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Full text of "The four Gospels of the New Testament, in Greek, from the text of Griesbach;"

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District ClerKs Office, 
Bs it iremflTnbfireaf thnt on tbe twenty-first d^j of October A. D. 1825, in the fiftieth 
year ai the hiftcpendeace of the United SvKiei af America, Cummii^s, HilUard, 4r Co. 
of said district, h^vc deposited m Uii* office tlie title of a book, -the T^t whereof they 
claim as proprietars, ia the words folio wiog, to wit:— < 

'^ Tbe Four Gospels of the New TeEtament/in Greek, from thetextof Griesbach; with 
a Lexicon io £ng]inb of all the words coataiaed io them. Designed for the Use o| 

la conrorniuty to the Adt of the Gongresi of tbe Uoiteci States, entitled, " An Act for 
the encour^e^ent of learnings by afictirtng the copies of maps, charts, and books, to the 
authors and proprietors of such copt(?s, during the times therein mentioned:** and also 
to an Act, tntitleiL ** An Act ^lupi^lenieiimrj to an Act, entitled, * An Act for the encour- 
age merit of learning, hy securing the copies of maps, charts, and books, to the authors 
and propriitors of auch copies during the times therein mentioned ;* and extending the 
benefits iheieof to the artii of designing,^ engraving, and etching historical and other 

CUrk of the DistricilqfMassaetuuetts, 

Fnm tbe ITAirenity Freti— Sy HLlJiiir4 b Ueta1£ 

^^, 2S. 



This edition of the Four Gospels has been prepared 
in consequence of the new arrangement of the studies in 
Greek, preparatory to admission into the University at 
Cambridge. The Corporation having substituted Jacobs' 
Greek Reader and the Four Gospels for the Collectiinea 
Graeca Minora and the whole of the New Testament, it 
has been Jeemed expedient to publish a separate edition 
of the Gospels. The text used is that of Griesbach, 
with the omission of the marginal readings, as not being 
appropriate to a school-book. A Lexicon of all the 
words in the Four Gospels, prepared with great care by a 
gentleman highly qualified for the task, is subjoined. 
It is hoped that the execution of the work will be found 
such as to merit the approbation of instructers, antf render 
it useful to learners. 



d *ACgaoLfi0. * ACgaaft iyiyvntn TC¥*lo'aaz * ^lo'aaK i\ 

3 rovg aitK<povg murcii, *lo6iag is iyivvtirs r«y <PagH 
xa) TW Ztt^a i» rig QkfjLap. <Pa^cc $8 iyivv^trt ro¥ ^Rtr* 

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rif ^AfAsif'xietC * * AfittpaiaS ds iyipvtiirs roy Haatrtreip * 

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roi' hoo^ Ik r^g *Pa;^a€. Boo^Si iyipuntn top 'ili^iii 

6 Ix riff 'PotJS-. 'nS^^ i« iyippfici roi^ 'Uirtrai* 'htrireu 
ds s^ffv^rfi roy Aat/i'^ TOP ^a'iXi». Aavfd i\ o l3otm 

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Ofjuap is iyippn^i top 'PoSoo^fu * '"PoCoafjb is sysppfitrs to9 

8 *A(oia * 'Aficfr i\ syipptKTS top * Aca ' *Aca is sysitpijn 
TOP *\m<ra(paT 'Ift/o-a^ar i\ sysppfj^t, top 'lofgufi • 'Icifgaifit 

9 is syspv^ffs TOP *0^etp • *0^/aj i\ lysvpfiirs top 'lota^afjt, • 
'I^vad-a^ is syspptjo'S top A;^a^* A;^a^ is sysppfifft 

10 riy 'E^6jr/ai'* 'E^txiag; is symntrs top ^apccfftrn * Ma- 
vuiTtrng is sysp^no's top 'Afjucip * *Afjum i\ sysppfics top 

1 1 ^loMTiCLP * 'W/ce^ is syspptjtrs top ^Is^opsxp za) rovg aisXm 
i2.(poug avToVf sm Tijg (ji^STOixstrlag BaSvXipog. Mfra il 

T$i» [MTOiMtrlap BaSvXipog^ 'U^fipiag sysppfitri top 2aX- 
l^Ai6iiik * SaXa^i^X da syippfi<r$ top TiO^oSaCsK * Zo^o- 

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14 Thf^EXgdusifA^ 'EKtaxufi is iysp¥n^T09 'A^tig* *A^ot^ 


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Tcv aviga Ma^/a;, 6| ?; iy^uvfi^ii *lf](rovi% XtyofiBvog 
'S.gio'Tog. Tlatroit ov» al ytna) afro * AQgaufi, eat^ ly 

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4 ETArrEAION 2.3 

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4.5 KATA MAT9AI0N. 7 

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xata^ri^ovrai r» iikrucc avrSp * za) izaXiffSP avrovgm 

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fjKoXouffn^ap uutS. 

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f/uipovg. xal iaifMPi^Ofjuiyovg$ xa) triXfiPiu^ofAipoug, «tti 

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Xov6ti<rdp OLVTM o;^Xoi toXKo) awo Ttjg Ta,XtKaiag^ 
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9 KATA MAT9AI0N. 17 

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0.10 KATA MATGAION. • 19 

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20 ETArrEAION ', 10 

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10.11 RATA MATSAION. 21 

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22 ETArrEAION 11 

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24 ETArrEAION 12 

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26 ETArrEAION -12.13 

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28 ETArrEAION - 13 

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32 ETArrEAION 14.15 

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34 ETArrEAION 15 

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15.16 RATA MATBAION. 35 


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36 ETArrEAION 16 

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16.17 KATA MATQAION. 37 

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38 ETArrEAION 17 

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17.18 RATA MATeAION. 39 

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40 ETArrEAlQN 18 

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18. 19 RATA MAT9AIQN. 41 

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42 ETArrEAION ig 

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19.20 KATA MATBAION. 43 

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23-24 KATA MATGAION. 53 

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54 XTArrEAION 24 

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56 ETArrEAION 24.25 

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66 ETArrEAION 27 

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27.28 RATA MATBAION. 67 

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68 ETArr. K. MATS. . 28 

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70 ETArrEAION 1 

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72 ETArrEAION 1.2 

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74 ETArPEAION 2.3 

i^A^ffi K(M Tolg 0V» abrZ ou^i $ Km) iXtyiP mvroTg * To 27 

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76 ETArrEAWN 3.4 

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78 ETArrEAION 4.5 

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5.6 RATA MAPKON. 81 

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7.8 RATA MAPKON. 87 

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8.9 RATA MAPKON. 89 

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92 EYArrEAION 9.10 

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94 ETArrEAION 10 

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96 ETArrEAION lO.^ll 

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11. "KATA MAPKON. 97 

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d8 ETArrEAION 11,12 

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100 ' ETArrEAION 12 

[Ml f J^oric rac y^f^PokU jBt^^g tn^ iv¥otfi,i9 rov ^iopi 
"Oraif y«^ i« M«^£ir iv»(rT^iri¥^ ovt$ yoLfjt,owiv% ovn 25 

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12.13 KjiTA MAPKON. 101 

38 lHau iXiyfy ahroi^ U rif hiou^if alrcZ • BXmrf aro 

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tm^ ffUfffm xati^ torovg^ xou itrovrai XifMi xai tctgu^ 

102 ETArrEAION 13 

j^jobi. ^h^yai ifiiwp ravra. BXsTfrf df viiitTg lath 9 
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13-14 RATA MAPKON. 103 

25 »urfii * iBfti oi iirrigig rou cv^etpov Itroncti IxTsTroptig, 
xa) ^\ iv¥Ufitig9 ^i ^9 nSg cvgapoTf, ffotikiuOniropTOU. 

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rah xa) Ix^vif ra ^vXXa^ y^poitrxtri^ en iyyvg ro d-s- 

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104 ETArrEAION 14 

9i9 ; *Hiv»aro yag tovto to fjuv^f vpaOnvat c^rftyar 5 
r^iawxriw iwfo^im^^ Ktii iofftifou rosg TrAtj(fl!g. Km) 
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14 RATA MAPKON. 105 

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106 ETArrEAION 14 

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14 RATA MAPKON. 107 

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108 ETArrEAION 14.15 

fittra Tov Na^tf^^yov ^In^oZ ri(f6a. 'O it h^^ffitraro^ 68 
'kiyoif * OvK oii»f ovi\ lri(rTafJi0ai ri (rv Xsyfif » ILal 

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voin(raf OP Xgygrg ^atriXicc tUp 'loviaiup; Ol d% TaXir 13 

15 RATA MAPKON. 109 

14 Iz^a^av * '2ravgaMrov avroK 'O i\ UiXolto^ eXf^fv 

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no ETArrEAioN 15 

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15.16 KATA MAPKON, 111 


4jF X/^oy fir/ rjyy ^v^ou rdu ^iryjC^t/W 'H ^ M«f/a « 

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mcr0i)g9 (rof^^cnrai * i\ antrr^crag^ xaroLxgidniriTai. 

112 ETArr. K. MAPK. 16 

ffovtr^ Koti¥a7g * oipfi^ o^^outf*! * kup ^apatnfAOM rt ^iWa» 18, 
ov (Ml avrovq /3Xee\|/j; * im appeicrrovg XVjl^^ wOn^ovtrh 

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116 ETArrEJION 1 

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1.2 KATA AOTKAN. 117 

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118 . ETArrEAION . 2 

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2 KJTA AOTKAN. ,119 

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120 ETArrEAION 2.3 

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3 ^ KATA AOTKAN. 121 

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122 ]STArrEAION S 

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4 , KATA AOTKAN. 125 

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126 EYArrEAION g 

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128 . EYArrEAION 5.6 

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1S2 EYArrEAION 6.7 

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134 [ETArrEAION 7 

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7.8 KATA AOTKAN. 135 

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136 ETArrEAION 8 

o'Tti^iiv avTC¥i fiu iTitn Tug» Tfiv iiof * xtt4 xarff- 
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138 ETArFEAION^ 8 

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140 ETArrEAION 9 

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142 EYArrEAION 9 


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144 ETArrBAION 9.10 

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10 KATA AOTKAN. 145 

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146 ETAFFEAION 10.11 

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148 ETArrEAION 11 

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11 KdTA AOTKAN. 149 

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150 ETArri&AIOlf 11.12 

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12 RATA AOTKAN. 151 

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152 ETArrEAION 12 

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12 , KATA AOTKAN. 15S 

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154 ETArrEAION 12.13 

xav(rw Xtrrai * kolI yUirat. *tvoK^irm% ro Tgotranrov 56 
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13 RATA AOTKAN, 155 

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158 ETArrEAION 13.14 

\^ii* hiya vjMh o6» oJia if^g^ ^i6%9 ktm* iiito^ 

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158 ETArrEAION 14 

Ton ogyiirfius o oiKoinrTorni f iti rS iouX^ avrov * 
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15 RATA AOTKAN. 159 

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160 ETArrEAlON 15 

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16 KATA AOYRAN. 161 

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163 ETArrEAION 16 

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16.17 RATA AOTKAN. 163 

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164 ETArrEAION 17 

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17.18 KATA AOTKAN. 165 

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166 ETArrEAtON 18 

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18.19 RATA AOTKAN. 167 

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1«8 ETArrEAION 39 

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19 KATA AOTKAN. 169 

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20 KATA AOTKAN. 171 

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172 ETArrEAION 20 

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20.21 RATA AOTKAN. 175 

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174 EYArrEAION 21 

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21.22 KATA AOYKAN. 175 

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176 ETArrEAION 22 

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22 KATA AOTKAN. 177 

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178 EYArPEAION 22 

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22.23 RATA AOTKAN. 179 

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180 ETArrEAION 28 

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182 ETAFTEAION 23.24 

10-17 sr r» 9rafaa$ia'ff. Up as ofirn aga €KTfii xat 44 

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24 RATA AOYKAN. 183 

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184 ETArrEAION 24 

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24 KATA AOYKAN. 185 

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1 ETArr. K. IJIANNHN. 187 

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1.2 KATA laANNHN. 189 

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i9e EYArrEMON 2.8 

• • - 

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192 ETArrEAION 3.4 

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194 ETArrEAION 4 

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196 ETArrEAION 4 4.5 

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198 ETArrEAION 5.6 

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200 ETArrEAION 6 

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202 ETArrEAION , 6 

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204 EYArrEAION 7 

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212 ETArrEAION 9.10 

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214 ETArrEAION 10 

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10.11 KATA ISIANNHN. 215 


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216 ETArrEAION 11 

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218 ETArrEAION 11.12 

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220 ETArrEMON 12 

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222 ETArrEAION 13 

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13.14 KATA ISIANNHN: 223 

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14.15 KATA ISIANNHN. 225 

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326 ETArrEAION 15 

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15.16 KATA IJIANNHN. 227 

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228 ETArrEAION 16 

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16-17 RATA niANNHN. 229 

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230 ETArrEAION 17 

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17.18 KATA IIIANNHN. 231 

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232 ETArrEAlON 18 

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18-19 . KATA ISLANNHN. 283 

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236 ETJrrEAION 19.20 

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238 ETArrEAION 20.21 

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240 ETArr. K. IJIANNHN. 21 

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r^ * Bo^-xs TOL agpt(t fMu. Aiyu nvrS tuTup ^sutS' i6 
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TOP xoiTfMP Y^oi^cai Ta yga^fi$pa ^^Sxia. 



'Attfmtj ij Aaron, indeclinable, 
mG^M^ 0, Syro^chaldee^ O Father I 

'a^i A, 0, At»el, indeclin, 
*A^i«, 0, Abia, indeclin. 
*ASti9(*9^ 0, Abi'athar, indeclin^ 
'ACiA^fJ, ^, ^, Abilene, a district 

in Syria. * » 

*A6itu^.f oj Abi'hud, indeclin, 
*AQpMfA^ #, Abraham, indeclin. 
iiCvTvci^ 0t/, ^, {z^P^ understood) 

the bottomless pit, the lower 

«»y«^0sr«</«», S^ f. nTif, 1. a. vif. 

Stm, to do good, to confer a 

«7«^s, i, ^', good, useful, bounti- 
ful; r« <ey«^«e, goods, riches, 

«y«AAiW<^, f«»(, 1^, exultation. 
liyftAAitfiv, «,/. *c#, p. iiy«AA/«x« • 

pass. iynXXid^fMi, SfjMi^ f. 

ttT^fiTOftat^ p, nyAX}iletTfAMt * 1, 

to rejoice ; 2. to desire earnest- 

«T«x«, to resent, to be indig- 
nant at. 
iyttxaof^ «, /. jjrd*, p. ijy«Tuf6« • 

fC0M, p. j«y«sr9/(Ms/ • 1. to love ; 
2. to seek after eagerly. 


tfytf^rv, iy«, 5, love, benevolence, 

«y«9r9ro(, «, iv, beloved, dearly 

^yy«^f Ja^^ yi f j0-«», p. ^yy«{^/i;K«, 
to compel another to go some- 
where^ or carry some burthen ; 
derived from the Persian. 

aiyyehu •''9 ^^^ ^ vessel of what- 
ever kind. 

iyytX^^ 6v, «, ,y, 1. a messenger ; 
2. an angel. 

«y/Au, JJ5, ^, a herd, a drove. 

itytiZfit^f ti(rei^ p, tf/\et%ct^ to sep- 
arate as holy, to sanctify, to 

aytettr^irdt^ 3. 5. 1 • a. imper, pa^s. 

iiyioij ««, d», 1. consecrated, sa- 
cred ; 2. holy, pure. 

«y»*eA»;, jj«, ji, the arm. 

uytcto'rpdfj 011, ri, a hook. 

icyvtf^as, ou, 0, ^, undressed, un- 

«y»/^d», y. /(Td*, jp. tiynKcc^ to puri- 

«yf»««, «, y*. (jflTAT, p, ^ytoijicfls, to 
be ignorant of, not to under- 

«y0^«, «s, jr, the market-place ,^ 
the forum. 

«y«f •Ca'j /. i^*"*', p. nyif»Kct^ to 



iiV^*i «?) 1:9 a catching, a draught 

AypmvXim^ S^ /. rfov, p. iyptt6Xti%ci^ 

to ahide in the fields. 
^ypivm^ f, t4TM^ p. ^yftPKm^ tO 

catch, to insnare. 
uypf^y U, i#f, wild. 
mypif^ •!!. 0, 1. a field ; 2. a farm; 

3. the country. 
uypvwum^ S^ f riT0t^ p. iypu^fniuA^ 

to abstain from sleep, to watch, 
^y*', /. iii^f p. Ix*' pass, iyc- 

A**'* /• i^xii^frofMbt^ p, nVfiett • 

1. to lead, to bring, to drag 
forcibly ; 2. to go, to depart ; 3. 
to celebrate. 

iymltt^ ««, r, anguish, agony. 

iy»fl^4ft*$^ f. iymtT^Yi<roi4Mt^ p. 
riyvuTfiatt^ to fight, to contend, 
to strive earnestly, 

'A^<e/M., #, Adam, indeclin. 

"Aj'Jrf', #, Addi, indeclin, 

uh?i0ii^ r«, ^, a sister^ a near 

mh?[po^, otf, c, a brother ; a near 
kinsman ; an associate. 

«J9Ad$, 0f, 0, IT, hidden, not ap- 

to be distressed in mind, to 

be overwhelmed with sorrow. 
iSiii^ «v, 0, Hades, the lower 

world, the place of the dead; 

metaph. an extremely depress- 
ed condition. 
^^iHtMj ^, f. IjVrtj, p, iS'naifM^ to 

wrong, to injure. 
ithKteL^ «f«, r, injustice, wrong, 

deceitfulness, wickedness. 
ItSiMi^ •Vf •, ]^, unjust, faithless, 

mSvfetTtM^ S^ f, frof^ p. ihfttTuicaj 

to be impossible. 
^SuvttT0i^ $v^ 0, ^, 1. impotent, 

weak; 2,netU impossible. 
«cf, alwuys. 
Mir^f^ 9v, •, an eagle. 

«i^v/ui^ fv, 0, ^, tmleavened ; tm 
H^vftM^ unleavened cakes; the 
feast of unleavened bread. 

kt)fp^ #,.Azor, indeclin, 

k$trim^ #, /. '^rtt^p, nOirnuMj 1 . tO 
make of no ef&ct; 2. to des- 
pise, to reject, to refuse. 

m9£of^ 4&, 0, 1^, innocent, guiRless. 

t^yt»xlf^ 0el, 0, the seashore. 

AiyvTTOif o», jy, -^gypt. 

«7/u«, T«^, Td, 1. blood ;( 2. blood- 
guiltiness ; 3. race, natural de- 

tu^fpoU^ •, /. <<r#, p. ifMppinnM^ 
to be diseased with a flux or 

«i»f «», », /. ifo-AT, and ia-tf, p, j^»f»«, 
to praise. 

«(|y9f, 0tf, 0, praise, thanks. 

Aifitf^ f^, iBnon, indeclin, 

ai^tri^ii^ /. lo-a*, p, ypinitct, tO 

«J(»«r, /. «^«, p. ^pM • pa5*. «/. 
p^fMit^ /. i^BiirofiMi^ p. ^pfitett' 

1. to lift up, to take up, to re- 
ceive, to carry ; 2. to remove, 
to take away, to destroy ; 3. to 
keep in suspense. 

to perceive, to understand. 
aiT^mtttt^ 3. pi. 2. a. «tty. from 


tU^xotu^ «s, «7i shame. 
ttl^xvUftMi^ pass.f. a4Txvf$^9^fiUii^ 

p, ^rxifMMii^ to be ashamed. 
«irf«, 4v, y. 4^4», p. ^Tniut • iijte?. 

ctlrUficti^ dtf/tt»i, y. aiT^TdfiMi^ p. 

^r^puM • -to ask, to call for, to 

demand, to beseech. 
aimpM., T«j, T#, a request, a de- 
tiit^TiiTai, 3. s. 1. a. «*6;. m«rf. 

ttitnTfiTty 2. 2?/. K o. rnhj. from 

«fr/«, «K, ^} 1. a cause, a reason ; 




2. a condition or state ; 3. a 
crime ; 4. an accusation* 

alrtft^, see '^ao-rt^, 

«fr/«y, 0v, Td, 1. a cause ; 2. a 

«i^viVi«$, f*t/, «, ^, sudden, unex- 

KM* pass, «i;^f««Aivri^*jM«i^ y. 
tT$^T6fMt^ p, 47;^fMtA«»ria'fue< • 
to carry away captive. 

mixf^^^^Tti^ •&, «) 17, a prisoner, 
a captive. 

Wiiv, «»«$, 0, 1. an age, a period 
of time ; 2. the world, in a bad 
sense ; kte* «t<«^yo$, from tlie 
beginning, from ancient times ; 
%l% r^y ectv9it, and fi« r«v$ ml*!' 
f»i, forever J •« jh« lis rir 
«iivf«, never. 

4M«vi«$, i«, i«y, perpetual, ever- 

ituc^mpTtt^ oi^ 1^, uncleanness. 

kKntict$To%^ ov, 0, ^, unclean* 

ifULfBet^ 9€, ^, a thorn. 

«»aif^iy««, 9, •», thorny, composed 
of thorns. 

ajtrnp^^^j At;, 0, 1^, unfruitful. 

tuutrmTTocTU^ «^ «, a sedition, a 

tixifttioi^ dv, «, )^, harmless, sim- 

«]t9«0«^y, 1. pi. p. mid. Att. and 
i»9iMTaiy p.part. mid. Att. ace. 
pL/rom miMutt. 

#»jH«v, yet, still. 

«»•&, ;:(, 17, 1. the ear, the sense 
of hearing ; 2. rumor, report 

MX4?i0V0itt^ «, Ji «9'«, p. «aMA«c/- 

l9««, to follow, to accompany, 
to walk in the steps of one. 
mfuva-^^ 3, s. 1. a. subj. pass* 

IKJMV4V, f, Q'ti^ p. ^inSVUM* pOSS, 
»1t§V9fiMly^ f. »JC6VT$iT0fMtly p. 

^MVTftMt - 1. to hear; 2. to learn, 
to understand; 3. to obey; 

4. to give heed to, to hear with 

aKpiQom^ f. »T»y p. in^t^MKciy to 
inquire diligently, to ascer- 
tain by diligent inquiry. 

ux^tQ^S^^ diligently, exactly, per^* 

«i^i<, i^«$, 17, a locust. 

ie»^«y, •», re, neut. absolute, from 
«»^o(, «, 69, the top, the tip, 
the extremity. 

«jev^o«v «>, f tio'A/y p. iKVfSfxct^ to 
make of no effect or authority. 

«A«€^«t0*r^«y, «tf, ri, a vessel for 
containing precious ointment. 

iXctXti^tt, f «V«r, p. nXtlXetxtt^ tO 

utter mournful sounds, to wail. 
ixatXBi, •Vy 0, ^,1. mute, dumb^ 

2. causing dumbness. 
ikcti^ ro«, TO, salt ; metaph. wis«> 

dom, prudence. 

«Afi^«, y. -^AF, p. ijAfi^tf, .^^^. 

^Ai^Aii^ce, !• a. impeV' ^nid, 
ixtf^/mt^ to anoint. 

MAf»r«^0^d»v/ce, «$, 1^, cock-crow- 
ing, the third watch of the 

iXixTupy pdf^ d, a cock. 

'AAi|«»J^0«, df, 0, Alexander. 

«Af v^«f, «v, r«, meal. 

i?^$timj 0K, ij, 1. truth, integrity, 
righteousness ; 2. true religion. 

«A9^«$, fd(, 0, 1^, true, faithful, just. 

iMivoi', i, •», true, genuine, faith- 
ful, real. 

«A4^a», /. iflc^Af, jj. «f A?ic«, to grindL 

leA^^tf^, truly, certainly. 

tfAiftfs, i«(, 0, a iisherman. 

«Aif^, yi #»»•«, j9.'irA/rv»«, to fish, 
to catch fish. 

«^«C*'i /• ''«"*i />• Jauw* • pass* 
0kXt^6fiMiy f. mXtT$ir9f*aty p. 
ixto-fAMi ; to sprinkle or season 
with salt. 

«aa', and «AA«, 1. but, except, yet, 
nevertheless ; 2. yea, indeed ; 
leAA* 4, unless, but rather ; ieAA« 



MU, moreoTer, then also ; «AA^ 
yij but indeed. 
«AA«;^0#iy, from elsewhere. 

«f(, ace, «vs, #(, «, one another. 
«AA«y<tW» /h) «9 «9 a stranger, a 

foreigner ; of another tribe. 
il?iXoftMij f. uXDviiMt^ imp. riX?iiifuit^ 

to leap up, to spring up as 

water from a fountain. 
i(AA«c, 9, •, another, the other of 

two ; jiAA«^...«AA««, one..^noth- 

er ; h «AA«<, the rest 
«AA«r^i««, /«, •*, belonging to 

another, foreign, a stranger. 
«A«9, ««, 17, the aloe. 
i&Af, «;^(, t\ s^lt. ^ 

«f Avo-/^, ««^|, 1^, a bond, a chain. 
'AA^ffi«$, «v, «, Alphasus. 
«(AAr9, #90^, ^, a threshing-floor. 
«A««-u{, <»o«, 1^ a fox. 
i^/iue, together with, at the same 

time ; if»M irp»i, early in the 

ufMprdut^ f iTtt, p. rii/MfrntM^ to 

err« to sin. 
tiiAtifniftUj TH, ^9 a sin. 
uM^grU^ «f, ^, sin. 
ufieipTtt^i^ t>Z^ 0, ij, a sinner, wick- 

tfAtsAitf, tf, y. 4^«r, p. nfii/iUMt^ to 

neglect, to despise. 
tifA^ft^Toi^ ov, #, 1^ blameless. 
mfuptffjfci, «v, •, ]^ free from care, 

ufiif^ Heb, yerily, amen^ so be 

it. ^ 

'Afuvtf^tfC, 0, Aminadab, indeclin. 
af^jMi, 0V, «, the sand, a sandy 

«/«»«(, V, 0, a lamb. 
tf/u.xf A0$, 0v, 1^, a vine. 
iinxe?i0vpyh$y 01;, 0, a vine-dresser. 
«/tsrf A^y, «>i>0s, •, a vineyard. 
i0ft^f^«AA0r, y*. jS«A«, J7. fiiSXiiKet^ 

to cast, to throw. 
M,u^tSxn^r^»fi 0», To, a fishing-net 

tf/i^/nv^, /. ufti^tirgf pan. 

uft^tiffvftat^ p. ^ftip/irfuu • to 

clothe, to decorate. 
iifi^ti^fy 0v, TO, a place where 

two ways meet 
ifi^Ttp^t^ «i, «, both. 
*Aftif^ 0, Amon, tiuiecZm. 
*AiM40€, 0, Amos, indeclin.^ 
«9, 1. if ; 2. truly; 3. soever; «9, 

until ; oVflTf «», that. It often 

serves to mark uncertainty or 

indefiniteness in respect to ike 

subject of discourse. 
«v«, with the ace 1. in, throughr; 

.2. apiece, by, {distributively).' 
«9«C«i90r, f. kHiQiT%iiMi^ p, m 

iiQuiut^ 2. a. «y/^iyy, to ascend, 
to go up, to be brought up, to 
grow up ; to go on board a 

«v«CiC«^0r, f mo-m, p. ibfmZtZXmtm^ 
to draw up. 

mfetShitrtt^ f t^ar, ufx^i^Xt^Mj 1. 
a. ilvi^AfV^A, 1* to look up ; 2. 
to receive sight ; 3. to look at- 

itiftiQht^ti^ f0rf, 1^, the recovery of 

«y«b0o^0r, 4v, f iT0j p, ibftiQtQomut^ 
1. a. uuQino'A, to cry out 

tf ytfy«ti09, 0V, To^ or «9«yf 09, an 
upper apartment. 

^fiyVfiAov, 2.*. 1. a. imper.from 

i^ayyixXm, f. iXS, p. MfiyytXxtt, 
1. a. tfviiyri/Aot, 1. to tell, to 
declare, to announce ; 2. to 

«9«yf94ve'x#, 1. f, mid. «9«y90f0'0- 
fittt^ p. (ut. mfily9tfit»j 2. a. 
itfiytm^ to read. 

ifety»dl^a/y f «0'0r, p. fitfyjMUut, 
to compel, to urge. 

«y«y«9, 9$, 17, 1. necessity ; 2. ca- 
lamity, distress. 

«9«y9«9«i,-^ 2, a. iw/". from ivmyt- 



aftlym, f. d^m, p. «v^x«s to lead 
or bridg up, to lead, to bring 
forvpard ; pass, to put out to 
Bea, to set sail. 

mftihUfvfUj f. («», p. m9miihix»^ 

1. a. Muiti^m, 1. to appoint ; 

2. to show plainly. 
imiti^tti f «^, 17, a manifestation. 
i»«5^d», £, /. iow^ p, afi^iiM^ to 

live again, to return to life. 

ifd^nTitff #, /. iJcA^, p. mvat^'^Tiiiut^ 

to seek diligently. 

af»$tf4,»r{^t», f, iV», p. «90irf#f- 
fUnxtt, to imprecate evil on 
one^s self, to protest with an 

MfttiifiuLf rj|, r), a consecrated 
gift, laid up or hung in a tem- 

i(y«iJii«, «€, 17, importunity. 

anu^tKnHii^ !• a. inf, pass, from 

a. tfyfiA^r, 2. a. «i«6;. liv/A^^, 
1. a. pass. iintp{0nf^ 2. a. mic^. 
«9ffAjA«y, to slay, to put to 

m^tUxfi^ f»9, •, «, blameless, inno- 

afttuaii^m^ f. /r#, jp. itf«»#»^iiui» 
to sit up. 

itf»%^t|»,'Jrr^^f f. ^f/M, p, a^tii!%ljtMfi^ai^ 
1. a. uuiMfA'4'*, to return.* 

«y««ti/t«i, imperf. ifiKilfoifj 1. to 
be lying down ; 2. to recline 
at table ; itai%tiiM^%^ a guest, 
one who reclines at table. 

atmttxlm^ f, livilxAivtf, p. iiy«»iJcAi- 
iMi, 1. a. «y<«A/9«* /TO^f. 
i^incXtUfiMij f, ^^T4f4M*^ 1. a. 
ku»x(0iiif * 1. to lie down ; 2. to 
cause to recline ^t table. 

m^mxfti^ti^ f. J«f, 1. a. «»iic^{«, 
p. mid. «9«»i»^«74», to cry out, 
to exclaim. 

iftiicftfif, f. fSj p, mtAxiKft** ' 

pass. JtfttKplfftMt^ f, m9UKpt^ 

^•fiMif p, ttfeiicixptfAfMCi • to ex- 
amine, to question. 

mvajtviFTmy f. yf/m, p. ivctKtKV^ti^ 1. 
o. ififtvy/M^ to lift one's self 
up, eiiher from a stooping pos' 
iure^ or a dejected state of mind, 

«v«A«^«yAr, f ^^/^«jift«/, p, uulXar- 
^, 2. a. m*s\»^6Vj 1. a. pass. 
uuXi^Bnt^ to take up ; pass, to 
ascend or be taken up. 

^vi^Air^if, f A^ «, an ascension. 

kmxiTxm^ f ^Vat, p, «9||A«»«, 1. 
a. inf afobXSTtit^ to^ destroy. 

ifitXH^ •!/, i, ,5, insipid, without 

«r«A»#, y. tfflrar, p. «y«AiAt/Me, tO 
depart, to come away. 

ufecfiU^ruTd^^ •», «, ^, guiltless. 

aif»f4.if4JtliTK9fiCtt^ mid* p. UftifLtfCVIJ' 

/K«f, 1. a. aftfJLviT$isf^ to be 

put in mind» to recollect. 
mtufiifne^tiy f««, ^, a memorial, a 

ivtiiruve^ti, ttti, ^, 1. repose, re^ 

freshment ; 2. a place of rest 
«y«ir«J«», f auTttj p, a^mirixcivnM^ 

to give rest ; mid. to rest, to 

take rest 

«»<»Tf/««'d», f '^tif p. it^AitiwiiAJpM, 

\. a. i9/^tf4Af/*^ to send, to 

send back. 
«»««■#«*«!, 2.S. 1 . a. imper. mid. and 
«9«»-i0'fiV, 2. a. tn/I yrom «»«- 

ifciwnp^t, ot^, •, ^> maimed. 

sT«w«, 1. a. untrtTtt^ to lie 
down, to recline. 
liyAS-Av^tf^, •>, f #«•«, p. uittiFS' 
T)if«ntMy 1. a. «iifTAi7^Ar0-«, to 

to unrol, M a vo/ume or man- 

jUMi/, p. affif/LfMi^ 1. a. i^ipBut • 
to kindle. 


a. ifi^'ttrm, to excite, to stir 

1 . cu poi«. ^MrwiJo^f, to draw 

up or out. 
iMrTi»o-i«, !•«, ij, a rising again, 

a resurrection. 
ii»*rrff«C#, /. Jiiif, P' kuTtifuLX^, 

1. fl. «»frrff«{«, to groan. 
i»»o^, 3. 8. 2. o. *wW. and ^ 
4i,«<rT^f«/, 2. o. tn/ /*•<>'» •"*" 

to overthrow. 

/Am^ to be occupied, engaged, 

riTciyf4Mi^ to compose, to set in 

1. a. iuTtiX*^ 1. to rise ; 2. 

to cause to rise. 
4if«T«Ai, ^«, ^, sing, and pi 1. 

the east,; 2. the dawn. 
ifct^mi99/ mid. i^cMMi, p.pass. 

Aiet^i<P»f*^^t^ to appear, to be 

ii»«^fV, / umo-tt, 1. o.»»iMy««* 

jWM*, ifapi^fuitj imperf. «»i- 

^tpifinv • to lead or carry up. 

xtt^ 1. a. &9f^miii<rti, to ex- 
claim, to cry out. 

««, 1. o. tinxJfn<raj 1. to re- 
turn ; 2. to depart. 

*A^dpUi^ •», «, Andrew. 

*fe?i»c-f, -i», 3. s. 1. d. /rom if«- 

^ffTAi, 3. s- 2. o.^roin «»«iv«. 
it$Uxti^«h ^W •? ^» inexhaustible, 

unfailing. ^ 

i^f fxTos, i, «v • whence iuxrortp^f^ 

neuU s. compar, more tolerable. 
iufMi, ov, $, wind. 

6 AMM 

«yf f JVjtr«y, •!;, f), impossible. 

«v^A^«f, to ascend, to go up. 
«f««^j», 3. *. 2. a. /rom M^mfu. 
;i9fv, w«tA^<^« gen. without* 
Muvf/Titm^ /. «<r#, p. gmifpmu^, 2c 

a. «M0^«9, to find, to discover. 

o';^j4^», to bear with* 

if f ft»y«T<», ace. *. pcr/I part, mii * 

•»i^;k;^i», 3. *. 1. a. />a«#. /rofn 

iwjy^yflf, 3. pL 2. a. j3«. /or »»^ 

i{»«^0y, •&, 7^, t^e ^er6 dill. 

«f«^, e^d$, and ^^^«, 0, 1. a man ; 2. 
^ husband. It is sometimes re- 
dundant^ as i*kp ^p^Pi^mj a 

i*nX^n^ 3. «. 1. a. pass, from wl- 

h^\for k^r\^ M* •», because, for 
that; an elliptital phrase. 

ief^e{«T«M, 3. s. /. mid. from «i»ti- 

MioTTfifii^ /. tifTifrris-m, p. Mi^ 
oTuxct^ to withstand, to resist 

«y|«/iMA«yf#ju«e/, wfUMt^f 4rofuct^ p. 
MotfMXiy^fim^ to give thanks 

if^pdxtM^ Mi, 17, a heap of liv« 

ti90pttirditT9uq, •», •, «7, a manslay- 
er, a murderer. 

Sif$ptiW9i, •«, «, ^, 1. man ; 2. a man, 
a person. It is^fike Mf^ some- 
times redundant. 

«9^«»/M#A«7f7ro, 3. s. imp. mid. from 

iuTFr^i, ««, •, 17, unwashed. 

iuTTH/M.!, f. MfMTmVOt^ p. MVeTTHM^ 

1. to raise up,; 2. to rise up, to 
rise against. 
''Aw*, i?«, j}, Anna. 



«lVtf«f>(, y, •) 17, tlioughtless, foolish. 
ifctn^ «(, ^, madness. 
•w/yAT, / {at, /?. «M^;t;«) M.for 
«ffX^ 1. a. iuati»^ and ^i«4- 

y/K«i, to open. 
mf6i;^0£Tt9^ 3. pL 1. a. subj* pass. 

from MiyAf, 
hfofiua^ ««, ]^, transgression, iniqui- 

*f •/»•¥, •V, •, r,, lawless, wicked ; 
a malefactor. 

U9pp0oii^ S^ f. tiT0, p, i,f»fBot%m^ tO 
erect, to make straight again. 

^rixXttyiM^ r«s, Td, an equivalent, 
a redemption-price. 

wnetiFo^iieffiki^f, imTtt, p, itfrttirt' 
ii^A/KM • pass. ifrenr^iihfMH^ f. 
ufretirtS't^na'tfMtt * to recom- 
pense, to pay in return. 

ovr^WJd/Mtf, T«f, r), recompense, 

tifrair^Kptvofiett, f. ^irtfiett^ 1. a, 
inf. ii»r«5rd«^/^»*i, to reply. 

«yrcA<»j8f r«, 3. s, 2. a. mid. from. 

^rrfV«F, 2. a. c^frtTrtf, 2. a. tn/I 
ityrf/irfif, to answer agaifi, to 

mfrix^fitu^ f, Ml^pfiMt^ to adhere 

tifTs^ with the gen. 1. instead of; 
in the place of; 2. for, on ac- 
count of; upon, (JoAn 1, 16). 

MvrifftfAAar, f t^xS^ p. «»TiC/ffA^;K«, 
to interchange words in con- 

irtihifi^ •&, 0, an adversary, an 

ikfrtx^xim^ «, f ira^ and ictt, p, 
avTucixXniut^ to invite in return. 

SfTixfiAoei, f, TtfiAiy to oppose; 
part. «yTi)tf //ufMc, an adversary. 

itrtXetfi^afdfiUii^ f >i'^ofAMt^ to 

♦ help, to assist. 

M9TtXiyAf^ f {#, p. ivTtXiXe^m^ 1. 

to speak against ; 2. withaneg- 
\ tive^ to deny. 
A^rtfMTpitt^ £, f ijff**, p. ivTt/uffLi' 

rfnxM^ 1. fut. pass. ifTtnttr^0ti^ 

o'oftMt^ to measure in return* 
tifTiwapi^^cfitttj f iXiVTtfMtt^ to 

pass on, to pass by. 
ivri^i^cev, over against, opposite 

^triTT^ttity 2. a, inf. from Mi- 

«»rAf i», «, f ivm^ p. ^?rA9»«, to 

ifTXnt4M^ r«s, t\ a vessel to draw 
with, a bucket. 

ifvipoi^ dv, 0, ^, dry, desert, with- 
out water. 

«»*>, upwards, above ; i«$ «fd», to 
the brim. 

ifuUf^ 1. from above, from the 
top ; 2. from the beginning ; 3. 

afMp$ti$ij, 3. s, 1. a. pass, from 

Mftirspdf^ an irregular comparative^ 
from Jiw, higher. 

«S«'>'v,««,jy, an axe. 

«^i«f, «, •?, 1. worthy of, in a 
good and bad sense ; 2. fit, suita- 
ble. ^ 

tc^iiti, or, yi mo-ti^ p, j{i«iiMi, to ac- 
vcount worthy. 

ate ^ for airo. 

iwctyyiXXti^ f iXS^ p. uTiyytXxa^ 
1 a. inf. i^ttyyiTXeii^ to re- 
late, to announce, to declare. 

^trayx^^ f I*', p* it^^yx^f to 
strangle, to suffocate ; iTtlyxo- 
fiMi^ mid. to hang one's self. 

««-*y#, /. {«, p. itrr^x^y to lead 
away, to take away. 

iiF9tiffMn^ pass. 1. a. i^phf^ p* 
«?r§^^«/, to be taken away. 

require, to demand. 
it^rrtAVro-^fMei, or -*TT*jttflfi, |?. 
tfw^AA^yjtwei, to be delivered ; 




Mwl Tivif^ to pacify or concil- 
iate a prosecutor. 
«9r«A^$, «, 0f , soft, tender. 

to meet, to encounter. 
tiwetfrnrt^ fmt^fj^SL meeting. 
«»-«t^, 3. f. 1. a. sfdj. p(u$> 

from iiFJHf», 
i^rxfucfAAt^ wfiMt^ f. ^T0fMn, p, 

tiirnffnftMty to deny, to refuse to 

Mttpri^fm^^ tl¥^ •) the finiflking', 

iiFct^ iiF0bTm^ i(v«f, tlie whole, 

every one, all. 
iff-tfTv, fn^ 1^, delusion, deception. 
i^e^s^ttf^ 3. #. 1. a, mid. from 

«»-fil«i>f, -fv, 3« tf. 2« a. from 

uxtt^ttf^ S^ f «9-«, p, iinth»»^ 1. 
to disbelieve ; 2. to disobey. 

u^ticpUii^ 3. «. 1. a. /rom «x«»^i* 

^flpfA/T^if, 3. 5. 2. a. ^row ««••- 

tfsrcAvAvtff ir«tv, 3. plplup. mid. and 
KxixBt^t I, s. 2. a. 9ubj, from 

««■£ A5r/^i#, y*. Irtty p, itwiXTtiUty 1. 

to despair ; 2. to hope for 

something in return. 
iirhetfTt, with the gen* over 

against, in the presence of. 
MTiftx^^'^if ^•€L, inf. pass, from 

mxni'^ttT; 3. 9. 1. a. mid. from 

«irfi'viV«> 2. s. 2. a. pass, from 

awi^Xfifun^ f ti7riXtuT6f4Mt^ p. mid, 
ciiri?iv0ti, Alt. ct^fAi^Atf^ 2. a. 
«ir^A^«», 1. to depart, to go, to 
pervade ; 2. to come ; 3. to re- 

Afrtrwrnr^t, 3. «• !• cu pass, from 

«TfrrtfA9*, 2. a. pass, from «ir«- 

uwiTiHj 3. #. 2. a. from i^lTtv 

««'^;C*'i/ i^iitt^.p* «5rf«r^WM», I. 

to receive ; 2. to be distant or 
far off; ixi^st, impersonally^ it 
is enough. 
ATiyayf, 3. pi. 2. a. from i^ai' 

itTriyytiXatf^ 3. />/. 1. a. from 

kxiyllBLT^^ 3. «. 1. o. mu/. yrom 

kwniXKix^h V^Xf* iif^f pass* from 

MWiTTMtt, S^f. fjrar, p. iTiTrnxmy 1. 
a. ixlrtna'at^ to disbelieve. 

mwiTTlci^ «K, 1^, want of faith, unbe- 

AjTioYA^, •«, «, i^ unfaithful, unbe- 

^icXmU^ •»«, -««9 ?» -•i», tfy*, simple, 
single ; metaph. sound, perfect! 

