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Full text of "Catalogue of the printed books and manuscripts in the John Rylands library, Manchester"





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Edinburgh : T. and A. Constable, Printers to Her Majesty 



p., A. Collectanea Anglo-Minoritica ; or, a collec- 
tion of the antiquities of the English Franciscans : 
with an appendix concerning the English nuns 
of the order of S. Clare. By A[nthony] P[arkin- 

2 parts in l vol. 4to. London, 1726 

P., C. L. A. A. P. D. Avis important aux refugiez 
sur leur prochain retour en France. [By Pierre 

12mo. Paris, I692 

P., D. A letter from a Jesuit at Paris, to his corre- 
spondent in London ; shewing the most effectual 
way to mine the government and Protestant 

4to. London, 1679 

P., D., Gent. Severall politique and militarie 
observations upon the civill and militarie govern- 
ments, etc. 

4to. London, l648 

P., E. 

See Cranmer, T. A confutation of unwritten 
verities. \London, 1558.J 

P., E. The dialogue betwixt Cit and Bumpkin 
answered in another betwixt Tom the Cheshire 
piper and Captain Crackbrains. 

4to. London, 168O 

P., O. 

See Cicero, M. T. A translation of TuUy de 
Oratore. London, 1723. 

P., O. The moderate Parliament considered in this 
time of danger : being an answer to a letter sent 
by a person of quality about electing a member 
to sit in the ensuing Parliament. 

fol. [London, l679] 


P., H. Tumulus Decimarum ; or, the history of 
tythes from their nativity to this present day of 
their expected ruine and downfal, 1659- 

4to. London, 1659 

P., J. 

See Puritan discipline tracts. London, 1 842-60. 

P., J. An epistle to the Greeks, especially to those 
in and about Corinth and Athens : with certain 
queries propounded unto the two churches of 
Greeks and Romans. By J[ohn-] P[errot]. 

4to. London, 1661 

P., J. Honey out of the rock ; or, God's method 

in giving the sweetest comforts in sharpest 


4to. London, 1644 

P., J. A letter to a friend in the country : being a 
vindication of the Parliament's whole proceed- 
ings this last session : with the state of the plot, 
and manner of its discovery. 

fol. [luondm, 1679] 

P., J., Esq., F.R.S. 

See Collection of the yearly bills of mortality. 
London, 17;">9-[1819]. 

P., K. Shakespear. By K[enrick] P[rescot]. 

4to. [Cambridge] 1774 

P., L. Biblioth^que choisie, ou notice de livres 

rares, curieux et recherch^s, qui font partie d'unc 

bibliothfeque de province appartenante k M. L. 


Svo. Lyons, 1791 


p * » *_PACIAUDI 

P * * *, M. L'Hindoiistan, ou religion, moeurs, 
usages, arts et metiers des Hindous, ouvrage orn^ 
de cent quatre planches, gravees d'aprfes les 
dessins faits pour M. L^ger ; redig6 d'aprfes les 
notices manuscrites explicatives de ces dessins, 
et augments, par M. P * * * [i.e. J. A. Pan- 

6 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1816 

P., K. Elenchus elenchi, sive animadversiones in 
G. Batei Elenchum motuum nuperorum in 
Anglia : auctore R[obeeto] P[ugh]. 

8vo. Paris, 1664- 

P., S. A brief account of the new sect of Latitudin- 
arians : together with some reflections upon the 
new philosophy. 

4to. London, 1669 

P., T. &fi Mischief of impositions. London, 1 680. 

P., W., Esq. The divine right of kings asserted in 
general ; ours in particular : both by the laws of 

God, and this land. 

fol. [London, l680] 

P., W., Gent. Animadversions on the speech read 
by the late Lord Stafford at the place of execu- 
tion, plainly shewing the fallacy of all the 
asseverations of his innocency. 

fol. London, 1681 

PACATA Hibernia. See Stafford, T. 


See Panegyric! veteres. Paris, 1676, etc. 

PACCIOLI, Luca. See Borgo, L. P. da. 

PACE, Eichard. 

See Fisher, J. Contio quam anglice habuit. 
Cambridge, 1521. 
,, Plutarch. Libellus de Avaritia. Eome, 

PACETTUS, Dieghus. Obedientia potentissimi 
Emanuelis Lusitaniae regis ad Julium ii. Pont. 
Max. A.D. 1505. 

4to. Eome, 1505 

PACHE, Jean Nicolas. 

See Diunouriez, C. F. D. Correspondance. Paris, 

PACHO, Jean Raimond. Relation d'un voyage 
dans la Marmarique, la Cyrdnaique, et les oasis 
d'Audjelah et de Maradeh. [With an atlas of 

1 vol. 4to and 1 vol. fol. Paris, 1827-29 

PACHUMERES, George. Historia rerum a M. Palae- 
ologo gestarum, ex interpretatione et cum notis 
P. PossiNi. [Greek and Latin. Scriptores 
historiae Byzantinae.] 

2 vols. fol. Po7ne, 1 666-69 

Paraphrasis in omnia Dionysii Areopagitae, 

Athenarum episcopi, opera quae extant. 

8vo. G. Morelius. Paris, 1561 

PACIANUS, Saint, Bishop of Barcelona. 

Se Claudianus Ecdicius Mamertus. De statu 
animae. Zv.iclMu, 1655. 
,, Cyprian, Saint. Epistles. [Library of 

„ Salvianus Massiliensis. De vero judicio et 
providentia Dei. Rome, 1 564. 

PACIAUDI, Paolo Maria. 

See Memorie de' gran maestri. Parma, 1780. 

Ad nummos consulares iii. viri Marei Antonii 

animadversiones philologicae, accedit explicatio 
tabulae Peloponnensis. 

4to. Rome, 1757 

— De athletarum Kv^io-Ti/o-fi in palaestra Grae- 
corum commentariolum. 

4to. Rome, 1)56 

— De Beneventano Cereris Augustae mensore 

4to. Rome, 1753 

— De cultu S. Johannis Baptistae antiquitates 
Christianae, accedit in veterem ejusdem ordinis 
liturgiam commentarius. 

4to. Rome, 1755 

— De rebus Sebastiani Paulii congregationis 
matris Dei commentarius epistolaris. 

4to. [Rome, 1751 ?] 

De sacris Christianorum balneis. 

4to. Rome, 1758 

— Diatribe qua Graeci anaglyphi interpretatio 

4to. Rome, 1751 

— Monumenta Peloponnesia commentariis ex- 
plica ta. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Rome, 1761 

— Puteus sacer agri Bononiensis commentario 

4to. Rome, 1756 



PACIAUDI, Paolo Maria. Skiadiophorema, sive de i PADLOCK (The) : a comic opera. [By Isaac 

umbellae gestationo commentarius. ! Bickekstaffe.] New edition. 

4to. Rome, 1752 \ 8vo. Lmid(m[n6sl] 

PAOINUS, Jacobus. De tenuis humoris febrem : PADOVANI, Girolamo. Eacconti morali per la 
faciente ante purgationem per artem incrassa- gioventii. 


8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1558 

— Another issue. [A duplicate of the preceding 
edition, with a new title-page and preliminary 

8vo. Apud B. ZaUerium. Venice, 1588-8.9 

PACIUS, Julius. 

See Laurenbergius, J. Antiquarius. 


FACE, Richardson. 

See Addison, J. Dissertation upon the most 
celebrated Roman poets. London, 1721. 

PACKE, Christopher. Ankographia, sive convallium 
descriptio : an explanation of a new chart of 
East Kent. 

4to. Canterbury, 1743 

PACKER, John. 

See Fortescue Papers. [Camden Society.] 

PACKET. A Pacquet of advices and animad- 
versions, sent from London to the men of 
Shaftsbury : which is of use for all his ma- 
jesties subjects in the three kingdoms. Occa- 
sioned by a seditious pamphlet intituled A letter 
from a person of quality, etc. [By Marchamont 

4to. London, 1676 

Another edition. 

4to. London, 1676 

A second pacquet of advices and animadversions 

sent to the men of Shaftsbury. [By Marcha- 
mont Nedham.] 

4 to. London, 1677 

PACKET-BOAT. The Pacquet-boat advice; or, a 
discourse concerning the war with France, be- 
tween some English gentlemen and a French- 
man, betwixt Calis and Dover. 

4to. London, 1678 

PACUVIUS, Marcus. 

.fe Seneca, L. A. Tragoediae. Leyden, \G20-5l. 

PADDOCK, Judah. A narrative of the shipwreck 
of the Oswego on the coast of South Barbary. 

4to. London, 1818 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Brescia, 1792 

PADUANIUS, Fabricius. Tractatus duo, alter de 
ventis, alter de tcrrae motu. 

fol. Bologna, 1601 

See Eutropius. De gestis Romanorum libri 
decern. Leyden, 1793. 

Metaphrasis in Eutropii historiarum libros. In 

usum scholarum edidit I. F. S. Kaltwas.ser. 

8vo. Gotha, 1780 

PAETUS, Lucas. De judiciaria formula capitolini 


8vo. P. Manutins. Borne, 1567 

De mensuris et ponderibus Romanis et Graecis, 

cum his quae hodie Romae sunt collatis, libri v. 
4to. Aldus. Venice, 1573 

Another edition. 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1573 

PAGANI, Giovanni Girolamo. 

See Scriptores rei rusticae. [Italian.] Venice, 

PAGE, H. A., pseud, i.e. Alexander Hay Japp. 
Thomas de Quincey : his life and writings. With 
unpublished correspondence. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1877 

PAGE, J. W. 

See Philosophical and literary register. London, 


PAGE, John, Esq. Receipts for preparing and com- 
pounding the principal medicines made use of by 

the late Mr. Ward. 

8vo. Londmi, 1763 

PAGE, John, Minstrel. 

Sec Historical collections. [Camden Society.] 

PAGE, Samuel. The Allegeance of the cleargie : 
a sermon preached, at the meeting of the whole 
clergie of the dyocesse of Rochester, to take the 
oath of allegeance to his most excellent majestie, 
at Greenewich, Novem. 2, l6lO. 

4to. Nicholas Okes. London, 1 6l6 




PAGE, William. 

Sec Three early assize rolls. [Surtees Society.] 
„ Brinkburn Priory. Chartulary. [Surtees 

„ Certificates of the commissioners. [Surtees 

„ Letters of denization. [Huguenot Society.] 

PAGEANT (The) of the Company of Sheremen and 
Taylors in Coventry, as performed by them on 
the festival of Corpus Christi, together with 
other pageants. Edited by T. Sharp. 

4to. Coventry, 1817 

PAGilS, Frangois Xavier. Histoire secrete de la 
revolution fran^aise [-1801]. Seconde edition. 
7 vols, in 6. 8vo. Paris, 1 800-2 

— Nouveau traite de litterature ancienne et 

3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1802 

PAGilS, -Lion. 

See Wenckstern, F. von. A bibliography of the 
Japanese empire. Leyden, 1895. 

PAGIIS, Pierre Marie Frangois, vicomte de. 
Voyages autour du monde et vers les deux 
poles, par terre et par mer, 1767-76. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1782 

PAGET, Francis. 

&e Hooker, E. AVorks. Oxford, \^9,&. 

PAGET, John. Hungary and Transylvania, with 
remarks on their condition. 

2 vols. 8vo. Londmi, 1850 

PAGET, Thomas. See Philopatrus, T., pseud. 

PAGET, Thomas Catesby, Lord. An essay on 
human life. [A poem.] 

4to. London, 1736 

PAGI, Antoine. Critica historico-chronologica in 
universos annales ecclesiasticos Caesaris car- 
dinalis Baronii, ad annum 1198. 

4 vols. fol. Antwerp, 1705 


See Xenophon. Histoire de Cyrus le jeune. 
Paris, 1736. 

PAGITT, Ephraim. A relation of the Christians in 
the world. 

^to. John Okes. London, l639 

PAGNINI, Giovanni Francesco. 

See Scrittori classic! Italian!, 1803-5 : parte 
moderna, torn. ii. 

PAGNINI, Giuseppe Maria. 

See Callimachus. [Italian.] Parma, 1792, etc. 
„ Pilenejo, E., pseud. 

PAGNINUS, Santas. 

See Bible, Latin. 1527-28, etc. 

Epitome thesauri linguae sanctae. [Compiled 

by F. Raphelengius.] 

12mo. Chr. Plantin. Antwerp, 1570 

Isagogae ad linguam Graecam capessendam 

septem libros continentes. 

2 vols. 4to. /. de Channsy. Avignon, 1525 

PAHLAVI texts. Translated by E. W. West. 
[Sacred books of the East, v., xviii., xxiv., 

4 vols. 8vo. Oxford, 1 8SO-92 

See Montabert, J. N. P. de. 

PAIN (The) and sorrow of evil marriage. From an 
unique copy printed by W. de Worde. [Edited, 
with an introduction, by J. P. Collier.] [Percy 
Society, i.] 

8vo. London, 1840 

PAINE, Thomas. 

For Life, see Oldys, F., pseud. London, 1791. 
fe Common sense. London, Ml 6. 
„ King, J. Speech at Egham. Egham [1793]. 
,, No plot of the democracy. London, \1Q\. 
„ Pernicious principles of Tom Paine. London 

,, Rights of citizens. London, 119'^. 
„ Rights upon rights. London, 1791- 

Agrarian justice, opposed to Agrarian law, and 

to Agrarian monopoly ; being a plan for melior- 
ating the condition of man by creating in every 
nation a national fund. 

8vo. London [1799] 

The decline and fall of the English system of 


8vo. London, 1796 

Definition of a constitution [with remarks. 

Notes upon Paine's Eights of Man, i.]. 

8vo. London, 1791 



PAINE, Thomas. Letter addressed to the Abb6 
Rayn;d on the affairs of North- America : in which 
the mistakes in the Abbe's account of the revolu- 
tion of America are corrected and cleared up. 

8vo. Limdon, 1783 

Letter addressed to the addressers, on the late 


8vo. London, 1792 

A letter to Mr. Secretary Dundas, in answer 

to his speech on the late proclamation. 

8vo. Lrnidm, 1792 

Third edition. Two letters to Lord Onslow, 

and one to Mr. Henry Dundas, on the subject of 
the late excellent proclamation. 

8vo. LoTulon, 1792 

Fifth edition. Together with two letters 

addressed to Lord Onslow, chairman of the 
meeting at Epsom, 18 June 1792, convened to 
address his majesty. 

Svo. London, 1792 

A letter to the earl of Shelburne on his speech, 

July 10, 1782, respecting the acknowledgement 
of American independence. 

Svo. London, 1783 

Rights of man : being an answer to Mr. 

Burke's attack on the French revolution. 

Svo. London, 1791 

Seventh edition. 

8vo. London, 1791 

Rights of man, part the second : combining 

principle and practice. Fourth edition. 

Svo. London, 1792 

Eighth edition. 

Svo. London, 1792 

See also Boothby, Sir B. Observations, etc. 
,, Letter from a magistrate. 
„ Protest against T. Paine's Rights, etc. 

Thoughts on the jjeace and the probable 

advantages thereof to the United States of 

Svo. London, 1783 

— The whole proceedings on the trial of an infor- 
mation exhibited against Thomas Paine for a 
libel upon the revolution and settlement of the 
crown as by law established : tried by special jury 
in the King's Bench, on Tuesday, 18th Dec. 1792. 

Svo. London, 1793 

— Second edition. 

Svo. London, 1793 

PAINE, Timothy Otis. Solomon's Temple and 
Capitol, ark of the Flood and Tabernacle. 

4to. London, 1886 

PAINTER, "William. The Pallace of Pleasure 
beautified, adorned, and wel furnished with 
pleasaunt histories and excellent Novelles. 

2 vols. 4to. T. Marshe and E. Bynneman 
for N. England. London, 1567-69 

Another edition. [Edited by Joseph Hasle- 


2 vols. 4to. London, 1813 

PAITONI, Giacopo Maria. Biblioteca degli autori 
antichi Greci, e Latini volgarizzati : in fine si da 
la notizia de' volgarizzamenti della Bibbia, del 

Messale e del Breviario. 
5 vols, in 1. 

Ito. Venicf, 1766-67 

PAITONI, Giovanni Battista. Bibliotheca Paito- 
niana : a catalogue of the truly-valuable and 
justly-celebrated library of J. B. P. sold by 
auction 1790 and 1791. 

Svo. [London, 1790] 

PAIXHANS, Henri Joseph. Nouvelle force mari- 
time, et application de cette force k quelques 
parties du service de I'arm^e de terre, ou essai 
sur une espece nouvelle d'artillerie de mer. 

■Ito. Paris, 1822 

PAKINGTON, Dorothy, Lady. 

See Works of the learned and pious author of 
the Whole duty of Man. Oxford, 1695. 

PALACIOS DE SALAZAR, Paulus. Enarrationes 
ill sacrosanctum Jesu Christi evangelium secun- 
dum Matthaeum. 

2 vols. Svo. Aldus. Venice, 1571 

PALACKY, Frantisek. 

See Archiv fiesky. Prague, 1840, dc. 
„ Scriptores rerum Bohemicarum. Prague, 

PALAEMON, pseud Vaticinium votivum ; or, 
Palaemon's prophetick prayer, lately presented 
to his now majostie in a Latin poem, and here 
published in English : to which is annexed a 
paraphrase on Paulus Grebnerus's prophecie, 
with several elegies on Charles i., the lord Capel, 
the lord F. Villiers. 

Svo. Utrecht, 1649 

Another edition. 

[Spenser Society.] 

4to. Manchester, 1885 



■ PALAEMON, Quintus Rhemnius Fannius. 
•S'ee Medicae artis principes. [Paris'] 1567. 
„ Poetae Latini Minores. Leyden, 1731. 

PALAEOGRAPHICAL Society. Facsimiles of 
ancient manuscrijjts and inscriptions. Edited by 
E. A. Bond, E. M. Thompson, and G. F.Warner. 
[First series 13 parts, second series 7 parts. 
With the Oriental series, edited by W. Wright, 
8 parts.] 

4 vols. fol. London, 1873-90 

PALAEOROMAICA ; or, historical and philological 
disquisitions inquiring whether the Hellenistic 
style is not Latin - Greek 1 etc. [By John 

8vo. London, 1822 


See Aesop. Vita et fabulae. Venice, 1505 (for 
first edition of De incredibilibus). 
„ Fulgentius, F. P. Mythologiarum lib. tres. 

Basle [1530 ■?]. 
„ Hyginus, C. J. Fabularum liber. Basle, 

De incredibilibus, Graece, quartum edidit, ter- 

tium recensuit indicemque verborum Graecorum 
adjecit J. F. Fischerus. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1777 

De incredibilibus, Cornelius Tollius in 

Latinum vertit et notis illustravit. [Greek and 

12mo. L. Elzevir. Amsterdavi, \ii\9 

Opra bellissima quale narra le historic e veri 

successi di tutte le favole che anticamente se 
sono fatte, et diraostra la verita di ciasciina 
fintion de poeti : di Greca Latina, et di Latina 
tradotta in Italiano. 

8vo. Bart. I' Imperatore. Venice, 1545 

PALAFOX Y MENDOZA, Juan de. The history 
of the conquest of China by the Tartars : from 
the Spanish. 

12mo. London, 1671 

PALAPRAT, Jean, Sieur de Bigot. 

See Brueys, D. A. de. CEuvres de theatre. Paris, 
,, ,, ,, Qlluvres choisies. Paris, 

„ Th6S,tre Frangais. Comedies, torn. xii. Paris, 

PALATINE Anthology : a collection of ancient 
poems and ballads relating to Lancashire and 
Cheshire. Edited by J. 0. Halliwell. 

4to. London, 1850 

(The) Note Book. [History and literature of 

Lancashire and Cheshire. Edited by J. E. 

2 vols. 4to. Mancliester, 1881-84 

PALATINO, Giovanni Battista. Libro nel qua! 
s'insegna a scrivere ogni sorte lettera antica et 
moderna di qualunque natione, con le sue regole 
et misure et essempi, et con un discorso de le 
cifre, et quindici tavole. 

4to. Antonio Blado. Borne, 1547 

Another edition. 

4to. Valerio Dorico. Eotne, 1561 

Vellum, with the arms of J. A. De Thou. 

PALAZZI, Agostino. Eustachio, tragedia. 

8vo. Venire, 1763 


See Miscellanea. Bonie, 1754-58. 


8vo. Amsterdam, 1696 

PALERMUS, Valerius. Orationes duae, simulque 
pastorale carmen, quibus funera trium fratrum 
Nogarolai'um, Comitum Veronensium, dellentur. 
[The carmen is by P. Dante Aligiiieri.] 

4to. Aldus. Venice, 1564 

PALESTINE Exploration Fund. Abila of the De- 
capolis. By G. Schumacher. 

8vo. Loiulon, 1889 

Across the Jordan, being an exploration and 

survey of part of Hauran and Jaulan. By 
G. Schumacher, with additions by L. Oliphant 
and G. Le Strange. 

8vo. London, 1889 

— Altaic hieroglyphs and Hittite inscriptions. 
By C. R. Conder. 

8vo. London, 1887 

— Archaeological researches in Palestine during 
the years 1 873-74. By C. Clermont-Ganneau : 
translated by J. Macfarlane. Vol. ii. 

4to. London, 1896 



PALESTINE Exploration Fund. Heth and Moab ; 
explorations in Syria in KS81 and 1882. By 

8vo. London, 1883 

The Jaulan surveyed for the German society 

for the exploration of the Holy Land. By G. 
SCHU.MACHER ; translated from the Transactions 
of the Society. 

8vo. London, 1888 

Map of Western Palestine from surveys of 

Lieutenants Conder and Kitchener, in 1872-7. 

obi. fol. London, 1880 

Mount Seir, Sinai and Western Palestine : 

being a narrative of a scientific expedition. By 
•^ E. Hull. 

8vo. London, 1885 

Quarterly statement. 

In p-ogi-ess. 8vo. London, 1869, etc 

— Some account of the fauna and flora of Sinai, 
Petra, and Wady Arabah. By H. C. Hart. 

4to. London, 1891 

— The survey of Eastern Palestine ; memoirs of 
the typography, orography, hydrography, arch- 
aeology, etc.. By Major C. R. CONDER. Vol. i. : 
the 'Ad wan country. 

4to. London, 1889 

— The survey of Western Palestine. Arabic and 
English name lists, collected by Lieuts. Conder 
and Kitchener. Transliterated and explained 
by E. H. Palmer. 

4to. London, 1881 

— The survey of Western Palestine. The fauna 
and flora of Palestine. By H. B. Tristram. 

4to. London, 1884 

— The survey of Western Palestine. Jerusalem. 
By Sir C. Warren and C. R. Conder. 

4to. London, 1884 

— The survey of Western Palestine. Memoirs 
of the typography, orography, hydrography, and 
archaeology. By C. R. Conder and H. H. 
Kitchener. Vol. i. Galilee ; vol. ii. Samaria ; 
vol. iii. Judaea. 

S vols. 4to. London, 1881-83 

— The survey of Western Palestine. Plans 
shewing the results of excavations at Jerusalem, 
1867-70. 50 plates, By C. Warren. 

obi. fol. London, 1884 

PALESTINE Exploration Fund. The survey of 
Western Palestine. Special papers on topo- 
graphy, etc. By Sir C. W. Wilson and others. 

4to. JjOndon, 1881 

The Survey of Western Palestine. General 

index to (1) Memoirs, vols, i.-iii. ; (2) Special 
IDapcrs ; (3) Jerusalem volume ; (4) Flora and 
fauna of Palestine ; (5) Geological survey ; and 
to the Arabic and English name lists. By H. C. 

4to. London, 1888 

Tent work in Palestine : a record of discovery 

and adventure. By C. R. Conder. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1819 

— Pilgrims' Text Society. Publications. 

24 vols, in 14. 8vo. London, 1884-93 

Of the holy places visited by Antoninus 
Martyr (c. 530 A.D.). Translated by A. Stewart 
and annotated by Sir C. W. Wilson. 

The pilgrimage of the holy Paula, by St. 
Jerome. Translated by A. STEWART and anno- 
tated by Sir C. W. Wilson. 

The letter of Paula and Eustochium to 
Marcella about the holy places (386 A.D.). Trans- 
lated by A. Stewart and annotated by Sir C. 
W. Wilson. 

Description of Syria, including Palestine, 
by Mukadassi (c. 985 A.D.). Translated from 
the Arabic and annotated by G. Le Strange. 

Itinerary from Bordeaux to Jerusalem 'The 
Bordeaux pilgrim' (333 A.D.). Translated by 
A. Stewart and annotated by Sir C. W. Wilson. 

Of the buildings of Justinian, by Procopius 
(c. 560 A.D.). Translated by A. Stewart and 
annotated by Sir C. W. AViLSON and H. Lewis. 

The city of Jerusalem. Translated from the 
old French, with notes, by C. R. Conder. 
[With Ernoul's account of Palestine, from his 

Diary of a journey through Syria and Pales- 
tine, by Nasir-i-Khusrau, in 1047 A.D. Trans- 
lated from the Persian and annotated by G. Lk 

Letter from Sir Joseph de Cancy, knight of 
the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, to King 
Edward i. (1281), and letter from Edward i. to 
Sir Joseph (1282). Communicated by W. B. 



PALESTINE Pilgrims' Text Society (continued). 

The pilgrimage of the Russian Abbot Daniel 
in the Holy Land, 1 100-7 A.D. Annotated by Sir 
C. W. Wilson. 

The pilgrimage of Arculfus in the Holy 
Land (about a.d. 670), by Adamnan. [With 
Bede's abbreviation of Adamnan's account.] 
Translated and annotated by J. R. Macpherson. 

The pilgrimage of Joannes Phocas in the 
Holy Land (in 1185 A.D.). Translated by A. 

Description of the Holy Land by John of 
s Wurzburg (a.D. 1160-70). Translated by A. 
Stewart, with notes by Sir C. W. Wilson. 

The churches of Constantine at Jei'usalem, 
being translations from Eusebius and the early 
pilgrims, by J. H. Bernard. With a preface 
by Sir C. W. WiLSON and introduction and notes 
by T. H. Lewis. 

The pilgrimage of S. Silvia of Aquitania 
to the Holy places (c. 385 a.d.). Translated, 
with introduction and notes by J. H. Bernard, 
with an appendix by C. W. Wilson. 

The epitome of S. Eucherius about certain 
holy places (c. a.d. 440) and the Breviary or 
short description of Jerusalem (c. a.d. 530). 
Translated by A. Stewart and annotated by 
Sir C. W. Wilson. 

Theoderich's description of the Holy places 
(c. 1172 A.D.). Translated by A. Stewart. 

The Hodoeporicon of Saint Willibald (c. 
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The itinerary of Bernard the Wise (a.d. 
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Narrative of a year's journey through central 

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Another edition. 

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M^moires pour servir a I'histoire de notre 

litt^rature depuis Francois I^' 

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Consolatio peccatorum, seu Belial. 

fol. /. Schussler. Auy.ihurg, 1472 

Belial en francoys. [Translated by Pierre 


4to. M. Le Noir. Paris, 1503 

Belial. [German.] 

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4 parts in 1 vol. fol. Venice, \:>10 

Another edition. [A counterfeit of the pre- 


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le tout revu par Jaques Leoni. Traduit de 

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blicate da 0. B. Scamozzi. 

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J. Meursius primus Graece nunc vulgavit et 
notas adjecit. 

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Red morocco, with the anrtg and monogram of De Thou. 

Lausiaca quae dicitur historia, et Theodoreti 

religiosa historia. Gentiano Herveto Aurelio 

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De gentibus Indiae et Bragmanibus, Gr. et 



2 vols, in 1. fol. The Hague, 1726 

Lat. : S. Ambrosius de moribus Brachmanorum : 
anonymus de Bragmanibus : in lucem protulit 


fol. London, l665 

Cair, with the arms of M. Wodhull. 

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in laudem Jani Corycii. 

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Brown morocco. Grolier's copy. 

PALLADIUS Rutilius Taurus Aemilianus. 

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On husbandrie. Translated into English. 

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Miscellanea zoologica, quibus novae imprimis 

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et observationibus iconibusque illustrantur. 

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Novae species quadrupedum e glirium ordine. 

4to. Erlangen, 1778 

Keise durch verschiedene Provinzen des 

I Eussischen Eeichs. 

I 3 vols. 4to. St. Petersburg, 1771-76 




PALLAS, Peter Simon. Voyages en differentes 
provinces de I'empire de Eussie et dans I'Asie 
septentrionale, traduits de TAllemand, par M. 
Gauthier de la Peyronie. [With plates.] 

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Voyages entrepris dans les gouvernemens 

mdridionaux de I'empire de Eussie, dans les 
annees 17.93 et 1794. 

2 vols. 4to, and atlas obi. 4to. Paris, 1805 


See Horatius Flaccus, Q. Opera. [Prague, 1780.] 

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2 vols. 12mo. Fillafmnca [Lei/den'!], \6~ 1-7 3 

PALLAVICINO, Sforza. Istoria del concilio di 
Trento, ove insieme rifiutasi un' istoria falsa 
divolgata nello stesso argomento sotto nome di 
PiETRO SoAVE Poland. 

2 vols. fol. Bovie, 1656-57 

Another edition. 

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Vera concilii Tridentini historia : Latine 

reddita a J. B. Gutting. 

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Carmen in historiam flendae Crucis domini nostri 
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See Labarte, J. Handbook of the arts, etc. 
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December, 1780. 

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PALMA virtutum ; zoe triumpho de virtude. 

4to. N. Jenson. Venice, 1471 

PALMA CAYET, Pierre Victor. 

See Collection complete des m^moires [vol. 
xxxviii. bis -xliii.] 
„ Collection universelle des mdmoires [vol. 

Iv.-lx., Ixxi -Ixxii.] 
„ Richer, J. and E. Le Mercure Fran(;ois. 
Paris, 1613-43. (For continuation of the 

PALMA CAYET, Pierre Victor. Chronologie no- 
venaire, contenant I'histoire de la guerre sous le 
regne du tres chrestien roy de France et de 
Navarre, Henry iv., et les choses plus memor- 
ables advenues 1589-98. 

3 vols. 8vo. Paris, l608 

Chronologie septenaire de I'histoire de la paix 

entre les roys de France et d'Espagne, 1598-1604. 


8vo. Paris, l605 

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Cyprus; the history, treasures, and antiquities 
of Salamis; with an introduction by S. Birch. 

8vo. Lmdan, 1882 

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The survey of western Palestine. Arabic and 

English name lists collected by lieuts. Conder 
and Kitchener. Transliterated and explained by 
E. H. P. [Palestine Exploration Fund.] 

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See Hibbert Ware, S. History of the foundations 
in Manchester. Manchester, 1828-33. 

PALMER, John, Malefactor. The case of J. P. and 
Thomas Symonds executed near Worcester upon 
the evidence of Gyles Hunt, who charg'd them 
to have been concern'd with himself in the 
murther of Mrs. Alice Palmer, etc. 

4to. London, 1708 

PALMER, Roger, Earl of Castlemaine. 
See Castlemaine, R. P., earl of. 

PALMER, Roundell, Earl of Selborne. 
See Selborne, R. P., earl of. 



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from the first invention of it in the city of Mentz. 

4to. Lmdaii, 17 So 

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tentiae patrum. 

fol. /. de Tyda. Pnicenw, 1483 

PALMER, Sir Thomas. An essay of the meanes 
how to make our travailes, into forraine countries, 
the more profitable and honourable. 

■ito. H. L. for M. Loicnes. Londoji, l60() 

PALMER, Thomas Fyshe. Trial before the circuit 
court of justiciary at Perth, 12-13 September 
1793, on an indictment for seditious practices. 

Svo. Edinhunjh [1793] 

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Oxford. Egyptian Chronicles ; Avith a harmony 

of Sacred and Egyptian chronology, and an 

appendix on Babylonian and Assyrian antiquities. 

2 vols. Svo. LomJan, 186l 

PALMER, William, of Worcester College, Oxford. 
A narrative of events connected with the publi- 
cation of the Tracts for the Times, with reflection.s 
on existing tendencies to Romanism, and on the 
present duties and prospects of members of the 
church. Third edition. 

Svo. 0.rf(mJ, 1843 

Origines liturgicae : or, antiquities of the 

English ritual, and a dissertation on primitive 

2 vols. Svo. Oxford, 1832 

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See Jerome, Saint. Epistolae et tractatus. 
[Naples, 1471.] 

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For Life, see Ashley, Hon. A. E. M. London, 
„ ,, Bulwer, H. E. L. ioju/on, 1870-74. 

„ „ Lome, J. G. E. H. D. S. C, marquis 

of. London, 1892. 

PALM^ZEAUX, Michel de Cubilres de. Boileau 
juge par ses amis et par ses ennemis, ou le pour 
et le centre sur Boileau. 

12mo. Paris, 1802 

Fontenelle, Colardeau et Dorat, ou cloges de 

ces ecrivains : precede d'une lettre que Bailly a 
^crite a I'auteur et suivi d'une vie d' A. Rivarol. 

Svo. Paris, 1803 

PALMIERI, Giuseppe. 

See Scrittori classici Italian!, 1803-5: parte 
moderna, tom. xxxvii.-xxxviii. 

See Velasco, A. A. P. de C. y. 

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4to. Rome, 1513 

PALSGRAVE, John. L'esclarcissement de la langue 

fol. John Hawkyns. London, 1530 

Another edition. Suivi de la Grammaire de 

Giles du Guez. Publics par F. G^NIN. [Docu- 
ments in^dits sur I'histoire de France.] 

4to. Paris, 1852 

PALUDANUS, Bernardus. 

See Linschoten, J. H. van. Histoire de la na^i- 
gation. Amsterdam, l6lO. 

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PAMPHLETEER (The); respectfully dedicated to 
both houses of Parliament. [Edited by A. J. 

29 vols. Svo. London, IS1S-2S 

PANAGE, pseud, i.e. Fran(;;ois Vincent Tocssaint. 
Les moeurs. 

3 parts in 1 vol. 4to. Paris, 1748 

PANANTI, Filippo. II poeta di teatro, romanzo 
poetico in sesta rima. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1808-9 

PANARD, Charles Frangois. Theatre et oeuvres 

4 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1763 

PANCIROLI, Guido. Rerum memorabilium sive 
deperditarum partes duac, commentariis ilhis- 
tratae ab H. Salmuth. 

2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. Frankfort, l660 

The history of many memorable things lost, 

which were in use among the ancients ; and an 
account of many excellent things found, now in 
use : done into English. 

2 vols. 12mo. London, 1715 

PANCKOUCKE, Andr6 Joseph. 

See Dictionary. Dictionnaire portatif des pro- 
verbes. Amsterdam, 1751. 



PANDOLFINI, Agnolo. Trattado del governo della 
famiglia d' A. Pandolfini, colla vita del medesimo 
seritta da Vespasiano da Bisticci. 

4to. Floreme, IT.Si 

Another edition. 

8vo. Milan, 1802 
PANDONI, Petrus. See Porcellius. 

PANEDONIUS, Philogenes, pseud, i.e. Richard 
Brathwait. Ar't asleepe husband 1 A boalster 
lecture ; stored with all variety of witty jeasts, 
merry tales, and other pleasant passages. 

Svo. B. Bishop for li. Best. London, 16-iO 

PANEGYRICAL essays upon the prayer, Lord, pity 
the people ; the only words of William I., Prince 
of Orange, at his sudden and violent death, 10 
July l:,8i. [By James Johnston.] 

8vo. London, 1731 
See also More essays of panegyricks. 

PANEGYRICI veteres. [Plinius, Pacatus, Mamer- 
tinus, Eumenius, Nazarius.] Julii Agricolae vita 
per CoRNELiuii Tacitum. Petronii Arbitri 
satyrici fragmenta. 

4to. [Milan] 1476 

Another edition. 

4to. [1490] 

Another edition. Interpretatione et notis 

illustravit J. de la Baune, ad usum Delphini. 

4to. Paris, 1676 

Another edition. Recensiti et adnotationibus 

illustrati a Christophoro Cellario : qui et 
indices copiosiores rerum et verborum adjecit. 

8vo. Halle, 1703 

Another edition. Recensuit ac notis illustravit 


2 vols. Svo. Nuremberg, 1779 

Another edition. [Valpy's Delphin Classics.] 

.5 vols. Svo. Lomlon, 1828 

PANIZZI, Sir Anthony. 

For Life, sec Pagan, L, A. London, 1880. 
See Dante Alighieri. Divina commcdia. London, 
1 8.68. 

Chi era Francesco da Bologna ? 

12mo. London, 18,">S 

PANNELIER, Jean Amable. 

See P * * *, M. L'Hindoustan, ou religion, 
moeurs, etc. Pari.% ISlfi. 

PANNONIUS, Janus. Poemata et opuscula varia. 
2 vols. Svo. Utrecht, 1784 

PANORMITANUS, Antonius. Familiarium liber, 
fol. [S. Beissinger. Naples, 1472] 

See Tudeschis, N. de. 

PANSA, Francesco. Istoria dell' antica repubblica 

2 vols. 4to. Nqiks, 1724 

PANSMOUZER, Gotlieb, pseud, i.e. Theophilus 
liiNDSEY. The Polish partition illustrated, in 
seven dramatick dialogues. 

Svo. London [1773] 

PANTER, Patrick. De gestis illustrissimi herois 
Gulielmi Vallae, Scotiai olim custodis, collectanea 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1705 

PANTHEONITES (The) : a dramatic entertainment. 
[By Francis Gentleman.] 

8vo. London, 1773 

PANTHEUS, Joannes Antonius. Annotationes ex 
trium dierum confabulationibus ad Andream 
Baudam jurisconsultum. 

fol. [Venice, 1505] 

PANTON, George A. 

Sec Columna, G. de. The ' Gest hystoriale.' 
[Early English Text Society.] 

PANVINIO, Onofrio. 

See Boissardus, J. J. Romanae urbis topographia. 
Frankfort, 1595-1602. 
„ Boulenger, J. C. Liber de spoliis bellicis. 

Paris, 1601. 
„ Sibyls. Oracula. Paris, 1599. 

Reipublicae Romanae commentariorum libri 

tres : Sexti Julii Frontini commentarii de 
aquaeductibus et coloniis et alia veterum scrip- 

5 vols, in 1. Svo. Lgid. anil Nic. Gillii. 

Paris, 158S 

Another edition. 

fol. Heirs of A. Weehel, CI. Marnius and 
J. Auhrius. Frankfort, 1597 



PANVINIO, Onofrio. Romani pontifices et car- 
diiiiiles ;ib eisdem ;i Leone ix. ad Pauluni i\'. 

4to. AI. Tramezinus. Venice, 1557 

xxvii. pontificum maximorum elogia et ima- 

gines ad vivuni delineatae. 

fol. Ant. Lafrerim. Rome, 1568 


See Poetae Graeci (for Fragmenta, first edition). 
[Pam] 15()6. 

PANZER, Georg Wolfgang. Annalen der iiltern 
deutschen Litteratur, oder Anzeige und Beschrei- 
bung derjenigen Biicher welche von Erfindung 
der BuehdruckerkuDst bis 1520 in deutscher 
Sprache gedruckt worden sind. 

4to. Nwemherg, 1788 

Annales typographici ab artis inventas origine 

usque ad annum MD (mdxxxvi.) 

11 vols. Ito. Nuremberg, \193-\S03 

PAOLETTI, Ferdinando. 

See Scrittori classici Italiani, ISO.S^: parte 
moderna, torn. xx. 

PAOLI, Paolo Antonio. Antichita di Pozzuoli. 
Futeolanae antiquitates. Avanzi delle antichita 
esistenti a Pozzuoli, Cuma e Baja. [Italian and 

fol. [Napks] 1768 

Eovine della citta di Pesto detta ancora 

Posidonia. Della cittii di Pesto dissertazioni. 
[Italian and Latin.] 

fol. Rome, 178-1 

PAOLINI, Stefano. Dittionario Giorgiano e 

4to. Rome, 1629 

PAOLINO da S. Bartolommeo. 

See Paulinus a Sancto Bartholomaeo. 

PAOLO Senrita. See Sarpi, P. 

PAP vnth. a hatchet. 

See Marprelate, M., pseud. 

PAPA, Jacobus. Elogiae. Edidit J. Meyerus. 
[Soci^te d'fimulation dc Bruges.] 

4to. Bruges, 1847 

PAPAL aggressions : how they should be met. By 
a member of the >initcd church of England and 

8vo. London, 1851 

POPE, Jacques, Seigneur de Saint-Auban. 
Set' Saint-Auban, J. P., seigneur de. 


See Del' Mar6, C. Mendax oraculum. Salzburg, 
1688, eir. 
,, H. (J. L. M.), pseud. Epistola inforniatoria 

ad societatem Jesu, etc. LiSge, l68S. 
„ S. (D. J.), pseud. Debita Papebrochiana. 
Cologne, 16R8. 

— Kesponsio ad exhibitionem errorum per Sebas- 
tianum a S. Paulo evulgatam, anno 169." 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Jntreerp, I696-97 

PAPER (The) called The agreement of the people 
taken into consideration, and the lawfulness of 
subscription to it examined and resolved in the 
negative, by the ministers of Christ in the pro- 
vince of Lancaster. 

4to. Tendon, l649 

credit considered : particularly relative to the 

late failures of bankers and receivers in Ireland. 

8vo. London, 176() 

(A) of advices to the king, which were lately 

to be presented to him at Newcastle by the 
malignant faction. l646. [Newcastle reprints, 
ii. 9.] 

8vo. Netvcastk, 1843 

PAPERS relating to the Quakers Tythe Bill, viz. : 
the Case of the people called Quakers, Extracts 
from the yearly epistles of meeting, a .Supple- 
mental extract from the Quakers yeai'ly epistles, 
Remarks upon a bill now depending. The country 
parson's plea against the bill. 

8vo. London, 1736 

— relative to the late negotiation with Spain : 
and the taking of Falkland's Island from the 


4to. London, 177" 

— relative to the marriage of King James the 
sixth of Scotland with the princess Anna of 
Denmark, A.D. 1589, and the form of her 
majesty's coronation, -V.D. 1590. [Edited by 
J. T. G. Craig.] [Bannatyne Club.] 

4to. Edinburgh, 1828 



PAPERS relative to the negotiation with France, pre- 
sented by his majesty's command, to both Houses 
of Parliament, 22d December, 1806: in French 
and English. 

8vo. Lonihn, 1807 

relative to the regalia of Scotland. [Including 

a reprint of A true account of the preservation 
of the regalia, etc., by Sir Gr. Ogilvy.] 

4to. Edinburgh, 1829 

PAPIAS, Bishop of Hierapolis. 

See Patres Apostolici. The Apostolic fathers. 
London, 1891. 

PAPIAS Grammaticus, Vocabularium. 

fol. D. de Vespohte. Milan, 1476 

PAPIERS d'6tat, pieces et documents inedits ou peu 
connus relatifs k I'histoire de I'Ecosse au xvi' 
sifecle, tir6s des biblioth^ques et des archives de 
France et publiees par A. Teulet. [Bannatyne 

2 vols. 4to. Paris [1851-60] 

PAPILLON, Jean Baptiste Michel. Traite his- 
torique et pratique de la gravure en bois. [With 

3 vols, in 2. Svo. Pd/v.s, 1766 

PAPILLON, Thomas. Mr. Papillon's Speech. 

single sheet, fol. [London, 1673] 

PAPILLON, Thomas Leslie. A manual of compara- 
tive philology as applied to the illustration of 
Greek and Latin inflections. Second edition. 

Svo. Oxford, 1877 

PAPIN, Denys. A new digester or engine for 
softning bones (a continuation of the new 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. London, 1681-87 

PAPON, Jean Pierre. Histoire de la revolution de 

France, 1789-99. Publiee par M. Papon le jeune. 

6 vols. Svo. Paris, 1815 

PAPPADOPOULO, Manuel Leonard. 

See Sumarokov, A. P. Theatre tragique. Paris, 

PAPPUS, of Alexandria. 

See Aristarchus Samius. De magnitudinibus et 
distantiis solis et lunae. Oxfm-d, 1688. 

PAPWORTH, John Woody. Au alphabetical dic- 
tionary of coats of arms belonging to families in 

Great Britain and Ireland ; forming an extensive 
ordinary of British armorials. Edited from 
page Q9& by A. W. Morant. 

Svo. London, 1874 

PAQUET - SYPHORIEN. Voyage historique et 
pittoresque fait dans les ci-devant Pays-Bas et 
dans quelques departemens voisins, 1811-13. 

2 vols, in 1. Svo. Paris, 1813 

PARABLE (The) of the black birds and the magpies 
vindicated. [By E. Thompkins J] 

Svo. [London, 1691] 

PARABOSCO, Girolamo. I diporti. 

Svo. Battisfa Mammello. Venice, 1564 

Another edition. [Edited by G. Poggiall] 

Svo. London [Leghorn'], 1795 

— Quattro libri delle lettere amorose, ricorrette 
per T. Porcacchi. 

l2mo. G. Giolito de' Ferrari. Venice [1569] 


12mo. G. Giolifo de' Ferrari. Venice, I Ml 

PARACELSUS, Aureolus Theophrastus. 
See Bombast von Hohenheim, P. A. T. 

PARACLETE (The) : an essay on the personality 
and ministry of the Holy Ghost, with some 
reference to current discussions. [By Joseph 

Svo. London, 1874 

PARADiiS, Robert, comte de. M^moires secrets, 
ecrits par lui au sortir de la Bastille, pour servir 
a I'histoire de la derniere guerre. 

Svo. [Parish 1789 

PARADIN, Guillaume. 


De antiquo statu Bur- 

4to. Et. Dolet. Lyons, 1542 

G. Paradini Memorise nostrre libri quatuor. 

fol. J. de Tourncs. Lyons, 1548 

PARADIS DE MONORIF, Francois Augustin. 
See Moncrif, F. A. P. de. 

PARADISAR Likell. See Moeller, M. 

PARALLEL (The) : being the substance of two 
speeches, supposed to have been made in the 
closet, by two diiTerent ministers, some time 
before a late demise. [By Israel Mauduit.] 

Svo. London, 1742 [i.e. 1762] 



PABALLJiLE de I'architecture antique et de la 
modernc, avec un recueil des dix principaux 
auteurs qui ont ^crit des cinq ordres, s^avoir, 
Palladio et Scamozzi, Serlio et Vignola, D. Bar- 
baro et Cataneo, L. B. Alberti et Viola, Bullant 
et De Lorine, comparez entr'eux : planches ori- 
ginales. [By E. F. de Chambray.] 

fol. Paris, 170^2 

— de la conduite des gouvernments britaiinique 
et espagnol I'un envers I'autre depuis Ic renou- 
vellement de la guerre. 

8vo. Lomlnn, ISOj 

logue of the knowledge of the supreme Lord in 
which are compared the claims of Christianity 
and Hinduism. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1856 

PARAPHRASE (A) upon justice ; or, the powerful 
operation of gold : with some resentments 
against the proceedings of the Catholick cause. 
[In verse.] 

4to. [London, 1680 1] 

PARDESSUS, Jean Marie. 

See Brdquigny, L. Q. 0. F. de. Table chrono- 
logique des diplomes, etc. Paris, 1769- 

PARDOS, Gregorios, Archbishop of Corinth. 
See Dictionary, Greek. Venice, 1524.. 

Gregorii et aliorum grammaticorum libri de 

dialectis linguae Graecae ; Manuelis Moschopuli 
libellus de vocum passionibus. Edidit G. H. 
ScHAEFER. Accedit F. J. Bastti oommentatio 

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PAREUS, Daniel. 

See Lucretius Carus, T. De rerum natura libri 
vi. Frankfort, 1631. 
,, Musaeus. Erotopaegnion Herus et Leandri. 

Frankfort, 1627. 
„ Plautus, T. M. Comoediae xx. superstites. 
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PAREUS, Johann PMlipp. Lexicon criticura, sive 
thesaurus linguae Latinae. (Lexici critici, etc.) 

2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. Nuremhcrri, 1645-46 

PARFAICT, Claude. 

See Histoire du theatre Frangois. Paris, 17.S4-49. 

PARFAICT, Frangois. 

See Histoire du theatre Francois. Paris, 1734-49. 

PARINI, Giuseppe. 

See Parnaso degl' Italiani viventi. Pisa, 1798- 

Opere, pubblicate ed illustrate da F. Eeina. 

(Vita di G. P.) 

6 vols, in 3. 8vo. Milan, 1801-4 

II Mattino, il Mezzogiorno e la Sera, poemetti 

tre. [Anon.] 

8vo. Venice, 1779 

Another edition. [With a French translation.] 
2 parts in 1 vol. 12mo. London, 1784 

— Mattino, meriggio, vespro e notte. 

8vo. Londm, 1804 

— II Giorno (II mattino ; il meriggio ; il vespro ; 
la notte ; vita di G. Parini, da F. Reina). 

fol. Milan, 1811 


Another edition. 

8vo. Parma, 1791 
8vo. Parma, 1799 

PARIS. Bibliothfeque Nationale. Catalogue des 
livres imprimez de la Bibliothfeque du roy : 
theologie; belles-lettres; jurisprudence. [By P. 
J. BOUDOT and C. Sallier : with a memoir by 


7 vols. fol. Paris, 1739-53 

Calf, witli the arms of Louis iv. 

Catalogue des livres imprimes sur velin de la 

Lexicon Plautinum. 

8vo. Hanau, 1634 

Biblioth^que du roi. [By J. B. B. van Praet.] 
6 vols, in 5. 8vo. Paris, 1822-28 

I Catalogus codicum Mss. bibliothecae regiae. 

[By A. Mellot.] 

4 vols. fol. Paris, 1739-44 

Calf, with the arms of Louis xv. 

— Notices et extraits des manuscrits de la Biblio- 
th6que du roi [afterwards 'et autres biblio- 
th^ques ']. 

In progress. :i6 vols, in 56. fol. Parts, 

1787, etc. 



PARIS. Church of Notre Dame. Cartulaire de 
rilglise Notre-Dame de Paris. Public par 
M. GuERARD. [Documents iniJdits sur rhistoire 
de France.] 

4 vols. 4to. Paris, 1850 

Conseil d'etat. Catalogue des livi-es de la 

bibliothfeque du Conseil d'Etat. [By A. A. 

2 vols. fol. Paris, 1803 

Hotel de Ville. Registres de I'Hotel de Ville 

do Paris pendant la Fronde ; suivis d'une rela- 
tion de ce qui s'est passe dans la ville et I'abbaye 
de Saint-Denis k la meme 6poque, publics par Le 
Roux DE LiNCY et DouisT d'Arcq. [Soci6te 
de I'Histoire de France.] 

3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 184.6-48 

— Soci^td des Amis des Noirs. Adresse a 
lAssemblee Nationale, pour Tabolition de la 
traite des noirs : f(5vrier 1790. 

8vo. Paris, 1790 

— sous Philippe le Bel ; d'aprfes des documents 
originaux et notamment d'aprfes un manuscrit 
contcnant le role de la taille, imposee sur las 
habitants de Paris en 12.02. Publie par H. 
Gi'.RAUD. [Documents in<5dits sur I'histoire de 

4to. Paris, 1837 

Versailles et les provinces au dix-huitieme 

si^cle, anecdotes sur les r^gnes de Louis xv. et 
de Louis xvi. : par un ancien officicr aux Gardes- 
Fran^aises. [Dugast de Bois Saint-Just.] 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Paris, 1811 

PARIS and Vieiine. Vienna. Wherein is storied ye 
valorous atehicuements, famous triumphs, con- 
stant loue, great miseries and finall happines of 
the well deserving, truly noble and most valiant 
k* S'" Paris of Vienna and ye most admired 
amiable Princess the faire Vienna. 

4to. Fm- Richard Hawkins. London [ 1 620] 

Another edition. liepiinted from Caxton's 

edition with a preface, glossary, and notes [by 
W. C. Hazutt]. 

4to. London, 1868 

PARIS, Alexis Paulin. 

See Ville-Hardouin, G. de. De la conqueste de 
Constantinoble. Paris, 1838. 

PARIS, Antoine Louis. 

Sec N^gociations, lettres et pieces diverses, etc. 
Paris, 1841. 

PARIS, Gaston. See Romania. Paris, 1872, etc. 

PARIS, John. 

See True state of Trinity College. London, 1710. 

PARIS, Matthew. 

See Chaucer Society. Second Series, vii. [No. 3]. 
„ Roger of Wendover. Chronica. [English 
Historical Society.] 

Historia major, cum Eogeri Wendoveri, 

Willielmi Pushangeri, authorisque majori mino- 
rique historiis chronicisque MSS. fideliter collata : 
editore W. Wats. 

2 vols. fol. London, 1639-40 

Another edition. Editore W. Wats. 

fol. Paris, 1644 

Chronica majora. [From the Creation to 

1259.] Edited by H. R. Luard. [Rolls Series, 
No. 57.] 

7 vols. 8vo. London, 1872-83 

Historia Anglorum, sive, ut vulgo dicitur, 

Historia Minor, 1067-1253. Edited by Sir F. 
Madden. [Rolls Series, No. 44.] 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1866-69 

PARIS DE MEYZIEU, Jean Baptiste. Bibliotheca 
Parisiana : a catalogvie of a collection of books 
formed in France, to be sold by auction 26 
March 17!»1. [AVith prices in MS.] 

8vo. London, 1791 

PARISETUS, Ludovicus. Ad Varium Tolomaeum 
fratrem theopoeiae libri vi. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1550 

De divina in hominem benevolentia atque 

beneficentia orationes iii. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1552 

Another edition. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1559 

De immortalitate animae. 

4 to. Ant. Viottus. Reggio, 1541 


4to. Ant. Viottvs. Reggio, 1541 



PARISETUS, Ludovicus. Epistolarum posteriorum 
libri iii. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1553 

Pausithea, ad P. Sylverium. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1554 

PARISH, "William Douglas. A dictionary of the 
Sussex dialect and collection of provincialisms 
in use in the county of Sussex. [English 
Dialect Society, No. 6*.] 

8vo. Lewes, 1875 

and SHAW, William Francis. A dictionary 

of the Kentish dialect and provincialisms in use 
in the county of Kent. [English Dialect Society, 
No. 54.] ' 

8vo. London, 1887 

PARISOT, Pierre. 

For Life, see Vie du fameux P^re Norbert [i.e. 
P. Parisot]. London, 1762. 

PARISOTTI, Giovanni Battista. 

S«« Catullus, C. V. L'epitalamio. Padua, 1731. 

PARIVAL, Jean Nicolas de. 

See Delices de la Hollande. The Hnfjue, 1726. 

The historic of this iron age, wherein is set 

down the true state of Europe as it was in 1500, 
with a description of the most memorable trans- 
.actions from that time : rendred into English 
by B. Harris. Second edition. 

fol. London, 1 659 

PARIZ-PAPAI, Franciscus. Dictionarium Hun- 
garico-Latinum, olim ab Albkrto Molnaro 
collectum : dictionarium Latino-Hungaricum. 
Edidit P. Bod. 

2 vols. 8vo. Hermannstadt, 1782 

PARK, Sir James Allan. 

Sec British flag triumphant. LumIoh, 1806. 

PARK, John James. The topography and natural 
history of Hampstead. With un appendix of 
original records. 

4to. London, 1814 

PARK, Mungo. 

See African Association. Proceedings, Tjondon, 

The journal of a mission to the interior of 

Africa in the year 1805, to which is prefixed an ' 
account of the life of Mr. Park. 

4to. London, 1815 | 

PARK, Mungo. Travels in the interior districts of 
Africa in the years 1795-97. With an appendix, 
containing geographical illustrations of Africa, 
by Major Rennell. 

4to. London, 1790 

PARK, Thomas. 

See Harington, Sir J. Nugae antiquae. Tjondon, 
„ Harleian miscellany. Zwiion, 1808-13. 

PARKE, Daniel. 

See French, G. History of Colonel Parke's 
administration. London, 1717. 

PARKE, GUbert. 

See Bclingbroke, H. St. J., viscount. "Works. 
London, 1777-98. 

PARKE, Robert. 

See Gonzalez de Mendoza, J. History of China. 

[Hakluyt Society.] 

PARKER Society. Publications. 

54 vols. 8voandl2mo. Caml>rid(je, 1841-55 

Bale, John. Select works, containing the 
examinations of Lord Cobhara, William Thorpe 
and Anne Askewe ; and Image of both churches. 
Edited by H. Christmas. 

Becon, Thomas. The catechism, with other 
pieces written by him in the reign of Edward vi. 
Edited by J. Ayre. 

Early works. Edited by J. Ayre. 

Prayers, and other pieces. Edited by 

J. Ayre. 

Bradford, John. Writings, containing sermons, 
meditations, examinations, etc. Edited by A. 
TOWNSEND. 2 vols. 

Bull, Henry. Christian prayers and holy 
meditations as well for private as public exercise 

Bullingcr, Heiiirich. Decades. Translated by 
H. I. Edited by T. Harding. 4 vols 

Calfhill, James. An answer to J. Martiall's 
treatise of the Cross. Edited by R. GiBBlNGS. 

Cooper, Thomas. An answer in defence of 
the truth against the Apology of private mass ; 
to which is prefixed the work answered entitled 
An Apology of private mass. Edited b)' W. 


Coverdale, Miles. Remains. Edited by G. 



PARKER Society {continued). 

Covcrdale, Miles. Writings and translations. 
Edited by G. PEARSON. 

Cranmer, Thomas. Works. Edited by J. E. 
Cox. 2 vols. 

Fiilke, William. A defence of the sincere and 
true translations of the Holy scripture into the 
English tongue against the cavils of Gregory 
Martin. Edited by C. H. Hartshorne. 

Stapledon's fortress overthrown : A 

rejoinder to Martiall's reply : A discovery of the 
dangerous rock of the popish church commended 
by G. Sanders. Edited by R. Gibbings. 

Gough, Henry. A general index to the publi- 
cations of the Parker Society. 

Grindal, Edmund. Remains. Edited by W. 

Hooper, John. Early writings. Edited by 
S. Carr. 

Later writines with his letters and other 

pieces. Edited by C. Nevinson. 

Hutchinson, Roger. Works. Edited by J. 

Jewel, John. Works. Edited by J. Ayre. 
4 vols. 

Latimer, Hugh. Works. Edited by G. E. 
CORRIE. 2 vols. 

Liturgical services ; liturgies, and occasional 
forms of prayer set forth in the reign of queen 
Elizabeth. Edited by W. K. Clay. 

Norden, John. A progress of piety. 

Nowell, Alexander. A catechism written in 
Latin, together with the same translated into 
English by T. Norton, with a sermon preached 
by Dean Nowell. Edited by G. E. GoRRiE. 

Parker, Matthew. Correspondence 1535-75. 
Edited by J. Bruce and T. T. Perowne. 

Philpot, John. The examination and writings 
of J. P. Edited by E. Eden. 

Pilkington, James. Works. Edited by J. 

Prayer Book. The two liturgies, \3\[) and 
15.")2, with other documents set forth by authority 
in the reign of King Edward VI., viz. the order 
of Communion, 1548; the Primer, 1553; the 
Catechism and Articles, 1553; Catechismus 
Brevis, 1553. Edited by J. Ketley, 

PARKER Society (continued). 

Private prayers put forth by authority during 
the reign of queen Elizabeth; the Primer of 
1559; theOrariumof 1560; the Preces privatae 
of 1564; the book of Christian Prayers, 1578; 
with an appendix containing the Litany of 1 544. 
Edited by W. K. Clay. 

Ridley, Nicholas. Works. Edited ))y H. 


Rogers, Thomas. The catholic doctrine of 
the church of England : an exposition of the 
thirty -nine articles. Edited by J. J. S. Perowne. 

Sandys, Edwin. Sermons ; to which are 
added some miscellaneous pieces by the same 
author. Edited by J. Ayre. 

Tindale, William. An answer to sir T. More's 
dialogue, the Supper of the Lord, and W. 
Tracy's testament expounded. 

Doctrinal treatises and introductions 

to different portions of the Holy Scriptures. 
Edited by H. AV alter. 

Expositions and notes on sundry portions 

of the Holy Scriptures, together with the practice 
of prelates. Edited by H. Walter. 

Select poetry, chiefly devotional, of the reign 
of Queen Elizabeth. Collected and edited by 
E. Farr. 

Whitaker, William. A disputation on Holy 
Scripture against the papists, especially Bellar- 
mine and Stapleton. Edited by W. Fitzgerald. 

Whitgift, John. Works. Edited by J. Ayre. 
3 vols. 

Woolton, John. The Christian maimal. 

Zurich (The) Letters. Translated and edited 
by H. Robinson. 4 vols. 

PARKER, Angelina. 

See Atkinson, J. C. Cleveland words. [l']nglish 
Dialect Society.] 
,, Smith, Henry. Isle of \\'ight words. 
[English Dialect Society.] 

PARKER, Charles Stuart. 

See Questions for a reformed parliament. Lon- 
don, 1867. 

PARKER, Henry, Carmelite. The dialogue of 
Dives and Pauper. [Anon.] 

fol. Rkhnrd Pi/n.vm,. London, 14<).'i 

Another edition. 

fol. Wi/nl-yiL df Worde. JFestminster, 1496 



PARKER, Henry, of Lincoln's Inn. 

Sc'j Case of Shipmony. [London] 1 640. 
,, Charles I., King of Great Britain. The 

King's cal)inet opened. London, Hii.J. 
,, Contra-Eeplicant (The). [Limdon, 1()4,'J.] 
„ Jenkins, D. Tho cordiall of Judge Jenkins. 

[London] KilT. 
,, Observations upon some of his majesties late 
answers. [Loudon, l(5t2.] 

PARKER, Henry Walter. Van Dieman's Land, it.s, progress, and present state, with advice to 
emigrants, and supplement shewing the state of 
the colony in May, 1834. 

12mo. London, IS.Si 

PARKER, James. The early history of Oxford, 
7-7-1108, preceded by a sketch of the mythical 
origin of the City and LTnivcrsity. [Oxford 
Historical Societj^ iii.] 

8vo. U.vford, 1885 

PARKER, John Henry. 

See Glossary of terms used in architecture. 
Oxford, 1840, dc. 
„ Rickman, T. An attempt to discriminate 
the styles of architecture. London, 1848, 

Antiquities of Rome in danger. An appeal 

for help to save them. Being a statement of 
the accounts of the Roman Exploration fund for 

8vo. [London, 1873] 

PARKER, Joseph. 

See Ecce Deus. Edinburgh, 1867. 
„ Paraclete (The). London, I S7 4:. 

The priesthood of Christ : a re-statement of 

vital truth. Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1877 

PARKER, Martin. The king and a poore northerne 
man ; full of simple mirth and merry plaine jests : 
from the edition of l640, attributed to JL P. 
[Edited by J. P. Collier.] [Percy Society, i.] 

8vo. London, 1841 

PARKER, Mary Ann. A voyage round the world 
in the Gorgon man <if-war, captain John Parker. 

8vo. Lttwlon, 179.T 

PARKER, Matthew, Archbishop of Canterbury. 
For Life, sec Strype, J. London, 1711, etc. 

PARKER, Matthew, Archbishop of Canterbury. 
See Aelfric. A testimonie of antiquitie. London 
„ Bible, Poly glott. N. T., Gospels. 1571. 
,, Cambridge, University of. Corpus Christi 
College. Catalogus libroruni manuscrip- 
torum. London, 1722. 
,, Defence of priestesmariages. London [\o69,\ 

Correspondence, 15.'i5-1575. Edited by J. 

Bruce and T. T. Pekowne. [Parker Society, 

8vo. ■ Cambridge, 1853 

De antiquitate Britannicac Ecclcsiae et privi- 
leges Ecclesiae Cantuariensis, cum archiepiscopis 

fol. John Day. London, 1572 

Another edition. Recensente S. Drake. 

Fusior Augustiiu vita et academiae historia 

fol. London, 1729 


PARKER, Samuel, Bishop of Oxford. 

See Marvell, A. The rehearsal transposed. 
London, 1 672. 
„ Reproof to the Rehearsal transposed. Lon- 
don, 1673. 
„ Samuel, l[or]d b[isho]p of Oxon, his reasons, 
etc. London, 1688. 

— De rebus .sui temporis commentariorum libri 

8vo. London, 1726 

A discourse sent to the late King James, to 

persuade him to embrace the Protestant religion ; 
to which are prefixed two letters from sir Leolyn 
Jenkins and from the said bishop. 

4to. London, 169O 

PARKER, Samuel, of Trinity College, Oxford. 

Sec Athanasius, Saint. Four orations against 
the Arians. Oxford, 1713. 

PARKER, Theodore. 

For Life, .<!('(• Weiss, J. London, 1863. 
See Wette, W. M. L. de. Introduction to the 
Old Testament. Jhslon, 1843. 

Collected works. Edited by F. P. Cobbe. 

14 vols. 8vo. London, i86S-7 2 



PARKER, William Kitchen. 

See Carpenter, W. B. Introduction to the study 
of the Foraminifera. [Ray Society.] 

A monograph on the structure and develop- 
ment of the shoulder-girdle and sternum in the 
vertebrata. [Ray Society, 18()7.] 

fol. London, 1868 

PARKES, W. Kineton. 

&<; Igdrasil. Lmidon, lS90-9% 

PARKES, William. The curtaine-drawer of the 
world (1612). Edited by A. B. Grosart. 
[Occasional issues, ii. 2.] 

■ito. [Mandiestcr] 1876 

PARKHURST, John. A Greek and English lexicon 
to the New Testament : to this work is prefixed 
a Greek grammar, etc. Second edition. 

■ito. London, \lQi- 

Fourth edition. Loiulon, 1804. 

— An Hebrew and English lexicon, without 
points : to which work are prefixed an Hebrew 
and a Chaldee grammar. Third edition. 

4to. Loiulon, 179'-3 

— Fourth edition. 

8vo. London, 1799 

PARKIN, Charles. 

&« Blomefield, F. History of Norfolk. 17^9- 
7o, etc. 

■ • An answer to, or remarks upon Dr. Stukeley's 

Origines Roystoniana; ; wherein the antiquity 
and imagery of the Oratory, lately discovered at 
Royston, are truly stated and accounted for. 

4to. London, 1744 

— The history and antiquities of the city of 

8vo. Lynn, 1783 

— The history and antiquities of Yarmouth, 

8vo. Lynn, 1776 

A reply to the objections brought by Dr. 

Stukely in his Origines Roystonianae, No. 2, 
against an answer to his Origines Roystonianae, 
No. 1, wherein the said answer is maintained, 
Royston proved to be an old Saxon town, etc. 

4to. Norwich, 1748 
PARKINS, Sir William. 

See Collier, J. The case of the two absolvers. 
London, l6y6. 

PARKINS, Sir WilUam. 

See Collier, J. A defence of the absolution. 
[Lmulan, 1696.] 

PARKINSON, Anthony. 

See P. (A.) Collectanea Anglo - Minoritica. 
London, 1726. 

PARKINSON, James, Fellow of Lincoln College, 

See Accoimt of Mr. Parkinson's exprdsion from 
the University of Oxford. London, l689. 

PARKINSON, James, Museum proprietor. 

See Lever, Sir A. Museum Leverianum. [London] 

PARKINSON, James, Surgeon. 
See Old Hubert, pseud. 
„ Smith, John, Bookseller. Assassination of 

the king. London, 1195. 
„ Vindication of the London Corresponding 
Society. London [1794]. 

PARKINSON, John. Paiadisi in sole, paradisus 
terrestris ; or, a choice garden of all sorts of 
rarest flowers, with their nature, place of birth, 
time of flowring, names, and vertues to each 
plant, useful in physick, or admired for beauty. 
Second impression. 

fol. London, l656 

Theatrum botanicum : the theatre of plants, or 

an herball of a large extent. 

fol. Thomas Cotes. London, 1640 

PARKINSON, Richard. 

Si'e Byrom, J. Private jmirnal. [Chetham 
„ Martindale, A. Life. [Chetham Society.] 
„ Newcome, H. Autobiography 


PARKINSON, Sydney. A journal of a voyage to 
the South seas in H.M.S. Endeavour. 

4to. London, 1773 

PARLIAMENT (The) of ladies ; or, divers remark- 
able passages of ladies in Spring-Garden; in 
parliament assembled. [By Henky Nevile.] 

4to. [London] 1647 
See aho Ladies a second time assembled. 


&<; Johnson, S. Works. O.efwd, 1825. [For 
Parliamentarj^ Debates.] 



PAELIAMENT. [Proceedings, etc.] The parlia- j 
meiitary history of England, from the earliest 
period to the year ISOS. [By W. CoJiBETT.] 

06 vols. [Continued as : Cobbett's Parliamentary : 

debates, and Hansard's Parliamentary debates. I 

Four series.] j 

III progress. 8vo. London, 1804, etc. | 

— Eecords of the parliament holden at Westmin- 
ster 28 February 1305. Edited by F. W. Mait- 
LAND. [Kolls Series, No. 98.] 

8vo. London, 18.93 

— Parliamentary debates in I610. Edited from 
the notes of a member of the house of commons 
by S. Iv. Gardiner. [Camden Society, Ixxxi.] 

4to. London, ISGtl 

— A remonstrance ; or, the declaration of the 
lords and commons, now assembled in imrliament, 
26 May 16-12, in answer to a declaration under 
his maje-sties name concerning the businesse of 
Hull, 21 of May, l642. 

4to. London, 1642 

— An ordinance and declaration of the lords and 
commons, allowing and authorising any of his 
majesties good and loyall subjects to furnish 
with all manner of warlike provision to make 
stay of all such supplies as they shall seize upon, 
going to assist the rebels in Ireland. [21 Oct.] 

4to. London, 1642 

— The declaration of the lords and commons 
assembled in the parliament of England, to the 
subjects of Scotland : with his majesties message 
to the lords of his privy counsell of Scotland, 
upon that occasion. [7 Nov.] 

4to. 0.rfonl, 1642 

— All the acts, ordinances and orders of parlia- 
ment ; for the indempnitie or saving harmlesse 
all those that have acted or done any thing by 
sea or land, by the authority and for the service 
of the parliament. [7 Nov. 1642-23 June 1652.] 

4to. London [l652] 

— Au ordinance of the lords and commons for the 
speedy setting forth of certaine ships to prevent 
the bringing over of souldiers, etc., to assist the 
king against the parliament in England. [10 

4to. London, 1642 

—A declaration of the lords and commons that 
no vessels shall from henceforward make any 
voyage to New-Castle for the fetching of coales, 

or any other commodity, etc. [14 Jan.] 1642. 
[Newcastle Peprints, i. 6.] 

8vo. Newcastk, 1843 

PARLIAMENT. An ordinance of the lords and 
commons, that no wharfinger, woodmonger, or 
other seller of Newcastle coales within the cities 
of London and Westminster, shall sell any Nev/- 
castlc coales above the rate of 23s. the chaldron. 
[21 Feb.] l6lij- [Newcastle Reprints, vii. <).] 

8vo. Xeumstle, 1846 

A declaration and ordinance of the lords and 

commons, for the seizing and sequestring of the 
estates of certaine kinds of notorious delinquents 
to the use of the army. [Printed 1 April.] 

4to. London, l643 

— A declaration of the lords and commons 
straightly forbidding all inkeepers, etc., to 
harbour any marriuers, etc., prest into any of 
his majesties or merchants ships after procla- 
mation made to give them notice to repair on 
board. [4 April.] Also a letter from Sir John 

4to. I^oadon, l643 

— An ordinance, with scverall propositions of the 
lords and commons for the speedy raising of 
forces to reduce the town of Newcastle. [5 June] 
1643. [Newcastle Reprints, i. 8.] 

8vo. Newcastk, 1843 

— A declaration and resolution of the lords and 
commons in parliament : in answer to the Scots 
declaration, presented unto them by the com- 
missioners of the said kingdome. [6 June.] 

4to. London [1643] 

— Order for the regulating of printing. [14 
June] 1643. 

See Milton, J. 

— Two ordinances of the lords and commons, the 
first [24 Oct.] enabling the committee of the 
Admiralty to grant commissions to such mer- 
chants as shall set out ships at their own charge ; 
the second [31 Oct.] for the sequestring of the 
estates of spyes and intelligencers. 

4to. Lmulon, 1643 

— An ordinance of the lords and commons, 

enabling all persons approved of by parliament 

to set forth ships in warlike manner for the 

guarding of the seas and defence of his majesties 

dominions. [30 Nov.] 

4to. London, 1643 



PARLIAMENT. An ordinance of the lords and 
commons for the better raising, leavying and 
impresting of mariners, saylers, and others, for 
the present guarding of the seas, and necessary 
defence of the realm. [12 Jan.] 

4to. Londmi [1643] 

An ordinance of the lords and commons 

enabling all persons approved of by Parliament 
to set forth ships in war-like manner, for the 
guarding of the seas, and defence of his majesties 
dominions. [Printed 20 Jan.] 

4to. [^London, 1643] 

An ordinance of the lords and commons 

assembled in parliament, with instructions for 
the taking of the league and covenant in the 
kingdom of England, and dominion of Wales 
[2 Feb. 1 idA-o] : with an exhortation for the 
taking of the covenant, etc. 

2 parts in 1 vol. -ito. London [1643-44] 

— An ordinance of the lords and commons for the 
upholding the government and fellowship of 
merchants of England trading in the Levant 
seas, for the maintenance of clothing, etc. 
[Printed 11 March.] 

4to. London, l643 

— All the severall ordinances, directions and 
■('otes of the Lords and Commons, for the speedy 
establishing of the presbyteriall government. 
[Including Directions for the electing of ruling- 
elders, 19 August l64.i ; An ordinance concern- 
ing suspention from the sacrament of the Lords 
Supper, 20 Oct. 1 645 ; An ordinance for keeping 
of scandalous persons from the sacrament of the 
Lords Supper, etc., 14 March 1645; An ordi- 
nance for the present setling of the presbyteriall 
government, .5 June 1646; An ordinance for the 
ordination of ministers by the classicall pres- 
byters, 28 August 1646; An ordinance for the 
speedy dividing this kingdome into classicall 
presbyteries, 29 January l647; An ordinance 
for the repairing of churches and paying of 
church-duties, 9 February 1647; An ordinance 
for the ordination of ministers pro tempore, 2 
October 1644.] 

8 parts in 1 vol. 4to. London, 1(344-47 

PARLIAMENT. An ordinance and declaration of 
the lords and commons, one for the speedy 
setting forth of certain ships to prevent the 
bringing over of souldiers, ordnance and other 
ammunition to assist the king against the parlia- 
ment, the other for the incouragement of all 
owners, etc., who shall be employed in the said 
fleet. [Printed 6 April.] 

8vo. London, 1644 

An ordinance of the lords and commons, de- 
claring that it shall and may be lawfull for all 
foreigners and strangers in amity with this 
kingdom, to have free trade and commerce to 
and from the city of London, etc. [30 Aug.] 

8vo. Ljondon, 1644 

— An ordinance of the lords and commons, after 
advice had ^-ith the assembly of divines, for the 
ordination of ministers pro tempore, according 
to the directory for ordination. [2 Oct. Part 
of All the severall ordinances, etc.] 

4to. Ijondon, 1644 

— Directions of the lords and commons for the 
electing and choosing of ruling elders in all 
congregations, etc., for the speedy setling of the 
Presbyteriall government. [19 Aug.] 

4to. Londcm, 1645 

— Another edition. [Part of All the severall 
ordinances, etc.] 

4to. London, 1645 

— Another edition. [Part of All the severall 
ordinances, etc.] 

4to. London, 1645 

— A second declaration of the lords and commons 
assembled in i^arliament ; of the whole proceed- 
ings with the late extraordinary ambassadors 
from the States Generall of the United provinces ; 
concerning restitution of ships, and the course 

of trade. [15 Sept.] 

4to. London, l645 

— Another edition. [This edition does not con- 
tain the two ordinances of 29 Jan. and 9 Feb. 

6 parts in 1 vol. 4to. London, 1645-46 

An ordinance of the lords and commons, 

together with rules and directions concerning 
suspention from the sacrament of the Lords 
Supper in cases of ignorance or scandal. [20 
Oct. Part of All the severall ordinances, etc.] 

4to. London, l645 

Another edition. [20 Oct. l6l.").] [Part of 

All the severall ordinances, etc.] 

4to. London, 1645 



PARLIAMENT. An ordinance of the lords and 
commons for giving power to all the classicall 
presbyteries within their respective bounds to 
examine, approve, and ordaine ministers for 
severall congregations. [8 Nov. The same 
ordinance as that of 2 Oct. 1 644. Part of All 
the severall ordinances, etc.J 

4to. London, 1645 

Two ordinances of the parliament for the 

maintenance of some preaching ministers in the 
cities of York, etc. December 2(i, 1 645. [New 

castle Reprints, ii. 8.] 

8vo. Newcastk, 1845 

— An ordinance of the lords and commons for 
keeping of scandalous persons from the Sacra- 
ment of the Lords Supper, the enabling of 
congregations for the choice of elders, and 
suppij'ing of defects in former ordinances con- 
cerning church-government. [14 March. Part 
of All the severall ordinances, etc.] 

4to. London, l645 

— Another edition. [Part of All the severall 

4to. London, 1645 

— The answer of the lords and commons to 
several papers of the Commissioners of Scotland. 
[14 April.] 

4to. London, 1646 

— An ordinance of the lords and commons for 
the present selling (without further delay) of 
the Presbyteriall government in the Church of 
England. [5 June.] 

4to. London, l64C 

— Another edition. [Part of All the se\erall 
ordinances, etc.] 

4to. Jjomlon, 1646 

— Another edition. [Part of All the severall | 
ordinances, etc.] i 

4to. London, 1646 j 

— An ordinance of the lords and commons for i 
the ordination of ministers bj' the classicall 
presbyters within their respective bounds for 
the severall congregations in the kingdom of 
England. ['28 Aug. The same ordinance as 
that of 2 Oct. 1644. Part of All the severall 
ordinances, etc.] 

4to. London, 1 646 I 

PARLIAMENT. An ordinance of the lords and 
commons for the selling of the lands of all 
the bishops in the kingdome of England 
and dominion of Wales, for the service of the 
common-wealth. [l6Nov.] 

4to. London, l646 

Remedies for removing some obstructions in 

church government. 22 April l647. 

•Ito. London, 1647 

An ordinance of the lords and commons for 

the visitation and reformation of the universitie 
of Oxford and the severall colledges and halls 
therein : with the names of the committee and 
visitors for the better regulating of the same. 
[1 May.] 

4to. London, 1647 

An ordinance of the lords and commons for 

the indempnity or saving harmlesse all those 
that have acted or done any thing by sea or land 
by authority of parliament. [21 May.] 

4to. London, l647 

Two speeches made by the speakers of both 

houses of Parliament [the earl of Manchester 
and Wm. Lenthall] to Sir Thomas Fairfax, on 
Friday, the 6 day of August 1647 : And an 
ordinance of both houses of Parliament making 
his excellency constable of the tower of London, 
and giving him power to make a lieutenant, etc. 

4to. London, l647 

An ordinance of the lords and commons for 

disabling delinquents to bear office, or to have 
any voyce or vote in the election of any Mayor, 
or any other officer, in city, or universities, or 
other place in the kingdom. [4 Oct.] 

4to. London, l647 

Severall ordinances of the lords and commons 

for the disbanding of all supernumerary forces 
within this kingdome under the command of 
Sir Thomas Fairfax : And that no officer or 
souldier after the 15 January 1647 shall have 
any free quarter, etc. [24 Dec] 

4to. London, 1647 

An ordinance of the lords and commons for 

the speedy dividing and setling the severall 
counties of this kingdome into distinct classi- 
call presbyteries and congregationall elderships. 
[20 Jan. " Part of All the severall ordinances, 


4to. London, 1047 



PAELIAMENT. An ordinance of the lords and 
commons for the repairing of churches, and pay- 
ing of all church-duties whatsoever within the 
kingdome of England and dominion of Wales. 
[9 Feb. Part of All the severall ordinances, etc.] 

4to. London, 1647 

The votes of the lords and commons touching 

no farther address to the king, with a declaration 
thereupon, published by the commons. [17 Feb.] 

4to. London, l6-i7 

A declaration of the lords and commons con- 
cerning the papers of the Scots commissioners 
entituled. The Answer of the commissioners, 
etc., upon the new propositions of peace and the 
four bills, etc. [4 I\Iar.] 

4to. London, 1647 

— An ordinance of the lords and commons for 
setling the jurisdiction of the court of Admiralty. 
[12 April.] 

4to. London, l64S 

— A declaration of the lords and commons con- 
cerning the reducing of the late revolted ships 
to the obedience of parliament. [14 July.] 

4to. London, 1648 

— An ordinance of the lords and commons con- 
cerning the company of merchants trading into 
France. [19 Oct.] 

4to. London, 1648 

— A declaration of the parliament of England 
expressing the grounds of their late proceedings, 
and of setling the present government in the 
way of a free state. [17 Mar.] 

4to. London, 1648 

— A declaration of the parliament of England, in 
•vandication of their proceedings and discovering 
the dangerous practices of several interests, 
against the present government, and peace of 
the Commonwealth. [27 Sept.] 

4to. London, l649 

regard to the government of the kingdom under 
the Commonwealth. 23 Jan.] 

4to. London, 1659 

PARLIAMENT. Anno primo Wilhelmi et Mariae. 
An act for establishing the coronation oath. [London, l689] 

— A declaration of the parliament of the common- 
wealth of England, relating to the affairs and 
proceedings between this commonwealth and the i 
States General of the United Provinces, of the 
Low Countreys, etc. [9 June.] 

4to. London, 1652 

— A declaration of the parliament assembled at 
Westminster [declaring their intentions with 

— A supplement to the collection of the debates 
and proceedings in Parliament, in l694 and 
1695, upon the inquiry into the late briberies, 
and corrupt practices. 

4to. London, l695 

— The proceedings upon the bill of divorce 
between his grace the Duke of Norfolk and the 
Lady Mary Mordant. 

fol. London, 1700 

— Debates and speeches in both houses concerning 
the Schism-Bill ; with the lords protest against 
it, as also the whole act at large. 

8vo. London, 1715 

— Anno regni Georgii 11. decimo nono, at the 
parliament begun and holden at Westminster 
the first day of December, anno dom. 1741, con- 
tinued to 17 October 1745 : an Act for the more 
effectual disarming the Highlands. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1746 

— Authentic pieces respecting the proceedings in 
both Houses of Parliament, and in the county 
meeting at York ; or, a plan for restraining the 
enormous power of the crown, and retrenching 
the public expenditure. 

8vo. [London ?] 17H0 

— A full and faithful report of the debates in 
both houses of parliament, 17-21 Feb. 1783, on 
the Articles of peace. 

Svo. London, 1783 

— The resolutions of England and L-eland relative 
to a commercial intercourse between the two 

Svo. London, 1785 

— A. translation of such parts of the rolls of 
Parliament, as are referred to in the schedule 
annexed to the report of the committee appointed 
to search for precedents, etc. 

Svo. London, 1788 

— Debates in both houses of Parliament [20 May 
1791 — 11 June 1792] on the bill introduced by 
C. J. Fox for removing doubts res])ecting the 



functions of juries in cases of libel : to which is 
subjoined the statute. 

8vo. London, 1792 

PARLIAMENT. The debates in both houses, 13-15 
December 179~, on the King's speech : with a list 
of the members who divided with Mr. Fox. 

8vo. London, 1792 

— A full, correct, and complete abstract of the 
act, passed in the present session of Parliament, 
for raising the increased assessed taxes : together 
with an appendix stating the different taxes pay- 
able under the old assessment. 

8vo. London, 1798 

— Substance of the debates on a resolution for 
abolishing the slave trade, moved in the house 
of commons 10 June 1806 and in the house of 
lords 24 June 1806. 

12mo. London, 1806 

— Parliamentary debates on the Dissenters' 
Chapels Bill, 7 and 8 Vict. c. 45, 184.4. 

8vo. London, 1844 

— [Lists of Members.] The names of the 
members of parliament which began on Munday, 
4 June 1653, with the severall transactions since 
that time. 

4to. London, 1654 

— A list of both houses of parliament prorogued 
to the 26th of January 1679. 

broadside, fol. London, 1679 

— An exact and useful list of the lords spiritual 
and temporal, with the knights, etc., chosen to 
serve in the parliament of Great Britain, sum- 
moned to meet at Westminster on the 17 th of 
March, 1715. 

4to. London [1715] 

— Honse of Lords. A complete collection of pro- 
tests of the Lords, 1641-1737. 

8vo. London, 1737 

— Protestation upon rejecting the impeachment 
of Mr. Fitz-Harris, March 28, 1681. 

single sheet, fol. London, l681 

— Eeasons and protestations entred in the house 
of lords, 23 March l688, 5 April l689, 20 April 
1689, 25 May 1689. 

4to. London, l689 

VOL in. 

PARLIAMENT. House of Lords. Some passages 
of the house of lords : in the winter sessions of 
Parliament in the year [l6]92. 

4to. [London, 1693] 

Proceedings and resolutions in relation to the 

lords impeached or charged. 

fol. London, 1701 

— The report of the Lords committees appointed 
to draw np the state of the case upon the writ of 
error, lately depending in the House of Peers, 
wherein Matthew Ashby was plaintiff, and 
William White and others defendants. 

fol. London, 1704 

— The humble address, with the reports therein 
contained, and the several examinations annexed, 
presented to her majesty, on Munday 22 March, 
1707 : with her majesties most gracious answer. 

fol. London, 1708 

— [Begins] Die Martis, 19 Dec. 1721. The order 
of the day being read for the taking into further 
consideration his majesty's speech, etc. [Protest 
of 19 peers against the rejection of a motion for 
the production of admiral Byng's instructions : 
with the protest of the king of Spain, dated 
11 Sept. 1718.] 

4to. [London, 1721] 

— A compleat collection of the protests of the 
lords during this last sessions of parliament. 

8vo. London, 1722 

— A report from the Lords Committees to whom 
the report and original papers delivered by the 
House of Commons at several conferences were 
referred, and who were impowered to examine 
Christopher Layer. 

fol. London, 1723 

— A collection of the several protests in the 
House of Lords, in the session of parliament in 
the years 1722 and 1723. 

fol. London, 1723 

— Compleat collection of all the protests of the 
Lords during this last session of parliament : to 
which is prefix'd the petition against the city- 

fol. London, 1725 

— The genuine protests of the lords, during the 
last session of parliament : amongst which is that 
relating to Bambridge's affair. 

fol. London, 1729 



PARLIAMENT. House of Lords. Report of the 
Lords committees appointed to examine the 
physicians who have attended his majesty during 
his illness, touching the state of his majesty's 

8vo. London, 1788 

Reports of the secret committee, etc., 1794. 

See Parliament. House of Commons. Second 
report from the committee of secrecy. 
London, 1794. 

The protests, entered on the journals of the 

House of Lords, against the Danish expedition, 
Jan. 21, 1808, by the duke of Gloucester, the 
earl of Moira, the earl of Lauderdale, the earl 
Grey, lord Holland, the duke of Norfolk, viscount 
Sidmouth, and Lord Erskine. 

8vo. Lcmdm, 1808 

House of Commons. [Proceedings, etc.] De- 
bates in the house of commons in l625. Edited, 
from a MS. in the library of Sir R. Knightley, by 
S. R. Gardiner. [Camden Society, N. S., vi.] 

4to. London, 1873 

— A declaration of the commons assembled in 
parliament concerning the rise and progresse of 
the grand rebellion in Ireland, together with a 
multitude of examinations of persons of quality, 

4to. London, 1643 

— A declaration of the commons of England 
assembled in parliament, of their true intentions 
concerning the ancient and fundamental govern- 
ment of the kingdom, the government of the 
church, etc. 

4to. London, l646 

— A declaration of the Commons of England in 
Parliament assembled ; expressing their reasons 
and grounds of passing the late resolutions 
touching no farther address or application to be 
made to the king: 11 Feb. 1647. 

^to. London, 1647 

— Another edition. 

4to. London. 1647 
See also Kingdomes briefe answer. London, l648. 
,, Royal. Royall apologie ; or, an answer, 
etc. Paris, 1648. 

— A declaration of the commons assembled in 
parliament, concerning the jurisdiction of the 

4to. Tendon, 1648 

PARLIAMENT. House of Commons. A declara- 
tion of the commons of England assembled in 
parliament, expressing their reasons for adnulling 
and vacating of these ensuing votes. 

4to. London, 1648 [1649] 

Votes, etc., of the honourable house of Com- 
mons, Feb. 25, etc., l662, upon reading his 
majesties gratious declaration and speech. 

single sheet. 4to. [London, l662] 

Votes and addresses of the honourable house 

of Commons assembled in parliament, made this 
present year 1673, concerning Popery and other 

4to. [London, l673] 

— Votes, printed according to the order of the 
house [1680-81]. 

fol. London, 1680 

— The debates in the house of commons assembled 
at Oxford from 24 March, 1680. 

fol. London, 1681 

— Votes of the house of commons at Oxford. 
[March 21st to 28th, 1681. In 5 numbers.] 

fol. London, 1681 

The several debates of the house of Commons, 

in the reign of the late King James ii,, relating 
to the establishment of the militia, etc., 9-20 
Nov. 1685. 

4to. London, 1697 

A state of the proceedings with relation to the 

impeached lords : and what happened thereupon 
between the two houses. 

fol. London, 1701 

All the proceedings in relation to the Ayles- 

bury-men, committed by the house of commons : 
and the report of the Lords journal, and reports 
of the conferences and of the free conference. 

fol. London, 1704 

determinations of the honourable house of 

commons concerning elections, and all their 

8vo. Londmi, 1741 

Sir Henry Cavendish's debates of the house of 

commons during the 13th parliament of Great 
Britain, commonly called the LTnreported Parlia- 
ment [1768-71]: with illustrations, drawn up 
from the original Mss. by J. Wright. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1841 



PARLIAMENT. House of Commons. A complete 
and accurate account of the very important 
debate in the house of commons on Tuesda}', 
July 9, 1782, in which the cause of Mr. Fox's 
resignation and the question of American inde- 
pendence came under consideration. 

Svo. iMidon, 1782 

— The resolutions of the house of commons on 
the grand and constitutional questions between 
the privileges of the house of commons and the 
prerogative of the crown : from the 1 7th of 
December 178.'i to the lOth of March 1784. 

Svo. London, 17S-i 

— Debates, 12-I() Jan. 1784., on Mr. Pitt's bill 
for regulating the territorial concerns of the 
East India Company, with a copy of the bill. 

Svo. London, 1784 

— An authentic account of the debate in the 

house of commons, on Monday, March 8, 1784, 
on the extraordinary resolutions moved by Mr. 
Fox, with a list of the division. 

Svo. London [1784] 

— The debate on the subject of a regency, on 
Tuesday December l6, 1788. 

Svo. London, 1788 

— Abridgment of the minutes of the evidence 
taken before a committee of the whole house to 
whom it was referred to consider of the slave 

4 parts in 1. Svo. [London] 1789-1791 

— The debate on a motion for the abolition of the 
slave-trade, on April 18 and 19, 1791 ; reported 
in detail. 

Svo. London, 1791 

— Authentic report of the debate, on the 6th and 
7 th of May 1793, on Mr. Grey's motion for a 
reform in Parliament : with a copy of the petition 
of the Friends of the People. 

Svo. London [1793] 

— The interesting debate on Mr. Grey's motion, 
on Wednesday, March 25, 1801, for an enquiry 
into the state of the nation, etc. 

Svo. London \\%0\] 

— (Committees.) 

A report from the committee of secrecy, 
appointed to examine several books and papers 
relating to the late negotiations of peace and 

commerce, etc.: reported June 9th, 1715, by 
R. Walpole, chairman. 

fol. London, 1715 

PARLIAMENT. (Committees.) A report from 
the committee appointed to examine Christopher 
Layer and others : reported March 1st, 1722, by 
William Pultency : with appendixes. 

2 vols, in 1. fol. London, 1722 

A report from the committee appointed to en- 
quire into the state of the gaols of this kingdom : 
relating to the Marshalsea prison ; and farther 
relating to the Fleet prison, with the resolution 

of the house thereupon. 

fol. Londm, 1729 

A further report from the committee of secrecy, 

appointed to enquire into the conduct of Robert, 
Earl of Orford : delivered 30 June, 1742. 

Svo. London, 1742 

Report from the committee appointed (upon 

the 4th day of March 1763) to take into con- 
sideration the several estimates and accounts 
presented to this house in the present, or in any 
former session of parliament. 

4to. [London] 176o 

The genuine minutes of the select committee 

appointed by the house of commons to enquire 

into East India affairs : and their genuine report. 

2 parts in 1. Svo. London, 1773 

Report from the select committee, to whom 

it was referred to consider and examine the 
accounts of extraordinary services incurred and 
paid, and not provided for by parliament, 1776- 

Svo. London, 1778 

Minutes of the evidence taken before a com- 
mittee of the house of commons, to whom it was 
referred to consider of so much of his majesty's 
speech on the 25th of January, 1785, as relates 
to the adjustment of the commercial intercourse 
between Great Britain and Ireland. 

Svo. Dublin, 1785 

Report from the select committee, to whom it 

was referred to examine and state the se\eral 
accounts, and other papers relating to the public 
income and expenditure, and to rep.ort what may 
be expected to be the annual amount in future. 

Svo. London, 1786 



PARLIAMENT. (Committees.) Report from the 
committee appointed to examine the physicians 
who have attended his majesty during his ill- 
ness, touching the state of his majesty's health. 

8vo. London, 1788 

Third edition. 

Another edition. 

8vo. London [1789] 

8vo. London, 1789 

— Report from the select committee appointed to 
examine and state the several accounts, and other 
papers, presented to the house of commons in the 
session of Parliament, relating to the public 
income and expenditure, and to report. 

8vo. London, 1791 

— First report from the select committee ap- 
pointed to take into consideration the present 
state of commercial credit, and to report their 
opinion and observations thereupon to the house. 

8vo. London, 1793 

— First report from the committee of secrecy. 

8vo. Lmidon, 1794' 

— The second report from the committee of 
secrecy to the house of commons : to which is 
added the first and second reports of the secret 
committee of the house of lords. [With ap- 
pendices and a supplement.] 

8vo. London, 179+ 

— Report of the committee of secrecy, to whom 
the several papers, referred to in his majesty's 
message of the 2 2d of January 1799 were 

8vo. London, 1799 

— (Lists of Members.) 

