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Full text of "Chamber's Etymological Dictionary of the English Language"

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^^^^^^^^B. MEERS'S ^^H 

^^^^H:al dictionary I 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 uy THE ^^M 

^^^^^^^Bh ^^I 

^^^^^^^^^^K ^^M 

^^^^^^M . ^^t 

^^^^^^^H . • ««U>I1ICS IK >3»U>lt t-tmATTH.' ^^H 


^^^^^^^ ^V TL CHA ^^^^^^H 

^^^^^^^L;N ^^^^^^^1 

^^^^^^^1^ ^^^^^^^1 



;tymological dictionary 





(TOfc or cHAJiBCBs's •m.adimcs p*- EscLisit uTcaATruE.' rrc 








mary of English Etym<iii>Q\ By Henslcigb Wedgwood, M.A. 3 volt 
Triibncr & Co. 42s. 

£tyniohgi(til Dictionary ef the Romance iMnptages ; ekujly from tht Ct 
Friedrich X>ia, By T, C. Donktn, B.A. Williams and Norgnle, 
Edinburgh. 15:1. 

Gftnictt*s PhiloJcgicai Essays. VTiUiams and Norgalc, London and EdiobuTSli. 

Max Mailer's Lectura on the Science of Language. Isl and 3d Series. 2' 
London : Longman & Co. 

Archbishop Trench On the Study of Words. 4s. London : Marmillan tt OSr ' 
rt English Past and Present, 4s. • 

Select Cioisary, 4s. • 

XaX^fh Afanuab of Crei^ and Latin Ef)^mology. Each 4s. London: I»t 

Exerxija en Etymology, By Ur Gnduun. {Chambers's Educational Conrse\ 

Or Lathiun On the English Language London : Walton and Maberly, i] 

Dr Angus's Handbook cf the English Tongue, London ; Religions Tract 

Students Manual of the English Language — Lectures on the English 
G. r. Marsh. Edited by Ur Smith. London ; John Murray, ys, Cd. 

Webster's Dictionary of the English Language, London : Bell & Daldy. 

Richardson's Dictionary of the English Langttage, London : Bell & ]>aldy. £^ tf 

BosworOi's Anglo-Saxon and English Dictionary. London : J. Rus^U Smith, t 

Vcnion*s Guide to the Anglo-Saxon Tongue. London: John Russell Smilh. 

Jomicson's Scottish Dictionary. 

Sanscrit- English Dictionary. By T. Bcnfcy. L/>ndon : Longman & Co, J^. 

The Bible IVord-Book. By F.astwood and Wright. London : Macmillan ft 

Booker's Obsoleit Words and Phrases in the Bihle^ &c Dublin : Hod]>es, Si 


Donaldson's Xew Cratylus {\%%.)^ and V'arroniamts {\a^.), Cambridge: 
Bell, A Co. 

1^15 Work will, it is believed, supply the want, so long felt, of a 
>ktionjry basetl on Ihe et}'mological relations of words, and exhibiting 
3ie results of tlie latest philological research, at a price quite witliin tlie 
Karh of even common Schools. 

*rhe Dictionary contains the Etymology, Pronunciation, and Meanings 
«f Words. 
Tha Vocabulary contains . every English word, with the excep- 
of obsolete and very rare words, and technical terms not found 
general literature. It includes, however, all the obsolete words 
U occur in ih^ BibU. Great attention has been paid to the 
Krtion of words in Natural Histor>', Botany, Geology, Physics, 
lysiology, and other sciences, which of late liave become more fre- 
(cntly the subject of study in schools. Numerous Phrases have also 
Eca introduced. Each uncompounded verb has its participles placed 
Ifer it, and its past tense when different from the past participle, and 
tcfptional and adverbial forms are given. 
The Arrangement of die words is dymolopcal^ while the alphabetical 
dcr is strictly preserved by means of references. Words derived from 
t »aroe root, but nitli different affixes, are grouped together, the first 
ird of each group being printed with a capital initial, and tlie 
'S under it with a small letter, while the groups themselves are 
I from each other by a s])ace. 
The Pronimciation is exhibited in the simplest manner possible. 
k co/TCCi soimd of every word is given by being written anew pho- 
lically, thus obviating the use of an array of marks so confusing to 
[pupiL The syllabication and accentuation liavc also been carefully 
■hdcd to, and different pronunciations given in cases where authorities 

Rke Meanings are based on the root-ideas of the words, a plan not 

V loijicallv correct, but calculated to give increased vividness to the 

n. The primar)* meaning is given first (in italics), and the 

jy meanings in the order of Uieir logical connection widi the 

nary one, different classes of meanings being separated by coVoxvs. 


test care, and will be found to embc 
this most interesting subject The der 
has been discovered) is given, each m 
step, to its ultimate source, and the 
distincdy told. In doubtful cases the 
been inserted. Contrary to the usual 
enclosed in brackets at the end of eac 
discovery of the meanings, and being 
anangemcnt to that usually followed. 

In this department full adrantage h 
Bopp, Pott, Grimm, Curtius, Diez, D< 
Gamett, Trench, Wedgwood, and oih 
Etymology of our language, a study whi 
marked advances. The Editor begs sp< 
to Mr '\Vcdg^vood's valuable Dicfhnaf 
completed — a work which no student of 

A copious list of Prefixes and Affixes 
tion, and afi&nitics, as far as ascertained^ 

It is confidently hoped that this Di< 
eminently suitable for general educatioi 
also peculiarly adapted for assisting in 
the £ng1i:>h language in advanced classa 


tent of the Words, — Every word is given in its 

place, printed in Clarendon, and there its meanings, &c 

be found. In certain cases, however, the word is referred 

tmdcr which it is expbined in its relation to words derived 

root Pariidpks are always placed after their verbs, and 

icrUly after their adjectives. SVhen a word stands after 

rith no loeAmng given, its meanings can be at once formed 

of liie latter, by adding the signification of the afiix : thus the 

of darkness arc obtained by prefixing the meaning of nesSj 

to those of dark. 

lunciation.— The Pronunciation is given immediately after 
the word being spelled ane^v. In tliis new spelling, every 
has its onlinaiy unvarying sound, lame being anphyai 
ihan one sound. The same sounds are always represented 
letters, no matter how varied their actual spelling in the 
No consonant used has any mark attached to it, with llie one 
of M, which is printed in common letters when sounded as in 
in italics when sounded as in Men. Unmarked xwtvds have 
at short sounds, as in lad^ Ud, iid^ tol, but, book. The marked 
I shewn in the following line, which is printed at the bottom of 

^BingS. — Tlie//-/OTi7n'/;imrt/>/^ of every word is given yfrj/, in 

IVWord iitcraiiy (lit.) before a meaning, signifies that that is 

|ng according to the letter, though it is not now, and may 

r * in use in the lanppiage; the word origina/fy (orig.), 

( ;o!lowing once existed, though now obsolete. 

ber meanings are arranged in the order of their connection 

poot idea, those nearer the literal meaning being placed first ; 

^ cLLssified in groups, separated by colons. 

before a meaning, signifies that it is used in the Bible in that 

ense, though it does not imply thai the other meanings of the 

r not also be used there. 



The Etymology. — ^Thc Etymology of each word is given 
meanings, within Ijrackets. AVhere further infornuiion regxrding a woS 
is given elsewhere, it is so indicated by a reference. When no etymoU 
follows a word, this implies that its derivation is given above, under 
chief word of which it is a derivative. Wliere the etymology of a 
is doubtfuiy different opinions arc given; and where Ufiihrt^cft, a. query' 
IS affixed. Under each word» the prefixes with their meanings ai< 
always stated, but not the aftuces, although the force of the latter L 
always given under the literal meaning. A full list of Prefixes anx 
Affixes, with iheir significations and roots, will be found in the Apj 




nnc S 

%* The student is recommended at once to master the following 
of abbreviations occurring in the work, which uill be found to sugg< 
their own meaning. 


are , according. 

MTK* accusative. 

oi^' adjective. 

Mk adverb. 

B ... 




boak-kccpinf . 

M boUny. 

€ltrm cbemiAry. 

tomt^ conipantive. 

«»V> cocij unction- 

AMM coruwctfld. 

CVM/r contraction. 

tmrv corruption. 

cnuM cryslallograpbir. 

Mm diminutive. 

rrt e«peciftlly. 

t^fm .ctyaolosy. 

fim feminioe. 

Jjf. figuratively. 

^tfrrf,... fortification. 

/nf M fre<)U€ntative. 

Ar. Anbic- 

A.S Anglo-Sijcc 

Hxv MavsuiaiL 

BobcB. Bohcnuan. 

Bret.. . Preion. 

V Dutch. 

Dan. IHniih. 

S Engliih. 

yfaui. Finiiiih. 

FIfin Klcmtsh. 

Pr French. 



• KeometiT. 


nti Kunnery. 

Mr Bcnldrv. 

Aart,., r.lwrti culture. 

M tiitefjeciiao. 

in/«M jnlenMvc. 

jfW iewcllcry. 

iti , .Hierally. 

matM .mathematici. 

tftecA mechanic*. 


mjftM mytliolofiy. 

M poun. 

nat. kitt. nalund history. 

mami. tuutiaL 




trig ohj(ioany. 

a/i optics. 

/ fKUticiple. 

Goth Gothic. 

Or Greelc. 

Heh Hebrew. 

Hiad HiiidLutani. 

Hun Hungarian. 

Ice Icclxiuiic- 

Ir,..>, Iri»h. 

Ii...,, luUan. 

L ......Latin. 

Lang Lannedoc. 

Lapp IjtpCind. 

Neap Neapolitan. 

Nona Nwm*n, 

Norv. Norwcfian. 

/aiftt. . 


. . past tCIGB, 


. . pcrliaps. 

/tA«/. ... ..,_.. philusopliy. 

// plural. 

/evr pocitcaL 

^./ present portii 

p^ip. ..» ...preposition. 

/W/ prt .- 

friHt pt 

^riv 1-,. ... 

/rw probably. 

/nPNC pronoun. 

pww pmrinnal. 

rktt rhetoric. 

jif tignirving. 

nmf ainguUr. 

iufcH. superiatiTc 

/ tease. 

tktol dwolosy. 

tr.f..... verb iiiintnsi 

v./ verb tranulii 

»0ot aoology. 

Pert Peruaa 

Port Pattui 

Prov Provei 

Ruts Russian 

Sank ■ - .Sanscrit. 

Scot. ScoUiilu 

Slav. Sbtvonic* 

Sp • Spanish. 

Sw SwediJih. 

Teul Teutijnic 

Tnrfc TufVish. 

W WcKh. 

Wal W, 

WaU. WaUo«a. 










•^■^ ■ ! fc ^ . »Z, * Aw «Mq» *«M w^/. 

-«i.V,liv^*rir^i.;.=a£e *»<»^-Jt,-A^ ULt •^rfj 

1i ll iii ' l \ totf«»»<,t» iw iiM< ' III , IP 

/ M 

/^~* :i- 

■«>£,« art ,aH«aM»a*9Maaw, ^-y^>. 



fldc. M. « cooper'i ure. tA.5- m>m.1 
ft'^-at, r.f. to put AJ> Into; to combine 

wieh cubonic add :— /^,/. A'crttiog ; /<•./. «'cr- 

lUd. (U«T,aif.l SreAk. 
■Willnw, ft-^-3Stiui}. t. t lie act or opcratioa of 

Cfkmbinint; ' u>cid. 

••rU^ S-C*!-) "'.''"/ '" 'i^ (ttV: can- 

sittinf^ of -itr ':v. IL. *fritu, biitaatr.\ 

MTllorM, A'cri Iu;iii. n^y. having tho ^rm or 

njturr at Mr. (L. **»■, aiitl^rmo, focm.] 
••rlfjr. a'ir-i-fT, p.f.,^tf^// tt'iVfl air:~fr /. a'crify- 

i»i£:/<L>. I'eritied. |L. <vr, and/t<'i>, to tnike.) 
Acnitttt, l>r-A-lit, N., <* '/>■<» falttnz frnm the tiiV; 

u niotconcilcrnc. (Or, iwr, air,aim/(/A<»*. «simie ] 
M Tolap. &-^-oro-ji, H., a dtjcri/tien of the air: 

the adencc that treats of the atr. —uif. atn»l«|'- 

leaL [Gr. •i^''. and A'fW, a deicription.] 
Mnatlar. A-^r-ODi'ct-^, ». an iiuu-uaicDt For 

fHfunrimgMr. (Gr. a/*-. audm^/rPM.a locaiure.] 
Mr(ai».>l, l'£r-0-naut. m. ooc who taili in the a/r 

a3 in a balloon. — Aiij. acroaail'lc. [Cr. afr, and 

tvtutlt, a lailor.l 
uraoavTlci, a ^r^ naut'tks, n., ikt KUMct or art «/* 

MTottj i:';V, (fc^',, iKsJ^rndint in air; 

pvf '- ■ . >l Mittne. (Cr. air, and tt»tot, 

plac<:<l, !r.iiM M^stfmi, to caiue to etand.] 
avMtotJci, .*i-tr-0-4«t'i)[<, aarortatUo. i-ir-A-itS'- 

ahun, <r., tht scimcr **/ raiMing, suircndinB. and 

guttlutg machines in tJu atr; airiaf oftvigatioa. 


Ca-thetlks, k. the *clcnce %-hich treats 
of lh« beautiful in fime/rum; ihe science of 
LiUtc. [Or. aisth?tik^is, perceptive— nj^MTni*- 
jwn/, lo perceive by the M;n»c».] 

hUhUq. b-lhetlk, Mtkalldal, es-thct^k-al, a^'., 
^trtMiniMg U* mUhttuj, — omV. ••Uut'leally. 

Afiv, a-Ar', «<fi'., d/ a_Afr disiance. \a, and far.] 

AAfate, arfa'fal, **(ij.y akie to W jheiien t^; of eaay 
nunncfL— a<^. af 'ftfely. [L. affahUU, {joSL^ffcr 
— *»/, to, AsA /er, Ja ri, to ^iKak.] 

aSiUUty, af-fa-bili-ti, n., ytmut'ty o/ bring tiffalte; 

ASUr, af-fAr', m., /^f aiAtii:^ ttJiftu; htisiness: — in 
//. tranuictiuoc m scneral ; public concerns. {Fr. 
ttffairt, frum ad, i<j,/airr, to di>— L-^«ti.] 

AAm>. afrekl', v.t., tfi act **feMi to move the pa»- 
kitmii Of reeltnii\ ; lo aim at; to aisumc ur pre- 
tend to : in New Te»t., to pay coiirt lo :—/»-/. 
aflectlns: /w/. aftect'ed. [L- nfficio, mfffctum 
—~tnf, to, _Ai'", to do ] [not iiAtiiml or real. 

affactatisa :if-tck-;}Miun, M. a&ximption of what is 

altctcd, af-fcVt cd, aJf. disposed tu ; full of aA«c- 
talion.— iT</:'. allMt'ad^.— ». aAel'«dB«a. 

ftffKtl&c. arfckl'iii^, «(^'-, having paw€r le ^fftct 
or move ihc piuioas.— Otfc. a^d'lBgly. 

•ftKUM, df-fck'ihan, n., ihe ttate fi/ /riairweU or 
ill affetfrif towards any une ; kindncH ; love. 

aflbetlaaadL af-fck'thund, aitj. diipoked. 

aSieUesal*, nf-fek'shun-St, adJ.,/uU t>/ a/frctifm; 
loving. — ndv. aStc'tkiaawty.— m. aflvc'tlDBatanHi. 

AAMo«,af-f fan^N. ,/*TtM pledged /<<: marrijiEe-eoa- 
IrMt : iniit. — t'./. to pledge fiiih ; lo bcirotb ; — 
fr.f>- afTi'andng; J*«/. affT'ancwI. XYx.JiaKCtr, 
to betroth ; Norm. rtjJSawmv— L. ad,fiJ*i, Taiih,) 

AAdavit, af^-dVvit, n. a declaration en oath. lUw 
L. n^^davit. he made oath — «*/, to, fide, to inisl. ) 

AJUUta. affil't-iiL, V /. to receive into a family u a 
j<*w, or into 3 society a* » member; in /no', lo 
a*»iipi an illecitimale child ir. us faihrr :—/'"./. 
•ffii'iliiugi/fl/.aflil'iSted. (L,«rf,tfi,>//«/.A*on.) 

aT-fil-i-a'shiui, «. aavociatioo in 
family or society : the auignmrac by J 

illcgititnatc child to its lalhcr. 

ftaJty, af-finl-tj, «., 4 herd^y^tig on; n 

uiajTiiiKe . cdoncctioQ . altntliiut. [iL, it 

ruf. and y^iii/, a border.] 

af-f^rni', v.t. to declare ^r»«/fi; to 

ai true: to e&tnblifth.— v.i. i» declare i 

— /r./. aflinn'ini;: A* -A affirmed'. (1- 

ajjirmatrtm, (t> mate finn — jh/, avdjit 

Jirm^j, stning.l Sec Flna 
aOrmabU, iif-fcrtQ a-bl, tid[/., £4«/ wtajf itf . 

— j//'i', afLm'alUf. 
aAraiatioa. ^r-rcrni-!l'khtui,i«.,/ii'/(i/'4^nii 

wbich >a aAirmcd : a solctnn dccUnOioi 
afllrmaUv*, ar-ferma-tivj adj. or «., tAsti^ 

adi'. aflirai'aitvaly. 

AAs. af-fllts', v.f.. tfji* /*;— /r.^ aJBkTi 

at&xcd'. (L. aJSgv — ad, ta,/if^a,Jixim 
aAa. af &ks, rx- a &ylublc ur IcUjttJ^fd t 

of a word. 
AflaUoB, af-flii'shuR, n.. a hrratXtngsn, 

ii0MtMm, in breathe on— <ti/. and vftf, to 
af.fla'tiis, «r. tftsptruoD. | U ] 
af-flikt', vj.ttf tirikt agmtui; lo 

iresa, grieve:— ^./. aflhct'ing; ^/. i 

[L. «/W'V"' ^^'ff**— — *•'■ to,yf*/», toi 
attctlM. al-Qiksliun, m., i/«// e/Hintt 

duitrcM or lU cauirf^. (L. .»,'"' 
fciairtlw, af-liiki'iv, <idj., cau^ ■ 
JUBWBt, af'ilC&-cnt. adj.,Jt,'-. 

wealthv. — «. a ctrcam th:ii 

[L. n/fitifns, -fMlit — ml, \<>. 
aSnaooi, aTAOO-cns, m. abuniJ ' i 
aAu. afHukis aSftitan. af-fluk'uiuxi. n.. a 

tt? : that wtuch flows to. 
Afford, af-ffird', v.t. lit. v.: l<rin£ fi 

nuirket-place ; to l* 

yiekl nr jnixluce; i ■ 
/. affScTl'rd. ll-'r 
to, yifrtem, ft ■ I 
ACny. af-fril', n. a fiii ' 

mnkes one *«/nifc/ ; a i — .. 

fffrnyrr, to terrify; Jfm^^, 
Jn*tvr, a cnuh^ frum .A^V. ™«t «f ^ 

break. 1 
»iniA.A(T!^\adf.,MtnicJkwitk/nir; Cittfi 

of iibtoleic verb ajfrujf,^ 



Aftlglit. af-frlt*. V t to CAxnc/ngMtm; co< 
- ^ /. alfri " * " 

frtsht'vdly. iSce mCM-f 

— ^^r./. afl'nght'ing; /«,j 


A&Ml. af-fninf. v.t. lo incel^,^vH/ Cr,^M 

suit openly :—/»'./. affronting; -- * -' 

—m. open insult. [Ft. affrwmii 
/tf.ntu, the forehead, front 
Aff olMa, af -fQ' thiu. a. , »ci c/i 

ling. (L.'i^iw^— *irf,andj6<M^i 
Afloat, a-flOt", adv., ^H_fiMt 
AlMk, a-foot", adv., phJ* 
Atvr*. a-fOr',//T^. in /i , before 
aToraltaBd, a-fCrhand, adv.. htfir. 
afotvttH*, a-fuf'tTm, adv., in/pr 
A£rald. Sec Affray. 
Aft«ah, a-ficsh'. adz>. anew, \£.<- 
AMcas, af'n-kan, ad/-, iftfi. 
Ait, aft, adj. or adp. , t^himi ; 
afttr, arttr. mdj.,frr*.,or n--'- 

behiitd in place or later in n 

imitation of: in /F., acco.-.-. 

(the compafaCivc of An ; A-> 

fiiee, Or; tnt, her ; mine ; oMa ; rnQtc ; mOOn ; /Men. 


■^ Ut ammmdtm^ rf 

•L. VVr 

. cvcunc- 


K., ^/Mor poidtiBat 4/%rr 

iad<w w i<Gcg. 

F«Ar. ft tccotid linw: 

I .^ beuics 

CMC ! 



,. tdrm»n^ m t^r« old. 

.»ri/. 1' -f . -it'cr 

A tcra»-pcAucid 

r<-f, UmI 10 KilTQ 

Brcta a nvcr in S«cU<r* wberc tl w<u 
■■ -lit) !. 

pcric' ' " ■■■ * 

of men 
aamnt?'. < ■ 

>/. «IJ 

a peram or thine f^* »tU or 
; « Aepury or factar. (L. mgrm, 

de^3 SvcAa. 
, B^ £kr <^£« o> btuineit c^ an 

'tr-H^ p./. lo wind or callic/ 

A«M, iK^ct. At|M, &-«!«, « 

t-t-i .jftht: llCc Or »'i.i.^ try 

If i*i/. to, gUmtUt a lulL] 
* ifimm 4rJ'>hun, ». a srowuic or 

9.t , i* ff-t ts, or came 
f^RMi»a kbuB, «.« mti M aatt </ 

M. a rvlalion by (be 4 < '/m»— 

JUa,a 20',a^r.,i(VM^: mai.-'in ^. ,!««■•. Ir/''*'* 

tlia oul paxt pBTL of ine verb to p*. ) i>«< *i 
h^OBj, a^Oni, •?., tf t'i'i-.Vx/ itmgfU; p^tt (Oft 

af ani«nc : >«/- aC^oiaci. {Ur ^if* 

to icmcvc acMW— «<t^ ] 
afMMBfc a^B-aU-MVr 44^. , fi*«^ ^f^r 
>< ' iil W . 

A^arWn. a.«)d' 


'**• «5*»' 

i Am, 
(I to 

■ncd'. i-jt-i 

'.f ; u point or level 
' to point or level at, 
>■'./. aim'iog ; /rf./. 
I'lirpOfc; Vx\it.nti- 
Icr, recltoo-l 

Br, M.. nKntmkkk Mmh,* Um ibaonlWR; a 

rtU bncta : a melody : tlie bcsrmr orkpenan. 
oer; Gr. afr—tti, «/«ri, » bloir.] 
Ir, p./.. ft» txj^it to Ikt air, or to heal %-—Pr.p, 
[I'uie : /**■/- urail'. 

if, Sr'tfi(, m., gxfmxmrt t» air; a iliort cxcuntoa 
t the open air. 

b arl, d^'., <!/'«i'':opeii to the air: EghiigBy. 
•^uiv. Klr'lljr, iM i>M iiir^ wnrnn'M'^.— «. alrtiwaB. 
pj^ ftc'-Cun. w.. <• fMa wbich propels bulleti irje 
tMM of condensed air. 

iMlaft, Ar'.JAk-«t, «., a j'actrt which, bcioc ta- 
sted with air, «all ttistain » pcrsiMi m water. 
pwkK Ar'-pump, n.^apumf X<a reoioviof the>ur 
torn a vcMcL 

IbafV Ar'-Ahan:, H.,apituagf/ortut'\Ma a ruinc. 
I|fet» Ir'-tlt. otij., nat admtttxMf air. 
mmI, Ir'-vet-^cl, ». in pLuils, a minute spin) 
iBr amt>aining air; in inM:ct«, a tube cuavcj-iuif 
through the body far rcapirjUoo. 

, n, fi., eirwin^ot uJe of a chmrh : « pnasace 
a church. {Fr. ait!e, *i*t, L. a^, a wing.] 
a-iir', o^., «M /V r^tr or luni : partly open. 
S. a, c/mtn, to tura.J 

A-kifDljO, aJv , cr9*ifJ : with KanJ oa 
elbow beat uutwud' [11. tr^'rinh^. Cell. 

, adj. , e/itM ; related by blood : cloKJy 
g, I A.S. •!, ')■>*, r;tte.j S«e El». 
aTo-bu-lfa-. ff. a -.sncty of eatrcmely 

to be (tddi Ala.' : pt] 

&4ak', iW. aa ex. >t.>m>w. [p«r- 

a cotrupiioti of AU*.] 
a-Uk'ri'ti, m., Ir.^ilnta; cheerful rea-ll- 
, mtatriUu — niat-cr^ aiofru, lively. ] 

mod', adit., oMfuMme to /4r j wwdlf or 
f Pr A iA Mtad^\ - 

— aUntx. vhtte.1 

M>fl porta of 
the hcart-wcKKLI 

AlelMBy. anei-mi, 
.11 tniiumutm^l 
cftimis; hx. 
Mt, from K 
Eprpt— c*r*», 
juice— rArf, la 

1 1 lull, al-kcm'i 

wviMimc ^' ' 

alakMla^ aKkem-t 

—oajt. t^tmui 

iler vi antimony, 
alvAoUc, al-k»-hot^i| 
alMhaUat, al'kO-hol- 
Alseraa, AJkoraa, il 
AlHVi^ alVSv, or 
chamber: any 
a plaix in a 
«Ute: At d/j 
AMar, awl'dCr, m. 
ally ffruwiag la 
Sw. «/, watcrr.J 
Aldarmaa, awl'd^i 
magnlrate of 
mayor. |A.S. 

I*/, U. » ) 

Ala>, a-l4 . aJv. 
AlMaWc, al-em'b 

by chemifit* 

from Gr. AmH 
AJen. a-I«rt. a*(/i 


— <Wrf, 


rwclve Iambic 
in aa old Freac 
or from the 



^^ aTna*^ «. Ike aOmKc to ■ *: 
■ftiAdcr, thm 3 t> u aSqnM nvt c/ sx fL. 

Uia^ al^ftj^ or -!L ■. iftto ott of jb&r 
« ■^-— -* --**r — f -*^ M 
wwcr ot Aeomtuuc ic 
U. [Ar. *A««^j 

■ ffii I. ifTmiitfi \^mi0m»-~im^ft 


aAs-loKS, JK. a dm of mAkwbm of vexe- 

M, »■!. «^.. Air ■t»<f ; rre q r or of: ercry put 
OB Wiy l ctc4 y ; quirtly.— IK. the 

■ ^•r^ ^ . nlftiiri^, «. cW Ant of Apni 
oled 6«n aa aa^Mll OHkan. BBMMcd to b< 


c« •• Mftky scmaa «• ikmhMc dwiBS the da 
■ fcn ■■*<»tWl^itinw%*Pi-gna»,aLtbc 

^ si eM AWk Oau ; AO-S^mi^-Dmw tNo«< 

M «• ikmhMc dwiBK the dav. 

^ A»maM% Mi WIS 

HM^OmmM; AO-S^mi^-Dmj { 

fe«^ B Ccut ■V'-^ i--^ ff>^ so aD the Kuots. — 

■PttT. [Sec HiDvv. ltM\ Hift 1 

'fir ■Xfa^l'llr T ihT^'^Tf *^T-TTT1 

In, *r-M sa»faMlfai hcMacg of di/ Mr wamer, 
i^fca^ S»r ^ •! «:^-d2« «. » fvaat WJd by tht 
1«rKo«aaln. w 

■fc ai w ,» 1^ a» i<^ M^am; teggiet ; toWkvurte: 

':t, t»um^9mf vitA a iA^^yw: ta 
or rjKruv; : lo dc- 

O. «< Mtf «B»«, a \mm.\ 
•HMSk. r.(. *>Gk« *f ; e* ■« l»Vt J la 

Akm. «**«)».>-« IB iiTIi^ mf^^tf^Mr- 
■ iM I, aUfr^Eff^BB, «., « V ^'^' T <'; •• 
livMsr. ZivaAw. ta iimA 1 

-, . . . 1 

■IfL-frrr, al-UTdi-oai, it. «■ eaUtt WU 
^(■iiiiiiii witboal a imoAaX mffoam 
MM, asid uld Get. ad. proptHv ; lot. 
sIMto^ aUdMUl. a^. MX LeU of « - 
inii^irtj al40^a-4hi. «. a aode oTb-.-^ — -■ 
bv ptwlaeiiv a T-r^^«> of iW cjalcm t ^ m i tt 
1m that easBOinl to the duMM. t<3fc «Mw» 
^Kisker jrw ljurtlilia, rliwaw 1 

y^j^,_4a; inniiliM al-liq^a-libtll. qao tifca 

ASi^aUM'. a<.tD; ' »—'■-— 

;€rtr'»d. IL. *f- ». a»d 1*3 

vlucb b alloUed. 

-/r> allnw'ioje: >«^/. *tf 

to fast: L. *iSlv.«J»— *< 
AUdv U abo u»cd by old 
(be »ci»»e of a/p*mf, m wnU 
L. ^iM>, to pratfc] 

Otc, Or; n«, licr; bum: nCMt; mOK: 


M kOow'mbUBcu — tu/r. •Uaw'ftUj. 
•U»«4D««. nl-luM''juis. M., that whkk it AUawtd^ 

il ! mix one metal vilh aaoOier 

'»»fa .1.. . ;. wiih il one ksivaluafelc:— 

/»-./. !vi!'>:i>iv. A'/- Alloyed'. (Fr. •! Ut /«', 

nccordinc lo law; I,, Ua. law] 

an«jr, al-Ioy , n a Inter mcUl mUcd wUTi n finei ; 

nny metallic cnmpound, except that uf tnercur>-, 

with another inccjil ; G£., uiythinu tlul dclnici. 

ADBd*. nl-lOd'. v.t. to hint at \ftny/ulty\', lo refer 

(n indirectly •.—/r,^. all(id'iD£ . ><l.>. allJkl'rd. 

[L. i*Undo-a^^ and /«.:/<^, lutum, to play upoB.] 

■llMlfla. al-lO'chun, n. hint ; indirect n^crvncc— 4^'. 

aJlulvi; al-lfl'«v, liinbng ai.— oJb- kUm'ilT«l)r. 
AUnn. illar'. v.t. lo tempt ttv a ^"'V or bait: — 
/r>, and a*^'. allOriri; ; fa p. allflred'.— itrfn. 
ftUsr'liUtljr. IT.. aJ, andUn.] 
kllnnBtBt, al-lQrmciit. >*., ti*at which tUUrrs. 
liladvn. See under AUalft. 

AilKTnn. al-lO'n-um. m. matter wmthtJ J>mm hy 
river* w/ffn lower tan'h. ( L. aUt*vmm-^.aiiMa ~ 
Atf. lue, to wuh down upon.] 

al-lo'vi al, Mij.^ vtmtJtAi JoVH tuid de- 
■ jwiiied by water. 

al-ir, p.^, tfi hinJ taj^tiffhy kindred, friend- 
ip, or rreaty:— ^./. ally'inc ; ;»«./. allied'. 
|Fr, mltitr; L. nUtg\t — ^d. and lira, to bind to.] 
al'Ii', *r , t'nr />^f/ it .tUied l~fJ. •Stmt , princes 
*.\-^\^:s \\y.\\ hav<; cf,tcri-d iftlO a l^Agltf. 

alli'.ini., w. uiiiu.i by raarruige or tieoty. 
awrl'ma-nalc, or al'mn-naV, n. a yearly 
calendar or regi»ier of the day«, wert*, and 
mcinh* of ihc year. ftc. lAr. »tl, and fftaiuth, to 
count : or Gr. mfuiuat, wtut concerns the motiths 
— tn/n/, the moon.] 

iff. awl-inlt'i. tuff. poMcuioe ^tH mtcki or 
p<<wer.— ». God. (AO, and Blcktf.l 
AtmUlitlaiM, awl-aiTt'i-ncs, n. boundleu power. 
4lMfTB<. i'mund. h, the fruit of the amvedalta 
mwMiff// or altnond-lree. {^^, almrndrni Fr. 
amatutf ; 1^ amypialnm ; i'lX. arMrcJaU.\ 

I, d'munds, M.//. the taouU or ciaiidt of the 
ht, M called frpin their membUnoe to the 
of the ^tftMfimi'tTKc 

Imtarr. Sec niidcr Mimm. 
awlmOst, mfv., mojflj all; nearly. [AH, 

Mid awkj 
Alau^ Amr, <*.//. orii;. fCfK/a^i^fmlfMeut relief 

^veti to the poor. (A.S.n/wff, WwrrfJ^; old Fr. 

auminif ; Gr. tlermetytU — ^//«»/, compassion.] 
atmoB«-, :il'(iiun~ir, m. a di^trtbutcr ofalnu. 
alnmorr, iirruuii-n'. M. the pUce where alms are 


tins lunaa, :>mi'-hoiu. m. a house in which po^r 

|icru)n« are Indgerl and supported. 
AlM< *l'f. •«- ■ RCiHU of planu with Juicy leaver 

from whirh the Rura called alnr%. n extracted. 

r<iiii>d chiefly in the south of Africa. (Gr. aiof. \ 
■Aloft, a-loft', mdv., *h toft ', in tkt li/i or ait ; on 

high. [A^. *, ix/f' ^ air ] 
Alea*, a-ldn'. aJj. , nil <ww, one hc\T>s sJl '• nngle ; 

wttfuiul comjany. — aJt: singly ; by one's self. 
a-long', tWi'., ft IctjT or on lenpth ; Icngth- 

wi^e : thruufhniit : fnrwanl.— /^r/. by ilic »idc 

of; near !>», IA,S. n»«rf/-i«f.I 

a-lS&r, juftf.. mi/ pff from : at a dittancc : 

.'•" Alt*. Ay 
V»te m of Si 

f'^rtainittf fs tig 

AJlMoa, al-tok'a, '< ' 

for tlie Icnglh, lu^ac. ^:. 
cloth miide of Ut wool. 



oitt <if danctr. [ace. tu Wc! 

/h/^, to tbe windward cf a p^j 
Alei4, a-loud', a^ , ("i Ivtttf; V 
Alf , alp, >: 


land. i«. 
alpta*, al'p.i", 'r 

Af/i, orUi an> • 

'. ixTn.^rtalilo 

Alpha, alT.!, n. ihe^'"/ letter ioii. . , ,-ibee; 

the beginning. [Gr. : HcU. airph., tiic oaan- pf 

ihe Ant letter, which in la orifiD wai the oullia* 

nf an ox'< licad.] 
■ipliftbat, alTa-bct. «. the letlen of a lancuafie. iGr. 

i*lf-ka, beta, the fint and Mo:ind Creek kffiar*. 
4lphAb«tto. al-ubct'ik, alpfaalMtlaU. •l-f3-bci'tW-«l. 

atii. relittine to or in the order if/ mu ^l^Jkmfv! -- 

itih. HtpkalMt'lcaUr. 
Alplaa- Sec under Al^ 
AlrttaAy. awl-ied'i, adv., all rfody ,- nnw nr before 

the lime expected. [Sec All, and B«a4|.] 
AU0, awl'^^. adv., all re; in like uionncr. 
Alt. alt, Alto, aftfi, adj. high. — m. in ut^tir, tbc 

p.irl higher than Ihc tenor but lower than the 

iteble. [It.: L. «;/!«, hieh.] 
Altar, awl'iar, n. a high place nn which tacrifioc* 

were anciently off^cred , iu Chnuian chunrhrs 

the communiofi'table. (L. aituJ, htjrh I 
aaar-plvM, awl'tai-pb. «-, a p*imtiH£ placed ■ 

am altar. 
Alter. »wl'i*r, p./. io make />//■'- 

— v.i. to become different; t 

trrinc ; /fi /, al'lcrcd. (L. rt.','. 
alUrablf. .iwl t6r-a-bl. oa^'.. Ma/ m.i/ tV Altered. 
altarftUoa. awl-tcr K'thun, m. ,a£/ rfal/m'*g: nhmof^ 
alUntlv*. awl'icr-al-iv, ifd/.. kavimg- /evrr ^ 

ihaitpe. — N. a medicine which produces a cha«ce 

for tbe better. 
AlUteato, al'ti'r-kSt, tm* , ta nty ■i«.'.'A,'r ..r diAaw 

cat thine; to cnnicnd in w..: lo— 

ff-f. oI'icrciiinK ; /<i./ al'tet' . m^t, 

to ha*'e a dcldte with any iMi. . ,;(.) 

altareaUoB, at-tcr-kl'»hun, n. contciktiuti . dclwte. 
AlUraaU, al-tim'it, adj., f»* afif^ fht vtXf*\ 

by lam^—Mlv. attaim'atxly . (!„ (t///'-«(Vi'w#— 

allertUt to do any thirjE by turns — niter. oihcf.J 
alKraaH al't&m-at, ur aTiirn'lt, s-./. to caiAe ta 

fallow by liim«. — :'.<■ to act or happen by lunu: 

— /r/- artematinc : Ai-A alternated. 
aK«rBatlaa, al-ttr-nashun, »., ytr^ »/ aHenttttinct 

allaraaUn, al-ldn/a-tiv, n. ihal which nu'y W 

cha»cn or rejected.— -od'y. afVctinc a choke tH- 

two thins^.— 12//?. aJMts'atlvilj. 
Altb««|li. awl-Mr/, camj., mli thanfh; allowtof aS 

that: nntwilhsiaDdinc; however. 
AOltvda. al'ti-lfid. M.. hcighti elevation. [U ^Ui- 

tHixe — alttft, hii[li.] 
Alia. See Alt. 
AUocetttr, awl-too^M'^, ttttv., nllgntitefmi i 

cntiiptetely ; uiihaut eKcepticm. (A S. cW> 

gradnr J See fl*th«r 
Atto-rUlarv, al'lf* 

figures Kt niiK 

lifuJ from tliL 

ihey arc cut. (It. a/f.'. jiit'i. '"^'V:,', r:bcl . L 

tUtuJ, high, and rtlriM, irua, to lift iip ] 

ftTion. m. a mineral klIl [L. a/Nivrv.] 
■^•a rtio-a. UwkiM, aJ'a mm, n. one of the 
; thv chiractcriKi': iufcnedicni of clay. 
Al^tliiB-iu, «0-> tauiMHutg' a^lMm or 


im'a'mia'ium, «. 

<t ii MffurisM^d; one 
\ an aitnttHMx of that 

all ft-u^r ; for cv«r. 
• .'.' A*-. [A.S. 
■ I 

-.cngth; vchr- 
•aotJy. >a'MTniv. [/V > *i. /'••i^/fv, strength — 

*2*^*C*ni, K. a compound of mercury 
""* netml ; a uitxture. iCr. maia^ma, 
ia.t*sti, to knficn.j 
'fa-mAt, r./. to mix mercury 
iBother idcIaI, to mix. — v.i. to hiead , to 
— /'-/-aiial'gimjtHitr/n/.amal'gainritcil 
•-luAl-lfa-inA'ihuu, »., rV .«/ .y 
»— <jfw w iiJtiv,- a. mixias or blending. 
^^amta^a, a-iiiBA-O-cn'ui. «. one who pcj/omu 
fct i.'i ^Twrr thtf «v:2^M depart of cgmpj-Liiton ; yne 
' II' (I. »^i«ii*/, the hand.] 

*- AiB*r»Bthu», ain-a.rAnih'm, 

' - :« >:cniis of i>U(itk with 
C without vilhcnng, 

^f^ntntct, tin£idta; 

— •>, f. ■: ' IT away.] 

■M«"Il? ; aii. 4i.(r., ^triaimimg- to 

■•■■- * - -• Jd /<* /*/ mdus; to collect ; 

" -t^f- •maii'ing ; /«.>. ama»cd'. 

I ' U m*va, a man.] 

*• "- ■"H'' cultivates a study 

J and not for gain. 
' ^ : -am», to kive.] 

■-> . -^j^-.-,.,, .in'atCFr-i, 4aMMl*t. 

' :>., TTu^timg u t<r.e ; alTecttonaU. 

■-* - uv-nct, n., /•ri'^tuily to tov€. 

* '* • ' • - ■■— - .'- to put ihr mind i'« J inazr; 
to lacwiUer . ty ajloui>h, CJiifuuiiU :—/*■/. aniAr'- 
u<.^/ auiJied' — A«/r. aautafjy. jS^^uMftM.J 
■MB«M^ * inlj'ci-Tm, MuaWMut, a-inii/ aient, 
•^thUffferiAcatttAifd; asiuoUhmeni : in B., 
WmUcnaMfit ofmuid. 

■"^ I'n'a-iwn. «f, one of a nice of fenK-Jc 

»-t» o«/ offtAe rifkt brtajt id Order t-j 
■ vnpans mnn emdcDily: a mniculiuc 
' - - !^oul, m^^^^i, i brrait ] 

' aHJ.,cf\:r rc>cniblinj;>i4 

,■ one 
■ -■'Cnt 

•■TWfci jt,a backer.a henchman.] 

■■••■N* ■ lolMk} att cnibauy, 

■ v-llowfot«i! resin. [Ar. airMr.] 
(;rC«,«.,fmjrtf»r4>rr. [Amber, and 

i-deks'iir, ». .-inr iiMng fo/>i haiJt 

iiy: a ri^iuLitc-iIcnk-r.—rf^/, anbl- 

'•:/:■, biHll, iiettrt, rigiu-hAild.1 

, pfiHi[ rotmd', surTouiid- 

■ "'•■'r goiog— ft), to go.j 

luvine more than oi>e meAninc- 

r. [L. amiipimT—iimiti^0,ti)git about. 


amfii, aboui, atr, to dnrcj 
aaMfVlty. am-U-ga')-ti, ff. tmcertainly of signiGc»> 

tUm: duut)lc meaning. 
AmUtlao. am-biUi'u: ' T' . ■.••'it 

a^uf of Candida ■ t*io 

desire for eicci ur 

power. (L. aMti^ta.'. ama.'. i... ^.., j j.,ul— 

amii, about, and At, ifym, to go.] 
aaUUoM. am-biitb'ui, ^/. , yW/ ti/ mmhitian ; de- 

■irous of power : asptnng. — aJv. aaMUmty. 
Aafeta, am'bl, c.i to move ju a horve by hiUn^ bnth 

legs oo each ude alternatcty : to mcvea^cctcdly: 

—fr.p. axtt1>Uag; /a.A am'bled.— «. a pace of 

a bor&e between a walk and a trut. (Fr. amiU^; 

L. omhtlaTT, to •KaXk—amlv. both.] 
amhUr, ara'blitr. h. a hur»c tiuxt amblet. 
ABfatMla,am-brC'zhi-a.ii. , immtrrtaJ; the fabled food 

of the guds ; whatever w «cry pleasing to the 

laile or smell. (Gr. a. not, brvtat, nKirtat ; Saiu. 

A-nirita — a, not, tnri, L. m«n, to die.] 
ambTMUl, ara-brOfhi-al, anbrodaa, ara-brS'iW-aii, , Aavii^ the qualiliri a/atitbrciia ; fragrant: 

delicious.— A^. aalnvt'laQy. 
Aatry, am'bri. n., a flan or diest for amw, plate, 

buoks. Ac; a pantry. (Fr, armctt^i L. arma' 

ritMt ; or a corruption of Aimoary. ) 
AMiMUal, amTjO-Ianl, ni(f\, -ri-a/tmr or mcfinf 

afvttt from place to place. [L. atnfu/.ntM, -amtu 

— tiw/v/0, amiulatym. lo walk about ] 
anbaUse*, am'bQ-lann, n. a carri^ige which ♦er^'Ci 

at a MiiffalU hospital for itic wounded to battle. 
UBbalatloa, ani-bu-U'shun, «.. a tmlA-ing n^ut. 
ambalatory, ain'bula-tor-i, o-ty., mirviMf aivut. 
am'bui^kSd, Aabuh. atn'btx'^h. 


hidioi; in a iuxA, a^ troopi, to attack by surpiiw : 
the pFace of hiding : the if"'p* 'ytug in wail — 
r.t- lo place to ambiuh : lo altai^ suddenly.— 
c r to lie in ambush ;—/»■/, aml»i«ading. am'- 
buihiug , /a./. nmbufcoAdcd, am'buihed, fFr. 
emhuffjf, fm6tu'A«-—lL imA*>Kanf,tu ylAQc iti a 
bush — im, in, ietcfl, a buth. wood. ] 

UBbmhoMat, am'booah-ioent, ». lobe.) an ambtuh. 

AnaUorata. a-m«lyor-ftt, v.t. to make /*//«-; to im- 
prove —b-./, to gn>w Iictler;— /r,/. amdllorSt'- 
iitc : ^./. amchur&tcd. — m. amallora'lloa. l,Fr. 
am//urrvr—L. mtltar, better. J 

Aan. :i'(ncn' tin singing. Amen';, adc.^ tn b* il; 
\x il eiubliihcd. [Gr. and Heu.J 

Anaaabto, a-m^'na-bl, aJj. orij: /.fir tif ti UJ or 
{ov^rtud; liable. — adf. aau'ttably {a, Fr. uiener, 
to lead— L. ad, to. manux, the hand.] 

Aak«n4. a-mead', v.t., to mmd ; \n (rtx/rom mix' 
taki or foHlt : to correel ; lo improve ;— /r./. 
.imend'ing: /a./, amended.— ^r.//'. uiaaraU*. 
(Fr. atutndtr — L. a, from, menda, a mistake.] 

aa w aiaat, a-mcnd'mcnt, n., aii of nmeHtfinft 
C'jrTe':iion ; improvement : an additj-m or allcr- 
aiirm [iropoted to be made io a bill or motion. 

a n«a 4». a-mcndz', w.//. ri^parjlion ; rrcompense. 

AiB««lly, a<mcn'i-li, <•.. fitaiantivti . [Fr. aminiti \ 
L. amxnittt* — amamus, plca*ant.J 

Aaerea, a-oiiis', t.t. to nUce nt th* meny of a 
court ; to inflict a penalty the amount of wliich 
is left to the mercy of the court —/r.J. amcrc*- 
ing; /a./, amerced', (.i, on or st, Fr. in^nr, 
mercy— L. • - r - . rciA-artl.) SeeXercy. 

anwreenasfc. ■ a penalty inilicted at 

the di«crciit.u u. ....■>.. ufacouft. 

Oie, ar; mf. Adr; mfnc; taQU; mflte ; nOOn; tten. 




A am i-^aarXau m. an ^jmt»mb 


AB«lfe|tt, uh'C-cUa, «. one- a sioac suppowd O 

^rrvrnt ti^ym irj » » ie » M ; x pioeiou* ilone of a ilecp 

violet colour, [Gr. flOKrtSibwiW— <«, without, 

HMtAy^, lo be drunken.}— ic^r. ««<«kfi^UM I'tio). 
JunlAhl*, &'iiii'»-b1, "Jj-, UvmUt; worthy of love: 

Itnrlv. [L. ttmahiiiM — «nw. Id love] — M^. 

a'aUaMr-— «i. aaUUllty, *'-*-"—- f- 
AMUallm, xm-i-ati'ihus, it., the tmd^M, applied 

tn a«li«^trrt on accoiinl of \w reMStance tr> fire. 

[Gr. amufK/o/— «, not, mtiamf, lo polhjle.] 
A»traW». amVVa-bl, aJt'., /rmtdl^l peaceable. 

IL. amicus, a mcna — ojvm, to love] — ^tdv. 

aalcabty. — n.. aMlnafclw 
aaittr. ani'i.ti, «., yVtWu/nb/; gnnd^wil]. [Pr 

nmitif : L. amicttiA—tumicui , a friend.) 
AmU. a-mid', AaUat, a<midtt',/rT/., in iktmidAU; 

auiuni;. [A.S. a, muJU««, the middle.] 
Anla^ a-mii', <Ti{r'., «« rrwvr; wrung. — adv. tn a 

faulty nunncr. [A.S. ir, NtunM, tonussj to err.] 
ABlljr. See under Aml^ahto. 
AauHiila, Hm-mo'Di-a, n. voladte alkaU, the piui- 

^cnl principle of imcUinf nlu, originally 

obtained near ibc tcmitle of Jupitef Ammum in 

Libya. — adji. ammoolM, awmort'acaL 
AjamoBlta, ajn'mon-Il, w. no rxltocl c*nO> of mot- 

lii^k^, so ciIlcJ becaiuc lliey rctrmbled the hores 

CD the tutuc uf Jupiicr Amirum worshipped 

under tlie fonn of a ram. 
AM«»»IMan. am'Dia-ni&h'uii, n, anything uied jbf 

mMmtum or Hr/erue ; mtlibify storea lO nnml, 

opveiany powder, bitti, botnba, ftc, [L. Md, 

aad mnmitic — mmmie, to defend.] 
ABBMlTt am'aca-ti, n., a nut n m iemttr i mf ; a 

general pardon of poUticai ufTi^ndcri (CTr. a, 
to think on, remember.] 

rendi in: — f^f. ainount'ing ; /j.M. amount'cd- 
— #1. ibe whole sum or mult [1 

■OMt a-nuiog', AsMlfat, a-muni'st'./rr*., uiingieii 

at mix«d wiiM I amidst; orthe numDer. [A.S. 

m-frm»n^—*tian£iiH, lo mingle, xnn.) 
aatvoa, am'or-uf , adj. , fuH ef /rtv ; bicUned to 

love, — tidv. am'oivaalr, — m. aa'arvaaNiB. [L. 

dnwr-, lore — awtn, lo love. J 

a tnADr'. N. a Lnft intri^e. [Fr. : L, <rmr*',] 

1. a-morTof, lu^'.ftn/VWMa/r* IGr. «, 
without, meffkf, ihapc.] 
Aavnl. n -mount', r./.. A.^ mrunt at Hk /r; to 

lex. mentrr, lo 
akcend : L. «</, to, m^^nj, m^Mtit, a noaBtain.] 
See under Amanita 

-- ".'i-alr, or 
. 'lajikiMc 
v{ livrns i - \.—i»dj. 

aBphlbloaA. I'.I, .-itf.jni. L".lu, ;^.-.v, uic] 

Aaiyhlbcach, am'/i-brak, a. 'm^'*tiy, a foot havinf 
a /A(»/Y &yll:iU« on each tide of a la>ng one, as, 
SoiOkcmCut. [Gr, am/Jit, cm each side, ^racA^-i, 

AspbRhaBtn, am-fi-the'a-t^r, it., a d<nfiU iktairx; 
a til' vol or circular shape with an 

axK-i. thecenm^ [Or. «ijw/A/, both, 

th*.i - ] 

Anrla, .iiu pi, ^j., fiittd «/; lar^e ; tpacJouk: 
Itlicntl. — adv. *Mi'y^.—H. aA'pl^^aeM. {K.-nntf-lus^ 
l-'C* ; pcrhapi from Gr. »»«(». up, //jiij, fuil.] 


pli-rr, p.«.. A BMJhriai^S</or/,i'rr; 
add to- — r.L. lo be difluae in a«xuiucui « 
•cription :->r./. am'piifyisc j ^/- tua'; 
[L. tamfiific^ — mtHtltu^ tar);r,^ar, to imI'v | 
Bm-pI)-fi-tJ\hiin, «., an/iMXVMW^i' 
BJli^(«li-fi-tr, «., •'<'</ /A«t^ amtfiifet^. 

aapMtoda, am'pU-tQd. «■. iarjpi^*f . abtu^aeer. 

Aapstato, am'pQ'tfit, o./., /^ ^-j*/ ^ nmmi aKmt, 
to pnUK or ft^ off a branch ; to cut off a bed* le 
member of an animal body : — -P^-t* an'pAl 
>«>. ain'pfi^cd. \\* awifnt» - ^wd tt 
/k/i". ^HtaiuMty to CuL] 

ampvtailoa, am-pu-tA'ahun, «., th^ «<-/ or 9f>(sml*M 
i]/ottting pff i limb. 

AaaUl, am'O-let, «. s'>'t^ -•*•;-■-- — "' -- -- 
about the perwn ai . 
aMtnUimtm; Ar.Aitn': 

Ab«m, a-niQi*, v.t. to give oit .-t^ - 

(/n , lo rnlcrtaiu :—^r./. antw- CiviT 

— midv. aBaalafljr. [Fr. a»' 

■inwiwat, j-mbr'm«ni, a., r>(.i«j w-wi « .«■ 
pftMimc; entertain til cot 

aao^v*, a-niQViv. iii//., Mavimf tlu/marr U ^ 
or entertain. — adv. anms'lTvlT. 

Aa. an. d*//'.,<'iw; the indefinite luticlQ umJ 
wonift bccinitins with the souad of • 
[A,S. «-«.J &ecOw. 

AsalwpUat,aD-a-Uap'tict,ii. onewhoj 

one wlio niiiintaiDt that pentMia WpiImAI 
infancy should be baptised afaiit, aM I 
i>iily sh'juld be baptiftcd, hy bcinii diMfttm 
[Gr.iWfjipajpun.Ai/j'r;^, t'^^itptiie, toaipn* 
— Aaabap'tlsiD . ' - Anth 

iac tdfu by w I 

dMd, back. cArenej, > 
AnacnMUB, a-aak'rfr«ii 

Wwa^FMM, a Crook r 
AiMaitetla, an-ea^het'il: 

— «•. B subMance, a» • 

peiaona iaieaaibie [' < 

fi4tmat\ to foci.] 
Anaglyph, .iii'a>^Iif, *». an ontameni t mMv rdi 

|(rtr, O'fT ■■' ->•*>..: —.-^ — ^ J— «^'. 
Aaa<nua, ^n^'t.^ of 

or jcn" I J f'Hti 

lAe UUr'^ — .1-, .iiii.iii-iii' t— mix'n^u 

flJM, bock, /TWMvjwd, ti ledcT.I 

ansi-fram'tnnt'iK-al, »dj,, 

tiftagrvm. — itdv. aaicraamatl 

I'attct, M., a tmiiAtfr »•/ 4i»"if*Am*. 
a-afHl'o-Ii, m.,frof^vticu ; «?» i 

nirresj'i' :!ini rc«iK«:i«bc«i»t 

otherw; iVcncsa. IGt, 

■iijs, LI' jiortiua or ralalt 

aoalofleal. .iii-a-i .i ik al, tuij.^ki*t'i»f, oTi 

lo, mnahgy.^ttdu. analagfleally. 
inr*"f*Tn a-nafo-Ji^. v.t. lo expUiit ty ■ 

/■r./ an^'OKiBing : ^./. anal o^anl. 
aaaloftna, a-iuilVjikm, m. a reaaooioc tV 

t" lu^c lo eff*cl. 
MuJ«flrt, a-nal o-iicl. «., «>«r«4<*<><lE4fnr*4#4 
aaaJagcu, anaio-pts, d^'. 

sitTiiUr.— A./f>. anal'aiamily. 
aaal«t««, an'a-lOc. "■ *■ vonl Of llAoft 

AtuUagy U, or Tike aooihcr. 
Aaalfi^ an'A-tli. »> .'- , t.^ h^xrn ; Tr. rc ^o l y g^ 

r^le a wfiulr ' 

nn'alyunc : / 

tGi. dwa, aK->i 

fXte, Ox; me, b^; mine; mOlc; ntOte; niOOii: rAcn. 



icy»n»: ao 


il'y A« tftW^Mj—a- 
k atf'fe^Ht, M. a dacty; -r re- 
al foot of til- i.'ie Ust 

back, /diV. lo'iirLke] 

^4r tuamt ef gfn'rrHmmt in 

rchle.Kur'caiMa lOmnAnrAAi 

•. •- [tri-: f^/ or 

den:: >. ; aji 

. v.t. t4i firyr.uuiice ac- 
«i« ; /«V*. anath'*- 

rc/a.>. aoatOmlMd. 

MtUfJ im amst^my. 

<aw who has ^eow or IivmI /v- 

ithir; one fmtii whom a pcnon 

M'OM tn i. (L. amUzeuar 

> <a^. fttnu, to £a. ] 

rrtatimg t9 amatttrt. 
It ; bnea^e. 
r, «. Til M«/ vutcrA 4m «« dH^; a 
~ to hold ft aKip aflnat : fie., 
vaeointir. fL. muctm; Or. 

,».r. A. /5r /.y U,,. help of AJ« 

;>, Bx, or n=<t 


'■ anxltA-rTt, m. one 


. ■■■ i .111. J .-j- ...■ .-Vt'pfl.J 

t has be*D !y/,'>T: old, 

rho lived lu tciii'jtc timcn : 

.— M. aa'dmbUM. 

L. flfi/r, before- 1 

/«/>£■ (■,' rr *Hai4-ttr- 


: U lucd to 

-jppona fuel 

■'titt: A.b. 

■ .i'-/V,i«, } 

". an, 

.. . ,: -■-., --=k'Vff 1 

.1, AaMiobtuU, axi-cit-dut t-Lil, 

%. llic awrt/.|lA»er. tCr. 

*y/ aUpLitd to a huvniclcx in 

which the prvsure of the air is i 

cft ihc u>e ufii^ttiJ. [Gr u, without, wfrw, •«.) 
IniartMa, .in'O-rirm, w a tumcmr produced by the 

ttfi.Utwf */ or diUtiuu of an *ntaj. (Cl. 

A<in»nLnVM — «n«. up, furyt, wide 1 
Aaaw, m-nO.', a4v., m « iww time or way ; 
Aa^ftl. ia'jcl, ti. lit « m^arn^rr ; a diyioe : 

Srr; a spirit: an old Eng. coin = xoa.. ^ 
ic figure uf KD OMgrL {h. mrngtOui Gr. <*ajf^ 
gtL-T-~attg^[t!!v, lo tcU ur deliver a mcaaue.) — 
Mifft. alalia. aM«l'laaL— «^p. aadTliAUj. 

Aiicar, aos'^, *. Ut, /rwtrttrr; ong. trouble, 
oppiwtoa : a pauirm cxdlcd by inj \ay.~v /. to 
make aagry, or painful :— /r,A an^vnnc : >**>• 
angered. |A.S. itmc», trouble ; Grr. eng. com- 
praaed : L. mrncr, XofttMa. tifhtly : C,r ^K^k», 
to compivaa— root *m\ tp pnaa logcther.] 

asgry, a n^gri , atfj. , tmUd vdik anger ; inflan iHI. 
— */v. tB'fHlj. 

Aaalt. am.''Kl. n a hend; a oomer : the point wbcie 

n £rt'm., the inclinatioo of two 

h tnecl tofcthex, but aiv not 

^.'it lice. [Fr ; L. am^uiusi Gr. 

tttirvyu's^ nuriun. a bcnd~root amg, bent.] 

aaCttlar. aJDC^sAlar. aJj ,kav%H£ mm oMrlf—mdv. 

amgolMjij.—M. •■calaj'ny. 
.Aa^ anv'gl, m. \h, a kpoi; a 6ihittg-rQd wilh its 
line and hook.— «.i. to lUh «ith an aiwte.— «./. 
lo entice :->^.>L an'elinf i >j./. as^led/— «. 
aa'c)«r. (A.5. amfr/, atUed le Gr. oHfkas, a bend) 
~"ac. JitJC'slioiC. w. the art or pncttcc of ^'Hig 
th a rod aaJliQc. 

■gUa. ang'ghk, Angllaas, an^^lilcan, Ai/.^ifffirii. 

[A.S. AMfift, EngUs, the bng1i»h.] See^^lAL 
aaillelaa, ane'eli-sTi. t/.r to nuike £n£iuAz—^J^ 

anglicTnng : /a.^. anx^fsad. 
aaiUcba, ang'Rli-tum, ml an EnftitA Idioo) or 

peculiarity oi liinsuaee. 
Ac«l»4asas, An£ {;la-nk^un, A(f'., Stt^itk S^LXam. 
Aagrj. Sec under 

Aafttbk. atig gwiah, n, namiwiieM Gnn /nttitrt; 
A iirmit : exoeMve poia of body or nunii fFr. 
at*tvmf : It. «fffMcui ; L. mmfmtiij^ a stcut— 

ampf, to press tightly.] Sm 
Aafalar, Aacolulty. See under Aagla. 
Anlla, .-ui*il, 'ffj., r*!utirt£ ta am viJwemon; %gtA; 

imbecile.— n. aalt'lty. (L. antu, an old woiaaiL] 
Anlma^Twt. an-i^nad-virt', r.i.. t." lurtt fhe mimd 

to or a^iiinst ; lo criti'-U.- .,< •••r-.-.n^rw-^r.f. 

aDimodvert^nc ; /J^. m IL. am- 

Mnur, the minu, ir^rtc, 7:-> 
aalatadTaraloa, nn-i-aiAti-r in -....., .. i i-.tii ; gcn- 

vurc: rcprcwf. 
Atriwia], anl-^al , m. % beine mdfJi tifif ' an ^^rcan^sed 

bud ' ■ • f- ,*n*au»n,ttDd^ ' '.on. 



- iiji. rt«, lo b. A.) 

an i-i:ij,l-i«ii, «., ;A/ tt.i:t ly lucre 

aatnalcak. ao-i mantQl, «.. a ^/£r attima/; aii 

aniQtal that cuinoC be leca by the naked eye. — 

//. animal eaka ur aalmal'cnla. {L. aiUtHitictUtnttt 

dim. d aniui/j/ ]—tnij. animal' c«Ur 
aalKat*, anl-mit, v.f. lit. ia /i!t <" '■ ■" . iri 

give life lo; lo enliven ar <; Z'. 

.^ti'Lm.lunj; ; /j./ ar/lmiud- [i - .] 

aalitttto, Aii'i-iurit. a<fi., (-•■>.■ t. 

aolBiat«4. aii'i-tiiAl":a, <%Jj . • -^'iriL 

ealmaticcL. an-i'ni.'i.'!>)iiiii. n.. . vi^oiiR 


•iLii:-; ■ iL a., atai-e of Mttp aMan'auj; 

i froD) doubt or uncouini)'. [!'■ 

Aaj. c" 111, ii.;j'., /-^/indefiiiiii:'" ! n-rvrr; 

whaievrr—'l'tfclat . 'j rwlj*. 

in any w»y. Sec VIM. u. { \ , onc.l 

Aaililr i'o-tial, m. the name of ixiUuu tciuafc in ihc 

GreckverbwhidicsprcM £«>i:(>&it(V dm*. fGr. 

mfirt'gfat, indtBiMc — m, without, ^vrvi, linul.J 
Aari*, •Vor'ta, «. tbs gixat art«ry chat rur^ w/ 

f n Ti the left Tcntricle of ihc heart. — ttiij't. mmtaH, 

^ocUc. {Gr. aarti~^atir5, to nusc u}*.] 
ApM«, a-pX^, adv., at a grvax/act; swiftly. 
Apuri. a-pSrt',>f^'.. jMWAi^/VirtM ,-s<^n>lcly :aHde. 

(Fr. a/nrt^—L. /ars, ^rfit, a part.) 
4partaflat, a-pirt'ment, n. a room ttf^rt; a room. 
Apalkr. n]>'a-t)ii, k., Tuant ^f/niimg; indif^srcncc. 

— adj. apalkM'lfi. [Gr. tf,waniof,/«/Acv,fe«ling.I 
Api, ap, n. atailleas nionlcry ; a silly tmttatcn-. — r./. 

to (fflitate, u an ape : lo mimic -—fr.f. hvTxn^ ; 

/a./. apciJ'. [A-S. <rf«.]— t»dit. a/iih, -.O''. iJ'e 

an npc. — di/r. ap'iiUr.— «. ap^ihiuMi, 
4ynl«Bt, 3-p^ri-ent, aiMfittrc. a-iier^tu*. tu(/., 

fififniftg; fcnily purgative. — h. a mild purgative. 

IL. a/rrirns, -*Htu — aftrie^ a/frtui, to open.] 
kpcitafo, ap'dr-tdr, n, an opening ; a hole. 
Apai. ypckf. 1., /V jrtmmit or poinL— //. apasw, 

4'peVj-ci, aplMi, apl-sci. [L.] 

ApliBTwlc a-nrr<-Hi, M. the laJkitif of a letter nr 

ayUahlc /tw* the besinoiniE of a word. [Gr. 

<*/«, from, kairro, to take.] 
ApfcaUw. a-fili-OD, «. the point of a pU&et'a otbit 

fonlicst avnyftvm ikt tmn, [Gr. i^, from, 

hiluts, the sun.] 
Apbartna, arm-iim, m, lliat wliich hitmds or JW 

/i^^j ; a dclinition ; a aUort pithy tcnlt-oce. [Gr. 

u/Jii"7jwt>j~ttfif, and AtfTtfx, a bound.] 
a>hBrtWln,af-or-i* tik. apbwirtfa- ■lUtif-ot- ig'uk-al^a*^/'. , 

M titt/crm p/an a/A»rum.—adv. apluclM^toaSy. 
Aphthaai. afthong, k. a letter or lettcn uHtUeut 

»«mmti. [Gr. a. wiibout, /Atk^ngnt, a Mmnd-l 
Aptaiy, S'pi-a/-i, «. a iilace where Arrs are kept. [L. 

a^ittrittm—afu, a DecJ 
•qpUrM, api-ar-ut. ff., AM wthe kt^ «n apiary . 
4pUcii, a-pfff', A</b., m /tfw; 1o eadi. 
J^aoa]]rTa^ a-pok'a-lip«. t., fAmt ^■AitA tatn tJu 

cevfT Jrvm : revelation: discloiure: a name of 

llie lau book of the New TcstameDt. |Gr. «f^, 

f-,.™ i.-,\A/:. kaiypa, lo coY«r.] — adj. 

ip ;>«, K., tkM cmttins off 01 omi»ion 

t.l LK i'.ti<:r or syllable of a word. [Gr, nf^, 

from, k^ptt, to cut.] 
Apocrypha, a-pok'rifa, a.//., /AMf7 hidiUnfrom; 

books whose anthcDItatv as irtspined writings is 

SM admitted. [O. o/i>, from, kry^, Ba hide. J— 

Al^. •yoe'iyphal. 
Apodal, ap'od-al, <uij , wihfut/crt or ventral 6ns. 

[Gr. *». withotit, />»»*/. /««'•«. a f«tt. | 
kvofm, Rp'O-je, fr. the point in the moon'i orbit 

furthest mtHxyfrvm tht wmrth, [Gr. V>> fTom, 

/?, the eanh.1 
H^eiU^, ••p<il'^Jt, a., « < ^ jiai y ooc't self mt/ </ 

a difficulty; a defence ; cKttse. [Gr. a/olaftM— 

•i/k>, fruin, lee^, to «peak.) 
ap^fl«Ua, a-poTa-jIx, v.i'. tu plead tor ortn eacuM of: 

— /r,/, appl'CzTsinB : /*».^. aiwrogI*ed. 

>atDfla«r. a-por».jIr-*T, apolofM. a-porfi-jist. n., 

'ffu 'Mkr tnaJut an ttjH>haH ' defender. 

h apakiclatr 

^ >•«/ il»h 


apcdafeUe, ^ ■ ' 

kul, fluy 


the Scriptures,— «Ji-. apoi»«rtJ 
apolc>fa*,ap'ulHtc>^.ani<<ral<i*<V;a Gsl 

i>r£M. a lale— *t/r. fr-ini. 'i-p^. s 

ApaiU^y^ A'poi^ta^i, «., a xiamAk^ 

desertion of cm^s fcliKiuti, prioc! 
[Gr. a/t^ttuia — rfjttf. frv»jn, 
stand, &ana. «/i.l 

apiwlsl^ a-poi'tra. n., ime ^untty ^ 
renc^ulc- r:iitorou)^ 

aposUHaa, ^ , /p 4'<mwmi 

/r./. ap(-> /\ apos'uUi 

Apesila, a-posl, N., nw«M«/«aMrruo 
i(!ie sent to preach the £oaeL [Or. 
tffi/J, to eeod-J—ffJ-. ^M^lMktff, a| 
a/fj't- apoalttfl*, ^Mtotleal. — aJv 

Aportropb*^ a-pas'tro-fd. »., «s fMrnimf 4 
lumins from the aulvcct to dddtcsa lia 
or dead as if present; a mark (*) shicwiin| 
word ia contracted. ~^>^'. spotOvphle. {\ 
trofht—a^, Dom, ttn/ks, to turn.] 

apoftrophlM. a-pOts'tro-fU, v.t. to adJrcM 1 
lrophc.-r./. to make an apostrvcilM 
apof 'tropbUinf ; /i.>> apos^rophtsM. 

Apothacazy, a-poth'c-kar-t, «. ong. iMJbt^ 
ttttrrht^iu*: one who it [iceruciiiodllpai 
cine and to act at a medical pmcQlioiMl!. 
fMna ; Gr. a^iMik?, % storehouK— ^^^ I 
a cue to place anytbintC ii* — ti/AfmM, to 

Apeth«|M, Af^hkbacn. ai ' ' i« 

/>rtAr« 0*tt Plainly: ■•■ -^i 

|Gr. <■/•', and /A/Ami^F;. tilj 

ApottMMK ap-o-thP'O-sU, -. t^ 

Ifrom being human) into n m/j 

ttfotktistM — tf^, away, and &kMw, » goA 
AppaL ap-tnwl', r./. to caucc to turn /w/ru 

totcmfy: — /r./. appall mi;; jM./. appall 

falUa, to be patcT 
Appsaaft, ap'pan-2 - <'1>| 

by a prince a« i tt 

provtsion for a <. , 

^mii^ bread-] 
Apparataik 3p-pa-r3'tiw, n 

vidxd; set of instrucocii 

d^. lo, >>« nt/Mf . pt«par< 
Appant ap-mr'cl, «. Iht 

(uit ; clothing ; drrtt. , 

like — \^ far, rijual, like] 
appaial, ap-par'tJ, v.t. tn prrfofe, wjli 

coralc : —/*■./- appaKelUnK : A* /. «W 
Appareat, Apparltlan. Sec iiinltr Aj^paar. 
Appeal aiv-l>*l', v.i., taralt !.•. t.- l-rtM»:l*-TH 

lo addnsu the fcclinjn ; to rcfc- ' 

course to. — v.t. to c:*il or remo, 


appsBaat, ;ii 




nil of the same 

general — ai/i'. s 

Appasr, ap-p^r'. r 

Rtlc, flir . aiC, bCx ; tuTnc : mfltc ; mOte ; mOOa ; /Aeo. 

4|ift. ^-pf. * '■» A- «>£tf aifM.- ID tor: >o ^ 
ikv 1 tm 4r«v>lT w ^« ibc aaid ea.— * j* to «m : 

«. ap^UUUna, «., /ir «r/ .■/' ^ / / m ^ -: 

ri ■nwriim • iUctm; otdcr:— «a //. 


li^t to 


^ te; wbpted or imili. 

vend; to be ^iammA wiA>~^^ 

■■■■ I iii U ■P-»rf»*H >•■■*«« 

AjiMiiilMrti. ap-9>ttk'H-aiC a^! 
Ar .' aearot or next bk— «./. to 
r c. fo COOK near (o : to 

r^^^t ■' 

iL[i[iroxlniftEU]j( ; >«•>' 

to ainraadl >— /r^ 

W, tOt 

ap-prak-si-taf dual, ik^ « dhvWiv 


(Ate, far ; mil, hex ; olac : mute 




Jx^RU-nkent. «. forcct ar v te J or equippeti 
for wu- ; ihc gvnty &c. with whidi k ilup ti 
amicfl. |t^ irmvnMvwM— «TnwFi J 
nMlc*^ ^mik'tis, m. a sbart itx'^^gt n(mrmt or 
hD»dUti» b>- mutual acrecinetit. [Vr. « 
—In armf, ami rr'jto, to ttop.) 

&mi or, n. Jcfcnuve onwj or dreic. 

pnrvidca^inst.~flr.(. lo takeonn*:— ^.y.mnn'- 
m^ : /ii./ armed'. (L, atwifi, to amt.| 
•lMi«.~ ir-ni&Ua, n. • Bad of amw^ «fcyLr. [Sp ; 

WsaMDoh &r-inft^l'6, ml a txtail quailruped nC S. 
Aaiencs mwwud ^mh a boay Uwil. (^p.— L. 


anMTUt, ilrmCn-al. 4.//., h0iongiiig (g tfnfWMr or 

lu tbc arms of a fanuly. 
vaeuvr, araocw, Ormor^, ji., « watfarg^of aoc 

wha tuu the charge o^ttrmaur. 
vokonj. MtmoTT, ^rra'or-i. «. the pUcc ia which 

AFTRi/ arc mode or kept. 
umf. ii'mi, H. a Urge body of men <trmtd for 

WU-: a va«l uumbcr. [Fr. an$t4t; It. ammtm; 

L. an*M.] 

&r-<nc'oMn, «/r*> bclonKiog lo <4rMfMr. 
5t-niin'yari, m/j. hc\*>n£\na lo Armimtu, 

a Duich divine, who dented the doctrine of pre^ 

de«liiiaii:'n ••' ' ^-"''^-ifcd the doctrioei af irec> 

wQIand I. iptHiD.— i».ooewhoholtls 

thedocti I Tiv 

MlDtaaliTn. ... ...... >-.^ \ua, «. the doctrioes of 

tlie Aim iiiLUis. 

narle, ar-morik, aJJ. bcloneing to Brittany in 

the N.W. of Kranct, fonnerly cilJeJ Armarica. 

[Celt, ar, on, near, mar, the kca.] 

a-nyms. M,, (turrf tmtU; the odorotift prio- 

dpJc in plants. (Gr.) 

Ua. JU--a-nut'ik,a<//.,xttv//.rinnf/A/: spicy.— 

•. a fragrant plam of drug; a peffume. 

a^rfi'ma-tiz, V t. , /.» rrititr nramoiic ,* to 

pcrfimic :— J*r./, arO'tnalTsing ; >W./. ajO'matlsied. 
AxoM. ii-rOt', did ari»c — pa&t (cnsc of Artan 
Aramd, a-round', /rr^., rpumd; oa all rides of — 

o^. on every •ulc ; 10 a circle. [<*, oti, and ftoand. ] 
Mamam, a>rouz'. Same at Eoaaa. 
4i y w ^a ^ AniuatMai, &Awi*bu«, lonKtiines Bk^- 

qMtaa, n. bt. d kccktJ gttm : an (>ld>fa«hion««l 

hitAd«utl. |Fr. ; \\. arrAt6iU9 ; oldFr. Adryw^ 

iw; Dutch, htuci-hiiie; Gcr, kaJun^iidut— 
a houk, ^ii£[ GT titaktf, a firearm.] 
ar'ak, m. in eastern countnei the name of 

any anient spirit, especially thai dutillcd frum 

tfaa ODoaa-aut, palms, or rice. [ Hind.] 
MnaigM, ar-rln', call tHK tc nicommi, or to 

SVtt wrasMu for hi» conduct : to ict a prisoner at 
o liar; lo acane :—^./. arraigning; /rt/. 

amigncd'. {old Fr. armign^r, amuioMti**^— 

low ll arratitman — 'i^, tu, ratufiwt, accouat, 

rcsMitu.} — n, arratfB'miBt. 
AcnMfl, aT-rOsj', v.e., tc ^a$*ge or xt in a nmh 

or row: to put in proper order ; 10 prepare : — 

^./.arrftng^og :/«./. arranged'. [ Fr. <tvTttii^frr, 

— iid^ nrngtr—rang, a rank or pow,J 
aiianiaiMil, ar-r^j'nieoi, m., fut e/ armrngmg: 

settlement : dbs^uluaiiuci. 
AiTBB^ nr'rani, adj , vr*y 6a/f; notoricnis. [A.S. 

ami Gcr. iirf, Lad.] See Ardi, cunning. 
Artaa, ar'nu, •, lapcslry. [Arms, in tlw north of 

France, where it was firat t)ianiif.iictured.| 
Atxnf, ar-rA', X'.t,, ta ^tt fnfjy; to put in order; 

to Vtange : to drew : m odom :— /r./. amy'ing ; 

/«./. arrayed',—* 
dart; old Kr. awr- 

Ari*4> Mr behind ; thmt which reiBunt 

it i> due— ittied mo»ily in/.'- ' (Kr. n 

lund — L. ad, to, •v/*o. b»dc, bcoind.] 
Asnrt, ar.fcst', v.t. to bnng fr rat tw i» m 

itiitl In stop ; lu scire:— ^ I* irir.t.<Tng ; 

arreitVu.^-«. itoppagc ; 'i> ■ 

wamat [W.«rWf/rfor 

— L. aJ, to, rKrA», to &taii 
AiTlv*, ar-rTv', p,t 10 come f» /t^ ,'.j«4 j., 

to mch .—^.p. arrlr'ing ; f*^ Wrftcd^. 

arrverr, to arrive; It. •rrrfptfrvj lov |^| 

/«»^L. oi/, 10, rii^. « btnk.1 
Mriva^ ar-«tv'a(, n,, l^ mti ff 

comuig 10 a place : per um* or T 
AvtosbH ar'rO-gSi, p./. to Uj- ctmm «p 

own ; to cjain) pr\.>ijdly yr UMoly ; _ 

/r-./.»f'i«gatiQg:/rt./. a/rfigfawl fU 

— W, lo, 99gt, rtgttttu, 10 asl^ ift cUaii.f 
amcaat, aj'ra>sant, a«^., c/aimtmg t^ jm&J 

niming : ovcrbeaiing : proud — «^x<. av'i^ 

—A. ■r'Mcuwa— w if^ irrngiaTJ 
amvatk^ ar-rO-^'ahun, m., mti ^ nrHy- 

undue ajwimpUon. 
Aimr, a/ro, fi. a stnugfat, pobned n niiiiw. 1 

to he shot fnm a bow. (A.S. arawuj 
amnry, ar'rO-i, *ulj., ef at Uk* a i tr u*, 
Ammroot, ar'rO-rOOt, m. a itardi ottaimi 

the routa of cenain plants growing 

Indies, tud uted as food for invalidi ai 

far*t, the Indian uonjc of the planL] 
* n a rn ali lr's?-oal, ». a public magauoe or 

facconr of oavml and tuititary stares. (Vtl 

Sp- : It artmaJf, artsmit, a dockyajil; 

pawtA, houae ofindiutty.] 
Anaala, Ar'sen>ik, m, a ttwvug niiaenJ 

loft, brittle, cny*cotoiii«d metaL [Gt. 

ken a nhiy maspoliiiet strong.] 
anaaleal, &r-«en'i-ka). adj. ^oftyt C9ni 
Arwm, ir'too, n. the oiine off tmm i n g \ 

(old Fr. owwom — L. anUp^ ammtf 10^ 
Art, Art, ad pcr«. «ng. of the prdcitt 

vcrbrp^. (A.S. /jrf.\ 
Jxk Alt, n. lit ski// mjctmimg or 

cal Rkjll guided by rules: the rules 

of doing a thing well : a pru/ettMHl 1 

•kill : cmtrivance ; .-i.n.MnL' il 

proK from ar, iht r 

artfol. Art f(vil, a<][, 
art; arli 

art: arlihnal: tlcilt. 

H. artnUaaM, 
, Art i'fis, «t a cuntiivaoce 

skilhalrick. [V..aT3,tTrtu,mni 
artlflBtf. or-tiTis-^r, m. , amd a4i» 

contriver; a wortanao- 
aitll4Elal, &rt-i-fish'yal, ,t.ii . f-,f tr %r j% 

unU ; culuvalcd ; (r 
artUlny, ftr-til'tr-i. n. 

madt by art, chier' - 

thiar appendage* : t ! 

gunnery. (Kr. ar:. 

make by art. to mal. >. 
artlMa, Ort'i-fau, N., ."' 

a wtHcman. {Fr. .-■ ■ 
artUI,flrt^sl.f(.,0«r .-; 

one of the tine art>, ^i- : 

archileciure. (Fr. arini' 
arlbtto, ir-tist'ik, 

HiKt RU; m£, htr; mine; mOle; mOte; mODn; 


^^iS^^taffSLiiiaL ; * - * ^ ^ ^^t'*~ ^^^^ T ' * * 

irlMk B IMM-Oc «< to fej 


^KMHi ^< 



eC IS Em Ubn 

& »_> bid lo icB.) 

ire ; id i&eoailMtf3t fete«w 

f time >-/»./. msocBd'aig; ^/. 
*wiM*i>. dnm ad, U>, aoM*^, is 

rmil; •^. ni;« . at«w tbe 
pcnonrf : an ancx^ior 
ifW«, ■■• iaflncnce : poww. 
Imi^ «• . "^ rf^Momdimg I a mins 
tW*aif-4TL lb* haltTal bcU oa 
^ '-r. U..* More WTihiuKMiiy) to 

-••iwm to beavcn. 

rmik%gl ■ hc^la. 

Oifi Gotnn Waowkdac of ; —f/ 
M-/>- aaemaunnl* il>- ••*'. lu. 1^ i. 

r, «AL, » « jM»/ «>vt; 

AilM^ »4ftaiM'. «<r. ««&.«• ifa. atmmi; m 

■faoMsW vfeic&ars akm«)HK 


Om, Q> ; mfj li£r ; ciJov ; nfte ; mflir ; bODd ; ^^** , 



fOr. a, T»or, tjn, willi, \-%^\)frT. ^t.'^lr>s, apt to 

At. oI,/-t/. dciti-'liftg fifT>eiiic. inzjint^*, ortlinx- 
Uini lamrimlL [AjS. <r/ ; L. a</; Sajii. diw'. upom.] 
At*, et— tlid cat — past Icruc of Ikl. 
AtfcBBMliii. jth>&a-J'«hi-ui, aJJ- ai Atluttuuiiu or 

hi* ciccil. 

t.'.>f' ■ ■ ■ 

M. tlic ilAle of ticuijs tifttJuntt 
tHe cxulcooe of Cod. [Gt. •■, 


.Mr nuw JutnUtftt tm the 




5 thtiitlk-al,**^'., 
::s7n; disbcHenng, 
Atb«D4ua. atli- i- nSum, w. a tentplc of 
Atf^ina or Mincrv-a at Aiheni iu wkicti vcliiiLirk 
uid pucU tcad their wi rk> . a {lutilic iii^UtuUtin 
for lectures, rcaditiic. &c. (Gr. atAfrntsntt fruni 
Athiiui, or AittitU, the goddcu Mtucn-a.] 

AlkaaUB. A-thc'ni-an. d«(/.. ^frtauu-£ t.' A theiu. 

Atttfrt. aiS<l:nt'. ib(r., lis tkirtt ; thirsty, 

AUUaU. ;illi Ivt. n., a <amt*mdtr for VKlMty iii fe«is 
uf «tr«ii);th ; one vieoroiu in body or nuimI, (Or. 
athUtfi, from •athins, a comcil.) 

&IU*tk, ath-lct'ilc, adj., f^rtatntne tc ot like itm 
tttAt'f/i: strung; vi^orout. — M./^ attM'loi, "iks, 
aihittit fXfrvuft. 

4t&vut, a-tbwawtt', Prr/., an /A# fJtmmrfi aouu. 
— adv. crosftly ; perplexuigly. 

AUb^ atla*, j«. a oalloctioa of nxAps. [Gr. Attax 
lihe bcmier;. a sod who A;>fv ilie world oa hii 
stinuldpn, and whoae figure uted to be given on 
the title-page oratlaick — prob. from n (euphonic*, 
ui<i //»<ii, to bear.} 

AU««>— , at-Un-ti'an, ai:^'., fertiXtMOig to or rc^ 
•enibliug Atia-t: gi^utic. 

mmtH Bt-Un'ljr, n.//. la arch., figures of met) 
lued instead of columns or pilatten:. 

AUaaUc, at-lau'tik. atij, perlAining to AtidJ, or to 
■lie Ail-xntic Ocean. — m. the ocean batwetti 
Europe, .-Vfrica, and Ainericn. [from Mount A tUu 
in the nortb-woL of AfriOLl 

AftBotpbit*, at'mot-fCr, *i., air'sfittrt ; the air 
that nirTttlindk tlic cart>i: fig., any turnninding 
ioducncc. tCr. attttM, air, tfihaim, a sphere.] 

X — yh er te. at-rao^ferlk., atmeeyhMteal, at-mov 
fc/iV-Al, oi^'., ^ordepCD<ling ua dk* atmutfiurr. 
i'mD), w. a particle of inatier so uaall thai 
it i.H'iNat I'T cut or Jn-idtti : anything very 
isnail. |Gr. aU^moi — >i, not, tttm*tS, to cut.}— 
.i>l'/. atomte, n lom'ik, aImmImI, a tom'Oc-al. 
obUoi, .»i'<iju.i/ni, *i. the doctrine that ttl^mi 
arranj^ed (hcmfclvcs into the univcne. 

at oui-i^t, H., fftte wAtf btiicvta i* atomufn. 
a-tf/n', ti.i. Iu be ur came to be at tmr ; In 
cjtpialc or reconcile \^pr.p. atAn'uig ; /«l.^. 
abjnctl'. [usually given Iran) •!/, ajid oM.\ 

a-tCn'oicni, n. reconciUatioD;ezpiatian. 
a-lrl/shi-ui, «•//. extresiely crutl or 
vicked ; heinriU& ; enormous ; horrible. [L. 
lUrax, Atn*eii, Crvet^Wo. *tr«'cl«iuly.*^«r. 

Alraphy. at'iO-ti. n.,atMii/^iiMrfiiibiUM/; a wast* 

ing a\vay ti-itliout manifest cause> (Or. m, with- 
oui.aiid t'vjihf, Tioiin«hnicnI — /n^AAiT, 10 Dourish. ] 
Altaelk3t-tach'.r'.^.,A- fad or rftcA to ia a frieodlv 
tnnnner ; tn gitin over; to seiie :— /r/. nttacb'- 
ing :y>rt /. ■iuu:hed'. | Kr. atttttkrr; It, artacarr; 
£. £iac4-, [•mb. from Lt tmmg*, t^o, to tuuch.] 

attashe. it-U-»'' 

an ambiviJil 

.igh : 


thug (i> 

imfneodly i.- 

ajsail -—t^f 

atteok'. [Fr. aii^u^t , li-^^Xis^^Mr*.\ 
Attain, at'tln', v.t., ta teucX a^mimMii 

'gain by effort ; to oblaiu : to 

to (X)me to or reach:— yv.A 

altaincil*. [Fr, aftfim/rr; L. ^Utvtgt 

again&t, to teach — ■»*/. to, t^tx^, lo «--t 
-**-'"*>**. at-t^D'a-bt. a«^'., thai mu,> 

- M attalo'ahlaiHM. 
•tUlaaienC. ac-t^Wmcnt, «., icrf ^ti- 

tiling attauKd; aojuiutiuii. 
Attaint, at't^t', 9-t. orig. t* a/ti^m isy 

;iccii>c. cwn«ct ; to dti^rv^'~ 

fruQi being convicted of Irtj. 

ii'tf ; A>-/- attaint' ed. IStc 
attatsdar, ai-tin'-'-' -■ --• ■ 

civil rigbu iT'i 
attalatvt, att.n 

infxmous ; a i^t^v.^... 
AUarofBcMi. SccO«tft 
AHeapar, at-tem'p^r. c./.^ t» 

due proportion ; to modifr or 

atiein'pering ; /«•>. aittnrpv* 

—tut, auil t^mftr^, to divide propni|r4^ 
AttMVK, at-temt', v.U, to twy or 

make an effort upon:— /r.^. aitcm| 

attemptM. — m. a izi^, cocleavoar, ari 

att£t*Ur-Aj~ attftU^—ai/, to. ojmI . 

to try — tfnde, to ftntch.) 
Attnd, attend', v.t. Ul ftf ttr^tek or ^ 

wait on or accoaiDany ; to be pr««? ^ ' 

yield Biteniion (to) ;— yv-./. atUr 

Bttend'cd. [L. atttrxta ^ . lf>. flr^ 
attandanri^ at-tend'aiis, «., di-r 

ence: the perKin* altcmlinjj ; 
•tiMdttBl. At-leiid'anI, oi^'. giviu. jiii^i.iu 

coapanying. woo attend on 

a lervani ; that which aceompaiiiM or I 
ai l art , at-irnl', at//, io JJ., aitcntjrc 
a tl—ll ML. nt'ien'sltun, n,, tut <*/ tUitmdmgX 

cation: heed; care; civility. 
•ItooUva. at-tent'iv, aJJ. fidl of 

iMl—a^iv. att«t tTtly.— «. att«atl« 
Attvuiata, at-tcn'O-U. v.t., t« MMiv fJUm 

— /r.^, attcn'QStini; ; JV«.A attend 

At/^MM — rt*/, la. ttmau, lliin, lean-] 
•tt«Baal«. at-tert'u-^t, tt^j., aSttnmaStd. 
aUcaaaUoo, at-icfi-Q-l thun, h., iu:t*/A 

ihinncu or Icanncu. 
•tttaaui^ at tcnU aat, ajj., tiuUtmg 

mcdidtie itkjt attenuates. 
Attwt, at'tesl', v. t^ t* trwtify or bi 

to certify ; to amrm; to call eg i 

attesting: /«/. atteu'c^). \\,.*ti 

tatit. n tcHlne»s.] -H. attMk'w. 
atlMlaHMi, ai-tet t-i'shun. n., art^/Mftti^g: I 

mnny or witness. 

Attic, at'lik, aAJ. pertaining to AtHs» or Cd Al 
chaste: cbsucal. LL- Aau-*^^: Gr. XM^v] 

Altklea, at'ti-sisn, n., an Attic tt^tami a 
or eleg;uu e&prvWoiL 

aMc, attiW, M., iatfrxA..ab}WktoryTWig aU)*tl 

0I|«, dr ; me, btr ; mlDe ; mtte ; mQCe ; nOOa ; Mco. 





■■11 ihc /'iiriii.i li 
E»r'- ~:. ■ '..111. «. the 1 

; ■ -H'l tl-"iwii ih.ViT 

•vci over a iir^c ujca. Ipcih. 
r .i.icil, ihe uccbcing bo uclil.] 

0«olr^t, m A/iicjn Ircc, the laqfcst 

known . c^tux! .Umi MoDkey-biead Tree frooi Ihc 
lumc of iu fniit. (Etluopic.1 
SuMm. bnp-llr'. ' ' (■■iit-iH tvatfr; tnarlmini«t«r 
bBpt«m;ioi ■ ^apUs'iHg :/><»/. bap- 

tlied'. (Or. . lo dip in water.) 

teptlHiL, lup'Liiiii, --. I'iiin in or tpriiilclinK 

Miib wAtci iA a roUgKnu ceremony. — atij. b»p- 
bkpUit, kip'tist, »»., «»* t»lii» haSlij^; one who 

appmvc* only of adult baptitm oy immctAion. 
fevMtarr. lup'ti*-t£H. n. a pUce for hjtpiising. 
8v, hBr, N. tit. a ^ramh : a rod of any toUd lub- 
Btaoce: a hindcrsnce or otMtrucliof) : a bolt : a 
gAt« ; an encltnetl ptac^ in a tavern or in a court 
of law ; any tribunal ; a diviuoti in Uiusic. (Fr. 
AiBrrv: It. harrm, a bu; Celt. Aur, the top, a 
kir, b*r, v.t. lo faueti or secure as with it Ktr or 
hart; to liindcr Of exclude :—/r^. hanging: 
/m./. barred'. 
kurO. In/el, If. a round wooden caiik tn-ide of 
han tn staves ; anything Imig and hu!Iovr. — f ./. 
lo uut iiito a lujTcl : — tur'rellinc : /•!./. 
ha/rcllcd. [Fr. barii; It. IhtrUt.] 
bvrlead*. bar-ri>k.ld', m. a Ajr-or obsiructinn : a for- 
lific^itioD ntadc in hailc to k«p off an atta<rV.— 
Vti. to flop up; to obslruL't ; to fortify: — /'■./. 
barri&id'ing : />i./. barricild'ed. [Fr] 
bUTl«r, bar'h-er, m., tf \tr; a defence Rgainst at- 

tatk , a limit : a boundary-. (Fr. A*mtfry.J 
b4n1«t«f, bar'rU'ttr. r. a councilor at law who 

plead* at the Aar of an Eogliih law-court. 
But, hlrb H.. a t*ani. or that which crows like, or 
in tKe place of it: Ihc beardUke jag on the 
head of an arrow, Ikh-hook. &c. — vJ. in arm 
with baibi : — fr.f. barli'inf; ; />>./. barbed'. IFr. 
tart* — L. iMrivt, a beard. ] 

bArl/el, k. a frcoii-watcr fuh, so called from 
Kivinu four ^ir^i on its nwrulh. 
barber. bS(b'«r, h, one who shaves btmntj, or 

drcucs hair. 
Bkrk, b4rb. H. a Baf^ary horse. [Fr. Barht; old 
Fr, ittrhart^—Barharj in N. Africa.] 

blKbakan. batMeaa, h&/bi-kan, w. a 
waich-iowrr ; nuicr work or dcfetKC ofa cavlle ; 
a defence t^forc a gate or bridge, (low L. 
bArW%taH4a. prob. frora Pen. haJa kAamth, up(>er 
chamber. ) S<re Balcooy- 

■rktfUa, Karl>.'/ri'jn, aHf. (applied by the Greeks 
to tbov; i(ic;iLin); a language oot iDlelli^lble 
to thetnl ; rorcigti ; without retuiemcot : relat- 
ing to savages : rude : uncivili^d. — *. a barbs'- 
rlaa. [L, itiri^tf-ui : Gr. /jn^/im* — Ivr, har, an 
imitation ofuointcllicibtc sounds.] 
|'%Htarte, bAr-bar'ik, euij. foreijpi : uncivilised. 
rhutM, hlrliar-lr, v.t. to make barbarous: — 
/r/. bar'harTMn^ ; /a^. barlurlacd. 

hixTjar-izm, h. ravaec life ; nidenc» of 
■lanners ; cruelty ; an incorrect or vulgar tonn 
of speech. 

Ity, bdr-bar'i-ti, n. tavaceiicts : crtietty. 

hii^bar-os, adj. in a state of barbaritm ; 


nitlc ; i;-' 
Vkrberrr, t 

Barbteaa. - . i 

Bwd, b&rd, n. a poet oad tiiuvr 
CclL« - s pi«9t. (It. and GoidT: 1 
lAidk. binlik, .ufj ..'.a. , ,.. :... 

•an, hSf, n^'., n/. 
poor : mere or 
make naked: — ff-f- t 
tartly.— fv. tarroML 
or moke naked : Get. 

bartltefd. Uit'Ost. adj. v. 

«h.-tnkclen.— «i^. 1iarrfae«air 
Bar*. bSr — bare; did bear — p.-i_: 
Bargate, b&r'gin, n. a tnt^ici 
aercement . the thing mugln 
awle transact ii>n.—:'.i. to nui>. ; 
acTT«tncnl : — /r./*. bar^gai 
[Fr. Aaryirt/wrr, cq haggle 
haratmittr^—hsrva, a iradiii 
Bars*. See under Bwk. 
BarlQa, ba-ril'la, n. the alkaline 
marine plants growing chicAy 
shores oi ^pAin. used lot tiukiag 
[Sp. barT^lla.] 
But, bArk, n. the outer n'tiffor . _ 

— i'.^ to Decl or siripoff bark:— ^ r y ute 
/■t^. barced'. [Dan. and Sw. Aa«iA^ lee. 
A. 5. htergoM, to cover. I 
Back, hlrk, n. the notae made by a do^ w 
— v.i. to cry like ■ dog: to fjaiwnir 
bark'ing ; /«■/■ barked*. (A.S. AMmwa, 
iniitatiitii of ttte sound.] 
BaA. Barqat. tdrk. n., a Atirjv; a ship t 
Mtc: tcchnicallv, a tht' - " ' -^Jid' 
square Mila oD her n j. ^~r« i 

old Fr, hargr; Ger. :.: -^i I 

low 1* fmria; Ice. htirA-r ■ 
ban*, birj, n,, a Asni ; a bf«l used in the 
ing of large vessels ; a pleasure or suie 1 
Bartsy. \Ai^tu ".. ^Tod/iame; a cram, i 
food, but chiefly for inakiiw malt. [A,j 
W. Mrilyt—dara, bread, Ifyi, i ptinr ] 
Bam. hinn, n, yeast; the sen. 
iTuUt Ikiuora when fcmicn : 
[A.S. bearmt—beeraH, 6rru>t. i 
Ban, bam, n., a ^Imcw /or harLry ; a bu 
which grain, bay, &C., are sintcd. [KJ&. 
contia^ed hfm — Amr, bailey, /m, a pla 
Baraarla. b&yna-kl. n. a ihcll-fi<di with a<w/ 
shell, which adheres lo the boitotos asd 
ships. [Fr. htmACkf; Gael. A«i>m#ac4; 
Anrwij^a, a limpet— A«_rr*i, a cap.] 
BaracnaMr. bo-rom'et-*r, »., a -nrngAi-m* 
an iuitruioent bjr which the weigu of <!< 
phcre is measured and chaages of WCM 
cated.— «•</. taroBafc'rte.— 4U^. tanai 
[Gr. titret, weight, mtirem, « -— — ." i 
Bann, bar'on, I*, lit. aman',yi\\ 
B bamoet and hrlrtw ^ \\vn>. 
in tlic House of V 
in iiti'k,, a doii 
tetv'alal. [Ft 
her, L, rir, a m^m. [ 
bamoags. b.\i'otv-iJ. m. the whole body of li 
tansy, baT'o-oi, w. the tcrhtory of a 

lOtc IKhiy «■ E 
ory of a tecaU 


Hte, far ; nv€, hir : mtnc : mflte ; tnOte ; mSUi ; tMax, 


Wl^t !■' ■ licre- 

B, «. the rank of a WnMcL 
orig. * ^{w-w4*rAirf «*«■ 
daoMc ■MttJ |i>Eg-wfageIe<l cvrngc, 

r, twKx, rvte. • whvcLl 

w. lif m A«»r owdc of hnnchd ; 

«4kdi loUKn Are MfcA. IGael. 


), «.. « w>«MJ niaed oMc grwta to 

jA-S./i» tf ^ JMtfTyii r . toproCcoE-I 

«l/. fc> c»« OBC Anc Mi caduace 

— «JL to trmfte by cKWofiac '■ — 

rfl JMiiTi'MV tnU Fr. JwrriVr.) 

c/ «k^ Oc» Umwa dw taw «^ 
**»yf . I«3»T, da^ *nw, ww-l 


Viollow pUce . A iI>H k , the 

;| at (LaJa\ 

BmU. SccBw*. 

iMfc. hulc. r./ to Le in ihe tn»»iBi<( «r • 


— vJ. to w^rai br c rooi i w to imat:.~fr^. 

■mI« ^^ «», ■. the HaMT Iwfc «f <W 1 

neC oade of at. C^'W''* &«>• Ov^ X^ 4«tf J 
mum, hm^arA, m. » cMU Ib« W ^«m •« 

1^1 Mil <i<f mat anHM: fe^^ (rQaif /rrT. 


br i ll ■■ J riMHw; M anr 
» k^«ilS7i^A«*«r. rr 




B«ftt|kt be-dTt', a/>., tri im trtf^ ; aiocned. 

(A.S. prcEx i^, uid dikiitm, to leC in order.) 

b^^flx'ii, D.r. to dms ; Ui drcu faudUy. [7] 
bedlam, w. an a^yltsn for lunadci ; a mad- 

hoiifc : a place of uproar. — adj. TKlon^ne lo or 

fil for a nud-liouic. [Corrupted from BctKickftn, 

the nnfiw of a tnomulcry in T.'^nion iflcrw.irdi 

couvertcd inla a huspiul fur litutu-v] 
Ndtaatt*. bcd'lam-it, n. a niadnun. 
lUwIw. Badalm, bed''T»in^ n. the tuunc apt>^cO tit 

those Arabs who live m tciiLt »iid liuail xti un- 
settled life, fAr. *ft/.7w/, dwellers in the desert.) 
Km. 1>S, «. an inkcct that maktrs huney and wax. 

rA.S. ^^; Ger. iuiu ; L, ^/u.] 
»*•<*. b5ch, n. a commoa Torcst tree with snionih. 

iUvery-looking boric, which produces nuis, 

formerly M/lfN by man, BOW only by pigs. [A.!j. 

•«#, hx; Ger. hmcAg; l^/agtu; Gr. /Jif^PS — 

Phitgi, to eac] 
^•Mknt. b&h'cn, (u(r'. bclonfioK to or madt 0/ 

Sm{. bef, w. orig. ikm ex, ht//, or emvz the flesh of 

an o«, ball, or cow. — iulj. contifttiog of b«ef. 

(Fr. t>jrii/- L. Au/, bovis ; Gr. Anu, an iiaitadan 

of the bcltowinjg of the ox.) 
bwnt, h^vt, M./A cattle, oxea, 
■MT-eatar, b6f»-4r, n. lit. one who attends, at thr 

bu^it or sideboard ; now juctilarty applied to the 

yemiien uf (he wrcreijc s guard, [a corrupuon 

of Fr. hiiffttUr-~bt{fftt.\ 
B««a, hin, Jrast ^rtici/Jf of B«. 
B««r. bcT, w. lit. ndrimk; a liquor made Sy fermen- 

laiiitii from malted lurley juid hop*. [A.S be^r; 

Fr. btirti Oer. ^/>r: prob. connected with L. 

hi&trr, Gr./ta, Sam. fitt, //', to drink.] 
iMt, b«t. «. a vmtable irith a cariol-tilce root 

eaten as food, from which siuar U detracted ; 

also uked as a uljd. [Dutch, but ; Ger. bttte ; 

Fr. bitu; L. *</rf.] 
■Mtla, bf'tl. H. lit /A/ tktrr; an inse<l with lurd 

ca«» for its wing*. (A.S. biui—biian, to bite.) 
B««U«, bc'tl. «, a heavy wooden tnalict Uked to btnt 

»ith. lA.S. liil—ttAUn, 10 beat— *dAl 
lM«t]e-lwa4ad, bc'tl bcd-cd, adj., having a Jkrad 

iiif It ^7/«-; dull ; stupid. 
bwUt, be tl, vj. to jut out or hang over like the 

bead or a bf/f!f or mallet :— y>r.^. Dcc'tiing. 
b iaUi h r awa A , lrf'il-bf\iwJ. adj., bavin|f bfrUimgoc 

prooitocnt brpwi. 
■Mr««. See BhI. 

Artiil, bc-fawl', p./, lo/aZ/or happen to.— -9.1 to bap- 
pen or come to pa«a :— >r./, bei'airinc ; /rt.rf. b#- 

faircn;A'-^-t>«cU'- [A.S. V//*/iUj|.I Sec rail. 
••rora, bi-fOi', /rr/. iu thcyi-w /ar/, or in front 

of; in presence or in itglit of; in preference to; 

aupericir lo; prcvioui io.~^Jv. in front ; earlier 

in liine ; Intherto. I.\,S. b€-/frntt.\ Ser Fotm. 
tefanbaad, I* fflf^and. <aifr. previouily ; la anti- 

■-i(oir,in; by way of preparation. 
B«ert«ad, be-frcnd'. r.t. to act as A./rifnd ta; to 

favour :—*r./, Mfneod'inK; /j>. bCfriend'ed. 

[A.S. prenx ht, and VrtcniLj 

*•*. '^*^t ''•'• **"<!• *^ carry a *tfjr in which to put 
victuau or money received 00 atking ; to a«lc 
caneatly ; to nipplioile. to bueech ; Co take for 
(ranted. — v.i. to practiw beninK ; to live by 
. askJns alms -.—prjt, and «. tjegging ; /«./. 
bcffed'. [SeeBac.l 

b«r*ar. n. one who Affr ; 00c who lives by 

^SSing.—v.t. lo reduce lo fc i Kja y 
begsaring; Ai/ he^md 


c/ a trgg 

be(;'ar-i, « , tfate 

bC-gaa' — did begin — past Itnm 

Saffrt, b{ get', r./., /tf i^rr or came to 1 

duced; to produce ; 10 generate:— 

ling ; fa.t. b<co(' or bCgat' ; /«.>. 

SOU en. ih.JS. bf-zrtmn.\ See«* 

ban W 'f. be^gct'^r, «., mf wi» 'V'^'j 

B«^ begin'. v.(. ro jtf or come iiCff J 

rise ; to enter m lOsntluBB new ; | 

—^.t. to enter iman ; to i'**TaTiniill 

gnn^uiK: /«./. Mcu': >•.>. M 
pmrnan. from root nW, to btg 

j?i».>«j/, 10 cvinc iuio being. L.^ 
b^bnvr, bf-£ia'ir, k., <iw toA* Jkysci 
btfiBatef, b« gin'iog, n. the firac I 

sute ; the origin or coBuncBceMCi 

mcau or grounds. 
Btfuw^ bS^nn', imt. or im/., higrmi 

part. [&r, imp. nf ta bt, and gm^ ]! 
S^at, BifolUB. Sec Bh^ 
Bigalli. bf.gT)', tf /. to impose on iyi 

to deceive: toamuw: ■— Z*'^- ^iCpi^ 

gtiilcd'.— «/p. bH«n-i^tr. [A.S.J 

bifoltor. bc-sll'tr, m., fu -whe or dkttll 

BH«a. \^-^}m',^l f^nrticifU oTB^ 

BahaU. bS-bir, H. b^ko&J: advaM 

CTiiuc: ukc; [lart. [A.S. Mfft^ 

Bahava. be-hAv', v.t. one. f# iU>« 

(jUry; to conduct.— r.T to 01B(ltl 

lo act;— /r./. blhSv^ing ;>a^. b^l 

hf4mbham—kabbaH, to nave; Ox; 

bafcavtev, bc-h-lVyitr, «. manoer \ 

cnoiluct; manners; demeauiovr. 
Bahaad, bc-hed', v.t., to ntt t^ ^ 

b«head"uig ; >>/. b«head ed. [A-S. 
BabaM. l>£-beld'— /a./. and>i./. of I 
Bahaat, b^hesf. m. lit. something 

done : corotiujid ; cfaarfe ; wUT 

vow. front l<t, and Xn, comi 

kaitan, to call, to tume.] 
BaUad. b^hTnd' >rr^. vA (he kimdm 

back of : in the rear of ; conubg 1 

to — adv. on the hack part ; inCM 

ing: pakt. [K.Si.hfhimdtm; Gtt,l 

hanta, the tail.! 
baUadliaa4, bf-hTnd'haad, adj. oj 

behind, backward, or in arrcatt. 
BOold. bf-hold'. v.t. rrip. to lu-M; I 

to cootemptate ~ . ■ \ 

tion cm . — fr / 

bfthcld. —*■<»/. o. . 

btkiaidam — Mraiau •< i . 
bahoUa. lif-bold'n, /«./ 

indebted : oblrccd. 
baboldtr. be-hold'er. a., vng brhoiain 
BitopTa. Babora. bt-IiflOr', v.t. ca 

tucttsary for. [A.S. btJkakmm, 1 

in need of; connected with E. A 

I.. Aabf.; to have, Jkabfiu, fit, fldt 
bahoof, Lc-hC^'.^'OAtty; attwni 
BtlBf. See under Ba. 
Balabov. belilmr. v.t. to ply 

»ouniUy ; lo thump. [A.S. " 

nita, Or; me, hCr: mine; mOle; mate; BdXa: tAem^ 



i: to CutcD a 

I.} .'isji sicfc to: 

lum* ; itr, mI^J womau ; 
••!£, a wotfuta.] 

, tot. • mt u i'ifnfr, a fiKvfrjfa*- 
l^antJ s steeple or luwc in which 

noe: old Ccr. 

; > rpak faiaeW 


. oc aruckft of belief ; 

m^ Mr ivA» ielifstfi a proCewut 

ios df which rt u^cd t-v Ixlics «& 
or hjnd>onic trooun ; a lieauiy. 

mbnioe* pocuy 
/nt*. loraioc— 

■ twtr,— 
ij^rro, to 

>.J _ 
' I ncrUe ; 

. BAJ 
t' Itich i> 
.. (A.S. 

. .iJ hmico ent ; the p&rt 
•tcMl and ihiifhs. — r.f. 
i-j »weU :— /r>. beiry 



Kdta, be-fDOi/, v.t., A> MVrMM «/; to lament: ta 

iii'>u>ed'. [^, 1- ' ' ICnuL) 

tcn;^, «i T form; a. joAttft 

s^'-.t t*ir In'' f jodjirt — f./. to 

I V - ac>.'- 

i, '.aX 

b«[U ' - "II tif 

■md. bend, i>^. 
uitliiic ; lt> ^ 

<'(rved , ' ■ 
Unl ; / 

[lace ; 1^1 

ri^'lAaK, ■ -•■ -Urt. 

a blcsring. [L. l>*te, well, dkc, louiy.J 
BtnctaeOaa, bw-JfakVbuii, k. the act of 

to curve •r ■ ' : to 

jb-Iuc — Tit. I .1 or 

>ir bcnl. — n. a cufYO op 

- und^, or lower In 
iMW. lA-S. *r, JMid 

fvxNf; a fiood deed done or bencfu cciofi 


Bnr ttudy cmfirs * 

M*an, ben"«-fis, «. lil. a /mr^nr ctitftrrwd I aa 

ccckiiaitical livini:. _ _. 

» , « dftng gvo^; active 


■uij., doimg gettdi kind; 

choriu tie.— •!*:£• b*nine«Btly. 
eBBft^lal, ben-^fish'al, a>'C'.f Ciiwferring hem^fiil 

iiicrul , advantaficouv— oi/f. buclclal^- 
aaAeilzT. bcn-f-ftsh ar if h.> m/ vtka kUi» » 

benrfice or receives a beoefiL 
•Bili, beti'«-6l, ir. , apudderd; a £nOur :U«dl^D^ 

age. — r.f. to do a kindness or a terrm la: — 

pr.p. bcn'tiUiog : /a./. brn'Cfiud. 
i—watoaai^ bfr-ocVfr-t^i*, «., leiMinrnfit r* 4/0 

£ftd; charity : act of ]undnes«. [1- SfntvcUntim 

ivrll, twA*. ID be williae.) 
b«o«*aUnt, M^eVft-leol. adj. lull of pMld-wiU, 

chariatJc — »dv. lMB«r'*l«KUr. 
BMilchlad. hf-oU'ed. md/., fufriaJktM hy migki; 

invt4rcd in darkoett; ignoraaL [I*, and fl^J 
trnXtOi, M-tHu', mdj.. /mrf i!||r tmhirr: kindly I 

JMW/, good, nri ' — -■•:' fi/w*r, lo produce I 
benlcBuK be-nij ! : enoous ; CiTOttr- 

able; benign. -a*^. 

IrnilniTfT. be-ni^.i. >.>. "- ^..Jucu; giadouanaB; 

goodnett oT dii pouiiou. 
BMk, beat, «. a coane Id&d of cnw who« roota 

AiW the toil on whicb it grows, [from mi.] 
■Bm^—fo-t. and A*./. orSwA. 

pr.p. bCnumb'iBg : /« / b?n > i «■■*.)• 

■■■wm, bcn-ifilo, B«0«Mla. ' ■ irag- 

rani, medicimil 1*^0, f)Uaiii - tyrmx 

ienmtin, a tree of Sumatra. 
■tili*atli. b«-Vwef'(^, V f. to till one'* mil : to 

.1;.,- - t))c di«i^&iuoa pf pcopertv ifirf (.r.«'» 

to leave by will -.—fr.f. 
Mucatbed' (A.S. *«■, xa 

Tt^. JiencsOi 
V. and L»w.] 
* ft'i-rfli M bukd — n /. to oirrouDd 
>» acinic :— /^./ b«lr'tnc: /*-A 

•ell] SccQveU. 
BwMva. t.«-r*r'. fc.r r^. r»*. d^frxvr f/. or 

a», i^; mc, bCr; iB£aw. mdce; irrflre: oii! 



wilh • bob.— r/. 10 ifiove io i *"'-' '•'•'■■ •r>-^ 
nuiikoef: to bcAt; lo cheat; i 
bottVing; /«■/• bobbed'. — «. 
mtilttni;* ftUghl blow; -r- '' ,....t* 

vriih a bob or Bwinz. I ■ .>*(W, k 

UfcMl ; Ice. *flW», a tno:. i 

Mm, bob'tn, h. a unail yiciu .1 *L....i ur» which 
ihrrad is wound . rvuiid Uiw. iVf. Mftttf, iroin 
(rtfil. iiiA««. a u«»ci : aUo giTcn frcm L. bem- 
litx, a huoumaiC, (nun iu touncL] 
B, liAj, vJ. to fierltnJ or pnphtxy ffood or evil. 
-TJ. 10 be in nf Rvpd orcril; Io fore- 
^cw:— ^''-.' I /. bOd'cd.—Jt. an ooico 

or portent, . to tcU— 4a/. /trJM/, * 

commanil < ■ ' 

bod'!*, «. .1 w itiATt's Stay*, fonnerly called 
ladui bccaiue ihey were made lu fsx doto iv 
^ho^vO•. tSecBodf.] 

Io4klB, bodlEiD, N, orig. a fmaTl dasRcr : Ati itulm- 
ment for piervuij^ liolr* or for dreA»4ar ihe 
itair; a Luxe, blunt needle, [from rout ui Intt, 
lu ]>iith, and dito. '^(t.] 
». bod'i, 1. ibc irunk or frame of i*n animal, 
irce. &c, as diitiufui^hcd from the limtn ; the 
wbolc frame uf a mitn or lower Koimal ; »ub- 
itance ; a person : a niou : a oumbel of penons 
or lhtii£%. — v.t. to give form to; to embody: 
— fr.f. bod'yi^S i /"/' bodied. [A.S. ttftt^, 
r>acL MhiAa^, from rr-ot ^t^/, a lump.] 

bodr-yoUUe. b-Dd*! pofi tile, «. the collective M/jr 
of a people in it* fio/itiiaf capodty. 

bodilMM, tx>d'l-lc«. hAvine n« body ; imn^Tporeal. 

bo411r, bod'i-li, iUf/. n:IaiiDg to the body,— ^/c 
all rn M^r .* completely ; all at once. 

B«f, bog, M. jti/l rrviatd; a mar&h, morass* ot 

Sutrmire.— flrt/. VtfBT. Hr. bexack, a. bog; 
acT. ^z*, soft, mot»L]'Kl,'»..'>^«f<«>if-;a..<T«ctre. (Scot Jj/Zr. 
.t gho«t ; Gael. ^^, hw^'l ; E. *«^. fim^&^ar.] 
boulfl, ^•«1K^, p.(. to .ttoporhoiitaleas if fnghlened 
HI a A*jt-.V or Ktnui^ appeannce :— /r/. bogK*- 
lint; ; /rf/. bogff'led. 
B*U, Xtoxh v.i. to #M^/ up from the aciion of beat ; 

tin be not: to be agitate*! — xf.f. to heat to a 
Miitjf kiaic : to ilreis ct cj^U in any boiUa 
litiuid .—/r.i. boil'ijii: ;>«.>. boiled', i 
iif^U Mb, lo bubble ; Ice. buUa : 

ly DOllltlK 

1 Fr. A^hiT- 
from the 

boil'^r, M . ^Mt WW ALft/r; that in which aoy- 

nM*e made by botliaK walrr.] 
thine ■» boiled. 


O. botl, M. on inflamed swelling or tumour 00 the 

flesh having a itiU/f4\\tK &hape. [A.S. ^7, ly/; 

Gcr i>rufr; Ice. M>i.| SecBabU*. 

iMtrooi, boi«'t^r-u«, •*<//■, ?*'r/</; noisy; turbulent ; 

ttormy, — «/:'. ^mia'tmramtif—n. iMdatarovHMB. 

[Unii ^•-•C^-r: T^ti. hMifr; W. ^tyj/, wild.) 

ltd, I ''■ing or mjuirinf; courage or 

dar i M-iui sjMrit : iDtpudcnl ; itand- 

inc >tccp or abr\jpL — 0.1^'. boWlx. 

— n bolJ 1.M1 [.\.S . old Get., and Dan. taJa; 

Fr. /.!»</: Goth. haitJui; Ice. baiittr.\ 
Bpk. bOl, w., /V tvttMd Item or body of a tree. 

iDulch, ku, swelUna : from root *.>/, loujid.] 
boil, bol, It. the rouikl *ftM^u.-tri."d-vcj.*cU uf Aax, 

poppy, vtc. ; a pod or cap«ule. (Outch, Ivl. 

K'ilt. a head ; A.S. M^, a bowl : Irom root of 

botM. bcld./av*. (of obi. Mf), mn/fttM; podded. 
Mftar, bOl'att. m. A lone nuad pillow or cu^ioo ; 

a pad. — v-f- to soppvrt with a bo'jter ; to hold 

iJd Ger.'Aj/f/ar.- IK. 

Belt, bolt. « lit a tw^ 

for a cr < ' 

door, K 

throw 1 . 

dart fonh :—r ■■ 

and Dan. Mt, ' 
Bo»b. bum. n. '.- 

<tOUQd . ' 

ttilh gu ' * 

as to c\ 

temtm, Gr. ' 

%OBbu4, bum>b.,: 

/r./. bomhuil •' 

lhrow» bombs ; an ari : 

lf"m^*''" B««basl>«, ' 
fabric oixiik and worviL J 
«llc ganncnii; Gf. A-mh/j-x, ■ 

BombMl, bumTswi, n- otig. at 
terial used to swell -w iluti 
l.»ncuagc- (low 1.- ^rjffArjr. .: 

bembutle, bum-ha&i'ik. tulj. \iw- 
tvmdMt; high-sounding; iiifliiii;d. 

BMid. bond. m. unvtluni: that Ai»Jt : m 

bond'man, n. a ttUkm tUTt.—^m,\ 

bond^'man, m. one who iai 
a »urety. 
Bona, brtn. «. ihirhard ^'i*-' 

Ion of an nnimal '■ a ] 

mil biinr& frmn the V 

bnncd'. lA.S.iam; Gi^. <Tn, 

leg: W. bomt A Item.) 
beaqr, bOn'i. adfj. full of, or ooniitltnc of 1 
Bontr*, hon'ftr, it. ori^. itmeiUl^/hv! « 

made in the open oir on oocaaica of f 

[Dan. fwm, a beacon— W, 6am,laRy. 
B«uuft, bon'nct, k., « keMt-drrtti ^ 

t lie head worn by females; a Scot 

Gael hotftid—inatm, the top, #ii^. 
B4Muy, bon'ni, iu(J., S*intti/»ii; 

— (u^. boa^lj. (Fr. Ai«, rti«i»* — I. 
BoBAi, bo'oui, n. lit A jpmk/; a prcmtuml 

uvital intercU for a loan; an cxtiA AtH 

ihareholdcrv [!>. betuu, good.] 
Bonj. See under Baa*. 
Boebf, bCQ'bi, n. lit. d hnfy; a silly or •Itisid 

low; a >»'aier-biid, allied w the pcli>:ati. 

able for its opparrnt ttiinidity. [fram tbcMwII 

BAb* : Ger. ^mV, a boy.) 
Book, book, «. a collection of tvuvr ^■ I'ts V'iM( 

together, either printed, y>f.-'- 

literary composition i ft 1! • 

subject. — v.t. to write or f ^ 

/r/. booking; M/ booked'. [A i. 

beech, a book, becansc the Teutomf n 

on becchen boanls.1 
b o oM ih . l^ok'Uh, ati' 

rcjduiic. — tuiv. book 
boot-kMplBg. bookliei' -^M^ 

a'rrtMint« in a regular a-ut 
bftoUau, bcKikle-i, adj. wubc^r 

f&ts, fir ; nSt h*r ; mine : mote ; toOie , mOOo ; lA 





lia^'wurtn, «. » wKrw or roite that eat* 

)^ bcMin. Sec tiiuier 1— 

.-t>C3« n , T^. *a schurI lilce a ^imtJI, th« finog 

<»l»n(vn, the mar nf "hr «i>.-i .i 4niin, ihc 

u a ahip 

■. b'SOm«d'. 

, to drum, 

- 'jd missile 

r 3 Lirclc, ana k« 
I sUace It rotumi 

nwlbv t^ 


til iir urour. 

iiiiwef to a prayer 
[A. S- Ar». a prajrcY ; 

«^. gay; Rien7: cheerful- [Fr. 6cn 

bay. M. I'll m tUlrv cf tht ground ; a 

-Asy coanw or awkwanl penon. 

iwwr, Gw ^iM-r— A S. hitam, Dutch, 

Gcr iyaim. to I1U.J 

bCQr^uh, iUC>'-. ^'i^ «* JfV^; rusitc: rude; 

koarlikly.— «. b*w'UkaMi^ 

' ahoDowskinfor lioldiiii; liquidi; 

a ■ >: foot aad leg generally mide of 

Ir. : \rrumetit oTcortMrc lor ili<:: leg»; 

A !-■. ... •-iT'-^LnAcle in a coach.— <'./. to put oa 

Wmu -'/«y. boocuic : MA bffcii'cd. [Fr., It. 

*MV, £p.M«,awme^4km.J Sec BMtU, Bstt. 
M^ bm, v^- to/r^y or advomtafr. — n. aihran- 

BMS |i rf t (A.8. iet, compensation, amends 

iWft—, R> ameod— Ar/, bciier ] 
■tfh^ twSK^eit A^'. without Am>/ or profit ; lue- 

^«w -«.!>. UMlMlr— «. kMllMBMi. 
■■c^ h^>(A, a. Ut. a iIm/ or tcjnporanr erection 

ton«A of «Ughi wterialf. [Gael. N>/4, botkat^ 
■■^f KlK^* •• lit. ^>oQ to be thattdw tihiuU^i; 

WfjA uk«j\ >f\ Wit or by force: pliioder. IFr. 

ftt' r.*; Sw. ^^^ — /;//«, 10 divitle.J 

a play atnonfE childrci 
ua Dch] 

iTOia bemod and cntA bo, 
MiC. bTnb. IK. a iAiiumf mineral salt ased for 
4SlAc«\iiC* *B<^ >te in m e dici n e. |Fr. ; Sp. Ivr- 
«tfr: If. i>«rraeif; At. him f, from htrafa, to 
4lhtMe H- ^<^ botfcdc. bA*ns'ik, reUtiiig*io or coo- 

>3rx*cr ec ji 

[he /i^(v or mutrgiu ot anylhinff. 
h ocakT to ; io luuch or be ad- 
■ mifcf . nr a[!(*m w iih, a border : 

(.Fr- *«""'/. 


lU on the 
31 rr 

. »./. to ^i/' •^ /trnv with ui instrumeot : 
hrilr in ; !'-■ wtary by cea«ele« retwtv 
" V bonng : — /'./. bOr inii ; 
: made by bonitjf ; the 
,v -r 5 cnm ; one that 
' ■'-, aborcr; 
; the kuddcn riw 
. vhich u accom- 
^ *»-. Gotb. iJr, the 
'^ig kOund.) 
_^ ^., — i^ . . . ~;hJ, (L. and Cr.] 

berMi, biVre-al, adf. pertaining to iKe north or 
U(>ii)i wind, [tit iorvmJu.] 

Bora, bawrti, /a./, of Bvar, to brini; forth. 

Bona, bflm, /«-/. of 9mr. to carry 

ftorosgli. bu/pl. It. Ul .1 y»/j.- •^/' *r"^,fff»; A 
corponte lown; a tovn ' ' retenta- 

tives to parhamcot. [AS 1 city — 

A.S. ^r^ft, Cer. hir^rr.. 

Borrow, bor'rfl, v.t. lit. to obtain a loan of money 
00 ttcMrity ; to take irom aaotber on lout or 
credit :— /r./. bor'TO^vine ; /«■/. bor'rowed. 
(A.S Acrjf-fjw— A'^, A^Aj :i tectirily: akin lo 
Borovck, inim the nobOD of Kcurily.] 

boTToWCT, bor'nVftr, m., cnf tvJui ivmrwr, 

bos'kftj, «., itvtaJ; thicket; thick foliage. 
Fr. hnaj^, hocagt; It. hoicoi Gcr. ^ji-4 ;K. 



rhans connected wiiU Crr. Atavw, 10 

build, rrom the uae of trees in buildinr. 1 
boaky, boslci, mJj. , unvtfy ; biuMy ; »bad v. 
Bowa, bO&'rum, n. the breait nf a ! r 

the part of tlw drcas which zu\ 
scat of the pmsrioiu and opcnii" . 
the heart ; any receptacle > 
tcrioT.^r./.iowjt in the b 

tnTimaie; conndcntiaL [A . j 

Bon, bo«, ii. a nvtiiinr or /r^-.'^f-ai^^ <■ : a lai^U 

omanicnt; a Mud or uob. (Fr. K^ttf, ]t. ^.-isra 

— Gcr. iuts, bntMtm, any blunt {lomt or lump.] 
bSiBtd, bost, ttJj. ornamented wttli bctbck ; ttudded. 
bowy. box's!* adj. having bos&c*. 
BoUoy, bot'a-iii, n. arig. ^anU fir JffJJrr ; the 

Ktence that treats of pLuiU. [Gr. ^ttitti, herb, 

VhXii—^ikS, to feed.] 
bota^c bo-tanlk, botaaleal, b^Lialk-al, a4j.,ffr' 

laittinr te> hutttmy.— athf. betan'teaUy. 
beiaalrt, boC'an-tat, n. one skilled m botany. 
boUalM, boc'aii-Tr, r.f. to 5eek for and coHea 

nlant% for the purpoMf of botany :—/»'./. and «. 
oot'anTsiog ; /iay. bot'anltcd. 
Botch. Ituch. n. a raW/iW^ on the iktn; a clunuty 

j>atift ; ill' finished work- — p./. to [Mich ot mcua 
clumsily :- frp. boichlns ; /«./. boichcd*. 
(from root of Boa.} 
faot«b«r, boch'ir, «., ont xvfta boichti, 
boteby, botzfal. ^ij.Jmilqflsitctut. 
Boib. both, adj. and frrrK, tka two; the one and 

the other. LA.S. ifutu, iatrva. Ger. fieidr, Gntb. 

Ss.hojrtkt: L. am^. Gt. am/^ : Sana. i«M<i.] 
Boibar, hnti^ix, v.t in perplex or te'jw '— ^f*./. 

both'eriag : ^./. botbcrra. [acorr, ofroU«.] 
BottU, boti, M. a hollow vcuel for holding liqiiidi»: 

the coatents of such a rcstel. — v.t to nut into 

bottle* :—/»■./. iKitilijiff ; *«./. bo«^cd. {Fr. 

i«HttilU. dim. of b«tit\ See Baet, BaSL 
Battla, bot'l, H. a hmdlt of hay. [Fr. heUi, diff. 

of bpttt, a bundle, from root of Bmb.] 
BotMm, bol'ttim, »., t>u tfitvnl f*rt r/ jmv/Ai-if ; 

that on which anything resrt or 1 ' 

valley; a ship. — v.t. to fumith ». 1 

a bottom.— «►.!. to rest upon the :_■ , , 

bot'loming ; /n.f- bol'tomed. [A.S. *W»»» ; G^i. 

/wirti ; timdt connected with Xj. Jund^t, 

Cr. hutJiDS.] 
hptt w alB M, bo''lum-le«, adj., hmirtmg n« fmtt^wr. 
b»U«ary, Uit'tum-n, n. the act of borrowing moDCjr 

on a ihip or bottom, 
Bovdolr, bOO'dwii, w. a small room whe.*e aue 

retire to be alone : a Lidy'i private rooiti. [I 

hffudcr, to pout, to be lulVy.) 

ttt^ Or : mtt b^; mTae ; mOt« ; mOte ; toCOn ; thea. 


Ivmncli of X tree wWch ft*«l er 
outwktd from the tmnk. IA.S. A.*/". *^— 

tfOW or bend.] 
b*wt— >«./. and^ha^ ofB«r- 

v.C, At tfnit* m ma te ttuut a 

; to jiunp or ipriae •oddenly; to 

boMtarbultr:— /r/. bDiiiM/iaie:/iM-t>ounced'. 

—41. a hexvT coddoi blow ; a leap oi spmu; : ■ 

l>xu:alie. (D.^nvcrfi, tounkc— -AMtf.a blow.) 

tosMW, bouns'ir, m. oik who bouncci ; aometluDK 

bix : ft tMilly; a Liar. 
a«nA, bomd—^/. and /«./». of Bbd. 
Se«n4, boond, m//., frrfmwtti /or ; tta^ to go (o. 

lire, ^amui, pa. p. ofraM, to prepare.] 
Boval, bound, f .1. to tp>rix>E or leap : — -P^.P- Ixmnd'- 
ing ; p*.p. boood'eG. — «- a spnng or leap, fl'''- 
hmdtr, to ipTinr, in old fr. to lound. to hum— 
L. bcmhitart, to hum.] 
%u<mk. lotmd, n. a Gmit.— v.f. to Kt bouadt to : to 
limit, rea tr a in, or ^unwin d '.—fr.p. boundlnR ; 
>•.>, bound'ed. fFr. htrrmr; old rr. bcnr ; low 
L. Mt&Ka : prob. of Ccltit: origiii.] 

/. bound'a-ri, n, a vuible boood or limit ; 
border: termination. 

boundlct^ "'{r. A gp awf w« honnj or 
VaU.— «. bOMdllMIMi 

, bound'eo, atfj.,iwJnig ; reqaired ; obliea- 
lory. [rrom nad.] 

r, bouo'ti, n. orur. fPM/iMrt ; liberalitr in be- 
stowuir|[Uls; tbegih Dcitowod; asumofmoncy 
ofTcml u an inducement to coter the army, ftc 
IFr. hantt; L. IsmitJU — AMtntr, food.] 
KBiwnu, b(nui'[f-i». or bount'yvs, bouUftd, boan*- 
ti-fool, O'iJ. lltjcr*! inpving ; wiuing to beitow. — 
adtt. boasSaewlr. boBalUlinr,— « 

bCR>-kl' or bOS^S, «. a bunch of flawen ; 
loiegay. IFr.— Aff*7w/,aliiile w&od— II. iiy*co, 
irood.] Sec SoNac*. 

bnr'Jun, ».i., ta put farik tpreuU cr 
t ; to grow '■~~p^.p. bour'ceonins ; Pa.p- 
r'gconciT [Fr. Mwq^ttmt a bud-thoot.j 
Booraa, l>Om or bOOrn, n. m haunJ or bound- 
; a limit, [ Fr. ivm^.J See Soud. 
Boons, bOni or bOOm, i*. a fZreara or rivulet. 
X. Mtm, a brook ; GacL 6mm, frcab water : 
'. inuBum^ Goth. hunmtL, a »priac.J 
bout. «. fit. « inW; a turn comini roond 
ocTtjio iDlervals: a trial; an attempt. (A.S. 
iH£nm, lo bow or bend.] 
BoTlaa, bO'vlD, a^. pcrtaininc lo cattle. (I*. 69t. 

ttovut Gr. Amu, an oa or cow.] 
Borw, bow, v.t. to l>enJ or incline towards : to «iit»- 
line. — v.i. to bead the body iu ailutiu; a pcnon : 
10 yield:— /r,/. bowing; /«./. bi-jwcd". — «., a 
^laitijp of >he \sudy in saluting a per^in ; the 
cunrinE forepart of a ship. fA.S. Vi'^"*- ^ ^■■c&d.] 
bow'^, M. an uichor carried at the £9W or 
irepan of a tliip. 

bslin, «. r>t. the /m/ nf the /ww or &W,* 
a anull rope (0 keep a uil dote to the wiod. 
(Amv, and i'mh.] 

>«9rtt, bO'sprit. H. a boom or inu- pnaWtiMg' 
from the &tw of a ship. [&>w. and sprit.] 
ow, bO, 1. a A^if piece of wnod used to iboot 
arrow*: anything of a curved »l\a|>c as the raii> 
bow ; the initrufitent by whicli the stnogs of a 
viciUo are Muodcd. — n. bov'mas, au archer. 

pw^ teVclr, «//. eha I 

body ; the cntraiU ; jSf. die ' 

ncM. [Fr. l^yam; olaFr. ■- 

Ihe bowelt— L, Mtttmi^ • 
bow'ir, «. ocig. <M 

mrt or rcoBM in a gmrdoi. 

ber ; W. twr^ aa cuclovurcl 
bony, bow'^TH, ^^'. containing b ow ta a : i 
Bewta-ktffii, bO'i-iiir, •«. a dacger-luufe wer) 

louihcm fttatei of Ameciui, mi lUMrwd I 

inventor Colooel Botuid. 
Boart, bol, N. a rowut driukiaf-ciip: i3M 

hollow pan of aoytbiof : a woodeo WB I 

iae along the grcuDd. — v.i. tf» play At bs 

roll aluDj like a bowt.~ ' ' 1 r.% » | 

pr.p. bowl'ing: >»,/■ '>*l! 

^<7<i. A.S. 5o//j, Dan aaC| 

bvwlar, uCl'dr, m. one wbu \>>-:y> 41 lx.<wU. 
bowldar. bOl'iUr, «. a large itiae 

action of water ; in xm/. a nust of 

ported by natural agencies from itk 
S«e uoder Mem. 

Bov-«ta4ev, same as kayvteirir. 

Boa, boka, m. a tree vemafkaide tat ' 
and smoothnttt of its wood ; « ' 
of ^x or other wood ; the caai«Btai 
•eat in a theatre -. ttie Jrivct't seat OM •• 
—I-./, lo put into or fuioiah widi baWH 
Imxlog: P*t.p. boxed'. [A.S. 
Gr. pyJTfu, the i:ec, PyMia, 

BoK, boki, m. a teMrnfimg 
tbo liand. — t'./. nil' '■ « 
to fiflht with ■.' -p. 

Ikwico'. -<i.beat' ■. a 

Oi.pyx, with ci 

Boy, boy, «. ■ ntak tJuld; i 
Swiss, Jw^, Am; L^/w/ur.] 

boyhood, bo/hooo, m. itatc of bcins 1 

boylah, boyufa, /u^'. beloocin^ to 
triAing.-^-Wti'. boylAly.— •. 

BraM, brilft, m. anything that 
hifidt tightly^ a bandat^'? ; 
mark tii printing coonrctiii^ t>no 
or linei ( J ). — w pi. scr^^n 
trouserx ; ropes for tunting the 
^v.t. to tvghtea, make fvra, _ 

bf^lng : jfci A bt«ccd'. I Fr. /nw, »1 . 
arm, poirer : Ga^ ^rof , w. hrAiek,l^%t^ 
Gr. h'(tcki>n, the nnn, a* the typo of 1 

iiig niengfh or MM 

-: of dcfcnaive am 

'"^f rh- wHjt. fR 

■■-''•- ?he' arm.] 

ince for il 


.ir^nq, tin maitmt 

>«-Dnk.— «^r. tofrti 

brmclag, I 
brac«)«t, b: 

the tjr**' . 

of old Fr. r*r,(i 
bm^ktt, brakVt. 

tkingi tcftf^^' : 

to a wall 

to encin' 


ilig ; p».f. :TacK 
Braeh, brak, brach. n.. •* tf^efn' /» »cH >f Jl 

bitch bound. [Fr. Arwr«<^, Ital. ^waimi| 

ting dog, ^nurarv, to lnid^— Oct. ^radl, 
BraoUih, braklfh. 4^. Ul r^M; applied e 

mixed with salt.— M. tarMk'li^Mn. (Od 

Dutch, inai^, wmek, rcfttir. ip«iMt|, 
Brad, brakt, «. an invgtilarty dc 

iTvctem. a thin plate of fBml,j 

Bnc. brag, v.i. ortg. /<* CTar4(.1 
to boast or \Atuxtt^^-^p. 

(tte, At; mt, htx ; mtne : mOte : m&te ; mCR)o ; /4en. 


a 'ham.*i m InjUlnp: ift« thing 
a gl^ al csnlL ItJua ^V^r* Im* 

4- ft bCftJI^B^l QT 

A Ik ?cnoa of the hifhest caste 

r:....'......^ — Btnkmvt 

dc :■! trittity ] 


jriii^, xjrii, or octier 

IA.S. kreamm, irr£- 


n Litter oiifv* 
^tiott and 

; ^1 f Lir'nraed', fA-S. 

, brftfc'cM-4»uJcc Intkcst— old 

• lens : % (>Ucc overzixTvn with 
.dim ihkkA flow lj«f. >raJir, 
V/. »rsr. Ixakc: G*^ >«»^. 

^^^<,/^^irmkn: roofli: ihoniy. 

_,«. ■Bt2Utr>an<r5troA*>M4flx«i3r hemp; 
[C $or i nmkn j r in |t{»r*c« ; > t-'l f'l hrrfKrt ; 
umalTiB cfacckmg the mctioa of ii wlic<:L 

ishAJ. «- tsricklv plant iK^rin^ hUdc- 

^, DuiCJl, hrmme, Ger. /"••*«.) 

kM oferjiq ; the ioncr huAjk 

the wtir. (Fr. hran, bnm, 

^ _ _ n»«, tcan, cfcaff, J 

|'#K 4«niuuac of bnut i hjiviojE the 

. thooC or mrmtik* \\mb of a 

: araui^-divtxloa. — p./. id diviiie 

^^^^ to «nad out ■> a ItrAiich : 

haiial finiirJiea 
•. • giiae of weed 4«M(m/ 

a Dtark of ia£uiiy.^>./. 
wtA * tot irao ; to &i a nwrk 
i-^i^/.bnBdlnc :^ /. bruMfcd. 
, Oar. #fvi«a»«. u-i bunaj 
ttX M aWke or «»« 

; tpiriu dU- 

lodHtfl, tt^t, wine,] 

«BKaJ %d tbe «0tour of/ibwuy 

•fivS line t ft^ totpo* 

„ irM. loldir. (ran in tM« 

Tr. in<ii». gwrlnf onl 

tbc aoUmns H doikv.l 


; >«y. fafixedT. 


«lko vorVi 

E. .-• 


1 iiitMniiiuAU luma fWt 

t.rl. ^na^ • rag; |irw> 

boeu;.:i. I- -^ . - ^ .J 

takvo, bvA'Tfi, M. 111. « i»w9r ; a oanng riHsio : a 

bandit ; a hired aaann. tit- and Sp I 
»»»*tt. brf'yfl, w»r , 6mMft/m/i e-xtr!!^ ' "■- n i- ••■- ! 
Brawl. Tirawt, «. a >.v«l/kns/M#LM-; . 

- !■-/., /# WjiAt a ('4W*i/ n^it€ : t-: 

— ^./- limwl'mu ifti.f. l-niMci;' 

^rUi7; Dao. hrafir. bj l^k ii. 

prub. frum t})« bound.]— m, teii«:i 
Kaau, brnwn, n. ortg. « Atur <<: ' .> 

ptcklcd dcab tif the boar or ofavti.. 

mioculxr foirt nf the l-ody ; m j ■]!. 

[ton&pnul.x ' ■, ■ 'I .'.J. J Iwjax: 

(;. Amittf, I. offlcili.] 

tnwB7, brauii liar; jtronc* 

Bn^, brft. v.t *r,f. ImjrikK* 

bni.T«r. brScr. ^rttuf ora|H>ead 

ink in princiii£. 

wimd,— v.i. lu nuKc ■ loud hmb aouno. u ad 
MS '—^-P- ""i «- *«»»y'wg ; >«»>• brtyw*. (ft. 

^miiVv; Gr. hrmiitj to tnah, roar; ioa. imiv 
cnuh. hmk : prob. fram tbe aMud.] 

taaftr, brS'^, m. one wbo brays like an am. 

b«Mi Bmmb. \xm^m. Soe under SuMa. 

B rtaal i . Sec midcT >r«ak. 

BrwA. bred, m. food mode of flotu- or tncal Wked ; 
fig. food: livelihood. IA.S. ^*/, irtc^, from 
hrraLut, hf^aJMt, to brcaJc : or 6rtpwmm, to 
hnew : (If from Vrar. to pound.J 

btm<tfr«»-«rM, brcd'frOOt'Uv, k. a jVv ibtUkl 
chiefly in llic Sonth Sea Uandi, prvnlurinx 
a Urge nmod,^-n/, which, when reoaicU, forms 
a good xubuttutc for hrad. 

B r wUtfc. Sec under Braad. 

Braak, brtk, v./. to part by Ibroe ; to bunt, read, 
or t h a t t c f ; lu crush; to tame; to Tiolale: to 
Kparate : to make baaknipL— f .£. to out or 
leparate i to hunt fcvth j to fiiU ont : to Deeeoic 
bankrupt :— /»-.A Weak lug ; /«.e. broke ; /•>, 
brOk'cii. — ft. itntc of beiuf bnikeii . an openiuK ; 
a pnose or inccmiptioo; failure. (A-b- ffrecoHi 
(>ith ^ ! ' lA ; Ocr. hrtJun .' cooo. with L. 
/tah -hJg-*Smi : from the *omid 1 

krcask. ' :ji or opcniag : a brcakmif 

'■ria' . . . _ !«!: in A, a eneeV.— T'.A to 

make MJi upciiut^ ; — ^A brca£h'itt£ : /"^ 
bnacfaed'. (thli^a Lrnikcn. 

hrSfij, m. a Avrsfft^.- aUow*i»ce for 
brSk*^. ■., «tf tAmt trrraJki or u Araftrn ; 
a rock by wnidb waves ar« farokco : a wsvc 
broken oa rocks. 

fanafe&flt, brck'bA, «.. •« ^rmti or 
Ja^t: the firvi EBeal of the 
bxak&lC^-r./. to " "^ 
/r./. break^Caattdrt ' 

r, brtk>ai 
■fa hatbiWrBQi' 

fitr: »=. h«T; BiTBe; artie: jaOiv; 

,r ii.. t....i. 

"I'l"'^- / ■ / ■ ' ■■' •■ ■;» ■ / ■■ / • ■ > 

!'*¥.^tt ; O.rth. i"-Mifi: Uulca, Ofrit.] 
torMM^Uta, tiictt'iiLit, n.t^att ot axmour for the 


liiwtwnrt. brcfl'wurt:, m. a defensive aw^ ^mut- 

hign, *jf cartb oi other matrrial. 
8n»ih, Kr«lb, i. lit. tUam, zut^mr; the airdravm 
in nnd ihrn rnirllo) frnm llic luiie* : a Biuglc 
liirjltiiiig. iir tne Umc it ocLupie*; fitt. life : a 
pAiiAc ; an i.-uUnt ; a Kcntlc bree^. (A-S- A«#/A; 
t.Jer, ^r,W,-w, (ccim, brcilb.J 
brMlU«w, lirfihlci, jJV . iLiiktml at tml iiff'rfatk I 

ilca<J i l^rcAlh->u^^K:0'llnK, «. brtUAi MM W 
VTMtlit, t'r^/4, r,r. (o dnvM iii and rvpel brra/h or 
ajr fi'jtn l)ic luiiijs ; !■> i.l.-l.rralh: fi|[- to iivc ; 
t • - ■ • - f \o jraw lit and wcpe! from the 
'. :') infuse by brci'.hinfe' ; to give cui 

, to (jivc vent 10 , to utter wjflly or 
,„ ,.,,,„. — /r./, brcaih'ing : /rt./. brcawd'. 
—ft. and fi<^. brMlblBt. 
Br*l brT>J./rt./. and /J. A "f>»*^ 
Srawk, brfch, n. the tower (an of (he body behind ; 
(he binder part uf anything, espcctally of a gun. 
— F' ^ tn i>ut into btr-ccho , ii> fiimiOi »iih a 
' ' '' /. breech'init; A»-A breeched'. 
) root of maJt — tha port wh^rc the 
mto (WO Ie9«) 
(u»»tmi, nnr ii'cx, n.//. A garment ^i»m by men 
over the lower part of ihe bo-iy ; irouscn. fA-S. 
brv,. pi. ^rac; old Fr. hrai^ei; L. bf^uetr.] 
Br*«4, br<d. M. lit. to fipiiritk. or •tw/ ttvnfx .* 
to brine forth or ircncnite ; to haich : lo train 
or bring up; (o cauAe or ocdxicm. — v.i. t» 
bisir and iiouri^ youne : ia be ccncratcd or 
grow ; lo h«re Uith :— /r.>. and adj. brMdioe ; 
/rf./. ind/a./. bred.— m. that which it bred: 
oiffpring ; ktnd •■<r nice ; a brood or the number 
{Mvducvd at a birth. IA.S. htJoJi, Irtuiitut: 
:d with W. f'TuiJ, warm. ] 
Iw. brtd'tr, m. one thai breeds, or bring* up 
Wnilag, brCd'inx, h. act of produdDg ; nurture : 

education or training ; manners. 
■tmm, \«tt. m. lit. a teelwnd; a fcude ^Ic ; 3 
wind !Fr.^r»'>ulwiiid: It.^»Tf«rt,chnbic!A] 
klvMy, br«*'i, aJj. fjiniied with or iubjcct tobrecrcs. 
BtHkrw. i^Iural of BtoUmt. 

Bma, briv. « A fn>/ or jftort tu>U: fortnerfy, 
the longest nole in miuic. llcJi' C't- *"rt*— U 
^rrpiM, *tion. In old churib niunic there were 
tut iw>> nfkt<^, iht /iJMf aitd the Arrvf or abort. 
Afterw-if'--. iSc Luc was disawrd, and the breve 
becir' : note. Ic i^ now little uwd, 

ihc longest note-] 
■!.^rf document or warrant ; a 
nmi^',:^!! c:; an officer to take nnk 
ire that fnr which he receiTcs |»y. [Fr. — L. 

imrij.] — K. brtr'ttey. 

7, lTi^'vi-«r-i, «. an /thridgTttent or tpiL>mr; 
" e of the R. 


he Uwk conUining the dail^ lervice 

"' dUc Church. iFr. fnrp/afrr— L. Arvrw I 
bre-v€r'^ m. a unall type oriKuuilIy ased in 
LOK breviarie*. 
fcrov'it^, M , tfwrtiujj; coociAencn. [L. 
brtvitAa — brrvu.\ 

brflO, p./., /i* hoiland mU; to prepare (Bait 
■o as to make ale, beer, Ac. ; to courive or plM. 
•^•.i. to pcrfonn the optTatiun of brewing: to 
be ia a Mate of preparation :— /^^. and m. 


brewing: *• * ij-r«rrf". (A,S. 
trjiu'H: rz-^rr, to bcdL] 

tirew«T, br: ' bnrwv 

teiw ir y, bi:_ ...,■. ^ , U':e foe brewUk| 
Brtb*. brfb, fi. )iL a /tAv .r*" A<nr.*rf; .__ 

Ifiveo to tnHiicnce 'jmluly the |t»4cncflk< 

rupt tlkC coodiict— « / fn tnfiueoce hf %m 

/r/. brlbW ; fa / WlbrJ I Ft fni 

of bread ; Vf.hrrzi'^-', t- ti'-c.ik, /•rrtr, a t 
tarllMr, brlb'^r, m uuc wbu Li.ljca. 
brOary. t>rTb'^i, n. aa of ci^^C <* calaac h 
Brick, brik, m. liL * ^w^r* *n»*»^ *i«r,- «n 

xntafe pioce of 1 ■ 

abrick. — v.t. i > 

bricking ; /« / 

irj^ut ; Fr. finur, iiici. f*^. va rxaai 

Qcctcil With Kr«ak.j 
brlekbkt. brik ttat, *i. a |4ec« c/lrick. 
hrlekklla. bnk'-kil, ■- a Ja/m m wkkb Ml 

bricklayer. briklX-ir, n. eni wbo l^jt or 

■rUt, brtd, M. lit. cnr tnvtted or /mcfci 

woman about to be named, nr nrwlir a 

(AS. AfTrf. Ice Arsfci^. '■ 'UU 

tier. ^ne/. one belrothL 

^friodi, to marry—/' . 
bridal, brid'al, m. lit. • if\uj 

feast : a wcddins. — Odfy'. belonpag lo a fci 

a wcJdinf. [A.&. tryd-^mLi 
brl4t-oaka, M^-kiik., m. the MdU't eakt, | 

"istribiited at a wedding 

about to be or newly mxrried. ^KJi. 
^ma, from ruma, a man ] 
hrldaV-maU. Eridi'man oi tarl 
at a wcddioc. 
Brld*«*IL br^d'^cl. m. a hoiiw of corrciCtiaa, 
a palace near St Bride'* Well fu 
wards used u a h«iin of carrectjoo.] 

Bri4(t, brij, n. a structure for curjvoc 
acrou a river, &c : aoythlox like a bridgt 
to build a bridge over :~/r,/. bridj^UK 
bridged'. [.A-b. ^riVrf, Ice. *o/5C^»»G*''-J 

Brtdla, brrdl, n. Ut. the tit strtns* ; Uw 
with which a bnrse i« KoTemed.^^.^ 10 
or manai^ with a bridle : to chcck or 
V. i. to hold up the head : to ihew r^HI j 
brrdling : /-a^. bn'ine^L [A.S. ("iM : Q 
hiitti; Ice. Ai'/i'//.- proK from Ul. ifaa 
the mouth of the horacj 

Briaf, br*f. adj., sknrt ; cnnctM. — •A'. 
brUTaMB. IFr h^f. L. inw. abort. 1 

teM. bref. «. ar4--r -,r-r™,nr M . ^(..nt 

instructions In 
tartafl«« brcHes, .: 
Briar, bri'tr. <t- a /-'..•■ I ^.-n'-r.^ 

the wild'bricr, species of the i 

A.S. f>nrr. It,, thorn.) 
hiitTj, brrtr-i, adj.,jidl s/b^vni 
Brt«. brig, n. a vrv^l u-ith 

rigfcd. (thortencd fr*>m 
Brltad*, bri-cM', n., a •' 

division of troops u: 

v.t. to ft>mi into btL, ■ i* 

/*./. brigftd'cd. (Fr. tr.^xvic. Sp. 

fn/Mi:a— low I.. hrigA, nrife.] 
brto^*r. brig-«-d£r'. m. the ofhcer 

Mgaad, brigand, «.. ff A^-A^ af^W 

CUe, Or ; mfl, bir ; mine : tnOte ; tuQte ; mfiOa ; tkexu 


^ It ^*ifiU m kHg^Mirj 

r rlr. MKr; m 

rum I* t^pa c 
}m cr tarisik «f s tmo 
» ID ID tW InsL— cuL «9 be faS 

ii^s. svomI or b^r4 



. : >i. fu tlu nak or 

V cock itt or eMMtr»faf, 

•.; r. ..j/^; Gi. JEtf/«ii 

■j',V«, tocut j 

! 'a mind Ilka 

■ 'luiiiour or 

OipiiMCS, liap'ri-koni, «. one of the lisns of the 
»(kJUc. like J A^rnuJ g:\if . [L cafricarnvt— 
f*tf*r, « grtiit, mrHH, a tioni.l 

Oaivlol*. Se« uiKlor (kpv. 

*O^WlM. kop^K', V,^. to ll()Kt^-^r^. OpKir U)g : 
M>. aiMUed'. [I] 

OkiMtaa. kap'itui, ». lit. fA/ tt^m4inc ceol; an 
upright macliioe himcd by ipylec* S'> «s to wind 
upon il n rabte which driwi HiiiirtUing, gcncr< 
ally ib« anchor, on boanl Uiiji. [Fr. ^a^ttau ; 
S^. caJfrtslaHte—e*kra, I- cafm, x (cat. antl 
<tAiu, standing, the tutnc of tlie gOiit being 
applied U3 \M\Xct\ng-r»m*t machiDcs Tor cautiti); 
itoacs. nuins weiglos, ftc-] 

OtpnU*, lup'iCI, K.. i> /j'.'/.V f<u«; the sced*Ttssel 
of • plant : a &null dub. t^ cmftttln^ djm. of 
M/sff, a case.) 

■MMlar. kap'sQl-ar, capMlarr, k«p'«<jl-ar.i, ^y. 
boUow like a capmle ; pcnamiaf to s c^moIo. 
See under OfepHAL 
kap'thnn, n, the act of taMitr; nn ftrrett. 

t*i ■' catch at faults oi 

1 - iuiv. ofciTllauly. 

- ... — i- ;_ ;.w_i L-.. .,..,;.JTM — rapiif.l 

eayMva, tup'Dv, w. <mo taJurm ; a prinoncr of war ; 
One kept in Ijoodnee.— <u/>'. . M^*i, or krft 
prtMMicr in wv ; charmed or lubducd by any 
ihiBf* — w.eapttT^ty. [L-i-it/fVinw— o^^.oql^ia-.] 
MfMrata, kap^-vat, v.t. lit. to takeorimmM em^ 
tif*, ao in £. ,* to charm ; to cacagc tb« affec- 
tiona :--/r./. rap'tiTatini; ; /a.j*. cap'dvltr^l . 

MSUvatlac, lup'ti <rilt ins, ^<^' haviog power to 

cn|ua thv RlTcctioiu. 
«Vtar, ki^p'tor, n. ooe who faJtea a pruoaer or a 

caplua. kap^tftr, h. the aa of taking; the rhing 
taken: an tucretL—v.t. to uke at a prise; to 
take b* force:— /f./. cap'tilnng: j»«»y. caf/- 
Ur«d. [Fr. (a//wn>; L. M^/irr0 — cmfWtC*^hu.\ 

OapaAls, kap-Q-ihcn', t. a AMN^Vt^^loak for 
fnniles : a Atwir^-frm : a A<WiN/-pieeoa. TFr. 

tafttcif^—ta^wet, a capouch or hood. J 
Ckr, klr, n aimnll vehicle movod oo wheels, [old 
Fr. tar, char; Pr, cAari L. atmu i Celt, c^ : 
conn, with Ccr. karrt.l 

Va-rer'. m. lit a car-rt/ad; a mce: ipeed : 
course of action. — v.t. to move or run 
ipidly : — /r /. carce/inj ; /ii^. careered'. [Fr. 
ir*i>»Y, oM Fr. cAarrirrr — (Mar.} 

r. k^peo-ter, it. El a maker of a^t, or 
fn/ri; a worker in limlicr tu lucd in btulil- 
houKS, ship*, &C. (Fr. chixrftHiier, old Fr. 
ftrr, L. carf^ntariM i ca rpfmtttwt, a car, 
fn.1'11 n-ol of Ow.] — H. cupeidty, k&r'pen-lh, the 
trade ot work ftf a carpenter. 

ca»rt kau'ri, wJ- *n caowy OR • 
le^d ur tranvport; la cflcdj 

iPcuL— cr.L to convrif er pnM 
car'rying- ; As ./. ao'nnL frr. 

oacilaca, kar^, w^ oot* o 

^■chicle for cartyinj; : befcarwc.* 

cargo, kar'gn. h. «!i..: 

ISp , Fr. CHAritr; ! 

cArtt Laxt. fL a ^or 

two whecb for cr : 

convey in a cart : 

(Fr cA..'wf. Ccl 
cartaff*. kfitt'Aj. m. Ii 
carter. kAn'*r. n. on' 
chariot, char'i-ot, » 

plcdJKirc or ' : ' 
chariotaw, du' 
OiraWBii, k^ir 

light IDUS>.' 

casting Si-i 

luutket aftirr Hi': Hivt ; 
eacablawr, kar^i-biD-b^, 

toldier armed with a cvbiac 
Oatanl^ kar'a-kQl. tu a 

tMm which a 



n-o/.- pud 

— f* (!. to cum half round, ai cM 
— a*r. /. car^kcOliny ; /a./, cai^ 
acoitl Sp^ cam^ol, the qwal^ 
A.S. (irrtm, to nim ; GaeL f«r,i 
OUat, kar'at. i>. lit. a trtd or A114 

S'ains ; 1-341)1 part ofpure goMI 
r. ktrntwf^^ a teed ur bcui lM 
Oumraa, Icar'a-van. 

cimputy of tiavellcr« lusodaCv 
cunty in croHinsthe deserts ' 
close carriacc. [Fr. cdrvvN 
esnvnaaaiT, loifHMmi'BMit^ M 
vao'ftf-ra, m. Hl 
niihed inn where 
tnrM—kArwAM, caravan, 
OarWM, OarUaMT. See 

klin>on, n. Ul tro/.- pi 

carbooaNOH, klr-b 

wij, pertaining K.- < 

carboBltevoi, kir-l:< 1 ->', 

^»w» or cool. [I- ct\r^.', .»mj/*« 
earbealM, klr^bon-Iz, r.f. (o tin^ 

/r./. carlxinlsing; ^»/' cai^ 
eartaafiU klr^unff-kl, n. tit. 

fiery red nrecunu ttcme : an Inl 

iaTtuHCuluj, dim. of rsrAv.l 
oarbnacled. klr'telif •kJd, *4/, 

CtrlrUDcle: ffpOttra. 

earbuooiar, klr-biai|1ea*lkr, t 

re«cniblio£ a carbimclc : nA i 
owetM^ kftrlat-aet. m. m ring': 1 

(Fr. earran; low L. 

Gr. UfAatot—JtiritiV, a dnilc^ 
Cazeua, OareaM; klr'kas;, rt. the 

animal : a dead body; the ft 

thine ; ■ kind of bomb-«heU. 

carv, flesh, ca^M, a ca«e, che| 
Oard, k&rd, n. ^ mere r :' f-a^tr^ 

board mar^. -s for 

withipers I -'aU; 

L. ck*rin, ' . [aptx 

Card, klrd, n. »a instrument ~ 

flax.— v./. to comb wtxil, &ei 

f!iie, tix : me, \it ; mine \ mCte ; mQie ; 

mOSn: tktsu 

tt Alb vak, «r difBiKy of a 

;a0 lu«« f«Bw4: 
r I ^ «»^ . B*h- *— ^ CdL f^. 

aei «^.. >« < Mw; fcattfrf: 
y_: h> Uan. iL bC^ M * Ion, fmxiBd. 

f^rs. C9 lay a Ahip OM her ade ta ic- 
fc«a M^ Jw^t*— *.«. to mcfiac lo «a« 

E * ' ^*™ of a dbip^ the kcd. J 
la'Sj, K A pfacr wtkctc >hip« are 

«k|. to Beat with ^f^Sr/iEMi ;tD (bwflv : 
t -j >i^^ ckm^ac : >«•/> caraMod'. — 
riifniiidiiiTini rnnr tTf nrrTim 

HC «bea a word 


M-ka-tOi'. «. aiaprcacalattnn 'jr-in^-- 
Xwttwtm or — wrrffa itti a - 

a ImpW Hkc Ulccana^ 
kr o*M«oii^ • t{k)efl<cu - 

k, raftlntarja of a brmc ft' ) 

tt IK, a monk of tbc unler uf 
ii Sjrna. in the uik ceniunr ; a 

■ , a rrsjiEr^* cotour made (mm 
; s Wight red dye or c<>lour. 
^Bml tF'r. and Sp> cmrmt'* ; 
»; Ar* ivnar^ the cochineal insect : 

k^.- 1. 7VTSWU.] 

, tt^JtnJk of daad animalg; t]j\i2h- 

NMiyVt frevi L. tMr-.t, earnii, fle^J 

pctUiiTiinc \oJt**Ji; 

See ^idsOK. 
■■yCM;W ,«. Ife w««-m 


C0W wn a avycc:— ^A 

>M>. car'peted rFr. e^gfrOr^ Ww I. . 

aa, putni leak (^ *■* %■ * £ h. « 
L. c Mii *a L mrw, avHp^ hi^] 

m. aa iiliHi loee e/ a 
ydlvwabcoloK [FiL <w<fc. U, I- ■ i ii | 
caoalr. ka'iit-t. a^L, emnm^<ttmK^ 
Cwr.OH^ftc. Sacairfer«m 
Cw«^ kfat, «. Bt. a MtfF-,- a <mm/; a lil iT ftae. 
W<a, Gc; <4B>ift, sBBcr.l TTiiilfca 

with a ttcnaciire aC Ae fcna. wttdh ^ay W fli^ 
up ai thcplcaatBcWiAc 
icfBia. [Fr. ijji *. 



agreeawot forca^teac* af priw 

low U nn^MEG^ U liai^i. tSm. 
eanaoa. Idr-tfBn; m^ lairfliwii^j 

drawb^ Qo ■tnaril^km to bt 

&cflcoa^ tapocrf ,^fe. (Fi 

~v«r)'a, fram L. dkmrtM,] 
ca itn a i fci. kar-COCib'. «.. « s»^7 M ^, 

on?. « fwrfn^rr; a cue iar kali'' 

( Vi. ; It. cartaca^—V. rt«y4^} 
eartiMtik k^trv. «- a pm^er came 

ch^r^e Tor a (u. Coomptiaa eft 

aiccry. ftc. ; t«e vba kmt die wteardk. {ft. 

iortmMn ; law L. titrtwiiinm9—€ikta^tm.l 
OuUdam, kftr-t^'rhi-aa. Mfy'. ret^mm •» *• F> 

philoMplwr Au Ca«ito^ or lia ] 
Cuillvi^ kl/d-Ui. «.a 

•oAer A 



art or worltinff af a atuc tu [lotluciitK ^m '^Occl. 
cauwtlv% kmwva-tiv, •t4j. eKt>rc»ini: a t.,tui^; 

«Mi(aOui''<'IO( •*^'i ^^ilf M# cntu^ or occa- 
uaa.— «4i>, mMm'\tmif.—m. oftUBla^ua. 

Oumny, kawx'wS, Oum»j, laws'e, m. a pathway 
niMd and ^MMdct ttttd with slooe. I Fr, oisM- 
Mtr; It. <iua0'*: X. €*U**, e*Ss*mta^ to shoe— 
««J!«-, tlio heel -. or Fc. tkmmitt*: L. cmtautm—' 
emlKt chilk, hecaukc ■ttcoetbeoed with mortax. I 

OMmMs, luwu'tik, mdj,, bmnumg; waiting away: 
aevere. cuitioj. — a. a nibdaiKe that omnu or 
W3itcs Aw^Y the UmIl [Ft. cattstiftu ; L. ^^mj- 
tSrm : Gr iuMi/iiw — <(ai!J, Amkt^, to bum.} 

■■aHiiHif. kawvtu'i-u, m. qiultty of beiog cauttk. 

■aatHlM, kaw'tir-Ii, v./. lo tvr» with a coMitic or 
allot tran >-/f^. cau'tcrlsii^ : /»•/■ cau'lerlMd. 
(Fr. rattt^riifr; L. camierun Gr. knttiriaxA — 
k^mtfr, ■ hot iron— -iMi'J.] 

MMalMilaa, kaw-t^-ri-a'thtm, Matartni, kaw'ttr- 
ixm J caaterr, kaw'iftr-i, n. a burning with cmuituM 
or a hot iron. 

Caatloa, luw'shun, m., etwrrfmhuss : hrfdrulncss; 
prudence; »ccurity; wrtmmg. — v.i. to warn to 
lake cBn:—^r/. cau'iitming; /«./. cau'tioncJ. 
(Fr. ; L. eauth — tmtv, to lake care.] 

aartluaafy. kaw'vhun-ar-i, adj. CRuCiining caution ; 
BhrcQ as a pledge. 

caittaai, kawfhai, aJJ. tioase»ag or uciac cnu- 
tion ; careful: tvatchfui; [imiient. — <u/t'. oaa'tl- 
mAsr.—tt. u aa'lto—— ■ 

Ofcaakafli, kav'al'kldi k. a train ofpenQits nti htnt- 

JtmiaHfr, ahorae.] 
oanllar, IcavHi-lCf', n. a AfffWHWiv,- a knighi; a 

psrtijan of Charles I. — adj. Uk^s {■•iv.tfirr ; gay, 

warlike, haufbty. (Fr.}— «j<A'. ctraUtr^y. 
MTalry, kav'al-ri, h, , A^rvr-soldien^ I Fr. cnralerif. i 
can, kSv. «. a MU-m ^atr in the cjirth ; a den. 

|Fr. ; Tl cavai L. cavnt, hollow.] 
HTva, kav'tm. i. a deep Ai»A>n>/AKriniheeartl). 

fl* orprr»fc»— rfvrmij. J 
eartraaia. kav'^-niu, adj., hoUowi full of amma. 
aavl^, kaVi-ti, n. , •* k^tiota ptatt ; hoUownass ; ao 

opcniof. [L, (Wfjiai^-rtttMW.J 
Caffiat, k&'ve-at. w. lit. /rf Mfr Ar iaim ; a notice 

or wamiof ; a notice to itop proocediqgs in a 

court. [L.-^tffro, to take caro.J 
Oa««f>u See under Oav*. 
OaTUr», CbvIm-, kav-i-A/, «- an utide of foi-x] nu.1e 

from the sahcd rocs of the siurgcon, Ac (Fr, 

cuviar; II, (avinU; Sp. caviar; Turk. AaviAr.] 
CarD, kav^, v.t. to make tmfty, [rilUnff objec- 

lioDs: louse false arKaments i—^r./. caT^ine; 

/a.y. cavilled. — m. a frivoloiu objection, [old r r. 

cAvUier: U tfMn'ii/^loptactiscjcstini; — cauitta, 

jcfH — fttrttj, hulJow, empty.] — ♦». oaTlllw. 
OaTtty. See ondor Qmf%. 
Oaw. kaw, v.t. to crv as a crow :— /r>. cawing ; 

/<«./. cawed'. — «. the cry of a crow. — n. e^ala^ 

(from the cound.] 
OsaM, aCs, r^l, Ugiv* ffvfr: to ttap; to be at as 

rati. — f>.t. to put an end to:— /r.^- ceas^iog ; 

^A/. ceaud'. TFr. €ttMtr; L. ruM, Ut five OTCr 

— <«)i^ lo yiera, civc up. I 
caanlaa, %t^ei,adj.,wiikeulc»mjiMt; iD o e— n t— 

•■■tffi, oMMlaMly. 
M— lioB. «e*-a'thun, PL a cttumf or sloppias: a 

rcil: a pouM. 

0»4ar, «f dar, «. a Lorss c vMgnea in* 
for the durability aiid rraj^rauM wf d 

*/;' ni-Hl'? rTctdar ft.^ i^.^*-*/.- Ot 

Oida^ kL , ' ~ I t . I yi 

Uptt) ■ *r, 

A»/ ' taa 


the coat oT pi 
room, [old t 

0*1, a*!. .-rrr^fafi 

/^/. *- ; ., rs« 

' up Ihi 
■ f^f, tOMaL 

, sefao-din, m., nwa^&'uf'wrax, • ^ 

plants of the poppy laaily, j..tid (o be ao] 
becatme formrrly supptMed t» flniwi 
twailtnv: aitpcarcd. aod to prriili wfaa 
paned. rOr eMtdmutm—vk^iidMm. a i 
CMrtnU, «el'o hrir. p r., t9i 
todlsuDpjbh byi 
br&iing :*«.>. cersbrSled. [L. 
ettthtr, famous.) 

Kl-C-brt'ahnn« «.. «ar 4^1 
se-lcb'ri-ti, a. the coadida 
irraUd: Caoie. (L. t»ltbwti*-t — .fi^ 
Oilerlty, •#-ler^.ti, a. the m 
thine i> driven ; rapidity ot 
— ctUr, Bwift — <v//«. Or. 4*— .;'. -... uu 
CBlaiy, id'er i, 1*. a kitchen vcxcUtUc 
leaves Uke ^^nUy. [Fr. eiiMwi: \ 
Gr. aeiJKtttt, panley.] 
CMartlat, »«-leci'yal, adi., kt 
Keaves : in the vidhle nea< 

OMtM, afli-ak, adf. beloasitif 10 The 

•ot of heaven.— A^ irtwKlanr. 


Ilk cmiiamt: Gr. ApuMmw— AviVw, 1 
m/m, hollow.] 

Osllbaojr, sC Dli'afi. rr^ell-'ba^-t.w. a 
\i|pnL.irT ' cmlti*, ungle 1 

cttUbat*, /i^t^tMmf t^ m , 

— (t. (u- ihciiaieofbcioffi 

[I.. cccUImSui, Luti;lf: life-^w/oSaJ 

OiU, k1, a. any sniall Mcii^fu pUoc; « 
mom: a civc- IL. ctU*, rnnnaflf 
Jhi/Of. lu Mlem?.] 

ettlar, sellar, h. a cfil undar fmund 
are kept. TL. ..tlUri*t*>* — iWiCii.] 

eallarafff, scrbr - 
charfc ford' 

eaUalac, tvla-k. r . 
ctlh. [froiti L. ««'.-- 

(Ml, sell, n. one of 1 
Aryata family of vm-. 
CcntTal Aaia, and at ooa liuc were af 
Etirope ; a ennias' inctmaiant 'if ttotta «r 
fouBu in ancient baxrowt, [ L. CrUm» { Ocj 
iifi or Ktliai, in later tiaics G^tiiisti. t- 
said to ba from Ga«L efHtnekf an mhabiiaal 
ihc forest : or = lyehk, meaning foreignanj 

(MUc, ael'tik, adj. pertauiiDg to Chc C^/l^ 

Oms M alk, s0-aieuf , ■«. litcf%Uy, /*utu» ur o^Kf 
marble from which mortar %paa nude 
anything that makes two bodsea adck 
a bond of union. [L. cawttaUit, chip* 
contracted Ir'im c*dimtttia — cmd», to 1 

t, ' ' T unite with 

firml" <ir hccomc soiid I 

mcni 11, , , n ot'cd. 

Bsatatloa, Kin-c»-t&'ihun, a., iitt mtfi 
tag; the prooos by wliich imn U 

fftte, f2r : rac, b^ ; mloc : motc ; B\Qte : nCOa: /Aco. 



t' ^mft0 ^ mm; Gr. te^ntf- 

<c iTaA-bilt. «. caw t^a jeUgiena 
a c uu f HK or a Cf^mmamn'tf, In 

' • 3 monk. [Fr cMMtr; 

r ■.', commoa. ind #»>/;, 

A« rti/hf t»mi6 : « BUiDU- 
burird elseWbcrc [Fr. tm^ 
Or. JtmfilafJUtn — AmM, 
A Uimb ] 

, m. a pan m which tmttmxr is buoied. 
nr; L. Itiaxierium Sec tK«BML] 

^ «. • Koauui ulEccr who kept «f>- 
pgpp m y of die ciIiacn^ uapoacd 

-ooe wK9 omniDes mAiuisaipu bc- 
«cbE to [irtaa : one i»)m< <v«uw«wi or 
-<«w, lo ofjunt.}— «. cw'MfaMf. 

arn4^ «mO'. bclunging tu it cnuor, or 
MptuJic BumJk. 

I, a, «ft offidAl tmtmmuim of the 


■able ii^ipncnt: bbinK . reproof.— 
to oDn(Sema ■« wrong >— / f./. 
/hL/. ccn'ifired. (L. 


, Mff. tle»ernncof<v«#Mnr; 

;-. «««'rtoa^.— N. MMO'- 

l> hmdfwi; an Anericsn coin — (he 
Mil of a doUar. [Fr. : I*, emfum, 

«. nre fy tJit kimdvwd. 

~ le. a kmulnJ; a. c^tttwry or 

fL. ermtemariia — icw tftw i n .j — n. 

t » tatMidrrd ye&n old. 

*iu-«l. *^'. tiappcvinx once in a 

{low L. centtimu — cemtmtn^ and 

tfWrfd, «(^. having a htindriti 
faU )bu> • Mndrt^ desreei. |I., 

% mmdf^, or » c>**t xaatTf /tti, 
mm4 0t*,/^di*t m foot.] 
==^ «^^, kmmlwfl/M. iU crtf 
■ad /&v. lo fold.] 

I. UBM^ Um Ronasift, the 

Ml, «^ if Jltt«rfntrf; a bundled years. 


Ik. a hm/lMitrr « mmmted 
Monfler. half-^BBB haU> 
Gr. im^Arnw— <I)MM, 

C(. Ji^*n^. • 

ward C4r emtrr, (I^ MH»iHi.«ad>r«it, toMtl 
O^heOe, ae-^-ik. *^: bdoMim ID tW AmA 

OMSK te^vB^ «<^> jli'miiity lb 

Oavn, itr, o./. to cover with mm* .-— /«*^ 
/«/ cftrrd'. [L «»": Cr. ' " 
IV. cm'Mrtk. »we^Ml. a ctoch diffod ib 

wax in which to wnp a dead body. 

Oveal, sC'r^-al, m(r. Ul M^mginf ie> Crm, the cM- 
den of com; relating to com ct- ^ " • ' - -^ n, 
P^ aweaAf— C^rrf-l rawali. rf'i: ,a 

grains used as food, such as whe:i : . 

0»kc«H. Mr'^bma. «. Um front ano laiccr 
of the ^nsM. [L. cenffirw m , the braitu] 

carabeltan, ser-^behiin, •«., Ai/ iifiU d*^'m, 

hinder tuui lower part of the hntia. [L., dim. 

OmaettT. •er^f-mo-ni, «., carr fyr vakmi it aarni 

a lacrrd rite ; t)ie outwaiil fomt retijtMttt 

olhcnvi;c. fl.. r.m'«vwvik, pcrhapa froca 

[ulj *i'i ■ ..iim for.) 

Cernaon.:' ' .tl, «<{/'. i^tatiuxlor/FVoaMv. 

— 1. I L >; a s>-itein of ceremonies. — 

m/t, ctftrno ntollj. 

ia obterviof 
ceteme'aiaailr. — m. c«raw' 

(larticular ia obterviof forms: precue. 

m/nty ; 

Ctetala. s^tlo, or -'tiA. <s<^*. ttitltd, det*rmim4t\ 
sure ; fixed ; regular : some ; nnc. [ Fr. eart^mf\ 
L. c*Hms, old part, of crt^^, in decide Ci^r.^-^j 
adv. •ar'teUilr.— n. oM^tatatr. 

eertU^. •4r'u-fl, r./., tamabr koown tu trrtaini 
io icronu; to doclart ui writing : — ^ifi- ccr'iify* 
ing-; /« A cer'tiecd. [Fr. ffr^crf^r; L. itrtht, 

earttteai* .-f 

fttmc '■ -t 


aniJ.A- '1 

Oemlaajt. -'iY-blut; darlc-bhie;^ 

*eB-grecD. [L. i^rruUfi — i:alum, the tkjr.J 
Cervtcal, 44r'vv-kal, a^ij. belftnsing (o the Hg(k. [Tr.; 

L. etrpir, crrviLii, the neat. J 
Oervlaai a^vTa. at(f'' rdabiig to dttr, [I*, artmi, 

a »u«.j 
OaMma, tt-tS'r ^ -^ r rean openlktt' 

is talun/ a ' if la mrthMfJ 

ii/ cmt/tMX'- 1 ' >l ] 

OWa,i0l,if.aliUL -t'.M'jiniiF'^c iilur •^—fr.p.n 

tag; >k>-/. cc»cd'. I«lwttcaed fram Smm.} 
Ommtbam. Sec \asderOeaa* 
'lelin. See nnder Oeda. 
- ■yed l ,ft«'-Tjgal.«-,a/M»/ofhollawlii<t»t 

ivKere the inii<-l cn nt a me d in wste ttfttm 

while the wAter fl''W4 «ff ta a dnd*. ft. 

tftrmt, \o «ink ''■r wttle 4aw«.| 

nfe,{ar; oC. hir; ailBe ; nfilc; nAU; nSftfi; UUn. 




sC-ii'«h£-u«, atij. belnn^og M fikhes of 
the wMt-kind. [L. ui*i Or. Mrt, uy lea- 
incR«ter — cAomA^, orfhuHf, to e^P^'] 
C^Mt*. c))lf. r.t. to maJi* ktit by rubbing: to fret 
or Wear Kv rubbing; to cauk io fret or raf^ — 
r i'. I" fret or ragt! r— ^^. cMTIdk: /m /. 
chflfcd' — ■. hcai ciuied by niblung ; race ; pav- 
(Fr. tckmnfftr: L, ealf/acfrr-caUif. to be 
waA/*i£nr, to make.) 
ohnTir, m. a kind of b«tle. (A.S. <«/<»r.] 
Cliat N. the Atf/&ii/ cue or coveringof grain : 
empty, wnrthleu matter. fA-S. c/u/; Gef. ka/f; 
I^ fttcau, Kollow.] — aJj'i. th^j, chaffliM. 

chaT/ir, p./., to hiy. — v.i. to barg^aia ; to 
abdui the price:— /»y*. cKarfcting ; JW./i. 
Tere*). [A-S. tea/^ut, Cler. kau/ttt^ to buy.] 

Wl-h cfaaf 'fiiub. n., tJu rhatt*rmf,fiftch. .1 little 
(ong-btrd. [vulKar E. cA>>^ Dtitdi« keffrn, to 
chatter. SecTl&olL] 

MflB, frha-CT^ti', or -grin', ». that which mean 
bT fnmcj the mind : rexatina ; ilMiutnour. — v.t. 
lo vex or uomr :— J***./, chagrialng ; ^.f. cha- 

J;riiwil'. [ Fr. ciafrt'm, shngrecD, rough &kui lucd 
or rasfiing or poluhtng wood.] 

chan, n. a scrie* of Unit* or ring* paiRuiK 
thmigh one another : a numWr of thiii>.-i cnming 
after each other ; anything tlm biiiil^ : a mca^itrc, 
of too UoW, 66 feet loos. — v./. to bind with, or 
a» with a chain \—pr.p. chain'iiig . /o./. chained'. 
[Fr ciutHt; It. and L. C(ttrMti.\ 

Ohatr, chlr, h. K>mething ia n't ^inrm upon : a rcov^ 
able «eat for rmc, with a boclc to it : the leat nr 
office of one in autiiority.— v./. to carry one pub- 
licly in triumph :—/»■./. chairing ; /«•-/■ chaired'. 
[Fr. ckairt ; L. cathaitiit ; Gr. katiuiiro~-ia- 
tMruiMMt, to tJC down-] 

ChalM. \\\Xi. N. a light two-wheeled carTiage, for 
two i»er^"ti*, drawn by one hone. [Fr., alVruian 
pTrmiini-i-Ttion oickiiirr.) 

€hUo><Miy. Ical-sed'A-tii, or kal'-, n. a vartety of 
qoartx of II milk-oiid-wrarcf ^'i^lour {ftorn Ckal- 
etitim in Asia Minor.)— ii</;. ohalctdmle. 

Cbaltele. kal-tUlk, ChaldM. kal'dC, adj. relating to 

Aaldna. chawt'drun. ft. a coal-ineastire holding 
16 biuh<U. [Fr. chAuJivn.} Sec CaUim. 

Ckdka, chal'is, n. a i.-w/ or fiinvlj a cocamimion- 
cup. [Fr. e*lkf: L. calyx: Gr. kaiyx, ihecup 
or covtriog of a flower— Aa^/J, to cover.] — otij. 

^H LO V 

^H thro 
^f aft(L 

chawk, H. lit. Umtsitmii c:irbonatc of Hmr. 
■r"./. to rubor manure with chalk ; — ^r/, ch.ilk'- 
ing: /«-/. clialked'. tA.S. cf^lii Fr. chaux, 
old Fr. ciufuix r L. foJU-, limestone ; Gr. cAa/ilr.] 
—'mJ/- ckajk'y. — »t. ekatklooL 

OhftDnct, chafcni. v.t., ta atU on Mte i* witU a 
matter by figfiting or any kind of contest: to 
clnint i\ (i\\*i'K own: (o amiM ; xn oSject tn :— 
/r/. chair enging ; J^t.p. cluU'cnged. — h. a sun- 
onons to a confe»l of any kind ; exception to a 
juror ; the demand of a wntry. [Fr. ckoiattger 
to claim, caQ iti qiic«tion for something; L. cdA 
vmHtari, 10 go to taw — Ciiiumm'a.} 

nwlftMNi. )ca-4ib'6-3i, aJj. cantaiaiog irvn. — m. 
a water or other liquor contaiaiag livn. [Gr. 
^tafyp*, fkalyh«t, injQ,] 

chim'btr, I*, lit. ■ place with ai Arrh^ 

L. earn 


h^* r'A-- 





a soft 1 1 

tkin. (Fr. , It. .iiw i--.>; S^ ^ 

Gr. 4rmai, a younf decr.l 

ChamomlU. Cunoolto, Vrtm .^ <i.n < 
a/i^!^ ifinni iheappic ' ' 
a plant, nr itt dned r 
[I.. cA.»mavHf/an t Gr. . - . 
on the grouod, mfttm, an applcj 

Ohaap. champ, v/., A> w«j|r » 
■tiMtk tAf/tra-j in chvwjng — r- " ■ 
/r./, champing ; /■!./. chai^^. 
to chew — kiammi, a jaw; i- 
nuke a noise in eating Uk« t^ ...c 

Cbampa^at. shato-pOn; m. a light 
from CAam/ttjptf lo Fnuice. 

(Ttom pa lgM . sham piji'. a^'. Jevfi, opea- 
invte^mmtry, [Fr. eJtam^i I* , 

Ch a mpkn i, cham'pi>un, n., fme ni 
oiittett: one who fights tn i^Dcle 
htmKlf or for another ; a tuocesvnl 
a hero. [ Fr. : II campitm* ; low L. i 
cam^, a plain, a place for ganur* : 
a Aght : Ice. Jktmf^^ a waxrior, kaff^ %i 

choiu. n. that which/fiZff Mif or I 
in uncTpected erent : riik : <ip^cKtmStt\ 
bility of ftomething happening— «>./. 1 
t'.i, to happen :—/**./. chancing - /•• / 
— mh'. hapoening by chanc«. I Fr. ; Ii. 
low I_ caa^niia. — L. ci»di>, 10 fall.] 
Chaaeil, Ckaaetflor, OluBMry. Sec under 1 
aiwaoMB«dl«r, cham'-mctk-li. «. lit. a Kt< \ 
fieht ! the lulling of a perton by ch« _ 
setf-defcncc. [rA<muv, acorrupttooofFci 
hot, NVf/fV, fray, fight.] 
OhaBdalicr, Obaadlcr. See under < 

Ohaa<«, chJnj, r.t, tatxcM^n^; m allcr 
ditfercnt ; to put or give ooe thing or • 
ansthci : to make to put fn>m 
another. — p.l to utiTer chance : — -/r AcV 
,/. dUn^cd'. — u. altcntton or vanatton 1 
:nd : a ihift ; %>anety : «inaU coin. [ Fr, 
II camg-iarr. .11 wAjott— T-, catmiirr, ' 
prob. a nauli^rd form of ihc n>at of I 

ehao|MU«, cliflA}'a-bl, tuij. nibject ot 
ckangw; fickle ; incontfam. — a>iv. ehw 


chilnj'foo), ttdj.^fuU nfi-ham^ 
able. — aJt'. ehaoga'fftQy. — n. chajtgv'Ma 
rliin ga l Ma, chfiiijlc*, «Jj.,ioielurut cAitngr: 
etaftfHW. cbflnjling. n. 1 child Ukcn < 
place of another ; one apt to change. 
Sec uwlcr CuLkl. 
clunt, r. /. to timg ; to crlcbtate tn 
recite in a tinging otanner:— ^r/. dutk 


Ate, ftr: mi, hir ; mine ; mOte ; mtUe ; mnn ; tkea. 




lAtrur-rurtr .-),Trt'..r.r.u-ri, «. anmtial duner or 
r if J veuel. (Fr. cAartrr* 

J'' urtcr. ju tbe practice wai 

-■■■'■ ^tvc a lulf to each penoo.] 
. M. tJu.- iiHnrtjilet v-f a party whu 
> nuiu in i53a,ai]d who advocated 
' .'r^~\ii. uim'cru] suffra^^. &C. 
, 'f. o:ic whoitipports r^l^rfuiiv. 
"tA*/; sparing ; cautioui- * A '- 
^>. -.. ^-jj' l BOM [A S. cttirig — frti*", carc-1 
cUli. P.i". III. tecaUJt VT take: lo pun.ue; tJt 
hunt: to «5nvc «w*y:— >»r^. chis'ing ; /*-/. 

chilKrd^ <». pi; 
hantcJ ; cnnitiii 
It. iaiTiiawt — I 

rijf : that whjcli is 
.•me. {Vt-chaxttr; 
in laLe.] 
'■ftllKl«, [S<* Sd- 

cht^tr, «,. «M/ Mw cluut* : on enchaier. 
«K^ ka«m. «., m^ttwmimg nr /vjlnvf honour ; a 

Kp M* AMlillte 1 ■ yiiid fpoce. [Gr. irA>uMa, 
im eAuitt, to cupe : connectcU with ChMn] 



chJST, ■vf/., cUitn. pmrt; modeW. rcfiocd ; 
viftuoua i" ' . L.fix//u/.l — d^r. ekafUly. 

Btoil— ■■§ -*Uft]r« chaft'tUti, H.,ftsrily 

of body. i Liiruafc 

^MtM, ctu.'.ti. >'V , /<' mmike ^urt; id free from 
Ciultiby puimliiiix; tienai, to pitntsh ; tocorrcct: 
—^r.^. clili^taiing ; /«./. chis'tenol [Pr. 
fKittfT, old Fr. t'hastur — I,. ciu/i>»n^— i'ltJ/Mf . ] 

AmUm, chAt-tT/, r.r. li-.) inltict punishment upon 
fur the purpose of correction ; to reduce to urUcr 
<ir to ol>cdieQce ; — -fir./. chattls'lDg: /«./. chiv 
tited'.— ^, AuUmmwi, cha^ti£-mcnt. 

OliiWt. chAz'O-bl. n. the uppermost ptracai worn 
by a K- C pncst At rruus, and which orig. covered 
hun frx'Bi head lo foot, likf a liitU hcuse, f Fr. ; low 
L. tiuuttita, l^ tarnla, dim. rieam, a conagc.] 

CkaAt ciut, p.i. ti) talk and tiiabe a tiaivt u hird« 
do; totalki-ily :— /r A chatting :>»./. chatt'ed. 
— t, f^milLv, ijle ulk. [from the tound.) 

ob»K«r, t-hat't^r, v.i., />> ckitt; to sound axtbe teeth 
when one »hiven ; tn tnlV irily or rapidly : — ^-f- 
ehat'tering ; /«» A cf..ttlcrcd. 