««-), with the gen. from, since, 
by, through, on account of, of, 
out of; MW4 fi/«ff, (^ytii/iaK^ or 
^tff^s, or iftci understood^) witji 
one consent, or at once. 

«sr«C«/y«^, f ^^T^fun, p. ^iQnita^ 
part. 2. a. kwSkf, 1. to de- 
scend, to go or come out of; 2. 
mti. to happen, to take place. 

«s«'#^«»AAAr, f «A«r, p. uiF»CiS^iuiy 

to throw off 
«T0y^«^iy J7(, r^i an enrolment, a 

iix^yfeipet, f, ypa^ p. k^^ytypct^tt^ 

1. a. inf. mid. awyf^^^t^Hmj 

to register, to enrol. 
kxtitxMitcm^ «, f. mTtty p. kir§ii' 

iijulrtitM, to pay the tithe or 


/Kill, to receive. 




1. a. «iri^«/it90*«, to go abroad 
or into another coontrj, to 
dwell Id sinother country. 
irihf^i^ 9^9 •^ 17) going abroad. 

1. a, inf. pass. «»-«J«^f«/, 2. a. 
imp. act icrii^i^ part. 2. a. 
«^«J«tff, 1. to render, to deliv- 
er; 2. to restore, to recom- 
pense, in a good or bad sense ; 
ft. to pay. 
Aifi^xifAM^tt^f. «rm^ p, iiFohicxifie^ 
jMi* 1. a. inf. pass. ii^rtitxifiM^ 
o^nvtu • to reject. 
«iw$MfttT0t^ 2. pi. %*fut, mid, and 
$tic6^i^^ 3. s. 2. a. subj. from 

ijr»^m», i2«, ^, a granary, a bam. 

to press closely upon, to 

tkwhio^tm^ 2. yi mid, aw^etnZpi^i^ 

p, act. ^'^•ri^ninM^ 1. to die, to 

be near dying, to perish ; 2. to 

m9rou»^Triifi,i or '^rim^f, kie»%Mx§ir 

ftrivm^ p. ««*dJMiTfW««fc, 1. a. 

pass. iw6iutTiTTa09if^ to restore, 

to reform. 
«riiMiA»xr«», f. ^J/tt^ p. iT9»ixMXv- 

^dt, to reveal, to make mani- 
««'«jc«Av^^«0*if, 3. pi. 1. a. subj. 

pass, from the same, 
«sr0»deA&%/^f<, tt»i^ ^, a revelation, a 

iiwoKtifien, f urgfMtt^ to be laid 

iiF^Kt^otXi^tf, f tm^ p, itx^Ktxt' 

^«A/»«, 1. O. 4iT<»f^«A<o*«, to 


tfT^xAfiar, f, o*«, p. uir4»ticXtixaj 

to shut, to shut to. 
«sr«»o^rjv, yi •(//«, p. «sr«»fje«^«, 

1. a. u^ix4'4/etj to cut off. 
m7r6KphofMti^ f. iv«itpt6ierofMi^ p, 

^9«i, part. 1. a. ilsr«i(^i^fi(, 1. 
to answer, to reply to ; 2. to 
begin to speak, to speak. 
ixoK^tTt^ !«»(, ^, an answer. 

UWKfUimf^ f. ipif, p. U^CKttCfV^y 

1. a. ttTstifinJ/ct^ to hide, to con- 

iwixpv09i^ cv, 0, ^, hidden. 
M^0icrgtttf^f.ifS,p. airtx,T«tiut^ 1. 

a. uKtKTgtfet' 1. a, inf. pass. 

ak7F0xTtiiB^ft&r to kill, to destroy. 

0LX»KVXiM^ f, tTM^ p, mtfMKUXitM^ 

1. a, ufrgtcvAtTei^ to roll away. 

ilX§?M/4,SHfi», f, «^«A^^«ft«l, p. 

«^«AfA«^«, ./J^t. tfTf/A9^«, 2. a. 
inf. «7«A«beiv, to receive, to 
receive in return, to entertain ; 
mid, to take aside. 

i'TtXtix^^f i^tP ^^•XtXitxtt,imp. 
uwiXiix^^i to lick. 

iieoXXvfLt or i»^«AAv«», f. iir^xivti^ 
p. k'jrmXiKe^ Att. ivX^Xtxct^ 1. a. 
uirmXiTx* pass, uwi\Xvf4Mt^ 2.y*. 
mid. ATcXcZftxti^ 2, a, mid. «9riv- 
Ad/tt^y, 2 a. £u6;. mtej. i^iXMnat^ 

, 2. a. in/*, mid, iir^XsTBta^ part, 
p. m, «^«AA>Aei«, w«,)(, 1. to de- 
stroy, to spoil ; 2. to lose. 

mTTiX^UfMtt^ •v/u,«<, y*. '^Tofiat, p, 
miFoXiXiynium^ 1. a. inf. «t«Ao- 
^«tf;y«i, to speak in one^s owp 

«jr«A9r^«^^/(, e«$, 17, redemption, 

eiT»XvM, f vc4/^ p, iifrtXtXvxM, 1. a. 

tiTiXVTtt * p. pa^9. «T0A{AV/M»X| * 1 . 

to release, to free from ; 2. to 
dismiss, to divorce ; 3. to for- 

«iro.ct««'0'«/M«i, f,. m^oftxti^ to wipe 

off, to shake off. 
ijr«f /xriv, /. /^^«F, to wash. 
#««*«»-A«f««f, #, f, 4tm, p. «flr«Tf- 

wXeifnxit, to seduce. 

«;ro«'Aui>iv, y*. vf*, p. «T«^cVAvy»«^ 
1. ci. rtTew-Afm, to cleaase. 




1. a. i?rffrfi|«* 2. a. pat$. ««'f- 
iTf I'yff • to chokei v' 

i^oftifMi^ to be doubtful, to be 

ciwpU^ ««, ^, perplexity. 
«T«0-ir««, •^, /. AvM^ p. mw{cT»xi$^ 

1. a, 'Tx* 1. a. po^j. iiTiTiFtiThif 
to draw forth ; pass, to with- 

~ draw, to retire. 
«7»0^«n«v, oo, r0, 1. a divorce ; 

2. a deed or written iastrument 
of divorce. 

ixoo'Tsyti^M^ J', mth, p, «^f0Yey«- 
jcce, 1 . a. tiTtrrtyxTtt^ to unroof, 
to open or break up the roof. 

V I. a, ifxirrftK*^ 2 a. liirto-ritA^f, 
part, 1 . a. «exa«-rf /x«f, 1 . to send 
forth ; 2. to send away. 

»T6TTi^iaf^ «f, f uTtt^ p. esvetTTt' 
pfjicet, 1 . a. suhj. AV4Trtpf^G-af^ 115, ij, 
to wrong^, to cjefraud. 

a^ao-Tun, 2. pi, 2. a, imper. from 

MTi<rr§Mi^ 0Vy6f 1. a messenger ; 
2. an apostle. 

UTprrofixri^tt^ f, Ivti^ p, uxetrr^' 
fjiirtnet^ to entice or provoke 
on^ to speak, to urge words 
from one's mouth 

ikir6Trpi^«^f. ^J^m, p, ti%'ge'rpi0(£^ 1. 
a. tiiritrtfi'^ • 2; o. subj. pass. 
uTTorrptt^S ' 1. to return, to re- 
store ; 2. to turn away or per- 
vert ; mid. or pass, to refuse, to 
repel, to torn away from. 

uTocrvveiyofydi, dv, d, sr, excommuni- 
cated, expelled from the syna- 

«e9rora^^«A<'*'9 *^i* uvo^rJirrtfieti^f. 
ei^ofictt^ p, aircTir»yfi»i^ 1i a. 

' mid, <&xrr«|fl«Atjji», to^ake leave 
of, to dismiss, to renounce. 

X<t^ to shake offl 

iw^Jpm^ p. kwtfmy p, awii$sy%m, 
2. a, 4«ii9f VMv, to carry away. 

f9XM^ to depart* 
iw^itlx^^ /. («r, p. ««-fi^;K«,tO 

«Vr«iM«i, /. ^^•fimt^ 1. a. ij4"«/»«»9 

!• to touch, to embrace, to laj 

hold on ; 2. to hurt. 
iwrm^f, i^0^p. S^«, 1. aor. ;^«, 

/Mzrt. U a. i4''H^ to kindle, to 

ijem>ata^ «^ 179 1* destruction ; 2, 

«^a(, anc? «^«vf, therefore, then, 
truly, haply; they are some- 
times joined to words and par' 
tides to increase their expression, 

S^flt, and Zpxyi^ partwles of inter' 

«5f«/, 1. a. inf from a\p^, 

*A^ft^ 0, Aram, indeclin. 

ipyii, i, or, contracted from »epyh^ 
I . idle ; 2. wicked. 

atpyvpi^f^ pv^ rl^ money, a piece 
of silver money, 

a^yvptg^ «v, «, silver, silver coin. 

*f«''«*'9 / «f«<»'«» P* «f>«»«J to 

tipiTTdi^ J, if, agreeable, pleasii^. 
&p9firt^ 2. #. l.a. imper* pass, froi^ 

ilt^fLtM^ «, /. <r«>, p. ipi^iu^ tp^ 
number, to count. 

«^f tfjttW, AV) 0, a numb^ ; a com- 
pany, Lnkcj 22. 3. 

*A^ifMiBm.U^ «$; r, AnmStbaBa. 

ipiTtJi^^ Si^ f 9^o'0^ p, ipitrrtixiif h 

a, ^§trrii<rtt^ 1. to breakfast; 2. 
to sup. 

kptTTtphq,, «, c», the left; rii^. 
^rt^i, fcf ^9 un(2er«rooc2, the left- 
hand side. 

liptTT6t^ ot/, tijL 1. a meal* 2. a 

apK€rli^ i, iv, sufficient. 




sfffcMw, to be enough ; pass. ^- 

p. fifittTfiL%t^ to be content with. 
kffiofutiy $vftcu^ f. i^o-tfjMce/, p, VP*^' 

fMt^ imp, ipuofiufy to deny, to 

«^yi«y, ov, r\ a lamb. 
dp^tcfM9o$^ part 1. a. /rom «^;k«- 

^^•f, 2.«. 1. a. imper.from »ip». 

ifTfti»^ «?, y*. ^o-Af, p. 4^dr^i«x«, 
to plough. 

ip6rp%9^ dw, Td, a plough. 

i^fWAyn^ 9j^^ *;, rapine, plunder. 

up^u^m^f, r». Dor. l». p «•«•«««, 
to seize on, to take by force, 
to snatch away. 

ipxtil^ »y4i, «, rapacious. 

mpoet06i^ •», ^ ^, without a seam. ' 

iy^ttrro^^ ot;, 0, jj, infirm, sick. 

«e^(, «;v«€, a, ^, a iamb. 

«^0*ff, n*i, r«, male. 

«^i, now, just now ; »W «^n, till 
now ; «▼* *f T/, henceforth. 

i^TH'i «t/, 0, 1, bread, a loaf of 
bread ; 2. food. 

apTMi^ f. »«■*», p, ^^Tt;jc«, to re- 
store to saltness, to season. 

*A^^«|«^, •, Arphaxad, indeclin^ 

kfX^^lHy ««W, m^9, ancient, of an- 
cient times. ) 

*ApxkAo^%^ flw, d, Archela'us. 

«^>A? ^«9 ^1 a beginning, the first 

«^;C'«^<«'<» «•«? •'^^^ '^^ 1^1. the 
high priest ; 2. a chief priest. 

«^;ci»*vi»w«V*y««, et'j «\ the ruler of 
a synagt>gue. 

^^;i;ir<A«y«(, av, #, a chief publi- 

»fX^tplitXn6i^ di;, 0, the governor 
or president of a feast; 

ifX^fuu^ /. iipitfMt^ 1. a. «/)|«V«*9 
to begin. 

to rule, to govern. 
«f AJ*»» •''^•<9 •, 1. a ruler, a chief, 
a prince, a magistrate ; 2. a 

member of the Jewish council 

or sanhedrim, a senator. 
iipvffM^ r0$, TOy an aromatic, a 

*A«ri«, 0, Asa, indeclin, 
^Q-fitTTdi, 0v, 0, ^, unquenchable. 
^0*1 Ayeidi, «9, i, lewdness ; ^ law- 

'Aa-itp^ c, Asher, indeclin. 
9tT$%int», «$, r, infirmity, sickness, 
me-$tfjdi^ », y. rfr*, p. nHiitfiiut^ to 

be infirm, to be sick. 
tf0*^fv«$, /•$, oy$, 0, )^, weak, sick. 
«o-jwg, oe/, •, a leather bottle. 
m.^^^^oftMty f, <»0>of4««, p. pass. 

rja^dTfieii^ to salute, to embrace. 
ttTwti(rtta'6t^ 2. pL 1. a. imper. mid. 

and iT^doifTSg^ 2. i?/. 1. a. subj. 

mid. from the same. 
&rwt^orfi6i^ dtl, 0, a salutation. 
tiTo-uptof^ 0v, To, an as, asm^all coin^ 

equal to about a cent and a Jutlf. 
uTrnpy gp^q^ ;, a star. 
io'tpttiriii ^«, ^, U lightning; 2. 

tto-T^dxTtty f. lii/^*, p. ^o'Tpu^ti^ to 

flashy to glitter. 
«0*r^«y, AV, r^ a star. 
«tvWt«(, «v, •, 1^, without under- 
MT^ttXtiM, «4, ^, certainty. 

irpecXi^tit^ f, |V«^, J3. ^(r^«AliM(, tO 

make fast or secure. 

«r^«A<?f, firmly, securely, cer- 
tainly. - 

kTttra^^ riotouslyi dissolutely. 

mrtxvci^ »v, o, i^ having no child. - 

MTtn^m, f. |V«, p. 4riiF/it«, to look 
intently, to fix the eyes on any 
thing. X 

irtp^ with the gen. without. 

iiTtf4M^4if, f^ «a>Ar, p. jr//M«jue, to 
treat with indignity, to dishon- 

ttrtfiuufy £^ f, »Ttt^ or krtfMm^ «, 
mrm^ p. ^rtf^j^, to treat with 
with indignity. 




littfuf^ $v^ •', 1^, without honour, 

iiro^4$. 6v^ «, «, wrongf criminal. 

Avy6vrr»i^6V^ •, AugUStuS. 
m»?Jit, «, y*. ^^iv, p. vefAviue, to 

pipe, to play on a pipe or flute. 
«p/^«. S ', :, 1. a hail, the open 

court belonging to a large hotue 

or palace ; 2. a palace ; 3. a 

«tf A9T4<, ot;, •, one who plays on 

the pipe or flute. 
«tfA/^«<tiei, f, IrcfiMt^ to Spend the 

uuJfiJivM^f. 4iTM, p. ni^fiKMy to grow 

up, to increase. 
«»|9^i 3- «. 1. a, 8ubj, pais.frofA 

the same. 
«ty<«v, sometimes with »/u.f^«, to- 
morrow, shortly. 
ttvTTiiifi9i^ «, «F, severe. 
tturofMir^q^ sr, av, spontaneous, of 

its own accord. 
avTciFfiiq^ cv^ «, an eye-witness. 
«0r«$, i. V) 1. he, she, it ; 2. self; 

3. with, the article^ the same ; 

4. alone, Mark, 6. 31. See iwt, 
«&T*S, here ; there. 

mpiitpU^ «, /. iirir, p. m^puM^ 2. 
a. «^f/A»tr, to take ofl*, to cut 
off*, to take away. 

«^<«f('^*, y. /y<i>, p.' j^tff/iMi, 1. to 
destroy, to spoil ; 2. to disfig- 

«<f «»rd«, •y, 0, ,^, not seen, invisi- 

tioehitf^ »»•«, «, a privy. 

i^ptrtg^ t»ij ij, 1, liberation; 2. 
forgiveness, v 

i.phf4»t^ f. «^«9>iv, p. «^f|Ve«, 1. a. 
tf ^jyjMc, 2. a. ie^»J»* 3. pL p, pass* 
u^iafTcct^ Att. for ypthrett ' 1. 
to dismiss, to desert, to leave 
behind, to leave remaining, to 
quit, to let alone ; 2. to per- 
mit, to let; 3. to utter; 4. to 

neglect; 5. to remit, to for- 

i^iTTnfU^ f, kwtriru^ p, m^iTtit' 
»«, to depart, to apostatize. 

mplQmi, without fear. 

ip^pitl^ 3. «• 1./. Att.for i^plnt, 

f^^pti^M^ f, Itm^ Att, tS^ p. Jtp^tpi' 
»«, 1 . to separate ; 2. to ex- 

»^pi^m^ /. ivm^ p. n^ptftm^ to foam. 

et<Pp\i^ •(/, «, foam. 

m(pptTufn^ «€, ^, levity, foolishness. 

ei^p»vy «f«c, «, li, foolish, inconsid- 

k^vwfim^ S^ f. 0T0^ p, Ap^tetrntcOf 
1 a. oi^fiinm9-et^ to fall asleep. 
Its classical meaning is to 

*A;b<^C) ^9 Ahaz, indeclin. 

i;^Hpt<rTci^ «t/, •, IT, unthankful. 

'Axsif*", #, Achim, indeclin. 

tf;(;fi^««'«i9r««, •v, o, i^, not made 
with hands. 

«;^tf^y«i, 1. a. tn/". pass, from «yi>. 

ixp^i^if «, •», unprofitable. 

«;(;;< or ce;c^f(, tvifA i^6 gen, as far 
as, until, unto. 

«xv^«y, •v, r«, straw, dry stalks. 

i'^^i^part, 1. a, from i'JFTm * 1. a. 

BttSv}it»9, Sui^ S) Babylon, ii ct^y 

t»i Asia. 
fiiiHt '«<9 ^^9 depth. 
fitt$flfM^f v»«, p. vyjMi, to deepen, 

to dig deep. 
fitUut, ir«, 0, deep ; ip$p$p /8«^f«i, 

very early in the morning. 
/3«ief, 0v, r), a palm-branch. 
/3«Ai»Ti«f, •&, t), a pcgrse. 
/idAX^ff. /3*A4?, /?. fiiSxvMc* 1. a. 

pa«5. f ?A«^9y, p/tlp. i^tQxifrjiV to 

cast, to pour, to put, to send, to 
strike ; pass, to be lying dowi^ 

BAT 13 

a. pass. iCm%'rtT$tif to dip in 
water, to wash, to baptize; 
figuratively^ fi»wTi^tT$iu signi- 
fies to be plunged into distress 
and sufferingSi 

fiuvrtrn^, T«$, t\ baptism. 

fiaiFTiT/Mi^ •», 0, a washing. 

/0«;m0*rj|$, «%, a, one who baptizes, 
a baptist. 

fidwTdi^ f, ^di^ p, fiiCtt0itj 1. a. 
eQtcypa^ to dip. 

Buf^vQui, «, •, Barab'bas. 

B«^«;^/«$, •!/, 0, Baracbiah. 

fietpit^^ £^ fi 4t0^ p, ^fC*pntt»* 1. 
pass. (6ttfii0ii9* to weigh down. 

fia^toff^ heavily, dully. 

Btf^tf^AA^Meitff, tfv, «, Bartholomew. 

Btfi]0-i«F«f, «, ^, Bar-Jonas, i. e. the 
son of Jonas. 

j3«^«c, f«$, r«9 a burden. 

BxpTiffLctU^^ ov, 0, Bartimae us. 

/Sflif »«, f r«, », heavy, important, dif- 

/8«^t»T</it#f, do, 0^ ^, precious, costly. 

afflict, to torment, to toss 

fixvetftcrr^i, •Z, •, the keeper of a 

fitio-afof^ 00, j, torment, paiu. 
^«<r<Af/fl(, «(, ^, 1. a kingdom, a 

government ; 2. dominion, 

reign, sovereignty. 
j3«o*/A«iof, 0, ly, royal; ^«0-/Afi«y, 

{i»fMc understood,) a piailace. 
j3«9-/AffV(, m, 0} .^/^ ^en. f«s, a 

fittvi?ieot»^ fi vm^ p.^tCttvtXevxcc^ tO 

j3«rf Ai»0$, If, of, royal. 
^ttTtXurTa^ 9^, ij, a queen. 
fitt(rTd^»^f, Avt»^ p. /8fC«0'rtfK«, 1. 

to carry, to take up ; 2. tq car- 
ry off or away ; 3. to bear, 
whether bodily or mentally, 
i9«r0(, 6Vy ^t a bush. 


j3tfrt$, tv, 0, a bath, a Jswish 
measure^ containing^ according 
to Josephus^ about 13\ gallons. 

j3«rr0A0Vf«p, £,f, i<rti, p. ^f^xrT»' 
xiynHM^ to use vain repetitions. 

fiiiXvyfix^ T05, TO, an abomination, 
an abominable thing. 

to confirm, to establish. 
/8iffflAo'«», £^ fi »T«i^ p. ^iZt^iiXt'- 

»*, to profane, to violate. 
BffA^f^ovA or BffA^fCovC, 0, Beel- 
zebub, the prince of evil spirits^ 

B«^«ff«^«, Hi^ ^, Bethab'ara, a 

Jewish town, 
Bv^ocfftf, «$, ^, Bethany, a village 

near Jerusalem. 
Bv^fo-^^, ij, Bethesda, Mc name of a 

pool or fountain near Jeruso 

lem ; indeclin. 
Bii0?ittfi^ jr, Bethlehem, a city in 

Judcea ; indeclin. 
B«tf0>«f J«, r^ Bethsaida, a name 

given to two towns^ one in Gali* 

Tee, and the oth^r in Gaulonitis^ 

on the eastern shore of the lake 

Genes'ereth ; indeclin* 
BnB^ayJi', ^«, 17, Bethphage, a small 

place close by Jerusalem. , 
B^jUA, T0«, TO, a tribunal. 
i3i«^#,yi <60-#, p, /8«ff/«jt«' j3i«^«- 

fuii^ mid. to press forward ; pass. 

to be seized with eagerness. 
/3<«o-tJ$, oS, 0, violent, impetuous. 
iSiffAi'ov, ov, T«^ a book, a roll, a 

/SfCAof, 01/, ^, a book, a roll. 
^i0«, 0v, 0, 1. life; 2. means of 

support, property. 
fit^Ttttiiy j^. Of, secular, belonging 

to this life. 
fiXmrrrm^ f. ^tt^ p, /Sf^Aoe^oE, l.*a. ' 

f'ffA«4'«, to hurt, to harm. 
fiXttTTelf0, f. ijV*, p, /3eCA«'(rrfif«, 

1. a. lixxT^iiTx^ to spring, to 




sproat ; to cause to spring or 
bud, James^ 5. 18. 

xm, 1. a. IZXmrpniMiT*^ 1. to 
speak evil of, to revile ; 2. to 
#A«<r^iiiu/«, ««, i, 1. evil speaking, 
railing; 2. impious speaking, 

^AlJTAJ,/. '</'«^,/>. /8/ffAt^«, 1. a.ifffAf- ' 

•i/'*, 1. to see, to look upon ; 2. ^ 
to perceive, to understand ; 3. 
to attend diligently, to take 
heed, to beware ; fixi^ttt tU 
TO ^^dV^^rof, to be partial, to 
have respect to the outward 
fiX^Btirt, 2. *. 1. a. imper. peas, from 

fiXfiTiof^ «, 09, to be cast, to be 

Bexfipyh') Boanerges, Heb, inde- 

din, sons of thunder. 
fioecMj ^, y. i^^i p' jSf^JvKtf, 1. a, 

Ifiofia-ect to cry out, to caH aloud. 

^ov^fof, £^ f, qo-tf, p, figQ9$i$iizm^ 1. 

a, fhoiBjiTtt^ to help. 
fic0vf6i^ dv, 0, a pit, a tank* 
|9«Aif, »';$, ri a cast, a throw. 
B0^^, 0, Boaz, indeclim 
fio^pcii^ «, «, the north.' 
jltfVicAf, y. flJo-Af, p. /^ifto^jwt*, to 

/S«e/Af <, .^^f. /or jSo^Aiy, 2; r. pre*. 

)8«t»A«vTH«, oy, 0, a counsellor, a 
member of the Jewish sanhe- 

fiovXitlcfiect^ mid.f. trdfittt^ to delib- 
erate, to take counsel. 

/J«t/Aii, ;«, ij, counsel, purpose, de- 

/3odAo/u.«/, /. ^ro/t««i, p, j3fC«oA9iU.«i, 

1. o. iQev?jij6tif^ 1. to be willing, 
to be desirous ; 2. to deter- 

fijavthg^ 0v, i, a hill. 

/JdiJtf, /3««f« #, 1^ a bull, a cow, an 

fipmiof^ ««, V, slow, dull. 
fipaX^mf^ 0y»^, *, the arm. 
j8^Xc»(, fiff, V, short, little; /M<r« 

H*X^^ neut, absoL a short time 

afterwards; fif»x'*^ ^<» si small 

/3^«>e«, »•$, A a child. 

^S^x^i /• {•» P' ^^^hx»^ 1- a. 

Kpii»^ 1. to wet; 2. to aend 

rain, to rain down. 
/3^«i»Ti, if, ,J, thunder. 

^puyfiH^ •?, •, gobbing. 

^^4v/tt«, r#(, ro, food. 

/9f«»ri/M«f, Av, 0, 1^, that can be eat 

en ; t$ /S^iven^cM, something to 

eat, food. 
fip^Tii^ Mr$, r, 1, food ; 2. rust 
jS^^iuv, y. ^ftltTti^ p, fiiQp^xM^ to 

fiv0t^t»y f. iV«, p. ^tQ»6tiui^ to sink; 

fip6t%9t4Mt^ to be sinking. 
/3Jr««f, tv^ «, fine linen, byssus. 


rmK»$Z, 17, Gabbatha, Syro-ehald. 

a raised or elevated place; 

r«C^f«A, 0, Gabriel, ind^clifi. 
r«iW^9t«€, M, «, a Gadarene, or 

inhabitant of Gad^ara. 
y«^«0vA«xj«y, «», r«, a treasury, 

especially a sacred treasury^ 

where gifts were laid up. for the 

support of the temple. 

yt*k»jnir nil «9 ^ ^^^ </ ^^ ^^<'- 
r«AiA«i«, «f, r^, Galilee, a territO' 
ry lying north of Judea^ and 
separated from it by Samaria* 
r«AiA«r0(, •&, n a Galilean. 

y«A6f«», £^ f <0-«», p. yf7«ft«IMEy 1. 

o. iydfMio-ti, to marry. 
ynfMTxM or y«f/*i^<i>, /. iVif, |i. yi- 
yJtfn,ntM^ to give la marris^e* 



'■r , FiHQ, 

yufAH^ $v^ 0, 1. a nuptial feast ; 2. 
a banquet, ^enem%; marriage, 
Heb. 13. 4. 

y«f, for, therefore, truly. // is 
sometimes used to increase the 
force of an interrogation. 

y**^, fV«f or fU^ ^, the belly, 
'the womb. 

y), indeed, at least, yet. It is 
often redundant. 

rinttt, 9$, ^^ Gehenna, hell ; origf 
inally the valley of Hinnom, 
hut in the New Testament^ the 
Tartarus of the Jems. 

r£0(ni/iMfn^ Gethsem'ane, the name 
of a villa at the foot of the 
mount of Olives ; indeclin^ 

yitrtif, •?•$, •, «7, a neighbour. 

yrAtfJv, », /. *»••, />. ytyi AflCjMft, to 
laugh, to rejoice. 

ytM4^»<i f /o-^, p. yfo^iJMf, !• a. 
lyifiATUb^ to filL 

y«V<^, /I ysf*>S^ p, mid. yiyoput^ to 
be M\. 

yeuMf <e$, ^, K a generation ; 2. a 

yivf 0-itf, «>f, r«, a birth-day feast. 

yhtTii^ ^ui^ ^, generation, birth, 
descent ; life, James^ 3. 6. 

yf ff Tf, ^$, ^, birth, the being born. 

ynfdm^ », fri^»^ p- ytyh^nutt^ 1, 
a. iyirnt^tt; pass» yifVti^jMtt, 
SpMi^ f n^^cafixt^p. ytyiffnf*ttt^ 
1. a. iytvii^n*^ to beget, to, 
bring forth ; pass, to be born. 

yiffv/M^ T»iy Td, o£&priDg, fruit. 

rsmTccpir^ i^ Genneseret, a dis' 
trict along the western side of 
the sea of Galilee or . Tiberias / 

yifviicrtrj^ £«f, P7, birth. 

y«»»j;T»€, li'i J", born, begotten. 

7^0$, tc^ r«, 1. a kind; 2. a na- 
tion or country. 

Fspyeo-vm') ©v, «, a Gergesene, an 
inhabitant of Ger'gasa, 

yip»f^ tffTog, e, an old man. 

yiJdfittt, mid. f yUor^fu^^ 1. a* 
iygva-Ufu^f, part, ifl a. ytprafmoi^ 
to taste ; metaph. to expefj- 

ytitpyU^ 6v. 0, a husbandmsp, a 

y^i y^«9 •?? !• land; 2. the earth; 
3. a land or country ; 4. the 

ytifeti^ Td<, T«, dat. yipot^ old age. 

ynpiTxm or ynpAtt^ f d(e-A», p. yt- 
yj(^«»«, to grow old. 

yhofiuti^ f yc vf ^Vo/Etce/, p. yeynit' 
MMi^ 1. a. Iynii6ii9, 1. fmid. 
ycy«0-«/tuef, 1. a. «y«''«<^«i^«''9 2. a. 
iyttiff^f^ p- y fylfot', 1. to be cre- 
ated,, to be produced, to be 
born, to grow ; 2. to happen « to 
arrive, to come to pass, to arise; 
to be appointed, performed, 
fulfilled ; 3. to become, to be 
made any things to be changed 
into something else; 4. to be, 
to belong, to be done or grant- 
ed to ; 5. to be (Celebrated, 
solemnized ; 6. to remain, like 
the Latin versor ; ytvs<r6en ««•«, 
to depart^ from ; yltea-Stti h 
i<6t/7^, to become to himself; 
t*ii ytf9ir6, God forbid ! 

yntiricMi f ytttccfun^ p, tytofxti, 
2. a. iSyvifv^ 2. a. svhj. yw • pass, 
f yvticBiv^iun^ p, tyttitTpcMt^ 1. 
a. iyfma-Bnf 1. to perceive, to 
discover, to uftderstand, to 
know, to know how ; 2. to think, 
to reflect on, to consider; 3. 
to acknowledge with approba- 
tion or as our own ; '4. to know 

yhutrtrtit, JitU yXSrtti^ v«, |r, 1. the 
tongue ; 2. a tongue or lan^ 

yXafiTTox^SMV^ «t;, to, a purse. 
y»«^t>$, e»$, ^, a fuller. 
y^»pil,ot, f t<ref^ Att. yitcipia^ p. 
lyfoipiKd, 1. a. iytalp'O'et^ to make 

MS ^ a Jf ■Oiij mm eril 
a d i i M tf, jfcif, 17. 18. 

y: «v«k ^ ^ i ^^ iBB, 1. «. 

y ^»<*y p>> Jir^fig g*, to 

/i W"S ^ J^J«»F<JUi, to 
^ "1. a.tii^ 

Am, to boROtr. 

«««. •£,•.» creditor, 
iid, imdcd. 

3. s. 2.yi pmTt.Jrom it- 

it, >et; 2. and, also, 

3w lor. It Carres- 

mmk fK9 m the farmer 

•f m imfct , amd has then 

.Jm-iifl^rtfJhL 3. «. plup. 

«*«« T \ sapidicatioD, praver. 

•^o ■i^ «•««. /. #«%•»«, jorey. subf. 

^^ 1. tt is Beoessuy, right, or 

, it is lawfii] ; 2. it 


^- 1 ^ It 

«lftcMI wiai4 
o4 to ^eio^v 

••IWtt, to 

f. i^f^m, p. h'^ 
*>— ^ 1. a. wii^j 1. to show; 

to skiink for fear, to be timid. 
^tt^^i^ia, fearfdl, timid. 

*c^ ^ms a certain person, 
soch a one. 

Ste be ^t«^ Tebementij, ^eTonslj. 
werib-^ i^tw^ m, f. ^m, p. jatiirwt* 

AEr 17 

1. a. iltlmiirat^ to sup, to eat 

for supper. 
JlriW-Mir, tfv, T^, 1. supper; 2. a 

^fxtf, «i, «i, r<«, ten. . 
hxkirgfre^ fifteen. 
Atxdyr^Xtij tti^ ^, DecapoliS) a 

district beyond the Jordan^ con" 

taining ten cities. 
itKctrira-etpgi^ 01, am, and r« hMtrtT* 

frepot^ fourteen. * 

^iic»T§i^ 9, «F, the tenth. 

Je»r«$, i, df, accepted, acceptable. 

ih^fof^ dv, r#, a tree. 
. ^«|<#«, «, «»? the right ; (with x^U 
understood) the* right hand; 
r« if|i« (?E;i^ jU£^ expressed or 
understood)^ on the right-hand 

i'goftMt^ 1. a. iit4$iif^ to ask, to be- 
seech, to pray. 

itpfcmrito^ «, ap^ made of skins, 

iiptiy 1. /. hpSj 2./. Ji«f#, p. Jl- 

hfxm^ 1. a. thtpa^ 2. a. tS'u^^f • 
pcr/I p(w«. iiStpfixt^ 2. a. Uttpn^^ 
2. /. ^*fir6f4Mf to beat, to 
^tTfAi'jm^ f, (r«, p. Stiitr/MdOMM^ to 
bind together. 

hTfM0^ <5, /. rfr*^, |). MtTfoiiM^ to 

bind, to confine. 

^iTfijiy 9$, ^, a bundle. 

JW/iti0(, Av, 0, one bound, a priso- 

h^fMi^ to, 0, and he^pb^v, 01^, r^ a 
bond» a chain ; metaph, an im- 

JVo'/uvri^/«v, •», 7), a prison. 

ho-^ornif •Vj if 1. a master; 2. 


ley#«, hither. 

JVyre, adi;;. come, come hither. 

hovt^f^ adv. agam, a second 

hvri^6wpmr$q^ the second-first 
Mrtppff i^m^ 0f^ the second; U 


divrtpdv (^Kcuptlu understood)^ 
again, a second time. 

iJx^f^*h f' 'wid. Si^^iMti, p, pass* 
(SthypMi^ 1. a. mid, f JV|«jit9*, to 
take, to receive. ' 

Jf«, y*. ^eV« anc2 ^«r«r, p, iiitKtt 
and. iiinxM^ 1, a. tin^et^ 1. to tie, 
to bind, to swathe ; 2. to for- 
bid, Matth, 16. 19, and 18. 18. 

^i, truly, by all means. 

^^A»(, 9, 0y, manifest. 

^W^/«y, 6v, rd, a denarius, a jRo- 
man cot'n, worth about 14 ce^t^. 

^ijwoTi, soever. 

it* or iieiy with the gen, 1. by, 
through; 2. after, during or 
within ; hat. wctfx^i (;^f /»«& un- 
derstobd)^ always ; ' ^<* ^/*s^«f, 
after a few days ; zvi^A the ace. 

1. by means of; 2. on account 
of; JtM TcuT0y therefore. 

haStchdty f. fi'^T^ftMij p, Ji«Cf C«iM(, 

2. a. inf, SietC^vetij to pass 

StttQJixXM^ f. ttXSf p, j3c^A«K«, 1. a. 

/>G»«. Jif?A^^9y, to accuse. 
hctCx€T0fyf. 4'*, to see clearly. 
hilSoX0ij «t;, •, 17, 1. an adversary ; 

2. the devil, satan. 
^ittyycAAiv, y*. «A«^, p. J<«yyf Am(, to 

announce, to publish abroad. 
Simye^ yet on account of. 
StttytfptAttf. StayniT^fitai, p. dtt^ 

Yty/vnpiMt^ to pass, to be past 
h»yf»plt^iiy f. iV«», p, htyftiptfut^ 

4. a. htytmpivtt^ to relate, to 

publish abroad. 
h»yyy6^t9^f, utm^ p, hstytylyyv^ 

»«, to-murmur. 
httypvy^itfy £y / i<r»^ p.hty^ 

yifniMy to awake, 
hetSl^tifM^ /. h^iitreu p. huM^- 

x«, 1. a. hihnutf to, divide, to 

hat^mf^viaf f. IJt^'if^ p. hil^MitM, 1 

a. hi^acrm^ 1. a. mi({. jn^^^^ 

f*aif^ to %vcdi. 




Ji«l««i, m, 179 a covenaDt^ a prom- 

hiUfim^ i^ f. nTm^ p. JV^f «»«, 2. a. 
httx»9^ to di?ide, to distribate. 

iimimimft^m, f, /r«r, Att. tS^ p, ht^ 
xsnmimptxm^ to cieaose thoroogfa- 

Ji«)MVf«, «>, f, ir0^ p. hwtifniu^ 

1. a. hnxifna-M^ 1. to serve, to 
minister to ; 2. to be a disci- 
ple of any one, 

httx^utt^ «(, ^, a serving. 
Ji«ie«fdf , Av^ •, I. a servant ; 9. a 

itm%oTuij «M, «, two hundred. 
hetn^i^m^ yi ifitf, p. iiAxix^ttM^ to 

discern, to distinguish ; mi<2. 
^ iiMxptfsftati, 1. a. 9u6;. S'tUKpiiS^ 

to doiR>t, to mistrust 

itcutuXvM^f, 9T0yp, hm^MxtiXvfM^ to 
hinder, to forbid. 

««, 1. to converse, to consult ; 

2. to publish, to speak abroad. 
hecXiy«/4Mt^ p, i'lmXtXtyfMHj 1. a. 

htxixh^'i to dispute. 
hetXihm^ f. i^iv, p. Ji«AfAfi^«, 
to leave off, to cease. 

^<«AA4e0'0'«/iu»/, p, pats» ii^XXatyftMi^ 
2. a. imper. hxxxjiynh, to be l^- 

itttX^yi^of^tti^ f, iV'tfMti^ p. itetXi" 
xSyio-fiMi, 1. to reason, to con- 
sider; 2. to dispute, to con- 

httXAytfTfi^^ #v, 0, 1. reasoning, 
thought, design; 2. doubt; 3. 

3ix/4MpTufof4Mt^ f, •Zftmtf to testify 
earnestly, to admonish. 

J/«^f VAT, y*. «r, j9. itetiufibhiinM^ 1 . a. 
hifittfet^ to remain^ 

hmfi^ft^a^ f. io'tf^p* h»M,tfi/^iiM, 1. 
a. itifiift9'x^ 1. a. pa««. iuft^ft" 
'a4nf» 1. tx. mid. I'ttfAtptcPiifiafl^ to 

J^«i^^i«mlf, 4^ •, division, dissen- 

hmtint^ f, r«r, p. httfhivjcm^ to 
make signs. 

htviinfui^ TH, r), a thought. 

iimv^iMj m^,^l^ the mind; 2. Hie 

huftym^ f. !«, !• a. J<iip«i|« * 1. a. 
|ifi»«. itniflxhf^ !• a. imp. poM. 
itmflxhri * 1. to open ; 2. to 

hetfVXVtptVtf^f. ow, p. httUtVXTiftV* 

Ml, to pass the night 
^i«»-«fr«(, always. 
hmwiptut^ S^ f, ttvM cmd ivsi^ p. 

imviX-gptixti^ 1. a. htwifaiTM, to 

pass through, to pass over. 
htcweptJoftMt, imp, cttir§pttfifuify p. 

i^m^iiti^tvfMtt^ to pass through. 
JV«^«f/iv, iv, imp. hiiiFiptcf^ ^^»f' 

i9'0j p. hmiTi'Tofifica^ to doubt, to 

be perplexed, to wonder ; so 

in the mid, 
i'ieMfttypiATt6%ftMi^f, tyT§fiai, 1. a. 

dtg^^ttyfi»rt»9'iif4aify to g^n by 

trade or business. 
itM^TpAI^M^ f, «0*«r, p. iiifpwetnxt^ ]. 

a. iti^yFawtt^ to plunder. 
hetppiytviM or J<«i^/4<rr*, /. «'|«, p. 

hippnx«t^ 1. o. hifpii\»' pass. % 

hmfpiyfvfun^ imp, hfpfnyfipufl • 

to tear, to break. 
itttra/pim^ f, tfriv, p. Ji«rf «*4^«»«| 

!• a. ittrti^TA, to teU. 
hetTtlm, f, Tti^ p. St^rio'iituty tO fill 

with uneasiness or alarm. 
dtu/rmpirit^it^ f, iViv, p. ii$9%of9FiKa^ 

1. to scatter, to strow; 2. to 


to break asunder, to tear in 

itt$9^npA, «^ i, dispersion ; by 

metonymy^ the dispersed Jews, 

John^ 7. 35. 
Jf«aTtAA«/44t», mu2» 1. a. ht^Tstxi-' 

/tc9», to charge, to QOQUK^Bmd* 

AIA 19 

1. a. iitrftyf/m^ p. pass, hUfttf/w 
futi^ to pervert, to corrupt. 

httr^^0^ f» ^«, p. heifirnfM^ 1. iz. 
po^^. iitTtl$ii9^ to cure. 

St»TAp*a^» or 'tirrtt^ f, ti%tt • 1. a- 
j9()»5. iietttptiz^n* * to disturb. 

h^ruTTm or -ttrrm^ f, «|Ar, p. hof 
rhitX'h 1* ^* htTM^tt^ to com- 

to keep or preserve carefully. 
JV«t/, wherefore ? ' 
httriitfuu^ mid, 2. a* V/ftffiM«y, to 

appoint, to allot. 

a. i'tirptS*i, to remain, to con- 

2. a. h^ytyx»9^ to carry through ; 
^A <Ae gen. to excel, to be of 
more value than. 

I, a. SttPnfittvef 1. a. pass, h' 

t^vfiUhif • to spread abroad, to 

iittpielpa, /. ifS^ p. hi^$tifKM, to 

corrupt, to destroy. 
htt^vXmTTm or -aerrM^ fi «f|«, to 

preserve carefully. 
Jm^i^^/^ar, /. iVa», p, iiaxtx^fifttt^ 

to separate. 
hicixTH^ i, ^ taught. 
JiJleco'iMiA/ie, «(, ^, doctrine. 
hitirxtcMi^ •», «, a teacher. 

fJiJfle|«i, 1. a, pass, ih^Ax^n^^ to 

it^^xi* nij ^9 !• doctrine ; 2. man- 
ner of teaching. 

Jl^jM»;tilM^ «v, ^» the didrachmon 
or doulile drachma, a silver 
coin^ equal to a Jewish half 
sheckelj or about 25 cents, 

Ativfidt^ «v, 0, Didymus, a name 
which signifies the same in Ghreek 
as Thomas in Hebrew^ twin. 


iff^fct^f. ^tiftm^ p. iUmiu^ 1. a. Urn- 
jttf, l.a. pass, i3»$iif, 1. to give, 
to be the author or source of 
any thing ; to pay ; to suggest ; 
2. to permit ; 3. to commit to 
one's charge, to give in charge 
or commission, to deliver up ; 
4. to prescribe, to appoint ; 5. 
to restore; 6. to exhibit, to 
perform; 7. to inflict; 8. to 
produce, to bring forth. 

htytlfu^f, if£^ p. h^iytfxtt^ 1. a, 
i'4ynfm^ 1. to rouse from sleep ; 
2. to agitate. 

h%l^^6i^ •», ij, a place where two 
or more streets meet, a square. 

ittpfmttvaf^ f, o"*, p, ^inpfc'^fevicttj 
to explain particularly. 