A perfect list of the names of the persons 
returned to serve in this parliament, 1656. 

4to. [Londoii, 1 656 ?] 

— An exact list of the knights and commissioners 
of shires, citizens and burgesses of the late 
Parliament, at the time of the Septennial Act, 
with their names who voted for and against the 
repealing the Triennial Act, with several speeches. 

8vo. London, 1722 

— A correct list of the members of the last house 
of commons, distinguished according to their 
votes in certain late public questions, in which 
the rights and liberties of the peoj)le were 
essentially concerned. 

fol. London, 1780 

PARLIAMENT. (Lists of Members.) An authentic 
list of both majority and minority, on the right 
honourable General Conway's motion, Feb. 27, 


single sheet, fol. London, 1782 

A correct list of the several members, with the 

places they represent, who voted for and against 
Mr. Pitt's motion in support of the rights of the 
two houses of Parliament, on Tuesday, Dec. l6, 


single sheet, fol. London, 1788 

of Ireland. A report of the debates in both 

houses of the parliament of Ireland on the Roman 
Catholic Bill, passed in the session of 1792. 

8vo. Dublin, 1792 

— House of Lords. The humble representation 
made to the king's majesty by the lords spiritual 
and temporal of the- parliament of Ireland, to 
which is subjoined the report of the lords com- 
mittees for courts of justice, etc. 

8vo. London, 1720 

— Report from the committee of secrecy of the 
house of lords of Ireland, appointed to take 
into consideration the matters of the sealed-up 
treasonable papers received from the commons 
the 4th of May 1797. 

Svo. London, 1797 

— Report of the debate on the Earl of Moira's 
motion, Monday, Feb. 19, 1798. 

Svo. London, 1798 

— Report from the committee of secrecy, as 
reported by the right hon. John, Earl of Clare, 
Lord High Chancellor, August ."O, 1798. Second 

Svo. London, 1798 

— House of Commons. An impartial sketch of 
the debate, on a motion made August 12, 1785, 
by the right hon. Thomas Orde, secretary to the 
governor-general, for leave to bring in a bill 
for effectuating the intercourse between Great 
Britain and Ireland. By AV. Woodfall. 

Svo. London, 1785 

— Report from the committee of secrecy, ap- 
pointed to take into consideration the treason- 
able papers presented to the house of commons 
of Ireland Ap. 29th : to which is added a charge 
to the grand jury of the county of Dublin. By 
RoBEUT Day. 

Svo. London, 1797 



PARLIAMENT of Ireland. House of Commons. 

Report from the committee of secrecy ap- 
pointed to take into consideration the treason- 
able papers presented to the house of commons 
of Ireland, on the 17th day of July by viscount 
Castlereagh : with all the appendixes. 

8vo. London, 1798 

Debate on Wednesday, the 15th of May, 1799- 

8vo. Dublin, 1799 

— A report of the debate on Wednesday and 
Thursdaj' the .ith and (ith of February 1800, on 
delivering a message from his majesty on an 

8vo. Biihlin, 1800 

— A report of the debate, 15-16 January 1800, 
on an amendment to the address, moved by sir 
Laurence Parsons, bart., on the subject of an 

Svo. Dublin, 1800 

— of Paris. The proceedings of the Parliament 
of Paris, upon the Pope's bull, concerning the 
franchises in the city of Rome, and the following 
ordonnance of the 26th of December, 1687. 
Translated into English. 

4to. London, l68S 

— Remonstrances du Parlement au roi, du 9 Avril 

4to. London, 1753 

— of Scotland. The laws and acts of parliament 
made by James I., Ii., etc. [to Charles il., 26 May 
1424— 17 Sept. 1681]. Collected by Sir Thomas 
Murray of Glendook, bart. [With the Exposi- 
tion of termes and difficult wordes by J. Skene.] 

fol. Edinburgh, 1681 

— Another edition. 

3 vols. 12mo. Edinburgh, 1682-85 

— The laws and acts made in the first parliament 
of James vii. [and in successive parliaments to 
the Union, 23 April, 1685—25 March, 1707]. 
Collected by George, Viscount of Tarbet 
[and others]. 

1 3 parts in 2 vols. 1 2mo. Edinburgh, 1 685- 1 707 

— The proceedings of the parliament of Scotland, 
begun at Edinburgh 6th May 1703, with an 
account of all the material debates which occur'd 
during that session. 

4to. [London] 1704 

PARLIAMENTARY (The) censure of the Jesuites 
and fryers, being examined by a committee in 
the court of wards, with their confessions, etc. : 
whereunto is annexed more exceeding true and 
joyfull news from Ireland, describing a battell 
fought in the Neweries, April 18, l642. [By 
J. Gilbert.] 

4to. London, 1642 


See Poesis philosophica. [Genera] 1 573. 

PARNASO de' poeti classici d'ogni nazione tras- 
portati in lingua Italiana : — Tom. 1-3. Poesic 
Ebraiche : 4-10. Omero, Esiodo, Coluto, Museo : 
11. Eschilo, Sofocle: 12. Euripide : 13. Aristo- 
fane, Menandro, Callimaco, e epigrammi : 14. 
Teocrito, Mosco, Bione, Anacreonte, Saifo, Tirteo : 
15. Pindaro: l6-20. Virgilio : 20. Catullo : 21. 
Plauto e Terenzio: 22, 23. Lucrezio : 24, 25. 
Orazio : 26. Tibullo : 27-30. Ovidio. 

30 vols. 8vo. Venice, 1793-1800 

— degl' Italian! viventi: — Tom. 1-3. Pignotti : 
4. Savioli : 5, 6. De Rossi : 7. Pjndemonti : 8-10. 
Bertola : 11, 12. Bondi : 1.3, 14. Parini, Lam- 
berti, Ceretti : 15. Anguillesi, Minzoni : l6. 
Fantoni : 17, 18. Monti: 19. Bettinelli : 20. 
Ceretti, La Faoniade, inni ed odi di Saffo [by 
G. V. Imperiale] : 21. Pignotti : 22, 23. Saluzzo, 
Foscolo : 24. Parini. 

24 vols, in 8. 8vo. /"isa, 1798-1803 

— Espanol. Coleccion de poesias escogidas de 
los mas celebres poetas Castellanos. 

9 vols. 8vo. Madrid, 1768-78 

— Italiano. Raccolta de' poeti classici Italiani : — 
Tom. 1, 2. Petrarca: 3-5. Dante: 6. Lirici 
Antichi : 7-9. Pulci : 10. Poemetti del secolo 
XV., xvi. : 11-15. Bojardo, rifatto da Berni : l6. 
Egloghe boscherecce del secolo xv., xvi. : 17. 
Teatro Antico : 18-22. Ariosto : 23. Alamanni, 
Rucellai, Tansillo, Baldi, didascalici del secolo 
xvi. : 24. Favole teatrali, Aminta, Alceo, Egle : 
25. Marittimi e pedanteschi, Baldi, Rota, Franco, 
Del Vasto, Fidentio : 26. Canzonieri, Ariosto, 
Castiglione, Fracastoro, Sanazzaro, Casa : 27. 
Satiri e Burleschi, Ariosto, Berni ; 28-29. Tasso : 
30. Costanzo, Torquato Tasso, B. Tasso, e 
poetesse del secolo xvi. : 31. Lirici misti del 
secolo XV. : 32. Lirici Vcneziani del secolo xv. : 
33. Rustical! dei tre primi secoli : 34. Tassoni : 
35. Guarini, Rinuccini : 36. Teatro pastorale 
drammatico del secolo xvii. : 37. Lorenzo Lippi : 



38, 39. G. Graziani : 40. Ditirambici e satiric! del 
secolo xvii., Redi, Soldani, Rosa, Menzini : 41. 
Lirici misti del secolo xvii. : 42. Canzonieri di 
Guidi e Zappi : 43-45 Forteguerri : 46. Apostolo 
Zeno, drammi scelti : 47. P. Metastasio, dramnii 
scelti : 48. Poemi Georgici del secolo xviii.,Baruf- 
faldi e Spolverini : 49. Poemetti e sciolti del 
secolo xviii. : 50. Teatrali serj e giocosi del secolo 
xviii. : 51. Lirica del Frugoni e de'Bolognesi del 
secolo xviii. : 52. Anacreontici e burleschi del 
secolo xviii. : 53. Lirici del secolo xviii. : 54. 
Drammatici sacri del secolo xviii. : 55, 56. Ber- 
toldo, Bertoldino e Cacasenno, e indice uni- 

56 vols. 8vo. Venice, 17 84:-9] 

PARNASSE (Le) Occitanien, ou choix de poesies 
originales des Troubadours, tirees des manuscrits 
nationaux. Essai d'un glossaire occitanien. [By 


2 vols. 8vo. Toulouse, IS 19 

PABNELL Commission. Report of the proceedings 
before the commissioners, reprinted from the 
Times: also -a report of the judges. 

4 vols. 4to. London, 1890 

PAENELL, Henry Brooke, Baron Congleton. A 
history of the penal laws against the Irish 
Catholics : from the treaty of Limerick to the 

8vo. London, 1808 

Observations upon the state of currency in 

Ireland and upon the course of exchange between 
Dublin and London. 

8vo. Dublin, 1804 

FARNELL, James. 

See Lambs (The) defence against lyes. London, 
1656. [For sufferings and death.] 

Goliah's head cut off with his own sword : in 

a reply to a book set forth by an unnamed 
author under pretence of an answer to thirty- 
six queries piopounded by J. Parnell, and also 
an answer to several! counter-queries propounded 
by the same unnamed authour whom I understand 
to be one Thomas Draton. 

4to. London, 1655 

PARNELL, Thomas. 

See Goldsmith, 0. Poems. Loiuhn, 1795. 
„ Homer. Odyssey. London, 1725-26. 
„ Johnson, S. Works of the English poets. 
London, 1790. 

PAENELL, Thomas. Poetical works. 

fol. Faulis. Glasgow, 1786 

Another edition. [With a memoir by J. MiT- 

FORD. [Aldine Poets, xxvii.] 

8vo. London, 1833 

PARNY, fivariste Ddsir^ de Forges de. CEuvres. 
4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1808 

La guerre des dieux. 

12mo. Far is, 1808 

PARODIES (Les) du nouveaux theatre Italien. 

3 vols. 12mo. Paris, nsi 

PAROLE devote dell anima innamorata in Messer 

4to. N. Jensen. [Venice] 1471 

PAROUSIA (The) : a critical inquiry into the New 
Testament doctrine of our Lord's second coming. 
[By J. S. Russell.] 

8vo. London, 1878 

PARQUOT, P. D. Letters to his grace the duke of 
Portland and the earl of Liverpool, on the pre- 
sent high price of provisions. 

Svo. Mawliesier, 1800 

PARR, Richard. The life of the most reverend 
father in God James Usher, late Lord Arch- 
bishop of Ai'magh : with a collection of three 
hundred letters. 

fol. London, 1686 

PARR, Samuel. 

See Free translation. London, 1788. 

Works ; with memoirs of his life and writings, 

and a selection from his correspondence by J. 

8 vols. 8vo. London, 18^S 

A sequel to the printed paper lately circulated 

in Warwickshire by the Rev. Charles Curtis, a 
Birmingham rector. 

Svo. London, 1792 

Second edition. 

Svo. London, 1792 
PARR, Thomas. 

For Life, see Taylor, John. London, 1 635. 

PAEEE, Richard, Bishop of Sodor and i\Ian. The 
end of the perfect man ; a sermon preached at 
the buriall of the right honourable Sir Robert 
Spencer, knight. Baron Spencer of Worme- 
leighton, Nov. 6, 1627. 

4to. JVUliam Turner. Oxford, 1628 



PARRHASE, Theodore, pseud, i.e. Jean Le Clerc. 

Parrhasiana, ou pensees diverses sur des matiferes 
de critique, d'histoire, de morale et de politique. 
2 vols. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1699-1701 

PARRHASIUS, Aulus Janus. 

&« Sedulius, C. Carmen Paschale. 3Iilan [1501]. 

Liber de rebus per epistolam quaesitis : Fran- 

cisci Campani Quaestio Virgiliana. 

8vo. H. Stephanus. [Paris 1] \ o6l 

PARRIS, Charles. 

See Anderson, L. The trial of L. A., . . . C. 
Parris, etc. London, 1680. 

PARRY, Sir Charles Hubert Hastings. The evolu- 
tion of the art of music. [International Scientific 
Series, Ixxx.] 

8vo. London, 1896 

PARRY, George. 

See Cicero, M. T. De oratore. [English.] London, 

PARRY, John Docwra. An historical and descrip- 
tive account of the coast of Sussex. 

8vo. Londm, 1833 

— — • The history and description of Woburn and its 

Svo. XoTiiore [1832] 

PARRY, Sir WilUam Edward. Journal of a voyage 
for the discovery of a north-west passage, 1819- 
20, in H.M.S. Hecla and Griper. With an 
appendix containing the scientific and other 
observations [and a supplement to the appendix]. 

4to. London, 1821-24 

Journal of a second voyage for the discovery 

of a north-west passage, 1821-23. [With an 
appendix of observations.] 

2 vols. 4to. jL»ftrf(W!, 1824-25 

Narrative of an attempt to reach the North 

Pole, in boats attached to H.M.S. Hecla, in 1827. 

4to. Londtm, 1828 

PARSONS, Abraham. Travels into Asia and 

4to. London, 1808 

PARSONS, Edward. The civil, ecclesiastical, and 
miscellaneous history of Leeds, Bradford, Wake- 
field, Dewsbury, Otley, etc. 

2 vols. Svo. Leeds, 1834 

PARSONS, Sir Laurence. 

See Parliament of Ireland. House of Commons. 
Report of the debate, etc. IhihUn, 1800. 

PARSONS, Philip. The monuments and painted 
glass of upwards of one hundred churches, chiefly 
in the eastern part of Kent : with an appendix 
containing three churches in other counties, and 
detached epitaphs. 

4to. Canterbury, 179* 

PARSONS, Robert. 

&« De persecutione Anglicana. Eome, 1.582. 
,, Doleman, R., pseud. 
„ Philopater, A., pseud. 

Leycester's Commonwealth conceived, spoken. 

and published, whereunto is added Leicester's 
Ghost. [Published under the name of Parsons, 
but not by him.] 

Svo. London, 1641 

PARSONS, William. 

See Aristotle. [Poetica. Greek and Latin.] 
Oxford, 1760. 

PART of the seventh epistle of the first book of 
Horace imitated ; and address'd to a noble peer. 
[By Jonathan Swift.] 

4to. London, 1713 

PARTESANON, Gratian, pseud, i.e. LODOVico 
BiANCHi. Profetie e desgratie de messer Gratian 
Partesanon adottorad' in Bootia. 

Svo. [Bologna U. 1600?] 

PARTHENAY, Jean Baptiste Desroches. 

See Norden, F. L. Voyage d'Egypte et de 
Nubie. Copenhagen, 1755. 

PARTHENIUS of Nicaea. 

See Achilles Tatius. De Clitophontis et Leu- 

cippes amoribus libri viii. [Heidelhergi 


„ Bast, F. J. Epistola critica. Leipzig, 1809. 

„ Scriptores antiqui historiae poeticae. Paris, 


PARTHENIUS, Bernardinus. 

See Horatius Flaccus, Q. Opera. Venice, 1584, 

Pro lingua Latina oratio. 

4to. Aldus. Venice, 1545 



PARTICULAR (A) account of the two rebellions, 

which happened at Constantinople, in the years 

1730 and 1731: translated into English from 

the French. 

8vo. London, 1737 

and impartial narrative of the late mutiny and 

running away with the Chesterfield man of war, 
off the coast of Guinea, with some letters written 
by John Place, carpenter's mate, etc. 

Svo. London [nt9] 

(The) case of the Georgia loyalists. 

8vo. [London, 1783] 

consequences of Mr. Orde's Irish resolutions 

to the landed, manufacturing, and trading interest 

of Scotland, and general consequences of them 

to the Empire. 

Svo. [London, 1783] 

(The) relation of the present estate and con- 

dition of Ireland, as it now stands, manifested 
by severall letters : with those battels and over- 
throws lately given to the rebels to the l6 of 
this present February. 

4to. London, 1642 

PARTICULARITfiS et observations sur les ministres 
des finances en France les plus celfebres, l660- 
1791. [By Baron A. J. B. E. A. DE Montyon.] 

Svo. London, 1812 

PARTITION (The) of the lion in the fable, verified 
in the partition of the Spanish monarchy. 

Svo. London, 1701 

PARTON, James. Life and times of Benjamin 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1864 

PARTON, John. Some account of the hospital and 
parish of St. Giles in the Fields, Middlesex. 

4to. London, 1822 

PARTONOPE de Blois. Partenopex de Blois : a 
romance in four cantos. Freely translated from 
the French of M. Le Grand, with notes by 
W. S. Rose. 

4to. London, 1807 

The old English version of Partonope of Blois. 

Edited for the first time by W. E. BuCKLEY. 
[Roxburghe Club, Ixxxii.] 

4to. London, 1862 

A fragment of Partonope of Blois. [Edited 

by R. C. Nichols.] [Roxburghe Club, xcviii.] 


See N. (J.) The rights of the scholars of Trinity 
College asserted. London [1710]. 

PARTRIDGE, Samuel. A charge given to the 
grand-jury of the hundreds of Kerton and 
Shirbeck at Epiphany Sessions, held at Boston, 
Jan. 14, 1793, concerning the standard measure 
of corn and concerning seditious publications. 

Svo. London, 1793 

PARTRIDGE, Simon, pseud, i.e. Henry Woodward. 
A letter to Henry Woodward, comedian, occa- 
sion 'd by his letter to the inspector, by Simon 
Partridge the facetious cobbler of Pall Mall. 
[A satire on Dr. John Hill.] 

Svo. London [1753] 

PARUTA, Filippo. Delia Sicilia descritta con 
medaglie parte prima. [No more published.] 

fol. Palermo, l6l2 

PARUTA, Paolo. 

See Degli istorici delle cose Veneziane. Venice, 
1718-22, etc. 

PARVULA. [A Latin grammar.] 

4to. Nicolas Marcani. [1500] 

PARVUS, Joannes. See Joannes Sarisberiensis. 

PASCAL, Blaise. 

See Dettonville, A., pseud. 
,, Perrault, C. Les hommes illustres. Paris, 

„ TuUoch, J. [Foreign classics for English 

(Euvres. [Edited by C. BossuT.] 

5 vols. Svo. The Hague [Paris], 1779 

Nouvelle Edition. 

5 vols. Svo. Paris, 1819 

— Miscellaneous writings, consisting of letters, 
essays, conversations and miscellaneous thoughts. 
Translated from the French edition of M. P. 
Faugere. With introduction and notes by 
G. Pearce. 

Svo. London, 1849 

Pensees sur la religion 


Edition nouvelle 
12mo. Amsterdam, 1699 



PASCAL, Blaise. Pensees sur la religion. Edition 
nouvelle corrig^e et augment^e. 

8vo. The Hague, 1743 

Another edition. Discours sur la \ie. de Pascal 

[by C. Bossut]. Notes de Voltaire et de Con- 
dorcet sur les Pensees. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1803 

Another edition. 

Another edition. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1812 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1817 

— Pensees, fragments et lettres, publics par 
P. Faugerk. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1844 

— Pensees, publiees dans leur texte authentique 
avec line introduction, des notes et des re- 
marques, par E. Havet. Quatrieme edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1887 

— Thoughts on religion and evidences of 
Christianity. Translated from the French edition 
of M. P. Faug^re ; with introduction, notes, 
etc., by 6. Pearce. 

8vo. London, 1850 

— Les provinciales ou les lettres escrites par 
Louis de Montalte k un provincial de ses amis, 
et aux RR. PP. Jt5suites, sur le sujet de la 
morale et de la politique de ces pferes [19 letters]. 

4to. P. de la ValUe. Cologne, 1657 

— Another edition. 

12mo. P. de la ValUe [Elzevir\ Cologne 

[Leyden], 1657 

— Nouvelle t5dition, augment^e. Avec les notes 
de Guillaume Wendrock, traduites en Francois 
[by F. M. DE JoNCOux]. 

2 vols. 12mo. Cologne, n 00 

— Another edition. Avec les notes de Guillaume 

Wendrock. Nouvelle Edition. 

4 vols. 8vo. Cologne, 1739 

Another edition. 

Another edition. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1803 

2 vols. 12 mo. Paris, 1815 

PASCAL, Blaise. Les provinciales ou les lettres 
escrites par Louis de Montalte k un provincial 
de ses amis, et aux RR. PP. Jdsuites, sur le sujet 
de la morale et de la politique de ces p6res. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 18l6 

Nouvelle edition, avec une introduction et des 

remarques par E. Havet. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1887 

— The life of Mr. Paschal [by Madame Perier], 
with his letters relating to the Jesuits. Trans- 
lated by W. A[ndrews]. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1744 

— The provincial letters. With an Essay on 
Pascal, considered as a writer and moralist by 
M. Villemain. Translated from the French, 
with memoir, notes, and appendix by G. Pearcb. 

8vo. London, 1849 

— Les provinciales, ou lettres escrittes par Louis 
de Montalte : traduites en Latin par G. WEND- 
ROCK ; en Espagnol par G. CoNDERO ; et en 
Italien par C. Brunetti. 

8vo. Cologne, 1684 

See also B^ponse anx lettres provinciales. 

Traits du triangle arithm^tique, avec quelques 

autres petits traitez sur la mesme matiere. 

4 parts in 1 vol. 4to. Paris, l665 

Traitez de I'equilibre des liqueurs et de la 

pesanteur de la masse de I'air. 

12mo. Paris, l663 

FASCHALE, Ludovico. Rime volgari. 

8vo. S. and B. Cognati. Venice, 1549 


See Tacitus, 0. C. [Annales.] Paris, 1581. 

Censura animi ingrati. De optimo genere 


8vo. Bill. Aldina. Paris, l601 


PASCHALIUS, Petrus. Adversus Joannis Maulii 
parricidas actio, in Senatu Veneto recitata, et 
alia opuscula. Eiusdem Gallia, etc. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1548 



PASCOLI, Lione. Vite de' pittori, scultori, ed 
architetti Perugini. 

4to. Home, 1732 

PASINI, Giuseppe. 

See Turin. Codices manuscripti Mbliothecse, etc. 
Turin, 1749. 

PASIUS, Curius Lancilotus. Ignorata ab aliis 
grammaticis necnon omissa vel incuria vel 
inscitia, quse ad JMethodicen pertinent, a Varrone 
usque in hodiernum diem, vulgaria omittuntur 
unde titulus, De rebus non Vulgaribus. 

fol. Beggio, 1504 

PASQUALI, Giovanni Battista. 

See Guicciardini, F. Istoria d'ltalia. Venice, 

PASQUIER, Etienne. 

See Becherches des recherches. Paris, ^ 622. 

— Q^uvres, avec les lettres de Nicolas Pasquier, 
fils d'Estienne. 

2 vols. Amsterdam, 1723 


2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1619 

Les recherches de la France. 

fol. Paris, 1621 

— Eecueil de pieces historiques et curieuses con- 
tenant le manifesto de P. du Jardin et de la 
damoiselle d'Escoman sur la mort de Henry iv.: 
I'apologie pour le president De Thou : epistola 
J. A. Thuani : le Cat^chisme de Jesuites par 
E. P. 

2 vols. 12mo. Delft, 1717 

PASQUIL, pseud. The first part of Pasquils 
Apologie. Wherein he renders a reason to his 
friendes of his long silence : and gallops the 
fielde with the Treatise of Eeforraation lately 
written by a fugitive, John Penrie. [By T. 

4to. \James Roberts. Londori] 1 590 

Pasquils Palinodia, and his progresse to the 

taverne, where after the survey of the sellar, 
you are presented with a pleasant pinte of 
poeticall sherry (l634). Edited by A. B. 
Grosart. [Occasional issues, iv. 2.] 

4to. [Manchester] 1877 

PASQUILL of England, pseud. A CountercuflPe 
given to Martin Junior : by the venturous, 
bardie, and renowned Pasquill of Englande, 
Cavaliero. [By Thomas Nash.] 

4to. [Londml 1589 

PASQUILLORUM tomi duo, quorum primo versibus 
ac rhythmis, altero soluta oratione conscripta 
quamplurima continentur. [Collected by C. S. 

2 vols, in 1. Svo. Eleutheropoli [Basle], 1544 

PASQUIN. Le Cibisme, premier dialogue entre 
Pasquin et Marforio sur les afaires du terns. 

Le Songe de Pasquin, ou le bal de I'Europe. 

Le couronnement de Guillemot et de Guille- 
mette avec le sermon du grand docteur Burnet. 
Le festin de Guillemot. 

La chambre des comptes dTnnocent xi. 

La pierre de touche politique : — La Bibliotfeque 
du roy Guillemot : La fable du renard : La 
di^te d'Augsbourg : La lotterie de Pasquin : 
L'ombre de Montmouth : Les m^dailles : La clef 
du cabinet : Le triomphe ; Les ombres de Schom- 
berg et de Lorraine : La lanterne de Diogene : 
Les mercures, ou la tabatiere des estats d'Hol- 
lande : Le roy des fleurs: Les estrennes d'Esope: 
L'ombre du due d'Albe : Le carnaval de la Haye : 
Le tabouret des ^lecteurs : Le reveille-matin des 
alliez : Les lunettes pour les Quinze-Vingts : 
Nostradamus, ou les oracles : La fable du baudet : 
L'anneau de Gig6s : L'avortement : Le Jean de 
retour : Les ombres de Turenne et de iMonte- 
cuculi aux bords du Ehin : Le Prothee : dia- 
logues. [By Eustache Le Noble.] 

30 vols, in 5. 12mo. Pome, etc [Holland], 


La fable du rossignol et du coucou avec la 

lettre de maitre Pasquin. 

Midas, ou le combat de Pan contre Apollon, 
sur la prise de Namur : par D. L. 
Le renard pris au trebuchet. 
Dialogue de la Samaritaine avec le grenier k 
sel : et la fable du sapin, et du buisson. 

Le paroli a la Samaritaine, ou le censeur 

La m^daille retournee, ou la fable du sapin et 
du buisson : bouts-rimes. 
Le renard demasque. 

7 vols, in 1. 12mo. Paris, etc. [Hollaiid], 


PASQUINADE (The), with notes variorum : book 
the first. [By William Kenrick.] 

4to. London, 1753 



PASSAGE (The) of Queen Elizcabeth through the 
city of London anno 1558 [1559]. Reprinted in 
Arber's English Garner, iv. 


See Klaproth, H. J. von. Collection d'autiquites 
6gyptiennes. Paris, 1829. 

PASSARELLUS, Cajetanus. Bellum Lusitanum 
ej usque regni separatio a regno Castellensi, cum 
abrogatione superadjecta Alfonsi regis Lusitani. 

fol. Lyons, 1684 

PASSAVANTI, Jacopo. Lo Specchio di vera peni- 

12mo. Florence, 1585 

PASSERONI, Giovanni Carlo. II Cicerone, poema. 
6 vols. 8vo. Milan, 1774. 

Favole Esopiane. 

7 vols, in 3. I2mo. Milan, 1780-88 


9 vols, in 5. 8vo. Milan, 1775-94 

Another edition. 
Another edition. 

4to. FloreuK, 1725 
2 vols. 8vo. Milan, 1 808 

PASSERANO, Alberto Radicati, count di. 

See Philosophical dissertation upon death. 
London, 1782. 


See Propertius, S. A. Opera. Padua, 1755. 

De literarum inter se cognatione ac permuta- 

tione liber : ad veram auctorum veterum maxime 
Pandectarum Florentinarum lectionem neces- 

8vo. Paris, l606 

PASSERI, Giovanni Battista, Antiquary. 

See Gori, A. F. Thesaurus veterum diptychorum, 
etc. Florence, 1759. 

In Thomae Dempsteri libros de Etruria regali 

paralipomena : et dissertationes de re nummaria 
Etruscorum, de nominibus Etruscorum et notae 
in tabulas Eugubinas. 

fol. Lucca, 1767 

Picturae Etruscorum in vasculis nunc primum 

in unum collectae, explicationibus et disserta- 
tionibus inlustratae. 

3 vols. fol. Home, 1767-75 

PASSERI, Giovanni Battista, Painter. Vite de' 
pittori, scidtori e d'architetti, 1641-1673. 

4to. Borne, 1772 

See Orsini de Rilli, L. P. 

PASSE-TEMPS joyeux, contes a rire et gasconnadcs 


12 mo. Paris, 1717 

PASSION of St. George. An Anglo-Saxon Passion 
of St. George, from a manuscript in the Cam- 
bridge University Library. Edited, with a 
translation, by C. Hardwick. [Percy Society, 

xxviii. ] 

8vo. London, 1850 • 

(The) of S. Perpetua, with an appendix on the 

Scillitan martyrdom by J. Armitage Robinson. 
[Texts and Studies, i. 2.] 

8vo. Camhridge, 1891 

of the Scillitan martyrs. Translated by J. A. 

Robinson, with an introduction by A. Ruther- 
FURD. [Ante-Nicene Christian Library, addi- 
tional volume.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1897 

PASSIONEI, Dominico, Cardinal. 

Sea Eugene Francis, Prince of Savoy. In funere 
Eugenii Francisci Sabaudiae. Vienna, 1738. 

PAST and present policy of England towards Ire- 
land. [By C. C. Greville.] 

8vo. London, 1845 

PASTON Letters. Original letters written during 

the reigns of Henry vi., Edward iv., Edward v., 

Richard III., and Henry Vll. With notes by 

J. Fenn [and notices of the life of Sir John 


5 vols. 4to. London, 1787-1823 

A new edition. Edited by J. Gairdner. 

3 vols. 4to. London, 1872-75 

PASTORAL letter from the four catholic bishops. 
See Leyburn, John. 

letter from the reverend synod of New 

York and Philadelphia convened at New York 
to the churches subject to their care : signed by 
Elihu Spencer, moderator. 

8vo. New Ywk, 1766 



PASTORET, Emmanuel Claude Joseph Pierre, 
marquis de. Histoire de la legislation. 

11 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1817-37 

Moyse considere comma legislateur et comma 


8vo. Paris, 1788 


See De philologia. Leyden, 1 696. 

PATAROLI, Lorenzo. Opera omnia. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Venice, 174o 

PATCH, Richard. Trial for the wilful murder of 
Isaac Blight, at Rotharhithe, 23 September 1805. 

8vo. London, I8O6 

PATER, Walter Horatio. Greek studies ; a series 
of essays. 

8vo. London, 1895 

Marius the Epicurean ; his sensations and 


2 vols. 8vo. London, 1885 

PATERCULUS, Caius Velleius. 
See Velleius Paterculus, C. 

PATERNO, Ignazio. Viaggio per tutte le antichit^ 
della Sicilia. 

4to. Naples, 1781 

PATERSON, Daniel. A new and accurate de- 
scription of all the direct and principal cross 
roads in England and Wales. Seventh edition. 

12mo. London, 1786 

PATERSON, James. History of the counties of 
Ayr and Wigton. 

3 vols, in 4. 8vo. Edinhwrgh, 1863-66 

PATERSON, Samuel. 

See Fagel, F. Catalogue of the library. London, 

Bibliotheca universalis selecta : a catalogue of 

books ancient and modern, methodically digested, 
to be sold by auction 8 May 1786. 

8vo. London, 1786 

PATERSON, William. A narrative of four journeys 
into the country of the Hottentots, and Caffraria, 
in the years 1777-79. 

4to. London, 1789 | 

PATHELIN, Pierre. La farce da maistre Pierre 
Pathelin, avec son testament a quatre person- 

8vo. Paris, 1723 

PATIN, Charles. Commentarius in antiquum 
monumentum Marcellinaa e Graecia nuper 

4to. Padt(a, 1688 

— Commentarius in tres inscriptiones Graecas 
Smyrna nuper allatas. 

4to. Padua, 1685 

— Familiae Eomanae in antiquis numismatibus 
ab urbi condita ad tempora divi Augusti : ex 
bibliotheca Fulvii Ursini. 

fol. Paris, 1663 

Introductio ad historiam numismatum. 

I2mo. Amsterdam, 1683 

— Relations historiques et curieuses de voyages 
en Allemagne, Angleterre, Hollande, Bohfeme, 

12mo. Amsterdam, 1695 

PATIN, Charlotte Catherine. Pitture scelte e 

fol. Cologne, I691 

PATIN, Gui. 

See Naud^, G. Naudeana. Amsterdam, 1703. 

Lettres choisies, dans lesquelles sont contenues 

plusieurs particularites historiques sur la vie et 
la mort des scavans de ce sifecle. 

3 vols. 12mo. Cologne, 1691 

— Nouvelles lettres, contenant I'histoire du tems 

et des particularitez sur la vie et sur les ecrits 
des savans de son sifecle. 

2 vols. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1718 

PATISSIER. Le Pastissier fran(jois. 

12mo. Elzevir. Amsterdam, 1655 

PATKUL, Johann Reinholdt von, Count. 
For Life, see M. (L.) London, 1717. 


See Auberlen, 0. A. The Divine revelation. 
Edinburgh, 1867. 



PATON, Andrew Archibald. A history of the 
Egyptian revolution, from the period of the 
Mamelukes to the death of Mohammed AH ; 
from Arab and European memoirs, oral tradition, 
and local research. Second edition. Enlarged. 
2 vols. 8vo. London, 1870 

PATON, Henry. 

See Forbes, R. The Lyon in mourning. [Scottish 
History Society.] 

PATON, John Gibson. Autobiography. Edited by 
his brother [J. Paton]. Part i. seventh edition ; 
part ii. fourth edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1890 

PATOT, Simon Tyssot de. 

See Voyages et avantures de Jacques Mass^. 
Bourdeaux, 1710. 

PATOUILLET, Louis. Histoire du Pelagianisme. 
2 vols, in 1. 12mo. Avignon, 1763 

PATOUSAS, Joannes. 'EyKvxA.on-aiSfi'a <j>iXoXoyiKri, 
TTjOos XP'l"'"' ''"'^'' 'i>i'Xo\6ytov Koi <f>i\ojxadu>v T/js 
'EAA);i'tK>'Js yAioTTtjs (rwapyLUtOiicra. 

4 vols. 8vo. Venice, 1758 

PATRAT, Joseph. 

See Th^&tre Frangais. 
Paris, 1784. 

Petits theatres, tom. i. 

Les meprises par ressemblance, comedie en trois 

actes ; melee d'ariettes, imitee de I'Espagnol. 

8vo. Paris, 1786 

PATRES Apostolici. SS. Patrum qui temporibus 
Apostolicis floruerunt, Barnabae, Clementis, 
Hermae, Ignatii, Polycarpi opera, vera et sup- 
positicia. Edidit J. B. Cotelerius. [Greek 
and Latin.] 

2 vols. fol. Amsterdam, 1724 

— SS. Patrum Apostolicorum Barnabae, Hermae, 
Clementis, Ignatii, Polycarpi, opera genuina : 
una cum Ignatii et Polycarpi martyriis, et Ignatii 
epistolae. Edidit K. Russel. [Greek and 

4 vols. 8vo. London, 1746 

— S. Clementis Romani, S. Ignatii, S. Polycarpi 
patrum apostolicorum quae supersunt : accedunt 
S. Ignatii et S. Polycarpi martyria: ad fidem 
codicum recensuit et illustravit GuLlELMUS 

2 vols. 8vo. Oxford, 1840 

PATRES Apostolici. The writings of the Apostolic 
Fathers. Translated by A. Roberts, J. Donald- 
son, and F. Crombie. [Antc-Nicene Christian 
Library, i.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1867 

— — The Apostolic Fathers : part i. S. Clement of 
Rome ; part ii. S. Ignatius, S. Polycarp. Edited 

by J. B. LiGHTFOOT. 

5 vols. 8vo. London, 1889-90 

The Apostolic Fathers ; comprising the epistles 

(genuine and spurious) of Clement of Rome, the 
epistles of S. Ignatius, the epistle of S. Polycarp, 
the martyrdom of S. Polycarp, the teaching of the 
apostles, the epistle of S. Barnabas, the shepherd 
of Hermas, the epistle to Diognetus, the frag- 
ments of Papias, the reliques of the elders pre- 
served in Irenaeus. Revised texts, with short 
introductions and English translations, by J. B. 
LiGHTFOOT. Edited and completed by J. R. 

8vo. iwK^on, 1891 

Graeci. Opera omnia sanctorum patrum 

graecorum, graece et latine. [Justinus, Tatianus, 
Athenagoras, Theophilus, Hermias, Clemens 
Alexandrinus, Origen.] 

21 vols. 8vo. Wurzhirg, 1777-94 

Latini. Opera omnia sanctorum patrum 

Latinorum. [Tertullian, Cyprian, Novatianus, 
Minucius Felix, Arnobius, J.Firmicus, Lactantius, 
Hilarius, Optatus.] 

13 vols. 8vo. Wiirzhurg, ll&O-^l 

PATRIAD (The), an heroic poem, in three books. 

4to, London, 1786 

PATRIARCHI, Gasparo. Vocabolario Veneziano e 
Padovano co' termini e modi corrispondenti 

4to. Padua, 177;"> 

Terza edizione. 

4to. Padua, 1821 

PATRICIUS, Franciscus, Bishop of Gaeta. Discorsi 
sopra alle cose appartenenti ad una citti libera, 
e famiglia nobile, tradotti in lingua toscana di 
Giovanni Fabrini. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1545 

Oratio ad Innocentium viii. 

4to. [5. Planck. Rome, 1485] 

Another edition. 

4to. [S. Planck. Rome, 1485] 




PATRICIUS, Franciscus, Bishop of Gaeta. II sacro 
regno del gran Patritio, del vero reggimento, e 
de la vera felicity del principe, e beatitudine 
humana. [Translated into Italian by Giovanni 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1553 

PATRICIUS, Franciscus, Philosophical Writer. 
See Joannes Grammaticus Philoponus. Exposi- 
tiones in omnes xiv. Aristotelis libros. 
Ferrara, 1583. 

Nova de universis philosophia. Zoroaster et 

ejus cccxx. oracula. Hermetis Trismegisti libelli 
integri xx. et fragmenta. Asclepii ejus discipuli 
libri iii. Mystica Aegyptiorum et Chaldeorum 
a Platone voce tradita. 

2 vols, {i parts) in 1. fol. B. Mammarellus. 

Ferrara, 1591 
PATRICK, Saint. 

For Life, see Jocelinus, monk of Furness. Dublin, 
„ ,, Newell, E. J. London [1890]. 
„ „ Todd, J. H. Dublin, 1864. 
„ „ Tripartite life of St. Patrick. [Rolls 
See Messingham, T. Florilegium insulae sanc- 
torum. Pan's", 1624. 


See Origen. Commentary on the gospel of 
Matthew. Edinbnrgli, 1897. 

PATRICK, Samuel. Clavis Homerica sive lexicon 
vocabulorum omnium quae continentur in Iliade 
et potissima parte Odysseae cum brevi de dialectis 
appendice necnon Michaelis Apostolii proverbiis 

8vo. London, 1771 

PATRICK, Simon, Bishop of Ely. 

See Gunton, S. History of the church of Peter- 
burgh. London, 1686. 

A commentary upon the historical books of 

the Old Testament : the books of Job, Psalms, 
Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon 
paraphrased : followed by a commentary upon 
the prophets by \Y. Lowth. Sixth edition. 

■^ vols. fol. London, 1765-66 

The parable of the pilgrim. 

4to. London, 1687 

PATRIOT (The). [By John Harris.] March 22, 
1714— January 22, 1715. [125 numbers.] 

3 vols, in 1. fol. London, 1714-15 

PATRIOT (The) addressed to the electors of Great 
Britain. [By Samuel Johnson.] 

8vo. London, 1774 

See also Remarks on the Patriot. 

containing a declaration in support of the con- 
stitution, the present state of the representation, 
and the means of obtaining a Parliamentary 

8vo. London, 1793 

unmasked ; or, a word to his defenders. 

8vo. London, 1761 

PATRIOTS (The) Calendar for the year 179-i, con- 
taining the English almanack, the decree of the 
Convention for the alteration of the style, the 
report of Fabre d'Eglantine, the French calendar, 
the declaration of the rights of man, the French 
national airs, etc. 

12mo. London [1793] 

PATRIZI, Francesco. See Patricius, F. 

PATROLOGIAE cursus corapletus, sive bibliotheca 
universalis omnium SS. Patrum, Doctorum, 
Scriptorumque ecclesiasticorum qui ab aevo 
apostolico ad usque Innocentii ill. tempora 
iloruerunt. Series Latina ; accurante J. P. 


221 vols, in 222. 8vo. Paris, 1844-89 
Series Graeca ; accurante J. P. Migne. [Greek 

and Latin.] 

161 vols, in 166. 8vo. Paris, 1857-87 

PATTEN, William, Eector of Newington. The calen- 
dar of Scripture : whearin the Hebru, Challdian, 
Arabian, Phenician, Syrian, Persian, Greek, and 
Latin names of nations, cuntreys, men, weemen, 
idols, cities, hils, rivers, and of other places in 
the holly bible mentioned, by order of letters ar 
set and turned into oour English toong. [Anon.] 
4to. Richard Jugge. London, \ HI ^ 

PATTEN, William, Teller of the exchequer. The 
expedicion into Scotlande of the most woorthely 
fortunate prince Edward, Duke of Soomerset, 
uncle unto our most noble souereign lord y" 
Kinges Majestic Edward the vi., Goovernour of 
hys hyghnes persone, and Protectour of hys 
graces Realmes, dominions and subjectes : made 
in the first yere of his Majesties most prosperous 

8vo. Richard Grafton. London, 1548 

Another edition. Reprinted in Arber's 

English Garner, iii. 



PATTERSON, Arthur John. The Magyars : their 
country and institutions. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 186.0 

PATTERSON, Henry Stuart. 

&■<; Nott, J. C. and Gliddon, G. R. Types of 
mankind. Philadelphia, 1854. 

PATTERSON, William Hugh. A glossary of words 
in use in the counties of Antrim and Down. 
[English Dialect Society, No. 28.] 

8vo. London, 1880 

PATTESON, John Coleridge. 

For Life, see Yonge, C. M. London, 1874. 


See Essays and reviews. London, 1861. 

Isaac Casaubon, 1559-1614, 

8vo. London, 1875 
8yo. London, 1885 

Milton. [English Men of Letters.] 

8vo. London, 1879 

PATU DE MELLO, Andr6 Claude. Catalogue des 
livres de feu A. C. Patu de Mello dont la vente 
se fera a Paris. 

8vo. Paris [1799] 

PATZIG, Hermann. 

See Mannhardt, W. Mythologische Forschungen. 
Strasburg, 1884. 

PAUCTON, Alexis Jean Pierre. M^trologie, on 
traite des mesures, poids et monnoies des anciens 
peuples et des modernes. 

4to. Paris, 1780 

PAUL. Paul's letters to his kinsfolk. [By Sir 
"Walter Scott.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1816 

PAUL, Father. See Sarpi, P. 

PAUL 11., Pope. 

For Life, see Canensius, M. Borne, 1740. 

Bulla anni jubilei. 

fol. [U. Hahn.] Home, 1470 

PAUL v., Pope. The famous bull. In Casna 
Domini, published at Rome every Maunday 
Thursday against hereticks, and all infringers of 
ecclesiastical liberties [Latin and English] : 
with a preface containing some reflections on 

the bull, etc. 

4to. London, l689 

PAUL, Saint. 

For Life, .w Baur, F. C. von. London, 1875-76. 

„ „ Lewin, T. Londm, 1874. 

See Bible, English. N. T., Epistles. Private 
letters of St. Paul. London, 1867. 
„ Moses of Choren. Historiae Armeniacae 
libri iii. London, 1736. 

PAUL, Sir George Onesiphorus. An address to the 
magistrates of the county of Glocester, assembled 
at their Michaelmas quarter sessions, 1789, on a 
motion to consider of the appointment of officers 
and of adopting regulations for the government 
of the new prisons building. 

8vo. Gloucester, 1789 

A second address on the subject of a reform of 

Another edition. 

fol. Rome, 1473 

prisons, delivered at the general meeting of the 
nobility, etc., of the county of Gloucester, 
Monday, 6th of October, 1783. 

8vo. [Gloucester '\ 1783] 

PAUL, Hermann. 

See BeitrSge zur Geschichte. Halle, 1874, etc. 

PAUL, James Balfour. 

See Scotland, Great Seal. Eegistrum. Edin- 
burgh, 1814, etc. 

PAUL, afterwards PAUL JONES, John. 
See Jones, J. P. 

PAULA, Saint. The letter of Paula and Eustochium 
to Marcella about the holy places (.386 A.D.). 
Translated by A. Stewart and annotated by 
Sir C. W. Wilson. [Palestine Pilgrims' Text 


8vo. London, 1889 

PAULE, Sir George. The life of the most reverend 
and religious prelate John Whitgift, Lord Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury. 

4to. Thomas Snodham. London, l6l2 

Another edition. To which is added a treatise 

intituled. Conspiracy for pretended reformation, 
written in 1591 by Richard Cosin. 

8vo. London, 1699 



PAULINE; a fragment of a confession. [By R. 


8vo. London, 1833 

PATJLINUS a Sancto Bartholomaeo, i.e. Johann 
Philipp Werdin. 

See Amara Simba. Sectio prima de caelo, etc. 
Rome, 1798. 
„ Centum adagia Malabariea. RoDie, XIQl. 

De antiquitate et affinitate linguae Zendicae, 

Samscrdamicae et Germanicae dissertatio. 

4to. Padua, 1798-99 

De manuscriptis codicibus Indicis R. P. 

Joannis Ernesti Hanxleden epistola. 

4to. [Vienna 1] 1799 

De veteribus Indis dissertatio, in qua cavil- 

lationes auctoris alphabeti Tibetani [A. A. 
GlORGi] castigantur. 

4to. Bmne, 1795 

India orientalis Christiana, continens funda- 

tiones ecclesiarum, seriem episcoporum, missiones, 
schismata, persecutiones, reges, viros illustres. 

4to. Borne, 1794 

Monumenti Indici del Museo Nanniano illus- 


4to. Padua, 1799 

— Mumiographia Musei Obiciani exarata. 

4to. Padm, 1799 

— Musei Borgiani Velitris codices manuscripti 
Avenses, Peguani, Siamici, Malabarici, Indostaui, 
animadversionibus illustrati : accedunt monu- 
menta inedita et cosmogonia Indico-Tibetana. 

4to. Rome, 1793 

— .Musei Caesarei Vindobonensis numi zodiacales, 
animadversionibus illustrati. 

4to. Vienna, 1799 

— Sidharubam, sen grammatica Samscrdamica 
cui accedit dissertatio historico-critica in linguam 
Samscrdamicam, vulgo Samscret dictam. 

4to. Rome, 1790 

— Systema Brahmanicum liturgicum, mythologi- 
cum, civile, ex monumontis Indicis musei Borgiani 
dissertationibus illustratum. 

4to. Rome, 1791 

PAULINUS a Sancto Bartholomaeo, i.e. Johann 
Philipp Werdin. Viaggio alle Indie Orientali. 

4to. Rome, 179(i 

A voyage to the East Indies, containing an 

account of the manners, etc., of the natives, with 
a description of the country, 1776-89. Trans- 
lated from the German by W. Johnston. 

8vo. London, 1800 

PAULINUS, Saint, Bishop of Nola. 

See Ausonius, D. M. Opera. £m-deavx, 1580, 

PAULINUS, Saint, Patriarch of Aquileia. 

See Charles I., Emperor. Opus contra Synodum. 
[Paris] 1549. 

PAULINUS, Fabius. In profectionem Jacobi Fos- 
careni D. Marci procuratoris et classis Venetae 
imperatoris carmen. 

4to. Venice, 1594 

PAULIUS, Sebastianus. 

See Paciaudi, P. M. De rebus Sebastiani Paulii. 

[Rome, 17511]. 

PAULMY, Marc Antoine Een6 de Voyer dArgen- 
son, marquis de. 
See Argenson. 

PAULSEN, Bjorne. 

See Voyage en Islande. Paris, 1 802. 

PAULUS Aegineta. 

See Medicae artis principes. [Paris] 1567. 

De re medica, libri septem. [Greek] 

fol. Jldus. Venice, 1528 

Opera, a Joanne Guinterio conversa et illus- 

trata commentariis. 

8vo. Jldus. Venice, 1554 

Praecepta salubria, Guilielmo Copo Basilei- 

ENSi interprete. 

4to. H. Stephanus. Paris, 1510 

PAULUS de Sancta Maria, Bishop of Burgos. 
Dialogus qui vocatur Scrutinium scripturarum. 
fol. [J. Mentelin. Straslmrg, 1470] 

Another edition. 

fol. [J. Mentelin, Straslmrg, 1470] 

Another edition. 

4to. Ul. Han. Rome [1470] 



PAULUS de Sancta Maria, Bishop of Burgos. 
Dialogus qui vocatur Scrutinium scripturaruni. 
2 vols. fol. J. SchaUus. Mantua, 1475 

PAULUS Diaconus. 

See Wamefridus, Paulus, Diaconus. 

PAULUS SilentiariuB. 

See Cinnamus, J. De rebus gestis, etc. Pans, 

Ill thermas Pythias et aquarum miracula 

carmen, Graece et Latine : recensuit et recen- 
tavit F. MORELLUS. 

2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. Faris, 1598 

PAULUS Venetus. Expositio librorum naturalium 

fol. J. de Colonia and J. M. de Gherretzem. 

Venice, 1476 

PAULUS, Heinrich Eberhard Gottlob. Das Leben 
Jesu, dargestellt durch eine allgemeinverstjind- 
liche Geschichterziihlung iiber alle Abschnitte 
der vier Evangelien, und eine wortgetreue 
Uebersetzung derselben. 

2 vols. 8vo. Heidelberg, 1828 

PAULUS, Hieronymus. 

See Goes, D. de. De rebus Hispanicis, etc. 
Cologne, l602. 

PAULY, Th. de. Description ethnographique des 
peuples de la Russie : publiee a Toccasion du 
jubil^ mill^naire de I'empire de Russie. 

fol. St. Petersburg, 1862 


See Clavier, 6. Lettre k D. Coray. [^Paris ? c. 
„ Gell, Sir W. Itinerary of Greece. London, 

Commentarii Graeciam describentes [Greek], 
fol. Aldus. Venice, 1516 

— Another edition. A GULIELMO Xylandro 
Augustano recognita. Addita . . . R. AiiASAEl 
versio. [Greek and Latin.] 

fol. Hanover, l6l3 

— Another edition. Cum Latina interpretatione 
R. Amasaei, et notis J. Kuhnii. [Greek and 

fol. Leipzig, 1696 


PAUSANIAS. Commentarii Graeciam describentes. 
Recensuit, explanavit J. F. Facivs ; cum R. 
Amasei interpretatione Latina. [Greek and 

4 vols. 8yo. Leipzig, 1794-96 

Voyage historique de la Gr^ce, traduit en 

Francois avec des remarques, par I'Abbe Gedoyn. 
2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1731 

Description de la Gr6ce ; traduction nouvelle 

par M. Clavier. [Greek and French.] 

7 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1814-23 

Des(?rittione della Grecia : tradotta dal Greco 

in volgare dal signor Alfonso Bonacciuou. 

4to. Fr. Osanna. Mantua, 1594 

PAUW, Oomeille de. CEuvres phibsophiques. 

7 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1795 

PAUW, Joannes Cornelius de. 

See Hephaestion. Enchiridion. Utrecht, 1726. 
„ HorapoUo. Hieroglyphica. Utrecht, 1727. 
,, Philes, M. De animalium proprietate. 

Utrecht, 1730. 
„ Phryniclius. Eclogae. Utrecht, 1739. 

PAVINIS, Joannes Franciscus de. De officio et 
potestate Capituli sede vacante. 

fol. G. Laver. Pome, 1481 

PAX in Bello ; or, a few reflexions on the prospect 

of peace, arising out of the present circumstances 

of the war. 

8vo. London, 1796 

PAXTON, Edward. See Philopatros, T., pseud. 

PAXTON, James. 

See Paley, W. Works. Oxford, 1838. 

PAYNE, Jolm, and FOSS, Henry. A catalogue of 
books in various languages, on sale. 

8vo. London, 1840 

A catalogue of books in various languages on 

8vo. London, 1848 

PAYER, Julius. New lands within the Aictic 
Circle : narrative of the discoveries of the 
Austrian ship 'Tegetthoff' in 1872-1874. Trans- 
lated from the German. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1876 



PAYNE, George. The doctrine of original sin ; 
or, the native state and character of man un- 
folded. [Congregational Lecture.] 

8vo. London, 1845 

Lectures on Christian theology, with a memoir 

by J. Pyer, and reminiscences by R. Wardlaw. 
Edited by E. Davies. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1850 

PAYNE, Joseph. 

See Chaucer Society. Second Series, ii. [No. 4]. 

PAYNE, William, D.D. 

See Answer to Vox Cleri. London, 1 690. 

PAYNE, William, of the English Dialect Society. 
See Tusser, T. Five hundred pointes of good 
husbandrie. [English Dialect Society.] 

PAYNELL, Thomas. 

See Erasmus, D. The complaint of peace. London, 

PAYVA D'ANDRADE, Diego de. Concio habita 
ad patres in concilio Tridentino congregates, 
Dominica secunda post Pascha, 1562. 

4to. /. B. Bozola. Brescia, 1562 

PEABODY, Andrew Preston. 

See Abbot, E. The fourth Gospel. London, 1 892. 

PEACE and reform against war and corruption : 
in answer to a pamphlet by Arthur Young, 
entitled ' The example of France a warning to 
England. [By Daniel Stuart.] 

8vo. London, 1794 

(The) considered : in a letter to a friend. 

4to. [Londmri] 1711 

PEACH, Benjamin N. 

See Tudor, J. R. The Orkneys and Shetland. 
London, 1883. 

PEACHAM, Henry. The worth of a penny, 1641. 
Reprinted in Arber's English Garner, vi. 

PEACOCK, Edward. 

See Mirk, J. Instructions for parish priests. 
[Early English Text Society.] 

— A glossary of words used in the Wapentakes 
of Manley and Corringham, Lincolnshire. 
[English Dialect Society, No. 15]. 

8vo. London, 1877 

— Second edition, revised and considerably en- 
larged. [English Dialect Society, Nos. 58, 59.] 

2 vols, in 1. Svo. London, 1889 

PEACOCK, James. See Macpacke, J., pseud. 

PEAKS, passes, and glaciers. A series of excursions 
by members of the Alpine Club. Edited by J. 
Ball. Second edition. Second series edited 
by E. S. Kennedy. 

3 vols. 8vo. io?(rfo?}, 1859-62 

PEALE, Rembrandt. Account of the skeleton of 
the mammoth, a nondescript carnivorous animal 
of immense size, found in America. 

8vo. London, 1802 

PEARCE, George. 

See Pascal, B. Miscellaneous writings. London, 
„ „ Provincial letters. London, 1849. 

„ „ Thoughts on religion. London, 


PEARCE. Zachary, Bishop of Rochester. 

See Bible, English. N. T., Gospels. 1777. 
„ Cicero, M. T. Opera. Glasgow, 1748-49. 
,, ,, De oratore. Cambridge, 1732. 

„ Letter to the Clergy. London, 1722. 
,, Longinus, D. C. De sublimitate. London, 

1724, etc. 
„ Review of the text of Milton's Paradise Lost. 
London, 1732-33. 

A sermon preached before the Incorporated 

society for the propagation of the Gospel in 
foreign parts, at the parish church of St. Mary- 
le-Bow, 20 Feb. 1729. 

8vo. London, 1730 

PEARCH, George. 

See Collection of poems by several hands. London, 

PEARSON, Anthony. The great case of tythes 
truly stated, clearly opened, and fully resolved. 

4to. London, 1659 

PEARSON, Charles Henry. History of England 
during the early and middle ages. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1867 

PEARSON, George, F.R.S. A translation of the 
table of chemical nomenclature, proposed by De 
Guyton, formerly De Morveau, Lavoisier, Ber- 
thollet, and De Fourcroy. With explanations, 
additions, and alterations. Second edition. 

4to. London, 1799 



PEARSON, Oeorge, Rector of Castle Camps, Cam- 

See Coverdale, M. Remains. [Parker Society.] 
„ „ Writings and translations. 

[Parker Society.] 

The doctrine of tradition as maintained by the 

Church of England and the primitive church : a 
sermon preached before the University of Cam- 
bridge, March 11, 1838. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1838 

The doctrine of tradition as maintained by the 

Church of England, considered in a letter to 
Professor Keble, on his discourse entitled Primi- 
tive tradition recognised in Holy Scripture. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1837 

PEARSON, Hugh Nicholas. Memoirs of the life 
and writings of the rev. Claudius Buchanan, 
D.D., late vice-provost of the college of Fort 
William in Bengal. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Oxford, 1817 

PEARSON, John, Bishop of Chester. 
See Bible, Greek. 0. T. 1665. 
„ Ignatius, Saint, Bishop of Antioch. Epistolae. 
Oxfvrd, 1709. 

An exposition of the Creed. 
Third edition. 

4to. London, 1659 
fol. Lmdon, I669 

— Another edition. Revised and corrected by 
Canon Burton. 

8vo. Oxford, 1870 

Vindiciae epistolarum S. Ignatii : accesserunt 

IsAACi Vossii epistolae duae adversus D. Blon- 


ito. Cambridge, 1672 

Another edition. [Library of Anglo-Catholic 


2 vols. 8vo. Oxfwd, 1852 

PEARSON, Richard. A sermon preached Feb. 2, 
16^, with an addition of what was further de- 

signed on that subject. 

■tto. London, 1690 

PEARSON, Thomas. Bibliotheca Pearsoniana: a 
catalogue of the library of T. Pearson, sold by 
auction, 1788. [With prices.] 

8vo. London [n»%\ 

PEARSON, William. Select views of the antiquities 
of Shropshire. 

obi. fol. Shrewsbury and London [1807] 

PEARSON, afterwards JERVIS, William Henley. 
See Jervis, W. H. 

PECHELL, Sir John. See Peshall. 

PECIS, De. Observations sur la campagne de Jules 
Cesar en Espagne contre les lieutenans de Pompee 
et sur I'histoire dtitaillee que M. GuiSCHARD en 
a faite. 

8vo. Milan, 1782 

PECK, Francis. 

See Harrod, W. Antiquities of Stamford. Slam- 
ford, 1785. 

Academia tertia Anglicana ; or, the antiquarian 

annals of Stanford in Lincoln, Rutland, and 
Northampton shires. [With the survey and 
antiquitie of the towne of Stamford by Richard 

fol. London, 1727 

Desiderata curiosa ; memoirs, letters, wills and 


2 vols. fol. London, 1732-35 

Memoirs of the life and actions of Oliver 

Cromwell, as delivered in three panegyrics of 

4to. London, XliO 

New memoirs of the life and poetical works of 

Mr. John Milton. 

4to. London, 1740 

PECK, William. A topographical account of the 
isle of Axholme, being the west division of the 
wapentake of Manley, in the county of Lincoln. 
Vol. i. [No more published.] 

4to. Doncusler, 1815 

PECKHAM, John, Archbishop of Canterbury. De 
oculo morali. 

fol. [A.Sorg. Augsburg, I il 6] 

Registrum epistolarum. Edited by C. T. 

Martin. [Rolls Series, No. 77.] 

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See Bible, Danish. 1550. 

PEDES finium Ebor; regnante Johanne. [Surtees 
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PEDBO de Alcala. Arte para ligeramente saber la 
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2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. Jiwn Varela de 
Salamanca. Granada, 1505 

PEDBOSO, Z. Consiglieri. 

See Portuguese Folk-tales. [Folklore Society.] 

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For Life, see Guizot, F. P. G. London, 1857. 
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— Letter to the electors for the borough of 

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— Memoirs. Published by Earl Stanhope and 
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Speeches, delivered in the house of Commons. 
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Speeches in the house of Commons, May 6 

and 20, 1844, on the renewal of the Bank 
charter, and the state of the law respecting 
currency and banking. 

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writings, and notes by A. Dyce. 

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See Old ballads. [Percy Society.] 

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phroditus and Salmacis, with a morall in English 

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PEEP (A) behind the curtain ; or, the new rehearsal. 
[By David Garrick.] New edition. 

8vo. London, 1772 

behind the curtain. The songs and recitative 

of Orpheus : an English burletta, which is intro- 
duced in a farce of two acts, called a New 
rehearsal ; or, a Peep behind the curtain. [By 

David Garrick.] 

8vo. Loiulon, 1767 

PEEBIS, William. A litle treaties of the discent 

of the Lords Percics. [In versb.] [Newcastle 

Reprints, v. 1.] 

8vo. Neiccastle, 1845 

PEEBS, Bichard. 

See Oxford, University of. Catalogue of all 
graduats. Oxford, 1727. 

PEGASUS ; or, the flying horse from Oxford, 
bringing the proceedings of the visitours and 
other Bedlamites there, by command of the Earl 
of Montgomery. [By Thomas Barlow.] 

4to. a'/or(Z[l648] 

PEGGE, Samuel, the elder. 

See Atkinson, J. C. Cleveland words. [English 
Dialect Society.] 
„ Form. The forme of Cury. London, 1780. 

An assemblage of coins fabricated by authority 

of the archbishops of Canterbury. 

4to. London, 1772 

An essay on the coins of Cunobelin, with a 

dissertation on the seat of the Coritaui. 

4to. London, 1766 

An historical account of Beauchief Abbey in 

the county of Derby. 

4to. London, 1801 

The life of Robert Grosseteste, bishop of 


4to. London, 1793 

Memoirs of the life of Roger de Weseham, 

dean of Lincoln, bishop of Coventry and Lich- 
field, and principal favourite of Robert Grosse- 
teste, bishop of Lincoln. 

4to. London, 1761 

Observations on an antient font at Burnham 

Deepdale, in Norfolk ; read at the society of 
Antiquaries, 18 Nov. 1790. 

4to, [London, 1792?] 



PEGGE, Samuel, the elder. A series of dissertations 
on some elegant and very valuable Anglo-Saxon 
remains, also the coins engraved on a copper- 
plate, with a preface. 

4to. Loudon, 17.") 6 

PEGGE, Samuel, the younger. 

See Illustrations of the maimers and expences. 
London, 1797. 

Anecdotes of the English language, chiefly 

regarding the local dialect of London and its 

8vo. London, 1803 

Second edition ; to which is added a supple- 
ment to the provincial glossary of F. Grose. 

8vo. London, 181-i 

Curialia ; or, an historical account of some 

branches of the royal houshold, etc. 

5 parts in 2 vols. 4to. London, 1782-1806 

PEIGNOT, 6tienne Gabriel. Bibliographie curieuse, 
ou notice raisonnee des livres imprimes a cent 
exemplaires au plus, suivie dune notice de 
quelques ouvrages tir^s sur papier de couleur. 

8vo. Paris, 1808 

Dictionnaire critique, litteraire, et biblio- 

graphique des principaux livres condamnes au 
feu, supprimes, ou censures. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Paris, 1806 

Dictionnaire raisonn6 de bibliologie. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1802 

Repertoire bibliographique universel, contenant 

la notice raisonnee des bibliographies speciales, et 
d'un grand nombre d'autres ouvrages de biblio- 

8vo. Paris, 1812 

— Repertoire de bibliographies speciales, curieuses 
et instructives, contenant la notice raisonnee : 
1. des ouvrages imprimis k petit nombre d'ex- 
emplaires ; 2. des livres dont on a tire des 
exemplaires sur papier de couleur ; 3. des livres 
dont le texte est gravd ; 4. des livres qui out 
paru sous le nom d'Ana. 

8vo. Pari^, 1810 

— Variet^s, notices et raret^s bibliographiques ; 
recueil faisant suite aux Curiositds bibliogra- 

8vo. Paris, 1822 

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See Enquiry into the present duty. Ijondon, 

PEIRESC, Nicolas Claude Fabri de. 

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See Monumentum Komanum. Rome, 1638. 

Lettres aux frercs Dupuy. Publiees par P. 

Tamizey de L.^rkoque. [Documents inedits 
sur I'histoire de France.] 

6 vols. Uo. ParU, 1888-96 

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2 vols. fol. /. Zainer. Ulm, 1474 

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or broad-bottomry ; a panegyri-satiri-serio-comi- 
dramatical poem. Second edition. 

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Sec Scriptores rerum Bohemicarum. Prague, 

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See Coxe, W. Memoirs of the administration. 
London,, 1829. 
„ Examination of the principles. London,n^9. 

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cunables des biblioth^ues publiques de France. 

8vo. Paris, 1897 

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academico occulto [i.e. T. P.] in laudedelle donne. 

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See Uva, B. dell'. Parte delle rime di B. dell' 
Uva. Florence, 1584-85. 

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(Se« Boiardo, M. M. Timone. Venice, 1518. 

PELLERIN, Joseph. 

See Recueil de m^dailles de rois, etc. Paris, 

PELLEW, George. The life and correspondence of 
Henry Addington, first viscount Sidmouth. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1847 



PELLICANUS, Conradus. 
See Bible, Latin. 1543. 

PELLICER, Juan Antonio. 

See Cervantes Saavedra, M. Don Quixote. 

Madrid, 1798-99- 

Vida de Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. 

12mo. Madrid, 1800 

de Babilonia en Chaldea distinguido del Beroso 
de Viterbo en Italia, con la chronologia de los 
reyes antiquissimos de Asiria y Babilonia. 

■Ito. Valencia, 1673 


sayo de una bibliotheca de traductores espanoles. 

■ito. Madrid, 1778 

PELLIEE, Alexia. 

See Llorente, J. A. Histoire critique de I'ln- 
quisition de I'Espagne. Paris, 1817-18. 

PELLISSON - FONTANIER, Paul. Lettres his- 
toriques, 1670-88. 

3 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1729 

and OLIVET, Pierre Joseph Thoulier d'. His- 

toire de I'Acad^mie Fran9oise. 3'*^™= edition. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1743 

PELLOUTIBR, Simon. Histoire des Celtes, et par- 
ticulierementdesGaulois et des Germains, depuis 
les tems fabuleux, jusqu a la prise de Rome par 
les Gaulois. 

8 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1770-71 

PELTIER, Jean Gabriel. 

&e Ambigu (L'). London, \&QI-18. 

Paris pendant I'ann^e 1795 [-1802]. 

35 vols. 8vo. London, 1795-1802 

Tableau de I'Europe, en 1794. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1794-95 


See Newton, Sir I. Philosophiae naturalis. 
London, 1726. 

PEMBROKE, Philip Herbert, 4th earl of. 

See Life and death of P. H. [London, 16.50.] 

„ P ke. Lord. My lord of P[embro]ke's 

speech. London, 1713. 

PEMBROKE, Philip Herbert, 4th earl of. Speech 
in the house of peeres, upon debate of the citie's 
petition for a personall treaty, to be had with 
his majesty in London. [A satire, by Sir 
Charles Sedley.] 

4to. [London] 1648 

Speech in the house of peeres when the seven 

lords were accused of high-treason. [A satire.] 

4to. [London] 1648 

PEMBROKE, Thomas Herbert, 8th earl of. Numis- 
mata antiqua in tres partes divisa. Numnii 
Anglici et Scotici : collegit olim et aeri incidi 
curavit Thomas Pembrochiae comes. [With 
an index by J. Ames.] 

4 parts in 1 vol. 4to. [London] 1746 

PEMBROKE, William Herbert, 3rd earl of, and 
RUDYARD, Sir Benjamin. Poems. [Edited by 
S. E. Brydges.] 

8vo. London, 1817 

PEi^A, Joannes. 

See Euclid. Rudimenta musices. Paris, 1557. 

PESALOSA Y ZUSIGA, Clemente. La Monarquia. 

4to. Madrid, 1793 


See Nayler, J. An answer to some queries. 
London, l656. 

PENHOUET, Armand Bon Louis Maudet de. 

Recherches sur I'origine des Bretons Armoricains. 

4to. Nantes, 1814 

PENINGTON, Isaac. The great question concerning 
the lawfulnes or unlawfulnes of swearing under 
the gospel stated and considered of. 

4to. London, l66l 

PENKETHMAN, John. Authentic accounts of the 
history and price of wheat, bread, malt, etc., 
from the coming in of William the Conqueror to 
Michaelmas 1745, and also a true relation of the 
most remarkable dearths. 

4to. London, 1765 

PENLEZ, Bosavern. 

See True state of the case of B. P. [London, 

PENN, William. 

For Life, see Dixon, W. H. London, 1851. 
„ „ Stoughton, J. London, 1882. 



PENN, WiUiam. 

See England's great interest. [London, 1679-] 
„ Persuasive to moderation. [London t 1686.] 
„ Select tracts relating to colonies. London 

[17. 'JO?]. 

Works, to which is prefixed a journal of his 

life, with many original letters and papers. 

2 vols. foi. London, 1726 

England's present interest discover'd with 

honour to the prince and safety to the people : 
presented and submitted to the consideration of 

4to. [London] 1675 

Another edition. 

4to. London, l675 

No cross, no crown. A new edition, revised. 

8vo. London, 1842 

Truth exalted : in a short, but sure, testimony 

against all those religions, faiths, and worships 
that have been formed and followed in the 
darkness of apostacy, and for that glorious light 
which is now risen and shines forth in the life 
and doctrine of the despised Quakers. 

4to. London, 1671 

PENNANT, Thomas. Arctic zoology. 

3 vols. London, 1792 

The British zoology, published under the 

inspection of the Cymmrodorion Society. 

fol. London, 1766 

Fourth edition. 

4 vols. 4to. Warrington, 1776-77 

Free thoughts on the militia laws. 

8vo. London, 1781 

Genera of birds. 

4to. London, 1781 

A history of quadrupeds. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 179.S 

The history of the parishes of \Miiteford and 

Holywell [Flint]. 

4to. London, 1796 

Indian zoology. Second edition. 

4to. London, 1790 

PENNANT, Thomas. A journey from London to 
the isle of Wight, by Dover. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1801 

Some account of London. Fourth edition. 

Antiquities of London by John Thomas Smith, 
containing views of houses, etc. 

1 vol. in 6. fol. London, 1805 

Extra lllnstnit«ii. 

A tour from Downing to Alston- Moor. 

4to. London, 1801 

A tour in Scotland, 1 769-72. 

3 vols. 4to. Warrington, 1774 
London, 1776 

The view of Hindoostan, western and eastern, 

of India extra Gangem, China and Japan, of the 
Malayan islands, New Holland, and the Spicy 

4 vols. 4to. London, 17 9S-1 800 

PENNECUIK, Alexander. A geographical historical 
description of the shire of Tweeddale ; with a 
miscelany and curious collection of select Scotish 

4to. Edinburgh, 1715 

PENNY (The) Cyclopaedia. [Edited by G. Long.] 
27 vols. fol. London, 1833-4.<? 

A Penni worth of witte : Florice and Blaunche- 

flour : and other pieces of ancient English poetry, 
from the Auchinleck MS. [Edited by David 
Laing.] [Abbotsford Club.]. 

4to. Edinburgh, 1857 

PENNY, Anne. See Poems. London, 1780. 

PENROSE, Bernard. An account of the last ex- 
pedition to Port Egmont, in Falkland's Islands 
in the year 1772. 

8vo. London, 1775 

PENROSE, John. An attempt to prove the truth 
of Christianity from the wisdom displayed in its 
original establishment, and from the history of 
false and corrupted systems of religion. [Bamp- 
ton Lectures, 1808.] 

8vo. Oxford, 1808 

PENROSE, Llewellin. The journal of Llewellin 
Penrose, a seaman. 

4 vols, in 2. 12mo. London, 1815 



PENRY, John. 

See Marprelate, M., pseud. Eeformation no 
enemy. [Edinburgh] l6-il, etc. 
„ Pasquil, pseud. The first parte of Pasquils 
Apologie. [Lmdm] 1590. 

Th' Appellation of John Penri unto the Highe 

court of Parliament, from the bad and injurious 
dealing of the Archb. of Canterbury and other 
his colleagues of the high commission. 

8vo. [London] 1589 

A defence of that which hath bin written in 

the questions of the ignorant ministerie, and the 
communicating with them. 

8vo. [B. Waldegrave. East Mmdsey, 1588] 

A viewe of some part of such publike wants 

and disorders as are in the service of God, within 
her Majesties countrie of Wales [1588]. Edited 
by J. 0. Halliwell. 

4to. London, 1861 

PENSEES ingenieuses des anciens et des modernes. 
[By D. BouHOURS.] 

12mo. Paris, 176l 

sur I'interpr^tation de la Nature. [By D. 


12mo. [Paris] 1754 

PENTALOGIA, sive tragoediarum Graecarum de- 
lectus ; Sophoclis Oedipus Rex, Oedipus Coloneus, 
Antigone ; Euripidis Phoenissae ; Aeschyli 
Septem contra Thebas. [Edited by J. Burton.] 
2 vols. 8vo. Oxford, 1779 

Another edition. 

Svo. Oxford, 1801 

PEOPLE'S (The) answer to the court pamphlet [by 
N. W. Wraxall] entitled, A short review of 
the political state of Great Britain. 

Svo. London, 1787 

PEPAGOMENUS, Demetrius. 
See Demetrius Pepagomenus. 

PEPIN of Landen. 

For Life, see Collection des mdmoires — Guizot 
[vol. ii. bis]. 

PEPOLI, Alessandro Ercole. 

See Pianti, I, d'Elicona. Parma, 1790. 

I Tentativi dell' Italia ; cioe Eduigi, Cleonice, 

Irene e Don Rodrigo, tragedie. 

Svo. Parma, 17S3 

PEPPEEELL, Sir William, Bart. An accurate and 
authentic account of the taking of Cape-Breton 
in the year 1745, together with a computation 
of the French fishery in that part of the world. 

Svo. London, 1758 

PEPUSCH, Johann Christoph. An ode for the 2nd 
of ^larch next (St. David's day being on a 
Sunday) to be then performed at the anniversary 
meeting of the societies of Antient Britons. 

4to. [London, 1 722 ?] 

PEPYS, Samuel. Memoirs, comprising his diary, 
1659-69, deciphered by J. Smith from the 
original MS., and a selection from his private 
correspondence. Edited by Richard, Lord 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1S25 

Second edition. 

5 vols. Svo. London, 1828 

Life, journals, and correspondence, including 

a narrative of his voyage to Tangiers, deciphered 
from the MS. by J. Smith. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1841 

Memoires relating to the state of the royal 

navy of England for ten years, determin'd 
December 1688. 

Svo. London, 1690 

p6RAT6, Andrd. L'archeologie chretienne. 

Svo. Paris, 1S92 

PEECEL, Le comte Gordon de. 
See Gordon de Percel, le comte. 

PERCEVAL, John, 2nd earl of Egmont. 
See Egmont, J. P., earl of. 

PERCEVAL, Spencer. 

See Review of the arguments. London, 1791. 

Copy of a letter to the rev. Dr. Mansel on the 

subject of the Curates Bill. 

Svo. London, 1808 

PERCIVAL, Robert. An account of the Cape of 
Good Hope. 

4to. London, 1804 

An account of the island of Ceylon, to which 

is added the journal of an embassy to the court 
of Candy. Second edition, with an appendix 
containing particulars of the recent hostilities. 

4to. London, 1S05 



PERCIVAL, Thomas. A short view of the grounds 
and limits of the obligation to pay taxes. 

8vo. fFarrington [1785] 

PERCY, Family of. 

See De Fonblanque, E. B. Annals of the house 
of Percy. London, 1887. 

PERCY Society. Early English poetry, ballads, 
and popular literature of the middle ages. 
Edited from original manuscripts and scarce 

32 vols. 8vo. London, 1840-52 

Vol. I. Old ballads from early printed copies. 
Songs and ballads relative to the London pren- 
tices. Historical songs of Ireland, illustrative 
of the revolution of 1688. Thepayneand sorowe 
of evyll maryage. (1509.) The king and a 
poore northerne man. By Martin Parker. 

Vol. II. A selection from the minor poems of 
Lydgate. Early naval ballads of England. A 
search for money. By William Rowley. 1609. 
The mad pranks and merry jests of Robin Good- 
fellow. 1628. 

Vol. III. Political ballads published in Eng- 
land during the Commonwealth. Strange his- 
tories. By Thomas Deloney. 1607. A 
marriage triumph. By Thomas Heywood. 
1613. The history of Patient Grisel. I619. 

Vol. IV. Specimens of lyric poetry, temp. 
Edward i. The boke of curtasye, an English 
poem. Specimens of old Christmas carols. The 
nursery rhymes of England. 

Vol. v. Kind-Heart's dream. By Henry 
Chettle. 1592. A knight's conjuring. By 
Thomas Dekker. 1607. The meeting of two 
gallants at an ordinarie. l604. The two angry 
women of Abington. By H. Porter. 1 599. 

Vol. VI. Ancient poetical tracts of the six- 
teenth century. Cock Lorell's bote. The crown 
garland of golden roses. By Richard Johnson. 
1612. Follie's anatomic. By Henry Hutton. 
1619. Poems. By Sir Henry Wotton. 

Vol. VII. The harmony of birds. (1559.) A 
paraphrase on the seven penitential Psalms, in 
English verse. The harmony of the Church. 
By Michael Drayton. 1591. Jack of Dover. 
1604. A Kerry pastoral. 1719. 

Vol. VIII. A selection of Latin stories. A 
dialogue of witches and witchcraft. By George 
GiFFORD. 1613, 

vol. III. 

PERCY Society (cmtinued). 

Vol. IX. The four knaves. By Samuel 
Rowlands. l6ll-13. A poem to the memory 
of William Congreve. By James Thomson. 
1728. The pleasant conceits of Old Hobson, the 
merry Londoner. 1607. Maroccus extaticus ; 
or, Banke's bay horse in a trance. 1597. Old 
ballads, illustrating the great frost of 1683-84. 

Vol. X. Lord Mayor's pageants. By F. W. 
Fairholt. 2 parts. 

Vol. XI. The owl and the nightingale. By 
N. DE Guildford. Thirteen Psalms, and the 
first chapter of Ecclesiastes. Versified by John 
Croke. An historian expostulation, etc. By 
John Halle. 156.5. The honestie of this age. 
By Barnaby Rich. 161 1. 

Vol. XII. The history of Reynard the foxe, 
from Caxton's edition. 1481. 

Vol. xiii. The keen of the South of Ireland. 
Six ballads, with burdens. Lyrical poems, 
selected from musical publications between 15 89 
and 1600. 

Vol. XIV. The poems of John Audelay, 
fifteenth century. St. Biandan : a medieval 
legend of the sea. The romance of the emperor 

Vol. XV. Friar Bakon's prophesie : a satire. 
1604. Poetical miscellanies, temp. James i. 
The crown garland of golden roses. Part ii. 

Vol. XVI. The Seven Sages, in English verse : 
with an introductory essay. The romance of Syr 

Vol. XVII. Scottish traditional versions of 
ancient ballads. Ancient poems, ballads and 
songs of the peasantry of England. 

Vol. XVIII. The pastime of pleasure. By 
Stephen Hawes. 

Vol. XIX. The civic garland ; a collection of 
songs from London pageants. The life and 
martyrdom of Thomas Beket. 

Vol. XX. The affectionate shepherd. By 
Richard Barnfield. 1594. A dialogue on 
wit and folly. By John Heywood. A collection 
of proverbs and popular sayings. The most 
pleasant song of Lady Bessy. 

Vol. XXI. Popular songs, illustrative of the 
French invasions of Ireland : in four parts. 




PERCY Society {continued). 

Vol. XXII. The cytezen and the uplondysh- 
man : an eclogue. By Alexander Barclay. 
An interlude of the four elements : an early 
moral play. An interlude of the disobedient 
child. By Thomas Ingelend. The autobio- 
graphy of Mary, Countess of Warwick, 1625-73. 
Westward for smelts. 1620. 

Vol. XXIII. Songs and carols, from a MS. of 
the fifteenth century. Festive songs of the 
sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Descrip- 
tive notices of popular English histories. 

Vols, xxiv.-xxvi. Chaucer's Canterbury 
Tales : a new text with illustrative notes. 

Vol. XXVII. Believe as you list. By Philip 
Massinger. i631. Satirical songs and poems 
on costume. 

Vol. XXVIII. An Anglo-Saxon passion of Saint 
George. A poem on the times of Edward ii. 
The religious poems of William de Shoreham, 
temp. Edward iv. Interlude of the trial of 
treasure. 1567. 

Vol. XXIX. Notices of fugitive tracts and 
chapbooks. The man in the moone ; or, the 
English fortune-teller. 1609. A detection of 
the use of dice-play. The loyal garland. 1686. 
Poems and songs on the assassination of the 
Duke of Buckingham. 1628. 

Vol. XXX. The garland of good-will : divided 
into three parts. Written by T. Deloney. i678. 
Britannia's pastorals : a third book. [By AV. 
Browne 1] The enterlude of John Bon and 
Mast Person. 

Vol. XXXI. Eeports of the Society. 

Vol. XXXII. Pleasant quippes for upstart new- 
fangled gentlewomen. By Stephen Gosson. 
A treatise of the pride and abuse of women. 
By Charles Bansley. 

PEECY, Thomas, Bishop of Dromore. 

See Five pieces of Runic poetry. London, 1763. 
„ Hau Kiou Choaan. London, 1761. 
,, Hermit of Warkworth. London, 1775. 

Folio manuscript : ballads and romances. 

Edited by J. W. Hales and F. J. Furnivall, 
assisted by Prof. Child and W. Chappell, with 
life of Bishop Percy by J. Pickford. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1867-68 

Reliques of ancient English poetry : fourth 


3 vols. 12mo. London, 1791- 

PERCY, William. 

See Cuck-Queanes (The). [Roxburghe Club.] 

Sonnets (1594). Edited by A. B. Grosart. 

[Occasional issues, iii. 1 .] 

4to. [Manchester] 1877 

Another edition. Reprinted in Arber's English 

Garner, vi. 

P]&RflFIXE, Hardouin de Beaumont de. Histoire 
du roy Henry le grand. 

12mo. L. and D. Elzevier. Amsterdam, 1661 

Another edition. 

12mo. Daniel Elzevier. Amsterdam, l66-i 

Another edition. 

2 vols, in 1. 12mo. Paris, 1767 

Another edition. 

8vo. Paris, 18 16 

The life of Henry the fourth of France. 

Translated from the French by M. Le jMoine. 

8vo. Parti!, 1785 

PEREGRINUS, Laelius. Oratio in obitum Tor- 
quati Tassi. Editio secunda. [Roxburghe Club, 


4to. Geneva, 1822 
PEREIRA, Antonio. S'^-e Bible, Portuguese. 1821. 

PEREIRA, Henry Wall. A commentary on the 
office for the ministration of Holy Baptism. 

8vo. London, 1884 

PERERA, Jos^ Nicolas de Azara y. Marquis de 


See Bowles, W. Introduccion a la historia 
natural. Madrid, 1775. 
„ Horatius Flaccus, Q. Opera. Parma, 1791. 

PERERIIS, Guillermus de. 

See Brandolini, R. Oratio parentalis in obitum 
G. Parerii. [Borne, 1500.] 

Oratio super electione summi Pontificis. 

Ito. [S. Planck. Borne, 1484] 

Another edition. 

4to. [S. Planck. Borne, 1484] 

PERESCIUS, Nicolaus Claudius Fabricius. 
See Peiresc, N. C. F. de, 



PEREYRA, Juan de Solorzano. Disputatio dc 
Indiarum jure, sive de justa Indiarum Occi- 
dentalium inquisitione, acquisitione et retentione. 

fol. Madrid, 162.O 

FERE7RA, Manuel. Comedia famosa, el diablo 
de Palermo y tirano de Tinacria. 

4to. Valencia, 1761 

PEREZ, Antonio. Las obras y relaciones. 

8vo. Geneva, 1644' 

PEREZ, Bernard. The first three years of child- 
hood. Edited and translated by A. M. CHrasTiE, 
with an introduction by J. SuLLY. 

8vo. London, 1889 

PEREZ BAYER, Francisco. See Bayerius, F. P. 

PEREZ DE GUZMAN, Fernando. Cronica del 

serenissimo rey don Juan segundo deste nombre. 

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See Historia de las guerras civiles de Granada. 
[Paris, 1606.] 

Historia de los Vandos, de los Zegries y 

Abencerrages, cavalleros Moros de Granada, y 
las civiles guerras que huvo en ella, hasta que 
el rey don Ferdinando el quinto la gano ; tra- 
ducida en Castellano. 

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Histoire chevaleresque des Maures de Grenade, 

traduite de I'Espagnol, par A. M. San6. 

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See Montalvan, J. P. de. 


See Bible, Spanish. 0. T., Psalms. 

PEREZ DE VALENTIA, Jacobus. Commentaria 
in Psalmos. 

fol. [L. Palmart.] Valentin, 1484 

PERFECT narrative of a sea-fight. See H. (C.) 

PERGER, Bemhardus. Oratio in funere Friderici III. 
Eomanorum Imperatoris. 

4to. [S. Planck. Kome, 1493] 

PERGER, Sigmund Ferdinand von. 

See Haas, C. Kaiserliche Konigliche Bilder- 
Gallerie im Belvedere zu Wien. Vienna, 

p£rIER, GUberte. 

See Pascal, B. Life of Mr. Paschal. London, 

PERIMEDES. See Greene, R. 

PERINGSKIOLD, Johan Fredrik. 

See Messenius, J. Scondia illustrata. Stockholm, 
„ Sturluson, S. Heims Kriiigla. Stockholm, 

Monumenta Ullerakerensia cum Upsala Nova 

illustrata, eller : Ullerakers Haradz Minnings- 
Merken, med Nya L^psala, uti uplands f6rsta 
del Thiundalaud. 

fol. Stockholm, 1719 


See Plato. Ex Timaeo. Paris, 1 540. 

Dialogorum de linguae Gallicae origine eiusque 

cum Graeca cognatione, libri iv. 

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See Dictys Cretensis, pseud. D. C. et Dares 
Phrygius de bello et excidio Trojae. Am- 
sterdam,, 1702. 

Animadversiones historicae, in quibus quam- 

plurima in priscis Romanarum rerum sed utri- 
usque linguae autoribus notantur. 

8vo. Amsterdam, 1685 

Catalogus librorum et nummorum vcterum. 

12mo. Leyden\\l\o^ 

— Dissertationes septem, de constitutione divina 
super duccnda defuncti fratris uxore, de lege 
Voconia, de variis nummis, de Augustea orbis 
terrarum descriptione, de acre gravi et de 
nummis consularibus, de primis gentium anti- 
quarum regibus, etc. : accedit J. G. Heineccii 

8vo. Leijden, 1740 

— Orationes xii. varii et praestantioris argumenti 
in gratiam cultorum elegantiorum litterarum 
collectae. [By F. G. Westhovius.] 

8vo. Leyden, 1740 



PERIZONIUS, Jacobus. Origines Babylonicae et 
Aegyptiacae tomis ii. quorum prior Babylonica 
continet. Aegyptiarum origiimm et temporum 
antiquissimorum investigatio. 

2 vols. 8vo. and 12nio. Leyden, 1711 

Rerum per Europam gestarum maxime al) 

ineunte saeculo sextodecimo iisque ad Caroli v. 
mortem commentarii historici. 

8vo. Lcyckn, 1710 

and HUBERUS, Ulricus. Disquisitio de 


8vo. Leyden, I696 

PERKINS, James. 

See Douglas, W. Proceedings of a general court- 
martial. London [1767]. 

PERKINS, Sir William. See Parkins, Sir W. 

PERKINS, William. The foundation of christian 
religion gathered into sixe principles. 

8vo. John Legatt. London, l638 

PERLEONIO, Giuliano. Compendio di Sonetti. 

4to. Aiolfo de Cantono. Naples, 1492 

PERLIN, Etienne. Description des royaumes 
d'Angleterre et d'Escosse ; Paris, 1558. His- 
toire de I'entree de la reine mere dans la Grande 
Bretagne, par P. de la Serre ; Paris, 1639. Illus- 
trated with cuts and notes [by R. Gough]. 

4to. London, 1775 

PERNE, FranQois Louis. 

See Coucy, R. de. Chansons. Pari?, 1830. 

PERNETY, Antoine Joseph. Histoire d'un voyage 
aux isles malouines, 1763-64, avec des observa- 
tions sur le detroit de Magellan et sur les 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1770 

PERNICIOUS (The) effects of the art of printing 
upon society, exposed. 

8vo. London [1794] 

principles of Tom Paine exposed, in an address 

to labourers and mechanics, by a gentleman. 
6th edition. 

8vo. London [\19^] 

P£R0N, Francois. Vo3'age de decouvertes aux 
terres Australes, 1800-4: partie historique. 

atlas par Lesueur et Petit : navigation et 
g^ographie redige par L. Freycinet. 

2 vols, and atlases. 4to and fol. Paris, 


PEROTTUS, Nicolaus, Archbishop of Siponto. 
&e Phaedrus. Tabulae. A'ap/es, 1809-11. 
,, Polybius. Historiarum libri v. [Greek and 

Latin.] Hugenau, 1530. 
,, ,, Historiarum libri v. [Latin.] 

Borne, 1473, etc. 

Cornucopiae, sive linguae Latinae commentarii, 

ejusdem Sypontini libellus quo Plinii epistola, ad 
Titum Vespasianum corrigitur, cum greco ; C. 
ViTELLii in eum ipsum libellum Sypontini anno- 
tationes, etc. 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1499 

Another edition. ]\L T. Varronis de lingua 

latina libri iii.-vi. : ejusdem de analogia libri iii.: 
S. Pompeii Festi xix. librorum fragmenta: N. 
Marcelli compendia. 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1513 

— Another edition. M. T. Varronis de lingua 
Latina, etc. 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1517 

— Another edition, 'isl. T, Varronis de lingua 
Latina, etc. 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1527 

De metris. 

4to. [B. Azzoguidi.] Bologna, 1471 

Rudimenta grammatices. 

4to. [Ul. Ran. Borne, 1472] 

Another edition. 

4to. [Ul. Han. Borne, 1473] 

Another edition. 

fol. A. de Stendalia. Padua, 1475 

• Another edition. 

fol. J. P. de Lignamine. Borne, 1475 

■ Another edition. 

fol. V. de Vuilla. Borne, 1475 

• Another edition. 

fol. H. Aiding. Messana, 1478 

Another edition. 

fol. M. Moravus. iWjpZes [1480] 



PEEOTTUS, Nicolaus, Archbishop of Siponto. 
Eudimenta grammatices. [Latin and English.] 
4to. EtjUlms (le Heerdraten. [i/OMWtn, I486] 

Another edition. 

4to. Gulielmus Tridinensis. FifwVc, 1494 

PEROWNE, John James Stewart, Bishop of 

See Bible, English. 0. T., Psalms. 1873. 
„ Eogers, T. The catholic doctrine of the 

church of England. Cambridge, 1854. 
„ Thirlwall, C. Essays. London, 1880. 
„ „ Letters. London, 1881. 

„ „ Remains. London, 1877-78. 

Immortality. [Hulsean Lectures, 1868.] 

8vo. Cambridge, 1869 

PEROWNE, Thomas Thomason. 

See Parker, M. Correspondence. [Parker 
Society. ] 


See Passion of S. Perpetua. Cambridge, 1891. 

PERPINIANUS, Petrus Joannes. Orationes xviii. 
8vo. P. M. Marchettus. Brescia, 1,589 

PERPLEXITIES (The) : a comedy. [By Thomas 
Hull ; founded upon the Adventures of five 
hours, by Sir S. Tuke.] 

8vo. Londmt, 1767 

PERRAULT, Charles. 

See Cabinet des f^es. Amsterdam, etc., 1785-89. 
,, Faemo, Gr. Fabulae centum, ionrfow, 1743-44. 

Les hommes illustres qui ont paru en France 

pendant ce siecle, avec leurs portraits. 

2 vols, in 1. fol. Paris, I696-I70O 

Another edition. [Text alone, torn. i. only in 

this edition.] 

12mo. 1698 

PERRAULT, Claude. 

See Vitruvius Pollio, M. L'architettura generale. 
Fenice, 1748. 

Ordonnance des cinq especes de colonnes selon 

la methode des anciens. 

fol. Paris, 1683 

PERREAU, Daniel. Narrative of his unhappy case. 

8vo. London, 1775 

PERREAU, Jean Andr6. Considerations physiques 
et morales sur la nature de I'homme, ses facultes, 

2vols. inl. 8vo. Paris [\'8Q] 


See P. (L.) Bibliotheque choisie. Lyons, 1791 

PERRIN, Antoine. 

See Collection universelle des m^moires, London 
and Paris, 1785-1807. 


iSee Indulgence not justified. London, I668. 

PERRIN DU LAC, F. M. Voyage dans les deux 
Louisianes et chez les nations sauvages du 
Missouri, 1801-3. 

8vo. Paris, 1805 

PERRINUS, Aegidius. De morte dialogus. 

4to. A. Zannetti. Rome, 1597 

PERRON, Abraham Hyacinthe Anquetil du. 
See Anquetil Duperron, A. H. 

PEERONET, Jean Rodolphe. Description des 
projets et de la construction des ponts de Neuilly 
de Mantes, d'Orleans et autres, du projet du 
canal de Bourgogne, etc. 

2 vols. fol. Paris, 1782-83 

PERROT, Georges, and CHIPIEZ, Charles. A 
history of art in Ancient Egypt. Translated 
and edited by W. Armstrong. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1883 

A history of art in Chaldaea and Assyria. 

Translated and edited by W. Armstrong. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1884 

A history of art in Phoenicia and its de- 
pendencies. Translated and edited by W. Arm- 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1885 

PERROT, John. 

See P. (J.) All epistle to the Greeks. London, 

The mistery of Baptism and the Lord's supper; 

and the spirit of Jesus the guide unto both : 
which may serve as an answer unto Randal 
Roper's answer unto a paper directed to all 
Baptists, etc. 

4to. London, 1662 




See Caesar, C. J. [Latin and French.] Berlin, 
„ Lucian. [French.] Paris, 1707. 
„ Marmol-Caravajal, L. de. L'Afrique. Paris, 

PERRY, Francis. A series of English medals [13 
plates with descriptions.] 

