniiy. luveniie is the court* in which 

I adiool this truth is leamt the soonest i iu lime the middle of the 

Tkt G^rUiftnan's Alaffiam^ 

I5lh caitECfr vt^'^ ^^ prince Don Rnn'qiic had pou^r in SpM^ 
H very wcnujm in lltc vvtimk-rful inconftUnry uf liiv wiU. G^rui'Rcm 
4« Abucoti, u, yoiiOi iinknuwn, and ^oar, ha^ conic to Madnd lu 
flnilui onviny- Hi: hlxv h\\\\ utklriK loa Luiy of idc^Tbc«utr> bcr 
nauiiv AnurU^ Thi^y I'luh'^ ^"^^ G;4i<:]'Ruu iv hLoliI to bill Pm 
Juan^ whtn ll)*^ fjUlcr invukff* I he aiJ uf llir Virjpii. "1 will nol be 
didcouflcwoH lo 'ii-il lady," fciy* Iuh iidvcTB.iry, '^ Ri*c \ " Thii (occe 
or polite piciy TiTids grtal fivour among the moi^tt^ftvSr thtnc UcfB 
censora b/ whoiir vint-f a play livrd or liipri- AnaidJi c^m««K 
Garci^Ruiz to b« dH^inerd^;! tlrvice of nnicmt lovc^Jcd lie i* 
brouf;hi before Don bltinL[ue, ton ofthckmg Dan Juan H., of CwtlDe^ 
He eJipliim to tkii prince the came of hli quarrel Don Jian had. 
gi\cn hint the He— an insull which men ron«der mo*! diamcrul^ 
bccjujc fjNehood ia most commori ; Gard-Unij? had jilUckud hiia- 
The dijcl w.u intctrupled^ ind Ihcy do nol ice cfi^h other JirJtfB 
till they nieel on the 1mnk« nf (he Mukioinjir^^. The piinvc^ ]ileuvei^ 
with thi^ noLilily of ihjirTicter of Gjirci-Ruijt, itiikct him 1m?i fric^iiL 
Tn the ineantinitr, M.tiiric{t>, a despised suilor of AnanU^ \h [)gAi\A\\a^ 
ahoul 1i(.-i li^liirony. He is ^ent fiway by Ines, hrr AeriMoL Guii' 
Ruie J:ikes lii** placL-, enveloped and ifreeagniMiblc in hif cbok^ 
'ind hehii> IiIr riv^l siimmLihly diamisaed by Annrda, w?]o moiBkeiS 
C^rd'Rui^ for Mjiuricio. " ShaU we kill hitii?*' viyi the K|uirc oT 
Mauricio, wKo lias just appealed on ihc scene j;nd iicaiJ AlurdA*^ 
l.-Lst words, " >Jo, " rehrnis his ni:ister; "let firm live, iincc he is noF^ 
3oved." So ends the first flt-L 

Thescrond act introduces The tpeetator toihe AloLuruf MaJriiL 
Gorei-Ruir ift now high in the prince's favour He occomfinniL-a hiio 
^y^\ .1 nighl c5:|iedition lo the lady of the royol lovc. Thai lady i» 
^Tiard.i, White he U -ftatching, he i* atUfked by MAniitio, uhtimhtf^ 
wounds*- The prince has a s,irisfacTor>' interview with Iije iniviTcn* 
but reproache:^ Garci-Km/ for wounding his rival, '* Unhjppy that %. 
am,'' SI thic»[|uiaC5 the prince's friend, " a Javoiiritt' niu*!, like an asiTk>' 
loger. hi? able to inttrprel aJl the a*])ecr«t nf hU prince 1 I risk my^ 
life lo please hhn, and he ts offended. In one day I loved unA 
lost Anardit- So run* ilic world I " He rciolvc* Ig <fuit Maxirjd, ani^ 
informs Anarda of his re^toldtion- Ananf.i combati tt« tcH* him •f!i^P=i 
h:ilt* MauTiciti. ;ind a?.k* hfm to soli- it the printe, who 'vi too hi ^l^"* 
for any honourable asi>iratiori on her jwirt, to choobc a hnabond fiM ^' 
hi^r fTum among his best fncnds, tiArci-Ruii undt-rmtiinds her, is 1(^^ 
heaven, and the second act cb!ies, A 

The nhird art showi* Ihe prince's displeasure at Anarda'* rrrr'niffr,* 
//f iCiouiuvid^ [he recipiCTit of hu ^oil-Uveii tivgut to quit Mldrirf, "j 

Atari on. 

he goei he\ an inlcrvirw with Jnlia, Annrda's friend, 
|hc persuade* him thai Anards t» rtitHy in love with the prince, but 
bat Ihcrc i« a womdn, ir he had Gnly ryesi to »ee, at CiJr di ahc, and 
ifhf> bve* him ftr betkr. GarxH-Ruii is at last made to comprehend 
hat tlui woman is Jub>, After *eveu»l devicca pf hcti lo bwei hef 
ticnd'« rhatacier in the tycs of Clarci-Ruix, the prince command* 
ICT 10 mwTy Don Juan, -ind Anarda lo many Mauncio. On the 
troioftttnncci of Garci-Rui/, the prince linriqueciffera hi* friendship 
it ihc wuiTun he leva to that cavoJier, Garci-Rui* chooses (.he 
Iktter, lakiLif; Aidrda in preFetcnee to aU chances of worldly ^gj^ran- 
linemeJiL Hy ihi« time the eyes of the ipeclaion are soniewhitt 

ted unJer iheli lowered lombfera, the on\y covering between 
i\nd heavcrif for it has been a long comedy, Rul when the 
Uhei of the brieve ASk^ pardon according to Spanish uittom for 
Fu impetfedions, then from steps and railings, fmm window* and 
larret^r froin every leat nnd standtng- place, but cspccmlly the stals 
Bf the mgp^afttivxt T.ho5c arbiters of the fidfia, bum* forth, amidst 
poisy clipping of h^nd?^ anJ stamping of Fef^t^ one long, [gud, unani- 
GQOUK cry of adtnimlion and aj^jilanse. Wns not Ihc author Alarcon, 
Uid the play " The Kivouis of this World " ? 

'*The ravoiiffl of this World" is eoni^idered by Spanish critic* 
^e of the bert, if not rhc best, of our aiilhor's comedies. Therefore 
thU short analysis of the plot Has been given. l]iit iti chief eiccl- 
lentc lies in the diction. IC is the words of Afarcon'a plays nillier 
thin iljcir con^irijction which have made his name fdmous. Of theie 
Hnd ihcii eloquence initanccti will be produced hereafter. 

Dnn Jiran RiiiT dc Alorcon f Mcndoia wa^ a nnan born under 
in unlucky siar. \Miiil little good fortune should have fallen to \\it 
Bharc wa* suffered for hira byothcn licarioualy. His best f>lay3Were 
Ittnhuled to hi% rivals. Tn the prologue to the edition of the second 
ttatof hiH works published in Barcelon^i the author him«;If com- 
P&ts;, in icmis of modest simplicity worthy of all praiac, thai nifiiiy 
iofhb children had been affiliated on other parents. ■*n>e reader 
ioiw know," he says, " that the eight comedies of my fir^t pan, and 
Ae twelve of this second, arc all mine, although $orac of them have 
erved to feather other birds- This is ihe fault of the printcn, who 
teign them to whomsoever they i^ill, not of the authors to whom they 
te lo aligned, whose grcstest carelessness gives more lustre than 
^ greatctt cure. I apeak, therefore, more for iheii iionour than for 
t»ic, font is unjust that their reputation should suffer from my errors 
^r3 fgnomnce^'' 

It icems itj^Tige tbjtt Comeillej one of IhC comfjat wto, ^^ 


Tk€ GeniUfHafis MagaziH€. 

Alircon Slid, ivas fcilhcrcd inth his plumes, ahould have Al fint 
Attributed IjA Scspech&tif Vtrdad to L^pf dtr Vc^ A wider reading 

Df SpAniab comedy would hiivc ahown him that iE4 fliylf wu £&r moiv 
nciLrly allied m ihnt of Morcto ihon to that of the '* prince of poets." 
Moreto attached himself, like out author, b preference to raonl 
thcrae^i anU In boLh theii^ Ik the sanicsut'crityof ir^Emcnt- Nothing 
could show better tin: difference fif Lo[ic :inJ Alafcon Ihiii Uicir 
rcapcrlivc treatment of standil in "JIil- Ktwanl of tood Siic-jTctn^j" 
and *' Walls hear, " In the first the ntoihw js nearly loBl iii a rius*» o-F 
comic incident ^ in Uie second Ihe doriin,uit nidody of t}jr; theme 
is siipiKjrt<^d by every variation zn^ /imituta of morals mtjodll^;^ 

The carelessness of his conlempoiaiies and the mxn's own 
tiLude&ty have left us little biographic^ VnoH^fcdge of him vrhoic 
name b now written on the walU of the world wjth those of Lope, 
Ciilderon, Rpjas, Mid Morclo, He scemi* to liave been born in 
Ta^co, a province of Mexico, but we know not in what year, dot of 
Vhai family, though it wlis UlustTJou* probably, from the internal 
evidence of his name- He ptoclised ihe bw in Sjjain in i5ti ; 
about itiafi WAS a species of Commifitioiiei of dii^ Indi^-u Council, 
and died in 1639, Such are Ihc liarc dr^ bones L>f his biogiaphy, 
wUh no sinews or tlesh to come upon them, nor a^y sLin to cover 
thetn above, ov^r which, in al[ probabiliiy. no breaill ffom the foUf 
winds wiD ever breathe, that thty niiiy live- 

Ahfcon, like ^sop and Socraivs, muted a me mind with an 
ungainly txlerioi. An unfortunate huniij on bis hack, for which 
Nature, fullowing her favourite fa&rluon, had com petj gated with 
a i^rotii be ranee in bi^i stomadi) gave employment to his nvab^ 
wit. But his writings teem with moral exanipEesas wdlas intellectual 
entenainment. He has niiied the oiefd wiili the pleasant, and 
would, were he more kno^^Ti, ^^m yulden opinions from all sons of 
people, and from all agies, by deliglititig his reader if wit cAn delight 
him, and 01 the same time improving luni if he id lo be improttd 
In the " Suspicious Ttuthn" a young man endowed by nature and ai 
with many engaging advantages of mind nnd body> negatives them 
rearly all with a monstrous habit of lying by wholesale liU he mafcett 
even "TnilhBUspicious" inhia lips, without any other profit otrnMife 
than the aimpte gratification of liis pec passion. If, in the net whii^li » 
through his folly, is gradually woven round liim in the dcvdoprocax 
of the plot, one part becomes unravelled^ he quickly knits it tip i^tttn 
by his favourite cmft i if one knot is undone by the devTce* of hi=* 
friendSf he is sure to reconstnict twenty in its pkce, and at bsl he i« 
to h<^eics^^ entangled as to Lose for ever the lad/ whose \9^^^ 



It (he comedy )ic hut ci>nijtnntly dvaitedj apU ii'ould have 
for ]\h gfciiter love *jt leasing. 
In ihe compotilion entitle J '^WalU heir," in which ihc lender 
Don Jvan dc Mendots^^ bvurmg oi he cfoeE ivo of hh names, may 
pcihaps be tikcn for Alarcon himself, ihc moral failing Eiignuclsed ifi 
that of evil>&])«aking ; and it i« to be noticed that, a« m the comedy 
)ust qu;>tec)| io In thirf, i!w hLibit is nut ^riatn^ <jut of u n^alicbus but 
solely A cotflleBK chamclvi— iri buth cav^s tliat Evibt of epi^akin^ i^ the 
object of censure, ^vhich, woTk^^r tl^on nut indut^'c it»ctf» would mdign 
itie ionocent witliout jiroHi, ha it wuuld di"ic<:r,tte mith wiEhout 
reward. The hero of this play loses his bve by evil Hptakiiig and 
slandcTkng, ob the hero of the last Joi^t hia by lying- 
It seems scarcely credible that hit '*SuRpidoui Trwih" should 
have been retranj-Uted from *'I.c Metitcut" and [jlayed lo an ap- 
plauding audience hi Spuiii ivho had nut the ^lighten concc^ition thac 
the author was their counttyman. Thst Avini of reptJiacJon which is 
the resuU of injo merit was certainty the lot of AIar<x>n in ,t measvire 
brimfoinK over. Neither Schtci^cl, Eoutcnvek, ncrT Sismondi, in their 
ligbl tLTtHSiu on ihc somewhat deep and wide theme of Spfinish 
litcroiure. have ever mentioned his name — the nanie oi perhaps 
the greatett poet and dranutisit fio^ e^Lcpting C^lJeEon, of that 
Spooi^h htcraikirc of whkh ihuse gentk-iueit profeistd to iR'aL Tliece 
15 a itory in ^'Ktop of a buy who, with hh hand dii^tended with 
tnbins in a narrow mouthed Jiir, hiiffwrcd iht piings of unsatisfied 
gluttony sooner than allow a few nidm to fall from bet^veen his 
fingers It it as well, pi^rh^pb, to lieat ^l little »ubjeci correctly as 
a large one incorrectly. To foim an idea of an author »f comedies, 
it k not ^ufHcient to have read two or perhaps iliree, and then 
without more to conr;trnci -i system, Ii Is trtic you gain a Tepu> 
totiOD for vast reading, but what kind of riding wns U which 
induced SchlcEcl to call the •' Misanthrope " a disseriaijon in dialogue 
leading to no rc^.nllT with a dragging i>lot, an J ihc "Toriufe*' rio 
comedy with ihc exccpUon of it scene hcie nnd there^ 

"Vnijfce Caldeion and Lope, Alaicon seldom copies himself; 
''"like Morelo. who imitated Molina, he never copies another," Such 
" tlic opinion of n Siuni.-ih critic of high authority. More than half 
^'* comedies arc tfV iVifuHiirei or rf? niracf^u. They contain q code 
^ pr^LCticAl philosophy, in which the Mexican dramatist teaches lls 
^^l (o do Jind ivlut to leave undone— otir duties to ourselves and 
^ Our nLT^hboura. To prevent our surprise at succcasful vilhmy, he 
■^^WAII ia Luckn" In ** Iaduatr>' and Fortune" he shovf^ ha« 'Crv^ 
^^ner may comjucr or nct^fnUwe the latter. He viams ns, pa-^^ 

y i 


J24 Tk£ Cmiknmfts Maptsini, 

luTc >]rtddy Mcf^ cbM pocpcntj !»» bvc to 1 iimc, 3od thai wirrov 
iiidhApptacM grow BpfJik by side oeth« field of this C3nh.b "The 
WovU'i Patoui." Still, to prtvctn tsm dcifKndIfi& *« maty read 
"Kn^T An It] v^lbout % Good." Modch Of nuiy virtues rue before 
in in the prDCjfOiuW c£ "Hovtogsia Frkftds.''&«l '^Tlic Locdof 
Ihe Stan*'' ami n those tvo aoUe rivili in " Look bcTore yon Many." 
-' Crime leekxPmibhmeM'" ocil "He who foes III ^jdAa in nr 
lell thdr own stofkt of the comcqoaic«s of vice >nd guttr. There 
uv d few com<d]c« "of doak aed Tvord,* in vhieh miTi^r h&s 
marked .\Urcon fiar h<r ovn. In these wc hurc Uic iiMil ni^i 
Kxnn and balcony- vSEcAttd duels, sprciUrd witb the ItnfUfif^ of 
Gonfoo. ConpxKm is horerer, so rare thai iu prcsenec in tfte 
fimpAnof "TbcWcAitroTScsovia* ban ftddibonal evidence tk)t 
tkit conei]^' iTM never vrriuen by Al«con. A couple or honei ore 
here described thus:— 

H* nJ« 1b10 ihc mcu BoenCed «ii bii Andaluaa ^ttdiAall, i ■btaocr of 
Ck. a( am iimr a likte, >t vk^Iicv & ctovd - Ihe liitJeJ ipte aton oa wa iJc t eJ 
bin >liippAGtM'9 ThrHFi h*i(ear»l lo hit itniiie. Il« r^vjtA ife ^v^Ep* 
c^ ■ hinl 1(1 llie air. )t» liit ■«« 4 ^sprnl, bit ibah? uTnr Afigicr. U* InBt 
aMMUWln: b »U mpccli he via Itte » potL Tbewlnc! ■loAfcd tobapofMit 
Ibi «ted, bui qjch a chv]^, Not the Moor omc, fcininc 1° T^ Kimfl of « 
l^lilBj chiicf>itf« OD the Icf? of i r.f^ck (ttUirf— oaf iliittjUr— like a nwi 
MrriODUii^ cvrr ihc c^oond Th? mue m^ ■ jvonin. 

This is exTrctnely like no^^senae, but \\ is hy no means aa ex^go 
oted reprcsctiLti^on of the Gon^on^in of thni [•enod- Compare wMi 
iialiiilesong of a diM^rdixl lo^^r ina piceo which bejvnd aU doubt 
is Akrcon's very' o»-n, "'The Proorof Pn^miscs" ^- 

Cbt more I dccpAif cJ cvivjiiaiac Lhai Jenmrencs which it yoijj bfttvt/k riral ! 
Irt™ I Acc^aluie's custora chjwi^nL Thai vhjch ^IfJAU all <lu ^iipla^M 
T^' pEi^vr nuLn you tss ^ififul, *«ri-Lii^ lOiVc^jfti BiUK luM, lon tUDiyaV 

Divmc tmitytiuuk >ifv ; I kiiQW it but too ircll, Ih I wonhip^vv^Aive; 
but toby abokllii such pfrfeclion brrak dovrci >^aEdiv'iiL«lijlT4^ 

1ft luYcliccn thi^iUrenrjunT U)VElJimi— tf T hiimour you, mjtrifilidjMwndi 
4nil love jrmt. inj-wtr unloved ^whii Emr ^l4Wi KjU VoAM« mc 414 > 

Had not "The SuspKiou* TnUh* been wriuen, Moli^ Bi^ 
never have been known. Such, at least, is ihc opinion of a critic rf 
aume weighs of VoltAire. In the mid»E of a time ^hich del^^lted 
in adventure, ii.n\iancc. and hirlupinaiirt, Comeille dited to bricg 
TUQMlity on Ibc sra^F, ll is ixivsible he haJ nc^ei done Llii^ bad he 
notfCAd " LaSosjuchoKiVcrdad/'of whichT*^: knLPwbis "'Menteu''' 
h tsnh more or less than a trannblfoit. Had Mk>lihc not teen 
this pjccCf he would pcihaps txe\cT ba^ve Xjc^t^ s.'o'atV «^ ibe grvi 




mpcriority of this jfwv of drama over othcrt, find ho, by devoting 
hinuclf in it solely, cflmcd for himself an immofUlit)-. 

Ii ii niHoiii. 4-1 hjii been before mentioned, thu-tCi^rncilEc thought 
himself indebted lo l/>pc for hia origindl^ ihaugh written only about 
iwenly ycsin hefatt, while Voluirc wys it is unccrum whether l^pc 
or KoJSA wnH ih author. Poor Alorconl Af UorticiDe Md gone 
to Scncc^i for all iTiaI w.a i-xcclk-nt in hn '^ Mcdcft," lo liuiLUrn dc 
Cfutro fur Jttl Ih^t vt^h grand in hin "Lid," »o he came to An 
ijnkTH>wn fountain for nil that wan entcrtilning in )iis "Mcntcur," 
foltowing Hrjrarc'aprccqjt, uhogiv^^spErrmiuion luporuancE |>aintcr3 
of d^Ting aU thtngf). '* Whether it be a robbery or a loan I csrc not}'' 
Biiyi th(^ g'*^^ I'trcr, '* They arc our enemies; it in |>crTnitle[I to 
■poil ihcm, and I shall do it agaia" He kept his ward in " La Suite 
du Mentcur/' from the " Amar ain saber 1 quien '^ of Lope, which, 
from rhe IJcklcncM of puMic favour, though wlih an inirigiic more 
irticffiiing ihjin That of " Lo Mcntcur, " met irtjth hut Yitilc succcn. 
]t bxK bcf^n v-iid thai " Lc Mcntcur" ii little dsc than a translation. 
The chief lijflcrcnrcs between it and Alaienn's comedy aro driiercnces 
of KUptalion, T'or example, Hon Garcia looter his lies in Peru 
and the Indio*; Dorante. hi? French antitj'[te, ha^ made himself 
Ccarrd lilte a iliurdcrholt in the wan in Germany, and so on. The 
diflercncci are precisely those between the siffge *^ldaplationB " of 
the present day and thrir I'renrb oKginal^. 

VVc turn wirh sorrow to a fungous ^:»rowth of literature, a huge 
imu of envenomed nbiidry, whidi gicw ^nd flourished on the 
bodily deforniitie*, tfr which we have before alluded, of Alnreon, 

Far from keeping silence on this subjiirt, grateful to God who hud 
made thera oihcrwisc, the writcrj of hi^ day, aJiis ! even the best of 
Ihem^ jmmued the lucklesii poet with the nio*it virttlent and caustic 
diairjhct, ** Deformity, " fay« J]acon, '* iaan the matter an advantage 
t<3 fiMnj^," Ic may have been io with Alarcon, for hui fiiends 
never anoiii^d him for a moment (o forget bis humps. Don Juan 
>'cmandc«> othcrwwc unknown, hjis left it on rerord in verso thjii the 
ciM^rmoui swellings on tith^ r side of thi^ (infortunitlc mrui rendered 
it ittpossiblc to say wjicther he wa9 appn^nehing or retrograding, 
The play of words 

O c ttande Ic cunu-viui. 

cannot be wdl reproduced in Kngliih. 

In. the National Library ai M:tdTid ate some twenty s^i^uiilii/as in 
M&* in wliieh Alarcon is made lo promise to !-a^c dc Vtii»^"*i^w 
niflster of poets," not So mate any more ver^W, laiviiCT ^am cS ^ 

vluppittg' He IK then coitt|)cl)cd to cantpouc Ktrac farewell tinet 
ViKziinBt bimsclf. lu Llieni he sa^^ : '^ 1 w\]\ noi ylcM ro »ny hump- 
back living, for I have ii hump on my iiliuut<ltfi' ami xtmthrt on my 
brea»U Jfiutt^'huth It^fifh mtt" TMs jn ifie tcWxm of liiii song. 
"'Hkc^ jpitcor hke tliT ixitinierb ufa f;iUti (lilgr jn. A fiirnd in^l vnc 
and said : * I caift *ec wliclhci you come l»flrknandft fir forw.trd^,' 
IJidL« divert Iht-msdvi^s wiTh tnp as uHth a dotfbloon ibiuiped on 
boih )idn. Beiwcri'ii hill ^ind bill pecp» uut my over tbe hoiriron 
of my humps, /ems/ what it if wttA mtJ I leerm to onyKir 4 
lortolbe. the mould of a butlel-itulEer* iind ihow a bjain on dcfi 
Ride of me in which lo ihave nipclf. I -inj ihc Mtivc itid panjvc 
voLcrmoTic; 1 te^ch gr:iiinnjt with my two biirnp^, I bevriboui 
niy life in a Liitlc XaXi^ ^i a giil hrr brcjiUf.iKt bL^lwten her frodc and 
lier .iproTi. JfSUi/ ivhut I's it vritA met \ urn Ulce two bowU of clay 
out ofwhicli I drinl;- My pcnon is a J^nus, biillocV* before and > 
mpiuie bcUmd ; W\a\ Avhich s^hoi^ld be lichind IicIotc, And my ttonrueh 
al tlie baiclc of my iifck. J Aiu » good svrimmc^r, a« J iilvnyt have ft 
cotjpleof goufda *%ilh -a\v- - V/hun 1 my huute 1 fear iMnic one 
will call for niissic. Jftns/ lofral is it H'tfh met These twocymbjUof 
mine ^h*l pttipfc. Oiic pul cuppinjjg; losses on Tny ><honlilen 
and breast, an^l rcriu-iving Ihcm Ihc Utile humps roac. My J;»rr thAn 
owl'^ face, n.iy body Ih^l of a frog. Jntts / T^y^fii m //' with irrr_ IhM 
all men hol^l mc ii* llieir *pr)ri ? They wy T am nn f»*tnrh, hc-einuM 
1 can dignl the iron oi' their hiwes lor my vcrc^. Comc^ l,f>pc dc 
Vega, ^d grant me a talent like yourit-" 

In k /r/rrJ/a .ittn"l>ined to Quevcdo, hut as likely to have been 
written by Gongon, Al.irron i* cjUcd -i l.-L»t for fooK * sliejf of 
pLiTcnthc^cfi, A collection of knots, a i;Lddle inm^d "p before and 
behind. He hns a £ice remindinR one of a dirge, and yet presence 
to 5mg hAllrUijAhi (vcrse5 for the feitiv.i!, ^hich Ahrcon h«d 
been .ippoinlcd to write, AvW i//te hoy/n'^ ') He ii a knave with A 
r.hignon (mono) of bnnches, and Has hLi breAKl TAiscd like fjUiQ 
witness; a bugliear for the dcvfl himself; A dotl madi^ up of ris) ; 
a dw.irrcainc'l on h^jtoe : ii head of g^trlic with The rcsil«;sncss of a 
squirrel ; who^ie 1eti)>lh is that of a spur-rowel ; who, with the help of 
bifih-hcHed iboe*, may iuca*nrc hirawlf wiUi a, weevil; who, half 
bidden in a bide hiit, presume* to con^|wrc liimwlf with imotber 
>tpccit>b of vernnn. His father was nrver it plmighman who dfDve 
utriight forrows. but a /toii/fr. delighting in e nrvcts ; his soul inhabit* 
An aleove apail from the outtT wortd. He is a pamgmpbi a comnu, 
n et7t& {-) ; he ii the rhild of a Ix^nrdcd chilblain, a I>on Cnbv «i 

Ash Wednesday {AI/fTa'/ri Corrilh, oiv -wVftcV ftw^ toct^ ^w them- 

he keeps (*in Inwn < ovcrt"d uiih red duilk Kkc a ihrcp. He is tlw 
6jrtire oJ 5 tiut fhe *aJiir of «ro; the nhape of a knucklv bonci x 
bagcrboneii, ani3lhcl>e]lcrf"ahennitage- Butlhc fe^of "Ohc, jara 

••ti«!*' prevents * «*:»nii«"ation of this caOlogue of inveclivti. 