^i9fX^l*»i^f. i'ttXtvTt/MHj 2. a, 3tijX' 
^•v, p. mid, iiiXiXvPoLj to pass 
through, by, or over ; to go ; to 
be spread abroad. 

JVirfc, /df, d, ^, two years old; 
§i^9 htt69^y scil, 9r«(iA«, (^/or 
i^i htrSt, wtilS'm understood^) 
Matth, 2. 16. 

hnyui^^i^ tvfuit^ f. mid, iitjy^To- 
fMM, p, pass, ^vfiynfAMt^ 1. a. mid, 
hnyfiv*IMiit^ hnyiTMitrm^ S, pi, 1. 
a, subj. and Sinyv 2. s» pres. 
imper, to relate, to tell. 

iiiyno'ti^ f««, 1^, a narration, ac- 

itirrnfit^ f. hao'TiiTm, p hirTtiiut^ 
2. a, htTTiif^ part. 2. a, hecerif^ 
1. to intervene ; 2. to depart. 

ifiTxt/pi^ofMu^ /. iVo/K,«i, to assert 

iixMf%^ «, Of, just, true. Innocent, 

iutttfrdfu, 9(, ,f, righteousness, 
charity, virtue, duty. 

iiftMtim^ «, /. iirm^ p. MtiMUxM^ 
\, a, IhiutiafTm^ 1. a, pass. rit~ 
%tttti$fit^ 1. to own and declare 
any one to be what he ought 
to be, to justify, to absolve; 




t, to praise ; pass, to be found 

inoocent, Jo be forgiven and 

received to favour. 
hn,a\MtMiy TH, r), in the plural^ or- 
Ji«W««5 justly, deservedly. 
Sixmrrif^ a?^ «, a judge. 
Jij^TPM, ov, r^ a net 
iil^ wherefore, therefore. 
i'fhvM^ y. Tt»t p* ittiitvxm^ imp, 

iimhvv^ to journey, to pass 

ii6f»rr0^ or -Tr«», f. |ir, p, hi^v» 

X»^ to break through. 
hiri^ because. 
J^i^rAtfTf^Af, ac?i7. or neut. comp, 

from hwxitij •v%^ twice as 

^<, twice. 
hTTm^a^ y. <ea>« or «|i», P. itil^^n^ 

MM or %«, 1. a. iii(rT»Tm^ to 

h^xt^fi^ «i, «, two thousand. 
hd)^$t^Jf, iara/^ p. ^itXtiim^ to strain 


^'AJ*?*i /• ••'•^ p- i^ill^x*^ to 

divide, to set at variance. 

JV%«rd^f A», «?, y. ijcr*, p. Siiix^fi' 

ftvictf, to scpurge severely. 

ii^J/tidi^ •, y. ^rii>, p. hSi'^'VKU, 1. 
a, iii'^tiTa^ 1. to thirst; 2. to 
thirst after. 

htiyfAoi, •vj 0, persecution. 

huKct^ f {a», 1. o. Ut*f^et^ pari, p. 
pofis, hiiMyf4,(f6g^ 1. to perse- 
cute ; to follow after. 

i'dyfMc^ rtf$, T^, an edict. 

Jo»f«, fi>, y. ii9-«p or Jajar, 1. a, tio* 

{«, 1. to think or suppose; 2. 
to seem, to be thought or 
judged ; impers, it seems good ; 
it is sometimes used pleonastical- 
ly, as^ 61 aoKovfTei Htpx^'^^rfo^ •? 

^oxf/t6«^«, f, 0'4V, p, h^OXIfiMJt*^ 1. 

a. iioKifiMTM^ 1. to examine, to 
try ; 2. to discern, to judge of. 

^•je)(, 6v, ^^ a beam. 
J'eA*^, ow, #, deceit, guile. 

iofiM, T««, r«, a gift. 

^«|«> 9f, i, 1. honour, praise ; 2. 
glory, majesty; 3. splendour, 

^«|«^<v, y. «V«, p, Stio^etKH^ 1. a. 

o. f JoJ«3-^«F • to praise, to make 
glorious^ to honour or give glo- 
ry to. 

J'AvAfoiv, y 0*«, j>. M^uXtvtun^ to 

^•»A«, 99, j, a female servant, a 

/•uA6$, «», tf, a servant 

^•X^t nh >79 ^<^ entertainment, a 

ifecfutf^ part. 2,' a, from rpix^' ^ 

H'^XP^t ^tif ^) ^ drachm, a silver 
coin of the same value as the de- 
narius^ about 14 cents, 

/jpfVtfvtfv, «t/, Td, a sickle. 

369tcfMtt, crtti and i|, f, ^vf^r§fiMi, 1« 
a. e^tfni^^y, Alt. ii^vni$tif and l^v 
fu$vf^ 1. to be able, can ; 2. to 
behoove, ought ; it is used with 
great latitude, 

iwfttfui^ e»f^ 1^, 1. ability, capaci- 
ty ; 2. power, might; 3. om- 
nipotence ; 4. a miracle, and by 
meton, the power of performing 
miracles ; Jt/y«/u£i$, hosts, pow- 
ers. / 

hftATTti^ OP, i, a sovereign, a 
prince ; a chief officer, Acts^ 8. 

^vfeiT^i, «, h^ able, mighty ; peut 

J^uv^ or iv» or ivfu, f iuctt^ p, h* 
ivKM^ 2. a. «^f/», to go down. 

i^v*. Ait. ivif^ two. 

Jvo^«i0*r«»r«$, «v, «, 1^, heavy, hard 
to be borne. 

iuT»6X«i^ 6V, 0, ^ difficult 

iuTKoXM^^ with difficulty. 

ivo'fii^ ij^tj^ used only in the plural, 


» 21 


the settings of the mn, the 

ittiiKot^ •/, Ml, r<», indecL twelve. 

i^Sfiot, T««, T«, the roof of a house. 

Stipgrn^ 2$, r, a free gift. 

Smptui^ h freely, for nothing; 2. 

3§tpi»f4.xt^ ouf4Mt^ mid, 1. a. idu^^a-Ji' 
/MJ»F, to give. 

W^»», •», rJ, 1. a gift, a contribu- 
tion ; 2. an offering, a sacrifice. 


?«, ha! 

Ii», if, when, although, soever ; 
it is redundant^ Mark, 4. 22 ; 
f«f /i*4, unless, except 

setvrtv^ ^5, o9, himself, herself, it- 
self; wpof ««t»rji», 1. to his own 
home ; 2. by himself. 
4 f ««^, «, f. Uth, p. f iWae, 1 . a. 

• fltW«e, 1. to permit, to suffer; 
2. to forbear. 

KidjuLTiMfTu, #i, «i, r<l, inched, sev- 
enty. . 

KSoftnMfTti*!^, seventy times. 

iCS'dfiof, n, Of, the seventh. 

«C«^Ajjr#, 3 s, plup.from SAxxm. 

•£Cff , «, Heber, inrfccZ. 

•EC^«iKi«, II, ^f, Hebrew. 

•E^^oiff-Ti, in Hebrew. 

yiitflt, 1. a. ^yyier*, to draw 

•yyv(, near. 

iytyaftt^ 3. *. pitt/). mid, from y/- 


h'h^, f «^«, p. JiytfM, AiU 
lyriytfiut, 1. a. ^ytipM, 1. to 
raise up, to arouse ; 2. to re- 
store, to rebuild ; 3. to draw 
up or out; 4. to produce, to 
cause to be bom ; pass, iye/- 
ffMi^f iyt^B^a-BfiMt, p. nyt^futt^ 
Att. lyiytffMtt^ 1. a. vyf^tf^v* 1. 
. to arise ; 2. to awake ; 3. to 

be born ; mid. to raise up one's 
self, to rise up in hostility, 

iytpTtf, f#5, i, resurrection. 

iytjfMy 1. a. for rydfoiTM, from 


lyK*$sT9f, $v, «, r, a spy, a person 
suborned for some treacherous 

iynetiftet, »f, r<«, the feast of dedi- 

fyjt«T«Af/9r«^, f -i/^*, p, Af Af/^tf, 2. 
a. iy««TiA/jr#», to forsake. 

tyKf^^tM, f i^M, p. fyKtK^V^X, 1. 

a. ifUpv^m, to mix in. 

lyKWdf, •!/, r, pregnant. 

eyfonf, 2. a, from yntiTjcei, 

fytf, ffMv and ^v, I ; lym ttiAi, 
1 . it is I ; 2. I am he. 

iict^i'^M, f iTCfy Att, i», p. ni'tipi' 
x«, to throw down to the 

XipufM^, 2. a. from rpt^^. 

*£$fici'««, «v, #, Hezekiah. 

i^/^«, y. iV«>, p, «ft/x«, to accus- 
tom ; part. />. jcnm^. neu^. r\ tU 
hTf4i9fy the custom. 

ihtnhi, «, i», a Gentile, one who 
is not a Jew. 

ffi0F«(, f«f, «v$, a nation, a people ; 
iT^iy, Tie, the Gentiles. 

f'los, f 0(, •!>(, r^y a custom, an insti- 

Upi'^oLfMf, 1. J?/. 1. a. /rom rptpm. 

Utty p, mid. ti*f6M, to be accus- 

fi, 1. if, since ; 2. O that ! ^. by 
no means ; it is used in asking 
questions, like the Latin an and 
num, whether ; u -di /ui, and 
ti 3i f^vyh if not, otherwise ; 
ti zMi, although ; u f^^ unless, 
except; §1 fti^n, unless, per- 

fi J)t*, i?, or tiiti, or ^livfAi, f 99-0^ 
or §11t§puu, p. iiifiiut, plup. tl$ir 
Ktif,hy sync, tfSttt, andAit.^ietf, 
p, part, fiJuKi5$5 hy sync, tliitt, 




ft, a. tiidf and iStf^ p, mid, •li», 

1 . to see, to behold, to perceive, 
to experieDce ; 2. to know ; 3. 
to own, to approve, to ac- 
knowledge ; 4. to foresee ; 5. 
to know how. 

f7^#f, f d(, r^, a form, an appear- 

fi»^, rashly, without reason; in 
vain, St. Paul 

t1»»cn^ •#, «eJ, r«, indecl. twenty. 

tltfviwnn^ twenty-five. 

u%m^ •»•«, ^, an image. 

f iA9^«c, part, p. Att, from KxfL^i- 

itXKVTt, 3, s. 1. a. from lAxt/Ar, 

tlfu^f mid. fT6f*Mt, imp, and 2. a. 
«», 1. to be, to have existence 
or origin, to take place ; 2. to 
be present; 3. to remain, to 
be alive ; 4. to signify, to re- 
present, to mean ; 5. to become. 

f'/yf»fv. Ion. for htxct, 

flsr^e;, 2. 5. 1. a. from ivit. 

ilfyuo-ebT; 3. 8. 1. a. mid. from 

iipntct^ 3. s. p, Att.from ptt*. 

ef^«v(04v, /. o-A», p. tif^fiVKU^ to 
live in peace, to cultivate 

<if«»«, w, ^, 1 • peace, concord ; 

2. happiness; 3. a benediction. 
tipn^^^oflit cw, 0, a peace-maker.. 
tllpM^ f. IfS^ p. itpn>t'»^ see under 

tU^ with the ace. to, into, in, for, 
at, towards, against, concerning, 
among, through, by, on ac- 
* count o\\ upon ; witf^ an injini' 
tive and the neut, ^article, that, 
so that, for, 4^. 

Jj, /tt/«, «f, I . one, one alone ; 2. 
a certain one ; 3. the first ; ii 

fiuiu rSf ri^ipSf^ one day ; th 

xtti «T,/one the other; iU 

KtiB* «I«, one by one ; »€t6* «», 
severally; tU cd for •uhU^ 

no one ; »uit f 1$, not even one ; 
0ltI fAta$ (yvtifon understood)^ 
with one consent 
tMyit^ f 1^, p, iitr^Z*j 2. a. 
f l<njy«y, Att. tl^iyay^f^ 2. a. inf 
ttTctyayth^ to introduce, to 

f i(r«iiMu«;, f Tti^ p, iSTiixoviut, 1 . O. 

pass. glTnK6UT$ti9^ to give ear to. 
livgXGttf^ part. 2. a. from na-i^x^' 


kVihiVkii?, 2. *. 1. a. suhj. from 

ti^'tpX^fAMl^ f fITf AftfO'0/t«l, p. ilTg- 

A«Ai;^», 2. a, 5a^«», 1. to enter or 
come in, to enter into thiS pos- 
session of; 2. to arise, to hap- 

tlvTOptidfAMt^ f VtfUMt^ p. HTWt' 

^apfVfjuti^ to enter. 

UTrnxti^ 3. s. plup.from 'irrttfti, 

eir^iptf^ f dtern^ 1, a. iinytut^ to 
bring to or into. 

tlruj then, afterwards. 

tlxh 3- *• imp. from ex*'' 

iigihi^ 3. s. plup.from tBm. 

•K, 6c/brc a vowel f|. m^A ^Ac gen* 
1. from, out of; 2. of, among; 
3. through, by; 4. since; 5, 
for, on account of ; f » hvripopy 
again ; 1% ftirpov, sparingly. 

fKcterr^i^ «, «y, each, every one. 

fK«r«y, tfi, «M, r«, indecl. a hun- 

ejcderdvrtfs-Adsr/wf, oyn, o, ^, a hun- 

iicuTofraipxw, a centurlon, <^ cop- , 
tain of a hundred men. 

txxroiret^X^^^ ^^^ *» a centurion. 

IxQAxxci^ f €tx£^ p. MiSxitxM^ 
phup. l7cQtQ?4Kttf for e|f?fCAj- 
»«/!», 2, a. fj/ffatA^i', par<. 1. a. 
pa«9. l»fAi9^ff$, 1. to cast out, to 
expel, to lead out, to send out, 
to send away ; 2. to take out, to 




imp. pass. f|ey0i/et(£^«jit«f, to give 

in marriage. 
i»yafiicr»§fMU^ to be given in mar- 

ixI'tdiX^IMtt\f, ^•fiett^ p. hcfUtyfiMt^ 

to expect, to await 
ixM^fct^ yi mid. itie'dftat^ 2. a, m, 

i^eSdfuif^ to let out, to farm. 
ixhxiif^ «?, f. fiT»^ p. IxhiUnuM^ 

to vindicate, to avenge. 
f^JAtjjo-/*, tvi, ^, 1. vindication ; 2. 

ixh^KM^ f. |*y, to expel, to banish. 
ixSoif, f. ^*i^ p. ixJi3vft»^ to di- 
vest, to unclothe. 
1*1?, 1. there ; 2. thither. 
ixtthf^ from thence. 
otf iM$, 91, •, he, she, it ; that. 
ix^nrUf », /. »<^«5 p- J*|«C^»?x«, to 

require, to exact. 
fxBMf^UfMHy 6tf/iMt, 1. a. pass, i^t- 

iuf4.Cv]^^ to be struck with as- 

tooishment or fear. 

txxAxidt^ iv, f. io'U^ p. ixxtxtbxtfKet^ 

1. o. f{f*ie]C90w, to faint, to be 

1. a. IJ^txitrtivct^ to pierce. 

ixxXno^Hy «K, ^, the church ; an 
assembly of the people. Acts. 

ixx6f4,i^M^ f. (w^ p. ixxixifAtxtkf 1. 
a. HixifiHTat' imp. pass. i^ixo/Af 
^ifinf ' to carry forth, «« to bu- 

ixxiwrm^ f, ^*r, p. ixxixotpx^ \, a. 
i^ixo-^m^ to cut off, to cut down. 

ixxfifutfiu$t, 0'«i, fKi, imp. e|f>c^f- 
fUfoi^, to hang upon, with re- 
gard or attention. 

ixXtifAT^^ f, ^«p, 1. a. Hi}MfC(J/ct, 
to shine forth. 

ix?MV9g, 3« *. !• a* from »A«/«. 

Xij^ifMif^ p. IxXih^yn, to choose 
eut, to seek eagerly. 

ixXtfiFfit^ f. i^AT, p. fxAeAf /^«, 2. a. 

f|eAi7ov, 1. to fail ; 2. to. die. 
IxAfiero^, j^, ^v, chosen, approved. 
ijcAiJtffl, 3. #. 1. a. pass, from »»x$». 
ixxJof>Lut^ p. part. fxAfAv/Mi»«f, to 

IxiuKTirdt or -TTAT, yi «|«v, 1 , a. i^i' 

fMii*^ to wipe dry. 

ixftVXTSI^t^af, imp. «{ffjl*t»«Tl}^/^dF, f 

It», p. ixfMf/buxTiptxa^ to deride, 

to sneer at 
SJCUVAf, f, o-Af, jj, liey/yevKM, 1. a. 

t^Jvivctt^ to withdraw, to retire. 
Ixviifa^a^ f. UTM^ p, ixTFurtUmxet.^ 

1. a. lltvilfAo-et^ to tempt, to 

iV ^gpi(r(roZ, beyond measure. 
ix^i^rgf, f, mid. iK^-tToZfuon^ p. 

IxTFiwrpixMy 1 . a. i|iVf »•«, 2. a. 

(^«9s<rof^ to fall down. 
ixTT/iia-vcfMi^ pass. 2. a. l|iwA4«yv?, 

to be astonished, to be struck 

with admiration. 
ix^fi», £^ f. euTu^ p, tx'xl'jruvxety 

1. a. f |/5r»ft*o"«, to expire. 
ixvo^iuofiut^ f. T^fMtt^ p. hcwtipl^ 

piVfMt^ imp. liiV^fivifMiiiy 1. to 

depart ; 2. to go or come forth^ 

to proceed. 
Ixft^itt^ S, /, •(T*^, p. i^tpp'^g^xtty 

1. a. imper. pass^ Upi^tiBtirt^ to 

root up. 
ixpoQuy 3. 5. 2. a. pass, from xpuxrf^. 
ixTTUTi^^ tmi^ 1^, amazement 
ixTtii«^f. fy«, p. ixTtTuxtty 1. a* 

i|iTf<i»fl6, to stretch out 
IxTiXim^ £^ f !«•#, p. fxrerf A«««, 

to^ complete. 
ixrtfi<rTepo9^ neut. comp. used ad- 
verbially^ from ixTgfnij mote 

earnestly. , 
i«T<i»«W», /. *!•, 1. a. c|fT/9«|«, 

to shake off. 
Sf*To^, «, d», the sixth. 
I »t2$, ac^v. with the gen. without ; 

ri fxrUj the outside. 




sproat; to cause to spring or 
bud, James, 5. 18. 

xM, 1. a. iCXmTp»ifMi9'x, 1. to 
6peak evil of, to revile ; 2. to 
^XcKT^nfjUa, ««, «, 1. evil speaking, 
railing; 2. impious speaking, 

•^«, 1. to see, to look upon ; 2. 
to perceive, to understand; 3. 
to attend diligently, to take 
heed, to beware ; ^xivtn tU 
ri ^^octtTTof^ to be partial, to 
have respect to the outward 
fiX^Btirt, 2. *. 1. a. imper, pass, from 

fiXtjTiof^ «, 0f, to be cast, to be 

BexfepyU') Boanerges, Heb. inde- 

din, sons of thunder. 

fioecof, £^ f. i<rMf p, ^sSJtiKU^ 1. a. 

l^onTtt^ to cry out, to caM aloud. 

fioi}0i«f^ «, /. no-pf^ p. fit9«i$iizet^ 1. 
a. sbo«tf90'«e, to help. 

ficBvfoi, dv, 0, a pit, a tank. 

|9«Ai, ;;«, r, a cast, a throw. 

Boif, 0, Boaz, hhdeclin: 

fio^pZi^ 2, «, the north.' 

^otnttf, f. flyo-AT, p, /9fC«o^«»«, to 

/Soe/Au, .^^f. ybr jSfBAiy, 2; r. pre*. 
from ^6?i6f4.ect, 

fiovXtvriii, oy, o, a Counsellor, a 
member of the Jewish sanhe- 

fiovXitlcfieci, mid,f, t-6fittt^ to delib- 
erate, to take counsel. 

/Jot/All, ;«, ij, counsel, purpose, de- 

1. o. iQevX9j69}f^ 1. to be willing, 
to be desirous ; 2. to deter- 
fijavt^i^ «v, o> a hill. 

Pt>Uj fi§H, i^^B, bull, a cow^ an 

/S^vf, fr«, V, slow, dull. 
j8f«t;ciarf, •f^^ «, the. arm. 
fifrnjcvit n«, », short, little ; /iar« 

/3^«;^v, neut. absoL a short time 

aHerwards; fi^XM ^'» a small 

fifi^9i^ »•$, A a child. 
^C«X*'i /• {•, f. /3iC^i;k;fli, 1. a. 
» tQptl^m^ 1. to wet; 2. to aend 

rain, to rain down. 
/3^«f ri, if, ^, thunder. 
P^^AJ^!? n^t r, raib. 
^pvyfMi^ 0?, «, gobbing. 
^p£fiM^ r«(, ro, food. 
/9^r</M«(, 0v, tf, 1^, that can be eat 

en ; t$ jS^mo'i^cm, something to 

eat, food. 
^p£arti, »^«, r, 1, food ; 2. rust 
jS^^iuv, y*. ^ftKTM, p, jSfCftfJUft, to 

fiv0$^»y y. fVcf, p. fit^odttue, to sink; 

fip$iX»piMt^ to be sinking. 
jSJj^^f, vi^, «, fine linen, byssua. 

r«K«^«, >7, Gabbatha, Syro-ehald, 
a raised or elevated place; 

r«C^<«A, 0, Gabriel, indeclin. 
r«iW^9»«€, «a, «, a Gadarene, or 

inhabitant of Gad^ara. 
ym^o0vXuxj6f, «», r«, a treasury, 

especially a sacred treasury, 

where gifts were laid up for the 

support of the temple. 
yetXi^nit 9«, If, 9 calm of the sea» 
r»XtX»icc^ a^ r^, Galilee, a territO' 

ry lying north of Judea^ and 

separated from it by Samaria. 
r«AiA«r0$» tv, i^r a Gaiilean. 
y«A6f«r, 4v, /, i<r«^, p. yiyifCfiMB, 1. 

o. lyi^/M«0-«, to marry. 
yufMTKM or y<«/*i^#, y*. iVif, p. yi- 

ytifn,tnM^ to give la marris^e. 




ymfAH^ «v, 0, 1. a nuptial feast ; 2. 
a banquet, generally ; marriage, 
Heh. 13. 4. 

yi^, for, therefore, truly. It is 
sofnetimes used to increase the 
force of an interrogation, 

y#urT»^, tpet or ^i«, ij, the belly^ 
"the womb. 

yj, indeed, at least, yet. It is 
often redundarU. 

ViiffM, i9€, 17, Gehenna, hell ; origf 
inally the valley of Hinnom, 
hut in the New Testament ^ the 
Tartarus of the Jems. 

rctfo^/tttffif, Gethsem'ane, the name 
of a villa at the foot of the 
mount of Olives ) indeclin. 

yt^Ttff, •?«$, 0, ^, a neighbour. 

yfA««r, »i f tt^tt, p. yiyiAfl6»«, to 
laugh, to rejoice. 

yifM^»^ f i^«t, p. ytyifctfM^ 1. a. 
lyifMTcb^ to fill. 

yllMt^ f ytfj^S^ p, mid, yiyofut^ to 
be foil. 

yiu^f «$, 1^, 1» a generation ; 2. a 

yeuTtu^ 4*1, r*,, a birth-day feast 

yfffo-/^, («$, jr, generation, birth, 
descent ; life, James^ 3. 6. 

yturii, ^5, w, birth, the being born. 

yevvi«r, «^, ffi^f^ p- ytyivim%a^ 1, 
a. #y^»»^«e; pass* ytfv^tjbutt, 
SfMi^ f n&^o-ofixt^p, ysyhvnfmf, 
1. a. iytfvi^nf^ to beget, to^ 
bring forth ; pass, to be bom. 

ysffufMc^ Tdf, r«, o£&pring, fruit. 

rfff^a-flt^ir, «, Genneseret, a dis- 
trict along the western side of 
the sea of Galilee or . Tiberias ; 

yt9vtio'i''j^ e»^, K, birth. 

yfwjjTdf, kt «^ born, begotten* 

ygfoi^ fo^ rd, 1. a kind; 2. a na- 
tion or country. 

r«^y«o"wv«$, ovy 0, a Gergesene, an 
inhabitant of Ger'gasa, 

yip»f^ ojTog, p, an old man. 

yif}c/4at, mid. f y&ver^/uu^^ 1. a^ 
iygv<rUitui*» part, d^ a. ytvo-afmo§^ 
to taste ; meiaph, to expejrj- 
ence. . ,^ 

yi^fpyli^ «v, o, a husbandman, a 

V'?^ yrfyv^ !• land; 2. the earth; 
3. a land or country ; 4. the 

y^pui^ T«<, T«, dat, yipei^ old age, 

ytipcio'ica or y«iB4e«, /. do-^y p, ye- 
yipeixct, to grow old. 

yhofMty f ynt^ir^ftotiy p, yeyittij- 
futt^ 1. a, Iyni6ti9, 1. fmid, 
yivno-^IMMty 1. a, lynn'rutMii^ 2. a. 
lyi^^jjN p. yiyo^at^ 1 . to be cre- 
atedv to be produced, to be 
born, to grow ; 2. to happen, to 
arrivevto come to pass, to arise; 
to be appointed, performed, 
fulfilled ; 3. to become, to be 
made any things to be changed 
into something else; 4. to be, 
to belong, to be done or grant- 
ed to ; 5. to be (Celebrated, 
solemnized ; 6. to remain, like 
the Latin versor ; yiua-eat »woj 
to depart^ from ; yne<r6ut h 
letvtf^ to become to himself; 
f4,n y#w<Td, God forbid ! 

yifiJo-KM, f yittvpfAMt^ p, typuKtt, 
2. a. syvMf^ 2. a, subj. yry • pass, 
f, yvatG-Bia-ofMH, p, tyvatT/Aaty 1. 
a, iyvgia-$nv' 1. to perceive, to 
discover, to understand, to 
know, to know how ; 2. ]to think, 
to reflect on, to consider; 3. 
to acknowledge with approba- 
tion or as our own ; '4. to know 

yAa<ro-«, Att. yA»TT*, fyj, ir, 1. the 
tongue ; 2. a tongue or lan^ 

ykettT'O'oMfMVy evy t«, a purse. 

yy«^v$, £«;$, 0, a fuller. 

yvupi'^a, f icci^ Att, yfaptat^ p. 
lyf^ptKciy 1. a, iyiaip'o-cc^ to make 




known, to declare ; to know, 

Phil. 1. 22. 
yfmTti^ f «if, 1^, knowledge, 
y v«frr«c, «, ^f, known ; •I yfmrfst 

y«yy^«»i /• •«•«»» p- ytyiyyviut^ 

1. a. lylyyvTm^ to marmur. 
y*yyv0'/Ni^, #9, #, a murmur, a 

r«Ay«l«, Golgotha, a ^thoIZ ^iZ/ 

close by Jerusalem; indeclin. 
rifMffm^ mt^ 17, or m^ r«, Gomor- 

rha, a city of Canaan, 
y*9ivi, /•«, 0, a parent. 
y«vv, tft-^i, ri, the knee. 

rnicm^ 1. cr. lytivWrvo-*; to kneel 

y^«^/M«i, TH, Td, 1. a letter 0/* the 
alphabet; 2. a bill or obliga- 
tion ; ypii/i^mrti^ writings, scrip- 

yfufiftMTtvi^ ittf^ •, 1. a scribe, 
one versed in the Jewish law ; 

2. a religious feacher. 
yfoi^t Yfi^ ^, scripture. 

yptipUj f, ^tt^ p. yiypcc^a^ 1. a« 
iypa-!f/a • p, pass. yiypttfA/uti, 2. 
a., iyp^9*' 1. to write; 2. to 
prescribe. ^ 

yfnypi^, ^, /. i'^^j P- «Vf ^•>««9 
1. a. -no-ct^ to watch, to keep 

yvfJdi^ i, otr, 1. naked; 2. without 
th/B upper garment ; 3. scanti- 
ly or meanly clothed. 

yvvi^ yv9cttK0i^ ^, 1. a woman; 2. 
a wife. 

ymi»t ««, ij, a comer. 


AMvi^, 0, Dayid, indeclin. , 
^»ifM>ill,tfutt, p, MatfM9i9'fLm, to 
be possessed by a demon, to be 
afflicted with a disease ascrib- , 
ed to demons. 

hitftintf^ tfv, r«, a demon, an eyil 
spirit; a divinity, Ads^ 17. 18. 

imtfutf^ «»H, 0, a demon. 

ititc^^ V09, Td, a tear. 

iitx^im, f. vvm^ p. MmtfvxM^ 1. «; 
i^Axfvrn^ to weep. 

JWaervAifi;, «», «. a ring. 

i«»rirA«(, ov, «, a ^ger. 
A«A/M«iv«vtf«, ^, Dalmanu'tha, a vti- 

2ai§^ near the sea of Tiberias* 
i^fiA^m^ f ««■«, p. iiiifMUuty tO 

tame, to master. 

itiui^m, f tlTitj p, Mmnt»tLf to 
lend ; i«»f/^o/M«#, m«t2. 1. a. tn]^ 
imf tiTttriMt, to borrow. 

^«v«i«f, «v, ra, a debt. 

itifgtrrlii^ •«, 0, a creditor. 

Attuix, «, Daniel, indecL 

to spend. 
i»9rKf9i^ 9«, ^, cost^ expense. 
inf^iTtrm^ 3. «. Z.f pass, from Ji- 

^f, 1. but, yet; 2. and, also, 
moreover; 3. for. It corres- 
ponds with puv in the former 
part of a sentence^ and has then 
a partitive force, 

^titixtt^for iitSaiKHj Att. 3. s, plup» 
from iU»ifu, 

iinv'ti, tt*i^ r, supplication, prayer. 

iiij imp, iht, f a$^rgt, pres, sul^. 
iff/, 1. it is necessary, right, or 
becoming, it is lawful ; 2. it 
pleases me. 

itiKfuu or itUfvpa^ f ^f/|«, p, ii- 
imm, 1. a. eJf/|«, !• to show; 
2. to teach. 

dtiXiM0^\S^f ««*«, p, Sthi?atttuty 
to shrink for fear, to be timid. 

^f <A)$, If, •», fearful, timid. 

Jeiftf, •, 1^, t\ gen* htfi^ dot, i<iV/, 
cicc, ieh*^ a certain person, 
such a one. 

hitSi^ vehemently, grievously. 

SitTTfi^j 4?, f %Tttf p. Sihi'^n*'*'i 

AEr 17 

. 1. a. ii'tlmtivet^ to sup, to eat 

for supper. 
hTin^f^ «v, r\^ 1. supper; 2. a 

itjcet^ 0i, «i, r«, ten. ^ 

huMirnre^ fifteen. 

Afx«e^dAis, eA»$, ^, Decapolis, a 

district beyond the Jordan^ con^ 

taining ten cities, 
SiKXTiTo-ecpii^ 01, 0M, and r« hxttrgcT' 

vipu, fourteen. * 

^f««r«$, 9, «v, the tenth. 

^fxro«, i. 9f^ accepted, acceptable. 

ihifof^ «», T#, a tree. 
, ^#|i««, «, i», the right ; (with xeip 
understood) the" right hand; 
T« ^c{i« r^vt^A ftc^ expressed or 
understood)^ on the right-hand 

i'iofMtt^ 1. a. iiti^nf^ to ask, to be- 
seech, to pray. 

hpfMrtfo$^ «, «v^ made of skins, 

;»>,. 1. /. J^i/iJ^ 2./. iup£, D. J/. 
hpKti^ 1. a. ihipa^ 2. a. tS'u^^i • 
pcr/I p(w«. iiiipfAMt^ 2. a. iSapfif^ 
2. /. ^otpiT6fjun' to beat, to 

hTfU'JU^ f. (rat, p, Jf JfV/Kftraut, to 
bind together. 

hTftim^ «, y. 4»"«», />. MiTpbHtuc^ to 
bind, to confine. 

i'trfoj^ 9^, ^, a bundle. 

ho-fi^i^ «tf, 0, one bound, a priso- 

fgTfM^^ •», tf, and ho'fMVf ^tlf, f^ a 
bond, a chain ; meiaph, an im- 

hvftMTti^fv^ ov, ti, a prison. 

StT^eriKf «», 0, 1. a master; 2. 


Ifiiw, hither. 

JVyTf , oeiy. come, come hither. 

hurt^f^ adv. again, a second 

hvTt^oTp&Tf^ the second-^rst 
Mttp^if «^«, 0Vy the second; U 


hvriptv (ic*ip»u understood)^ 
again, a second time. 

i*X^f*'*h f* ^^» Si^0fMtt, p. pass* 
iihyfM,i<^ 1. a. mid. ih^dfuif, to 
take, to receive. 

itUy f, StTu and S'irtt^ p. SiitnM 
and ieinxM^ 1. a. e J«r«, 1. to tie, 
to bind, to swathe ; 2. to for- 
bid, Matth. 16. 19, and 18. 18. 

^i, truly, by all means. 

^^Ao(, 9, ay, manifest. 

itifiiptof^ «», T^, a denarius, a Ro- 
man coin, ivoW^ about 14 ce/»^«. 

^rfflTdTf, soever. 

h* or hk^ with the gen. 1. by, 
through; 2. after, during or 
within ; Ji« wccvrof {x€^^^^ «*»" 
derstobd)^ always ; ^ ^<' t^f^spavy 
after a few days ; with the ace. 

1. by means of; 2. on account 
of; hu TOVT0, therefore. 

hetQethu^ f, ^^TcftMt, p, ^i«CfC«iMC, 

2. a. in/I h»C?jttiy to pass 

pew*. iu^Aiy^ijV, to accuse. 
dtaCxfT&yf. ^ciy to see clearly. 
itilQ»x»iy •», •, ^, 1. an adversary ; 

2. the devil, satan. 
i<«Vyf AAnf, y. f A«, J9. J/«V7<^'^ to 

announce, to publish abroad. 
iUyt^ yet on account of. 
imytfjUMttf. ii«tyt^T6f4,ttt^ p. iiew^ 

yty/ftifiett^ to pass, to be past 
ft«yF*f/^*r, /. tT0^ p. hty^tipijM^ 

4. a. htyifift^-m^ to relate, to 

publish abroad. 
hayayyp^m^f. iirtt^ p. houytyiyyvm 

tM^ to-murmur. 
haypnya^iety Sy f. iTtt, p. ^ttyp^r 

yipniMy to awake, 
ii»ii^ufu^ f. h^itt^m* p. hetiiitt' 

««, 1. a. hihnut^ to, divide, to 

i'tet^4if9Pitu, f. ^mTtt^p. hH^mtM, I 

a. S'il^aertty 1. a. mid, itt^t^Ttt^ 

f^f, to gird. 




ii«M»«, nt, i^) a coyenant) a prom- 

hmpitt, £^ f, ifl'm^ p, JV^^«»«, S. a. 
ht7?i69^ to divide, to distribate. 

iLtKmiifticm^ to cleanse thorougfa- 

1. a. itmUf^Tu^ 1. to serve, to 
minister to ; 2. to be a disci- 
ple of any one. 

haxtvim^ «K, fr, a serving. 
itdxifi^ 6v^ •, I. a servant ; 2. a 

itM9't6ty «/, «, two hundred. 

httx^i^ti^ f. n£^ p. heixix^izet^ tO 
discern, to distinguish; mid. 

. hetnfiffjun^ 1. a. 9u6;. htctcpiiSj 
to doubt, to mistrust 

i#«««Att«,yi oTifyp, htLitiKmXvKet^ to 
hinder, to forbid. 

««, 1. to converse, to consult ; 

2. to publish, to speak abroad. 
hotXiyfMLt^ p, ftttXtXtyfiut^ 1. a. 

htxlx^^^ to dispute. 

to leave off, to cease. 

itaXXttTvoftMt^ p. pats. h^X}MyftMt^ 
2. a. imper. ^<«AA«y«0», to be re- 

iluX6y(^6f*M^ f, tT9fUH^ p. JlOlAf- 

?Jyto-fttn, 1. to reason, to con- 
sider; 2. to dispute, to con- 

h»\9Yt^fi^^ #?, •, 1. reasoning, 
thought, design; 2. doubt; 3. 

hetfMtpTupafMHj f, avjtttf/, to testify 
earnestly, to admonish* 

Ji«^fy«, f. «, p. iiufiefiif^iut^ 1. a. 
hifteifet^ to remain* 

httfjLf^t^»<i f. io'tt^p, httfttft/^ixa, 1. 
a. htpLipiTet^ 1. a. pc»9. iu/Mp{'- 
'irSuv, I. a. mid. htfuptttAfunf^ to 

htifMpiruXi^ fli, •, division, dissen- 
itmuvm^ f, rtt^ p, hmiifiVfcm^ tO 

make signs. 
hitf^vfiULf r«i, r#, a thought. 
iitifoiit^ «K, 1^, 1. the mind; 2. the 

itmmymy f. |«^, 1. a. iiift^a -1. a. 

pass, ^infcixh^^ !• a. imp. pass. 

imf^ixhri • !• to open ; 2. to 

haitvxTtptSm^f, Tu^ p, ittifgfVKiripiv* 

Ml, to pai^s the night 
iiuTTctfT^i, always. 
hit^gp^0^ «, f. acrm and io-gf^ p. 

ittitvtwipttxct^ 1. a. i'ltwipetTttf to 

pass through, to pass over. 
hcMV^ptJaftMi, imp, Oii9r9piv0fuf9^ p. 

i'tATgiti^evfiutt^ to pass thrx)ugn. 
htgiF6pitt^ £^ imp* JijjW^e^f, •%n,f. 

i^tt, p. hibfetftipnKO^ to doubt, to 

be perplexed, to wonder ; so 

in the mid. 
haTtpcey/MtriMpiMt^f. ior^fiui, 1. a. 

ittTF^etypucTiOTttiMif^ to gain by 

trade or imsiness. 
itttfTuZ^j /' ^^^) P' it^p^^^e^ ]• 

a. hi^vttTti^ to plunder. 
h«cppnyfv/M or ht^ppiTva^ /. j,'|ji, p, 

iiippnx'^^ !• a. itifhi*' pcLss. % 

h^^piytyfuit^ imp. iitpp^yfipuif* 

to tear, to break. 
hitTti^itt^ f, irtiy p, 2itL9f$9^ptim^ 

1. a. IttTm^ve^ to tell. 
itetrtiif, f, rtt^ p, itaa^tTencec^ to fill 

with uneasiness or alarm. 
dtmarwpwit^m^ f. iViv, p. itBTKof^ixx, 

1. to scatter, to strow; 2. to 

hetTitJim^ •, /. 4frafi^ p. hi^^oum^ 

to break asunder, to tear in 

pieces. ^ 

dtacmpi^, 2«, S, dispersion ; iy 

metonymy^ the dispened Jews, 

JbAn, 7. 36, 
Ji«a^ffAA#/tu»», mid. I. a. htvrtiki-' 

f^fj to chaxge, to comn^u»d» 

AIA 19 

1. a. hi^ff^n^ p. pass, hhf^t^^ 
fMtt^ to pervert, to corrupt. 

ilMTm^m^ J, Tm^ p, itavlmxei^ 1. a. 

pass. htTtl$nf, to cure. 
StitTAfiTTti or 'Jirrtt; f. Ji^^ • 1. a. 

pass, htreiftix!^^ * to disturb. 
iiurdTTot or -«Tr*r, f, «{«, p, Jiat- 

Ttretx'h !• ^« ^'«»'«|«j to com- 

itccrn^it/^ S^f. irtt^ p. hetrerij^iuM^ 
to keep or preserve carefully. 

JV«t/, wherefore ? ^ 

httriit/MH^ mid. 2. a. in$if*iiiv, to 
appoint, to allot. 

harflQu^ f. 4'*? />. hetritftpiL^ 2. 
a. hitpiQoi, to remain, to con- 

hct^iftf^ f. /V#/0*iif, 1. a. Siiftyxtt^ 

2. a. iii}»iy««f, to carry through ; 
m^A <^c gen, to exceU to be of 
more value than. 

iitt^nfit^t/^ f. iVnf, p, 3ttaFg0^fitiM. 

\. a. Sn^lMTtf 1. a. pass, h* 

i^tif4,lcf$iif • to abroad, to 

hit^Bilfm, f. tfS^ p. hi^Beifiut, to 

corrupt, to destroy. 
hapvXaTTm or 'tcmf^ Ji Ji^m^ to 

preserve carefully. 

to separate. 

Mmtcrii^ i, «v, taught. 

i<JW0'»4a/«, «K, ^ doctrine. 

ititirxtOi^i^ «tf, •, a teacher. 

Mmwxm^ f. {«, p. hMmx*^ \. a. 
iiiiit^M^ 1. a. pass, ihdt^x^^*^ to 

ii^^xit V€i i» 1. doctrine ; 2. man- 
ner of teaching. 

it^pmxfuf^ «v, tl, the didrachmon 
or double drachma, a siher 
coiny eqtml to a Jewish half 
sheckelj or about 25 cents. 

A/JvfMc, «tf, 0, DidymuSy a name 
which signifies the same in Greek 
as Thomas in Hebrew, twin. 


iffufityf. Jlifsw, p. i/JWxtf, 1. a. fJiv- 
lut, l.a. pew*. IJ/l**, 1. to give, 
to be the author or source q/* 
any thing ; to pay ; to suggest ; 
2. to permit ; 3. to commit to 
one's charge, to give in charge 
or commission, to deliver up ; 
4. to prescribe, to appoint ; 5. 
to restore; 6. to exhibit, to 
perform; 7. to inflict; 8. to 
produce, to bring forth. 

hiyflftfyf. tpSy p. hriYtpKHy 1. a. 
hiyitftcy 1. to rouse from sleep ; 
2. to agitate. 

i'liiihi, fv, r^, a place where two 
or more streets meet, a square. 

ittpf4,nfiV0ty f, »••, p. hilffl'^UVKUy 

to explain particularly. 

htpx^M^hf* ^tf^fvcfcfMti, 2. a. h^X- 
lov, p. mid. iitXtiXv9»f to pass 
through, by, or over ; to go ; to 
be spread abroad. 

htrii, /#$, 0, ^, two years old; 
MTTo httwij sciL flTtfiAj, (^Jor 
tf»i hirSv, Ttil^uf understood^) 
Matth, 2. 16. 

hnyi^fiMi, cvfuci, f. mid. ittiy^Td- 
fMLty p. pass. 9't4iynt*»t^ 1. a. mid. 
hnyn^/tfoify hnyiTttrrai, S, pi. 1. 
a. subj. and dtny^Z 2. *. pres, 
imper. to relate, to tell. 

iinyn^-ii^ t»%, iy, a narration, ac- 

SUTTHILI, f. httO-TliTU, p htTTfllUt^ 

2. a. httrrnvy part. 2. a. i'taorif, 
I. to intervene ; 2. to depart. 

hi^xvpH^^frnt, f. iT9fMty to assert 

$lxMf%, «, dir, just, true, innocent, 

hitufv-tlfn, tKj jy, righteousness, 
charity, virtue, duty. 

hiunom, *?, /. mvity p. hhtutfuKet, 
1. a. ihiun'MTHj 1. a. pass, lit- 
»«i/4^^y, 1. to own and declare 
any one to be what he ought 
to be, to justify, to absolve; 




2. to praise ; pass, to be found 
innoceDt, ^ to be forgiven and 
received to favour. 