4to. London, 1762 

PERRY, George Gresley. 

See Hampole, R. R. of. English prose treatises. 

[Early English Text Society.] 
„ Religious pieces. [Early English Text 

The history of the Church of England ; from 

the death of Elizabeth to the present time. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1861-64 

Vox ecclesiae Anglicanae on the church, 

ministry, and sacraments. 

8vo. London, 1868 

PERRY, John. An account of the stopping of 
Daggenham Breach, with the accidents that 
have attended the same. 

8vo. London, 1721 

The state of Eussia under the present Czar : 

also an account of those Tartars and other people 
who border on the eastern and extreme northern 
parts of the Czar's dominions. 

8vo. London, 1716 

PERRY, Walter Copland. Greek and Koman sculp- 
ture : a popular introduction to the history of 
Greek and Roman sculpture. 

8vo. London, 1882 

PERSIA, seu regni Persici status varia itinera in 
atque per Persiam. 

24mo. Elzevir. Leyden, 1633 

PERSIO, Antonio. Trattato dell' ingegno dell' 

8vo. Aldus [1] Venice, 1576 


^ee Juvenalis, D. J. Satyrae. [Parw, 1 47 1 ] c/c. 
„ Poetae Latini. Milan, 1731-65. 

PERSIUS FLACCUS, Aulus. Satyrae. 

fol. [Basle, 1474] 

Another edition. Cum interpretatione J. 


fol. N. Gorgonzola. [1505] 

Another edition. 

8vo. F. Gryphius. Paris, 1538 

— Another edition. J. Murmellio scholiaste, 
item H. Buschii prologi ac epistola. 

4to. Chr. Wechel. Paris, 1538 

— Antonii Foquelini in satyras commentarius. 

[With the text.] 

4to. A. Wechel. Paris, 1555 

— Another edition. Ab Elia Viueto Santone 
emendatus : cuius annotationes una cum Annaei 
Cornuti commentario in eundem satyrarum 
Persii librum, separatim expressimus. 

4to. E. Marnesius. Poitiers, 1560 

Another edition. A. NicoDEMO Frischlino 

paraphrasi illustratae, Valentini insuper Volsci, 
etc., commentariis explicatae. 

3 parts in 1 vol. 4to. P. Pernus. Basle, 1582 

— A. Persii satyrarum liber i., D. J. Juvenalis 


4to. [Ulric Han. Borne, 1470] 

satyrarum lib. v., Sulpiciae satyra i., cum com- 
mentariis. Ex bibliotheca P. Pithoei cujus 
etiam notae adjectae sunt. 

8vo. M. Padsson. Paris, 1585 

— Satirarum liber, IsAACUS Casaubonus recen- 
suit, et commentario libro illustravit, etc. 

2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. Paris, l605 

Red morocco, with the arms of De Thou. 

— Another edition. Post felices curas a St. 
Claverio redditus et explanatus. 

8vo. Paris, l607 

— Another edition. 

12mo. B. Stephanus. Paris, l6l4 

— Another edition. Cum commentariis J. Bond. 

8vo. Paris, 1644 

— Another edition. I. Casaubonus recensuit et 
commentario libro illustravit : tertia editio cura 
M. Casauboni. 

8vo. London, 1647 



PERSIU8 FLACCUS, Aulua. Persius enucleatus, 
sive commentarius in Persium, studio D. Wed- 


12mo. Dan. Elzevir. Amsterdam, \66t 

Another edition. Edidit 6. F. Sebaldus. 

8vo. Nuremberg, 1765 

— A. Flacci Persii, D. Juvenalis et Sulpiciae 
Satyrarum nova editio diligenter recognita. 
[Edited by E. A. Philippe.] 

12mo. Barhou. Paris, 1776 

Satirae : ad codices Parisinos recensitae, com- 

mentario illustratae a N. L. ACHAINTRE ; acce- 
dunt C. Lucilii satirarum fragmenta, necnon 
Sulpiciae Caleni uxoris satira. 

8vo. Paris, 1812 

— Satires. Translated with notes by W. Drum- 
MOND. [Latin and English.] 

8vo. London, 1799 

— Another edition. [Translated by R. Skinner. 
Latin and French.] 

8vo. Benic, 1765 

— Satires, traduction nouvelle avec le texte latin 
i c6t^ et des notes par Le Monnier. 

8vo. Paris, 1771 

— Persio tradotto in verso sciolto e dichiarato da 

F. Stelluti. [Latin and Italian.] 

•tto. Eo7ne, l630 

PERSONA, Christophorus de. 

See Bible, Latin. N. T., Epistles. 
„ John Chrysostom. Sermones xxv. [Pmie, 

1472] ctr. 
„ Origan. Contra Celsum libb. viii. Home, 

PERSONAL narrative of adventures in the Penin- 
sula during the war in 1812-13. By an officer 
late in the Staff corps regiment of cavalry. 

8vo. London, 1827 

PERSUASIVE (A) address to the people of Great 
Britain at large, but more particularly recom- 
mended to the attention of the partizans of 
democracy, and the members of corresponding 
societies. By a lady. 

8vo. London, 1795 

to consideration. See Collier, J. 

PERSUASIVE (A) to impartiality and candor in 
judging of the present administration, particu- 
larly with regard to our late difficulties and 
transactions abroad. 

8vo. London, 1731 

A perswasive to moderation to Church 

Dissenters, in prudence and conscience : humbly 
submitted to the king and his great council. 
[By William Penn.] 

4to. [London t l686] 

PERTH, James Drummond, earl of. Letters to his 
sister the Countess of ErroU, and other members 
of his family. Edited by W. Jerdan. [Camden 
Society, xxxiii.] 

4to. London, 1845 

PERTH, Lady Margaret Drummond, titular duchess 
For Life, see Female rebels. London, 1747. 

d'arcbitecture rurale. 

4to. Paris, 1810 

PERTZ, Georg Heinrich. 

See Monumenta Qermaniae historica. Hanover 
and Berlin, 1826, ek. 

Autobiography and letters. Translated and 

edited by Leonora Pertz. 

8vo. [London] N.D. 

PERUSCUS, Camillus. 

See Scriptores physionomoniae veteres. Alttn- 
burg, 1780. 


See Petronius Arbiter, T. Satyricon. Amster- 
dam, 1669-71. 

Ex editione P. PiTHOEi, cum notis. Ausonii 

Cupido cruci adfixus, cum notis. 

8vo. The Hague, 1712 

PESCARA, Vittoria Colonna, marchesa di. Pianto 
sopra la passione di Christo ; oratione della 
medesima sopra I'Ave Maria ; oratione fatta il 
Venerdi santo, sopra la passione di Christo. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1556 

Another edition. 

8vo. Ant. Manutius. Bologna, 1557 

Another edition. 

8vo. Aldus. Vmice, 156l 



PESCETTI, Orlando. Proverbi Italiani raccolti, e 
ridotti sotto a certi capi. Proverbi Italiani e 
Latini, raccolti per uso de' fanciulli. 

2 vols, in 1. 12mo. Venice, l622 

PESHALL, Sir John, Bart. 

See History of the university of Oxford. Oxford, 
„ Wood, A. k. Antient and present state of 
Oxford. London, 1773. 

PESSELIER, Charles ifctienne. 

See Pagan, C. B. Theatre. Paris, 1760. 


8vo. Paris, 1772 

PESTEL, Friedrich Wilhelm. Commentarii de re- 
publica Batava. 

2 vols, in 3. 8vo. Leyden, 1795 

PETAU, Denis. 

See Epiphanius. Opera omnia. Paris, l622. 
,, Julianus, F. C. Opera. Paris, iQSO, etc. 
„ Nicephorus, Saint. Breviarium historicum. 
Paris, l64S. 

Opera poetica. Graeca varii generis carmina, 

cum Latina interpretatione. 

2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. Paris, 1641-42 

YtUow morocco, with the arms of Louia xiii. 

Opus de doctrina temporum. 

3 vols, in 1. fol. Antwerp, 1703 

De theologicis dogmatibus. 

5 vols. fol. Paris, 1644-50 

Rationarium temporum in quo aetatum omnium 

sacra profanaque historia chronologicis proba- 
tionibus munita summatim traditur et ad hoc 
usque tempus continuatur. 

3 parts in 2 vols. 8vo. Leyden, 1724 

PETER, Bishop of Alexandria. 

&e Methodius. Writings. Edinhirgh, IS69. 

PETER I., Emperor of Kussia. 

Si^e Memoir of the life of Peter the Great. 
London, 1832. 

PETER III., Emperor of Russia. 

For Life, see Saldem, De. Histoire de la vie. 

Melz, 1802. 
See Histoire de Pierre III. Paris, 1799. 

PETER I., King of Castile. 

See Histoire de Pierre le cruel. Paris, 1790. 

PETER, Saint. 

See Birks, H. A. Studies in the life and character 
of St. Peter. London, 1887. 

Das Evangelium und die Apokalypse des 

Petrus, die neuentdeckten Bruchstiicke nach einer 
Photographic der Handschrift zu Gizeh in Licht- 
druck herausgegeben von 0. vON Gebhardt. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1893 

PETER LEOPOLD, Grand Duke of Tuscany. Edict 
of the Grand Duke of Tuscany for the reform of 
Criminal Law in his dominions. Translated from 
the Italian : together with the original. [Edited 
by J. Howard.] [English and Italian.] 

8vo. IFarrington, 1789 

PETER, John. A treatise of Lewisham (but vulgarly 
called Dulwich) wells in Kent. 

12mo. London, I68I 

PETERBOROUGH, Charles Henry Mordaunt, earl 
of. Trial with the whole of the evidence, etc., 
at the last assizes at Hereford, Edward Foley, 
plaintiff, Charles Henry earl of Peterborough 
and jNlonmouth, defendant, for criminal conversa- 
tion with lady Ann Foley. 

4to. Lmulon, 1785 

PETERBOROUGH, Charles Mordaunt, earl of. 
See Freind, J. An account of the earl of Peter- 
borow's conduct. London, 1707. 
„ Remarks on a pamphlet entituled The 
thoughts of a member, etc. Loiulon, 1719. 

PETERBOROUGH, Henry Mordaunt, earl of. 
See Halstead, R., pseud. 

PETERS, Charles. Two sermons preached at 
Dominica on the 11th and 13th of April 1800: 
to which is added an appendix containing minutes 
of three trials at Roseau, with remarks on the 

8vo. London, 1802 

PETERS, Edward. 

iS'fv; Pfleiderer, 0. Paulinism. Loiuion, 1877. 

PETERS, Frank Hesketh. 

See Aristotle. The Xicomachean Ethics. London, 

PETERS, Hugh. 

See Historical and critical account of H. P. 

Lo'iuluii, 17."'1. 




See Clement I. Homilies. 

Edinburgh, 1870. 

PETEESON, Robert. 

See Botero, O. A treatise concerning the mag- 
nificencie, etc. London, 1606. 

PETHE, Franz. Ungarische Grammatik, nach den 
Grundsiitzen von J0H.A.NN Farkas ganz umgear- 


8vo. Fienm, 1798 


See Brief discourse of the troubles. London, 
„ Puritan discipline tracts. London, 1842-47. 

P^TIS DE LA CROIX, Francois, the elder. His- 
toire du grand Genchizcan, premier empereur 
des Mogols. 

12mo. Parts, 1711 

P6TIS DE LA CROIX, Frangois, the younger. 
See Cherefeddin Ali. Histoire de Timur-Bec. 
Paris, 1722. 
„ Mille et un jour. Paris, 1710-29. 

PETIT (Le) Neptune fran(;ais ; or, French coasting 
pilot for the coast of Flanders, Channel, Bay of 
Biscay, and Mediterranean, to which is added 
the coast of Italy and Corsica. 

4to. London, 1793 

PETIT, Antoine Francois. Catalogue des livres 
d'Antoine-Frangois Petit, medecin : dont la vente 
sefera Dec. 1796. 

8vo. Paris, 1796 

PETIT, Ernest. 

See Itin6raires de Philippe le Hardi. Paris, 

PETIT, Gulielmus, Neubrigensis. 
See William of Newbury. 

PETIT, Joseph. Marengo; or, the campaign of 
Italy, by the army of reserve, under the com- 
mand of the chief consul Bonaparte : from the 
French ; to which is added a notice of the life of 
general Desaix by C. Foudras. 

8vo. London, 1801 

PETIT, Joseph Adolphe. History of Mary Stuart, 
queen of Scots. Translated from the original 
and unpublished lis. by Charles de Flandre. 
2 vols. 4to. London, 187-i 


See F6toq, F. Voyage de decouvertes aux terres 
Australes. Paris, 1807-1.5. 


PETIT, Pierre. De Amazonibus dissertatio. 

12mo. Amsterdam, 1687 

De natura et moribus anthropophagorum dis- 

8vo. Utrecht, I688 

Homeri nepenthes sive de Helenae medica- 

mento luctum abolente dissertatio. 

8vo. Utrecht, 1689 

See Bachaumont, L. P. de. 

PETIT DU NOYER, Anne Marguerite. 
See Du Noyer, A. M. P. 

PETITE bibliothequo des theatres. 
See ThdS,tre Francais. 

PETITION and demand of right. See S. (E.) 

— (The) and remonstrance of the governour and 
company of merchants of London trading to the 
East-Indies exhibited to the lords and commons 
in parliament assembled. 

4to. London, 1641 

— (A) for peace : with the reformation of the 
liturgy, As it was presented to the right reverend 
bishops by the divines appointed by his majesties 
commission to treat with them about the altera- 
tion of it. [By EiCHARD Baxter.] 

4to. London, 166I 

Another edition. 

4to. London, 166I 

— humbly presented to his highnesse the Lord 
Protector, and to the high-court of Parliament, 
by divers ministers for the establishment of them- 
selves and others their brethren in the places to 
which they were admitted to officiate without 
institution from the bishops. 

4to. London, l654 

(The) of divers eminent citizens of London, 

presented to the Lord jMayor and Court of 
Aldermen the 28th of April 168I. 

single sheet, fol. London, I68I 

of the officers and souldiers in the army, under 

the command of Sir Thomas Fairfax, with the 
severall votes of the councell of war at SatTron- 
Walden, concerning the armies going into Ireland : 
together with a letter from his excellency to the 
House of Commons, concerning the said petition. 

4to. London, l647 



PETITIONS from the old and new subjects, 
inhabitants of the province of Quebec, to the 
lords spiritual and temporal. 

8vo. London, 1791 

PETITOT, Alexandre. 

See Collection des m^moires relatifs k Thistoire 
de France. ParU, 1820-29. 

PETITOT, Claude Bernard. 

See Collection complete des m^moires. 
„ Collection des m^moires. 
„ La Harpe, J. F. de. (Euvres choisies. 

ParU, 1806. 
„ Lancelot, C, and Amauld, A. Grammaire 
g^nerale. Paris, 1803. 

PETITOT, Ennemond Alexandre. 

See Descrizione delle feste celebrate in Parma 
1769. Parma [1769]. 

PETIT-EADEL, Louis Charles Frangois. Recher- 
ches sur les biblioth^ques, jusqu'i la fondation 
de la bibliotheque Mazarine. [ With an appendix 
on the public libraries of France.] 

8vo. Paris, 1819 

PETIT-EADEL, Philippe. Voyage historique, choro- 
graphique et philosophique dans les principales 
villes de ritalie, 1811-12. 

3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1815 

PETITUS, Samuel. Eclogae chronologicae, in quibus 
de variis annorum Judaeorum, Samaritarum, 
Graecorum, etc., typis, cyclisque veterum Chris- 
tianorum Paschalibus disputatur. 

■Ito. Paris, 1632 

Miscellaneorum libri ix., in quibus varia 

veterum scriptorum loca, quae philologiam, his- 
toriam, philosophiam, chronologiam spectant, 
emendantur, illustrantur, explicantur. 

4to. Paris, 1630 

Observationum libri iii., in quibus varia 

veterum scriptorum loca quae ad philologiam, 
jurisprudentiam et utriusque ecclesiae Judaicae 
atque Christianae historiam pertinent, illus- 

4to. Paris, 1642 

Variarum lectionum libri iv., in quibus 

ecclesiae utriusque foederis ritus moresque anti- 
qui, sacri item ejusdem atque ecclesiastici scrip- 
tores illustrantur, explicantur, emendantur. 

4to. Paris, 1633 

PETEARCA, Francesco. 

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„ Eobert, King of Naples. II trattado delle 

virtu' morali, etc. Turin, 1750. 
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canzoniere del Petrarca. 
Trieste, 1826, etc. 
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Opera. [The Latin works only.] 

fol. /. Amerbach. Basle, 1496 

Opera omnia. 

4 vols, in 1. fol. Sebast. Henric. Petri. 

Basle, 1581 

Calf, with amis on the sirles. 

Sonetti e Trionfi [Canzoniere]. 

4to. Vindelin de Spira. [Venice] 1470 

Another edition. 

4to. [G. Laver.] Rome, 1471 

Another edition. 

fol. B. de Valdezoccho and ML de Septem 
Arhorihus. Padua, 1472 

Another edition. 

fol. A. Zarotus. [Milan] 1473 

Another edition. 

fol. [N. Jenson.] Venice, 1473 

Another edition. 

8vo. [1474] 



PETRARCA, Francesco. Sonetti e Trionfi. 

PETRARCA, Francesco. .Sonetti e Trionfi. Con 

fol. L. Achates. [Vkenza] HI I- 

I'espositione d'Alessandro Vellutello. 

8vo. B. de Vidali. Venice, 1532 

Another edition. 

In the original gilt binding. 

fol. Ar. de Biuxella. Naples, 1477 

Another edition. [Edited by P. Manutius.] 

Another edition. Col commento di Antonio 

da Tempo. 

4to and 8vo. [^fonuiso d'Alemndrw. 
Venice] Mil 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 153S 

Printed on vellum. 

Another edition. Con le' osservationi di 

Messer Francesco Alunno. 

8vo. F. Marcolini. Venice, 1539 

Another edition. Col commento di Fr. Filelfo 

e di Bernardo Glicino. 

Another edition. Con I'espositione d'Ales- 

fol. T. de Reynshurch and li. de Nvvimugio. 

sandro Vellutello, e le figure. 

Venice, 1478 

4to. G. GioUto. Venice, 1545 

Another edition. 

Yellow morocco, with the arms of the Comte d'Hoym. 

[Venice, 1480] 

Another edition. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1546 

Another edition. Col commento di Fr. Filelfo. 

fol. Leonardus Wild de Katisboiui. 

Another edition. Correto da ^1. Lodovico 

Venice, 1481 


12mo. G. Giolito. Venice, 1547 

Another edition. Col commento di Fr. Filelfo. 

Another edition. 

fol. P. di Pasquali and D. Bertocho. 

l6mo. G. di Tournes. Lyons, 1547 

Venice, 148(). 

Another editiou^ 

Another edition. Con la spositione di Ber- 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1501 

nardino Daniello da Lucca. 

Printed on vellum. 

4to. P. and G. Fratelli di Nicolini da Sahio. 

Venice, 1549 

Another edition. 

8vo. [Lyons, 1501] 

Another edition. Con I'espositione d'Ales- 

Another edition. 

sandro Vellutello. 

8vo. Venice, 1550 

8vo. H. Smcino. Fano, 1503 

Another edition. Insieme alcune belle anno- 

Another edition. 

tazioni tratte dalle prose di Monsignor Bembo. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1514 

12mo. Lyons, 1558 

Another edition. 

Another edition. Insieme con alcune belle 

8vo. Aldxis. Venice, 1514 

annotationi, tratte dalle prose di Monsignor 

Printed ou vellum. 

Bembo, etc. 

2 vols, in 1. l6mo. D. Nicolini. 

Another edition. 

Venice, 1572-73 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1521 

Another edition. 

8vo. [Venice, 1522] 

l»riDtcd oa vellum. 

Another edition. Con I'espositione di M. G. 

A. Gesualdo. 

4to. A. Griffio. Venice, 1581-82 

In the original richly gilt morocco binding. 

Another edition. Con la expositione di Ales- 

Another edition. Brevemente sposte per 

sandro Vellutello da Lucca. 

Lodovico Castelvetro. 

4to. G. and F. de Sahio. Venice, 1 .i25 

4to. Basle, 1582 



PBTR^RCA, Francesco. Sonetti e Trionfi. 

24mo. Venice, 1651 

Another edition. Brevemente esposte per 

LODOVICO Castelvetro. [With lives of Petrarch 
and Castelvetro : edited by C. Zapata DE 


2 vols. 4to. Venice, 1756 

■ Another edition. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1768 

Another edition. [Parnaso Italiano, torn, i., ii.] 
2 vols. 8vo. Venice, 1784 

Rime. [Edited by G. J. DiONiSi.] 

2 vols. fol. Bodoni. Panna, 1799 

Another edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. Bodoni. Parma, 1799 

Another edition. Tratte da' migliori esemplari 

con illustrazioni inedite di Lodovico Becca- 
delli. [Edited by the Abbe Morelli.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Verona, 1799 

Another edition. [Edited by T. J. Mathias.] 
12mo. London, 1801 

Another edition. Con note da F. Soave. 

2 vols. 8vo. Milan, 1805 

Another edition. Emendate da G. B. Boschini. 
2 vols. 24mo. London, 1809-10 

— Another edition. [Edited by Antoine Mar- 


2 vols. fol. Padua, 1819-20 

— Another edition. Col comento di G. Biagioli. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1821 

— Another edition. 

.12mo. Pirkering. London, 1822 

Printed on vellum. 

— II Petrarcha spirituale. (Sonetti et Canzo ni 
di F. P. divenuto theologo et spirituale per 
studio di fratre H. Maripetro.) 

8vo. Venice, 1545 

— Trionfi e commento di Fr. Filelfo sopra il 

4to. A. Portilia. Parma, 1473 

PETRAECA, Francesco. The Triuniphes of Pet- 
rarch. Translated by Henry Parker, Lord 
Morley, 1654. [Edited by J. E. T. Loveday.] 
[Roxburghe Club, cxvii.] 

4to. London, 1887 

Bucolicum carmen. 

fol. Am. Ther Hoernen. Cologne, 1473 

Another edition. Cum commento Benevenuti 

Imolensis viri clarissimi. 

fol. Venice, 1496 

De remediis utriusque fortunae. 

4to. A. Ther Hoernen. Cologne, 1471 

Another edition. 

4to. [H. Eggesteyn. Strasburg, 1475] 

— Historia Julii Caesaris, cum interpretatione 
Italica, contulit C. E. C. Schneider. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1827 

— Libro degli uomini famosi. [Translated from 
the Latin by Donato degli Albanzani.] 

fol. Felix and Innocens Ziletus. Verona, 1476 

— Do vita solitaria libri duo. 

fol. \_R., printer. Strasburg, \ 470] 

— Epistolarum familiarium libri xiv., variarum 
liber, sine titulo liber, ad quosdam ex veteribus 
illustriores liber, ex vetusto codice bibliothecae 
L Chalasii. 

8vo. Petrus Roverianus. [Geneva] l601 

Epistola de insigni obedientia et fide Griseldis. 
4to. [U. Zell. Cologne, 1470] 

Another edition. 

fol. /. Zeiner. Ulm, 1473 

Secretum de contemptu mundi. 

fol. [P., printer. Strasburg, 1470] 

— El Secreto, in prosa vulgare. [Translated by 
F. Orlandini.] 

4to. S. de Nicolo. Siena, 1517 

Another edition. 

8vo. Venice, 1520 

Psalmi poenitentiales. 

8vo. Sixtus Eeissinger. Naples, 1476 

Printed on vellum. 



PETRARCA, Francesco. Le vite de Pontefici et 
Iinperadori Roraani. [Supposititious.] 

fol. Apiul S. Jacohum de Ripoli. 
Florence, 1478 

PETRE, Edward. 

See Three letters. 1 . From a Jesuit, etc. {Lon- 

donl 1(J88.] 

PETRE, Robert Edward, 9tli baron. Letter to the 
right rev. Dr. Horsley, bishop of St. David's. 

8vo. Londan, 1790 

PETREIUS, Nicolaus. Cimbrorum et Gothorum 
origines, migi-ationes, bella, atque coloniae. 

8vo. Leipzig, l69J 

PETRIE, Henry. 

See Monumenta Historica Britannica. [London] 

PETRIE, William Matthew Flinders. Tanis, parts 
i. and ii., with chapters by A. S. Murray and 
F. Ll. Griffith. [Egypt Exploration Fund, 
ii., iv.] 

2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. London, 1885-88 


Elephantographia curiosa ; editio altera cum 

figuris cui accessit oratio panegyrica de elephantis 

necnon J. Lipsii epistola de eodem argumento. 

4to. Leipzig and Erfurt, 172." 

PETROBONUS, Hieronymus Alexandrinus. Ben- 

4to. [Plato de Benedidis. Bologna] 1494 

PETRONI, Riccardo. Sonetti centurie due. 

8vo. Venice, 1716 

PETRONI, Stefano Egidi6. 

See La Fontaine, J. de. Lo favole. London, 

Dante, Ariosto e Tasso ; epitome della lor vita 

ed analisi dei loro principali poomi. 

8vo. London, 1816 

— Gesta navali Britainiiche dal grande Alfredo 
sino a questi ultimi tempi, poema, con prefazione 
e note in Francese di Joseph Lavalli^e. 

2 vols, 4to. London, 181.5 

La Napol^onide. 

8vo. Paris, 1813 

PETRONIUS ARBITER, Titus, or Gains. 

See Dio Chrysostomus. Oratio de Ilii capti\'itate. 
Venice, 14<)y. 
,, Panegyric! veteres. [Milan] 1476. 

Satyricon, adjecta sunt veterum quorundam 

poetarum carmina non dissimilis argumenti, cum 
notis doctorum variorum. 

12mo. M. Paiissmi. Paris, 1587 

Editio nova. [Edited by J. A WoWER.] 

12mo. Paris, l601 

— Another edition. J. Bourdelotius emendavit 
et commentarium adjecit. 

12mo. Paris, I6l8 

Another edition. [Edited by J. A Wo\\t;r.] 

24mo. Amsterdam, 1626 

— Another edition. Ejusdemque fragmenta, 
illustrata J. BOURDELOTII notis et glossario. 

12mo. Lei/den, 1645 

— Another edition. Ejusdemque fragmenta, 
illustrata J. Bourdelotii notis et glossario, 
accurante R. Hermann IDE. 

12mo. Amsterdam, 1663 

— Another edition. Cum fragmento nuper 
Tragurii reperto : accedunt diversorum Lusus 
in Priapum, Pervigilium Veneris, Ausonii cento 
nuptialis, Cupido crucifixus, epistolae de Cleo- 
patra et alia nonnulla, omnia notis variorum 
illustrata, concinnante M. Hadrianide. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1669-71 

— Another edition. Cui accedunt diversorum 
poetarum lusus in Priapum, Errones Venerei, 
Pervigilium A'^eneris, etc. : cum notis Bourde- 
LOTii, etc. [Edited by H. Valesius.] 

12mo. Paris, 1677 

— Another edition. Cum notis Boscuii, Rkinesii, 


2 vols. 24mo. Amsterdam, 1700 

— Another edition. Cum integris doctorum 
virorum commentariis : curante P. Burmanno. 

4to. Utrecht, 1709 

Another edition. [Edited by P. BuRSiANNUS.] 

8vo. Leipnig, 1731 



PETRONIUS ARBITER, Titus, or Gaius. Satyricon. 
Cum notis [variorum], curante P. Burmanno. 

Editio altera. 

2 vols. -ito. Amsterdam, 174.3 

Another edition. Et fragments. [Edited by 


8vo. Berlin, 1785 

Another edition. Cum Petronianis frag- 

mentis et glossario. 

2 vols. ISmo. Paris, 1797 

— La satyre, traduite en Francois [by Francois 
NODOT. Latin and French.] 

2 vols. 12mo. Cologne, l6()4 

— Pofeme sur la guerre civile, avec deux epitres 
d'Ovide [Latin]. Le tout traduit en vers 
fran5ois, avec des conjectures [by J. Bouhier] 
sur le pofeme intitule, Pervigilium Veneris. 

4to. Amsterdam, 1737 

Satyricon. Traduction [by F. Nodot] entifere 

suivant le manuscrit trouve a Belgrade en l688 : 
avec remarques et la contre-critique de Petrone. 
[Latin and French.] 

2 vols. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1756 

PETRUS Blesensis. De amicitia Christiana. 

•ito. [Pr. of Hist. S. Albani. Cologne, 1475] 

Expositio super librum Job. 

4to. H. Bumgart. Cologne, 1500 

PETRUS de Comos, Abbas Aethiops. 
5ee Bible, Ethiopic. N. T. 1548. 

PETRUS de Rivo. Opus responsivum ad epistolam 
apologeticam M. Pauli de Middelburgo de anno, 
die, et feria dominice passionis. 

fol. Lud. de Bavescot. Lowcain, 1488 

PETRUS de Vicentia, Bishop of Cesena. Oratio 
pro capessenda oxpeditione contra infideles. 

4to. [^Besicken. Borne, 1490] 

PETRUS Sarnensis. 

See Collection des m^moires — Guizot [vol. xiv.]. 

Historia Albigensium et sacri belli in eos anno 

1209 suscepti, duce et principe Simone a Monte- 
forti : ex MSS. codicibus in lucem nunc primum 
edita [by N. Camusat]. 

8vo. Troyes, l6l5 

PETTER, George. 

See Bible, English. N. T., Mark. l66l. 

PETTIGREW, James Bell. Animal locomotion; 
or, walking, swimming, and flying, with a 
dissertation on aeronautics. Third edition. 
[International Scientific Series, vii.] 

8vo. London, 1883 

PETTIGREW, Thomas Joseph. 

See Hall, J. An historicall expostulation. [Percy 
„ Sussex, A. F., duke of. Bibliotheca Sus- 
sexiana. London, 1827-39. 

A history of Egyptian mummies, and an 

account of the worship and embalming of the 
sacred animals by the Egyptians. 

4to. London, 1834 

^Memoirs of the life and writings of John 

Coakley Lettsom, with a selection from his 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1817 

PETTINGAL, John. A dissertation upon the 
Tascia, or legend on the British coins of 
Cunobelin and others. 

4to. London, 1763 

The Latin inscription, on the copper table, 

discovered in the year 1732, near Heraclea, in 
Magna Graecia, more particularly considered 
and illustrated. 

4to. London, 1760 


See Marten, H. Familiar letters, etc. [Oxford] 

PETT — M, Monsieur. A letter from Monsieur 
Pett[ku]m to Monsieur B[u]ys : faithfully trans- 
lated from the French original. 

single sheet, fol. London, 1710 

PETTUS, Sir John. Fleta minor. The laws of art 
and nature in knowing, judging, assaying, fining, 
refining, and inlarging the bodies of confin'd 

fol. London, l683 

Fodinae regales ; or, the history, laws, and 

places of the chief mines and mineral works in 
England, Wales, and the English pale in Ireland 
as also of the mint and money. 

fol. London, 1670 

PETTY, Sir William. 

See Collection of the yearly bills of mortality 
London, 1759-[1819]. 



PETTY, Sir William. 

See Treatise of taxes and contributions. London, 

Several essays in political arithmetick. 

8vo. London, 1699 

— Political arithmetic. Reprinted in Arber's 
English Garner, vi. 

PETYT, William. Jus Parliamentarium ; or, the 
ancient power, jurisdiction, rights, and liberties 
of the most high court of Parliament revived 
and asserted. 

fol. London, 1739 

PEUCER, Caspar. 

See Melanchthon, P. Opera. Wittenberg, 1562- 
„ Vocabula rei numariae ponderum et men- 
surarum. Leipzig, 1559. 

PEUCHET, Jacques. Dictionnaire iiniversel de la 
geographic commer^ante. 

5 vols. 4to. Paris, 1799-1800 

PEYSSONNEL, Claude Charles de. 

See Sevin, F. Lettres sur Constantinople. Paris, 

Observations historiqnes et g^ographiques sur 

les peuples barbares qui ont habits les bords du 
Danube et du Pont-Euxin. Voyage k Magnesie, 
i Thyatire, k Sardes, etc.,contenant une relation 
de ce qu'il y a de plus curieux en monumens et 

4to. Paris, 1765 

— Situation politique de la France et ses rapports 
actuels avec toutes les puissances de I'Europe. 

2 vols. 8vo. NeufcMtel, 1789 

Traits sur le commerce de la Mer Noire. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 17 &7 

PEYTON, Edward. 

See Narrative of Capt. Peyton's proceedings. 

London [1750]. 

PEZ, Bemardus. Bibliotheca Benedictino-Mauriana, 
seu de ortu, vitis et scriptis patrum Benedictin- 
orum e congregatione S. Mauri in Francia 

FEZ, Hieronymus. 

See Scriptores rerum Austriacanim. Ltipzig, 

PEZEON, Paul Yves. 

See Antiquity des tems r^tablie. Paris, 1687. 

Antiquity de la nation et de la langue des 

Celtes, autrement appellez Gaulois. 

12mo. Paris, 1703 

— Defense de I'antiquite des tems, oil Ton 
sofitient la tradition des pires et des ^glises, 

contre celle du Talmud. 

4to. Paris, I691 

libri ii. 

8vo. Augsburg, 171 6 

Histoire ^vangeliqne confirmee par la judaique 

et la romaine. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, I696 

Red morocco, with the arms of Louis Antoine, 
Due de Noailles. 

PEZZANA, Angelo. 

See Aff6, I. Memorie degli scrittori e letterati 
Parmegiani. Parma, 1789-1833. 

Storia della citti di Parma, continuata 1346- 


2 vols. 4to. Parma, 1837-42 

PEZZI, Lorenzo. La vigna del Signore, nellaquale 
si dichiarano i santissimi sacramenti, et si des- 
crivono il paradiso, il limbo, il purgatorio et 

4to. G. Porro. Venice, 1589 

PFAFF, Christoph Matthaeus. 

See Irenaeus. Scripta anecdota. Leyden, 1743. 

PFAU, Theodor Philipp von. Histoire de la cam- 
pagne des Prussiens en Hollande en 1787 : 
traduite de TAUemand. 

4to. Berlin, 1790 

PFEFFEL, Gottlieb Conrad. 

See Sammlung der vorziiglichsten Werke. Vieima, 

PFEFFEL, Johann Andreas. 

Sec Scheuchzer, J. J. Kupfer-Bibel. Augsburg, 
etc., 1731-35. 

rich. Nouvel abrege chronologique de I'histoire 
et du droit public d'Allemagne. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1777 



PFEIFFER, August. Opera omnia quae extant 


2 vols, in 1. 4to. Utrecht, 1704 

Fasciculus dissertationum philologicarum in 

quibus agitur de Talmude Judeorum, eorundem 
in Christum at Christianos calumniis, nee non 

antiquis haeresibus, etc. 

4to. Wittenberg, l665 


See Germania. Stuttgart, etc., 1856-92. 

PFINZING, Melchior. Die geuerlicheiten und eins- 
teils der geschichten des loblichen streytparen 
und hochberiimbten helds und Eitters herr 

fol. Hans Schoenspurger. Nuremberg, 1517 

Printed on vellum. 

The adventures and a portion of the story of 

the praiseworthy, valiant and high-renowned 
hero and knight lord Tewrdannckh ; a reproduc- 
tion of the edition printed at Augsburg in 1519. 
Edited by W. H. Eylands, with an introduction 
by G. BULLEN. [Holbein Society, xv.] 

fol. London, 1884 

PFLEIDEREE, Otto. Lectures on the influence of 
the apostle Paul on the development of Chris- 
tianity. [Hibbert Lectures, 1885.] Second 

8vo. London, 1894 

Paulinism : a contribution to the history of 

primitive Christian theology. Translated by 
E. Peters. [Theological Translation Fund 
Library, xiii., xv.] 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1877 

Philosophy and development of religion. 

[Gifford Lectures, 1894.] 

2 vols. Svo. Edinburgh, I Sgi 

The philosophy of religion on the basis of its 

history. Translated by A. Stewart and A. 
Menzies. [Theological Translation Fund 
Library, xxxiv., xxxv., xxxvi., xxxvii.] 

4 vols. 8vo. London, 1 886-8S 

PFLUG, Julius, Bishop of Naumburg. De republica 
Germaniae, seu imperio constituendo. Oratio 
ad Germanos. 

4to. Heirs of J. Quentel. Cologne, 1562 

PFOCHENIUS, Sebastianus. 

See Dissertationum philologico - theologicarum. 

Leeuwarden, 1701. 


See Fahulae variorum auctorum. Frankfort, l660. 
,, Poetae Latini. Milan, 1731-65. 
„ Terentius, P. Comoediae. Cambridge, 1726. 

Fabularum Aesopiarum libri v., nunc primum 

in lucem editi. [By P. PiXHOU.] 

12mo. /. Odotius. Troyes, 1596 

Another edition. Emendati a C. Rittershusio. 

Accessere in easdem fabulas spicilegium G. 

ScHOPPii, etc. 

8vo. Plantin. Leyden, 1598 

Another edition. [Edited by N. RiGALTlUS.] 
4to. Pi. Stephanus. [Paris] l6l7 

— Another edition. Notis illustrati a J. Laur- 


Svo. Amsterdam, 1667 

— Another edition. Interpretatione et notis 
illustravit Petrus Danet in usum Delphini. 

4to. Paris, l675 

— Another edition. Notis illustravit D. HoOG- 


4to. Amsterdam, 1701 

Green morocco, with the arms of George, 4th duke of Marlborongh. 

— Another edition. Cum notis J. F. Gronovii, 
et N. DispONTiNii coUectaneis. 

12mo. Amsterdam, 1703 

— Another edition. Cum commentariis [vari- 
orum], curante P. Burjianno. 

8vo. Utrecht, 1718 

— Another edition. Et novarum fabularum 
appendix, cura et studio P. Burmanni. 

12mo. The Hague, 1719 

Another edition. Cum novo commentario P. 


4to. Leyden, 1727 

Another edition. Et Publii Syri sententiae. 

l6mo. Paris, 1729 

Printed on vellum. 

Another edition. 

12mo. Paris, 1729 



PHAEDEUS. Fabularum Aesopiarum libri v. Cum 
commcntariis [variorum], curante P. Burmanno. 

8vo. Lei/deii, 174.") 

Another edition. Edidit S. A. Philippe : 

Flavii Aviani fabulae, L. Annaei Senecae ac P. 
Sjri sententiae. 

tl parts in 1 vol. 12mo. Paris, 1748 

Another edition. 

12mo. London, 1750 

— Another edition. Publii Syri sententiae : 
Dionysii Catonis disticha de moribus, curante 


8vo. Berlin, 1753 

— Another edition. Ex recensione A. Clinin- 
GAMii : aeeedunt Publii Syri et aliorum veterum 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1757 

— Another edition. L. Annaei Senecae ac Publii 
Syri sententiae. 

Kimo. Orleans, 1773 

— Another edition. Ex recensione P. Burmanni. 

8vo. Glasgow, 1~S3 

— Another edition. Cum notis G. Brotier : 
accesserunt parallelae J. de La Fontaine fabulae. 

12mo. Park, 1783 

— Another edition. Ex recensione Petri Bur- 
UANNI cum notis. 

8vo. Venice, 1787 

— Another edition. Nova editio cui accesserunt 
Publii Syri et aliorum veterum sententiae. 

12mo. Paris, 1798 

— Another edition. Recognovit et commentarium 
adjecit J. G. S. Schwabe : aeeedunt Romuli 
fabularum Aesopiarum libri iv., notis illustrati. 

2 vols. 8vo. Brunsmck; 1806 

— Codex Perottinus Ms. regiae bibliothecae Nea- 
politanae duas et triginta Phaedri fabulas jam 
notas, totidem novas, sex et triginta Aviani vul- 
gatas etipsius Perotti carmina inedita continens: 
editus a Catalpo Jannellio, cum disserta- 

2 vols. 8vo. iVrt;)/''.?, 1809-11 

— Fabellae novae, duo et triginta ex codioe 
Perottino Regiae Bibliothecae Neapolitanae, 
juxta editionem C. Jannellii. [Edited by A. 
A. Renouard.] 

8vo. Paris, 1812 

Printed on vellum. 
VOL. 111. 

PHAEDRUS. Fabulae ex editione J. G. S. 
Schwabii. [Valpy's Delphin Classics.] 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1822 

Traduction en vers francjais des fables com- 
pletes et des trente-deux nouvelles fables, publii^es 
d'apres le manuscrit de Perotti, avec le teite en 
regard et des notes. 

8vo. Paris, 1813 

Le favolo tradotte in versi volgari da G. 

Grisostomo Trombelli. [Latin and Italian.] 

8vo. Fenice, 1781 

PHAEMON, p.seud. Cynosophion, seu de cura 
canum : Graece et Latine. Andrea Aurifabuo 
interprete. [Ascribed to Demetrius Pepa- 


8vo. /. Lufft. Wittenberg, 1545 

PHAER, Thomas. 

See Virgilius Marc, P. The seven first bookes 
of the Eneidos. London, 1558, etc. 


See Bentley, E. A dissertation. London, 1699 
and 1777. 
,, Epistolae graecae. Venice, 1499. 

— Epistolae graecae. Epistolae Apollonii Tyanei 
et Marci Junii Bruti. Edidit Bartholomaeus 


4to. [Venice] 1498 

— Phalaridis et Bruti Epistolae [Greek and 
Latin. The translation by T. Kirchmeyer.] 

8vo. H. Commelin. [Heidelberg] 1597 

Epistolae, ex MSS. recensuit, versione, annota- 

tionibus et vita insuperauthoris donavit C.Boyle. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. Oxford, 1695 

Epistolae, quas Latinas fecit, et interpositis C. 

Boyle notis, commentario illustravit J. D. A 
Lennep, praefationem praefixit L. C. Valc- 
KENAER. R. Bentleii Dis.sertatio de Phalaridis, 
Themistoclis, Socratis, Euripidis aliorumque 
epistolis et de fabulis Aesopi, necnon responsio 
qua dissertationem de epistolis Phalaridis vindicat 
a censura Cakoli Boyle : omnia in Latinum 
sermonem convertit J. D. A Lennep. [Greek 
and Latin.] 

2 vols. 4to. Groningcn, 1777 

Epistolae, F. Aretino interprete. 

8vo. [Ul. Hahn. Rome, 1470] 



PHALARIS. Epistolae. 

4to. Ul. Hahn. Rome [1470] 

Another edition. 

4to. Crantz, Gering and Frihirger. 
[Paris, 1471] 

• Another edition. 

8vo. G. Lisa de Flandrk. Treviso, 1471 

Another edition. 

4to. [Ul. Hahn. Rome, 1472] 

Another edition. 

4to. Th. Ferrandus. Brescia [1473] 

Another edition. 

4to. H. Aiding. Messana [1473] 

Another edition. 

8vo. Sixius Riessinger. [Naples, 1473] 

Another edition. 

4to. [Rome, 1474] 

Another edition. 

4to. /. de Reno, In Sando Ursio. 
Vicenza, 14 7. "5 

Another edition. 

4to. [Florence, 1478] 

— Another edition. 

4to. Antonius Venetus. Florence [1485] 

— Another edition. In latinum versa per Francis- 
CUM Aretinum. 

4to. Roode and Hunte. Oxford, 1485 

— Another edition. 

4to. [S. Planck. Rome, 1485] 

Epistles. Translated from the Greek. To 

which are added some select epistles of the most 
eminent Greek writers, by T. Francklin. 

8vo. London, 174,Q 

Le lettere tradotie da Bartolommeo Fonzio. 
4to. [Floi-encfi] 1471 

Another edition. 

4to. F. Bonacorsi and A. di Francesco. 
Flm-enct, 1488 

PriLte'l ':n vellum. 

PHAKETRA, auctoritates et dicta doctorum. 

fol. [./. Mentelin. Strashirg, 1474] 


See Fulgentius, F. P. Mythologiarum lib. tres. 
Bash [1530]. 

See Maurepas, J. F. P. de. 

PHERECRATES and EUPOLIS. Fragmenta, col- 
legit et adnotationem adjecit M. Eunkelius. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1829 

PHILADELPHIA Convention. Secret proceedings 
and ■ debates of the Convention assembled at 
Philadelphia in 1787, for the purpose of forming 
the constitution of the United States, from notes 
taken by the late PiOBErt Yates. 

8vo. Albany, 1821 


See Scott, John, D.D. An abstract of Dr. S.'s 
sermon. London, IdQS. 
„ View of the times. London, 1750. 

PHILALETHES, A.M. Oxon., pseud, i.e. Robert 
Fellowes. The history of Ceylon from the 
earliest period to the year 1815. To which is 
subjoined Knox's historical relation of the island. 

4to. Londm, 1817 

PHILALETHES Cantabrigiensis, pseud. i.e. 
Zachary Grey. The schismatics delineated 
from authentic vouchers. AVith a modest reply 
to Mr. Daniel Neale's exceptions to the Test 
Act. With an appendix. 

8vo. London, 1739 

PHILALETHES Polytopiensis, pseud, i.e. Ortensio 
Lando. Forcianae quaestiones in quibus varia 
Italorum ingenia explicantur. 

Svo. Martinns de Ragusia. Naples, \^S5 

PHILANAX, William, pseud. The secret history 
of the calves-head club ; or, the Republican un- 
masq'd. Fourth edition with additions, corrected. 
[Ascribed to Edward Ward or Benjamin 

4to. London, 1704 


&« Letter of advice. London, 17^2. 



PHILANTHROPIC Society. An appeal to tlio 
public, from the Philanthropic Society, instituted 
in 1788, for the promotion of industry, and the 
reform of the criminal poor ; with list of sub- 
scriptions to 31 March 1794. 

4to. [London, 1794] 

— List of members, January 1, 179-t; with 
accounts for 1793. 

4to. [Lmdcm, 1794] 

— The Philanthropic Society, instituted Septem- 

ber 1788, for the prevention of crimes, and for a 
reform among the poor ; report, with a list of 
the subscribers. 

4to. London [n»9] 

PHILANTHEOPXJS, pseud, i.e. John Locke. 
See Locke, J. 


See Medicae artis principes. [Paris] 156?. 

PHILELEUTHERUS Dubliniensis, pseud, i.r. 
Patrick Delany. Reflections upon polygamy ; 
and the encouragement given to that practice in 
the scriptures of the Old Testament. 

8vo. London, 1737 

PHILELEUTHERUS Lipsiensis, pseud, i.e. Richard 
Bentley. Emendationes in Menandri et Phile- 
monis reliquias, ex editione J. Clerici ubi multa 
Grotii et aliorum castigantur. [With a preface 


8vo. Utrecht, 1710 

Editio altera. Accedit epistola critica R. 

Bentleii de Johanne Malala. 

8vo. Citmhridge, 1713 

Remarks upon a late discourse of freethinking : 

in a letter to N. N. 

2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. London, 1737 

PHILELPHUS, Franciscus. 

Sec Die Chrysostomus. Oratio de Ilii captivi- 
tate. Venice, 1499. 
„ Petrarca, F. [Canzoniere.] Venice, 1478, etc. 
,, ,, Tiionfi. Parma, 1473. 

Epistolarum libri xvi. 

fol. [Venice, 1475] 

PHILELPHUS, Franciscus. Exercitatiunculae. 
[Latin and Italian.] 

4to. Ckr. Valdarfar. Milan, 1483 


Another edition. 

fol. P. Pinzius. Venire, 1492 

4to. Venice, 1480 

Satirarum opus. 

4to. Chr. Valdarfar. Milan, 1476 

PHILELUTHERUS Clericus, pseud. Remarks upon 
the queries of the Craftsman's correspondent in 
his paper dated Oct. 29, 1737, with particular 
answers to them. 

8vo. London, 1738 

PHILEMON to Hydaspes : relating a third conver- 
sation with Hortensius, upon the subject of false 
religion. [By Henry Coventry.] 

8vo. London, 1739 

to Hydaspes, relating a fifth conversation with 

Hortensius upon the subject of false religion, in 
which the origin and progress of the rite of 
.sacrifice is considered. [By H. Coventry.] 

8vo. London, 1744 

PHILEMON, the Grammarian. 

Sea ApoUonius Sophista. Lexicon graecum 
Iliadis et Odysseae. Paris, 1773. 

PHILEMON, the Poet. 

-Sf? Aristophanes. Theatre. Paris, 11 90- 
„ Menander, the poet. Reliquiae. Amsterdam, 

1709, etc. 

„ PMleleutherus Lipsiensis, pseud. Emenda- 
tiones in Menandri et Philemonis. Utrecht, 

1710, etc. 

PHILES, Manuel. Carmina Graeca omnia, excepto 
poemate de animalibus ; accedit ignoti poetae 
carmen in S. Theodorum : praomittitur disser- 
tatio de Philae vita, cura G. Weknsdorfii. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. Leipzig, 1768 

De animalium proprietate carmina iambica ab 

Arsenio edita. [Greek.] 

8vo. Venice, 1533 

Versus iambici de animalium proprietate cum 

auctario J. CAMER.4.RII, exposita nunc primum 
eodem metro versuum Latinorum a G. Bers- 
MANO. [Greek and Latin.] 

4to. .4. Schneider. Leipzig, 1575 

Another edition. [Greek and Latin.] Edidit 

J. C. de Pauw, cum notis. 

4to. Utrecht, 1730 



PHILIBERTUS [UgonettusJ, Cardinal, Bishop of 
See Lollius, A. Oratio in funere. {Ronu, 1484-.] 

PHILIDOR, Frangois Andrd Danican. Analyse du 

jeu des echecs. 

Svo. London, 1777 

Analysis of the game of chess. New edition. 
2 vols, in 1. Svo. London, 1790 

PHILIP de Thame. The Knights Hospitallers in 
England : being the report of Prior Philip de 
Thame to the Grand Master Elyan de Villanova 
for A.D. 1338. Edited by L. B. Lakking, with 
an historical introduction by J. M. Kemble. 
[Camden Society, Ixv.] 

4to. London, 1857 

PHILIP II., King of Macedon. 

For Life, see Leland, T. London, 1775. 
See Epistolae Graecae. Venice, 1499- 

PHILIP II., King of Spain. 

See Portrait de Philippe II. Amsterdam, 1785. 

PHILIP, James. Panurgi Philocaballi Scoti 
Grameidos libri sex : the Grameid ; an heroic 
poem descriptive of the campaign of Viscount 
Dundee in 1689. Edited, with translation, 
introduction, and notes, by A. D. Murdoch. 
[Scottish History Society, iii.] 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1888 

PHILIP, Robert. 

See Bunyan, J. Works. London, 1852-54. 


See Chitty, H. Visitation of Gloucester. [Har- 
leian Society.] 
„ Harvey, W. Visitations of Oxford. [Har- 
leian Society.] 

PHILIPOT, Thomas. 

See Southouse, T. Monasticon Favershamiense. 
London, 1671. 

— Villare Cantianum ; or, Kent surveyed and 
illustrated ; to which is added an historical 
catalogue of the high sheriffs of Kent. By John 


fol. London, 1659 

Second edition, corrected. 

fol. Lynn, 1776 

PHILIPPE de Reimes. 

See Remi, P. de, Sire de Beaumanoir. 

PHILIPPE, ttienne Andr6. 

See Horatius Flaccus, Q. [Works, Latin.] Paris, 
„ Juvenalis, D. J., and Persius Flaccus, A. 

Satyrae. Paris, 1746. 
„ Lucretius Carus, T. De rerum natura. 

Paris, 1744, etc. 
„ Nepos, C. De vita excellentium impera- 

torum. Paris, 1745. 
„ Persius Flaccus, A. Satyrarum nova editio. 

Paris, 1776. 
„ Phaedrus. Fabulae. Paris, 1748. 
,, Terentius, P. Comoediae. Paris, 1753. 

PHILIPPI, Friedrich Adolph. Commentary on St. 
Paul's epistle to the Eomans. Translated by 
J. S. Banks. [Clark's Foreign Theological 


2 vols. Svo. Edinburgh, 1878-79 


See Collection complete des m^moires [vol. 
„ Collection universelle des m^moires [vols, 

PHILIPPICK Oration. See Oratio Philippica. 

PHILIPPS, Fabian. Eegale necessarium : or, the 
legality, reason, and necessity of the rights and 
priviledges justly claimed by the king's servants 
and which ought to be allowed unto them. 

4to. London, 1671 

PHILIPPS, Jenkin Thomas. 
5«e Lex regia. London, 1731. 

PHILIPPSON, Johann, Sleidanus. See Sleidan, J. 

PHILIPPUS, Bartholomaeus. See Felippe, B. 

PHILIPS, Ambrose. 

See Johnson, S. Works of the English poets. 
London, 1790. 

PHILIPS, George. The necessity of a speedy and 
effectual reform in Parliament. 

Svo. Manchester [1792] 


See Blenheim. London, 1 705. 
„ Johnson, S. Works of the English poets. 
London, 1790. 

Cyder : a poem, in two books. [Anon.] 

Svo. London, 1708 



PHILIPS, Katherine. Poems : to which is added 
M. Corncille's Pompey and Horace, tragedies, 
with other translations out of French. 

fol. London, 1667 
PHILIPS, Robert. 

See Impeachment and articles of complaint 
against Father Philips. London, l6il. 

PHILIPS, Thomas, pseud, i.e. Sir William Drake. 
The long parliament revived ; or, an act for 
continuation and the not dissolving the long 
parliament but by an act, with undeniable 
reasons to prove that that parliament is not j'ct 

4to. London, I66I 


See Menander, the Poet. Sententiac. Paris, 

PHILLIMORE, Joseph. A letter addressed to a 
member of the House of Commons on the subject 
of the notice given by Mr. Brougham, for a 
motion respecting the orders in council and the 
licence trade. 

Svo. London, 1812 

Reflections on the nature and extent of the 

licence trade. 

Svo. London, 1812 

PHILLIMORE, Sir Robert Joseph, Bart. Memoirs 
and correspondence of George, Lord Lyttelton, 
from 1734 to 1773. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 18-iiJ 

PHILLIMORE, William Phillimore Watts. 

See Visitation of . . . Worcester. [Harleian 

Index to wills proved and administrations 

granted in the court of the Archdeacon of Berks, 
1508-1632. [Oxford Historical Society, xxiii. : 
issued in conjunction with the British Record 

Svo. 1 893 

PHILLIP, William. 

See Linschoten, J. H. van. Discours of voyages, 
etc. London, l.iOS. 
„ Veer, G. de. A true description of three 
voyages, etc. [Hakluyt Society.] 

PHILLIPPS, James Orchard Halliwell. 
See Halliwell-Phillipps, J. 0. 

PHILLIPPS, Sir Thomas, Bart. 

See Wilton, Abbey of. Registrum. London, 

PHILLIPS, Charles. Recollections of Curraii and 
some of his contemporaries. 

Svo. London, 1818 

PHILLIPS, Edward. 

See Baker, Sir R. Chronicle of the kings of 
England. London, 1730. 
„ Speed, J. Theatre of the empire of Great 
Britain. London, l676. 

The new world of words ; or, universal English 

dictionary. The sixth edition. 

fol. London, 1706 

Theatrum poetarum Anglicanorum : containing 

the names and characters of all the English 
poets from the reign of Henry ill. to that of 
Elizabeth. Enlarged by additions [by Sir S. E. 

Svo. Canterbury, 1800 

PHILLIPS, John, Nephew of Milton. 

See Character of a popish successour. London, 
,, Heath, J. Chronicle. Ljiidon, 1676. 
„ Montelion, pseud. 
,, Samuel l[or]d b[isho]p of Oxon his celebrated 

reasons, etc. London, 1688. 
„ Ta vernier, J. B. Six voyages. London, 

PHILLIPS, John, of Liverpool. 

See Compend of a bill. Liverpool, 1767. 

PHILLIPS, John, Surveyor. A general history of 
inland navigation, foreign and domestic, con- 
taining a complete account of the canals already 
executed in England, with considerations on 
those projected. 

4to. London, 179~ 

PHILLIPS, Richard. 

See Modem London. London, 1804. 

PHILLIPS, Sir Richard. 

See Original papers published at different times. 
Leicester, 1793. 

PHILLIPS, Teresia Constantia. Apology for the 
conduct of Mrs. T. C. Phillips. 

3 vols. Svo. London, 1748-4.0 

PHILLIPS, Thomas. The history and antiquities 
of Shrewsbury : with an appendix relative to 
castles, etc., in Shropshire. By T. Phillips [or 
rather the greater part the work of Mr. BoWEN, 
of Halston]. 

4to. Shreu-sburif, 1779 



PHILLIPS, William. A manual of the British 
Discomycetes, with descriptions of all the 
species of fungi hitherto found in Britain, 
included in the family, and illustrations of the 
genera. [International Scientific Series, Ixi.] 

8vo. London, 1887 

PHILLIS at court ; a comic opera of three acts. 
[An alteration of R. Lloyd's 'Capricious Lovers,' 
by Robert Lloyd.] 

8vo. London, 176? 

PHILLPOTTS, Henry, Bishop of Exeter. The 
Sacrament of Baptism considered, in reference 
to an e.xamination of the Rev. G. C. Gorham, 
and the Judgment of Sir H. J. Fust. 

8vo. London, 1849 

PHILO Byzantius. De septem orbis spectaculis, 
Leonis AUatii opera nunc primum Gr. et Lat., 
cum notis. 

8vo. Rome, l640 

PHILO Judaeus. 

See Aristotle. De mundo. Paris [1512], etc. 
„ Historia Antiqua. Heidelberg, 1598-.99. 
,, Josephus, F. Histoire des Juifs. Parin, 

In libros Mosis, de mundo opificio, historicos, 

de legibus : ejusdem libri singulares. [Greek.] 

fol. Paris, 1352 

Opera, quae reperiri potuerunt, omnia. Edidit 

Thomas Mangey. [Greek and Latin.] 

2 vols. fol. London, 1742 

Opuscula tria: 1. Quare quorundam in sacris 

literis mutata sint nomina; 2. De formatione 
Evae ; 3. Somniorum Josephi expositio. Graece 
nunc primum edita opera D. Hoeschelii. 

8vo. /. IFechd. Frankfort, 1587 

— De cophini festo et de colendis parentibus. 
[Greek and Latin.] Editore Angelo Maio. 

4to. Milan, 1818 

— De mundo. [Greek and Latin ; the translation 
by G. BUDAEUS.] [Part of an edition containing 
Aristotle de Mundo and Cleomedes.] 

8vo. ./. JFalder. Bade, 153.'; 

— Philonis Judaei Porphyrii Philosophi, Eusebii 
Pamphili, opera inedita. (Philonis Judaei de 
virtute eiusque partibus invenit et interpretatus 
est A. Maiua. Porphyrii Philosophi ad Mar- 
cellam, accedit eiusdem poeticnm fragmentum. 

De Philonis Judaei et Eusebii Pamphili scriptis 
ineditis dissertatio, scribente A. Maio.] 

8vo. Milan, 1816 

Another issue. 

fol. Milan, 1816 

PHILO Mechanicus. 

See Veterum mathematicorum. Paris, 1693. 

PHILO-AFRICANUS, pseud. Letter to Wm. 
Wilberforce, Esq. [on the slave trade]. 

Svo. London, 1790 

PHILO-ANGLICUS, pseud. Bread for the poor; 
or, observations upon certain proposals lately 
ofiered to the kings majesty and both houses of 
parliament, whereby all poor people may be 
comfortably employd. 

4to. London, 1678 

PHILOBASILEUS, Theophilus, pseud, i.e. Thomas 
Pierce. A prophylactick from disloyalty in 
these perilous times : jn a letter to the lord 
bishop of Hereford. 

4to. London, 1688 


Miscellanies, vols, i.-xv. 1854-1884. 

Expedition to the isle of Rhe. By Lord 
Herbert of Gherbury. [I860.] 

Inventaires des meubles de Mazarin en 1 653. 

M(Smoires de la Cour d'Espagne, 1678-82. 

Delepierre. Analyse des travaux de la Societe. 

Bohn. Biography and bibliography of Shake- 
speare. 1863. 

Ancient ballads and broadsides. 1867. 

21 vols. 4to. London, 1854-84 

PHILOCARDIUS, M., pseud, i.e. G. Lagomarsini. 
See Sectanus, L., pseud. Ad Gaium Salmorium 

sermo. Corfo«.«[l738]. 

,, „ De tota Graeculorum, 

etc. [The Hague] 1738. 

PHILOOHRISTUS : memoirs of a disciple of the 
Lord. [By E. A. Abbott.] Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1878 

PHILOLOQISOHE Wochenschrift, herausgegeben 
von W. HiRbCHFELDER [and others]. 

In progress. 4to. Berlin, 1882, etc. 



PHILOLOGUS. Zeitschrift fiir das klassische Alter- 
thuni, herausgegeben von F. W. Schneidewin 
[and others]. 

In progress. 8vo. Stolherg, Goettingen, and 
Leipzig, 1846, etc. 

Mii-sae juveniles. 

8vo. Cologne, 16"45 

PHILOPATEK, Andreas, pseud, i.e. Robert 
Parsons. Elizabethae Reginre saevissimum in 
Catholicos edictum ; cum responsione ad singula 
capita per D. Andream Philopatrum. 

4to. Rmne, 1593 

PHILOPATROS, Theophilus, pseud, i.e. Edward 
Paxton. Englands compleat law-judge, and 

4to. [London, l(i56] 

PHILOPATETJS, Theophilus, pseud, i.e. Thomas 
Paget. A religious scrutiny concerning unequal 
marriage, to be represented to the general 
assembly of the kirk of Scotland : with an 
appendix humbly tendred to the parliament of 
England, in reference to the late transactions of 

4to. London, 1649 

PHILOSOPHIA S. Scripturje interpres, exercitatio 
paradoxa. [By L. Meyer.] 

4to. Eleutheropoli [Amstei-dam] 1666 

PHILOSOPHICAL (The) and literary register. 
Vol. i. Edited by J. W. Page, David Grant, 

4to. London, 1792 

PHILOSOPHICAL (A) dissertation upon death : 
composed for the consolation of the unhappy by 
a friend to truth. [By Albert, Count dk 
Passeran. Edited by John Morgan.] 

8vo. Londm, 1732 

enquiry into the origin of our ideas of the 

sublime and beautiful. [By Edmund Burke.] 
Sixth edition. 

Svo. London, 1770 

— classics for English readers. Edited by 
W. Knight. 

15 vols. Svo. Edinburgh, \&%\-9\ 

1. Descartes. By J. P. Mahaffy. 

2. Butler. By W. LucAS Collins. 

3. Berkeley. By A. C. Eraser. 

4. Fichte. By R. Adamson. 

5. Kant. By W. Wallace. 

6. Hamilton. By J. Veitch. 

7. Hegel. By E. Caird. 

8. Leibnitz. By J. T. Merz. 

9. Vico. By R. Flint. 

10. Hobbes. By G. C. Robertson. 

11. Hume. By W. Knight. 

12. Spinoza. By J. Caird. 

13. 14. Bacon. By J. NiCHOL. 
15. Locke. By A. C. Fraser. 

sketches of the principles of society and 


Svo. London, 1795 

Transactions for the months of May, June, 

July, and August 17S0. [Numb. 414.] 

4to. [London, 1730] 


See Eusebius. Historiae ecclesiasticae. Cam- 
hridge, 1720. 


See Aesop. Fabellae. Basle, 1524. 
„ Epistolae Graecae. Venice, 1499. 
,, Lucian. Opera. Venice, 1503, etc. 

Opera quae exstant : Philostrati junioris 

imagines et Callistrati Ecphrases item Eusebii 
Caesariensis episcopi liber contra Hicroclem. 
Edidit F. Morellus. [Greek and Latin.] 

fol. Paris, l60S 

Philostratorum quiB supersunt omnia, accessere 

ApoUonii Tyanensis epistolt?, Eusebii liber ad- 
vensus Hieroclem ; Callistrati descriptiones statu- 
arum. Omnia recensuit G. Olearius. [Greek 
and Latin.] 

fol. Leipzig, 1709 

Imagines, heroica, vitae sophistarum : imagines 

junioris Philostrati ; descriptiones Callistrati. 

Svo. L. A. Junta. Venict, 1535 

De vita Apollonii Tyanei libri viii. [Greek 

and Latin.] Eusebius contra Hieroclem. [Greek 
and Latin.] 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1502 

— — De vita Apollonii Tyanei scriptor luculentus a 
Philippo Beroaldo castigatus. 

Svo. [G. Huyon. Lyons, 1504] 

Printed on vcUum. 



PHILOSTRATUS. The two first books, concerning 
the life of Apollonius Tyaneus, written origin- 
ally in Greek and now published in English, 
together with philological notes upon each chap- 
ter. By C. Blount. 

fol. London, 1680 

Vie d'Apollonius de Tyane, avec les commen- 

taires donnes en Anglois par C. Blount sur les 
deux premiers livres de cat ouvrage. 

\ vols. 12mo. Berlin, 1774 

Heroica, Gr. et Lat., recensnit scholia Graeca 

notasque suas addidit J. F. Boissonade. 

Svo. Paris, 1806 

Les images on tableaux de platte peinture des 

deux Philostrates, sophistes grecs, et les statues 
de Callistrate, mis en Franoois par Blaise de 
ViGENEKE, revueus et corrigez, et representez 
en taille douce avec epigrammes par Artus 
Thomas sieur d'Embry. 

fol. Pwris, 1629 

PHILOTUS, a comedy : reprinted from the edition 
of Eobert Charteris (l603). [Bannatyne Club.] 

4to. Edinburgh, 1835 

PHILO-VERITAS, pseud, i.e. Robert Ferguson. 
See Account of the growth of popery. Amster- 
dam, etc., 1677-82. 

PHILOXENUS, the Grammarian. 

See Labb6, C. Glossaria Latino Graeca. Pariit, 

PHILPOT, Charles. 

See Introduction to the literary history. London, 



See Examination. Examinacion of the constaunt 
martir. [^London, 1559] 

The examination and writings of J. P. Edited 

by R. Eden. [Parker Society, v.] 

Svo. Cambridge, 1842 

Jesus is God with us. An apologie written 

for spitting upon an Arrian, with an invective 
against the Arrians, etc. 

l6mo. [London, 1559] 

PHIPPEN, Francis. An authentic account of the 
late Mr. Whitbread, consisting of facts and 
anecdotes relating to his latter days and death, 
developing the causes which led to that deplor- 
able event. 

Svo. London, 1815 

PHIPPS, Constantine Jolin, 2nd Baron Mulgrave. 
See Journal of a voyage. London., 1774. 

A voyage towards the North Pole in 1773. 

4to. London, 1774 

PHIPPS, Ramsay Weston. 

See Campan, J. L. H. The private life of Marie 
Antoinette. London, 1883. 

PHLEGON Trallianus. 

See Historiarum mirabilium auctores Graeci. 
Leyden, 1622. 

Quae exstant opnscula, J. Meursius recensnit 

et notas addidit. [Greek and Latin.] 

4to. 7. Elzevir. Leyden, 1620 

Opuscula, Graece et Latine, e recensione J. 

Meursii, accesserunt ejusdem et G. Xylandri 
animadversiones et J. Meibomii de longaevis 
epistola. Edidit J. G. F. Franzius. 

Svo. Halle, 1775 

PHLEGON'S testimony shewn to relate to the dark- 
ness which happened at our Saviour's passion. 
[Being a reply to A. A. Sykes's dissertation on 
the same subject, and his defence of the dis- 
sertation. By Douglass.] 

Svo. London, 1733 

PHOCAS Grammaticus. 

See Diomedes. De arte grammatica. [Venice, 

PHOCAS, Joannes. The pilgrimage of Joannes 
Phocas in the Holy Land (in 1185 a.d.). Trans- 
lated by A. Stewart. [Palestine Pilgrims' Text 

Svo. London, 1889 


See Collection des moralistes anciens. Paris, 

,, De Uteris Graecis. Hagenau, 1519. 
,, Hesiod. Opera et dies. [Greek and Latin.] 

Strasburg [c. 1520]. 
,, Lascaris, C. Erotemata. Venice, 1494-95. 
,, Manutius, A. P. Rudimenta grammatices 

Latinae linguae. Venice, 1501. 
,, Moralia quaedam instituta. Augsburg, 1523. 
„ Poetae Graeci. [/'(dk^] 1566. 
,, Poetae Graeci minores. Paris, 1627, etc. 
„ Pythagoras. Carmina. Leipzig, 1622, etc. 
„ Theocritus. Eclogae triginta. Venice, 1495. 
„ Theognis. Poomata gnomica. Heidelberg, 

1597, We. 
„ „ Sententiae. Florence, 1766. 



PHOENIX. The Phenix ; or, a revival of scarce 
and valuable pieces from the remotest antiquity 
down to the present. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1707-8 

A Phenix ; or, the solemn league and covenant 

of the three kingdoms of Scotland, England, and 
Ireland : for reformation and defence of religion, 
sworn to in the three kingdoms, etc. 

-Ito. [Edinburgh] 1707 

PHOENIX, Petrus. 

See Terentianus Maurus. De literis, etc., 
Horatii. Faris, 1510. 

PHOTIUS, Patriarch of Constantinople. 

&f' Anecdota Graeca. Hamburg, 1722-24. 
„ Die Chrysostomus. Orationes Ix.xx. Paris, 

,, Zonaras, J. Lexicon. Lcipdg, 1808. 

Myriobiblon sive bibliotheca librorum quos 

legit et censuit : Graece edidit D. Hoeschelius : 
Latiue reddidit et scholiis auxit A. Schottus. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

fol. Rouen, l(5.');i 

Epistolae, per R. Montacutium, Norvicensem 

episcopura, Latine redditae et notis illustratae. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

fol. London, l6,')l 

A«^e(u;' frwaywyi] : e codice Galeano descripsit 


2 vols, in 1. 8vo. London, 1822 

Nomocanon, cum commentariis T. Balsamonis. 

C. JUSTELLUS nunc primum graec6 edidit. 
Accessere ejusdem Photii, Nili Metropolitae 
Rhodi et anonymi tractatus de Synodis Oecu- 
menicis. [Greek and Latin.] 

4to. Paris, l6lo 

Olive morocco, with the arms and cypher of De Thou. 

PHRANTZES, Georgios. 

See Genesius, J. Historia Byzantina. Venice, 


See Dictionary, Greek. Venice, 1524. 
,, Thomas Magister. Dictionum Atticarum 
coUectio. Paris, 1532. 

'ExAoyiy 'Attikwi' pi^fiaTOiv, koX ovo/tdrwr, i]t<s 

oi'k ivvoniov \(opi5, oiAAa Kara tov opov Irxmltd^]. 
8vo. Zach. Calliergus. Rome, 1517 


PHRYNICHUS. The new Phrynichus, being a 
revised text of the Ecloga by W. G. Ruther- 

8vo. London, 1881 

F^pitomae dictionum Atticarum libri iii., sive 

ecloga, cum notis P. J. Nunnesii et D. HoES- 
CHELii. [Greek and Latin.] 

4 to. Augsburg, l601 

Another edition. Curante J. C. de Pauw. 

[Greek and Latin.] 

4to. Utrecht, 1739 

PHYSICAL Society. Proceedings. 

In, progress. 8vo. London, 1876, etc. 

Physical memoirs, selected and translated from 

foreign sources. 

1 vol. London, 1888-90 

PHYSICUS, pseud. A candid examination of 

8vo. London, 1878 

PHYSIOLOGIE du goflt ou meditations de gastro- 
nomic transcendante. [By J. A. Brill.4T- 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1826 

PHYSIOPHILUS, Joannes, pseud, i.e. Ignaz VON 
Born. Specimen of the natural history of the 
various orders of monks, after the manner of the 
Linnsean system. Translated from the Latin. 

8vo. London, 1783 

PHYSIQUE (La) occulte, ou traite de la baguette 
divinatoire. [By P. LE Lorrain DE Valle- 


2 vols, in 1. 12mo. The Hague, 1747 

PIALE, Stefano. 

See Venuti, R. Accurate, e succinta descrizione 
etc. Rome, 1824. 

PIANTI (I) d'Elicona su la tomba di Teresa 
Ventura Venier. Edited by Count A. C. Pepoli.] 

4to. Parma, 1790 

PIANZOLA, Bernardino. Breve grammatica e 
dialoghi, e dizionario per imparare le lingue 
Italiana, Latina, Greca-volgare, e Turca. 

:i vols, in 1. 8vo. Padua, 1781 

PIAZZA, Vincenzo. Bona espugnata, poema. 

8vo. Parma, 1694 



PIAZZI, Giuseppe. Praecipuarum stellarum in- 
errantium positiones mediae ineunte seculo xix. 
ex observationibus habitis in specula Panormi- 
tana ab anno 1792 ad annum 1802. 

4to. Palermo, 1803 

PIBBAC, Guy du Faur, seigneur de. 
See Du Faur, G. 

PIOARD, Jean. De prisea Celtopaedia libri quinque. 
4to. Mathieu David. Paris, 1556 

PICARD, Louis Benoit. Theatre. 

6 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1812 

PICART, Bernard. 

See Ceremonies and religious customs. London, 
„ C^r^monies et coutumes religieuses. Amster- 
dam, 1723-43. 
„ Cervantes Saavedra, M. de. Don Quichotte. 

Tlie Hague, 1746. 
„ Stosch, P. von. Gemmae antiquae caelatae. 
Amsterdam, 1724. 

Impostures innocentes, ou recueil d'estampe.s 

d'apr^s divers peintres illustres tels que Rafael, 
le Guide, Maratti, le Poussin, Rembrandt, etc., 
par B. P., avec son eloge historique et le cata- 
logue de ses ouvrages. 

fol. Amsterdam, 1734 

PICAULT, Charles. Histoire des revolutions de 
Perse pendant la dur^e du dix-huitifeme sifecle 
de r^re Chretienne. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1810 

PICCARTUS, Michael. Periculorum criticorum 
liber : altera jam vice editus cura J. Sauberti. 

4to. Hclmstadt, l663 

PICCOLHOMINUS, Archangelus. 

See Galenus, C. De humoribus. Paris, 1556. 

PICCOLOMINI, Agostino Patrizi, Bishop of Faenza. 
See Rituum ecclesiasticorum libri iii. Venice, 

PICCOPE, George John. 

See Lancashire and Cheshire wills. [Chetham 

PICHEGRU, Charles. 

For Life, scs Beauchamp, A. de. Paris, 1814. 
See Cadoudal, G. Proces, etc. Paris, 1804. 
„ Fauche-Borel, L. Notices. London, 1807. 

PICHERELLUS, Petrus. In cosmopoeiam, id est, 
mundi creationem ex Geneseos i., ii., iii. et v. 
eapitibus, et in iii. caput paraphrasis. 

4to. Pi. Sfephamis. Paris, 1579 

Green morocco, with the arras of De Thou. 

PICHLER, Caroline. Zuleima : imite do I'Allemand 
par H. DE C[hateaugiron]. [Roxburghe Club, 
xliii., and Society des Bibliophiles franijais.] 

8vo. Paris, 1825 

Printed on vellum. 

PICHON, Julien. 

See Tacitus, C. C. Opera. Paris, 1682-87. 

PICHON, Thomas. 

See Lettres et m^moires. London and The Hague, 

PICHON, Thomas Jean. 

See M^moire sur les abus. Amsterdam, 1765. 
„ Sacre et couronnement de Louis XVI. Paris, 

PICKARD, Leonard. Catalogue of the collection of 
prints, etchings, portraits and drawings, the 
property of Leonard Pickard, esq., to be sold by 
auction May 10, 1802. 

8vo. Lmidon [1802] 

PICKARD, Samuel T. Life and letters of J. G. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1895 

PICKERING, John. A vocabulary or collection of 
words and phrases which have been supposed to 
be peculiar to the United States of America. 
To which is prefixed an essay on the present 
state of the English language in the United 

8vo. Boston [Mass.] 1816 


See Ireland, W. Tryals of W. I., T. Pickering, 
etc. London, l678. 


See Percy, T. Folio manuscript of ballads and 
romances. I^ondon, 1867-68. 

PICKWORTH, Henry. Vindication of his former 
defence of a certain narrative, concerning William 
Penn and Richard Claridge's acknowledgment of 
their being led into errors by some of no small 
note among the Quakers. 

Svo. London, 1738 



PICO, Blasius. De quattuor partibus oratioiiis 
declinabilibus libellus. 

4to. Aquila, l-iQ^ 


For Life, si-r Greswell, W. P. Memoirs. Mmi- 

<h<:,<k'r, 1805. 
See Benivieni, G. Opere. Florence, 1 5 1 9. 
„ Plinius Caecilins Secundus, C. Epistole. 
Fenice, 154.8. 


fol. B. Hector. A'o%/w, 14y5 [1 1-9(3] 

Aiiree epistole. 

4to. Jean Gormont. Paris [1510] 

Heptaplus de septiformi sex dierum geneseos 


fol. [Florence, 1490] 

PICO DELLA MIRANDOLA, Giovanni Francesco. 
See Bembo, P. Opuscula aliquot. Li/ons, 15.32. 

Ad Petrum Bembum de imitatioue libellus, el 

Petrus Bembus J. F. Pico. 

4to. J.A.andfratresSahii. Fenice, 1530 

De imaginatione. 

4to. Aldus. Fenice, 1501 

De venere et cupidiiie expellendis carmen. 

4to. Borne, 151.') 

PICOT, Jean. Hi.stoire des Gaulois depuis leur 
origine jusqu'a leur melange avec les Francs 
et jusqu'aux commencemens de la monarchic 

3 vols. 8vo. Geneva, 1804 

PICOT, Michel Joseph Pierre. 

See M^moires pour servir h, rhistoire eccl^si- 
astique. Paris, 1815-16. 

PICOU, Henri de. L'Odyssee d'Homere ou les 
avantures d'Ulysse en vers burlesques. 

12mo. [Ehevir.] Leyden, l65,'J 

PICQUET, Jean Baptiste. 

See Voyage dans les Pyr^n^es. Paris, 1789. 

PICTA poesis, ab authore denuo recognita. [By 
Barth. Ane.^u.] 

24mo. L. and C. Pesnol. Li/tins, l6iH 

PICTON, James Allanson. Oliver Cromwell ; the 
man and his mission. Second edition. 

8 YD. London, 188.S 

PICTON, Sir James Allanson. Memorials of Liver- 
pool, historical and topographical, including a 
history of the Dock estate. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1873 

PICTURE (The) of Newcastle upon Tyne, contain- 
ing a guide to the town and neighbourhood, an 
account of the Roman Wall, and a description 
of the coal mines. 

8vo. Newcastle, 1807 

(A) of the times, in a letter addressed to the 

people of England by a lover of peace. 

8vo. London, 1795 

PICTURES from Sicily. By the author of Forty 
days in the desert [W. H. Bartlett]. 

8vo. London, 1853 

PICTURESQUE Palestine, by various authors. 
Edited by Sir Charles Wilson. 

4 vols. 4to. London [1880] 

See Mairobert, M. F. P. de. 

PIECES of poetry, with two dramas. [By George 
Watson Taylor.] 

2 vols. 12mo. Chiswick, 1830 

PlijCES historiques relatives a Pie vii., souverain 


8vo. Paris, 1814 

officielles de I'armee d'Egypte. Pieces diverses 

relatives aux operations militaires et politiques 
du General Bonaparte. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Paris, 1800-1 

officielles relatives aux preliminaires de Londres 

et au traite d' Amiens. 

8vo. Paris, 1803 

PIEMONTESI illustri. 

5 vols. 8vo. Turin, 1781-87 

PIERCE, Thomas. 

See History and antiquities of the cathedral 
church of Salisbury. London, I'l 19- 
„ Philobasileus, T., pseud. 

The divine purity defended ; or, a vindica- 
tion of some notes concerning God's decrees, 
especially of reprobation, from the censure of 
D. Reynolds in his preface to Mr. Barlee's 

Correptory Correction. 

4to. London, l6^1 



PIERCE, Thomas. The sinner impleaded in his own 

8vo. London, 1656 

PlfiRI-B^NARD. Cabinet de M. Paignon Dijonval: 
etat raisonne des dessins et estampes dent il est 
compose, classes par ecoles. 

4to. Paris, 1810 

PIEEIUS VALERIANUS, Johannes. Epistola de 
honoribus illustrissimo ac reverendissimo Gur- 
censi Caesareo totius Italiae vicario urbem in- 
gredienti habitis. 

4to. Borne, 1512 

Exempla litterarum. 

4to. [Rome, 1513] 

PIEROTTI, Ermete. Customs and traditions of 
Palestine, illustrating the manners of the ancient 
Hebrews. Translated by T. G. Bonnky. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1864 

Jerusalem explored, being a description of the 

ancient and modern city. Translated by T. G. 


2 vols. fol. London, 1864 

PIERRE de Vaux-Cernay. See Petrus Sarnensis. 

PIERRE DE BERNIS, Frangois Joachim de. Cardinal. 
See Bernis, F. J. de P. de. 

PIERS, the Ploughman. 

See Langland, W. Msion of Pierce Plowman. 
London, 1651, etc. (for the 'Crede'). 

Pierce the Ploughman's crede ; to which is 

appended God spede the plough. Edited by 
W. W. Skeat. [Early English Text Society, 

8vo. London, 1867 

PIERS, Wilhelmus. 

Sec Euripides. Tragoediae. Cambridge, 1703. 

PIERSON, Joannes. 

Sec Moeris Atticista. Lexicon Atticum. Leyden, 

FIETRO, Dominico di. A'oyage historique en 
figypte, pendant les campagnes des generaux 
Bonaparte, Kleber et Menou. 

8vo. Paris, 1818 

PIGAFETTA, Antonio. Primo viaggio intorno al 
globo terracqueo ossia vagguaglio della navi- 
gazione alle Indie orientali per la via d'occidente. 
[In the years 1519-1522.] 

4to. Milan, 1800 

Premier voyage autour du monde sur I'escadre 

Verisimilium libri duo. 

Svo. Leyden, 1752 

PIERSON, Thomas. 

A'c Nichol, J. Commentaries, 1864-()C). Psalms. 

PIETAS. See Oxford, University of. 

de Magellan, 1519-22, suivi de I'extrait du traite 
de navigation, et d'une notice [by C. G. von 
Murr] sur Martin Behaim, traduit de I'AlIemand 
par H. J. Jansen. 

Svo. Paris, 1801 

The first voyage round the ^'orld by Magellan. 

Edited by Lord Stanley of Alderley. [Hak- 
luyt Society, lii.] 

Svo. London, 1874 

PIGAFETTA, Filippo. 

See Lopes, D. Regnum Congo. Frankfort, 1598. 
,, ,, Relatione del reame di Congo. 

Rome [1591]. 
,, „ Report of the Kingdome of Congo. 

London, 1597. 

PIGAGE, Nicolas de. La galerie electorale de 
Diisseldorf, ou catalogue raisonne et figure de 
ses tableaux, dans lequel on donne des descrip- 
tions detaillees et une suite de 30 planches 
contenant 365 petites estampes gravees par C. 
de Meckel. 

2 parts in 1 vol. obi. fol. Ikisle, 1778 

PIGANIOL DE LA FORCE, Jean Aimar. Nouvelle 
description de la France. 

7 vols, in 8. 12mo. Paris, 1722 

Nouvelle description des chasteaux et pares de 

Versailles et de Marly, contenant une explication 
historique de toutes les peintures, etc. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1713 

PIGHIUS, Albertus. De ratione paschalis cele- 

fol. [1525] 

PIGHIUS, Stephanus Vinandus. Annales Roma- 
norum, qui conimentarii vicem supplent in omnes 
veteres Historiae Romanae scriptores. 

3 vols. fol. Antwerp, l6l5 



PIGNA, Giovanni Battista. Oratio in funere 
Barbarae natae Reginae Hungariae ac Boemiae, 
Arciducis Austriae, Ducis Ferrariae. Habita 
Ferrariae ix. Kl. Octob. 1572. 

4to. [AhliLil Fenice] 1572 

— Oratio in funere Francisci ii. Gallorum regis 

■Ito. Aldus. Venice, 1561 

Oratio in funere Herculis ii. Ducis Ferrariae, 

habita v. Cal. Deccmbris m.d.lix. 

4to. [Aldus "i Venice, 1560] 

FIGNORIA, Lorenzo. De servis, et eorum apud 
veteres ministeriis commentarius. 

12mo. Amsterdam, iQH 

Mensa Isiaca qua sacrorum apud Aegyptios 

Favole e novelle. 

Another edition. 

12mo. Bassano, ITS;") 

8vo. Lucca, 1785 

ratio et simulacra subjectis tabulis aeneis simul 
exhibentur et explicantur : accessit de magna 
deum matre discursus, et gemmarum explicatio, 
necnon J. P. Tomasini Manus Aenea et de vita 
Pignorii dissertatio. 

2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. Amsterdam, l66!) 

PIGNOTTI, Lorenzo. 

See Parnaso degl' Italiani viventi. Pisa, 179S- 

Storia della Toscana, sine al principato. 

5 voLs. in 4.. 8vo. Pisa, 1813-M- 

PIGOTT, Charles. 

See Blessings (The) of war. London [1795]. 
„ Excellence of the British Constitution. 

London [1795]. 
„ Jockey Club. London, 1792. 
„ Rights of man. London [11^5]. 
„ Rights of nobles. [London, 1795.] 
„ Rights of priests. London [\1Qd\. 
,, Rights of princes. [London, 1795.] 
,, Voice of the people. London [l~95]- 
„ Warning to tyrants. London [1795]. 
„ Wrongs of man. London [1795]. 

Persecution. The case of Charles Pigott : con- 
tained in the defence he had prepared, and which 
would ha^■e been delivered by him on his trial, 
if the grand jury had not thrown out the bill 
preferred against him. 

8vo. London, 1793 

PIGOTT, Charles. Strictures on the new political 
tenets of the rt. hon. Edmund Burke. 

8vo. London, 1791 

PIKE, Luke Owen. 

See Year books. Edward I., etc. [Rolls Series.] 

A history of crime in England. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1 873-76 

PIKE, Roger. A true relation of the proceedings 
of the Scots and English forces in the north of 
Ireland : sent in a letter to Mr. Tobias Siedg- 
wicke [dated Carrickfergus, 30 May]. 

4to. London, 1642 

PIKE, Zebulon Montgomery. An account of ex- 
peditions to the sources of the Mississippi, and 
through the western parts of Louisiana, 1 805-7, 
and a tour through the interior parts of New 
Spain, 1807. 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1810 

Exploratory travels through the western terri- 

tory of North America. [An enlarged edition 
of the preceding work. Edited by T. Rees.] 

4to. London, 1811 

PIKLER, Giovanni. 

For Life, see Rossi, Q. G. de. Home, 1 792. 

PILATI DI TASSULO, Carlo Antonio. 

See Lettres sur la Hollande. The Haijue, 1780. 
„ Voyages en diff^rens pays de I'Europe. The 

Hague, 1777. 

Voyage de la Hollande, ou lettres sur ce pais. 
2 vols, in 1. 12mo. Haarlem, 1790 

PILENEJO, Eritisco, pseud, i.e. Giuseppe Maria 

See Knight, E. C. Lines address'd to victory. 
Parma, 1793. 
„ Theocritus. Teocrito, Mosco, Bione, etc. 
Parma, 1780. 

PILET DE LA MESNARDliiRE, Hippolite Jules. 
See La Mesnardi^re, H. J. P. de. 

PILGRIMAGE. The pylgryniage of Sir Richard 
Guylforde to the Holy Land, A.D. 1506, from a 
copy believed to be unique, from the press of 
Richard Pynson. Edited by Sir H. ELLIS. 
[Camden Society, Ii.] 

4to. London, 1851 



PILEES, Joseph. Le bienfait anoiiynie, comedie en 
trois actes. 

8vo. Par if, 17S5 


See Butcher, R. Survey ... of Stumford. 
Lmulon, 1717-18 (for Turnament of Totten- 

The turnament of Tottenham ; or, the wooing, 

winning, and wedding of Tibbe, the reev's 
daughter there. Taken out of an ancient manu- 
script, and published ... by Wilhelm Bed- 
well. [Also, ' A briefe description of . . . 
Tottenham high-crosse,' etc., by W. Bedm'ell.] 
4to. John NffrUm. London, \ 63 \ 

PILKINGTON, James, Bishop of Durham. 

Sec Burnynge of Paules church. London, 156o. 

Works. Edited by J. Scholefield. [Parker 

Society, iii.] 

8vo. Cambridge, 184'J 

PILKINGTON, James, of Derby. A view of the 
present state of Derby.shire, with an account of 
its most remarkable antiquities. 

2 vols. 8vo. Derbij, 178.9 

PILKINGTON, John. The history of the Lanca- 
shire family of Pilkiugton and its branches from 
1066 to l600. Second and revised edition. 

8vo. Liverpool, 1894 

PILKINGTON, John Carteret. The real story of 
J. G. P., written by himself. 

4to. London, 1760 

PILKINGTON, Joseph Green. 

See Spencer, John. Things new and old. London, 

PILKINGTON, Matthew. The gentleman's and 
connoisseur's dictionary of painters. A new 
edition, to which is added a supplement contain- 
ing remarks on the present state of the art of 
painting. By J. Barry. 

1 vol. in 5. 4to. London, 1798 

Extra illustrated. 

A new edition. "With considerable additions 

by H. FusELi. 

4to. London, 1805 

An illustrative supplement to Pilkington's 

Dictionary of painters, consisting of biographical 
sketches, etc., principally taken from the Anec- 
dotes of painting by H. Walpole. 

4to. London, 1805 

PILKINGTON, Sir Thomas. The tryal of T. 
Pilkington, S. Shute, H. Cornish, Ford, Lord 
Grey, Sir T. Player, S. Bethel, F. Jenks, J. 
Deagle, R. Freeman, R. Goodenough, R. Key, 
J. Wickham, S. Swinock, J. Jekyll, for the riot 
at Guildhall on midsummer-day. 1682. 

fol. London, 1683 

PILL (A) for pork-eaters ; or, a Scots lancet for an 
English swelling. [By W. Forbes.] 

4to. [Edinbiinjh] 1705 

FILLER, Mathias, and MITTEBPACHER, Ludwig. 
Iter per Poseganam Sclavonia; provinciam, mensi- 
bus Junio et Jiilio, anno 1782 susceptum. 

4to. Buda, 1783 

FILLET, Rend Martin. L'Angleterre vue a Londres 
et dans ses provinces. 

8vo. Paris, 1815 

See also Sarrazin, J. Tableau de la Grande- 

PILPAY. See Bldpdf. 

PINCHES, Theophilus Goldridge. 

See Society of Biblical Archaeology. Publica- 
tions. London, 1880-81. 

FINCIER, Johann. Aenigmatum libri tres, cum 

8vo. Chr. Corvinus. l605 

PINCIUS, Janus Pyrrhus. De gestis ducum Triden- 
tinorum, de Gallorum Senonum adventu in 
Italiam, de origine urbis Tridentinae, de appel- 
latione et transitu Alpium, de confinibus Italiae 
libri duo. 1)6 vitis pontifieum Tridentinorum 
libri duodecim. 

2 vols, in 1. fol. J'ent. Eufinellus. 
Mantua, 1546 

PINCOTT, Frederic. Analytical Index to Sir J. W. 
Kaye's history of the Sepoy War, and Col. G. B. 
Malleson's history of the Indian Mutiny. 

8vo. London, 1880 


See Anacreon. Traduction nouvelle des odes. 
Paris, 1706. 
„ Barford, W. In Pindari primum Pythium 

dissertatio. Camlnidye, 1751. 
,, Lloyd, W. W. History of Sicily. London, 

„ Morice, F. D. [Ancient classics for English 




See Portus, F. Commentarii in Pindari Olympia. 
[Lausanne T\ 1583. 
„ Potter, B. An inquiry into some passages. 
London, 17S3. 

Olympia, Pythia, Xemea, Isthmia. Callimacbi 

hymni qui inveniuntur. Dionysius de situ 
orbis. Licophronis Alexandra, obscurum poema. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1513 

Printed on Vf Hum. 

Olympia, Nemea, Pythia, Isthmia. [Greek.] 

4to. Z. Calliergus. Borne, 1515 

Another edition. [Edited by J. Ceporinits 

and U. ZwiKGLi.] 

8vo. And. Cratander. Bash, 1526 

Another edition. 

4 parts in 1 vol. 4to. Petrus Brubach. 
Frankforl, 1542 

Another edition. 

4to. G. Mm-el Paris, 1558 

Another edition. Ex editione Oxoniensi. 

4 vols. 32mo. Foulis. Glasgow, 1754:-57 

[Another copy of vol. i., Olympia.] 

32mo. Foulis. Glasgow, 1754 

Printed on sillc. 

Olympia et Pythia. [Greek.] 

8vo. C'lir. JFecM. Paris, 153.") 

Olympia, Pythia, Nemea, Isthmia, caeterorum 

octo lyricorum carmina, Alcaei, Sapphus, Stesi- 
chori, Ibyci, Anacreontis, Bacchylidis, Simonidis, 
Alcmanis. Gr. et Lat. 

2 vols, in 1. 12mo. H. Stephanus. 
[Paris] 1560 

Editio ii. Graecolatina H. Steph. recognitione 

etc. [Greek and Latin.] 

2 vols. 12mo. H. Stephanus. [Paris] 1566 

Another edition. Caeterorum octo lyricorum 

carmina, Alcaei, etc. [Greek and Latin.] 

l6mo. C. rianiin. Anlwerp, 1567 

Red morocco, with the arms of Charles Mordaunt Cracherode. 

Another edition. [Greek and Latin.] 

4to. Patdus Stephamis. [Geneva] 1 5i)i) 

PINDAR. Olympia, Pythia, Nemea, IsthmLa. Edidit 
E. ScHMiDius. [Greek and Latin.] 

4to. [Wittenberg] l6l6 

Another edition. J. Benedictus ad metri 

rationem, variorum exemplarium fidem, Scholias- 
tae ad verisimiles conjccturas dircctionem, totum 
authorem innumeris mendis repurgavit, etc. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

4to. Saumur, l620 

Another edition. Caeterorum octo lyricorum 

carmina, Alcaei, etc. Editio v. [Greek and 

24mo. Paid. Stephanus. [Geneva] l626 

Another edition. Cum Latina omnium version© 

carmina lyrico per N. Sudorium. [Edited by 
R. West and R, Walsted.] 

fol. Oxford, 1697 

Another edition. [Greek and Latin.] 