Aatty, ch-n'ii, -tiij., gn-fH toehai; tnlltattre 

— «li] Fr. iftatfi, e«st*l; L. msfellitfn, dim, uf 

CfUtntrM, a fort.J 
OuAUl. Sc« uwkr CftM*. 
f3tm9,c\i(^,aJJ.<m%.gtm{dUaf.^^^ ■•!• I-m- ' ij-rvkf 

A>ryti^.-Iov io price ; of ima'i i/.a 

a»leiab«krg«io. A.S. cAiMw. i .jy; 

£.rA4ijt;ScuLa7M^.] — oJr.cheij; ^j . . .._.j.pii««. 
A iapiifcchgp'n.r./., tn makt chrit/> : lo beat down 

in price :— /r./. chcdp'eninK ; ^./. cheap' ened. 
ahaywan. chap'oian* n. one who hut's or kIU ; a 

dealer. t^CS. (taj^mttn J 
CkMt,ch«t, p. /.to dective and defraiwl:— ^./.chcat'- 

iuB./rt.yi. chcat'cd —>*. a fraud : one whocheai*. 

[^tcorr. nf BMcbMt, fiDin the frauds pracixacd by the 

officen who Irvoked .tftcr the kififr* cfchutSL] 
dUKlc. ' \o bring to a Btand as in rAcw 

M ; stiacited ; to reitrain or hinder ; 

Im a checl-'iitg ; >»>■ rhccltcd'. 

— n. a icrn. /f; M^r when one party obliges 

the other either lo move or guardhis king: any- 

chiog dut checks ; a sudden stop : in B., a rebuke. 

iVt. AArr, • lepulic, check, A-d/vx, ciic»»-rocn : 
t. tatcca; tier. Khacht Pen. iMAh, kingl— «'./- 
lo cotpparc with » counterpart or authority in 

order to ajccrtatn c^r 
againit iicms tu a U>t 
nioaey |al»o wrincn e^aqM : 
Icr UMit M iccuruy 
th« pnciica iA the Cuun at 
■ccounB wctc seiijoi ty on 
a cAKAmWcloth.J 

•quar«K bkr a «4n»JbMfi/ ur 1 
Mripe» gf diAemii cokian : 
tcriify :— ^^. chcd^enng : 
w. a ctuta-boofd. (Fr. Mi 

ctettai' '^ a 

•ani i 

chaetaoAi-. .,..„ ..„i, m. lit 

or 4/nu/ ,- in cboa^ n r •i/cil 

■aiy's king when in a 

oeiiher beT'T-"--'-' "■■ 


defeat ; o> < 

inovtnncst w; — 

[ Fr. /.'Ac*' *■.' mnt ; ■ 

tmAt, ihe Itiitg iit <'- 
ekMk, chct, ■- a gaiiu 

beard hkc that used in 
OhMk, ch^it, *t. the tide 

jaw; the Mde of the (ace^ 

cfaca. the check, jaw.| 
OlhMr, chCr, n. that which 

glad ; joy ; a shout ; kind trc 

mcni ; fare. — v.t. to make fJU • 

to cnmfort ; to encourat;e ; lt» at 

aJj. cheer'ing; /«t./. cheered. 

the conntcDance ; It. »rru; 

kant^ km**, the head, tact. ] 
cUwtai. chfir'fool, tuf/. ,/mIIoJ 

joyful: lively. — rntv. elMtrT 
ohMTlMa, Charles, du^.. ^i-'iikaut\ 

^I'Mmy. — H. cbMr" 
clMcry, chir'i, ib^', 

ness. — ttiiv. ehMpUj. — w. 
cbcrtah. cher'L^, v./., /ifrJl*.^. , 

with aiftrciion :— /r./. diei^ 

tshcd. f Fr. chtr%r, ckrriamHt^. 
OiMM, chff, n. , tk* eurd ef 1 

liard tnajfc (A.S. f^//, cyt£, 

ktUf; L. MinaA 

r. chfr'i, 4utJ. navtnc the 1 
•nlat. See uoder i 
CkcialM. flwaiti', M. a lat^i 

olMaiwtu, them'e-tet, m. aaj 

Lidicft over the ekmtitr. 
OMMlstry, 1ccm*b-tri, formerly 

•cicnctt that treats rf th« nit 

of bodies. ['Pt.cki' 

from the ancient Ai 
ehwW. kctnlst. n. ■ 
cbasLleal, ketn'i-kal, .i>i/. UL'.ni:gir 

«t^ dbaa'IcaUy. 
GiLfqa*, naivv. See Olailk 
Sec under 
cher'ri, m. n 

tllC rr-T }r 


it *,i- . . 
Oliert, chen, 
■looe. [Go 


Cite, r^; mC, bte; mine; mMe; mflte; mOOa; ikxiu 




psrtr. c> 

■ li. fT ;i m(\lM,iI thnrii-T or 

tO'^:. ;■ : ..I.] 

■rtta^tJ^Art'.im, *v. t)]r iir'^i, ipln uf a f-jny who 
Cm pcopc's ^'hartcT—v'tt. univenol rafl'iage, &c. 
', cUn'L-si, m. nne who sopports cMM^itm. 
,chSr'i,a>yr',i>''7r(-^/.-spuTi]2;ain^out- — adp. 
AaiHy.— v. c&sr';aui. [A S. ctAri£—eear,ciuf:.\ 

Sam, L'tili., T'. ;. ht /.» (itUh or take: to pursue : to 
hunt ; It) drivtf ;(way ;— j*»'7*. chSa'ing ; /«•/. 
chilscfi', -i». pursuit; a hiDiiini: ; \\\a\ which u 
hunted ; {^routKl abound :' ■ V. ehaxsri'; 

It. tVJ. ,«;•* — L, cn^to—- ] 

Ok«M, L•ll\^, f,^., /tf itwasf , (See Bn- 

Aam]— M.. •« iTABror fmiic fix n>>liliag typcs ; % 
STOovc. [ Fr. chitstt, ;i thriivc, a fcctiine : it. caum; 
(ram L. fo^ta, a ch«L I Sc« Cms. 

tftanr. chOji'cr, «., on^ wma cJkatfi ; an enchawr. 

Ommi, luzm, M.. ajfmvmmg or gnfitn^r holli^w : a 

r' < . CkMA] 

^Mt' \ refined; 

*ui;.«..=. I. . 1 ; ....... cteAsly. 

AmIomi, chlac'nn. ckuUkir, chok'n*!!, «., purity 

or body, conduct, or language. 
CkiMN, cW^n, v.t., to makt /wt; lo free from 

fnuh> by puituhiiig ; hence, to (tintth ; tucorrcct : 

— ^r.^. chJl^'tcning , /li,/. chl*'lcncd. [Fr. 

e^tur^ oU Fr. r Aaj/'fV-f— L (■<Mrtj(Wfr-^»i4^iU'.] 

CiuilM, chaS'lU', I'.f. to indict punuhmcnl u]>on 

for the purpose of correciinn ; to reduce to order 

f,x\-- ■■^■-■••■•^■-- —^•'- .-i-i.. .;.;„,, ,>.i./, chAv 
tl-. ■ 

CtaJii; f-icot worn 

by .. ,-. ■. i,i... ,. ,i „:.,'~....,-^ - „!•_.. u.-i^. cuvtred 
hun frutn htr.iJ to foji, /iifar a itteit kmtat. [Fr. ; low 
L. casmivJa, L. casuLx. Aita. o(aua, u. cottage.] 

ObD. I ' ■ - ■ r - " » • V . J Dniftc as buxU 
d' .'i/tfAchatt'ed, 

— ho sound.] 
cfe*fcWr, iTi^n irr, f , :.■ '.-.t* , kj M>und ai the teeth 

whca one fhirers ; t.^ ulk idly or rapidly :— /r./. 

diat*tenng; ^-A ch.-it'icrcd. 

«*■«▼, ' ■"■ . ip^'fi fer^i; talkative;. 

Qbat4 . J cat tit : a country scat, f Fr, 

— , .<u/W.- 1.. ctulfliMm, (litti. cf 
ts^itru'Tf, .1 Inn. J 

OtaMiL Sec under 

A*ry«Ai.- low in pnoe; of small value. [A.S.(Vft/,a 
ad«i ataiciiui: XS. jm/om. Ice. kau/a, i>.> buy; 
£ rA^*/; Scot. roM^.} — otfr.cWply.— w.ckMhp'nMa. 

idi*apvn.chj!p'n, p.r, A> waiff rAi'd/; lo beat down 

ill price :— /r./. cheapeninc ; /«./. ch«Jip'eoed. 

chapman, flup'man, nr. otie whn buys or sells ; a 

deilcr. [A. 5, cea^mam.) 
Cbaati,chCt,;'./.to deceiv« and defraud:— /r./.cheat'- 
mg ./ti./. chc-.TKed, — ». a Tniud : one wliochcatit. 
[a rt-ifT. v'fEKlMat. frem thtrfraudspncliied by the 
ofhcur« who looked iiftcr the king a e«ch«ati.] 
Cbsdl, chrlt, v.t. to bring to a itand as in rA^ts 
when the kin^ t> attacked ; to restrain ur hinder : 
10 rebuke: — /*"■/■ chcr.k'iug; /■!-/. checked'. 
— n. a teiin in cMrtt when oiie party obliges 
the other cither to roove or guard hi« X-ir^: acy- 
thing that chccki ; a tuddcn ttim ; in A, a rebuke. 
(Fr. /.-Arc, a repulse, check, tch^t, chess-men : 
it* Kocte ; Ccr. *rA>irA ; Pen. sAAA, king.);— f./. 
10 cootpore with a counterpart or authority in 



onltf to ueertaia correctness.— h. a made 
acainat items in a li^i : a. token ; an order for 
money falw written ebaqn*! ; aoy counter-refi*' 
ter uacd as security : a checkered cloth. [Irxim 
the |ractic« o( the Court of Exdiffurr, uhoc 
accounts were settled by means of coiuuers on 
a chfckmU cVs\X\.\ 

iftMkv, obavMr, chck'«r, v.t to fonn into 
sQoaras like a ck t a-htani or checker, by lines i 
btripes of diAcrcot colours; to raiiegate or 
versify ;— ^>. chcck'ettne : >>*./. chedt'cmL— 
«. a chess'board. (Fr. ickifuifr, old Fr. etck*- 
^virr^ a chcic-boud — 0ckev.^ 

ohsekari, chek'^rt, m//. a ganie played by two per- 
sons ua a rhfckfred Uurd. also called Ar»sgki& 

cbaekmatt, chek'mAt, h. lit tki king u c*»^ittrM 
(HtJmd: in dicss^ ■ ck*tk pivcu to the advcr* 
satry^a kiag when m a positmn in which it can 
odther be protected nor moved out of check. lo 
dial the game is fiiuabcd; lig., a complete check ; 
defeat; orertlirow— <» (. in chess, Co make i 
movement which cndt the game ; fig., to ddesi. 
[Fr. fckfk- ft t*ut/; Ccr. xi.-*a-r/w.i/r— Pers, skAA 
mJit, the king is dcOffl — At. ntilM, he is dead.} 

cbMi, chc«, M. a game played liy twoj 
board like that used in chcckox 

Ckask. chek, n. the lidc nf the lace 
jtw; the side t>f the face below the 
f/«w, tlie cheek, jaw.] 

ChMr. cbCr, n. that which makes tU^ ccmmimanct 
Rlad 1 joy ; a sboui : kind treatiBcnt : eDii:mir>* 
ment ; ^e.— d./. to malw /<(/ c^nmlmance clad : 
In comfon : to encuumgc ; to aupUud :— y *> g ^. and 
oiij, cheering ; /.!,/. cheered, (old Irr. ^- — 
the countenance ; It. ctm; low !« cmr 
katn, k/irf, the head, fact J 

tAtcrlU. ch&Tool, a4J-tfnUi^fch*t^ or good cpiril 
joyful: lively, —Wr. etstf'ftllr. -- - 

shMiy, chfir*!, adj., chur/mt: pmoiociag 

TMsc — adv, ckMrlty. — m. rliiiilnssi 
cbvlah, chciTsb, «'./., iff ckttr- to pracoct and i 

with aflTccljan :— ^./. cherishing; >a.j^ 

iihcd. (Fr. ^Aertr, chtriiMuii.} 
CbMS*. chCz, m. , tke ami ef mitk nresKd blto] 

hard ma». [A.S. ccv, cyu, curdled millc: 

kdtf, L. catettJrA 

'. having Che itatnre of cksrse. 
Sec under ChcnlatirT. 
slie-nij/, «. a Udy's shift. (Fr. cAmwut; 

I» tamitut, a night-gown ; C^el. c.timis, a thi 
flhaatwMt, shem'Met. «v. an undcr-i^rm^ni won i 

ladies over the ckrmur, (Fr., dim. of < ' 
ChmLrtij, kcm'is^i, formerly chyKlsfcry, 

science that treats of the nature and pr 

ofbodlcs. (Pr. tkifrie : Su. <y'rimna; It gJ^ 

from ihc ancient Al<1 e.] 

nh— !■>. Icctnut. ti. or 'nittwy, 

ahMdcal, kcm'i-kal. a.^j .. _ : dUmittvjj 

aJv. cbswlcaHy. 
Ckiqit, ChifKar. See 
fftsTtihi Sec under Ohsar. 
ChMTy, cher'ri, n. a unoll bright red 

the tree that bean W.—^ulj. like j 

colour; ruddy. |Fr. crrue; L. 

frw Mw , from Cemnit, cm the Black Sea, ' 

it was imported into U.ily.] 
Chart, ch^rt, n. a liind of ^wnrfa or dinl ; ham- 

none. (Ger. quaTj.^ 

^ cirfx'i, a4j. 


Qfe^ /or : m^ hir ; irdoe ; m&te ; mOte : tnOQn \ iktxu 

-..-> i^tr'vAs m. & oticsauJ %.\nni: a beauuful 
AJd -/taM'iOfc<fa«r'B>te.aaaclwri>te.tacl.. 

^i>> ciwK. «.. « imM! « lar^e Crang box : the 
b»dr ooMe ilba tmsi. [.VS. rri#, di/, «a/- 
■a-^ 4A*; Go-. AiV- . r.r. totf.J 

c*»c [ or fniit cn- 

C.Jil bciTS It. 

:«MJaftedtioe(liniLt L^.<[.cj 

■he>Tarde-(T«2. m. lit. « FrmLMd 
^mi B Mtoe of dmbcr anncd with spilns, lued 
defend « piuacBt or u ttop avsilrT — >/. 
•ho-»0'(le-fi«i. Iff. cArtW. 
r. rtiedaod] 

,» accM/iEriror 4«KirMM« ,* 
. : : a giUuM bul f Fr.— »-^t«W, L. (,*A 


•kii^iJli, ic Um naurs and qualUicationt 

fii ' t w iii n or kughDi; ih« ^rnem of knicht- 

fc w nir ad^aaipet, (Ft. c AftM^rru.] 

Aw^il^ik, cklvkHw, Bhiv'al-nB. •*'., 

£• tAivnby: bold; ffilhtnt.— «^:'. 

. **iWV « '.^ A* cimt and brmse wiA the IMtb : 
— /r*. cttcVms : /o.^. chcw«l'. (ASL etvm^t: 
^%m. Inra; pertups conoecred mih Jw.J 

hvrt«-o«-kao'r«. See flUn-ttoomn. 

»./. to quarrel abtmi trifia; to 

™^ jA«c/*Mu :— /r./. chicIaW ; *t*. 

Mid Cndn to deceive. {Fr. fit&uv/r, to 
■ I ^Ift; 9ph. fAar«, «iiuU; It ot«, a tri6e; L, 
Mtni^ dte oofc of a potnecmiate, a trifle.] 
Mhmsl SceCMcaiy. 

Sfc^ «Mk:, tttlfti^ chiVeii, m. the ycninff of fowU, 
M p j-t i Mr eftfat bctt : ft cluU.(A.S. ^A^ ; Dutch, 
ivam; nwa 4w lound niad« by a chickeo.] 
■** * '•■C cfcik'eii-ldUt'ed, «•(?. as dnud 4f « 
thiVcn-polc, « a niilj 



duk'o-ri, ■., taucMy, a catrot- 
KBImI, Ihc Rxrtof whtchwhcB eroundisiued 
•dbbczste coffee. tFi . tkU^ri*, L. cicktrriumJl 
cfcTd. pi., ftt *^).V; to (juaxrel.— »./. to 

>n4 chads: / rJ'Jeo. 

''•ijbv. to tcT'i : 
; priocipi^, ... 

» iLrtj (» fwiocipaJ penoo , a IcwIm ; the priii- 
AM^ e&cm, arf^. in tho tint place: {inndpaUy 

<i|«l H** <V >0P &f anyiJung. 

' .\L._MftH: Gr, W^tf; Sana 4«j»i/il 

|Fr. cAfj 

e pnii- 
rA It. 

Cm thm euat p«rt. 

c^If 'Ua, 01 'li 

.ittt (if a clan ; a 
' like capUIa, 

iFr.— tfA^^'w, • 


S»e« under CUIL 

CkUd. child. M. (>/. OhU'drml, «4*»^ i Mnu-M 
yiw^*, Of ifgotteti ; , -,n or <iaught«r . an tnbot 
or vrry yotau; !•' nmatdy Rbted tn 

ixie older :■ dis< < ^>nc;dasew4jBtt] 

iahabitonu, (A cwtmmm, to brini 

forth, from root fuii. i^J». ij bcgeL Se« Hutu j 

chlldbtd. chilil'herf. «. the state of a wooian bnmcht 
\o i0j irith cJtild. ^^ 

ehUdhoaA, chlUfluNKl, ic., fta/t of beinc a CifaU. 
[A.S. cMAatL ffom cii^, aiud Aad, Male.] 

ehlldtah, chfld-uh, aA'., c/ or /u^ a dtiidi ttllyj 
trininc. — ^tdv. cUldiiftlj. — w. eUM'ldnuM. 

chlWUk^ chUdlik. aJi., liJtr a M/J; 
child : mock ; docile : innocmL 

bcoomiag ■ 

CbiUummm^Aj. chil'dtr-ma»-da, m, an arinivemn' 
(if the Church of England, c^led alu Iddoccdu* 
""'ȴ, held Dec. aSth, to commemorate the ilayutj! 
the eAilihvH by Herod, [ckiid, mast, and iLyZ 


of I 

(UtUd. Icil'Kad, m. the number jooo : looo of any 
thing. iGr. ckiiiiu, cktiiadot—ckilici, locxh] 

OUU. ciiil,!4meu: a cold that caiues thivef^ 
lAf : anythnu; that damps or diaheartcttb— ^ii^' 
thivering with cold ; tlightly cold : dittaar ; for- 
mal : dulL— v./. to make chill or caU ; to falas 
with OjJd ; to disoooragv :— #r.>. chilTuv ■ A> >- 
chilled;.-^^ 8hUrw«7A-S. ^h, coldai <VK. 

«hUlT. chilrt, a^j. iomew>Mt chiS.~*t. eUmniM. 
«kUbUla. chil'hUn, »., a hUiin or sorv oa handa «r 

feet caused by a eAiH or cold. icJtUt. and btoim^ 
cbTm. M the hatmouious sound of MU oc 

other musicil inntnimcnU; agreemenr of tuiuiA 

or of rcUtioci ;— ^/. a set of tdli.— o.t; to sound 

in hannuuy ; to jingle ; to accord Or agree— f./. 

to stnke, or cause lo sound In honnony '—fir^, 

chTni'ing ; /*.A chimed', [old E. otnwii*-, Dan. 

ktmenj Sw. himma, low I* cam/mta, a bell.] 
Ohlour*. Vi-mfra, m. a fabulous, fire.«pouting 

nutiuter, with a lion's head, a iCFpea^^ tail, and « 

gaafM body: any idle or wild lancy. [L. cAi- 

•**■"■ .■ Gr. cAimaira, a »hc-goat.J 
eUsnIeaJ, kt mer'i-kal, ttjj. of the nature of a 

Mmgra; wild; fanciful. — aJv. tUmmfiaalllf. 
ChlBBCr. cliim'nl, M. lit ^Jtrrflact; a pa«aee or 

funnel for the escape of smoke, or heaic? aiir. 

{Vt.cksminifi It. cammitut; Ucamimtui Gr. 

«vf wtMtu, a fumKce^ prvb, from kMfi, to bum.] 
Bkiasiy-piM*, chirn'oi-pb, ir., «/mv4> or shelf over 

the rAt>PMM7 or fireplace. 
«Mau«r«kaa, chim'ni-shafi, n. the lAafi or stalk of 

a chimruy which rises above the buikling. 
Ck lmp a nw , clum-pan'rt, n. a species of monkey 

found in Africa, wJuch appronchcs moat nearly 

to man, amj m three or four feet in hei^t. 

^apposed to bo a native name of the animal.] 
CWa. chin, n. the Jutting part of ihe tice, below 

the mouth: the lower jaw. (A.S. cimh, cimau; 

Ice., Gtr. kinn . W. gen; L. gma, the check; 

Or.fmHii Saiu. hanu.] 
China, chrna, •«. a fine kind of earthenwarv, origta- 

»Iiy made in CAtna ,■ porrclaui. 
OlitseM, chl-n«j', jJj. of or'bclonging to ChiiA. 
OhloMaili, chinltof, n. a disease mended with 

viiiUntJltia/c*iifkiitj^, hooping-oiugh. tI>utob. 

ktwAen. ti> whoeM, kttuk-^titte, t*col. AtnJt-JUHt. 

chineoosh: Goih. >««*«, to breathe with difli- 

culry, formed from the sound.] 
Okla*. chin. n. the »/««■ or tnrUbsnc, &om (tt 


QM* Ox; me, h^; mtne; niOte; mQte ; mGOo ; tkvu 



tkjtm-tilr rorm , a y. 

the t3cl;!wnc of a 

UiinuL. *». ■*■ f£iit, i-fiuk. ui clf't , _A narrow 
Openini;.— cm', io spiit or i:r»ck, lA-S. cine, a 
cbuk. a cXkK cvmj*. to split, ciHi'aH, to gitpej 
eUik. rhtDgk, 1- the r/iM> or souod of money or any 
unsll piece uf inctal whcD struck on iotncth:n); 
hard. — ti.t ta cau5c to sound, as coin, when 
struck tofethef or on fcoriicthing hanl. — n.t. to 
giro a shAFp tminJ, a* ct^in :— >^/- chink'mg : 
^./. chinked'. Ifrum the sounii.l 
OUkta, chioti. Jt cotton cimh, pnnicd in fire or »ix 
Ji'/frrrnT ,alnuri. [HimL cHAint. $jNHtcd COCton 
cloth . Per*, chm*. spoUed; LJcr. sstt.) 
Olilp. rJiip. v.t. to chaf or cut inio small pieces ; lo 
dimintih bv cutting away a little at a time.— tm". 
10 hreak off id imall pieces:— j*r.>». cbipp'ing ; 
/a./. chij^pcJ'. —n. * tmall piece of wood or (Hher 
luhstancc (.li'^p«d off. (Dutch, */yj*rw. to pare ; 
old Cer. *»>//, a chopjwng-knife) S« (*«p. 
Chlncnptar. klroR'ni-fi, «. \{i. kamlwittmi^ ; ijic 
art of writinjj or pcnniattthi^ [Gr. chetr, tlic 
h«i>d, tr^fk*. wriuntf-l— *af/. «lll»fri*»'lflL ^ 
4Mtacnptar. kiroe'ra-ftr, eUrocrapAMk kl-rofi n* 

IHI, «. one who prufescck ibc art of writinj. 
CklnlofT. kl-r-jl'op, «- the art otdtK^^ng -wiih 
tht kA»i.U or by w^ns a* the deaf and dumb do. 
(Or, eStir, the hand, /ofi'/, a dlicourse.] 
«hlr«la«ls(, ki-pjl'u'ii*'^- '*■ *^'^ ^^'^ coovcrteft Iry 

kigoa with tlic hands. 
Gklrspodlit, kT>n>pV(likt, x. a AoWttW^/ doctor; 
one who r«mo*ck o3rTi«s. butiioiu. warta, &C. [Gr. 
iA^iV, the band, and fna, Av/.**, the foocj 
OdnirfMa, kl-nirlun, «. one who cures dueaaet \rj 
tptT*tiaru with tki hAmd; now Bar^dt \Vt. 
(Jkimrx**'! ; L. ckirurgiui Gr. thftrvnr gat- - 
tifir, the liand, ^*3r>»"- ■ work.) -«. «U«r'f«T. 
now i«rj«T.— Iks'/ cMrmr'gloal. now nrfleaL 
Cktrp, rhcrp, n. the thar/, ahrill *ound of cenain 
bird» and insects —v.i. to make a short, ihary 
notse. such as certain birds make :— /r.>. chirp • 
iuC ; /»-/■ chirped', [from the wundj 
aUiL chii'cl, •!. Ill- a mttrr; a tool to cut or 
hollow ou!. wood, stone, &c.— f.A to cut, carve, 
&.U with a chiicl :—>'->. chiaelliao ; /aj*. chi*'- 
tiled, (old Fr. cisrl; low L. ctuUms—U sKtlt- 
cvU», dim. atievtla, a *ickle, from Mf*, lo cut) 
Chll, chit, H. lit. a rJi4»#/ or s/rvtU ; m laby ; a lively 
or pert young child. — *.*. to »prout Of (crinuuiie. 
[A.S. ctiM, a yotms lender shooc.] 
flUvaJrr. ftc. See under Ob«nJlw. 
Ghlsttiu, klO'rTn, «. J /a/c-^rrm c*». ■'"tl* * ^^^ 
apBeable, sutTocatinfi odour. (Fr. chl^hnr: low 
L. rAl'nnii. frk.m Gr. tA/t>KV, pale-grccnj 
cU£r-. ■: , it/" or from eklirrttM. 

cUij^ a compound of chUrine with 

•.v Uflce, at polaLsh, loda. &c 

«W«r1u, V' t I, -'.a vjft mineral of a rrtenUh 

colnur. wi!')i J t'oapy feeling when handled. 
chtervfora. k!Cro-fr«Tu, n. tjri*. n compound of 
ehii^riitt anJ /.^rmu- -' ' 'jlile 

liquid, distilled froui : .*nd 

chWuIcuf lime, much i ■ i diiy 

dunnx the perfortnantc or .iiiv siir^icai opera- 
tion. [Gr. ckJinfj, ax\A /frmu acid, so i*aMed 
bccaiuc orij. made from anti, L./i^rTwii-o, anatit] 
OwoaUH, chuk'C-Ul, n. a Ikwhigc made l>y mijcing 
lite MbiMi-nut, roBUtcd and gruuod, with hot 

fuoM, the tliroal ; 


itu/rr: a pule or pt«paraboa nudtf Troa 
cocoa-nut. [Kr. eAtvihtX ; Sp. ckacvlaU; fr 
Meaican c>i*i:otatt~ck9ic, cocoa, /ii//, water.] 
Chile*. See under 
Ctaolr. Se>: under i 

Ctoaka, chok. f .r., /« ihroiiU : to mfTocatc ; to : 
or obstruct. — tm'. io he choked or suffocated . 
be obstructed :—fr./. chok^knf ; /o-A cb&k< 
xiaH, from (■/«■«!. a check ; Ice. 
turoal ; Scou ckenkt, tlie jawkl 
chukl, s'-i- to Uufih in the throat or 
wardly in triumph :—/*-./. chuckling; 
Ckelar. koler, n. tit. iM^hiUt ansa or iraaciUIil 
uoce supposed to arise from cxcesa of bile. [4 
Fr. ckvUrt: !>., Gr. ckolrra—i>. chaO^ hfle.) 
cbolcrlc. kol'er-ik, adj. full of ckaltr or aOKcr . 

an^ry ; petulant, 
ebotera, kol'^-a, m. a di^eaM: characteruod bf 
btliiiui vninJtinc and purging. )Gr. M»^r » 
ehoif, bile : or rAdJ>ni, a £Uilor or water- 
iholank, kot-Ar-a'ik, »dS-, ef tKt uatuTt ^^ 

Ohooi*, chOOs, v.t. lit. to /now or ^rr ,* 

what i» prored o« approved : to tabe 

fircference to another; to select. — v.i. M 
the power of choice ; to will or dctcrmioc ; 
choosing ;/*»./. chO*c:^./.chfl\'en. [Fr. 
A.S. crasan ; Dutch, kt€an ; Goth. itlWiU, 
from kauijmm, to pcovc, try. J 

eboloa, chois, h. act or power of chtvMim^ ; 
thing choBcn ; preference , ihc prvferaUe or 1 
part, [old E. and old Fr. choit, Fr. oUir.) 

Ctep. chop. F./. lit. to fpve a tndJ/n btem; to 
with a sudden blow ; to cut into gmall - - 
VJ, to shift suddenly as the wind :— /r^ ■ 
ing : A^ J*- chopped . EGer. Aaf/en ; tow L. < 
/)srr ,* Gr. Huf^it^. from a root «$*, to strike.] 


cboplMr, ciiop'^r, M. one who or thai whicB ( JL / ^ 

ClMp, chop, v.t. Iff tjcchmngt or h^wUr; to jfm 
one thing in place of anutlicr :— -/r^. choppf^fii \ 
/a./, chopped*. (A.S. c caftan , Cer. JMi 
Goth. kMi}m : ScoL rfw/. to buy or mILJ 

Chop, chop, «., tAe ckixf ox jaw, gcnenlly uked^ 
/^ (SccOhap.| 



lower jaw_/a'(Vw down , ca*t-down ; dcjecu 

cterlallM. chop'-(hwl», aJJ. lit. having the eJkaiw 

Olwral. &c See under 

Ohord. kord. m- tit. an intfstint Or^w/; a itriog of 

gut ; the string of a muiical insiniiTn^in 

bination of ione« in bar-!' 

straii^bt line joining Ihr 

[Vi.carde; L. cA^nia i i'-i ■ 
Okorlit«r. See under < 

Oboru, kynis, «. orig. a dtmef m a W«rr or 
(iUnce, then, a dance accompanied wiui 
a band of singers and dancers ; a contpw 
singers ; that which is sunif by a chonw : a 
cal piece in two or more p--' " *■— - 
cAfvwc, originallr perbap- 

dMlr. kwlr. n. a t-kerus or [ 
nlly those belonging to a v, uil.. , i.-r ....... 

church appropriated to the singen ; the part oi 
a cathedral wpamted frrxn thr nave by a rail M 
screen. [Fr. cktrtr, II. c^rv, from U rArwi " 

cbaral, k4'ral. atij. belonging to a cJunu or 
-~<ta'v. ebor'ally- 

sborlatar, kor'i'it-6r, n. a tneinber of a rAMV 
chOi— did choo»c— /j-'/ /*«"# of I 

(He, far ; mi, h(r ; mine ; mOte ; mflte ; mCOn ; /Act) 


on aad ike ia»<a*«t. i Jk ?. >»• , I r 
Mm, Vna«, « El dui wIkA is jvmsmm^ mt . 

«. bf. /4r — ■iflBf. the 111 i^ili 
C»P» » AMM t.) ; -/-/ ud «. dkns'teautv ; 


looeoool eoOniauaity :— ^r /. Oam'iiiAiMt : 

-•..;-!.- 'K- (.'i.rr.,-).;..' CirMf, 

i oa 

.crmrvMi Ckrist, 

liin, «» a metal rc^ 

' c«iiipo(uttl», |Cr. 

- f-eri'"1)Lil, (L. 
n the 

'. / ff,r..n icled.— 

^'r-nme cm time; 
t past events, 
'tfiw, a dis- 


io innmincni for 

Til of 


' MIS, 

,'.1 ri>^ I (. .', tvii'i ij /(ifjv ^aV. 
. 'i/t'/i', n i)»h 


«. tfe tal </a ^ : 1 «v4 fCe^M^ 

■^ ^ 

cAafci • < M oriL Ma In dw k« fl^k. 

J^c tejbejnininr ctf Cnd ; tW »L^ >«lr «/ 

tody rtf OnwisaL -v'^. «D p«3Um viAnyMc 

■«.>«/. dMRiketf'. (AS f«^. Gv 
Soot. JU^; Or. Ij i ■■i r -A>^w. ite UiC) 

■rtxrfapariafcfi h Mcfc. |f*B ik.»ad — <m.l 

«w«4, wHcR tlK deal R karwd. 

-'J - rmn ■■ il l hi d. 

MiHv fellcnr. IA& ^mv/, a OOPMnttTaia ; ice. 
*«K a Baa ; G« Ar*/. Sew. r*<^, .:»* ] 
•rflik. dUHTut), »dj^ Ifke * ckMri : n«ie . curl*: 

ill >M 111 iiiTi ihwrirtij I --im^BM 

chora. r/., it* nan* oc duke nokadr. m 
nam wfaca ankiog hiun .—^J, chuniW: 
jAo./. c£mrDc«t' — «. 4 vcMcl ia «€)di cra&m M 
churned. IA.S. arm. t^vrmt^certuut, to clmni 
— <7**'*»,*vrr««, lotuni. Ice iirvtf, Saocixn«.j 

CftM*. cbOOt, c./. a fem of "•- 

Ctoli. kil. n \\t.Jtii.' • - .. . ^ . . .^^^ 

froin (Kcfood wh. , .-g 

~cVl^, to be hqix '^ 

ckjtUkeMn. kil-i-bi. 
M,ii/ .*;.''■ [L 
«. dvUlMUM. t>r 

C1T1II-. ' ' • ..hidiihe 

fo- ' »<e*a, Gr, 

.•A.I ■ . . =i ffu, 

^ymU'.»..^Ti. ^1 K , ■ ,11-1, r,. i,-.c 3CT *f bcioc 

Jfirtitfd ml J , y*v wr/- [ I . *i utitt^aafi, XJt make ] 
OllMiiaBA, ji-Ul n-u», a,ij. rrlsfin j ! ''/'^f; lltal dO 

tie eaten. (,L. .--lAiniu- ' 

CtoWc sik'a tm (Fr). C iV* tt-1, 

H. the Kar ovtr a « ouo<i , led. 

dcmtrlB*, tikVtrlt, r.A to htl;i Uir i rt katiixi of ft 

iViri ot cicafrijc on a irmind or ulcer by modi- 

rrrtr^ — v i. to heal; — /*■-/. cic'^rrlun^ : /<•./. 
' ( Fr. ciiratriser- \ 

T^n't. M. one vho points oat locil 
<nd iaUc« /a^iP dw ^^ttt^r about ihcin ; 

a i,'jKir. [It, — L. Ckrrv, ihe Ronuo orator,] 
outer, fl'dtr. le. lit- tnUxicatinff drink: a drink 

laadc Trom ;ippk-juicr- |Fr. Litirt; L. */.mr; 

Gr. »r*rMri. tlroni; drink Hob., to be 

intOKicatcd-}— «. d'lfarUB, an inferiur cK^er. 
rW, v8], v.t. in A, lo panel or waiii^cot :--ilp./, 

irirring; /.ly* cielcd'. [from rmH iif ««ttlac. J— m. 

clal'lac waiutOAting. 
Qfar, »■•{&('. «. a vnall mil of lnKtttt* Uw 4iitoliiag. 

!Sp. cicif'f. a kind of tol>arcii in Culia.) 

.■7 ..-i-cr il» 
to [uakc] — 


£lic £^ , uic, b^ : nitne ; nOic ; luQte ; mOOa ; ^Aen. 


kUn^, v.i. lo strike together with a rttrrmr 

mef.-'f' ' r.i. to ik(k1iic- -'■ .iriTl 

sou. ♦I'toc ; /**•/ a 

♦hnr '1 i, like tKai i .: 

HiU*t....i.< . --:... « toficthcr. iL . ..1..4.- ._ t.f . 
4/«U, •i'^*U'-4'>^. to make a siuip picrcuit; soond -, 
G«r. «^iv-' ''ormed from the noiiikd. ] 

tfkBfSor, ktang'ifiir, f j , x clang; a k^iarp, klirill, 
harsh lOUnX [L. clani:^r_\ 

•tUii. clanick. I*, the liclit, vharp tlnng or sound, 
ttuule by the striking of mecallic bcKlic*>, a« 
chaiM- — r.r. nr i to Duike or caiue 
/r-/. clAnkiog ; fn /. clanked". 
ftc See under OUa. 

QMi kbip, H. the noiie made hy the sudden strik- 
ing together of two thioss, as the handt : a Hid- 
den act or mulJoa: a bunt uf Miuul.—f./ tc 
ktroke together so aa to make a no»c; to thruM 
or drive together titddcnly ; to appUucI with (he 
hand^— r»'.j. to strike the hand^ together, lo 
Knke together with noise :—/rj#. dapp'ing : 
/«./ cbppcd'. {KJi. ita^^tn; Dutch and Gcr. 
itlaf^n, formed from the tound ] 

cUpper, kbp'{>£r. i«., mu \vlu> etnpt', iktii tuAiV4 
iia/t, at the tongue of a bell. 

alap-trap. k!ai/.trap, «. urig, a /-i*/. nr ':ofiiri\'ance 
furi.'»//'>»jf in thcatro ; a tri'^k (ugairi jjipl^u^e. 

Ctar»-«bae«rt, kl£Kob-^kQ r, Chlan>-iiac«r«. ki- Vrfi 
oS'kOO'rO, m., cUnr-ithtxttr* ; tight and ihftdc in 
puating. (Pr. cf-ur, L. cfartu, <:lcAr, and Fr. 
tiacur/h, A^KMriii, obscure; It. cki'aro, clear, 
tfonwv, obKure.] 

elartl, kUr'ct, n. orif;. applied to wiites of a light 
or e/far nrd tnlour, but now used in EngUnd 
for the dark-red winci of Bordeaux. [Fr. tMt'rr/ 
- *-/«»>, 1,. eJitrtrnt, clear.) 

alartty, khirVfl, f. /., to r*ntkr clnar.^-v.i. to become 
clear : — /r./. cLafifying . /J>. clar'died. [L. 
r/iifwj, clear, and/nt'/n, to rmiKc.] 

cUitfteatlea, kL-ir-i-tt-kA'^hun, n. the ad of fd/arimf. 

elarilw, klai^-fl-fcr, m. that which cUrifieM wr 

darlva, khtri-oa. it. a kvnd of trumpet whoK note 
is clea>' and vhriU. [Fr cfnirva — clair, clear.} 

olaiiaHl, kbr'tKFO'el, ctartMt, klar'i-nd, m. lit a 
nnatl clnrim ; a »uid instrument of tnu^ic, 
sounded by meanb of a reed fixed to the mouth- 
piece. (Fr. clorinttte, dim. of riW'ffW. ] 

Qadl, klash, «. a loud noiie, such at is caused by 
the finking together d weapons : oprx'<^ltion ; 
COOtradiction, — t'.i lo dash noisily together ; 
to meet in opposition : to act in a ccntrary dircC' 
lion. — v.t. lo strike noisily .igainsi :—//•>*, and 
M. clashing: f-^f- cUihed'. (Cer. kuiitch; 
Dutch, kUttt ; Gr. kt'a^ : runnrd frooi the sound.] 

CBaip, klasp, ■. the thing which ^ Ai/f together or en- 
circlr«, aiid clo>e* willi -j, ttiap : a bvik f<?r fai(ct>- 
log. an embrace. — T>./. 10 fA«teii with a chisp. to 
enclose and hold in the hand, or amu; to em- 
brace ; to twine round ■ — /*■/. ctatp'tog; /a./. 
cUsjwd'. (old Fjig. (i>»ftr — OUp.) 

claxptr, kl.i-tp'cr. m., that vJktcA (Ua/t ; the tendril 
of a i>l;iiii. 

claap-kmlf«. klasp'-nTf, m. n kni/f, the blade of which 

a cUks^eJ hy , or folds into, the handle. 
Clui, klas, flr. tiL the people (nUtd or assembled 
(ogethcr : a rank nr orii^r ftf pcnons r>r things, 
a number of stuilciitt purituing the Same studies I 
a scientihc division or arrangement — r. /. to form 
wio ■ dau or clsHes : to arrange meihodically : 
— y r./. cLasc'ing ; /a-/- rbsaed' ( Fr. (-Auw. 


L. clmsn'j, Gr. itftit, Jbaiest's, a ualUng 

from io/n'. to call,) 

, kUfiL, claatlcal, klat'tk-al, mJJ, lit. fcl 

tir l>clurti:ing lo th/ i/iut : fC ihe higher chut 1 

rank, c^pccijlly in litcnst"'- ■" '"illi 

ch'cfly used of the b^^c ' 

wntcn ; chaste: refined —- 

Rfiman, and iiiiHli:rn witlei> ^.. ... 

their vtotkx—tit^f. claHleaUy. 
clurtcallty. kla»-ik-aJ'i-u, rUtalrato—^ kki'i 

ncs, n. the quality of being uimtmai. 
tiaaaUj. klai'i-fT, v.t., ta nnut^ ae (orta inlo t 

to arrange :—j>r./. cLui'tfying : /it./- cUhTiI 

fL. f/.T.Mu,andyar«j, to Hjiakc-J 
elaMi&caUMi. kliu-i-li-kA'shtin, n. Act of 

UltO i/AJJtl- 

Clatbtr. kU(t>r, «. a repeated cOT;fu-- ' 
nfiif ; a tcpcliLiuii of abrupt, aK. 
e.i. to make raltiuig sounds; to r. 
tongue; to talk fast aiKl id!y.--:> i > j •- 
:!•• to prwJuce a rati ling ; — /' / ■lUtt'erin^ '•/*■, 
clalt'cred. [A.S. ii^rwnx, .'/f.i <<»»»■. anyl' ' 
th»t makes a clattering : formed froiatbci 

Omb*. klavrr, M. lit. that which is ^mcUtr^J^ 
lence or pan nf a sentence; an article 6ri 
a contract, will, &c. [J't.^/'Ik.u-; from L. n 
— 'I ,'<* Mif/ir, lo ^hut, encliiic J 

Claniral. See under (Xelatar. 

Olav«, kl&v— did cleave— >Ar/ ttnit of Oacr*. 

QaTlela, klav'i-kl, **. tir. a fltttf Jt«y; the cnt 
bone, so called from iu reaeralilance In a 
key. IL. ciavtcula. dim. oi {l*mla, a key.) 

filATtonUr, ida-vik'Q-Ur, mttj. peitaimnc lo 

ClAW, klaw. «. tomething cl^ or t/lU ; Die 
tail of a beast or bird; the whole foot of an ; 
nial with hoiked natU ; attyihtng like a c)aw> 
V.t. to scratch or tear as with the r/inw ori 
to tickle : —/»•./. clav'ing : /a./. cUw^. 
c{,ftiiii Cer. k!aHf~kiiti^H, to cleave oi 

Clay, ctS, N. that which ttirks or ad/urrtt 
icnacioii)>, ductile earth, used to tnafc* 
earth in general. — v.t. 10 cover, or 
cLy, as sugar;— /r./. clay'ing; /^C/. 
lA-S. tUg-<Iifian, to stick : Dan. kiMt*. 
t!>ti ; W f/ni. connected with Clag, Cleg, ' 

elayty, kul, *cfj. consisting ui or like Ct**f. 

Gayaora. kU'tnOr. «. lit. the i'tf rwrii-m 

Kword formerly ii*cd by the Scottish l-iigli 

ers. lOae). tr/aii^/it^mit-m^r, from Gael. 

tlaidluamk^ swi>rd, and We*'** grcal : COM 

with L. cittditts, a tword.] 
Gtou. kian. a4f hL iitiuJ^i. •'■■■- -■ ' — 

stain or whatever defiles; >' 

clever; neat. — tiJv. quite: 

f.t. to make clean, or ht-i. .. . 

clean'ing ; /a./, cleaned'.— m. ek 

f/<r« ; W., Gael.. Ice, ffAn. >hioe, polil 
elMBly, klenli, •u/j'., clntnlike or cleoH, 

habits or person ; pure ; neat. — ado ia a i 

manner.-*. ■Uudbmi. 
daasM, klenz, v.t. to make tUan gr pure 

clcant'ing ; /«./». cleansed'. 
CUar. kl*r, aJj. orig. \ttii hf^tt^t. Uirf, 4f. 

tttlkiiig , c«'irtpicuous. bri^-'^ 

from mixture or ubsituL: 

disputable. —d^. in a d^., 

wholly; qmte.— »>.'. to m.tkc . tc^r . i- irce rrt 

obscurity, obstruction, or guilt ; to bee. soqt 

Ate, Alt ; mC, h*r ; mlDc : mOte ; nQie ; mcoa ; Men. 


or over; to 
Icar; u» crow fret. 

.11 uf 

ot or 

«.. tf mtAkimg tlrmr; & defctwr 
X of Uod cU*rvtt o( WuoO, 

P., ma cftwr mtataitr ; dutinctly. 
\ i^ttic* w itdAtTc: 10 unite: lo 
Bv^ne; /a.i!. dcarvd' or clAv« ; 
W&fi^ani Qer. i/^^ni , thiich, 


■ V/." (o KTorate 

■ T ; lo cnck ; — 

. , . - Ji: /•./. deft. 

' m. act or nunncr t>f iU^vin^vt 

*. the pcnm or thing r4«/tf/nKv«. 
tlAA.*-afl ofwaingmadfibyca^iav 

« It^ Rcep 

'JjTi*U. or «<^^ 


a cKancicr b mukic «Ii»ch 
pTMUdti OK the uale of the 
(Fr^ fftwi L. cttTu. Or. 

' V ppwr ana mnwx- 

[L. rlrmnu. 

l-a^, •• the qusUtr of bciof rJirM- 

It of 

tAmm or *rf 

kf kIwm in 1^ OiTMri— 
„ ..^. from U <JSmtf, Gr. ttmv. 

M ar >«> ii i n a La aTAc LiiJiii | 

Mam, « MX «f Ac dkvi7, a ana 


tO ' Mi < W a Urrkai vriicr. 

a ^/i IJLJW1 «r fnt^s a 

iiuod ; any* 
rrult pic<'« 

tiiai:e a - ^nc : 

/.«./ til. 

Qltat, Ui'col, w, ung. en* nfAi» kmrt ttftd ^Afyt 
u tapcrior, hence, a deifrmtenE j on^ w Sri cii*(4oy« 
M Ia«-yef — *< ellcntBhlp. JU <■/»*»*, fur </mch4, 
one who heart, frriin t/mv, to hc«r.l 

Ottfl, CUn. bcc uudri OImt*. 

OUsKtar. kli maV • '-■-■.- •■ 

crirical pcnod i 
hodify i^angt- 
cOmmImIc. [(- 
CUnaU. fclT'mSc. 
frum the cqua 
rone of the ca. 

PUcc with ns 
I. r/iwta, ciu'. 
— khn^, to in.1 r 
cllnatt'^. tJTfn-/ 
»i i 




•M »I. ii^- 


the Cluiii .r ^..,..- i .-J 

/V"* doccunc J 
*■■■ ». kll*aiu. K. 1 nitns €bfcf /A/ MV// ^ ^ 

A«Mrror afmr; 'm PS^<iri^, iV arrtrantq «f 

Ibc p«rticixlbr« ■, , «« 

to nai ia >trv' 

butfter or «iatf 
OtaiK Ula^ v./ Qi r-/ L 

dtfic^M wkb tbe it^ 

wiik ilBfiiiiij :— /^> 

(A.S. WSMJa, 6«. 

*'. a 

CBM^ UiaaN. »./ » /u«m or Hw0t a ^ W 
Ivadoc IW pe^ altta *«•« l^iii^li aav. 
ika(: to »ii^ tifW^ : ■• .Ml. mUSigm ^ 

• fate : I^fdb aad Get. Atta^. M MM TL*. 1 

^ H I . fclia^A*r. a. «K rite fflfcrtU; 

/^r ^air»€. /aJL aatf >U/. c^^. IaSI 
<«^f«a^ la aOrta. S * 



<tv. LI 



\ iUfte 

Lhe act 
iL wool that 

•m ifiM tUh I > ibup-bailc. 

)cli() in£, F/. Om act of clipping ; ths thing 

«U«w^ U£lc, ff. K eroun o/ petsoos in tisioii for a 
puf^Kae ; « IMty or uciioo ; n ganf : — lued gvne- 
tally in « bud kosc (Fr, pcrhaj« frora ron( of 
tHsMf and w = a nouy nmclavc : or oU Ger. 
t^lijk, 0«r. gUU, like, Ojual, ami so = a cotn- 
[diiy ()f ct(ualk.] 

klilk. n. a loow outer 

re r^rmrmt', 
a aiaeuise, i 

ganncnl warn by 

(CM. — v.t, to clothe with a cloak ; to cover : to 
cooceal :— ^r/. doak'ing ; /»./. cloaked'. [^ 
Fr. r/(>c4r,' (aw Lh r^A, 

Qoek, klok, M. lit. that which cluks; a machine fnr 
aeasunaf time, and which macks the time by 
the pocitiOB of ita ' hands ' upon the dial plate, 
or by the itriking or a hammer rm n l>elL [a 
wialion of Oltck. CttcL A.S. chic£f.\ 

«lMifc-wort, Uok'-wuric, f(. (he ns-^Jit or machinery 
of a ciock; machinery Ukc that of a dock. 

QM, klod* N. a thick round mass or lump, that 
thavn or ttiekx tcgttJur, especially of earth 
or rn-r- •"-- •■ -ttnd : a itupid fellow.— «>.f'. to 
col!' ' m.i»*: — -yW-./. dodd'tng ; At./. 

cl<K. ^Ji Putch, kJat; Cer. JkUii ; 

from 1 J L t'L v>»i«ih to adhere.] 

dod-hoppar, kJixl 'htip-ir. «. a couDtry-tnan ; a 
I^cuaut : » •! -It [I/m/. and ^r>/^.] 

•l04pal«t.ktod'put, cl«4pott, klod'iidl, n. one with n 
AiW like a tloii, a atapid fulow. [iifJ, and 

«lM,klot, n amauofsoftorfluid matter concreted, 
asblowJ.— t'.i. 10 form wiocifitt; to coagulate:— 
/»•./. clolllng : j4j./. clott'ed. t* form of Clod.] 

<AoK, kloff, V i. , to tluk io{ttktr in tt moat / to unite 
aiid adhere. — v.t. to accumulate in 4 mass and 
cause a stoppage ; (a obstruct ; to enciuabcr : — 
/»-./. cloifuis; /a./, doffgod'.— «. anytKInj[ 
that hinders motion ; an oostruction ; a bcavy 
wooden Hhoe. [Scot, c/a^, to cover wiih mud. to 
obstruct ; Dan. klatg, sticky ; Ice. hUfgt, a 
naaa ; from root of Olaava, to adhere] 

(liiMar, kloii'tir. m. a place tncloud or shut in; a 
oovered arcade fomiiag part of a mooastw: or 
collegiate cstAblishnicnt ; a plac« of scdusiuo 
from the world for rclif^ioiu dtitic^ -~v.t. ro con- 
fine ia a cloister, monaatcry, or nuiuicry; to 
confine nithin wolU '.—fr.f: cloij'icring ; /■!,/*. 
dois'lcjiyJ [Fr. th^ttr, old Fr. cKi'ttrt; aM, 
£tittuttr; 1l clatuitv: L. c/atu/mm—iUtm/i', 
t'Ltnrmm, to dote, to sliul-l 

ckilsUral. U^iu'iir-:^. cloUtn:, klots'tral, oU form 
claastnl, klaus'tral, aJf. pertaining to or cocftaed 
lu a ehiiirr; ledudeJ. 

tfelsl«r»<, kloit'tird, adj\ dwelling in e&ittm; 
sotitary : retired Crom the world. 

IdCm, old /or/ Um4* of OUmh. 
loat. kills, a4j.t tkttt «/; with no opentor ; con- 
Ihied, unvcotiUted : aarrow; near, ia iimc or 
place; compact; crowded; hidden; reserved.' — 
aJf. in a dote nuuiiirr , neatly ; deiucly.^HC as 
cndoMd place : a small cnckaied field : a narrow 


pawage oflTa itrcet — rt//v. dsMly.— tK. 

[Fr. cias, shat^^/. of lAriy, Pniv. :Umrtt 

tUudert, cUtuau, irj ^ut] 

»••, klOr, :■ .'. to inaVc ri-.-.t^ ; to t!raw l.iiictheri 

unite : ■ 

to an -. 


end ; a gm;jplc L'j wrcjlLn^. 

kloict, n., a little rJbjf or endosed ptaoe: 
a tiii:)U )iiiv4lc rixim ; urcoe^sofTa rOfftB. — ^,|L 
t or take into a duKt: to 

uc; /rt/. doi'etcd. (Ft 

cloivf. kl-Jiur, H. ttic MX of d'Wioa; tkal 

(SoL ijee under ai«d. 

Ololfe, kloCh./^ CHoBhi, k., a cvrtvm • 
Woven material from wtiicti gate 
ings arc laade; the clerical pr(>fcsu^.u, .. _. 
wearing blade doth. [A.S. etmtk, dodt,<^ 
ckuhcs. canncnts . Ger. ki^id. Ica. jUmA^ % \ 
noil : coniL with L. cLuuU. la abut. 


elothM, klG/Ac (coUog. kite}, n>£ tarnimti er 
artidcs of dress. 

kloM, vJ, lo oov«r iriifa chUus : to 

with clothes : 6g. to invest, as with a a^t^t i g i 
/«./. dOlhed' or dad! 

one who makax tit wAb 

—}(*->. dfitb^ing 

alMUar. kl<U4^-tr 
civtMa or cUtket. 

clolUnc klOM'ing, h., clatkis 

Qoad, kloud. H. vapours drawn into dtMb 
masm i a mass of watery vapour flondim Sb 
air: fig. a great volume of dust or smolce 
titude of people. — tr.t toovervpread with 
to darken : to stain with dark spots or 
— «.£. to become cloudeil or darkeocd^ — ^. 
doudlog ; /«./. cb^ud'ed. [from the ir<ot afC 

slsndr. kloud i, aJj, darkened v^ith, or consult 
cltmtit; obscure; gloumy ; itaaicd with 
spots. — *uiv. doodl^.— «. olaad'taMs. 

Blo idl w , Itloudlcs, adj. undouded, ia any 
adv. fllooAlssatr- 

elottdkt, kloudlet, »., a litiUctpud. 

Oloagli, kluf, n. a cUJi in a rock, or the stdeofa ' 
[ A . S. r AntjirA , from c/ir/it Jt, <^Zn>^«, to dean, t 
Scot, cleugh. ] See Qaavm. 

CloBt, kluut, n. 2 fatih ; a cakall piece of doth ; 
piece of doth sewed on dumsily; a raj*. 
mendmilk aptUck; to icw a ptecc o4 dotht 
ft rent; to mend diuiuily :— /r./. 
A«./. clout'cd. [A.S W«i', a littlecfolh, 
W. chat, a patch, tlyiiau, tn pitch.] 

Clovs, Clavsn. Sec OUav*, Vm »ptiL 

Okw^ klov, n, lit. a mail; ■ punffeac, 
ipicc the uDczpaiidBd ilnwer-bud [so called frmk 
its rcsembtaoce to a ttail).clL the 
native of tba Moluccas, t^ ciaxMi Tx. 
from L. claifus^ s nail.] 

devwftek, klOv'-pmek, «. the cinv^lvflenecr i 
canotioa/M^ wnich hu ui odour iyie ifcal i 

tSover, kldv'ir, «., ckmttk grmas; * qtocMfg 
foil gtaas, or grasB in which the leaf 
he cle/t in three. [A. S. ctajwr^ fiwB 

Qowft, ktown, Jt., a ^Iru^matt ; a ruttJC 
tTT-fdlow : 0D« with the rou^h 
country-man ; a fool or bufToon. [L. 
njltivauir of the soil, from cv/p, to cultivate.] 

dovaUk. klown'iali, a^ij, of or like a down. 

(MtCf flr; m£, hir; mine; mOle; mOte ; mCOn; Metk 


1*. ifri^ FDo« of a«i 

4f pwM fox the fimaofianof aoQi 
iWc, {wli&c^ pkannv ftc. 
Ihc eqwnse.— p.f. tojM« 
„.siBao«M:lofha««iDacDv _ ^ 
ca unite for m caa tmm fl»d : » nac br 

[fnaa TOO of ClM W . to ■i ft i t i.l 
■. a bavT tapcnw «bck. i«A^ o' 
•^ww* u me cnl. iwed to atnka with 1 * CM^ : 
^ of Ihcfowr rabof cwKkMBCsil Ae 
inx aT * duibi w wber do««>JBi£ [Gcr. 
HSr; S«. AiWJ«: W. cM, • bmm kach: ftan 
;w4 ff4 flaMviL to jhobcrc.] 

,kliV-lMir K. aUMCtik&caedXGlea 

a aMw« with icaly lezTn 

Uidb«< tteoU of I hca loherdbkfccoi.— «.il 

■fe ll« «uui>J '/ A Ilea wbofe caOins oo her 

nea doM her duck- 

, '. ehck«r. \KS, 

«AMB^. . tuetOODlii 

0«« UsBF^ «. » /«M^; ft ttiidc ihc«. riwprk w 
BMttkCKBTtfaaaK: » fliiffrr tf mm v wvol 

[Ccf Dm.. S«. iVfcM/ ; loa. iAow^, a limip : 
■U Cmt. Mta^/^fien, (o yrcn tGi(etbcr : olUed to 

^■V. U^a'ci, •»^-. ^i^ « ^bm^: tb a^ U m : 01- 
■^ : awfc»xrd ; jngainly. ■ * , Ao^'Hlr.— «. 
(inAi r-hift, p««w. £. iiitm/c, a 

; Mw iTirl da^-M^. Vid/*.^. of IBkC- 

tt tfa«V» of tbe iftoie hioi gniwu^ oi 

mflKw : a bunch ; a aftift. — p.i. to grow 

~^ ^gthermto cfcutdL — p ^ to coOea iaio chtt- 

ttri'-^./, w M(r. clu5't«risEi /o^. dm'tcrod. 
tAS- A Iff-: Ice i^Siir, guic; Dutch, i/oi, 
itt^, a fakU, Cko i^ujM. to stick together.] 
iMb Uwftr *-^> *o iyur «k rn^; to cloac 

V HW^ ■—/r.p. dutch nij; : >^^. 

.— «. » /TBI/ or t^l tCilMTe.-^l 

tht hftii* or paw*: crodtv; nucity. 

j'fiii t. cbw. P^ ' *^ ^ ^- *^//f' 

BaMr, ilil*fr «. ft eittx^ m CDnfuaon.— v./. to 

My^MtorJa OM&uoB : to 6U wHh ti^xg* 

- ' •• timer, U r^mii uf (BalUr.] 

ii^ectcU wta Lhc iattt- 

. cloac, foor- 

CFf. «cvU- 
fiQOi L. ot,Uaa0, to 

G^Av.Ub'Uf.^.ftlhviU I 


w««4dttfi^ , ^ 

ttMKW Mod Wfacl,^OBt<f ^< 

. |A^ oC «^: lee. 


L. m£wl to he h^} 

mmm, hdVer. ■. mm who voria ■ 

WT. hrf7*r4. «. a 
Oa^mm, hAoU< v./.fto 

into Qoe hMfy cr aoa*: ts 

cfialcs'cinc : M/- cOtJeMftrir. (L. awiral»~c^ 
•■■ tfMCM^ 10 craw up, from «ak la'ens. «.aciof c< a fryi' nff WBion 





— ""— kA-a-lah'uB, m. act of etsinmiA or utiii- 
inf into one body ; a uaioa or oOBMnalioo <rf 
pcnoost vtaies, &c. ion) mm; aUwocw. [Unr L. 
amiifur, from L. ft wZrj f j.] 

n-Trr— ^. kC-a-luh'tm-ut, «. one of a ft i afitim , 

Omm, kais, A<r- Ul ''Mrrvf ; whit ii met with in 
timjmiii coorae i nmgh ; rude ; tincivil ; pOM. 
-Wb. toarMly.— «. MarMBMa. [one- wiktcb 
Oeam, which see.] 

Ooeat Wou, M. lit. n^, ««// ; U(l« or border of Ittod 
next the sea : the sea-ftliore ; hout or bordftr of 
a country— v.^. to tail along or near a coaM.- 
v.L to sul by or near to '•— j^./- and t*«(r* COftft** 
big : >«.>. coajfed. [Gcr. Mitt J Vt. <Mf for 
«w^; L. e»r<m, a rib, ude.] 

aoaiftir, kOai'tT, h. the penoa or thiflg thai ctmtt ; 
a vaweJ that saiU along the coaat. 

eoartwlM, kOtt'wla, mJv., camstm^jn; ftlont tti« 
coaat. (cMftK, anid TMM.J 

Om^ IcOt, a. an outwlc body u »ww' A y/ Cba hair or 
wo«l of a befttt : wcaBnrc or kafaii: ftW cowmc: 
a mcmfafftM or liycr: tm gmmn m wUch 
enuKDS afmofi^ ftra porUsyad, MftQy taJkd 
a coat 0/ armi- — v.t. to txrm with a 00«t w 
laycr:-^./.Ccarii.ij;/*-/ cn.l'.d. Iff.rfWT*; 
low L. cottm, c^ttm. a tank . p*v»- ^ ***. « 

: or C. Mfr, M< a' hot, <0iMift|r.J 
oMta^ bCN^. ■., « /ntf^ (waf ; ft OBBi wA 

to appoBM or I II ■■i l l hy * «■■■■>» — ->!.-; . 

Oi«k fcob, 1*^ iSh^ jM 
poDd; a bead off 




iav, £0 called ftom ih« liltcneu of its bodjr to n 
Ktlie At^suppOicd to conUJii /^jhw.) 
[jBBMaft, koklofr. ■-. /Ar ftn* rt//; tNc ro<Mll in a 
ttotiK next the nx>f. {ctvx ~ coA or cp/, ibe Utpt 
aad /^.] 

It, IcO^xitt, m. a brittle, irddisH-ffray metnl. 
lUv f.iuiiil . niliir.c;! with ;ii^rir.r .inii Otlicr 
mill' ■ 'V 

Uic '■ ... .■■ . -I 

OobU*. kobl, r./. to ji<iit or A/ ^f : to botch : to 
patch up or mend coan«ly, «s shoes :— /r./. 
cobh'UnB ; A*-/- cobbHcd. (old Fr tvftirr, to j^uin 
at knit (ogcther ; Dan. ktiiUr, to cobble; <^r. 
hi^f/vbt, to lie lotethcr: frodn L. (i^fuU, to 

cebbltr, koblir, «. one who eoSi/rtor tncntls ihoet. 

OoM*. kobl, «. til. a M/tmr tmtth of a tree : a &crukll 
fithmg-boal. tA-S- cuaj'l* ; Ger. 'hV^^/', bucket; 
W. kwmihti. a hollovir trunk, a boat.J 

Oibvvk. S(c under Oih. 

I. Itok-dn', n. Uw tend of co^ktry or good 
livinH ; nn iiiixgmafy country of luxury and de- 
tixht : the land of Cockmeyr—hon^Mi. (Fr. 
CKitfmr, It. cucafHa~~(vcca, fwrcimcati, frtm 
L. c»ya, 10 cook- 1 

ODckaiT. knk'nc. n. lit oDc broucht up in Cocagng, 
jn iniat:in.iry land of plenty — hence. ^ f^tm^rtd 
itiji\'idual ; an cfTcmiQatc, i^onuit dtuen ; ap- 
plied onirempiiKjUily to a native of the city ol 
Loddoo.— ^/. OMk'aari. (ace to Wodffwood 
from Fr. e^wLiher, lo dandle, to pampvr.J 
Mteaydon, kokofHiutn. k. the region or home of 

KlMTlAB, koVnCixm, r. the diAlcct or manoert 
of a Cviknry. 
Ctocclfarooa, kok-^ifir-ut, aAj., herr^hcantf. fL, 

i^CHi. Cr l.'li.-i, J berry, .iii. J _/".-»>. v.* IvMr ] 

from ii I ■ '• I s 

Ac. [^p. ii^JtiKi^L*, duu. ul L. u;«.;'juj, Uf. 
>h»**iv, a t«rry, a& the cochineal wii formerly 
suppuMKl to be llic bctry uf seed of the plant.] 
IfODeblMTT. kr>k'lf-AT-i, Oo«bl««t«. kokle at, Oodil*- 
atMl, kuk1e^t-cd, ^j., riKtiteij like a Mm<iU-iJuit; 
KMral. |L. coeJiUo, snail-ihell, &crcw ; Gr. 
kockltH^ a ihcll-fith with a ip<ral shell.] 

kok, ft. the male or birds, piUticuUrly of the 
nettic fowl ; a weathercock ; a slruliing chief 
leader ; whatever uii«t up on an enuuciicc . a 
tap for liquor : a pile of hay ; part of the lock of 
a gUD. — vj. to Mt erea or upright; to set up, 
as the hat ; to ^et ur Arxw lack, a* the cock of a 
gun.~-«'.<. to strut; to hold up the head :— /r./. 
cock'ini; ; /^.A or -^j- cocked*. (A-S. ov, cfi<; 
l''r. tA/ ■ formed from hi* cry.] 
VOckad*. ki.>L-.~Hl', N. A kool of ribbotitor wtmething 
siniibir worn in the hat. named from ita Ukencu 
to the t.omh of a cock. [Fr, ci\-arrfr — io^.] 
eodtatrlea, kok'a-trlt, m. a liiurd or ttr^enl imagined 
to be produced frotn a cadk'x egg hatched by a 
acrpcfkl. IFr. ec^airis { A.S. tocc, and Atrr, 
^tlfr, a snake] 

kok'ptt, R. a fit or enclosed (pace where 

■■ecck» fought : a room la a ahip-of-war for 

le wounded during an action. 

f«Dcfctca«b. kokslcOtit, M. the c&mh or cmt on a 

ioiiitt head . Uic name of three pUnts. 

noomb, koluplcAm, m., chUi c*mhi a itnp of red 


ctoth tvotcbed like a coek'i comb wUch proTe 

tlonal fook tiaed to wear ; a fool ,- a fop. 
OMfcafa, kok-a^tUB', n. a kind of parrvt with a cnaL 

[Malay, kakatva, formed fram its cry.] 
0ecfc-boat.kvk'-bdt,M.a5mall^vt/. [W. nrrA.aboat.] 
cockavata, kok'twSn (colloq. kok'sn^ n. the t m m t m 

iir ciffu cr M'liu ha& rhaive of j boAt and its crci 

|t-i>^, A boat, and xnu^i*.] 
Oockehafkr. kuk-chif-^r, «. a corr. of c/rvi^olAlfrJ 

the May-bug, ui tnaect of a pitchy-bbck calnn 

nuist destructiTe to vegetation. [Scot, (i ''~ 

beetle, and tSbafir.] 
cockroach, kok'rflch, n. the corcunon ^t- 
OmU«, kok1, M. a tnjubte*oaie weed 

with a purple flower. (A.S. ctKXfi: ^ < | 

OMkla, kokl, M. a 4*W/, or sh^tt-/iik. a shi^ll-iiia^J 

haring two wrinkled »helK, of a nMrt-vtiapr — v.ik. 

or /. to contract iiiio wrinkles : to ahnnk. [tt^ 

co^hUU ; Cr. kangcMyliim, kongtAi, a cockle.] 
OacUort. See under Oo>, the top. 
Oackaay. Sec under Cvcaca*. 
OMkawala. See ttixter CvckboaL 
Oaeoa, kj>1iO, «. a palm-tree growing to trmtcal 

cotminet. and oroducing the cocoa-nut. (Foru, 

and Sp- coc», a migbear : applied to the nut fr 

the three trutrka at the cad of it which form 

cecoa*B9i6, or eoao u at, kC'kS-nut, n. (he wcllknc 

fniit uf the cocoa-palm, containing a white k< 

within which is a pleauDi tluMl oiled (he milk. 
Caeoa, kO'kO, m. a beverage made from the gr 

tecilt or bcana of the cataa ur chocolate tree. 

coTT. of cacav.l 
OawNm. kO-kOCii', m. the e||g-ihaped jA/// or 

iog which the larva of mk-worou and some < 

insects spin. (Fr. rnrpM, from ceHckm, a »M!^ 
eotoMiaiTi kO-kODn'b-i, «. a plaijc for 

silk-worms when feeding aad Kpinning^ 
OoctlOQ, kok' shun, n. the act o( heifti^. [1^. tmc^ 

— cttjHtr, to boil, ID cook.] 
Oad, knd, tSad-AA. kod'-lish, tt. a species of fidi madi^ 

used as food, found In the northern sea\ [\q% 

\.. gmitt; Cr. jforfiii.J 
codUnc, kod'ling, i*. a young cod-ftUi. 
tJad. kod. n a fiMsk. (belt, ntpoj, conraiaing J**' 

|A.S. rA'/y, a small baji. Ice. kfiJdi, a cuihic 

w. cwJ, a lug or tlKtf; Scot, ced, a pill 

Oadila, kod1, v.t., t« htff vtiTm : to paa^a 

to fondle; to parboil : — ^.f. codrt'ling: /i«j 
codd'Icd. [prob. from CaaAt, Pr. fAatuftL. M 
if MS, warm.) 

co41laff. kod'ling. eodlla, kodlin, m. a hard kind 
apple ^''' Ivthug, 

Dadi, kod, n. orig. tht tntnk c/s Irtf, and tetcrj 
wooden tablets bound together, corcretl wit" 
Wax and used for writing on ; a caUactioa 
digest of bws. (Fr. <«iit, I,. txsUx or 
the trunk of a tree, a tablet.] 

cedtcU, kod't'sil, n. a shon writing or note adtlcd i 
a supplcmcni to a will.— tj*fy. eodleUlarT- [1 
cadicilluji, d<m. of nU>.r.| 

codify, kod'i-fr. i:i.,ta fHt inifi t%4 fi^rm ff • t94k 
— /r/. cod'ifying ; /« / i.o't'tlicd — m. rinUfcg 
U«a. |L. codfx, a code, and ./>■;;*:■*. ^i make, y 

Patfldaat. kA-ef-fi^h'ent, a^j., 
WMaomcthirtgeliic.— «. thi: 
with another thing. — n. eo«fi . ' 
elaaUy. (L. eo, together, an! ■SU'st.j 

kfl-*n', r./., t9 *Hii^ie tiA,ttty, tit 


nite, fir ; mi, hfir ; mine : mOte ; mOtc : mooo : Men. 



Mr. anM.taslMlaLl 

nVM, «<r- list out ^ 

• ii m i lMj 

ML the Ad t« priw ^ car? 

n'lr. ^J ha«n« pevcr ■• tmam : 

•L m dnnk B«dc ft«Bi ibe aseift af 
e, ft iun«« of AbyMiM aad Antm. 
i»«l«4 ia Kuir oiBpial caoBOnau 

r, •- Ftt. 4 A«Alnv mv: ■ dM< fcf 
*«y or trewurt:. ffr. ti0<^, a t*iw«, 

f lltr^nL A I tamer or 

■m^ ftUcM ■ . ri««r. Ac.. 

n.i*c f T V_j ' c f during 

.., J 
:i a 

.r ■.jl'funai. 
^hcel. — »./. tofik 

id«f C'tff't A cog. IL MOMt ft 

.iV/ .Vrr>-j«^ or nrcaiinf en (he 
>cioji. — dUi' M'««aUr. IL. 

ul oonvincibg. 
II. r.^. , tr agittttt or hfrw a /4m/ 
Tb muul : b> mcdiULc ; tu lomler; — 
/■-/. cofc'tUteil iL (mgitc, 
ty-TiVt logethcr, aotl •»/*/c. to jmi a 

deep t^KMght ; raedi- 

t^Jf the power erf 


^■^i^^H fc-«>.K7 — [»_ ^^^^i^^^h a 

Uathpsrt of a k^M*; u>y baoAsf anoctf ma. 
U- c«*«^. aa anrln a aj nhiBt, « nuhituJc ca- 
doKd, a coniiay of viUicn.] Sw Oawl 

knf. «. 3 r^ or corerfef Tor Uw Iwad I ft 



as a ru^. .i 
— dr. cn« 

''•A-' '■ 


Oota, kitiit. N 

coins were v 

a ('iei-c uf mcul, I 

money. — v.t. \tt <.■ 

money , to f'-in, ■ 

make, invrii' 

cuiiicd', I }■ 

money , I. ■ '■ 
Mlaac*. V'Auij. n. il^ *^i ^t m 

pttt'ca of trtcul coined : ivr^Ki 
C«taeM4. k>intld'. v.L. tt/m//tm 

■i, «. act or i iMiinii^ wl *H*t t4*»-g i A* «^w 
Knee orfaa ««ni M 4 


•rdcf of tB9ect5 Kftvfni* two pidn of wibjei, ihe 

pair l" i: '' Sumy, tcrviAfl urn wifig- 

fr>r t'. . aj the hcetlft. t^r. 

kritt>a, a *)). - u, tit //'ni, a win^] 

See tskdcr OolML 

See under OalMMfc 

aaiocwte or ssshtant tn IsDonr, particulariy 
fieenrf or icienci&c iFr. <-.VA>Ami«n«r, fnm 
L. fo^, with, and Utiarv, ial^mius, to bkbcair.] 
OlUipM, kol-lap/, n. n /alting tmgttktr or to : a 
(kUiii£ anv ; a nuldcn and extreme depreulon 
of lltB bodUjr coenpcc. — v.u to fall logetbcr or 
faiiniili ; to cioM or tbrlnk ; to mute away : — 
j*r^. cofiapirtiig ; /<■-/. collnpaed'. fL. cottsptma 
— «v/, lonlhcr, and later, ia^tua, Co »Udc or 
OoSUr, kol'ar, f«. soisetlitnE worn roimd the kkI; 
the part of a sxnnciit :it ihc neck; a ria^: a 
>«(tu, — ft. tu scizr tiy ihe CLillar , to piit (•» a 
colljir :— *r^. coU'arinj;: /o J*, cntl'artd fSp. 
caiiar; 11, emflarr : fnioi L. cifiittm, the ncek.l 
ceOar-boa*, kottar-l>OD, a. a bone ofttui «u-v'> sh:ipccl 
like AH SL between ihe brcatt-bonc luid the 
ahoukLtr-mdc, alao called ihc davjde. 
liM« IcoTlct, ». the <W/ar of a rine or the part 
wtdch coolaini the ■tone. (Fr. — L. ccJhrm.} 
MIMt. leol-Uf . f .r. lit. to *m«- or lay tcgvtJtrr for 
comparison : to examine and compue, a% bookji, 
Ac ; to place in or cnofer a benefice : to place 
in order, as the sbcei3 of a book Tnr btodins. — 
v.L Bo okce in a benefice :— /r./. coUAclos : 
/M^. oolUl^ed. [L. iifiZ^imt, pa.p. of cffn/Srro-~ 
feM, tMuetlieTi miiyitntf to brii)K>) 
rlf-**-— ,'t"' '»''*■•— - "* ~f'-tT~»i-^' abrin^ini' 
togtlber, for cxamiiiatioo ood compariioD : pre- 
w a a t a l Uw to a benefice: a npait lielweco mmU. 
lllitig kni H*mr. ■ , iT wM milaHt nr rnrnpanri : 
one who bestows or procntB. 
'OoUatanL kal4at'/9'-«l, adj., siJ* hy tuU; runniRg 
|>araUel or together ; not direct ; deacendcd frota 
the ttme aaoestor. but not directlr, as the duld- 
ren of broibm. — «. a coIUiexal lelatJoM.— a rfr. 
[L. aoi, and Ze/aa, tatgriit a dde.] 
kofl^ «., omt cJuutn t»gath£vunth An- 
Mfi*r\ a tHutocr, associate, or coadjutor. (Fr. 
€»U^rtt, L. ttitegit—cfit, logetber, and Uff, Cr. 
Ugt, to choose.] 
■allMO*, kol4C^, p./. or r.i. tolaio or unite with 
in uw Mme office "i—fr.^. oollcasuing IkoMig'' 
ing) ; /iM- coUeagued (koMegd')* 
•OmI, kol^lekf, r.f. to /iiMrr togttkrr ; to as- 
Minble or bring together; to ^iher from pre- 
niiacs; to infer : tocfuniMle.—^.i. to run together ; 
to nccumuUie : — ^./. ooUect'ing ; ihs./. col- 
Icct'ed. (L. coUige, caiUetut, from rw. togeChcTj 
an(l Ugc, Or. Uefi, to gather, to chooK.] 
eoUact. kol ^t, ■«. a short and CPmpfebensrve|)«a]mr 
ill tiie aenricfi of the K. Catbouc and Epiaoopal 
.ealUctni from the epistles and gospels- 
Uekc'ed, adf\^eaUundt»t«if»^l tuv- 
otte's KBsa gathered together; cool; firm. 
Ndb. eunsiyafo.— w. e«awt^adn«a. 
ttaah kol'lek'shuD, n.-,act e/ celUettngl that 
mrfakh is coUected: an uacmblAgc; a heap or 
maia; abookorsclediona. 

lllMltra, kol'lckl'ir, adj. fortacd by ffothmmffi 
gathered into otie body, mm, or man ; coogre- 
gftted ; in grnrn., exprcoing a number or multi- 
tude. — adv. otdlaet^n^. 


', kot-lcki'or, H-.CKr iuil0rW2Bri^arfathBW 
— Kj-. callM'torata, esIlM'kMSUp. 

cflUtf*, k>>11c}, «^ otig. any ct J Uc t iem or C( 
of men cngagol la a oommon fmrnriE 
ary of learning eatshltsliad bv ' '*^ 
uy, political, or reltgiouc in-.' 
appropriated to a ^Ifego* 

n. a member or inhabituu of a t*:u^* 
MlliClal^ kol'I^^i-at, d^'. pertaining It 

bling A ftf/Amr; contaioiag a CDlkge, a& a ' 

buntuted Kke a coUege. 
See under Cellar. 
koUUd', p.(., to ttriht or d^ak 

/r.A. coUld'tng; /«^^ cvltid'ed. lU 

cAiUitit—ad, togeUicrt ia^m, 10 urikc.^ 
coU t do n , koUixh'un. « , a t/rtJtimjf J^fgriitfr, 

iif l«iQg itnick loifcther; conmct ; apposittnn. 
OotU«r, Oattitej. See under 0<aL 
Oalncrt<, hol'Mv-kftt, ?./-, la ^iatf 

pbce, »et, i»r •ttaiiun: — /rj>. 

conocftlcd. [U c9iW». ct^tiscmtm, 

together, and bn, to pUc«.) 
fniw^HiK. kol-10-k«'sbttn, n.. met pf rtdU 

Ji^MMilioa in place ; wrangottent. [L.i 
Oallodlaa. kol-lo'dl-on, n.. « ghtty mturran of guA^ 

cotnm in alcuhiit ami ether, used ta furnry and 

phoioipipby. tCr. AeiUktit, Mkd Mim^ c^ne, 

and ftdfft, form, appcanuice.1 

k^rup, «., m tumf or iltc* of fflear. Cfroai 

cif/ or e^/, the touod of n toft lump throwii on 

a fl:il surface ; Dutch. X/^, It e'«(|fc>, a blow.) 

OoOoqvy, kono-kw«, 

n., a fftaJUmr 

cnvcfution. [1 

from cdL toecther, and /afitar. CO speak.) 
eoUoqalsl, kal'Tolewt-al, adj peftaming to or i 

in commoa convenauon.* 

Mlla«BlaUHi, koUla'kwiraJ-um, m, a ooUaqtaai tarn 
of cxprcasioa. 

OoOada, kol-lCId', r./ , £t ^y tt^eAtr ; to yky tola 
each othcr't hand ; to act in cokoert, evadsOr 
in a fraud:— /r^ collQdiBg; /«./. coaSifed. 
[L. collude, ciiluttts, from ro/.snd uida, lopky.l 

BeBw^oa. kot-lQ'xhua. «., (Kf ^eatlmlinc; a teem 
Bgrecmenl lo defraud or dacelve. fl*. cmttmm.^ 

obHtdtm, Icol-tO'eiT. ndt. fraudulently 
dcccitfuL—i«i/i'. oaOarfvaiy.— w. oalla'i 

Coloeyaia, kofO-«inth, n, the dried and 
pulp of the cologMintida ur liittcr appt 
meil as a pnrBativc. [Gr. krii'ky.i/kti.) 

Colon. kOlim. n . tlic mark f : ) > 
cinct wHfjmArr or clause Ola 
a limb, member, allied to t* ■ 

Ooloa.k«lDo.« fV '-" 

the tower di v-L ' ^-.lnal canal or loi;* 

intestine. [Gr with '(Wi^, boCow.) 

eolle, kollk, •. a ui>'^u'.-t <.<i Utc tottm; acute paiu 
in the stooucli or bowels. 

OokBsl, kur'nti, p«. lit. the mnva or eAi«<'caplais o< 
» rejtiment. — n. colsB«Icy< kn/ncl-ai, his oAce cw 
rank. [Fr. : Sp.. old E. eeromfl; X* c#m«M» 
of the crown — corrma^ a crownj 

Coieoaaiis. See under Oatsav. 

Oolonr. kol'on-i, *. Ul. aa a^«d* or dufUmfi 
body of persoof who settle in another etnt 
cuutinuiog tiihject to the parent state ; the < 
try inhabited by such. [C £<*/mi^— i 
inhabitant— c«f^, lo abide, lo dwrelL] 

eoloalal, kolO'ni-al, ttdj. pertatuine to « ca!^*^. 
kol'on-U, v.t. to $ftMaht ; to plant 

rV a (U^ 


tUt, far ; ta£, bftr ; mXiM : nOte ; miUc ; mOQti ; $hau 



mImA^; mm* oTbdas e 

. telMiM. »MlwtoKliUiiMMlW<Mfrf 

: oooOaMic a BUM «c due Ac jT i^ 

» H < fc haiyan^JL », the dittr&«k«ofteofa^ 
fc- lay aa^^b»»*»iL 

i« IIBnCs ; s kiod of violet 
in s pnnliTupfc 
mif, pKKtXBsng to C^*/- 
^AfkEffia. ICWtowrAM, America, 

, ktafUi. ■. Bt tbatf t^uA b J^i ; a loaf, 
t bQ^y. «aed l« Mipiflft «r aAm * tmildiug ; 

fcsa4Ml-fr4iaM, «. iiiiiiirii rf^l 

, a ▼uue. tad mHA. f ny. J 
mflM, kSHnfo-u, ■. am wbo aa 
MMa^in ; an acfor. 

Ble, bon^ MvtBO. Icom'iV al. nh^. rebilaff m 
camgdyi niainx imrll) : droll — «ia>. tflmHy 

ftM, Obi mit,hts; mute; mow: oote; loQBn: ffaa. 

hilaff « ■ 



_ katnVl, m. III. tt j/itr- n-i!^^fUring\air; a 
in*inber of the s-tUr ^yvtcin. witli a very eccen- 
tric orbit and a niirlcm MiiT''Min<tcd liy a r<^nta 
or hatry-Iikc a('[<:, auA a luminous tail. 
IGr A*tt»/r/i, lots ■". hair.l 

««a*tar7. kom'c-iar :; to a comtft. 

oaaai, Coattan. ^ . _ > rtct. 

CoBfBit, kiiin'furt, v.i,, tf ttrrn^tAen ; to reUere 
from poin or dUtreix; lo cheer; to con»oIe : — 
/r,/. com'forting . Ai /. comTiirlcd. (Fr. <om- 
/ffrif—L. cMi, ana/ertis, 9irons.] 

twkfWt. kiim'fun, n., 'ttfxnj^th; reucr : encour*Kc- 
tnirri ■i-ir <ii-ii r rnirivtiifur ; freedom frora 
ariTi , enjoyment. Ac 

••mfor ' anmu or enjoy- 

in;; .:-. ..'..:!- I._i-'.:lj'. 

roKforUMi, liunt'ftitl-ics "•'^-i K'tlkifut com/oH. 

Ogoxlc. CemlckL See under Ooa«l]r. 

kuDt'tna, II LjL a fnrt cut off; in punctiia- 
ihe point | ,) wiiich niaiKft the Mtiallcat 
division of a sentence. [L. cctniHtt, Gr k^tttmn, 
a »cciton of a iwntence, from kcftf, to cut off.l 

CoBBaad. kom-iTuuid', r/. lit. /<• fut into cne$ 
Aatitt ; to ijive odc a chaiye over; in order; to 
•UOUQun. lo lead; to ejien:i*e »iiijrciii« AutJtoniy 
ovcr^ li> have within sicht, influence, or contrvw. 
— r.i. to have chief autficvrity over ; tofovcrn : — 
/r/. command'iug : /a./, command'ed. — «. an 
uroer . aulhuriry; incs&xjje : the nliilltv to nver- 
look or influence; (he thing ctimmaoacd. [¥t. 
ivmmiiHJrr—l., cimi, and tnattdf, i-j cotnmit to 
^wrowfij, the hand, and tif, ta give.] 

comouuuUjil, knm-nian-dani', n. an officer who has 
the i^ttrrmnti of a \\xciz or of a body of troopi. 

coBUaaadar, kom nund'cr, u., eru tt'Aa C/fMtMUiJx : 
in (ilTu-cr in ilit^ ruvy urxt m ntik under a cap- 
t.iin — M. eommand'tnUp. 

— iBDi a inUm . kuni-m.iiid'ini*. /u/j. filled lo imprcM 
ut control. — aJx-. eo&m&ad la^l/- 

laMi »<■■»!. liiini-niAnd tncni, »., n i.v*MMr<iM>/; a 
precept , one of the icn moral Iamv 

kum>niMli'Qr-a-LI, 4ufj. same as 

I, Vriin-mctn'O-rSt, r./., to krt^ im tft* 

mrmvry or miMd; lo call to rcroembranoe by a 
fcjlemn w:l or obtervalion : — Pr^- commem'orfl- 
(■ig ;/'•'/ cj-niincrn'OrAlcd. — w. w— ■■orm'U— . 
[L. £om*H€*neiraiMS, l<a-p- of cfftnmnm»rarw in 
r<nieinb<rr— v^Mf, intetuive, and tnem^r, mindful.) 
"■—■ WBOHUn, kom-inem'O-rA-liv, aftj. tending or 
serviux t" caMimemaraU. 

Oeam«Bc«, kom-n)cn&', f. r, ^fl htg:iH ; to originate ; 
to take rise — v.t, to begin; lo urigtaale, iocuut 
Upon ; /r./. coiamcng'inj ; /a./ commenced^ 
\Jt. cfimtMrncer, U. ceminhiirf, L. f4'«w, and 
tmitiaTt, to begin — 1~«, itiit>, and rt>. to jjo.] 

•MKMMotBtmtt kom-tT^nt'tncnt, m. the beginning ; 
the ihioK begun 

OoamtDd, Lom-niend', f.f., to eommand ot ^ut into 
ifuftitn.iji/l togiveinto the charge of; torecotn- 
utend as worthy ; to prai*c :— /r./ commend'ing ; 
/4./. coaifflend'cd. (from root of Oonaiaad] 

•MuindaM*, kotn-mcnd'a-bt, tuij. wonhy of being 
ecmfHTtiffrif or prmiacd. — ittfv. ecaaaad'aUr. — m. 

•MiBiBdatln, kom-m<n ■ir/'.hiin, r . ihf iutc/e^m- 
mrfuiing: praiK m. 

••auDVBdaWry. kuTii I . "unJi'n^ 

containing praitc 1 retcntiu^ 

to favourable notice •ji tccv;*U»u. 

CkMBouium&J*, kom-men'sQ-ra-bl. *(;., hmrlnc ■» 


of being measure I 
number without a T' 
(L. cu«», with. .1!!'] r . 

, to rrt' .usUb*ii ifaf^Hr 

t, u.// . "/ t^t 

With t cqii.!! Ill inciMirc ureitent 
n wiih. -o^e* caBUB«a««na«l7 
■ratoMH, coAnitBma'uoa. 
mt, kom'incnl. n. a nutc conveyin|{ an ill*- 

iration or rrplaaitioii; a miuark, \\\wm\ miiw. 

criiici^tn. — jm. lor kom-mmi i.i maL-r mtical 

<xptanator>- notca. — hj. cos: ~ 

[L. tammfHtuHi, a tho .. 

ftimiscfr, (^mtmrtUut, lo r.: .... — «(, 

mfHt, the mind | 

««ma«urT. kom'ment-a-ri, K^ it arMMai^ 

bMik or body of cuininentA. 
DoBMiTM, Lom'm^T^ m. iniei 

isf on a large KaJ« hetwfftt ■ 

ciitendcd trade or m6i>. 

ship. (Fr. iPMirtKnr, I.- 

with, and mer.T, tnerxtr, k 
coamarelal, kom '-r ■^^- 1 ■ 

tmmr; met' 
CaWBlaattOB, 1 

divitte threat m ;niv 

thrt4trningi tiudr 

L,n}:Iiih Church. [ : 

to threaten gre^atly — i."n. e.lct 

In thre.Tlcn.] 
•ommtnatory, iitirr.-m'in'x-'.fyr-\, irr/' 

denouncing i .. 
Ooajkliifla, k<i 

firitA :- /r./. 

[L. f^m, logett.- :, .\^.^.\ lll&«l» j 
O—laata, komnun 01, r./. to ntdutK tft 

/arfitJej or to powder:—^*',/ com' 

/rt /. com'tntiiutcd-^*. MUial&a*! 

imi*iw, -trftt^, to break uita pic 

miaiiif, fipom ^:i''i;,:, !r-'. ] 
CaaaUtfiiU, k. r r^.t , ts 

ntiifrtft r/it ■ ~jf •/- 

ing: A'> ' (L « 

<-^m. with, and Diuer^^r, U» dcplocc, 

wretched. 1 
•OBBJairalipB. koni-iBtg^r-l*tliun, m^ 

sufleriags of others , pily. 

&C., CanBlnlw, &c. Sec 


Commit, Icm-mit*. v.i 
thing; to intrust: tn 
loptcdT"- -*- ■* 


inociii.. . i -. -^...t, 
ooBBlttal, kom-niti tai, 

actual or implied. 
eammW— . kuio-nut'tJ, «. one or oinc pviBSI 

whom any matter or buati>rts n .■<ia*>Sl>^ \ 
eonuilHUT, kowls-Ar-i, «. oik Iu vhon 

it cammintd ; an o(Kc«r who Wa Ai 

fumishiDg (tTifTiMnnx, &.C In aa amif. 

iHismirr, from L. 

oowimlwartal, k<..ia>mIs-cS'ii^t, t$^, |aaulm^tit 


«aaualHarUi, kon)-mi»-U'ri-«r, w 
dtiiies of a ivmutittttry in tb» ai- 
olTicers iu the (■•iiiint.\MLrT*t «{ci^' 

Qte, fAr ; mft, hir ; m\nc ; mQ\e \ itv(li« ; ntOOn *. lAm. 

fT**^'— '"^ 



r. {!_ 

-- -rf ^ 

m. Bt . # L ■ I II ; • 
««Mi«, fr«« 4PM, *4l>k aM wi ^ w. a ma 

' '^>^ .*- ^^^^^~- ^^ ^^^^^^« 

i*mJ; ftcqaatf; can to b* sm: «■ Hi 
wriAT.— «. aosct W^cvaBlBBl,aadaB 


matmm.Um'm H.m. memciA^t> 

>»^bf <fl>*H«McWr ■! II 

a 94an, « t4|k oTdUeoune] 

«>r., Mr f*mmmf$90it: tbcir 
<>.. the 1«s«er Houac «f Pwfia- 
«jf GMaswoi; I iiMfwi iMd; 

— — '-— ' in ■ vf Male ; ifce pMfie 

c^pi£ ; a luvn M Eovcnt- 
"tvcr it Indeed wub ibe 

' wimtiau or 
a, phxncal 

C^FS, and mr^t^, mrtmi, to IB0V«>] 
kl^-nOa*. r,r T- rraV- --rrtimBBta MMT- 
t>eccb«r; to 

-. a. 

. fe makt cammmt ; 
: ^ipatc; to beuow. 

fnittr: c^Hdjr aari iHv •■■< : fas . ^mm -, 

li M^^j. pa^ W o ^ /l ^^ jM a . miitii, 
ama/m^im.t^ 6maL, t>^ aka to ^Ma. ^w; to 

~'; • »««. e»«»sy. or aaiaa. [U .j b h^ '- 
riM laH/aiiniii. 600 c^^vhIi, aad/aoMwr. 
to Kkkc a baicam : akia to '■i /r, u b^>) 
""■■ fi"* k*»tojiMr'r». «- U. aaa *te fca^ or 
cats kremd mnik aaoiker ; oaa ate fccoa caaa> 
paor or fraqacailj a»anriai« mkawoSfev; aa 
aaouate ok panaer. t^r. i to ym'J toa. Sp^ tmtf 
^mn»i from low U ina^anHinM. a t gto f. 
fMi. wiik. aa4>«n«. Weal)— «. c— p»a1 1 Hi 
^■ aln—M ^. kDO-pan'yita-a-U. a^z-.X' t* 9* * 


f a i^^i aa ; afreeable.— ^mV. cM»»»litoMy. 

r, Imni'pa'cu. ■. He. a Mk» 
Amy; may aManbly (>f pcrk.Mi-. 
pvnona aMociatad locetiiar (or 

Cfc, fir: Die, ber: muie; netc; mOrc: oiGDn; fAcn. 


, .1 a ftibtUviuoii at a r*ciai«nt: the crew of 
a ddji ; state of bcin^ a companirra ; fcltnmhip ; 
Kkdety.— ^.1^ to afsooatc writh. [Fr.r*v«(/<i/iu#.] 

fl^MlpM^ Itom-plf'. f.^ lit t.-^ jr* t-^.'th.-'-, /(j/ttiVor 
tmattJk; to set ihinjis ti< ^uin tinw 

far thoy a^c« or diiaer-. represent 

aAcioiiux; iDjrrtt'<r., tri ; Live. — v.i. 

to be tike or cfjad ■ junuiu: — 

GOOIpAr'inK: Ai-/ ll'- ctrm/am. to 

mftteh, from ft.'wr. t . /vtrv, to uut.} 

■oavanbl^ kora'paj-j-M, >>•//, r4df fwd;;' ^ arm- 
Jmnd: worthy or compartson ; beinc of equal 
ng»m.~-adc. Mm'tmnMf, 

•OBfMltTC, kom-par'a-tiv. Mtf. ccttmiiad b^ rwf- 
fawing with sometluDB cue ; not pontive or 
absolute ; in grmm,, expresriog more. M f v, cm- 

fwpirlwm, kom-par^-iun, n., tke att pfcfrnfofin^; 
compkritive cslinuLie ; a umile, or fijpure by 
wfawh two chi«fi are cocapftred : in fwm., the 
tDOeciioQ of aa adJeedTo. 

O&m^u^nA, kam-pdn'inctir« n. » •epanic /« r*f 
or diviMoa of any «»cla«ed space: a tubdtvmctn 
of a carria^. [low L. cam/artii»trtttm«m — L. 
eampmrtiorj to divide with— w*r, with, ond/Ar^ 
iter, to dinde— /dnr, a part.} 

OagH^Mi, kam'pas. m. lit. d ptutimr ncwmf. so that 
the starting point a n d tnc enoing point come 
tofpethtr; a circilt ; «7ace : Uaiit ; raiifc : itn 
inttntnient connstinff of a magnetited needle, 
tued to steer »hip*l]V, ftc— //. mb^mm*, an 
uutnuQcnt coDMstiiig of two morable lags, for 
describtog cifclei. ftc. [Fr. fimtpiu ; l,i«- L. r<nM> 
fauug — L. cMn, toectbcr. ar>»l fiattHx, a itep.] 

coM p Mi . kiim'pAt, vj., tef<ut or ^v fvwtd: V» «ir- 
pMjuiJ oi cnclofe ; to beitege : to bring about or 
obtain ; lo cciotrivB or ploc:— ^^. ccm'iasnag ; 
fa.f. com'passed. 

OiaptalM, kom-pash'un, n. lit a snfftrmg ruitk 
another : fympatfay; feDuw-feeling: pity. [Fr. — 
L. fw»r^wxi>— cOTW, with, and /a^fi"', /diMX, to 

knin-p.uVun-at, adj., duf&fd to 
comfi^jiani tymiiathUiag : incuncd to pity or 
m Ixavc mercy tipuo. — ■ct. lo tiave maipa&suHi 
for : lo hive pity or oien.-y upon v— compaV- 
•iooliiiii; ; /i*^. eompaxionuted. — adv. eonpM'- 

OmpatlM*, kom-patl-bl, ad}., tMntt*M ht«r ^titk ; 

that «uil& nr n^rirci with: wiilxble. — adv. coia- 

pUlMr. [Fr. — L. ct^m. wi\h,/^fufr, lo bear.] 
nnpatlblllty, Uon-pat-i-hil'i-ii, n., tJi^ hting com- 

fiatSfU; iniE^ti.Iil}'; tjiniilcncy. 
CmpaMoI, koni-p,l iri o(, r7.//., ef tkt samt faHUr- 

Imnd or country. — r.. ore of ibe iame country, 

and havini; like intenrrti and foeliaf*. W^ c^m, 

with, and rfttflM.) 
OOMPMr, kcKn-pCr*, «. . rmt wAn ts fipiat t» nnothrr ; 

A compoatoi] ; an usodatc. 1 L. (omfittr — f.7W, 

with, snd Tta, (romfiar, equiL) 
0«mp«l, knin-psr, f.r.. iff driv* or un;e on ^'r» 

<it>ty', to fAWt^r . — fir.f'. cmnpellin^; cotn- 

pellcd'.—^u/y. coDp«U'«blB. [L. c^m, intcnuve, ami 

A*'''-. *■ ' ■■ ' 

^ompav. . ifie net <!ftfimfi*ffiȣ i 

fen " 

twaiialii-t. ;..• .11-1 "' ^"' i-wBsatlaarr, kom-pul'sor-i, 

•atf", Aatnng fi^wer fv- cfnt/ti; forcing.— o^t-i. 

conpvl'idrtty, cempol'wirlly. 
CoBpoMISB. knm-pea'd) iitn. K. lit. « ^u^i^-fuug 

i0gti}ur or //(J»?«i'— hence, a saving ; a «hunesi- 


inx : ao abridjciaitnt. [L. «mw, fiQgctiier« a&d 

mot oi fi-ende, to wei^b.] 
• MH W nd tow, koa>-pea'd»-ua, ••■{r^ short ; coa^tfvh^ 

»tve.— 04^9. MKPW'lM4r> 
OmBpaaaftB, koov-poi'clt, or kcm^iCB-«t|; «^. Ul J 

jC/tAT «cviM/j^ mu^,- M ^Tve equal • 

lo rewaiu suitably ror Mmce iwacra 

cotnpcn'feUing; /Ml^ oovpcn'dxed. CX» 

intrnure, and /MUi, to weigh.] 
fwiwiienMlliM, koni-pca ift^shuii, «.. «rf ^ < 

suiini', nward for sen" 
eaapaoMtoty. kora-pen'n-tor-i. mi^^ mrv img ^ 

cmnfitumttitm; otaking aauodft. 

OaafsU. kotDswC', vJ., to stfk or sMve mfirr lit 
iomt tJuMg iu atittntr ; to oontsnd for & ivijo— 
>r./. conqA'ing : oompA'ed. (L.i 
t. together, and fift^, to leek.] 

, kom-pf-li&h'ui), H.t tkd Aft tf* 
conunoa strife fi^tr the ^unc obiecL 

kooi-pet'i-tiv, md/'* p***^'iMng Iv 
produeiac eomfietitiim. 

OMvalifearTlcoai'pel^-tor, «. , #m# «4# rf'iiisi/iiilj 
rival or oppoocou 

Ooayataai, Intm'p^tent, oi^,, $mtiMilfi 
di; bekiaging. [L. comfittto, tn strive aflier 
gedwr, lo agree — tfwi, with, and ///«'. Id 
— oAh •oa'vataaUr. 

««a9a*iB0% Kom'pC^teaa., «. fitoessi 
le^al power or capacity. 

OsttpOa, koRi<iTl'. I'. /. lit. yi» J 

to carry off; to form a body of 

the worics of QD* or morv authgrs ; to i 

Uatemcflts nf fsct, o|naioa, Ac. : to i, cooipiriog *. fi*-fi, compllsd'. — 

\\*.e0wtfiiia—am,\x>n^^,nxii^fiila, lopluntitf.] 

TMIinillnii. bonv-pi-U'wiun, «., Ummci o/ ..-ixm/Hrngt 
or the thing compiled ; a hteisry work cc 
ing ot parts iekcm from Tarioas audionb 

OoBiplytt, kotn-pU'sent, ed^.,fiita$img; 
gratified; dviT — adv. aamfl^'tm^. 
fitaerfu — com, tnteattve, and fitmcm. to 

sen-si, M. pleasure ; satislkction : crriKty. 

oonpUlMBt. kom^pU-iaot, or -sant*! adj. 

CABplMtBL \Jr.—c»mtfitAirt, L. tomfiUu^^'^ 

ooaplklnae*. kom'plVxj 
DotnplicMic*. [ Fr ] 

Oaaplats, kom', r.t. orig. i« htat tttt^ 
hfmst lu a tign »/ grit/; to csprcia 
censure : to mumiur or express a aeiue i 
toaccu&e: — ^j^f.^.cr'tn plaining ;y«/.ooii 
[Fr. ct'mfilaitarr, low L, (i>mftt%nffmr~ 
IcnMvc, .ind/i»«Vi', Gr./J?jj.', Ia»lrikc.] 

eoaplalna&t, kom-t^hnaiit, n.,<mfa3ho Qtwr/JUaaij 
in Uau, one who urges a niit. 

eomplilnt, L/itn>pl3nr, n., a cvmfitaimimgi an 
preuion or gTicf: a reprocntaiion of fn3m 
mjuiici: afiiuUagfault: thcihir\gconipluncdi 
ConplBkHat. See uihIct < 
See under CcmplcU. 
kfun-plil', £>,(., to/iUvp. (muh.orj 
to accoaipUsli : — complct'ing ; fa,fi, 

tntefutve, and /j*c. to hll. 1 


ciency: perfect : ftnuhod. 

lujiii-iil^c', iuij.._fi/M mi; free- from iS^ 


kom-plff'thun, m-, tht mst gr 
■; fulhlmoit. 

ttimg eamfiUte ; fulhlmoit 


Qte, Qr : mC, bftr : mTnc : mAte : m(Ue : taC&u : /Acn. 



mm4 «f ^BSc iLco cue, ttr of Btaii/ pXtt; Aoc 

tqcctker, .uad /^^ rmc of /Anv 


fccp-pldt'ihiiii. ■., /V s/«J)r ^Stamg 
M^hfer; IciSbk; ic i ap cg a iac a t ; ha» ot Ac 
■ia; ciMnl vppcanBce. 

or A uusjtti *'"'!'* ' in**"* or mic» 
f, kaa-fldr'si-t^ m. state ofl«^ 4a a s^ fc». 
,&& Sm vBdcrOiaii^ 

I. •'.JL. U miti or //«!/ 
MMltir. and ^&a, /Jin^mn, to £ild.J fice 

yieU ■Most ; to ftgTe* :—d^./. cm*- 
' /ft/. MopKetf. fold Ft. 
. tocSbc*. «i4/tt.!>, to iaU.) 

: «fncaieiii. 

It, «., «• Afitfuf Jtr tte 

•r >w*>i«r : aa csfHcsMoa of ■uuid or 

: 4diaUe Saocry. [Fr. <M^^Ub«Mr.) 

IW(tV)i-w en t , p /. lo pij % oatafH^ert 

u>: to cSHpa» raped for: to pciMc: to flMte* 

rji cOB^&Mndac; >«.>. coa* '* 

diiJuf or 

Mb «■ Ac cfesecnii uf a c^cnVQBBd. [L. caw. 

lMfn-i- iW^ or fot oKt: «o 

•aoMii. ' ^eif uBt'M aoL ■• 

I >-#r^- c>)sti«uat uv : /B^ ooeipQircd. 
fl. mm, tognimr, tm ptr^^. toosrirj 
law^ fc— pfli*. r./ , A* ^•nv iMTXArr-; na Com 
l>Tin^ay t«<» utatm pwt« ar tMa0iicccAer ; 
•A ^bcB m fdir; ea Mf ai Kit '. (o ioeaK : la 
Mi lyyc* « ■nfa for (fftmiu; lo 
^IpoBBM tAc MiUinr of, «9 a boo( > 

HCeiber. >nd/««*, ftsitmm. lo pbcc 

EiKXp0t», «»rfUTX.a UcadiHS flf tfac Icsie 

Hh^ ^tfOi-aO-jliib'Ma. a., the ff cramfmt' 

iMNC *f MJnrtt'ir • * cvini" - zrac* 


fXte, X^. aie, lite; aOat; laOcj 

' I ^B^^* 



Inft /«>. compacted. (L. c^m/tit^ fVoni cnm, 
lofeuier, and /•/<>. lo rtckon.) 
•«ftp«taU*, kompata-bl. tut/., tAai may Ar AMt- 


Mmpvt&Uoa, kntn-pO'iS'&Kun, m., nrt f/camfutimf i 
ttic sum or quariiiiy <:ompured : atim^tc. 

OaKtftdi, ItomV-ld. "r. lit. n eMnml>fr'maie i a com- 
panion. (Kr. camaraJt ; 1l oumwrutA — L.. 

Dm, Von, a oontraction of L. tamtra. afliast; bj 

ID pr» ftnd OOB, fnr und agaitut. 
Om, kon. T'.r. tit. IffJttM ot JtMffw; to inquire into ; 

to cfiDimit lo memory :—^r*, coiui'inji ; ^-f- 

conned'. (A.S. ruHHAn, lo kdow, CMtnimM, lo 

inquire into. Goth. knHH/M, to know.] 
OMMaUaals, Von-kat'f-nAt, v.A, ta cAmm or /fj«<( 

toftthfr : to connect in a chain or »criu :— /r./. 

cv>nc»t'^niIii)B ; /<>./■ concat'OtUtcd. [L. r«w, 

In^cthcr, and r<jr/H<r, n chxin.} 
MncatcaatlaB, kan-kat.^n£'&]ivui, w. a irries of 

links iinitcil ; a series of things depending on 

each tttl'ier. 
Oncav*. konVXy, «^^, c^m^UUly keltovr; airred, 

vaulted, or arched. — «. a hollow ; an arch or 

vault. (t.. ct>m(H\>mf, from tvn, intensive, and 

eavux, hollow. ) Sec OaTa. 
••■eavttr, kon-kavl-ti, iv. the inner surfiice of a 

concave or hollow body. 
0—nal, kon s£t', r./.. fpkidt comfittely or cmrt- 
/miiy; to keep secret ; \Q diaguisc; to keep from 

telling ; — ^^ f. conCe-al'mg ; f^-^. concealed*. 

[Ij. tefictlfl. from ret, «{[. complctouesi, and 

cMEp, Iv hide : Nkin (o A.S. htlam, to Hide. ] 
MBaaalaUi, kon-»^'a-bl, adj., that m*y 6^ am- 

—iilmiBt. koo-sel'ment. ■>., act t/ efimcm/vtjr; 

secrecy: disguise; hidinc-pUce. 
tewtatft, kun-^d', v.t., tegoaxoar/rtmii taettit or 
give up : to quit : to lurrender : to admit, lo 
pa/il -ts«. to admit or graiit :— /^y. conrtd'- 
ing : /*»./■ concWed. [L. cmtcn/e, fram <em, rig. 
camplctciieo, and iftio, to go, lo yield.) 
fltBOtaioB, koQ-scsfa'un, »., ar/ ii/ c^fneMnci the 
thing conceded : a grant. 

!•», koo-*e*'iv, rtJ,^'. implying r^'Kvm/'f*. 
koti-*«*'or-i, atij., ctnctSmg; yielding. 
Scc- See iinfler 

OiaealT*, kan-»^, r.f. lit. to take or /aj* kotd e>fffH 

all litift ; to receive into, and form in the womb ; 

to form m the tmiid ; In imagine or iJtink . tti 

unOer»Und-— v.i*. lo become pregnant ; to think ; 

lo Itave an idea of :— /r.jl. concciv'tnc; ^-/. 

oooccivcd'. {L. catutpia, from om, ug;. conv 

pleieticss. and t»pifi. \a take.] 
MBMivaUa, kon-s^a-bt, adi.^ that may be cx"t- 

trifnf, undcntood. or believed.— «u/i'. oonoatT^- 

aUr-— !>■ eOOMlT'lblMML 

MBcavfelva, koa-v.-p'»huii, nr. , fV act mf ccmetartM^ ^ 
state of being conceived: the thing conceived; 
a notion. 

«a eal >, bun-set', n., a (oncrptifn, or thing conceived 
in the mind ; idea ; imagination ; pleasant, fan- 
tastical, or affected notion ; opinion : favourable 
opillkm of adf. (Port, conceito, Sp, (Onttfitv, t.. 
tvntf/tmr, pa. p. of cmtcipif. ] 

t w ii m . kun-«£t'ed, ■»//, hnzung eorvtit ', having 
a hich iiplnion of one's *<\i , e^otiaiical. — <]</c'. 
■— w lfafly. — M. coaeslfadaiM. 

0— i »>r i, kon-Knt'6r, v.t. tn tend lo or meet ia n 
€amita*n cmtr*. — «./. lo bring or direct to a cuoi- 


tnofi o«nlr« or poitit :— /^.^. coitctnl'riiac : 
oonccnl'ped or txmoenixred. [Fr. cemcrmi 
L. earn, wttli, mad efntnttm^ uie centre. | 

Wala, kon-sea'trSt, c , A to bring or fonw U i 
(iftMinim cmtrr; tci bring into i cliMcr uniea, 
a noiTDwer compass : to condeiue :— /r./. 
ccn'tr^ting ; Ai-/- conc«n'trAl«d. 

aaawatratioa, Kort-«en-tri'«hun, «.. at/ f/i 
tr,tiiM£ i &Lilc of being conrcninted , 
Kit ion. 

•■DceatraUv*, kon-fcn'tra-tiv, aiff., ienJin^ ia , 

MMtatric, k<m-sen'trik,»«a^ 
Oifj,, kavinf n {jrHim<»M (fHtwv. 

OoBCvpUoa. See under Coiw*!**. 

Oooosra, Voa-Um' ,r.t. lit. ta t<\}k (•*, t* to : loanect ociiiier(.Ai ; lo make 
— /r/. concern 'ing, /ix./. concerned'. —«. 
wfiicn concerns o# belongi to one; incwi 
regard ; aaaicty ; a businca or thM« ' 
with it. (I,. tmtcrwnOt from can, log;«tfMr» 
c#v»#, lo sift, to see. J 

«aBmrBa4. kon-simd', nHj, Itaving connection with ; 
inlrnnled ; afunous.— ^luir. BoantB'arilj. 

kna-f«m'ing, /n-A regardiof ; 

tng to. [/r./. of OoaflMm.) 
Oiactrt, kon-s^t', p./. Mu ta ttrh* or pW 

oihtn for some purpose; lo frante by n 

consultation; lo arrange, adjust ^-^^^.y.. 

cert'ing ; /a./, conccrt'cd. ( t r. 

together, certart. to contend, vie with ] 
eaaosrt, koa'strt, n. union or ogrecmetil in 

plan or undcflaking ; harmony ; muucsl hai^ 

mony: a rauucal entcrtaiiunent. [Fr.J 
cflBBartlaa, kon-s4r-t4'na, n. a muuca) iosmuncnt* 

on the principle of t -i. acconlion. 
eowMtta, kun-ȣr'tl>, n. a piece of niutic for 

ctmctrt. (It.] 
HswimIiml &c. Sec uttJer i 

Oaoek, kongk, a. a marine tM*tt. (L, etteJ^t 

i^ngrAf, San«. fitnJkika, a shell.] 
eeodUfireai. kong-kiTdr-us. atf/., htm'ar . 

th'lt. [L. e^acAa, ivnd/erv. to bcar.f 
evaebotdal. kone-kotd'al, adj. having elevation* 
deprc^Mont lite ihc valve of a bivalve MMi, 
kfofch^, and etii»», form.] 

konE'kol'o-ii, n. til. 
^ /»h< 

larot, a discounc] 

shtlh; the science of shells, t^r. 

kong koro-ftstf w. one vened ta 

n—fifflitt, kon-stl'i-St, v.t. lit. ia eatt or hri/^ 

grtkrr; to unite in thought or feeliog ; lo ' 

THcndly ; lo gain, wm, or reconcile : — ^•^. 

cit'i&ting : /a./. conciriAted. (L. nnvtVM, f*»- 

ctltatm — CPU, toj^cther, eaif, lo call.] 
eoaelllatlea. koasil-i-A'shun, *-, «*:/ f/eateitittm 
eeocUlator, kim^'i-S-tor, m., a<m^ ttJia 

a peacemaker, 
eoadilalory, kon-iil'i>a'Cor-i, ael/., t^mi*mc t» 

ciliiatf, winning: [»ci&c. 
OoaelM, koci-sTs', (U/. lit. «rwf /V-'- *•- ' - 

brief: syingmuch in few w- 

eon, sig. completeticss, and .«.*.. <■.- ...j^.. 
ooadMoB, kon-nzh^un, «., « cnUm£ dtmu or 4lf , 

divition ; a faction. 
Ondav*. konlctlv. la. lit a roon kept 

m/ with a Mty: the room in wKIcb 

f&ic, QU : nc, htr ; mitMs ; moie ; moce : maaa : Men. 

llca^nc «D«dior pt—f«i of the 
[L. tic acrces. jl |Kn. ataf. «/ 

pC^ mdj. til. frvara taggtM^r; ftvmed 
■w : cmcekled , Cfce ocy oM I e of 

^ pBftx jrowifljc togvthcr : a cmb- 
btim «rkme, vjumI, pcbUei, Ac — 

ktf, tfrVff". ri^^MMM« 10 crow.) 
r*r, »j. , *# /*w iftrtkrr ; to unite 
* — »,/, to fonn into 

^kttttir, ai^-t cauiimg or laving 

OBloa of fvfgrtie r«niclc». 

i^a» v|)o cohatiu or lives with a 
bcinc msrned. [L. cvwcm^iMa — 
Md f*^ Bo Li' down.] 
k^A'itfk^. M. stale of GvtBZ 
lASKd wife Hithoui being tnarnetf 
Mllifr^l^ aJj. peruinin^ to convu- 

QBd*! mtii (Sown : 19 daacaad wffi*^ fr<i^ 
: to yieU or vilaMt : to r ' 
T./. coodCaoeadnic; >«./■ condfem 
CM, tatearive, and dti mda, to dcaooid.) 

koodf'* e oi l ''w^ ^'. ywUiag Bii^ 
tarehn-B: canrleoui: oMicin^. 
iH i i aiai%, koo-dfraen'ihun, n., met ^ 
Kmding; Itindnr^ to iajanowi ; coiucesf. 
B. koo-drn', o^'. lit- wMfy dMMmnmgt 

ermiligwmtt fnxn rwM, 
dicuu, wtMTiiy.] 

OiiltMta*. kon'di-utcnt. «. itur which is put along 
with toaiethioe ckc to /trxm^ nt |ucUe it ; 
scasomnc: unce. [L. etni4tmfmthm — (wiKilw>, 
to procrvc, to pickte. | 

Oaadlttaa. kon-dlth'uii, m. stale in which tliinga 
4m/ tggrtkrr, m rnM : a pAtticiiIar manner 
Dciug : quality ; rank : temper ; a iBrm of 
contract ; profsotat ; nmngcment. — v.%. to n 
tcnn>. — v.t. to agree dpoii — ^-Z- cowli'tioiii _ 
/«.]•. tnriiU'liniicil. [L. iMUiitia — 40m, to^otitcT^ 
aua </f, (Lttmm, \.t piil.' 

Olcv Or; m^, Aiti-; mTne; roAte ; otOtc; nOOct ; Men, 



ihe l>ii^i; cMi'igncd; the wriluig by whkh Any- 
diint I* •-■~'f>■.l!.^".<^J. 
CoKlUt tnn si?t . r.f. lit ta tUutd itgriXiff; to 
Oimunui.' fued : to be cootainctl ; lo be oanpoaed ; 

c<>n\Ui'cii [L ccHMjl^-'Ccn, si^. coot^ueteocss, 
311.1 t'l sund, Gr. Autfmj\ to cuuc 

to -■-■", to Maud.] 

;it, ati/. fixed ; afH Ruid ; agree- 

ir , V cffHsuitnt, fojtA, or fina : a 

dtiti--: iif d.n-iitv ; subsLuicc : afreciucot. 

*mtMMy, kon-sUt i»r-t, m. lit. a nanJuig or vnutinE 
pU<.e ; at) aiMcoibly ct council ; a ipirixuol or 
ccxJcsSastici) court. —d^. coudiU'iUL 

CguoeUllMi. koD-fi6-&!ii-4'ithun, n., c^mpoMitmMAJ/ 

COM. wUIi, jMiW, KOBtpaman*! 
Oaninto koo-kal'. v.t. to give JvAtcir or comjori ; 

ti checf in distre**:— /r./. cottsflfing; /a./. 

f •lOvnlcd'. [L. tiiK, ititeruivc. rvad ^i^/cr, to coot- 

fort. St-c 8oUc». )—M. orauot'ar. 
coBMUbl*. lLOti-»0l';L-'[>l, lU^.. t/iAt mttty bi camaoU^. 
MOMlaUai, kon-sC-Ui'Khuu, n., act cf 

»t>la£tf ; comfort ; alleviation of mtMry. 
•oawUlM?, koo-fiul'a-lor-i, a^'- , trmding t*t»ns6lr. 
CBBBoUdala, kon-fiol'i-dat, v./., to iibMir m^id or 

^rm ; to fnnn inm a rntnpact niaiB ; to unitB into 

one.— p.i, lo erow «>bd or firm : to imito i—fr-f. 

couol'tdSlinB './^-^ coasol'idAted. (L. comtoUdo, 

cfimt^Udt^iu — TDM, inteDsive, and j^idut^ feoUd.] 
cWBaftUJaitoii, kon-«ol-t-dJl'ihiiii, ■., art »/ cMUoii- 

dating: Uate of bcioc coiuolklaicd. 
AOBMli, kno'soli. N./£ that pan of the Britkh 

Ralional debt which conaiits of the 3 per cent. 

Annuiiicj eoHtftluLtitd into one fiiixL 
OwinBiMt, koeSon-ant, ttdf. Uc. tatmJit%ff witk 

someihinK eUe : agrrenblc ; consistent ; stntable. 

— ff. an articulitiuu which caa be touoded oolv 

with a vowel ; a letter rcpresentiitf such a wuotL 
[L. ce»ii}tuint, pr.p. of 
with, and tema, to touod.] 
CMMBMMk kon'ton-aiui, n. a state of acrcemcnt ; 

ainctnent or tiaboti of wiifids ; coacotit 
O h— w t, kon*»art. n, one that iharei tXt lame L't 

tmiik aiathdr; a partner ; a compoaioD : a wife 

or hnsbaod ; an accompaoying tlup \ union : coo- 

cumttce. (L. eomMrt, bom cam, witli, and wn, 

uriia, a lot) 
ooBMct, koa-«ott', vM to asKciate; to loarry. — 

v.t. to Join ; to WAxnx—pr.^. ccuuori^iiig ; /a/. 

Oa M p lK BML kot^spik'Q-us, n4j.^ cUmrtjt teen ; 

visbk to the eye or miod ; praoiioau ; cnincnt ; 

oclcbca led. — odW. eooaple'aoaalr — m. itinf1*SirM 

ami. (L. omMMcwiB cviu/tcw—cMi, uueusive, 

ud f^Mf, to boh.] 
OM^Ira, koo-«pIr', »,C lit. ta hrrailk* t^grtJirr: 

10 acreo ; to concur to one end : to unite for bad 

eoda: 10 plot:— ^./. coosplrliur ; >a.A con- 

Aplred*. [1.. ceua^ro ec u, together, and fjMro, 

o uatfA n wr, koi>-«pir'a-*i, m. a t^utdiog togocber lor 

an evil purpow ; a plot ; conouTeoce. 
eoBipdralar, koa-«pir'a-<ot; m., on* tuJur eomj/int ; a 

OoautaUa, kuo'tta-bl, rt. Kt. foumt ef the xtaiU ; 

maitrr 9/ tkt hifrtt; thenoe api^d to other 

oJEcengrnennyofhigii rank; a peaee-ottoer ; 

a poUocmu.— <*. nwililiiirtip. [fr. 
Il (fiKtustabiU ; L. ea mtt itai»^, count tS I 
itahitittm, fttable.] 
MiUkaUiy, koa-rtal/a-Iar.j, a4/- . ^rttimt^ 

a ms t aii n or peai^Mafficcrs.— «. ttic body snea 

riiMMltat. koo'itaalf it^'-i tfiuumg jSrwt j 
imchangeablc ; coatinu»I ; faitiuaL— -Nk 
which remains uochaog eA -a d *, uaanaal 
earutant, from cmuta, 10 ktani] fina — e«^ i 
sire, and j<p. Co statuL) 

BMaitaaer. koDftan-d, ft- , jMU fi/hti^ 
fixedatm ; uochaageahleneaa. 

pBMlillalka. koQ-itel-tft'ihun, «. , <• c9mf 
aa assottbtacB of beuititt or ci 
fnufrf£tfw, mna com, ng. connection, i 
a Mar.] 

C— tafaUaa.kooHtir-aa'*htin. 1 .« tA% 
or mta (Wff/amn ; terror which 
fuxion ; astoaiahtnent ; horror. [1. 
— amxtemr, consttrmitut, from ceu, 
pletcQOS.aQi] Mtfrru\ to Btrew, to thji 

OoocUpala, koD'sti-pAt, v.t. , itf^rrttciaxtly i 
to stop up; to niakcoo»(t«c : — /r^. con'i 
>•,/. coa'stipOicd. [U em. locwihtf. 
tttfia/HSt to press, Gr. *t*H4, to toma I 

lOBvUpallaa, kon-su-pil'&hiu^ m^ md fT c 
iM^i costiveneH. 

OmmiiWi, koB'tci-tQt, 9J., hi — W A* fi««/ w 
/laef lagriitT : losetup; taestablJdif bcai 
to be ; to fonn or c o mno a e : tn appofaf >— ^/ 

coo'ititaiiag : ><■./. ooffsiit&tcd. (u ca^Mt 

CfiHt/iitUur, from rcw, together, «kd <<Htfav tr 
make to ttand, to placr — sCli, to staatf.) 

ffwnrtltiMt. koo-fttitO-cnt. «uCr.. oMuCOMiv C 
fornuDg; cucatial; elcmeotaL — it. lie «r ite 
w hidi coDstttutca or c oai poa ea ; aa evKBsl «■ 
elencnlal port 1 be who appcast* or chd ', 
delegate or representatiTe. 

camUtoaicy, kon-Uil'Q-ca-si, m, Ihe 

eoufcltaUoa, koO'Sti-ta'thitn, w.fAc^V''^ 
the thing oonitituted ; um aMnial 
body or mind ; a lyctcM of bvs aad 
the eatabtiifacd form of govcnuncnt ; 
law or uaagc 

oMuUtBlleaal, kon-Kti-tO'shtm^, 4td/, 
the attuHtmtioM or natursi fnKbe ; 
agreeable to the cooBtitulian or fraiae c#| 
inent: legal. — adv. 

kon-sU-cO'tbuD-al-tfL t 
Uk, kon-ati-tfl'shuo-tst, r. one iilio w 
ttituti»i»al govcmmcoL 

ouMttattra, koo'sti-iiU-iv, md/,, tkai 1 
establishes ; essential ; having powt 

OBBitnJa, koo-«tr2o', v.t , io 
£<tM*r; to band ; to urge willi 
to forte :— /r./. coiutiatn'ilig :y^/. i 
[Fr. coMstraindrr L. cmutwutg*. Ml 
«•■, together, lutd aCrii^o, lo otMl. j 
striMHgg», altm tt Itn^. Sea nalu] 

oonrt rat a aM a^ kop-ttrftn'a-b*. a^., 

flOwferalMdlr, kan-«Tln'ed4i. adm. 

aiwatr^l, koo-stiftat'. : 
irreaiiitiiiW force : compolsiav: mm 

iiBi^lliil,kon.atrikt^ v.t, imhiiUmi 
tocontract: to cnunp ;— jtr^ 1 

ooMtriattoa. kon-ctrik'ahaa, «., «tf ff§ 
contraction ; coaipreaibML 


f^te, fjir : mk, h^ ; mine ; xsS^ ; m^Xft ; ntlSOm*, Ifon. 


^■^^ ^ W^K^^tW' ^ -^» ^« ^ ^"""^ *^^ * ^^^" * ^i«^^^ « 

■> ^ 

•> I r I ^1 ■> m,m*^tim- 

I M &( 4hHK dH^M^M 


Oaobmpt&tif, tor tcm'plat. v.e. lo cooudcr or look 
«t .tv ■ c the ancient augun) ; lo medi- 

t*v v: to inccDd — s*.!. lo think 

»eii AHite-z—fiffi conicm'pLSriue : 

^, (cii. [L, c«*ttfmfior, i^nte*H' 

//.- Ml a tfmptum or plar« for oh- 

Set Coailfiw, Tiii.l TuBpl*. 
MkUBpUtloa. Icon tem-pll'ihun, n... met e/coHtfm^ 

fitting; runiinueU Mudy of a panlcuUr tubjecl. 
MBtanplmUve, kua-tem'|)la-Uv, aaj., riven to ten- 

tfmpUtion X oritudioushabiu.— «(R>. «bMh'p1»- 

OMUapatftaMMt. kr*n-lcm-pO-rA'nf-af, adj. livins, 
happQtiing, or Iwing at /Af ^^Jiw^ limt.—adv. 
ooaWapT* '■! larty. — «. ooaluifara'BkMunMa. [L. 
fMt, tgccUier, and Umfitranrut — tem^us, time. ) 

aMtatporuy, tEon-tem'pO-rar-i, oi^'. coniempo- 
raocoiu. — n. oac who livei at the widic time. 
&c S«« under Oant^aoL 
kon-tmd', P.I- Viu /* tfrrtcA mtf with all 
am^t imigkt; lo strive ; lu UniKgle id emulaiion 
ortooppotiuott; to dispute or debate: toauaircl: 
— /i-y. cootendluf ; >«.>. coniend'ed. [L- cfiH- 
txmda. comtmttam — c^n, and tmJ», to stretch.) 

caaUaUaa. kon-tcn'^un, m., tct ef tontendimg ; a 
violcot :rfnuninK After any object : smTe : deoaic 

centanUotia, kon-teo'shus, ite{j..ffhfn to cirmtenthm : 
quafreUume. — aJf. cmUa tlaulf. ~tt. cobUbII' 

&c. See under 

eoatamlattl, kon-i^r'min-al, DoAlaimlBOU. kon-t^*- 
R)io-ui, tuij. bavtaj; a rmvtMMit tfrmtMut or 
boundary. | L. temlmMimu, neiehbouTinc — com, 
together, and tmnimug, a btTiimfary.] 

CliBt«n, kcm-ie»', v.t lit /c call to »itv*u afmimtt ; 
to call io qucstioa ; lo dispute, le&ut, defend. — 
V-i. to engage in strife, disfmtc.ftc. :— /^./. on- 
icsc^ine ; /"A comest'cd.— «0'. eaaMM'abl*. (L. 
c^ttttitif, to call to wit]ie«» — can, intensive, and 
t*tt«r, to 1« a * itnesj — ttttiSy a witucstj 

MBitfl, kon'tot. n. a stnigsle for superiority ; 
strife ; debate. 

Ooauxt, kon'tekitt, w something rvtwi* fagt/^rr or 
connccied . the part* of a aucourte or treatise 
whicti prmcdc and folloir a special pasiacc. (L. 
crMlex,' — iv«, toitcthcf. tfxt^, l^jtita. U) weave.} 

eantaxtvr*. kon-lext Or, n.,th* intrr»titviHgo(^STX% 
into a whale ; compoMtion of patu , lystem. 

OMVIcvbw, kon-ti^fl-ut, ««(;'., /#m<A(Vi||'; adjoinini; ; 
near — ittiv eniUf*B<raiIy. — m. CMiUf aoaaaaa ((,. 
c,t.:,' -.- ■ '- -" cPHtiHro. Cfntifi, to toucii ^>n 
all : compIctevMu, tAH^, to touch ] 

««rtl,r n\'U, n., lAr ttati? i>/ btimg can- 

tig^i-H'. <>i III ' '■!-*: contact. 

•oalblpB^ kon-tiu'jcnt. ib,^. lit. ieuchiH{ i depcnd- 
OBl on komethinz clue; liable but not certain 
CD hdppeii: actidcnial- — n. an event whicfi is 
liable iwi not certain to occur : « ihare or nro(ior- 
lioD, eapvcially of aoldierk— */&. caaUafvsUy. 
(U cfMtinjfv, to loiich. to happen.] 

wllftftw . ton-tin']rn\, fonMngwacy, kon-tin'jcn-si, 
n.. th* ijHAlily 0/b*tu£c«ntmffiHt I what happens 
by chan-.c- : an accident. 

CcaUamM. OaattaNt, ftc. See under OovUliL 

OoattSQ*. koD-tin'£i, r./. lit and orig. /«• hfld in a 
givfn pUut or Dosition ; id do one chinz nficr 
another : lo persist ui : to unrie wiihiMii break , 
lo dr*w out; lo prolonE: lo oicnd or ittcrcasc 
in any way.— r./. to remain in the same plftce 
or «aie ; to last or endure ; to pcnevcie ;— /r./. 


oiatin'fline ; ^ty rortln'Qcd. (Fr. rmt/ijvi 

tfwr/jMWNr, Jiii; ., bomt^Miiti 

together, ai 1 - ) 

•< »tl aat< k>ti ■ tiiiinicmipted : 

ccaiins ; enfen-IcO — coalla a»41y 
coaUnaal, k"tt-tin'n~al, itdj-, cntiiyMf^ ; withoul 

interruption: unreaiing.— rtdV', nMtta'aallr. 
eoatisaaac*, knn-tin£k-»n«, n., fV iVMiiuumf i 

particular fttaie ; duraiion : uniuteTrupttd tut 

(ion : flay; cxlenMon ; pcrveverance. 
eonttBBjii t lqn. kon-tiit-n-SSbiin, re, a<t of cvttin^ 

mci •r'in4t:\nt succc^Mon ; cvtenston. 
eeatmatlTC, koii-tin'Q-S-tiv. tfr^*., eontiitninC' 
coattasatov, knn-tin'ri-a-tor, n.,ame teka 

or keeps tip a scries or succcsdon. 
flsaUawru, kon-tin'Q-us, adj., etHtinningi Jotoc4 ' 

Kether: without interruptioc. mdv. ovail 
caaUaalty. kon'tia-Q'i-ti, n., timtt ^ htittg , 

em I unintcrmpt«d cofvnectioa. 
Oaatort, k»D-tort', p./., t* ttvitt or ttirn 

to writhe :—/*"■/- contort ing ; /ti.f. 

|L. ton, intcnxire, and t^rqueo, i^rimi, 
eeatertlaa, kon-tor'iJiun, n., aet of . 

twiuinj; of anything nut nf its natural 
Ooatoor, kon-tOQr', m. lit. that wkisk it 

outline. {Fr. eonUur, from tvw, and h 

tumiiig~L. ti'rniu, Gr. temot, a lumiiig- 
Ooulnkbaad, kon'tra-band, *Jj., agttimt or coot 

to han. or law ; nruhibited. — m. tUet 

prohibition : prohilnled eoods.- 

aunusclcr. [Pr, ('^n/rrMfd^; Ii.fwrfvAteji 

low L. cantrahamntam — L. <t>mtru, a^insit 
low I. hnKHmmtt a proclacnatian.] fvce Ban. 
Oaotnci, kon-trakt', vJ.^ ia draw t^irtktr . 
IcMcn; to shorten ; to acquire ; to incur; to I 
ninfor: lo betrotls.— f.f. ta shrink: lo bccai 
len ; to bamJn -.—firf. coninict'ing ; />«•/■ ' 

(osether, aiul tnJto, to draw.] 
eaatraet, kon'trakt, n. IJt « drawtup 

nuke an agreement : an agreement ; a bond; 

bctruthmcDt : the writing containing an 

eaokraetad. kon-trakl'ed, ad'-, if'flum t^ceiktr; 

udmiw : mean. — ndi'. Matraet'tdly. — m. «i»- 

MBtrMtiUt, koD trakd-t'l, itdj., cafvitU af Mmg 

ci*mtrmrini ~HS. csatraeUbir'llr. - "-T-iii'lTr'-nn 
caatn«tlU, kon-trakt'il. /uij.. !ftdin^ or lui 

power tff fi'Mfroff. — M. eoattartinty. 
cttatracUofi, Icon-lrak'ibun, n., if/ f/' comfnmcti 

bLite of bring conitacEed ; ihc thing cvnil 

a word shortened by rejccling a pan o# iL 
coBkaeUr. kon-lrikt'or, »».,«•" 

one uf the |nrtie« lo a liar|pun or agreement. 
Coatra-daace, kun'ira-dans 'corruptJyc««nt 

w.. ndn/Ke'in which (he partner* ,irc anangrdl 

pj^iife tines. [Fr. nmtrt i/mmsr; L. 

against, uppuiitc, and Daavf.) 
Coatrm^kt, koo-tra-dikt'. t- t ,t? t*f^k -*<• rfftrH 

to : lo oppose by w- ■■ ' -y| 

lo deny ;— >r./. f 

diet'ed. [L. n-w/- ; 

against, and " 
eoatradlctiaiL '■ n. n., net f>f > 

(fitting ; a , . .mat ; (ionial ; 

conlradlcUvs, kon-tra-diktlv, MotradkUrT, Vnn.| 

dikt'or-i, Adj., i*m//jfitt£ f^ntnidtcliam 

thcconlrory: cppo»ite ; inconslstcat.- 



fSktc, far ; mi, htx ; mine ; mote ; oQte : mC^n ; Men, 


i,» lifL^^i'iv, tf*^'.* disim- 

f|C a chine "*»! » o 

[See Alto and 

tncDOScttenl ; 

tng uui » cantrai7 or of 

^OB-rfv-U. n., ttmt0 of bting w#. 

,MitbaocAcrfaaDd. [cvntrary, 

^J,, i# i/oW mgmiMtt or u 
( lo «Mke to simid MgutMjt at 
|n <»MOMlioa. bt order to xlirw 
t CAeci :— /r^. codtruTinc : 
(Fr. cffMtnuUr—L. tumtra, 

mS ttMrr, to Mond.] 

tst. M. *MMttM» or nnlikeneM ia 

nsil; cutbitioQ afdifrcrcnccft. 

koCHA'Tal-ll'shUD, M., u/ortificA' 
which M thiuc/^Mmtf A0 

HtfCvl- jU fMi/n*. oppotite to. 

iA'^^d'. v.r, /# ctmrneaituti to 

tMhlr»v«s'»tiuu. n., A^*/ ^contra- 

mAaa ; obstnicuoo. 

Sec under Oi*t r >WKl 

triblBt, v.t-, iff /7TV mtftig vn'tA 

xe fiar • cohudoq purpose : to pay a 

> five or bear a p«rt \~fv.p. coo- 

•/. eontrib'aitfd. [L. ..'«, aUmg 

triititmi, to eivi;.]~-«. coairtViiiar. 
m-tnh'O-tAr-i, rtiiy", paying tnbuie 

\ n.,»tto/t:pmtriiutmg; 
.: : a collcctiun ; a levy 
>-mi. [' T<v, Matrflmiaar, tum-thVQ-- 
Itlritutimgi tending lo ooDCribuic 

L or lon-trii', tiJj. lit, ecmf-lf/fir 
tfn 2 btuVcn-hcartrd for sin ; peiii- 
i/'tottAtf. [U i^n{ritMt—<i)mtirv — 
j fa t tuffc , aod terv, to bruue ] 
tiill'ttn. If.. ttmU »f hring {vmlriie ; 
BT «B : mnoTrff 

Fir.doUI : to 


-tvtr con, 
. Trti?».l 

, nc t f/ {.trntrtving ; th« 
I : ;iu:i : arliftce. 
', •• "toplwU. eo«itrol\ 

tun;:' fjck ; torcattain . 

IT/. -wntro;l'ii>g; /o./. cootj^Dcd'. 

fravi tmttwr-rait — contrr, acaintt, 


tfClVbl. <•<)'., CApahic 0/, or sub- 

koiMTOrfer. M. (^ 
cmtrtis or cbedu the aaosvBB of othcn hjr keep- 
ing a cfmnUy-^vti or rcfbtcr.^^*. MBtnVflnMpt, 
■ttvteittL, kov-troraent, it., «cf or pcrvcr q^mmn 
iwviitftg ; »uEe of bei«c emcraUcd ; ooMniL 
Ktrvrtrt. kon'hft-viit. r / liu if* fwrw agmtut; 
to oppose ; to arpK aganm ; to r«/utc ;—/«-./. 
con'trd««ning ; /»./. coo'lrOrcftCKL fU <»«/r«< 
acaJiUC, and vrrta^ to tnrtL] 

Itco-tra-v£i'fthua, m., a t^rmimg i> fV 
»pf0jiet tiJ*. 

WBlruvuij, k(WtiA-v^r-u, «. Ut *» tm^nittg mg^mal i 
a disputatuM, diianaion^ or delate ; coaic«L 

— i m wili l, koo-cro vCr'ihi]. 4klj„ fHmiimg tm 
ram t rvpr rn . — a«/t». ■■■liiiiw'iiinf . 

CMtkvnrrialM* kim-tr&-v^«hal-ut, «., Mv/nv» IW 

■miforcrtIM*. kon-tr«-v«ft^i-fal, ^j., Utit mmj *f 
ea»itfvt?€rUd. — «<A». MatosvWHUr. 

OMtvucT, kon'tO-mA-ci, «.< a jw/Zm/ or pnmd am! 
obatinate diiohrdiakce or reuttance : MubUxn- 
peaa. (L. c«mtttntacia — cantmm*^t cmttitimmieu, 
iiuoletit - few, inlcnnvc. and ttnmeo, lo rwclLj 

•aat^DBClMM, kan-cO-inl'ttiut, «i/f'., Mn^Mf cy«^ 
tmm mc ji ; opposing Uwful aiiiDority «llS cai«- 
tempt aad siubboraocs ; obstinate: Mlibbom.— 

mmSBumOf, kon'ta-Bie-G, ■., « rwtUittgat haughty 

rudcDcss ; iiuolcncc ; reproach. [L. ceuhameim, 

rntm erm, and /mmw, to twcIL) 
eaatasaUasi, kon>iO-fn^-uc, akj., MMrvtrnf (Mi- 

tumtlj/ : hanghuly rcpttMLlirul . invjlertt — m/v. 

•HtaflMllowtr.— «. 

OoskiiM, kon-tOr', r./., fa Ai'a/exocedinEl)-or 

(It fitecir* ; lo cmih :— /»r.^, contQ»nig; 

conltlscd'. [Ij. cimtiutdo, tVMttUMJ — h^k, stg. 

tetiMty. and twu/^, to beat, lo bruue. J 
Matadoflu koa-UI'xhun, n., a^t of hruuing ; stale of 

being bruised ; a bruise. 
OoBaaAmi, ko-uun'dnun, ft. a ion of riddle 

tAiiiing some udd ur fanciful ictriubUncc bctw 

thinpi quite unlike. ( t J 
OeBTalHoe, kon-va>lcs', v.i., to grmt tt 

Strang or dW/; to regain hoUh 1— ^^. 

valesPing ; /a./, convalesced'. [L. 

cnmpleleneu, and zfairace, to grow 

vitJre. to be Uroog.] 
csBTalweeact, kon-va-lea'eiis, v., statt tt/dm^mttre* 

1"^' eradual recovery of health and strcnftt]. 
mtalMLiat, kon-va-lei'cnt, <w^'. firadtiaJlyreooifer- 

ing health.— w. oi»e rcccncriug iicalth. 
(teavuM. Lon-vfto', »./., fa cam* ttgr/ktr 

scmblc. — v.t. to cause to come, or call together 

—^r.p. conv^'ing: /if./. coDvCned'. IL. «i 

vtnut, from f<w», together, and tvmia, in come 
■MTMiir, kon-vfii'tr, n , «rir/ toAff r^«tvw/j a ai 

ing: the chainnan of a CDmmitlec. 
•onteolMrt, kon-ven'yent, tuij. lit. comittf or hap- 
pening t(*gttArr; stutablc ; handy ; commodious. 

eoMTMlMai^ kon-v£n'ycns, eaBTnlcncy, kon-vZa'- 

yetk-ii. m.,ttatie0fb€iMgctnntHUHi : jiuiublen 

ooSWBt kon'vcnl. i«., tut astccuUiam of p< 

secluded from the world .ind dtvotcd to a rcligi 

life : the house in which they live, a mooast 

Of nunnery. [1.. convmttu.} 
cOBTatul. kofi-vcnl'fl-al, tuf;., Mfngiitf ie a 

centrnt.^^. a monk or nun. [L. cimr*fntHn/if ] 
MttTtaUcbvJiiin-vent'i-kl, m. lit. a r»tia/f tutf ■"'.•. 

applied in contempt to a meeting for v>'i(-.)ii;i 

ftie, Or; rnC, h£r; mine ; inOte ; mfUe ; mODn : /Acn. 



of dUBciilcTv from the EiuUuhed Church, ft*. 
t^m-otrntKiimm, dha. of. --•■.-- ' 

wnvMvk, knn-iTiJ'»Hur, '. tj*i^:nn 

awenbly. c^of rtpTT'-' .ne special 

oNJoct; r«fliponry trc^i' nL 

WWWftatJ. koQ-vcn'shur. ■.-'■(/ fv ccn- 

rwm/vm or Mgrccracnt ; 'wing nwt 

of tadt agTeemgot or cu..^... , ^^ ^ry.^uir: 

, kotKTcn'diuv-d-Uin, m., ti^t mkici 
4f o mm mti^iuii or cstabUthcd by tacit ngnc- 
meol. as b mode of tpccch, &c 
■mtwIIimMT. k(»-vcfl-fthuD-all4i, ft., tfat* pf 
hrimf f^muemtumat; that whkh » otabluhed 
bjr canvcatiaasl toe m custom. 

Oamft, kaa-vtti', rX, t* htttdox oKlmt Uffithtri 

m tetid ro one point '. — -/r/. con^'cr^ne i ^.fi. 

OOnvctVBd'. [ Fr. coHiirr^^, from L, tw«, toc«hcr, 

aod vrnrv, 10 bend, lo uKline.} 
mufHiWt. Von-vftrj'ent, otij., amrtriiH^ : tcod- 

■r.f; tu one mist. 
ooor«rf«nc«, Kon-v6rj'cn«, ccBr»rfnc]r, lton-v£rJ'- 

n«-t. «., of^ or quality of ccttver£in£ or icndinj; 

to one poiDC 
OMVifw, Icon-v^n'. t>.^ IH. <^ /jm mvttmJ tmcJt or 

/'WfU€ntfy — then, f^ t^mU; lo intercourse ; 

ID tmJIc fuuUuly ^~fr.^ convvfslnc ; /a./. 

cnovened*. (L. evrnvrwr— «[Mt, tatcnsivc, asd 

MTM, lo tiim otocb— «>«vy«, to tnnij 
caawM, koa'vtn. r. Uiailiar iBtercoune: CflBver- 

Sec undef O w wi . 
waTtfwUt. kon-v6n'a-U. «^. Oispaicd to comtmrm ; 

»ociAtlc.~At/:', eoBMim'aMr. 
coarvwuilL kon'v^rvatit. */^"., Ajp/j^ effnvmt or 

iiilcfCou»e: aocjuatnbed by study: Tamilutr : in 

B., walkinc or associaitiie with. 
navwnUaa, kaii-v^-s& shun, n. intercourse ; Ulk ; 

fjaniliar tfi«criune : in B., path •jt conduct: diit- 

pontion: ciitxctishtp.— •k//'. fiaavvna'lloAaL 
winwwiiiwiTia. kon-vtr-cS'shus-al-ist, «. on« who 

exccU in convcmticm. 
tonmnsslniii, kon-v£r'*at-s2-I<nX. «. a mrcltng for 

MHwmKiiM. MrtkuUrtyon litcimiy tubiects.— 

>/. I ll iiigr«<i. (it.1 

OwTaiMuu. Sm imdcr OWfHl 

Oflovtrt, kon-vtrl'. tf.i.. ht turn nmmt; to chan^ 
or turn from c<nc thiintc, cooditioa, at relieiuo 
to another ; to chance from a bad to a goodUfc ; 
to a^ipljr to B particuTar purpose. — vM touDderso 
a chajBipB :— ;/r./. coovKrt'ing ; /a./*, convert'cd. 
|L. ctmvfftff, ams'^mu — ct>n, and vtria, to turn. J 
eoWNrt, kon'vArt, w., atie arnvrrtrd ; one who has 
become rdigiuus, or who has changed his rellgioD. 
koojvtn'i-bl. mJj., thai may U ct>M- 
vtrfrti; that may !>« chanced one for ihe otiicr. 
M n wrtlMr.— «g floBVertlUI'ItT. 

BOWM. Ican'vfrrs, h. a propntifion ci^MX-rrleJ or 
Tomedabout— i. e., one in which the subject and 
fwrdicafc ha*e changed places. — tu/J. reversed in 
(•idcr or rcLitiutt ; rr.t.i(tnx3l. — atfv. ooo'mrttljr. 

OBmrioo. kon-vir'shun, n. change from one iliinK, 
irate, or religiofi, to another ; changi; from a 
wicked !■> a huly life ; apprrrpriati^n to n s^iecial 
inupOAe : act d totenrhancinc the tcrn<a of a 

Mnec ion'ycks. >^' Ul carriM t^gtihsr, hrmifht 
mtrnJ I rising into a round form oa tbe outnde, 
Uk rcTCTM of concive.— »». a convex body. — 
adn. coa'nxly. (L. ttf>mcjr»#— awt t i M g cbw, 
t'^t:cthef, ami v<^, to carry.] 

asBvand, kfS'Vckst'^ ajii., made c^mwjr, 
«ami»4Cr. koo-vck^ed-U, a/p., ua « rMvarr^ 
easvsJdty. kon vcks'i-ti, k.. ttmit of Ui^ twmsi^xi 

rouiKlncu of form on the ontsule. 
OoAwy, kon-vi', vA lit. to farrog or Mtid oa Air 

fi'a/; to carry: lo traosnut; lo impart >-/rA 

tnavc/iiijf ; /a./, cnnvcyed'-— «. •o«w^«'. (eW 

Ft, coMVttfr; It. and Inw L. amrtarv, toCaooMcK 

— L. rji«, aloiis with, and fw, a way ; connecicd 

with tvjii^, L(7 c:trry.] 
eoDTsrabte, kon-vl'a-bl, tuij., eiai mmy ht 

oonnyaan, koo-vS'aiu, «r., itct efeoit vt^i^ i 

instrument or toeaai of convrying : in t^m. 

act of TratiifetTing' pp ci pefty : the writcQg ' 

iransrers it. 
ctmwugmnnr, kon-vS'ans-^, m. a 

the txajiifcrence of pffopcny. 
eoHTsraasliV koQ-vTans-iAff, m the buriMM 

Bomrvr, kon-voy', t». t. lo accumpony «■ tir vmjr fix 

(irotactioa !— ^rj*. convoy'ini; ; ^o-/. t nj owiydf. 
Pr. cwi ww, from rootof Oo a wy.j 
ooavoy. kon'voy. *.. tikt act *f 
toctioa : that which convnys or b 

CoaTUwa, kon-vios', v.t. lit. te nmfmtr 

rwiytfVfimt; to subdue the miaabfcvidawr; M) 
satisfy as to truth or error : in A, to co o sfel : to 
refnte :— /r./. coimncliif : /«./. cD«vi(Kcif. 

to c<itw|uer.] 
koo-Tikt', *./., tc fMMWKv; tn sS«ir by 
proof or evidence ; to move finlcy \—f^^ m^ 
vict'ing ; >«./■ conrict'ed. 
oasTlct, koB vikl. m.. am amokUJtn frwad finlty 
of crime, a felon. 

kon-vik'shim, m., af€ ofemniittiltg m ^ 
•tr; itate of heieg coaviooad ar« bai^ 

eu : strong belief , a nroviniE gatlty. 

, koQviki IV, adj., abU t» cm vim cr or 4p 




OMnlidhl*. kon-nmri-bl, ai^^.. i4t/ mmf fg 

OrarlTlal, ko^-^: 

ff^tMr*-: fc. f la tint 

fcAtt ; virial . . . :- laUj^-^i 

.. living iqpetbar, 

to lUr.] 

Ttrfaltty. [ I 

feast — r^w, t'l. 
DMVMattaa. s. 
Ooavaks. kon-vok , r..'., /^- caU t<^tAfr; v* •». 

semblt ;— /f./. cunv^klng : >»« A ojovCketr. (I. 

i-flB, li^aclncr 1 r,',v. f^/c/nt. to call.] 

e««w«»UD:. - or/ ^ o^viUW-: 

-in as t the clevy (kf iLe 

Ft)s!i>i> ' : . heads of a «al«t(- 

sjty ; anic^im^, ;i ■j-rn-d. 
OonrolT«,kon-vo!v', !•./., to reU UgfthfTtm 

on Anudncx -.—fr.f. coiivulv'tng; As./, oodi 

[L. £wi. toceiner, and rtf/tv, p»Am/im', ta 
oOTVQlata, kan*vOlai, eoBvalUH, koaVfrttfr' 

TvUtii tt^thfyr. or one part cm ainothcr : 
eoawUU«.koo-va-lQ'»hun,*.. .. 

'jf beioc rolled i.^gtthrr', a :. \ 

coaTolraln, koo-voTva-liu, h. • 

or tu'tximj^ planti, citlcd ai»u Wailwxoil, 
OowvT. Sec under Oaorvy. 
Oaavmlia, koo-vuU'. r./. tiL /- ^ ' -*■ — ■' 

Iffiiiy: to Bgiuic orafTcct '■ 

atlc:! by tiiavmi l—pr.f- cnr, 

vtiUed'. (L. r^ff, iotcosivc, ~..i r'><<', > • 

pluck. lopulL] 

nue, iix; «£, hir i mlt>e : mCte ; tnQte : muQn ; Men. 


lus-vnl'shoii, «., a ru^Uni and tntoIuD* 

of tbe nu«cles : cocnaouon. 
. fcw i T Mti >>, luij. pTodudng or attended 


«. ■ nibtiat. (GcT. 

a aoi«e ss a dove ; to ciresi 
c0Oiac ; /dL/. coOed'. (froia the 

v./. Ct t* Mf; to prepaid, u food for 

1 - /^ .Z- cotA^Bg : /^/. coolc«d'. — n. one 
b tit'mc^ ii ta Ct>i>^ (A.S. {tcwumm, from 
«r, > opck j Gcr. Ak4/v. L f^fm, to boil.] 

^■■Tr kootnAr^ m., iJke itHvt pnctioe rftotmmf. 

WL kOEA, mdj. iHshtlr »j^; fr«« froin esdte- 
«^tf ; calm ; not fsuoiu or ^wlcnt ; tndtlFBrent ; 
tm^tdattL.—^*~i. *« m*kc ciwjI , lo allay or tniKl- 
<mi. ■» bcu. cadBBineal, poMMn, ftc— f.r to 
gr«v cool ; to fcceooM Um «icii«d, aealous, Ac. : 
'^.i-dntiTrnmif*^ oOSled'.^mAf. mamm. [A.S. 
arf; Cer. i«Jl7; see Cald ao.l CUIL) 

Mb* k(W«r, n^ anyltiio^ rAo/ rtw^. 

' nM ; aadiffereacc : WKut of xeal 
^ilfc %Otl^. i*. . «■ fa*>w f t » ; in Hindustan, 1 porter 
*" ' an Indian at Chinese bhourer in 

[Hind, k^li, a labourer.] 
ttLttlcr that fathers at the naves 
\9€ wttfttb; vy>E OuU gatUen at the tnoulh of 
fcoaoected with Gcr. kmkm, moold 
m CqiikU.] 

IfL aiytluag kdtgm, u a ctt fi - a 
U Jl txik or cage Rir fowls or inu-ill 
, to confine in a coop ; to thtit tui or 

A coop^iBE; /d'A coi^pcd*. [from 

one who make* e^r^t tula, 

4r4j, H^ $A0 work, or woHohop V^ 
•tin paid for s cooper's work. 
'6^r, r.i'., Iff i;^tfra<r, worfr, or act 

./. o(Vr>p^trating :/«.>b oS-op'crSted. 
■r. iC £if, tocecher, aadfOTlt.) 
te-<ant, Ai^, e* - * ^v ntm^ of wor k^ 

loS-op^-4'ihttn, It., «rf «•/ enw ^ rmt- 

v^f « jaurt of^nCim. 

ist ibcone eul 

. ..or'dlnat.lj. [L cc, 
... -j-i.,. -jtun, •«., ttiiU 1^ irmg 

MkflDC «., * ••r^-A*t/pvf walM-fowI with a bald 
limifc^rl 4: ' ' - !y. [Dutch, kt^t; W. 


1.. tnilics, 


1 ir--'- 

k(^S<liT^^, *., •> j'^fr^i j'utt'ur.—ns, 
«7. [L, r0, iMC^ther, and 

« , « tw fr i> / 9 ro/ or buoJ ; a cloalt 
A prir«j ; yuything iiTcud overhead ; .i 

■ €\y. to co-i^r tnifi a C07X ^— /**./. 
Ifnjm r'XH of Cap.] 
ar^ if^(9H*fW upper pi^tt ofa walL 

I;Tt-tcr or exchange , to vie wil\ 

temu or iucccisfutly : lo 

^:/a./.cOped'. IKS. crap. 

Oop^ kflp. 1 


Dntch. , ^t^«*»-] 

(taptoo^ kftpi•u^ adi., /UniSfiil:cmsfUmiati not 
oonciAe.— -a>A'. ooptoaatr- — «. oi'plawBMa. [Fr. 
c»^{*tLX~~h. c»puf*mt — ci^Mv (4cnty— c(t inteo- 
sive, Rod tft, of is, ^^mr, propexTy, wealth.] 

Ooppar, kop'ir, m. a metal of a reddikh colour. 
named [roB the aland of Cjfrm; « vcsmI 
made of copper.-^.«^ to cover with copper :— 
>r/. copp'enog ; /«>. copf/ercd. (Gcr. iu^'e^^ 
low L. cipnam — Cf^ntx, Gr. /Ct^rtu, Cyprui, 
once cclebnued fc^ lu rich copper-niinea] 

eoppwaa, kori"«r-as, ». lit r4^>ky.r[>v or jfvWfr; 
sulphate of iron or iprcn vitriol, used In dyeing: 
black, making Ink. kc. [Fr. f^wjfvnow — k>w L. 
enf^rpta — L. cxfiri rota, rose of copper.] 

oop|i«lah, kop'if'ub, oc^pur, koji/Ar-i, cw^mnM, 
kifpre-iu, ajj. contaimnf or itJk* er/frr. 

MrvnTlaH kop'«r-pUi, n., « //«/«• of poUshcd. 
(f^frr on whk'h inmclhinK has been cnfraved ; 
an unpnaaon taken from uie plate. 

Oapflee, kopls, Copa*, kopt, n, a wood of UBiiU 
growth for cuttiHtr. [uUi Fr. a^U, wood ikewly- 
cul— *v«(/*r, Gr. *.>/.'.\ to cut. J 

Oapllii, kop'tik. a Jj., /^rfaimimjf fo tAt Ctn/ts, the 
descendants o( Uic ancient tjfypbanfc. 

Oapal*. kop'O-la, m. , flA^i tvkiti cim/trt or jirins 
t^-'Cfihrr-; a bond or tie: in larie. the word joining 
f tprcdioilc. |L. — r», together, and 

I '-te<l with L. apttUt fastened, and 

* . I J"'nJ 

eepuat«, kupu-Ut, r./. and r.A, U> atupU or j^fim 
Icgttk^ : to come together aeaually :— /r.A 
CDp'Qtntin;: pap. cop'lulled. [L. ce^uifi, cepl^ 
ItUui, rrom capMlit ] 

o^vlattaa, kop-O-U'shan, <«., or/ rfnpuUHmr. 

eop«llM«v, koj^O-iat-iv, o^'., uttitmj[. — m. in^rmm.f 
a OQigiinctioo ^Anf umUmj ideas as well a* words. 

OavTi kop1, N. Hl cppi0HtnM or phnty ; one of a 
number, esp. «r Ixxiks ; an iuiiutinn from an 
original pattern : that whic)t is inuuied ; an 
ofipnal work: manuAcn'pi for printing.— «(./, la 
wn(e, paint, &c. aircurding to an onsinal; La 
imitate : to transcribe '—Pr.^. copying ; Pa.p, 
Coy^cd. (Fr. «^V. fram L. c^pia, plenty, caeaoB. 
of doinc a ihinc as of writing out a document] 

copier, kop'i-^, copjlft, kop'i-tst, a., mw trii^ 
{opitti an iimlator; a planaiist. 

flep^uld, kop'i-hold, n. in Ene. Utu. a ipedes of 
r*ttale or right of holding land, for which tbe 
owner can ouiv shew tbe cePy of the milt oripo* 
allv made by tSe steward of the lord's court. 

oopfTttflKt, koji't-rll, a, tbe e^iclosive rig^ht of aA 
auilioc Lii hii hciis Xtj puIJiib fur a term of years 
topies e( his work, whether a book, paintinc, 
trngnyiag, ftc. 

OaqpH^ k&4eE'. v.C lo itnit /aiv a aki(; to cxcile 
admiratioD or love, from vani^. or lo decei\«.— 
f.t to trifle wiih in love ; to jilt >— /r/. coqnett'- 
inf; : pa.p. coquett'ed. IFr. ca^rndttf^-io^ttit, 
onK. code-like -v^, a cock.) 

ooqaatiy. kflJtet'ri, a., art a/ cogtt^t ein^ J attempt 
to attract admiration, Ac. in order to dccciva ; 
deceit in lore, [Fr. ceqvfttrnt. \ 

coqartt*, kO-kcr', m,, a/ema.U -wki} cofurii; a vahit 
dctcitful, triflKig v-mintn. 

floqarWak, kd-kct'ish, otij. mactiuo£ cifftatry; 
coquette.— 4«tfsv oo^wM'taUr. — n. 

befittina a 

Dta, Qr j ml, kir ; mine ; mOto ; mQCc j mCOo ; Men. 




1, 1toK*-kI. M. m boat used ta Witei. nude 
i>f«ldm ur oO-dotb ttrtlchcd on wkkcr-wuck. 
[W. evrye^l — carjvg, anythiag idoiuL) 
OsnL kor'al, w x hard iiiMlftnce of vinom Coloiiri, 
rnxrinc oo the bottom of the aca, compotcd of 
tn» ikaefonfl ckf loophytes; a child'% coy mads 
of coral. [L. eti*9tltmm ; Or. kemUimt^'l 

iur CM«A [Oaral. and L. /#rv. to bear.] 
eitwtolLlcOf^al-In, aiij. of. \j.\i,OT cvnt/iintHgePrvJ. 

— A. a mon-hkc coral ; a comI-ti'a:c siibstance. 
Orbas. Icor'bao, if. lit. anytliinK *f'^''?tnl to God ; a 

vcMct (a receive giflx of charity, alms. [Keb. 

kerlMH, an offering;, Micrilice.] 
OwW» t(url>el, M. ia arrk-t an uniamcnt nri^. id ikt 
fMitto/tii'*Jikft~xay onrnmcDteJ projcclion »ud- 

portiiii; a superincumbent wcieht. [Pr. (Brhritu, 

from L. ccrtUvin, dim. oCcfirvij, a baAct.] 
Card, Icon], n. onjf. a lAj^rJ; a imntl rape or tktck 

kind a( Mring. — v./. to bind with a chord :— >r./, 

cording ; /fi./. coriTcd. fScc Cbar&] 
eotAici, Icord'Aj, n. a quantity of cpii^ or ropes. 
c«v4«ll*r, kor-dc-lfi'', it. a FraocUcan fnar, to 

named from the knotted eprd yitom by him aa a 

pirdlc fold Fr. earxi*t^<crd*, A rope.] 
MmtoB, kor'ijon, «.« a cfnf or ribbao bestowed at a 

biidife of hunour . itt/i^r/., a row of jullui£ ilones : 

a line i>r ::.i!!'..irT fK»ts. 
mMi' y, «. lit. fi# ^'1^' con/; thick 

<;< ■' • :cd or ribbed, [er. cmri* Jm wvi, 

c'...' ■ ;: i 

Cartflai. &c. bee uader Oar*. 

OvrtBTaa, ko/Jo-vaa, Oardvata, kofd'wftit. n. goat- 
skin leather, originally fruni C^nf^va in Spain. 

oantvalaw, knnl'wln-^, «, a worker in cotdovmn 
orcordwaia: a ihocmaker. 

Okw, kflr. M., ike k*mri; the inner part of anything, 
especially of fruiL [L. iot, caniit, the bcari.J 

egr41at, kor'di-al, arf;.. fuarty ; with warmth of 
hearty binccne ; Bncctionalc : reviving th« heart 
or tpiritx. — «. anything wKich revive* or com- 
forts the hcait : a medicine or drink Tor rcfrcsh- 
inc or reviriog the ^pirita. — <s>^:>. sBr'dlally. — m. 

OwtUHvt. &c. Sec Oorraladn. 

Oortacaems, kdr-t-aKhLis, aJ/., lr^%th^ryi o( nr liVe 
leather. [L. ttrrnut. Or. eAariuM, Mtin, leather | 

Oiilaatfir, kAr-i-an'der, n. an annu,il plant, the 
fcedi of which when frefh hnve a ^^like >nicll, 
used kv J atedicinc, tpi^u;, &c. [L. caria/ufmmt ; 
Or. -t<'niiiwfc»fr, ^rtiMi, from Aarit, a bug.) 

Oaftathlaa,ko-rinth'i-an.j///'-./fiYqiVii'iif faCiTrj'aM. 
ft city or Greece ; pertaining to a Greek order of 
vchilcciurc, which U liichly onuuncniat. 

OMk, korlc. «. lit. n'nrf or Aa^^-fc; the outer K-»rk of 
the corlc-tree, an oak found in the south of 
Europe, &c. ; a stopper mada of cork. — 1>./. to 
atop with a code : lo stop up;— /r./. corking ; 
/«»j». corked', (Sp. ctnrw, Ott. jkarJt, from L. 
tmrirx, bark, rind.] 

QonBSCaafc, kar'mo-rant, n. ItL the teit-crvw : a 
CeiiUft of wel^-fiioied «ea-binl«, of gteat voracity ; 
a gtullon. |Fr. c»rt4t*raH; II cttma man'maf 
from L. (■(•fw marzntu, the »ca-crow : W. 
IMM-Knui, fnittt »w, sea, andA^»w, raven.] 

Can, kom, »., a frain or kernel; hccds tlut grow 
in ears ^^ wheat, rye. &c. ; grmin uratlluiuu.— 
p,/. to sprinkle with wit in grains : -/^./> com'- 
ing :/»)/. corned'. (A.S ttfrn; Goth Hattrji ; 
conn, with L. £TitKittit.\ Sec Or*lB, K*ra«l. 

0«a, kom. IV. Qt. Aiv^ ; a hard, kontf ■ 
on the toe or foot. [I. ivniu, horn.] 
•araaa, kor'nf-a, n. the tTaii»parei>( i^-mjf 

branc which fonat the fiont part of the eye 
MTUiI, bor'nel, n., the OFrme/iam-cheny crdog^ 
tree, so named frxini the kamyoT hard 
it« wood, (old Fr. armiU, It tvanciM*, 
ffrnMitem — L. €9rmu»-~<»mm, a horn.] 
. kor'nC-ut, lutj., kffrnfi hard. 
kor'n^r, «., a Arnv-likevV^jeciioa ; dic] 
where two lines meet ; a secret or coabised i 
[oU Fr. «fw*rrr— L. ^wrw*,] 

, kor'n*rd, ndj., kavinp e^rnm» 

kur'oet, n. lit. a lilile £tm; a hflRv^hapod 

trumpet ; formerly, a body of cavaln acoma- 

enied by a comct-Dlayer : a cavalry oAc«v vtiM 
nrs the ensign ol the troop.—*, ear oat-a-pU't*. 

a kind of comet with valves and /ut^iu, [Fr. 

ffinut. dim. o(£fir, a honi, trumpet ) 
eanetcy, kor'net-si, ir- the cummtsaton or mnk of a 

caraleaiaia. kor-nik'Q-Ut, iutj„ keme^z shmfd 

tike a horn. \\,.Cimii{ridatHs — •i»miirt»atm,mt>^ 

of nmtH.l 
ooealfiraas, kor-nij'i^r-iu, adj., htarimg > 

CfTHH, »nd^erv, to bear.] 
OocmUk, komiah. aiij., fertsiniMg^ /•• C# 

\Cvrm-vNifl^ the nom or projcctioo of 

B or aa sa p ta. kor--oa-ko'pi-a, «■■ Mi. tki fiAnt »/^ 

accordtn£ tu the fable, the horn of IM 

that stirklcd Jupiter, placed among tho 

an emblem of plenty. (T* cornm, and 

OokbIm, kor'nis , n. lit a curat ; the highest i 

projection of a vraD or column, &c. III.' 

cvrwiit, Gr. Arr^tx.) 
Oarmljk, C e nun oH^ See under Oara, a bom. 
Oorolla, ko-rofa, m. lit. a /i'//// garfamJ or crown . 

the tuner covering of a flower composed of one 

or more leaves called pctala. [L. crrwtl*^ ditii 

o( eertnta, a crown.] 
coroUaiT. kor'oUla-ti, n. orig. so m et h i n g pvcQ i*> 

addition to what is due. as agmrimmd of Bowcn : 

an inference or deduction from recocniscd lacta 

[I., cercllnriiti^, a little garland.) 
esraaal kor'^nal, conoair, kor'ft-nar't^ ae^'.,0r' 

tatnmg tf <■ e^wMt or to the top of tlse 

N, a crown or gnrland: the (rontal bone. 
caro a aUao. kor-A-nii'thun, n., iJteactiffi 

sovereign. [L. carv'Mtu'.\ 

\ kor^O-Dfer, w. an officer, appointed 1 
whoM; duty is to inquire into the i 

of accidcnial or suspicious dcatlifi. 
MTflDct, koi'O-net. if., a tmaH or infei 

worn by the nobility ; nn oman)enial 

— adj. cne^OMls*. having or wearing a i 
Oarporal, kur'po^rat, n, Uc a ekie/i among iof 

a nuii-cumtuiuioucd officer next in raak 

sergcaiU ; in the navy, .-in of5cer under a 

at-arma. — n. cor'poratahip. (Fr. cafcrtUey 

eap^raU — («fc, chief'-L. c<xf^t, the head.) 
Ootpanst, kor'po-ml, tuij. belotitsi'ifi or rrlat 

the body: having a body : n<>t sitincuaL- 

cloth used in K Catholic Chun.-V* fm- > 

the eWniciit* of the Eucli' 

tL. i^rffraiu — <frftu, i ■. 
••r^rata, koi^por^t, tut/. 

ffdjf so Mf in act ai nn huimoli 

lo a corporation ; united, — ttJf eor'paratalj. 

J>K, tXt ; m<. her ; mine : mOie ; mdie ; mSOa ; that. 

■■SVC '^r** *° '^^ *** nf^l 

la»«tii'«biai. a.. «c/ «/ tT»t e ^ ; 


«^^ »MiU«f; or lavtac 1^ l»*v. If Mrvfd— 

r.>«' Ihiacs *l Ar MmrMdl 
, /Ad/ MM/ 4r c^nnadM^ 

t«v nr.t-iiv. <«^'., mtiituitijf or 
wrtttt^.-^*. pera^n or iKing cdmaposd* 
wrtmi^ Id aoDthcr ficnaB or thiag. — o^ 

' .^w /.J 




. crcciiiiK with ; 
i,r^ ^hn f.r-ievLi.nuli; ooe with 


i, m. sOitiMcdL-is ; fricn-tly in- 
; ccrmmimtraN»ii V<y mtj.u ol letters : 

r, L^r'ri'^'Or. a > puojre-'irfty orop^n gal- 
.t.','*.^ . .iinnuiiuiatiog wilhscparatc 
] . . / •»¥, a ninner, a ntn- 

r-tr,, jtir CoifML 

r-.c, f.'. lit /# wmAt r*Ty 

m malui mora certun i— 

fci* ,„TT.,. .-.....^. A«y. c-xTob'atflted. (L. 

and w*»fV, wtAwii/itf, tj iTiakc 

p«aWi M defie: to rfrlaw; 

10 rai: i» I— yMiT>-f^ y"rrti^ = 


_ kcv-n^'ikim. «.. VAr «rr fl<<w n p / fli^t . 

tW stale of faenif t a napta rf ; ratuwirw ; |Mlnl 

ubiwWm . kor^vpfVr, «^/ ha«a« iAk vaKty of 

Omrir. kofidr. «. Ijt. tmt mk^ jBMifs «r napn 

tk* oecan ; a ptrate ; a pirvM'ft vend tVft,Mr> 
csrratf. a nnniniA tffe»nv» Itt B^l 
ml. Sec natfer OHfaraL 

«^ kortlxh. «.. « twm^ of ftUeaAwi, ofif. 

afpphed oolr lo Mf t'mrf ,- a pmc ei Mi n a. [Tr. 
from It. tirUgfi*t a tnua, &qb cprllrj CDotl^ 
Cvrtcx ' ■ ■■' A. I.--. ,. -'-:- -r , p4(at; * 


e»ru«^u. 1. <-. I. A. I, c^<ii,»;..^ .^'..1 .: K.i-ed. 4^, 
fumkhcd uu/ii i^*-i ; ttucmuiiag toric 

Oawniti. ko-ntsldlt, oc Itof'-. v.l ta iparUe U by 
akakinfi lo throw off ftultes of light :—/rT/. 
corui'cJtiinff ; /«-/. oom^dRd.— .i.i> conucaat, 
fiaihin^C- [L^ canata, c^mtcatus. lo ttuLc, glit- 
ter — cffntm. A horn : allied to Gr. J»nttsi, to 
shake the head, as a btilL] 

eonucatioB, ko-nu-kl'*huUj n. a glittcriug ; (uiUcn 
fla\h of li^ht. 

Osmtia,', n, a small li/^ of var, nest ta a 
frigate, cinyitigiiijt more than oo gun*- [rf-. 
Sp. ii't-btta -L. ^-irriita, a »low-iailiiig *1"P. 'wm 
cordis, a baiiket.] 

0»nrfeM, koKyTn, <f4</".. ^rtaium^ /• fcl* ^• 
carvittHjt — n>»T'i*j, B crow J 

OommUc, koi-mct'ilt, tt*ij, lit- i^iltfd a'* 


Cue Clf ; id£, h^ ; mine : mdle ; mnic ; mOOn : then. 

ingl bcAuUfyins '• improving iMuiuty. utpecMy 
thxt of the comptcnoo. — «. a prcp*rmbiHi uictl 
foT tjcaiiitfyinfi compte*ion — '' ^*- 


Or. iwm^- 


■ •* , rising 

■rnce ol" tkij^r- 
. k^tmiipmm — 

t, sihl ram- 
gin, root t>i gigmomiii, to l« lK»m I 
liHCtBlilk koz-Btos'o-imt, w.. (M/ t^tett tu tfi*- 
iiMiiHiijIijr, knc>mng'ra>ti, m. lit. i* tiftcri/^ian »f 
tk« W0fi4; tbc tclencc of the conititution al the 
tHLtvtT^e.— ■•. QO f * t'rayhw. t^r. iiMtmagm^kia 
1C1, and /"tt/iW, to wrile 1 
tpUc, k>j[ moi^iafik, oomocr&phkad. ko<- 
mo-praf 'ik-^. *^-i /<rtaint>*f to <inmff9^^jf.^ 
tin^tlnU. koz-mot'o-ji, m., M' ttitnct of tke vmi- 
itTSt; M ircatite on tho unicture and puts dt 
llie syitem of creation.— o^/ <«i»ola|t«^ [Gr 
Annuv. wid /-v**; diwouric — /<f(J, lo ipealc) 
liwiiitinlil. kot-tnolo-ji^t, IT., Cfff rxrsed in itfS- 

MMMpoUUa, kof-mo-pol'itui, eMnfipatfto, koz- 

tnojj'o-lTt , (t- lit. a eituien cf tht tuorid; one 
wbo caii niake a hiMue everywhere. — «. oa^M- 
pefllMUaB. (Gr. ketmat, And jMtUt, a citiicn— 
/*/tf, a city.i 
wouiruiA, Vi-- ' ■-- v.. (J fi>w, or a nerieiof 

¥icwf^, of i / tJu wafid,^-at^f'. O0«- 

■oimis'lc. , and AfVuMtf, a spec- 

tad* — A'if.u.; i-.. «;^.j 

CMHck, kos'Ak, ff. liL ft rohhir or li^At^nmtJ 
saiitirr.—//. a warlike Irihc In the east ancl 
viuth oT Kuaftia. (Kiut. A'*u>u-ii.] 

OMI, ka«t. r./., ttniattJ at or amount tx) in price : 
to require to be laid out or suffered :— /r.^. 
coccnfi^: jM.f. and /d^. cost—*, what is laid 
out, <M sinrred (n obtain anyihirg.^ML expenses 
Uwiuit. (Fr. ca&trr, old Fr. couAttr — 


I-. ctmtturr, 

cocUj, kmtll, ad/ 

CmIaI. k>Wal. aJ/., m'aO'mjr ff t^ rih*^ or to tKe 

tide yf ihe body. | L, e*tt», « rib.] 

kos'tAC, adj. , having ri&a, or the appcarrmce 

to stand at— »n. and tt».tv, to 
<*f grtat cftti high-priced ; 

of nw. 

^^^1 OBtUf uiir , kot'tir-muDj^gftr, m. orif. efs/ttrti- 

B mamgtr, a ttll*ri</ coUttrdM or apples and other 

■ fmit: &n iUDcrant seller of fruit* [mimni^ a 

M form of Caatard, and ltoac*r.] 

^^^L OeiUfm, koft'ttv. «i^'., ctnuti^ttfd or Having the 

^^H motion of the bowels too slow.— <Wf'. oNtlTaty. 

^^^B — n. o— ll wa ii i . tl^ caiti^th'fi — L. cen, to- 

^^^1 sHhcr. nnd ttifio, to preu clat«ly.] 

^^H CMMmk koc'tOiu, m. tha estahU&hed cmiem or 

^^^H Otantier oT drcuing prevalent at a particular 

^^^1 penod or pbce ; dress. [Fr. c^tHnu, cusiutn, 

^^H drcu. lowX. cifMiitma—V. CMUMtnJo, autom.] 

^^^B Oa^ kot, (Ma, kOl, it., d tmAil tHveUi-f, a collate ; 

^^^H • auilJ bed ', a sleeping- place rm beard ship : an 

^^^H CDcloture fot sheep or catUe. [ A.S. <''tf ; W. civA ] 

^^^V WWaji. kot**}, w., <i fpf ; fannerlv applied to a but 

^^^1 or hovel, now to a smalt, neat dwelling. 

^^H aoMafff, kot*!}*^. n., om* wka dxbtlh in n crtta^. 

^^H eeMa*, *oMar. kot'i/, m. came as ntt^ar. 

^^^^ OB ll l o f ia n w^ kft-fcem-pA-rft'n^us, 

ktV-tem^tA-rtr-i, sania as Oi 

kyie-rf, <if kot', <«. 

vambcr of ;_ 
who meet familtarly for aocial, literary, or • 
purpTMca. [i'T,—<air, 1l yawte, shoLre, coBtnbu- 

lion : U ^tt^ta, tnm f^au, how many.) 
OottUon. OoUtllM. k»-til']nm, k. lit a /ettiamt; a 

brisk dance by eight persons, t Fr.— <»/». a f tl^ 

coat, kiw L. c^/tf, a tunic) ^ce Oaaft. 
OoMa«f. See tinder Oat. 
OoMan. kot'n, n, a Kttl subuauoe hlee ftna woa^ 

got from tbc pods of the cottoa-t>laiit ; doiJi mate 

of cottoa. [Fr. ctftan ; At, ^tam.] 
OotaMaa, kot-i-l^dcn, a. ths seed-lnbe or n^ 

tiut/ifd leaf which nourishai tlu se«d of a plasL 

IGr. kctyUd^—kalyU, a cup. ) 
cotyUdoaotti. kot-i>Ifdaa-iM. ndi.tfvrfmimmgttm 

kavint cetylnL'MS or seed-lobes. 
Cowlu konch, r./., f^ Zfj* rfa w cm a bed. ftc; W 

amuigv in langua^, to eaprcsa. to depreta or 

remove a cataract m the eye. — «i.r. to be dova 

for the purpose of sleep, comet-. ' ~ 

or stoop m reverence:— /r 

coticfaca'. [ Fr. ^tntifu^, to 

Fr. c^ichrr^ II (tfAtfrr— L. i[<t, 

place eel, and ^jvau, a placcj 
cowh, koucb, n. any place for reaior ticrp; a' 

&c [Fr. ftfHfAr, bed.l 
eosfiAaat, kouch'aot, «uv>i cimckinf ot lytflC ^ 

with the head raised. [Fr, [H-.p. of onmik] 
Ooogh, kof, n. an cd'ort of the lungs Id duw a 

tojtiriMis naancr, aooompaaiad by a 

proceeding from cha tlttoat — «.a la mb 

effort — tf.t. to capel froin iXtb thrnac or 

by A cough :—^J' coughinf : /«./. 

[Dutch, Jkuch, a cough, imitaiive of the soiiaidj 
OaaM. kood. /dut tt^se ot Ow. [okl E. /pwrf^ 

rVM/A — A.S. cuthf, was abl«, jim.\. of ntwwitw. t* 

be able. / is inserted froia tbc tnAuenc* of ««i«U 

and xVaiA/.} 

koun'ul. H.. AM tuttmMf ruBtJ t agmi$0^ 

for dclibcralion or nrlvicc [Fr. cfmcSf, C i^«a> 

ciliM*n~cfm, together, and root oajC tocsU-l 
eoaedUar, koim'sircr, «., « mnHbrrtfm cntmcit. 
OnoMl, koun'Kl, M., eofuultatrvn ; deUbetattoo: 

advice; plan ; purpose; one who ^vet counsel,^ 

a barrivier fn- advucaie. — ti.f. to pve advice; "' 

warn :— *»'./. coun'selling: /tf.A coun'aclIc«L " 

c^ntril, L. c^ruHium, aJricw. J 
cqaaps D or, koua'tcl-ar, m., tmr '.v^ ermturh; 

barrister. — m. esaa'saBor^Uy. 
Ovast, kount, m. lit <m« tvAo g-n nu'fJk «wi 

tetm^mion of a pnnce ; or. ?'- - 

of nobility ef|ual in rank i 

/em. aaaas'iM, the wife of < 

cffmtf, from L. c«mei, ce>mtui, j ■.u-.upjjiiui 

n.**(, with, and tv, itum, to go.] 
taaaly, koun'ti, n. orig. <A/ /nm'Mct rw/V 

touHi; a pontoo of a country eei4raie<] 

|mqw«es connected with the adminisCtatKio 

justice : a shire. 
Oaaatt kmmt, r./., i(t r^m/'i' 

to ascribe; cslet^tn : cnnti' 

inci«a«c a nuoibci- by \x.v. 

depend '-—/^-fi- count ing ; ^r. r^^^nti M. - ■ a< 

nfnumbcnng, the nunitier coiinied ; a poflicnW 

charge! ^o ^° indictmenL (Fr. camMtr, tt attl» 

rixv, L. c**»fiM/itrf. ^ee Qvapafca.] 

kuuni'ir, K., A/' ^-/tj, or that watch. 

fJlte, f^ ; mi, htx ; mmc : mote ; mOtc ; niCOn : Men* 



k biditattS a mmibcf , a piece of racbl, 
•a PKttooins^: A table oa which raoacy 
ti I— 111 1 i>r gMHl* Lud. 

■h kvoa'tei-aM. «. ihc /atfnrai u rM- 

«r esfveMintf the fcv-ltnpi: the bee; 

i<4(tMiaoe; appeanuioe. |Kr am- 

_ kocm'tr. mdm.f ^gmiiuti Es oppoatioa — 
a^ OMtnrr ; offionte. [L. canirti. ngiinU,} 
kM«*tir-«kl. p./., t0 set etuntrr or 
va hinder at dcfetC fay sctiag 
^fi-^ : - y r^ countcrut^iiiK : >w.yL couiMcr- 

kotm-ttr-aLt'iv, «*(/', tnulii^ tc 
>■. nup who or (hjt which cDuntor- 

Ml tW V^wulr ude. looctacaiiu 

k M&Cbi, P»w«-» or inAucaee >—^n/, counccr- 

iid /«M* cMUUcrtofuocd. lOoour 

-~ • 7tighi« 


or ■ : ■ ; , to 

p y y^t Kwi ltn' i ter. 

U^ :>■./. I If/, 

ftVM <Mrtie'iw, «" irmtatc— 1- ccytfru, .t^atost, 

jdfttfW, l« (C\ in mAkc ] 

•■MiMM^ Wiui*t<t-6r, M., 1« *Utf rtr /Ait/ ftiA/rA 
imitsJt*; aanKihing laUc or ccpictl^ or that prc- 
Mill M he true anil ong h w I mt tj - pncaMHd ; 
m»tB » lakOiitti ol ; forgeil ; ^Isc 

bHMa*vH>^ kevtt-Mr-fBsnd'. Ki. to pve « efim- 
«N^ M« mfjfM iti ^a tc ooeaJready givco ; to re- 
v«fta« vppOM; OMIrxIiCt : — /^>. coantenn«iiii'- 
■M ! ^ki^ OMatemsuid'cd. [r r. ^Mi/rVHMJW^fr 
-X. ftfy, ajiinif. and jpmW*, lo order. ) 

'l4r>a)uid, »., iS cmmtrmy cpm- 
a tvwvcukiD of ft fonneT cwder. 

i^ihws*. kmn'Ur-fda, «. a oowrlel for a i^, 
■rtUfcirf « W'l-cii in Miiujt:^. (a cotr. of con- 
l«VlHI.~rr i^wiefHtinlt, old Fr. eomtfr-p*inU. 
orr fn»= .--!'/./■ *,-.-"*<j'-L cit /dim ^tmedai. hcii 
tr .AM^bed-clnihi^] 

N»: • ^at0ittr^afit, 

... in. tmmtie, written 

»ti*ch nnpnaUjr oonoEUcd of jhn'nti 

iJyy^jW to ttch fMher: the «ettins of a 

rr- .i->n« to a Tuclwd)': ihc 

. /inrnt. It. amirm/- 


.■' ' ite»^ 

LCovnMr and 

oC €wn: 

poa^vi aac^iuUy heavy weight. 

aaiiv*«BM7- ' • IrpL <f. in Jirrf., ihi? \idc 

id llw dt N« Deaic^crt ami jf^iU 

ifiA#«-. ttW ietrp 1 

«<tf«dL -He 

•J 1 " "'!;./'</- cOUD- 

np*- I iiiary private Jjipfl 

or ivortif which mviu t« gtirKn in order to paw k 
•entry: a connieT-^i^aituT. 

evaatar-iMaater^ kjouiit£r-ug'oa-lQf, it. a name 
catatUraijpwd to a wntio£. 

0OBat«>>l«Bfir, Voun'l>r-len-or. k. Iho ht|hnt adult 
tiulc vdtoe and the lowest I'cmaic voice, bctweta 
the pitch of couhUt and ttM«r. 

CaoBtarraU, kouii-t&r-val',v.f., Ifiitc/avaitt 
to act agaiofC with equal effect :- 
vail'itw ; j*'.^- countcrrailed'. IC 

eoaBterrall, koiuiW-v3]. «.« e^tu/wn^Jkt, ttiva0h^ 
power, Ac. 

See under 0«itat. 
kuo'trtf n. lit. ti* immt gffniu or Mar 
to a town; a niral region as distilici fironi a towa ; 
a ttart >-if land ; the land in which ocm was borUt 
or in wbtch one resides. — mIj, hdonctng to Che 
country : nisnc ; rude. [Fr. cent*"/*, U. t^Htrmdm 
— L. €antra^ 3^ii»t, and suSte rntaj] 

eoaatry^aBc* hec Ooatca-Aaaea. 

tioWifMaii, kvin'tri-mao, h., «nw who tives m rA* 
cpfntry; a fanner; one bom ia the same couiUiir 
with another. 

Ctovaty. See under Ooai. 

Os^la, kupl, n. two of a IdodjwMA/ /^/vXVr. or 
connoted: two; a pair. — v.t to job tocetbcr; 
to unite :—/»-./. coup'Ung ; /•x.y. coupled, (fr.* 
fram L. eofula. See OopaU-J 

(3aii|il«t, tciiprlet, «., fttv lines of vene Hat rhyme 
with each other. 

oonpltnc kup'lins, n., ih* Jowifig together; t2iac 
which conaectc 

Ooaraca. kui^j, «.. heart : the quali^ that cttabha 
men to meet daoGcn without (ear ; hcavery; 
ipirit. [Fr. tenrmgr. from L. rtw, the heart.] 

contrasMU. fcur-4'jus, aJj.,/uU ff tevragt; brave. 
— <ij/i-. ceera'(«o«ily. — m. mn 'f ■ ftimum 

Oaarkr, kOS'ri-ir, it., a rtauur; a metteoecr; a 
slate servant or meaacflger : a travetUoi: attead- 
anL rF*r. romrifr, from fwxrrr, L. c ur r rr w, to run.] 

o»vn^ kCn, m., tlid act */ rttuMtng; the road oc 
track on which one runs : the direction pursued : 
a voyage : a ntcv : regular progreu from point to 
point; method of prucedure; cooduct: a pan ol* 
a meal Krvcd at one time. [Fr. cottn. It. atnm, 
L. cttrsiu, from curjv, currum, lo nm.] 

coon*, ko™, v.f., to nm, chase, or hunt aAer. — 
v.i. to move with speed as in a r^ce tv huoi :*— 
/r./. courslac : /*.^. coursed'. 

coozsar. kCfs'tr, m., a mnneri a swift bone : one 
who cuarsea or buniL 

couslac. kOryiog. »., ktmting with grcyhouiuli. 