Alarcon could and lA-orild ccrt,imly have rqJiJ^d with seven Umcs 
hated dialribei to hrga^rds i.w<!h 3s those irhlch were hkiricd against 
him on oil side*, had nol UMge permitfed ind somewhai bliEotcd the 
edge of Ehtsc weapons of llic^cVu^ faiisttrd- Dhinurs jnd epigr^unff 
iUvoUTcd with ail the delitMCy of Aiistophano, Vfjamenes, or goads, 
A* 1}ie Sfkuij^ndft cull tbcui, were ca«t agunsi hiiTi by &Lith mtn 3« 
Gongom, MoiiUJli.^n, OLtev^ri, CciUeho, 41u1 j ho»l nf uthurs, many 
of Ihcm ht4 fficnii*^ iT two oi ,h, tnde can cvi^r agree If is stmngc 
whjil a wreath oF ini;igcry Ids disloilcd figure called up— and thotc 
revtLLn vrnic*of hU whk-h wcrp written foT themyal festival: i cause of 
invective which i« tnote easily imdcrstoud. I'hes? iur said on ^U 
hsndi, though ai>parvntly with'TUt a gEuJEi of truth, of so little v^ue is 
public consent, to have been plapariimH. Alafton had jewels enough 
of hit own without borrowing from hii netghboun. He was in this 
re*pect much sinned ftgainsi. as wc have already seen, bot without 
»in. IfoHcvcT. for ihcsc he \^ called a tailor mther than a poet , he 
he if I maker of |>;uchwotk, .ii>d it \% eniel to abuKe him for verier 
«bich art- Oic wort of so nuny. He is s crow covered with pci- 
<:x>ck'* reiilheit His vmses arc<jf vurioiis phuiugc^ but all marked 
" humpbufikcd/' and ?o oil 

]lird words, however, act m to have met with considerable discount 
in his liine, and iiobudy even now Like* Ihem at ihcir fiill value. 
ALucon himself indulges in -i somewhat frcr preface in his works, 
oddreised to what he is pleased to cill '^ The Rabble." " It is to 
you I oddreu royBclf, oh savage beast I for the nobility know how to 
behAvc themschcfc better than I c-in idl themn" The preface ii 
preceded by ix k-ttcr to ibe most e«ellcnt Scftor Don TLimiro 
Felipe de Unifiian, dulkC, marqtiiSf count, chjincellor, trenisurer, 
eaptain, &c. Sec,, (the superscription alone occupying a doien linci), 
his pitron^ It is painful to think of the humiliation the mind of 
Alarcon must hauc nndfrgonc fn composing this letter of adulation 
for hi* flaily bread, but it in one which most wise men seem to have 
been saddled with, and which induced even ihe pure-goulcd Addison 
10 say in one of his prcfjctrs, that tht! portrait of the griping and 
ilUlcrate fhike of ^tulhorough would be of more value lo tnankind 
than all the moral treatises clHilered together under the ^\\\*i«C""W'i 
SpectAtor," " U is to you I speak/' continuci \\ncot\, '^ O ^M»3gt 



Tht GmtUntans, Magattne. 

btMt I H«jri;iare my comedi«i Ircat them atcofiling to your 
Cdi us is juAt, but 05 your whims inov< you, Thcf regard fou 
contempt and T^iciinut fear is having otr^ody p^^cd Ibc peril of 
hi^^ct* And CAn no^vbt^ in danger only rroai iufccELoti in faufdco*- 
]f th^ displease you^ I shall delight myself prith the conviction thu 
. they nre good ; if they please yoii, I sh^ll console myself wilh the idet 
llui being bad ihey hnve at least cost yo^s money.'* He «ould be a 
bardy writer tvho should address the pubUi: of to-day in such vrorilfl 
jL^ these. They Arc tioi, hou'i:vcr, witliout a parallel About the urac 
time Desmarets wrote at ihc head of his comedy, "Lea Vbion- 
nAiree/' the following quainm: — 

J'*«ni puur In ftolilri^]Hlls — 
Je acnii nwrri dt la pUirc, 

This it iihort, wttXy and to ihc point. Bui it it ft qucsiion, or 
perhaps beyond a question, whether the comedy was, if pkycd AfUr 

it, ascicte^. 

If the work^ of jxn author are a.ny criterion of his disposition. 
which, however, it is pretty certain iheyarenot, Alarcon must have had 
aheari exceedingly well-iempercdH The deformed mitn wasnot,tn 
Bacon's l;ingu.ige» '* even with nAtvtre." The chamjuon of »itlcer^ty in 
" La Vcrdad Sospechosa," and of honest speaking in " I-as PArcdci 
oyen,* he at one time insists on the eactcI natiiru ofa jiromisc, as in 
"Gana.rAmigos," at-onothLThcshowsthenobk-sU^ampleofa friend. 
as in the "Exdmen de Maridos," and at all he efihilJiti^ bcntimenu of 
delicacy, generosity, and honour. His thoughts are grcal, his pUna 
well concocted, his versificniion smooth, lacile, sonorous, without alfec 
lAcion, a rare quAlity in his dAys, and histrous in the white robei of 
simplicity and nature Assertion is little without proof. The bcaniy 
and excellence of the words he chooses, and iheir harmony, cAn 
only be Appreciated by one Acquainted ts-ilh his native tongue, bot 
evidences abound in all his plays of the other items of our pioicgyric. 

In "Ganar Amigos," Don Fernando has kJlledihc brother of Don 
Fadri que —justice is on his iraclt, he asks assistance from the LattoTi 
ivho olTers it him without knowing to whom he offers tl Don Fadriquc 
afienrards finds out he has promised shelter to his brother's murderer, 
but he keeps his wordj and when Fernando, surprised at ihi& magnani' 
mity, says, '* The earth on which you stand shall ser^c my mouth aa 
an altar," he answers, "Sir, arise! No thanks for what 1 do for 
myself, more than for you. Have I no: given you ray word^ 1 
gbligej you when J gave it, but in keeping it I oblige you notr but 


ty my own obllgailoa. and none oblige* by limplc pnymcnt Tlwl*^ 
fonr, 1 iiii'} to you. ■ Do not ctcusc younclf.' for without any tstusfl 
of your injury, above ^11 miti^tlon of your olTcncc, ii h incumbent 
oomelokccpiry^rctrL]," .^ficrwardsi Fndriquc fighu wiih Fernando, 
and conquers him. and when Fernando prefers dcadi to (tific1o»ing hia.| 
Ud/i secrvt, Fadriquc vxcblms: 

TUtC* ihm. RLEe runiplr i'( \ir:avfTy and buEio^r ! ufiuulltt^l fiilfTor of Int 
vObUliy t |jT( f ]leDAi:ii lorliMt a hlinrt vnrconim cf ihlfu thculd quench (he 
Ufht ifhifh jiiiir nlniir ^pirA'U nn-iiind you, i am uiivliirl ; fbr thtUEh ytiit 
lunirynii kkHnl my birrib^. you Innw ilio 1 cfiiigiiPTtvl .'ii>it rmili} }\i\f iillfi:] 
jofl ; but that [n fijTgiviog yon f hove Mifii]uer«i myicJf^ Nono Wiow [hni you 

killfdmy IjrolhtT, llicfcfoic I 4U) noT bomul in honoat n'h^*^P*'^'*'' liunuuf, 

Ihb •htiloir 4f A ahndf. mntialjly Lumoi in Iu>i]H>i[ ilic bcit piecuuf i-!^ Htittnuh 
drumaiiU, II h n <j[i«t)on itfciptti^r AJjircon hibl no( Tm frmf a miml ttr hc»iv 
clovn Kiir, and onlypui fr ti ij proiilti«e tb« vuTgB,r|— in Knnour tn LLII jmi. If, 
howtvtr, th« nuiLcr ?v<r bccnmi: kno^vn, Uii^i; m> honour niuit be laiteticcL wILh 
grout iloitli. Su Eniig oh it i* irnl, yuL ntz uai ^mly |ijinlgnc(t, Imt 1 tindl tic 
ubll^nl fu yoj if j<iii wilJ c'Lihtld^r ms as yowl fnsml- 

>5tjmi1i/a I trffpr yod my hanrt in Blffn of an clpmal iml^y, 
>^i>Ttffev, (.<o 1 Slucf he ithiJiiL J laved moTc thftn mytc\i it no nan, 1 thank 
my lot whiih. la^vpjiAit^ ui<; gf hlimltivrp lv& picwnlcJ me wttbtucha friend. 

Iti the " \'crda<l Sospcchoan," Don Bcimn, the faihcr of ihc hero, 
Don Gancia, admlnlstcTK (o liim a ri^bukc on his favourite vice— 

JTAlnvv. A.rv you & ^<A[Icrnan? 
G^rrfy, I lake layicir lo be yuur Hon. 
ffti&afi. Ami i» 111* ^nnn^iTi, iSinV ytm ? 

iSfA^tt. A mikukt. To b? « aent1«in0n itUtaOitt OM. V/hn mukcn huiua 
Boblrl 7h« Qobk d«Ji of ihcif foMmJcri, 

CiriM. Adiaru i^ivc nulqEilj. bul biiih alMipvct lE vriifaoul (hent 

PfUttw. K\ [■lLl^ wliu ik t»om wilhmiL hannur inny j^imu iN nuiy iiol one bwn 
ttrith hontjm Ihv ii ^ 
Cartia, TnilyH 

Attfpuf. l^hrr ir yi>ij acl UiiihuiiLrtiriihTy fou iLir m lungtf ■ e^nlli^m^n, 
lhiM|{|i my MD, OM btocO t« noaijhE 9)$3iii«l «vil liabitb, li j'^ur »VL>nJ tf^ir;; 
enough ti> punbh ill i)i« pdupl4 of Salamanca, who call you "ttiLli unv lo^ui.! a 
Itir ? How can ynu bn A ^)nvc to 4 vice »o d«liCiU« bnlh of plcn^urr adJ oi 
pn^l? Coirfiniiinr*4 ?tu1i»in [he f*>»rr nf ii)riii<:y ; gbniony jn ihc food** swrct 
viitiMrr j jpmlna lr> llii? hupe vf Rain ; ihv rubber in li]% buuij ; ihe nu>n1«rti in 
hit rt¥an[t E^ct^ vice hfli lornc plca^i-rl fmU bui lyiHg. whith nuvit only wilb 
Uhftinir lohl eontcuijiT. 

Combined with these moral heights of our dramatist, there is a. 
low jp-thund of ivitty repartee and comic situMion, if not as teen .is 
lh»i of Tintx at least more delic.iie- Don C^cJa describefl to his 
vervjint Tristan a bloody fight, the chief particulars of which existed, 
like iIkbc oJan encounter with men in buckram suic? referred to by 

fill 111 itiii MuMlT 1 imiiiiTiT V«airI«"«'*l«4(i'n>^T«« 
iL TWbbC 

IfdtnH. Den Omsm^ a !<■*< 

/«0. iter. t«M fad AalMUr. "Sa la^ u tU luccu plact Im wlfl 
vfilrl 4&Ih ipctt fbb tkil»t ud t* biog H bkfl p/mnhkl i*^ iDcnac ■? t^»>T 

eff> '" TV mu unut \k nuiI. «r ■ pott- Stifte Un cvt. ud |<U " |ah[ 

mn " ppporiii hb naaic. Now efw bpiI. 

raiuon mA In j«n. 

/iW' I tlk« the mirorpd mKm, bui tbr (nKlDrrt] yran in a InuJand dtm'l 
plgiH mc '[ultc vj well- 

Jltitritn- Don llurtJUlodt McftdoHU Clcvtr 

/4», Ami inEKPJlnl- 

Jliltmn. I'tMif, Inn hu n|vt(AlEnnpiL 

/v/f, Hopvi uf the 41(41 h of anotTicr. TliBl'i 9 mnUcrotil rjf Tiit pows oC 
ukvlnri^jn, lie mciy die hthit him whcK 4caih he deuns. 

/««. l^flh T Slmlhiiy himliirtJ ijoaboQl alwggai? 
JIAtrtiH. Ilv t>ME ina rldect. 
/vj. What ^ 
PtiitAn^ A lnul (?in|>Fr. 
/■*/. 'I"lui1 ii[hhIii bH. 

it/ttr4H. \i\\iiMv\ 1- vM^n ov». LI1icv«<?1, n \[\t,T\ hhil nH itnldopji^ 
iuti. Ah 1 InH iinp|i"iHc liff wca* Ui ituuw meoui ofwiiulo* In thafirilhat£ 
df If hftL u>a tfmjld iKv tJilmncm af rcpenuincc bc then ' 

/awp I'm. I wonl » liiwUm\ I mBi^ftlwi^\we,TwAraw\wM*al"«Y* ^'- 

Alar con. 

Afrfvr. Han Oiilllvti, a ni«n of Ec>oi1 ihifc uml L'imn^, IIha v T»r- 

/iK*. A Uw-iuiL Vaoi wrekh I 

/ivir. Uood, ki he lia>n*t 14 oiAkf hu livinc l>y H. 

/P0- Gootllii a bichelwr, If lie doet ii wltbi>m iw much abking, ami w(1L 
)cav« fiff*hcn j-^u woni hLm- 

/M/rjn Wbni »lijill Wf tay of him ? 

Sr/rram. Von JuAn, nn AndalucLan. U.ii\ of n^ bitdnra, bbi fond of 

/Mrr, A fnilinc which time and ocpcrktuice wlU wr«i He miut moR^ ud 
InCOmp lanM! cimfrr thr yoke. 

Atf*vit- He (s ulrcuFl^ 1 w^ilovtr 

/iH. OuL Kiih him tmmedkielrH He who mirrln iwLc« hoi leftmt hvn 10 

hminf > WLcfn^icr. nr »■ (vA- 

jS/JercH. Coiim Carlos e mMi of boni>vir, hobltft ri(*,K»H>iiT, (DiKl'tflniptwd, 
And Adanol ivtib c^ory cmcc. 

/mct. lid lioj Uii unr loulL 

Jiti&iiM, Ami lliAi U? 

/■ffi, I dim'L IJkr htrn- 

JMmth Oniy the Muiuli Don Fodriquc rcnmlni. Vou Atked me Eo tiiquir^ 
jktiAtil tliic ilcfccih ilul yuu vrrc Uild ijL IIlcj luc jilL true. 

/«n, All tnjt> 

/ha '[ hai l>lol liiLn i}ui, Uul, DO I what UK blolttnc him out Of the booli. 
wfccd ] mLQUl b[u| him uul fjf my iinirt ! 

AlarcoQ has a defect c^ommon to hiii tcnnpofrioU- Uc show:), 
with other Spaaiih pticKthiit want of mcUnchol)' aSTir.Tction which 
cwaicd A Hamlet nnd 4 I\niM- Thrsc children nf north winrii ami 
flttisi And pine treei seem impo.^inbLc eontcpimn^ under the dear 
Kf-arm sunny slcici of Ciiinic find Andalu^f^. I^vc and hrtnoiir iire 
ihetwocliordaof his lyrc^ continually moved by the breath of paasinn, 
ans>ix!ring each other in notes of exuberant and cxecsnvc sound. 
No loi'cr'i heart is there, bm an .4i]tna or a Wcry furnace. The: object 
of hb adoration is no mere morral womnn, " not lott g«r>d for human 
nature'* dail^ fond,' but she ii^ ri scr-iph, a goddess; her favours nre a 
heaven, her "hale a purgatory, her Tndifiercncc a hciL Nay. even in 
itic AffdinAry fornix of SpiiniTth talk, Es not the lady of whom you pur- 
chASCA yianl ofgliued ealko her grace? and dfi you not kbs her 
feet €m leaving her august prewticc ? This cxnggetation, which is a 
tMHii^ £ifi*iiiii and of it* e^senec, Alojcon, howt-ver, fails ivAa\c?a\yi 
far than other writer?. There is noi that anio\n\l oi tiXood'^tA ^"wXv 


Tk€ Gtnittman's Magatim. 

went far loiruds Qic favour in which Coldcron wu bctd ; Cor ih«j 
S^iamah people lovt a play btc ^Titsi Andronkut," or a 
ttigcdy ai the Vktaru^ full oF ksivei, gUD% d^;gcr\ nod all ini 
mcnr^ of dcalli- A proverb siyi ihcy want cvtrj-body to die — kat^ 
/f'j a^atttat^trts — cvtn m the ptompier. Soil AUroon coiild tuhdue 
hit hand 10 \\>c blood whirh js the liri% or the de^h, ibhen u 
ner<»^ry to work in ihai colour; witncu the wci^er, I'edro \\<stitcf. 
vho i» «ki»pir[DuaIy like the K^ Mohi qV Srhiller'ii *' Kol>bcva"; 
witncsii x\w '^ AnFidirtstf " ^ |>Uy in whjch iberc is a long thcoJofpi 
r)i«^iJK4[r»n tictTveien the firot-tgoni^ And KJja^ .tnd irhirik m niori 
of An iftfJVi nuTitiri^MiirS Uian ;t fitm/iiW, its oonrln«ion it rurtout. 
Thc Antichrisl brrtunrs enainoiired of a yotin^ ^rl, Holla, In thr 
last sfcne a boiiitihil lacing is bn^ugf^t lo him, nrhly' »domed, her 
walk intovioiiing, her cyc^ TirL\ Bi^l she U not Sofia, though wii 
SoFia's ouEwjird and visible grace. Sh^ in a demon ! The Anu-] 
chriat caE]&c« her to Att by his side. The other odoli^ucs Ate 
wiih Jealousy. Then conii^ ihe prophc^i Etins* and explains to 
the Aniidiiiat that he is cnjLracirg an empty shcidow, " You lie, 
fahe pruphot.'* atid he orders him to be led to instant cxccvition. 
Bm ii fifin fx miifMina ^iirives i« the person of an suigcl with 4i 
rtftming sword. >\bo lirLn^* the rcfll Sofia jind a host of Chrisiiafis to 
the riscuL'. The Antichrist falls. Sofifi pTaces her foot on tho nape 
his ncc^k, and announces ihc end of pcrsecuLirja and the ctcnul' 
kiiij^dom of OMiatianity. 

The gfpat f«ilc in Alarcon's |>Ecces, fiom a mechanical point 
view, is the litile variety of seenefj. He seems Itkc a cai 
manager, anxious lo utilise nld properties nnd save the cxpcn&eof 
ncVt btii it Vk-as the fiLUlt of his epoch. In ovrr flays it ts just the 
contrary; any amount of rh^ngc of scene, mechanical conirivanrcv 
flies, flats, and floats, whrch would do honour to the Wizard of the 
North, — but as to moral end, philo^iophical analj^ia, thotightful sub- 
stance, and poetical expression— too often realms of unoccupied 
space. Alarcon's vcts(.'S are written chiefly in the metre oF Tennyson's 
"In Menioriamn" Nearly all Spanish plays are» Et is well known, com- 
posed in a poetical fonn* All his women are praiseworthy — ihcjr 
present, like Shakespeare's, types. They arc more vaiicd at Icut, if 
not mote tender, than those of l^pe. The sprightly Leonora of 
" Change lor the Better " is far different from the devoted Theodora of 
the "Weaver;" the amiable Flor of "How toGatn Friends,"and the 
cofjuctic Inc^ in the " Trial of Husban'li," arc unlike as the sunshine 
flinl tho polar star, What a famoua Apology for women i« placed in 
the mouth of one of his servants — not mere echoes of their *ftattftT, 
aj \n many Spmish pieces — in " All is Luck 1 " 

Aiftnon, 333 

tvtioh Ic (la i^pm, lxv# nf none)':'— t^ himwhu ii. wLihoui ihu fAiiLc crM thafini 
Mooe. Ucu>|;»«ilr vonl— tlui how Llmcn hcfamc nrcd i»( waoinf m a week 7 
Hani III be won; — Art tJiey i>tjl Iiiu^tI 1i^ ui lo tc <aijUi>(i» P Wehiire iIktiii fluj 
Iwinf clifTiLull, wc^Jptij^bciliciri iflh^ fticFniy. I^liI If ii)nL4rwuiiker^tii]iiAi?F^iiii(l 
if withnuE wnmpiL aLI plEaiuraluiUEfvir uvrjur. antvil Ci^htltrtil 1>e Lhulrt whoiliina 
or injuir p^ fauan ftnunel. :inif hii jlIea ^vtincver «ap niit Antm ! I<iihitinypr9)«r> 

In ihc '' Cli;uUtcmcm of Fneiidihrp " ihctc i* j channuis diarjcier 
laticUcd Aurom, Shc» :tnU her lovrr PhUi]), in a <lialogiic i>f wJlcl^ing 
tjcauly, di>icovcT lo e^ich otltcr their mutuul love. ThiK vlcciion, 
living, ii is :o be hoped, a lait stveet Eusie In the Tnuuih of ihv 
rcatliTT, muM ct^nctuJc a rclice, jlie^dy |Jvrh j|j!i too long, of u dramatic 
\niex.. y,\\o h;i« enhchrd Ibc wunid with Jil Icittl iweniy |>Lr>r('Sof nlmubl 

Diuiiyi>m»i [a f\\on i^relAcc ii^ ncce«t.iry Id Ihc fu^l nndcrsUnding 
ofouf ftel^ciio")" (yr-jnl of Syrjiriiic^ i^ in lovf *iih his tiiccv Aurura, 
and iiei^iuidcs philiii, one of his tuuniefs, lo obtain u btcret ia- 
tvrriicw tvitli Ikti: und |j1cAd hig |ia!i>iiDn- Aurcir:i rebukei Philip 
OitcnuLly on llie ^rimnd tif Iioiir^Lr and profiricty, (tidly ihraiigh 
a riling loVi.- for hiinscir, of which nhc i* however lioidly coh- 
sciou*, Phdip fiiHic*. u stcond tinic : lie has ^wom to gain what *lic 
tcfuwd ti> Ilia nin&tcr ; 1ii« love at the mo^t. Itc *«£Ly4, can but cott him 
hti life. In Ihe mean time Atirorii hjni ewtilved ouC of ft vpcqlen of 
ttclf-coinmunion the Lnowicd^fr L>f her nwn juTn^jon for ?luli]j, and it 
u her object through the rollciwing dia]ot;(]f^ to make him declare 
himnclf. ^Hisplc^tdingof anoiher'* liJve," slic (ohloqmjeB, "inu-i- 
pECU'd liJA own " :^ 

/"fifJ^- 1 Aiit CDOie A tecond Um^ fair Auianir «■ tn unfcfilirikrilc riic»rfl|^r, 
TTw Kip[ "ill iiTfwerfijl. Fi>njtvp mc if I --ifTiT-I ycu in wiping mj. Fur hi wb& 
«fn iVvOI oLivdlvncv i^ luM wLlIluVI ckc-UkL- fur hit cmjc 
Anrrra. I'liilip 1 1 know ikjI wUai \o luitwer, 
Pkiti/ Tl i> 4 w^fl^^jcnt 4ti*wCi" To wr you arc no loPfttr *nyiy 
Atirera, ll I* no crlint tu lovr , J| {« a. mfiml flnii^r} w}ij'i!)i ptsuAt itti, U 
I eannr>i iriuni hin tarn, 1 miyal IcuE bc^micfiiK So bd nut turpriivd it, ihuuifh 
■r^ry Mic lir>l innf. J hivo on rcllactir>n loam! it ia no crim? lo Inve, 5i|lcc love iii 
s lul^r'l nnTtTij wliL^ti pWv^nEI, 

Tlic wotOk rcpc^Ltcd by Aurora ire those lUtid by Philip {n a;i 
earlier p*iTt of (he play. 

/^iiV (dii^''}' Alut I »ni im<loti«^ 

Xnrppd. lliil why i!o 1 TaWr ibit liuiililc (4 etniK myHlf fordutng \\aX w^ich 
faa «imf hppv tx|nt»»ly lif nukr me <lu f Tdl hit Mjijoty — - 
i^Mif xa/itf/). Ah t 
Autor^ 'I lut 1 am htcMy hoDOorAd 
Phiti^ >Vlm dm ymt wy? 

ifftiwa- V«u u« piQvcO, It «vtni«k 



7>t< GiH/Iemoj^s Magacim, 

rkHifi. (yfjiiErT leant cnnonl ITT jcoUiur.l XatmJI,m)rltt1}r. tfjkfr; 
{■ ItTT Jdlli.) T v.'tt (ci ]ilt««r>1 wi[h ihr i^ithl nroft 1 un In Wm ti> bU ^CljtiC^] 

Aun-rn. {^friV-f- ^n you chui^ cblovir w^ih fiWtnrr. Sq( h bit of t£ I H 
nrnkc yiw Mi^fw « in ihe nek. if ynv ^^-fin'V bj i»UiCT Tnfli«, I Tell hi», lheo» 
»liiL.'i? yv'M wi- \Mi i\ef[i}y inEcir^ilii] ill h» wclfAtTi Uikt 1 wUL bor him tloA ivif 
ni0Ji picoii hit own ouia 

/*/iiJifl. [Att^r- 1 cuinui itimm^il^ [ fnutl k4v« h«r ^LboW TTtrklBd or 
fear mj' ward* ■*il! ipit rtiy lip'p an<1 How out u twn ffom my cycL) Ji 

^ufrJTu, Dn vfiu lu>t^ mc thiia^ Hlsj-it ilklfi^F Dican wTut 1 Udi jbil ndW- 

PAilif. YiTD liirln'l mnn — 

Atirvr^. Say noLlilne Ii> the kinj:- 1 wuonJy prateadlii£<— 

Aurvnt. Vdu cloh't fcceiiT [u Ijc w inlrrchrot in lii» Majcilj ■* jou irac jibI 
dcaVp Wh^, yau should ww|>. 

i^ip. YonATvnMdtgiplwMd to««ODa happy? 

d^wnrrtL A woman jj never dijplcued vhca the hu aiUlneJ her oUJE^d, 

^upiw, Simply ihf knawlgili^ gFa ucni which you ihodchL tehidffraaii 

Philip. Willi irtrcl^ 

^HRfTi. Oif? jnjdr Fyc« TiiivF Told iiic in iptc uf your tnoiillL 

Pki^if. Wlm! liive you icfu in my eyet whMi i^an OUl on my Kpi> 

-^urf^B- hormw for the kiti^'a 'iiiccc«i, 

/'fiifij*. Uut if my rytt hAVc idoit credit v^iUt yen ihan mj ti^^» why did jiuu 
Arii^ti fitlaelj' the Uvi ol my ifiouth, kk^tcaJ iA Ibtcuiii^ Ui tile iungoa^c uf m/ 

vf iiirvni. [ hAvB read y»ur «yn cnmelly, Ihftn I 

/il*/j>. Would yon UU mt to uy " V»7" 

At**'*^*- Can joii aritWH- ■■ No?" 