/i»»iArju.4, T#f, ri, in the phral^ or- 

JfiMi«<, justly, deservedly. 

SijcmTTni, «5, «, a judge. 

J/xrvof, «v, r^ a net. 

dil^ wherefore, therefore. 

hthvu^ f, era, p. ittiitVKM^ imp. 

htihvf^ to journey, to pass 

ittpirrm^ or -Tr#, f, ^0, p, ii«^v- 

X^^i to break through. 
J/ar/, because. 
i'twXiTi^cf, adv. or neut. comp, 

from h^xi%iy «i/f, twice as 

J%«, twice. 
itvTM^t/^ f, ttTm or tc^if^ o. Stilv^t^ 

MM or x^t 1- ^' eJfo-r«io-«, to 

hv^lxui^ «/, «, two thousand. 
Jk8^#,/. iVat, p. J'ivAijcis, to strain 


^'AJ^C*^ f' •^^^ P- ^«^/^*;c«» to 
divide, to set at variance. 

fujKx^ to scourge severely. 

a, 4ii'4/v9'a^ 1. to thirst; 2. to 
thirst after. 

#<A>yjitit, •v, 0, persecution. 

httKct^ f. !«>, 1. a. IJ^<4w|«, jjaW. p. 
pass. hittfyfAnoi^ 1. to perse- 
cute ; to follow after. 

^iyfMc^ T«$, Td, an edict. 

io»/«, », y*. ijruf or ^dj*;, 1. a. W«- 
{«, ]. to think or suppose ; 2. 
to seem, to be thought or 
judged ; imp4rs, it seems good ; 
it is sometimes used pleonastical- 
ly. as^ 0I JdKot/yrfc i^PX^^^^rfor c} 

^OX/ft»^A», f. 0*«, p. hioKifleCKtt^ 1. 

o. thxifu^*^ 1. to examine, to 
try ; 2. to discern, to judge of. 

J«««f, •», $1^ a beam. 

J'oAa^, oy, «, deceit, guile. 

Jtf^oe, T*«i ^o, a gift. 

i0{«f, «(, n, 1. honour, praise ; 2. 

glory, majesty J 3. splendour, 

i«|«^(«r, y. «V«, p. Jf Jo|«»«, 1. a. 

a. cVo{«r^«» • to praise, to make 
glorious^ to honour or give glo- 
ry to. 
^fvAfVAT, y*. «■«, p. JV^tfuAfViMt, to 


Jf(/A«, 9$, j, a female servant, a 

JtfvAof, «», •, a servant 

J«;i^i, ^(, ;^ an entertainment, a 

Spuf4Mf,part. 2/ a, from rpix^- ^ 

ifctXf^t ^fii h^ ^ drachm, a silver 
coin of the same value as the de- 
nariusy about 14 cents. 

iyf9r«i»af, tft;, ro, a sickle. 

36vttfMct, crtti and 11, y*. ^vtijc»fiiMt, 1. 
a. tJtfifii0a9»f .^/t. ^J'vvi^^vv and Ifv 
ftf^vir, 1. to be able, can ; 2. to 
behoove, ought ; it is used with 
great latitude. 

ivfufcts^ t»t^ ^ 1. ability, capaci- 
ty ; 2. power, might; 3. om- 
nipotence ; 4. a miracle, and by 
meton. the power of performing 
miracles ; ivftit^ufj hosts, pow- 

Jt»»«Trj»«, oy, 0, a sovereign, a 
prince ; a chief officer, Jlcts^ 8. 

J't/vfliT^, ii, ^v, able, mighty ; ^/t 

^ttiAT or tu» or ^/u, f. Soru, p, h- 
ivK»j 2. a. i^vf, to go down. 

J'uf, ./3^r. ^wAT, two. 

Jvo^«e-r«itr0$, «v, «, 1^ heavy, hard 
to be borne. 

SvrK0?(6if »v. 0, i^, difficult. 

ivo-KoXm^ with difficulty. 

ivTfii^ ^$,1^ wed 071^ in the plural, 


, 21 


the settings of the sun, the 

iiStitet^ o/, «M, T<», indecL twelve. 

^SftM, T*«, TO, the roof of a house. 

Suft^^ ««, r, a free gift. 

iMpiatv^ 1, freely, for nothing ; 2. 

ittpUfiett^ BVfMit^ mid, 1. a. idu^fiiri'' 
/u^V) to give. 

^^^•», •», rJ, 1. a gift, a contribu- 
tion ; 2. an offering, a sacrifice. 


U, ha ! 

f i», if, when, although, soever ; 
it is redundant^ Mark^ 4. 22 ; 
f^f M«, unless, except 

s»vT6v^ ^<, •?, himself, herself, it- 
self; ^poi «<eyra», 1. to his OWn 
home ; 2. by himself. 

* ei«0-«, 1. to permit, to suffer; 
2. to forbear. 

tCJ«iu,^xd»rtf, •!, «m\ ri, indecU sev- 
enty. . 

KSoftiiMVTtixii, seventy times. 

iQ^6fi6ij 9) «f, the seventh. 

fC/CAiyT«, 3 *. plup.from Qti?iXtf, 

'JB^ff , 0, Heber, tn5cc/. 

*£^^tf<Ki<, «, •», Hebrew. 

•E^^«i<rTi, in Hebrew. 

lyyiZ»»^ /. /<r«*, ^t^ lyytS^ p, ^y- 
y/««, 1. a, iiyytTA^ to draw 

i7Vv«, near. 

Iyfy«»f<, 3. 5. plup. mid, from yt- 

h*jp^, f M*7 P' Jvfp^j Ait. 

lyviygpKtc^ 1* a. ^yttpei^ 1. to 

raise up, to arouse ; 2. to re- 
store, to rebuild ; 3. to draw 
up or out; 4. to produce, to 
cause to be bom ; pass, lytl- 
ff^m^f tyt^^T9f4Mt^ p. nyi^fMMi^ 
Att, iyiytpfimtj 1. a. «ytf#«f * 1. 
. to arise ; 2. to awake ; 3. to 

be born ; mid, to raise up one's 
self, to rise up in hostility, 

tytpTtfj £•$, J, resurrection. 

synfM^ 1, a, for sytcfutTec^ from 

lyitu6tToi, «v, 0, jp, a spy, a person 
suborned for some treacherous 

iynttivtet^ atf^ Ttf, the feast of dedi- 

fyxATtfAe/sTtf, f i^/iw, p, A/Af/^«, 2. 
a. iyKciriM^99^ to forsake. 

lytcpvTrru^ f -i//*^, p, fyxtK^v^u^ 1, 
a, hUptr^m^ to mix in. 

iyKV6i, ot/, r, pregnant. 

'lymv, 2. a, from yiifm^Kti, 

iyu^ ifcov and jmoc;, I ; iyti tifu^ 
1 . it is I ; 2. I am he. 

lU(fi^tt,f, /cat, Att. tS^ p, n^ii(Pi' 
iftflf, to throw down to the 

tipttfMf^ 2. a. from rpij^u, 

'£^fic/««, •&, 0, Hezekiah. 

i^/Jat, y*. iViw, p, t$6tK»^ to accus- 
tom ; part, p, pass, neut, rl li- 
^tttfjiffy the custom. 

ilviit)$, i, dv, a Gentile, pnc who 
is not a Jew. 

sh%i, fe(, «tf$, a nation, a people ; 
t6iifiy T«, the Gentiles. 

'/#«$, f •(, «v$, r^y a custom, an insti- 

f$pi'4^afit9^ ]. pZ. 1. a. yrom rplftt. 

t$t*, p. mid, tttf$€t, to be accus- 

I/, 1. if, since ; 2. O that ! ^. by 
no means ; it is used in asking 
questions^ like the Latin an and 
num, whether ; ts -^f /ui, ait(2 
c< Jf /u-^«9 if not, otherwise ; 
el iM#, although ; f < f^j unless, 
except ; tl pu^rt^ unless, per- 

If J)f«, <f, or tiSu^ or uivfAt, f io'n^ 
or ii(r6fuu^ p, tihuM^ plup, tl$ir 
xsn^hy sync, tfhtjt^ and Att, ^ it if ^ 
p, part. eiJ^K^j, by sync. i}iit$. 




2. a. f7J#f on<2 iiJat, p. mi(i. «7^«, 

1. to see, to behold, to perceive, 
to experience ; 2. to know ; 3. 
to own, to approve, to ac- 
knowledge ; 4. to foresee ; 5. 
to know how. 

fl^tff, ed«, r^, a form, an appear- 

ffix^, rashly, without reason; in 
vain, St. Paul. 

f}iM0^, fi, «i, r«, indecl, twenty. 

iitc^TtwJfTt, twenty-five. 

UK09^ offi, ^, an image. 

f iA9<r#c, pari. p. .^^^ /rom A^/cC^- 

, y«. 

fVA»vo*c, 3. «. 1. a, from iXxvit, 

tlfu^f, mid. iccfMn, imp, and 2. a. 
5t, 1. to be, to have existence 
or origin, to take place ; 2. to 
be present ; 3. to remain, to 
be alive ; 4. to signify, to re- 
present, to mean ; 5. to become. 

fivfKfv, Ion. for ifiK», 

fXjr^s, 2. 5. 1. a. from t^m. 

itpyticrtiT^, 3. «. 1. a. mid. from 

ttpvM^ 3. 8. p. Ait. from pit*. 

il^nUUtf^ f. 9-tt, p. ilp^UVKCL^ to 

live in peace, to cultivate 
tipi^H't w, »5, 1 • peace, concord ; 

2. hap[>iness; 3. a benediction. 
fi^}}v«7o/^$, otf, 0, a peace-maker.. 
f/'^A>, y*. IpS^ p. ttpnK»^ see under 


tU^ with the ace. to, into, in, for, 
at, towards, against, concerning, 
among, through, by, on ac- 
* count of, upon ; witf^ an infini- 
tive and the neui, ^article, that, 
so that, for, ^c. 

#1$, /tt/«, hf !• one, one alone ; 2. 
a certain one ; 3. the first ; if 

fjutu r£i rfJLipSif^ one day; ni 

xtff «Ti> one the other; Js 

x«tf' J«, one by one ; x»6* o, 
severally; th •» f'or •ihU^ 

no one ; tu$\ fl(, not even one ; 
ux\ pitZi (yf«juj»c understood)^ 
with one consent 

flV^y^r, /. {*», p. tiO^^X»y 2. a. 
f itngydv, jj^f. «|0>iviey«v, 2. a. tf»/I 

f/V«y«y£r», to introduce, to 

BiTaKsvu^ f. Ttf^ p. iiriiMvxei, 1. a. 

pass. tiTnx«6ir6itfy to give ear to. 
f iV<A^iif, part. 2. a. /row fta-t^x^' 


tt<rgfiytc9ify 2. «. 1. a. suhj. from 

tiTip^opiMi^ f ttTgXtoO'^pteii^ p. itTg- 

A«Avtf«, 2. a. 5aI«i», 1. to enter or 
come in, to enter into the pos- 
session of; 2. to arise, to hap- 

tla-T^pticfiMi^ f. v%ffMt^ p, iir^i- 
viptvfiMt^ to enter. 

eiWi^Kf /, 3. s. plup.from 'l^riifu. 

tlr^ipti^ f. 6tTti^ 1. a. nuytutj to 
^ bring to or into. 

iTt«, then, afterwards. 

fl^f, 3. 5. imp. from tx^. 

tit^6u^ 3. s.plup.from iSat. 

f», before a vowel i^. Tanth the gen* 
1. from, out of; 2. of, among; 
3. through, by; 4. since; 5. 
for, on account of ; «» hvriptp^ 
again ; ix fti t^ •», sparingly. 

'Jiceto-T»^ jj, «v, each, every one. 

(x«r0y, 0<, ffi, r«, indecl. a hun- 

fxaerdvrtfxAAr/wv, ov«(, o, i^, a hnn- 

tKMToiTeipzvi, a centurion, the cap- 
tain of a hundred men. 

tKATofret^X^'i ^^t ^9 21 centurion. 

cxCi^AAAr, f. ^XS^ p. IxC^CAvsub, 

ptep. lxQs^?4^uf for s^iCtCP^' 
xitv, 2. a. «{£^«A«f, paH. 1. a* 
pa^«. fx?A«^ff$, 1. to cast out, to 
expel, to lead out, to send out, 
to send away ; 2. to take out, to 




Uymft,$^ii, /. ivti^ p. UyiymfMtuLi 
imp, pass. i^tymfAt^ifutfj to give 
in marriage. 

UyM/Merx^/MU^ to be given in mar- 

Ixi'tiix^fMti^f. i^futt^ p, iKfUtyftMi^ 
to expect, to await. 

Uiiiv/ci^ f. mid, SmvfAtkt^ 2. a. m. 
i^tiofnif, to let out, to farm. 

tKhxitt^ £y y. ^TM^ p, inhilxnuM^ 
to vindicate, to avenge. 

imiUnTi^^ tm, ^> !• vindication ; 2. 

f x^i4v««, /. |a^, to expel, to banish. 

ittSoit, f. ^«, p, ixJiivK»^ to di- 
vest, to unclothe. 

!««, 1. there ; 2. thither. 

UstOif^ from thence. 

i»f<'M(, «, «, he, she, it ; that. 

Ifu^nvin^ », /. »<r«, p. i^i^^TjKct^ to 

require, to exact. 
ix0iifJoUfietij tl^fiMi, 1 . a. /?a««. /|f - 
^^AtC^^, to be struck with as- 
tonishment or fear. 

1. a. t^txiicntrA^ to faint, to be 

IxxffVTf «, i5, y, <«"*r, p. iKKtxirrnKmy 

1. a. i{f»i»T«a-«, to pierce. 
IttKknH*^ «K, r, the church ; an 

assembly ot the people. Acts, 

a. i^JiufAtTu * imp. po^^. i |««0i(t<- 
{oV«» • to carry forth, as to bu- 

itacifrrt/^ f, ^i», p. l«»/«d^«, 1. a, 
ilftu^tt^ to cut off, to cut down. 

i%%pi(*Mpun, vai^ T«i, imp, f|fieff- 
^[{^v, to hang upon, xviih re- 
gwrd or attention, 

luLkkfL-wmy f, i^«», 1. a. iii?m/*4'^, 
to shine forth. 

ixXtton^ 3« *. !• a. from xXmltt, 

9KXey944Mty mid, /. |«/K«f , 1 . a. f|i- 
Ar|«/tt«v, p. fxAf A«y4, tO cboose 
eut, to seek eagerly. 

lxXi{w0^ f, t//*r, p, \K?ii>iupm, 2. a. 

i|fAiT«v, 1. to fail ; 2. to, die. 
Uxtxrif^ i, ^», chosen, approved. 
iKX^0n<i ^* '• ^* ^* pct^^. yrom »«Af«. 
ixAc/o/u.«i, p. par^ i»ArAv/u«»«f, to 

tKfi,«t<r9'm or-rru^ f, «|«, 1. a. i|l- 

ft<«|«, to wipe dry. 
tKftvftTn^i^at, imp, i^iftvKT^pt^^v^ f. 

iV«, p. ixfUfivKiiifiKai^ to deride, 

to sneer at. 
U»fo*», y. ••«», p. iKfii'iwjt*, 1. a. 

i^tuve-u^ to withdraw, to retire. 
ixTstpti^tf^ f, mrm^ p. itc^tTtipttKet^ 

1. a. s^eweifMC-m^ to tempt, to 

i» ^tptcra-cZ, beyond measure. 
iKTi^Tii, f, mid, iKXtToufutfi p. 

c»Tf9rr«f»«, 1. a. f|fVf0-M, 2* O. 

«|«flrff<r«», to fall down. 
tKTrXio-TOfuti^ pass. 2. a. f|c9rA4(y«y, 

to be astonished, to be struck 

with admiration. 
iit^fist, £^ J\ evTMy p, tK'xl'jntVKUy 

1. a. i^B^ftvo-etj to expire. 
i*v»^tuo/4Mi^ f, ft^iMH^ p. ieTfXd- 

ptvfUMt^ imp. iii^iptvoftut, 1. to 

depart ; 2. to go or come forth^ 

to proceed. 
Upi^i^, £, /, •(T^, p. titppiZ^iuCy 

1, a. imper, pass,. U^f^^lvri, to 

root up. 
UpiSiiy 3. «. 2. a. pass, from je^Jsrrn^. 
f Krrii^/(, f«^, 1^, amazement 
tKTiivt/^ f, cv«, p. tKTiraiM^ 1. a* 

i|frfiy«, to stretch out. 
f»rf Afnf, «, /. ir#, p. iKTtriXtxM^ 

to^ complete. 
txTiUTTtpcf^ neut, comp, used ad" 

verbially^ from c»riy«^ more 

earnestly. . 
vcrtvaTTM^ f, «|#, 1. a. f|fr/v«|«, 

to shake off. 
ifxTff, 9, 09, the sixth. 
c»r}(, adt;. m^^ <^ ^en. without ; 

ra fxT^f, the outside. 




a, iHuyiui^ to bring out. 
in^ifiym^ f, mid, |«jM«f, p. mid, 
iicwi^ivytt^ 2. a. tn/I iK^vyiiV, to 

tx^^Gf^ tftf, ^, IT, terrified. 
{»^v#, jr. v^tt^ p, ixwi^vitm^ to put 
forth, to spring forth. 

l.o. l^ix^vo-m, x'vtij and ;cf*, to 
pour out, to spill. 
U^P^ or -e»»#, /. vTitj p, ixKiXVitM^ 
to pour out, to spill. 

1. a. i4;«AJ*V««"*» to depart. 

/A«tff , 3. «. 2. a. /rom Xx^Btifv. 

IXttU, «f, ^, the olive tree ; the 
olive, Jameses, 12. 

fOueidv, ov, r), 1. the oil of the 
olive ; 2. precious oil. 

iXdrTtn or -TT«»», 0*oi, 0, ir, compar, 
from the ancient positive^ i A«;cw$, 
ybr fMxpci' ace. s. ixiTTgt, contr, 
from ixitrv^m • inferior. 

to diminish ; pass, to decrease. 

iA«d»«, y*. |A«t«, -p. ^A«HMe, w^W. i A^- 

Atfjat, 1. to drive ; 2. to rovv. 
'fAoef ^^$, ii, «f, light. 
ixttxh 3, «. 2. a. /ro/w AflBy;ij«irA». 
i>Mxt^f^iy n, •", superl. see iA«Vo**»f • 

smallest, least considerable. 
^Af «^«^, 0, Eleazar, indecL 
iXtyx^, f I*, p. n^tyx't^ to con- 

vince, to rebuke, to convict, 

to expose. , 
fAffiv, «•, yi n<rtt, p, «AfV«) 1. fl. 

jA/ija-*, to haTe pity, to IRiow 

iXmfMTvvv, 9$, 17, alms, 
f Af«iM.«v, irtfc, 0, jr, merciful, com- 
/Aftff, ff«$, fov«» r\ and rAf*<, •», 0, 1. 

mercyt compassion ; 2. an act 

of mercy, a benefit. 
lAfv#(^«(, «, «s free. 

iAf i^f^onf, 4», /. wV«, p. tiXtvii^anut^ 

1. a. iXtviifHirM, to set free. . 
lA«A«Mrf$, n. pL p. part, Att.for 

ix^jUrtty from fA«ov«. 
lAijAtfltf, p. mw^. .^tt. /or ^Atf^«, 

from tpx^fMt'' ^ 

'£Ai«»ff^ «, Eliakim, indetl, 
'EXit^tpy •, Eliezer, indecl. 
*EXi6hi'y J, Eli'ud, tn(/ec/ 
*EXtTiQtT^ r, Elisabeth, indecL 
*£Ai0'0'«i0f, «», 0, Elisha. 
f Ax««|it«i, «?jit«i, p. poM. SAiuvfut/, 

to be full of ulcers. 
f A««(, (•<, Off, T«, an ulcer. 

iXxvof, f, V9-«r, 1. a. ciAxv0-«, tO 

"eaai»», 9»«$, 0, a Greek, a Gentile. 
'£AA«y/»«$, «, #f, Grecian. 
*£AA«y/$, iVaj, ^ a Greek or Genr 

tile ^omao. 
'Exx^jftcriy in the Greek language. 
*EXfiMi^ft, 0, El'modam, indecL 
iXxt^aty f, Irtty Att, f Av-itf, p. 17 A«-/- 

xflt, 1. a. ^Atio*«, to hope, to 

iX^i, eloi, a syriac word ; «£e jAJ. 
%»ifyT«cf,^l, •», myself 
%M>G»imtf ^T^fMty p. fiiGnKu, part. 

2. a. iiu.C«$, 2. a. in/! i/Jon^m^ to 
enter into, to go abroad. 

^CtfAAAP, f, itx£y p. c/ii?cCA«]e«, tO 
cast into. 

IpiStLirrUy f i^#, p. IfiCK*^*^ 1. 
a. fysC«y«, to dip in. 

tfiJlxi^tf^ f, •»//•>, 1. a. fy/ffAf^«c, 1. 
to see, to look upon f 2. to con- 

iftSfipLtiofutfy SfMiy fir4puu, 1. a« 
f/iiii. mZftiuiTifmf^ 1. to charge 
strictly ;^. to murmur against; 

3. to be strongly affected. 
t/utuy 3. «. 1. a. from (Lam. 
'M^i^i 3. «. 1* a, from puyfvfAi, 
*£/ufMty«t/4A, 0, Immanuel, Heb. tn* 

(2ec/. God is with us. 
*£jM^EUM0c, ^, EoLmaus, a village 
near Jerusalem. 



V £Ne 

i/eti»»V^ 3. «. 1. a pass, from fufdo- 


IfA^, i, 0v, my, mine own. 

i/t«-«i^»,/. |a>, p. £/u.Ti7r«/;^«^ 1. a. , 
fy€V«<|«, 1. a. pa«5. hiiFtilx$n9j 
1. to mock; 2. to deceive. 

ifiwtTFXno'fcivct^ pL part, p. pass, 
from IfL^X^Btt, 

ifiTiTta^ f mid. l/tirtrtlofutty p, 
ifATriiTTCiiu^ 1. a. f%eVso-0^ 2. a. 
fpfrco-of, to fall into, to fall 

lfMr?i0M^ f icM^ p, iVwiVa«i6«, 1 . 
a. fViiFAii^ci^ 1. a pass, ife^xi' 
Q^n*^ to fill, to satisfy. 

fju^«^/«, «(, 1^, merchandise, traf- 

l/iisr0^f0v, Of, r^, merchandise ; 
properly a mart. 

ifjLTFofc^^ Av, 0, a merchant. 

sjux-^v^tf, /. iiTtt^ p. iftTTt^fniut, l,a. 
hi^fticei^ to bum up. 

tfATTptTBsf^ adv, with the gen. be- 

IfAievvtit^ f wVar, p, sf4,wt:rTVKU^ 1, 
a. htvTVT*^ to spit upon. 

ift^tt^l^-^i f <V«, 1. a. |yf0«v#p'«i, 1. 
a. jpo^^. iff ^«»iVljj», to manifest. 

f/u^«b«$, «v, «, ^, terrified. 

lliJpUTtici^ £, f fi^'tt^ p. ift^t^oc^xetj 
1. a. ht^fi^tt^u, to breathe up- 

f », zvitA the dot. 1 . in, into, to ; 2. 
• with, among ; 3. towards, nigh 
to ; 4. through, by ; with an 
infinitive^ preceded by the neut, 
article r«l, after, when, whilst, 
because, that. 

hayiubXit<9fJMiyf U^futt, 1. a. mid, 
hvyittcXio-AfMif, to take into the 

iMfTt, adv, with the gen. before, 
in the presence of. 

f ir«»riov, adv, with the gen, before, 
in the presence of. 

<y«yri0^^, •», opposite^ contrary ; 

f| h»fT/«ti (;^«;«€ understood)^ 
over £^inst. 

i'vStKec, •!, ai, t«, eleven. 

ifitjutr^i, 9, 09, the eleventh. 

ifiixofMt^ f fyfLAi^ p, U^ihyfiMi • 
M%X^rttih impers, it may be, it 
is wont to be. 

UhiuTMf^mi^ imp, luhivTx.lfMif^ to 
be clothed, to wear clothes. 

/9Jd|o(, «v, 0, ^, splendid, glorious. 

ifSvfiUy T0$, T^, 1. dress ; 2. a gar- 
ment, especially the outer gar- 

•»Jc»<», f, oo'tt^ jp. s»J«^»jMj, La. i»f- 
^v0*«, to clothe, to put on ; 
pass, or mid, to be endued 

ifiSttrobf^ S, ph 2. a. from fftSaiftt, 

hiQxt^t, 3. 5. 1 . a, from If/tCxivat,^ 

suyKarg^ 2. pL \, a. imp, from ^i- 

iuSfUtt^ f, «•<», p, sfiifiVK»^ to lie 
in wait. 

lutXi»^ £^ f, iertt^ p, tulXtiiui^ 1. a. 

InixnTgb, to roll or wrap up. 
ifUfLi^ to be in, compounded of if 

and ft/At* ri hlfttt^ Luke^ 11. 

41, what is inside. 
inljc^f^ 3. s, imp. from hixtt, 
luiut or ift»tf with the gen, for 

the sake of, because of, on ao? 

count of. 
h/»pv4't*^ 3. *. 1. a, from lytcpiwrtt, 
ifiwici^cf^ 3. pi, imp. from ift^ut^si, 
htpyitt., <?, /. ia-0, p. hiipyvxtt, 1. a, 

ifipynff-u, to operate, to act pow* 

hiTtiXmfuif^ I, a, m. from tyrcAAo- 

i^^X**t f i^j iinp' iuix^f^ *o ^ 

enraged at. 
h$»S's, 1, here ; 2. hither. 
cy(^£v, hence. 

fV^/WCO/Ktf/, dO^/, f, ivCfMI, p. ifTf 

9iff*JHfiai^ to think of, to medi- 
tate on. 
h^vfMivi^^ Wi'i 17, a thought. 




himttr^^ «», •. a year. 

iu^'xvTM^ to strengthen. 
iryf«ir««, 9, •?, the ninth. 

tnf«y •!, «4, r«, nine. 

Ifff »vie«f r«f yv/«y ti, «i, ri, ninety- 

ifUOMj f, r#, p. fyyifffffjuf, imp. i»«- 

yf tr«v, to nod or beclcon to. 
i^wx*^^ •»^ •, ^, belonging to the 

night ; «vyo;(^«y {%m,ru rif Ufvx^* 

^^•M») Amy, while it was yet 

quite dark. 
«w;c*<» •» 1^ worthy of, liable to. 
fyr^A^ur, T#f, r«, a commandment 
hrm^tAI^M^ f. ctf-tf. p. hrgrm^itaitet^ 

1. a. «yTflj^iW«, to prepare a 
dead body for barial. 

ffT#i^i«rfii5, •§?, «, the prepara- 
tion of a dead body for burial. 

irrtXXtfuti^ j, tvTf?ksoftMt, p. pass* 
ifrirrnXfun^ to command, to give 

hrtZin, hence, from hence; iv- 
rtZhf xxi fyreS^yy, one on each 

ifTt/i$i^ •y-i •i r, honoured, dear. 

lyTdA^, ^«, ^, 1. a commandment ; 

2. a commission, a charge. 
fyr«^, within, inside. 
brpeiF0fun^mid. 2,/. nr^etir^rafAMi^ 

2. a. subj. htfetitS^ to rever- 

IftvXUTtt or -TTIi, y*. {*r, p. f fT«T^ 

A/;t^«, 1. a. ifgTvAi^ct^ p. pa«^. |y- 

ryTyAiy/»«<, to wrap Up, to fold 

iyfl{flri«y, with the gen. before, in 

the presence of. 
'£yii«, 0, Enos, indecL 
'Efix^ 9, Enoch, indecL 
s{, see ifc. 

f I, •!, <k/, r«, six. indech 
ii^Y^^ / S«) P' «!:»«» 2. a. ll^ytfir, 

»Att, f|^«y«», to lead forth. 
i|tfi/»«Ar, «?, /. -^o-*, p. s^ftiM^ to 

pluck out. 

V^mrUiuu^ typmi^ mid. f, {Ttiuu^ 1. 

a. iifiruTm/aff, to demand. 
f£»i<ty9<, suddenly. 
f|«y«rf AA4», yi fAiv, 1. o. I|«yfrfi- 

JU, to g^ow or spring up. 
ffcyiffTf/Ki, y. e|«y«0^7«, to raise 

up, to propagate. 
Il^xiytf, suddenly, immediately. 
l{fltx#OYf AA«, f. eX£^ p. g|«9rc9*r«A- 

««e, 1. a. lletviTTttXaty to send 

tJ^ebTTptLirrtt^ f, ^li, p, i^SiTrpa^ct^ 

to shine, 
f {«vr^(, insta'htly. 
l|e^«Af, 3 «. 2. a, from IkQAx^m, 
ijyoT*, 3. «. 2. a. mi(i. /rom i«J/- 

*4t€XfMMt^ imp. «{v>;W, /. f|«- 
AcyO'd^CA/, p. mUiL €^A»#«, ^<^. 
g|fA«Avtf«, 2. a. i'l^A^oy, 1. to gO 

or come out, to depart, to es- 
cape ; 2. to proceed, to be sent 
forth, to be spread abroad. 

i{fo-T/, impers, it is lawful j parU 
neui, i^oK 

i|*T«^«p, f, «<r*r, p. c|i^r«««, to in- 
quire, to ask. ^ 

i|«yf «/»*«/, •wfMf^, /. lyo-d/wn, 1, 0. 
f^fiyno-ttftn*^ to relate, to make 

Ig^jMtTflt, ««, «i, T«, sixty, ttkiec/.. 

f |5«, afterwards ; ly tJ £{. $ ( ,>tef «. 
wndcrjtoorf), the day after. 

clfW^/u./, arte? e|fo-r««f, «, anc2 ' f|ir 
TTtivat^ and i^iorTUfixt^ imp* m. 
i^tTTxfAVfy f. ik,T7i<rtt^ 2. a. c|i- 
o^Tijy, to astonish ; mid, 1. to be 
astonished; 2. to be beside 
one^s self. 

3fj«J«f, •», ;^, departure out of 
life, death. 

||«/i4oAdy««, «>, y. flyo-*, 1, a. ll^y^M- 
AdV^o"*, to promise, to engage ; 
mid, 'iofjLObt^ cvftMt^ f. ifO-^/tue/, 1. 
a. i^etfMAoyijTuiiMif^ 1. to con- 
fess; 2. to glorify. 

f|«^»/^4V, yi |V<», p. ll0^M%e^ to 





iltpiTTif or -rT*r, f, l*^, 1. a. t{«- 
^t;{«, to dig or force through. 

p, pass. ttfJMt^ 1. a. pa««. «tf9v, 
to ^et at Doughti to treat with 

Ifov^ifin^, S^ f, ivtt^ p, i^dvBhniMj 
1. a. 0*«, to set at nought, to 
treat with indignity. 

i^wT/tiy «e(, ^, power, liberty, au- 
thority, dominion. 

y^*vTtJi^M^ f, drtt^ p. i^ovTtUKct, to 

govern, to exercise authority 

Hvmil^ti, f. iruj p. f |'J«-viimb, to 

raise one out of sleep. 
e|«, adv. sometimes with the gen. 

1. out, out of; 2. without, 

f|4wi^f, adv, with the gen. from 

without, outwardly; r^ /{i»^£f, 

the outside. 
ll^irtpoi^ «, OF, comp, from, «{», 

outer, without. 
fd^TJi, ^5, r, a public festival. 
iiTityysXtx^ «4, ;;, a promise." 
iwt6yyi?<X9fMtt^ mid. 1. a. i^vyy*'- 

Xa/Aii9 * to promise, to engage. 
$9r»00v. l.s. 2. a, from "^d^x^. 
$7ret$p6i^ofMi^ mid. to run together 

in crowds. 
•9r*ii>eA>, fi», f. nfr» and ictf^ p It^- 

vcjMc, to applaud. 
fTtfi^A^, /. »pS^ p. i*^^««, 1. a. 

•jrjf «, to lift up. 
ixaiTp^utdftMt^ f. i^tttrxv96yjTtfatt^ 

1. a. pass, i^^xot^nf, to be 

ashamed of. 
lifmiTim, «,/. ^o"«', p. i^ruicuj to 

ixetK^Xov^iv^ a, f. '^t», p. i3-jji6dA»i^ 

^«x«, 1. (7. 97«, to follow, to 

fV«f, if, after that, when. 
|T*»4ey4>, y. tfe^Ar, 2. O. i9r«»«y«yo», 

1. to return ; 2. to put off from 


f9rafet7ratfM>cti^ mid. f, «*«Au»f, p» 

pass. iTTtcvet^iiretvrftMtj to rest 

iTrmtpx^fMbi^ f. tXtvTdftMif 2. a, inf. 

i7FuuX0ilf^ to return. 
■^ecfivTtiiuLt^ f UTriTM^ p. i9r«e»f e*r«- 

jue, to rise up against. 
Wi^viw, with the gen. upon, over, 

above, more than. 
«-«^«i, I. a, inf. from tTrulp^. 
«-«t/Viof, tomorrow, the next day ; 

jy txttupi^v (f;ftip» understood.) 
x»vr§^^p^^ in the very act. 
W«;k;w»^ij, 3. *. 1. a. pass, from ^#6- 

xJyfd^Ttcf^ 3. pZ. 2. a, from Iwiyt- 

xiSfi^tf, 3. s. 1. a.fromtwthiicfV' 

TfJo^v, 3. «. 1. a, pass, from «V/- 

•^%6n%t^ 3. *. 1. a. from liFtrUi^fju. 
'ttu., 1. when, after; 2. since, 

Tttin, since, because, for truly. 
I'^ii^i'jrtp^ since. 

Tf/JW, jT. 0-* or cr4ft,eii^ to look up- 

Vfirtf, then, thereupon. 
v-fAM^dyra, 3. pi. 2. a. mid. from 

Tff^urji^, •», 0, the upper tunic. 
xix-tTt, 3. «. 2. a. from ixtwixTt/. 
vt^oUtt^ 2. «. plup.from 7ret6ti. 
9»"'^;i;«A*«'. /• *A«c»rtfj»«M, 2. a. 

fTJA^dv, to come upoif. 
hrt^nriti^ £, f. itrn^ p. ivnpirtiKM^ 
1, a. iTTtiptirnTet^ to ask, to re- 
txtvg^ 3. s. 2. a. from xItfth. 
iVfo-nj, 3. 5. 2. a. from i^o-riift.t. 
fV/;^Ar, /.. s^i{« or f5r/o';^4o'A», p. 

iTirx^Ket^ to observe. 
^9r^f«o"f», 3. *. 1. a. from ixaiviu, 
ixypij S. s. 1. a. from iTxiptf, 
«Vi?^i«^A», /. ••*, to treat injuri- 
ously, to calumniate. 




iT»f«T#», 3. pL imp. from twt^m- 

M, with the gen. 1. upon, at, by, 
near; 2. Id the time of; 3. 
before, ia presence of; 4. 
over ; W* «A«tff i«c, truly ; with 
the dat. \, upon, over, against, 
at, near, by ; 2. after, during ; 3, 
besides ; 4. in ; 5. for, for the 
purpose of, for the sake of, on 
account of; 6, through or by 
means of; 7. towards, concern- 
ing; with the accu^. 1. to, to- 
wards, upon, among, against, 
in, at, for ; 2. during ; 3. about, 
concerning; i^i rl ««r« (^x^' 

tiFiCtix?nt^ f, ei?JS, p. l^iSiC?iiixM^ 
2. a. fff'fCtfA^i', 1. to cast upon, 
to sew on ; 2. to belong or fall 
to one ; 3. to rush ; iviZttxif 
llicXcug^ he burst into tears. 

tx-tSiCuxin^ part. p. from iViff*/'- 

£«*!?< f«^«, f tt9-t^ 1. a. WtGiSct70i^ 

to set or place upon. 
ixtSxi^^^ f ■«//*, p, tTiSiSXt^ei^ 1 . 

iVfXAf^«, to look upon with 

ix'lG)oif4Mj roi, t\ a patchy 
iinyufJoft4»^ f a*r, p, fT/yiytf/ur 

C^tvKct, to espouse. 
lielytf^^ 6Vy 0, }r, earthly. 

swtytfmTKti/^ f yvaTdautf^ p, IW- 
yftixtc, 1. a. iwiy^mirx^ part. 2. a. 
fTi7f«v(, 1, to understand, to 
perceive, to be informed, to 
know ; 2. to acknowledge, to 

ivtypet^kf n^t «) an inscription. 

iTTty^u^af, f '^M^ Wtyiypei<P(t^ p, 
pass. i^iytyfXft^fMtt, to inscribe, 
to write on, up, or over. 

lxi3iiKfv/*.t or '6m and'VfMct^ f. ^»^ 

p. iwilihtx** !• a* l^iht}^^ to 

show, to exhibit 
twthiuiM^ f. J«9-«, p. iwi^iSitiut^ 

\. a. %friimxM\ to give, to hand 

iV/J»T**r, 4?, /. irm^ p, fari^T»««, 

to demand, to seek earnestly. 
iw^0vf4.ia^^ S^f. no-0^ p. i^trtiufMiuMf 

1. a. cxctftfftvo-tf, 1. to desire ; 2. 

to lusf afler. 
$9n§vfuct^ «(, 1^, desire, whether in 

a good or a bad sense. 
i^iK»0t^tf^ f {trm^' p, vriKiKmBixM^ 

'1. a. iriKtiBiTet^ to set or place 

t^tKctXg9ftMi\ tipf4at, pass, f xktiBir 

v^fiai^ p, pass, liriKtKXiiiMtt^ 

part. 1. a. iviKXti^u^^ to be 

called or named. 
iw iKCbtifottci^ «v, «, r,, accursed. 
IxUttfAMif f Td/Atti^ imp, cVfjtf fjMvr, 

1. to be laid upon ; 2. to press 
upon, to be urgent. 

lwix^ht§, f »4?, p. i^tKtit^iittt^ to 

determine, to decree. 
iiFt?M/4£dfof4Mi^ mid.f A44'«fUBi, 2. 

a. fVf A«C0/M9f, to take hold of, 

in various senses. 
ixtXeiiSdnfceitff l^t?\i^cfAXt,p,pas8. 

l^iAfA90';aBi, 2. a. mid. iicshnAi' 

ittjur, to forget. 
tTiJiiy^fMtt^ to be called. 
<«'/Av4v, f uTu^ p» f xiAcAvjMy to 

\Ttf»,ix»fiMt or WifitXitiMti^ ovfMM^f 

iv^fun, p, iTtfMftJxiificct, to take 

care of. 
IwtfbtxSi, carefully. 
tiruu 3. pi. 2. a. from xlm. 

to break one's oath. ^ 
iwt^vTfs^ fltf, 0, i, necessary, daily. 
ixtTrivrttyf TTtmertt^ p, i^<^c9rr«»«, 

2. a. gfrffTfo-Av, 1. to fail upon ; 
2. to lean ; 3. to press upon. 

gw/flTwy*? f i^ p* iTtxixvtx^j !• 
a. iViVf/fflf, to choke. 




ftvficii^ to come to. 
iwifftixTet^ f, ^tt^ p, ifrifptt^it^ to 
sew to or upon. 

WtfflwTtt^ f. ^«r, p. mffi^tt, to 

throw upon. 

iwio^fi»i^ 6v, i, ^, notorious. 

i^io^«rir/u)(, ov, «, food. 

tTrtTKi^rrciMn^ mid. f, ^o/mh^ 1. a. 
i^gTM^f^mfuif, to visit wt^^ jTct- 
vour, to bless. 

l^fCK/icf^tf) y. tirm^ p. WtncUrta^ 
1. a. 1 9rf o-je/tfo'tf, to overshadow. 

liriffTtosrJ, ^f, r, favour, blessing. 

Mo^etfiMij J. ier^ftMij to under- 

fT/rri««, /?ar^. 2. o. /rom t^t^riifii» 

iTrt^rciriti^ «v, 0, a master, a teach- 

1. a. tTriTTpgfJ/tt, 1. to convert, 
to turn back ; 2. to return ; 3. 
to repent ; pass, to turn. 

2. a. inf, Wto^foyuytJfj !o gath- 
er together. 

i^io-vfTpixtt^ see Tfixf^ to run to- 

ivrtv^vtf, f, »r*r, |). irlrxviut^ to 
grow more ui^ent or violent. 

IvtrJi^vtt or -rrti^ ft «{«*, p, Ivt' 
riretxti'^ 1. a. •«•#»«•{«, to com- 

ixirtXim^ «, /. jo'ir anc? /^i», 1. a. 
iwtrixtTa^ to perform. 

t^trihfii^f, ^9'tif p. fTtriBitKtt^ 1. 
a. Wiiniut^ 1. to lay or place in 
or upon ; 2. to giv« ; 3. to in- 

Wirtfulm^ 4?, f, irti^ p. iirirtrffutn- 
jMc, 1. a. tTTtrifMirec^ 1. to re- 
buke ; 2. to charge strictly. 

ixirpixof, f. -J/ii, p, WiTtT^i^tc, 1. 
a. Mr^e^pet^ to permit. 

iTTtTp^w^^ ov, 0, a steward, a treas- 

Wtpotlitt^ f, «tf£^ p» liFiTi^uyictt^ 
to shine upon. 

to cry out, to shout. 

hripmTKM^ imp, M^ttrMt^ to be- 
gin to shine. 

fVi>;fi^f«*, £,f. <JTif, p, ivtKtXfl" 
CVKtt^ 1. a. mx^*i^^^9 to under- 

iwi^t^j /' toTtt^ to pour in or up- 

WiXfltt^ /. iVat, p. WiKtxfiKm, 1. a. 
WiXC*^*^ to anoint, to smear. 

Iff-at^ivitf^, •&, 0, j, heavenly. 

iiTftiBv^ 3. s, 1 . a. po^^. y'row flri- 

isrri, •!, «i, r«, seven, indecL 

iTrriKii^ seven times. 

ixutftra, 3. *. 2. a. mid, from srwi- 

ftrtf, 1. a. cirtf, 2. a. flx^v, 1. to 
say, to speak, to answer, to de- 
clare ; 2. to command or bid, - 
3. to call or name. 

i^ul^6fieti^ f »T9fMti^ 1 . a. ci^7«- 
vtLfin^^ p. paw. eipyavfiui^ 1. to 
work, to trade ; 2. to earn ; 3. 
to do, to perform. 

ipytcTU^ «$, 1^, diligence, pains. 

ipytirtji^ •©, e, 1. a labourer ; 2. a 
worker, a doer. 