OoBrt, kon, n., a tf^ct tmtUud; a space forroundad 
by houses : the pabice of a sovereign : the body 
of pcnans who form hts suite or council : atlcn> 
tion ; civility, as to pay court ; in /at>/, the hal 
til* justice ; the judgr^ and i>friciaU wbo preside 
there for the dispensation of ju^licc : any body of 
penont assembled to decide causci, whether 
civil, ritilitary, or ccclcstoKical^-c/. lo pay 
altentiuns (o ; to woo . la MtUcii ; lo seek >~/r:f. 
Cfturt'ing ; /*./». coun'ed. [Fr. etmr. L. cfAort^ 
also fA0rf=^c9n, cfrtit, a cattJc-yanl: alctn M 
Gt. eAffrfn, an encloaed place.] 

coartooM, kurt'yui. tufj. of eMtri'HJkt tAafwaa.' 
polite; rrspecful ; iXliging. — mJv, tmtftm^ft 

kiut'c-si, m.j ctmrtfimrtt : elegance of 
manner . an act of ctvility or rr.>pccl. 
nrartaty, luirt'ii, n. the (gesture of salutation 


Ui«, f^t ; m£, h^; mioe; aSic; roQta; taGOn; tAcn. 



reipect perfonned hv women by aliglitlf depre»- 
ing the Ixxly auj oendiug Ui« kDC». — v.t, to 
nulie a o^uncsy :— /r/. court'esjTinj ; ji^-j*. 
■ittTlw. eavtccks, l:iirt'c-ran, «. onV. a f»llawfr 

•ontto', t.'in'v-'". '' . ■""■' \^h,- ('■.■■}neHtt ceurU or 

p«b. ■ ■ ■' '■ .rs 

•awtlj > //** thoxe of 

•owt^oartlkJ, kCrt-mXr'khal, «., a r^rf held by 
oStceni of tbo armty or nnvy for tbe trul of 
offescKs aciinst ouliutir or navml \xm%.—4L 

mv^ to alw, kOrt'pta.s-1^, n. sticking plaster nude 
ofaitk. with ionic adhcnve sutBtancc uu ocie tide. 
varuUp, krtrt'ship. »., Mr <v/ v/ courting or 
wuuii]^ Miih iDicntion to nuury. 
MHlK, kiu'a, «. , tf«r rtUted more rcmolely than 
ft bcother or suif^; the md or daughter of an 
uocle ot Buiil. [Fr. — L. rtmtoin'mtu — con, sig. 
oooiicctioti. and tt^n'Mitt for tarvHttMi, applied 
U tbe chilurca of Kitten— i^r^r, a uitcrj 
tm, kOv, n., a cave or kiflitrw piate ; a. Miall inlct 
of the »ca ; a bay.— c./. to overarch, and thus 
form a btiUow :— y*r./. cOv'irg ; /<*,/. cOvcd'. 
{A.S. i']/i*, a cave, L. tavum — t.uxiu, hulluw.] 
See Atoen. 
CDffiaaBt. kuv'e-oanl, k. tit. a cimt>rmng m mi*tiHj^ 
t9^thtrl a mutual agpecmvnt to do a certua 
thing ; the wntine containing tlte acrecmcnu — 
v.i, to enter iato an .igreement ; to contract or 
bar;gain;^^r,/. rnvViiaitting ;/'»./. rov'eiianicil, 
[Fr., from L. icn^ inj^citici, and vrnic, lo conic.J 
^BTMaatar, kuv-ervanlVr, «., .«»>> a-^ii Ctn^fn^ntt; 
one wtifj »ij;]:cJ lite Scuttuh National Covenant 
of ifiiB. 
OiVH, Luv'er, v.i., to tprraJ fvrr %a as lo concoal ; 
tu hide : to ctathc ; to shelter ; to brood or sit 
oo I to t-e »ufii6cnt for, as lo cover cjipouc ;— 
/r./. cov'erifts: >ta./. covered.— «. that which 
cuvcr? or tirotccU ; in htmting, the rctrcai of 
fox or narc IFr. cjuvrir. It coprirr — I- 
etapmre — <-.»«j aud if^rio, to cover.] 

kuvtr-ina, «., aMylhing lAat cintn or 

, kuv'tr-lct, «., a htd-tv^rer. [Fr. Cff»tirrt-/if, 
(torn coin'Tt, and ///, L. Ucttim, a bed.] 

kiiv'in, ajV/'., coi'ffrd; conceaJed ; iecreL 
—*t. a ifLiLc lli^it covers or afTordft urMtcctiirti. 
OTmnir. kDvert-li. adv. in a an^rtJ {x coticcaled 

oomtar*, kuv'er-lfir^ n. , anrering', iheller, defence ; 
iQ i^m, the condition of a married wunuui. 
w.~~, koT'cr, v.t. or v.i.. ts Jeiirt oi wish fc<r 
tmgrripr; lo wish for ufiat is unbwful :— /ryt. 
cwctmg : >o./. coveted, [old Fr. i^vitrr ; ft. 
t^AUmrt—L.. cvpi^ia, desirou*— ^w^, lo desire: 
or low L. cemxvttirr — tfatttm, a wi^h] 

kuv'ei-a-bl, 04p\, tAat may fie itrveifd. 
kuvet-us, jw'. 
BVaridous.— oj/r. O0VM 

r. kuvl. n., a irvtd or haUA of birds : a small 
flock of birds-HBid of came. [Fr.amv/f — cwMrt**', 
pa.p, ofannrr, to hstcfa — L. mA*, to lie down.) 
kow, «. the fennle of the bull. [A.S. n ; 
G«r. Aw4 ,* SanL gr: from its crv,] 
■Pf w t. kcw'^pofc*. m. m dkeaje wnich afrpean in 
><»jr or pi(nplc3 on the icau of l>ic {vt», the 
matter (rom which ii used for 

Inord ioately detirvni ; 


kowSlip, K a (pcciM of pnoutTsc 
appMTi early in s/trinf in muUt plMX^ 
a comjptioa of retv't U*k.\ 

0«v, kow, VJ., in JuUne, k*ef> Mnder: \a 
hcart«n :--/f./. cowing . P^-f. cowtd*. (Si 
kufuia, Dan. hue, tj tubduc, to keep und^.j 

Oewd. kow'ard. «., oiu v/kit hnyu tmi; 
without conra^, ( Fr. aw>7nf— old Fr. 
Mi rvtire — 1. lauJa, a tall.] 

OowiMI, koVard^ evwudljr, kow'ard-li, aJJ. 
of danger : tunid ; meaD. — m^v. oev* 

towiHk^ kow'anl-is, n. want of courage i tlnui! 

Oow«r, kow'ir, v.i. lit. 10 wl in a cprmer; u 
down, acDcndly ttiruovh fear; to cni(ic]i>~j 
oow'cniix ;/••/. cowered. [W. rwnoiv—i 
a comer; Ger. i»MCj(ra, AAMm, to aqual, Irvca 
A(Mi, a nanuw confined place, a but.) 

Oowl, kowl, «.. a cap or A^W; a munlt'j hood 
cwver for a chimney. [A.S cufif, cmjU/; W, 
n^; It ctittiUa: L. citctiUtts, buod.] 

cowl«d, cowld, mJj'., ^tfannjc a atf/. 

OoWTT. kow'n, m. a itmnll s,he\\ uacO as moner is 
tlie E. Iodic* and in Afnca. tUistL itMcnij 

CozctuDb, Coxswain. Scv uiiilcr Oack. 

Coy, koy, /it(/. lit. quUt i modest; buh&il: Ay.— 
ui/v. MT^.— R eo/aiM. {Fr.ivf; UrAff^.bom 
Lu ^vteimt, quiet J 

eaylik, Voy'\!,)x,aiij., tomroi^t cjy.-^^a.oaj'idiig 
—fi. MjlihBMa. 

001, koz. f). a contraction of 

CtonB,ku/'a, v.t., to taZt vritk. tv cmfxtt ; ta 
lo cheat i—pr.p. coz'ening ; /«/ coi'ciied. (1 
kesnt, to talk, caress, tnake love ; aUlciI lo 
ittttrrr, to talk whh.}--«i. eot'«ncr. 

eama««, kui'n.lj, »„ ikg pwmiict */cikMismg: 

Crab, krab. m. a commoD thcll-fi«h having (en 
the front pair tctmiaaiinj^ tii cl.iw-i ; a sign in 
lodiac (A.S. .-ra^i, from Sj-ini. er^hk, 
scixe, or from A.b. crtaptut, t-j creep. I 

Orab. krab, (m(;".. acrid; tpur: rough ; austere 
a wild tiltrr apple. [W. /-^m-. Gael /wW^ 
Ger. A^r^, L. oireHmj, aour- See AoarMj.J 

Uftbbld. krab'ed. adj.,tt>ur-ifmpm<4; iU-natored 
pe«vuli ; harsh ; rouEb : diAcult, pcrpltxia^ — 
attv. crabb'adly. — «. erabb'cdajML 

Onok. krak, H.,atvJJfn tharp tpmOmfi 
chink;aflaw.— r.r toittterashHrpfudde 

tokplit. — v.t. lo produce a sudden noiw : 10 1 

intocbinJcs; to split ; tobrcakt-artUllyorvrliaU] 
todiaorder:— /r./. cracking :/ti ./ crackad*. (r 
crae; Dutch, <(tv«A,- G:u\.chju: from thesouML] 

craekar, krak'^r, «. the pctson or tblnf 
cracJu: a noiiy firework ; a hard Uscuii. 
oneUl, krakl, v.u lo eive oui aitght tut/rt^^mi 

cracks :—pr.p. cradPling : /«>- crackled, 
cnckul, krak'nel, m, a hard, hntiit biscuit. 

CradU, krS'dl, h. lit. a snta/lcntUf abed ori 

which children arc rocked ; lii*. infancy : m 

in wliidi anything is imbcduc. 

broken limb : a frame und<^^ . 

ing it.— r./. to lay or rock 

crJ'dlirR: pa.p. crt'dled. I.' _ 

crtatAttii: akin to L. cratk-ulu, dioi. ol* •.▼uAM^l 

crate. Sec Crat«.] 
Craft, kraft, n. power of gri* 

prrktmitnf;; rtrrngth 

lerily ; art; inide ; small »hip», (A.S i^wtft. 



iifancy ; 

ibility : cunning 1 

fite, fir ; mC, hftr ; nXat : mOce ; mQte ,- mtXa ; tJkcn. 

ncBti » ttntmr ; «• feMar: to faMsi 

nmX knap's^ «^c I 
•f Ibw lilw fconck it. 

Uic MtU «p; m bne vmW bM, «M t«c 
bK^Mdl,M<lbBt: abvipty*te4n«H«^Br 

niciad from their Cka-iw-* te tfce fie^ 

^ „- s . (row ibe aouod-l 

r. ftlEurVi-ri, «. a rtd, aew Am^ po « »- 
a malk tcKBibGnc ibc kfs mad mA «f 
, acidi nwd for um. 4bc 

■wn* es the 
:aal0CT- (U 

mm. WK^jK. A» Jirf^nptij^i^ » I 

iVS ^ i , M«^W,<w^ iKy|^J»4«< 


:aI, it. , CMT tkiiitd in crtoa- 


^IMI^, «■ Ui-« rrvek or Imk/: an arm 

■ad fvceved to tn »«u lo produce nation : 

kAaf KcsDOcilui ffpe«<h. F Dutch, jiriv'i 

lAtf^ns ibuAr^rv, to ctiH. Iwitt, bcDiL] 

> '>t«k. amkla, kranskX ertakk, knogkO. 

'-jvn vith kkort iur^« or wrinkles. — r.f . to 

.T«, «j^ ur wniikJt ;—/»■./, criok^iiE ; 


kajiefci, crtKkli., knc^l, «. a tnm, wtnd- 
m vcinLle. 

Ifs^lc, r --^- ' *•■ t//. iit. xfV*; 

In af iQ be up*ci. 

t 1. 

i .-itind.) 

qvbcs ti amA m lihmtT, 
U ceir. «# Fs. Jt w i iiw * . a oakl 
&■■!, hnvl, r JL, te cra;^ ar m^re •0:10 ■«•« 
feeWyr AJ at f -^^r/. osvl^ ;>»/. osalsd'. 
fDaa. imJg; Cer. 4 r a Wrf^ xa crac|kj 

cis]% Tanoaaly cstovra^ wind wk onwc . m 
dnwia^ done viak ccfcyp aa r fc to ■fcetdt with 
a cny«o : to akctdi orpiUL IFr. rr«M«— <ywir, 
chalk, froM L. ertU, CrcCia earth, chalk.] 

Dr*ai,kHLz.r.lL. «rnnn4«r^nr«^- !'.»*ai.i^; «• 
dcranc* (apptied 19 the tntcll- '^i*- 

iag ; /« /. crfl«*d*.— ^fcrfp. a«« * ; -<-*■, 

to cnijb. shatter; Dan. kr*i*, ; . Ic«. 

knu*^, to criad.] 

•rasf, yaiiTi, «u^'., cnaniotinnAnf; fcvidc . crack- 
brained ; Dxaite.— rtt^. cnc'l|r.~a. cnstaML 

krA, PI. to make a iharp, m3<.-<h'^r, gr^ttPfi 
jf»nu/.a»ofa hinse. &c. :— /ry, cieak'iii|i;jM/. 
cnuked*. [old Fr. criftirr ; A- S- c^tTiam : ' 
the sound, and cnnncctcd with Crack.] 

krfm, »«. \it.jrvtk ; the oily *uUiance,' 
(itrm. ro milk ; the bc\t part 
10 Uk« off the cieam.— r.('. 
cnant '.—pr,p. creimlng ; /rf 



£Uc. Ox : m6. bftr : mtoe ; mOte ; mQtc : mOOa ; (Mo. 


dU woman, iinully in mnrempt- rCacl- nvnan, 

Sol! ^TMJ*, 1 ri*'" ■ ' " "" '"' ■■:■-- ' 

ernay, krAn'i, «. an 

Crook, krook, «. lit, , . : -i 

AtVik ; a bend, a tian L.-cm .it tr.c tiv-:, .la a sncp- 
henft or btthop't; an arriAcc or mck.—r.^. to 

io turn froio the 

crooked'. fW. 
ifvA^, A falu or 

>' a Cfwi; not 
iJc, perverse. — 

dll tlic pnxluoe iif 

bend or fonn mlo a h 
sCmieht tmc or fiti 
or bt bent : — ^rf. <. 


(I*/.-. cnx>* «iliy,--.i. croUH 
Crop, krLt{t, «. Ik. j ri-un-t Ji 

a 6clU of KTaiD . jf.ythmj; leathered or cropped; 
ihe craw of a t)ird — t'V. lo cut off the icp or 
cadi ; lo cut short or cIom ; lo mow, rczp. or 
Kiidicr : — fr.p. cnjpij'ing ; /n./. cxoppcd'. [A.S. 
crof ; Dutch, craf, ibe knob of the tJiroat : Gael. 
ern/^, cmtf, a knob; W. <n«*. a round hunch- J 
trap Mil, v.*. la A^ipcar abuvc tLe iiiifacc : tn cotnc 

to light -.—^.p. cropp'ijDg ; /i./. cropped', 
bvtfv. Sec uridcr Onia 

tran^ kroi, n., k gihi^i on which malelacton were 
kmmj^, consstins of two pieces of timber, one 
pUced cronvriM on the other, cither thus t or x ; 
the initritoienl nii which Chrt\t •uffrreil. ,uij ibiit 
the tymbol of the Chri^tun religioa: the «uflcr^ 
iooi of Quilt : luiyi iiir^ tlat croHca or thwarts : 
Btlvenity or aiHiction in i;eneni): a crD»ini; or 
mixiiiBorbrt:cdf,«^p. of cattle. — p./. to mark with 
a croM : to lay one body or draw one line acrou 
aoolber ; to aanoel by dtawing crosi lineii : to pass 
from Bxle to side : lo olntnici : to thwart ; to 
interfere wiih ; 10 [aeiplex. — v.i. lo Ii« or be 
athwart : io move or pou from place lo pUce : — 
^./. crosi^njT i yia,^. croued'. [Il cnxe; Tt. 
crpir; L. crux, ong. an upricht post to which 
laltcriy a cross piece was added: conn, with 
Orsok by Gael. crvtoM. a hooK ms,*A, hmi^ ; Ir. 
crxMaim, lo har»([, frw*, a gallowt.] 
tOMikrot, aiJy'., fjittjg lUrva ; transverse; ohllque; 
opposite: adverse: ill-tenipcrcd : utcrchaDged. 
- itifv. troMlf.- M. croM'BMi. 
tBwaliCU. Vrr"-*'!' I. *f a t(couf> c-t birdi rcwnibline 
bull/i. ' . , fiiC. wilh the inandiblc* of 

the - :li other nmr llic i>oiats. 

■bc« I weapon for shootini^arTOWSf 

formr.) I r it '<yf jiticed cnttrwi'sron a uock. 
oiawiniiiln*. kros-cgf-am'in, v.t. to test tbe evi- 
dence of A wicneis by icul^eclinit him to an cx> 
sminatinn by the opposite party : — ^r fi. cross- 
CKiiii'inifig : ^/. cross-exsm med. — u, cro«- 
■«tQai B r ilB»d, krov'-grted, titij., hMvtnc tAe jyuim 
or fibres .-»Twx#rf or intertwined : pcrvcrae ; con- 
: UD tractable. 
krosing. n.. off p/f«iH£ /tfnvt; a ihwurt* 
: a place for pauing from one side to tbe other. 
kros'let, n. , n Itttif cr\f»». 

Wrf.^'-Vmcit-yui!.!'. '. to croM-cxamine. 
-tr«M, krvi-irci, •*. t:ii...Li if limber placed 
rti-fVfj 'h- 'iji^r iivA of tiio ii '*«:( raasu and top- 


waprii -i.itK, crouvMiyM i in the fom 

of n 
Broiler. vtaff HirmoMnted by <• cn'tt 

tun K . \A on sulcmu DccaAions. [low 

L. .r. :. a cross.) 

Vttiatf*, Kr-><,->.u.r , t. H military evf>edition under 

the lanncT of the f«»« to recMver the Holy Land 


from the Turks : any ruiaanliic or hopdew nndcv* 

taking. |Fr. crnstiffr " ■■ ^ -- — 
cruu4«r, kruil-t-^'L-r, '. 
Crutcb. Lrtxh. n. tit. i 

funned by tbe crossu _ 

or hranchct. ( Fr. >. ' 
enlcJML krocb'ct, k. 1 : 

mudc, oiiial to half ;i a-mno, i : .] .ij^^tt 

peiiretae (ancy : a whim or tonoeiL [Fr. 
diminuttvc oicw^ a hook.] See Oracfeal. 
■r o tc fcal ^ , kroch'et-i, wf/., fuBHMf erotekftt 

pecult-irittes: wbinutcal. 
CiDlMi. krO'lon, '■ ^ . - . . 

Jucing a l>ros\ 

taslc [Or. w 

seed of the plant reicir.njL-5.j 
OMvik, krouch, v.Lt to crv^ or bow ; tn faunae 

lie cl<we to ihe £roiUH] : to orinyt ; to 

/r./. crouch'inff :M-f. crouched'. [Ice. 

crooked, bowed oown ; W. craiatm, to 
Qmp. krO&p, N. lit. a cr*ttiif.^ A^urt, 

severe dUease ID the throat ' 

(Ktiiicd by a hoorw cough. 

Scot, rnu/t, cTvmf, hoanenc 
Cnrap, kr(JDp, w., « rny* or I • 

fr>»1 : tlie buttocks of a h>" 

the toddle. (Kr. c»t»m(V; It. < 

himch, hump: allied to Orop.] 
crappcr, krup>r, n , flu rrvmfi; a stnp of 

fastened to the saddle BTid i^i.sur.)> unilcr 

horK's tail to keep the sad^l' 
cnopltf, krffo'pi-ir, n. one wli •// o» 

Inwrr end of the table as a.\M .i: a 

public dirmcr: a sice-pvcsideiit . h. 

the cards and oolI«cts tnooey at a .^ 
Ctow, krO, H. a hige bud, ge^'-T IK 

|] Iters a crvaJh'ftf »a\md : t' 

boast : a larfe iron har or lev ' 

what like /A« iraJk i*/ a cnra, 

— vA., to croaki lo cry as a cuck, m >uy 

aocc : lo boast ; to swujarcr '.—fr.p. 

ffut. crew (krOO' or crowxa ; A*/^ cr«wed'« 

rrau>, a crow : from the soiiad.] 
er««ter, krO'h&r, n. See under OMV. 
amfMV kro'foot, n. a com moo weed, i^ 

of whicli is like a crcv/t/tsft. 
Crevd, krT>wd, ». lit. a lump; a number of 

or thines dtrtcly urr:»^d ti^'-t*"-'- n'.tf ...t 

the rabble, multitude — i ; 

himp or crowd ; to till hy 

tn^elber ; to encumber by m i . . 

tuf^ether iu numbcn ; 1osuj\T:i . 

iaf./ti./, CTO*d'cd |A.S. ■ 

crv!<a,A round lump; Dutc'i. .-'■■.■.>-:- , .. 

Vi push; coanectea with Cnri, Crvv.J 
OrowB, krown, m. lit is cirrU, somethinir fi 

j^rhuuii (he diadem ' '■■'-■ ■■■ --r ' 

rcpil power: hoootir 

thmic, esp. of tbe he I' 

mcnt :a y. piece staini-^^ - . ~ 

co\xror mvest with a crown : to invest 

dignity; to adorn: lodiitnify^ to comi 

perfect:— /r,/. crowr/iug: /*>./. crowne 

ctmwvnme; \^ cprvmn; Tir, kof-9mf; VT. 

r*ael. rminMi, roiind.] 
crowa-flaat kro>«'n'-sUt, n. a kind of wiad<7« 

fonned in cirviJtrr plates or discs, 
erown-priaoa, krown'-fvini, k., tJkt /witot 

tucanJit tif tiu ctvten. 
Cradal, kifS/shi-al, tutj., cr*utui** oc in the form t 

i3ic. (Ax; mi, b<r: mine ; mote; mote; inOQn; fAeiu 




ill A.-/.. hforiHe finii 

t (lotth hy .fixing 

rigBre or putOTc orCHriai 

OB »»« crou, e*[k>rciAiIy lh*l of Chmt 
Sev cnJfT flkvlia. 

4wO'. tit. MoMty. niB'. mriie*. to a 

• : unaltered by any uti&cUlpnxxM ; 

tMA; IBM reOnoed to order or Togm ; trnfinUKy^ ; 

t«iMC**'*i'; innuturc. — nJv.auAm'ij. — «. a«da'- 

■■^ (1- c»Wiu^ bloody— >--/»flr. Utrtd.] 

«>rilR|^ tEftXMr»-t\ <■., ffjf^ ff btini t*^di\ nw- 

BMBi —ryBTtfn; riut which \s crude. 
■«< hl^CTcC «^: , biiwiy, tiw-dlAittiy ; dlspotcd 
W MiM MUB. er plcatc'l at ^wiicroig: void of 

I- t rwJi'tt ,-irtui»t4 } 

WatfV^ lOQQcl-ti, •• , ^tro/ifjf of htinc crtut: dtt- 
fMlMMM^CaiM I"*") i IcrUanty-. a cruel uX. 

«MOMifiBCAU rPr . ^m. ^^.'f^. dini. of cnh^V, 
9 |a)^ froa roD- 
■^*i^ ■■■K ^»0 ■> /^/ ; a vBuIt cap 

■*fcNlJ». IFr , rootofOrtct.) 

WMi^ kvPr«i-U. •!.. .t<v fd-.' tM^m p*tt f<ir meliiaf 

«B^ wtssb, Ac [low L tfmeifnjMm, from 

Kocof CbttA.] 
ftllMt ftMtkf, F £.. £« .*n*^ ^>r •^)tl ^'vtf»£it ,' to nil 

f^-^ fraW^r — •■ 4 «.^(Iit)£ 111 ann fro; a voyage 
4 wiott dimf i&a» m scATch of «a cnesiy. or 
A« A« yrvteraav rff vcskIm. — «. aali'«. [Gcr. 
AmaBm, frcm L. cnu, a eras. ] 

Vmo, « . • xmatV M or nanci of farad : 

iecaf I fo peruh : 
--utflilid. f wra. ciT 

a. A lood of fWMtvf cr sort 

shrank : crooked : 
-r i^rumm; Scot. 
, led Lorn.] 
^wmf ot wnfikloa ', 
idr or vrtnkla ; u 
»....Ued; locoimciur 


t^Mg ta or Mianad /<iAr a 

Mr t)ci» I to Mprrr furctrKr . (O tafld dtvn 
«rp«r»1hrfm: iMnbdne; iQrvto.-/ry. orwlr- 

txHi^ iato ■ Itovd ohm: !» faii» iate ■ a«s 
[L.<-wi£s; G«T, *w9ittr^ w. cwi^ fcas oviv, ■» 


cnv. kTvtfi. «^r«r tHk 

wfwve tndic* ve eot cf ^ «iA a rM> fljfc Alfl 

rrarttti— , kn tftfAi >m ,»iL«>toftW. 

OBicacs ; to anp ;— /r/. 
cjwcfa«r. (Xlnv.-Gflr.i 
froM L. <vmx, crmcu, m opcmi. J 
CkT. kiT« *.^. to wBKT a «lra2/ Xn^ « 
one cj^R^vve «f i^ia ar gmf r l» 
weep : u bavl.— ry. to tftcv Itndly ; 
or aokv p^Ac}— /r/. cnr^ :/«-«. wd>ia/. 

Z to 

urserad by i« _ 

ft./rl, la Gill: fina Iho HWitf.) 

1* ■■diipBOBtf c*! •« rfc^fi il, 
*eM«K4l<rl«rter (9i.<»7/<r; <rw 

c, kn^tt' 

It. £^idm * r; I*. 


faiy^ft«JL A^.^AOtfo./ 

Ia» plasa or fkoBC 

yiW. km'ut •. •**«- A»; « i n ii f ir kfa<.<C 

aMmnoiadcMrawttfaaf Ifanw^WlMM 
ben. (U tryt^mO^Tti^mCf. Aty ri twiCfiH^ kf 

» V y w Gk« #"Trt>^, ■ i l iii III. •«• . . 
I J - Ml ilii "" "- -•• ■■---'--'"^-'^■■— "^* 

Sa^Or; b£, Wr; ■itec; ^Hc; alUi 



or . -. Uk fiiund. 

Jarm »/, or tlut may be ur u coaauOtd !■« a 
ctthe —adf c«bU*Uy. 

kAb'i-rorn>. **i/ , *** tk* fvrtt e/« ctilf. 
kiib-oid'. caboMftl, killKiMtl'al, <m/. RKto- 
bling a cwi# m t^^i/f. [Or. AwAm, aod tidgj, 

J IcOVil, «. a DieatMirc employed by the andents, 
equal to the ten|th of the arm froni tAf ef^m- 
to (liv ii(» of ilic miJctlevfioaer. [L. m^itMi, Or. 
itilnitft, the elbow — root nt^. a bending.] 

Cuckoo. kuolcSO, M. a bird which crio cucJf^, 
rcmarkjible for bying iu esB^ in the oesu of 
oUier birOs. [Pr. ccmcs-u, L-ctmUmt, Stuit. AcktJa,] 
kuk'oid, M. aoc who has bees tmekooed or 
u tome birdi arc by the cuckoo which bt)-» 
to aggi ia strange dcsu : a man whose wife has 
pKi^d unfaithful.— u,^. lo »TDng a husband by 
unchastity : — cuck'oldinj ;/f»./.c«ck'oIdca. 
[Fr. iViw, It. ruculj, from L. chi:HlHt.\ 

OaeamtNt, kQ'kum-btr, ». a crccpinr plant, with 
Urre oblong fruit uted as a salad and pickle, 
fold Fr. comcpmbr*. 1. cHcumu, cuctmunt.] 

Oii, kud, 1. the food brought from the first stomach 
o^a ruminating animal luck intu the mouth and 
chtvfeU again. [A.^. (mi, a cud, a quid, what 
b chewed, from ceffUMut, to chew.) 

Omddla, kud'dl, v.t\. ta maij^ or tTvtvJ together ; 
to crouch fogetDcr or to lie doM ana snug 
together : — ■/''^. cuddling ;/fl,/, cuiitned, (prov. 
E. cmtHiir, to crowd together. ] See 0mr4. 

OndAIa, kud'dl, v.t. to hug : lo embrarc : to fondle. 
— n. a clr>«c embrace, [a fonn of 0»4dU.] 

Cttdgal, kudjel, w. a liravy ttalT; a dub.—*'.', to 
beat with a cudgel -—fir./, cud'gelltng : /a./. 
cud'geUcd. [W. cpfef-w<^, a jMcce of woou.J 

ChIwmC luJifwCd. a. the popular name for many 
ipeoeii of planu covcrvd with a tttl^my down, 
[probably comipied from crf/tnt-mttd.) 

* Om. kO, m., a ^lutu, or t^i'-fiJtt twist of hair farv 
mcrlv worn at the hjck af the head : the loj/ 
woru of a speech spoken by an adur serving 
ms a hint to the ncxi ; any hint ; the part ore 
has lo play: tlie straight rud uacd in pUyiitg 
billiards. [Fr. fiwn^ — L. citt^a, a taiL] 

Oaff. kuf, H., a itreJu wlLb the open hand.— v./. to 

strike with the opeo hand :~fir.f. cuffing ; /a.i*. 
cuffed'. |5w. 'vmo^, to knock, conn, witit II 
tfhiinjfc, L and Gr. cota/koi^ Scot. cl*fff.\ 

Oni^ kuf, n- that pon of a itcevv which is tiuned 
tiack from, and thu( fivmi aViodof o m wiiy ftw, 
the hand, (prolx frvm Fr. eaijft, bead'dreUi.] 

OatrMB, kwi-ras', or kwi', n. a dofcusiTc covering 
for the breast orig. mJtd* ef Uatktr, aflerwanls 
of imn fasreited with straps and buckles, &c. 

iPr. CHtrajiW, low 1.. cmntltm — I- cerimiH, tkiu, 
eathcr; Fr. <utr.\ 
wdwl g . kwi-nub-fir** r. k loldiet amied «^ a 

OBUsa, kiil'df. m. lit. a wrM/^^r- a/'Gcii : one of 
a miralM^r nf moak« who formerly lived in Scot- 
lar' '■ ' -■' ^-il Wale*, [a con. of U Cai/Ctfrcf 
yv yf GodJ 

or lo C'>;- : ii>ed in the kilchcn. [L. rw/^jv- 
ttrjKS^ (ntn c*iiHa, a kiicb«n.J 

evil ktti, r.r., U i»tWt m £s»aw /4r««4fri Is 

•elect : to rack oM --^-f caUTng ; >i/. cuOftf. 

( Fr. nrr'.'/ir, lo gathet— I* rath^, to ooUcd— 

cat. together, anifjir/v, to caChlv^ 
Sec Oelaadar. 
kui'vuii. m. a uretch ; a cowftrdly tdiam, 

(Pr. .:-.■ -., a .!j^t.>M, a pottiDon : It mgftmr, 

the !'■■: VI. 1 

eoUj. Vi.: ! of C«lU«l) a mean dijpc— 

f /. t.' . ^uly :— cuU'yiog; /•>• 

Calia, kuhii, m., tJu »t»H or atnw of cum ok aim 

of gT;u*cs. IL. cittmmt, a fSatk nt ;icni 1 
ealaUarotu, kul mif^-u*) i-'' '^Ar gi 

stems, [h. cw/»*iM, a. »ui- bair>J 

Oalmtaata; ktU'mio ilt. v.t,, /.' ^ : f,)m 

venical or at the higher 

firfi. cul'nuuAlijig . fiu fi ■. 

CHimino, from L. cututrn, ,.. ., _, ._ ,.-, . 

[Qo'jiiiiijn-i'jp, a summit.] 
entnlaatlon, kul-min-J' , Ar/^^u/MiJc^/iA^' 

the lop or highest pumt ; in •u/^vk , tranut, u 

pa«dw.uc of a ^>dy acrtm the nietidiaA « " ' 

point lor the day. 
Qnlyakli, fcurpa-hl. <idj., Jttrrvin^ !' 

crinunal. — adv. cmtp'aWy. [I., cu!, 

of blame — <uifi9, lo blame — tW/.!, 
ca^bOlty. kuKpa-bil iti, CBlpaMwan. •»! i^ 

u.Mtatt ^btiiigcWfiAdUi UabilUywj 
emlprU, kulprit, n., mm nifitM* or im 

criminal ; 4n Kng. Ij 

not tned. [prob. dr 

E. verb to <Mifir, 

fault : or for cnlfial, > 

pcfMm accufked J 
Cnnt*at«, kul'ti-vHt, vt.. f^ fi7f w -vTMlim 

tilbge: to prcpjtc r 

to: to civilite or rcli' 

cul'iivfiud. — N. caJ'... 

trzifhifi — 1.. 1- ' , I I ' 

caltlTaUOB. hulu ... :i.;.j. ■■ . ;.:■.■ ..>;. j.- 

cahmra, kurtQr, «., r/.. 

cuUivaled: ad van' ' 

of cuiciration. — r.; cul'iariag ; /•-/•. cm m.-ru. (i- 
DdRrala, kul'tril, ***tj. tliapetl liJkf •« . 

pruning -Icnifc. (L. cm/trtttu—nt/tcr, , 

share-] Sec Coltar. 
CbItw, kul sor. N.. a aVcv. (A.S. rw^wj 
Oolvar, kul'vcr. Cvlvsrta, kul'v^in, m. aa 

canooQ, so c^teU from its toog, tliin. 

fihnpc, or from its being onufncntsd vjth &r 

figures of serpents. (Fr. rtrtUrmatf^ frw 

ewrr, L. c»Jtib«r, a icrpcnt) 
Oahrart, kul't-ftrt, m. an arched pai 

road or canal used aj a w«Ter-ootm^ 

[probably from Fr. e*trvrrt, covere^l-J See 
Cnatar, kum'bir. r-./., to ctunuitU^ ot i^^ < 

to hinder by loodiag ; to ntard, perplex i 

— /r./. cuni'bcTiiig; fij*^. cumoered. 

loniinu, a mound: rr. camtikr, 0<r. 

to heap — U. cumuliu, a bcap. 
eiiiBb«rMB«.kum'b^-<um,a4(^. ctua/wniy;! 

S'.'iiic . IruublciMjHie. 
eaaikTasc- ' ■■■■ 



tewul> — n. vk» 
Cuala, Commla, kum'in. 


Cite, \kT : me, \itt . otTnc : 

* Sm A|rp«B«lla hI 

mQle: oiAie: nOOa: A(ca> 

OvtHailoM, p. Mk 



■•■.<d from 

'II which 

, ' lub.) 
.1 rrcfffai/f 
I .ctuali, dtihc:*, 

' T. reoepuclc.J 


m^ m t m^ * k A^ vault on the nun- 
« doow. tlL : Fr. 

a J ctc Dewte dog, ham 
Mknr. [Dutch, 4»mr, 
*T of its kind.] 
DtaHH ftc> Se« under Ov«. 
lit. *r cxrw or ^r*fti/; lo bend to 
■>Uae; U resinin or check: to 
' ^loAt by > carh i—4r.^. curb'tog ; 
i^hich Curbs : ■ check or 
uiached to the bit 
e hone. [Pr. ceur. 
crooked, bent.] 
v/i liulfnrd or coagulated ; the 
>tingui&>vrd froin ihc 
L ^rwtk: If. crmiA, 
nil wiih 0>«A.l 

... I led. 

Furr: attendance or Attention: 

, .r.,.....l rl,iro*. .1,- di&trict 

care of 

..- ... ..... (u heal : 

. mluns, tiiK.:~/r./ 

srm, tfiKcftude. carc- J 

„.^ , . — ■ ''*"»/ V r»«*v<^.— «. ear- 

#ar vAr A«r e4r nvvr or nrrv of 

. .m .-.- i-h,,t:h of Eii|U.mJ 
( or near. [ Vr. 
... r — > ment, ar bene- 

■ USmi i» Xltf ovfr of 


ka-rS'lor, ML, OM noArt ^1 /^ ra*v nf *nr- 
thinf ; a MiiwriflieiKlent : oae «ppabiie«l by Uw 
Aft CuartlUn. 

nlMik k&r'let, m4/: ui/ku/ furr; that cumot bfl,j 
cuivd,a><^. ItL oft'W; aiuuoas lo IcAm : 

fiilly made : uo^v ; rue.— .i^ta. nhtteMtr— «. 
cu'nmwMK. [l-r. nrvMU-; L. r«n«n«~-<wni.] 

curu'iai; inquisiiivewtt : thai wluch is euriotu ; 
anyitung rare or iinuAuaL 
Cartnr. Icuf'fQ, m. lit. ttrvry-fi^r; in feudlj lime* 
the riDjiiiDe of a bell at 8 u'cLock. as a signal 10 
f .n rr or put out allyfivr and L^ua. (Fr. cMvvrv- 
yWr, frum tawuriw, to cover, aod^^m, fir*. J 

<hrl««lt7, OarlMc See under Ovn. 

Oarl. knrf, r,/ lo twist into riitf^lcta; to cott.— «> c. 
lo thniik into nnslcls : to rue \a iinduUttuiu ; 
10 wnthe . lo ripple ; to plaj* at the jBamc of 
curline.— «. a rintfiet of, or what \\ Mic It: a 
wave, Dcndinj;, or twiKt '-—j^./. curJ'uii ; y^./. 
curtad'. [orig. ^rua; Dutch, 4rW/c». Daa. knM^ 
to curl. J 

early, kurTi, udj.^ kaving cmwii; full of nob. — m. 

eartivc kur'linK. «■ & pame, common in Scotland, 
omsistiiic in hurling heavy stooei aloi^ a ibeet 
of ioe, like playing at l»wlv 

Ontow, Icur'lQ, w. one or the wading lMrd« having 
a very loiix ilcndcr bill and leg>, and a shon taxL. 
IFr. cvHuu: probably from iu cry.] 

OamadvMa. kiir-miij'un, n. Ut. m ct^rm-mirrdumi ; 
aa avahdoiu, ili-natured fcliov : a nuaer. — adm. 
cvBa4cMCLly. [i>]d £. evrmmtij^t a mmip> 
tioacxfcom-inerchant, because they were Mnpoaed 
to keep up the price of cuni by theii avanoBr] 

Carraat. kitr'rant, n.. Jit. m CprimiA (raisin) : a ^nwH 
kin-J of r^iuti at di-ieil craiie, imported from the 
l^fvant ; the fruit of aevcral gardcu ahnita* 
(from Ca^Hth, in Greece,] 

Camnt, kur'renL, <tdj., ruHmmg or ^ fl t mi mf ; p«a^ 
tng froai pcrsoa 10 penoa: gcDOally icocivcd: 
now pauing, proMml. — «., a rwms/ijp or jt0m' 
im^; a itfcam ; a portion of water or air niovin£ 
in a ceitaia directioa ; courae.— «^. orWily. 
(L. cmrrrtu, cnrrmtU — currw, ttrntu, |/i run. J 

eunaacy, kurren-ai, m., UttU or Quality ef briUg 
cwtitHi; circuUUMri: that whic^i orruUies a\ 
the money ofa country: gcDt:r;il c-.tijii.2:ii)n. 

earrlcli, kurrt-kl, n. lit. a nrri': urmif 

a two-whcflcd open chai«e, ■ ' !ie»«cs 

abreast ; a chariot. (L. <iBrri. -■ .-«rr».J 

earricataai. kur-rik'O-Iuin, m., a ttmne of career, 
t^pecUUy the course of study mt a univenity. 

eontn, k 1 r flowing. 

earwrr. L -■'"£; haaly ; taper- 

fic»:il , ( V - i xlly. 

Carry, kur'ri, m. a kind of fttuca 
much used in India and eliewhere, and 


Can-,-, i^... , 
drna 1:1-. 
hor%c: !>' 
lery. f i 

to Biakc 1 

Tr, (Tinger, arw) other spice*; e 
curry powder. [Pert. tJiArdi 
«!*, frrm kMurtiAm, to cat.] 

'rdMwwi mtm^' 

fiae. Ar ; m^ hAr; mine : mCee ; mOtc : mOOn ; M«A. 


r, ient'ri-ir, u., iwr ffJh currin or drcastt 

toiiDcd leather. 
OVM, Vun, zKt. lo involie or with evil upon, by the 

tign ■■■(the .^1-1 : . rodcrotcio penlitioti ; Invrjtor 

lor. Utter iniprccatiotii : lo swear; 

— ^> fia.^. cursetf. — «. ibe invoca- 

llun ^ : ^vil or luum upou ; evil invukcd 

nil uiiodicr, tuniicnt. — •(. ean*<r. (A.S. cursiuM, 

<-.v/j'.i«— .-«rr, a curse; from root ofOraM.] 
CBTWd, kun'ed, ^/., under a eurre; dc^crviiiE a 

c\ir»- : blanteU l>y a cune : hateful 
Csnlv*. Oftiwrr. Sec \inder Onmmt 
Olrt kurt. aJj'., tAart; conciftc — a/'t'. carflr. — 

M. evrt'un. [L. curtnt, shoiteiKd ; Sau. hrit, 

to cut, Ki>anLtc.] 
coii&U, kur-rJl', r.t. , to cut ik,-rt ; to mt ofT a fiart : 

lo abrid^o '•—fr.*. airtaUlng ; /«/. curtailed'. 

(Fr. cfittrt, from U turtus, and taiiUr^ to cut.} 
OnrUls, kur'lin. n. lil. /Aa/ wMiiA ttulatnox/rrmt 

a ccurt ; H han^in^ ctoth osed to hoDjE round and 

cocliWM: a bed, fiic. : the part of a ranjpart between 

two bauion*.— t'./. to enclose, or fumisb with 

curtains :— ^r./. cur'tainin;; ; /<■./. cuf'taine*!. 

IJ'r. (curtuu; low L. nfrjinn; from L. cors, 

cfi-iis. & place eocluied, a ci'tirLj 
Curtqr, kurt'ki. Sajnc a> Doiui««r. 
Cbtt*, kurv. a//., crwkeJ ; f^at round. — n. aoy- 

ihttn; iVi»/; a bent line ; an arch. — »./., to htnd ; 

%o funn into a curve :~~/r.i. ciuViag ; /»-/. and 

rt^'. curved', [h. curtmr^ 
mrTal*4, kurV j-t«d, •i.//. , curiYif or bent in a re£u- 

liir r.irni- [L. twrr^, ritr^'.::;t, lit licml.) 
onnratv*. Vurva-tilr, «., acHrtmc qv i^tdittg t (he 

eontinual bcndmc or the amount of heeding from 

3 (ttaifiht line. [L. curra/urft.] 
BSmt, Wurv'rC, n. a ctrrtain trap of a hone in 

which he j(ivc<> his body « rwrrf .* a leap or 

frolic— ff.f. to leap in curveis ; to leap ; lo msk : 

— /r/», «:iin''oi'inf[ ; Pa./. cur\''ctcd. 
ODirtliii . l.ii'i-ar, CBrvUliia&l, kiir'vi<lin1-al, 

rtr'V .':} or boundtd by ivrved Uttft. 

[I.. . iitua, a line] 

Owh*t, k--«»ii'nl, 1. the rinc-dovc or wood-pigcon. 

[pTOv. E. ccvtkfft; A.S. cuscf^te.) 
CBtfhlos, kooib'un, n. a catc filled with Mime »oA, 

cIamic 4tiiff, for renting on ; apillow. — v.i. lOKal 

ini or fumiOi wiih a i.-u*hiiin : — /»■>*. cu*h'iotiin([; 

/sj*. cuah'ioncd-^ [Fr. ctrntrin. It. cMScina, frum 

X. cu/dfi'jwm, dim. oi cuh-ita. mallrctt.] 
Ciap. Wuu>, K., a fvinti the (icint or hurii of tlic 

in* ■' ,-us^i, a poinL] 

enipli! '. , cupltUtsd. kut'pt-d*L{-c<l, adj, 

iit • 'l).tqi end vt ^'nt. \V.. cus^i' 

OoUrd, kus'tard, t. a compositirm of milk, cpp. 
RiC. «weelened and fla*-ouredL [W. tmstani, 
from amv, cheese, cittd : L. casna. cheese. J 

nftard-«ppu, Ittu^tard-ap'pl. m., tkr fruit of a W. 
Indi;Liiirce, ha vingao eatable pulp,/fi^(triu/<tn/. 

Oulsdr, ku&'tO-di, m., d watching or xnaniim^: 
core: tecurity; imprivmrnent. [I>. cmrtedi/t, 
fruOJ (tttct, cus/tx/ij, a watcher or keeper.] 

eutodlal. kus-to'ili-al. tuij.,prrtaimM£ t« autM/y. 

castodUn, km ti>'di-3n, n., oh* wkm has cmxtody or 
OiT'., r^'^v.!"v nf -..imr piiMir hTiilr^ing^. 

Omkc^. "ledlQ do ; 

M'-' ■■ »ct ; the 

ati ' . '' a &hnp to 

buy goudi . (v^ular u^^Jc i-r Umnuw: a tax oa 
(OMA.— //. duiict impofcd on imports and cx- 


ports. {Tt. cpMfirme : It. irihtttrf : T-. fe-mimttl^ 

— ittnuwi*»ec, . - 
c«rt«BiaiT. ku ' 

liibcd by r*'. . . . - 

itdv. eav'tomarUy.' — t cof P>tzt*ricMa, 
evtsoNT, kui'nim^r, K.,r«r^<T.-nttf.»>tiA/lo&Bgaaa 

a certain place of business ; a buyer. 
CHiam-bo«M, ku»'tuni-hoiiS w. die pUoK^ 

cttitfimt or duties oo exports 

collected, and ves&cU arc cnlcird and i 
Cat. kut, v.f. lu make an incLsioQ: lo dcftt 

thrcuRh ; to divide; to carve or hew: 

or hurt ; to affect deeply 

d)%-ide or paM througK : 

cutt'ing ; jM./. and M./ • 

or what is cut off; the net 

blow; a cleft ; a wound : 

ihc picture from it : a sV 

manner of aillinz : form (.r a. 

short, avtt, a litlle piece ; Ir. .-»'.'i/. i, tt ci™ 
cattnr, Kut>r, n., the ptrten x»t thing thai tuU . 

front cutuiiK tooth; a small nvvt vevcl w 

one mast and sharp bows that ci^I the water, 
c«tttn(, Icut^nf^. m., a dttfidimg or loppiaf off; i 

tncixion ; a piece cut off: a twig, 
nt-vatir. kut w-aw-t^r, n. Uie fore part of a 

prow that cult the -.M/attr. 
Oaticl*, ku'ti-kl, n , the shim ; ili 

sktti. [L. cttficuU, dim. i r~ 
cataaMU, IcQ-til'nS-Uf, adj., 
caUcslar, kO-tik'Q-Iar, adj., h. 
CMtUM, kot'laSj H. lit « tmaii kn^^ ,- a bcvaJ cev^ ' 

ing sward with one edge. ( Fr. ivwiMtar, from L. 

cultfUtiS. dim. qX cfiter, a plnughshare. a T 
aiU«r, kutlcr. «., otu xtths maktt <* sells 

[Fr. o^Htelirr, from root ofOUUa.] 
cailsry. kut'W-i, »., the hHxinett iff a (tttlrri 

or cutting iofttrumcnts in gcncnL 
Cotlrt, kut'lcl, tt. Hi. a littff rih; a dice of meat 

tul off for cooking, csp. of mutton 

c.'ttUtti, dim. of citt, from I^ Ci-- 
CattU, kiUl, eBttl»-«A. ktit'Ufi^b, n 

an obkmg, dr 


siirrooDding i. .,h 

which sepia is ni 'i U'l. i A. ^. .^ h.i. .v ; \v, 

Fr.'jvtpJWww, a knife. 1 
Qrclff. ifkt, M. lit. a circff) an ititerval i 

which evcols rc-oecur m a certain e 

irnacinary circle or ortat in the heaves^ 

kykUs, a circle. I 
cycUe, illclik. ercUcal. triclikal. aJ/.,^r 

or contnining a ^y^/f. 
eyeloM, nfklfiid, m. a figure tih* M city, 

made by a'point in a tirdc. when 

rolled afang a f-rni^hi line.— a<^'. 

kyktft, andru/fiT, form ) 
ey^'klom'et :': 

or circk^ [Or. hy -; 
Oydopsao, sl-kl6-p^an 

fabled race of giants with 

middle of the forehead ; l 

hyk.^Ji'riM'-kycLtft— H < .' 
Cydopndia, CyclopsdU 

<•( learning ', the ■ 

knowledge; .i « . ; 

every dmarif 

fif knowied.: 

circle, and / 
OycB*^ sig'nci, m., •> >vM#ir mttn. [dim 

OTO", X.. cygnHt, Cr. kykftM, a taa(> I 


/3iej filr ; mS, h6r ; mine ; mSte : laQte ; raSOa ; /<lcn. 


JcA [Gr. 



• aiuter« . : 

a. . 

'*.V. Ibe 

IT - 


.:i*: Kurty 

■w, a dog] 

■l^l/. « wKt at anocul philosophers 
tboiutflvci on their coatempc for 

- ■ ■ t;f. ..I. ^--im. 

« oce, juiy- 

- <; e whotebraoches 

-'-- - .1 syinlW of 

i[)al boilici 

'cr. ;i>. ju i^jt orCbHt.] 

ihe cmi-rro'' of Rtissut — 

, tlie crapcrw of Riusu- 

.^ aran r»u<ir, Gcr. kaittr, 


_ tac cldcct t*m fi/ tke evkr. 

'.)i Mmelhius }«ft 

■ij :—^r^. Jabb'- 

lis blow : a Miull 

a iuuU lUt fi^ 

■j«h tack. [Fr. 

,. ;th nip 

I vir/ py «'-■-' 

Tfp pljy to w.. or 

tnJl.:.^ - , *./. 

[liim. of ftȴ.j 

nAff dmh^it* or (lues ttitujfi 

1 1 L-r, 

'■■-i'Jrii'Cf fi*h, 
■ion*. (Fr. 

.. i;i Iji.h -:-i '--reck p«»etry, a 

J fyftaLlrv • V^ng aitd two fchon, w 

■Pi hV'net? iA ih- jiiiiiu *ii»fingrr; 

'. i J bUa, with ttlc lint 

> hu, Gr. JaktyUt, 

•; l» ot («n4istiHg 
lUulioit chiefly or 

U-..1 bi- 
ll*, ihn 

CftUcd Kiof's fpcAT. [a comMion of Fr. '.^ftt^ 

tf'iix/A.'^if, OowcT of a^hoacl, L. dijtilWWiv, 

Or. ai^k^del'tx.] 
A«CI*i'> da^V^r, w. a short Kwoord far tubbing ; a 

tnaik or rcfcrcDCc in the form of a da^er , 1 !. 

[Fr. dagttt. It. <^x^, W. dagtr. It. d.tigta^.\ 
Ttiuli. dbijfl, vj. and r./., /<* aW or grow «ct by 

dia^inx am the wei ground:— /r/», dag^iag: 

^a./. da){glc(1 [ii; n dToI.* ,;',i^ Jew. Sec IWw,] 

pictiiirs oti 1 

tl\usprt'dvjci_ . : _ _ J j 

IMiUa, dll'i-a, m. a puxicn Qlunt with a larjcc 
beautiful flower, and many varietin of diffcrant 
<^li>ur£. [from />.iJi/, a SwcfUsh bolanisLl 

DkUr. Set; under Diy. 

DaJatr, dln'li^ aJj.. tt^t\i^m/ j |tl«MaBt la ifae 
palate i dclictotu: delicate : faitidloiu ; <kj|UAi 
tender.— 4«. that which \i d^iDty, a dc" 
adv. dalB'Uljr.— K. dats'UaHa. t^. tiai% 
JnHtAtiid, a delicacy, from i/jh/, pi. (£m/.m 
txx^ ; l» a^MT, Jentu, a tooih. ] 

Ditrr. da'ri, w. Kt. the ucnipab'ou of o rfrj' or d^trjr- 
mtiitt: the jtlore where milk is kepi, and iiulEcr 
iiid chcoc niadc. [i Id E. & S<-^ dty, dairymaid.] 

Daia, ii;i'U, K. a raiteil Hoor at the upper cod of the 
dmuic-tuill where the high tahi^ aiocd . a raisoj 
flijOr with a scat and canrpy. [uld Fr Juia, 
low L. tfitittf, a tabic— L- ducui, w quuit or any- 
ihiiij; of the >nrac shapc.J Sec DmIl 

Daily, •W'r.. m. lit, fAr Jayj tyt. a common Sprinff 
flower, so uikd cither from clotiag at nigh: and 
opcniog in Ibe Dioming, or from a fancied Kk^ 
Bess to the suit. [A.S. rfff/ir* ^^£*, da/j eye.] 

daWal, d.Viid, -aJj., cavertd wHkUaiiitt. 

OaI«, dr.l, fiatl, del, h. a low place between KtlU, ai 
it were, irf^Faling ihein. [AS t/at. conn, with 
dtrUn, 10 divide , tier, tku/, couu. with tAftlfn, 
to divide.] 

Dally, dal'it v.i. Kl U he j9«lUk; to loftc ItnM by 
idleness or trlflinji : to play;— /r./. dall'yint; 
/rt./. daU'ied. [A.S. ,A»/. foolish; Oct. dah!fn^ 
to [ride : ace. to Wed|{W'rod. old E- ii^!y, ^ die. 
a phiythine — L. taius, a die.] 

4aUtaao«, dari-aDK. n.,daiiyi»g, loying, or trifliogl 
in Lcrcluutue of embrace*; delay. 

Dub, daJTi, t./., Uf rutrmim or keep Uck wfttcr by 
a bank, or otherwtM :— /f./, damm'iiic ; /tf>. 
dammed'. — m. any obstnicrion Vviilr fn k'jep ^3<^k 
waler. \KS-demni.: r * I 

with L. i^-mi?, Gr. .' 

Dub, dam, m., a main- . >^. 

[a form of AaMi*.] 

daai«, dam, ri.,t/M mutrtixefa koust\ 
a ooble lady. [Fr. di^me. It. dama—l., do 
a niistrcsft — datKvs, a faoofc.] 

4ia*«l, dim'/el. h., a lUtU damr or lady ; a youi 
unmarried woman ; a girl. {Fj. Jrm^uf/o; oil 
Fr. damouii, dim. of c/dmrr.] 

Daaan, dam'li, «., Awrf. rnyVry. Jlw; ihe value 
of what L* losL— ^/ cornpeniation for Insa or 
injury.— v.r, lo barm, injure.— r./. to t*kc ia. 
^ry:-^r./. dan/Jipng ; /a/, dam'igcd. [old 
t-r.aam.trr. Fr. dammarf. it, " 

damajr. Fr . dammaee, ft. d»nnA££i^, fnam 
damrn — • ^ 


L. damnum, low, ioiuryj 

dam'ija-bl, *^., cafiahU <>/ t^f^ 

'. ait, btr. nrar; inOfe; aQie ; 


(hmned'.— «. an o»ih. a cur*<, [Fr. dmrnner; 
L. ^tammarr, tnm .iammwH*, lou, penalty.) 
-"■-*■*■ dam'tii-bl, jnfj., Jtirrrin^ Vf tending to 
dammatiem; iMtcful : peratcioua. — ftdv. daak- 
aUy.— «. iaaaablaUM. [L. ^NVMoit^Lt.) 

djin-ia'i.hun, «., (yw^lnw— f Mw ; ■en- 
to etcnul pimuiinienL [L. «faan«/itf.] 

dam'na-tor-t, tai^'., e»ntmmimcwmvsac9 

■aaift, dom'ask, *•.. Damutcm cloth ; fiftutd stuff 
otfiK. of sJk. now of llnuo, cotton, or woct—vJ. 
to flower or rmrweatf, ai cloth >-y»',j». dam'ask- 
ing ; yn /. (lam'«^Ml. — aJ/- of a red colour, like 
thaiortbedamaskrOM. ['fr.^iamaj.U.jtmmatev, 
bomJ?MmaMit, in Sytia.wl»ereit waaorig, made.] 

ftc. See (inder Ouu«*. 

damp, «., vafiottr. mitt i moiil air ; low- 
no* of spirits.— ^ dangerou* vapour* in mmet, 
hc—v.t. In wet «liBhi>y: to chill : to discourage: 
to check ; lo malte dull :— /^-A damp ing^ / *•/• 
damped'. —•iJJ- moist : foEify.— «»*/r. tfJHBytjr. — m. 
damp'a«B. I Dutch, diamf. Get. Jam//, vapour.] 
Sec uodcr Daai, a mother. 
dam'n. ». Ut. the Dtmatrms ^bim, a 
SBtall Uaclc plum, [sfaonened from DamoMffn* 

D*BM, dans, v.>. orig. fa itamp vm'/A tkeftHi to 
tnavn witii measured stcpi to tniuic-— p./- IO 
nakc to dance or Jump :— ^-A and m. dnndng ; 
/«,/, danoed'.^-M. the tnorctncnt orooo or mure 
pCfuvic. «i(h measured Ueps to miuic [Fr. 
Jttnxrf, Sp <^!>>'ia«'-, It. d*n*art, Ger. /«wv».] 
dank er, «., «w xoke ^rttctistM damcu^. 
dans^g, n., tJir met ot art ^ tm«mMg m 

PiBittllwi, dan-de-lT'iin, n. liL <A^ /uw'i iteM, a 

cammon plant with a yelJoir Bower, to called 

from the jafsedr«>/A-/iW edges of in lc^> [^r. 

imt lU iu^, tooth o{ the lioo.J 
DatMlU, dan'dl, cf., tatlay toitki to fondle or tou 

in the atms, ai a habr :— >r.jl. dan'dling ; /n.>. 

daii'illcd. [Ger. tatUtln—t^mi, a toy ; allied to 

Fr. datuti»er. Scot. da/idiU^ damitr, to go About 

idty, to trifle.) 
Aaadf, dan'di, *■■ a fopptsh, siUyfriUrm', one who 

pajrs much atleotioa to dreaa. LFr. dmtdtm,^ 
Aandinf, dand'ruf, n, a ftcaly ^m*/ which crows on 

the head. e«pectiill>; urtler ihe hair ana beard. 

[A.S. ^AW, an cniption, and Jr^, dirty.] 
d3n. n. an inhabitant Df f>rmmark, 
dJtn'isli, tufj-, brliiiiginj* to Denmark, 
Danger, d3nj>r, n. lit. a/rnatiy or Am; a liaaaxd 

or riik; iinrciiritj-. [r'r. tiameer; low U ii!aM*- 

TiJin'KfK — L. t^ttMuufm, loia, a ntM.l 
4iur«M> dAnO&T'Ut, ad/../itiie/titmgtr:maaft; 

insecuie. — tuiif. daa'iwanilj. 
Saagla, dang'&l, r>.i*. to haa; looaely or vitA « 

itvtMft'njr fcttrn: lo follow any one about. — 

v.t. to make to dangle '.—fr.f, daneling : /<*.>. 

daog'led- IDan. dingU, Sw, and Ice. dtngia^ 

to swine to and fro-] 
Aaa«l«r, dan^r'^ler, <•., otw vtka dtm^^ ahout 

others, especially about women. 
Dank, dangk, «ilj. a. form of Damp. 
J]aj>p«r, d^ u'^r, lui/. nrig. hmz-*, j-aHami ; (juicJc ; 

little aou ictive : neal : spruce;. LI>ulch, d^pftr^ 

brave ; Get, ta^tr^, qukkj 
SibptU, dap'l, mJj. marked with mts, as if with 

d^Ming. — 9J' to t'lricgaic wiih »pou:— ^./. 

dap|>1ing : /«>. dappled, (fiooi Aab,) 

Oaro, dAr, ni., U tr hU ttmigh; to MOtniCi 
jlM.^. duTML--*./. fio dMttcMCC •• 4«^>- 
dVtng: /«./. and /a^ ifimr. lA^^ 
«/v7rttJ« ; GodL damrtim : akin to Uc. 
^DS. dAn^, to be bold.} 

daitag, dS/iag, ««&., AmE^; countgcoui ; 
M. boldncM.— «^ «>r'taclr- 

Dar^ dar. Same as Daaa. 

Dart, d^rk. «^'., wt'/A^mi Ijv**: Uaclt rv aoo*- 
what black; gloomy: difficult lo undavtnAtfl 
uneoll^liteQed : secret.—* abMOoa tt ^fi ^l 
ofaacunty ; a state of ignoruce. Wk*. AMflnv^* 
«. darksM. fA.S. i^>m; GmL itfwvAa. lis 
opposite of lareA*, light.] 

darfcaa, dark'n. v.c , U mmMe ditrki Id 
render ignocuil : to luUy,— vi. to g 
darker -.—fr.f. dark'eniog ; jt«>. d«ri^€ai||iL 
m imn t Mi 

dftrUak. dJUtixli, A^'.j anvwimfw «Mrw^ «■ 

daiUi^ dArkling, ^/, i*vir im iMt dm^ i 

tMlBBaw, dlrk'tuin, 4^.. i^ri; gloomy '— 

Daritag. Sec under Dear, 

Dan, dim, v.t., to coMe»mi a hc^ by 
imitatinB the leKiure of tha «uff :— /r./. 
iiig ; /«./. darned'.— w. the place damed. Idtt 
E. drrfu; A.S. datnu, hidden: wc frsok 
darmt, W. d^rm, a piece, a patch.] 

DaiMl. dVocl, *. a weed of the rye-gntta 
fomctly considered utjuneiu to caen. 
hapa froca A.S. dtrian^ to injure.) 

Dm«, dirt, H. a pninted weapon for thiuw'iBC 
the hand: anything that pierce*.— r-i. to 
sudrlenly; to kd(1 oc thooi forth.— ^.a. W: 
or ahoot forth rspidiy -— /^A dart'im : 
dxri'cd.— «h/tr.4art'ta^y. \tx.d*rd,KS.4i 
darffth. Ice. daratkr. Sw, i//»'t. a dagger.! 

Dash, dA5h, f.f, to strike sitd-ienly 'ir violenOy; 
break by throwing logeii 
suddenly : to bespatter: i 
destroy or frustrate ; to mi' 
to alrihe againu ; to break u£Ai:ist, 
lu ruah with violence :—A^.^ dnsfa^ 
da&hod'.— M, a violent striking; a n 
violent onset : a blow : a m . ' 

a sentence ; a slight adnux^ 
Mund of a blow or thedavi < i 

^■■fc*^ dash'ins, <«^' . rmtJtuij^ , lei^lns; 

and raah.-^<^'. dadklafly. 
Daatard, dastard, m. one who is eoaily^ 
a cowardly fellow. — adj. »hrinkinj froi 
oiwardly.— a*^. arxl adi'. luiW^lf. 
tardsMi, tfaa'fcardUaMB. [A.S^ a^^mat^ 
o( a-doitngan, to frighten.] 
Oaln. d&t'a, •*//. fact* rnww or adminnd f 
which otmr bctamaybeJedDtcd.— «jy.tei 
[I. dn/mMt, daJa, given — dff, to gi><.* t 
daU, dot, H. Lbe tune when a telin ix jns 
written; the time of any went, a iIi|b 
time: duration. — vt to affi* the d4U) Ito- 
to reckon ; to begin :—/»•>. dAi'ing ; /«^ > 
(Fr. dMt^ U. data, U dlj/kW-J 
iattva. d.'it'iv, adj.. tLif £m f/vtm or Appoint 
tJke di»ttvf catt, the caa« of nOUlU mIiicII ft 
verbs evprcsuBg fivim^ or aome act 
to the otijecl— generally wdJcalcd in ^ 
t (I or /or. |L dAtnnu.) 
dafeaa. dJi'um, n. Sec Dalft. 
Data, dJti. ». the rmti uf tl 
frrjin itk fancied reMrnibUi- 
dalte, L. di*ttyiit*, Gr. ti.i... ,. -, - ... ,-■ , 
Daah, daiih, o.i.. i« d«i> «T>rr or «n*eAr wtth 

fate, far; mt, h*r; mine; moto; mQtc: moon: /^o. 

iIML — n. «M|klH^4a-ta«, a ann** wife 
^imr; So«L .^iKAflffv, Gar. ftx*/rr, Gt. 

» JL iiL IW MNw ; in fHchim ; to d»»- 

bJ^ £«a!» ^U«^. lo« ; conn, with TWM. J 
i% dftal'Vr* --J' •• - f<9 h4 nfoMMtfJ at 
^md I —A. dan*' 

r nncc — n. D*n'| 

bpV^AAinfb rPr- Pnn. dU/tf«, a dolphin 

|lVlt;aL » nv praJMriflf fiNHB a ship, lued 

«Me faf ^eM^ Ibe MKhor ckar of th« 

Il^-jl4. piecx» of umbo- or iron, projectuig 
a ^^B wSe tfr tfon, lorinc ucUe to rauc 

1^, «.«h»i]a^t^cx0*kiail. I&Ma*tscrT.] 

Ik ■., 1^ Aow «^4fanll; iW lum Awn nM>m- 
>f|| 1^1^; iwacy^itv haucv tW nnc the 
lb mkv »• Mrti a iKvotacu m her uis. 

L dtar. Gtt. itar. u ^K w: dfar. 1. 4«/. 

Ik JlK &«l ^«^ «• llUM.1 

ri^lctMk^ •., *!«*« »fc>dk ■■ Wliinlf . 
MAv ite tiBiiinT'r' "* r •V- 

£4v%Bik «, <^ i iiiiW n rVAr, V ftni 

It, *i-ftn. -.. « Ally Am w«« *«« «k» 

«w4, <lc«l, •. Ik* rioM of , 

thoas who ate dead 
daate (kd'D, a^/.. A> »aAr aa^/ •» 4ifit«« 

panly of vifottv gr *auui«i ; to hlmt ; to Pt^nl ; 

to 1o»ea «r •tanm i—^J* 4*»Smmt ■ /*A 

dnKfcnctl. [JCSl / i A a. to hJI, toaut to^aath.) 
daadlr, dcdit, a^.. i aww'nf dhaii; fiualj itonh»- 

able— ^ daadltoMi^ 
daaA UB<Ba<i^ ded lang^vltb "* * UniUNt* ■* 

lor\c«r fpokeo. 
dtai-lanM-, ded'-lMir. n. a letter Bnilefivercd and 

daalh, deth, t . -:iiicium af 

lll'e ; nimi. . s, J4^/4, 

Gcr. /<*/. ^ ! 

Dtatdef. .id^>..,ya.V .11; 

not willini^ to Ik 

A. daaiiMi. 


daafta, cfern, r /., ^p anritr d!ra^, pw^fr c ■'(<>* 
ftther ; lo ttnn ; to render unpemoiM to tound : 
deafening ; jto./. dcarcned, 
, der-mDt, m, one who ia boili *if^ and 
«ni£f or dumb. 

DmI, d^, •«.. A /-T. ■ 

larfc quantity : v ■>(* 

tb« diniuoni or <;>r 

tnnber t» cut . ^ ' \. »/>/,* 

Gcr t/trit: Sin» 

4m1, d£l, 9./., todt'.-i. \ •■ five otit 

•iowly; to throw atujut- - t-a lo irsuiACI bll4- 
seu: loict: to4tor{lMiecvda!-^>.daarbc; 
>iL/. and >i^. deakd* or d«»Jc (tUi). (A.B. 
drntmrn-dMli Gca. Mn/««-£««A;) 

4ialBr, dti'^, M. , #)v wU 4*^at* ; • tmdcr. 

<MHagt dCJ'int. a. maaDCf of<vMiv^WMUik«Aafas 
inHirmirwi of trade. 

OHtb d«), m El « tAiff^tm 
a dicMiiary ia cathedaal a*d aol 
who prauda* over llw other clavsT • *fM fOi^ 
d«^c of tb* 6mii1it in a oa U<^e .— <■- dtaa'il^ 
[old Fr. d!rw«. U <faria«M» rffcrai, ftm.J 

«MM>7, dfti'cr-i, «.. i<b «^Kaf ar JBriartwiit rf m 
J^aMZ the hotBOM a deaa. 

ii— il dek'aiMl, ^, pmUimt^ Urn rfwiawy. 

>^ d*^ W/. AM( lia/mr; ca^r aoica: 
MgMo ffaad. tAoiV,^-^ oaevfaakdarfl- 

G«. 4ba^.- an G». Ann »inii^] 

Wiwad: a&m^nifc. IBbml and AV-} 

*^m,4M^, *£. ^ Aar t^fitim^m 

ftttH^ diBhMiy. vx « t to ted >-w • 

iWarW.«a J > * ^^A^g^ 


|>iWrtlftto. .If.fc.-.r'li-L.U. r-.'. r-,- jH'r^t e/ tht 

S> 'itig :>«.#. 

f r , , .■■■■■ J, 

^■flWfUBfcUim, ilf-ktir-tt-lcj^iiiuu. H.,M^ar/4/'r/n/■ 
Jlrii|f <^Ai«rjfe or huitc 

Swey, df-koy', r.L, ta Atlvrr, tntict; to CDtnp: 
to Imx inio a twp or vntat: : -/^/. decoy'in;; ; 
Ai./>. d^oycd' — ». Aoythinc mtended to .illiirc 
mio * Miare. (L. rfr. autl c»y, *.M vcih. to entice : 
or corr. of litek^tty. ftwa duck, and Dutch, 
koy*, R can, from the prmctica cf entmppine 
mter-fowl^jr menns of 3 iluck iTaiucd to lead 
Uicm into a cage or ocher enclosure.J 

PteriM*. d(-k>«i^. v.i, lit. Ari-rrw /m; to beootne 
lev, in asyseoM. — v./. to make leu; to lascii 
gvmdually : —, ri&mu'inx :fi*-fi- Aiavax:^'. 
— H. a ptiwinE leM; Ion.— tf^v. AKraav'tacly. 
tFr 4ecnftt*v, Fnw. dfCfVwrr, from L. dttrtsco 
— ^.^, from, and mcKV, to grow.] 

dacnsMftfe, del['r<-4neat, m. , • Jfert^tin^otgrrneing 
Uu; the qiULDtity loft try decrease. (C ifrr/v- 
Mir)*/«MN, for JtcmitmfH tMmt J trrtic*.^ 

tfacnaecat, d£<-kra'cut, tulj\, hecemtHg gradiulty 
/m*. [L. dt^rttunj, pr.p. of ^^mtt'.J 

Saaw, dj^kre', ■«., « dMtifin or Ju.irm*mt ; xn 
onler l>y one in authority ; an e«tiitin%hcd law , 
a prcdctemUDcd puipoic- — v.t. to decide or de- 
tcrtnine by sentence in law : lo apjwinl. — r-.i. to 
maJceadecrte :—/»-./. dicree'irB;/^./- decreed'. 
(L. t/rifm*>, Jrrrw/um, lo decide] 

daerttal, d£-kr£'L:il, aiiij..firri»imiHe if « dfcree. — 
M. a decree, eniu of the pope ; a UK*k coatauiLng 
decrees ; a collection of the pope's deavet. {L. 

4i0r< U T«, df-lcrftiv, a^~. liJiving the furcc of a 

Aterthery, iMVri-tor-i,a^j.aiahXiahtdhy a decrre; 

dctcfminin^ ; judicial. 
XtaervpU, d*-krcp'i(, *4^' lil- «•■ 'i^lnff 

atiout qiiiiMly . worn ttiK by i'' ■ oM 

a|[c . in Iff. lA-t ai.ii;': "' 'i- ■ ''/'A 

from L. 1. ' s cry uld—u'^, aol, 

Crrfix\ tn : 
dMXvpl'-At'fi, . cmiklt, ai lalts, 

wt.. f. lu cuai,t :a as to cau&e a con- 

tir ^ --fi*'-fi- d^crvp'iiatinjg ; fi^.fi. 

d'' : ; ' il" (/r, Intenwvc, crrfitte, crrfii^ 

tAti*i, lo rattle much, frcquenlati'vc fA crrfie.X 
ataWpHMlBB. dg-krep-itA'»hijii. n., thr ait cJ drcrt- 

fiitatimgl the ^epar.-ttion of partt wiih a cnckling 

n<tu< i-K-raiioneO \r^ lical. 
AMHftvu*. d<-krcp'i-l[ld. «., ttntt rf Mng dt- 

crrftt or w(»m out with age. 
DMnMttt. Sec under DacTMae. 
SmM*!, &c. See under Xtacrae. 
Sfcry, df-kri', i'./., ^ nyJcwni to condemn; to 

t4amc — /r/. decry^ing-.^j./. decried'. [L.i/r, 

down, aud (>r.] 
AMrtal. dC-lai'^t m., a crjn«f dtnem; duooioui 


dfr^nunlxnt, iuf/., fymg- damtt; rec1ift> 
\t ffUHind. — Aj/v. diuwrtauWy. IL. dt- 

rum^tm, arcmm^fmiu, nr.p. of d*ei$mhp~tU, 

do)«ni, and ctnmv. for r»Jv, m He] 
4aeiakHie«. d^-kum'hen.s dMiuibaaey. d?-kum'hen- 

■i, M., M^rff/ or posture If/* /r'M^^Mi'N. 
Pwapl*, dck'Q-pl, «i^'.. ttnfalil. — «. a ntnnber b^n 

tim« repeated.— p./. to puke leiifnld :— /r,*, 

drcflplhig ; /w/. dec1lT>tfrd. fFr. ttrci*filt~\^. 

tlr(*m, tco. and flk*, to fohl ; Or. dAi0} 

Mkn, ten, aad/^A<. to fold) 
DtomntBt, di-kuKcnt, «^., rmmmimr 

danMnia*ytt.~-^bh<. dMUi'iMlT' (' 

|.r.p of</n-urvT> — lA'.d'WWI,^*****, 
Aaomlvi, dfi.^ou'siv, «^., rmmitinjr 

iksflbm rif'Vt 



DHwaaU, de I- 

X ; 10 CTO' 

/ii/. dfcijv--.- - 

pairs which aitcnutcly croc) ea»<h < 

derutuf. d^fcttjattu — d^Htru — d^crmt 

unitik, the numttcr ten ( X ].] 
tfacoHaUas. d^kus-i'abuo. «. a 

aagle : an intcrwctian in the form 
OMMaU, dcd'i-kAt, p./. lil. t" ■'- ■'' — 

and coruecraM to k>ri« ■■' - 

wholly or chiefly : to insci: 

tied'tcititif : ^.'^ '■ ■ 

t»tus — dt. down, d 
didtoallaa. ded-i-UM 

an addrcu to a pai^ .., , — 

lUtfeaterr, dedl-kA-tor-i, odj,,ii9 

as a Jedi€*iium, 
DttfBMw dJ-das*. f./., tfi dnnvj^wn: 

cather a truta or opinion fr<7m wtuu 

from premises : — fi'-fi- dcvlOc'iag ;/*•- 

[L. i», from, dvct, ductum. to Toad.] 
dadaei t . d^-dOs^eot, m., th* Mn^ 

dtdidbU. de-dtuTi-bl, adj., that may Ar 

dtnot, dfrdukc*, v./., ta taif /ivm: to 

lu subtract : *- ■* ■'" '■•'"''ing ; /Wt^. 
d«d«cU08, dr < /v «r/ ^ 

that which 1 i.-rcnci r met t^\ 

img; that tt';.,._,. „ ..._^^-_r. - -' 
dsdoottr*. d6<)uk'tn', »dj., < 

dttcfd from premises. — mi 
DMd, dM, m. something dmmf , .in 

a lent tranciction : the whiiea 

rA.s" dmf—d^, to do : G«r. «U/-«ii(% 
diwflMa, dedles, ih(/., n0t IkmwfiMg fifw^i'nmtd 
9mm,^m,v.t.(ir {..tojudgti to chink ; to 

— dcem'imt ; fia^. deetncd . i A s. 

to ft>rm a Judgment — dGiNMr, JtulfTnent. 
OMp, dfp, adj. adnuliing of di 

f:uiflg dowiiw.irJs : eititr-mUng 
rom the oi.; 


niiit : 


Dip, VA'T^ 

vriic and r^ 

found ,* inii ri 

which b dec|-. : id 

incoinprehenn bic 

foundly,— tfu'i' d««7> 

dififan, to dtp ; akin 
dMp«B. d^p'o. r./., /^ mtitKt 4*rtr^}^{ 

i(icre3*C — T' J. Ii^ t-enrr? dcy^-cf r-j 

eniiir ; /»/ 
drptk. depth.' 

down or in : ■ 

depth of wintrr : ai 

andpenetntion. — ij 
Omt, dSr, n. lit. •}■ 

nii!idnrT»,-dof«e¥cr ■ '■ 

«<:. (A.S. rfner, !> 
dtvr-fulltec, der'ttn s^ I 

(•Y italkhiff, or <tcAlijt^ upoa ih&io 

[See Btalk, to w«!k.) 
a*«r-ftalfe«r dfr'.Maw'k-fr, H. dne wIm 

tmt»; de fft/, r./.. to dexfrey fl» mir tir. 


niC) ^ : mf , bte ; m^e ; vi0te ; mChe ; mOOa ; tkca. 





to oUttcr- 

[., it>, ot(. -linl (*'.i.'-r. 


Cilittn, •! , «■ rmtfit^f/T: m dim- 
•^flBi4ft imn««J 10 otw'k arc. 

I <if; lofoekk evil of: 

• 40 villi 

COVTt "when u»;ictl upuu : — fr-f. 
defuiU'cd. [U dV, intcn. and 

t; ft. , Ml/ v^c dt/tmttt, parti- 
ftlb to atYuuMt for money 

L See tmder IMtet. 
. ifi umdtt or RDiler null and 

-'--^ 'n ruin:— yr,/, 

mmUm^: a 
/muiny in 

■'..— //^L. 
' '■] 

■tirr. 1 
.r .. ^^J<\»ifd 

" -m. 

^s, the ad ttf WT«Rilu)g 

I d' 
6alc. [1. 

.•e*,.»nd/.rfi.'. tf. i!o I 

1K17 : loiofictcnt. —miv. 
J., dCr^cirM. [I- dififitnt, 

exfkrexting d^rr- 

dfr-faHfiUit, M. 

f>cr»ou accu3««I or vitfl 

fend* ; DToCcctir. , ,Jo- 

fcnduiri plcA. — jl-. ..rd. 

4«f«e«l««i,de-fcn9ii:-',-' ,■ , ■■ -■..^■- .- — > -,1^ 
dAjkovilMilj. — M. agfaxwIiMiM. 

4iftBrtfcbi, dj-fcnt'i.ul, Adj., thai may h* fOAttdtd^ 

d^rens^iv, a//"., urving fo 4^ftml : ia a 
*tate or posture of ucfcnce.— «r. that which de- 
fends ; |fO»ttue of dcfctioc. — adv. difm'lnljr. 

Btfw, dS-f«r', v.t, t9 /*/ <^ lo another lima ; to 
d«^lay :— /r./. deferring: /•.!*- d«fcm?d'. (L. 
diffrrv — </u, &nuider,yfvw, to bcu. carry.] 

Site-, d^fii', c.ii., ftf Amt •mi/'j' itl/dt^vtm or yield 
to the wishes or opioioos of another, or to 
authority. — r,/. to tuSmit lo or lay before i—^r.^ 
d#fcri'iog;/rt./. dffciTcU'. {\..iu/tr»—it,oawai^ 
andy<!TV. to bt^r.J 

deftrcacv, defir-cni, «., a df/cfriMg or ^cWStif h 
jvidgmmi or opinion: rcjfard; fubmission. 

deferwitlal. dcf-ftr-cn'shal, a^',, 
«7Mv or respect. — adf. AiAmatuiiy. 

DataoM. Sec under Daly. 

IM«dwa, DaAcU. Sc« under Dtftel. 

]>iU*, de-f II', v.L to m-trch off in file or liae, or 6W 
by file :—^r./. defU'iiiB :/«./. defiled*.— #1. aloof 
oarrow pus or way, iu whtch tnx>p» caui tnaKn 
only imfilft or with b narrow front. [Fr. 44/Utr 
— L. du. mA/itum. a thread. See flta-l 

DlAW, Att~t\Y, c./., /o tm,tiu/oHl; to pollute or o>v- 
nipt; wviolate;— /r/. defil ioe: /»«/. dtflled'. 
— «. da«l'«r. [A.S.^^A, £*fylan. to poUulc] 

dalU«m<nt, df-fTl'mcnt,«t., ttrt ef tUJiUng i fmUnc^ 

MAst, di f In', r.f., to fix tMr tvMtuh QTJimiU»f; 
I'j drieniiine with pfi?<i:t*ii.<ii ; lo describe aoct^ 
ralcly : to fix the mcfuiineof :— /r.^. d£fln'iaM; 
/a./. defToed'.— «d(;. tIetaaUa. | L. dtfimie^ Is- 
fivitMi, to wt bounds to— viV, andyfww, a linuc] 

d«AB*ble, de-flnVbl, a<^' , ilutt ntuy he dtfim*d. 

de&nlta, dert-rtit, ^j ^ dt/tmedi hvfxag dbtincf 
Iinii[»: lixed ; exact; clear.— «^. ««ClalM|r,— 
u. dcTlnlttiiMB. 

dalslUoo. d<-f-i-ni»h'im, N., « dffinmf: a deaorip- 
tion cif a thuig by its prt>pertie9: an explanaiioa 
of the exnct meaning of a word, tenn, or {^fasc 

daAaltiva. d6-fir>'i-tiv, oi^-, >xf/\ttimf or limiting; 
p-'.invc : Knai. — n. in rrvm'.. ao adjective uae^ 
nc ekient of the iignificafion of a noun. 
m iUvaly. 

:l I la-grit. v.i. orv.t., fo hum d^run ; 
lu l-uru wiih tuddeonew and sparUiiVif '~/^-/- 
d?f 'tavrttiiiff ; /o.^. deflagrAtcd. — «r. dalacra'- 
ilao. {L<i!r^UTi(*— i^<r,down,and,/?<i^irv,tobum^ 

4Mifffttor. oeria-KrA tor, m. a ^atvamc ifistiumeoi 
for producifnj m/iif ^irmhuttan. 

I>«fl«et, de-Bekt'. r • ^r r / /.. tum imtUt t* 

swerve or devi-r ^,t prMfr 

coime >-/»"./. < ' 'Vm. [L. 

rf*, fmm. and yf (■.;., , 

I, de-flclc'ihmi, m-^ lumincttud*; deviation. 
.See under ! 




mite ; BObe , 


anything «V dff^ttff^t, 

ke«iHng : A gu&rdian. 
d«p<>«ltl<in, itL-[>-*-!ft!;'!in, 

, It /cnMi witb witom 
Ic/t ja trust or for uTe- 

.1.--' ^f Arfvstnf^; cvi- 
.-..l^■at ; lu/ 

ilicre any- 
thin>: -■; ,j'.-/.'j//f-.i'. 
dt9*t, •It-piV.ordE'pfl, n.,aptMi^i'/tUf'»Ht:9.ilaiKr' 
ItuUM : 4 nulitary station where Korea wr^ kept 
■nd recouti tnineU : ibe heAd-<iiartan of a r^- 
inent. (Ff- <*^'— L. dtpsme.\ 
IMprft**, d*-prt>*', v./. He itf NusAr n^»y frw*rf; 
to dtstoH ; to inalce bad or wane ; ta corrupt :— 
fr^. (l«prtl\'iiig . >« J*, depraved'. [ L. detravo— 
da, iiuciuivc, ma prmvut, crooked, bad.] 

dqmvtd, dfr-nrS.vd', aJf., crvokfJ; corrupt; abzo- 
'. — Mav. I 

dcp-ni-vft'&hun, n., ai-/ cf dffirmf im fi 


d«|ir>TWlr. — 1. 4«|Br«VtdaflM 

fttate of being depnived : depravity. 

MfnTlty, d&-pnv^i-ti. » , /Mj*^ ly .Vt «/■ iitf m vtd; 
a tutnmlly vitiaLcrl f<r corrupt Atdtc of moral 
character: extreme x-ickedncM : curruptiun, 

Dtprvcftl*. (Jep'r^-ViSI, p / to try to ward flfffy 
pr^yrr; to desire came*tlv ihe removal of; t'j 
rcRret deeply:— /r/, dcpr^Atiag: /*>■/. dep'- 
rColtei'l. — <3Av. dap'rvcfcUaglj, (1,. drfrwitr^, Jff^rt' 
tAlus—*U. ng. talcing nway, And/rytvr, to pray.] 

#1ffll*ll>n. dep-r<-ka'wiun. n., iut flfiirfrtcatiHgi 
■ pr»yiii}( ai^nsl evil ; en'.rcAty fcr pardon. 

dipmillTs, d<:p'r<-k.1-tir, dtprvcfttory, dcp'rC>kS- 
ti<r-i, mJj.. tending to dtfrttaic, ot avert evd by 
prayer ; luvio; the form of prayer. 

l)«Pf«cUM. il^nrfdiwlt. zt.i.. /«• bring tt^wm iht 
prin cf; to lower the worth of; to undervalue : 
to difparaicc. — p./. to fall in value:— /y.J*. d*- 
prCciltinK ; fa.f. d«!prft'cl3ted. [L. tiffrtiiti, de- 
^vtiatum — c/jt, Hown, and ^retiMtt, pHce.) 

dapnolaU«ti. d^prt-<.bi S'shun, «.. act of d*^rcci 
atinf nr lowering in value; &tato of being de- 
prvaated; (he faumi; nf \ilue; ditparaecmenl. 

dtprtcUUn, dE-prfthi-a-tiv, dcpnculorT, df-prP- 
klu^A-tor-i. adj., tending ie df^reeiate or lower. 

XHprsdaM. ilep'rX-dJlt, vt., to ^ under oj frey upcn', 
la rob ; to lay wmtc : lo Jevoiir :— /r./. dep'rfi- 
dSlLQg : /-I-/- dep'r£d4led. (L. dt^r^da*^ dr/rtt- 
ffatui~~*/e, intcfikive, ntul ^rtrda^ ]iltuKter.] 

dcpcedatloa. dcp-r£-dll'&bun. n., net 0/ de^rtdatits^ 
or ptundcrinjj: ri^-- - >■ * ~ - - rieprcdatad. 

d«pn4ator, dcp xv- . udrrer, k robber. 

dtpredatorr, arn'i ' , itnding tit dc- 

tti;Dcd ^t* ^f/n-wtt/L , (■■ ....,,. ,i»g, 

XtoprtM, df-pres', r* / . t<* firea drrnm ; to let down : 
to lower : to humble : lo ditpiht or c«&t a gloom 
over \—Pr.f. dspre-vsins ;>a./. d*pre«ed'.-— »««/i'. 
Aqnai'toctf. {h.Jefiriiui>,defmrHui~~<ir,A<yvnk, 

4•p^*it^ :; ■ '^ hearing KiT\a-<K- 

CT" [ : a fulling iu or 

Ki-'- . dejection. 

dC'prcs'or, M„htQr tJial which dt^rurt. 
dfi-prlv', v.t, to taiet a^Wixy/*-om one fur 
fwm ; to lake from ; to disposicu ; to bereave : — 
yrw#. d^pdVing ; /<>-/. delved'. (L. dt, from, 

ana frjznti. ni"-'* nwn] 

dffprtTaUm. ' ri. n., act ff depriving i 

sMie of )■' lost ; bereavement, 

Pn*lL Set- : - 

. dc-pii(', r.f, :a appoint or tend, as a siib- 
stitiiie ur agent : i» send with a Gpecinl commit 

sunder, xiid tao^lt, lo 


laoa ^^Pr^. depflt'int- : f'.i A dei^t'fd. rtnw 

d^^Mh*, for dfiegp^ ( 
4«psiaaai, itcp-O-fA's) 

pervjn or perwMi* 

transact buaiDcsb fo: 
dqnrty. dep'O-ti. «..p/i - <t to; 

for anoiner ; a delc^ 
Dtraaff*. dc-riinj', vJ. \\-- . 

rank; to f'Ul out of place 

— /r./. d^rtnc^ine:/.!/ 

roHger — di, L. tfii, n? 

ranC] See Kaaj 
dOTaBfleant. dc-rtnj'ment, n 

»tate of l«ing deranged ; 'i' 

Tlv^fet, der'«-lilct, adj., ent- 

/prjaken; abandoned. — n. 

or abandooed. [L. derridn^ua, dirtUiriut 

intontivc, and liiffw*, to leave,] 
teaUctlai^ der-fr-lik^hwi, »»., net ^ firrtaM^l 

entire fnrsaking ; stale of being awMonoo. 
]>itU«, df-rld', \<.t., iff laurk aJ : lo nuxlc 

dcrldmg: >a./, derTd'ed.— 4^ AcUllMAr*' 

dfridea—^. inten&ive, aod ridei*, to laji^J 
d*-rld^, n., one twAa derji/^s. 
de-nth'un, ic, ad tf deridimgi 

being derided; mockery: a lauj^hing-stoclb. 
derlilvi, dC-rls^v, •o^', cvntaxuimg 

Xtcriv*. d4-iTv', v.t. lo draw from, a- 

river; to take yr receive from ani 

to infer: in ttym. to tmce ■ iwjnj i 

>r.>*. tlfirlvlng : /*./. dcrl^-ed*. (l. 

down from, and »^'t■wf, a river ] 
darlvaUa, d^rtv'a-bl, adj.^ ca^atie efheimfi 

— adv, derlv'^Uy. 
darlvaUoB, deri-v^'thun, n., act ff dt 

drawing tiGT or froRi ; tbu traetng \A a ' 

[iriipiurroot ; that which js denved. 
dertvaUva, dft-riv'a-tiv, adj.^ drrived^ or aiea froB 

Something else ; not radical or original. — fc thai 

which ia derived : a vord uken or fonocd fiwV 

another word.— ivtT'- dirlv'atlvilr, 
Don, d^nn, m., the tMiu. [Gr. dermA, rfi 1 wm lir. 

the skiii--^rtf, to flay.1 
denial, dirm'al, adj. , /ertstHtng tm Mr sfa'a ; co^ 

listing of skin, 
damatoh>cr, dir-ma-toro-ji. ' 

sUh : the bnnch of jiay < 

the skin. [Gr. drTw.$, nA . 
Sareffa**! dcr'C-gSt, &,*. lit. /' ■t,- 

ftifr iiTiuf ttfnu /art r/' .r 1-.- t,-, 

taking away; to detrac: 

>« jl. der'Agaud. [L.^^v)'^ 

rwfv, to ask the people ) 
daropltim, der.5-gSShiir - 

takingfrom: dctn<^ ' uon. 

daregatory. d£-roD:*a'T. -'ctfdinpUri 

detracting ; injurious-— 'J.i,'. -uio^'aMrily* 

IMrvU, dc/t-is, DtrrUh, dovish, M. liL t j 
a!>rggttr; ani'Jne Mohatraned«ns atlawofc 
who profess CAtreme freertj', and lead tA 1 
life. tPcrs. Jrrvrfrrh, ppor— (/*••«»■, to be;.] ■ 

Diacaat, des^nt. w. : 
a diaooorse or di*^ 
under icvmil V*"!'! 
and CAHtut. . 

d eacaat .. dcs V--': ^ 

fitrn; lo di--' i • 1. 

nicnt : — ^./. >ttv: jnitiii; . /i /, i!.-si-4*.it't,-<l. 

Daaeasd, de-acnd', rt,, tv jum/ ftt (Umf> d^mj] 

/Ate, Qr ; nCf btr ; mtoe ; mflte : tofite ; mBSn ; (Ako. 

• Mfhtr K> ft ln«pa phcc or cooditioD 

10 tc 

/. to crt 

'•d. ^ *gy» ^f, Aomn, and awmCp, 

iV; Sao*. 4Atf«U. tujutnpj 

4£-MfMfaal, «i, Mv ttvio dtMomMi _ 
iM^^iAC flriKB an anacklrir. 

; preaeeail^ ^tim in aiKOlor. 

dC-*ca'»llun, M., 

: 't'''- - : B CJling npoD or 

' ^r , 311 anceitof ; bkR^: 

IhhA^ 'd^^rltr, »-./. 111. #« wrsi^ 4imm or copT 
«( » le tncc <*ut (ry dctiacuc ; to pve sa aocDoat 

tferr w <ir. down, and jcn^;, w wriie.J 

■31, «., tutt/dttew^mg: aji 

i»4kfr. 9.1. m * «Mfa A tm^ry w &|. 
•hM go* hM bees «■ dia anch for ^ ts 

t<AlFr.AM^iy.te*i».iai ^i^**^ 
W cry I Sae Cky. 

a^«'«-lTft>, 9 < to divert Am* m 

«., *.-* y Awn ai fcy 7 



haviac ihe pvw 
Ikaa leaid* to dry 

«4 dt y mg ^ '-m. m a^ 

tammw d 4 4 tkiag . «f ki«( <•* «r 

dsi^&^ifcv. a.. Mrac/^iftirifiarty^ 
ttata of bent ^ aMccM Bd. ^I 

iiiiiiilML d<^l #1 ■»—, a.. 

*a4. Acvnd, «r WKk aaiii 1— >/. 

rt£.«:i4r4^ (U. pa.». 4f Af»rf>^.I 

to for« a fiaa «f ; (acBauw; «alHiHi4 >-^^ 

*M4pi^«f : A>>' JMMrr,— . a *■ ihy ar 
£bma4 iaiLa^M: ttiiTii i iT It, itw^aa 

, awiy, a^ au^* «• «■■ «# «■ 


Aflke worIJi np» todrnh: m Httfnm of; to 

Mrfona coMdily '*-f^ f A 

dfty IchnJ .-^w^ a mwf '^ 

I: rapid rirrfoniuuii-' is 


^c. ?j«e under 
dC-spti:', c./., fc' lack itffvm w/bn, 

^T.,iff<:.'\fr \ it. ^M- 


./ .if- 




pit', «.., fWrt/ '/iUf or <a ioMmgJtwm 

.' iit<Mii]'( . ^i'-Icnt nalice or wred- — 
< lislaadine. (Fr. 4^/ir, 

. full a/dMj/it* or spile. 

. /(> j;/liTtV compUttly ; L) Strip ; 

- ;—/*"■/- diipoU'iiig i /.*>. di- 

[L. d>, iulcDiivc, and *f«ai 

■li^«pfuHl', r.i. 111. to ^rotttisd amt^ ; to 

'- • ^ir :— >rj*, Jisp'MtriitvK: 

JMpoad'lacly. {!.. <i>j- 

"tt/r^j to jauitiiM!.] 

>.. >i-.-:>|.n.i,.^ LuL. r><u„ dti^miiMc; with- 

4tfp«D>li>ac«, il^-ipofid'cn^ CmgxnAtmf, d€-<pond'- 
cii-hi, M.. ttatf isf btutjf ddipetidmt or wilhuat 
hope : dcjt^tioD. 

Umpot, f\e<'\tut., *i. lit. ntiTjfrr i^tit AitHsr, Ausiamli 
one t ■ ! ■ ■ '- power ; a tyr-uiL ((.Jr. 

^1 . wilh tf«nt*t, a house, 

atui . J^ii*t able, Sajul^'j, 

a htutji^a I 
li^tilo, dc»-po*'ikf dMpotkal, des-rMit'ik-al, W/, 
prrtititinr f^ or like a i/<'/>Sf/ ; bAviag aliMlutc 
pow' I r>— jj'tt. if nt'teaUy. 

tH|wtlf. > I, n., ihd ^wir or priuciples 

fj/ff aiic power. 

)«iVUn»t«. dci f^-i"^^ °' ^^' ^ ' > '' fAroanrjff't'M 

/o¥tm Kit icum :—/''./. dcc'pQmlcing : /4^. oc»'- 
paitL4tcd. (U dtf^Hmtt tU*^imUtn—€Ut oS, 
mud t^mm, foim.1 

i^MBallaD, devpO-ina'thuu, «■. /A/ net v/ Ikmth- 
nf^taii fonuQg scum on the swUce. 

»mn«iflni. de»4cwa-iaa'khitn, or do, m, . a tc^mg 
*ffi the wfBjatton of the cuticle or skia in 
Kmifi. \\^. d«*fmatmf, dtMqtmmatmi — i£r, olT, 
uid 4'fM'Hnti, a fcak.] 
T>Tt . d«-»<rt', «. fruiu, oonfccHoot, &c- M r vatt 
at (Itc cii>fte of an eotcrtaioment after the reu hus 
lieeo Liken ati-ay. [Tt.—^fturvf, toclc»rlbc 
UHe — L. i/r, fram, awxy, and urvi*, lo ktva.) 
Pii>— >M, dc»-lcm'p^, ZHflUaper. (! i»-tcm'n^r, m. a 
coine inrxle of p.'itnting, in wKicli t^e -ruloiin src 
itmtfffyed or uujced in a w-ateiy glue, chie/ly luod 
in sttoe-pMOting and id uaiuuig paper fw walls. 
n>V» Mtrw MM —ti^* Lf 1^. and trrm^er tor Um- 
prrr, I,, tfrn f ^ m re, to Umper.) 

tO'j, ;iC to a crrlain Uic <»r st^ce ; to 

fix; ' • /. dcs'tiniA*; jW /. dcJlificJ. 

[L. i/gjt^.*^j~ti£, inietuive, aotl ri>i>( $taMi*, allied 
to Gr htjtmnS^ hitlfmi, to mska to sund.] 
4t^ B rt i(m. dcv-ti-nl'ihun, H, the purpose or end to 
v.Sili ,:tT,-inr.i; is destined or appointed; end; 
;■ ■'v ■■■- . '_'ii , rr.te ; pbce lo wliich o'JB i« gofng. 

/. dn'ti^ni, vk tii* inupM* ar cad ■» whidb 
Eury peTfedo ar ihinf is d^rtim»d or spiknntcil] 
lUMWoiilAblc fats ; necc«vty. 

I>w*mrt«, ri«rs''l. int. .■!.<?■ lit. ;»i^.'.itr^rv; Irft 

:■', v.t., t» tmMU OS f*M 

' tuin <i> lut all ciicT (i; 

(ItftrueUUfl, di iLri;l.'u IjI, >^'~0., i.s/^^ i/" i 

Jt*tre>yni; liable tu Ix: Jestivjred. — «. 

dwtncti.>f. ' -fi^v; 

ilate'f •'■raSb. 


mltchievoui; rmnous : deadly. - itdv. 

tiv^y.— «. owifw 
OwidaUoa, dn-Q-da'sbun, m. lit. <t vUirni , 

an eruption of email pimpto oo duldKiik. 

fir. intcisi^-e, atid jrah/v, [i> swcaL] 
Dinttoda. de«'we-iLid. n., JisuM; ditconilotivi 

<->r cuMtim, habit, or pntctice. (U Mn*ett 

tit, ne^alivc, oikI smrKf. lo l>cci>n>e uacd^J 
Dtanltarr ' ' ' ' /'-"wvoneAlitf 

tio[i : 1 ., . . .... 

«. dMUlMrllUML 

aod fd/i^, to jump. 

Detach, >lf tidi', ^,.' 

r^ut—Jf^ una* 

/,• w«/<tfi^ or wi^^tfna ; to 
I : to wuhdraw :^~^^i' 

■ hcs-V. (Fr. dftm^ 

d<iai:iiiE*i]t, <1<^ ij. luTkcni, H., MCi ef J/tm£kmt\ 

slate of bemj dcLicbtd ; tiuit which U 

ai d L">dy of inD'-.p^u 
Drtall, d6-al', t^/. lit ■ 

i'> relate iiiinutely , 

for a particular kerv i' 

d^ailed'.—M.asmNt! ' 

account. [ Fr. rfr/u - ■ 

10 cut — L. iaitJt, a i'>: 
tMata, d£-tan'. v.t., to kaidj' . 

to keep -.^-frr-i. ditatn^^ • ' 

d€tiHr&—Jf. mtm, Aod U^ii. u -— - , 
OiUlBir. d£-t4D'tr, n., «W «4# dl>«««jiu; in i>V, 

the hoklins of wliat belonffl to aaothcr. 
JaUtBinaat. dft-tSn'meot. tolwlla^ dit-tci/^uiW < 

tiiT/ o/d^t»iMinti &tAie of ttinic dciuocil „ 

fuicment: delay. 
ZMacI, d^-tekt*. v. t. liL la mmer'tff—hibnat l» i 

cfvrri to find out :— /ryi dCtcctlUff; /«>li 

tect'ed. [L. ii!f, ncff., and trrv, tmtm. to < 
delMteUa, de-tck'ta-l3, atlj,, timt amajt 
dttMMr, daiMter, dj-tckt'tr, n., ^m mb 
dttooMoa. d6-Uk'thuQ, m.. att i(f 4«t 

r.'.i<nTf of comelhing hidden. 
d<t*ctlre, d6-tek'tiv, in(/,, UtfJim^ t) Jttti'f. — 4b. a 

poticcnon employed tecrelly U ddUtt c/ioia. 
D*t«fitlaa. Sc'-' i ~ ' .' . 

»«t«r, dM^r', r .Jb 

iwcvent :— /*r ,- ". [1 

JW/mw— j>, rri'iii, 
Drtofv, dc'ttrj', v.t., t\ 

awciundl :— /i^./l, d-' 


fat^ fir; taf, htr; mine; tnOlc: mOte; mOBa; tJnxi, 

Mti 4/ timmnag. 


:. i (•/ drier- 
: thui "mhtch 
dircctioa Co 
tAai dtier-- 

MfmwiAf wikne. 
*i IfT^min, *./ , iW>ai| /«nw or I1 — /1 

to Ucacs : to fix s« icctle Uic fom or chatMtcr 
4#. b>HftMiace; u>p«aaaea4io; tonaulvtoD: 
t»Udta*>— /^^ djier iniauif :/i«>. d&er'aiined. 

MAwi* s braslArr-l 

^^-Ur'nilr-^t.. .£./-, JrUrmttttd os 
fiavd ; dccri . 

b 4Hiiiii*ii1 or rtaolYcd uij ; ciul 
a ^Tt*"^ oaU . rooiutioQ : purpose 

dtcvf'iiuDd, <t/^/.. /^nw m /mrpMi; 


dtUil^r — dr, intCfi. 


. .. <M/ ^ diUiiit%t or 

d2-(>ireil'. P./. to xvsswnfrom <t MwaM*, 
U> 4Ncft of royBl authority •.—fr.p. UMhrOn'iij]f , 

" de-UiKiiiineat, n., rfmavai/rom a 
; drpocitiuo. 

<^l-nii, I'.j'. to con* dmm or uplode 
«^ • Middest tktt»ni£rimg rvport. — ■•■/. to cause 

tL. adk«v — Je. dTvii. uid /fn^, to thunder.) 
HaaaMi^ det-f-ol'&hun, h., a tuddm tj^tosicm, 
■dAMSOr . ■fijfrtml-m^v; 

r , rf/, for L 
. . tirmm. Or. 

rruoij'yrPW the credit 

1 I sSium::- -fr.f. 1!^- 

'H^^nff^tn wearing 
. dttrimtniiutt — de, 

■ t 
<'j . , (Mtaing drtriiHfnt ; 


^ mLkI bcdt 

Itu ihan 

(ftni^q. a_asanofautniUaoacnuluany 
t /&^' d£^llii'bl. IL. d>, down, and 

BrtCB :— ^r^ (Umoi'c 
[U dk, ofl^a 

• ttinik.1 
de^wac^ECiluM, Mk. mf^At&ym- 
atd^ or lo|ipinc «t 

dac, «>, ftM," a card or die with two itpoto. 
[Fr dnix, Imiy^'L. dwt, two. ) 
DiMa, DnM, dQt, n-, a demam; cb« devil, [law L- 

</iunu. Bret. Crv*, ;i dctxign.] 
D»»Ucrn*»f. dO-tir-tii; 1-4DI, v., <» ^^ "- -^ — * "-f^gr, 

[Qr. dmitrw, aeeood. and^r 
DmtaraaoMr, dO-tci-on'o-aiiiM. i .. ihe 

Pcuuieudi, M-hich cflQtauu rltf >^ . .—■ •<>>4 of 
Ibc t*w by MtMcs, [Gr. J>Mr*«w. mcoim^ u4 
law ) 

' . r* Mf n«f fr ; to plnadar : 
/. dcVaiLilted. LL. Jr. 
lay wa»w,) 


Dnartato, <l- 

intensive, - 

uate of beiaK dc < 
Daffvlvp, de-Tci'op, ■ lay 

open by degrees. — :. J. Ki ^ruw into, lu i^ti>:a uut: 

— jtr./. d£vcl opiDg ; /u./. dC\^el'ope(L I lr> dlr«vA 
c>y^f: priib from L. dt, dowi^ kod OwA*. i« i»UJ 



Vot>-iiieiil, «., itkf f/ dfV*Ii^^iMj[ i 
'>g t a gradual growth. 
, ?;? *»:? />!-«« ike ri-tit ; Tn turn 

. " " ■"..■ai- 

ir. ../.I 

d«Tl>li -. i^tc 

o( hjMdg .Irn it' ■! . 3 ■ 

dMiou, d^vi-u^, tuij.j' ;i>); 

erriufi.— atfV. CtoVlooij.- ■:... 

DvTiM. Sea uuder IMvim. 
OtrU. dcvl, K, lit. /4^ <^MWlrrrr«r tftfiMcr j SfttMi 

any evil spirit ; a *cry wickcJ v-crsou.— I'.r. in 

coikrn^ to pei'pet tjceuivrh ■•/a/, 

du*ui; L. dtAlaiuM ; Gr. «iia.'< . 

to tlafider — <fui, down, and At/ | 

dnrlUiii. iie«Al-iih, adj., of or 'I'M^ (-r .'■: .1.'. '.jico- 

Aivcly hmtL—^tdv. dti^tJUUy.-^. dtr'UUhwm 
dftvllry, dcVil-ri, m., dvuitKt umrthy ^i/ tM* JtviJ: 

exirvme wickedneu. 
Dariooa. 5«c under DtvlaUu 
DvrlM, di-Ylr', v.i., t-f dii^tJr 

\s\ the mind ; 10 ichenu' ' 

will; to brqiicalli :— /' 

Ti»cd'.^«. act of bcqu^ 

.. l,y 


bequeathed by will. [Fr. tirt-ufri It. iiit>«mr» 
L. divida, divinu, to divide.) 

t. dc-vli'ar^ »>> mm «vA# 

by will. 
teria, d^vls*,!!., /&a<«iA^ariftrtn/or 

fiiriinvance : power of deviung ; Deuiiu ; in 

A^midry, the emblem borne upon a udcld. 
SktvnUl. devoid', mdj., quiit wtd; destitute; fraA 

frvin. [L. de, iotcAMVc, and VoU.| 
Daralr, dcv.waw/, m.. ttvLi/ ij dtw, tliity ■ aerviM i 

an act of aviUly. [l-'r.— L. d*^, lo owe.) 
X>«Telr«, dA^volv', p.f.. > r*// (limw; to (Itnr: U> 

liaod down; to deliver over.— «.<. to rvUdmm; 

to fall or pau ovtr ;~/r/. ilCvciv'ing ; .^a^ dfr 

vutvcd'. il. J». 'IciWD, i«>/tv, iv/m/mj. t» rolLj 
deTolutloa, dcv-O-lu'kliun. •<., rttt ti/ drv*Jou^i m 

paiauig from one pvnon 10 another. 
0«vet% de-voc', v./., e» cw» ; to tet apart or dcdJextv 

by sotemo met i to doum ; to give up wholly :— 



file, for , oi£. bir ; mUe ; mOte ; nOu i tbOOa ; Itou 



Vw/Mr-H<r, »Vi-y. ««* wrw, to tow.1 
tmtwi, d^vOI'ed, mt(/. . odUu M<;strDncIy >ttidiccl; 


dtKhthltf, «.. nw >^^ 

■ itiaiuly 

W!nwita< eflpecuily IQ relii. 

noMM, dfi>T(/ftbui), M., act . sutc of 

hang devoted ot devout: ■• n-^^riii n ; gimriK 
up of die Duod lo the wtjohip of G-vl ; |iioty ; 
prayer : itnjujr afTcctioii ot aliachmcnt ; Anltnir. 
rttrtlllll. di-vO'^ua-iil, (uij.. /vr(a)tiȣ or kUtt- 

Bh\9 tfi i^vctii'M. — tiJv. dno'UotuUlT. 
AMOBt, dS-vout*, (w/f', ifer-i^ff.i ta religion; pimw: 
Mlenm; jinccrc.- aift: Mvomxty.- n. divont'uM. 
Stvmtr, df-vour, vt., (•> rifall^^ ^rretiily , to cat 
up : to coDmnie or waste with \-iolcnC'; or wmtyu- 
tiess : 1(1 dettroy : to enjoy with av-idily '-—/rf- 
cMvdiii^uia; /m^* dftroured*. [L. Ariww— *m, 
d«wn, am tw^i*, to swatlotr.l 

lU-voui'Ar. M., AW WM dlnVMrr. 
See urwler I>tTOt& 
^■v. dQ, •*-, Tor/ or tntnxtmt depmited on the tur> 
bcr of the cjfth from the air, chiefly at nighL — 
v.t. lo wet with iJcw ; to moistcQ : -/V./. dcw^uu; ; 
fa./, dewed'. [A.S. dteaw, Gcr. thaM, dew : Gr. 
d^«0, to weL] 
t,'is^%»iij>,f*ft^'*'»Cf^'^'^i moutivithdew. 
_ dCt^p, *!. the loofO fl«sh about the throat 
of oxen, wnich /d/i or Iictc4 tkt d>u>in grazing. 
|4ivpalB^ dfi'pouit, »., fir /pf'n/ or tcroperattire at 

Mich dMw bcgitu to fomi. 
Xltttar, deks't^, t*dj., on the righi'hartd side; 

righL IL. JtJtttr; Gr. d*xiaii Suu. cAtijA.] 
oeu : readincu snd gnicc nf limb ; ulrcntneu. 
kstireu, dcks't^r-u^, iZr^' , riiftt-AmmUd I adroit ; 
subtle— ti</r. 4az't«r«ul7.— «. dvx'tamBaa. 
nrtnl, dela'iral, adj., ri^t, u opptncd to left, 
•r, dS, K. lit a maternal wtctex the title of the 
travenior of Al^en before the French cooquest. 
iTurV. t/ili*. a mnirmal itncle ] 
ii^Hw, ()l-3-b«'tej, n. a mnrbid and excessive 4ts- 
cAsnpr of urine IGr. diabiiis, fnitv^'<c»through, 
and fatmJtt to ro.] 

IkbffttA, d1-.i-benit. odj.^ptrtaiMiHs is diahttti; 
afflii-irJ «iiti diiibetrs. 
SUboUc. .1 a bolik. DUbelle&l, dt-a-bollk si. adj., 
drriUih. — 'ui'.'. dUbolieo^r- t*jr. dbihi-lJeor, 
froiii ii!4ih'L>j, tlic i-'cvil.) 
Steooiul, SlftCOii&tA. Sec under Ik»K«iL. 
jt;^trixtiJi^ iir dutin^ixhiMg bctUM^H, [tii, Ji'm- 
•(:n'fjAw^-t/t^, between, ana ^rtn^, to separate.] 
IHadMB, dra-dem, m., a hand at Allct w»m roimJ 
the head as a badge of royalty . a crown -. 
mjrxlly. [Gr. diadintm — dia^ round, and dr9, 
to buid.] 
ttadiBad, dt'a-dcmd, *)<<^'.. utttrinj^ a diadem. 
XtarMli, DUrMii, di-er'^*, k., M<- tr/arxtli^M of 
one syllable intc two; a mark ("] placed ovci 
one of two vowels lu shew thnl each i$ lo he 
pronounced separalcly. as in afrial. [Gx.—dia, 
dcnolia^; .Kpar-iliun, anil Mairt^, tu ukc.] 
'T"*-. (J To j - riu'fii^, n., tin j^igii^ ur distiD- 
CDuthmg a disciLM: W means of iin nf-inpionu: n 
brief dwuiMiun. (Gr.— <iitf, between, lUid^'A- 
^r^ti, to Judge.) 

UfDOBUe, dl^ag-iKM^tik, adj.^ diitimfnixiung ; 
chanctcristic — n. that by wtdch ouylluag u 
trowu; a symptom. 

fkrmif^ the 

- -Odw. 


dtog'ft-rul, aJt 
/wvim mmgU ta amgte ■•' 
figure.— «. a ttimipii I. 
ouUy. (L JiAgvmali:. 
i) . . .'Hia, a (A.iiitr J 

Du :i, ». lit t writimf or drmwimg 

I ■■■ nr plan drawn Id lUnvlratc ani 

kiAiLuiLut. LGr. dUjifwimm«t d m, fotUKt 
griapki, Co write, delineate. ) 
dlagrmyli, dfa-graf, «. an nucnuncnt tued in' 

apcctive draanmg. 

PUl, dl'al, K. an instrument for thewtng the lii 

m da^hy the urn's shad-jw ; the face of a 

or clock, [low L. dMiif, daily - 1* dirt, « dAr4 

fllaUrt, dl'ai-uc, «., 4 maker c/diab; tnie ikiU«lil 

dlaUlBg, dfal-ing, M., the mrt fi/ comtnKtimc * 
Dlaltel, dt^a tcUt, m. lit. a t/eaMiHg anvt* or 
gtiher : dwcourw; ; lanpiagc ; a variety 
peculiar fi^nn of a lajiguage. [Gr. dt a i e t M 
dia, through, and leffi, to •peak.) 
dUMMle. dI-«-lek'tik. dlalMtleal, dl^-lck'tik-al, m^f,, 
/trtat'miur to diaterl or to diuaurac : /ertMim 
ittr to t^tUeiur; l<^ical. — ^dv. ■"-•—■"—"- 
[Gr. dimlektiki't.} 
diatoctlea, dl-a-lck'tiks, «*.//. 
that branch of logic which t 
modesof rcuoning. [Gr.<^«.£.< -...-«' 
of discussing by questioning, logic- j 
dlalflokklaa, dl-a-fck-lish'aa, n., mu Mkillrd m dSCa* 

iectUs, X loKidan. 
dlalagma, dfa-Tog, it., eeiiWrntfu'M Befwem two «r 
more person^ ecp. ofa formal or imaginary oanm. 
dlalogtrt, dT-al'o-jist, «., a t/eatrr in, oc wiittfi 

n diaidfgiie, 

Alaloflrtlt. dlal'OJtst'ik, Alalaglrtlek], dl-aVo-ji 

ik-al, a^.,nr/a/t>(^i^ or having the form of. 


XHilyiti; dl-an-n£, ■■, <• toovnjttff; dtatretia.- 

Dtalr^ dt-al'i-«Cx. [Gr. ditt/jt^j—dta, i 

ntid fyt, to IoomlH^. dlain'lv. 

IHaMUMtla, dl-a-mac-aetlk, adj., rrvu- 

appfied to any suhtlance which when «u] 

takes an east and west potitioo, or one fi/pmii r 

ttf of the ordinary masNtt. [Gr. Hm, 

through, Bcrota, and magnitej, a magnet. J 

DlaAttar, dl-am'e-idr, h,^ Mr meantrt tktx^eA gr 

acTvet ; a ttraigbt line pusiog thn^ugh th4 

centre of a cirde or otlier iigiur, tvrminaled al 

lioth ends by the circumference, and dividiag 

the figure ioto two equal parts ,- the di 

Uin^ugQ the centre of any object. [( 

mtiros — dia, thruuifb, and nutrom, a m 

AUBMtrfcal, dl-a-methk-al, _<s<:(r'., rrJUllMtf^ 

dcMTibing a diamettri in the directioo 

dumrter ; dim:t.— a*/;T. ttaaMt'itcaOf. 

DlaJBoed. dra-mond, n. ItL ifdamoju; the 
valuable of all g^ms and llic hardest of all 
stances : a foiir-sided figure with two obti 
iwuaatie angles^ the unalltu Limi of 
prinlioi; rypc. [comiptcd from Gr. 
ad^manifi, adaoiaui.] See Adaaaak, 

DtapwoD, dr a-p2'roa, n. the octav. 
which lucludcj aii t/trmi^!^i oi\iva . 
cord of the fmt and U^: notes of 1 1. _ 
dia, through, and ^ku>ta, geitiUve \\. > ir fm^ 
cOQtr. from the Gr. plmkM hi dU /ortfa i 
sym/h»miat the concord ihtough all tht \ 

XHaprr, dra-pAr, «. \-arieir«ted cloth, ong." 
joj/er : linen cloth wo^xit in fignncA, ttJad for 


lite, fir. m£, hte; mlue; attUt: miltc; mSQu ; Men. 



•; *«M 1*1. J"i.»*>-> ; fnjm 

| i ei »l il jMVpac or Ibmcmm « Ac ^mmM 

•^rzs£ ^i^fst'^iti.'S'fcS:,"^'** 

as iaaoDti** kwaagBK. |Qft 

^ « 'Atl^d. (&». W^t^» fen <f 1^1 

a>- A. tai^ aM n ^ | l !■ 3 



tttnn^nt of affi'i-i. .t 1' 

'I'-viry ; quxfrd or 

of h-iH^ .iQli. 
-f telf-rcUancc ; 

t-. — /■■ di(fQfted'.— »- 

ittis, ii't/fmjrwx~-^f/, a^uiKler, 

ODI . 


*un»«, J ,.„ iijfiaed: vfidely tpr^iii: wordy: 

ni:'i ci>n<nsc — tti/v. 4Uhim1j. — m, MflMM'MHi. 
dlAuAit, iL r- fiitil . (U(;'., a^rrad wUffy ; kxMe ; wild. 

--t*^?. diflu'vdir.— «. dWBf'fteaM. 

lUfulbl*, dtf-ftu ibl, <*'</., t^t may U iiffuud.^ 

It '-,-,'..',Mn, «., /V A-/ .--r ./.-fr^.ir...; , 
I in; ftbrovl; < 
■ '., kax'tng //. 

Die, dig, IT t, lit, /^i nva/c ti (/iVr4 or trench ; to turn 

up tM: earth; in cuJli^utc with a ai>ade ;— -/^./. 

dWiJ^nr; J^.t. tnti/i^. dug. ;ol».)di»rgcJ .— «. 

dlM >r f A S. .^laii—^i'^.jiditch. See 0U«. Utdk.] 

DI«a«trto. .f r-£a/trik, «.^'. , tiaw^/^^JJitJ. apf>li<ij (.^ 

'ir,c oC I lie dhi»c)m of the lower j»w. [urw L. 

.yV^rr/^'.-nr — Gr, </i', double, .frtf*/*', (he belly.] 

t' :; r>.r. lit. ta tarty in difffrmt titrrc- 

-tV. down ; to uii^qIvc food ia the 

' Miftcn by hcit and ntoiitBre : to di&- 

irruvxi: ; to prepwc or cUwify lo the 

ink ovcr.—T'.r to bi ditfolved in the 

■ ■> fje toflencd br lieat and nobtive : 

-/-/■ - fic^l'ing; j»*./. diguc'ed.— «. MgrntTm. 

[L. aigtra, digflue—Js, asunder. ^vtv, 10 bear.] 

dl^wt. ■il'i'rs;. «. , ':phii:k k^ kftn dignU^, or 

■ hody of Uwi, Mp. the 

vi. [L, Jigrtta, neuL 

. .irtw, to arrao^e.] 

twin .1 ;;,: , l■^«/ mny 6* dbptted', 

c»v ^. dlfMtlbinty. 

T , r^/- dim^Mnc of the r-ioj 

ill llic -L.'.-i^li . ...r ^ ■ . ,;,^ 

totluw heat. ftc. 
|T», di ic^t'iv, ,; f 

*Jl r 


*ifflt»l, .',..r 1!. 
11. ./,V-.V...7..] 

dJjfiViIi', ill '■ r • 

f. ItIL AllM 

■ r. 

.aw, Satu. die. 

, HlfttMcJ, iti'i-t 

"it-ml, «rff*. con- 

■■'fu. iL </tf»- 

•I. difiu'ttea. 

1 Ke tion. 


i.>w L, ^^Cpij/lAf— J^lf aiu, wonhy, 

<l«6iJUd. iltu'iii.flJ, aJj'.t maritt/ orttA difnify ; 
r*^Uvi\; noble; stave. 


(Fr. di£^ii/~L. ^ijpujaj~d4^^j.,i 
4i»a%iur. dif'ni.tar.i. «. one in « d(mi/f*^t 

one who boldt an cceleniAttfou rank aUfvv 

priest or caooa I Fr. digniimirt^L, digmOu 
Otcnph, dl'cnif, m., a d^dtU mut^; 

which cKprets but one tound, w r« n 

di^ twice, dwuhlc, ^rafiAi, a. mark, a 

ff^jiAa. to write I 
BtpM^ di'^ITcw', V i ,t(f tlf^ tuid^ or ko 

Bialn point or ttubjcc:; to totrodure 

RMCtar s— ^./. digreM'iniE : yd*/ 

digradimr, dtgrrtrus — di, uade 
IfrNriov, di-ffmh'iui, »t., fhf t*<t f/ digrti 

fort of a diicour»c not upon Lhe main tu 
dl«rawlMBl. di-eresh'on-al, Alcml*^ 

adj., prrtntnittg to or coasistuis of </j 

— o^. dlsnMlTarT, 

or surfaces. [Gr. di, douMt,X*i^/^i, j Imk. 

Ott*. dik, !»., d trritch or /<(« MrYA i/^f nw/ mmd 
tMre;tmy^; a ditch : a tnousd railed lo (wnrcat 
inundjiiiin ; m groi., a wall-like miu* of i^bcoib 
rock m the fi^^iuci of nratiADd rocks. —» 
Burroundwitha dike or bonk:— /r>. <nic^i^: 
>»./. diked'. [K.'i.du;Tr.digw. bee IM^) 

DUatwrnM, di-Lu'«r-It, v.t.. la md or iVap>«w» 
d^.-^ dilftc-'ertiiiiii ; /a./. dilac'erAtecL*-^ 
«lae'watlan. \L.—di, avundrr, and LaavVka.] 

DU&pldata, di-Up'i-dJii, v t., r.* j^tf' itr^e fir:^ 
tteiu; to lay waMc; tu v\u 
v.i. to wiiftc by dcCay or nc. 
idSling; A> /■ dilay'idlited. 
dMm^i»—di, K&umtcr tafii. 

AOwNMtas. di'bp-i-da'shuii, •. 
i/i/a/»A»/A^; toipGunns of ctu 

OData, (tS-lit', v.i., tasprwml ow^ in all d 

to calaige ; to relate ai Inr^'*:. - t. i. to widca ; 10 
swell out; to tpcak n '. ' ,-•- dilat^uff ; 

>!./. diUfod.— «. Uli . /.>— rf»i«/M, 

pa.p.o(dijfffv—di/.., . carry. J 

dUalaUa, dl-UiVU, «<f-.. rt.i ..<.ij. ^< diioOtd m 
e«vandetL~«. AiUlabUl^. 

ttbHaaaa^ dil-a-tfi'thuu. 4IUiiaa. dPU'^Kuit. m^ SW 
Iff/ 0/ diiatiMf, or iha slate of bclne ^(laCal 

Matery, dirator-i. *0'. Hr cr*.-r,/[»' rr /fcft 
*l<jw ; ^*"c» ■ ]i<i 





SUittaabe. dil ctUiiVi, r one v, 
fine arts.—//. 4U«ttaa1l ('(.? 

[Ir. (ir ji. cT ,tV'-,'7«v. la Ul. 

./,-' • I 

,1 ri- L. 

■1 e.inie%t in apidtcalioo ;1 
dUi*«B«y. !Fr-Lifaii|(«W»J 
r.', to choo«, |o Inft ] 

gent; iicad^ ^tpplimtion ; iud'j^ry. 
MO. dil. n. a plniK. the seeds of whldi are taer) IqJ 

Ataj £lr; m^ htr ; mliw ; mOte ; mOte ; nCOn ; r^en. 


t vs. JHf, Ccr AiVr pok 6a« tfaa 

ismno nc 

mm6t Ny tons 
^-e^mjtmmt^mt^ tk»t»tlketiM 

rtmnrt br TAt fhtd. 

''-•irictc^ ; mrXcriotta : aot icciac dkmtf. md^. \ 
Atftei*. MTU hi r dun.— mA*. mm'^.—m* ^H*- 

dKizkca'ifaun, «. usaEktty is >C 

««. «. all. «»wMi*7 «• ^i*«k 

m Uot: m, 9PW. '.A-^S&^i«.* 

11H1 hi«», t . ij-fiad*,— ^.t ft» cr9w or apear 
tAteC-*//. ■Hi\«ili IL. 7*1 II mil tf. 

f.u> lf ii r iiiiii , teM.] 

d i u4a 4 m '<ig, «A> U. i* »e A j- 

1..V. wWMlr, ■ dii t Cfcim ttt Irt <fcg —J die 

M^. i&ai'^-ti, * a Isid of «■« oMtH* rffl^ 



B, Ulp-V.m-it'ilr. 
cwirt.— y/ 

.,i,i, nocietu 

r tH <*'*/«>- 


Stx under Dip- 
dip'iii. ft an A'-iatlc and Ajneruan Ircc- 
snAlcp w^' ! !>) cause inldue thint. 

[Gr. (/i>4.' :) 

PIptOMWl*. -i., - . -, H. a danfamcA mania 

or insane tfurtt lor aii;uboUc ktimulauu, [Or. 
dipsa, thinl, and Manui, madness^) 

XUptanl, dip'icr-al, Stptvrou, dip'l«r-us, A^f*. , haviit^ 
tw9 WM^. (Gr. •I'l, twice, fiirn^n, a wine, ] 

AytaVB, dip'tir-an, k. an inwr; tvsvios unly hiM 
awBH)^, asUieboiuc Hy.— //. dlp'Uraas, ordlpUra. 

IH^toU; dip'idt, H, a Doun which hj* only ftw CAfr 
mdinc. [Gr. difattt—di, twice, /W/fli, fallen — 
^yVdJ. w falL] 

IWw, dir, dlnfBl, dtfTooI. aJj.,/tar/Mi ; dreadful ; 
colamKutu in a Ittgli dcgnn: : ud and disnuL 
[L. tiinti, perbaps akui tu Gr. diiUS, ti> fcai.^^ 
flufo. Aln'fUU/.—A. dlf'ftillHii. 

tHnctk di-tckt', «^'., 0«if/ liraichtl ttmi^htfor- 
Waid ; in the line uftMiSceat : outspoken ; sincere. 
—y,t, Co keep or lay ijiiiic straJ|;ul ; \a point or 
Aim itr^^htly or correctly: lu point uut the 
proper course to : to ^de ; to order : to loark 
with tlie niuoe and residence of a pcnoo :— /r/. 
dlrect^iiig ; ^<./. direcl'cd. — ini\'. dliwcily- — *<- 
dlraci'ftMi. [1^ Jiri£^, dimluj—iii, completely, 
and rvjC'\ (•> mle, to make btraichl.] 

Atnetlaa. di-rckihun, n., act ef Jinctm^: abn at 
a t-CTtuin jwinl : the liin; tn- u-iijiic in which ary- 
thiiiK moves : Eui<lance ; command : the bc^ily of 
persons who guida or roanage a luatier : the 
wriitcn name and midcnos of a pcnon. 

4b«ctlm, di-rck'liv, <u(r'., 4«Duvf jtpwrrorlcDdcacy 
t^ dirret 

dlTKtor, fli rek'tor, x., imt t^40 dimUi a nuuaccr 
or grjvcmot : a cuun^ellor ; pari of a machine or 
iii-»:ninteiit which ^tdcstls motion. —^m. dlnot'- 
nm or dlnol'riz. 

!»,, /A/ office rf nr n nxly t}( a'irrcfprj. 

4irKlorUi, i.' .uij., /frtauumg to di- 

rt\ts>rti i; ■ w. 

dlrvfftorr, di r . caHiaintMg dirKtians ; 

FUidiog. — n. . a o.'.ijt ,/ dirrctiamM; a cuidc ; a 
book with the names and residences ot the in- 
hAbitants ofa place : a body of directors 
^DlMtal, &c Sec under DlK. 

DtiWt, dcri, m. lit dim-t[\a): a funeral toa^ or 
hymn, [contracted frt>m dirt'gr, the fii*t word 
ofa Latin funeral hymn, from diri^v, to direct.} 

Slrk, dcrk, w. a dagger or poulard. [Scot, dunk; 
Gael dttn.] 

Wrt, dfcrt, w., </«n^, tscrfmrnt ; any lilthy sub- 
SLiiKc — :■ t. same as 41rty. -/r./. dirtln^j ; 
^i./. dirt'cd. [A-S./Ctf/i/jw, Sciit, dri/e, to ca>* 
one'* ^clf; Ice. drit, citcrcricnt,] 

dirty, "Hrl'i, /«(/., deplrd vtrith djrf; foul; filthy; 
Qican. — I'.f. to toil with dirt: UM.u\\y.— dirt y- 
UXfi/a,/. dirtied. — nrff. dlrt'lly.— «. dlrtlaiai. 

Sbakto, (Cs-SlJ, t>./ , /n waJ^ wmnhh ; to dv^ivt; 

of power : t ■ ' ' ■■ -.V/. dia- 

ft'hlin;;/- .iid AUt.) 

dlMblbty. U: UahUd; 

wi[il uf )M.*<V'.i . •- iiu ■■I !■ ,, 11 >jijjiiii<..tujn. 

DbatroM, (UG-4-brix', p,/,, fj/rtffrom ahuttax mis- 

wtntt of ' 
In PDc's ititeieali 


lakt : to ttndeodfe : to s«t dfi^ H* ^u; fnvv 

live, and At«M.J 
StM4TUiU«i, 4i>^-*AA't^i( ■< 

rtjr,- what is untyouiablc 

lou; injury, [t.. du, ut.^,*' 
ilwitniitmimi. di»-ad-vao '..'■ 

wi'/A diiadvamiagr; unfia^' 

XHAffwt, dis-af-fekt',^taWatMy tA^affifcti/m 

e/i to make discontented] ur uufrieodly. — «J^ 

dlMONtrvAr.— M. AiaUtct XIa i M . [L. Mm, (nt.^ 



ajffcud; want uf aflcciion or friendfiacas ; di»' 

lo>-aIty; hostility; iil-wilL 
StiailnB, dis-af-firm'. v.t. ID deay twhat hu been 

^firmed) ; to contradicL (L. dtt, nc%., & JUk&J 
SiHflonct, tUs-af-for'est, r./., £7 de^vt of the 

phvil^e o^ foreat laws:— /r.>». duaiToi'ectsBg ; 

>i./. dtBLffor'ested [L, ^u, priv., I. *d^ to, aaJ 

DtaMTM, dis-a-gr('. T*.t. , not t« aritei to differ rr 

be U variance; 10 dis&enL [L.tfu.[KC.,&A|i«>] 
atoacMM^K dis^-gre'a-bl, ^j'., mst agw^watie; 

unpleasaa t : offeosive. — fi. dJn^a^sMi^iH.— ^A, 

ilMfn—t, diM-ffr^ment,«.,fnsiii/«^i^p«fnMf i 

act of di&agreetnK ; diffoxenca ; tincunat' 

StaaUew, dis-ol-low', v.t., net to attmHi fo 

pcnnivsirvn to: to d«ny the authority 01: toi 

(L. dii, negative, and Allow.) ■ 
AUkUowaUi, ais-al4ow'U'bI, ikj^',, net /t/id-vmMr. 
dlMlIorawt, dis aMow-'Anii, k., a£t f/dUnil 
SlHJi&al. divon-nul', p./ , t^ anMui iwm^t 

dit, tnteosive, aad AanaLh 

disap.pCf', v,C, to cttue if ajt^tmri 

vaniah from iiKDt. [L. dis, nee-, and 
«lMM«uaaei, di»4p-p«r'aiut, n., *ci 1/ , 

11^; remoral from sifihu 
Stoappalat, dis-ap-pmnt', r.t. to liindcr fron 

attainment of what was itpficijmtfd, inimdrd. 

hoped; to fraitralc. (L. du, neg., anJ Apptdalt 
dlMVpalataiant. dis-ap-point'meiu, a~. lui f/ duAf' 

pointtHg; state ot l>ein£ disappuutted ; misear- 

n.igc : Trastraiion. 
XHsapfrabaUaa. Sec under D Ua ptTOW. 
ZMMpproTC, di»-ap^raQv', r t., wt t» af^rem; 10 

give an unfavourable cipimoo uf; to reject- ' -aA. 

dlMppnvlBsly. [L. dix, ocgative, and . ' 
Ctearfvnl. dis-apprOO/al, aiaap 

pr&'ba'sfauD, M., att of dutiffrwimfi 

Dbani. dts-arm', or di>-, v.t^ ti> d*^rwf «^|l 

to render defenceless ; to qucU : to rcMtef I 

less. [L.d'Ar. priv., and Am-' 
IMutruiffl, di&-ar-r3jii', v.t., i 

mtnti to disturb tlie ctrtlcf 

dit, priv., and Atraafa.] — t- 
Dbamy, dis-ar-rS'. v.t., im tf ■ if. o> 

throw into disordet: to M.\.._ . bn^ 

- -n. want of array or ordc* . uuuiir^ il« < 

privative, and Anay.] 
DImmocUH dis-.t^sO'shi-it, r./. to 

ihtrigs atJiK-iiitrJ. [L. du, [iriv., bimI 
ZHiaitsr. dtx-tts't^, n. orig. tAf hiojt or jtrvJin 1 

uttprvfii/unu xtar; an advTr>e ar unfi:>rti: 

event: a tnisforiuite ; calamity. [U du. 

tjve, and oJ-trHttt, Gr. tutrv, ajiir; a srar.| 


file, &r; mE, h£i ; mlac ; rnOte : m(Ue ; mOOo ; /Aco. 



*« , /rr<«... 

<lL> L> 


■ 'V«. — vJ. lo 

^lenuj, dnavuwal, or rcauildJlUnii 
OtadM*. <]i».U.V. f.r.. tauftcimm; Utofm to Uy 

•t»cn ; l<> l>rin^ to U^bl ; to rtVMl [L. Ju, lHn> 
t.vr. and OaM.) 
«Klanra, <lu kM'chQr, m., rtif 1/ ^cVauv*.* " 

br>ni{in2 (<-• lii^ht .rr rirtrcalins : that wlutli to 
div^KtK'i vr revealed. 
OtaMU. Sc« >mitcr DIm. 

Dltaiwr. (It) Kii'Or. :'..'. /,' ,',M "IV /.-J..i^ 

/rrmi i It.« ti-f 

the appear. .,,r | 

AtSOlOffUlM. ^ ^r. 

««/; •iM.'.'- 
DtawEW. ii; ... lA^i^ 

'■■■•■■ ■" ' T/. rll». 

■■■'■- ».*. 

! jrm.] 
■■ cu- y."v»( .7 a dm. 

thr^tfv iBclcfS cartas 
r.-ivt n(f; 10 itucharge; to 
.ng:jta./.d»c.rd'cl (L. 




ttMOr-'^ 'tit, n^_f.,vHth iiiK<erd ; Triih- 

oi:t ' -(.■iiicitt. iDCouHslciit , jarruig. 

— ii.:. . ^_,.^.; ..;.Uy. 

CtaMTteaso, dis-korrl'an% dlwoHAaey, dit-koni'an- 
li, ",, ifj// i\fhriHg ditci^.iant ; du3£reemcnt. 

DUooaat. )]U\oun£, n., asumUkenjVvm Mrcviorf or 
rcckcntng : a f>im returned t<) ihc payer of an 
account ; a deduction maiJe ffv interest in nd- 
wincing mnncy on x tiill. [L. i^i#, priv. and 

AiMomt, dt* koimt', p./., /j J>aw wwrf <^/ik* ctmnf; 
lo alluw diKuiuil ; lo advance mmie-y on, deduct- 
ing diKifunL — r>.i'. to practise diKounting. 

ttw>«Btablt, dift-licunt'a-bl, «///, iJutf may t* tiu- 

DtteottstcauMa, dis-koun'le-nani, v.t., lo ptit ««^ c/ 
t-i'uutr>i.iH*9i loaluxh: tarcfuK: r.'Mw/r»frtwjr^ i-r 
\ii|t[Hir( t.t : tn diuounkge. — m. cold treatment; 
diupproliaUon. [L. ^J>, phv., and OoiataBJMW ] 

DLaeoara^*, rtU-kui^ij, V.f., ta iakt itnmjr tAe n■Mr^- 
*fr I'/", lo disheanen ; lo seek to check by *>icw- 
inif dijfavciur to :—/»■./. (iiw;our'.l(;injj ; /t7./. Ji*- 
coar'iired. IL. tfit, pnvaiive, nnd Copr«c*-] 

dlawfaiaiat. dift-Lurilj-incfit, »., at/ cyJuantr^ 
a^Mfi itutt wluchdtKouraeet: dcjccUoa. 

Mmmim, dit-kdn', h. , a mmnin^ over a nitiject in 
aprrch ; a trean«e : a Krinuii : ipeech or lonffuage 
CCtienJly: convcwation. — v.t. lo (reat fonnaUy ; 
to or conrerM ; to reason. — v.t. lo ulier or 
Ijivc ftinh i—fr/. dlKounmu ; /"**-/- diacouned'. 
(I.. tiuLtmuj — </f>, to aftd [ro, mrrv, to run.] 

Alanrtliin, di> kiirShur.. ".. jj -unnjimg abtntl; de- 
fultory laik : mcI ' ■ 'T rcasonuis. 

<Uac«nd<r«, dii-Lur-i i/jiif ,/>wi» ent 

thin^ t;} ijHgtUfr ; • I'.oTpr : proceediru; 

rcffiiwrly from pntJinwt lu w.>ucJu«oo. — »i/p. dl»- 

BiwoBTtoovi^ du-kiirt'yrti, a<^'-, uttcfftrri^fita ; !!□• 

civil , Wanting in ijiK-diriAimera : rude.^^ii/r. 
dlieovrt'tuiu^ — M. dlKoarlaaoaBMl. [L. (//<, 
TrciTJlivc, And Coortcoa*.] 

Ahowu*;, db-kurt'c-si, «., u«u)^ t^ cmtrHxy; io- 

Sec andcr Dlae, 

divkiiv'^T, Tit., ta wtfrfrr; Co lay open 
Or txprvfc : lo nulic known : to find out ; to tipy. 
—tt. fttK«f'*r«r. (L. i/u, ncc , and Oo*w.] 

di&-kuv£r-a-bf, «^'., /^f Mtfj' Ar i/ff- 

dlK«vt.[' -\,n.,acto/JUcifr>fTi't/^iifcfioA' 

t'V : di»covcf*d; revelation. 

lH*<iT»'lr :. n,,VfaniefcrrHU: had credit : 

itt rcbulc. ;]ii;;ni_ce.— f./. lo refuse credit t'^ or 
Leliclin: lt> deprive of crcdiWiUty ; to deprive uf 
credit : to diigmce. [L. dii, priv., and bwtlt. ] 

itavMUtaMt, d)-^Lrc<j')l-n-hl, a^if., tut nrdita^e ; 
dilSraLeliiL' ■Jj'r. ttacr*4'ttablr. 

MMnit, (lt>-'KT^'-', (i(//., having fUs x ei^ m unf ; 
wmry : arcum»i«cct ; pru'lcnt— rtrft. dlaeretllsr. 
— «. dlacratt 'smb. [L. lits-fftut — JirC€rHC, to 
fCpimte, 111 iKr. five. See Dttrara.) 

dlacraUoo, •livtrc^ti'iii", «,. ■;i.,).'*/'v ••/ ieinf Jit- 
(f-rfl ; i>niOcncc ; Ii^xry 'u ^' ' ai plca<*'ii<. 

dltcrtUooal, tlii-kre*li'', dlKrvtlanary, diWrcsJi'- 
MU-ar-t, 111// , irft .V tttt. rr^i-nf ; unrestrained. — 
d^f. AUcr«tl«uDy, 4ljcr«llourlly. 

. dliji 

DiMralt. DUcndoa. &c 
IMaolnlaato, divkrtni'i 

»»// betwttn; to n^ 

tinpiiili: to select ti 

diMu^tin'ioJliDg ; /*»./ - - -t.': 41*- 

ertrn'teataly. \L. n .r; wwn, IhiC 

dtxTimlBattv*. >]i;-.nni i-' .". ■ v, ,j.ij 

intttn, or mark; a dilYcrcncc: charA 
observing disluicti^n^. — di/r-. OUcrimli 
Slactmlm, DlaciinlTa. See nnder VU" 
DlacuM, dift-ku»', v.t., ti> ikakt tuiim^ 
inio ports: to examine in delA'- 
taiiun ; lo debate; in vift : — /r/ 
/«»_/. diiCiKLMd'. [L. ditrutiii, a, 
asunder, .nul .■,■,,);;',', i.i i'lLiVc "] 


nhle or Hijiiiiu; .'•• i//..'ijj dc diit-i- 
DMaln, dU-dun', v.t., t* HUnk tm.- 

iect ai unworthy or ui*i!'M1'Ic : i 

diwla!n"in>! : ff-^. >' 

tcixn or averuon ; 1 

— L. titdi^vr-^/, I : . 
4iadatBfal, 'dis dan'fixtl, ajj,, /I.;.' ,y ^^ 

li.tutfblv ; »c<:>rnful,— Wr. AMaln'MBy. — «. 

DlwMB. di>-€z', «. lit. wtimt >;' 

disorder nr want of health >' 

mcnt; illneta; cause of J'a^. , , ,., 

c/f'r, priv,. antl EaM.) 
toeaw*. dit-Cid', d.^.. tsffnUd wUk i 

SUnsbKrtc dis-em-bftrk', vJ., t. 

tmhartud; to take out of - 

ti> ijuit a »liip: lo land. 

AianabarltatlMi, d»-em-h&r-kl^lhun, <lBnl 

diA*cm-Mrk'iiieni, «., met f/4urm^. 
VUmAvmm, dit-cni-bAr'aa, v.t., tc 

tArrmitntfmt or [>crftleuty. (L. ■. 

nrirl bikaiTaai.J 
Dtatmbody. divcm4K»d'i. v.t., ■' 

bill of the he^: luaitchaf' 

vice or array. IL. */if, pn^ 
SiMMfeafiM, di»<i&-ba9', v.l. 

tntHtfk n; ft f.trcam :—/*•./, -i 

(fiA, auindaa^ 

Dlaoabewtl, <\- 

6ifttvlt. CL. . 
U»m»nU. dU^ 

cunfuudo. [L. j':/, ijriviiu^c, AuJ ] 

I, dis-en-^dunl'. t\t., ts/rtfffwmi 

0ti^ ftr; m^ htrj mTa«; mOte; aaQte; mOOo; <4cti. 


iitf, or di«-, tt.^' 

»r^ »^»*^ V I 

fWMgW: to iciMrsic; to act (ice; W iv> 
ll- ^•>>, priv.. ani ttgiCft} 

«a-<lf mcnt, «., met ^f du- 
of wsog dueasafcJ. 

di» c«-ftOT>l. - ' " -:Vir ^ lakat 

> ■■ rXa .• to docTMic- JOtlSMoUa.) 

«4 (li»ij40ci t > TC'tui:? to ur\let. to 
W duk^ieaiic ur ft^i Tree. — n. **— -f^c'V 
|L> ^M, pfivalivc. And BMBBfU.] 

fc m-llirtrti', v.t., to SHhrvmr. (I- 
^Ui. pnwKm, Mid teltoiM&] 

iwHll [I. **», prirui've, «»(] bteaV] 
ta^MklftML ^»<9-eram', t*/ , /<• ottuitm /rrm a 
fj... - „ - ^. a — . .,- ir-^.ii^ from I reverie 

•^ '/ f/ tttfrms di*- 

r . .;t,.v<.< i-i ri.f-rm; lo dunpitrove : 

'ttOK. [L. t^, pnvauve, 

• ' ' - di*. 

. ■- !jnr.J 
\^'i 'V .;/■; ro 
<AH«fe tea wfjrw: fu: ^l£:l4lrJ of; 

i|l»'fig-OrS'fcii<in. iiifiiii— I, di»- 
, m, tt# <Ki of diMfirxrimg; lAW of 
: ^i ijg nf o i : dc^xccncat of beauty. 

. to dtfri^* ff a 
w. » prmlem, cap. xtax 

.'cnt. H.. Ibr «el of 
- aaaf acpnvad^ c/ 

J e* <««t4t ; to ckrvw cx>t Wk TJaiuiL^ . 

, «■ «3 bwrvc dkkneund : CMM W^l^ ; 
w ~« r. M pot o«B ctf^ fawr : to te=>f 
or «l^»euiMii»-^/.A«|tf^:/^. 
if. {U^bi, «n«i«iM. aMttMK.] 

i>..« -1 .Lrio.ui ■ ifit. ■*■■ mt^mm' 

dish .a 

dWi, '• <■||'•l^. ^rv i'«««. ui>i] buft. I 
IHi^Mlk. divalii)'. Sum u H^iMlk 
IMAMrttB, diB>hArl'n. vt., to dtfwim ^ h^rl, 

coumjK, or iptriu ; to duKOOurnf* : It ' 

pri-k-ativc, ar.-l Rsart ! 

>r /. duhom ening ; *«/, dulMM<aMd. 1 L. 4i^ 

— •t./t'. dl«f 


)»■' ■itcM* « dM4«l4bC» bt CMAL 

Bi^<^» .1., mmmt^Ammtri Stgnmt 

»tij!. ■ . .. — vX to dcfOM* •! mdab* ; to 

dqnxd«: to refiiae tW p*rin<M c/, m • IhA— '^s. 
HAtm'tmrm. ( 1^ ^. Biftv»lt««, •«< ■■■■w | 

tivtwur; dt*cn<:cfuL ~ Wv. 4MMvr<*awMf. 

SMacBM. di>-wki;a' e./., t4 ftm mmaf imj^ 
ti*m/^mm i i« eicu* tite dM*ha m mmmmt «L 

■■n^K9i»c&. [Ll V>r. 


', JiilTu H, o"^. <* sAfifi^, e«p. one »hort and 


StimUcrl'i: I -Idling loudu tbc/ofr- 

tm/,- . ■jii-ii^c of i»»r*tA — «- B meUi- 

Cii-r lUdiarae. (Gr. i/iiftritiktn — 

^,'ij, I ^ 1 •■•Mrrfi. from ^wn"!, iirinc ] 

Sinn*!, <ii -irtMkj, »ii^/, J.iity: RlaUDg lo or pcr- 
ftinrn-*'! ill a Jjy. — « tirtg. <» Jax^i'ist^av ji^uttttu : 
ill the K. C Church.* breviarv »ilh daily M;r- 
vioo.— W». dtor'aany. IL. tsittrMia^digt, a 

SItU, dj-vao', «. lit ii rrr"''-'' ■'•^ i^ivtnmtt or 
act vum ti ; a L-nIlcciion 7-ctcau: a 

ccmncil ; > couticil^cham' icd icolft : 

»•»>?*; 1 stnnlting-rtKwn. [i... - ^. - _:i,. rfi'wit*.) 

IHru1ttt4, (li-var' v.t. lit. /^ tfrtaJ tMt tfr' 
nnimtrr; (o part into two bmochci, to forV; to 
tlivrTTt. — v.t. tuilivide into I wn branches :—/r,/>. 
dWarirating ; >i /. dlvar'«!.— »». •Ivai'lc*- 
tlsa. (L. airarice, t^ir'ariiatta — i/i't, annider, 
UmI rvt^c, to s{ncjd ll»e leg* — rams, hcnt J 

SlM, dlv, r.i., ti' dik or plunge into water; to 
plv int 

a'fty^t; Ice. iC/itt. See Dt^} 

plimgc or gr> Jccpiv into any matter: — -/r.A 
illvlnc; /rt./. tllvcO'. [A.S. tlu/ian; Dutch, 

dtnr, div-'fer, w,, wir ti^lo tit'ivj; a bard very expert 

at diving. 

dlTtart*^ div^nK-bel, n. a Sollow vessel orig. MI- 
jkA/^i. air-tighi except at ihc boctpm, in which 
otM nuy Atv.enA intn atul work under water. 
. ill-v4ri'. p.r, to iHcliNt or turn nmptiirr ; To 
, from a common point tn differeot du-cciiont : 
—/'*'/■ iflvencliii; ; /« A divcnjcd'. — */r. dlTor^* 
tngly. ■ L- Ar, asunder, rrv'. '•■' incline. I 

itrtrrciie*, f!l-\'*rj'ciii, 41»«rj«Miy, dl-virj'en-sJ, 
«,, -r'l^ or separating ; tendency to 

rr< ' :, 

dinrcti.. !. adj., tftttitn^ ia Jivfrgt i re- 

ceding linin Miii; jv-int 

IMt««i. !«««•, DlTwiUlf. See under Dlnrt. 

DiTCrt. dT-vcrt', V t.. tif /Mm asitii; to chance the 
direction of: lo turn the mind from business 
or uurty; lo aniuae i—pr.p. ond aJj, divert 'ing; 
/rt>. divert'ed.— .i.rt'. dl»trt'!««ly. (L. ///twr«*, 
4ivfrttit—<tit, .liide, and tv-rtfi, to tum.)_ 

dlrMW, dl'v*r», or diy-*r»', n^^J. lit ftmrtJ t^tjfrrvmt 
wan: (lifTcicnt. unlike: muitil'ono : vanous. — 
tfrff'. dlTSMlr or 4ivwn*'tT' 

OlTvn, dr'vtr/, <«j^'. wveral ; more than ooc : in 5., 
umc »*' dlTwraa. 

ainnloa. di-T*r'!iJ<un, tt., aet vf divrrting or turo- 
isg aside : that which divirrts ; amuscajcnt, 
rccrration: Kunelhifig ilftoc X^ turn the attention 
of .in memy from the principal pciul nf atUck. 

dlvvnltr. dl-vdr'si-ii. «■ . «/«/< <?/ biing dierru ; 
difference; tinlikencsB; >-artety. 

dhrtnify. ■li-vtr'w-fT, i',C . fo maJte di^-rrtt or dif- 
fefeiil : to give \-aricty lo:-fir.p. diver'tifyinc ; 
fa f. ^■■. _-Atficd.— <i. dl*inUea.'tloa. [L. diitr- 
tir ' maVe.) 

Xi-, -:■ :>{ anything :— /r^, dtvrait^ing : 

/rf/. lii^c&r'cd. IL. rfu, privative, and vettia, to 
ciuihe — wrtis, ft gartnenl.] 
Dtrlte. di vid'. t'J., Uf f^rtaiwndrr; lo Kpanle; 
lo keep apaiC : to pvt amnaK, to allot : lo di»- 
UDiie in opinion, &c, i iti i-ct at «iriat»ce_: lo 
«eparfti« ini'J two parts (oi in votins'- — ■•■'- ^ 
pu-l or ppcn ; to break frieodship ; to vole by 
■alinK into two bodies :—frJ. dividing :>«-/. 



divTiTed— «^.d*rM'«*ly ^l.. ifrridf. 

du, akunder. add r>-'~: 
4lTlMEd.div'i dcrid, w . 

the sbp!"; of a mi'h 

indiviilual. (L. t/i: 
dlvldar. cli-yld'tr, n., -i 
di«ialt)U, di-vu'i-bl, o.;' . 

t r iCparAlcd. — tdv AXv\mlttij. 
dlrlalhlUly, di-viE-i- bit'i ti, h. , ^tuUity tjhtimgi 

li-lt or Kparablc. 
dlvlaloa, di-virh'un, w , 

being divided : ttu: 

a barrier; the port. . 

sepanilien : difference ir. '-\ ■ 

in i%ritk., the rule or procc^- ^ 

times ore niimhrr i; cntam 
tflTllloiu.!, ■ ■■ • ' ^''-^K ^ 

dlrUlM. ..ii>H or Kptf- 

cL I ariiK, tM* mrmhfr nduak 

from Co*/.' dotMcd to t ' 

lucred: excellent in the li . 

onlinarT- — v. one skilled in . 

ter of the gospel ; a thcol^ . 

ur forrlell a\ if divinely i.. 

make out — v.t. to profess --.■. 

10 have forebodinjif :—/<'- 

d i vined'. —adv. tUviuAj. 

ifirtiM. dftts, n ^od.] 
dlvlAaUsa. div'i-ni»hija, n., tht act or pnctiei 

divmiHfi or predicting ; predlelioro; codJ* 
41vtiwr, di-vTn'cr, •., {*nr irko divintt or prOfib 

divination : a cnnjecturer. 
4I»ta«y, di vinl-ti, «., slatt 0/ tfimr dhrim i 

head ; the nature or etteticc or (VkI ; 0< 

celestial being ; any god : Ibc icicace Of 

things; theology. 
Dlvlac-ML See under Htm. 
DlvUlUa, DlvlflloB, &c. See under IMvlJa. 
SlTorDa, di-vOrs', n. the legal rf/<tratifm vf 3 

and wile; tin sentence by which 

diuoK-ed. — p.t. to separate: to iundcftj 

solve the niarriasX<^*'i^'*^ ^^' ^^ P'** 

/r/. div"T^7nE : ^*f- divCri.T.*d'. — m. 

(Fr. — I.. dix\'riiMm, irjin root ut ZHwft] 
dlVHwiCBt. di-vOrs'ment, h. in B., divoroe. 
SlTelca, di-v\ili', v.t., to tfrtaJ ttf^rv/td ai 

VMffar or th^/fff/ie; to make public: tu 

-/r.>, divulging; *«./ r^ ..,:-^,f fU 

among, indimlfvs, the f'l 1 

DlTvMoa, di-val'ihun, w.. a,t >i: 

OJundgT or away. [L. (/u, i-un'i- >, ^nd 

t'«/niu, to pull.] 
dlviMvt, di'Vul'siv, adj., /fiidimj^ ic ^mU luim^r. 
DUxy, dirl, tuij.,dnefd; gid<l\ ' ' 

S'ddineM! umhiuking; he: 
ay, to confute. (A-S. ■• 

Dutch, dtijfsig; Dan. ddtr'j;, i:i.i*sy , ci>>inci-ie<i 

with E. Sim, VeM.1 
**—*"—. dia^-nci, nl, statt tff bfing dix^y- 
So, d55. r./., (ff frr/crm airy «rAMm,I 

•bout or cMeci : to accotapliih or fiaiil 

pore ; to put or bring into any form 

v.L to act or behave: to i. 

health; tosucce«;d: 10 sui: 

rftwi ; Dutch, Jlwrtf-Gcr. ^iw; j-:t x\y- 
wllh L. lit', Gr. didSmi, ^aai. da, to uirc.] 


CUc, f^ ; m<t l^f ; nine ; mOtc : mote : mOOn ; Men. 




. , Gr. 

•% aUu Id iJie o«Jit 

jn ihe back:— /^./. 

[dim. of Dock.] 

jidoiure or artificial 

T, for llie Tccrfjtiwn 

t where llie acruwjd 

.— »./ ec. ;.Li, r M. .1 .ii»tk -.—f'r.t- d'xJt'inj ; 

>^> «*«rt«r. IGcr. J*ek*i DaiA, ^r«, from 

dai»3. •» , o cJUiT^r f-ir III* «iM» of rt dock. 
(jJcyirJ, »»., t* /■» »"■' •>'' ■■"-"« "c*' =* a'ev*, 
'^ir]«i 3f^ t-iiill ^nrt irn-Ti! 'iore« IjTpC, 
___ no hA* 

afocu . , ^^'-'^^ 

B^i^ ! 1 rAitar tAmghi : > principle 

^l,,!. rtpMTPs on any tub- 

i«.t: "■''nB- , . 

,^^^1^ -v coaUuning 

^^fr.. , . .tdung.— «Kft'. 

(.iwoining inftirmauon or the proof oi 
", 4in-ji«ryf/w>»*-ViV/<».l 

a ment'j!, donro-nUry, dnk-O- 

'«r ru^iiiil in i/.KVMri'Mfi. 
• Mlid fiffure having 
^ides. (Or. iL\ieta, 




•fcttt I 

now exTinci, 

,. , -. ..) 

r. rf«T 



AijC'. ••> foUftw and w:t' ■■: ro 

with imporiunily :— ■ 

df-KJ'- -' — ■ tJoit* *r 

4gc-cn." <'riAft Tor 

Kporuiiuui. *^ u^Jcd fri^oi a^^i Ueuig curicd 
402-ctMip. dug'^chop, «»^'., £**■•/ «i (/(^i meati 

. da, w. one of ihe (/.(^a when the J!><y- 

- ind i«is wiih (Tio '^iiM, ',ri*ccn ih« end 

ul" Jul> Aiul the beginiir , -r. 

terbh. doff'-fUh. ff. a r>^ ^harlt. M 

named frjm iV.nir ^.ii ii t'lcir picf 

UJce e/i'gM ' '-'. 

docrad, dcv ■. /**■/ <»•• rtwfO' '^'V.' 

sullen.-.' •■ «*f|#dBMi 

doffracl, dojf'^r-cl, ". :(rc^ular rhciMire* in l'\U* 

Icvjuc pocci-)-, to nsmcd in cmntcmpt ; woilldeM 

vcrM> -ill//. irr-ifuLir; mean. 



litKilc Iiirnol down, like .. ■irw 

down the comcn of lea* -jJ- 

ADc-ttar, d<>g-stir, «. Sinu', ;i -■/■"■ 'i I'lc lirrt 
magnitude, who»e nun^ onA setting with the 
fcuii gai-c name fj l*ic ■T'-Y-day*. 
DOt«,dOj,ff , ' ' rincrly, the cbiof- 

cLifiiMrat. » lit. for i^fl^- 

U .^»^, a 1 

Dogftd, Docfvrat. I>ouU1l ' "<£. 

Dofma, du^'nia, «- lit, .-^A/ «r ^!^ 

i-nvj/; a scllled opini... . ^ , ■ ' icnei; 

a doctrine laid down wiih .i ' . a 

'decree, fromiJWri*'. In think- - * J 

dofmAMc, dof-nut'ik, 4oca*UcA'. _ kal. 

a& if it were a d'>,iiiia ; a>,v:niii£ poutively: over* 

Waring. — adv. dacBkat'luny. 
■Vf" *«". dog'ina-ttz, t'.i., r<T f/it/f ^tt-'j fifimiem 

do^nrntictuty vr am>ipuilly ;— /r./ iliig'niatr»* 

ing ; /n./- ang'autlsed. — M. dtV'nullMr. 
defnaltaa. doc'nuit-uin, m.^ dogmMk ur positive 

asMrtiofi of opinioo. 
do^^atM, dof'nia'tist, t. rutf U'A<> da^wittutM or 

tnakM positive asocrtion]). 
Dof^niM^ Ilor'*-«ar, Dog-atar. 5e« under Sag. 
DeOf, doili, **. Dng. a kiorl cf wunUen ktufT; a 

sti\»\\ iKipkin tiveil at drucrt. (ttid to be Ml 

called fram the first maker: IniC prob. Crooi 

Ihttch, itu-^lr, a lowcLJ 
I>elt, doit, M. as much as tMe tip e>f ike fimgrr caA 

cover '■ a small Dutch aiin wcirtti al>mt half a 

farthing. [Fr. d^i^i, 1,. tUtitux, a finger.] 
MM, dol, v./., Co (^>a/ cu/ to small portions :— /^^ 

doKinz: /«-/. dfiletl'. — «. a shaic diitrtbubed; 

sonietniiig given in charity* ; a small portion. 
ttoU, dal, m. lol'wletc'./'i/n .■ jt^i'iy; hcavine*»at 

heart. \V..di^Uc, tc feci pain.) 
daJcfU, dri'fiil, adj., full i\f di-le or grief; melaD- 

<.li>-lv.~>i^:'- dolfl'faUy.—if. AoWMbmb. 
'l(iI**Aiiir, i!.'.!'-;iii, '\dj,, fuil fj d^ie I dixoul; 




— fltiiiMi of *un 
tttW^atinc lev* (^ 


^•^ fAr; mA, Sir, mine: mOtA; 


Aon neHi d«n>. |t)an. *Awr. to oiakc drowsy ; 
^ t; r_ . .. - 1>. ^^^ j-^^^ ftp|<*renlly to (all 

DoMB. . c^y AntI tfn or twelve. — m. a 

coUc^:ii n 1 irt-in; Articles. \Tv. d-^usaitu — L, 

Snbt Urati, w lit. >/*#^/ ; a N>w, Oinci^h woman. 

(A-S. Jt-Hf^t, dfTR*: *'jef. triit-rr, Itiuks^ refuao 

—tralfn, (c irckf.] 
4nMli, dmH, f.r., /J* i/fWj' ttwM tlrtn: to bc- 

Ktncar with mud and vaict:— ^./ drabbling: 

/d> drabb'lcd. 
Dikb^ iTiTM', »j. t^^.-V, *tnTHg gray c^/p/A; a gny or 

diill . like drab cloth. [Kr. dVu/, 

cloi: ' ^cr. </>n4j Imn, cli>x.) 

Snchir. '., It handfuli a wcitiht, equal 

t(i i u,-. iU{_ d'-jchml, frvm dmswrntU, to gnup 

wuh ihir Iwnd ) 
1>F»B. Jraf, n. lit. ifrfrj, waste matter ; llie refii*c 

uf nudl ifial has ucen brewed from. — ^ufji. 

draS'UlL dna'r. wnrthtctt. IA.S. i^ny; akin to 

tirnhhif. ] See Drab, dnfi. 
Srafk draft, «., tht tut rf drauvtc; aitythinjc 

dr^iwfi . a ftcIcctiuEi uf men (ttxn jn umiy, &c. : 

nil urdcr liir the pavmciit I'f money : lioc^ drawn 

for A plan ; a rvuan slscich ; the depth in which 

3 vc%&cl i-inlu in water, {a corr. of Dra«|lit.] 
4raft, draft, I',/,, fa dmif »a outline uf ; to com* 

V-^ Tiii *»Ti(e: to draw off; to deUch ;— >r>. 

'; /rt/. draft'ed. 

tfraflnun, limTts'QUD, v., etu witf lAmBr plans or 

Snfti^ drafU. See Dma(fata. 

Snf, diTtg, r.A, /c t/rMtt- hyfifrrt- to dmw tlowly ; 
tu pull roughly And \ti>lciilly ; In ci.|>l'.>tc with a 
draj;-^net.--r./. tn hang so a* !> trail oa the 

arr^und ; to be forcibly dnwn alan^ ; to nove 
owly ait'l heavily; r.i fistiMtlh a drag-net;^ 
/r./. 'Jrag'^ng : /a./, dnveged'. [A.S. dmgart. 
to dntw ; Oer. tn^n, alUcd to L. trmke, to 
draw. I 
4riC. draff, «. a net or hook Tot diagKiog alonK 
to aitcE liita^ under water : a heavy harrow : 
a tow car or cart ; a contrivance for retarding 
^rriaee wlieeU in goins down sliipes; any 
bbatacle tonrogreu. 

tiMla, drac*!, v.t. im i, \o make or become wet 
and dirty oyrfniijr**'*' "long the firwund :— /r.>. 
dracg'Ling. /#■/> drasx^ed. 

lutmg the Dottom of water to catchiUh, 

SnwBUi, dmc'o' t-.tti iniertrtlrr, in Eastern 
countnes. [Il i/^-n^fit/t*i)wt, from Ar, tardju- 
mAm —tari/jtima. Id ii)ter{iret.] 

Xlr«(ra. HrsK'iin, », n fal-dcu* winged lerpent, »o 
r.imci If-im in i,-rjs:-',r ryttx the coniiellati<>n 
f'tatio: a hcj' c {'i.[>.<n : ine Hyiog lizard uf the 
fc, Indies, (Or. a'raJtdn — dfrkcmai, rdrakfin, 
Sarc. ti'nV, to we.) — •!.//{. draf'MiUli, itrmf'mllki. 

ArBfODat. drag'iiii-et, «., «i liUU dra^an ; a ^enus 
of h^hci of ihc S'^'by f^>Tiily, two i|>cac5 vA 
which are foimd va\ the c<:'.i.>i <>{ Eocland, 

lArafm^, dng'uivlli, n.,,tn i-isrrt with very iargr 
ry<t, a ktif; body, and ^^UialU coloun. 

ArMoa'i-UMd, drajc'unr-l'lud, h. the rod iuice or 
/L\tdnf wx-irml trees in S. America ana the E- 
Im'i- ^ ' Viuring. 

Aracvor. ■'. a horse-nldier tnincd lo 

>ili) : '^hackoroo feol. — r./. louive 

iipti> 11.. i.t^r <ri Mtldicnt; to coinpcl by violcTit 
ineasnn^ l—pr.p. dragCnnlng ; ^'P- dra£{Rlxw<l'. 


fFV. 4m^m, f>Tr^_ w» eaf'H fr»»m H aving 

■o«.>.c>M'rv, iiy an atTiiC'i lomne, iu(iaii<r of dM* 

gODOa, [tt.~-^r9ggm, disfooiLj 
«nMHM, drar^OnWtd', «. abandonnuM of ft 

place to the ntse of toldieii. ^ 

Orala, drtn, r./., /*■ trickU mvay, H dry^f ; lo i 

t'lT gradually — :',t. lo drr-w tiff by drfftee* ; t( 

Gllcr : tu rlcar of wa' r ' 

to cxhauii'.— /^./. 

— "t, a wattr-coursc ; 

drr/mijgran, to ilrajn ; .i i , i.>ce.j 

MrwMT, a drop, a ti-xr.} — a.' 
4ryBacB, drfln'xj, n, the firadu . i ti< 

■nt; off of a h<]uid : the dnwn\; ' ii ,■{ \>aict 

nvcr», the tyucni of drains in a tnwn. 
drate«r, drln'£r, m , ^nr tsJio draht* ; a otcasil oa 

which article* are placed U dn»im. 

JinkM.dTik,fT.,tMt/iirdmm*lcftf\htdmcJt~ (Si 

andrakf, X>*n. ofuirik— A.S. i>t*d, I,, anaf, 

duck, jiiid old Oer. rih, C<-»;li. *^itt. * ■ 
Dtmb. dram, n a contrjctlv-n r>f Dr» 

an OF- avoirdupois: as much ra.i 

drunk at utict. 
Or*auh. dmm'a. or dri'ma, «. a rcrrrcwnTation 

lUtu-tHt inhuman hfc , .i tcfir---.f (let.r.iv mlc 

ing event* : a comp'>~ ' 

and rcfirtuwMitird on ' 

turc. [L drama, L>r 
inMMtiM,'ijt, druoaUcsJ, i^i^.'^uid 

rt*^'.. htiamgii^ to th* .tra'ttn ; itpprovriatc 1 

in the form ofa drain.i.~<iii''; droaui Ually. 
4i«maHm, dniin'n-ii]!, r.A IOC rnur 

the form of a drama or pl3< r'«il 

ing, /it./. d^l^l'iilI^J:d. ('-"-i .J 

draMtatM, dram'a-lul, »., tkrnMik±-r </ ti. 

£C"t^s'tK'*t, a wiiler of pla^Ti. 
Dnak. dnuigk— jM// i'/hm of Drtak. 
Dtattl*, draVtik, ««(/., activf, piiwerTitl.--*. 

ntcdidne that purses quickly or thorov^ll) 

[Or. drastiktv — drafi, to act, to Ai.\. J 
Drmpa, drilp, p./.. /^ o*rvr Ti'*'/4 ,.'/;)r4 :--^r.y>. drif 

ing ; /f*./- driped'. | Fr. '^♦'*»*, ch.Lh. St 
tfrapar. drftp'cr, ».. «*» tmb<' rf<^tij ti% drn/twy 

cloth. I Fr. drafif~drm/. | 
dnpary, drAp'et-i, «._, ehtM-makinf; cloth Co«dl] 

bankings of any kttid. [Fr. drape * i t • - ^ wm^} 
Draofhb, SraOf hta. See under Dtmw. 
Dnva, drav. cM Jin, f. of Drift. 
Oraw. draw, t- ^ fa drag at ^U aUngi 

fiiriiUy towanJujne: tocniice : loinhal 

out: LO deduce : to Icnfihcn : t^i m.iWf n 

of, by hnes drawn ; to dc^cnl <- 

of water for floatiiig. — r i 

drawing: lo move nr apfxu 

injf; /a./, drew (drSOt; /«./- 'ix^wn - 

of^tlrawinjj ; anything drawa-^^Mf/. 

[A.S drugaH. Sc« I>t«c.J 
4ra«'back, dntu'bok. ■>., a i;i- ' ■ ums 

P*rf of the duly on good* > ■ . r-i* ; 

any lou of ndvantage. (Drum 
drairtrMf*. drawlirtj, «., « A>.-. ■ ■.»..i cm l« 

•f/MTi-H up or let down at plea^nrrL 
dravM, dmw-«', n. the penoo en wbottt « ball of 

cirhan^e ii */r*trw. 
4nm. diaw'^, m., Ae or tA^t hOmA Aovtivj 

thing dmwn out, like the slidinc bn* la 

—/A a close undcf'garinent fur rhe loi»cr j 
draviof, drawing, n. die ^rl uf rcprcseiuiaQl 

file, nir; me, b«r; hiTqc; mCic; mOtc; mmo ; Men. 


Vt lia^r-tf? 

taMtfn*. dr^'.K "- xctttK pUved by iwo pcrvmi. 
m S checkered U^nJ, ailM iKe AimM'-tMrA 
alooe it), with 

iuCMma*. tlnftv'ifun, «. S« 

ny. diA, «. z low iCnxtg can fm* baw gnodt, 
wiuh >& Jra^tvd or Jrwan. {A-S. Urwx'< * 

(■> Irijjjcr j— rtJ'v. 

' rrof. — v.i. W 
. mi, raj, a&mld ; old Sw. 

MMM. >ir«U lo^l, ^•-V- oHfi.yW/ fl/ dread; pro- 
liaif f null iViT or awe ; terfiblc. — ndv, ttiuA'- 

fr^^/revt Jrrati i intrepid. 

iriH fancies 
> .inlv 

iU *. rf*TV», . - - . . --.:. lU I.. 

tr, f.r-irv i: .txnf $t«x-pi !o 

1. Ix- 

■«•«. jXS. rf ■■■! fc l> CP» 

n tvlki : b« fan tiiAcs ^ 

the co»ijn^ or «aaBae if Ae W^ : a ^^* 
■c of 4ftm. Cfr. ^nnrr, •• sm* 

to anct_j 
fc— r, dni'fr, *^ aar «ftr ^bri^s: a bihfe on. 
which mot M tf*aMi^«r |Rm^ $■ mk. 

(u Ulii : ■■■cs Mod to Bvw mChds aal ^^ 
Id doik : ibc faudasE, 4c afi^M »■ a MK : IB 
omaincsKtl noaldfiw. 

u<cd IB drt n mf mmct a^^L 
«nav. dres'i. «^., i fcia j m m UmA «f ^r«Bk 

lMMi>. ik£bX fUL, te>>ff nawtf A^r M&«^ 
qnidktyi ta ibwv. a* a dsM «r «■ Mill f f 

U) let &U b draH:-y^>. dfM^W; >«> 
•Jnn>b1cd.— «r. «ilMW. {dim. orMt^) 

«t1MMi. «rMMk driblet, m., m v*^ tmmM A«^,* 
A tmall quantity ; a uniU uta aieoecy. 

Srtll. drift. M., (A«/ tnAi^A tr ^osv« ; a bei^ i# 
matter driven toeether ; tlw Ume tbal drim £ 
the direction m whidi a tlun| u dfrrea : ihe 
object aimed tt : the r"i™t of vofdi aieA. 
— f /. to drive into heaps. M ta w . — pt. feo W 
fliaie^l ailing; tn be >Mven ifiMi kcipa :— /r./, 
drift'(!i|j ; /»» /- drift 'od. [See diva. J 

AitniiM, oriil'lci, Adj.. wi/J^Ht ^n/e or Km. 

Mft-vood, drifi'-w-oc^, m., w aorn d dn/Ud by waSar. 

IMH, dnJ, r./.. fff /Arail esr /wnrv <J traj yt. nti- 
ply:-- ^:^- * " -- •■•-i-- hcoce— to m'tf. 

tt: traia ftotdkn t»)r 

rej/- I Tfomtmiae, at 

mliJK... -^- y '....,.... /--, *-->'-^' - an 
in»lrumcQl ihWl i^rrt- atl ol' tr r*, 

fOutcli. drilUn, inlum, lo i . to 

jlv^L-- ^ —I" •■■ '•■ ' ■ \i\cr\ \ i". T. ti> 

ni / -11, TtalLTrUL) 

drill- 1 ■ /•»TJ» ur iiiic)iine /^r 

trlU-aojcftB^ / or cum* 

Luiiimit.%:' ■ I -. 




ikmi may ht drunit , 

.T tfppler. 

drunk.— « 

bquor. I v 

Arlake:. -, . 

■y'li'j/*/. iv 

druk, «Iruitv»-. —-, ■ 'c^ 

Anakwd, druriKkani, n.. ont mh^ /refmfn//y 

driula to tscttti one habUiully drunV 
dmnkoB .lr:in.rL'Ti, ai!j., intoxuatiH ; gi¥en locr- 

ct.- roulcing fron intoxication. 

dnuik> ' 'ii-ne&, n , iHtoxUati^tii habi- 

luoi. r 

9ltK dnp, v.u. tafatlim Jrp^; to let fall droiH. 
./. lo I«* fail in drop* :— /h*^. dripping ; /rt.A 

J;jcd'. — ». a falliug in drup* ; Out wliic)i fall* 
rops; the edcc of a roof. [A-S. Jry^x, 
drrjt^m, to drop.J See Z^rop^ 

r4t fruiti nicat m mauJnx. 

Srl*«, drlv, vJ., to puikfarwmrd; lo force along ; 
in hurry one on : to otmt : lo fuide, as hordes 
diawlflg a carmcc : to distress or straiten. — v.t. 
lo press fi)rw«ra with violcocc ; to be forced 
alon^; (o ga in a carriaKc ; lo tcnJ towards a 
point.— /r./. ^rWinjf.fa-t. drtlve ;/*!.*. dnv'cn. 
— H. an ei£cur*i':-n in a cairiaM ; a r«>ad for driving 
on — M. dilr'sr. (/.S. Hri/AH, lo drU-e; Cer 
fmi^, lo piish : stilled wlih Gr. {ribd,\tiT\th.\ 

^rvtr*. d(Ov, ft. a number of catilc, or other animals, 

tn droM : 

drt vfrr, H. , eie i»4tf drrrfs cattle. 
BHtiS, drirl, H., to tta^vr or let spitde tfrfBtU, 

tiha fluid: III be foolish; lo fpc**^ ''^' ^" 

iijidt: — /♦-,/. drivelling : /i» A ilriv'elleJ. — t. 

slaver ; nonsense, [a fonp of Dribble.] — n, drir • 

ellar. a fjol. 
3>rt)aAa. d^ie^, r.t, /^ maJee a rMtUwg mmli^ w 

liri^fttHg Qr/a/ling : to rain in siiinll drup* : — :^.^. 

drwyiitis ; ^./. dnrilcd.— «. a small, liglit rain. 

— mdj. 4r1a^. f rtrov, Gcr. dnrjeln for riijfln , 

to drip ; Swis^, nrvtflH, to fall with a riutlliiit 

noi«e '. n^n. drttsU, lo palter.) 
DroU, dp^Jl. nttj., cnHiing mirth hy Mtramg* a/J^r- 

•antn I'r'.W it /ri'f" rif dwurf: odd: aimivinx ; 

JaiJt: -scilcs miith ; a jc»tcr. 

— f ■ ; to k*t —/'■/'■ driMl'. 

iop ...y. droU'lah, Miiirwti )t 

dmil — •■ drflUVrr [Kr. rfrwJV,* Cer. d'vfUf, 

fiinny, trviU, awkward: Ice. fnV, a ciaiii, a 

P r oMgdaiT. •' "1, 

nliirti h.»', '•( 

Ct ./-- ■■■-.' .... , tutui;. ] 

Xfrvm. .!• ., . -i-i; thai 

whiJi . ■'... . ; 1-.I. 1 .... pic vf the 

hpitey-l't«,_ t<r ihe largew luL.*; i^( ilie bacjMpe ; 
one w'ir> lives on tSc blK>iif of others, like the 
drone- !>--i.- ■ a lirv, idle rdlow. — v i tn la.iVc a 
low ' -c ; to live in : ' - ,*. 

drf'> "ned'. [A-S, <• \ 

Icr "i^-*. dm, ii ; _ ■ -^, 

Ci' i "i;* frotn the Kivu>d.J 

dreni'' .i Jnm^; tazy, idle. — 

iJroop See tiniier Dnp. 

limp. drop. v,i, to fnU in imall porttele*: lo !cl 


tu tncklcj 

drop, drop, n. a vmall partide of Hquid which fa 
At unc ti»»e ■ -t vTi. .r.j .11 ni^ir.tiiy <rf liquidj 
anything haiv 'liiaganauccd 

to drop.— K. '!■ 

droop, drCOp. f.: , .r.^ the head : I 

link or hanc down; to grow ucaIc or falni: 
dedine ;— >r>. drWp'iDK ; /« /■ driWped'. 

Sropar, drnp'si, m. an unnatural coitection of i 
in any pan ot the body. (corr. frooi *y^ff/ 
Or. Ajrc^*'-, watcr.l 

divpakal, drap\tli-al, a«^'.. prHmininr to. 
hting, cr affected with drp/jy. 

DrMky, drvislu, n. a luw foar-wheclcd. open C2ni> 
much used in Kua&ia. |Kuaa.(rf ■'' - 


Frwr, a k^ikd of cafriage, properly pL 

lb« pole of a cmrrusc.] 
Vraa, drc*. m., %»hatfaUi da^-- 

which uictaU llirow off » i 

nialicr, refuse; rust. (A-S 

to fail : Gcr. drtttf, ore decayc-l t-v it>r 
AmtKj, druti, 'iny., /nil flfdnui; LkA i 

pure ; wurtiilcM- — m. tonrtaw. 
Droaclit. See under Dry. 
Eh'on, Dr«l>«r. Sec under IMrv. 
DrMm, drown, r /., tfirr»clnyr licit ■" -■'* — 

kill by placing under water ; (o <.< 

exiinsutsh. — r i'. to be 5ufi'ocilc<l 

/»-->*. drownlnjt ; /•»./. drowned'. i-.-_-. -. 

n/<im, to druwii — dr^tutn, pa.p. of 

driiik.J See Drancb. 
DrvwM, drowi, I'.i. , to drvet tfit ktad ; m nod ! 

head, an when heavy wtlh ilccp: lo l'V)k hea%7 

and dull. — t'.r. to make heavy wiOi c>e<p. w 

»!i|pify : — t^/. drf w^Trij l/o.j*. dn>w>ed'. 
to fail: ■ " 

arvosan. to 

I>utcli. dr\*»aen, to fall 


dnnn'Uy. — n. 4rowaln— . 
Onfc, drub, v.t,, tf ttrikt; to heat or thraali: 

f*r./. drubb'ing : A'T*- drubbed'.— 
prov. Eng. dmh, A. S. drt^rtm, Ice. i/r 
Dridffi, druj, I'./., /J drafrnrfu.'i/ftrribif, 
hard ; In do very mean W(*k ■—/''/•. di 
/«»/. drudged'.— n, one whn wnrWhard, 
a menial Krvoiil. — tuif. dinAc'lofly. [J 
£•1", to work ; -Scot, lirtt^, to drag : akin _ 
(Indfery, drui'cr<i, n., /4«- tnmt ^^ aTysdJpr J 
'.r titinihlc labour. 

any ?ii' 
an ai*: 
to nil' 

CCM. — 

«r«||Ut, .' 

DriiMtCi ' 

A proiT 

<f»e«f>*'. . „. i-i-' , 
Drald. dr^id, n., rf 
Celts of Britain, O.11 ' 
il>i|tpcd iintir-r -' 

oaks, tm'ti, rr. 

IStCf fir; inC, htr; nlMi mOte; mOu; mODn; th 



jr^jtc ij Atiit'^rr, C«!l. Ji*. God, 

r:, . 

mn of a ctjpoU ; bi 


. nent; 





. Lh the 

Ar^m: the 

. tJ^Mtkk with which the 


.l^r Drtak. 

c "r.ii (J KttotK, OS 

/•'■••lii'i'i^ ot per- 

■■ lUU. 

-i; * wiOwut nin or 

I ^vins milk : 

;«tic ; frigid, 

. [A.S. rfrj. 

..«. .' nrt-Ji^n, fmigm. 

r <ffi water or mouture ; to i 
1 beODCDC dry ; to be- 
.iperate cDiirely : — 
K M'«r. 
..apery, &c. as du» 

^ who feeds i child 

I timWr, caused by 
:y, brink mass. 
; Or, «., rt -iitilfrin m!}*J or /try 
&c; or ia fuauy tlycs* ^ni^s. 

■I rain or of 
Jr^urAt; very dry ; 

. . a tree. 1 
': kltwl fluriil>cr 
*: ic. iL, u'iu«.r'tf— rfi«r, two] 
. c dMOiinc of /Qw s<>^ t^'M 

■Vd ^ 

water. — 

vX lUe 

ttch, a forfi of """f — trurf^. If irulce. 
With Or . 
XNwft, dtik. 

i'.r < 1 .li' <>i(Mmly: 

- . well, 


d';^-- ^ ■ - - ,,.--. .^ 

brail. jGe*. iitnirn, Cu l«.». iu*UM>t»J 
tfukllac. duWIing, «., aynntfif J*a:A. 
&«rt. (luVc, '• '■■■■' -•'■r'A {vK.^itctM r\t lemj^i a 

tul>c can-. iiimal bodies or plants. 

\\^dHC{U 1.1 

dsotiu, duk - ' • ' - ' •' • »«]y led ; 

yielding ' ■ into wires 

or thread ,10 lead.) 

daclUUy, duk : , -- , .. i'^amtdut- 

ti/f ; capacity ai bciog diawii UDt vitJxnit lacak- 

log; phabieoctt. 
Dadcwm, d^j'un, w., I-*-**-/. - - --"t ; iTI-wSt; 

^uUiniDua. iW. *y£tn. jAiafui-J 

Dov, do, i*'ij't vumJ; thai < . , .<•] or dooc 

to unuthcr : prtipcf ; cnlnn -.1 l.j- cuiiKience ; 

becjiaing : appointed: exact. — ttdv, ciactly ; 

directly. — r,. tV.u 'vhich i^ 7-.Tt;-H : n-S-jt rtf»e has 

« ri^hi to : ; 1 ' le. 

(Fr. rfrf. I 
MIf, d(i It, . . . ':>er 

Anty, dC'ti, K., fJld/ awibVA u dtttj wtut one » 

bound by any obllcation to do : obedience ; miU- 

ury service : ooe's proper bnftineM : tas on gogds. 
il«t«aBa dQ'tr-ui, mdj-, JUvftfd to duty ; oUnlien[. 

teUM. d(i'urS!iladJ„MUrmtmtadtth; obedient: 
r«t»«:iful: c«T<res«ivc of a K(ue ofduty.— «u^, 
te'hiniUy.— n. da'lUUnMa 

wt, da'cl, H. a '. ■ ••u; 

lin^le combat tj ;hl 

ill un^lc combx; :- icd. 

— «. iB'«U«r or <« tiajt .. L. 

Jttellttm, the orig. form j 

deaUlac. dO'cJ-ing, ti. b^h\ ■ i'(aC> 

lice offlghtinjc in single cv:ii'--it. 
Daasaa, dC-cn'a, m., an old lady wfio acta m 

fuaidian to a youacer. ISp., a fonq of iMMtJ 
Daat, dD-ct', DaeUn, dQ-cc'tD, m. a piece ot musC 

for /wi>. [Il dmttta — L. dim, l*o.] 
Daffkl, duTel, w. a thick, co-ine woollen doth^ with 

* nap. [pfub. fruin Duffrl, a lawn io 0el][iuin.] 
Doc diig. H. the nipple of the pap, etp. applied 

to that of a cow or other be;u>t. l^w. daggm, 

Dan. daggr, to feuckte a diild.J 
Die du2. >d./. and/.i./. ^f Dit. 
Dnf rag, dQ-gong', 


fnjm 8 to ao f-: 
The bUeoftlr 

ua thtt animal. 
Dafta, dak, m. lit. 