2 vols, in 1. 12mo. Glasgow, 1744 

Another edition. Juxta editionem Oxoniensem 

impressa. [Greek and Latin.] 

12mo. London, 1755 

Another edition. [Greek and Latin.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Glasgow, 1770 

— Another edition. Cum lectionis varietate 
curavit C. G. Heyne. [Greek and Latin.] 

2 vols. 4to. Gottingen, 1773-74 

— Another edition. Cum lectionis varietate et 
adnotationibus curavit C. G. Heyne. [Greek 
and Latin.] 

3 vols, in 5. 8vo. Goiiingen, 1798-99 

— Another edition. Cum lectionis varietate et 
annotationibus a C. G. Heyne. [Greek and 

2 vols. 8vo. Oxford, 1807 

— Another edition. Latinis translata carminibus 
ct illustrata a J. Costa. [Greek and Latin.] 

3vols.ini. 4to. Pfff/iw, 1808 

Another edition. Juxta exemplar Heynianum ; 

accesserunt notae Heynianae, paraphrasis Bene- 
dictina, et lexicon. Edidit H. Huntingford. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. London, 1814 

— Another edition. Per Ph. Melanthonem con- 
vorsa in Latinum sermonem. 

8vo. /. Craio. JFittenberg, 1563 



PINDAR. Opera omnia. Latino carmine reddita 

3 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. Paris, 1582 

Ode, cioe, Olimpie, Pithie, Nemee and Fstmie, 

tradotte in parafrasi ed in rima Toscana da A. 
Adimari, con osservazioni. 

■Ito. Pisa, 1()31 

I vincitori Olimpici, Pizj, Ismj, Nemei : 

iradotti in Italiane canzoni, da G. B. Gautier. 
[Greek and Italian.] 

4, vols. 8vo. Romf, 1762-68 

Pindaro, tradotto di vari autori. [Parnaso 

de' poeti elassici, xv.] 

8vo. Venice, 1795 

PINDAR, Peter, pseud, i.e. John Wolcot. Advice 
to the future laureat : an ode. 

4to. London, 1790 

A benevolent epistle to Sylvanus Urban, alias 

master John Nichols, the printer, not forgetting 
master William Hayley. 

4to. London, 1790 

See also Urban, Sylvanus. A Rowland for an 

— Bozzy and Piozzi ; or, the British biographers : 
a town eclogue. 

4to. London, 1788 

— Brother Peter to brother Tom [i.e. T. Warton] : 
an expostulatory epistle. 

4to. London, 1789 

PINDAR, Peter, pseud, i.e. John Wolcot. The 
Lousiad : an heroi-comic poem, canto i. Fourth 

4to. London, 1786 

Eighth edition. 

4to. London, 1788 

The Lousiad : a heroi-comic poem, canto ii. 

Eighth edition. 

4to. London, 1788 

Lyric odes, for the year 1785. New edition. 

4to. London, 1786 

Seventh edition. 

4to. London, 1787 

Lyric odes to the Royal Academicians for 1782. 

4to. London. 1790 

More lyric odes to the Royal Academicians. 

4to. London, 1789 

— More money ! or, odes of instruction to Mr. 

4to. London, 1792 

— Ode upon ode ; or, a peep at St. James's ; or. 

— A commiserating epistle to James Lowther, 
earl of Lonsdale. 

4to. London, 1791 

— A complimentary epistle to James Bruce, esq., 
the Abyssinian traveller. 

4to. London, 1790 

Expostulatory odes to a great duke and a little 


4to. London, 1789 

Farewel odes for the year 1786. 

4to. London, 1788 

Instructions to a celebrated laureat : alias, the 

progress of curiosity : alias, a birthday ode : 
alias, Mr. Whitbread's brewhouse. i 

4to. London, 1790 1 

New- Year's day ; or, what you will. 

4to. London, 1789 

An apologetic postscript to Ode upon ode. 

4to. London, 1788 

Odes of importance, etc. 

4to. London, 1792 

Odes to Mr. Paine, author of ' Eights of man,' 

on the intended celebration of the downfall of 
the French empire by a set of British democrats 
on the 14th of July. 

4to. London, 1791 

Peter's pension, a solemn epistle to a sublime 


4to. London, 1788 

Peter's prophecy ; or, the president and the 

poet ; or, an important epistle to Sir J. Banks on 
the approaching election of a president of the 
Royal Society. 

4to. London, 1788 

A poetical and congratulatory epistle to James 

Boswell, Esq., on his Journal of a tour to the 
Hebrides with the celebrated Dr. Johnson. 

. 4to. London, 1786 

Tenth edition. 

4to. London, 1789 



PINDAR, Peter, pseud, i.e. John Wolcot. A 
poetical epistle to a falling minister : also, an 
imitation of the twelfth ode of Horace. 

4to. London, 1789 

A poetical, supplicating, modest and affecting 

epistle to those literary colossuses the reviewers. 

4to. London, 1789 

— The remonstrance : to which is added an ode to 
my ass : the magpie and robin, a tale : an apology 
for kings : and an address to my pamphlet. 

4to. London, 1791 

— The rights of kings ; or, loyal odes to disloyal 

4to. London, 1791 

— Sir Joseph Banks and the emperor of Morocco : 
a tale. 

4to. London, 1788 

— Subjects for painters. 

4to. London, 1789 
PINDARICK Ode. See L. (W.) 

PINDEMONTE, Giovanni. Componimenti teatrali. 
4 vols, in 2. 8vo. Milan, 1804-5 

PINDEMONTI, Ippolito. 

&e Parnaso degl' Italiani viventi. Pisa, 1798- 


2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Parma, 1800 

• Saggio di poesie campestri. 

l6mo. Bodoni. Parma, 1788 

Printed on vclloni. 

■ Anninio, tragedia. 

8vo. FiladeJfia {Parma], \BOi 

PINDER, Ulrich. Speculum patientie [by U. 

Pinder] cum theologycis consolationibus [by 
Joannes de Tambaco]. 

4to. Nuremberg, 1509 

PINE, John. 

See Horatius Flaccus, Q. Opera. London, 

The tapestry hangings of the House of Lords, 

representing the several engagements between the 
English and Spanish fleets, 1588, with portraits 
of the commandei-s, ten charts of the sea-coasts, 
and an historical account of each day's action. 

fol. London., 1739 

PINEDO, Thomas de. 

See Stephanas Byzantinus. De urbibus. Amster- 
dam, l678. 


See Harwood, E. Prospetto di varie edizioni 
degli autori classici. Venice, 1780. 
„ Morelli, J. Bibliotheca Maphaei Pinelli. 
Venice, 1787. 

Catalogue of the library of M. P : sold by 

auction March 2, 1789, and the 21 following 
days, etc. [With prices.] 

8vo. [London, 1789] 

PINELO, Antonio de Leon. Epitome de la biblio- 
theca Oriental y Occidental, nautica y geografica, 
anadido y enmendado nuevamente, en que se 
contiener los escritores de las Indias orientales 
y occidentals y reinos convecinos. 

3 vols. fol. Fr. Martinez Ahad. 
Madrid, 1737-38 

PINGERON, Jean Claude. 

See Sestini, D. Lettres ^crites A, ses amis. 
Paris, 1789. 

PINGRife, Alexandre Guy. 

See Delisle, J. N. Description de la ville de 
Peking. Paris, 1765. 
„ Manilius, M. Astronomicon. Paris, 1786. 

— Cometographie ou traite historique et th^orique 
des com^tes. 

2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1783-84 

Journal du voyage de M. le Marquis de Cour- 

tanvaux sur la frdgate I'Aurore, pour essayer, 
par ordre de Tacademie, plusieurs instrumens 
relatifs h. la longitude. 

4to. Paris, 1768 

Calf, with the arras of Louis xv. 


See Barbour, J. The Bruce. London, 1790. 
,, Heron, R., pseud. 

,, Medallic history of England. London, 1790. 
,, Select Scottish ballads. London, 1783. 
,, Vitae antiquae sanctorum. London, 1789. 
„ Walpole, H. Walpoliana. London [1799]. 

An essay on medals. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1789 

The history of Scotland from the accession of 

the house of Stuart to that of Alary. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1797 



PINKERTON, John. Iconographia Scotica; or, 
portraits of illustrious persons of Scotland. 

4to. Lmidon, 1797 

Literary correspondence. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1830 

Recherches sur I'origine et les divers etablisse- 

mens des Scythes ou Goths, servant d'introduc- 

tion k I'histoire de I'Europe : ouvrage traduit sur 

I'original anglois. 

8vo. Paris, 1804 


See Duentzer, A. The life of Schiller. London, 

PINKNEY, Nathan. Travels through the south of 
France and in the interior of the provinces of 
Provence and Languedoc in the years 1807 and 

1808. London, 1809 

PINO, Bernardino. Delia nuova scielta di lettere 
di diversi nobilissimi huomini. Con un discorso 
della commodita dello scrivere. 

4 vols. 8vo. \_Aldus.'\ Venice, 1574 

PINSELET, Charles. 

See Martyre de fr^re Jacques Clement, etc. 
Paris, 1589. 

PINTO, Isaac de. 

See Traits de la circulation. Amsterdam, 1771. 

PINTO DE SOUSA, Jos6 Carlos. Bibliotheca 
historica de Portugal, e do Ultramar, na qual se 
contem varias historias deste reino, manuscriptas 
e impressas. 

8vo. Lisbon, 1797 

PIO, Giovanni Battista. 

See Lucretius Cams, T. De rerum natura. 

Bologna, 1511. , 

„ Plautus, T. M. Viginti comoediae. Milan, 

„ Sidonius ApoUinaris, C. S. Epistolae. Milan, 

„ „ „ Lucubrationes. 

Basle, 1542. 
„ Valerius Flaccus, C. Argonautica. [Bologna] 
1519, ek. 

PIOSSENS, le chevalier de. 

See M^moires de la r^gence de Mgr. le due 
d'Orl^ans. The Hague, 1729. 

PIOT, Guillaume Joseph Charles. 

See Eename Abbey. Cartulaire. Bruges, 1881. 

PIOZZI, Hester Lynch. 

See Johnson, S. Letters. London, 1788. 

Observations and reflections made in the course 

of a journey through France, Italy and Germany. 
2 vols. 8vo. Lmidon, 1789 

Retrospection ; or, a review of the most strik- 

ing events, characters, situations, and their con- 
sequences, which the last 1800 years have 
presented to the view of mankind. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1801 

PIRANESI, Francesco. Diiferentes vues de quel- 
ques Testes de trois grandes edifices qui subsistent 
encore dans le milieu de I'ancienne ville de 

Pestum [vol. xv.]. 

fol. [Rome, 1778] 

Monumenti degli Scipioni [vol. v.]. 

fol. [Rome] 1785 

Raccolta de' tempi antichi. 

fol. Rome [1780] 

PIRANESI, Giovanni Battista. 

See Guercino, G. F. B., called IL. Raccolta di 
disegni. [Rome, 1764.] 

• Antichita d'Albano e diCastelGandolfo [vol. xi.]. 

fol. [Rome, 1764] 

Antichiti di Cora [vol. ix. part 3]. 

fol. [Rome, 1765] 

Le Antichita Romane [vols. i. to iv.]. 

4 vols. fol. Rome, 1756 

Another edition. 

4 vols. fol. Rome, 11 &Q 

Campus Martius antiquae urbis [vol. x.]. 

fol. Rome, 1762 

— De Romanorum magnificentia et architectura 
[vol. vii.]. 

fol. Rome, 1761 

— Diverse maniere d'adornare i cammini ed ogni 
altra parte degli edifizi desunte dall' architettura 
Egizia Etrusca c Greca. [Italian, English and 
French text.] [Vol. xx.] 

fol. Rome, 1769 



PIRANESI, Qiovanni Battista. Lapides Capitolini, 
sive fasti consulares [vol. ix. part 2]. 

fol. Home, n62 

Le rovine del castello dell' acqiia Giulia in 

Roma [vol. ix. part 1]. 

fol. Borne, 1761 

Lettere di giiistificazione a Milord Charlemoiit. 

4to. Home, 1757 

Opere varie di architettura, prospettiva, 

groteschi antichiti, [vol. viii.J. 

fol. Ham, 1750 

— Osservazioni sopra la lettre de M. Mariette. 

fol. Rome, 1765 

— Peintures de la villc Altoviti k Rome, inventees 
par Michelange, peintes par G. Vasari, etc. : 
faisant partie de la Calcographie Piranesi 
[vol. xxvi.]. 

fol. Paris, 1807 

— Peintures de la sala Borgia de I'invention de 
Raphael (et de la Villa Lante de I'invention de 
Jules Remain) recueillies par les Piranesi, et 
dessin6es par Tb. Piroli [vol. xxiv.]. 

fol. Paris and Borne, 1803 

— Peintures du cabinet de Jules ii., au Vatican, 
de I'invention de Raphael ; recueillies par les 
Piranesi, et dessin^es par T. Piroli [vol. xxv. 
part 1]. 

fol. Paris and Borne, 1 804 

Raccolte di varie vedute di Roma. 

fol. Borne, 1752 

Trofeo, o sia magnifica colonna, ove si veggono 

scolpiti le due guerre Daciche fatte da Trajano 
[vol, xiv.]. 

fol. [Borne, 1770] 

Vasi, candelabri, cippi, sarcofagi, tripodi 

lucerne ed ornamenti antichi [vols. xii. and xiii.]. 
2 vols. fol. [Borne] ins 

Vedute di Roma [vols, xvi., xvii.]. 

3 vols. fol. [Borne, 1765] 

PIBCKHEIMEB, Bilibaldns. 

iSee Theophrastus. Characteres. Nwemberg, 1527. 

PIEON, Alexis. 

Sec Soci6t6 des Bibliophiles franfais. Mi^'langes, 
vol. iv. 
„ Tales of the Cordelier. London, 1821. 
,, Theatre Fran?ais. Tragcidies, torn. xv. Paris, 
„ Comedies, torn. xix. Paris, 

„ Vols, iii., xii. Pam, 1803- 


)i )i 

n »> 

— ffiuvres complettes, publi^es par M. RiGOLEY 
DE JxrviGNY. 

7 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1776 

Another edition. 

CEuvres choisies. 

9 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1777 

2 vols. 12mo. Pom, 1810 

PISAN, Christine de. See Christine de Pisan. 

PISAUEENSIS, Eugenius. Oratio ad sacrosanctam 
synodum Tridentinam habita in dominica tertia 
Adventus, I56l. 

4to. Dam. Turlinus for J. B. Bozola. 
Brescia, 1563 

PISCATOR, Johann. 

See Bible, Polyglott. 1710. 

PISO, Gulielmus. 

See Barlaeus, 0. Rerum per octennium in 
Brasilia. Cleves, l660. 

De medicina Brasiliensi libri quattuor : et 

Georgii Marcgravi de Liebstad historiae rerum 
naturalium Brasiliae libri octo : cum appendice 
dc Tapuyis et Chilensibus. J. de Laet in 
ordinem digessit. 

fol. Fr. Hack and L. Elzevir. Leyden and 
Amsterdam, 1648 

PISTOLESI, Erasmo. II Vaticano descritto ed 
illustrato, con disegni da Tommaso de Vivo c 
da Camillo Guerra. 

8 vols. fol. Bomc, 1829-38 

PISTORIUS, Hermann Andreas. 

See Hartley, D. Observations on man. London, 

PISTORIUS, Joannes. 

See Illustrium veterum scriptorum. Frankfort, 



PISTORIUS, Joannes. 

See Scriptores rerum Germanicarum. Puitisbon, 
,, Scotus, R. Summarium rationum. Ingol- 
stadt, 1588. 

PITA, Santiago de. Comedia famosa, el principe 
jardinero y fingido cloridano. 

4to. Valencia, 1761 

PITAVAL, Frangois Gayot de. Causes cel^bres, et 
interessantes, avec les jugements qui les ont 
decidees. Continuation des causes celfebres, par 

M. J. C. DE LA ViLLE. 

26 vols. 8vo. The Hague, Paris, and 
Amsterdam, 1735-70 

Nouvelle edition. Continuation, etc. 

24 vols. 1 2mo. Paris and Amsterdam, 


PITCAIRN, Robert. 
See Bannatyne Club. 
„ Hemes, J. M., lord. Historical memoirs of 
the reign of Mary, Queen of Scots. [Abbots- 
ford Club.] 
„ Melville, J. Autobiography. [Wodrow 

Historical and genealogical account of the 

principal families of the name of Kennedy, from 
an original Jis., with notes and illustrations by 
R. P. 

4to. Edinburgh, 1830 

PITCAIRNE, Archibald. Selecta poemata A. Pit- 

cairnii, Gul. Scot a Thirlestane, equitis, Th. 

Kincadii et aliorum. [Edited by R. Freebairn.] 

12 mo. Edinburgh, 1727 

PITHOU, Fran?ois. 

See Corpus juris canonici. Paris, 1687. 

PITHOU, Pierre. 

See Codicis legum Wisigotborum libri xii. Paris, 
„ Corpus juris canonici. Pans, 1687. 
„ Epigrammata et poematia Vetera. Paris, 

1590, etc. 
„ Pervigilium Veneris. The Hague, \1\2. 
„ Scriptores historiae Francornm. Frankfort, 

PITHSANUS, Joannes. See Peckham, J. 

PITIFUL. The pityfull historic of two loving 
Italians, Gaulfrido and Barnardo le vayne. 
Translated by J. Droltt, 1570. [Edited by J. P. 

4to. London [1844] 

PITISCUS, Samuel. 

See Curtius Rufus, Q. Alexander Magnus. The 
Hague, 1708. 
,, Suetonius Tranquillus, C. Opera. Utrecht, 
1690, etc. 

Lejcicon antiquitatum Romanarum. 

2 vols. fol. Leeuwarden, 1713 


See Renan, J. E. Recollections of my youth. 
London, 1883. 

PITMAN, Henry. A relation of his great suflferings 
and strange adventures, 1689. Reprinted in 
Arber's English Garner, vii. 

PITMAN, John Rogers. 

&e Lightfoot, J. Vv'orks. London, 1822-25. 

PITOCCO, Limerno, pseud. 

See Folengo, T. Orlandino. Venice, 1550. 

PITOU, Louis Ange. Voyage h Cayenne, dans les 
deux Ameriques et chez les antropophages, con- 
tenant le tableau general des deportes, la vie et 
les causes de I'exil de I'auteur, des notions parti- 
culiferes sur Collot et Billaud. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Paris, 1805 

PITS, John. A poore mannes benevolence to the 
afflicted church. 

8vo. Alexander Lacy. London, 1566 

Relationum historicarum de rebus Anglicis 

tomus i., complectens prolegomena de laudibus 
historiae et antiquitate ecclesiae Britanniae, 
catalogum scriptorum Anglorum, quorundam 
scriptorum appendicem cum indicibus. [No 
more published.] 

4to. Paris, 1619 

PITT, Christopher. 

See Johnson, S. Works of the English poets. 
London, 1790. 
,, Virgilius Maro, P. Works. London, 1753. 

PITT, William, Earl of Chatham. 

(See Anecdotes of the life. Lcmdon, 1792. 
„ Enquiry into the conduct. London [1766]. 



PITT, William, Earl of Chatham. 

See Letter from a right honourable person. Lon- 
don, 1761. 

,, Reviewof Mr. Pitt's administration. London, 

„ Bight honourable annuitant vindicated. 

London, 1761. 

Correspondence. Edited by [W. S. Taylor 

cand J. H. Prixgle] the executors of his son 
John, earl of Chatham. 

4 vols. 8vo. London, 1838-40 

— Genuine abstracts from two speeches, and his 
reply to the Earl of Suffolk : with some intro- 
ductory observations and notes. [Edited by H. 
M. Boyd.] 

8vo. London, 1779 

— Letters to his nephew Thomas Pitt (afterwards 
lord Camelford) then at Cambridge. [Edited 
by Lord Grenville.] 

Svo. London, 1804 

PITT, William, of Wolverhampton. A topographi- 
cal history of Staffordshire, with a succinct 
account of the rise and progress of the Stafford- 
shire potteries. 

Svo. Newcastle-under-Lyme, 1817 

PITT, Eight Hon. William. 

For Life, see Tomline, G. P. London, 1821. 
See Elijah's mantle. London, 1807. 
„ Faithful narrative of the last illness. London 

,, Fox, C. J. Speeches in the House of Com- 
mons. London, 1784. 
„ Hasty sketch of Mr. Pitt's administration. 

London, 1800. 
„ Prince Pitt. London [1788]. 
„ Thanks to Mr. Pitt. [London, 1788.] 
„ Wyvill, C. Correspondence. Newcastle, 
1796, etc. 

— Speeches in the House of Commons. Third 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1817 

— Speech in the House of Commons on Friday, 
Feb. 21, 1783. [On the treaty of peace with 
France and Spain, etc.] 

Svo. London, 1783 

PITT, Right Hon. William. A corrected detail of 
the speech delivered in the House of Commons 
on Tuesday the 12th instant [Feb. 1793] pre- 
paratory to his motion for an address on his 
majesty's message, relative to the war with 

Svo. London [1193] 

An authentic copy of the bill for the better 

support and maintenance of the poor, presented 
to the House of Commons, by the Rt. Hon. 
William Pitt; with the amendments made in 
the committee. 

Svo. London, 1797 

and FOX, Charles James. Speeches on Mr. 

Grey's motion for a reform in Parliament, 
May 7, 1 793 : to which is annexed a copy of 
a petition for reform presented by Mr. Grey. 

Svo. London [1793] 

PITT, William Morton. A plan for the extension 
and regulation of Sunday Schools. 

4to. London, 1789 

Thoughts on the defence of this kingdom. 

Parts ii. and iii. 

2 parts in 1 vol. Svo. London, 1803 

PITTINGTON, Parish of. Churchwaidens' accounts 
of Pittington and other parishes in the diocese 
of Durham from a.d. 1580-1700. [Edited by 
J. Barmby.] [Surtees Society, Ixxxiv.] 

8vo. Durham, 1888 

PITTMAN, Philip. The present state of the 
European settlements on the Missisippi, with a 
geographical description of that river, illustrated 

by plans. 

4to. London, 1770 


See B6cit historique. 

London, 1808. 

PIUS II., Pope. See Aeneas Sylvius. 

PIUS IV., Pope. Bulla super rcformatione tri- 
bunalium ordinariorum urbis et Ivomanae curiae, 
eonservatorum, fisci procuratorum et aliorum 
oflScialium. [1 Jan. 1562.] 

4to. LAid. Sabiensisfor J. B. Bozola. 
Brescia, 1563 



PIUS IV., Pope. Motus proprius super parochialium 
ac aliarum ecclesiarum curatanim collationibus, 
necnon juramento et fide jussione praestando 
de residendo. [10 Mar. 1563.] 

4to. Lud. Sabiensis for J. B. Bozola. 
Brescia, 1563 

The Popes bull; or, Papal creed, made at 

Trent, and promulgated at Rome by Pope Pious, 
fourth, demonstrated to be antichristian. 

4to. London [1672] 

PIUS VI., Pope. 

See Lettres de notre saint p^re le pape. Bume, 
„ M^moires historiques . . . snr Pie VI. Paris, 

PIUS VII., Pope. 

See Pieces historiques relatives k Pie VII. Paris, 

Venerabilibus fratribus, archiepiscopis et epis- 

copis Galliarum salutem. Tarn multa ac tam 
praeclara, etc. [Bull dated 1 5 August 1 801 . Latin 
and French. Translated by Charles Erskine.] 

8vo. [London, 1801] 

PIUS IX., Pope. The Papal encyclical and syllabus, 
translated from the authorised Latin text, to 
which is added a translation of all the dogmatic 
decrees of the Vatican Council. 

8vo. London, 1875 

PIUS, Joannes Baptista. See Pio, G. B. 

PIZARRO, Francisco. 

For Life, see Helps, Sir A. London, 1869. 

P ***** KE, Lord. My lord of P[embro]ke's 
speech at the treaty of peace with King Charles i., 
upon the commissioners arrival at Newport in 
the Isle of Wight, on Saturday Sept. the l6th 
1648: taken verbatim by Michael Oldsworth. 
[ A satire.] 

4to. London, 1713 

PLACCIUS, Vincentius. 

See Rhodius, J. Auctorum supposititiorum cata- 
logus. Hamburg [1674]. 

Theatrum anonymorum et pseudonymorum. 

PLACE, John. 

See Particular and impartial narrative. London 

PLACE, Victor. Ninive et I'Assyrie ; avec des 
essais de restauration, par F. Thomas. 

3 vols. fol. Paris, 1 867-70 

PLACENTINIUS, Dionysius Gregorius. Epitome 
Graecae palaeographiae et de recta Graeci ser- 
monis pronunciatione dissertatio. 

4to. Eome, 1735 

PLACENTIUS, Joannes Leo. 
See Porcius, P., pseud. 

PLACIDUS Parmensis. 

&; Bible, Latin. 0. T., Psalms. 1559. 

PLACITUS, Sextus. 

See Medicae artis principes. [Paris'] 1567. 

De medicina animalium, bestiarum, pecorum, 

[Edited by L. F. Vischer.] 

fol. Hamburg, 1708 

et avium, cum scholiis Gabrielis Humelbergii. 
4to. [C. Froschover. Zurich] 1539 

PLAIN (A) account of the old and new stiles, in 

which their difference is deduced from clear 


8vo. London, 1751 

and seasonable address to the freeholders of 

Great Britain on the present posture of affairs 
in America. 

8vo. London, 1766 

answer to the misrepresentations and calumnies 

contained in the Cursory remarks of a near 
observer. By a more accurate observer [T. P. 

8vo. London, 1803 

See also Reply to a plain answer. 
(The) case of the representatives of the people 

by the name of the Unitas Fratrum, from the 
year 1727 till these times. [By John Gambold.] 

8vo. London, 1754 

dealer : a comedy, with alterations from 

Wycherly. [By Isaac Bickerstaffe.] Second 

8vo. London, 1767 

dealing; or, a dialogue between Humphrey 

and Roger, about chusing the next Parliament. 

fol. London, 1681 



PLAIN English : humbly offered to the consideration 
of his majesty, and his great council, the lords 
and commons in parliament assembled. 

4to. London, I69O 

English, in a familiar conference betwixt three 

friends, Rusticus, Civis, and Veridicus, concern- 
ing the deadness of our markets. [By Sir 
Thomas Culpeper.] 

4to. London, 1673 

— Plaine English ; or, a discourse concerning the 
accommodation, the armie, the association. [By 
Edward Bowles.] 

4to. [London] 1643 

— facts ; or, the new ministry convicted by their 
own deeds. 

8vo. London, 1807 

— (A) narrative of the reduction of Manilla and 
the Phillippine Islands. [By rear-admiral S. 
Cornish or Sir William Draper.] 

Svo. [London, 1764] 

— Plaine Percevall the peace-maker of England. 
Sweetly indevoring with his blunt persuasions 
to botch up a reconciliation between Mar-ton and 
Mar-tother. [By T. Nash or R. Harvey.] 

4to. [Lrnidmi, 1590] 

— Another edition. Reprinted from the black- 
letter edition, with an introduction and notes. 

Svo. London, I860 

— (The) question upon the present dispute with 
our colonies. 

12mo. London, 1776 

— reasoner ; or, farther considerations on the 
German War. [By Israel Mauduit.] 

Svo. London, 1761 

— reasoner. Wherein the present state of aflfairs 
are [sic] set in a new, but very obvious light ; 
the separate and connected interests of Great 
Britain and Hanover consider'd, etc. 

Svo. London, 174.5 

— Plaine Scottish ; or, newcs from Scotland, 
part thereof being the copy of a letter sent from 
Edinburgh : and the substance of the rest being 
by word of mouth imparted to a friend in 
London, by some of no small estimation in that 

4to. [London, 1643] 

PLAIN statement of the conduct. 
See Duke of York. 

truth : addressed to the inhabitants of America ; 

containing remarks on a late pamphlet [by T. 
Paine] intitled Common sense. [By Dr. Smith 
of Philadelphia.] 

Svo. London, 1776 

truth ; or, a private discourse betwixt P. 

and H. 

fol. [London, 16S0] 

■ truth ; or, an impartial account of the proceed- 
ings at Paris during the last nine months, con- 
taining a particular statement of the 10 August 
and 3 September. 

Svo. London, 1792 

PLAISTED, Bartholomew. A journal from Calcutta 
in Bengal to Busserah, across the Great Desert, 
through France to England, etc. Second edition. 

12mo. London, 1758 

PLAIX, C^sar de. 

See Easiel de Selva, H., pseud. Histoire de 
I'admirable Dom Inigo de Guipuscoa. The 

Hague, 1738. 

PLAN and address of a society for supplying the 
poor in Clerkenwell and other parishes with 
good and nutritious meat soup. 

2 sheets, fol. [London, 1798] 

— (A) for the formation of a corps, which never 
has been raised as yet in any army in Europe ; 
in which corps singly shall be comprised all the 
.strength, activity, energy, and skill of four corps. 

Svo. London, 1805 

— general de Tojuvre des convulsions, avec des 
reflexions d'un laic en refutation de la r6ponse 
que M. I'abbe de L. [i.e. F. H. Delan] a fait a 
cc plan. 

4to. 1733 

See also R6ponse k I'^crit intitule Plan, etc. 

— (The) of an academy for the better cultivation, 
improvement and encouragement of painting, 
sculpture, architecture, and the arts of design in 
general : abstract of a charter and introduction. 

4to. London, 1755 

— of the general dispensary for the delivery of 
poor married and unmarried women at their own 

Svo. London [1789] 



PLAN (The) of the Literary and Philosophical 
society of Newcastle upon Tyne, instituted 
Feb. 7, 1793. Edward Moises chairman. 

8vo. [Newcastle] 1793 

of the new constitution for the United States of 

America, agreed upon in a convention of the 
states, with a preface by the editor. 

8vo. London, 1787 

of the St. Mary-le-bone general dispensary 

instituted 1785, for the relief of the poor. 

8vo. London, 179.'' 

PLANCH^, James Robinson. 

See Cunningham, P. Inigo Jones. [Shakespeare 

The Conqueror and his companions. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1874 

A cyclopredia of costume or dictionary of 

dress, inchiding notices of contemporaneous 
fashions on the Continent ; and a general chrono- 
logical history of the costumes of the principal 
countries of Europe, from the commencement of 
the christian era to the accession of George iii. 
2 vols. Ito. London, 1876-79 

The pursuivant of arms ; or, heraldry founded 

upon facts. New edition. 

8vo. London [1859] 


Sre Fulgentius, F. P. 

PLANTA, Joseph. 

See British Museum. Catalogue of the manu- 
scripts in the Cottonian Library. London, 
„ Freylinghausen, J. A. Abstract of the whole 
doctrine, etc. London, 1804. 

■ The history of the Helvetic Confederacy. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1 800 

PLANTING and ornamental gardening : a practical 
treatise. [By William Marshall.] 

8vo. London, 1785 


See Seneca, L. A. Tragoediae. Leyden, 1589. 

PLATEA, Franciscus de. Opus restitutionum, 
usurarum et excommunicationum. 

fol. Leonardus de Basilea. Padua, 1473 

PLATFORME (The) of the Presbyterian govern- 
ment : with the forme of church-worship accord- 
ing to the word of God and practice of the 
Church of Scotland. 

4to. London, l644 

PLATINA, Bartholomaeus Sacchi de. De obsoniis, 
ac de honesta voluptate et valetudine. 

4to. G. de Flandria. Cividad di Friuli, 14,80 

Another edition. 

4to. B. Venetus. Venice, 1498 

Historia inclytae urbis Mantuae et serenissimae 

familiae Gonzagae, a Petro Lambecio in lucem 


4to. Vienna, l675 

Vitae summorum Pontificum. 

fol. /. d.e Colonia and J. M. de Gherretzem. 

[Venice] 1479 

Another edition. Kaphaellis Volaterrani his- 
toria de vita quattuor maximorum pontificum in 
fine posita : Platyne de falso et vero bono dia- 
logus : contra amores dialogus : de vera nobili- 
tate : de optimo cive : panegyricus in laudem 
cardinalis Niceni. 

fol. Ph. Pincius. Venice, 1511 

The lives of the popes to Sixtus iv., written in 

Latin. Translated into English and continued 
from 1471 to this present time, by Sir P. 
Rycaut. Second edition. 

fol. London, 1688 


See Aristotle. De virtutibus et vitiis liber. 

Strasburg, 1560. 
„ Bessarion, J. Ad versus calumniatorem 

Platonis. Pome [1469], etc. 
„ Collins, C. W. [Ancient classics for English 

„ Epistolae Graecae. Venice, 1499. 
„ Ficino, M. Sopra lo amore. Florence, 1544. 
,, Lucian. [Two or more works, Greek.] 

Divers traites. Paris, 1788. 
,, Oxford, University of. Bodleian Library. 

Catalogus. 0.rford, 1812. 
,, Patricius, F. Nova de universis philosophia. 

Fcrrara, 1591. 
„ Proclus. In Platonis theologiam libri sex. 

Hamburg, 16I8. 
„ Thucydides. Orationes funebres. Oxfwd, 




PLATO. (Works.) 

Opera omnia. [Greek. Edited by M. MUSURUS 
and A. P. Manutius.] 

2 vols, in 1. fol. Aldus. Venice, 1513 

Another edition. Cum commentariis Procli. 

[Greek. Edited by J. Oporinus and S. Gry- 


fol. Busk, 15.34 

Red morocco, with the arms and monogram of De Thou. 

Opera quae extant. Ex nova J. Serrani 

interpretatione, ejusdem notis illustrata, etc. 
[Greek and Latin. Edited by H. Estienne.] 

3 vols. fol. H. Stephanus. [Paris] 1578 

Another edition. M. FiCiNO interprete cum 

commentariis. [Greek and Latin.] 

fol. Frankfort, l602 

Another edition. Graece ad editionem H. 

Stephani, cum M. Ficini interpretatione. Ac- 
cedit varietas lectionis. Studiis Societatis 
Bipontinae. [Greek and Latin.] (Dialogorum 
Platonis argumenta exposita et illustrata a D. 


12 vols. 8vo. Zweibrikkcn, 1781-87 

Opera. Latino a Marsilio Ficino. 

fol. B. dc Cremona and, S. de Luero. 
Venice, 1491 

Another edition. 

fol. L. Fenetus (dc Alopa). Florence [1495] 

— Works. Translated by F. Sydenham and 
T. Taylor. 

5 vols. 4to. London, 1804 

— Dialogues. Translated into English, with 
analyses and introductions, by B. Jowett. 

Second edition. 

5 vols. 8vo. Oxford, 1875 

— Tutte r opere di Platone tradotte in lingua 
volgare da Dardi Bemeo. 

5 vols, in 3. 12mo. Venice, l601 

Red morocco, with the arms aud monogram of De Thou. 

(Two or more works.) 

Minos, sive de lego : de legibus, sen de legum 

latione libri xii., appendix legum, vel philosophus. 

4to. E. Eescius. Louvain, 1531 

— [Apologia Socratis, Crito, and Gorgias, Greek. 
Edited by J. SxuRMius.] 

4to. Strasburg, 1541 


PLATO. Dialogi vii. juxta editionem Serrani. 

8vo. Dublin, 1738 

— Dialogi duo, Cratylus et Theaetetus, graece, e 
recensione H. Stephani. Edidit J. F. Fischer. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1770 

Dialogi tres, Sophista, Politicus, Parmenides, 

graece e recensione H. Stephani. Edidit J. F. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1774 

— Dialogi duo, Philebus ct Symposium, graece, 
e recensione H. Stephani. Edidit J. F. Fischer. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1776 

— Dialogi iv. Meno, Crito, Alcibiades uterque ~ 
cum animadversionibus vironim clarissimorum 
Gedike, etc. Curavit [J. E.] Biester. [Greek.] 

8vo. Berlin, 1780 

— Dialogi Selecti, cura L. F. Heindorfii. (Vol. i. 
Lysis, Charmides, Hippias Major, Phaedrus: 
Vol. ii. Gorgias, Theaetetus.) [Greek.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Berlin, 1802-5 

— Dialogi selecti de rebus divinis, graece et latine. 
[Edited by J. North.] Editio secunda. 

4to. Camhidge, 1683 

— Dialogi v. : recensuit, notisque illustravit 
N. Forster. [Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. Oxford, 1745 

— Editio tortia. 

8vo. Oxford, 1760 

Dialogi iii. (Alcibiades primus, sccundus ; 

Hipparchus) quibus praefiguntur Olympiodori 
vita Platonis et Albini in dialogos Platonis intro- 
ductio. Opera et studio G. EtvvjVLL. [Greek 
and Latin.] 

8vo. Oxfoi-d, 1771 

Euthydemus et Gorgias. Edidit M. J. RoUTH. 

[Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. Oxford, 1784 

— Apologia Socratis et Gorgias. Leonardo 
Aretino interprete. 

4to. [1480] 

— L dialoghi intitolati L'Eutifrone, L'Apologia 
di Socrate, II Ciitone, 11 Fedone, II Timeo; 
tradotti di lingua graeca in Italiana da M. 
Sebasti^vno Erizzo. 

8vo. Venice, 1574 




PLATO. (Single works.) 

Cratylus, sive de recta nominum ratione. 

4to. Th. Martin. Louvain, 1523 

Leges et Epinomis : ad optimorum librorum 

fidem emendavit et perpetua adnotatione illus- 
travit D. F. AsTius. 

2 vols. 8vo. Leipzig, 1814 

Menexenus, et Periclis Thucydidei oratio 

funebris; recensuitetillustravit J. C. Gottleber. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1782 

Meno [Greek. Appears to be a portion of a 

collected edition]. 

fol. [1550] 

Parmenides, sive de ideis et uno rerum omnium 

principio. Studio J. G. Thomson. [Greek and 

8vo. Oxfm-(l, 1728 

Phaedo, sive dialogus de animae immortalitate, 

graece et latino. Versionem M. FiciNi emen- 
davit et commentationes adjecit J. H. Winicler. 

Svo. Leipzig, 1744 

De Republica. Versionem emendavit notasque 

adjecit E. Mas.sey. [Greek and Latin.] 

2 vols. Svo. Cambridge, 171.3 

— The Eepublic. Translated with introduction, 
analysis, marginal analysis, and index by B. 
JOWETT. Third edition. 

Svo. OxJm-(l, 1888 

— Dialoghi sopra la giustizia, tradotti dal padre 
Michelangelo Bonotto. 

2 vols, in 1. Svo. Venice, 1789 

— Convivium, aut de amore, colloquium morale. 

4to. Ch. IFechel. Paris, 1543 

— Platonis, Xenophontis, Plutarchi et Luciani 
Symposia. [Greek. Edited by H. Aldrich.] 

Svo. Oxfffrd, 1711 

— Timaeus, sive de natura dialogus. [Greek.] 

4to. Ch. JFechel. Paris, 1532 

— Ex Timaeo particula Ciceronis de universitate 
libro respondens : qui duo libri inter se conjuncti 
opere J. Perionii proferuntur. [Greek and 

4to. Simon cles Colines. Paris, 1 540 

PLATO. Timaeus sive de universitate, interprete 
M. Tullio Cicerone et Chalcidio, una cum 
ejus docta explanatione. [Greek and Latin.] 

4to. Paris, 1579 

Chalcidii V. C. Timaeus translatus ; J. Meur- 

Sius recensuit, denuo edidit et notas addidit. 

4to. Leyden, 1617 

Platonis, Thucydidis et Demosthenis funebres 

orationes. [Greek.] 

Svo. Aldus. Venice, 1549 

PLATONIC (The) wife : a comedy. [By Elizabeth 

Svo. London, 1765 

PLATONISME (Le) devoil6, ou essai tonchant le 
verbe Platonicien. [By N. Souverain.] 

Svo. Cologne, 1700 

PLATT, Thomas Pell. 

See Bible, Amharic. N. T., Gospels. 

PLATTES, Gabriel. A discovery of subterraneall 
treasure, viz. of all manner of mines and 
mineralls from the gold to the coale, with 
directions for the finding, melting, and assaying 
of them, etc. 

4to. J. Okes for J. Emery. London, 1639 

PLAUTUS, Titus Maccius. 

See Collins, W. L. [Ancient classics for English 
„ Parens, J. P. Lexicon Plautinum. Haiuiu, 

,, Poetae Latini. Milan, 1731-65. 
„ Schoppe, 0. Suspectarum lectionum libri 
quinque. Amsterdam, 1664. 

Comoediae viginti. Edidit Georgius Merula 


fol. J. de Colonia and V. de Spira. 
Venice, 1472 

— Another edition. Ex recensione Georgii 
Merulae Alexandrini. 

fol. P. de Ferraria and D. de Bononia. 
Treviso, 1482 

— Another edition. Cum correctione et inter- 
pretatione Hermolai, Merulae, Politiani, et 
Beroaldi, et cum multis additionibus. 

fol. [U. Scinzenzeler. Milan, 1495] 



PLAUTUS, Titus Maccius. Comoediae viginti. 
Cum interprotationo Petri Vallae et Ber- 


fol. S. Bevilaqua. Venice, 1499 

Another edition. Cum interpretatione Jo. 

Bapt. Pii. 

fol. U. Scinzensekr. Milan, 1500 

Another edition. Ex antiquis recentioribusque 

exemplaribus invicem collatis diligentissime 

8vo. [Lyons] 1513 

Another edition. Nuper recognitae et acri 

judicio NiCOLAl Angelii diligentissime excussac. 
8vo. P. Giunhi. Florence, 1514 

Printed on vellum. 

Another edition. [Edited by F. Asulanus.] 
4to. Aldus. Venice, 1522 

Another edition. Authoris vita : argumenta 

et tralatio Graecarum dictionum. 

fol. R. Stephanus. Paris, 1530 

Another edition. A J. Camerario emen- 

datae, . . . opera J. Sambuci, aliquot C. Langii 
et aliorum observationes. 

l6mo. Plantin. Antwerp, 1566 

Another edition. Ex fide atque auctoritate 

complurium librorum manuscriptorum opera D. 
Lambini emendatus, etc. 

fol. Paris, 1576 

Red morocco, with the arms of LoniSnie de Brienne. 

Another edition. Ex recensione DousiCA. 

1 vol. in 2. 12mo. Fr. Raplielengius. 
Leyden, 1594 

Another edition. Cum iiotis, fragmentis, 

Pseudo-Plauti Querolo atque indico, curis J. P. 

4to. Neustadt an der Hardt, 1619 

- ■ Another edition. Ex recognitione Jani 

Gruteri : accedunt commentarii F. Taubmanni. 

4to. Zach. Schurer. [IFittenberfj] 1621 

Another edition. 

24mo. Elzevir. Amsterdam, 1652 

Another edition. Interpretatione et notis 

illustravit JACOBUS Operarius in usum Delphini. 

2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1679 

PLAUTUS, Titus Maccius. Comoediae viginti. 
Accedit commentarius ex recensione J. F. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1684 

Another edition. Ad ultimam editionem J. 

F. Gronovii accuratissime expressa. 

12mo. Amsterdam, 1721 

Another edition. Ex optimis quibusque edi- 

tioiiibus, ac piaecipue F. Taubmanni diligentis- 
sime repraesentatae. [Edited by G. A. and G. 


8vo. Padua, 1725 

Another edition. Curante J. P. Millero. 

3 vols. 8vo. Berlin, 1755 

— Another edition. [Edited by J. Capperon- 

3 vols. 12mo. Barhau. Paris, 1759 

— Another edition. Cum commentario, ex vari- 
orum notis et observationibus, ex recensione J. 
F. Gronovii, cum praefatione J. A. Ernesti. 

2 vols. 8vo. Leipzig, 1760 

Another edition. Ex editione J. F. Gronovii. 

3 vols. 8vo. Foidis. Glasgow, 1763 

— Another edition. Cum fragmentis ex editione 
Vulpiorum : quibus accessit Querolus, comoedia 
antiqui auctoris. 

2 vols. 8vo. Padua, 1764 

Another edition. Ex recensione J. A. VuLPll. 

Accedit novus index in quo rariora et obsoleta 
verba cxplicantur. Fragmenta. 

4 vols. 8vo. Venice, 1788 

— Another edition. Novissime recognitae et 
emendatae [by K. F. P. Brunck]. Fragmenta. 

3 vols. 8vo. Zweihriicken, 1788 

— Another edition. Ac deperditarum fragmenta, 
recensita a B. F. Schmieder, cum commentario. 

2 vols, in 3. 8vo. Guttingen, 1804 

— Another edition. Edidit F. H. Bothe. 

4 vols. 8vo. Berlin, n09-l\ 

— Another edition. Ex editione J. F. Gronovii, 
etc. [Valpy's D^jlphin Classics.] 

5 vols. 8vo. London, 1829 



PLAUTUS, Titus Maccius. Comedies traduites en 

Frangois par Mile. Le Fevre. [Latin and French.] 

3 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1691 

Le commedie, volgarizzate da N. E. Angelio, 

col teste latino a dirimpetto. 

10 vols, in 5. 8vo. [Naples] 1783-84 

Traduction de la comedie intitulee Mostellaria, 

avec le textu revu. [By J. H. Dotteville] 

8vo. Versailles, 1803 

L'Aulularia, e il Soldato Glorioso : commedie 

tradotte. [Parnaso de' poeti classici, torn, xxi.] 

8vo. Venice, 1797 

Dicta Plautina. [Collected by B. ACCURSIUS.] 
[8vo. B. Accursitis. Milan, 1480] 

Fragmenta inedita, item ad P. Terentium com- 

mentationes et pictiirae ineditae. Inventore A. 

4to. Milan, 1815 

PLAYER, Sir Thomas. 

See Pilkington, Sir T. Tryal. London, l6S3. 

PLAYFAIR, James. A system of chronology. 

fol. Edinburgh, 1784 

PLAYFAIR, John. Illustrations of the Pluttonian 
theory of the earth. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1802 

PLAYFAIR, William. For the use of the enemies 
of England : a real statement of the finances and 
resources of Great Britain, illustrated by two 
copper plate charts. 

8vo. London, 1796 

A general view of the actual force and resources 

of France in January 1 793. 

8vo. London, 1793 

— Inevitable consequences of a reform in Parlia- 

8vo. London, 1792 

— An inquiry into the permanent causes of the 
decline and fall of powerful and wealthy nations. 

4to. London, 1805 

— Thoughts on the present state of French 
politics, and the necessity and policy of diminish- 
ing France ; to which is added that inestimable 
treatise on the defence of England by General 
Lloyd, a map of France, and a chart of the 

8vo. London, 1793 

PLAYHOUSE (The) scuffle ; or, passive obedience 
kickt off the stage, being a true relation of a 
new tragi-comedy as it was acted last week at 
the play-house in Drury Lane. 

12mo. London, 1710 

PLEA (A) for the king. 

4to. Oxford, 1642 

(The) of the six doctors examined. [In the 

matter of Dr. Pusey's sermon on the Eucharist, 
preached May 24, 1843.] 

8vo. Ojiford, 1843 

PLEADINGS and depositions in the duchy court of 
Lancaster, time of Henry vii. and Henry viii. 
Edited by Lieut.-Colonel H. FiSHWiCK. [Record 
Society, xxxiii., xxxv.] 

2 vols. 8vo. [Bochdak] 1 896-97 

PLEASANT (A) battle between two lap dogs of 
the Utopian court. 

fol. London, 168I 

(The) conceits of old Hobson, the Merry 

Londoner, l607. Edited by J. 0. Halliwell. 
[Percy Society, ix.] 

8vo. London. 1843 

PLETHO, Georgius Gemistus, surnamed. 
See Gemistus, G. 

PLEYDELL, J. C. An essay on field fortification ; 
intended for the use of officers of infantry ; with 
40 copper-plates. Translated from the German. 

8vo. London, 1768 


See Church, A. J. [Ancient classics for English 
„ Marquez, P. Delle ville di Plinio il giovane. 

Home, 1796. 
„ Panegyric! veteres. Paris, 1676, etc. 

Epistolae, Panegyricus ; liber de viris illustri- 

bus [attributed to Aurelius Victor]. 

4to. Mm-ehis. Venice [1490] 

— Epistolarum libri x., Panegyricus ; de viris 
illustribus : Suetonii Tranquilli de Claris gram- 
maticis et rhetorib. : Julii Obsequentis pro- 
digiorum liber. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1508 

— Another edition. Suetonii de claris gram- 
maticis, etc. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1518 




tolarum libri x. Suetonii Tranquilli do Claris 
grammaticis, etc. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. B. Stepluinus. 
Paris, 1529-39 

Epistolarum libri x. et panegyricus. Accedunt 

variantes lectiones. 

12mo. Elsevir. Leyden, 1640 

Editio nova : M. Z. BoxHORNius recensuit 

et emendavit. 

12mo. /. aiul Dan. Elsevier. Leydcn, 1653 

■ Editio nova. 

l2mo. Elzevir. Amsterdam, 1659 

— Another edition. Curante J. P. MiLLEKO. 

8vo. Berlin, 1750 

— Another edition. Epistolae ex recensione 
Cortii et Longolii : Panegyricus ex editione 
T. Hearne. 

4to. Foulis. Glasgmv, 1751 

Another edition. 

3 vols. 12mo. Foulis. Glasgmv, 1751 

Another edition. Recensuit J. N. Lallemand. 
12mo. Barhou. Paris, 1769 

— Another edition. Ex recensione J. M. Gesneri 
cum notis. 

2 vols. 8vo. Venice, 1786 

— Another edition. Ex recensione et cum ad- 

notationibus J. M. Gesneri, quibus Heusingerii, 
Ernestii suasque notas addidit G. H. Schaefer. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1805 

— Epistolae. 

4to. [Chr. Valdarfar. Venice'] 1471 

Another edition. 
4to. [/. Schurener de Bopardia. Bomc, 1 474] 

Another edition. 

fol. M. Morams. Naples, 1476 

• Another edition. 

4to. Ph. Lavagna. Milan, 1478 

• Another edition. 

4to. Euch. Silber. Borne, 1490 


4to. [Venice, 1490] 

— Ad Tfcajanum epistole 46 nuper reperte cum 
ejusdem responsis. 

4to. /. dc Tridino alias Tacuinus. [Venice] 1502 

— Epistolae per P. Beroaldum correctae. 

4to. Benedicins Eectmis. Bologna, 1 504 


4to. [JDevenier, 1510] 

— Epistolarum libri x., notis [variorum] illustrati 
a J. Veenhusio. 

8vo. Leyden and Bolterdam, 1669 

— Another edition. Cum notis selectis [variorum] 
ex recensione G. Cortii et P. D. Longolii. 

4to. Amsterdam, 1734 

— Another edition. [Edited by H. HOMER.] 

8vo. London, 1790 

— Letters. [Translated] by W. Meljioth. Fifth 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1770 

— Epistole di G. Plinio, di F. Petrarca, del 
Signore Pico della Mirandola, ecc, tradotte per 
L. Dolce. 

8vo. G. Giolito de Feirari. Venice, 1548 

— Panegyricus liber Trajano dictus, cum notis 
D. Baudii. lis accedunt commentarius J. LiPSll, 
integrae notae J. LiviNAEi, etc. 

8vo. Leydcn, l675 

— Another edition. Cum notis integris [variorum], 
curante J. Arntzenio : accedit J. Masson vita 

4to. Amsterdam, 1738 

Another edition. Recensuit C. G. Sciiwarzius. 
4to. Nuremherg, 1746 

■ Another edition. 

12mo. Paris, 1796 

— Panegirico a Trajano, tradotto da V. Alfieri. 
Seconda edizione. 

8vo. Paris, 1789 

— De viris illustribus Romanis. [Supposititious : 
sometimes ascribed to S. Aurelius Victor.] Sextus 
Rufus de Historia Romana. 

8vo. Sixtiis Riessinger. [Naples, 1475] 




viris illustribus Romanis. 

4to. [/. F. de Lignamine. Rome, 1475] 

Another edition. 

4to. Apud S. Jacobum de Ripoli. 
Florence, 1478 

— Another edition. 

4to. {S. de Bopardia. Rome, 1480] 

— Another edition. Suetonii Tranquilli de claris 
grammaticis et rhetoribus liber: Julii Obsequentis 
prodigiorum liber imperfectus. 

8vo. Mauricius de Porta. Paris, 1 543 

— II libro degli huomini illustri, ridotto in lingua 

volgare : le vite d'Alessandro, di M. Antonio, 
di Catone Uticese, di Cesare, e d'Ottaviano 
aggiuntevi per D. Atanagi. I costumi di Cesare 
ne fatti di guerra raccolti da varii scrittori. 
Espositione de I'Atanagio sopra le voci e cose 

8vo. B. and G. B. Guerra. Venice, 1562 


See Guilandinus, M. Papyrus. Venice, 1572. 

-^ Historia naturalis. 

fol. /. de Spire. Venice, 1469 

Another edition. 

fol. Stveyiiheym and Pannartz. Rome, 1 470 

Printed on vellum. 

Another edition. 

fol. N. Jenson. Venice, 1472 

Another edition. 

fol. Sweynheym and Pannartz. Rome, 14:73 

■ Another edition. 

fol. M. Manzoli. Tremso, 147.9 

■ Another edition. 

fol. A. Pmiilia. Parma, 1480 

Another edition. 

2 vols. Sa'o. [Lyons] 1510 

Another edition. [With an index volume.] 

4 vols. 8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1535-38 

Another edition. 

3 vols. 8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1536-40 

PLINIUS SECUNDUS, Caius. Historia naturalis. 
A Paulo Manutio multis in locis emendata. Cum 
indice plenissimo. 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1558-59 

Another edition. [Edited by J. DE Laet.] 

3 vols. 12mo. Elzevir. Leyden, 1635 

Another edition. Cum commentariis et 

adnotationibus variorum. Accedunt praeterea 
variae lectiones, item J. F. Gronovii notarum 
liber, etc. 

3 vols. 8vo. Leyden, I669 

Another edition. Edidit J. Harduinus in 

usum Delphini. 

5 vols. 4to. Paris, 1685 

— Another edition. Edidit J. Harduinus : 
editio altera emeudatior et auctior. 

2 vols, in 3. fol. Paris, 1723 

Another edition. Accedit Chrestomathia 

indicibus aliquot copiosissimis exposita, curante 


5 vols. 8vo. Berlin, 1766 

— Another edition. Recensuit et notis illus- 
travit G. Brotier. 

6 vols. • 12mo. Barbou. Pam, 1779 

— Another edition. Ex recognitione JoANNiS 
Harduini et Gabrieus Broterii. 

8 vols. 8vo. Venice, 1784-85 

— Another edition. Ex editione G. Brotier. 
[Valpy's Delphin Classics.] 

13 vols. 8vo. Lmdon, 1826 

— Natural history. Translated and noted by 
J. Bostock and H. T. Riley. 

6 vols. 8vo. London, 1855-57 

— Histoire naturelle. Traduite en Francois, avec 

le texte Latin. 

12 vols. 4to. Paris, 1771-82 

— Histoire de la peinture ancienne : extraite de 
I'Histoire Naturelle, liv. xxxv. : avec le texte 

fol. London, 1725 

— Histoire naturelle des animaux : traduction 
nouvelle, avec le texte en regard par P. C. B. 

3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1802 



PLINIUS SECUNDUS, Caius. Historia Naturale, 
tradocta di lingua Latina in Fiorentina per 
C. Landing. 

fol. N. Jenson. Fenice, 1476 

Printed on vellura. 

Historia naturale, tradotta per L. Domenichi. 

■Ito. Alessandro GrriJ/io. Fenice, 1580 

PLITT, Gustav Leopold. 

See Herzog, J. J. Keal Encyklopadie. Leipzig, 
„ „ A religious encyclopaedia. 

Edinburgh, 188.'i-84. 

PLOT, Robert. 

See History and antiquities of Glastonbury. 

Oxford, 1722. 

The natural history of Oxfordshire. 

fol. Oxfard, 1677 

The natural history of Staffordshire. 

fol. Oxford, 1686 

PLOTINUS. Operum philosophicorum omnium 
lib. Liv., cum Latina M. FiciNi interpretatione et 
commentatione. [Greek and Latin.] 

fol. Basle, 1580 

Liber de pulcritudine. Accedunt anecdota 

graeca : Procli disputatio de unitate et pulcritu- 
dine, Nicephori Nathanaelis antitheticus adversus 
Plotinum do anima, itemque lectiones Platonicae. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. Heidelberg, 1811. 

Opera, a M. Ficino latine reddita. 

1 vol. in 2. fol. J. Miscominus. 
Florence, 14y2 

Printed on veUum. 

Five books, on felicity, on tlie nature and 

origin of evil, on providence, on nature, con- 
templation and the one, and on the descent of 
the soul. Translated by T. Taylor. 

8vo. London, 1794 

PLOWDEN, Francis. 

See Investigation of the native rights. London, 
„ Newburgh, J. B. R., earl of. The case of the 
earl of Newburgh. London, 1783. 

The case stated : occasioned by the act of 

Parliament lately passed for the relief of the 
English Koman Catholics. 

8vo. London, 1791 

PLOWDEN, Francis. An historical review of the 
state of Ireland from the invasion of that country 
under Henry II. to its union with Great Britain. 
2 vols, in 3. 4to. London, 1803 

The history of Ireland, from its invasion under 

Henry ii. to its union with Great Britain. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1809 

Impartial thoughts upon the beneficial conse- 

quences of inrolling all deeds, wills and codicils 
affecting lands, throughout England and Wales. 

8vo. London, 1789 

PLOWDEN, Pilgrim, pseud. Farrago. 

8vo. London, 1733 

PLOWDEN, Walter Chichele. Travels in Abyssinia 
and the Galla country ; with an account of a 
mission to Eas Ali in 1848. Edited by T. C. 


8vo. London, 1868 

PLOWMAN, Pierce. 

See Langland, W. The vision. London, 1550, etc. 

PLUCHE, Noel Antoine. 

See Histoire du ciel. Paris, 1 748. 

La m6canique des langues et I'art de les 


12mo. Paris, 1751 

PLUMMER, Alfred. 

See Doellinger, J. J. I. von. Prophecies and the 
prophetic spirit. Loiulon, IS73. 
„ Expositor's Bible. Pastoral epistles. 
„ „ ,, James and Jude. 

— A critical and exegetical commentary on the 
Gospel according to S. Luke. [International 
Critical Commentary.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1896 

PLUMMER, Charles. 

See Elizabethan Oxford. [Oxford Historical 

PLUMMER, John. Songs of labour, Northampton- 
shire rambles and other poems. 

12mo. London, I860 



PLUMPTON correspondence. A series of letters, 
chiefly domestick, written in the reigns of 
Edward iv., Kichard iii., Henry vii. and Henry 
vm. Edited by T. Stapleton, from Sir Edward 
Phimpton's Book of Letters ; with notices his- 
torical and biographical of the family of Plump- 
ton of Plumpton, com. Ebor. [Camden Society, 

4to. London, 1839 

PLUMPTRE, Charles Edward. 

Sec General sketch of . . . pantheism. London, 

PLUMPTRE, Edward Hayes. 

See Sophocles. Tragedies. London, 1865. 

A 'popular exposition of the epistles to the 

seven Churches of Asia. 

12mo. London, 1877 

The spirits in prison and other studies on the 

life after death. 

8vo. London, 1884' 

PLUMPTRE, Huntingdon. Epigrammaton opus- 
culum duobus libellis distinctum. 

8vo. Thomas Harper. London, 1629 


See Fitz-Harris, E. Tryal and condemnation. 
London, 1681. 

PLUNKETT, Edward, Lord Dimsany. 
See Dunsany, E. P., Lord. 

PLUQUET, Francois Andrd Adrian. 

See Examen du fatalisme. Pans, 1757. 

Pe la sociabilite. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1767 

PLUQUET, Fr^ddric. 

See Wace, R. Le roman de Eou. Rouen, 1827. 

Notice sur la vie et les Merits de Kobert Wace, 

poete Normand du 1 2' siecle : suivie de citations 
ertraites de ses ouvrages. 

8vo. Rouen, 1824 

See Liber Pluscardensis, 


.Sw Apophthegmata Graeca. [Paris] 1568. 
„ Arrian, F. Periplus. Basle, 1533 (for De 
fluminibus, etc.). 


See Cebes. Tabula. [Venice, 1500] (for De 

institutione puerorum). 
,, Censorinus. De die natali. Bologna, 1497 

(for De invidia et Odio). 
,, Demosthenes. Orationes. Venice, 1504. 
,, Libelli aliquot formandis. [Genera'] 1581. 
,, Lucian. [Two or more works, Greek.] 

Divers traites. Paris, 1788. 
,, Plato. Symposia. Oxford, 1711. 
,, Polybius. Del modo dell' accampare. 

Florence, 1552. 
,, Stobaeus, J. Dicta poetarum. Paris, 1623 

(for Quomodo Adolescens Poemata aiidire 

„ Vergerius, P. P. De ingenuis moribus ac 

liberalibus studiis. Brescia, 1485. 
„ Vies des hommes illustres. Paris, 1784. 


Quae supersunt omnia. Cum adnotationibus 

variorum adjectaque lectionis diversitate. Opera 
J. Ct. Hutten. [Greek.] 

11 vols. 8vo. Tubingen, 1791-98 

— Opera omnia, cum Latina interpretatione. 
[Edited by H. Estienne. Greek and Latin.] 

13 vols. Svo. H. Stephanus. [Paris] 1572 

— Another edition. Accedit nunc primum 
Plutarchi vita, etc. Edidit J. Rualdus. 

2 vols, in 4. fol. Paris, 1624 

— Another edition. Principibus ex editionibus 
castigavit, virorumque doctorum suisque anno- 
tationibus instruxit J. J. Eeiske. [Greek and 

12 vols. 8vo. Leip:iij, 1774-82 

— (Euvres, traduites du Grec par J. Amyot. 

15 vols. 4to. Paris, 1784 

— (Two or more works.) 

Opuscula Ixxxxii. , sive moralia opera. [Greek. ] 
fol. Aldus. Venice, 1509 

— Moralia, id est opera, exceptis vitis, reliqua. 
Recensuit D. Wyttenbach. [Greek and Latin.] 

7 vols. 4to. Oxford, 1795-1810 

— Another edition. Edidit D. Wyttenbach. 
Vol. i. [No more published.] 

1 vol. in 2. Svo. Leipzig, 1796-99 



PLUTARCH. The philosophic, commonly called 
the Morals. Translated out of Greeke into 
English and conferred with the Latine trans- 
lations and the French by P. Holland. 

fol. Arnold Hatfield. London, l603 

Morals. Translated by several hands; corrected 

and revised by W. W. Goodwin, with an intro- 
duction by E. W. Emerson. 

5 vols. 8vo. Boston, U.S.A., 1871 

Les ccuvres morales et meslees, translat^es 

du Grec en Fran9ois. [By Jacques Asiyot.] 
Seconde edition. 

7 vols. 8vo. Fascosan. Paris, 157* 

Qiuvres morales. Traduites en fran9ois par 

M. I'Abb^ Ricard. 

17 vols. 12mo. Pan's, 178.3-9.") 

Opiiscoli morali, tradotti in Italiana. 

5 vols. 4to. Borne, 17.90 

De virtute et vitio. De fortuna. Quem ad 

modum oporteat Adulescentem poemata audire. 
[Greek. Edited by G. Aleandro.] 

4to. E. Gourmont. Paris, 1509 

De curiositate. Idem de Nugacitatc. Inter- 

prete Joanne Laurentio Veneto. 

4to. Rome, 1524. 

De puerorum educatione et de audiendis poetis : 

Isocratis orationes tres : Hesiodi opera et 
Theognidis sententiae, Graece : recensuit Chr. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1776 

— Apophthegmata regum et impcratorum, 
apophthcgmata Laconica, autiqua Lacedaemoni- 
orum instituta, apophthegmata Lacaenarum. 
[Greek and Latin. Edited by M. Maittaire.] 

4to. Lcmdon, 1741 

— Apophthegmata Regum et Imperatorum, and 
Apophthegmata Laconica. Translated into Latin 
by F. Filelfo. 

4to. V. de Spira. [F«mce] 1471 

— Another edition. 

4to. [Pr. of first Horace. Venice, 1 47 1 ] 

— Apoftemmi, motti argiiti piacevoli e sentenze 
notabili, tradotti in lingua Toscana per G. B. 


4to. G. Giolito de' Ferrari. Venice, 1 567 


PLUTARCH. (Single works.; 

De amicitia fraterna; LUDOVico Russardo 
juris consult© interprete. 

8vo. Paris, 1559 

Libellus de Avaritia, per eximium R. Pac.eum 

invictissimi regis Anglian oratorem elegantissime 

4to. Rome, 1522 

— De educatione liberorum liber : accedunt bina 
ejusdem et Marcelli Sidetae medici fragmenta : 
Graece. Recensuit J. G. Schneider. 

8vo. Stra^lmrg, 1775 

— De liberis educandis, Latine. [Translated by 
Guarinus Veronensis.] 

4to. /. Britannicus. Brescia, 1485 

— De Iside et Osiride liber, Graece et Anglice, 
recensuit, commentario auxit, versionem adjecit 
S. Squire. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1744 

— De virtute morali. [Greek and Latin.] Cum 
commentariis A. H. Ducis. 

fol. Naples, 1526 

— De viitutibus mulierum. Ranutio interprete. 

4to. B. de Bononis. Brescia, 1485 

— Liber quomodo juveni audienda sint poemata, 
cum interpretatione Latina HuGONis Grotii ; 
variantes lectiones et notas adjecit J. Potter. 
[Greek and Latin.] Editio altera. 

8vo. Glasgow, 1753 

— Dicteriae, e Graeco in Latinum per Fr. Philel- 
PHUM traductae. Petrarchae de vera sapientia 

fol. [Ketelaer and de Leempt. Utrecht, 14-73] 

— Vitae parallelae Romanorum et Graecorum xlix. 

fol. P. Junta. Florence, 1517 

— Another edition. [Greek. Edited by F. 


fol. Aldus. Venice, 1519 

— Another edition. [Greek.] 

fol. Froben. Bask, 1560 

— Vltae parallelae cum singulis aliquot, graece et 
latine. Recensuit A. Bryan us. 

5 vols. 4to. London, 1724-29 



PLUTARCH. Vitae parallelae, a diversis interpreti- 
bus latinae factae, a J. A. Campano coUectae et 

2 vols. fol. Ul. Han. Borne [1470] 

Another edition. 

2 vols. fol. E. Printer. [Strashurg, 1470] 

Another edition. 

2 vols. fol. N. Jenson. Venice, 1478 

Graecorum Eomanorumque illustrium vitae. 


fol. M. Isingrin. Basle, 1542 

Brown calf, richly gilt. Bound for Thomas Wotton. 

Lives. Translated, with notes, and a life of 

Plutarch, by J. and W. Langhorne. 

6 vols. 8vo. London, 1792 

Lives. The translation called Dryden's, re- 
vised by A. H. Clough. 

5 vols. 8vo. London, 1874 

Les vies des hommes illustres Grecs et 

Romains: translatees par J. Amyot; troisifeme 
edition. Avec les vies de Hannibal et Scipion, 
traduittes par C. de l'Ecluse. 

7 vols, in 6. Fascosan. Paris, 1567 

Les vies des hommes illustres. Traduites du 

grec par D. Ricard. 

12 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1798-1803 

La prima parte delle vite traducte de latino in 

vulgare par B. A. Jaconello. [No more pub- 

fol. Adam de Bottvil. Aqidla, \iS2 

— Vite de gli huomini illustri Greci et Romani, 
tradotte per L. Domeniciii et altri. 

2 vols. 4to. G. Giolito. Venice, 1567 

Le vite, volgarizzate da G. Pompei. 

5 vols. 4to. Verona, llli 

PLUVINEL, Antoine de. L'Instruction du roy en 
I'exercice de monter k cheval. 

fol. Paris, 1629 

PLYMLEY, Peter, pseud, i.e. Sydney Smith. Two 
letters on the subject of the Catholics, to my 
brother Abraham, who lives in the country. 
Third edition. 

8vo. London, 1807 

Three more letters on the subject of the Catho- 

— Demosthenis et Ciccronis vitae parallelae, nunc 
piimura separatim editae. Graeca recensuit, 
Latine reddidit, notis illustravit P. Barton. 

8vo. Oj-ford, 1744 

— Vitarum parallelarum delectus. [Greek and [ 

6 vols, in 3. 8vo. BuUin, 1761-62 ' 

lies, to my brother Abraham, who lives in the 
country. Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1807 

Letters on the subject of the Catholics to my 

brother Abraham who lives in the country. 
[This edition contains five more letters than are 
printed in the two preceding editions.] Eleventh 

8vo. Londmi, 1808 

POCOCK, Edwaxd. 

See Eutychius. Contextio gemmarum. Oxford, 

,, Gregory, A. A. Historia dynastiarum. Ox- 
ford, 166s. 

„ Jaafar, A. Philosophus autodidactus. Oxford, 

„ Maimonides, M. Porta Mosis. Oxford, 1655. 

Specimen historiae Arabum. Accessit historia 

veterum Arabum ex Abu'l Feda ; cura Antonii L 
Sylvestre de Sacy. Edidit J. White. 

4to. Oxfm-d, 1806 

Theological works, to which is prefixed an 

account of his life and writings, by L. Twells. 
2 vols. fol. London, 1740 

POCOCK, Nicholas. 

See Burnet, G. History of the Reformation. 
Oxfm-d, 1865. 
„ Hammond, H. Theological works. Oxfmxl, 

„ Harpsfield, N. Treatise on the pretended 

divorce. [Camden Society.] 
„ Troubles connected with the Prayer Book. 
[Camden Society.] 

POCOCK, Robert. The history of the towns of 
Gravesend and Milton, Kent. 

4to. Gravesend, 1797 

Memorials of the family of Tufton, earls of 

Thanet, deduced from various sources of 
authentic information. 

8vo. Gravesend, 1800 



POCOCKE, Richard, Bishop of Meath. A descrip- 
tion of the East and some other countries. 
Vol. I. Observations on Egypt. Vol. Ii. Observ- 
ations on Palaestine, Syria, Mesopotamia, the 
islands of the Archipelago, Asia Minor, etc. 

2 vols, in 3. fol. London, 1743-4,") 

Tours in Scotland, 1747-60. Edited, with a 

biographical sketch of the author, by D. W. 
Kemp. [Scottish History Society, i.] 

8vo. Edinl/unjh, 18S7 

The travels through England of Dr. R. Pococke. 

Edited by J. J. Cartwright. [Camden Society, 
N. S., xlii., xliv.] 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1888-89 

PODMORE, Frank. 

Sec Gurney, E. Phantasms of the living. London, 

POELLNITZ, Carl Ludwig, baron von. 

See Amusemens des eaux d'Aix-la-Chapelle. 
Amsterdam, 1 736. 
„ Amusemens des eaux de Spa. Amsterdum, 

„ Histoire secrette de la duchesse d'Hanover. 
London, 1732. 

Nouveaiix memoires, contenant I'histoire de sa 

vie et la relation de ses premiers voyages. 

2 vols. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1737 

POEM (A) on the times of Edward ii., from a 
manuscript, preserved in the Library of St. 
Peter's College, Cambridge. Edited by C. 
Hardwick. [Percy Society, xxviii.] 

8vo. London, 1849 

POEMATA didascalica nunc primum vel edita, vel 
collecta. [By F. Oudin.] 

3 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1749 

didascalica primum vel edita vel collecta 

studiis Fr. Oudin, emendata a Josepho Oliveto. 
Secunda editio. 

3 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1813 

POEMS. [By Anne Penny.] 

4to. London, 1780 

— and songs relating to George Villiers, Duke of 
Buckingham, and his assassination by John 
Felton, August 23, 1628. Edited, with an intro- 
duction and notes, by F. \V. Fairholt. [Percy 
Society, xxix. 

8vo. London, 1850 

POEMS by a father and a daughter, containing 
memorials of eminent characters and events. 
[By J. A. and — Prowett.] 

12mo. London, 184.5 

by two brothers. See Tennyson, A. and C. 

— elegies, paradoxes, and sonets. [By Henry 
King, Bishop of Chichester.] 

8vo. London, l664 

— in English and Latin on the archers and royal 

company of ai'chers, by several hands. 

I2mo. Edinburgh, 1726 

— on affairs of st;ite from the time of Oliver 

Cromwell to the abdication of K. James ii. 
Written by the greatest ■vvits of the age. Sixth 
edition. [Vol. i. only.] 

2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. London, 1709-10 

POESIE pastorali e rusticali, raccolte cd illustrate 
da GiULio Ferrario. 

8vo. Milan, 1808 

POESIS philosophica, vel saltern reliquiae poesis 
philosophicae, Empedoclis, Xenophanis, Timonis, 
Parmenidis, Cleanthis, Epicharmi, Orphei car- 
mina : Heracliti et Democriti loci quidam. 
[Edited by H. Estienne.] 

8vo. H. Stephamis. [Geneva'] \ SIS 

POETAE Christiani Veteres. Prudentius, Prosperus, 
Joannes Damascenus, Cosma, Theophanes, etc. 

3 vols. 4to. Aldus. Venice, 1501-4 

Another edition. 

8vo. [G. Euyon. Lyons, 1520] 

Graeci. Poetae Graeci principes heroici car- 
minis, et alii nonnulli : Homerus, Hesiodus, 
Orpheus, Callimachus, Aratus, Nicander, Theo- 
critus, Moschus, Bion, Dionysius, Coluthus, 
Tryphiodorus, Musaeus, Theognis, Phocylides, 
Pythagorae aurea carmina : fragmenta aliorum. 


fol. II. StepJianus. [Paris] 1566 

Another edition. [Homer to Pythagoras, as in 

1566 edition. In addition Apollonius Khodius, 
Oppianus,Cointus Smyrnacus,Nonni Dionysiaca.] 
Edidit Jac. Lectius. [Greek and Latin.] 

2 vols. fol. Geneva, l606 

Poetae Graeci veteres, tragici, comici, lyrici, 

epigrammatarii. [Edited by P. DE LA Roviere.] 
2 vols. fol. Geneva, i6l4i 



POETAE Graeci. To, aco^o/xera T<J)V lAtyeiaKwi' Kai 
Tivuiv Thiv XvpiKmv woiijTwv : Kal cr^dAia TU'a. 

8vo. O:rford, 1759 

Selecta ex Homero, Hesiodo et aliis poetis 

Graecis, Gr. et Lat., in usum regiae scholae 

8vo. Eto7i, 1755 

Another edition. 

8vo. Eton, 1762 

Poetae Graeci Christiaiu, una cum Homericis 

centonibus, ex SS. Patrum operibus collecti. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. Paris, I60.Q 

Graeci minores. Theocriti, Simmiae, Moschi, 

et Bionis eidyllia et epigrammata, cum MuSAEi 
poemario. [Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. Paris, 1627 

Theognidis, Phocylidis, Pythagorae, Solonis, 

aliorumque veterum poemata gnomica. [Greek 
and Latin.] 

8vo. Paris, 1627 

— Poetae minores Graeci. [Hesiodus, Theocritus, 
Moschus, Bion, Simmias, Musaeus, Theognis, 
etc.] Accedunt observationes R. Wintertoni 
in Hesiodum. [Greek and Latin.] 

12mo. Cambridge, 1652 

— Another edition. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1684 

— Poetae minores Graeci selecti et emendati, 
scilicet, Hesiodus, Theocritus, Moschus, Bion, 
Musaeus, Theognis, Phocylides, Pythagoras. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. London, 173.9 

— Poetae minores Graeci praeciptia lectionis 
varietate et indicibus locuplctissimis instruxit 
T. Gaisford. [Greek.] 

3 vols. 8vo. Oxford, 1814-20 

— Latini. Opera et fragmenta veterum poetarum 
Latinorum, profanorum et ecclesiasticorum. 
[Edited by M. Maittaire.] 

2 vols, in 3. fol. London, 1713 

— Corpus omnium veterum poetarum Latinorum 
cum Italica versionc : Statins [4 vols.], Virgilius 
[3 vols.], Horatius [2 vols.], Phaedrus and Cor- 
nelius Severus, Claudianus [3 vols.], Valerius 
Flaccus [2 vols.], Manilius and Persius [2 vols.], 
Juvenalis and Terentius [2 vols.], Catullus and 

Tibullus, Propertius, Ovidius [9 vols, in 10], 
Plautus, Silius Italicus [3 vols.]. [Edited by G. 
R. Malatesta.] 

35 vols, in 36. 4to. Milan, 1731-65 

POETAE Latini Minores. Gratii Falisci Cynegeti- 
con ; M. Aurelii Olympii Nemesiani Cynegeticon 
et Eclogae iv. : T. Calpurnii Siculi Eclogae vii. : 
C. Rutilii Numatiani Iter : Q. Serenas Samonicus 
de medicina : Vindicianus sive Marcellus de 
medicina : Q. Rhemnius Fannius Palaemon de 
ponderibus : et Sulpiciae satyra, cum notis, 
curante P. Burmanno. 

2 vols. 4to. Leyden, 1731 

Another edition. Ex editione P. Buemanni. 

8vo. Foulis. Glasgow, 1752 

Poetae Latini minores ; curavit J. C. Werns- 

DORF. Tom. i., Gratii Falisci, M. Aur. Olympii 
Nemesiani, D. Magni Ausonii aliorumque de 
venatione aucupio et piscatu carmina et frag- 
menta : torn, ii., Bucolica et idyllia T. Calpurnii 
Siculi, A. Septimii Sereni, D. M. Ausonii, Severi 
Sancti, P. Optatiani Porphyrii : torn, iii., Satyrici 
minores, elegiac et lyrica variorum : torn, iv., 
Carmina heroica de diis et hominibus rebusque 
illustribus tenens : tom. v., Carmina geographica : 
torn, vi., Carmina de re hortensi et villatica item 
amatoria et ludiera complectens. 

6 vols, in 8. 8vo. AUenburg aiid Helmstadt, 


Poetae tres elegantissimi, emendati et aucti. 

Michael Marullus, Hieronymus Angerianus, 
Joannes Secundixs. [Edited by L. Martellus.] 

l6mo. Paris, 1582 

POETARUM Scotorum musae sacrae, sive Arcturi 
Jonstoni Psalmorum, Cantici Salomonis, etc., 
paraphrasis poetica, J. Kerri Cantici paraphrasis, 
R. Bodii ad Christum servatorem hecatombe. 
Decupla sive Psalmi civ. decem paraphrases, et 
G. Eglisemmii poeticum duellum. Recensuit 


2 parts in 1. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1739 

veterum ecclesiasticorum opera Christiana, et 

opernm reliquiae atque fragmenta. Cum com- 
mentariis G. Fabricii. 

2 vols, in I. 4to. P. Oporinus. Basle, 1564 

POfjTES (Les) Francois depuis le xii. si6cle jusqu'a 
Malherbe. [Edited by P. R. Anguis.] 

6 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1824 



POETICAL (A) and philosophical essay on the 
French Revohition, Addressed to the right hon. 
Edmund Burke. [By John Couutknay.] 

4to. Lmdon, 1793 

miscellanies. Consisting of original poems and 

translations by the best hands. Publi.shed by 
Mr. Steele. 

12mo. London, 171 !■ 

miscellanies, from a manuscript collection of 

the time of James the first. Edited by J. 0. 
Halliwell. [Percy Society, xv.] 

8vo. London, 1845 

(The) register and repository of fugitive poetry 

for ISO 1-1 805. 

5 vols. 8vo. London, 1802-7 

POETEIARUM octo, Erinnae, Myrus, Myrtidis, 
Corinnae, Telesillae, Praxillae, Nossidis, Anytac, 
fragmenta et elogia, Graece et Latine, cum 
virorum doctorum notis. Accedit G. Olearii 
dissertatio de poetriis Graecis, cura et studio 
J. C. WoLFii. [Afterwards issued with a col- 
lective title-page (1735) as Part 2 of Novem 
illustrium foeminarum fragmenta et elogia.] 

4to. Hamburg, n.'M 

POGATSCHER, Alois. Zur Lautlehre der griech- 
ischen, lateinischen und romanischen Lehnworte 
im Altenglischen. [Quellen und Forschungen, 

8vo. Strashurg, 1888 
POGGI, A. C. de. 

See Relation historique de rimportante sortie, 
etc. London, 17y.3. 

A narrative of the proceedings of his majesty's 

fleet, under Earl Howe, from 2 May to 2 June 

4to. London, 1796 

POGGIALI, Cristoforo. jNlemoric per la storia 
letteraria di Piacenza. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Piacenza, 1789 

POGGIALI, Gaetano Domenico. 

See Marini, G. B. L'Adone. London, 1789. 
„ Novelle di alcune autori Fiorentini. Lmidon, 

„ Novelle di autori Senesi. London, 1796-98. 
,, Parabosco, G. I diporti. London, 1795. 
„ Sacchetti, F. Novelle. London, 1795. 

Serie de' testi di lingua stampati che si citano 

nel vocabolario degli Accademia della Crusca, 
posseduta da G. Poggiali. 

2 vols. 8vo. lycghorn, 1 8 1 .9 

POGGLAjgi, Giulio. 

See John Chrysostom. De virginitate liber. 

Roiw, 15()2. 

POGGIO Bracciolini. 

For Life, sre Shepherd, W. Liverpool, 1802. 
See Valla, L. De Latinae linguae elegantia libri 
sex. Paris, 1541. 


fol. [/. Schott. SUrasharg] 1513 

De nobilitate. 

4to. [Piome, 1480] 

— F'acetiae. 

4to. [Monast. S. Eusebii. Rome, 1472] 

— Another edition. 

fol. [F. Creiisner. Nureinbtrg, 1476] 

— Another edition. 

fol. [y/. Kohurger. Nuremberg, 1480] 

— Another edition. 

2 vols. 12mo. Lmidon, 1798 

— Historia Florentina, notis et vita illustrata ab 
I. B. Recanato. 

4to. Venice, 1715 

— Historia Fiorentiua, tradocta in lingua Toscana 
da Jacopo suo figluolo. '■' 

fol. Burtholonueus. Florence, 1492 

— Historiae de varietate fortnnae libri iv. : acce- 

dunt epistolae Ivii. : omnia a J. 0. Rhodigino 

4to. Paris, 1723 


Poggiana ou la vie, le caract&re, les sentences 

et les bons mots de Pogge, avec son histoire de 
la republique de Florence et un suppldment. 
[Edited by JaC(JUE.s Lenfant.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1720 

POGGIO, Jacopo. Sopra il triomfo della fama di 
Messer Francesco Petrarcha. 

4to. [Rome, 1476] 

Another edition 

4to. Fr. Bonaccorsi. Florence, 1485 

POGGIUS, Johannes Franciscus. Epistola ad 
Alexandrum vi. in expeditionem contra Turcas. 
4to. {Besicken. Rome, 1498] 



n n 

j» jj 

»j )) 

POINCY, Louis de. 

See Histoire naturelle et morale des iles Antilles. 
Londm, 1666, ffc. 

POINSINET, Antoine Alexandre Henri. 

See Theatre Fran^ais. Vol. xxiii. Paris, 1804. 
„ Comedies, torn. iii. Paris, 

,, Opera, torn. iv. Paris, 

,, Th. Ital. comedies lyri- 

ques, torn, i.-ii. Paris, 

Theatre, ou recueil de comedies et op^ra- 


2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1767 


See Aristophanes. Theatre. Paris, 1790. 
,, Th6§,tre Frangais. Vol. xxiv. Paris, ISI9. 

POINTIS, Jean Bernard Desjeans, sieur de. A 

genuine and particular account of the taking of 
Carthagena by the French and buccaniers in the 
year 1697. 

8vo. London, 1740 

POIRET, Jean Louis Marie. Voyage en Barbaric ou 
lettres ecrites de I'ancienne Numidie pendant 
les annees 1785-86. 
^ 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1789 

POIROT, Achille. 

See Expedition scientifique de Morde. Paris, 

POIESON, Jean Baptists. 

See Bruun, M. C. Traits de geographie. Paris, 

POISSON, Philippe. 

See Poisson, R. CEuvres choisies. Paris, 1812. 
„ Thd&tre Frangais. Comedies, torn. ii. Paris, 

„ „ ,, tom. XX. Paris, 1804. 

CEuvres de theatre. 

2 vols, in 1. 12mo. Paris, 1766 

POISSON, Raymond, and Philippe. CEuvres choisies. 

12mo. Paris, 1812 

POITEAU, Alexandre. 

Sec Risso, A. Histoire naturelle des Grangers. 
Paris, 1818. 

POITIERS, Guillaume de. 
See Guillaume de Poitiers. 

POITIERS, Hugues de. See Hugues de Poitiers. 

POIVRE, Pierre. Voyages d'un philosophe, ou 
observations sur les moeurs et les arts des peuples 
de I'Afrique, de I'Asie et de I'Am^rique. 

12mo. MaesiricM, 1779 

POLA, Francesco. 

See Centones. Munich, l6l7. 

POLDO D'ALBENAS, Jean. Discours historial 
de I'antique et illustre cit6 de Nismes. 

fol. G. Eouille. Lyons, 1560 

POLE, Reginald. 

For Life, see Lee, F. G. Londun, 1888. 

„ „ Vita Reginaldi Poll. Venice, 1563. 

Sec Discorso intorno alle cose della guerra. 

Venice, 1558. 

Ad Henricum octavum Britanniae regem, pro 

ecclesiasticae unitatis defensione, libri quatuor. 
fol. Ant. Bladus. Borne [\ ^SQ 1] 

De concilio liber. (De baptismo Constantini 

Magni Imperatoris.) 

4to. P. Manutius. Borne, 1562 

Another edition. 

4to. P. Manutius. Borne, 1562 

— Liber de concilio. De baptismo Constantini 
magni imperatoris. Reformatio Angliae. 

8vo. /. Zileli. Venice, 1562 


5 vols. 4to. Brescia, 1744-57 

Reformatio Angliae. 

4to. P. Manutius. Borne, 1562 

The seditious and blasphemous oration of 

Cardinal Pole both against God and his country 
which he directed to themperour in his booke 
intytuled the defence of ecclesiastical unitye, 
moving the emperour therein to seke the 
destruction of England. . . . Translated into 
english by Fabyane Wythers. 

8vo. Owen Bogers. London [\560] 

POLE, Sir William. Collections towards a descrip- 
tion of the county of Devon. 

4to. London, 1791 



POLEMON, Writer on physiognomy. 

See Aelianus, C. Variae historiae libri xiv. 
Iwine, 1545. 
„ Scriptores pbysiognomoniae veteres. Alten- 
burg, 1780. 

POLEMON, Antonius. Polemoni.s, Himerii et 
aliorum declamationes, Graece, nunc primum 

4to. H. Stephanus. [Geneva] 1567 

Orationes duae. A P. Possino, Latina 

paraphrasi et notis illustratae. [Greek and 

8vo. Toulouse, 1637 

POLENI, Giovanni. 

See Frontinus, S. J. De aquaeductibus. Padim, 

Utriusque thesauri antiquitatum Eomanarum 

Graecarumque nova supplementa. 

5 vols. fol. Venice, 1737 


See Seneca, L. A. De' benefizii. Florence, 1 574. 

Vita Francisoi Petrarche. 

4to. [Ro'im, 1480] 

Vita Sancti Antonii de Padua confessoris. 

4to. Dominicus de Lapis. Bologna, 1476 

POLICE (The) of France ; or, an account of the 
laws and regulations established in that kingdom 
for the preservation of peace, and the preventing 
of robberies. [By Sir W. Mildmay.] 

4to. London, 1763 

POLICY (The) of the tax upon retailers considered ; 
or, a plea in favour of the manufacturers. 

8vo. London, 1786 

POLIDOEI, Gaetano. 

See Devonshire, G. C, duchess of. Passage of 
the Saint Gothard. London, 1803. 
„ Milton, J. Allegro. London, 1805. 
„ „ II como. London, 1 802. 

— II contadino che va a vender I'asino al mercato, 
novella messa in versi. 

8vo. London, 1807 

— Due tragedie [Isabella and Olimpia]. 

12mo. London, 1798 

POLIDOEI, Gaetano. II figliuol prodigo, dramma 

8vo. London, 1806 

L'infedelta punita, leggenda erotico-tragica. 

12rao. London, 1804 

II Nabucdonosorre, dramma sacro. 

8vo. London, 1807 

Poesie varie. 

12mo. London [1806 f] 

POLIGNAC, Diane de. M ^moires sur la \'ie et le 
caractere de Mme la duchesse de Polignac, avee 
des anecdotes int^ressantes sur la revolution 
fran9oise, et sur la personne de Marie- Antoinette, 
reine de France. 

8vo. London, 1796 

POLIGNAC, Jules, due de. 

See Calonne, C. A. de. Memoire. London, 1791. 

POLIGNAC, Melchior de. Anti-Lucretius, sive de 
deo et natura libri novem. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1747 

Anti-Lucrezio, ovvero di Dio e della Natura, 

opera postuma di Latino trasportata in verso 
sciolto Italiano da F. M. Ricci. 

3 vols. 4to. Verona, 1767 

POLIGNAC, Yolande Martine Gabrielle, duchesse de. 
For Life, see Polignac, D. de. London, 1796. 


See Elizabethan England. [Occasional issues.] 

Hypnerotomachia, ubi humana omnia non nisi 
somnium esse ostendit, atque obiter plurima 
scitu sanequam digna commemorat. 

fol. Aldm. Venice, 1499 

Groliei's copy. 

Another edition. 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1545 

POLITI, Alessandro. 

Sec Eustathius. Commcntarii in Dionysium 
Pcricgetam. Colocjnc, 1741, etc. 


For Life, sec Greswell, W. P. Memoirs. Man- 
chester, 1805. 
„ „ Mencke, F. 0. Historia vitae. 

Leipzig, 1736. 




&« Beroaldus, P. Orationes. Parw, 1516-24. 
„ Epictetus. Enchiridion. Basle, 1531. 
„ Fabroni, A. Elogi. Parma, 1800. 
„ Herodian. Historiae Eomanae libri viii. 

Home, l-i93, etc. 
„ Hesiod. Opera et dies. [Greek and Latin.] 

Basle, 1539. 
„ Medici, L. de'. Canzone. Florence, 1568. 
„ Plautus, T. M. Opera. [1495.] 

Opera omnia. 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1498 

— Another edition. 

fol. L. de Arigis. Florence [Brescia] 1499 

— Operum tomus i. epistolarum libros xii. ac 
miscellaneorum centuriam complectens : torn. ii. 
continens ea quae ex Graeco in Latinum con- 
vertit : torn. iii. praelectiones, orationes, et 
epigrammata complectens. 

3 vols, in a. 8vo. iS^. Gryphius. 
Lyons, 1545-50 

— Conjurationis Pactianae anni 1478 commen- 
tarium, documentis, figuris, notis nunc primum 
inlustratum, cura et studio J. Adimari. 

4to. Naples, 1769 

— La favola di Orfeo. 

Svo. Padua, 1749 

— Miscellanea. 

fol. A. Mischominus. Florence, 1489 

— Stanze e I'Orfeo. 

4to. P. de Benedictis. Bologna, 1494 

— Stanze cominciate per la giostra del magnifico 
Giuliano di Piero de Medici. 

Svo. Aldus. Venice, 1541 

— Another edition. Accresciute d'una canzone 
e della vita dell' autore scritta da P. A. Serassi. 

Svo. Padua, 1751 

Another edition. 

4to. Bodoni. Parnm, 1792 

Le stanze e rOrfeo, ed altrc poesie. 

Svo. Milan, 180S 

Sylva, cui titulus Ambra. 

4to. [Florence, 1485] 

■ Sylva, cui titulus Mantho. 

4to. A. Miscliominus. Florence, 1482 

POLITIANUS, Angelus. Sylva, cui titulus Mantho. 
4to. P. de Benedktis. Bologna, 1492 

Sylva, cui titulus Nutricia. 

4to. A. Mischominus. Florence, 1491 

Sylva, cui titulus Rusticus. 

4to. [A. Mischominus.'] Florence, 1483 

POLITICAL (The) balance, in which the principles 
and conduct of the two parties are weighed. 

Svo. London, 1765 

ballads published in England during the Com- 

monwealth. Edited by T. Wright. [Percy 
Society, iii.] 

Svo. London, 1841 

— (A) catechism, dedicated, without permission, 
to his most serene highness Omar, Bashaw, Dey, 
and Governor, of the warlike city and kingdom 
of Algiers : the Earl of Liverpool ; Lord Castle- 
reagh, and Co. [By W. HoNE ?] 

Svo. London, 1817 

— (The) conduct of the Earl of Chatham. 

Svo. London, 1769 

— considerations ; being a few thoughts of a 
candid man at the present crisis. [By Sir James 

Svo. London, 1762 

— (The) crisis ; or, a dissertation on the rights of 

Svo. London, 1791 

— debates [relating to the taxation of the 
American colonies]. 

Svo. Paris, 1766 

— (A) dialogue on the general principles of 
government, applied to that of England. 

Svo. London, 1691 [1791] 

— empiricism : a letter to the Kev. Mr. John 

Svo. London, 1776 

— (The) freethinkers, being an imjiartial and 
dispassionate enquiry into the grounds of our 
foreign and domestic broils, and particidarly of 
the present rebellion. 

Svo. London, 1745 



POLITICAL (The) freethinker; or, a real and im- 
partial eiKiuiry into the causes of our late mis- 
carriages, and our present melancholy situation. 

8vo. London, 1757 

— (A) lecture, occasioned by a late political 
catechism addressed to the freeholders. 

8vo. London, 1733 

letters, written in March and April 1784. 

8vo. London, 1785 

— (The) litany, diligently revised : to be said or 
sung until the appointed change come throughout 
the dominion of England and Wales, and the town 

of Berwick upon Tweed. 

[By John Marshall.] 
8vo. London, 1817 

— memoirs ; or, a view of some of the first 
operations of the war, as they were regarded by 
foreigners. Part i. 

8vo. London, 1783 

— miscellanies. By the authors of the Rolliad 
and Probationary Odes. [Sir John Hawkin.s.] 