/tttfrA J will tnv wtiflt yoL plefl«. 

Auivm. Will full tct Die be the fm( (o declare mytdf ^ 

/■iSi/^^fl, Von iiT (ly mji mc. 1 tnw can I TKi[tc to d«ei*e jou ! 

Anrvm- You hafr Mule wnTirViice in ytiuE i«uia^, 

/'^j/r/. But wUo ii worthy of vi>u ? 

Ai'ff'it- iic wtiLim 1 uk, ifJic will iniuIoD mTbdiig the fint IouIl if t un 
Woi'lliy iif [lira. 

^H^rAA So v-e nifty jpeftk plainly then. Oh I dcOf Autotb, I ailorc you, 

Annfit- Thnak liM\«nJ we'vcjjol Ihcrc at [«l- 

PMiiJ\ ^oft hii t"rn), Froui llic y-tty firsL niumrnE I mw yon, Sc. &l"- 

Bul the phy <loc?i not end welL Philip^ afraid of the ^ttig, who 
ihrtal^Tn tn employ force in his amour, disdoics everything to 
AuTOia's father. By a ^eric? of circiiinslBUCcs Ihc king is deposed 
and Aurora's fatlier rti^^ in his sle^d, Pliili|> comts for his tewirj 
— the hand of his daiighlrr. " Noj" says the new momudi, •'ywi 
deceived your m!kst<!r- Von revealed what yau iwoTe to kcejj secret. 
You are iin unfailhiiil vassal. Off inLo ciilel I j.m ihelcmgl" 

It ia the hilf absurd, half melancholy dhiodtntttt of this pi«cv 
which JTihlifies its title of "The Chasliscmenl of Fru'iidship/' 




OSE of Ote moal inLeitistui^ studies fur tTie p^yslotogUt h 
that of cndc^Lvounng La d^Lerminc Ihr hws m virtue 
of which Uie sg-called "freaks of Niture" are productjU- The 
popular opiiiton reigurilmy the prgduction (jf curi^jiiLUcs und nbnor- 
malitic* iii hv'mg iMjint-s unhcsiutingly poiiils to a bdiuf Uut I>auie 
Nncurcp \i\ »oni(; fit of caprkiou&tif-bs, occusion:!!!^ gh'Vh the i>;Iii U> 
hcF £mcy* with Ihc i^fsult <jf ptoduting tome ctraiurc which di0er» 
widely from iti^ n^re?^ kin, and which becomett n true /f^r rurfurw, 
PTKPniing a (ubjcct foi ihc Wonder and awe of the isnorani, and for 
the somc**lut more re%'eicni investigation of the man of iticnce. A 
Lhcle contuleration, howeveif tbows us th^t from a builti nequAmuncc 
wilh the condiiioQS of life, we ti\^y \<ity reasonably rgfuac to believe 
in any such iOeiis of ihe '*a|)orti"of Nature. So f:u from abnor- 
malitit^ in aQiraals and pluJiU belny produced as tht r<:sult of un- 
determined " fr^ka ^on theparCofKaturv, these unwonted cgndirioua 
can be shown to rv^ult from the operation of laws :\s binding and iS 
iiiexoMble in Iheir sway iis ihose which rxile the physical universe at 
lajf^e- We may nol, it is tiue, be alwayti ec;ual \o the elucidation uf 
every problem which may be presented to us in tbew-jyofexphuning 
the unujuil working of the lawn ©nift and growth; but the imperfection 
of out knowledge alTords no ojgunient agaia^iC 3 dtm hcYxtii in the idea 
ihai the reign of Uw is both universal and well-directed. Pope's 
dictum, itiAl 

A tl naluK u but Art, anknown 1& lh^ ; 

AU chnnu, dincrion, whicli ihoD aniL not M«, 

enptcsses after all the trtic sentiment of the scicntilic observer when 
cngBj^cti in considering some oiriosily whjdi, lo the ordirifliy 
mind, h\mp\y nuggats m tncODgnuty of ihc moat typical kind. By 
^he man of wJence^ Uic case is regarded as one wherein some law of 
nonnal development h^ been InFrin^ed, and in which Ihe operation 
of some Other md sccnndory law has prevailed to bring atwut the 
development of the ifO'catled '* freak of Kaiure." The betiefmJjibu* 

Tife Gtniltnmns Magatin^. 

Unis i^^riiiim may hr^ tr;iccd to the ImplidE reliance pbced of old m 
iliF<-LpricJouKncuof Ndlun-- irNatuTcmndc^foublc-hauledini^nntoi^ 
:ind Joined noriruilly 4q>Einic individnAla in closest Einion, why couil 
vhe not pmdii^ crcjitEirt-s hnlf men iind half fi»h, and cv«n more 
■Uftliog fnrms? Ani3, na ?V(rr)- imdccit of in)'thoTog]r nuy unngiTie, 
the belief in the dcvdopracntof L^niiuireand like bcmp romtd a 
oatunl uqucncc of a hlind rcliaT^cc on die power of Natumoprockicc 
trcAtiirct of any form, and of :hc mosi wondrour* kind- Thnt lhi« 
belief tn the t3]iTitio»% spirit of Njviurc pcr^iisicd in comj^mively 
recent tJETici nuy he proved by anyone who will Uke ihc trc>uble to 
invtBtigule the opinions that iveic held in the ifith anct 17th cennmei 
regarrhng the production of " fossil 3/* The diiCovcryof petrified 
aniino-ln and pl^ls in the rock-£i/ stems of the e^lh was rcguded 
by the primiiive geologtsis as a-^otdln^ the cEe^irvet evidence of 
the mintculoiiB in the history of creation. 'J^hc mediajval phiToAopherA 
tau^'ht ihai fo&sils were mere " frea.k£ of Nature," and Ihe prodnei* of 
what they termed .in unknown fonnative instinct Of power — the " ninm 
formalivu^ " tend '* ^ls filsisika " of che old wiiiers ; whiUl there wcrr 
not wanting certain sage spec^ilaicis who gravely declared thefi helicl 
that th^ indolence of the hi^^vuniy boJieii had much todo^^'iih thcpro^ 
duuion of thL'Eefosaili&cdreiiiainji, Wu now explain ihe hi^rory of f<Jtui 
organieniB, as every i>nc knoivs, tii x ^nuch ^nore ncJiural ftad aintplcr 
fashion ; and. regarding' the production of true aUnormftlJlics in living 
pkinis and animaU, w may be tiolcd that science le las: rcvolutioni^ng 
the old idcixs of their origin, by subitituling for a belief in the vague -wd 
mysteiioiis. tlie knowledge of the operation or viukuion of nmural \XHi^ 
From the earliest inwK^. inan huEi taJcen 1 deep inierest in the 
marvellouft, and o^jiecially in that aspect which rcbics to the pro- 
duction of abnormal beings uf Itis own kiiid. References ui andent 
literature to the existence of gianti^ aj^d dnarfs an^ by no rucona tvrt^ 
and c^'en in the rect^id^ of the sacred historians we find mention nuule 
of beings of abnonnid stature, since ive are informed that "ihcw 
were giants in tlie earlli " in pairiardial tim^s. Henrion, a Mctnhcr 
of the French Academy uf Sciences, published in 1718 a work in 
which ho :trsued for the grtai decrtase in stature and physical coft- 
fonnation generally whitli had uken fjlace in die human race between 
the Creation and (he advent of the Christian era. In this curious 
treatise, the learned but somewhat credulous audior infonns us that 
Adam was ] j j feel 9 inches in height, whilst Eve's stature is Jificncd 
to havt been iiS feet 9 inches and 9 hncs. The eiaciitudc of the 
Academician's calciilationa foinis a noticeable point in the rcciul ; 
whiisi no less lemaikabLe is his a^bcition of the inexplicable degcnentcj 

Ort Ciff^nfs^ 337 

which iKc tacc nccms to have undergone within Q<^mpantivGlyshort 
period- N"Ofth. «c arc told, attained a height t>f only i; feci ; 
'Abnhnm wnn iKiTcly fo feet ii^ r^turia : whilst Mother: is allc^c/t 10 
have measured only i j feet in height Hcrmon takes cvrc to add 
thtt in his □pinion the advent of ihe Chriotian era prevented ihc 
iCCDtinuoui^ deaco&c which had hitherto prevailed, and records hia 
ttunkfulne^s that humanity wa& not permitted to becon^e represenied 
tbj infinitesimal or mictoscopic tpcck^. The ancien^t and modijtval 
accounts of human gionii ore imermingled with much th^t ifi piobletn- 
atic- and in some cases absoiutcly fiibulous. We aie assured, 
rbowcver, that the height of FunnoiPp 3 Swi^tt^h gi^t who lived in the 
[time of l*o[ic Eugene 11. — this pontlCTs di^dtli liaving occurred in ihe 
[jtarSv7— wah 11 feet ; whiUtm 1 ^09 there were di&coveet^at Roudi 

tvmnina oJ tlw Chevalier Rin^on, ^vhc^e bkull y,i*s alLi^^ed 11:^ hnvc 
(lapable of Iioldm;^ a bushel cif^ whe^t, whitfit the length uf hi« 
shin bone ia ^uied at 4 feiru In 1705, ihi: akddon of a hero nonied 
Bucart wa^ disinterred at Valence, the remains inc.isuring some 93 
f«et in length, These cobcii of huge develojiment may very appro- 
priately be Ciipf>cd by the Sicilian &tory of a human liLeleton which 
was lively mainUincd to nico^uie 300 feel in length ; whilst, with the 
appaicnt ^.^bject of giving additional vcraijiy to th^ recital, this 
pant's walktuj^'itick wb& alleged Eo have adso beea fgund. the length 
ctf this appumUagu being given at jo fe«- 

We muBt natufally allow iiiudi fuf iTie ciedulity of Iheoge in which 
these ondiimil^ inMAncci ufhumiLn giants were notunly related, but 
•i1m> believed in. But again wt find that ignctfance of natural objects, 
and the then infantile stage of natunil science, may to^^cthet be 
credited with inducing mi implicit faith in SLch legends. Sir Hans 
Sloane. of BfilJih Museum celebrity, was one of the first to exptew 
hk opinion that the remain* described jis those of human belngh of 
innnensc stature, w^rc not those of tnen, but of some huge e^iingt 
aaimoli -, Sir Hans' idi-jft being met, in the spirit of the age, with ft 
fierce op(x>!ii[ion of a pwudo' religious kind He was thnrycd, 
through the enpieision of his opinions, with impugning the Huthi-n. 
tidty of the ScripiurcB, an(1 with heresies of hke kmd, *Iiii thosij 
who (hufc had their belir^ " nail'd wi' StriptUT' " were rather djscon- 
cerled a Hltlc later by the announcement that Cuvicr, through the 
eicrcisc of hii talents in the investigation of fo*<iil remains, had de- 
clared the remains of ihc ^uppoacd human giftnts ii>be ihoae ol eKiinct 
Ardmais, which were no duubt jlIso gianti in their way^ eqiecjjljy 
wtien «MTipar«l taith then ciisting reprcicnt;itivcs. Thus fossil aloOis 
and elephi^nih of large 3;£e hod been d»m^ duly for giants of the 

VOU 0<;3tM. >^ IT^i- 2 



Tk^ Genik mmi s Ma^a2in€~ 

EBce, and ibv t«vtii of fattaa paflU, whx^ ued CO b« ko 000- 
'■ploiai^ dispb)red in tnuicnBs, vrcn vek^ted co ibctr pnpr 
atflieK mk1<t the deacripdon of <tie argiaac rf rlfyifm'i lm> 

The coMicUralKn of «ome of 1^ be>t-Aitb«Ai»cu«d tmm «f 
niftnkind hai^ atutiM^I ID nodem t[in«« A T«7 bix« ftinn Dttf U 
fitif pifcfticed bf > brief account of levfcal po>p« of tovcr ■niaih 
ih wtakfa individtub «i^ kvown do ocovkmxltr oihiliit gipitic pn>- 
ponidniL tinoe sachsMndv^if coaipami«ieiSr*«laiiiDtat«iDiBkias 
in obuininii M>m« cleu id«u ni^jrdio^ th« pcfvjioiicc of gpntt in 
lover life In vomc of the b«ti4 ipoupa of ibe aariiBJ vcridK* pun 
■pcci«t> or ncmbim uf species uiiich are cvJinarily of annll an, 
vuy iofncamet be devcloprd^ Moit rcadcn kmnr loincdiihg'cf the 
EOOptiyin — ifaofc cuiicui pbuil'Uke animab. which wc v> rreqqtf% 
cost Kip on our Khom, and wluch inm>' be obtained in Krent quantitNi 
by dredging ^1 Tw^"<1 ourcoatlv These organiBnt ordinBr9y tacawnt 
3 Cpw inchoa in lcn|[th, but o.-iLunlf (he higeiit of ihcn imi»t (brink 
bio in^fgniAcanc<: when coiDpcLrcd ^^ili the giAai foofiliytt obtaked 
by the dredge of the " Chailiengcr * o? the ooeui of Jafgm, and ipin 
off Honohilif- Thu oi^ni^m mroj^Lrc^ 7 feet 4 inched ia height. 
\\% ^tcm haa 1 dianicln of h»lf-3n'fnc ti, u:nd the moiiihii and tecillidec 
of KiiTK or itt ini.hided sininnls inenhiiK <j inches JUirou. Tha tndf 
itan trxamplr of .L veritable giant'i^io: ; ;ind \\ fonu'i not the \vaXL 
curiouK fcaiiiEt of Ml' li '-L liein}{ tij cuntider Ihil h-ratv rhus pn:(cnted 
with ^T^ TA*m(>]e of a literal iiniiiul tree, tonsnting of nvMOOUA 
^nimAl fornif, which* however, unlike the vast mAJoHty of thcfr 
neighbours, grow \\\\ in ihc iintngc similruidc of a plant. 

Panning by, with ^ mrre mention, ihe in^Lir)ce£of w>in« put M^ 
worniv, Kontc? of ^vhich-^iuuh as the N€fn€Jiti of the xooTogist— nH^ 
aicnin it length of fotty feet or more, we may not« onuin eictft- 
ordinaiy wnA laitructivc cues of targe developi&ents anon|U 
fTiolliiM oils ninnmli. Shdii inay vary greaily m siW| tM the vmior (ft 
*ny Uqjir rnii»(rt)m may observe, but probably the lur^^i knonv 
shells nrc tho?n.- of llic nifint VAwtx^{TritUima j^f^ntttt) ^ iJ^^ IndiV 
OeeJin, (h<r shclli of whu^h mniy nititsuic a yard and 4 hn3f Oi leHgA 
and weigh 50o1l>?i- 'Hic conuineil auiinal may iittab ft H-elghl <f 
(olba.^ nnd forms a dc*icri]j(ion ni Dysicr of tough but pcdjtiAblc kind 
In the chuPfh of St, Siilpiee At IWia, br^t s|iccinicn» of thrHr sheCi 
lire to be wen* thr vnlvc^ hnng usi^i for furie, Un<Tii<"^tion*ljIv. 
however, the r[]tticfi*hc-'i conalitntc fl gtonp, jirnund which our inicroi 
nuflt centre in regard to the huge development of m^ny of tftoe 
fomis, atift to the t^uriois historical and IcfrendJiry aspt-ctt with vhidi 
the ^trcttiOR h^ become invtaCed. The aludcnt of daiisicnl lotv inD 

«t no loB for msUuccs of giant developments of culLtcR»hc«t 
fitice Pliny ^nd other tvrilert pvc full accouotft of tome mon^tvre 
ithidi weic ;Uleged lo exiKt in tlicnc euly day^t ^<^^ C-o cause fear and 
'rjTVT c« reign supreme In man: th:ui one cujuidme KUtC- Ptiny^ 
hts Natural Hutoryr r(r]a:i?s the history of oae "polypus," of 
which cnhibitL^ a iin^u]ai liking for ultcd lunmcA, Kinuu it 
to cnicrj^c ;il n(|;hl fVoTii the scj, and turry off iLs ?>LKjly frujii 
tht' curcr&' aturtr^ Anodi':r r:iiLtft''t^h is dc^tnbcd a^ h;Lvijj|^ hJLUitcd 
tfie coasts of Spain, and dcva.i>t3k'd the fLsherit^^ 'Thh < n^iiture was 
ficuUy CJptuivd, and, :ls the iutidtm is told by Pliny, xhu body 
Bvightd T^oJht, tlie *rrni surrounding thr hcud iiicinHinng len yards 
ID Icai;^^]. ^li;An, ^s•]w%c periud datVH from a.u- }?o U> 150, febic« 
Ihe hi&tory of a cuitle, which resembled PUoy's mon^lcr In iu oifinlty 
fbr cured fish, (ince it alto muiTe mids on the fikh-curcrs* storeA^ :^iid 
pbtuncd iu booty by cnithing the bjLrrels in which the prcs^'rvvd 
liicits ^ere combine J> 

The natufiilists of ihe Rer.iissancc.- were certunly not behind 
(licir classic prfdct.esEoii in thtir ntUnls of yi:int LutUcfithcit. and it 
bcconws tf^ietfdmgly diffiruil, or even impo&sdilti to stTitmilc out tbu 
tr-i) fcURi the fabulou:^ in deaUni,- wjtli the records of »uLiie of the 
^leJi'^eviil wTiteis. The IcKvndn of Nott^icrn Europe* for ciamplv, 
i>ng ciedittd iht Northern Stas with iflbrdinj; refuge to a litrjie 
iter of lUldeSuh' nature, to which the nunie of ilii: ''Kmkcn " has 
applied A worthy but credulous ecdcBiastlc, Erie Ponioppidm 
pfoame, and binhop of Bergen by office, propagated — no doubr with 
0ie best lutcntiontf and with x fLrm belief in hk rectl^U^^muny 
^tonlthing ideas and theories rL^;^din^ the existence of the tCrakf n. 
his "Natural History of Norway/' publiiJved about 1754, he 
Uh that ihifa Kiakcn vrni^ 
BiggeiCa tliat the itppt^irj-ntc ot 
bctged 11 the ivater, |urt;d nnw;try mariners to a dreaj/ul fate, these 
perstiDs bnding on a movinij; ni^i^a ijistead of an a. firm Island. Such 
Ui inddeut it E>ar3]1el4fd in the ^'Arabian Niglitt^/' in which it Is 
E^lcd, if we temcinber arighc. Iliat Sinbjtd dte SulIoi and hi^ com- 
panions itteinplcd to hold a picnic g»n the back of a wliale. undt-r ihc 
onbukcn idea th;Lt the cet-Jcean w;t£ &o1id land> F]o;tting ibhnd& and 
lea-monslers ^gatc largely in rouioppidan's work, but we caimot be 
inclined tndcalh,irdly with thclearnc-l bishop, sin^e he was animated 
lE we mtiKi believe, and a» he him^If telU us, by ** a desire to 
mteJid the poptd.'ir knowledge of the glorious works of i heneficeitt 
Creator. " 

Another writer and ghurchujan, Olaus Magiws, tn \va " \U5\Dua. 

'Miker an IsUnd than a bejE^l," and 
thi: animal, as It l.^y alnioat sub- 


Tk$ GintUmans Ma^azim. 


dv Gvnttbui Scf>t^^ti'ioi^J^libu:i," dicing fr&m 15^5. ^bo relates nmy 
curioLit Ldcv urtlic Knikcndud ether gigantic fomvb; And inUie 
cir th« Utter n-rittt, ii \% even mom «1irEailt than ia the ttudy 
Foiiti>i)pldiin'i ivoT-lt M »epjifftic facii; rrnm 5ctian. But of All the 
muUiuval «titr7T< who drew Urgely iijiaiv imn^inAtion, [>cn)rt d^ 
Monlfurt WM probably iKe mnsl notable. This wnter inhTiitd;^' 
lew f icuic than his contemporiiie* I'oi perpe(uatiiig ciTOn, wee 
wjw one of ihi^ a^sKlsnt^ iu the Natural HislCiry Maacuin of 

d ihut cbmicd tillr fo pnswrsi Acii^ntilt*: kiir.wlcdgc anfl accu 
CutwiUiiUndin^ his ^iticTiufic jifc ten -.ions, ho^cvcT, lie Motitfort, 
I:i« "Hi«loiT« Naturclk Cdndrftlc ct Pvdculi^c dn Mottu«que».* 
prop4i{Aicd man^ idca.4 of crron^tLi^i*. not to My ludicrous, Vind 
T^giifding Ihcoaurrcncc ,ind power of gUnt cutilcfishcii, Thu*, 
boMly awcrta ihc esialcncc of a giajil " poulpc" 01 nciopws wrhi* 
as dnronsi rated by a niost »CDialionnl engraving, he nllegcd 10 be 
t,ip,ilj)(! of dwfro)-iiig ships wbolculct by dmgEiTig them beneath the 
wjvc* with its arms. A thrcc-maaicil bnirquc of cotiiider-^tiic diimm. 
sion* 15 thui rcprcacntcd as being dcYa-HlnteJ by a ■* poulpe" of guinc 
size, ullhoLigh it is related thai the crew managed to eacApi^ dcitme- 
tion by severing the monster's arms with hntchett. Nor wa* Oe 
Momforl conienicd with this endeivour (c* dcrcive his rc^deiv Re* 
port says that this worthy deehrcd his inientjon to make Ihc poulpv 
destroy A whole flLrer, if tlie story of h\^ one enLuigIrd ship »^s 
aecf pted ; -nnd rc]wrt appeara to have Sfioken tndy in this inst^wce. 
since, in the ^eirond volume of thi:: work referred io. he infurms hi» 
readers tliiit si^ Frunuh i;ien-of war, (;apturcd by Admiral Rodney on 
April 12. t7fi»i were cngiilfcd by giint eintlcfishefi, along with (gar 
Brihsh ships which atlcd as convoy to the pri(c,v The actiMl locii 
of the lativr incident, as ofliciaHy rccordcrin show Dc htoDtfori^ 
asscrtionb to b« utterly faJse- The rix prtuci arrived safely ai 
Jarrwiia, but on ihtir stibse^iieni voyage (o England were gicatly 
damaged by a violtnt sit>rm, in which it is needless to remark tlie 
*' colofsii poulpe& '^ of Dc Momfort played no part. 

As a last example of a talc of giant <;ultlL'fishcs, in which cTeiLienls 
of diricrtpnncy and cxj^ggcraiion iirc plainly diaccmibic, we imy 
select the recital alleged by Dc Monifnrc to have been obUJncd &Ofn 
llie hps of Captain Jean Magnus Dena, a ivorlhy nstvi^tor who 
hailed from 7>uhkirk, and who made voyages to ihe Chinese Sca& 
Biing becalmed on one occasion mmid-oee^n, Taptain Hen^ l&e 
ai energetic: master marEncr.set his crew to work to wrjpc and (>aiai 
the aides of hia ship. During the |n:ifomiiincc of this operapUoOi A 
gifLFit cuttlefish wa? allpfied to have risen from the depihs doac to the 

On Giants. 

of ihe vf^»d, and to have cairieit o^ Iwo of the Railot^t wliil^i ii 
rU a tlKTiJ with oiie of fis afnia ; ihc startled cri!W| howeier, by M 
halthetK and prayers lo St Thomas* Iheir tutelary aiiint. succeeded 
in releasing ihcir comcudc by cmting off ihc inirudiog racmbrr The 
kngdi of the arm thus severed it Elated by Dc Monifori at 95 icau 
«hiUl it& thjcknef^ i<} said to liuvc c^ii^lcd Ifi^t of Den»' mij;en< 
yitd, it« aiKker:* Iicull; as big as «Auce|jan \U\^. I^ob^ibly Dent dJd 
oiCtua% encounter !X cuidcl^^li, and it it posiiLblc he niay have engaged 
in liAClle wtih LL The sequd vrill show iIhli diU «j|j|>06)tion va both 
^■iiranicJ aiiJ lei^onable 1 biilj on the olher hand, there <:ui be 
little duul/L that grei^L allowa^icc must l>e ikiade for De Montfort't 
pioclivtttct for enaygtration, and a consJdtiablt n^Uiction in the ^iie 
of ihc aggiMHvc poivlpc may be safely bargained for. 