'irig whale, 
'tan teai. 
-•c founded 

. to In Jf. ; 

iielnw the 

> .ut. a icvereitfti 

ila'caL |Fr, ^W; 

tti, ot (cnilofic* 

, . ♦ !-y a dwm ; ■ 
when cold, twice 
I/* J 

; or wtdffm ^f m 
duchy in ber 0*0 




Dobwl. dul'wt, (uti., ruvit to the tasle, or to llie 

ca» ■ t,,,-i, ,.'.,..(. )». lolil Tt. ttofiH, 
Jilt, lyLU, «irect| 

doktibi ' ' initniment, *o 

nar- viiind— H i* tii- 

in.,- .tiich are timck 

wiOi fctwall xtxi*; J I«w.Uli ii.>**.li^l initr-uncnt, 
»cc In Ct:>ciiiu«, a double pipe wilh a bag- 


M manriT vritfi rfunc— r.* to 

ch^i , (.li'Uiiy , Jim. 

ot dallT. — «. *■!'■ 

mad— <i'."'j-«. l'^ wiJiilc:. tn ravc ; Cer. /^//, niid J 
4oU, dill, f./-, t,i fKukf juH: to iu:ilic stupiJ ; tO 

Wmil ; todimp; bi cluud. — r.**. to'bcoomB dull : 

— ^r^, .lulluig; /.*./. dalled'. 
dvlUrd, dul ard, n., <■ i^m// and stupid f^nam; ^ 

dvll-il«btod, dur-»1t>cd, aJj. havinjs titttJ «r Htw 

dsUiritto< (lul'-wtt<d, aJJ. not tmart; heav>'. 

PatT' See under Dm. 

DwX d'ini, rt<<f'., 'ivU: silen* : tinsble to %t*a!k ; 

w-ithnut ihc p'jwer 'if !' •*, 

dwubMM- (AS d' ■*•"'. '£" 

tDundi, Jm".''*^. ^"Umi . 1 'J 

hand- lyr c»cri:i-v.-. 
tf«ak-*kow, duni' »)i>1, n. ^c\i\in without WDifu; 

doauay, liuin't, m., ane whif I'l Jnmt: a »hilin pick- 

3i^v tit :i fh"fi : the ftninh or cxpu«<d luuid when 

ih' , , ' Jit whi*!. 

DvBr- '■'■. dttUntti or gloonuDc« of 

Q r - "Oer. dnrnf/t glooaiv — 

,1'-. . : i.i. 

damp'. 1 loJtiifif-s: dcprea&ed 

iii My,— n. duap'UtoMi. 

Ossrv .it^i thick. (Ice.</(VM»/, 

R . iiiaid. rrom dtvtfa, to 

*ii»yin.^ tjiiii.p Uii^ lu Sl land of MfV^ puddinf or 

maai uf paue. 
DsB, >1iiii. .ii/)' ''/"ii j'lrif colanr, portly brfivrn 

«r'' ■: iif ft dun colour:— /r./. 

du I (A.S. i/w*, W. rfotfj», 

dir.i; .'..] 

t^wa, dun, 1'. t. lo dcniiind a deUt with dtn or noiw : 
to iirjjc (or payiucoi ;— /r./. dunn'tng: f^t- 
dunned'. — ».. '•«^ wJfc" duns ; a detn;uid for j-ny- 
m«nt [A.S. dyninn. Ice. dynui, to niJiWe :< n'>i»<:, 
loclainiMir, frum A,S. i/yw^f, Ice. dyn, noiic] 

DOBt*, dum, »., fHt e^^rrJ tp team'tHe : oncitow 
at Iem<I*>^ : n •.timid pf-non ; one oT wralc intcl- 
|«! ' "^ *■ ■ tlic leader of the school- 
in,.. DuHtri, who ofpo«e*I 
ri., rcriral of lurnitt^ I — 

fitta, d^rtn N- a li«- KUl of «aiul ou the sea-thorr 

tA.S aiMl Gdcl «/mn. ahiil 1 
Chut. dune, w.i " r»W **^/.' cSe«»t.ieiiienl of ani- 

mil*; rfUiM litter mixed with cn:rr'«eiit — c./. 

dlUl II ■!«:»[> <y JttMgl 

i£ii*uiiil. [fiutitruot 1 '' I 
Daalla, dunlin, n a I .-'-r. vj raU 

fnmi itH freoucti! ni ■. ' ■/< li^ 

seaside. [('.. 
Ihio. dfl'a, «. J ■■ 
dao4*claal, d . ' 

r-nvivti : V*.': 

whith the t|. 

dui^iccim, t" ' . 
aaaOcclaa, du 

r<tl<led fto a& t 

ofMicK ilwtt- 
d«o4aBMBlal, di 

tttflvf jrean 
dnodtoapU, dn — ., 

sikUoK ol twelve. 1 1 
Saednna, da o-de'nun.. 

tc^tines, ko called bcAn-it 

hreadth in Icnsth. [L. d. 
Sepa, dQp, n.,emttatilvtkfattii 

tirmiOcd. — :'./. toocccivei 

ing ; /•!>- doped'. — a^/- 

frum dttfp*, a hoopoe, 1 

milled from L. dtti^e, to 
Ztaplo, dO'pl, adj . d.'uHt; twofold. {\^ dt 

iwi'fcild, friMii Jm\ iwrt, and /.V..', la fnirt | 
diifUe&t«, <JO'pliV-u(, d</;' , d'-- 

iidicr lliinij 'tf tJic unic V.' 

tript.— P.r to doublo; lo r : 

ing ; /<*./. dQ'phclted. [L. du/tt.-' 

dn/i/rx.)~n. dapUn'tlcoL 
dapUdty. da-pli«'it-i, m .. davAUHtxi ; 

hcartortpccch; dccctu {Lr. dt*/li%rttt 
I>mia. dQr. c.i. (oba.]. tu endmv, liui« w 

IL. dnro^^ittrtts, mud.) 
dnriBi. dar'inR,/ri-/..y;»r ^*/ timt b 

fpr.p, oriibt Dnra, ti) U*!.] 
darabk, di)r'a-bl, 1I1//'. , id.^.V .v /ai/ or 

pemi<\ntfm, — <k/c. dnr'aMy. — «. 4 

dwiihits—duro, la last) 
daraMllkr,dl}r-a-birit-i. n.,qua}itjr^htimc^ 

p-iwer of rcsi»tin»; decay, 
daraaoa, ddr'ani^ m., c^nttTUAucf i id 

dlUCS.V (L ttMPttn*, '•! 1. i-,( Jur„ 

daraUsn. dfl-rl'^hun. 

time viKlct-initcly ; 1 
dartM, dijreji. 1., Aii/j. .., , _ 

meiit. (old Kr. ditrvst. — nW>-, L. i^j 
deratk, dQr'cth, in B., 3d perk. kuig. of ot^ 
Dml. dunt,>u..r ofjfart. [A.5. 

(^i-df, (o darc.J 
Dnik. Ju*l. .T^'., JhJ/: darVt^h : of* 

— N. twilij;hl ; par; ' ' ' 

C'Mour, .1" 

dull W-Tth* 

doakr.'I" ' 

sid. , 

XMut, duM, 1. 
i>rr(iA*M' ; 



fitt, Oj; bi«, hftr; lalaej 

Dutch, ^'nf. I 

■^rf, uU Ger. i/v/, A.S. Mm/, 

i^ — ; latj. &C. See tiDtler 9«*. 

dO^im'n-rlt, «., /A/' uniim-of tma in 
ti^ A«aM> ^^^ ; a Tiirm of gf ivcrnmcat la aodent 
\X» d^tfi, two, uid ii-tV, a man.} 
r&l,<i. the dcidlyriightshadc, which palsons, 
O* ttx/ifiej i in it#r, a Waclt colour. 
dvtsJ, fu^3U«fa — J-oMian, tn lie daD, stupid.] 
#Ki<rT<, «. ajiy-thuic en»tfti or dt/ormtd; 
nr plaat ihal uqci not reach ibc ordi- 
e ; a dmuautivr man.— t'./. to hinder 
;/. d«m^e : /o./. dvrarfed''. 
; crooked 1 
d *ri *• rTi «h. aJJ. , likf a dvtarfx yqy small ; 
itfpf^rV'- — 9-dv. 4wf'lAlr.— «. twaiflAai^ 
Mft dw«l. -r r . ta drlay. io lingrr; la atnde in 
■ fill! T . Io tnhibtt : ti rc3t the attention ; to 
loox '-—f^f- dwelling ; yVrV. and /•!./. 
ci*- (tu{!r' — .]. dv^'sr. fA-S. liwtiaH, 
;ifiiaj, to delay.) 

ien -■■;. 

4v\[i\il. ^.r., /<? BMT/tf itiM>',' \iy crow 
kait Is cm* fc<tl«: tobeoamfidcgcneme. — vJ. 

O iesu-n : — fr * u'windlinii ; /a./, dwin'dled. 

\K - fv. topineaway.J 

9|«, to give a new 

c:i , ^*c/; dved'. — h. 

t*ngc> - iitgtitiuio. [A.S. 

, ir^ dV'.- IO sprinkle mth 

rrwV ak.i.i . . ^ , L-r. Uncfi, to Wet] 

«. iir<fr. «. one M-hosc lrad« t^ lo 4y* clolh, ftc. 
ittiK :]:..&(. «., /'If iirf or trade of c^lonrimg 

i»«l«fli. (tr-rfifi, «5.>/. material u%cd in dyctof , 
^»H ti-'mit, /' ,♦ o/Dla — a.1;'. dettinrd for death, 
^"Ttl , -r.ning immediately before deatb, 
•»'iim(<- rn* . fupfuitinc a d>inE penon, ai k 
^r»C l^' ' ^•^■laicang to death. — «. death. 


4I-n«ti'ifc, StbakImI, dt-nam^k-al, a4j., 

t» p'*m<rv : reUtinx to ibe cffecu of 

luliirr. IGf Jvtt^utik^u—JymtJMis, 

w^i.i'j'iKihX-. \~.t4H dyaaBlcallr. 

dl-Bvn'iki, «-, f-ic nuHit vf /vrctJ yto- 

MM is hMlia. 

dilk-as»-on)'c-ter. ir. an tnitnintcnt,^^ 
ffrrivjfl'*. c»p. thit or animals. [Or. 
', tM MHT/nw, a lueaiure.] 

II. re din', M. (il. iffrdiki^i a tucccs- 

■flbt xan)« family. — a^>. d7n*«'tl«, 

ID K dynsMy. [Gr. Jjnuutit, a lord — 

-i, n~ a disease of the tntrailx 

llh fuj/i arid 4 -JriiJiarKc of 

— ^ JJ. 4ja*at«rlc. !i_">r. j'jf- 

Ul, «■■'.',".:, i':.; -r "I ' 1 


Skflft, Scb, oi^*. , "v^ "*•" in »nT munW Kfnni 
c-msidered. \KS. ttk, ftoin m, Mt, ever. 
/i^. like: Scot. M, iUa.} 

; <'K*r, odf lit. **a»y, *#«»; cicjted by de- 
sire : ardent to do or obtain ; earoeft- — s^. 
MC'Mlr— ^ ««4:«rDaa t^Id Eog ^X'*. f'- '**tTf, 
Prov. fl^r*. from L. acfr, thar^— f oot nc, iharji.J 
£"£1, H. lit. ^^ rwi/t 01U ; a large bunt of 
prey '. a mititxry itandard, cu-ryine the firure of 
an eagle : a gold coin of the United States, 
•rorth ten dollar* or 4^m. [Fr. aifU, Sp. agnOa^ 
L. agvtla, from root a^, iharp, MwifLj 

Mite-*r^ «'gI-Td, 0JJ., sAarf-Tftti *j a» M/2r; 
having a picnriag rye ; dtsceniing. 

•UlflK £glct, H., ay^MHg or imm/t ta^tf. 

■act*, i'gtr, m. nAc of the tide, taoie aa Bon. (A. S. 
r£or, wratcr, i«a.] 

Ibr, cr, « the organ ufAronVtf'ar tl -i 

merely. Lhesenseorpowcroihear y 

of distinguiihtocxoiiiuls: attention ^ ■■■s 

an eat. |A.S. nrrr; L.«MrM; Gcr. «Ar-,J — at^'i. 
«aiW, havmg car* : earlMi, wanting ear«. 

•ar-acki, <r' -Ak, ii.,<in d^A/ or pun im iJu ntr, 

•ar-djvp, *r'-drop, •■r-rlag, Er'-rina, m. , a ring ex 
uTruiiicot drvoj^mg or hanging ltudi th* *ar. 

MT-drsm. ir'-dxum, n,, the dnttH or middle cmvity 
i/tkr ear. 

Mi^wark, <i'-m!irk, i>.. n marJk oa a «he«p*i mv. 

MT-Hkot, Ei'-fthot, (*. hearing distance. 

■aiHnunwt, <r'-trump-et. H,,a twfie to aid tn A^tfrvv* 

•ar-wax, ^•waiu, «. a tm-ry tubitanoe lecrcted Vf 
the gl.inds of the tar into the tnitcr paa*age; 

•nnrlg, Cr'wig, k. a common i'Nj<vf inui forcep* at 
its tail, incornrctly suppowd to creep into the 
brain tliruogh the car : ooc who gaiu» the ear 
of anoihcr by ktcaltb for a bad cod. (lu. and 
A,S. Tw^jf.!, a wnrnu) 

•u^wttM^e, ji^'Wit-ncK, m. , it wHmns that can testify 
from bis own hearing ; cue who bean a thing. 

lar, Cr, m. a ipike, at of com. — vJ. to put forth 
ean, aa com : — /rjt. eating ; j*e./. cared'. 
IA.S. «»•, Ger. oXrr.} 

lar, it, tr.t. {oba.} /<* jUn^il or till. [A.S. trmmj 
L <r'<r: Gr. arvfi — root tir, to plough.) 

•wing, firing, jr. (obx.) /limgnimf. 

BarL ^1. m. liL a chief: a {ount I on EogUlh 
iioblemao ranking lieiwcen a marqiuE and a 
vnicuiint. [A.S. rorl. Ice. iarl^ a diief, count, 

aaffMaa, 6rrdum, n.. ik* damiHwt or dignity itfttm 
earl, [larl, and A-S. dam, power.] 

Baflr, fti^i, adj., ^/9r*^ in time : in good MaMn : 
at or nejr thQ beginning of the day. — adv, aooa. 
[A.S. ariicr — ar, before. ) 

Sara, im, r.t., if gain hy lahmrr; to acauire : to 
deicnrc ; — /*■./. eam'ing; /rt-/. earned. (A.S. 
eamian, it> earn: Duicn, emtn, to reap, am*, 
harvest — root mr, lo plough.] 

Mmtnfi, ir'ningz,, wiat 0ne kta eurmal; 
money saved. 

EanMt, ^r'not, adj., thru^'tg strvng detirw; d©- 
tcnnined : eager to obtain : lotent : sincere.— 
M. seriouaneas ; reality. — adv. «e»'n«i»tf. — #r. 

iA.S. eorueit, seriou* : Dutch, 
eavotir; Gcr. rfnttt ardour, xcal, 

n. money given in tokea o( & bu- 





lh»-#A.'MM^ A**, to ')««»',€ [ 

i ■>■. •k-Uk'£«ir'<- 

fum phikBopben - 

ir«» att t ^ero i t^ part* ui«y inou»:>ni imc. 
iftBa^ckioC, • t«t' ■ wiertimi; a |B5tcm1 poem. 
(ft.— L atSr«. Gt. 4kl^g§—fk, tnd frf* 1 

of Asdlftapcy; dAfknc- nous 

W^«%allyor iiipKrt ii('«'- 

I^^IBk, <k ''"'' '"*^ "* (' '^'^^ t.'iiptft 

titikrMi^ -nl path (^^ Uk •■iin nNUiil 

1^ «ar ' ' 'c^ onlhcRkitie owi^kpund- 

te ■« Ike i>ik»iul c^ilipuc— «i^. pertainiac lo or 
^Ikeedipcie. [Or. Mri^iikM.} 
%^ it^far Irhrtlr 

3U, «.. /V IMJWyflitff ^« 

.f moopy-tuaticts; a fhisal and 

.. . ^.'..kRiui* nf mcticy : a «)r»te« of 

r (xnEoanicfl : rce}>lar <?peninoak, as of 

(l_ ^nwwiww — Cr. (wkaMuNvUd — mIut, a 

wot mmMi, a fanr.J 

tW««ccrik» mmamlmL cko-aatBlk.«I, 
. j»* fc^ ^ <» m r mm w ; frncal; catefiiL— 

fm^»mitffmtni; powical vsotisms- 

» ftKlies or beKba political ocsmotay. 
^kon'ty-mla, f^.* lo ouumc* fvtth 
Ui *f«l>d moory orcCiillv : i" wve.— 
• trtiJcntly ; ti> ; ;itily: 

_ _to^ M. lit •- ...-A ■*««/'• 

«^* or is whi' I' .t the Msacft 

*e8l:<ACf' . 'i>iasn4 iGr. 

I. atuU, /-• -.c (o itaad.] 

Ik, aonaOcal, eic-ctatlk-a), aJj'., 

rf : aiunuiiititit to ecilujn laipuv- 

T:fwilfil, dt'O-tnen'ik-al. 
n«l|i^ iM/Jt,tJ>i'U^ ttvrii/; 

■ '• inhabit.] 
v." freedy : 


-• of »-4tof CI/ :iir mrt 



ktfciuieat.— p.^. to pal an edc* oo; to plac*a> 
border ni : lo cxaiperate : to \a%t on ; lo now* 
by little and LitUe. — v. i. to mart ndeways >-/rA 
eo^nj: >«tA ed^ttf- [A-S- «vf; (•«. k^, 
akxa 10 ogrr. U wv#— root a^. abarp.} 

■< i ^w iw , cjVtf, A^f., iM eMr Jtnrtum e/tiu ^iga: 
ndcwayi. IMa »od trtw~A.S. mm. Duuier.j 

>4|tac, ejlo^, M , /A«/ wAacA y^^rriu M< *4r; a 
Uinier ; fnnge. 

E4iei, «'r1ikt, J*., tomttiuHg tp^im or pndalBtd fajr 

cittiliuHty: 3n Drdcrianied by akinsar lawiiwr. 

[L. tdichtm — e, ant, and dia, ^iium, to may.] 
Stty, cd'i-fT, v.i.. ta btdld v> in lanowlnlge and 

i;ciodDekS ; to improvic ihc mind : — fr.f. cd'uynie ; 

>«./. edified.—*. •4'Wyw. [Ft *rfroVr, L. i^iJUf 

J, ^ hiRiv, aiid^yimk', to iiuua.] 
•tfUytag; cdVfi-inf;, isi^. iiumictiv«; unproviag. — 

!»/(', td'Uytaslr- 
•tfUcsUaa, «l-i^kl'»bua, )■•, «t^ {/'i^^d'fv; tft- 

ttnictioii ; progreaa in ki)ow)ed|{e or in Kocom^. 
•dUca. cd'i'lu, n. a \»r^^mUdimc^ boutb 
•411a, e'dil, 1. a Komaa ausiatmM «'ho had iha 

ctctree oC^iMk bmiiJmgM mmiwar^ti. [L. miiilit 

, a budduiK- 
BdJ&, edit, D.^ tiL to fity mtt, h p^titA; to 

MiMrinlend the pubhcatioo of : to prcpate for 

(•uulicuioa :— /r.y cd'tsinc; /«./. td'ited. fL. 

/»ib, ntitum — r, out, and i/i*, lo give.) 
adlUM. ^-di&b'un, m., llu PuhticalitiH nfa hMik : Cbe 

number of ooptci of a book prtatcd at a time, 
•dlkw, ed'i-tur, n,, ont vuhs tUits a book or joumaL 

—/em. sd'ltrui. — adj. wUtartal, eti-HO'ri-al. — 

adv. •dlUxlally. — n. «4'Uotahip. 
WaoaH ftc Sec under Biaaa. 
Uaca, 2-dOfi', r./., /« Itad or ^mr mv/; to catract; 

tocAiiM:^i<i.iT> -«^-ir:— ^./. «dO<c^iii|;-,>«>CdDcedf. 

II. ' '" -t, and ^«uA to le^-l 

•dadlit -.nj , tkat may he Mhiad or 

ItllMl. lice's. 

cdact. CUuki. m., thatwkkh itfilmetd. 

^•dak'thun, n., tA* net ^rdwcinr, 
fr<luk't»i, m.,k£ at iAmt wAjICil fJlic£t» 

cd&-k&t» f>.. Uf eduit or druw aui the 
rnfiHfl poa^cn of, ai a child ; to inuo : to teuii ; lo 
cuitiv^Ue any power :—/»-./. ed'aci(iiiji . /<*.>. 
cd'ilcKcd. — «. •4'acatar. [I* tdnrc', /Jtuitfrnt^ 
afa^lf. ed-Q-kJI'&tiun, iv , /A/ Arim^'fj^ n/ ot 
traininx, as ofn child ; instnicttr^n : atrcngthpnina 
of the power* of Uxly or uilml. ' '*' -^-" - 


ed OkA'thtm-Ut, «,, ntf th'fM in 
malhods ofeJttcnfiH^ or teaching ; one who pr^ 
moles education. 
CaI ?) n J irrf^nftitM JStk, with a ftlimy body, 
mid. [A.S. al, Ger. <u/; akm 
iiu of a/yatir, a stake.] 
l..^. ■^■. ^ ....^^uon of Xns. 
Vtr, 3r, a cuntractioa of Xmr. 

■f-C*. p.i,, to dtstt^y tMj/mci Of mrfmc* 
. ; to blot or rub out; to wear away: — 

i-y' (nini, Ai\d/mci*l, tbc fate] 

!i*'»bl, o^y.. iJtat cam t* ntbMonl. 

. m,, a tking lun^: the rcsall of an 

pr^^on prwJuccd periecuon ; rcalily : 

.i.t«aded.— A- ui-KnU; propertv. 

ti> aiioiauili^ : — ^^f^ cffecc- 

i. fL. /^-M-, effritMm, 10 a^ 

' ^lJr(tf, to do or mak^A 




. /ttHtma, 


cf-fek'iibl, J./'' , that May h tf'Kctf^' 
cf-fck'ihun, «., .i J>uti£ ; cm^HntM in 

cf-fclt'tiv, rt<<f.. lutttm^ ftr^tfr I0 ffftft; 
line yiiiictbinir ; p<iwcrfnJ ; »erv»c«able.— o^p. 
runlr— n. «g«c'UyiM M , 

ff-fek'tfl-al, a<^'., Prvdtttms dit ^ti't ; 
auccr'^tfiit in producmE the desired rcsuh.— is^p. 

■SaotiiftU, cf-fdc'lO-dt. V. t. , tf hrimg in (>■' rj^^rcf; to ac- 

CGmpIiih :—/r,^. effec'Klfilinj :/»./. cffcc'lOaicd. 
tSeuT. efti-ka-a. «. ptnutr A> frv-iuit iffrett ; 

virtue ; enercy. 
■Braflnni. 1 f fi VViTii in. <\(fj iVrirfrrj-ij^'^riTri- ■ able 

to produce the result intended. — •iJ'i'. •As4 vtowOy. 

« •ffl^4 rlnumrML [L. *;^i.*<ijr — r/finf.) 

cu'i — <i. the pcr&on or tluiig Ihil 

efft ... , ... -J .'J.', -enii*, pf .p. oi^/icu. \~aJt'. 

■■^•an. ef-6%h'etu. «AcliaeT. ef-fi&h'n-u, H,,^iialiiy 
ft/ ffiKg ffficimt or cauiaog cff«cu ; power iu 
p(i>diicc the effect iniended. 

Sf»mlB4t«, cf-fcmin It, 1^'., tuamoMuA; unmanly : 
wc;ik : lender: cowanjiy: vnlupimm*. — ft to 
make waau ni&h : to unnun : to vn-akcn— r t'. 
b) become effeminate :—/»•./ effcm'iniliiis . A*-A 
cfl'eia'icUied. -^u/v. Hhm'iamUAj.—H. vAno'lakW- 
MW. [L. ffff*i*iiuttuM , pa.p. of tffemi^t, 
make w-uimniih — t, lig. ciuuqic, uiil / 

iJlMiliiii J. ?f>fein'ui-a>«i, •>. the passcuion of a 
RM^nvifivMA «<.<nnc»» DC weakness; indulgence in 
unnuuily pJdsuru- 

Sin41, er-feu'dt, m . a master; » Turkish title of 
dutitictiun. ffurk. ; modem Gr. */*«/«— Gr. 
*MtkrfiUi^ >n abtohilc nuuter.] 

IBvnaet, cMr-ves'. n'., f(f tail mfi I lo bubble and 
bu»: to froth up:— /^./. effervwcliiK ; /«./. 
elfepfesced'- — ^dj. ■OurMc'ftU. [L. tpirtHMo — 
^. inicu.. va^/trvtfi, to boil J See TvtcbI, 

tflwiMinil. «f-^-vc('eot, adi; tvilin^ or bubbUns 
from the rlifCDgagctncnl uf k^u. — fi. •CvTMu'aae*. 

■■rt*. cf f«i', «j^'. lit. weakened by bringinf firriA 

f'lmmri barren: exhaiutcd ; wont out with age. 
L. tjfttiu — rf, oiil^rtmM, a briu^itiE forth yoiiit^.) 
ISeKtvtti, EAcacy, Uelnl, &c. See under ESwk. 
ttcr* ef'-j". ".» •» /i'Anw« or^jfanr of a pcrwn ; 
the head or inprcuion on a coin: mcmhUnre. 
ri, *_ffie\*t — €j0im£9 — tj, \ii\Kn.,JiKf3^ tn form.] 
I^laj. cf ij t-al, *4j,, /*riaiHiHg ta or exhibtliitg 

Ittomac*, ef-flo-rcs'. r.i., t» hhu^m forth ; to flour- 
i^ : in cAfm., to become covered with a white 
dual : to form minute cry^taU :— /r/. efflorefcc'- 
ins: /«•/. efilorcsced'. (L.-*/; ronh,.//*"T*i-*», 
to Drgin to blouom— yf(»nf)»-7?S/, a flower.] 

•■■naMBl, ef-Ho-res'ent, atfj. fonnin;; a white du&t 
Ott the torface; thoocing into white threads. 
(U e^*rf4<fHi. -etitis. pr.p. of r^("VK<*,l 

•flarM(«ike«.ef-(lo-rcs'ens,M.,/nnr/ii'<-rfiwr f//fawvrt ; 
the time of flowerins : a redne» of the ikin : lS< 
fomatiun of a white powder do the lorface of 
bodies, or of outnite cryuak. 

?*■*»*, efl/in-ent, adj.,JIawimg Mi£. — m. a tirc-im 
thai ^/tt-tta cut 0/ another ttream or kJie. fU 
^tfnM,'mtit,^.p.oi rJ^M> — ^>^out,/f)w, to flow-J 

iAanwe. eflotv^f, »., o /lowing out ; thai wliidi 
flows from any body ; ijoue. 

ifl<iUB. ef flWvi-ura. « , /A*/ ii.«Air4 Jicr^'s evt ; 
mttnitp panirfes einaird ft^sm bodies : di«agTcie> 

Ate, &s\ me, bkr: nlMi 


rotuic u pn>* 


CSon, ef'On, « , 4 puititig forth 9/ tt9viigt%l 

crtion : attempt : struggle. (L. ^ uul, fa 

anJ^r^, strotic.] 
Sfceatai7, ef-fniul'^r-t, ff. lit a^tkittgffui 

fr^-Hl vr J^ntkead : ibaincleiaDf 

(I-. efftvHi. fffnmtu—i/^ forth, voA/rmM^^ 

tit, the frtirhcad-l See fraaL 
UiifWil, cf-fiil ju-nt, ttdj., ihinmg/ariJii ; 

bright; cpleudid. t^ *ff>^^*"\ -^niu — rf^ out^' 

and/Nj^pv. tn «hinc ) — Atfv. BifBl'cHatly- 
affalfiBsa. cf^fuOcns, n., Mlait t'T ftinc f^»^a4\ 

Srcai ltuir« or brigtitiiess : a dood orlisht. 
Kffaai^ cf>filf', Tf i., to pevrant; 10 prvur fmlll^ 1 

words: to *hc(I:—/r.^. effOx^»nc:i«r.*. 

1 L. ffftiH.ii', rffiisut—if, out, uAjww, to 1 
•ffldoiL, ef-Hl rmiii. m., act of fiemwlmg tmt; 

which i« poured out or fortfi. 
rfWtW. cf-lu'riv, tiitj'., /.'Hrinf /friA ttbu* 

— adz; rfh'ilvaly.— M. ifiB'itrMMW. 

■n cf. «- at» •■'''■' ' '"■ ■ ' 'v binl* amli 

atbcr aRim.-]! iticir yt 

dticcd; onytl 1 - aii egg. 

Ger. ei, I*. aut%*ii, \j\. 11 -» 1 
IgUotdaa, eg^in-tln, m. a name grren to tbe 

brier, and vm\K other »pect»-A of r>^e, 

branches are covered with .1 ' 

fgtAHtitu, gittHtifr, for ... 

a needle, as if L. an$lent>>^. 

a nce«lle— root ac, altarii.] 
Xtelm, i'so-tttti. or es\ «. an ejteeniv« Itfvt ofj 

««■//■; the doctrine of the Cgvbta. [L. e 
ICOiM, {'go-Ut.DT eg', n.oQc of a cUu of phil 

who doubt eTerythine bul Cbcir own 
laMm. CKOt-iim, or ejr. I.. <* /rty^rti m$9 ^i 

JirvMOMM 1 1 Rpeakiac m«Kh of ooe'i »df : 


CfTot-iM. or eg , «.. mu/itll f/trotum. 
C-got'ist'ik, flfoU«tleak. C-ent.ttl'3t-al,4«t\ 

ih(/'. , sArxmiMg eg\}tiitH , scU-impiAtant . coooola^ 

—ode. aftiMlcallr. 

I, e'){ot-T<. or e^, r.i.. /« teZt maitl ^i 

«#^.— /r> « gotlung ; >f ./. C'coibcd. 

rraclMi, <-2r«^i u», <*</, , frvm m tfirf ft^l 

prominent ; enonoout. — adv. \ '- 

[L. t, out of, grrx, ^ 

^(f*. *•-. *<"' f/g'^i^S e-t ; ileptr 

power ar rifltt to depart. [I. tgrtdMr,. 

t, out, forth, and^T^'tn-. to jco.] 
■UpUaa, C-jip'shi-an, adj., M-^giagtrSg 

a native i>r F.gypt . a gipty. (L. 

Mgyptnx, EoT'. Or Aigyft^S 
Zh, S, int. cxprt- 'MS* 

BUar. rd«r. Bd*' ./ 

duck, f.'-ini! 

sous hi 

et£r. ■■ 
■MofravK T'di- . 

dmvtingM. [I < 
Bl|bl, s* "A- . , 


L. A ; 
vlvMk, A;:... . 

n. An ci^th I'- 
al«liUln -■ 



■' V HghtK-lentA ; next after 

■ ■ ■ ■ '''y- 

W Ae Mk - .- ..-..-.. _^.. ._. .. ;*o. — 

a^. tfnrcWiv^ lo U* : to £; or. i A.S. teg-tArr.] 
^ailiii^ C-iakHWllt. i-./., ft tArew cut: to inter 
irtih fcdtutmesc— f.i- to utter cjacuUttou : — 
c^f'aLxtiag: iwi/. cJAc'niatct]. [L. r, out. 

<i(Jm manner, 

- -.r,.. • - ..I..i,LCt 

■■iliiijr . ihal which ia ejected. 
E->ek«incnt, w., s coitm^ #«/; expul- 
: in taw. lux KtioQ for the 
WC ai M Tf M the paucaufoi of land. 
4MIV, #^j«fcf or. «., «<M wAcfjWti, or 

rrwr . t lui uod. 

^4^ t4> or imerrAte ; to leogih«n : 
fvt,/. iked'. [A-S. f-u-an—^nc, 
- .^— -, ,.-^. akjn to L augtea, to lDcreaie.J 

e-Ub'oiHIt. V /.. ^' f-^hcmront to produce 

vUltiWw: t'' ' i^-ith: to ioiiinn-e by 

KT ebb'orfttinc ; /«./. 

\wm kt fiilarm ami esact»n« ; hif hly fintshett 

ftnwk) m ibc «..«». .^ . ' ' (''^i^b- 

^m^ ^Wii. ■> tbe 5. African antelope, rcMm- 
Mw tJK i'/i b loivirg a protuberance oil the 
|»7«K. IDutcJi : Ccr. «-Aw/. the elkj 

^■i^ S-laff*'. B" > . t** *^A °' glide •nui)'; to pau 

!*■#». u iii»* -.—fr-A «up>^init ; y^s-A £iarMa'. 

(L 4; Jo3 ikJv^, lafirui. to slide.] 
ftMIlL <-lu\>k, 4^.. f/-TijcifV ^^^ i having a 
B wiary 1o i»<TjT«r ihc L-ngmil form ; •(jniigy : 
<-oyviST f]uic4Jjr a fonncr sLite or coitai- 
«ab«d(.~-*^P dMUMUr. (Fr. <'^- 
'i-a (>^. ^^waJ, '^^f>*, lo drive,] 
«Ha9, • tak^ia'k'i. «•-, ft^'ty f/Afi-i' rLutic; 
po»cf lp r^t-i'Viir fr"*ii -''.prcMioiL 

tcr t» fu4 m/ ; [lutTdl up 

laJt; ti:i tlttvaie; 

/d^ «liiVI — 
[1^ «iatma — rffrnr, 

%t pnto (cnliiof 


ro pmh ruddy ■—>*#'./. eIt»owinf; 

an onelc 

/((./». el Inrwe^ [A,S. ^//v*^ - */« =r I.. «>ttf 



■w .ir |.tjnl, htgan, la bend.) 
. rcvm Lu cxicckI the 
m; !'; I movtng Of jiclinK. 

-1 !■■ ' ■ ■ I.Urn ■ ■ ■ ■ :,(;e, 

;-.''!■ I. iQ 

■ ..- . .., ...'■.. . ,S 

iir\K til lJ>c i''i- ; . ■ j: ■ ; ■ jrtftO 

CHiircJi. (A.S. i-.i..-,-- ,-■ ■■: .1 I : 

«ldwly. cld'ti^li, *//" , .- ■-. 11 — -■ . ...' , J. J'.m;;j; OO 

old «ce< 
sUanklp, cld'di^ihip, m.t itatt f/" btu^ oUiri the 

ulBce nf an elder. 
•t4«< dd'eti, W/. tf/aW/. {A.S, tUett, nipeii of 

SUUr, cld'^, ». lit. M/ keU^m trni s email iret 
with a ^MOfy pith, bearing lu-eful yunile bcjrriet. 

tA S. *iiarH : Ger. haTmi^e', k^uUr—I^JU, 
loUow, and tar, a tree.] 

lUet. f-leVt*, v./., Ai cAmwt out; ta tefmt for uv 
otBcc or punMwe ; to Mlcct by vote : to deoM 
in fcivmir o(:—fr.p. «Iect"ing: >U,yt «lecf«d.— 
fL. rhinf, flfcfur — r, out, Ifgo, to choose.] 

•ImI, fr-loct^, tuT/' ./Av/n^; cbo«en : LaVien byprefer- 
cocc from uuonfotben; chosen lot -ui -'liii.': but 
not yet in it. — n. ooe cbotieii it n* 

danl, in tktoL, tliuK choaea by < ' >n . 

■Urtilfl. c-lcJt. Shtiii, n.. thr ad r' • . .. .>«- 

imp; the fi ■ •>:« : free- 

wul: in /. r cvrlain 

pcrtoiu M-1 ' J Ulu»c who 

lue elected. 

•iMtlcnMr, ^lek-iJiiin-fr', v.i. to toAlce eieertioiu./>r 
fA^ tifciitm of a auididaic •.—/r.^. electioneer '- 
injf: f^t.p. electioneered'. 

•iMttva, i^lckt'iv, adj., ^tftainmfftc, dependent on 
CT exenina the pi^wcr of choice. —aJv. •lact'l'mly. 

•lector, i'\tJL\'ijt, ff., o>'t u</io tui.U; uoc wbu has 
a vote «t anclccUon. 

aUctom, «-leltt«jr-al. a.!/,, f^rtainiM^ U tUctitnt 
ur to clcctun : coiuisting ol' clc<:turv. 

alwaai, cl'j-gant, at/j. bt. cA^c^. ifUct; pleajin( 
to good tute : Kraceful ; neat : rc&iicd ; dkc : dis- 
crimioaiinc beauty : richly om-imcata], — Ws*. 
•I'aptatty. [Fr. — L. eltsam, liM/it — ri*Xi'] 

«!•(■>€•. cl>-gans, alacftMr, cl'f -gatu i, n., tfuttait 
or quality r/ being iU^stnt; u»c beauty of pro- 
priety ; oealncvi : reiiiienieiit : (Hut wliich tl 
ektranc. [I''f., from L. e'l'ianf.'.i - f.'t/intj 1 

«UC1U». cfi-jibl, a*ij., th^I >: ■-- -n', 

fit 10 be choien; lejjall tjf 

choice; iiiit a l.'I ■; t'.'iA ■■ 

•agiMntr. ci-i '^. 

pfcferaUc t 

•ItU, 4-Kt', n. , .t i/ii-i.i or j<-,Vi f ^n , iJic best 
part ufaaythioK' [fr. — L. fiti-/iu.) 

Kscute, Mclc'trilc, Uaetrlctl, Melc'lrik a1, ndj., 
hariftg tkr ^*vpcT(y 0/ ttmhcr. na.mety, that of 
attractins and rcpcifiog light bodies when 
nibbeil : penainins to ot produced by electricity. 
— M. any elcclitc Mibtlance; a ntvi-condticlMT of 
electricity, as amber, jrlau, &c. — adv. Atoefrlcally. 
Or. iit^frvn, amber. I 

JL, tlertrmn 


r; piine; mott; 

•vKu- who ttttdin, or 

I - viroj/eny of altract- 

1 IV- firft ob«erv«d 

:iiveui^ulc> the 

■ I'crty. 



I«. • 1. 

I ... It . 1 ..-,.%. .U irL*t- »ji 



1** ■ 





4i*w ta «l«i4i3r lOt. 

-^ • 

t: "^^ ?-?*: r^> iMMiw»i.«.,iif^ii tit ^ ■ »k^ 

bait 94 ^^* T^^t •• ^ ^■^■••^ tt, ■ ■'■ •^^^ 


ihr aj-' which pToJi 

oo If Itinfi . /»^. €lonK Aied. IL. 
out. MitoUn^-m4, long J 
fe-lorvE-c&'thno, m , net ef Awy/jWa Ay 

. i« 2hM ^ fwt MMrr,* ID Mcftpe 
csp. of a wTioun vitfa • lov«r: 
: pa.f elflpcd'. (A.S. Aim/M, 
J SccUw. 
;44^'ncat, n. X MCret (Jeparttire, Osp. 
«ub B man. 


'« under 

romcthiDf besjdes. — di/o. 
exoepi that mcfuianed. 

L. tfk'iu. Or. aAm, another.] 

•■«•■«, cb^n^r, «tfr., tx «tiN)Mrr fUut; in 
cdav ^ov 

■■Bli*!^ ^}0'st-4St, v.t., te muLJkt UaeiJ or clear ; 
W UkrcN* lic^l upon ; U «zpUin ; to Uluxtmc : — 
>r/. flUrcMiitiof :>«>. ilO'ddAted— nJ. atad- 
<nf . flW^tfteNr. How L. fiuciJ'f, ^ImfuUtuj 
—^.laMw.. sad AwiYvr, clear] See taeM. 

ftMlteltok. J!Uirn-t)2-tiv, alMldataty, ^O'ci-dt-tor-i, 
«4r-* —**»</' /iwtV or ^/mi* : explanatorr. 

Dii^ I IX". •• / lit. U /£*/ or wm/r^m oa/e mi 
0t»M ; M ««oid or escape br ttrataeem : to b«Ac : 
-^^. llAdllW] A*./. dOd'ed. [Fr. eindtr. 
mm. /Airflr, *Aomr-^, away from, /aMb, Co play.) 

kMi^ C-lB'fbiiD, «., f ' f^ €htJmg; escape by 

Twc- a^ ati'ilvwlj. 
kaay^ «^f)r'*or-^ a^'., ttmduig to gimtU or cbeac : 

«i«H««: (teoeilAiL 

A-Iufi'yvtn, n. in mrth.j the abode of the 
' ^ter death : any detifblAil ptaoa. IL. 
Gr- 9ljtiom.\ 

'jrafs, W/, ffrUumimg t» £fymitm 
,#-ml'f>hMt.f' /,, 2^ N«/»V M«n]/rrorX«K 
»• (fcpFrv»T cf flc»Ji : to waitt — »• i". lo become 

- lA/tnH — t, inten 

wt, leanocH.) 
the ctndilUm */ 
7« m/ or,^Br; to 

L. tmano, etnana- 

,,.;.■ .trf /•ffmiiMitfin^: 

ui ;>fo<xo3i I'r.jtQ w in« >.>'jrc*;. 

aJj , U,tni<>^- /k-'i ,(|, 

to ^^«e ftfliti - hoodage of 

IttM >—#»■/ t .1 / jrTMn'. 

... frotii, 
••^^ =■ .f a flaw — 

to buKi or flBcnM- 
BM, JmOt. a Ua.) SmM 

acwta, csKbia', vjL^ «# «aMHf wdk $mim: to 
preaerre from dtcay by annatk dm^ ai a 
dead body : to puf i i aa ; 4o U f eicn^. with out 
and mflceban \—pr^. esafaataai^M : JM.J. em- 
halswi'.-Ha. •■MtaW. Um. in, and Mb.] 

BttMk. ea-luclh', ».K.» » MrJatr vr dcftnd Mtf 
«■ Aa«i or dike, [tm, in, aad IibL] 

embaakawKt. ao-lnogk'iDcot, ■. , /4v orf t/tmimmk- 
ing : X bank or mound. 

Sabart*, em-bir'sO, a., « l^rrmg or stoppao^^ a 
pralubisioB of uipa to leave port : a ttop^acc of 
trade for a abort Xxsac fay autaorit;^. — r./. to lay 
an embar^ on ■— ^^. embar'gOuiE ; /A^ CB- 


bar's Ood. I^P- — rmiargsr, to 

— «■, iaienwvB, tarra, a bar.) 

em-bvV, p.f.. <« >•/ ow Jtfw^ « Ae«il or 

ship : to eofage io axiy aSair. — i>.f . to go on boattl 
to cnuK 

u> cnsa^ m a bmnirss : 
' 'mg : /■.>. embarked' 


(/«, io 

aharcaUflB. em-blr-kl'khun, M., art 

e/f'tttiHg or riT £uiRj[ on b^ard a vtxml: thai 
which lA embarked. 

toAama. ciD-bu^as, v. t. ItL ta >v/ a h»r or diffi- 
culty M tM^ tMy ^; to cncmnber : to inrobre in 
difficulty, esp. in moner-iiutien ; to perrdex:— 
/r>. embarr'aadnff ; >«./. cxib«rr'aue<£. [ft, 
ttiUmrrtutarr, frumlow L.iKPni.a bar.I Sc«B«. 

iSkanai^Mal. em-bar'aS'iBeiit. n.. 
Usee of perplexity or conftuioD; 

Wn\mmf, ein'bai4, the charge or luoctioa i^ac* 
awtbastador z the l>enoa or perkOaa icitf Off an 
cmbaaiy. [tow L. «wiAatrw. Sec AmSmmmdm.} 

Tmhittto. cm-tiat^. v.t., te anmnge m mtfr «/ 
htttU: to ftimish with battlemcnti.— r.i. to be 
ranged in order of baide. [m«, in. and BaMla.] 

Snhay, etn-bt', v.t. ia endote it* a V*"- *') hud- 
luck: — /r./. enibay'iDc ;jM./. embayed', [mv, in, 
into, and Bay.) 

Iiii>ied, pfn-lied'. Same as brtat. 

ImUIUrti, cm-bcriih, r.t., ttf tmakt Btmfi/ttf with 
□mameriu: to decorate: Io make gra^jeful : to 
iiluitrate pictoriallv, u a bonk .- />'./>. cmbelt'- 
bhinff:/*./. embell'uhed.— «•. «Bk*U'lak«. [ii*r. 
rmheUir, nmMJiMtmmt—rm, to taake, M, 6fam, 
beautiful. | See Bmm. 

«iMlukm«, eta bell&h-inait, m., tut »/rm6tHaM- 
tnc t^r sdomiojc : decoratioa ; omainenL 

Snbtr 4ay>, cm'ber-db. m.*l. in K. Catbdic and 
En^ish Church, three tast-diiys m tmeit ^tm*^ 
t*r. |ji conir from Ger. yimtemitr, a quarter, 
quarter-day — L. futUi^r ttmpvra, the fo 

^tan, em'btrt. «.>/;, red-Jut tufus : the smould- 
eting renuiiu of a Are. (A-S. trmynr, ScOL 
ameris, Norse, timyrjn, tUtnyrfm — 

rin-b«'I, v.t. to iteat : to appropiwie 

has been lutruslcd : Vi waste or diuipate : 

embetz'bne: A*/' enibcxz'led. — ». •■- 

\o\n. hraft, to drink haM, to «\uuk&igx*. 



•ce. to Wtacw'-"-..!. 
•ound iiut I 

Ir^itn nil inn 

tJitton of the 
I -fthexaiiMg 

ICtl to CHW. 

or «ppn>i>i 

tvUttot S«« laUtUr. 

glWarrn. cm-Ml'xn. v.t. tf* deck in ilattHg^caXaaT* ; 
u Vr-., to NiiA-^n or adorn with figures, [fm, 
aod Mmii ] i< taUik'Battmuit, tin emblAj>Mtmf;. 

iBtttagaiT, cm-blft'xn-n. *■., thr nrt t(/ emhiamnr- 
inf or aartming ; devices an »hieldj>. 

ywMtm. emlilem, m. lit. umethtng xiueHeA tn & 
ftUfracc as omamcut: a picture reprcMiuimt to 
tlia oitnd sotnethinj; different fmm xxxM: a 
type or sjinbol. [Fr rmbiemc — Or. tmiiima, 
\n\\\A worV — /«, in, Ai/i). to lay, iQ Ca&t.) 

•BklMBAite, em blemat'ik, «mblitutle«l, em-blem- 
at'lk-nt. aJj'., fierfaining ti> or c.>iit4iniug 
rmMfyfj ; rrjifrsenting. — iniu. «mtilt8U>Vlehllr. 

WBboUwB, ctn-lx>t'tzm, «., /^ instriian of dayi. 
months, or yc-iri in an account of time to prodtKc 
reeuburily. [Gr onhclixnta. — cmhallH.^ 

— tiiilNant. em-tol'tx'mal, mboOimlc.em-bo-lu'tnilc, 
*!<>.. itaeytrtt; rctwiojS to inteicaiution. 

IfriHT. em-blcsam', f./., /^ tw€r or enrich twM 
i>li>ffm. IfiM, in, and Blooa.] 

S»ba4T. em-lwn, v.t., Ut /arm imta « My: ya 
nakc corporeal ; to tnakc tangible. — v.i. to umic 
in a body or mou. {.em, ill. and Body.) 

BMofilnrt em-liOK'ing, n., tkg mautk of a nver. 
[See IM«Mboflw.J 

Inlwldca, cm-bold'n, f /., ta maJk£ he!d Or coun- 
gcoui :— /r/. cmbold'enitm ; /«■/. cmboW- 
died. Irm, to ttuVe, and Bold.) 
&c. See under SBi>l«m. 
t, em-bor'dftT, r./., U bonUr, 
em-tiOlu'um, r. /. , /« id<i# rw/tf Mr fi«r*«N : 
to receive into the affecnctn^: to cndcue ttt uir> 
Ttmod:— /•'-/. etnboi'oming; /«./. cmbos'ocned. 
itm, in, into, and B«wb.] 

TbTiim em-bos', v.t., to /crm Ivttn or prolober- 
anocs upon; to ornament with raiircd wo»k :^ 
fr.f. anbois^g -P^P emboucd'. — «. •nkoa'sr. 
\rm, to make, and B«m.1 

MlhoHBMl. cnbos'meitt, m., a ^romintnet tike s 
/^«#; railed work. 

Sntifltlla, cm-hoti, v.t., to pnt intv hcftltt. {rwf, 
in, imo, and Bottfa.) 

SBb»ockar«, cm-bcn-fchnnr', n.. tkt month c/ a 
ri'ivr, of a auwoo, &c. : the moiiih-hoia of a 
wind musioil-inktrumcnt. [See I>«b(»eten.] 

ftihfT. em-bfi', v.t., r.f., to kne or otcIl [rm, 
ioten., and Bew.) 

lHife«««l, em-boi^'el, v,t. to remove the h^wett nr 
entnub /■««(, [em, prtv., and Bowsl] ; to cncJovc 
in another tolntance. \eiH, in. into, and So««l.| 
— /r>. cmboVcIling: >rt./. embov/ellcd.— «. 

_ em-boVir, r.f., tt^aet in * Sewer; lo 
■bcUer, ax with treeft :— ^r A cmbow'criag : /d./. 
ciobuv/rt'ed. I^M, in, and Bonr.] 

Stelnet, em-hfflx', t>.(., A? 6i>r in the armt : to 
pre<s to the bosom with aA^ection : to take eoj^eriy 
or mltiogly : to ertclote or compriie ; to admit or 
receive. — v.i. io join in »n erdirace : — /»*./, em- 
bracing; ^./. embriccd'. [Vt. emi>rueitr—^m, 
I-. in, in, into, and Vai, L. &ra(hium, au arm.] 

«abrae«, cm-briU', n., the act ^ emhrmcing; fond 
pm*iirc in the arms. 

Bubtaaw, em-brVihOr, ■«., /4# viJmitf ef tht 
a/ertnrw of a door or window, on the inudc : an 


opening in » wall for cannon, f Ff ■ —« mif*M er, fo( 
c^nurr, to wi^lcn an opcmnK-] 

¥■11 fiMl*. cmVo kill, r r. Cf mnxt*n and rub, M 
a Kwe with a lolioni— jh-./. em'brOcXtrnu . ^a</. 
em'brOcAted- [low L. /'MJrwv, nvAfWtf/iuK. fron 
Gr. emimcJu ■=■ tmbregmm, a lotion cm^BiA^r 
(o Knk in — em, io, into, hee<ht, to wci.) 

•BbracatloB. cin-tr6-fc2'thun, »., ««/ </ «iM^««c«^ 
m^.' (he lotion used. 

Bufarddar, ctn-brotii'er, r./. tA omament withdevgnt 
in no=dlc-wotk, ong. tm the IfrJfr: /r/. cn- 
broid'crinc : /.I /. embroid'crcd. n. tatnwl'atw. 


[em, oo, old F.. ^mrf. >■ i-nt ni ftdnivr ) 

«0BbniU«r]r, ent-broid'-- 
brvitiering ; omaii ■ 
lion or divenity : ar-- . . 

KnhreO, cm-broil'. v.t., to i»r 
perplexity; Io entangle; 
into cnnfiiuon; — /r./. «] 
broiled'. [^Nt, in, and BVall, a aouy quarrel ] 

MlbraUflWBt, em broil'ment, n.. a xt^te ^*J tmtreS. 
iH£, perplexity, orconfuttoo; dixturbame^ 

SBbry^, ern'bri-0, SMkcyes, cmnvi-oo. ■. the off* 
ipring while ettei/inf Of frirariiir im ihm wifoibt 
the tort of a »etd which fornu um (u 
the bcgtiuungof anylbiiig. — tui/ aUo i 
of or teiating to anythuie in an iv 
rudimentary. [Gt- em, in, tryt, to: 

■swadatlan, em-en-d&'fhun. «.. m 

mavat (if ah e r r vr or fault ; 

rmendt^tia^-ementio, emendAita—e, fr««t ' 
dum, a faulL] 

w adatw, cm'cn-dA-tor. n., m corrector ^ \ 
in wniin);s : one who cnrrcctt or laprovvft. 

MtudaMTT, e-meitda-tor-i, etdj,, me m J it^ oretfr 
tribuliiijj \o turrection. 

^MmU, em'trald. m. a pre" • -. rr*n 

ifarhling colour; m ^niall I'l 

emeratde, old Fr, tmtr.j. -.^cmij, 

from 'L.tmtarag^Mj; Cr. imitrta^tii'i, t^^^r^giMt 
prob. {tstm matfttarvgi, a sparkling.] 

\, ^totx^, v.i.. to rise rtf -^ ". fl"' ' '* 


substance: to lanie oreci: 

after being concealed ; to •. 

fmcrg^ng ; /a>. Crocrgcd 

of. meetfi, to plunge] 
emarnaM, C-mirJcM. wm 

art tff emerging ; uiddcn 

ctpvcted occurrence: prcs 
«m«i«nt, e-nicrjer>t, */;'., 

appearing: ariung anesipr-' 

•nar'genUy. [ L. emergent. 
miiricn. C-m^'sbun, m., mci 

iho rcanpcarance of a he^ « 

cclipica by another or by llic mui'« l«<|^b 
boirvdi. em'e-rodfc «i./A (in B.'S now 
Sa«7, etn'ftr-i, n. a very h . 

powder iar Miihing. Ac. i 

emeriglio, Ccr. tchmergti -. 


tMrtlii^ e-met^ m4f-* etmemg vomttmg. 
medicine that caud vomiting. [Fr. etndti' 
from Gr. emwtihot — emei, lo VofniLj 

n, e'mCl, n. the AudraJian ottrick, 
em-i-kS'ihun. n., •t ■' --^' — ■ ■ 
otf in imall particles, af (■■ 
emitatto — *■, (Hit, and «i.-' 
Imljrate, eml-grai. p.i".. C# •rif jf/- or "^ M*,-!r/T^ 
one's native country to another ;—/* /■ ssV 



Si-tt, Cir ; mC, bte ; tninc ; mCte ; raOtc , tnOOn ; Men. 


I hen; 

'.-.■ground: ahill: hei^hi: 

A title of hoDour. 
. *eeiitwiawmirr I AtwAilsh 
11. dcaceotUnts of Mahom* 
'.U mmsr, to coouaaiuLJ 
,t4m»tivJ»4tt; to throw (TT give out ; 
''^1 CmiU'iog : /u./. «autt'cd. [L. 
i~f, out of, miiip, to lend,] 
r-i, M., fimr ifht I'M/ nn a tccict 

. a., M/ *£^/ e/ ewitnng : Uut 
' lacaetl ac on« ume. 

I'd. j« lit. tk* imJutiriaui ammali the 
" - - '' ■'—.-fta, Ger. amein — rmtig, 

, iff tit/ten : 10 render 


/, intcti., and m»ih^, xtt 

■■ '/tenimg ; ualusg 
--liLsc» and vjftctu. 

» - 1 1 II 1 r, I, ».. liL ttwirr a avm t 

a«l*2uL^c . ^.liu : prufit ariuog from 

IL. <m:iMKt^nt*ifN, for /'/<,f.'(>*««i- 

, lo wifrL • ,c&,s, 

la tie»t .. ■ Jly 

i#anl( «a mi^^ =: the zlIuNraitcc <>t .s*lt.] 

^MA'thufi. •^. 4 w ^ - iV y of Uk fecbAci ; 
W aiiftX I L. fm*lifi j w urw. tmattu. 
•» tor ati, afilstB — r, fotxti. and jwirtw, to aio«e. ) 

ci9>pAl*, tJ. to fence in with /o^i or 

to ihul ui : to yut to dcsth try ETxiting 

•• ■ tukt -—f^/ cmpiTtAB . /rt /- cnifHilcil'.— 

fern, lA, aiM " 

fumcM ItMMl 

Ki«, a ttakcj 

■VM*. See u*dcr fiBflnb 

k|tetf^ vn'b-^M, N. MrcM of tbc vtne« od paiti- 
Ori^ v^4» t*r aylUbtci .V itiair iKc tneanbiK 
a^mr/ I^pRMiimtcsk - ,- weislii oT 

■ fc a .m fcn- —fJ. tmiikamm n, in, into, 

Iff MmaA^ im^hatic: — 

tf t,. i^i 

.tu*t cai-fatTfc-jil, ftAf, 
'AJUm^; forcitile: 

-■••'.'»; ntprrme 
nmo of an 
'-, lO »!□• 

.^>.«.i«iir*'; one 


txpcricncc. [L. em/iru-Mj. foim r.r *■>»> 
■~ ftv^i'^-i — f)M, m, ,11.(1 /r-^cir, a triiLj 

riBptrlc, cni-plr'ifc, f»,, .'.i/^ ;,/.. ,. . / . fm/t 
cvpcritnenti , one whoi^ ■ ■. g^n 

Ciperiencc only, a (iiiacl; ir*Hy 

iBtplrtdai, ctij-iurl-cuiTi, X . la 

cun dn 4i4 t^r^rrirmt al'>i:F mcluut .i iCjoil'U' 
mcdiod cdiKatton , ihe practice ufiucJiciocwiil^ 
uut a regular educatiun . quackery. 

SB»lor. cm-ploy', z.r oris, i^* »"'y^'/</ or enclow ; to 
t>ccupy the tune or &tter.iu>n of; to lue ax a 
nirani or igcDl ;—//■>. emplnylnf: /ta /- em- 
ploycr]'. — «. X poetical form of •■mliiynwit | Tr. 

em^/tyfr, L. UM/Jh-arv, ta ihrvUl - «, 
^Mro, to fuUl — 1 cvploy'w. 
■pler«', em-j'. cAo « em^hff^, (Fr, 

rm^iofi, p ..] 

thai which ensa^'^s Lt ticcupiet; (Kcupxitao, 

in, sldJ 

em-pon-um, i»,, a pLut fi/ txtmttvf 
tmAt or comniepce. IL. — Gr. e*»f**wn—€m' 
/»rott a tnder — €mi, tn, to, andjMrvf, a way — 
Pms, to pus through. ] 

Itepewv, em pow'^, f.r. ta fht fctetr ta^—^^p^ 
cmpoVeriog :/«>. cmpovrerML Um. uidrnMr.j 

iMpTMa, Sec under BMpln. 

Sspkjr^ ein'ti, *^'. bavmf notlitog in it; tin* 
funuihed : without efTccI : uiuatiftloclory ; want- 
ing nibcuncc or existence.- i\t. tf> make rmpty ; 
IM deprive of content*.— o.i. to V' •■,- ; 

lodischamiiscooieni*:— >r,/. -- ^ 

emptied. TA.S. 9iHtt£, empty, tf;. iy 

—trtmtm^ leiii^ie, re«l.l 

ulpMB«a, rm'ti-ne», n . , tiatr o/ Mmg rmfty ; wtBI 
orsubAtancc; uiiutiifaclonneu. 

ZBiparpli, em-pin^pl, c./ . te p^t tMtc Pmrpif, ta dy9 
purple. Um, m, and Porpl*] 

EBpyrwJ, em-pir'* a*{}../vrm*d ff fiwrt Jire or 
lishi : perUinm|£ to the tughcst and purviri regina 
oT heaven. S^t. wmfyTtf— Gr. fmfjrfm, in fir« 
— *■»», rw, in, and/^, ftre,] 

IspjTMa. cm-pl-ri'in, nr em-pir', ttJJ., 'Wtfyw^ml, 
—n. the hi^not heaven, «-h«re the pure cjerocol 
nf fire was ^ujipoKsd by the aucienu u> iut»ui. 

Xbb. Same u 


SnaUU, em'Q-Ut, vJ., ta itritr to eijual or escal ; 

ty imitate, with a view to et^ual or exoel ; to 

rival :—/»■./. cm'Olflung ; /«./. ein^Udied. {U. 

ammlor- itm mhu, Uriving with.] — m. mm'nlUat. 
laaUUaia, em-a-U'shun, «., act «/ rmuUting or 

atteininirni to equal or_ excel ; nvaJry ; compels* 

li.Hi . MJiiicst ; in B., ttnful rh-alry. 
«MUaUv«. crnii-U-tiv^ adj., iiulimtd to emMtatlon^ 

rivalry or cnnipetibon. 
flBmlmu, em'Olui, aJj.,nt£Trt/i emulaU; desiroiu 

of lile excellence wiin anoihcT : enxa^ted ia 

compelilioii or rivair]-. — <u/v. ea'nlawty. 
Ba«UlM, C-mul'thuB, n., a miik-fikr mixture pro- 

(4red by uniting oil and i*ater by meant of 

anvlhcr mbatance that combines with both. [Fr. 

— L. rmm/ffit. emttirmm, to mitk out— #, out. and 

mtt/ft*. in millc-l 
wmaiMtvtt e-mulijv, sifj.. mtlk-iUte X ■oftenmfS 

yiebting^a milk-lilce nubitance. 
BaaUa, cn-A'bl, v.t,, ta mak* abU; to giwc power, 

tircncth. or authority to:->r.> eniXling ;>i.j#. 

eiil'bled. [m. to ir.ake, and AhU.) 
bad. en-akt', r /. lo put m net or iarn acdoo ; (o 

perfunii , to act the [on uf - to cMabliih by bw ; 

to decree. |L, €m, in, and ArtJ 

iDdte , mOle ; mCOn ; tka^ 




T«, cB-aktlv. M*0'. • J^aviMC /fftrf U tnmet or 
nuMi^h by luw. 

aatBwst, cn-.iLt'racxit, w.. tkr rx^etimj^ or paidns 
of a t»U int< t.MV : that which u cttaOed : a Uw. 
Hilba^Cii -am. ihc iMi^riKaj^i/ (tf 

one cue. I foruiolhef. (Gr. — r«, 

tlicr — a/Eft, onottier.] 
d, H. a ttxhitsuKc like ('""'i which 
it mf/t/if and iiMd for inUying Jewellery, &■:. ; 
any tmuoih iusd coating, ap. that of ihe tc«tlj : 
•nyihtng enajneUcd. — c./. lu coal wttb, or paint 
IQ roami:] ; to form a cl^^ty itirfacc upoa, like 
mamcl :— /r/. cnani'clliug; /*/■ enim'eUed. 
(L, m, in, ana old £. amuI, Fr. imcil. rnrnMiJ, 
OtiJiktmfU—4ckm*htn, \o melt.)— «. nMB'tDcr. 
uuwb. co-am'ur, r./., /# itt/tam^ v/itk i^ttt: to 
chann i -~/^jA enam'ouriiiK ; /^r./. enun'oured. 
(Fr. rM, ll. tJV, in, Fr. ameur^ L. Hfmv, love^] 

co-ksj*. V.I. b> thut up M a cdfr: — -^-A- 
cncijj'ityf ; J^-A encSfcd'. [«», in, and Oaf*.] 

-Lamp', v.t. to furm i>it» m Auvr/. — v.i. 

til piuih tents : to halt oaa laareh. [en, in, OamiL] 
iwpnait, cji-ltamp'mciiC, M. , tJtt act of tnaumjh 

imi: the place wncre an army or company u 

«iiiHf7i|>o) ; a camp. 
Kbcam. cti-kl»'. S^inc as Xacaa*. 
SuauUc, cti-kaws'tik. adj., htirntd in or dtme by 

heal. — fi. aa aaciciit tncthod af paJa(in£ in 

cnellod wax. |/m. in, and OuiUa.] 
XsMr*, en-iJ^'', c,t. to hide u tt i<«Ev;~/*'./. cn- 

cA/ing ; /u./. cncavcd. [en, in, and Oan.] 
SkedaU, Ing-iJUil', aeij., ital firt ; preguant, with 

ctuld. [ Kr. ~L. itui/tcUt—tH, not, cingVi tmcMm, 

ID gird.] 
toch a l a. en-chfln', v.t. to put im cJutOu; lo hoUl 

fa&i . lu hnk tugctker. [tu, in, and 

Sadtut. cR-chaAt', v.t,. U act #m h^ Mo»gx ol 
sorcery : to charm : to deUfibt in a htxh deeree : 
—f^^- enchanting; paf. enchanred. [Fr. 
ftScAantrr — L. utcaHtart, Lo king a magic for* 
ntula over — in, on, tanlo, lo iiogj Sec QMBt. 

•Mkaatar, en-chant'«r, i*.. tmf tuM enckoMt*; a 
>ort:cier or magician': one who charms or de- 
hzhx^.~/rm. •■chast'nM. 

•aduatawt, en chanc'itKoi, n.,act of fMchantvtg ; 
live of ma^ic arts : that which encliantE. 

iBCh t w , cit-chls'. V.t., ia inctut or fix in a Ixmlcr 
or rim ; loa<)om with raided or etnhoucd work : 
— ^7>. CDchiU'ina; /<» /- eochiicd'. [Fr. /*- 
ekAjit*- — tn, in, CM*su,caist€, a case.) Sec CteM. 

Xadrtic, en-s4rk1,r./. U enclose wt a •.tVrJV or ring; 
t'< embrace : to pau around. \*n, in, and Clrvle.} 

teiMMa. en-kltt^ik, adj., tkat imclinft or U*mi 
m/mH.—m. in gram,, a word or panicle hi united 
to aaotber as to tecju a pLon of il . a particle nr 
Word (hat throws the acceni upon Ihe former syl- 
lable. [Gr. eHji[3ktitiJeos~-ftt, m, A/inJi, to beoa.] 
cn-cl&x'. Same aa InelOM. 

en-«oroi-uiD, n. high c^mmtndaticK. — 
//. aaee'Biluu. [L.— Gr. mjsiMHioH, a_ aong in 
praiic of Bacchiu — tn, in, i imtn , a ftAttvity.] 

aeoaSirt, cn-kO'mi-ast, it., otu uAe praiut^ or 
OM who utters or writes encomiums. 

■eonlartl*, to-kO-mi-av'iiV, •nwiatflcal. en-lcO-mi- 
a«'ti1(-al, adj., iontaining mcamtumA or pnu>e , 
bestowing praise. — mdt; •nooBtUi'tlBanj. 

IneaapaM, en-kuoi'pai, tf.t., to crmftiu nr go 
r^und ; to surround ur enclose [/», in. and OiA' 


Mmn. ftnC-ltOr', aJv Hi, (■•! .'i« .?*«^ , 

once morv. - ' 

Pr.p. encflr*!! .1 

— L. im hah-, < 
EBOMial«r, eti-koinu'«r, p.i. to run cato*t»r 

arttiruii to meet face In face, csp. 

cdly : to meet in contest: to optMMc :—/»•./. 

couni'ering ; /«./. cocotjofered. — «. a roc 

uiirvfMrcIriJIir ; an inlcmcw: a fi);(i(. [old 

mtOHirrr — Lu tn, in, and sftJrm, a(aiiH>.j 
booarac*, cu-kuyij. v.t, lu put riwi^fr n 

inspire with spint, or how: lu luciio 

encoui'Aging ;/■*-/. encourftged.~«, 

~^dv. Mi uiu ^agticly. [Fr. 

and nmrngt.] See Oavraga. 
MtMn^HncBt. ca-ku/R^-mcnt, m., mrt tf * 

*g**^; iliat which eocoiiratts or iftptik. 
tocT^la', enljialt, w. the xouc-A//.' a 

animal on a lon^ stem or Kalkj 

titM/n/ hcatl. [Gr. rn, in, and ' 
^uataal, ^n-krrnal, eacrteic, cn-krin'ilt, 

Murfatt'loai, ii^'., rtUtrng ta or 

nnvaik, cD-kiech', v.t. lit to <lr«w away mr 

Aofi : to leixe gradumlly 00 the righta of otlwivS 

to intrude; to trMpaM;— y<^/. emxoach'n^ ; 

/•■/. cocroacbed'. — m, msntA'w.—^tdr. m^ 

eiMdl'Ingtar. [old Fr. m tf ^^fr; Ft. 

lo htKik — r r. m*, rmcA//, a hone.] See ■ 
cn-krOch'menl. r., act ^tmc 
tlttt,whkh is taken by cncraachias. 

iiUM^ en-knut*. Same as iMtaM. 

wankar, en-lcam'b^r, v. t. to impede ike Motian 9I, 

with something eum^rvus aa «■ k«^^; In eoabao 

rass: to load with debts:— >r^ encum'bcnqg; 

(Fr. m0 mtf 9w, lov L. jr 

a moood.] 5ee0^ab«. 

i—ti-aajs. en-kum'bfaftS, »., tkai mkidk . 

(•*rs or hinders : a legal ctaiin on feo 
■ByaUBal, ca-«ik1ik-at, aJJ. bL w « eyciM 1 

scat to manT per«ms or places, as a Iccice, 

m, in, and iykUa, a circJe.) 

XnerctopMUa, aiHCr-kl0-pirdi-«. 


/a^. eocumliered. 

en-«T-klO-p6'di-an. adj. 
tiu whole cijrU ^/tearntng. 

•acyelopsdle. en^ukto-ped'ik. 

UO-pcd'ik.-aI, adj., ^trUtuumg ia am 

flaaydepsdM, en-sr-kls-p^tlst, «i. the oompiter 
one who autsU in the compilalioo ofaa 

XBeystad, en^sist'ed, «r^'. endowd m • (7«f or %■(. 
\eny in, and Oyit. ] 

KDd. cndt «., /V Imt Jvint or foriiaai tenain* 
atian or clone : limit : tcrminatiou cu 
death: conclusion: consequence: object 
at; purpoae : a baeinent — r.^ to bring to 
end; to destroy. — :,/. to u>me to an cod 
c ea se : — /r./ end'iiig; /(»./ eud'cil. [A-S 
Ger. ende; Goth, ttmdfit: Sans. anta.\ 

end'ing, m. termination ; in /■•wm., the to 

nitoating nyllalilc ur Iritcr of a word. 
StH. endleft. adj. , tvitkant tnd ; coot 

contionaJ- eww- 
la«ting : objectless. — <*</t'. aMtaMly. 

caitwti^ end'wte. adv., rmd wayi; on the cnl: 

with the end furwKrd. ISbA, and Vlaa] 

en^am'lj, vt. (to B. \ ^me aa Daaaga. 
en-ilAti'jtr, v.t. Xo place m dam^rr', i» 

—/*■>. eoiUir'seruig ; 

.md X>ftictr.) 
■- ^**^ or more dear : 
t, cirfew^; y^* cftdeartd'. (m, to 

va-AtfvKKXiXf m. , act t>^ twtdtvrtMg ; 
eadeareil ; tnal which exdtei or 

cfltSevW. p.f. liL to maJEC it one's 
^i<r to do a tKin?; to strive to iccompKsh 
IB c^ eot : SQ ftnempc or try \-~fr.p. endex^oiir* 
M( ; /"'/ ■ <Adea v oured — «. ajo ca ertwm of 
M«<cr itmtfllft tome object ; attempt or triaL 
pM &. «H^iravr— Fr. r« d!nvtr-VH, is, and 

Moie at 

en-dciulk-Al, So- 
Kv^t n\i-^ . Adj. , ^mtiar t^ a p*o/it or 
1 divtrict, as & db c n ie. — n. a diicue of an 
ca rfcw ic oauacto. — «<ib. ■sdanlcaUy. [Gr. /»- 
^■Mr— «M, in. u4 ^Mw, a people.] 
MagH^ ca'd^-ien, «. a plant that gjvwt /rmm 
■ tfJtn, or by additioiu to the innJe of ibc sicio, 
«4 the ptUm, grmatt, ftc. [Gr. end^tt^ withia, 
«i»l fww, TtrM tkrvt&mai, to ^ov.] 

dtftmtt m hf tttenial growth. 

Saoitf asladona. 
9. t. (0 iC>*« * devny or manuce- 
fD ; to KtUc a. pcrniaiicrt prqvuiuii on , 

with any pft. ur Cicullv ;— /rj*. cnduif - 

■M. ndsVir. [Fr. /m, and 



ii(:>M- ttdowcd". 

4bMr, ID vndov.l S<:« Dmrt. 

dMMHrt^ eo-dow'mcnt, M., <*r/ r/ 

Am wWkA ia aettWd on aoypetaon or uutitutioii 

• ^kaliry ov facility bc M owed oa any ooc 

' > ruDain firm ; 
toiue - 10 bear wiih- 

«M •»•>*.! ' ^. cadQred'. 

trr #w»'*i»«^ : L .■«..'i.'.jjf. lu in-iiie hard— m, 
. h«td.l 

«nS 1 > •'/tmdttrimg or bear- 

itf: C4Man>Li' rtug panenily wkb* 

MKaahittj;. pat^iD^c. 

tavi^ •-l»f «■. or «n'. If. a liquid medicine tkw mim 
mA^ iW trctiua : an iojectioo. [Gr. rmif mi , to 
«at a> «», m, aad M»fmf, to tend.] 
kMC> co'£4ni, K.. iiw nt4t> iV m"/ atttica&U or 
friiwllj ; obc wh? bales ur di«ltkes : a Toe : a 
ImhAc army. (Fr. tnmrmi—l.. imimiciu—iti, 
'., Add «anrakr, a fnr nd- 1 
r. «a*«ii-t). w , tA* fim/ity if/heimf am mtmy ; 
ill vnll: hoMiltty. [oldt:./w/- 
Fr. inimitU: L *M««/Jrf/ui.] 
,fltf'£r-Ji. « tnherwil pwcf ^r tww* : power 
vi(«r*m« ojwraiion : »rrc»gth- [Or. 
and rw^gtm, worft.] 
cn-er jct'iL., aw«|wHnal. ci»^>JAC'ik-«l. 
«i^. W*'^/ v< ■b«winK ftt^rcy' active; forc- 

MWMI^ e-f»Cf" ■ 

«,oai ««, «fKJ 


■s-ttV, v.JL» D» wtm^ fttbU; to deprive 


ofsneiiKth, toweafcco :—>'-./. enfce' 

eafctf^ed. [ff, t>i nuLke, and FmNC] 
Mftiifcl— t, en-Z^bl-foctit, »., act t>frm/rM£»^ or 

wcak.«nuig ; wcdiknciit. 
fitfta^ cn-ref' or -feT, p./. to fire .s ^tftx/tud 

to; to invest with a pc*»c»iiou niyir'— /r./. 

cofeoffuis ; /a/- enfeoffed'. [««, aiid faeC,] 
MfMCBHst, eo-ftf 'in«:it, or -fef', a., e^ fifrmfifff- 

vtf ; the deed which invest* witn the fiec of aa 

lii**^'. eB-fi-Ud*, «., ijitf, tt'mft or ttiaight pan- 

age : a utuation 'v a body open frooi end eoend. 

—«.£. to rake with shot tKrough the whole length 

of a line :— /r>. enfilading; /a./. eofilSd^. 

(Fr. «r, andj!f, a lioc-] See FOa. 
■aftm^ en-f&rs', p./., ttr/t/f/orcf u^iom: to gain by 

force : to give force to : to put in force : to |^w 

effect to : to urge, [rm, and Phvc | 

pulsioa : a givisg effect to ; that which euforce*. 

liffiBnBMaa. en-fVan'chii, v.l., to /ti</ a /ntnchitt 
or political privileges tc : — /r./». enfnui'i. 
/ij./. carraochiftco. [rm, nod Fyaaffctoa.J 

mtaochlaMUBt, co-rrao'chii-niait. m., act ff m- 
/raMcAuimg i admiaMoo to dvil or poUtaai 

ElVi€*> en-icfi^', v.L to hind by a f^fv or pledge ; 
lo render liable : to gain for acmce ; to cnlut : 
to gain over; to win : to occupy : to enter into 
contest with. — v,L lo pledge one's word : to be- 
cnme bound-: to talce a part : lo oolcr into coo- 
Hict :— >rj*. englf'iiig: /a./, cnglged'. \fm, 
and Oa^] 

•agag^iMt, cn-gflj'inent, la.. act p/fntmgm^l ttaic 
of wing mgagra : thai wnirH engages ; protnisc : 
employnicot ; a 6ght or batde. 

tngigig. en-glj'iag, adj. winning i sttractive.— 
aav. ogag'Incty. 

Bamiar. en-jen'der. v t., tf gtrnder or bcfet; to 
brred : to tow the seeds of; to produue.— r.i* to 
be causod or produced :—/r./. engc&'deriag ; 
/(I./, engen'dered. irn, and dantfar.] 

B&g&w, en'jtn, n,, a» in£nucus or xkilful e^fitnt^ 
Mtue; a oompjfex machine ; a military nachioe ; 
anything used to effect a poriKne. [Fr. mgm — 
K fHfCTc/wm, tJall.] Sec iBcealema. 

cnclnM', en-jio-ir'. h., an eHgmt-maktr or man- 
after : one who has charge of nulttaiy wnrlu and 
engines ; a dvU «tfiaa«r, or one who lupefin- 
tcnd<( the construction oifimf'ik worlu. 

mglufrlac. en jin-«/ii^;, f*., tkt art or troftiaioii 
fftttt enpnerr. 

M»gM,ta-gtri',vJ.tto cininmnd. [m,andOM.| 

»»l*i.fc in^glis^ adj. , htianguig ta EmgtaMd or 
it% inhabttanLt.— If. the bnguago or the people of 
England- [A.S. Eft^tiK, fFom En^, A^gle, 
from the Angles who Mttled in BriLun.] 

Cngraln, cn-grSj/. Same is tograls. 

Eagrmv*. ci»-gr4v', v.t., /<•,-?.■■* r -rta: lo cut 

out with a graver a r-.; f anything 

on wood, steel, &c. : ' : ' iniprcM 

deeply. — «. aagnir'ar. [.^., -i... 4-i-,*.j 

■ncr^vtBC, cD-gT&v^g, n., act or art pf cuttimt 
dcwgnt- OD wood, ficc. : an imprcsnoo taken from 
an engm^'ed plate ; a print. 

ITnpiM I n rrrn*, v.t. lit. tc ikaIv /rtr/r or btfge : lo 
scire in the gn>u '■ to purchase in Ijj^ quanti- 
ties to create a demand, and mII n^in denr ; tn 
take or aa&urae in undue quantity : to copy a 
writing in a ia^f* hand or in distinct characten : 

titt, (ii ; tnC, hitr ; mtne ; mOlc ; mOte ; mSQu ; /Acn. 




and vocatu^- 

fT. .v.,'Mt*», cqtial, 

^J . , 

1., tJ Hit eqtitv«cai or 
:r to mislead :~^^ 

Lid. m . Act ^/ MuiviKat- 

If.- -■■ words to idiuoul. — m. 

fr», iTrj, i» a Mnes of^^AFrrcckmod fn»m a p»r- 

ttcuUr (wlni, [L. trra ; Fr. /ne; allied U> A,S, 1 year.] 
■n41c*W. c-nul't-kJit, v.t t<) pull up J^ /4# nuttt : 

l<> dotroy -.—pr.f. 6iiid'icitin|[ . >*y. Cndl- 

cJtcd- (1-. rraduc^ to rooi out— «, :uid rmlix, 

radicii, a nK>t, | 
•nAlMttott. £-rftd-i-kS'ftbun.M.. iKt ^i of trtt-iitit*' 

irtg; tcaic of being eradicaud. 
ftiM, e-rti*. r.r., /ff nwj or Krafc eutt to elkce : 

to destroy ;— /r./. b^s'tng ; /w./- Mimi^.--~Jul/. 

■cu'ftkla. — «. ««■'«-. (L. r/uUti-e, out. and 

r»(/47, mfii:/. to wrnipc I 
«fMl4». 6-rl'ihuii. •TMMmial, «-rax'menl, vmiar*, 

^•rl'jtiODr, n., /^ vuf of t^iuim^i a rubbing 

out: the pbce where >o[tietiuu( written luu 

bees rubbed out. 
bMtUa. j-nut'yui. «' a follower ofThoinu Ervts- 

tmt, a CcnTiaD pliyskuui, who nuinuined that 

thcchiiTch ii wliuUy dcpendenl on the »tale for 

ii^ cxuCciice and authority. ~-a*^*. relating la the 

Er3£UAn> or their doctrines. 
VBiOMaa, e-rui'yan-ifin, m., primcifin vf th* 

Ertuttams i cnnlrul of the church by ihc itaie. 
fc*, It, adv.. htfore; toaticr t}un. — ^rr^., br/crr. 

fA-S. ttr, (kittL air. early.) 
•nt, ftnt, aJv.t/int; at fint; formerly. [A.S. 

ttrttt, luperl. of wr] 
toMt, irckt', r,/., /f tti ti^rigkt: \o raiM ; lo 

build: to omit: to r»tabli»h ;^*»-j*. Crcctlnii : 

^.f. irect'ed. [L. rrrctat. from ^rj'go. to »ct 

ilpnchE~< out. uid frgy. to make stntij^t} 
•TMt. c-rckt', «<f., ufrigkt'. directed upirard: 

ui»bukcn . bold. — adv. «r«cSlr. — h. awama. 
■rveUoB, c-rck'abuti, n., itct a/ errcttn^ or raitiag : 

»tal« of beine erected ; e-xalutioo : aaytJung 

erected .* a building of any kind, 
er't-mrt, n. now lUnalt. 
*r'roln, «. a northern animal of the weasel 

Irihc, valued for its fur ; its white fiu*, an emblem 

of tJie purity of judges and iiuieistrate£, who«e 

rubc^ anc lined w*i:h il — adj. vwdtamX, adorned 

Willi cnninc, (uviully Bi'ren, the ArmmioH rat : 

but Fr. hermint^ Gcr. nermchtn, ■ weascL] 
ftvd*, f-rAd', v.t., iff fataxfay: — /r./, 2rOd'ing; 

/d /. crOd'cd. f I., f, and rrdfi, rv*tu, to btuiw.) 
•rwlM, e-tO'siv, adj., having ttu pwperty p/fwvd- 

ing ur ciiting away, 
tnrioa, c-r^'rhun, «., tht act itfrrodiMf or uting 

away: the state of being eaten away. 
b«IM, t-roclk. SroUeaJ, e rr>t'ik-al. adj., pert Atning 

t» t*W. [Gr. rrOtikai—er^. erOtt-t, love] 
Irr, CT, v.L, /.• tpanrfrr frcm the right way ; to go 

mray : to mistake ; lu sin. |I... rrrr, to uray.} 
■i. cr'ant, adj., rrriHg or ■maitdfritig l roriog; 
ila. [L rrran*, trrantis, pr.p. of <-^-»r.l 

er'ant-ri, n., an rrramt or wandering 

tUit» ; a rambling abuut like a knight-errant. 
mtMte, er-at'ik, miMm, cr-ac'ik-al, adj., wander. 

img; having no certain cotiru ; not ujtionar>-. — 

ix<rr. HTftt'leally. 
■rrklBm. er J'tum. w,, sn errvrin wn ting orprin ting. 

~fl. crTkta, er-4'ta. {h..—rrrr>.] 

•tnr, cr'or. Jt., It w^ndfrtHg or drrialioB . 

ti-iith, right, «c. ; a blunder or mistake ; a h 

*.ipi. L.. — er»o.\ 
•tr«»'Mi vik, <f<4^'.,7t^R*U>nji^; ening:/*! 

in order ; 

igcr : ace ta 

CrrMut, er'and, •/ , -i m's 

imsAiini b) ii» 

•I'-. Ice. Ari. 

Muller, from [ 
Srw, tr\. n. corr. of /. 

Liiwiuid Sols to til 

the W. Highland*, i 
Ktvk. Sec under lr«. 
Krabflterat. cr-^!1Vbe>'cot, aJj,,growimfrmd; i 

reddish ; blushing. — m. antMB^Mea. (L. 

cemt, ~f4/it, pr.p. of tnti^M«, ta $jvw 

and rmttr, red.] 
trvetatjei, cr-uk U'lhuo, «., tKt met 9/MJiimi 

rejecting wind fr>rT) the stomach : a TtolenC^ 

tmn of wind or other matter from the eutiL 

trnela, tntctatHs—e, and t^vfU, t« bckJk fO 

rM/-«, to belch : Cr. ertugomai, to vomiL) 
BnUlu, er'Q-dit. adj. \\\. frttd fr^m rwi€mu\ 

xtructed ; polished : learned. — -adv. 

rrtfdi,y, entditut. lo free from rudcn< 

and nidii, nide.] 
•rwUUom, er-0-di'ihun. n., ttaU of heimg 

ur learned: knowledge gained uyitnny; 

ing, C9p. in Utsraturc. 
Iragbnu, C-rsO'jin-ut, adj., rtirmUiMg tkr fW < 

capper or brast . ruity, [L. 

rust of copper — <■», irns, metal, cnppcr.l 
XnptiiNt, f -rup'ihun.H- ,4 hreakingvt hurxting/iftii i 

that wnich bursts forth ; a btwdng out of spoo 

on the Ucin. (Lk mtptu> — rmm^, em/ha—*, 

out, and nrm/n, to break.] 
•rapiad, e-rupt'cd, otO-, suddenly aBd fardUy 

lArifwn fut, a lava (rein A volcanOi 
•rafMn, e-ruptlv. adj., ire^ing /ifrth ; ttteaAi^ 

by or producing ctMplion : produced ^ atif- 


BryalpalM. cr-J-iip'edas, m. liL rwj thin: *n (na- 
tive intUmmatton of the skio, chiefly on u* 
face. [Gr. —eryth>v^t red, and/^/ii. uin I 

Bwaiada, cs-ka-l&d'. or cs*. •«., the gr*iin^' 
walls of a fortress bjr meoni of tsdJ^rt. — 

tcaU : to mount ana enter by mewu of Li 

—pr.p. cscaUding: >■./. ocaUiTML Ue. 
from L. Kala, a ladder,] 

iMtaUoy, e^-korup. Same 35 laaOop. 

Iwapada. See under BMaya. 

iMftpa. c«-kl[p', v.i., to skip or flee fram ; ts fMi 
unobserved: to evade. — v.i, to flee and ' 
•a/e from drnger ; to b« paascd witbMii 
—pr.p. esdlpong ; /rij#. cscSpefT.— 1»., . 
escaping: flight from dang[er or from 
[Fr. 4£kapper, It tcipfart^.. ihi'p.] 

•Mapada, ci-Va-i>ad'. n. the fling of a horse or tJet 
ing back of his hccis; an impropriety of tpatcH 
or behaviour which escapes unconsootuly froa 
anyone. [Fr. — It trappata — tcnpparr.} 

aaeapavMtt, ca-kAp'mcnt, n. part of ■ tinMiBca 
connecting the wheel-work with the pendMlA 
ai>d allowug a tooth U est^p* at cack vUamiiai* 

ttearp. es-kirp', v.t. to make inn a ac^rf at sui* 
den dope:— /r/. eacarpln^ ; /« /. cseamsff'. 
— <». a tcaip or steep dope : inj*»rt.. the nic ol 
the ditch next the rsm^rt. \Tt. $%carpg^, H 
cut down steep, from rT>ot of icuji ] 



OtCt fb ; ni<» h^ ; mine ; mOte , mDte ; mRto ; tkea. 





KOki^rvnatof sn heir, ur tytoriciturc. — r.t., 
Ai/»tf i«c1m fen] of the hudoT' oT'Io Uie itaie : 
-^ t r-,- '--■•'■■■ ■ *.?>, e*che«'ed [uU Ft. 
" !/■- ■ t^to, from ttcotU — L. tx. 

^0m, cs-rr.-'j .' ■ xSy a! or »Aimj to flee 

hnm:~frf. e«^i - . r .: / :/. etcbevciif, [old 
ft Aa4ai«#r; Ot, r i. /■•- . -j J 

a^T«n. •*., a^uUi aji attrndaiil : agnsM: 
s body </ armetl mea as a guard | Fr. tuarfr ; 
ix. w^^rt^. s fvn^e — »r^*7v*r. to (UmIc — L, rf-x, 

4 « Suacd >-i*r.>. 

■nitag^^li, [Ff. 
',' low L. Kwifta- 


■—ittiniHfta EtiTt- 

~<r healinf . [£/£-«• 

.1 r1 . ! 


L- cat.J 

HtAAfl^ o-kiii-U'utt, n., a iJiitiU oit wJi«.li a coat 
al Btwa k rcfv^Mjilcd ; a ^unily &bicld ; the ptut 
«tfanmli «ifm !>carinj her name.— Ot://' «- 
AO escutchron. [old 


eid 1 

lafnm, snl bci 

tM4iy HLKA. 

'.ing J 

■; U tcuhrm, a shield.] 

- '^n pauioce through 

»/. Tofnacb, the gullet. 

««" i^'M — cisit fUL uf 

L ^.. J -.-, .,-, ij eau] 

«i-*-l«:T~ik. *<rf;. , 111/T .- Kcrct ; my*- 
m >W.. uusht to 3 Aolcct few— opposed 
-^ ,_,.-. >»*»rlcall7. (Gr. nJJVrUiM— 
.A.y—^U, Uitfi.] 
, Litiice-work of wixxi oa 
, .. ;. ...L Lreo: a row of trtc» »o 
I ^ f — <^«^, old Fr, tipaldt. It. //d//d 
vL. M^tX^-U, dim- of j/d/Ao, the fthouldcr- 

W-M- 1 

kl^ , iJ^cmI: particular; pnn- 

w : -iJv. MptcUUf. [old Fr. 

-_ ,^... .- , .-^.. epwtat 

ViMM*- Sec vikder Bipr- 

i<ftaM4t. rr-^f^rit)', ft , a /2iiMr or JSrtW ipace be- 
fiP B f a ' '! 6nt houses of the town ; 

t^ H^ iri or driruig in. [Fr. — 

t^fnr T-.//ii«im. plain.l 

Im^- . J .-/**«■ or Ar'np/A*»^; 

19 spou»c; to wed :; to einhracc, a» 

•; old Fr. «/* 
.<nuc iolannlr.J 

txp^Hsrr; L. 

I-. J 3l ^ J ^4^ rti--/ p/ es^wring or 
_ the taking upon one's self. ,ai a 
j^ — €B ^- ft coocnct or mutual promise of 
[old Fr. MfomioitUt ] 
Wftt **9f* r / , tf 9** »t » dUtoHct; U r^ or 
r.»rK ^ii^' ■f" tr, r\-vmr.: tr (lincovcr ones- 

■ mployroent 


an at;£itd.-int on a kingh: : a liilv of dignity neirt 
below a knighi ; a title gii^en to yoiutgrr »on* oi* 
noblcnjen. ac. : a general uUe <:>( respect to ad- 
drcwing letters. \'M Fr. f M c my t r —trvax tttm, 
now A«, L. A^itiiDit, a shield. ] 

I sii y , es-«l', r.;., ia try; to attempc ; to tnaka ex- 
periment <ii:—^r.^. cssay'tng: /*(^. cHayc«l'. 
[froni t»3l ufAaar ) 

••Bay. ei'ij, »•., a Inal; an expen'ment : a written 
(.vnijRivtum |cs» cUt.njcate than X trcjti«e. 

■■ayir. t:!>-sl'er, wiaylit, ca'ai-ist, m. a writer tf 

■miim, cs'eas, «., hfrngl a being: on cxistitig 
person or fubctance : the qualities which tnaks 
any object what it it: tlie ntractcd virtues of 
any drug : the solution tn spirits of wir.e of a 
\^^u,tile or essential oil; a perfume. (Fr. — L. 
tttfttia — tunu, ettenti; old pr.p, of tstt, A. 5. 
itaetart. Sans, aj, to be.] 

w tatl il. es-sea'shal, »Jj., rrlatiHe tv or oootain- 
ing[ tkt turner: neceisary to the eaisteoca of a 
Lhuig : iodispeosable or important in the highest 
degree: highly rectified; purc~«. tomttkmg 
fttfHtiai or neceuary ; a leading priodple. — 
aiiv. •■MB'tlaDy. 

■Mitlamy. ev^n-ihi -all-ti, w., ikt quality c/btiHg 
ttifntMl; an cuential part. 

IrtaUUk. e& tablish, v.t.. t» maJu ttahlt or firm ; 
to settle or fix; to ortuJD: to found; lo set up 
(in buunesaj' :—/«',/. cMablishing : A'-/> <** 
tabliihed. [oldTr. ettahUr—Xt, ttaituM, tjmi'— - 
tt9, 10 stand.}—*. ■•tebHikir. 

■atabUitaint, ewtablish-ment, n.^ net n/ fttablisk- 
iMg-- fUc-i rtar*- ■ that »hicli I* e\ublislicd ; A 
^Kntuuient civil or militarr force: one'i resi- 
dence, atuL style of living : tne clitirx:h estabUsbed 
by law. 

Estate, evtlt', n., a itnmtingi condltinn; rank: 
property, C5p. l.-inded pn'fpcrty; fortune: an 
order or class of men in tlie tH-)dy-poliUc— //. 
domtniocu ; pocMMions ; the l«gl<iature — tciog, 
lonl«, and conimnni. [Fr. H^t, old Fr, ri/o/ — 
L. ttatut, a standing, front tia, to itafid] 

IrtMca. Sec tinder Brttnat*. 

EgtlsLsta; e^'tim-Si, v.t. to reckon the vshie of in 
Ttf^ry; to judge of the worth of a thing: to 
calcaule ; to pnze :— /r./. es'cimjiting ; /(i./. 
cs'Liniltcd. [rr. rslimrr — L. mttiinff, tntima- 
t:un, to value — *t, copper^ money.] 

Mttmate, et'tim-Jt. h. a valuing in tne mind : judg- 
menL or opinion of the worth or ttae of any- 
thing : a rough calculation. 

liiM, c«-l£ni', V. I. to set a high ntimatt or valtK 
on : to regard with re.ipect or fricndihip : to 
consider or think : — ^-fi- e^tccm'ine; /<»,/. es- 
teemed'.— w., hifk tJtitmAticH oe vaita; Cavour- 
able reganl. 

•rtliaahU. n'ttm-a-bl, tutj., that ean br ritimatrd 
or valmed: worthy of e«lrciii : deserving our 
good itpini'in, — ^X'. Mtlmably. 

■ItiistlnB. es-tim-JI'ihun, w , act of ettimAtin£i a. 
reckoning of valiu : esteem, honour. 

ZrtfavUe. See under ^rtkitlca 

btraage, estrflni', v.t.. le maJt* ttrwtgr; to alleii* 
ate : tu divert from its original U)e or pneseuor : — 
/r./. c»trinr^ing ; pA.^ estrflngcd'. — n. ttna^^ 
■^ 1 . [old Fr. ettraHfrr. from root of Btwagt.} 

Xitwr, cs'ta-ar-i, n. a narrow puujce, as the 
niauih of a river, where the tide mecti the cur- 
rcDt, so called from ihe/vi/uu-ur foaming caused 


QHb ftr ; id£, h6r ; mloc ; mOtt : mOte : raODa : /A«a. 


l>y thf TT nu-^tin;. [L. irr/aNtn'MMr, from «sAw, 

^Hf • '!> — ttttmt, a burning.] 

BMk, < ' uiaJn tlen^s oa metal, cUas, 

Jtc- ■ ihc liu« wiih an arid :— /r/ 

elc'' 'lied'. [Gti. JHtfn,tacomiA*: 

\ty ' -->«. Sjou. aJ, 10 eat.] Sag lal 

■Irtihi; tkt net or orf ■•' ^t.hi-.j ^^r 

lafttof : wiihniit heginning ot ci.- - ; ;. ^■.— ...^ . 
immr^nal ; c^uelcu : unchanscaUc — m. tht 
ttanal. an appclUnoa of God. —^A*. tlarWlr- 
[Ft. /.'.-— /-i'. 1 .rift-KHj, ttvi/trn m -irr u m, Gt. 

•(•rait ;ti:nuJdW«fhNa : the atate or 

l'i'>c '. [Fr. fUrmiti; L. ^tlcFiir^dx.] 

'•tUBlaa. c-Kf ni J, 1'./., /(* fm^it* ^ttfrnal ; to iia- 
moct&liae : lo perpetuate. [Kr. /Urniter/j 

Sl>iMatt,&(€'cluii, aJj.,yTarijf; pencKlical : Hfrwing 
al stated aeasooi, as ocrtam \i-ind». [Fr. ftJtiea, 
L. fttiiux, Gr. ttintJ, annual — r/At, a. ycjr. ) 

■Bar. '7''! ^,'^ar, ti/'/€r .:.'■ ''.\.m 

aupj' ; '.(tace nbovt: i 

a i\g> 'linuiubte fin < ; 

I_ •rtnj • - » ir ,i:tk?r^ firiin .tilit.'i. ii.. I'^iH f'J', J 

Mluraal, «Ui*r?al. aJj., a-mutini: .'/ e/icr ; 

heavenly ; •pirii-liV.c.— J//:-. •ilM'TMlly. 
•IhanaUaa, £'tlt4'r£si)-ir, i:t., to amtvr^t inta 
rtJirr, or the flnid «thcr ; lo render ipirit-like ; 
—/*-,/, jthc'realluns; >•/. ethfrfaltscd. 
durta*. *'lh*Ml. v.r, ("rf ^mtfri inte ether; to 
sttipify with ethcri— /r^. ttherlaing; >«)•/. 

rtli'ik. SlUcal, ctti'ik-al, aJJ., wtlatimg tfl 

lUTior nufrah; truLine ofimuality aruLity, 

—adv. •Ih'kallr. [Gr. iihtkoe—itk^t, cuklam.; 

•tklei. ctli'tV*. H.siH£., tht Jpctrinet rf mormtityx 

the M:i(.'t)'.c of duty ; a sytCem of principles oiul 

r.ilTi M '.(litv. 

Z ' in, KUdople, C.tlii-ap'ik, a^j., 

'.-■'.t/u, a. oamc civen ta the 

' i '^T^ inhabited Dy the m^rv 

' :c -..cts, fcunbumt, EthJopioo— ^u/A^, 

,l^;>i, the face.] 
BUualCj cth'uik, Ztknlsat. etJi'nik-al, adj., relating 
la d mtiicM r.r f^^^f'Ie ; conccminfr natintu or 
races; pertauiiiii; tis the heathen. [U etMHi*-ia; 
Gr. etMniktis, from etknct, a nation.) 
f**'~"Tr*r*'r. clh-on^V^-ti, »., n lincn^tUn »/ tk* 
Hatimns of the cirth. (Gr. etknos, and cru^hd, 
describe)—^.//. •Uutograpbk. 

«th-iiori>-ji, a., ^Ai- uitnct that treats of 
ZMTutiet nf tMi kum^t nn-e. |Gr. ethHoi, 
and Ziytv, an account— //aI, l'^ kpcak.)— a.(/. 
■fefeMbv'lcaL— a/7. vUmDlofWlr. 
Hatila, C'ti-o-Ut, v.i. to become white or whiter : 
to be blanched by exdudins the Ikhi of the aun : 
to become pale uoin diseaae or absence of light. 


I) \niin, Mi<y 

-~v.t. to buDch : to cause to crow pftle ^— ^t-/. 
Ciiolttinf ; /«> C'tioUted.—M. •MaU'Uea. fr r. 
JtJaier, oTd Fr. eiiiaifr, to become slender, proh. 

Ger. j/i>/. stalk.] 
C-ti-oVo-ji, R., ^ tdemcr fflk* cAmtes of 
{Gr. ai/bt, a cause, and t«gm', an ac- 
t— ^if9, to speJik.) 

cC-t-Jtec'. M r ■' •-* on which the 

Id be ODSr I oa particular 

ir*ttt»vi :' ceremony or 

im; ccrcmnny. 1 1 ■ j ^cc Tlekat. 
rt'i>nio«, tt., t\e trut origin of a ward: 

an oridlriil looi 


ut, ct'i.mof*>>jtst, n., on* skilted in orw' 
nn etymviif^j. 
Ea r hariat. Qlta-rist, n. orifi. iAt ginmc ^ 
the sacrament uf the LonTi Srinprf , nVrV 
tuTle, eschaxlat leaL (Gr. eiJUru/M— #«. 
and cAan-t, );mce, thanks.] 
llOtton, la'jk um. Bill««7, Qlaoi^ ■., m .^^itfliW 
weli"/; pniK . a speech or wncine in pnuie ^ 

[Gr. eMt^gitt — em, well, and £vi'i, a speakiaf.] 
Mlodo. a-lojlk, votecleal, Q-lojIk-al. aM^ tnrni^m' 

I'ttff r**i*a or i^raise.— d<A>. tilaff'leady. 
anloflaa, olo-ili, v I., t» g^tmJk fiMlt ^i to sniM| 

—/'■./. eu'loKliiug : /a>. eulogT»ed. 
onlogtrt. Qlo-Jist, m., ouw Xi>ha4w^aisM 

an'ttlicr. — ,i.f/. •vloflrt'le, fulf of pra. 

Euaaeh, a'nulc. «., a jfyAntt-f "^ '*- 

castrated man ajipoinied to i ' 

[Gr. nmauchM — euHi, a cou 

charice of.] 
•QBBehla^ a'nuk4am, «., tkr ttmtf ^ 

EapfpiT, Q-pep'w, «., g9p^</.\, 

PyMp&t*T- iCr. ru/f/na—* 

digestion, from //«.', A/'' 

•vptptlc, A.ii-in^ g%*ot£ aij(ri:. 
EopjteaijB. QTcm-izm. r. lit. . 

sou or [tleaung terrn emptu> ' 

IS disagreeable.— iM^r. ewyfcaailit Ic [i.r. 

mumM-~€m, well, and>MMH*. lo speak.] 
SaphoBf, Q'foni^ n., aft iv^m$U Mfiuwf ; a 

ta«.y pmnimciatiim, [Ft . #w/4ofM#, Gr. 
- ^M. well. .ind/^M^, Sound.] 
fluptMolc, Q halk, sn^^benkal. Ik-al. wjJwIai^ S-flT- 

nt-iis, tuij.,itrf^iMiM^ ti> ftt/Jkamjr; 4£It>cableiH 

tound. — otfv. aapho olouty. 
•VPfeOalM, QTOO-Il, V.t. ta **iJ.k* fr/^irOL^t— 

/r/. cu'phooTiing ; /a./; eu : 
Suhraar, Q'fra-ri, m. in ^ot., t> 

fonnerly rrgatxlcd as bene) . 

theeyei [Gr.n^/vuM, delight. f,'uni< 

to cheer- ru, wcU, fktin^ the btftit.] 
Copksiain, O'fQ-izm, «. in »lTccl.itii:n oi rxrr^^r 

rcfincnient "f lancua;:; 

— «. n'phellt. — d^'. r t; 

a book by Lyiy id ir 

brought the style into vu^U'. 

ful — nt, weD,/A>/, crowih — 
£vDOlrA«B. a-rok1i-don, '■ ^ 

/ii// nic^ raising gr 

rancan Sea. [Gr. r' 

and kljd^H, a wave, f ' -.,„.,. ^ 

Earopia n . a-r3-t>c'an, <t: 

n. a lutive or inbatn. 
BvrrUiiay, G'ritlt-mi. n. In. f^w* '.■>'• 

pofiioo or frmmctry hi anythiag. 

mtin — tti, welU and rftk » i »t , tnaac 
Esthaaaala, O-tK^r "' ' ?■ ", i , 

AH r.zt,v, plc2>~ 

Eracaato. &vak Q-^t. ;' / . / ' ••'- 
to throw otit the contents >>i 

ruc, fir ; m£, bAr ; mTne ; mOte ; mQte ; mAto ; Men. 

1Kb tt oKnftfVBL 

Nbav; Gr- 

aooordiBC CD 

tod «ilb t^ So^cL 

lonardto pfcadi. 
•m,S. to 

I Mtfam : pBrsOd ; 

)c* mm <m #r««/, 

anr. K^ti. aiSp. fiL A»'»y ^(r.* aUajki 
alnjn* kK-^Si^.' !>«■■»; Gr.«te,as«aB^ 

««^ liM«v>r«wri 

•c(BfiAdy. IA.& •cAr. c««t* tfufr, oidO 

•lit r«l. W/ vxfcad: hud: 111 ti'w 
fgrtwrtr ^p, ■» m rW ■ TTi h 


jMW , 1Mb, W.' Ger. «M:'] 


ifvM; m^mmmmui yam id cmh «tf 

prove bcToad dosfat : w ^b« dowhr : i« aalM 
■rtoittl^ «-n^^ mSt- < V ^ ^ ^*Sy fw i ^ i aW 

' torn >-/r./. enaW - 

«.. skf me$ *f eMef4ttt*hmk 

or l-nrriii—fr./. In^oaiPia^i /#/. Ms'cet^ 

Swd. [L. r, oat, aad roArrtf, Iw Iwdfc}— «. 

■rkiiMi M^. 
■NMk friKft', *■/•. i^ f«tf Mf; to dnw 0W or 

braw Ibrtli :-^> fvAklac : >«y. AFtbcT. [1- 

^Mcar— #, out. aad voco, to cilL] 
■Mln, A'volv'. F./.. u nU 0ms ot asttU : lo di»- 

cIom: to dewki): t« throw owe; to BflfMcL^ 

r.i. lo di*c1o»c itself :—/*./. ewl*^;/*/. 

■ liliniiD. eT-<»-lo'»knn, «.. f^ o<^ ^wmwOhg 

' tbiac* u ~ 

a fanes (W tbiofs yafoliied : bj *rttA. hm_ 
ikt camctioD of f*ot» : Um crJcri y 

■rsuciMvi viM 


cWpe-dU, V.I. liL /i*/»w tktfttt from a 
ntnre; in fircc from impcduiieiiU : to haktca , to 
ien4 fnrth. —*tJj. free (rota iinpctlimen: : quick ; 
proiap*.— rt^i' «'»«*Jt«lr. [L. xxpedit, txf*- 
Jilm$—»-T. uuL, and A-j, M/.'--, --. ?''"ii ) 

■zpvdlUMi, cL& p^-ilishun, ■ ' yfi/heiMc 

fxpfJUe nr ipectly ; *\- aa«ing by 

a number of pctsons ; a . . ■ v vnyagc : 

lbo*o who f<.irm *n cuocdu.'n;, |i- rjc/^^tttif.i 

■ lH<1l1liiii. clu-pedi'lvus. d^., charactrrufii hjf 
ejr/>tJitttJtt or rapidity; Bpccdy; prwnpt. — utiv. 

aptOwt cki-pf di-<nt. aJ/., tTftdttiHr or hjutcn- 
inff fomraH : !mJine to promolfl An opject ; Butt- 
aVii- ■ f»,tfiat which »crvp« tij promote i 

ui> :> an end; conlnvancc— ii^ft". 

izptd'. I cn<i, fxjiadlaicy, cx-pfJi-CD-w, 

w . IV of bring txpcdunt ; fitiicn ; 

d. . .ir-iiitcrcsi. 

Xxpcl, Lfc. jtI', 1- {., ta drrzie eut from or cut ftff 

coiincctitin with » society; to b.inish :— /^./. 

exptiri.itt ; ^.p. expelled'. [L. tJc/cUr, rx/n^nu 

— ("X, iMif. and >r//<>, lo drive,] 
upsUoo. cks-puTsiiun, «.. act a/ tjr/ellimg : tUle 

of being ciTJcUed : banidimcnt. [L._^x/j«/«.'.1 
«sp«lalv*, ck.w-pui'«iv, <K//t "*''' 'J' servun; In t.c^l. 
XqMD4, ck\-pcnd', liL /c< wrifh pwt ; to lay 

UMi . til rmplny <ir coniumc in aiiy way ; to 

>pcnJ :—/'■■/. expcnd'tng ; Ai./. expended. [1*. 

/.r/rW.*- r r, OjI, anil /^n/Mff, ^rtuum , to u'cigh.] 
«3p«n411an, cLi-pciiJitCir, «,, a*7 a/ r x/fnJt'mg or 

Uvtdg out . inat which !■ expcoded ; oioncy 

•>p«aM, cltt-pen*', «.. /*^ fl^' or habit ii/ txpend- 

inf. tlwi which is cjiprndn! ; untUy; co^t. 
•xpcudv*, cV*-pcn'«v, <xJj.. ittuiine or re'iuirirg 

muckex^ms*; extravagant.— .i*/*-. cspMUvalj. 

- ft. UCpCS'llVCUB. 

CspnlMc*, elc»-p*'ri-ens, «., th^reugk trittl of \ 
pracrical acquaintance wiln any matter, i^incil 
riy ln«l : repealed trial ; long and varied obser- 
vation, personal or j^neral : wisdom derived from 
the ch.-tni[ci and tnali of life.—?./, to make trbl 
of, or practical acqiiaintancr with; to prove or 
kxiow Dy use ; to suffer :— /r.^. cxpi'nencinj: ; 
/rtj*. c)iT>«'ricnced. (L txptr\eniia, from /x/V- 
X, Intenrive, ami old verb/*"ni»r, lo try J 
iHKvd. ek»-p*'ri-en*l, Ml}., iaught hf fxpcri- 
emt i &kiirtil ; wik. 
a9«lM«a«, ckvpcrl-ment, n , ti trial; KKnething 
done to/rwrw »omc theory, or to discover »omc- 
ihint unknown.— p.* lo nwke an expenment or 
lri»l ; to search by trial :—/'■-/. exper'imeniinE ; 
>U./. cj^wimcnled. (L. rxjkrt'mfntmm, from 
tjtptrwf. ) 
•xpartnaui. ck»-per-i-ment'al, a^/., ^rtatninf; t<> 
exftrimmti founded on or known by experi- 
ment ; taught by cxjivrimEnt or expcncDce. —adv. 
npMlBMiaUit, ekt-pcri-mcnt'altft. •xpnianrtM, 
efcx prr^-ment-iit.w ,^nttfkfTn^c\exfrritHmit. 
cip«r' ■ ■ \nctdl taught by 

(.,( iiwledire : having 

Ml), adfoiL — M. one 
;.iii.:ii 111 .toy .irt or science : a 
sinnal wilnei?. — urfr. •ipartTy. 
ll* exptrtu*—«xptTiffr.\ 
v.t. to annul ^ilt by suhw- 
':.'iy or fcclf-sacnfice : lo make 
:icnt for; to make wiisfaction or 
.11 r.r :— /r/ ex'ptAting ;>«i-/. cK'pifited. 


[L. tx^t tx^miu»-~*x, iotcnnvr. Mid pit, 
appcaM:. atone for— >>(W( plouk.) 
•xpUbla, eWpW-bl, aJ^., cAfi^hU ^ hH^ 

fiat<\i. ar.jned for, oi done »w*y, 
upUtlos. ekf-pi-lshun. ^ , ftft ff tjc^i^tmg 
atoning fur: the n-.'— ■ ' h »iooerauU- 

made : 3i'-.ncn>ent, i 

txpialttr, cict'pi-^-tot. ; /■intft. 

•KVAfttarr, ekl'pt-& tor-t, ^'/., tuut'*f M/ 

maJte fxfiati^H or atonemettl- 
Bzptn, ckt-ptr', v.i., ia irtmiM* »ut; k 
titrow out from the lungs: to ei.. 
particlei. — p.r. to hrciihe out ih-r 
tr> die ; to come to an end : — /' , 
M.f. expired*. [L. fJ, out. 3ir.n 
espt/aUs, ekv-pTr'a-til, adj. iAat may trftn 

come to an end. 
•xpiratlon, ekt-pi-rS'ihun, ««., met t/ '.*^ntif. 
Lredthing tint: death; end: thai wlJch i» 
pircd ; tihalalion. [L. exifir%tif. \ 
captrfttofT, ckvm'ra-tor !. '^i-t f**'t-»ixijff tf 

/ira/iirn, or the cnituion of tnp Sr^^iS 
Sxplala. ek? plin', t'.f. orig. . ■ 
ttutif tl.tiH or flat : to mat ■ 
to iinlpld intl ilhittrale lli 
pound."— j>r^/. cjcplain'iug, /-tj* cvi-Uinn-J". 
/xfiauo — tx, out,^*/i««o— /»/d»nfj. plaint] 
cxptalaabla, ckvt>Una-U, adj., c^f^U <,' 

txfilaimtd or cleared up. 
oyiuatlMi. ekspb-nA'fchuo, n.,m€t >ff ff^^i* 
Of clearing from alitrttrity ! t\\n\ nluch ctyltr** 
or clears up ; the ni"- i 
thing : a muttial d' 
•xpUaatosT, eks-pbn 
/Aiitt or clear up ; ' 
SzpMtn. cks'ple-tiv, . 
ornament or merclv 
lable ifnertMl fur on 
[L. tx^Utiviu — tA . 
Mcplvtorr, eks'ple-IOf 1 

ExpUoftte, ckVplikAl, v.^. U fv^U ami 
to Lav open or explain the .urti.nii 
ei'phdiLinc : /n./. cx'plic-' 
/iicatui or rxjfJfCtita — f.r, 
tXpUeaM^ eks'pu-ka-bl, adj., 

pilcntrd, or cxiJaincd. (L. «j/.. 
turHrttliMi. rki-p'i-kr'fh'ip " , •!•' 

or cxplaininj; ; exiilunaljon. (L. - 
upUcatm, ek&'pli-kS-tiv, •gpI l fl T/ , 
lor-i, tidj'., ifrxnug ta txfluate at ei 
•spUeat«r, cks'pli-ka-tar, «., ^h4 tt4tf 

unfrilds, or explains. 
txpUdl, ek&.plistt, mIJ., mmMdnt. em 
ni.ii tniplica merely, h«t diiunctlv *--. 
in laii^nipe ; clear : unrts-- ■■ 
— «. azpUeltaMi. [I., txj 
Exploda, ekt'pllV)', v.t. oric. l., .^..■,. ^... 
the sto^e hycU^Put^e/kAH^tjOte.', I 
with viuleacc and none : \o t<nag MUi I 
and reject. — v.t. to bucM wtih, 
/r./. exploding; /a/, explsd'ed. (I 
— <x, out. and pianda, to clap the f 
•xpledos, ek»-pii>'thun, «.. mtt < 
sudden violent bunt with a lonc 
txplcNdv*, ck»-plA siv, adj'.^ liaHe U m < 
ftivwH ; bujilins out uuh vioUnot i 
Miv. •zplv'rivtlr. 
Bxpldft, eks^loit', «. IJL sofnethtnc 
r/enty done : a deed or achirwn 

fiitc, &r; mfiiVittt-, mine; nkOU; mOtc; mOQo; Men. 


itim. m., mat rt' i ffiffim. 

lU «. that whkh /iaeu m sua 
Inch pntfit* out, or iipii.w.>ri, 
vhich thews how often a i)iis»> 
-ipbed by itMir. as «« : an iadcz. 

, OUC. 3UM] /«K>, to pbCc] 

' fjrfofumti. 

t, i» carry or Klh] #b/ of 3 
in ooounercv: — /»'.>. expan'- 
<4.— «. t^ort cr. [L. ^.i^^ritf 
/Fr4», to carry.) Sea »•«. 
•^ *c/ »f trfftrttuf^ ih»i vhidi 
a o>mttMKiitr wbicb is or may le 
enmny to artMher, id tnJk. 

:, «Uf . xio/ <M^ Ir €a- 


i>/L<V or A^.^r«| Sa -view : 
pwearfoa. or ilwkcr; tn 
ub: to awe liable t>; lo 

Stole Of ^ioE Utd qpoi or mm ; 


•pauad'cr, «., d»r hAt cj^ImmA; Ml 
liM uat lOodHlcncw', a p«I» 
«^ «v w^ or Iktt wUch 

rfr; W t«aM« onnttrtatM a 

vilk* > I III I; kdk. fM««: dM 
iaw^jcfc —yd tMHttiiyniKil: Haca/vaiBBW 


^»9W^A^ », erf ^wj ^p t t 


or Bokc tBwwb Vy • 

mMmIV' (X- «« f ii^i^ a*, aaC •/» <■• 



r:rfol A^.-tof, p. 

'/> mt ,.f r.i*f on tiieht 


i.-.'V -■ a 
- •(•iiienl : 

1" ipiCC. 

or .- , vc—mtv. •xtat'* 

tfMtr. II. sxttn ilrnacu. 
OMBt. cVv-iimt', ')., /A/ i#Ae# or <lcercc l^wAkha 

tAiH£ ii txif.uif.f : tmlV; cotdpAn. 
SzMaokt*. cr ' . /<r ma>tr vrry tJkm or 

Icrto : to 1'- ii ; to weaken ihe force 

of; I'j pilU , ^ ' i-tcii'fli;.! ■ /.J /". ex- 

ten 'dill c(l.—M. «xUftii*t«r. (L . "■- 

>i/mj — /T. intenivc, and /r/iin'. i ] 

•xkmoAtlnA. i.-'..i-:cti'Q-it-ing, aaj., _ , . ..!■ 

fxtvn . i-Viiiun, «., tutifftxttnmAtmj; 

Of n ■ lean: act of rei»rc«ntilig any- 

tliuie; ^ iVb^ wTiiug w clUDuia) thJui U U ; p^Oia- 
lioT) : initigatJoa. 

txluaAlArr. cks-ten*QHi-tor-i, a<<f'., ttndimg to tx- 
te*ttt.tie; folltative. 

bitrlar. ckt-tcrior, »4}-t 'v//^; outwuxt ; on or 
6om tt>« outside ; foreign. — «. outwanl part or 
Hirfacc ; outwaid fnrm or deportmcot ; appear- 
jUKc. [L. tJcUri^Tt c«mp. of fx/rr, outward, 
frWB /.F, out j 

*Zl<mal. elci-t«r'aal, atlj., exitriar, futvMtnt ; that 
miiy l»c vecn ; ai^parent: not innat*: ot intrinsic ; 
dcnvcd Ipjiu without; aedd«ottl : forcisn. — 
aJf. •aiwr'aaDf. [L. tjfrmut~*xtrr.) 

utanuli, cVvt*-rnaIr, «.//., M' ffmtwani /arii ; 
tiiiiw.ud fomu or ceremonies. 

Snaradaato, ek*-t6i'mi-uat. v.t. to drive <♦»«/ (•/ f^j- 
l<^HM,ia*i/s ef; tn drive away : to icrouaitc or 
dcilTuy uiicrly ; to put an end to ; lo rcol out : 
-/r.A ejil«'D]in4ling ; /d/ citcr'minaicd.— «. 
■xtarmliutor. [L. t^ttrmit 

[L. f^tfrmiftv. t tiintitnatmM — 
rv, nut of, and ttrminuj, a boundary.) 

MteriBlaaUtta, elo-itr-mi-ni'ahun. «., .irt p/ fxlrr- 
intHaSiH^: coaipl«te dcstniction vr otirpation- 

•Ktomlnalory, cLi-icr'ni) nO'tot-i, a^j., tfrvi/%£ ot 
tending f»' fxlmttinnU, 

Bxtwmal Sec under Sxtntor. 

BxtlBflV BKhirtton. Sec under SxUafvlA. 

EKtlBtvl*&. ekt-ting'gwitb, r.t. tit. ta ^ck or 
tcrati-h out; U gtumJi: to put an cod to; to 
destroy: to obacure by lupcrior splendour: — 
/r./. cJttiii'iiuii^inK; /tf-^- extin'guislied. (L. 
exittnpto, tMtitutut—fx, out. and ttim^ite, to 
quench, lo prick, from root j/iy. to prick. J 

mUc«likaW*, ckt'tine'gwifih-i'bt. adi., caf>aBie of 
U'ing exlinrttixlU^, qnviiclicd. or citslroyed. 

Wtlac"*'^"'. rlfV-tinc'cwish-ir, n., enewMr or tAat 
tvhi(Jk txttH^vithrt ; a imall hoUow conical in- 
strument for putting out a i.^ndlc. 

ntlBBl, eks-linict'. a^j'.. txtin^uked: put out: 
m longer exutinc: dead. 

nttnetlra. ek»-ttn*!t'«hun, «.. ad o/extinfvixkimf. 
qii-i. ! vtrojinjf : »tate of bung cattm- 

gi. !<on: supprcirioiL 

btlr; ■ f * , '■' -'^^f rrtf: to Jetlroy 

IDi! -/'■./. cx- 

llrV [»»«■■ IL. 

/.» ,, ■/ 1, a root.] 

■XttrpiiloO. ^Vn-;r-f.a' »'»:(:, *■ , .'. -' .^ fxttrfnltHf; 
cTienuina 1(011 ; lf»tal destruction. 

CxtonlTK hcc 

&rtorK ekvtort 

tEfein or dmw 


i, out, 

f \ tifrtv3—c-t 



and tOTfy^a, tii 

ttci ttf frti^t-tm^. 



f.ri.-rt.~aJv, ««tor'«l»ily. 
KXtortloa, ek»-tor'iihitn, ti., 

wrc-itinj \uy.n. tvlorcc; 

which ' ■ 
•xMrUoki- it-ar-i, *^'., /*rt!«Aiinf 

ariiii)'.' ' 

utoctlaaat*. eL& lur'bhun-il, 04i- . g*<»*Wg<WlWJ 

fi-f.>rti,>» ; oppressive. 
«xloTtlo««r, cks-tor'ihun-£r. «., d'Af bA* 

Extra. cks*tra, iti^', ifyenitor more tKati 

Mry : extraordinary ; additional. LL. Aa^na, W- 

yoiid, out&idc of, contracted fn3fn 

— rf-JT, out, and ruot far, lo cruu- ] 
Kitnwrl. ek»-tnikl', *:f., t-f rfmw MtJ by <ot«» 

uilierwtM : to dioovcout or «l«:t : to find 

tu di»til :— /r- /. c3rtract'ing,/»»/.cxtr»cr'e4. 

rxi'puA^, £xtrA^ti4i~cx, out. Had <^nftl< 

Kxtnct, cks'tntkt, w-, tk»t mkick *t ertwwtitJ m 

drawn out : anything dnwu &om & HiUt&Dce H 

bul, distillation, &c as a* MacttM: ft tiawM* 

takfQ from a book or wriiinc. 
•ztimetlbli^ ck& trakt^fbl, iii<^. c^dhlM e/ Umf 

wAractloa. eks-trak'ihun, m., tKt ^ txtrmctm^ 

ilraMrinir out : derivation from a stock or %»^tf . 

Mrih . iioMge : that which ii extracted. 
«xtraetm,cks trak'tif,d.{f., tJuxtmayf^txirmiiti; 

teodiog or serving to extracL— «. an extract. 
•xinetar, ekvtrak^or, »., ka vthm or thmt m% iA 

CxtradlUoa, eks-tra-di»!i'uo, « , « JrliTrrim^ V 

>iv ont government lo aoothcr of fuiritivt> fraM 

jiDtice. (L. rx, from, and tnufitif—trAd^ if»- 

t^iVMT, 10 deliver up.] 
Sxtra JadldaL ck^trajOC-dislt'al, attj'., ^mt ^ 

pr.ipcr coun, or btyamd the ufttal count ml 

proceeding. [Ketom, and joAMaL) 
taan mamt^M, dcf-tm-nuti'dSii. sd/., tfj*w d 

maierial uwrU. [Ixtrtt, a&d Ki afciw f 
SzUm-iBKrat, ek&-tn-inCk'nI, m/j. wHhtnit or 

JJu waiis. [Sxtra, and KaraL] 
SKtruM«i ckS'tTun'yiu. adt,, n't/if yt or 

cxumal; foreign: not bclmijiing lo vr ' 

uu a tlJog i not cttcntial. [U rx/ 

txtra. See litr*.]— **•■ eatru'kMMir. 
Ixtnordlnaiy, cks-iror'dMtar-i, mttj 

mtwy: DDtuiual, or regubr: worulerfuli 
dteHfilr., {tr 

dxaeJ ikt mtmai M^r, lur 
CxttftTifaitt, dts-trav'a'Krvnt. 

yomd bounds; irrrgfuLir, 

sire : profuse in cTprrrtr- 


-^mtin, pr.p i 

ixTeguurity; cxctfi 

ate, ftLT ; »€, *»*»; w'w I «»^*« ; ""We ; 

i; Atcn, 



ix«c« of mtuic. nt-I 
-.It. v.i 10 let t/mi of th* 
f^^ivcr ., — - -. .^^»d:— /r./. umv'aWtiog . 
>«/. vttTXr UAled. [Ih gjrtm, out of^ And ftf/, 

tMnaa, tfcs-trtm*, «<{£, Mi^ifrwvM^ ; at the outmost 
fOBt, •dg^er bordw ; nort rcmof c : la^i : highc»t 
m Aecrve; fT citetf : bmm vioteot : mcMt urjcent. 
— «■ tae utmoct twloC or rcrge : «nil : utmoit or 
hictcA IlOiIC or decree: ^nsx ceceisity.— vrV^. 
a*i^h«lr. [Fr. tjt^Hme—^ ttrtntmua, tupcrl. 
nitrirr, oo che outside, outward.] 

Uta^MTi da^tmn'i-tif m., thai wAuA it extvtme ; 
lie uimo«i limit, pami, ar pwtJan : the highest 
;. crottcM Decenity, cmcr^ccy, ox dls- 

. ela'tri-IUU, v.t., ta/rte/rvm kin4truM£ri 

' id. 10 diaenlajiglc : lo emit ;— /r./, 
: A!.^- cr'cricitwl. [L. extrUfi, tjt~ 
r, uut, iwcae, uAc^, liiadcrancc*.] 

ckA-Cn-lL&'lhuD, 4., last 6/ fJCtriCitiiHg ; 

it : set ofMndiflg out or evolving, 

dcs-trxn'silc, fiiMnrfcBl, elo^trio'xik-al, 
«^.. 4* tJU tttXti^ or trnt^nnii cxienul : not 
OMGaioed in or bclotigiajt to a body ; forci^; 
oat CTipotiri j-^ip^CTBd to ktrlaate. — w/Zr. «• 
fc^ytiny. [I* *xtnMuctti~fJt£r, outward, arid 
Mfttff, to follow.) 
> d^MiSld'. v./., /' tknut #»/; to force or 
locxpcl; lo drjvfl off:— /r^. cjrtrild'- 
^hc/. oitfld'cd. IL. txtfudSf ixtnaut— 
oul. «iUl /rW>, ti> tlu'uit. J 

dL»-tr4C(hun. n., a<i t>/ txfmdim^, 
or throwing out ; cjrifuuiotL 
■k du^'Mr-siot, <i<^'., fxtttdingiy rich or 
/<«■/; pienteout : uvcrflowiuK ; •uperfluetMk 
(. •sn'liiwaiiUf. (1^ t,n6fmMM, pr.p. ttl tm- 
-€*-, iiitra-ovr, and iii>^ rich, abuitdaul.] 
■M. ck>'U'b4r-aUi«, vaslMnMr, clu-Qlkte-aD' 
i^jib *•• <<i«& ^t*iH£ txtti^*mmti an ovcrftowiog 
nciuieu : mpcfflrwwunwM, 
ift>-Cd'. 9.1., H tmmi Mi# or discharge by 
to discharge thrmi^ pores or inci- 
■CAI, tDotsture, hc^ — v.L to flow out 
ly chnittrh tk« porei : —fr.f. eaodiafi : 
iarttfcd ^L. '^t out, tud^f u> iweaL] 

tfavoffh poTTt : tbc sweat, ftc. exuded. 

Cfl^l', ; ■ ^ r Joy: to rejoice ei.- 

lu ,^. cxu!t^E ; ^-fi. 

i [L. fjrrufta, from 

out or l;7f, 31j.^ ralie, tO lap.] 

4(*-iilfaiir, o^'-, rxMiliif, o pre al ng 

' ■: mumphaBi. Vl~ r.z«M//d«i.] 

cc>'al-t9'Ahun, ic, «ri ^/ tJn^UinfX 
Joy ac aoy wtvont-ige njaed ; mptiuvus 
; ma^mrr. (L. esi%uinti*.\ 

"^•^^Jtint, »heTU, or 

n*-' l^. [L.. from /XMP, 

( I*. Ik. ^J- 

the organ of tifhi 


p. eyed' [Id). [A-S. 

•: GoOi. 

mttgr; Sbtv. «4v; alltcd to Cr. 


enr, the two eyei, connected willi ntommi^ |o 

•ee ; I^ ccit'u: : S^nv .i.£-j-i.- I 
<7«lMU,i'biiv 'rapptcoTtberjr. 

•rabcl^U, I I > tie ptaiU of the 

gcauscu]'' <1 u a icinody for 

diseases of ihc o'- 
tyvbrew, i broir, «., M/ Mrrv or hairy arch above 

[Lc eyr. 
•TdaAh. llaAh. n. Uie line of liaifv that edges the 

eyelid. [fiy«, aad Gcr. iaxAr, Ice. AatAiS, a flap.] 
Trt—, T^, adj., vrithmt ty.';, or ii::ht. 
qralal, Het, «T«toi-]u)l«. r:< ".■;/ #jv or 

h^it to receive a bcc ^annenU, 

sotU, ftc. [Kr. itillet, < , ..^.] 

•ytlM. njd. It., tk* lilt ur c-v^- u! li^c ««.• the 

paitun of moY-ible akin by mom of wnica the 

eye Is opened or closed at pleasure, 
■^•bmvIm, f-«ir-vut, «., ttrvii'* performed Oolf 

uoilcr tlie <^ or ins]>e<:iion of ail employer, 
•yailllil, Tiii, M.. /A/ /tf«r of the i^r; power of 

aecios : view ; ob&erratioa. 
•jrwera, ViHg, n. noything that u m*v or offco^ve 

to the ejv. 
*r»-tooCh, I'-tDDthf m., m loetA in the Upper jaw nart 

the griflders, with a long fug poiacaig temnli 

tlie ejte. 
•ffWttM^ f-wit'Oes, It. oae whojvtva thing done. 
Eyra, flr, «., ajmtrmy or circuit; a cottrt of itlo* 

erant jia»licci. [old Fr. errv, jourDey, from L. 

I'/W. a way, a journey — w, itmn. to go.] 
inr. Aatit, S'rc, or &'re. n. bL on r/jprry Ora place 

where birds of prey contiiuct umr nexti and 
hatch their ^gc (old £. '?'*▼>*, *eiP* TcqpL ty^ 
A.S. dy, an egg : or A.S. or?, Ccr. <Mr, an 
eagle, and sumx ry, denotiog a callectiaa: or 
Fr. mirt^Vm L. «rea — 1. «n«, an open sfiacc^ 
w from «T, the air.] 

Falila, lYbl, n. lit that which 15 w^ckm or iotd; a 
feigned Mory or taU intended to uutracfc or 
atnuM : the plot or series of events in an epic or 
dramatic poem: fiction; a falsehood. — v./. to 
feign: Uk invent :—>/■>. fl^blit^g; /«/. f&'bletl. 
I Vufaiif. \*./atula, ftom_/ari, to speak.] 

tkboUaa, fat/il-IIt, v.e.. rtf tvritg/alUi, or to speal: 
in fablri :— /r./, faVOllMfig ; /«./- fab'Otl'wd. 

fkbnliil, faVft-lLit, M., ofir vJka inv^ntx/ttAUt. 

taboiow, fab'Q-liu, a4t\ feigned, as mfmhk : related 
in fabje ; iaUc. — la^. (kValowdy. [L./ahilffnu.) 

Fabrie, fab'rilc, or riVik, «., ttwrkmanxAi/! the 
manner in which ihe parts of a thing are put 
together; texture : anything framed by ail and. 
Udout ; building : macufactured cloth : any 
cystem of connected parts, [h. /aSric»—:/atert 
a worVcr in hird materials— ^/jtw, to make.J 

bbrlcaU. rab'ri-kst, v.t.. tf /ttt U^£tOur hy art 
and labour' to mantiracture ; to produce: Xt* 
(Icvifie falsdy:— /r/. ftiVridrin^; /«■./. bt/ri- 
clr^d- — m. tab'rleator. \L., /ahrua, /AricAhu, 

f a br t r a M cn, fab-ri-kX'shan, it., act of fahricntiMt^} 
coiMrucdon : ntanufiacttire: thai which \k labn- 
died or inveated ; a story ; n falscb'tod, 

FAlrallM, TabalaMi, ftc. See under PaUa. 

txTs^An. ^ire onderTac*. 

■ -*** or appearance : that 
- »i*:ctator. f rrjul '. Vi\«i 



£^u, Iai , vxlf h£r; ni/uc ; 

vititile rorepan of the head : cA«t of features : 
look: confi'Jviice: boldocM: effrwnlery; pre»- 

cnc^- ■ "1 -'^' . 'i.-r-r .if favour \Fr /ttfit, L. 
/.I. I . to nuk«, akin U> Cr. 

/A , /ta, lo be.] 

tao, I- .''it /act or in fmnt: lo 

kUttil utt^Mtkiie lo , lu Mppotw «nth fimincu; Lu 

mikt ; to put aa addilioiul face ut surface on ; 

to cwcr in front, — v.i. to turn ibc face ;— /*■-/ 

rir^inij; ^»/». Riced'. 
la«a^, tasaci', ff., Ska fait or/r^nt of a tmilding. 

iFr . ttnm \../ticitt.\ 
(ant. rWet, M. lit. a littlt ftu£ : a small siuface. 

IFr.^Aff/^A*-, dim, of /w^.] 
facial, fi'shal. iS4(r.i ty ur relatinc t« tht fttn.— 

Adv. Ca'cdailr. 
lactBf, ris'iiiif, R. 3 corcruig m froat far omamcnl 

or prolecliuQ. 
PacvUou, ti'Sj'khui, a*^'. lit. -atrU-mnJ^; witty, 

hiimnniiis, jftcoK.— tf^f. SMettauly.— M, Cbm'- 

UwauH. [L./M/Mr-:^<A»J, fdi-p. oT/tr/tf, to 

ratfla. &s^tl. 

, ikut may i* d*nt, ttuity dtm* : 

- T convene : courteoui : easily 

ng. [l^Jiuiiis, that may be 

.urw, to oo.) 

, H., fualitf e/ being /ntiit or 

tmxih dvfu : rfciierity : castncu to be per- 

•uaded: pliancy : caaineaaof access: oHabiltty. 

—//. ffedrittM. means that render onythuiE easy 

to be ilone. [L, /att/tttT.] 
fftctUtAt*, fa-iin-iit. I'./., to eivt fttciiity to or to 

mtkkt tony; to Icwcn difficulty :—>r.A facU'- 

tUtitig : /«■/. fociliUted. 
rae-aiain*. fak-i^trol-lc, n. that which it made timii- an caact copy. ft. yS»r, eonir. ot/a£tum, 

nudi.*— /acw, to nuke, and rimiiis, like.] 
rael. fnkt. «., m deed or anytkinp t/.-wr/,- anythinp 

that cnmes to pau : reality ; truth : the assertion 

of A thini{dooe. {L.yiti fittt , from/trtfl, lomakc] 
lactloB. fwWitin, ?> lit. .t liotMf; acoBijxtnyofpcr- 

Kin» ivs." T, in opp(«itiDn to the 

p»vcninic'.- [\_./actio, fn .m //jj w. ] 

factloBi, fnk > ' 1 ti\/it£fu'H ; lurbtilent : 

di>luy.-il. -•!..'; racUDailr. — n. faelloaBaiL {L. 

/acti'>ntt—/'i( (ii* 1 
ticUblDai, fak-ti^h'us atij-, madr by art, in Dppo«* 

lion lo what ii naiuraL— 4tA'. IteU'tiBMly. |L. 

fitettttta, irxa/aeiif, to make.] 
•mot, (ak'ior, n., it (f«rr or tranMctor of bu^incu 

for aaolhet ; one who buys and sclU goods for 

otlKrs. on commiaaion : one of two or more quan- 

titie< which multiplied together, fonn a product. 

(I,., frum /(ifi>.]— -•». tae'tonUp. 
tedoraf** fAK'tor-ajf h. the fcei or commisaon of a 

Factor,- ■' ' '• ■: . tkt ffa<t of hiuiarti of i/iC' 

ti'r 1 '.iminaplorc :ainan»factor>-. 

raoto:. ,. ^u^J., fertaint'fie fa or coniirt- 

irri 111 .J /.ufi'T, 

fiutotOBi. fjik-tO'tuin, «. a pcrvm employed to de 
till kinds nf w^rk. [L./ticie, and /i^/if/. all t 

raealty, fnk'ul-li, m ./ariJt'ty or ^wtr xoact- an 
oni; pnwcT of inc mind ; pcrwwul ijiulilV i-r 
eiid'l'winer.t - ni;ht. aMrh-rirv, '-t pnril.-irc 10 .itt ; 
licence: i ' iriviltgci* 

panted , ' ' dcjiarl- 

mcniinaii'i . i tofcaaion, 

|L../iii w/.'.ti. li'.in/.i, M/, r-iviiy /.m.jj. easy.) 

IMt, Cld. s'.r'. to betonit iWi^W or weak ; lo loac 
»lren£tli.iie«hnna. or colour gradttally: to firow 


dim: tOTtni«h 

/<xde, uwpio i 1 ' 

/at; prob. from L,7*i/tfja. 'tUy. irt;>i^ul.j 
fUalMK. rSdlcs. Ai£r'., mm/mdtt^. 
FacM. r:-\ri. K pit.,gwma*JM; aedbiient after 
>tion : ejcctemenc [L., pL ofj 
■■ 1 
h<<i: ■ lit. adj., amtatttimf/wvr$ or 

nicnc ; muddy , fuuL — n. tlK'alMiea iir ttti'^mrg. 
twmj, i^'tiA, m. same at ralry. 
ffaf, Cig, r.i"., tifjlagox !-■ -^'^- ...*^.-.. .^. ...— f 

lo wijtk at a fag.— 

adrudfc; tocahauM 

/<?./. (ageed'. — n. unc *.. ■ «.-.-.. . 

a whoorTxTy forced to do menuil <• 

nlilrr. [low Ger. /aJeA, wearied 

Gcr.^^, dying, weak ; Scot.y&>. -- -— .-b,*^ 

of death : connecicd with Flt^] 
farml. fag'end, «.. tkt rnd of * »cb nf cloih MaT 
]fiap or hanga looac : the utilw;»lcd end of 

rope : the refuse or nteaner part uf a thine, 
fkcoi, TacBotL. fae'ut, at., a ImrtHU f/ tticki U<e4 

fuel : a Mick: anything! like a faKifot.— «•./. 

or bundle together : — /■r.^. fac'oting ; Ao^^ I 

crted. V^-Jrafvd;^atft, lo hixtA ; allied to 

/JkaJMM, a Dundle, Uyii-f./rfm, ft torch.] 
PahreaMi, fa'rcn-bTt, m. the name apj'li^d >0 

thermometer, the freering-p^iot oi ^hich 

marked at 39 and the boilir- - ■ - ,, d 

grccs. [named from the iii> ■la.] 

Tan. RU, r.i., tii/aU, x/*/, rt^ . m- 

a«'anlt»e : to fall away ; lo -'rr ■ 

miss : to be dluppotnted or baAled 

to pay one'« debts- — p. t. to be wa r ■ 

be wiflicicnl for:— /r./. tad'. \ . 

failure. iVr./aiJtir, It.,/ 

Mfkallfi, to deceive; connc.L. 

(Wr./rUvt. tofail.l 
faUtog, (ll'ing, M.. the oit t/m* wka/tUIti » I 

wcakneu, or deficiency : a foible, 
tallan. OU'tU-, n., a/aUing, falling ^Imrt, or< 

tioo : omtifiian : decay* : bankruptcy. 
Jala, fin, mdj.^ /lyj/W/; eager: inclined : 

or compelled to accept, for want uf better. 

uladty. fA.S.y«yv», joyful ; Ovtli. /ngm^n^ ts 

rejoioe; Ice.^/iM. to be glad. 1 
Tatat, fUnt. ttJf.. iMtti.- wanting in Uj«ngtltl^ 

Ml/; lacking diitinctneia; not bright 01 

weak ill tpint: iackiiig courage : <1r'v'^«&ed. 

in a feeble way, — v.t. lo Vk:- 

to loM urengin, colour, &c 

or decay: lo vanish : to !• - 

to become deprcucd ;— 7" 

fainted.— .k/p. laintlr- V-- 

powvnof life, i'r. te /tt^f 

in faint, vwm, L. ■' 

weak : in otbcr noiac 

to feign or disaemblc 

but fautlv. and thin con'i wiih T«*cp. 
f^ut'ish, adj., scMUtuAal < 

fant'nev <i., et/ite i^f 
iicu , want nf ttrerigth ; r'' 

Ii.:h:. ft^. : rfc;crtiir;tj. 

flte, fitr; mC* h«r; mine; tnCtc; mfiici laOOn; fAn. 



vr; perhapt 
'-. n.pi.t the 

IM^nv. » lit «/vff.jSu/, vr 4f</ii£i7.- aNtaMd 
ttlAct. [oU Yt.Jfirr, from X^./trm.'X /fri»i, 
WHSsyit oMtiu wiUi /ittuit fetuvv, Soc 

Mq^flr\MT. fX, it.3 tupfmatiTnf Vin;^, !a.itl to 
■■IMC • huHum fori! '■■■ fitu 

aTsotn. 1 Fr.,rt^ .-/«'. ■ iliw- 

■ial; lt.>(tjto; tffw . ..-•<, an 

Myi QrX *«Cr'. . ^or belonginff Xo/atrxa. 
ftHLildk, «, (tvtf or ij^^.UH,/ In d:.v pcnon: 
Wiarf in tl>« uataincr * ui die 

ii G«J I lTliAm.v on 1^ ' ' : llut 

bcbc^^: any &yktc:u ol' fctigious 
^: Mtlity to pronucy; faonaty: woni or 

%u,0iidjitit : lu/nU; "L. Mtt—fido; to trust, 

" ' jy , /«// t>f faith; tarn tn aHhcr- 
v, allcj;uaoe, &C. ; loyal: 
aorthy of beiMf; tnic — 

m^. ^'^ ' riLiik'l 

■fit Ulirrinc ' 

•Akid^ ta praniso, aUe^iuce, or duly : detu- 

4m,-^miw ttaM)mAf~-m. faUhlmiiiM. 

iMMbL e»rUt. fkkntad. fal'Ut'cd. a^^'. in ajtr. and 
4ii<U Wni lik« J nikif, jt the cmcont mfton, and 
XL./Aiuiiuj, ftwa/iilx,/aL-i*, a 

■ IT- a ■ »hnrf r-nwkcd fWOT.i. /d/- 

j sickle [Xufai. 

_ : . .! bird* uT prty with 

-T-jk, c»|Mxuily a hawk trained to 
Caoe. \¥i._^tmctmi Xx-Jalcotu; 

iui^-. "witheui f^itk nr belief: 
Ik. in God or Chriatunicy ; not 

,/_r I 

-I- who sports with, or who 
"** or nawks for takiog 
•tmirr, ) 
tnt ari of iraimn^ix hunting 

„ .. r, ',::-.- ., rKmp-tteol; 

:1 on at lus 

ttie allor; a 

, ^ -ung or taid- 

, ta descend by the 

-'.r. : of a river, 

: ; to v«nuh : 
• decline ia 
• '•\: tDto 


. sne : 


falU: n lapM into tin. especially thtf of Aiare 
ami J%vo, calied Tk* yall. 

ai-la'shu5. f»:/,'"./T/,v; .\i.'.-u/-7fr.e u 

tUcfhf* Of mUlea . ti^ 

disappninimcnt ; — 

N. CaUa'dtmnMK 1 

teUarr p. 

tiv l,ut 

rcaiiy iii ■ 

fklUUi. fAj 1 or 1^ #«• 

Ithly. [1ms* i, htKfiiii, in^ni /■iii"/.- | 

(UllbUlty. fAl iMn (i. n.. tUU <k lumlit^ ^ UtMg 
/ttltibie i Isabihty to err. 

raOcw, fal'lO, «i^\ lit.>d^^//.m' .w:h 

the red or yellowish earth exjKvr-' ,1. 

~~n. Und that bn» lain a yrar ':d 

or UDSOWO alter having: 1 lo 

plough land without sm '<. 

mg; /i / rnllnivcd. ■i/ii, 

fahl . ".\iv./Uy, \dl.i'.., I /-.i/.'i.fHj, 

m'' '■»', Gr. /tiiJMtn, J^iMt lirid. 

Sii) .,.] 

fiUow-dMr i.ii ir,-.\*T, w. a fprcJe« of fleer smaller 
than tite red deer, with broad flftl antlers, and of 
a jnliifivitk-^m^im colour. 

IkP p wD — i. fano-nea, n., itaie «/ bting /*lUne or 

VklH, fawti, aAL, tt^ffiti^-f nr ///■,v/-^m*j- ; un- 
truthful . unfaithful ta n^ ' ' .« : 

untrue: not genuine cr not 

wdl founded. — nJi'. tfcbe ; *. S. 

(AjitUfi, to oeccivc] Sec FalL 7 
f&lM^aod, fawlsliood, w., .f/d/^ or ' .'■?^ 

/alt*; want nf Imth : want of h.ninty, 'ir-ceii- 
fulocjs : faUe appearance : .in uninic alaleoient ; 
a lie [TalM. and kacd, A.S. Kad, stAte.] 
fklMtto. t»w).w:i', talartio, f^iwlAetV'. •» , a/atjf oi* 
artihciaj vuicc ; a rangt of vuice Styuml (he na- 
tur;d compoii. WK./altettc, from toot ofTata*.] 
IkMfy, fawl»'i-fi, v.t.',to m^Jte/ititf; to fonje or 
counterfeit: to prove untrustworthy: to break 
bv falsehood:— /r-,/. faU'ifrtnc; /m./. fals'ihod. 
[L./.tiiuj, andyioi.', to maxc.] 
IliliWcaUoa. fawU-i-fi-kJ'sfiun. ».. /kfac/t'/maJkft^ 
/alt*; the girin^ to a thing the appearanue uf 
something which it is not. 
ftlalflw, fawWi-fl-^r, n., ete vth* faUifitM tx ^vet 

to a thine a fjUe ap;kcaTance. 
faWty, favi-u'i-ti, ».. ^matity e/hfinrJaUtl a falsa 

assertion. [h./alritaj, ftomyatrut.] 
FalUr, fawl'tir, v.r.. tafait or limttrr ja speech : to 
tremble or lotter ; to bcfecble or inresolote :—/*r./. 
fal'terinc ; /"J*. fil'icTed. (fmin root of fa^t, or 
formed Irom the halting or stamEocring sound.] 
&Jt«rtB^y, fawl'ter ing-U, a«/r., in a /aitfriitji or 
hesitating maHmer. 

film, n. lit. a h-in^'af A* Jifht or makinR 
known; puhbc report or ruin.ijr; renown oj 
celebrity, g»wd or bad. [V,. />%mtt . Or fhimi, 
fti'm fhfiHt, I'l viv, ni:ikc kiiowu— y*rta<*, to 
-to shine.] 
'ttKt; lenown. 
■I ta Jamf : renowned: 
; ..JaMamt, fraoi/.iW'i. I 

I ,,lr ,-r,!l,-rM,,.. -,f ./«^-, 





6f one coinmnn profcnhor : race ■ I 

tnnountble or noUe descent : a r.- ' '"■" '' ' 

ptaatv Unriuces. &c taon co 
a genus, ^j./amilut~/am».- 

duDtotic : well aojuainlcij ur iaumsK : ibcwinc 
tlic auutncr vf na intiinitc ; (rce: havina a 
cliamQsh kncrwicilge uf; well knowo ot uuuer* 
stood. — «. one well or lone acqtuioted : a deniMi 
»til>pi:>4til loitteniJ at Calf. — ot/v. tuitttirly. [L. 
/amiiietfit. (rom/aMri/ia.] 

fktMUMiiXj. >/a-mil-y-c-ai^i-tt, n., fiaif ^ ifit£ 
Jamiiutr; tntinuie xcqiuinUnccship: freedom 
from zaaitruai. [L,. /•tmiiiaritat.] 

t^aUlulM^ fa-miryoi-ii. v.f., ta maJat /mmiliar ; 
lo muVe thoroughly .iciiuunled : lo acc\i»tom : 
10 raalte: easy by practice of itudy '.—fr.f. fainll'- 
karTung ; j*-"-/- famiriarlie J. 

scsr- ri^- "f «■■ -' [Fr., &om Vt./-tMi, nuDgtr, 
*l.i' .-w, Sanv bKaktk, to cat.] 

fiuaU'v , ;<• li7/, c1i«trcu, or weaken 

w. ' -1-1 r*-,- — ((,/. to gic or iuffcr 

C-t:; tasufficr fiooicxpoiiurc: 

— i' - rain'iihed. 

ffcnUiii:^-— . .- s., ih* ttatr ff hnn£ 

/ttmithfi. or o^ cxtrruie liuugcr or tlursL 

TiW—i. See under Pui*. 

Tlu, Cao, n. lit. ^Ad/ %i*kuk Htmm: a broad, lUt, 
iourumcttt used by todici to cool themKlves; 
tuiythtnit of Uiic fomi, as for wionowioK grain, 
ftc- : a amalt oil lo Veep a Trind-oiill to tnie wind. 
—v.t. lo cwtl with a fan ; to winnow ; to vcnlil- 
aie :—f'r.f. fauiilue : /*t./. fumed'. [A.S, /«»«« ; 
Ci«T. taoMn*; Fr. vom ; l~ vaxmtu; aJJied to L. 
zrmttu, wind.] 

StMMtr, fan'otr, m.. fttf tvJm or /4df K-AjVA^Kf; 
X nuKhine with revolving fajis, u»«d ftM- winoow- 
■iii; t;nun, &c. 

fUk-UfU, fiui'-llt, N., « wi/idfW rcftembling lO form 
on opca/aH. 

lU-palm. un'-pim, m. a «peciet of/d/M 66 or 70 fi. 
high, with,/u«-shjipcd leaves usra for umbrclUa, 
Nuts, &c. 

ruuUii; fa-nat'ik, PkaMieal. fm-cat'iVal, ai(r'. Ul. 
/frMmiM^ ta u fani or temple— iaiptred by a 
diviniry, as the prints in heathen temploi : frvrv 
tic: cxtTAv-tKaDt in oi'inioas. esp. oa religioui 
subjecu. — aav. lwi»t'le»Uf. \\^Janaiina, from 
/nni"" - ■-'-'I- 1 Sec Fftii*. 

nuifttli . L pcnon frjnticatly or exces* 

sivc , ctp. on nrlifioui Hil^ccts. 

bntli....- : . ^izm, n. wild .-uid cjcccaive reli- 

£1011^ cnthtiujLuii. 

ruuf-, r^in'ti, K. un'g. fhtutttuy; that biculty of the 
ntiod by which a recalls, repreienis, or mtdMs to 
itPfcar past imace* or tnip»tsiasu ; an image or 
reproetitatioa tuui formed in the inuid; aa ut>- 
rcasauablc or capridmu opinion : a wbim ; cijv 
ridoas inctinattoo or lilciDg. — a4j. plcasinz to, or 
^ded by faocy or caprice.— Tki baey, n.fL sport- 
ing characters generally, [contracted (n)m,A»- 
/ar/. Yi. /-iniatu, Cr. and J../Aantasia — Cr. 
MjimtoM^, to malce vikible— /<^/««^, to bring to 
li/;ht, to tlietr, Son*. ikJ, 10 sliioe.] 

Butcy,'fci, v. t., to fgnn a fofuy, intagc^ or con- 
ception of ; to i»rtray in the mind ; to imagine : 
to have a fancy or Uktng for ; to be pleased wltli : 
^/''■/. fao'cj'ing; /'<-/■ fan'cicd. 

(KMifal, rui'&i-fool, iulj.,/utt pf /atuy; ruided or 
created by fancy : imaciiiatjve : wmmncal ; 
wild.— «</p. faa'ciMIiy.— ^. taa'rtftdnMi. 



. lies, /tor; Dutch, wr, 

I.' Gcr.yi-m ,■ allied to Gr, 

r*n'ta*«i, M. old form alTmuf. 
'■-'-■'■ ■■ ..i/>»tK^Mfir/Smt*»t&j 

fiovenKd by the 
. >'i(vni Gr. fAamfaJiM.} 

yaru-t/N/; produced by ll.- 

Dct rt^l ; chancieriicd > ' 

MIhim^ical: wild, — •»'-' 'v ■ 
Turn, (in, m. a nUce ■:' 

deity; a temple. [I 
Tvatan, fan'flr, **. a 1' 

ingthc lists: iboa^' 

S^/afi/arria: fnin. 
fanf^nm, fanYs-ron, « , .'*•' 

bravado; a bullv. (Fr., f: 
teobroaadt, fan-tar-on-Sd', 

bliuier, {"pT.Jam/iirtmMa.- 
rug, faflK, It. that which *e: 

V*at}\ of a ravenous beast , ■. 

ySuy, from /»«, to »eife ; Oti.y-iij^^ -. .^ 

fMi(«d, fanga, ar/j., kavtn^ /amx^, cllOcftci^ 

anything rcKmbling then. 
raaaar, Taa-UfU, Vaa-paba. See under f)M. 
rwtfMUc raattiy. &c. See under FMey. 
IW, far, iuij. tit. bffcre, tj u: ^.' m JiH*mmi 

nrmoie ; more distant of ' ''-."is •< 

c-jotrary to purpose or d*t 

distance in time, space, w i,' , 

cofmderably or to great_ part , v«nr 

great hetghtj to a certeln point, dt 



tance. /ta, before. Sans, /m, bcforr, 

to A.S. Jaran, Ott.JiiAmt, old E. 
futliar, tit'tkcT^ adj. (comp. of J%r}, 

diUaot: tcnduig to a greater distance; 

addiiiotuU.— rt<n'. at or lo a greater 

more remotely ; beyond ; raofeover. \ 

camp, of y^r, the euphonic ik bcinc 

from th« analogy of ftotkar ) 
fArtbM*, fSi'Mest, atij. (snperL of Vtx), 

distant, or retnotc. — itutv. at oc to the 

distance. \K.S.Jtiyyrait^xrmt, superl '■ 
fu-MdiMLfSf'-recbt, ««(/'. J%^V*/ or br,7Ught_ 

/.tr, nr from a rrmoCcpUce: rotced, un(>atnr«l 
7arc«, {Sn^ m. a Myle of coinedjr, if* 

Inw biimmir and eitravag;in( wit; ri^ 

empty »how. [ft. /a ret, the ■tiiffit^ 

from h./a'XM', to stuff.] 
fhrdcaJ, larsl-kal, adj., ly or rdaiiog io Mj 

ludicrous. — a/ftr. CucleaUy. 
Tu% fir, P.I., fit gtt, i9 tnn'Hj to get oi 

fuooeed: to happen well ur Ul to : to feol: 

/»-j*. Cirlng: /.I./, ftred'.— *. orij 

^trngr; the price of punge ; food Ofpr«l_ 

forthe table. \h.%./aram, 0«r./r4rf^ la| 
euvvtil, (Sr wcI", or filr', tnt. may y^Mj/t»* 

an affeciionaie prayer for safety or 

wdt-wishing at parting ; the act of d( 

atij. parting ; final. 
f«Ty, fer'ri, r./., ie carry or caavcy orer 

in a boat :— j*r./. fer'rying . Pa.*, fer'r* 

place where one may bo rowvu 1 

the right of conveying pasMsifCts : 

buat. [A,S. /rriatt, to convey. /m*^»n^ to , 

Ger.^A/-, a ferry -y^A^rn, |o go, to airy.] 
Fu-MdMd. .^e under far 
rutna, fa-rl'na, «., ervtmdt ■ '•*-AlTtf\ 

pullcn of plants. (lt.—/ar. i 1 

<WtBM»eu, far-io-K'shus, tuij., .^■ 

tniniag m*»l \>t Hour: moiy. 

iSte, f^ : mi, h6r: mine : mOte : mate ; mCOn : ^A«n. 




': ^f-^aac I ■ . 

m ditcrtAi^ia.ciil : the wnr^f 

•jie i.u.a i',..:ta I 

Xx'.W.t \y.- .i ;r:iv..Il( , \\> 

recr'.aip ri^b;- in iK'.'.:x:\ 
yiclJ, a* to Carm uie 
tliQiK, ai Uod -.^pr.f. fum'iDg ; 

whe /amu or cullirate* 

■ lonn : unc wbu coDecCa 

nte per ccnt.~H«, flun'- 

in(; ui htgh toaety- 

uirr for emitU 

one who 


m,, iir Himrtt a/ m/drrifr; 

ihr diwa*« of nrt!r. 

tariff, pt^, trr'''-', l>oor J 

ik£ /*Hrth of a penny: ia 

Munedmei ]tba of c^/ 

iif*g,/ffrik»ntet a four lb 

ifcrunh— Jwr, four.] 

^gil. •!. X VIn<I of crinolinr 

fct distending ibc drcu, 

ibcil). \¥r.'i-rtufftuU,Xf«r- 


• ■• I . , - -:iic before 

Utdgc of thctr 

liL . . . . .Ri/.V; in iiri., a 
WiUi ll": tloMcrt tuucli crowilcd 
ihctwecl'WilUun. iL./ajCH'»hu, 

. «., a fitcft or htmiff of 
f nJM MUeiiH, fill diiclio, 

\i, lie .'.• ^-'■■•-'. A f<y tkt rvtl 

tv ~ ' ) charm : 


Akin to iuak. 6*i^uk, U> ipuk.J 
a., M# *</ ef/mtcinnl' 

•u-.I {^ti'T i.-i ha/m by 


nr mt of a Ihtns : 
mg moils or ftlupe of 
m»(incr: genteel 

..u| . ., l„<a I 

!■■[. ' ■' _' ItL triMttt held : cloftc-prTMeil . 
rii!!. MxrJ : ;iMdfi>t. — di/v. Acmly : foiuidly 0* 

* j'ln ) islrrp - r»rt tiy. cU»e tO. [A.S.,^W7i.* 
f.-jr./.-;.- : .iii.n.: ! i /ijrrf-«, to scixe.) 

iwi^n, r. ■-'iAke /oMt or lifilit : lo fn 

'■-.Li;. ' irtly f-rte UuDg t'J •hOlhcr. 

-i.i. . /*"•/. Cis'Kniint ; /« /. faA 

tcnetl — M. luMiuax, tk»i xokieh/atifnt. 

UMrnxm, fast'oct, n., /A« //a/f ^bttne/iut or fitsi ; 
security: ■ MrooghoU, fortrcsf, casll* 

TMt, btkt, <n^', Aiutemimjp: diSH 

pjtted. — oc/ir. iwiflly : in > ^wnflj 

extra raj^antly. lW./«i.c]Ui i.atlea; 

i«/eJtina, lo huceit] 

rwt, fast, v.i., fa ktrf /ram /^oJ ', to gu huagry : 
to mbstain frota food in whole or part, u i 
reUg^Dut duty. — m. absUnence from food: n>«cial 
alntuieucc enjoined by the church ; the ifay of] 
fasciog. — MJ. fuftr. one who fasts : Cuflac^ re- 
ligious abstinence ; Um!-4».t, a day of pdieiou* 
faAttng. JA.S._/«T//i7«, to fait; Gi3^./cutmm, to 
keep : allied with TmI, hnn ] 

TmIIiUoiu. (a»*lid'i-us, i»tIj\,/ffi*Mf Jugiai w 
■A\. tnfliiir defectf : affectiDg fuperior imsre : o'ver-^ 
nice; dilficult to pl«aw.~«<^. tkilMloaalr. 
fknU'looMMBL [ \../iutidiorus—/*ttuiiitm, kmih»^ 
\D.g—/ttstut, pndcj 

tidy fubtUjQce under the skin: foUaaainal oittj 

the richatport of anything.— 1>./. to nuke fiU.-; 

—P.I. to grow fat :— /r/. uctlDg ; >a./. fatCcd. 

rCcrV'.' A.S,/rit, Uota/riia*u to feed.] 
btUac. fatling, a., « r«uH£ aaiBtai /altmtd for 

Cltoui^ fat'aes, n., ^ftialitj or SUte t>/ Being /at ; 

fulness of flab : richness ; fertility : that which 

makes fertile, 
lattcn. fat's, f./-. te mttJte/at or fl*- ^ ■; 

fertile. — v.i. to growfat ;— ^r.j*. Ij' 

fattened.— «. nM'aaar, h* xttka < i 

/atttHt ; tatt'otlac, t^ /rvcm c/ Maim^ /^l ; 

state of growing fat. 
tatkr. (at'i. 0<C/-. iV«/(uiM>/-7«r/or having ibc qiuU- 

ti»of£at.— «r. faLt1na«. 
Fat, fat, M. a vaL Sec Tat. 
Tatt, fit, w,, CA/- /Ai'wf i^cken by a prophet Or 

r-.racle ; inevitable deuinr or neceni^; ippointed 

I'jt : ill-fortuue ; doom ; final issue. (L.^Avm, a 

jiicdictico— /rt/w, »pokeo~;^ri', toroeak.1 
FftiM. r,St<. n,// the three godoeues oi/ut^ QmImV] 

L.i<:hesis, and Atrupot, who were suppoaed 

determine tlw birth, life« and death of tocn* 
fataL fAfal, a.(/., hUmfing to w ^xrpiMMcA trt/mUi 

causing rum vr death : mottal : caUoutoua.— 

adzK ral'aUf. 
*»**"—, fut'al-ixm, n. the doctride that all evenlft< 

are tubject ta yli^^, and happen by unavuidabte 

tteceuity. — H. fat'allat, anr who beuevc:t lu/itfa/' 

iim.—adj. lu'alktk, bttonting /•> or (oitakuig 

q{ /atalixtKt 
laealitr. f.i[ iM '.i. «.. rt/ x/*/* t>/ M»g /ntni or 
t f e« of fate : fUed tcndcat-y 
rtt I :jcr«cd iy /aU; doomed; 

Paltav. fa'Mif , ff. lit. tk* Hturisktr: a male parent ; 

an ancestor or forefather : acontruer ur unum- 

aiur '. a title nf rcs|>«ct : an ccclc t 

of the eaity centimes: the fini 

teca £Ar ; mtt hcr t miac : loaie ; mOtc ; niGQD ; /Aen. 




■ 3;I...[it : to ascribe lo W)e a* tiU 
-/•"■/■ fa'iScring;/"!-/. 
. L. Ai/rr, Gr. /sJffr, 

s. to f«c<i.i 

"J, t., ttatr of O0m^ A/ath^r I 
1 m-kw, M. Um father of ooe't 


withiiul a 

tW/ . diUitmU </■ rt Iivin£ 
known author. — «. te'Utv- 

or of tiii'iO : (till 

fhtbwlj, fi'M^II, iXtij., like tt fntJur in «flF«cUon 

aud c ir-L ; p-.t.'nia! — w fi'UiirlliiMi 

trr . < or AfA/ nw/.* a 

B4Li'i ■ iJ try tlic depth 

»f: lij C3liilir;:lii;- ..•ttom of :— /r,/. 

filth'LMijiny ; /.« |A S. J.teth*H : 

Duich. viiiffi; J ■ , <itt. /JJI^H, to 

hold : 1,. f-iu-: u* sircldi J 

, l:./A'um-abI, adj., ahte tv he /*%tk.»mtd. 
UM'um-leu. <utr~.. that canmat tff/ath- 

wfmnMeit/rvm Uttvr of lx>d y 

: millury work, dutinct from ibe 

' to reduce cu a luie of wcari- 

.<uc'« «ticn)[th : to harass: — 

// / /a./, fatigued'. [Fr., from L. 

/•^i-i'\ u> wtjjy.J 

raUliif. FatoaM, &c. Sec nodcr FiL 

FUboV' ' •" ' if ,/ffhU itt mind; oily t with- 

Oil 'pIlYC, ItWc tJtC i£Hi»-/atMM4. 

W. :■) 

fatUir. -J I" i-f, « , ikr ttate ef httn^ /atuvuM or 

feeble in iricllei.-i : imbw.iliiy. 
Yaoett, fau't^, m./A (U« uj^wr part of the throal 

from the roiK of the tougue to ibe cntmux of 

the KlillcL [L.] 
raaort, faii'Mt, n. a pipe inserted in a barrel to 

dnw liqutil. \^T./aMt»tt—/aaatfr, to pierccj 
VaifK fau, imi. an exctanntioo of contempt ur 

ditjuHt. ({ierha|tt from A.S.jiaM, to hatcj 
7a«]1, fault. H ,a/.ii/iijc: error : blemish r a flight 

offence: m ^jI. and mtiming,i dia}ilaccmcnt of 

Urala or vein*. \\^./alh, xo dctcivc.) 
fauItUH, rsiilt'lct, aJj., witkoHt fault or dr/ect. — 

.f.^T-. halt tonlr—M baltlaBBML 
raalCy, faulii, o^/., ifif*tMnimr /auUt or defects; 

unperfcct : Etiiliy of a fault, blamAbIe> — ttJv. 

UaliViy.~n. faaltliMM. 
raui. fjiun, n. a r\\T\\ deity amone the Romant — 

the frvffi/iTof shepherds ami agnculntre. [L, 

/aiMUt, Ua^n ^xrett./atttum, to favour.] 
Caiaa, t^ana, m. the animaU of any reeion or 

epoch of time, lo called bemuse protecteu by the 

FavMr, n'vur, m. , a tegardingkituttf: countenance ; 

{[Qiwl-will : a Innd ilccd ; an act of grace or 
cuily : a knot of white ribbons worn at a wed- 
dtni;. — *. t. lo rcjfard with good-will ; to be on the 
iide of : to treat indulgent!)- ; to aiTord advuntase 
to:— 3#r./. fi'vouring ; Pa.f. fii'voured. [L. 
/avef^-fitveo , to favour, bcfncnd.]— «. IkToiarer. 

tavwaliU, fi'vur-a-bl, aaj.^'uit f/j'^; friendly ; 
propitious: couduciv: lu : t-'tivcrnrnl . ailvnn- 
tageouk.— «</r. fh'vottraUr.— n. la'TosraUiBMB. 

(kvawtta. f^'Tur-il, n. a person or thing regardtd 
■OfitA /at^u^ : one unduly lot'cd, — atij. ettecmexl, 
beloved, |vefcrrcd. — n- te'vcnBrttliB, the fractut 
^/awwnnt or shevring partiality. 


Ttwa, f.wm. n. lit. fhr t'^*'.'C ^/ *** i*^mvf^* 

raws. f. 

IT a *c-» 

iiig; /ti./. f.i\»ucJ'. 

mean flattery. — it. t . 

Sain latnxit.-^mfv. taf: 
v.)S. /^gniSM, to rejot.t.J 
Par- !>e« under fairy. 

ni by the vassal i':> be fnillJul X» I 
: yaUy. [old ft.pnM: UjSiUit 
. .i(u\—jSii^'. vj ttuitj 
r*ar. (ir, n. a painful • f4 

aiiprcbi:n^ii>n ofdait." 

of fear: in Ji., dctt.' : 

God. — r-f. to regard with fear, lo CKf 
alarm: la B., lu stand in a*-e of: to 
—/r./. fearing:/,!./, feared'. (A.S./!» 
Oer, jffAiAr. Sw./'a»yj, danger] 
/•arfUl.f^r'f'wl, nJj. /til i>f /f^ht-; tiin-^rotH: 
Citing intense fear; Icmblc. — ^4v. raartlOr.' 

I or t/*^ ; 



(MrtML fer'lei, adj., v/ilkemf/m"; during ; 

— adv. ftarlMdy. — n. Itas'iMaaia. 
rMuAlc. r%i'i-U. <t.y/, that 4 am /« rj^r 

practic-jblc. — •u/v. iaas'lUy 

(HiUUtty. IKr. /aitiMf, that c 

/airt, /aitoHt , \.,/(urrt, to d«j, I' 

r«Mi. lbA,n..aki»lidny: aday*^ im' 

or \oy ', a rich and abundanr - 

meni f:)r the mind or hean 

to cat suniptuouily : to ret' 

— f./. tocotcrtainaumptiK. i 
jto./. feasc'ed. — n. fwit'ar 
jestum, a holiday. ^/r^j, 
(mUI, fatal. <»(;'.. /rTfdimV _>•'» 

joyous: j(ay.— iftA*. ru'taUj. 
(hUtm, fes'tiv. adj., rtJatinr to or 

festal: mirthful— a</r. fi/tll«lr [ 
tuitral. festival, ft., a/tttivt dtxy: ■ j 

brat) on ; a feast. 
fMltvlky, fevtiv1-ti, it. social nurth m4 a 

fulticM. gaiety. 
tatOMi, fcH-lJK)n', M. an omamont for Jt 

garbtndsuipcnded between t"- r>.,,>.t 

an omaiDenL hke a wreaili ' * 

adorn with fcMoona;— /' ■ 

fcttOOncd'. [Fr.^»/i»»i, fmi. ;._,... 
Brta, nt, n., o/tttivat zxt/toti: a hoUi 

entertam at a feast i—fr.p, fedng ; 

[Fr.— L.//r/ww.] 
Paat. fZt, M., ifimethiag dang; « deed 

eUraordiuary strength, skill, or cxni! 
/aUi old Fr. /iih.-^, \^. fa£tta, 

to do, to make.) 
haters, ffi'Cir, h. ht the makfarf4aMi0m 

the mork^ by which anvtl. >"■'»"•' ■" 

prominent traits of anyin.-.j 

— //. the couatenaDce.— 

features well marked, feu 

distinct fcaturea (old f r 
r«»lt)*r. fv/A'ir, M, lit- /^oj' : 

the growths, gcnerallv for:. 

vane or beard on eacn si<I 

covering of a bird : a feail. 

to furnish or adom with icm. i , -,' 

firing : /is./. featl/ere>J Tto raaftkM 

t borirantol 
■'-rvit, Saa\. 



1*131, od^'. , ftrtM^img io/tvtri 
V, Cram L.^^A'fcv, fieim.] 
a tDCiiiane for Fg wn ' 
r, aDJ/itftf, to put to fli{^t<l 
m~ the ntonth when (he 

the Uut Biooth of the Tear : 

lioo-^fV^nitf, to putiiyO 


ittf boag 

., Mr otf/ i>/ imfrrg- 

'kUuu : pmUficneu 

, ffriMitUMT ta or COIWMiDK 
ma/: friunacd upon rauctul 
Ttt fodcna imiaii. iVt.JAUrai ; 
trauy. aida to ^4/jt, to 

■. a luppoTlcr of a /edrntl 

oi ihai of ihe United 

&c.~N. fcd'mllBB. the 

BuiDtatned by fedcraluts. 

k/^., uHiUJ by^ ltit£iui con- 

■irwmtiTs, uidtim£ im Uagut. 

fiJ. i.r i>:--nr^ ; « frunt ^ LiaJ 

■ . inherited : rccom- 

■ u toa lawyrr. — 

^M. rAilJe, moacy; Fr. firffcr, to 
allied to L. /««f, caitle, ptctmia, 

of a supericrt- vtjcr or on con- 
5crvke ; a feu-i. 

emu p<»5cs5)oii of a 
f wS 'acaft, /«*■ /7/f 

■ hcgTUHti the/iff. 
' Id on coadttion of 

^iima tX, firrlainiMg to Jtwii or 

deudlUiini . hod'alorr. holdinf 

L.y/«j:^w. from TOOK of r»».] 

, m, ibe »y>tem. diinnij the 

'hich vauAls hem Lind» froiTi 

comlition of military' service. 

vbmX; wanting in Urencih of 

'wcakficH or tttcaporily: faint: 

fMltiiiMM \Vt. fai6!t; 

-tit, Taroent- 

kcM, ifi«»wlith:. 


ti in mind : 

: to hajulle : 
iMbk of; to 
la know by 

- — r,-r|: to 
a to 



felt. tA-S. >^»i», to fwl; G«r. fiklnt; tct 
fialLx^ 10 touch with itic poim of the hand.] 

tehr. Kffir, m.. «w hmU or iku vludi>r/«; a 
reinaric cautiously dtopped 10 .Kwntliha opunoas 
uf otbcn.— ^ jotntm aUct ia the boadaof in- 
secti, &c | ifi—Af^ of A deiieaia ■enae of touch. 
termed iiA/raMtf. 

fMOiW, flfl'iuff. HL^ fW aaut tf fmck; p ao t pliw i 
of ot^ecu by touch : ciHuciouuiaa of daoar* 
orpQia: tendcmcas: cmotiott.-^/. tbc aSvdtaoi 
or frnmemt.—^^. ctprmive oTgircu acnubtUty 
or teaderacM : eaiily Bffectcd.— 41^. feadaglr. 

r«rii, plural offtot 

ralfB, fin, v.t. lit. tiitmaJtf or,/uAi>i«; to invent C 
toim.a(nne: to tnakcatboworptetenceuf ; — /^^ 
fcfsn'iDg ; >!■> feumed'.— vC/f. JUv'afijr. — m. 
Mim'^danm. [Fr. ^^imt/rt, pr.p. /eigitant, to 
feign — \^./iug9,Jiftmtn, la form.] 

Mai fint, it., tamethiMC /t»pit4 ; a falie appear* 
ance ; a prcteoce : a roocK asault ; a deceptive 
movement in fencioE [Fr.y57«} 

flcltoav Blc'ihim, «., tlu a£t tif /rignimg at invcat- 
toc : a feisDcd or fabo stury : a fabchoed : 
romance. \lu Actio— ^ctm*t jo-p- o(Jimg9.\ 

flettUsu, fik-tiiiiiH, d^., amtaiMmfjSc/iifm ; iiiia> 
guiory ; not real ; ((Kfcd> — «^> lell'tlaadr. 

tcttU, tik'nl, adj., femudi motilded: earthen: 
fiubiuDcd by toe potter. [t..jfctiJiM~jfnf».) 

i.fMjjiif y^/Ku^ or tftusiaed : 


a fabrication or invciuioo. 
F«ldtpar, fcld'spAr, Faldipath, fcJd'ipath, m. , J!a'J 

sp^r: a cryttolliac niineral found m Kraaiie, &c. 

\Ocx./elJ, a field, itath, spar. See 8pw, I 
filAtpatble, feld-vpath'Uc. M4^palh<M^ 

•jiiC/'* . ftriainiHg to or coaiUtlo;; 
WldUl^ fMi/tHfit, p./. lit. /<• . , ic 

j»va<(v ka^pyl lo c«pecv i ■; !■ 

c«>iigratiime : — /*■-/. fc!' 



.- .1. / '//tiinUtt- 

itilcd. {l^Micitai. ir^-r.. 
fiaeltattoa, f^lis■i•U'lhun, m. 

ing or concrarubtinB. 
Mlsttr, r%-Us'i-ii, M.. haf^incui dcbght: a bictt* 

ine: ahappycveoi. 
KLlcUva^ fe-lui-lu&, adj., ka^py : prQiperoUi: de- 
lightful : appropriate.— dt^. faBeitMMly. 
FvttiM, f^To, adj., perfttininf t« the <ml or the cat* 

IdDd: like a cat. \X../titn>i»—/ei4S,^ait.'\ 
T*n,M,pa.t. ofFaa 
TaU. fcl, v.t., tif cante ta/atl; locutdo<nn >—/*■./. 

feiruig ; Ai.jl". feUcd'. lA,S./ttlan, frvm^HiUan. 

to (all Sec FaU.] 
fUlcr, fel'tT, «- , «i^ \vki*/itU; a cutter of urood. 
F«ll. fcL as'/, AW; cruel; ftcrce ; blot>dr. [A.S. 
yi//; Dotdi,/^/; \\./ello: prob. from Cdi./a//, 

bid, wicked.}— «. ftfl'atm— nrfp. M^. 
ftlan, fvil'oo, H., a wifMeJ, ervelptrxtm : otie guilty 

of felony; a convicL 
IWlOBT, fcl on- i, m. lit. a/flt or wirlred deed; orig, 

a crime ptmi^cd by total Ctrfetiure i>f Unds, 4lx. ; 

a crime punishable bv iropri">cirn.*iil "r death. 
f«laoio«a, fe-KVni-us, at/j ,ntt<iteif; depraved : done 

with the deliberate intention to cnmmit crime. — 

adr. ftla'aioatty.— M. MobIosbmm. 
FcUiM. See Falty. 
Fallow, fetle, n, lit afiarltierimgotdt ; aii aasoctaie : 

a companion and ec|un] ; one of a fuir, ■ mate ; 

a member of a imiversity who enjoys s fellow* 

^Sip; a iiiemher tifa V-ientific or other society : 

a worthle«»perMn. UM ^/ttav**; ice, />^vf, 

a partner In goods, mmi ft, money, gcodi, aod 

tag. aociety, commtmity. 




Utc- Ur ; (&£« bcr ; mlM f mOte : mOU ; uOGn : f 4«a. 


ikn ■ 

Ttcinai (it\ 


/rau or «•«;'■ '■'%' 

.i':rcoun«: cnmnunion : 
1 ^n.inwmcnt tn a university fur 
1iiiH« called ///Vonw,' ;hc posi- 
f^ fcUuw : ui«m'/A.,tbeprDpor- 
oi pro&t aad luss among pAHners. 
Ftttjr. Cel'i. WU»«. Wno, «. one of tne curvwl pieces 

in the ctrvutnTcrcDcc of a wliecl. \K,^Jit^.'\ 
rda«, PilMr. &c- See under Ml, adj^ 
rtlm^> tunc Its riMcptr. 
Mt, rclt./a,<. and/a>. ofrMl 
V4, rdt, M. cloth nuiiie o( vmool united wilhout 
weaving.— r /. to make into fcit: to cover with 
fcli:_/r./. feiruy; /a.>. Wi'ed. (Gcr. ^/j, 
vroollen cloth, allied to Or. fUoa, wool wtoueht 
into felt, L. piUmj. a Tclt hat.] 
Vim, Telfftr. v.t. to dot tocct^Ki tilm/iii>—/^.^. 
Wt'erina;: /»;A Altered. 

filMlt. ft-luklea, I*-, tf Am< with «u« and broad 

(hree-COmered sails u^cd in the Mcilitemineaji. 

llt.^fmat: TT,/ftruqi^: from Ar.^Zfr, a thip.] 
r«Ul*, nTm&l. A^. nf the tcx ihatfradmcrs young : 

pcruinin]^ to (eioaki : In bot., uiviiw a pistil or 

Iruit-bcating orpui. — *. one of the female wcx. 

[Vr./emille, ditn. of \^ /r*nima, a vroman— obs. 

_/Vo, to biiiig forth, J 
tUBlaaltty, fcm-i-naTi-ti, m., the/rmaleitahtrt. 
IntOalM, fcnri-nin, n*ij., p^^ainit^ !*• uvMtrw; 

tendcr, delicate ; womanly : in gmm^ the jicndcr 

denoting fcinalcK.— <!•/:''. t«m'liiiiMlr. 
rmtral, fem'o-ial, «//;'., ^Ich^h£ tfi th* thisiu 

\V, /fm0raUt—jfrmMT,frm«ris, the lliigh.] 
r«a, fen, n. land covered wilb mtd Drooi the ovcr- 

llowiof of water ; s moras* or bos.— «</;i. Ita'ar, 

fWidA. [A.S.>K«. \ot.J*m, GoCh.>Mi. mud] 
rwM, &C. See under Ytod. 
7in< femi, v.t., U dtftmdx to ward off; to shut 

out:— /r,y». fcnd'ing; /«./. fcnd'od. [L. ob*. 

/t»do, rtMit of liefettdo, to lead en ward off, akin 

to Sans. <4«ii. to bcaL} 

CDCiii] gvam before a fiie to confine the ashes : 
a protection for a thip't aide. 

Mbm. fcnf, <!.. /Aa/ twAtfAySrWi or fuards: a wall 
or nedgc fur enclosing uiinial^ or for protcctinj; 
land : ihc in of fcncini; : defence — r./. to cu- 
dofte wrilh a fence: to fortify. — t:i. to pcactiac 
ftocuic :--/f-A fenc'ing: >Wi./. fenced'. 

<l>lLi4. Rn/iog, m^'., di^Hdine or guMnting.—n. 
the act of erectinc a fence ; tho art of Attack Kod 
defeooemth a sword or other weapon. — j«. tene'er, 
one who prsctisefi fencing with a sword 

IhMlUi, fens i-hL ^j., ttxJnltU ef h«iH£ /tnetd v>x 
defended.— «j^/- ftBcltaU^ voTunteer reBUiieaU 
laUcd for local defence during a special aisif : 
militia cnliued for home Service. 

WmMa^ f»-iies'trat, adj., itbmgmg U windows. 

gh JrmntraJik-'/mrittm, a winaow. allied lo 
T.pkaimg, to ihtnc] 
Vtaail, fen'el, ■. a frajfranl plan! with vctlow 
fl<iwer». (A.S. Jirtal ; <Jcr. /tmhtt; alUcu tu V.. 
/mkuium, fennel, itom/tnHm, hay.l 
Vm< TuA Se« under tm. 
r«fw4or]r, fer'^tor-t, t*. a place in a church for a 

tUr, [L.,^Jritm~-/mi, Gr. >4/rf. lo bear.) 
7rIb«, (tr[n, adj., prrttdHmg to or like a tmid 



itmti Mvag«. XU-fyrmut—/fnt, a wOd 
jfrnw, wfld; akinioGr /*;•' ' <\* 

hTBnt. fir'tncnt. n. lit. tha I 

' ' ' ■ '■'■ I'-t.rt* al 

r«nnmt, tVr-rncTit", r.;., r,' r- r -:if />' " 
inflame. ^I'.L lo ri»c and awJl \-. 
fcrracntatioD : lo work , used of ■* i 
in excited action: to be siirrcti v.-'n] 
j*r/, fermcnl'inc i /"-J*- fcnncuiVd, 

ftpBlta b ta, fer-mcnt's-bl, adj.,caf^Uf>/J 
tioH.—n. CumtalaMI^. 

ft — n t at l oa, l%r>o)eni-S'abiin. «., tkt met or /^<^ • 

2f/rrmtmting : the change which lAkcv pLic m 
quid], when cnxwed lo air : ptitrefactiii 

produces aloohol or viacsv : restless act' 

mind or fcctings. 
Bm— Utlra, rer'meDt'a-trr, mdj. 

sisting \afirmentmtie*L.~ 
Vsa. fira, m. a plant which Lcconies a rrt< in 

tropics» producing feath>^i 

fnmds, M named fracn \) ■ 

Hippoaed to give the niat;i< 

viiibtc. {A.^./rartt—fararr, K'-> \iQ..l 
fHr«r. ftrol, adj\^/ult e/oT o w ig i v w u withj 
rcrodevs, fe'rCshus, o^.. wiid; hartonmst 

ditied to savage fieireoes: indioitiuc treat 

cruelty. — odv.Un/i&fmAf.—m. tev*cl«eea«a |9> 

and \K./nvcw — X^.frrox, wild— ;^v^*, w\ld-) 
hvodty, fe-rosl-ti, h., wildnots; fury: lavicc 

crudcy of disposition : unumcd herceQi 
Avo^ f6rs, adj., /rrmitnu: vinlent : ao| 

tarea'ly.— «i. l«rc«'aaa. [Tr./fnce; 
JumvtM, fei'r*-ut. adj. . /■rrfaiiinff t» or 

tozttHWH. fcr-rif'^r-us, a//% htarimg or 

fr»m. [L-jTrrvm. iron, ond^^w, to ' 
ttm^laena, fcr-rC'jin-us, ittifj., ^tkt i 

nuii : iiopregatcd with irou. W^./rr 
frmtgo, iroo-ruM—yiTTww*.] 
r«T«t, fer'cl, n. hbbon woven from spun n^Sfc. (I 

Jtrv:ni, coar&e iflk thread.] 
Famt, fer'ei. n.. a tame aiuiaaJ of the weiMell 

employed in uncanhiti^ nbbio. (Orr. 

Vr. /Mrrt—ftrrrier, to ferret, to Search 
funi, fcr'ci, 1'.^. La Kaxdi tmt carefully 

utely Uktafirrrttz ta drive out hv patient i 

— ^./. ferreting ; Pa,^. fcn-'ciea. 
I^nlteeu, VKTmglwaa. Sec Hoiler hmML 
Fenala, feKiOCi, ••■ a metal i^ag am a etalf^ 

keep it from spliuing. (Fr wirwU, L^ 

Piny. Sec under Fva. 
rarttu, ftr'Hl. ad/../ruU-^tarmFi^ able to] 

abundantly: ncn in rosources ; tnvcoiiTC.- 

IW<tllaly. \V-/trtilir—/err, to bear.) 
fettmsy, fitriiri-ti. n., tAt sta^ ^^*^. 

rnnUTulncM: richflc-^ nSi Lvlani-«- 
fartlUs^ Tix-'til-ix, v.t . ■ 

\n enrich :— /r./, U. 
rirtOi. fer'roal, ». a n>d u--.^ 

punishnient. [L /rrvla, a 
fertwt, rtr's-ent. nv//. lit- A^.-- 

realm,- ^-clum. — iT'Dc f»r 

/mi: \" L/r. tfitrt, to 

rjcr. T. ■ljr»«j[, heat.] 

tewey, rcrvf;i.-si, i^,, itat« 4»/hriAr/*y 

of initid ; eagcrtiesa: w«rmth ofaevuliaa. 



fit. JmMv'; fiery: «enr bet: 
; daoR or emabon. — U^. A^Wilr- 

domipt or nnUe; to nippu- 
'./. to CSUK to 

ag; >«.^. fcs^nd.— «. a 
S^ing comipt nutuc. [ T ] 

Sec uuiJcr Fmml 
L Ee. U Mtimf; to bring: to ^ and 
D ■■ ils pricr ; to aocotitplah m any 
li V atlam. — r.i. to turn ; ta urivc 
•/'■>- feich'iog: >«-/. fetched'. 
(ecch ; Oer./antn, to *ciae.] 

[A.b./-*^'*» dooat; Gcr. 

. fech'-ku>-dl, •(. the »psm- 

paraon : k Bqctunud Ui^ii, ai of 

a death. 

t'atu-fyi, Uu Vobo** or 


m. aBythiag in nature or art to 
liai*/fO«er wnscribcd, and wluch is 
ntupiMd, a» aaoog cercuo 
[Fr ^/V^Ju—Pon. /ntiput, 
i- Z*. jfctiCMM*, counterfeit— ;/ffrf<7, 
bf an : or /mtidieus, tellinJE fal^* 
'#^ i» tell : at {xom/iurit>, to tnakcj 
U'cu-iziD, ». the woi- 

to (ecch 

A bdwf in diann^ 
r tttO, •'U t itmAimg; having a 
livodonr. (L. /aHaMS—/mi*0, to 

«. A tttft of hair that prows behind 
Ml : the put where this hair Efowj. 
k \ V ycmpi Dutch. vt/tfZ«ift, Swiss, 
KB of a hcne, low Duich,./UK, Abro, 
BanraUcd Ihceadt, a hone'a fcllodt.] 