8vo. London, 1790 

— poems and songs relating to English history, 
from the accession of Edward ill. to that of 
Richard iii. Edited by T. Wright. [Rolls 
Series, No. 14.] 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1859-61 

— (The) progress of Britain ; or, an impartial 
history of abuses in the government of the 
British Empire, from the revolution in l6S8 
to the present time. [By James Thompson 

8vo. London, 1795 

— religious, and love poems. Edited by F. J. 
Furnivall. [Early English Text Society, xv.] 

8vo. London, ISO'fi 

— reveries and Utopian schemes for the welfare 
of Great Britain and Ireland, by an idle man : 
vtdth a plan for new modelling the British forces. 

8vo. London, 1780 

— (The) songs of England, from the reign of John 
to that of Edward ii. Edited and translated by 
T. Wright. [Camden Society, vi.] 

4to. London, 1839 

— state of Great Britain [by A. Boyek, from the 
commencement until October 1729]. 

(iO vols, ill 57. 8vo. London, 1714-40 

POLITICKS (The) of the French king Lewis the 
XIV. discovered, wth a short account of his 
religion. Translated from the French. 

4to. London, 1689 

Another edition. 

4to. London, 1689 

on both sides, with regard to foreign afTairs, 

stated from their own writings and examined. 
[By William Pulteney, Earl of Bath.] 

8vo. Lmdrni, 1734 

POLITIQUE (La) du clerge de France ou entretiens 
curieux de deux catholiques remains sur les 
moyens dont on se sert pour d6truire la religion 
protestante dans ce royaume. [By Pierre 


12mo. The Eague, 1682 
See also Apologie pour les catholiques. 

POLL (The) for a member to serve in Parliament, 
for the borough of Colchester, Dec. 1788; 
candidates, George Jackson, George Tierney. 

8vo. Colcliester [1788] 

for the election of members of Parliament for 

the borough of Liverpool : taken between General 
Tarleton, Col. Gascoyne, and John Tarleton, Esq., 
May-June 1796: Also the addresses, songs, 

8vo. Liwrpool [1796] 

POLLARD, Alfred William. 

See Wiclif Society. J. Wycliffe dialogus. 1886. 
„ ,, J. Wyclif tractatus de officio 

regis. 1887. 

Early illustrated Books. A history of the 

decoration and illustration of books in the 15th 
and l6th centuries. [Books about books.] 

8vo. London, 1893 

— Last words on the history of the title-page, 
with notes on some colophons, and twenty-seven 
fac-similes of title-pages. 

4to. London, 1891 

POLLINI, Girolamo. L'Historia ecclesiastica della 
rivoluzion d'lnghilterra, divisa in libri quattro. 

4to. Rome, 1594 

POLLIO, Trebellius. See Trebellius PoUio. 

vol. III. 



POLLOCK, Sir Frederick, Bart. 

See Clifford, W. K. London, 1886. 

and MAITLAND, Frederick William. The 

history of English law before the time of 
Edward i. 

2 vols. Svo. Cambridge, 1895 

POLLOK, Robert. The course of time : a poem in 
ten books. 

2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1827 

POLLUX, Julius. Vocabularium. [Greek.] 

fol. Ald^i-s. Venice, 1502 

Onomasticon, hoc est, instructissimum rerum 

ac synonymorum dictionarium, Graece, cum 
praefatione S. Grynaei. 

4to. Baltliasar Lasius and Th. Platter. 

Basle, 1536 

— Ouomasticum, Graece et Latine. Post W. 
Seberi editionem emendatum. 

2 vols. fol. Amsterdam, 1706 

POLLY Honeycombe. See Colman, G. 

POLO, Marco. 

See Baldelli Boni, G. B. Storia delle relazioni 
vicendevoli dell' Europa. Florence, 1827 
(for introduction to the Milione). 

Travels. Translated from the Italian, with 

notes, by W. Marsden. 

4to. London, 1818 

Concerning the kingdoms and marvels of the 

East. New translation, with notes, etc., by H. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1875 

Das Buch des edeln Eitters und Landtfarers 

Marcho Polo. 

fol. F. Creusner. Nuremberg, J 477 

Delle meraviglie del mondo per lui vedute. 

Svo. Marco Claseri. Venice, 1597 

II milione di Marco Polo, testo di lingua del 

secolo decimoterzo : pubblicato dal conte G. B. 


2 vols. 4to. Florence, 1827 

POLONIA defensa contra Joan : Barclaium, ubi, 
occasione ista, de regno genteque Polona multa 
narrantur, hactenus litteris non tradita. [By 

L. Opalinski.] 

4to. Dantzig, l648 

Bed morocco, mth the arms md monogram of J. B. Colbert. 

POLONUS, Martinus. See Martinus Strepus. 

POLSTED, Ezekiel. Cambria triumphans ; or, a 
panegyrick upon Wales, a Pindarick poem. 

4to. London, 1703 

POLUS, Matthaeus. See Poole, M. 

POLWHELE, Richard. The history of Cornwall 
[with a supplement to the first and second books 
by J. Whitaker]. 

7 vols, in 3. 4to. Falmouth and London, 


The history of Devonshire, with supplement. 
3 vols, in 1. fol. Exeter, 1793-1806 

POLYAENUS. Stratagematum libri octo. I. Cas- 
AUBONUS Graece nunc primum edidit, emendavit 
et notis illustravit. Adjecta est etiam J. Vulteij 
Latina versio. 

l6mo. [Lyons] 1589 

Another edition. [Greek and Latin.] 

Svo. Lcyden, I691 

— Another edition. Edidit S. MURSINNA. [Greek 
and Latin.] 

Svo. Berlin, 1756 

Stratagemi dell' arte della guerra dalla Greca 

tradotta da N. MuTONi. 

Svo. Venice, 1551 

POLYANDEK, John. The refutation of an epistle 
written by a certain doctor of the Augustins 
order within the eitie of Leige ; together with 
the arguments, which he hath borrowed from 
Eobert Bellarmine, to prove the invocation of 
saints. . . . Translated by Henry Hexham, 
out of French. 

4to. F. K. for T. Man. London, 16 10 


See Hyginus. De castris Romanis. Amsterdam, 
„ Livius, T. Historiae Romanae decades. 
Venice, 1518-33, etc. 




See Vegetius Renatus, F. De re militari libri v. 
Lcijdcn, 16.3.3, etc. 

Selecta de legationibus et alia, nunc primum 

in lucem edita, ex bibliotheca Fulvi Ursini. 

4to. Chr. Plantin. Antwerp, 1582 

Historiarum libri v. NicoLAO Perotto inter- 

prete. [Greek and Latin.] 

fol. /. Secer. Hagenau, 1530 

Historiarum libri qui supersunt. I. Casau- 

BONUS emendavit, Latine vertit et commentariis 
illustravit. [Greek and Latin.] 

fol. Paris, 160.Q 

Another edition. Interprete L Casaubono, 

J. Gronovius recensuit ac notas adjecit. [Greek 
and Latin.] Accedit AIvclov TaKTiKov re koI 
TTokiopKrjTiKbv i)7rd/iV)j/io, etc. 

3 vols, in 5. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1670 

■ Another edition. Praefationem et glossarium 

adjecit J. A. Ernesti. 

3 vols. 8vo. Leipzig, 1763-64' 

Another edition. Edidit J. Schwkigh ABUSER. 

[Greek and Latin.] (Lexicon Polybianum ab 
Isaaco et Merico Casaubonis et J. A. Ernesti.) 

8 vols, in 9. 8vo. Leipzig, 1789-9.'5 

Liber ex Polybii historiis excerptus [being a 

fragment of Bk. vi.] de militia Romanorum et 
castrorum metatione inventu rarissimus ; a Jano 
Lascare in Latinam linguam translatus. [Greek 
and Latin.] 

4to. J. A. de Sahio. Venice, \ 59,9 

Polybii, Diodori Siculi, Nicolai Damasceni, 

Dionysii PLalicarnassensis, Appiani Alexandrini, 
Dionis et Joaniiis Antiocheni excerpta ex collec- 
taneis Constantini Augusti Porphyrogenetae. 
H. Valeshts nunc primum edidit. [Greek and 

4to. Paris, 1634 

Historiarum libri v. [Latin.] Nicolao 

Perotto interprete. 

fol. Sweynheym and Pannartz. Rome,\^lS 

POLYBIUS. De primo bello Punico traductus per 
L. Aretinum et Plutarchi paralelia, in Latina 
conversa. [Contains Polybius only.] 

fol. [Jacohus Britannicus. Brixia, 1498] 

The history. Translated by Sir H[enry] 

S[hears], to which is added a character of 
Polybius by Mr. Dryden. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1693 

Another edition. 

fol. B. Venetus. Venice, 1498 

— General history. Translated from the Greek 

by Mr. Hampton. 

4to. London, 1756 

— Histoire, nouvellenient traduite du Grec par 
Vincent Thuillier, avec un commentaire ou un 
corps de science militaire, enrichi de notes et 
figures par M. de Folard. 

6 vols. 4to. Paris, 1727-30 

— Traduction d'un fragment du xviii. livre de 
Polybe, trouve dans le monast^re de Sainte-Laure 
an Mont Athos, par le comte d'Antraigues. 

8vo. London, I8O6 

— Deir imprese de' Greci, de gli Asiatici, de' 
Komani et d'altri, con due fragmcnti delle re- 
publichc et della grandezza di lioma et con gli 
undici libri ritrovati di nuovo, tradotta per L. 


4to. G. Giolito de' Ferrari. Venice, 1 563 

— Del modo dell' accampare [a fragment of 

book vi.], tradotto di Greco per P. Strozzi ; 
Calculo della castrametatione di B. Cavalcanti ; 
comparatione dell' armadura e dell' ordinanza de 
Romani e de Macedoni, di Polibio tradotta : 
scelta de gli apophtegmi di Plutarco, tradotti : 
Eliano de nomi e de gli ordini militari, tradotto. 
2 vols, in 1. 8vo. L. Torrentino. 
Florence, 1552 


See Scribonius Largus. De compositione medica- 
mcntorum liber. Basle, 1529. 

POLYCARP, Saint, Bishop of Smyrna. 

Sec Ignatius, Saint, Bishop of Antioch. Epistolae. 
O-cford, 1709. 
„ Patres Apostolici. Amsterdam, 1724, etc. 

POLYCHRONIUS, Bishop of Apamea. 
See Bible, Greek. 0. T., Song of Songs. 



POLYPUS, pseud, i.e. Eaton Stannard Barrett. 
All the talents ! a satirical poem, in three 
dialogues. Fifth edition. 

8vo. London, 1807 

See also Flagellum, pseud. All the blocks ! 

POMANDEE (The) of prayer. 

8vo. Bohert Redman. London, 1531 

POMBAL, Sebastian Joseph de Carvalho et M6Io, 
marquis de. 

See Memoires de S. J. de Carvalho, etc. Brussels, 

POMFRET, Henrietta Louisa, countess of. 

See Somerset, F. S., duchess of. Correspondence. 
London, 1805. 


See Johnson, S. Works of the English poets. 
London, 1790. 

POMI, David de'. Dittionario novo Hebraico, molto 
copioso ; dechiarato in tre lingua ; con bellissime 
annotationi, e con I'indice latino, e volgare de 

tutti li suoi significati. 

fol. Venice, 1587 

POMMERAYE, Jean Frangois. 

See Histolre de Tdgllse cathddrale de Rouen. 
Rouen, l(i86. 

Histoire de I'abbaye royale de S. Ouen de 

Rouen, divisee en cinq livres : ensemble celle des 
abbayes de la tres-sainte Trinity dite depuis de 
Ste. Catherine du Mont, et de S. Amand. 

3 vols, in 1. fol. Rouen, l6C2 

Histoire des archevesques de Rouen. 

fol. Rmien, l666 

POMMEREUL, Frangols Rend Jean de. 

See Campagne du giniial Buonaparte. Paris, 

POMPADOUR, Jeanne Antoinette Polsson, marquise 
de. Catalogue des livres de la bibliotheque de 
feue madame la marquise de Pompadour. [Priced 
in MS.] 

8vo. Paris, 1765 

Memoires, ecrits par elle-mcme [or rather, by 

an unknown author], et publics par R. P[errin] : 
suivis de sa correspondance. 

4 vols, in 2. 12mo. Paris, 1808 

POMPEI, Girolamo. 

See Musaeus. De Herone et Leandro. Parma, 
„ Ovidius Naso, P. L'epistole. Bassano, 1785. 
„ Plutarch. Le vite. Verona, 1773. 

L'ipermestra ; tragedia. 

8vo. Veroim, 1767 

Gli ornati delle pareti ed i pavimenti delle 

stanze dell' antica Pompei, incisi in rame. 

fol. Naples, 1796 

Another edition. 

2 parts in 1 vol. fol. Naples, 1808 

POMPIGNAN, Jean Jacques Le Franc, marquis de. 
See Le Franc de Pomplgnan, J. J. 

POMPILIUS, Paulus. De syllabis. 

4to. E. Silher. Rome, 1488 


See Columella, L. J. M. De cultu hortorum. 
„ Curio, C. S. De mensuris. [^Basle, l600.] 
,, Fenestella, L. De magistratibus sacer- 

dotiisque Romanorum. Paris [1540 ?]. 
,, Marsus, P. Oratio funebris. [Rome, 1497.] 
,, Scriptores rei rusticae. Venice, 1533. 
„ Trebellius PoUio. Paris, 1544. 

De Romanae urbis vetustate. 

4to. Jac. Mazochius. Rome, 1510 


POMROY, John. 

See Faithful discovery of a treacherous design. 
London, l653. 

PONCE DE LEON, Luis. See Leon, L. de. 


See Hlstoria revelatlonum. 1659. 

PONSONBY, Rt. Hon. George. 

See Wilson, R. Correspondence. Dublin, 1806. 

PONTALIS, Antonln Lef^vre. 
See Lef^vre Pontalls, A. 

PONTANUS, Jacobus Spanmiiller. Progymnas- 
matum ad usum scholarum humaniorum. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1590 



PONTANUS, Johann Isaac. 

See Florus, L. A. Renim Romanarum, lib. iv. 
Amsterdam, 1736. 
„ Macrobius. Opera. Leyden, 1670, etc. 
„ Martialis, M. V. Opera. Leyden, l6l8-l<). 

Historiae Gelricae libri xiv. ; praecedit qui est 

liber primus, ducatus CTelriae et comitatus Zut- 
phaniae descriptio. 

fol. Ilarderwyck, 1639 

Vita Friderici ii., Daniae et Norvegiae regis : 

edidit G. Krysingius. 

4to. Flenshurg, 1735 

PONTANUS, Joannes Jovianus. 

See Bracellus, J. Libri quinque belli His- 
paniensis. Hagenau, 1530 (for De bello 
„ Ptolemaeus, C. [Quadripartitum.] Libri 
quatuor, etc. Nuremberg, 1535, etc. 

Opera omnia soluta oratione composita. 

3 vols. 4to. Aldus. Venice, 1518-19 

De fortitudine lib. ii. ; de principe lib. i. ; 

Charon ; Antonius ; de liberalitate lib. i., etc. 

8vo. B. Trot. Lyons, 1514 

De liberalitate, de bcnificentia, de magnifi- 

centia, de splendore, de conviventia. 

4to. /. Tresser de Hoestet and M. de Amsterdam. 

Naples, 1498 

— Urania, sive de stellis lib. v. ; Metoorum liber 
i. ; de hortis hesperidum lib. ii. ; Lepedina sive 
pastorales pompae septcm. Item Meliseus. 
Maeon Aeon. Hendecasyllaborum libri ii. ; Tumu- 
lorum liber i. ; Neniae xii. ; Epigrammata xii. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1505 

Another edition. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1513 

— Another edition. [A counterfeit of the Aldine 
edition of 1513.] 

8vo. [1515] 

— Another edition. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1533 

— Amorum lib. ii. ; De amore coniugali iii. ; 
Tumulorum ii. ; Lyrici i. ; Ei'idanorum ii. ; 
Eclogae duae Corylc ; Calpurnii Siculi Eclogae 
vii. ; Aurelii Nemesiani Eclogae iv., etc. 

8vo. Aldus. Fe/w'ce [1518] 

POWTANUS, Joannes Jovianus. Amorum lib. ii. 
[A counterfeit of the Aldine of 1518.] 

8vo. [1520] 

— De fortitudine bellica. 

4 to. M. Moravus. Naples, 1490 

Dialogus qui Charon inscribitur ; dialogus qui 

Antonius inscribitur. 

4to. M. Moravus. Naples, 1491 

■ De aspiratione liber. 

fol. [M. Morams.] Naples, 1481 

• Another edition. 

4to. B. Misinta. Brescia, 1497 

De obedientia. 

4to. M. Moravus. Nai^les, 1490 
Liber de meteoris, cum interpretatione Viti 


8vo. Crato Mylius. Strasburg, 1539 

PONTANUS, Ludovicus. De relietis ad pias causas. 
fol. [L. PJlugel and G. Laver, Borne, 1474] 

Sinffularia in causis criminalibus. 

fol. V. de Spira. Venice, 1 -ill 

Singularia in causis criminalibus secundum 

librum quintum et ultimum Decretalium. Pii ii. 
tractatus et epitaphia. 

fol. [Utrecht tl-il 2] 

PONTCHARTRAIN, Paul Ph61ypeaux, seigneur de. 
See Collection des mdmoires — Petitot [vols, x^•i. 
bis, x\di.]. 

PONT-DE-VESLE, Antoine de Ferriol, comte de. 
See Theatre Frangais, vol. xxii. Paris, 1804. 


See Manilius, M. Astronomicon. Padua, 1743. 

PONTICUS, Ludovicus, Virunius. 

See Guarinus Veronensis. Erotemata. Beggio, 
,, Moschos, D. Carmen de raptu Helenae. 

Beggio [c. 1 500]. 
„ Scriptores rerum Britannicanun. Heidelberg, 

Britanniae historiae libri vi. : Itinerarium 

Cambriae auctore Giraldo Cambrense: Cam- 
briae descriptio auctore GiRALDO Cambrense, 
cum annotationibus D. PouELl. 

8vo. Edmund Bollifanl London, I. 'i 8 5 



PONTIFICAL (The) of Egbert, Archbishop of York, 
732-66, from a manuscript of the tenth century, 
in the Imperial Library, Paris. [Edited by W. 
Gkeenwell.] [Surtees Society, xxra.] 

8vo. Durham, 1853 

PONTIS, Louis de. 

See Collection des mdinoires — Petitot [vol. xxxi. 
bis, xxxii.]. 

PONTIUS, of Carthage. 

See Cyprian, Saint. Writings. Edinburgh, 

PONTON, Thomas. 

See Arthur, King of Britain. Le Morte Arthur. 
[Roxburghe Club.] 

PONTOPPIDAN, Erik, Bishop of Bergen. Den 
Danske Atlas eller Konge-Riget Dannemark : 
samlet og fortsat af Hans de Hofman. 

7 vols. 4to. Copenhagen, 1763-81 

Gesta et vestigia Danorum extra Daniam, 

maximam partem ipsis scriptorum verbis 

3 vols. 8vo. Leipzig and Copenhagen, n W-il 

The natural history of Norway, Translated 

from the Danish original. 

2 vols. fol. London, 1755 

Theatrum Daniae veteris et modernae oder 

Schau-Biihne des alten und jetzigen Diinnemarcks 
enthaltend eine chorographische und eine 
politische Beschreibung dieses Konigreichs. 

4to. Bremen, 1730 

PONZ, Antonio. Viage de Espana, en que se da 
noticia de las cosas mas apreciables que hay en 

17 vols, in 8. 8vo. Madrid, 1782-92 

Viage fuere de Espafia. 

2 vols. 8vo. Madrid, 1791-92 

PONZIANI, Domenico Lorenzo. 

See Giuoco incomparabile. Venice, 1801. 

POOLE, George Ayliffe. On the present state of 
parties in the Church of England : with especial 
reference to the alleged tendency of the Oxford 
School to the doctrines and communion of Rome. 

8vo. London, 1841 

POOLE, Joshua. The English Parnassus, or a help 
to English poesie, containing a collection of all 
the rhythming monosyllables. 

8vo. London, 1677 

POOLE, Matthew. 

&e Bible, English. 1700. 

Synopsis eriticorum aliorumque sacrse scripturae 

interpretum et commentatorum. Ex recensione 
J. Leusden. 

5 vols. fol. Utrecht, 1684-86 

POOLE, Reginald Lane. 

See Wiclif Society. J. WyclifiFe tractatus de 
ci\ali dominio. 1885. 

POOLE, Stanley Lane. The Barbary Corsairs, 
with additions by J. D. J. Kelley. [Story of 
the Nations, xxii.] 

8vo. London, 1890 

The Moors in Spain, by S. L. P., with the 

collaboration of A. Oilman. [Story of the 
Nations, vi.] Fourth edition. 

8vo. London, 1890 

— Social life in Egypt, a supplement to ' Pictur- 
esque Palestine.' 

4to. London [1884] 

— Turkey, by S. L. P., assisted by E. J. W. Gibb 

and A. Oilman. [Story of the Nations, xiv.] 
Third edition. 

8vo. London, 1891 

POOLEY, Henry. 

See Memorial of the church of England. London, 
„ Review of the dangers of the church. London, 

POOR (The) man's plea See Defoe, D. 

vicar's plea against his glebes being assess'd 

to the church, being an examination of the late 
opinion of Dr. R. Wood concerning it. 

12mo. London, 1712 

POPE (The) burnt to ashes ; or, defiance to Rome. 

4to. London, 1676 

POPE, Alexander. 

For Life, see Stephen, L. [English Men of 

5pe Chaucer, G. Canterbury Tales, Londo7i, 17 37 . 
,, Essay on the genius and writings of Pope. 
London, 1772-82. 



POPE, Alexander. 

SeeB.omei. Iliad. London, 1715-20. 
„ „ Odyssey. London, 1725-26. 

„ Johnson, S. Works of the English poets. 

London, 1790. 
„ Norris, R. The narrative of Dr. R. N., etc. 

London, 171.3. 
„ Selecta poemata Italomm. London, 1740. 
„ Shakespeare, W. Works. London, 1723- 

25, etc. 
„ Spence, J, Anecdotes. London, 1 820. 
„ Theobald, L. Shakespeare restored. London, 

„ Ricolvi, G. P. Opusculi postumi. Turin, 



fol. London, 1717 

— Works, together with the commentary and 
notes of his editor [W. Warburton], with a life of 
the author by 0. Ruffhead. 

5 vols. 4to. London, 1769 

Poetical works. 

3 vols. fol. Glasgow, 1785 

— Works, with notes and illustrations by J. 
Warton and others. 

9 vols. 8vo. London, 1797 

Works. Containing the principal notes of Drs. 

Warburton and Warton, etc. Edited by W. L. 

10 vols. 8vo. London, 1806 

Poetical works, with memoir by A. Dyce. 

[Aldine Poets, xiv., xv., xvi.] 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1835 

POPE, Alexander. An essay on criticism. 

12mo. London, 1713 

— Works. Edited by W. Elwin and W. J. 

10 vols. 8vo. London, 1811-89 

— The Dunciad. With notes variorum and the 
prolegomena of Scriblerus. 

8vo. London, 1729 

— The Dunciad, with the prolegomena of Scriblerus 
and notes, the hypercritics of Aristarchus and 
his dissertation on the hero of the poem. 

4to. ■ London, 1 743 

— An epistle from Mr. Pope to Dr. Arbuthnot. 

fol. Loiulon, 1734 

Essay on Man. 

4to. London, 1819 

Saggio su I'uomo, in cinque lingue, dok, 

Inglese, Latina, Italiana, Francese, c Tedesca. 

4to. Parma, 1801 

The first epistle of the first book of Horace 

imitated. [With the Latin text.] 

fol. London, 1737 

The sixth epistle of the first book of Horace, 

imitated. [With the Latin text.] 

fol. [Lmdon, 1737] 

The first epistle of the second book of Horace 


fol. London, 1737 

Another edition. [With the Latin text.] 

4to. London, 1749 

The second epistle of the second book of 

Horace imitated. 

fol. Lmidm, 1737 

The first satire of the second book of Horace, 

imitated in a dialogue between Alexander Pope 
and his learned counsel. [With the Latin text.] 

fol. [Lmdon, 1733] 

The Impertinent ; or, a visit to the court : a 

satyr. Second edition. 

fol. London, 1737 

Of false taste, an epistle to the Right Honoiu-- 

able Richard Earl of Burlington. The third 


fol. London, 1731 

Of the characters of women : an epistle to a 


fol. London, 1735 

Of the knowledge and characters of men : an 

epistle to Richard, Lord Cobham. 

fol. London, 1733 

Of the use of riches : an epistle to the Right 

Honourable Allen, Lord Bathurst. 

fol. London, 1732 

La boucle de cheveux enlev6e, pofeme h^roi- 

comique, traduit en vers par A. Des Moulins. 
4to. Southampton, 1801 



POPE, Alexander. Le quattio epistole morali 
esposte in versi sdruccioli da G. Cerretesi. 

8vo. Milan, 1756 

Preface [to Shakespear's works]. 

8vo. [L<mlon, 1728 1] 

See also Answer to Mr. Pope's Preface. 

— Letters [with the Memoirs of Martin Scriblerus 
and other tracts]. 

2 vols. fol. London, 1737-41 

POPE, William Burt. 

See Bible, English. N. T., Gospels. 1861. 
,, ,, Greek. N. T., John (epistle). 
,, Ebrard, J. H. A. Commentary on the 

epistles of St. John. Edinburgh, I860. 
„ Stier, E. R. The words of the Lord Jesus. 

Edinburgh, 1869-72. 
„ „ The words of the risen Saviour. 

Edinburgh, I869. 
,, Winer, G. B. Comparative view of the 
doctrines, etc. Edinburgh, 1873. 

A compendium of Christian theology. Second 


3 vols. 8vo. London, 1880 

POPERINGHE. Priory of Saint Bertin. Cartu- 
larium. Kecueil des chartes du prieure de 
Saint-Bertin, k Poperinghe et de ses dependances 
k Bas-Warneton et a Couckelaere. Edidit F. H. 
d'Hoop. [Societe d'fimulation de Bruges.] 

4to. Bruges, 1870 

POPERY always the same, exemplified in an 
authentick account of the persecution now carry- 
ing on against the protestants in the south of 


8vo. Loitdan, 1746 

and tyranny ; or, the present state of France, 

in relation to its government, trade, manners of 
the people, and nature of the countrey. 

4to. London, l689 

in its proper colours ; or, some of the grossest 

fopperies and corruptions of the Church of Rome, 
exposed to publick view. [By Zachary Grey.] 

8vo. London [1745] 

superstition, ignorance. Sec Taylor, Z. 

POPHAM, Edward. 

,%<; Selecta poemata. Bath, 1774-76. 

POPHAM, Sir Home Riggs. Concise statement of 
facts relative to the treatment experienced by 
Sir H. Popham since his return from the Red 

8vo. London, 1805 

See also Observations on a pamphlet. 
Description of Prince of Wales island in the 

streights of Malacca ; with its real and probable 
advantages and resources. 

4to. London, 1799 

POPISH treachery ; or, a short and new account of 
the horrid cruelties exercised on the Protestants 
in France. 

4to. London, 1689 

POPMA, Ausonius. 

See Scriptores rei rusticae. Venice, 1783-84. 

POPMA, Titus. De operis servorum liber. 

12mo. Amsterdam, 1672 

POPPLE, Miles. Considerations on reform : with 
a specific plan for a new representation, addressed 
to Charles Grey, Esq. 

8vo. Lmuion, 1793 

POPPLE, William. 

See Locke, J. Letter concerning toleration. 
London, l689. 

POPULAR ballads and songs, with translations of 
similar pieces from the ancient Danish and a few 
originals l)y the editor, Egbert Jamieson. 

2 vols. 8vo. Edinhirgh, I8O6 

prejudice concerning partiality to the interests 

of Hanover, to the subjects of that electorate 
and particularly to the Hanoverian troops in 
British pay, freely examined and discussed. 

8vo. London, 1743 

See also English nation vindicated. London, 

prejudices against the convention and treaty 

with Spain, examined and answered. 

8vo. London, 1739 

rhymes and nursery tales ; a sequel to the 

nursery rhymes of England. Edited by J. 0. 

12mo. London, 1849 

songs, illustrative of the French invasion of 

Ireland. Edited, with introductions and notes, 
by T. C. Croker. 4 parts. [Percy Society, xxi.] 

8vo. Lcmdan, 1845-47 



POPULATION. Comparative caccount of the popula- 
tion of Great Britain in the years 1801, 1811, 
1821 and 1831, with the annual value of real 
property in 181;"), and a statement of progress in 
the inquiry regarding occuiwtions and the dura- 
tion of life. [Signed John Rickman.] 

fol. [London, IS.-JS] 

PORCACCHI, Tommaso. 

See Curtius Eufus, Q. De' fatti d'Alessandro 

magno. Venice, 1559. 
„ Dictys Cretensis, pseud. Delia guerra 

Trojano. Venice, 1570. 
„ Dio Cassius. De fatti de' Romani. Venice, 

„ Herodotus. Istoria. Verona, 1733. 
„ Parabosco, G. Quattro libri delle lettere 

amorose. Venice \\5Q9\ 

Delle cagioni delle guerre antiche : vol. i. 

4to. G. G. (?e' Ferrari. Venice, 1566 

PORCELLIUS, Petrus Pandoni, called. Trium 
poetarum, Porcelii, Basinii, et Trebani opuscula. 
8vo. S. Colin. Paris, 1539 

PORCIUS, Hieronymiis. Commentarius. 

8vo. E. Silber. Rome, 1493 

Declamatio in Turcos. 

Ho. [E. Silber. Rome, 1500] 

PORCIUS, Publius, pseud, i.e. Joannes Leo 
Placentius. Pugna porcorum per P. PoRCiUM 
poetam ; paraclesis pro potore. 

8vo. Nic. Buffet. Paris, 1543 

PORCUPINE, Peter, pseud, i.e. William Cobbett. 
Remarks on the explanation, lately published by 
Dr. Priestley, respecting the intercepted letters 
of his friend and disciple, John H. Stone, with 
a certificate of eivism for Joseph Priestley, jun. 

8vo. London, 1799 

PORDEN, Eleanor Anne, afterwards FRANKLIN. 
The veils ; or, the triumph of constancy : a poem 
in six books. 

8vo. London, 1815 

P0R6e, Charles Gabriel. 

See Rasiel de Selva, H., pseud. 

PORNIN, A. F. L'interieur de I'ancienne Rome, 
ou indication des principaux monumens qui s'y 
trouvoient et des usages qui 6toient observi's 
chez les Remains. 

8vo. Paris, 1809 

vol. III. 

PORPHYRIO, Pomponius. 

See Horatius Flaccus, Q. Opera. 1545, etc. 

PORPHYRIUS, Publius Optatianus. 

.S't'fi Poetae Latini niinores. AUenlnmj, 1780-94. 
„ Velserus, M. Opera. Nuremherg, 1682. 

PORPHYROGENNETA, Constantinus, Emperor of 
Si;: Polybius. Paris, 1634. 

Libri duo de ceremoniis aulae byzantinac, 

gr. et lat., opera J. J. Reiskh. [Scriptores 
historiae Byzantinae.] 

2 vols, in 1. fol. Leipzig, 1751 


See Barbaro, D. Exquisitae in P. commenta- 

tiones. Venice, 1542. 
„ Didymus Alexandrinus. Interpretationes. 

Venice, 1.J21. 
„ Homer (Scholia). Homeri interpres. Stras- 

himj, 1539. 
„ Jamblichus. De vita Pythagorica liber. 

Amsterdam, 1707. 
,, Joannes Glogaviensis. Exercitium veteris 

artis. Craeotv, 1504. 
„ PMlo Judaeus. Philonis, etc. Opera inedita. 

Milan, 1816 (for Ad Marcellum). 

— De abstinentia ab animalibus nccandis libri 
quatuor : de vita Pythagorae ; sententiae ad 
intelligibilia ducentes : de antro nympharum 
quod in Odyssea describitur, Gr. et Lat. : Lucas 
HOLSTENIUS Latine vertit, dissertationem adjecit. 

8vo. Cambndge, l655 

— Select works, containing his four books on 
abstinence from animal food, his treatise on th>e 
Homeric cave of the nymphs and his auxiliaries 
to the perception of intelligible natures. Trans- 
lated from the Greek by T. Taylor; with an 
appendix, explaining the allegory of the Wander- 
ings of Ulysses, by the translator. 

8vo. London, 1823 

— Homericarum Quaestionum liber. Et de 
nympharum antro in Odyssea opuscuhun. 

4to. Rome, 1518 

— De non necandis ad epulandum animantibus 
libri iv., ejusdem selectw brevesque sentential. 
Michaelis Ephesii scholia in iv. libros Aristotelis 
de partibus animantium. [Greek.] 

fol. FUrrerux, 1548 



PORPHYRY. De non necandis ad epulandum aiii- 
mantibus libri iv. Ejusdem Sententiae ducentes 
ad intelligentiam reruni, quae mente noscuntur. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

Svo. Lyons, l620 

Liber de vita Pythagorae, sententiae, et de 

antro Nympharum. L. HOLSTENIUS Latine 
vertit. [Greek and Latin.] 

Svo. Rome, 1630 

De antro nj^mpharum, Graece cum Latina 

L. Holstenii versione. Edidit R. M. van Goens : 
praemissa est dissertatio Homerica ad Porphy- 

4to. Utrecht, 1765 

• De vita Pythagorae. [In this edition attributed 

to Malchus of Philadelphia.] Nunc primum ex 
MS. in lucem editus a G. Rittershusio. [Greek.] 

Svo. Altdorf, l6lO 

PORRETANUS, Gilbertus, Bishop of Poitiers. 

See Joannes Glogaviensis. Exercitium veteris 
artis. Cracow, 1504. 

PORSON, Richard. 

See Euripides. Medea. Camhidge, ISOl. 
„ Homer. [Works. Greek.] Oxford, lSOO-1. 

,, PhotiUS. Ke^iwv a-vvayiayrf. Loiuldn, 1S22. 

Tracts and miscellaneous criticisms, collected 

and arranged by T. Kidd. 

Svo. London, 1815 

— Adversaria, notae et emendationes in poetas 

Svo. Cambridge, 1812 

Notae in Aristophanem, quibus Plutum co- 

mcediam variis lectionibus instructam praemisit 

et collationum appendicem adjecit P. P. Dobree. 

Svo. Cambridge, 1820 

PORT-ROYAL (The) logic. Translated from the 
French [of Antoine Arnauld and Pierre Nicole], 
with introduction, notes, and appendix by T. S. 
Paynes. Tenth edition. 

Svo. Edinburgh arid London [1851] 

PORT ROYAL, Messieurs de. 

See Lancelot, C. New method of learning the 
Greek tongue. London, 1777. 

PORTA, Ardicino della. 

See Cardulus, P. Oratio in f unere. [Borne, 1 493.] 

PORTA, Giovanni Battista della. Le commedie. 

4 vols. 12mo. Naples, 1726 

De humana physiognomia libri vi. 

fol. Naples, l602 

Natural magick, in twenty books. 

fol. London, 1658 

PORTAL, Abraham, The indiscreet lover : a comedy. 

Svo. London, 176S 

PORTAL, Sir Gerald Herbert. The British mission 
to Uganda in 1 893. Edited with a memoir by 
E. Rodd. With the diary of the late Captain 
R. Portal. 

Svo. London, 1894 

PORTER, Henry. The two angry women of Abing- 
ton. Edited by A. Dyce. [Percy Society, v.] 

Svo. London, 1S41 

PORTER, Josias Leslie. The giant cities of Bashan, 
and Syria's holy places. 

Svo. London, 1866 

PORTER, Lela. 

See Chaucer Society. First series, xxi., xxiv. 

PORTER, Noah. 

See Fischer, K. Descartes and his school. 
London, ISgO. 
„ Ueberweg, F. History of philosophy. Lon- 
don, 1872-74. 
,, Webster, N. International dictionary of the 
English language. London, 1890. 

PORTER, Sir Robert Ker. A narrative of the 
campaign in Russia, 1812. 

4to. London [1813] 

PORTER, Whitworth. A history of the Knights 
of Malta or the order of the Hospital of St. John 
of Jerusalem. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1858 

PORTEUS, Beilby, Bishop of London. 
See Bible, English. 1822. 

— Works, \vith his life by R. HoDGSON. New 

6 vols. Svo. London, 1811 

— A charge delivered to the clergy of the diocese 
of London in the years 179S and 1799. 

Svo. London, 1799 



PORTEUS, Beilby, Bishop of London. A charge 
delivered to the clergy of the diocese of London 
in the year 1803. 

8vo. London, 1804 

A letter to the governors, legislatures and pro- 
prietors of plantations, in the British WestJndia 

8vo. London, 1808 

PORTFOLIO (The) ; a collection of engravings [by 
J. and H. S. Storer] from antiquarian and 
topographical subjects, curious works of art, 
etc., with descriptions. 

4 vols, in 1. 8vo. London, 182.S-24 

PORTHAISE, Jean. Cinq sermons, es quels est 
traicte tant de la simulee conversion du Koy de 
Navarre, que de droict de 1' Absolution eccl6si- 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Paris, 1594 

PORTIO, Camillo. La congiura de' Baroni del regno 
di Napoli, contra il re Ferdinando primo. 

4to. [^Ahlus.'] Rome, l,5fi5 

Another edition. [A counterfeit of the pre- 
ceding edition.] 

4to. Romt, 1565 

PORTIUS, Leonardus. De sestertio, talentis, 
pecuniis, ponderibus, mensuris, stipendiis mili- 
taribus antiquis ac provinciarum, regum, populi 
Romani Caesarumque redditibus libri duo. 

4to. /. Frohen. Basle [1530] 

PORTLOCK, Nathaniel. A voyage round the world, 
but more particularly to the north-west coast of 
America, performed in 1785-1788. 

4to. Londrni, 1789 

PORTO, Luigi da. 

See Novelle Otto. London, 1790. 

Rime et prosa. 

8vo. Fr, Marcolini. Venice, 15S9 

Red and green morocco, with arms on the sides. 

Hystoria novellamente ritrovata di due nobili 

amanti, con la loro morte intervenuta 
gi;\ nella citta di Verona. [Anon.] 

8vo. Benedetto de Bendoni. Venice [1530] 

Another edition. [Roxburghe Club, x.] 

4to. London, 1817 

Another edition. 

8vo. Milan, 1819 

Printed on Tcllara. 


l6mo. Venice, 1528 

PORTRAIT (The) : a burletta. See Colman, G. 

de Philippe il., roi d'Espagne. [A political 

drama, by L. S. Mercier.] 

8vo. Amsterdam, 1785 

PORTUGALLIA sive de regis Portugalliae regnis et 
opibus commeutarius. 

24mo. Elzevir. Leyden, l641 

PORTUGUESE folk tales. Collected by C. Pedroso, 
and translated by Miss Henriqueta Monteiro. 
[Folklore Society, ix.] 

8vo. London, 1882 

PORTUS, Aemilius. 

See Euripides. Tragoediae xix. Heidelberg, 
1597, etc. 

Dictionarium Doricum Graeco-Latinum quod 

totius Theocriti, Moschi, Bionis et Simmiae vari- 
orum opusculorum interpretationem continet. 

8vo. Frankfort, l603 

Dictionarium lonicum Graeco-Latinum, quod 

indicem in omnes Herodoti libros continet. 

8vo. Frankfort, l603 

Editio nova. 

8vo. O.rford, 1810 

Lexicon Graeco-Latinum bipartitum, lonicum, 

Herodoteum et Doricum. 

• Pindaricum lexicon. 

8vo. FranJcforf, 1658 

8vo. Hanav, l606 

PORTUS, Franciscus. 

iSce Homer. Ilias. [Geneva] \biO. 

Commentarii in Pindari Olympia, Pythia, 

Nemea, Isthmia. 

4to. J.Sylvius. [LaMSrt Tine ?] 1583 

In omnes Sophoclis tragoedias prolegomena : 

Paraskeue ad orationem Demosthenis de falsa 
legatione : cui accesserunt sex oratiuncidae. 

4to. /. le Preu.r:. Morges, 1584 

PORY, John. 
See Leo Africanus, J. The history of Africa. 
[Hakluyt Society.] 



POSIDONIUS Rhodius. Keliquiaedoctrinae: collegit 
J. Bake, aceedit D. Wyttenbachii annotatio. 

8vo. Leijden, 1810 

POSITION (A) disputing the lawfixlnesse of ministers 
receiving an imposed liturgy. 

4to. London, l663 

POSNETT, Hutckeson Macaulay. Comparative 
literature. [International Scientific Series, h.] 

8vo. London, 1886 

POSSELIUS, Joannes. Calligraphia oratoria linguae 
Graecae ad proprietatem Graeci sermonis paran- 
dam utili.ssima. 

8vo. Frankfort, 1600 

POSSEVINO, Antonio. Bibliotheca selecta de 
ratione studiorum, ad disciplinas at ad salutem 
omnium gentium procurandam. 

2 vols, in 1. fol. Venice, l60o 

Judicium de Nuae militis Galli scriptis, de 

Bodini methodo historiae. De Philippi Mornei 
liliro de perfectione Christiana. De Nicolao 

8vo. Typ. Vaticana. Rome, 1592 

Moscovia ct alia opera de statu hujus seculi 

adversus Catholicae ecclesiae hostes. 

fol. Ilirckmann. [Cologne] 1587 

POSSEVINO, Giovanni Battista. Dialogo dell' 
honore, nel quale si tratta a pieno del duello. 

4to. G. Giolito de Ferrari. Venice, 1556 

POSSIDIUS, Saint, Bishop of Calama. 

See Augustine, Saint. Opera omnia. Lyons, 
1563, etc. 

POSSINUS, Petrus. 

See Methodius. Convivium virginum. Paris, 
,, Pachiuneres, G. Historia rerum a M. Palaeo- 

logo gestarum. Home, 1 C^Q6-69. 
„ Polemon, A. Orationes duae. Toulouse, 

,, Procopius. Historiarum libri viii. Paris, 

POSTE, Beale. Celtic inscriptions on Gaulish and 
British coins. With a glossary of archaic Celtic 
words, and an atlas of coins. 

8vo. London, 1861 

POSTE, Edward. 

See Aristotle. [Organon — Elenchi.] On falla- 
cies. London, 1866. 

POSTEL, Guillaume. 

See Sylloge altera scriptorum. Leyden, 1740. 

De Etruriae regionis, quae prima in Europaeo 

habitata est, originibus et nioribus, et de aurei 
saeculi doctrina commentatio. 

4to. Florence, 1551 

Calf, with the arms of Charles Alexaiulre de Lorraiiu'. 

De Focnicum literis, seu de prisco Latinae et 

Grecae linguae charactere, ciusque antiquissima 
origine et usu commentatiuncula. 

8vo. Viv. Gaultherot. Paris, 1552 

De la republique des Turcs, et la oil roccasion 

s'offrera, des meurs et loy de tons Miihamedistes. 

3 parts in 1 vol. 4to. F. de Monief. 

Poitiers, 1560 

De republica seu magistratibus Atheniensium 

liber : et Antonii Thysii discursus de eadem 

24rao. Leyden, 1645 

Linguarum duodecim characteribus diflerentium 

alphabetum introductio ac legendi modus. 

4to. P. Vidovaetis. Paris, 1538 

Syriae descriptio. 

8vo. Jerome Gournwnt. [Paris] 1540 

POSTILL (A) ; or, collection of moste godly doctrine 
upon every gospell through the yeare. 

4to. EegiiKtld Wolfe. London, 1550 


See Collection of the yearly bills of mortality. 

Loiulon, 175C)[-181<:)]. 

POSTLETHWAYT, Malachy. A short state of the 
progress of the French trade and navigation : 
wherein is shewn the great foundation that 
France has laid, by dint of commerce, to increase 
her maritime strength. 

8vo. London, 1756 

The universal dictionary of trade and com- 

merce. [From the French of J. Savary des 
Bruslons.] Fourth edition. 

2 vols. fol. London, 1774 

POSTSCRIPT (A) to John Bull, containing the 
history of the Crown-Inn, with the death of the 
widow, and what happened thereon. [By John 

8vo. London [1717] 



POSTSCRIPT. A continuation of the History of 
the Crown-Inn : with characters of some of the 
late servante; and the proceedings of the trus- 
tees to the coming of the new landlord. Part ii. 

8vo. London [1717] 

— A farther continuation of the History of the 
Crown-Inn. Part iii. Containing the present 
state of the inn, and other particulars. The 
second edition. 

8vo. London [1717] 

— The fourth and last part of the History of the 
Crown-Inn : with the character of John Bull, 
and other novels. Part iv. 

Svo. London [1717] 

— to Mr. Higgins's sermon very neces.sary for 
the better understanding it. 

4to. London [1707] 

POTE, Joseph. The history and antiquities of 
Windsor Castle, and the Koyal College and 
Chapel of St. George ; with the inistitution, laws 
and ceremonies of the most noble order of the 

4to. Eton, 1749 

POTHIER, Robert Joseph. 

See Justinian I. Pandectae Justinianeae. Lyons, 

CEuvres posthumes : traitos des fiefs, censives. 

relevoisons et champarts. [Edited ])y P. J. J. 


2 vols. 12mo. Parh, 1776 

POTOCKI, Jan. Memoire sur un nouveau peryple 
du Pont Euxin ainsi que sur la plus ancienne 
histoire des peuples du Taurus, du Caucase et 
de la Scythie. 

4to. Vienna, 1796 

Voyage dans les steps d'Astrakhan et du 

Caucase. Histoire primitive des peuples qui 
ont habite anciennement ces contrees. Nouveau 
p6riple du Pont-Euxin. Avec un Voyage dans 
le pays des Tcherkesses par Taitbout de 
Marigny : publies par M. Klaproth, avec 
planches coloriees. 

2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1829 

— Voyage dans quelques parties de la Basse- 
Saxe pour la recherche des antiquites slaves ou 
vendes, fait en 1794. 

4to. Hamburg, 1795 

POTTER, John, Archbishop of Canterbury. 

See Clemens, T. F. Opera. Oxford, 171;"), dc. 
„ Lycophron. Alexandra. Oxford, 1697, etc. 
,, Plutarch. Liber quomodo juveni audienda 
sint poemata. Glasgmr, 1753. 

Archaeologia Graeca ; or, the antiquities of 

Greece. Second edition. 

2 vols. 12mo. London, 1706 

POTTER, Louis Joseph Antoine dc. Memoirs of 
Scipio de Kicci. Edited from the original by 
T. EoscOE. 

2 vols, in 1. Svo. London, 1829 

POTTER, Robert. 

See Aeschylus. Tragedies. Norwich, 1777. 
,, Euripides. The tragedies. London, 17 Sl-83. 
„ Greek tragic theatre. London, 1777. 
„ Sophocles. Tragedies. London, 1788. 

A farewell hymne to the country. Attempted 

in the manner of Spenser's Epithalamion. 

Second edition. 

4to. Lmulon, 1750 

An inquiry into some passages in Dr. Johnson's 

Lives of the poets, particularly his observations 
on lyric poetry, and the odes of Gray : the ninth 
Pythian ode of Pindar translated. 

4to. London, 1783 

POTTER, Thomas. 

See Reply of the country gentleman. London, 

POTTHAST, August. Bibliotheca historica medii 
aevi. Wegwciser durch die Geschichtswerke 
des europiiischen Mittelalters bis 1500. 

2 vols. Svo. Berlin, 1896 

POTTINGER, Rt. Hon. Sir Henry. Travels in 

Beloochistan and Sinde, accompanied by a 

geographical and historical account of those 


4to. London, 1816 


See Humorous quarrel. London [1761]. 

POTTS, Thomas. Discovery of witches in the 
county of Lancaster, reprinted from the original 
edition of l6l3 ; with an introduction and notes 
by J. Crossley. [Chetham Society, vi.] 

4to. \_Mancliester'] 1845 



POUGENS, Marie Charles Joseph de. Tresor des 
origines et dictionnaire grammatical raisonne de 
la langiie fran^aise : specimen. 

4to. Paris, 1819 

POUILLY, Louis Jean L^vesque de. Theorie des 
sentimens agreables, oil, apres avoir indiqiie les 
regies que la nature suit dans la distribution du 
plaisir, on ^tablit les principes de la theologie 
naturelle, et ceux de la philosopbie morale. 

8vo. Paris, 111^ 

POULET, Sir Amias. Copy-book of letters, written 
during his embassy to France, 1577. Edited by 
O. Ogle. [Roxburghe Club, Ixxxvi.] 

ito. Lmidon, 1866 


Traitez des monnoyes. 

12mo. Paris, 1709 

POULLAIN DE SAINT-FOIX, Germain Frangois. 
See Saint-Foix, G. F. P. de. 

POULSON, George. Beverlac ; or, the antiquities 
and history of Beverley, York, and of the 
collegiate establishment of St. John's. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1829 

POULTON, Edward Bagnall. The colours of animals, 
their meaning and use, especially considered in 
the case of insects. [International Scientific 
Series, Ixviii.] 

8vo. London, 1890 

POUQUEVILLE, Frangois Charles Hugues Laurent. 
Histoire de la regeneration de la Grece, compre- 
nant le precis des 6venements, 174-0-182-1. 

4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1824 

Voyage dans la Grfece. 

5 vols. Svo. Paris, 1820-21 

Voyage en Moree, a Constantinople, en Albanie, 

et dans plusieurs autres parties de I'empire 
Othoman : pendant les annees 1798-1801, enrich! 
d'un precis historiquc et geographique sur 
I'ancienne Epire. 

." vols, in 2. 8vo. Paris, 1805 

Travels in the Morea, Albania and other parts 

of the Ottoman empire. Translated from the 
French by A. Plumptre. 

4to. London, 181 S 

POWEL, Daniel. The love of Wales to their 
soveraigne prince : a relation of the solemnity 
at Ludlow on the creation of Charles prince of 
Wales in l6l6. [Roxburghe Club, lii.] 

8vo. 1837 

POWEL, David. 

See Caradoc, of Llancarfan. The historie of 
Cambria. London, 1584, etc. 
„ Giraldus Cambrensis. Itinerarium Cambriae. 

London, 1806. 
,, Ponticus, L. Britanniae historiae libri vi. 
London, 1585. 

POWELL, Baden. 

See Essays and reviews. London, 1861. 
,, Lee, W. On miracles. London, 1861. 

Tradition unveiled ; or, an exposition of the 

pretensions and tendency of authoritative teach- 

ing in the church. 

Svo. London, 1839 

POWELL, Frederick York. 

Sec Saxo Grammaticus. [Folklore Society.] 
„ Sturlungs. Sturlunga Saga. Oxford, 1878. 

POWELL, Richard. Proceedings of a general 
courtmartial held at the Horse Guards, on the 
24th and 27th of March 1 792, for the trial of Capt. 
R. Powell, Lieut. C. Seton, and Lieut. J. Hall, of 
the 54th regiment of foot, on charges preferred 
by W. Cobbett. 

8vo. London, 1809 

POWELL, William Samuel. A charge delivered to 
the clergy of the archdeaconry of Colchester, in 
June, 1772. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1773 

POWER (The) and privilege of juries asserted : in 
opposition to the wilfully blind and malitious 
humour of some ill and uncharitable men. 

4to. London, 1681 

— of the Crown. [Begins] The power of the 
crown to establish peace, etc. [arguments in 
favour of the power of the crown to give inde- 
pendence to America without the assent of 
parliament. By G. Rous.] 

4to. {London, 1780] 

See also Observations on the opinion of Mr. G. 



POWER (The) of the lower house of couvocation to 
adjourn itself, vindicated from the misrepre- 
sentations of a late paper entituled, A letter to 
a friend in the country, concerning the proceed- 
ings of the present convocation. [By Fi!ANCIS 

ito. London, 1701 

POWER (John). A handy book about books. 

8vo. London, 1870 

POWER, Richard. 

See Comparative state of the two money-bills. 
Lublin, 1770. 

POWERS (The) claim'd by the hierarchy examined, 
occasioned by a late pamphlet [by John Andrews] 
entitled. The parallel, etc. ; in which the author's 
vindication of the Codex, his pleas for church 
power, etc., are stated and considered. By a 

8vo. London, 1735 

of a regent constitutionally considered. 

8vo. London, 1788 

POWIS, Edward Herbert, 2nd earl of. Speech in 
the house of lords, 23 May, 1843, on a bill for 
preventing the union of the sees of St. Asaph 
and Bangor. [Printed for Roxburghe Club, vi*.] 

4to. London, 1843 

POWIS, Edward James, earl of 

See Herbert, E. Expedition to the Isle of Rhe. 
[Philobiblon Society.] 

POWNALL, Thomas. 

See Administration of the colonies. London, 
1764, etc. 
„ Rights of the East India company. [London, 

— Notices and descriptions of antiquities of the 
Provincia Romana of Gaul, now Provence, 
Languedoc and Dauphin6 : with dissertations 
and appendix describing the Roman baths dis- 
covered in 1784 at Badenweiler. 

4to. London, 1788 

POYER, John. The history of Barbados, I(i0j-I80l. 

4tO. Loudon, 1808 


See History of the Jesuits. London, 1816. 

POYNET, John. 

See Defence of priestes mariages. London [1 562], 

A short treatise of politique power ; and of the 

— The right, interest and duty of the state, as 
concerned in the affairs of the East Indies. 

8vo. London, 1773 

true obedience which subjects owe to kings, and 
other civill governours. 

4to. [London] 1642 

POYNTING, Charles Thomas. 

See Hausrath, A. History of the New Testa- 
ment times. London, 1878-95. 

POYNTZ, Sydenham. 

See Massey, E. Declaration of Generall Massey, 
etc. London, 1647. 

FOZZI, Giuseppe d'Ippolito. Poesie : con un 
ristretto della sua vita. 

8vo. BoliKjiw, 1764 

Rime, piacevoli. 

8vo. London, 1764 

POZZO, Andrea. Rules and examples of perspective 
proper for painters and architects, with 105 
folio plates. Done into English by J. James. 
[Latin and English.] 

fol. London, 1707 

PRADES, Jean Martin. Apologie de Monsieur 
I'Abbti de Prades. 

8vo. Amsterdam, 1753 

PRADON, Nicolas. (Euvres. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1744 

PRADT, Dominique Dufour de, Archbishop of 

See Prussia. La Prusso et sa neutrality. London, 

— Histoire de I'ambassade dans le grand duchi' 
de Varsovie en 1812. 

8vo. Paris, 1815 

— M(5moires historiqucs sur la revolution 

8vo. Paris, 1816 



PRAE-ADAMITAB. Praeadamitae, sive exercitatio 
super versibus duodecimo, decimo tertio et 
decimo quarto, capitis quinti epistolae D. Pauli 
ad Romanos, quibus inducuntur primi homines 
ante Adamum conditi. Systema theologicum ex 
Prae-Adamitarum hypothesi pars prima. [By 


2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. [Elzevir. 
Amsterdani] 1655 

Another edition. 

2 parts in 1 vol. 12mo. [Elzevir. 
Amsterdam] 1655 

See also Eusebius Bomanus. Animadversiones. 

PRAEFATIONES et epistolae [in Latin or Greek] 
editionibus principibus auctorum veterum prae- 
positae, curante Beriah Botfield. 

4to. Cambridge, 1861 

PEAELECTIONES academicae in schola historices 

8vo. Oxford, 1692 

PRAESTANTIUM et eruditorum virorum epistolae 
ecclesiasticae et theologicae, quarum longe major 
pars scripta est a Jac. Arminio, J. Uyten- 
bogardo, C. Vorstio, G. J. Vossio, H. Grotio, 
S. Episcopio, C. Barlaeo. Editio secuncla. [Edited 
by C. Hartsoeker and P. van Limborch.] 

fol. Amsterdam, l684 

PRAET, Joseph Basile Bernard van. 
See Van Praet, J. B. B. 

PRAET, Jules van. See Van Praet, J. 

PRAETORIUS, Abdias. De poesi Graecorum libri 


8vo. Oporinus. Basle, 1561 

PRAGUE. Koniglich - Bohmische Landsarchiv. 
Die Bohmischen Landtagsverhandlungen und 
Landtagsbeschliisse vom Jahre 1526 an bis auf 
die Neuzeit : herausgegeben vom Koniglich- 
Bohmischen Landsarchive. 

In progress. 4to. Prague, 1877, etc. 

— Nadclnl Palack6ho. Pontes rerum Bohemi- 
carum. Prameny dejin Ceskych, vyddvane z 
naddnl Palackeho. [Edited by J. Emler.] 

Ill jnvgress. 4to. Prague, 1873, e/e. 

— Regia Societas Sci'entiarum. [Koniglich- 
Bohmische Gescllschaft der Wissenschaften.] 
See Scriptores rerum Bohemicarum. Prague, 


PRAISE. The prayse and commendacion of such 
as sought comen welthes : and to the contrary, 
the end and discommendacion of such as sought 
private welthes. Gathered both out of the 
scripture and phylozophers. 
8vo. T. Piaynold and IF. Hill. London [1548] 

PRANDI, Girolamo. Dissertazione intorno al 


4to. Bodoni. Parma, 1793 

PEATEUS, Ludovicus. 

See Juvenalis, D. J., and Persius Flaccus, A. 

Satirae. Paris, 1684, etc. 

PRATICHE osservazioni. See Marani, G. 

PRATILLI, Francesco Maria. Delia Via Appia 
riconosciuta e descritta da Roma a Brindisi 
libri iv. 

fol. Naples, 1745 

PEATINAS. &e Sappho. Obras. Madrid, 1797. 

PRATT, John Henry. 

See Eclectic Society. Eclectic notes. London, 

PRATT, Samuel Jackson. 

See Blacket, J. Specimens of poetry. London, 
„ Melmoth, 0., pseud. 

Harvest-Home ; consisting of supplementary 

gleanings, original dramas and poems, contribu- 
tions of literary friends and select re-publications. 
3 vols. 8vo. London, 1805 


See Gregory, Saint, Bishop of Neocaesarea. 

AVorks. Edinburgh, 1871. 
,, Justin Martyr. Writings. Edinburgh, 

„ Tatian. Writings. Edinburgh, 1867. 


See Cannina novem illustrium feminarum. Ant- 
7ceip, 1568. 
,, Poetriarum octo. Hamburg, 1734. 

PRAY, Georg. Annales regum Hungariae ab anno 
Christi CMXCVii ad annum mdi.xiv. 

3 vols. fol. Vienna, 1763-70 



PRAY, Georg. Annales veteres Hunnorum, Avanim 
et Hungaronim ab anno ante natum Christum 
CCX ad annum Christi CJLXCVii. 

fol. Vienna, 17(il 

Calf, with tbc arms of Maria Tlieiesa of Austria, 
£mpress of Germany. 

Dissertationes historico-criticae in annales 

veteres Hunnorum Avarum et Hungarorum. 

fol. Vienna, 1775 

PRAYER. See also Liturgies. 

The books of the common praier and adminis- 

tracion of the Sacramentes, and other rites and 
ceremonies of the Churches : after the use of the 
Churche of Englande. 

fol. Richard Grafton. London [March] 1549 

Another edition. 

4to. John Oswen. Worcester [May] 1 549 

— Another edition. 

fol. Edward Whitchurch, iodrfoft [/«)'«] 1549 

— Another edition. (The Psalter or Psalmes of 
David after the translacion of the greate Byble.) 

2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. Edioard IFliitchurch. 

London [1552] 

— Another edition. 

fol. EJtcard Whitchurch. London, 1552 

— Another edition. (The Psalter or Psalms of 


2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. R. Jugge and 
J. Cawood. London, 1562 

Another edition. 

fol. Robert Barker. London, l604t 

■ Another edition. With the Psalter or psalmes 

of David. 

fol. Robert Barker. London, l607 

— Another edition. With the Psalter or psalmes 

of Da\'id. 

fol. Robert Barker. London, l6 11 

— Another edition. With the Psalter or psalmes 
of David. 

fol. Robert Barker. London, l6lC 

Richly gilt morocco, with the anns of James i. 

— Another edition. With the Psalter or psalms 
of David. 

4to. B. Norton and J. Bill. London, l6l9 

In an English embroidered binding, with the arms of 
Middleton of Chirk. 


PRAYER. The booke of the common praier and 
administracion of the Sacraments, and other rites 
and ceremonies of the Churches : after the use 
of the Churche of Englande. 

fol. B. Norton and J. Bill. London, 1 625 

Another edition. 

8vo. B. Norton and J. Bill. London, 1627 

Another edition. 

8vo. R. Barker and Assignes of J. Bill. 
London, l63'2 

The Booke of Common Prayer and Adminis- 
tration of the Sacraments. And other parts of 
divine Service for the use of the Church of 
Scotland. The Psalter or Psalmes of David. 
[Laud's Prayer Book.] 

fol. Robert Young. Edinburgh, 1637-36 

Calf, with the arms of Sir Robert Bruce Cotton. 

The book of common prayer and administra- 
tion of the sacraments, and other rites and 
ceremonies of the church of England : with the 
Psalter or psalmes of David. 

fol. T. Buck awl R. Daniel. Cambridge, 1638 

Another edition. 

8vo. R. Barker and Assignes of J. Bill. 
London, 1639 

Another edition. [The "Sealed book" with 

the form "At the healing."] 

Another edition. 

fol. London [l662] 

fol. London, 1669 

Old binding inlaid, with the arms otGeorge Honk, 
Duke of Albemarle. 

8vo. London, 1671 
4to. Cambridge, l673 

Another edition. 

Another edition. 

Another edition. 

fol. London, 1680 

Inlaid morocco, with the cipher of Charles ii. 

Another edition. 

fol. London, 1703 

The liturgy of the church of England, reduc'd 

nearer to the primitive standard, humbly pro- 

pos'd by W. Whiston. 

8vo. London, 1713 

The book of Common Prayer. Engraved by 

J. Sturt. 

4to. London, 1717 




PRAYER. The book of common prayer. 

fol. London, 1728 

Another edition. 

8vo. London, 1731 

Another edition. 

4to. London, 1753 

Red morocco, with the ftnns of George n. 

Another edition. 

Another edition. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1760 

12mo. Cambridge, 1762 

— The Ijook of Common Prayer, as revised to the 
use of the Protestant Episcopal Church at a con- 
vention in Philadelphia, 1785. 

12mo. London, 1789 

The book of Common Prayer. 

fol. Oxford, 1799 

Another edition. 

8vo. Lmdon, 1802 

— The book of Common Prayer reformed : with 
the book of Psalms, and a collection of hymns. 
Edited by J. Disney. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. London, 1802 

The book of Common Prayer, with notes by 

Richard Mant. 

4to. Oxford, 1822 

The book of Common Prayer, revised [by Dr. 

Clarke and Theophilus Lindsey], with the 

8vo. London, 1824 

The two Liturgies, 1549 and 1552, with other 

documents set forth by authority in the reign of 
King Edward vi. ; viz. The order of Communion, 
1548; the Primer, 1553; the Catechism and 
Articles, 1553 ; Catechismus Brevis, 1553. 
Edited by J. Ketley. [Parker Society, xiv.] 

8vo. Cambridge, 1844 

— The book of Common Prayer, printed by 
Whitchurch, 1549, commonly called the first 
book of Edward vi. 

fol. London, 1844 

— The book of Common Prayer. Noted by 
John Merbecke, 1550. 

4to. Londm, 1844 

PRAYER. The book of Common Prayer, printed by 

Whitchurch, 1552, commonly called the second 

book of Edward vi. 

fol. London, 1844 

The book of Common Prayer, printed by 

Grafton, 1559, commonly called the first book of 
queen Elizabeth. 

fol. London, 1844 

The book of Common Prayer, l604, commonly 

called the Hampton Court book. 

fol. London, 1844 

The book of^Common Prayer, printed at Edin- 

burgh, 1637, commonly called archbishop Laud's. 

fol, London, 1844 

The book of Common Prayer, as revised and 

settled at the Savoy conference, 1662 : reprinted 
from the sealed book. 

fol. London, 1844 

— The book of Common Prayer, as ordered by 
Queen Victoria, 1837. 

fol. London, 1844 

— The two books of Common Prayer set forth by 
authority of Parliament in the reign of King 
Edward the Sixth, compared with each other 
and edited by E. Cardwell. Third edition. 

8vo. Oxford, 1852 

— The annotated book of Common Prayer. Edited 
by J. H. Blunt. 

4to. London, 1866 

— Facsimile of the black-letter Prayer book con- 
taining the manuscript alterations and additions 
made in the year 1661, out of which was fairly 
written the Book of Common Prayer annexed to 
the Act of Uniformity, 1662. [With a preface 
by A. P. Stanley.] 

fol. London, 1871 

— Facsimile of the original manuscript of the 
book of Common Prayer, signed by the Convoca- 
tion December 20th, 1661, and attached to the 
Act of Uniformity 1662. 

fol. London, 1891 

— The book of Common Prayer as issued in the 
year 1549, in the reign of King Edward the 
sixth, being the original edition of the Prayer 
Book. Reproduced in facsimile. 

4to. 1896 



PBATEB. The book of Common Prayer, in eight 
languages ; English, French, Italian, German, 
Spanish, Greek ancient and modern, and Latin. 

4to. London, 1821 

Another edition. 

8vo. London, 1825 

[Common Prayer in Chinese.] 

8vo. [1800] 

La liturgie Angloise ou le livre des pri^res 

publiques, de I'administration des sacramens, etc. 
ito. Juhii Bill. London, l6l6 

Vellum, with the arms of James i. 

La liturgie ou formulaire des pri^res publiques, 

selon I'usage de I'eglise unie d'Angleterre et 

8vo. Ghtemsei/, 1815 

The book of Common Prayer [in German and 

English] according to the use of the Church of 

8vo. J. Crooke. Dublin, 1710 

■ The book of Common Prayer in Greek. 

l2mo. /. Field. Cambridge, 1664-65 

PRAYER. The book of Common Prayer, translated 
into the Mohawk language : to which is added 
the gospel according to S. Mark. Translated 
into Mohawk by Joseph Brant. 

8vo. London, 1787 

Lliver gweddi gyfTredin a' gwenidogaeth y 

Sacramentae, ac eraill gynneddfeu a' Ceremoniae 
yn Eccles Loeer. Psallwyr neu Psaimae David. 
[Translated by Richard Davie.s and William 

fol. H. DenlMinfor H. Toy. London, 1567 

Llyfr gweddi gyffredin a gweinidogaeth y 

sacramentau a chrynheddfau a seremoniau 
eraill yr eglwys yn 61 arfer eghvys loegr. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1746 

Another edition. 

■ Another edition. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1664-65 

— Liber precum publicarum, seu ministerii eccle- 
siasticae administrationis sacramentorum, alio- 
rumque rituum et ceremoniarum in ecclesia 

4to. Reginald IVolfe. London [ 1 570] 

— Another edition. 

8vo. Thomas Vautrollicr. London, 1574 

— Another edition. Unii cum psalterio. [The 
dedication signed J. D. i.e. John Durel.] 

8vo. London, 1670 

— The book of Common Prayer, translated into 

12mo. Ramsay, Isle of Man, 1769 

— The morning and evening prayer, litany, 
Church catechism, family prayers and several 
chapters of the Old and New Testament. Trans- 
lated into the Mahaque Indian language by 
Lawrence Claesse, interpreter to William 
Andrews, missionary. 

4to. W. Bradfwd. New York, 11 \5 

8vo. Cambridge, 1770 

— The book of Common Prayer in short-hand, 
according to Mr. Westons excellent method. 

12mo. London, 1730 

— The book of Common Prayer according to the 
use of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the 
United States of America. 

12mo. New York, 1823 

' Another edition. 

fol. New Y(n-k, 1893 

— Devoute prayers in englysshe of thactes of 
our redemption. 

8vo. Robert Redman. London [\ 531] 

— Orarium seu libellus precationum per regiam 
majestatem et clerum latine editus. 

8vo. Richard Grafton. London, 1546 

— The forme of prayers and ministration of the 
Sacraments used in the English congregation at 
Geneva, and approved by the famous and godly 
learned man, John Calvin. 

12mo. John Crespin. Geneva, 1556 

— A booke of private prayer necessarye to be 
used of all Christians with manye godlye prayers. 

l6mo. William Seres. London [1566] 

— A booke of christian prayers, collected out of 
the auncient writers. [Queen Elizabeth's prayer 

4to. John Day. London, 1581 



PBAYEB. Liber precationum quas Carolus Calvus 
pro quotidiano usu in unum colligi et literis 
scribi aureis mandavit. 

8vo. D. Sartorius. Ingoldadt, 1583 

A booke of the forme of common prayers, 

administration of the sacraments, etc., agreable 
to Gods worde, and the use of the reformed 
Churches [The Middelburg Liturgy]. 

8vo. Richard Schilders. Middelburg, 1586 

A forme of prayer, necessary to bee used in 

these dangerous times of tvarre : wherein we are 
appointed to fast, according to his majesties pro- 
clamation ; for the preservation of his majestie 
and his realmes, and all reformed churches. 

4to. B. Norton and J. Bill. London, 1 628 

— — A forme of common prayer, together with 
an order of fasting : for the averting of Gods 
heavie visitation upon many places of this king- 
dome, and for the obtaining of his blessings 
upon us. 

4to. R. Barker and Assigms of J. Bill. 
London, 1636 

— A form of prayer, to be used upon the fifteenth 
of January in all churches and chappels within 
the cities of London and "Westminster, and upon 
the two and twentieth of the said moneth, in all 
other churches, being the days appointed for a 
general fast. 

4to. London, l66l 

— A form of common prayer, to be used upon 
the 30th of January, being the anniversary day, 
appointed by act of parliament for fasting and 
humiliation, etc. 

4to. London, l66l 

— A form of prayer, with thanksgiving, to be 
used of all the kings majestie's loving subjects 
the 29th of May yearly, for his majestie's happy 
return to his kingdoms : it being also the day 
of his birth. 

4to. London, l66l 

— A form of prayer and humiliation for God's 
blessing upon his majesty, and his dominions, 
and for the removing and averting of God's 
judgments from this church and state. 

4to. London, 1690 

— Liturgia Tigurina ; or, the book of Common 
Prayer and administration of the Sacraments 

and other ecclesiastical rites and ceremonies 
usually practised in . . . the city and canton of 
Zurick. Faithfully translated by John Conrad 

12mo. London, 1693 

FBrAYEB. A form of prayer and thanksgiving, to 
be used on Thursday the first of May next, for 
the conclusion of the treaty for the union of 

Scotland and England. 

4to. [Edinburgh 1] 1707 

— Prayers to be used in all cathedrals, collegiate 
and parochial churches within England, Wales, 
etc., on all Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 
during the continuance of our danger from the 

4to. London, 1720 

— Private prayers put forth by authority during 

the reign of queen Elizabeth ; the Primer of 
1559 ; the Orarium of 1560 ; the Preces privatae 
of 1564; the book of Christian Prayers 1578; 
with an appendix containing the Litany of 1544. 
Edited by W. K. Clay. [Parker Society, xliii.] 

8vo. Cambridge, 1851 

PRECATIO horarii. [Arabic] 

Greg. Gi'egmio. Fani, 1514 

PRECATIONES aliquot celebriores e sacris Bibliis 
desumptae, ac in studiosorum gratiam lingua 
Hebraica, Graeca et Latina in Enchiridii for- 
mulam redactae. 

8vo. Paris, 1554 

PRfiCHAC, De. 

See Cabinet des f^es. Amsterdam, etc., 1785-89. 

PRECIS des 6venemens et operations des armees 
franco-batave et anglo-russes dans la campagne 
de la Nord-Hollande : nos. 1, 2. 

2 parts in 1. 8vo. Hamburg, 1799 

historique de la vie du pape Clement xiv. 

12mo. Avignon, 1780 

PREDELLI, Riccardo. 

See Liber communis. Venice, 1872. 

PREFACES, dedications, epistles, selected from 
early English books, 1540-1701, with indexes. 
Edited by W. Carew Hazlitt. 

12mo. [London] 1874 



PR6F0NTAINE, le chevalier de. Maison rustique 
a I'usage des habitans dc Cayenne. 

8vo. I'aris, 1763 

Red morocco, with the arms of the Due de Graraont, and 
his wife Beatrix de Choiseul-Stainville. 

PREJEVALSKY, Nicholas Michailovitch. From 
Kulja, across the Tian Shan to Lob-Nor. Trans- 
lated by E. D. Morgan ; including notices of 
the lakes of Central Asia, with introduction by 
Sir T. D. Forsyth, and maps. 

8vo. London, 1879 

PREJUDICE detected by facts ; or, a candid and 
impartial enquiry into the reign of Queen 
Elizabeth, so far as it relates to Mary queen of 

8vo. London [175."] 

PR^JUGflS militaires, par un officier Autrichien 

[Prince Charles JosErn Emmanuel de Lione]. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. KralovelJwta, 1783 

PRELIMINARY articles of peace between his 
Britannick majesty, and the king of Spain, 
signed at Versailles, the 20th of January 1783. 
[French and English.] 

4to. London, 1783 

articles of peace between his Britannick 

majesty, and the most Christian king, signed at 
Versailles, the 20th of January, 1783. [French 
and English.] 

4to. London, 1783 

PRENDERGAST, John Patrick. The Cromwellian 
settlement of Ireland. 

Svo. London, 1865 

PRESBYTERIALL (The) government examined, 
wherein the 
unfolded, etc. 

wherein the weaknesse of their grounds are 

4to. [London] 1641 

PRESBYTERIANS (The) letany, set forth, and 
ordained to be used, for the more speedy sup- 
pressing of the growth of independency, now in 
a very thriving way. [A satire.] 

4to. [London] 1647 

plea of merit in order to take oflF the Test (in 

Ireland) impartially examined. AVith an account 
of the state of Popery in that kingdom, etc. 
[By J. Swift.] Second edition : to which is 
added a narrative of the attempts the Dissenters 

in Ireland have made for procuring the repeal 
of the Test. [A reprint of Nos. 3 and 4 of 
' The Correspondent ' by Swift.] 

Svo. London [1733] 

See also Vindication of the Protestant Dissenters. 

PRESBYTERY display'd, for the justification of 
such as do not like the government, and for the 
benefit of those that do not understand it. 
Second edition, corrected. 

4to. London, l668 

PRESCOT, Kenrick. 

See P. (K.) Shakespear. [Cambridge] 1774. 

PRESCOTT, Isaac. Trial, for wanton, tyrannical, 

unprovoked and savage cruelty towards Jane 

Prescott, his wife. 

8vo. London, 1786 

PRESCOTT, William Hickling. Complete works. 
Edited by J. F. Kirk. 

15 vols. Svo. Fhiladelphiu [1872-75] 

1-3. Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella. 
4-6. Conquest of Mexico. 
7, 8. Conquest of PeriL 

9. Biographical and critical miscellanies. 
10-12. Reign of Philip il. 
13-15. Reign of the Emperor Charles v. 

History of the conquest of Mexico, and life of 

Hernando Cortes. 

3 vols. Svo. London, 1843 

History of the conquest of Peru. Sixth edition. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1850 

History of the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella. 

3 vols. Svo. Boston, ISSQ 

History of the reign of Philip the second of 


3 vols. Svo. London, 1855-59 

PRESENT (The) conduct of the war. 

Svo. London, 1746 

danger of Popery in England. 

4to. London, 1703 

disposition of England considered. 

4t0. London, 1701 

— dispute between the Dissenters and Church 
of England fairly stated. 

Svo. London, 1733 



PRESENT (The) French king demonstrated an 
enemy to the Catholick as well as Protestant 
religion. Translated from the French. 

4to. London, I69I 

government of England. 

See Britannicus, T., pseud. 

■ great interest. See K. (F.) 
(The) hour. 

8vo. London, 1782 

— interest of England stated. [By Slingsby 

•ito. London, 1671 

— interest of the people of Gt. Britain at home 
and abroad considered : in a letter to a member 
of Parliament. 

8vo. London [174:3] 

— national embarrassment considered, containing 
a sketch of the political situation of the heir 
apparent, and of the legal claims of the Parlia- 
ment now assembled at Westminster. 

8vo. London, 1789 

— state of British influence in Holland, ex- 
emplified by the States General's answer of the 
23 May 1742 to the earl of Stair's memorial 
for a new alliance. 

8vo. London, 174.2 

— state of Christendome and the interest of 

England, with a regard to France : in a letter to 
a friend. 

-tto. London, 1677 

— state of England. 

4to. [London, I694] 

— state of Europe ; explaining the interests, 
connections, and views of its several powers. 
[By John Campbell.] 

8vo. London, 1750 

— Fifth edition. 

8vo. London, 1757 

— state of Jacobitism. See F. (D.) 

— state of Maryland, by the delegates of the 
people. [Signed by Thomas Cockey Deye, 

8vo. London, 1787 

PRESENT (The) state of Mr. Grcensheild's case now 
before the right honourable the House of Lords. 

Svo. London, 1711 

state of Popery in England. See E. (R.) 

— state of the British and French trade to Africa 
and America consider'd and compar'd : with 
some propositions in favour of the trade of 
Great Britain. 

8vo. London, 1745 

— state of the British constitution, deduced 
from facts. By an old Whig. 

8vo. London, 1793 

— state of the nation : particularly Avith respect 
to its trade, finances, &c. &c. : addressed to the 

king and both Houses of Parliament. [By 

Wheatley, or W. Knox.] 

4to. London, 1768 

— An Appendix to. The present state of the 
nation : containing a reply to the observations 

on that pamphlet. [By Wheatley, or W. 


Svo. London, 1769 

— state of the national debt, with remarks on the 
nature of our public funds, and the uses which 
a large national debt may be of to a sole M — r. 

8vo. London, 1740 

taxes compared to the payments made to the 

publick within the memory of man. 

8vo. London, 1749 

PRESENTATION (The) in the Temple, a pageant, 
as represented by the corporation of weavers in 
Coventry : with a prefatory notice. [Edited by 
T. Sharpe.] [Abbotsford Club.] 

4to. Edinburgh, 1836 

PRESSENSt, Edmond de. The church and the 
French Revolution, a history of the relations of 
church and state, 1789-1802. Translated by 
J. Stroyan. 

Svo. London, I869 

Histoire des trois premiers sieeles de I'eglise 

Chr^tienne. Nouvelle edition. 

3 vols. Svo. Paris, 1888-89 

The ancient world and Christianity. Trans- 
lated from the French by A. H. Holmden. 

Svo. London, 1888 



PRESSENSfi, Edmond de. The early years of 
Christianity. Vol. ii. The martyrs and apolo- 
gists. Vol. iii. Heresy and Christian doctrine. 
Vol. iv. Christian life and practice in the early 
church. Translated by A. H. HOLMDEN. 

4 vols. Svo. London, 1869-77 

The religions before Christ : being an intro- 

duction to the history of the first three centuries 
of the church. Translated by L. Corkran. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1862 

Jesus Christ, His times, life and work. [Trans- 

lated by A. H. HoLMDEN.] 

Svo. London, 1866 

A study of origins ; or, the problems of know- 
ledge, of being, and of duty. Translated by 


8vo. Lmdm, 1883 


See Azurara, (J. E. de. The chronicle of the 
discovery, etc. [Hakluyt Society.] 

PRESTBURY, Parish of. Register book of christen- 
ings, weddings and burials within the parish of 
Prestbury, in the county of Chester, 1560-1636. 
Edited by J. Croston. [Record Society, v.] 

Svo. [Manchester] 1881 

PRESTON, Sir Richard Graham, viscount. 
See Graham, R. 

PRESTON, William. 

&« Apollonius Rhodius. The argonautics. Dublin, 

PRESTONGRANGE, William Grant, Lord. 
See Occasional writer. London, 174.';. 

PRESTWIOH, Sir John. Respublica ; or, a display 
of the honors, ceremonies and ensigns of the 
Common-wealth under Oliver Cromwell ; together 
with the names, armorial bearings, flags and 
pennons of the different commanders, etc. [Vol. i. 
No more published.] 

4to. London, 1787 

PRESTWIOH, Sir Joseph. Geology, chemical, 
physical, and stratigraphical. 

ii vols. Svo. Oxford, 1886-88 

PRETENCES (The) of the French invasion examined 
for the information of the people of England. 
[By William Lloyd, bishop of "Worcester.] 

4to. London, 1692 

of the Prince of "Wales examin'd and rejected, 
in a letter to a friend in the country. [By 

Maurice Fitzgerald.] 

4to. [Lmdon, 1701] 

PRETENDED (The) independence of the lower- 
house upon the upper a groundless notion : being 
a vindication of the Synodus Anglicana. [By 
Edmund Gibson.] 

4to. London, 1703 

PRETENDER (The) an impostor : being that part 
of the memorial from the English protestants 
to their highnesses the Prince and Princess of 
Orange, concerning their grievances, and the 
birth of the pretended Prince of Wales. 

Svo. London, 1711 

PRETTY, Francis. 

See Bry, T. de. Historia Americae. Part vlii. 
Frankfort, 1599- 


See Harnack, A. Geschichte der altchristlichen 
Litteratur. Leipzig, 1893, etc. 

PREVIOUS promises inconsistent with a free parlia- 
ment; and an ample vindication of the last 

Svo. Dublin, 1760 

PREVOST, Nicolas. Catalogue des livres fran9ois, 
italiens, et espagnols : qui se trouvent h. vendre 
dans la boutique de N. Prevost et comp. 

Svo. Laiulon [1728] 

Index librorum cusorum et venalium, in 

ofBcina N. Prevost et sociorum ; or, a catalogue 
of books printed, or sold by N. Prevost and com- 

Svo. London, 1728 

PROVOST, Pierre. 

See Euripides. Les tragedies. Paris, 1782-97. 

PRiiVOST D'EXILES, Antoine Francois. 

See Histoire du chevalier Des Grieux. London, 
„ Histoire g^n^rale des voyages. Pans, 1746-70. 
„ Manuel lexique. Paris, 1755. 

(Euvres choisies. 

39 vols. Svo. Amsterdam, 1783-85 



PREYGEE, Abrahamus. 

See Seneca, L. A., and Publilius Syrus. Singu- 
lares sententiae. Leyden, 1708. 


See Diversonim veterum poetanun. Venice, 

PRIBEVO, Vinceii20. Delia origine et successi 
degli Slavi. 

4to. Aldus. Venice, 1595 

PRICE (The) of the abdication. 

4to. [Lovdon, 1693] 

PRICE, Charles. The fifth edition, much improved, 
being a more minute and particular account of 
that arch impostor Charles Price. 

12mo. Loiidon, 1786 

PRICE, Edmund. Sec Prys, E. 


See Uvarov, S. S. Essay on the mysteries of 
Eleusis. Londm, 1817. 

PRICE, John. An historical and topographical 
account of Leominster and its vicinity. 

8vo. Ludlow, 1795 

PRICE, Sir John. 

See Caradoc, of Llancarfan. The historic of 
Cambria. London, 1584, etc. 

Historiae Brytanniae defensio et Monae 

Insulae descriptio. 

4to. Henry Binneman. London, 1573 

PRICE, Joseph. 

See Letter to Edmund Burke. [London, 1782.] 

A short commercial and political letter to 

C. J. Fox, on the subject of his Asiatic bills, now 
pending in Parliament. 

8vo. London, 1783 

Some observations and remarks on a late pub- 

lication intitled, Travels in Europe, Asia, and 
Africa. [By W. Macintosh.] 

8vo. London, 1782 

PRICE, Richard, Barrister-at-law. 

See Warton, T. History of English poetry. 
London, 1871, etc. 

PRICE, Richard, D.D. 

See Kippis, A. An address delivered at the 

interment. London, 1791- 
,, Morgan, W. Eeview of Dr. Price's writings. 

London, 1792. 
,, Priestley, J. Discourse on occasion of the 

death of Dr. P. Loiulon, 1791. 
„ Uncertainty of the present population. 

London, 1781. 
„ Wyvill, C. Collection of letters. London, 

— Britain's happiness, and its full possession of 
civil and religious liberty, briefly stated and 
proved : with an introduction by the editor. 

12mo. London, 1791 

— A discourse on the love of our country, de- 
livered on Nov. 4, 1789, to the society for 
commemorating the revolution in Great Britain. 
With an appendix. 

8vo. London, 1789 

See also Review of the pamphlet. 

Another edition. 

8vo. London, 1790 

— Additions to the discourse on the love of our 
country, containing communications from France 
occasioned by the congratulatory address of the 
Eevolution Society to the National Assembly, 
with the answers to them. 

8vo, [London, 1790] 

— Preface and additions to the discourse on the 
love of our country. Fourth edition. 

8vo. [London, 1790] 

— An essay on the population of England, from 
the revolution to the present time : with an 
appendix containing remarks on the account of 
the population, etc., in Mr. Eden's letters to lord 

Svo. London, 1780 

— Observations on the importance of the Ameri- 
can Eevolution, and the means of making it a 
benefit to the world : to which is added a letter 
from M. Turgot, with a translation of the will 
of Fortune Ricard. 

Svo. London, 1785 

— Observations on the nature of civil liberty, the 
principles of government, and the justice and 
policy of the war -with America. 

8vo. London, 1776 
See also Remarks on a pamphlet lately published. 



PRICE, Richard, D.D. Additional observations on 
the nature and value of civil liberty, and the 
war with America ; also observations on schemes 
for raising money by loans, etc. 

8vo. London, Mil 

The general introduction and supplement to 

the two tracts on civil liberty, the war with 
America, and the finances of the kingdom. 

8vo. Lmdon, 1778 

A review of the principal questions in morals, 

particularly those respecting the origin of our 
ideas of virtue. Third edition. 

8vo. London, 1787 

— A sermon delivered to a congregation of Pro- 
testant Dissenters, at Hackney, on the 10th of 
February last, being the day appointed for a 
general fast. 

8vo. London, 1779 

The state of the public debts and finances at 

signing the preliminary articles of peace in 
January 1783 : with a plan for raising money 
by public loans, and for redeeming the public 

8vo. London, 1783 

PRICE, Sir Uvedale. An essay on the picturesque 
as compared with the sublime and the beautiful, 
and on the use of studying pictures for the 
purpose of improving real landscape. 

8vo. Lmdon, 1794 

PRICE, William. Elements of the Sanscrit lan- 

4to. London, 1828 

A grammar of the three principal Oriental 

languages, Hindoostanee, Persian and Arabic ; 
to which is added a set of Persian dialogues com- 
posed by Mirza Mohammed Sauliz of Shiraz, with 
an English translation. 

4to. Lmdm, 1823 

A new grammar of the Hindoostanee language, 

with selections from the best authors, phrases 
and dialogues. 

4to. London, 1828 

PRICE, William Salter. My third campaign in 
east Africa : a story of missionary life. 

8vo. London, 1890 


See Montesquieu, C. de Secondat, baron de. 

The spirit of laws. London, 1878. 

PRICHARD, James Cowles. The eastern origin of 
the Celtic nations proved by a comparison of their 
dialects with the Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, and 
Teutonic languages : forming a supplement to 
Researches into the physical history of mankind, 
edited by R. G. Latham. 

8vo. London, 1857 

The natural history of man. Third edition, 


8vo. London, 1848 

Researches into the physical history of man- 

5 vols. 8vo. London, 1841-51 

PRICKET, Robert. Honour's fame in triumph 
riding (l604). By R. P. A true coppie of a 
discourse written by a gentleman, employed in 
the late voyage of Spaine and Portingale, 1589. 
Edited by A. B. Grosart. [Occasional issues, 

xvi. 1.] 

4to. [Manchester] 1881 

PRIDE, Thomas. Last speech and dying-words of 
Thomas (lord alias colonel) Pride, being touched 
in conscience for his inhumane murder of the 
bears in the Beargarden, when he was high 

sherifi' of Surrey. 

4to. London, 1680 

PRIDEAUX, Humphrey. . 

See Case of clandestine marriages. London, 1 691 . 
„ Marmora Oxoniensia. Oxford, 1676. 

Ecclesiastical tracts, viz. : i. the validity of the 

orders of the Church of England ; ii. the justice 
of the law which gives the successor in any 
benefice all the profits from the day of avoidance ; 
iii. an award of King Charles i., etc., shewing 
that personal tithes are still due by the law. 

8vo. London, 1716 

Letters to John Ellis, under-secretary of state, 

1674-1722. Edited by E. M. Thompson. 
[Camden Society, N. S., xv.] 

4to. London, 1875 

The old and new Testament connected in the 

history of the Jews and neighbouring nations 

from the declension of the kingdoms of Israel 

and Judah to the time of Christ. The seventh 


2 vols. fol. London, 1718-20 



PRIDEAUX, Humphrey. The original and right of 

8vo. Norwich, 1710 

Life : with several tracts and letters of his 

upon various subjects. 

8vo. London, 1748 

PRIDEAUX, Richard. 

See Further discovery. Gateside, l654. 

PRIDEAUX, Sarah Treverbian. An historical 
sketch of bookbinding, with a chapter on early 
stamped bindings by E. Gordon Duff. 

4to. London, 189S 

PRIERIAS, Sylvester. See Mazzolini, S. 

PRIEST (The) dissected : a poem, addressed to the 

Rev. Mr. , author of Regulus, Toby, Csesar, 

and other satirical pieces. By the author of the 
New Bath Guide [Christopher Anstey]. 

4to. Bath [1774] 

PRIESTCRAFT in perfection; or, a detection of 
the fraud of inserting and continuing this clause 
(the Church hath power to decree rites and 
ceremonys, and authority in controversys of 
faith) in the twentieth article of the articles of 
the Church of England. [By Anthony Collins.] 

8vo. London, 1710 


)Se« Free address. London, 1780. 
„ Observations on the emigration. London, 

,, Porcupine, P., pseud. Remarks on the 

explanation, etc. London, 1799- 
„ Small whole length of Dr. Priestley. London, 

„ United Irishmen. Address to J. Priestley. 

[London, 1794.] 

A description of a chart of biography : with a 

catalogue of all the names inserted in it, and the 
dates annexed to them. 

12mo. I^ondon, 1785 

— A description of a new chart of history, con- 
taining a view of the principal revolutions of 
empire that have taken place in the world. 

12mo. London, 1770 

— A discourse on occasion of the death of ' 
Dr. Price, delivered at Hackney on Sunday, ' 
May 1, 1791. 

8vo. London., 1791 

PRIESTLEY, Joseph, LL.D. The evidence of the 

resurrection of Jesus considered, in a discourse 

delivered, at Buxton, on Sunday, September 19, 

1790 : to which is added, An address to the Jews. 

8vo. Birmingham, 1791 

Experiments and observations relating to 

various branches of natural philosophy ; with a 
continuation of the observations on air. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1779-81 

A familiar introduction to the theory and 

practice of perspective. 

8vo. Londm, 1780 

A history of the corruptions of Christianity, 

The second edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. Birmingluim, 1793 

Lectures on history and general policy, to 

which is prefixed an essay on a course of liberal 
education for civil and active life. 

4to. Birmingham, 1788 

Dr. Priestley's letter to the inhabitants of 

Birmingham : Mr. Keir's vindication of the 
Revolution dinner : and Mr. Russell's account 
of proceedings relating to it, with the toasts, etc. 

8vo. London, 1791 

Letters to the philosophers and politicians of 

France, on the subject of religion. 

8vo. London, 1793 

Letters to the right hon. Edmund Burke, 

occasioned by his Reflections on the revolution 
in France, etc. 

8vo. Birmingham, 1791 

Third edition. 

8vo. Birmingham, 1791 

A sermon on the subject of the slave trade ; 

delivered to a society of Protestant dissenters, 
at the new meeting, in Birmingham. 

8vo. Birmingham, 1788 

A view of revealed religion ; a sermon, preached 

at the ordination of the rev. William Field, July 
12, 1790 : with a charge delivered at the same 
time by the rev. Thomas Belsham. 

Svo. Birmingham, 1790 

PRIESTLEY, Joseph, of the Aire and Calder Naviga- 
tion office. Historical account of the navigable 
rivers, canals, and railways of Great Britain, as 
a reference to Nichols, Priestley, and Walker's 
new map of inland navigation. 

8vo. London, 1831 



PRIMATICCIO, Francesco. Les travaux d'Ulysse, 
desseignez par le sicur de Sainct Martin de la 
fagon qu'ils se voyent dans la maison royale de 
Fontainebleau, peints par le sieur Nicolas [Abati] 
at gravez en cuivre par Theodore van Tulden. 
obi. fol. M. Tavernier. Paris, 1633 

PRIMATT, William. Accentus rcdivivi ; or, a 
defence of an accented pronunciation of Greek 
prose, shewing it to be conformable to all 

8to. Cambiidge, 1764 

PRIME (The) ministers of Queen Victoria. Edited 
by S. J. Reid. Melbourne by H. Dunckley, 
Peel by J. MacCarthy, Derby by G. Saintsbury, 
Palmerston by the Marquis of Lome, Beaconsfield 
by J. A. Froude, Gladstone by G. W. E. Kussell, 
Salisbury by H. D. Traill, the Earl of Aberdeen 
by the Hon. Sir A. H. Gordon, Lord John 
Russell by S. J. Reid. 

9 vols. 8vo. London, 1890-95 

PRIMER. See Horae. 

The Prymer ; or, lay folks prayer-book. Edited 

by H. LiTTLEHALES. Part i. [Early English 
Text Society, 105.] 

Svo. London, 1895 

PRINCE PITT ! ! ! or, the patriot minister ! 

single sheet, fol. Lond/m [1788] 

PRINCE, John. Danmonii orientales illustres ; or, 
the worthies of Devon. 

fol. Exeter, 1701 

New edition with notes. 

4to. London, 1810 

PRINCE, Thomas, of Boston, New England. A 
chronological history of New England in the 
form of annals, 1736. Reprinted in Arber's 
English Garner, ii. 

PRINCE, Thomas, of London. 

See Lilburne, J. An agreement of the free people 
of England. London, 1 649, etc. 

PRINCELY (The) Pelican. Royal resolves, presented 
in sundry choice observations, extracted from his 
majesty's divine meditations, l649. [Reprinted 
in sir Thos. Herbert's Memoirs.] 

PRINCE'S (The) right to the royal diadem, defended : 
being an answer to the Rev. Mr. Jackson's 
Serious address to the Queen, Prince of Wales, 
and the public at large. 