IffyoK, •», ri, 1. a work or deed ; 
2. a business or office. 

ipsuy$f*Mt^ mid. ipttt^^/icn^p. ^ftvy 
ftut^ to utter. 

Iptvf^^Sj f. iivM^ p, iptvfniMy to 
search, to examine. 

IpU^ •, or iifti^f. if*, p. tipuM^ 1. 
to say, to speak ; 2. to call. 

If9jwf«, «K, 1^, a desert. 

tfnfMi^ «t;, 1^, a wilderness, sth un- 
cultivated country. 

Iff 9/tcd(, «v, «, 1^, uninhabited, deso- 

lf1IIM0^ *, /. tfW, p. flfilfMiMt^ to 

lay waste. 
If^fiUtTii^ cA»s, ^, desolation. 




iftZ^y /. /r#, p. ^ftum^ to dispute. 

ipJ^ff^ •v^ t\ and tftp*^^ •v^ o and 
«. a goat, a kid. 

iffimuvif<i /. r», p. irf^ijf f vx«, to in- 

Iffih and tffth^ 3. i. 1. a. pass, 
from fi«f. 

ifptfLft^iftj nom, pi. part, p, pass, 
from fi^rm, 

if^*fJtMt^ f fAf UCtfUd, 2. a. ^XV009 

or jA^«f, p. mid, i^Av^a, AtU iA«- 
Xv$m^ to come, to go, to return, 
to be brought, to happen ; ih 
To ;k!fr<^o* ix$t$f^ to grow worse ; 

IpX^O^m C^ITOf, to follow. 

\fmTmm^ «, f. ^tm^ p ^^ArV^x*, 1. a. 
ifitTtiTa^ to ask, to beseech. 

<^%9 ^^«<9 179 a garment. 

sT^iiTu^ gtiff^ r, a garment. 

icitt/y f {o-M, p. ife*^/**, to eat. 

^TXi, •, Esli, indecL 

C9-9r«^^/««f, par^. p. pass. ace. s. 
from vwti^tf. 

(0*9r(^», *f, ,^, evening. 

'Eo'pwfi^ 0, Esrom, indecL 

tTp^etTOf, 9, Of, the last, the low- 
est ; T* lrV;^«T«, the last state. 

iv'x^Tan ixfi^^ to be at the point 
of death. 

&";tJ'i 3. i. 2. a. from «;c«« 

iTA», within, m^^ ^^c geii. into. 

ia-tt^n, within, from within, in- 

fTttipdf, 0v, 0, a companion ; iTcttpt^ 
friend ! 

Irel^v^ 3. s. 2. o. joflw*. fram BtLwra. 

irfBtHKti^ 3. *. plup.from Biio-Ktt. 

tTeK£^ 3. *. 2 a, from rlxra. 

irtptg^ «, ov, other, another; 
metaph. different; changed. 

Ifix^v, S. s. 1. a. pass, from riKTct, 

tri^ 1. yet, while yet, even ; 2. 
further, longer; 3. besides, 

f f o//iM6^ft», y. ««•«», p, ^reif^ecfcct^ 1 . 

«. f^rttfMtTet^ to prepare, to 
make ready. 

ir^tfui^ », •», ready, prepared. 

f T«4, f«(, •«/$, ri, a year. 

10, well done ! tZifitn^ to benefit. 

fe«Vy«A«2»/iun, mid. y*. iT9/tMi, to 
announce good tidings, especial' 
ly the good tidings of the com- 
ing of Christ ; to teach, to de- 
clare ; tuetyyt/^i^^ftui, pass, f, 
iT6iiT§f4Mt^ to have good tidings, 
or the good tidings of the Gos- 
pel, declared. 

ev«yViA<«f, «», r«, 1. glad tidings; 
2. a doctrine of glad tidings, 
especially the religion of 
Christ; 3. a history of the 
life of Jesus Christ, a gospel. 

«^«»4l«, ,"«i •w, »5 i7j of high 

iu^U^ ««, j, fair weather. 

toScKiof^ £^ f. i70'4V, p. fuioKtlKCl^ 1. 

a. 6vJofti97«, and j3^^ vv^ox^cr^y 

1. to be well pleased; 2. to 

please or will. 
tih%i»^ ttiy ^, good pleasure, good 

to^pyirtif^ tfv, «, a benefactor, 

E verge tes, a title often given 

to kings. 
tuBerti^ at/, 0, r, fit. 
tv6imi^ immediately. 
tvButtf^ f vr«, p. tfiBvyMtj to make 

even or straight. 
fv^tf$, fr«, 0, straight. 
tuft/i, adv. immediately. 

iVKXtptM^ S^f. nT»^ \,a. iVKatlpllTCt^ 

Att. iiUKMip9j<rtc^ to have leisure ' 
or opportunity. 

tuxMtpU^ «$, ^, a convenient op- 

tvKectp6i^ o», 0, ^, convenient. 

tuxeciptti^ conveniently. 

tdKo^^Tt^oi^ «c, or, comp, from eu- 
«oxd5, easier. 

evAceCi$, ^0$, •!;$, 0,9, devout. 

ftfAoyf^v, »^f, iJo*«, p.^«»A/yv«*, 1. 
a. fttAoyuT«6, 1. to bless ; 2. to 
praise, to give shanks > 3. to 




invoke a blessing upon. 

f wAo^'^ri^, ^, i», blessed. 

tufctM, «, ^/l »«•<». p, tivdntiM^ to be 
friends with. 

tyitovxi^^^ f' l^tt^ p» tKu^ 1. a. io-»^ 
to make an eunuch. 

ivfoux^i^ ov, •, an eunuch. 

tvfiTKttf^f, tupio-M^ p. tifiiKct^ 1. a. 
Tct^ 2. a. eu^oy, 1. to find, to 
meet, to discover ; 2. tp obtain, 
3. to preserve, to keep safe. 

idpvx^p^s^ 01/, 0, i, broad. 

.toTxiifMif*^»v*9^ 0, r, honourable. 

tyrcttifi, vehemently. 

g&^cfieif, », y*. iy«ri^, p. ^xtf, 1. a, 

«o-fl6, to produce fruits' in abun- 
ti^peth^fiut^ pass, or mid, 1. a, 
subj, pass. iu^p*v6ay 1. to be 
merry ; 2. to feast. 

«<rtf^ to give thanks. 
iumvfMf^ •!/, 0, r, the left ; l| C04H 

f 6jit«>v (fu^Af V t^nc^er^^ood), on the 

left side. 
«^\ ^or !»•/, tsjAic^ *C6 ; 1^* oVd», so 

far as ; or (;c^<»»«» wfic?cr*tood) 

as long as. 
i^tifitpict, «$, jj, a course of minis- 

try ; by meton. the class of 

priests who performed it, 
^[^BttTs^ 3. 5. 1. a, from ^^«»*. 

, ipi<rT9lf4,t or l^lTTClfMCIj f ITFtTtnTtt^ 

p, i^eo^tiicec^ to approach, to 

come upon suddenly, to stand 

near, to come in. 
4 'E^pctift^ ly, Ephraim, a town not 

far from Jerusalem ; indecl. 
i^^<t$^^ ephphatha, Syr, indecL 

Be thou opened. 
i^upfi^ 3. s, 2. a. pass, from x*h*^' 
fX^P»,»9^i^<i enmity. ^ ^ 

'iX^M^ •«^i •? or ix^P^f^ «) •»> ^^ 

tX*^f»^ ««. ^» a viper, 
tit*'* iwp. ilx^^i f H^ <^wd Txio-tif^ 

p, i^z^M^ 1. to have, to^ pos- 

sess ; mttaph, to regard, to ac- 
count ; 2. to hold, to seize on, 
to hold in mind or understand ; 
3. to have in one's power, to 
be able ; 4. to be ; xmlS^ «icw», 
to be sick ; MtxSi <i;c»* to be 
well, to recover ; Wx^rat ^x^^h 
to be at the point of death ; 
x6fv4^ort^of txit^ to grow bet- 
ter ; Ix^finof^ neighboring, the 

itipAict^ 3. s, p. Att, for ifetxt^ 
from iput/, 

itti^ till, unto, as far as ; c«( «y, 
till ; t»i cZ (;^^oy«f/ 'dnderstood)^ 
till, while in the mean -time; 
«*r$ i'rov, whilst yet ; ttn ^«rtj 
how long ? 


ZuSdvxifj », Zebulon, one of the 

tribes of Israel ; indecl, 
ZttKx»iCfj 0, Zacche'us, indecl, 
Ztc^tt^ », Zara, indecl, 
ZttxttpUi^ •«/, «, Zacharias. 

C**;, •, Cr«i Cv'i i^P' «?««»> *">/• 

^crcjuMt^ 1. to live ; 2. to re- 
vive or be restored ; 3. to 
keep alive ; 4. to live in a 
happy state, to be blessed ; ^Sr^ 
perpetual, unfailing, life-giv- 


ZtZtS'mc^^ 0v, 0, Zebedee. 

t,iffy6%^ jo{, ot;$, TO, a pair, a yoke 
of oxen. 

(I^Aof, «t;, •, zeal. 

Z«A«rjji$, ov, 0, Zelotes or the Zeal- 
ot, tAc surname of the apostle Si- 

^^fiUofietty ^v/Mtt, pass, part, 1. a. 
^iiftt»$tii^ 1. a. subj, C^tujum^a^ to 
suffer injury, to sustain loss, to 
be punished with the loss of. 

^jjTfA», », /. »o-*r, p. i^ittixct^ 1. to 
seek, to inquire, to desire ; 2. 
to demand ; 3. to endeavour. 




^rnrti^ f«(,f,aque8tioD,a dispute. 
l^tZ^ftSj T«, from Z'^tifffj zizani- 

um, spurious wheat 
Z«^«C«CtA, •, Zerub'babel, indecl 
(;vyW, •«, •» a yoke, 
tofui, H) ir, leaven. 

poff. f(v/M«#«f, to leaven. 
{^i»yf i#, #, / i(»-«>. p. iZilyfmtm^ to 

take alive, to catch. 
€•*, r«, ^, 1. life ; 2. the power of 

communicating or restoring 

life ; 3. immortality ; 4. met- 

aph. happiness. 
C«ftf, w, .y, a girdle, a purse^ 

to gird. 
{««y«»f «r, i?, /. '^«ri», />. i{4r«y«»««Me, 

to preserve alive. 

to restore life, to impart life. 

^, 1. either, or; 2. than, rather 
than ; 3. except ; 4. it is often 
vsed in asking qiiestions^ Wee 
num in Liatin ; «AA* i, but rath- 

^y«iy(, 3. s. 2. a. from «y«. 

^tfl»u4ity f Tjt^ p. ^tftOUVM, fo 

govern, to preside over. 

^ytfMutt^ ««, ^, a reign. 

^(fM>v ^'^<9 ^) a governor, a pre- 
fect, a procurator ; 2. a chief 
person, a noble. 

nyiphj 3.*. 1. a. pass, from 'syt/' 

^•v/MUij pres, part, from ^yt^fiut^ 
tvfiMt^ f ^crcfuct^ p. pass. Sy9/U4(/, 

a leader. 
^Jfi, 3. s. plup. for. Mi%n^from 

MJf««, gladly, with pleasure. 
17^9, now, already ; ^in 3i imi, and 

{^•'i) n^i «9 pleasure. 

j/vW«, 3. s, imp. Att.for gJvynri, 

from iitmfAMt, 
i^Mr/t«y, #v, t), mint 
iiuv, /. jfJdT, jj. Jmi, 1. a. Jjtf, 1. to 

come ; 2. to befall, to happen ; 

ifxf If wfki r/ytf, to be a foil ower 

of one. 
jAi, Heb:indecL my God. 
*HAi, •, Heli, indecl. 
'Ha/«k, •», 0, Elias or Elijah, the 

name of a prophet, 
vp^xltt^ ««, 1^, 1. age; 2. stature. 
ifA<H, •v, •, the sun. 
rXjc0fiiuf^ part. p. pass, from iAimw. 
<f A«(, tfv, •, a nail. 
SiM^Tf, 3. «. 2. a. from. iftM^riftt. 
ilfuft^ ««, ij, 1. a day, the light of 

day ; 2. time ; kmB* ^fuptif^ daily. 
^^1 #«»)$, /•(, •viy 0, IT, half dead. 
«fU0*t;$, rfiJ^-itet^ Sftfot/, half;' r« 

fjfJcii^pL the half. 
^fi^ita'f4,tf6f^ acd. s. part. p. pass, 

from H/4jtpimvfM, 
iuxh^ S.s. 1. a. pass, from ^iptt. 
^frA9«0rf (, nom. pi. part. p. from 

jS/«v, 3. s. imp. from k^tim. 

fi^tf^ than. 

*H/i, •, Er, indecl. 

^fff 3. ». \. a. from aiftt ; 3. 1. 1. 

^^fo-f, ^. s. 1. a. from i^irxm. 
^ptTicret^ 1, a. from nipiri^it. 
ipmT0, 3. «. imp. from tipfU/*At. 
^HprnSmi ^> ^? Herod. 
*H(^«Ji«tf«#, «», •], Herodians, par- 

tizans of Herod. 
'Hf«J/««, «J«(, 17, Herodias. 
*H0'«i«e$, •!/, •, Isaiah. 
5r^<», Mol.for S(, 2. *. imp. /rom 


^TvxtiZ^, /• ^•■*'? p- i7»-tt;c«»46, 1. a. 

o'tf, 1. to rest; 2. to remain 

flyV^Sirrd, 3. jjL trop. mid. from «#- 

isvA^o'^Atf') l.|>/. 1. a. /rori» «»Af«r. 




ni^fi^^ S.s. 1. a. from «td|«yd». 
^/<, 3. $. 2. a. /rom w^ijjm/. 
4;t;f*', «, /. ••••'y p. ^A^«««? to re- 

souod, to roar. 
iz^h ^^i ^9 rumour) fame ; a 

sound, Actf^ 2. 2, ancf He6. 12. 



ect^9a4»i^ dv, 0, Thadde'us. 
$ti)itiTTu^ Aft, , •TT*, jj$, «J, 1. the 

sea; 2. a sea or lake. 
©«/JWi^, r^ Thamar, indecl 

&Bif4.^i4flMt^ •VfMbU pass, imp^ |^«/Ur 

Qsifcti^^ cvfAi!^^ 1. a* l^tf/UiC^^vy) to 
be amazed, astonished. 

amazement, admiration. 
^ttfdcrtfMq^ ov, «, r, deadly. 
0i^y«cr«9, ev, 0, death; metaph. a 

state of wretchedness. 

to put to death. 
^kirrti^f. 1/^, p. tiitip»^ 1. a. fiJac- 

ij^*, to bury. 
<&d{^«, 0, Thara, indecL 
§ttfTit/^ Sj f, f/rwy p, rt6j^9^tM^ to 

taks courage. 

#e0i;f6«^<v, f. ttrof^ p, Ttixi»fie$iut^ 1. 
a. iSetofiturci^ to wonder, to ad- 

SuvftetTioi^ «e, 0y, wonderful. 

I»t»/K«0^^f, ^, ov, strange, wonder- 

UitftMt^ ipiMt^ 1. JT. mfe2. Ic^o-o/emm^ 
p. pass. TtBtttftctt^ 1. a. iitd^fiVs 
1. a. midf. fdftee«*«ft«y, to see^ to 
gaze upon. \ 

$ehf^ dv, 1-0, Sulphur. 

i/A^VMR, r«^ t^, will, pleasure, de- 

§t?iit or i$i)M^ f, <»•«, p. Tt$iXii»d^ 
1. a. f^t'A«r«, j3^<i 4tf/A?»r«, 1. to 

- win ; 2. to desire ; 3. to Strive ; 
^hxof A«Ci7i», thejr gladly re- 


a foundation. 

0tfttXio», «,/. a^of^p. rt^sfuXltntMy 
to found, to lay a foundation. 

Of^, 6$, 0, 1. God ; 2. a god. 

^^ocf Ci$, e«$, 01^^ •, ^, devout. 

Bic0iXo4^ •Vy 0, Theophilus. 

Bificveitt^ 0e(, ^, .2 . Service, help, 
healing ; 2. % tneton. those who 
serve, the whole number of 
ohe's domestics. 

BtftCTTev^j f, Tn^ p, TtBspk'JFevtM^ 1. 
a. iBspuTTiVTa^ 1. a. pass. i6efet' 
^e66tif^ to heal, to cure. 

$tptX«^ f- l^»» p' ri$ipixdt, 1, a^ 
iBipicru^ to reap, to gather. 

^«f/o-/ia«, «t;, •, harvest; harvest- 
time, reaping, the produce of 
the harvest 

Be^tcrrif, 0v, 0, a reaper. 

0epf4.ctivtj, f. «y«, p. rf^f^iK«y»0(, 
to warm ; mid. to warm one's 

(Ie^0$, «0f, 0t;0, r), summer. 

$ieipttf^ m^ /. j|V#, p. ri$gi»pniM^ 1. 
a. Htttpno-ct^ to §ee, to perceive, 
to experience. 

UufU^ «c«, K, a sight, a Spectacle. 

<U«9) ^, 17, a scabbard. 

M-eJ*,/. «w, p. TtBiXaxM^ 1. o, 
i^Aflte-*, <ra»w. to suckle ; tn- 
irotw. to suck the breast. 

IjAvf, fi«, V, female. 

$iipt6t>if. o-if^ p, Tt9ipgvita^ to catch, 
to lay hold on. 

%/0», 01;, t\ a beast, a wild ani- 

a. iBno-^ofiTMy to lay up treas- 
ures, to amass. 

Btio-etvpU^ 0tf, 0, 1-. a repository ; 2. 

^A/C*r, /. ^f.*, p. t/IAi0*, i. d. 
Uxf^tt, 1. to press, to crowd 
upon ; 2. to make narrow. 

#a/4^/«, fA»«, ji, distress, affliction, 




h^TKv^ 2. f, mid* 0muvfA*ty p, ti- 
^«K«, 1. /. pass. ^i(|«/ti«i, to 

$9fvZUfiMty •Zf/Ltti^ f, vfT^fiMt^ mid* 
to qtter lamentations. 

tf0fvCo«5 av, 0, a tumuit. 

0p»6mjf, c*», p. ti$pxvK0^ p, pa^s. 
Ti6^*vrfi»i^ to l^ruise ; metaph, 
to afflict. 

0pi(Af*M^ TH^ t\ a flock. 

0piiu«fy »,/. »r*», p, TtB^^ffiKM^ 1. a. 
ii^vjfntret^ to wail, to lament 

iprjui^ ov, 0, wailing, lamentation. 

0pii^ rptx«i, ^, hair. 

0fi9fjk*t, •ufAtti^pass, to be disturb- 
ed, terrified. 

ipif4^6i^ •»,' 0, a large drop. 

0pif6i^ 9V, •, a throne. 

ivyuTup^ /^f, p99^ r, a daughter ; a 
descendant; it is used in the 
voc. as a term of kindness. 

Bvydr^uf^ ow, t«, a little daughter. 

6vi*,UfL%^ Tcq, t\ 1. incense ; 2. 
the burning of incense. 

0VfAta»^ «,y*. «r«, ^. TtSvfuctxet^ to 

burn incense. 
<^t;/u,9$, 0?, «, anger, rage. 

provoke to anger ; jpcw*. to be 

tfy^«, ««, IT, a door. 
$vptipii^ oS, 0, If, a door-keeper. 
0vvU^ 0%^ ^, a sacrifice, a victim. 
Bvo'txcrriptc^^ •v» r), an altar. 
tfc/«, f. 6o-m\ p. Tf0viu6, 1, cu i6vT»^ 

to slay ; to sacrifice, Acts^ and 

1. Cor. 
BtiffiZf^ Z, 0, Thomas. 

*listpo^.^ 0v, 0, Jairus. 
'l«««i«^ 0, Jacob, indecl. 
*laL%tt^ci^ •&, 0, James. 
*I«fv«, •, Janna, indecL 

Uofmi^ CVfMI^ f, i»^T6fMtf p, i«- 

/u.«/, 1. a. itf^^y, to be healed, to 
be cured ; mid. i^ottxt^ f lir^^ 
iMn\ 1. a. ««r«^j7f, to heaJ, to 

'j ^^f ^, #, Jared, indecL 

ittTii., i«r$, ^, a cure. 

#«r^0(, dv, 0, a physician. 

lif, 2. *. imper. from e^iet ; t^ i* 
twed adverbially., behold I 

ij"/*, ««, i, the aspect, the counte- 

?^/d«, «, «», his, hers, its ; one's 

own ; tit ret )Stet (olxrifMLTX ttn^ 

derstood)^ to one's own home; 

private, separate ; *<«r* ihif 

(;t<^^«f understood)^ apart 
iStZ, lo ! behold ! 
*lSovfat7»^ «L^^ r^ Idumaea, the south" 

em part of Judcza. 
iJ^ci$, ofToi^ 0, sweat. 
ic^tfTf/fls, «$, ^, the priesthood or 

priestly office. 

ItpckTtum^ f 0^*, p. U^etTtuxtCj tO 
officiate as a priest. 

'lsft/4tH, «», 0, Jeremiah. 

<je«^«i '^'^^ ^ a priest. 

*lepix^^ *it Jericho, a city of Judea 
lying A*. E, of Jerusalem. 

ie^«i>, dw, T^, a temple. 

'Up6(ro)iVfiii, «{, ^, or A»f, Ti«, Jerusa- 

*UpoT0Xvf4,iT9)(., tfv, d, an inhabitant 

of Jerusalem. 
' 'le^cwo-fltA^jit, If, Jerusalem, indecl, 

*Je<r(r*i, «, Jesse, indecL - 

'hX^fiec^^ ou^ •, Jechoniah. 

*I«»*«e»«, «5, d, Jesus. 

i»flWtf«, 4, •>, 1. fit, worthy; 2. sev- 
eral, a considerable number, 
many, much ; l| litettoy (;^^ofdv 
understood)^ for a long time ; 3. 
enough ; i««»»» Trcttlf^ to satisfy. 

ix^«$, i^o$, ^, moisture. 

iAtfO'iMjtuei or IX^t^iMtt^f IXmTifiett^ p, 
pass. lAetTfMn^ 1. a. imper. pass. 
}XcLT$ijTi^ to be propitious or 
merciful to. 

iza 35 

iAf«$, #, 0, ^ Alt. for '/a««(, propi- 
tious ; /Xf <w( e-tfi (^ d*? d« under- 
stood)^ God forbid ! literally^ 
God liave mercy on thee ! 

//4««, <«fT6^, 0^ a thong, strap, or 

ifutrt^atyf, Itrm^ p. IfiUrtxa^ p, pass. 
lutiTiTfA*!^ to clothe. / 

ifL»Tt69, dv, 7), a garment, espe- 
cially the outer or upper gar- 

ifAxrto'fMi, fv, •, the dress, appar- 

j'f«, 1. that, so that, to the end 
that ; 2. when ; if« fii, that not, 

UxHy why ? 

'l«f JWy^t, ov, 0, ^^e river Jordan. 

*UvS'xixj »(, ^, JudsBa. 

IovJ«io$, ev^ •, a Jew. 

*lovSu7oi^ «/«, fl6?o», Jewish. 

*l0tfJW$, «, •, Judas. 

*1tcmx^ », Isaac, ind^ch 

ier«yyeAo(, ««, 0, jr, like the angels, 

iVtf<, 2*. pres. imper, from ii/nf, 

*jo*»«^iArr9$, •!;, 0, Iscariot, ^^c Mir- 
name of Jiidas ; probably deriv- 
ed from CariotkaSy his birth 
place ; in Heb. a man of Cari- 

« oth. 

To-«$, j», df, equal, sufficient. 

'lo'^ce^A, ^ Israel, indecL 

*lTp«tn?iiT9ii, tfv, 0, an Israelite. 

cW«iue, l.a. trrv^-tf, 1. to place, 
to cause to stand ; 2. to weigh or 
pay ; 3. to stand, to remain, to 
stand near; 4. to stop, to cease ; 
pass, to be established. 

t<rxvp6i^ «, e», strong, mighty, vio- 

<V;^u«, o«$, ^, 1. strength; 2. pow- 
er of the mind; 

tT^oai^f uctf^ p, iTX^fcu, 1. a. ir;ct;- 
0-«, 1 . to be in good health ; 2. 
to be able, to avail, to be of use. 

iV#$, perhaps. 


*lT6vpet{a, «(» r, IturaB'a, ^^e north 
eastern district of Palestine^ bor- 
dering on Syria* 

i;^^e;J/or, dv, To, a small fish. 

*ieifec$ecf4,^ 0, Jo'atham, tr»<2ec/. 
'lA^tf yftf, «$, r, Joanna. 
*iotxfvai, «, 0, Joannas. 
'i«4vv9$, ov, 0, John. 
'iotvui^ d, Jonan, indecl. 
'lA>y«(, tf, d, Jonah. 
*lwp<«f<., 0, Joram, indecL 
'laf^ftft^ i, Jorim, indecL 
'l««rfl6^«T, #^ Josaphat. indecL 

*iaT^i^ r, 0, J OSes. 

•l*rri<^, •, Joseph, indecL 

'iA>c*/de(, 01/, 0, Josiah* 

i^Ttft, T^, iota, the smallest letter in 
the alphabet; metaph* the mi- 
nutest part. 


xiyi^ by cras's^for»»i <V«5, and I, 

I also, so I. 
Ket6m, as. 

Kt^$Xtptm, £, f irofy p. KOi^fHIKU^ 2. 

a. jeatOfrAaf. 2,f ifci6iX£^ to take 
down, to cast down, to pull 

K%6ulfOi^ f tC^S, p, KtKiittpKX^ to 


xct$etpi^M^ f, tr»^ p, »ticu6aepix»^ 1. 
a. tKetiti^ta-ct, 1. a, pass. i««t^«fi- 
o-6tif^ 1. to cleanse; 2. to de- 
clare clean in the Levitical 
sense^ Acts^ 10. 15; and accord' 
ing to some, Mark^ 7. 19. 

xeiBtcptTpchq^ •(>, 0, cleansing, puri- 

Ket6»p6q, «, 0V, clean, pure« 

KetBtSpct^ <e$, i, a seat. 

x«<)frAe, 3. s. 2. a awcZ 

K<c6tXih^ 2. a. in/" /ro/n icetBctiptof, 

««tf«|J5«, in order ; i* t» kxBs^^ 
(;^^df« understood), soon after- 




iMilivJW, /. ttff^Tit^ imp. l»i#it»J«», 
to sleep* 

««l«y«rii(, •«, «, a master, a teach- 

jM^iMtf, 3. pL 1. a, from xtt^iTif/kt, 

xAhfutt^ 9*m^ rai^ 1. to sit; 2. to 

tudll^ti^ f, t^^9 p* %tnM§t»ct^ 1. a. 

1. d. fMil<r«fi9f, 1. to set or 

cause to sit ; 2. to sit down ; 3. 

to remain. 
Ktt^hfu^ f, id«A(ow, 1. a. »*^««, to 

let down. 
ttaiirrnfAi, »«^/rrJfAr, or xetitTrJof^ 
f. iMtr«em}>4v, to appoint; wi^/^ 

iVi, to set over. 
KmhwXt^»f4Mt^ perf, pass. ttm^J^Xt' 

fl'/tuti, to be well armed. 
zttiirt, because, inasmuch as. 
md66v^ pres, imper.for nk^nTt^Jmm 

Ka(^««, as, according as, since. 

3tf»i, I. and, then, so, also, even, 
yea, ^ruly, especially, as, 
while ; 2. but, moreover, 
therefore, although, yet ; 3. 
that, so that, in order that; 
iuei....iM»f, both....and ; afitt a 
negaiivs, nor, neither ; icmt,.,Jt^ 
and.... moreover. 

K«i«^«e$, 0t, 0, Cai'aphas. 

nmiyt^ at least. 

Kdctviv, 0, Cainan, indecL * 

KectfU'» nj If, 1 . new ; 2. unusual, 

««<^f, •iJ, 0, time, season ; oppt>r- 
tunity ; an appointed season. 

KaScaf^ ^«j(, 0, Caesar. 

KatTcitetce^ ec^yr^ Ca&sare'a Pkiltppi^ 
a city on the northern border of 
Galilee^ near the source of the 

xaUr^iytt although. 

»(»<iv, f, KcJo-#, p. KtKetVKec ; pass.. 

%MlMtt^ f %tlV^V9f4Mt^ p. KittetV" 

fcfii, 1. a, eir.#9^9v, 1. to burn ; 2. 

to light, to ic indie. 
*f «(r, for tm iuM^ by crasis^ and 

K^KUft^ 9, «, by crasis fjf>r h^ 

fxff?yo$, and he, <$*c. pi, and they^ 

iMx/tf, tif^ ^, affliction ; wicked- 
ness, in other parts of th» Nem 

ZitK0X»yiaff «, f, vtat, p. lef x^iMAdyV' 

sMi, to revile, to treat ilL 

»«, to injure ; to do evil, 

I, Pet, and 3. John. 
»«x«»'«<«$, «v, 0, ,r, a criminal, a 

]e«x^<, ii, ^v, (. wicked ; % afflic- 
xMKtZfyn^^ 0Vf «, ^, a criminal, a 

»«««(, 1 . wrongly, amiss ; 2. mifir 

erably ; 3. sick ; set tx^* 
%i}MfM^^ di/, •, a reed. 
aueAf Ai, «, f iToi or tcru^ p, »c;»Af- 

xMt, 1. a. stueAco-tf* pass. x«Af«^ 

itUBI, •UfMtf f. t^X7l^99fMtl, p. »f- 

fc^fuci^ 1. to call f 2. to name ; 
3. to summon, to invite. 
jttfAtff, i, hy good, in the natural 
and moral senst ; beautiful^ 
useful, excellent ; faithful, be- 
neficent, right 

M»A0«'TAr, f, %^dr, p. xtxaXo^M^X. a, 
ixtixv^M^ p% pass. xiKM^vpifMi^ to 
cover, to hide. 

**A««, well ; rightly, truly, kind- 

KUfAt^for xa) Ifiti, by crasis. 

xdfA^tix^Xi ^^) ^9 ^ camel. 

jceif4.ifcff ov, 0, 1^, a furnace. 

netfi^pmy f. ^tf , 1 . a, ixMfi^vm^ to 
close, to shut close. 

*^I^Kfor K»i ipbol^ by crasis* 

x^v, by crasis^ for xmi itbj and if, 
even if, although, at least 




K«f4l, IT, Cana, a GuUkan vilk^e 
near Capimwum; mdecl, 

HeumfittH, av, «, Caaanites or the 
Zealot, the surname of one of 
the apostle^ Simon ; the swne in 
Hebrew as Zc Aivri^ in Greek. 

K«7e^y0f«0/K, «, Caper^oaum, a 
chief city of Galilee ; indecL 

xa^iUj «$9 ^) 1. the heart; 2. the 

leofwii^ Av, •^ fruit, whether of the 
ground^ the hody^ or the mind^ 

^opsixa^ 1. a. ixctfw^fitro^ to 
bring forth fruit. 

Ku^^6^^ f •$, 0t/$. r^, a splinter. 

jMir«, tt^tV^ the gen, 1. down, down 
from, through, upon; 2. 
against; 3. in adjuring, by; 
with the ace, 1. 'at, upon, to, 
through; 2. according to, on 
account of; 3. with ; 4. ifsed dis- 
tributively^ as eh ««^* thy one 
after another, xeir* '/roj, yearly, 
»«ir« 9r«Af/$, through all the 

. cities ; »itr» ;r^o-«70f, in sight 
of; x»r# t/, how? whence? 
iMT* tS'Mfj apart, (:c*^*» under- 

xttTei^et^ 2 s. 2. a. imper. for natrt^ 

xetTctCmfsf^ f fiivcjbLai^ p, jS/CvKte, 
2. a. iMviii^ to descend, to go 
I ttmrM^Tti^ (i^, ^, a descent, a de- 

xmr»CiSti^»f f, ao-»9 p. jcarciSs^t^tt-' 
««, to bring or cast down. 

i0c»r«C«A^, ^$, 1^, the beginning, the 

yiKxxM^ 1. a. ««T«vtA«0*«, to de- 

SD»r«VAr, x«r«yjivf6/, or i^ct^retyitvii^f, 
xMTtu^^y 1. a. Kocrect^x^ tq break. 

iMer«y«f, f ijar, p. ««T^;g«e, td 

bring to land ; to bring dowiv 

tutr»3iat, £, f. ^oTAi, p, Kct,Tmii^4itM 
and 9x«, 1. a. imm-^^0v», to bind 

KATct^tKa^a, f «7'<v, 1 , a. Koathjui* 

tf'di, to condemn. 
KctraSttixw^ f |«r, 1. a. iMtrfJ/(M|^, 

to follow. 
x,»Teti9:x,i^m, f vfS, p. iMt^(y%vy%ttf 

1. a. iMr^(rxv9»^ to put to 

iMiT«iMfi/v, f. fUtoTm^ p, jUxmnuty 

1. a. KMTtiMVTe^ to bura up. 
iMTtutttpLeii^ f. tla-MfAAi^ to be lying" 

or laid down, to recliae, 
lutretacxJiv^ f. ifrtt^ 1. a. tub^inhmrm^ 

to break. 
futT*K.Xit9i^f «io*tf, l.a. x«re»Af<0M, 

to shut up. 
jMer«xA<««, f n»^ p. KetTAH£»?jiccty 

1. ja. inf. pass, xareucXt^ryw^ to 
cause to lie down or incline ; 
pass^ to recline. 

j6«r<e»Ai;e"/4«$, 6u, o, a deluge. 

XMTMKO)»V$t0, S^ f irof^ p. 1UiT9ltM^ 

Xoi6tiKtty 1. a. 9o-«, to follow af-^ 

KurctKo^TM^ f. y}/af^ p, fc«tltiCKsx6(ptCj 
to bfeat, to wound. 

XMTcUCptlfMI^M^ f (rm^ p, tUfU^ifMIMij 

1 a, xp^izfitrct^ to cast down 

KXT^HftfOf, f ifS^ p. Ktire^i»f4fU6y 

to condemn, to pronounce sen- 
tence on. 

fuitttKvptsv^^ f e-of, 1. a, itotrttLv^i' 
tvTct^ to lord it over. 

xetTetXtt^AQaim, f, Xti^l/of4Mt^ p, Kctrt/', 
?iit^»y 2. a. xttrsXet^9V^ 1. to 

seize, to overtake^ to detect; 

2. to receive, to admit. 
xarttXti^m^ f -J^a;, p te,xretXtMi0ot^ 

1. a. KttriXif^ct^ 1. a. pass, »»- 
rtXe((p6n»^ to leave or depart 
from, to leave behind*. 




JM, to stone. 
KmTuxvMM, T#«, t%^ 1. an inn; 2. a 

xmruXfiet^ J', erofj p. xMraXtAVKa^ 

1. a. xurUvrmj 1. to throw 
down, to destroy, to abolish; 

2. to refresh one's self. 
utiT*iiutf$ttf», f, fttiBtiTtf^ p. fttfui0ii' 

IMS, to observe attentively.^ 
tUiTtLfLdprvpim^ «, f. nTm^ p, fU' 

fiJipTofuxm^ to testify against. 
XMTMitMftfi^ for xoLTei jbLifcci X^P'^f) 

alone, by one's self. 
iuc7etf*6i/>LeiTi^af^ f, iVa», to impre- 
cate curses. 

1. a. MMTtftvrtt^ to nod, to beck- 

l.a. «»•», to observe, to consid- 

1. a. pa**. a>^^>', to account wor- 

to tread under foot. 
x«Ti«^fT«o'jiMf, ro$, TO, a curtain, a 

xecTct'JFn^^f. mid. icecTeLVt«fttti^ 2. a. 

K^r/snof, p. act. ««T<tari:r«iMe, 

to swallow. • 

KarecvXtoi^ /. f^Viw, p. ^riVAfv- 

««, 1. a. iMtTfsrAitio-*, to sail 

xttTXTT^vrt^M^ f. la-e/^ p. jcotvefxiwo^- 

rifteiy to sink in or cast into the 

KctrctptltiuMt^ Sfjuci^ 1. a. mid. xxtti- 

petTttfAV*^ p. pas*. KttTnpctfMi^ t(y 

curse, to devote to destruction. 
Kctretpyiei^ «, /. niret, p. KUTupytfKec, 

1. (I. »?o-«, to render unproduc- 
x%rApri^»^ /, io-of^ p. «»T«^r/«*, 

1. a» <«•«. pari. p. pa**. xxTttptt^ 

a-ixlufy 1. to repair; 2. to make 
perfect ; 3. to prepare. 

xmTtt<rxtVM^m^ f. ivtt^ p. xmrtTxt^ 
«»«, 1. a. *9m^ to prepare. 

iM(r«o*»i|f0«, «, yi «^dr, 1. a, x«rf- 
T%iitmT«L^ to rest, to dwell. 

xmx»Tx^^MTi%^ f«(, r, a resting- 
place, a roost. 

xxrautrryiirn^ 3. *. 1. f. from XM^f- 

XtlTtCTTpt^tt, f, ^^W, p. MMTiO-rpt^tt^ 

1. a. 'J'ii, to overturn. 
xuTmTv^tf, f vpS^ p. TiTv^xet^ to 

drag, to carry away by force. 
xetr»9^»^«» or 'tiTr»^ f d^a^ l.a. 

KetTicr^ct^ct^ tO slay. 
»«T*V;g<i#ftf», l.p/. 2. a. suhj.from 

xccTttTt$tif/Li^ f xuTa^irat^ p. xetrct* 

tUtixci^ 2. a. xetrihxetf to lay 

down, to deposite. 
xecTct^w^rMj f, mid, tiypiMi^ 2. a. 

xetri^etycf^ 1. to devOUr ; 2. tO 

iMeT«^/A6«, S^ f, irm^ p. x«T«a-e- 

^UtiKet^ to kiss, to kiss affec-. 

tionately or repeatedly. 

XMteli^pctioi^ 4>, f ^fl^A', p. X^fTtfWf- 

^pi^fixa^ r. a. xttTi^pifite-it^ to de- 

xttrccxs^i f ivcity 1. a. xeersx^*^ ^^ 
pour out. 

if«T«6'v//«;tj#, y. o|i^, 1, a. jt«T«^i/J«, 
to cool. 

xctriec^ccv^ 3. pL 1. a. from xetruya/. 

»«r«tei5», ^. a. from xaruQetom, 

x»Tft?if}pLfAtv9!fj acc, *. ycm. par^ p. 
pass, from x«raAa/t«.C«f<tf. 

x«rf v«»r/, flrf-u. wi^A i^c ^en. over 

xetTtf^ovTiec^ti^ f uTt/^ to exercisc. 

arbitrary authority. 
XATtpxofMCt^ f iXiucrtfuti,^ 2. O. >t«- 

Ti}A<ld», to come or go <Jown, to 
xtcTee-6i»^ imp. xtniiorBidf^ to de- 
vour ; metaph. to seize on. 




KetrloTntrt^ 3, s. 1. a. from xtt^toTU" 

Kur£v6vftg^ f. vfS^ 1. a. xetreu^vveij 
to direct welL "" 

xctrex^^f' »t*^«S«' or xetTccrxi^of^ P' 
xctrio-xn^tt^ 2. a. »«TfV;^;di», 1. tO 

detain, to retain, to keep or 

hold fast; 2. to get possession 

of, to occupy, to take. 
xetrfiycfim^ <?, f, i}c-a>, p. xetrnylfn- 

xK, ] . a. 90*«, to accuse. 
KttT9)y6pU^ etf, ^, an accusation. 
x«ri7y«^««, ov, 0, an accuser. 
x»Tf}pM,ereif^ t, s. 1. a. mwi. Jrowi 

icetTfiTxOf6fT0, 3. p/. imp. pass, 

from xarettcrp^vw, 
xatrviX^M^ », /. ««•«, p. Kctrixricety 

1. a. »jc^«, 1. a. pa*5. x«6t«;cj}^i»», 

to instruct. 
««Ti5-;k;'y4r, y*. uV#r, p, KxrfrxvJtet, tO 

prevail ag'ainst, to prevail. 

xxroixiof^ «y, /l jjo-w, p. i^cer^xviue, 
1. a. ^cflc, to dwellvto dwell in.' 

>w9To/it>;^/«, £«5, r, a dwelling. 

KttTof^ adv, down, below, the bot- 
tom; iV fSv Kctrot (^fiep£f or to- 
WA»» understood)^ from below. 

KetTttTfp^^ adv. comp, under. 

KOtVfl»Tt^0^ f i^Ot^ p. %iytO(,VfJL»TlKet^ 

1. a. c»«t/ji««r/0-«e, 1. a. po^^. 

ec«»At«T<c^f;i», to scorch. 
navcM^^ A»fo$, 0, heat. 
K£jj0«r, tuvo^, 0, iM JoAn, 18. 1, in- 

decL Ce'dron or Kid'ron, a 

small stream near the Mount of 

xHfictt^ imp, iKt 1/4.71*^ f, mid. xiivt- 

fMbi^ part. xei'fc£»0$, 1. to lie, to 

be laid ; 2. to be laid up*; 3» to 

be appointed. 
xtt^U^ «f, r^^ a bandage. 
MxctXvfifihoi^ part. p. pass, from 


xtxXtjxtt^^ pari, p. act. from xetxiaf, 
^fxptcyiy 3. s, p. mid. from xfei^a. 

xixpvfifilf^q^ part. p. pass, from 


xtXtifM^ f crtt^ p. xfxi?igvxet, 1. a. 

fx/A€t;c-<t, to bid, to command. 
xivoi, «, 0v, empty, without having* 

obtained any thing. 
xnrvpim^ mof, «, a centurion, or 

officer ox>er a hundred men. 
xipectx^ rf$, ^, the extremity or 
^smallest line of a letter, a tittle., 

xe^etfAsvi^ /«$, Jitt. iat^, o, a potter. 
KtpJifjLiiit^ 0», T0, an earthen vessel. 

xipaef4,oi, oV) ^^ a tile. 

xf/9<i?, r0$, T0, a horn, the emblem 

' 9f power and glory among the 

xt^tiriof^ 01;, t0, the pods of the 
carob tree, which are sometimes 
eaten by the poorest people in 
Palestine and Syria. 

xcpScttvof^ f ttfS and nT^futi^ p. xt- 
xipStsxet, 1. a. ixepStjirx, to gain. 

xi^fiet^ r0$, Td, small money, 

xepiuLeiTto-riii, 0y, 0, a dealer in 
small money, a money-changer* 

xt^etXcttcofy £^ f uo-of, to wound in 
the head. 

xf^tfAi, ^f, i^, the head. 