Ir, « S^Tifmg/frtA : the jroutig in 
■l ia il* aowaaced 
forth I 

OkgtA. lUftnua 

RBd beU o»,^«i£t/ tenure: in Scol- 
rc where the vaaiai. la plac« of Buli- 

& makes a rciuin io gnin or ia 
of Um] for a ttipulatcd anauil 
irw L^iwrf*M- root of rM.J 
L ^rvn^fv^ AmtraJ: a devlly qtnr- 
tnbei or £iiaihe> : a bloody ktrife. 
; Cm.>U«: ASySais to faaccj 
mIK. Seeondrr Am. 

m»rl»rd by greac bodily 
of inilae 

: • painful decree of aajoety. 

4 liwp a f.— g.i' to b«coa»c £tv«r«a ; 

;>a>.(f»c»e»t lFryi/»>rr,-Ger. 
i^r^— p fob^ Itamjitrvf*. \u te hoLj 
rial^ '^T'j fJit^Uv/tvrrwdi ladicab- 


0<Kh. /mm 

■B8T.— 41.1 

• ; Fr. /rtti 

^ in SeBtlamJ, dw frioei of gcata 
|«t iIm fcax to Rgahte At pav- 
jdL nai. aod prices &e« cavnaty 

Oie, Oi: ■£, Ui; tftoc; 

(fV. jSnrt, mamer tat 
Ict>. ' 

fTat. *. ^ Ui ^ U Aw.* a fbr«al «>t 
conmwd: adecroe. |L^ yl. pcn.>tna. 
pm. sibj. oijSt, pttBtvc al/ac£f, to do.] 

nkt fib, «. hL « jiMr or Rorr : ai 
wisely ; a *oft eeprtaaon tat a tic— v.b Io tsS i 
fib or tic ; lu i^icsak UUdf i-^>. fibbW '. /■>) 
hbbcd'. i\i.JiMia.A uory, from root of hMa.] 
—m. nblac. the telUng of fibs. 

ran, ffbir. «. one of the unall tinaJa codupo%. 
itig the parts of aniouU or vegetables : aar fiott 
threiid, or thicad>like suhataaca. lL.JSirm, 
threui, cono. with L.Jiimm, a thrtwl.]— *^ 
rttad, having fibres ; tnlaaL having no fittrcaT 

ftbroas, n^rui, aij; cemp^ta ^ or cool * 
fihnt. — M. rtowaaawa. 

Unrtl, ffbril, «., it nuUtJlbrt .* one of the extrant^ 

, nuaute threads composing an animal fibre, [low 
\.. JibHlia.Sja. o(L../fSra.] 

ahrtllMS, n-brillus. 0^j., /rrUimnc tv Jfimi 
fonned of inuUI fibres. 

UrfcM. fTltfin. n. an organic compound, eomi 
of LKreadyyf^i, fotAd in ammals and jilniMi. 

neUs, filt^, aJJ. lit. mavimf gtiidtly ta n$*d/r»{ 
inconstant; changeable. — it. fttyiwim. [A.S. 
Jical', Ger.^S^Arti, to move qtuckly to and Ito-l 

rkUlB, riettoa. PlcttUow, ftc Sec under Nga. 

nddls, fid'l, n. a ttriMgfd iastrutncni of music, 
called also a viulin.^-v.^ or i. to play nn a fiiliUft] 
-/r.^.fidda&c :>«./. fiddled— ■.•MlH. CA9L 
fithth; 0tx._^t4*l: h.Jfdtt, Cr. i*hidt,^na^ 
calgut.] See Ttotta. ' 

ndatuy, fi-deli-ti, m,, /a*t^mtn4it : f^iMiA 
formancc of duty; hoDotv : firm i>ltii 

\U.fidtiiLu—fidtUM, faiil.l. 

rUfsS, fij'ct. vA. tiL /<> m*Uf , 
be unable \a rett ; lu ci. 
fidg'eting : >a.>. fidg'etsd.— «. ureguW i 
r(3itleasacsa>—tn//.gaKraJ nervous I ' 
with a desire of changing th* po*''>'-< 
fitxcKem, to flatter, /'|xr'«, Io fidg' 
to move 10 and fro : cooaactad wi^ 

MfMy. fij'et-i, mdj. . Max'img Jtdf* ... . . „i_ . 
uoeasy. — n. Mg'eMaam, 

TUnrtat ft-dn'shi^. mdj,, tkeniug ^mvUmm «r 
reliance : of the luturt «f • inmL-^A^ Mi'«^ 
ally [I^ .At/MSI), fr^ifiMfw ra , frvmyld^, lo 

jog ; held io tnwL— «. ••• •*{« Mda 
in trust : ia t k mL, 
vn i^i\i\ withovt 

ru. fi, imt. 

mprcaeiiM e^a ' 
nA GMMderl 

mi far ^■nsstM to>#fi# ^Mi^f 



mnrthAft an nrniv in the *i'-l,i ; the bishetK nipii 

ofj (SeeVwAaL) 

ft«t4-< ' ;l;iry vSicrr abinrc 

»'- iiiuuvoa IkUUIiisn. 

tlld I: ;vi.A7i.-neot oT the Royal 

A'' thciifeiy and iupply of 

lfld-wor««. I .. lu w tirk ■; . «.>*/. temporary xl^Hu 
iKrawn up by Irjotts in Oit^/ttld, cither fur pro- 
tection or to cover au Jltaclc iipoo a Btrun^fbold. 

naldfai*. r£lti''Dr, H. a spedes of thnuh. hav-iai; 
■1 rciltiith^W/ru' thput and breast spotted with 
Uack. [A.S. fcah^ar, /e^a^r, ircioi /tadtf, 
yellow, f.illow.f 

rtcktf, f£ii<l, n tit. a K^Uf, oH enmty i the devil : 
r.Qc actuated Uy the mott intense wickcdttetft <n 
h«lc- \\.'?^. /tOHj—JtHM^ ty hate] 

r?nd'ish, a4j; HJet m Jiind; tmltdottt. — 

rterat, &c. See under FwoetoM. 

fWy, &c. Sec under nr*. 

nik, flf, n. a small /(>^ lueU as a wintl-initrument 
fnr milicaiy miuic. an ocuve higher than the 
fliile. — p.i. lo pUy .-n the tif.- — .k ftTtr. m» who 

Gr. /'>/u.), lo ^-cv or chirp— from the ftoniuL ] 

nANn, riftli, &c. See under rtn. 

71c, fig. M., the fig-tret or it& fruit, growing in 
worm climates : a thing of little consequence. 
lA-S-j/ii", Gt.t./eige, Vi.figvr, h.ficia, a fig.] 

right, fit, f.i. lit, *<•> ttrikt tfitk ikffist'. to tXn^^ 
with : ta contend in war ox in ungle otnbaL — 
v.t. In engage in conflict with : — ff-p- fight'iiig ; 
fa.t. AuiX /ii,f. fought ifawt;,—«. a struggle; a 
combat: a ktttleorcni:ai*cinent. [\.%. jiiktaH, 
Gtx./tchifK: prnk. cunt\. with L. fitgnus, the 
fut, Gr. /tu. wiib clenched ti»t. ] — m flglkft'tr. 

tgttUM. fll'ini;, et<f/- cngaced in or fit fjr war. — h. 
the act of fi^hitn\i ur couicndin^. 

Tigmni, See uniicr r»lga. 

rigan, fig'fir, m., tJu makt at form : the form nf 
ouylhing in outline ; the reprocntation of any- 
thing in drawing, &c. ; a drawing : a design ; a 
AtatiM ; appearance: a character dcaoluig_ a 
ntunber: val;ic ^r price: in rfwt., n deviation 
froai ilic ' ' .".ith 

words ftr-; ion 

OrtWtge: • "<lh 

retpeci lo the [--..>iLi..'ji -.^i 'Mk. uinMk tL-f m : st^pa 
in a dance : a ty{>c or emblem. (L./r^ Mm, from 
fii*C*% to form, conn. with^KM, to make.] 

ft^v*. ng'fif. »-f-i '•» WJ'*' nry&^wi; to make on 
iinaf^c of: to niartc with 5^u«n or de^igof : lo 
imoguic : to syiitbuli.<*e : to lurcihcw : to note by 
figures. —T.i, lo make figures ; to appear ns a dis- 
tinguiihed penon :— /r./. fig'Qring: A*-/- fig dred. 
\JUfigitrv. figHrAiut—jigurASi 

S|vrftfal«, lis Q-r^tbl. adj., capable ^ fi/^urt or form. 
— H. tgnnUllty. 

flgvato, fitf'Q-rAt, adj., ef a oertain determinate 
figure, —luixi. flf'arataly. 

Aflvmttoa, fi^-U ra'shun. «. , MiwfjCK'incfipiff'')X 
form : in -t*ijfr, mixture of chofus and discords. 

Sfurai;- i;v, adj, in rk^t, rtfmenting 

by. ' abouodiDf iny/fwrrx; mcta- 

ph . : \.y\t\eA\.—iidf flg'aiaUTily. 

ggnvd. riyuro, "^j., rmartrrJ or adoniod un'tA 

Igvrs-kMd. fig'dr-hed, n., tkffigurt or bust ow UtM 
htad or pf'iw nf a ship. 

ribuasttl, PtttaAtn. &e. See under FU*. a thread. 


nifeert, Wi-":rt, r, the rmi* =-.- n»il if fht 

/.. i^. ih_l]r,_i i;":rUrj;'? '.■jnDC':'.': i »ith 

jin-1 Scot. //■/*. lo steal, ) 
tlc&«r. filch'Ar, «., ffnfwfufiUh.'i: \ t*aii.r. 
nis, fTl, H. lit. a tArrad; :. 

papers arc placed ia '- 

ulaccd ; a roll or list : a I . 

lichind noe anotl«r— «>./ i 

arrange in an orderly nu' - 1 

records of a court: to brin^ ._^__ 

to march in a file :—^r./. f il ut£ ; /a./. I'Ued*, < 

^f/^. fnim l..fiimm, a thread.] 

fi]-A'shus. adj. composed st/tkfradx. 
fil'a-raenc, «., a tMfvaJ; a Jender 

thrc:iri-!ikc oljjcct; a fibre. [Fr.— Lv^«*fc«,J 
SlanmiovL fil a-ment'us, .i'/^.. tkrtdJ-iikt 
AtoAdars, firan-derz, n.//. a disease iii liawki cuo- 

iisUng offiiamfH/i of btiKxi. alio of niadl iAtwU- 

/ite worms. [Fr.^Aja./nrj—L.^.'i, .».■.] 
Blatsre, fil'a-trir, 'i.,ti ntiHH^- ^ifl 

if Silk. 'T itjL- (lUcCwhcf: 
a^lTonn, filiform, adj. havi- 

mtnt; lung and slender. 
UlgTM, fill-gri. «. ohg. fit: 

tkmtd'^K nel-work, com . 

mental work q{ gold and silver v\iz. 

grana — L.y(/wiw, and^mHwut, a graU 
Umm, ffbta, a<(f. ending in a tftrwJUikt \ 
rUs, f II, n. lit /*«/ n*i/f* *c/iiJUt or 

instnimcnt, with sharp-cuged furrtjw* 

inj; or rasping metals, Ac— v.t. to cut 

with, or as with a file:— ^./. fU'i! 

fried'. rA.S. fi^; Ger. */Zr; Boh. 

saw, piUtijA, a file : allied to L. >>«mU*, 
ftllBc. f il'ing, ft. a particle rubbed off wi 
rUial, fifyal, adj., f*rt.xiMing t* or 

or daurhtfy; bearing ihc relation ,. 

oilv. Uiatty. W^fiUtu, a 3on,fi/ta. a dauctiasr'^ 
fiUata. fil'i-lt, t< /. same as **■"»*■ 
flilatloik. tiI>i-2'->hun, «. same as aStUttan. 
rmbotar, rmibnater, fil'ibujt-tir, ir. a \*m\m 

tary ur piratical advcntuTcr; a blirnirim 

filtiimtfr, jicrh. from K. fir-beat, S] 

small, f:i&I'Sailui2 vessel : or C'>rt. from 
nilfOrm, nUgTM. See under nil, a 
FUlag. See under PUa, the tooL 
nn, fil, v.t* to makc/uil; to put into imdt 

space is occupied: to supftly .iH"-.< .-. 

satisfy; lo glut: to perform th^: 

supply a vacant oifice. — p.i. to ) 

become satiated :—>r./. fi'!'"'" 

«. as much as fills or jctcififi 

Mlam,/uiUn-~^mtL full . < 
Gr. fiMH, /tfff /, ftiil, L. /.. 
to filLt— M. urar, h* nha or it 

ILJ— M. Ufar, h* wfu or that whi 
nUrt. fifet. R , <t iittU itn'mff or liasd, 
round the head : something tied m 
u meat; the fleshy pan of tbe It 
esp. of Veal: in anJi. a small spuoe 
used along with mouldings. — v.t, to T * 
with a fillet :~/r./. ftU'eung: ><L/. fi 
fi/rt, dim, offi/, from l„_ff/Mw, • it 

ruiitMf, ruiibsg, fiii ^ 

the Vilt, itir urc55 n .hing mn 

the Itiiccs. worn b\ i l.-rs nf T 

[OaeL fi/ifoJAbctg ./(.... ua, jJalt, 
*^df, little.) 


Hte, (Ir : m£, bir : mlae : mOtc : m&le : mOOn : tAca. 


Snpt v.t4 t' • the nul of llu 

, JKrnl b": i*^ thumb with a 

• Jcffc <>r iIm fioieer saatlaily Id go from the 
'^f-5* t*"*""*'' W'^**" **^ Bound .] 


A,. \ Ueofjer Uirtajd. — v.i. lo cover 

--<. fk'iMK [A.S. : W. 
■ ... peel.] 
K^tHrr efajVfm; lliln ; 
,,it-,.,;i -.■i ff- iy_ iUeiit^l, Of re*ion; weak. — «. 

0Vt ttl^t^V «- oniT- * Ktniiner made tX /ttii a 
^■1 TT Uirwuxb which ttquon arc sinundi.— 

pohfy liqiioc by 


to pau 


M*te «l ir-i- f / . /-■ f.U^ or pereolatB :— >r./. 

•ftyMolty or wcnlly 

:.-e or proce&i offiUeriHt. 

.r; anytliiaz that dcfilrs, 

IA.S. fiUk-Jiil, foul.J 

, /;,'. .■ ^.ifAJJltk ; foul ; undnn ; 

rlAUd. funlin-lZ-ed, a^f., 

■ I siij ; fringe J. | L. Jim- 

•V— <'runi fuot of fttn.] 

. friHCf; tohcm;— /f./. 

r^ilJu^; the cuM^^hlee ornc by 

nctilTvIf and twtJXiS. [A-S-X".' 

< ither ; coanectod 

fly J 

. HMt. 

:.' tfu md; last: 

■ir motive. — ^ii/r. 

. cnd.J 

.-/; the Ust iitfuiage in a 

riudinjf piece in a o?n< 

1 — L.rf«u.J 

Ac. •'^ tinder rtw, a pcnalty- 

«. tlw BanK of kcvenJ *v<cief of liirdi, 

otcelkai BO^r*. \\S. Jifu ; 

■ to \*. friKipll't . aud Vi./ituz 

Cftm the Mmndtjf its note.] 

fl(^^ t* etftf mpcm or meet with -, to div 

wTT»c sr r I'l perctivc : to experience : 

' M't- ftrtit»d, 

. i; perhaps 

t <"nicupun.] 


ught tu an 


tK>t coarse 


i.silc: nice; 

.i t-f./. to 
•A fli^n^; 





,>l (.nnlriv- 


ance ; artifice.— r/. to o»e arttfire :—/»•-/. fineV- 

iug ; ^/^' 6Qcucd'. [Fr., from root oinM.] 
e4l. rui'i-kal, <uij. AfTcctcdiy^w^ or prociM in 

ihJ!c« ; nice ; fopjiish.— a^/p flBlally. 
flniai, fTnlog, n.^ptv^eti c/ rrfinimjc ^m (lurifyitlt!' 
ftoa, fin, «. the Biooey paid aayi'^.J.' " f 

a suit or claim ; a cot iy oei t ipn : s' 

imposed a& a punishment.— Is asf, . 

— V.!. to iai[»oie a 6ne on ; to puiuMi i y imc : — 

/r fi flnlnc; pa ff. fined'. {\..JiniM, ao end.] 
flOA-bl, «.//., liahlf to afiMf. 

, fi-oana', a. a uitn pud aA^nd/oimpowtion ; 

rcvcQuc, e&p. of a ruler or uaie ; {'iibtic moffbty. 

|Fr. . low L- >r»r<T«r»<i — L.^w/rJ 
*''**"^*'. ft-oanshal, ti<(/., ftrtataing tejimante.-^ 

aJv. laaa'cUllr. 
SaaBcUr, fi-naii'«4r, x., put xkilUti in financti an 

ofB':cr who adminiitcrs the jmbttc re^eoue. 
ftagar.linjE'cir. fl.Ut. tht fang^w tkat^akUkMiMt i 

one of the five cxtretoe parts of the hand - n 

finder's bre:adth ; ilciU in Uic use of the Itand or 

finger*.- tJ./. to hftndic or pcrfom with the 

tiDijcrs: to pilfer.— r./- to use the 6i]|pmi on a 

musical tnftruiDcnt : — /''J*, fin'ficrinjj ; /»■/. 

5n'Kcred. [A. 5., Ocr., Das., from root of noc.) 
fiafBT-keftrd, fing'eir-bOru, i.. M^Avrnf, orpftnora 

mu&ical instrument, on which the keys fcr the 
Jin^gm arc platcU. 
ftMindj fing'g^rd, a4J., k.ii'iMgJitts:rn, or anything; 

tike noeci^ 
anffViBg, Gng'gif-tDe, aet or manner of touching 

wilk thfjlngrrt, e«p. a Htu^ic*! inni iiiuent, 
rtnlal. Sec under flBlik. 
FLitJcaL Sec under Rai, mij. 
Plnlah, fin'ifth, v.t., ta end *.r r^.r„,.i,.f.- c.*- m .Ijrn 

of anyihtnx ; lo perfect ; '- * 

lo'.—pr.p. findi&intE: pi . -' 

%irhicn ftmilics or comijletc^ ■■i--I 

t'-bst of plaatcr to a wall. Wr. Jtn$r,Jiwuawami, 

L. JtHirr—finu, an aid.) 
flalaber, fin'i«a-ir, m.,ftu vJkt /im$iu$, put* an end 

tn, cirmplctc*, or (tcrfecu. 
flnlii. tinVal. n. iiL Ma/ wJiuM jfnuJk^i ; the hunch 

of foUaee, &ic. nt the top of a {linuadc ; the |iw* 

n.ncle itself, [fnim l>.yf»(r/» J 
ftnlte, fT'nlt, <u(;'., Ad:'fM^uM/«bf or lirntt :— oppotcd 

to tBlBtte.~A^:-. t'nUely.-N. kaii^uM (L. 

Jimtmt, fia.p. ofjf«M.J 
FlBsy. Sec undrrTtK. 
Mr, frt, w. the name .if h-vctjI »#- 

bcaiTM, re«DOU» trr<». irnltti'l' ' «* 

liV.S.3^A; lat./um, Oct,/.' 
Flr«, fir M tit./V/KrtrC/r; ||h< i 

caused by huxaljy: wdi; wqi 

fuel III a gimie, &CJ 

uuiBisf i tc'tfuc ln_- . ^ . ._ .. 

(vtmiUac: aNlMr of pMMoni vlvavt mli^ 

kc., aod I>ta>^; On /nt^: Gv.>^; nUU 
to SuK. p^vmrna, irr,/^, pvrt J 
In, fir, v.i,. t9mt»nfirwi lo Iwfaw : lo IrriUMj 
to aalaace: to ca«M ife« m i w M^w ofj M du* 

charxe.— «.£. le I>1m five i to b* w bMMM M* 

cat«f or taSasnod : tc ^KJ&ajf t ftiuaiwi i— JrJC 

f li^iar : yia/. n»- 
•«y, fiPt. ** fr#r-«. • ''/"•\\\t*ikt^i 

•rdoil. impctuu!. t'»rlas« 

■mcm, fir'Anni, ' ltd 

an da«chars«d Lv ' 
Bf^taaflf'-bawl,* , .fi^ 

tfi be iWvm M^Jtig ft^riiM* « »it^i..4 


Iml: Asyttiay tnOkmitij^ vr 

h^; jBloc; oCm; sIM; 



rTr'-tiok<,« the &ifx or dumber of a 

engine, tn which OKjif* i\ pUoed. 
ti*-tanatf. fir -brand, n^ a AmtJ or piece of wood 

on /It: one who infloLiaet the p— ioDi of 

•rt-brlck, rir'-briV, «., » McM so mads u to Nsal 

Ulc acuwn otj^rf. 
tt^JuifUM, ri/-brif4^ ti^ a bri£adt or compuoy 

of tnf n for cxtingnutun^yfrKr or cosiSagTations. 
Ir*^laf, fir'-Vlil, m- a kind of r£ay, cipAble of 

r«(U(Lng>fnr, used id making fire-brick^ 
tra-coBfe, flr'-kok, «.. « cMci or spoul lo let oat vaCer 

ft* ej(tinpii*hini7frM. 
Ar»dwBp, f iK-diimii, M.,«/ax, cu-burcttcdbydrogen, 

ia cml<mtnr», apt Xa x»kcJi*T. 
tmtmt^tm. rtr'-en-;io, «., an r«^/>irorforciaf pump, 

Uicd to e«ti.nj[uuhyff« wnih waler. 
tn MK«pt, f Ir'-cvkAp. m. a. moclunc luod to eaablti 

iwoivle III tscap* hom/irrs. 
ftn-flr. fT'r'-Al, n. A iriDged iuminoux jTy which 

cmin a briffht light lilc« a/Tnr-tpirk. 
•nlock, ftr'loK, m.a gun tn which ihcjSrv i% cauwd 

>ty a ioi'Jt with steel and RioL 
tiiMti. flr'ioan, h.. , « mam whow btuoAMi it it to 

assist in cxtinguithiag^Tx; a nutn who teadi 

the liTCv as of J tieainiTtigiae. 
ftrM^lM*. frt'-pUb. «., tkt filatw in a bouse appro- 

priated to ihe^fTr; a hearth. 
tn-fflm^ rtr'-plugg »■, a //Mf' placed tn a pipe which 

«ipplies water in case aljfnf. 
tn-trOQt, flr'-prODf, a./;',, /»w/^»guii»aiyfflr. 
trv-flUp, fir'-Mtip, 4.,dfA/> filled vnih cvmfitafiMet, 

lo (et an eneroy't veiici on fire. 
ArvMa, fir'»id, m., ikt side of the ,>f>r-ptace ; the 

hearth: hutoe. 
li^-jlaa^ fir'-stOo, i*. a kind of uimdit^Ht that 

bean a high degree of krat. 
at»-«arlu, flr'-wuriLi. n.^ artificial tvori4 or pre- 
parations of fnnipowder, Milphur, && Co htjSrtid 

chiefly for display or aanwtOMnL 
ar«-»«tiAilp. flr'-wur-ship, «., tkt warthi^ ef/irr, 

chiefly tn Penia. anii India.— m. %n i WB Wb lJg w . 
•riift fVing, ». a putting^frv to or diichugQ of 

gUBs: firewood; fuel. 
ntU, fer^in, n. a mcAsttre eqtutt to the faartk 

part of a Iwrcl; jj ale Ralloa*, or ■j\ imperial 

"^pUotu. [diminutive of Fo«r.J 
fkH, Arm, tf^/ lit. tupporitd or made fast : fixed ; 

compact : ttriMig : not easily moved or disturbed : 

unshaken ; resolute ; decided. — mdv. trvly. — m. 

tOBMaa. [Fr./rrm«: L. Jirwuu ; aJUtd to Saiu, 

tiAri, lo bear, lo support.) 
tni, ferm. «. orig. a jSrm or ctrtfirmiMf iigtia- 

ture . the title under which a company iransacu 

bu»ine»- [h. Jtrmm, from l^jSrmmsA 
Araaaaat, f^r'ma-ment. n. liL tAat ■UfAicM is firm 

orsupporu; tlie sphere in which the stars were 

flUppoiod to have been luted : the sky. [Fr. ; 

T Jftmmmtnt ,ffiiiiiif 'llic X.. _/irmam*H' 

twm is a translation of the Heb. ru^i^, meaning 

that which it spread ouL The Hebrews sup- 

poacd the firmament to be solid.] 
Ifs— iilsl, r^-wa-aicnt'aJ, a///'., /^rtatntrnf to the 

Jirmmfiunt; celestial. 
niBaa, fo^raan, m. liL nuaturr, tUcrrri any decree 

cmaoating frotn the Turkish govemmcat. [Pen. 

/rrmAmi Sans. p^nmtAma, measure, decision ) 
f!Wt, ftt«t. adj-./iffvuvnt: pTMcding til others, in 

place, time, or debtee; most eminent; chief. — 

m4ti. Defti«« anything else, in time, space, rank, 

Ac \\.S./)rrtt: Ice. /yntr. wperi cA /yri, 

before : £roai root of Fon-J 

flnl-bam, f^n-t'-bawm, etdj., i0wmJfrBt.^^K. tkei 

w the order of btrlh : trie ddeM chUd- 
lni.-fr«u. fent'-frCQt, ii ii ftii ^ fint'-Awav ». (W 

yrwVf^irr/ satheRd ta a iaaaDa ; cfaettm praiks 

or effects ofanyching. 
mtMiW, ferat^iog. «. , ihfjirtt produce or 

e^ ofanimau. (FUil, and dun. fim^.X 
fcifc-Tato. fi^t'^rM, aiH. of the^ff^*/ ot btchMLi 

or excellence ; pre-eminent in qoals^^ 

nitk, ftrth, katoe ai Mlk. 
me, iislc «. lit. « hiukH, «n. 

puTK : the state treanuy i wa 

{Vt.Aic; I* Amsr, a bealcet, the Iroun 
•Mai, fisk'a), a^V, /<rtamitf fr tJktpmUk j 

or revenue. — n. a tnamrer; an olfioir ia ScBt' 

land who prateaiica !■ petty criniioal cues. 
n^ fiih, M. an oniinal that iires in water, sail 

breathes throng gills ; the Aesh of fish. — v.i, to 

try to catch fish : lo »e«k to obtain by artiltoe.— 

v-t. to search for hsh ; to searcb by s weepi n g : 19 

'rag ; f"^^ fmMt. 

'A.S./JI-; G^.jUcA] Ice. Ji3^; G^^Ol fitkt: 

draw out or up : — fish'i; 

L. /*■«■«.* W./j-^f; Cr iehtA^; GaaL w 
tbfew, fish'^r, Bsbsvauha, tnli'cr-tnan, m., pn 

fixkft, or wfaoac occuuatioa U to catch fiA 
ttskwy, fi.<h'asi. «*■, tJw emtOi^sf ^ e* 

place for catching fish. 
SAlag, 6«li'ing. atij , mxtd m ^fiJtmy^ 

practice of catching fisb, 
■ilMMna. 6ih'-miuig-gftr. «,. m dttitr ii 

[nih. and MMfH.} 
Asky, fi&b''i, tuij.. /ish'&Jkf: conmslnic of 

liavittz the qualities of &ib: abomdiicial 

n. IshWM. 

fifth'im, «., a cUaaimg or bmOrinf 

two parts. [L./i4fi»—/h»d*tJi*nam,VH 
UNK fis'ftil, iidj., that min U cU/t or ^ju 

direction of the grain. lL.jStniu, fieto^ 
iMlparao^ fis-sip'a-nis. «^., /nt^Ui-wte^ 

UDcoua fittiem into milkUte part& fU' 

pa. p. titjlnd^t, atid >WKrj*. to bring fofU.) 
ftMrinstn), fis-fii-ros'triu, MJ- having a devjilf < 

or gaping ^tak, as swallows, Sul. iL./itmt, ■ 

nstrum^ a beaJc] 
tamx%, fishllr, >«., c^ or ttU; a tomnv < 

or chasm. [L. jCavn.] 

mt, fist. iB^ tkt ciauJ or clntcA^ *^mdt ^^ 
used for ttriking. [KS-J^tt: Get. fin^; 
jfustf, to beat; L..^'«, a chib ; allied 
^ugmMi, a fist, Gr. /ttjr. with clemibcij tutJ\ 

rtshda, fist'O-la, n, tit. a pipe or ^ki*tig^ 
nam-w, pipt-iikt, sinudus ulcer. H*^ 

Ittalar, Afi'aUr. aJj\ hallow iiJkr mPipt^\ 

ftftnJaU, fitt'O-Ut. v.r, lapAwvmr Vm«i»a|t 
—pr.p, fiw'Oliu'ng : P^.f. fiw'flbled, 

ftitnloaa. &M'a-lua, at/jf., tf the McfiOTr or^raaj 

Fit, 6t, a>^*. lit. mdi^/ or Cuhiooed: 

any particular end or st a n d s fd : 

venicnt; proper. — P-'- to " - '— 

to suit one tmng to anot^ 

to qtMlify. — t'.i. to be »>■ 

pr.p. 6ttm|(; pap. fiit'e' 

/ncTtu-'/acia, to make}-- 
■tSor. fit'^r, »., A^ tMo or t) 
fttUag, fit'ing, «4j,,Jiti api' 

used in fitting up, esp. in j-. 
Fit, fit, H. a sudden and •li-f 'i 

likcaitoA; a sudden attacit by oavuboo 


i^, far: nC, htr; i&iike; oOm; mOtc; mfiOa; Men, 




cpD cpgy, 9tc ; coiiviit»too or par> 
■ icmpoTary sibhji of anythtsic as 
&£. : xti inierv^l ; a pusiatf biunour. 
tUTjUam, * tLt' <:n, fnia L.^/0, to 

|H4.fti^ocJ,A<F.. u-ited bysuddcn im- 

plAns: qwaBko>3i<--'-.4^^. ntraHjr. — m. At'niMH, 

BM^ Auk* *' IM* T«Ml — in S , in laaiah, the 
liBik •0#f)y< "^ti* A wc<l intc cuaunin ; in 

k'ct. rUctew, fifckh'a>, M. a polecat, [old 
t, allied to C/iartM, to stiatuj 
Af. See under Fll, r«. 
VUMB|. See under fO, w^, 

..•^nr i.rit f/i used io Enclatid, ef;!. 
ots of kings and princes. 

ftK (^r, mdj. und «i r'nur and one. [A-S./*/; Gcr. 
>«iy^; Coiii ./t«^/. W /am^. L. ftmgm; Or. 

ftM^ itvz, at// a e^me with a ball phjred aifaiail 
• ««ll. to Bsmcd bccaaae tfane^VM or 15 arc 
to i1m gasM. 
, flTlte. *<r*ud »../■« aad «m. [A-S.^S/- 
-:/t/, five, C^t leiLj 

hfiTitetL mO'.. fAf^JtA aAcr the fM/4; 
1t^ ame of mtttn cqaal p«Tti. — «. a fifteenth 
iC [A.S J(/Ui>tAa~ji/, frve, /m/Aa, tenth.] 
SftK M(f oe^ Afier'tbe founh.— «. oae of 
* eatnl (Hr& [A.S jf/ht.] 
T. IMi'ill. •.^r . I') tht Ji/ik piaet. 
■t, ftrd >.<'/' iii>-1 " .five Umm or five tioMi lea. 

Mrt^ fifll cth. ^Jj. K\.r: "rttiiul oT ftftT. — «. A 

^i^, ».r . t'* ^tvJ --T ni^kc finn: toestabliafa; 
JM ifan« into. <" iri^'Li^i 10 ptenre: to &alcn 
fc&)r ' to «c'.ilc . tc JxcTt (icadily: to detvivc 
rf rateilinr. — v-i. to kiiJc or rcBaio peraa- 
naOly 1 10 WoQine fins ; to con(sii :— /r/. fijK* 
a«./a>baMr. lL.ji/v.A»'.'<^>«^K»-«; 
cHBMiittd viih Saiis.>Mf, tQ biad.) 

«rr ffJiMvtg or oatc of 

taCWB, «i(r.. mmdtjinm; Mnl«d 

■ iliif i'i,if iiarftn ■niTB«0„ 
^ u • DouB : a md anide ttfrnvim 

£ra« ti)« sntnd.] 

soA and yicMiiis: 
a |>wiAi«i1 

■atra; aoft aad ««■•. 

i«0^ 11 1 lip, Mm 

IkK fci, vt, »0dafm lav '■iw 

tsMM. tA iMV ifinsJe* '.-:^ A ■■■¥'■< 
i^ tUcScrf*.— « a waiarfU> fW A^. rf^ 

<■«#&• fiiH flag.— «• ■mI T —. 

Ftac, H^m;. ■• anything tlut^Wj ttxftmttart inl 

vvutd : the en^an of a ahip or oTlroopt. 

jUt!£aH, 10 fly. J 
?Uc a stone. See utider flaka. 
nacalUta. fl^'ei lit, r t.. fy wJki* or 

fr/. flac'elUtina : A» / tUtr'elUtftl- 

la'tloa. [UJftigr7lf,jtai<tUaiiit~jfA/r/ftnm^ iSm. 

Q^JIagmmt a wht[^~rooty/ar'. tu liuin.J 
lag^lha^ Baj'el-lant, m., sru vm* K«ur£ti himaetf 

in reUgioui diidpline [L. jUi^lUm, jUgti- 

ittntit, pr.p. oiJtti^Ut','\ 
laU, flAl. N. a wooden initTuniaot/rr hwating or 

tlimhiigr com. told Fr. yAv/, Cef, JUftL DOOI 

nM«olt\ flajVlct, n. x imall wind^aitniinaitt Uu 

9.jfute, but with th« mouthpiore at the ftod. 

[Fr.— olil FtJlagrvUr, to p*!*. rrov.^K^P"/, ft 

piiK:.I Sec rata. 
Fla4|1a«ai, Tlacgy. See unde/ flag; fp droops 
fla^lUaaa, fU-jiBh'ui, ajj , tiirgwme^^; ff^ttXf 

wicked; villaiDOut: guilly of BAonkMM rrtmaa 

tioatr—Jti^itiMm, anythmc ducmoefii] detw to 
tlie heat of ^cumon'—fiafita, WoBBaad hptjy 

rviijUg, to bujOL] 
na«M, ftagWa. a driDleiaf •vmi^wtitaa iwnia 

oeclc [FV.>S«M(fer>CMO«Lj SaallMfe. 
riifraat^ fU'Cfao^ «#. •vie. jUmimg. t m w^i 

*^K" : s^Miitm; eaomana^-a. Aa^fniatf.— Wv. 

«f ff«i*. [1. JUgrtm*. JUpmMM^ ^.^ t4 

Jf>Mtro, to mma mat^y. 10 Eum.) 
naO. Scgtmdcr remain 
Bafta. ASk. a. a bbsB |>an tkmt Jlit9 «^; a tub; 

a amall layer ; a very miuJ) loaw taaaa, aa of 

ca0« m *M.— «./. to fona iaao flakaa. »/. ta 

/a.*. ttkKrjA.S.>ta««, wa»4ilw-ylbwwr. 

10 Ay : Gcr. jffect^jr^w*. to fy : OTH^ »d L, 

>fiiMw. a flaefc «f w>*e4, beat Ar, a M0w.4Aa,] 

1^.fiSi^.mdJ^«mmMmg0f^Lim^jwm, %. 




Ae jRmA or m ninilhir Jbrce.— p./. to defend 
try hidIkis ; to Mtack aocways :— ^J** flank 'cr- 
iflf: A>./. fikolc'crccL 

fliagik llinji «- a nked edse ca^fiamJt on the rim of 
R wheel, u ora railway camagc 

Wml, AAit'df n. A toft «ftp//m doth of looso 
lextun. tong.^d»nw»— W./wfiuMif, urool.] 

nip, tUf. .'I . /'..' i.^uftJ i-f ft f-/^w from a broad, 
flat ' i>f a broad loose 

ol, ItrhuifjiBslooic, 

kj : . - n or moYt with a 

flap, - ;'./. to niL'Vt:, as winf- : io hanj; like a fbip : 
—i^.p. flapp'ins; >^>. flapped',— «t. IUpp'*r. 
(frum the Mund, conn, with Ftebty, TUoeld, FU(.] 

nu«, flar, I'.i., taflHiter tx/UcJbfr: to bum with 
on uiute:tdy licht . to ebtiei: to be exposed to 
too ftiuch ln;ht : to «pread otitwatd ■■—/'' A ^t'- 
ing ; /•«./. flifcd'. — w. an unsteady, oncnUTC 
light. ii^.Jtackmt^Jfackcn, to Sutter, to flare, 
akin lii/fifgm, to flf.J 

Ok^w, rtitPir, p.r'., to Jf utter mitA movv tlie winj:^, 
AS K liinl : to bum vmitcadily, nf a fUme :— /r./. 
ftick'ennjc: /d-/. flick 'ered. [A.S. ^#frfria« — 
fiy^tf, able to ny—JttegoM^ to fly.] 

rUA, fluh,i«.aaioiiiciituyAoodofUg1it:asuddcti 
buret, am of merriment ; a abort tmnuent state. — 
v.i- to break Airth. a\ a tudxlen Uchi; to break 
out into inietlccttul brilUaacy: to Borst out into 
violence. — v.t. tu cause to flash :~/r./. fiash'- 
tog ; /o^. Aasbed'. [from the aound made by a 
duh nf water or a sudden bunt of flame.] 

.. llAih'i. adj.. JUuhingi daziiioE for a 
moment: showy but empty.— <«/p. SaibUy.— m. 


naak, flask. n,,9jUigpn or oarrow-nccked v<stel for 
holding liqutdi ; a bottle. [A. 5. Jiasc^ Jiaxtt ; 
Tt ^aitfutfjiatoM^aiceH, perhaps from L. x^ai- 
cufutn, dun. of LOi, a vessel.] 

rut, fliit. adj., having an even wnrfitce; smooth: 
level with the gToufHl : wadtiog points of pro- 
miQcncc and interest: mOQOtooDUs: delected: 
in mitxu, opposite of tlurp.— *. a level plain ; a 
trsdcovcred byshitltnw water : something broad : 
a uory or floor of a house : in muiic, a character 
(1^) which towen a note a •emitone. [Dutch. 
fUt, Ger. piait; akin to L. Uius, Gr. fiatmt. 
brood. >-«irp. aatly.-^ AafMm. 

tui'D, v.f., to make Jtat. — v.i. Io become 

flat -.—pr./. Aalt'cninc ; /<i>. flatt'cncd. 
RattUh.^Hh. iufj., sirmewJkmiJtmt. 

lUtwtst, iIoe'wTz. a///, or adf., JfmttBUjn or with 

the lilt side dciwnward. 
Sanv. llat'tr, t'.t. ong. t<f itroitr, and so to moAt 

jUtt ; to loolhe with praise ami servile .-vilention^ ; 

to please with false h"pc»:— ^./. flati'ering; 

/,!/ (littered— J<. iatfsrer. 
0*tt«>lac. ftat'trinjE, ^ij., lettowimc battery: 

ulicritiK fu]<« ptaji^ ; pleaUnf to pride or vanitj*. 

— adz: flstt'srli^ly. 
flattarr. flnt'cfi. n., actofjfatteritgf; false praise 
natolrrr •' "'^ ' :T, ij///'., Ci'utj/r; aflecied with air 

ui I ' . djrC to geocraic wiiut in iSc 

sc : vain.— 41^. flat'alaaUr. [low 

L.y..""..^.^- - Uyftf./rt/iir, toblow.l 
Itafealncs, flaf Q-len>, ftstolaeey,'0-len-si, n. , f/<i/r' 

f*/ Mng JltttmUnt : iir gencratefl in a weak 

9tum»ch. [low h>jiittuletifia~h. Jlatuientm.) 
Satw, fla'tits, m, a puff of wind ; air f^encmted id 

the stomach or any cavity of the body. [I#.l 
riatwlH. See under Flat. 


nanA, fUfic or Aaiuil. vi., t^fiy o* ww ui 11 

wind ; to move ntcnlaluiuily ; tu car^Y a mu 

appear-r — ■ *- * flaunting : /U>. ftaunt'ed^ 

A. ati -. \ id fur shorw. [prob. 

A S.y toJy?<-r*, Io fly ] 

naatlsi. j!<c unu'.-r FlaM; 
nawD, flJl'vur, H. that qoalitv of ttorthiOK 

^7ectB the smelt or the palate. — v.t. to ' 

fl.-ivaur to:— /r./. flfi'vooriog; p*^. fl£'« 

I Fr. JU^irer, L. Awjrw, to amelL] 
ftavearlaw, fU'nir^as, •c^'., wlhaut JUnvmt , 
flarorovi, flA'vur'OK, adj.^ ifm pleaaaw^yJ Uw i . 
Tlaw. flaw, a., a ^#vai, a c^ack: a defox.— «Lii ie 

cnck or break:— /r-^. Ilaw^c: /tt.j^ Hand*. 

(A.S.^4. Goth.>r<vtf« ft Crasmefll: W.JKmt. 

a splinter, j 
lawlma, Qaw'let, ttdi.^Jrrt/rvmJUnat. 
t^wT. flaw*!. aJj.,j^aii/'Jmnu or cracks : (anhy. 
naz, flaks, n. the fibres of a plane easihr/dia^taal^ 

made into tbrrad, and wwrvai; lh« Bu-plaML 

{A.ixjteax, GcT.Jtackt, akin UiJte<£A(en, lophil. 

and Gr. fiekt, to plait, Io weave.] 
flaara, flalu'n, i*^' , mtiJe of ot rearmbltns jAsr^ 

fair, Kin^, and OoMrinf;. 
Tlay. n.'i, t'.t. lu cut iM'mJlagt oeJfnAee; to 

— /r./. flay^uig ;/•*./. ftaycd'. [A.S.j/Aiai,- 1 

Jl^, to cat luffi. Sec riata.] 
Fiaa. See under TUt. 
Hum, tUm, M. an mvlrument i*-'-' f- \*fa^ 

veins of cattle to let bloo 1 

G<a.^iedeme^-ijr. fkleiat, ■ 

pA/eooi, B vein, ami -'■••■ 
riid; fl«k, riMfca-. (\rU 

to *tnak:—*rp. i.. 

flcdccd', flcclc'crcd. U'tr ,,';r.-i 
FImUob. S.ime as ftexloB. 
n«< 0cd, /ir.^ and /a./, of n**. 
flMfi,^, v.t. to enable /« ^^ by fi 

feathen :—/»■./- fledging ; ^t./ 

Jferigiut, Ovt.JiiegrH, to Ry.] 
■■<f>Mwt flejiing, if. a liitie 1>ird juM 
tlM, flf, r.j. to nm with rapidity, ru ^, 

run away. —v./. lo keep ai a distance 

>r>.flee^nf:/d./ and/*./, fled. [A.S 

conttacled^ri'M, akin Xr> JJevptm 

flieken, akm XojiUsicrL, to fly J S«e 7tg. 
flaa, fle, w. a small iR3«ct reroarkalite Air ja 

tin Jteemg and troublcsume bite. [A..S. 

FkMM, Acs, n. lit that which U rwnvw ; the COM 
of wool shorn from a sheep at one time. — 4>./t 
clip wool from : to plunder : tu cover, 
wool :—pr.p. flccc'iuf; : /rf./. fleeced'. I A.i^ 
Dutch, vties, L. velfui; from n>at of Flaa-J 
flftt, adj., having a ^eect- 
flft;'^. M. , one iwA# ttnps or pltmiicf*. 
Acs ics, adj.. having itfjf^e, 

■aMff fl^sl, adj, covered with ^^'.,ol wt^tly^ 

llaar. flCr, v.i. or i.. tc moMe -.■ 
lo mock :—/r./, fleoKini; 
mockerj'. [Scocy^ryr, to ii— 
flyra, to leer.] 

rUat, flf^ n. lit. that Tehkh jfltytle ; « muBfaef' 
ships in company, especially ships of war. 
Jfitt, /ffta^jte^'tan, to float, (rcq. of 
to flow : C<r. ji^ft'—^ietten^ to Mow ; 

toflf-.1T -'- - ' " ' 

OotUla. r \-ft ; 3. flcci *J i 

£Mt, tlrt, .' ' Ui 11^- nf.v iii-i-aji; m pus sw)^: 


0tr, DU : m£, btr; mtiM : mCte ; oiDie : iboOb ; JActt* 


■'-cl'fril. — •»«// »wift; nimWe : 
-upcrficUI. — 'uiv- flMtly. — 
./aw, to floal-yy^raoK.] 

itine quickly ; not Ustiqg : 
_ He.,, ..... -.: or bclonEioB lo tki Fltm- 

WKgt GT s>*><3pic ^ IrtJUHlers, 

naa^ Acait r ' <• to cut up the blubber of, » a whittc 
IDsa-r-" ' ^-■' "■'■'-'^^ 

mi^ flr>f ' IT which covm tlie 

boDc« fo'id: Ibc bodies dI 

fecujft- : body, not the «ou} : 

aaigMl-' manlumJ : budUy 

■paitii' ■lie bf.rt: snbstinct: uf 

Arifil; iBc y»'\ 'Ji .i .-luu i'i 10 be calen. [A.S. 
Jimtc: Otr.JiriseAf. the Mft pulp of rmiUi.flwh.] 

BiA A^fct t*./. to train to aa iip(x:titc Tur flnb, a» 
Aio for hunbag ; to accustom : lo jglut : to tuc 
«f*a fcih. u a sword, cap. for the bsi time. 

■iAi< icatit, ••<p'., hm>imgjitik ; faL 

dMiAaa^ fltihldv adj.> miuwHt Jtak : lenn. 

•■rfty. tfefth'U, «4(/., ^Ttainin^ ij> ihi jieth : cor* 
pat««l: c>nul: not spiritual— *t. AMli'tlaaB. 

9m^,%alhi\mtlj\,fiitle//frik: in, pulpy; plump. 

ftov, AERt. /•»' ^«"^ "f flf. 

/v^f ; ;. -'( C«x')bUtD«K>. — >iJ:: imx- 

IMy. [ L.. ;:j—ji^c:^'ji<J^ .'</tf,io bctKl] 

Bck» )^u ill, !»., tkr fMtUity »f heittg 
hit i ntiancir : easiness to be penuaded. 
_ idcHVi. «., /V dcf itfbtndimgi % bead : a 

•nw, wu'or, ». B miucle which Undt a jruct. 
toWHi. AelErfi'U^ SaaauM. fIeks'n-A&. adj. full <•/ 

oB^yi end inmmp : wtablc 
fttHR, ttat«%4 «„ •■ ttmdmg, ■ tumin; ; beading 


r» Ac Sec under nr. 
See uaiUr RIb. 
, ri to Oinnk tuck: to fiil :— /r.^. 

'f. ( .^ . , f y(!«> w ilctar.J 
f . >v or lJu*v firam Ibe hud : 

Miaacr. — r.^taflousce ; 
-'vA llmI trrcftibLr BBUBcr ; lovp- 

. -ttf ertluvw: atSMt. ISoDt. A^r. 

* .'■£ fiaoc, «■ a banc : «U Sv. jloipi^ 
.> to L.XV't *^ tco^] 



ahoti^Vnatf beo-Md 


«Wp >-/^/. flirtirg : /«./. flirt'od.— n. • ptfl, 

ptldy (pri. —-./=. Urtlltflr. lA.S. ^^rdi^m, ii> 

BtitattH. Dtrt-iftbao, H.,t\rm1 
IWk, Bit, p,«. to Prmev*/n>iM / ' , to 

fluncroDlhtwitiK: toflyquiilil> . _. ;..4Jy 

fx ea»lJy moved >-^./. nitt'injc ; /«*/. llitt'vo. 

[akin to Scot. Jfitt Jfj/i, to tcinoTO, Ice. jtytti*^ 

lo tnmsporL] 
niteh, Rich, iL the »dc of n hnjf uhcd (wd cured. 

[A-S.^fiVf/; pro». ^.jtuk, \t,con.\ 
nofci. ttei, ;m.. a^ /.'. - ,:,'■■, I* 

buoyed up; lo . i — 

r..'- tin crtine \v — 

/r./, floating; /if./-, ir . ni- 

ming on water; araft. i i-. 

— «». flaalV. [AS. /#.-.'. Sec 

riMfc, K., and now. 

■ w Uhl i. fl/^t'a-tl 'm//, r^i/ mfi»> tkjtifdtrd. 

SailBfB, ftata««,'AJ, 4., /Af/^jT* fcmiul /TM/l'fV' on 
rivr-- - - •"- - -.-n. 

loaUii. . ttoimatlK^: tKit fuodi cittW* 

\au tliMtfy. 

tout^bo, ,,...-1., .^lu. . - ''■■ ■" fJloMinr. 

totMA, lldt'um, Co> . ri, nxxJ* loct by 

thipWTcck, oud 1 ' II IIM kM. 

nooeen, &c See ui>i.'::t nock, a flake 
riMk. flolt. fl.. tf flitkt fff HnU aiuin( an th* 

rtouikI; acomiKiay: a Chriuhn < '•nuncBltiHi. 

—V.I. to gather in flofi . '* ;_/rj». 

fi.idtlng ; /«./. fl.<ke.l . fl**!*, ■ 

coiiipany,jif;X, a (lyinj;- 
rio^ flok, n. a lodk mjlml^- 
floec«aa, flnk'Oa, ftocftr, Aok . 

^ofifef or loclA. |L^^Yw , ......u,, .*.i 

toeeVUol, fkik'O-lcix . tttfj., ad^trttrg m itnk$ or 

AaJir vn. ■ooc'akM*. 
Ptoii. ftO, «., a jiaitt • ■ * ' ^-r Atliuktd frnm 

Bn kc-AcId . a ) - tT flcjAtnijf \k%, 

[l>aa.yZ<f (tf/^' fte^- 

Tloy, Ro^ *•/-, t» l^tt "t >r»i4v; it> lath; lodiM* 



(ak» to Sent. ./Cor. a W«r rl-^W, #«i «OK^ 

raa« ea vfadb *K «Mrf ; a flaCtorw : iW IW«« 
ii a hpvc oi iIm mmm Imt. a mmy^^j. to 



SD-fif' tr-os, adi., hf.tnnf or predndng 
, ti^/iti»,jtgru, uidyWv, lo bear ] 
flori-Kirin, nrff'., kavirtg tA* Jfrm *f tx 

fiAtlK. ft-Vui, «. orig. a Florvntine coin RBjnped 
with Ik* litt Jlnttfrr, ihe natioiul bodge of Flor- 
ence , a silver criin, value x\. [Kr.. front iL 
jiifrstK — ficre, a lily — L-yJIw.] 

flortat,'ut, n., a cMltivatrr c/JJemm ; ODOldio 
wnim aJi Kctxiunt of ulanti. 

totnl*, flo<\Ql. «. , ajfartt of iB acgregase flower. 
[Ff. — L.Jf0Km/ui, dim. ofyCw.] 

•oHSlar, fl(M'kQ4ar. JwcbIim, flovlirtl-tos, oi^^, rom- 
pAt*4 of ouiay^tfinu/fx or tubuLu' floreta.. 

flM^ llos, N. die tooM downy or »ilk)r suhsUDCe ui 
the btuVj or oertain plants^ a» the bean : portions 
of Silk bmkca off in unwinding iL — *dj. flow'r, 
[ll.y/.'ifi.^— L Jluxus, loose— ^ni», to flow.] 

lo»4lIk, fIo»'-4ilk. N. an infrriorLind of silk made 
fttunJ^M/, or ravelled fracnieau of fibre. 

niitaC*- neUlbn. See under noat. 

VMUla. See uoder nmk. 

yiwtWM, notiOB. Sec under fleat. 

yiMftw, flounr, r^. to do uiythto; widi doIm and 
blucfcr, like one /lungiw about in water: to 
throw .iS>)ut the hntba and body ; to plunce and 
ttnisK'c .—f*--p. flounc'inf ; fa.p. Aounoea . [old 
Sw. JtufUM, Xiittchf^ffMJtfM, to plunge in water.) 

flvutfar, flimn'd^r, r.i., taJUnatct, to slnigxk with 
violent motion :— /r./. floun'deriac : /«-/■ Boun'- 
dered. (akiD to RovaM.] 

nMMi. Houni, X. a /tMttd itrip or border sewed 
to the akin of a drcsa. — v.t. to fumish with 
floimcet. ( Pr. Jwvicij, a plut : prob. from low 
t.. /ttHitlAtrt, to wrinkle the brow — L. Jnms, 
/wvniis, the brow.] 

FkHLadw, flouo'd&r, M. a small fiat fiiK gcnenlly 
fr.und in the sea near the mouths of rivers. [Ger. 

t\mx, noailA. See under nomr. 

TloBl, flout, v.i. or Lt tc jtrr, mock, or insult; to 
treat »ith coatenipt :~fr.p. Boutins ; ><«./. 
flout'ed.— 1^ a mock: an iiuult. [thitch, yfi*^ 
few. to Oatter; OoUx, Jl4XuiaM, to boaU: ScoL 
JfyU, to scold.) 

nn, fl9. &.(., ttfJi^OT run. aft water; to nsc, lu 
the ^dc : to move in a Ktrc:ani, as air ; to glide 
Kmootiily; loarnilate. as the blood : to abound : 
b> haug Ioa«e and waving : io B., to melt. — n./. 
to cover with water :—/»•.>*. flow'ing : /<i. A flowed'. 
[A.S. ^CfftMM, Ovr. jiitxrm, akin xu fttifun, to 
mft.piffni. In fly, L.^iut, to Bow, phta, to rain, 
Qf.fkki, to overflow, Sans. //m. to swim.] 

flffv. no, n. a stream of water or other fluid : a 
stream or current ; the settins in of the tide from 
the oc«an : abundance ; copiousness ; free cxpres* 

flOrz, n,fL in B., in Levidcus, menstrual 
ditcfiargtt. (1,, flmom ) 
iwtaC. Bs'ing, adj. moving as a fluid : fluent or 
sm<vith. — Miv. flow'lagly. — m. flew ^a g a im. 
•4, flud, w. a great _fifw of water ; a river, to in 
if,; an innn.l-n "fi ^ iVIugr; the riseor flnwof 
the tide: ■■ 'kt — *'/ toovcrflovr ; tn 

iniindale ' i ; /<>./. flood'ed — T»i 

rioKihcJc.-^- :.>>*ofNf.*h, [A.S jfrt/ ] 

wd-fftto, flud'-g&t, H., *piU for letting wtUrjtaw 
through, or to prevent it : aa opening or pauig« : 
an obaruction. 

lodlag. flitdlng, K. a protematuial diakargt of 
blood fiom the uterus. 


d'-aOft, ■., iJkt wm m ^ k or Bne towlnc 
the tid* rueL 

n»«u-, flo Wer, •- , tfu hianem »/a ^lamt T dkC ' 
of anything ; the prime of iifb ; the 
thing mot ditfinyuiihed : a figure of 
v.t. to lilom wuh fignies of Aowmb 
blossom; lo 6oufuk ;— /r/. flow'e 
tlow'ered. (L. jSM.^Bfvv, akin to M 

Bownvt. floV6r-et, «., a litlit jUver ; a. flDttc 
Bow'^lea, m4j. in te/., ImvtMgmf^ ' 

Bow'£r-t. adj., fttil ^ or adonaed wtitt 
Jitmertt highly embeUuhed with figurumiqrtc 

« iW with the unopcnad 

fl«rar-bad, Oow'te-bud 

floar, flour, n. lit fA# ^fifmev or fine«t put of any 
thing ; toe fiiKT part of meal ; the fine to(^pa«d#« 
of any subilanoe. — v>. t. to reduce into or ttriaUt 
with flour ;— /*^-/. flour'ing ; /«■/. floured^ JSp. 
jlerr{J*ia Jkaritia, of meii', fine flour; from L 
JI^j, fi«Hxt a flower. 1 

toolift, flur^ksh, v.i. be. to ./9Bniwv or Uaa«a; to 
grow luxiuiantly ; to be provenms : to ime coft- 
ous and flowery language : to make onukmental 
strokes with the pen.— «r./. to adorn with 
fioarishes; to swing about by way of ahow or 
triumph :—>•»-,/. flou'^hing: >•■/■ flow'tshed 
[uld t. fl^ritkt, old Fr. Ji«rxr, Sp.^dnNyv. &«l 
\..JicrfiCfrt, to blosaom— :/5W.] 

tmrlxh, flur'ish, «. dccoratioa ; showy- s^Jcixtonr: 
a figure made by a bold stroke of the pen : lh« 
wavmg of a weapon or other thing: a parade oF 
words : a musical prelude. 

asarUUig, But^sb•lng, Adj thiiviog: proqierea; 
making a show. — adn. tomrTiMagly. 

nam, flOn, /a./, of Tly. 

riaetaau, f1uk'ta~at, v.i,, ta Jiff» «/ a mam; to 
float backward and forwaid; to roll hither aafl 
thither : to be irresolute :— -/rjl. fluc'c&ttiag J 
/rt./. fluc'lQSted. \h.Jittetua. JtMCtuafm—Jhm- 
tHt, a wave— j'^iia, to flow.] Se« flow. 

tartaattea fliik-ta-S'»liun, ■. a rising and fallt: 
iike m metv ; motion hither and tEtther : 
tion : uasteadioess. 

naa, flm, *r a chimney or pipe by whicit Monlte 
Jtiw or By off. (old Fr. Jltie. a ttrma f J fwtr, 
L Jlitfi. to flow.) 

aaiBl, flOC'cnt, adJ.JhauHg cr capable of Aowiag 
mdy ill the uiie orwords : voluble. — «>^ Bl'M^ 
\\.fltient,Jlit*ntu, pr.p. o^jtm, to flow.) 

Saney, 0OB'en-*i, m., fvmlity 9/ An'mg' 
DBoothness : readiness of utterance ; 

Mi. ntseTid, adj.. ikat/Umi, aa water 
gmseettt. — n. a liquid, not a solid. 

ftaMUy. Ba-idl-ii, Wrt i ti iw^ flOirkl-aes. a^ 
0/h^ngfiuid: a liiimd or gmscoos slate. 

taM flSOm, n. Ul a rivtvtif ttTw&mt 
for the water that drit^e* 
jtum, a itiram ; L.^<nwr- 

flaor. flOO-or, «. orig. <t Jim ..... 

mineral^ often crytiallisod, aad ujuauy 
taor-fpar. (Fr>. from L.y'**^.! 

Baovlc^ HOO-or^, adj., o/ot \n: iiilt ^i' 

nato. flock, n. % flouitdcr ( ' 

Floka, flCOk. n. the nrt of an 

in the ground, (alun to Gcr. fjing, a yv 
jMka, \o fear ) 

Tttmik. See under riM. 

n^mwtrr flum'^i. »■ an orid jelly 
husks of oats, the Scutch towens 



filre, ar; iDe,hir; m&ie: m«c: mOte; mRki; 1*0. 





r./tt'^aad/tM- Of 


ivf. Rv'ri. n. ■ KiddenU2«orgnse: sfareue of 
mmdi violcsil tpfslion : baadc— v./. totgilMr. 
ID uoM >-yrA Aur nriBc : M^' ttnr^Md. (wr- 
th nm 1. ma } 
b, «., «yfdw of blood ce the bee 
r«*n^ : wwidrn ubduIk 
v^ U flenr Mddeaiy; ti 
coaa nd is die bee— f ./. w wsih vicb llrwlai 
■■ler : le make red ia tbe taoe ; ta «xdtt «Wk 
i«r :— A> flu^'Log : >«./ (luaitaif. (per.^ftiKr 
L ctjfi^amm, taflov; L. 

■Mr, Bft. 

: aTiiwiiliin: bofrinc Ac wi&oe lewi. 

ki^W. «.. 4^£^»f or hUtirwwi am- 

IWU. — r.r. 10 IrbcIc ; to be agnamL— 

to bb1» Imc and oanAued :— /r/. litf^erw 

:>^ ftoof'tend. [»fcia lo Miilii.) 

ion. «■ s BBfical ptpe with ISm^m HbIm and 

■wipiitJ hf MnwMy: a fhfir'i^, u «• a 

OtOed ako !■»■(.— v^ to pUj Oe fate. 

ua i—fr^ mt- 
;/ft>.flU'c(l. P*- _ -" "^.-^ — ■-, • J*— -. 
> l*jC«,^/w«. to Uciw.] 
flBBT'tr, tostli^ Aaol'M, *., mJimtrpUytr. 
, flof tr, r.r to D«f« or (bp cbe amg,! vilk- 
or «^£4 tM^rtjtigku; to aoi*c ab«ux 
' ; to vibrate : to be ra Moriow or « 
.— «X to throv Iwo &Badtf.— «. 
imynUr bocmb: acitttkn; coarfbHoat 
«f 1»; Qm.jUOtwmym C«K.ji^fty»] 
BMk, teS-vMCik. «#. afar 

ilvM. aa tW iMa ; Kaaari 
C b«i rf w -iL to McHt-^^ iK^^; 

•yto^ritom. «.. Or ar« ^r^^baaV « 

■SH^£^-^-^'='5£W or 

l%b ft. r^ a» >&«/ tfaaairii ife afa^: to am 

■MU)r; tofSMavar: to lea: do Wat: aat*. 
taL— «./. 1)0 avqai, met tnm: ao easa la fly, m 
m bato:-^A %^««: >fcf. •«- Mt: /•>. 
Amjflfial,-*. a aw rfi—i^ «iA 

H« «• laas. X iw iiL •* flaw, 

liaiated wilh lAc wg* wfiBch VP«faoB aanBlft. 

from in £a«*By >b> «Me a« tUc mac- 
ftr**. ir.«A. «x, i0jUk w^JKm, MMttl ar 
amfcottL aatiMt a. ^-^i^. 

■^.-.^^.-r - -^__^ ._^ ,^^^ ^ i|-|||-Bl 111 

^■fc a*. ■r-WI, «. a ka«r «4»/ i«vC«l Ki 

BairTaa rijtariiirii Aa «^t af ATavva^ 

ilS^ flTMUk. ••. «X** «^ick OH l^ftm 
the vaicr aid Mtak iiidr ik cfae W fivTriMrt 
liaaa. tor tM Ini paoaaal fti^ aa If >q;^. 

Oln n ihi il. Irtar**"'^ •- a «r*^T^a 5. 
Am and N. AMBka. ■fti«k iMa a Ua^ fiAl ^ 
ilEiibcxvvai itt Im aari Ui^ kn, by «^k k 
CM take 9«tt laa^ is ite air. aa tf >!Mv. 

lbaLiaL«.iL«W«*K*tfM«*dal^.' ^y«a^ 
«r a mamt m ti a tht aaa. wj, a^ /. to Mm 
tm^ m. faal^-^TL IWW; >«Ji ftSmf. 

A^b^ yrvh. oaadr vf /mOm, 4fa& afiUMr. . 
tor, &BB.>a«iw. a law > -! . M mrnkk.} 
flka^ A^^ Ai«*; Aa UMte v^li iJm «■ 
cka asAoa ^K^Mi,— v^ i» pAwina: t* 
W is a aca-«jMBAMili4^«att«pv«M 

L ^ aiii ^| to< ^ a IlK^JaM/tflM^ieMft^ 

IMMP; 1^mfi,m4f.,imt^m^/mmi *a*f. 
M^Mka.aaiaAK*tfftra«MAt. tpnv, 0«>. 

is vMaT^^oM^^MM afl 

, to 

tmdCwm, 'suiSC 

ftovftl ■■ it smem 
tmM wwkyi, CA 

4r Aad9 aaaAa; aa 



mmm -. lm.Mg^ ain^^M, la i w J 

*Wj«W-<>^«*^Mv7^^ atotfa4 ia 

""ad, itoBK -— ^^br i^HlKr— 41. i^a^^^a 

^—■aaaatoamaaifatmrajUrf^had ^ 

•^«-X«. *>d*«r ■to*>Wi.*to«ii^t T 
*^ U. *Z iK, c» ww^ r > h id r <l «r 


TML foO. I*., a JSnrt/iir thin plAte of metal, aft rin- 
f'lil , a this 1<^ cf loetal put unJcr precious 
Uuuc* Co tocica^e ihelr lustre or dongo tbeir 
colour : aaythine tbml xrvca to xi off tomctliinc 
cUe. irr./rm/L-~L./^-i^Mm. « lesf) 

IMiL fiuO, wJ., io wmUu /dhe; to insert wrnns- 
foUr; to pan off as gcztuinc :— /v,/. fnul'mir : 

/i/na, lo dccdicj See fkil» and rklM. 

-9«ai.fbM. iL.<Vy<niiMiuvafAnyacxiblesaltfanc«: 
• jari Lud over oo another : thai which enfolds; 
an enclosure foi thccp: a flock uf sheep: the 
Church.— p./. ui lay one i<lrt over another: lo 
«a(,li<4e; lo enclose in a folJ.— t'.i, to became 
r<:<UeU or Joublc ;— /r./. ffltdW ; >«>i. (5U'ed. 
\K.%. j9!4~~/eaUaH, in foM ; ScoL^bHiV. Gcr. 
/aUt, akin to L. -^jt, m Jufiex^ double, Cr. 
-fii^it, m JifJtvn, double: ) 

MA, in compodtion with munerals, = limes, ai ia 

fcMsff*. frtld'lj, • , ^-*/ rigMf/M/iimr^cf!p' 

fi>lAtnf , l^.l.ri 'It;, a.//. , that rtay ht f.^iMti or doubled. 

— f. a fjld or pLiit : the kcc^ng of sheep in 

(3iclo»urcs on arable land. 

•ynUftWM, rrv-U^'shi-os, ad j,^ pertaining to or coo- 

utdnjt of /><twr or Uminx. ^,/)}iiacnu—:/oliMm, 

ll^C*> feli-jU. n<. f<aves: a dtnter of leaves. [Fr. 
fndlla^ -rntitU, L./c!i»m.] 
■MlMttd, fdVijd, di<r.> iUxvy'^Ab^. 
Oifte, fmiJt. p./. oric- to heat wfft» a /ra/'; to 

cover with leaf melal :— yr.>. ft'liAlins ; /«*.>. 

OtatM, mii-ai-ed, «^". ia miH., amtiMtmre/ptatfr 

or thtnlayen. 
innkHl, OS-li-a'shuo, ».. act *J'/>iiating on leafing : 

the IcafinK of plants^ 
tUmtmM, lo4irer-iu, aJj., htarime or producing 

Uavet. [Ih^arm, a leaf, and.^rt% to bear.] 
rdUB, Oj1i-0, f*. lit. d i*Af; a sheet of paper osce 

fulded : a book of tucn sheets : in hot*-*., a page 

it) an accouot-book, or twu a^^oaiie pages niim* 

tcrcd AS one.— is^''. pcrtaiaiag to or containinE 

paper only ooca fofdeo. 


frj'li-fil, K, in ivi,, a single Itajttt of a cent- 
pound leaf. [FV., dim. of V.,/atiuuf.\ 

MlNf, r<3li us, attj.y l*afy: thin or unsubstantial: 
in K^t., having leaves niUed with the flowcn. 

TnO, fC'k. «. lit. a inrtiMt nf jieoplc ; the people : ccr- 
MJnjwoptc :— gen. lued in//. Mk or folks |fiiksl. 
(A.S./j/.-,- Gcr volk, L. PM^fwr^ihe mutlitude, 
.-ikin loCcr. e\V/, full.l 

nik-lor*. fPklOf, •»., Uft or koowledee of the 
jiiicicnt custom*, superstitions, 8tc of the /fl/k 
n pcojile. 

rnOklM, ful'l-kt It., d ii'/t/r issgt in anat., a gland : 
:ii ^-cA, A ftccrl-vessd. [Fr. — L,.Jif//iin/iu, dim. of 
/.)//jj. a v> Old ball or bag.) 

FoUow, fi';'.l. v,/. to ga after <>f behind ; to pursue : 
CO attend : to imitate : to obey ; to adopt, as an 
fH}\nian ■ to follow with the eye or mind ; to 
pursue, at an object ''■f desire : lo result (hnn : tn 
J}., to strive to obuin. — em" to come after 
another ; to remit : /r./. foU'oivin^ ; AM- ^o'^'* 
Mwed.— To fDUow ea, in J9., to cvmt)n.ic eodcav- 
otua. (A,S.y^fWJ», Cer.jMfm.) 

ita-tt, «., OAC wJta/Juawt; a copier ; a 

fol'O-Uig, tuij.t rMming nfe«i ^«r. 

YeUy. See under f«oL 

Fommi, fd-tncsit'. r./. to lathe «rith «MtrM water: 

lo encourage .—^^ tOmmi ■ 
cil — «. fDOMOtsr (L. /I'A/- 

nwawtetlon, /b-> 
or Idthin^ tt'il 

FmA. fond, mdj. (viR. /ivri- - 
and Loving ; weakly iodulgcii' 
—.1^. fMdlr.— «. taiA'MH 

old ^,/ffMne. Scol.,^, Ice. /.**.!. 

I.. tMwhf, cmpry.>— PBBtfof.'peliih 
faadU, roo'll. I' /., t>} irrai uttiAji'Hd't 

— /r./. fon'dUag; /«>. fou'dlcJ.— «. fonaisr 
roodilag, fon'dling. n., ttupmoH or thixtc^^Mt&tf 

or caressed. 
7MK in bapdna. See under Te«aL 
FoBi an astortment of types, bev liltdct 

rBS4, flHJd, !»,, tP-k*/ ff»<- ''- -' !■ - ■ ' 

digested nootixhcs t). 
growth — aJJ. foaA1«L.'i 

fo4d«r. fod'dr, n.,/,vJi^.. o.., ... .. ..., .. 

—v.t. to Mipply with fodder i—/r./. fixld'cnnfiJ 
/■I./. fo.U>r«l. [A.S./<*irf^-:Ai:t.] ' 

he4. fed, t-./,, tutit^ /i^i ttt; to n-'Mn-' 
nish with necc&aary material : to I 
take fix)d ; to nourish one"* self 
/r./, fee<rin(;i /d./. and /a./, fo.!.— ™ 
A/«iA^>^^orthalwluchfUMilic9^ iA.S.>i« 
to feed, nourisb-:/M(t, food.] 

Fsel, nnl, w one who acts Uupidly : 
weak mind: a jester: in /'.^ wirl 
p.r. to deceive: lo trrst with t . . 
to play the fool : to tr :' ' ' .-, ,;^ - ^ 

rro]ed'. [Fr./rf/,/w. I.. /W//W. 

be inflated with oir-. . n^ ] 

foUf, foil, »«.. ttatt Pj vri-tj^ n /-.w; wcakneu 
mind: a foolish act: chmmar wcuaotf : ia J>^ 
lin, {Tr./i>Ue—/oi\ 

staff, fOTI*ri. '. " ' ' : ^-i/W; hi 

tuat folly ; ao 

nnl'ish. weak ia 

IcUcci : waiiiiiit.' <'i^« iriiMi) , (i<:i -ii;<nj( : marki 
with folly; deservrnj* hdiculc : iti B.. unfiJ.i: 
regarding God's Uwt — «dv. fvoltakly.— « 

fMl-hw4f. Rj&r-hir-di. aJJ., /i.>/uAfy Xtnfy 
bol J ; rash or incauttoua. — h. tMtl'-harCtBMa. 

foolscaii^ fOOUkap. m. a tire of ]hip> ■ 
inches. 90 called frum h.-iviiig on^ 
the waier-mark of a/W* »"«/ and i 

(ool'a-anaad, moli'cr-raiMl, n., ah f^t.f.i oa w-r_ 
only a/aai would go : search fm- what oaoDot 

Tool, foot, n. lit. IkAt wkiek £. . 
body on which an iinimaf ■ ' 
lower part or ba'ie: a measu;- 
length t>f a man's foot: foot v•:.llr^^^ ^ i 
fit 3l linr nf poetry.— /I/. fMt Sit). — c § to 
in walk.— r/. to kick:— >r./. foot'ir 
fiXJt'cd. [A,S. /fc/, pL A', Ger.ykM; a 
>fj,/n/u, Or. >0Mr,/nftv. Sans. *t^ 

fctt«r, fct'ir. n. a cham or shacU* /i^ 
anything that restrains ;—u^ " * 

v.t. lo put fetters on: to rs- tit 

iiijr: ^t/. fptt'ered. (A.S : ] 

I'cct of aninuls wliich iKatl back* 

'■■ I mifit for walVjna 

loci un«», ii"Fi-iiawl. *t. a lai^', ' 

kicking about in sport : pl.i . 
to«t-bor, foot -boy, «»., liu ■• , i, ,« 

/i^'ti an altcailant in livery 

*£ at 

fllr, iSix ; me. Ii«r ; mine ; mDle : aflte ; mOOo ; tJktOL 




fiM'-bn). «L ft. nwTow hii^ Ut/a^t- 

..f . ^ ,. _ ^ , -- r^tike 

■ iiCITC 

'itmg^ lot tfu firt: 

m;. "., i/^.' /■-• ikt /Mt to rtrt Ml. 
(ouchlatuA : pouufin : Kitkmeat : trea<l , 
r : fdaia cottuo Ucr. 
ffl»«'lci, aJJ., Ksi-in^ H.-'/eef. 
. fo-V-ouD, V. dp.;;, .uid ui £t.. aiotdier wlio 
i^^^vtt ; 3 niiiiiir . a kiuxuil oc alleodabl 
n \mrt —f*> («»«-■«»- 

foot auric, fooi-prtnt, foot -fmnt, m., iiu 
^^rxni /•/a/i>o/ ; :i track. 
, U»yt'-iaui, «. 1 hi{>liwayinan or rubber on 

lAp^M^ir, foot -pM-«i»-j^, ff. one who /aisct 
m navels on/iW. 

fM^-rve. *. » nil/ ot ulcer in thej^r/ of 

IbaC'-rODl, «., tf mlr or measure a^' in 

fcM('-4Uwk, «. in Stt, the liiUe ^/ti^r 
■t tlktiW of aad supportias > It^''-. 
ryi ffHll f'-'^' *iAui K a nroBuii'i Kimtp. \T«at, 
■bA r«- ' '^^ue for the ttogcr. ] 

rArrW/Of improwon of tha 
fa coune puraued— //. 

'•ywlhinx fillfrv ; an 

^. i _...^r- ..^v, foi>pcxie% ull/ txlk 

a^^yhs. a iroitUc*» fcUaw, lit. qwiled 

lop'er-i, ■•., tb^ l>fk^vumro/ a fif I wiity 
^ ot Dioniicrs : aflectariofi ; fwh'. 
ff— i'>'>i. ffH, ffkatnMf !ik* a^t^ ; ostcnta- 
I ., .1. -I ' - if-rtrdljr icfiucd ID uiajuior». — 
^ : - ro;*p LiLi} - - '> fOW'latBMl. 
f*-. \>T.frrf^ lii.y ''V or be/ore; in tbe place of; 
I r '..^.^ Mu of: OQ aocouot of: in the direcuon 
,i « jt} fny cc t <□; beneficial to : ia quc»t of: 
i««yMWli<W CO * nntwtttutaodtnc : in rccoim«fuc 
•fldnrvc. — M for, u fftf as coooBTB*. [A.5./<^. 
I^ET. yfrv. w. 9^r. akin to L. JUhd Gr. /^, SattL 


fuf %t-tnt>dt. Sm under t$t. 
t«nf. See under rmtfit: 
ract*«*, for t>sJ', /»./. uf mtlA. 
rocWw. fxr-^r'. I'.r. Ul /•» ^rar forth or fttmv; 

hoM ff'^i'-i p.-'^codiag; to keep otui't mf Ib 
ch< ' lin. — v.i. tq abstain fmm , tu 

av ; to Apate. to wilhhold. \Jir», 

aw :■ :. ^t I 

ArlMUiicte !'r..<ratu, w., rtr act vf J itr tf a ri ng i 
exer Uc nf ji^tiLnce ; CDnimaad oTlempcr. 

— Wf . tDflMar'Inflj. 
TorkM, for-bid'. v.t.. ta tfiJ A^mjf ; \q prohiUl- 

{/or. aw»y, and BI<Lj 
CorbUUM, for-bi<l'ii. aJJ. probibiled : ualawful. 
CotWdttlac ror-bid'ing, o.^/' rriiuluvc; raiaiiif dr»- 

like ; unplca^aai. 
ronffO, f5r-eO', v.f.t tcfttavay/rVM; lOKivetq). 

lu quit. T./"'. aw^T< ^""^ ••■1 
Torftt, f'jr->;cl', z- t., ta grt or (wt away from Uvc 

memory; toncyl'^ct. l./C-r, awuy, and art.) 
(orfttfBl. for get fiiol, A.fJ., <i/e ta/.r*x»t; instt«n- 

live.— d</T'. rbtfvC'fUtjr.— <•■ forirtfklBHi. 
feriiet-oia-not. fuT-gef-me-not', n. n fmaU hcrTj with 

beautiful blue flowen, retfardMl ihrfnitfhout 

Europe as the emblem cS JritndMh^: b •»■]»■ 

rorcfn. rnr-giv', v. t. oric. tagive owtty, to f%l^ . 

ti) lemii ; to pardoo. 1/w, away, awl •Ifi.j 
fergHeBMi. for-pv'ncn, w., aft »/ fa^^ngi |Ar- 

•iun ; Ecmtiaion: dispcnttton tn lanwn. 

(oTftTiac, (of i^ivlnf. A/f.. ttuf*Htd t»/*ftitt; 
nwrciful ; compoutotute. 

roften, for<lon/, <u/^'., f»n/ tftvrtf or f<ni fiifflt 
othen : furaakeo : imtched. XK^.foHtffMt |a.f^ 
xA /vrttataH, to Io»e :/"', «»"f*7p Bnd utnam,^ 
Ito; Gcr vrrhrwm, pa p. o( vtrit^rrm, tu Unc.j 

lortaca-liap«. for-lorn'LO}'. ». a U^y of »''t4i«n 
lelected for kooie tcrvice of urfi'MMiion ddOfW. 
Ihc Aif// of whow ofcty ii m/orifrn irtM 

Totaaka. for-Uk*. vJ. lit. tju put iVIIHV ^» auUnf «f 
dUpmU; (•> deaert; tn ahaaAim.—fv-^. bralli 
iDK:>K*./, fufVM>k*; /<•/. f«»lk'oo.— w. (>r, 

and old E. Mif, dlflpuU. If tf a AJ. 



fiscan, to tlrive j 

II ■■iar. foT-KwXr 

truth; tn deuy 

imf% aiK, to »« 

[firr, avay. aad ■a>a>. j 

>i<M^ fiir«, M-, ttrwmfih^ /k'*" 

a cbaage &a a Iwdf^a aiMt «f « 
Boral powtr 
TafiOiir: cMfgr: 

4hb« fbov » JL I* dn« ar pMJh ly aa 
■« to 4ft orio iirfiaf 


9qrm, (Sn, v.t to ct^kny, U *H^, >s a Towt :— 

/r./. fOrc'mg: ^-Z nirced'. fa corr. ofrftrM.} 
lton»4»Mk. (an'-mlc. «., mhw/ chopped (be ud 

hicKIy KAsoticd. used as a siuffimt or alone. 
ftiwp^ far'seps, «. a !■>''' '^'^ long*, pincen. or 

plicn fuf Aiflnlim^ anyihing diAoiU to be held 

wilb the hAnd. rL.-:^^. an opeotog which 

Ihi iustnimeBl maket in order lo gmp, UiJ 

«qluui, lo hold.} 
Ittwipalei. for'u-plt-ed, ^J. formed mod 9P**m£ 

like n/Hno'/j. \\^—/»rce^,J*nifiM,\ 
ff«<t f^I^nii "- ^ pUoe where water Ni^ bt troatd 

Ofl foot— »>./. to croB water on fool :— A"./- fOrd'- 

ins./*-/ fom'ed. tA.S.,^FW«, to no; Cer 
/urt—/akrm, to co on fool, aluo to Or. p^rvn 

— root of prra^^a crou, and to E. /art to 

tk*r«ukiiu«, and Furrl 
fOrdaUe, f))rd'a-bl, <f4</., that may ht /or^fd <xx 

puoed without swuitiniiig. 
9in, fbr, tf^'-. in/rcmt e/i advanced in position ; 

coming 6rsL -a A v. at the front , in the fint part . 

prcviuuily. [A.S. rudicaiiy the lanic u For.J 
iBrmtf, form'ir, a//, {comp. of Fori', m>.'rt fert or 

first: ticfure in time or order; pgut : fir\t mcn- 

tiutici. (A.S./>nw<^ fiial, *upeiL at /art, arid 

cotnp. sufiix, -tr.] 
nmvir, fonn'fir-li, adg., 4h former tim*i ; hers- 

ftw —K fOf'iaatt, luO. (kuperL of Tan],jSw%t in 

place; most advanced : nr»t in rank or dignity. 

[A-S. Janata, fiiit, wperi. of/on, and aupcrL 

suffix, •ft.] 
te»«aa. fAr'-^inu, «. tlic/ere part of the dnw, ot 

that between the elbow and the wrut. 
IBrMim, [Qt-Ann't v.L, to arm or prepare it/or^ 

» m* U U, fAr-bOd', v./., to Am/t, tell, or fear h^iftt- 

Aand^ 10 feel « secret Mit^e of Mmething future, 

e^woaUy «f evil. (Sec Boda. ) 
ftmtodaaaBl, fdr-bOd mail, m., (w/ *if/*rtttgdimf. 
fontaAar. fOr-bCd'ir, k., ««/ wJtif Jtrtitdti i a 

fankodlas, fOr-bOd'ing. M- a bcJimg at perception 

Rlr-lEasl*, v.<., te CArf iw contrive hifcrr- 

k4XHd; to Khenie: to forriee ; toprovide againtc 
— f./.tofiirai schemes bcforctunu. — M.for*caat'flr. 

fOrluat, n. a previous canLrivance ; furc- 

fonauUa, nirl^ott-l, n. that part of the upper di:ch 

of a fthtp tf/err the forcmut, so called from ih< 

smalt turret or CAitJr ne^r the pn^w io ancient 

v«>»el5 . in merchant vesaelt, the forepart of ilie 

ship uudcr the deck. 
IBvMlMff, fOr-kl6c', v.t., /» dn* Btfort Mmeihing 

can get in ; to prevent ; to stop. 
fbradiMare, fiSr-klOf'ar, *■., a/fffrttatwf; in law. 

the dcprivatioa of a mt'iti^accr of the richt of 

fcdccmiiig a niortgjpigcd e«ute. 
ftir»-4at«, fiir-dlf*, T'.^., Ci> Jjtr hf/^wt the true time. 
loc^^Mrk, f-^-dek, «. the^'rrnart of a dt^h or ship. 
IkiWBd, fih-'-cnd, n. the tnd that goei first or that 

Ibfvfathir, fl)r'fS-/Mr, n. an ancestor. [For*, and 

forcfvad. fSr-fend'. P./., 1^ ^B^W or ward cff or 
au-ay; to prevent the api^viach of: tu htnjcr. 

fBratefar, Rkr'fiDg-giT. n., tfu j!itgrr h^^m the 
othera or next the thumb. 

larvfMt^ far'foot, m. one of x!an/frt of an animal in 
/rent or neu the head. 

foraCml. far'frunt, n., «4r/hMi/ or,^mnoU part 


Se« under Ptv^ME; 
fonffula^ f6f'C&-inC mdj.^ gaing l^/trt. 
fSr'c>'oiin4. «.. fV 

which wcms to he it^nr the B|^urH ia • ] 
, »Jj. tal 



Mifrt oeodedf 
fawliiHwl. f&f'haad-ed, «M(r.. >fwUH/ 

able : formed in the foreparla. 
tawhMil. fAr^ted, «. thc,^Anvax1 of the 

\\tc cye», the brow. 
rDr«)tti(t. f^-jtJU , f./.« 90/tn^ t^orr 

facuand praof. 
hnl u t n w , fBr>a(K, «.i., to >■»» J^^Swwil a«i/.- tobr» 

farvkaowMfl, Alr-ool'ej, «.. i«M»AM^ of a tStla^ 

fv/crt it happcnv 
nteiaad. forland. «. a peiat of imm^ ruawaag Jkr^ 

unxni into the 
taekwk. fiti^ok, n., t&r Uek of bfttr d» tlw>f«* 

rortnas. f&r'man, n., ikt /irtt or dttcf Haa^ 

'jvcr»eer. — ^/A ferViaBa. 
formut, fGr nujit. m.. /At mmMt that ia,>Emroe 

/r.'Hi. or next the bow of » thin. 
lenaiaBUaBad. fOr-men'&tiuod, »nfj. 

/.n* in X hfritin^ or diK:nui>c. 
fWr*t>i— 4, (drnlmd, ^t4j., mamwi 

foreaoos, ftSr'nSOa, «. the port of the (Uf Jby^ 

tMm or mid-day. 
(MrMiaUM. r&r-od'bs, n., nufitY of anythinc i^/g^ 

it happena. 
ft>r*-«nlals, A)rK>rMl&n', p./., fe «n£ani or UfVbrt 

bf/ofthMti : to prode^timfle; lo prvJcCerauiie>— 



ftteptn, fbr'p&rt, m., t/u /it**/ tffmr* the reM ; 

fraat : the beguuiini^ : m B., the how of a 
feraraa^ fBr'-ranglt, «., tJtd rank which u 

all the others ; the front, 
ftgaraa , fbt-run', vJ., to wwH at ctMne Ji^iCvw; le 

fowrflit— •, fOr-run'^r, m., a ■ jiii^n 

sent be/ot^: a «(^ that ao" 
fiwv-call, n>r'-vil, M., « Jiu/ •li.uH.ncu 

yard on the foreioast. 
t or u M ^ (&r4<', p./. or £, tffMMttt 
forvakadinr. J^-ahad'a, ff./., Cp iJiMtttm 

farMhIp. fSr'ship, m. in ^., the bear or 

teraAnrtaa. fOr-short'D, i'./. in a piciurv, tr> nfrc> 

scat the ilt»rtt*i€d appearance of aji objt^l |«» 

jectin^ ffiriL'a--^ 
forMbortealac < •«. in p^-iruinc ^ 

rrprcscnuttpi ■■"o' a^pcjuanoe uCu 

object projecii:.k_-- 

tonaikow, Alr-shO', v.t,, (# xA«w or rcprcMai i^Air- 

band , to predict. 
fovMlAt, fSi'sId, »., the tide low«rd> t^/wwmt 
(iffMl«ht. fOr'slt, M.. or/ •/ /errt^ng: wiaa Cet» 

thought, prudence. [An, and stfln.] 
lomklB, fflr'skin. m., ike ikin that ccwa 

Mr or.^vr pMt ^H 
t»ciui«. tn rcar^ " 

esTMSalL ftir-nawt', P.f. tit. tubqygiwcU J^jCrrdaf 

are bruught to tt^ll or market : to onoeqalt. 
tonUiUy Rlr<tibt', P./., &r taate he/erw 

10 anticipate. 
ioralatfat fbr'iAst. w., a £ai^ Af/Srr«4Mk/; 

ferH«lL fOr-tcV, r./., /<? t<ti ht/i>rt ; to , 

r./. to utter prophecy. — «; forMaU'vf ' 
(tarelhevshl, fOr'tluwi. n . a lA^mj^ or 

6r/prrAand; pnjvident c«rc. 

CiM, f&r ; nC| hci ; wSxx ; uCIb ; mClc ; mGQn ; /Acn. 




far'tOSth, «.. <• JWM u) Hic /eft/aH of 
— // tantwUl. fbr tech. 
fi^'Ciop, m , rn^Mt., the [itaiform at ifae 

fSr-(i>i/niMM. «t. ia a »hip, f4^ MOit 
At tKe tjof) of Uw /9w*mmttt uul at tbe 

notice—^ fammtmlBg, tmnwiv' 

iar'vBfd. fl 

for'vnmlx. «iAf., A>- 

/^rv or in imax. : ocitrud ; prt>- 

y cn i" * *y . — oppat«tl to bMkw^ [A.S. ji^r- 

fiarwvd, *^'. ncu or at the y^trrpart : in 

mi ioeocthioe kIm : rcadv : too ready ; 

cajiMM : early ripe. — adv. for- 

KvahL vJ. to fadpTfrrBwn/, to quicken : 
fflr««nl '.—ff-P. for warding : /«/. fur'- 
-«. tiar'wwlv. 
Ccw^a. «<^'. Ut. fiut af dfiiorwt bcJoni^g Id 
ooumry . fnjui abroad: sol belottging lo, 
' : not apfjrapriate. [Fr.y^ftttin. Sp. 
X^y9r»Ht*i*-~/orat, out of doom.] 
t niim n/m/rftign counvy. 
liO'fCB'Bk, «ir. bclonsiuc *a courts of 
dac RotniLTu in the^Vnwvi,' oscd 
:. [L. /annsis—/arumt toarket- 

dd br dai 


C«/m, K^ £l# tallying counpj lU oppoicd 
cu)rtvalc(l ; a Ur(c uoailnralvd tract of 
faad eoMsed with trees and underM-ood : woody 
___ I -^.1 .-..I- pasture — adj, ^tcrtaining lo a 
t*^ rustic — »./. lo cover witli IJTCS ; 

— , - ; f*J- fWestcd. [Fr. /frit, 

to^ *- jr — ,. — ioTT \.. /orTMttrm; Go. 
proh. 6i»B Vt./trxs,/cfru, out of d'X»ra.J 
HM«: ft3r'eat-«r, ».. ^^* wbo hiu charge </ tf 
P^mti as tnhib(tast of a forest. 
Set uodcT Pir. 

£a^, v f t toda at act fo as to pat any- 
<tfiywyAwi ofve'i iclf: lo lt>^ the right lo 
W JMW Cktut or crimo '■—/'_^-(- Tor'fviliiig ; /o-A 
KfMlad'— ^. ^Int whicli a uirfcttcil ; a penalty 
im a cxsBc; a fine: M>incihinK dcpnited and 
laimiMhU \rt./prfkirt,M/ait~\owl^/*ru 
£tg^^, *** nfFrad— ^vnr, out uf doucs, beyond, 

9mit . W^ «4i(r.. that may h<j^tiud. 

, n., tut 9//»rftitmg: »uie of 
Uit^ci't-''- . tli« ihii^ torfcHcd. 
A>r-faf'-forzM--oId/)>.^ ofTorfrt. 
ftirL «, tSe wwkshop of a /nb^r or wori- 
fa| MUd matenals: a fumaoc, csy. one in 
■ u bcued: a mithy : a place where 
UibkpedoroiaJr:. -:-.f tof-.Tmbylieai- 
iiVUMf iHoUKniic: : -^jy; 

ki fifncate i to Muntr: : i l»r- 

Tt^mrt^ L./Ur»c>i~/a(<', a -'fikfTuih.J 
ipil^ mey*f, a^. Mtf nk* /m^ft at aakx%\ one 


} f '' fak^Atimg, or produc- 

V Dwkinc or a't-uin^ ^x^y 
fi-iried or oiunErrfciicd. 
Coe under VorlMU-. 
&C. See D»der FoclMar. 
See rcv^ «Dd«T VorbMr. 

yun u.^. 

Fart, fork, «. an tnstnimei)i 
jMTMig* SI the did ; one :''. 
of onythmf fork-tike : — i 
which a roZd or river dr. 
•eparatioD. — s>.p. lo divid.: 

a road \n tree -, to ihtMit > i — 

v.t. lo form 15 a fork: (u piuii wiiii j^ f^k : — 
/r>. forkins; Ai,/. forked'. [A.S. ytnr; W. 
j^i'nrA, cloven ; L../tirca.'\ 

Itekad, fork'ed. torkr, fark'^ adj, iltaped UJu a 
fork. — adv. fbrk'iAly — «u. iarti«4aMa, forkiaoa. 

Porlan^ Porbni'bops. See wider Porb«ar. ^J 

rom, form, n.,figtnrw vt a^ftarmMci a^ a body; the ^H 
>K>undary-ttne of an object ; a f»odcl ; a mould: ^H 
mode oTarrangcincot : order; tcBrularity; system, ^^ 

as of flovarament ; beauty or elegance: edtab- 
Uthed onictice ; ccrvmooy ; in printing, tbe rv-pe 
Aomwnichan imprcuian in to be taken arranged 
and iccnrcd in a chiue : (in tlie fol. Knscs pron. 
f&nn) a long scat, a bench ; id kIiuoIs, the pupils 
ana ronn, a doss ; the bed of ;i hjtre, which uacs 
its ftliapc from the animal's body. S^St./ermt — 
h./orma~/tr«, to bear, \ikja/acin, app ear anct, 
U9ax/(icii>, to make.] 

fana, form, v.t. Co give^/^/wi or shape to ; to make: 
to contrive ; to acttle, as an opinion ; to cotabioe ; 
to go to make up; to etubliih: in eritm., to 
tnake by dcnvauon. — v.t. to assume a fona : — 
pr.p. form'ing ; fiti-P. formed'. 

Ivmsl, I'orto'al, adj., mccvrdimc to farm ot catab* 
Itthed mode ; ceremonious ; mctnodiical : hivioj; 
the form only: h.iving the power of making a 
thing what it la : cAtrniial . prupci. —adv. Xam'i^. ^ 

fWssIfaBS, form'al-tim. m~, « ruti«g in ihe mere ^| 
txiemMX/orms of relijpoiL ^| 

(omalltt. (orm'iJ-ist. ii_,»xr«4<rucQnleat with the ^ 

rocre^rww of tclii-ion. 

fDTBalltj', formal'i it, «., thi fumlity ef bting 
J^n^ni ■ •''■• ■ 1 ■": r> nnce of formt or ceremonies ; 
esta'' [t..yimMalitiU~~yfrfma.] 

format: u, h., act or manDer in for m' 

itte; ^..-....i- in gtci., a grt-up of ttratii 

belonging in cwie period. (L. ^/irr»rMi//p. ] 

fermstlTs, \QVx{\'^y,adj.^eivvt£/orm: in/TUM.. 
serving to form, n^-t rr.^iu il — - in .'-p^im., a 
derivative. [Fr.y ' ] 

foriBA-. fnim'ir, »., ■" 

£(»»vla,foni*'fi-la, A. li: ...... - j-r^xribed 

form \ a fonnat staleiucni of docuineA : ixt m,ith. , 
a giDicral expression for tolving probleni^ : in 
rAnw,, symbols cxprcsHog the compounds of a 
body.—//. ronavlB, rorra'ril£. IL. formula, dim. 
of/^rnta. ) 

tomolary, rorm'Q<lar-i, n., m /hnmula : a book of 
furQiuLe or prccedcnU.— tfiiAr', preMxibcd: rituaL 
yPuJffnuMiairtt \\. JortNUtarie — \../grmu2a.\ 

yonur, Formarly. Sec under For*. 

roraile, f^rr'mik, adj., ptrtamtMf f& umts, ai fonnic 
acid, originally obtained from anti.. [L. /br^ 
mua, an aiH.J 

rsrmlcaM, for'tni-kJU, adf., rf»m^timgam amf. 

fomlcaUaa, for-mi-ki'Uuui, m. a >es»atiou like that 
ofanis cieciiing on the ikJn. [l^yinvth-atti^-- 
Jormicsrt, lo creep tike an aM—ferrtuca.'i 

ronaMaUa, fot'cni-da-bl, mdf . ,€amiiMgfcar ; adapted 
to excite fear. — adv. tenUaUy.— ^. ror'mldabte- 
BMs. W^formidabilit—formide, fear.] 

Formola, &lc. See under Fshl 

rorekaU, rc/ni-klt, rontaUsi. fa^ 
iirvhcd: in ^/,. 



CUc, Ar; mc,hii; mloe; mOU: fliQlc: 


—Jinds. an ar<.ti. 3 v fill, ^ t>ro«bcl.]r 
■liMiMii^ foT-ui k-i'sbi:n. k. texosl il ercciin c 
W»m i ur-aanicJ pcrv^tu : ia S., aduticry. 
i wc Mt, mkI fr a c a tm iy ktolAtry. 
Cit^iMm; fw'w-U-tar, «. an mucutrned pmris 
Kudir (jf \ewAvKaik.^^^rm. ifentaMnM, forat-ks- 

TUMto. See im Jer Fn%l ti . 

JUnMlk, fur-ftOOUr, mdv.,Jor ut nt «w«A or mitli : 
ccrtaialy. [A.S.> f a*t* f N \ aad smA, miili.1 
■ lh« *»iAf . fVc nndcr yprtaar, 

fltart, ; . :!rMtc^i'»tt: a nstlc or Hnall 

f". ^ point, l>ul iowtii^ofiecxoelt. 

[Y' (rong.j 

tortaB^r. f -rt il is, n , o rnn>//nulwarl: xiujariifi- 
aati^m. l^TOft. JariaUna, low L. /vrt^iU^ — 

fMla, for a. *dv. in BUWC, rtnmgixt <"^ empham, 
l-ud. [It >r/i— L.yfr^U.1 

fortuy, firdn. vJ.. ta mtnir ttw^mg f:^ atrwtgrri 
CO ttrcQCthca wttn farts, &c. : tn invijtorale ; to 
conlinn ;— >''^. for'iifying ; /.i /. fur'tif led. — «. 


•tRBif, aawlyStfiir, to buLc} 
toCltellMy'ilmtt, w., act pf fi^t^^/iti£ ; 

that wkkb forcfitt. rt>->»f^(/Eatrfj>.J 
flirlliAi*, far'tiiVaS, l■iA^ io mttsic, tvrj ttrimjc 

or loud. Hl, wperL ofArtr; lecfcrt^] 

IMttadR, for li-tud, •. orig. rfrrK^^ ; thjkt tXr^aglh 
ofminid wKich cnablci ■■ r. ■ ■ ' mxcf or en- 

dare pato with almncy ■^—/artiM.} 

fumiM. for'lr««, m,, n J a oefcnce. 

[Tt.^firrirrrttr — I.,_/i»r/w J 

JOKtK r::ilh, (s«/p.. h^/^rt at forward in ptac« or 
orOcr; in advance, uawutl in time: uul into 
virw : abroad : in B., out. tA.S. forth, Dutch. 
Mwwi/. fonrard ; Gcx.ffrt, on, further, ndicalhr 
the unc a* VW, Tata.] 

h et W a^ ta a. fOrthlcum-iAg, o/^'. just crmu^fartA ; 
altiMit tQ appear. 

flankwlth. nmb-witV, adf., with what is.fifrtk «r 
Just before ; immcaialely ; witllaut delay. 

fkrtkv. fa^iJtts, a^v. fcomp. of rcRtkJ, tmffrvfariA ; 
to ■ ereater distance or degree : io additkm. — 
tuij. more distant; idditionaL [A.S. ^rtAicr, 
comp. offt'ftJk.^ 

nrttar, fur' /Act, p./. to lielp.A''^>( or./&nMin/. to 
waeat^tM-.—^.p. fui'tbenng ; /o^. Au<thct«d. 

teMharuM fu//4ir-au, n.. of^ tffmrtkgriMC or 

helping fortrud. 
IhrtfemMvn, fun'M^r-mfir. a</p., wterr further- <x tn 

addinon . in artdilinn to wbat l)a» been ftud. 

futt»aMa» fur'Mtr-mCM, a<(f.. m»a fmrtJuri 

ino»t nmou. 
iuttMl. for'/Acat. A^. 'ujperl. of Vartk\ HMrf 

farik; at ibe greatest dnt»oce. — >*J/. matt di»- 

cast. \\.S. fi'i'tA. and wperL suffix -<r.) 
See under Fovr. 
furt'nii, n. contncted from JIntrtetm 

migkit ; two weeks or fourteen daym. 
tBftaltfttty. forr'nti-li, a^t., nt^afirtmigki, 
rartstteti. Sec under roftva*. 
yartUM, Tor'tQn. «. whateTrrcnnmiy^a/orr4«JKtf; 

luck: the arbitrarjr oplering of events: the t<M 

that &lb to one in life ; tucccM : wealth. fL. 
fartttmA, a Ira^hencd form of fin, /arth, 

chance, from^w, to brin^.J 




/tr a i^arriatfie with a wotuan vJ(J^r\ 
iKtorif^ fiiTiikL-Ia, «<^ , fw«<Cn»r « >rj 


HraeaMirihi; fcr^tfet^el-^. m. one wbo prrtcgadt t» 
fmTUU9ui%f »» tmu t , 

(iar-ar>-ca^ «^.. Ae//wj v 4« /« 
uiMMt causes ui» 

wwu IZThn. M., «« (!^kw. p^lu tf>m^*. 
Miittt. ctp. the market plsce in Roae, 
imhtic owDcss w^ trunactrd and jusioi 
pcaaed. [L., aloa tafrpmx^ ant of dJjia. 1 

fMB^ fox <t^ « diick or place A^; • 
mach filled with wuar in front of « 

place. (Tr>«/.I,/*«^-A-'.--.^.- 
Mflk (MbI. •- Ibc r> 
table da^ rut of i st al * , X^fntiJi^—f'Uii'.l 

fai-*l-if 'cr lUK adj., hmrui£ or 

^al-ist, m. one fctiU 

fotf'sil-tl, TV/., /tf .-. 

p.^ to be cbu^edicto n ^i 

/r^. fce'alUaac ; >*^. fpe'tillKg. 

cl^ the pco cc at 01 cha&ciac \mo * f .•^■I. 
ftHorle^ foHO^lal, «<r. io- *M>£»rf'gx>"i'i 

n^v, fiW^, P./. Ik. to/fvd; to brinff up r 

counce '.—fr.p. fos'iennK ; >* A f»* »«» L 
ftttriam, to noariUi,/&wnv. a nunc, JMtrrJ 

Seeftea.}-^. tai*W. 
hWtlQltM. f0ftt^r-bni<4^. 
fcHftrd or btought up with another Vl 1 

tm^m iWM. fof't^r-chTLI * « ,&/£/ ms 

brought up by oac >' i^uenL 

Mrnwitt, fort*r ; , vtw 

child m the place of 1 1 ^ 

reuM. fAwt./a.f. aiid/d>. oi righi 

real, Tou], tu{r.,i:um/f,/w/r)jf - dirty: I 

profitac : iaipuie : stom^ -, 

against ; entiniried. •mdi- 

\k^.fit, Gctv/'^ Coth ^ 

conn, with L. /wiW Satt*. 
iNl, fool, p./., te Mva4r iWr 

inioconisioQ:— /r./. fouliM. 
laal !■ ■■!%■*, foor-mouthd. aJj ^uac^ 

oSfiui or profine wi«if i*v^. 
fMBMrt, fSo'ot^n, It., ikf M-> S •^..-•-.'.-^ ' •.}« 

cat. {Vi.fminr, the brr 

L.,/^rmhi, becch<Ba*t« an 

ten ; Dut cooverted intay-~i-. 

Bcooe notion chat the name W4j lik rn ''"n | 

Avt/ameU of the animal] 
/s /. and/*/. riruK. 

fouiid'Ung. r 
found. F./. to f 

into a mould ; to c.^. . .r' ,*-. i^ 

ftmnd'ed. VL. fwnU.fimdrit, Ml 

^lAv, fiHind'^, M., (Hcr 

netal, as a bruefMindcr. 

■a iM j . fboad'tf^. 

of f mm dm fv casting: 

big iscarrud on. 

IT. foHDCll, 

tittt houia« 


Ale, Or ; i&C, het ; mXae ; tnOie : tnOie : tuODti j Men. 


-^irtmiMC of 
'TccsiATy for 

■■'•- .x:,'.'r;« .r /^''utsJati^M 
■ en- 


ludworc or basu : 

of » fauUdinc ; the ktoui 

\/ mm <i (or the iupp»»rt of anything.— 
one tup]^lefl from the fuadji or 
of ax* in^tirutinn. 
: _r tt , ,■■.<- S'Ao _/()»«.&, eiUbluhes, 

i-a /rf /*(• ivttmt : to fill 
/**■-/. found'criug; ^,/. 
L.^/miu/mj, ihe bultotn-] 
' uad j#t9.f. of Flsd. 

- ''r ,1 ^ritig 

r aitifKuil: 

•-- Source of 

. 1 t.jx.-Mt : \i./e»- 

- -/imtU, to pour.] 

■'«• 4va^ Of aomrc 

'. water fai haptittn. 

" . r'r ; L. qvatvari Gr. 

tJfif f^^r ti»ua: multi- 

■ r ■ - ■ 

rp— io. 

U.\\u>i./, ur equal uda 


''\a the lhif»1.— «. one of 

Cr'clu. ic//. an! u.,J-'kr •JtU t^u, 
ft, ^."Yifath, .»..y anJ •.., /•■brtJi or the 
»Her III* icnih. IA.S /ft^verteotAa — 
' sail tt^tka, icnlilj 
Kti, «>'- ■n4 «r,, .^f**- /jwM <r«. [AS. 

•t!-: ■ ' - ' - ren,l 

f. . -.ryn OniA.—n. a. 

h - -tk^ J 

•.'ic flesh t'f 
I ftUAUg. - 
*lld fowLi. 
-/' ■ fly; Gcr. 

Vi i ily.J 

iiwlinr-[t~-, *f - iJ|;ii ^mt for tnull 

L tkJ- h^iry animal, a ftpe<i» of the 

fcO*": ' ' afly one nolorioiu 

1 ' ''r; i»ob. allicil to 

i''haaiiJ, X , a /u-utui vaed forchaiing 

-,^/ , '*fe^jn: 'vr\^i*iti-n^ Imviog loo 


with j^*rv^ 

A '--■r.thin;; 


It. /rac&tuirf--/rtt, araoQ^. aatl ctutarr, Tr. 

C'tsjf^, to Irreal. ; L. ftiatian, to tluke.] 
Trtrttoa, ''i.i'^M.iiii ■-■ :.■>"! /-'^-.-n fl_^.- a fragraent 

or 1 . ly pjn ufa urtit. 

|L. / ; rcak, frvm tJOt 

ynf;, realtj 

fracUoui. ii - . ^-)Vx /# or cou- 

taintnf j./- 
tnwtiow, fral _ J-r^ttk fitit m a 

(lavMoo: cruh^— ^t'. fnc tiauljr. — im. firuttow- 

mctwt. frak'cQr.n., tkt tut *>/ hmxkttr : .» (fr.i. i.* 
ihp breating nf any hard body .1; 

thrrjueh :~/r./. frac'lOring ; Ai 
WU*. frAJ'i], ti<^„ fAtiiy t'roiti. 
delicate. [ I. /njfi'/u— from />.i 

fraCiUty, fn»-jil'i-li. w.. tUt sUite <>/ iti*ir/r,ttUf, 
tncBial, fniLf'inciit. »., >i /iVrr brvktti i^; an 

imlini^hctl DQftian.— drff'. fracm«al'al, 

tUfHtX t'T yitXCA : l.d.L.n 

fnui|lM«, fran'ji-bJ, n .'nsfcf« : btiltic 

orejfity brokcn.- 
mcrast, rra'gratit, .V „ . {']ea&anl4iH/>J7; 

fwcet-sccnicd. — .1./;'. Ira'fimiiUy. VL. /rttgrattAt 
/nijcraM/is.ja.ft. (4/nt£r>t, in smell.] 
fk«cnae«, frtj^mns, n. plcAunlnua of autrli or 

{•crfitmc : twecl i>t erateful influeiiL-e. 
ft»U, (ral^at//'.,yrv»r-i(> or rtady to h*vak: jrreso- 

Itiic : failing ; wreak. — n.tswJXvtm. {Vr./fiid; lu 
/riitU; fmni }..Jra^[is.] Sec'fr^tlU. 
frailty, fral ti, h. , ike ittitf (>/ f^inc/rail : infiiaiily. 
Tnju. frSm. v.t., te/i't-mi to sluue : to cnniiruct 

by fiituig the vwis tu each other : ii> pUn la 

coosjituy : t'j pui a br.fxlcr on ; in ^. , lo cantttvc : 

—;»»-./. WUn'tnij. /a./. ffanieJ'. [A.S./rrmntaM, 

to fur;n, allieu to L.^'rwtt, form.] 
lk«af, frim, «., the fomt; a puttlnjc logetbcr of 

[ons : a czM! nude to encl'>ie ur tui'iNTt aoy- 

ihing : the alcclctr.n : stale of wind. ' 
fruBflT. frSm'ir. n , he vihf /i-rmi or conslnicti ; 

iMic who makei frame* for j-, r,.,..t .ii - 
fr«ioB«ark, frlrn'wiirk, «., '■ r rmfi ihe 

/"iniie : x\\i hkctcton or -i : w^. 

frmmla^ framing, n,, the j.. .,, .. ■..:. .n;*/!^: a 

frami; nr netting. 
rraae, franj^k, m. a tUvcr cow orEg. used En Frvnof, 

3r.i| now in Belgium. &i:., e<iiial uj toi/. scerliflg. 
rracchlM. See uttder Fraak. 
PraocljGU, fno ^i^ttan, "'ip'-, M<'»jCTHg to Ihe order 

of Si F^itHiit in the R. C. Church. — k. a monk 

of thit order. [L. FvAt$iUi»a, France.] 
frattflUc, FraailfalUty. S^e under Phtctloa. 
nruk, frangV, adj., /reel open iff candid in ex- 

presaion.-;-!'./- ioj<nd free of expciue. — *»dv, 

ftaakly. in N< 

am. IFr./ 

est., CiJtiJl 




of r 


, tr.ui/"!', 
.t., la enhif 

t«t», Or : mi, hir ; mine ; miMe ; 



finltmltx. fru-Kntt-ti, m., tkt iM* ofhtmrhtttk* 
rtH • 4 *(*atly rormctl nn a principle of Krathcr- 

h,-„.,l 'I ., r. ,■,,.-,..,, I 

iu ip:— ^./. fral'cmlMKi? ; 

/a^ ••.WnlMT. 

fk«i«la>ttvn. Iiuti, «., /<^ oc/ e/Jr»- 

Urnisimc ■'« b««thren. 

fkUrtilte. Tr.i 1 : . . .- r«4iJ ihV/« hiM br^th^r ; 

the Kiunjer uf j— <»(//. (»»t'rl«l4ftl. IL. 
/r.*(rr,Jrrtlrti, .imt Crf-t/;i. t<i Will.) 

TrvaA '■ ■ t ■ r'rreii; imposture: o deceptiTe 
trl ''ramtitM.} 

^>ij.,Jnu fiZ/ntud; treachcr- 

: /ally. 
■■■h'., nvitkcutfrmtii. 
ill, tuij,, MJi'u^, cjiitainlng. or 
.;!d,—4idv. fri«d'Bl«U]r. [L. 

' ?n!i, ttioAf^n/ff, fhiud'0-(en-si, 
> ing /raudvhitt or ilcCfricTiit. 

M niTv : ( icT. _^Tai-i/, a load, 

t "'■ ; i!ch.] 

^'1 • , riiin; gyods Iiy 

watt: -;.i. !'■ i_.;i'j A i;ii|> : /''-/. fn.\g^\aB,', 

/<it^. Ircight'cil. — K. CntfU'ftA Hkoney p^ (or 

I»*y, frt, «., *t« aJfmf.~-iKt. in A, lo Tri^htca. 

(Sec A*r»y.] 
rr»gr, &i, :-./. to wear off by nj^ing'. — ^.;*. fray'- 

1"E; A*/' 'rayo!'. [Fryrojrr, L/rnnnr.U'fUl'. ] 
Truk, frCk. «. lil. **itUsrntSM: n sudden caprice cr 

("aiicv ; >p-jit. |h.yVr/rtrr, tu nCb , ffrgA, 1-jn^- 

iiig :iciirc.] 
frMJiiAb. /rlfuh, «Jf., «// rftf eiutmcr the miod 

suditcnly; caprioou*- — 'idv. iNftk'laUjr. — k 


(mat: -J 


ftaak, Mk, v.t., iff s^ei or Mieak ; la varieg«te :— 

/#■/_ rVu^km:;. *(«.>. freaked', [old K^r^rf. 
/*^ ■ '■■fn,/t€ck, spot.) ■ 

tiravkJ' ■ j^t ; to coloor with ipoa :— 

>r...' /.I jk frecV-lctl.— ««. • ydkrwish 

cpiit uu tiic «Lin: any sitiaU vpot. [dim. of 
rwfclL]— J^-. CNckly, fuU of freckle*. 

Fr#«, fr<, iutj. not bound; at iih-rr" ■ ■>■•» — v!.t 
arbitrary ^ovemmcni : «et At '' 
fnuiL. : t^ivuli : not 3tuched : ly 

/rvm): h.-iviag- a fnnchiic ffuL L.. ,. ^.,.u,ji- 
cue: idionuuc, a> a tr.U)^latioii.— <!i4yi'. CrMly. 
—'omt. lA.S./rtv; Ocr-yw'; Ice.yW.j 
. .'.' • :.tif/rff ; to ddivcr frwin wIlU 
1. \iy/romotp/i :—/»■./. frtc- 

f -ir s.'.i.'f ff/ rinff/rew ; Ub«ny: 


ing , 


■r power */actiHS 

ir cotMinunt upf>» 

ihc ^vill. — n, &aa'-HC*st. 
frwDeoter, frffT,.CDl-*r, //. ODB wlw roves ftlvxit 
Jretlr in search of Ira.-'ty ; a plundcnrr. (tier. 
JreAeutr^^-frti, free, and V»Ar, booty. J 
frMtaaS) fr^'ntun, n., d man who has beco a 

ilave, and ha» b<:<;o I'Vr.-.yor set free. 
fi«a-h*adcd.rrc-haii>l-i-il,n///.,r^^.ifca«ifA^,- liberal. 
©••-^••rUJ fr:' 'i^iii cd,rt«]^..<ym-AMW«^;Gbcr«l. 
Iiwi-^ A properly h^U frrt of daty 

n~. :■— M. bwVMir, one whopcA- 


I I frtJ'mtn, «,, « MiXM who I«^«f OT enj*; 

iibcrty: one who haldi a vnriictilar fraachuc< 
privi!*::- - ■"-' i>«*™»n 

cul ur Ifrokcii 

iTMiUHiue. CKi!:-., 

l>c/Fvr from cutmuwu taiK^ 

llgion , one whu duoanl* ' 

*fcffV«t the hahit of mind ' 
CTMOftde, fre'-trikd. n,,Jftt cv uoraUactctj trmdfi 

free tntncluago of oowmoditics. 
<r»«dn, ffS'iril. n.^ fne^m of the xaitt £riHM fc^^ 

itntint ; hbcrty of choke. — m4f- qiontaDMitiK. 


rraftM. fr£x, r.i. Hc M thit^r mtitk trj't/j 
Cijiue ICC or like a MiUd Ijodjr.— «•./ lo 
iota ice: lu caute to shirer, aj witlt tcmir>- 
j»r^ frccj ing ; f»»A, frCj* ; /^i * fnVs*. 

[Dutch, vTxrtml Ovi. _fri-" '- ' *>. 

/rui*H, a. ihuddcr ; Gr. >U/ 

fmt, fro(t, «., /4f <kV or ir 
»uto of ihc atntofttheie cc 
froKnddw.altocauled Acw^ :«] 

with oayuiine nacmhUu l 
fr.-i'in.7 ■ yi.,»,^. firoit'ed. , ■ -. ^' ./; 

trt • ' r , jtrm/mceMg or DonbuiiuiKAwtf j 

I .^;jua: frcat-tUtc— rfiAi. trwrlv^-^ 

froet iamm, 
ttoat^iditt, frott'-bit, n. Xiic/rtrxingor dv 

viLahty ia a part of the body br cxpauif e ki 
Mt-Mn«B. fro&t'-bii tn, adj., MUm or ~ 

^am^ or 

OoA-boaA. btMt' -bound, ttJ/. 

froiU*!. froit'ioj;, n. the composmon, 

imw^vt, uvcd to cover caV.- .V. 
ffmt-B^ fro^t'-nSJ, «. a ndii* ' 

ihoc to prevent the hortc fr 
froit-wgrk. frost'-wurlt, n,, nv 

/n-jt on shrub*. 
rmgu. Set ouder ftaagM. 
Futteh, frcnah. »dj., Stiet^i^g t» Frn 

pc-o|.lti.— M, the poopla ovUniiWige af 
Ftvuy, frcn'si, m. a dixeaAc of Mr 

wild excitement: inania. (Gr. ^i 

the tnin-I.i — luij. fNB'doal, pastakinc «r 
fraatlc. fr.ui'iik, m//., itt a/rwnajr; funoes 

evcitemenC: wild. — ^>Jv. tnmVtOtOf. |. 

furiitu—CtT. /Ar*Hr.] 
Ttw%mma%, friltwent, att/., xving, comin'.' . 

ring often. \l~ /ir^mftu./rwfufiUi^ 

to ^<i )— <T</f'. fw'qiwUjr.— jt- tfrf'qn^ 
frtqaeok, rrf-Wwctit', t»./., h» /•.< /n 

/^./. frequenting: >fj». t' 

tlvqMKy, frfVwcD-ai, m.. /*.- 

fUfH/: repealed occurrence bf.ti.s 
(NqaMUatteo. frC-kwtat-A'JiuD, m., /'/■ 

fffntiMf^ i.r viMtint' ofi.^', 

inc ihv 

Ftwe«, It 
wltde ' 

/--/.fr- .,, ..,.- 



fitti Ar; me, bkr: wine: note: mQie; mGMi />>«& 


i; amm and «tn»f ; reemSy 
: inaried : hivoir reerv^ 

r, I>uiiih, r^racA, Fr. 
lee j^ridJfr, witcncc kistt Fr. 

mJi. if Hwir /m4 : t« 






' wcu- aWKy : 
/ rrell'iDi;: 

u if ace a( a 
i.-\ S.yVr<a«« to 

'^c t>*i*n* side of the bonk 
frvl'c^, *^-, vfarimg out; vexing. —n. 

. HfciiJi other , _lv*.— 

,l.*f»^rT'Si«edaj>Ju>terbi ■ i — ' irett'»dl, 
■M«iJ t*y freii. tnltl Fr /'^tc^ |.. inter- 
tt.^"*TwM, iW graUi:^ of n wiaJ.jW— L. 

<ra«Hr«/ vilb lUMd wodc : 10 

(^ a paarat ochcrhitti— — L 

iali>iacyfrocBHuitvAlcu<««t; lii> 

woe-.'.' 1 -•- .1 , - . ,„ 

«rrA., the i >l 

between i)' i 

} m«nted will. Hhuiv. m< ■,-.-. h-i-l.. .„i<..,m . ul,l 
F. aiKl Ki /i^r— It. p-^^rr, to cufi.>-* ^ . 
rrlaMil'. h^vintf * niij). 

tttaf:!- - ' ■■■■■-' ■ ■- '•■..,■•■-■: -U.ti 


/r/.i. .......... 

rri«»to, fnt^'Jt. w. ill I,- 

/«,- r ■ I >i 

dc.-. ■'■J 

»tr ; 

frtAt^ - 

/>fr,f, IS III \cr\ c-ii,; «,iijj,., pci), iiuiiku ii <mii mi 

rrt(M, frit, *«. ni*ltl«n/-t»'; trrmr. f1 ^ A'^'l'. 

G^t./itrrMt, few, ■' ' ■ ' I 

firtfkl, fril. MshtoP. I •.( 

Aif^tatt witli f'-n- 'f,, 


ti^MaX fri' • i 

liill ai wH»t f-jiuca I*--- -• 

(x£d: wufe«ilw»rnlJi«<Ailui' -t. 


wA aid: Gr wkift4. fArUtJ 
oati] )(«c9WMa. 
t l» W f . frii-^Mi. M.. ff0U m 


r>, ' 

g.ii ■ ■ " :■ 


e<l. ... ... .L . . -- 

/inh^ ay.- -."If. J 

mutr, fritM. ■ meat /«>«/; a kind of 

pdiicalee; »'-- " — ^' J"- ^') wr:dc into fras- 

menu —fr/- ; A» /. friir'ercd. (Fr, 
/ritur^^fnrf, L.fnf:frf./ruhirft. lo fry.l 
PrtToi'>i- " ■ ■ ■ - -Ai 


..iiii ] 

:Ujf if being /riveiaus ; 

i. or lucJcw»rd. 

lit. a yi'iV* '>r flec'C rf b*c/. 

Ire, ! i. or lucJcw»rd. IA.S. 

nroefe. frak. . . 

nionk'f cowl; a Iuokc. upper cimicrit w-tni by 
ni«r»- .' .-.v«..i npeti l*ehiinl, worn by femal«r»^ 
|Fi cowl; pr ,/^M*, atnunk'kcuwl, 

a !' . low L. /ivcHt — L. jL'Ciiu, a 

fr9<k»d. (ruki, u^>.. cLtt^Uii it afroek. 

tn^. fri?g, «. an omAmcnul fa»tc«vng or Ijusend 
buU'ja fur ay»iV* or cloak, [.froni n>ot of Froek.! 

mc, froff, «. an amphif/ious niptile, with wcbbeJ 
feet, reouirkablc for its r4pid kwinifuing aud leap- 
ing: A Bofi, huruy <^uLsianoe, in ilie middle ofa 
liorK** foot, M ciKcti from its Ukcncsi tu the leg 
of a frog. {A, S yVi'f .1 , /nruf ; G«r.y*wf."A ; Dan. 
yVufr; frutn ihc »outiJ miin by frog*-] 

Z^otto. fpil ik, aJj. . fay. jcy/ul; meny : pnnlty.— 
n. fiatciy : a wiliipnuik : a merrj'-aiakmg. — f .i. 
topJky wild pr.inks or merry triau; to gambrvl : 
— /r>. frol'ickiiii: : /.*/. frolicked- |Gcr. Ai'A- 
/btA, joyful, gsy-^ri'A, cay. and AVA, like] 

fntkMSU, &Qlik-aiim. aaj . , pttl ^ frvlu . nitrtli, 
or wikl gaiety : sportive. — h. IWloirnBcnMi 

nroM, from, /"/.. /i"^'' ; out of, at fiom a «Kircc ; 
away; at a di'tiancc : sprlutfui^ •mc of; by 
RMon of. IA.S., Golli. /'Mm; Ice. framm 
andy»^i; Djn.yW*«, forth. fonvjrd«.J 

Crewvtf. frO'wAril, adj.^fremward, or tumctl away 
fnim ; prr<cr»c :~oppoaed to iMnK.— Wt/f. fM - 
wAlr— fl. ir*'wmr<MH. frraK, and al&x ^w%rti.\ 

fraad. fnind, «., d //"/v branch or Atatk, cap. tlic 
fcni. [L./n:"i/./''-:'i</u.l 

freadMetBM, froo-iuiVn-, ... nrf ,)f put ttHg forth 
U'tvrt ; ilic icii I :. I'lrth Icavcj. [L. 

fr^iHiicKtiLs—p v kafy.] 

(MndUvoasi, fron I..' . hearing or cro- 

ducin|[/n?»i/j. [l.y'.-'.j, ±.'A/trfi, lo twar.] 

ffevml, fnjot. «., thr /iftrfi^ad : the whole face : tho 
fofvp^r^ I'f -inv.liiii - t)ve moftcoospicuouK pan: 


to .1 . . 
10 (Ace-- 
tuni thr 


ui- l" 

OO tike t 

over • iJ 

froBtod. fruuicJ, atij- K.nnr-.' nutk a/nmt. 
(tvaHir, fnml'er, «. tiiat |«rt of .» otuntry which 

boldness; impu'Scncc. 

or in the front. —r-/. 

ppo^le ; to oppose face 

n frotil cir fnremo^t ; In 

m any direrti-^n :— /r./, 

IL. f'.'K:. fn'nrit.] 

■ • Imilding, 

. tli4 Jtvnt 

thiniC w.»ni 

■: : (11, a pediment 

{^ yViffr/dA'a, a fiuol 


band won OS 

/ ^if l",'rfh.M,!. [ilin\>.iiitt?€ of ?r«BlI 
ftc. Sec under Ftmm 
Tntk, froth, H. the fijam on liquids (uti--J b- ?i«if- 
<>£', or any aEptation; fij;., an 
speech; any liijht mainr.— S' /. 
nil — : I. t I ill.-. IV ii:i frotli ;— 

ji,ir ; c jnn 

.;iii ' ['-' BrMk 




rnnac*. frwini, v.i. loU.;, UJrj'U-n .<f ivft^iw tie 

A»*»a<. — t'.r. to plait; to curl:— /^/. frc*«nCin£; 

/<ij» f"iunc«l' — «. a (-Uit orcurL [fc/rwrnart 

I >caihcr into plaits; Pulchk/rvtuni^^v^fArfc^ 

to |il;iil. to wnnkle; L.7>»«M,yh»i«Aj, the fcmw. 

See rioitno*.] 
rroward. :3«e under Tnm. 
rr««n, frown, v.i., tJ>TvnaJkU the trow; lai 

dUfjeaiUn; by ihc ' ' ''"'' 

to nrpel by a fro.. 

frowned'. — «. a wr 

l>row in tUspleanirc, .v 
Jrvfnrr in /<- refrvgnrr^ i 

in/rignc, wrinkled, mo^t>^■ 

to make a my face: pciir 

(TOBKM.1 — ^tdr. trawalnglj. 
fff'/'n. Sec under 
rraeOfy. &r. S 

rr«(al, fpTu'cal, •^V- ,''*- '^'''" 

duce : cconoruicil in the i. 

— ni/p. ftti'iallr- (L-/"T''' -''■^*'. 'tiTii"! 

fit for ifxA—/ru.K,/rMgu, fniit ) 
fkvffklltj, frfHVsmll-li, n ,atuu'ity »'/ hriiig, 

prudent econoroT ; limit. 
inglftnnu. frOD-jif^er-u*. aJJ. , /rta£t-iirmr\^, 

/rnx,/rngis, fruit, and /rrr, to t-r-il 1 
mgfcrercnu, frOO-jiv'o-ru*. n-/ 

orsecdi. [L./nrx.T^T^r ■ 
Fralt, fjr<;nt. «., /*fta^ OfAtiM t' 

order U* h* caien or en/tyttl i tiu; irfkXi4 

eaitli. w)uch supplies the wann of 

animab: iIie jiarl of a \A.\t<: >,. Si.:!-, com 

seed : the oBtpi^'- 

sequuKe, affect; a^'-v 

fruiit; L. /rmctfi 

/rtUius. \Q enjoy ; . 

cat and drink, to ci: 
fnau<«, fn5Di'.ij, «.,y 
fralUnr. frBPt'cr-tr, w., (;«. 
tnXUrr. (rCOt'tri, «., fl /j": 

tnltfal. fiGCtT 



with.-jut ;i-.. 



u^rk^i — ••*/»'. 



due, &r; mC.faftr: mlbe; matt-, n^e. mCDo; Men. 


MH'«as, m. tH< time for ihe ripen- 
^If'r., irosi X^/rtKfetio, \q tear 

: fcr- 

,. ■-, aatl 

•fi-kl'tfaun, m, «<Y o/fmciify- 

fniii - i:. .W., «J1 the paiu thftt 

^ to bar. J 

or uibcr grain. {L. /rurtim- 
»w», for jrnf^mfrnttim. com — 

I'men-ti, (ttmnty, fur'men d. m. food 
'Lralnl in mtlit, [X^/ru>nrmtMm.\ 
thr/fft tiC a hone's foot. [Gcr. 

' "-' -lilt or ^mr 

; 1- /mitre J 
-... 1.1. ij -.ji t i-^Li, II) vain.] 

sun, «.. act cy /nutrttUn^ ; 

defeat. [UyrMf/rd/tiv.j 

«_, « /*rf» or Uicc of a mild 

of a corn;, whkh rciruins wlicn 

b/ a plane puallvl lo the toAc. 

||M*<e, 4 bit. J 

tt-r, /rHticis, a khiub.) 

frOO'ti-km, <ti^'., 

with oil or fat in a pau 

frying ;>//. fricJ.— y.*. 

of beat in a frj-inc-pin ; lo 

'anyihioe fhci (Fr._/>j>if, 

X^fiik : a iwarm of fitbcs 
" 1 ; Outh. /rait', \tx,/ri^, 

a ^cotti of plancft, with long 

ni,».» ..r4,r,n«lly rutivcft of 6. 

■ (*i^ fuchi, a Cer- 


:«i>c . an exclanutioo of 

for bumitig an 

r : '. .!i A ftrc : whsiever 

.- cDcrcy. [Nonn. 

i.Tt : low L./vii£i', 

Aiff. , rf// tajUe away ; voli- 
irf, fnjfii Afw, Or. /Ariffi, 
tu bouI-f-R. fwfi 'firm ■!■■■. 

■V *^ . ^""J't it)>.jc* ipl to fly 


fro-Tiy-'i'^t'.h-rt-iT' rvfiUTBir. — «. 

_ -laaii, «.. « ivu^|p««m Or filc-Uadcr, 
pil* ttaitaU before a company >t drill 
iCcr. >tf«/r/MMMM— /rv*'< a 



fQElst, «., ffn^tgol^writekorplayiyitfinv. 
rullcnim. «. in M«^--4., /V /*ii/ or txed 
f)uiiu on which a leirer movei; a prop. LL« 
/ttlcrvm, a prop, frooi/iw/j-iif, lo prop-J 

r*lU, &c. Se." uoder fWL 

PalfiBt. ful'jeoi. .hi^., lAiMi'w^; brijtht; dazxIEtic.— 
•]./;'. f«l'nBtly.—ri. fttl'(«ac7. (L. /«4t»"> -'W*', 
pf.p- <ii/ul{fO, to fUih, tj shine] 

PBUclamu. ffl-lij'i-BUs. «</;".. ^rtajmit^ to toot or 
Ktnok.c; sooty. |I. y^«/E'i'«w»«j^/Wiii'S', sootl 

raU, fat.-l. .i.jV.. /tL'. i l.,nia-* u lau contain; 
li.*-. -Liadontly 

SU|.:' ir.g ; COO- 

l*i'i _ ' , ' I '*i ■ clear, 

— )i. <^iupUxi; iua^juio , iii^dc^t ilcgivc : the 
whiilc ; lintc of full moon. (A.S. /«(7; Goth. 
/«/Zr; Ice. yW/r; Gcr. :-.',V; L. /Unmt; Of- 

//;rv. See na.)- ». fu'B«M. 

/nil. fuul, tfiA'.. in ihf /hU\ quite; to Uie iftfliB 

Jc^rec : wiih tlic wliiitc ruect . cviuplctcly. 
nuj, firani, 04^. compJclelv -. ctitircly. 
fttiU. fool-fil', v.t. \il. /if /ii/fuU or fully; to com- 

plcUr . ii' j<. ' >'Ki[>li»h : lo carry into eflTect : — 

/*■/ ./. fulfilled' —,w. ruUIfer. 

fo^Uiii'' r, H../uUj<€r/,/ritui/ur; com~ 

jjIci. , ..Lijiucnt. 

PsU-Uowij, i ■■■\-\.\'ja,itifj.,ilinvntirfiiIiycx^iiCt^ 

aj a nuwcr. 
rnU'bottoaMl. fool'-bot umd, atfj, Kaviaf a/«// or 

Ur~c Ai/i'dwf as a wij*. 
raUb«*d, foor-flU, njf/, IwtviHsa/uUatUraA/acr. 
ftO-bMrttd, fool'hart-cd, «*^., /W/ i/ Afttri at 

courage : olatcrL 
fldl-ortiMl. fool'-orlid, aJj. hsviag the #ri^ or JiAfc 

yw/{r iUununatcd, as the full moon ; niuod. 
Pon. fool, !»./., A) /rrw tlyib in a mill; to scour 

an<l Ihickco in a mill ■— /f-/- fullinc : /W-A 

fulled'. [A.S./m//«ii», towbitcnasa fuller; It. 
/<yuirr, lo tread, to full or tbickea cloth ; Uutch. 

faiUn; low Xt. /uUarr, from h. /miia, a clolb 

fiiIler,]-»». fWt'w. 
Wl«r'»«M*li, foot'erz-4n]i« «. a toft MrfA or clay, 

capable of ahftorbiDg grcaic, u»ed ui/h//^ iff clotA. 

fill (ii-Tr. 

th,: - 




- ..-.. .: ._--.. ^.. :"-am*rt. 

iut'min-Jt, r.L lit. lo hurl {ightninfi 
to thunder cr make a loud noiwr : to t»;ir •Ir'.Tcc* 
withvialenct— T'./. to cj:; -■ - ■ < .^j 

forth, at a dcuundaliL . 


cue, Us : mi, atr ; bum ; nAB ; 


Mmlr 1 ' 

thui rt 

' itcd or it«ued foct&. 

". "V ■ P^rtAxmiHg t0 anej/^ 

n'tv acid, cumi>&ut)ded with racrcury, ftc 
See tinder Fall, iuij. 

ful'sutii, MfJ.fJimi' nau-v'- - <: ; 

ffrow : diifiuiingl)' (awmng. — □. 
ii. fhl'MBauM. (XS.>/, foul, J 

ful'vus, PnlTld. fill *t.j, fi. ill 

^r/A-w; tawny. [L.y«i'c-i.j, dct; 
t'ua^nia, Sc« under r«B*. 
- fu 


/«/. fiim^l«iL-4i. rtM-Mtr. How Ger. /km- 
MMW, to pop* • Dut^t /i'mtrntim, to cnunple ; 
Doji-^mTt, to crape abouLj 
UM, f&nt. »., smuJkf or UeuD fioim cotnbiulian or 
cxbiilattan ; luiy volaiUc oiatter : beat of mind ; 
n^ : anylhiiiE uasulMannal; rain conceit. — 
pj, ta itnoki: : to throw off vapuui : tL> be lu ji 
mtc —xfJ. to dry in tmoke : Ui disperse iii 
vipoitr* . - /r./. ram'inj: /J./. fiJnwiJ'. [L, 
fittn»i, aniol>.e, Or. tnMftMt, Gcr limut, P. 
duti : fictli.^j'i .itin to "Soma. dhA. lo Wo* away.) 
v., <f nwi^r Ai^iV ia ii V(>lc«Tir», 
I Xt.JumitroIa, from L. /4rjw»^. | 
■ I*, ruij., ffVtittcUxg /utH*s or 
'■■r^/untui, and/rn% to Ivar.J 
::./., te xtne^ I lo cXpOM to 
. ■ *, «c : to pcrftimc :—/*"/. 
Jl;,nt; : /•//. fQm'iglted. IL. /mmi^t 

rfenlfftCm. ftlm 1 ;iV?Hi'ti, t,. ct.-f /'^/'fitti^Jm^ or 

..r.> ■ 

Fun. i -.- juimc- 



, a roi>e, 

1 n>tut, »*.,o Tope~d^n(tr, 

of any n 
wid/A., a 
llut Any >. 
(L. /<««<■/ 1 

taflUoBUT, 1 ' . ff., m/ u^<> diadmrsti 

mny/*m*.l.^-^ . -uc who hoUU an ofice. 

fund, H., I/Mt on whieA imnfthiHFu/.mHiidJ; 
a mm »f money as the ibundation ol some oper> 
aiitn ^ '- 'T KHiKc of money : a More laid 

-IcbU due by a c<n'emiaciit ncd 
:'./. CO farm a debt into n stock 
, ,. - i., ..I-.. - mnncy in n fiind ■ 

Ifr.ytW, from 

4 ooad. 

: '..• /I'UKdtttiiJH nt 
r Mat uf the body. { L. 


ClLlEl,-... n 

— yr^. luh 

L. JH-^iiltS . 



serving for the ' t- 

aiit. — M. that vi: . 

grouDdwork; ifit -..„.,; :i:. — .^-.jjy. 

T*»m1. fil'n^-«t, n., burial; ihc ceremony, jic. 
cOfiae<a«d with buriat— <i^'. pertaining to <>r 

fin«r< . >o^'.,/<TytU>ri>if /J or siiiuns 

uy I; muumru). (C._/i*«<rn»«/j',l 

I^mpi' lit. a i/ongy plant: on ocJcr 

of)' - :.'!iM>h'-c0$ma,io»A%toQ\%,n\ci\i\i\, 

ftc. ; [III. Ill ;i--vii fomicd tm »iiiind» — ^/, Fui(I, 
fntTfi, or PiB(uu. runj^'^uvcr. [L^^^f^^^au, a 
mtunrooni . Cr. s^i^rr'^. '^'^flrw, a sponge.] 

{Bii(vl4, {ung''£Did, i' ' ' ::,* <* rwxArrtTM. 

[Xf/wtfut, and (' .ranee, j 

fMlMU. mng'glifi. '■ (- /itnfHt; loft, 

vpongy: growiag (nuieiuv: cE^tii-mertL. 

midi. fn'm-klt ■■ y ansU cm/ or Ug»itn» ; n 

[L /uni,-^!zi^, .Ifnn. .f/kiii'f, n >,r r.iTt'- | 
foaknlar ' 
Patuul, t 

Ftuty, fuul. Sec umlcr TWl 
Fur, fui, m. lit .''.•.-.' ^-r .^' .„,« ■ 

hair of ocrtai:! 

prepared for , 

^^^2ue, the i 

with fur ; to • 

j*r/. ftuTi/is 

li. fodm', ih- , - 

,^tir, a \heatli ; pcili . 
fBTTtM-, fur'i-ir, w,, (I .i 

«WTlB»Tt furl er i. «../?. ■- - _ 

fttrry, fiir^t, ifitj. , cetuutmg »/, cwvcred 

drcsacd in/««r. 

^,v-.-_ r. ^, , If, ^ liL J ^,-; ax fi* 

' <>f a gc>wii or pettfcuat. [Sp. 
i li.y«««i^; Gcr. fniMi 5w, 

i ■.—<-. .^«v./a^, n *^ - " 
rtubiah, ftit'bish. r,/., /*■ 

lip until brie'il:'/ >. fii 

bished. trr.y(i«>#i>; i: /-■•:■'•<•. i,i : t.ct. 

AfM, to purify : allied lu Bafe.] 
FoNaK fiuTcai, adJ^^arK^i; hrsachinf like 

pnni)[s of a fork. CL..^m», > fork.] 
firsftttOB, iiir-kA'tdiuti. jk., aJoHUng ur 

FwfnrMwnu, fur-fu-rS'ihu*., •«<^., ^mmK^' 

scurfy. lL./^u'f»r,u:fMf~-/Mr/mr, titan.] 
TarioU &.C. bee under fSIT. 
Foil, furl, T'.^- to roll up in a 

a cut : — ^r,/. fiulin^ ; /a.j.' 

oht. fmryiU^ Jat-iUit A, buaut<. . < >. /urucu?, 

pack up.) 
FVlo«c fui'lobf, nu lit. « fttr^riwUm^, «r 

length of a furrow; 40 polo -■- 

[A.S. ^rAtJiff-^F*, funoK . 
rnrtovfll, furlo, n. , Iravr of 7 ' 

leave of oL-.- 

fuf^ouehcd. . 

Wwnuotj, Sec FnuuntT. 
FvnMa, fiir'o^ «., aji' irrA!! or 

place for ineltins ores, u>d other purpoaa;*! 
place of gricvout affliction or toffnent. 11 

JvurHitise ; "L.yomax./umui, an uvcn.] 
Fnmlih.fur'nlftb, r./., c«>_;rr '*/*H'suppl- ■• — 
or with what i» pctcvairy ; to 
fiii'nuliing ; /•»■/■ fiir'njshctl. {V , 
/^mi/rw,- old Ger. />*>'-''■". t.. .i.._ ^^ , 
conn, vnth L-yWrrt^ ■ («ra 

fBroimi, fur'ui-dlr, r. . lyar 

Soods and other m*n .:. u^i 
ecoratiotu. I Fr. JjMrmttrr*. J 

rumr, fur^rO. «. lit. a tiilifc lietwevti 

... . .1 k.-,i ...I . .^ , .'Va^*(y»/ji 

■y ircjKi« arl 

fur'rawed. [AS. Jt4r, /av4. Ger, >Qmw^^ 

L. /ff*Ttf, a w>w, a ridfc ] 

^ ftc Sue twdcr reitt. 


Ote, Cir; tn£, hdr; uttuc: laOtc ; rnOls; uCOo: i^o, 



m mifik., <am oi cbe three yodd t i ef of vcti- 
Mm, rs e^>. mij.,/mU ^ fnry ; mAd : Tiolcni. 

or KOfW, a pricUy. vks- 
iLiI yellow 8owci«, toc^lcd 
lu sptnea to clw»c of the 


I >iwil M»ltk f»vT*. 

fncr n-, 

. from 

I V heal.— r J. 
:i.)U)>l:— ^r./. 
|fci"aa:/^/ ti":J'. iL.yi.'.^... /hih.m^ to nwll.J 
taM^ Ml t-U, 4i{r.. M«/ mny hcftiit'i vt melted.— 


t:-Ac of 

IhH^ fV-' '' L'f lIdlIc I'll 

wMck I ■", A Spindle - 

U, Cr^ . ■■ -.Si: (mm it the 

Avcad tut:- I'd -./^"^V.] 

fltait RfcJ. n.. •■ /'^'ir ww/4// or firelodc (Fr. 
Aght, » fi'n' I'li.i.- ! l[ /'(.(.//. Avi'/r, fire, ftum 
X A. I 

iH^,i(ks. .-.'AJik matter 

fcg fir.n^ , ^ . . . &c. 

«r lior Iv^t : > f""^ ; ' ''"*■'■ 

t,- ->iJt. 

rwt * » ^ , tkf tUmft r4 9 Oilunni. {Tt,/ut, 

ts^ ^-fUte Venice 

fraiB low L. 

' - Trr- ] 

r,.v I tree* 

: lO, to but with a 


^. lima Id 

fut , 
frii.iVi-i!. •., ioMi ... _ , 
tu*. : locooie. 

Pvx. ' '.)fr io tniaiilvpArlKJaa W/4 •i 

,^*M~^ ji'Hi.i mjkt: W»I'-f ' ' ■' -■ - fill* 

iirht p*ftick», »i doat. "hrv 

fXiM, to fin.)— M. fKZ 1 of 

a kind of muMronm, full ■■. .. .•!«: t>vH. 
rjr. fr, £«/. SecTta. 

t frock or 1 .1-. ail 

drcM. fSp^i*^.' I ^^. 

gnttttt^ B coanc •. i i 

OftbU*. ipib'l. r.i. lo ulk :' 
to cackle like )[oc«a - ' 

Cabb'leil. lice fdM: , i i ,' 

lo mock; Dutch, otWr.-/t, tt> \\Xr^; l.'au. aod 
S«^t./(Ut, (liv I'KiiJili : iiuiuUvc of the sitund.)'- 
«u. fulirkr, (kbbllag. 

OftUcn, galii-on, «. iii^-'-' •- '>f 

^ricker-wn^k lUlcd WUli Har 

from the cncmy'ft (in:. 1 1 : . 'ic* 

— r.iA^'i, L. i-*¥*a, a l>vii' vi^ 

hrHl.-w ) 

fkUoBiiftd*, f:^lM-un-A(l',M. n liac 'I nwtt 

up 3S a defence. 

OftUa, ^U, f«. lit. Ih€ f^>tU or A/-r4</ of j ihliiC - ■•■ 
anh.t tht *••'•■ /..rtn >.,..iii',- i.,rf ,.<" m, r tlcriin 

waJl of 11. ' .U. 

«alU anil ' ', <• 

pinnacle: i ,. . ... .. — . ..', a 

beak: alUcd u> U ett^t. Or. Ai/iWm, iIm 

ted, nd, *. lit. a tintr/. X 

•neofe of kicel : ■ icr.i-> 'A. 

/i^, arod. rpc9V. pMcl. --• ■ I 

gliii, gad, V^^ in ^., to rove mixna w l— iv, bka 

catik flUifw by Ihc gMU-Jfj/ ,-/r-./ ^dilH i 

/■./. cuJd'ed. 

caltic in <vdcr to fwprMit ii» *ni*. 
|«ad. (fid. fi^ « tJUf^/vimuJttUk^ 4Am d^d 
with ir6e.fcir4ri«iac«aMi i rtwdbw p r^ W 
driviviibAaaBd: toMyfa^iiJ ^-^f^^^mM' 

Sb HMb^ter-«. (fir bavMi of pM 



%iMI tbe aoiie nude in nttemptuis fo spcalc 

wheri th'? j.iian of th? cir;;ii^s l; impcJtdJ 

.-illird tnOr. r*.V^ 1.. -r.M 

»«.nL ' ■ ■ 

glyvc. -V -'. lu lUiJ Ijj pKOi;': or ^.:.:t:n[y .—/•■./. 
Eaj^nic: /.I/, fi^tfcil. (Ff. fifjrr— a^»^/ . la 
wafer: Get :.v.'-'', .i wa^r ; hirot. tni^^; L. 
T'«u, K<u/^'; ..liiBrt.} 

0«n K^]. r ' See Ami*. 

tiiHai to olrfAin tfycflfort: lo be lucccul'itt in : 

to draw to one'* "V. -.• ^.j.-n- - t.i tr.i, h - ii-. N..i»- 

Tc3U, to ttatftt : 

— *. iJui wbicb I 

i«» IFr. f«fw*- - .-..-- ^ „ , -_ 

i.itlli\'alr land— ^irtii<nifj(i'. jnultl ui Liitd.j 
fUJMi'. i'mtr, H , «r/ wAn rup/i profit. &c. 
fKlatni, sAn'^i^ut, aJJ.,fttlfef{^im' inuductive ftf 

•<—»>, ^irincf. M.//., VifKmt have ttfH ffnineti 
ot ;kcqiitre>i by laboar or cntcrpriac 

giln'lci, atij,, VJitluut fJUM^ unproductive. 

r, jE^ji'tJI, nr cId'I^', f./., A> m* samethitig 
tigujHii: til den/: to (tiiptite. iA.S. /tam, 

Oftlrlkh, Ofertik, cftr^sh, a*^/., jc*'^*^'ft tt<arifif ; 
6hi>wy. Mtniciiiu: alltmion. — <i*/r'. gt^Ublj.— 
u, fftlr'UhaHt. [obl F.. j,"'^^* '^ KLare.J See s\u9. 

S*tt, g^t, M. See unUtir 0»i«. 

Okltor, Bit'*/, w. :i cfivcrinB of cloth fittinE down 
tipuvQ the »Koe. [Fr. fW;rr, ^pKrx/^Tr.] 

Oftte, gi'U, M., <^*n.' ; spkodoui ; feMivir)'. u a 
^al'i-^ajr. [Ff. f.i/'i, show ; It. i^r/rt, finery: 
AS. gnl. merry ; old Ger. £rit, proud : old Cer. 
Xri^I, pride- 1 

e3>n»ot. iT<y/'. orig'. pty, t^mJiit. mut^ni- 
^rtt, M' in B. : (iMve : noUc. IFr, gaJ^ul i It, 

Aj'r'. courteous or ACUaiivc fo 

X-i^l'tntr—^itia J .t./:>.cUI*atly- 

gftUftal, KAl-lan ~ 

Isdiec, iik« A s-aiitiHt or I>r3vc man. — «. a man 
of Ckthiui. : a iuiior : a fccducer. -v-t to attend 
or wail I'd. u A lady:— /r./. eallanilni* ; A*-/- 

(Uaaky, ral'brit-ri, «. ImvcrY : intrepidity : polUe- 
ncu DT dcvoti jn to ladies; lewdncu. 

gkUeon, . ■;. lit. emamtHtt pf a fettivt 

mt -i r lace : a nArm*' ntilion m.ide 

of-: : r cf t'-ith. [Fr. s^t/^w-A'uAj.] 

0«texv ■ ihe Uun- 

iii- I' icnvcn* ; 

an*. :is -£a2a, 

L. Ail., Li^tis, iiiilk.J 
.-1, (talbui, gallias, «. xmiiJky 
rr-i I lilted from an Eastern plant, 

ti4(- 1 :!i the arti. aud by the lc\»i in 

till- . ' ihe sacred incense. [L. ; Cr. 

cA-1- ' . '■.fthfHaA, frutit ekul^, itiitL) 

MK K^t i^- * 'nr"*r viod - * fitrtms wind be- 
tween a ^Uff bnrte and a storm. (Gael. /»/, 
A gsle : Pan. /u/, mad : Norw. palm, nminit.] 
LalMtel c3l£-ftt-cd, aitj., fulmrtrd : havtns a 
flower /fib- a Atimrt, as the monk's hood. IL.. 
£tUcatnt guU^t a heltneCl 
UBol. Sec tinder 0«UtT> 

•kM, gawl, n., />(# crcmuh-yejlr^ JfmiJl tecrcU-d 
from the liver. caOed bile : bittcmes*: malitinily. 


/■(■f// w )iii_h r '-T 
irf:, iiicJ III (lytiH,; 
apple; It. jpi/i;i, ani.i-, , 
I. OUUBUy. Sec >.:< 

. •*. a Ufhl 
-••I'litce on the 

r ■iff€i. the 

.;. • . .-.r.V^.ipct 
.r f".\l- 
Oallary. gal'ir-i, ». orie. di >- 

{.It apartmrnt : a balcony 

-> '■■■■■_' pauajt'c: the up[>cr .. , 

nr (Itcalrc : a rvom fur the rain 
jf art : in Ji^t., a cjvcrrd 
^h the exrth or masDory. (Ff- /-i 

fMi/rria ; low L. gajrnm^ an omamcstal 

ficittapft frum OftU.] 
Baltey, Kal'i, n, a lc»t;:r ' '-■'' 

dock: on board ihi;' ' 

iag it done: alcind 

ofVwar : to print., \V 

type from the coaipi>- 

fT.gaUrti Daii.r<)- 
CkUtr-«laTC, rafi-ilaT, w. ... . .^r 

to work like m tlait ai ihc tvir of aniky. 
ffH— .gani-un, w-,flfyra/fa//<r' a tarcc Sdmbiw 

vewel with loity stem and sT"f' f-^" .•.4/^.-1 
gallet, (klUot, g^l'i-ul, n , a j* 

dotinc : a iJutch tcsm:! c-r 

a miixcD-nusi. and A brgc ^ 

g^i/iatf, a haU-gaUey, a liark-J 
DaiUe. callk. aJj., f<rtninit*c io Gaui cic Fi 

tL. Ja/Zu-Mf-Cd/^, GauL] J* 

lattlclwi gal'i-urtn, m. a mitde of qKcdl peculMT 

/^ ^jU French: ft French idiutn. 

aiuBtnawii, gaVm-a'»'i' 

order of birds to v>-lii> ' 

ant, && belong. 1 1 

a cock : akin 10 ^c/, in ur. •f_i^n.; t.i proi-iue 

A.S.^Ziui, to sing.] 
OttUlpot, sail-pot, n. a sl^n^ f'-'T /^f ^- 'T ront 

inu mMicioc. [Ihitii, fiEr>. -j») 

OaUsa. gafan, ■>. the slandanl 

= 4 quarts, [old Kr. gaUn. i . >. mLJ 

Oalloow. See under Oala. 

JiBp, gsl'tip, v.L, tfl ttttfi in ntnninff : to 

a galwping picc :— /r,/. ^IlMnii,-' a> « i>*n'« 

oped. — "i- the pace at whlo' 

the fore feet arc li^cd togci 

toKlber : a quick dince ' 

COJ-op'). [Fr gatrper; II j:i««yyMftf^ 

f/AJM/djf, to Imp.) i 

■aUvpads, ga1-u]>-Id , x n >Ucl<-n'.> kin.1 :4 \ 

a quick kuul of dance — then 

ato to it.— c-x. to perform a . I'll 

OaUeway. earo-wi, k. a siruiii ^^.^...f, .^..t 

from Oatlcuuty in Scotland. 
Dallewi, {TaTus. n. an lastniinent on whtcih 1 

are executed by hancio;. fA.S 

grn : prob. front Ice- ^gf, 

tree j 
O«locha. OalaA, ga-loul/ 

shoe or slipper worn 

.'rLii>'. MUjcii irira: 

f3lte, (Af; mC, htt -, mlite ; tofitc : mQte ; mcon : iMnn. 


t$. [from Gaiti*tn'oT 
'fn/^fC to nr exhitiit- 

i'ct-«r, IT. >n huOiiincnl 
^ih of wcaJc calvMnie cur- 

Icaibcr corciin^ Tor ih* 
froia mod in riding. Itt. 

w gum- 
I [Mined 

n/ »UY kitui : Ml evercue for 

■inf gnm* ; to play for 
irStn^nfT :pa^. fXnud'. 

•' '■' - "in J for mooey. 
'w«/or ^ay. 
'■f addicted te 
.,.. .,. ..I'.. . <i cmmblcr. 
m., «s cxjk trained to fight. 
f'ht^^, ■-, "*** who inyVf ur hai 

kt. 10 pUy for money tn gamrs nf 
CO M|WiIMler ati'sy:— /r./. K^Ju'- 

■' - — f ^R'^ltf. 

-^ ; lo frisk or 

I Kr. ram* 
:■.: Ck.] 
; a hoB. 

L-un, as 

■■.;; /n/. sxtnm'oncd. 


r rvi IcltcT'^riheinuucal 

i, I JO — the Oreclti^iwiwa 

be «LjiE ki.:ell\ the ttalc ur i:uOt|tfSS 
&"f**— [Cr. tiiwma, the letter 
S, lt»T «>-ttibte uMd in tinging the 

'Av ^»»*^-' the male 
- * : Tier, fftttu, gitnj' 
" k /ijcnt*, tu ga|*c 1 

:i.<i towl Tuutxl iu the 
(.i..*^- ^tiin'f, a Ka-fowl, (rum 

9>-eD( <«.. •■ futMflUfin the theslh of 
r or caslirvciitciil m the cvurM uf 

bM^OtJ O^t. 

pui'DCt. 5*0 under 

OuUfft, aglove. Set; teutUt. 

OaaUst, gaollel, OaaUopa, gantHAp, n. » puiusb- 
mejit cuosutmg in driving a cnmiruJ thruuj[h M 
l^tu fomicd by two iile« of tntrn, who «ach stnlcs 
him £S be paues — uid <m have been inirodooed 
by fnt&tavuaAdalphtuof Swcdcu. t & ur. ^A/ifqM 
— /d/ji, a street, a line of kiliiicr?. .'.//■ '*'»*l«e»| 

Qsol, •fall. i^I, m. lit a iart. err, - , ri^on, 

— H. s>ut'«r, one who hjj ch or of 

ptisoncrs, called aU;* a lytn^ _ .>, a 

C3£e : Sp. jauta^ a cell ; II ^.th^-a*^^ ilim. cf 
gnaAt'a, a cage; L-ftftyw, cave, aboUitw [tkiCo — 
(diiu. hoUow.l Sc« Ci4«. 

0«p«, cJipt Cf".. iofl/vH f' - : to jTum: 

to fttare witn open n i>«n, Ulce a 

t^ap :—/'■->- gflp tng ; /' . .. . -'.actafpp- 
ing: widui uf the muuih wbcti iipcncd. {A.S. 
giapan, lo gape, fir^iA wide; Ice. gnptk^ to 

gap, gap, n , an fficutng aiaue by naptiire or psrt* 
ing : a clefi : a puufie. I Ice. fftp» aa optnntfO 

(aptr, gdp'^r, «., »■# wke gaftw. 

■s.p*leoUMd. gap'-fiotht, »<//. haviag /n/« or bi> 
temticu bctwcco /V tettk. 

Oar, c2r, 6«r4iBli, gAr'-ftth, n. a Imig. tlcnder fish 
ti itJi A fviitttd head. [A.S. /nr, a dart-l 

Oait, glrb, K. orig. /A* mpi^ of doing atytkfng: 
Jaihion of dre*<; ciieniil appearance. IA,5. 
fiwriM, dotiiing; Cer, farAwr, lodresi; ix.gmp- 
0ajv. to ixiii—garhj, the make of a thing.] 

OubAgf . Sec under OwbU. 

Oartta, elt^. f A orig, /i7 K^ntU vrith a sirvt: 
to K^ct what may serve our own purpote: to 
muiilate ajiythiiig, zi a document; tu cnmipt : 
— /c/. garVling: /a./, garl/lcd.— «. gu^Ur, 
one Tvkc eariifs or leWcti. [Sp. gttrhilUr, lo 
tifx—gs^ito, L. crihftlum — criirrntm, » lieve : 
altin to Gr. and Sans. kri. to teparalc.] 

gftrt*4*, gax'baj, N. what remaiiu n/tf^ ga*%iing 
or feiftiog ; refute : the bowcli of an animal. 

OardM, eiU^dn, m. Hl «)« HfcUrtttt: a ,piec« of 
ground on which flowers, &c. ore culnvaled. — 
t'.i- to work in a garden; to practi»e gafdeo- 
iiig, {ft.Jnrdim ; iL giardtna; old Get. gnri t 
Uolh. giirdt: ^.ya^t WaL /»rrf, coctofture : 
conn. With L. horins, Gr. chjtrtM.'S 

ganlealng, Kar'dD-uig, n. the ^rt of laying otit and 
culu^aiiog/vn/^Ki. — «• car'dfaw, uiic who ciUli- 
\-ates or has charge cf a garieo. 

Owgla, gir'gl, v.t. to oulcc a litiuid Jfitrgft or 
bubble I* '-** /Awil/ niili .lit ^v..lItl.■,vl;l;; it : to 
washthe throat, prvv--'- ^ning 

dtnmbyexpeUingair.: ^Img: 

/■t-A gU^S'cd. — «. a[r urt the 

lliroat. [Fr. garguMtlU/ ; It. £Aix-J£Uarr, Iu 
tnunnur; Gtr. gurgtl, V^ gmrgiiiur, iBc guUct: 
Gr. garg^Tvtm, the throat : from the KJitnd.) 

(intli. iEur'gl. r.i'. lo llow io An irreguUr noisy cur- 
rent, as water from a botlle ; lo niatora liubbliiig 

gar. f^^-ey- 

.. iPr. 


altmL I Fr. r" 

■..u... «,. «»*/ vf gmttr- 

:i:!ins uniicr n common 

A*niDlti)g each oihcr in 

, :n pntml I commimly; 
■iilly ; in a gcuenil way , 
wLillcclivxlj". together. 
I jcn'tr-al-ship, «., ikt p^£< or tkill i'/n 
gntfr,U or military •imcer , miUiary ikJll. 

liring \x\\n life; luongiiiAlc:— ^r./. gcu'crfilin^; 
fa.f. grn'ciilcd. (L.^««T,/i»/r«i^it/— ^frwiu.J 

I»M«»nt. jcn'ftr-ant, «., tht ptywtrtkAt cenrratettix 

I'njtluccf. tl* frmemNJ, -awtis, yr.y. of^ww^w] 

g«B«rftt'T, ■-".-- 'I'^huD, M.. act cj^ prnemtinf^ ox 
\it- ' itinn : that which i* ccncraicd : 

3 ■' lutunl descent; the jvrniJc of 

the — •-'■„-t ; (aonily ; offiprm;; : — 

in/.'., in , hislor>'. (L. .p^cm/w.] 

paaratm, j ■•., harnM^ ike / i>/ 

gtM^mtiti^ -; ,,.. .^ ; prohBc. 

g ia w fc tor. jcn'er-a'tor, »., *fu w^ or tAnt yt.'ktch 
£rtitrat^t^ begets, or prodaees : the princip^ 
wmni) in music [L.J 

OfiMilo, Itc. See under Ovmu. 

Ow^BM. ]en'tr-ii.*, /i//;*. lit nnd orix> C^<> Avil or 
m^.'\' ' - i-fa noble luture: ma£- 

l(.t open lieartcil ; Ubct.u : 

iin . -, »s vrirtc— A^i'. e«»'»r- 

OttUjr— •<, geiv crouDMi. (L. geturVMt — geitVJ, 
biith I Sec OMitu. 
ft&RMttr. icM-tr-.rt'i-ii, n^.^uattty fifh«Mg gtmer- 
mu; notlcncit or liberaJily of nalure, (Fr. 

aMMd t . icn'c-«tg, H,, gemfmfiM, crraihn-, or pro- 
riucuon : the lint boob of the Bihtt, %^ cJlcd 
(VoB) ilk cootainios on acvnuat uf tlie CmitwH. 
TL. andCr. — Cr. ^ ^jw»»<«j'— ob». ^vwi?. tobcgctl 

Ooai, Jtam*^ jcii'et, m. a Rmall, wcll-prnportiuDcd 
Sfxuiihh horse. |Fr. «*«//; Sp. fiiteU,SL horw:- 
*.>lilier : alw given, a noi>c of Jat-n, in Spaiu. J 

0«o»%, jcti'et, w. a camivcrous ajiimal, allied to ihe 
i.-ivct, nf n §tay cnlaur. mArVed with Macic rr 
^irown, a native of Africa, Axia, and S. Kiurope, 
I Fr xfHttte', S^.gintta: of Elostcm origin.] 

0«utm, ic-ii«V,\, n. a sjtirit di»ullcd from crain :»nd 
tliiv-iurcd with y«MrjVr-ljerTics, alto called Hol- 
ftt-di. (a LoiT. of Ft. grm:h-re, Pnjy. grnt^rr, 
IL £inrfirt, \* Juni/^na, the juniper.] 

C«alAl, jj'ni-al, cm^'., fOHlribHtine- ta the £***'»'' 
atMH or lo the tnji.'ytneiil i J life; healthful: 
cheering: «icrr>-, — t\Jv. ca'ntaUj. [L. grniaiii, 
fnjm grmtKn, the ipiiit of vxial enjoyment.) 

ftnUUty. j^-ui-ail-li, (•aUfaMM, je'ni-al-nes, «., 
qH.ttity cf being ^fnial ; gaiety; cheerfulness. 

OtflkftUte. jc-iiiWa-lit, OnlcnUiad. jc-nik'HUl-ed, 
ndJ.xaM.^hcttt txirrufily Uk* tlu kMte ', j<3iutcd ; 
kac'llcd. [L. f^nucuintu»—s^HkuiM*H^ a little 
kiic« — Cf*tf, the kDce.)--ff. fvaloala'Uaa. 

OiBlU. jcn'i-tal, Aoy., Mem^Hf^ /a ermfratitm, or 
the act of producini{. [L. £tnitaits — giffna,grm.i- 
/iw, lo be^ct.1 bcicB«au. 

IwlMli, jcoi-tili. m^L the cxierior orsani p/ 

tisllt*«,jcn'i-ttv, A{r., Kl i»fl»ifwy to gr nt wntiem ; 
fa case ofii 
[U ^mi/rcBt.] 

in £»*•**., todicaUDje a case 



nouoA deoodnjE 
^, Ac- iia p rm a d ai Engltwi 


ttwdo*, jtal'U*., «. a good ^r - ^ 
t^^c jfurriiO in pieaide ov r 

indiviouoi ; - . 
'•jt » parti. 

power uf uuu^ , .. ,^ ^ ...... ^-^i* 

mir»I : pectiltar oonsutuiion or character erf uy- 


of betitc 

muvfa nt 


— j[Cftiuj.] 
OnlMl, Jen-til', aJj. lit ^-' 

or family: well-bred : gru 

farm. — m c. t«B%Mltr. [L 

a family— jiw, toot o( Ot 

Seo OMitta. 
CaattU. }en't:I. m. lit ■ — 

ci-iH or/umg/y: in .' 

belonfjinj; to any n.i 

denoting a race or c j . . i . i , 
|«atUl%r, jco-liri-ti. fuUUBta. >eii-L£lDC«» «. 

Ajrtjb or ejiini'.ii'i'n 

grwd-brceding : {■ li 
(•ntk. jcn'tl, aeij. o-.t. 

becoming one of «••' 

nen ; docile : mild 

ganlly. — M.pofUncM. [L. 
KMrtkfBilts, jen'll'fftki, ri//.. - 

ab<»vc the vuli;ar. (Sec Fti. 
ir«atl«t&aa, jcn'il-nuin, m., a ■•■. 

(linh: nnc wh«j without a 

arm^: more gen. ew'- ' 

yeoman, including : 

trading classes : n ' 

officer of the myal I 

address.— /*'. faa'Ut:: 
intliBuUkt. jeit'll I' 

man-U, a.ij., /liv, ; 

^at/mum. — «. gta :'. 
fialTT, ien'tri, n. cni: 

people between ilr. , 

[contr. imm gmtirr^ — -gwwttr.l 
Ontlaa, jcn'khan, ft. a plant, the root 

uked in mcdigioc, saiu to Itavr been 

ii-se \i\' GfHtius, kiD^ of IlljTia, oxiaii 

Romaiu about 160 D.C> 
O^Uk. 0«dU«, 0«aftrr- Sec under 
0«Btto. jcn'tl, M. the maggot uf the HoK-Ay 

bail in angling. 



jcii'u-in, at/y. of ihc orictiial ***»» « 

stock : natur^ : real : pure. — oo^. pa^alMCr. — 

m. g«a'ala«a«L [fr. ; L. /rmv/jca/^-xv*-*' f^ 

tfu, to tci;ci, to be bom.) 
OcnaflactlOB, 0«Biii«xlaa, jco-lMlek'ihim. *.. <vt 1/ 

f<etu//M^ lis ibi*^, c%p. in WMV^itp, lL.j "' 

knee, Jiexiat a bending —^nM >^-< 

0««aii. j^'nns, n.lit ^•■-•' ^m-v. lw..! 

Uitting of a number 

marks or characl' ^ j< 

[L. gnua, grnrrii, 

oba. £*nd^ bans, /ii -. 
g — to , je-otr'ik, gne' 

tamutg tc a n-MM^ 

a fcnus, (Fr 
OMomttle. )e- 

al, .kJt. lit. -i.i; 

•u/^., as ic«n or tnr: 

gtoe«a'trleaUy. [i'f 

ih centrcj 

f&Kf fir ; me, hte ; mnw : inMc ; 8iot« ; moOD ;. cAcfL 




norvlc. ii->n lit. m. 

0M kM»handry, 


- J 


.. J., r -^^ -.ii rcftrcnce 

.'' r . rrvfmmnr~-ijT. gr, the eartht 
iroct— rflifmi«*J, to know,) 

■■'■ uf /jU /«\/k.-- 
\ —adj. ffMff*a't0. 

>ni, producetl-J 

r I ii, £ ' iipnt , ,» u.L.-'Hwi iplK>Q 

inu u>^ u versed /», or 

iti. iic Uructurc ^lad 

B r.h. [fr. fVtftyjif 

— xounc.) 

it-, ■■ /Mi»tr A> geolttgj. 

— - -.■ifM'-l 

j» '■( tm graicgy. 

■ ' y figures or 
•HUti^ — Gr. 

..,,,, ... ...] 

fn, K, Jit. the art ^ meaxnrinc 

n r.f r.uthcmarics which treat* 
1<.' ami it« rcbtuons. 

i: ■ > joi'c-tmh- 

' '_<inliog to or 


:lii, Mrj"-.i, a \iew — 

'..!.nf b> the reigai of 
' -..It Oriuin. 

''I. ««(^. rdjuinj[_to 

1 I. wrvrr u mj I >r 

lit d 6fau: in Z^., the smallett 
.ht and coin, (\, uf* a *heV«i, AUiJi 

, «. a ceous of pUnti with 
ram^t^Ui, [Gr. gtrnnMK — 

evtUMW, j«r'fair-ka. utnc u 0rrlftle«A. 

ill ^>/., tbc Med-bod of a plast ; a _*l»>oC : tl 

from wttkh anything spnnfii. the orifio; a f 

principW (Fr, ^-rwr— L £grwu>L, (at gtriM 

—^r ' iMuce.J 

(OTBas. lit dfri%f<d/rvm /V 

^vriri - .c ftntiiegree. [L./rri«ntitM(, 

priib. I ir ^' rjfiiJj-.inau — fermrn, bud. origin.' 
f«nBui'iilT«r. j^r'maa-ul'ver, fl. a metal •aAM 

rocmbline liivtr, beiag an ollity of 

nickel, and xinc. 
gamilAal, j^f mWal, aJj^, ffrtamitf to a jcw^itt. 
ganalaaU, jirra'itt-U, v.r. to iprm^^r^m m gtrm ; 

10 bcfpn to (tn>w:— /r^. gcnaiiTa.ttng: >*./. 

jenn'uJicd-— «. guWaa'tlML [U , 

gumtuat. jtirm'in-aat, •»//'■. a^/vrntiftgi 

forth genn» or buds. IL. /»rwi*«"U, -^uUiSt 
pr.p, (iT^mwm*] 

Ocrvaa. jii'nan ' //. Otr'naa^ 'jf <m- 

many ; the Gcunan langn r tram 

Germany. [ L. Grrm^r. : ■ ven a« 

meaning "the shooters,' f: ■ ' '1 

cry; " Dcijjhbour*,' i.c i" 

CZcidc : inJ 'th.; wir-oiLi;, , - 

Fr. gvm-r, war.) 

OarauB, jenn'cn, laiuc ai Ofm- 

OanUnal, &c. See uikIct Oam. 

OfnaC, jer'uod, n, a pan uf the I jtin verb eapreM- 
ing tir earrjing- tm of the action <rf the rah, 
[L. cerktuHum—gtrv. ici bear, to carry.] 

gpnuidUl, jtfT-und'i-ail, ei.ij. , relaiing la /*# grnutJ. 

gMtatloa, jc>-tS'»him, «.. ti* art ^/ canytmg the 
yihjng in the womb. [I-. ctitnt:^—£rst9, fftita- 
tum, to carry— j-<^w, to bcar.J 

|Htal»rr. jci'ta-lw-i, adj., fiertttitnmg ta gritnHaM 
..r cariviiu : tii;tt maybe carried. 

I^li . ^ -rtaiming t* bodJy aetisH or 

moll , carriage, mutino — frr*.] 

gaiUfittU ' . .<! , c/./. to reprcicnt by actitn, 

f/.i. ;u iiuikc £u>ture» or motiotu when apeak* 

iofi; 10 play antic mda ;—/*'>. ge*tJc'Qlliioii ; 
/rt.>, geUic Qlated. (L. ffJlirMWr. jpttum^aimJ 
—frttu-ulns. dim. of [rttuf, a gcslurc) 

ftfUnl^iB, jcj-tik-Q-U'&huo, a., «c^ j^' tnaluDg 
enturrt in fpeakine ; a gnture ; antic tnciuL 

fwOnLaftmr. ic»-tik'(Vll-lorH, <i*(/'. rc$rc»cffcmg i« 
grttkvimtieiu or gesture*. 

(wUcalstor, Jca-tilt'QUt-or, it. , cftt wAfgetttthliUt 
or makei geuurcs- 

itart. jc*'jar. «.. d hmrinC' P<i^Vtnn, or move- 
ment of the Dod>' : ao action «»pre*»ive of acuti- 
cKDt or pasBoo. 

O**, get, r./.. e^teitt; to obtala ptmesajon of : to 
begpt .il^urinii- t) le4rn : i" tTrsuaili. i:i p., 
ta K- ■ . ' '■■■'•-, 

J. It. 

' pl * g. {ct'tr, n., ov tuk^£wtx at ohtmm. 
iHtef; Kctln^. *(■. (itrf e/gttiimf, gaining or wia- 
otn;; (hat «hich ugot; gain. 
0*t>«»<*. gti'guw, a. a toy : a hauUe-.— onfr'. showy 
withtMii v,L)ue. [prob. from uU £. fmt/, an 
un'.ii'"'-^'' '-■■'n'J'faied. J 

.'*a( which htnitjiffth witk 
-pring in Iceland. [Ice. /r^ia, 
^.., .^.^tiltgr, vebemcat.] 
See uoder OkMl. 

Hi., a mwrnimiM-^itUM ; « chain of 
mounUtna. (Hiatl. X'^'t <^ CBtixnce to a 
countnr.l SccOkM. 

gft'lun, K. a small cucumber used for 

?icklinc. [Ger./ivnhr, Swr.fimCa, Rim. <>/«rr^j 
'«n. vid Hbid. M>>lr.] 

gill, n. lie, bnaik, tpirit; the »oul of man ; 
A lutrit np{«»ni)2 ;a/fccr death. — tu^'. gkOftllk*. 

Cko«t, ui B , xn die. 

spiritual; relijjious : pcrtAiouis 
tDn; glwrtltB««. 



, //ir ckctti deathlike; cx- 
lRmel)-[J3lc; hideoiu; frijiWul.— m. (luctllBMa 

ff^ m dnnen suppoMd to feed o«i Uio 
r [Pen. ii^uV; jfAa^, a mountain demon.) 
\\'-.kSk\ \f€m. (l'4atMi}. a. Ih. emrth-btru; a 
mail i.r ciii-aordinary stre ; a pcnoo ofcxtnor- 
diiur)- Dsiwcn. — oc^'. gigantic, [old C and Fr. 
gwrittt, \.S.figxuU, L./x/ai, Oi.rigaMt^igtmtin. 
urutx iho same AififrtU*, caitluNini, one of the 
first iithibiubts of me earth, who, according to 

the :uiuctiu, were men of itiitncnae fijc gj, titc 

cjirlh, i,'"ii'^, to hcgct ] 
l^afek. jr-sMi'tJk, tuij'.t ginfiilikt; wilabJe to a 

(isnt; cnoTvaoM^—aiiv. gtfaa'Ucsllf. 
IHiilrti Kkb'ii-isb, f*. npiJ, ^a^/inf talk : 

immcaning wanU. — <u//'. uiimeanine. [obvolelc 

i7'.V.'r, ta gabble or jabber.] Sec 0»bU«k 
Otbbti, jib'ci, «. tit. a kaittr; agaJlowt: ^pro- 

jcctitiB beim of A crane. — p./- to cxpou on a 

^t>l«i. to c«ccjite ;— //-^ (fibb'ctiog ; >*./- 

uibb'ctcii (Fr. jpA'/, Ic ^ut^/U, a hahcr, 

dint. u( ^uM^, a doubkt,] 
MMtoa. e>^>>"i **■ * Sena of tonc-anned apes, 

■MCivet (if the E. ladies. 
MhkMik pb-bG«', ad/., Aumptd; having one or 

mon •levaiionc. (L. giU»rms-~gii^uM^ a hump. ) 
flfefeoaa, (iVus, d^'., Anm^-iiukM: sweUiog, cim- 

VKX, as :bc tnKiQ when nearly full, — adv. flkb'- 

Milr.- »■ gtbfc'waaMi 
Itttk jib. v.t lit. /i^ nvy tJkf mautk; to rm>cJt ; to 

UUKit. — r.{, to out reproaches: to snea '■—/^■/'. 

ifitfutg; ^m.^. g:fbed'. — 1>. a scufTuc UudI : run* 

Icmpt.— a</p. ilblacljr. (from runt ofeftMU.] 
OtbM*, jiL'UWL ly/. ihc eaubV- ports of a 

fowl.ful f>iTi>efr)rccix>liiing it. — .ui'/. flblel, made 

(.f ipMcu. (o!d Fr. fit-il^f, ptub. frvim rititr, 

piuic : ':ir dim. of Kr. ^.ihi^au, a bit or goobet.] 
QUU7, Ki<J'i, it'O-. uHitittdyt Jis^': that caoses 

ciddtncu ; wnirlioe : tocoastant ; (hougfatJess. 

^.S. O^Vt Oach gaJofh, |{iddy ; Norw. ^Wda, 

to ihate-J— d'/^. gldd'Uy.— N. clddlaMi. 
llw ml^. i^-^\ *• itt ^'i i^ species of eagle. 

fSoc Ofttekna-J 
Mft Sec under Qtf*. 
0(b p (TV* or wti'rtir rapidly : 

or . ' , two-¥^oeled carnai 

K. /if, a vhirlig 

image ; 

fiemf, a rapod dance: oU Gcr. /vi^fntt 

/MM, to go, to more. ) 
Ol^atlc. See under OlaBt. 
Qtggl*. gigl. n.i'., i!# ibtyfi <*' 

/Af /'rfii.'A, or in a litly oxUii' 
/.!./. siKSlod.— ». a I-.L ■ 
glgl'lar, t-'tr x/ta £T£f, 

QJgol. jiit'ul. «. a lc£ 

to AjiddSi in 4hape. i f' i — 
MM. gilil v.i.t la C0v«r or «■. Vj 

com- with aitr gold-Hkc '• 

with lustre :—/r>. gildini; : /i*.r. ind 

gUd'cd. or gik. (A.5./ifiAM-/»^.) SoiML 
gtUw, ffitd'&r, «.,<MwwhMetradeuto/»Worc«nr 

articles wah a thin coalng uf sold. 
gUtUag, gild'tng. m., tui or trade of a giSJf^t 

laid OD any suHacc for onaamcnL 
gUt, Alt, adj., giUid.—mdJ. ilH Wji 

j^iiitfJ tdgrs, a« the leavn uf a book. 
GUI. gil. R. lit- tk£ jitw. giUlft, or aiwwrfj %j 

thu brealhhig organs in fi&bca and 

autwtic aniaulk ; tbc flap below the hill 1 

{A.S. £W£tt a jaw. L. /Wd, ihe IhHMLlj 
001, jil, m. a measure c I puiL (old FV., 

/d^, an earthen wacl : low L giO»^ 

Sec Gallon. 
eiU, jkl, ■. !':» flarmurd wTtfa, 

ivy. I r ^Wi'^MiT, a female 1 

CTnitrM.* . . ^ '■' J 

euiy-floww, uii I'dow-cr, it. lit. «ni#4n[^ Mr ddav^ 

/r.'c,' stocK, K-^ called from ita cknc-Uke stacIL 

(old E.^rvA'iw, Fr./inv^A^-O 

the dav«-tre« — Hmrytn, a tM\,/hy{iam, k Ic^j 
0UI. gilt pa.t. and/it./. ofOtU. 
tMabala. (1011011, h.^., t^ve rvtgx for 

the mariner's compass w as to ke^ it 

borixoQtaL \X*grmfUi, twin&J 
eiabto^ gim'bleCt OlBltt, gim'ttrt, •>. a vasB 

for horuig lioles ^ mtmifirtg w luntuig it waA 

the hanoT— :•.?. to pierce witn a ^^.-r^Jr? 

.ikDi to IHitct*., :cvw!<-.<\-, Mtrtiii.l J.oe 

Olaerack, jimluak, n., a frrtty thimf 
Lrt^ial mcchanum. [Olmfcah, and ~ 
transferred from the working of ttio 
j\?int& to any trivial nicLba niim .] 

(Haipb ffimp, m. a kind of trimming, ftca 
ivotmd or wki^ftd round a wire or 
[.Fr, giri/tirr—giti^r, to whip round 

Qla, Jin. M. an alcoholic liquor made in 
from rye and bariey, and rt-Troiired wi 
bcnics. [contracted from G«a»T».J 

(Ha, jin, «., ok tnginr; the iktiiie of a 
ciAcluacs, cs[». one with ;njllry» for 
WLights, &c. ; a pump wtirWf^-^ It mwr*" 
a trap or finare, 60 in B. — ' 
to clear cotton of it« seeds 
ginn'ing : /«.jft. gionrd'. I 

OlBger, jin^tr. m. the toot of . 
W. Indiei, with a hot awl 
from being thttfcd like a .'i. ■ 

1- tMM£ih*T, < ■ - ■•■ . 

frimga^ honi. 

Tifn dyed oefi.i'j lic^.j: w ■ 
India, t Fr, gvtMgnn, J^t _ 
jing'gl, fcame as jlifts. 

Cue, Ga I stC, htr ; lolne ; mote : nAic : idCSd j JAo. 


.ng neck 

•t which finOj 
a floor buding 

^_ tJkmt wJkicJk firdi or coordcs, 

.< «ti«nr— «■,/. to 
->c ; tu tnftke s 
^_^ - . > : baric of a tree 

r^. sinl :uij); ; /u^. gtnl'led. [A.S. 

li^ji'r^:— /r/. girt'inci^/.cin'ed- 
xMJib « . i4a/ o>4i>-A nnJ^j,- twUy- 
w«; mcsMtrc rooivJ ibe iraut. 

ciuld: aruUDS woman, (prctb. 

^rtt * Wlow, formerly applied 


, «., i^y ffri/c of lieiiie « firi. 
f .*/ at tiJu a £irf,—mJv. |lff- 

r-piace ; that on 
I . the main puiiit 

jci. I'.-i i t. ^//, ab«>ilv— 
\^ja(frty lo lie.] 
■ atpihrr /«• /fl*f ; to bestow : 
^yieU ^ 'loaffoixl; 

> p-t ti) pro- 

dcL' _%utt : lo 

't ¥-. '■ " '' to 

.■ •zaiuittve torn 

l-ril-c; a quality 
i giving,— vY. lo 

t/ fiy (dKirr. 
•r-rt or b(»to¥rs>. 
. ^lorv Btamadb in birdi. 
'. wiui /ntffv/ or stnull 
•f\. VFr. ffairr, Lan^. 

tmtmtA. BatJ; hmvin^ no 
ifi«3[, |L. ^lnt\T. akin to 
L-irvc. 1 
- Limine to 

■/lit and 

gladirisig ; fm-P. claA]'«L— «*&•. cMV-^-^i^ 
Cli«Mm (A. S. f/.*!/.- Ccr. r<^f/. nnooth. akin 
to L. lA£tia, joTiul, SaniL lot, to fihbw.] 

StaMaa. glad'f^ zj.t., ta tmtkt glad : tn rnecf : to 
animate i—f^^. ^ladd'cniag ; /« /. gtad j'encd. 

iMaoat, £(ad'mm, Ai^'., riaJ : io>-oui : eiy.~ 
*^. glad'iam«J— »■ cUTmmml 

Bhtii clid. n. Ik. a possac^ tArvft 
HfMtiitltTT or shtnci ; an ooen Rt > 
• [iMtJ C gitift, »htniDg, lirivnt: N' ! 
dear ipot amone clouds: loc /^'/J, to kUIxu:}, 
Scot, gtei^t ^ iULiiiua£.te. ] 

eutlate. ftiadl-St, tufj,, mvrd-tka/^, [UfA^MO^ 
a swora] 

gladiator, ^Udl-A'tor, «. in anciciit Rome, one who 
ftjUi;ht in linstc c-nnlat vrlth llic i-.i\.rJ far the 
amuMment o! ' 

Kladlatarlal, c1^ nlVU 

tfw-i, «., nr/j/' ,. ., ri^litint- 

Kladloli, HUd'inl, K. lit. ti /j.'/w j»'."*-^. the plant 
sword-uly. [L. gladit>lttj, dim. cX giatHm.} 

Ql»<»o — . See under Olad. 

OUIr, ^lAr, h., /i&f r/risr part of an cgjg tueil as 
N-amiih ; anr viscousj transparent »ibiKUK«.— 
X'.t. lOTami&n wiib wiuicurcsg:— ^r-./. ^Auln^; 
/*•/- B^"^'''- [A.S. gUrrt, {laie ; L. \i*rmt, 
clear. See Olaar.] 

glatiT. sLli^i. gla rwt Kllr'c-tu, a4(^., Ukt glair^ 

OLaaca, i^ants. n.. hHgktncit lilcc fiasi; a tuddeB 
shiKjt o( li^nt : a darting of the eye ; a mnmnn»ry ! 
ricw. — Ttf. lodJrt a ray of light or ■, ' - ' r -i 
f oalcb a momentary view : to fly oH ' > 

laake aposstnc aUu5ioo,~-<>./. to '. y 

orobliquely :— /^./. gUtic^uiB.-jfcs-/. i.jaii. ..t.! . — 
oJm. gUau lagly. [Gcr. gians, bngnlnen, akiu to 
gitu, giaia, and gtrtnen, to ihmc, lo flitter, Ice. 
glttHx, &lumng. ^e Olaai.] 

maad. gland, ft. tit. n /iVf/r tKorm i a Be^iy Offna 
nf the l}ody whicb »«ctetes some nibstaflc« from 
the bJood : in f<vt., a wnall ccUular ^lot which 
ftecrclcs oil or aroma. | Fr. gUmdl — L. gliM.nd>^t 
a ^land, dim. oigtant. gtmdis. an sconuj 

flaaAsra, gland'^n, n. a ai»caae cf tkt glaudt of tha 
lower jaw and uf the niucouf membnnc in UurKft, ; 

fflaad««4, glandcrd, OtiJ., affecttd with gUmdtrj, 

glaadlftrtmf, gtaod-irtr-uk, a^'., 5#i«nnf «cmv ^J 
nutv (L- gfttiiifU'f^—tifti, »T%A/er», to bear.T f 

fUndiforaa. stnnd'i-r>rm, adj., rttembiing ^t f^Mdj* 
■ r \ - f I -'j'.'j, andy&nwji, form.] 

jl -luiAiiloai. gL-inilO-liu, ttilj., 

■ :, <>r,rtr pcrtAmtng lo^i^t«Ar. 

^kciiaic, ^i.uKiui, ''., ii tmall gUittd. 

film, cUr, »., a cltar, dauclinj; liffht ; overpowor* 
\ti% mstn: : a piercing look. — v.t. to bhine with a 
clear, dauliojE lifiht : to b« oslentatioiwly tiilea* 
did : to loalt with picnnng eye*;— ^,/. cTir mgi 
jfci.jt.gUrcd'. llowlier.fiw-TK. toglowliKC burn*' 
iDg coaU: akin to Clear and Walr.] 

glatlicgl3j^nf, tii-fj-, cUar; notorioui. — adv. ^fiuf- 

Um^ kUu, m. lit. /Ad/ •mkick gUiHCti or i^tutj,^ 
the oaru. brittle, transparent subsLktitr in w{|^ 

dowk : aiiy'Jiini: nofi'; uT tjUs:, c»f. a'ltinVitiif" 



itisSmn, p.. <i fUnt %o called from \t% 

0tmn 'f or ULc f£uf.^««<^. 

•»^ -. , 

Itow <>r cover witMftsu: to 

C- t - of or memfabnc cUm : 

<- ating pal U(Kin iMAfcry ^ 

i(nc trade u to sct^/iixr 

■' ■yW***'' 

— . [nil thinly 

r himf ; of a Ka- 
1^.^.... ^ ..»u. . Ntith a ftac green 

ttteon< tA^^" ''^* blue or gT*y. 

orig. fteuain^. < , to ihmc] 

■hi^ Ac S«c uikJct uiAw. 