4to. London, 1788 

PRINCESSE (La) de C16ves. [By the Countess de 
LA Fayette, J. R. de Segrais and the Duke de 
LA Rochefoucauld.] 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Paris, 1752 

PRINCIPES de messieurs Bossuet et F6nelon sur la 
souverainete ; tires du 5" avertissement sur lea 
Icttres de M. Jurieu, et d'un essai sur le gouverne- 
ment civil [of A. M. Ramsay. Abridged by Y. 
M. M. DE OuEUBEUF, edited by J. A. Emeky.] 

8vo. Paris, 1791 

PRINCIPIA quibus uti possumus ad summum 
Pontificem et ad alios clericos et laicos. 

4to. \G. Lisa de Flandria. Treviso, 1475] 

subscriptiones et suprascriptiones litterarum 


4to. Ul. Ran. [Borne, 1478] 

PRINCIPLES (The) and facts of the lord bishop of 
Chichester's sermon, and the defence of it, 
further examined. 

Svo. London, 1732 

of British policy contrasted with a French 


Svo. London, 1787 

of government ; in a dialogue between a scholar 

and a peasant ; written by a member of the 
Society for Constitutional Information. 

Svo. [London] 1783 

of Mr. Atterbury's book (of the rights, powers 

and privileges of an English convocation) con- 

sider'd, and his arguments against Dr. Wake 

and others stated and examined. [By Richard 


4to. London, 1701 

PRINCIPUM et illustrium virorum epistolae. 

12mo. Lud. Elzevir. Amsterdam, 1644 

PRINGLE, John Henry. 

See Pitt, W., Earl of Chatham. Correspondence. 
London, 1838-40. 


See Calvin Translation Society. 


See Musae Etonenses. 

London, 1755. 

PRINSEP, James. Essays on Indian antiquities, 
historic, numismatic and palaeographic. Edited, 
with notes and additional matter, by E. Thomas. 
[With a memoir of the author.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Loiulan, 1858 



PPvINSEP, John. A letter to the proprietors of 

PRIORY (The) of Hexham, its chroniclers, endow- 

East India stock, on the present crisis of the 

ments and annals. [Edited by J. Raine.] 

company's aflfairs. 

[Surtees Society, xliv., xlvi.] 

8vo. London, 1793 

2 vols. Svo. Durham, 1864-65 

PRIOLUS, Michaelis. Epicedion, sive carmina 

PRISCIANESE, Francesco. Argumentorum obser- 

lugubria in obitum lectiss. matronae. 

vationes in omneis Ciceronis epistolas. 

4to. [Venice] 1594 

Svo. Aldus. Venice, 1549 

PRIOR, Sir James. Memoir of Edmund Burke. 

Delia lingua Latina libri vi. 

Second edition. 

8vo. Bevilacqua. Venice, 1563 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1826 


PRIOR, Matthew. 

See Diomedes. De arte grammatica. [Venice, 

See Hind and the panther transversed. London, 



„ Dionysius Periegetes. Orbis descriptio. 

„ Johnson, S. Works of the English poets. 

Oxford, 1697. 

London, 1790. 

„ Rhetores Graeci. Venice, 1523. 

„ Rhetores Latini. Paris, 1599- 

Poetical works, with life by J. Mitfokd. 

[Aldine Poets, xxxvi. and xxxvii.] 


2 vols. 8vo. London, 1835 

fol. [Ul. Han. Borne, 1471] 

Poems on several occasions. 

Another edition. 

fol. London, 1718 

fol. [F. de Sjnra. Venice] 1472 

Miscellaneous works consisting of poems on 

several occasions. 

Another edition. 

fol. /. de Colonia and J. M. de Gherretzem. 

8vo. London, 1740 

Venice, 1476 

■ Another edition. 

Emma, carmen Latine redditum. Eng. and 

4to. Aldus. Venice, 1527 


4to. London; 1748 

Another edition. Aldina dum adhuc i-ivebat 

diligentia ad archetypum Gallicanum recognita. 

The history of his own time. 

fol. J. Badiiis Ascensitis. [Farts] 1527 

8vo. London, 1740 

L J 

Another edition. 

Solomon de mundi vanitate. Poem.i, Latine 

Svo. Basle, 1568 

redditum per Guil. Dobson. [Latin and English.] 

4to. 0.yfo7-d, 1734 

De declinatione nominum. 

4to. [1480] 

Solomon de mundi vanitate, liber secundus 

cui titulus inscribitur voluptas, poema Latine 

De laude imperatoris Anastasii et de ponderi- 

traductum : cui adjicitur Alexandri convivium 

bus et mensuris carmina. Edidit S. L. End- 

Drydeni ode lingua eadem donata a CtEORGIO 


Bally. Eng. and Lat. 

Svo. Viemm, 1828 

4to. Cambridge, 1743 

PRITCHARD, Charles. Vindicire Mosaicae ; a letter 

PRIOR, Robert. 

to the right rev. Bishop Colenso, in reply to his 

See Lusus Westmonasterienses. J Westminster, 

arguments against the veracity of the Pentateuch. 


Svo. London, 1863 

PRIOR, Thomas. 

PRITCHARD, William Thomas. Polynesian remi- 

See List of the absentees of Ireland. Dublin, 

niscences ; or, life in the South Pacific islands. 


Svo. London, 1866 



PRIVILEGES. The priviledges and practice of 
Parliaments in England. Collected out of the 
common lawes of this land. 

■ito. [London] 1628 

Another edition. 
Another edition. 
Another edition. 

4to. [London] l640 

4to. [London] iG^l 

4to. London, 1680 

— The priviledges of the citizens of London : 
contained in the charters granted to them by 
the several kings of this realm, and confirmed 
by sundry parliaments. 

4to. London, 1682 

The privileges of the University of Oxford, in 

point of visitation : cleerly evidenced by letter 
to an honourable personage. [By John Fell.] 

4to. [Oxford] 1647 

PRIVILiiGES accordes a la couronne de France, 
par le Saint Si6ge. [Edited by A. Tardif.] 
[Documents inedits sur I'histoire de France.] 

4to. Paris, 185,5 

des papes, empereurs, rois et princes de la 

chretiente, accordez a I'ordre Saint Jean de 
Hierusalem avec Ics arrests rendus par les 
cours de France confirmatifs desdits privileges : 
recueillis par le Sieur d'Escluseaulx. 

fol. Paris, 1700 

PRIVY Council. See also Scotland, Privy Council. 

Proceedings and ordinances, 1386 to 1542. 

Edited by Sir H. Nicolas. 

7 vols. 8vo. London, 1834-37 

Acts: New Series, 1542-1580. Edited by J. 

R. Dasent. 

In progress. 8vo. London, 1890, etc. 

Draft of a report on the coin of this realm by 

the lords of the committee of the privy council, 
appointed 7 Feb. 1798. 

4to. [Lmdon, 1798] 

PROAST, Jonas. 

&e Argument of the letter. Oxford, 1690. 
„ Letter. A third letter concerning toleration. 
Oxfffrd, 1691. 

PROBA Falconia. See Falconia Proba, V. 

PROBABILITY (The), causes, and consequences of 
an union, etc. 

8vo. [Dublin, 1799] 

PROBATIONARY odes for the laureateship : with a 
preliminary discourse, by Sir John Hawkins. 

8vo. London, 1785 

PROBUS, Aemilius. See Aemilius Probns. 

PROBUS, Antonius. 

See Helvicus, C. Elenchi Judaici. Leijden, 1702. 

PROBUS, Marcus Valerius. 

&c Terentianus Maurus. De Uteris. Pam, 1510. 

PROBYN, John Webb. Essays on lUly and Ireland 
and the United States of America. 

8vo. London, 1868 

PR0C]6DUBES curieuses de I'inquisition de Portugal 
centre les francs-ma(-ons pour decouvrir leur 
secret, par un frere ma9on [Jean Coustos]. 

12mo. [Holland, 1745] 

PROCEEDINGS at a meeting of the Roman Catholics 
of Dublin : recommended to the consideration of 
their fellow subjects in England and Ireland. 

8vo. London, 1792 

(The) at the sessions of the peace, and Oyer 

and Terminer, for the city of London and county 
of Middlesex, 21-24 Feb. 1733 : number iii. 

2 parts. 4to. London, 1733 

at two meetings held 8-10 January, 1795, to 

consider the best means of alleviating the dis- 
tresses of the poor within the parish of St. James, 
Westminster, W. Devaynes, chairman. 

2 sheets, fol. [London] 1795 

in the present convocation : relating to the 

dangers of the Church, and the protestation 
against the irregularities of some of the lower- 
clergy [with MS. continuation]. 

4to. London, 1706 

of a general court-martial held at Colchester 

on seven officers of the A\'est Kent regiment of 
militia, by order of lieutenant-general lord 
Charles Fitzroy, on a charge exhibited against 
them by lieutenant-colonel Dalton. 

8vo. London, 1807 



PROCEEDINGS of the honourable house of com- 
mons of Ireland, in rejecting the altered money 
bill on Dec. 17, 1753, vindicated by authorities 
taken from the law and usage of Parliament. 
[By Sir KiCHARD Cox.] 

8vo. DuUin, 1754 

— of the present parliament justified by the 
opinion of the most judicious and learned Hugo 
Grotius ; with considerations thereupon. 

4to. London, 1689 

— of the vice-chancellor and university of Cam- 
bridge against Dr. Bentley, stated and vindicated. 
[By William Sherlock.] 

fol. London, 1719 

principally in the county of Kent, in connec- 

tion with the Parliaments called in 1640, and 
especially with the Committee of Religion ap- 
pointed in that year. Edited by L. B. Larking, 
M.A., from the collections of Sir Edward Dering, 
Bart., 1626-44; with a preface by J. Bruce. 
[Camden Society, Ixxx.] 

4to. Londov, 1862 

PBOCESSIONALE ad usum insignis ecclesie Sarum. 

4to. London, 1555 

PROCESSUS Ferdinandi de Aragonia contra Pyrrum 
de Bautio et alios. 

fol. Naples, 1488 

• juris joco-serius. i. Bartoli a Saxoferrato 

processus Sathanae contra D. Virginem coram 
judice Jesu. ii. Jacobi de Ancharano processus 
Luciferi contra Jesum coram judice Salomone. 
III. Martialis Arverni aresta amorum sive pro- 
cessus inter amantes cum decisionibus parlamenti. 

8vo. Hanau, l6ll 

PROCLAMATION (A) for tryall of the king, pro- 
claimed by sound of trumpets and drums, in 
Westminster Hall, at the Exchange, and in 
Cheapside, with the proceedings of the High 
Court of Justice against him, etc. 

4to. London, 1648 


For Life, sm Marinus. Hcrnhvrg, 1 700. 
See Astronomica veterum scripta. Heidelberg, 
„ Firmicus Maternus, J. Astronomici veteres. 

Venice, 1499. 
„ Hephaestion. Enchiridion. Oxford, 1810. 
„ Hesiod. Opera [Greek, Latin and Italian.] 
Padm, 1747. 


&e Hyginus, C. J. Fabularum liber. Basle, 1535. 
,, Plato. Opera omnia. Basle, 1534. 
,, Plotinus. Liber de pulcritudine. Heidelberg, 

„ Sallust, the Platonist. On the gods and the 

world. London, 1793. 
,, Schott, A. Observationum humanarum lib. V. 

Antwerp, l6l5. 
„ Sphaerae atque astrorum coelestium ratio. 

[Basle] 1536. 

Compendiaria de motu disputatio, posteriores 

quinque Aristotelis de auscultatione naturali 
libros, mira brevitate complectens. [Greek and 

8vo. Basle, 1531 

— Hypotyposis astronomicarum positionum. 

4to. /. Fmlder. Basle, 1540 

— In Platonis theologiam libri sex, Gr. et Lat., 
nunc primum editi : accessit Marini Neapoli- 
tani libellus de vita Procli, item conclusiones 
LV. secundum Proclum. 

fol. Hamburg, l6l8 

— Paraphrasis in quatuor Ptolemaei libros de 
Siderum effectionibus : cum praefatione P. 
Melanthonis. [Greek.] 

8vo. Basle [1554] 

— Another edition. A Leone Allatio e Graeco in 
Latinum con versa. [Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. Elzevir. Leyden, 1635 

— Sphrera, cum annotatiunculis Jacobi Tusani. 

4to. Apud Martinum Juvenem. Paris, 1557 

— Another edition. [Greek and Latin : the 
Latin version by T. Linagre.] 

2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. Paris, 1556 

Red morocco, with the arms and monogram of Dc Thou, 

— De sphaera, Cleomedes de mundo, Arati 
phaenomena, Dionysii Afri descriptio orbis. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. Basle, 1561 

— Sphaera. Ptolemaei de hypothesibus plane- 
tarum liber singularis. Cui accessit ejusdem 
Ptolemaei Canon Regnorum. Edidit J. Bain- 
BRIDCJE. [Greek and Latin.] 

4to. William Jones. London, 1 620 



PROOLUS. Sphaera. [Latin.] Thoma Linacro 
Britanno interprete. 

410. Apud Marlinum Juvenem. Paris, 1 553 

Philosophical and mathematical commentaries 

on the first book of Euclid's elements, to which 
are added a history of the restoration of Platonic 
theology by the latter Platonists, and a trans- 
lation from the (ireek of Proclus's theological 
elements [by Thomas Taylor]. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. London, 1792 

PROCNE. Progne, tragedia, nunc primum cdita. 
[Written by Gregorio Corraro : edited by 
Joannes Riccius.] 

In Acad. Fenda. Venice, 1558 

PROCOPIUS of Caesarea. 

See Codicis legum Wisigotlionmi. Paris, 1 579. 
„ Epistolae Graecae. Venice, 1499. 
„ Scriptores renim Gothicarum. T^yden, 1597. 

— Historiarum libri viii., nunc primum Graece 
editi: accessit liber dc aedificiis Justiniani. 
Opera D. Hoeschelii. [Greek.] 

fol. Augsburg, 1607 

— Historiarum sui temporis libri viii., gr. et lat., 
ex interpretatione et cum notis C. Maltreti. 
Nicephori Caes. Bryennii commentarii de rebus 
byzantinis, gr. et lat., studio P. PossiNi. [Scrip- 
tores historiae Byzantinae.] 

2 vols. fol. Paris, 1662-63 

— (Euvres : de la guerre centre les Perses, livres 
i., ii., traduits par L. DE Mauger. 

12mo. Paris, 1669 

— Anecdota, arcana historia qui est liber nonus 
historiarum, Graece, N. Alemanntts Latine 
reddidit, notis illustravit. [Greek and Latin.] 

fol. Lyons, 162.3 

— Another edition. Graece recognovit, emen- 
davit, lacunas supplevit, interpretationem 
Latinam N. Alemanni ejusdemque C. Maltreti 
et aliorum annotationes suasque animadversione.s 
adjecit J. C. Orellius. [Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. Leipzig, 1827 

— Histoire secrete : traduit par L[]fe0N0R] dk 

12mo. Paris, I669 

— Of the buildings of Justinian, by Procopius 
(CMC. 560 A.D.). Translated by A. Stewart, and 
annotated by Sir C. W. Wilson and H. Lewis. 
[Palestine Pilgrims' Text Society.] 

8vo. London, 1886 

PROCTER, Bryan Waller. 
See Cornwall, B., pseud. 

PROCTER, Francis. A history of the Book of 
Common Prayer, with a rationale of its offices. 
Sixteenth edition. 

8vo. London, 1881 

PROCTER, Richard Wright. Memorials of bygone 
Manchester, with glimpses of the environs. 

8vo. Manchester, 1880 

PROCTOR, John. The historic of Wyates rebel- 
lion, with the order and maner of resisting the 
same, wherunto in the ende is added an earnest 
conference with the degenerate and sedicious 
rebelles for the serche of the cause of their daily 

8vo. Bdberi Cttly. London, 1555 

PROCTOR, Robert George Collier. An index to 
the early printed books in the British Museum : 
from the invention of printing to the year M.i)., 
with notes of those in the Bodleian Library. 

4 parts in 2 vols. London, 1898-99 

Jan van Doesborgh, printer at Antwerp, an 

essay in bibliography. [Bibliographical Society. 
Illustrated monographs, ii.] 

4to. London, 1894 

PRODINUS, Antonius. Descriptio regni Hiberniae, 
sanctorum insulae, et de prima origine miseriarum 
et motuum in Anglia, Scotia et Hibernia reg- 

nante Carolo primo. 

4to. Borne, 1721 

PRODROMUS, Theodore. 

See Galeomyomacliia. [Venice, 1495.] 
„ Homer. Batrachomyomachia. Basle, 1518, 

PROFIT (The) and loss of Great Britain in the 

present war with Spain, from July 1739 to July 


8vo. London, 1741 

Another edition. 

8vo. London, 1741 

PROFLIGATE (The): a comedy. [By George 

Watson Taylor.] 

4to. London, 1820 

PROGRAMME des c^r^monies qui doivent s'observer 
a I'investiture de sa majeste le roi de Danne- 
marc avec les ornements et habillements du tr^s 
noble ordre de la Jarretifere. [With an account 
of the Investiture, in MS., signed George Nayler.] 
2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. Ijmdon, 1822 



PROGRESS (The) of her majesty queen Victoria 
and priuce Albert to Burghley House, Northamp- 
tonshire, Nov. 18-t4. 

4to. London and Northampton [1845] 

PROLEGOMENA ad Novi Testamenti Graeci 

editionem accuratissimam e vetustissimis Codd. 

MS.s. deniio procurandam. [By J. J. Wetstein.] 

4to. Amsterdam, XIC^O 

PROLI, Charles de. Catalogue d'une fort riche et 
tres-belle collection de livres rares et choisis. 

8vo. Antwerp [1785] 

PROLIANUS, Christianus. Astrologia seu opus- 
culum dc totius orbis divisione, de Sphaera, de 
planetarum theoria, de distantiis orbium a centro 

4to. H. Aiding. Naples, 1477 

PROLUSIONS or select pieces of antient poetry, 
containing i. The notbrowne Mayde, Master 
Saekvile's Induction, and Overbury's Wife; ii. 
Edward ill., a play thought to be writ by Shake- 
speare ; iii. Nosceteipsum, by Sir J. Davis. 
[Edited by E. C.\pell.] 

8vo. London, 1760 

PROMPTORIUM parvulorum sive clericorum, quod 
apud nos medulla grammatice appellatur. [As- 
cribed to Galfridus Anglicus.] 

fol. Richard Pynson. London [1499] 

Another edition. 

4to. Wynkyn de Worde. Londm, 1516 

Another edition. Olim e prelo Pynsoniano 

typis mandatum ; nunc primum, commentariolis 
subjectis, ad fidem codicum recensuit A. Way. 
[Camden Society, x.xv., liv., and Ixxxix.] 

3 vols. 4to. London, 1843-fi5 

PROMTUARIUM iconum insigniorum a seculo homi- 
num subjectis eorum vitis per compendium ex 
probatissimis autoribus desumptis. [By Ci. 
EouiLL]^.] Editio secunda. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Lyons, 1578 

PRONY, Gaspard Clair Franeois Marie Riche de. 
Baron. Nouvelle architecture hydraulique, con- 
tenant I'art d elever I'eau au moyen de diflerentes 
machines, etc. 

2 vols. 4to. P(!n>, 1790-96 

PROOF in the conjoined processes, George James, 
duke of Hamilton, lord Douglas Hamilton, and 
their tutors, and Sir Hew Dalryniple, bart., 

pursuers, against the person pretending to be 
Archibald Stewart alias Douglas. The pursuers' 

4to. [Edinhirgh] 1766 

PROPER (A) dyaloge [in verse] betweene a gentill- 
man and a husbandman eche complayninge to 
other their miserable calamite through the 
ambicion of the clergye [by W. RoY ?], with a 
compendious olde treatyse shewynge how that 
we ought to have the scripture in Englysshe. 
Hans Luft, 1530. Reproduced in facsimile 
with an introduction by F. Ery. 

8vo. London, 1863 

Printed on vellum. 

Another edition. 

See Read. Rede me and be nott wrothe. London, 

reply to Mr. P[ulteney]'s answer [to Remarks 

on the Craftsman's vindication]. 

8vo. London, 1731 

PROPERTIUS, Sextus Aurelius. 

See Analecta litteraria. Leipzig, 1826. 
,, Ast, G. A. F. Observationes in Propertii 

Carmina. Gotha, 1799. 
„ Catullus, C. V. Carmina. [Venice] 14-1 2, etc. 
„ Davies, James. [Ancient classics for English 

„ Electa majora. London, 1101. 
„ Electa minora. London, 1705. 
„ Poetae Latini. Milan, 1731-65. 
„ Tibullus, A. Opera. Glasgow, 1753, etc. 


4to. [Ferrandvs. Brescia, 1472] 

— Another edition. 

4to. [Frcdcricus Fermensis. Jesi] 1472 

— Elegiarum libri iv. Edidit Philippus Silvius 
in )isum Delphini. 

4to. Paris, 1685 

— Another edition. [Edited by Jan van Broek 


4to. Amsterdam, 1702 

— Another edition. Ciiris J. Broukhu.sii. 
[Edited by P. Vlaming.] 

4to, Amsterdam, 1727 

~ Another edition. J. Passeratii praelectiones; 
J. Broukiiusii notae selectae; J. A. Vuu'ii 

4 vols. 4to. Padua, 1755 



PROPERTIUS, Sextus Aurelius. Elegiarum libri iv. 
Vadetate lectionis et adiiotationo illustrata a 
F. G. Barthio. 

8vo. Leijj-^itj, 1777 

Another edition. Cum commentario P. BuR- 

MANNi secundi, opus L. S^vntenius absolvit. 

•Ho. Utrecht, 1780 

— Another edition. Recensuit, illustravit C. T. 


2 vols. 8vo. Leipzig, 1805 

— Another edition. Ex editione C. T. Kuinoelis. 

[Valpy's Delphin Classics.] 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1822 

PROPHYLACTICK from disloyalty. 
See Philobasileus, Theophilus, pseud. 

PROPOSAL (A) for establishing life-annuities in 
parishes for the benefit of the industrious poor. 
[By F. Maseres.] 

8vo. London, 1772 

for liquidating &6,666,6Q6r^ of the 3 per cents 

by converting the land tax into a permanent 

8vo. London, 179" 

for selling part of the forest lands and chaces, 

and disposing of the produce towards the dis- 
charge of that part of the national debt due to 
the Bank of England, and for the establishment 
of a national bank. 

4to. London, 1763 

— for uniting the kingdoms of Great Britain and 

8vo. London, 1751 

— humbly offered. See G. (B.) 

PROPOSALS at large for the easy amendment of 
the roads by some further necessary laws and 
regulations concerning the wheels of all carriages. 
By a gentleman. 

8vo. London, 1753 

at large. An appendix ; or, further reasons in 

support of the plan or proposal for the easy 
amendment of the roads. 

8vo. London, 1753 

for carrying on the war with vigour, raising 

the supplies ivithin the year, and forming a 
national militia. To which are added Con- 
siderations in respect to manufacturers and 
labourers, and the taxes paid by them. 

8vo. London, 1757 


PROPOSALS for increase of wealth. 
See Wagstaflfe. 

— for raising a million of money out of the 
forfeited estates in Ireland : together with the 
answer of the Irish to the same, and a reply 

4to. London, IC94 

— for uniting the English colonies on the con- 
tinent of America, so as to enable them to act 
with force and vigour against their enemies. 

8vo. London, 1757 

tender'd to the consideration of both houses of 

parliament, for uniting the Protestant interest 
for the future ; and preventing divisions for the 
future : with the declaration of K. Charles 11. ; 
and some proposals of terms of union between 
the Church of England and Dissenters. Pub- 
lished by [William Sherlock] the dean of 
St. Paids. 

4to. London, 1689 

PROPOSED (The) system of trade with Ireland 
explained. [By George Rose.] 

8vo. London, 1785 

See also Burke, E. Reply to the treasury pamphlet. 

PROPOSITIONES mechanicae. 
See Rutherforth, T. 

PROPOSITIONS for improving the manufactures, 
agriculture, and commerce of Great Britain. 

8vo. London, 1763 

(The) made by the citie of London for the 

raising of a million of mony for the quick sub- 
duing of the bloudy rebels in Ireland, well 
weighed and considered of by divers gentlemen, 
and approved of by the house of commons. 

4to. Loiulon, 1642 

of the Irish rebells (by the name of the Roman 

Catholiques of Ireland) presented to his majestic, 
in pursuance of their remonstrance of grievances, 
and annexed to the said remonstrance. 

4to. London, 1644 

PROPRIETY (The) of retaining Gibraltar impartially 
considered. [By St. Clair.] 

8vo. London, 1783 

PROSE e versi per onorare la memoria di Livia 

Doria Caraffa principessa del S. R. Impcrio, di 

alcuni rinomati autori. 

4to. Parma, 1784 



PKOSE Florentine raccolte dallo smarrito acca- 
demico della Crusca. [Edited by G. Bottari, 
R. A. Martini, and T. Buonaventuri.] 

17 vols. 8vo. Florence, 1716-45 

PROSPECT (The) before us : being a series of 
papers upon the great question which now 
agitates the public mind. [By Denis O'Bryen.] 

Svo. London, 1788 

(A) of Hungary, and Transylvania, with a 

catalogue of the kings of the one, and the princes 
of the other; together with an account of the 
qualities of the inhabitants, etc. 

4to. London, 1664 

PROSPER of Aquitaine, Saint. 
See Poetae Christiani Veteres. 
1504, etc. 

Venice, 1501- 

Epigrammata de virtutibus et vitiis ex dictis 


Svo. L. Pachel and U. Scinzenzeler. 
Milan, 1481 

Another edition. 

4to. P. Freidburg. Mainz, 1493 

Pofeme contre les ingrats traduits en vers et 

prose [par de Saoy] : avec une lettre a Ruffin et 
un abrege de toute sa doctrine touchant la grace 
et le libre arbitre. [Latin and French.] 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. [Holland "i] lC79 

PROSSER, George Frederick. Select illustrations 
of the county of Surrey. 

fol. Lcmdon, 1828 

PROTEST (A) against T. Paine's ' Rights of Man ' : 
addressed to the members of the Book Society 

of . [By John Bowles.] Printed by the 

Society for preserving liberty and property, etc. 

8vo. London, 1792 

The pr . t . st of the m . . ch . . ts of G . . . t 

B n against the pr . 1 . m . . . ry A . t . . . . s 

for a peace lately signed at A . x-la-Ch . pp . . le. 

Svo. London, 1748 

PROTESTANT (The) admirer; or, an answer to the 
Vindication of a Popish successor. 

fol. [London, 1681] 

ascendancy and Catholic emancipation recon- 

ciled by a legislative union. 

Svo. London, ISOO 

PROTESTANT (The) mask taken off from the 
Jesuited Englishman : being an answer to a 
book entituled, Great Britain's just complaint. 
[By Thomas Comber.] 

4to. London; 1693 

(A) monument, erected to the immortal glory 

of the Whiggs and the Dutch, it being a full 
and satisfactory relation of the late mysterious 
plot and firing of London. 

4to. London, 1713 

(The) petition and addresse [to the Lord 

Mayor and aldermen of London]. April SO, 

single sheet, fol. [London] 1681 

PROTESTATION des Chartreux opposans i la bulle 
Unigenitus qui ont pris le parti de la fuite. 

4to. 1725 

(A) of the king's supreamacie made by the 

non-conforming ministers which were suspended 
or deprived 3. Jacobi, and by them published 
the same yeare, that is, A.D. l605 : now reprinted 
to shew the nonconformity of the doctrine and 
practice of the Presbyterians, etc. 

4to. Lomlon, 1647 

PROTESTS. See Parliament. 

PROTEUS Ecclesiasticus ; or, observations on Dr. 
Sh[erlock]'s late Case of Allegiance, etc., in a 
letter to Mr. P. W., merchant in London. 

4to. London, 1691 

PROTHERO, George Walter. A memoir of Henry 
Bradshaw, fellow of King's College, Cambridge, 
and University Librarian. 

Svo. Lcmdon, 1888 

PROTHERO, Rowland Edmund. The life and cor- 
respondence of Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, late 
dean of Westminster. By R. E. P., with the 
co-operation and sanction of G. G. Bradley, 
Dean of Westminster. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1893 

PROUDHON, Pierre Joseph. 

For Life, see Sainte-Beuve, 0. A. Paris, 1873. 

PROUSSINALLE, De, pseud, i.e. PiERRE Joseph 
Alexis Roussel. Histoire secrete du tribunal 

2 vols, in 1. Svo. Paris, 1815 



PROUST, Jacobus. 

Sec Cicero, M. T. [Rhetorical works.] Omnes 
qui ad artem oratoriam. 
Oxfml, 1718. 
„ „ [Rhetorical works.] De claris 

oratoribus. Oxford, 1716. 
„ „ Do oratore. Oxford, \1\\. 

„ Gellius, A. Noctes Atticae. Paris, 1681. 

PBOUT, Samuel. 

See Ruskin, J. Notes on S. P. [London, 1879], 
„ „ Samuel Prout. Oxford, 1870. 

PEOUT, William. Chemistry, meteorology and the 
function of digestion considered with reference 
to natural theology. [Bridgewater Treatises, 

8vo. London, 1834 

PROVENCE, Louis Stanislas Xavier, comte d'. 
See Louis XVIII., King of France. 

PROVERBES dramatiques. [By N. Carmontelle.] 
Deuxifeme edition. 

8 vols, in -t. 8vo. Amsterdam and 
Versailles, 1781-83 

PEOVERBIORUM Arabicorum centuriae duae ab 
anonymo quodam Arabe coUectae et explicatae, 
cum interpretatione Latina et scholiis J. ScALi- 
GERi et T. Erpenii. 

4to. Officina BnpheleiKjiana. Leyden, l6l4 

Yellow morocco, with the arms of J. A. rle llion. 

PROVIDENCE and precept ; or, the case of doing 
evil that good may come of it, stated and 
resolved ; according to scripture, reason, and the 
(primitive) practice of the Church of England. 
With a more particular respect to a late Case 

of Allegiance. [By Richardson.] 

4to. London, I691 

PROVINCIALE omnium ecclesiarum cathedralium 
univcrsi orbis cum cujusque regionis monetae 
nomenclatura et valore, nuper ex Ubro Cancel- 
lariae Apostolicae excerptum. 

4to. Lud. Sabiensis for J. B. Bozola. 
Brescia, 1563 

PROVISIONAL articles signed at Paris, the 30th of 
November, 1782, by the commissioner of his 
Britannic majesty, and the commissioners of the 
United States of America. 

4to. London, 1783 


See Pcems by a father. London, 1 845. 

PROWITT, Edward. 

Se<; F. (V.) A short tribute to the memory of 
E. Prowitt. Newcastle [1803 1\ 

PROX, Johann Heinrich. Q. B. D. V. : de poctis 
Alsatiae eroticis medii aevi, vulgo, von den 
elsaessischen Minnesingerii, disputabit auctor 
18 Sept. 1786. 

4to. Strasburg [1786] 

PRUDENTIALL (The) Ballance of Religion, wherin 
the Catholike and Protestant religion are weighed 
together with the weights of Prudence and right 
reason. [By Richard Smith, Bishop of Chal- 

8vo. [Printed abroad] 1609 


See Ovidius Naso, P. Commeutarius Erasmi. 
Parii, l.')39. 
„ Poetae Christiani Veteres. Venice, 1501- 

1504, etc. 
„ Sednlius, C. Carmen paschale. Milan 


4to. [R. Paffraet. Deventer, 1497] 

— Opera, T. Pulmanni et V. Giselini opera 
emendata, et V. Giselini commentarius. 

8vo. Chr. Plantin. Antwerp, 1564 

— Opera, recensita notisque illustrata a JoHANNE 


2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Hanau, l6l3 

— Quae extant, N. Heinsiu.s recensuit, et anim- 
adversiones adjecit. 

2 vols, in 1. 12mo. Dan. Ehevir. 
Amsterdam, 1667 

— Opera : interpretatione ot notis illustra\'it S. 
CiLVMiLLARD in usum Delphini. 

4to. Parts, 1687 

Opera omnia. 

2 vols. 4to. [Bodoni.] Parma, 1788 

— Carmina : glossis Isonis magistri et aliis 
veterum illustrata a F. Arevalo. 

2 vols. 4to. Rome, 1788-89 



PRUDENTIUS CLEMENS, Aurelius. Opera omnia, 

ex editions Parmensi. [Valpy's Dolphin Classics.] 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1824 

Carmen de invcntione novi ignis paschalis. 

4to. [LeiiKig, 1490] 

Liber hymnorum. 

4to. /. Winterhurg. Vienna [1496] 

De septem peccatis mortalibus. 

fol. [Nuremberg, 1476] 

Psichimachia et quedam ex hymnis ejus electa. 

8vo. Avignon, 1502 

PRUEN, Thomas. A catalogue of a small collection 
of books. Comprehending specimens of early 
typography, missals, etc. 

8vo. Cheltenham, 1805 

An illustration of the liturgy and service of 

the church of England, with a sketch of the 
history of the church. 

2vols.ini. 4to. Lomhn, \&\ 5-9.0 

PRUS, Madame. A residence in Algeria. Trans- 
lated from the French. 

8vo. London, 1852 

PRXJSSE (La) ct sa neutralite. [By D. Dufour de 


8vo. London, 1800 

PRUVOST, Alexandre. 

See Bergues Saint Wince, Abbey of. Chronique 
ct cartulaire. Bruges, \?<1 5-19. 

PRYCE, William. Archaeologia Cornu-Britannica ; 
or, an essay to preserve the ancient Cornish 
language, containing the rudiments of that 
dialect, in a Cornish grammar and Cornish- 
English vocabulary. 

4to. Sherborne, 1790 

PRYME, George. Memoir of the life of Daniel 
Sykes, M.P. 

8vo. Wakefield, 1834 

PRYNNE, William, 

Sec Brief narrative of the manner, etc. London, 
„ Documents relating to the proceedings. 

[Camden Society.] 
„ Full declaration of the true state. London,, 

PRYNNE, William. 

See Lord Bishops none of the Lords Bishops. 
[Edinburgh] 1640. 
„ True good old cause. [London, l659.] 
„ Unbishoping of Timothy and Titus. [Edin- 
burgh^ 1636. 
„ Vindication of the imprisoned members of 
the House of Commons. London, 1649. 

A breviate of the life of William Laud, arch- 
bishop of Canterbury, published as a necessary 
prologue to the history of his tryall. 

fol. London, 1644 

A brief memento to the present unparlia- 
mentary juncto, touching their present intentions 
and proceedings to depose and execute Charles 
Stuart, their lawful king. 

4to. London, l649 

— A briefe register, kalendar and survey of the 
several kinds, forms of Parliamentary writs. 

4 vols, in 6. 4to. London, 1659-64 

— Canterburies doome ; or, the first part of a 
compleat historj' of the commitment, charge, 
tryall, condemnation, execution of William Laud. 

fol. London, 1646 

— Concordia discors ; or, the dissonant harmony 
of sacred publique oathes, etc., lately taken by 
many time-serving saints. 

4to. Lotidon, 1659 

— Conscientious, serious, theological and legal 
quaeres, propounded to the twice dissipated self- 
created, anti-parliamentary Westminster Juncto, 
and its members. 

4to. London, 1660 

— An exact chronological vindication and his- 
torical demonstration of our British, Eoman, 
Saxon, Danish, Norman, English Kings supreme 
ecclesiastical jurisdiction. 

3 vols. fol. London, 1665-68 

— Hidden workes of darkenes brought to publike 
light, or a necessary introduction to the history 
of the archbishop of Canterburie's trial, discover- 
ing the secret proceedings of the Pope and his 
confederates to undermine the Protestant religion, 
manifested by sundry instructions, etc., and in- 
tercepted letters. 

fol. London, 1645 



PRYNNE, William. Minors no senators ; or, a 
briefe discourse, proving, that infants under the 
age of 21 years, are uncapable of being members 
of parliament. [Anon.] 

•ito. London, 1646 

Another edition. 

•tto. London, l6Cl 

— A moderate, seasonable apology for indulging 
just Christian liberty to truly tender consciences, 
conforming to the publike liturgy, in not bowing 
at the name of Jesus and not kneeling in the 
act of receiving the Loi-d's Supper. 

4to. London, 1662 

— Mola asinaria ; or, the unreasonable and in- 
supportable burthen now press'd upon the 
shoulders of this groaning nation : by the head- 
less head and unruly rulers that usurp upon the 
liberties and priviledges of the oppressed people. 

"ito. London, \659 

— The popish royall favourite ; or, a full dis- 
covery of his majesties extraordinary favours to 
papists, priests, etc., manifested by sundry 
letters of grace, warrants and other writings, 
collected and published. 

4to. London, 1643 

— The Quakers unmasked, and clearly detected 
to be but the spawn of Romish frogs, Jesuitcs, 
and Franciscan Fryers : sent from Itomc to 
seduce the intoxicated giddy-headed English 
nation. Second edition. 

4to. London, 1664 

— A short demurrer to the Jewes long discon- 
tinued remitter into England. 

4to. London, 1656 

— A short sober pacific examination of some 
exuberances in, and ceremonial appurtenances 
to the Common Prayer. 

4to. London, l66l 

— The subjection of all tray tors, rebels, as well 
peers, as commons in Ireland, to the laws, 
statutes, and trials by juries in the King's Bench 
at Westminster, for treasons perpetrated by 
them in Ireland, or any foreign country out of 

4to. London, 1658 

— The substance of a speech made in the House 
of Commons on Munday the fourth of December 

1648, touching the kings answer to the pro- 
positions of both houses upon the whole treaty, 
whether they be satisfactory or not satisfactory. 

4to. London, 1649 

PRYNNE, William. A true and perfect narative of 
what was done, spoken by and between Mr. 
Prynne, the old and new forcibly late secluded 
members, the army officers, and those now sitting 
both in the commons lobby, house or elsewhere, 
on Saturday and Monday last (the 7 and 9 of 
this instant May). 

4to. [London] 1659 

The university of Oxford's plea refuted ; or, 

a full answer to a late printed paper intituled, 
The priviledges of the university of Oxford in 
point of visitation, etc. 

4to. London, 1647 

See aUo Short censure of the book of W. P. 
PRYS, Edmund. Sec Bible, Welsh. 1677, elr. 

PSALMANAAZAAR, George. An enquiry into the 
objections against George Psalmanaazaiir of 
Formosa : to which is added G. P.'s answer to 
Mons. D'Amalvy of Sluice. 

8vo. London [1707] 

An historical and geographical description of 

Formosa, an island subject to the Emperor of 
Japan. Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1705 

PSALMS and hymns, sung in the church of St. 
Mary, Bryanston Square, Marlebone. A new 
edition, to which is prefixed a sermon on con- 
gregational psalmody, by T. F. Dibdin. 

12mo. London, 1832 

Polyglott. Hebrew, Greek, Latin and English. 

The Psalmes of David, in four languages, and in 
four parts set to ye tunes of our Church. By 
W. S. [i.e. William Slatyer.] 

12mo. London, 1643 

Arabic. Psalterium Arabicum. 

4to. ya5s^[l690] 

Dutch. Die duytsche souter. 

8vo. [/. Jiuohs^ocn.] Delft, 1480 

— English. Anglo-Saxon and Early English 
Psalter, now first published from Mss. in the 
British Museum. [Edited by J. Stevenson.] 
[Surtees Society, xvi., xix.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Z/oWon, 1843-47 



PSALMS, English. Eadwine's Canterbury psalter. 
Edited by F. Harsley. Part i. [Early English 
Text Society, 92.] 

In progress. 8vo. London, 1889, elc. 

The earliest complete English prose Psalter, 

with eleven canticles and a translation of the 
Athanasian Creed. Edited by K. D. BuELBRlNG. 
Part i. [Early English Text Society, 97.] 

In progress. 8vo. London, 1891, etc. 

The Psalter or psalmes of David after the 

translacion of the great Bible, poynted as it shall 
be songe in Churches. 

4to. John Mychell. Canterbury, 1549 

Another edition. 

4to. JFilUam Seres. London, 1587 

— One and fiftie psalmes of David in Englishe 
metre, wherof 37 were made by Thomas Sterne- 
HOLDE and the rest by others. 

12mo. [John Crespin. Geneva, 1556] 

— The whole booke of psalmes, collected into 
Englysh metre by T. Starnhold, I. Hopkins 
and others. 

4to. John Doy. London, 1562 

— Another edition. 

4to. John Crespin. Geneva, 1569 

Another edition. 

4to. John Doy. London, 1573 

Another edition. 

4to. John Day. London, 1577 

Another edition. 

4to. John Day. London, 1581 

Another edition. 

4to. John Day. London, 1583 

Printeil on yellow paper. 

Another edition. 

4to. [London, l600] 

Another edition. 

fol. For the Company of Staiimers. 
London, l604 

Another edition. 

fol. F(yr the Company of Stationers. 
London, 16I2 
Another edition. 

4to. For the Company of Stationers. 
London, 1 6 14 

PSALMS, English. The whole booke of psalmes, 
collected into English metre by T. Starnhold, 
I. Hopkins and others. 

8vo. For the Company of Stationers. 
London, 1622 

Another edition. 

8vo. Fm' the Company of Stationers. 
London, 1626 

Another edition. 

fol. For the Company of Stationers. 
London, 1627 

Another edition. 

Svo. For the Company of Stationers. 
London, 1632 

Another edition. 

fol. T. Buck and B. Daniel. Cambridge, l63S 

Another edition. 

Svo. G M., for the Company of Stationers. 

London, 1638 

Another edition. 
Another edition. 
Another edition. 

Another edition. 

Another edition. 

Another edition. 

Another edition. 

Another edition. 
■ Another edition. 
• Another edition. 

Svo. London, 1641 

Svo. London, 1646 

Svo. [London^ 1649 

12mo. London, 1652 

Svo. London, 1653 

12mo. London, 1654 

4to. [Cambridge] 1673 

fol. London, l679 

12mo. London, l6S2 

fol. London, 1703 

— The psalms of David in metre allowed by 
authority of the general assembly of the Kirk of 
Scotland ; to which are added translations and 
paraphrases of several passages of sacred scrip- 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1771 

— Another edition. 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1809 



PSALMS, English. The Scottish metrical psalter of 
A.u. 1()25, reprinted in full from the original 
work. Edited by N. Livingston. 

fol. Glasgvw, 1864 

The Psalms of David translated into lyrick 

verse by George Wither. [From the edition of 
1632. J [Spenser Society.] 

2 vols. 4to. Manchester, \'^%\ 

The Psalms of David, imitated in the language 

of the New Testament, and apply'd to the 
Christian state and worship. By Isaac Watts. 

8vo. London, 1719 

Psalmes or prayers taken out of holie scripture. 

l6mo. Thomas Berthelet. London, 1545 

A paraphrase of the Seven Penitential Psalms, 

in English verse, supposed to have been written 
by Thomas Brampton, 14.14; together wth a 
legendary Psalter of Saint Bernard, in Latin and 
in English verse. With notes by W. H. Black. 
[Percy Society, vii.] 

Svo. London, 1842 

A rhymed version of the Penitential Psalms, 

found in a manuscript written at Gloucester about 
1440, and now transcribed and edited by F. S. 

8vo. Kelmscott Press. Hammersmith, 1^9^ 

Printed on vellaiD. 

Thirteen Psalms and the first chapter of Ecclesi- 

astes. Translated into English verse by John 
Croke, in the reign of Henry viii. : and other 
documents relating to the Croke family. [Edited 
by P. Bliss.] [Percy Society, xi.] 

Svo. London, 1844 

French. &e Bible, French. 1567. 

Les Psaumes de David, les dix commandemens, 

le cantique de Simon et quinze autres cantiques, 
pour les principales solennit^s mis en vers et 
not(5s pour etre chant^s. 

Svo. Guernsey, 1815 

German. Der Teutsch Psalter. 

Svo. Hans Schoensperger. Augsburg, 14:98 

— German, Low. [Psalter in the dialect of lower 

4to. [L. Brandis. Merseburg, 1473] 

Printed on vellum. 

PSALMS. Greek. Psalterium Graecum. 

4to. Fenice, I486 

Psalterium Graecum. 

l6mo. Strasburg, 1524 

— Another edition. 

24mo. C. Plantin. Antwerp, 1584 

— Hebrew. Psalterium Ilebraicum. 

Himo. Basle, 1547 

— Psalterium ecclesiae Anglicanae Hebraicum. 
The Hebrew Psalms, divided according to the 
verses of the Psalms in the liturgy, etc. [Edited 
by J. PiEEVES.] 

12mo. London, 1804 

Italian. Esepte psalmi pcnetentiali in rima. 

4to. [Venice, 1500] 

Setti psalmi penitenciali vulgarmente composti. 
4to. G. Schulilmsszen de Boll. Modena [1500] 

Latin. Psalterium Latinum. 

fol. Fust ami Schoeffer. Mainz, 1 457 

Printed ou Tellum. 

Another edition. 

fol. Fust and Schoeffer. Maim, 1459 

Printed on relliuo. 

Another edition. 

fol. [1470] 

— Another edition. Secundum stylum Romanae 


4to. [Johannes Adam de Polonia.] 
Naples, 1478 

Another edition. Cum expositione Brunonis. 
fol. [G. Bei/ser. JVurzhtrg, 1484] 

— Another edition. 

4to. Ctmrad KacMofen. Leipzig, X^B a 

— Another edition. 

4to. [Conradus Kachelofen. L-eipzig, 1485] 

— Another edition. 

fol. P. Schoeffer. Main:, 1490 

Psalterium cum hymnis et precationibus. 

iGmo. Fenice, 1495 

— Psalterium Latinum. 

Svo. JFijnkgn de JForde. fFestminster, 1*99 



PSALMS, Latin. Psalterium seriatum secundum 
usum Cisterciensis ordinis. [Part of a Breviary.] 

■ito. [Paris, 1500] 

Printed on vellom. 

Psalterium Komanum ad usum cleri Basilicae 


Svo. Borne, 1593 

Psalmi confessionales, in quibus peccator 

longaevus divinam pro peccatis suis miseri- 
cordiam implorat. 

12mo. Aldus. Venice, l602 

— [A facsimile reproduction of the Utrecht 

fol. London [1873] 

— The Utrecht psalter. Eeports addressed to 
the trustees of the British Museum on the age 
of the manuscript by E. A. Bond and others, 
with a preface by A. P. Stanley. 

fol. London, 1874 

— Swedish. Den Swenska Psalm-Boken. 

12mo. Stocklwlm, 1778 

Syriac. Psalterium Syriacum. 

Svo. Rome, 1584 

Welsh. See Bible, Welsh. 1677. 

FSELLTTS, Michael Constantine. 

See Aristotle. De virtutibus et vitiis liber. 
Strasburg, 15(iO. 

• Introductio in sex philosophise modos. [Greek.] 

Svo. Paris, 1540 

In physicen Aristotelis commentarii. J. B. 

Camotio philosopho interprete. 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1554 

De lapidura virtutibus Graece ac Latine, cum 

notis J. P. Maussaci et J. S. Bernard ; accedit 
fragmentum de colore sanguinis. 

Svo. Leyden, 1745 

De operatione dacmonum dialogus. [Greek 

and Latin.] 

12mo. Kiel, 1688 

Opus dilucidum in quattuor mathematicas 

disciplinas, arithmeticam, musicam, geometriam 
ct astronomiam. [Greek. Edited by Aksenius, 
archbishop of iMonembasia.] 

Svo. Venice, 1532 

Another edition. [Greek.] 

Svo. J. Bogard. Paris, 1545 

PSELLUS, Michael Constantine. Synopsis legum 
versibus iambis et politicis studio F. BoSQUETl. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

Svo. Paris, 1632 

PSEUDO-ISIDORUS et Turrianus vapulantes, seu 
editio et censura nova epistolarum a B. Cle- 
mente ad Siricium. 

4to. Geneva, 1628 

PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius. 

See Proclus. Paraphrasis in quatuor Ptolemaei 
libros. Basle [1554], etc. 
„ „ Sphaera. [Greek and Latin.] 

London, 1620. 
„ Sphaerae atque astronun coelestinm ratio. 
[Basic'] 1536. 

— Table chronologique des r&gnes, prolongee 
jusqu'a la prise de Constantinople par les Turcs. 
Apparitions des 6toiles fixes, de C. Ptolemee, 
Theon, etc. Suivies des recherches historiques 
sur les observations astronomiques des anciens, 
traduites de TAllemand de M. Ideler, et pre- 
c^dees d'un discours pr6liminaire, etc., par 
I'Abbe Halma. [Greek and French.] 

4to. Paris, 1819 

— Hypotheses et epoques des plan^tes de C. P., 
et hypotyposes de Proclus Diadochus traduites 
du Grec en Fran^ais, etc., par rAEE:^ Halma. 
[Greek and French.] 

4to. Paris, 1820 

— [Almagestum.] Magnae constructionis, id est, 
perfectae coelestium motuum pertractationis lib. 
xiii. Theonis Alexandrini in eosdem com- 
mentariorum lib. xi. [Greek.] 

2 parts in 1. fol. J. JValder. Basle, 1538 

— [Almagestum.] Mathematicae constructionis 
liber primus ; Graece et Latine editus. Additae 
explicationes aliquot locorum ab Erasmo Ehein- 


Svo. /. Luffl. Wittenberg, 1549 

— Liber de analemmate, cum notis F. CoM- 
mandinl F. Commaudini liber de Horologiorum 

4to. P. Manutius. Rome, 1.562 

— De geographia libri octo. [Greek. Edited by 

4to. Hieron. Froben and Nic. Episcopius. 

Bask, 1533 



PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius. Theatrura geographiae 
veteris, in quo C. Ptolomaei geographiae libb. 
viii, graece et latine, recensuit P. Beiitius. 

3 vols, in 1. fol. Amsterdam, I6l8 

Vellura, with arms on the sides, 

Traits de geographic, traduit pour la premiere 

fois du Grec en Fran^ais par M. I'Abbe Halma. 
[Greek and French.] 

4to. Paris, 1828 

Cosmographia, interprete J. Angelio. [Latin.] 

fol. H. Ledlapis. Vicenza, 1475 

Another edition. 

fol. A. Buckinck. Rome, 1478 

Another edition. 

fol. Dominicus de LapU. Bologna, 
1462 [1482] 

Another edition. 

fol. Leon. Hoi. Ulm, 1482 

Printed on vellum. 

— Another edition. De locis ac mirabilibus 
mundi. [By N. DoNis.] 

fol. /. Ikger. Ulm, I486 

Another edition. 

fol. P. de Turre. Borne, 1490 

— Geographiae universae turn veteris turn novae 
absolutissimum opus, duobus voluminibus dis- 
tinctum in quorum priore habentur Ptolomaei 
libri octo [translated by B. PekCKHEIMEr], 
quorum primus illustratus est a J. A. Magino, 
in secundo volumine insunt Ptolemaei antiquae 
tabulae xxvii. et tabulae recentiores xx.xvii., 
cum expositionibus a J. A. Magino. [Latin.] 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. P. Keschedt for 
J. Jaiisson. Cologne, 1597 


— La geografia gia tradotta di Greco in Italiano 
da GiERO. Ru.scELLi, ed hora da Gio. Malombra 

4to. G. Ziletli. Venice, 1574 

— Harmonicorum libri tres : J! Wallis edidit, 
versione et notis illustravit, et auctarium adjecit. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

4to. Oxford, 1682 

— Planisphaorium [translated from Arabic into 
Latin]. Jordani planisphaerium. F. CoMMAN- 
DINI Urbinatis commentarius. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Aldus. Venice, 1558 
VOL. in. 

PTOLEMAEUS, Claudiua. [Quadripartitum.] Libri 
(juatuor (de judiciis) compositi Syro fralri, et 
fructus librorum sive centum dicta. [Greek 
and Latin, translated by J. Camerarius and 
J. PoNTANi'S.] Matthaci Guarimbcrti opusculum 
de radiis et aspcctibus planctarum : aphorismi 
astrologici Ludovici dc Rigiis. 

4to. J. Petreius. Nuremberg, 1535 

De praedictionibus Astronomicis cui titulum 

fecerunt Quadripartitum, Graece et Latine, P. 
Melanthone interprete. Ejusdem fructus lib- 
rorum suorum, sive centum dicta, ox conversione 

2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. J. Oporinus. 
Bask, 1553 

Composition mathematique, traduite pour la 

premiere fois du Grec en Frani'ais p<ir M. Halma, 
et suivie des notes de M. Delambre. [Greek 
and French.] 

2 vols. 4to. Pari.% 1813-16 

Operis quadripartiti in Latinum sermonem 

traductio adjectis libris posterioribus, A. Gogava 
interprete : item de sectione coniea, quae para- 
bola ilicitur, deque speculo ustorio, libelli duo 
hactenus desiderati. 

4to. Juc. Botiusfor P. Phalesius and 
M. Botarius. Louvain, 1548 

PTOLEMY Chennus. 

See Scriptores antiqui historiae poeticae. Paris, 

PUBLICIUS, Jacobus. Artis oratoriae epitome, ars 
epistolaris, et ars memoriae. 

4to. E. BatdoU. Venice, 1482 

Another edition. 

4to. E. BatdoU. Venice, 1485 

Another edition. 

4to. E. BatdoU. Augsburg, 1490 

PUBLIC. Publick spirit of the Whigs. 

See Swift, J. 

A publike conference betwixt the six presby- 

terian ministers, and some independent com- 
manders : held at Oxford on Thursday, Novemb. 
12, lC46. [By Robert Waring.] 

4to. [London] l6i6 




See Carmina ettica. Pans, 1795. 
„ Phaedrus. Fabulae. Paris, 1729, etc. 
„ Seneca, L. A. Singulares sententiae. Leyden, 

„ Terentius, P. Comoediae. Cambridge, 1726. 

PUCCI, Antonio. 

See Ildefonso di San Luigi. Delizie degli Eruditi 
Toscani. Florence, 1770-89. 

PUCKLE, James. The club : in a dialogue between 
father and son. 

8vo. London, 1817 

PUETTER, Johann Stephan. An historical de- 
velopement of the present political constitution 
of the Germanic empire. Translated from the 
German by J. Doknfoed. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1790 

PUFENDORF, Samuel von, Baron. 

See Laurenbergius, J. Graecia antiqua. Amster- 
dam, l6()0. 
„ Meursius, J. Ceramicus geminus. Utrecht, 

„ ,, Miscellanea Laconica. Am- 

sterdam, l66l. 
„ Monzambano, S. de, pseud. 

Commentariorum de rebus Suecicis libri xxvi. 

ab expeditione Gustavi Adolfi in Geruianiam ad 
abdicationem Christinae. 

fol. Utrecht, 1686 

De jure naturae et gentium libri octo. 

■Ito. Amsterdam, 1698 

Another edition. Frankfort, 1706 

— Le droit de la nature et des gens ; traduit du 
Latin par J. Barbeyrag. 

2 vols. 4to. Leyden, 1759 

— Les devoirs de I'homme et du citoien, traduits 
du Latin per J. Barleyrac. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1735 

— Histoire du r^gne de Charles Gustave, Koi de 
Sufede ; traduite en Fran9ois. 

fol. Nuremberg, 1697 

— Introduction k I'histoire gen^rale et politique 
de I'univers. Nouvelle Edition. [Edited, trans- 
lated and continued by A. A. Bruzen de la 
Martin I ERE.] 

7 vols. 12mo. Amsterdam, I7'-.'3 

PUFENDORF, Samuel von, Baron. Introduction k 
I'histoire moderne, generale et politique de 
I'univers. Nouvelle edition augmentee par 
M. Bruzen de la Martiniere, et continuee 
jusqu'en 1750 par M. DE Grace. 

8 vols. 4to. Paris, 1753-59 

See La Serre, J. P. de. 

PUGH, Edward. 

See Cambria depicta. London, 181 6. 

PUGH, Robert. 

See P. (R.) Elenchus elenchi. Paris, 1664. 

PUGHE, William Owen. A dictionary of the 
Welsh language explained in English; with 
numerous illustrations from the literary remains 
and from the living speech of the Gymmry : to 
which is prefixed a Welsh Grammar. Second 

2 vols. 4to. Denbigh, 1832 

PUGIN, Augustus. 

See Britton, J. Illustrations of the public build- 
ings. London, 1825-28. 

Specimens of Gothic architecture, selected from 

various antient edifices in England, accompanied 
by historical and descriptive accounts and a 
glossary of technical terms, compiled by E. J. 


2 vols, in 1. 4to. London, 1821-23 

PUGIN, Augustus Welby Nortlimore. An earnest 
address, on the establishment of the hierarchy. 

8vo. London, 1851 

PUISATE, Joseph Genevieve de, Count. 
See Correspondance secrete. Paris, 1 799- 

Memoires, qui jjourront servir a I'histoire du 

parti royaliste durant la revolution. 

6 vols, in 5. Svo. London, 1803-8 

PUISSANT, Louis. Traite de topographic, d'arpen- 
tage et de nivellement. 

4to. Paris, 1807 

PUJOULX, Jean Baptiste. 

See Theatre Frangais. Petits Theatres, torn. iv. 
Paris, 1787. 



PULCI, Bernardo. 

-See Medici, L. de'. Poesie. Lmdm, 1801. 

Biicoliche elegantissimameiite composte da 

Bernardo Pulci Fiorentino. [The first part is 
a translation of Virgil's Bucolics.] Et da Fran- 
cesco de Arsochi Senese. Et da Hieronynio 
Benivieni Fiorentino et da Jacopo Fiorino de 
Boninsegni Senese. 

4to. A. Misclwmini. Florence, 1494 

PULCI, Luca. 

iSise Medici, L. de'. Poesie. London, \&0\. 

Cyriffo Calvaneo. 

4to. [Flm-ence, 1485] 

— Ciriffo Calvaneo, con la giostra del magnifico 
Lorenzo de Medici insieme con le epistole. 

4to. Giunti. Florence, 1572 

II Driadeo. 

4to. Flmx'Hce, 147,9 

Pistole in rima. 

4to. [Florence, 1488] 

PULCI, Luigi. 

^Ve; Franco, M. Sonetti. [Lucca] 1759. 
,, Medici, L. de'. Poesie. I^ondon, 1801. 
„ Rotta di Boncisvalle. Venice, 1775. 

■ Morgante Maggiore. 

fol. F. di Dino. Florence, 1482 

— Another edition. Corretto per L. Domknichi. 

4to. Girolamo Scotto. Venice, 1545 

— Another edition. Nuovamente corretto. 

4to. Bart. Scrmartelli. Florence, 1574 

— Another edition. [Edited with a life of the 
author by P. I. Pedaguccl] 

4to. Florence, 1732 

Another edition. 

3 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1768 

— Another edition. [Parnaso Italiano, torn, 

3 vols. 8vo. Venice, 178* 

Another edition. 

3 vols. 8vo. Milan, 1806 

PULGAR, Hernando de. 

See Anglerius, P. M. Opus epistolarum. Am- 
sterdam and Paris, l6~0. 
„ Cota, R. do. Coplos de Mingo Revulgo. 

Madrid, 1787. 

Cronica de los senores reyes Catolicos don 

Fernando y dona Isabel de Castilla y de Aragon. 
fol. B. Monfort. Valencia, 1780 

PULLAN, Richard Popplewell. 

See Newton, Sir C. T. History of discoveries at 
Halicarnassus, etc. London, 1862-63. 

PULLEN, Philip. 

See Southcott, J. Works. Exeter, etc, 1801-15. 

PULLING, Frederic Sanders. 

See Low, S. J. M. Dictionary of English history. 
London, 1885. 

PULMANNUS, Theodoras. 

See Horatius Flaccus, Q. Opera. Antwerp, 1 566. 
,, Juvenalis, D. J., and Persius Flaccus, A. 

iSatjTae. Anttcerp, 1566. 
„ Prudentius Clemens, A. Opera. Antwerp, 

„ Terentius, P. Opera. Antwerp, 1560. 

PULPIT Commentary. Edited by H. D. M. Spence 
and J. S. EXEI.L, with introductions by F. W. 
Farrar, H. Cotterill, J. Tulloch, G. Raw- 
LIN.SON, and A. Pllmmer. 

37 vols. 8vo. London, 1881-91 

Genesis. Exposition and homiletics. By T. 

Exodus. Exposition and homiletics. By 
G. Rawlinson. 2 vols. 

Leviticus. Exposition and homiletics. By F. 

Numbers. Exposition and homiletics. By 
R. Winterbotham. 

Deuteronomy. Exposition by W. L. Alex- 
ander; homiletics bj' C. Ci.e.maxce. 

Joshua. Exposition and homiletics. By 
J. J. Lias. 

Judges. Exposition and homiletics. By Lord 
A. C. Hervey. 

Ruth. Exposition and homiletics. By 


1 and 2 Samuel. Exposition by R. P. Smith ; 
homiletics by C. Chapman. 2 vols. 



PULPIT Commentary (continued). 

1 Kings. Exposition and homiletics. By J. 

2 Kings. Exposition and homiletics. By 
G. Rawlinson. 

1 and 2 Chronicles. Exposition and homiletics. 
By P. C. Barker. 2 vols. 

Ezra. Exposition by G. Rawlinson ; homi- 
letics by W. S. Lewis. 

Nehemiah. Exposition by G. Rawlinson; 
homiletics by G. Wood. 

Esther. Exposition by G. Rawlinson; homi- 
letics by J. R. Thomson. 

Proverbs. Exposition by \V. J. Deane and 
S. T. Taylor-Taswell ; homiletics by W. F. 

Isaiah. Exposition and homiletics. By 
G. Rawlinson. 2 vols. 

Jeremiah and Lamentations.. Exposition by 
T. K. Cheyne ; homiletics by W. F. Adeney. 
2 vols. 

Hosea and Joel. Exposition and homiletics. 
By J. J. Given. 

Mark. Exposition by E. Bickersteth; homi- 
letics by J. R. Thomson. 2 vols. 

Luke. Exposition by H. D. M. Spence; 
homiletics by J. M. Lang. 2 vols. 

John. Introduction and exposition by H. R. 
Reynolds ; homiletics by T. Croskery. 2 vols. 

Acts of the Apostles. Exposition and homi- 
letics. By Lord A. C. Hervey. 2 vols. 

Romans. E.xposition by J. Barmby; homiletics 
by J. R. Thomson. 

1 and 2 Corinthians. Exposition by F. W. 
Farrar ; homiletics by D. Thomas. 

Galatians. Exposition by E. Huxtable; 
homiletics by T. Croskery. 

Ephesians. Exposition and homiletics. By 
W. G. Blaikie. 

Philippians. Exposition and homiletics. By 
B. C. Caffin. 

Colossians. Exposition and homiletics. By 
G. G. Findlay. 

1 and 2 Thessalonians. Exposition and homi- 
letics. By P. J. Gloag. 

1 and 2 Timothy. Exposition and homiletics. 
By Lord A. C. Hervey. 

Titus. Exposition and homiletics. By Lord 
A. C. Hervey. 

PULPIT Commentary {continued). 

Philemon. Exposition and homiletics. By 
S. J. Eales. 

Hebrews. Exposition by J. Barnby ; homi- 
letics by C. Jerdan. 

James. Exposition and homiletics. By 
E. C. S. Gibson. 

1 and 2 Peter. Exposition and homiletics. 
By B. C. Capfin. 

1, 2, and 3 John. Exposition by A. Plummer ; 
homiletics by C. Clemance. 

Jude. Exposition and homiletics. By 
S. D. F. Salmond. 

Revelation. Introduction by T. Randell ; 
exposition by A. Plummer, T. Randell, and 
A. T. BoTT ; homiletics by C. Clemance. 

PULPIT-FOOL (The) : a satyr. [By John Dunton.] 

4to. London, 1707 


See Bible, English. N. T., Ephesians. 

PULSZKY, Ferencz. 

See Maury, L. F. A. Indigenous races of the 
earth. Philadelphia, 1857. 

PULTENEY, Sir James, Bart. The substance of a 
speech made in the house of commons, 19 Feb. 
1801, on a motion for an inquiry into the cause 
of the failure of the expedition to Ferrol. 

8vo. London, 1801 

PULTENEY, William, Earl of Bath. 
See Bath, W. P., earl of. 

PULTENEY, William, Esq. Considerations on the 
present state of public affairs, and the means of 
raising the necessary supplies. Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1779 

The effects to be expected from the East India 

bill upon the constitution of Great Britain, if 
passed into a law. 

8vo. London, 1783 

See also Some observations on the second edition. 
Thoughts on the present state of affairs with 

America and the means of conciliation. Second 

Svo. London, 1778 

Third edition. 

Svo. London, 1778 



PULTENEY, Sir William, Bart. Substance of the 
speech of Sir W. P. on his motion, 7 April 1797, 
for shortening the time during which the Bank 
of England should be restrained from issuing 
cash for its debts and demands. 

8vo. London, 1797 

PULTON, Andrew. Remarks upon Dr. Tho. Teni- 
son's late narrative ; vnth a confutation of the 
doctor's rule of faith, and a reply to A. Cresner's 
pretended vindication. London, 1687 

PUNGILEONI, Luigi. Memorie istoriche di An- 
tonio AUegri, detto il Correggio. 

3 vols. Svo. Parma, \sn -21 

PUNISHMENTS (The) of China, illustrated by 22 
[coloured] engravings, explained in English and 
French. [By G. H. MasOxN ^ 

fol. London, 1801 

PUNSHON, William Morley. 

For Life, see Macdonald, F. W. London, 1887. 

PUPIENI, Agostino Santi, Count, pseud, i.e. 
GIU.SEPPE Antonio Costantini. 
See Costantini, G. A. 

PURCELL, Edmund Sheridan. Life of Cardinal 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 189.'! 

PURCHAS, Samuel. Purchas his Pilgrimes in five 
bookes, contayning the voyages made by ancient 
kings, and others to and thorow the remoter parts 
of the knowne world. Purchas his Pilgrimage, 
or relations of the world and the religions ob- 
served in all ages. 

5 vols. fol. William Slansby. London, 


PURDY, John. 

Sec Rennell, J. Investigation of the currents of 
the Atlantic Ocean. London, 18.32. 

PURE, Michel de. 

See Maffei, G. P. L'histoire des Indes orientales. 
Paris, 1665. 

PUREY-CUST, Arthur Perceval. The heraldry of 
York Minster : a key to the history of its builders 
and benefactors, as shewn in the stained-glass 
windows, and in the carved work in stone. 

fol. London, 1890 

PURITAN Discipline tracts : reprinted from the 
black-letter editions, vnth introductions and 
notes [by J. P., i.e. JoHN Petheram]. 

6 vols. Svo. London, 1 8i2A7 

An epistle to the ternl)le priests of the Con- 
vocation House. By Maktin Mar-Prelate, 

An epitome of the first book of Dr. John 
Bridge's Defence of the government of the chiu-ch 
of England in ecclesiastical matters. By Martin 


Pap with a hatchet ; being a reply to Martin 

Hay any worke for Cooper ; being a reply to 
the Admonition to the people of England. 

An almond for a parrot : being a reply to 
Martin Marprelate. 

An admonition to the people of England 
against Martin Mar - prelate. By Thomas 
Cooper, D.D., Bishop of Winchester. 

PURNELL, Thomas. 

See Herd, J. Histoiia quatuor regum Angliae. 
[Roxlnirghe Club.] 

PURSELL, Francis. A great defeat given to the 
rebells in Ireland, by Master George Courtney, 
governor of the castle of Limerick, related in a 
letter sent to G. Buck, Esq. 

4to. London, 1642 

PURSUITS (The) of Literature : a satirical poem, in 
dialogue ; with notes. [By T. J. Mathias.] 

Svo. London, 1797 

Sixteenth edition, to which is added an 


4to. London, 1812 

PURVER, Anthony. .?*■« Bible, English. 1764. 

PUSEY, Edward Bouverie. 

For Life, see Liddon, H. P. London, 1893-94. 
Sec Augustine, Saint. Confessions. Oxfmd,\93&. 
„ Bible, English. 0. T., Prophets. 1S77. 

The Articles treated on in Tract 90 recon- 
sidered and their interpretation vindicated in a 
letter to the Kev. R. W. Jelf. 

Svo. Oxford, 1841 

The church the converter of the heathen. Two 

sermons preached at Melcombe Regis, September 
9, 1838. 

Svo. Oxford, 1838 



PUSEY, Edward Bonverie. Daniel the prophet. 
Nine lectures delivered in the Divinity School 
of the University of Oxford. 

Svo. Oxford, 1864 

The day of judgement. A sermon preached 

in St. Peter's Church, Brighton. Second edition. 

Svo. Oxford, 1840 

The doctrine of the Real Presence as contained 

in the Fathers vindicated. 

Svo. London:, 1855 

— An eirenicon. [Three letters on the unity of 
the Catholic church.] 

3 vols. Svo. London, 1865-70 

— The holy eucharist a comfort to the penitent. 
A sermon preached before the University. 

Svo. Oxford, 1843 

— A letter to Richard, Lord Bishop of Oxford, on 
the tendency to Romanism imputed to doctrines 
held of old, as now, in the English church. 

Svo. Oxford, 1839 

See also Strictures upon certain parts of Dr. P.'s 

Parochial sermons. 

Svo. Oxford, 1865 

— Parochial sermons. 

3 vols. Svo. Oxford, 1868-73 

— Patience and confidence the strength of the 
church. A sermon preached on November 5th, 
1837, before the University of Oxford. 

Svo. Oxford, 1837 

— The Real Presence, the doctrine of the English 

Svo. London, 1885 

— A sermon preached at the consecration of 
Grove church, August 14, 1832. Third edition. 

Svo. Oxford, 1856 

Sermons preached before the University of 

Oxford, between 1859 and 1872. 

Svo. London, 1872 

PUSEY, Philip Edward. 

See John, Chrysostom. Homilies on the Epistle 
to the Hebrews. Oxford, 1877. 

PUTEANUS, Jacobus. See Dupuy, J. 

PUTEANUS, Petrus. See Dupuy, P. 

PUTEO, Paris de. De duello. 

fol. [Sixtus Eiessinger. Naples, 1416] 

De duello [Italian]. 

fol. Sixtus Riessinger. [^Naples, 1476] 

Libellus syndicatus. 

fol. Biessinger and Tuppo. Naples, 1485 


See Grammaticae Latinae auctores antiqui. 
Hanover, l605. 

PUTTE, F. van de. 

See Annales abbatiae Sancti-Petri Blandiniensis. 

Ghent, 1842. 
,, But, A. Cronica. Bruges, 1864. 
„ Male, J. P. van. Geschiedenis van Vlaen- 

deren van het jaer, 1566. Bruges, 1843. 
„ Oudenburg, Monastery of. Chronique. Ghent, 

„ Speculum Beatae Mariae Virginis. Bruges, 

,, Wynckius, C. Gensianismus Flandriae oc- 

cidentalis. Bruges, 1841. 

Notice sur le mausol^e de la famille de Gros, 

avec des donn^es historiques sur cette famille. 
[Soci^te d'Emulation de Bruges.] 

4to. Bruges, 1842 

PUTTENHAM, George. The arte of English poesie, 
1589 [Anon.]. Edited by E. Arber. [English 
Reprints, xv.] 

4to. London, 1869 

PUTTOCK, Roger. Good and true newes from 
Ireland, being the copy of a letter sent from Mr. 
Rodger Buttock, shewing how 400 foot and 100 
horse under sir Charles Coat marched towards 
Ardee, etc., dated from Dublin 4 Aprill. 

4to. London, 1642 

PUY-LAURENS, Guillaume de. 
See Guillaume de Puy-Laurens. 

PUYSfiGUR, Jacques de Chastenet, viscomte de. 
Memoires : donnez au public par M. Du Chesne, 
avec des instructions militaires. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1747 

PUYSEGUR, Jacques Frangois de Chastenet, 
marquis de. Art de la guerre par principes et 
par regies. 

2 vols, in 1. fol. Paris, 174S 



PYBUS, Charles Small. The Sovereign. Addressed 
to H.I.M. Paul, Emperour of all the Russias. 

fol. London, 1800 

PYE, Henry James. Alfred : an epic poem. 

■ito. London, 1801 

Comments on the commentators of Shakespear, 

with observations on his genius and writings. 

8vo. London, 1807 

PYE, Samuel. Some observations on the several 
methods of lithotomy. In a letter to Dr. J. 

4to. London, 1724 

PYEE, John. 

See Payne, G. Lectures on christian theology. 
London, 1850. 

PYLADES Brixianus, pseud, i.e. Joannes Fran- 
CISCUS BUCCARDUS. Vocabularium. 

4to. /. Britannicus. Brescia, 1498 

PYM, Horace N. 

See Fox, C. Memories of old friends. London, 

PYME, William Henry. The history of the royal 
residences of Windsor Castle, St. James's Palace, 
Carlton House, Kensington Palace, Hampton 
Court, Buckingham House, and Frogmore. 

3 vols. 4to. London, 1819 

PYRARD, Frangois. Voyage, contenant sa naviga- 
tion aux Indes orientates, Maldives, Moluques 
et au Bresil : nouvelle edition reveue par Du 

3 parts in 1 vol. 4to. Paris, 1679 

Voyage to the East Indies, the Maldives, the 

Moluccas and Brazil. Translated from the 
French edition of l(il9 by A. Gray and H. 
C. P. Bell. [Hakluyt Society, Ixxvi., Ixxvii., 

3 vols. 8vo. Lmdon, 1887-90 

PYRRHUS, Didacus. De illustribus familiis quae 
hodie Khacusae exstant, anno 1582. 

4to. [Aldus. Venice, 1582] 


For Life, see Dacier, A. Paris, 1706, etc. 
„ „ Jamblichus. Fraueker, 1598, etc. 

„ „ Lloyd, W. London, 1699. 

„ „ Porphyry. AUdi/rf, iClO, etc. 


See Cebes. Tabula. Paris, l.">57, etc. (for aurea 

„ Collection des moralistes anciens. I'aris, 

„ De Uteris graecis. Ilagenau, 1519. 
„ Diogenes Laertius. De vitis, dogmatis, etc. 

[Paris] 1570. 
„ Hesiod. Opera et dies. [Greek and Latin.] 

Stnishnrg [1520], 
„ Hierocles. Commentarius in Pythagorae 

aurea carmina. Padua, 1474, etc. 
„ Lascaris, C. Erotemata. Venice, 1494-95. 
,, Manutius, A. P. Rudimenta grammatices. 

J 'en ice, 1501. 
„ Moralia quaedam instituta. Augsburg, 1523. 
„ Poetae Graeci. [Paris] 1566. 
„ Poetae Graeci minores. Paris, 1627, e/c. 
„ Rithaymer, G. Compendium in octo partes. 

Vienna, 1524. 
„ Secerius, J. Introductio in literas Graecas. 

Hagenan, 1519- 
„ Theocritus. Eclogae triginta. Venice, 1495. 
,, Theognis. Ucidelherg, 1597, etc. 
„ Voyages de Pythagore en igypte. Paris, 


— Carmina, et Luciani mortuorum dialogi. 

4to. [1550] 

— Aurea carmina, Graece : in eadem commen- 

tarioli S. NlGKl. 

Svo. G. Morel. Paris, 1555 

— Pythagorae et Phocylidis poemata, cum duplici 
iiiterpretatione Viti Amerpachii, et postrema 
ejusdem recognitioiie. 

Svo. J. Tornaesius and G. Gazeius. 
Lyons, 1556 

— Opus aureum et scholasticum in quo continentur 
Pythagorae carmina aurea, Phocylidis, Theog- 
nidis et aliorum poemata : [viz. gnomologici 
libri ii., apophthcgmatum libri ii., Nili praecepta, 
Coluthi, Tryphiodori Cointi poemata, Luciani 
Somnium, etc.]. Ediderunt M. Neander et L. 
Rhodomannus. [Greek and Latin.] 

2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. /. Steinman. 
Leipzig, 1577 

— Pythagorae ac Phocylidis carmina Graece- 
latina, cum notis, studio et opera W. Seberi. 

Svo. Leipzig, 1622 



PYTHAGORAS. Les vers clores expliqu6s et tradiiits 
pour la premiere fois en vers eumolpiques fran- 
9ais : precedes d'un discours sur I'essence et la 
forme de la pot5sie par Fabre d'Ouvet. [Greek 
and French.] 

8vo. Paris, 1813 

Fragmenta, nunc primum collecta : Gr. et 

Lat. Edidit Joachim Zehner. 

8vo. Leipzig, l603 

QUADRAGESIMALE de filio prodigo, novum 
editum a quodam fratre minore de observantia 
[J. Meder]. 

4to. Michael Furfur. Basle, Ugs 

QUADRIO, Francesco Saverio. Delia storia e della 
ragione d'ogni poesia. 

5 vols. 4to. Bologna, 1739-52 

QUAKER'S subterfuge. See James, R. 

QUALIFICATIONS (The) of persons, declared 
capable by the Rump Parliament to elect, or be 
elected members to supply their house. 

4to. London, l660 

QUANDT, Johann Jacob. See Bible, Lithuanian. 

QUARITCH, Bernard. A general catalogue of 
books, etc. 7 vols. [With supplement, 10 parts.] 

8vo. London, N.D. 

QUARLES, Francis. Complete works. Edited by 

A. B. Grosart. [Chertsey Worthies' Library.] 

3 vols. 4to. Edinburgh, 1S80-81 

Enchii'idion ; containing institutions divine, 

contemplative, practical, moral, ethical, oecono- 
mical and political. [Library of old Authors.] 

Svo. Lomlon, 1856 

Observations concerning princes and states, 

upon peace and warre. 

4to. London, 1642 

QUARREL (The) between the Earl of Manchester 
and Oliver Cromwell : an episode of the English 
civil war. Unpublished documents relating 
thereto collected by J. Bruce, with fragments of 
a historical preface by Mr. Bruce, annotated and 
completed by D. Masson. [Camden Society, 
N. S., xii.] 

4to. London, 1875 

QUARRELS of authors. See D'Israeli, I, 

QUARRY, John. Genesis, and its authorship. 

Svo. London, 1866 

QUARTERLY journal of microscopical science. 
Edited by E. Lankester and G. Busk [and 
others. Two series, containing the transactions 
of the Microscopical Society of London, 1853-68, 
in vols. i.-New Series, vol. viii.]. 

Li progress. Svo. London, 1853, etc. 

(The) journal of pure and applied mathematics. 

Edited by J. J. Sylvester [and others]. [With 
index to vols, i.-xv.] 

In progress. Svo. London, 1S57, etc. 


In ^rrogress. Svo. London, 1809, etc. 

QUATERNAE epistolae, prima et secunda ad R. 
Bentleium, tertia ad E. Spanhemium, quarta ad 
L. F. Bonetum. [By John Ker.] 

Svo. London, 1713 

QUARTIER, Philibert. 

See Cicero, M. T. Ad familiares epistolae. 
Paris, 1685. 

QUATREFAGES DE BR^AU, Jean Louis Armand 

de. The human species. Fifth edition. [Inter- 
national Scientific Series, xxvi.] 

Svo. London, 1890 

QUATREMt;RE, fltienne Marc. Recherches sur la 
langue et la litterature de I'Egypte. 

Svo. Paris, 1S08 

QUATREMllRE DE QUINCY, Antoine Chrystome. 
Canova et ses ouvrages, ou memoires his- 
toriques sur la vie et les travaux de ce cel^bre 

Svo. Paris, 1834 

— De I'architecture egyptienne, consideree, et 
compar^e a rarchitecture grecque. 

4to. Paris, 1803 

Histoire de la vie et des ouvrages de Raphael. 

Svo. Paris, 1824 

— Istoria della vita e delle opere di Raffaello 
Sanzio da Urbino : voltate in Italiano da F. 


Svo. Milan, 1829 

— Histoire de la vie et des ouvrages des plus 
C(5l6bres architectes du xi" siecle jusqu'a la fin du 

2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1830 

quatrem£re DE QUINCY— quellen 


QUATREMtRE DE QUINCY, Antoine Cliryst6me. 
Monuments et ouvrages d'art antiques restitut-s 
d'apres les descriptions des ecrivains grees et 
latins, et accompagn^s de dissertations archaeo- 

3 vols, in 1. 4to. Paris, 1829 

QUATTUOR no^assima cum multis exemplis pul- 

4to. E. Pafraet. Deventer, 1494 


fol. William Caxton. Westminster [1483] 

Another edition. 

fol. William Caxton. Westminster [1490] 

Another edition. Eeprinted from the first 

edition printed by William Caxton. [Eoxburghe 
Club, cxi.] 

4to. London, 1883 

QUELLEN und Forsehungen zur Sprach- und Cul- 
turgeschichte der germanischen Volker. 

In progress. 8vo. Strashurg, 1874, etc. 

Abegg, D. Zur Entwickelung der historischen 
Dichtung bei den Angelsachsen. 

Bible, Frankish. 0. T., Song of Songs. Willi- 
rams deutsche Paraphrase des Hohen Liedes mit 
Einleitung und Glossar. Herausgegeben von 
J. Seemuller. 

Bock, L. Ueber einige Falle des Conjunctivs 
im Mittelhochdeutschen. 

Wolframs von Eschenbach Bilder und 

Worter fiir Freude und Leid. 

Brahm, 0. Das deutsche Ritterdrama des 
achtzehnten Jahrhunderts. Studien iiber J. A. 
von Torring, seine Vorganger und Nachfolger. 

Brink, B. ten. Beowulf. 

Bruckner, W. Die Sprache der Langobarden. 

Biilbring, K. D. Geschichte des Ablauts der 
starken Zeitwiirter innerhalb des Siidenglischen. 

Denifle, H. S. Taulers Bekehrung kritisch 

Ecbasis captivi, das iilteste Thierepos des 
Mittelalters. Herausgegeben von E. Voigt. 

Eraclius. Deutsches Gedicht des dreizehnten 
Jahrhunderts. Herausgegeben von H. Graef. 

Flandrijs. Fragmente eines mittelnieder- 
liindischen Rittergedichtes, zum ersten Male 
herausgegeben von J. Franck. 
VOL. in. 

QUELLEN und Forsehungen (continued). 

Foster, T. G. Judith, studies in metre, 
language and style, with a view to determine 
the date of the old English fragment and the 
home of its author. 

Fussesbrunnen, K. von. Die Kindheit Jesu. 
Herausgegeben von K. Kochendorffer. 

Garke, H. Frothese und Aphaerese des H. 
im Althochdeutschen. 

Hauffen, A. Caspar Scheidt, der Lehrer 
Fischarts. Studien zur Geschichte der grobia- 
nischen Litteratur in Deutschland. 

Hench, G. A. Der althochdeutsche Isidor. 
Facsimile-Ausgabe des Pariser Codex mit Ein- 
leitung, etc. 

Heinzel, R. Ueber den Stil der altgennanischen 

Henning, E. Ueber die Sanctgallischen 
Sprachdenkmiiler bis zum Tode Karls des 

Das deutsche Haus in seiner historischen 



Die deutschen Haustypen. Nachtrag- 

liche Bemerkungen. 

Henrici, E. Die Quellen von Notkers 

Hirzel, L. Karl Ruckstuhl. Ein Beitrag zur 

Horn, King. Das Lied von King Horn. Mit 
Einleitung, Anmerkungen und Glossar heraus- 
gegeben von T. Wissmann. 

Huchown's Pistel of swete Susan. Kritische 
Ausgabe von H. Koster. 

Ingenbleek, T. Ueber den Einfluss des 
Reimes auf die Sprache Otfrids. 

Jacobi, J. G. Ungedruckte Briefe von und 
an J. G. J., mit einem Abrisse seines Lebens 
und seiner Dichtung. Herausgegeben von E. 

Joseph, E. Die Friihzeit des deutschen Miji- 

Klugc, F. BeitrJige zur Geschichte der ger- 
manischen Conjugation. 

Knorr, K. Ueber Ulrich von Lichtenstein. 
Historische und Litterarische Untersuchungen. 

Koeppel, E. Studien zur Geschichte der 
italienischen Novelle in der Englischen Litteratur 
des sechzehnten Jahrhunderts. 




QUELLBN und. Forschungen {nwtinued). 

Koeppel, E. Quellen-studien zu den Dramen 
G. Chapman's, P. Massinger's und J. Ford's. 

Konig, G. Der Vers in Shakesperes 

Konrad von Wiirzljurg. Die Klage der 
Kunst herausgegebeii von E. Joseph. 

Kossinna, G. Ueber die iiltesten hochfran- 
kischen Sprachdenkmaler. 

Kossmann, E. Die altdeutsche Exodus mit 
Einleitung und Anmerkungen. 

Langmann, A. Die Offenbarungen der A. L. 
.losterfrau ; 
P. Strauch. 

Klosterfrau zu Engelthal. Herausgegeben von 

Lasius, 0. Das friesische Bauernhaus in 
seiner Entwickelung wiihrend der letzten vier 

Leibnitz, G. W. von. Baron. Leibniz und 
Schottelius. Die unvorgreiflicben Gedanken, 
untersucht und herausgegeben von A. 


Lydgate, John. Fabula duorum mercatorum. 
Herausgegeben von G. Schleich. 

Mannhardt, W. Mythologische Forschungen 
herausgegeben von H. Patzig, mifc Vorreden von 


Marner, C. Der Marner. Herausgegeben von 
P. Strauch. 

Martin, E. Zur Gralsage. 

■ Neue Fragmente des Gedichts van den 

Vos Reinaerde und das Bruchstiick van Bere 
Wisselauwe. Herausgegeben von E. M. 

Meyer, R. M. Grundlagen des mittelhoch- 
deutschen Strophenbaus. 

Michel, F. Heinrich von Morungen und die 
Troubadours, ein Beitrag zur Betrachtung des 
Verhiiltnisses zwischen deutschem und pro- 
venzalischem Minnesang. 

Michels, V. Studicn iiber die altesten 
deutschen Fastnachtspiele. 

Miller, T. Place names in the English Bede, 
and the localisation of the Mss. 

Minot, L. Lieder. Mit grammatisch-metrischei- 
Einleitung herausgegeben von 'NV. Scholle. 

QUELLEN und Forschungen (cniitiimed). 

Moorman, F. W. William Browne. His 
Britannia's pastorals and the pastoral poetry of 
the Elizabethan age. 

Oberge, E. von. Eilhart von Oberge. Her- 
ausgegeben von F. LiCHTENSTEIN. 

Oettingen, W. von. Ueber Georg Greflinger 
von Regensburg, als Dichter, Historikor und 

Pogatscher, A. Zur Lautlehre der griechischen, 
lateinischen imd romanischen Lehnworte im 

Ries, J. Die Stellung von Subject und 
Priidicatsverbum im Heliand. 

Roetteken, H. Der zusammengesetzte Satz 
bei Berthold von Regensburg. 

Sarrazin, G. Wigamur. Eine litterarhis- 
torische Untersuchung. 

Sauer, A. Joachim Wilhelm von Brawe, der 
Schiller Lessings. 

Soberer, W. Geistliche Poeten der deutschen 
Kaiserzeit. 2 vols. 

Geschichte der deutschen Dichtuns im 

elften und zwolften Jahrhundert. 

Die Anfange des deutschen Prosaromans 

und Jorg Wickram von Colmar. 

Aus Goethes Friihzeit. Bruchstiicke eines 

Commentars zum jungen Goethe. 

Schipper, J. Englische Alexiuslegenden aus 
dem xiv. und xv. Jahrhundert. 

Schmidt, E. Reinmar von Hagenau und 
Heinrich von Rugge. Eine litterarhistorische 

Beitriige zur Keniitniss der Klopstock- 

schen Jugendlyrik nebst ungedruckten Oden 

Schmoller, G. Strassburgs Bliite und die 
volkswirthschaftliche Revolution im xiii. Jahr- 

Strassburg zur Zeit der Zunftkiimpfe und 

die Reform seiner Verfassung und Verwaltung 
im XV. Jahrhundert. 

Schorbach, K. Studien iiber das deutsche 
Volksbuch Lucidarius und seine Bearbeitungen 
in fremden Sprachen. 

Schroder, E. 

Das Anegenge. 



QUELLEN und Forschungen {amtinncd). 

Seeiuiillcr, J. Die Handschrifteii und Qucllcn 
von Willir.ims deutsclier Paraphrase des Iloheii 

Servaes, F. Die Poetik Gottscheds und dcr 

Sobel, N. Die Accente in Otfrids Evangelien- 

Szamatolski, S. Ulrichs von Hutten deutsche 

Voigt, E. Kleinere lateinische Denkmaler der 
Thiersage aus dem zwolften bis vierzehnten 

Wagner, A. Ueber den Monch von Heils- 

Waldberg, M. Freiherr von. Die Galante 
Lyrik. Beitriige zu ihrer Geschichte und Charak- 

Werner, R. M. Ludwig Philipp Hahn. Ein 
Beitrag zur Geschichte der Sturm- und Drangzeit. 

Wiegand, W. Die Yorredon Friedrichs des 
Grossen zur Histoire de moii temps. 

Wissmann, T. King Horn. Untersuchungeii 
zur mittelenglischen Sprach- und Litteratur- 

Wrede, F. Ueber die Sprache der Wandalen. 

Ueber die Sprache der Ostgoten in 



Zimmer, H. Die Nominalsuffixe A und A in 
den germanischen Spracheu. 

QUELLENSAMMLUNG zur Geschichte. 

Sec Chatteris, A. H. Ganonicity. Edinburgh, 

zur Geschichte des neutestamentlichen Canons 

bis auf Hieronymus, herausgegeben von J. 


8vo. Ziirich, 1844. 

QUENNEVILLE, N. Virgile a Jacques Delille, ou 
dialogue des morts sur la traduction des six 

premiers livres de I'Eneide. 

8vo. Paris, 180;j 

QUENZER, Philip. 

See Hausrath, A. History of the New Testa- 
ment times. London, \%1%-Q5. 

QU6RABD, Joseph Marie. Les supercheries litte- 
raircs dcvoilees : seconde edition, suivie du 
dictionnaire des ouvrages anonymes par A. A. 


In progress. 7 vols. 8vo. Park, 1 869-82 

QUERBEUF, Yves Mathurin Marie de. 

See F^nelon, F. de S. de la M. (.Euvres. Paris, 
„ Lettres ddifiantes et curieuses. Paris, 1780- 

QUERELA Temporum; or, the danger of the Church 
of Ilngland. [By CHARLES Leslie.] 

4to. London, 1695 

QUERELLES litteraires, ou niemoires pour servir 
a I'histoire des revolutions de la rcpublique des 
lettres. [By A. S. Irailh.] 

4 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1761 

QUERER sabiendo Querer. Comedia nueva, querer 
sabiendo querer, y gran reyna de Tinacria, 
de un ingenio [D. DE Aguayo]. 

4to. Falencia, 1764 

QUERIES to the Presbyterian noblemen, etc., in 
Scotland, who are for the scheme of an incor- 
porating union with England, according to the 
articles agreed upon by the commissioners of 
both nations. 

4to. [Edinburgh 1 1706] 

to William Gill, Esq., Lord Mayor of London, 

from several of the livery of this city, on the 

sul)ject of his late proceedings relative to the 


4to. [London, 1788] 

QUERINI, Alvise. See Emeressio, 0., pseud. 

QUERINI, Angelo Maria. See Quirini, A. M. 

QUERLON, Anne Gabriel Meusnier de. 
See Collection historique. London, 1758. 
,, Erasmus, D. Stultitiae laudatio. London, 

„ Histoire g^n^rale des voyages. Paris, 1746- 

„ Lucretius Cams, T. De rerum natura libri 

se.\. Paris, 1754. 
„ Malherbe, F. de. Poesies. Paris, 1776. 
„ M^moires de M. de * * *. Paris, 1765. 



QUEROLUS sive Anlularia, incerti auctoris comoedia: 
recensuit et illustravit S. C. Klinkhammer. 

8vo. Amsterdam, 1829 

QUER Y MARTINEZ, Jos6. Flora Espafiola, 6 
historia de las plantas que se crian en Espafia ; 
torn, i.-iv. Tom. v.-vi. Continuacion per C. 
Gomez de Ortega. 

6 vols. 4to. Madrid, 1762-84 

QUESNAY, Frangois. 

See Mirabeau, V. R., marquis de. L'ami des 
hommes. Hamburg, 1760. 

QUESNEL, of Dieppe. 

See Rasiel de Selva, H., pseud. 

QUESNEL, Joseph. 

See Thou, J. A. de. Catalogus. Paris, 1679- 

QUESNEL, PasQiuier. 

&« Bible, French. N. T. 1702. 
„ Mdmoire th^ologique. [Holland 1] 1755. 

QUESNEL, Pierre. 

See Rasiel de Selva, H., pseud. 

QUEST (A) of enquirie. See Elizabethan England. 

QUESTION (The) as it stood in March 1798. [By 
Sir Philip Francis.] Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1798 

of the independency of military officers serving 

in parliament stated and considered, with some 
remarks upon the present constitution of the 

8vo. London, 1764 

— of the precedency of the peers of Ireland in 
England fairly stated. [By John Perceval, 
Earl of Egmont.] 

8vo. Dublin, 1739 

Another edition. 

8vo. London, 1761 

— on some late dismissions truly stated by a 
friend to the army and constitution, in answer 
to an Address to the public, etc. 

8vo. London, 1764 

— relating to a Scots militia considered. [By 
Alexander Carlyle.] 

8vo. London, 176o 

QUESTION (The) stated, whether the free-holders 
of Middlesex lost their right, by voting for Mr. 
Wilkes at the last election ? [By Sir William 

8vo. London, 1769 

See also Letter to the author of The question 

stated with regard to our army in Flanders : 

and the arguments for and against this measure 
compared. [By John Hervey, Lord Hervey.] 

8vo. London, 1743 

why do we go to war ? temperately discussed, 

according to the official correspondence. [By 


8vo. London, 1803 

QUESTIONS for a reformed parliament : essays on 
Ireland by F. H. Hill, workmen and trade 
unions by G. Lushington, the poor by M. 
Townsend, the land laws by W. L. Newman, 
popular education by C. S. Parker, law reform 
by J. B. Kinnear, the army by G. Hooper, 
foreign policy by F. Harrison, liribery by J. E. 
Thorold Rogers, the pi'ogress of the working 
classes by J. M. Ludlow and Lloyd Jones. 

8vo. London, 1867 

(The) of King Milinda. Translated from the 

Pali by T. W. Rhys Davids. [Sacred books of 
the East, xxxv., xxxvi.] 