«ii»c*««5 «f, 0, a tax, a tribute. 

x^»-0«, 0t;, 0, a garden. 

xti^ovpyof^ ow, 0, a gardener. 

fci^pi9v^ 6v, T0, a honey -comb. 

xipvyfA^^ T05, T0, an exhortation, a 

xfipuTTM or 'TTa^f. ^t^^ p. xtxripvx*^ 
\. a. ixYipv^et* pa^s. xvpoo-Tofictij 
f vx^»i<roji4Mt^p. x§x'»jpvyf4.ett^ 1. a. 
sxiffvx^7}9 • to prgclaim, to pub- 
lish, to teach, to preach. 

ic^r0$, f0f, 0v$, Td, a large fish, a 

K9p««, «, 0, Cephas, the surname 
of one of the two Simons ; the 
same in the Aramasan or Syro* 
Chaldee language a^ niTp$^ in 




1. a. UtfihtvTm^ to be in dan- 

W'vrii, to move, to shake. 
u*9nTt%^ tt^it if> niotion. 
iKA«J«(t «v, •, a branch. 

r»A«vr4i, 1. to weep ; 2. to be- 

«>««*/(, f«^ ^9 a breaking. 

jeA^V^nr, r#«, Td, a fragment 

%?iuv0ft^i, 9^, •, weeping. 

»A«« or «A«^«r, y. <i«-Ar, p. »<jcA«- 

sMi, l.a. iTxAflco-*, t9 break. 

ifcAfiS, ^d?, ir, OCC. pL nXttiMiOrxKiTi^ 

a key. 

uXitM, f. tle-tift p. icf»A#/jMr, 1. ct. 
£»Xtio-et' 1. a. p€W*. UXiiv'itit, p, 
pass. »iit?itto-iitmt * to shut 

KAe«9r«e$, *, •, Cle'opas. 

•tAixTf^, •», 0, a thief. 

jftAfVrj^, /. ^J'Ar, p. «/«A«^«, 1. a. 

i»xe4'M^ to steal* 
«A90«i(, par^. 1. a. pres. find 
Mfin^i-i 2. *. 1. a. «*6;, pa^*, from 


xA^fttf, ra^, ri, a branch or shoot, 

particularly of ike vine, 
ii&A9^«ii«^f «4 «, /. io'^f'i p. Ksjchv^^i- 

ILfiMty 1. a. Uxn^otofajTMy to ob- 
tain, to inherit 
u.}at^9f^ot^ «$, 11; a possession, an 

«A9^«fdfM$, «t/, 0, an heir. . 
xPajfi^ 0v, 0, a lot. 
*AvtW, ii9 i»^ called. 
xXtCmvcSf 0v, 0, anx)v'en« 
xAiW «(, 17, a bed, a couch. 
»A/ffi'/d9, 0p, 70, a little bed or 

xA/va^, y. »A/»«, p. xr«Af)e«, 1. «. 

IfxXifPt^ 1. to lay down, to bow 
- down ; 2. to dedine. 
#lAfc•^c, 0t$, ir, a company, a row of 

persons reclining. 

xAciJi^, «f0(^ •, the tossing of the 

KA#irS«, «, 0, eontracted/rom 1U«- 

0ir«(, Clopas. 
jM/>«vnK, 0v, 0, a smaU brass eotn, 

<A« , Roman quadrans ; its value 

was sc^,Mhing less than ka^a " 

x0<Ai«, «(, ^, 1. the belly ; 2. the 

X0f/Mi«0, S, f tow, p. xtift/uaneM^ to 
' put to sleep ; pass. xatfittufuiMt^ 

HfdMI^ f X)»lf*ai$^*ll4At, p. 1tt»6(' 

' foniiMj 1. a. ftMf/u#M, to sleep, 
to fall asleep ; metaph. to be 

«•//«*••/€, f •'s, r, repose. 

ic0iv««, 4, )f, unclean. 

x^tfotf, £, f. itrtf^ p, ictMlftncet^ 1. 
a, IWy«9'«, to defile. 

«0/y4V9^(, ov, 0, 1^, a partner, a com- 

«0/t9, 9f, ^, a bed. 

iM»itiV0<, 9, •!, scarlet 

»0»jt0$, 0v, 0, a grain. 

xixuTi^^ f 4V(, n, punishment 

MXm^l^tt, f. iTm^ p. xfX0A0(^i«4c, 1. 
a. iK6Xti<piTM, to strike with the 

s0AA4«r, «, /I ^0"4», p. KfjtoAA^Mft, 1. 

a, pass, l«0AAif^9i', to cleave to, to 
join one's self to. 

f60AA«C<o^i{, 05, 0, a money-chang- 
er. ^ , # 

iMAtfCotf, «v, y*- iv»'#, p. Ktx^XiQmxMf 
i, a. f»0Aa^#0"«, 1. a. pass, fjMA0-. 
Cwdvv, to shorten. 

K0Aff'0«, 0f;, •, 1. the bosom; 2. the 


Mft^^of^f, t9-it, Att #•, p. KsitofMnmj 
1. a. Ixifjutret^ 1. a. mtd. iiMt^wti' 
pm^ 1. to bring ; 2. m»d. to re- 
ceive, to recover. 

xo/4,^cTtp6f^ adv, comp. from ««/4- 




^Sf^ better; MfiyJ/irt^ef t^ttf^ 
to grow better, to recover. 

M, /. ir«>, p. 


to whiten. 
UMUfrli^ •», 0, dust* 
K»?Pil^0f^ f, «^«f, p. Ke»07r»xu^ 1 . a. 

l»oV«0*<(, toi cease, to become 

«•▼!«#, «, /. ««'#, p. XfXO^AcMft, 

1. a. fxdTiW«, 1. to toil ; 2. to 
be weary, to be spent. 
x«^««, tfv, 0, 1. labour; 2. trouble, 

jtoTTAT, y. ^^«, p. itiz»0My 1 • a. f «d- 

^f/M, to cut down or off; mid. 

K^ff-royMfti, y. Ko^»fimi^ 1. a. ci&d- 

^«fA«y, p. «i»«^a6, to mourn, to 

jtipet^, oLM%^ 0, a raven. 
jM^MO'/gf, 0v, r«, a damsel. 
iufQ»9^ Heb. indecL corban, a gift 

dedicated to God. 
K^pQctfZiy «, #, the sacred treasury. 
X4^«(, dv, 0, the cor or homer, a 

Jewish measure^ equal to about 

15 bushels. 

a. Uocr/AtjTet^ 1- to embellish, to 

adorn; 2. to trim, to put in 

xiTftci^ dw, •, 1. the universe ; 2. 

the «arth ; 3. mankind ; 4. the 

world, in a bad sense, consider^ 

ed as wicked^ or transitory ; 6. 

the many, the multitude. 
jMtffu, cumi, Heb. indeel, arise ! 
iuvtrrmiU^ ««, ^^ a guard of soU 

ici^n^i, tfv, 0, a basket, a pannier. 
xf i(CC«r«$, •», 0, a couch. 
*f*?*') /• {^i !• <*• ««^«|« O'nd f*f- 

«^«{«, p. mtd. xUpmymy to cry 

%fen^tikif, 9$, 17, carousii^. 
»;«»<•», ov, T^, a skull. 


KftlvTshf^ d». To, the fringe of a» 

robe. ♦ 
ie^«r«ioAr, <?, y. «0-«, p. xtxpmrttltt' 

xcc, to Strengthen ; pai«. to 

grow strong. 

xfxrim^ £^ f, jJca>, p. icfs^«ti9x«, 1. 
a. i»^#Tufffli, 1. to lay hold on, 
to take ; 2. to retain, to hold 

x^AriTT§i^ «, df, most excellent. 

xpttrcf^ toi, o»5, »«, strength ; by me-' 
ton, a mighty deed. 

x^ttvyu^tf^ /. «Ta», p. xfx^«tfV«»«, 
1. a, ixfovyeto-et^ to cry out. 

ic^«»vi, ~5, i, a shout. 

xftfM9t, <?, /. «o-«, to hang ; mid, 
metaph. to depend on, to be 
contained in. 

xp9/ii4aUf •v^ i a precipice. 

xpt07Jmt^ 1. a^inf. pass, from xplta, 

xpi$ifi, «, 9f, made of barley. 

xftfuM^ Td^, Ti, 1. judgment; 2; 
condemnation; 3. punishment. 

ic^mv, •», Ttf, a lilv. 

x(i»A», y. »«, p xixptKtt^ 1. o. r«^i- 
»« ; paj5. xpitcfieti^ f Bi<raf€cn^ p. 
xixufMLt^ 1. a. ixptinf^ 1. to 
judge, to decide ; 2. to con- 
demn ; 3. to punish. 

xpitrti^sMi, ,J, 1. judgment; 2. con- 
demnation ; 3. punishment ; 4. 
righteousness ; 5. the judgment 
or inferior council^ the Court 
of Seven. 

fcfirlis, ej, d, a judge. 

xfxitt^ f, 6-<tf, p xixpovxat, 1. a. 
ixp6verx^ to knock, to knock at 

»^»TT««, «, «», secret, hidden. 

xfvTTtt^ f, ^/^fl^, p. xixpv^a, 1, O. 
txpvyj/it* pass. xpuvt^ftMt^ p. »f- 
xfvfcfieit^ 1 . a. gjfc^«;^^j»f, 2 a. f je^i(- * 
C^y, 2. a. tn/I xfitZfiim • to hide^ 
to conceal. 

xraofiai^ if/uti, f, xtrfrd^i, p. pctf^. 
iee»r9/K«<, 1. a. fxrvr^^F, 1. tO 
acquire, to obtain, to buy ; 2. 
to keep, to preserve. 




xt^fM^ T0(, r«, a possession, an es- 
•Tfjf§i^ f«f, ro, an animal, especially 

a beast of burden. 
»r/(f4», f. iV*f, p. txrtxMj 1. a. «•«, 

to create. 
jtriVff, f «rf, ^ the creation ; by 

synecdoche^ mankind. 
nvKXiofj £^ f, mTot, p, xtxuxX^xm^ 

1. a. ixoxKttfrtt^ to encircle, to 

xux?i^^for h »v»A^, wed adverbial' 

/y, around. 
kvXiofj f, tTtt^ p, xtxyXixM^ 1. a, 

ixvXtret^ to roll. 

xf AA^(, «, )y, crippled, maimed, de- 

xSfitc^ r#4, r J, a wave. 

xifitt^f^ 9v^ T0, ^^e ^er6 cumin. 

xvf«ipt«f^ tv, T«, a cur. 

xifitxv^f, "^m^ 1. o. \xv^(t,^ to stoop. 

Kt/^«f«##^, ot», 0, a Cyrenaean, or in- 
habitant of Cyre'ne. 

Kvpiviof^ av, 0, Quiri'nus. 

xv^tivu^f, tvTtf^ p, xtxvfittvxa^ I. a. 
ixvpi^fVTx^ to domineer over. 

xtf^/0$, ot;, «, 1. a master, an own- 
er ; 2. a teacher ; 3. the Lord ; 
xvpii^ Sir. 

x6»f^ xvvog^ and ir, a dog. 

xuXvof, f, UTM, p. xsxetXvxtt^ i . a, 
ixvXvTct^ 1. to hinder, to for- 
bid ; 2. to withhold. 

tJiu-v, 9(, ^, 1. a village ; 2. a small 

^fic^^XiSt to»ii 17, a town. 

xi^ti'^^ •sTd^, «, ,r, a gnat. 

K«0'«it«, •, Cosam, indecL 

)^«^0$, ji, 0f, 1. deaf; 2. dumb; 3. 
making deaf or dumb. 

i(?Mxo9, 1. to cast lots; 2. to ob- 
tain by lot. 
Ad^tcpti^ •Vj 0, Lazarus. 

A«^^«, privately, secretly. 

AflnA*^^, «65re|, ^, a tempest. 

A«Ar«, «r, y. no-ar, p. A; A^AviMe • Jl 
pass, A«A9^«V«^«^ par^. 1 . a. A«- 
XfihU' 1. to speak, to answer, 
to converse ; 2. to tell, to de- 

A«A<«, «(, j^, 1. account, that which 
is spoken ; 2. dialect, manner 
of speaking. 

A«A<^ or XAftfuc^ Heb. inded. why ? 

A«^C«f«, yi Xr^^of^utt^ p, AcA9^«, 

.^tt *&9^«, 2. a. f A«Cof, 2. a. 
mic?. i?M^i/Mif^ 1. to take, to 
catch, to be ambitious of, to 
seize, to assume, to take away ; 
2. to receive, to obtain, to re- 
sume ; meiaph, to assent to, to 
believe ; 3. to bear ; Xxft^ifstf 
TT^oerttvof^ to accept the person, 
to be partial. 

Aufitx, 0, Lamech, indech 

AtfAt^«$, «Jo(, r, a lamp. 

Xetf^'srph'^ a, d», 1. shining; 2. 

XetfiwpSf^ splendidly. 

XecfLTM^ f, i^^m^ 1. a. fA«i»4'«, tO 

shine, to give light 

Xfib^^iftt^f, Aiio-o.«t«/, p. AfA«tf«, 1. 

a. f A«^0v, to be hidden. 
A«|ei;rd$, «, jv, hewn out of stone^ 

or in a rock. 
A«0«, et^, 0, a people, a nation ; 

2. the people, the multitude. 
XttrcfjLttt^ a, f, ifO-AT, p. XnXmrofMixtt^ 

1. a. ixxrofMi^ot.^ to hew in a 

rock or from stone. 
Afl6T;«i«, Of, ^, religious service. 

Xetrptvii^ f, tvo-at^ p. XsXtirpfvxtt, !• 

a. ixirpswa^ to worship. 
A«;c«»««', d*', f «, an herb, a plant. 
xix^'f^h !• />'• 2. a. ««y. /rom 

AtQQeuti^ ov, 0, Lebbaeus. 
A<yftf»f, dTrd?, 0, a legion. 
Aiv«) f- ^tf**? />• A«Af;c*- L to 
speak, to say ; 2. to speak of; 




3. to caljL or name ; 4. to inter- 

XtUi^ ct^ •!, smooth, even. 

?a{frtt^ f, i^<tf, p. AtfiU^x^ p. mid, 
}<iXoiirei^ 2. a. fA<9ro», to be 

^ittrcv^yU^ «$, ^, a public minis- 
tration or service. 

Ai»T/«w, 01/, To, a napkin. 

^ix-pet^ «(, ^, the leprosy. 

Ai»^o$, otf, »> a leper. 

AfiTT^f, oif, TO, a mite, the smallest 
coin among the Jews. 

Af(/i, indecL and Atvi;^ o, ace, i% 

Aft>iT?j$, ow, «, a Levite. 

Mvxm^tiy f, 0tf£^ 1. a. cA£vx«ty«, to 
' whiten. 

Af 0X0$, «, ^y, white. 

Aijfo«, oy, 4, a wine vat, or the lake 
under the wine press ; common* 
ly^ the wine press itself. 

A^^o$, 01/, 0, an idle tale. 

A?i«"T4f, oy, 0, a robber. 

Ai«ir, very, very much, exceed- 

Aibcevo$, ov, 0, frank mcense. 
A/^tf^w, y. M^AT, p. Af Ai<^«iM(, 1 . a. 

ixi6et<r»^ to stone. 
}j6tifoi, ij, o», marfc o/" stone. 

Ai<)oCoAf«», «, y*. ^o*6J, p. AfAldoCo'Aif- 

»s, to stone. 

aAo$^ Of/, 0, a stone. 

X{$o(rrpMT«f^ Of/, TO, a marjble pave- 

Xucfitiv^ », /. «o*^, p. A£A/»/t£.fl«*, to 
grind to powder. 

A/><.f«, ITS, ^, a lake. 

Aijito(, ovy 0, 1. hunger; 2. famine. 

Aivov, ov, .T0, flax, hymeton, a wick. 

^iirptc^ «(, 17, a pound. 

Aoyi^o/Mt/, /. ia-^fMt^ to reason ; 
pass,/. Aovfo-^ijo-o/ceot/, to be num- 
bered or reckoned. 

AJyo«, ot/, #, 1. a word, a saying; 
2. discourse, instruction, doc- 
trine, commandment; 3. an ac- 

count, a narrative, a rumour; 
4. an account, a reckoning ; 5. 
a reason, a cause ; 6. a thing, a 
fact ; 7. THE WORD, John^ 1.1,^ 
/^^7Xv^ w? V^ ^ spear. 

?<Ol^0^i0f^ £^ f, im^ p, Xs)iBlSop9J»X, 

' 1. a. /Ao/Jo;9o*«, to rail against. 

Aeifto$, otf, 0, pestilence. 

Ao/Ti$, jir, o», the rest ; t^ ?(6tT9v^ 

adverbially^ still, even now. 
Aow», y*. Aovo-^, p. AfAoi/«ie, 1. (L 

cAovcfls, to wash. 
Ae/ico^, ov, 0, a wolf. 
Av?rfOjtM8/, oft^/t«.«<, J5«w^. y*. AwTvftJo-o- 

ftui^ 1. a. fAv9r^^9f, 1. to be 

grieved ; 2. to be angry. 
Awwv, IK, ^, grief, sorrow. 
At/ff-o^v/tf^, Of, 0, Lysanias. 
A«/T<TfAiA», *, /. fo-*^, p. vfcci^ to be 

profitable, advantageous. 
Ae/r^oy, ov. To, a ransom. 
At/T^ow, », /. Jo-AT, p, XsXvrpmuc^ 

pres. inf. mid. XurftZo-Betty to ^fi- 

deem, to deliver. 
xirptto'iq^ f A>(, ^, redemption^ de»> 

Ai/:^v<x, «$^ «, a lamp-stand. 
Ay;k^vo«, ot/, 0, a lamp. 
Aoiw, y. o-», p. ?ii?ivicet, 1. o. fA«/o*fl6, 

1. to loose, to unbind; 2. to 

determine not to be obligatory, 

a Chaldaism ; 3. to break, to 

violate, to make void; 4. to 

Airy 0, Lot, indecL 


M««0, 0, Maath, indecL 
MocyJ«A<«, ij, Mag'dala, a place on 

the western shore of the sea of 

Galilee^ not far from Capema- 

MttySmXufi, rjiy ^, a Magdalene, or 

woman of MagdaUu 
fiay^iy ot/, 0, a Magian, a philosor 




pher of ike Magian religion ; a 
magiciao, Aci$^ 13. 6. 

1. a. i^«A4iirfir0-«, 1. to be a 
disciple ; 2. to make a disciple, 
to instruct 

im$nt^^ ti^ •, a disciple. 
Mti$«vra)M^ i, Methosalah, inded.* 
M«iy«F, •, Menan, indecl. 
fuUffiMiy f. •vft*t, p. mid* fjLiftfi^fiL^ 
to be mad. 

fMUMt^Af, / |V«, Alt tSj p. ftifUl^ 

xm^fttj to call faappj. 

fiaKd^iH-f »• •', happy, blessed. 

^Mx^^f, far off, at a distance. 

ftMKf00t9, from far, far off. 

fut%pA$vfiim^ S^ f, im^ p. fcfM«»^«- 
06fum^ 1. to have patience, to 
forbear ; 2. to delay, to defer. 

fUuc^H^ u, it, 1. distant ; 2. long ; 
fubxpk ^p9trtv^^fLff0t^ making 
long prayers. 

fitc)MKttc<i ««, r, bodily infirmity. 

^MiMvW, w, oi'* soft, delicate. 

M«Af Af«\ «, Male] eel, indecL 

jtulfAA«y, o^. comp. /rom /tucAtf, 
more, rather. 

M«A;^d$, 09, tf, Malchus. 

M«t«t4fv«$, «, 0, 1. Mammon, ^^e 
Syrian god of Wealth ; 2. rich- 

M«9«0'0^r(, 17, •, Matiasseh. 

ftMf^dfgf^ f pUtH^tfJLeU^ p» f4,if4MBl9»»^ 

2. a. tfM0pf^ to learn. 
/My»«, T j, manna, indecL 
iM^yfivfn^ «», •, a pearl. 
Mmp0u^ ««, ^, Martha. 

Mapiu, «$, 1}, and hietpicifA^ ^^indecL 

ftMprv^^ vpHj «, a witness. 

iM, 1. a. ifutpTupn^et^ to bear 

witness, to testify. 
fMprvf/m^ «K, ^, a testimony. 
ftMprufi^f, tv, ri, a testimony. 

y#»it«, to scourge. 

f^^'{, <y«<» i?» 1* a scourge ; S. 

6^ ineton, a grievous disease. 
^ci»o-r0(, «S, •, the breast, the pap. 
futrvt, in valo. 
M«r^«i«f, «v, ^, Mat'thew. 
M«T^^v, 0, Mat' than. indecL 
M«r#ier, 0, Mat'that, indecl, - 
M«rr«^«, 0, Mat'tatha, intiec/. 
M«rr<e^f««, ov, •, Mattathi'as. 
/ua;^«/^«, «k, «, a sword. 

to contend. 
ftfy«Acr0(, f ««, f7of, great, wonder- 

/Mcy^fcAf 10^9$, nyrof, ly, glorious pow- 
er, majesty. 

f«fV«Ayf«, y. »»», p. fitftcyMXtfyxm 
1. to make large ; 2. to magni- 
fy, to celebrate. 

/^y«K, /(ay«Air, fMy«, 1. large, nu- 
merous; 2. great, powerful, 

fAtytertSifii^ 4^v, •!, lords, persouf 
of high rank. 

f*t$t^ftn9svtiy /. r«, p. »«, to inter- 

Atftfif, 9«,i7, drunkenness. 

pkt^iTtiifM or pLtito^tltm^ f. puTt^ 
o-rtia'at^ p, fuBi^Tviaj to remoye| 
to displace. 

/M0epi09^ •», 7), tn (i^e plural, the 
borders, the confines. 

fJLtBoTKM^ f PTM^ p, fUfM^Vuk^ iO 

make drunk. 
fuivM^ f yrtf, p, fAtfdBvxM^ 1 • to 

drink freely ; 2. to be drunk. 
P^tl^nf, «yo$, «, 17, comp.from fAty^% 

I. greater ; 2. the greatest 
fuAtfs, «ir«, «y, black. 
MUc«(, «, e, Mele'a. 
/icfAfi, imjjcrs. imp, tfJLtXt^ f ptitPJi- 

cti^ p, j^r/ttf Aiyjte, there is care 

for, it concerns. 
puXeTKOf^ », /. ij<r«, p, fiuiAiXitntm^' 

to premeditate. 
fuAj, <r«^ ri, honey. 




fuxl^m^ /'V) 09 beloDglog to 

^f AAat, imp. </»«AX«», /. fuXX'^iTM or 

9^f4Mt^ to be about to do a thing ; 

part, /u.fAA«», •tie*, dF, future, 

what is to come. 
/u.sA«$, f o(, tfvf, ro, a member 0/* the 

M£A;^f, «, Melchi. 
lAtfittBviKmi^ part. p. from fMf- 

fiLit^ indeed, truly ; /u.€f ...^ ^i , one 

fi$99uf or fittf 9Vff \. and indeed, 
further, moreover; 2. where- 
fore. .^ 

/Mcvdofyf, yea rather. 

fu' yr«< or /tttv r«f, yet. 

/»/w, y. fif»«», /). fMfttfnic^ 1. to 
remain, to stay, to dwell ; 2. to 
last ; 3. to persevere. 

(itfl^m^ f, icrti^ p, ftifchtittt^ 1. a* 
ift4ptTu; pass. fAtfi^^fiati^ p, fit-* 
fiipiTfitMi., 1. a. ifctfMijf ; to di- 

fjptftf^t^ «(, ^, care, anxiety. 

to be anxious. 

fM^i«, /l^«j, ij, a part, portion. 

fiffMO'n^f, 0^^, «, a divider. 

f^tf^ «Hy^vh T^, 1. a part, a por- 
tion ; 2. a lot, fellowship, des- 
tiny ; /t«V*, r«, the region or 

fttv^fVKTff^ i«v, r), midnight. 

fuTH^ 9, •», the middle, the midst. 

fMW'00^ 4v, to be in the middle or 

MiTv-ioi, «ci, 0, the Messiah, the 

f^'^Ui i? ^ full. 

(M«r«, /MI7*, an(/ f^t^^ nnth the gen. 
with, among; vnth the accua. 

* after. 

fMTa^mlfm^ f fii^9ftatt, p, fMTttSi' 
SnKM^ 2. a. /i«f rf ?«y, 2. a. ttnpero^. 

fttriStj^t^ to pass over, to re- 
move, to deparU 

fi,iTahSm f* ^•«'*'> p» S^iSmieM^ tO 

impart. • 
fitrett^M^ f. »pS^ p. ripcb^ to depart. 
fitTetjitixpfAxi and 'UfJMt^ «wjic«;, f. 

f4,i?ii9$nirofMti^ p. fJLefJLiXnfMLt^ 1. a. 

f4,tTtfAi)^6nf^ to repent. 

fcop^aKo^ to transfigure, to 
fUTeufpgof^ «, y. if ra^ jo. fAtrttuvimiut^ 

1. to reform ; 2. to repent. 
Hgr€C96tti^ «5, (J, 1. reformation; 

2. repentance. 

fb£r»|tf, adv, with the gen, be- 
tween ; if rm /lUTM^v {xf^^^ 
understood)^ in the mean time. 

/i*6Tfl6c*T«60», 1. *. 1, a. suhj. pass, 
from fieSiP^^fiLt. 

ftertei^t^ofMU^ mid. to be anxious, 

fuT^titscU^ «$, r, a carrying away, 
transportation, used of the ex- 
ile to Babylon, 

f^^ir^x^iy Of, 0, a partner, aa asso- 

1. a. ffAtTpijira^ to measure. 

^r^^rii^, «!?, 0, the metretes or 
j^^^ic amphora ; a measure of 
uncertain capacity^ but probably 
the same with the Jewish bath, 
which is estiinated at 13^ gal- 

/^oy, dcr, r), 1. a measure ; 2. 

t^ix^' or M'fXP^ii ^ '^^ ^^ ^«^« 'Jn- 

^, 1. not ; 2 lest ; 3. interroga- 
tively^ whether? numi an? 

fiiiye, see under ti. 

fMiis, nor, neither, not even. 

/t*«J«i5, finiipfl^^ fMiSlf^ no one, 
none ; neut. nothing ; adverbi- 
ally {Kt^rk understood)^ not at 




fc«»f ri, no more, no longer. 
ftuijcuufituy micL from fc«»»v#, to 

lengthen, to grow op. 
fiif, uiy i, a month. 
|t«pv4^, /. yrif, p. futfiifVM, 1. a. 

ipnijvvirm^ to point Out, to signi- 

^7x«rf, 1. lest at any time, lest ; 

2. whether. 
ftin, neither, nor, not even. 
/tiyr^f , if 99, fU» ii a mother. 
|(^r/, whether? /^ answers to 

num quid ? wum ? nonne ? 
fuirii^ Tif^^ any one ? 
ftiyr^flj, ««, ^, the womb. 
iMctlftty f. fM»f£, p, tuiJ»y*t^ 

1. a. tti6;. pcu«. f44»y$S^ to defile, 
to render unclean. 

^y/K«, TH) r«> a mixture. 

ifAtiJtf, to mix. 
tt,iicf\i,»^ Of, 1. small, short; 2. 
the less or younger ; fttxph^ 
neut, ahsoL 1. a little while ; 

2. a short distance ; comp. /iti- 
KppTtf^i^ the least. 

ftlxfy^ ov, r«) a mile. 

fiiVUtj m^ f. i<r0^ p. ftf/^/fl^jMt, 1. a. 

ifuTiio^»^ 1. to hate ; 2. to love 

less than sotne other person or 

filtrBtoi^ !•», 0, ^, or /»t/^^/««, /«, 109, 

a hireling, a hired servant. 

fUvSiofiMl^ OVfMttj mid, f, ttT^fMI^ 

|. a, ff*,iT$MTM/itif^ to hire. 
fuT$\f^ oS, #, wages, reward. 
fLta'$0r9f^ ov, 0, a hireliog, a hired 

servant. /**! 
^f«, /AfZi^ ij, a pound. 
/tfac/4,eit^ SfAett^ /. /k.»i}0-0^«r, p. ft/ft- 

fv/Mtt^ 1. a. ifitnTfivu to remem« 

ber, to call to mind. 
^Kf^/tttf, r0«, T0, a sepulchre. 
ft»9ftci0% ov, TO, a sepulchre. 

fLVUfM¥t40, f. lyfrtt^ p. ftdlMflftlftVlM^ 

to remember, to recollect. 
fft^nfiirvvof^ cvj T0, a memorial* 

MffrrffMfMN, mid. y. ton/mt, 1. c. 
paw. ifcvumvint^ to be betroth- 

fayiA«A««, •&, 0, «, having an im- 
pediment in the speech. 

ft0yi(, scarcely, hardly. 

MidHj •»> •, a measure ybr com, 
4*c. the modius; tt contained 
about a peck, 

f40f;(^«Ai$, thiy jy, adulterous. 

fC0/;(^«0ft«i, «^t«i, /. ir^fMU^ p. /ttff- 

fiA$X^fiu$y to commit adultery. 
ftstxtt*^ ««, J?, adultery. 

fUtX9O0yf. IUT»^ p. fltflOtZtVM, 

1. a. ifioix^vTct^ to commit adul- 
tery, to commit adi^^ry with. 

f^'xW, •«*« 0, an adulterer. 

f«*<^) ^<i «9 ^ mansion, an abode. 

^ir07f»i«, f0f, 05«, «, 17, 1. the only 
bom ; 2. the peculiarly belov- 

/K090V, only. 

/K0y0f , 9, 09, alone ; unfruitful, John, 
12. 24. 

ftAu^B»A(jLHi •v^ ^5 jy, having but 
one eye. 

f««^f «) ^€» ^ form) outward appear*- 

M'i^X^ii 0ti, and 1^, a calf. 

ftt>Ai»0$, i, ^9, belonging to a mill. 

/u.»A0(, 0t/, 0, a mill-stone.^ 

/uvA«9, «90$, 0, a mill-house. 

ftvpiif^ uici, 17, a myriad, an in- 
numerable multitude. 

fivpi^M^ f, /r«r, p. fcc/Mv^iMi, to 
anoint with precious ointment. 

fwptcty «i, «, ten thousand. 

fiofot^ 0v, r0, precious ointment. 

fiv9^tifff^ 0ti, ri, a mystery, a se- 

f4Mp»n0,f,itf£^ p. fufMi^^yxtt^ 1. a. 
«u6;. p£us. f4Mfm%tu^ to make in- 
sipid; ptw*. to become taste- 
less, insipid. < 

f*MfU^ «, 09, 1. foolish ; 2. a vile 

MA»0iH9 /'«'$> •} Moses. 




N»*o-o'if, •, Naasson,tne7ecZ. 

N«yyai, Nagge, indecL 

Nu^apgB and Net^etfir, r, Nazareth^ 

a city in lower Galilee^ indecL 
N«^«f «»i^, oy, «, a Nazarene. 
Nec^Mpxiog^ dt;, o, a Nazarcnc. 
N«^<3sy, «, Nathan, indecL 
llcc6xf»iiX, 0, Nathanael, indecL 
f«M, yes, indeed, truly. 
NflcVv, sj, Nai'n, indecL 
f«05, «», ^/<. veoi^ «, a temple. 
NflscojK., 0, Naijm, indecL 
ttipSof^ •», ^, spikenard. 
N<«;eiJ^, «, ^achor, indecL 
uacncKOf^ 0t/, 0, a young man. 
Nefju.«», 0, Na'aman, indecl, 
vtKpU^ ^y dv, dead. 
»eo$, «f, #», new. 
u6To-oi^ 0v, 0, a young bird. 
feoTfif', »JT«$, ^, youth. 
wt/<», y. cr«j, p. .tn€VK»^ to beckon, 

to signify by a nod. 
u^ixif}^ «5, ly, a cloud. 
Nf^tf«A«#/t6, », Neph'thalim or 

Nepth'thali, indecL 
utSrepo^y «, «i>, comp.from »?«{, the 


fi$^«r, y. Vfta-tf^ p. f /yi}»«, tO spin. 

y«^/0$,' /ot/, 0, a babe ; metaph, an 

unlearned person. 
Nw^i, «, Neri, indecL 
99iO'T titty «$, 1^, fasting. 


fasting, hungry. 
viJctiMy £^ f, ^fs'at^ p, venxuKet, to 

HixeiiifMff ov, 0, Nicodemus. 
»ii60$, «05, ov$, Td, victory. 
Nmviy ijy Nineveh, the ancient 7/ic- 

tropolis of Assyria^ indecL 
Nif<»?T«$, 6Vy «, a Ninevite. 
vt^rip^ ijpdy 0, a basin, 
f/jTTftr, /. 4'«'5 /?• »/Nf «, 1. a. Iffl- 

^«» mid, ffrrcfittiy f. ^eftiMi, 

1. a. ht'4^uiu.iif • to wash. 
tcUy ^t f> i^.^i p* vnotjxeiy 1. tO 

consider; 2. to understand. 
»«fti, vh j, pasture. 
vofti^afy f. ivet^ p, n^ifAixa^ 1, a. 

ivopttTdy to suppose, to think. 
V0fci»0f , 0v, 0, a teacher of the ItaiW 

of Moses. 
fifJUTfjLety T0f, T0, a coin. 
fojMSt3"dTic»Xoiy 0ti, 0, a teacher of 

the law of Moses, 
fJfMiy 0v, 0, 1. a law ; 2. the law 

of Moses / 3. the scriptures of 

the Old Testament. 
»0O"0f, 0w, ^, a disease. 
foro-ttcy «$, ^, a brood o/* young 

Mctf-iof, 0t;, T^, a chiiiken. 
voTo^y 0t;, 0, l.Hie south wind; 2. 

the south country, 
nvvex^i, wisely, discreetly. 

10?$, V0d(, yo'f, V0e;v, 0, or 100$, *6V(f 

0t;, 0, the mind. 

fofi^fjy t$, r, 1. a bride; 2. a 

fVfA^to^y ev, 0, a bridegroom. 

fvf*^a¥y £if6s, 0, a bridal chamber. 

w», j3i^ »t/F#, now, but now, a 
short time ago ; mtto vu vZf 
(^Kottptu understood)^ from this 

if^l, »i/«T05, ^, night. 

^v(rr«,t^»^f, «|w, p. i^fvia^racpgiae, 1. a. 
ifoTTx^A, to nod with drowsi- 

ftfTTdj or foo-o-^tf, f |«», JO. fivjx^y 
to pierce. 

N«f, 0', Noah, indecL 

!«»«, «, e>, or |6W5, •v, 0, a stran- 
^gtmiij •«, 0', a pitcher. 
\nptth»^ f. «nv, p. mpayxa^ p. 




pas9. i^ipmfkfAttt^ 1. a. iin^fin9y 

to dry up, to wither. 
|i^i«, «, i», dry, withered ; ^ |«^ 

{yij understood), the dry land. 
li^Atf, •&, r^, 1. a tree ; 2. a cluh. 


0, 1^ r), the ; • /mi f....# Jr, one.... 
another, or the other. 

•V^MXtfvrtf, 01, «i, r«, eighty. 

iy^60i, jj, «», the eighth. 

«^f , ii^f, ro^f , he, she, it ; this. 

oituif^ f. tuTif, p. iitv%m^ to jour- 
ney, to travel. 

iSvyiff^ *, /. ii<^«», p* i^VfiM^ to 
lead, to guide. 

iifiyli^ •«», «, a guide. 

•J«i;;r«^/«, K«, ^, a journey. 

•^;, dv. 4? 1* SI waf, a road ; 2. a 
journey ; 3. metaph^ a religion 
or doctrine. 

tfjtfuf, «yrtf$, ^, a tooth. 

afflict, to tormeat. 

«^t^0iu^$, dtl, 0, wailing, lamenta- 

•o^iW, •v^ », Uzzi'ah. 

to have an offensive smell. 

ih^, 1. whence; 2. wherefore. 

0$eii6f, ov, Td, a linen cloth^ a hand- 
age. ^^ 

•Ttfflc, p. mid, from fi^«», or liJ/nr, 

uKtrvi'i 0t;, 0, a servant. 

dix/flp, •s?, ^, 1 . a house ; 2. a 

household ; 3. by meton. goods, 

«<x/«K«$, hy ov, or ciictetK9q^ •?, 0, one 

of a' household. 
«i}c6^£0*7ror^, •&, «, the master of a 


^iKoSoibLiot^ a» f, iv8i^ p. (pMSifMixxt^ 
1. a. «<7*«, 1. a. pa«^. 4^9*, to . 

•iimJo^, 5*, ij, a building, an edi- 

to be a steward. 
•InsufLttt^ «f, ir, stewardship. 
•In^fifus^^ fv, «, a steward. 
•<«««, 0tr, •, 1. a bouse ; 2. a seat, 

a dwelling-place ; 3. a family ; 

4. lineage, posterity, 
•|x«o/MfV«, «c, ^, (y^ tin^eri^ooii), 1. 

the whole earth ; 2. the whole 

•UripfiUffy •••«, 0, ^, merciful, com- 
^ passionate. 
0</E(,«/, contr.from AfM^i^f, ^rofiMi^ 

iptffMtj to think, to suppose. 
0j»0^or?K, 0t/, 0, ij, a. wine-tippler. 
0Tv«$^ «&, #, wine. 
oTof, «, 09, such as. 
0iV«/, 3 s. 1, f. from ^ipm. 
•IriHi^ funn, pi, from iVnc, 
•»v«^0$, «, 0S slothful. 
0»rtf, •{, fltJ, r«, eight. 
0AiV*Vi ad's?, little, a little ; wheth^ 

er of time^ space^ or qitaniity, 
ixtyo^trTH, 01;, 0, jy, of little faith. 
0A/y0$, ij, 0», few. 
iXd»tc»TMfut^ r0$, r), a holocaust,^ 

or whole burnt offering. 
0Aof , 9, •f, all, the whole. 
0A«s, at ail. 
ofi^^o^^ 0v, #, a storm of rain. 

ifktXtti^ », /. i^i^, />. i/4,{?iincety tO 

o/t«ft«, r0$, Y^^ the eye. 

0/M*V« or OftfVfLt^ f OfJLiTt*^ p. tiff-' 

iMt, 1. a tr«, to swear. 
0fi0itt^0, f, ivf^ p» afAAitiftm^ to be 

of4.oteiy «, 0y, like. 
i/Mto», S^f «0-«, p. «f60<#»0ft, 1. a. 

pa^«. «f«4(^^y, 1. to make like ; 

2. to compare. 
0j(t0<W$, likewise, in like manner. 

oft0A0v/*, «, y. ^fl'A', p^ MfdaXeyniut^ 

1. a. 99-«, 1. to profess; 2. to 




4fioe^tti^ 1. a, inf,from cfjutytt. 

ifMu^ together. 

ifMfi^ yet ; 'ilfA^i /»f irei, neverthe- 
less. * 

ofecp^ t\ indecL a drieam* 

if«ifiof^ ot;, TO, the colt of an ass. 

hstitt^Mf f. ia-M, p, aveihKct^ 1. a. 
/c*, to reproach, to upbraid. 

ivstSoi^ eos, cvi, tl, disgrace, 

«!/««$, i, df, belonging to an ass ; 
ftt/Atf^ «ir/Kd$, the upper mill- 
stone, which was turned by an 

iufMb, r«5, t\ 1. a name, name ; 
2. fame ; 3. the sake, cause, or 

o-et, to name. 
oy0«, ot;, and ^, an ass. 
•»T«$, really, truly. 
p|»«, «•«> »«, sour wine. 
iviT$tf behind, after. 
•xiVat, 1. behind, after ; 2. back, 

tfrAov, ov, TA, a weapon ; oVa^, t/^, 

•wdTf, when. 
0VOV, when ; whither ; iVdw «» or 

««F, wherever; whithersoever. 
•!rT«W«, «5, ^ a vision. 
ivrtfjMt^ f. o'^ofMti^ 1. a. pass, 

iS(p6n*, 1. to see ; 2. to look to, to 

take care of; 3. to experience. 
0WTOij «, hy broiled. 
«!ri»«, 1. how; 2. that. 
ifttfuM^ Tffy t\ a vision, a sight. 

Im^iMM^ 1. to see ; 2. to beware. 

•^y4» ^Ci ^? anger ; by meton, pun- 

•Vy/?*^, / /••*>, |). ^^yiJMf, 1. a. 
pass, ^^ylHm^^ to provoke to 
anger ; pass, to be angry. 

tff f /vW, «, >', mountainous, hilly« 

if^flt,»^ /. /o-*, p itp6fiK0^ to come 
early in the morning. 

epd^i6i, «, Of, early in the morning. 
ep6p«9^ ov^ 0, daybreak, the dawn. 
cp^^i^ rightly. 

opt^of^ f. ivM^ MU tS^ p, iipiicec^ tO 

determine, to appoint. 
4pfv, dt», tJ, a coast or border. 
opiclI^M^f. itrti^p, ipxifcat, to adjure. 
ipKCi^ ot;, 0, 1. an oath ; 2. that 

which is vowed 
ipf4.i»^ », /. nT»^ p, ii^iMiitet^ 1. CL 
' o-*, to rush violently. 
o^v((, <^«(, /;!!n(/ ^, a hen. 
e^0(^ £0$, et/$, TO, a mountain. 

Op'JtTTdi or -TTA», y. {<y, jp. apV^tt^ 

1. a. {«, to dig. 
o^^«»i«, oS. <i, forsaken, desolate. 

1 . a. »px,fi^«iM'f}f, to dance. 

«$) §1 ^? who, which; 0$ jujy.... of; 
' ^f, one....another ; J$ l«tF, who- 

t^Urtii^ rtjTOi^ ly, piety. 

fi'^^i? Viy K^ a smell, an odour. 

oVoj, jj, OF, r^e correlative of roTcg 
and roo-ovroc, as much as, as 
long as ; i(p* oVo», in as much 
as, or (with ;c^o«of understood) 
as long as ; oVoi, «/, «, as many 
as ; whosoever, whatsoever j 
how great, how many. 

(fTTep^ i'jre^, oVe^, whoever, what- 

©(T-TfOF, oi/F, ow, Tfl, a boue. 

«<^'5, i'^/?, o,T/, who, which, what^ 
whosoever. See sm%, 

ir0u9^ vof, ly, ark? io-^usf «m, the 

</t«f, 1. when ; 2. while, as long 

ore, when. 

«»? *'«9 i. '•«i ''«? ^«i both. See tL 

irt, 1. that; 2. because, for, al- 
though, seeing that ; irt tl, O 
that! it is used elliptically for 
ri ixTi oTi^ why? 

oToi;, gen. Att.for oSTifof^from ori§, 

ou, 9VK, and 9vx, no, not j not ? 



•V, where, whither. 
«p«, aha ! ,. 
#»«!, wo! alas! 
«tfJ((^««^ by uo means. 

•iJJf» neither, nor, Dot even ; not? 

tttitU'i t^hfitfA^ fui^f v, no one, none ; 
nt^uL nothings, uf no conse- 

tu^iirvri^ never* 

fliJJVir*, not yet, never jet. 

*uiLift or Autt trt^ no nioi'e, no 

tvK»vf^ then? 

igj, then, therefore. 

#Bf;r#, not yet; sometimes inter^ 

aJ^«f/e$f ist^ at^ and ^vpsLii^i;, tVy 0, 
^, heavenly, 

«u^tti^^ p^i fl, heaven ; whether the 
maHrial kmven^ os the atmos- 
phere, the Ilk J, or (hi innsibk 
and spiriiwfl ; rtictaph, an ex- 
alted condllion. 