1[ u fortijmtLe thai Ln scieniihc records^ wiitttn uf LinnipilcJ by 
men who«c ifiJtHClrr as obscivtis sn<\ s^ faiEliTul rcLoniccs aX what 
they luiw hi above SLtspiciun, we possess i^videnct' Lo !»how ihaL icunEs 
of the cutlloft^h rac^e du uni.|ui:«tjan3bly occur in varivviB auati ; wliibtl, 
SI u^ll yrcitntly l^e rclaleJ, (hi= euminalioD, wtdim dii' few past 
yean, of the r<^ni,iins of ievctal imgc roldcfisb-formi Lib pl;iccd 
their ocijurreiice \viibm ibt: donuim of %obcr zoological HicL I'ur 
cmoiple, Peron, a cclebrnied French natiitalist ^uid explorer^ relates, 
in hi»'" Voyage of Diiicovery.'^ iIkii hc saw in the yeaf iSoi, off Van 
Diemcn's Land, a cultlcfl^l1 which |>ni&e'i%cd a bcdy uf the si^e of a 
bjircel ; the length of the amw being estimated at 6 01 j feel, and 
ihcTF largest diainelrr ai 6 or 7 inches^ Qtioy and C^imard, whoM 
reputation ai ohicrvcn and travellers of a past generation is world* 
^'tde, Aucri thai in the All^iniic ihcy fell in withlhr mutilated rrrnain.^ 
erf a gi^nlic nqiiid or caLimarj- — .1 kind of cuttleJiih rcpiesented in 
our own hens by specimen* atuining .1 maximum length of \\ feet 
or so^Uic original weight of this specimen being ranghly cftliinided 
7X 300 lbs, JTie learned Profc*5or Steensimp, of Copenhagen, rtlatet 
that many years ;ijjo a large tdamary was cast upon the Danish coast, 
the length of this ipctimcn being set dovm at ii feel, the tentjclat 
addiD|; on additional 18 feel to the lalteT meai^uremenL In 1854 
Mr«ustiup met willi u second t.iscof like kmd in the shapcr of a large 
CUtde whit-h was thrown a*ih ore on the coast of Jutbnd ; the length 
of thii spe^-imen being at least fully equal to that of the prcvioti* 

A lingular and intcrcalmg incib-Icnt in the voyat'"^ of the Vrenrh 
Wii'Sieimer " Alecton " was afford4!d by the discovery, on the ^nlh 
November iSGi,of a gianle4lam,iry, between Madeira nrul Tcncriffe, 
The body of this specimen WhU said to attain a length ot 16 or 17 

Thi GsnUemans Mtiga::itu, 

r««t, minus i)lc orma. 'illi; Anicnal wa$ met ^th ^qjUiq^ Istlisttly on 
thcr surfjtc< of the ^ea, und, .u btf<::ini^ j^ }^^jjiI &aIIor, CommAodei 
Buuycr, of th« "Alecion," jjuve the ccijJuilojioti bollJc ; the taf- 
poons. however* tore throu^li tlie soft Rush cjf Like aniin;J, «h3vt itic 
bolkla fired at it dmply imbt^dded tlierost^lvi.'^ m ihc mA£S «lhouC 
doling iiiudi itppurtRl (l^iniiigt; \*j till? i:re::aLurc. 'file cmr ^t tfiu 
•* Alccion '* succeeded in piissing i nywne aioand ihc Lul&i <tf the 
monster— ibis fin being shaped somewkit like in jiro«»head — so that 
the rope was firmEy retained by the fin, and con&idcrablc prcGSOre 
could be thus made on ihe animati iwdy by pulling .tt the itjpc. 
UflfortuJiatL'lyj the softness of the body, logether with its dead wdght, 
d^ftKtted Ihe iniE^ndutia of the crew, for they sueceedcd in puUIni; 
on buard ihu tail lin md tip of the body. Eeaimi; the maimed panti 
minus bis uil* lo dlbappear in the deep, Tl;i; purtii>ii thus captured 
weighed about 40 Jbs,, and the French consul at Tenaiflt. in tut 
repon of the ntatlcr sect to the French Ac;idemy of Scienccjs, relates 
that he inspected the captured portion two days after the occiErretkcc: 
Some of the most mieresting coses tn which huge cephalopoda 
have been met with, howevcTj are recorded in the narratives of BKiuh 
science. On the 25lh of April 1 S75 a Urge cutlkAsh was met nith 
Msking on the surface of Lhe sea of Bollin Isliind. Connemjua, b? 
the crew of a ''corragh," this hlier being a boac consimcied ofboopc 
and tarred canvas, and somewhat resembling the " coraele" of euly 
days. The ttshermen, knowing the value of eutlle-Ash but, atuckcci 
the jnintal. and, after a hard chase, lupi>ed ofT several urma, tOgeChCr 
with the head, the body being allowed tu sink. It v^ due to t3:te 
bilelligence and care of Sergeant O^Connur, of the Koyal IriLb Coo- 
slabulaiy. tliat portions of the lenlaclts and the beak were truu- 
micted to Dublin for preservation in tlie museum of the RoyaJ Dublift 
Society, and from the description of these valuable relics by Mr. 
Hore. assistant naturalist in ihe above museum, we extract the fol- 
loving pa ruculars. This specimen. like all odier speties of £qiiidfl» 
hftd ten arms, two of th&^e, named tentacles, l^eing very much lon^ 
than the others, and possessing suckers ai ilieir excremitjes oidy- 
■*A fiood part of both tentLcIc*, one short arm» and the great beik 
entire" sa>'s Mr. More. "Ilivc reached Dublin, and there remains 
very little douin that we have now to deal with a seeond example of 
the famous Anhiteaihis i/«.v of Steenstrup:" this biter being Ihc 
at^pellaiion dtai the Daniah naturalist gave to the specimen which, 
^ already recmirked, wja cjlsi ashore on Jutland in 1854. Tfic fol- 
lotving jMrnVuhirt arc given of the dimensions of the Irish spcei- 
mcn >^" TchUcIct 30 fcct long whcT\h<:^t^A wA\i Wsi <fi& aJIi 

be tnaCi up from the |ii;;lded j^ivE-esj. A kvf di&tuic. small, and 
nearly Eaenilv (unaulkod) euckcn oucur at Viinf* mttrviUt along ihc 
ijiMT suriaci; of clit: p<sUuiclt/' Of stalk of the tentacle. The expanded 
tcrminjiiiqii of the sTickerr^, '* mta^iuiing j fp^i g inchn iti ils present 
^mnkcn state, is occupied in the ccniic of the pclm by two row* 
of large sulked Kuckcri ncAfly t inch m diameter, 14 in each tomi 
ftU altemAting TOW cl' 14 im;iUcr wckcn (half an mch in dj.uiietof] 
CKCU|>ic«thcniafgtnone:ichRidcof thcpalm . . . Thc:.^(.nikTsuf:kei» 
ire «ach aivtod with a denii^JuLitcd (or loothad) bony rm^ of aamc 
}S lecth, poinLfii; inwarUi^, . . . I'lic slioit jTin is quiiv B])C[k-d for 
cicuninACion : all tho homy rings art* gone, and the suckcra ihcm- 
Mliru an: snrctly rcprttL-ntod. This ami Tiwoiunjii S Uct in kngth 
and 15 inches round tlie Iwsc when (tvsti. The L>e*k ha*i a atrong. 
wide tooih about the mUtdJe cf the edge of the ihner mandible {or 
jKw), nndanuach niLrrower uou^h on the outer maiuliblc on each side^ 
The head and eyes weft- unfcirtunatel)' Icftl." , We hftvc Aw aufllricni 
dctdiU oSbtded even b^' the impiirfect and cursory cxominarion 6t 
ihctc remain^ Lfr assure us tliat a cuctldi^, which might well be 
Kimcd a Toiicable giani of na kind when ctimpircd with us ordinary 
neighbours, vin^ actually captured and despoiled. At Dinglei in 
Kerry, some 200 yctxts .igo» a gigimtk 1. uLtle^h wjls stranded. This 
laClcr ia described .as hiving t>ef n 79 feet Jn toi-tl length, whilEt the 
sine of thf a/nni,il is ywicd \o havo c^iuiiUed ihoE of a larKL' horse 

In Oaobci i&;3 two fmlKTmcn mci wiih a brge cuttlefish whidl 
vn* ttoatifi^ quietly near the eastern cxnemity of Belle Isk* Concep- 
tion Bay. about nine iniles from ^t. john'&t Newfoundland, l^hinkuii; 
the Soiling mass wm the rc^mains of a wreck, the men f^rappled it 
irilh a. boathook. the fimneriy inert mass ot once waUng up into life, 
and^^>caring ai a huge cuuletish, which threw its two long tLrms 
ncrou the born* ihc5c nrmri, however, being at once severed with on 
axci The animal then mo^cd off into deep ^ater* ejecting in Iti; 
T«trc3Lt a iinantity of the inky liuid which Ehejw creatures el-iborote by 
frajrofa protcciive aecretion* capable of bcii;g quickly diiTuaed in ibc 
tOffAUndini: M'ntcr, and ot thu& serving as ci cloak nf darkness under 
fitridi escape may be s^ifectcd. A [lortion of onf of the oinpuutcd 
aiwa Is prcitcrvcd in ihc raui^un:! it ^l John's^ and Pfofc^wr Vcrrill, 
Of Yale College^ U.l^>i e^iimate:^ av; a[jproxiTnate oi^d comparative 
meoauten^'rts. the length of the bo:lyfl.L loteei, iJs diameter at a fwi 
5 inches, whilst ihu length uf the long itnu*tles h itt down at 3:* 
feel, and thai of the he,;d at a f«tt Anuihi?r ajKciu^ti uus c:ipturcd 
jn Logie Bay* NdwfoLmdland, in Nu^'cmbvr l^i^ '<\ \ibk^iVi^>^c&\^\ *^ 
Ihe heftd And AfTUj iiavmg been t^ken of &v3 cu\iV:^^^ ^^(jn^ 



The GmiUman's Magasitte^ 

lUlion of ihis cuuIcOih ivc may H^b an idu of iu gigaAt^ 
llCi 913d (he Actu;Ll mva«iifC(n«nL& fully coTiliriu die o|»nicni fbnn«d 
l^MgArduig iu U'«ai dtmf-nKionii. Hil- \>\-«Ay caccciIcU 7 feet in lcn|ctlv 
-ths ttU^a was la incliea bioad, ilic tno long tciiudci were bu^ 34 
liKt in 1«Q^ti, (htf ciglil &I)OiL arm:^ wt^rc eodi 6 fee! buK Uid lo 
inchvv in citcutiifcEt^nLv al ibe ba%; whilst llic number uf mcktn 
w^ computed nt ^LoOf ;uid the ^itM cyvi{ mmsured 4 iochtk in 
dumerier- Frufessor Vvrrill has also given details of ilic «trandingof 
UiOlher giant of lhjf> dass al Gr^tiid B^il:, Fortune Bay. Nrw^nd- 
Und, in December 1^74, this localiLy beiug a|jpazcAtly itpecuUy 
lavgiin;d m inspect of it« cuitlefish vititors; the aibuiuLiiii:i; of codnd 
gthcr f«he4 adapted f*jr tuilklish dicuiy aiTofding a ready rxpluu- 
tion of the Uttet feci. The tt»Ul lenglh ©f this hut visitor lo ibe 
NcwfouudhLnd chores i» given at 40 feet* the long zmu inaJcing 
■bout -i(t feet of \\ixb mtra^juremeni, whilbt the largest Bucken v^vrc 
nbout I ineh tn duum^ic:!. 

It would tTiu* appeiir to be not only a settled fati (hat cutlJefiih 
giants are atiLLally developedi but ih^C the»ie moii^er« belong to twv 
anfl di&hncl species, jnd may therefore be rega/ded, in ihe opanign of 
many n4tuia.U5t5, as prt'sendng kis iivith literal races of giuils; II 
muat nol be focgotten th»t tlie diniensions of ordinaiy gutUefikbci 
<Mn\iX have ^fibnted no grounds for the suppoeilion that sucii gigastic 
beings attually txistedi and the discoverj'^ of tl le iiion^teis in c|U^on 
fonnt^d, thereH^jTe. Ihe only and aure^l test of ihc u^irectnets of liicnc 
oiiinioDs which held that a Eubstraluni of probability and liuth by 
concealed beneath the eKaggrrated talc« of the otdcT natur^liati, Jffld 
of the mariners of bygone days. 

From the ciuilefishes lo the true fishes is a ttansition of an ea*y 
naUirc both m a populai and ia a xoological sense. Amongst the 
GsfaeK very large individualE are developed in a noimat and natund 
fashion — 'iuth dimcnMonii a& so or even 30 fcev in leni^th being 
common in many sharks, Hm i^ith othei ^^ronpi of fithcs, gigantic 
individual* Iwlonging to spcties the member* of whith are ordinarily 
of small dimensions arc frequently developed, these latter instances 
being typical cjscs of gi-mts arisinj;; fiom .imonftst thciT nunnal- 
fXicd brethren. Tor c\amplc, ainonKht ihc flat fishe* ^|:ict:iti:icos of 
very large sije arc by no means of unfrequcnt otcurrcnce. The tuibo), 
po&aessing an avci^gc weight of 6 or 7 lbs., has been Imuwn 10 
weigh 70 lbs., whilst the hatiUut. which altjtins an Drdmity Imgih of 
4 or 5 fcct^ has been found lo measure 7 ffct in length. A specimen 
of this fish was captured on the coast of Caithness in Febmafy '877, 
whifh measured 7 feet in lengtli^ 3^ feet m breadth, and 1 foot in 

On Giants. 

^idtncu, tU vrdght bcinn 131 1b)k Even the familbt cod may 

»atuia very large proporlionk^ Al Lochiel Hc^d, on the wot costtl 
ofScotUnd, nyft a correvpondcni of the " Oban Tlmcc/* a I^URC cod 
wiu nrcenrly d|j|uicd, tite length of thi: fi^h being 9 feel i\ ind}c<i, 
and Lis drcumfcii^ruje j fceE 3 J Incheii. One cni\ wcU undcrhUiLcl tike 
■ tiuth \ii the rcui:ii1c appciidi^d tu the sULeiiienL^ tliut some of ihe oldeaL 
fi:(hcnii(^ dtfL^l'ii'eLl thiiE (hfy hsd never wen fucti a muTi*ttc7 tAken 
licfbre. The (xinf^er eel^ ntay aomelmii:^ be (Jevi^loijed tu :i &i£e in 
whub iheyapj^joacii ihc iliineiiiiun& uf ver^ iKr^e tn.ikes^wlitlM tlioic 
clwi|tCXLcd libim, tJie " Upe " or '* itbbon r)%he?»/' attain » JkOijnol k-iix*^ 
of io» 1 1, or evrni 13 feel : and tiie writer liji!! recently put on recyrU 
9 coie in whic^h a spccttnen atiaiiieU the cnonuouv length uf 60 

Rc^jdles fiequently .ituin Iar]ge diinenjiLDns, but more commonly 
3tt Ji rcfiuU of normal growth th:iri of tpoiiuineouii and ununLial 
diCYe]o[jmt:nl ; antJ ^ome extUKt bitdi, jiich at (he dlnornik of New 
ZtaLmd, mutt h^xvt ext^eedni tlieir neighbourg in %\zc 10 a>j great an 
extent a& the rei'orLf^d human l;ui)U uf old oveitO|>ped their ueare«l 
relations- This v> rjarticularly ihi- c^q witli one specieii of dnioruis, 
the Icj; bocic^ of which, found in a fussil sUte. arc d^cnbed by Owen 
fts t>eLng equ^kL to those of the elephant in si^c, u'LiEliit tlie loLil height 
of tJie bird must have exceeded ten feet Ei.tinct Epedes cf gIoUu 
uid LUULLLdillot bvdi <t sijiiilar relation to theJr living nei^^bbours. 
The Iii*h elL of letent deposits overtops the statdiest living deet ; 
ind itie eititiLt mamniglh, iri respect of Its <B,iz)e and bulk, might 
foiilj- rant fit3t amonguL the elephant kind. 

ALin, It the hcud of the aninul leiiej^, presents lu with tiot a few 

inieie«ltng euunptes of huge or even t^tniorduury pliy<^ical develop- 

QkcnL. »hilit the lubjeU of humiin overgrowth ;u&umea an addition^ 

intiCTe^ in the light of an inquiry into the peculiarities of character 

vhich a-tuch them^lvea to rariuei^ In die $1tapeufgijinti of the human 

ra«r Of sulIi Lnll peisons tl is noticeable that by fji the gre;iler 

iiurt]1>er tjcloiig tu tlie nkde v:i^ Gi^ntesses^ In fact, lUe but nirtly met 

uitli in propDflion to ihe number of giants of whom due record hai> 

bnren prcierveil. In die teign of Edwurd HI,, Long More, or Mores, 

an Irisli giant, allairied the height of 6 fee: icj inches. Queen 

EUtobeth had a Fk-mi5U porter who Qti:iined the heiglit of 7 feet 6 

inches; this height being e^eeded by John Middlcton, or the "Child 

of Hale," ai he was <^tlled, who was bom in 1578, and who measured 

O ^t 3 incht^s. C, Munster, a yeoman of th^^ H:inover]an Guards 

who died in 1676. attained a height of 3 fieet 6 inches; CajanuE, the 

Swedish giant, who wa^i exhibited in London in 174?, attained a 

Tite Gtnttemdi^s Magasine. 

height or9 r^ec. The most cdcWaud of livbg gmfiU iJ^ the bnoQui 
CiLpniLi Batei, 4i n«ttivu of K^aiucky. who alutri« a height of B feet ; 
bii wife, n^ Mli£ Anna Swoo, nhn wu bom la Nova fjcmi^ also 
measuriciE S feci in height. Mnny of cur Teaders wi:! remember Ibc 
exhibuion of the iwd latter persons a few yean ago in l,oihlcMi< 
Chnng-wU'gon, the Chinese giant, is alfpo i^titl aUve ; this till C«k«ti&l 
m^«ure£ 7 teet 9 inches in ^taturc^ 

The detail of gi.ini-lite txhibi: many rurioua feature*, Contmry 
to L^vpccuition, and ngninst the spldt of the old Icf^ds, our 
modern ^ant» ;Lrc for the tnotiC port, pcrtions of ,1 singolirly mil^ 
dl&posiiioti, and exhibit, vki a rule, ihe moat Amiable of towpcrt. 
Nature in this respect, indeed, appuars to prcscne a irondef&! 
and admiahle balance of power in imbuing persons of great phy- 
sical devetopment with on equable temperament; whilst, the 
dwnrfi; and pigmies of our race are Uiiunlty inclined to exhibit > 
diapoiition the reverse of benevolent or miki, Prohahly the otiljr 
giants of pajit dayg concerning whom details of a thotoughlj 
auihcntic chaidcter h^vc been preserved arc Patrick Colter, ^it$ 
Patrick CoitCT O'BriL'n, and CliarltA Byrne, both ittdividuali 
kftiliog from the airier i^bnd. Curiously enough, there ifpvesiervfd 
lii the museutn of Trinity CoIli^gCi Dublin, the skeleton of a third 
Irishman, nairnjd Magracli, tt-hos*: ease nltoined tlon^c notorieiy 
in consequence of a Doctor Cam^jbtH's sLaieraent, in hi« wort 
cntilli^d " A Phibaophicnl Survey of Ireland ," thai Ma.^th*fi growth 
WHS catised by Bii^op Berkeley's experitnent of feeding the bd 
There exists littler or no foundation for thi% nuiTemcnt. which probably 
aro«e from the fuct thai Mo^Tath, having at the age of 16 attained a 
fttat^irc of nver 6 feet, and bdng |K)or!y fed, presented a f\X case for 
ihr? cJicrcisc of thckinilly bishop's charity. He accordingly caused 
Magiath ]o receive 3. fibcra.] dice for about a momh, ilii^ treaiiBeni 
restoring the nvcrgroft-n lad to health. At hia death Magrathmcisuitd 
7 feet 3 inches. 

In the *' British Magazine" for 1733, the death of Charlci Byrne. . 
one of the giants just mentioned, i^ duly chronicled. From ihii 4 
source we learn that Byrne measured exactly 8 feet in height in m 
August lyfioi whibt *' in 17S3 his stature had ^ined two inchci ^ 
and when dead hi^ full length was X feet 4 inchen," His deaih^ nd Ji 
to tclaie, is alleged to have been caus^^d by cxccasive drinking, "to « 
which," sji}-?! the writer in the " British Mngaiini;," '* he was ahcayn^^ 
addicted, i>ut more ponicularly since his late loss of all hifi property, 
vAvth he had simply invested in a single bank-note of^700L I 
his last moment!*/' continues the nairtAot, *\>t i^^w^Md that 

On GUnis. 


might be thrown info the ?ca, in order that hi<i bonn might 
iVniovc<l fiw oul of the rc%wh of the chirurgioil ffatcraity ; in con- 
sequence of which ■ wc arc fimhcf informed, " the body was put on 
board a vcBcl, conveyed to the I3own», and »imlc in twenty fathoms 
ffiler" llyrnc died, it U hecctutry lo add, i)^ Cockspur :?trcci, 
'Oianng Croi*« ai ihc ii^ of t*cniy-lwo. The atatcmttit that the 
r^flttaiiift of the i^nt were buried nt xca is quite errtmctiUfi, 4rnce^ 
aAtr alt the '* chinirgicnl futemiryj" re}>resenled by the Fatnous 
John ?[unler, totUfived, aAcr much trouble and the expenditure of 3i 
considerable lUm of nioucy — *taled at ^£500— lo obtain possession 
<if tbtf botly, AEul the viiittoi lu the mjgnilicent Mu^^Ljm m Lli'tcolnV 
lon^FiL'Td)^ may ha*e the pleasure of behoIJins the ^telcion of ll»c 
uitte f4i»uuii Byiue occupying! ;i pUte of honour in the osieological 
*Iet«mnieiiL ll \% inieretting 10 note that Byrae ippeaced on tJie 
itajie «n 178^; at the Huymorkcl ThcjUe, in the suninier j>antoJHuutf 
flf " H^rlt^quin Tettguc, or ihc Giant's Causcw;iy"— a title slrou^^ly 
suggeilive of Byme'» prominence in the production. 

The liiilory of Patritlt Cotter, who wjis bom at Kinsak in 17*^'- 
shows th^i gi^imt are hy no nicani exempted from the carts and 
wotriei uhkb beset oidinaiy ext&iL-nce- Wh pucnt& wiM'e poor per- 
sons, of ordinuiy «tAturc ; and hi!i father Ei^a^d lilm for lixhtbmon to a 
shownun at eighteen years of aye, for a. period of ihret ^eajs, at the 
TxVe of J/J50 per annum. Arriving at Bri^toE, Cotter dcniandLd &ouic 
citia remuneration for himself; aad thi^ shovrman being disinclined 
to grant his request, Cotter refund to allow himself to be tslilbiied, 
with the result of being iucarccrated as a debtor. His casCj howtrwci, 
being made Lnywn to some benevolent pi^iion. Colter was liberated, 
by the contract between his fiLiber ajid the sliowmun being dcthired 
10 be iltu^l ; and* proiecding thereafter to exhibit on his own 
aecuuui, he realibed (he ^uju of^30 tn tlirec d:iys. 

Colter atlopted the name of O'Brien in order to strengthen the 
fiction^ set forth in the bills, that he was '* a lineal dtfscendanl of the 
old puissant King firien Boreau/* and Lhat he puhAuh^ed* " in person 
and appe;uance, all llje simililudi^ of that great and grand ]x>[en- 
late," Hit height was stated at "* ntar niiit feet,'* alilumgh a mcmo- 
rkd tablet in iheTrenchard Street Roman Catholic Chapel, Eristol, 
infornis us more inily Lhai hj& stature only ticeeded " tight feet 
three inches.'* Cotter died at Clifton on Seplembcr 8, 1804^ having 
ICsJised a modest competence by exhibiting himself, and having 
wcuicd, we are told, the r^pect of the eniire cijmmunny by his 
well-regulated conduct Like hjs countrynvan B^iue, CqXV^ '•ra^ 
eiccedjn^/y aiujoi;* thai his remains should not, taW 'w\i> ^iw \%«ni4 


of ihc uuLtomi^t^ and gave dircciions ihat his gmre should be haHh 

in with bridts and secured with iron bar^. 