Mat^gUm.r.c'i, tt gittv ot fAtne ; to Aa%}i •,~^./. 
glcareiny : /n /. gleamed'. — n. a sniall stream of 
C,;fi 'jrigbtncw. [A-S.— jfAioMui, tn 

a^. ''"1, to diine bright : ^Id £^ /(V>iw, 

• k. "WMj to thioc] 

llKwry. i.i':iM >. i-ij ca^ut£ f^eamj ur ray« uf liglit. 

SMn, cl^> c-f- lo saxbcr in kiutd/uU the com left 
by tb« reaprn — <'.f. w gatbcr after a reaper ; Co 
collect what uthioly icaitcjcij :— /r-/. gleaoliif ; 
/«.>. slcuwd'.— (V. that which u eleaDcd : iKc 
act of cloaJov* T^'- ^•>««^'-£'mj«/, cars of 
com gawemj ; A-S./vJm, a hanofut of cum.] 

Olak^ gtch. «. Ul and orif. <0i7; the land belcwf- 
inig to a pariib dmirh or ccdenasticaJ benefice : 
in wtiminr, a piece of earth ooolainiof ore. [Fr. 
— UfV^, adod. MiLI 

^i t i MU gleb uj, |Mt, cUbl, *<(*, (ioddy^ turfy. 

cnm. irlAl. «. in £., the commoD hiie, a npaciotu 
biriL t A.S. gOda, perhapt from gi*dam, to gbiie. ) 

Om^^ gtS, n. orig. jfrK/i.-, (i»<f ; joy: mirth and 
gaiety ; in >wi»., a cong or catch In parts. (A.S. 
gUf, gfrv; KNig, gfrtnvnm, to ling ; akin to StaC] 

glMM, clffool, ad}., full f/gUt or joy ; merry. 

BIm, glnif ■. a naiTow valley n'om ^ a rrrv-r ' a 
dcpruaioa between hills. [AS. jcUn. \f.^yn 
— ^fn, a stream, j-V.5. kJina, a brvulu) 
, rfibk tf<<r', tlifi/ery. tmccthl tiwving easily; 
fluble. ~4u/r<. gttbly- — m. gUb' 

wluble. ~4u/r<. gBbly- — m. gUb'sML [prov. H. 
gitiivr. Dutch, gUAtrig, tuippcry: aTin to L. 
giaf'cr, smooth, and UiHn', Uh, to ^lidcl 

'H. act of gUdine.— «af<. glMncty. 


OUd*. glid. ;- 

t1>vw i;cntly; to paax nk|ii(lly :—/«-./ 

>W-/- gliJ'ed. 

[A.S. giiiiam, ID slip, to fttide— f^^ ilqipeiT; 

US'. gltit^H, to BMvc smoothly.] 

■Iteasr, gllni'Kr, x\i,, tt> gttamt, te ti/tu; to bum 
or ajwear faintly :—/r./. KUmm'criog ; >»■/■ 
^norcred.— «.afaiQtlight ; feeble rarsofu^ht: 
innuir-. toica. [Oer. gtimtnttr, a ^int light, 
fUCA. gJittcmrii, to Uune, to glow ; A.S. teeman, 
to shine : akin to CHaam.] 

^tBfw, gliinps, «., A theri gf*tkm I a weak U^bt; 
iraiuicQl liutre : ■ hurried view; Aeecini; ctijuy- 
mcst: the exhibition of s UidI mcmI>Uac7.— > 
r.i. Ill jmk-^? by glimpses :~/r./. glimps'iag: 
/., / 

KtaUL -.'ghtifrwi^rftUvUk Ugkt I 

l«« ' , ;", gUsteuing jlin'mtig) ; >W»./». 


kte. gtoh, M.. « Jbff; a raoni faa<y« 
the earth : a splicfe nm iiaiii. tfia 
I) or the hca««H I'l 

rfmAwi = gt^mtu, a ball. 
glAbato. Klm)'2^ a//. &I» « fMr, „ 

gi*t>o, gisimim^ to fom iais a faaJl— i 
gMoa*. gMMli'. gMaw. glflft^ m4t^g***mUW 
fltetakr. g]ofaU4ar, gktrt w ^ ^b A- 


tflobalB. glnVfil. »., « &:»&• 
giOin, K. in hoi 


glnm'^-it, 9,t. to ^tlKT I 

coQoct into a ■nbcncal ma«»:— y 
ing : /■!/. glnot'erii«d.—4i4r^ fn^ 
or miLMive fomu : ctwglotMAie. 
MunftlM, gtom-4r^sbttn, «., c - 
utt* a AdV/; a body formgd into > 

glQDm, ■., tmJfntmtxt >• ' 
MLfH ^etrnmUiimmai aipc-r: 
of mipd : doudiaeas : sha '- 
p.(. to be mllca or 
obscure : — fr.p. gt^ 
E* ginvtr. gMwAr, > 
^imv, g^oom : Ga. gtum**, ^i.>. 
uxilc with a sullen oounCeaaBi.c-1 

y 1.^!;:..;.- 

tfM«r. glSOmX mdj ,fidi 

bean : diiD or efaacive ; 

^Miilly.— «. ^mmt^mim. 
8Mfy,g)6'ri|«.liLrmiVWrj^mu','rcr'>un XaA 

the occasiao of praise : aa ^ 

leocy : splcndoar ; bngfatn- 

ptcseaoa of God: the nap. i 

tbabl e»ed in heav«a: hea< 

be prood of anything : to ci 

>i>. KlO^d. [L. /Aru 

root ol r/«», to be faAed.1 >cc Om^ 

to exalt to gloiy or happutev : 6> xv.^ :<- I 

ftartaaa. gUTri-os. adf./Jg ^^' . 

excellence and ^cftdow : ooami _ 

poUsned sonafK : t- '. t^i. i 

supcr&caal fautie : 
pallme :-7-/r.>. ^o- 
gi»ui, lai^tnesa, gi^ita- . 
gloat, a<{r., t ma * i M 


ed.— «^. tfanUr — •« 
iMtk ^ot. w. a rem 
comaent. — v.i. to >. 
Tmat^7-fT^, gl^_._. , 

Otei Or; mC, h^: iuIik: nMe: mOte; mOsa; Men. 

<Rml requirtoi; ctpl-inal .m, tl« 

, «». a COllccti'Hi ill ■TMiit rfi^iifiji^ 
Uron Gr. fAtm. \ 

. •* mrntfw t/^gitnKty. 
Pi, m^, Hu wriHmg ^ g im t 
,— «- itaMc'is^'r-— *<r. 
[Gr. gU*am, and grmfki, to 

I, «., « ^ n» B n/ «M. ur s 
t «n«itf t^rm^i the sacaoe uf 

Ayw, » dl*cnm-s«^ 1 


luTPRt or 


, «»«/■ t«4# mziJkes or selb //^rw, 
W iwVA aw tMttn** ktai : to 

loJy : to be flioibed : to fed 
to bcftrdeot :— >r.^ glowlxic '• 
'n|[ orwhite b«it : uauHiAt 
of colour : vebemcnce of 
•t, to glow, as ft fire ; Gcr. 
jr^tf . Sw. j^ifa, to sjurUe.^ 
, m. iHc rniulc nt a oertain 
or liunei in the daik. 
«, brigbUieu. 
j«. lb« ^fvt-uliar LJnil ufrr^jriu 
t*. IGr. gimkiu, iwect.l 
" - - colourlc**. viicid liquid 

■ 1.^ 4ntuu tiifrfMrri a 

... ■._M.._ ,^ ^ j^iij. 

/. lo join 

ar^ttittit^ggOif ' tttdtjf i tugdus. 

- wheateo bread. 

- gtatlaa* 

...t .-w qitaiUy 

; tcnaci<Ki»: in 
y(<ry muisturc.— 

or Honl covering nf 

cbtti, tii^ , Atwuii^or conuAtine 

ie nv«^£ni' c?7<-<III]r ; to Korvc *, lo 
k !■ CQVved; mLOv tlu.ii • 

i»io &tf» /Kt» 


Hu^ iAs ; m^ h6r ; m: 

■Mas; |7uah4, «., A'/ « jnctice ff « ^ 


. rff. «. 
chaaDcl CI 

fmimJcapT of ■^■ u w m by 

ud /yn W , di m f K — j p n i M U , to «ni&.| 




•toiie, Ac ; m mm., igwcd.— tf^^H^ mi 
tbc an of esgnma^ ci| 
(Gr. //>^M.<amdJ 

afi <ji£fy^tacAiM olaculptuic — «^'. flyfAigra|r 
IGr. gix^t, carved, and cra^M, to wittK.J 

lUrl. r.(.. t9 tmtri or fTvvi:~^^ , 
iDg;/a./k CtiarfeJ. (A-S i^-rrrbiv, o» ; 
Om. tlniirriH. Dam. ibti*'-" 
frun the fouod made by a ^ 
Sir. kmcrltt^ to twist, to t .. : _« 

hard knot in a tree. ) 

iwto4. nlf Id', aiij., Jbtstty. fold E. /imit;) 
nash. v.r. to strike cAtf im/A b>0tcbcr is 
or pain. — o.£. lo uriod ibe teeth :— ^^ 
ing; /■y- puuncd'. (iild E. /wai«r, 
•bwuihr, Gcr. AmrxJktn : from ibe tound.] 

Qaat, nat, m. a small win^t^d sltoftog iaaect, wt 
<auies the pan il stii^i la stok. [A 8. £MSli 
Ger. gfuttee, itcb — A.S< gnidam, Co rub.] 

Ouw, Daw, r. /. to bhe j^ at t^ maif a mtut witt \ 
tfu ttttk; to bite off by degrees: 
agony or r«ge.— r./. lo use the teeth in bitii^j 
—/r./.Knanrliia;/*./. gnawed'. [A.S./»«4^- 
Gcr. nmftn^ akin to Gr. iiu^, to Mjap«, 
scratch : from tbe sound.] 

Die, R. IB grol^ a speciei of straliAcd rock 
•A of quarlr, felspar, and mici. |Gei. 
-jfTid/r. nujige — AS. pmidoH, l<> rub: 
fn>iB its bncjalciiig on ea&ily in fcaJes or sLabi.J 

gnalarii!, ntVtud. aJj. ha«iii|£ mjrk t^ tJu rikgracttr 
ff/gntus. [Oula, and Gr. tidat, forTn.l 

Qaam; nSm, n. Ut. tfitr ^Atf/ ibv^ou ; an imagiairy 
being said to iohabit the inner puts of the cartn 
and iogttard iu Ireasuret ; a dwarf or gubliik 
[Fr. — Gr. gn9m&m'~gn9nai, to know.) 

(BoiiaB, nO'tnon. «■.. that v/hak t-Ktiuittn: the 
pin cf a dial, vrhn&e ihadow points t^i the hour; 
the index of the bour-ordc of a gl'>he r in gwom*^.' 
a parallcIoi]pain minus one of tlic ]aralleliigr«a9-J 
afM7Ut its diaROnal. 

(SOowdIc, aa-moW''ik-al, ad/.^ 
^viaiminr A> the art of liiitHiHg. — m.time. gao> 

tr.-^''.- - - -adv. ynimtmytttr. 

Oi ■ 

- ^X.5. prf»r. *^ 


^- ^'"''" "^t^c under 0«— * 



,, A.-r^ 


cut iv^*y ",,,,««-. 


t raia»* 


taste ; ^'^'" * , fj ""^j'X- to cmiT^^ ■ " 
^Cuh .u*»n'^ •:,.*:;.,. " 7pcmm»-. 

"dcffrteft-t-'- ,. , J 

•-d'uAtcl.7 " - or t*" 



Qnil ■ 
»ci|lht: the 

-. ;, , 'ri^^d^, ETUA, 

^«u/, U) ilcvuur.J ^«« OrvM. 
If A^'. rr.Aigfa, »» if nfrrrtt «w/4 

.'lii^f /nw'n ; ficcd- 

. nd i**'n*. to cat. 1 
i. rFr-l 

:;^^, —nJv. eras alwtr* 
, /* fnrm yf hrrak iuto 

. ; t(i iTi;iVi- niii>;li un lli« 

■ liUr ; 

, «., tJtf ^rtmftk or direction of ifrowtli 
•I , tCKture; dye uf tiw tcx- 
"iiitAtiao of wood ;— /r./. 
■isd'. (A.S. gtrHtan, to 

.^'kf faintt in iiniUUi.'a of 

i. OnllAtory, ifnlVluri, 
!.uutg tu iSo 

■ ■ ;:'c-*is, 


/. aicaf.l 
, fetifing <-ir 
I., ^iimcm, 


.'.-.'■'.-rj: the 
.' til eh 

U, /iwjHMu/uti ; i^T. £r,immatike 
tti^trmmmiM, n letter— fn«;^^, lu 

af u«m4 


. ^.JlM-h 

;2jt.<. cr&Bua&UcjJ. ^T.\-n r-L^.t'iV 



_/M* or £<; 

teas, And '.'n ■ ^ ^ 

(took Fr. gTAiui-f* ut^K, njKJX a^a.J 

Oraawr- Sm under flntla. 

Brud. gmvd, '*-''• '• .-.••'<•./■"-'•. 
cin«ac, p"i la^nkritt: 

iiuble ; >»r 'ci!»«eof 

pirealagc <.: ... ^...; — ». — i.:-:-^. .. LilJicr or 
mdhcr'a fstbcr, 9aa4'«MM, a ion or daugbtet'* 
child ; BO pwd'aoU wr , graad'KM. fimad*>4MfMv, 

L. grat*4u ; perluLpi aim t^i Grov, aitd Orot) 
gnadaa, gnn'dJut], n., an ^iti iOtmt or woBUn , m 

snadM. ^ntn-de', n. a Spanish nobleman of the 

^vuM>/nr firM niMit; a man of lugb ranU or itialion. 

(Sj* f^tttje.y — «- ftmadastUp. 
Crfta4tar, ^rand'Sr, k., /M/r or tf 

rrnf./; v»tn«4: iljlcndfuiof :. !u> 

!»c5<oftliought<Milc(»urii»cni, [i ^ -'.J 

^mtuf/y rr toraIii*iiLjIly ; inTTOj«m. — fl. mi' 

Alfo^iac*- (L. granMs, and If^uf, lo M>cak.] 

cnodxlr*, ^niiid'itTr, w., « grand nrr %}f/ntkew; 

any AoccstcT. 
r.i-inaB r-r.ini «. Iti. iT £^in<trv ; A brmhoUbc With 
*n(l filler LuUdiin;*. iKr. /f5(mx/, 
L, gr.uifii — L. granum, ^ratD.] 

lll.* ...... .._......-.. .., ......n,] 

(Tuiltle, timii It il:, adj., ft^Jdvttng tif, (tiuuMiog 

r.f, rr litc^-nJK/Vr. 
grualtiftixm, i;riin-u1-furm. crtnlMd, ipiin'i-toid, 

adj., i*f t'u/orm c/or resembling j^MM/f. 
OnalTOreu. Sec under OralM. 
Sraat, firanr. v.t. lit. cilhcr /.> ,'- - — •/«// 

t"t/t Mfl/, or to ailita; hi Ikt-i - r ; 

t". j{ivc pi-iBMiV'iii^i «tf: III adiii ' 'ia| 

t:< be coiui. wittt L. grnlus, pleasvMg;, (uw L. 
A'/.i/jwiw, cun*<ni, gmntp, L. g^attfic^t, io dg 
t-omdhing AgTceaUw. toLcitu««agiri, Tt.agr^n; 

In uIluW.] 

(raLiit. Br«rit, - . »*r/ mf g^^tm/iif nc hestowiiif: 

ih..i .-^ Cift' J 

tmri '■''ng. 

gru»r>. / grnMi, 

cnAtor. tn^ini'or, t,. /4y ffnoH ky tvAMtt a gnutt 

uT coiivej-ancc // mntir. 
DruoUr, OrvaoUlt, fee. See under OnliL 

l>criy : ii I 
IKr. gntf; 
rra//^'. a 
Dutch, *».»//.■ ,■ 
crapuT. Kril|»er-i, 

rhiifm : -J 


H., •! /^rr wAr/K" frafift art 

::,4 »r uiuU iron baU« 

ftu. fW; OK. htr 

• gnearen; I. c^seKMir, £■& ocmfdte.scp'^] 

fary; w. xnov. 
grill'. «., « /niM iM4 ; s Jg a rri M oC 

dHBMA.Cir>-3li*'' --=■■ 

■(■■Ikl^ gTVSVi. ' C*V7 

cAt caL. (flcv, -L---. ^^ — V. 2 doty diah, a 
riilllfiil (tf U«a (0 Mjkrj.i 
■te^CHw.'L^i^ttfi', j«W; tBfniaBdAft.'— <*^. to 

; lee. £> ■1 , urMtccue din: W. 
SccL^WMi', Mail. «lfeE».] 

rtK, uSb. v^ fit. il* n*"^ <Ar tettk ; to ftct Ae 
Hiffm Iflcdbcr and vtfhdimv Ibe tip^. — r. t. lo ca- 
1^ CnDnioe :— /r/. cnna'ioe : >*./. 
act « H TMH un g. (A-S.^y ya i a it; 
m.' Dutch, gritma^ to 
_ ffpCtr, to groitl ; fTUtfrr, lo 

cnuh the lecih ; li. di^ngmarr; aJficd lo L. 
b« snarl.1 

lec gnma; Or. 


/lir ttHki In «rear down or sAvpeD \pf rabbins . 
ttt mb tDMiher; to ofiprcia.--cr.f. to be sunned 
er nfcbad usatlKr :—fr^. crftMlins ; >«.r. aad 

to SDMh ibe wetb, to griod : allifd ta Orla.1 
^IV. ciUMr^. It.. A^ or (Mat x»kkA grimUi a 
douUe or jaw toolh that rrmdi food. 

grlndlw, K. act t^ rctluoag to po«rdcr. 

a, gnnd *I0D, n. a_ circuUr rerotviiis r£Mar 

^timtg or ibarpenuiE tool^ 

# or ynup with tbe hand : 

I, Kflp, r./. 


ihcbev^l*.— v-t. loaciie by griptac; tofc«l anp- 
iAf fiaiaa ia Ibe bvweli ; lo £et maaer by hard 
tali»i»::— Z*-^. pIp'^iAC : >«•/■ KTlpod'. fA.S. 
fr^«; Ice. grifai Gcr. grri/m; Dutch, 
rr^lprm: aUiedloinAu) 
PWk ^^. f*^ CHj> m..gnu/ or firm bold with 
M HA^ Aie. : ofvnaHon ; puKHibfi di«rea&.— 
/J^ aavwe pain* m the IweK 

any yinui^ French woaua of 
|rr. griMttU, a gray gown, 

ttw twar daK 

wWicb MMd to t>* worn ^ {riKUea— j^, firay.) 

«rUi> . hideout. [A-S. 

/' Cer. grdsjlick; 

flrtAt > ■itmg; cim for KriiHUnft 

Ml fifii fA.S. irrist, grttt, 

' - ■ ' r--r-J 1 


I/-I. Ar-j//i . r ric; 

' in animal 
^ris/fj; old 

j-ruijf/: Svriu, 

1 < V >ft I i<yirfi^, IB 

a^i vmI** boilirfW^ 

tMnaT ; Car. 

En raoa ef feMkL ftaai.! 




k cr**^ *- 'f^ oolav. (Ai 

{iOMl r.C, » ■Mr m mmmm 

i^/ — - 

ia»af (■ia: a*y W« nm^Mm^mmmL 

rrWf ; «Ke d la Gcr jfv^ 

Rfist root at ^bMt I aosttBaa 

the nkn to Adsind VenKa, 
dwwd it, heoMt l« ani la Ud I 
a IbiiiaM Aak.} 
lapwk fq^i^ m- • kia« «'<&« 
and ■»■* , off a caarw ^vmo « 
Fr. i ia < /»■!■ , «ff a ooanc gt^m 

mm. aL the pan «t the boi-.r. »»■■< 
the Kn hc^ «• dieidti im mt^ i^-> m 
curre loraMd by tbe cnaiaf «r w 
frrta, AvirioB. bnacfc— ^**Aw. 

gwaim, /rwar. inr bfaarl off a Cro- 
fiAaaA. gnand. a*^'.. iaaa^ g^m^Mt 

conm made by tbe BMacttaaa nf i 
■tmb, oOGin, a. liL «ya»JI«r aM*'^ 

tbe charge of horaes ; a tide tM k 
the Royal Houi«hold : a MM^ 
teod, a* % horae:— /r^ Cf«>j»i 
friSOoied'. [Dolcb, g^^m, 
and G(.>i)i. gmmtf, • mmm 
A^mp, a nuB-] 
Oroaff*. gTCOt, m. thai wind; 
out : n furrow, or Umt; fe( 
cuta to«>ve, or fvirrcv " - 
CrtSHred'. [A.S, ,- ■ 
tiet. gritfif^—ji^nf*/^ 
furrow, pit , ^ 

*^' JP*P. 
hmmdfi to '. 

ak if Uiod or 111 fit 
feeling, as in ihr <iaA.| 
ffrtped'. [A.S, 


&M, Af ; m&, bet ; mine ; mtAe ; nttlt^ ; mCCtti 



I, ^^-, tm a S^^fS -toKfttr. 

"cir»c: rofirh : lti".iI 

grCCpmiE, ft 
Bud anaaging a^i 

cc-iiJN iif Linls wilh o 
: ^M. and BMk.1 
-■:Q» by ihc (•»<«» 
...ix.Jtc [formerly 

li. [uot of flVOM.] 

i teLt fy /Tw/ry. 
. v., « cryft, or tublcr- 
'w/i**-.' A.S. r»T"'; nld 

va Orrvt-J 

- ,i.r -.-<^intvaganUy 

-i-ini onu- 

<uit really 

.. ,.jtc«tiK'B«M. 


nf the earth ; a 

IaikI , ficU ; ihc 

c cTa.uiin: diAt 

'-. ; fou&dA- 

"hith ihe 

< .Qt At Ihc 

iiij Ocr. (Crund: 


..•frttiMii: to fix 
< instruct in lini 
tiOcn, nnd rciiuim 

a fchip for 

. port. 

i a hnue. 

It t «icrn r ^mimif. 

a pUct which creci:^ 

raurun. — iirfr. cnnindlMlj.— m. 

llififf. "■ a ttthiit fif-h, having 
eiidb r;*:. ao4 nrhkh keep* near 

It, K. 1 Una appUetl Id thc 
.snd tKe mot uTDthen found 

Pfdot «L Itw /Atr nf ftvMptii on 


^..«v«f , »., m*f paid lo ii liind- 

tl pUnt. a>H>ul a 
ftmers. [A-S, 

the KTnuad ftirrlli with it, that if. 


Unial. ^M.^ utiUtr Grit. 

Otwf», grOr, It. Ht- a place frtxrW or cut nul i 

Lrcc» ; a coUcuioa \d trees, cv wnnj nf ftiiuil 
urc: an avenue of treci. [A.S. A-nrr/; (^'iv*-, a 
iirove — gra/itn, lo diy.) See Onrt, Ocvort. 

OroTsl. crov'el. r,«., ta fri>^ aK'ht im th^ nrvmmtj 
{,■> crawl 00 the eanli : l.' t< mean : -/'■>. e™ii 
ellinjir; /.i/. jjTnv'cUcd.— «. |r«)»'»Il«r. (Ce 
krttfhtln, \v cnwl: Dan. krnfh; to cravl up; 
Sur. *my''»i *o creep: Ice. jn^«, to frovcLj 
Sec Onhb. Ofopv; 

Omr, grt, r.L lo become enlargcJ by a*! 
pfixcs* : lo aJ^rancc luwards maturity, : < isi- 
creojc in tire; to tike a fortii while uiLfcj-iiH*. , 
to <lcvclo;i; t.) become greater in any way; lo 
cxicnd ; to improve ; to paw from one •tjte to 
.iTiothcf ; to become. — v.t. localise lo gr-iw ; lo 
culti\;itc : — /r/. gri'w'ing : /fi./. grew i^grflD, : 
/«./. grown.—*, fnwr'tr. [A.h.eri':f,in; Dutch, 
rrvryrn ; Sw. ^tk»; Ice. ^Tf ^ ■* *ne 'W '( *ecn ti> 
l„ crtti-c, to grow, .-fTPn, T)an. and Scni, gar. Or. 
*«!(■»»<■, Ill make.J 

growth, ffi'^th, w., t%ci or frtK*t» t/ jcrvtuinj;: 
;,'iadti;i) increase ; prorrcn ; development : that 
which ha» ci^^ivd'f prodiKt, 

Orowl, growl, :;i., fc nttcr a nrt f^ym^rivc, t^arlinjp 
s.^MHii, like ft ^'"V.'. 11 fT'i' -' '■ 

c^:<rc>4 by truwlmj; ;— /' ^'■' /■ 

i;rowlcil'.— w. frowlM. i' . I • ! c 

ingry, to rnar ; Nnrw. ^ry--^, i" i^im, ijn^iwl ; 
Fr. £reuiIUr, to rumble : allied to (Ir. /pntJhsJ, 
to grunt, pntlfj, a pig: from the sound.) 

fr«wl, growl, n., a mur m m n'ttg; tmtfihig giHftui, W 
nf a LTC'is dog. 

Omwtt. Sec under Orev. 

Orab, grub, v.i., ir di^ ta ifu Mrt ; ; H 

roeanly. — »./. to dig or rtrt>t unt .1 

(^encnJIy followeil by vf) '■—/■• , . 
j».t./. grunbed'. (Or. ^*iU^/a, to ^»Ji, ^■•--ii*, a 
[<it : AlLied to Ont and Qn*«. ) 

p^, grub, t. the larva of Uie I^cctle, moth, Stc k> 
called becaiiKc itd!(>x into nianu. 

crubbw, grub'tr, »., %c or /a«i/ ruAiirA grniti 
iitstmmcot for digging up the rcwis of irrcs, ft& 

Onitft. fTTuj. r.i'., /ff grumfi^ or wwrNVMr. 
*hew di'Kontcni.— r.r. (o murmur ai ; to U^' 
upon with citvy; to give ^.T Lake unwilUogljr 
/»■/. grudg'iug ; j^/. grudged'.— «. 

cnnuty or enry ; an 



'■utrh^ : i>l<i Fr i-r,- 

csufc of quartet (c 


IUCUU.L , , ■-.. ,, ,. 

i:TCD'cl, n. a thin food. m.i' ' tf 

/▼M/f or ooliaeail ID water, [olil > '• 

gmats ; Norw. fran/, ij..i.. 4> ., ^^^r- 
Sec grD«&( uo'lcr Octt-J 

piutjh Uera ID maittif : 

jnC-T — f ' - ■- tA 

Ut «. 



/^/. grumliletl.— M. gruMi'hlu.—ttJp, pvb'U- 
tB()]r. (low Ger. gnommtlM; Fr trommeUri 
W. pinmmi ; /wtm, a murmur ; from the 

r«H«k pfRtoi, n. a thick cuonstcnce of OuiJ . a 
ciul as of blood, [old Kr. grmmt; Fr. grurmmu; 
h-j^nrunu, a little heap. 

iVBOW, srODm'iu, o^'. , hkfgnuiut thick ; clotte^L 
eniDt, p.i'.j tt mak* a tcuttd Itt* m fig:— 
/r/. grmulog: jfca./. grunl'cd. — n. r short, gut- 
lunl sound, u of a hog. — n, grvOlm. [ftoin the 
wuiid] See OrMfi. 

lalKom. gw^'n-kum. ». a. ^onus of trees tn the 
W. Indies thai yield a Krccnish rwn UKd in 
medtiriDc. [Sp.^nu«juictf, mima Haytjan warrl ] 
£WAii{), n. the duu£ of ccrtaia iea-fowl, 
found >jn certain coasU and iilaiuU, esp. about S. 
America, much Uftcdfor manure. fSp. gwino 
ur Awdirc, from Ponivian liMamm, dung.) 

<— laulw. gaf-OA-tA', m., * tnirT»«/ ot mrety; 
a contract to ace perfonncd what another has 
undertaken : the pcnon who nuJccs such a con- 
tract. — v.t. to tinaertakc that another shall per* 
form ccrtaia cn;jagc[DenU> : to make sure :— ^■>- 
Euajanteclnc : /d./. guaranteed'. {Tt.ganutiu. 
old Fr. guaroMtu ; It. ^ranfir, to warrant — 
gttrmMt, warrant : from root of Warraat.] 

Onard, gtrd, p. t , if ward, ■n^tck, or take care of; 
(D protect from dancrcr — [■.(, to vratch ; to be 
«nry :— /r^. guarding : /o^. coard'cd. — n. 
ihal which ^;uards frvm dangs ; a man ur body 
of men kUUancd to protect ; one who has duxge 
of a coach or railway'train : eiaLe of caution: 
pouure of defence : part of the hilt of m. sword : 
■ watch-cbain. (Fr. cardrr. old Kr. gttarder: 
from root of Ward] 

(mMi^ g^ixfed, tifJj., rvarj-; ciutious: utlercil 
with caution. — aJv. gvarO'cdix.— #l gvarA'wbMa. 

gaardlaa, g.Srd'yan, «., car ^vka guards, or takes 
CAt-n of, in MiK, one who has the care of an 
orphan minor. — f*. gvari'lkuhtpi 

■tari-foam, gird'-rtJOra, m., m rvom for the aixom- 
nwdation ofgiuu-ds. 

fHM-tfdp. gird'-«hip, K. a lAif of war that/vonfj 
or BoperiDlesdt marittc affairs in a harboor. &c 
and mceivcs impressed Mamen. 

•■a*a, ffwiva, h. a genus of tiret and sbmbs, 
of Iropical America, with yeUow, pcar-shapea 
fruit which u made into jeily. [Sp. gmajnuta ; 
Fr. g^aj-atv.^ 

<*•*■•"* Kuj'un. «. a small fre«h-water fish, allied 
t<j the trarp, euily augtu — hence, any one eanly 
cheated. (Kr. gptijimi Sp. and L. ^tiSva ; Gr, 

nm, gel'd^-rOc, ■. a tree with large white 
hall (hiped flowers, [m called from Gucldres io 
HfilUod— aUo called mew^i/trff.] 

Oandoa, g&r'dun, *»., a maani or rtcompeiuc. 
|i"I;1 Fr. CMrredvn; !l rmidrrtttmt : low L. 
•afidt^d^nvm. cort. from olaGer. wtdarLm, A.?>. 
rvidhrrUitn — TtndHer, again*t, Uan, reward.] 

QawrtUa, gAr-ril'a, m. ht. />€tty •awr; a mode of 
haraiBtng an army by «ti«U bands ; a member of 
tuch a band. (Sp. gHfrriiU, dim. ofgarm, Fr. 
gtnrrr, war.] feee Wm. 

Oaaai, (tes, v.t. lit, U get or discover ; to form an 
'jpiniou on uncertain knowledge. — t'-r. to judge 
on unrertain knowledge: iw conjecture rightly; 
—f*'h gucM'ing ; /o./. jeucssed'. (old K. £tst ; 
Dutch, gkisxtn, lo cstuoate; loc. ^ska, for 
gitA^, allied to gtta^ lo get, think, E. 0«t ) 

gana, get, a. judgmant or 
rtent evidence or jeTOuadi. 
-wnfc, ges'-wi*r£, «-, ftwA i 
gest, M. Ul c «/>^vrv, or 
taineti l a viulttr rectnvctl aud ' 
gnt.gaeit; Hcx.gtut; Ikx. gtt^j 
a (tranEcf ; prob. from Siiu. git^t, XO 
haps alued to I> inHfu, Urangcr, 
kiu/itu, a ha«t or gVrvC] 

gmt rtaartit. cest^<caim-l>&r. 
or room for ine accommodation < 

OaUt, grd. vJ.,te/*itU sut: to 
regulale ; to iaueaoe '■—f^^,/- 
^id'cd-^H*. he who or that wlivdi | 
who directs another iu his osurae 
guider; Sp. gmiar; allied to A-S wt^ 
Toeiaem, to shew, guide ; and pcrhapa to 

to MC.] 

gatda-poM; gid' pOU. «.,«/«/ execCsd d 
side, logviJg the traveller. 

OoUd. gild, m. orig. an aaaodatioo in a tn 
faymtnt was made for maiual tupfKwt 
tection : an aaaodalion of men. tar\ 
a corpombon. [A.& giUt, grid, 

gaOdSdl.' gHdluiw], m. , eid AmIT 0/4 

OtD», gfl, m., wih,JuggUry; cunni^ 

Tx.gmiUe, deceit: low Duich.j"'" 

by jugglery; connected with' 

gaUafil, gltTooI. aJJ.,/uU ff guWz 

fuL— «t/p. giCU'fBlljr. — «. gallaV 

gillca, adj.f v/itheut gmtf;\ 

gall, gul, v.t^ ta bfgvile; to daceive :~/i 
■'-'• ' ■*- J*. guIIedC— w. a irick 

guiUr, to deceive ; old Si 

ine ; /oj*. guIIedT— w. a irick : one etfllf 
liild Fr.i^y^T^ to deceive; old Sw,g>Ma 
l-itlUn: tjT from the stuji^ty oftte fa 

Oall, a »cu-fowI.J 
OaOUB^ gaT^-mot, a. a gcniu oTlDgfj 

having a pointed uV, and very iluft W 

W. ekmiui^g, whu-Uog aboal.) | 

QoDlattaa, ^ro-t£n, it. an itistnnncnt forl< 

— coniisaag of an upright frame ' 

sharp heavy axe detccnda on 

victim — introduced during the 

tion. and turned after ua 

who fint pft^posed tU adoptic 
gaUloUa*^ giUO-Lte, v.r., tt btkmd \ 

Onm, Rilt, n. i;t Ihr fim paid fm^. 

punuhable cxmduct ; the state uf hai 

a law ; crime. [A.S. gyit- 

alone ; Gcr. gUltr, impost ; 
gmUtlMt, gtltles, a4j., uuikimt 

adv. giriUlMilir.— IK. galUlflMB 
gilt'i, adv., J*ut/jf 

wicked. — gall^ aC 1 

Ovlaaa, gini, r. an Hng 
= fit., » called because 
brought from CPMfWM. in 

Qataaa-tavl, gin'i-fowl, 
fhwl like the turkey, of a 
while jp«U, onginatly 

Ontf ■ . '- ■ '■ ;iic, •». 
: ■a a n 


with Onid* 


£Ue, far ; mc, btr ; mtiM ', mOtc ; mtllc ; mOOo ; tkra. 

r.t,t^*r,u.,mpen0uatJdjiffiuj:c; aChticUnas 

^mK. jfi-Eir', ■». ft tuuktcal •driaged inxtninient 
Ite l&e vioKa tn Uuvx tiHt l«rger. uid ptay«d 
M» wilh the fiaifcts. fFr. fHi'inrvt; \l 
tXt/tmrrmi fnm L- nMara, Cr. htAara, a lyre 

w. in i^r. a rv^ colour, ntsrkcd in 
ufum by pcryictiditrulAr Uhol [Fr. 
(, tW mouth and throat ; tow L. f mG?, red 

n,^ « Atv'£>w or irwlrnlati'in in the iea- 

: « *r|»jit. •' "^ * whirlpool: 

1. '■^', modem 


a. ■ «rcb4oolcd ua-ffivrl, turned otther 
iaf m-, or from iLx bdag fitdten- 
^yif.jwjtlim, hnVgwrlam — Brct.fiMr/i«, to 
««^ toi cry : m It. jpiZimt^— L. jpiiff, a EkiUon.] 
■tV-A lodccirTTt. Sen under OsOa. 

m. f^*^'i t^ laouth of a pipe, fON/r, L. gMia» 

pBf. Svf^. *■ * (WZr/ or channel wnni liy running 
' lu wear • ffuHy or channel io. 
rV., I> ramii^w eagrrfy or in Urec 
>— /r^.rnlpnc.'A'^ritlped'- [I>utcn, 
rilnnr. He swallow eagerly ; LU13. ghuk, a 
^MilM of liquid. £. fsAJ^, pcov. K. piik; 
■wB Ac tooiKl Btade ia twaJlowinc liqiudj 
•■k sum, n^ Ke. Ml- rwef tf tkg mamtA, the flc«h 
•f Ac j»«k [A.& /mmf, Duieh pimme, Gcr. 
|Wiwni. roof of the mouth, palate.] 
■■k SuttL *- 1^ hardened /k/r/ of certain trees 
«H adiiUr CO «4ler like resJns.— <<./. to tmear 
•ith gum ;— i^r./, gumni'irtg , /»./. 
{.V5./vM<*, Fr.fpmmf, h.£vmmi, 


ftm-iffci-^u, A^*., prodniixg £Mm, 
t, and^iMv. to bear. Id produce.] 
piH(\M; fKmBy, caml, s^r., contuttnge/ 
imm ; producing or cut^ird wiui 
[X.. £vmmama.\ 
^■^ •.!!(.«« rmgifU (at throwing projectiles; 
I ittttrvMcat for projcctiiuc balk hf neaiu of 
pptmcVr trTAli -trrr.s. not cwi noa. [£)"*'•* 
■s ft' -uigmrr, to loot 

<«}oeIi Casaea.) 


■ '-'■/orlube'j/iiXJMi. 
[/ or mtaD * 

Kiu 'U'l, M , .« ;^ur or mtau vessel 
lufhi. fiticd tQarryaneormnre/wn/. 

gttn-L<[ r- 


oc which 

■»•<:■>' '■ rendered highly 

ik« c" 
I'Jij. n. the luutibcx of [unt curied by 

mme. (i .V>. V ■<.■■--*><.'-* wntlua jfvM or cannon: 
i^ho lai charge of Ihe 

nf ^maiu^iiiK jpiuu, or 

«. an esploHW ^fVnter 

ena'stok, «., /A/ r^iv* or piece of wc 
OD nlucn the barrel of a gun is lued. 

goawmle, (jun'cl, n., M^ «-.i/f ur iip^ver edm of I 
>)up'« »i(Jc next to the bulw'arkt, so called 
£aiuc the upper run* ant potiitnl from it. 

0«nli. Sec under Oaigbb 

Owaard, gur'aard, Quiiat. gur'net, n. Iit.4/mt*AnMrj 
a gcoos of hshta, ha>-iDf: the bead oovcrod wil 
ioiif ptAtm. [It. guimtad, W. ' 
Condwi, ffttjp K n t~ ^^eM, head, gmrm, liorv.) 

Ovflk, giuh, v.t. tit. /::• fcvr vut. — t*.f. to Row out 
■»-ith violence, or copiouxlv ;— :^./. guthlng ; 
^.p. giuhed'. — «. that whicaflow^ out ; a violent 
issue of a fluid. {A.^mtam, Get. gitstm, akin 
to Gr. che^, to pour : Cer . /aus. Ice. fwae, that 
which is poured out.] 

fuUag. gitth'iag. a^J- rushinr forth with violence, 
a< a liquid ; flowing copiou3y. — aJi*. guh'tegtr- 

!•*. gut, «. lit. tkttt tkrtmjfk -wktek nujrtkitf puhtt 
arJT^xiij; the Lntcstiital '''*^»' — v.t. Io take out 
the boweU of: to plunder i—fr.f. gutt'ing : /a./, 
gutt'ed. tA.S.jn«/— *irrf««, Io pour, to now.] 

Qnnt, gus'et, *. the piece of clotb is a ihtrt which 
coven the mrmfii; an angular piece of cloth 
iuKitcd in a gatmoit to stcengtaen stime |tjri 
of it. [Fr. p/utwtt annpit, guuet,— ^vmu^. It. 
gvjct'a, a pod : W. cwytta, giuset—rti'^x, furmw.] 

S«it, gust, K., a tmddtn hiast »fwMd; a violent 
bunt of pauion. [Ice. gvslr.S 

giMy. gustl, adj. subject to sudden gmri^ of wind ; 
stunny , tempestuous. — a. tart'laata 

Oast, giift, Oaito, giist'O, n, Minic <?r pleasure "^ 
latUng; rclt:>)i ; gratiHoilioti. |It. ginta — L. 
gvitut, uutcd : akin to Gr. grui, to make to tailc] 

gulatory, gust'a-tor-i, tutj., prrtainirtg /•>, or 
tending Io please thr ttuir. 

0«t. Sec under OvA. 

QafeU-pirAa, gufa-p6rch'a, u. ihfl toliijified juice 
of variouA tree* id the Malayan islands, Uke 
dooitclrauc. [Maby, guH»t gum, pwnMa, the 
tree producing iL] 

Oftttv, gut'ftr, m. a chaiuiel at the eaves of a roof 
for conveying away tfu Jrvpi; a chanoel for 
water. — r./. to cut or form Into smiU boUows. — 
T/.t. to become hollowed ; to lun dijwu in drups, 
as a candle :— /r/. gult'ering ; >»>. guttered". 
(Fr. gvntiu r r— guu ttt, L. gmtra, a drop.] 

Quitwal ^t'ur-al. adj.,^riaiiune ti} thf t/tnfot; 
formed in the throat. — n. in gra/tt., a kticr pr 
nounccd in the throat. — aJu. gtn'ranilT. [] 
gutiur, the throaL] 

Ovy, gT, 1., nattt., a rope to gtad* or Aeailyi 
su^KUdcd wctghL [Sp.fKU.aguidc] Sccf 

OoBle, gozl, v.t., t» mt nnd dfimkvfitAhMHi and 
grt*aJkMUU.~~t:t. to swallow with eirrceding 
/r.A guuline ; /a./, giuz'led.— «. 
[Swiss, gifftht, to Rormandise ; Fr. 
dttgmmrif/rr, to swallow down: It. gozjan, to 
guine— |vsa«, the throat.) 

OyBBadba, jiHi-Ql'ii*uis. m. orig. a place where 
athletic cscrdses were practised naJM; a ftchool 
hr gymttastics : a school for the liigher bnincheM 
of Lilerature and science.— /i*. OyMaata, jim-nA'- 
Jti-a. (L. — Ot.gymnatiMt—gyimiMai.XacMrKiMs 

!■■■'-'■ rmr fvkv ititcJka iit practises 

cymnmttt Or. gywuaMSiit.] 





lljABiMtf Miikt 


J ftttt^h 

fc SfS Si 

'« 1*1 llfM . 





Cjra, Nchciiiinli, Ruth. 
(jiibeDi.t fcjxlcs. [Or. 
holy, £rt^A^, to 


V tEV. 

^. l> 

■.■/* — 




■ ■....-ly. 

- . lo a'idrtis 

M;ilk-3-. |l«w 

1 'inch, ^i//n, 


<(.>.^v, to feich, draif.] 


drag:— /r/. hJUlng; 

• violence: — 

a pulling : a 

; ctuirt« for 


a niiKj l>y 

r Mling 

/. hail - 

.!./. Ill ratlTc! 

b..ll of Aj*;, 

■i iif an 

: irm a 

-, . in ^i*/.. 

tlic entitle of pUnii : 

. [AS. ia-r rrcT. 

■t oi L. Mirfui, fiairy. 

^rtrtlh, Kln'-^lth. 

(. __ 


K. -. 

.*:^/A Duda fonly or 

r, «. a white fv^tider for 

-inc. 1*. ilif .^rt fif tplittimg 

ne Atiir-Uke 

«. ia wrtu;t£, ■• ttroJtt or 


ilMilc'ut, * a Ka.fith r.f the c*>d 
'^th^nr (bcKrcr lucJ on a /v'/.-. 

,.',.^./y i.M t".,T A.-.'fl- 

•ir If It, 

vcd lo 

rp tiaul. Sec tinder Hill, lo call to. 
h.Sf ' ff- niOvca. li5vT . « fir. rt /jif/. Tinw rme 
I tfii,( 



li:i: at;,'.i, Jjart, Ml;c ; .twiM, 

■ body-J 

r. of 

f ', 

.(. .i<ii] iciii.i.;: i>i -14 


n^^. , half .It tmi wvtl brtit iir 

tr.illi'JM . :-._.■__..., 

luifte«tbir. \*»r. hitr-u»-i«r. 

n , .1 hr.'!- leni only. 

h«ir-«asl«, h-ii ->..l^., '• .1 I'-t -Fi. '■■« of wttoM parents 
bcloDfs to X Mmdoo tiui€, and Uie other U a 

Iwir-cocfc. hAr-lcnV, «. thr p- •■ ^ >h' t^k iX * 

gim whrii rrfjiiicH liy : 

kUr-mooB. baf'-miTTtn. m ■. - quartern 

when hut Ad//* of il l> .■....■. ..t^.^ , anything 
like it. 

k4lf-p*r, haf'-p5. K., Mai/ the amounl of /•«r or 
Hilary : reduced pay. 

half-paanj. liA'-pcn-i (^l- kalf-paaea, KAf-penft. or 
liVptnt', n a o^ppcr coin w«rih kAi/ a ffnr i 
the value of bnlf a penny, — telf f mi jwnrtk, 
lA^ xvcrtk or value of «j httlf-fintty. 

tulf-w*.y. haf'-wi, tuiv.,at haiftke itwj or disianoc : 
itnperfecUy.—iii^.eqiuUyiUsuni from two poiolv 

hftU-wltUd. hjl'-wit ed, juij. having only kaf/tiui 
ordinary zif/t or intellcci : silly. 

hAtf-jraarly, h-ir-yf r-li, dj// «K:ciimng at ereiy Mm^ 
jrarnt tvrtce m a ycaj. — adv. twice in a ycM. 

luinra, htv, ^./. to divide into Anlf^t or two equal 
parts :~fir.J. hllving : /a.j*. hiUed'. 

haiwd, hfivTJ, (r<//'.. Jtvided iftto haivfs: in ^/.« 
Apjtearioi; as if one tide were cut away. 

Bjaibat. tuiri-but^ hoUbvt. hOTi-lAit. m lit My 
JhuuUtr; the Urxesl kind of fUt-fUbei. (Cer. 
kiril-ifutt, Dutch, kfil-6at^b*ii, holy, M, a 
flat f»h.l 

Hftll, liawl, w. lit. a eourtynnl; a Uive room Or 
nassage At the entrance of a house : % UrRC cham- 
ber for public I>usiaus ; an cdifioe in which couru 
of justice arc hcU! : a nianor-lMmwr (»o tailed 
hecaufic court.« of jiivticcuncdlnlx: held in them): 
the edifice o\ ft coUcKo : «l 0«f';<rd, an im«n- 
dowed colIeRe ; at CambriJise, a coUmc. [A-SL 
iuai, Fr. hnlU; It. tn/.t, L. unLt, Gr. amif, a 

bAll-suuk. hawt'-mAik. t. the mark made on plate 
at Goldiniilhf' fiaii to «hew its purity. 

HaUalvUh. Baiklijab, halle^lCC'ya. See UtolaUfc. 

HaUlard Sir balrarA, under HsU, lo call to. 

Hatloo,', iit., n. Ul a kitaiiin- f-' /■» rr- 
camraged^gM ; sLcxy In draw al!* 'Ciy 

aSUrtao^; to raise an outcry. r>^c 

or chaM with shouu :—/»-./ \ r'J*- 

hanOD^^f (Fr. halle! kalUr, li,ci\cu\xixiii\iit>'' 
('•cr. kttStah, akin to kaiien, to sound.) 

R.Uow ) .; % - /,. /* tnakf fu'tyl Id Kt »P«rt for 
. rcvcTcnrc : /r./- hall Cwjoji ; 
I AS. ka/o'it". A/i/'/fu>i — kaltg, 
HaIb. Hsal, R0I7. Whoto.l 

B*i:[ I'll^ wij/ or feast of AU- 

ii \ Maa-l 

'd)iui, N., <■ futK4^1rrJH,|; 


fftA^mifui; em>r ; dclustun : in »r*v/ iierrep- 
tiutl of tliiniti Ihat do not emt. I L> kttiimctHaiia 

— AW/»>-'.--- •■' ' — '"-' ■ ■••.\ ■*/<«<**', 

to w«l>tl<:- '!cr.j 

or IcndiUj; i^, ,,.i^u.^ 

t»la, tiA'ld, M. lit. J thmkiwr-jiflar, wlitrh amnnr 
th>f Ctn^ulLA H-iA rdHMtti a Vuminoiu circle rottncl 
the tun or myyn. t.'atiw>t liy the refractiiwi <>f 
lijilil through milt: in Auh/-. the t<n|jl)t_ring 
RiunJ the ncAtU of lioly 


pcTi'mv— ^£ HUM, 
L.AriiW — Gr, A<s^/. a tlirc«JitniHlo*»'' J 

hnwr'^, n. 

Kiel; : »'m7.. !■■ cause to 

\t\,dui, 1j 


. itupping: 

.,1, tonold, 

'1. conn, with 

Sans. -Mt^, tu be lame.) 

fc&tur. JuiM^li'^. PL A bud-rope for hoitiinf and 
luuiitig a h(ir«c : a. rope for naogiag crtmixiala : 
a ttrong stnp or cotd-— r-./. to catch Of bind 
with A. rope :— /nA haltering : /«-/. hali'er^. 

facing. hiwIt'iDg, tfii., lu*ldiMg\a^: slopping; 
liinptni;. — di/V. lutvta^. 

Bitlvt, &c S«e under KkU. 

BilTwC See under HaU. to calico. 

Hbb, ham, m. the bind part or inner hend of the 
kiiee : the thiich rl* an aninut, esp of a hog salted 
sikd dried. [A^S. : Gcr. kammr, old Ger. Aom- 
Cc!t. cmm, croaked, bent] 
haia'fttniiK. ».. r-W ilriHg or tendon of 
thcAicm. — r./. to ume by cutting ihc hamUring : 
—Pa.t. and/a./, hamstringed, ham'alniiit;. 

WkMMidxyA, hara'a-drl-ad, ft. in mylk., <t dryad ot 
wot.>d-oyinph. who lived and died ati>mg xinth 
the trrt in which she dwelt.— ^. Sam'AdryB^, 
B»dKuna>dry'ftdM(-u). XOi.kamiidfya* — kama^ 
tocethcT. dryt^ % tree.] 

H'*H*t*. ham-itlk, adj. , ftriaiming tc Hnm, a son 
of NoqJi, or his dr^cntdants. 

JUiil«t. Sec under BantL 

SuBmo'. ham'«r, r./., r>^ h«ait to drive or ihupe 
wttii a )t.-untti«r : to contrive by intellectual 
mjotir :— ^*t-./. liamm'erinR ;/>«/■ namm'en-d. — 
Ml a lord lor t^Mtme, or driving nnili , jQjrthin; 
1tfc« a hiunmer, u the part of acloclc that itrikes 
(he lieQ ; the bat'jn of an auctioneer, [A.5. 
luuitfT, Ice. kamur: rrom the tottrd cif blowm.] 

IU0B0BaB, Iiam'^r-Dian, n. , a tnan otka kammers. 

auBBMfllalh, ham'irkloth, h., tMf ciotk which 
covet* a coach-box, which was onj;. n ktamfitr 
fit box for hi tiding arlicleft uveful on a juumey. 

BiwiHonk, ham'ulc, n, a piece of nroaf cloth or 

ni-'-r- : - " ir-.l by the cofncr*. nndused as a 

I-" ' \kt\mutctx, ao American Indian 

1* 1 ncLl 

M»ttr ' ' '' f/if-C ; to impede ; 

I" A'./- ham'pcrcd. 

I \amft, ti_» halt in 

Waiii 'iL" : iniiru. «..-y-i-r. ■■, n stick fait.] 
■lApa, a ba.vkc[. Sec tuider Wiaapw. 
Sawtr'.aa'- S*^^ under Sua. 
1to»ai. ■ ;, n. lit, it rtCf f tacit /of CM^tx 

ft 'ikket for packing cradit, c«p. 

C' a r0)*al treasuie->aU(et : a 

treasury or esi'licnner. Pow 1*. JUn#j 

old Fr. kmnaP, a dn&kinx-CB}i . Ccr. mjt$f\ AJ>~ 

Band, hand, f., M-- 

exlreniity nf th*^ 

which doca r' 

the hand c-t' 

agent or > 

liianii ' : • -■nvti : 

of li — ?.f. 10 

with ■ 

as ^-^ 

UBd'. . 


akin I') « - 
haad-barrow. : 

wheel, ci\r::- :.t of nKn 

hand-UU, h.iniJ -i n, « , .» f/*«'or f»ni''^-T - ' ' 

in the K.-ii)d: a Mi or Immc »'' 

kaad-tawfe, hand'-book, n.. » AmA ut ><:ii.<cd'j 

thf baud; a Kuide-broic for trsvellcn. 
haaA-tewhdtk. band'-btcdth. n.. Mf AnWM 

htutd; a pAlin. 
b aad- ear l. hand'-ldLrt, w.. a mm// Airt dani 

kiOdnl^Iuuid'kuf, n.. - ■* • <■ fTcr rnr.'lfl 

— c./. to put hand, . Ii*iuJ< 

/« ,/. hand'cuffcd ' - ■ - -^ J^^>, 

«/*— Artmf. ■'■■^ 
btsAfU, band : 

unall numli. 
hand-callepjiji,.: ...,,„p. ...... ^^. 

the h(>ccii of the horac la rcsCnt!" 

(iressinjt the hrtdle. 
han4-fla«i, hand -slai. *., a gUu t.i s>t»u i 

fmme ii<^d to protect ptanla, a,bl« ID fesl 

l.y the hiinj. 
haB4-gr«mad«, hand'-greii-Sd, m-, 

ihmwn iy /Ap Aamd. 
baadlaap, haodi-kap, it. lit. AaMdm/ofA^aif:^ 

in which the horv '~' 

are placed aC din 

dilFrretit timc^ 1 

Kttliog a bargain < r 

which each of th- 

6amd containing n 

(emu of the award \ 

Scttlnf only if uioi 
[s of both when the ai 
h»o4Ur*n,hiir,d'i-kran, »,,... .,.. . 

terfdnned by the Jutitd. 
feaadlerafliDaa, hand'HcralU'RiiRi, m,,mmt 

ill .1 Atindr'cra/f or in;ini[.jl <.-.-iirAtin«i, 

baadtwwk, hand'i-nn docw Vf 

AauJt : work of »1. . 
baadkwAM, h.-m.''t ' l.'*^-li^/ v> 

tJke kitmd: A 

&c.: a nc*l 
btfCI*. hand t 

Jkmtui ; to r. 

to matiBtcr : 

V.i. (O U4C 1 

haadta, hanil') •nyt1)u«c< 

4iiW: Ac. I' ' -: i» ma« ; 

liand'U.&, M.. iL'iiAi'ut 
,-A, haod'tnld, tm 

A maiJ that wait* at 

Cliv, &r; in£, bte: miae; mote: man; mOCDi; £4ul 




■mti I 

^[tod-Uxfkiar : beautiful with iJi^iriF- : 
W«otil*: gracp>tis ; am|>lc. — laJv. Ikuul'- 
-«, haad'aoainMi (Baad. anti icnnitia- 
r. Grr 4<>«£tiiN», euily handled) 
hiivi tpllt, «. a r/tir c< bar uteU with 
/ aft a Icvcr. 

f^ lutuf rft-ioc K. the style er writtnf 
10 ri*clt AaaW or person ; writing. 

*».<r,''. , tkilfnl tM HJtiHf tkt kmndi 
fy t« tlic Itami : near. [Dutch, 
LX»s. huytJiic : Ice. ArW/, adapted.] 
came ** hftadlvort. 

r. f. to A>m4 or 6j[ tn >ome A^fA pouil ; 

t tn decoraie with pi-'^rci. &c. as a 

■i i<- .Tl^iIN !■> -.iii[..^ii liii^. aiid chok- 

''•: bongine 

■ >r rest for 

' . t>> b« in 

M«, ftt.p. 

iGer. and 

an ; [".oai] ly l ^im \% i:h High 

I tlunks It conn, with HaelL | 
. ImscW. * , ^ ^^ 


c-r that which htiMffi ,- 
i\-4 : a kbart, bnud 

^'kfi kaitga ffn or 
. in imponuitatc 

i-i snothcr ; 
; 7- ■; tn»n, 

,£_. . '.'th ttnjt^ing ia 

« mi^irc ^Iiciiii of 

low tkf. Anhf, a handle— A^4jiM», to 


1 {.iKangem 
• ^ineu; to 
'./. )unk'> 



1 1 apnn u^ 

... fucUuic. ^(J-iucuL \\cz.kaff, 

[tod-rorutw ; Fr. Ma/^cr, tu snatch 

'"*^ or luck i lui- 
■ n-x, 01 acadent: 

H*rftB(iw. Ira-ranit', n. Ut- either as].-' 
t . - ! .f. • JM.- ,r n<.veinLily. «r »iij.| 

. addrctfl, — 3'-t. to deliver 
idJrcss by a liarTiiigue 

J ^ ^ ian^inK ; /'»/. ii-'f^t -i- 

-irona ; from old (tcr, and A..S. /» r 

.1 rifig ■ jr.c til Wedgwood, from i . . _ . . 

Iiiw L. ratifft ducourse. &ee Arnica- j 
BkTiM, Iiat'o-S, v.t, to burden ur tanneiil; 

latitfue with cjtceswvc cfl>v ■ -■ ; ■ ' ■• 

pcaied MUck* ; to lire ' 

uneasiiic** :—/»■/. har'aj- 

(Fr. AonuM-'-^ — ham', to uv-.l.. » i^, _, ..i,... i 

cry Aor, mode in iDcitiAg a dog ta ait&ck : 

■with Satit.]— M. bar'uMT. 

See under Htftew. 
•. hSrliur, n. lit. .iiwl orig. a Mging, »tatton 

for on army: ary refuge or shelter: a port lor 

ships. — v.t. to loage or entertain ; to protect : to 

ponea onr indulge, i« thoughts. — f.i to ut(« 

shelter.-— jlr./. haPbouring; A«/. har'bourcd. 

(oUlE. A^TPiwr Arr^iX^; A.S. iWr^frjtt — Arrr, 

an anajr, and mvtzim, u> protect. } 
bafbosni*, blr^Hirdj, R-, >hW< ^y /utrbuiar or 

shtdtcr; cntcrtainincni. 
luibovnr, hiU'bur-frr, «.« Mtf who h/tr^fttn or 


hatfcOM-naitw. h^'bunm^^ttT, »., Mr mtuttr or 

pubtic olBcer who hii& charge of a Aari^vr. 
haiMagcr, h.1rl3in-j(r, m. Mi. one who goe* forward 

In prcivi'le karlumr or lodging; n rureruuner. 

iCcr, heri^rgrr; old Sent, hfrfr^.rur 1 
Sard, hArd, tu^'. not c 

firm ; *oIid ; diflim'' 

difGcult to bear, j i^ 

plca5c: UTifccling ; ^cvui^-; s-ull , <.<jn>trdiiicd.~ 

A/r. with ardency ; with dilBcuUy ; doM, new ; 

eamevlljr ; fiircimy. — h. hard'oMi. m //.. himic- 

titncs harxlibip. (A.S. '■ ^.1l■i•. 

Get. kArt; G«di. hanit^^ , : fr.i. 

Jtrmt^t, ttrcngtJl, Sacu. ^'' 
hardeil, bUrd'n, v.t.. to maA^ : > 

tn^ke hrm : to iij-cngthcn . 

nets; (o make iiucnsibtc. - I 

or h:irdcr. either lit. or fi^. -.—fr.t. hiid'ciiuig; 

/.x./. hard'eticd. [A.S, fuar-MitM^ 
haj4n«d. hJtrd'nd, a//., miuU Mar^, unfeeling. 
tuLni-rvKinrvd, hard'-fet Qrd, adj. oi Attrd, coarae, 

"r rirbi.Ming />i/»/rr. 
twxdr-Otted, bard -tist-ed./riy/'., A«rFiJ*f Ain/orMniBC 

_/fjfr at iLinis ; clMc-fUted: niggardly. 
hu^<luuid*d, hard'-hand-cd, aJ/./k^rpitf harj or 

tritijjh htttiiis. 
bAr4-hutt«4. harl'-hArt-ed. adj., Aovikj; a hard 

'ir unfceliiic htari ; cnicJ. — n. hai4'-b«Mt«dBM«. 
bajdtbood. See under bardy. 
bftrdkh. hlrd'ikb, adj., t<ime^'ka.t hard. 
taHly, hard'h, adv. with difficulty: acsrcety. not 

quite: fcverely. har^I:l^', 
haj-d-POMAii. fi^n!'-> 1. I meuth 

A.fn/or inTfisitilc : > inajed. 

tertuajp, !ur<!^rii|>, •■ '■• -t which 

\s hnrd to b«:»r, a« ti-tl, irij.irj . .■^•.. 
t»r«-Tla*ff»4, iKtnj'-vid-ljd, ^dj. of a A«n/, coanc, 
t-T forbiddtna ^"' — — 

ue; mfiie; 










K\ ■■ 


';of /jorrf mate- 



iir ii! 





•; p..>n;^iLXges 

a DIU- : 

4* nr /'■,t/'«7 anlm:?' . n 


1 plant with liliiQ Mi'ihciftcA 
fr-'m i(? ^r-Twinc on dry and 

lid, icared 
■,^rc "r both /»y»J, 


fearvltp. I I- lip. 'I. n -nvs 

Kfiirmlly the upper, tike that of a il<inr, 

kanUr, hari-^r. m , •> hxrt'AMtMJ, k do; with a 
kecu uncU, Tur huntiag haru. 

Btftaa. hJI'rem, m. the portion of a houK allotted 
tn fomales in the East, /ori>uiiiin f) ntl male* 
eicvpt the hublunri : the cnUccii-ni nf wives 
bcli-onr^n.; t.- '^nc nun. (^Vr. karam, anything 
Tr' - itfii, 10 fnrbid.l 

H»ni .mnll picccii of miilMn. partly 

l).n I !■ fri'-J \ii(!i V''iet.iblc« : the 

luilttcy l*r,.[i ! , ' lican ; It. 

CAWAC*, Sp. Ml/ 1 kiJney- 

bean— Sp. t.t^'j. . ■ it. mined 

mmtnn, mav bcciin. ivjili Bn^flf: ihr nriK- mean- 
ing Mrijulii tliu« be anyiliiii)> niiiirj;il inmiT] 

Hark, li5rii. int. or rm/., AtarifH, listen, [contr. 
fnxii hMjkM.] 

Barlaqnla, larlc-kwin, or -kin, h. iIk Irajinc char- 
jlcK-r i;i .\ lanl'iiiiiiiic. in ;v tii^ht Spangled drc^ 
Wr<t' . h He IK supposed 

li> '■ -^^ a huffoon. [Fr, 

/'I ■ , .1 cAinti i etymology 


knrUqnlBadt, hA/1e>kwin-, or •kin-Ad', m., e^kihi- 
titiUM of lukrteifHitti ; the portiiui of a pantomime 
in which the luricquin pU>-* a chief part. [Fr.] 

Butet, h.'ir'lol, M. lit- and ciHg. « young tmam cir 
person of cither sex; then a aerran!, a rogue: 
a waman who pro*tiiute4 her h'-»ly for hire — 
a^f. wanton ; Ictrd. |<)td Fr. htr/.<t, heHfit ; W. 
hrrltt-Wii , htriod, a youth, herloUts, a hoidcn, 
a strumpet. 1 

hartotfy, \\^^i>K-x\, n., imtU ^v pnKiict 0/ bting a 
harlat or prouitutc ; prostitution. 

Bun, Kdrm. ir. tit gwit/i injury ; moral wroiir. 
— t'.t- to inture -.^pr.f. hami'ing /w /, hartnciT. 
IA> -' ' ' -' AiinM.cnnn. wiih^.iw*. gncf.J 

hannf .T^'.,yw// r/"Aj>/7«,' injurioufc. 

— ' — •. barsi'fiLlaaH. 

Mnr''-^- ._..<<• .. ^, aiij.,/tit ftv%H turmi not iii> 
jun^iits; unharmed.— •«</f. hanalMily.— a. kar»'- 

Hanwiale, Haraaalow, &c. Sec under BanBoay. 

BarmoBy. h^r'mrj-ni, m., a filtiHrtt*£tOur aX ^^rXJk 
io a* In form a connected wnole ; coocoro : a 
I^mV wilh parallel p3.^KlKC« regonline the same 
event |Gr. hiirmnnia — AiirtM.ifj, to nt Lo>gcthcr 
— Jittrm^i, a filtinc— tf.', f>> fii.] 

hansoiUe, h;ir-inor'ik, har w ptoal, hor-mtm^ik-al. 
«i.i^l, f^ itaiiting t^ Ajirwurmjn muKliial ; con* 
Dirdani. — •>•/]:•, baiiBoaleallf. 


/uir/'j, a J4ctlt, fnno- 

■'.f.. to ^ !■ 
- ii) harmony : ta 
; tovije parts to :- 
.:>, «. a muMCal «i 

.-Ti'-iii lYiui kcy^, vj called flora lis 

BaniM^ haj'nea, w. lit. fh^ 

worn l>y soM: ^^u'l 

a borve. — f.r .'f : 1 

hamcti On .. -^'n- 

harnessed. Itr. / 

Aaiama^, iron tool 
Barpt b&rp. *. a triacr' 

strinei ttnick by tlv 

harp: to dwell tei'i 

harp'iDS ; A*-/- h'rfr. 

perhaps conn, with L< 

tian>*''. h^r|>Vr, kuplst, h^rp'Ut, n , •< ft*j*r 1 

Mrf' harf. 
liwyslfllMiil, harpM-kord. n , » t^rp-^yy^x^ miiMaJ 

iiiMruinenl bBiri»|> chfnh ot Utitxni like ite 

pianoforte, now duu»ed. 
Iiarpooa, hAr-pOOn', h. a dart for imking t^. - 

u'h»le«. — cn/. to strike u-ith the lu-t^on ■ ' 

h,i'liijriirink( : /,■»/ harpOPncd'. (rr. Aa»^»— 

Harp, {rjiii the li'.' shaiie.I 
harpooavr, lulrii^n'cr, haipoaMr, |iAr-foa~Cl'i 

Hazrr. h^pt, n. lit. (At tm>itcktw; m 
hideous rapacii'iifi ii.-nsicr. half binl 
wuman ; a ^l ■ , rvii t^tortioBO. 

Aor/)-M — Ji^: ) 

BarqiubaM. Ba: 4,---. _,1l^ ^uebua. IdrVri-klfc | 
same as ArqaabOMi. 

BarrUaa, har'i-'lan. n. a VDni.oat Mnimpal. 
Art»Ma-//^, a lean h-^rw, n ji.Ie.J 

Barrlar, a hare-hound. See uiiifer lar*. 

Earriu, a hawk, ^ce under Hairy. 

Barrev. See under Barry. 

Baity,har'i.p./.,/^//W*b/4-r ; tonva^; Ml 
to nanus :—/r-/. han'yioB ; /a.^ 
MamtT, A.^. furgian, JurioH, 10 
destroy.] See Wiraa 

kanUr, harl-^r, n. a kind of haw-k to 
itf Aarrrifi^^ or dc9tro)-tii£ toiatl anmaJt. 
har'^, m. a frame of wood or inw 
aith spikes for trarimc and Iscalcinif 1 
— tut. In draw a harrow over : (•■ hirataj 
— /r/. harr'or*-ing;/rt,/. han-'owol. 

ewlaily. fA.S. *4^«^r.- m Vursr *■! 

hirrow, aihct: I>3- 

liJlrih. <frf/"., w 
»evcrc. — 0(^. han:i - 
Ajm-A, hard, Dan. >■ 
Bart, lijrt, w. lit. « / - 
nulc ■' ' ■ 

L. .. 

tvacc; miImi 

hke .- 

, f. a ipeaea gf 


fuc, Ct; ; m£^ litr ; mine ; nOte : mfttc : mOOn ; /Ant. 





.'. Dutch, krr/:t. AK 
..trfo, tu sathcr fruit. Or. 

a reaper im harvtni. 

'.y\\, m the fcASl bold at the 

"^ttst. [harreii. 

n. va B>, a labourer in 

<i, N., tke mtrn aboui 

11 it rim ncady ai tbe 

■v»- . ^ 

-J.*' on UDBgC of Csiv«, 
lormerly camea 


k^^ r t . te k^k; to mince ; to chop snuH. 
UkKl «hich v*. tLube<i ; a mixed dUh of mot 
aari '•cptxblrv ia ^iiuTI (tjcrcs; a. mixture aiul 
nffimmi ■ oCaliiinatt-r:— /r/. huh'tag:/(i>. 
Ihm^. (rroA root of But.] 
h^ \MXf^ n.^ tkMt wkuh fie>his; a claip: ihi: 
<lM^af A padlock.— «>,f. tn futen with a Kjip: 
—^f-. W^iDg: /*/ hasped'. (Dan Art*/*/-, 
AJB.. 4««>A* Ov'- <Uj>U-^iA<'m, to hi^ld J 

witlc. M- a thick lait for kneeling on in 
|!y:v(- Muimi, axiyLhUif bu&hy, Sw. 

id pen. fwc- pM- iful. of Ban. 

liDtai. •Bi*il»d, bost'at-cd, aJJ. in Ap/^ 

" tUiLu^tf/ia— AuAi.atpear.J 

'.^.'quickneis; rafhnoK; vehc- 

■ ■■'.rf Oer Atfj/; Fr. Al/^, 


t/kk, btat, b ./., ta f«l t0 j//(%/; (o 

^.n- .-' -,l _r . (.. mtnre with 

»,- >-. hasteti' 

^, Kls-udl. 

Ml;, , — , :-. , ,-..,. i-iiJcraih; 

tV. taMt Uy. 

fk* fwth'fjt or tfate ej 
z^.f*,'- h.i<Ao; ra<hDe» : Imtability, 

ing /*r tMekemd; the dignity 

ojuned from his r«d hat. ( 
A.S. 4^/; coon, with Sass. 

t^ - 

4l^ ■ r ....'. 

mtd. l^i'oA. mdj,, ttvrrrd with 9 h«t. 
Nk*. * - - ^r ioA<< makri or kIIj 41-//. 
■m*\ : mato. 

i^ik proi!'ji:<!, citpcciallv from efg%. 

to plot. 

lUttftiBffBi, hach'mvot. «. (he escutcheon of a dead 

|M:nun uljccd iii fraiil c( the house, 8a:. [cor> 

ru[iioJ (ruiu acUiTUBtal. ) 
■ate, liAt, ti.^., /ti J^i^iit : to dislike tnten&ely : — 

/»-./. hic'ing: /*»/. hated.— «. catrenie dulike; 

ltatrod.~«). hat «r, (A.S. AjI/Ziin, to bate ; Oer. 

Aaitfn, Fr. hdir , coon, wiih L. aJuir, and Saiu. 

faiM, to tlicht.] 
kataM«, li^tt'A'bl, A^'. dcKrving fa ^ Kattd, 
hatcAU, hutToot. Adj., fxciling k,\tt: odlotu; dt- 

tc^i:ilj1c : fccliitt; >jr itiJiurcstuii; liatc.— «^. 

Itat4'faily.— K. bat^'fotacai. 
katnd, hst'rcd, n.,/teliHfor*c\.e/hAiinf;vxximmt 

dikUkc : cnniity ; maii(;Tiil/. 
Ra»*d, SatUr. &co under Sal. 
■aabtrt, haVbcrk, m. lit. iirmtur prftecting ikt 

fu(k : a cojt of rlascd mail, [old Fr. /Mttitrr, 

A.S. htahht*rg—JuAti, ihc neckband hw vtgm n, 

lo protect] 
HaOfhty, hawtl, adj-, ki£k ; proud : arro^nt ; con- 
temptuous.— .Wt.haacht'ar.-M-haailUl&Mi. lold 

E, katttaiH, old Fr. AttuS/am—L. a/iut, higK-i 
Haal, Hanlic*. Haobr. Sec u»der Bali. 
Baala, Baam, hawm. m. lit. t/u tJtmi fttraw : Muh- 

ble. [A..S. iu-atm, Fr. c/umme, L. e«Umtu, Or. 

iaJiifuur, a rceil] 
Baaach, hAnsh, n. lit. /^ <rwr// Of ^(x/ of lh« 

thiRh ; the part between the last rib and the 

ibigh ; the hifk. [Fr. AttHrk^r, It itxra, (ir. angk/, 

a bend— root ««^. a bend. 1 
fcwiTBiiii. hensh'maD, m. one who ttjod« at tbe 

Jutiowk of liu mailct ; a tcrvant ; a page- 

, hSnt, v.f., ifffnqutnt; to follow importufi- 

aiely ; to inhabit or vidi as a gho*: — f.i', to be 

niiich about ; 10 appear or vuit frequently :^/r./. 

haunt'ing: /«•/■ nauni'ed. — n. a place much ce- 

ftwrted lo. (Fr. A^wi/rr— Bret. kfHt, a way.] 

kBffeoy, hOTwi, n., a kigkAfyn^ /- •"-' 

isftrumctit, of a uperio^ tube, aii 

and keyi. aUo calfed Obaa (fl'bo-t' 

of »lrawbenT. |Fr. hautb*i»-kai, ^.■, 

wood : It. «Mr.] 

, hav, »./. lit. to lay JkoUa/: to ewn nt (•■ • ---. . 

10 bold : to rcganl : to ubtaui ; fi ' - ~ 

10 effect : to be affected by :—/r> 

anJ/a./.haa. {K.S,Mai*an; C.-. 

M^Wi Sp.4«irr; F- 

to have, and Derh^;- >, 

Bo lay IwU oT Son. 
kaflk haft. a. tbc nart ^-i ...i>Lm..^ f 

or take io tbe hand; a ttaodie- — 

ktr/tam, ta take . Ccx. V/lf; ami 
"Bwiw. Ii2'*a, w. an inlet of the ica, 

rtvcr, where ahipa can cct (oed mid aaliB 

a(c ; anr plac« of omit ; w M yl ii . 
^em; Dutdk, i«pr<«; C^. 44/^,' (cc 
Fr. JUm-; otd Fr. &«««#, W. A^«.] 

faav'crWk^ «. Ki. « tack /err eala i a 
Wsoftfireaf UaeaMtaaotiici'ftprovtMoaa. Jrr.^ 
■wr ; Oct. hsUrm cM <U^r «r A«/rr, 

E. A«vrp, oMo. a*il taA ] 
harf'iik. a. gtMnl vaflK ov dtitnteti*nt 
Ktlo brvBtfa;. — «'«/. an 

txt mrniin o* 


pltaVAnih, m. acpvcirtofgrontwalcavcsT 

•hy biM, wiih varie^atcti i)hiiJiai;c, living cliic6y 

in forcaU. 
hMrttwn. hat/thoni^ m., tMtfudg* or white £A^rrw. 

a ihrob with shintng leavct, and uiull red hiii[ 

rolled AdCffi, much tucd fm hoiijt*. 
Emw, b«w, r.i to speak with a kaw or hedtatjoa— 

n. a hc&itAtioam speech. Ifonaedrrom the found.] 
■ftwk, h:(wk, M Oic name of »ev«ral hirdt of prey 

allied to the Talcons. (A.S.A^iAv; Dutch, Aarr/Jt; 

Ger. kahickt ; Ico. Aa «,V ; W. hfhcti perhap* from 

root of old Ger. ka^m, Fr. kaff^ir, to (««.] 
bMrt, hawk, v.i. to htuil bu-di with luwks tisjocd 

for the purpoje ; to attack oo the wing ;—/♦"./. 

liawklnic: fa.f. hawked'.—*, kiwk'ir. 
■Mtik hawk, v.i, to force up matter from the 

Ihraal.— A. the tSnn to da thit. fW. keck*; 

Boo(> koMgk ; formed fram (he wMind.] 
Xftwkar, hawk'tr, n. one «ho cairia about goods 

fnc tale »h ku hmtk. n pedW. [G«r. kStr, a 

hawker— 4fV*^»». to can-f— 4»?f4ir. the UadL] 
bavft. hawk, v.t. to carry about for ule : to cry 

for iale : — /»"-/. hawking ; />»-/■ hawked 

thawkt';. [Ger. A^'fcrM, torctail-^iiOr, a pedJer.I 
W|wwr, Kalnr, Ktwr'tr, n. nautically, a rope fur 

miiifi£ or huLaimtt anythinj* ; a tmall caulc ; a 

lar^e tow-line, [ofd E. A<t/ic, A«iieif«, Fr. 'ifiW. 

AoJKfsrr-, It. Al*aw9^ to raiao— L. m/ttu, higb.] 
hawM^ liawx, •«. the »ituatioii uf the cable* in fruiU 

of a thtp's bow when &be has two anchon out 

Tamm, hawz'cz, >Mn»4aI«% hawz'-holi, n.//. the 

holea in a ihi^Tk bow through which th« cables 

■avthotB. See under Kaw. 
Hay, hi, ft. gnu after it is cut d^mt and dried. 

[A.S~ krff. kig, (Vr. krUf Ice. Afjr— A.S. AAiaiMUi, 

Ger kAirm, to cut down, ) 
har«*«k. ha'-kok, a. a axk at catncal pile of kmy 

in the ficlil. 
hayvakar, hi'mSk-^, m. one employed in cutting 

and drying grass for hay. 
Maaard. Iia/'ard, n., a gttmt or tkrwio ttt Jic*: 

chance . accident . ri»k. —v. t. to c«po*e to chance : 

to put in danger: to risk :—/•■■/■ hor'ardinc ;/<»./. 

hararded, — n. a (;=*'ne or throw. [Fr. Jujarr/, 

iL maMMpJa — £ii rrt . a die, the game, ai if UAnt — 

Lt tfUfrm, a die for playinc.) 
taaw^nij hax'ard-iM, adj.^/uU of kaaar^ ; >n:go%' 

!l«e to the chance of loas or evil : uncertain : fieril' 

ttQx.~adv. ha^aHowly. 
Biaa lUz, H., n^/tvar which renders the air thick : 

obsrarity. [Birt ae%, warm vapour : prob. conn. 

with A.S. and Ice. A«/, hoarse.] 
kav. hAi'i. tutj., tAick tm/h kat*.~n. hai^taMB. 
*■■** "*. hii'il out, H., tkd nut of the hatel-trcc. 

which is covered by the calyi cf the flovrrr .i* 

with a tutt or r>9/. [A.S. hMtsel-ktiit — /utrtel, 

a hat, fiHtit. a out : L. aryltu — cifir!ms. hazcL] 
feanl, hS'xl. ft. the ore or shrub which bean M/ 

kd*ff-mit.—^(fj. pertaining lo tlie haiel; of a 

light-brown colour, like a luuel-nut. 
f-— 'Y h&'tcl-Ii. aJj. hght-brown like tkgkaxtl-mmt. 
Haiy. See under Baaa 
St, hj, tron. of the third person : the male person 

ruuned before : any ooe. — <u(r. male, [A.S. A/-, 

Ice- kim, Coch. htt.\ 
B*a4, hed. «, the uppermost or fofxtnost part of an 

animal's body: the hnin; the nmicmtandioK: 

a cikiof or leader : the pUce of honour or com- 


tnond : the CrcHit : an todividual ; a lop 

(Wint of a diiCT>nr>c : the vjurcc or s{tnr 

of the source of water: higbcs poiot of 

strength. TA-S. An^ im/&< Ger, 

ca/>»t, Gr. kt^kaj>.\ 
hskd, hed, v.t., 60 4»t* mg m hrmd »». h 

govern : to go in front of; to cw ao upcc) 

HXMt.,%Q be contnuy.^^.iL to giww toi 

originate :— j^./. beod'tng ; >a^ heul 
lissfaBlli. hed'lk, n., OM tuJU or pain fn I 
haattusi, hed'band, «., a i*m4 or Alb 

head I the bond at eadi end of a boelb 
hsad-Awa, hcd'-drcs, «. as ocmuacBttl 

covering for tk* 4mW, worn by moMmm 
baa4-|asr, hed'-g0r, w , pmr, covetiDS, m 

of the head. 
kssdiWM. See under Wa4y. 
lianlliig, hed'ing. n. that whicJi aianda «i 
haartiaod, hedl^d, x. a point of 

into the sea Uke a hmd^ a cape. 
hairtli. bedlei, attj., tviikatU* ' 
Iwadlaat hcdlong, adv. moviag miai^ 

fiA-iiJ Tint, going cuelessly : rskUy.— 4 

precipitous, iteep. 

hcd'mcist, adj.t mut aktmdot 1 
hed'p^s, n.., M ^ifCf 0f ttnmn 

tu>ul, a helmet. 
bM4qaarMn, hedlcwor-ttrz, - 

residence ofi* (rtmtKandtr--. 

hcdi'man, M.. (* MM'; .• 

an eacecutiooer. 

hsaCstall, hed'iUwl, n. the part of a Ui 
the head. Qnw. £. it»lL a cue for % 

t^airtsaa faetTstOn, x. the ktitd or Icyai 
of a buUding : the stone at the head ol! 

hiaiitmig. hedVrong. adj. harioc jA 
head so as to resist the bridle, aa a tl 
govcraable ; self-willed ; vitJent. 

fcaadvay, hed'wO, •>. , the way or distance c 
or advanced: motion of an aHnnrimi 

haadwlad, hctrwind, a.« a wittd Uow 
against a ship's head, 

h**<ly, hed'i, adj., afftctimc tkt hmdm I 
iiii>>x>i:^Littg : LnOamcd; rnih <rfiP I 
u. hsad'laMa 

Hm), hel, v.t.,t0mttkth£attky»ndwMi 
to remove or tobdue ; Lo nrscoie to si 
in B., often, to forgire. — r.i. to anni 
^./. heal'ing ; fa.f. healed*.— «.*l«ffi 
htian — ktel, whole, kai, healthy^ \ 
whole : akin to Wkote, Gi. kt^M, wnoki 
whole, in compounds, tatvut, toand, 1 
rarfa, whole.] See Hall, kala. 

h M lln g. h£l'ing, n. the act or procevli^ii 
thing is kttMd or OinA.—^tdj. tendio| 
mild. — adv. baatlagtr- 

bealtt, heltb, ■., tokaUmtrt or ^oitntln^a 
iioundnew and vigniir uf n''<< 
or divine favour. [A-S. A<- 

hellh'fool, adj., ju 
kfaUk ; indicating health : wl 
— adv. haaltb'foUy. — «. 
atlUssi. helthlcs. a^j\, 
aMkr. hclth't, w. in a state of gooA ^ 
ducivc t» health : sotutd ; vigfimOT 1 
Uy.— «. bMltH'laMS. 

h^, n. a p>1e *\t mass . 
(ptther: a cpllr • - - ^•,, 
10 a heap ot ' 
top :-/#■>. 
ktap: \^ . 


ftte, At; mlk, htr; mToe.* laOte, mflie: mOOn; tka^ 

ipt by th« tmr: xa E«tBB 

': (o uuvxr favouiably; lo 

dicially. — p.i. to Itavc the 

ttMen ; to be told :~/r.A 

(h«nl}.— M. bMr«r. (A.S. 

I ; GcJr. hirtn ; Goth. A*i»yiMi ; 

10 Nttr. murii. the ear ) 

*f/ if/ ff^hX'iHf by tkt €ixr; 

■iiiil. uiipurtuuity to 

yfit*ffy ; to lUt<a ; 
/« /. hea/k'cDcd. 

« myv^Aivpdi ooouboo cUk; 

ori;. a triju)(u]ar 
[caD<Ucs,pUccd JDacburch 
•p in which the dcail ars 
e. [Fr- Arrtc, IL <v7»u-«', 
rx. Atrficit, a harrow.] 
B orx:ut that ctrcuUtes the btood : 
, «r chief part of anything ; the 
cctioni, &c esp. love : couro^ : 
Dcuung or deupi: that which 
in. [XS. MmtU; Dutch. Mart; 

,Sma». AriJ.] 

U or pain of Kemrt; tor- 

I gnet or loirow. 
c-D, o^'., Jtatfim£ lA* Afar/ 
Jlicico vr sncved. 
. a diicaie of ibe ■comach 
crid fecUnff, near Mr A^aH. 
m., Atmrtfmm; di»- 
It camity. 

. . /-air f/Afttri or mind : quicL 
'*. «• ' . '«' ^w A^d^r ta\ i.j encour* 
r^. heart' cruiic : /•• /. hcart'cDcd. 
~ !'kil,«^.,A//f>/4a'«fY or deeply, 

i« AiV-f fM/Am/ Atart, courikc. or 
kaHtlMHlr.^-K. kauila^uM. 

4Br,«<^'.» rvai^£iytirbieak- 

■. a common name for the 

fioUi. an infiuiofi of whidi 

the love sick Atari. 

m^., tick or sore ^t ktmrt ; 

jileftraMd.— 41. fcaiif ilrfaiMi 

" ^ or proctcdins fnxn the 

HroQC; bcaluiy.— dd*:-. 

C'-Ul, «i£r', ntiW/ d/ AraW ; ua- 
"^ or q)inti. 

pan of ihe Boor on which the 

of MtWA ; the fireside : tlie 

At^rtA, Gcr. im/, an area. J 

I'lUln. *.. tiu tt*nt t/Uu Ad»rtk. 

which •:x-:>':; [he MtOMtion of 

of w rm tetnper- 

|> ''cU of the 

— f.i. tg become 
■/cd IA.S. Artrftf, 

'<>u with L. 



h«ih, «.. tf httrrfm 4^ cttmtry: t mnlT 

evergreen shrub with bcauut'u] Ituwers, (batjTDW 
on barren heaths. [A.S. AtrtA, Scot. Am&W-, 
the pbnt : Cer. Aeidt, Goth. AaiiAi, a Mutc] 

hcaiter. hefA'tr, ■., At*tA.~»dJ. tauh'«7. 

teftUy. bah1, adj., oAmatMn^ vntA AraiA. 

kaaUaa. hi'tka, n. lit. « dweflrr an tht AfitiA or 
tipen country; an tiabeliever when Chnsiianity 
|ircv;t:lcd in cities aUne ; an iahabiuni of ui 
uiHUirutun country ; _ a pa^n ; an ItTcliciom 
penon.— ii<^'. pagan, trrcUgtoui. {A.S. Attavm.] 

kMUlMa4«a, hf/ibKliun, n., /Aa» rr^unu */ iAe 

torrid wurt AttttAemitm frrwuh. 
liMtfilM^ bCMn-u, v.t., te moAt AtatAtn :~>r^ 

hfra'thenTtin; ; ^./. hea'thcni*ed. 
hwtfc— Itfc. h6'/Aa-uh, Adj., rrlattnf U> tAf ktatAdit; 

rude; tinciri]ised; cruel.— od"!-. I 

tAd AtaihfHi : pftgaDisio ; barbwisoi. 
See under 

Haart. htv. v./.. tit lift ufi to throw ; to cause 10 


raised ; to rise and fall : to try id votnil :— /r./. 
heAv'ing ; /«■/. heaved' or hCve. — n. an cfTort 
upward : a throw : a swclting ; an cfi'ori to vomit. 
(A.S. AtfoM, Ger. Atlxn, Goth. Anfjan, lo liri.] 
her'n, n. lit. tAat wAicA is Kravfd or It/bKl 


ttf; the arch of sky OKerhanging the eanh ; the 
air: the dwelling-pUce of the Ddty attd the 
ble««od ; supreme baj^uneuL [.A. S. A*^iMr— 
Ar/nn, to lift.] 

baaToiy, hcv'n-li, a^j. > of or inhabitinc AAinni ,* 
celestial: pare ; tuprcmely blessed ; very eacel 
lent — aJv in a manner lite that of beavnt 
the influence of heaven. — m. hasT^anlffi— 

haaTsSkty^mlndad, bcv'D-li-m[r)d-cd, adj., AavimftAg 
mild placed upon Atitvtnljr thingi ; pute. — x. 
haa¥^aiiljr wlnJUnniai ^- 

iMtfiwaiil. beVn-ward, htarcawardj^ hev'tt-wardii 
ift/|f.. ttward or in the direction of kawem, 
j l wwa. and xvant. sig. directioa. | 

liaaii riHailiig. hCv'-of-ir-ing, m, a Jewish t^erin^ 
Atmved or nwved np and down by the priest 

baanr, hCv'tr, m., em* otAt or that which Aetn¥t, 

taaavy, \\cVt.adj.,AtmimlwiiA difficulty ; weighty t 
not easT to bear : opprcaaive : afflicted : inactive ; 
ioclbea to alumbcr: violent: Iotid_: not caxily 
digested, as food : niiry, as «nl ; having strength, 
as liuitor : dark with cJoikU ; gloomy : cxpcnuve ; 
in B., sd. — ad-v., aUo baaT'Uhr-— f*- luar'&aa«. 
[A-S. Aefic — Ae/an; old Gcr. Afvi£, ftrhf.] 

heb-dooi'a-dal, HaMoaadary, hcb- 

doKi'a-dar-t, adj., oecttrritF wvrrj srvrm dayt; 

weekly. [L. AridamadaDi — Or. AihJirmaM, a 
pcriwf of iGvcn day» — Aefta, scrcn.] 
iMMoaadary. heb-doma^dai^i. «. a number of a 
rluriter ar cnnvcnt whose stufi it is to ulHctjIe 
in the choir, &c. 
Habrev, bfbrOD, m. one of the dcaccnUante of 
Abrauait who emignted /rem btycmd iAt 
EttfdtrtUtM into Palestina ; aa lanelitc, a Jew ; 
■he laneiuce of the Hebrews. — adj. relating 
to the Hebrews. [Fr. Hthmt, U Htt-rvut, 
Or, Hfkraiot. Heb. i^ri, a atranKer from the 
other side of the Euphratea — riA^r, ibe region 
im the other side — avar, to pasa over.} 

trtOk, ■atMiaal, h^br«^il al, adj., w^ 
\ii»Arnatj or to their lan^usge. 
^*~*'ik•a^I, adv. after the manocT 
from n^l. V. kfL 

h(r; itJbs: 



r^ Hc'braJMnt:; >i /. HfbraUciI. 

n , A Itf6rew iAiam. 
■•Iw , " one (killed in Hfhrrsu. 

U»br^ ■. ik. aJj.^ t/ot like Htlrrai. 

B#«*t' riior-tora, n. amon);tbBOlceka 

• '1.1 -irrificc of a hunJrfd pstmi 

XiKi r or vicltnu. \Sit. MtkdUtmiH 

— hi ..:i.--i, I ^.uiiiiRd, *od i<mt, aa on.] 
BmU*. hck't. Mm« uImU*. 

XmUc, h?k tit-. HMttCkl, bdc'lik-Al, m>fJ..^taiHin^ 
ta ■ I'ijn ur A^Arf yf bwly ; aflftctcd 

wii —Ar/f. hw'UcftUr. [Or htkti- 

*«■ .( ru, habit.) 

Jirictu, H,, d Mbitual or rrmitlenl fever, 
lljr auoc'utcd wiiti coasuntpiion. 
lirVt'ir. f a bully; ooc who anaoy*. — v,t. 
Xn I- 'ly : lo AnRk>y. — v.i. to play the 

b<j! i"ftiiK. A*./- hcc'iorrd. Lfrom 

ti-- a» luiicr of tlje Trajaiu.] 

B«4i», l>vj, M ,^ cUickrt fi/hiukft; a fence round a 

:t . (u uirround : t 

-•■/■""-■'"" -- 

AS. hjt-iiin, Civj. JugtM, til hedge.) 

ficldi Ac. — v.t. w cDcioK wim a neaitc 
ktiuct . (u uirround : to guard : — /r >. h' 
^i./. hedged'. [A.S. ^ggr, Gcr 

lo cDCioK with k bcd|(c; to ol> 

/r >. hedi;'inB ; 

Mg, a bu»fa; 

tadf^-UU. hej -bU, iMdfftM-UU. hcj inc-bil. n., a biU 

or hJkl4:)tvt for dre&*ing keJgri, 
Mfv-hasm, licj -Uawni. aUj. o(' low tirth, u if i^^i* 

^ >l hddgv or tu the woimIi . low ; obKrurc- 
lwd(*toi, bcj'ho;, w. a small prickly- backed 

Quailtu|>(.>d, to called frum iu livi/t£ in ked^ftt 

and bukho, and iit rocmbUnce to a h§[ or pig. 
k«dc«r. fKJ'^r, M. , 0N^ tu4i* 4rrtut fuifgta. 
iMdiUOV. n«j rA, m., •( rf»> of trees or shrubs y^r 

^^'"V fields. 
bMlt*^ch«ol. hcj'-tkn], M. An opcii'xir jrAiW kept 

by the sitic ofn knigt. in Ireland. 
kMlff*-«pMTow, heJ'-Bpar-rO, m. a little tingiag bird, 

like a tparrmu, which fntjucnU ktdget. 
Bm4, h<d, v.t. lit. /« frfitttti to ohwne : to look 

after ;tnatiend to:— /r/, hc^d'ing ,/rt,/. heeifeil. 

— ». nuticc; cautiun: allenliDn. lA.S. hrdan, D. 

AiHtffH, Ocr. Atltm, coiiti. with ffldi, to protect.] 
hMdTtI, licd'fCOl, (U^/., /m''/ ^ A/a/ or atteotioo ; 

oiiitxiufc — «dv. hMffnUy. — V. faMtf'rBlnm. 
tmOtm; hfdleji, a^'., witJkattt ArtJ; iiu>ltenti>*c ; 

ouclcM.— a<^p. 1m*4'UmI7.— ft. faaMtlaaMM. 
■■il. hd, M. ibe part of the foot prujectins bchtnJ ; 

the whole foot (esp. ol beatts.i : the covering of 

lh« hoel : a «pur, the hinder pu-t of anyihine. — 

v.t. to ti*c «ho bccl ; lo furnish with hecU : —/'■./- 

becTiiig : /a/, heeled'. (A.S. M; Dutch. mV/; 

preU CvitD. with Cr. ittx, L. eaU, the heel.] 
WalylMiL h^l'pfe. n., a^tcr or cover for the kteL 
JiMk hCI, P.r, A? intUtM ; to lean on one ude. at a 

•hip:— /r./, heeling; >S»./. heeled'. [A-S, 

kfidam. Ice. kaiU, to incline : proh, conn, with 

ai, moi ol L. and Gr. cluti, to iocIidc-J 
BtftFk, Hytrm, hrj'i-m. or he-irn, «. ihc twif^ra' 

till'* of Miiliiii.insd fnim hlrrca, July i''. ''■^j 

A.i»., (rum nhtch ■» dated the Mohammcdaa era: 

any flighl. [Ar. hetijmt, cmicrarion.) 
BaUar. hef er, f^ > younf cow. fA.S. ktmfiri 

prof. li. h^fir~-ketk, a pen or cote. 1 
■Mgft-ho. hf-hO, It/, an c.YcUmadoa expresuve of 

weanncM. [from the »ound. ] 

t^, J. a hiU; 

ct.-v "t decree. 

(A.;. .-.- ,.. . ...i-^tt. 

MfkfiMi, hn'a. v./., to m^*K^ 4v4 er 
advmncc, iEnfmivt. or increix- ; in ntak«1 
'- ; - fniocoi ;— /r.^ bcigbt'eouif : 

H . aJj.. kAtf/^ii widMd ui a kidi 

tjcfjrcr , '-nnrntoua, afr<>ctouii. — ^Ai fetf^avly. 

— «L bwl'poawMa [Fr. AirmrKj* — tmmg, Kan. 

from fMlr, old Fr. Atidir, L. ^kA', «/mb^, U 

hate. I 
Bttr, Or, M. lit. 4fiv ffrfkoMi one wlio inhcnli dry- 
thing after the death of iKr frrrne* ; 

lo anything after l' 

halma jfir'cA.i.— iw thli 

A/iV Prov. Ar»", A*-' ■ HiWl'l 

eneii fomi of ijr i -; 

thdris, without, Sai ■ 
balr«vp«r*at, Ar ap^p J : .: 

or acknowledged lo be Hrir. 
Urtaia, X/WsL, aaj., wUkaut am AmV. 
Mr4oMi, ftr'-lCRIm, n. any pier? f>f ^ 

pergonal property ^ ' -' ■ ' ■ 11 

{H«lr. .uiJ AS. /.v, H 

hair-prcsuBptivt, 2r-[ 

fmumtJ to be oj «'.*uiu uv /v.*/- 

relative should be borti. 
B^Jlra. See Bailn. 
Btld, />ii/ Unse and /<i 
B*Uac«i, h(! li'ak-al. '.:. 

attr., enicrjji/ig iVi" i 

ing into it. — Oi/c baliacalijr. ^Kji . 

kiiutt, the «in ] 
baUeetstne, be-li-o-sen'tnk. hillnrnalilaal, 

Kn'trik-ol, adj. in ojfr., as teat froa 

{-^«/*v .— tfi/b. h«U ocaa'uioallf . ( J''t. 

triqtu^—Cr. Mfitin, Ibc *un, krvtnm, 
baltaflTMby. h£-b-og rati, i*. the an 

puturtt by «.rt-Ii<ht . photOEiTiphy 

gnphlemL — u. batlos'npbvr. [f'.r ^.■. 

grn^Mi, a painting 
fcallala^, h€ It ol'a ti 

[Cir. Ailiat, the *un. . 
b aU alal ar . li#-li.ora-trr, if., d :^v.nAi/ytf|>| 

nut. (Gr. hiti^, the &un, iatr-u, a 
baUoaooya, h&'ti-o-'ikOp. n. a tclcv...>iic /^ 

^A/' JMM n-ithour diLuIinc i)i>- 

— Gr. Miltfii, the sun, jIf>A 
balMrapa. he'li-u irCp. n. aV 

»id alwayi to turm rvmn,% . 

variety of chalcedony nt 

vancgatcd with red. [Gr 

the aun, m>/cs, a turn — /" 
BallZ. hd'lil^t. n., ■■ t/iraj, ;> 

r>W., the Koail or it« nhell 

the ear, — //. baUcaa, hel'i-iex. lUf . 

to turn round. J 
baUeal, hcriV .1. <f./,'., {■/ of ffrt*4mimr %tf\ 

»piral *iiy. 

baUaybci,' halupbartcal. 

ifcf/M "fy rvund •■ ^■ 

Bell, hcl, n lit. Aod ong. /4r jV^a ^1 

the place or state of punisHmcDt mm 

Alter ,k-ji?i; the abode of rvtl 

I : aiiy place of »iee «r 
■c. [A S A///.Ge». 
'..•/, death , ori^ 

t^'i^- ■ • I >)<:jih.) 
baiUtJi. til.l,, ,i.i> , fe*Uyi»tn^ 

v-ry wijL.: J.— rti/r-. baU'l^^. 
ball-bowul. herhtmad, m., 

aseiil of ttcll. 

helVbOr. tr r- '■ 

titc, Cit i mi, h«r : mioc : mOlc ; tttOlc ; tDODn ; 


- 1 '■ Affj , 


'<. language: 
aiicd. (Gr. 

_.. '» « Greek idiom. JFr. Hfl- 

-ill, M- one ikitlcd in the Crerk 

ft Jew who UK<i ilic Greek language 

-IMirue. [Oi. HtlUniiUi ] 

•icf ik, H * n*n l ft|4-> ]. hcl-cnistllt-al, 

/# /Af HtlUnittt; Greek with 

ip), &c See under Malvt. 

helmet, n., a covering or 

the KcmI - ID &'A, the hoodcJ upper 

.(wcrt, fA-S , Gcr. k^lm, uM 

-AS . l>r. A«-i»i». to Dsrer,] 

WlB*t»4, hci'mct-cd, Mij'., fur- 

|F4 •> helmrt 

X tnedicine fot expcllin;; 
t ; f-.iifuf — (jr. kfimint htl- 

■ J, keliiia, lo wrigKiC-] 
nri-Td ii-t[i'»I*o-ji, «f., fA^ tcienee or 
ttf -uvr-mu. (Fr, kritftintki-lff^w 
itMt, and /i!^(, a diAcoune. j— ui^'. 
rluL— M, UlBl&thol'oglrt. 
lot. Of hcTuf, n . n sUve. among the Spar- 
[Cf. krUi-r, 1 .Tr df kairrd, lo Kin, to 
in L. IfeifUt, Gt. 
itn nf HeloL, a town 
^. -. .-: J 1 - . . ■, Liy the Greeks. J 

nr licl - , «- , 'Ar cfitditici of tkt 
Sparu; slavery. 
' bcl'<, n. , tk€ vikelt hpdy <•/ ike 

Mrr </'; to support ; to 

for cfnirg anyuking: lo 

Mstancc; lo 

[icd', in B., 

I to another 

• ;»- / . tine whoaMitti: 

=s ). ' ''TM, Goth, ktl/an, 

Cc "i. auui.] 

r, «■ , rte Tc i ' /ri-.'^f ; an aftsiftant. 

1, »dj., gtvtng kslfi; uicfuL — n. 

«e^'. , %mtk*mt kelfi or power in 
wanting usjibuicc.— fWv. kdp'lMili'. 

,«., « M«// or compaaion cc^ 

apanacf : a wile. 

r; the handle or on aic or 

ftirriith wi(!i a handle, a« an 

■^ui J . /«./. helved'. (A-S, 

lie, hrlma, 3 rudder : Ocr, 

r#rat- ■ 

; udder ; the 
ia U: ..c itatioDof 

m. , /jW* nv(T)« at the i^flm. 
of » (armeni doubled 
n a hem on : to 
a Uinler.l 

Hf«. hem, M., (Wf. a Mrt of half otticH to drav 

ettention. — p.*. to uiicr the tound htm ! — ^fi. 

hcmm'ux^ : /a /. hemmed'. |froni the touQd.J 
Raaial, hC'ma) tuO'., rrfatimg /<* tA* ^A>w/or blood- 

vc&»cU. {Or. kiuma, Uood.] 
■aunu, heoi'a-tlt, n. in wi'w., a valuable ore of 

iron, KometimeK of a rrddith-^tvu-n colour. «oth 

a ^Zm^-m/ streak. [Gr. kitimalittM, blood-Uke 

—hsurmy, blood.] — a4j. hamaUI'lc 
Banlvbax*, hcm't-tfer, n., a kaff s/ht*^: half of 

the globe or a map of iL [trf. Jktmi^Jkairian 

— AAwi, half, and t^Maira. a tphere.] 
haalapbtflo. hcm-i-sfcr^ik, hnntoplbaciis], hein-i-«fcr'- 

ik-Ai, *tJj.. ptrtaitttHg t« a kimuflun. 
gimUttrti, hcm'i-ftlik, m., hnlfn Unr, or an tncom> 

plete line in poetrjr. [1.. hrmtttiekimtm , Gr. 

kimisitehion— kimt, half, itich^t, a line,). 
hmlattcbal, he-niis'tik-al, atij., /trtaifUH^ it or 

wrillen in krmiMtkJu. 
H w yp^, hemlok, m. a poiKinoii* plmt tike ifraw 

i»cd in inedicifw, [A S. k^mtenf — Umc, a plant, 

and prob. h^m, Ant/m, itubble, from tfac fcUaw- 

like appeaiaiice of ibe withered plani.) 
Hauiuriliact, bcin'or.5j, « . a hHrjting^ or flawing ^/ 

hhvj. — aJj. bvmorrbaglc (bem-or-aj'ikl. (Or. 

hitinttrrrkngia — fttiitittt, bluod, rkignumi, lo 

burst. I 
HtmorrhtMa, bcm'or-oid?. n.^l. painful tubercle* 

around the margin of tnc anu« from which A/da/ 

occuianallyyfc^v. — tttfj. baaairkoU'aJ. [Gr. Aaf- 

utarrhaidft — haitmtt, bluod, ;tn(J rhti, to flow. J 
Embp, hemp, k. a plant with a fibroiu bark used 

far coniage, cuar&c dttth, ftc. . the filfmu rind 

prc]iafcd for spinning. [A.S. ham*/-. Ice. knn^, 

L. (AMnahis, or. kanmabii. Sans. fuf«i, hetnp.J 
baspia, hemp'n, tifij., waJt rj krmf 
Kan, hen, «., tht Jtmsit ef any hint. e»p. of the 

domestic fowl. [A.S. kenn, Gcr. kanftr. Ice. 

httH, from AS. A<rw4, Gcr Atthn, lec. iuiMi', the 

male of binU, a cock : orig. tbe finger or crier. 

akin to \— eana, to ung.J 
hm^mwt hcfi'liln, n. a plant which is a han* or 

poi«on lo dctmeai: finrhi the Minking iiigbl- 

>hade, used in medicine for opiotn. 
haa-«eep, hen'-kcnp, m., a coop or large cage for 

,i0m*tiU Jou'lt. 
baa-karrur, hen' har-I-4r, tr. a spedet of falcon, 

the Cnmm'.in Karhcr. (Sec Hantor, a hawk.] 
ban pflcka4, bcn'-pckt, adj. foobihly governed by 

hit U'l/f. as a cock pecktd by tbe nen. 
R«B»«, hcnt, adv., /rvm thii place or lime ; In 

the future : from tbii caukc or reason : from this 

origin. — m/. away! begone t [old E. kttnet, 

li^tm, AS. Ainan ; Ger. hinuen^ here, AiW, intra 

this, orig. htna, accua. of Golb. hit, thu . fto L. 

AiWr, hence — hic, thikl 
baactforta. hena-fCrth', or hen«'-, baBe«farwu4. faen»- 

for'-*;»(ri, a>ii\,/ram ihii cime/crfh or /tnttftrd. 
BaBcbmaji. See ncidtrr Kavaah. 
HMdae u Mi, hen-ddc'a-gon, or. a plane figure of 

rirrrn angUs and elevcu ude&. [Fr. itHdJca^ 

xvtu — Gr. fUniUktt, elcvcti./iiMM, an angle.) 
hcB4«a«yUabla, hen-dek'a-ul1a-ll, n. a tnrtnml 

line cf firvett tyllaiUt.-'adj. baaAac'aarUab'U. 

[Or, Juadeka, elcYcn. tytUM, a s^'llabU.) 
Rap, hep. n. .^c Hip. the fruit of Oie dog-roiC. 

hcp-ai'ik, H»p«Ucal. hi-n at'tk-aJ. »«^'.,/rr- 
tatJkin- .-•! |L. Ar/o/'- 

.vitiation by rV 

her; mlbc; 


tfirriitm of /V liven of aninuU. [Gr. Jkf/stM* 
e»^im—M/ar, Al/atffj, Uv«t, xito/vJ, lu tnvpect.] 

■•fM4«, liep'tU, •(. Lhc mm or number of ithw. 
•even UngUAfpn. (Cr. k^itigiM^— 


;> bc^V 

ArfitA, ^even, c^SttA, gMifo, toag\tt, luttufr.] 
i with 

OM^Jfj uiij Kven tides.— *{r- fcnHM''a»L (Cr. 

Aeft^fmM, KTcn-conicred'-Hki^iiaf acid gOmsa, 

HI atiile.) 
lugteluidraa, bap-ta-hi'dron, «. ■ toUd figure with 

«rw« IrtJtrr or wdM. [Gr. At/Zm, tcveii, An^, 

ft BeaL a base— AoMur^ to fit.] 
taptutkj, hep'tflr-ki, m., « grrfrmm^Ml fy Mtum 

f€rionx ; the coontry governed by k-vcd : a period 

m ibe Sa-b^n hiuory of EugUnil. — ,tJj. haptar'* 

■Us. (Gr. fu^ta, seven, Arcki^ MrcrafBt)r— 

Arzk9, to rule J 

Bar, bfir, /**«■• objective and poMcanv* au* of 
Ma. — aaj. beloQfin^ to a feoule. [old E. Atft, 
At'r. A.S. h**n, semlive, accu&altvc, ami dative 
iinc of kf*, Bhc.] 

hm, hen, /rem. poAscuivc of Ska. 

banaU, bcf scIT, /reft, the emphatic form oTSk* In 
the nominative or objective case: in tier real 
dufscler . K^Lvin^ thrc coounaiid of tier temper j 
•ane. [H*r, and Salf.J 

■— M. her'ald. f». Et. fV tMauter ; an officer wtio 
OMd to challenge to battle and carry irmttifn 
between anniea : an officer whose duty U to read 
pnKtanuUiotUf to blaxon the amu of the nobility, 
sc: a prodauner; a foretunoer. — v.t. to iniro 
duoe, as by a herald: to procUun: — f''-A 
her'aldtag ; /d/. hcr'alded. [oU Fr. Mtrnli, 
Ger. AiwJJ—Aanm. to shootl 

hga Mk v her-afdik, mdj., of or mUtm^ U ktnUdi 
or k^ntUr^.—mdv. karaTdlcaQy. 

hs^irf . heraid-ri, «., tfu art or qfict 0/a htrmU; 
the idcaoe of recording getwalngiw aad bluon- 
ing coan of antu. 

9a^ htrb, ur krh, w. tit fooJ^ pajhtrw ' a plant the 

Men of which diet every vear, as distinguubed 

from a tree or throb which nat a permanent stem. 

— «<r. he r V t wa [Fr. ArrA#, L. AmM, akui to <>. 

fJUni, (laiture — -Afc/rA.*, to feed, to oournh.] 
kateMowL h«r-bi'snas, aJJ-^ frrttuMtmf to or of 

the nature of mrr^a: in hct., having a wofi Hem 

that dici to the mot acmuAlly. [L. A^wiatx^.l 
hvtaflit htrb'Aj, or irba^, n.,frwtm/acti/treat^; 

pauure ; berba coUecuvely. 
hvtal, y,^thal,mt(f\./*Hminuf t» k*ri>s.~H- abook 

containing a claiaficabon and docriptioo of 

pknia: acollectlan orpreten-cd pUnts. 
kafeatta*! htrVal-tst, m. one wh^ nuilce^ coUeclions 

of Arrm or plants : one skilled in (iUnl«. 
ftwtailaA. b^-bl'ri-um. n. a cbiaified a-i/^dusm ttC 

ptckcrvcd Afrit or plant* /A Iwrba'rtaas and 

ktfbartv Clow L.— L. 4-rrA» J 
>M^Miwi> b&^bcs'eal; o^'., /7vw«v intfi Arris, 

WomUic bertaaceoua. [L. AcvAnmw, -^tu, 

pr.p. of krrttsrm, to graw hiTo herba.) 
krtlMnM^ hto-biT'or-ua, «., taiimg av living nn 

At^$sct»u» pisntt. [L. ieriAa, vMw, to devour.} 
iMMMtai, hArb'a-rte. r.i, lit t*/orm » totUttien fif 

/tmmh; to tearch for planu, to botanite.— !•./. 

Ko flirm plant-like figures in, as in minerals : — 

/r,A herb^OrUiDg: pm^. herb'Arlicd. LFr. A^ri^ 

#il»^. for Ar*4«njrF>— U Jkg*ia.) 
h«*w*»«ea. faArb-oTH-xt'shun, n,, tlw utkmg /trr 

pkmlMi m sua., ihe fifure of planta. 

bArJcfilfrae, mdp. 

dangerous, jmcA «( m tfAr Aaaw Am 

Hrr^wUn, a Oreek hero rainoua 1^ hit 1 

of cJUraordinary strength and sbc 
Mard, b^rd. k. a number of hrasti ^Titing 1 

and waUhtdai ttmdali any ooUoctan < 

as distingutched frvn a flock: a coamMry 

people, in contempt; ih* rabbit ; mw «(o m 

cattle. — v.L to nia in henla.— «<./. 

herdsinan :—/»">- hertTing ./uy. 

ib»n/, Avn/, G«r. iterle—^\X G». 

tend/ Ice. Jkindm, to guanL] 
hariiiMil. hAidanan (in iT., hmlfi^m^ m^m ^ 

cmployvd «0 kfnt or lead cmlft. 
■m,h£r,«^.,Mi'Ai:i/^w: ta liiBtMDAtBfe* 

suie. [A.S. Arr; Ger. Awr. ahift ta fcr, 

aeifKbourfaood, and old G«r. Ai. Ai>. 1 " 

abMft, (1^. aUxtt this pJJKc- 

aftcr this, in tone futme tiae or 

future sUte.— Xare aad Ihani, «dW^. in 

and then in that ; ttuidy, 

aAl by th£B.'^wi<B',4A*. 

of thia.— JUrttolon'. 4^. bcfwe tkw 

merty. BBW ila', »dw. to thia 

— K artapi '. adv. on tfan; in 

thii.— SamMV, adv. with thia. 
Handttary, he-red^-tar-i. >m^*, 

ktritmMce : traasmiUM frtia Banaii to i 

spring.— «aif p. hMirHnOy. (l* A#n 

iurrdiiAj, the state of an bii; A^mn, 
bvllaUs^ bcrit 2bl, adj.. tJUi m» U 

[old Fr. A/v7/dAJ>. h^rMitm H f { 9% U 

/^aiilis—L. Ar-rtJitiU.] 
harttaga^ hcr^-ij, «., /A,t/ i: 

B.. tfae chiklrea (of God). 

^'tttm, imet n/M/agiimm — I., mwv 
haiilar. her^t.or, a. Gl aad ocjk> < 

had, a propnctor ta a] 

fiir Jk^mAistar—h, ' 
Baiaay. her'e-s, ■., (Am 

opinion contrary to dtc tsaal 

in iheologr; aei ac od a« y. [Fl 

Ajurttis, Gr. itai'nriA 4ai'iia». |a 

tersHi, be/a-cac. m., Mr MWfa-|r«. 

■iifi' haiallMl ii^t hwiftwli l&A 

able tocbooac] 

WaMk, herl-oc, «., « /tiBm^ ^ 
anciently given to the kv4 of iJa 
paid to the lord of tfae taaae 
tonaat. [A.S. Atftgmtm, % 
— Arrr, an army, grahm, 

britaUa. Battta«a, BMItga. See h 

■arBapmdlK hAMBaTrod-ll. <«, Gk. 
eury\ and AfAnditi (K/«m() 
■uncj>eraon: aaammolorapla 
— */r. unidng tba iliiriimiWil «f I 
and Gr. /f #rau^hAMdUM, Hh «M trfi 
AfJkrwdia, who. when *»*'fc|irc, 
with the ■ " * 


h^ittaf-rod-it', <ai^^ 
mttfAwvditt ; narlaikiag < 

Wagfcrstlim. Mr-oaTnid^iBi, 
h^marrDd-it>un, la., iAtwmiam^i 
in ooe body. 

ivaaiwvH*, her-Die-«8^ la 
na lik^. mdj., m » tt f , ve im i 
h aiwaa HasBy.^ ' ~ 

of tntorpratatiott, I 


Obq, Gir ; mc, b^ ; hUoc ; nfltc ; nfliB : 


tt, an bti^pmri-tpr, from 
Hermtii, Mercury, ihc god ' 

be <A^m«-a/j bcLuifin^C tott]-.: ^ . whith 

all bAninl phencfG'tt.fiM f/i^iu iWoc cl*> 
, viIe, ■ohtbur, ajul mercury ; pcrfccUjrelosc 

fX«q4etcly. u % bottle, agaitttt the odiniuiMi oT 
•Ir or any tfuU. by luviitK the cxtrenhy fused. 
(Troin Mtnmit, who wu ulio the god of tciSDCc, 
«ad ibc &Ucd tnreauir of chcmUiTy.] 
blMI^ htr'iirit. m. oor who reTir« from cckdetywid 
Snnamtt^ihtJ^mfMtA^Jtirrt. [old K,mmttj; 
Ok, fwimiif»—^rfmtM, solilsry, docrtj 
mamm^K h^raiMj, m., tJk* ^vtUin^ e/a htrmit ; 
• rrlfred »bodc : a kind of wine, so caUed from 
Htrmii^rt, « di&Crict of France. 
lai iM^ ^ti-VBXCCLH.iui] .rtlahngUrnhmnit. 
feVtfb hft'ni^. ■., a twtiiittg or ^nttusion, cm. 
of ih' abUeinra ; i rupture, —ajj. hutML [L. 
krr^:^. fixob. from Gf. fTMfis, a »proot.] 
^f^ ' :';. « ttNSfTwr, a Jnnifod; a oulu 

: bnvery ; oay QlustncKK pcrun ; 
.i'lrc m aoT biatory or work of 
fcct <»»'>. -^.ff" kv'elu. [Cr. A/rdi, akia to L. 
lar, iDain, hgrm, Gcr. Afrr-, nuuter. ] 
Mri^ h£>r^k, fiVi. , /(^^ ii>l/9r; becoaios a hero ; 
Cfcn^^*-"' ' "S : deti^iu ting ilie style of 

^;)loUi of heroes arc cclc- 
-i-se.— JJ'f. aanlaaUy. 
i-Knr.iik, iMrol-eoBtcaJ, licf-p-i- 
fcftOi'Ut At. »4j., eimtutitf v/ a mulurc of /ur^ic 
*m4 «*mtd I (Jcaignating ihc high burleiijue. 
■Hm, bef'ti-m, fi., a/tm<xU htrtr. 
■rt^a, her'o-um, ■., th« quatitia of m fttrp; 
oauckfc. boldiicu. 

19 admintioo of fraai nun. 
hc^'4*4iu, K>i/. a party aokonr the 
Jcv^ Kaluas dwu- namo liom H€r9ii, as beios 
w«NpociaJ piniiuiik * 

1*^ ber'un, m. a larKe terwmminjT waier-fowl, 
mtl% Io«« lee« and neck. [A.& kmgru, W. 
4nxr^ — c*i«'r. boane; Gcr, rrikrr' — rwUum, to 
■o^iai : Fr. ^rvm, L. an^M, Or. ^n>^«M.) 
vHrtMV, hcf'uD-tluw.iv., a ^wwNfik/WM; a pUco 
liv t^ wtwnag of hcrooa. If r. ikAvnaam, dim. 

■lll^ lic^nf , *, a common sm.^n ^d-fnh f'jund 
■DWHiC M cyt shooJi or mmititfdet. {\,S- 
Mal Occ; Ar^'v'— Amr, Cer. Arrr, an army or 
sllieil to U. MaUe, fiah-|Mckle.j 

Sm UDcJcr H«. 
be«V4U. ra,, ta lU'.ji /ast; to itop in 
w i WrLf a danMoa : to be io doubt ; to tuinmer : 

• ' "-"n^;>Wi7. hcs'iUiieti— «Ji'. ^V 

nac$iLto, ^tttntaiUfH^ ficq. of 

lo Kick, adheie. | 

■ ^*>ltattaii, he*-i-ia'»Uun, «„ 

uoubl; kCunmcring. 

-. hc«'per-iu. «., tAr evm- 

I L. ana Gr. tuiferos^ cvea- 

:^ii, o^r.. of Hft^ermM or ibe 

S-^ «r-«Mi<3^1, *^', having the upper 
' ' ' r Of looccd- thao the 

I. {Ot. 
cbe tail] 


krtvecUt^ bct'er-o-kllt, teMrecUtle; het-er-«^Ul^ 
yMrsatttttl, bel-rr-oktit'ik.%i,<u^..ijr^<^vi^r^ 

iHscr, and Jthim, inileccuig— >i/iut4, to inflect.] 
iMlacMlMa, hct'er-o-klll. «. in gvnm., a word arr*- 

gut*rij im^<KUJ: aaything irrcpilar. 
t«l««4«a, bct'er-o-doka, adj. holdmc aa <»^mum 
«)/An' or dtffenat from tha escabltaaed ooe, ofk 
intheolocr:bercticaL [Gr. Ar/<rua£urvf>— Ari^nu. 
•Hber, dojcm^ mn opinioo JtktJ, lo think.] 
hM«f«tex]r, hec'er<&Klok5-i. i>.» «il«/« or quality of 

being kdUrvdajt ; her«y. 
h f <— i f HU bcl-er-o-jinViu. Wfif itl. bet- 
er-ojta'cnal, »4j., ^oHotJur ract or ktmd; dia- 
similar :— oppcuod to W— iiifiaM ik'i. feaMta- 
laa'aamly.— <u. aaliwgiai'tty. t iiiii^w 'u MiiM 
[Cr. Artgpvgnis-Aetrrvi, otha, {tmM, a raot J 
Saw, ha, u./., ta ctU with any tkatp iutniBieiU; 
to cut ID pieces; to ahape :--//-./. bcWui^ . Jim./'. 
hewed'; /a./, hewed' or hewn. (A.S. tanaaa. 
Gar. jtoMM, Saai. cAJkt, to cue} 
hQ'ir, «., «<vr tvAc Artr^. 
and cidcs. — o^'. IwTiy'fiiwl m^rr. bmMa^tmaOf, 
(Gr. hfx*£ttum~-^jc, suc/Aud. an anftc] 
hczaBaler, Sdca-am'et-ir, #r. a vene of nx wttO' 
turn or bxx.—aiij., Aavutj^ lijc mttriaUJmt. 
(L. — Gr. htx, aix, wtttrtm^, a measure] 
bazapla, hekr';i-pU, «. [it. »nj^/atd coQectioo: an 
edition of the Scriptures in sta ''Tigilirn. ^ii 
haz'atilar. [Gr. kexapiaus, aiifold] 
htxapod, hcksa-pDd, m. an ammat with six fni 

[Cr. kexafitftu, -pMioi—J^j, ut./nu, a fooL] 
h mrt fch. heks'a-ftik. n. a poem of nx liiut or 
tVrjCT. [Cr. iW.raj^'A4ij — ^^-.r, lix, r/j'ot^^r, aliae.] 
teKBdyla, heks'a-ttll, a. a buililia^ with sis ^iiian. 

[Gr. Atfiiu/T'ilw— A#jr, lix, /)>£v, a pillar.] 
■4F, hi, pi/. expreisivQ of ioy or intcrn)£al>aa. 

(Gcr, **■(': from the tottod.] 

haydaj, bl'dl, int. cxpreMtvc of froUc, exultaiiooi 

or wonder. — n. a iiolJc ; the wildcc^j and sjiints 

of youth. [Ger htida: the present spcUtoc 

owing ID a supposed conoectioa with kigh,^y,\ 

Blataa, hi-S'tut. m„ «^/; aa opeatnc: addccc; 

in grmm., a coacQiTvitos of VOWel BOttOds Ul twn 

aucccuive aylUblca. [I.,., from ki«, Gr. ckmita, 

to gape, root cAa, the totauj produced by gaping.) 

ajhecaal, hT b^r'nal. ad/., hlmrimf ta mmtrw; 

wtntry. [L. AiAfrMo/iM—JUtms, Gr. cAmma. 

winier, Sons. Atam. now.) 

Ub«raato, hT'b*T-iilt, v.C, to imintfr ^ to paas the 

wmt<r in sleep .—fir.p. tifbermfttinK ; >o.>. 

hi'bemaicd.—n. Ubenu'tta^ [1^ kAnim, Xt. 

berHottitn—iiihtfittt^ winter4]uarten. } 

HIkanUB. hl-b^ni-an. adj.. rttating ia /fiimia 

or Ireland.— M. an Irishman. (froiB L. lHUrma, 

Gr. Jattemia, Ireland.] 

BftMBlaalaa. hl-b^r'ni-an-tnn, BDMCBld^ bl-bte'- 

fU-aiam, n., an Jruk idiem or /cctdtan'/f. 
BeeangSi, Bloeap. Kkkap, htk'up, n. a sodden and 
involuntary ItuKi of cou^h. — t-.i. io have a cnicli 
oJ" ihU kind :—fr./. hiccoughing (bik'up-ing) ; 
>•./._ htccmigbird (hik'uptl, [Dutch, kuekuf, 
old E. kichet, Fr. ke^ust; from the sound.} 
Slekary. hiVor-i, if. the name of several Americui 
nut-bearing trees, [perhapsacorr. of Cov^o, ^ 
botanical uame, from Gr. karyan, a nuLj 
See under HM«. 

Udaigo, hMlal'gO, n. Ht. th* ttm ff tamfhody; a 
SpaniiJi ooblennn of the lowest cuaiL [Sp. iiijv 

fair; mine; mOte: 



the son of scmcVidy, or wn of the 
, apposed lo Mooruli blood.] 
llfc tod, vJ., t» f^v i to o^ncfi'itl : 10 kcfp in 
■•hty.— r.r. lo lie coiicchIdJ ;—/»■./. Iiid'mz; 
^./. hid, hidd'cn. (A^S krtdvi, lo jirQtrtt, old 
Gcr. htt>(saH, W, httJJ^, t.i cover, Or. ti^ui/ta, 
Sans, r'^i*^! to yiroiect, tMad, to cosher I 

hU*, hiu, "-. 'A«^ ti^t^VA tfTirrs and pmttfU the 
flnh or Ixyljr ; ihc >Lin. [AS. A,>^ Gcr. kaui, 
alUc4 to L< cuti$, Gr. f^rt*/.) 

Mdrt» «B <, hTd'lmund, oAj., having thr kidt elcttty 
tMHind lu (he budy a^ in ^ninulk: in tnc», tuvitij* 
ilie bark to cln^e that it impedet the srovrth. 

hldlti^. Nid'^ng, «. a place ot cemcealmtnt. 

UdilHB, Ir'J'n. fi*i^*., icztrrA; unvrtni . iiiikntnvn. 

BKmu. hid'c-UA, atij-./ri^t/ui; liorriWc : ghattly. 
— a,i:' hidMiuay.— f(. bidMumMK. [Fr. hhituje 
— ^Id I'r, Ati/y, kinie, dread, Sw. iunta, lo 
khudder, akin to L. kisfiidHi, rough, nidcj 

BU, ht, t'.i. (o basten to quickly as tn fant: — ■^''./. 
hie'uig , fia.p. hied', [old ^ iu'tht, A.S. Aj^im, 
O. Aijcirn, to pant for. J 

IQcrsrch. hlVr-iik, i(.. d ruirr im gttcrtd matten. — 
aiij. kl'<fW«b*L |Cr. /ufrmrck/t — A/VriV, SacrcJ, 
4trv'u-t, a ruler, from ««rj4(', to nile.J 

Unvrchy, (iter-Jir-ki, n., rN^r ih m.'rni maltm ; 
petvjiii thAl »<j rule : the tody of the clergy ; n 

Sdvenimcnl by prieua. — iidj. hltntreh'lML [Gr. 
imri Itia—AuTvi, tacrcd, anir, tule.) 

hlomUfi, hT-ir-at'ik, ai/j., AMmi; rcUtinfi to 
phetts. IL. hif'ituui, Gr. kunttiktu.] 

ttlovflTpk, hrer-o-glif. httroflypUe. hi-tr-o-glt/lk, 
«. a tacTtd atrt'ed fii{iire or symbol ; picture- 
wriliag among the KkyP"-^"^: ^*V ^ynibuli<-Li| 
fiKiue.^ — aJjs. littrof lypb ie, hltr«flypli'u«l. -ii.i:: 
Wwojlyph'leaUy. [Gr, AurBgij^fhiJtoH — kun'j, 
fcacrcd, jf''.*'/*''. t) carve.] 

hi»nfiT9^'^M'iT-t>-g\iI'ist,H.,aiu ttii^ in rcai]> 
ing kif^glyphiii, 

ltl«r<«rspiUc. M-cr-o-^rafik. hlwa(r» ph t cal . M-^r^o* 

fCr. kuregTafhiitoa—hierat, lacrcd, aod/nt/A- 

ifcftT, frorn/vn/'Ai'. lo wnit,J 
htavbcr* hT-et-ufoji, n.,tfu ia>x/r which treat» 

of tacrtH matien, especially tacrcd wnlioK and 

itKcnptionk. (Gr. hiefv{ei^iA—kttT*t, tacred, 

and iog^t, X diKOuriir or treatise.) 
hUnvhaai, hVcr-o-lanl, n. one who «4nttf or revcoU 

tasrtd things; a prie&c. (Gr. Aifrt>/ka»tft~~ 

Ai^mi, %Acr^, /Ajiita, lo »hew,] * 
mala, higO, ri' , fa HawJe atvotit provurirHit for 

«ale ; to nuke difftculcy in bargaining : tocbaffer: 

— ^r,/. tii(;i;'ling ; >a./. hi^n led.— n. hlfglar. 

(a fomi of HaoM;, and kawk, lo tclL) 

Klfk, ht, *tdj., wn»wii «r/»OT alvvf: elevated; lofty; 
tail: emioent in anything: illustrious, exalted 
in rank : dignified; chief; noble : ostcntauoua ; 
arrogam ; pnjud : wrong ; powerful; victorimis: 
aagry : loud; violent; tempcttuoui: potiscMin^ 
a quality in a strong degree: excellent, (ax 
adnmced : difficiiU ; dear : remote in lime, — 
tfi/f., aloft ; ctninently , iiowerfullv , profuundly. 
tA.b. it^tth. Goth, hituiu. Ice. M, Ger. MiKk, 
eoun. with Saiu. tuihi, above, on high.) 

hl|li-a4Blial, bf-ad'tni-ral, n., a hi^k or rAi*y 
admirmi of a flccL 

Ugk-aU4r, hfawl-tar, n. the itltnf at which ooly 
kigk rnau is eelebnted in R. Catholic churches. 

hlfh-tatUf, hi'-bSltf, M. lit. cktrf baiUff, an ofBccr 
whi verves writs. &c. in ceruin franchiset. e»- 
emp( fnjtn the ordinary supemMoa of ibe ftherilT. 

Utft-tlMrcta, h; 

the pony in 

e«ireine im^' 

oidinanccs, nml rr.r:iiu':uci- - m bi^k'' 

Baa, hlck-«k«rckli&. 
high eoloBzvd, hl-kol-unl, oj:^'. having « iirwif 

^l.inni; tt^ifHi'. 
Mcft lUr. hr -n. H.ihalKUy: ta i7 . hnod dayfMtt. 
hi«b <■< I.;' ltd. rtfl(f.. Z'*' Aj^-A^ or toxitnwMy; 

|j.uTiprrr<l. — w. Ugb'-fNdlag. 
hUb'Alw. til'-lll-cr, M.. tvtr cuWjf«r» 4*/A,«cnaM 

ui!3 curavjgAOce ni optiuou or actj( 

Ugh-lowB, hl'-flOn. ndj' eilravapoK, 

proud ; turgid. 
Ufbhandad, bl'-hatid-ed,<ij(r'. (wcrbcviw: fU 
hlfb-kaartnl. bf-Mrt-ed, adj., wi/Jk UieJtmii 

or full of coutAgT. 
klghlaad, hrUnd. n.. Ittttd hick <u ele««lad: 

inDuiiLuitouK diklrict. 
hlg h UnJa r , hlland-er. h. an inbabiUtiC of • 

kigti-iuai, hr-nuh «. the M«if rta4 vn 4^ i 

hUk-BluAad. hI'-mtnd'C i - ■" '"- ' * 

or xrmgaiit nittd: 
iiistgnaniniouti,— n. liv 

vf rank ; a title of honour given to pnnccw 

hLgb>plaet, br-pl^t, rr. in B., an einin«ur< tun »itick ' 

iinbiwfiil iroHihip ttn- ■■—•'-■ ' ' . ■ ■ f 

Ugk-prMnra, hT-prctl. . 

eneioe in which ih.- 

Icinperaiu.-e *o lliat ii-.^ /■».«■..# u^f 

that (if the aUiimphcrc. 
Ulh-prlut, hl'-fir^st. u. ackUf/rifif. 

kl«h-proof. hi -priHr, tuij., /r. d 

lUcohol; highly rectified. 
Ugb-rwd, hi'-rOd. m, one of iha public m 

kl^a«Meu4. hl'-se-end, at(/. made n'r4 or ] 

with spicet or other tfau*Muif, 
hlctk-aoalad, hT'-kOUl, ad^. having a J^r4 gr M|| 

iiv./ pr spint. 
kigkMU4ioi, hi'wuad ins. «<r,MMiMri|44 

[lotupoiii . o^tcniatiouv -v..,r.,..r' ^.^. having n 4^ ( 

or natural fir - ^\ ir^ioUe. 

U«h-tast«d, h. having a 

piqtunt fiistf . 
hl^-Wftt«r. hi'-witot-ici, K. U : 

tidr is kifkett; the greaieM 

klghway, hrwfl, m. a kigk of y^ 

blghwsyaan. hrwZi-man, «., a k,^pJnp<rj "-^jwrr. 
Ugh wmght, hX t9L^x.adJ.,wr9M^vukf^^tiink 

skill ; highly finished. 
Hllarlow, hi-U'ri-ua, *//., rhferfut'. giy. 

nierr>*. [L kilaru; Gr, kfAirtt—ko'ttflr. iui4if^ 

gay, cheerful.) 
huart'ty, hi Uri-li, in,. , 

cheerful; gaiety: p' 
RHaxy, hU'ar-t, A^/'". tl 

the fciiir terms of '. 

from I lib to 3)«t I ' 

//i/ary, whose fc*u\.i.. .^ j .... 
BUI, hit, «. a 4x>A nuM of land, Icm thsil • 

taia (A.S. *iVy. Ar//. oUl E. AW: Im. 

fllte, f&r ; inC, hit ; mloe ; mStc ; *mQu ; mJIOn ; ^Aen. 




-' ■' - V'!!, ond root ttt in fWnw, 


bB ch snjrthins n keM, ihc 

h- 1. rA S. A///.- l»ulch. 

**■ '"ncm rout of loic] 

B». -i« ..-f Bt. [A.S. 

Ad* - emphatic and reflective 

(• ' lUo cxpretac^ tlw pnpcr 

r'-- ..(1 of a pcnoo. 

11 iHcb J 

fc»l m^lc of the Ua(j. [A,S. A/wi/,- 
:/iM ; oM (irr. Amtia, kiiitti.\ 

i^. rt mrwrVr (j/" n family . it 

^T- ' rr; servant ; a peasant [A.S.A/nn, 

Af"^ , ■-, N peoon, a jcrr^u : Sw. kjun, 

tic - .. ;uiiIy . U-c- kicn, a r*mUy, alUeil 

b ' ' ■■lily, AntwuB, domestic* ] 

lid :[.<■ rrar or al ilie Mi7; 

I*" ■ Hfii back iw^trd ; opposcil 

l^*^ -ifaiivc nfHlad, but useJ 

ifc*« I or keep behiiuii to nop. 

«r J -7 ■ '^mtarnM. — *,i. to nisc 

I ' ^ -' ■ riiiji ; /*•./. liind'crcd. 

<.'i:r. /uMtiVrn; frum S1BA.J 
An*, UMn«M, hin'dnuu, m., set 
tijt wluch luDdcn; obfuclc. 
•^«OT ■»!. i.;r.._r^ iiidJ, htnimoct, hrnd'tiiOst, (ir(f'. 
xtf^xTlatirc '.if BIb4 ; ftirtiic»t behind. 
Wia*. Sittt^u ...)■:■. " ..> - *H>ngtnal aalive of 
H\mi»\i the banks of the 

5i« ■ j 

i_i_, — .„-^. ,,:!., «, the rdifious 

MuubL hin-iJiRMtan'J. «. and ntij. 
UA4fu4St «ir pciLainiog to the Unguniic o/ 


:' ' ■ -'■■'--• r.n which a door or 

A ■■ ihin^ drpciiiU or 

rijcfci to bend. — 

.•c:— /r./. hifiK- 

'he, liook, hinge: 

'Lflll luiigc ; Sent. 

i» HI. 11 aiKltf..] 

: ;im<iuce of a klalboa and a ^le- 

■ Or hiHKfix. frnwcr, a miiic.) 

ii; to mind 

la allude 

fe I'.- alluMUD , 

fc* ■; . /' /■ li'"' «d. — «, a 

id- :! laenUon; in<i in nation. 

[I J, I)an,^fl»/^, to hum, to 

1^ • rieshy part of the ihie>i. 

- /'■' f*. hipp'inif . /rt./. 

. I. kM/H\ 

: (h« wild-brier or 

itnmt»mpm, htpB-kuf*^ '-^ of fi«he5 

wini t<*.Kl »M neck - <hcte of a 

4iipH, *A«1 a Ihw. tape- „ h they can 

Avyta, ■ banc. Lmmfl, a nmnng.] 

UppMnteo. hip-O'Knt'airr, n. same at Omtaar. 
IGr. hifffity a horvc, ai»d Ontaiv.} 

hlppairoai, hip'odrOm, n. a r»c< •<■.'•»•*# for .<*i^*j 
andchoiioU: jn ct)ue«rn77 ' - 

4rom»t— hi/J>oM J a horte, ,. 

Uppofriil^ hipo-urif, «. a fa . 

half lufrif ixna half i^-»y/<« ii i ..:_, ^.r^ ,,^,.f — 
Gr. hi/^t, a horac, atid rryfJ, a cntftn. J 

hlppopatlMlofy, hip-po-pA-inol'o-Ji, »., /A/ ^M- 
alv^yqfthf Aari^ ; the tcicntc nf veterinary medi- 
cine. (Gr. kip^s, a horM;, and ratbotocy,) 

Upp«pba«ou, bip-poTa-KUk.A^/.. hvru^aUnf. [Gf. 
Kt^ftti, a horse, and f'hagi, ui cac } 

hlppopka^, hip-pofa-ji, n.. ^ji<- ai7 or practice i^ 
/reding an Ajri^-ficih.— «. Upp«pli'«cl«t. 

talfpopotantw, hip-pu-pcr'a-miu, n , tiu rix*^^-ker^t 
— an AfncaD quadruped, one of the lar^c«t cjist- 
ing, of aquatic hatiu. havine a very tbick. kkin, 
short ]ei;», and a \M^<t head and oiuul«. jL.; 
Gr kifpif^^Uytitu — At^W, aiKl/ci/itvfK/, ^ river. J 

blfppulc, hip-pQ'nk, adj, denoting an acij ubtai/ml 
i'dio iho urtH* of ktrrut, (Fr. kt^furiquc — Gr. 
kiffios, a horv), and anrvn, urine.) 

Klr«, hir, N. , wofffM for service ; the price paid for 
the me of anything.— p./. \o procure the use or 
«ervicci of, at a price ; lo encase ft" wai{e«. to 
let for compcnuLiuo ; to briuc .—pr^. hiring; 
/rt-A hired . — K. klr'cr. IA.S. kvrtoM, to hire, 
kyr, Ger. iuutr, W. kivr, w3CC4. | 

htralliif, liJrling, V. ,<i Af'rrt/ jrmii'ii',' a laerccnary ; 
a pmuitule. (A.S. kyrU>ig.\ 

fatrmt hTr£, in B., plural vf BU*. not now u»ed. 

HLrmla, hir-fcAt', mdj., hairy; rough: ihaggy: in 
hct., having long, stifEiii hain. [L. kinuitu — 
kirna, kirius, rough, hairy, Kbag^jy.) 

Ui», hu, firvn., pos&esiive form of Ba : In 8., uiteti 
foriYr. [A.S. kit, poueuiveof/iir, and orig. of*/. J 

HlapM, ht»'pi'^< fffj-' in tct., rough with or having 
ftrong kairi or bri&iiet. [L. hijfidNi.) 

EUa. bis, t'.f. lo make a sound like the letter /, at 
the Roote, Krpenc, &c. ; to cjipict* conicmpt. &c. 

Iry hiuiiig — v.i. tu condemn by tiivt.tiig : — /r.p. 

hiu'ing ; 7*«t./. hissed'. [A.S. kyiuxH; (omicJ 

from inc «ound.] 
tala^ his, ■«. ihe MUind of itie letter i, an expretoion 

(jf disapprobation, contempt, he. 
Uailac, tiislne, it., iht mrue a/ a kitt: object of 

Usatng; object or occ^isioo of contempu 

Hilt, hikt, int. demanding vtleiice and attention; 
kiuh t lileooe t [fcynned from the sound.] 

Klibology, hiifr-to1'o-ji, m. the leienct which treatx of 
itie minute ttructure of animal atxl vegetable 
■ tiuue. [Gr Au/iii, bar ofa loom, web, icvlurc — 
ftistrsKi, to make lo tiand, ipgts, a discourse.) 

EtitocT, his'to-ri. n. a ttcry or statement of ficti 
obtained hy inquiry ; an account of an event ; ■ 
sysiemadc acrouni of the nngin and prosress ot 
a nation : the knowledge of fact >, events, &c. [1^ 
and Gr. */j/.'rw— Gr. Aui^rrit. to learn by i»- 
quir}'— AiV/.'r, knowing, learned.] 

hktorlaa. hU-lfiri-aii. m. , n turiUr *f kiii»ry. 

Uatorlc, his-trr'ik, MitArteU. his-tOT'ik'nl, mJj.tftr' 
taining tv h. 'oing history, ucnvcd 

fTORihu-iurv icaUy. 

hlctorlagraidiy. \ - W, n. the art nr em- 

ployment r.f '.i'r:ii>'; hiilcry. (Gr. kuioriv- 
gtnapkui—kiMfc'fia, aiid gra/kfi, to wnU.J 

Uationocraphar, hts-t6-ri<og'ni-fir, m., « wri/fr ef 
hitt^ry; a profciied or official 

HMtImIc, hi>-lrvon1k, Irtrl—faiai, hiMHoriMtHil, 

Ciie, Or ; mt, htt ; mloc : mOCe ; mQte ; mcsn ; tkaau 



adj. , rrUlinc ^' '**' ''<V or tutgr-^laym : be- 
filttns a lh«^tre.~«4iV. UMrtonkailr. fU Au- 
trjimicut — kiilria^ Elriucan priuury fum kisttr, 
a pLaxer. ] 

Mililiiliw. Iiii'iii II iiiiiii." . tht iiiTi mi iiiiirrini 0/ 
ita^t'^l^yinf, or oT )niiluiiuiue. 

■n. hit, v.t.. to iifht om thit whkh it ouned at; 
to toucli or strike; to reach: to suiL— 4'.). to 
ocHae in ctaiUct ; In chance luckily ; tu succeed : 
— /^y. hitCinic: >«./. hit.— «, Mll'«r. |A.S. 
JkfftoJi, to puruie ; Ice. kitia, tn Ught on, ti> fiiul,] 

htt, hit. m.. A iightmg nton; a lucky criancc: a 
atrokc . a happy lum of thought or etpiaiioa. 

Bt^ liicJi, I'.f., to mw* hyjerkt^ b» if caught b; 
X hook . to be caushl by a hook : to be caughl ur 
£lU into.— p /. to hook : to catch \—fr.p. hitch'- 
ioj ; /J-/- hitched'.— w. a jerk ; a eaten or any- 
thing Uut holdt; an obstacle; a suildm halt: 
nmmt. . a knot or nooie. [Som. kitck, mouon by 
a jcric: Fr. Hfcker, to jog: Dutch, hitttfm, to 
juxnble ; pror. Gcr. kikMn, W. lucian, to limp.] 
MM, M.. a nmaUJunitn, [A.S. A//A.] 
tuM'ir, it^p., /ff this ^Utc€, — A4i' toward 
the speaker ; nearer. [A.S. kWur, kidrri Goih. 
kidrt; Ice. hfdk^r; Sw. A//.] 

Utbanoftk ht^A'^r-toSkt, adj, nearest on this side. 

ftUhirtft, hi/A'£r-lSDi o^. , to ikUplae* or time : as 

hItfcwarJ, liiM'ir-wanl, ^o., ttntttniM tkit fLu<. 

Btv, lilv, «., a /arnUv or swarm of beea in a 
box or basket ; the hihitaEi'jn of bees ; any busy 
company. — r.^. to collect into a hive; to lay up 
is store.— v.i. to lake shelter toi^cther ; to rcude 
in a body;— ;*r./. hivW;^^. hired'. [A.S, 
kj>/». Iijvc — kiuvi, Goth, lutv. Ire. him, family.] 

Uw, nlv'^, H., CH£ ^vko collects bees into a kivt. 

H*. Boa, ho, int. x call to cxdle attention; hcUi 
•lap ! (fonncd fnim the sound.) 

Boar, liOr, atfji ortg. hairy; tukitt or grayiih* 
white, csp. with age or (ro«t. — m, hoariocs*. [ A.5. 
har. hoarv, pay ; Ice. hrrUf gray hair, kitrdr, 
haired or oairy. } 

hMTAraafc, liOr'-lrairt. n., tidkite /rtui; the white 
panicles (onned by the freezing of dew. 

iMaAeaBtf, lior«b««B4, hdiHiound, m. a plant of a 
wAifuA or duwny appearance, used lu a toric 
and for coughs, once mppoaed to be a remedy 
for the bite of a tnad oog or ktvnd. fA-S. 
kara-ktMtg, kara-kut* — kar, lioar, Hovad.] 

howy. hdr*)* adj., othite ox gray with ago : ip M-, 
covered with short, denw:, wtiiti&tl haixi. — m. 

SoMd, hOrd, «., a tUfrt; a hidden stock; a trca- 
nire.-— v-/. to aton; co amais and depoiit in 
tecret. — r.i. 10 More up; to collect -and form a 
hoard:— /r./. boarding: /«>. hoarded'. IA.S. 
Affntf, k^^—k^ardaM, to store ; akin to AyrvlaM, 
to guanl, to keep.J 

■MTi. hard. Boartlag. hOrd'ing, w., m kurdU or 
fence enclosing a house and maieriali while 
builders arc at work, [old Kr. kuttir, barrier; 
Gcr. ktirdr, hurdle : from root of Hardl*.] 

Boana, hSrs, adj., kax-in^ a kartk, ermtiitg roice, 
as when aAecied with a cold; harsh ; discovdauL 
— M.baans'BMa— aj'f.hoarwiy. (jV.S.jht^; Ger. 
Atitrr; I. roititu : akin to Sau^ ttMl, rw, li> 
SDUiiiI. ncft-A, sound.) 

iMnaa-laoch, luirvUf, »., a JkmrtA, htriitrwvta langk. 
IHaarM, and X<an^l 

Boftry. See under Soar. 


Hoax, h&lu. N. a dece- 

— p.f. i<> deceive , 

sjHirt, cr without 411 > 

hoaxed'. yir^mkacMi. ■• 
Hob. hob, m. the pr^jtttim 

flat part of a graie, orit:- '■ 

twecfl which the embcr> wvc c.'nliQod. 

hm&, a heaving ; W. kak^ aaytluoc llUK nica or 

bMuil, hob'Dil K. '< 

ktitd used in the > \ 

of men: a clownn< 

hobnails in his lho«. —/;,<;. bob Ball*4. [brv 

Sob, a projecting bead : uso riven frnni Uv. 

h^ip-nafte, Gcr. km/^iagti, hoornaiLj 
Hat), a nutic, a iatry. See andci- Bebbta. 
HobUa, hoVt, P.I. to walk witli a A'/; to tlii 

walk awkwardly; to movr irretularfj 
. fastenlooscly the leg* of :—/>•./. nohbl 

hobbled.— M. an awkward, limping , 

culty. la freq. of B«p.] 
hiA^ hob, X. a kaikimf clowni&h fellow ; a 

a (airy, bccatisc supposed to kMig qr 

rather than walk, [alto given as a can 

Itatb*n, vx Rnhrwi.'i 
hAbfobUn, liob.gob'lin, n. lie it keAkUmg i"^ 

(airy ; a frightful apparition. Chalw BaUte.) 
Bobby, hobl, koMiy-hoiM, hob'i-hon, 

active horse : a tuiuiig horse : a ctick nr 1 

a horse on which bo>-s ride : a aub;cct oa wt 

ooe is eonttandjr tiftin£fff; a £avoujite p 

[from the kclhttttg or kapfiug gait of the 

hence old Fr. koSim, Dod. **hf^\ 
bobby, hob'i, «. a iniaU ipcciei of fiiKaa. 

EohfobllB. See under Brtbta. 

See under Bob^ a ptojcctiun. 
hab'nob, adv., hast* or inU kio* i \i 

inviiatitin to reciprocal ilrinking. (A-S. 1 

to have, and naSboft, nol to lMve>] 
Hock, HocUs. Soc Hmi^ 
Beek, hok, n. a fine Rhenish wise of . 

lowish colour. Lfrom H^ckkrim, m < 
Ho^iy. hok'i. n.. kMkiy. * game at 

with a club or kofikfti stick. 
Bans-pacw, hf^uvpC kus, w. a juggler; aj 

trick. — v.f. to cheaL (frr-m .v-4«« Kv>' 

aniitendy used by Ilaliaji 

B corruption of the wor<i 

ridiculous imitation of t: -. 

their formula of tranaubRtant^aii«:i ] 
BB4,liod,i>. akiod of A>vatfil A^rw^#w tA^ . 

for carrying brick and wot tar. [Fc. and 

k*tt^. a bauct cauTied on the hack.j 
biMlMHi, hod'man, «., s mmt wkm amrryg0\ 

a maspn's labourer. 
Bodgv-podga, boj'-poj. Sea BaM^ot 
Bo*, ha, N. an instrament for krwrng or /tOfH 

up weeds, and loosening the earth. — tX w 

or clean with a hoe : to wcod.^^ i. 10 »« a h 

— /r./.hoe'iBg:*a>. hoed'. — «.lM«r. Il»>. km 

Gtr. katiem; A.S. iuav^i" • - - • ■ - ' 
Bog, hog, «., tk* tynntw: 

Xkox : a pig.^«./. tocut i.\ 



hoeg^ng ; At./, bograd . 
k^ck, AmitA. iwine— Amk' 

hoglsh, adj.,rtM*!tMt-j4*i£ « 

filthy: selfish 
hog-riBctr. hofT'-riDg-tir. m. uuc whw 
the aiiuuts ui A^/v. 



&te, far ; tat, bir ; mine ; mAte ; mflle ; "><PH; iktn. 

< a. tin; mdlcd im*)d or fkt c/" 

ftn Scot Bun), w . a young thcep 
ur. (D. ^nMWmV. a beasi o( 
•« bcjjic <cd in the 40* or peo] 
ft t»otr of tli« Mcood year ; a 
V k bu ptwcd its GrU year. 
1, II. aa oM sumMire of capidty 
nposal ^tloBl: a h*a pipe. 
i freoi lU ■lin>e, or cofrvpfc^l 
t»Aw rf , px aoo head ; Sw. i>j- 
; And Jbf/mid, head. ] 
, A rmi^i ^ , iii^rrJ girii a 
«, tnatic, boU.— »-»'. to lomp 
U £ A.-tdMn, Dutch, ktyt^h 

' niM with tackle : 

^ ^a«t,/, lioUi'cd. — fl.act 

ihc bcisrti of a ml. [akl £. Jk^ite, 

kiuM, Dsn. A/u/, to lift.] 

ei a, **/■ aa caclamation of sur- 

III mnd tmi, loierjectioai acfsor- 


> htfp xamtmon of or authonljr 
; udefead: to occupy: lo dcntc 
. ,.. -.^,^fi^.-; to restrain : to con- 
oijin : to celebrate: to 
I remain Axed : to be 
t. i" w--.iaiue unbroken or iin- 
ItMTc: to derive fialit:— ;^./. 

hdd |ob». Iiflld'en). (A-S. Mtai- 
; Goth. JuUa/t; 


or mnoer 0/ holding; seuure ; 

; Mmetliau; fer -nipport : a place 
ciialody : a fortified place : a mark 
Nsl or DOlc, indicaliog that ti i* 

P.oMAi/. ofHvU. 

, m., ttutt %uknk ksUU/att; a 

oMytMmg krtti : teoorc; a &no 
bold: influence. 

f/; a cavity : an opeoinc 
a DieaA habicaiion : a sub- 
^Ctcapc. — I'./, to form hole* 
., — !« I*, to so into A hole : 
haled'. [Gcr. heM, hoU 
Afli; A.S. Aaf. a hole, 
.__ Or. Aw/at. hoUow.) 
V Mh*f or iQt^or ci^nty of a 
leAoor atwl th« lower deck, ij*ed 
iDvtch. Mtf~hal, bollowj 
, A«vvy d kaitz not tolid : coo- 
lly fp»<e: vacant: ituikeo: un- 
•^—ft. a hole ; a cavity : any de- 
ody ; any v^Lu'ty: a aroove ; a 
iRiikc a hulc io; to make hoi- 
: 10 excavate :-^-/. hoU'owing ; 

I .. /; i-ffttg MUMiftt ty€t, 

.ufj., havifig a k»l- 
cu: trvacberooi. 
T... - . . - ii*ti»/6nMgk0ti^to; 
nvfi trcacbcTT. 

rwnJcT %*i9. 
iul uf luiHi &nt made in 


holandi, n ^lu tuade in tt^lLxxd. 
hoTo, Srihh. hol'i, I*'', A.->, fhrrr; attend. 
sloudslwjut. — v.u \<y cry toQ-ilr to otte •»( a 
Dae:-WV hoUoiac: /«/■ hoUflcd'. (Ocr. 

A<*i:£i; Fr. %t& h^^maiU—U Ulme. there.} 
BoHiw, and its ooorpouBcb. Sm oxidcr ■■!•. 
■aly. hoTi, t*. » r* «g.i e «i i shrub havinc pridtW 

Icaircs and leaHet or yeUov bctnea. tA.S. 

Ao/fx^f the hotly.] 
BoUflMfllL See under Bn^. 
■olm, holm, or httan, «., a rnvr-wfir/; ndi ftaC 

land near a nver : the ilex or ciu'^icen oelc. 

pcrhapft»o called became it crows has: in hUmu. 

[A.S. httm, a rirci^ialanAl 
BalawMt, bol'o-kawst, «. a bwmt tacrifica, in wl^^ 

the wial* of the victim was camumcd. [Gr. 

ka l oit mm iio t t Jkafas. whole, and kmtatot, buniL) 
halecmph, hofo-craf, «. a ^Kumaxwkoilfwrittm 

by the penonfrom whom it pracKcda.--««^' bal*- 

pa^di'k (Gr. kolagrmfJ^, wboUy wntlcB — 

A*iw, whole, andfr»/W, to wnte.1 
holoBrtar, hol-am'ct-£r. «. an iiucrumeot for taltiaK 

aiDdoAs oi mmsurft; a pontoraeter. [Fr. A»w> 

metrr — Gr. haLu, whole, and autrwm^ OWMUrt.) 
Ro]pm, fcOlp'n, o!d>t./. of Kalp^ 
KoMa', bot'f ttr, n. the leaihcm case carried faf a 

hgrseoun at the forepart of the nddle for crver- 

tug a putoL [A.S, knisUr, a hidinf-pbce— 

Mom, lo cover, to hide-l 
heUUrad, hcrsttrd. ajj'., hemrvtg Mtt^n. 
Holi, holt, «. a wmJ or woody bSD : a hole, or olfavr 

place of accimty, eifi. a deep hole in a river, 

when there is protecboa for fish. [Ger. M^i, 

a wood : conn, with L. latec, Gr- kuit.l 
JUtT, ho'U. tu/j. lit. wJksU; Mtmllkyi perfect tn 

a moral tense; pure in hean : relicious; set 

apart to a Kicrcd u*c — tuiv. h»'Uly. [A.S. kalig 

—kaJ, aound, whole : con n. with Baal, Sail, Wkala^ 
boUacH, hi)1ine», m., ttatt 0/ bting hotj ; rcUgioia 

goodness ; piety : sancttcy : a title uf the pope. 
hoUytock. hori-bok, n. a kind of maUaw, brought 

into Europe from the Hfljf Land. [Hely, and 

bock— A.S. kixira/, \V. katya, nullowkj 
boly-day, hoTi-d^ boUday, hof'i-dA. m., a kffy da^l 

a religious festival : a day for the comnteiDOlUlBli 

ofHrne event: a day ofaniuMmcut 
Eoly^BMMli, hd1i-ga»t. Bolj %^\, li^ li-spir-il. n., lit 

On koiy brtath ; the third person of ilic Trinity. 

(Holy, and A^S.gatf; L. i/irtfui^ brealb.] 
boly-«flc«, holi-arii, m., iM* ki>iy trUtmai; the 

Ini)ui5)iion. [Haly, and (Mint.) 
Holy-One, hO'U-wun, k. the eiH who ts My, by way 

of cmphauB ; God ; Cbriit : one ieparated to the 

service of God. 
hoty-ard«ta, hO Lior-d^n, n., ffrdinatisn ie t&d rytn^ 

^minister in kfily ihincs : the ChxistiiJi rninis- 

tf)-. t^lj. and or4«»— L. orditu, to apptUDt— 

an/ei, A riuib.) 
kaly-roed. hOli-rOOd, «., tAf k^ty frvu, in R. 

CathoUc churches, over the entrance to the 

chancel. [Baljr, and rood— A.S. rat/, a cros.) 
helyetoBa. hC'li-stOn, n. n iti'if used with «and by 

seamen for cleaning the decks.— c./. to scrub 
wiili a holy-il'jiie. 
Kdr-Thnnday, ho tt'thiirz-ds. m. the day on which 
the ascension of our Saviuttr is cotBinematated, 
ten day* before Whitsuntide. 
koIy-waUr, hO'li-waw-l^, «., wmJi t'ttltltat itd bf 
the priest for ■priakliaci 



JtlHkc*. l">>Ti :^i. rj th- 4u1)mU'j:jn and lervice 
V ' ' il tupcTivr, 

in I tircnmc 

yo ■ .^'I'l t-iv ex- 

tjcnMJ.4£Ui>a . dire. ' — loe 

B«iu£: devout ailection. {I. 

tamt '"" " •' ■•nr'a Airiwr cr >.. , -i-c of" 

c. e: tj>« scat, a* oi v^ar. — <««^'. 

pr ', dwelling orcnuntn*; t'"nic**ic : 

clt-*- . ----.- aJv. trt (iDc'i tubiutiao Ot 
country: cIok: closeU*: to the potat. IA.S. 
A<tm ; ot J Sax. htm ; Oolli. Aat'mM. ) 

kaa»-br>4 h.'.rn'.'rired, <i<//., (m/<t/ Aumr; native: 
li' : unpolished. 

haia. .riTt, H. ihe /arm nev the 4tfiwf 

r: gentleman. 


.{j., -wsihoMi tt hetnt.'^n. 

(>Uin: ruiic.-«- boottlnML — ■a.iv. haa»'MXf. 

kMB* B&dt, h'ln'-mld, adj., madf at htfm€ i made 
in u'lt's ■■wn loimtry: plain. 

koBW dck, hCm Mk, aiij.. tifk nr crieved at Kp&ra- 
tion rrr>Tn hemt-—^- boma'-ilckBHi. 

hcaMpuB, )irim'»;iun, ii^ij.. sfimt or wtuusht at 
kame: not niaile in foreign countries: plain; 
inelci^Aiit. — *t. cloth made at home. 

keawtall, hom'itawl, h oa • ■* ■•*. h&m'kted, m., ike 
pUu€ ff a fttatuii*n-hi»tu i the cnclomrcs im- 
mediately connected with tt : original Malioti. 
(1U»«, and itall — A.S. tttal, a place; alMd — 
Dutrh. itfiif, a place. ] 

^■■■■ard. hA[u'«-ani, tuft:, toward hatne I toward 
onc'ft Knbitation or coutrtry.— an^'. in the direc- 
tion tjf hnme. IKoB*. and xxmrd, sig. direcbotu] 
bOm'wartli, adtt., itnuttrd hamtt\ 

horn' ward' bound, adj., h m m/ i or 
movinc hfimewnniav to one'i native laad. 

Sanaapathy. hi'f-iiif-<:>p'a-thi, h. lit. limiUr/eeling- 
or affection; the ivstem of ciirine diseases by 
tmall qu:tnti[ieK of those dmss which excite 
tjmptomt timilar to tllObc of the dlMraw. [Gr. 
htmx'irfitxttuut - kemo**t. like, />t/A(ij, reclinxJ 

homwpstlilc. i\Z' inc • tuth'ik, adj., ^/ nr f-rriaiH- 

honcopaUii'' itiist, n.,cneivhff believes 

in or pr;t ,'■''*;'- 

■mmt, hymcr. n. a Hntirew mcaiurc containing 

as a liquid measure, aKunit a baireK, as a dry 

nicAMirc, 8 btisTicU. [Hcb. ch^ttttr, a heap — 

t^mtir, 10 swell iip.l 
■saarle, ho-rocr'ik. ./*//, frrtMming fa Hamer, 

the cmt poet of Gn;cre : pcrtajiUD4[ to or racoi- 

blinf the poetry of Homer. 
Ha»Mt«trt. See under Boom. 
Hotter'-*- ' ■ -Td, H., tkt act ef killing a hmmmn 

/. VilK auother. (Fr. ;— L hnmi- 

1 1 .1 man, and c^rda, to kill. | 

hoBtoiU*., i»- ;.< <.i%A-a\, atij., pertsiHtHg t* kemi- 

rtdt ; liiurderous. hlo«ly. 
Boalty, hom'i-li, n., a flam ttrm^H preached to a 

rniicd lutemhly; a serious discourse. (Or. 

A^miiiit. an aucmblv. a sermon — komat, the 

Vtmc, anf! ii^, a Cfowa.j 
boniil'i le'.'tks, m. xi'wf. iheKience which 

1 . :(, and ibe lic*t inf»]e of jirritaririg 

I'l-m.— a<</j.boaU*t'te,b«aU««^caL 

■oadu, homl-T^i, 

cnuoed, tK'ii 

honey •dew 

one vb* 

i7e huIUd. or huQad 
( AmcrieaA ~ 

hiir- ■ \xk or smalt 

rinlnencc. [Iiuui i<..i.a twM to I*^ 

swelling, a dim. of Ro»p.l 
Bamooamtrlc. h&.rao-sen irilc. ■^^' 't^'-Jtr i 

i-rmtrr. \ft, A^muvmtri. 

—Affmcs. the lame, and \ 
hoowetreal, !,A--..>--.1 .! - 

fork of thr . 

hcrnnc. !' "JJ- 

fwaH'%, ODc, same, and i 
bsnoIocaU, hO-moro-f^t, r.: 
agree : to approve ; to allt,w 

JOfi ; A*/- hftmorotlled.— *, 

L. ft^mnleg^, AamaLfatHm. Gr. 
A#MM, the same, and Ifff, to say. 1 
hMHlofv**. h9-mot'u-£US, adj.. utytmf tid 

ayrccin|(; currespoodtOE ii» nrWi. 

proportion, value, 01 stnii:'' 

AOMTtw, the ume,_ and lor- ■ \ 

fcg«M>lo«y, bft-nwiro-ji, ■-, /X"( ■ ^kmA 

cgna ; affinity of &tructui«» *&4 i*M of Uxa ■ 

mc.~adj. koBOlaffleaL 
hllMllllJIl, hoin'o-ium, 'I., mmnteu ff ritw; s 

wnnl having the s 

different mcaoinr. 

nytmat — kauwt, tn. 
iMiBoajiBova, liO-moii i 

namt: having dit 

ou» : equivocal.— -1' 
bemoaymjr, bJJ-mon'i-iui, *. . 

with di0'm:n(x o/'mcamn 

rjiion. [Kr. Affmi^Hymtf 
hABopkoka, homo lOo, «■ a JcLtc; 

having llic annrr ttmnd ai ftnoihcr. [Gf. 

the umc, and/Vn^. iouod.] 
hwDopfc— OM. bO-mofo-nus, di//'. Uaving tlie ••>' 

jpund. — H. kOBcpVo&y. 
hoaotjpe, hooi'o-tTp, n that wbkh hii« (W cnv 

fundamental /y/r of structure wtih vt>a«2^>4 

clic. [Gr. Aa/Ht't, same, O'/***! 'yp* J 
Hoae, bOn. R. a stone of a fine grit, lot 

inUnuncnls. — r.t. to sh.4n>ct] a» «irt 

/r.^. hOnW'./tfA bOned*. [A.&. 

4/i« ; prob. allied to Gr. <t^q/, a wbc 

h^gitUm — il«^', to shaqten.] 
aoDHi, ■MMCy, &C. See under 
Sonty, bun'i, n. a ^>' 

bees from the flu>N 

Uke honey. — I'.r i.- 

— f' p. \\it\\*:y\w^\ ?*•' / 

AitHijC. Ccr. AffHif, Ice. - 
kaB*y-botsar< Kun i-bux-nr.i 

or falcons, to called from ihnr :ceoj£ 

wasps, &c. 
bflftsy-MBb, hnn't t!im, ^ . * --.••wA ryp \ 

cells fomi.'i 

iumey '. an-, 

and Cneb 

{-k-n. - 

hofwy 'I 


flite, Ar; me, btr; calae; mOt*; mOt*; aCta; Mi^ 






:'"<^ »i: 

H5Ei.«»f rant or b. ".*. ' "* "■''« "^ 
*•'• to how in ,t;^ '*" '4.^<'>-,i * 

•' noiioiu- . 
--*rf/. AV -r, '"««'»-; not 


TKW. r -«r nft4<, 4_ -• 
**^'««t-*Ol»rt c!" "^^ out, Um. ^ 

l^'S-J ere,, ^i "*7^. I»3Bp'ca m , i . 

"■* bop r^'; "?■••'•* ^'uS^iJ' w^TS 

^ Hit- 


5«e unJer Hapi to Icxp. 
BanI, Honuy. S«c under Boar. 
lM4i^ liCnl, t. a misrainry or wamlcrinff tiibe or 

cUn. (Tviil- trnia, camp. Per*. frM, cmirt, 

camp, hofile of Tilare, Hiod. HrJS, army, cunp.] 
Sec under BOM. 
li«-rT'sUD, «. the circle which btutuli the 

view Vhere ihe earth AtiJkky appear to mect. 

(Fr, — Or. kariaS, \o bound — hcrvt, a limit ] 
Itlliwtil hor-i-zoD'taJ , ^J-, ^eria-iMinc to tkg 

k0ri*9*t : pormlld lo lh« honion ; level : near tlic 

hocizon.— K. hortnalid'ltr.— «Ar. k«dnK'Ullr. 
■KB, horn, m. the hard nihiUncc projecting from 

the httidk of certain animals, wt oxen, &c : Sftmo- 

thing nude of, or like a hum : the material of 

whidi honu are compued : a cyisbol of Hreogth. 

— tf,t. Id fumish with hoins. [A.S. Attm, w. 

Cfrn. L Cffnm, Gt. kenu.] 
kotBUU, liom'bil. n. a turd about the lixe of lite 

turtccy having a heffiy excrvsccnce *« its hiU. 
bsnUaada, bom'blcDd. n. n mineral af variota 

coli'im, round in Kraoilc and other igneota racks 

Ihat co'itiin qoarLz. (Ger. frvcn M^m, hem, 

from th« shape of iu crynaU, and Utmdt, bUnd- 

ing, diziling. from its glittering appearaocc.] 
bonhoek, hum'book. m. a first mm for ctuldrco, 

which formerty consisted of a tingle leaf tct in a 

feime with a plate of thin kam in frunt, toslead 

ofglau, lo preserve it. 
^aca»At\ioKna,Mfj.>/umitktdmiShMorfu: shaped 

like a horn— •• hon'sd»Mi. 
lunti, hor'Dci, n. a sfwdcs of wasp, so called from 

it! tutriu. [A.S. hymtt'^kem.l 
"ium-fioA, honi'-foot, mdj. having a hoof or ^m im 

bwalng, l-.'jm^ns, H.,afitrtttimrintaherHSl appear- 

jrnc I'f the mtron when in the form of a crescent, 
benlita. l<orn1sh. adj., UMt h^rn; hard. 
benktM^ hornles, mdj., witkcut hems. 
bare-owl. tiom'-awl, hanM4-«rl, homd'-owl, n. a 

f[M:cie4 xiimut. so called from t¥ro tufts offeaihers 

on its hcud, lilcc Korm, 
\laTmf^y^, hnrn'jiTp, m. a Welih matical instruTQent, 

(unOtiin); ofa wooden fip*. with a Aam at each 

end : t lively air : a livcfy dance. 

hom'itdn, «. a licnf moch like that, 
Inii mofc Wiltle- [»«, and Mom.] 

h wa wo ik . horn'wurk, n. ^Xk/ori . an ootuwr* having 
ajagular points or Mmmi, and co(npc*cd of two 
demi'taitiona joined by a curtain. 

bsray, hom'i. *6'., e^m^td e/ Aam or harra: 
like horn : hard : callous- 

KongraphT', ho-iog'rarfi, n. the art of constructing 
dials or inaimuients fur indiemitHg tKt hourt. 
|0r, AJm, on hour, and gmphs, lo describe.] 

bMvloga, hcVo-Ioj, m. any instrument fur ttUinrtki 
Xeun. (L. Jiar»/o£yitm, Ctr. hdreiagvm—kira, 
and h^fitt, a di»cour*c — iefi, to lelL} 

h«r«l«cr. ho-rol'o-ji, n. the science which treats of 
Ih* construction of machines for ttlU»f tht 
kemn.—n<ij. h«oItO*«L 

konaAy, ho-rcim'ct-n. n., thd Art or pncticse 0/ 
fttMtHwing iimt. \Gt. k^r», and mutwvM^ a 
mcamre.] . , ._ 

hansoop*. hof^o-skfip. n. an vUervettm 01 the 
heavens at the hmtf of a person's Wrth, by which 
Ihe astrolwer predicted the events of his life : a 
diograoi of tlie heavens for this purpose : the 
point nf the bcavcBS arisinc above the easiem 
norixon whco a prediaion is to be made [Cr 
kirothjfos—him, and *hop*t, to observe.] 

tkt2£t\i i*. 


', hor-o 

events of .1 

aspect of the 

hsrsscop'le. — n. ltor««'c«plil, 

c*fy ; an astrologer. 
Somat, BorrfUs, ManiM, ftc. Sec under 
Honor, hor'rur. n. lit. a tfmmdeKfpii rmj m /* 

■A shuddering • cxccMtve (ear : that wluth 1 

horror. [L. — '■~,rrr-< t.. i.f,»ii,l c. 
horilUs, hor^ri 

Aarrxtr; drt-^ . . — ;>. 

ribly. {I*. Jk^rttJfuu — A*r»»w.| , 

hmUMsasa, hor'n-bl-nes, m.. fAf tt^U 9t f^^tf^ 

hfinf fwrrible : drcadfuUiesi . hidgaMHrem 
korrid. hor'fid, aJj. orig. trutUnci filled I* J 

ducc horror : shocking ; offeasirc.- 

[ L. k^rrudus — karrra J 
hiiilila— . hor'rid-nes, it. the Stat* or y—A ^ ^ 

dfittg- At'rryi : hideomic**; caonniry. 
hatvtly, hor'n-H, vi. co strike mrtiA A»rnvJ 

hor'rifying: /«./. horrified. [l_ 

Jacie, to nuke.] 
hanUe, hor-rifik, mdj. , txciiing Amvi 
Bmm, hon, «. the amtnal that sw^r^, 

known qtntdruped of great use in «a^ drswiaL 

and carryina : cavalry : that by which i 

is siipportea. — v.i. to duhihI on a hurse . 

vide with a horse; to att astn Je : to cxi 

the back.— f.r. to gel on horse hsck :-/'/ 

ing ; /rt-A horsed ihorsl'J. tA.S 4.*^, oldj 

Anu ; Ger. raw, olu Get. krot ; Ice. < 

krtsk, to neigh. ] 
Iwna-black. hoi^'-blok, «. a Ufckor Mac* bf ^ 

to mount or dismount from a 


hens.baat, hors'-bOt, m. a Ami/ for ain->*«<* 
borss-brsakar, hors -briUc-«r, barw 

iim-«r, m. one whose tuiinejs > 

iamf ifirstt, or to leach ihcoi to < 
buiw ihwlaai, bors''<hes-nut, «., a mmi^ < 

ai food for A^rjcr; the tree that 

[see g u s taa t-l 
borM-Oy, hurs'-fiT, h. a ta/ge/^r that >ls 
borss-faardi, hors'-gArdx, m. a body 

moualed on fwms, employed as 
borw^boa, hort'-tu'), b ois araks^ ban-ri(k.&c«l 

rait, &C. drawn by k«fit$, 
bcna-lMgli. Sec under Boacat. 
borBS-lMcli. Kotn'-lfch, n. a latyc q mi e s r£i 

named frnm its fastening oo Juraft wbeai 

10 the water. 
bon*-Utur, hon dit-ir, a. a /*fUr or W4 

between two konts. 
basasnaa, hois'man, «., m riJtr sm 

mounted soldier, 
aorwsaaitiblp. horVmaB-ship, «. the an ^\ 

and of tiainmg and i waiwy riy Avwmt. 
bocas-yawfl-, hon-pow-^r. a. . /&r /■•oMr a 4r«ai 

exert, or ils equivalent = that required (» ~~ 

33.000 lbs. Rvoinlupois one foot per ss^irf 

sundanl foe estimating the powt* s< * 


imss, hoTs'-ras, k., a met lyktntt. 
bon'-rJLving, m. the 

or rufuiwg A^rsrj ld matches. 
luns-iaAlah. hors'-tad - ish, 

gent ^vfft, used in mm/. 

from a notion of its bcii 
h ar as Sb as, hors'-shOQ, 

sisiing ofa curved r 

Ckea horsc^shoc. 
bOTSS-laa hors'-t&l. k 

(&te, ^; in<, k«r; mine: nOte; mOic: mOOnj 



Tmb-Gkr ttctBi, so aDcd &Dm thctr 
'•• f» a k^n^a tmiL 

li. m'-tiin-4r, m. one who troiiu 

. »,, tf wAifi fffrdrimMfkcrta. 
v>Lh a honewKip : to Um. 
Uu(t'4-«t%', ■arteioiT, hcut'a-tor-t, <b//' , 
if Jninif- mcfltmcitic • sivioc adnce, [L. A«r- 

T., iJu ari /•/ ctiltn^t' 
, X s^iHcn, and cvltvn.] 

: -. _ ; il, tuij., ftrtxtitUH^ tii 

hoM»4tut'tflr-i», ■«., pnt wrrud in 

)mmm, kv-catf'tui, «■ lit. miv. / pray tkt* : an 
nrilTtMttTm o( pni*e to Go<i, or a ptnyer for 
lll.— UJ,l [Gr, A^MJWM— Ucb, .iAfAMAMMtf — 

ji«iUw <L**ii r , M nvc ud im, I pimy tbec] 

ta%|flt.i«.,«tfMP<^niMf for the legs or reet:stoclc- 
h^; aedu ! a fteidote (spe for conveyuiK floids, 
iBcailKt £ra>n tu shape. (K'w L., old Ger. Aoia ; 
V. Aw; A.S. -*ww— A^-vMf, to caver. I 
■% kU<«. ia f .. old plurtl of H0M 
M^-MTAi'liv ■•• 'Mf *'^ itt»lt tM hoM, or 
^ Ai^UiV* aod todn, &c 

Mai, MTdu**^ «., A«v M /VM^miL 

h«^p<a« «. sa Alpine convcBt where 

are mued ms /wrff. [Fr., fram L. 

f, 1 ttrangtrr who u treated as 

w(it) ircJLs .iooihr-r as Jus gil eU .] 

k'pu-abL li'-ij.. ptr-intnutf to a kejt 

sc ftmii entertaioinf (traneen IcincUy and 

VJOnttl fTWvd; ihcwuig Vundoea*.— * tiM'ptt- 

■Ml Ml I II f I hM'yltafalr. 

HAO, bc4'pit-al, or OS*. «. orig. a ptaetf*^ ih* 
0%UftMi^mtmi^/Mir«m£m <ag:mitt : a btTildini: 
%M 1^ rroepOvia and trealiocol uf the old ur \i\c. 
tar tbe cducacion of the youtif. 
fcc»pt-t*nt i. ».. rV fnutift ef am 
lundacAs to tLnuiffrrSi. 
, hib'p'l'^-^. <■' one nf an ofderof monks 
' 4wfy M w** tfi relieve the tlrangrr, 6k. : 
•rdrr of ksifhts wha built a honpital 
I at Jeru^cm in lu^j. 
a. ooc who enlertaiiu « itn u tgrr or 
rat'lus hmue without reward : an innkeeper. 
' . f, Awr^^L. Aor/tffr.] 

I C' <M' wA* iv/f a ^auf 

as the care oi hones at 

.....^fr-JUntfi—V,. hatfn.] 

PK1 . w. a uipenor houae for the acconuno- 

«r Hw»»fnrt; an tnn : in France, a 

fold Fr. 4Artf/— U. Ass^aiiSt guest- 

■fit, «• ttemy: an anny: a Urte 

kl4>^ [oU Vr. Am/ — L. A^xtit, an eoetny.] 

||oiAS|, n;, #•■# rr*nnittim[ M'itU tkt trumy 

y-yM^ Ihr the fuifit.TKnt ot the coadidons 

L. AMj^fiW— L. kettis, Fr. 

TU <faw, a/uiJit, a hostage.] 

, ^h*t^njc /•> <•« numy ,* 

'Af -r:. ,:■.■; watlikc ; advcnc.— *rfp. fc***- 

Va ufir t «.. tiate ef btime ktatUt ; 

a : ui the 
iSe tn»^7, 

ptto^eiit , animated : ardcot in temper : violenl 

KiQonate: loslful.— Oii'v. botly.— n. kofn 
.S. Mat. Sw. k*t, Dan- A^rf] See H«U. 
ba*>%«< hoC'-bed, «. a gtaas-covcred M/ k*nte4 

Ux brinpoc forward ^aota rapidty : any place 

favouiable to rapid crowth. 
hot-Uaat, boc'-blast, n. a blast of A^iM/ air blcwK, 

into a furnace to raiic the heaL 
te(rWo«4M, hot'bluded, «<<r., A«twv Aff/ 

high-spiriied; irritnble. 
bek-haadaa, bot'-hed-ed. tuij. lit. Aa/ tu /A« Amm/; 

having warm pastiooa : violent ; impetuoiu- 
iMt-bovM, hot'-hous, IP., a Am«r kept hat for ihe 

rearing of tender planU. 
hofc-p r i w. hot^-pm, v.t., /a/rm paper, &e. between 

ki>t plates to produM a glony wHacc 
boitpBr. hot'spur, m. one presauig his Meed with 

ifiars ui in het baile ; a Tioleot, rash man. 
Hotchpot, hoch'pot, Soiikpiiah, hocVpoch, 1Bi4|» 

padft. hoj'po^, n. a coafuied nuns of iagredtenta 

ikakfH or muted tofeiher in the eam* fat. fKr. 

koeM*f«t — kfichfT, to shake, and /et, a poc] 
BeieL See under Bavploa. 
BfCtaatoi, hotfa-tot, ». a nativo of ihe Cape of 

Good Hope : a hruttth indtridiial. [Dutch. 

bMausc the language of the .S, Africans seemed 

to the ftnt Dutch settlers lo sound like thU. 

frotn ihc preraleBCe of tho fyllablct, Aat and 

Soodah, Kowdah. how'da, m, a scat to be 6xed oa 

an elephant't back. (Hind, and Ar. Atfa./*A.] 
Hoogh, hok, Xoek, hok, n. lit. ih€ Jkrtl , the iotnt 

on the hind-lcs oTaquAdiuped, between the koec 
aiui fetlock, eocnapondiag to the ankle-joint m 
TDAa ; in viao, the back part of the koee-joint. 
~-T'.i. to harmtfring: — ^^. hough'ing; /o^. 
hotighed hokf). [^S. AoA. the hecL) 

tuxUa, hokl, f.t. to haautrins. 

Hcolrt. See BowliC. 

nonad. hoand. n. orig. ike <£<^ jcmerally ; a dog 
used in buoIiDg. — v,t. towtoo uicfaAse: to hunt; 
to urge on: — ^r/. hnuad'lng ; /a./, houud'ed. 
[A.S. hurui: akia to Or. Am^ Awkm, L. cmitt 
Sana, pvaif.) 

koaad-Aak, tame as dog-OA. 

koaadVtaogaa, hounctx-tung. m. a plant, fo caUed 
from tbc shape of its leaves. {A.S. kt0uiettimg*.\ 

Bow, our.M. orig. a dffimit t^act ef tim* fijtfd iy 
HAitirAi taw: 6o min. or the otth pirt of Aj 
day: the time iodicalcd by a clock.&c. : a tiia«i 
or occauon.— >/. in mytA., the roddcaset of th^] 
seaMOSand the A^vrr: in the K, Cath. Chnrclb j 
pnycn to b« aid at certain AMvrr. [L. ; Gr. A«*w.J I 

bomrty, onrli, a^j. harfpening or done every AMurf 
fr«nicnt.— <»<«■. every hotir; frequently. 
ral, hOr^, uJ/. • ^'i^ting t» mm Juur. 

lursry. hOr'ar-i, aiij-,fr*iainimgt» mm Amht-* doU 
ing the huiirs: hourly: coDtiniitng an ho«r. 

bovr-ilaM, our'-glas. n. an iasKrwDeac for mcaior- 
ing the A^wrt by the niasuoc of aoid IroM eaa 
gtatt vc^isrl into another. 

hov-iiata, our'pliL. «. the AGai^of a liaBptaea eo 

which the hffun are marked ; the ifiaL 
Hevl, hou'ri, n, a nyniph of the Mohammedan 

paradise. (Ar. kmri — oAwir, beautiful-cyedj 

B««M,hous,ii.nnythiog forcMvnivrorprotectiflf ; 

a dweOinr-place : an inn : hotucDoM aflatrt : a 

Eimitv : kiiRlred : a tradiiu aaCabUiknicaC : one 

c estates of the kgislacure : in iTj.'rw/., the 

n pact of the heavens.— o./. t-> (»n>te<( tiy 

•n^; to iSrItcr; to «ore.— » i. to take 





[A.S. Affism, to 

«lup '"-* * '" -rvi«: 

#»T«, ^ ^..-'^ »...i . Gr. 
itowed — Ar/4-.\ lo dnw.] 

tUr r^r^rin^ of any- 
off tlic Imll ; 'o tnuk :— 

to cover : W. kui . Otr. Afi/i-, 

. to cover.] 

11^ htttkt ot pod«. 

(•r body of a thip.—r./. u> 

with a cmnoo-lal!!. — I'./, lo 

ic w;ilrr. »» a mere hull r— /r ;», 

lloj't [Oroni root of EoU, of a 

U mmhe4iha*ii*r»nmd tike U<3: 
dnmoK souim: to supply an 
by v Biidihle njimd — t' t 
taat'.—/r./. hiuntn'inK: /<t./. 
1^ soue of bees aaJ xinM other 
, dull DOi»c —in/, a SO'tnJ vnlh 
daubl. [Gff. htimntgit, Awjw- 
r^>« .- L. iamtia ; Gr. iwm^t 

«« imp*Tilhn onder fair 
. /. to deceive ; 

At./. hum'buKretL 

1 (rightful ODJ«Cl. 

was fiirmcrly ex- 

rtukh. cune to mean in l-Tw 

Wj , m a humming ami 

Linj -H 1 ftupiii 

jI dmsBlac- ] 
a irjipii:al bird, of 
il lli^tit, v> called frum 

jimg or pertauuDg ia 
m% the qualities of a 
[L Jlumtf/tJU— 4«M#, aUufaao 
pi»o( hkm. to be ] 
Jkavifif tht/ttlitgs prof^r 
mcrolul.— jj/c. hvmasv'lr. 

t» / , /» rrnfirr Anman or 
t tu becoiDC humane or 
htfmanTfing :/<>•/• l)fl'niaiii»ed. 

s itudent in kmmaKitiet, 
ktunr . 3 •: ulcnt of bunuui nature. 
r. '"tfitrr ffcuiiar it 

- ' . (iK« of in»» ; bme- 

^T -alia collectively.— 

in Scodmi, graxnaat, rhetoric, 
and ^Octty M) called from thrir 
idfcct*. ftiltmat vt B«m«Bitr, in 
ita, ihc profcMor o( Latui. [I» 


>^an, m mi 

r wh;* r^rnin 

DMi. — hbj':. luuuU^. 
A«arBU, thr ground.) 

aallUt«, hil-r;jri "ii, ; 

tlr.— I- j'lMiuii^, 

faOBlUA' : '■-/>• 

otL'ij;; abo^cijual. murUficjU-'ii. 
boMlUlif, bO-milVti, n./Ar J^n/ror frnthfj" if/iefm^ 

JkumfiU; lowUncu of minJ ; ntodestjr. [Fr. 

humUiti, L. kumUitM\ 
B«BUa<fcM, b(iin't>l-b£, m , /4/ Utimmittfiew ; a 

t^eiiuk of social beca vrtuch conunict their hivct 

uadcr groaad. Ifrom thetr banuninc MUIkU 
HaBbaf, Hamdi^H. See under Bma. 
aaBKUat, &c. Sc- v---'.. 

Haaaral, hO'infrr-al, . Uyfht iJurmlder. 

IFr. — L. kumtrui. ■■ \ 

hunilium, n. a Lir.i nf pUia, cootk 
utton clgth u»«d in E. ludies. [ TJ 
See under Hvnvc 
BamlA, hOmid. eJJ., mouti damp; ralbcrwt — *. 

faa'ialdaMa. | U humidm—hMmuv, to be tnourt.] 
hanldlty, hQ-tnidi-ti. •,. */-'-''■ -'f i'*'^-' kumid l 

moisture : a moderate dL : 
luaovr, O'nur. m. the mci-: raiitmal 

bodiea; an animal fluid i- _. ::)iy itate : 

slate of mind (becaiite once ihot^ht L> depend on 

the humourt of the body) : disposttton ; caprice : 

a niailal quility wbkh deliKhu in liirii.-niii^ .ind 

minlUul ideas. — v.i. in go in \-'-- ir 

of; to eratify by coaipliancc:— /■ 

PA.f. humoured. iL. Jutmar- -.. — _ be 

tasBsral, O'mur-al. (uij., prrtainiug t» or pr o cee d " 

itiK from Uu kumomn. 
bnaonUSiB, a'mur-aj-ttni, »., tfu tt^ii of Mmf 

kumora*; ihc doctrine that diaeasci l»a»e their 

scat in the humoun — n. ka'monJlal, oue wbo 

frivmiTs the doctrine of bumonUiim. 
huBvetaat, hO-mck'tanl, nJj. ucrtaiahiy to 

remediet supposed 10 incnsuc tlie Jinidtty of 

the blood. [iZ kMnuctttmt —kuttua, lo be moistl 
buiwtiv*, h(i-mck'uv, •k^'. k^vin^ tkt pti^tr t* 

htoaarlsl fl'mui^ist, n., <mt nka hat kumamr ot :k 

plaNiuI fjDCy. 
faiautrlMit Q'mur-tes, oJJ., wt'/ioMt Aum<»fr. 
bajBorvrnt, O'mur-us, atij., eat'emni frjr kumaitr; 
capriciotu : irregular : full of humour : cxdtiaic 
laugbtcr.— is'/i'. ba'morauly-— «i. ktnnvtHNM. 
&c. See luder DmUa. 
B—taj-btrA. Sec under flam. 

huin'ulc, lame ai nnwiufc. 
hrump, m., a tvfltimg; a lump or huneli upon 
llie Inck. [Duicb, kamfi; L. tunkf, tbi: navet, 
any convex protuberance ; akin to Gr. 0m^ktdM, 
navel, Sana, nrnhki — n.iM, lo cweU : or it may be 
a oiaidised form of Hob, a protubeiiuicc, allied u> 

hump'balc, n., a hack with a httmP or 

hunch : n perwm with a humpback.— *^^ 

liaiap'baekad, having a huir.pback. 