O&ptitt-i *u- fl, Uri'uh. 

eus, itfTD^, ri, the ear. 

pvHm^ tti, r, ^ood^, property. 

*^Tf, neither, nor. 

Pi^TAfj «"'nf^ ToiJT*, this. 

•uTAf finff 0i^T«^(, thus, so« 

«%li not? Ixfil. nonne? 

tf^£iAfT!jc, o£^j ^, K ^ debtor ; 2. a 
trespa^^ser, n sinner. 

d^*iMi- ^f, ij, a debt. 

fi^f/Aw^*, re^j TO, a trespass, an 
c fTence^ 

fi^f /aw^ y, ij5-fi/, jn ^^PiAsi?K«, 1. to 
owe ; 2. to transgress or oflfend*; 
3. to be obliged, must, ought. 

o0$*XfM^^ ov, 0, the eye. 

J(^<5, f A^, ;^ a serpent. 

i^pu^y «'«$, ^, the brqw of a hill. 

•X^^^y ^5 /• V^^^ P* ^X^*i^*» to 
vex, to tro.uble. 

cpc^ci^ •», 0, 1. a multitude, a 
throng of people ; 2. the com- 
mon people. 

i^tiptofy 0v, Td, a fish. 

50 HAte 

•\//f, 1. late in the evening; 2. 

afler; o^e i) fr^Q^irmvl after 

the sabbath. 
i^u^ 2. *. 1. /. ^«./or i^ifrom 


o^i», ctq, ^, the evening; from 

c^tH^ /», i«f, late. 
o\)/i(, <«»f, )7, 1. the face; 2. the 

outward appearance. 
0^«y<»v, «v, ro» pay. 


ar«yi Jf UAT, f tuirm^ p, ^twctyUevxe^ 

to insnare. 
«'«ri$, /^0$, 17, a snare. 
^*6ih, 2. a. inffrom ^tto-^^. 
n'ttticiptot^ »v, ri, a child. 
^euStuM^ f Buo-My p, ^tireHikVKctf tO 


^xihiBsy^ from infancy. 

^tui'uv, «v, r0, a child ; in saluta- 
tion^ my friend ! 

f^mSiTKT)^ «f, ,j, a female servant 
or slave. , 

9r«if , ^0(, and r, 1 . a child ; 2. a 
son ; 3. a servant, an attend- 

9-«/a», f vrttlva^ p» viwxtxcty 1 . a. 
iVairu, to strike. 

iraXcbt^ lotig since. 

x«A<«0s, «, oy, old. 

to make old ; pass, to grow old. 

x«Af77eyf0-/«, «e$, 1^, restoration, 

x«A/y, back again, again, more- 

5r«)tfc*-A?j^<i, all at once, together. 

7«)U.^oAv«, ^«)U.^oAA9, x«iicx«AAv, 

very numerous. 
^ecfSc^it*9^ «&, T«, an inn. 
«■»» J«;citf5, ««^, •, the master of an 

ff-AMff-Aitf, «$, j, complete armour^ 





^a$%vfy\«$, tH, If) crailiness^ cuq- 

wmrrttx^^'h from all quarters. 

9r«yr«;i^ot^, every where. 

9r«f Tf Ai;«, c»S9 «v«, o, ^, entire ; iis 
Td 9r«yr<Aff, utterly. 

^Ayr^i^cv, on all sides. 

^ufT4Tt, always. 

x«e»r<i»j, certainly. 

w-tf^*, ayi^A t^ ^en. from, by ; of 
ff-tf^tf T«»««, they who are with 
or belonging to any one, 
friends, <J^c. / r« x«^« Ti»i$, the 
property of any one ; with the 
dat. with, among, nigh to ; 
with the accus. at, near, above, 
more than. 

9r«i^«C«/f 4», /. fiiT^fitu^ p. iSf ?«»«, 
to transgress. 

to compare. 

irup»Qiei^9fiUi,i^ mid f. rcfixt^ 1. a. 
vxptitttrufMi^^ to urge. 

w^^ttQ%)^. ^f, «, 1. a comparison 
or similitude ; 2. a parable, an 
obscure saying ; 3. a proverb ; 
4. a precept, a maxim. 

iTfli^wyyf AA«», /. #A«y, p xt^pfyytX- 
tM, 1. a. %'Ufiy'ytt?im, to com- 
mand, to charge. 

wttf»y(foiMit^ f, ygtiTpfiat^ 2. a. 
xctpgytfifAfiv, to arrive, to come. 

x»ftiyaf^f, «iit^p*rx^^ to pass by, 
to pass on, to depart. 

itittyfMkTiuM^ to make a public 
example of. 
9r«t^«J^ei<r0$y ov, 0, paradise. 

hyfM$^ to receive. 

xttfttii^»f4,t^ f imtrm^ p, ff'«^«^f JW- 
x«, 1. a. ff-ff c^<tvK«, 2. a. x»fi^miy 
1. a. po^^.* xtf^f^o^v, 1. to de- 
liver, to deliver up ; 2. to in- 
trust, to commit ; 3. to relate. 

s-tf^tfj^ltff, «t;, 0, 1^, wonderful, ex* 
, traordinary* 

xttptlho'ifj t0iy ^, a tradition. 
xet^u$ctXu9-a'i0iy dw, 0, «, by the se^ 

xtipmrUfAMt^ cufMti^ f. ir^/Mii, p^ 

pass. xttpji^fiiMn^ to excuse one's 

self, to make excuses. 

to sit down at. 

TTcbpecKecXic/^ or, f, ta'0^ p. w^f^aKi^ 
xAvKflc, 1. a, xttpiKuXiTci '^ pass, 
iopuci^ oufMtt^ yi Khn^vputt^ p, 
K^xXiifAMt^ 1. a. inf. KkmfytLi ; 1. 
to exhort, to admonish ; 2. to 
ask, to entreat ; 3. to comfort. 

webpauMXuvTv^ f, ^/^at, p, MiuiXvpttf 
to hide, to conceal. 

7r«^««A«0*4«, f i»$, 17, consolation. 

xflcf «6«Aurd<, »i;, #, an advocate, a 
helper, whether to teach^ com- 
fort^ or defend, 

xccpetxoXovBfif^ ^, f <c«^, p, ijicm, 1. 

to attend, to accompany ; 2. to 

Xetp»KCUtf^ f tvo-M^ p. xupiMVitety to 

disregard, to disobey. 

Xtf^««eiflPTA», f ^»^ p. jctxv^etf l.a. 

. wtLpUv^m^ to stoop down. 
xm^ti\otfJoi9»^ f }4'Y*f*^*^ p* ^*' 
piiXn^a^* 2. O. xetpiXatS^f ; pcw«. 

1. a. x»pi?4pS9it; 1. to take, to 
receive ; 2. metnph, to learn, 
to be taught ; 3. to take away. 

5r«^«Ai««, otf, 0, ^, near the sea. 

wa^uXwputt^ pass, p. xttpttXiXvpMi^ 
to have the palsy. 

wcbpttXvrixh^^ 0v, 0, a paralytic, a 
person sick with the palsy. 

1. a, mid. ir«ipspLp6n9'elpLii9, to 

wctp»X9ptvo/*Mt, f, ffcpMi^ p, TtTri' 
' ptufMct^ to pass by or along. ^ 

^ttptt'TTntfMiy rd(, vi, an offence, a 

irtip»Ticsvii^ 17$, 4, (he day of pre- 
paration/or the sabbath. 




to observe, to watch. '^ 
wMftnti0nrii,titi, r, show. 
9»pc$Tt$iiui^ J'. ^^«, p. rUtiMM^ 

1. a. irmpifn**^ 2. a. m/c?. 9-«fc#t- 
/*i»f, 1. to set before; 2. to 
commit or etitrost ; 3. to pro- 
pose, to set forth. 

irci^mpitM^ f, wmfirm^ 2. a, imp^ 
xet^iuyxiy to take away, to re- 

vttpmxs^uM^ immediately. 

irdpe 1/4,1^ imp, «'«^^v» f, «-«^«^^*i, 
to be present, to have come. 

ir«^c»ro$, adv, with the gen, ex- 

5r«^f{fi, Att for x«fi(ii, 2. s, \,f. 
from iFtt$tx«^» 

*'*^;c«i*»/, f fXt^TcfMii^ 2. a, ?A- 
^a», ^. mi(]?. T<K^fA^Av^«, 1. to 
pass by ; 2. to pass away, to 
fell; 3. to neglect; 4. to ap- 
proach. ^^ 

*'w:c*', f {•», P' i^x^^^t 1 to of- 
fer, to bestow ; 2. to occasion. 

vtf^i^ffitf, («s, j, virginity. 

w»f6iro(^ tfv, ^, a virgin, a maiden. 

*XpiTTflf4,t, f ff^jyO**, p, TTCbffrtft' 

Kot^ 1. to furnish, to provide; 
%: to dedicate, to devote ; 3. to 
stand by, to be near. 

^FAP^lKtV^ », p, ^T»^ f ^at^(fHLft%tt^ 

to be a stranger, to dwell as a 

TTotffiifjkU^ CK, r, a pa- ble, an ob- 
scure saying. 

TFtcpofMia^ti^f t<r», p, TxpUfMixKtt^ 

to resemble. 

^»^ofiot6i^ o/«, «/«», like, similar. 

^apov<riec, «$, ^, a Coming. 

wei^o^iq^ /Jo5, ,j, a dish or platter. 

^xpptiTix^ «5, r, freedom in speak- 
ing, boldness ; ^»pii}r(ec (iir wn- 
derstood)^ 1. plainly^ 2. openly, 

«•««, x«7*, «•«?, 1. allnthe whole; 

2, every one, any ivhatever; 

3. of all kinds I railk the ntgBr 

<tve, nothing, none. See hJi. 
wmrj^ct^ r«, 1. the paschal lamb; 

2. the festival of the passover. 
wiv-x*^ f ^tKT^futi^ p act. imrA* 

#9>c«, p. mid, iri»4f(fx^ to suffer* 
TTXTtirTtt^ f {*», 1. a, 54rttr»|«, to 

^etttit^ w, /. iTM^ p. iftiKirwm^ to 

traoiple upon. 
fturl^t^ Tf^o«, T^^, j, a father, a 

-KXT^t^^ «i, », family, lineage. 
ff-xr^K, I'Jt^, :', one's own country. 

f «-«M/r«/Ki»f, to cease. 

1. a. «V«;k;eif<hjf, to become gross^ 

dull, stupid. 
^*h^ iy$, ^, a chain /or the feet. 
jriJ'.f^ «, it, plain, level. 

^•CJi (/^<w» *"«4«<? ••» •»i ^^ •^ 
understood) on foot, by land. 

^ttBif^ f, vttTm^ p, wivFstiM^ 1. a, 
6^iiT»^ p, mid. ;riV«/tf», to per- 
suade, to convince ; mid. to te- 
ly, to trust in. 

«■!<»««, «, f, tCTit^ p. JTfirfAtfSMI, 

1. a, {•^inxcrtt^ 1. to be hungry; 

2. to hunger after. 

irttpcO^if^ f. <eV<i», p. «-f«-«/i»fliK«, I. 

a. i^ttpxTx^ to try, to tempt. 
ix-ttpxTfMi^ •», (J, temptation, tHal. 
xf A«vr«, fdj, «»«, Ti, the deep, the 

deepest part of the sea. 
^if4.9r», f t/^<v, p. n'iiFtfi^it^ 1. a. 

tTTffAif^tt, 1. a. pass, mfiiJ^Btif, to 

ff'#f0r^«, S«, ^, a mother-in-law. 
wnBtpUf 9Vr it a father-in-law. 


^tftxp«i^ «, if, pooif. 

TFtfrxxtr^iXici^ 'tu^ «, five thou- 

9rf(iTflf»«Vi#/, «i, 4^ five hundred. 

^fyrf, «i, «/, T«, five. 




fcmnnMiiliutfi^ 9, «?, the fifteenth. 

9rgf7iiK6fTn^ oi, «i, T«, fifty. 

^iTctfin^ see ^tUtt. 

irtiritittTn^ see wiv^tt, 

wi7rp»Kt,see ^iirpttTMt, 

w^^ -soever. 

wipttf, adv. with the gen, hejood, 
OD the other side. 

«-rf««, T«t, T^, the hound or ex- 

x<^i, with the gen. of, concerning, 
on account of, in hehalf of; 
with the ace, about, around. 

«*f^i«y«j, /. |#, 2. a. 3rip<4v«y«», 
^<t ^ydv, to go ahout. 

2. a. ^C«A«f, 2. a. mid tQttxifAAvi^ 

1. to cast round; ^. to clothe, 

to put on. 
iFepiSxi^ofMi^ mdd, f, yJ/§fMtt^ imp. 

wsfitZxt^ifuif^ 1. a, ^^ftLfif, to 

look round, to look round upon. 
wtftipufMtTti^ nam. pL part. 2. a. 

from. ^tjirpix*>' 
^tfih»^ w, f, ^^<i», p. SiStxa^phip. 

wtfttitiifAAt^ to bind about. 
^tpiixfvQn^ 3. *. 2. a. from sri^/- 

ff'f^ffxfriy, 9. «• 2. a. yrom jti^i- 

wtftio^Snt^ ace, s. part. p. con- 
tracted/or 9Ft^ttvritMT9^ from 

irtptix^^ 2. a. TiftsTx^v^ to take 
possession of. 

Ttpt^JffVftt^ f: ^tSe-of^ p. i^ifxet^ to 
gird ; mid, to gird one's self. 

^fiptto'Ttifti^f, TT^o-My p. ^tpti(rr9iK»^ 
to stand round. 

ff't^/x«A<#xr4V, f r/^<i», p, MKtiXvpu^ 

to cover oven 
^rgpUtifiat^ f, tiTofMt^ to be put 
. round. 
9rtpi%p6^r»^ f, '^t»^ p, xtKpvpm, to 


^§ptKV»X60^ IV, f. tirti^ p. %tx6%X0* 

KM, to surround on &11 sides* 

T$piXmpLW0^ f, y)/0, 1 . a, inpiiX^' 

yj/tt^ to shine round, 
wtpixv^o$^ «v, 0, ^, exceedingly 


Wipl94KS«t^ •, y. 4'*, P> GixtlKtt^ to 

dwell round or near; 
xtpUixci^ cv, 0, 4, a neighbour. 

)rf^lX«rff4V, », f, i9'M, p, ^iTTUTtiXM^ 

1. a. iTTaiTfiTA^ 1. to wall^ to 
walk about ; 2. to depart ; 3. 
to sojourn ; 4. metaph, to con- 
duct one's self. 

TtfTTri^Ttf^ f vtmTM^ p. sr/xr«x«| 
to fall among. 

Xipicwtiof^ £^f, «r», p. iFipticr^rx- 
xtf, imp. pass. eo^««fC9v, ^v^uigv, to 
distract, to draw different 
ways; pass, to be anxiously 

wtpi^TivfiM^ Td$, TO, 1. abundance ; 

2. pi. the remains. 
irtpttTTtutt^ f. trti^ 1, o. i^eplcergvo'ti^ 

1. to abound; 2. to remain 
over ; 3. to exceed ; 4. to have 

^tpiTtr^i^ j^, ^ 1. abundant; 2. 
exceeding, more ; 3. excellent, 
extraordinary ; ix ^tpto-TtZ^ be- 
yond measure ; /u^aaoi^ ^sptca-A" 
Ttppf^ SO much the more. 

x'tpto-wiptti^ the more exceeding- 

^i^to-o'Sri^ exceedingly, the more 

xiptTTtp^^ «{, y], a dove. 

WtplTtfMti^ f. Tl/lt«, p, rtTpLIJXtC^ to 

TTtptriOiipLi^ f 9iTei,p, rUetxet^ t.a. 

ihxa. to put round, to put on. 
vttpircfA.^^ ^$, 1^, circumcision. 
^ipirpix^^ f ^fil»9 P' ^^i^pufmM^ 

2. a. sipapuv, to run- about 
TTs^i^iptf^ f. clvti^ 2. a. iftyxov^ to 

carry about. 
^t^ix^P^h ^^^ *9 V^ neighbouring ; 
V ^tpix^f* (vi or x^i* under- 
stood)^ the neighbourhood. 




»f ^T/, 3. s. 2. a. subj, from ^i^rm. 

irir«iP0V, «V) TO, a bird. 

ff-er^*, ««, ^9 1* a rock; 2. a stony 

n/T^««, dv, «, Peter. 
wtTfi^n^^ r«^, #»^, •, ,5, stony, 

ft-jy«rgp^ Ai^, Tfl, rue, an herb, 
'«>«) ijf I 17^ t < a fountciin ; 2. a 

well ; 3. a tiowiDg, 
w^Ai^j *t, flj clay, 
wn?A^ *?, r, 11 scrip, 
wrix^^, itti^ ; , a cubit, a meoture 

equal to aLoiU afoot and a half. • 
**"'*?"? f- '*^*'i /*■ ""fsr/***, 1. o. 

ia-/*5-«, to seize, to apprehend, 

to c^ilch. 
vti^tt^ f trof, p. ^tv{tK»^ p. pass. 

TTtrnto-fMn^ to press down. 
veiteroti^ 2. s. 1. /. mid. for 7ti^^ 

from %b». 
^txf£i^ bitterly. 
n/A«ro«, «w, fl, Pilate. 
9rif«»/^iof, /«», -ri, a tablet for 

^/y«(|, M»o$, «, a dish. 

fV<of, l.yi mt€?. xlofMt^ to drink. 

yrtvrpJivjcm^ f. «©•«*, jt^. ^tTpxKef 
pass. -ofAXtff. 7rpst6io-6 fleet ^ p. ^1- 
^p»fAcn^ 1. a. i^ptie^it * to sell. 

^l^TMyf. mid. vttrtlfAMt^ p. WfVr*- 

xtf, 1. to fall, to fall down ; 2. 
to fail. 

TFtTTtfiu^f ^^^ P' vcivltrnvx*^ \.a. 
iTrto-TtvTu^ 1. to believe, to 
give credit to, to confide in ; 
2. to trust, to commit to any 

virrtxcqy i, «», pure, unadulterat- 

;r/«rr/5, i*fi^ r^i !• faith; 2. faith- 

vto-th^ 4) Jf, faithful. ' 

1. a. ejrAi»f^e*tfB, to seduce, to de- 

ceive; pass, to err, to go 

frA«f«, «(, ;y, imposture. 

xA«ir0(, dv, «, a deceiver, an im- 

ff-Adcnrtf, flK, r, {from TrXetrufy eJVf or 
;c<iJ^» 6emg- understood) a broad 
street, a square. 

xA«rv»<^ f vf£y p. ^sTTXttTvyxM^ 
to widen, to make broad. 

xA«Ttf$, giti, w, wide. 

TTXet^-T^f^ n^ov^superl.from ^aAo^, 
most of. 

TFXtt^j •»•(, 9, ^, neu^. ^Afoy, comp. 
/rom x«Au«, 1. more ; 2. great- 
er, more excellent. 

9rAf««, f, |<», |>. ^i^\ix»^ 4. «• 
f ff-Af |«, to. plat, to braidi 

vXt6u^ci^ ««, j^, covetousness ; j){. 
inordinate desires. 

xAft;p«, tf(, K» the side. 

9rAe4», y. icXt^Tm^ p. wiieXtVicet^ 1. a. 
fff-Aftfff'tf, to sail. 

flrAvyi, 5«, ^, a blow, a stripe. 

x^00(, f o$,^t/c, Ttf, 1 . a great num- 
ber.; 2. me multitude, the peo- 

^XtiBujfa^ f. wtaT, p. TCff-A^^vyxtf, 
1. a. inf pass. ^itSw$^9»i^ to 
multiply ; pass, to abound. 

^Xri6» or ^lfMrXiiif*.t^ f a-i»^ p. *«- 
9rA«it*, l.a. fwAayo**, 1. a. paw. 
IvXia-ei^i^ 1. to fill ;• 2. to com- 
plete, to end. 

^Avjt6jttv^«, «s, ^, an inundation, a 

?rAi», but, yet, nevertheless ; with 
the gen. besides, except. 

wA^^w, ««<;, dv$, #, ^, full. 

^Xvpoipe^tM^ *, y. 4«"*', p. «■« «"A«f «- 
^epfiicet, fully to prove or estab- 

vXfipioi^ <?, yi «Vii>, p. ^t^xipsfKm^ 
1. a. Iw-Aii^^vo-^, 1. a. pass, ivkih 
pmBfi^, 1. to fill, to fill up; 2. td 
fulfil ; 3. to p'erf(|ct, to end. 

vX^pMpuc^ r«(, Ttf, 1. fulness; 2. «t 

noi 6& 

supplement, t. c. what is added 
to make a thing whole ; ircTtft 

instead of^oa-ui o^v^iSa^ ^Xipen 


^Xtio-ief, adv, with the gen, near ; 
« frA90^ov, a neighbour. 

^Xoieipic9j «t/, T6f a small vessel, a 

9rA©?»F, fl», tV, a vessel, a fishing- 

^XcvTtciy i«, /df, rich. 

to be rich. 

9rA«vro$, ow, «, wealth. 

THufM^ Td«, Td, 1. wind; 2. the 
vital principle, life, breath ; 3. 
the mind, the spirit, the dispo- 
sition ; 4. a spirit or appari- 
tion ; 6. spirit as distinguished 
from what is material and exter- 
nal ; 6. a spirit or spiritual be- 
ing; 7. an evil spirit; 8. the 
divine spirit, the divine power 
or influence. 

^utf^ f. WFittO***, p, flresrvft/x*, 1. a. 
iiFViVO-et^ to blow. 

^fty^t f'i'^f p* «•««•»' A^«, 1. to suf- 
focate ; % to gripe by the 

xd^«», 1 . whence ? 2. how ? 

^0i£4v, £, y. («•<», p. vc^o/vi&tf, 1. a, 
Iflpo/jjff-*, 1. TO MAKE, to create, 
to cause, to build, to make 
ready, to prepare, to appoint, 
to produce, to bear, spoken of 
trees / to gain, to make, i, e. to 
suppose, to regard ; 2. to do, 
to perform, to practise, to ef- 
fect, to commit; 3, intrans, to 
work ; tK^Ktitrtf «-«/iiV, to vin- 
dicate ; xirpeiTtf ^ctijv^ to de- 
liver ; TVfiQ»vXicf flr»/«rv, to con- 
sult ; dJdv «oif?y, to go, to pass 
along. See txeifaf, 

^6iJuXof^ «, oy, various, of different 


irotfititver^ f. wtS^ l.a. ifedtfitt^ot^ t« 
feed or tend as a flock; 
metaph, to rule. 

«-e/AiiF, ho(y 0, a shepherd. 

^4tft9ii^ «$, 4, a flock. 

flTd/JifcinoF, i9Vi T«, a flock. 

w-drdj, «, «», what, which, of what 
kind ; sometimes interrogative, 

^oXtfMf^ ovj «, war, battle. 

«-A/«, £«rf, ^, 1. a city ; 2. a region 
or country ; by meton. the in- 
habitants of a city. 

«"«a/tu5, «i;, 9, a citizen. 

«*«AA«««/5, often. 

W^XXtcvXeccrtMf, otd^, o, |^, much 

more, much greater. 

9roAt;Adyi«, «$, ^, much speaking. 

woAtf?, woAAii, a-oAe;, much, many, 
great ; ^oxxu, neut. pi, used ad* 
verbiallyy much, earnestlvT ve- 
ry often ; «'oAc», neut, s> used ad- 
verbially, much ; ^oXXot^ the 
many, mankind at Isirge \ wox^ 
X^^ dat, used adverbially^ bejort 
comparatives,, mucb, mtiny- 

flTdAwTeAJis, /«$, ot?5, •, r, CO-tiy. 

TToXuTtfMi^ ot;, tf, ^, very precious^ 

7r6¥vpl*^ ««, ^, malice, evil intent. • 

^6fvph^ «, «v, 1. disordered; 2. 
evil, wicked, impious, malig- 
nant, envious ; o TrovvpU, the 
wicked one, Satan. 

n/fT/o$, «», J, Pontius. 

^opitu,^ «$, gy, a journey. 

T6peu»f*>t*tj f- rofMtt^ p. Vfx^iptvftett^ 
1, a. iTToptuBn^^ to journey, to go, 
to depart; metaph, to conduct 
one's self, to be occupied. 

^opniet^ «$, j, fornication, adulte- 

TTop^ni 3J5, 17, a harlot. 

^opp«f^ far, far off; c<wwp. ^opptfTi- 
^A>, further. 

^epp»dif, at a distance. 

^pp^vpec^ «$, ij, purple, a purple 




wp^vpf^^ ••$, f«, «, f«V) #vy, of a 
purple colour. 

w^TtcKt^, how oflen. 

irp«-i<, JA'c, ^, drink. 

9r«0^«, «< 0»^ how great, how much, 
how long ; pi. how mtny ; «••- 
0-^, daL used advtrhially with 
comparatives^ how much. 

«roT«M0«, 4v, 0, a river, a torrent. 

woretTTt'i^ n^ of, what kind of, how 

flroTf . when ? f A»« «-oT«, how Ionic ? 

x^T^, when, at some time, for- 

wirtpat, whether? 

ir«T^^/d», /•I', '»'i, a cup. 

wrt^di^ f, iir»^ p. ^f^oTtxct^ 1. a. 
i^oTto-ct^ to give to drink. 

«•#«, 1. where ; 2. whither. 

«••«$, ^oSo^^ 0, the foot. 

jr^SyjM.*, r«$, r^, 1. a fact or deed ; 
2. a thing. 

vpctyfMCTt'jofiMi^ mid, fm tvT^fiui^ 
1. a. «V*«y/twcTet;o"««<,'»»9 tO be 

employed in business, to trade. 
wpecBifott^ 1. a, inf.p^from «-<x^«- 

^foLira^toy^ 0V, To, the pretorium> 
the palace of the pretor. 

wpeiicTitp, &po^^ 0, an officer of jus- 

^pZ^tq^ eaq, r;^ !• ^ deed ; 2. con- 

flr^^oj, «, «», meek, gentle. 

itpecTt^^ Z9, ^7, properly a range of 
plants in a garden ; ^puo-tcu 
^patc^tcti^ in rows. 

'SFptiTTtt, An. wparr^^ f. {«r, p. tfs- 
TTpoLiLCb^ 1. a. i^pu^et^ 1. to do, to 
commit; 2. to exact, to re- 

^potvi^ «!*, i^, meek, gentle. 

vpsTTstn impers. from 'X'^ivtt^ it be- 
comes ; ^piiFM ftrri, it is be* 

vpsTQiitt^ «$, ^, an embassy. 

^ptvCvTtpff, ♦», T#, the assembly 
of the elders. 

wpicCuttp09y ripti^ rtp§9, comp. from 
wpUQv^', 1. older; 2. an elder 
• or member of the sanhedrim* 

^n^^iTTfi^ 0t;, «, an old man. 

9 pi 9 and irpif «, before, before 
that ' 

w^a, wkh the gen, before, whether 
of place or lime, 

5r^fl«"/6', J' *|*y; imp. riyv^ to go 

ir^3«{;;iiflf J fly^ Tfl^ a porch, a vesti- 

^pt^ettvoj f. P^T^ftMt^ p, fii€iiite6, to 


to shoot fortb, a* a <rcc. 

^pcQtiTiKOi, i, Of, belicbgiag to 
sheep; ^ ^f^ttrtx^ (srJXv wn- 
derstood), the sheep -gate. 

w-^oCotrof, ov, TO, a sheep. 

wpoStSa^M,/. do-M^ part. 1. a. pass, 
^p^St^arhUf to incite, to in- 

TfoJir^f, •», «, a betrayer, a trai- 

^poipetfiofy part, 2. a* from wfrpi-- 

nefospitiy f '^T0 or «, p.. 9rp%s(p9i%9ty 
to fbreteili 

«"^o<V;c*At«/, /. fAfvo-o/u«i, 2 a. ^A- 
#«f, 1. to go forwards; 2. to 

^pJfitTtiy tifiy ^, a setting forth; 
ol ti^ft T^5 wp66tTt0ij the show- 

^pi$vf4.9i^ «v, «, ^, ready, willing. 

1. a. vpciM^tty to advance^ to 
irpoXccpt£«if0, f Aif^o/Mtf/, 2. a. f Axc- 
jSof, to anticipate, to do a things 
beforehand. ^ 

x^o/BAeAfT^Ar, *, f ia-0^ p, |Kf^Af- 

rvMS to premeditate. 




iMf, to premeditate anxiously. 

ir^«r«f<ff»fMt/, yj T9fMn^ to go be- 

«-^ wt7A i^c rfa^. at, near to^ 
with the accui, to, near, at, 
towards,' according to, on ac- 
count of, with, among, against, 
for or during; vpo^ rl^ why, 
for what ; with an injiniiive 
and the neuter article^ so that, 
to the end that. 

vfo'ciQQmt^^ ot/, T^, the day be- 
fore the sabbath. 

v^PTeuTiu^ a;, f, ift^^ p, ^fo^rnKct^ 

to beg. 
itfo'ttititi^ «v, 0, a beggar. 

simper. ^^ef^vM^Sfih^ to go up. 
Wfa'et.}fPtXiTK»^ y. A«o'*#, p, vp^crx- 

»j(A»««, to spend entirely. 
wfirSum'ei^ciii^ «f, f, u«"«f, to Spend 

^p»Tif^ofMH^ f, {o/eM»(, p. ^ihyptcit^ 

1. to receive kindly ; 2. to wait 
for, to expect * 

^p6TSpKM«i^ £^f, nr»^ to expect* 
«^a-^Ms/«, «f, ,7, expectation. 
wpor^pafAm^ part' 2. a. from wf9^ 

^p6<riyy{^09^ f, (cm, p, TTppviyytKm^ 

to approach, to come Dear, 
TppciuyKt^ 1. a. imper.from w-^ at^ 

w^^swiTi^ 3, y. 2. a, from wp^T^i- 

^(ocrgpytt^Ofittl^ f MCfActi^ 1. O. 

mic^. vpTtipymcJifMft*^ to gain m 
^p'pfrippuln^ 3. «. 1. a. from frp^T- 

^poTtpxofMi, f rAf vff'o.iM/, to come 

to, to approach. 
^f^^f^xn^ V9, If, prayer, a prayer ; 

an oratory, or place for prayer^ 

Acts. 16. 13, 16. 


^•Tiix^iMtt^ f. lopuon^ 1. a. mid^ 
^pocruv^tipLtiVy to pray. 

Tpo<rgX«f^ f |«, /). ^p4if1crx9lM^ to 

take heed, to beware. 
«-^«<r^Ai/r«<, oy, «, ,j, a proselyte. 
^pcTfiuxhi 3. 5. 1. a. pass, from 

xpiifxatfeq^ ov, «, j, lasting but ft 

short time. 

pMCt^ part, 1. a. TrpovkaMa-tipUfOiy 

to call, to call to one's self. 

^pp^'futpTipiOf^ a/, yi '^y*, />. ^p9T' 

Kg»a,pTipnKet^ to attend on con- 
stantly, to be always at hand. 
^p9vxepeixcti6*^ •», T9, a pillow. 

Vp«Q-%6XXtUfJLttlf UfMll^ pass, f 19^«- 

/M.«6/, to cleave to. 

. 1, a, Uo^u^ U to strike, beat, 
or dash against ; 2. to stumble, 
Tor «-dJ« 6ci»g understood. 

1Fp69-KVXiM^ f. (ifCi^ p, VrpOTjCSKuXttCXy 

1 . a, iKvXttrcb, to roll to. 

^pdTzVVSAf, £^ f iCM^ p, VpPC%i1tU' 

V9»«, 1. a. t»u¥ti<rx^ 1, to pay 
obeisance or homage by pros* 
tration ; 2. to worship. 
vpPTjtvfvii^ •«» «, a worshipper. 

wppTXctfjL^cLnofMttf mid, f A^^/'tffM^/, 

to take aside. 
^pa<ppti90f^ f pLsfS^ to remain with. 

TTpCTOppLf^eifUCI, pass, f iO^rSfiMlj 

P ^^TUpfilTfcect^ I. a, ^, to 

land, to bring a vessel to 

T^6cr7r{^T»^ f TTTtia'a^ p. wivrrnxM^ 

1. to fall down to ; 2. to rush 

vp^c^ofipfMMt^ •vfitfi, mid, imp,vp9^ 

tir^ §0^919, «9fMif^ to make as if, 

to seem to intend. 

Tp»enropf6§fiiMt, f vjTtfMt^ tO COlUe 


Vft^piyfvf4,t^ f «!«>, p. ^f^T/ppvx^^ 
. 1. a. {«, to dash against. 
Ti^6TTtia'a'» or -tt<i», f J«>, p^ w^«r- 

tirttx^h !• o- irp$9'%rmlmt to 

2« a. mid. irfTt9ipLn$^ to add ; 
wUhan infinitive, it denotes the 
eontinuance or repetition of the 

to fan to. 
wf0r^myte9, •», ri, any thing to 
eat, provisions. 

Tftr^iftt^f, Ja-if, p, 4uyKix^ \, to 

bring:, to offer ; 2. to oflDer in 
sacrifice. *^ 

wfv^mit^ S^f. JiTM^ 1. a. irHo-t- 
^•»9fl-«, to cali, to call to, to 

to touch lightly. 

T^io-irw**, 9Vy Tfl, the face, the 
countenance; metxiph. \, the 
surface ; 2. the outward con- 
dition. See /3Af9r4»« 

wfinp^v^ first, formerly, at first. 

vfTfix'^'i P' iei^Afifixm, 1. /. wid. 
§ff^9fMn^ to run before. 

^^ pcu^ time, to have been be- 
wfi^n^ «««, i^, an excuse, a pre- 
text, a pretence. 

wp^^ifv^ p. aiVor, 1. a. KVfyxtt, to 

bring forth, to produce. 
«^d^«rii«, «$, ,j, a prophecy. 

••«, 1. to speak by inspiration 
or as one inspired; 2. to 
prophesy, to divine. 

*^«^TfK, •», «\ 1. a prophet; 2. a 
teacher of divine truths ; a po- 
et, TUiii^ 1. 12; an inspired 
man, Acts and St. Paul. 

vfOTjTt^^ «JW, If, a prophetes?. 

1. a. «•«, to anticipate, to pre- 


»^^«, iH, ^^ the stem q/" a iwtel. 

w^tii, early in the morning. 

wpmUy tfc, ij, /rom «r^*W, «, ^, 
«>^« ftcifi^ understood^ the morn- 

wfmTBKtUtifit^ «f, ij, an uppermost 

TfmfmXiTUy Mi, 17, an uppermost 
couch or place to recline in. 

^fSrnt^ first. 

^p^Toi^ t7, Of, superl. ofvp\ comp. 
^pirg^u^ the first ;'mctop^. the 
chief, the best ; if is used com- 
paratively, John, I. 15, 30; •< 
flr^^rw, the chief or principal 

5r^*r/T«i6«^, •!;, •, ,;, the first-born. 

?rTf>f«, «^ ;j, the heel. 

xT#;»V/«», «», ri, the pinaaclew/ 
a building. 

rT<(fi»|, VYH9 w, a wing; 

«■'•«*'» «9 /• 7*"^? P- l^ifixm^ 1. a, 
«*&;. p. wTtniS, to terrify. 

rriwr, d», T*, a wlnnowing-shchrel. 

vrvTftM^ r«5, Td, spittle. * 

xrc;«-«r«», /. |«, p. wiwTvxtLf to 
roll up, to fold up, to close. ' 

^riti^ / ••«», 1. «. i^vrtt^ to spit 
^i^^uc, T«i, tS, a dead body, a 

irT«o-i«, »iv(, ij, a fall. 
^^''XH'i i, «»5 poor. 
^vyMl, nil jj, the clenched hand j 

jTvy^, with a handful. 
^vfBJfofMtj /. Tegic^fiMi^ p. pass. 
JTjVttr^Mti, 2. a. ^'n/: wie^. jrt^i- 
»^«f/, to ask, to inquire. 
«•»»»«, /rom 5rf*ti$, A, i», used ad- 

verbially, frequently. 
«-«A«, ^ «7, a gate. 
«-i;Aii», ivMs, 0, a porch, a vesti- - 

^tp^ jTt/f tf$, rj, fire. 
jfwfyo*, •», 0, a tower. 
wvp^To-i,^ / J4r, p, 9rix£^;t;«, to be 

sick of a fever. 
^ppirlf^ •», 0, a fever. 

PH2 69 

xvfptiimj f, i^m^ p, wtwvfpttKM^ to 

be red. 
wtiXitt^ *, f. n'»9 P' ^tiFrnXnuM^ 1. 

a. eV«A99*«, to sell. 
wSx$i^ «v, 0^ a colt) a foal. 
ir«s-orf, ever, at any time. 
'xiv^0«, «, f, iv'M^ j9. wiifmptnM^ to 

harden, to make callous. 
vttip^irti, f<v$, 17, hardness ; ^rann- 

tvvelyy blindness. 
T»«, how, usually interrogative. 


*F««^, ij, Rahab, indecL 

*P«^ft, J, He^. inJcd. rabbi, t. e. 

master, teacher. 
•p«ff^«»i and *VaQ^wu^ #, 5yro- 

chald. indecL rabboni, master^ 

fiiSioij 0v, i^» a staC 
"P»y«|f, Ragau, indfcl. 
faci^^SyrO'Chald, indecl. raka, fooL 
/«»«<y f»$, •&$, t\ a piece of cloth. 
*F«f&«, 37, Ramah, a ciiy in Judea ; 

feb^ll^t*^ f, lo-ti, p. l/l/airiJM*, 1. a. 

0*«t, to slap, to strike with the 

palm of the hand. 
ftcTrla-fiM^ r#s, r^, a blow With the 

palm of the hand. 
/«^f (, I'Jof, 4, a needle. 
*P«%«C, ^, see *P««C 
'P«t%«A, 1;, Rachel, indecL 
H^'if* h^^**^ P' '//*«'«*5 ^0 flow. 

part. 1. a. />a^^. /)Vf#f,to speak, 
to speak of. 
frfyfMt^ T«j, T^, a breaking down, 

1. a. t^ffniet^ to burst, to rend. 
/^/i«. r«$, r«, 1. a word, a saying, 

a command, a promise ; 2. a 

thing ; •u ' «-<»» /ijM«, nothing 

>««•«, #) Rh€8a, indeci% 

//Z;«, «c,^varoot. 

ippifiLfMt^ 1 . to throw down ; 2. 

to lajf down ; 3. to scatter. 
*P«Co^iK, «, Rjehobo'am, indecL 
^%/tc<f«A«, ««, ly, a sword. 
'P«i»^, 17, Ruth, indecL 
*Pot/f df, «», 0, Rufus. 
/v/u«, iv«, ^, a street. 
pMfjLott^ f, 0-9 flatty 1. a. imp.-ifvTut^ 

to deliver. 
/ir/c, iak, ^, a flux. 
*P4»/ttiiEx0(, «, «», Roman, Latin, 
*P«ju.«?«(, «, •*, a Roman. 
'P4Vfwei>r#, in Latin. 

trtt^tiyfittt]^ Syro-chald. indecL thou 

hast forsaken me. 
o'«CC«rof, ov, TO, and pL a-tiS^arct 

Tu, 1. the sabbath day; 2, a 

^»y4^v, !»«> (Jf a fishjng-net. 
£«J^ottx0(|o(, •v^ 0, a Sadducee. 
XaiifM, 0, Sadoc, indecL 
0-ij»»H) 't^) <>) sackclotht 
S«A«, 0, Sala, indecL 
2«A«^ijfA, 0, Sala'thiel, indecL 
2«iAci/it, ;^ Salim, indecL a place 

near the Jordan. 
9'uXitief^ f, G-ti^ p, vtTuXsvxec^ to 


S«A^«f, 0, Salmon, indecL 

a-«A»«, •», «, the agitation or tee- 
ing of the sea. 

crtlx^rty^y tyy^ jj, a trumpet. 

9'»hJril^m^ /, |V«», jj//, ,*, 1. a. 
fV«iAflr/r«, to blow a truropelv 

StfAtf/ttv, ««, 17, Salo^me. 

Xufitipti»^ «K, ;;, Samaria, ^^e nam^ 
of a tract of country lying be» 
tween Judaa and Galilee ; and 
also of a ciiy^ its metropolis. 

XafAupurm^ Of;, «, a Samaritan. 

Xmfittpitrti, thi^ ir, a woman j^f 




r«»^«Arit, av, r^ a sandal. 

roiirfiiij «) h^ of a bad kind. 

2«^fxr«, •», rij Sarepta, a eky 
of Phanicia. 

Ttt^l, <rm?Ki^^ r, 1 . flesh ; 2. man, 
as made ofjieslu 

Tttfim^ •, f. t^TM^ p, rto-tifantMy to 

2«r«(y«if, ;«, ;, 1. Satan; 2. an ad- 

«*«r»f, «v, r«, the seah, a measare, 
equal to cibout 2| gallons. 

rSivvvfLt or rCtny§0^ f. o*Cf«^, p. 
tT^fKx^ to extinguish. 

o-ietprev^ ^, ♦S, thyself. 

«-io«/i*</, to worship. 

cpf/ 0*^45, ay, #, li a commotion ; 2. 
usually^ an earthquake. 

•"*'^j y. Ttt^ p, cTicnicu^ 1. a.' pass. 
fViiV^^f, to shake, to agitate. 

••«Aij»^, ^5, ,), the moon. 

o'iXii9tti^ofMCi, J, MTi/4Mtj to be lu- 

Tfittfi, d, Semei, indecL 

2ji^, d, Seth, iwJcc/. 

Sj/ic, «, Shem, indecU 

rjj/i4»/y«, /, «f«, to signify, to inti- 

(TfifAslo^^ or, Td, 1. a sign; 2. a 

prodigy, a miracle. 
*T9ifA,t9o^^ to-day, this day. 

c*i5, c"uT«5, 0, a moth. 

riflt^dBP, cfc$, ^, the cheek. 

c'tyctof^ *, /. i|r», p vitriynKot^ 1. a. 
iciV«^<t, to be silent. 

S/^«i', «»«?, 17^ Sidon, a ci/y of 

vUipn.y TO, strong drink, indecU 

Xii^tftf/ct, 0, SiPoam, indecl, 

'S,\ ofuq^ 0, Simon. 

o'lfXTTi^ 10^5, T«^ mustard. 

TinSSiiy /»d«, f, a linen robe or 

Ttttu^of^f ctTofy p, a-t^ifixKO, to sift. 

rtTtvTdq, j, 0f, fatted. 
^iT<rT«, neM^ p/. from c/Tirrif, if, 
•r, fatlings. 

o-trofurpff, •V, r\ a certaia 

measure of grain or food, 
«fr*<, ov, «, wheat, ami, generally^ 

grain o/* whatever kind. 
Stif^ iy Sion, ^Ae norite of a hill in 

the southern part of J&rutatem* . 
vttneitiy £y f, itTm^ p. WiTtctvnKM^ 

1. a. i^tm^nvti^ to be sUent, to 

be still. 
WKWtimkt^M, f iTH^ p, f riMtf J^jMi, 

1 . to cause one to sin or to fall 

away ; 2. to give offence ; pass^. 

1. to fail away, to be in fault ; 

2. to feel offence at. 