At wc write* xhv nc^vspspcr^ concain the inteUiicicncc of the dearth 
◦r ihe ** Buckinghamshire GLoni." a person named WitHani StcVcnSi 
who merlEed his .ip^iclladon of giant nther from his immcn^ 
wiri^hi i)uin from his unii^LLal tuiuri;. Mc UicJ At the cnJ of M^ich, 
1S77, ^t the^tgt of 49 ytiiri,uL ihu " FIvu Arrow V Wadd«»doa> Dear 
Ayl^bviry. He went lo mide at ihis uvern some Tour u^ ac 
which time he welglied iS atont^. The account TcLatc^ that from 
thuL time hii Eife iva« ^'i^nt m t^zLiiJig and diinLing, und iri f^c^itbiling 
hi^ incri^using ^vci^hl 10 intuirvstt^d ohscncn^- At hia death hv 
weighed 35 HloneSt »nd me:ii!Lured G fevt S inches in height. Most 
(caders will express surjirise lh;it ihe faul itsui^ «-Js so long deL^rU 
in IhJE nihcr mdjuthoty cj^is, in wkich an ahnumulity in plipimL 
development hnd oper^lr^d fjcLJdcdlv to [he prejudice ^ukd uijuiy of 
ihe unfommate ^ubJetL The tase in i>oint well dhisltnie*, in fjcl, 
wluil Oie reporter terms the ** (::\tri4onlinary Uste " of a section of the 
public in seijkjn^ for Ihe alinonnal through a ^Lmte of men-, ind 
ceciainly not ^ltKi\y cumtnendablr, curioMt^, And. despite ibc 
intercit whh wliich the physir>logi5L rnusl regJird such ca^es, it c^nuoi 
be denied that ihcy prcient 1 tevpTK' aspeict whkh ulTcrs by no 
means pU'aiant food for teJlcttion to the student of poor Ijum^uiiE/ 

GANDAGE. Ai\D ITS " camorra:' 

I ATTEMPTED iho other day to give in thcfrc pagia such an 
ncrount of ihc Afdjia and ihc JAyft'j/ of Sicily nii should cnahic 
:in EnjflLsh rc:idoT \a forni gnmc fAlrly nccurjic nocind of a sulc of 
society M different from inyihinit ihai c^iflts, or indeed that haa 
CvcT existed in thew rcahns, .la arc ihc ways .ind custom* of savage 
txito. /\nd 1 now pur^xxsv; to do m much fjr Naplcfii its Camorra 
■nd CamitrriaU 

In England our liirgctt cities Arc those fn which the results of an 
odvancvd civilisation seem to he found in the moei notable propor- 
tion ; ind pcojilc are apt hence- lo bt impn,"ssed with on idea that 
in the iiiiturd] connie of iliin^'s tti* biggest tiiy wUt be Uic most 
civiliKid. But the rule, ifony ivitih rule can be supposed lo exist at alT, 
lA t^ry sigmdly tcvcr&rd in the case of Naples, Naples is by vciy f^r 
ihc UrgcKt city of Italy, with Ic^ population of ncju-ly half a iriillian \ 
but in point of civJUiition, \vhcther the leading dements of the com- 
plex idea fto named be i^ought iiv moul or in phy&ical characierisiicftp 
K^ipIcA mufiE beyond otl question be held to stand at the tKittom of 
lh< llfL That Milr.n and N'aplcs should be two cities belonging to 
Ihe s&m« cotmtty, and inhabited by men of the same nationality, is 
Inily turjirisiniT. and must strike any observer as a somewhat dia- 
hcartcnln^ mcwure of ihe amount of upbilJ work to be done before 
luly can 10 any good pLkrpose be spoken of as an at[ialgamaEe and 
hoino^nuou^ nholtr. The fiici i^, that in luEy on«; travels from 
civiIisatiOEi to barbari&iLi, a^ oni: goi^s from the north :>DLithnards. 
Each «b|,'e of the way brings (he traveller among a less ^ucated, 
less wdl governed, less well-to-do, le';<? thrifty, moie ignorant, more 
idle, more dirty, more shiftless populaiion- 

Nftples has been said by someone to be a paradise inhabited by 
dcvilft: and some other observer. >ir, Tor^iyth. I believe, remarks 
ihal, if it be so, they are assuredly very merry devils. And he 
adds : " Even the lowest diss enjoy every bics&ine thai Ci.^ wnitt 
the ammal happj^— v( d*'//ciou5 clitnaic, high spm\s, tv ^\\Wj "A 


The GinikmaAS Magaziju. 

Aadslyini' «very appetite, anil a coiiscicncc \v'h]ch gives no p«ift. 
Here," he continuw, '* taitere arc not mtacry. for the dimatc requires 
liHlc covering ; filth is not misery to those who ore bom to it; vaA a 
TcMT f^ngcring^ of maccojoni can ;vmd up the rattling mAchine for the 
dAy." This po^^e, from the pen of one who U no mean observer, 
an<^ which is quoted to Murray's hand-booi; as sperially oilcuUted 
(0 give the atrivtng stmnger an ;iccuraie idea of the people hch^ 
come amongst. \s, a airiDUa inEtJUicc of the degree in which ti&vtllcis 
may be deceived by assuming that v^^hat mf«ts their eyOt or the 
surface of the scene presented to them, may be Jirceinedosa genuine 
aftio]>lc of the life n^nd dvilisatiori around ihcm- "Kvcn thelowoi 
du3 enjoy every bles^ng thni can n>a.1ec tite j>nitnal happy ! " How 
'little the writer koew^ what lie was lalkliiji;^ about, and Tiow littTc the 
holiday visitor to Napka. tu whom this rose -coloured iccouni is fire- 
sented by the ^ide-book^is i^cniiint infonnaiionrcspeLiinB thcpr-pu- 
ktionotnong which heis sojourning, dreams of the truth, will be seen 
by the following siitements made l:y an obeerver of a very different 
calibre; one well-known to the present writer, and for the conscietitioua 
accuracy of whose descriptions he can venture to pledge hia own 
lailh. The statements in ciuestion, it should be obi^rved, ha\'e not 
been compiled from Infonnation more or less carefully gathered from 
other obnervei6, official or non-officiJ, but ate the result of personal 
examination on the^pot. and give facis which the relator oT them 
witnessed with his own cyc&. 

*' The population jj«^m^' which the vJwtor Is soiouriiing," I vnoiie 
in the last sentence, but the phrase i& scajciely u cpaect one; **«AiJtv 
which he is sojournlne" would describe more aceurately the state of 
Ihe case- The populations En question— tens of thousands of them — 
afe batteneddown beneath the surface life which the visitoi sees- They 
are undi^r foot. Like the soil from which these owamiing ihousandi 
spring, and lo which they speedily return in quickly ccmsunied gcne< 
ralioaa, the social snbsoU is honeycombed ! like that also, it is votconk. 
There are eruptive and explosive forces beneath- absoluleiy, phy- 
Hically beneath the feet of lliose strolling in the bughing sunshine 
among the "merry devils" above, even as there Arc beneath ih« 
vineyard-clothed slopca of Vesuvius, 

" To imdcrsland aright ihe tnith of this malTcr," say^i the obiciwr 
1 have referred to, " it is absolutely necessary to go axsA iee with 
one's ciwii eyes the places the prforesl families inhabit, and the manner 
of their live*. The people in question form ^nenormoiw popuUiion. 
which Ls divided into vanou* categories, each of which has characw- 
isttn^, customs, and miseries of its own. The 'ibndoci/ a\ tJiey are 

called, in ^vhid) ihc^ people Live ;trc the abodci nf a dJin 
miMrmblCt ^^t the women of ihe people, when quarrelling 
insull^nircidi other, throw in ihcinccth ihcappcllAlicTn yunn^ji'ni t* 
iidiAiuni of ihc TomLid/ a>. ihc <tcJdlic»c inntlc that r^ br 
tuttrcd' These 'fandnci' hnvc moslljr ft pflsmjc, wilhoul rtny rfcior 
ci>inmifnicalii^g with the sircci, and a Irtttc v;it(I. botJi in a hnrriblc 
■tjte of filih, which Iwd to a visi ruimbci of hahitntioav lar woni? 
IhAiT dog-ltCTinds, alJ of which, .incl more c*pcdftlly chose below, Ji« 
viihoui lir^rlighunnd reeking wirh fianip. In ihwc dons thousand* 
of jittions dwell. *\> tmtifietl hy miwr>'. ihat they are more like 
than men. Iii these hornblc iibocfl, vrliieh it it almost iro* 

ribic to mier by rta«oti of the £tcuch produced by filth occu* 
ilfltcd immcmonally, there is generally noititng to be lecn but a 
of stmw dcsTioed to E^ervf^ ;i= the bed of an cntirt tamJl/. mnlet 
jmd fcmnles Jill hc^ipcd logcth«T. Ai to nny ncccssftry ftrft:'mmo- 
dadon, thert- m no question of nnything of the sort ; the ttrccc and 
the y«<l ftiiFfi'-c for ff>e purpose," JrstAncc* have been cited to me, 
in »hk'h lh^'^l.■ rt-omcn hjivc not Immvn their o^n lamc^ or die 
number or niimc* of their children ] 

In two or three of Ihc "Ibndwrf" visiiol, the women ply the 
mincfxble tmdc of ma.king mattitig or mending ^ttmw chain. In the 
olhert one src.i nobndy nt work of nny kind, bt]t omly nakrd .md 
urn>ccuiiied. *pcr.trei- In m;my of Ihc " fondnci " I saw women 
»Aiintenng about the ynrds with rorhmg on them btiF 9. ahili, which 
was falling Tmm fhein in fatlcrs. Fmm no one of rhciie place* \% 
th^rff absent some horrible den of the mn*l abject And Toathsome 
prestiHilioTi. The wont of thcic " Hmdaci " arc in the wards called 
"Pendino," of rtic '< Port.'' mid of the " Market" They have all 
of them some nam*^— **IiimTttiri " *'Te<itcllV "^T- Crispin/ 
" SiUf^njMOrci " (kil!-mt), " Divino Amorc'' (the Ihvinc I^vc !X 
•■ AbAic." *' t-'foccfi^o," '^ Degli Scbi-ivi," cir. 

Then* is another flcfiaraic and weli-defined cli»s known ,it NapU-* 
a\ tbr '* Si^ipan," ot makers of acrini-, workci^ in hcnip. Many oi 
the cjivem* m nhich thcsr people liv^^d wrre shut Up ly tiic Aulhori- 
liM when Ihr choTetn waa raging flt Naples. But the ohwrver to 
H'hoiTi I hftve fcfmred wHi<r* ihus - — " Vesierday I found one of ihe 
^^xtXk^ i^ritii&r\ nf" ihc 'a^ngaii-' 'Ihc entrance does not -innoiincc 
the haifotTbtbM arc foiind within. 'J'hc ptnce is like the cfllhtc/>mb'i of 
St. Janujriu!!, Mve tliat it is smaller and more horrible. One has to 
carry a hghi: and only here and IhtTc. At long diMjinrc*, There ate 
apCTturci opening, two into the Trani^avilla gflrdtna, the otbm into 
iJamp yii^ All this cavern is thickly sucwcd with bod>9i a htiJc 



Th^ Gaitlentan X Afaj^amn^^ 

more diaumt one from the other than in a hospltiU. For the most 
part the)^ ate big beds, efvpable of eeniaining ^cvcml peruni. It ii 
impossible to desciibe ihe miiseiy and the filthinc^i of the pbce. 
Th^ darksome kennels* the hombEe cavemand it; brutoliftcd inhA^Hf- 
anti, qJI lecm to arcord with each other and to fomt a world apvt 
which rjui go on no othenviie than it doe?. There is* however, a 
ceruin &cale of better ^d worse among the inhnibiunts. Near the 
few windows where some ray of light enters the degree of misery is a 
mflc less. But in :he further lemoteness, where no Ughl comets 
where it is impoEsiWc to move without a liglu. the dreadful misery h% 
beyond the powcf of woids to describe. And ili^singuUr to observe 
that, even here, those who are a little better off look down upon the 
more complT'Ltly wrelt:ho<L In the j;roC in t^LitMtion twvntyAve 
foctiUes* about one hundn^d persoiiFi* live. In the iimnediaie vicinity 
of the windows the rent paid is ten lire a month. Wlierc there h no 
light tt goes down to twenty-five soueh The inhabltonU of ihU p)ju:< 
have not so much the appenrance of wTeichuclnes'i ^& of hclnf ilImo- 
lutely bruuUscA When the sun shines they all tnwl out* like OAtfl^ 
and stretch themselves in the sun- 

** All the iwpuUtion of the (ilice thronged ;ibDi.u me," «ays my 
observer, "begging for piiy, L-omplaining that ihcy were obliged 
to feinain there without light, without ait, .ind without any medical 
assi&tanee, ^Vlieii the> ate III they art' uUcily .lUttidvJied, and die 
or gel carried to the hospital Oflen the cavern is flooded by the 
rain. I have been assured that no priest ever thinks of penetr^iing 
these horrible abodes of misery and despair," This, it mu^t be 
owned, is very unlike wliat evct^body testifies as to the conduct of 
the clergy of the Church of Rome elsewhere Save at Xaplec* I 
never heard of any haunt of human misery so (oul, ao repulsivoi 90 
dangerous,, thut ilie Romai:i Catholic pri^&c did not Imd his w^y and 
czLTiy his minlsiraiions thither. It is, I am asi^urcd, not so at NapleiL 
The miserable thousands who tlius live and biced below the Kurftce 
at Naples eetrn lo be utterly ab^ndonrd by the nttnistcrs of religion 
a^ well as by eiII oihers ! 

" I visited another plate," sayb tliu same observer, ''a vault bdotr 
the CoT^o Villorlo EniaDuelc, wilb waUs which shut in the sides, and 
form thus a sttanyc place of refuge. Many persons wcie there, wott- 
ing at making twine, mostly thr daughttx^ of futemenof the cnft, 
who did not hlt^ep tliere. The terrible and most ^iteoLiK nuMry of 
ibiJi place moved me to the very bottom of my heart. There wu a 
poor widow of little over thirty, who had tracts still of wlmt once had 
been good looks, and who liad Tive children, of whom llic tldttt wu 


twelve And the youngME tbrce. All of ihcm wcrv lumdMiiie. Oncfl 
thi« £iinily had l^rcn in comfciruble circijni(ULnc«>« fvr the &lhcr had 
been a vorkman who ro^ivcd go«t wj)t(c%; lul hi; hjd been killed 
hf hftinj a wnghi loo ptti for his Hrengrh. Hi» widow, who hod 
bfen A 'ffpagira' in hei youth Jiad rctunti^d ig h« dd nade, bj 
B-hich she gained livfpraicc a day, cirrpi ittit'n ihc wcaihct v. so cold 
that ihe cannot Tnovp nimbly enough her iiifTifin^d iiQgctj, and ihua 
£ul« to ciimplctc ft Tiilt dAy'i wnrk, Tht rlnldrrn lum the whceta Tor 
oiher irtimrn, aiii1 tlnm n^in ^.irh of them a iirilf|M?nii>', wjih wliich 
they bHy drii-r1rhc»lniirt,,ind lima JUfijiort Ihcmselvei llll the uvt-nint', 
when ihc fen mthi*! earned by the itiotliet *ir leccived, imd ihey pro- 
c^vrr miiic odier fooJ- "I'hry aN *lcrp tn a romt^r oF IhU place on a 
(cir dried leairei. They do ml drc jm even oF having iny cQveirni; 
to throw over chem. At nighi they huddle up in a hcflp tgj(ciher, 
^ one on the othei, ind tremble with cold. Light they h*vc none 
I The woman !ihowed me the nypi which covered theia, ftruwtd in 
^^B>n>- placci by the mice and rata, which in the <Iead of the ni^ihi mn 
^^^BftT their bodici- Then the Icrrified thildrcn icreiiii J.nd ny; aiid 
V the mnihcr, h»tiEi)( with a Ktonr agiin^t the wall, striven \u fHf^Uten 
' MmKf the rau whirh *hc rAnnot *ec. Thai woman " wys the visitor 
to Ihi* i^rrihle i^icc, in ton* lii!)if>n, " muM be (jond and hunctl, for 
the thoiii^M that moiT tomirntrd hor was the fuiiire of her <:hildren. 
She fear^ that the 4;WtAt, now tivclve ycara old, tjn hardly fail very 
ihortly to bet onre J irimina!" 

'l"hr miserable bctng*, who ihui live in 3 condiiion *hich ii vmply 
a disgrace at well a.*! an cvcr^prescTit danger to this htige over-grown 
city, do not, ai it would seem, furnish (he niaicrkaJ from whieh the 
hardii of brigands, which infect the Nejpoltran di^trictv :i\ badty ah 
those of S^mWy, ate formed and recruttcd, The abounding rank* of 
town cTimiruUit draw rheir recmitR, no dmibt, from the '* fondaci " and 
Ihc "firoitoe»,"and the vaiiUi; hut it maybe »iippo*cd IhiH ihv liaJf- 
•rar^^ And brctic popuEatfon of %\\fX\ pbrcs d^i not [in&tcss eiihtr 
the physical tiipmr or the coungt-ous energy needed tor the life and 
calling of* briipirKj- The N'capolium hrigand— by the word Nea- 
politan it "i]J be understood the kingdom and not tlie oEy iti here 
intended^-lhe S'e,t|*ulitan briK^nd is a mjio of tl^e country. And the 
cau»ci whicf] piodute Sinliitn brigandage arc not allogethct the siiinc 
with thoite that give n»e to the Rsme phenomenon in ihc Nca|fo]iUu 
ptfonncta. In the bttcr, hopcksiwrv^tdvcdncflAwotdil seem to be the 
pncdupohtniE c*i»c. The Nea|>olitaii brtgand bos not the kihk* seduc- 
tive caien before him that his fellow on the other eidt of the Straits 
piajr piouu%c hiiiD^li^ The frequent demand fot the »crviee« of 1h^ 





The G^n(l€K^an*s Magtvitu. 

httrr fl« ^n aMudn, whose ASHSUnrc is rcqiurrd in «vippmt th« 
tbums and racial ittairta nf " gcnjl*nicn," lia^ tbr rflrfl Of Hf-Mtlng 
his pQution, not only in llie cy» of (fic world in which he liv««i, but 
in hi>t own. iilrnott Eo thr Wcl of oni; of the tncdiwal ** coneto tt i ci i," 
or explains vf furr bnr» £ful flic NcapgliUn briguid is but n 
highwjy robber, who puwupi hw Tocation in gtofft And there 
appcAEft to ti« luthdcni ground for coining lo the conclunon l)ut 
want and tnitrry nre the ^jiuct of the ^iloplion of d criminjil life t>y 
ino*i. of ihcni. Those whf^ thus iiioiildcr thr rillCr and late ift ihc 
woodi and Uie mounLilnt, ire dciU,bUe^ nol moce desliuile md 
miscr^ihle (lun thousands of Ihelr fellow ]>efls«iitf. ^nfoT tfxnine 
diCferntt [cmpcvanicnT* ,ue diJTtTcntly .incJ M|ion by the ftiim- 
ciPCumiTinces. The mote liniid and mnrc easily covrrd nun con- 
tinues to endure the death in !tfc of tonstftni h.ilf starviticm, Aftd to 
lill, with the smoJI rcradning airenglh he hus, the fields he wjl* bom 
on, till he i5 Inid hcncath the surfiu^c of them. The holder spiru, he 
in whom Ihc powci of tcje.tion and rcscnimcni is mciit «iron;. 
lirromc.* .1 brigand- SftVc in thai Ihc doing of deeds of hlood 
hnitelise^ there '\% Ititle icaaon in ihinW thnt the wrceWi who takcE 10 
Ihe mountain is a woree man nt all ihan he who rcnuiins in the field. 
Both arc devout followers of n religion whirh not only has aa Utile 
TOoraJwJuji: clTect or capability a^ Thuggee, but is actively miBchievoui 
in providing k^x the total oxiinchon of all natiinil sentiment of right 
and wTi^ng, iSoth arc ignnmru of ;d] things mvc the a.nin>a] require 
merits of their daily lives- 

Hcre arc a few notes aa to the manntf of lift led by the NnipAlicvi 
peasant, taken mamly from returns made 10 Partiamcot ai diD'<:rrnt 
timca -. for if nothing has bccnjT^fl^-for the healing of fhocmcijl eviU, 
there been an immense quantity of talking about ihcm. .Some 
pBHn of the practice of Parliamentary institution,i h4& b<%n tound 
difficult of imitniion hy the Italians, but the art of getting rid of vif 
diffii^U and di^:igrceable timiter by naming a comnii^^pion to inquiiv 
into It has been Icomcd with the mmosi perfection. A report pracnted 
in 18^3, as the result of personal inquiry into the toojiI condition of 
the Neapolitan provinces, tells us that the explanation of biigiuidi]^ 
must be soughl in the predisposing causes, and ?ipecially in the tociid 
condition and economic circumstances of the i>cJiMtn try, which ut 
found to be wont exactly in those districts where bri^nda^ i* CiM 
most co[nmon. The proponioii between the two phenccn^ttm ii 
found to be consum. Thus, in the Abruiri— the rorthrrnow»< 
provinces of the former kiiit'doni of Naples— ^bri'gandftftr haa bccQOc 
very much Icafi prevalent, from no other cause whatever tluo lluit ibe 


p4UKat ha« there thu oj poriiLniiy of goin^ la fmA worb 
not too A'iDuie ftonuLit Gafti^u^no. Hv \>un^^ Xjaxik rt;vcr 
wjih him, if \\e does not, a* is ffc^ucnrly tbt. case, )c»v« hiH boiiM on 
tho«v fatil fiHdq; but he fioOfe hPtsaS thi^tcl And ihiB posHibikiyv , 
Ihn yr<Ajly ciui^nitiun lu the tieiidl)' Catitpai^ruL, tUL4 nufTicad Co kc9p' 

The fjct thjtt th« lid? of a henlun^D, or kh«ipfa?rd m^rv ;>robii1j1y. 
€D die EUxnan CAiUfUi^ruL i» benight foi Aiid a<:crptvd ;i» a LtHJi)) a^tid 
UAmouufot c»c^ping from greater evils and frutn the home liic 
oAnd ihem b>' their ou-n provlno:;, it a Hunii:iently eloiiueni tnti- 
RKmy lo the miwry of ihc laucr to those who have uny kn^jwledgc, 
howrvcr vofcnc. cpf the oondiiionK of ihc tbmicr mode of cKt^tcn^e. 
'flic ^t bt that in ilkeir hom^^ (he steady, r>urftiji(criti anil lurd 
labour of ft long day — Ibrthf iHrai^ims of Uic»? nicnnujii ];rovinces 
aM not charactcruod by the Luirtc^ whicti i» ui 4c» iiriiLarkjblc ;; 
dtff^nw \h^ baw of TnoT« foHuiuU-tv drcLmmunctid di^uiUh of luily ; 
md the Abr(]?ii lAbouTi-T t-nii^luyud -^ x uavxy iii workfi fjr from iii« 
native mounttuns hia oftt^n beuu fijiiiv^l u mo^^t effic^iunt bboufvi— 
die scirre Ubgur. J m^y of ^i LuiLg duy in the tieLd» rujt only is in*ulli- 
dcDt to give them anythinK bnt 6vy bread lo cat, bai ^\yt% iJieni Mdf 
of a quality whidi the unie I^iiliAmeotaiy Commissi uji tepociA to be 
^'titch a» a dog would not etLt." and of thb wret(;hed uUtneitt ou 
bsufficictil qujjitity. 

Another incmbet of the Coinoiivaian tcitiftei his; nsioniBhinrni oi 
ftndin^ in ihe populous dliea of ihe Ne:LpG[iznn provinLC^ ivo 
idnic of persons only — ilic propiietois of the toil. axi\\ the MUcriy 
[ule culliv.iiors of it : the " s-ilantuonirni/' aw the fommr (Uu« 
f^ftHtdi with m nuoliii^ly «ii;uilic; tyniviikm. and (he '* cufoni." 
''the mlftrfablo >erl4 ajv (em^i^ l)y iheo)^t;Kcfi uj\d Ljv ihcir iiiEibCcm. 
the h^ured btL»e*it the itiro cjI;4am;« (t dc^aibcd tu profound, as. 
Itfecd* how sbotild it be othtnvifcc t " k is, " extkiirns a mc(ubcr of 
Ihc tome Con vDi Virion, '* juijoiinu-Kiunof the middle ^i^vibf^nL-Lithouc 
Vycfi J" '*Itiiiwithasloniirhjnenc/'a*i anotlicr very abK' tJiquirvr writ<», 
who hu euunined these lOthJ uLiyMts lunstKiidouily .ind wiih an 
cflfTMil determinaiion lo bbour fur ilK-ir aiTieboiatitjn— TrofeKor 
Vtllui, niio H wcU known umon^- ourselves at ihe author of the best 
rxiKtinElifcoifSELvoBijtob — -li is with uBlonuihtncni thai ihtf stranger 
ob-sfTvcs in these soiKhctn pro\'in»» in:iny brge ^iiits inhabited by 
the familie** of a fevridi proprietors, for (he mo^t pjK cunnvtjted 
Bog«tlieT by internuLrriaf^i^, :knd % ninliitudc of pi^^sLtnta pos^-ssing 
nothiDf;^ Wiih the c.tception of ot^c or iwg Government ofTici^^, 
Hiere are no other dauea of citi<«m. Th« oouutry is wlthoui 

A A J 



j56 The GanilamoA^s MagaHne* 

inhabitants^ Thv tiUon of it fomi ikc ]>op<uliu(m8 of the dtio. 
There is no town industry ; there ii no dibcn dau ; there b no 
puhli(^*optnion to'^ci oa a rcinrAint on ihoi? ftropn^on. nho i«c 
the aMolutc m.vtcri of ih:tt miiltitndc whirJi <}eiviub coi ihcmfec 
bread, und whirh, if abnndi'jncfl hy thcin. Hm Ab»ohitel}- iio mcMU of 

The jumc author TcmorksclKewherCp with a prafoimd perc«piion 
of the conditions und«r which aocmL phenomena eiitt, ihax it noil 
noi be forgotten thac i^'hcm a society has ftcnimed * ceruuo dicvction, 
ittA no longi^r in ihc pnux-r of i few generous nnd good nx-n to ahcr 
An amio-^hcrc is fcirmL^d which at! breathe; intcrcatB ttroi^ 
up tO}:cthcr .ire (rcniM whirh violently Ani^ ikOwerfuHf revist 
bK thtnge. Nor \y \x an tmfirri»cni taw to sec thojc very chMes in 
whoip intfTcsl \{ i^ jiropmrH to institute ft rhnnp:, rcbitc « fron 
ignoranrr and from nii4(TV4r» and mnkc CJ>f(imon CMi«c B-ith theti 
tynnt» Against tho^ who wovilj ffiin be their bcnerActon It b 3 
phenomenon wtiirh octtith every iby, »ncl ft i* necenary to remeBibcf 
itn Nor nnitt the inquirer fin^i.-! to Wkc vrito ,i':count the refuUspUiU 
coniinumg thrir evil (lorial inHciciiL-cs in lho»c vast but remote pro- 
vintcs, which nrinc From the fact that the L-omdition of things desriihcd 
wa* deaired, *nrl fostered for many e*"^"^^''^' '^X **'*^ *^^^ Hourkin 
Govemmcnf:. " whu'h rcdurcd thin dnss nnt-igonivn tn Ji ly^irm, j^imI 
made it thd ba?c H.nd ionndRtion of its power >ind authority," A iilltr 
coniidciiiCian of the nccesury results cf sueh a system will not fjul 
[0 iiLiggesI to the inquirer " Iht moTfll and socfid disorder," hi Signnr 
VilLui *!<>■*, that must ]>c the consequences of it. He speaks further 
of having had varioui f:A3i:^ brought 10 hift knowledge m which 
persons of the ruling fasfc had ^hot down pcJisants, Jind had had no 
dlfficuhy in ^iiranging the maTter wtth the Government *thc Uk 
Bourbfin Government, of c:onr?eT i^ meant), which in truth did aTl ih« 
in it lay lijftimcni the hairrd of class against clara. It wUtindccd,u 
Sitnor Vnitiri rcniaiks, ilic nr^tion of tiod and nf ixll mor^ilj I 