2 vols. Svo. fte/wYf, 1890-94 

QUETIF, Jacques. Scriptores ordinis Praedicatorum 
recensiti notisque illustrati : opus, quo singulorum 
\'ita, praeclaraque gesta referuntur, inchoavit 
J. Q., absolvit J. Echard. 

2 vols. fol. Paris, 1719-21 

QUEVEDO VILLEGAS, Francisco Gomez de. 

See Ros, C. Rondalla de rondalles. Valencia, 


3 vols. 4to. Brussels, 1670-71 

Another edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. Antuvrp, 1 757 

Another edition. Vida de F. de Q. y V. 

escrita por P. A. de Tarsia. 

6 vols. 4to. Madrid, 1772 

Another edition. 

6 vols. 8vo. Madrid, \1 91 



QUEVEDO VILLEGAS, Francisco Gomez de. The 
Comical Works. Translated from the Spanish 
[by John Stevens]. 

8vo. Loudon, 1707 

QUICHERAT, Jules fltienne Joseph. 

See Arc, J. d'. Proces de coiidamnation. Paris, 
,, Basin, T. Histoire des regnes de Charles 
VII., etc. Faris, 185.5-59. 

QUIGLEY, James. See O'Coigly, J. 

QUIGNONIUS, Franciscus, Cardinal. 

See Breviarium Romanum. Paris, 1536, etc. 

QUILLET, Claude. Callipaedia seu de pulchrae 
prolis habendae ratione ; poema didacticon. [By 
Calvidius L^tus, i.e. C. Quillet.] 

4to. Leyden, 1655 

Another edition. 

8vo. London, 1768 

QUIN, Michael Joseph. A visit to Spain, 1822-23, 
with general notices of the manners, etc., of the 

8vo. Lmdon, 1824 

QUINAULT, Philippe. 

See Theatre Frangais, vol. viii. Paris, 1804. 
„ „ „ Comedies, tom. i. Paris, 

„ „ „ Op6ra, tom. i.-iv. Paris, 



5 vols. 12mo. I^aris, 1715 

Calf, with the arms of tlie Comte de Hoyra. 

— Nouvelle edition, augmentee de sa vie, d'une 
dissertation sur ses ouvrages, etc. 

5 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1778 

(Euvres choisies. 

' Another edition. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, \^\l 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1824 

QUINCY, Josiah. Observations on the act of Par- 
liament, commonly called the Boston port-bill ; 
with thoughts on civil society and standing 

8vo. London, 1774 

QUINET, Edgar. 

For Life, see Heath, R. London, 1881. 

de Unas monedas de oro dc cmporadores Homanos 
que se han hallado en el puerto de Guadarrama 
donde se refieren las vidas dellos y el origen 

4to. Madrid, 1620 

QUINTA pars Indiae Orientalis. 
See Bry, J. T., and J. I. de. 

QUINTILIANUS, Marcus Fabius. 

See Dodwell, H. Annales Velleiani, Quintilianei. 
Oxfm-d, 1698. 

Institutionum oratoriarura libri xii. Acces- 

serunt declamationes cum notis variorum M. 
Fabii Avi et Calpurnii Flacci declamationes. 
Auctoris incerti dialogus de causis corrupt^ie 


2 vols. 8vo. Leyden, 1665 

De institutione oratoria et declamationes : ex 

recensione U. Obrechti. 

2 vols. 4to. Strashurg, 1698 

De institutione oratoria libri xii. : Declama- 
tiones : et Calpurnii Flacci declamationes : 
curante P. Burmanno. 

2 vols, in 4. 4to. Leyden, 1720 

Declamationes tres. Gladiator, Sepulchrum 

incantatum et Gemini languentes. 

fol. /. Schurener de Bopardin. Borne, 1475 

— Declamationes. [The text revised by G. 


fol. Lucas Vemlus. Venice, 1481 

— Another edition. 

fol. L. Fcnetus. Venice, 1482 

— Another edition. [Edited by Thaddaeus 


fol. A. Ugoletus. Parma, 1494 

Declamationes undeviginti. 

8vo. Jac. Stoer. [Geneva] 1591 

— Declamationum liber : cum dialogo de causis 
corruptae eloquentiae, et notis. 

8vo. Oxford, 1675 

Another edition. 

8vo. 0.t/ord, 1692 



QUINTILIANUS, Marcus Fabics. Institutionum 

oratoriarum librixii. [Editedby J. A.Campanus.] 

fol. [/. P. de Lignamine.'] Rome, l^TO 

■ Another edition. [Edited by J. Andreas.] 
fol. Sweynheym and Pannartz. ^otic [1470] 

— Another edition. [Edited by Omnibonus 

fol. N. Jcnson. Venice, 1471 

— Another edition. 

fol. A. Zdwtus. Milan, 1476 

— Another edition. [Edited by 0. Leonicenus.] 

fol. [1480] 

— Another edition. [Edited by G. Tory.] 

8vo. [B. Trot. Lyons] 1510 

— Another edition. [Edited by A. Naugerius.] 

4to. Aldus. Venice, 1514 

Another edition. 

4to. Aldus. Venice, 1521-22 

— Another edition. Emendavit, atque lectiones 
variantes adjecit E. Gibson. Accedit Tribnnus 
Marianus, declamatio, nunc primum edita. 

4to. Oxford, 1693 

— Another edition. Notas adjunxit C. Capperon- 

fol. Paris, 1725 

Another edition. Edidit P. Burmannus. 

2 vols. 8vo. Padua, 1736 

— Another edition. Brevibus notis illustrati a 


2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1736-37 

Another edition. 

J. M. Gesnero. 

Commentario illustrati a 
4to. Gotiinr/en, 1738 

— Another edition. Brevibus notis illustrati a 


8vo. LoTulon, 1792 

— De I'institution de I'orateur. Traduit par 
TAbbe Gedoyn. 

4to. Paris, 1718 

— L'institutioni oratorie, tradotte da Oratio 
Toscanella, et arricchite della dichiaratione de i 
luochi piu difficili, e della vita dello autore. 

4to. G. Giolito dc' Ferrari. Venice, 1568 

QUINTUS Smyrnaeus. 

See Poetae Graeci. Geneva, 1606. 
„ Pythagoras. Opus aureum et scholasticum. 
Leipzig, 1577. 

Derelictorum ab Homero libri xiv. [Greek.] 
Svo. Aldus. [Venice, 1504] 

Piiuted ou vellum. 

— Posthomericorum libri xiv. : recensuit T. C. 
Tychsen, accesserunt observationes C. G. 
Heynii. [Greek.] 

Svo. Slrashurg, 1807 

— Praetermissorum ab Homero libri xiv., Graece, 
cum versione Latina et notis L. Rhodomanni et 
C. Dausqueji, curante J. C. de Pauw. 

8vo. Leyden, 1734 

— Guerre de Troie depuis la mort d'Hector 

jusqu'h, la ruiue de cette ville : poeme traduit du 
Grec par R. Tourlet. 

2 vols, in 1. Svo. Paris, 1800 

QUINZE (Las) joyes de mariage [by Ant. de la 
Sale], ouvrage auquel on a joint le Blason des 
fausses amours [by G. Alexis], le Loyer des 
folles amours [attributed to G. Cretin], et le 
Triomphe des Muses contre 1' Amour. 

12mo. The Haggle, 1734 

QUIP for an upstart courtier. See Greene, R. 

modest. See R. (J.) 

QUIR, Pedro Fernandez de. 

See Arthus, G. Indiae Orientalis pars x. Frank- 
fort, 1613. 

QUIRIN I, Angelo Maria. 

See Canensius, M. Pauli 11. . . . vita. Rmne, 

Primordia Corcyrae ex antiquissimis monu- 

mentis illustrata. 

4to. Lecce, 1725 

QUITA, Domingos dos Reis. 
See Reis Quita, D. 

QUR'AN. See Koran. 

R., B. A letter from a Catholick gentleman to his 
Popish friends, now to be exil'd from London, 
dated Nov. 6, 1678. [Signed B. R.] 

4to. Loiulon, 1678 



R., B. Remarks on Mr. Steeles Crisis, etc., by one 
of the clergy. [Signed B. R.] 

4to. London, ITl-l 

R., E. A bloody and barbarous murther committed 
near Cork, In a letter to a friend at London. 

4to. London, l677 

R., F. See Rous, F. Thule. [Spenser Society.] 

R., G. B., i.e. G. B. RiCHARD.soN. 

See Defoe, D. Travels in the counties of 
Northumberland and Durham. Newcastle, 
,, Extracts from the municipal accounts of 

Newcastle. Neu-otdle, 1849. 
„ Letter. A letre from an alderman of New- 
castle. Newcastle, 1844. 

A biography of William and Elizabeth Elstob, 

the learned Saxonists [by G-. B. R., i.e. G. B. 
Richard.SON]. [Newcastle Reprints, v. 2.] 

Svo. Newcastle, 1847 

R., Or. M. Metaphysique des Etudes: ou recherches 
sur r^tat actual des methodes dans l'6tude des 
lettres et des sciences, et sur leur influence 
relativement k la solidite de I'^rudition. [By 
G. M. Raymond.] 

8vo. Paris, 1804 

R., J. «See Ruskin, J. Leoni. London, \&Q8. 

R., J. The displaying of an horrible secte of grosse 
and wicked Heretiques, naming themselves the 
Family of Love. [By John Rogers.] 

Svo. For George Bishop. London, 157.0 

R., J. The Quip modest : a few words by way of 
supplement to Remarks, critical and illustrative, 
on the text and notes of the last edition of 
Shakspeare. [By Joseph Ritson.] 

8vo. London, 1788 

Second edition. 

Svo. London, 1788 

R., J. The Trades Increase. [With an address to 
the reader signed J. R.] 

4to. Nicholas Okes. London, l6l5 

R., M. Memoirs of the life of Mr. Ambrose 

Barnes. [Edited by W. H. D. Longstaffe.J 

[Surtees Society, 1.] 

Svo. Durham, 1SG7 

R., M. D. L. M^nioires de M. D[e] L[a] R[ochefou- 
cauld] sur les brigues :\ la mort de Louis xiii., 
les guerres do Paris et do Guyenne et la prison 
des princes, etc. M^moires de M. de la Chastre. 

12mo. Cologne, 1664 

[Another edition.] See M^moires de la minority 

de Louis XIV. Amsterdam, 1723. 

R., M. D. L. Reponse k I'Avis aux refugiez [of 
P. Boyle] par M. D. L. R. [i.e. I. de Larrey]. 

12mo. Rotterdam, 1709 

R., S. Good newes and bad newes, by S. R. [i.e. 
Samuel Ro\vlands]. Edited by J. P. Collier. 

4to. [1870] 

Greene's ghost haunting conycatchers. Edited 

by J. 0. Halliwell. 

Svo. London, I860 

R., T. 

See Randolph, T. The muses looking-glasse. 
Oxfm-d, 1638. 

R., T., Esq. An essay concerning critical and curious 
learning, in which are contained some short re- 
flections on the controversie betwixt sir W. 
Temple and Mr. Wotton, and that betwixt Dr. 
Bentley and Mr. Boyl. 

Svo. London, 1698 

See also Answer to a late pamphlet called ' An 
essay,' etc. 

RAAB, ^l^onore de. Catalogue methodique et 
raisonn^ de la collection des Fossiles. [By Baron 

L von Born.] 

4 vols. Svo. Vienna, 1790 

RABANUS MAURUS, Archbishop of Mainz. 
See Hrabanus Magnentius, surnamed Maurus. 


See Lacretelle, J. C. D. de. Precis historique de 
la revolution fran^aise. Paris, 1809-10. 

An address to the people of England. [Trans- 

lated from the French.] 

Svo. [London, 1790 1] 

— Lettres a M. Bailly sur I'histoire primitive de 
la Grfece. 

8vo. Paris, 1787 

— Precis historique de la revolution fran^aise : 
assemblee coustituante. 

l6mo. Paris, 1809 



RABBOTENU, Isaac, pseud, i.e. Philip van Marnix 
VAN Sant Aldegonde. The Bee-hive of the 
Romishe Churche. Translated out of Dutch 
into English by George Gilpin, the Elder. 

8vo. T. Dawson for J. Stell. London, 15S0 

RABELAIS, Frangois. 

See Besant, Sir W. [Foreign classics for English 

CEuvres, augment^es de la vie de I'auteur. 

2 vols. 1 2mo. [L. and D. Elzevir. 
Amsterdam] 1663 

Nouvelle edition. 

6 vols. 8vo. [Paris] 1732 

— Another edition. Avec des remarques his- 
toriques et critiques de Mr. Le Duchat ; nouvelle 
Edition, orn^e de figures de B. Picart, et aug- 
mentee de nouvelles remarques. 

3 vols. 4to. Amsterdam, 1741 

Le Rabelais moderne ou les oeuvres mises a la 

portee de la plupart des lecteurs. 

6 vols, in 8. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1752 

Qlluvres choisies. 

3 vols. 12mo. Geneva, 1752 

QJuvres suivies des remarques publi6es en 

anglois par Le Motteux, et traduites en frangois 
par C. D. M. [de Missy]. 

2 vols. fol. Paris, 1798 

RABENER, Gottlieb WUhelm. 

See Sammlung der besten deutschen prosaisclien 
Schriftsteller, etc., vols, vii.-x. Garlsruhe, 

RABUTIN, Frangois de. 

See Collection complete des m^moires [vols, xxxi., 
„ Collection universelle des mdmoires [vols, 
xxxvii., xxxix.]. 

RABUTIN, Roger de, Count de Bussy. 
See Bussy-Rabutiu, R. de. 

RACCOLTA cronologico-ragionata di documenti 
inediti che formano la storia diplomatica della 
rivoluzione e caduta della repubblica di Venezia. 
[Edited by C. Tentori.] 

2 vols, in 1. tto. Florence, 1800 

RACCOLTA d'opusculi scientifici, e filologici. 
Edidit Angelo Calogiera. 

51 vols. 12mo. Venice, 1728-57 

di lettere sulla pittura, scultura, ed architettura 

scritte da' piii celebri professori in dette arti dal 
secolo XV. al xvii. [Edited by G. Bottarl] 

7 vols, in G, 4to. Eome, 1754-73 

di Lirici Italiani, sino al secolo xviii. : compilata 


di poesie satiriche. 

8vo. Milan, 1808 

8vo. Milan, 1808 

— di prose Italiane ; con un discorso della 
maniera d'ammaestrare la gioventii nella umane 
lettere. [By Girolamo Tagliazucchl] 

3 vols. 8vo. Milan, 1 808-9 

— di quadri dipinti dai piii famosi Pinelli, e 
posseduti de S. A. R. Pietro Leopoldo. 

fol. Florence, 1778 

— di tutti i pill rinomati serittori dell' istoria 

generale del regno di Napoli. 

23 vols. 4to. Najiles, 1769-72 

RACINE, Frangois, Seigneur de Villegomblain. 
See Villegomblain, F. R., seigneur de. 

RACINE, Jean. 

See Th6§.tre Frangais. Tragedies, torn, x., xii.- 
xiv. Paris, 1786-87. 
,, ,, Comedies, tom. ix. Paris, 

„ Trollope, H. M. [Foreign classics for English 


2 vols. 1 2mo. Suivant la copie imprimie a 
Paris [IVolfgang, Amsterdam], 1678 

Another edition. 

3 vols. 4to. Paris, 1760 

— Another edition. Avec des commentaires par 


7 vols. 8vo. Paris and London, 1768 

— Another edition. Avec des commentaires par 
M. LuNEAU DE Boisjermain [and A. M. H. 
Blin de Sainmore]. 

7 vols. 12mo. Pari'^, 176.0 



RACINE, Jean. CEuvres. 

3 vols. 12mo. Palis, 1779 

fidition st^r^otype. 

Another edition. 

5 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1799 

3 vols. fol. Paris, 1801 

— Another edition. Avec des commentaires par 
J. L. Geoffroy. 

7 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1808 

Theatre complet. 

3 vols. fol. Bodoni. Parnia, 1813 

Abr^ge de I'histoire de Port Eoyal. 

12mo. Paris, 1767 

RACINE, Louis. CEuvres. 

6 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1808 

La religion, poeme. 

12mo. Paris, 1785 

RACINES hcbraiques sans points-voyelles, ou dic- 
tionnaire hebraique par racines. [By C. F. 


8vo. Paris, 1732 

RACINET, Augusta. Le costume historique, cinq 
cents planches, trois cents en couleurs, or et 
argent, deux cents en camaieu, types principaux 
du vetement et de la parure rapproch^s de ceux 
de I'interieur de Thabitation dans tous les temps 
et chez tous les peuples : avec des notices expli- 
catives, une introduction generale, des tables et 
un glossaire. 

6 vols. fol. Paris, 1888 

RADCLIFFE, Sir George. 

For Life, see Whitaker, T. D. London, 1810. 
See Strafford, T. W., earl of. Letters and des- 
patches. Loiulon, 1739. 

RADCLIFFE, Richard, of Queen's College, Oxford. 
Letters or R. E. and J. James, 1755-83. Edited 
by M. Evans. [Oxford Historical Society, ix.] 

8vo. Oxfvrd, 1888 

RADERUS, Matthaeus. 

/See Chronicon Alexandrinum. Munich, l6l5. 
„ John Climacus. Opera omnia. Paris, 1633. 

Bavaria Sancta. 

3 vols, in 1. fol. Munich, 1615-27 


RADSTOCK, William Waldegrave, Baron. 
See British flag triumphant. Lmidon, 1 8O6. 

RADULPHIUS. Ricardus, Archbishop of Armagh. 
See Wiclif Society. J. Wycliffe de dominio divino. 
I890 (for De pauperie salvatoris). 

Defensorium curatorum contra eos qui privi- 

legiatos se dicunt. 

4to. [/. du Pri. Eoueii, U90] 

RADULPHUS, Abbot of Coggeshall. Chronicon 
Anglicanum. De expugnatione terrae sanctae 
libellus. Thomas Agnellus de morte et sepul- 
tura Henrici regis Angliae junioris. Gesta 
Fulconis filii Warini. Excerpta ex otiis imperi 
alibus Gervasii Tileburiensis. Edidit J. Steven- 
son. [Rolls Series, No. ()<).] 

8vo. London, 1875 

RADZIWILL, Mikolaj Krzysztof. Hierosolymitana 
peregrinatio iv. epistolis compraehensa, ex 
idiomate Polonico in Latinam linguam translata 
et nunc primum edita. T. Tretero interprete. 

fol. Braunsberg, 16OI 

RAEBIGER, Julius Ferdinand. Encyclopaedia of 
theology. Translated by J. Macpherson. 
[Clark's Foreign Theological Library.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1884-85 

RAFFAELLI, Busone, da Gubbio. 
See Busone da Gubbio. 


For Life, see Harford, J. S. London, 1 857. 

„ „ Life of Raffaello Sanzio. London, 

„ ,, Quatrem^re de Quincy, A. C. Paris, 
1S24, etc. 
See Francesconi, D. Discorso letto. [Florence] 

— Heads from the fresco pictures of EafTaello in 
the Vatican. 

fol. London, 1802 

— Imagines veteris ac novi Testamenti in Vati- 
cani palatii xystis, J. J. de Eubeis cura ac 
sumptibus delineatac, incisae, ac typis editae. 
[53 plates.] 

obi. fol. Borne, 1675 

— Sacrae historiae acta a Raphaele Urbinato in 
Vaticanis xystis ad picturae miraculum expressa, 
a Nic. Chapron, et a se delineata et incisa. 

obi. fol. Borne, 1649 



RAFFEI, Stefano. II Nido ; canzone didascalica 
sopra un antico nido de marmo. 

fol. Borne, 1778 

Osservazioni sopra alcuni antichi monumenti. 

fol. Borne, 1779 

Ricerche sopra un Apolline. 

fol. Borne, 1772 

Saggio di osservazioni sopra un bassorilievo. 

(Osservazioni sopra un altro bassorilievo.) 

fol. Borne, 1773 

RAFFLES, Sir Thomas Stamford. 

See Finlayson, G. The mission to Siam. London, 

The history of Java. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1817 

RAFN, Carl Christian. 

See Antiquitates Americanae. Copenhagen, 1837. 

RAGAZONIUS, Hieronymus, Bishop of Bergamo. 
In epistolas Ciceronis familiares commentarius. 
8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1555 

RAGIONAMENTO intorno al saggio del conte 
Algarotti sopra la durata de' regni de' re di Eoma. 

8vo. Turin, 1773 

RAGIONE d'alcune cose segnate nella canzone 
d'Annibal Caro, ' Venite a I'ombra de' gran Gigli 
d'oro.' [By LoDOVico Castelvetro.] 

4to. [Modma, 1558] 

RAGOZIN, Z^naide Alexeicona. Assyria from the 
rise of the empire to the fall of Nineveh. [Story 
of the Nations, xiii.] 

8vo. London, 1891 

Chaldea, from the earliest times to the rise of 

Assyria. [Story of the Nations, xi.] 

8vo. London, 1891 

Media, Babylon, and Persia. [Story of the 

Nations, xix.] 

8vo. London, 1891 

Vedic India, as embodied principally in the 

Rig-Veda. [Story of the Nations, xli.] 

8vo. London, 1895 

RAILTON, John. The army regulator ; or, the 
military adventures of Mr. J. R. ; giving an 
account of his particular services in the Horse 
Grenadiers, the Dragoons, the Foot, and the 

Train of Artillery. 

8vo. London, 1738 

Proposals to the public : especially those in 

power : whose spirits may be sincere enough, at 
all events, by a brisk militia, to save Great 

8vo. London, 1758 

RAIMONDI, Eugenio. Delle caccie libri quattro. 

•ito. {Venice, 1630] 

RAINE, James, the elder. 

See Hodgson, J. History of Northumberland. 
Ni'wmntle, 1820-58. 
„ Rud, T. Codicum Mss. ecclesiae cathedralis 

Dunelmensis. Durham, 1825. 
„ Surtees Society. 

,, Surtees, R. History of Durham. London, 

The history and antiquities of North Durham. 

fol. Loiulon, 1852 

RAINE, James, the younger. 

See Historians of the church of York. [Rolls 
,, Historical papers and letters. [Rolls Series.] 
„ Surtees Society. 

RAINERIUS Alemannus. 

See Fagifacetus. [Basle, 1495.] 

RAINERUS de Pisis. Pantheologia seu summa 
iiniversae theologiae. 

2 vols. fol. Sensenschmidt and Keffer. 
Nuremberg, 1473 

Another edition. 

fol. [G. Zainer. Juf/shurg] 1474 

RAINES, Francis Robert. See Chetham Society. 

The fellows of the collegiate church of Man- 
chester. Edited by F. Renaud. [Chetham 
Society, N. S., xxi., xxiii.] 

2 vols. 4to. [Afunchesirr] 1S91 

The rectors of Manchester, and the wardens of 

the collegiate church of that town. [Chetham 
Society, N, S., v., vi.] 

2 vols. 4to. [Manchesiir] 1885 



RAINES, Francis Robert. The vicars of Rochdale. 
Edited by H. H. HowoRTH. [Chetham Society, 
N. S., i., ii.] 

2 vols. 4to. [Mancheskr] 1883 


See Nichol, J. Commentaries, 1 864-69 — Obadiah, 

Sex theses de sacra Scriptura at Ecclesia, etc. 
8vo. George Bishop. London, l602 

RAINOLDS, William. See Rossaeus, G. G., pseud. 

RAINY, Robert. 

See Expositor's Bible. Philippians. 

Delivery and development of Christian 

doctrine. [Cunningham Lectures.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1874 

— Three lectures on the Church of Scotland with 
especial reference to the Dean of Westminster's 
recent course on this subject. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1872 

RAJENDRALALA Mitra. Indo- Aryans : contri- 
butions towards the elucidation of their ancient 
and mediaeval history. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1881 

RAK6CZI, Ferencz, Prince of Transylvania. Testa- 
ment politique et moral. 

2 vols. 12mo. The Hague, 1751 

RALEIGH, W., pseud. The Craftsman Extraordi- 
nary : being remarks on a late pamphlet, intitled, 
Observations on the conduct of Great Britain, 
etc., published by Caleb D'Anveks, Esq. [pseud. 
i.e. Nicholas Amhurst]. 

8vo. London, 1729 

RALEIGH, Sir Walter. 

For Life, see Cayley, A. London, 180.5. 
,, „ Edwards, E. London, 1868. 

,, „ Life of sir W. R. London, 1677. 

See Bry, T. de. Historia Americae, part viii. 
Frankfort, 1599. 
„ Cor6al, F, Voyages aux Indes occidentales. 

Amsterdam, 1722. 
,, Edmonds, Sir C. Observations on the land- 
ing of forces. London, 1759. 
„ Last fight of the Revenge. London, \B1\. 

RALEIGH, Sir Walter. Works now first collected, 
to which arc prefixed the lives of the author 
by Oldys and Biucii. 

8 vols. 8vo. Oxford, 1829 

The discoverie of the large, rich, and bewtiful 

empire of Guiana, with a relation of the great 
and golden citie of Manoa . . . and the pro- 
vinces of Emeria, Arromania, Amapaia, and 
other countries, etc. 

4to. Robert Robinson. London, 1 596 

Another edition. Edited by Sir K. H. ScnOM- 

BURCiK. [Hakluyt Society, iii.] 

8vo. London, 1848 

Brevis et admiranda descriptio regni Guianae, 

auri abundantissimi, in America, quod per Gual- 
TERUM Ralegh equitem Anglum detectum est. 
In Latinum sermonem translata. 

4to. Nuremberg, 1599 

With the arms and luunogram of De Thou. 

The history of the world. 

fol. London, l676 

— The eleventh edition. To which is prefix'd 
the life of the author by Mr. Oldys, also his 

2 vols. fol. London, 1736 

— The prerogative of parliaments in England : 
proved in a dialogue betweene a councellour of 
state and a justice of peace. 

4to. Middlehurgh, 1628 

— Another edition. 

4to. [London] 1640 

The prince ; or, maxims of state. 

4to. London, 1642 

RALFE, James. The naval biography of Great 
Britain : consisting of historical memoirs of those 
officers who distinguished themselves during the 
reign of George ill. 

4 vols. 8vo. London, 1828 

The naval chronology of Great Britain ; or, an 

historical account of naval and maritime events 
from the commencement of the war in 1803, to 
the end of the year 1816. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1820 

RALPH, James. 

See Critical review of the publick buildings. 
LoTulon, 17 -"4. 
„ History of England. Zonc/wi, 1744-46. 



EALSTON, William Ralston Shedden. The songs 
of the Russian people, as illustrative of Slavonic 
mythology and Russian social life. 

8vo. London, 1872 

RAM AY AN A. Yaznadattabada ou la mort d'Yadz- 
nadatta, episode extrait du Ramayana, poeme 
epique Sanscrit, donne avec le texte grave, une 
analyse grammaticale, une traduction fran^aise 
et des notes par A. L. Ch^y; suivi d'une 
traduction latine. 

4to. Paris, 1826 

RAMAZZINI, Bernardino. De fontium Mutinen- 
sium admiranda scaturigine tractatiis ; accedit 
libellus F. Areosti de petroleo Montis Zibinii. 

8vo. Padua, 1713 

RAMBACH, Friedricli Eberhard. Hiero und seine 


2 vols. 8vo. Berlin, 1793 

RAMBALDIS, Benvenutus de, de Imola. 
See Benvenutus Imolensis. 

RAMBAUT, William Hautenville. 

(See Irenaeus. Writings. Edinburgh, 1 86S-69. 

RAMBERTI, Benedetto. 

See Libri tre delle cose de Turchi. Venice, 1539. 

RAMBLER (The). See Johnson, S., LL.D. 

RAMEAU, Jean Philippe. Nouveau systeme de 
musique theorique, ou Ton decouvre le principe 
de toutes les regies necessaires k la pratique. 

4to. Paris, 1726 

Traite de harmonic, r^duite k ses prineipes 


4to. Paris, 1722 

RAMl^IE, Daniel. 

See Vitet, L. Monographic de I'eglise Notre- 
Dame de Noyon. Paris, 1 845. 

RAMEL, Jean Pierre. Narrative of the deportation 
to Cayenne, of Barthelemy, Pichegru, Willot, 
Marbois, La Rue, Ramel, etc. etc. in consequence 
of the revolution of the 1 8th Fructidor (Sept. 4, 
1797) : from the French. 

8vo. Imdon, 1799 

RAMELLI, Agostino. Le diverse et artificiose 
machine : nellequali si contengono varij et indus- 
triosi raovimenti degni di grandissima specula- 
tione : composte in lingua Italiana et Francese. 

fol. Paris, 1588 

RAMIREZ DE PRADO, Lorenzo. Pentecontarchus 
sive quinquaginta militum ductor. 

4to. Antwerp, l6l2 

RAMLER, Carl Wilhelm. 

See Sammlung der besten deutschen prosaischen 
Schriftsteller, etc. Vols. Ixviii. - Ixxi. 
Carlsruhe, 1780-85. 

Kurzgefasste Mythologie : allegorische Per- 

sonen zum Gebrauche der bildenden Kiinstler als 
ein Anhang, nebst einem Register. 

2 vols. Svo. £erli7i, 1790-91 

RAMMOHUN ROY. Exposition of the practical 
operation of the judicial and revenue systems of 
India, and of the general character and condition 
of its native inhabitants. 

Svo. London, 1832 

RAMOND DE CARBONNliiRES, Louis Frangois 
fllisabeth. Baron. 

See Coxe, W. Lettres a W. Melmoth. Paris, 

Observations faites dans les Pyr^n^es pour 

servir de suite a des observations sur les Alpes, 
ins6r^es dans une traduction des lettres de W. 
Coxe sur la Suisse. 

12mo. Paris, 1789 

Voyages au Mont-Perdu et dans la partie 

adjacente des Hautes-Pyren^es. 

Svo. Paris, 1801 

RAMPINIS, Andreas de, de Isernia. Lectura 
aurea super constitutionibus et capitulis regni 

fol. [S. Piessinger.] Naples, 1479 

Lectura in usibus feudorum. 

fol. Sixtus Riessinger. Naples, 1477 

Super feudis. 

fol. Sixtus Riessinger. Naples, 1477 

RAMSAY, Allan. Poems. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1731 

RAMSAY, Andrew. 

»S«e Delectus auctorum. London, 1752-53. 

RAMSAY, Sir Andrew Crombie. 

See Rudler, F. W. Europe. London, 1885. 



EAMSAY, Andrew Michael. 

See F^nelon, F. de S. de la M. Avantures de 
Telemaque. Amsterdam, 11 Si. 
„ Histoire de la vie de F^ndlon. Brussels, 1725. 

Histoire du vicomte de Turenne, marechal. 

(Preuves de I'histoire.) 

2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1735 

A plan of education for a young prince. 

8vo. London, 1732 

The travels of Cyrus, with a discourse upon 

the theology and mythology of the ancients. 
[Translated from the French.] 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1727 

RAMSAY, Edward Bannerman. Reminiscences of 
Scottish life and character. First and second 
series. Seventh edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1861 

EAMSAY, James. An essay on the treatment and 

conversion of African slaves in the British sugar 


8vo. London, 1784 

See also Cursory remarks upon the Rev. Mr. 
Ramsay's essay. Lmidon, 1785. 

E-xamination of Mr. Harris's scriptural re- 
searches on the licitness of the slave trade. 

8vo. London, 1788 

— A letter to James Tobin, esq., late member of 
his majesty's council in the island of Nevis. 

8vo. Lmidon, 1787 

Objections to the abolition of the slave trade. 

with answers : to which are prefixed strictures 
on Considerations on the emancipation of 

negroes, etc. 

8vo. London, 1788 

RAMSAY, John. Scotland and Scotsmen in the 

eighteenth century. [Edited by A. Allardyce.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 18S 8 

RAMSAY, William Mitchell. The cities and 
bishoprics of Phrygia. 

In progress. 8vo. Oxford, 1895, etc. 

St. Paul the traveller and the Roman citizen. 

8vo. London, 1895 

See Codrus. London, 1774. 

RAMSDEN, Gulielmus. 

See Lusus poetici. [Lmidon] 1791. 

RAMSEY, Abbey of. Cartularium monasterii de 
Rameseia. Edited by W. H. Hart and P. A. 
Lyons. [Rolls Series, No 79-] 

3 vols. 8vo. ioTM^on, 1884-93 

RAMUS, Christian. Catalogus numorum veterum 
Graecorum et Latinorum musei regis Daniae. 

2 vols. 4to. Copenhayen, 1816 

RAMUS, Petrus. 

6'e« Virgilius Maro, P. Bucolica. Pam, 1558. 
„ „ Georgica. Paris, 1556, etc. 

Aiithmeticae libri duo, a J. Stadio recogniti 

et illustrati. 

8vo. Plantin. Leyden, 1548 

Another edition. Cum commentariis W. 


8vo. F. Raphelengius. [Leyden] l6l3 


8vo. A. Wechel. Paris, 1557 

Oratio de legatione. 

8vo. A. IVecliel. Paris, 1557 

Oratio de professione liberalium artium habita 

Lutetiae 8 Cal. Sept. 1563. 

8vo. A. Wechel. Paris, 1563 

Oratio initio suae professionis habita, 1551. 

8vo. A. Wechel. Paris, 1557 

Pro philosophica Parisiensis Academiae dis- 

ciplina oratio : editio secunda. 

8vo. A. WecM. Paris, 1557 

RAMUSIO, Giovanni Battista. Navigationi e viaggi. 
3 vols. fol. Giunli. Veniw, 1588-l606 

RANALLI, Ferdinando. 

See Florence. Imperiale e reale galleria di 
Firenze. Flmence, 1841-67. 

RANC6, Armand Jean le Bouthillier de. 

For Life, see MarsoUier, J. Paris, 1703. 
See Mabillon, J. Reflexions sur la rcponse, etc. 
Paris, 1692. 



RANCfi, Armand Jean le Bouthillier de. Keponse 
au Traite des etudes monastiques. [By J. 

•ito. Paris, I692 

RANCINUS, Petrus. Oratio in funere Francisci 
Toletani, Caurieiisis Episcopi. 

4to. [/. Bulk. Borne, li'D] 

KAND, Cater. Description and use of the patent 
military and naval telescope for measuring 

distances at sight. 

8vo. London, 1799 

RANDELL, Thomas. 

See Pulpit Commentary. Eevelation. 

RANDOLPH, Bernard. The present state of the 
islands of the Archipelago, sea of Constantinople 
and gulph of Smyrna, with the islands of Candia 
and Rhodes, faithfully described. 

4to. Oxford, 1687 

The present state of the Morea, with a descrip- 
tion of the city of Athens, islands of Zani, 
Strafades and Zerigo. Third edition. 

4to. London, 1689 

RANDOLPH, Francis. 

See Jersey, G. B. V., 4th earl of. Correspondence. 
London, 1796. 

A few observations on the present state of the 

nation : in a letter to his grace the duke of 

8vo. Bath, 1808 

A letter to the Rt. Hon. William Pitt, on the 

proposed abolition of the jVfrican slave trade. 

8vo. London, 1788 

RANDOLPH, John, Bishop of London. 

See Remarks on Michaelis's Introduction to the 
New Testament. London, 1802. 
„ Sylloge confessionum. Oxford, 1804. 

A charge delivered to the clergy of Oxford, 

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advantages of publick education : a sermon 
pi-eached in the cathedral church at Canterbury 
on Thursday, Sept. 13, 1733. 

8vo. Oxford, 1733 

RANDOLPH, Thomas, Archdeacon of Oxford. The 
Christian's faith, a rational assent. In answer 
to a pamphlet [by H. DoDWELL, the younger] 
entituled, Christianity not founded on argu- 
ment, etc. 

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Poems, with the Muses looking-glasse, and 

Amyntas. The second edition enlarged. 

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RANDON DE BOISSET. See Boisset, R. de. 

RANDS, William Brighty. 
See Browne, M., pseud. 

RANGONI, Giovanni Battista. Essai sur la nature 
de Thomme ou le philosophe aveuglequi recherche, 
dans le champ de I'obscurit^ et des doutes, les 
verites qui regardent son etre. 

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The ecclesiastical and political history of the 

popes of Rome during the sixteenth and seven- 
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— A history of England principally in the 
seventeenth century. 

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history of Prussia during the 17th and ISth 
centuries. Translated by Sir Alexander and 
Lady Duff Gordon. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1849 



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Scotland. Fourth edition. 

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per la restitutione de gl' imperatori Comneui fatta 
da' signori Venetiaiii ct Francesi Tanno 1204 
libri sei. [Translated from the Latin by G. 

4to. Venice, l604 


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Histoire critique de I'etablissement des colonies 


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NovTim Testamentum e.x Polybio et Arriano : et 
ex Xenophonte collectae. 

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BAPHELENGIUS, Franciscus, the younger. 

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De numero oratorio libri v. Paraphrasis in 

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3 vols. 12mo. The Hague, 1725 

Eclogae, cum dissertatione de carmine pastorali. 

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Hortorum libri iv. et cultura hortensis: hor- 

torum historiam addidit G. Brotier. 

12mo. Paris, 1780 


See Defence of English history. London, 1734. 
,, Tindal, N. Remarques. The Hague, 1733. 

Histoire d'Angleterre continu6e [by D. DuRAND 

and Dupard] jusqu'.'i I'avenement de George il. 
a la couronne. 

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History of England, with Tindal's continua- 
tion. [Illustrated with historical prints and por- 
traits, etc.] 

5 vols, in 21. fol. London, 1733-1805 

Acta regia, being the account which Mr. Rapin 

de Thoyras published of the history of England, 
grounded upon the records collected in Mr. 
Rymer's Foedera. [Translated from the French 
by S. Whatley.] 

fol. Londm [1733] 

RAPP, Jean, Count. Memoires, t'crits par lui-meme 
[By A. BuLOZ ?] 

8vo. London, 1823 

RAPP, Joannes Henricus. 

See Curtius Rufus, Q. De rebus Alexandri. 
Strasburg, 1670. 

BAPPOBT de la commission, etc. 
See Assembl^e Nationale. 

du comit6 des contribuans de I'dglise Suisse de 

Londres sur tin t'crit intitule : Adresse pastorale 
et justificative de M. Sterky aux membres de 
son troupeau, du 1 (i Janvier 1 804. 

8vo. London, 1804 



RAPPORT fait a sa majesty Louis XVIII. sur le 
livre [by C. A. de Calonne] intitule, Tableau de 
I'Europe [by C. L. F. de P. de Barentin, or the 
Baron de Montyon]. 

8vo. Loiulon, 1796 

See also Calonne, C. A. de. Lettre au citoyen, 

RAPPORTS de la revolution anglaise, avec celle de 

8vo. Paris, 1802 

RARA mathematica ; or, a collection of treatises on 
the mathematics and subjects connected with 
them from ancient manuscripts. Edited by J. 
0. Halliwell. 

8vo. London, 1841 

RARE news for old England ! Beef a shilling a 
pound ! A curious anecdote of the farmer- 
general, very interesting at this critical moment. 

8vo. {London, 1795] 

RASARinS, Joannes Baptista. 

See Oribasius. Opera omnia. Basle, 1557, etc. 

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rei numariae veterum, et praecipue Graecorum 
ac Eomanorum, cum supplemento. 

8 vols, in 13. 8vo. Leipzig, 1785-1804 

RASH (The) duellist dissected : with the incon- 
veniences that attend him, by way of essay. 

4to. London, 1673 

RASHLEIGH, Philip. Specimens of British minerals 
selected from the cabinet of Philip Rashleigh. 

4to. London, 1797 

RASIEL DE SELVA, Hercule, pseud, i.e. Pierre 
QUESNEL, or QUESNEL, of Dieppe, or Cuarles 
Gabriel Pori^e. Histoire de I'admirable Dom 
Inigo de Guipuscoa : augment6e de I'Anti-Cotton 
[of P. D. C, i.e. P. du Moulin, or P. du Coig- 
net, or C. de Plaix] et de I'histoire critique de 
ce fameux ouvrage [by P. Marchand]. 

2 vols. 8vo. The Hague, 11 SS, 

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See Hallddrsson, B. Lexicon Islandico-Latino- 
Danicum. Copenhagen, 1814. 

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S(;« Gulliver ressuscit6. Paris, 1787. 
„ Leibnitz, G. W. von. OCuvres philosophiques. 
Amsterdam, 1765. 

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of a general collection of gems, cast by James 
Tassie. [French and English.] 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1791 

RASSAM, Hormuzd. Narrative of the British 
mission to Theodore, king of Abyssinia. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, I869 

RASSICOD, ifitienne. 

See Notes sur le concile de Trente. Cologne, 1706. 

RASTALL, William Dickinson, afterwards DICKIN- 
SON, William. 
See Dickinson, W., Antiquary. 

RASTELL, Jolin. The pastyme of people. The 
Cronycles of dyuers realmys and most specyally 
of the realme of Englond. 

fol. John Puistell. London \\bW] 

Another edition. [Edited by T. F. Dibdin.] 

4to. London, 1811 

RASTELL, William. 

See More, Sir T. Lucubrationes. Basle, 1563. 

A collection of the statutes now in force con- 
tinued from the beginning of Magna Charta till 
the end of 35 Q. Elizabeth. 

fol. Deputies of Christopher Barker. London, 


RATCLIFFE, John. A catalogue of the elegant 
and truly valuable library of J. R. Sold by 
auction 1776. 

8vo. [London, 1776] 

RATHBORNE, Joseph. Are the Puseyites sincere ? 
A letter . . . addressed to a catholic lord bishop 
on the Oxford movement. 

Svo. London, 1841 

RATHERY, Edme Jacques Benoit, 

See Argenson, R. L. de V. de P., marquis d'. 

Journal. Paris, 1859-67. 

RATIONAL (A) catechism ; or, an instructive con- 
ference between a father and son. 

Svo. London, 1687 

RATIONARIUM evangelistarum omnia in se evan- 
gelia prosa, versa, imaginibusque complectens. 
Edidit Georgius Simler. 

4to. Thos, Anshelm. [Hagenau] 1522 



BATIS raving, and other moral and religious pieces 
in prose and verse. Edited by J. R. Lumby. 
[Early English Text Society, 43.] 

8vo. London, 1870 

RATRAMNTJS, Monachus Corbiensis. 
See Bertram, a monk of Corbie. 

RATSCHKY, Joseph Franz. 

See Melchior Striegel. Leipzig, 1799. 

EATSEIS Ghost ; or, the second part of his madde 
prankes and robberies. 

4to. V. S. [Valentine Simmcs.] 
London [l605] 

BATTI, Carlo Giuseppe. 

See Soprani, R. Vite de' pittori. Genoa, 1768-69. 

RATTRAY, Thomas, Bishop of Edinburgh. 

See Liturgies. The ancient liturgy of the church 
of Jerusalem. London, 1744. 

RAU, Johann Eberhard. Monumenta vetustatis 
Germanicae, de ara Ubiorum, turn de tumulo 
honorario Gaii et Lucii Caesarum in confinio 
Ubiorum ac Treverorum. 

8vo. Utrecht, 1738 

BAUCH, Adrian. Rerum Austriacarum scriptores, 
qui lucem publicam hactenus non viderunt. 

3 vols. 4to. Vienna, 1793-94 

RAUCH, F. A. Harmonie hydro-v6getale et metfo- 
rologique, ou recherches sur les moyens de 
reenter avec nos forets la force des temperatures 
et la regularit6 des saisons, par des plantations 

2 vols, in 1, 8vo. Paris, 1802 

RAUCK, Melchior. See Meliboeus, pseud. 

RAUDENSIS, Antonius. 

See Valla, L. De Latinae linguae elegantia libri 
sex. Paris, 1541. 

RAUTHMELL, Richard. Antiquitates Bremetona- 
censes ; or, the Roman antiquities of Over- 

4to. London, 1746 

RAUWOLFF, Leonhard. 

See Ray, J. Travels through the Low Countries. 
London, 1738. 

RAVAILLAC, Francois. 

See Supplice, mort et fin ignominieuse. Lyons, 

RAVEN, John. 

See Harvey, W. Visitation of Norfolk. [Har- 
leian Society.] 
„ Hawley, T. Visitations of Essex. [Harleian 


RAVENEAU DE LUSSAN. Journal du voyage 
fait a la mer de sud, avec les flibustiers de 
r Am^rique en 1 684 et ann6es suivantes. Seconde 

12mo. Paris, 1693 

RAVENEL, Jules Am6d6e Ddsir6. 

See Mazzarini, G. Lettres. Paris, 1836. 

RAVENNAS, Petrus. Phoenix seu de artificiosa 

4to. B. de Cremona. Venice, 1491 

RAVENSCROFT, Thomas. Selections from the 

works of T. R. (songs and ballads). [Roxburghe 

Club, xxxiv.] 

4to. [London, 1822] 

RAVENSTEIN, Ernst Georg. 

See Reclus, J. J. E. Universal geography. 
London, n.d. 

RAVIGLIO ROSSO, Giulio. Historia delle cose 

occorse nel regno d'Inghilterra, in materia del 

Ducadi Notomberlan dopo la mortedi Odoardovi, 

8vo. /ft Acad. Venela. Venice, 1558 

Another edition. 

4to. Ferrara, 1591 

RAV0ISI6, Amable. 

See Expedition scientificiue de Mor^e. Paris, 

RAWDON, Marmaduke. The life of Marmaduke 
Rawdon of York. Now first printed from the 
original MS. in the possession of R. Cooke, Esq. 
Edited by R. Davies. [Camden Society, Ixxxv.] 

4to. London, 1863 

RAWLEY, Sir Walter. See Raleigh, Sir W. 

RAWLEY, William. 

See Bacon, F. Certaine miscellany works. 
London, 1629. 




KAWLINSON, Christopher. 

See BoetMus, A. M. T. S. De consolatione. 
[Anglo-Saxon.] Oxford, 1698. 


See Herodotus. History. London, 1862. 
,, Pulpit Commentary. London, 1881-91. 

Ancient Egypt. By G. E., with the collabora- 
tion of A. GiLMAN. [Story of the Nations, vii.] 
Sixth edition. 

8vo. London, 1891 

The five great monarchies of the ancient 

eastern world; or, the history, geography, and 
antiquities of Chaldea, Assyria, Babylon, Media, 
and Persia. 

4 vols. 8vo. London, 1862-67 

— The sixth great oriental monarchy ; or, the 
geography, history, and antiquities of Parthia. 

8vo. London, 1873 

— The seventh great oriental monarchy ; or, the 
geography, history, and antiquities of the Sas- 
sanian or new Persian empire. 

8vo. London, 1876 

— The historical evidences of the truth of the 
Scripture records stated anew, with special 
reference to the doubts and discoveries of 
modern times. [Bampton Lectures, 1859.] 

8vo. London, 1859 

— History of ancient Egypt. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1881 

History of Phoenicia. 

8vo. Loiulon, 1889 

Parthia. [Story of the Nations, xxxiv.] 

8vo. London, 1893 

Phoenicia. [Story of the Nations, xviii.] 

Second edition. 

8vo. Lmulon, 1890 

RAWLINSON, Sir Henry Creswicke, Bart. 
See Herodotus. History. London, 1862. 

RAWLINSON, Richard. 

&e Ahailard, P. Epistolae. London, 1718. 
„ English (The) topographer. London, 1720. 
„ History and antiquities of Glastonbury. 

(JjJ'ord, 17^2. 
„ History and antiquities of the cathedral 

church of Rochester. London, 1723. 

RAWLINSON, Richard. 

See History and antiquities of the cathedral 
church of Salisbury. Lotidon, 17 19- 
,, History and antiquities of the cathedral 
church of Hereford. London, 1717. 

RAY Society. Publications. 

//( progress. 8vo, 4to, and fol. Edinburgh and 

London, 1845, etc. 

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Geologiae. Edited by H. E. Strickland and 
Sir W. Jardine. 4 vols. 

Alder, J., and Hancock, A. A monograph of 
the British Nudibranchiate Mollusca. 

Allman, G. J. A monograph of the fresh- 
water Polyzoa, including all the known species 
both British and foreign. 

A monograph of the gymnoblastie or 

tubularian Hydroids. 2 parts in 1 vol. 

Baird, W. The natural history of the British 

Blackwall, J. A history of the spiders of 
Great Britain and Ireland. 

Botanical and physiological memoirs : i. The 
phenomenon of reiuvenescence in nature, by A. 
Braun ; ii. On the animal nature of the Dia- 
tomeae, by G. Meneghini; iii. An abstract of 
the natural history of Protococcus pluvialis, by 
F. J. CoHN. Edited by A. Henfrey. 

Bowerbank, J. S. A monograph of the British 
Spongiadae. 4 vols. 

Brady, G. S. A monograph of the free and 
semi-parasitic Copepoda of the British Islands. 
3 vols. 

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6 vols. 

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bites. [Translated and] edited by T. Bell and 
E. Forbes. 

Cameron, P. A monograph of the British 
phytophagous Hymenoptera. 4 vols. 



RAY Society {continued). 

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the Foraminifera by W. B. C, assisted by AV. K. 
Parker and T. R. Jones. 

Darwin, C. R. A monograph on the sub-class 
Cirripedia. 2 vols. 

Derham, W. Memorials of J. Ray, consisting 
of his life by Dr. Derham, biographical and 
critical notices by Sir J. E. Smith, and Cuvier and 
Dupetit Thouars. With his itineraries. Edited 
by E. Lankester. 

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W. Recent memoirs on the Cetacea. Edited 
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eyed Medusae. 

Guenther, A. C. L. G. The Reptiles of British 

Hofmeister, W. On the germination, etc., of 
the higher Cryptogamia. Translated by F. 


Huxley, T. H. The oceanic Hydrozoa. 

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angiocarpous lichens. 

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bola and Thysanura. 

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sternum in the vertebrata. 

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Reports and papers on Botany, by H. vON 
MOHL and others. Edited by A. Henfrey. 

RAY Society (continued). 

Reports and papers on Botany. Translated 
by G. Busk, W. B. Macdonald, A. Henfrey 
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Reports on the progress of Zoology and Botany, 
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Reports on the progress of Zoology, 1843-44. 
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Steenstrup, J. J. On the alternation of 
generations. Translated from the German 
version of C. H. Lorenzen by G. BuSK. 

Williamson, W. C. On the recent Foraminifera 
of Great Britain. 

RAY, John. 

For Life, see Derham, W. [Ray Society.] 
See H. (J.) North country words. [English 
Dialect Society] (for Collection of English 
words, etc.) 
,, Willughby, F. De historia piscium libri iv. 

Oxford, IfiS.'i-Sfi. 
„ „ Ornithologiac libri iii. Lon- 

don, 1676. 

— Correspondence. Edited by E. Lankester. 
[Ray Society, 1848.] 

8vo. London, 1848 

— A collection of English proverbs. Second 


Svo. Cambridge, 1678 

— A compleat collection of English proverbs, also 
the most celebrated proverbs of other languages : 
to which is added a collection of English words 
not generally used. Third edition. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. London, 1737 

— A collection of English words, not generally 
used, in two catalogues, of such as are proper to 
the northern and the southern counties : with 
catalogues of English birds and fishes. 

Svo. London, 1674 

— L'Histoire Naturelle dclaircie dans une de ses 
parties principals, L'Ornithologic. Ouvrago 
traduit du Latin du Synopsis Avium de Ray, 

augments par M. Salerne. 

4to. Paris, 1767 



RAY, John. Historia plantarum : nomenclator 
botanicus Anglo-Latinus, et supplementum : 
accesserunt historia stirpium iiisulae Luzonis a 
G. J. Camello, S.J., et Josephi Pitton Tourne- 
FOBT corollarium institutionum rei herbariae. 

3 vols. fol. Loiulon, 1686-1704 

Travels through the Low Countries, Germany, 

Italy and France : also, a catalogue of plants in 
those parts. 

Dr. Leonhart Rauwolf's journey to the East. 
Translated from the original High Dutch by 
Nicholas Staphorst : and travels into Greece, 
Asia, etc., collected : with 3 catalogues of trees, 
etc., in the Levant. The second edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1738 

Three physico-theological discourses concerning 

the primitive chaos, the general deluge, and the 
dissolution of the world and future conflagration. 
Third edition. [Edited by W. Derham.] 

8vo. London, 1713 

The wisdom of God manifested in the works 

of the creation. Fifth edition. 

8vo. London, 1709 

BAY, Playcard Augustin Fiddle. Zoologie uni- 
verselle et portative, ou histoire naturelle des 
quadrupfedes, cetacees, oiseaux, poissons, insectes, 
moUusques, vers, tant indigenes qu'exotiques. 
Avec un supplement par L. F. Jauffret. 

4to. Paris, 1804 

EAYMENT, Robert. The corn trade of Great 
Britain for eighteen years, from 1748 to 1765, 
compared with the eighteen years from 1771 to 

8vo. London, 1790 

The income and expenditure of Great Britain 

of the last seven years examined and stated. 

4to. London, 1791 

RAYMOND, Georges Marie. 

See R. (G. M.) ]\I6taphysique des Etudes. Paris, 

De la peinture consider^e dans ses effets sur 

les hommes en general et de son influence sur les 
moeurs et le gouvernement des peuples. 

8vo. ParL% 1799 

RAYMOND, John. An itinerary contayning a 
voyage made through Italy, 1646-47. 

12mo. London, 1648 


See Bordenave, N. de. Histoire de Beam. Paris, 

RAYMUNDUS, Joannes Baptista. 

See Bible, Polyglott. N. T., Gospels. 

RAYNAL, Guillaume Thomas Frangois. 

See Malo de Luque, E. Historia politica, etc. 
Madrid, 1784-90. 

Essai sur I'administration de St. Domingue. 

8vo. 1785 

— Histoire des ^tablissemens et du commerce des 
Europeens dans les deux Indes. [With atlas.] 

5 vols. 4to. Gemva, 1780 

■ The revolution of America. 

12mo. Londoui 1781 

BAYNALDE, Thomas. 

See Roesslin, E. The birth of mankynde. 
London, 1565. 

RAYNAUD, Furcy Maxime. 

See Heyd, W. Histoire du commerce du Levant. 
Leipzig, 1885-86. 

RAYNAUD, Gaston. 

See Froissart, J. Chroniques. Paris, 1869, etc. 

RAYNAUD, Th^ophile. See Solerius, A., pseud. 

RAYNEVAL, Joseph Mathias Gerard de. De la 

liberte des mers. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Paris, 1811 


(See Scoloker, A. Daiphantus. [Manchester'] \%f,0 
(for Dolarney's Primerose). 

Dolarney's primerose ; or, the first part of the 

passionate hermit. [Roxburghe Club, v.] 

4to. London, 1816 

RAYNOR, Joseph. 

See Royaumont, Le sieur de. History of the 
Old Testament. London, 1688-90. 

RAYNOUARD, Frangois Juste Marie. Choix des 
poesies originales des troubadours. 

6 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1816-21 

Monumens historiques relatifs k la condam- 

nation des chevaliers du Temple. 

8vo. Paris, 1813 



RAZUMOVSKY, Grigory, Count. CEuvres. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Lausanne, 1783-84 

BEA, Jolm. Flora : sen de florum cultnra ; or, a 

complete florilege, furnished with all requisites 

belonging to a florist. 

fol. London, l66;'> 

BEAD. Rede me and be nott wrothe. [By William 
KoY and Jerome Barlowe; Strasburg, 1528.] 
A proper dyaloge betweno a gentillman and a 
husbandman. A compendious olde treatyse, 
shewynge how we ought to have the Scripture 
in Englysshe, Marburg, 1530. Edited by E. 
Arber. [English Reprints, xxviii.] 

-Ito. London, 1871 

BEAD, John. A summary view of the spontaneous 
electricity of the earth and atmosphere ; wherein 
the causes of lightning and thunder, as well as 
the constant electrification of the clouds and 
vapours suspended in the air, are explained. 

8vo. London, 1793 

BEADE, William Winwood. 

See Schweinfurth, G. The heart of Africa. 
London, 1873. 

READING, Nathaniel. Tryal for attempting to 

stifle the king's evidence as to the horrid plot, 

had at the Kings Bench on Thursday 24 April 


fol. London, 1679 


See Eusebius. Historiae ecclesiasticae. Carn- 
hridgo, 1720. 
„ Origan. De oratione liber. London, MH. 

BEAL Academia Espaiiola. 

See Dictionary. Spanish. Madrid, 1726-39. 
„ Gramatica de la lengua Castellana. Madrid, 

„ Ortografia de la lengua Castellana. Madrid, 

BEALE Deputazione di Storia Patria per le province 
della Toscana dell' Umbria e delle Marche. 
See Archivio storico Italiano. Florence, 1842, etc. 

BEALINUS, Bernardinus. In nuptias Pelei et 
Thetidis CatuUianas commentarius : et aliquot 
in varia scriptorum loca annotationcs. 

4to. Anselm. Giaccarellus. Bologna, 1551 

EEAPEBS (The) ; or, the Englishman out of Paris : 
an opera. [Translated or imitated from the 
French of ' Lcs Moissonneurs ' of C. S. Favart.] 

8vo. London, 1770 

BEASON and judgement ; or, special remarqucs of 
the life of the renowned Dr. Sanderson, together 
with his judgement for setling the Church. 

4to. Oxford, 1663 

(The) why : in answer to a pamphlet entitled, 

' Why do we go to war ? ' 

8vo. London, 1803 

REASONABLENESS (The) of applying for the 
repeal or explanation of the Corporation and 
Test Acts, impartially consider'd. [By Arthur 
Ashley Sykes.] 

8vo. London, 1736 

See also No reason for applying for the repeal, 

of orthodox and Arian believing consider'd 

and compar'd : design'd as an appendix to 
Arianism confuted without disputing, etc. 

8vo. London, 1721 

of the augmentation of poor vicarages : with 

proposals thereunto. [By Thomas Breck.] 

4to. Cambridge, 1702 

REASONS against a standing army. 

8vo. London, 1717 

— . against a war, in a letter to a member of 
Parliament, by an old Whig. 

8vo. London, 1727 

against a war with France. [By Daniel 


4to. London, 1701 

against national despondency : in refutation 

of Mr. Erskine's View of the causes and con- 
sequences of the present war ; with some remarks 
on the supposed scarcity of specie. 

8vo. London, 1797 

against receiving the Pretender, and restoring 

the Popish line, together with some queries of 
the utmost importance to Great Britain. [By 
B. Hoadly.] 

8vo. London, 1710 



REASONS for a registry : shewing briefly the great 
benefits and advantages that may accrew to this 
nation thereby. 

4to. London, 1678 

for a total change of a certain M[inistry] and 

the dissohition of the P[arliament]. 

4to. Lojidon [1710] 

for a war, in order to establish the tranquillity 

and commerce of Europe. [By Daniel Defoe.] 

8vo. London, 1729 

for addressing his majesty to invite into 

England their highnesses, the electress dowager 
and the electoral prince of Hanover : and like- 
wise, reasons for attainting and abjuring the 
pretended prince of Wales, etc. 

4to. London, 1702 

for adopting an union between Ireland and 

Great Britain. [By W. Johnson.] 

8vo. Dublin, 1799 

for altering the method used at present in 

letting church and college leases. [By John 


8vo. Cambridge, 1739 

for an augmentation of the army on the Irish 

establishment, offered to the consideration of the 

public. [By Jackson.] 

8vo. Dublin, 1768 

for an immediate war against France. 

8vo. London, 1760 [i.e. 1740] 

— for committing the duke of Ormond to the 

8vo. [London, \715 1] 

— for deferring or amending the bill that all 
proceedings in courts of Justice shall be in the 
English language. 

8vo. London [1732 1] 

— for not proceeding against Mr. Whiston by the 
Court of Delegates, in a letter to the reverend 
Dr. Felling. Second edition. 

8yo. London, 1713 

— for setling Admiralty-jurisdiction, and giving 
encouragement to merchants, owners, com- 
manders, masters of ships, material-men, and 

4to. [London] 1690 

REASONS for the indictment of the D. of York, 

presented to the grand jury of Middlesex, Satur- 
day, June 26, 80. 

single sheet, fol. [London, I68O] 

for the more speedy lessening the National 

debt, and taking off the most burthensome of 
the taxes. 

8vo. London, 1737 

— for Unitarianism ; or, the primitive Christian 
doctrine. [By David Jones.] 

8vo. London, 1792 

humbly offered to his majesty for his dispens- 

ing with the oath of allegiance as to the Duke of 
York, and for his sitting in the council of 
Scotland without taking the said oath. 

fol. London, 168O 

— humbly offered to prove that the letter printed 
at the end of the French memorial of justification 
is a French forgery, and falsely ascribed to his 
R[oya]l H[ighne]ss. 

8vo. London, 1756 

— humbly offered to the Parliament for abrogat- 
ing the observation of the thirtieth of January. 
[By John Wyng.] 

8vo. London, 1715 

— humbly submitted to the honourable members 
of both houses of Parliament for introducing 
a law to prevent unnecessary and vexatious 
removals of the poor. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1774 

— in support of the bill, brought into the House 
of Commons, by Mr. Curwen for the amendment 
of the law in respect to tithes. 

8vo. London, 1818 

— (The) of Mr. Bays changing his religion, con- 
sidered in a dialogue between Crites, Eugenius, 
and Mr. Bays. [By Thoius Brown.] 

4to. London, I688 

— of the new convert's taking the oaths to the 
present government. 

4to. London, I69I 

— of the present judgement of the university of 
Oxford, concerning the solemne league and 
covenant, the negative oath, the ordinances con- 
cerning discipline and worship. [By Robert 

4to. [Oxford] 1647 

— Another edition. 

8vo. London, 1749 



REASONS (The) offer'd against pushing for the 
repeal of the Corporation and Test Acts. [By 
John Sladen.] 

8vo. Lomlon, 1732 

See also Answer to some cineries. 

taken out of Gods Word. See Jacob, H. 

— to shew, that there is a great probability of 
a navigable passage to the Western American 
ocean, through Hudson's Streights and Chester- 
field Inlet. 

8vo. London, 1749 

— (The) which induc'd her majesty to create the 
right honourable Eobert Harley a peer of Great- 
Britain. [Drawn up by Egbert Harley, earl 
of Oxford, and rensed by Swift.] 

4to. London, 1711 

Another edition. 

4to. London, 1711 

— why several of the clergy in the diocese of 
Chichester refus'd to sign an address entitled, 
The publick thanks of the clergy in the diocese 
of Chichester, to the hononr'd Arthur Turnour, 

4to. [London 1 1705] 

— why the approaching treaty of peace should be 
debated in parliament ; occasioned by the perusal 
of a Letter addressed to two great men. [By 
Owen Ruffhead.] 

Svo. London, 1760 

See also Bemarks on a pamphlet entitled Reasons. 

why this nation ought to put a speedy end to 

this expensive war; with a brief essay, at the 
probable conditions on which the peace, now 
negotiating, may be foiuulcd. [By D.vniel 

Svo. London, 1711 

RflAUMUR, Rend Antoine Ferchault de. Art dc 
faire eclorre et d'elever en toute saison des 
oiseaux domestiques de toutes espfeccs, soit par 
Ic moyen de la chaleur du fnmier, soit par le 
moyen dc celle du feu ordinaire. 

2 vols. 12mo. ParU, 1749 

JVI^moires pour servir k I'histoire des insectes. 
6 vols. 4to. Paris, 1734-42 

REBDORF. Collegiate Church of S. John Baptist. 
Opera rariora quae latitant in bibliotheca col- 
legiatae ecclesiae ad S. Joannem Baptistam in 
Kcbdorf : collegit et notis illustravit bibliothe- 
carius [Andreas Strauss]. 

4to. Eichstadt, 1790 

REBELLS (The) catechism, composed in an easy 
and familiar way, to let them see the heinousness 
of their oiTence, etc, [By Peter Heylin.] 

4to. [Oxford '{] 1643 

RECANATI. Giovanni Battista. 

See Poggio Bracciolini. Historia Florentina. 
Venice, 1715. 

RECANTATION (The) and humble submission of 
two ancient prelates of the kingdome of Scot- 
land [Lindsay, bishop of Dunkeld, and Grahame, 
bishop of Orkney]. As also, the act of the 
Assemblie, condemning episcopacy, etc. 

4to. [Edinhurcjli] 1641 

RECENSIO brevis mutilationum quas patitur Suidas 
in editione nupcra Cantabrigiaj, anni sidccv. 
[By J. Gronovius.] 

Svo. Leyden, 1713 

RECENTIORES poetae Latini et Graeci selecti 
quinque curis Josephi Oliveti collecti et editi 
[P.D. Huet, C. F.Fragnier, Boivin, Guillaume 
Massieu, and Bernard de la Monnoie]. 

Svo. Leyden, 1743 

RECHERCHES (Les) des Kecherches et autres 
anivres de Mr. Estienne Pasquier, pour la defense 
de nos roys contre les outrages dudit autheur. 
[By Francois Garasse.] 

Svo. Paris, 1622 

historiques et politiques sur Malte par M * * * 

[0. Bres] ornees de gravurcs, representant les 
medailles antiques, et de la carte de cette isle, 
par le citoyen Capitaine. 

Svo. Paris, 1798 

siu- I'usage des radeaux pour una descente. 

Svo. London, 1798 

sur Louis de Bruges, Seigneur de la Gruthuyse. 

[By J. B. B. VAN Praet.] 

Svo. Paris, 1S31 

RifcCIT des evenements arrives au Temple, depuis le 
13 aolit 1792, jusqu'c'i la mort du dauphin Louis 
XVII. [By Marie Therese Charlotte de 
France, duchesse d'Angouleme.] 

Svo. Paris, 1823 



R]fcCIT historique de la campagne de Buonaparte en 
Italie, dans les ann(§es 1796 et 1797, par un 
t6moin oculaire [i.e. le P. Piuma]. 

8vo. London, 1808 

e6CITS d'un Menestrel. 

See Chronique de Rains. Paris, 1 876. 

EECKB, Elisabeth Charlotte Constantia von der. 
Voyage en Allemagne, dans le Tyrol et en Italie, 
1 804-6 : traduit de I'Allemand par la Bakonne 


4 vols, in 2. 8vo. Paris, 1818 

RECLUS, Jean Jacques ilis^e. The earth ; a 
descriptive history of the phenomena of the life 
of the globe. Translated by B. B. Woodward, 
and edited by H. Woodward. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1871 

The universal geography, vols. i.-v. edited by 

E. G. Ravenstein, vols, vi.-xix. edited by A. H. 


19 vols. 8vo. London [n.D.] 

RECOLLECTIONS of an excursion to the monasteries 
of Alcobaca and Batalha. By the author of 
' Vathek ' [W. Beckford]. 

8vo. London, 1835 

of the peninsula, by the author of ' Sketches in 

India ' [MozLE Sherer]. 

8vo. London, 1823 

RECONCILER (The). [A political pamphlet.] 

8vo. London., 1716 

RECORD Society, for the publication of original 
documents relating to Lancashire and Cheshire. 
In progress. 1879, etc. 

1. Lancashire and Cheshire church surveys, 
1649-55. Edited by H. FisHWiCK. 

2. 4, 15, 18, 20, 22, 25. An index to the wills 
and inventories now preserved in the Court of 
Probate at Chester, 1545-1760. Edited by J. P. 

3. 16, 17. Lancashire inquisitions returned 
into the chancery of the duchy of Lancaster, and 
now existing in the Public Record Office, London. 
Stuart Period. Edited by J. P. Kylands. 

4. See 2. 

5. The register book of christenings, weddings, 
and burials within the parish of Prestbury, in 
the county of Chester, 1560-1636. Edited by 
J, Croston. 

RECORD Society {continufd). 

6. Cheshire and Lancashire funeral certificates, 
1600-78. Edited by J. P. Rylands. 

7, 8. Lancashire and Cheshire records pre- 
served in the Public Record Office, London. 
Edited by W. D. Selby. 

9. The rolls of burgesses at the guilds 
merchant of the borough of Preston, 1397-1682. 
Edited by W. A. Abram. 

10. 13, 23. A list of the Lancashire wills 
proved in the archdeaconry of Richmond, and 
now preserved in Somerset Hovise, London, 
1457-1748, and of abstracts of Lancashire wills 
belonging to the same archdeaconry in the 
British Museum, 1531-1652. Edited by H. 


11. A calendar of Lancashire and Cheshire 
exchequer depositions by commission, 1558-1702. 
Edited by C. Fishwick. 

12. 31, 33. Miscellanies: — 

Vol. i. Homage roll of the manor of War- 
rington, 1491-1517. Loans, contribu- 
tions, subsidies, and ship money, paid 
by the clergy in the diocese of Chester, 
1620-39. Three Lancashire subsidy 
rolls, -^iz. for the hundred of Salford, 
1541, 1622, and the hundred of Ley- 
land, 1628; together with a recusant 
roll for the hundred of Leyland, 1628. 
Lists of the esquires and gentlemen in 
Cheshire and Lancashire, who refused 
the order of knighthood at the corona- 
tion of Charles i. List of the free- 
holders of Lancashire and Cheshire in 

Vol. ii. The Book of the Abbot of Comber- 
mere, 1289-1529. The exchequer lay 
subsidy roll of Robert de Shireham and 
John de Radcliffe, taxers and collectors 
in the county of Lancaster, 1332. 

Vol. iii. A list of clergy for eleven deaneries 
of the diocese of Chester, 1541-42; to- 
gether with a list of the tenths and 
subsidy payable in the deaneries of the 
archdeaconry of Chester. Chorley 
survey. List of the wills, inventories, 
administration bonds, and testamentary 
depositions, now preserved at the dio- 
cesan registry, Chester, 1487-1620. 

13. See 10. 

14. Annales Cestrienses ; or, chronicle of the 
abbey of St. Werburg at Chester. Edited by 
R. C. Christie. 



RECORD Society (continuid). 

15. See 2. 16, 17. See 3. 18. See 2. 

If). 3\remorials of the ci\il war in Cheshire 
and the adjacent counties, by Thomas Malbon ; 
and Providence improved, by Edward Burghall. 
Edited by James Hall. 

20. See 2. 

2 1 . The register book of christenings, weddings, 
and burials, within the parish of Leyland, in the 
county of Lancaster, iGiS-lllO. Edited bv 
\V. S. White. 

22. See 2. 23. See 10. 

24, 26, 29, 36. The Royalist composition 
papers, being the proceedings of the committee 
for compounding so far as they relate to the 
county of Lancaster. Edited by J. H. Stanning. 

25. See 2. 26. See 24. 

27. Lancashire lay subsidies, being an exami- 
nation of the lay subsidy rolls remaining in 
the Public Record Office, London, Henry in.- 
Charles n. Edited by J. A. C. Vincent. 

28. 34. Minutes of the committee for the 
relief of plundered ministers relating to Lanca- 
shire and Cheshire, 1643-60. Edited by W. A. 

29. See 24. 

30. A collection of Lancashire and Cheshire 
wills, 1301-1752. Edited by W. F. Irvine. 

31. See 12. 

32. 35. Pleadings and depositions in the duchy 
court of Lancaster, time of Henry vn. and Henry 
VIII. Edited by H. Fishwick. 

33. &«12. 34. &e28. 35. See 32. 36. See 24,. 

37. An index to the wills and inventories now 
preserved in the probate registry at Chester, 
1761-80. Edited by W. F. Irvine. 

RECORD, Robert. The Castle of Knowledge, con- 
taining the explication of the sphere, bothe 
celestiall and materiall. 

fol. Reginald Wolfe. London, 1556 

RECORDS (The) of a church of Christ meeting in 
Broadmead, Bristol, l640-l687. Edited with an 
historical introduction by E. B. Underhill. 
[Hanserd KnoUys Society.] 

8vo. London, 1847 


RECORDS (Tlie) of Aboyne mccxxx-mdclxxxi. 
Edited by Charles, nth Marquis of Huntly. 
[Spalding Club, N.S.] 

4to. Aberdeen, 1894 

of the churches of Christ gathered at Fenstanton, 

Warboys, and Hexham, 1644-1720, edited by 
E. B. Underhill ; Grace, Mercy, and Peace by 
H. Denne. [Hanserd Knollys Society.] 

8vo. Lomlon, 1854 

of the past, being English translations of the 

Assyrian and Egyptian monuments ; published 
under the sanction of the Society of Biblical 
Archaeology. [Edited by S. Birch.] 

12 vols. 8vo. London [1873-81] 

RECREATIONS (Les) des Capucins. 

12mo. Tlie Hague, 1738 

RECRUITING (The) Serjeant : a musical entertain- 
ment. [By Isaac Bickerstaffe.] 

8vo. London, 1770 

RECTOR (The) of Sutton committed with the Dean 
of St. Paul's ; or, a defence of Dr. Stillingfleet's 
Irenicum, his discourses of Excommunication, 
Idolatry, etc. ; against his late sermon, entituled 
The mischief of separation. [By John Barret 
or V. AL.SOP.] 

4to. London, l680 

RECUEIL amusant de voyages en vers et en prose 
faits par differens auteurs, auquel on a joint une 
choix des epitres, contes et fables morales qui 
ont rapport aux voyages. [Edited by L. P. 
COURET DE Villeneuve and others.] 

4 vols. 12mo. Faris, 1783 

d'antiquites 6gyptiennes, 6trusques, grecques, 

romaines et gauloises. [By the CoMTE DE 

7 vols. 4to. Paris, 1752-67 

d'observations ^Idmentaires sur la tactique 

moderne, pour servir d'introduction et supple- 
ment aux reglements Prussiens. 

4 vols. 8vo. Nancy, 1773 

de diverses pieces. See L'Estoile, P. de. 

de documents relatifs k I'histoire des monnaies 

frapp^es par les rois de France, depuis Philippe ii. 
jusqu'i Francois I" par F. de Saulcy. [Docu- 
ments inedits sur I'histoire de France.] 

4 vols. 4to. Paris, 1879-92 



BECUEIL de documents relatifs a la convocation des 
^tats generaux de 1789, par A. Brette. [Docu- 
ments inedits sur I'histoire de France.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1894-96 

de fragmens de sculpture antique en terre 

cuite. [By J. B. L. G. Seroux d'Agincourt ; 
edited by A. E. GiGAULT DE La Salle.] 

4to. Paris, 1814 

— de lettres pour servir d'eclaircissement a 
I'histoire militaire du regne de Louis Xiv. 
[Edited by H. Griffet.] 

8 vols. 12mo. The Hague, 1760-64, 

— de litterature, de philosophie et d'histoire. 
[By C. E. Jordan.] 

12mo. Amsterdam, 17 SO 

— de medailles de rois [1 vol.] ; de peuples et de 
villes [3 vols.] : melanges de diverses medailles 
[2 vols.], supplements [4 vols, in 2], lettres de 
I'auteur et additions [2 vols.]. [By Joseph 

12 vols, in 10. 4to. Paris, Frankfort, etc., 


— de pifeces historiques. See Pasquier, E. 

— de pieces interessantes, concernant les anti- 

quites, les beaux-arts, les belles lettres, et la 
philosophie. [Translated in part from the 
English and from the German, by MM. Jansen 
and Kruthoffer.] 

6 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1787-89 

de pofetes gascons, P*-' partie contenant les 

ceuvres de Pierre Goudelin de Toulouse avec le 
dictionnaire de la langue toulousaine : 2''^ partie, 
les ceuvres du sieur Le Sage de Montpellier et 
du sieur Michel de Nimes. 

3 parts in 2 vols. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1700 

de travaux relatifs k, la philologie et a I'arch^o- 

logie 6gyptiennes et assyriennes. [Two series.] 
In irrogress. 4to. Paris, 1870, etc. 

de voyages au Nord, contenant divers m^moires 

trfes utiles au commerce et k la navigation. 
Nouvelle edition. [Edited by J. F. Bernard.] 
10 vols. ]2nio. Amsterdam, 17 SI -S& 

EECUPERATI, Pietro. Orationi di P. E. et L. 
Giacomini, nel rendere e pigliare il consolato 
della loro academia. [Edited by L. Giacomini 
Tebalducci Malespini.] 

4to. Florence, 1566 

RECUPERO, Giuseppe. Storia naturale e generale 
deir Etna. 

2 vols. 4to. Catania, 1815 

BEDDING, Cyrus. 

&6 Illustrated itinerary. Zon^Zwi, 1842. 

A history and description of modern vrines. 

Svo. London, 1833 

REDESDALE, John Freeman Mitford, 1st baron. 
Correspondence betvreen the right hon. lord 
Redesdale, and the right hon. the earl of Fingall, 
from the 28th of August, to the l6th of Sep- 
tember 1 803 : to which is added the narrative 
of the Rev. P. O'Neil. 

8vo. London, 1804 

REDFORD, George. Holy Scripture verified ; or, 
the Divine authority of the Bible, confirmed by 
an appeal to science, history, and human con- 
sciousness. [Congregational Lecture.] 

Svo. London, 1837 

and RICHES, Thomas Hurry. The history of 

the ancient town and borough of Uxbridge. 

Svo. Uxhridgc, 1818 


See Wit and science. [Shakespeare Society.] 

REDGRAVE, Gilbert Richard. Erhard Eatdolt and 
his work at Venice. [Bibliographical Society. 
Illustrated monographs, i.] 

4to. London, 1894 

REDGRAVE, Richard. 

See Ruskin, J. Cambridge school of art. In- 
augural soiree. Cambridge, 1858. 

REDI, Francesco. 

See Vocabolario portatile. Paris, 1768. 


7 vols, in 4. Svo. Naples, 1778 

— Bacco in Toscana. [Parnaso Italiano, tom. xl.] 

Svo. Venice, 1789 

— Another edition. [Edited by J. T. Mathias.] 

12mo. Loiuion, 1804 

— Esperienze intorno a diverse cose naturali e 
particolarmente a quelle che ci son portate 
dair Indie. 

4to. Florence, l671 

— Another edition. 

4to. Florence, 1686 



REDI, Francesco. Esperienze intorno alia genera- 
zione degl' insetti. 

4to. Florence, 1668 

Lettere, seconda edizione. 

3 vols, in 2. 4to. Florence, 1779-95 


fol. Fhmnce, 1702 

REDI, Gregorio. 

See Homer. [Odyssey. Italian.] Turin, 1790. 

REDMAN, Robert. 

See Memorials of Henry the Fifth. [Rolls Series.] 

REDON, Abbey of. Cartulaire de I'Abbaye de 
Redon en Bretagne. Publie par A. de Courson. 
[Documents in^dits sur I'histoire de France.] 

4to. Paris, 1863 

REDTEL, Friedrich. 

See Seneca, L. A. Tragoediae. Stettin, 1690. 

REED, Sir Edward James. Japan, its history, 
traditions and religions : with the narrative of a 
visit in 1879. Second edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1880 

REED, Isaac. 

See Select collection of old plays. London, 1780. 

Bibliotheca Reediana : a catalogue of his 

curious and extensive library. Sold by auction, 


8vo. London [ISOl] 

REED, Joseph. The register-office : a farce of two 
acts. A new edition. 

8vo. London, 1771 

Tom Jones : a comic opera. Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1769 

REED, Talbot Baines. 

See Blades, W. The Pentateuch of printing. 
London, 1891. 

A history of the old English letter foundries, 

with notes on the rise and progress of English 

4to. London, 1887 

REES, Abraham. 

/See Chambers, E. Cyclopaedia, ionitwi, 1788-91. 

REES, Thomas. 

See Lewis, M. Travels to the source of the 
Missouri river. London, 1814. 

REES, Thomas, Independent Minister at Beaufort. 
History of Protestant Nonconformity in Wales 
from its rise to the present time. 

8vo. London, I861 

REEVE, Edmund. An introduction into the Greeke 
tongue, in most plaine manner delivering the 
principall matters of the Grammar thereof. 

4to. London, 1650 

REEVE, Gabriel. Directions left by a gentleman 
to his sonns : for the improvement of barren 
and heathy land, in England and Wales. 

4to. London, l670 

REEVE, Henry. 

See Greville, C. C. F. The Greville memoirs. 
London, 1874, dc. 
„ Tocqueville, C. A. H. M. C. de. On the 
state of society in France before 1789. 
London, 1856, He. 
„ Vitzthum von Eckstaedt, C. F. St. Peters- 
burg and London, 1852-64. London, 1887 . 

Petrarch. [Foreign classics for English readers, 


8vo. Edinburgh, 1879 

REEVE, Sir Thomas. The replies of T. R. and 

C. Wearg in the House of Lords, 13 May 1723, 

in behalf of the bill to inflict pains and penalties 

on the late bishop of Rochester, against the 

defence made by the said late bishop and his 


fol. London, 1723 

REEVES, John. 

5ee Bible, English. 1802. 
„ Legal considerations on the regency. London, 

„ Psalms, Hebrew. London, 1804. 
„ Thoughts on the English government. London, 


Considerations on the Coronation oath, to 

maintain the Protestant reformed religion and 
the settlement of the Church of England. 

8vo. London, 1801 

Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1801 



REEVES, Jolm. A history of the law of shipping 
and navigation. 

8vo. London, 1792 

REEVES, William, Bishop of Down. 

See Adamnan, Saint. Vita sanctae Columbae. 
[Bannatyne Club], etc. 

REEVES, William, Vicar of Reading. 

See Justin, Martyr. Apologies. London, 1709. 

REFLECTIONS, moral and political on the murder 
of Louis the si.xteenth, in a sermon preached on 
that occasion on Sunday, Feb. 3d 1793 : with the 
will of Louis. 

8vo. London, 1793 

— on a pamphlet [by E. Ferguson] stiled, A 
just and modest vindication of the proceedings 
of the two last parliaments ; or, a defence of his 
majesties late declaration. [By Edmund Bohun.] 

4to. London, 1683 

— on a paper intituled. His majesty's reasons 
for withdrawing himself from Rochester. [By 
Gilbert Burnet.] 

4to. London, 1689 

— on Dr. Sachevcrell's Answer to the articles of 
impeachment, exhibited against him by the 
house of commons paragraph by paragraph. 

4to. London, 1710 

— on gaming, annuities, and usurious contracts. 

8vo. London, 1776 

Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1777 

— Reflexions on man, and his relation to other 
beings, designed to promote virtue and content- 

8vo. London, 1733 

— on Mr. Clark's second defence of his letter to 
Mr. Dodwell. [By Anthony Collins.] 

8vo. London, 1711 

— Reflexions on representation in Parliament, 
being an attempt to shew the equity and prac- 
ticability of admitting the Americans to a share 
in the legislature. 

8vo. Lmidon, 1766 

— on the administration of civil justice in Scot- 
land, and on the resolutions of the committee of 
the house of lords relative to that subject. 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1806 

REFLECTIONS on the affairs of the dissidents in 

Svo. London, 1767 

— on the case of a regency. By a gentleman of 
Lincoln's Inn. 

8vo. London, 1789 

— on the case of Mr. Wilkes, and on the right of 
the people to elect their own representatives, to 
which is added the case of INIr. Walpole. 

8vo. London, 1768 

— Reflexions on the consequences of his majesty's 
[George III.] recovery from his late indisposition; 
in a letter to the people of England. 

Svo. London, 1789 

— on the expediency of opening the trade to 
Turkey. [By J. Tucker.] 

Svo. London, 1753 

— on the formation of a regency : in a letter to 
a member of the lower house of Parliament. 

Svo. London, 1788 

on the marriage act. 

Svo. London, 1764 

— on the natural foundation of the high antiquity 
of government, arts, and sciences in Egypt. 
[By Nathaniel Forster.] 

Svo. Oxford, 1743 

— on the Oxford theses. 

See Reflections on the relation of the English 
reformation. Amsterdam, 1688. 

— on the petition and apology of the six deprived 
l)ishops, with a vindication of those that refused 
to subscribe the said petition. 

4to. London, 1690 

on the present state of our East Lidia affairs. 

Svo. London, 1764 

— on the proclamation of 2 July 1783 relative to 
the trade between the United States of America 
and the West India Islands. [By Sir Philip 

Svo. [London, 1783] 



REFLECTIONS on the propriety of an immediate 
conclusion of pe.ace. [By Nicholas Vansittakt, 
Lord Bexley.] 

8vo. London, 1793 

on the relation of the English reformation [by 

D. Walker] lately printed at Oxford, part i. 
Reflections on the Oxford theses relating to the 
English refonnation, part ii. [By Gilbert 

2 parts in 1. 4to. Amsterdam, 1688 

on the Short history of standing armies in 


4to. London, 1609 

— upon a letter out of the country, to a member 
of this present parliament : occasioned by a late 
letter to a member of the house of Commons, 
concerning the bishops lately in the tower \i.e. 
W. Sancroft, etc.], and now under suspension 
[signed A. Z.]. 

4to. [London, 1692] 

— upon a libel [by C. Leslie] lately printed, 
entituled. The charge of Socinianism against 
Dr. Tillotson consider'd, etc. 

4to. London, I69G 

— upon natiu'alization, corporations, and com- 
panies ; supported by the authorities of both 
ancient and modern writers. By a Country 

8vo. London, 17.03 

— upon our late and present proceedings in 

4to. Edinburgh, 1689 

• upon reason. [By J. Hildrop.] Third edition. 

8vo. London, 1729 

— upon the Corporation and Test Acts, as they 
relate to the Protestant Dissenters. 

8vo. London, 1732 

— upon the late great revolution, wi-ittcn by a 
lay-hand in the country, for the satisfaction of 
some neighbours. 

4to. London, 1689 

— upon the late horrid conspiracy contrived by 
some of the French court to murther his majesty 
[William III.] in Flanders, and for which M. 
Grandvall was executed. 

4to. London, 1692 

REFLECTIONS upon the occurrences of the last 
year, from Nov. 1688 to 5 Nov. 1689. [By 
Edward Stephens.] 

4to. Lmulon, 1689 

See also Last year's transactions vindicated. 

upon the present state of aflfairs at home and 

al)road, particularly with regard to subsidies, 
and the differences between Great Britain and 

8vo. London, 17.55 

upon two books, the one entituled The Case of 

allegiance to a king in possession ; the other. An 
Answer to Dr. Sherlock's case of allegiance to 
sovereign powers. 

4to. London, 1691 

REFLEXIONS curieuses d'un esprit d^s-interress6 
sur les mati^res les plus importantes au Salut, 
taut public que particulier. [A translation of 
the Tractatus theologico-politicus of B. de 
Spinoza, by D. DE Saint-Glain.] 

12mo. Cologne, l678 

ou sentences. Sec La Rochefoucauld, F. de. 

— sur le seul moyen de terminer la guerre, en 
forme de supplement aux Eemarques [by Lord 
Auckl.\nd] sur les circonstances de la guerre au 
24 octobre 1795. 

8vo. London, 1796 

sur une conversation ministerielle entre le 

prince de Kaunitz et le comte de Wassenaar. 

8vo. [Amsterdam or Brussels] n 3'2 

REFORMATIO legum ecclesiasticarum ex authori- 
tate primum Regis Henrici 8 inchoata, etc. 
[Compiled by T. Cranmer and others, translated 
into Latin by W. Haddon and Sir J. Cheke, 
and edited with a preface by J. F., ix. J Foxe.] 
_ 4to. John Day. London, 1571 

REFORMATION no enemy. 
See Marprelate, M., pseud. 

REFORMERS no rioters : printed by order of the 
London Corresponding Society. 

8vo. [London, 1794] 

REFUTATION (A) of the letter to an hon. brigadier 
general, commander of his majesty's forces in 
Canada. [By Lord Thurlow.] 

8vo. London, 1760 



REFUTATION des principes et assertions contenus 
dans une lettre [by P. S. Dupont de Nemours] 
qui a pour titre ; Lettre k la Chambre du Com- 
merce de Normandie sur le m6moire qu'elle a 
publie relativement au traite de commerce avec 
I'Angleterre par D. P. : par la Chambre, avec le 
m6moire Considerations sur le traits. 

2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. [Bouen] 1799 

REGALI (I) sepolcri del Duomo di Palermo ricono- 
sciuti e illustrati, [By F. Daniele.] 

fol. Naples, 1784, 

REGALL (The) apology ; or, the declaration of 
the Commons, Feb. 11, 1647, canvassed. [By 
George Bate.] 

4 to. [London] 1648 

REGENFUSS, Franz Michael. Auserlesne Schnec- 
ken, Muscheln und andere Schaalthiere. Eecueil 
de Coquillages, de Limagons et de Crustaces. 
Band 1. [German and French. No more pub- 

fol. Copenhagen, 1758 

REGES, reginae, nobiles et alii in Ecclesia Collegiata 
B. Petri Westmonasterii sepulti, usque ad annum 
reparatae salutis l600. [By W. Camden.] 

4to. Edmund Bollifant. London, l600 

Another edition, l603. 

4to. Melchisideck Bradwood. London, 1()03 

REGIA Deputazione di Storia Patria. Miscellanea 
di storia Italiana. [Three series.] 

In progress. 8vo. Turin, 1862, etc. 

REGINALD of Durham. Eeginaldi Monachi Dunel- 
mensis libellus de Admirandis Beati Cuthberti 
Virtutibus. [Edited by J. Eaine.] [Surtees 
Society, i.] 

8vo. London [1S35] 

Libellus de Vita et Miraculis S. Godrici, Here- 

mitaa de Finchale, auctore Reginaldo monacho 
Dunelmensi. [Edited by J. Stevenson.] Sur- 
tees Society, xx.] 

8vo. London, 1847 

REGINO, Abbot of Prum. Annales non tam de 
Augustorum vitis quam aliorum Germanorum 
gestis et docte et compendiose disserentes ante 
sexingentos fere annos editi. Nuncupavit Sebas- 


fol. /. Schueffer. Mainz, 1521 

REGIOMONTANUS, Joannes. Ephemerides astro- 
nomicae ab a. 1475 ad a. 1506. 

4to. /. de Monteregio. [Nwemberg'] 1474 


4to. [Venice, 1475] 

Another edition. 

4to. B. Fictor, P. Loslein and E. Ratdolt. 

Venice, 1476 

REGISTRUM omnium brevium judicialium. 

fol. Williavi Bastell. London, 1531 

Another edition. 

fol. JViUiam RastcU. London, 1531 

REGIUS, Ludovicus. See Le Roy, L. 

REGIUS, Urbanus. A comparison betwene the 
olde learnynge and the newe. Translated out 
of Latyn in English. [By William Turner.] 

8vo. [Lmdon] 1537 

RtGLE (La) du Temple. Publi^e par H. de Curzon. 
[Society de I'Histoire de France.] 

8vo. Paris, 1886 

REGNARD, Jean Frangois. QEuvres. Nouvelle 

4 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1778 

Another edition. Avec des remarques par 

M. G * * * [i.e. C. G. T. Garnier]. Nouvelle 

6 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1790 

Nouvelle edition. 


4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1790 

4 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1799 

See Segrais, J. R. de. 

REGNAULT, Antoine. Discours du voyage d'outre 
mer au Saint Sepulchre de Jerusalem et autres 
lieux de la terre saincte ; avec ordonnances des 
empercurs, etc., qui ont este voyagers du Saint 

2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. Lyons and 
Paris, 1573 

REGN:^, Jean. 

See Requeste prdsentde au parlement pour 
Denise Regnd. Paris, 1735. 



BEGNI Chinensis descriptio ex variis authoribus. 
[By N. Trigaut, etc.] 

24mo. Elzevir. Leyden, 1639 

BEGNIEB, Mathurin. Les satyres et autres ceuvres. 
I2mo. Elzevir. Leyden, 1652 

Another edition. Avec des remarques [by C. 


ito. London, 1729 

Another edition. Accompagnees dc remarques 

historiques. Nouvelle edition augment^e [by N. 
Lenglet du Fresnoy]. 

4to. London, 1733 

CE^^Tes. Nouvelle Edition. 

2 vols. 12mo. Geneva, llll 

See L'Isle, F. de, pseud. 

REGULATIONS and instructions relating to his 
majesty's service at sea. Thirteenth edition. 

4to. Lrnidm, 1790 

for his majesty's service at sea. 

8vo. London, 1833 

Calf, with the arms of William iv. 

(The) lately made concerning the colonies and 

the taxes imposed upon them, considered. [By 
John Campbell.] 

8vo. London, 1765 

BEGUM Daniae series. See Worm, 0. 

REHBERG, Friedrich. Drawings faithfully copied 
from nature at Naples : engraved by Thoma.s 
PiROLi : dedicated to Sir William Hamilton. 

fol. {Rome] \19-i 

REHFUES, Philipp Joseph von. L'Espagne en 
1808, ou recherches sur I'etat de-radministration, 
des Sciences, etc. Suivi d'un fragment his- 
torique, intitule Les Espagnols du xiv*" sieclc ; 
traduit de I'Allemand [by F. P. G. Guizot]. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, \^\\ 

BEHKOPF, Johann Friedrich. 

See Beineccius, C. Janua Hebraeae linguae 
Veteris Testamenti. Leipzig, 1788. 

BEI agrariae auctores legesque varise, curaWlLELMi 
GoESU, cujus accedunt indices, antiquitates 
agrariaj et notre. 

2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. Amsterdam, 1674 

BEICH, Stephan. 

See Hesiod. Commentarius in Hesiodum. Witten- 
hmj, 1590. 

BEICHABD, Bartholomaeus Christian. Historia 
bibliothecae Caesareao Vindobonensis ad nostra 
tempora deducta. 

8vo. Jena, 1712 

BEICHABD, Heinrich August Ottokar. Guide des 

voyageurs en Europe. Nouvelle edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. JFiimar, 19,09. 

REICHARD, Heinrich Gottfried. 

See Gemistus, G. De iis, etc. Leipzig, 1770. 
,, Lycophron. Alexandra sive Cassandra. 
Leipzig, 1788. 

REICHEL, Oswald Joseph. 

See Zeller, E. The Stoics, Epicureans and 
Sceptics. London, 1880. 
,, „ Socrates and the Socratic 

schools. London, 1885. 

REID, Andrew. 

See Vox clamantium. London, 1 894. 

REID, J. B. A complete word and phrase con- 
cordance to the poems and songs of Robert 
Burns ; incorporating a glossary of Scotch words. 

8vo. Glasgow, 1889 

BEID, James Seaton. History of the Presbyterian 
Church in Ireland. New edition, with addi- 
tional notes by W. D. Killen. 

3 vols. 8vo. Belfast, 1867 

BEID, John. Bibliotheca Scoto-Celtica ; or, an 
account of all the books which have been printed 
in the Gaelic language, with bibliographical and 
biographical notices. 