[nam, tiifMi'. HuhiIim. h'lr.Tn, h lit. ikr f^vfmd. 

rich «oil.v formed 

■ ..jctaUe m atter. 



1 1 O0t>n . CAcxu 




li{trn*ilc tiJ/ deiiottnx an actJ formed liy 
iSdimi uf alkalies on kmmtu. 

Iiotivk, n. ill. ntylHitc rautri : a Immp. 
e«p. ofi the back. (Oct. ^jirii', luck; A:VXv>', 
hump. *km to kxk, hiizh } — tmactt'luck, m >irir 
with -■• f"-- ■■ ■■■■ t- :-" - '^ii ^*cA. 

r fin tJiiMi tea : 
adtvisiL'o <>> .1 ■.juiiiy I.I l.ii^iaiitl, orif;. uippowd 
to ccmtain a kttndmi familin. [Ocr, luauUrl, 
loc kuruimd~rtt^ rcdconiDc, Dumber, and A.S.. 
Ooth. Amhj/, old Oct. ehimut, I. <gntitm, Gr. 
Mthitt>m, Sanv fn^>, a hundred.] 
BftvOvM. him'dred-rald. ttdi.,/»ldtd m ktmdwtd 
titmn, mtilttplied tiv a hunared. 
Bi#«<th, hua'dred/A, «<^'. comiaff lait or fomuDC 
one »/ ti htitt/^wri. — n. onv of a oundrcd. 
■ikiJiiwmi, huu'drcd-wat. «. it uvifkt the twca- 
tielh part of a ton, or t is Ibo. avoirdupois, orig. 
ft JhmJrni lbs., abhreviated rvc.*. 
BK patlitnu iLtA pott ^rficipU oTBtaf. 

bunc'sir. «., <• ihTV or ^rt/r*- detirt; 
dnirr of r>^>'J. — v.i. to; lo LTare food: 
— /r,/. hufl'Kctior ; /a./, hun'gered, [A.S,, 
Gcr. kMngtr*—G<Mi. k t i av aMy lo hun|;eT.j 
mwlilHw. hunffV^-bira, ^j , hitsm, paiacd, 
or wcxicened lyf lUtmtv r . 

CAfcr ddire ; cmdy ; lean ; •poot.—idr. Im'fHIf . 
hunt, v.t , tit tettr^k for with kotutdt; to 
cKise wild animals for prvy or tporl; to search 
for; to ;i'!r^i!c,— T-.i, to go out in pursuit of 
fBn.' —^r p. hunt'ing: /*«./. hunt'ed. 

— »; 'J animal*; search: an as»o- 

ciaci .11.— HvaloBt.Bp, altar, to search 

for, 5rf-lt —Hnat dnrn, to dwtroy by pcrccmdon 
tvt violence. [A. S. kMutuuL, old (rcr. hmmifm — 
0«r., Ic<. kuid, Gr. kwan^ Aimm, Sana ptma^ a 

lakir, hun('^, m., om* wko ktrnts: % bone osed 
in the chase.— ^M. bast'rMt. 

huntlns s«t, kaattactas. hnntlnii- 

boles, » a temporary rrsidracr/cr kuntimr. 

kniHHB, huots'inan, m , cnt n-kei knntj ; \nc »»• 
vant who manaices the haundt and the chase. 

tniiHaAlp, hunts'man-ahip, ■«., tkt fttMliJUatienj 
^it kmutmuin. 

Svila. hur'dl, n. a frame ef twi^ or aturts mter- 
Ltcnt ; ill ag^-, a mo\-abIc frame of limber r^r 
iron for cilct, &c.~-c.f. to enclose with hurdIcA : 
— hur'dlinfi ; *«,/. huddled. fA-S. kyr^t:, 
Gcr. kSnU: loe. HMrd, a door, a wickcr-galc : 
&«iis, h^rd, a pole, Fr. k»rd, hart, a withe] 

VardT-farly, hiir'di-euT'di. •■. a musical stnncod' 
ioatrutncnt, like a rude riolin, the iK>iei of wnich 
art produced by the frictian of a wliecL [prob. 
ftwn iu sonadf 

fcurl, p./., hf utake a nfis* by wAirtiw', to 
rapidly; to whirl — %> t. to throw with vio- 
tanoe : lu utter with Tchcnii-nce :— /r./. hurt'inc ; 
Al>. hurled'.- ••■ act of hurlioc, tuimJl, cob- 
ftaea.— I*. tar!'«r. [pn>r E. Jhwr; a toy iHiich 
make* a wliirnDK bc»ic by ■ nrrolTUig due : 
Gcr kyrr, a whirrioK aonnd ; Sw. kurrm 
\tmkriHt), to whiri nuad ; aldn to WUiL] 

>i i1 fl)M lr. Imr^burlJ, «l, tmrnut// ; confttnon. 
fVail, tunudt, pcov. E. bmritjt, crawd, coolusion, 
imiuiive www-l 
Jtana^ ttoor-tft', mi< an eielamatioa of excitemeat 
or joy. (Go A»r»»*. Dan. A»nn«.) 

h&i^vkXn. «. a cfona with extreme 

violence an lutUlrn r]Liin(i>i 
csnimnn ia the \~ aii'l W. l:idi< 
oiw; frrtm un \rr. -r 
imilative ijf i' 
■arrr. hiir'ri. f .'/I 

/rom the sound of rapt*! wluriing 

Bvt. hurt, t>./. IJL and orif. /« Hr-Ar 
t^inii; to cause hodilr pain to ; toil 
damage : to wound, as tJw fccJioei ; t^ 
— /r./. biut^ing: /yt/. and >«/, hH 
wound : injury. [A.5. kyri^ wmicd 
kmrUr, It. ■rrfttrv, lo lcnock« to ran 
W. ktarJJ, a tbruit, k^-rJdm, to puah, ( 

liBrtfid, hurr'fool, a^., £<tAjt^f Aatr/ or U 
chicvaui mdc. kartfaily. — «. kvfliMM 

bartlMi, hurtOea, adj., witk^uS Jk^^t otf 
harmicsi.— Hiifv, harslMdy.— «. tiiiil'hrt 

MMfcaad. hux'band, ff. Ul Mr master oft 
the male bead ot a bouachuld ; a toanj 
in B., a man to whom a woman U fai 
one who manafes afiairs with pnidtaM 
the owner of a ship who mamca is \ 
in person. — r' /. to auppty witL a lanl 
auAa^e with economy:—/*'^- htt^b>n4i 
k^s^anded. [old £, kmiondf, A.S. . 
— kui, a house, and lee. immmi£i, tfct | 
of a farm — loc. Sua, Get. Aaava^ lo tt 

fcttibmiwaa. hui'band-nun. la. a 
one who labours ui tilbce. 

haafcaaAry, htu'band-ri, m., tAr 
tillage : ecooamical mMoMgememr 

XWb, hush, imt. or rm/. »ilrr 
silent; quiet — v./. to make 
ins • /<*>- hushed', [from i.>-. - 

haik-aaa«y, hush'-mun-L m., i 
to kiuk or make one keep 

■adt, busk, a. the dry, tfata 
fruits and seedk — v.i. \v 
—fir/, hnsfing ; J*a >, husleed', 
dim. of kmU*, akin In Jh^He, 
fuAUtit A.S. kriMt, to bidcv to ■ 

hnak»d, huskt*. adj., ccverrdmtiJk 

buUai. husl:'tnc, «- t^e ttrippiw sfi 

hjaHkj, huslel, ^., ai » a< a tt y aw&|, t 
or resembling kwuJa : mucfe ■ n 
aa the voica. — ttdsu bvlrVy— ^i. 1 

>aHar, boor-zflr*, n. liL m 

soldier i>f the national cavaiiy 

Itsht-anked cavalry aaldicr. \Om~ > 
kmamr»—kHnt twenty, becauac al 
Hungary one cavalry soldi^ 
from every twenty fam3ica.J 

■U^y. See under Bawa. 

Sultan hui'tingT. m.^^. lit. ( 
opal €mrt; the sdncipal 
London : tba bootKc where the 
al an elediaa of » M.P_. _ 
wfakh the ranrfjHarra gi«e cWr i 

/^r> court of jomoe.] 
■■Mia. hucX r./., i» MaAr or 

crowd with vtolcikcc 

htuiled. [Dutch. 

and fra ; Ice. 4«ct^, 
Halt hilt, ^, III. 

«wt7.. a small t 

ate, fb: arfwltir; mlMi aM*i mate; n09»{ 


pern. coao. writh BUk.7 
' f/,* a coop for rabbits. 
Fr. kttciu, A chcsl, a 
^<r, 1 pen for artimaU; In. 

!«/. vtd M., f^ierriiMI a thout of 
/. to a<icnd with KhcTUts 
to uitcr siiQUU of joy or auiiim.t* 
hum'ing . /•»-/. ftuuacd (-»Ad';. 
IIM tame a» Bomk] 

ia mytM., a llnwer which 
it(= Ui.J of //,,i«*i-</'/.w [Or.]. « 
I ' • 1 i'ulboa»- 

It ii. 

. ./or re- 

hfa-^iEx, n. a clutter of stars 
. of (he Bull, cu(iposcd bv the 
rmiM when they rose witn the 
-«l>n'fi, to rainj 

,glaajt; coiuutinK of or like 
fmUnrnt — Jk^sJai, glvM, (irubably an 

Bd faewDBK * ixuuparcnt uotic. j 
«. Kc. Mmt*A£mf mmjkc/vw/. as an 
int produced trom two diAemot 
a tntilc [L. kyfiHda, taw- 
Gr. AjMsJ^ to outn^ e. insult.) 
ctteaa, hi1i'nd-m, ttij, produced 
^-tfip ^ ferteUlty, )ill>-rid'i-d« m., 

tt. in mtylk., a wm/rr-rerfi^mt with 
vhidb wb«n cut off* were succeeded 
y oiamrntd evil : a griiuft of freth- 
fcrexnar^bk for their power of being 

r being cut or divided. [U, Or. 
Nu^c^ a. Ul lid v)atrf*fftsei ; a 
ruboir plants with large heads of 
B,^ rvatarkabie for their abtorplEon 
binea of Cliitu and Japan. [Or. 
L mmA mmgtiffH, vesacl. f 
Kt, «. a iDachJno /^r dUthmrging 
|ter-plu|E. LGi. kydrMnS, to water 

irritc, kydmlkal, hT-drawnk-al. 

t» m OMttvr^rgam; relating to 

conveytDC water; worked by 

(Gr. hydmWi/sM— 

%nier^rsan, from hydtr^ water, 

iwflk*, n^img , thsuitme* rrUting 

'kl-drO-dl-nani'ilis n.,$M» tcUneerr- 

^t/ynnwf--r nt ffrtit pf wmifr. [Gr 

riile, krtfNCyBtBleaL 
1*1 . frrUtming to tSe 

K->cn. «. ;k sas which in cocabioation 
■ frrdttcr: tvat^r, an elementary 
p ''11 known todies, 


■ taming to ky- 

.-. of mcaninDg 
'J jtfiliuD cf tiwfrrf 


or tesa : the art of snking ces-cHarts. — ttJjt, 
kHninpblc, kydraftafA'lcaJL- — «^t'. tiydracrafk'- 
iMUy. [Gr. AW'<^, waler./ni/V, to write.J 

h ytoagnipfcar, hi-dnv'»''«r. "., <3 tUtcrU^r ef 
waitrt or seas : a maLcr of sea-charlv 

hy*akfy, bT-droI'o-ji. n.. thd Kirnct toJucJk fr^^tM 
^f^^atrr. [Gr. kydir, water, A'jfif*, a disCDursc] 

bjrdraairtv, bt-droni'et-ir, w. an instrument for 
nmMJun'mg the specific (rarity oSiufuidi, alw tha 
streni^h of xpirituous liquors. — Mttjs. 1ij<i wiK'itii 
kfdrosttilakL [Gr. hyd^r, m*trvn^ a mcaaUfC.J* 

hytfropalkjr, hl-drop'a-thi, k. the treatmeni of dii- 
tsM by colli mattr. — aJj's, hrdrepath'k, kqrAi** 
ratt'lMl.— a/p. l7«nT«t&1«aUy. |Gr. Ayv^^, 
water, and patkat, snlfena^, from fatcha^ 
pafkeim, to suffer.] 

hr^ropattM, hl-drop^a-Uust. n„ 9tit wh» prmtHtM 

hydropboUi^ hTtlro-ftilit-a, n. an unnatural drtad 
of watfK. a symptom of a disease resulting frora 
the bite of a mad animal, faeoc* the diieate itself. 
— tuij. bydropboblo. {Or. kyd»r, wafer, ud 
fkeket. fear.] 

kydnpir, hI'drop-», same as Dropir. 

kydrMfeaOM, hi-dro-stadks n.uiig. ih« Kienco 
of fluid*, eqiecially Hntt^v, uhen af mt.—aJj't. 
M x mu t^ ihr^TMlaflcaL— «k/i/. hydr«alal'l«^, 
[Gr. Aydfr, water, and ita/iA»f-~tta 

[Gr. Mydfir, water, and tIaiiJiMf — ita, root of 

Aiiffmi, to cause to stand. ] 

Byaul, bT-^nat. *>^-> Mcnginf tt wnter; done 

during winter. (L. hiemaJu — kirmt, winlcff.] 

Hyvna, hl-A'na, i*. an untamaVle. bristly-maoed 
tjuadntpcd of the dog kind* so named from it* 
Ukcncu to the tpw. [L., Gr. kyaina, a tow.] 

Byptan. hl-^e'an, «<//., rtUting to ktattk and ill 
prescrvalicin. [Gr. ArfjVja, ncallh, the goddesn- 
of health, kygtii, h^Uby— root hug, Sans, a^, 
L. tvr. riji;.\ 

hyflMw, hl'ji-£n, hyttaalei, 1)I-ji-«n'ik9, hygtaslna. 
hrji<co-tzin. M., tk^ tcitnc* which treats of tbs 
preservation e/k^altk.^^j. Ii|gl«a1a. (Fr.J 

liyglsalss, hl'ji-eo'ist, x., ont MkilUd in kygitnt, 

■ySTMsslcr, hI-£rom'et-£r, n. an Inslrument Ar 
tti*a*uring th* wm'tttttrt in the atmocphcrc. fGr. 
kyfrvj, wet, 7ftt/Tvm, a measure.] 

kyfToaatry, ht-gTvm'et-ri. n , tk* art efmra^Hr i ng 
tke iKffixtHrt in the atmosphere, and of bodies 
eenerally.— A^/>. fc y growst'rte. &Tir«afla'rteaL 

liygroaeops, hi'gro-skOp, n. an ttutrunieflty^ ikrm~ 
ing tkg mautmrt in the attnospberc. — «w^', hygn- 
■o^fe. [Gr. Aygrvs, wet, tkmffS, to view.] 

Xytaa, bi'men, n. In myth., th« god of tnarnage: 
marriagr.. — itJj$. hymsna'al, hyaMw'aa. [L.7Gr. 
kymiHr pcrh. from root Aw in L. #»•<, to connect- 1 

■jnB, him, w., « 99mg; a festive ode usually in 
praiftc uf giKUOr heroes; a religious song. — f.t. 
10 celcbniin in wnc : to worship by hymns.— «.&. 
to sing in praise or adoration •*— ^-Z- bymn'ing : 
fiaf- nymncd'. (L. kyimMtu, Gr. J^mtmM.} 

hynuia. him'nik, mJj. . rrlating ta kymnu. 

hjumvUagy, him-ooro-ji, m., tk* tcunct n/kick trtata 
f^kywmti a collection of hvinn*. [Or. kymn»t, 
a hymn, ifg**, a dikcourke. J 

^jnaalsglift. nin>-noro-jut. n., on* ikiUed pt kym- 
Mttagy; a writer of hymns. 

■yvallag*. hi-pal'a>je, n., an intf^ckangt ; m liie- 
luriu, a figure in which the attributes of a aybiccc 
are Iran^crrt'd to another. (Fr., U, and Gr., 
fmm ky^U<**i^. to interchange—^/^, tmder. 
It) chance ] 

n ^falltu 

4AMtf, Ic 

,pr; mK htr: 





t ^ 

,/ ,11 I iti.l-(.»t*» 


ls'40, M. a Urge 

I, f».. tf Jkfutf Jif^ j»**«rnng ice. 
•IbikI, n. an w//t>u/iif flualiii^ tV^. 

,, «■ jMbut ^iUcti in Uavcllutg 

rin ice 1 a ruld in aueiuUneo at 

re daring, &c. an gnof on. 

tine ictfackni tOKCtbcf. 

« /atnl whose Icava appear 

finji f-i^htt or tft^f^ixt rormcd 

1>L1L1I1M1UI; .11. IT 

without wannih or aflcction. 

,—11. le'lMML 

m- Ul /A^ kufitrr; a imaQ 

la Eevpt, iamed for <lcMroy- 

'^fiC^ : an insect which Uvk n% 

a{ other inagcft^. [Cir. — 

|liun( af(cf .] 

of a CHtikling. (Gr. kJuu*- 
track, ^na/Atf. to gravr.l 

^dc, lakMtniAlcaL ikna- 
Uftgipichncgm^fi ducrib- 

tJf. kkaafnph'lcaOjr. 

ffA., the ethereal juice ta tlic 

a watery humnur: mlourifr^s 

1 4A ulcer, llow L ukor, Gr. uvMr.J 

^_4i^'., /i4» iiMari *-a(cry ; jcrous. 

['ra-B, «., tf dcicripticrK </ 

(Or. icAtMyt, a fish, s^phs, 

K., 4tfitk turned into il*mt, 

of a fiih in a rock. 

and iitJux, a Etooc.) 

Ifb-ji, JL tlie (irandi uf .iiM-ilofy 

ti.—tUJ. l«Mfeyoloff1cal.— M. 

■killed i^ i<:hihy<4ocy. (Or. 

"^i, diacounc, science.] 

tf^a-Cos, «^'., tattHf or kub- 

r. aoUiljw/Mfcx— uAx<t>j, a 

jrorihjp. {Cr. a'kvtwkiaiiit 
. iauge, JLIoAtis^ a breaker — 

It^ tretJkiK£imit£ri i pcr- 

ler, «., a wttrthi^refimA^e*, 
I /afyft, a workhi[j|>er — (atrrud, to 

•l** ji, *» . tt/ d^t-rint *f imnrei. 
itli rtJereticc to wonhip. [tr. tikin, 

rdron, M. In grffm^ a solid 
' aa//x or facrs. (Gr. ri^i'tt, 
ti, to sit.] 
-bflfdraJ. *^', haviog ixventy 

4/m liint itm by ihe 

in iJta : mcota] : cx- 
Iv; unreal. — *t~ tb« 
Bi-v. M^aUf. 

r; mL, fatf ; talBc; 

\hf hi^««t concepdoo. — ruL to fora uj 

,.\ias ti> ihc htfhes coDC 

, . JL Ai-um. «. the doctrine that'nt 

nal pcrccpcioot tiic otijecn tnnnnBarriy I 
arc oUmj. 

UmUa. l^C'aUit, «. ooc who holds the deetna»] 
of uffa/irm. 

UMUtr, t-df-ari-ci, « , b^o/ j^f/ : xbdity ««d dl 
poajtian to fona idcah cf beauty and peifcGliba. 

UMfraiUc, ide-o-i^nk , l^M^^Ucal. id c~<HCTal^ 
ik-al, Aiij , rrJhrttnftM^ idrtts th-ithi)al reCcTEHcM 
to the nainc civcQ tothcjn. |Fr. (JJcg/TM/Aiy* 
Ur. I'j^m. id^, fm^AJ. to write, espreM.] 

Idevlofj, I-.d<-oro-Jl. »., <A/ jfiinitsr ^ idfAM, [Cf. 
i.i>a, aod /f^nu, dttcoune.] 

UflBtlcal, I-den'tik-al. a>3(/'., tkt tam^; ool diflcvent* 
—Adv. Mw'ticallr.— N. 1*— '"— ir — . identity. 
[L. as '^ iiieniutu~~iiir*M, the uiiie.] 

UoMfy, T-JcubfT, pV , /(• mrnAr t> h€ thg mmt \ to 
ascertain or prove to be the lamc :~-frf. idcnT- 
tifyiiiff ; ^,t. Iden'tificd — t.ldaatltca'tlM. |Fr, 
uirNttJirr, It. uirtttit. -ire— I. as if u^ntinu — 
tJtmi, Ihc aaiDc. andyij.t.', to innkc] 

Idaattty, T dcn'titi, n., ttatt i>/ hrtn^ tki «•#«»/; 
fcuiicitc^a. (luw L. idrntitat — L. idem, the amcj 

Idaoleij. Sec under 

ld«a \^ n.nug. h\, /Mll-Mte^n ; m ancient Ram%i 
the 13th day of March, May, July. Oct., and the 

iith of the Other monihi. [Kr. W/j— L. i^iu.llke 
wh«lc vidblo moon— Gr. iMrtM, to tee : or froea 
nmt vid, to divide, became it halves tfaa 

Idlaeruy, id-)-ok'm-«!, UloirmemT, id-i-o-sin'kn-iij 
M., ptculiiirUfi *f UmptriiiHCHt or toiuUtutioa; 
any choractcrutic of a person. ~-ttdJ. \Alamfmm»Mt%, 
[Vr. idiiHrtuiff iiiittyturtjiif-i'tT. iJiM, 
liwn, [fC^'uViar, krtuu, a mi»ii^ j^mnutM^ » tuijt^i 
ins togcthci—^H, logcthci-, Atrunnttmt, ID inis.J 

Uloey. SeeMlotey. 

Uioat, id Vum. w. a mode of eJEprranoo peculiar to a 

-: r-r-nitianty 




.„....,.., ..-J 
'«. peculiar, 


language. |1. 

— idii>9, toe 
Mlonatl c , id-i- ' 

afii., frrtni^i.'. .. . . . ■ 

^uh itiomat'kaUj. (Or. 
Idtspatlty, i^-i-rip'3-thi, *)., 

raturc: in mett.y^ jir". ■' 

by another, {(ir. ; 

f-ittfiaa, suffcrinc— / ■ 
IdlepatUr, id-i-o-path'il., .-'.primary, not 

(!enci)diii(: nn <i[ preceded by onnther 

miv. Miopalblcallr. 
IdlMyaoaay. Sec Ulocniy. 
IdlQt, id'i-u(, n. iruan^ the Greeks. Ofit;. tf ^ 

mam, then an ijrnorant, rude person : one d< 

<.ici>t in intcllc'.'t : a fi'x.lith or unwiM pen<.iii. 

[Fr-— L. t*/iij/fl — Gr. iJu^t^s — t^itv, peculiar.) 
WaLoy. id'i-ut>ii. Idiocy. id't-O'ki, n., ttatt c/ being 

tin idijf; imbccihly: f'jUy. 
MlQtle. id-t otlk. IdJaUcal. id-i-ot1k-a1 , IdloUib, td-i- 

ot'iilt . ir-ij. ,frriii inimg toor like an idtct '. fixjlish. 

—ii.iv. 141otlcUly. 
Idiotlua, id'i'Ut i^ni, n.. a peculiar tnnune^ <ff tft 

iv^; an idiom. | L. i.ii.'rn'HUj, t>r i.j'iMunmr^l 

aliLMutly jihniM — ii/f'j^^^\ to biiith: i;)[<> coiomoa 

con^'crxaliuii— «iyi)j//r, a private pcrvao.] 
Idl», IMI, atlj., em/fy^ tri/rime; unemployed; 
to kibour . not occupicu. tudo*; uutor 





^J., mvt iitt^ratt or Icxmc! ; 
ICnomiL— ^b/r. lllit'cntalj.— «. U- 
pL. u^ not, mnd Utw*ta ] 
'•»-«, «., /J!d/« ^ beini tiUtcrate; 

:kI« '•(^'i *«>.' Ueicol; contrary- lu 

pc— «/ar, UloclSkllr.— «■ ilk«'k^ 

not, and Mfic&LJ 

t. I> /£<y wA*'* ^ uti£ce ; to tie- 

l«)iriac:>i/. illOd'edL [L.t^TWd. 

l{ttn. £j&, tu play.] 

ft. «., Mftofutf ufan, a miKKin£; 

nrance; false shew; error. 
Itttuorr. il-lfi »or-i, d./,-' , de^tiving 
nncci ; bUc. — lilts'. Uln'rtvtlj. — 

piil^l. «>./.» U m.<^ tuMtiM^u$, t-t 
enli^ten ; lo illiutrate : lo adorn 
■j\ letlcrins or illustralians:— /r.j*. 
A»./. ulQ'ramltcd. — adj. cn- 
iilaattine, iilumwatM* — w, in, aod 
ighten — hmun, Kghi-J 
»mu»-X'ahuii, n.,a(.tc/ j^ix'tngU^htl 
TC9 light : splaidour : briehtnen ; 
Ughls; wloniiog of booKj mth 
{m Of iUuilndoD* ; an illiimiiMtcil 
iiMKtf 'ig ioBucoce, uupincion. 
^K&4-tiT, ^j., UndiMg to £ivt 
or cx^jatutury. 
lor, a., aru vAa lUnminAtes, 
who is coip)9V< 
Icncra sod illuiiruioiu. 

Iu«, il-Iuiii', t'./., tomaht Imhi- 
to eDli^Ktcn ; to adorn 
log ; /^-/> illii mmed, 
ftc Sep Lsnder Xasia. 

eiuircie wUA Itatre 

k« dutiogliabed : lo 

explain : 10 explain 

iuuxta . -/rj*. iUus'trHinfi '.Jht/- 

[L. iiliutrc, iliur- 

vp—ii.'iutrit. SceOtartrlou.] 

of cxplujuof : Lhat which illiu- 
" OT ail cram. 

tiaving the quality of 

I k /hUafliatrt; norally 
it^S: noble: compicuous: con- 
-^v. \at\r\af^i$.—n. iUoa'- 
t'injfr-J. prob. for lUttujtru — itt, 

..'afurn or w/y ; IDte- 
i reprps«ntation in ihe 

a £uc:uic In the inutjrinalion: in 
p« Of any object fonnra by rayi of 
ffiarm an ir-u^c L.f ; to form aliJte- 

1.1 KC, from root 

iir.'fl-jtr-., ". orig. immxtt m 
; of tLe i»w«^w»Hfiw ■ mentai 

■ '^ tm ima^ cf io the 
:ilc; in B., lo tuinmc 
-.'-ntti ttnafcs: to cou- 
Ku^ HMi.j, /hi:/, imnif'iocd. — n. 
M — imarp, aa iosue.) 

^^, /\«/ IPM^ Ar OKA' 


otUy w tM$ 

ly « 

the faculty of liinnir.g imj^e-i in llie miiid , that 

wbicb u unasLDed; contnva/tcc. [L. twii^iJwa/ji.' 

— mtagin^. ] 
laaglnaU**, iio-ajln^'tiv, »dj,^ fiJi «f iui^^tu\- 

/ji'M.' given to ima^Qtng; procee<tiA£ ffuui llic 

imajfinaiion. — w. *~-'i'l"TtTiaii 
liufe, I-m^'gO, «. Ihe Uil or perfect Hale of tnsccS 

life, VbcD the caie covering it t& drtrnped. and the 

enclosed imajpt or being cobcs fortJi. [L.] 
ItefaBBk. ijn-hauigk', ume u ^alMak. 
iMhiBth, im-b«-««t', «^. Ul Ummmr M « /A|ff.* 

without Kxeoffth of body or mind ; feeble — «. 

one destitute of sticnfth, other of mind or body. 

[Fr. imh*<iU, I* imitciUtu~iMt in, upon, intcU' 

litm, dim. oCiamhuit, a. staff.) 
(BbtcUltT, im-bc-iil'i-ti, «. . ifaU ^ieing fntrciif ; 

wcaLneu of body or mind. •<. 

Zmb*4, tm-bed', p./. to lay, as p* a An/; to pUcv iu 

a nuu of matter. [L. in, in. and B«d. ] 
T^''"**^ im>bTb', v.f., ta JrmJe in ; to abaorb : M 

raouve into the raindi-^r.^. imbib'iof ; J^/. 

imUbed'.— «. latUbW. [L. tmitiit in, lo, into. 

and Mitf, to drinlc.J 
laMMa; im-bit'^r. »,t., to aaut io l<t Mttr; to 

render unhappy : to rcodernore violent:— #r./. 

imbitc'crins; ^./. im bit tiered.— «. tatttftmr. 

(ijii, to make, and BUIar.] 
liabody, im-bod'i, same as Knbody. 
Unbordor, im-bor'dir, v.t., ta ^nter. 
iBboftOB. jm-booi'um. same as "SaJamtm* 
Xmbrlcau. im'hn'lc^t, lafctioNd. im'bri-k&t-cd, a4f. 

bent likt a ruittf-til*: ui ^t*/., lying over cacti 

other like tile* on a roof. [L. imhri*:a/us, pa.p. 

of imirica, to cover with tiles — imbrex, a gutter- 

tile— fwi**^, A ihower.l 
inteioatlos, tm-bh-tci'sliun, iv. a canca\-e indcnturs, 

tu of a tiUl an overlapping of the edges. 
XmbrowB, im-brown', v.t., t» make trvwm; to 

djtken : to obscure. (I'm, to raaltc, and Bnrva.] 
Xmbr9. uu>br{R}', v.t, ortg. ta/our ami or ^iatH; to 

wet or moisten ; to soak ; to drench ^—^./. in- 

brti'ing : /<*./. imbnied'. [L. M, u, into« aad 

old E. irve, akm to Brew.] 
IWrne, im-bo', v.t., t» cauu to drink ; to moUten : 

to tinge deeply : tu cause to imbibe, as the mind '. 

— /r./. imbOing; A"-/. imbOcd'. IL. imkti^— 

in, and be. root cfhia, to drink ; akin to Gr. >f, 

/o, root ci/ina, Sana, /a, to drink.] 
iMltaU. jni'i-t^, v.t., to iof-y. to strive ti hr tkf 

same tu ; lo produce a likeness of >-j*r^. im^tSi* 

ing. />!<./■ iiu'itlUcd. — m. ImiUtor. [L. imit»r. 

imitntui, akin to iimiiir, like. Cr. Aamit, along 

with, Aomor, the same, Sans, mm, with, johm. 

the ftame] 
iMlUbK un'iiabl, d^'., tAat may i* imitattd tU 

copied: worthy of uniUtion. — M. baltabU'Uy. 
ImtifttloB, im-i-I^'shmi, n., act of itnt'tMliMf; thai 

which IS |:t(>i!ucej as a copy, a lilcencUL 
lmttaUT% im'i-tit-iv, a///„ iKcitned to imitaU; 

formed aficr a mtAcL—atfv. Im'UatlTaly. 
Trrrrr "■'***, im-mok'u-lal, a4f., tfatUtti untuined ; 

pure.— o^. iBBwe'aUUIr. — o. Imaac'aUtMMM. 

(I.. immaculAtut^tLy not, and maLnh. i<> tUin 

— mwoMtt, a »pot, akm to Sani. maia, fillh.J — 

ZBMaesUU OoaoepllOB, the K. Cath. d<>ctnne that 

the Virgin Mary w»j born wlibniu onipnal sin. 
Tnr*— "*. im'a-nent,, rrmnining vitAin; i&- 

hercut. I.I.. iMmii>j^MJ, •entit, pr.p. of tmmdMV 

— »*, in or near, mant^, to rcnuiii.) 

,'ar; m*. her; 

; mOQa; tkau 


i-W, (irf/ , i-j/o//.- cf i^inr dm- 

•hi, t»*f/., mat/tirfiMi-; indivi** 

' Impa^wMT—iu. fnnr 
[L. tH, not, PMU.U*.] 
, n/f/.. incMf^ihU e/^,iiiii7n or 
fMlity, InpmJt iMtii— . quality 
Dpujtlile. (L. tmiauiii/u — im, aoL, 
^poitut, lo Miffcr J 

, t^ /», nipt, aod iTftrrtmitt I 
I im-puh'tiii-At. tinpMrioaii, im-patlA 
■ ■• ■ r::i?Bor(ccIiDi[;ainmalcd; 
vc, and Fftatfon.] 
*f0t ittitff'iibU ef fain 

nt, ml}., Mct faitMnt ; nni able 
I: rcsiIcB.— A^v. iH^'ikoUr. 
irmt of patieiwe. (L, iw, not. 

MTTi'. I*./-. /i>/«T»wi or deposit as Mcu- 
interutvc, and Fawa. ] 
«.-ir. r / , lit. /..■ hutjfr-; to charec 
1 coun for olficiai 
ijg. /j./. im- 
I "u/taccuire ; pcrh. 
rc/^. Ui suU>^ aj;unftt, or iur/tdt- 

- '• wiihfl crime. 

'tr, «., imt wJI» tMrfifacA^r. 

' \% impeached. 
rl', v.t , r.i ajf^n nritA or ic »iih 
^lilcc pcarU. {L. in, in, aodPMil] 
pU. «d'/.. fli>/ /^cai/£ or liable 
E, jwi] rMOkhU. ] 

-bilVti, tapMcaaey, im-pck'- 
^ Ar'«f ifH/fCi^it; e«:m|>- 

„ Iti. ta fmfaa/'te the/tet; to 

'* ""/ inipfcl iog ; ^i-/, itn- 

aod f*t, fruits, a foot.] 

icat, H . , that wkiiM imftdtt ; 

:t prLTcatioi; flu«nt ncech. 

oJ/, tAMitHjl kiMocntftct. 

t» d^iot or urge forward ; to 

B)«lHcate>-/r/. impel) ing : 

t, im^iio, un^uUtu—iM, on, 

r«ot, aJJ., kaxiMg ike gnAlity «/ 
rta.~tt, a powrrr impels, 

Ijr ctini.i.uiit-,-.i':t; ; inllucDtri: 

fylf0jj., hnwMf the ffoftr ^ im- 

uo , RtiiuLcrd by ninilnl itii- 

[•Ctioc by impul&c: iiat lun- 

r — «. tepoli'lTtaMt. 

prr ; to threaten : 

^./. ttnpefid ed. 

ly to »a 


im-pcu'e-traU, aJJ . v^ ^tmetwmUt, 
at ca|nble of bcinf p«crced : [ircrcnun^ another 
tindy Trnm occupying; the tame tpace at tiie same 
fuiie : not to he impressed m mind or bean.— > 
a4\: iBpu'fltaMr.— «. tepM «lrabiinr. fiMiUy 
f/htrntum/vwirahU, [L tw,no<.»ndf iHaUfcl 
ti» w 1fa « l » im>pen'i~tent. o^'., x^/ fguHt^t f\t it- 

Ktittnff orsin.— M. one who doe» not rcf«it ; a 
rd<:ui:d kinncr. — adv. impn'lUailf. (L, m, 
not. and rMnML] 
lBp«ntlaM, iat-pen'i-tens, m.. /4r <M^ ^ hnmg 

imfi^nitfnt ; hanbacu of heart or miitd. 
Impeoata; imp«n'ai, ZmpcuoM, iai-pcn'ui, ^j., 
N.'tptMnau or winircd i havmc »cr> ^ort wifi]{» 
uscliau for nitht. " " 

night. [\^ iM, not. auJ twnwla.J 

IiBP«r»Uw, im-p^r'ativ, sJ/.. r^/rritipf »/ (om- 
fi.inJ ; ^LUthuriuttivc ; obligatory.— <»i/f>. Ia9«f'»- 
tltiUy. |L. tmptntiivus — itmfrfv, to conituand 
— /■»», and /arv, to prcpoic) 

Xmp«rctptlbU. jm-pirwp'ti-bl. aJj. , nfft fervr^ttbir 
ur disceniible by the uiod : iiu«iuible : minute. — 
Mt. lapowp'tlblinM^ ImparwytaOlty. - - ^Jy. Ib- 
ptncp'Ufely. IL. im, not, and pampdble }^r'felct. adj., maifer/.- . 
dclcctivc : net fulfilling iudcu^i' 
— tu. Impw'rMtMm, iaperfac'tiaa 
fiKtlj. IL. M, not, and P«rfMt.J 

lB»«Mctfi^ im-p^iTo-rit. IkaysConfttA. ^m-p^rTo- 
rat^. adj. , met /er/imUd or pierced throush ; 
having fm openmc.— «. tapvrora'uaa. [L. tw. 
not, and Pnteraft!.] 

impMtmttU, im-per for-abl, adj., tUat tammat 6r 
frwf^raud or bored througtk. 

lapoUI, im-p£'ri-al, adj. pertaining U mm rmjh'rt 
ur to xa emperor ; rosru : supreme ] of sue 
\\je or excellence—-*, s toft of bair on the I 
lip ; a kind of dumc, a^ ia Moocuh buildmKi: 
4.<utside seat oo a dilifcnoc — >ii/r'. imp* ruUy. [Lt 
imfrrialis — miptrium, «:■. . fJ&pir*. 

iBipalalltB, iis-[)£'ri-4l-iim, rr Miilior- 

Imp wi aU i t. im-pi II al-t&t, n., ^'xm' xui*^ ^■iiangs ta 1 
rmfirrtyr; a Mildicr or vulijccl of an empctor. 

ruiixt, or privilcfje. 

lapalami, im-p^'n-ut. adj., atntmimjc cmmand ; 
hniigbty : t^rnnnical : autln^ri u Uve. ^^/i'. l»- 
pertoaaly.— ». impe'rlouana IL. tm/^rwmt.} 

Imperil iro-per'tl. r-./., ta fut in ftrit ', to cnciaascr. 
[L. it, in, and PwlL] 

ImpartihAUfl, im-per^iAb^bl, adj., nrt f^tAa^/r : 
i< ticittiittil'ic; I III ill iiiii;^ Ml Ilium irtialili II iw, 
UnperUbafeU'lly. — adv. laptrlihaklr. [U m, nui, 

lapamt&blf, im-p^mC-abl, A«(r'.. n^t permeatU 
(.T pcrtDUtiufi paaage ; impeDetrabtc. 
mMtbUHy, haj^maiblaif^ xidv. ta 
lU M, aot, and finrtli.] 

faifiMl. im-F^r'nui-aJ, «i^'., m»t p^rtimai or rc> 
prewatiac a pertoo : not asvinj^ penonaliry ~«v. 
that which wmu perKmabty : in grum,, a verb 
willimit a {fcrtanil aubjccl. ndv, taaptt'tanaOf 
~'i. ingrndl'lty. |L, tn, not, and pinwial } 
lapanoBate, im-pcr'^un-it, r.L, ta iuvfst vutA/t 
tvmaiitj or the bodily substance nf a pcmm ', 
a«cnbe the qualities of a pcrv.>n t>i : to pervKlif 
IL. in, in, and 
mt-\ih-^v^'t>-\-4,adj., n4tp€miauhif 
■: moTcd by penuauon or Br|;amenL [ 1. 
, and pcnaaaCUa. ] 

^tfOr; of, l)£ri 

ij intU* ; xaSXax \ 4Jicn. 



iKptitliumt, im-p^linent. f^/.. M^/ ^trtiMmi or 
f^rt.jtfiing to ihe mailer in ti-iQ(l: nidc , im- 
pudcni: iriflinfi.— arfK l»pmto«aUy. IL, w, 
DOi, and parUiunV] 
teptrttHBO^ iai~p6r'U-ncss, n„ t/mi vASeA it im- 
jtrtiHfnt; a ihinB out of pUcc or of do weight : 
rudcQcu. iolruftion: Inllc 
TliipwiMilirtla. im-p^r-turlM-bl, ad/., tkat eatm,ft 
ht dittmrbeH or asitatod ; pcnnaoenlly quiet- 
Mi^. liv««vtabUUr. {I^ wtftrturhaiiti*^ 
m, BOC, and fertnria, to (ll^tllIt). ] 
t^pamtetlea, un-p^-tur-lU'iiiUQ, «.. tttttt ^htixg 

ntutiftvrbtd; freedom from agiU lion of uiind. 
Ii|iwi1i1ila im-p^vt-a bl. Xapwrlou^ im-ptrVi-us. 
Adj., not prrviifui ; not to be penetrated. — mx. t«- 
pir'TUbtanaM, InptnrUbU Itjr. tap«r'irtMMMa — 
adv. ImpflT vleualj. \\*. in, not, acul POTlew.! 
Uopttu, im'pe-tiu, k. IiL a Jaiiimc uf^n; ui 
aludi ; auauU .' foroc or qiuniiiy of mctior ; 
violeol icndcocy toojiy point ; activity. [L.— *«, 
and ptia^ to fairiipoti.J 
iBpMaoiui, im-pcL'b-tu. adj. rushing upon with im- 
f<ttu ur viulenec; furious; pusiofta tc, — m«. Ln- 
pvtaoimaa, tapctsos'liy — mv, ImyafBonaly, 
Inptoty. See ondcr Imploaa. 

iBiplBC*, impiiij', v.i., t,' ttrikr or fall ofoirut ; la 
touch upon — /r./. impinu'ing : /«./. iinpinj|cd'. 
tJ- im/iMf9~in, asainst. >tx^>.^, to (trike.} 

It, im-pinj'meat, »., act sf impinging. 
im-piiij'enl, €uij., ttrikmf againtt, 
im'pakt or tm-paki', M.,d itriktng aj^inst : 
ih* tnstantancoui action of one body on another. 
— laqpMt', p./. to ^e*s firmly together:— j*r,/. 
impaci'uig; /fl-A itnpact'cd. [L. IM, as^tnit, 
atM fiaci»m—/angv.] 
iBtplDtu, im'pi-UA, a<//., iv/ fiiaui; irreverent; 
waniifn in vencratioo for Cod; profane. — adv. 
tn>1««aly. [L. in, not. and rUtitaJ 
iTltiamii. UTi'pi-ui<nes, im^Mf, ■m>pl'e-ti, n., 
gtutiUjr »/ hinf tm^icm ; want of piety; irrc*- 
crcnce tuwmrtb God : neglect of the dtvuie 

itn-pllle's>bl, o^'-, «at ^tnetdtU or lo be 

cd; iiicsorable : irrcconcilabic— Oi^, tat- 

;'ubty.— <u. fylaVihtoMM, twplariWl'Hy. [U 

nut. and riaoaUa ] 

^_fc«i, iin plant', f.i., U plant or fix Mtto; to 

^laat 111 order lo grgw : to ioicrl : to iofuae. [1-.. 

HI, itiio. Olid riant.] 

iBplantatloB, im-plaa-ta'shnn. m,, thi act ef im- 

//.T«f';'vr "^f intuing in ihc mind or h^ul. 
InplMd. im pled, v.t., lopi*t it or ipjrr a /&« : 
to proiCL-utc a suit at law. [L. im, in, and 


im-pled'dr, «., oiu «atl» iimplemJt or 

pro«culc« another. 
DBtriMMBt. implement, n, w;hAtevffr may iC//n/ 

or supply a wjrit ; a tool or inurumctit uf labour. 

—<>•// Im'plaiaMiUnc, providiog with ixnplemcnti. 

(Uiw'U. tmtpUmfnCHM—tH, and/Uo, Lo fill] 
Ul^rttoa. imiile'shun, ■>., /i# act n/Jiliingi the 

»taic L< WwM full. 
XSTl' - ■-•''/. tntruttud ; infoUtd; en- 

\s- i«d. [I.. itM^f xiti —imfiei I,' 

— ::. _ _ , .L't/o, akin to Gr. ><!r*.Mo twine.) 

tatpUeata, im'iilikil, v.t.^ in in/aid: to in%-oIve : t.i 

ciiljfi^Llc :— iin'[jliciling ; A»-/ implicated. 
■"!fluatmm, tmplieitum—in, into. 


j'ahun. H., thtact^anfiiuat- 
:.'tt : that which t% implied. 

tarillatl**, im'pIJ-ti-uv.AS^'., 

tcodiuy to itii ulicatr — *i«". 

latpUdt, un 1^ it^ adj. lit. ut^^tdtd, 

IDK oa or tfuHi/ic aooiho'; rtlyuiy cadrcly/ 
«/o. iapUclUy.— «. UnpUcl 


— imfUa<.\ 
lapty. im pir, r./. lit r.i imfoU; 
ality ; to mean ; lo ugnify ;- 
pa p. implieii'. (L. dmptMt.} 
b^lOTV, im-plOr', v.t., te ittv*kt ft 
ask eaincrtly; lo hea'—prp. loil ' 
implOrecf. [L. a^pl*r^—i», ana ^ 
tapkuiafly, loi-pIOr'iQg-li, cdtk^ in am imtpitri^ 

Of very cajQCSt matiiUT. 
lm]flj. See iznder ItapWcata 
XayoUta, Im-poht', aCt'm «^ p^titt: of i 
naanncn: tuicivil.— «■ laQoBtelM 
UUly. CL. M. not. and »dll«.l 
Twir***'". iin>{iori-lik, oifr', uai peUiiie or prudent, 
unwifc; inexpedient: purminc bk 
lated to injure (he public interest.' 
lUdy. [U >w, uot, and poUUe] 
iBpandanUtw im-pon'd^ abl, A^y.. n«t ^ 
or able to be weifhed : withmit sctuihle 
— «j. iBpao'dBrBblMMi, tepandM^urnr. [U 
tiot. and ponteaMa.] 
iHyoftierablea im-pon'dtr-a-bU, Mj^, ^^ 
cut stiuibU -weight, a% beat, Itgnt, &c. 
layaatevwi, im-poD'dir-tu, ^j-, dnt/ 
without sviLuble weight. [L. in, not, 
BEBpott. im-p5rl'. v.t., tj tarry mt^; io Woc I 
.-ibroad : to convey. a» a word . to ugflet^ 
'be of cnn»cquciice to; to intemt :-yr./.tinfi 
ing : ptfi. iiDpArt'cd. [L. imp§ri», •^itam- 
into, mapprtfi, to carry.) 
laqlert, im'pan. n. that wlii'ch t» hroufkl £•■ 

abroad: meautng: iaipurtancc : IcndcocyL 
taportoUi, Im-pOit'a-bl, adj.. thai m^F Jir 

portfd or brought mto a coiinirir. 
loportaal, im-porl'ant, adj. lit. hrimgimgvr carry- 
img int»i of ^rcat import or coiucqucBoe . A' 
inenious. — M. iBport'aasL — adv. lapad^MU^. 
iBportatlia, im-pOt'tii'sliuo, «., /4r msi ^ vt^/m^ 
i»g: Ihc commodities imported : coovcyanoL 
im-p6rt'ir, «.. tf«W wka imtf^rtl gl>*^ 
im-fK>rt'a<klt, rf":' - ; i: . 

fthip ifitftout a AarimirtO i: - 
tirgcnt ; over-prcaiictc in ' , la^j^wr 

iliilMi iiirn Uapnrt'nlaljF' IL. impiff 
unGl — m, not, and/tfrtiw, a harbour.] 
taapMtKaat im-por-lQir, v.t. to urge with 
MW/ application ; lo pr»» <ir^frT<tly -.—prp 
portOn ing ; Pap. importfinci'. 1 Fr 
iBpartealty, tn-por-t&n't-ti m., tAt ^naftty ^< 

imp^rtuMJttt, UTSoBtrtqucst. IL ' 
tapoM, iro-pOx', v.t., te pUce xpcm ,* to lay «k: «i 
enjoin or comnuuid ; lo put over byaullu*^ 
Dr force : lo obtrude unfairly : to palm off.— «u. 
to miJcad or deceive ;—**/. impOtflw I >*/■ 
iinprvvd*. [Fr. impoatr, L. tm p tmmt imjpmtm 
t*i. m, /I'Mi', to i^^cc] 
tmponbi*, im tiOi'a^L A^'., ti^mtlk ^itimfmm 
f^xed or l.\iu tm. ^^ 

tapeaijic, im-{>ax'ine, a// cumfftiMwUnc ; 

10 impreM forcibly. — adtf. tt i y rtagty. 
liepcwltl'm, ini>fHj-iuh UQ, m.,^t.i^ um^ 

laying on of hand* la opdiouiaa 

buiden: a deception. 

im'pOvt, M.. that tu4ibi 


Ute, flu ; mJ, hta : mine ; nOce : mllte : nCiOo ; MciL 




ILK on 

k tW'pa*!- tJ, ."-if f>-r/.u:i-f'r; ihMwhkh 
tc dime : &buml.— > UspoMttoU'ltr- [L. 
t«, Boi. and fntfbU-i 
iVsL See nttder Itepow. 

^fiMBteM^ im>^s't3m, »., /Atf M>jtena/iMi of cor- 
nel mauer into -ttt ulcer: an kbscem. [au- 
■qpted (iroill L» Gr. m/iitima—aMutfmi, to 
/«, Away, hutimi, to nuke u tUad.] 

le or BhiCCTa.— r.r. to affect with 
•• JMpMihuine :—/''>• impoa^thOmAtiDC ; /a./. 
iayd^lhUinA led.^^ . bB|iwlfcwK»tlaa, Ute act of 
fa iMBm sa abeceu : an ahsceu. 
I^MtaC, &c Sec DiKlcr tapoa*. 
qprtvl, tn'po-tent, a^j\, tot ^itni; fiawcrless : 
iBftfate; imbecile; ukIcu : wantiox the power 
of tBtf-peuratnu— *ii/t'. lapotaaUr.— w. uap»- 
«Mi% ■■>■!■ ly, [l- t". oo'i and Fataat.] 

in-fouad', r./. to coofnic, as im apMutdi 

tui wiliiin Ucnils : to take pmoewon of- — 

:':r Act oftmpOUIldUlir Caltlc [L. 

- 'fadoture.] 
:i, v.i.t i* makt ^car', fo 
,. . ,< I a5 ofa nation), or fertincy 
^ of the ■•fiai I '•—f-f- impov'crUhiag ; /a./, im- 

r'cnriied — «. iMpoyariikMak (Fr. a/>*»nr, 
u^^hnvn'fV— L. m, id, aiid>iiv>rr, poor] 

«Mr oa abic to oe done ; unmanaiteable : stub- 
>VTi — ^v- i M jraaliol^y. — «#. tapnutlcaMUty, 
UsM^^B. [!•. tM. DOC, and pnctkabfa.J 
im'prr-Lil t, ^.t- lU. t^ fray /ifr ^ooA. or 
evil »/■»; to cwne :— /r./. im preciting: /*»-/. 
i^pte^lcd.— «. Istrm'tiOB, the act of imprecat- 
hiC; a cui*«. |L. im^rtcffr, imprtcattu — tm, 
tyt, fr » cpr, trwTMium, lo pntf-j 

mnaalBiT. im prr4iior-i, lU/., camtaiftiiig- im- 
fnuUwn or ctmioT. 
■peVBfella» tm-p:c|;'na-l(l, o^', Ma/ cannot f^ 

aawiacibte. — o^;' UBprAflaalitr.— n-basrafnabll'ltr. 
rfr. n*>n^Mi^>— L. m, not, and ^Ae^Jj, to 

fm-pflcs'nSt, r./., tp tnnkr frrgnant ; 

fooc thine 

r>rec'njlti»£ ; /«./. impreg'- 

-s or i|iialiucs of ooc thiii| 

' ^nugno, ~aium — ett, and 
prrj; .im J Sec ItagaaaL 
_ im'prc(;-niihiin, «., /Ar dci ef im- 

J ^n f t m H^f. tiut wiL>t which anythlag t& im- 

>|ic«a', r.A, /if /nrxr tt/tm; lo iiuu-Ic by 

tn pnxltirr by pressure; la stamp; to 

■- ^. toe public Krvice : to fix 

—m. im'prtu, that which, 

»t-imp, likeness; device, 

/■'estiu, to press] 

■ iPabU rfbtiH£ im- 

Liccpliblc.— *ijj9. la- 


<■ 'i^i 9/ imfirrMtn^ ; 

.' preitUK : a tlncle 

in o: i r- ■11: . inc enc;* of any object on trie 

kIcs ; iJight Tdoemhraoce.'T^ui/. ^ 

able to receive an uopres&ion. 


im-pref'tT, otij., caJ»*^r 9/1 
imfrruivn on the miod : solemn,— 4d 
1nie$.~n. lapnatnaaa, 
lipi'i^Mial, im-pres'iDeat, «.. tktattmftmprtsta^ 
or actno( for senrice. e^teciaUy the public lenncc. 
(orig. from L. prm^tU^ is rcadinaii ; old £• la 
/nw/, in ready money./nr/j =jtf»»/, the 1 
roaney rccrivcd b)* a widicr or sailor an 
inc the aervke. bcc PraHj 

mjBlal, im-prini'. v,t., t* prvtt m or n/io»; to 
print : tu tuunp; 10 unpreu : lo Ax in the imod- 
— H. lai'prlali, tiat wkiek u t'mprvttrJ : iJic naakc 
of the publisher, tune and place of publicatioa of 
a book, &C. printed oa the lille-pdge. tL. im, 
in or upon, ai»d Mat.l 

Dsfflaoo, im-prix'n, v./., i^/vt im /rut>M ; to iliut 
up : to contiae f»r restr^n : — ■/•■-/. impti'^'uiiing ; 
j0a./. iflipHs'oBcd. — M, laiVcteoaBaatt t^ Mt */" 
im^rueminc or sUte of being imprisoned ; ooo- 
fincmem or rcstruQi. [L. /'«, ulo, and IHmpl] 

baprafeaUt, improb'a-bl, aJj. , n^tfnh*xhU or Itlcely, 
—adv. InprobaWy.— «. luprebaMnty. t^ iJt, 
n»t, and Probabla.] 

DayroUliTf improb'i-li. H-.tiNM/^/rv^'/jrartnicg- 
nty ; dishooesiy. [\~ wt, not, and PiabUf.] 

Xmpnawia. im-promp'iu, <tW/..>nMHr//, muOr; off- 
hand. — ido. readuy.— «. a sitort witty aying 
expretscd al the moment ; any compoution pro- 
duced at the momeiiL [L.~«i,ia,aDd/n^M//M« 
readiness. See Pmapt.] 

biffrepar, im-prop'ir, ^ii^., M0/>rv/<-ror luiuble : 
until: unbccomine: incorrect; wrong. — ads. 
tiaprvp'crljr. [L. in, out, and Tiepv-l 

tupropriaty, im-pro-prrc-ti, tt., thai vAuA it im- 
/rv/Vror unsuitable; wantof pcoprietyorGtnew. 
[L. ;». DOI, and proprlstr-] 

Zmproprlate. ink-ptO'pri'St, v.t. ItL ta afifrvpriate ta 
}r\vati tuf ; 10 place ecdeuasuca) property in 
the hands of a uynun : — /f-j*- imprO'priltuig, 
>>./. imprC'pri&led.— ia iBKapHaUea, the act 
cf apprefriatiHgi the property impropriated. 
fL. im, in, and profrio, prv/riatum, to appto» 
priate—^n^nKiX, one's own, proper.] 

laproT^ im-prOOv', v.i. to make better; to advance 
io value ox excellence ; to ooiTcct ; to employ to 
good purpose.— v.i. to grow better; to maJie 
progrcis; to increase; to rise (as prices) '.—fr.^ 
^mpror'ing; /a./, improved'. — «. ImproVer. iL. 
M, in, old Vr. pravtr, L. pr^mrt, lo txy, lo 
consider as good.1 

tmprarabU, im-prOOv'a-bl, ■ - iiuprtvtd; 

tapaLIe uf being u»ej —hdo, iai- 

prwablr. — ns. la|iraTabu /, ., ^.tiliniw, 

ttojje w t, im-prOOv'menc, n., Un <ut a/imPrrtf- 
»a^;advaiicenicntorpn)grcss: increase, admtion, 
or ahcratJon, iha lunung to good account; 

improTlnsl;. im-prO&vlng-fi, adv,, im an im/rvvinf 

D&srorldant, im-pro/i-dent, MfJ., na! finn'iifmt or 
prudent; wanting foresiyhi ; t)Kiuanilr*>.— rtrfc. 
Improv'lds&tljr. — m. bapror^daaoa. (.1.. m. not, and 

XnprovlsBta. im-prov^-sSt, ImprovlM, im-pro-vl^f 
v.f. to compoK and recite, csp. 10 verw. withptit 
ffrparaSiffn; lo bring about on a sudden. — r.r 
to recite compositions, especia)l]c in vers*, without 
prcpamtion ; lo do anj'thmg oflT Jiand :— /r./. 
ImpTOvlia ting, improvu'mj; ;/.»./. itnprovitated, 
iniprovtscd'.~M. ImproTla'M'. [Fr. impmtiier, It. 





ftie, f&r ; ia6, her ; mine ; mOtc ; niQte ; foOOn ; l<4ctt. 



■L. i«, Dot, and ^roviMM, forf 

vuv ■!. 

fr.fc-... .-■ J.- ; inconfciikniie. 

iBpsduit. im'pCl-rlrnt. »<ij' niattiag^ shtume i>r 
imiJc^tv : luaicn-ticcd ; UjW] ; rude ; insolcDt- — 
(i./n. iB'pvdratly. -w. lai'p«4ae«. (L. tv. not, 
/W'fJi -***its, (ram /itJtir, to be ashamed.] 

2BpBC>. ini-pOn', t'.A lit. r<.< yffA/ a£m'fut: lo 
ftpp'**^ : to -■^itncV hv worri* or niTniment* ; to call 
ill')' ' ' ' 'itipflcncd'. 

II. '>t.J 

tapVfiubi*, (ill put .i;^j, iJ-jj , .J» 'V r." .I* im/tt^r.f 
or called in question. 

InpilM, tHpstiioa. &c. See jn '-rr &nr«i. 

ItBpBBitr. impfliri-ti. 1.,/' ■'■.{y/r*-//! 

/«*ii-l/'fi-«/," exemption ' I'tei. [L, 

.iH^:iTtit,tt — (Vi, ntit,^'.-' . 1 : I 

mpm, im pGr'. if'ij'-, **ol /«'•; iLnid wiih nihcr 
suli^l.inces : defiled I'y *tn : unholy. iu>cli,)->lr . 
unclean. — rtfiV. Inpan'lj. — wj-. top«r'lty, Impim'' 
MM, ^altiy (•/hftNg irnfurr. [L. in, not, Pnn. J 

XB9W1«. im-tmr'pl, unic a^ Eapvrpl*. 

Inpnt* - ' ' r ■ tike into iht rti/cimtu£ : 

tu • '"-in a bad >cnsc; to 

ch/.r ■ , /•*-/■ inijid'cd. [Fr 

i'«'," . iM—itt,/ntt\ to rwlfon. | 

|ni,<iii- r -. -V im/i*tfs. 

fNt..i ■ r:ible.— tii^;*, ilBplfftUr. 

->M. ImtU' . uUfaU'tty 

lapvUlloo, . ,. fWt ef imf^tiyc or 

<Jii«/(;".''» ' '-'■"■'"■'•• i-r'"*ch* th« reckoning (vs 

tclonginc to. 
ImpatAtlrc, ini-pfll'a-tiv, tulj , thai mnyhf impute J.. 

~*nfv. tnpal *Untir. 
In, in. /rr/. denotes pretence or tituation tn place, 

time nr circuuutanccv -withia, during ; by or 

through ; eninuice into. — ndv. within : not out. 

fA-S.. iy^r. in; Goth ift ; L. M«.-Gr. m; a\un 

16 Sjfikh am.] 
liSfr, xn'tc, Adj. (comp. of tn^^/tirtJifr in ; interior 

loaamert, in'^-mlVC, limort, in mD«t, otfy, (superL 

of J^t/mttkett in'. mo»i remote fr<>ui tlic out- 

wafl ijarl, fA.S. imMrmt-tt, im»ptt.\ 
Iltftlillltf, m-i-hdi-ti, H., xvnmt of aiiUfy I want of 

xutfirieiit power; incapacity. (L. in, nut, and 

kbDUr I 

Xiuuenitbla, in>ak'W«l-bl, a^J., nat mctuthU ; not 

(i.i Le- readied, obtained, or approachctl.— /u/p. 

tnarf iwlhlT nt r iBtfe—itUlty, IniirrWlhliiiw 

It., i't. \\:<^ . .-iA<1 acMwlMt.] 
Xcac^ii' ' -r2t. tf<i£/., nW «t'(.'««7l/<r ; not 

c*-. erroneous,— d^i'. laftc'nrftlalr. 

|t. AcevmU.] 

InaBOU-uy, ;u A'k.a-ra-u. r.. ^Atr qimtity a/ ttin^ 

iH^^tvraU; want of cuctncss ; inibtalcr. 
IntriUm, in-ak'shun, ir, , nutiv/ rf iKfttm ; Idlecies& ; 

rrM [L. r«r, act, and acU«D.J 
tiuetln^ io-dk'uv. Of/j-. noi^urtttf; having do power 

I.. r:-v*- ■ i.ll- hry : in c/vw*., not fthewin;; nny 

4ti L UT»Jy. |L.iM,not, andftctlvt.J 

IftiCti I . li, «., «*eui/ f/ot /h'ttjr ; inert- 

'. ,L. (f, not, and wUvlty.] 


bwdvquta. in-ad'c*ltwJt, a4j-. »*t 

ln*(l«^«ftC7, in :i '. 

lawtmliitbrt, ill .1^ -: . ,.. ..-'•.. <*^ jdmianMti 

Zlu4v«rf«Bl, in-ad'Vtn'etit, A<t)-,mai 

jiteniive —«*/». InMlvot'catty. {L. i» 

toMmtMM*, in-ad-rCrt'cns. »?:-■'-—•--—, 

virt'eO'ti, n., U\ck f/ aJ: 

negligence; civeixi^ht. |1 -.: 

»»i»iii»Ma in-sl'ycn-a-bl, aiij., '/>'' -r... r«.t3^ 

(^l>a!]lc of being tTamfcrreti. ■ w. tnallMMldiM 

[L. in, not, ■Hmahai.] 
Inan*. io-In', adj., wmf^iy; void; void of 

eciicc , u*clc*v (L. ifiwrir.) 
taiutty. m-an'i-li. n., emfty t/a.Lt, 
IfniUKw. in-a-nish'unj »., <<<iU!r »/ Sring im^amn 

cmptiQcs* ; exhaustion froni want of fb«<l. 
IimlmaU. in-an1-nUt. ad/,, m^f ttMMmstr; miOlMi 

aniruiion or life: ucncC [L, iiv, not. aalHalnJ 
luLBtnubUan, in-an-i-mA'shun. n., «MKi ^/'•aaau* 

f/.m; lirdc&aie^b. {L. /«, tiof.and; 
laanJUcaL taaalty. See under 
X&»niUe«l>la, in-Ap'pIi-l..-1-M. «*tfj., *iot tt/JJie^Uri 

Piiiablc.— JV. ln»p|aiC4Ml ity. |L. in. not, 

buppUcAkliia. in-ap-pti-Iiil'shiin, «^ ftwiri mf , 

cd/ji'M or attention. [L. in. ftOI. ut'' 
lumMU, in ap'pO-tit, at^., m^t «•; 

jble. — nJv. lai^pMl^r- H'- Mt, - 
Zuypnclkbl*. in-ap-prCthi-a-bl. iti^',, 

*7//r or able to w valued. [l_ wi, 

XiupTtOMhtliU. In-ap-; '- ' , «« 

.i.V/*; iiiaccc^iblc. 
XuppTOprl«fe«. in-:i[i-[.' ' 

/rt'.i/r or suioUc- — lUi'p. ta^ppro'prlHity.. 

Appro prtfcUsMi. [L. im. not, ApynpriM*,) 
XM|rt, in-apt'. «.'//., nel aft '•' '•' *"?* 

— H. tnApt'aB4«, uttfitncM. 
InvUcvUta, in-ur-i>k'fi-l.''>t, r 

iii>t distinct ; in .-.W,, not j 

vlatalj.^-Af. imftrUc'iiluleu' ■ 

■li^UDctnen of MiumJA in -, 

mid MtkBl&t«.J 
butUclal, in-Ar-ti-fi^'yali •></ . m*t «i« 

dune Lv ail : simple— •i/i't'. 

not, artUeULJ 
laanraok. in-tU'Oiuch', cu/r. since ; xciac tksl; i 

living the case. [Zn, Ai, and Huh. ] 
Xutt«attr«, in-ai-ttnt'iv. aitj., mat tir^^lf^ . C«^ 

leu- — ajv- tutUcllTil/. (L. in. n-.-t. aHariMnl 
bUllMittaB, in-At-tct-.'>hun, m., wnut -f niffwfifmi 

neglect: bec'llc^nc^- U- *«, i"*. 
ym»*ftf« in-awdi-til. n.-^' , luf aW-i.^V.- nr »! 

be hcArd.— (^/: tuoA'tbb'. 

im, not, and An^lhU.) 

in-avr'sQ rfli, v.t. Ul t0 


Cte, fht ; me, bte ; mine ; mOie ; m&te : uiCOa , tMn. 



to-ai/efi-ri-iar, n. 


mwU. va-»^%fi<i\, tuff., furiatniitg to, diwc, 

iiKav-ffish'iu, adf.t H*t amipuumt; 

' !. »iupkiou.J 
itfl»»ni '.r z,-i(/i: itDpliiiilfd 

|i. Bon t 

m-br£^ . i..'., i.' iit^tAt inifi. (L, itt, 

' -^.) 

/ tM/A/N ; innate ; natonl. 

tUttmMMK io-kUOtD-Iab), .m^', w--^ em/emi»tU or 
sUc ta be rcdconc*! — ad^. tncAiooUUy. [L. /m, 

■ Vnr, A4/.,tfCfimingvmrm 
wing With heat. — «. lasaa- 

«Bd<49-' -.c of .-'lUMiEw, 10 slow.) 

iaa, »., /4^ «,-/ tftncltant- 
1 U iMc»mlati», from root o( 

■*<// , rri?/ t^^ahitl insuffi- 

- :>-, iv/ cm0mci»ia or 
hfCc: asTTow. [L I'., n'jt, and cipad— i.) 
VpMAV. io'la pn^'i-ti. H., aMM/ o/ capacity or 
(wu Ci' m iad i uubiiity i disqaaizficuicML p*. 

t^fiMctfy i to make inca|able ; to ^tt^taLfyt [1. 
■^ MX. apMdMi&j 

■wnnlB, rr. V^s^-St, v.t, /> ha/ruffn: to coa- 
*« ~^ f intar'ocr*liiiB ; /«»,/. iacu-'ccrfltvd. 
iL. oi, and <iznrrv, •^t*a,~<mnrr, aiiruan;Gr. 
AarA«*n; akis Ca Gr. Vrlr r, a f-coce, jsd L. f»* 
«na^ w codoae.] 


/ar>. lacakj'aAtcd.— (M'y. 

it Jink; ad of tikiac » haau Mr ann tfac 

liM: toiap^^ the pR>ceH<tffaeafia(' 
ifcac =fcg y»t with ocvlkih. 

— ^L a aiwTiriT «hica Ku im* Annia snv. 
*M^ ia^Atf*^ «./. lo pi« M a eur; to ■ai aa uJ 

miak % 7mt\\mti toBd. (L. i«, n, aad CHa.] 

■Oi^fire to: 


■m^ *^^0u', r / fit A^wf ^m JSrv; la a 

Oa^ftr: ^!^h*r. »2m 

fume Ktvcn nti' 

111 rcliLP't'ii nff?- 


lrtn*i', tfjui iTvJ'Ji' I'., 

iBMpMVfl, io-Kp'liv, (f^y -irtg 

bc^mntiig. — ii^i', laevp Li'> ^ i<^ 

r«i, to txigm— t'l, ajid tJ/ji.'. M) t-itj' 
lBdp(«Bt, in *i;»'i-fnt, »rf?., ivg^tmnim/r; Cfimmenc- 

in£.— ttf.lBetp'l«c«. iBdp'UDc/. — tit^c, iMtpiaaUr. 

(L. imci/uM — UKt/u'-i 
tmttmtmt, io-»c»'ai)t, b4^'., nrt te>iti»f; luuniar- 

rtiptnJ : continual.— a^/t' lacaw'tattr. fL. fJM^i- 

tniu, -aniit — in, nut, and c^jiu, u> cea«c ] 
In*art, in'iol, m., ufufuutiiy; imtf-Hrilj ; kxiuI 

intercourse wiihin U« prolubiteJ dcjffce* of klo- 

died. fL. \Mc*itum—in, ooi, and ctutui, cl444tc.) 
taoMtaou. in Mrvi'Q-ui, etdj.,gMi(ty cjm£¥tt,^a4r. 

Xach, in*h, ■ , tkr twff/tk /**y of a ftwt 

verbially. a axnall distance ur devrcv. 

ituUa, xnet, an inch — 1„ war^i, - •■ - "■'■ 

lac^anL inth'-mfl, m., (j ^iett lu- 

by intkfs or »nuU dcicree*: kij^luiji}. luc^ 

aiid Maal— A.S. »«»<i//, a pieea.! 
i MM wa*. iou-dcw, «-, « JaUmi: n^n : fhc meet* 

IM of Mie body with u; ., w 

which a body faAi oa an v >>.; 

tow L. uumfmtii»-~im-i^. .,Ja, 

la bUj 
faMliMi, in'ft-deai, mdj„/aUiH£ w/m; fiarmteut: 

bable to ocCTir; nattiratty Ivlancmf — a. i4tf/ 

v»kick/tilU out or hap[- 
dinaie actk« ; an ni 
irtiMlil. iivAi-denial. 
wilhom dcaifB : 

Sac miflcf knsMfa. 

bdM^ m^d, »./.. IW n>/ Miv; to col WBWAf 
to escnvc >-^>. iacK^ ; /a>. hc^ tj^. ^fg, 
i«n«rr— L. imcM, tmcuwam — tm, ia$o, aad came, 
to c«t.J 

m a \i i ^WK m., tAf ae/ ^gmU^tfrttU^b' 
B:aaa:acMlu irr.j U 4«aM^) 

hacatoactt—; lii ri iBii. [rr,i 1. tec^«M^,| 




ilicnrred'. [L. imcitrn, iMCursum—*it^ irtio, 

, to run.] 

1 Tn i iirMnin, w. lit. m rmtmimx against ; 
[L. utmnio-'trtciirrv.i 
. '(•//.. ftrtamiMg ta or ouktng 

■»■: .„ - .F iiinud. 
ZaovnM*, in-ktir'a-bl, iv//,, n^t futaifU i nopt lul- 

mutinj; ofcoricctioti — •. one bcymJ cure.~a^c 

iBciu-'ftbljr.— MJ. inCBT'AhTwiMi, lacvnhU'l^. (.L. 

iw, not, «nd nrmkUJ 
tacvKloft. LKonlTi. See under Xmv. 
iBottfTat*. iQ-Itur'vSl, v.t., ta%HrT*, ia ienJ :-~pr.^. 

inCTir'viiinj;; /«i /. incuf'vitcd. — adj. cun■l^j in- 

witnl — ^ InoarYs'tlMS. |L. im-rHwrt*. in;-urziatttm 

— . r,'«/, bent. See Com.) 

ZadrL ' tttij. being m ./i-Ar ; obtieed by 

>'... .wd. — H. tidabt«An«a. |L. in, 

in, <ii I a«Di ] 
XB4aeiBt, iit-ti^icnt. aJj'., »>?/ tUitnt : ofiTcnave to 

m"».lesi)' nr dclicucj*.— ^w'w. ladi'osnllj. — m. 1ii4«'- 

MBcy. [I^ in, not. and Otemt.] 
ZodacUlott, in-di-*i/ti'ua, n., vtfu%{ 0/ dtctMn or re- 

loKittiin : bcVit.-ili"n. IL. in, not, and tf«cW«a.] 
Ittdadim, m-«i6-sT'kiv. 'i//;.,KiJ/(^urc-r; unv:ltl?iJ : 

WAVcrinj;. — lutv. ladKl'itrtljr. — n. tndvU tlnaaM. 
iBdaetlVKbh, in-<l(!--l I'u'vlil. ii.f|/' in ^um , n«i/ 

dVciVM'j^c or or: 1 ctic-n — a*/c'.iBd»- 

cllBtHr. [L. .-. ,rubU) 

Ibdae«Bpoc»bl«, in . hi, adj.t ntt rir- 

C9m/otaNe. [L. in, uui, au^ dMOBpoubU-J 
iBdMvnu, in-d6-k0'nu, Mij., m.'t Jcc^rvm or be- 

cDHiLDg ; Tioliting good nunncn. — adv. ladfco'- 

RHuly. [L. in. not, oiid dtc«roiu] 
tAd*«or«B. ui-d£-k()'r\im, w., u.itnt of dt-cvrum or 

piopriety of conduce. [L. I'x, not, und dMoraa.] 
Is4i*d, in<i£d', adv. lit. ^ <^ ^^.i; in Curt; to 

truth ; iu reaJity. fin. And Dm4. J 
iBdAtetlgaMl. in-d^-fai't eabl. adj., tfutt ca*mt>t U 

JatigMfd or wearied out ; unpciniKinn in ciTott : 

pcneverui£. — adv. lad<fAt'lfftht]r.— ». ImiataX' 

lC*M«aMi. |L- iHtir/aticaUiid — in, not, dir, down, 

aad/d/jgfv, 10 lire.] 
IsdalMilbl*. in-d£-f<x'i'bl, a/t*. m^/ dtfteititU or 

10 b« dcfcaicd or nude roid. — adv. lii4a(Walbly. 
iIMUtr. (L. iW. not, and4«f«Mttk.] 
in-dc-fcn'si-bi, •b^'., ma/ d^tniihU', 

lluit cannot b« maioUiiKd or jujiitied. — a4w, la- 

a«t«B'«bl]r. [L in, not, and dtf«ialbli.1 
bdc&ubl*. in-di-rio'ft-bU adj., mot dtfimthtf,— 

Adf. IndclBably. (L. I'l, not, and d«ABLabU.] 
ladflAmlb*, in-dcTt-ail, adj., twt dt/inilt or Immed; 

nut piccite or ccrUiD. —A/f. iBdcf'lalUly. — m. 

adt( InltvoMi. [L- in, iioi, and dOalU ] 
iBdaUU*. in-dc)'i-bl. adj., nc't dfUhlt or able to be 

blotted out or efracea.--^:'. IsdcllMr.^n.tBdal'i- 

UtttT. (L. i>. 001, and MakU ] 
iBdMaa**, in-dell-klt, oJ/. m?/ detiemtt ; offeoave 

to good manncrft or purity of niind ; coarse. — 

<Uv. HAdrUalalj. [L. m, not, and OdUtttdJ 

in-del'i-ka-si, n., nvin/ ff dtiie^ey or 
It of tatic and manners : rudenctt. 
tn-dem'ni-fl, v.t., t* mak* fnad /irr 

dtunagw d<fnf i touvcbarmlcM :— -/rjf. indcm'ni- 

fving : Pa.p. iudeiu'nified. [L. it, not, eumI 

anmnt/icc— damnum, lev, and/^^>, to trialce.) 
l&dVBttUcallon, in-dem-ni-li-kft'fchijn, n,»ctff/t/t' 

ddttkHifyiHr ilij; \t IiilK iudcmiiilicv 
tadtsamUr < ut^rtty /p*m damrngt, 

hft. or I oiDpeiuauoo for ton or 

injury, i- '\ 


iBdBBiflBrtnbU, in-<l^mi>n'itra-tl. t*4J-, ' 
^ .<>inr>Mj,v,iff>/ or proved. IL. iw, 

iBdtsi, in-dcnL', r./. to male: 
Id cut into foinU like Ur-.. 

l0t»C2f *■■"'■— - *' 

..f a ; 


notcti ;;.. ... 

L. iHdwnU> 
iBlMtallMU ii' 

nr note hint; 
ladMtwtw )n-^ 

written agr'- 

n contrrtct - 

dent:— /r./. iniic 

(indenture* were 1 

so a» to correspond i- -- 
iBdipaaduit, in-de-pcnd'ent, 

tclying on othen; not sit' 

to uuu: B0brilinK 1 coinr<i<.- ' . .■ . 

longiag to the IndepcndcDt^ — itds. 

mtVif.—ni. l&d«p«iid'«Bea, lada9«id'< 

niK, and dapwidant ] 
bdtpaadaal in-d£-pead'cnt, • 

alTairv holds that every 

/iriu//i«r of every other and ...^jw .- .rji 

IndcKTlbabta, in-dc<«crTb'3-bl, adj., tu>t dt» 

or capable of being detcribeil. [L. Wf wM^ 1 


b4Mlrmc«fblti in-dC-itruk'lJ-bt, adj.^ latl 
iihU or abl« to be dcstroytd— vb/p. 
tlMr.~«. ladaMnclOU^. [L. ij». mm, < 

tadvlvrabuibla, in-dc-lcr'mi" 
mituitit : not to be ascct 
indMar'talsably. [ L. i'r, i 

iBdrtarsilmata, in-dS-i- r' 
nttOsiiXKiX. UliCrr. 

iJiiilMMlBaltoa. in-di: 
d£trwvii*Mtit^n \ a wjv<iiI'); »i>ir 
urxnt of lixad direcliiNi. 

tadrtai^la*!. lOHjMtr'muid, -xdj., rtat dii 

Isdax. See under : 

ladlaa, le'di an, tJj , htl*i*fimg ta Hk* 
ur West, or to the abonginea of j' 
native of ihc ladies: anabongintl of. 
(from the river Indtu, .ipiiUr*! tjy mlwIalB 
W. Indies by the ; r-s wHa I 

they h.nd amved -r ^a Mnk, 

focalled because bi< ' I ndie 

lak, a substance »»»cd m w^t'.r-c-->toun, 
of lanip-bUck and animal glue, orifi. utw 
Of rather ui China.— IsdtaB --i todU-T » h b w. cw» 
c^QUC, tonamc't ff" - .'■Vyttnip M^ 

nutrka.— bdlaa 7«ii' •louring MiV 

used in walcr^:olo < ' ■>;» ErTmlM- 

ladUwsn. in'di-A-innn .r iiKt'j.i 01,111, n. dbux^lAiV 
employed 10 trade wiih imdia. 

ladtoau. in', r./ , r> w«»A/ AM«ni)« 
flwt, 10 shew : — /'",/- in'dicSllng ./d^/. 
|L. tndic\', -atrnm — in, and (/icff, to 

lndtoal«r, in di k'. i-.r r . a.- -.i/in *. 
laMnimeni - 

inltmmboa of; in fr^tm., A^^fUai ut ibc 
Khevtrb whidi indicalcra, i.c, afl)nxaar<' 
adm. i&«ta'attnl7. 

Cue, fir; n«, hdr; mind; mou; ■Qt«: mOOa: /Aca. 


ide with or place oi ut index :^ 
;. /</. in'dexcd. [L. ituUa^ im- 

\m.t., Ar deelaw* pHhlicty; to chaiige 
fncnuiny •ir in whuii^ esp. by a 
*- . ..:j. ,_. >. ^ tndlctwJ, 
1 ■ • 


..»^..,^/i of A tax; 

I I muiud byCootcuicioc 

>-^n. .,.,,.,, ).., mei ff vndittt$$[, or 

r'g tnaul^ : a formal ch&r|« oi a 
the pap«c contamiog tt. 
i- ' t.//. III. witKflut a dijfrr- 

I c; of a middJc qiulitjr ; 

.ii/r. lB41ff cnstlj.— N 

r I 

.t tutd fifmHj/tkimf : d«- 
> ii( ^umistcocc; poor. — Wr, Ib'- 
vtdi^rmt, -tntit, ]n'.p. uf imfijfev 
and //n, to need. | 
jcfOi w-t cSiiditun o/ttmg imdigent 


ij'eflHis, «fcj[/'., natiot, A?n» or tfn- 
produccd lutunlly in a couniry. 
'« or iW, in, and /nr, tuoc of 

mnltoaued. [L. i", doi, and 

i.y/.. nat dieestUltt nol 
:< recciwd or paiicntly 
_. t iWy, 

Hii-jcftt vuu, », want ef diptttum; 
■Uoa (L. m, doc, and tiswUoB.] 
^f'nuit, adj. lit. considrrxHg ax un- 
affected wuh anger and 
'. (L. indigHamx^ -aif 
■-— r*r; nol, digmu, wuilhy.] 
. «„ tht fr cling iawtd 
ffOJt; anger muied with 

iutiMrthuusi : unmcr- 
itincat : incivility with 

ilyc obtained friMn the 
.V/>x plant. [Fr. : It. 
'I, u'^m /tt/ktu, Iruliaa.) 
Lt', «<//'.. njt dirrtt or uraifiht; 
U» * result by the plammi count ; 
'at boDcst. — ttdv tiuUnctly. 
[U M. not, and Dlr*ct.| 
Vhl, <u^'., iw/ duifrntbU. 
tikly. il. i«. not, dlMtnlbli.) 
u-fcuvcr>a-hl, »dj., not du' 

n. 1-^ lu.i. dlKBTBahULi 


' , not diitrtrt; impru- 
tBAiKTMttr.— M. I>ik- 

. :.d DlMTMt 1 

rxAitiH^ ^ ti'sl di*tr 
tadiKxta'lnatdr. : i- 
itopw M<. iii-tli&-fjt:iu ^ 
d»j/emj£^iinrA,- sb»olitt«Iy 

»«/ ducrim-^ 
1 1 ftucd. — d<^« 

inML [1 

L. M, 

I, in-dU'iyGi'. v.A to reader mdii / Mfd 
\ci^ fn : to roaVe avenc to ; to dnorder sliBbtly^^ 
ax the health. JL. jm, got, and Sti^saa) 
>< top M«d. in-<lift-{>62d'. ^/. , ni>t duftttd', avcne : 
di&iodincdi slightly duunlored m he*lth.— «. 

IntopositlML in-;dt*-p^-iiib'uii. n. 

indispctti; duiaclinatioa : ttJsbt iUne*C 

it*u ^ bemc 

in-dis'pb-tabl. adj., moi dit/iO^Uf.^ 
toeevident to be called in queition ; ceruin.- 
adv. lDdl«'f«taMy.— N. |adla>iteMaw. [1. M,. 
obt. atid dlipvtahla.l ' 

lB41aw>tBblc, iD-dis'iot-a-bl, itdi\, net ditt*lmiUl 
llijt L~aiiiiiit he broken or viiHaied ; iiUfparabteLi 
bimlii)); i»t ever. — rt<:'r>. ladU'Mlably.— n/. 1b4I^ 
■elBblaaaa, la«lM«liLbmiy. [L. i a, not, AluolvWa.] 

laAlrttiirt, in-dis^insltt', adj., ntit duttMct ; net' 
plainly marked : not clem to the tiiiD<J , ambic- 
iiouk — 4iJv. ladMftoct'ly. — n, buUctlnet mm. [L 
in, not, and dlrtJort.] 

InAlitlBgviihaMt, io-di^tiri^'cwiih-a-bL adj , mtf 
ditting9iuiuMi,—adv. tn4UtlB'galafcably 

lailU, in-dTt', r /., te du(at* what is to be uitsrc^ 
or writlea ; to cofnpo*e or wrile, — v.i- to -- — 
poie >— ^./. inditing; /«./. indli'ed. — #«j 
dUir, lB41to'Mml. [old Fr. auHirr, emdiettr, 
from root of Iftdlct] 

IniMdaal. io-dl'vid'Q-a!, adj , matdiindfd i nilMMt< 
ing as one ; pcilaioing to one anly.~». a Mngle 
peraon, animal, plant, or ibinc. — adv- 0141*1*-' 
oaUy. (Fr. individual, \\. imdixiiduatr—X^ tm^ 
dit'uiM»a — in, not, dividmu, divuibic — divid^l 
to divide. J 

ladlTldsallw, ui-(ii-rid'&-al'1jr, v. /. to dUtin| 
each individual Uuai-A\ui\'.~- " '" iilanae' 
— /r /. individ'uj|l5inff; / ■ . cd. — 

n. tadlrUuttnttoa. [Tr . 

tsAlrfdaattia, io-dt-vid'A-at-um. ». tuT »ut« of 
regard to individual interesU maleacl uf those i 
locieCy at Urge. 

tDOlfUuaiy, tn-dl-vid-a-aTit.i, m., indit'tduol or 
sepsiratc ejoitctire : oneness, distinctive charaticr. 

tadlvUvaW, in-di<vid'a-it, r./.. (a tfulivtdna/itf ; 
^> tnake Hngte ;— /^-/- indivtd'usting ; /d-/. in- 
drvid'u&lcd. — n. IndlTldaa'tiaL 

todlfUbls, tn-di-vu'i-U, ttdj.. nat divUihlex in 
matA., incomnica'surablc. — H. in math., an inde- 
finitely "O"" (J'tanlity. — adv. iBAlfWUly.^iit. 
tB41rU'lUca«a. (L. w, nat, and dlvlalbla.] 

IMMUt, indof'il, adj., K9t dttcile; not dlnpoted to 
t>« iiuiTUCied.— A. ls4oelltty. [L. in, not, and 

iBilKtrt&at*, in-doV'irin-At, v,t. to inktruct in mny 
(/ix/rifu* .■ lo iiriliue with any opminti '.—Pr.p^ 
mdnc'tnniling ; /•»/. indoc'trinltcd. — 
irtBA'tiw. IL. in, into, dxtrvut, doctrine^ 

ZidoteDl, inMo-Icnt. adj. lit. and ong. /n 
fatn Of trvttlle; t^ilctng one's ease; iikdufMRMl 
tn activiiy —<idv- ta'doluiUy. — n. lB'd«l«kM. IL, 
in, tvoi, di}Uns, -cntu, pr,p. oft/c/'.*, totufferpatn.] 

XDdvnHaMa, in-dom'it-abl. adj., lAat cannct U 
not to be lubJued.— «</;'. ladftnlUMy. 

fllic Or : m, hte : dUbc : n&ic ; mOte ; raCOo ; tkca. 




unUcieJ — ut, oot, 

in-dort', r, t. to write mfcm tK» iaek tif; 

to a«Hsn br writiog on tbc back of: to give oncN 
■anchon to:— /r.>. indon'mg ; /<>> indoried'. 
— M. taAen'tr. tl<>^ I^> i*ui^n4*~u. tM, ufton, 
Jsnvm, the tadcj 
iBdoni^ in-dor-4fl', N. the petaon to Vhooi a bUU 

tadMMBvM, wdon'meai,*., Mt e/w^itm^ 0m ik* 

hm<k !i/ ^ Ull, &c. in onicT lo (nniTcr It; itutt 
which ii wntrcn on a bill, &e. ; souctioo given 
to Anything, [tow L. imdorsamenimm.\ 

■■tfobUiwk in-dOlii-u*. aHJ.^ m0/ dutumt; cortaiii. 
1 1., im. not. And tfaUmu.] 

toaK*fMi> in-dQ'bit-abl, «^'., that eMMMf »* 
^ftt^UJ; coo plftio to b* odled in quaitiaii ; 
eeruiQ.--«i^ lUo'bUafaly. — «. i«d«' >il li Ww i 
[L. miitHsiiiiM—tH, not, dtAtio, to doubt.] See 

1'. v.fc, tmUttd 10 or mAi; to prevail 

an:tocaiiK: in/ilj'ncv^ to cau*e,as an electric 

(taia, by mtre conlacf oi nrface* :— >r./. indOc'- 

ing ; ^j«, iodfketf.-^i. totec'er. lU imduce, 

indmitum — iVi, ialo. ^ik», to lead.] 
tatM««*al. u^a*'mcnt, «., eAdf waUc-A wi^w/x or 

aia«c» : in Jinv, a >Uilcme»t of facta iotroducing 

other important facti. 
ladnctUi, in-dOa't-bl, ^dj.^ thai may ht imdmceJi 

uilcrcii hy inductioa 
lodacl. iii^>jUt', f / lit. ta hriig it: lo introduce; 

lo pul uilo possession, is of a bcn-.ficc. — /'*./. 

ioduriirig; /^ ^. iniluct'cd. — » Indact'or. 
tadsi*" ' ' * >. At'ij-, tai (imrtiif ; thai cuiBOt 

be cbreadi — ft. ladactU'llr. 

taAik:- ID, «., A^-r afkmduititici intro- 

duciuiui. i;u.rT^ . , " - .'.iclergymsn: the 

act Of pfucBu 1.1 111 paniciiUn tn 

Ifatejiiift: iri/A,ij .!)0D by odc body 

of an OppvCilC K'~<:\\v: i'jtr in oiiothor by COCl- 

IBCL — diy. tMlDcUoiiaL 
laiBCUTt, in-du'it'tiv, adj., itaJutg nr dnrarmg; 

leadtAjE to uifcrcQcet ; proceeding by induction 

iti tat&ortmc. — ^v. tsM^tSTCty. 
IMm, in->10', f.f., to put mt^ as clothei: to invest 

or clothe with ; tn knpfily with : — ^>r^. indQ'uie ; 

/h*.A tod lied . — n. ladoaiaaat. [L. indi^ — Gr. 

fitif^A, 10 pM on —rm, inlo, </hP, 10 eater.) 
taAnaiaiB. in-dn'ihi um, m. Ul an umt^r funmtMi: 

in ^/., a iotx of hairy cup cDcloaiog w MiKiaa 

of a Dower ; the *cal« covafiiig tha fmt kpot of 

fern* (I.. — iWu#.J 
laiwlal. in-dQ'xhHal, adj. ta t**l., oompoicd of 

htdmiM. ur ihe petrified luvfr>cueft of uuocts. 
lBtfBl|«, in-tlulj', r t. lit. ta 6t rwrtt or agrwatir 

ta ; lo yitfM to the wishet of; 10 allow, >< a fAviuir : 

not to rt»i rain, ai the will, &c— e-.i to allow one'* 

kU;— /r>. ioduiKlBg: /'•A ittdulced'. — *, !■- 

dole V. I L. indutgt9 — (ft, towani*., dmlcis, tweet, 

agreeable ) 
Utelint. iit'dul'jcnt, oi/y., ittiiut^ng: yicMiniC to 

Ihc wuhct of olhcn , com^jUant: nol i-^v^rc — 

adv. btilul'gaatlj. [L. iiuUiigrmi, •eMtii, [ir p. uf 

iMdui^c, ] 
li4»|fM Wi, JD-duljeas, n.. /A^ ^tt^lity ef being 

indutffnt; pcmiaiac:^ ^liAuunn : in H. 

Gtlholic CUurcb, a icBUUKXi. tu a ntwnUni 

sinacr, of the puiushmeot which would otncrwiae 

await htm in purcatory. 
IMtanH ia'db-rJU. vJ., t» Ann^, a« the feelinri. 

— f.i. lo grow hard; to harden :—/r.j*. m'dUrft- 

|iiX;>«/'ia'dQr;itoI — « InteraliM tl> 

i»ii itr, t^tnn- :■ ■ ■ -^i^ii 

bidailal, IbiIbiIiii:: Loilaa, 

ZBdutnooa. ib ' ' ' ' - 

• ibe'* Ijibout . 

puriutl. — m:'- 

!>(•/«. old f»( u ^, -.,....■,, ^,w, 

tip, to ta a m i f acture.) 
tadaiicT, in'duv-tri, M.,ifuat'itr^Sevit, 

itadyapplKaiioD t^? I -^."-^ >' ■' l; ._. ^ 
iBdwtrtal, utdus'tri-al . tror 

in^ in im/tutry.—'i. v 
fiMlwalUaf. vn'dwel-iin;, .'-y-, .( .-wiuji;^ 

resilience within, or in ute hcan «• bovI, t^ 

withiu, and dwalUac.] 
iMbrtat*. io-tlni-U. vJ,, t» mmlm dntmi; 

loncAle :—pr.p. iaHiniitiii^ ; j**/- taf 

[U mftria, tntAnatum—tm^ uric 

autk« dnink— tfin'Ki, dntaJc) See KbMrtK 
InahrtaUan. in-^bn-i'tfaun. liiftHily, ii»>Mrt'Oi 

«., druM^mntu ; iotoxicatioa. 
Inadltad. io-cd'it-ed, adj\ Mi jrfutarf; nqpatflfc 

(L. CM, not, and adftaA.] 
XaaOaUa. w-cTa-bl. adj., ikmi emmmrf j^ y ufci 

descnbcd— a*/.-'. Urfatly.'^a. taag 1 « ■ I [ 

imffaMli*—iH, not. <^«&VQu— <^. i>* ipak. 

utter— ^ for /x. oul.y^, lo itKU(.J 
lUAeaabto, m^-fas'a-bl, «^;, mat i 

capable of being nibbed out.^«^, 

(U ut, not, aaiTaflUMaMa.] 
XaafllMtlv*, in-ef-fek'tiv, «d^'., «#r 4j0»iftht 

dent: usclesi.— «</f. taaOMi'Uvilr. |U «% 

and afltaUn.1 
laillwitm a^-reVHl-*!, •df., m^t ^ac^ai', 

\9m.—ad^ teatotf'tuUy.— «. uaaaTtoiMa 

to proditcc elTc<t. 
taaSoaciou. iD-ci-Ii-lui'»hi-ui.«4''-<' 
not having power to piwluc* mi 4 

iB-ef-fiih'ent. md/-, imttfitunl; 

notltins. — «<A*. laaaa'tantty. - t. tnaftciair. 
lailtaal, in-cr^-jcanl, ad/'., m-f n'r^a^nt ; 

in bcituty, nchacmcttt, or onixmciit.— «d 

gaaUy. LL. la. not, and iltfaat.] 
iBaUcmuM, in-clJ-gant, Inatafanay. 'm-tX\ 

u.-aMe ij eUgafue ; want nf U^xl^y 
iMUclbU, in-cri-jibl, <T'- <■: ckM oqal 

lit wiifihy of ocint! ' >imJ l#tMy. 

InallglliU'lly. (L. t". .'LI. I 

, , iB-erft-kwtfii, ^j ^ *wr ti~-'\ 

fluent or fcnuuivc IL, m, not. at«J 
bupi, in-epl', adj., nat apt or fit ; un- " 

i»h . ioexjierL —jU-o. tupfly.— « ii 

ifse/lta — tM, not, apttu, apL) S-c 
Zaa^aaUir. in-j-kwuri-ii. m.. 

difference in equity : ir 

tency: uncvenneui dJntu 

oil J aqaatlty.] 
ta*9altabl«. in-ck'wi-ta-U, »dj., mM #fBMiil 

ju>L [1.. It, nni, and aqolaklt.) 
lura4kabU, i^< • V aJ;& 

eradi^atfd ■ • 

(L. »«. tift, ■ 
that*, i' 


itkeir. >. 

— «ufo- laully. — 'L tiurtaiM- ^L 1 

— in, not, and att, artii, aft, See 

nte, fUr; mC, h<r; mine; mMe; mOle, raOOa; Mm. 


fvm, —. >'-'■■»<. , the inherent pfo- 
JMcr hy whKh it tends lo rviriain for 
* liliIl,UMliBHiuthJBirhcBnujmii;. 

oot, apJiwnil, I 

•U. tt/f'., mit ahU to he tttt' 

; pnccIcM —adv. iBa'ttBAUr. 

beevraped: ureuiuble. 

oot, and eiritahiiix, aroidable— 
r, oal gf, OLad m'/^, to aruid. ] 
mdj.-, met exact : aot prcOMly 
[1.. M, not, aad 

iVbl, A^'., M#/ tJKiumKe or 
ible.— Wo. tiHxmH'»U]r. — 

|L. M, oot, ADti •XSBflkbto.] 
, CD-czx-hutft' cd, aJf., mat e^kmusted 


M«r dJ^/<r tfi be 

-bl. M^r- > <*^' ^ Af moved by 

; : unulenible.— «i/v. Idvx'- 

iMftwWlHy. [Ue»- 

, Hut esorahiUi, from exwe9— 

frooB M, tfrif, ibe coouch. ] 

<d>-cat, A^'., Mfi/ expedient ; 

lObe any cod ; unfit ; iooon- 

•«, iu>l, and *»p»dto»t ] 
!'h-enB, «., aNM/ of exferi- 
and Kapwi M W ] 

nntktlled or unpracUsed. 
:vp*ri', j^r., mat eifirri or skilled.— 
iL. u*, not, and uparlj 
•bl, «<//. »•/ .1/// /# ht txfi' 
itm.—*dv. lau'putrfr.— «. taax- 
Qot, and upUMs.J 
}i-tta-t>l^ adj., H^t e.v^tieatia or 
jjcd; unmlelliEibte.— Wp. Ia«s'- 
'iMspUcaWTL&r. iBMt'pllnHWMi 
and «apUc»bU.] 

adj., n*t tjc^kit <st dear, 

•hi, mdj; nat ejprtssihle 
unttuersblu ; indeecrib- 
IU17. [ L, in . not, «ap wl blt . ] 
, adj., not ex^rtijive or 
-tiog'Kwi&b-A-liLjM^-, moies- 
: to be cxiingutsbcd, qucficbcd, 
tifeayr. it. M, oot. 
'irikjbl, adf'., tmt exfrkmiif or 
tceUordit«i»un|^c'L — adv. Iomk'- 
«i^ not. ami ««toicabto.} 
iVbl. ^J , mat ftUldU ; incapable of 
, Cjcrtajui.~-A(^c/. lailaaibly. — 
i». noi. aod raliibu. ] 
«rff" . </ *iV fame or bad 
i.f the wor« kind . 
miiunuuily vile; 
. la'tKBOttily. IL. 
xrnxf.tfi't. Tame. Sec fftB« ) 


tn'fii-inl, «., illfama or rcpul* ; public S» 
grscr : CKTreme riiencs*. 
JUkat, in'fant, n. ■ ch>ld««/«A4r tl« j/cwt.'a b«b«: 
in h»^x\ a (>c)»<^'ri inrdcr ai feart of agr. — e»dj» 
belonging tu iiifantt or to lo&Dcy: lender: ii^ 
■encied Inr inl'anu. I Fr. en/mnt, L. Ai,,i(imr, •mitu, 
that cwuiot rpeak— iW, not, and,'b«r, fiomyiv', 
/(tri; lo (peak. O. /iWMi.J Se« VMa*. 

LD'nuv-st. «., <Af <to/« or lime of befaw «« 
of Bvytbmc 

infitmi ; chitdhood : lh« beKiontng 

Infukldds, it)>fa(it^i>>ld, m., in/tuit ur child . 
the Biunlerer of an infanL — adj. 
[L. in/antieidium — im/ans, and caeda, co kill] 

UfluitlU, tn'fani'll or -it, *"*"■***". in'fant-Tn or -In, 
tuij , fiertatninf te infmftey or to an infant 

iBlialrr, inTanl-n, i*. ''^K. a ^nd rf in/antt at wet- 
x-anti ; foot-*oidi«r», fP». im/amlmr, Sp-, !t, ni- 
/oMierii^—iHfiuUai/aiUe, a child, a •crvaat, a fooi- 
loldier. foot-ftoldicn bemc farroeiiy Um temot* 
and foUotrert of kaifht*.] 

lamtuu. in-fai'a-at, v.t. , to weakt/atUah : ie> affcct 
with folly; to deprive of judgment; to innire 
with fooliih paMMM : to itupefy: — /r*./. iauU'' 
Qilting: /«/. infat'CUtcd.— «. UfttMtlM. (L. 
inAztue, -afHm—$m, iad/attmi, fooUib.] 

InfainaU, in-fat'O-lt, adj., ta/atuattd or footnh. 

IBfoct, in-fekt', v.t. lit- ti> dU uitc ; to cotamunicaie ; 
to taint, espcciaity wiUi ditca*e. to iifrrupl} 
lo pcaUon -.—pr.p. Lcfccying . >«>■ infcci'cd. [L. 
injieie, tn/tctum—vt, into, tuvAjacia, to niakc] 

lafkettoii, io-fekihun, h., act n/ u^/Kting: thit 
wlucU infect* or laintt. 

taltcttooi, tt)-fck'»bu», lafoctlr*, iR-Tck'tir, adj.. 
kafinftMefu^iliitffm/'titutgi corrupunii; apt 
to fcpread. — adt: tafae'tlaulr. — «. mfic ttoimiMn. 

lUUkttow^ inffi-Us i-lus. adj., mat feUcitemt or 
hapfry. [L. jW, not, and l«lleltau.j 

lafliUcttj. in-f<-lis i-ti, n., ntaat a/ felicity or happ^ 
nets: misery: miifonoae ; unuvounbleaeaK. 

Ia<tr. in-fir', v.l, liL ta bring imtc ; to deduce; U> 
derive, at a ctmequeace N-/^.j». inftri'ing : j*o;/. 
inferred'. [L. in/e r w in, into, and /Srw*, to bctM.] 

lafBrabto. infer'a-b]. laftrrlbla. in (c/i-bl, adj.,tSat 
way b* inferrtd or deilliced. 

tafvrtao*, in fer-ens, n., thai -jAkk is tt^wwvnt or 
dediKvd ; conclunoo ; consequence. 

tnf«r«&klal, in-f^-cn'thal. adj. dedudble or derftKicdl 
by iikfrrenee.—adv. lafcra'tlaUx. 

InfKlflr, in-ffri-DT, adj. , lawrr in any respect ; sub- 
ordinate ; ftecondaiy.-~«i. one lower in rank or 
fttation : one younger than aoother. f L. im/eHar, 
<:omp. of iM/trt$z/\ov, from tafm, bcoeatn-l 

l&;«rlocU7, in'fc-n-or'i'ti. m., tka itatt 1/ hewg 
infrriar; a lower poftiiion in any r«p«cL 

tafvnui, in-f«r^nal. adj., beiangimf ta tka iamea^ 
rcKiuns or hell , resembluiff (X* suiCable lO hell: 
deviUkh. — adv. taftr'aaUy. [L. m/ermit— ififarui, 
-fir 'til, adj. , nat/ertiU or ptodnctive.— 
tntetllHy. [L. in. not, and FertUa) 

n-fcHt', v.t., to attacJk oc meUttf to dis- 
turb ; 10 turau •—fr.f. infest^nf : Pa.p. infrst'cd. 
IL. in/ttto, frum in/rj/ut, hosule, eld forttciple 
v( ifjertj — im, MitOf/frff, to bear] 
IbU«L iii'fi-«!«l, ndj. lit. un/m'fh/ul or faitktm ; 
not ^; ' ' ; ■' ■ ' ' .i:ii{i 

ucai . ' — 

the III J 

CUc, Gr : Bi£, her ; mine ; mAlc i inflM 



IsIltnU, in-fil'tril, b t., tit mifr a subotB&ce hy 

JtU*Atipn. or Uirouph iu [Kircs.— w l»a]tr»'tt«a. 

tlic vnKcu of infiltrating, or the sulubuiw infll- 

tr^LictJ. IL. in, in, mid Utnta.) 
lAflkli*, Ui1\n-ir, adj., net fiHiit: without ea«] or 

hmit; without b>iunds« — d^c. la'Aslfetlj. — m. !■'- 

ftBtto, thai wliich Lt infinUc : the Infinite Being 

or Cod. [L. tn. not. And ftnlU.J 
Inl*!*"*—*'. in 6j]-i'tes'iin-al, adf., imfiniUiy xtAJiit. 

— 'I. an tnlinitely snuiU quitntity. — adv. Intiilt—'' 

UflftlUr*. in-Anlt-iv, adj. ^it. ynltntHeti. iinrc- 

iUictcd ; iofT-irjuv, , the mtrad of ihi; vctd which 

erpre^tet idea wilhoiu person or iiumijcr — aJv. 

lnfla1Uvtl7. |L. tHfitulivtu.] 
UlUtnJ*. in-fin't-tild, InAU^, in-finl-Li, ■«.. staU w 

^tta/ity (</ being injintte; boimdlcMiieu ,- iui- 

mciiucy; cuuctlcn ur todcfinite Dumber. 

in-rtnn'. adj., mot ^rm or ftrong ; feeble ; 

tkitly , weak : not loftd : uicsulutc , i m b eci le. 

(I., ut, Out. and RtM.] 

in-f^nu'ftr-i, m. a hospiul or/loee for the 
ifrm. (lo"* L, imjirmorit-m.l 

ia>fenu'it-i, n., ttat4 o/ Mug ittfinn ; 

ditesise : failiog ; defect ; tmSeciUcy. 
InSx, in-ftks*, v.t., tcjix in; to drive or favtea in, 

tu Mt in by picrculf* |L. im, in, aad Hx.] 
iBflUBC. iii-flilm', vY., /0 riiks/ /^yZftfo/; to cause to 

buiru : to excite; to incrcaac ; to cKaApcraic — 

vS. to b«oom£ hot, panful, or anicry, [L. in, 

into, and TUMt.] 
laAknAbtoi in-flun'a-bli adj., fAat may fv in^amtd 

or caused to bum : ctimitiutible : easily kuidlod. 

1^ iBflMUuUftty. ~4tdv. Utflaaa'aUT- 

InltwwiTlw in-flam-j'tbui), n., act of in/fnminr I 

state af bcuie in fiimr : heal ofa juit u! i lie buay, 

wiih pain aaid swelUni; : Molest cxcitcmtnt : hcaL 
laAABBalMy, in flAm'atC'r-i, <uf/., trndimg t« iV 

fismt ; inflanins ; exciting. 
{■tkU, in-flat', v.t., to hU*U! into; to swell H-ith 

air: to puirup:—/''.A ind&t'ing : /o./. inftlt'cd- 

—^dv. toAal'tifflr. (C in/la, sn/tatum—tM, into, 

^xAjfa. to blow.) 
't*'**--. ui-fU'shua. tt,, tut a/ in/latinffi state of 

being puffed u[^ 
in*^t»« iii-SA'tus, •., ■■ hJ^onH^ or breathing inla ; 

inspuaticm. (L.) 
ZldKit in-llckt', »./.. /<) ^»^ (•■ ; to turn from a 

direct Ime or coiute : to modulate, as the voice : 

tagram., lo vary in the tcnnioatiocis :— /r./. in- 

fl«ct''mg , /w./. mflctt'cd. IL. it^jlfeta^—in, in, 

AaAfl^tii. tii-xum, to bead.] 
inlMtlea, in-AckMiun, m., actc/imjftetime; modu- 

latioQ of the vuice ■ in gram., the varying in 

tenninatiun. — <»•// UAac'UunaL 

tlBAMMT^ in-Hektiv, d4/., A»vimg tkt y^nvr e^ 
Itthoad, io-flcluit', Ai//.,^rM/iMtuitnt/; bciit : lumcd. 
Uflolhlt, in-adui-U. (t>^.. im/ ^rxiAJ^ or able lo 
be bent: unyicldinfi: unbeadinji.— (U. ImlulMf- 
Ity. tnflei'ftlwiM, — adv. laSas'lbtjr- - [L. rn, not. 
riMibU ] 
Lnflczloa, vune as tolaetlaa. 
tiUUxai*. in-tlcks'Clr, m., a Ifmfot fold. 
Zaflkt, irt fliU'. v.t. Ul. ta ktrike anitut: to lay. 
or lend on: to impoK, a.<^ puni&knient i— /r./. 
— «ir, against, and^^, lo strike] 
lalkllaa, m-Htlc'shuu. m.. tut tf/ u^fiictutf ox irh 
poiijK : punishment applied. 
taflMtrv, tD-Ailu'iVj luij., ttmdtmg ot ablf to inflict. 


D-flflr-ea'cDi. «. 

/t^wer or btesi»t*t ; cha* <cier i>r nc 

inic ofdiflfcrcnt plon'- " 

gjco. to bcpn to bl< 
Ittllwna. ia'flnv-ens, -: 

a power whoftc opcranoi: 

power. — T.t. to affect ; : 

/r./. iii'flQcncinE >i ^ 

tM/lufH/iA — 1 

«nd^iw. // 
iMBMattsJ. u^-'^ 

tnJTu.-- - 

bU. M 

CaU^u L'y III', ^■:/»rfl■^.4 ■" 

IhAu. inriula, m'., a^t »/ 

3 coming in ; importatio 

tajtuxMM — in^flua . j 
IhtloU. in-fnld'. v. i. , ta/»td ititm or #vrr; lo I 

to involve : to embrace ( U it, (rio. «iul j 
£aterK, in-furra', f.l. Hi. ta/.- 

toimpart knuwlcdge to. [1 ..4] 

Isfonaal, in-form'at, adj., ■. 

form; irrecuLir — n lniara*.utj -tfv. 

•Ht fL. iM. not, ind rvraalj 
tatonaaat, in-fonn'aci, n. , i^me mJk^ n^ntf 

gives intelligence. 
IsTonnaUeD, in-formA'shun, »-,t^ct^i»fir 

comntjnicating knowledge: IlbowIcJ^: «•' 

cuutiun given to a majjittiate or coun. 
iBlbnaar, iri-fonn'^r, n., amt aiA# Bitfitrtmvwn 

mtcUi^CDCc : one who tetlt ft 

violatioas of law. 
JatnMmit iu-frak'shun, tu, tut ^ inmimg 0\ 

violation. (L. in/nutt* — «. id. aad.""^ 

/racttis, to break.] S*< 
lafruflhb, in-franji-bl. adj.. mfit.fiw^gMnti 

to be broken ; not to be noUted.- 

tty, iiam'iftlw. 
Infrbif*, io-frinj', !'..'., ta in • tti viohtl; 

ocjlect tu obey :— /r./. infringTitig . /•/ 

Ringed'. (L. tM/'ni/^'-iB, aaTA^i^l 
hitrtng«nait, in-fnni'ment «., a^t »/ \ ' 

vioJatitm ; rifln-fulfdineiil. 
lBb«Quni, in fitflcMrent, Asf/-, mtSfiffnt; 

uncommoo. — n. lafn'qiuH 

[!.» in, not, and fta^aiaL) 

XafBtlat*, iD-fn'ri-3i, v i , tv 

rage : lo madden : — /r.>. iafb'riJ i 

fQri&tcd. [L. M, aodJVnv, •o/h'.. 

~-/Mra^ lo rave.] 
ZBfnt, in-fas', v.t., to paur imii ; to tntpiie ' 

to introduce ; to iicep in tlnuor wilhout tra 
)/■/. infili'in^ ; >t-/. inrcicd'. L^ *. 
,/tumm, lu pout.) 
in-riu'i-U, *.'■ •"' ' ■■ ■ ■ •'•-» 

be tlissolved or mcl: . 
iBfHloa. io-fb'<huD, n lU9*| 

the steeping of aD> > 

at any temperature beiow 

order lo cxtru-t it* active 

so obtained. [L. it^/una.] 
lAfBioria, io-fti-sAh-a, H-fU. nticr 

inhabiting in/mi^iu or water co: 

ing matter. |L.] 
Isltoorlal, in'fa-^'ri-al, lafMarr. ui 

Ptrtaiuine tt> tkr in/uj^ria ; «.. 

containing icfii^oria- 
ZBCkUkarlnc, la'e^A- < 

VT h<wat:in of coljv 

of the earth; hanrrtii. (i.*. ihm m* 


^e. fir; iuA,hdr; mloe: non* mfitc: mOOa; ffsa. 



fo-je'aJ-ia, a-'- ' • - - 

UipCM— ««, -..^ ,, ,, 

ii>4cnV«s, aJt. lie. frvt-lcm, cf gts^ 
bnu : honovrable : h-ce frooi dfcception. 
iC«'mpatr~«(- licm'wuuii. [L tV- 

m-jcn-Q'i-n, «. crig. tw/raiunuivu ; 
r vvidr ioirenltoa ; (aeUity in combinuij; 
Itill; mnoutaen m dcuj^n. [L. ingtH- 

[n^O'ii-oi. 0^^'., nat eirrieuj; without 
'uncful. — A^n'. laglinloiuljr. — n. Incio'. 
JL. M, Dot, and italau.] 
U M Onf. if momU in toAuA mtftiUtwrrr 
r c»«t , 4 mAts of iDctal fctmd itUa <i 
T '' ""wrought metal, «p. of gold 

■■-jryu, a pi>uring io— #i«- 
■ '.vw, to pour in.] 

«;Air. I- t., f-t gfnfi Di insert a thoot 

nc ifta another: ta intrMuce . lo Tix 

f-/r/ inirraftinjj ; /*./. ingni/t'ed. 

i. ■ -:*rtl 

> i!t, K., «c/ 1^ tmgra/iutg : 

K .^ scion. 

•^^'. 1./., to put mta tit* grain or 
mmre : u dye in tKe raw ^t^ite : to 
>ly ^-^-Z- iDgmin'iitB ; /a./, ingrained'. 
Ko, and Orata, gFowtn J 
hk-gri'tJil-Sc, vJ.t to ctfmmtmi te tMr 
/mxmr yf ; lo HCUrc ihc good-wtll of 
\—prfi. incri'tiitinfi: /«./. ingrf'tiated- 
Ro, and gratia, favour. See Ovm*.'] 

L in-gnU'i-tQd. w., xtNiMt f/ grafitmi* ; 


ilocu. ( L. 
i-^rf di-«nt. n 

not, and Biatttad*. 
tkitl nikifk rnitrt ittlo 
'■'hing. {X^ tttgrtJimJ . 
. into, »i\^ gradior, 

. ; power, right, or 

trmcc. IL. irtgmrux — ir^gr-nfior.] 
'(WUi-a), MO'-t mlmting to tkt groim. 
nguem, inguinii, the ^nnn.J 
v.t. to swallow up PI D gut/i to 
ti piilf' (i^ incrwhclm :—//■-/. ingiilf- 

[la. andOttlfJ 

■ , w. , x/d// o/ttingiMgul/td', 

i.'u, f.f., to twatlffta up gretdily 
:-~fr.f. ingur'gitiitmg; /«./. ingur- 
,L. tMrttrgita. -Ilium — tn, intn, and 
ifiilft wnjrIpouL] 

ulfil, v V, to t« lit /^« ifii&V of living 
KU io ; 10 occupy :—/r.^. inhabiting ; 
blted. [L. im, tn. and kabito, to liavc 
|r, Ui dwell — /uitfa, to have | 
in-Ti^iVii^ bl, «^'., /Aa/ fMd^ ie imJuU- 

. Inkab^Ur, in B., m., our 
icot. [L- tttAaiitatu.) 
t0 tiraw IM tke brrath; to 
■pr./- inhAl'iny; At./, in- 
1, IB. and fuUot lo breathe. J 
I, «., att of iftMaling. 
.."Ad vr /Afli <aA;V4 lukalts. 




iBkm, JD-hfr', I'.r . If iiick/^i : to nmain 
in \—^./. inhfiring ;/*,/, inhered*. Jl.. raVm 
— fM, and 4.^nr#, tn itick] 

lakarMt, in-h£t'eot, ajij., ttitking/att' existing in 
and itiMpanble frum sotnetnuig cUa ; inoaic ; 
natural. — adv. tabw'vUty. [L inJuMHt.) 

Inhanaca, in-hfr'en^ lalMrocr, iii-hJr'«n-fti, iv., a 
rttt^mg /tut : cxisitnct in Mmieihing dac ; ■ 
fixed iute of being in aootlicr body or aubsaocc. 
in-h^ihun. tame ai I 

iBlMrll, in-ber^l, r t.,ta taJtt ms krir or by descent 
from an ancestor: in poueu.— p.i', loenjov, as 

rFfoperty ;— ^./. inheriting; jM./. {nbenied. 
L. /NVfr^ir**, to inherit— JM. and ktnt, Aendit, 
an heir.) 
ichotUbla, same as bnttabla. 

lakcrltaOM, io-her^it4iu, ft., tAat ^mkich £m or may 

f^ initftited; an estate derived from an aitMator. 

hereditary dcftcent : natural gift : poiwnion . 

UI B., future rew^uil of rii[htefniitn«s. 

Ubaiftor, in-hcT^it-or, n., omt w4tf inktritt or may 

inhtrji ; an heir. 
lahfritT— . io>hcr'ii>ret, iBbtribix, in-bcr'it'riks,N:, 
a/tmaiewhainltmltotmayittAtnt; aahcireUk 
See under : 

InUMt. inhibit. vJ., ta haitt in or back : lo k«e 

bade ; to check :— /r.j*. iohtb'ituig ; fa.f. inbtb - 

ited. [L. inhibec. 'kibitKm—in^ in, and kaht^, 

to have, to hold.} 
InhlUtlaB, io-hi-l)isii'un, «,, ike act ft inM^timg 

or FCKtraining : the stale of being ioKibiied : pro- 
hibition : a writ from a higher court to an infariot 

judge to stay proceedings 
ioUbltcry, in-hib'it^r-i, adj. prohibitory. 
lalKwvlUU*. in-boa'ptt-a-hl, aJj., nst iu's/itiitit ; 

AiTording no kindneu to stmogers.— r. lahM^pK- 

«bI«DMB.— <i^i>. lakoc'pltaUr. [L. in, not, uid 

bMpiUbto. ] 
In&otpttaUEr, in-ho^pi-Ul't-li, h, wi»t of ketfi' 

taisty or courtesy to (trangen. 
JaliVBaa. in^bO'inan, a^ij\, nut Aitman ; barbarous : 

cruel . uncompuslonate. — adv. tAha'aualy. (L. 

i». not, and XamaB.) 
InftBMMilty. ia-bO-manl-ti, m.. tht iHUt oj Uimg 

inhuman ; barbarity* \ cnielt)*. 
InhaB*, ifl<h£Im', f.^, io depotit in. iJu earth; to 

inter:— ^n/.lohQm'ing; /it./. inhQmcd'. {L. 

inhuHia—in, in, and kumus, the grouud.l 
lnhinBa.U<». in-hO-nLS'shun, n., the ax t e>/ inm.umi$ig 

or depa:^(tmg in the ground ; buriaL 
bihalcaJ. ia-im'l-kAl, ojij'., Itke an enemy, mot 
Jnendl^ : contrary : repugnaoL — adv. Inloi'lcaUr. 

|L. intpniialir, iMimieHS—ia, nut, and amiiUi, 

fncnilly — ttmo, lo love.) 
lAlBtlt4b]«. in-tm'it-a-bl, adj., mot imitabU or able 

to be imiutcd; turpcusinslv excellent, —«^p. 

Inttt'lUMy. \X" i", no^ nnd biiUUa^] 
iBiqnKy. in-lk'wi<ti, n., want ofe^uit^ or JaimnM j 

injustice : uureaftonableneM : wtckednen : a 

crune. (L. ini^Haj—i»t^ttitt, unequal— At, 

Dot, and teiiume, equal or loir.) 
Udqiltou, iiwk'vn-ius, adj.,fHU of hti^uity, tm-' 

just : unrLAkunahlc ; wickecL— u^i'. Inlq'oilouly. 
Ittlllal, ir-is)i'aJ. adj.. pertaining tf the begimtinr ; 

cotnmcncing: placod at the beginning. — adv, 

Inl'tiaUjr. — n. the letter licginninc * wiird, cap. a 

imme. IL. initiaUt — ini.'mtn. a bcginniog — M, 

into, and oa, itum, to go.} 
InlUkto. in-ith'i-At, v.i., to mnin a heginming ; Xa 

lottiuct ui (irtndplek : ti > AC()uaini with ; lo mlro- 

Utc, far ; in£, her ; mine ; note . mOic : nfiOo : thai. 



prM-ti»ed- (L. i«i'r..', I J Lc^ui—iju, Litu, jod «», 
Umm, \o CO. I 

fp44t.HA>. ,1, i^h i-ViJiun, «., «f/ or ^9'octtt ef itti- 
!»••' :n!tag ODC wicb pancipks before 

iL'i- < ' Admiliinc la Any society, by 

tti' rules and ceremonies. 

InUUciTi, ii>-ati'i-j'tjv, *Jj . ifv*m£ ta uUtimU : 
iniiiHluitary. — «. an mcroductory Ucf>. 

lAUUdMT, in-ilh'i-a-tsr-i, adj., Unautg im imJukU ; 
inlrtxluciory. — n, introductory riw. 

I^jwi, tii-jckl', »./., te tKraw mi*; to cast on : — 
/r.f. iiijcci'inj; ^i./. injc.t'cJ [l-- ii%fuu,iH- 
jtcluut — lit, into, Aodya.. , ) 

tUHMM, iB-jck'Uiun. n., .. - or throv- 

iBf in ur U114 : ibe act 1. 1 > ^^cU of an 

ttSBOuI body with any li:ju! J : a lu^tud to be in* 
jectcd ia<o any part of the body. 

ih|j»M»i»i \n-)S^A'kii^'»X, aJj., Hfitjttddtuat: not or- 
cordtng to law totmi. [L. itt, dol, and JaOMal. | 

MiJtrtow. is-joo-diili'u*, mttj., '•f' Jmiuiffut; 
WHd ofjudj^enl ; incaasulenKe. — ttilv- lajvdl'oi' 
oBity. — n.lajiLdl'cimiiBMB. (L, m, not, JadkSmm.] 

XafneUae, in-junglc'iliUQ, «., d£'^ <•/ en/ntm^ or 
coinnL2fHllnE , an onJcx; a prvcrpt : cxhortanoti : 
a wnl of proKibitioo gran led by a court of equity. 
IL- injanitio — in, »nd jun^a, /t§nf turn, tojoia.] 

&Un«, in'j(JOr, p.A, Hr act wUk tnjtutice or contrary 
t^ iaw; to wruaj[ ; lo damaeo : to annojr :— /*r. A 
ia*) Onng ; jkt./. m^flred. 1 1^ miururr — imjvrut, 
ityury— J«. not. and/K/./kru, law.} 

btfwlMU, in-j50'iviu, ^A^l-i t**^iie t* tH/urt; 
UDJuu ; wrongful : miicaievoua : damasing tepu- 
Ution. — «i<^P. l4;a'rtMU]y. — w. liOa'rlmuaMa 

taUary. mjCiOr-i, n., Md/ which uijum' wrong: 
mucbief : annoyance. [L. i»jurt.t.] 

lalK W et, in-jttt'tis, »., wami af juaiii*; vioUiion 
at Withholding of aoofhe/s richls or dues ; 
wjua)>. iuii^uity. [L- in, not, uid JatUoaJ 

lak, injtk, H. a coloured Suid lued in writini;, print- 
ioj^, fi\.-~-v.t. Ill diiiili with ink ■.—pr.^ knk'ing; 
/*./. irtked'. (Fr. *ncre ; Dutch, i»Ai ; lu t»- 
cMfutr,t — \^, fM£tthithfrt.\.y\i ysoyic-rtii ink lued 
ooly ixi ihti kiuitai^jrc uf the ctnperon, Gr. tn^- 
Jkamfifn — r»fiii:j, tu Luiii in. J 

-boMn-, inffk -N01d<er, WuUad, iagk'uaad, h., a 
rvtt^//jr kaiding ink. 
tak-hom, iii^b'>h(irn,^, tn ink^tt^tdtr, formerly of 

t*ern : a poruble case for aik« &C. 
iBklac r«lJ«r, ini;k mg-rOl>r, m., a rv//rr covered 

wiih a compoiiiion for /m-frw/^ printing rypei. 
loklac-laUa, ittfk'inf*i4'bl, n., a tabU or flat «'.)r> 
face uieil for supplying the inkin£-toUer with 
inA diinnc the prooew of printing. 
late* ingk I, mI^., ctmtittimg o/oi TeieniUias ink; 
blackened with ink.— n. lak' t ai m . 

t. iok'Kn^. « , It kimt or whisper ; IntirilBtioa. 
fv^nn of the root of Blat.J 
.. within ikt land: remote from 
*i or produced wtthhi acounliy; 
:\ to a country. — n. the intenor 
pnri ■■■\ [la. and Lu4.) 

lalaailvr. lo Lmd cr. i., #«<■ a4a Ufa imimiuL 
Xalay, in- 11'. p./., to /*/ withtn ; to ornament with 
in9<ritoi>f of pieces of |>earl, ftc — «. pMCsa of 
pearl, ftc. for inUyinf- |1b, and IaV-J 
talayvr. to-U'^a-^ m., ene wh* tHljtjn ; a' tnotaic 

icrinz of cniMl 
-^ lamb tan 




SaM, in let, n. a pauagc t<T ^iuA OOC 

place of inrre^ : a maU bay. 
Xaly, inli. «x^'.< inwmni; Mrret .- . 

IT) the hearL [A.S. imUt—^ aarf ^, 
luaata, in'tnlt, n. , a tnaU or mmm vuie i 

MjNtf kiiitM* with Mtaihir; a iDdfcri 

ccived una a thMfnCal. Ac OK ud liM 
lawMt. S«e under Xa. 
laa, in, n. ong. a Itrgv A*um ar jiuv .'.' 

for the lodBios axM €tit«rtaMMcr>i 

a hotel ; a coUe^ of Mwdettn ••( 

lodring. [A.S. wwt, ■:•.: - «. 

within : Ice. inut, < - ithir..] 

tB»JMM«r, in'-hold-<i, ■ . i,ip-*x,*^tm 

mfhf holdt or krf/t an lum 
tatUa, ian^t or in-nat', aJj., ami^ru, 

iuhercot. — m. la'aai w i ~-*Jv. ta'aaap^ 

innattu — imjuucor — ca, iA. 
lHaavl|abU. io-nai^sa^blt «i^'. 

iuipauaLle by ahi[ 

not, Olid aan«aUt.J 
Xkmt, lMBsxm««i, ^cc under la. 
lanlnc. in'ing, n., the iwc^dkcrir 

for using ihc bat m cricJtcL' 

from the tea. [A.S. 
laaocul, m oO-scnt, a4t- ■**' f""*/^* 

Mve : blanicleu : pure : lawful a. one fmc I 

biinn or fault.— ui/c la a a c— 1 ^ |1, 

•« — iia, not, a»d msc*&, to hurt.} 

taaoeiaw. in'na-acna, loaair*— 

\iily firing vutmctnt ; 

: piiniy : inteffnty. (L. ai 
in-nok Q-tt>, aJj., n^t hwH^U; 

in effects.— ^/r. laaM analy.— «. laaai 

[L. SffMATIMf/. J 

taaoslOBi, in-nok'»bu>, same a« fna-irrwrss- 

laaoa'loasly. [L. in, not, and IfaxUa*.) 
XBBSTal«,in'd-v:ti, v./., taiui'.- 

— tt.i, \0 lOtJudutC Duirelli- 

— /r./. ino'0v4:in|; ; f^.r. 

M^V0, -naratum^in, and a.-; .'<. 
laaovatlon, inWWvfi'iihuu, a., At s/" t 

introducing what ts new : change, 
luavMar. ia'o-ra-iur, a., ^ 

introduces sometiung new. 
See under Suaaa 
in-Q-cn'du, a. lit. a WOfgeatiOti esBft?< 

iyf tf aW; a side htnt : an indirwct refeiw.' 

Intimation. [I^ ; — innt^—im, and ••«#; ta \ 
VtmnmuBlM inna'nvfir-a-bl, otf/ 

or able to be numbeTed ; cnuotif-Mt — a- 

ablMis» m iiv. iBaa'ascaktr. [L^ r«, 

Buatrltiooi^ intifi-tnsh'us, a^-, mt^ 

without Douruhment- (I... (a, not. • 
laantxtUoa. in~ni)-tntJ>'iin, w.* <n aa# <Ai 

failLiTT of nourishtnetit. 
batawanit tn-ob-sirv'anl. *4/'., mtf 

headlca. (L. ta. duI, and otisaiMl.) 
lT», in-ob-irRy'sn-. iffj . m< t^r 

—tUi- laaMrm'itv^r. tt.^1 


meilabs, io-ok'Q-t.K, r.i . f.' iuirrf ,tn rr* af j 

la ini^rafl ; r ■ . 

matter in It' 

tling; i"pr ,. 

M( '■ 
ajid .- 

flte, Or: me, hAr; mine; in0ic: mOto; mOCn; eAoo. 


■ne pUnt 

tla ooninr;. . < ^»e by 

ID the iij;4. .... , t-u^.J 

not. and liHiU.] 
'■tctftr, *dj. , MM tfftmair^: ffivinf 
barmleu.— 44^. &Bgto'<w>y.— «i. 

i*6f-a-cir, #rf/., «*/ ^rr»tht or 
BO cfTocL [L. vt, not, uul 

m iiflie. — atfp. t—>nrt»rtr. 1^ 

'di-DAI, «4(r'., n0f frdinaU <xt reicu- 

immcKlerate. — tf^i*. 
[L. m, not, 

•dt-afl'>huD, «., iitordtr; irrcfu- 
rUl, aC- • "^^ #«TWHif or having 
I'lcftltj. [L. f«, not, 

'(U-tid, adj. aune u XMfsaftk. 

-lit. p./. and v.i'- lit. &f hi$ti to 

res«cU in ui uumal body : tcr 

socn'caUtiog : faf. inosciiilicd. 

[L. <«, esmUr, ^tttju, to lens.] 

Tei-Odt <■■ I «M*Mi ^ <fmietMd* or 

mind. [L. tw, not, ud qvlfkid*.] 

/# tttireh afitr ot /irr ; to 

fto make an invtuiigadoo. — v.t, 

^ le make ao examiaMion reipirdltic : 

1b^: /tf-/. inquired'. [l.» infmtnt 

quantum, to seek.) 

«., met af iM^niriMg ', »earch for 
^faivansatkia : a quenioa. 

. , met c/ im^uiring ; aeaich . 
, . a jury for itiqiiimu into any 
ly eate ol violeni or stiddan death. 
ih'uR, m., an im^miring or 
iovcADgation -, Judicial loqutry : a 
: CaXholic cuunthu for cxaminins 
he«tic«. (Fr. : L. i^yin'tio.] 
[«n*riab'un-aJ^ mJ/., mmkiitg tn- 
to Ihe InquiaitioB. 
rif^Mur, «•, ««« vtA^ infmirrt: an 
a mcraber oi cbe Court of In- 
\,^~adi> lagMMtarta] — d^. teqaliiu'- 
LO-kwul liv, <s.f/, ars^tung tmtm; apt 

a riJimg iMi» an m«my'5 country ; 

Jtory mvuKm . actack : encrodicii* 

into, AAd raaA 1 
t-m'bft-(M, md]., net wainbriaut or 

rltolvaomc— «. iBMlaMtr. [L. 

"/ Bf af lound mitui ; 

- perwjtn ; rashly oso- 

. 1 U ««, nnt, arul aaaa.J 

toiMt lt y. in-tan'i-U. »., «■««/ mf uuiifyi WtMXt 

t>cinif iniaac ; tnadaeaa. 
lawllibK tr>-a'shi>»-bl« m4j\. tAmteit^iMiUamtiai 

or iatitAtd: -vtrj (rccdy. — *Af. bUi^'UaMfL 

'/• inscnb'iQs ; A«/. inacrfbacf, 

iBMrlbf , in-iknb', v.t., i» write n^mm ; to 9ngnvt, 
a^ on a mciQument ; to addreaa : to uaotiat 
deeply; in gtam,, to draw one tfpxre vidun 
auother : — -fr ' '-~-~^*^'- - ■ ■- - -*- - " 

K. lascrib'm- 
and >;■».' 

taf«flpilei> ',«,,# nrritincm^i that 

which i!<; dedkatioo 01 a book to 

a pcrKiii. 11.. !•!:.. f^^ti^.\ 

bucrtyHff*, in&krip'tiv, mdj., hemrimg uucriftitm; 
of the character of an lOScriptMn. 

iBwrnUbte, in-akrOe'u-bl, adj., tluU aummt be 
tcmtiiMtd or ttartked ittm and vndentood : 
inexplicable. — mdv. tmmentMtt. — m. taHnta- 
bllltr, UMiifiliMMiaa (L. aucr^imiiH*-~*m, not, 
and scrutoTt to aeorcl) into.] 

Datcl. in'tckc, «. lit aoDiethiof fx/ M/f ,- a mall 
animal, aa a wnsp or fljf, witA a body ai d tui in 
■he middlr, or divided into »eciioiu : anythinx 
■tnall or cootcmptiblc— xB^'. like an uiscct , 
small ; mean. fL. MJafAtca*, pft-p. oImms* — m. 
into, and ia-.>, to culJ 

toMcuia, io-Kk'tit, adj, having the auure ^«k 

In— ett on. in-wk'ihun, «., a mtting m 

laMrtimvoi, in-aek-uVor-iu, mdj , 
living on itufctt. [L. mtttium, and wmw^t to 
devour. J 

IaatcBia,in-Kg-fcflr',ai{^'.,irai/jrcnf*;ap| t hgMmof 

danger or Iom; expoaed u> danger or Uim.- - m j p. 
>.tiMnii'»T. [L. »w. not, andtMViL) 
ia-Mn'sAt, mdj., nft (iftcd wi>JI amtt; 

wantins sensibility ; impid. [L~ itimuatitt — ot, 

not, and ttnMUiu, from /rvuv/, feeling.) 
lawMlliK in-ftcn'ti-bl, adj., lur i^Mi^/r or luving 

feebog ; cailoua : dull ; impercoptible hy ilw 

acMci. m t lv. laMa'BlMjr.~«. fntmmtixj. [L. 

in, aot. and MoAIa.] 
law 111*, tn-sen'sKi-eac, mJ/., mrt Mntt'eiii or 

having perception. [L. uf, not, and MBtiaat,] 
XoHpanUt, JD-scp'ar-abl, mdj., nat jr/>t#wMr or 

able to be Mparated. — adv. laAnaiably. 

avp'arabUoMi^ loMparabll'tty. [L 

Iniart, in-i*Tl', v.t. lit. to j'ain inta i to introduce 

into ; to put in or amoag : — ^/r/. toscrt'tag : jh«./. 

inierl'ed. [L, in, and tent, lerttmt, to join.] 
iBMrtioa, in-ȣr'fthun, N., met of wtrtxngi con- 
dition of being ioscrtea : llut whicli is iuftcrted. 
TtiM M wrl i l , in-»e«-fO'ri-al, n. having feet (ai birds) 

furmril for prw\hinf pr climbing tm treca. [L. 

iHstupr. from iJuidw, auemim — m. on, aiul 

ttd*fft to fit. ) 
iaMvita1ti«i in-Mv'er-Abl. aJj. , lut tevff^ktt or aU« 

to be Mvcred or ccparatad. £1. im, no*, UkI 

BfiitMnUw, in-^h^tV. 9 / , tm^mi or hide M « sAnaM 

[L. m, andabMtU.J 
iBshori. in.shOr', a/p.. «m or near /i* tkmrtt 

and Skon.J 
laihrlaa, in-^iul 


not, and 

(U^, Qc; tt<f her; mine; aOie; nU! 





beiac within : talcrior. — aJv. or ^nf. within the 
fidei of; in ^htr Jnti*rior of. [Zb, and M4b.| 

lutdlaa*, ii, . UL tilting m vmii: 

watchina y to nuniire ; intended 

Ibcnu-JI^'. -••i^i-. laaU'touly.— *t. la- 

■14'UuiiHi 1 1,. ;Kit-:u'ita — initJur, 2u ainbtuh 
— iiuuU*' — it*, and lede^, to lit.] 

Iai>4(k«, in'ill, «,, zichl int^ ; vi«w of the intenat : 
tKonniKh knowledge or ikill ; power of acute 
obicrvjtlmi. [Is. akJ Alfht ] 

I tt t i ju U. iu-iig'ni-a, •» , ji/*r/ or l»d;e» of office or 
hani/iii : maflik by which anything u known, 
^1. vi inrifne. fr^ytn in, tma tifHHm, a marftj 
EiKBt, lu-Hg-niri-kaDt, s^j., not »ifH\ficanti 
destitute of meaning ; wiihuul cfTcri ; iuii»!i»rt- 
■ttt r contctatHible.— Of/:-, iulcniricajitlj.— t^- 

lBM(BU'leuM. toatc&tMttBCT. 11.. m, not, aad 

... J 

b-«g-niri-lca-ttv, *<(r"., not tign^fitn- 
fiv* or ezprewns by external iignv 
tailttem. in-sin-s^r', lU^;'., mat jtMCrrr,- decvitAll ; 

not t'l be iru&tcd: unflound.— d^v. tHtaoertl^, 
— «. tailBctritr- (L. M, act, and SIOMn.] 

tairiawto, tn-iin'O-At, p.r. lit. ta tMntst into /A/ 
AM0m ; to intruduce gently or aitfullr ; to hint ; 
to worJc into (avour.— ci" to r.r,-,. ,,r P.-i*- in: 
fo enter gently; lo ol>tajn ace- ,r 

Health :—/*•./. insin'Oituig ; / i. 

— «. tulD'utm-. [I.. iWiffM.', 

jtHur. a curve, bosom.] 

liw t B aat tix g. In tio'il-at ing, a^j.^ UHdinc^ t« i'msih- 
Krt.v ur enter gently; tnictuibly winning confi- 
dence — •ft^i'. Inaln'Balil^fy. 

iMlanaUr*, in-tin'fl-l-tiv, ai(f., musM ttatii^ or ttCkU 
ing on the cuufideiice ; luing insinuatiuns. 

lula«ftll«L, tD-HD-il'A'shun, «., act »/ i»uiniuitime : 
power of munuaitng : that which u insintuted ; 
a hint. [Fr. : L. imiHMatia.l 

Zo^lrtd, in>tip'id, «*/?', tatUteit r wanting ipirit or 
aiiimdUon: diilL— ai/r. Inaipldly.— «/. lailp'ltf- 
M«, tiKlpUltr, want of taite. (L. iiuipuitu— 
m, noc, lafiaits, wcll-laiied— f^/fi^. lo taste] 

Inatat, in-siu, vi. lit, to stand n^n ; to dwell on 
in diKounc. tnpcr»i»t injirciamg:— /r./. iniust'- 
llJg:/r»./. ioiiJt'ed. [L.>H,upon,Jir/^<, to»l:ind.I 

IkBara, io-inar'. c.t. to catch iua tnarr; tn entrap ; 
tu lake by deceit ; to entangle. (Za, «n(l ■aar*.) 

fiUeMfl^, in-Sd-biT'e-ti, n., imt/i/ of sot^ritty , iii- 
tenpcrance. (L. r>(, not. and Kbrtetrj 

luaiMt, in'»frleni, <\dj. lit. contrary t» custcm , 
haughty and conicmptuous; ioiuJtinfc: rude. — 
adv, IttMleBllT. — ft. In'aoleaet. [I* i-wUni—itt, 
not, ttient, pr.p. of /i?/^.-, to he accimionicdl 

iBMUdltT. iD-sA-ltdi-li, «., w-an^ f/tflidtty; WcaJ^- 
oeu. (L. («, noi, and toUdUy.J 

iHBlsyt, in tola hi, a4}., fu->t la^t/i// nr c.:iyaU^ of 
hetng dissolved; not to b« explained. - "s. LfeMla- 
*«niy. iBMl'aUMMi. fL. in, m-t, and lolaUa.] 

tOMlnU*. in-solv'a-bl, ad;.. n.jt tchitMfi not to be 
expbuned IL. in, not. and fctvabU] 

iMDlveat, in-iol'Tcnt, adj.^ nft tclvmt or able to 
pay oac'i debu; beloagmg ta inHiIvent penoflt. 
— «■ one who IS noc solveot or able tn pay liia 
debts. - M. liMl'viDay. [U m. doc, and MlTMLJ 

B iW iA . itt-sO-much', adv. to ftich a degree ; lo. 
lit. to. Maek-l 

JhiP«el, in-«v..l r* -' ■*'••'■ r ( nitnc ; to 

kiolcalnari luspecf- 

iftJi; /rt./ 1 . /return — 

tn, into. anU /^tiu', ii) innK. \<( '-ccj 

Iniiwettea, inipek'thiui, m,,£krnci^4 

I<70kine tnto : ntreful exuBlBBliUi ; 
amin..:' ->'enU<n«c 

bupKt/i- >., ^«w en&r ptz/rrlr orl 

into . a iuperinteii'lerti -« 

^Nct^r c of an in4pc<-- 

IW|*r«, /.* h'ratMf :. 

inhal'- .. < , to tnfu^« 

as if tiy l-reirliio^, touifu»r ii]i« ilu 
iofttruct by divine inAuctKc . to inacructj 
with a Bupcrirtr Jnfluente. r.r. t^ <ii 
brearh:— /r/ 
intfirv — i*t, J 
laaptnUft, in-ij>..' -"tJ \ 

loiplratloa, ia-ipi-nl'fcliun, n., tJtr «i 
or breatbing into; a breath : the 
by which loe saa-. ' 
Mipcrior elevating ■- 
laiplrabsry. in-«pti^-L 

^i^nging tfi or aiding mt/'tAr.^u ir iti 
iMptrtr, in-splr'tr, ■*., »nt wAjf uu^tu-n 
iaafiiit, in-spir'it. r./., te mfta* tfirit i^f^; ta | 
new life to : to invigorate : to eocourace i~-^i 
inspiriting ; /»'/• i.ispir^t««L [Ik, anj 4ft&] ' 
XMiriMala. in-spu'St, v./,, M tftiak^m, aa Bin** 
/''/, int>pi»s'filing : /tf.jt. troptWttad. {L. 
i/sis'\ -arum — in, and t/iinu, thic^J 
iBitablllty, in-cta-bil'i-ti, «., uinnf ^ i 
jfradiHrrt ; want of firmneu . inconMl 
iitii ; ffiuinbility. [L. it, not, and 
ZaitaU, fiutal, inotawl', r..' t > pIacc .-x «1 
scat : to place in an 
any charge or oficc 
monif*:— /r> ituci: 
InrtaJUIlim. in-itnl-U'ihuo, «., ttUtutifi 

or pUcing in an office with Ccrcai* 
laatateuit, m-^tawl'mcnt. n , 
one of the («rts of a sum | 
that which II produced at Ml 
ZBstaact. See under ZaiUal, 
iMtaal, in'uant. *d}. lit. tinndimg fy 
pressing, urgent; immediate; quia; 
delay : pteicnt, currenl, a» the ; 

K. the present inonieni of time; any m 
point of time, — ^dv. la'dasUy, on toe I 
moment ; imtnediately. (L- inttmmt^ 
ut iwuttt. In Mand upon— r«, upcm, iM, 10) 

ta rta nl a n Boaa. tn-ttan-tJUi'c-tis, 0Ldj,d«mtC 
Hunt ; momentary : occurring or i 
very quickly. — aav. Intantia mm 

lari ap c e, in'uans, m., ^uaiity «>/ . 
urgent: solicitation: occurrence 
ample. — x:t. to meniion a»an eA>mt4e 
point.' — -fr./. innandng;^^ in'l 
tniliUttui — lattatu.l 

iDitato, in-4tilt', v.t. to put im m tU 
install. tiB, ondltaW.] 

lavtMd, in-sted', adv. , in t3tg ttfmd, 
of. rza. andKMA.) 

iBitUato, in'Mi-£:i, -c.t., to f. 
\fi "t on ; to tniHtr ■ — f-* - 


M\ iticiitnt; , iiT.jnu>e. -*ji i-.^.ii 

file, fir ; mC. her ; mine ; mOtc ; wXlx» -. xtdSQa ; Men. 


e-tt-Ti-. n . c«r uiA« or thAt whidi 

'f mMek iMttigmlM or fa- 
...lunuiy or mutavmiiig 

\: III. Utc BAtu^ impuite by 
arc cdm1c«1 A^^parentiy indc- 
ur expeneiuu lo *iiy ^cUon. 
from MMfu^fiw, to iasb(atc— f^, 

kl, *ff/-. rnttigiai^ or inciied ; 

f^^t/dby i'uttrut : 
. (o or dclcrmincd 

i-rfjtV^*; to infuK 
titiiirmfi ; /a.A in- 
mti:x.\ — 11. Aod ittiu, to drof).] 

•5'ihun, tiaWlwt, ui'MiI'mcnt, n., 

ii^S 'It pounog in by drupi: the 

^ kiowly into the tarnd ; that which 

■■ ta cautr ta ttand */ ; to 

oniEinate ; to establish ; 

'iicc; to educate; — f"' f- 

Ui'iUir.ced. — *»,, JtmytkiMg intti- 

MtAlilistted: esubiUhcd law: 

a book of precepts or prin- 

I , % literary and phiJcNOpnical 

umI ttatme, to cause 

to (tand. ) 

imi, »., tkr aei pf iKstituHng 

*hich It ifistiluted ur c<tab- 

; cxtjblijdicd order ; cnact- 

ibUshedfor Bomc object : that 

or iostnicu ; a tystem of pHo- 

r«him-al. lutitaUMUrr. tn-sti- 
htUnpnf iff *m rmitttutitm ; 
ity; elemenury. 
M., m TttriUr a/ itutitutft 

•fv. lutj., miU or iemiiag t» tw 
.; fUfieDding oa ut inuiiii> 

iVt'. c .' lit. li- /»/ la ,'rJer: to pre- 
I command: 
1 (L. tH- 
:■ pile up, to 

tkl'i- bl. A{r. I o^ '' ^ tHStfiicted. 

sliun, «., ifi.- .^jl .'/inttruetitiff 

. ' ,f instm.'- 

-tt. iBltnut ITCIUM. 

r, «,, CTi/ ipAtf itutnuU; a 

W, ■ lit. I'-^/fJ' ntArV-* im- 

a tool or utcn^tl : a machinr 

«p^lKl^ ; 3 wr-.iirtg containing 

r ' < is made a 

L -{nf n* OH 

%trviiiit (■-' [»t*)lnote an 

1; bekwi^g tn or produced by 

I; sekwemK 

ia'Ur(9-iii«m'ai-L>t« »., wn^ who 
l»-UrBC- r. 

nt <4 » 

Insurmoon table 

aooe bv difTerent iniiruments ; the playing tipoti 
mnsicaJ instnuncrt&i 

AuH^tetlwi, in-uili-jelt'«httn, n,, iHOM/^mt/eeii^rf 
CT obcdjeocs. {L. iJ«, not, and mUmUwlJ 

XMnbordlnal*, InHnib-or'dm-lr, aJj., nat tuSft^fim' 
•>// or submissive; duobedienL — it. Inmbvi^U- 
aHloB. [L. in, imi. and tabcrtftnaU. | 

XXmibrable, in- suffer- a-bl, aiij., m^t tMffr^^U or 
able \n be suffered or endured: UiibcxrabJe; 
dfte^table. — adv. Iiia«t 'fUrabl j. [L. m, not, and 
rvfln-altl«. ) 

Ini&llclflnt, in-cuf-fish'cnt, *dj., mat mJfUititt ; defi- 
ticiit; unfit, iiicapablc.-^itfi*. tMaS'clcBlly,-Hr. 
laraa'dttiey. [L. in, not. aixl nOdnl.] 

Inaolar, in'tTk-Ur, adj., Mom^tnf to mm ulamdi 
turrounded by water. — ade.mttbuiy. — h, SaaK> 
larlty, the sute of being uuular. {I.. ttuuLtrit 
— tHswla, an island.] 

lanUt«, in'»Q-Ut, v.t- Ul ta maJtt at iitamd »/; 
to place in a detached situation ; (o prevent con- 
nection or commuaicntion; in tletthcity^ to 
se;>nrj(eby x noiKonductor :— /r./. in'tAliluig ; 
/Vi./ in'sQIiited. — m. tamU'Uoa (L. mj«&.] 

loMlatar, in'&d-Ut-ur, h., ^Kf wAs or /Ad/ wJk$(A 
ittjtilatts; in electricity, a non-cooductor. 

Xanlt, iO'AuU', v.t. lit. ta Um^ st or ft/tMr : to treat 
with indipwir or contempt ; to abittc ; lo affront : 
— pT^. uunilt'lni: ; >(«./. inmlt'rd. — la'tMll, m. 
abuse : affront : contumely. (L. inrnlte—innJtCt 
to spring at — n, upon, snd utlio, to leap.] 

inraWntfty. in-Milt tns-li, adv , in •ov iiuuliing or 
iniolcat maHiur. 

lanpumblf, io-sO'pir-a-bt, adj,t tAat fammtft it 

/asied fffrr; iiisumioun table , unc»nituctable- — 
adv. ten'pmbly. — n. Innptrmtdl'Ky. IL. r>>/w- 
prmbiiit — t*, not, mftriibilii — tvptrv, to pam 
yvei — Mtt^rr, above. 1 

laaopportabl*. in-iup-pOn'a-bl, adj\, n»t m/^miahh 
t)r able to be Mipoorted or endured : uiiDcarabte ; 
insufferable.— «y&. la««p»Mt'»Wy. — «i. tanppMt'* 
aWcnna. [L. im, nnt, and ntpforUU*.] 

la ju p pxw ibU, in-sup prvs^-bl. Af//'., net iu^frtuihU 
or to be uipprcued or concealed. [L. in, not, 
and nppr«HAlt.] 

Znaoi*, ia-*hCOr', vd., ta maJir lurw or secure ; to 
contract for a premium to nialte good a loUi a» 
froDi fire, ftc. or to pay a certain sum on a ceriain 
event, as death. ~-t'.i. to pnictuc making ininr* 
ante ;— >r./. iniflr'ing ; /(»./. imOred'. iL. l«, 
intcntive, and Ban. 

innr^lilt, in-ihoor'a'bl, ndj., thai may V uum^rd. 

Incnrukos, In-UiCOr'anv n., t/ie lut a/iniurimjr, or 
a CQniract by which oik pcrv^n undertakes lor a 
^uymenlorpreouum to guarantee aoMheiacauu* 
risK or to3» : the premium *o paid. 

fawuv, tn-shcnr'^, n.. ont wfia tMsmrtM. 

XonrBnnt ' , /in nr ofaimst ; 

risiii.- irticllimu — m. 

onc'i' '■ •hciiaulhoniy: 

a trbct. L'- ''iJw^'Jit, ."'..-.M — tnjnr^c, lo ri*e 
upon— in^ upon, and tur^c, to ri*e. j 

fauafitney, m-4ur'jcn-&i.i.,d rising h^koi agiaiiut t 
in&urrcction : rebellion. 

torametivn. in-tur-rck'^hiin, m., m rtttHg w/ nr 
.ignin» ; open and acuvc OTifXuiLioi) to the ca«- 
cuboo of tne \\v^- ; a r;h-!! •• • ■"'- lanzrae'- 
tloiuJ, taHJTM'tloaan' 




K tuahop who acts dtn- 

leader (ttt etnen. 
i^ar*, «^^, ca mt a m i me imUr- 
for CTSet* 

.<'. lying &^awm 

: (•ttttUrJ 

ercepi'iD^i./Oj/. LQicicc^ti cd- 

t «BM, cm/h, to OLkcJ 
/idiun, «., met ej uiUrct^ting 

^Ii(, •^r'., imUrcefttMg.—n. 

I ihat iiiiercepU. [L. tc/rf^ 

k of Mfcnr;^^.] 

! usder lalMttJa. 

Uai*, p./.. to ckoHga irfmitrm 

ythtr: to gm utd take mutu- 

: lo luccoed alternately.— ». 

sltcmatc mcccuioa. (L. 

r-ChlBJVbl, *<//■.. /Art^ mi»7 

iSkllaw^ earh oiner in alter- 

1^. tatefchABca'kUy.— Ki. In- 



A*, r./., ita «Im/ <w/ Crooi aoy- 

ptfwfm; 10 intercept: to cut 

inns; ff'if' tnlercJOd'ed.— «. 

•tftt-ko-Ium-ni-a'vWn, «, in 
t htvrftn r>*/w"«u measured 
I of ihcit ttufis. (L. mter, 
if Oolvmn. ] 

httmtmm colamit-t. (L, 

iBb', 9-f.t A/ camtmmfu 
XJL. mter, between, and 

IinIiiiiii iiiflii'i fc If r./.,taca»f 
or nuiually.— A. tatercoa- 

a^ tr -ltom-mOo^i-ka- bl . ajj , 
miemiid ittait^n or nkutually. 
ltr4uM»-«an'yuii. m., Mtti- 
munnl oaminunion. 
'tall M^x in anai,, lyinj; t>^ 
, imUr, bc(irccn, and OwteL) 
I, !>. lit. « antrzr or nmniitg 
le ^ dcaiiQ|> ; cotnmutihu- 
IKWiBiiftinfi (L. Mirr, be- 

ilM«Brr«Bn. [L. inUr, bc- 

lBtwdi£f] .'.titr, InUrdlctsTT, to itr-dikl^ 

or-i, "/■ intfniictimtt ; prohibiury. 

IkterMt, ; lit. .'-• .V /.■■i'T!-.'r>; ; t.i ctitlic 

as tlic JticnUaa , [ 'i- 

[in behalf uf anoi ' t< 

ia'lcrestcd-— n. coi' 

cocc over othen : • . t 

age : premtiun pai y 

increase. (L. «/.• 

pfirt.iDCC— twffr, bctwtivii, cue. lu bc-l 

Latarwtad, in'ter-est^ed, mdj., Jkaving an nuSrrrr/ or 
concern : liable tu be affected. — at/v. ta'lt— f 4ly . 

tottniUai, iii'iAr-eic-iag:, Ai(r.. Ast/tn^ tntrm/: 

ensagiiif the Aitentioa or v^trd : cxdkuxs emotiou 

oc paasion. — oi/c. la*Wr«Ate(ly. 
Xafetcftrif ia-t^-fflr', r.i. lit. ta ifnJkf ^ffwtrm, 9i 

come in coUisiofi ; lo intenneddlc ; to iDtenKNc : 

to act reciprocally — utd of wavcA. rayi of ughl, 

&c. :->r>. MerUr^tog ; /^. intetKred'. (L. 

vittr, between, ioA/erw, to lUike.J 
lot aiJu iM ia t iD-lir>f^r'eai, «., act of int»r/rriMg. 
tnterfUw, io-ter-f2r'ef, t*., aw v4i^ tnttrjcm. 
latarftiuml, in-l^r'tlAI>-«nt, XBUrHaoaa, in-lir'fllllO-ul. 

a4j-.,Jf^'^i>^h^tuM*m. [L. tMi^f^uftu, pr.p. of 

inUrfiu*— inter, between, andyw, lo flow.] 
Xaterf>DU*c«ovi, in-l^-f>:i-b-4'ftlu-t4. o^/ placed fr- 

/■Mfli ^rasvx. LL. tMttr, between, fatlMtOMj 
teWbaMid, ii>*l<x-fret'cd, uJj ,/wTtt«4 SetuMww ot 

inierbcML LL. inter, between, and <r»ttad.] 
hill I fi J, in-t^r-fOzd', adj'., ^ aut^vd nr ipread 

Af/ttwra. fL. uitrfYmtu. fm.p. of ' 

inter, between, taa/umaf, to poor.] 
tBWffulaBi, in-t^-ftl'iliun, >., « touring or ^Mcftd- 

ing betuten. [L imtey/urie.} 
blMkiaftl, in'tftr-bfioul, if^'.. itttMm the Aopu/ 

prooeues or sputes. (L. inter, between, BaaaL] 
Interla. in'tir-irn, n. time hefmfem or inlervemnx ; 

the mean time. [L. — inttr, between. 1 
Inivrtar, in-t«'ri-ur, md/., imur; internal ; remote 

Tram the frontier or ccan : inland. — n. the itiaide 

nf anything ; the inland part of a country.- 

laU'ilorty. [L. — comp. qI intermt^ inward.] 
t&t«TJac«nt ia-tcr-j.i'$«rnt, «*(/., lying 

uiicrvcniDE. [L. tnteryacgnt, -entit, pr.p. 

intrrjaceo —inler^ between, iSuXjacea, to be.) 
lnM0*e«wi7, in-[Ar-ja'fen-«, n., n tying b€tw*»ni 

3. ap:>cc or region between others. 
tatnjwt, in ter-jekt', r./., fc thrvrv tttwrm; to tn- 

Mrt, — v.i. to throw one'* icif between :— /^ A 

inicrjcct'iog ; /**./■ intcrjecf'ed. [L. tntrr^ 

between. >niljacte, freq. oXj»fw, to throw.) 
lat Mj e rt len^in-ter-jek^shun.w-.aMrffnBjy/y/'iuwrw; 

in gram., a word throtvi) in to cftprcM emotion. 

—m^j. iBtadM'llMaL iFr: L. interjttti^.\ 
tBtaeJaaitttMi, tn-tir-jongk'thun. m., a jmnrtimt or 

joining Ar/uMinff. [L. iiii>r, between, and JnnrWna } 
IktarlaUt, tn-tir-nit'. v.t., tf> knit ti^ettHt-r; la unite 

cloKiy. IL. /Mf^r, between, andKnlkj 
bitartaca, in-t^r-ISs', v.t., t« Inc* tegrtJteri totmitc; 

to insert one thine within Another : to intermix. 

(L. inter, between, and Laet.}— if. laUliaet'aaBt. 
lutarlard, inter-lard'^ v.l., ta ftat^ lurii hfi^tfn ; 

to mix in, u fat with lean; to diversify Mi mii« 

lure ; to interpuic [L. initr, between, Lard.] 
lBt«ria7, io-ttr-U', t-.t., ta Itty among or tefonfm. 

',1- rntf-, beCwcen. aiftd lAf.j 



tstartlM, in-iir-Hn', t-.r Ii(. lamxtrttt Umth^imerm: 
lo wrtle ill allemme line* : ti> wnle between 
line*, tl. s-tt'^r, lj--iw(;cn^ and Um-J 

laUrttaau' " "ij.wrtWKwiittwcmiinet. 

(I. wr.- : iiM*r.j 

lalvUMfttl..: ii'iiin, «., met e/ inUK- 

lining; 1 1 J. 

iBlMtlak,;; ' ^uratmJkbttwtm : 

10 c«onc:t _, . . „ .L. /wwr, b«twc«n, 

Olid UnL.] 

lUtrlotaUr, iti-t£r-l6b'0-Uir, tutj. bci'nff Ulvneit 
ii'^t. [L. »//-r, bctweea, and lobolar-] 

bMrlecmtlaa. intCi-lO VlShun, n., a tpc/ttion or 
pUdnc ^tnxtH. 1 1., t'ltrr, between. iMfttiMLJ 

iHlnlMvUoa. iu-ti- ■-'.. <f tp4^i»c ^ 

twefH ; confcrcr .liaic decree before 

fiiul deciiton. '{'< ■■■• from inlrriaqw^r 

—intfr, between, .ijt>l njifr, i,\itiMt. to Ipeikj 

iKtattoMbr, in-tir-lok'Q tur. «., t^JV^ tvha t/trnkM !>€• 
twrrn or in dialogue : in la-^; an intcrmcdinie 
(11 1 ''n.jrile(.inoii. — tu^r'. IntMtoe'atnrj. 

Ifct4r /.x- t. Wl. If UnfK'TruHf^ttuttn; 

|m iiy mJKcT In which uric has no r>tr 

conct.ra :--/'-.j^. mtcrlflp'ing ; f-M-p. interloped'. 
— H. UUrlop'sr. |I.. iMf/r, between, and Dutch, 
tt^ptn, to run ; SciH. /ii«<^ ; El /<(«/.] 

ZslirlsJa, in't^rlCS^, n. a ihort dniinatic perform- 
ance or ptny hetvyffn the piajr and a/icr-pdcce, w 
between the acts of a play; a short jticce of 
munc placed between the parw of a *ons. [low 
L. intertiniititH—inUr, between. lnJut, play,] 

lBl«rta4»d, in-tir-lood'cd, •>•)'/, inseritd ai mh 
iutertmit ; bavins uitciludes. 

Drt«1«mar, in-iir-loo'nBr, CBtarlmaur, m-ti^lOO'- 
nar-i. mifj. tit. betntrm th* tmAtmj ; tKlonging to 
■he time when the moon, about to change, ij 
ioviiiblc. IL. t'tt/rr, between, and X>«aar.J 

iBlcmarcy, in-l4r-inar'i, v.i., /it tnnrry l-fttxxm rtr 
amcmci to marry reciprocally or Like unc and 
give another ia marriage.— n. iBtonnarx^lat*. 

ZBln«4<U, in-lcr-raedl, t-.i.. ta mrddU or mir 
xoith : to mtefpo»c or interfere improperly. 
[I. imirr^ atanng, and K«ddl« ]— m. Iat«tw4dlv. 

XfttcrmadUl. inltr rn^'ili-al. ZBlwmwlUU, iii-t6r-tn£'- 
di-<lT, aJj , in the muidU Sfta>i,n ; tnt4;r>cQinji. 
— a;fv. Int«naa'dlati1y. |].. itttrr, bclwccn, and 
Kedui, a«duu. ) 

|aMnM41arr, in icr-m^dl-ar-i, adj., intrrmediiUf. 

InlwraMdlBai. in-t^r-in£'di*ufn, ac., a metiittm bt- 
twttm ; an inlcrveniDg acent or iniitnuiiciit. 

lalfmly il toll, in-t^Rii-Erfl'ihun. n.,netf/mi£mt- 
tng nmMtfit r*ck oiS*r; reciprocal tnigration. 
(L. inter, amone, nnd nlitratloa.) 

Xatermlnabl*. in-t^r'nii ui-bl. X&tcmtsata, tn-l^mi- 
n/!l. adj., wttht'ut Urmm/iftifH or luntl . bound- 
\*SA, etidlesK. — aJv. Istar'mlaaMy. - m. lilic'Bte- 
ablMtAM (L iHtert^iimtl.t.u -fm, not, and /tr- 
mi'<«u, a boundary. J 

iBtorslJigli^ in-t^r-niing'^l, v.t. or ft.. t» min^U 
or wtxi*£rtktr. [l^ inter, amottg, Mlafla] 

lalanDlalao. Sec under launall. 

latflrait, irt-t^r-mit', r t. liL /o mute iaj^ hetwem ; 
i>i oiii^iocea<>c for a (imc ; to interrupt ;—>*r.^. 
inleraiilt'in^ ;/«./. irlcrmiu'cd tl— tnfrrmiett>, 
•jHUrtiM — mter, and Miitp, to caate to C" 1 

lBi«nBl(.Uai, ill Kr ■nil'tnr, .i ^" , !"(^r,Hirtrnj^ (.>t 
*' ' , an tntcr- 

toUr ;■ _ /' rwittiM^. 


iaterval: pauie. — at//. 

btoTBls, in-t#^■.^i:Vi'. r..', nr : 

t'ltclher. ( ■ 

mzTtNrr ; •- - 
IffUrmobUity, in-t«r mO-hil i-u, n 

ti> mtn'e iimtcmg ihextnelvcs. [l^ 

and mobUtty.J 
iBtcmidaM. in-t^>mtLn'dIn, iuf/\, A nflrt K 

[L. inter, between, and Ifninlit J 
lai f Mial. in-(^r>inQ'ral, a^/- lying 

[L. in.'rr, between, and IIu»Lj 
latVMncttlar. in-ier-muslia-lar, tu(f. 

murcUt. [L. itU£r, betwcea, and 

tnterchange. [L. inter, K^t-rr- 
Xalanal. in-t&r'nal, mJj., .' 

domestic, nt oitposeu to / 

taining to the hexn :^*pp.— ^. ■ 

lalar'aailT. [L. iM/rrmml—*Mler, wit! 
ZBtvraaUonal, in-t^r-nath'ua-al, &'^'., 

■ III? r'.'I-ttirx)k Aeta-em m-ttufm4. 

aa'Uocially. [L. inter, telwoea, and 
Int«ra*ctB«, in-tcr-nf'ilu, ntfj., m<v/««i 

/irr, deadly. [L. ««6'*TWt»— »»flff, 

and Hec0, to kill, akin lo SanL root 
Xat«rBo4iC io'lir-n«Vl, n. in A>/.. Mr 

/»«! natUs or points of the sicm fi^m 

leavesarue.- Ai(f'. lot«<KadUl (L 

fn>m cN/rr, between, and rw-ius^ a 
IMir»MMlfl, in-t^r-nun'^hi-d, M., « 

tween two ^artiet ; the f*o[>c'4 

nfpubltcs and unall cuurlSk-^ 

[^. ; L. intetnufuiMM — tnirr^ 

MUHCiMt, a.niet.sencer.1 
X&t*roc«*ale. in-t^-^thfi^n'ik, e^j.. Jkf 

1 1., inter, bclwem. and Mwaaic) 
lBt4roeular, in-t^-ok'a>Ur. ad/., .Sr/fwM* 

I L- inter, between, ana OcUar | 
InttroMui. in-tir-o&h'e-aJj toMniw 

ui, tt/^-, titttatrd Mwrm hmtt, 11. . 

Iween, and Oim*I. Oaa0a*.J 
taterpaUatlm, in-C^-pcl-l'thnn, ■. tit. 

ttueeu; intemiptiun; laicro 

an earoesi addrea. [Fr. ; Ir. . 

intrrf€th, interpflUt\ 

felh. lu Apeak.] 
lata until uy, in-t^pet'al-ar i, m4j. In { 

tlu fittaU of a flower- fl- ^-dw, ' 

tBt«rp«il«lar. in-t^r-pet^i<0-lar, €i4t- tn< 

the fietieUs. [L. inter, between, •Dij 
lDtuT<l**tar. in-tir-pt-las'l^ 

irtv^een iwfi piiasttrs, (L. 

iBtAxpUmttaiy, in-l^r [' ' ' 

fiAiuts. (L inte- 
taUrplkad, in l^r pl> 

rus\ 1 poll. I, 

before the ; 
t0tuptwk4er, :• 

in ('.' ' 

the I 

|r» iiivi: j:t 1 

nuitually, -• 
t B tajfll a ta. in 

niie, fir ; mi, litr I nln* ; mflu ; mOlc ; nOgn \ Uta. 


■f kn *nd t)MrT« or Im^MMn ; tn iBi^rc uatatrly, 

tntf ifn&« ni 

1 11 poU«ti. J 

. J. 

i.v ^fjtfftn : to 

iivia ; mcdi- 

V.\K\ Itll 

1 'LaM of Jffictit htWftH 

M^A iA 4fr'[>reC, r.<. lit. lo a£f u aa ascnt 
imiVB i»i pjirties vi a« to Ax tJu J^^vr; Ut 
^^ ticu . lo ir.uu!Atc: mlo uttclTisiblt; itr 

prfftii fT tvttTprjitir , -^r^iatMM — prob. Trom 
iK^y , . nd root (if frfftujn, pricc, akm 

u- >aav *»<. lo buy I 

^'rct-abl, a^j-, cafubUf/inUt^ 

_ m-t6r-prc-t£'«huii, «-. <w/ t/ tnltr- 
f-j ibc leoM fivcA by aa iittcrpretcr: tbe 
«f dfiUtzitnc. 

iD-ttr'pra-tl-tiv. ttdj. collected liy or 

ur. (&4ei^>rcl-^. w. one who cjcplaiiu he- 
i vY> panics : an expounder : a Liantlator. 

in-iti-!Tj'n'im, n \\\'- iirae tftwtrm 

; ckc tiuif !<t-*t-,-n (In; c-^sdtatioo of 

bluhmcm "F *ii"'Jier u"jvem- 

betuccn, return, rule.] 

n. . iMy n^''' nu/iv during tut 

ftfTscfll. [L, (ii'^i^, between, nod 

fftt. Pt. Ut. /<> >i/4£/fiwwra,- 

ezsmitic by uliiog qucMMtfi^ — 

!■' inquire :—/»■/. iotcr'- 

CSled. I L infrrr:V', 

. . - r, beturcBD, and re^, to 

ai-tCt-6-ei'^un, n.^ccfo/interrtgat- 

fHit ; the mark of a question ( T ), 

fint ami Uit kitcn of L. Quritif, a 

l^r-ni^a-tir, *»^"., t/fmttin/T * 

" »s a question. — •». a wnnl 

» qvestioo. — a./c'. tetan('aUv«ly. 

'^•[■■tiic'a-i'iT- 1. «., « ftteituft or 

MtA M kcttat^n ; 

I upon : to divide ; 

i. tempt 'ing; /►»■/■ 

— inUr, between, 


lUly, niu/i'., nvM itlfT' 


hdhmdM tke tJiMtldtr-Uadct. (L. w/rr, be t we ca , 

totwienti- z:t , fa wrU^ ^intf*m: — 

fr./. I' . /■*/ iniencrTbetl' |L, **#- 

toramcs* -r^jr>-. iriirccn, and Jtrtfiv, to wrdc.J 

iBlwiwil. in-Mr-cckt't p. f. , fp tmt IrfTfrrm or 

.irvrttfrr: tn ir cn>u mutually; to divtda 

il - ^CAch other •-—/r.f.iata- 

^.ct'ed. t.L tMtfr, between, 


laterwcuoQ. m i._r >;» stiui), «., <»;■/ Of lAi/# */ tH- 
ttrtttting: in /t-jm., tlic point or line in which 
two lints or pljncn tut citcH othct. 

IstaiMcaBt, in-iir-si kaot, *dj^ Jividvtg i>tia 
f^rtt ; croBtto(. 

iBtanpacM, in-t£i-~^pin', v,i.,tadi^^fne sKMftrtHklt 
amang i lo set here and there :— /r./. iatenperc'-^ 
isfi : /**•/■ interrpcncd*. (L. intmf^rgo, tnur'\ 
sfertMtm — imtrr, among, ^mrgm^ to toUlcr, aktK ' 
to Cr. 4^'ni, to sow.] 

iBlanpmSao, io-tftr-spi/tbon, «., (Vf ^ M/r»» 

IstantaUar, in-lir-ttellar, Ikkcniailaffr. la-tAr-ster* , 
br-i, tiii/., /vta>0tn or «awM/- t/U jm -t; sitii.\i«d'i 
beyriod the fcolar system. [L. intwr, betireti^ 
and iteUa, a star.) 

XBt0Btk«, in'tdr-siis, or ttv-t£r'ttu, N. the apecc which 
tt^mds i^twetm thioes ; a small tpacc between 
tJuofi doaely tet, or between the pans which 
cumpose a body. [L. inttrititium — utUr, hc- 
t-wrecn, and sitta, thtum, to stand.) 

laletfUtial. in-ttr^ttsh'^l, aJj., ^frtaining la 
£i^i'iiming tntftitiitt. 

iDtentratlAtd, in-ter-Amfi Hd, adj.. BtratifiMi 

/twntotber bodies. [L./M/i>/', between, tttmtlfll 
ttleriixteN, in-ler-teks'tCkr, ff.,A4'r<«/'/w/(*riMMc<fi _, 

or ttaieo/brimgimtrmooven, [L. an/er, between, 

and taxtar*. ) 
InicrtnritUaL in-t^trupllc'al, *dj.. bttvHtn tht 

ifv/icM. [L. t»Ur, between, tiepkaLj 
iBUrtwlai, in-tir-twla', i:t.. to hvitu or twist 

grthfr.—^.i to be twisted logelher ; lo 

involved :— /'■■/.inlertwln mg ;><t.j*.iiitertwt 

— Wi/. laUttwls'livlT. [L>< inUr, together, 

btaitwlit, ir-tcr-twist', c./., U tmut tiyetl*r:— 

y./. iiicriM-i^t'intl : /«•/■ inierlwiil ed.~d^r, 

iBtartwlM'lB(ly. |L. imtrr, together, and Tvut.J 
Itetorral, in'ti^-val, n, lit. the space hrtw^tH 

tiaitti m faUsadet i time or difttance between; 

void s^ot between : the distajDce between 

E' rcn soundft in music. (L. ittervattum — uttrr-y 
tween. uvd valiut, a nalce.] 
iBttfrau. to-tir'v£n'. v.u, to e»m* or le hetwermi 

to occur between points of ume : to happen to 

as to inlcnupt : lo incerpose :— /r./. inlcrven'ins ; 

y<f.>.intcnrcned'. [L. mttnunte — Mf^r, between, 

And veftia, to come.) 
latiMvmaUMt, w-ler-vcn'shuo, «., actrfimtervtitimg ; 

agency between persons , mcduUoo ; istcrpou- 

Iton. [L. imtrrTtntU'.\ 
laiWTlaa, in'tirvQ, n., a mttittal xricw <ft sight: a 

meeting. IL. uUtr. between, and Tlew.] 
mtcnrcavt, in tir-w^, vt , tn urutv te^tt)ur{ to 

inienoinEle the tejnure : to connect closely. (L. 



7, in-taf»^ m.. ttAte •fbtimt^ mtMtstr, or 

ol dyiBff wttbouc iiavmg nada a wiU. 
HtMlIm iB-td'ua. •<//•• mUm*lt contUMd in 

ibe Koimsl body: doracuk; not laniigtL.—m, 

(usually in//.) tne Ions ■Mmbcaaous tuW coo* 
. tinuuif rraru the Momaen to the aaui. [L. mJter- 

fiMvi— im/atf. wiihia, on the inside] 
latMtluJ. ia-tcs'tJn-al, m(;'.. /frtaimimg U tk» im- 

Uttmrt of an auuna) btxly. 
Dtftoml. iu-Uunvrl'. v.t, t» brhtf; inta tkrulHitm or 

bandage; toen»ia»c ; to«backie -^f^f ifjllirall'- 

ing ; pa.p. inthniUed'. (L. *«. inla. aad ThnlL ] 
littnlwMt, io-thrawrment, «., act «J inikpaUit\c 

orcntUiviBg : »lavery. 

CuotJiar. — n. a iaraUiar Ixicnd : an aaodatc.— 
i«ftr. tB'UBaMf. [L. tntitmLt, ionennast — 
imtmM, within.] 

MfeBMr, tD'b-tna-«i, r., tt»l* e/ hrmc imtimatt; 
doAc familiamy. 

Mteata. id'ti'iiv&t, tf.t. Itt. b tmate ome intmimir 
witk ; Id hint : to annoQnce i—^r./. in'timktiag : 
>«>. nriimllcd. [1* f«/t'aM, -mfHrn-^mtus.) 

iBMauUaa, ia-ti-inl'»tma, ■., act of intamaiimg; 
obscure notice ; hint : announcement. 

btlaldata, in-tini'i-dAl. v.t., if t^rnkt timid nr fcat- 
ful; lodjspirtt:— /r./. intiinidj[m(:/a./. itttim'- 
tditcd. |L- («. tuntdNi, tearful — tum*f, to fear.] 

iBtteMatloii, m-tint>i-da'kbun, u., act f/ vitiimdat* 
ing: state Oif being intiniidaEcd. 

iBtltvlcd. ts-tit'ald, same as latlUad. 

taUtt, tD'too,/r>/. IJL cominiE t« and fouf Mt; 
DOtins panage inwards: nollng tlie paasioc of 
a dliog Crom one state to another, [b, and Vo.] 

IMolflnMa, ii]*tor«T-a-bl, 0(^'., ntit tottwithU; that 
cannot be cnduicd.— m. latol'craUuHaL — adv. 
later«xaMr [U ii, not, and lalcnUa.] 

tntoleraat, uitortr-ant, Adj., nut telfrant; not able 
or wilhng to endure : not cadurtng difTcrencc of 
ofHuion : (kcneculing.— ^c oat op^puwd In mlcra- 
bon.— ii^. Utot'araaUr.— Mjr. iBlol'M-aac^ tar 
MuftUM. IL. M, DOE. and lAloui.! 

brioa^ in-tORm', sunc as Bitaaft. 

Trtn>s. in-tOn', v.t. to utter im ioma: to Kive focth 
a low protiacicd sound.- -p./. to chant :—/r./. 
in*Aii'in[E : A*./- ifiliSaed'. [L- ij«, inicn., TbocI 

lalonala, lo'tAn-Jtt, v.i., to intone; to sound : lu 
sound the notes of a musical scale : to modulate 
Khc voice:— /r./, in'tOniltinf ; /«*•/■ in'tOnAled. 
XL- uti^ma, stitm, from root of latoecj 

iBlowbUun, in-tO-oi'shun, n. , <k/ a/ tMirmatiMf ; act 
or manner of soutulinc musical notes : modula- 
tion of the voice. 

at w rt a^ iiMor'^hun, «., •> treirtutf, winding, or 
betiding. [L. m. and t>«moa.] 

yhi!r>** io-loks'i-kiil. r./. lit. ffi dnKCorpoisoa'. 
to make drunk : to excite to enthosuutn or mad- 
ness :— /* /. intoK'idltmg : /tt^- intnx^tdltcd. 
[low L. imiexicff, -atum — taxicumj Or. tarihin, 
• poiMH in which arrows were dipped— fv^^fi, 
an arrow.] 

latirrlT*"^'*. in'-tolu'i'kl'shun. jl, met p/ imiajricmt- 
ing or making drunk : %\ma of beinj dnmk : 
high evctlamani at eUiion. 

Tlilisilrtk. in-tiakt'a-hl, adj.^ not tr»€tshU or 
nwnacnkble: oUtmate— «/. intractaWlllr. 1b> 
i~~adp. totnal'ft]*<y. ( L. im, not. 


lUimBamt, iD*lt3>(aO'tftl, ad/'., ndikim tht waili, 
a* nf A city. [L. ilUra, within, and Mwal.] 



VtrmtUiw^ iD-tnD'si'tiT, ^4^., wtd 
pcusing over or indicaiiag pa«nco« 
repreteiitinic actioa coonmni B* oM 
[L. •«, mt, towiM 


;^ trAmmttttd. IL. im, not. ai>t] i 

lUlBB^BStobK tn-tranS'fBftt'a'bl^iW^ 
Ar /rtxJujviaiW orchaoc<e^~^|^ 
IL. IK, not, and trmumtaM* ) 
iBtraa^ in'trant. adj . 
(jne who cntcra, c-* ; 
(1.. infrmfu, •ox/ti 
iBlmeh, tn-trentfa', v.t., i« 
to fortify with a 
and VMbu.1 
tatnaekSMk. m-trensh'incfil, ■«. , atttfv 
a treodt ; a ditch nsd parapet far 
(■roteciion ur defence. 
iMtrvpli, in-trep'id, adj.. 
fear ; undaunted ; brave. 
tab«pldtr. IL. imtrt/adtu—dm, aoC^ 
bMnfc% in'tri-ldU, adj.. /W/ ^ 
perplexed ; obscure. 
—^iJv. ta'tjteafeslr. [L. 
to make diiricultics — tnat, 
iaMcM. lautg^, «,, tMirieaUwitm: % 
party scheme : the plot of a poem 
secret illicit love. — v.i. to iorm % 
Ckiry on lUidt love:— /f>. iuiMisl 
intneued'. I Fr. i*trigt»fr-~w9m. M ft 
laMfMr, io-treg'er, n., mt mka 
purttioi an object by ucrcft plaa^ 
latrlBflto, in-irio'sik, 

lit. ON thf imiidg ; inward 
adv. taMft'ileally. (L. mt 
and«m«r, tide.] 
bdrodMs, ia-trAKlOi', v./..f¥ ttod 
to conduct into a place : to beinc to be 
to bring m;o nobcc or practice : to 
to conioicnce : to prewe ;— /r^ 
>«.>. intrOdOced. lu ii«A>WsM«V' 
witnin, and ducp, to lead.] 
IstradOBtloB, in'^fUduk'Uiuo, «., met tf i 
ing ; act of cooductiBg tntd a 
making persons known to ^ti fl4kcf 1 
brinxing into notice or pnctice . 
InLrodacUTC, tn^uA^uk'tiv, ad/', < 

tatratfiuitary, In-trO-duk'cor-i, *^., 

duct; prcvigi** . prcfulory. — M^r. Is 
IfttrsMlU intrfl Slit', r..'., ttw^^tK- : t^ 
to permit to cnier ;—/•'/. tnirOmiituj 
intrteiitl'cd. {U imiro, within, w^tt*. 
to send- 1 
tatRiBlMlan, in-trfl-nuah'on, «., acHmm if i 

wikin or iate. 
m tt e nint le^ hHtrA-cpck'shtu, «., a 
iHtid* or interimr. \ L. imiro M ptct i ^ 
■s^'tmirt— intra, within, t/tLU), b* 
IntroTvvt, in-irtVvtrr'. v.t , t» rmrw: 
tolrOvert'tng ; /<■-/■ U»rr>Sv«rt'«l, 
within, and tvrfa, to turn.} 
lBtn4s, in-trarMt'. pi. /« flNnw/ tm^' 
u^n ; to enter u' 
force in:— /r/. ifH 
intrude — t»i, in, 1.: 
latrmiar, rn-irr- '' 

without hfc 
intovln, in-: 

fiUs, ^ ; aiB, h^ : Bdne ; di41« ; nOte ; mfiCn ; /Actk 







vftbout wvlcMK ftr invite- 

airfj-*., ff^rw^ or rt/f .e 
vtthaut w^konc oi rijhL — 

./.. /» /If* M tniit; lo deliver 
Ilu fideluj. (L.. M, in, a»il 

-itli'ttn. « lit « t^gking^ ¥/cft or 
«f (lie miiwj Inr wbicb it immc- 
tbe truth of thinj^ witSout 
saalyM; a truth lo perccivoj.— 
[t^ i>, iitro or u|iMii, and 
ftMlMf, m IouIl} 

ftr^rivcd w pcrcctvitig 
"f known by umple in- 

I Inw L. intHmtt- 
■ tmeo, Co »wclLj 

•aoic as faiwUL 

^■^ iaua'brlunE ; /ki>, inum'- 
■WM^n*, ti»»Nipnt/«M — m, and 
a fthadaw.l 
or in', 9.t., lajtomi u^tt or ova 
<^ w«lerl : lo flood : lo fill with an 
:— /r.>. inun'diunjt ; >y./. 
act of inundating ; 
o*<rrtownng. [L, i»um^, -atMrn — 
, to cue in waves— «Wd, a wave] 
.t-t Ai Mtf or /rncttjig itabituaiJy ; 
[ M lurdea. — v.i. lo pa»i in um : 
Vm or cAiCt : to &erve to the use 
r>-/r./. indT^iog; /«.>. ioQred'. 
nr, from in, inteiu. ami ura, coo- 
L. Mfw, ui« — ttiffr, %tmt, to tuc.} 
'meet, <•., tutv/imttriHg; pracucc 
^./., t»^Uc* m tmttm; to iolomb; 
■» it, in. 9Uid Vn.] 
IVti, «., woMt ef utiiiiy ; tuctcts- 
'lUcocts. [L. n, sot, and HUlttr.] 
V.6 lit. Ai fv t«(/0; to enter a 
enemy ; to atuck : to encroach 
(lite, t.i *<iie or tall upon:— /r./. 
■j/^ mv^d'ol (L. tHTcurv, tvranrm 
iw>. to I0.1 Sec Wa4». 
Ar. a^ «•/ inA9 vvoadis or atlaclt* : 

f m£' flf iavaduiff ; an 
I attack on ihc rights of 
lit; a viuUtioo. 
r, maj., maJkiMf invasia»i aggrev- 
a&otNe/t Hijbts. 
*«^' , mml maliJ or ttrvng ; 
I one who wants strength : one 
a ctclify p<r«on : one diublcd for 
ii-r -r sailor. — p./. to 
ise ; to cnrul nii 
iMiinE: /d./. in'- 
.. ,n-faiiaiu~i», not, 
•r TatU. 

: -d/fa/ or lound : weak : 
"T coeency ; having no 
t, noc, and TaUd. | 

■ 6ntToy tbe Torce oi : 
il'id^tim:/''/. inval'i- 

iBfuUAIlT. m-va1-i'l 1 ti, m.. tJu lial^ or qmlitT ^i 
^tutg un>*U4; want of cogency ; waoi of forc«w-r" 

taiTJtr ^Lj'.c - :;.--fi '■••""'-'''— i — ■ 

Zarulofi. Sc£ .. 

bvaoUTs. Scr >'. '( 

tUTcIfb, io-vy, 1/ (. l.L io iArry or bring agamity 
lo attack wuh words : to lail a^nit ; to (cvilecl 
—fr.f. ioveigfalns ; fA /. inveigKed'. TL onvV^^ 
ini'tctttrnt — m. and wiSi», to carry.} Sec 

larMtin. io-vclc'tiv, a., tAmt imkitk ts mvnfiml i 
bfouaht acahut :ao eipicuioa used to ioveiKbiaici 
a viuleat utterance oi ccaaure ; an aitacK mta 
wonli ; a ratting ; abuse : sarcaun or uiuc — ti^j, 
railing: abusive; smutcal. 

ZftTtl^ in-tf^l, T.t. III. either, ia mahttmtmUU 
i^f, or. ta bltHdi to e:iticc ; to delude : lo i "" 
— ^.f. inrci'glinc ;/<»>• invei'aled- [Fr- 
io be willing. It. int-agiiarr, to onng one to noe's 
will— fw/'i'/ii, will— L. x-ola. to wish : or from Fr. 
rnvrngif. blind— L. a*, withoat. fculms, the eye I 

lnv»lcl«anil, in-v^'gl-mcnt, m., tkt mei •/ rnvrig^img 
or cnucioK : an enticement. 

iBvent, io'veni'. v.t. lit. ta comt upoH ; xn meet with; 
lodevitc or contrive : Mi make : to force ; to fden^^j 
lo frame : — f^.p. invent ing ; /a./». invenl'ed. [L* 1 
nvrrMJff, mivWirin — in, upon, and iwiw, tocone.) 

fakVasttMl, irt-ven'shun, «i., tk» net ff ittventbytt 
that which is invented ; contrivance : a deccU : 
power or faailty of iiiventinK ; ability dJij^ycd 
b>' any invention or rffott of the laugioatjoa. i 

Isvmttv*. in-vcrkt'iv, midj , ahU t» imvrM! ; ready U| 
conlrivnnce. — adv.tmvtaiimr- — «. loveBllnaMS. 