N'o^ it will be vcri ixX oni:c rhAL bngandagCf which han osiictt OUl 
of» and is mainuincd by, sn:h .t state of things as this^ nm*t b« mudi 
c.iiticr to dciil with ihini the brigaiiHage of Sicily. Of fourmr Uic evil 
cannchl be exiiniated wilhnul ^u<:h brgc Jind derp-rc^thing ibodxl 
Tcforms as must nccessirily be uF slow and gradual opPTiiHoti- Bu: it 
wouid not be difficuU to indicate tho dirccJioii in whii:h improvenitfit 
must be sau^hL Obligatory by education ; a judicion*ly triAiugicd 
proi^onon and encouni^cmenc m ceriain di'^trirti of emigration, from 
^^.\^^' h the people are by no mc-ms nvcrw» and a wdl jilflnncd poor 
;;iiv.irjds_vflicin of pooc lelict, would domuch iOffardsihcdc*ifc<JcotL 

The nuin difficulTy aitending the latter mcaaurc would arist from lliu 
all but impossibility of ptcvcnung the workhouse liciimcni from 
bong superior to that to which iti inmnicb were aci:unloincd in their 
hornet Hitch aJflo might dotibilcss be done by a aptcm of loans 
from the StAEG ro prfipneiora for ilic purpose of improving their lands, 
aod miToducLng A better, more pnxLuetive.and at ihc same time more 
cosily, ay stem of cutlivACion. But it ia ab&uUueSy nccessaiy in the 
meui iJmc thic the enbijng brigandA^e ahould bo roi^r^^cd with an 
eufLCBC imemion and deiennination which no lE.ilian CiOvernmcnt 
hai hitherto showTi in dealing with it. At prijsoni the dtitt-mny tflcct 
of puniahmcnc rr^ay be said not to have been tried at ilJ ! When a 
brigind band ccinies to a (air Jighl with the foreen of the Governmctit, 
wie or two of the ^itng maybe killed, and it i^ probable that the 
HBb of one or two uf ihc Aoldier^ will ai^ he T^itcrilircd. But, except 
^^Bldcr sueh circum^tanncSH no punishmeni is in mith ^nd in fact 
mflicted on the captured brigand- lam not alluding now EO difficulty 
of coaviction. That ia of more special applicariori to Hioily- The 
brigand with half n ai.ori: of murders i-in hih record in duly r onvietcd. 
Mid condemned to impri^omnent* perhaps for Lift. Ijui nathlng b 
fiv^re certain than thai ftioh a senienco has nff dt:terTf ui i^fTcci what- 
ever In Oie firai place the brigand h^i no bvllcf— and be is abuu- 
dfuitly jujLtifiGd in having no belief— in ilie perpetuity, or even in the 
vtfiy long deration, of his incarctraiion. And wi the second place, if 
he were perfectly woti a&dtired that he ahould be kq^I in priaon for 
tJie remainder of hi» Jifc, the |jrob]>ect would in no wise seem vety 
terrible to hioL To estimuLe, to rtjlise, to feel the terrors of such a 
l>rtwpeet, a very ^.uniidemble degree of Ihc power of imagination is 
needed- But of this the Neapolitan brigand has not the slightest 
spark. He has Iklu kadinga very hard and fiUiguint; Itfe.suflcring 
much from weather and bomelessnesa. hunted by the troqjs from 
one covert to another, often in imminent danger of starvation, and he 
is tired of it. To be housed and lodg^dindeecntcomfottfora whde, 
TO deep in imnquil a.'c:uriiy, undisturbed by iho necessity of being 
ready to spring ;o hi^ feet to defend his life at any moment, to be 
EU|ipUcd Without thought DT care on his pari with food which is 
luxurious and abundant in compari&on to die Neapohtan peasanta 
fare to which he has been accueiomed, uecms to him a by no means 
undetirable cppartunity of rest. It has no terrors for him, na deter- 
HDK force a'Ant^rr. 

There isonly one ihreauhai society could hold out to him that would 
havtf— rfto-fl- Natuie ha'^ taken care that he should undtratand the 
tenon of that! And he woiUd be very atron^j iiilcnt4&0tni^\E% 


TIu Gffi/Uman^s Magasine. 

that which would, with con«i<1mtble probabi^y^ «xpoac bnm to thcK. 

Bui this ihe linlunOovetmncnl will not inllic-t. *rh« present Govcn* 

m*ni, ^^■hnc aimct of blood^Mci^ art multiplying njouod ii m ft tndy 

abmimji; propcmion, is camTly (brcMig <m the ccnmtry ii bili foe ihc 

fbraul ftbolition of the punishnicnt oJ dcith ; xhe cnty i^)t!c1 of %tikh 

b« togivi; ilieizriinLiijUcUssct A^t more comfot^blcatsunkficc 

nn tfa«y l^^vc ^xratUy, tliJt t)Ei;y lun no dinger to thvir OVQ *fe"w 

ingivinglhrrem loihtir in^Lincu of vindicTivcnchtindbrutility, The 

only objflijl^for a* to cfft-ttiny atij- oilwt ch^n^c in i>r«SGm pncticc 

k w ijuite iieirfleBs, Kht i>(;"-ilty i^r dfaih Lemg wnvr- inflidtd. It U 

^Aifierttd th^t lh« '^ fcvliiig of tho i-xiuiiLrv " ix lou Kirong o^ftinit llu? 

inAxtioQ Qf capita pumshmeut. Bui ihcrv wui. oiUy thcoiherdiv, 

& GUriouft indication of the incuctnude uf tiich .in Aucoion. A man, 

guilty of a niurdL-r pt^wuDlvd rnidcr cErcuniitniKcs of vs.pecm] Imi- 

ts\\i)\ii^i ^i^nEcnccd (o deadi (there Unut the aiuiUcu chance Of the 

aeaicncv beinft curicd inio effect) ; and tb<f luigc nnmber of people 

of Ehc Toivet clohsefi i^ho throned ihv court on hearing the sentence 

UoLtf out ]iitt> vtflifiutfnt ap[>Uu«e anil ihumo^i vioknt dcmonttn^ 

liune (^ wLEi^ctLon. But di? trulh is thai '^ thv fuirling of the public " 

is not tlie guide by which kgibbton ^lould idupe thcjr decisions m 

such matters, t'nqueiitionalily there a^e cases in which it is tmwiv, 

and ifOEneiime^ even impnu:iicQ,b1e. to onfortc legfitlaiion irt nirong 

oppnfiiilon to thi: A^i^hcs and convictionsof the grcnt majonty of the 

pc^pulntion^ Birt the cnw in quE^?:ion hy no means belongs tAaftj 

<nich citegory, Italy, in Loilh* has not yei acqmred the cApihiti'y of 

uUuhn^ or in iLny way manifesting any re^d ev|mr'^iun of the opinion 

of the country on nny subject whatever. It ie a copability only 

arquired hy vory much more Jidvanccd communities, and needs nnl 

only orgjtna educated to the depression of opinion, but cars — vs to 

speiik— trained lo the usk of hL-aring auth uttcrnnccs without error. 

There is one oihtr pMnishmeni. which wouk^ in its degree K*Te a 

deterrent eftcoi on criminals of the cIibb in q\icstion— flogging, ftnl 

the " reeling of the conntiy " — tktt iT( to saj-. of a few donrinaim 

wiih pet iheoiics. barked by the outcry of the browlinfj dly popoli- 

tions, who dislike wiyihing Ihar tends lo eierdse the coercive powci 

of law — wovild be equnilly ay^iinai any snch form Cii pLininhmeol. 

Xow, from ivhat hiis hren iaid of the state of the low«t sooal 
StWtnm in the city or N:\plc4. it will be ca-^ily understood that iTw 
now famous "CAmotra'' would readily ■opting up and Hourish in locb 
a iF-late of things, The " Cnmorm/' as a syflcmatised inibtituiion, ij 
oeariy, if nni entirely, confined to the city of Nipks, It k u miftak« 
^ iupposc that any otaoniacd «>cietY ^jf the name, or for th* pir 

poset tcrvc^ byi:, haa ever dtiRicd li i% in this respect like in 
ccmgcncr Ihe "Mafia" in Sidly. Ukc ihc "MiAoai," ihc "Cft- 
iQon»ii" on thoKc whose auflodty, vhosc uiiacrupulousnc«», whoee 
ovcrbf.incg in«otcncc, and whose addfcas enable them to impow on 
And tjmnnisc over ihcir feUow-ciiiccns. Though any daj^crouv 
aoaouDt<)f Tctibunco to iubehc^^, nnd G]>cct(illy ^ny trtuson lo its 
nca^riucfd lavvti on llitf i?art of t]iose immediately Hubject to lliem, 
m«|ht probably be puniulied by Ihe knife, the "Camorra" is noi mi 
iiMimatdyor to frectuencLy connected ^vith deeds of violence and 
mtirder u the Sicilian "Mafia." Tbiii even uncotudoiis rebellion 
i^infil iL<i uitwntti:^ <:o^z ni:iy, however, ^ometittiett meet with 
to^tal punishment, may h^ gathered from a curious iiittiuice u-htdi 
occurred within ihc present writer's knowledge, Rome years ago now^ 
and «hen ihe Bourbon Ciovemmcni vt-ita sdU outraging mankind. 

Ther^ was an AmtTitju yeniieniaii vlsning Nai-les wlio, like other 
vlnn^rs, had had his pocUH-huidkerdiicffreciLjenil/ stolen' fioin his 
pDckeL Being bent on Ending some reinc<ly fur this evil, uhich he 
kncv well it was Jo vain to seek frotn any of the agents of the Govern- 
ment, he ingeniously sewed a huge and strong finhhook Into his 
uut ijockci iJt ^utjh fi^i^jhion that my ):iand r^^idiy vnthdniAvt) front 
il wat i^urc (obe hooki^d. And he<^ughl hib thi«f accordin^^ly. llic 
Jbhhook did tu ^uty; the Amuncu^n fdl the iL^gaL his cont ij^tl, and 
iwnioft ^^ i^uiU; aK hghcnini; sii^cd and held the pickpuckut by tho 
writt- Hcw^v very jjtouJ of (he exploit \ and weaU bc^^n Lu think of 
Mvrini; liBhliook:^ into oiir pockt;ts, liuL when that American, within 
a week fofler success, was killed one ni^bt in the street by a knif<; 
wtisticJly driveu to ita hii: into his heart, ivc changed our inin<I& ! 

Fdt my own part^ after losing ^ome three or four silk h^ndke^- 
<3lidi^ I adopted the plan of ctLrrylog a very cheoii cotton one ; and 
toy |>ocket was no more picked. And this I suppose was considered 
to come faiily within the rights of propeft>' \ for 1 continued to walk 
Uie streets of Naples despised probably, but uiimundercd \ 

The Jundamenul coni.oj'tJon of the ^* Cjajoifj " scemi^ to rt^t on 
a caieful and wcll-i^oniidered application ijf the Krtfich dictum, 
" Dans le sifede oh noub ioiitnics. on nt: donne rici: |A>ur rien," to 
iKC whole body politic, and to every Jetail of humjtn life^ If it is in 
my power to beneiit you in any wny dtt(;ctly or indiTecdy» it is right 
lint you should pay for iu A further i>ositiun, which t-nom^ously 
incrcaws the 5elc] of a4.iio:i, vi by strivt process of logic evolved 
lium the first. If it ia m my power to injure you, ^uid I iib^uin fioni 
dcring 10, 1 in fact cunfer el benefit on you by ^u uLbstaining, and it is 
dfllU thax I should be paid foi that/ 

You recommend a Ktvunt The value uf your rcoommcndtiM 
is cal^^uhtcd hy the unouni \e> be given in the service in i|Dctti«^ 
and yovi mu^l be paid bj- the person rcc^mmcndc<j »ocorOii^lj. V 
nrc t\yvnsK. TliAl A fterv^tni hai bec^n cmjitofed, eir \% abotit to be <iii 
ployed* on thr strength of 4 Cnlsc cbomcccr, Vou AhuiAin rrom fl^vuig 
Ihc employer any intimoiion of the fact, and arc entiikd lo tcconu 
perifie cjlctilntct^ as above. Or you jltc an-nirc of ^tnr Cbct wkidi 
wuuld prevent the man from being employed, or are in u so^UI i^ub^ 
lion which woLtM enable you to destroy his chance ot obumifiK vim- 
ployment, And from exercising your power; pajmenf c^u- 
lated on the i^ine ba^is mui^t be mndcn It ^11 be fircn thiil the 
flppUc:uion of the principle aJmiB of almosi indefinite exicnhivn. 
For example, it would be almost if not quite impossible for ^ny 
person 10 keep a sLill, eay, in a vegetable market or h Huh nurlcri, if 
all thf otlicr sEnll-holder& x/cre determined to ircjil ihc indi>idiuiJ m 
quealion ai a black bheep. and impede him or her from eurciaing 
the trade in (petition by all possible mcantn If. therefore, 1 *nd my 
friends con by a word cauac all the people using the market in i|iiec- 
lion 30 10 behave towordt; you> it is 1 ttho by absUiining from Maying 
that word enable you to get your living, iind t muai be paid flCc:ord* 
ingly- A very small and easily following development of the coou- 
dcrrtiions governing the position will sliow ihnt a penon who depends 
on my word fi ir the [jossjbility of e^tming \\\^ hving, cannot afford id 
disTcgJird my viishcs in nny htilc matter respecting which 1 may 
manifcw ihcin to him. 

Still the poor hfih or vegtuble stall-keeper— 10 COniLnuc ihc lue 
of the example cited — does not fjil to profii in tome d€£FCC by the 
" Cnmorra/' which compels him to pay for lease to live, aj oiJovc 
dcarnbed. If I permit— or abstain from prevcming—A. P. to bob| 
ft sull m the m^Trkct, he must pay me for the pn.^mium. But the 
amount of Ihc payment in all juatite mubT depend on the value of the 
profits derived Trom the stall in question. Il bccome» my intcrr^ 
therefore, that such profits shell be as large on may be^ Eul Prince 
Montimagnifjei's house steward, who nukes nn enomvoua profit 1^ 
Tobhing the Prince xis^v. and Jef^, know-s very well ;hat a word of 
mine could cause that great man's valet to open hii^ muster'* eye* lo 
thai circiimsiancc, and must thetefore, besides pajing me for not so 
acting on the vatci, LiVc care tlmt tlic coot goes for his fish or hi* 
vcgeiabks to the stall in question. 

Here is another case in which a stranger at Naples was itnroduced 
in an amusing manner to the mysterious " Camofrj/' The siranEer, 
^/oun^- Italmn fiojn the north, hud ordered a fuit ol clothes, The 






tiilof dcbycd lo long id sending rhcm, that ^omc unfortunATc iIicta- 
don in the posflion oTthc cmtomcr mode him fcor that when M. \^i 
ihe clothes should be broughl home he would noi have the meiiiB of 
pl^iig far ihcm, !n thw cmhamissmcm Iht young man confidtshis 
tnnble toa MiMpoltton friend. The laiter, hnving heard the caw, 
ityfi tlui tie thinks there will be no djificiilty in arrjnifin^ the matter, 
AAd will sfc to it, An hour rarer ho ramc t>ai.k and faid, " Now nil 
you have to do u to tell the t^iilor lliat K^ haii uiadc mi \>>.\\\ w Jon^, 
you on wAtt no more ; the thincs must bv sent within the twenty- 
fbtir hcfUt% or ihc cluthc!! will not be rt:i::L-ived. I know tht^y cati'I trc 
1itti±hc(l in the- tim*;.*' This <:oun<id was acted on^ The doth ts were 
not K«nt. The Htnn^r w^ri freed frain hi^ barj^inn A t^^y or i;vO 
afterwards, bowtfvcT, hia Neapolitan friend returned, '' Well, ii was 
■U right aboni the clothea? " " Oh, ye\ ail right \ T\\t fdlow never 
sent them. 1 urn bo moch obliged to you,'* " Well ! " " Oh I I 
mu»t maktf my old suit [use a little tonger, that's all I " " But . . - < 
you would hav*- had to pay a hundred nnd twenty francs I " " Yes, 
I suppose DO. " " Well, then, hand over my share : * *' Your share?" 
"Yea. to be sure ; yoti awe me forty francs I" - . . , And in nword, 
the frietid in need being a ntf^f-^am'i/rHstJ, the money had lo be paid, 
and the nonhemer wo^ ma4e to undcrsund thnt at Naples, at loaatf 
dam it likU i^rJ ni>ut i//mmeSy c/r nt dotinp ritrtfouf rimt This i& 
another of the ihcuisand modes of action of ihi- " CamoTTO.*' 

Here i^ojiother. Kcing oian horel at Naples— one of the first it 
the ciiy, wc will say— you desire to vifitt the celebrated San Carlo 
Theitrr- You take U|} the pttpei, and seu that the advertised pnce of 
Ui««t»1l4 if, «ayt eifihi fra/ics, Yo;i go lo the box offito, :wk for a 
vtftll, and are told [hat therg ari^ none to be had — all «old ! Vou 
rvttini tu your inn and mention your difiappointment- Whereupon 
you utf told that the porter can get you a ticket, but that the price 
wiJI be ten fiance If you make judicious Jn<iuiries, you will Icam 
Uuu thii alto 15 " tamorra," 

The Kngli^h public will, p^hap;;, have not quiie forgotten the 
CA£e of Mr- Hind, the English flower-grower ai Naples, who sold 
better and cheaper tlowcrs than his rivals in like trade — ho^v he was 
murdcnd — how great the difficulty of discovcrlttg any clue in the 
perpetrator of the CTimc— how almost impossible* when hewasdis- 
co«-cKd. to obtain his conviction, or justice of any sort. All this 
ogain was dur lo '* camomi.." 

It is not too much to say that the whole aorf&l life of Naplesi 
from top to bottom, is honeycombed by " camona." h is everr«Vtf3^, 
oad Cffjwrrfffi' in drew costs and white kid ijVci'its, vi>LO ai^ >j^ 




The GefUUnutfCs M^gaang. 

The Ii 

f ofiht; gaol 

Jotown 10 be fiurh, nbound, and wtUlt ihc succta iriih no \t9x tntolrnt 
B BVOCger, or FAlhcr, with a more asbured inMlcncc di roAitae, 
becaiiM of thsc knowledge. Like the tnink af ihc ^cphMitihc 

"Caniona"iBcquiilWfilto<l lo grapple with the biggest thingi vsd 
perBona. and ti^ citiui with tlic lovi^jt and snrnMat. 'Inhere ii not a 
Wfeichcd piiboner in ihu sivar nuiig guok of Naples who docs noi uvc 
some portion of hJe; scanty oUuw^mtc of food, dcstiiii^d io be tumnl 
mid money for the benclit of faomc Camffrnsta Hoxncirfaat higtier 
in the griuJe of i^ocbl scuundrellsm and tinivenal pillage Lbon 

The krgcdt -ind most importam munidpal instihition* atv as 
to the kw3 of ihc unseen, but everywhere- fch^ tynatk » 

ttiacrdlle wrclch^a in ihG/fNifU'Ti or the Icaa minciMble jxipalatioo 
oflhe gaols, Thwe exiata ai Nai>li'» (i ma^;nifiocur'AlbcTgo <lci Pot^t^** 
a.tyLum for pauperis It ii^ jlu tnomioua building in n ntiprrb positsoo 
on a hill above the dl/n II ia uJmcnl impoatibk to have been ai 
Naplesvithout having obsctrcd it. The fumU l^clonf^mj; lo U xe 
very lai^e jndced, Ihc condition of the ivio^t miteiMbJe doscsof 
tJie vast city— of ihoac who Uic ia thc^v^fliiJiiaiid the "groitoe*"^ 
ha* been described. Surely some of this profouivl md hopvte 
ini«fry at least ik relieved by ihc itmpte mean) vrhieh dunly hu 
provided for the pur(H>se P lk;t it will be fmind, if the cxcceffing 
diPicnlties in the way of obtaining uny Irufrtn'orthy infonnation on the 
fiubjeet be avcreome, thai tho inmale^of the jl^/vt^ i//i /Snvn^tliae 
ftfc, J believe^ two ihou«nd of ihcm — do not come fruni those 
cIhIbscs at all. They will be foutid tfl belong To a considcraljly highef 
grnde in the sonal smIc— the children of gonrlcmcn'a ncri-ants, of 
5ni;ill trjidcrs, nnil the like. In shorty they arc children placed ibcfe 
by fflvour, the price of which favour haa been paid in every cjue CO 
some Camoff'iifft oi other, in some form or other- TbJs, howcvicr,iV 
but one of the modes in which ihi» cnamious rharily is tiutde to 
alTorJ iiAbulnm for the jdl-dovoiiriny miiw of the "Camorr*," The 
children are very Iwidly kepi, A \tcnny squcc/cd daily out of the 
Juod of each of them would amount to some seventy-three thouumJ 
fianca a year — n goodly wim for '* carnona," Hnt the eitr(iordn»jy 
care oflhe nwrnagtri of Ihi^ vast establish rncni for the eduoLiiou of 
the inmaWii miLy bt: cslitnalctl from the fact thai thmy-iwo luuAt. 
raoirtei's are provjdi^d for tbeit inatrucEJon in that ingeniioua art, 
which, it ib [o l>c hoped, is Iniind To '' aoflcn their n-ianncrb and not 
let diein be fierce-" In a word, the "Camorva." 14 ihc undisputed 
iltitit^Ks, uttsler, and iiroprii'lcir of iheestablishjneni. 
r Titjfci thiwg.piobaUVitViiV w'v\\s\.TiVji7LuEn^iHhm>in mreading 



of this horrible and airocious aysrom is that U could exist only &mong 
a population of coworrls ; ua. indeed, may be nid or the cxitccncc 
of dJl buliiea. It 13 LriLC- Sut It may be urged that the constant 
conacioxisncMof WfsJklDgtlirough liff imdrrth^r uniccn menacr of a 
dft^grr wAitlng for you rournl every comer of crfry wall la apt to 
have thifl property in common with conscience, thai it makes cowards 
of us nil. Ordinary fortittidc is htavc only dgnintit seen d[mgcr% 
which may be met and iim&glcd *ith, Biit ihc "Camom" icposc* 
tax ihe well'iindcpstood tonstant projwncr of the iinncfm dnggi^. It 
may be obtmvcd ftirthcr That Mich a popnUtion m the mhabilams of 
the /ffndtia and the '■ groltoc^ " hni* bctjn nh&wn to be, .ire f«r loo 
mucmbtc. too dcprcu^d, too much sFfirvcd lo ht; others i&e Ihait 
cownrds. It i^i quite an Ab^oktrc maLicr ofcfMirsc ttuii they ^ouldbc 
>o ; uid iE iivnpon ihcopprosnion of ihc^e classes Ihat the "Qamon^^ 
hoi Jct riTEC and bcrEtommost fou&diiLion. It \?, a. Jipcclahy of this 
bidcau^ canecr. iliai, as all j^ocial good things come from above 
downwards, ko this works from below upwards in the iqocial i^calc, and 
JmU for its Aj^(.rijd tendency Ti> draw e^c di:ni£f^ns of hi^hcj social 
livelii, with constfini mdrau^ht, into the evcr-eiiendtng niicshcTi of mm 
influence, and lu as^imibti- '-hi; mcralLly of tlic highest to \\xa\ gene- 
fated by The misery of the lowest, 

*i i'Tobably. therefore* Signer Vilkri, the patrtotjc observer whom 
1 have tio often fjuoicd. i^ right in thi: opir^ion he cxpressi^s, thai tbd 
Oflily hope of rrmcdy fur an ^vtl wZiJi::h makc^ Nijiles Dot only a ma^ 
o^Aoeial roLttnntJi>. fatal lo ilsclt but also a very prcpiauc source of 
domer to Itily i^ciivrrnlly, iiULSt Iji: suiight in 3Uch nico^itrcs Mi. ntay 
have die «iroi t of gr^iduully improving o.i\^ ItnLiUy rt^niuviMg the 
£pSMtiiM jnd horrible mafis of e?ctrvinv misery, ]jriili>ihiios&, and 
Igaonnee which lies rottin^r and fe^leni:;^ at the foundation of the; 
'N«ipolit«n «ocial %y%izia.. 



^6^ Tbt C€Hif€man*s Afagazisu. 