(r««f JtfAov, o», ri, properly an ob- 
stacle, a snare, a stumbling- 
block ; any occasion of error, 
sin, or evil. 

icitfltT^*, to dig. * ' . 

0>»ff A«$, <05, •<;$, T^, the leg. 

TjctZ6$^ #0$, ovf, TO, any yesselor 
utensil ; 91^ vn^ r^, goods. ^ - 

0-X999, ^«, 37) 1. a tent ; 2. a man- 
sion. ,, 

o*icf}fo7«yi«, flc$, 17, the feast of tab- 

rjcjjf/a^, fli,y. 4^o>iir, p. iTxi90xmy I. a. 

o"*, to dwell. 
o-Kta, M4y r, a shade. 

to leap, to leap for joy. 
flr«Au^0K«^^/«, ««, jy, hardness of 

heart, perverseness. 
o-xAv^o$, «, o', hard, severe, dif&- 

ckoaA^i «, Of, crooked. 

crxoarim, *>, y. 4o"«», p. f o^ir«jui, to 

fKopTt^ofy f, ivm^ p, iricefirnMj to 

tkc^vUu «», •, a scorpion. 
o-K9rtnii, n^ it, dark. 
vnorU^ «4, ^, darkness ; mitapk, 


o'xoW^ar, f tr»y p. irtLoTtica^ 1. a. 

pa««. iVx*nV^9Vy to darken. 


vnirn, <•(, ov$, TO, darkness. 
9'jtv6panrU'i «, •», of a gloomy coun- 

a-«iiAAii», f, vxS^ 16 trouble ; mid. 

to trouble one's self; part. p. 

pass. i^xvA/fiifH* 
ff-xt^Aof, §v. To, a spoil. 
ri6«A«|, 9tMi^ 0, a worm, 
o-^uf t«, ^4, ^, myrrh. 
Tfcvpvi^et^ f. |V«>, p. \rf4,upuxM^ to 

mix with myrrh. 
SoJo/K^y Aff, r<x, Sodom. 
l^tX6fjiMi^ «ri»ro$, 0, Solomon. 
a-o^if, Mf, 0,^ bier. 
••Of, o^ij, ^o», thy, thine. 
T^v^^uv^ ov, TO, a napkin. 
2o90-«vf«(, «$, ^, Susanna, 
o-o^/flc, «5, r, wisdom. 
ro^, i, Of, wise. 
TwrnfavTu^ and -tto^, y. |«, 1 . a. iV- 

vmpmJQc^^ to convulse. 

Mix^ 1. o, p**, to swaddle. 
rrof^iif , pari* 2. o. pass* from orx* /- 

•»«-A, i5, /. «T4», /). fTxetKtt, parU 

p. mid, €rfrmo-ttfitv^^ to draw. 
nfiipa^ «K, & a cohort. 

9-xtJfa^ f. 7pa; p. IfrsTfij^jMi, 1. o. 
f axf/^oi, 2. a. ia^a^f^ to sow. 

TTtKtvXtirot^, 0^of, 0, a guard, w- 
pecially one who does the office 
o/* executioner. 

^re^f**, Tof, t^, 1. seed; 2. off- 

vwti^«f^ f. v»^ I. cu lo^ftfo"*, to 
make haste. 

csn^Ani**) •&, To, a den. 

9'wX»yx;9i^ofHMtff. trofMi or to'^tr^^ 
/iftflw, p, io-^Xdyx*t<rfMt^ tO be 
moved with compassion. 

rTA«y;Cio», oi;, to, -oi, t*, teodeP- 

ness of compassion. 
c^oVy««, •», To, a sponge. 
o>«roA4, AVi ^f ashes. 
(T^ppifioi^ •v^ «, ^, capable of being 

61 2X0 

sown; ri viei^ifjix {x^V* Wi- 
derstood)^ fields of grain. 

0^0^05, ov, o', 9eed for sowing. 

o-srot/W-*?, earnestly. 

TTicuSii^ ^;, ^, hafele. 

o-srt/^if, /Jo«, ,r, a basket. 

^T«^/of, ov, o', one? Of, 01/, TO, a sta- 
dium, a measure of lengthy near- 
ly equal to a furlong. 

(rTu6y^3. s. 1, Os subj. p. from 

o-TJrti^ £<tf^, i, an insurrection, a 

<rraTiip, ij^of, 0, a Stater, a silver 

coin^ worth a Utile more than 

half a dollar. 
oTuvpAi^ ov, 0, a cross. 

o-Toc»^,«, «;, / ^V«, p. tTieLupuicxl 

l.fl. o-«, to crucify. 
a-Tufpt,}^^ «f5, ^,. grapes, a bunch of 

^'^*^Z^i, V9i^ 0, an ear of wheat or 

other grain, 
o-riyti^ ««, jy, the Toof of a house, 
fTTupof^ fit, o», barren. 

<rT«y«'(^«, / «|4,, 1. a. fVTir«|«, to 

»^f>i«, «, o», narrow, strait! 
o-r/i^fltMs, fit/, 0, a crown, a garland.' 
o-rjjjctf, for «i7T|(«Ar, /. to-Tii^tt^ arnf 

^tf^ott.^ to stand. 
o-T^^/^^, /. /|*^, I?. isTTi^ix^^ 1. a. 

icrript^ocy to fix, to set steadily, 

to confirm. 
o''"'yA«i, Sjj r? a moment, an in* 

<rT/;k^A», /. ^«, p. ifo-r/A^«, to 

o^o«, «$, r, a portico, a porch. 
vToiC^iy oe^ci, ij, a bough, a 

cToAii, ^f, 4, a robe. 
^T«ftec^ To$, TO, the mouth j iy wic- 

ton* speech, testimony;* o'tJ/im 

H^X^^i'^iy tbe edge of the 





rrfmTtpfgM^ t«(, t^, 1. an armj ; 2. 
an armed band. 

rr^«tfo«ft9ti, mid,f» ti^tfuti^ to be 
a soldier. 

rrpctTiiy^i^ o«, «, a commander, a 

rrpetriH^ «$, r, a host, an army. 

0>r^«ri#rf(, ov, o^ a soldier. 

TTfttToifiS'cf^ •t/, ri, an army^ 

rr^iC»^ f. '^Ut p, tTTpt^tt^ 1. a. 
'ij/a^ part. 2 «. J7aw. (rrpa^ia^ to 
turn; vrpi^cfica^ pass, 1. to 
turn; 2. to be changed* in 
mind, to be converted. 

rTpov6t9fj cv^ Te, a sparrow, and 
generally any small bird. 

Tt^ti9fU4t or ctp&v9V^u,t^ f, rrpucm^ 

p. to-T^ofxci^ 1. a. »•«, to strow ; 
pass, to be famished. 
TTvyvti^at^ f, «tTm^ p. ivrvyyAtLCt, 

1. to be sorrowful; 2. to be 

ri>, o-otf, 4^c. thou, thine, <J^. 
rvyy^ff/tf, «^, 97« kindred. 
rt/yyt»i$, ««?, ««^5, i, ^, a kinsman 

or kinswoman, a relation. 
^vyn.a67i4*Mi, to sit with. 
,ct/y«a^/^«, yi ly^y, |>. KiKeiBtxx^ to 

sit down together. 

ry*^x<«A€«, «'• y*. i^"**, p o-yyitf jcAjj- 
*«, I. a. c-vTteKecAtG-ee.^ to Call to- 
gether, to assemble. 

TvyKciX'JTT^^ f. tf'rfif, p. 6^t;yK«*«Atf- 
^fls, to cover, .to conceaL 

o^yKxrurlSefixt^ mid. p. rsttifjLeu^ 

to assent to, to vote with. 

vrvyiiXiloi^ f. ^ct^' p. vvyiteKXetxx^ 
1» a. o-vyiK/Lito-x, to inclose to- 

9'iyiC'jwT«f\ y. ^t*^ p. a-vyxJiev^x^ 
to be bent together. 

^vyKvptet^ ui^ r, accident, chance. 

(rvyx,»(^«f'i f" wild. ;^j«^«o"«ft«^ tmp. 
(rt/»f>i«/^o», to rejoice with, to 

p. TtyxfzpnptMt, to hare inter- 
course or dealings with. 
rv^ioyjfVftt or i/M, fi ^tv^m^p. rote- 
^^vx»i 1 . a. {«, to join together. , 

1. to inquire together; 2. te 
question or dispute with. 

c-»x«ji6if#«, •», ij, a sycamine or 

o-wx^, r«, ^, a fig-tree. 

o'vMf4.9p%at or «/«, «$, ^, a syca- 

cv»«y, *v, rV, a fig. 

0*vic«^«yrf«, 4>, y. jfO-jf, j[>. «'grpxs-' 

^«vr9»«, to extort from under 
false pretences, to defraud. 

o^AA«Af«, ^, y. ir»: p, rtr^fAi^ 

A««», to converse witli. 

cvXXxiJouiim^ y. A^o/KJM, p» evfti' 
A9^«, 2. a. rvftXttS^v, ap- 
prehend or seize, to catch ; 2. 
to conceive ; 3. niid. to assist 

a-yAAiy«>. y. {«r, p. 0*tfAA/Ar;t^, J. fl. 
o'vvf Af|«» to gather, to gather 
together. . 

•t;AA«vi^tf/Be«/, y. /ff'^jstai, jp. 'pOM. 

(TvAAf A«7'^AMt<9 to reason. 

^t^AAtin-fa/K^i, •vfMMty^.^^oiuu^ to 

be greatly grieved. 
Tv/^Qutftf, f, fitirofixt^ p. pKuxM^ to 

happen, to befall. 
o^/ieC«AA«, y. jS«A«, p. ^SktfKm^ 1. 

to ponder ; 2. to join battle. 
vvti^ovXtutf^ y, rA^, p. c-v/u^c&vAfV- 

to give counsel; mid. to 'con- 

o-vfJ^tixuv^ $v, TO, counsel, consul- 

XvfMAff, 0, Simeon^ indecL 

cvfi^pLxBnrii^ bj, #, a feilow-disciple. 

cvfi^a^aytf^ptMt^ f. i^^puUf to be 
assembled together. 

ovfLieXnpi»y 4?, y. ticsi^ p, Ttffioti^ 
irxiprnxx^ 1. to fill; 2. to accom- 

TvfMTitlytf^ f, l^0j p, v-vflmtx^ 




i. «. {«, 1. to cbok€ ; 2. to 
throng, to press upon. 

TVfvrtftutfJMt^ f, 0^^«<, imp* crvvg- 
^cfiEvifuit^ 1. to accompany; 2. 
to come together. 

TvfAf^liriait^ Av, Ti, a- company of 
guests ; Tpfc^intc a-vfi^oo-ta, by 

TVft^ipm^ f. a-vfolvM^ to be profita- 
ble, to be best. 

rvfii^o^fMiy to grow up at tlie 
same time. 

% fnxM, 1. a, Tvn^tifijfrd^ to agree. 

rvfji/pmia^ «$, ^, music. 

Th^ 'With the dim. with, besides. 

ry»*y«r,y. 1*^, p, o'»f."»flf,*\8. i7. «•»»- 
'^y*y«i», I. to gather; 2. to 
assemble ; 3. to receive hospi- 

Twttyttyn^ ^$, ^, 1. a place of as- 
sembly ; 2. a synagogue. 

rv9x6pot^u^ y. o*», p, 9-v9^0f»txec^ to 
assemble together. 

Tvmiftti, f, AfS^ p. o-vteTpx*-) to 
take up ; with Adydv, to take 
account, to^eckon. 

rvy«iMA«f^f4r, «, y*. ijV^v, p, o-vv^jm- 
Ao«tfj»i6«, ttf ^icompany. 

f?l»WCf«C«/»«>, /. jSiJfl^dA**!^ to go up 

together with. 

•recline with at table. 
rvf«»r««, ^, y*. ifO*«, 1. a. (fpr^trtio'ci^ 

p. Ktc^ to meet. 
rwtcfrprifj f «»5, 17, a meeting. 

Tvt«,if^^fr%m^ 2. a. TWMei^tKtvi^ tO 
die with. 

to seize violently. 

rw«v|^v«fMEi, mio^. to grow to- 

rvfiovXa^^ «:;, «, a fellow-servant. 

mwii^afuf^ 3. pi. 2. a. /ro^ rw»- 

&vfUpt9f, df, Td, 1. a council; 2* 
the supreme council at Jertisa' 
lem^ the sanhedrim. 

vvitt0i9T6^ 3. pL 2.^ a. mi(i. yrow 

vvniS'fiTtq^ f «5, ,j, the 'conscience. 

0'tnif/A«^w<t, />. />ar^ now. s. Jem. 
from TvX>i»fi^a,fat. 

(Tuutfu^f. iff-ofMct^ to be with. 

o^*s7f*>itj p. cuvtutec^ to come to- 
gether, to assemble. 

o-vvnThfij^ofUit,. 2. 0. cvutcr}jX6of^ to 

^o in with. 

to work with,'to cooperate. 
cvf$px^f/Mt^ f, e?i$6<fottAt^ p, mid, 

tXiiXv6ot^ 1. to come together, 

to assemble ; 2. to accompany. 
vvve!r6i0f^ imp, crvfirSut^ to eat 

W50Tr$, frtJ?, r, 1. knowledge ; 2. 

6^ meton. the mind. 
o-iArco-xae^algf, 3. 5. 1. a ^ from or v- 


?-««Td$, i, o\, intelligent, learned. 

KvicBt^ to approve of. 
cvift)c»^f ii»t p. fV;^ajjc«, imp. pew*. 

ff;^0jUJ9y, 1. to hold; 2. to throng; 

3. to encompass closely ; pass. 

to be afflicted or distressed. 
o-fv^^f/A, tf$, }^, a custom. 
a^v^xMf, 3. pZ. 1. a, from vvnrifJLt. 
cvftip^tixei^ 3. 5. plup, from grvpap- 

^t'«'»;ii^»?, 3. *. 1. a, pass, from cvf- 

(evi6X«of4Mt^ pass, f, uo'$ir$fMH^ p, 

Tv3ri(ixacfA.(tt^ to be broken in 

c-t/v^A/Cdf, f, 4"^^ p' o-virUXt^et^ to 

press upon, to throng. 

trwUpLU f, ervfiTaf^ p. o-vvgjxxc^ 1. o- 

rowJiMt, 2. «. o-dnf*, to attend to, 
to understand. 
0>oflrrifjMi, Q-vftrrai»y and -««, y 




frvTrivm^ p, rvuTTnnM^ tO Stand 

cwiitt^ ttft rt a party of persons 

^•"'•>J'»i n<>^.i distress. 
rofrArrm and 'Tt^^/. ^v^p^o-vfTirtt^ 

X^f 1 • a* orvf er«{(s, to command. 
tf'vvTf Ac/«, ««, ^) the end, thQ con- 
ffvyrf Af «>, a?, y. ^^-^^ or f o"i*, p, ci/*- 

TtrixijKCi^ 1. a, trvfiTtXiTtt^ to 

finish, to accomplish. 

t,from o-v*TfiStf, 

to preserve, to protect; me- 

(crp/i. to keep in mind. 
ri»»Ti^j?/tt<, y. iio-m^ p, ri&nKtt^ to 

put together ; mid. -/»t«/, 2. a. 

0'Vfi6if4.ii9f plup, TvviTtUlfUfiy to 

rvvrpext, 2. a. wvt^^ccfUf^ tO run 

rvvTpt<om^/. %/^», p. <rv9TtTfit^»^ l.a. 

o-vvfTpt^u^ to break, to bruise, 

to afflict. 
o"t^irt;y;Ctfffl», 2. fl. o'wvfTt/;kj«f, 2. a. 

tTi/*. o-tnrt»;gf If, to reach or get to. 
'ZvpPt^otifUia'9'ot.y 94, ^, a Syrophoe- 

nician woman. 
Xt»^/«c, «?, r, Syria. 
2^^o(, ev, f^ a Syrian. 
c-tf^AT, f, vvo£^ p, e-g<rvpKS6n to drag. 

BTTTupxx^'i to convulse violent- 
TuTffiftpf^ ov, ttf, a sigriai. 

c-vrrrfltr/itrTfli, «u, «, an accom- 
plice in sedition* 

rraupaKot, to crocify at the 

same time with. 
Xvx^p'i n-i Sychar, indccL 
c^cSpet^ very, vety much, greatly. 

T^payi^ti^ f» lew, jj. iTpp^yixct^ 
1. a. o-«, 1, to seal; 2. metaph, 
to ajjest. 

•^<?«t /• '<^«, y- «••;(:'««, 1. fir 

paM. Irxrrt^^^ to rend, to tear, 
to part asunder. 

rx't^fiM^ r#«, ri, 1. a rent; 2. a 

o'X^ifUtj 0v, t\ a cord. 

9'x^^^', /. «»•*', />. l9-;c^A#fK«, to 
be unoccupied. 

9'^^tf^ f. «•*», p. ••# ff-iiiMt, 1 . a. lfr«- 
»•«, 1. a. pass, gTMBii*^ 1. to de- 
liver, to preserve, to save ; 2. 
to heal, to restore. 

frSpue^ r^f, to, 1 . the body ; 2. a 
'dead body. 

0-«#/t«r<4$, ki •*, bodily, material. 

o-atrip^ rpof^ J, a saviour. 

(TotrnpU^ tt9^ ^, salvation, deliver- 

vmrvipff^ ov, t\ salvation, deliver- 

9mPp»fiMy <?, f. tto-tf, p. Ttvcf^pm^it-' 
»«, to be in one's right mind. 

r«eA«fr#v, ♦IT, rV, a talftnt, eguftZ <o* 
about \b^()dollar^ 

r»Xt$my talitha, Syr. inded, a dam- 
sel. » 

r«f4fjdf or r«jiut#«», «i», r\ 1. a 
store-house ; 2. a closet, a re- 
tired chamber or place. 

T«{/5, cat;, ^, order, regular suc- 

r«xf/f^5, H, if, humble. 

TtL-xtn^Vy S^ f, tivi*^ p. rtTmvgt9Si^ 
KflT, to bring low, to humble. 

TaTelftfTKy f«^, j, humiliation, low 

TapntTTot or '■rrtyf, |tf , p, rsif^mfrnxm^ 
1. a. jpa^9. iretpfiix^n^y to agitate, 
to disturb. 

ret^ftxij ijij ^, an agitation, a tu- 

TtiTr^ or -rr^, y*. |#, p, rirttx*^ 
] . a. mid. ifmidfugf^ to appolnl^ 
to set. 




tutf^t^ #v, if a bullock* 
Ttt^iyVi^ fjf a burying. 
r«V«(9 ^i') ^ ^ sepulchre. . . 
f<e;c/*5, quickly, hastily. 
r«;^(ov, more swiftly ; a&*. quick- 

rax^i f«5, •!»«, Td, speed. 
T«>;u, speedily, presently. 
Tf, and ; rf....x«/, both....and. 
ri ^A/jMft«fJ?, part. p. pass, from B-xt' 

€», contracted, narrow. 
rt$fi^Ti^ 3. p, pass, from Bfirxtf, 
Tt0pxf*^hoiy part p. pass, from 

Tt%eh, 2. a. inffrom rUrm. 
Tfxf/df, cw, Td, properly a little or 

dear child; on affectionate eX' 
• pression^ like O carissime ! 
Tfjtfdy, .tfv, T^^ 1. offspring, child ; 

2. an expression of kindness^ my 

rfj^TArv, •?«$, «, a carpenter. 
TfAff^c, «, «», perfi^ct, complete. 

TtXtiim,f ttTa^ p, TtTtXiioHcei^ 1. a. 
htXiittTm^ 1. to finish, to com- 
plete ; 2. to fulfil. 

TtXnttTiq^ fA^c. 1^, a performance, 
an accompnshment. 

rsXtTp,o^iety #1 y. <c-if, p. rtrfAt- 
e^afnt^tc^ to bring forth fruit to 

rcAtvr««, £, f im^ p. nrgXtpTv 
*«, 1. a. tTiXe^Ttio'Uy to die. 

Tf Afvri, ^, 1^, death. 

riXim^ £^ f- icr^^ p. TfriAfit*, La. 
Mm'tccj 1 . to finish ; 2. to ful- 
fil ; 3. to pay. 

rixof, £0$, •&$, T^, 1 . an end ; 2. 
the event; 3. a tax. 

rtXtitfii, ^v^ 0, a. Collector of the 
taxes, a publican. 

Tf A«y(0f, «», TO, a custom house or 

Tijij, 2. s, l.yi mid. from rUti. 

ripen, To«, T*, a wonder, a prodi- 

TSTTetfixAirtty •!, «i r«, forty. 


tiTTctpti^ •!, «J, T««, four. 

Tgr»pTat0i, «, •», on the fourth 

rirotpTo^^ n, «f, the fourth. • 

TtrtXtfrrmy 3. *. p. pa^s. from ti- 
A«<i». • 

Tir^MKi<rxiXi6i^ «i, tf, four thou- 

TtrpttpLiivpi, «t;, 0, ^, (neut. ptipof r#? 

' ;e^o>'««' understood), the space of 
four months. 

rsr^tbvXooi^ «(/;, ««, 17, oof, at^y, four- 

rerpxpxi^i », y. ^r*, p. rstirpAp' 
X^^*9 to be a tetrarch. 

TirpJi^X^h aw, «, a tetrarch. 

rix^iUt part. 1 . tt. pass, from rf" 

TtiX»vy2i^ clearly, distinctly. 

rtjptof^ «, f ^iTM^ p. riripniKa, 1. to 
watch, to guard ; 2. to reserve, 
to keep; 3. to observe, to obey ; 
4. to deliver, to preserve. 

TtQtptit'i, Jih$^ «, Tiberias, a city 
of Galilee. 

T/Cff /Off, ou, 0, Tiberius. 

ri^nut^ f iircf^ p. rf^fi««, 1. tO 
place, to put, to lay ; 2. to set 
before one ; 3. to lay aside, to 
lay down ; 4. to appoint ; 6. to 
treasure up; 6. to bend, to 

TixTtff, f mid. Tg^cpiMi^ 2. a. ir««o», 
to bring forth/ pass^ to be 

t/aAat, /. r/A«, p. titiAjmi, to pull 
off, to pluck. 

TifMuof^ flp, d, Ti'maeus. 

TtfMiM^ £^ f io-of^ p. Ttr/ptancet^ 1. a. 
hipLno-m, 1. to honour, to reve- 
rence ; 2. to estimate, to val- 
ue ; 3. to reward. 

TijuJ, ^$, ^, 1. honour, reverence; 
2. a price. 

TiV, r/, Ttfoi ; who ? what ? which ? 
what manner or kind of? t/; 
J^*« t/ ; th rl ; why ? ri ; how ? 


f / o5» ; how then ? ri in ; how 

is it that? 
rif, W, r^M^ a certain one, some 

one, any one ; ntut, something ; 

rivff....rirM, some.—others. 
tIt)^^ «9, 0, an inscription. 
r«/Vff, although. 
T#/»i;f, therefore. 
rtidt^Hi «oVv, «vT«» an(£ o2?r«y, such, 

so great 
r«tM$, 09, «, the interest q/* money. 
T^XfiAm^ <?, yi <••«», p, TtriXfUfKo.^ 

1. a. hiXfunTm^ 1. to dare; 2. 

to care, to be inclined. 
T«9r«f, ^y, 0, 1. a place; 2. place, 

r«0'«2fr«(, icJrv, ovr^, an^ •?r«f, so 

great, so much ; pL so many. 
r^Tf , then. 
T9u*^f4M {by crasisfor t« uUf^M, tMtm 

understood)^ by name. 
rpm^B^cc^ ««9 ih 3 table. 
r^iBTf^irvc, •!/,'•, a banker. 
r^««/6«, ro$, r«, a wound. 

t-iiMt, to wound. 
rpm^n^aq^ dv, o, the neck. 
Tpttjc^fTrtf^ trti^i^ ij, Trachoni'tis, 

a cbuntry lying between Pales- 
tine and Calo-Syria* 
r^;c«»$i fi*^ ^ rough, uneven.^ 
T^ift, •!, •!, and tpU'i T«, three. 
r^ii^r, jr. T^tftm^ to tremble. 
r^f ^«, yi S-piyJ/tf^ p, r%9pi^at^ 1 . a. 

hpi^ptt, 1. to feed; 2. to bring 

T^i;ti4», /. ^^f{*^, p. hipifAOiMt^ to 

run. . 
Tpi^«o»T«i, •!, «J, T«, thirty. 
TftaMO'icty eti. Ay three hundred, 
rf /CoAo(, •», o» a thistle. 
rpiSci, ov, 4, a road, a path. 
^^''^•? /• I-*? ?• '^f'^f^X^t to grind, 

to gnash- 
r^«f^ three times. 
rpirof^ fly 09, the third ; l» rplrov^ 

66 no 

rp/w, atidl ri r^rcu the third . 

rpiujHf •v^ e, trembling, fear. 

f ^tfiTH, «», «, » way ^or manner ; 

Of Tfiiff (x»(l* undtrstood)^ ^. 
rp#^, ^5, ^ food. 
r^tf^A/»y, •«, Td, a dish. 
r/»y»i>, <?, /. •»■*», p. Tf r^»yii«», to 

gather grapes.' 
f^wyif, «M$, ^, a turtle-dove. 
Tpvf4M?aiy Zf, ^, the eye <?/* o nc€- 

r^iwufiMy r»j, rJ, the eye of « 

T^»^«, ^«, fly luxury. 

rpiyct, /. |«A6«/, p. TgTpafx*f to 

n;y;^«f4», y. rev^ifictiy ' y.^ ririvxMy 

2. a. in/*, rvxft*'^ 1 ..f^ be ; 2. 

wi^^ i^e ^en. to oh^n. 
rvsroc, ov, o, a mark, a print. 
TvTTTat^ y. -vj/^*, p. rirv^ot^ to beat. 
TPpQti^ti^ f. tto'tt, p. TSTopSetKtCy to 

trouble ; mid. to trouble one^s 

Tu^$, ««, •, Tyre, the capital of 

rt/^^s, if, 0*, blind. , 
rv^A««, «, y. »V«, p. f «r(^A4riMS, 

to blind. 
T'j^ofMty pass, from ^iff^^f ^'^<i», 
^ to smoke. 


tfCf i^*>, yi iV«>, p. v^ptKcty to treat 

»V/«/vAr, y, cbhaT, to be well. 
tJvM?, <•«, •««, well, sound. 
iJy^d«, «, ^f, moist, green yrow 

vS'pUy ctiy ,y, a Tessel to hold water. 
o3p4twtK\9^ jk, flv, dropsical, having 

the dropsy. 
vitfp, u^«Td?, T«, water. 
vthi •(^s •> ^ son. 




vfiLtTtf$i^ «i) cf^ your, yours, 

Vftffifj £^ f. If O-AT, p, hfMUKM^ 1 . a. 

r», to. sing a hymn. 
7«70f, to depart, to go. 

(r«, to obey. 

p^ecfrmM^ Sj f. ncrtf^ p, v^nivrvxuc, 
1. a. c*, to meet. 

^^^PX^^ / |«'5 p. y^tipx*^ to be ; 
i9Pj«^>iflfr«, r*j goods, possess- 

v^tfttia-in^ S, s. 1. a. j3(w«. /ro/» 

v^ip^ with the gen, for, on account 
of, on behalf of, on the side of; 
with the ace. above, more than. 

C^epeKXvfOfiMt^ pass, to run over, 
to overflow. 

o««^i^«»/«, «(, ly, pride, arro- 

^^ifin^uuf^ «w, 0, ^, proud. 

v^tp^n^iTtrSg^ exceedingly, above 

uirfiphni, 0v, 0, an attendant, a 

oxfd^, av, 0, sleep. 

v^}, with the gen. by ; with the 
ace. under. 

vvohtyiJLtt^ Tdj, TO, an example, a 

v^ohUfvpu^ f, hl^ct^ p, JIJf/;^«, ^ 
1. a. »5riJ«/|flft, to point out, to 

vTc^t^^fiMt^ J*. ^•IMtt^ p. uKohhy- 
fjLtit^ 1. a. mi(]^. v^tSt^ctfoif^ to 

oTc^itif, *>, /. -^e-rtr, to bind under ; 
uvoiufutt^ mid., to be shod. 

v^cS^f^A^ r#e, r^, a sandal. 

u^o^t/y/fy, fdv, T«, an ass. M 

v9r0jceiTtf, adv. with the gen* under- 

v^6KphofMi^ f. t^vfiecty />. pass. u?ra- 

nUptfuii, to pretend, to feign. 
C^axpt^ti^ tt*i^ ^, hypocrisy.' 
^^•%ptrniy cv^ «, a hypocrite. 

A«^«, 1. to answer; 2. to sup- 

v^'tfAjvioy, ^v, r^, a wine vat, the 
lake under the wine press. 

uwoftn»^ f. pLSfS^ p. uw^fUfUmxtty 

1. a. ii9rfftfi»«, part. \. a, f)sr*« 
iMf/t«$, 1. to remain behind; 

2. to endure, to persevere. 
u^rtptifiv^TKa^ f. ftviirw, p, Cyrofii' 

fjLfuxtt^ to remind ; pass, to re- 

y«-«/ito»i, ^$, iy, perseverance, con-» 

v^^iriS'itf, «», TO, a footstooj. 

U^OiTTpg^V^ f. yf/tt, p, V^tffTpf^Cty 

1. a. n//«, to return. 

vT^TTpaffviiCi or -oof^ f, frrpjvf^ p, 
yx<W^*>*«, to strow under- 

cJaroT^Vrm and -TT*,y, |^, p^ v^rdri^ 
retxc*<i 1. a. jiyrirtc^ety to subject 

vfrtx*»^i6t^ //•»•*', p. Ktx»ptiJcm, 
r. a. CTtx^pv<ray to retire. 

(5flrA»«-ijt^A>, /. <ftT<i>, to weary out, 

oWa^jto^, ov, •', hyssop. 

vrtt^ict^ *>, y*. lye**, p. va^gptixety 
1. a. «•«, to fail, to lack, to be 
wanting ; pa^s. to be in want. 

iTTtp^flAy T04, t\ poverty. 

vTTtpfjTti^ ««»$, ,^, poverty. 

ua-npdty afterwards, at length, 

v^etvrU^ i, Of, woven. 

»^«A«5, i, ON 1. high; 2. excel- 
lent, admirable. 

w^/zicToj, ?;, oif, superl. the highest. 

o-^/zof, fn^, ov$, TO, heaven. 

u-^ott^ £^ f. »<rt»^ p. v^J/mnctj 1. a. 
«*«, to lift up, to exaft. 


^tiyi, ov, 0, a glQttOD. 

pdyif, 2. /. mtVf. ^tcyfittty ' 2. a. 

If^otyof, to eat. 
^tffVir, /. ^«»«^, p, ^(^etyxit, 2. a. 


If^AffAv, to sbioe ; nUJ. 1. to ap- 
pear ; 2 to seem. 

♦iiAf», ij Phaleg, indecL 

f «rf^ «, •#, maoifest, known, 
pablic ; ft rf ^ff^ openly. 

1. a. \pAu^eKrat^ tO show, tO 

make manifest; pat$, to ap- 

0m»t(£i^ openly. 

^titHt •?, «9 a torch. 

^*f«v«A^ #, Phana'el, indecl. 

^mfTttTfia^ r#$, t j, an apparition, a 

^«f«y|, «yy«$, ^, a valley. 

0«if ^i, «, Phares, indecL 

^ttptvai^i, ^v, •, a Pharisee. 

^«rnr, »f, 4, a manger. 

^«vAo«, 9, •», wicked. 

^«Vy««^ '•<r«<^9 ^^ light 

^if*^, /. •f<rAf, 1. a. ij^ffy»«, 2. a. 
^»«y»#», 1. to"^ bear, to bring; 

2. to bear, produce. 
fi4y«t^ 1. y*. mtrf. ^iu^ofiMt^ p. mid. 

we^pgvym^ 2. a. <^ft/y«f, to flee. 
^7/»ti», «ff, jj, report, fame. 
^fifch 2. fl- «^»?»9 to say. 
^itlftt^ f. M(r40^ p. i^^axct, 1. a. «•«, 

to come. 
0$af4i^ 4tr, 0, malice. 
0t?itt^'yv^tij 0v, 0, r, aFariclous. 

^tXtat^ », /. oytf-tf^, p. frt<PiXiiK*^ 
1. a. iiplXnTm^ 1. to love ; 2. to 

^/a9, 9$^ «, a female friend. 

0i?i9}f4.x^ rac, r^, a kiss. 
♦/a/«'«*««, op, 0, Philip. • 
^iAoi!fixi«, «(, ir, contention. 
^'A9$, 09, 0, a friend, a compan- 

1. a. i^tfMTx^ to put to silence ; 
pai*. to be silent. 

^A0|, yos, 4i fl^Qie. 

wnpiSn/Mtij 1* a* f^^C^^v, 1. to 

68 ♦TA 

fear, traH9itwely and vU^xuuir 
tivekf ^ 2. to reverence. • 

piSwT^f, •», A ^ terrible s^ht. 

^•C««, •», #, fear. 

^•ifi|, ix«<, #, a palm-tree. 

^vff9(, f ir^ «, a morderer. 

f^#»f V0W, to kill. 
^•»o(, •», #, murder. 

^^f#, #, yi Usfy p. IF^iftlM^ to 


^0^#«, 0v, «, tribute. 

^«^r^«r, f. A-if, p. wi^ifTtxtt, tO 

load, to burden. 
^•^rt09j Av, r», a burden. 
^^«yfAAi0f».0v, ro, a scourge. 

'yi?iKiiKM^ to scourge.. 

0picyf*,0ij «w, 0, a hedge. 

^ftc^m^ f, m^tf, p. vf^ftcsuf^ to ex- 
plain. ) 

pfi»f^ ^^/«r0f, r^, a well. 

^ffim^ £, /. ««-Jf, /?. ^i<Ppo9iutm^ to 
relish, to give one's mind to 
with desire. Its ordinary 
meaning i», to think, to judge. 

^poftf^t^ f«f, ir, wisdom. 

^f«'f/f«a$, «tf, 1^, wisQ; c&mp* ^^o»i 
ftMTtp^^ «B, •», wiser, more 

0p6npLuq^ wisely, providently. 

0vyn^ i«, ,J, flight 

^ttUf nom, f, neut, part 2* a. pa««. 
from 06tf. 

^t;A«Mi, ^«, 17, 1. watch, guard ; 2. a 
prison ; 3. a watch of the night 

(p»Xxn.ripieL^ i<yv, r«, phyiacteries, 
slips of parchment^ inscribed 
with passages from the law of 
Moses^ and worn on the fore^- 
h^ and left wrist. 

(PvAua-crtf and 'TT0^f ^M^p. ^t^iXiC' 

Xf*, 1. fl. <^e/Aflft|«, 1. to watch, to 
guard, 4^i;A<«o-a-f<» ^vA«ic«», to 
keep watch ; 2. to preserve ; 
3. to observe, to keep ; 4. mid. 
to beware. 


^p)^ ^«, i5, a tribe. 
^vAAtfV) •Vj T«, a leaf. 
^vrtict, «e$, 17, a plant. 

i^v^f vo>ffi to plant. 

^6t^ f, ^«r*, j9. wi^wctt^ to gene- 
rate ; pass, to spring up. 

^Af Ac0$, oy, 0, a hole ia the grounds 

^Aivfi^v, »,yi ^o"*^, p, iTi^mnKti, 1. a. 
i>*W*, 1. to cry out; 2. to 
,crow ; 3. to call to ; 4. to in- 
vite ; 5. to call, to name. 

^Ptf^tit P$) rj, a sound, a voice. 

^a<, p^Td^, T^, 1. light; 2. a fire. 

^•r«/»>«, i, if, bright, enlighten- 

^•ri^4», y*. /rn*, p. vrepttTiicUy to en- 


1;^*^*") /. mid. x^pi^^f^^^ t® 
rejoice; ;^«ijpf, hail 1 

to let down. 

;^aeAi^^$, «, «v, fierce. 

;^j«A*<f », •», To, a brazen vessel. 

;^«A»«$, •v^ 0) brass money. 

X^M^h OQ ^^^ ground, to the 

Xet9enu46i^ «, ov, a Phceniclan. 
*;«</•? ««i»5 joy. 

;^«^0b|, «»f$, 0, a trench, a ram- 

X»pn^*t, 2. €t. in/* p(W«. from x*^' 

%06^/'i^f jEMti, y. mid, CrofMLi^ p, «f- 
;^ii^<0'^Mei, 1. a. mid. Ix^p'^'^M^*^ 

1. to confer a benefit; 2. to 
forgive, to remit 

%*PK, <T0$, A, 1. favour, grace; 

2. thanks ; 3. reward ; 4. gra- 
ciousness ; x^*^» for ««t« x'^' 
^fv, on account of. 

X^tftrcti^ <?, yi «/«•«», |>. MX^p'tr^xa, 

6e XPH 

to make Wepted ; pass, to be 

highly favoured. 
xi^t*^ «••$, t), a chasm, a gulph. 
;^<i^f, f*«, ovf, T^, the lip, 
X*^t^fhi^ •fj •> a brook. 
X"Mt9^ ••»•«, •) !• winter ; 2. a 

;i(fip, ^^, 17, the hand, 
X*if^»inrH^ 0v, «, 17, made with 

;Cf iVi»», «»««, 0, ^, x*''^fh ^^j worse. 
;cu>«t, «$, ^, a widow. 
;k^««, yesterday. 

XtxUfx^i'i •Vf ^ a captain, a mili- 
tary tribune. 
X*^t*f^ «e^«$) 179 a thousand. 
;uiT^r, iSmj, 0, a tunic, ^Ae inner 

garment ; pi, garments. 
X^^h ^*^i^ it snow. 
X^ttfMi^ 0^0$, i^, a cloak or mantlej 

the upper garment. 
X^»pUt «, f^ green. 
;(^0r^0«, o», 0, a hog ; />i. swjne. 
X^^tiif^ ^9 /• «>^<v, p. xf;^oA«»«, t# 

be angry. 

X*f^^ Vit '}'> gall. 

;C00$, ;c0S«, 00P, 0y, «, jj, dust. 

X0^«^#» and Xnf^a^v, Chorazin, a 

ci^^ tn Galilee, 
X^f'^t «v, 0, a dance, a company 

of persons dancing. 

x^r'^i^f /• «/*» ?• 'ttxh'ftt^'^t 

1. a. pa**. «;c0^rtf0-^^^», to feed, 

to satisfy with food. 
xh'^^^'>*^t •> 1* grass, herbage; 2. 

the blade or stalk o/* any grain. 
X0t/^£«, «, 0, Chuza. 

Xf^^t *> /• w^^*? p. *W^*^ to 

' ;^^#/«i, ««| ^, need, use, necessity. 
;c^i*>^fiAiTnf, 0t/, 0, a debtor. 

xriC^'t / i*^*- P- ^ixP^^'h to have 

need of. 
;gf ^^«, r0$, r0 • pL ri X^^f^f'^, 


XC^fM^t^^^ f. iV*, p. XtXpUfMTtKtt^ 

to give divine directions, ^e*. 




12.25; pass, to be divinely 

instructed or warned. 
;c^jj^«<, i^ «S !• kind; 2. easy, 

agreeable ; ;c^o^»r<p*f, «, •% 

comp. better, preferable. 
Xpt^iit •!?, «• Christ ; the same 

with the Hebrew Messiah, and 

denoting in general^ an annoint- ' 

ed one ; from 

9XV^*f to anoint, to set apart 
or consecrate to any office by 

vDMt, to delay. 
X^ofoi^ •v, «, time ; delay, jRev. 
10. 6. 

XfVfr«ij 00, #, gold. 

;^«iA4(, «, o», lame. 

X^pfi^ ««7 lb ^- * region or coun- 
try ; 2. % meton. the inhabit- 
ants q/* a country ; 3. a field. 

I . to bold or contain ; 2. to go ; 
3. to bear, to be capable of re- 
ceiving ; 4. to dwell. 

X»V^^' /• ^*^*'? P- *'^*^'**S *<> 

la, a farm. 
;^«^#f, adv. separately ; with the 
gen. without, besides, except. 


'^etXftii, •«', 0? a psalm. 

-i^/ev^ofMCi^i mid,f. •4^fti(rcfMt^ to lie. 

'^vS^fJifTvp^ p»i^ 0, a false witness. 

^tvB^t^etpiv^U^ 4?, /. ije-ii>, p. i^ey- 
hfAMprvpfix.*^ to bear false wit- 

"^BvS^iJMprvpitt^ oti^ i, false testimo- 

-^ivh^pc^pirr^^ ov, 0, a false proph- 

^€vhi, go?, ot;?, T«, a falsehood. 

^sv3oxfi^^H^ ov, 0) a false Christ| 

a pretender to be the Christ. 
^tymn^ ov, i, a liar. 
^n^a^Mn^ «, /. no-Wj p. i-i^nxi^n'tAj 

to feel, to handle. 
-i/^^i'^o^, /. /o-or, p. i^W^<wi, to 

calculate, to compute. 
^tX*^*^ *^^ A a ^rumb, a morsel. 
^^Xn^ ?«) ^1 1- lif^i the life ; 2. 

the soul, the spirit, the mind. ^ 
^l^vx^ptMt^ pass. 2. /. ^t/y^T»^MM, 

/?. i'^vypLoLi^ 2. a. l^^oy^^ to 

grow cold. 
'\^e»;^o«, fof, ot»$, TO, cold. 
^t/A5^o«, i«. Of, cold ; xor^o» ■^'W- 

;gpoii (t»JWT*€ understood), a cup 

of cold water. 
if/MfciAf^ o», TO, a piece or mOrsel, 

whether of bread or Other food, 
^^%^> f I*, P- H'^X*, to rub t« 



'aQ^ii, 0, Obed, indecl. 
SSt, 1. here; 2. hither. 
^Hf^ ?toj, r, distress, affliction. 
otko^^'/M^TA, 3. *. jpiwp. pass, from 

^fjLtX9Vi^ 3. pL imp. from of4.tXitt.' 

SfMs, ov, 0, the shoulder. 

iSftco-s^ 3. *. 1. a,fromo/4jfvftt. * 

o5of, oS, Ta, an egg. ^ ' 

i^flc, »5, ^, 1. an hour; 2. a time, 

a season ; 3. the day or time 

of day, 
<v^«ros, u^ oy, beautiful. 
a^p0pt^e^ 3. s. imp. from o^^it,». 
»f w|f», 3. 5. 1. a. from cpavo-tt, 
^pXn^*^o^ 2. s. 1. a. wiid. /row 


^$, 1. as, like as ; 2, as it were, 
about; 3. how, in what man- 
ner; ,4, when, after that;* 
i^(....x«j,, also. 



a<rttff^y Heb. indecL Ho^nna* 

siive him I pray. 
sffrxiitaii^ likewise. 
<»<rfi, as^ as if, about 

aiT^spj 03^ lik«? aii 

*Wf, 1. so as, iQ order to ; 5. si* 

that, wherefore, 
*r/fi7, av, rlj the ear. G 

fij^f/Af, 3. S. imp* Jrom a^ftXtt* 

profit, to beaedt. 

# * 

thf: EiVo. 





1^ '