Invratur, IsTaaUr, in-vent'ur, m., orutttkt i>n«Kltor 
findi nut tnmeihmg aew.--/riw. liTiyi— . 

lavaatorr. tn'vcn-tor-i, n. a Ust of tJkat wktek Ams 
i»mt int* or is ifl a bouse, &c. ; a calaloitue of j 
fumilure, good», &c — v.t. to make an tnvcat 
or cauloeuc oC: — /r^ ia'veniorying; /<t./i. 
vcntoHcd. |Fr. intvntairr, low L. i^tVA/drnrm. ) 

iBVtraB, iBVenloa. Sec under lav«n. 

ZaTcrt. in-ven', c./., ta twm m or A^out : ts turn- 1 
upside down ; to reveriie ; to change the custoa 
order or po&itiaii: — ^■^. invert log, /h«^. is ven^« 
[L. mvrrio, tMt^r^mm — in. aid PrrM, lo turn.] 

iBvtfM, in-vcrs', itdj., iirt-eritd ; in the rcveiM or 
contrary order; opposite — «//ff. lavans'ly. 

lannloa, in-v^r'shun, «.. th^ MCt m/ ittverlimg ', 
the stale of being invrried: a change of order] 
or poiition. 

tsterivdtr, in-v^t'cd-li, adv., in am invtrttd m 
contrary laamJtfr. 

binrtotarii. in-vtrt'£>bral, Xsrertebrste; tn-vtrt'^ 
brit, itjfj., li-itiuHt A t'trtthrai column or back- 
bone. —n. taNrt'abraU, an antntal without a 
vertebra.] column. [L. in, nut, and wt«br*ta.] 

ZBVwt, in-vcu', t>./., t» >w/ ifitmrr ffit ; to drcic: 
to confer or give ; to place in of&cc or authority ; 
lo adorn: to Mirroitno : to Hock up : to lav uqie 
to; to place, as prcperry in bu»tne»: to lay 
money on ■—^•/ inrcsi'ing ,fa.f. inve^'co. 
tnttitia, •itmm—in, UQ, aud vutia, to 
See V«t.l 

luvaitirBra, in-vest'J-tQr. «., tkt act or the right flf 
invfj-ting ot (Mjtling in potsewuun. 

UvMtatal. in vea.'iacJKt* «»■. /Ar act cf invMltngt 
ihc set uf 'urron^taBOC bcaicgmg: laying out 
money on : M^HHIA uiythmg ts invested. 

-t\ nUw; nou, m> 




ifir fTiti.'ft \ 

inTCj . ^ . - , . . . :,.;.. 

tit*, i" UalIv. :im:<c VmL««, I 
fcwiJMnMt, in «Tt'ii ifA bl. o^'.f 4M« /#fc msttti- 

/»«^Or •cariti.-.l i ut 

tfdf Ot Ui> I i.e4rch : sludr. 

imwtlcAtui. - m., oHt w4« ims/^tti- 

'^' ■ ^• 

iBTMti , lavMUphtWT. lO'Vcrti- 

ga t . J or tiN-en to tMvttti£n- 

twwillin. tetwIwMH. 3c« luulor tanpt 
l»»«l*r»'r ■ -r \\, adj., cyvtvm *i/; firtnly 

ex ' t; cofltiouancc : deep-rooLed ; 

VI P . < et'asMlr. — MT. tavwi waSasMa, 

)•«■: _-_!.. . 1 v,y Ijpj |(,e or cott- 

ttr>' i<> grotir old— M, 

uio -lana) 

m«Ut ' ^< . IK ,/]./<->/ w(M twfy: 

#••- iimr or prowuLe Ul-wiU. — tuiv. 

^■.vUn*«naa. IL. ittviJiatiu, 

bta, ifl-Tiu'«-3f. r./., A» /rW vigow (4: to 

j'hen; I- aniinaic :— /r./. inviii'oritine : 

' 1 —t- laTifforv'tloo, t^tc ;ict or 

»t.i: .tratcd. [Xb, ahi) TIxobt.] 

lBVlm'v..i : 1, ^j., mat vtmcihl^ or ii\i\c to 

be uYCi>.<"iv: , iiiaupcrnDlct— Wt'. Isiia'cIMjr. — 

M, toffta'tCHMMi. iMvtodUl'ttT. ]X- "*, not. amI 

IsTliilAbl*, in-vi'A-lshl, (ii//., ff«f vis^iff ; ttut caa- 
not t.*: profaned ; th^at cannot ht tniurvd. — adv. 
lMWi'a]a.Uf.'~K. tortslAUl 1*7. [L. 1*1, not, UhI 

tairloUtt, in-vrA-llt, InrtaUUd. in-vT'O-Ut-ed* oi/J., 
nat iiifLiltd ; unproCaoed: uuinjurcd. 

tBTUbI«, i.T>i/'i-M, ad/ , nat vitihle or rapalilc of 
Iicin: ^?cn.— <itfc. iBvU'lblT— "/. lavlittbU'ltr, la- 
TU'lblMiMK [L. M, oot, and TblbU] 

IkTltt, in-vit', r./., ^0 tw'M one to be m a place; 
to aslc; toaummoo: to allure; to attract.— xm'. 
to a»ilc in inritalion: — ^''■f- inrtllnK; /•>■>■ in- 
vTl'cd- I L. imviU, -atttui : vmriouily Ucnved from 
the runU ofvMV, to wiih, xnd tMf#, to call] 

InvUftUoa, in-vi-tl'*buii, m^ /A^ act of invittHg i aa 

aslcirvg ur solicJutiuo. 
itBVtlw. in-vit'cr. n., vnrvfka inviUx. 

taTtfttaf]^, uvvlt'ing'li, tx/r., i*m aa inviting or 
tcBipttng >Ufiii>rrr, 

tsvoMU. See under ZnTtA*. 

tetotM, in'vois, «. n leltL-r <;/'A/rh.vol' the drspalch 
of gTKidi., with particLiUTi of their price and quoD' 
tity. — v.t. to make ao iovoitr of — fr.^ iu voic- 
ioe : jM./. in'voiccd. [It. avi'is0, from root uf 

k?«k« in-vSk', v./., /.^ r<i// up^im earnestly or 
folcmnly : 10 im^ilorc AssUiaocc ; to a(ldre» in 
prayer —/*■/- tn^Oklag ; /»i-/. in*OVcd'. [L. 
iKVit.*, .i/r.'« — fV», on, two), bu call, tuiin. with 
V4S cc] 

'lf»B»'.- .' to'\mxikeorcaUoM%o\KmvAy 

Or V. ".■ imploic ;— /r./. iii'vCcJIiu^ ; 

in-vO-kA'hhua, it. , tk* ,tet Or the form *•/ 
t:,tf>M^ 01 addrdftinff in prayer; a call cr 
V.y a judicul onlcr. 
1 [iv-t, a^O'i "*'' vaUtntAfyi 

<in)[ the I 
V : dot chovca. 

a curve ! 

ri....^ ^........iiug it«elf frt 

IsTotBl*, inVo-lOt, lawilita. 

t^t., TvlUd spitmlljr in 

turned iDwar<^ 
lat«ilBUmi,in-vr. y 

state of beini^' 

act or proc<^M : .-.-.■,. 

iBnlrtBtai, in-volv'tnent, 

state of bcin£ involved or 
ZandBwabU, in-vurn«r-a~b], 

or able to be wmmdccL— «* 

■•rablta**.— ^tAf. lavil'M 

iBwarC, in'tmrd, ndj., ftm*' 

tcrnjl ■ seated in the miad 

— «.//. Ill }•., the iDtestJ 

inud? . toH-^rdi the inte 

thouehu. [A.S. inwtmtk 


Iavar<tr. iu'ward-U, aAi*.. i 
the heart ; privatelv : UW 

taward^ in'wsrdz, mSv, laii 

tawwM, in-wtv', r,/., «f w 
tn comptiatc. [L. m, tn 

iBwntp, in-rap', r,/., /# (» 
perplex : to tram^iort. [I 

bnrrwUht, in-reih', f.r., / 
mrmM, or the form of a wi 

Xawrovglit. in-rawt'. nJj.., < 
olkrr thingt . jdorncd • 
vrwcbt.) Sec Wotft. 

IwUm. fA^tn, K. one of t 
fto named from tltc rJ4>J> 
(Or. ianjft, violct-C43Jou 
Wi^u, funn, apicanooe.] 

loolc. f-onlk, Ody , wrUtim 
denotiog an order in ait 
by the ram's hum volute • 

Io«^ I-6'la, v.. n vrrj tmn 
a jot (Gr.. the tniallasl 
corrf:«i(onrling to l)ie Knf 

Xpicseaaaha, ip^ lcak-1l«fi^<i 
fiTiund m ihe woodi of Bu 
ii much used in 

Iratelbb. Sec undc 

lit, tr, «., OMgrr i nc«i 

Irtftl. Ii'fool. «^ ./»ff^1 

— «</p. mftuy. 
traHlbto, 1-rai'i-bl, atlj\, aac 

eaaify provoked ; irrUaUe 

bw'fllMr. [low L. MM 

anfiy— tVj.J 
IH^ iris, »., iMe rwi« 

blinc the rainliowj 

fuund llic put 

minor p)aii4 

[L. irii. 

CBtc, (Xr; mC, her; mlits : tnOU; mOts; 


M fiuJi, o^J-f m'atifff ff -jt frvtiucnj in Ire- 
imd.^^^. lu£iu^c tn Lhe InUi, j ipcciM of 
OSac—f/. lti« ttattvu iir inhabitiuiu m( Lrcland. 

IL (f« r. * t,. r. ...,/■■ .... ./.,,Y; li, wury: to 
IX.-'' iv tmpervinalhr). 

|A - I .li. f»xA, lu fed 

Hdivoa; onplcaiXDt.— oi^. irkMaulj. — « lik'* 

Sl^ Toni, (*■ the oumC common .ind umTuI of th« 
n ui«(nitaem or utensil nuiic of iroo : 
-^. fetterr ; chains. — m(/, formed of 
rnbliog imn : mdo ; (lem : fsst-liinding ; 
■K I* be brokea : r.>bu»t i duU of imdcrUanding. 
— »/ IP Mioolh ifc'irh an iron instrument : to ann 
*v1iirofi :iofcr«er:—/r^. i'roninc ;/.!,/. i'roncd. 
lAJi eTw, Ger riVrw, conn with I., rt^j, bronze, J 
^urtkbouod, aJj'., ttiund with tivn ; 
d with rock». 
funt*ktAfl. iti/;., fiaJitj irvn; covcrt'i or 
" with inin. — m. a war-vcud having the 
above «%lcr pbled with iron. 
■Air, T'um-fuunJ-ir, n. oue who^trWx or 
kCUXangs in uvu. 

rym-rouod-ri, m. 4 place where ircn 
or cut 
rum-grl, <i*/^ of a frajr colour, like that 
ttirmm frailly cut or brDkcn.~iv. thu colour. 
»ta*iaC rora-haod-cd. a^'. having Aandi hard 

m^ng^tA. I'TiiTi'Filrt-cd, tufj. having a Arai-i 
kastl at ir-.-M- ; itucL 

K'SMbv, I'tiTtioU^tir, B, a MaiUrot proptictor 

^■■^r. l*ufO-aiaa^<gcr. iv. a momgtr or dealer 
i* Hikk* made of i/im. 

WBMIvr. i'lirn-muttf-c^r-i. n. a general t):ime 
bv mrTi^icj wnnde «f trvK \ lianlwarc. 
ibAaaM. Turn mOld, «. the mauld or mark left 
u« vcC eWth after UTUChuDff rusty irvn. 
i^ssi^ fsm w ^r, H. , wMm ur gooiU of irvit, 
■■Wk. fLni-wurk, H. the parts of a building. &c. 
wmidtfirwrn; anythi&g of iron : a furnace where 
OW ii Moclicd. or a foundry. &c. where it is 
iaCQ hea^y ikOTk. 

aJj. , mjuit, omnstingt or partaking 
s iroa : hard. 
See under Inay. 
I, m.. dUtimuSatutn : a mode of ispeech 
ic the opposite of what is meant ; &atirc. 
ifwmnt, Gf yirAvlit, diuiiQuUtioo — fir^u, a 
^ ^Jl Mcf — W^. lo lalk. ) 
inlaL T-rmlk-al, <a^/-. cantMrntHg irvny ; mean- 
i^rk- . .-.nriif of what vi cxprcsacd ; saliricaL 

:. p./., tc dart rajt* ot light 
. . -.-^ attorn with luitre : to decorate 
omamegiu : to animate with light or 
ite the iindcrstandiitg. — v.i. tj 
, i; to ihinc:— /r./. irrji'di^ung : At./. 
fciS^&3t«d-— d</f. idomed with rnyi of light or 
wu}i luttn,. [.L. imuita, irraJialtan — in, on, 

— vdJaacy. ir-ru'dj-an-st, m., 

iwon of rays of Ught : 

' is irradiated; Lcauaof 

. iwwwiiagiMgot ih«ddlnc 


ir'iS-di-i'Ahun. n.. act e>/ irrmJititimfor 
einiltiog beams of light: that which ts irradiated; 
bnchtncss: ioletlcctual light. 
IrrmHonal, ir-n«h'un-al, fnij. , «■■/ rattdtmtJaitreastm' 
ini; . vind nf understanding: absurd.— m. bf<a> 
ttonaniT-— imV. Inalioaallr. [L. iM, not, and 

; ir-r^-kUmVbl, a^'., tJtaf cAHHffi tf 
rrclaimfd ot TciormeA t incorrigible.— a<^', tort- 
daia'aUj, |U in, nni, and nElatnabU.} 

lrr>eo»rilahl«, ir-rck-on-^Ila-bl, i*dj-. mc/ rrtvncii- 
iiHe : incifiabic uf beiui; brought luck to a state 
of friciKUbip: inooiuiatcDL — n. ir tw— U I'aMwatii. 
—aJv, InwoBiU'afely. [L. in, not, tawBllihla.1 

IrTMenrOkk. ir-re-kuv'ir-a>bl.cii^'., n*trrtnvraSit: 
irretrievable. — M. tiTaoor'araMaiisi - iutv, Im- 
eoT'crablr. [L. im, not, and racowmM*.] 

IrrvdMiBaUa, ir-r*-d€m'a-bl, adj.. not trJtrmnMr i 
not subject to \x puitl ,i\ ihr fioniiiial value— *(r. 
I n iii inr ah T iniai. ImdMmabU'lty.— ttfr. Im- 
AvMs'obly. [\„ in, not, and radaHuM*.] 

ZmAaelU*. ir-rJJ-dQsi'i-bl, otij., that camnat he w- 
tfuetti or brought hack to a fcwmer state. — n. 
ImdaclUanaM.— Wi'. Irrcdiao'lbly. \l^. t'm, not. 
and nteafUa.] f/n, n>ji, ar>d ralMklv*. | 

ItndUctlv*, ir-re>flck'tiv, aJj., nut re/ifvlny. (I 

Xtl«bacabU, ir-refragaM, ajj. Iil_ tJkeit catmet if 
Arekttt ; that cannot be refuted or ovcnliroHH ; 
unanswerable. -«/. trTaftacaMtlty, lirafracahlt- 
aiM. a</i'. IxTVf'rofably. [L. iW, not, and k>w L. 
vtt/wnfabilis—rr. backwards, aiid^iix, root of 
JrmMgv, to break. | 

ImrvtoUa, ir-ref'fl-tahl or ir-rf-ftll'a-bl, tutj., t^at 
iiutntl iV rt/utrJ or proved lal«c. — at/r. imf- 
ntoblr or Izrafat'obly. (L. im, not, and rafatobla.! 

Irrafolar, ir-reg'O-Ur, aJj., net rrfufar or accord- 
ing to rule: uanaiural : unsysi«matic : vkious; 
in gram., deponina frum the ordinary i-iile^ in its 
itiHeL-tiun : vambic : not synimotiic:!! — rr. a 
soldier not in regular serricc— «*^p. lrT»f*ala»ly. 
( L. in, not, and Baiiilar } 

Irragnlartty, ir-reg-D-iar'i-ti, «., statr of htiM£ tr* 
rrcuiar ; dcviatinn from a siiuight line, or fron 
rule : departure from method or order: vice. 

trraUtlrt. ir-rel'a-tiv, adj., net rtlatitt; 
nccted.— tufr. tmr'aUnlr. (U in, not, 

ZmUroBt, ir-rcI'S-vant, attj., net relevant or bear- 
ing directly on the matter in hand. — n. Irr*!'- 
wnaej. — adv tml'ivantly. [L. in, not, B«laTast.l 

tmU^loas, ir-ro-Iij'ui, o-V/ , lutt rrit^Mj ; ungndly. 
—.1^'. IrraUc'lotialT.— fr. Irrallg' to ' M ii M . (L. in, 
not, atKl rallglMa.] 

IrrvU^len, ir-r^lij'un, «., ^uant pf rrNgiffn. 

IrT«iB*AUU«, ir-r« me'dia-bl, adj., that canniti h* 
rrmedidd or redressed. — n. ImBu'dlaUcoMa. — 
adv. IrrMBtt'dlaUy. [L. in. not, rwaadtaUa.] 

Irramlnlbla. ir-r^-mis^-bl, ndj., wt to fit rrwHted 
nr fi^yivcn.— <v. tiTtBbv^UeaUB-— d<//. IrrwlM*- 
in. net remitting or forgiving. 

IrrUDovabla, ir-rf-mOvVv'a-bl, ndj., n»l rrmi-raHe I 
steadfast— nr. IrramoTabUltT.lmBor'aUtnMa. - 
adv. Irramav'ablr. [L. im, not, and rtmovabUj 

braporaUo, irrcp'ar-a-bl, adj., net wejH\raHt or 
capable of being recovered. — ». lrr«p'ar«btoaiaa. 
' . trnpanbly (U in, not, and n*anbla | 
ir-r£-p<l'a-bl, adj., tk^tt cannat Ar fr- 
Tied — <i^i'. tmraarably. [L. in, 

mif ^^ i mine ; 




^i free n-iiii I'l.iiijv -.!./,•' UTvpMkiM'Uilr. 
Unbua'lbUaMB [L Iff. nut, ivpnkiu- 

XmpraHlbli, ir-rS*pr»'r-bt, o*^', wtf/ ^rfrriti&U. — 

(Wr<, Impnu^lr- (I* i«, not, nfrMrffeda] 
tu i|UU*ch»M», ir-re-prOch'a-bl. mtij., nnt rr/rwrcA- 

ml>U; (rcc Irom bUine ; upni;ht ; inoooent. — 

•adv. impTMchaUy. [L. iW, not, wprwBtobU ] 
ftupi ' u Tfcb l *. ir're-pi1R)v'ft-bl,.u^',, «<?/ rtAmwt^tr ; 

blaniclus.— dt/i'. tmpnr'aUr. — «■ UufWi f'tM*- 

aUB. (L. in, not, npravmbU-j 
HiMilrtMiwi, LfrE-mt'anK m., wuit vf rt\itimncr ; 

pufluvc siibuuuion. (L. in, nnl, and PMlit*ne<. ] 
briJiUbk, ir-rfi'OU't-hl, «^'., not nejir/i^Zrorto be 

OppOMd With fUCCess. — d^f. tiTHin'lUr. — fU. 

trrMUt'lM«iM«, IrtMliUUl'tly. 
ftmiiimi^ ir-nt'o-tOt, adj.. nurf rtu'lutg or finn in 

purpoie.-^^i/:'. IrraifllKftaty. [T. in, imc, rMolnl* ] 
lavNhrtMMl, ir rcx'o lat-ncs. IjtmoIiiUqii, tr-rc<-o- 

Ifl't^Mn, M.. tin*'*/ Iff rtitfmtiim, or of 6mi dctor- 

Iiiwulv»bl«, ir-rr-<iilva*bl, fl^'., -vi rttp/ttttU Or 
jLIc to be rcMlvcd. [L. in, oot, w m I ti I iUl] 

XtTMpKUr*. ir-rf-tpcktlr. <u//, ««»/ rrr/tetht ; not 
havin; regard \a.—MJv. ttVMVMk'lrctr' iLi. m. 
Dot, and r«cp*ctlT«.J 

lRwrowtt>)*t ir-r^«pon'u-bl, <My., nat fxtpensibtt 
or liable to answer \Sor).-~-<idv. Imapoa'iiblr. — m. 
tnaipoulVU'ltir. (L. iw, not, raipaaiUiUk] 

Imfcrt«T>bla, tr-r#-trfv'a-)il, A^j., not wvtritvtthiM or 
lu be recovered or repaired. — ttdv. lirttrtov'abtr. 
— «. intiiivT'ftUuMi. tU ij«. not. rtM«v»bto.) 

^mmnmtm, ir^rcVir-etis, «.. ti'<»«; ij/" rroermre or 
vcneratioa: mnt of due rvgarv for the char- 
acter and autbonty of (be Supreme Being, [L. 
nt. not, and nnn»c«.] 

intnnnl^ ir rcv'tr-ent. «//'.. «*/ revrrtnt; pro- 
ceeding from irreverence. — adv. tmv'eMsUjr. 

Klt«vwilM«, ir-r<-v*r*i-bl, iuij.^ mat rvrrrnii*: that 
canQijt be recalled or annulled. — t^-. Utvvwv'- 
Iblf. — «. \mm^i\kmmm. (L. rn, oot, nrwilUai) 

trrt«oc*bU, ir-rerO'luibl, «Jj., not wrvccabie; tlut 
cannot be recalled.— aiA*. trmr'MAhlr. — m. Unrv'- 
oMfctoitM, [L. iW, oot, and iwtooakU.) 

ZRlxato, ir'ri-gdt. v.t.. te tttitrr; to wet or moisten ; 
10 caii«« water to flow upon :—/'•/. ir'ric&ttnff ; 
/a./ tr'risited. [L i^rt^, •atmnt — in, in, rigo, 
Co wet ; akin to Ger. rvgm, E. rain.] 

tnicMlML. tr-ri-02'thun. M.,Met t/w*ttrfMg, ta^ Of 
watcrini: lands artitkUlly. 

iRloou. ii-rig'Q-us, luij., tyatfwvJ: wet; moiaL 

[nialoa. ir-n/ti'im, It., at/ of hxnxkimg Mt another. 
[L. tf-rtiif — it, igviut, rides, rimim, to laugh.} 

XnlWU*. ZrriUbUltr. See under Irrttato. 

XtxtUla, ir'n-lit, v.t. liL ia tnart mvhtA, as a dog ; 
to nulla aasry : to prnvokc : to excite heat and 
ndaess ID :—/r./.irViUUng:/M./.irntited. [ U 
irritif, -alHtn, frcq. of irrig, to snarl, as a dog.) 

InltaUt, u^n-tabl. aJj\, tiat may hr irritnttd; 
easily pravAVcd : in tneJ., smcepliblc oftadlc- 
ma\i or I- ■ . ir'rftablj. -m. It'iltaU*- 

Dan. [I -T-iV.^] 

UnUfeOltr, , t., titf ijtiaUty a/ Mmg 

f,\iu\ 1'. ■',■ ilr i>e-culiar susceptibility to 
»t»i' -'j '-'1 t>y the ltvin|{ liHues and fibre-i. 

InltAiiE. >\ ■:-■•■■ , Htij., irni/tftm^. — m. thai which 
cauvn imtalioo. (L. irritaju, •antu, of 

ttrlteUoo, jr-ri-U'sbtM), «., mtt t/ hrHmtinf or 


1 tiaa 

cx'-iic; accL* III learned *»ilj ur caiiaerc 

bxttatorr, ir'H ta lot-i, adj ^ irritatim^; 
iCnpticB tt., m brmaktKz or 

in ; .1 : n or mrunkm \ L 

— it, i[ % rTiftttm^ t«i^(rak.] 

IrrapUT*, if-iuin'iv, a<^'., rtuAtnjp trndd^mfy m\ 

upon.— iBt^c. bTVpitra^. 
Xa, u, lltird pcrMii sing, of Vk- (A.S. ■/. GeH 

L. est, Gr. M/i', Sans. i»r/r — *t, to be. 1 
Xaacoa, ria-gon, «r. a 6gurc bisviac «riM/ 

[Kr. inifane—Gr. i:M, ujual, /»u«a«. 
TilriclsM. I'unic-gUs, x. a ^mUdou* 

cliicdy ptcpand from the <fi~ ffmdAn rfi 

kuct^ict i'/ rfurgroH. (Gcr. 

tjie sturgeon, 3^r. a bUddct.] 
Uaa, izlam, «. lit. complete . 

i.'/G></; the Mahamincdan rcUcioa. [Af< 

—t.tia/na. to submit to God.] 
lalaiatam, ii'Uuii -izra, i«. the 
lalaialUc, ij-lam-it'ik, adj., . 

Uland, Hand, k. lit cilhar, jyrfa*^ 'M'. 

/dMi/; land sumxmded with watrr 

in the face ; a large floaliog naas. 

A.S^ igiamd; Frn. »ogw, aa ey*:. 

Sit, eye, /it, island ; ice. fy, ialc: or \r-*i> A.3 

AT, water. 1 
lalatotor, llaod-^r, n., an imkja^Hamt f/wt { 
HI*, n, H. an island. [Fr. Itr, old Fr. i$ki\ 

— L. itutila : Celtic, imwu, rmnit, Sonbj 
UM. riet, *., n /y/Z/r ('.::V. 
liolala. ir'O-Ilt or is', r 

islnnd; to place in 

i>'0Ulting : /**./. r 

iMlarr — liwil — L. i'ii^:iAi.J 
TsorlMUmal, T-s^kfinal, llinhl— sT. T-aB>1 

adj. tiL Aapi'ng ffna/ vrimttrt i liavuf Aal 

mean winter temperature. tGr> caar^ 

cArimta, winter. 1 
iMMknaatlc, l-sO-krO-mat1k. «^' ict opckst i 

f.4^ niN*^ evUirr. [Gr. uiu, oQiuJ, aad i 

laachrooal, T-sok'r>^o-at, 

id/-, ef e^ai time ; performed in c^t 

[Gr. UfcAfvnar—isffj. ctiiial, ^ ArvaM*^ iL 
laaehradnB, I-sok'ron-uir.. « . ilf ffitaaigf] 

(McAransta or doni 
l i i i rtn . T-s«Hn^ik. . 

composed ofthesan ■ ■. u the 

portions, but having dilUr 

tics. [Gr. *j*r, equal, mn^». part.) 
laaaaCTfa, l-sO-mel'rik, kosaMcaJi, f. 

*/;'., AT*-i'»^f f^vatitf tf 

equal, Kutrvn, measure.] 
la saa r . T-son o-tol, n.,*f9itl tam^ t^te%1 

Icgvs. [Gr. ittmemia — rjw. M(nBL < 

ntm9, to deal out, disLributc] 
IwilM. T-w»e-Ic2, ^J. lit- hmmimft 

gmem.. having two equal u4cl^ u ■ 

(Gr. iMtkelft— iset, eqti«| j4m(w, a Ibj(.} 
laotlwral t-koili'^r-at, a4^'. Ik ' 

mfrt : having the ; 

tun. (Gr. inv, cqtul. tAtrwt, i 

W warm 1 

thr*^'. ■ 


Cue. Or; a£, btr; i&lac; mote: niOie: tnraat thtm. 





' '•liant t/ /tna0l or 
:rr-ttnUt, Ueb. 
■^\ God— ««rw, to 

> i*9m*iius or Jews. 
r/v, 4ow, or come pw/ ; to pro 
I ; to tfring ; lo be pro- 
(Omr » a point in fact or liw; 
II iolocircu- 
""« : /«/• 
!•■, to SO or 
.^txij-e- .'.-f, out, i/r, 10 ga.\ 
ABh ii^r ** Jt^'*t o' fio^nns ^Mi; act o( 
HOVt : out wbicn flow* or passe* oul : fruit 
Mdy. ^iUiren ; produce ; circuUtion. as of 
o(es : publtcatioii. &s of a boolc ; a givir-f; 
OM ; Q,lnnuicrT«ult, coiuequrDcc : in /aw, 
|M or result of s pleading : in med., oil 
>adoccid amfic'uUy. 

■6;^0&-lcs, a^/, U'itfunti uxm; cluldlcES. 
00*10111, fK. lit. ft /rttta^r from oae place 
ibcrj a neck cf Uod coitocctjoc two Urger 
Uad. [L.-~-Gr. iitkmM, a Mjuafc, 

a Rep — eimi, to go.] 
,tlie_ thing spoken of or referred to. 
. Av, Gotti. ita; akin to L. iti, 
' rooc = here.] 

i-tal'ik. odj,, of or rtUtimi 
tie— «. a Bativ« of Ital)' : ihe 

9. bull. L. vitultu. a calf] 
- - .' I /rf m/r>r liaiiam. — p.i*. 
"> spc»k Italian :—/r./. 
1 i^nlKd. 

ittd of types which sUpe to 

■■ word), >o called because 

< I tor to the Italian Stattt. 

J — ' ,fl Jttsikt ;— /r/. 

•I f Sfnsatiott im the 
<ll'>-■.>^? II) the skin, caiued by 
and accooipanictl by severe 
,L la have an unca«y, imuung iienu- 
tkin; 14 have a constant, icasjng 
>-r^/- itch'mg; >»./.. itched'. (A.S. 
i tt^'TCj p^fiut. a bonung in the >kin: 
mmkffitet, VttT. JiicktH, lo Itch.] 
fi^m^.tfertAitnC ta oraffccied with I'A'^. 
as, A^. Ul m ^4' tam9 way; also.— 0. n 
•c article or particular. — v.t. to make a 
* ■ /. rtrating ; /a-/, rtemed. IL.— 
JO Sana. iZ/taM, thu&.l 

fo i& aftiiM ; In rfp^al :—/»'/, 

^erttwl.— «. lt«*'tlMi.rep<liliijn. 

itfrwm (ij, thii, and 

'fimnw^ bryond this, again; akm to 

i» Othcf.] 

aiij,, tmakvtg Jairrneys from 
^tnrelung.— H. one who Itavcls 
, esp. a preacher ; ■ wanderer. 
— HI. ttta'cner, tUo'iraaey. 
-«•»//»— L. i/rr, ifirrif, a 

, don* fin a 
I lie-book, for 

P aa lf , it-sctf, ffvn, the neuter reciprocal 

applied Ili things. [H*! aaltj 
MmL Sec under Ivy. 
mvy.i'vo ri, a. Kt, thftUfJuutti (hebarI,ikTiitciub- 

stance coiiipouog the tusks ui lliv cluphani and of 

the sca-hocse. — adj. made of 01 resembling ivory. 

[Fr. itviwr, Prov. rtvr»— L. /Aur, th^nit ivoer — 

old Egyptian, f&Mr, Sant. sM^, an elephant.] 
trory-bUck, I'vo-ri-bUIc, n. a ^Zisr<fc p-jwdcr, ong. 

iRiide from burnt iivry, but now from bone. 
Ivory o«k, Tvo-ri-nut, #».. the nut of a spcdes of 

palm, containing a lubitancQ like frvry. 
Ivy, Tvi. w. an evuKrcea cre««og plant on treei and 

walls. [A.S. ijfg, Ccr. r^3kru,o\d Cer. fivMfttf \ 
Ivtod, tvyad. Tvid, Ivy-maBUsA, Tvi-man-tld, ^J-, 

overgrown or mantied with ivy. 

3^\iba, jaV^r, v,L, to fuU/* or talk rapidly and «&• 
di»tinctl)f ; to chatter. — v.t. to utter mdiitioctl^ : 
— >r.^. jabb'ering ; /«■/• jabb'ered.— d. rafad 
tndiannci speaking.— «, jabb***. [Scot. ftUrr; 
firom root of Sabbla) 

lajTJBlfc. T'a-sut(h or jl^, m. tn S., a precioua itooe. 
a m/ variety of aircoa, now called hyadnth; a 
dark-purpte colour, [contr. of Byaelatk ] 

Jaak, jak. », a nicknaoie or diminutive of yoAfi ; a 
saucy or paltry fellow : a tailor : any insmnnent 
serving to supply the place of a boy or helper, as 
a boot<)ack for taking off boou, a contrivance for 
turning a nit, a acrew fcr raising heavy weigbls : 
the male 01 some animali : a young pilte : a lap- 
jiorl to saw wood un : a mirKr's wedge: a flag 
displayed from the bowsprit of a sliip: a coat of 
mail. (Fr. Joints, Jamei, the most coounon 
name in France, hence uieJ as a subfttilute for 
John the most common name in England.] 

Jaekaaayn^ jt^a-napi, n. lit. fiuk tkt «y«r; a 
monkey, a conomK 

Jackaa, jaraa, ■., tkt maU eftkt axs ,' a Mock head. 
(Jask s the male, oad Am] 

jMkbeotB, jak'bSDts, n^L laigv hMt* naching above 
the kriM, to proloct the leg, formerly worn by 
cavalry, and Uned at'M fUttt ^f uvm. ^tack = 
coat-of-miul, and SMta.) 

Jackdaw, jak'daw, n. a species of crow. [Jaek, aiKj 

Jacket, jak'et, «., a short coat. [Fr. ja^uttts ; Sp. 
jaquita, a dim. of Jack, a homely substitute for 
a coat-of.mail. 1 

jaAetad. jak'ct-ea. adj., wtaring a jacket. 

Jackacraw, jak'skrOO. n , n tcmu for raismg heavy 
weights. [Jack, and Soaw.] 

Jack, Jail, jak, n. a tree of the E^ Indies of the 
ume genus as the firead-frult-orro. 

Jaekal, jak'awl, h. a ft-ild, gregarious kind of dog. 
[Fr. jiukal and tkaeal; Ar. tPchaJthnii P«n^ 
tkagTi/ ; Sans. fn/ilAit.] 

Jackal. See under Jack. 

Jacobin,* Jak'o bin, n. 0D« of an order of monks, %o 
named fruni ttietr orig. cstal)li%bn)ent in 'he Jfue 
St y^acijues (St James's Strce:], Pans ; one of a 
sooety of revolutioaisis in France, to called 
from their meeting in _ a jfact^in cnnvent ; a 
demagogue ; xhM>3td ptgcoo. (Pr.— 1« Jaa^uu, 
James, Cf. JncSf'ct, HcSi.jn'ohfi^.] 
Jsc«Malttl, ]ak-0-bin'i kfll, adj., f*rtaining * tht 
Jot-ahiHx or rcvo!tiiinniM» of France ; holding 
rcvohitionary principles. 

Oils, Or : me, htr ; mine ; mOte ; odUe ; mOOa ; f A«tv. 


Vj 9/ Hu 

jMoblte. i X'-. l-lr. .. vj II. unJ 

i,,.-, , I.I t-tlu^mg to Ihc 

J.,, Icftt. — N Ju'DblUm. 

Jmdd 1 ■- - : ■-(, <•., niJff-, ft l.»/tiicr 

mtdc •'! I'li-^. ■wii'x n-nodcn ^lcps : A g&rdcn 
phnt with Ur^e blue (lowcn. [bvm the XM4«r 
which Jaeok saw In hU dmm.) 
JmAi. jld, «., r./.. r* iitittf U' f^ttt: lo lire: i-^ 
hara4A.—t'.r. to becoma weary, to iu»e tpini. — 
yr/. i"i'J'ijifi : /SI /.'cd. — n a IirKl lior^c , n 
»Mi : . womao— in coalcmpi or irony ; 

a iL ^recn colour, face, to We*ii{- 

w*"" . . . '■j to pant — ij'aaa, L, iiVvf, the 

J**. ja«. »»•. « f^y? or naUh: % rvvt^ protuber- 
ance: ioAoA.acleft or diviijua.— c./. lo cut inl" 
notches .—fr.p. jajg'irn ; /tt/. jagsetl'. tCcU. 
fOf, A CICU.] 
j»il«l, jag'«d, ajj., <U/t; Iiaviii£ ootchet — <itfr'. 

JiCl'^dlj. — I* Jajg'ida M i, 
Jif(v, ja^'cr, n, a brus wheel tinth a netchM edge 

for cutlins caVc8 &c. into omamcuul form*, 
JifU, jag'i, adj., Hotckrdl «ct witli teeth; uneven. 
JHfur, iag'a-Ar or Jac-wlr', n. the uitut puwcrful 
Amenaui beast « prey, usually of a yellow 
colour with larn black fpot» and rinct, found in 
S. Amcriai. lenu.>arv<"'*''l 
A^ jl. N. J«fe0nh. [Heh) 
Ml, nuns u OmL— Jtll«T, same u (aol«r. 
^kla^ jalap, M, the pur^tivc root of a plant fottnd 

near 7<u^>t or X*hifa, in Meoco. 
Jam, jam. n. a conMrvc of fruit boiled with lugar. 

IGr. iSntat, biolh.J 
Jaa, jam, r.A, ^ frttt at between Jamh; lf> 
iquocac tight:— /''^.jaiiun'iog; /d./. jammed'. 
(bee iasb under,] 
iialb, jam. n, lit. a hemtifig ; l]»c side-piece of a 
dt¥W, fireplace, &c. |Kr. y*iw*/, old Fi.juifi/^ 
It, /iwn*a, a leg— <Jcit m«». cam^, benL] 
Jaa(k, jang'gl, im'. to sound discordantly »» in 
tvra^tinr: to wrangle or quarrel. — v.t. to cau*e 
to MUDd hai»hly:— /r./. Jangling; /a/, janj'- 
led — w. disctrtdaol wund ; contention, [old I: r. 
jangter, from ihe »uund.>~ mj. Jaaglw. JaBf'llaC- 
Jaatt«r, jan'i-lor, n,, a ehorJkxffrr; a porter.— 

/etn- Jaallrlx. [L., fromydNMi, a door.J 
Jaalaary, jan't-tar-i. Jaainary, jan'is-«ar-i. //. a 
»o(ditr of the old Turltiih foot-cuard*.— a^. 
jaaUa'rtaa. [Fr. yanutMirr; TuA-j^ni-ttA^n, 
Dew soldiers ] 
Jaaly. Sec Jauty. 

JaBVary, jir.Q Ari, f*. the first month of the year, 
dedicated by the Romans lo y^nns, llic gwi of 
the Milt. [L. yoMuariuM — yaHiu.\ 
Jlfia, ja-pan', v.t. to vamiidi a/tcr the aianocr of 
the Jaikanew or people of yafiax ; to make 
liUck and filosLjy '.—/r./. japanning ; /*/. 
iapanned'. — h. work iapanoed ; the varntih tued 
m Japaiimng. — ». Japaww. 
ter. jir, v.t. lit. ta c^ak ; to clash ; to quarrel : to 
be incoouatent —»•./. to shake :— >»'j»- jarring ; 
/ff.jl. jarred'- — m. a harsh ractlinj; soond : cbi^h 
of interest or opiuoiu: discord.— .Wr. Jatr'Uuly. 
(imitative of the soundbite S\>.eJiirriar, tocrc^ik 
or chirp; L.ruTTw, lOChAlter.)— Oattajar, lainc 

^fl^^ W76 

Jar, jAr, ■. an earthen or gUu &^tie with a wtde I JiUM, )el id, »*tj 


maulli. ii measure-, {kt.jmrrr. lu 
f.iTtiih, u wjlcr-I"Jl.J 
Janoa. i:.r';:ni. " fit fhatltnmg tf 
fiiM:.l T " ■ '' "V^*; It 

JargoaeiJ ■ " 1 ''f K' 

JajBlaa. j.^^iiiirt, J*** 
nf plantv ni.Miy sp": 
rant flwwct'i (.\r. ■ 
Jaapw.jas'ptir. » 
colours : a [ > 
Or. taspU ; li 
Jafpwat*)!, jiup^f^-Lcii. ^j-i^., mUcS 
JaaadlM, jdn'di^. m, a disAx, chanii 
yelh-ofHtts .»/the eyes, skin, Ac. ta 
iFr >i/w»r/**r. fa>m >«!»<«*■, ycllcn^-l* 
yellowish, g^Ums, yciliiW.l 
JaaudiMd, j.^n'diu, ouij., afftdM 

Jaiat, jirt, r.i. lit. /c r/rr; lo go fr-nn 
place ; to make an eacurikm. — •. '■' ■- 
a ramble, (old E.>a*»l£V, old Fr 
Jaaattag, jantmK, ««/?'.. Ji'«»^V; ■■' 

Jaaaty. Jaaty, jlo'ti, adj. tit. gtntMi: airy i 
dashing . finical. — tfrft'. ^aiBllly.— «. 
(Fr. gmfit. from tool of ©#»»*^ ' 
Javiltai, jav'lin, ».. « <A'*" 
ancteotly used by buth ■ 
{yi, jattiiMe ; Sp. jnbnifn. i-j r. 
W. en/iack~£iiA a t-.rk. j 
Jaw, jaw, «., /A*i' wl^k t&£wa; tha 
mouth in which the teeth are vet 
anything like a jaw. [old E. c4¥iw, 
to CUa. Otew.] 
Java*, jawd. «</'., ttaving j^urt; 

appearatice of the jaiK. 
javkoM, jaVbOn. n., ikahtm^tht 

the teclh are Kt. 
}av-faa jaw'-fawl, w.. a fidlimf f/ tke. 
dcprciuon of ipuils. (Jaw, and VaS-f 
Jfcy ja, H. a bir.i of the crow family 
plumage. (Fr.jf/*i; Sp. pty-*. » jay, 
10 vaneirate, from root oi Oay.I 
Jaalsw, jefus, adi. bt. sraUitt ; tuspti 
incensed at riv,-|lry ; anxious to defend 
vC—aJv. inXenutf.—M. jMTmr. I^r. 
It. sftan; L. x^/Mf, and Gr. aUCor, 
Jaaa. J&nj ff. a twiUed ciXtoa cloth. 

in bpain.l 
Jmt. jh-, v.t.. h malt rp-^ri t>f- tn 
deruion. — o.t. to acoff. lo deride . t^ 
mock of-— /r/, ^eer'iog; >»y. i 
raihng remark : bitins jest : modur^ 
Wedgwood, Ice. dar^ derision, ^M^ 
sport oT.]— (n/p. >a«lagly 
Jilwvah, j<-hO\-a. «. lit. the eierpjil rir «etfH 
Beinf, the diicf Hebrew runic of li* 
[Heb. ytharah^ from kmy^k 
J^soa. jcjOTn', tid^'. bt .' 
htiHpry : empty ; void of . 
J^awiy.— «. J^JaM'BMa. ,. 
S.ins. ;>tw, ititena. y'4M«t, to cat* IB . 
J«]miin. j^JotTnum. n. tha fltsiputflf 
jntefttine. so called because 
r^fty after death. (L.— ^/MCkf.J 
JaUy, jell, v..ttMythi»^c*mg^tkimdmf»wmX 
thing g^laiijK'u*; t' -.- i-, - >- -t^j i 

sugar. JFr. jpf//^, ^ 

Ole, fb : ml. her ; mine ; mMe : mOic ; vaiS^ : iJttn. 


M. *. vonoc ndUlc anuul* like 

Itt-iaff, I*, an apf4r ripe ia T'*''- 

/ij« or nuciune far ^inrunf. [(nMb 

fSee omla- JMfudr. 

'i, M. Ht. w% nvH /ufK/ or (-iitM^r ; 
I Fr. >r» /^^tz, km L. vX ** 
ivided nr «nr«o gaoie— !.. Jafta, -4 

divided— /arTutr, 10 dhndc] 
JMVftKln. jep ard-U, r./., J* /a/ 

*r^. ic'jparuisg. 

loift. — ad'i'. jMp'UdMM^. 
or itr-fco'a, «. a ^Dut of small 
pen, rvmvkahle Tof [h« length 

«/id ilKtr puwcr of jumping. 

^L It hat tmarih : to ihmw with 
h ; to cive a sudden movement :— 
|;/«/ jerked*.— «. a fJton, sodden 
•tnVidii A^inM with a Middeii 
yrrk. Ice Arrck-ut^ to beat.] 
kct'-bCf, flt, Art^pceterved by bcmg 
MCCeaaDddncdm ihcsun. (Chilian, 

tt. a jaclcct, 4 ibort cuat nr cinsc 
Dotcti.yVrtf a pinafore: Fry^TcA 
pn by countT)-- people.] 
the lute*-t ran '<( wor>| : combed 
of woollen jacket, [from j'frtrj', 
e) MiirnUJ 
je-rOD'sa-lem ar'ti-chftk, «. a 
Tn^^ ff iu:-..-,t ihecnminon Minllower, 

J u food, and the 
' 1 1. girnufU, ^unAower, 
TiiUnty in flavour ofhs 

-hort ctrap roimd the 
Ij <\iK U hem and IH p/*. 
ti; It. ^tia, from L./nrAf, to throw | 

. brmoched caodleUick u»cd in 

lilceness lo the senc.iloi;icnl 

liber nf l^avid, formerly huDj: 

« fAv«^, «f ttffyi lomcthinfE 

■' filtered io *(«jn. 
IV i jc4l nr nicrn- 

(. . -d. — rtrtf, J«t'- 

L/r»j. i*-i.- , L. ^ViJW«/ — ^f ^>l», 1(1 do. ] 
Kon^ a tts^-itiirr ; one who jc«tA ; 


tJ)^ frittfiflfs nuti /rtj^ 

:. (Cr. 
>ab the 

rk IIKcd 


fngmiit. Iron Cmwi< a wwn and tmr in Lytia, 
■1 Ana M(*o*; «Sef« tt ma obtained. 1 

JM-Mm^ je( -Uak. «^ , JUWA « ^. ib« dec|«n 

INty. ietTi, «</>;, MMaEr 4/>r/, or black a» jcC— «. 

my. leri. a 

'rt. jet. 9.a.. f# fibw or « lwrf,^»-w»rf- to jar.— 
r./. 10 emh in a csream :— /r'>. jcoW : /*>. 
jrtr'ed |Fr, je/en—L. /mc»^, freq. of jwa#, U 

jflt^ ic:, w. liL « tifvtn'mf; a flpootuif mkud: a 
.1..., ,.,.^ -T-iitrng a ftane of gas, JlVr, lu 

— /«Wtt\ tlllh(\tW.J 

J*t' i/R«^'47a>u <^k/; a. pntedion; 

, Kt'xain, jrtM^ jct'sm, >aHtaai^ >etl<aun. a.. 
/Ar tknru//mf of roods overbnani in a ca*c uf 
Sicat peril u> lictuen a vesaa) ; the ipwda ao 
thriTwii away which rcnam under water. 

Jfw, jSO, M,, <m utJkaittamt n/ 7W«a : a Hebrew 
or Israelite— /^m. MV'aK [old Fr. TWir, L. 
ftnitrtti, Gr. lomd^it^i-^Iemdmia. Jndea- 1 

Jawla^ jSO'Uh. a^'.. htigmgimg ia £•/ Jemu.—^nlv. 
Jffvtttly.— /*. Jwrlifcawi 

Jnrry. jOD'rt, h., 7W>u: a district inhabited by 

Jaw'»te>v^ jC&a'hArp, k. a sinaU AA/;^4hapc<( 
niu«iral insiruincnC played between the Kxth by 
inking a spring wiih ihc finder. Iperfaafa froni 
Vr.jtu, a toy, and Bavp. j 

Javal; jWel, lu, tt/tjr or delight : an ornament of 
dress : a precious stone ; aoythtngf highly valued, 
-p./. to dies or adnrn with jewels, to fll with 
.T jewel :— j*^./- jewelling ; ><>. kw'elled. [old 
fi./^i, Fr.jcjHm, It. gwjti&j from (iim. of L, 
Ctidium, joy— £«jMto, to rejoice.) See /ay. 

Jewallar, jOl/cl-et, m., #«# Bni« Mtjtyj or dtaU m 

Jawtflaxy, jCQ'el-^r-i. Jtvilry, jC&'cl -ri, n,,jtwtig in 

Jib, jib, n. a triangular sail borne in froac of the 
fo-renuH in a vbip, %o called frsm its ikiJUng^ 
'A itself. — v.t. tu luift a boom «^1 Trvm one tack 
to the other. — v.i. to uuivc restively. [Dutch. 
V'yA'M. n tuti suddenly,] 

jn-boom, jib'-tootQ, M., 1 M!>nw or exteuioo of iba 

tow-f^nt, un which iivcjib Is spread- 

Jlkt, uuue OA Wte. 

Ac jti:. «.. a f«M-i(, Itrdy ttinc: a qmck danoe 
MUied lit the titno. — v.i. to danbo a jtg:— /r./. 
jilOt'ing; /h«./. jijtged'. (Fr. rV"^t * Mnngcd 
mtfnirncnt, Ucr. rrigr, from Jcc. gnj^, to move 
mpidly: conn, withoig.) 

Jilt, jilt. n. a woman who encourarca a lover and 
[hen neulccia or rejecu him : a mn — v.t, 10 en* 
courage and thea dtsapfiotnt iii love.— f.l. to act 
.■>« a jiU:->r./. jilc'ing; /a./, jtlt'cd. [SctiC. 

'/r.W, perh. frm Jiil, .1 fcinale tutnu, used io 

' r-t-l 

.;:l,».,<ff/dji^/fr;f or clinking sound; that 

>.*keft a tatitmg toimd : a corTetpor>deT>ce 

I ( s. unds. — V t. to make a jingling Mniod. — 

V i. io_ sound ^vith a Jingle:— /r./. iine'Ung: 

A'-/- jinalcd. [formwl from ll*e wHind.J See 


Job. jub, n. a stidden stroke or stab with a poEnitd 

inUrumeat like n f<fak.~'V.t. to slnkc or ctab 

Auddenly :— /^.A jntb^ing ; >i./. jobbed'. (Gael. 

e>.-h, W. c>^, abeak] 

Jal\ job, «. lit a lump or ferlicnX any piece of 

fSce.flrj mi, b«r; mine; n»oie: mOte; tncon; Men, 



WpA, «sp. of a uiSing or lempanuy nature : way 
undcruking with » view to (irufit , m a bad »en&c, 
ft mCAA. tucntive iflTur.— c./. lo work «t join ,- lo 
buy and sell. *» » broker : to hire or let out fur a 
shod rime, csp. hono. lo)dE.go66tt,Tr.£e6tt.] 

Jobtar, job'tr. M.,vit#«t^y<:^; odc who buy* and 
mIU, Hi M. Iiroker ; one who turns officuil nctioiis 
to private adnuitage; one vbu cogues iu a 
mcut, lucrative aifair. 

>«MMT.Jot)'crt,«..>i^/A!r; unfair means UDploycd 
to procure tome private end. 

JMkay, juWi, M. ItL iitii£ JoAm : a man (one. a 
boy) who rides hor»n ia a race ; a horse-dealer : 
one who taket andae advantage in buwicn. — 
./. to jottte by rMline igainu : to cheat :-r^-A 
' ' jock'cved (id!, (dim. of JpcA, 
ys£jk, dtiiu of 7^1, a cOBUBoa name for 

SoM. for Ji 

jokl-iun, Jock«ritLip, jok'i-ihip, w., tA* 
mri or firaetUt a/ aj^'key. 
J«e«M; j'Vke*', a/tj'., full f/ jokfi; humorous: 
merry. — W».>oeoial7.— w.jBcow'iwai. [L.^^tau 
—jccuj. a joke.] Sec J«k«. 

. Joc'ttUrlf. — H. Jomlar'ltjr 

; jok'Q-Ur, adj., given tojffk*i: htimoroa* ; 
[L. J*CMlaru—/acitt.] 

dfOli ; Ixiugtiable. 

■4, joWufid, iulj. in n/fcfiw humour; merry: 
cheerful : pleuanc — mtiv. jBoimnj. — «*. j«eBB4'> 
Uy. IL^ jffituttJiu—jacia.] 

MCt JeC) v./., U> tM^k or tkmjkt; (o push with the 
cmnrorhand.— P.I. tomovelryuiuU fboclu ; to 
timve] •k>«rly \-~Pr.p. jOM^ing: /a./, jogyed'.— 
tt. a diyht iliake : a pusK. Idim. of Sboek.] 

jOi-ttok. Jog'-crac, n. a Kam jogrinr trvl. 

i^infim, '^Of*, ^-f; Uj'fgoi ikaka tlightlj ; to ju<tle. 
-^.1. to ahakc :— /r./. jogs'luig; jta,/. jofglcd. 
[dim. of 1H I 

Joka Dwy. See Bsna. 

Jcto, join, v.t., tficomuet; to unite; to Buociate: 
to add or annex. — vj. to be ooaDeeted «nth ; to 
grow togetlkrr; 10 he in ctijve contact i to unite 
(with*' :— /r/, joining: >»■/. joined*. [Tr. 
f^Mdrt, U. givgHrrt, L. jMMgtrt, /mmftwnt, 
conn, with Or. tengnitmi, Sant. ^/, to jotn.} 

JetaMT, jola'^, N., WM (oAa? joitit or tmitca : a car* 

JolMry. jota'te4, «., tit* art ef tht J0imtv. 

Jotat^ jtjint, IT., <• Jifining; the place where two or 
more lliiogi join ; a knot : a hinge ; a team ; the 
pUoe where two boocs are joined ; in ec^k., the 
ivn of the limb of an nnimal cut off at the joint. 
— ijti^'.iuiiied, united, or oombiocd: (haredamoiii; 
mute than one— c.^. to unite by joints: to fit 
chMely: to provide with joinu : tocut intojoiiiu, 
a4 Ati aniinaL— r. r. tu {it like juinu :— /r-.^. 
jolnfinff : /a>. ioinfod. [Fr., old fr,j9imt-~ 

jtiatif, loint'V, nJv., in aj«int or joined manfirr; 

luulBoly or in combination ; toeetltcr. 
J itol itp ofc, J oin t^-*tok, «., j/acA kfU jaiHtly or in 


^•latan, juinfOr, n. property /Wa/i/ Ap or Ktltcdl on 
a woman at mariiaice lo be enjoyed aflei her 

\o- ' ■ '■- J---'- - • :!le a jointure upon : 

LitOrcd. tl'V, old 


>>r..;...iitre&, tt.,Attvnv«M 
, 'kf Aft pf iaiming; union 
^Htva or poinlW union. 

jvBctmre, juii|;1t'tar. H-fiajwiUHJ^- a imidn, ._ 
or iniporUnt point of time. [L. yM^-tk^a] 

jantA. jun'ta. - ' "^ '■''■ ■'' '— *■ •- 

Junto, jun'tC, ^ ' 

for some tcu^. ,-. . - — -. 

JoM. jniki, n. lit. £ib>/ «w mm'cA «■_ 

the titiibcn to which the hoard4 oTi 

the laths, of a cetbnjF arc 


- eS 

joists :— /r *. joikTing 
gtut, old \r.giMtt, frofii 
jacrrt, to he.] 
Joka, Jfik. n., Ajrit .' a witll^sm 
or suortivc ; anyliuoff •ai-j or 
liuglL — v.t. to cut joloet .1 ' 
merry with. — v.i. tojeat , 

Sort -i—^.p. jOk^mg' ; /" 
uicb,7^, L,/tffjtf.l 
joklBcly. jok'tng-h, ttdv., im m. 
Joker, Jok'ir, n.. i*fH'iiMA»y»Arff or Jcata. 
Jola, san^e as JowL 

JoUy, iul'h. ndj., merry; cxprcMinf tir 
mirth : plump, robust. — «A>. Jalli^' — *• 
iofUama (tr. j'oiL Ice./*/, a rhrinmn i 

JoUy-bMA. jolli-bot, «., « jtano/ $«ml: %\ 
belonging to a ship. [corr. ofTMii 

JeU. jolt, v.i. no shake with «t>d4«a |i 
shake with a auddrn -^ ' " " ,' ' 

jftli'cd, — m. a imi.i 

jotttaglr, jCltlngli, . 

^OttftlL jon'kwil, JoDqalUc. lon-kHfl^, 

Even to ccruin ipeciei of nirrmmi 
ive». iFT.jfimfmiJ/e — h,j'ttmtMit %i 

JoiUe. See under Ji 

Jel, lot, f*. lit. « >Mn/.- the leajt i, 

able. — v.t. to act down bricBy ; to* (jtiVt'ai 
rjniluui of;—/*./, jotr^g.^ 
soulIIcU letter in Hebrew, jW, ' 

Jettiac, joilng, r. a memooindiut. 

Jovaal, jur'nal. «., a diftmsJ^ t 
t/iary: a book coDtaicuDg aa 
day*! trannctiooa ; a aew«tiapcr pal 
or otherwise ; a ouffaxinc ; [h« 
any sodcty. [Fr., iL gittrnAU- 
v., diuriuUu.) See Plwval. 

JovnalluB. jur nal-irm, h., tkfi 
the nrufcs^iQU oTcQtiduCtUIS pi 

JaarsaUat, jur'nal-ist, H.,«new3t0\ 
» jtfu *'Hai or newvpa per. 

JvoraaUatlo, jur-naUistik, a4f. 
nalj or newapaper*. tr to 'rt.» 

JeoBay, jur'ni. n. li: 
tour 1 excursion. - 
ing i^./, jour'nci • - ^ 

It. giarmt, a day — L. .ii«ri«*4.J 

Jnmaymaa. }ur'm-man, «., ^ai/ «4# 
^ay ; any nircd workman. 

jMit.juxt,ff. tit. • earning UgTlhfTi 
of two knifibts on bon«bai-k: ai a 
p.r to run in th^ _*» a <.-. 
joust' cd. (old Kr..- 

jMlle, jo.1 1, v.t., K ' 

Bgamu ■-/»■./. jt. : — £, 
of Janst] 

Javlal.Ja'vi'«l,«v//. Iit_ &•£»•■ 
JvrtMMtfe: full of - -- 
— B^. ie'vlaUy.- 

the Unguayc^of «»ir 



fttOi <kr ; me, hte : mine : luOtc ; raOtc ; mOOu ; lAm, 



or thocV. [A, 5, 

*, v»* firm or cJiccK. lA. ». nM«r, 
Tt-tmlr, Ft. gittuie. the thioac, L. 

'.* Kappinc^ : rapture ; ourlh: 

ll '^J 

'/J'7 .' w«fy «W. happy. 
, «^'., VitA^ut jffy : not £traig joy, 
^m^.,fi»Hti/j^, happiiiew,ormern- 

, W«^-* if ■■■■■■ 

liL a §kemt iff Joyi ihe year 
tbe lew* evwy fU^iicth year ; 
ifrmtpuUicjoy and fcAtivity. (Fr. 

■j nc *<io£S Of triumph. 

■•bi-U'ihun, H.^ d tkevtxHg /»r jay at 

Wi the dirni.i/auon oftnuniph. 

1 Service becaa o>d tfuit 
r , ' JubiUte Deo,' Ac. 
nk, J »*ik>l. iOC-tU'ik-^l. d^'., yrr- 
7«iR/.-Wi'. JB4A'lc&Uy. [L. Jjt^ 

"ft aiid rile* c/ 
Aish rilcL 
. , _,. : iit ta Qx pnciUc 
■f^. JutiaifciDg , /d>. jQdaitcd. 
mdj., Uiamgitig to Jmlea.-'^. a 

Ap jMm/ n/ or dtctart takat it 

IwaruKl deckle ; to p«B Bcntence : 

f""' "^ ^-'-rmine the inith : to form 

; -tinruiili.— f./. to bear 

hti' nvciy: to iciitcnce: lo 

■xJer : in £., locoadcmn : 


•r justice: cMaUUhcd by Jtoluic.— m 
•ny. [1^ Jmdiemlu. ] 
J«dleUry, jC&dub'i-ar-i, «. tbe>HuC|v« talKo aillco»~ 
tiv€iy.~-sJi. pemiouic Ce the courts uf Uw: 
p.-uun2 judrntcQC. [L jtt^iaarh$M.\ 

j«jl>-ujfeli'iik oji^. , accardhig- to uiund/Muff - 
poMciutig Muad judgmeat : ducraet.— 

;i>*■/;^;wdged^ (Fr./nf»*^L. 

^r, aod i^irtf. lo dccUrc. 

Mr xtktjtttigtx ; a civil ofBcrr who 

inks aoy cauK ; axi arbitrator; one 

[de upon the mcrrit ofanyUurg: the 

ia^; m Jewub hisUuy, a ma^iuraic 

l^iid miliiikry iKiwers.— //. title of the 

\ of Ihc Old Teitament. [Fr. jmst, 


Dtp, m. , tkd tjfice cfm judge. 

D«nc, H , nt$ ^ ttt^inri the com- 

M* i.t --1.. ii rrurfi: faculty l^ywliii-h 

I. opiDion furmcd : taKto : 

IC' ; doom. 

L '1 irir 4ay otl whlch 

P" ^t*t on mankLnJ. 

Ik '.'f or beocb m a 

- pronounced. 
i}tai may he jtttigrii or 

JM. jug. m.,a6mivi; a luxe veael with a sureUing 
body aiid nafraw mouth for Uguors.— p.^ to boU 
nr «cw as b a jug :—/r>.jucE^ny ;/«./. jognd'. 
[iiUl K./*.5, a ju,; ; A.S. trot, Lasin, cuji, pitcher.) 

Jag, jug, r./. lo utter the tound /^f, a« certain 
tirtU. »p. the nightingaie. [fivm dte uiiiiid.] 

J«<^*. j>lg^» »-»-. i* Jokf at jtst; Ui aBiU5e hy 
iJeijht uf band ; to coiUure : to practiM artifice 
or imposture;— y»r/.jt»gTing;/«^. juggled.— 
■. a trick: by klct|^ht ofmiMl : on impoMurc. [d14 
Fr. jongier—l^.jaeuUr, lo jctt-^iorjM, a ieat.1 | 

Jocstar, jui;1^, H. lit. m j'tkfr or jester; one WQoJ 
peWonci tricks by sleight of hand; a tticldih 
icllow, (old E. jogtUur: Fr, j^ngintr — L.y<(*n»- 

T««»tMy. jug'l*r-i, *., *rr or trkh e>f m JuggUr i 

IcfiordcmaJn ; trickery. 
Jvalar, jOC'cabr, adj„ PrrUtinimr U tkt ctUmr^ 

icMf, whicti jaiiu the neck aodkhculden. — n. 

one of the large veins on cither side of the (Kck. 

[L. jtiguiitm, the coIUr-botie— ^*«/w, lo jom.J 
Jnlc*, jniH, M. lit. hmtk; the sanof vrgct:it))ea; the 

fluid pan al aoiiaal bodiu. [Fr. and L.y«f.] 
jolMiaai, JODsles, adj., dfstiitite if/ /met. 
Jntey, jcb«^, adj.^/uU efJuK*. — n. Jvk'lnaa 
JBjalM. jSD'jCOb. A. BCcausoTipiDyjihrubsi 

trecft, the fruit of which ii dried ai a iwectmcal ^ 

a lozeoge made of sugar and gum. [Fr. — L. 

ii^^us, Gr. aj:^7/AAf. Pen. t^/un. At. ^/tf/'t 

Jalap. j8&'lap, Jatap. |OB'lep» i*. lit nut'iiMtteri a 

pleasant liquid mediciae in which other oauMOiut 

medicines are taJiao. [Ar. /ulah; Peek gul, 

lose, Ah, water ] 
JnUan, juSryim, atij. noting the ohl account of Cuac 

established by Jniitu Caesar, and used frocn 46 

n.C. till T75a. 
Joly, jOD-lf, m. tlie aeventh month of the year, so 

catfcd from Caius JiUat* Cacfcar, who was bora in 

this month. 
JoBbU, jum'bl, v.f, to mix conftuetUy ; to thraw 

lugeiher without order.— r.rl to be niijced to- 

f;cthcr confuwdly : lo be agjlated :~-/^./. jutn'- 
iling ; /*«./. jum bled. — »«. a cunfuWd iniaturc. 
{old E. j'rm&rr, prob. a tret), of JIMy.) 
jQBbUBgly. jun/bkng-U, mdv., in a jvtmUtd <u 

caafuKd tnanner. 
Jmmp, Jump. 9.1. to spring upward, or forward, or 
both : to bound : 10 pa<s to as by a leap. — v. r. uy < 
pass bjr a leap; to skip over :— >r./. juBip^ing; 
1./. jucDpod. — «. act of jumping; a bouad. 
perhaps formed from the souimI.] 
JuasUoa, JBMtan, Sec under Jota. 
Jbmu jOOn, T. the siatti Dtonth. nrig. of «C da) 
but unce Juliue CaetuU-*s uiuc of >3. [Lj 
for yitur'.iMj — y*"**! ^^ grf^ft ^Tpj " 



jtl&n'yur, ndj., yenngrr; 1cm advanced. — «. 
i<uc younger or lck» ativajiocd. (cooir. o( L- 
jttivmof, jfounitcr— >irtw«iJ. youne.) 

Jcttlortty, joo-ai-ori-ti. jnnkinlilii, jOOrot-ur-shipf «., 
j/fi&- t-J bting jttniar. 

jmlgT. jCo'm-p£r. M. an cvcrsrcco &hrab, to oiled 
because it hringi /oftk yeumftr tietriet while 
Oic irther* are riixrniim. (l^ juHJ^rtu—jnaicrr, 
youiigcr. anj /.trTtf, to bnng forth.] 

JudX juKfik, ff. a Chinese vessel, Kaving a liJi;h 
ron:i.:ulK aod poop, ouil tluvc liu&ts. 

Jnk, Junsk, K. pieces of old coTdasv, u&ecl for 
making mais, &c. aitd when picked lo piccf-t 
forming oakum for the ftcuni ol ships : salt meat 
Mipplira lo veuels for long voyaees, u called 
beouK il becomes u hard as old rupc. [h. 
j'ttmus. J. iu!;h. af which ropct uscd 10 lie madcl 

ttMkr' ■ . any twcetncat, so called from 

Ia-i iittle tuukeu made of nuJk^j : 

a ' iiiiienT — ©./, lo fcftftt in secret. — 

f.i*. lu l«.^t£. ^r./. junltctine: /a./, joaltcled. 
(low L.. jMHtttta~juncHi.\ 

Svalk^ JahXa. Sec under Jala. 

Japlttf, jnn'pi-tir. «,. the /at?ter ff kt^fm ; the 
chief C'hI uitoiic the Romans : the larKe«l, and, 
next to Venui. the brighleit of the pUiieLi. 
[modifidlion uf Diofu fatrr = Difsfiter — Dirt 
cr Diavis =-<iivu»n, heaven, and/rf/^r-, father ] 

JntidlCftl, jfs<>-nd'ik-at, adj., rtiating tfi the dUtrt- 
txjticiii \A jusUit ; pvrLiiiiiti); lo 4 judfjc : u«cd in 
courts of Law. — ij<i';-. JiltU Iciklly. [L. juruiuta^ 
Jtu,jt»rit, law, and due. to declare.] 

Jvluensttlt, juO-rii'kon'ttilt or iu!t', m., anewha u 
itfnsmltfj en iiu law: a lawyer who givM 
ojnrions on cmAcs put to him; a turtst. [V,. jut, 
juyu, l:iw. »nda*Mr»//iM — ipnJuU, tuCvnwh.i 

JarljdlcUaa, jW-ri»-dik'ihiin, w., ike .■iiitHlinttoti c/ 
jtutict ,' Icg^t ;iiithonty : mlent of power : dii>- 
iricl over wluch any authority extends. — a«^'. 
Jarladle*Uoaal. \\., juriadiitia.\ 

J m IiT ' **— — ■ j(K>-n*-prOM'denfc, w.. iHe rrieMce or 
kmaxul€JiK qf AtK. [L. jttrit/r7tdetitia~j$4X, 
/Wrw, bw, and pmderuia, knowtedge. Sec 

JviUL, j.TTttiU, M , fine vMa ^ro/fttet at « tvrx/tf t'm 
tie scienee it/^iv, c«pccially the Koniaii or civil 
law; a citinan. {Vx. jun'stt.\ 

JWy. juC'ri, H. a. body of not leu than twelve men, 
tclected and rwem^ as prescribed liy law, to 
declare ihc truth on evidence befnrv them; a 
comniiltcc for dcL'iding prim :il .1 pubiic exhibi- 
tion. (Fr. yur/, sworn— /Kfrr, U/Mrv, li> iwcar] 

JWBf, jOo'rur, jaryouB, J/n', »., tfmf wMc 
itf-i'tt an .tjutj. [Vt.jtrmtT.] 

Jary-maat, Jcfl'ri-misi, w. a temporar%- mnst erected 
ill a ship instead of one tHjiimi. [lajary, and 

jlfT-mUir. ^00'rt-njd-4r, m. a temporary nuidfr 
for one iKjurrd. (UUvy, and Jtaddcr.] 

i^fl, a tilt, umc aft Jout 

Jul, jukt, mlj~, ta-.vful; upright: eknct; regular: 
true; righicoin. — oAx-. accurately: Almost ; Uirrly. 
\\^ }»utnt—Jut, law. I 

jBtUe*, )ii%'iit, »., ^uaUty ef hfin/^ jntt ', integrity: 
inipnrtialily : desert; rctrit>'ltiQO ; a judge; a 
magiktratc. |Fr. ; \^ justititi.\ 

ti»*ir><!. n i... f,, ^jp^ ^__ i^^ct or 4ij[7tity fj a 


- xt'\, )wUcUr, )uvikh'i<iT, 
\t^ fj putiit ; ft chicT-iwrtttc 


JmAlfy, juft'b'fi, «■ f . 
shew to be iust c<r : 

jui'iif^'"'- ' '■-• I* '■■■ 

Jled; I. , ^-- 

— -adv. JoailA'abir. 
JnitUoaUcii, jiivti-h-k3'»huTi, «., a.'.' 

absolutiou : a p!ea orsufft<irrit \ 
jBitlfleattTa, iustt-A-k£-tiv, 

kA-tur-t, itaj., kjtx'in^ p<r.i' 
jartltw, juk'ti-ft-^, ».. <^/' :< 

defentU, or vindicates : h< wtio 

uErKilvcs from guilt and puoishment^ 
itfUj. juslli, adv., in ajmtt futmmer , 

uprightly : accurately : by righL 
Jmrtaui^ i uitt'n es, n. . ^natiiy pjbtimtjmt^ 
JWlto, same as JosU*. 
Jvt, jut. V. i. a form uf J«t, tu riuiot forwant 

jutt'ing ; /a./, jutt'ed. 
Jm, jfint. M. the fibre of an Indnii (lUar 

the rttanufacture of ooane bags. 
Ja««all«, j0Q'vc-nTl, or -Dil, <td>. . t 

or suited to youth: puc:i'- 

JaT«DlI'Uy. [L. jmretu/ii 

to Sons, jtewam, young, i» . 
JareoMMBt, j<K>-viTi^'ent. -• 

(•/ yvnth ; becoming yoi. 

Jutapotfttn, lukft-ta-pO-fish'im, 1^ a 
hetng ftacta neur ; conttguity, (lU. 
and rMtUML] 

KoU, kal, Kok, k^l, n. , wtram-t; a 1 

cai,cawl; Ice., Dan. i^4^; L. 
EaUU«M«pa, ka-irdos-JcOp. m. an opikal I 

in which tn: /^r ao etidleu WMtT $€\ 

colours and ^-r-m/, (Gr. iimiex, ' 

furm, and iJt«/«J, lo sec] 
|falM<OT, XdMida, Ktme as nil— ii 
XoBgaioo^ kang-^ar-OO^.N. an Austndiul 

qiudruped, remarkable r>r the lengAl 

Icgi and its power of leaping. Ltiic ; 
Taw, same at Ofew. 
Xftdg*, kej. fi. lit. a keg or W<xt/ at 

anchor . a small anchor for kccpum a : 

and for warpine the shipi.~c./. 

means of a Iceoge, to w^rp— /r/. 

/M./. kedged' — a. tadr*r. m \i 

htfgi, 8 cuik fiaed to an ancbifr lu a^ 
k«g, Kcg, N., « smaii cask or batToL 
KmI, kcl, R. lit. a thip or M* A»M# 

the principal ttinber in a '■V'" ->t 

the bottom and su|>ponir ^ 

boLtocned boat : in t*}t. , 

papiUoDlfieotu flow-' — - 

a keel, to iMvignte 

kecl'tug : pn*^ krr 

keel, c^lr. the bat:. 

Oer. ekiol. Ice. tU/f.l 
knlogt, kcl'ij, *t. dues for b* 
bMUd, k£Ui. ad/, iit f-f 

prominence on the ' 
kcisno, n., ii 

filU. fRr ; nkl, Vvt! ; m\M-. «*«t ; wSte". 


■ 'nj;; 

•».('.< be jbi'-. K-'cc 0*8. 
lO Iiavc ihe cue oS; lo 
_ i\e in one's icnricc : lo 
lo; to practise : not to loM : 
. upoo : to reitnua froo fle(ar- 
lln « oettun sUtc—v.f. to rc- 
(ir uaie ; lo Ust or endure : 
. fcecfllaii ; /MY. and /a./, kept 
oc ptulccts : the inncrmnst 
Ta CMiiit, the donjon: AfttronjE- 
IA.S. C0^m, to re^xid ; Scat. 
>'enMfh oSce of a keeper. 
, cue : just propurtMn. hsnnony : 
propomon oi light and ihade. 
K, somctbing given cj be ir/t 
f^tbc (ivcr. 

rtf /Mu/rr ; ih« caldnod luhcs 
ibc manubcture nfgla-u; 
wtuchkclpUprodnccd. [old 
.S. r>'j^, duit, powder.l 

t^ kmm': to «c and rcco^i>e 
— M. rcath of knowledge or ughL 
k^Hmeu I Sc« Ou. 
k'dol-Krcn, »., X'V'm ctetk made «i 
« kfute Jar dogi; a pack of 
\tS a fot, &C- ; a haiint.— t/.^-. 
:l, — r.r. to Uve in a kennel;^ 
Hint;; Mf- kcnn'cUed. [Fr. fktmi 
\u catiU — L. *anit, a dofi J 
« titttt citHai or (hanaei; a 

•nd /Urf pnrlu I fie o f KMp. 

', Jt. one- n sqturc piece of clolh 

IDen /« ^fv^r the ktttii ; any Uiote 

idreaa. [oW E. f«*»^i*liii/— old Fr. 

amvrf<kef~~cttwrirt lo cover, fAj/. 

^ «. He. A rratM ^/taru; anythiflE 

tr dK(I; the suttftaoce in the &bell 

encvd of » piJpyfniiu [A S. (/rwf/, 

I grain.] See Oon, And Oxnta. 

IW-i, *<;"., /W/ </" or mtrnMing 

, IT. 1 rtnTTe woollen cloth. [Scftt. 
/j/«itf, Sw. ktrjing.\ 
■ j;'. Oii^atr*, kas-i-mcr'. 
. Niicst wooIk. (Fr. *"<it.''- 

1, » wluch circlft or 

nil.. ' .^ ill »iKcie«of f.ilcmi 

rro*»-i'-hk. [tt. itesuteUt, qtirr. 
from I-. t-JTw/io — «>*"*», to go round. ] 
» uiull lwr>.inj|<ted «vu«l> geTM!r- 
i»« yacht or aj a bomb ves»el. |Fr. 
* ' to taict fi^^t 2 IttiS l*o«t 
.*1 E. 

fCS*> * "" 



L. caiillitt, for tatttutius, dim. of (^ftHta, a 
deep tTjokiinf *t-i»<l.I 

luttia-ArwB. kciVdrum, k., d^nrMOuuleof ametiil 
vessel, bke a ktttit, covered with porchmcnu 

Kit. kf, n. Ul. tk»t wkich tJkutt or cloMet; sn id> 
strumeni for shutting or opening a lock : ui 
tmM.t the middle uune of an arcn ; a piece of 
wood let into another piece ciauwiw to present 
warptnc: in tftutic, f»ie of the small levers in 
muucal instnimenu for producing notc« : the 
fundamental note of a piece of aunic: thatwiiich 

cxplaios a mystciy ; a book ooirtainiTig i 
to exercuet, &c. [A.S. tttf, a key ; W. eM, ui 
cnclocure — cau, to thui : prob. akin to L- c/ttMtfif, 
Or. kitiSt to ahuf, 1.. c/avu, Gr. i/rr'i, a key] 

itty-beard. kC-bCrd. n. tlie Aeys or levers in a piano 
or orgDJi arranged alonu 3 llat ht^nf. 

kvy^ola, k£^-hOl, «., iMe kvU in which n kty of 
a door, &c is inierted. 

luy ttota, k2' n{it, h. the kty or fundamental «i#M of 
a pKcc of music. 

ktyitona, k£'ilAn, «. the same as X*y, In nreh. 

XkiB, Iciwn, n. lit. a/atfur; in N, Ai>i3. a pHnct 
or chief: ill Fcnia, a gnvcrnor. — n. Utao'ala, tlic 
doiumicn cr juriKlictiun of a khan. [Turk, and 
TartAr. Xv4.i*». froni ihc root of King.) 

Xlek, kik. v.t., to kit tvith th^/tMt- ~v,i, to lhrU«t 
out the foot wiLh viuleoca : to «hew oppo»>- 
tiun :— /^^. kick'ing ; /a./, lucked'. — n ■ Dtow 
with iKe foot. [W. cieiaw — cu, the fool. J 

KlckAaw. kJk'sHnw.j«.,«9Mt/M/Mf uncuinmi.>n(irrai> 
tastical thai has no name : m cook., a fanlaslical 
dulu [carr. uf Fr. ftaique cAau, Mn)cthiii£.) 


./. or i'. to Ijring forth 

I ytmMjf gottt.- 

a goat:— ^r^. kidoing: /«.>. kiddVd. [Ice. 

kiSk^ Ger. kitSt a young goat.] See Ultm. 
UdHag, kidltng, rr , a ynung kid, 
kidnap, kid'oap, v.t., ta tteai a kid or chDd ; to 

steal, as a human being :—/r./. kid'nappln^; kid'nappcd. — m. U4'o«pp*f. [vulgar ktd, 

a cfiild, and vulgar nab, to steal.] 
XUney, kid'ni, «. lit. iknt wkick it nenr the stxvat 

crgoMs; one oftwoflattcncd glands, on cithcrside 

of the loins, which secrete the urine, [perh. from 

A.S. cynng, seaual organs, nnd urak, near.] 
kUsay-baaa, kid'ni-bJo, m., a kittti of br,in shaped 

like a kidney% 
KUcImUb, kil'dir-kin, »., <i nnall barrel: a Ituiiid 

measure of tS gallons, [old Dutch, kindekett, 

kimHtktM, Sc'jt. kiak^n.} 
Mm, kil. v.t., to ^Hflt or sfnatker ; to deaden : lo 

put to death : lu slay : — /r^. kill'intt : /•>./. 

killed'.— n. fcUler. [old £. fxei/en, A.S. ctttlinn, 

to r|aeLI, lo Lilt ; Dan. 0mr/^, to MDotber ; Ger. 

tjtmltHf 10 totuicnt, to plague.] bee QubU. 
Kite, kil. u., a iarjfe mx* in which com, bricks 

ftiT. are dried ; bricV* piled for hunting. [A.S. 

<yiH, W. cyl, cyiyn; Ice. kyiua, a drymg-houae 

lor com.]— r.A klla'-4ry, to dry in a kiln. 
nu, kilt, A. lit. cietkinr, drtsi; a kind of nhort 

ucltkoat worn by the HishUndmen of ScotUod. 

[old Gael, cenlf, clothes, kilt.) 
Kla. kin, »,, •''ff'P»i'*g. ^rigni eftke lameJiamUji 

relatives. tclalitui(diip : afltmty. — «i/f' kindftd ; 

Of tha — Mliir: -- ! -' '^ - 



:\i rr^ciiiblej tnem. 

ii.ii-ittjf UN ct tliai wli 

laMndcatAl, l3.-tit-ri-dcnt^I, 'u//. prunuttsceti both by 
tlic li/i and tttti. (L. ^%/<iutn. a lip, Dsitt^. J 

LAboratorr, l*bart«u. See under Lktev 

Ikbow, I.Tbur. it. loil or exertion, esp. whtn fiticu- 
ini£ , work: poinx; duiici: the (ung* of i:hii']- 
ttirlh : *iHuf , the action of 3 iHip m a. heav>- scji. 
— v.i, ttj undergo Ubour : to work ; to take painft; 
to Ik oppfwea; tumove Oowly : tv be in travail; 
MffJrf.. to pitch and mil hcavil v.— /r./. 13'bouhng : 
^.A U'Vitircd. TFi. /rtVi*/-, L. /<iAjr.] 

Ubou:' I ,11?/. Iiearing markt f/'^iApwr or 

t n . iiticin. 

'/ . .'IV «■*<» Itxbffurt: oiic who 

Ikboi. .. (it. a ftia(f/ar tahturiug 

<'\ iijl'j wurkn>jm: a place 

!• ' .innt and war mAlcrutl: 

1' : -■ •■■* i»rcijarcd for H5c. 

UbOH' '! ■ . f'tdl pf Ltbeur ; toilsome ; 

wcani-Limc . il^v.icd lAnbotir; indiutriotifc.— •»«/r. 
Ubo'rlo«Blr.~n. lihrr'rInTTfn— 

LaVvrmom, U but num. n. n »mall tree with beauti- 
ful )t;!I(jw llowcr*, a niuivc of the Alpf. fl 

liAhjrrlaUi, Uli'i-rinth, m. orij^. a buitding consiktitig 
(.r ti ilK • ..nur. rctl liy iatncaie/iiriii^/ ; n place 
fi" >Me windini{«: aa tncKfiliuiliLe 

il ■ "i/., the tavitics of the internal 

c:n. _. •itt/U; L. lair rim t fiui ; Gr. /.i^ 

riniiuM i aLui lo l.iurit. a ju^uge | 

IftbTrtBtUM, laVi rinth'i an. UbyrtatblDa, tab-i- 
rimirin. i\dj.,frftiiiHiHj[ ta or /i>*.- j iabyrinth: 
vrttidiiiC; inlrifaic ; pcfrJcxing, 

btkyrtalhUbm, lab-i-nnth ifomi, d^'. having the 
/lyrm of A. Lilyriittk ; intricate. 

iML, Ltlc. M. in the E. Indieij ioo,doo rupees = Ztfijo 
or £^q8. [Hind. /^, Suil laktAA, a hiiiulrcd 
thoiiMiiil. a mxflc.] 

I*^ lak, w. a reanoui substance, pit>d(iced on trcrs 
in the East by the lac insect. (Pcrv /aJk; Sans. 
inktuiia — mnA to dye] 

la««Mr. lack*, bic'ir, n. a vamith made of Ue and 
alcoboL — v.t. to cover with lacquer ; to vanii«h : 
— /*-/. Ucq'itcnng ; /a/. Lu>]'ucrv^l. |Fr. 
Ai^vt*— Lae. J 

lufwrvr. lak'dr-^, IK. , on* wh* vamiMJkttr or cavers 
tvilA iiittfurr. 

taMk la*, «., ff M«v/ or tU ; a cord ; a platted urinK 
for faAtetiing : an ornamental fabric of fine threain 
ciirimuly woven. —;-.<;, to fasten with a bee : tu 
adom \%iihbcc :—/»-■/. LVinj; ; /a./. Iflccd'. (Fr. 
tacwr, tu lace— L. iaqHrur, :i no4ise — fmqtte*, to 
adorn with frctwori ; akin to nwt of latch.] 

Udac, L^slnj;, it,, a /asSim$tg tvtfk a laee or cord 
through cyelet-4io!e»; a rprj used in f;isieriirig. 

laMTftt*, \tii'iz-*x,v.t., ta Uar; to rend : to wound : 
lu ufllict:— /r/. bc'cr^ting; /w./. lac'crated. 
[L. im^vrv, -alum, to tear— Yrti'rr, lorn ; akin tu 
Sani. vnu, (Jr. /a4u and rntot, a rent.j 

b(anM«. bs'tr-a-bl, oiij., that mny bt lactrattH ox 

Uoersf-r. '- "'shuD, «.. ac/ 5/" tacenttimg or 
:< ' or breach made by tearing. 

bwr-- \iv,ttdj., ttnriHg; naviocpon^cr 

to ('.If. 

lA^rjnaX, bk'ri-mal, it-//'., ^rfaitiHg to frarj ; 
secreting or ctmvrytni: tears. — ft, same a4 Udkry* 
natory. :'' i, » tear, akin tu Or. 

•^4r», t . . ir.J 

■ 0'., (fintnimSuf intrt. 


lacbryBatory, bk'ri-nia<tDr-i, m. a teskI 
interred with a deceaicil person, anJ 

c^^ncained t^c f.-.:rv >.]k-<J for liii loi*. 
iturymntt'T: . ^^J 

UchlTBOMh 1j'< ^ t. '.':•/ fntrj 

i!\^ Of >he'llL 
LMtof. Sec uxiacr Iam. 
Lack, bk, ^f.^ and t., ^i^ ti>.Ui/,* to Witt 1 

U: destitute of:— /r./. |..V',n,^ *.^ « 

— H. want; destitution. 

want, dcfct:t ; nkiii to ^i 
Ia«lt-»-day, bk-a-cU', int., .i^^ . .■» ...... 

UrksilalrtwI. bk-a-dlza-ka), Mfj. aOecudly 

I^ckv. See Ueqvir under Xac. 
LhdUy, bk'i, «., a r^itm^w ; a meoUl 

footnian or footboy. — v.l. and i. to 

.-iitcndance : to aa at a foof mnn ; — fr. 

»D« ; A«^A bck'eyed (Id). [Fr. ' 

lafuef, Ger. McAn'— old liWr, 

lAikan, 10 ruiL] 
XAMuk. bkon'ik, XacooImI, la-lcon' 

pressing in few words aJut iJkt 

Lacm^s ce .S'Ai rlitmM .• oofie w c ; 

lacMbaltr. [L. Lacvmicta; Or. 

Laci^H, n Laconian. 1 
bconiim, bk'on-izm, U .j; 

ij lutiynii or conci- 
lacteal, lak'te-alj *.<,' 

miUt: con^-eying chyle, - 

vessels of the intestine* *. 

to the thoracic ducts. (1,. 

gaUt, gahkifij, milk.] 
bfllMMBt. bk.lcv'enl. titlj., tm^ure A* 

dudng milk or white iuin: . mTllv 

MMt. [L. ;.r 
brUe. bk'tik, 

from «our r.x\.\ 
betirarMi, bk-tit Vr.;.. ,,,r_.. 

miik OC whire juice. ! L 
Lacutral, bkuslral, locutj. 

U«.bd, M.aboy: ayouih. [W. Umtl} 
fnjm oid Ger. I'ai, Dutch, lati^, a 
boitnd lo certain feudal duties. See 

UM, Ui, H. fcm. [if XAii! n. girl, e«K a 

lAAaavH, bd'a-num, n, a rcsitioM 

the leaves of a shrub frruwing roiui4 

ranean. {L. ; Ot. /tSajwm—Ar 
Laid«r, bd'ir, ». a frame matJe with 

between two upright piecT), by which 

ascend a buildins. &c. : anyibing ' 

Mcends: a mouiU rise. [tier. 

hUder, old Ger. kUiSar \ 
Lada. lad, v.t. a forrn of LoaA— /y.A 

Ud'cd. {See Lewd.) 
bdM. lAd'n. iuij., ItuteJar loaded: 
bUng. l^ln^ , M., Att^ aoJucJk t^tM 

I ai)*o ; freight. 
Lada, 1^1, f./.. /tt /^.' .-if wrttcr ; e,i 

as a Auiij, with a I.i' '. 

A*-/, laded. ^V.'- 
b«to, lOdl, t. a bn:; 

out lii^uiJ from a vcwi : ith; i 

wheel which recrivet the 
Lail7,U'di.a tit.^'iw 

the miitnaa of a 

wivei of 

and at the 

f^te, f^; nt^i htr; mtfte; inoie; mfUc; tnSDn; 


<hap€l de<ticu«d Co 


Itk» *4j. , t^ 'fi ladj tu nuiiuien : 

tuv. «.. a /tfi^ K womiui Uved; » 

Tp. • . ttr ffff' pfir tiify. 

"Z behind. 

► 1 . ilic fag- 

...-.-/ r. A 

i/. UftEcd'. ;Oac[ ■ tit; 

it, £«Bfi«sA. L. /<■'>:. - -n.\ 

^^j., la^^nf; ilow , LiicLik-artl. 
ton*r. bc'^t, i«., <<iv tt"^ Ai/v or 
a luitcrer : an itll<r. 

Is-fODn'. n. a Oullow /.ti-/ or |>ancl 
e aca finwrt. [It.: Sp. Jit^uMa — L. 

root of LAk* ) 
re Dodcr lAy. rt./y. 

Htifit of Ue. 

— tv./>*fj. , 

colour tike /•!<', gcocially o| a deep 
•/ t«fA/^ A if Uellaw ; a Unjc body 
in bnd. [L. Inatti akin to Ur. 
a ptMi J. 1 I 

, ftrtAtKittc tiT a litJet or iaJeO. 
L SctiLUa*. 
ihc ywunj; of a »herp: otw inn<iccnt 
a Unib : the Saviour o/ the wdrld. 
mjt forth voung, ai sheen ;— >r-/. 
^. Umbed'. (AS-l 
., M., « UnU lamb. 
, 4i(/., /livd ^w^; gentle. 
Vt^mJJ. movinf about a« if Ik iing, 
Uuly : nUyinc about ; elidias over ; 
[l. Ammmw— ZiM^, 10 hclc. ] 
fj., ettftthttd; hrvkenx disabled in^ 
abotin^ : nnamfactOTf ; impcrfeci- < 
e tame ; ta crinplc ; lo render iniper- 
UmlDj; iM./. limed'.— orfy-Uatly. 
(AS. iiM, lame; Ice. iami, 
Kbied — Ztuxd, 1(1 break, lo iiiipair.J 
k, »dj., a litiU lame ; hobbling. 
\t, ^A. t* Ulter jjriefin eutiries ; tu 
ifft, — r..* ti? iQiniro fur : todcplcrc: 
■ ^ lameot'cd. — n. surrow 
le^' or Diouniful ballad. 

■.ifeJ: dc- 
liicablc — 


lara't-iu, a., •! thsn fUitf : a ttiin tiycr 
■uiKovcraiKMhcr — //. lamtna, lam'i-ot. IU.1 

. ./. . , ..... •' '1 ^UUm. 

into l/mifi-r 

I, mJJ.. 

. .... ......... ... k..jlr«»i 

'H. Uaba'tloa, iMfr >'/ 

in iam ... ; , > . 

tajrcrs, one ever anoibcr. 
hring lamitukte. 

S(x uDdct Laast. 

lam'ni.i», «., loaf mtui or fea»l, or fea^t 
of firftt>f ruiU, on ist of AuguM ; lit AiigiuL fAS. 
ktatH-mesMt'—Aia/, loaf, and iiM/i»/, TcaiL] 

lamp, M. a vcnc\ for coDtaintag^ a liquid 
burnt by meant of a wick, and lo rivinc tigAi : 
a light of any kind. [Fr. tampti Gr. iamfo* — 

laspUack. tainp'btak, M. the biack sub«tanc« which 
Caihcrs niund t)ie insidt; of a Ltmf; a fiue Mint 
fonocd of the intake of pitch, &c 

XaMpeeo, tam-pOnn', n., tt dtimking smg often 
coniauuns alandcr or satire : a pmooal laiire m 
writing ; low cenHire. — i* . /. lo avail with peraonal 
aatirc ; to satiriur ;— yH-./, lampnOnlng; /m./. 
lampOQncd'. [old Fr. rom/jM— /hm/zt-, todnnk.) 

Ilf iiwiir, lam-paOn'tr, n., ont vtka tun'tei n la*n- 
fivom, ur abuses with pcr^unal satire. 

bapMWT. hua-^OFta'ti, M., practice ff/ iamp*iuiiHg ; 
wrilten pergonal abuse or latire. 

lAB^af, Lam'fire, n. lit. ri^k-itwHur. a genuc <rf Car* 
liL^inuii^fiiitiuttr^ctabltiig t)icecl, Mtu^lletl frortul 
thcu aiLicbiug tbciiuclvcs tu r<M:kA or «tuiiet bj^J 
their mouths. ( Kr. iamf-nnt, low 1.. tetmf*t*\t— 
L. Utmbo, to lick, isx^pttm, rock.] 

tanM, Ions, n. a loag shaft of wood, with a ^ar 
head, and bearing a iinall flog. — v.t. to \>\^tca 
with a lance : U> oucu with a bui<.ct ; — /r/. Ui»c'- 
iog ; /«>•/• lanced . [Fr.—L. lattcut, akia to Or, 
Imgchi, a lance. 1 

law nlali. tan'sc-o-lSt, iMWWoIitsJ. Un'se-D-Ut*«d, 
a4J. in JtfA, having tltc ronn of a /0Mr/-head ; 
taperioe toward both endi. [L. laMCti*UtHi — 
laMceala, dim. ollatic<n.\ 

Uacar, Uusir. n., oitt tvAa laticrt, or carrict a 

IumC, bn'tet, m. lit. a iUth lam-t; n stirgiol in- 
ctrument u»ed for opening vein*, &c. : a high 
and Darrow window, pointed like a lance, [rr. 

lansk. iame as Lawub- 

Laad, land. ». earth, the solid portion of the <ur&ce. 
of the globe : a country ; a district : soil : real.' 
estate : a nation or people. — v.t. to set on land ' 
or on shore. — v.i. to come on land or on shore ; 
— /r.;». Und'iii^ ; /a/, laad'cd. (A.S. Ety- 
mology uncertain.) 

Uad-brMM^ land'-br^, m. a brttte sctdag from the 
lAfiil towards the sea. 

taad-etab, Uiid'-knb. n. a family of %.riM^ whidi 
live nuich or chiclly on land. 

U«4-aoed, bnd'-flud, h. a fioeding or ovcHlowiog 
of/'iiw^ by vkAtcr , inuiwJatiou. 

laad tvRf . Uiid'-fOn, M. a military y&n:/^ s«r%-iag OO; 
l»nd, A% distiagttbhid from a naval force. i 

LanAfrava, Irtnifgrtr^ 1v;'d. lmmd-*arl . .x (.temiaff' 
tirL J ^ «wl.>— »w. LaB««ra'- 





l{ nflcc ; mate ; mi 


>lJfcHw. a. K ^kUir or praprMtar 


^imm ft |MK« Ac C*iUnf on thor 
i»i !■■ Wi f i f Am mchu of 

« . at' ^/Wmut '<* "^t*^ from 4 

thore : pan of a 

«lep%. — mJj. 

•tfihiA MMAifc. ■bl., A# 2«J or cnduM i:/ UnJ. 
•■iMiilk t«*nML m, s £t^ or wottan wtm hu 
f p^cwy •« tmmn or houua : the miscreu of ax 

*44M4 huMlonJ. (L tTie /<»n/ or owntr of £iWor 
^^ant 1^ irtfcH«r ur^ii inn or lodjpnf-bauie. 

»*^MHk. WMl'nuii, lamdJiBUi, lan<lr'riutn, «., it Mm« 
»4k* liv«4 or Mrvca on ^rW.- one inexpnwBOtd 

iMktHH^ tAnd'otftrk, «. anylhtfijc i«rvuif to nv<if4 
iW KmiHlsnc* u( ('itwi/ ; any object on Und that 
Mrvoa aa • ffuida to Mamen. 

liMdMII, UoUtI^ «■ ll)« crake or com-crakc, &o 
u«ii»#JftxNn itt (ry. Sec Orak*. [Land, and Sail.] 

to ofc n ^ UrMfiitio, *>., th* ikaft ur appc^roiicv of 
itkat p«Ktion ^ uutd wliicti uie eye can at once 
«l>w; lll« »ip«ci of a countrr : a picture repre- 
MnilaCthfaaMCtofacounu^. [IdUid, and SfaaiM.] 

lMMl|riin<t'*)irV luA>tt««, land'&lTd. rr., ikt iti^ 
/^ «r i^iMitfjt^unt ^/iand u of a hill. 

w4ko cuaii irt-x ii /(inYt^ estate. 
Virl ^- ' .f /AX upon ^.ub/. 

taat'Wftli' r, M. A cii-itom-houte officer 

t,«Ad, and Walltr.] 

Uv ird. f*'/t*., ffwttnh ih* tamt. l....^^^'•. N. fl coAch Or c&rTiiige with a top 
^v.Sii. U mNY bo opened and thrown back, so called 
*i .M» /.a^Jau in Cermany. 

L«ri. rt c/m t/act between eomficlda, 

. narrow puuge or road ; a narrow 
L-an, Dutrh, £#m, W. Uau, a clear 
• ('V I xiincctcd with Lkwa.) 

bayna. lan^'EW^j. ■. that which is «poVen by 
tkf t^ngitt; human speech ; speech peculiar to a 
nata.n ; Wf\9 Or expTcsMon McutUr 10 an mdi- 
\i.1ii.iI.dIcfion:any mAnDcroiexprewn^lboui^ht, 
IFi, tttnfaft-~\^ iiMgua. the tongue, akia to 
wtfv, Or. tricks, Sans, lik, to tick.] 

teifvi^ tatu|*fwid, mi{f'.,»lacJt or feeble ; flagging : 
uhauktciT: sluuish : spintlew^— «t</p. laagUUr- 
—41. taa'gildaiML [L. Itm/ittJmr — /itMj^tuo, to be 
w«ak, Gr. iamgoMS, \o slacken, cofin, with L^J 

Ulfli^ iaac'rwish, o.j., /•.' t^temt loMguid or 
etireebkii : to lose strencth and anlcutioa ; to l«^ 
or become spiritlesi : to pine : to become dull, 
xnAc : to look at tenderly :~/ry. Un'piiibinc; 
/•J / Un'c\tuhetL (L. Ltmnmcm — /■■fw».f_ 

tufoltUafly, bnfr'gwish-ing-ll,«A..aOT« 
(■f, «r*Mk, dull, or Ic^det ma» 

laafrtiMMal, Uog^'Ewikh-fuenl. «., AW «cf OTfAil 
^lanpmMMinUi muleniess of loolL 

Uanar, unrVwur «., statt *f briitt 

■ah. [ .'.iw/ or 

ur-- ,.>i.^ . ^ .L i.r , -;.*«; thin. — ttA>. 
laokBMa. [.Vb. A/aisc, Dutch, rAi< 
srAAwA; limAv, conacdcd with I^c aadj 

LaBlac< kUDc as l*ay«i<l 

I'i ''^•'v . cf^. to beir.j 







hi'cQ, n. brsM. ur hronic uicd for crosses : 
sheet tin, tinned iron-pblc (!>. iaitMt : It. 
ibf/tf, tin-pU(e, from beiii£ iiMd in Jfttt piec<» 

tdUtM'. Sec under La.t«. 

lAttlc*. lal'it, n. a network of crossed tatMt or 
bar%. called aI*» laU'lot-wcirk , :inylhtnguf latticc- 
worW, a* a window, — e./. tu ("urinmlni-jicu wurk ; 
!■> furaiih wnth a lattice :— /r./. Utt'icing ; /«./- 
Utl'kcd. [Kr. /<i/.'u, akin (o IaUl) 

Ia«4, tawd, I*./., ta ^rtiUc tn wards, or with sing- 
ing, lacctebrilc:— /r./.Uud'ing :>»«./. laud <tl. 
— «. iMdW. [L. latiti» — laus, lamll't, praLwr, 
pn»ln>ily akin lu <». Jt/<M^ .S;uis. fr», to hear.] 

^a■^l■1^lt. Uwd'a-bl, (KiJ-, -ivorihy oj btrng Utu^xA 
or pnused — a</r. UMabtf.— «- UnJi M i— ii. 

iHdMvry, UwdVlor-i, adj., (otttainin^ f^-rthr ; 
cxpnshing pnu»c — n. ttiat which caotKin»pni»c. 

l.*i<lM^— , Uwd'a-num, n. opium prcpaml in a)iirit 
of wifie . tincture of opium. [ori(f. the umc u 

S«tt<ti,ljf, cm', to nuke the ncNSC «hewin£ orcitised 
by mirth ; lo be gay or lively, — v,t. to ridicule 
or deride :— ^'■./. laugh'ing ; /■!./, bughcd', — w 
the soutid cau*«d hy menrimciu. — lAa^ *i, to 
ridicule. [A-S, hiJutn; 0«/- tatktH i Goth. 
hi^hjam; probably from the fcound.] 

lugkar, Uf'ir w,, emr Tt'Att laughs. 

iMgfeAkk, lAf a-hl, iuij., fitted to ctiuse Uuchier\ 
ludicroos.— Aifc, U^ftbly. 4, laafbabluMi. 

UiCktar, lAf'tir, n., Act or n<>uf oj faHrkttC' 

U«fiklBj-fu^ laf'iog'gas, m. a f^i wnich excites 
CiHihter. colled nitrous oxide. 

U«4klBglr, Ufing 11, Adv.t in a iau£king^x merri' 
way: with l.nichicr. 

bmUBg-atock. Unng-stok, M. an object of ridicule, 
like K>mci))ii)g ituek up to be lan^fud jit. 

Laiseh, lAncb. lAnth, v.i., ta tftrrtv at a tatfcr or 
spear ; tu *cnil forth ; to cause to slide intn the 
water.— r.i. to go furth, as a »liip into the water : 
10 expatiate in languajrc :— ^/. uiunch'ing : >»/. 
Utinchcd', — m. act oflauiii:hiiiu or niorinc » thip 
into U»e water ; the brgcsi ooat carried by a 
nuui'of'War. (Fr. Ituu-fr; II ItiMciart ,- aktn to 


r., • .— ., 

See under Lan. 

LaoAdw, LamtfrTi &c 

Lionau, See under 

Laanl. bwrcl, n., thfhaytrtf, used by the ancients 
fortoakins honorary wreathi. [Sp ; Fr. Ltitrirr; 
L L»mnn.\ 

lanrtllt*. Uw^rcM, <t^r., emmtH with laurtJ. 

tMrtato. bw^rt Jit. vJ. oric tff crwifi tvitM Itmrtl, 
in token of literary merit; to confer a degree 
apon ;—/»'./. bn'rci(ioe ; /a/, bu'rclted. — 
adj., erowneJ with taitrrl.'~m. ooe crowned wth 
laurel: th« poet-laureate or king't poet, a title 
of honour. 

laanalMUfi. bw'rf St-ihip. it., P0itf of a Uunatf. 

laonattoa. Uw-f« a'shtm, «., act ^ Umrtatitis^ or 
oi'Dferrins a decree. 

Xavs, l^vatoxy. See trader I*Tm. 

Lav«,Uv. p.t. and r., tf «<r«* ; to bathe :—/r./. 
bw'ing; A»/- lived'. (Fr. hver: L. tava, 
UviMtmm. ak>o to Gr, U'u^, lo waih.l 

lant USa or U'ra, n. the matter which ^<nfv rrt« 
tui/^r down from a burning mouDtam. (It-I 

law, \X\tt. m. arig. en* mka iavfs: a bcxe rcMcI 
for tastM£- or washing. 

lag . 
lavrad* r 


(fill U> 1'l.lM.; 1.1, 

laoadar. Inwnd^r. • 




iiuniiig, J ri-- ^ ' ■' 

/a-ivuutre: i- 
UandTMi. bvi 
Umtdiy, Uw 11 .-■-., , .. y .... 

•irr wntArd aad drcttcd. 

.- . 


'« ore. 

.^^ •beet 

Lavl^ tnv-VVi. -../ 

it_ /« 


M>*: tn 

prof., • 

- Ai 


pro<J , . 

UV'UlUj. . >:'^- K 
trt-rr, L. f/TV, to I. 
laTtaluBaat. bvlih-ou 
itnie fi/iftfJC '<"'' 
U«. law, M. lit. Md/ 
uclion established l> ;■ 
lucnt ; statute : tli-: j 
* rule or principlt- 
jiifisprudeiice or t^ 
uugc; tliat which : 
which it bwful: ^ 
from practice or 
Mosaic code or tV 
the word of C*»\, 
/iifie. Inr, /.lA. ff 
akin to L, ffj, law, v.r. / 
bwfal, law'fyjnl. m/f , atm 
ciinttilutciJ by Law: righlii. 
Uwgtvw, law'i^v-ir, «., *mr w^'n* fjfv a 
intvt : a legiabtor, [Iaw. and 0iw>| 
lawtan, bw'lca, n*/;'., tM/nrirrnMwtJfr ' 

— jirfr- lawlMUr — «. UwTai»ait. 
la«-B*Bfltr, bu-mung'ger, n. a i«*(«vrrOT| 
lawnlt, Uw'frQt, m. a injV or proceat in 
lavjnv, bw'y^r, n. ht. lnw-muM ; ««r 1 
vho practice* /fli"-' ir* ^ . » JewuK i 
puundcr of the Uw uf Mo»ca. t^*^' 
lAvr, man.) 
Lam, lawn, «., «« ''/rw //or* l«t»«« 
»pace of ymund coveierj wtlh g^aaa, 
front of or around a hou»c or m 
HoH : Bret itajt, /am, terntorr; akmf 
lA'ws, bwn, M. s sort of fioc titum or < 

made of lawn. [L. iimtnm. See 
las. laks, «j^'.. rAi^^: /pi*«r.* mA. 
crowded : not ttrict in disciplinr nr 
in the boweU- — adv. laxly. \L. Jn 
iaxo, -atum, to unloose : proh, akiti 
litT"^. bk»-S'abuo. n., act »•/ tamtnoig ^ 

being loose or Kbckmcd. 
laxaUv*. laks'a-tiv. adj., km'ins thi 
UMtning the bowelk— m. a laxativs 
M. lu'aUvawaa. 
UsBHa. Uks'nes. UiMy. bkVi-li. m 

^ttatity cf brine i**^ • wUlt v( CUCItliPfc 

Lif,U, v./., i0CMuttt9 lif .'' —— ••"1"- 
down ; to beat down ; t>' 
calm ; to appcaac : to w.. 
iiapose ; to charge : to \>i 
cdi :-/f >. Uy'ing ; A' 
Ucgmm: Ice. IffpA.- *i. . 
tale, Ur, M. lit a fytMg^U^.. . 

beast. [A.S. ifgf^t a King down : LhaA,! 
Gcr. im^rr, couch, lair.) 


fate, f3u . raC, ii£r : mine : mOU : mMi : mOOa : rtto. 

wuoit laid I 

^inj*. n. the 

- -^i or 

M«|f ; •b'ricornarnilTvcpacDt. [A.S. 
~fw#: Cir. Aft/; W. //oii. a souod: 

"■ ■'-■■ -. -XTK, ucred poem I 

'•IIc-aI. ad/., /■frtaiMtitf 
-I |Pr. iai, L. iaicut, 

■ .>.■ a ftnn-profe*- 
>' pAinttn, utunUy 

m., ik* ^^ 31 dislinct from Oic 

». nn» ftfflici^l with :i filihy and 
dUmvr IJlfC /..rmrwr, the Wg^r. 
rr, a leper : Sp. /iix^iv, a bcifgai ; 
rw of tile uanbic in Liilce xvi.) 
KT-trk, aaj., Ukt » Uiar: full or 
■- «*,•-'■ . rt-i'io, n,, a //act 

lor diwucd per- 

Wjgfrhoiii, n . i' iii^anrt/f; a. bospiu) 

PBl Et /.■•-r.-f, K"ftT»;j'.' diKinctincd to 
k ' ■ itir; dncjish: t#iiir.uv — 

r -'. uaie or quality of bcinff 

' ... '---r. /<ii.«Iow, laie: Dulch. 

tTi L. I'tatitu, wtaried, fjtigitcd.j 
Ir trader Lay, to cause (o lie. 
a .1 mcUl or a hlui^h-wliitr 

c 1 tounding^ at sea . a thiii 

J li'ici or f.t»e. — ^>*i a flat 

t - iir fit with 

I. Icadi:- 
. /au/, Oer. 


'' I 

. heavj; : dull, 
- i.' or iDitrumcQt 
. Uad. 

^■^y Kifing fint : to 

: : to precede : lo 

>lww the way ; to 

'loniinitm :—tr.^. 

.. — «. bisi pUcc i 

ui'J:uKC. (--VS. iaedatt, 

track, way.) 

fr.uii ..I ^(»cs first; a 

:n a acw»- 

.J r/f OM tl/ a 

itriaK>. •*,//., ttriH£s uKd 

> ■ 1, flat parts 

.1 leaf: two 
■ i .^-shutter, 

fcattovi vui ur prudiKu lca«e«: — fif^^- 
EAkafcd' IA.S.; Ccr. /a«^, DutJi, 

Ij abundance 

— <f. iMflam. 



bavc4, I'^vd, a^f\,/timii^fti with havtt : Kaviac 
;< leaf, or made witli leaver or ToldK. 

LMcvt, U|t. M, i>n^. a '//fu- Tcm- markinjc distances 
ITU (he public rtutU: ; Knj^lishmile^.— -aM*-lMCiM 
cnatains j\ Eoc. nuJcs nearly. |lnvr L. .V^iirrt, 
Fr. lirut, x nicuure of distaocei : Cad. U^t- ^'- 
//a'4, a stoncj 

XaiciM. tcg, M . d tftut- an ailiiince : unioo for tlie 

firotiioboo uf mulml tnteroT — f».i. to form a 
cacuc 7 to unite lor mutual inter«t '— 

Ici^'uins :>!./. laiiiied'. [Fr. OgtM, luw L. 

itga — L- ii£f, to hind. I 
Vmk, lelc. H , a chtftk or othT 

iiijm<i uiay pOM ; the oozi > 

an opening. — i:i. to let a^t 

vessel tkrmigh a leik :— >•' 

leaked'. [Dutch, Ifzk^ a chink. Itkkm, to dnp, 

akin to Uqwor.] 
toakan. l^k'Jj. n., a hakimr; that which ent«rii or 

c^rjpcs by leaking : an allnu-ancc ft>r Ic^klDi;. 
laaky, l£k i, tuij., having >i Ititk or itoAt . ]c(iia£ 

any liquid in or out. — n. lux'\M9m. 
hmM, len, p./., to inclint or tend ; to turn from a 

ktnuch I line : to mt a^inst : in Inciine toworda - 

— -/r./. leaning ; Ai-/- leaned' r.r leant (lent). 

(.VS. hiyMian: l>ulch, leuntn: akin lo Cr. 

ktini, CO bend.] 
Lata, Kn, adj., ttftd-^r.- /raU: wsniinif flesh: 

rn: fat. — n. fle*h wiiliuut fa(, — ndv. Icaaly. — «. 

laaBMii. [A._.S. hiiiene, O-rr. /.-, 

front Ltaa, tu incline, from 

spring upward or forward 

vclicmcnce. — v.t. 10 mwc )rj ' 

Iciping: ftf.^. leaped', rarely 1. 

act of leaping ; bound ; space pa:.': 

sudden tran<iuioD. (A.S. hUapat*. Ic- 

ti> ■■pring : Oer. lau/tn, In run.} 
laap-frog. Ifo'-froe. n. a play in which one l>oy Ir^ft 

over nnotncx, ukc a/rpf. 
le^-yiw, l£p'-y£r, m. every fourth year which ita^ 

forwards or addK one day in Fcbruar)'. 
Laaxa. km, vA. lit. to ttach : to anjuLrc koowlcd^ 

of; to cain ix>wcr of performiDf.— v./. to gain 

knawtcugc : to Improve by example : -/' 

Icant'uig : >u.j*. learned'. [A.S. tatran, Dutcl . 

Urreu, to tcacxi ; Gcri temcn, to Icini.] 
Itanwd, lem'cd, adj., kax/int; len^ninx ^ vened in 

t.tcrjturr, &c. ; akilfuL — adv. iMn'oAy. — «. 

laarnir, Icm'cr. m., ttne ifAf Uarnx ; one who \\ 

yet in the rudinicnu of any kubject. 
laarBtnc li^rn'ing. it., •a.'ktit ii Uanudx knowledge : 

ichobrihip: skill la bngunses or .science. 
Laaai, l£t, n. a hutiHeot lettinf ai tcnementft for 

a term of yean ; tne contract for $tich letlinj ^ 




any icnure,- 

to lei teitcmciitii for a term v^ 

year*;— /^-^-IcaAlns :/«./. Icax J*. (A.S./cirtW, 
to lease : rr lauttr, Gcr. iMten^ lo tooAe; It. 
laxciare — L. Iojcp, to loofte, iAxvi, 1oo«c.] 

le^tiuld, fdj., htld hjf ttoM w contract. 

les-tC', «., oHf ta Xtthcm a leas* is granted. 

les'sor, n., vne ivAa graHtt a /roir. 

lesh, M., a itith or (iiu b)' which a bswk or 
hound Is held: a brace and a half, thrre — «.^. 
lo hold by 3 lc4%h; to hind :— >r./. Icaali'ing: 
>?./. leashed', [ft. iAtttr. a thong lo hold a 
dog by; It. iajeii>—h. laxf. See Laak.] 
iHtaC. lE«ing, M. in fi., f.ttsth^t : Hei fA,S. 
leaMuttJ^—lemxiati, to lie, teaa, false, Wim:, Gotlu 
/ftiM, Ice. ttn.\ 

Cue. far ; mi, b6r ; mine ; mOto : laQic ; mOOo . tk^n. 



Sec under IML 
r, Ic/A'^r, w. the prepareJ dcin or c^t^^rimg 
flf lui anunaL— Oi^l conusliog of leather. (A.±k 
Mk/T, halhir— <4iM/M, lo cover.} 
ImUmt*, le^A'^TD, adj., m»H* or coasiMuig ^ 

ItflVa, ICv, n.. frrmitston : liberty printed : fornial 
paniog of incnds ; farewell. [A,l», /f.i/, Ice. lo/, 
pemuudan — A.i>. /g^A, Ice Uxf't, lu |>criiiit ; 
coimccled with BcUeTt. Fttrlmckj 

bnff^ l£v, c./., /.^ depart Jnm: to ahwirlDn: to 
i«u^ : to allow to retnam : to refer for decuton : 
to bct^ucath ; to have rem^oirig at death. — r. r 
to de4ut: to cease :—^r-/. Icjiv^ini; ; jlw./. and 
>>./. I«ft (A.S. Uufiut, Ice. iW>, U Umfue, 
Gr. trip*, lolave.] 

lakTtno, Wingi; «■//., tkingx U/i : rcHn : refute. 

LMTI4. See under LmH 

LMTm, ler'n, k. the fcnnent which malces doufh 
Tst4 in a ^poQgy form , luxy muiture which isakcs 
a jrencnl change^ — f-/. lo mlsc with Icavcd : to 
laint:— j*r-./. lea/cning; /irt./. Icav'cncd. [Fr. 
/rrtfiM — U-crr, L. ^w, to raise — Irvii, light.] 

ZtfMW, l^vi, plunJ of loalL 

bKho*, Iccti'ir, K. cmc who iSu-^r up glnttaoously 
anythin£ daiAty in food : a dud addicted lo lewd- 
rveis. IFr. Ucktr, Ger. Utktu, to lick. ifcJker^ 
dainty : L. HjfMrio, to Uck up it dainty.^ 

iMfaareU, leilh'ir-iu, adj., iHr a UtA^r; luMfiil: 
provoking lust. — ^v. toch'tnulr. — Mt. lNb'«r> 
vumum, UA'trf. 

htMaa, Iftlc'thun, m., s nfoJifif: a variety in n 
m«fiuiCTi['i nr book : a porrioa of Scripture read in 
divin- sr-rvir^ (L, l^ti^^-lte^, irctunt, tn rrad.] 

Idrtlcir, , . the K. Catholic Krncc- 

t- tirportioiu of Scripture 

Uctot J' .- a leader of Scripture 

in 11,1- jtii trnc ■■'iiirrncv 

iMtar*, Ick'ttlr. «., « rtoMn^: a diicoune on any 
wibiecl : a formal tvproof. — S'.*. lo jnuruct by 
dbcaun«B : to in«mict authoritatively : to reprove 
— ^.L lu give a lecture or lectures :—>ir./ letf- 
tOrin" : At f. Iwr'tdred 

lMCar*r ' '---- _ _ » . . 'vi ,- a pro- 

fr r prracher 

tri,- . , laan. 

lMt«Xeuii|i "i-^- i'ii-iii;i, w,, i«^ f^v.f rf a Itttttrrr. 

laeiurB. tocltrn. Ick'turn, Mbera, let'*m, «. a rraJin^- 
dr*i: nvrJ m w.'iiic trhuic'ict. 

UA. !cJ./j./. and/.i.j*. of iMd. 

L*4c«. lej, n, a ihclf on which aitidd may he iaiJ: 
lliai which re&eathlc» such a shelf: a ridfc or 
slielf (if n>cki : a layer: a imall moulding. TA.S. 
itigttM. t>> by. See t^j ] 

Mc7. l^j I. ittij., ah>iutdiMj[ tM /a^/ti. 

M(«r, lej'tr, w. the princifdl book of accounu 
among merrS.-ii}ts, in which the entries in alt the 
oilier Doolcs .vc l(uJ up or ealcied ia a summary 

Lt4gir41iMk See Ufw Una. 

Lm. K**, ". \-X .1 t'tdittnJ place; the part toward 
w)ii >\(i^ir\.—^a4i'% u in Im-iU*. the 

Ok I a ship; I— rt i ttr i, the snore 

oy•.^ - L-<-ude at a »hlp- [A.S. hUiKti, 

shcUcr. Ilc kii^i*, to protect. Ai«y. a ihictd : 
Dutch, itna, Kheuer from the wind, Scot. lytMt, 
sheliewJ. uid /jikmi, calm.] 

lanrard, k'woxd, »dj. pertninine to or im Mtf tHrtc 
li^H <•/ tK< Ut, or the pari towird which the 
wind ulowi. — Aiiv>. tiowanl the lee. 


If urji, n, tlie fM^ or di 

dnven to the invArd of Let Imc o 

and V^y.J 

ICch, ■■ h't. a Jtfw//^ 

a blood -sucking worm. — - 

to :— /^j*. lecch'ing ; Pa^. I;. , 

^•ttcian, lo heal : Gofcli. inku, 

!nktH4>H, to heal.] 
LMk. \fk., H. a kind of onioa : tlte 

of Wales. fA.S, Int. a farm of i^^ 

in HiMloet. OaiUcI 
t*«r. Ifr. r-.f. . ^■^ A\>* attancr, at " 

to the ohjvct ; lo look vchlyor ot'i< 

Icer'ing ; P<t.p. le«red'.^-«». orik 

an uhii>]ue view : 4n affeclpd mtpr 

lat*VH, to look obliquciv; A.S. Urwr, face, 

probably akin to Mm.] 
Iwrlngly, l<r^tng-lt, aJtf., with a tmrtm^ 
Law \iz, n.pi. that whidi tin or 

bottom : ftcdiment ; dregi. [Fr. 

io lie. I 
Lwwac< LMmy. S«a under Lh. 
Left, piut tenst and pott Pttriifi/tf at 
Lafk, left, A^*., rA^ A^ or wnciw^ *■ 

the stronger, heavier fight , bciiu on 

— H. the side ociposile to the tight. 

Dutch, yiM-A/ /ttji: okl S. /c/Cvwk; 

G^r. !aift, left.] 
T-n hiMJH. Icft-hand'ed. «i(r'. haviM tf 

stnanger and readier than the n^iftj 

unlucky.— «r. Ian-haa4' 

Lag. lee, m, lit a ttalk or 

tiv wtiicli animals walk ; 

ot anything, at of j. table. — tfif/. 

vi. ra 



A tool, t 

leg^ IDan. ^. Sw. Uff: Ue- irtx^, 
leglnji, W.J a cin^nrng/ar tktvf. 

. leg'a-si. M.. Mmt «iu4 u i!^ 
wttf.' a Dcquot ofpenoaal propcify. 
/iga/im, for Ugvttnm — Uer, to le-i^T hy ' 

d/Z^legaciAa by cvuniag ihubc Ukdy 
bcalM, Icg-tt-tC, n,, mne to Vfhawt m if£t^] 
Lr«*I lr-',-.l .,./#., ptHamiM' 
irreaicd by U> 
.Vjfa//j — J*.r. 
Itii-: — , ._ ,_; .;, r./., /(> MMA 
authorise; lo utLCtioa '.—Pr^ l^i 
UOM. leg'U. H. Ut. Mf JMl/ M(*«i 
an amhanador, csp. Gpoai thfr 
ship, the office of a leaatK. (V)r. 
[.. Ufiia-~lfg9, to send with ^ 
lacatftM, Icg'a-tln, (T.(r., p/^or kUO] 
ItgaUoq, IC^'shuD, m. the peiwu m 
OS £qpal!r# or ambasKkdon i 
See niuier ]iiia«r. 
lej'cod or 1^, «. orig. 
of the liwt of iaiot% read at i 

romantic Hvr/ Grom cMiy i 
noRo on a coat of arms, myilnT. ori 
L. irtmdtk^ a book of chrmide* of 
L. Xvm^Mff, to be read— ^MVk M m 
Sagndvj, lefcnd-ar-i, ■., « ii»4 4^1 _ 
who relates legvnd&. — idp. coaaatwr afl 
romanltc : fabulous. 
l«cnil% lejl-bt. ndj . thai map ** '«*': cl«> ' 

esn. of I 

fiUc, f&r; in2« h£r; mine ; miKe ; tnOtc ; mOOn ; /Asm, 


tst hud : jujxlcry. (Fr. 

. ie ff ifv — L. u i/ (Sfw'- 

_ _ d tr. W, aC iW4ii«, L. 

•Ill^ ■- m mmik, one of tbe MUtrri 
iha-rt at tietow Uu: iCaff lo exteiul lU 
i^^, ftlicbt, and UU.J 
unJcr Us- 

jr o£ fmdicn of from three 

, nilitary farce : a %rat num- 

ttt choMc, U lery.}— 

Itr of oierit inidniied in 

atij. . rtUfui^ to or oansistinf 
Jacion* : cootaiouiK a frvai dub- 
|«f a legion. [L. /fyaMMnkx.] 
L, Ar IfrtHr/armmni, propCMe, 
••>. |M:Tilitii»: /«./. ieg^l*. 
■L [L. le.v, IrgLT, l^w.Jrrv, 

r, «<V'. jnvv^ or gruKim£ 
ID tcgulsiiDa. 

tfMT mi# muAkt iiniv; ■ 

U'&r, M.. ikf iedjf of mea in a 
tKe puwrr of mudkiiig Itnot. 

- skilled in the Uwt. (Fr. i^ruAr 

|f!>>4iiAt, it</r', lit Wos*// earcrding to 
lawfully Degottcd : gesuioc ; fairly 
f by natural icoueacc : autfaM- 
.t, to make Uwrul : to give the 
: child to an tllcgitijnatc one : 
; Ai-/. lEgit'tioALed. — aJv. 

M. , tttU* of being Ufiti- 
to Uw , 1jMrfuIoc» of birth : 
regular dcductjoa. 

N. one who lupporta Ueiii- 
fnncB, an adhenot of the 
pb iBjo. 

Ic-cft'oQcn, m. in So/., a 
lirs into two valves, hjiviiig 
or ftlBched to one uicute 
as o{ the L«a, beao, Ac—//, kg*'- 
;•, to saiher.) 
J.'. , batrimg ifgumtt a» 
„ -A pulse. 

«. lit. fS tiait m/beimg firr. 

thmt. pcrmutfion: tunc free 

freedom from occupaiion. — 

E, Uurrt, Fr. JWm'— L. 


mdj., dmt et Irtmrtt ilow; 

., im a Itiemnty mmnntr. 

liL /4«i wAu-A u rtcnvtd, an 

is awiM.. a propoutton demott*- 

^oipcve of being uied in a cubse- 

H species of rat In northern 

for aiKrating soulimrani 

fKvnr. Ummuift Sw. Utnrt, 

«L la oval froit. reaemblins the 


_ . wfth an acid pulp. — m. the Itm fluf 
I bcara IcmooB. [Fr. /ummi— Turk. limMn, Ar. 

ItDOMdi, lem-un-ftd', ik. a drink made of 

/wisr, water, and wear. 
Immnr, l^mui. n. Oc m /Am/.- an animal in MtL_ 

Caacar, allied lo the tnonher. wiiich goes about l 
nisht, whence its nixm^. [L. itmu*-, a gbott.] 
hmA, lend, o /,, to gnt Af Aire : to £ive for a i 
tunc something lo be returned ; lo afTord 
Crunt, in cencral: lo Icl for hire :— >r.^. Icnd'inx;] 

/u7. aod/fl./. lent.— «. taut'ar. f.^Id E. Utnnt,\ 

A.S. itrnam, HJutn Cer. IriMm.} 
loan, loo, M., Mvi/ Ti/Ai£4 u /<•«;. ihc act nf let, 

ing ; permiiuon to UM ; money lent for inicreaL 

— v.t. tri lend :— ^.*. loon'ing ; /a^ loADcd'. 

[A.S. /tm. Ice. ^M, Dao. iaAM.\ 
Idafl^ &c See under lan^ 
InltM It'nicnt. a<^". lit. *^: mild ; raercifuL— m. 

in MMi^, ik.ll which «of(ei»; an ciDoltienL— «. 

lanlaney. {I^ UitUns, -tntu, pr.p. of Uni», to 

Kiften — 4eHh, Mft.] 
UoJUvt. Icn'iiiv, aJt\, lit/itning or mtligalini; : bx- 

abTc. — n. in MUrf.. an application for easia;; pain; 

a miU pur^Uve. 
Inlty, Icn't-u, n., i,f/tmnt', mildness: clemency, 
Loi^ lesrz, n. tic a UnM mtt : in optica, a piece of ^ 

claa or other trmnsparcnt tulntancc with one or] 

boih sides convex, lo called from iu liketieas t» 

<* Until Mtd : the crystalline humour of the ey«. 

|L. Um, UMtis, the IcoiiL] 
Uotknlar, lentik'a Lar, l«nmsm, len'ti-fonn, «4/., 

rrwmhiiwtg a tmx or Itntil tttd; double-convex. 

—adv. IcBtlo'olarly. [I„ ImlUultrit—JfMficttla, 

dim. q( Utu: L. Utu, 'entu, andytrmu, furm-l 
laatu, len'ul. m. an annual plant, common near the 

MrditerraocaD, beariua pul»e used for food. [Fr, 

UmttUt — L. Un*, Untu, the lentil. 1 
lank, lent. n. lit, th* timo wMfn tkt days lengthtu; 

a fast of forty days, olncrvcd in ooaimcnKiratinu 

of the fast of our Saviotir, besinninc with .AtJi- 

Wednesdayaod continuing till Easter, {nld F. 

UttteM. A.S. ZfMgiem, Uncten, spring, Lent — 

Itng, looger: or from Gcr. find, mild, DuLcb. /<, 

Untin, to make mild, because the seventy ^^S ^ ^ 

wiiilrr i« ihcii rehixni.] 
laatan. knfen. adj.t rtlMting ta or used In Lrnt , 

X^atlcvUr. LibUL See under Ibm. 
LiBtkk. Icti'tisl:, n. lit. gum-trtt : tht masiic-lree. 

IL. ienttMCHt — ifntui, sticky.] 
lastoaa, Icn'tus, adj., ttUky : viscid. 
Lao, leO, m. tn astr., tht Linn, the fifth sign of tbc 

lO'Jiac. [L.] 

Ifi'o-oln. adj., o/or Uke » Han. 
. l€'o-ntn, adj. a kind of Latin vcnc which 

rhymes at the middle ajKl end* fuid lo be 

named from Leoiiinus, a canon in Ports in the 

t'th century ; or ftoin Pupc Leo II., who wu • 

lover of muiic. ] 
Leopard. Icp'srd, n., fke Itam'/mni, an animal oTtba 

cat kind, nearty as large as a tiiier, with a i 

skin, found in oil the Iropical parta 

WoHd. ICr. lee^*d»r—it*n, Uoo, 

because supposed by the •■ 

between the pucber I^J' 
x«F«. tep'cT, a. mm. 

cmers i)w sktA 
U* (Ttiy— /r/mH 
peel Olf.J 

ftce* tij ; nX, hkr : mine ; nOte ; mflt* [ 


l*pfMy, kp'ro-si. N. « ilifaiAK of ite Ucia nurlced 

UDnma, Icp'rui, *t<lj., rtjfntrti H-i,'A fr/nMy,—«*h: 
lap'nniljr. — m. top renin—, 

t«rdd«pl«n, Icpi-dup'tr^r-a, «/^ so orderaf in«ecis, 
mth fuur u'lwjTi f'TcrcJ with very fine unl*t 
like powder, as the buttcrlly, ni'>in, &c. (Gr, 
fr/M,Zr/MiVw, aicale,//^*'.!, pi. of/Zi-rtfw, awing.) 

Uplilo|«VBl. lep-i-dnp'iir-;*!. lajAdoptaruo, Irp-i-Jap'- 
itt-\ii, ajj., ftrintntH^ /.' iJu tef-uiaf>tmt. 

Xi*porlB>, Icp'o-rin, t*dj% ^rt^iniug to or rrjrw- 

the him.] 

f. Ate See under Lipar. 

If'jhui), « , d hurt: In mnf.. xn injiir>- or 
wotuid. |Fr.— L. ia-Uii — A»-i/t», Urium, to hurt.] 
Ian, left. a^tj. (coinn. of littls!, tii Lwk, ntaxeJ^ 
ditntiitshctl ; snuJlrr — a4v. not su mitch ; la & 
lower dCKTcc. — n. a smaller portion: in B., the 
inferior or youozct. (A.S. urt, iirtia: old E. 
AuA, W. /Au7, JAck, lume: Fr. /djrA/, sUtk, 
weak. It. Ia4t^, L. Uutui, weak, (.iinl, akin lu 

r, aUck, lotMC.] 

Ic»'n, r.A, /c (woAr /*-/», in nny tcntc; to 
weaken; to degrvdc. ~-r.f. lo becoau lets: — 

> m .0., Uit; kmallcr; infen4>r. 


ttatt. . 

tart,1ni, '^ 
tlut. (olU L. i^^j/. 
Sec niidcr L 

pritiiiiivc form ufj^^fju,] 

(! r uttui, uiiu Po-"*^ *»'' 

in the inullckt or lowest 
. cfl. Ufy/tl] 
■ Utt ; that uot ; for fear 
, UaiU A.S. /«!/, Icastly.) 

< urns At a time ; a 
■\ : uutruction de- 
lecture. (Fr. /fp*« 

-L. ^'fi<^ — rrft*. tu gather, luread. SecT<wUaa.J 
Sec under Lmm. 
UM. Sec under Lm». 

Ut, Ici. c /.. I"*' iioiken or /(WJf rtttmrnt w>^ir; to 
Ktve leave or power to ; to allow, permit, uifTcr : 
to p-ant to a tenant or hirer : in H., t^ tatic t» 
$iitck<n or /nv *Tr-rr, that ii> to prevent : to 
hiuder \- leti''ine ; f-a.t. and A'A leL -«. 
in t*\ui, liimicmnce i rjliMrmriinn ; delay. [A.S. 
iaefiiri, lo permit, iirltitrt, t>i liiiiJet — Ar/, Ice. 
ititr, r,Ir,w. cric. >iack: Gcr. initm, Fr, laititr, 
to : See LtH. 

Irfih . , dii%th,ifaiing. Nfttine <»w/.- 

.1 |l. Jfiknlti—Uikttm, Mmt, 

d(.aih . aV'iL tu !<■<'. iimple fnnn of tirlef, lo blut 

uu(, or h) Sint. //', to mctt, diuoJve. j 

IMbUkmt^ l^-thirtr-ut, a^j., cnr^ing death: 

deadly. II" i'ihi/rr- — iethum.Jrra, to bcar.J 
LiCkuvlc. IaUutbT- See under L«Ow. 

/^- Mi,r iif the rivers ofhcll 

he post to all who 

IXlr.—Hthfi, old 

Lrtkii If^thc, m. ii 
wtid to cau(e/i 
drank of its u 

fnriii III i.Tith.i 
Utfcr ■ 
Ut!l ■ . 

- obliWous. 

'//duww,' heavy 
I.I ■; \- I if. iltkargia 

— i^itti- . t-iloeu, oad 

rtrxvi*, i' 
IMhardc i. . . 'ik-«l.(u^.. 

^tt.ftMt>i^ w ui^t^ . unuaiitTiiiiy tlcepy: duU- 


Sac undsr 
lrl>r. *i 111. a intirk *i»ww%W Or 

mark • --■■ ■- ■' "■- ■- ■ 

writ I 


tcr* ..,"-. -,. , 

latt^mr. |o)o K. Fr, Jrttrw, It. M'» 

— /I'wr, litHm. lo ■mcjr.) 
lt«'tr-«f-««d It •■ -■-••.-■ ,...ii„.., 

cash lo a C' < 


private ihit> L_. -. 

on the vcascU ot ^' 

under such a conin 

pa'iiDt. M., a n'r:.-: ., ^ 

:uilh(insin{; a pcnon lo ci i 
l»ll«r»<l, I f I' *(/'., ffM /T*r.y 

vcned in literature ; beloi_, 
litt r -fa n a < w , tci'cr-fouud'£f, i 

CAsU Utters or lypcv 
tottafiaf, Ict'er uig, ■. theau of^ary 

the letters iinprr»ed. 
litWr-pma. let £r-prci^ «.. lrtUr$ ci 

matter pnalcd from type, 

LrttwM, let is, n. a filant contaimas « 

juice, the leawj of which air uted 

[uld Fr. iMutmc, L. Aii/MLrf— Zu, 
Livant, l^-vant', w tlu: |M»nl where ihc 

the East : the coasik uf the Mcdil 

(if luly. -nJf. krvAOt i^ la^ 

irfnmt — Irper^ L. irparr. to r.iiic) 

larmalta*, l£-vanl'Iii. .1 .'■ '•.' •■■ 

Lavkfttar, K-vunt^r, /: 

Lrvftuf or caAicni . 
!•»••, lev'^, w. liu rf * ..-■ 

(>( visiton ; au assembly i 

or other prcAt pcrsonacc 
Lanil, Icv'el, tt. a hori . < 

without jnc^ualltH 

^-ation ; uaie of ei, - . 

an iiatninicnt for siicwi>> _ 

tiorUonlal : even, snuMit. 

cl&e ; ia the laine line or v 

or dij:iiii>'. — v.t. i: ~ ' 

flat or (inooth ; i> 

• Icr'ellioe . 

It. /irW/rf. L. liivii.^. <. 

a level, a balance.] 
UvaUar, Icv'cl-cr, m , *nf twA. 
kffilMii, lev'cl-nes, «., JIm*. .y .^-yf 

or equal. 
Lnw, iVvtr, n , fhnf whfrh t-^r m 

tif mcr ' ' 


IFr. . 
tovamf«, Ic > cr-jj, w. mc mf:cri.inii.^i 

iy the u*c of the lever. 
L»T«nt, lev'^r-ct. h , o y*»t>tg iiii ; a. 

first year. (Fr. ttynttU, dim. ftf 

//■/([(J, tffiorii, a I»»re,J 
I«Tlabln. Stc luidci U«T. 
LMlalhii '< 

uf f 

»lr . 


to a I 

Ute, lar . di;£, her f mine : mOte : mQtc : mOdD : tJmu 



. -^., - . - -->■ 

, ttvrr, L. /(TW, tu in:Lkt bgnt 

, ai^'.. «Mff 1"^ ^ /«vuv/ or aucMed 

I.. A,/^-,-,-f^^^/^yl«.//<', 

>r]^y ; ignonnl. 

. Iicciitiotu : un- 

— . U:ialy. — n. tew^iMM. 

tbe people. Soc telty under 

■•. d ■avrti-Ivffk or dicdonary. 

_ to A lexicon. IGr. /r,t/- 

Uft, to speak. J 

e'rJ-fi. «., /A/ (BW a/wn'tiHC 

i(jt. UztDOfntyblc, ludoociftph- 

I j(^.j//u>, la wrile.] 

ra-fCr, n.. (f^/ tkitled i» 

at compilinjc dicticMiario. 

Mr *ir( <y dtjiutHg 

Uu tciener ef focr\U ; 
wkich treats uf the 
4'if wurdk. IGr. U^^, 
Or treatise] 

, tfw UeilU4 in 

, 1 _„. lU. 

/itiMt or 

/ . » fonruition of argillaceous 
: the oolitic xystem. [» 
^«rtc, U-u Qc, PfrtaiHitt£ 

^p,, tk* ^9itnmg /itrtk wine or 

of a deny ; the liM>u<l 

li&*, Gr- ieio^, lu i«ur.I 

Jvw4; a writtea accu&a- 

drfaniaJory piiblicatinn : in 

' T -'-'[inir* ground* of 

■ -v.t. to iicfame 

■!i iaiv, 10 proceed 

, i -m (.nr..i <.>_tiuii)aroi ;— /r/ 

ITbcUcd. LU itUUua, dim. wf 


as one V 
Gr. ^/ ■ 

UkwkMr. lit^ir aI'i li. 

Jtf'rrnf ; gTlrfdiity , 

:ikta to 
■ ef A 

largcncu ^ ooblencs* ul 


/. , /<• maJtr htfrmi, or cn- 

:— /r./. lib'crallMi)j{ ;/*t./ 

Ubtfmta, lit'cr at. r./.. /<» Mft /"tt 
I lj'crAtcd.—n. Utan 

tr-strn-tK, rrtnfineaicnt, or bondage ." — ^^'"A lib'er- 

to f«lc&»e from 

►r /. Ilb'er- 
(I.. /Mm*. 

UL. , ..i-ot,H.,on«wMatiher^itet t>rlTt*u 

Itb^nia*, III) tr-iin, or -Ifn, «. lit. (lyr, r r- 

incrly, one who profcWcdyrvr cj. ■ 
ally in rclirioti . uoc who leads a I: i 

ralcc or dcbaudicc. — adj. bclyngi: 
II. Jii ; uiircMrauicil , liccnlJuuL II 1 

Ubcrtbtlan, Utt'cr-tin-inn, «., the (fi».r 
titr ; licent!ou*ne5*of opinion c* ^>^al.1-:^.c . icwii- 
tievi tir dcUtuchery. 

Ubarty, lib'ir-ti. «., tAr itaU <•/ being /rttx tnc- 
dom to do u one pleases : freedom Trom resmiini t 
the unrestrained enjoyment of natural rights; 
phvUejic , cxcin)ilion , Ic^ivc ; tctajulion vf tv 
>lraiQt ; the bounds witliin which cerlaiu privi- 
lege* are enjoyed ; freedom of wcech or action 
beyond ordinnry civilitv. (L. ^ti'frtttt.] 

UbiAbioma, h-tud'ui-uA, lU^'-, /"(« o iif'rrtint: /nttt^ 
dtrirr; lu>ti'ul : given lo tl^e indulgence of llio ' 
animal paAsiucn. — a^iv. UMd'toouIy — j*. UUdla- 
ooiaaM, (I.. Ithidituitui — liiuia, (kure— /m^.] 

Ubruy. lllirer-i, h. a building or room conuiiuticM 
cuUection ef hooks; a coUcction of books. 11" 
lihrttrium — iii<r, a book. J 

IlkrwUa. Il-bri'ri-an, m. orig. a trwttcrihrroflMls, 
a iLritt; the keetKU* of a Hbraiy. — n. tttem'rtaa- 
Atp. [L. /i^rnr/MX.] 

librua, h'bt^t, v.t. lit. Ho «KJt>r /rW or ^wm; iq 
balatKx. — t'.i. luiMOVcasiibaLiJice; to be pulsed : 
— irhritini;: j*oj*. Il'braied. — w. Utekltal, 
the act of balangna or stale ot' Iwinj; balanced : JL j 
state ofcquipoike. [L. //A^v, fifinttmm — ii6rm,m^.' 
level, a b.)ljjicc.] bee under L«mL 

Ubnlory, li bra-Ior-i, a^j. moving /iJte.4 Antiiucf. 

Uc*. iLs /^/fm/orLmak. 

UccoM, Uce&M, irscns, ft., a httng ttUint'ed ; leave ; 
Ijiunl (jf pcinufauoit ; the ducu/ncnl by whicJi 
auihonly la conferred; cxcesA or abuse of free- 
dom.— c./. to CT3nt licenM to; to sutborue or 
Crtnit :— >r./. Tl'c em i n jf ; fiti.f. H'ceuKtL IFr. ; 
lUentti»-~-lue^, to be allowed.) 

UcMHT, tl'scns-ir. H., cue wha ernntx Ucttut or 
permluion ; one Authorised to license. 

UcB&Uata, lT-»eTi'shi-.ll, n., pue tvhtt has <c Ihense or 
(Ta.nt of pcnuiuuon to excrciic a profession. 

UcMtlooi, ll-sen'shi-tts, ifdj-./uU e/ Hcrnte; Uf 
dulgtng in eKotwivc frceiiom; given nt the iii- 
dulscDce of the ariurul paMions ; diu'tluie. — <uh'. 
ll«ia'Unil7,— n. UeOB'tloutteci. [L. lii-entioajti.) 

Krh-n ui.*.!, ..r \..~) -n . . ■^■..u^ that Ikitt ftp 
:. of trees: an 
ieichin, from 
.. -k. 



fimp'tnc: />*-/■ limprd'.— ^. act or limptojc ; ■ 
halt, l\ S. Sim^Ju-alr, Ltint! ; olJ Gcr. ItrnMrm, 
to limp : cuniitctcd with SAn.«. Um.'j, t -i I'all.] 

tlai|)itoclj, liinpiutt-U, oHi'., im .1 . ■"*'. 

UiBP«l., licn'pet, n, a amaJl khel' : -wet 

\o (•art r^cA-t. {L. : Gr. /r/rfi - U;. ..,,-,._ IjJJo 
kmJc— ^>\', to pecL] 

XiBfid. liniYi'i, «/</. . <Uar; shiniog : transparmt : 
pure.— nj. Va^'itj, Ita'pUaia. (L. iim/iJMS, 
m furm ai Uqtiixita. Sec UqmUL] 

limy. See uuiicr LlmaL 

Uaeb-VlB, Unili'-pin, m. a fin ui--iJ to keep The 
wheel I'f J uniugc on the ii-n\--/rte, [A.S, 
tjfttA, Ihitch, imtuc, the ^LJtlc-trcc — oU Gcr. I'vw, 
pes, l>olt, And riA.] 

Usdvo. liu'dcn. h. the liinc>lrec. [A.S.| Sw., Ice. 
/jfu/, Gcr. itnJe, old Ger. /imAl] 

Ub*, lln, «., A thtrtui a/ iinrK or jTitr; a sirndcr 
cord: in uuttn,, tlut wliidi hu IcnKib without 
hvewlth or ihickncss : an cxteitdc*) urolce : a 
Mnii|lht row: a conJ extended lu direct any 
operiilion* : outtioc : a row; a rank: a ^-ctm:; a 
tmich: litnit : method: the cquAtor: liucage : 
ditvction : octnipalion : the regular 'mfunXiy of 
an army : the twelfth part af au inch. [L. lituA 
—Uithm, flax] 

Ua*, liD, f.t. to Diarlc out with Ifntt : to cover with 
line5. tu place along by the »tde uf fur Kuaidin^ : 
lo <>trL-iiciIicr) liy additional worki or men :~/r.j9. 
ihi n.-d". 

Uau. descendants im m titu iron) a 

c ' ^ iitor; race; famdy. 

Ulial. Uu't^al, >uij., ff at frivnjpnc io a ibu : 
rompos«l of Unec : in the direction cf a line: 
ilc**:ended in a direct line fruni an anccMor.— 
otiv. Un 'tally. 

UataBcat, lin'e a-ment, k. lit « imt; rcatnre: dis- 
lingtiuhing Duirk in the form. 

"~-". 1iu'^-ar, m/J., it/* or ieltH^inp la •■ luu; 
coauitioe of or havios the form ufluici : imi|£ht. 
— .li,':'. Ua'fcwly. 

Uaoat.. :-. '.>ia, u^e an 4alliiMtl«B. 

ItBcr -.-icl helongiiig to a tegular lutt 

Un l ag. \\i u.,'. «.. ;i.-r (j/'diawtng linet upon, or of 

iti.iikiii^ with linev. 
XJa«B. liii'iiL, T. 'J ]ih :iia(!-,: nf ;j'«f orjfiJj"; under- 

cJ'i' i- uf linen. — mij. 

ni.. iulJi. IA.S. linet. 

K- ' ir. lint-H, flax.) 

Xkam, llii, -.'.;. ({> i-uvcr oil tlic ni>idc wtth Unm or 

oihcr nucerial : tu cover: — Pr.p. Un'ing; /«./. 

lined' - <■. Ua'lflc. 
Ilaavt, tin'ci. n. a Mnall sinking bin! »o cnlled fr^m 
the see " ~ 

Ft, /in.-/.) 
ttUMd, l)n\cJ, 

Um«*i1 c*k>. !ln\*'1 Vr.l-.ff the rc^ remaining when 

111! . r ffiLX'seni. 

lln••'^' ilAiC'Sfed, 

Uaavy IT made of Unm 

iinO l1 LuiiiUilahIc parts.— «. 

tiL t'l. :n and wool mixei. 

Ual. !: :' ' raped into a vAx woolly 

%\\\ . : ri unimd^ 

Uatr, II rrsembline the cod, so calleil 

fi /rrm rVs. Aiv.tonxJ 

MMt*' -in any state : to 

Ivn ■ ring: />«./. linj 

1 smeit 
feeding on the seed of^a.r. [A.S. Unttu.n^t. 

UataMd. Untied, «*., lint or JJtt^- 


_ Tmi['g*r-inf, ■ -iMiky 

pTOtraCte-J.^- -* '■. 


/.— odV'. tlacvallr Itrotn I 
Us«BlM, Im^E^wisi, n., ^fw 

latl^; • 

lUf«l«ti' ;Vi, H.U*£. the 

/a»r I .. 

UagttUUt ^^ .■ lirr-T-''"* ' — 

•irf/" . /V#Vjjkiw^ r^ 
LUflUdttlal. iinf-gw . 

joint acU'Hi of the A ..^ — --■ ^^ - 

m. a wiund thus produeni, iL. 

bonguc, and IlHitaLJ 
Uiil — at , lin'i-tncnt, n. , xmtnHtit^tt0'^% 

uintmctiL IL. iLHiime/ttuim — J^£b#, t«' 
li&la^ See uivUcr List and UaOL 
Uak, linek, n. tonicthirg^vf 90 as 

.1 rinif of a chain : unythittx 

part nf a scries — v.i. to connect o 

to join in conrcdcr^icy : to uniie ia • 

10 be connected:—^./. tiak'mc;>i/. 

(Get. gwUnk — iemlkfit, to bcti.: . j 
Uak, lingk, n. a lif^tot to- > 

(pmlj. iVnfn Dutch, hm/y 

tOTv; allied In U /ycAfuu, < ■ 
TJnn— n, Li anam. Iin-n('jn. <><«>•. j 

Luttaiu, the celebrated awco»h luuMiti 

— 7B , or lo hii sysicin. 
Uoaet, TttiMii. U&My-wiMlMy, Sec tinder I 
Uni. ^>1:e under Ubsil 
Uatal, iin'lel, n., ^m: -. ' ' ' ' 

connecting (iMit>er 

piece of a dc^or or ci 

/urn, foi /ttittn, tJie iic:itliiiccv ol A 

Uoo, Ifun, <• a1arEeandfienrei)tuJr 

itble for ita n tu^ : 1 1 < 

sodiac : any object 

[L. In.Gt. tt>}n: A 
Uoa-h«attad, ! run-hirt-ed, aiij. Kmu^ \Uti 

courage of a iiim. 
UnlM, irun I2. r.r., t« limfMaXim 

interest :— /r./. H'ootung; /<«./ b'oni 
Xip, lip, H. the miucuUr border m fnnil ' 

l(y which thingi are taken intn tb« 

cdj;ci>f anything. [A.S. /*/)V. L. 

to L. Ltmea, K. Ai/, expremuve of 

lapping. 1 
Upp^ hpi. i**^.. ^ax-ins if^t; having « I 

rounded ctlgc like the lip. 
Uqaatloa. ii-kwyUiun m i(" -. 1 'f^.n 

..r mgliirn; . tlie a,: 

ligu-p, liymatHut, ti- : 
UqMTy, lik'w^-fl, :.», 

— T'.r. lo become liq ■ . ji 

liq'uiflctl. IL. iiiji. 

liquid, and /ii.f > i ■ 
U«««teetlaa. lik 

ftstjUtt/r tiai 

ing — M. UqBMCuuy 
nf Uq^esfti, to bect ( 

Uqvrar. lik-cr'. n . ^ 
cordial. | Fr 

U««14 lik'wid, 

'. u / aiiil r, in //d, /^w. — 
t. Jit. ia nt.tke U-fHiJ. ut 

,H.,Hte met (>/ liquidAt- 
ilmg &od adjufciog dcbis. 

^ u<<Atf or ik*i which 
^ ind adjuus. 
tkt*tg tiqHhi I strong drinlc 

a pUnt with u rtuert mot 

Rtcdicinal puip-i<>e:i. [Or ^{r* 

/. iweet, and rJuxa, roouj 

fpeak MHCh the toneiic agdinst Ihe 

g(m«, ifl in pTOiiouDcinf; M fori 

' '! iQ uiter feebly or 

•:c wilh a l:»p ■ — 

A-S. wiitp, Duich, 

^rfnmimciMg vritk a /irfi. — n. 
with a lisp. — .u/r. Ui^Ik^. 
■ •»rdcr of cloth ; a row or 
ii I —v.t. to sew togtlhcr, 

f Ma .1 !".r J-:r tu. lacuver 

r in a list or 

: ■ crvicc, u 

V lA.S. ////, 

t. /u;.«, «, /.-^.'.^ cilil Ocr. tuia, 

oriHr'/r; a line cnclourg a fMccc 

p. lur coiiibut : — fit lUta, ilic cpiuin] 

a conic^t. — To «ot«r tb* lUt*. iq 

contcvl IFr /^ic, It- ^*ij«, Itciia— 

"I of /u'tum, a ifinUc.l 

«1# 4*TV/iV»»-M»T w; to dcvirc ; to Ulce 

/vtttH. Dutch, lyxte, 

.'.«/, pleasure. J 

iietirt or wish ; 

..., iaduleui. — aiiv. 

dim. of LUiflL 

-or attend to. — v.t., ta 
III follow advice :— 
I. (A.S. itiiitAn, Icr. 
, <.'r, ^;«w), to bear— Ice. 4/au/, 

►, w. , cjM" ntke ttMlnu or hearVeai. 

t'-'' . :<:n. and Ucht, to alight 

I- •f'ii'; a form of tu[i[>)i- 

)■ ' :' [\^ittama, Kji . iititruia 

la fnA^-—Ji(t, a [>rayer.J 

3, •irf/.. ^t^H/rinj: ta or Cffmriftuig of 


•'!" irtrer; plain; not 
-iwirtE ihc letter 
! -w./r. Ut'tralljr. 

Ut^Tti, 3 letter.] 

I'tumgine /*• SetitTt or 
men of Tetters ; derirod 


Ut&aria, lith'arj. ». liL ttf^e-gilttr : the vitrifieit 

lead t«imn((cd from mIvof in the proc«M vi 
rcfmiiii;, C""'- :. fJr. itihaijjro* — tttAM, a Moai, 
and ftrgyntt, silver, t 

Uth«. \\th, M4/j., ahje t0 MM* tk0 iimhi nv//; m/T 
easily bent, flexible. —m. UUm'mmb (AS. Utke- 
liih, a limb; Ocr. /*«.^, Ice itMr, akin to U 
/rwij-, ioff, tender.] 

UthMOBM. WtkhMm, adj., titht, supple, ciniblc. — n. 

Litkflfnpk, tiih'o-^raf, vt., 1e vrriU or cnf^ue 
DH ttan* and traiufer lu i^pcr by pnrutng :— 
/r/. ]lih'o|p^phing: Ai./. Iiih'ofraphc-i.— «. 


tioae, aiul 
one rifia piaaiiea 

priiil from Mone. 
e^ra^ki, to wriic] 
lltlM(nph«r, liih "^'ra fir 

llic art of Itthogrtifikjt. 
UtborrapUc. li{)i-t>£rur ik. lithafraplOeal, Uth-i>- 
(•raf ik, al, -t.// . beictigi'T t» UlttarraM* —uJv. 
UUofiapkj, liih-og'raf-i, m , tAr art e/ w^itimg or 

engraving >jh ttemf and printing therefrom. 
llUoU)S7, luh ol'i.* ji, «. ihc department of kcoIo{^ 
which frritti r/ ilic cunttituucn and structure of 
r9cAr. IGr. /ifAi's, a itone, ajid /o^vi, divioiinc ] 
-r^J. UtlMlaslcAl.— n. UUwracM. one klullcd in 
UUwphjrto, lilh'o-fit. »_ an otiimal production Mppar. 
cntly b<>ih itffftf and f'tant, as coral. [Gr. /ttAot, 
itone, and Mj-Zt't, a plant— /A^j, to pow.] 
UthBtoBr, liih-ot'o-nii, «. the operation nt cutHttg 
Jarttom in the bUddcr. [Gr. iitfun. a *lfifir, ami 
ttjmf, a cutting -r/^jv/h), to cul.J-n. UUwI'smUC. 
on« who praciuea Utitotooiy. 
UUcat*. litl-gju v.t., to c»rry on a tirift; Id 
contest in law.— :>./. to carry on a lawmif : — 1ii'ij{3ting; /a./, lit'ij^ted. — m. Utlca'Uon. 
|L. ^'tffo, -titum — ILr, Utu, a iiritV, nc-^. ii> iln ) 
Utlaablt, ril i-gabl, aJj , ta^bU of t^in^ Utt£.\!.-J. 
tlitfuit. Itt'i-^aitl, aifj-, (CHlrHdittg M law ; cogagej 
in .1 lawsuit. — n. a person enga;^cd in a lawbuii. 
Utlflinu, li-ty'yui, adj., /{md <•/ tiri/e; cotitcn- 
iKiLu : inclined to cncnee in lawtutts; »bjcct ttt 
coutcotion. — i%dv. Utlf'iimily.— fi. Utlc'leonaift 
Utotu, Lii'o-iei, or It*, m. til rh*t.. a toftcninji of a 
kiatcment /ur tim^icvty ancl ftometimct for 
emphasis. [Gr. Utotit, aimpUcity — iittu, pUiii.} 
littar. lit'^r, n. a coafuked mau of articles ^Mmhtf 
and Utid dintm at random ; any scattered collec- 
tion of objects, c^. bf liltlc value ; a heap of 
straw, &C. for aoiniaU to lie upon ; materials for 
a bed: a vcliitile cuntaining a bed for carrying 
about: a brood of inuU quadrupeds. —r./. to 
Katter careleuly about ; to cover cr supply with 
litler : to give bitth \o (said of unall animaUl. — 
r.*. to produce a litler or brood:— ^-/ litter* 
inc ; ^-fi- htt'ercd. [Fr. iitt^rt, low L. ttctarm 
— L. tectua, a bed — Ugo, to gather, lo by.] 
UtUa, lit'], adj. (comp. Ims; niperl. Isarti, tmitlt 
in quantity or e:(tent ; cvotetaptible : wc:ik. 
inconsiderable; poor, brief.— ir. ihal whach it 
small io quantity or cclcnt: a small space,— «u/t'. 
in a small quantity or decree; net much.— *■• 
UttlffBUL [old E. and Scm. hU. A.S. iyitt. 
Ice. littUt old Gcr. tuni, Uuth. tt*ttU.\ 
Xitfcoral. lii'or-al. lutj.. t*:t»iini- t^i tltd tfa-iAfftr, 

1 1-. /irttu, orii, tiir 
UMrir. ht'ur ji. m..a/ 



Bftsrglci. tt-tur^iiu, «., M# J^e^rite or theory ^ 

UtngM. lirur-JUt. N., #«M wAtf adheres to or luu n 

LnowtcUc* of liti^rgifj. 

UN, Liv. F.(., t9 hav* tifiti CO cotiiiouc in life: to 
be cMtiipt Aum dcBln. to last, to 9ub4i«t : i<> 
snjuy life, to be in ti state ol happtiicu : to be 
DOurifchcil orsiibpottcd : tadwcll—x'.r to spend; 
lo flCt in coaunTnity to:— fir/, livlnu ; /« A 
li^cj' _«. uV^r. [A.S, /fWrt«, UojitiH, Dutch, 
/nvvr, Cer. UiA^n, allied to /r/^, the iMdy.] 

Ut«^ IIv, a//'., havitif ti/t : utive, tioc dead: 
active ; conuinins fire ; Duming ; virid. 

UmtlllMod. nv'li-hood.f..«ri!aJU4rift«Mif; support. 

tlTtloBff. U/lonf , adj., tinU in'tt or \ia.t', Uh^. 

Uv«l7f liv^li,«i>^., fmvinf or tkm'itg it/r ; *igorwJS, 
■dive ; spnghtly : tainted , ttnjiig ; vivid.— ^u/ri. 
vivacioiuly. viforoualy. — n. Utb'Usmi. 

Ur*-«u>ck, llZ-stok, ft., living it^; Ute aaimAls 
employed or reared on a fann. 

Uflfls. Jiv in^, aJj'., k^ivins l*/< i aciiTC, lively; 
producing action or vigi^ur: rui\uuij2 or flou-iiic. 
— M. means of tubfiiiLcncc ; a property -, the bene- 
fice of ft clcri^man. — Uu ttvtiic. tboic alive. 

Uw. liv'ir, R the Ut^cm i^luid in the Ixwiy, 
lyias inuncdiatcly beneath the dtaphrafni, and 
whicD »ecrete4 the bile. 1.^.5. it/tr, Ger. Utfy, 
Ice. li/ur, prob, from C^r. l^kertn^ Ice, U/ms, to 
clot. IroBi its likcncM to amau ofcLotied blood.] 

UT«r-«slnr, livdr-kul-tr, tt^j., i>/ tk» mUup- e/ tAt 
/fcvr; (^rk-red. 

Uftt^umi. Uy^r-giOti, at(;'., kmnmg a vmMtA or 

tAvtry, Uv'^-t, m. lit. » Atlivtrjf or tetiimg /rte i 

the delivery of poueuions; that wtudi it 
delivered vtaledly, e&iv cktthes or food : the uni- 
fomi [liriit'rrrd ta aiid) w^jtn by wrvanu : a dreu 

Ecculiar to certain persons or things : the beiiij; 
tpi antl f?d 3; 3 «Ttain rate, as bones at livery : 

ll". :'■'■: , ,n in Lottdon. [Fr. 

/' l^vcr. Sec DellT*!-.] 

BTot.. - ■ 1 wearing <» Uitry. 

Uwynui, \.\ ■ I ; m.ui. n . >i man ntko urtart a 

/itmry . A frretrian at the city of London entilletl 

lo wrAr tlic livery and enjoy- uthcr privilexea of 

his company. 
Vntf-iMtit, hv'<r-i-«tl*bl, m. , a ttakU wbecc horMs 

«rv Jtt/t at livrry. 
Ilvl4, Itv'id,rft/r'.,^/'ri(' andhlut : of a lead colutir : 

discoloured.- m. UV'ldata. \\„ liviHut —itt-fn, 

in be of a lead colour, or black and blue] 
IJrlaf. Sec umlcr Lin. 
Us&rd, lii'ard, ». a eentts of four-footed scaly 

ri:ptilc) wicli Icgx lilie Arms. {Fr. Uiartt^ \i_ 

U»mA. Il'ma or U'du, m. a small species of cacnci 
pecuUiir to South America. [Pcruviao.] 

Uftft**. WifU, m. a pjtrt of the Loodun Roy.iI 
hjicliatue fruquenied by sht[M>wneri, undet- 
MTilcts Ac. to otiuiii >1iip])iti|[ iEitelligcDce, and 
irau^ct marine insunnce, »o called (taok ihcJr 
orig. meeting in Liay<{'t Coffee houst 

t«, 10. r/l^, look; see: behold. {A.S. im—ixmn, 
to look, a contraction of Look, impenuivc-] 

Uuh. iMhtk toch, n. X Bull river fish. {Fr. Ucke, 

iMbtt, tod, v./., i« liidt or harden ; to ptn on as 
touch as ean be carried : tn Leap 00 ; to put uu 

ovennurti ■ • - — ' -- -■- —■ -n-^\ abiind- 

ance: I<^ j ins : /•<■/- 

tnad'ed, --r burden: 


as much a« can t- 

cvco . a measAire 

quantity su»tuini<J 

Diirdrns or pne^rs . * wtrtiiMi 

\K.%. kUJai, to lood.] 
laadn. lad'n. old /ht.A of UmtL 
Joadlas. Iodine. N., t^t*ft»/imJ$mgm^^ 

charge, carjn, or lading 
L»a4-fisr, Lodt^tar, j^s^, m. , tU tStr 

IratU or tuiilili ihv fKitr^likr. 

'"-*— '-*. ■ way* anil «M^] 
llMMMW, l«d»«tiOM, Ickf -tlOn, «., « alMV « jB j 

iron that i/iirfr or attracts od 

Iproh a corr. of t^MM Stmf.mlk 

of Intding afterwards added. Set V 
Ijial, Inf, K. a regukuHy shaped 

Ruus of suear; any lumpr— «X IM| 

[A.S. il/V. C«r- ^^, Ooib. Mi|/V] 

lu L Uhtttn, a cake.] 
loaf-sofar, l&r-«boog-ar, «. scftned <ap]f«»-ia6Kl 

of a &N|/'or cotM. 
LouB,l0m, «*,aMrM^ii/f soil,e1 

and veKCUblc matter.— r ■ 

— fr p. lOam'ing : /w./ li 

iimtti, mud— rwoi i*, soil. (wj^cJ 
loaov. lOtn'i, tf<^'.. comult»t ^ w rt» 
Loan, Ifln, «. Sec luiiler I^ad. 

, loth. *ifj. lit. h^ttj^t; disli: 

unwilling. — Mdv. laaifcly. — m. k-- 

i^th, iicr. /fai^.] 

ICrA, ('.<.. t* kait or jM 

dislike Kn:aily:~>tr./. loathing; /a/. 

I.^.S. Ai/Airtii.] 
lo&tUnf. )AM1n{, m., txirrmt kiUt or 

tkliharrcnce. — aJj. hatiof. — a/o. ImI 
loatUal, tC/A'fool, adj., iuU «f Uttikii, 

ahhorrcnne; earitini; IikaihiDg ori 
laaUwims, X^iUiwm, tt^j' , r.rcM^ 

abhorrence; detcstaLle.- 

loath'som a a aM . 
L»aTfs, JOvr, n.,/f. olhmL 
Lotata. Sec under X^ihs. 
L»titar, lob^, m. lit. a place 

Jcliart; a stoall ball or wait 

age netwceo one or owe* upartisenkk'' 

/.•MfA, lauhia, Gcr. tmuit, a ponka^i 

Ut»h. foliage. See Lo4fi.] 
Lobs, lob, N., tft£ha*r^T: 

a division of the lunck^ 

diviaton of a leaf, yfr 

from /'•A', to peel ; nroht' 
iDbatv, Sdi'jX, lob*< lObd'. ^. 

ing of hhtt. 
lohsM. lob'let, lotala. lobot. m.. m , 
LoMar, toh'^tir, ■. a sHell-feh v.> 

osed for food. [A.S. Iff/fttrr, ■ 

a corruption of 1^ /^ntjtit, a M^ 
LoeaL i^l'kal, *>^'., </ or Jv^v^v 

confined lo a s|iof or distncs. — «m«. 

(Fr. ; L. iocath. from /nttt, nidaai.| 

place:— /r^. U^cailstng; V*^/- 

locality. l.%l(jn.ti. ir . c^mdititm 

e«i-t . - ■ ' 




iiic, ilr : mi, her ; tulnc ; mote ; woic ; mccn ; aIol 



'"— , imJiaitutcptta. 

■'' ihc »ca 'Sc:j( ) 
W '(. A. 5. imc, Uc. 

, mwrjrtAimf tJiat thmti in,' a place 
tnslruount to fxiirn i-t'Vir*. ^r ; m 
* Gual fur rauin^ ' xXi. 

ifwn ty whk:)i ^ - i ; 

wmiliiw ; a tLti. iijv- 

' comtncd pla^c. — r. f . t.r fajim 
t*n so » to impedt motioa : to 
t»si ; to ciabnoc closely : lo 
10 Mue the kwunl arm of an 
I fceoome £ut : to unite closely : 
■h ^> bckcd'. (A.S. Av. a 
,-' f-'^ Jl«b«, to shut, a bnlt_] 
; J of a canAl ; the iGBitT- 
materials used for them, 
yavi or ^aiMog ihnnigb them, 
a. any dCMed puce that UiJa- 
m-t « tmmU bck; a little gold case 

j*w, loVl'-jaw, n. a cou- 
of the /ovf by which it 
:>i. tlMk, and Jaw-I 
r-kcp^r, m. ooe wbo itrft or atteodl 
r'saiiUi* n. a tmith who makei ukI 

:'i«ttch, M. a ttihk iorined by the 
ro thnadk looetbcr. 
^ ». a place tor iedtmc up or coofin- 
fur a ihon time. 

wkick may ht pituked : a titf^ 
: a flock of w»xtl, &c. [A.S. 
iJBer. /ar<fr, a lock, A.S. lj>cean, 
Is pluck.) 

• kiod of coane linen, to calleO 
Bcetagne, where it is made. 
or its, mdj., moviftf /tT>m 
; capable of or assittiaf; in loco- 
, % ttetm*ti»t machine ; a railway 
, leeoMirtti^liy. [Fr. Utometif—h. 

. and mtnvj, mfftutm, lo move.) 
ft-ko-mlt'shuD. N.. act or /rarr fif 
/lAtt taf^ac*. 

, ^titCf: ID matA., Ilie ILoe traced 
■rfaioi varici ks posilioa accordmc tu 

»• 1^) . 

•lun, maj. lo l^t., divided interaaliy 
|L. /kmW, a cell, dim. of iectu.} 
|L I*, a mifmlory wirgcd in%ec(, in 
Am sraMhoffKr, highlv desinicUvc 
: a name of several plantii aiid 



mit>ini(. a eatrrM or vein containinz 
I A..S. lAU, a course — iiTifan, lo lead] 

See XA»tl-«ter, ^omA-tXmam. 

to place (.IT lay up a» f« a Iwrr; to 

. ... I,,.,. 1^1, .. ,fi, , icmponiry dwell. 

■, flfll, ■! gram — 

; for a time (in 11 , 

. I.. :, i» grain :—/r./. 

/ lodeed'.— »«.. a fiiofe rotirrr trtu 
noil** ill a park (in S. , a huij ; 
•"■•I f^^per ; a den; a cave : a 
I- pUcc of meeting. [A.S. 
■ •ejT""-*, lo lod(e : akin 
, ^v.'. /ii»»ie, bower.J See 

;«., ««/ fliAd tadgtM or lives at board 

M ID a hired fooa; ooe wIm Uays in aay place 

i"T J tiiTje. 

lodflax. I'-j iiie. R., ■/&Tt,v,^>v&^fT'>v'0''(iweUb|g: 
icuiLHtntry habitatioa : a room or room hir«d In 
the house of another (ofteo in//.| ; harbour. 

lo4(BHali, Ioj*nieot, i* , met t>/ isttgitt^, or tlaie of 
being lodged: accumulation oTtomclhing that 
renuxins al test ;_ mil., the occupatioa of a pooi- 
liun Ly a bcuegiog party, and uie worlu chrowu 
up tu mainiaio ic 

un, loft. H. lit tiua mkicA it Hflrdvp: the room 

or ipace imnicdialely under a roof; a gallny in 

a hall or church : id B., an upper routn. (Dkh. 

If/ti Ice. left, the tky or air: A,S. &//, the 

air : nkin to ll/t.) 
loflj. \(^'\,adj., li/itdup: airir; high id pontion. 

chancier, sestuitent, or diction : hifh: ttaiely ; 

hat^hxy.— «dW. tattVy.— «. liOiMM 
IA(. lor, n. lit. that which U vnwitl^ or Aakwj 

a bulky piece of wood ; maut., a piece Of 1 

with a line, fur Dicauinne the apoed of a 

[Dutch, Ux» heavy, unwieldy.] 
loc-toaH. k)«'-bOid, tof-M, Inp-book, w. iia»/., 

a toanj and JwM on wbjdi toe /ly^reckoiuDf ia 

loc-eiMB. tog'-cab-in, lag- h aMt> logr'-hous, krhtit. 

log'-hui. ai. a Cd/Vn, hautt, or A«/ built of /«/7. 
kw-Jla*, U^4lo, «. the tine jastened to the h>g, and 

marked lor fitidin,K tho ^>eed of a veaaeL 
lag-rval. lo^-rel. h., a nti (w the J;v^line. 
locwood^ log'wood, n. a red, MMvy mmod much 

uftcd in dyeiag. [Lac. and Weed.] 
IsgfBrtMad. log'ir-hed. m., «Mr witAa Atmd Or a 

logi a dunce : natti., a round piece of timber, 

in a whole-boal, over which the line it pasted: 

a species of Ka-tiirtlc. [Loff, and HaaA.] 
Logarithm, log'a-rithm, «. til. fJkf mmmh^r^ ftf tJtf 

nttiiis : (of a nuiTibc/J ihe cJipMwnt of the power 

to which a given number must bo raiMxt to 

produce that number. [Or. Ugos, ratio, and 

aritAmtu, numl»er.] 
logartlh&lc. log-a-rtih'mik, kgasllbmlcal, log-a-rith'- 

mik-al. <u^~., /rrr^uutv/' to or coMisUng Of ^/ki- 

ri£kmr.— adv. logarlth'mleaUy. 
Laggwhiaid. Sec under Log. 
Logk, loj'ik, n,, the Ktemce anJ art tif mumiti^ 

correctly ; the science of the ncoeicary biwi bf 

tboucht. [Gr. IfipJa, from V^/M, speech, reason. I 
tc^cal, lojlk-al, «uMJ.,peTtaimiHrU logic : accord- 
ing to the nilcs of'^ logic ; slulled in logic ; dis- 

cnmiaating.— dt/p. lag^eaUy. 
laglcUa, lo-Ji^)i'an, n., piu sbi/tfd in l^t. 
logliklo, lo-j ifc't ik. lo(lcUeal,l»jU'tik-at ndj. Ul tkilJeJ 

in cali-v/atimf : in math., made on the Kale of 

tixty. [Gr. lagittiMM—lggisatHMt to cakulaic — 

Ipftj, a numbo'.] 
IfBCnvby, lo-gog'rafi, a. lit. tha writing of tt ^ 

word: a method of printing with whole 

cast in a single type. [Or. lagrj^ 

w>:ird, a,nA grafihi*, to wiitc.) 
logomatAy, to-goni'a-ki, m. , conttHtiion aA*»f Hvr 

cir in words merely. [Gr. UgamtAcAitt- 

vnx*l, and mucki, nEht.] 
Lola, loin, it. prob. lit. « ttrip or narrow BanJ; 

tho back of a beast cut for food : ia //., the reioa, 

or the lower part of the back. [Fr. lamhtt, the 

loins, icngr, loin, thong : X» btmbui, loin.) 
Loiter, loi'tir, v.i. lit. ta U iMftt or unstitied; lo 

delay ; to be slow in moving : to linger :— /^.A 

loi'tertng ; >*"./. loi'tered, — n lol'farv. — mxt. 

lottttlBgly. [Dutch, lutitnt; Ice. Utra; prov. 

fate, ftr; nit, hfcr; mine; motc ; maic; noxi; /Aen. 



CcT. htterH. to be loow : akin lo X^ and 

l«U, lot. r./, ttt nv^tv tlpwiy; to lean tdty ; to 
l-'ii ; ' iic out from the mouth ;—>r./, 
lu^ . lied'. (Ice. tpU.t; Swi», hlfH, 

to ". to put out the luticuc ; akm to 

r-. i., ,,^A,f , 

L«Uw4a, lorords, «.// lit. /^ tfug^n/s or idle 
wamicpcrs . a lect of refijnnent in Germany, 
aUwit A.D. ijoo: the foUowm lA Wycli/Te in 
Eiicland. irram LeU: aUo gircn from la«r Gcr. 
hUft*. Lo stnit.l 

tool, Idn, 2>ob«1Ti Innli, <ti{r'., alattei tutvinj; no 
coniiany ; >uliUry ; retired : »nmlui}: by ilkclf ,- 
H. Iu«'lti)c«. [cantractiun ai kismm.\ 

I0KCMWI9, lOo'sutn, a//.. JVfVf a^otf ; solitary , 
dlUTlAl,— <b/l'. lonc'MMMly. — «. IOII«'lOaitlMM. 

XfOBC Icni;, (!<//'. (comp. loai'er: iiijkH- loar'*<rt' 
drann out in a tint ; extendeil ; not ihort ; ex- 
tended in time; slow in comini;; icdiuu*; far- 
rcBchiug. — aiiv, la a great utcnt in apace or 
Ijtne: through the whole: ull alone, —v.r., t^ 
»$^tck ffut tks miHd ^Ur; to desire carneiktly \ 
to havcan eager appetite :—^r/. long'ins: ;/•!./*, 
looked'-— ««^r. UVfWJr- t A. S. i^jf, /4W<^ ,- Gcr. 
tanf; Ice. langr; Coih. tngf, L. fttngtu .- Gr. 
daitekat Sam. tiirgfut'\ 

IwUhMj ion^-bat, n. the iongrst boat of a &htp. 

laaxvral, lon-jic v-al, longtmi, lon-jeViu, itj//., t^ 
A^/ or great iJjfr. [L. /mi^^u, toajf. larrMM, age.J 

iMHirttj. loa-jcv'i-ti^ fc, t^H^lift; old a(:e. 

loflcUDMBoU, lon-jima-nus, «//'., /^n/p-AoM^af. [L, 
Iprngta, lonr, and Hrrtvwj', a band. ] 

iMicttoda, ton'ji'lliJ, «. lit Ungik; distance of a 

pUcc can or weit of a Kiven meridian , dii'taiice 

m degrccK frvm Uie venial equtoo.«.on the cdtpttc. 

tL. iangitMtia.\ 
IdOCttadluL bn-ii-lOdi'iuU, n^j.^ PfrLtiniHC to 

iftHfttit^r or Utt^h ; vattindinit Uiicthwuc. - 

^ufv. lo^tiri'fauUly. 
lMCBM>Bn> huis'-meth-Qr, m., lAt itieantrr of 

tMC-niB. tonf'-nin, n., Hu toug or whole ruM or 

rotirve nfc^entk; the* ulliitialc rcsulL 
taac>l>vr«-aa8, Irmg'.'thGr-inaii, a., fi /«ri>M ctnploycd 

ahHj( thd ifti^rf or about wrharvet in loadiof and 

uiilujdin^ veviuU. 
lanc-«tXtkt«4, lon^-tti-cd, aifj., nhit ta itr M a Itng 

disUace; Me3c|nu.<i. yn. lAof' ti^tteteu*. 
lovC-«*vP. long'-stop, ». in cnckct, one w)io«« dut)* 

is tu stand behind the vrickel-kcepcr jikI tt^f 

baiU Knt a hng distance. 
iMCvaCwtod tonc'>mf-«r-tDs;, a/lj., tufferimg at 

enduring Aw«f. — t., long endurance t.r jutienoc. 
Uacttt lenitth, n..auiitity cj bfing icHC - ficril from 

end to end i themuuest measure of anything ; long 

continuance ; dei^iil. (A.S. Irwglkt — taif, long.] 
Uw^bwi, length'n, :'./., ia im^rrase in IcHgih ; In 

draw out —v.i., A» jrrt>V' l^H-gcr ;—/*•,/. ienglh'- 

ciiitij : y f / Icnijthcned. 
Imc^t'- -' , f/grfitt length; rather long. 

- —H. Unctb'ln«M. 
ItsffL , , . ./. a.^.,i« rA/ tMyordirecUoD 

^/V it>*iik. (for ImgUtwrnji J 
I**, loo, r», a %*^BK. at r-jrd^.— v./. lo beat in ihe 

same of loo ; — ff-f lOD'ini; . po..f. lOQed*. [prob. 

from Fr. iai, a lot, a price.] 
ImC lQl>r, u. tbe afier-pkrt of a slup'x bow where 

the vl^nlcv b«^a to curve m towards the cut- 
water. [Sec litf.] 
Lfto^ Iwk, o-r' to Um ihteyetnwaid coai tot**: 

lodir-r- .1 '.I. 


by -1 
of: t' 


— b». :. .-. 
penetrate u ' 
laok«r. [A 
(.icr. ^KOfT'. 

[oolc, San£. . 
loolt, look, 1-, 

air ctf the T.i - . -. , 
look, look, iiHfi. or (•' > 

lookw, k»i>k'i:r, «.. f: >■ 

tlial loiiL* ',in, a nn 
taoklnc. t^x>tt'uig, m . . 

— io«kiBg-ror. in i- 

.1 j'/iAw whtL'h rtlV : ^. 

lif^'fie inlf> it. a mim-i. 
too* -ottOook'-oul, «. acnrcful (coking ftd\ 

■nj fur : an elevated place from whidi tfl 

one engaged in watching. 

loom, ft. ItL a tttetjU ; tlic frasEw cr 

for weaving clulh; ik* kandtt of an oa 

port withtn the rowlock. [A S /■ 

uientiU; Gael, ^im/, a handlc.1 
l/nm, r./., /« <AjW . . 

honion ; to anpcor larger < 

ID a inisi : lo ue leeii at .i 

eye. a» uimethitu; in the funire . — /•- ^. 

/•I./. lOSmcd'. TA-S. ifPtfum, oo 

a Leani of hght.] 
IwNHlig. ISQiu'mit, *t. ihe indiituiei tad 

appcamnce of objcciv tocn m cerujii 

the atmosphere ; mir:iec 
Loon, tonn, w. a gmtis of wcb^footed 

With short wings, iitid legi placed 

also called Drprri from iheir 

{Daa *Ww, Sw. lamm, Ocr ifkmt, 

ihcir awkwardncu in walkmg on Uwl. 
L»ep, irjop. "T. lit I h-n.i nr '','/ » dim' 

cord ihrou[:1i 

mental doi. \ 

nmameuc v.>'. 

lOO^Mid'. (Gcr. lu^t, Oj-- 
loopet*. lOTp>t«. M.//. the r 

mt>ths, which move \>\ 'Ji > 

of their body to the \. 
laop, loop, toophoU, '•■ 

wall, &C. thr\>U};h %s i . 

a mesas of e&cape n/j. \oa^ |uil«i 
Loom, lODa, «di., stack, /rr* .- unbr>un.-t 

fined; TtoC compact: not •'!' t* 

licentious: inatieniiyc- — if 

BMa. [AS. /r<w, loo«^ i» ■ 

id. luaic : akin lo Sans. ,'■. 

Bnak looM, to escape from 

looM. to Mt at liberty. 

release: I o relax. — 
iGSslnB : /«>. ICB'c 

/Mm. Goth i.injt.- 

as 111 -7 
lest U4;la.— /7-/, ; . 
Loafc imt, M- ftrt of {>: 
city: plunder, -f .' '■> 
lOOi'ing: /«>. iGDt'ed. 
Ittftra, Unlen gmd^.] 



ate, (At; nit b^: adne; bOU: iMUf: mcoo; Aim. 




p/7 fir i^'U' *)/• '*'* ^ 'rec, tu 

tiir tup Ki cutrcmc [sAiti xA:-~ 

l/. luppe'i. — «, twi^bvnj kumII 

iMi ijiT. [I»iiiiti, Itt^f^-n, to 

(■V-I ittlJ.', fu'luijc, tiTiUlchtS.J 

r»liii^, ft*//. '.iMiithr—nj/f. 
iBQMCttjr, to- 

' frifiH or nip[.lier vf^rtadi 

iur; ft hufbind : a ruler; the 

intv ; ii hjruii; a yxi uf llic 

radoLc or nurquL^, or the cldcal 

ibikhafi, tf n member cf Parlia' 

[SuprccM: Heini;; Jehuvnh 'when 

" ". — v.t- 1(1 nuse lo ihe pcemge. 

Ij lo tyrannise '.—fr.p. lartl'- 

' ^, E. /Mrn/, /flTVTi/— A. S. 

r, bread, ^ri/, ongia.]— 

day of the week.— lardV 

It uf ihe corDmunioo, iiuii- 

"/ last x«y*/<r_ 

«., a /i/filf Urd; a woukl-bc 

',. /biv, becoming or pertainini; 
i6<:(l: haunbiy; tjTaooical. — 

»UiU or ccttdiiioH ef beinR 
terrirory betongiDg to a lorxl : 
/<</ ii'^Ji-^ M IrarmrJ or tau4[lit , 
ins. IA.S. ^r, ftuiirootol'I>MnL) 
«. in a»c. Rome, a cuirau mtiiir 

—'"'--'. a choQK.! 

''Mmith u.'itk a ierua or 
r c«at over: — t^-.f. lo/i- 

H,, act of coating at crust- 
^ put OD a sufface ; a surCue 

m., tJu gf*Uen oHttt. See Oriola. 
•lid •riat. Pmv. aurutl, T^ aurvWuj, 
1 1, goMcn — OMrHflT, gold.] 
a fmu-«hccled wagon withoiil 5idci. 
(Wov. tarry, U> pull or lug.| 

Imi* or ut frtejrvm: to Uc 

rilltncly ; not to [;ain : to part 

Ived 01 : [f] wa^tc. as time: tn 

to cause to pcnth ; to rain : 

-/r./. loking llilOx'i : /if./, aod 

iWftUa- — «■ loc'ar. [A.S. hunn 

,1 See I^MUB, Ii«a. 
^.fCaitttKg iait. — tidz'. Uts'lngly. 
' Uting: injury : destruction : 
waste. (A.S. /(W ] 
no looKcr po«*cxtc(l ; 
)l ujuandercd: ruined, 
the (utiiie ; that which 
ne ; tbat which dL-i.idc-j 
lion.— r./. to allot ; t.> 
logtie : — f<^-^- lott'inn : 
a lot, khctim, to cast 

tlMj Iq cast loU.] 

nbwian of prires by hf or 
I orchAiiee. 

Latoi. i''i,-ri, #1. thew.iter-Iily 

' a, fabtoi lo make 

I'jrgci their home ; 

■~ (L. htia. Or. 

f ef the letut i oiic 

lA'iliun, M lit. <■ imtjA/i^: in nmi., n 
fluid fur cktcmal application lo a wound. bnuK, 
Ac. |Fr. — L. Iriia—latv, L>tum, to waah-J 

Lotury. Sec under u/i. 

LMd. U)ud, atij Ut- Jtr^rJ; matdng a ereai tnund ; 

ftlnluCitl the r..r \l j;li L-r.- ,1 '.'■.u r . T,-.i-v " . 1 "if- 

OU*- — i*ifVi ' ' •'. 

A/yJ.- Ice. I- 

iHt/ytui, oil-! . '_.,,_.:.__, ^.\ 

Saiu. Jkru, Ui iui^u j 

Loncfc, lok, tame aa LmIl 

Lvoac*, lounj. W.I., /«* htinntfrrfy t*'- '- — ' -": 
at unc'i cam: Iu move about li 
loung'inK.^*j.^. tounifcd'.^w. tlj.. i 

lounging ; an idle ^fr ■' ■ - - ' - - 
kind o/ iofa.— «. i-' 
Dutch. /*<^/r#i. Aj • 
to jJutnbcr ; conn, u ,,,. L-n. ^..l^ Lv;«Hr. i 

Low*. loui. ff. lit. the ttfttrvyer . acanunon wioglcts 
panuitic insect : */. LtM [iTsl, [A.S. Ifa, pi. iyt ,• 
Ger. /(*«/— Goth, //wiaw, to destroy, lo devnur.J 

louy. louzl, ndj., ruMrminj^ with iict. — ». laa'aL 

loBt, lout, «. lit oru (>f thf common fie^lf ; a 
clown : 3 simple, awkward fcUow. {A.S. Uadf, 
Ger. Iruu, Goth, tiudj. people: or akin to ObA.] 

lovtlah, loitl'i^?), lk/;'., liiir a tattl ; awkwacd ona 
cKiinsy.— «!(/&■. lout'lBUy.^n. lanfiitasaw. 

iMtvar. Loorr*. loOv^r, n. an opeaing ill the roors 
of ancient houses terming for a al^-tight and a 
chitiuic)', often in the foriu of a lurnec or small 
lantern. [Ice. liori pronounced Uovri\ Korw- 
iiv*x — /Air, lifthL]~-XiCH)rM--wlBdow, an vpen win- 
dow ia a church tower. 

bm, liiv, i-.^, t>} hr /fr.vsfJ -,i<ith, ta i/^nW.- to 
he fond of; to regarU with aflecticn . I-i delight 
in n-ith caclii»ive a/Fectioa : to regar>l with tte* 
ncvulcncc ; — /»■./. lo*'iiig ; /«/■ Im^t'I' — " , mt 
I'/ ItrviH^ : an aiTectioo of tlic ri 'j'.' 

that which delights ; pre-eminent ^ 
nets: benevolence; rtTcreniial !■'■ i--'! 

ailarhnient tooQc of the opposite m.-^. : 'Am r.ijcct 
of affection: the god of love, Cupid. |A.iS. /«/)*•'■ 
--luf, love ; Ger. Heben; akin lo L. Ubto, /u&ea, 
lo pleate, San*, /iiM, lo deure] 

lOTaUt. Iiiva-bl. •u(/., weri/iy t>f tfpe, 

lon-bM, iiiv'-b«rd, n. a ^enuKoTtmall A/nrfiof dl« 
parrot iril>e, bo called injm iheir tmt ur nttatli- 
mciit lo each olhcr. 

loTv-knol^ luZ-iiot, M. an intricate kntt, a token of 

Xan\wm, IuvHcb, lutj., vithtmt Ath*, tendenieu, or 

Um-leek. luv'-lok, m. a