HANS HOLBEiM is in an whnt Sir Rkhord Steele 13 m liicM-" 
cure \ he fa s. scapegrace. Perhapi, over a boiEle of Rh^ 
i«h wine, the bbfFftnJ^niAl licnnnn, ^who^ i\ill liliiccyc sEiii «mi]ei 
upon U4 Erom hiH portmiH f'\\h all its old frc«hnct> ftnd vjviLca^, Tiuf 
have been otio of the pEc^iwnti^st ormen;iuidtlmtBeciiiatohavcboes 
hia reputation al Augsburg, ai Basic, and in London. Hia red hat 
hid long grey coai, and hia juWal fticc were fa wcUknowoin the 
SUceta and taverns of Augiburg and Basic as the figure of Ben /onvoQ 
ivai known at the McrmaJil, 01 ns ihcl cf Dryden in hia hbck Telrei 
suit was known in the f orfce-houss of Covcni Ciardcn. He wa* the 
fiist or almosi the firfit of Ihc race of Bohemians, and he woa a Boh^ 
mian htz^ui and souL 

Vou con aeo thai hy a ^lanee at his portraits. Ilic moAt mrikin^ 
jind apparently rhc moat i^haraxtcriatir of these is that which hang? in 
the muwiiin ai K-tsIe. It is a skt-tch of Holhein stfive'anfl-lwcnty. 
Tfie Hgurc is tall nind Matcly, the forehead is brood and liigh, the brow 
ptoji:c[s slightly over the cyo5, — a proof, if any proof were needed, oa 
those strongly developed power* of olfiervation which made Holbcii» 
the keenest and most cliaractcriatic porirai I- painter of his lime, Hi» 
eye sees everything and sees ihrongh everything, Il*parki»mth 
good humour, although there is a «hght sugge.^tjnn of uroum in lis 
gbnccj and that suggestion is def^pcncd by the expteraion of irony 
which plays about his month. 1 he lips arc full, and there is aboM 
the whole fac:e an exprc'i^ion of frankne^H and iiudacity that marked 
Ihccharaeier ofihc man all through his life. 

This expression comes out *tjll more distinctly in the miniature 
in the possession of the fhike of Jhieclengh^ taken probably ai the 
height of Holbein's fame in Ixjndon. This miniature is the ponrail 
of a man appartnlly abonl live -;ind- forty. The smooth nut-brown 
hair of fjve-and- twenty ii now sprinkkd with grey; the round chin 
is covered with a short thick-set beardf the neck is like a bullX hot 
the eye is still the same. It ia an eye that still takes in everything, 
an cyt that stiU betokens the rare powers of observation and the 
calm self-confidcncc of the man who was equally at home in a pct> 

Hans H<flhm at Ais Etufi %6$ 

boiue or a palace. It is sftid (hat Holbein at thi^ (imr^ wa>« distin* 
gdaheil in hts drese by a.i'Dt and velvet, find by on^ of tKosc Flsndm 
hua with a plume which hift own pottraii of Henry ihc Eighth has 
hofldcd dou'n to us with so much gmcv /tnd vigour. ^ti(ihc|>or- 
tnil docs noi ^\vc ua HoJbcin in liis full drc^s, in the dnrsi which 
najtled the quiet people of Biilc when Holbein vm on his way to 
take thcpomair of :hat youthful Duchess of Milan who, when Henry 
offered her his hand, and as much of his heart n^ ht had lo offci 
alter A third inArmgc And a Ihinl divorce. ?a\6 in Sir Hf i^ Woilon^ 
"Ala*' whitl nm I ti^ say to the King of England? Ht^ docimcioo 
much honour, ^nd if I only had twn hcrid*), ont- of them should cet- 
uinlybc at hi* Highncu'a atr^icc" "Silk and vehcr" «id r^ncof 
Holhcin'i frii'nds in theslreds of Bfl3lc;"l recollect when he went 
lo the tnp for n pint jf wine!" Thw portmit of ihu Thikp of 
BucclCTtgh's given us Holhcm withoni hh silk and velvei. He a 
apparenily frc»h from his ca^el, in Km working dress, a pfjtin hlftcfc 
9l\ltt with n Kkulka; I, and hi>i pfncit in his hnnd, The T^rr is ihc liiice 
of it iri:in who know* wLil life is in Ihc rough, who t-ikes it, howcvef, 
Sks it comes, makes the htst of ii. and enjoy? it with the rclisli of x 
rich wd hjtrdy eonstiiution. 

But there is iitil the slightest touch of domo^ticrty nbouJ the nmn. 
You liaveOTiIy to loot M his portrait once to *ee thni, if Holbein aniA 
luK ^fe (quarrelled now and then, ihe fnuli y/m not ;i11 on the «ide 
of hit wife, illhoii^h she nmy not have been aH that an artjst'G wife 
ought to he. When il!us.lraltng the " Ptiok of FoHy," Hnlbeirij find- 
ilijt on one p^ge the ii;jine gf its aiuhor, sketched Erssmus on the 
mirgin, sitlirig in his «udy, and sketched him so cleverly that 
Ew^mus, looking through the proofs, 3i once recognised his portralr, 
laughed aiihcjrAe^ and exclaimfd, with a sly hit at Inther. " AhFif 
Efumurs still looted like ihis, he too might ;et lake h wjfe.^' Turn- 
ing over the page wilh a kugh, Erasmus found bylhe^ideof acouplcc 
frcni Horace :— 

M« piiijfLirin rl naidurr, bccv cwls cUtc viscr^ 
Can riclerw vole^, Epifuri <lc ^n^ |«fELiii, 

A ikelth of a wild-loo'ting fcTIow siuinu at ii w'cll'i[]ie;id honrd, 
drinkmg a goblcl of wine, with one of hU arm^ around thi- nrck of a 
si ultish- looking girl The author w-us equal with the artial. He 
wtoic imder ihc sketch, " Holbein," and iliat sketch seems io have 
hit o!T Holbein as chmacteristicaUy as Holbein had. on Ihc previous 
p»ge» hit off Erasmus, in hi^ long rol^e and his high hat, poring over 
a bUct-lctlcr folio or a recently found Greek MS. 

TAi Gmittmam's Magasitu. 

It u ^d by «)tDC of Ifolbcin'i hid^phrn ihftt thr «xtitc ia IhiE 
tfcctch it loo coiuvf Pcfhain iX 15- B«t Uolbdo adopted the 
sketch; il «a5 published »vit stands in thr " Uook of FoUy.^&nd tiii 
too much in keeping with tht? IndjIioDi of HuTbciEu and with hJI 

poi^Ua-ils tlurnktiielvei, to be pul Jlitide to-fUy. 'I'lv-ri: u gcoiiut uid 
^ood ff^Howship in ev^ty line o! his lacc- b»t HoIbcin, with all bu 
geoiiu and good fdlowth^p^ wju one of the but men rn the woHd tp 
fit into iny system ci\ doiaifstic lilc, except pcrha^ that of the Ept' 
mrrani. ind <^vcti the Epieureana might h«ve found il h&rd 1^ At hia 
into Ihcira. 

Holbein. in thii rci|>cclt itands in marked contnui to his cott- 
ttmpomry and fivd — Albert iJiircr. iJiirtr wai 4 grave, rdiglous 
nmn, with A. lol'ty idea of duty oi a man and 'a dtijea, a nua of 
domestic habits and eulliviicd tastes, a man without a aingle vics^ 
except perhapA a p.-iSKiAn for phy, nnd «ven Ihat paAion «aa 
kept v/e\\ in tlicflc aJtcr his rcnim from Vcnitc. The onltf 
virtue llollicm poaKsscd was that of good lutuiYr— a virtue which U 
fakl lo lie in itself a vice Perbapt in his hcdii IlolLiem loved Aftas 
mueh as the thoughtful and piisKLODTcAs recluse of Nurcmbuti;, liincd 
as high, and wcirkcd as hard. But aft ivirh Durcr Wii nrU(iioiv It 
was only part of Holbein's life, and Holbein, with all hih iniciui^ 
and industry, wns aJwftys ready at a moment's notice to Oirow down 
hifc chalkji or his gmvcr, [o pwt on his grey do.\k and hi* ttd lui, and 
lo sii under the hmes for an hour with a friend and a pint of wine. 
He y<^ a Bohemian all the days of hi>i life, a vagabond and i 
wandcn^r upon the earth, seldom knawiug where to turn for a 
sovcTc^gni jind even when at the court of Henry the Eighth, tccei^iy 
a salary which wfis equal to the iof-ome of most oi" the *quires inth* 
commission of the peace, he wfls gcncTpil ly over headand cjis in debt. 
He died in a foreign Luid, far from his wile and < hildrcn,lciivmg ndltODf 
for their provisioti but his paint- 1 rushes ^nd \\h palcUe, and DOihu^ 
for ihc illegitimaie children he hrid in l^ndon but his Mddlc-honc 
and iu bridle. Dnrer WJS buried m the cemetery oS St Jofca iritfi 
all tht liououri that his countrymen coutd «how to one of the gf tc i Ct 
of German arii.sts, and his grave is to thi*. day a pilgrimage for citty 
lover of an in Germany, His sultti? stands in the gfeai aqu-UC of 
Nuremburg, his house is jiublic property, and i;v(^ soap of p*F<r 
Ihat hia pendl has touched is treasured us a holy rdic. Of HolbeJR 
Iher? Vb no nittnorial, not even a itone with his name upon ii^atid 
'antiquaries dispute still a5 to the date of hiv de^tli. He isfotppojted, 
&nd fiupp'LW'od 1 lliink wiLh goijd reason, to have died of the pljigue 
in TS4S, Axid to have bcea bviiieOi W\i.\\ ft*\j\ijfal oC 9. dog in oat d 

Hitns HMein at kh Easel 

IP pils of WhitcchaptI ; bul a few ytirfl ftft« his Jrtth on* 
-Qie irtoit diitinguiihfd nnd ^ihuaiiutiic of hit admirer^ the K-trl 
of Anindd, oct^lA not dtsc^vcr thf ilightt^it mc? of a mac tc whoi^ 
genius, ncU tothat of Alhot Diirefs, Germany *tj!l ove* no »lighi 

tpATt of iu rhaniictet for art 
Yet if, in^leftd of distinguish] ng the man (roiti the arti&t, ve diA- 
tinguish Ihe jartisl from the man, I do no! ihmk (here cjm he two opi- 
QioiiftAX to which ought lo uke the hntpoajtion — Holbein or Durer. 

IDJrer, of course, tn his Own line Jsinromparahle. He iras itirom- 
poiafal^ 3k4 a designer, rtK jin cnji;™ I'cr, and n^* b j^aitiler of Sj<mts^ 
HvloAiiiitk, and Sffvioirrf, Hiit l>iirrr i^ an tdraliHt ; Holbein is a 
reolbt ■' Diirer'fi imogiiiAtion in its range ajid vigour "n^m inferior only 
to Djmte*4 ; it loved in its loftiest flighli lo dn^ell on ihe (riilei thnt 
jtii/e lilie and colour lo its vixioni. IlolbHn had »imp[yno imogi- 
Dftioti at aU , and you may look through hift works wiihout finding 
■ay lncc« of the facully which shine* through every confcpli on of 
hitttival. He creAlcd nothing. 'H» Christ 14 token from Durer, 
all \\\i Sainih jjrc taken ftom Durer; and when he wished \o piii^L tJie 
Holy Mother Ami her Child without reproducing the form^i which 
Durer had made his own, he simply called his wife inin his ^Jtudio 
:uid sketched with her Ihc first iif hiB own boy*, who h^jipened lo 
be playing :it hi^ mother's knee. Sr. Anne is the porlr^iit of hia 
own tnoth^^f. 'Jlic influence of l>iirei is to be traced in ]llo^t of bis 
Wttll painimgii in his Apt>»lJe^, ami in many of hi? picliucs nf Death, 
TbeiuggestionformarLy of ihc^enes in his Dance of De«th is to be 
foivtnd in fiurgkmair. HiA l^st Supper ts taken from Leonardo da 
Vinei, atid hi« TriuinphaJ Procession on Ihe facade at lAiccme from 
ManCegna. Holbein ha^ Teft nothmg like Durer'$ pietures of the 
Passion, otf thi^se of the Revelation of St. John, and he could not bnve 
luimedeither nl them tu save hi* hfe without the inspiration of l.hircr. 

l*ai Hotbein rrude up for his Uck of imaginnlioii by lii^ [juntfts 
irf observation. These were of the highest order, and ht knew 
how ti> iiise Ihccn. Clb^rvation is not f>erh3pA the higher gift 
ao artist rJn havt, aud il forms hul apoorrnnipensalion forimngina- 
live po»er< like Ihosc whidi inspired the virions of the ApocrtJypsc 
and the J^lmIoo; but Holbein's powers of observation w^re combined 
wtth lOch a kt:cn percepTion of character, and witli so mueh fjractidl 
akill, ihat we shall probaljly ^ee i dozen Diiicr* Ijcforc we see 
wkoiher l^o](>cm- 

Durer's *u(icriori(y [o Holbein Tiiy in two things anJ in two 
Ihingt o»ly, 1 believe— in his knowledge of anaLorn^ aai \ti \At 
moraJ puiity, Diirc/'s fsncy, m f£s iWldest flights. A3 as p\a^g^sNfiiXia\Cv, 


Thi Gtnilemans Magaxitu. 

Holbvtfi's is ofEm as foul u SnolkU'i, aod ii« knew noihmg u ati 
Df iQatomy. But D^rec lud one fault at aJt jjUsi^ H« «w twt u 
mtemational min. Holbcb v-u. ^d the coiucqutDC« b ihjj 
to-day his worlui urc «vcr>'wl]crc- Vou coinc ^icrow thtiu in c\^ 
pftlacc of Europe. They «e in ihc galloy of ibe Louvrie, at Munich 
St Flotcncc, ii Venice, at FtAnkfon; and there U hardly aa old 
manoT- house in F-nglaiid thai does aoi conuiti itJi Holbein. No 
collection of huioiiod poitraits is complete wiihgm its dmter of 
Holhcinf^i even if ihc genuine portraits ba\« to be ckcd oui with a 
few spurious daubs th;it were patinted twenty years aiici Holbcb'* 
death ; nnd widioui Holbein one of iJie mwi inEeresitng penods nf 
Engtith history wuuM be a blank, oi w^jtbc than a bluik— a hiilory 
of Pupal pteiensLons and Protount scbinns, of inCGrnationAJ And 
leligioMn ft'ui.JS) and of the bLuicne?^! of jU conirovenlc^ Iheologkal 
canttovcTEiy — conCKivtfRj' upon origiiLa] sin, upun the mystery of 
grace, of predeBtinfltian^ and of juslifiGitioo, upon the qucAtioD 
■(vhtlher the mass is a sacrifice or ihe commemoration of a aacfinrc, 
whether the power assumed by the Pope and the Bishops h*d any 
fo^mdRtion in Scripiute. whether the worship of images is auihoHscd 
by Scripture, or whether it is siioileK^ to smofih a saint. 

HoLbeln'c life covers ihe period of the Refnniuijon and thr 
puiod of those gre^it geogr-iphiiMl discoveries whicih nimulatcrt the 
lAttUcci of Europe as it hud never been stimulated before and a« it 
has never been stimulated since- He wa& bora in 14W' ^^ y«** in 
which Columbus returned to Spain with the spoils of the New Wotid, 
was received by Ferdinand and Isabella like a general retumitigirom 
the conqneiLt of a kingdom, and entered Valladolid in triumph amid 
the acckcnationfi of a nniion which then held the proudest pmitioc 
in Europe, He died in 1543. and in ihc&e forty eight ycajs he had 
witnessed the conquests of Cortei and Pitarro, the achicvrmeniU of 
Vosco dc Gama, the exploration of the ?acJ6c, the esLibltKhmeni of 
a VAE;t empire of Furopcin merchants in Arabia, alonfi: the coaiIs 
of Malabar, ^nd in Indijt, the diversion of all those strcarnit of rMn- 
mcrcc which had lined Liic shorcsof the Adriatic, of llic vl'i^rAn, and 
of the Mediterranean \s-ith mriits, temples, and palaces that are^till, 
even in their decay and ruin, the admiration of the world ; the o^xr- 
throw of the Papal authority in all the northern pam of Enrope. ,ind 
the iransktion of the Bil^lc into a language und^Tstanded of the 
people who have since taken the lend in all that d i^tingnidiea 
modem from mediaeval Etiropc in arl5, arms, liteniEurc, and science 
But when Holbein was born ihcTL* was not the alighim s^gn dot 
xhc world was on the eve of one of the greatest rcvoluiioni in 
The Pope ruled Europe mft^ *. t^ C)^ "mwv\ icwS^ Uthou^ 

f the Fo\ 

Hans Holttiii fit hh Easii. 36^ 

Fo^e wju 3 profligate pricsi whoiic handj^ were dyed in every 

vice? and crimi^ hi^^ ^iiuhoriiy was unasriJiTlcd .tnii App;trcnt1y UD&a- 

_ ittilflWe. Pcrli.ipu a few acholflrii hcri! ami there still remembered 

P the protcr^ thill Wj-cliffo hnfl made sgainsi iht' I'iipM auprcmacy, 

jgjinst the vitos of ihc drrgy, and againsi the trifllc in indoIij;tDc<s. 

The memory of Hufis was still chcriiKcd by a handful of liwdy and 

ignoRtnt mountaintKra in BohctniA. Due neither the name of Hiua 

nor ihe name of Wycliffe wn.i anything more than, a recollection- 

II wrt* no! an iniipiration, Ihc princt's and rulers of Lliiro(ie hated 

■ the ilii^Uo[i i\\ Komir: because he \f&% the most eKACling of taK> 

' gatherer*, anit the people hjtcd his cardin*h .ind pricjilB hccauae 

thdr live* wcrir a satire upon all the preccjii* of the rdi^ion whieh 

Ilhejr wctc<omniisaioncd to preaclt. IJiit Iherc u-as no one. iipparenlly, 
with the coungc OT (lie learning Eo combat Ehc crrort o: to denounce 
the vLccft of the Churrh. Savonarola might have done it ; but Savo- 
narola had htcw !icnt to the stake before his voire had been heard 
north of the Alps, Krasmus was m the tirst bloom of hb splendid 
nunhood; but Eraanmi woi private secretary to the Bishop of 
Cambray, njid a« devout a Catholie as a man of hi« wit and lenming 
cciuTd be. Luther and Zwinglc were «h]l at ^choc'l thMmbing a Ijitin 
griunmar; Rncer was in \vix nurse's arms; neilhcT falvm nor Knox 
hdd been born ; and Tyndale was flyiry hauler in the Vale of 
Gloucester- ^Volscy, a paritih priest, was in rTic slocks in Somerset- 
shine; aiid Craiuwcll wat perhaps birdsntsting iu the lane* around 
Putney HcAlh, witfiout a ihauglil of llic part he was to play ak '' the 
Hammer of the Monkn" in oneofthcgrralestof PCrglii-h revolmiorvi, 
Ttie tmly copy of thL' Bible ih^thnd then Iwen printed was the i^itin 
Vulgate, and that was so rare and cn!itly thai U was a present for 
princes. Uut this edition of the liible fonnd its ^vay into some 
of the monasteries, and especially into those of the Au^islinei, 
probably jt that lime the purest and most Ihouglitff] of the 
Ronijin Catholir orders l-uthcr found it in the Augustine convent 
At Erfurt \ Melanchthon found it a^ Tiibin^en \ and when hlrasinus Ln 
J516 published hi* first edition of ihc Greek Testament, that work 
^V soon in the hands of e^ery pnc»t and tnunk who knew Creek 
ttiough lo rcjd It- Perhaps djcrc were not many of thei«, for at 
(luU time the mass of prje^Cs knew little Latin and lv«& Grvck. But 
Luther. Zwingle, Mclanchlh^jn, Coverdale, and Tyndalc could read 
Ofeek alinctsi ns well Us Eiasitniiij and ihey read (l lo sn<:h efftci that 
when in 1517 the question arose as to the sale of indulgences, they 
were able lo confound the ablest of the Ugflics and Mcais-genirral oi 
Jlomc by Appealing lo the won! and to llic te^tLmony. 

TOL. CCXLI. MO. 1761. It U 



The Gcntifmofis Mogasme. 


Holbctfi thrc« liimsdf into the fife, ihouj^t, luid politic* of bis 
iJjLy with all ih* vigoui of \C\% nuurc. llu u-^St in Cut* one of Ifce 
Rfiformon, and diiJ >-vonunV f^crvtcc tn th« cau»v. Porfaaps the Re 
formcn tfii-imcKt^s "^ tJioie whom wc look upon 38 tvtphattaiSy di« 
lUfomii^n, might not always cire to conf«8« th( faci, or to nccicnlK 
ihe man who :^'tnt ic» the ta;j for whe sis ont of thcnuelrcs. Bo! 
Oj:li Uoci noT alter tlic ftct that HoHn;m was ihc second Lather of 
the Refurnuition- Look at his cart^jon rcpiescming tlic ule of Id- 
dulgcEiCtfx : It U Lutht;r*5 Ecrnn^n in miniature, and tnorc nJ^etlKc 
llum AduKensermDns: andthe spiril which m^-rk;; this: cutoondk' 
tinfiuishcs equally hit illu^iniions in the "B<K)k of Folly," hfa pktun^ 
of Dcacli.iLnd thai hnlliant series of woodcuts which caMc^ iho name 
of Hotbcin aa an anist all through Euroj>e- Vou can trace Ihe Gtman 
and the Prot^Atant tn uvery touch of hi% pencrt. In his pit'tun; of the 
Tcinpt-ilioii of JoEcph. for Jnatance, the IJlioF of Fnunv art cm- 
Ittoidervd on the ccjuch of Potiiih;jr*s wife; and trntchert of tbb kind 
occur again and again, showing the m^ tt-iih which he oitcrcd inio 
the spirit of the time. He repre^vnls devils ^Ttflin^; for the Pope'fi 
aouljandall his sketches of priests are full of suggestion* of hypocri^j", 
covetouaiess, mipidity, and profligacy. Pahapa. however, tJie bttt 
proof of his sympathy with the Refonnation it lo be found in tl\c bet 
thiit he was selected to design the iide-page of Luihcf'i; lirst imnhUtion 
of iJic New TeM-imi^r, aflenv.irds lo illustrate Coverdak's tranKlaiion 
of the JJfbIc into English, and, when thie tranfilarion n-a? ordered to he 
prinlodand pLiccd in every church throughout the Brftiih I*Ies- to 
dcBLgn and ^'ngmvc the poriniit of Henry the EJ^hth aa the Supreme 
Head of the English Chtin^h- 

This was Holbein's work ai pjsle, iNustiaiiri); books; almost his 
sole work, that and wall-pninting, T^-ilh an altar piece now and then 
like the Ljist Supper, or the Betrothal of St. Catherine with the Infant 
Chri-sl, and that superb specimen of his skill in the church ne«r 
Soloihum, the Virgin between Stn Uraus and St Martin, He is sajd 
to have worked for tbc silvtrsiiiiihs and lo have designed for Che 
ghss-slftincrs, tn hiivc painted the wnlU of many private bouKiri,a« 
well as ihofic of the Rath.h«iifi; and among his decorative wmk iti^ 
fagjdc of a house In the £iscngasse» pniintcd frnm top to bottom "'in 
the fashion nf the rich architccTural kickgrounds whTch at .i ktff 
time distinguished ihc pictures of Pjii I Vcrotiifsc.'* !Je [tinted porinnli 
at Au^Kbnrg, and he painted ]iorErair>i, again, En London. Ihif Jt 
Basle very few portrait* froni hin easel arc in evi^tencc^ and l»«e 
worrh bpc^king of cicept ihow of Frohen. IlonifaciuB AmvftacK 
and Uf^Lim^ Basle at that time A^as the he&dqu:inera of tlie Re- 

IJaus H^lbnn at kis Basel. 371 

itaiKuncc, All the worki of ICiAfiinuft, of fXcolampadus, of J^ilhcr, 
of McUnchlhan, .tnij (he rri^t of Uii? KrruTiTierrs, (vrrc priitlecl a^wil 
jH^bli^cd [Jicu't wU'* iiii«t of the cJiiioris of RiHriLin uiittrs, .iiij llic 
tiAnnl^liortv fiom Hicvk .iliEIilhm th^ic wcti' then in ointl^lLOlu Jl xvxi| 
Id Uitf l]iii« of Holbi^jit J. Kiiy of ^hol;ir«t of Jiri»L>, jjid cf i)iint«n». 
Knamui cilkd il Ihr: most cumforubLe^ «e^t cf the mu!te«. "Th^rc 
is ao OTIC.'' h? uytp ia one of I11& Icitcr^, '' who da<:!& hoe know L^iin 
and who docs iloE know Greek, Moit of ihtm know Hebrew- One 
Is adi^tiiiHuihhed hUtonun* another a xealous theologi^m, a dkini on 
cxpcncncuU raaihemau^Jiun. Tine |>ui!»iiea iht; «,iucly of AiMUjiucyi 
^jtnothcr of la^t; >\'heie else d^ '^i? find unylhini^ liLc Ehib ? I at ]i;^1| 
until nniv,ha^f iioi Ii;id Ehc h3p|im(r4& lo Wd ^ucli an a^iccible lift:." 
Ilic Frobcns, Ihc Feins, ynd ll^c Wolfly haj Uiii'ii prinling'OfiJct* at 
£mICi and HoIIjc'ui iv^ aLtracieJ to tht; city brLUUi;^ it pfeKtr>ti;d so 
mny op]>ur1 unities to 1 m;iii of hit> itiH to (iiukt; i\t\ c:i4^ aiid a sur? 
incxinic in tliv oriuunenuiion of buoks und in making devigna for 

The Rcft)tni;ii!oti cjincn and the Reformation, the work in a grcoi 
meuurc of L^adcf wms the ruin of Jil, It put .^n end to all ordera for 
nlui-pkcct. for Nfadonnsii) C61 Saints, Lind even fot ihoA;^ uul1-T>^]niing$ 
which, in CcTTn;tny as m Italy, j^^ivv aittsu ol" the hj^h^^H i;;eriiua ;in 
opportuinty lo sho* the world whiii th^-y coald do i\K ih^ir licii, *■ I 
prtif»i,am| p^irii whh iv[l diliii<;n(.v " Kiid Diirtr, ^'buL nothing' come* 
of il> and I iii^^an thi/rcfure to lall b.ick uj>on my vngiavin^'n Hod J 
dohv vo ^ouner. I nhoiEtJ have htftri richt^r by lome thousand tlorinii 
;<t thii djy"' Bnt Holbein could iioi do this, for the ptinicris uf Busle, 
like ActJJoii. w'l^rtf devouied by ihcit own dog^. They bad jjubliahed 
ftti tmuiy work:: ajfaiosi idubtiy and Mipt^rvtitlot). and ag;on£t vt a> 
tiw handmaid of aupcr*iiii'jn, thai ihey dL-irt: not [hcniselveis now pub- 
lish a copy of the Stripnires with the Virgin ^^^ Hpj Child, Tlie 
claisie* wtrc tabooed by the Reformer as profane,and Holbein soon 
Ibund ihnt if he was I0 Uvc by his {Jc-nLtl he mu£| take uji bU '[iiLirtets 
'^here an livid a very difTfrent jm^iuon from Lhat wliith it hdd in 
IBwk. In thtf year in which Diirer complL'tcd bi'i pantis with I^S. 
Pctvr and John, SS. Mark and Pawl^ and threw nsidt' his l>n.isb, with 
tliat unfiniKhcd head of Ihv Saviour upon hlif eauel. Holbcirt Inmod 
his back itpun Gctmany. (.fosatHl tbt- KnjfUah Chanriul wilh a leuvr of 
imroduciron to Sir Tliomas More froLn trasmvis, and tliO 
colmmst of [he North Wft5 lost lo German art for ever 

This was in the ye^r 1536, and Sir Thomas Mure wat then at {\t 
height of hff gfentnesg — Clianccllor of the F.xchcqncr, ChanceUoi t 
Ihc Duchy of l^ncMter^" England's only genius," and lh« dostt 

IE H 3 



The GtnitcmatLS Msgazinf. 

pprtonal fricnrl of thi^ King. U is «id ihat Henry wi* on 
tamtlhr tcrnis vith hii Uh.inrcllor ihat he ft;»s m thr h.ihil of 
ihc roynt hArgc from \Vhitchnlt ^uirs^rornhgdovrn ihc 'iltAinc* to thr 
flhflsoa mrjulowij where More XwtA with his l-imiTy .ind XCw bookB. 
hinrhjn); or chmni; wilh him t^i faiuiilr, and atEcrw^inlk wnTkiog up 
flnd <f('i*ri hifl yorttcfii iftjlh his arm around hin ncrk, bilking of 
Ihfolog)-, gcomt^liy, arul ntLiato ^ t>r» if it waa ^l brtght moonlighi 
evening, npflling out the mysicfios of thr starii or [icrhiips ntiing 
by the firc-siilf lo U^f" lo it lirshly-wntttn pAf^c of " UtO{nJ^" 

Eh ib argiunfnb in tdvoiir of frocriom ol" CLinscicncc^ ilenry hftd 
the reputation It that time of being the mosi polished And diiTOJroLit 
kn[ghl in Kiirope, ;tnd his Court ^&% the home of alJ ihe muses, of 
science, of painting, of archili^tturc. and of ^Ui iftirti. He had an 
JtaliAH AtchitccC in his service — John of J'aduA — And if money could 
have lempted RiflacUc to cmss the Alps, the Cartoons, whirli foon 
one of Lhc chitf giurics of the Vnticjn, wuuld ha»c adomtU the 
Suie apartments of Windsor .tnd Whitchjill Nrithrr Kjiffactlc nor 
'i'jiian was to be lured from the sunny skies of luly -, \i\iX KaI^Dc 
painted a Sr> George for the Uefcndcr of the tViitli, And that St 
ticorgc Formed the nucleu* of the gallery which Hcn^ waa so fond 
of showing la his viaitota, He set the cxiiiii[i]e ofcollci^ing works of 
■rt in this country, and the clioictttt present that you could mtke 
him wais a picture, a sEatiie, n piece of tapestry, or n bcautiliiUy. 
chaacd suit of Armour lo da/idc the tyts of Ihi' knights and ladies of 
hia Court at the toumanicntTi whi< h formed such n conspicuous 
feature in the life of his Court, An artist Uko Hotbcln woa to Henry 
whM a ull gren^ier vui lo Frederick of Prussia : he wds the brvi 
prcseni you rould offer him; and Sir Thomas More, kjiowing ihia, 
took Hollicin into his household, set him to work to juint a eoiJec- 
lion of portraits, and then iSiaplaying them in his hall, invited the 
King to an entertainment. Henry admirc<I the pictures, jskcd after 
the artist, and wna iutroducod to him there and then. Sir ITiom^ 
M^Orc otfercd the pictures to his Highness ; but, as Henry ^id, when 
he had ihe urtiiit he did not rei^utte ihe pictures- Ai\ ajartmeol 
was at ooee httcd up in the palncc for Holbein; he was f^ujutctcd 
«n the civil list for aoo florins a y^^i ^i^d was known hcnccfocth &i 
the King's painter. 

■i'hal, however, was a title which in the time of Holbein iiaplicd a 
great dcjil more than it implied in the time of Vandyke, or than U 
might be supposed to imply now ; for a Louri painter had then lo do 
everything thai could be done willi a brush ; to p-iint cvetyUiing that 
mjuircd i>ainting — ;i w^dl, a coat of arms^ a shield, a pottralt, or a 

//ans /M&ttn ai iis Easel. 

"batlJC' piece, a *ccnc like thai tn ihe V^ll<^y of Ihc Clolh of Holrf, the 
BallTr r>f the S|iun, or Ihc Kvpcdition lo Boulogne ; and Holhdn, 
like most of [hif 4li:Ktin^j>ihi^(! pnintm i^f h» titn^t wa» a man of 
infinrc varicly ^nd Tcadmcifi- He could turn hi* hand lo every- 
thing : ccFiiId pjinl 4 poitiaii or dccor^rc a w.UI, dcti^ii a ji^tcway 
like Ihni nt Wilron, or lakr^ -i ekcirh of the Durlifca of MiUn ur 
Anne ft( Clcvca, for Henry lr> fjll in love with, [ininr^n 3Ujif-pi«:e, cjt 
illu*tTate the " liook of l-olly -/' crnbnss in w,!?: for tint br-mlics of the 
Ccmrl. Of (rfklour a «^mI of atm* for (he koighte of the Tournament ; 
de^n adrinkinji'nip for Jane Se)Tnrnjr, or ji sword-hitl for the King; 
or un an eiiier>:e"L^T.ikrv]i hiH g ravin g-knifc nrtd vwX W\t ovrn dcil^fn* 
for " Utopia." or a new etliiioti of the Bible. Hollicin gets creilit 
for Ji prtit deaf more Ihan he did or than he could Jiave done, llie 
ocdii foT work done at Basle Jor instanec, before he knew the place; 
the credit for work done year* nftcr he left the cilj, the credit for 
work done here in Kngi;ind as tnie >i* 1554 ; and now nnd Ihen the 
ovdit foi work done even m 1579. Biii making every Allovfjnce for 
thi*, It i>. 31U11U that f[olbein*« hands mu^t have been *uffiuiently fiiU 
of work during the time he spent in KnglflT^d. ifi^ portr^iiK are 
everywhere ■ in every palace, in everj ^allciy. and in neJTly every 
cOLUitiy-hou^e of historir^l nnle_ '"rh[:ic is and atw.iys hiifi tiecn a 
great demand for porlrail* in this cnunlty, and this \v:\i |nartK'u!arly 
the case in the feigii tif the Tudor*. There wfv* a denh-ind ftii por- 
tfait* then when there was ;^ demajid for n<rthing else, and Holbein's 
jgcnius was the true getiiut for a ponrail- painter. 

He was pre-eminently Imthhi I, He had a stem nde to be tnie 
to nature whatever the ronncnuenreii might he, and to ilmt ruli: he 
jdhercdall through life, Itwafcthcmleof Uurcr, liut Holbein wjstmcr 
10 Ihenilc tlian Hiirer himself wjs. Unfe, and once only, he departed 
from it-^in the case ofAnne of Cleves. He is said to have Jdeali^d 
Anne at the ^uegcstion of Cromwell, in order lo pfntnole the ProLcs- 
t^Uit cause. But if he did» all f c^n »ay is thai Henry had some 
Ci[eu«e to plead for his divorce, and that we have in Holbcrn"^ portrait 
m ample eipliination of Anne's resigniilion when she w^is jKicketl off 
bag and baggage to the pa lace :iE Ilirhmond to await the forrnaliFifis 
of a divoree. llic portrait is the purtr^it of a woman whom even 
Vandyke tould not have made preseniablc i^ the *ui:ee*sor of Jane 
SeymoL^r kind Anne Holeyn. It ii the inrtrari of a woman witliout a 
tingle groee of feature or ciprewion ; and if Holbein flairercd her, the 
oxiginol muftt have been all that Henry said nhe wns. The mrprise 
tome is thai Holbein did not lose his hefid with CromweU. But 
IfcTiry seerLis to h:tve held his poriTAit-paJnter in mope cstim;ttion 



7"^ Gmileman's Magaxittt, 

t}iiui iDOst (»f ihe men of 2iia cmft s^crc hdd:it ih^t timo. "VouhiTe] 
not to do with Ham/' >atd The King io a nobUm^ ^vho wrni lo 
coaniilaiii ih^X Hottwia hcuJ kicked him out of hU studio «fica 
he wiu poiQibg the jJOTliaitof A lady*; ''you h;ivc not lAdawkh' 
Hanft, but with mO- Of ucvcu pciBsaTilB £ can tnakc seven Kju-Ih, boti 
of Acvcn Eulii I uinDOt make one Jlanfi Holbein." And Holbciiti 
after th^t never flittered anycnic with his bnnih. Kvcn OUvcr 
Cromwell Ticcd not have troubled hlnuclf about hi:t \rta\% M ho had 
Lt to Hiirry'r^ punter. The wnrEi woiitd have hccn ihc prmcipoli 
lings in hih portraJL Hia fnrc would hfivc bwT> known by its wut^ 
Atl hi« ch^micUT would have bi^m dUtinguithed by ihem, aU hi* 
a^tuteiicss, rcsolutioi], and fonragc, Vandyke painicd mcri iiul 
womL'ii us Lhi^ wished ttt he, as he ww thrm i\i hi» oim dinner-tobir, 
nil grace, vivftciry, ^nd dignity. 'I'ltinn jKiintctl them » they oug^; 
Io bc^— ill hcnuty, \n\\\ and rhivAlTy^ tl w:it Holbdn'% dittlQClMHI 
Io p;Lint them tis they i^rc^ to condense into a single eiLprEstiOia ill 
the charttcieiislic emotions of their aoul and nlJ die hioory of their 
li\es» to show tliem as they were in conirudistinction from whai they 
wished tn be, *■ He makes faxes," said Pfa/ettn, slandiiiy before Uic 
McifT M,tdonna, " where we oaly make inasksn" And it is this ImX 
which gives Holbein's portraits aU iJieir talue. They are not poT- 
iraiUi. They arc the men themselves — tlie men m-iUi Ihcrr hisiory 
writteti in their Eices, the men u'itli aJl thc-Ir ^su[:[itioTi&, %nth all their 
vices, and witli all tlie liaits of djaractcr which redeemed thow need, 
Rafl^Glle i^ the only man who approaches Holbein in truth; and 
RafTaeUe^s l>ortiiuIs combine the utmost imlirldiiai diiUnctnc&a with 
the most delfcate LuLe, Durer ijaints [i4.)r[raits, ^s he paints every- 
thing eJse, with ex(|ui$itt: akUl. Butyoj en see Diirer in e*erylhing* 
Ho k like Shetidin in bis comedieG. All his characters talk alDic, 
and all taTk hkc iahcridan. Hulbein is like Shakespeare, He \^ as 
full of vaiJtrty as Nature herself He takes his men nnd womm 
from every class, and paints iheni all exactly as he sees ihenn — tho 
king in his robes, ttie siatesnun with public core upon his brow, the 
beauty in her tressis, the sportsman with his falcon on his wrist, the 
scholar with his book and MSS> on Ins desk, and the fi:iol wiih his 
cap and bells^ Yon r^n always tell Holbein by the truth and life ot 
his portraits, by his grand st)'le and masterly drawing. Ix>ak al 
Henry. Every line in his face reveals the king, cold, heartless, haugbly, 
accustomed to rule, and to rule, when necessary, with n rod of iron ; 
a man, as Mote said, who would send his best friend to the bloek if 
his head could gain him one cosde in France. The dramatic power 
of the picture ismnrvcUous; and yet that w only one of iiaehantc- 

flans HQibnn al his BastL 

t^KiicA. The whole liiiitofy of Itcnry't reifp^ i» condensed into iliit 
iliUK,ai(J Honry ]iccm!« |u huve Ik;cii i^^rticitUrly prcrnd ufu. 'Iliu 

^tudyfui H*;n*yS lit'^id i^ ijl ihe C;iliiiicl of KriK^viii^* iiL Mimidi. Il 
i£ uii ydlu^vLah red paper, in bb(:k chuJk witti u uiikluu' uf rtd, ;Liid 
ihc dTca u Mid U> be tnurc iiupotdng ifion it wuk in llit^ liicivuDh In 
tbc »1udy Hcnry^t face it Uilctn aI ilircc'^uulcrui ; but in the cjrtoon 
we lutvc the King id Holbciu'& fjvounle pgiiiilun, with his cpunEL' 
&aiKC AS much j;l£ ijos^iIjIc; in the fitU l^fthi. ThU ii^ the caAc with 
Cfomwvir^ potttalt- He is dnt^vn in hia robes cif «iAte, wiih his /ur 

,coUir, hid i>en a»d his papers, nnd ^i richly 'bound book lying on hia 
table. Hibh^ad rvsu on a Etront^ liJuU-Iike LhroaU;tnd hJM Lir^i; no&e, 
thin compreised lips, piercing eyes, and cold eiprcssion ni^rk the 
Bismottk of ilic Refornrniiun. Anne Boleyn it hindcd down ;u uk 
in all die boauiy in which she presented herself lo ihc ciiizent of 
Ixtndon upon her nii^niage with ihi^ l^iT^gr '^ ^^^ GC'Idcn bjddaehin 
with tinging silver bcll^, arr>iyed in >t while robe, with her thick hair 
flowing overhershoiddtTS^andjL diadem ofgoJdand dinmomlson hct 
brow, Tht Rin^fi jULronomcrholdaApnirofcompasftOfi in one hand, 
and his rukr, hia proifui:torttii^adESDrs.hi&ha[nm(;r,3nd hib polyht^dron 

[bang on the wall or liQ upon the l^iblC' Erasmus sits ^it his de&k. pi^n 
in handi incdit;iting a sentence of his ^' Adagia." The golJsntiih iti in 
his leithem apron, the merchant in his counting-house, with ti freslily 
ojjcncd letter on his tabk', and with his invoices and ordtrs fastened 
on the Tail. This i» one of tht characteriatics of Holliein's work. 
It i* in«tinct wi:h lifc^ Everything is in action, and generally in 
action thai uat once apparent to the eye- Hegivts life and frcbhne¥» 
l<j 3 poniftLt sometimes by the slightest touch of colcjuc, and Ihc biil' 
liancy of hi> <xIoiir is rivalled by nothing but its owti delicacy. He 
Slid lo h^ve touched his work& till not a toi.]ch remained diBccrn- 
juul in the Berlin cotkctiun of sketches we gel a glin^psc into 
Uu vvy atclici of his mind. That collection is full of rovigh drafts, 
fltiulitft of figures, studies of hands, studies of children for Madonna 

ipicEurca* Kludies of ornaments, armour, birds , and bits of scenery. 
TlnJ rcpnjtentation of ih*j plague- sitic ken beggars in the picture of 
St EUtnbeih and St Barbara is so true to nature thac Professor 
Virchow has traced in their portmlt^ lepro^ in both its forme, exactly 
ȣ \l i.ppcars in Norway at ihc present day, alihough mediciil hislor)- 
U Udking in the slightest AcientiAo exiiUnaiion of the diseaee : 
«lld you cannot IocjIc through .1 ccUcction of Holbein's portmits 
in any gallery uiihout noticing that in all of them the compkxion 
vahes with the ntmost deh'cacy. according to the sex^ a^e» and cbss* 
ftedly two coniplc^ionB arc alike in their tint \ and there is tiie some 

Th£ Gfnt!f^ian% Mn^fJ^JU. 

variety in the fom end movem^l f)f ihc hukdiL The hniA, ni 
Holbein, ttxt sA^xy* fh.intctcriftticj nnrl ymi iwvy gtnCTally Best (he 
>ii.Tihcnticiry nf a poftrait by thiit, \\\\ hanrti are a miidj' in th««a< 
*clws, for hflrdly iiny two sci* of hands jgrff. "I'hoM of Kni«nn» and 

Jane Seymour >rc ptruliaTly beavilrrul, aiuI the Sjianinh trort of thr 
ftiff froin which Ihc Qutcn'? emtrrge ia bmught oul as dfariy jjid 
distmrtly as Ihc ring on the hand of the ichohr. 

Vet tlolbein did not lormcTit people with tong rittingi^ *Vhe 
ordinfljy Gennan plnn of ihai day was lo make a eomret draviog 
from the life and lo paint from ihar. This Diirei's pLin. Hi* 
sIceTfhpi in thnlt of the |)roplc he metal Ihc Court at Angsbutg and 
painted in the paUre shll c*isl; and the Windsor ^Velchc* prot-e thjit 
Trolbem acted nn thcsnmc ]iliin. Tlic braids are drawn on |wper«ith 
chareoai aniE rolotiTcd <:hi|ts ; soineliine* Inred over with llie tminb, 
and nccHsionfln)' by a *1ighl shading of Indian mlc Almost all Ihf 
heaj^ii jirif on the wme *cale as iJie pflintin^r, and some ofthfm arc 
pricked witJi pin-|iolc5 as if they had been u^d for tiacing. The 
more delicate part of the work is in m,iny cases mbbcd off, and ihe 
harmony of ihe original colouring is spoilt. Bui it i« manifest lluE, 
eieept in vciy few caa^, these ^ketdhe^ were intended only as studies 
for pictures ; ihey were not caniplelc wort* in iheniseKTs, And the 
shadmg ,ind coloming were probably done after the sittijig. It wM 
so in the case of Iht Duchess of Modena's portrait, and I haTC Bo 
doubt it was so in all, That portrait of the Duchess was taken in a 
single Mtlfng of two or three hour*, and finished by the arlisi alia' 
wards^ and many of the Windsor sheets contain memoranda upon 
the colour of Ihe hair or bt^ird, upon the material* of the dfos. aiul 
upon the accesjoriea piopei lo the poirtiail, books, ntatbemaEJul 
GT mti^ical instruments, amis, or llie trinkets of a boudoir. Hollfcin'i 
eye look everything in ^t a glance with the fidehlj- nnd compleleur** 
of a photograph, and these sketches »eem to have been afictwirrf' 
sufficient for the paiiiiuig, Tliey were occasionally made to do dirtv 
fur the paituings themselves, wilih the aid of a coal of vamifih wA 
colour. One ofthe pariraits of Erasmus in the museum al llwfc ii 
appareollv the oriipnaJ sketch on parchment pasted upon an M* 
panel; and Mr. Baling ha.d a portrafl of Holbem's taken upon jupc* 
;n this way. spread upon wood, with the bands aaid dress addeJ, nn* 
a o'ayon thus, with ^ little v^inish and jiaini, turned inco «a ol 
painting ! Holbein at first drew upon plain paper. All his skttcJa* 
ofSir Thomas More were taken upon a white ground- But alV^ 
wards he seems to have spreEid a sort of salmon -coloured w»*h owt 
hi5 sheet before he act to work with hts chalkt, and these fieih>tial< 

Ham Hatbiin aikh EmtL 577 

distinguish aJmc^t allthc sketches ia ihc Windsor portfolio, tht mort 
interesting ind chamcl{;ri!&tic oollec^tion of Bulbdn's works nf>nr kit 
These dcawiiiga ati^ principally known to the public hy llartnlof.^i't 
engmnngs: but the engravings, lUlliongh vtry beftutiful in iheir wny, 
pve « betli^i idea of liartoloiai than they do of Holbein ; and il vvould 
be A graceful nci on the part of the Queen for her 10 ptrni! ihtm to 
be itni inio the coimny, as the Turner sketches rirrcntly ^vere, for 
the inapeclion and siiidy of those who hove no means of sUidying 
tlicra in the portfolios at Windsor, It ia impossible for nnjr t-ngravcr 
to do complete justice lo thcac cnyons, partly tiei^u&e no engrJivmg 
can reproduce the touches of colour which givt life nnd fre»hnew to 
the original, and partly bLicjtusc many of ihem arc; so worn by time 
and friction that hitlc is left cxeepi the Indian ink touches. The 
colour is gone in many plates, and the shading i^ h.irdly dintingiti*h- 
■blc. Vet even in their present stnii- the sketches are marvctlouJi 
works of art, fit for a TOypI collcriionj and the protiabihiy seems to 
be, from the finish which roarka many of them, that they were in- 
tended to he rirmsfemcd lo p.incls and used 35 the grouddwnik of 
the painting- "Iho n-holc character is hit off in two or three bold 
fcouf^es, and the likcich of the Duehe^a of Modena, now at Anindel 
Castlef aithou^ the work of leia three hour*, is perhaps the 
naoit perfect portrait ever paTnted even by llolbein. There is noihing 
hoiCy or slipshod -ihout his VptoA; it is perfeet in its fmish. Yet 
till; labour by which this peifeclion i!i utUJntil js, us all true blxiur 
owghl to be, only distingutshalile when you come tn Ifiok into the 
details of a picture with jl glass, and to see how caiefulJyj and 
apparendy how lovingly^ evtiy det.ntl J4 wrought- Take the picture 
of the Aml.»Jsvidorsj for instance, at lx>ngfcifd C^?tle, the mo*l im- 
portant of Holbein's work* in En^l.ind ; or ?till bclTcr, perhaps^ that 
of GcoTg <jyie, one of the nierchiinls of the Sleclyiird. Thi^ picture 
is now at Berlin. It is the portrait of a merchant sealed at a table in 
|)iEi oEBce- lie is dressed in a red coat, and wcnr» a black cap and 
'^vctcoat; a glass offloweis sUnd* on hi* table, and he hold* a letter 
io his hand, "Every ;icceiiiory i^ perfected with a ftnc perfection: 
the cafTiation« in the gla^ vase by hts iihde, the ball of ^okl tltosed 
until blue cniimel su*Hpendcd on the w^ll, the booki, the steelyard, 
the pajfcts on the uIjTc, the r^cilring \y\\\\ ilb qu-jrleted benirings— 
aU intensely there, and there in beauty of whif h no one could have 
dreamed that even flowers or gold were c^pable^ tar less parchment 
or «(eeL }Jui every change of shudei is ftlt, every rich and rubied 
line of petal foltowed^ tvery subtlued ^leam in the soft bkie of the 
enamel and bcndicig of the gnld, touched with a hand whose patience 

TAe G^fttleman's Magasnm^ 

<i TC^itd UtSKB nihct than paints. The jewel ifAclf vrta qoc «o 
ptcdoos M the ny« of cnduriog li^ht which form it bcnuth thu 
ciTOirlcsfl tian<L TKi: man himricir, what he wna^ nr>i more ; bvil to ^1 
c<inc:rivAb1c proof oi' sighc, in all aspect of life or thoujcbt, noi Uch 
He iilx Alone in his acr-u:iiomcd riKiin, hi^ common v^<iTk laid out 
bvfoR lunii he fa conceious cf no presence, Assumes no dignity, b«n 
.no Auddcn or superficial look of caic or inicrcaiu ll»a only as he 
liT«d»but ftw ever Ii J^ incxh.iuaiiblc ; cvcrj douil of it wins; 
I, ttvrntdb ihc aiiennon with a, coniinujllyincivAsing ^mcof 

idcrfulna*/" Thcsi: ate Mr- Ru^kin's wortis, and ihcy mighi 
aund an i dcacripiion of tlio Am]>Bfiflsdor^ of the WliiichoU ^iMxtt*, 
or of llic; Windaof 6kctchce, ai well aa for the Stctlyird meidiini. 
They use tmv cf Ltlt Holbuui'ti work, for he siw cverylhini; and re- 
produced everything. There was nothing desultory In Holbcia'* 
nature. He never grew wenry of bli work, nocr laid ii ondc la 
begin something fre^. Hi;; intL-r^^imwhai he hi^gon never ccMcil till 
it v^as finished, and thus every sketch, ^cry pjuuiing from hiA hAnd lA 
marked liy the camcstrcssH care^ find spirit which (iiftFin^tiiah all 
woik done under the inspiniion of the hour or while the im:L|;inition 
is stlU wnrin and cle^. 

There is a irodirion ihat Holbc^in paixitcd with his left hand, bat 
there is. I btflicve, no authority for this, except an engraving of Vor* 
sleminn'H, Holbt^in, in liis portrnit in the Anuidd colltction, holdi 
his brush in his right hitndj and ihh is the case also in the FJukc of 
tiuccleugh'^ miniature- That ought to be conclusive evidence upon 
ft |)oint of thii! kind ; but it is quite poA^ible. of course, thai Holbein 
Quy have practised with both bauds and painted occAaionalLy with 
bis left hand to 9haw his mastery of his looh. AiURt^ are very often 
martyrs lo traditions of this kind^ aj^d HoLbc;in jsos one of lliosc tncn 
fl bout whom men invtnt sinrita- One of tho-sc inventions 15 lh*I 
whidi represents him 03 a man who rould ntilhcr read norwrvtc. 
There is one ticl which gives an alt of pbufiibiiiiy lo this tradition— 
the fact that not a single letter of Holbein's to his wife, family, or 
fricnd.s is c\unt- But the best proof that Holbein was not illitcnre 
ii to be lound in his illustrations of the "Book of Folly." <rf Sir 
Thomas More's " Utopia," and of other works of that deicriptitax 
These were not the work of an illiterate man. They were the woA 
of an artisl who