8vo. Glasgow, 1832 

BEID, Stuart J. 

See Prime ministers of Queen Victoria. London, 

Lord John Russell. [The prime ministers of 

Queen Victoria.] 

8vo. London, 1895 

BEID, Thomas. Works, now fully collected, with 
selections from his unpublished letters ; preface, 
notes and supplementary dissertations by Sir 
W. Hamilton ; prefixed, Stewart's account of 
the life and writings of Reid. Seventh edition. 
2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1872 



REID, Thomas. Essays on the intellectual powers 
of man. 

4to. Edinburgh, 1785 

An inquiry into the human mind on the prin- 

ciples of common sense. The fourth edition. 

8vo. London, 1785 

EEID, Sir Thomas Wemyss. Life of the Right 
Hon. W. E. Forster. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1888 

REID, William Hamilton. The rise and dissolution 
of the infidel societies in this metropolis. 

8vo. London, 1800 

REIDANUS, Everardus. Belgarum aliarumque 
gentium annales, Dionysio Vossio interprete. 

fol. Leijden, 1633 

REIFFENBERG, Friedrich von. 
See Sarpedonius, M., pseud. 

REIMARUS, Hermann Samuel. 

See Dio Cassius. Historiae Romanae quae super- 
sunt. Hamburg, 1750-52. 

De vita et scriptis Joannis Alberti Fabricii : 

accedunt fragmenta et Chr. Kortholti epicedia. 

Svo. Hamburg, 1737 

REIN, J. J. The industries of Japan ; together 
with an account of its agriculture, forestry, arts 
and commerce : from travels and researches 
undertaken at the cost of the Prussian govern- 

Svo. London, 1889 

REINAGLE, Ramsay Richard. Views in Sussex, 
consisting of the most interesting landscape and 
marine scenery in the rape of Hastings. From 
drawings hy J. M. W. Turner, part i. [No more 

fol. London, 1819 

REINBECK, Johann Gustav. Die Natur des 
Ehestandes und Verwerfflichkeit des dawieder 
streitenden Concubinats, wider des Herrn 
Geheimten Rahts Thomasii Dissertation (de 
Concubinatu) behauptet. 

4to. Berlin, 1714 

REINECCIUS, Christianas. 

&e Bible, Polyglott. N. T. 1713. 
„ „ Hebrew. N. T. 1793. 

REINECCIUS, Christianas. Janua Hebraeae linguae 
veteris Testamenti in qua totius codicis Hebraei 
vocabula cum radicibus et analysi comparent : 
una cum lexico Hebraeo-Chaldaico : recensuit 
J. F. Rehkopf. 

2 vols. Svo. Leipzig, 1788 

REINECCIUS, Reineras. Historia Julia sive syn- 
tagma heroicum, cujus pars prima continet 
monarchiam primam, hoc est, Chaldaeorum et 
Assyriorum imperium : pars secunda, monarchiam 
secundam quae censetur regnis Medorum et 
Persarum : pars tertia, qua exponitur monarchia 
tertia, id est, regnum Macedonicum. 

3 parts, fol. J. Lucius for A. Kir diner. 
Helmstadt, 1594-97 


See Marcellinus, A. Quae supersunt. Leipzig, 
„ Maseum philologicum. Leyden, 1700. 

Ad C. HofTmannum, C. A. Rupertum pro- 

fessores Noricos epistolae. 

4to. Leipzig, l660 

— De deo EndovelHco cujus memoria in inscrip- 
tionibus in Villa Vizosa Lusitaniae extat, com- 
mentatio parergica. 

4to. Altenburg, 1637 

— Historoumena linguae Punicae, errori populari 
Arabicam et Punicam esse eandem opposita, 
nunc primum in publicum producta opera T. 

4to. Altenburg, 1637 

— Syntagma iuscriptionum antiquarum cum- 
primis Romae veteris quarum omissa est recensio 
in vasto Jani Gruteri opere. 

fol. Leipizig and Frankfort, 1682 

Variarum lectionum libri tres. 

4to. Altenburg, 1640 

REINHARDT, Johannes Theodor. 

See Eschricht, D. F. Recent memoirs on the 
Cetacea. [Ray Society.] 

KEINMAR von Hagenaa. 

See Schmidt, E. Reinmar von Hagenau und 
Heinrich von Rugge. Strusburg, 1874. 

REISE in die mittiiglichen Provinzen von Frankreich 
im Jahr 1785, bis 1786. 

2 vols. Svo. Leipzig, 1791 



REISKE, Johann Jacob. 

See Chariton Aphrodisiensis. De Chaerea et 

Callirrhoi'. Leipzig, 1783. 
„ Die Chrysostomus. Orationes. Leipzig, 118^. 
„ Herbelot, B. d'. Bibliothfeque orientale. 

The Hague, 1777-79. 
„ Libanius. Orationes et declamationes. Alten- 

hurg, 1784, etc. 
„ Oratores Oraeci. Leipzig, 1770-75. 
„ Plutarch. Opera. Leipzig, 1774-82. 
„ Porphyrogenneta, C. Libri duo de ceremoniis 

aulae byzantinae. Leipzig, 1751. 

Indices Graecitatis quos in singulos oratores 

Atticos confecit J. J. Reiskius, passim emendati 
et in unum corpus redacti opera T. Mitchell. 
2 vols. 8vo. Oxford, 1828 

REIS QUITA, Domingos dos. Obras. 

2 vols. 8vo. Lisbon, 1781 

REITEMEIER, Johann Friedrich. 

See Zosimus. Historiae. Leipzig, 1784. 

REITH, George. 

See Justin Martyr. Writings. Edinburgh, 1 867. 

REITZ, Johann Heinrich. 

See Bible, Polyglott. 1710. 

REITZIUS, Joannes Fridericus. 

See Maittaire, M. Graecae linguae dialecti. The 
Hague, 1738. 

REIZ, Friedrich Wolfgang. 

See Herodotus. Historiarum libri ix. [Greek.] 
Orford, 1808. 
„ „ Opera. [Greek and Latin.] 

Edinburgh, 1806. 

REJOYNDER (A) to the reply concerning the peer- 
age and jurisdiction of the lords spiritual in 
Parliament, etc. 

fol. London, 1679 

RELACION del ultimo viage al estrecho de Magul- 
lanes de la fragata de S. M. Santa Maria de la 
Cabeza, 1785-86. Apendice que contiene el de 
los paquebotes Santa Casilda y Santa Eulalia 
para completar el reconocimento del estrecho, 

2 vols. 4to. Madrid, 1788-93 

RELAND, Adrian. 

See Reland, P. Fasti consnlares. Utrecht, 1715. 


RELAND, Adrian. Analecta Rabbinica compre- 
hendentia libellos et alia quae ad lectionem et 
interprctationem commentariorum Rabbinicorum 
faciunt. Editio secunda. 

8vo. Utrecht, 1722 

De spoHis templi Hierosolymitani in arcu 

Titiano liomje conspicuis. 

12mo. Utrecht, 1716 

Dissertationum miscellanearum partes tres. 

3 parts. 8vo. Utrecht, 1706-8 

C&ir, with the anna of Pierre Dsniel Hnet 

Palaestina ex monumentis veteribus illustrata. 

2 vols. 4to. Utrecht, 1714 

RELAND, Pieter. Fasti consulares ad illustra- 
tionem Codicis Justinianei et Theodosiani, ad 
quos appendix additur Hadriani Relandi. 

8vo. Utrecht, 1715 

RELATION curieuso de I'estat present de la 
Russie, traduite [by A. Des Barres ?] d'un 
auteur anglois [S. COLLiNs] qui a este neuf ans 
k la cour du grand Czar : avec I'histoire des 
revolutions arrivdes sous I'usurpation de Boris et 
I'imposture de Demetrius. 

12mo. Paris, 1679 

de divers voyages. See Th6venot, M. 

— de I'ambassade de Migon de Rochefort. 

See Collection des chroniques nationales — Buchon 

[vol. xxiv.]. 

— des difl'(5rens arrivez en Espagne entre D. Jean 
d'Austriche et le cardinal Nitard. [Translated 
from the Spanish by the CHEVALIER DE Ste- 


2vols.ini. 12mo. [Elzevir.] Cologne, 1677 

— des troubles arrivez dans la cour de Portugal, 
1667-68. [By Blouin de la Piquettiere.] 

12mo. Paris, 1674 

— des veritables causes. 
See Riordan de Muscry, D. 

— du siige de Grave en 1674 et de celui de 

Mayence en l689; avec le plan de ces deux 


12mo. Paris, 1756 

2 A 



RELATION liistoriqiie de I'expedition contre les 

Iiidiens de I'Ohio en 1764 commandee par 

Henry Bouquet, colonel d'infanterie : traduite de 

I'Anglois [of Wm. Smith] par C. G. F. Dumas. 

8vo. Amsterdam, 1769 

historique de Fimportante sortie ex^ciit^e par 

la Karuison de Gibraltar le 27'"* novembre 1781 : 
devant servir d'explication k I'estampe qui repre- 
sente ce sujet. [Published by A. C. de Poggi.] 

4to. London, 1793 

— historique de la decouverte de I'isle de Madere, 
traduite du Portugais [of Francisco Alcaforado]. 

12mo. Paris, 1671 

— historique et galante de I'invasion de I'Espagne 
par les Maures. [By Baudot de Juilly 1 or G. 
DE Bremond 1] 

4 vols, in 1. 12mo. The Hague, 1699 

— (A) in form of journal of the voiage and resi- 
dence which Charls ii., King of Great Britain, 
hath made in Holland, 25 May — 2 .June 1 660 : 
rendered into English out of the original French 
by Sir W. Lower. 

fol. The Eacjue, l660 

— of a short survey of the cities, castles, and 
chiefe scytuations in the northerne counties of 
England, begun at the city of Norwich, August 
11, l634. [Newcastle Reprints, vii. 2.] 

8vo. IVewcasfle, 1847 

— of Maryland ; together with a map of the 
countrey, the conditions of plantation, his 
Majesties Charter to the Lord Baltemore, trans- 

lated into English. 

4to. [London] 1635 

— of the adventures of a Christian-ship at Alex- 
andria, in Egypt. 

fol. [London, 1680] 

— of the barbarous and bloody massacre. 
See Burnet, G. 

— of the Christians in the world. 
See Pagitt, E. 

— of the invasion and conquest of Florida by the 
Spaniards under Fernando de Soto, written in 
Portuguese by a gentleman of Elvas, now Eng- 
lished [from the French version of B. A. de Brod, 
seigneur de Citri de la Guettc] : to which is sub- 

joyned two journeys of the emperor of China 
into Tartary, 1 682-83 [by Ferd. Verbiest] with 
some discoveries made in California, l683. 

2 parts in 1 vol. Svo. London, 1686 

RELATION of the most material matters handled 
in parliament : relating to religion, property, 
and the liberty of the subject. 

4to. [Holland] 1673 

of the retaking of the island of S^ Helena, 

1673. Reprinted in Arber's English Garner, i. 

of the sundry occurrences in Ireland from the 

fleet of ships set out by the adventurers of the 
additionall forces by sea, etc. 

4to. London, 1642 

or rather a true-account of the island of Eng- 
land ; with sundry particulars of the customs of 
these people, and of the royal revenues under 
King Henry the Seventh, about the year 1500. 
Translated from the Italian, with notes, by C. 
A. Sneyd. [Camden Society, xxxvii.] 

4to. London, 1847 

touching the present state and condition of 

Ireland, collected by a committee of the house of 
commons, out of severall letters : and also the 
examination of Hubert Petit, taken 19 Feb. 1641. 

4to. London, 1641 

RELATIONS des ambassadeurs Venitiens sur les 
afl'aires de France au xvi^ sifecle. Recueillies et 
traduites par N. Tommaseo. [Documents inedits 
sur I'histoire de France.] 

2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1838 

RELIGIO universalis et naturalis, disquisitio philo- 

Svo. Paris, 1818 

Printed on vellum. 

RELIGION (La) des Kouakres en Angleterre. [By 
Philippe Naud6.] 

12mo. The Hague, 1720 

(The) of the Church of England, the surest 

establishment of the royal throne ; with the un- 
reasonable latitude which the Romanists allow in 
point of obedience to princes. 

4to. London, l673 

(La) vengee ou refutation des auteurs impies ; 

d(5diee c'l Monseigneur Le Dauphin, par une 
society de gens de lettres [J. Soket, J. N. H. 
Hayee, and others]. 

21 vols. Svo. Paris, 1757-63 



RELIGION (La) vengeo : poeme. 
See Bernis, F. J. de P. de. 

BELIGIOnS execrations : a Lent sermon. By an 
orthodox British Protestant. 

Svo. Lonihm, 1796 

pieces in prose and verse. Edited by G. G. 

Perry. [Early English Text Society, 2(i.] 

Svo. Low.lon, 186" 

.systems of the world, a contribution to the 

study of comparative religion : a series of 
addresses at South Place Institute. Second 

Svo. Loiuhm, 1S92 

RELIQUIAE sacrae, sive auctorum fere jam perdi- 
torum secundi tertiique saeculi fragmenta : acce- 
dunt epistolae synodicae Nicaeno concilio 
antiquiores : recensuit M. J. Eouth. 

4 vols. Svo. Oxfm-d, 1814-18 

tabularum terrae regni Bohemiae anno mdxli. 

igne consumptarum. Edidit J. Emler. 

2 vols. 4to. Prague, 1870-72 

RELKOVICH, Mathias Antonius. Nova Slavonska, 
i Nimacska grammatika. Dritte Auf.sgabe. 

Svo. Vienna, 1789 

RELPH, Josiah. A miscellany of poems, consisting 
of original poems, translations, pastorals in the 
Cumberland dialect, etc., with preface and 

Svo. Fonlis. Glasgow, 1747 

REMAINS of the early popular poetry of England. 
Edited by W. C. Hazlitt. [Library of old 

4 vols. Svo. London, 1864-()(j 

REMARKABLE (The) funeral of Cheapsidc-Crosse 
in London : with the reason why the bishops, 
Jesuits, papists, cavaliers, and Arminians, re- 
fused to be there. 

4to. London [l64a] 

REMARKS addressed to the country, not to parties. 

Svo. London, 1804 

critical and illustrative, on the text and notes 

of the last edition of Shakspeare. [By Joskpii 


Svo. London, 1783 

REMARKS from the country ; upon the two letters 
[of T. Spratt] relating to the Convocation 
and alterations in the Liturgy. [By Henry 

4to. London, I690 

on a late book [by W. Weston] entitled. An 

enquiry into the rejection of the Christian 
miracles by the heathens. [By Richard Hurd.] 

Svo. London, 1746 

See also Weston, W. Observations on some 

— on a letter to Sir John Barnard : in which the 

proposals of that worthy patriot are vindicated. 

By an enemy to jobbs. 

Svo. London, 1746 

— on a pamphlet, entitled, A mirror, etc. (written 

by C[harle]s L[uca]s, M.D.), drawn from the 

proceedings of a general court martial on the 

trial of an appeal by David Blakeney. [By 

John Courteney.] 

Svo. London [1768] 

— on a pamphlet, entituled, A short view of a 
dispute between the merchants of London, 
Bristol, and Liverpool, and the advocates of a 
joint-stock company. 

4to. London, 1750 

— on a pamphlet entitled, A true state of the 

case of the revd. Mr. Greenshields, etc. ; the 

notorious falshoods contained in it, laid open ; 

and the proceedings against him in Scotland, 


4to. London, 1710 

— on a pamphlet intitled. An Inquiry into the 
revenue, credit, and commerce of France, ex- 
posing the false quotations and false reasonings 
of the author, and the evil tendency of his 


Svo. London, 1742 

— on a pamphlet [by 0. RufThead] entitled. 
Reasons why the approaching treaty of peace 
should be debated in parliament, etc. 

Svo. London, 176o 

— on a pamphlet entitled, The principles of the 

Ivovolutiou vindicated : the work of R. Watson. 

By an undergraduate. 

4to. Cambridge, 1776 



REMARKS on a pamphlet entituled, The Thoughts 
of a member of the lower house, in relation to a 
project for restraining and limiting the power of 
the crown in the future creation of peers. [By 
Charles Mordaunt, Earl of Peterborough.] 

8vo. London, 1719 

on a pamphlet lately published by Dr. Price 

intitled, Observations on the nature of civil 
liberty, etc. [By Adam Ferguson.] 

8vo. London, 1776 

on a paper [by Viscount Barrington] entitled, 

A letter to Protestant Dissenters, concerning 
their conduct in the ensuing elections. [By 
Thomas Bradbury.] Formerly printed in 

8vo. London, 1732 

on a speech made in common council, on the 

bill for permitting persons professing the Jewish 
religion to be naturalized, so far as prophecies 
are supposed to be aflfected by it. 

4to. London, 17. "5 3 

on an essay concerning miracles, published by 

David Hume, amongst his Philosophical essays. 
[By A. Ellys.] 

4to. London [Mai] 

on Com. Johnstone's account of his engagement 

with a French squadron, under the command of 
Mons. de Suflfrein, on April 16, 1781, in Port 
Praya road, in the island of St. Jago. 

8vo. London, 1781 

on Fog's Journal of February 10, 173§, exciting 

the people to an assassination. 

8vo. London, 1733 

— on Michaelis's Introduction to the New Testa- 
ment, vols, iii., iv., translated by the Rev. H. 
Marsh. [By J. Randolph.] 

8vo. London, 1802 

— Supplement to Remarks on Michaelis's intro- 
duction to the New Testament. In answer to 
Mr. Marsh's illustration of his hypothesis. [By 
J. Randolph.] 

8vo. London, 1804 

on Mr. Steele's Crisis. See R. (B.) 

— on some late sermons : and in particular on 
Dr. Sherlock's sermon at the Temple, Dec. 30, 
1694.. [By T. Wagstaffe.] Second edition, 
with additions. 

4to. London, 1695 

REMARKS on the Academic * * *. [By Samuel 

8vo. London, 1751 

on The Budget [by T. Hartley] ; or, a candid 

examination of the facts and arguments offered 
to the public in that pamphlet. [By Thomas 
"Whately or Charles Lloyd.] 

8vo. London, 1765 

on the Commutation Act. 

8vo. London, 1785 

— on the controversial writings of Dr. Middleton : 
and particularly on his Examination of The use 
and intent of prophecy : part i. 

8vo. London, 1751 

— on the Craftsman's vindication of his two 
honble. patrons [Lord Bolingbroke and W. 
Pulteney, Earl of Bath] in his paper of 22 May 
1731. [By John, Lord Hervey.] 

8vo. London, 1731 

— Fourth edition. 

8vo. London, 1731 

See also Answer to one part of a late infamous 
,, Final answer to the Remarks, etc. 

— on the French memorials concerning the limits 
of Acadia ; printed at Paris, and distributed by 
the French ministers at all the foreign courts of 
Europe, with two maps. 

8vo, London, 1756 

— on the horrible oppression, etc., of the Com- 
[missi]oners of the E[xc]ise. 

4to. [London, 1706?] 

— on the laws relating to the poor, with pro- 
posals for their better relief and employment. 
[By William Hay.] 

8vo. London, 1751 

— on the letter [by J. Douglas] address'd to 
two great men. [By Charles Townshend.] 

8vo. London [1760] 

— on the life of Mr. Milton, as published by 
J[ohn] T[oland], with a character of the author 
and his party. 

8vo. London, 1699 

— on the papers relative to the rupture with 
Spain, occasioned by the observations on the 

Svo. London, 1762 



REMARKS on the Patriot [by Dr. Johnson]: in- 
cluding some hints respecting the Americans : 
with an address to the electors of Great Britain. 
[By John Scott.] 

8vo. London, 1775 

on the preliminary articles offered by the 

French King in order to procure a general peace. 

8vo. London, 1711 

on the Rehearsal of the 29th of September 

1708, in vindication of the Dissenters, as to 
their manner of celebrating the Sacrament of the 
Lord's Supper. 

4to. London, 1708 

on the sentence of the c[our]t m[artia]l, and 

Admiral L[estoc]k's defence. 

8vo. London, 1746 

— on the several paragraphs of the bishop of 
Salisbury's speech in relation to the first article 
of Dr. Sacheverell's impeachment. In a letter 
to a friend. By a presbyter of the Church of 

4to. Nottingham, 1710 

— on the trial of John Peter Zenger, printer of 
the New- York Weekly Journal, who was lately 
try'd and acquitted for printing and publishing 
two libels against the government of that 

4to. London, 1738 

— on two pamphlets lately published against Dr. 
Middleton's Introductory discourse, the one 
intituled, Observations on that discourse [by H. 
Stebbing] ; the other. The Jesuit cabal farther 
opened [by CoNYERS Middleton]. 

8vo. London, 1748 

— upon a book lately published by Dr. William 
Sherlock entituled, A modest examination of the 
Oxford Decree, etc. [By Jonathan Edwards.] 

4to. Oxford, 1695 

— upon a late paper entituled, A true relation of 
the cursed designs and intrigues, which have 
been lately carry'd on to restore the late king 
James, etc. 

4to. {London, 1694] 

— upon a letter published in the London 
Chronicle, containing an enquiry into the causes 
of the failure of the late expedition against Cape 

8vo. London, 1757 

REMARKS upon a pamphlet [by J. Donaldson] 
intitled, The Considerations in relation to trade 
considered, and a short view of our present trade 
and taxes reviewed. [By W. BLACK.] 

4to. [Edinburgh, 1706] 

upon a treatise [by J. Jones] intituled. Free 

and candid disquisitions relating to the Church 
of England, etc. [By John Boswell.] 

2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. London, 1750-51 

upon an essay concerning humane understand- 
ing. [By W. Hayley, D.D.] 

4to. London, l697 

upon an intended bill for the relief of the poor, 

now under consideration of Parliament. 

8vo. London, 1777 

upon David Levi's Dissertations on the pro- 
phecies relative to the Messiah ; and upon the 
evidences of the divine character of Jesus Christ. 
By an inquirer [W. Cuninghame]. 

8vo. London, 1810 

upon Dr. Price's Appeal to the public on the 

subject of the national debt. 

8vo. Londf/n, 1772 

— upon Dr. Sherlock's book intituled. The case 
of the allegiance due to soveraign princes, 
stated and resolved, etc. [By the Rev. Samuel 

4to. London, 169O 

— upon Mr. Carte's Specimen of his General 
History of England : very proper to be read by 
all such as are contributors to that great work. 
[By Samuel Squire.] 

8vo. London, 1748 

— upon Mr. Chambres's sermon on the Restora- 
tion, preached at St. Paul's, May 29th, 1733. 

8vo. London, 1733 

— upon Mr. Steele's Crisis, humbly inscrib'd to 
the clergy of the Church of England. 

4to. Loiulun, 1714 

upon Poyning's law, and the manner of pass- 

ing bills in the P[arliamen]t of I[relan]d. [By 
John Monck Mason.] 

8vo. Dublin, 1758 



REMARKS upon remarks; or, the barrier treaty 
and the Protestant succession vindicated in 
answer to the Reflections of the author [J. Swift] 
of the conduct of the allies. 

8vo. London, 1712 

upon several pamphlets writ in opposition to 

the South Sea scheme : particularly, An exami- 
nation and explanation of the South-Sea Scheme. 

8vo. London, 1720 

upon the account lately published of the earl 

of Galway's conduct in Spain and Portugal. 

8vo. London [11 W] 

upon the Bank of England, with regard more 

especially to our trade and government, occa- 
sioned by the present discourse concerning the 
intended prolongation of the Bank. 

8vo. London, 1707 

upon the London Gazette, relating to the 

Streights-Fleet and the battle of Landen in 

4to. [L(mdon1\Q9$\ 

— upon the Lord Bishop of Bangor's treatment 
of the clergy and convocation : by a gentleman 
[Thomas Sherlock]. 

8vo. London, 1717 

— upon the lord Haversham's speech in the house 

of peers, Feb. 1.5, 1707. 

4to. [Edinburgh, 1707] 

— upon the present confederacy, and late revolu- 
tion in England, etc. [By W. Anderton.] 

4to. London, 169-" 

upon the report of a peace, in consequence of 

Mr. Secretary Townshend's letter to the lord 
mayor of London, etc. By the author of the 
Defence of the earl of Shelburne. 

8vo. London, 1782 

REMARQUES historiques et anecdotes sur le 
chateau de la Bastile. [By — Bross.US du 

8vo. [Paris] 1774 

morales, philosophiques et grammaticales sur 

le dictionnaire de TAcademie Fran^oise. [By 
— Faydel.] 

8vo. Paris, 1807 

REMARQUES sur les circonstances. 

See Some remarks on the apparent circum- 
stances. London, 1795. 

REMEMBRANCER (The), [containing Mr. Danvers's 
exhortatory epistle, etc.]. 

8vo. [London, 1729] 

or impartial repository of public events for the 

years 1775 to 1784.. 

17 vols. 8vo. London, 1775-84 

REMI, Philippe de, Sire de Beaumanoir. Les cou- 
tumes de Beauvoisis : nouvelle edition publiee 
d'apres les manuscrits de la Bibliotheque royale, 
par le Comte Beugnot. [Soci6t6 de I'Histoire 
de France.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1842 

Roman de la Manekine : publie par Fran 

ciSQUE Michel. [Bannatyne Club.] 

4to. Paris, 1840 

The romance of Blonde of Oxford and Jehan 

of Dammartin. By Philippe de Reimes, a trou- 
vere of the thirteenth century. Edited by M. Le 
Roux DE LiNCY. [Camden Society, Ixxii.] 

4to. London, 1858 

REMIGIO Fiorentino. See Nannini, R. 

REMONSTRANCE (A) and protestation of all the 
good protestants of this kingdom, against depos- 
ing their lawful soveraign K. James ii. 

4to. [London ?] 1 689 

4to. London, 1689 

Another edition. 

— from Ireland to the high court of parliament 
in England, for the speedy oppression of rebels, 

4to. London, 1641 

in favour of British liberty : addressed to 

W. Pitt by a country gentleman. 

8vo. London [1795] 

— (The) made by the Queene-mother of France, 
to the king her sonne, for remedy of such dis- 
orders and abuses as she pretendeth to be in 
the present governement and managing of the 
affaires of state, in the realme of France : faith- 
fully translated out of French. 

4to. T. S.for N. Newhery. London, l6l9 



REMONSTRANCE (A) of many thousand citizens, 
and other freeborn people of England, to their 
owne house of Commons, occasioned through 
the illegall and barbarous imprisonment of John 

4to. [London] l646 

of the directors of the Netherlands East India 

Company touching the bloudy proceedings 
against the English merchants, executed at 
Amboyna. Together with the acts of the Pro- 
cesse, against the sayd English, and the reply of 
the East India Company, etc. 

4to. John Dawson jor the East India Co. 

London, l6S2 

with the Rey. Mr. Clayton, on his sermon on 

the duty of Christians to civil magistrates, occa- 
sioned by the late riots at Birmingham. 

Svo. London, 1791 

R^MONTRANCES du parlement de Paris au xviii. 
siecle : publiees par J. Flammermont et M. 
TouRNEUX. [Documents inedits sur I'histoire 
de France.] 

2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1888-95 

REMOOVALL (The) of certaine imputations laid 

upon the Ministers of Devon and Corn^-all by 

one M. T[homas] H[utton], and in them, upon all 

other ministers els-where, refusing to subscribe. 

4to. [Amsterdam t] l6o6 

R^MUSAT, Charles Frangois Marie de, Coimt. 
L'Angleterre au dix-huitieme siecle, etudes et 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1856 

RfiMUSAT, Jean Pierre Abel. Essai sur la langue 
et la litt^rature chinoises : avec cinq planches. 

8vo. Paris, 1811 

REMY, Jules. A journey to Great-Salt-Lake city, 
by .J. E. and J. Brenchley ; with a sketch of the 
history, religion and customs of the Mormons. 
2 vols. 8vo. Lo7idon, 186l 

RENAN, Joseph Ernest. 

See Bible, French. 0. T., Job. 
,1 ,, ,1 ,, Ecclesiastes. 

>. M ,1 ,, Song of Songs. 

„ Le Clerc, J. V. Histoire litteraire de la 
France. Paris, 1865. 

RENAN, Joseph Ernest. L'avenir de la science : 
pensees de 1848. Huitifeme edition. 

8vo. Pom, 1894 

— Averrofes et I'Averroisme : essai historique. 
Quatrifeme edition. 

8vo. Parts, 1882 

— Caliban, suite de La Tempete : drame philo- 
sophique. Troisi6me edition. 

8vo. Paris, 1891 

Conferences d'Angleterre : Rome et le Chris- 

tianisme : Marc-AurMe. Troisifeme (5dition. 

12mo. Paris, 1880 

— Lectures on the influence of the institutions, 
thought and culture of Rome on Christianity. 
Translated by C. Beard. [Hibbert Lectures, 

8vo. London, 1880 

De I'origine du langage. Septifeme edition. 

8vo. Paris, 1889 

— Dialogues et fragments philosophiques. Troi- 
sieme edition. 

8vo. Paris, 1885 

Discours et conferences. Deuxifeme edition. 

8vo. Paris, 1887 

Drames philosophiques. 

8vo. Paris, 1888 

— L'eau de Jouvence, suite de Caliban. 

8vo. Paris, 1881 

— Essais de morale et de critique. Quatrieme 


8vo. Paris, 1889 

Etudes d'histoire religieuse. Septifeme edition. 

8vo. Parts, 1880 

Studies of religious history. 

8vo. Londm, 1893 

— Feuilles detachees, faisant suite aux souvenirs 
d'enfance et de jeunesse. Deuxi^me edition. 

8vo. Parts, 1892 



RENAN, Joseph Ernest. Histoire des origines du 

1. Vie de J6sus. 

2. Las Apotres. 

3. Saint Paul. 

4. L'Antechrist. 

5. Las Evangilas et la seconde generation 


6. L'Eglise chretienne. 

7. Marc-Aurfele et la fin du monde antique. 

8. Index general. 

8 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1877-9'1' 

Histoire du peuple d'Israel. 

5 vols. 8vo. Pans, ] 891-93 

Histoire g6nerale et systeme compare das 

langues semitiques : V partie, histoire generale. 
Cinquieme Edition. 

8vo. Pans, 1878 

The life of Jesus. 

8vo. London, 1864 

Melanges d'histoire et de voyages. 

8vo. Paris, 1890 

Mission de Phenicie. 

1 vol. 4to and 1 vol. fol. Paris, 1 864 

— Nouvelles etudes d'histoire religieuse. 
Deuxifeme edition. 

8vo. Paris, 1884 

— Pages choisies a I'usage des lycees et des ecoles. 
Huitieme edition. 

12mo. Paris, 1893 

— Le Pretre de Nemi ; drama philosophique. 
Troisifeme edition. 

8vo. Paris, 1886 

Questions contemporaines. Troisifeme edition. 

8vo. Paris, 1870 

— La reforme intellectuelle et morale. Quatriema 

8vo. Paris, 1875 

— Souvenirs d'enfance et de jeunasse. 

8vo. Paris, 1893 

— Racollections of my youth. Translated from 
the original French by C. B. Pitman and revised 
by Madame Renan. 

Svo. London, 1883 

RENAUD, Frank. 

See Raines, F. R. The fellows of the collegiate 
church of Manchester. [Chatham Society, 

N. S.] 

Contributions towards a history of the ancient 

parish of Prestbury, Cheshire. [Chatham 
Society, xcvii.] 

4to. [Manchester] 1876 

RENAUDOT, Eus^be, the alder. 

See Richer, J. Le Mercure Francois. Paris, 

RENAUDOT, Eusfebe, the younger. 

See Ancient accounts of India and China. Lon- 
don, 17.33. 
„ Liturgiarum Orientalium coUectio. Paris, 

RENAULDIN, Leopold Joseph. Dissertation sur 

8vo. Paris, 1802 

RENDER, Wilhelm. A tour through Germany, 
particularly along the banks of the Rhine, 
Mayne, etc. 

2 vols, in 1. Svo. London, 1801 

RENDU, Louis, Bishop of Annacy. Theory of the 
glaciers of Savoy. Translated by A. Wills. 
To which are added the original memoir, and 
supplementary articles by P. G. Tait and John 
RusKiN. Edited, with introductory remarks, by 
G. Forbes. 

Svo. London, 1874 

REN6 of Anjou, King of Naples and Sicily. 
See Abuze (L) en court. Vienne, 1484. 

REN£e, Amedee. 

See Sismondi, J. C. L. S. de. Histoire des 
Fran^ais. Paris, 1821-44. 

RENGIFO, Juan Diaz. Arte poetica Espanola, 
con una fertilissima sylva de consonantes 

4to. Barcelona, 1703 

RENIER, Charles Alphonse Leon. Recueil da 
diplomas militaires ; publies par L. Renier. 
[Documents inedits sur I'histoire de France.] 

4to. Paris, 1876 



RENNELL, James. 

See African Association. Proceedings. London, 
„ Bernoulli, J., the younger. Description de 
rinde. Berlin, 178(J-88. 

The geographical system of Herodotus ex- 
amined and explained, by a comparison with 
those of other ancient authors, and with modern 

4to. London, 1800 

Second edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1830 

— An investigation of the currents of the Atlantic 
Ocean, and of those which prevail between the 
Indian ocean and the Atlantic. [With atlas of 
charts. Edited by J. PuRDY.] 

1 vol. 8vo, and 1 vol. fol. London, 1832 

— The marches of the British Armies in the 
peninsula of India, during the campaigns of 
1790 and 1791 : illustrated and explained by 
reference to a map. 

8vo. London, 1792 

— Memoir of a map of Hindostan ; or, the Mogul's 

4to. London, 1783 

— Memoir of a map of Hindoostan or the Mogul 
empire, with an introduction and appendix : 
with two maps. 

1 vol. and map-case. 4to. JjOndon, 1788-92 

— Observations on a current that often prevails 
to the westward of Scilly, endangering the safety 
of ships that approach the British channel. From 
the Philosophical Transactions. 

8vo. London, 1793 

A treatise on the comparative geography of 

western Asia, with an atlas of maps. [Edited by 
Lady Eodd.] 

2 vols. 8vo, and 1 vol. fol. London, 1831 

EENNELL, Thomas. 

See Grildrig, S. The Miniature. JVindsor, 1805. 

The consequences of the vice of gaming, as 

they affect the welfare of individuals and the 
stability of civil government considered : a 
sermon. Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1795 


RENNELL, Thomas. Ignorance productive of 
atheism, faction and superstition : a sermon 
preached before the University of Cambridge, 
on Commencement Sunday, July 1 , 1 798. 

8vo. Ciimhri'hjf [1798] 

RENNEVILLE, Ren6 Augustin Constantin de. 
Eecueil des voyages qui ont servi i retablisse- 
ment et aux progrez de la compagnie des Indes 
Orientales, formee dans les Provinces-Unies des 
Pais-Bas. [Translated mostly from the Dutch 
collection of J. Commelin.] Nouvelle edition. 

10 vols. 12mo. liouen, 1725 

RENOUARD, Antoine Augusta. 
Sec Carmina etMca. Paris, 1795. 
„ Corneille, P. CEuvres. Paris, 1817. 
„ Fabliaus on contes. Pans, 1829. 
,, Faerno, G. Fabulae centum. Parma, 1793. 
„ Longus. Daphnis et Chloc. Florence, etc., 

„ Lucanus, M. A. Pharsalia. Paris, 1795. 
„ Owen. J. Epigrammata. Paris, 1794. 

Annales de I'imprimerie des Aide. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1803 

Seconde edition. 

3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1825 

Printed on vellum. 

Troisifeme edition. 

8vo. Paris, 1834 

Catalogue de la biblioth^que d'un amateur. 

4 vols. 8vo. ParL<, 1819 

Frangois F61ix, Marquis. Voyage commerciale 
et politique aux Indes orientales, aux iles Philip- 
pines, ;i la Chine, avec des notions sur la Cochin- 
chine et la Tonqnin, 1 803-7. 

3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1810 

RENOUF, Peter Le Page. Lectures on the origin 
and growth of Keligion as illustrated by the 
religion of ancient Egypt. [Ilibbert Lectures, 


8vo. Lomlon, 1880 

R^NOULT, Jean Baptiste. 

See Taxe de la chancellerie Romaine. 


RENTAL book of the Cistercian Abbey of Cupar- 
Angus, with the breviary of the register. Edited 
by C. Rogers. [Grampian Club.] 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1879-80 
2 B 



RENVERSEMENT de la morale chretienne par les 
desordres du monachisme, enrichi de figures. 
[A series of satirical engravings, •wdth descriptive 
verses. Dutch and French.] 

2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. Holland [1700 ?] 

E^PEETOIRE du theatre fran^ois. 
See Th6itre Frangais. 

REPERTORIUM commentationum a societatibus 
literariis editarum. Secundum disciplinarum 
ordinem digessit I. D. Reuss. 

1 6 vols. 4to. GoUincjcn, 1801-21 

REPLIES to Essays and Reviews. By E. M. GoUL- 
BURN, H. J. Ro.sE, C. A. Heurtley, W. J. Irons, 
G. KoRisoN, A. W. Haddan, G. Wordsworth, 
with a preface by [S. Wilberforce] the bishop 
of Oxford. 

8vo. Oxford, 1862 

REPLY (The) of a member of parliament to the 
mayor of his corporation [on the proposed excise 

8vo. Londm, 1733 

of a near observer to some of the answerers of 

the cursory remarks. [By R. Bentley ?] 

8vo. London, 1804 

of the country gentleman [T. Potter] to the 

answer to his military arguments, by the officer 
[H. S. Conway]. 

8vo. London, 1758 

See also Officer's answer. 

— to a pamphlet entitled. What has the Duke of 
Wellington gained by the dissolution ? 

8vo. London, 1830 

— (A) to a pamphlet intituled, A brief enquiry 
into the present condition of the navy of Great 
Britain, wherein is clearly demonstrated the 
force of the enemy and what was opposed to it. 

8vo. London, 1804 

— to a pamphlet [by C. J. Fox 1], intituled. The 
state of the negotiation with details of its 

8vo. London, 1806 

— to a plain answer [by T. P. Courtenay] : being 
a refutation of invectives against ministers in an 
appeal to conduct. [By R. Bentley 1] 

8vo. London, 1804 

REPLY (The) to a vindication [by J. Williams, 
Bishop of Chichester] of a discourse [by E. 
Stillingfleet] concerning the unreasonableness of 
a new separation. [By Samuel Grascome.] 

4to. London, 1691 

(A) to lieutenant-general Burgoyne's letter 

to his constituents. 

8vo. London, 1779 

— to Mr. Clark's defence of his letter to Mr. 
Dodwell. [By Anthony Collins.] 

8vo. London, 1709 

— to the answer Dr. Welwood has made to King 
James's declaration, which declaration was dated 
at St. Germaines, April 17, 1693. [With a copy 
of the declaration inserted.] 

4to. {London, 1694] 

— to the answer made [by E. Stillingfleet] upon 
the three royal papers. 

4to. London, 1686 

See also Vindication of the answer, etc. 

— to the answer [by C. Lennox] to A short essay 
[by J. Glenie] on the modes of defence best 
adapted to the situation and circumstances of 
this island. [By James Glenie.] 

8vo. London, 1785 

— to a letter addressed to the right hon. 
George Grenville, etc. : in which the truth of 
the facts is examined, and the propriety of the 
motto fully considered. Second edition. 

4to. London, 1763 

— to a pamphlet, entitled, Observations arising 
from the declaration of war against Spain, etc., 
wherein is shewn the absurdity and wickedness 
of that writer's considerations on the manage- 
ment of the war, etc. 

8vo. London, 1739 

— to a pamphlet entitled. The case of the Duke 
of Portland respecting two leases granted to Sir 
J. Lowther. 

8vo. London, 1768 

— to the answerer of the letter sent to the author 
of a paper called. The doctrine of passive obedi- 
ence, and Jure Divino disproved. 

4to. London, 1690 



REPLY (A) to the authors [I). Defoe] of the Ad- 
vantages of Scotland by an incorporate union : 
and of the fifth essay at removing national pre- 
judices ; or, a vindication of the author [P. 
Abercromby] of the Advantages of the Act of 
Security. [By D. Campbell.] 

4to. [Edinburgh] 1707 

to the defence of Dr. Stillingfleet. 

See Humfrey, J., and Lob, S. 

— (A) to the Defence [by C. Lloyd] of the 
majority on the question relating to general 
warrants. [By Sir William Meredith.] 

8vo. London, 176-i 

— to the Hertford letter : wherein the case of 
Mrs. Stout's death is more particularly con- 
sidered and Mr. Cowper vindicated from the 
accusation of being accessory to the same. 

4to. London, I69.') 

— to the New test of the Church of England's 

4to. London, 1687 

— to the reasons of the Oxford clergy against 

4to. London, 1687 

— to the treasury pamphlet [by G. Rous]. 
See Burke, Right Hon. E. 

(A) to the two answers of the new test. 

4to. London, 1 687 

RfiPONSE k I'ecrit intitule. Plan general de I'ceuvre 
des convulsions. [By F. H. Delan.] 

4to. 1733 

k tous les ecrits qui ont paru contre M. I'abbe 

de Bescherant et les miracles qui s'operent a 
Saint Medard ; premiere lettre. 

4to. [17.32] 

— a un imprimd de M. de Calonne, sur le Rapport 
fait au roi Louis xviii. au mois de Mars, 1796. 
[By C. L. F. DE P. DE Barentin.] 

2 leaves. 4to. [London, 1796] 

— aux entreticns composez par Mr. Bayle contre 
la conformito de la foi avec la raison. [By J. 

12mo. Amsterdam; 1707 

R^FONSE aux lettres provinciales de L. de Montalte 
[i.e. B. Pascal. By G. Daniel]. 

12 mo. Cologne, I696 

aux questions d'un provincial. [By Pierre 


a vols. 12rao. lloUerdum, 1704-7 

generale au r(5verend pfere Dom Louis Latastc, 

pricur des Blancs Manteaux, auteur des Lettres 
theologiques adress^es aux 6crivains ddfenseurs 
des convulsions et autrcs miracles du tems. 

4to. 1733 

REPORT from the select committee on public 
institutions ; together with the proceedings of 
the Committee, and minutes of evidence. 

4to. London, I860 

— — of the commissioners appointed to inquire into 
the ecclesiastical revenues of England and Wales. 

fol. London, 1835 

— of the commissioners appointed to inquire into 
the present position of the Royal Academy in 
relation to the fine arts; together with the 
minutes of evidence. 

8vo. London, 1863 

— of the committee appointed by the house of 
Commons, Jan. 1798, to examine papers relative 
to secret societies. [A proof issued for correction.] 

fol. [London, 1798] 

— of the committee for managing the Patriotic 
Fund, established at Lloyd's, 20th July 1803. 

8vo. London, 1804 

— Another edition. 

8vo. London, 1804 

— of the committee of the magistrates of the 

counties of Chester and Lancaster, appointed for 

taking into consideration the present mode of 

maintaining and shipping vagrants in the said 

counties, etc. 

4to. [lAincasUr, 1785] 

— (A) of the debate of the bar, on Sunday, 
the 9th of December 1798, on the subject of an 
union of the legislatures of Great Britain and 
Ireland : with the resolutions and protest. 

8vo. Dublin, 1799 

— (The) of the general officers, appointed by his 
majesty's warrant of the first of November 1757, 
to inquire into the causes of the failure of the 
late expedition to the coasts of France. 

8vo. London, 1758 



BEPORT (The) of the general officers, appointed 
to enquire into the conduct of major-general 
Stuart and colonels Cornwallis and earl of 
Effingham, Dec. 8, 1756. 

8vo. London, 1757 

— of the lords of the committee of council for 
trade and plantations, concerning the trade in 
slaves, and the effects of this trade as to the 
general commerce of this kingdom. 

fol. {London] l78f) 

— of the lords of the committee of council for trade 
and plantations upon the two questions : upon 
the propriety of reducing the duties on goods 
the growth and manufacture of Ireland : what 
preferences are now given to the importation of 
any article the produce of Ireland. 

8vo. London, 1785 

— . (A) of the proceedings of the committee of 
association, appointed at the adjourned general 
meeting of the county of York, 28th March 1780, 
presented to the general meeting . . . held on 
the 19th of December 1782; -nnth an appendix. 

12mo. York, 1783 

— The second report of the proceedings of the 
Committee of Association, presented to the 
general meeting of the county of York, 1 Jan. 
1784: with an account of the two county 
meetings, 17 Dec. 1783 and 1 Jan. 1784. 

12mo. York, 1784 

— of the Secretary of the Treasury. 
See Hamilton, A. 

— of the sub-committee respecting the improve- 
ments which have been lately made in the 
prisons and houses of correction in England and 

8vo. London, 1790 

— of the truth. 
Sk Last fight of the Revenge. London, 1871. 

— on the transcription and publication of parish 
registers, etc. Published under the direction of 
the congress of archaeological societies in union 
with the Society of Antiquaries. 

8vo. London, 1892 

— together with minutes of evidence and accounts 
from a select committee on the high price of gold 

8vo. London, 1810 

REPORTS and papers on Botany. Translated by 
Gr. Busk, W. B. Macdonald, A. Henfrey 
and J. Hudson. [Ray Society.] 

8vo. London, 1846 

— and papers on Botany by H. von Mohl and 
others. Edited by A. Henfeey. [Ray Society.] 

8vo. London, 1849 

— and papers on the impolicy of employing Indian 
built ships in the trade of the East India Com- 
pany, and of admitting them to British registry. 

8vo. London, 1809 

— on cases in the Courts of Star Chamber and 
High Commission. Edited by S. R. Gardiner. 
[Camden Society, N. S., xxxix.] 

4to. London, 1886 

— of the commissioners appointed to inquire into 
the fees, etc., which are or have been lately 
received into the several public offices : pre- 
sented to the house of commons, June 1793. 

8vo. London, 1793 

— on the progress of Zoology and Botany, 1841- 
42. [Translated by H. E. Strickland, E. Lan- 
KESTER, and W. B. Macdonald.] [Ray Society.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1845 

on the progress of Zoology for 1 843-44. Trans- 

lated by G. Busk, A. Tulk, and A. H. Haliday. 

[Ray Society.] 

8vo. London, 1847 

REPP, Thorleifr. 

See Bothwell, J. H., earl of. Les affaires. 
[Bannatyne Club.] 

REPRESENTATION (The) of the Committee of the 

English congregations in union with the Mora\'ian 

8vo. [London 1] 1754 

— of the lords of the committee of council upon 
the present state of the laws for regulating the 
importation and exportation of corn. 

8vo. London, 1800 

— (A) of the loyal subjects of Albinia to their 
sovereign, upon his concluding a treaty of peace 
with his foes. 

8vo. London [11^9 'f] 

— of the prejudices that may arise in time from 
an intended act, concerning marriages, etc. 

4to. London, I692 



REPRESENTATION (A) of the present state of 
religion with regard to the late excessive growth 
of infidelity, heresy, and profaneness, as it passed 
the lower house of convocation, etc. 

8vo. London, 1711 

Second edition. 

8to. London, 1712 

See also Nation vindicated. 

of the threatniiig dangers, impending over 

Protestants in Great Brittain, before the coming 
of the Prince of Orange. [By Robert Fer- 

4to. [London] 1689 

REPRESENTATIVE (The) of London and West- 
minster in parliament, examined and considcr'd. 

4to. London, 1702 

REPROOF (A) to the Rehearsal transposed, in a 
discourse to its authour [Andrew Marvell. By 
Samxtel Parker]. 

8vo. London, lG73 

EEPTON, Humphry. Observations on the theory 
and practice of landscape gardening. Including 
some remarks on Grecian and Gothic archi- 

4to. London, 1803 

Odd whims and miscellanies. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. London, 1804 

Sketches and hints on landscape gardening. 

obi. fol. London [179-1] 

REPUBLICAN (The) procession ; or, the tumultuous 
cavalcade : a merry poem. The second impres- 
sion, with additional characters. [By Edward 

8vo. 1714 

REQUENO, Vincenzo. Saggi sul ristabilmento dell' 
antica arte de' Greci e Romani pittori. Seconda 

2 vols. 8vo. Parma, MSI 

Scoperta della chironomia ossia dell' arte di 

gestire con le mani. 

8vo. Parma, 1797 

REQUEST (A) presented to the King of Spain and 
the Lordes of the Counsel of the State, by the 
inhabitants of the Lowe Countreyes protesting 
that they will live according to the reformation 
of the Gospell : the xxij of June 1578. 

4to. Leicjlie Mannenby. Edinburgh, 1578 

REQUESTS de Charlotte de la Porte au parlement 
presentee en consequence d'un memoire en forme 
de plainte par elle depose, etc. 

4to. Parts, 1735 

pr^sentdc k monseigneur I'archevesque par lea 

cures de Paris, au sujet des miracles qui s'optSrent 
au tombeau de M. I'abbe de Paris. 

4to. 1731 

Seconde requeste pr6sent^e k Monseigneur 

I'archeveque par les cur6s de Paris le 4 Octobre 
1731, au sujet des miracles qui s'operent tous 
les jours au tombeau de M. I'abbe de Paris. 

4to. 1731 

presentee au Parlement par Charlotte de la 

Porte dont les jambes et les pieds out grandi et 
se sont formes apris I'age de cinquante ans dans 
le cours de ses convulsions. 

4to. Paris, 1735 

presentee au parlement pour Denise Regne 

guerie subitement dans les prisons de Vincennes 
d'un dragon dans I'oeil et d'un cancer au sein, le 
13 f6vrier 1734, i la fin de la dernifere de sea 
convulsions. [By Jean Regn^.] 

4to. Paris, 1735 

presentee au parlement pour Marguerite 

Catherine Turpin, dont les os se sont reformes 
apres I'age de 27 ans, par Taction des violens 
secours que ses convulsions I'ont obligd de 
demander. [By Marie Le Beau, femme 

4to. Paris, 1735 

RERESBY, Sir John, Bart. Memoirs, from the 
Restoration to the Revolution. 

4to. London, 1734 

Travels and memoirs ; the former exhibiting a 

view of the governments and society in Europe 
during the time of Cromwell's usurpation, the 
latter containing anecdotes and secret history of 
the courts of Charles ii. and James ii. 

8vo. London, 1813 

RERUM Alamannicarum seriptores. 
Sec Seriptores Renun Alamannicarum. 

Anglicarura Henrico Viii., Edwardo vi. et 

Maria regnantibus annalcs. Nunc primum cditi. 
[By F. Godwin.] 

fol. B. Norton for J. Bill. London, l6l6 



EERUM Anglicarum scriptores. 

See Scriptores Eerum Anglicarum. 

Britaiinicarum scriptores. 

See Scriptores Eerum Britannicarum. 

— Germaiiicarum scriptores. 

See Scriptores Eerum Germanicaram. 

— Hibernicarum scriptores. 

See Scriptores Eerum Hibernicarum. 

— Hispanicarum scriptores. 

See Scriptores Eerum Hispanicarum. 

— Hungaricarum scriptores. 

See Scriptores Eerum Hungaricarum. 

jMuscoviticarum auctores. 

See Scriptores Eerum Muscoviticarum. 

EESCUYNGE of the Romishe fox. 
See Wraghton, W., pseud. 

RESEN, Hans, Bishop of Zealand. 
See Bible, Danish. l6i7. 

RESEN, Peder. 

See Edda. Poetic Edda. Ethica Odini. Copen- 
hagen, 1665, etc. 

EESIDENCE (A) on the shores of the Baltic de- 
scribed in a series of letters. [By E. Rigby, 
afterwards Lady Eastlake.] 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. London, 1841 

RESIGNATION (The) discussed ; in which many of 
the false facts are detected and sophistical 
reasonings refuted : in a pamphlet [by the Earl 
of Chesterfield] intitled, An apology for a late 

Svo. London, 1748 

EESIGNERS (The) vindicated ; or, the defection 
reconsidered, in which the designs of all parties 
are set in a true light. [By George Sewell.] 
2 parts in 1 vol. Svo. London, 1718 

RESOLUTION (The) of a case of conscience, wherein 
some persons of piety and sincerity seem to be 
at a loss, viz., the case whether, as matters now 
stand, it be lawful to frequent our parish churches 
for communion in divine worship. [By SAMUEL 

Svo. [^London, 1703] 

RESOLUTION (The) of the agitators of the army, 
concerning the prosecution of their late re- 
monstrance and protestation against the sitting 
of the late usurpers of parliamentary power in 
the Parliament : with the reasons constraining 
them so resolutely to adhere to that their pro- 
testation, presented, Sept. 2. 

4to. London, l647 

RESOLUTIONS (The) of the electors, and the 
princes of the empire, February the 11th, l689, 
containing the reasons of their declaring war 
against France, with the emperor's concurrence 
in it. 

4to. London, l6S9 

of the first meeting of the Friends to the 

liberty of the press, Dec. 19th, 1792. Also the 
declaration of the second meeting, Jan. 22nd, 
1793; written by the Hon. Thomas Erskine ; 
to which is added a letter to Mr. Reeves, . . . 
by Thomas Law. 

Svo. London, 1793 

of the master chimney sweepers within the 

liberties of Westminster, etc., respecting chimney 
sweepers and their apprentices. 

Svo. London, 1799 

RESOLUTIONS importantes des etats de Hollande 
et de West-Frise pendant le miuistere de Jean 
de Witt, traduites du Hollandois. 

12mo. Amsterdam, 1725 

RESPUBLICA et status regni Hungariae. 

24mo. Elzevir. [Leyden] 1634 

— Hollandiae et urbes. [By H. Grotius and 
P. Merula.] 

24mo. Leyden, 1630 

— Moscoviae et urbes. [By M. Z. Boxhornius.] 

2 parts in 1 vol. 24mo. Leyden, 1630 

— Namurcensis, Hannoniae et Lutsenburgensis. 
[By J. B. Gramaye, L. Guicciardini, and J. 

24mo. Amsterdam, 1634 

— Romana : honori urbis eternae P. SCElVERius 

24mo. Elzevir. Leyden, 1629 

— sive status regni Galliae diversorum autorum. 
[Seyssel, Du Tillet, La Loupe, Honorius, Botero.] 

24mo. Elzevir. Leyden, I626 



BESPUBLICA sive status regni Poloiiiae, Lituaniae, 
Prussiae, Livoiiiae, etc., diversorum autorum. 

24mo. Elzevir. Leyden, 1627 

RESTAUT, Pierre. Principes g^n^raux de la gram- 
maire fiaii^oise, avec un abrege des rfegles de la 
versification. Cinquieme edition. 

12mo. Paris, 1749 

RESURRECTION (The) of Jesus considered : in 
answer to the tryal of the witnesses. By a 
moral philosopher [P. Annex]. The third edition. 

8vo. London, 1744 

RETRATOS de los Espanoles illustres con un 
epitome de sus vidas. 

fol. Madrid, 1791 

RETROSPECTIVE (The) Review; first series, 14 
vols. ; second series, edited by H. Southern 
and N. H. Nicolas, 2 vols. 

16 vols. 8vo. London, \%20-28 

[Third series] consisting of criticisms upon, 

analyses and extracts from curious old books. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1853-54 

RETURN (The) from Parnassus ; or, the scourge of 
simony ; publicly acted by the students of St. 
John's College in Cambridge, l606. Edited by 
E. Arbek. [English Scholars' Library, vi.] 

4to. London, 1880 

The returne of the renowned Cavaliero Pasqnill 

of England, from the other side the seas, and 
his meeting with Marforius at London upon 
the Royall Exchange. Where they encounter 
with a little houshold talke of Martin and Mar- 
tinisme. [By T. Nash.] 

4to. [London] 1589 

RETURNA Brevium. 

4to. Wynkyn de Worde. Loiulon, 1519 

RETZ, Jean Frangois Paul de Gondi, cardinal de. 

Archbishop of Paris. 

See Collection des m^moires — Petitot [vols, xliv.- 
„ Joly, G. Memoires. Geneva, Mil. 

Memoires. Nouvelle Edition, augmentee de 

plusieurs eclaircissemens historiques et de 
quelques pifeces du Cardinal de Retz et autres, 

4 vols. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1731 

Nouvelle Edition. 

4 vols. 12mo. Geneva, Mil 

RETZA, Franciscus de. Comestorium vitiorum. 

fol. [./. Sensenschmidl.] Nuremberg, 1470 

RETZOW, J. A. von. Nouveaux memoires his- 
toriques sur la guerre de sept ans : traduits de 

2 vols. 8vo. Pans, 1803 

REUBER, Justus. 

See Scriptores rerum Qermanicanim. Hanau, 
1619, etc. 

REUILLY, Jean de, Baron. Voyage en Crimee et 
sur les bords de la Mer Noire, pendant I'ann^e 

8to. Paris, I8O6 

REUSCH, Erhard. 

Seu Juvencus, C. V. A. Historiae evangelieae 
lib. iv. Frankfort, 1710. 

REUSCH, Franz Heinrich. Nature and the Bible : 
lectures on the Mosaic history of creation in its 
relation to natural science. Translated by K. 

2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1886 

REUSNER, Elias. Genealogicon Romanum de 
familiis praccipuis regum, principum, Caesarum, 
imperatorum, consulum item, aliorumque magis- 
tratuum ac procerum imperii Romani ab U. C. 
usque ad haec tempora praesentia. 

fol. Heirs of A. Wechel, etc. Frankfort, 1589 

REUSS, Eduard Wilhelm Eugen. 
See Bible, French. 1874. 

Die Geschichte der Heiligen Schriften Alien 

Testaments. Zweite Ausgabe. 

8vo. Brunswick, I890 

Die Geschichte der Heiligen Schriften Neuen 

Testaments. Sechste Ausgabe. 

8vo. Brunswick, 1887 

History of the Sacred Scriptures of the New 

Testament. Translated by E. L. Houguton. 

8vo, Edinburgh, 1884 

History of the canon of the Holj- Scriptures in 

the Christian Church. Translated by D. Hunter. 
8vo. Edinburgh, 1884 

History of Christian theology in the Apostolic 

age. Translated by A. Harwoou, with preface 
and notes by R. W. Dale. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 181 2-1 4, 



REUSS, Jeremias David. 

See Repertorium commentationum. Gottingen, 

REVEALED knowledge of the prophecies and times. 
See Brothers, R. 

REVELATION (The) to the Monk of Evesham. 
Printed by W. de Machlinia about 1482; edited 
by E. Arber. [English Eeprints, xviii.] 

4to. London, 1869 

REVELATIONS (Les) indiscrfetes du xviii" siecle ; 
par le Cardinal de Bernis, Bossuet, Cabanis, 
Cerutti, etc. [Edited by P. R. AuGUis.] 

12mo. Paris, 1814 

REVELEY, Willey. 

See Stuart, J., and Revett, N. Antiquities of 
Athens. London, 1762-1816. 

REVETT, Nicholas. 

&e Chandler, R. Travels. Oxford, 1S25. 
„ Stuart, J. Antiquities of Athens. London, 

REVIEW (A) of Dr. Sherlock's Case of Allegiance 
due to sovereign powers, etc., with an answer to 
his vindication of that case. 

4to. London, 1691 

of Dr. Zachary Gray's Defence of our ancient 

and modern historians. [By John Oldmixon.] 

8vo. London, 1725 

See also Grey, Z. Appendix to the defence. 

— of Lord Bute's administration. [By John 

8vo. London, 1763 

of Mr. M[atthew] H[enry]'s new notion of 

schism, and the vindication of it. 

4to. London, 1692 

— of Mr. Pitt's administration. [By John 

8vo. London, 1763 

— Appendix to the review of Mr. Pitt's adminis- 
tration. [By John Almon.] 

8vo. London, 1763 

— of the arguments in favor of the continuance 
of impeachments, notwithstanding a dissolution. 
[By the Right Hon. Spencer Percival ?] 

8vo. London, 1791 

REVIEW (A) of the bill now depending in parlia- 
ment for the encouragement of the growth of 
timber within the New Forest. 

8vo. [London 1 1799] 

of the case of lord Cochrane as one of the 

defendants at the trial 8-y June 1814, for an 
alleged conspiracy to raise the prices of the 
public funds, 21 Feb. 1814. 

8vo. London, 1830 

of the controversy between the author [A. 

Collins] of A discourse of the grounds and 
reasons of the Christian religion, and his adver- 
saries. [By T. Jeffery.] 

8vo. London, 1726 

of the dangers of the Church, occasioned by 

the Memorial of the Church of England [a 
pamphlet by J. Drake and H. Pooley]. 

4to. London, 1705 

of the excise-scheme ; in answer to a pamphlet 

intitled, the Else and fall of the late projected 
excise impartially considered. [By William 
PuLTENEY, Earl of Bath ?] 

8vo. London, 1733 

of the late motion for an address to his Majesty 

against a certain great minister, and the reasons 
for it. 

8vo. London, 1741 

— of the pamphlet entitled, A discourse on the 
love of our country, by Eichard Price. 

Svo. London, 1790 

— of the parliamentary conduct of the right 
lion. Charles James Fox, and the right hon. 
Edmund Burke ; and a parallel drawn between 
their difierent modes of elocution, etc. 

8vo. London, 1789 

of the present administration. 

Svo. London, 1774 

— of the principal charges against Warren 
Hastings, Esquire. [By John Logan.] 

8vo. London, 1788 

of the principal proceedings of the parliament 

of 1784. 

Svo. London [17S9] 

of the proceedings upon the petitions, com- 
plaining of an undue election and return for the 
town of Nottingham. 

Svo. London, 1803 



REVIEW (A) of the Short History of Prime 
Ministers [a pamphlet by E. Budgell]. 

8vo. London, 1733 

of the text of Milton's Paradise Lost, in which 

the chief of Dr. Bentley's emendations are con- 
sidered. [By Zachary Peause.] 

3 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. London, 1732-33 

of the three great national questions relative 

to a declaration of right, Poyning's law, and the 
Mutiny Bill. [By C. F. Sheridan.] 

8vo. London, 1781 

of the whole political conduct of a late eminent 

patriot [J. Perceval, earl of Egmont] and his 
friends for twenty years last past : in which is 
contained a complete history of the late opposi- 
tion and an answer to a pami)hlet [by J. 
Perceval, earl of Egmont], Faction detected, etc. 

8vo. London, 1743 

R^VILLE, Albert. Lectures on the origin and 
growth of religion, as illustrated by the native 
religions of Mexico and Peru. [Hibbert Lectures, 
1884.] Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1895 

Prolegomena of the history of religions. 

Translated by A. S. Squire. With an intro- 
duction by F. Max Muller. [Theological 
Translation Fund Library, xxxii.] 

8vo. London, 1884 

R^VILLE, Jean. La religion k Rome sous les 

8vo. Paris, 1886 

REVISAL (A) of Shakespear's text, wherein the 
alterations introduced into it by the more 
modern editors and critics are particularly con- 
sidered. [By Benjamin Heath.] 

Svo. London, 176.) 

EEVOLTER (The). A trage-comedy acted between 
the Hind and Panther and Religio Laici, etc. 
[A satire.] 

4to. London, 1687 

REVOLUTION (The) and anti-revolution principles 
stated and compared, the constitution explained 
and vindicated, and the justice and necessity of 
excluding the Pretender maintained. By the 
author of the Two disswasives against Jacobitism. 

Svo. London, 1714 

REVOLUTION du dix-huit fructidor, 1797, avec le 
detail des evenements qui I'ont pr^cedee et suivie. 

8vo. London, 1797 

REVOLUTION Society. An abstract of the history 
and proceedings of the Revolution Society in 
London : to which is annexed a copy of the Bill 

of Rights. 

Svo. [London] 1789 

REVOLUTION, William, Esqr., pseud. The real 
crisis ; or, the necessity of giving immediate and 
powerful succour to the Emperor against France 
and her present allies. 

Svo. London, 1735 

REVOLUTIONS d'Ecosse et d'Irlande en 1707, 1708, 
et 1709, ou pieces originales qui n'ont jamais 6t6 
publiees et ou Ton decouvre Ics intrigues les 
plus secretes du Chevalier do Saint George et de 
ses principalis partisans. 

Svo. The Uague, 1767 

REVUE celtiquc, dirigee par H. Gaidoz [and 

In progress. Svo. Parts, 1870, ete. 


In progress. Svo. Paris, 1854, etc. 

de linguistique et de philologie comparee. 

Recueil trimestriel, public par A. Hovelacque 
[and others]. 

In progress. Svo. Paris, 1 867, etc. 

REVULGO, Mingo, pseud. 

Sec Cota, R. de. Coplas de M. R. Madrid, 1787. 

REWICZKI, Carl Emerich Alexander de, Count. 
See Hafiz, Shirazi. Ghazelae. Vienna, 1771. 
„ Petronius Arbiter, T. Satyricon. Berlin, 


Bibliotheca Graeca et Latina complectens 

auctores fere omnes Graeciae et Latii veteris, 
cum delectu editionum quas usui meo paravi 
Periergus Dcltophilus. 

Svo. Berlin, 1784 

Editio altera. 

Svo. Baiin, 1794 

REY, Edouard Gabriel. Les Families D'Outre-Mcr 
et Du Gauge. [Documents inedits sur I'histoire 
de France.] 

4to. Paris, 1869 

REY, Fulcran. 

For Life, see Wonderful instance, etc. London, 




REY, E. Guillaume. Etude sur les monuments de 
I'architecture militaire des croises en Syrie et 
dans Tile de Chypre. [Documents inedits sur 
rhistoire de France.] 

4to. Paris, 1871 

BEY, J. Essais historiques et critiques sur Richard 
III., roi d'Angleterre. 

8vo. Paris, 1818 

REYD, Everard van. See Keidanus, E. 

BEYNA, Cassiodoro de. 

See Bible, Spanish. 1 569. 

BEYNAED the Fox. See Martin, E. 

The history of Reynard the Fox. [Translated 

from the Dutch by W. Caxton.] 

fol. William Caxton. Westminster [1481] 

The History of Reynard the Fox ; from the 

edition printed by Caxton in 1481. With notes 

and an introductory sketch of the literary history 

of the romance, by W. J. Thoms. [Percy 

Society, xii.] 

8vo. London., 1844 

The History of Reynard the Fox. Translated 

and printed by W. Caxton, June 1481. Edited 
by E. Arber. [English Scholar's Library, i.] 

4to. London, 1878 

The history of Reynard the Foxe done into 

English out of Dutch, by W. Caxton, 1481. 

4to. William Morris. Hammersmith, 1 892 

Le Roman du Renart, publie d'apres les manu- 

scrits de la bibliotheque du roi par D. M. Meon. 
4 vols, in 2. 8vo. Paris, 1826 

EEYNAUD, Frangois Dominique de, Count de 
See Montlosier, F. D. de E, Comte de. 

BEYNEBUS, Clemens. Apostolatus Benedictinorum 
in Anglia, sive disceptatio historica de antiquitate 
ordinis congregationisque monachorum nigrorum 
S. Benedicti in regno Angliae. 

fol. Douay, 1626 

EEYNIEE, Jean Louis fibenezer, Count. De 
I'Egypte apres la bataille de H61iopolis et con- 
siderations gen6rales sur I'organisation de ce 

Svo. Paris, 1802 

REYNOLDES, Eichard. A chronicle of all the 
noble Emperours of the Romaines from Julius 
Caesar, orderly to Maximilian. 

4to. Thomas Marshe. London, 1571 

EEYNOLDS, Edward, Bishop of Norwich. 
See Bible, English. 0. T., Hosea. 
„ Pierce, T. The divine purity defended. 
London, 1657. 

EEYNOLDS, Frederick. Life and times, written 
by himself. 

2 vols. 8vo. London., 1826 

EEYNOLDS, George. A letter to the reverend 
Dr. Lisle, Upon a refusal to receive or read a 
paper concerning ecclesiastical courts, clandestine 
marriages, etc. 

8vo. London, 1742 

EEYNOLDS, Henry Bobert. 

See Ecclesia : church problems considered. Lon- 
don, 1870-71. 
„ Mellor, E. The hem of Christ's garment. 

London, 1883. 
„ Pulpit Commentary. St. John. 

John the Baptist : a contribution to Christian 

evidences. [Congregational lecture, 1874.] 
Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1876 

EEYNOLDS, John, Canon of Exeter. 

See Herodotus. De vita Homeri. London, 1752. 
„ Mela, P. De situ orbis. Exeter, nil, etc. 

Census habitus nascente Christo. Dissertatio. 

4to. Oxford, 1738 

Historia Graecarum et Latinarum literarum. 

Accedit Herodoti de vita Homeri libellus. [Greek 
and Latin.] 

4to. Eton, 1752 

EEYNOLDS, John, Merchant, of Exeter. The 
triumphs of God's revenge against the crying 
and execrable sin of wilful and premeditated 

fol. London, 1726 

EEYNOLDS, John, Poet. See Baynolds, J. 

EEYNOLDS, Joseph William. The mystery of 
miracles, a scientific and philosophical investi- 
gation. Third edition. 

8vo. London, 1883 



REYNOLDS, Joseph William. The mystery of the 
Universe our common faith. 

8vo. London, ISSt 

REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua. 

For Life, see Northcote, J. Memoirs of sir J. R. 

London, 1813. 
See Du Fresnoy, C. A. The art of painting. 
York, 178,3. 
„ Life of RaflFaello. London, \%\6. 
„ Ruskin, J. SirJoshua and Holbein. [London] 

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A discourse delivered to the students of the 

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A discourse delivered to the students of the 

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Calf, nith the arms of Louis xvt. 

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See Mahomet ibn Zakariya, A. B., Al-RazG. 

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Museum fiir Philologie, herausgegeben von 

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See Palaemon, Q. B. F. 

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Another edition. Recognovit Claudius Cap- 


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Tiberius rhetor de schematibus Demosthenis, 
anonymus sophista de rhetorica, Severi Alex- 
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Gale. ^ , , -_. 

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EHETORUM Graecorum orationes. 
See Oratores Graeci. 

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See Defensor. Liber scintillarum. [Early English 

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See Boke of nurture, 1577. 
For reprint see Bahecs Book. [Early English 
Text Society.] 
„ „ Russell, J. The boke of nur- 

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Olive morocco, with the name and motto of Marc Lawrins. 

Lectionum antiquarum libri xxx., tarn varia 

rerum et vocum explicatione referti ut thesaurus 
utriusque linguae publicus jure diei possit. 

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„ Pythagoras. Opus aureum et scholasticum. 
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[Hibbcrt Lectures, 1886.] Second edition. 

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caeve linguae institutiones et rudimenta accurate 

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del archipielago y reynos de la gran China, 
Tartaria, Cuchinchina, Malaca, Sian, Camboxa y 

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Calf, with the arms and monogram of De Thou. 

RIBADENEIRA, Pedro de. Bibliotheca Scriptorum 
Societatis Jesu. Opus inchoatum a Petro Riba- 
deneira anno salutis 1602, continuatum a P. 
Alegambe usque ad annum 1642. Eecognitum 
et productum ad annum Jubilaei M.DC.LXXV. a 


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traduite du Portugais par Monsr. TAbb]?; Le 

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English psychology. Translated from the 

French : Hartley, James Mill, Herbert Spencer, 
A. Bain, G. H. Lewes, Samuel Bailey, John 
Stuart Mill. 

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See Price, R. Observations on the importance 
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and writings of the author, by J. E. M'Culloch. 
Second edition. 

8vo. Loiulon, 1852 



EICARDO, David. The high price of l)ullion, a 
proof of the depreciation of bank notes. Third 

8vo. London, 1810 

— On the principles of political economy and 

8vo. London, 1817 

— Reply to Mr. Bosanquet's practical observa- 

tions on the report of the bullion committee. 

8vo. London, 1811 

RICARDUS Corinensis. 

See Richard of Cirencester. 

RICARDUS, Frater Ordinis Praedicatonun. 
See Montecrucis, R. de. 

RICARDUS, judex Venusius. Libellus tractans de 
matrimonio duorum senum videlicet Paulini et 
Polio Fulcone meditatore tribulationibus et 
diftbrtuniis multis fatigato eorundem nibilominus 
sponsalia ut promiserat perficiente. 

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Kalendar. Edited by L. T. Smith. [Camden 
Society, N. S., v.] 

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Dissertationes Homericae, quibus accedunt 

orationes pro solenni instauratione studiorum. 

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See Longolius, C. Epistolarum libri iv. Lyons, 

De imitatione libri iii. 

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Another edition. 

8vo. Venire, 1549 

Another edition. 

l6mo. B. Turrisanus. Paris, 1557 

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See Scrittori classic! Italiani, 1803-5 : parte 
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Sinas. Awjsburg, l6l5. 

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See Guercino, G. F. B. Eaccolta di alcuni disegni, 
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See Theophrastus. Caratteri Greco-Toscani. 
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RICCIOLI, Giovanni Battista. Almagestum novum, 
astronomiam veterem novamque complectens. 

1 vol. in 2. fol. Bologna, 1651 

Astronomiae reformatae tomi duo, quorum 

prior observationes, hypotheses, et fundamenta 
tabularum, posterior praecepta pro usu tabularum 
astronomicarum, et ipsas tabulas cii. continet. 

2 vols, in 1. fol. Bologna, 1665 

Chronologiae reformatae et ad certas con- 

clusiones redactae tomus primus (-tertius). 

3 vols, in 1. fol. Bologna, I669 

Geographiae et hydrographiae reformatae 

libri duodecim. 

fol. Venice, 1672 

RICCIUS, Joannes. 

See Procne. Progne, tragedia. Venice, 1558. 

RICCIUS, Steplianus. See Reich, S. 

RICCOBALDI, Romualdo. Apologia del Diario 
Italico do Bernardo Jlontfaucon, contra le osser- 
vazioni de Francesco Ficoroni. 

4to. Venice, 1710 

RICCOBONI, Antonio. 

See Cicero, M. T. [Supposititious works.] Con- 
solatio. Bologna, 1583. 

RICCOBONI, Luigi. De la reformation du theatre. 

12mo. [Paris] 1743 



EICCOBONI, Marie Jeanne. CEuvres complettes. 
S vols. Svo. Paris, 1786 

RICETTAEIO Fiorentino, di nuovo illustrate. 

fol. Florence, 1670 

RICH, Anthony. Dictionary of Eoman and Greek 
antiquities. Fourth edition. 

Svo. London, 1874 

RICH, Barnaby. 

See Eight novels. [Shakespeare Society.] 

The honestie of this age, proving by good 

circumstance that the world was never honest 
till now. Edited by P. Cunningham. [Percy 

Society, xi.] 

8vo. London, 1844 

RICH, Henry, Earl of Holland. 
See Holland, H. R., earl of. 

RICHARD I., called C(EUR DE LiON, King of 
England. The history of King Richard Cceur 
de Lyon. 

4to. TVynkynde Worde. London, 1509 

RICHARD II., King of England. 

For Life, &ee Historia vitae. Oxford, 1729. 

RICHARD III., King of England. 

For Life, see Buck, G. London, 1647. 

„ „ More, Sir T. The history, etc. 

Chiswick, 1821. 
See Jesse, J. H. Memoirs of Richard ill. London, 
„ Rey, J. Essais historiques et critiques sur 
Richard III. Pan's, 1818. 

RICHARD of Cirencester. 

See Stukeley, W. Account of Richard of Ciren- 
cester. London, 1757. 
„ ,, Itinerarium euriosum. Lon- 

don, 1776. 

Britannicarum gentium historiae antiquae 

scriptores tres, Ricardus Corinensis, Gildas 
Badonicus, Nennius Banchorensis, recensuit 
notisque auxit Carolus Bertramus. [The Richard 
of Cirencester is a forgery by C. J. Bertram.] 

Copenhagen, 1757 

Speculum historiale de gestis regum Anglic, 

447-1066. Edited by J. E. B. Mayor. [Rolls 
Series, No. 30.] 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1863-69 

RICHARD of Devizes. 

See Chronicles of the reigns of Stephen. [Rolls 
„ Church historians of England, vol. v. part 1. 

Chronicon de rebus gestis Ricardi primi regis 

Angliae. Edidit J. Stevenson. [English His- 
torical Society.] 

Svo. London, 1838 

RICHARD of Hexham. 

See Chronicles of the reigns of Stephen, etc. 
[Rolls Series.] 
„ Church historians of England, vol. iv. part 1. 
„ Scriptores historiae Anglicanae. London, 

RICHARD, Jerome. Description historique et 
critique de I'ltalie. 

6 vols. 12mo. Dijon, 1766 


See Veritable pire Joseph. St. Jean de Mauri- 
enne, 1750. 

See Saint-Non, J. 0. R. de. 

RICHARDOT, Frangois, Bishop of Arras. Oratio 
habita in sessione octava concilii oecumenici 
Tridentini, 1563. 

4to. Lud. Sabiensis for J. B. Bozola. 
Brescia, 1563 

RICHARDS, George. The Divine origine of pro- 
phecy illustrated and defended. [Bampton 

Lectures, 1800.] 

Svo. Oxford, 1800 


2 vols. 12mo. Oxford, li04> 

RICHARDS, Thomas. Antiquae linguae Britan- 
nicae Thesaurus : being a British or Welsh 
English dictionary. To which is prefixed a com- 
pendious AVelsh Grammar. Also a collection of 
British Proverbs. 

Svo. Bristol, 1753 

RICHARDS, William. Food for a fast-day ; or, a 
few seasonable hints for the use of those good 
people who believe in the propriety and efficacy 
of public fasts, and who intend to observe the 
25 Feb. 1795, the day appointed for a general 

Svo. Lynn [1795] 



RICHARDS, William. The history of Lynn. To 
which is prefixed an account of Marshland, 
Wisbeach, and the Fens. 

2 vols. 8vo. Lynn, 1812 


See Providence and precept. London, 1691. 

RICHARDSON, Charles. A new dictionary of the 
English language ; combining explanation with 
etymology ; and illustrated by quotations from 
the best authorities. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1856 

RICHARDSON, George, Architect. New designs in 
architecture, consisting of plans, elevations and 
sections for various buildings : with descriptions 
in English and French. 

fol. London, 1792 

RICHARDSON, George, Pedestrian. The Irish 
footmaiis poetry ; or, George the runner against 
Henry the walker in defence of John the swim- 
mer [i.e. Taylor, the Water Poet], 

4to. [London] l6-il 

RICHARDSON, George Bourchier. 

See Extracts from the municipal accounts of 
Newcastle. Newcastle, 1849. 

RICHARDSON, John. A dictionary, Persian, 
Arabic, and English, to which is prefixed a dis- 
sertation on the languages, literature and 
manners of Eastern nations. 

2 vols. fol. Oxford, 1777-80 

New edition. By Chakles Wilkins. 

2 vols, in 3. 4to. Lmulon, I8O6-IO 


Sec Franklin, Sir J. Narrative of a second 
expedition. London, 1828. 

RICHARDSON, Jonathan. Works : containing, the 
theory of painting, essay on the art of criticism 
(so far as it relates to painting), the science of a 
connoisseur, with an essay on the knowledge of 
prints. New edition. 

4to. London, 1792 

RICHARDSON, Moses Aaron. 

See Newcastle reprints. Newcastle, 1 843. 


See Four Sons of Ajrmon. [Early English Text 


RICHARDSON, Samuel. Correspondence, with a 
biographical account of the author by A. L. 

6 vols. 12mo. London, 1604: 

RICHARDSON, William, Master of Emmanuel 

See Godwin, F. Do praesulibus Angliae com- 
mentarius. Cambridge, 1743. 

RICHARDSON, William, Political economist. 
See Essay on the causes. London, 1750. 

RICHARDSON, William, Professor of Humanity in 
the University of Glasgow. Essays on some of 
Shakespeare's dramatic characters, to which is 
added an essay on the faults of Shakespeare. 
Fifth edition. 

8vo. London, 1798 

RICHARDUS, Bartholomaeus Christianus. 
See Reichard, B. C. 

RICHEBOXJRG, Claude Etienne Bourdot de. 

See Histoire g^n^rale de la marine. Paris wnd 
Amsterdam, 1744-58. 

RICHELET, Pierre. 

See Vega, G. L. de la. Histoire de la Floride. 

Paris, 1C70. 

Dictionnaires de rimes, nouvelle edition revue 

par M. Berthelin. 

8vo. Paris, ]76'0 

RICHELIEU, Armand Jean Du Plessis, due de, 


For Life, see Aubery, A. Paris, I66O, etc. 

,, ,, Le Clerc, J. Amsterdam, 1753. 

See Collection des memoires — Petitot [vols, x., 
xi., xxi (bis).-xxx]. 
„ M6zeray, F. E. de. Histoire de la mere et 

du fils. Amsterdam, 1730, etc. 
„ Sourdis, H. d' E. de. Correspondance. Paris, 

„ Veritable (Le) p6re Joseph. St. Jean de 
Maurienne, 1750. 

Lettres, instructions diplomatiques et papiers 

d'etat. Recueillis et publies par M. Avenel. 
[Documents in6dits sur I'histoire de France.] 

8 vols. 4to. Paris, 1853-74 

Testament politique du Cardinal Due de 

Richelieu. Septieme edition corrigue [by P. Hay, 
marquis do Chastelet]. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1719 



RICHELIEU, Louis Frangois Armand Du Plessis, due 
de. Correspondance particuliere et historique, 
1756-58, avec Paris Du Verney : suivie de 
memoires relatifs h I'expedition de iMinorque eii 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1789 

Memoires du marechal Due de Richelieu, 

ouvrage eompos6 sous les yeux du marechal. 


9 vols. 8vo. fan's, 1790-96'. 
RICHEMONT, Arthur, Count de. See Arthur III. 

RICHER, Adrian. 

&« Histoire moderne des Chinois. Paris, 1755-78. 

Vie d'Andrd Doria. 

12mo. Paris, 1783 

Vies des plus calibres marins. 

13 vols. ISmo. Paris, 1789 

RICHER, Frangois. Causes celebres et interessantes 
avec les jugemens qui les ont d^cidees. 

12 vols. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1772-76 

RICHER, Jean, and Estienne. Le Mercure Francois 
ou la suitte de Fhistoire de la paix. Commen^ant 
I'an l605, et finissant au sacre du Tres-Chrestien 
roy de France et de Navarre Loys xiii. [The 
part from 1635-43 is by E. Renaudot.] 

25 vols, in 26. 8vo. Paris, 1613-43 

RICHERIUS, Christophorus. De rebus Turcarum 
libri quinque. 

4to. Paris, 1540 

RICHERIUS, Ludovicus Coelius, Rhodiginus. 
See Rhodiginus, L. C. 

RICHERUS, Monachus Rhemensis. Richer, histoire 
de son temps. Texte reproduit d'aprfes ledition 
originale donntie par G. H. Pertz, avec traduction 
fran(;aise, notice et commentaire par J. Guadet. 
[Latin and French.] [Soci(jt6 de I'Histoire do 

2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1845 

RICHES, Thomas Hurry. 

&e Radford, G. History of Uxbridge. Ux- 
bridge, 1818. 

RICHMOND, Yorkshire. Registrum honoris de 
Richmond exhibens terrarum et villarum quon- 
dam Edvvini comitis descriptionem ex libro 

Domesday : necnon varias extentas, feoda, 
relevia, etc., ad Richmondiae comitatum spec- 
tantes : cum appendice. [Edited by R. Gale.] 

fol. London, 1722 

RICHMOND, Charles Lennoz, 3rd duke of. An 

authentic copy of the Duke of Richmond's bill 
for a parliamentary reform. 

Svo. London, 1783 

The authentic correspondence between the 

duke of Richmond and lord Rawdon, with 
appendix respecting the affair between the duke 
of York and lieutenant-colonel Lenox. 

8vo. London, 1789 

Letter from the committee of Ulster volunteers 

to the duke of Richmond : the duke's answer, 
with his bill for parliamentary reform. 

Svo. London, 1783 

— A letter in answer to the queries on the 
subject of a parliamentary reform, with resolu- 
tions of the volunteer delegates of the province 
of Ulster, etc. 

Svo. London, 1783 

A letter to Lieut. Colonel Sharman [1783]: 

with notes by a member of the society for con- 
stitutional information. 

Svo. London, 1792 

RICHTER, Georg. 

See De eruditione comparanda in humanioribus. 
Leyden, I699. 

Epistolae selectiores : accedunt Riehteri vita. 

orationes duae, mantissae sex epistolarum 
C. Hofmanni et aliorum, et spicilegium episto- 
larum. [Edited by J. G. Richter.] 

4to. Nuremberg, 1662 

RICHTER, Gottfridus. Specimen observationum 
criticarum in varios auctores Graecos et Latinos : 
praefationem praemisit J. F. Buddeus. 

Svo. Jena, 1713 

RICKMAN, John, fe Population. London [\S^2]. 

RICKMAN, Thomas. An attempt to discriminate 
the styles of English architecture from the 
Conquest to the Reformation : preceded by a 
sketch of the Grecian and Roman orders. The 
second edition, with additions. 

Svo. Liverpool [181 9] 



RICKMAN, Thomas. An attempt to discriminate 
the styles of English architecture from the 
Conquest to the Reformation : preceded by a 
sketch of the Grecian and Eoman orders. Fifth 
edition. [Edited by J. H. Parkeu.] 

8vo. London, 1848 

Sixth edition. With additions by J. H. Parker. 

8vo. Oxford, 1862 

EICOLVI, Giovanni Paolo. Opusculi postumi, con- 
tinenti saggia sulla critica poema del signer 
Alessandro Pope tradotto in versi sciolti ; dis- 
sertazione sovra I'Antologia ; lezione aceademica 
sovra Menandro ; Homeri Batrachomyomachia 
Latino, atque Italo metro reddita. 

4to. Turin, Mil 

RIDDLE, Joseph Esmond. Ecclesiastical chronology 
or annals of the Christian church from its 
foundation to the present time : to which are 
added lists of councils and of popes, etc. 

8vo. London, 1840 

A manual of Christian antiquities. To which 

is prefixed an analysis of the writings of the 
Ante-Nicene Fathers. Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1843 

The natural history of infidelity and supersti- 
tion in contrast with the Christian faith. 
[Bampton Lectures, 1852.] 

8vo. Oxford, 1852 

RIDER (The) ; or, the humours of an inn : a farce 
of two acts. 

Svo. London, 1768 

RIDGWAY, James. 

See Erskine, T., baron. Speeches when at the 
Bar. LoTulon, 1810, etc. 

RIDLEY, James. See Morell, Sir C, pseud. 

RIDLEY, Nicholas, Bishop of London. Works. 
Edited by H. Christmas. [Parker Society, i.] 

8vo. Cambridge, 1843 

Articles to be enquired of in the visitation of 

the dioces of London, in the foiu-th year of King 
Edward the 6. [Part of a larger book : probably 
Sparrow's collection.] 

4to. R. Wolfe. London, 1550 
Reprinted [c. 1700] 


RIDLEY, Nicholas, Bishop of London. The way of 
peace amongst all Protestants : being a letter of 
reconciliation sent by bp. Ridley to bp. Hooper, 
with some observations upon it. [By Samuel 

4to. London, 1688 

RIDOLFI, Bernardino. In funere Caroli in., His- 
paniarum regis Catholici oratio habita in sacello 

fol. Purma, 1789 

RIDOLFI, Cristoforo. Poesie sacre. 

2 vols, in 1. Svo. Venice, 1778 

RIDOLFI, Ottaviano. 

See Vignola, G. B. da. Li cinque ordini di 
architettura. Venice [1648 ?] 

RIDPATH, George, Minister of Stitchhill. The 
border-history of England and Scotland from 
the earliest times to the union. Revised and 
published by P. Ridpath. 

4to. London, 1776 

RIDPATH, George, Pamphleteer. 

See Account of the proceedings of the parliament 
of Scotland. [London] \10i. 
„ Massacre of Glenco. [Edinburgh, \1 03.'] 

RIEDESEL, Johann Hermann von. Baron. Voyages 
en Sicile, dans la Grande Grece et au Levant : 
suivis de I'histoire de la Sicile par le Novairi, 
traduite de I'Arabe par J. J. Caussin. 

Svo. Paris, 1S02 

RIEHM, Eduard Carl August. Alttestamentliche 
Theologie, bearbeitet und herausgegeben von 
K. Pahncke. 

Svo. Halle, 1S89 

Einleitung in das Alte Testament, heraus- 
gegeben von Dr. A. Brandt. 

2 vols. Svo. Ilidle, 1889-90 

Handworterbuch des biblischen Alterthums. 

Zweite Auflage, besorgt von Dr. F. Baethgen. 
2 vols. Svo. Bielefeld, 1893-94 

RIEL DE BEURNONVILLE, Pierre de, Marquis. 
Set Beurnonville, P. de R. de. 

RIEMAECKER, A. de. Histoire et gen^alogie de 
la famille De Hemptinne. 

4to. Ghent, 1894 




RIES, Jolm. Die Stellung von Subject und Priidi- 

catsverbum im Heliand. [Quellen und For- 

schungen, xli.] 

Svo. Slrashirg, 1880 

RIEVAULX Abbey. Cartularium Abbatiae de 
Eievalle, ordinis Cisterciensis. [Edited by J. 
C. Atkinson.] [Surtees Society, Ixxxiii.] 

Svo. Durham, 1889 


See Bottle de Toulmont, J. J. A. Traite de I'art 
de fabriquer la poudre k canon. Paris, 1811. 

RIFLESSIONI sopra gli argomenti addotti dal Sig. 
Marchese Scipione Maflei, a favore della sua 
nuova opinione intorno la formazione de' fulmini. 
[By L. Barbieri or P. Ferro.] 

4to. Vicensa, 1748 

RIGAULT, Nicolas. 

See Artemidorus Daldianus. Oneirocritica. Leip- 
zig, 1805, etc. 

„ Auctores finium regundorum. Paris, l6l4. 

„ Juvenalis, D. J. Satirarum libri v, Paris, 

„ Menander and Philistion. Sententiae. Paris, 

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Glossarium de verborum significatione quae ad 

novellas imperatorum qui in Oriente post 
Justinianum regnaverunt de re militari con- 
stitutiones pertinent. 

4to. Paris, 1601 

Viri eximii Petri Puteani vita. 

4to. Paris, l652 

RIGG, James Harrison. The connexional economy 
of A\'esleyan Methodism. 

Svo. Lomlon, 1879 

RIGGS, Stephen Return. Grammar and dictionary 
of tlic Dakota language, collected by the members 
of the Dakota mission. [Smithsonian series.] 

4to. TFasUngton, 1852 

RIGHT (The) honourable annuitant [William Pitt, 
afterwards Earl of Chatham,] vindicated, with a 
word or two in favour of the other great man 
[the Duke of Newcastle], in case of his resig- 

Svo. London, 1761 

Second edition. 

Svo. London, 1761 

— of appeal to juries in causes of excise asserted. 
[By David Hartley.] 

Svo. Lmdon [1763] 

— of Protestant Dissenters to a compleat tolera- 
tion asserted ; containing an historical account 
of the Test Laws. Second edition. [By Capel 


Svo. London, 1789 

— of the British legislature to tax the American 
Colonies vindicated ; and the means of asserting 
that right proposed. 

Svo. London, 1774 

Second edition. 

Svo. London, 1775 

of the sovereign in the choice of his servants, 

shewing the necessity of the present change of 
ministry, and the folly and design of the last. 
To which is added some seasonable considerations 
on the ensueing elections for members of Parlia- 

Svo. London, 1714 

RIGHTS (The) and immunities of the island of 
Guernsey, most humbly submitted to the con- 
sideration of government, in a speech of one of 
the magistrates [W. Le Marchant], shewing the 
ruin the subversion of their privileges brings on 
that island. 

Svo. London, 1771 

— and interests of the two British monarchies. 
See That part of a late book. [Edinburgh, 1706.] 

— and liberties of subjects vindicated : in answer 
to the adjuster [Edm. Gibson] of the dispute 
about the proper time of applying for a repeal 
of the Corporation and Test Acts. 

Svo. London, 1732 

— of citizens ; being an inquiry into some of the 
consequences of social union, and an examination 
of Mr. Paine's principles touching government. 

Svo. London, 1791 



RIGHTS (The) of Great Britain asserted against the 
claims of America. [By James ^Iacpuekson.] 

8vo. London, 1776 

— of man, consisting of extracts from Pigott's 
political dictionary. 

8vo. London [1795] 

— of nobles, consisting of extracts from Pigott's 
political dictionary. 

8vo. [London, 1795] 

of priests, consisting of extracts from Pigott's 

political dictionary. 

8vo. London [1795] 

of princes, consisting of extracts from Pigott's 

political dictionary. 

8vo. [London, 1795] 

of swine : an address to the poor. [With a 

list of revolutionary pamphlets.] 

Svo. [London, 1795] 

of the colonies, and the extent of the legislative 

authority of Great Britain briefly stated and 

Svo. London, 1769 

of the East India company. [By Thomas 

POWNALL or A. Dalrymple.] 

8vo. [London, 1773] 

— of the kingdom or customs of our ancestours, 
touching the duty, power, election or succession 
of our kings and parliaments, our true liberty, 
etc., freely discussed. [By John Sadler.] 

4to. London, 1649 

— of the nation and the wrongs of the prince, 
as an appendix for the Letter to the prince of 

8vo. London, 1795 

— of the scholars of Trinity College asserted. 
See N. (J.) 

upon rights : with observations upon observa- 

tions. [Notes upon Paine's Rights of Man, vi.] 

Svo. Loiulon, 1791 

BIGIIS, Ludovicus de. 

See Ptolemaeus, C. [Quadripartitum.] Libri 
quatuor (de judiciis), etc. Nuremberg, 1 535. 

&!.' Juvijpiiy, J. A. R. de. 


Sec Collection des m^moires — Guizot [vol. xi.]. 
„ Scriptores Historiae Francorum. Frankfort, 

Q']u\Tcs de Kigord et de Guillaume le Breton, 

historiens de Philippe-Auguste. Publiecs par 
H. F. Delaborde. [Socicte de I'Histoire de 

2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1882-85 

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See Velleius Paterculus, C. Historiae Romanae. 
Paris, 1675. 

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See Golovnin, V. M. Narrative of my captivity 
in Japan. London, 1818. 

RILEY, Henry Thomas. 

See Chronica Monasterii S. Albani. [Rolls Series.] 
„ Liber Albus. London, ISfil. 
„ Munimenta Gildhallae Londoniensis. [Rolls 

„ Plinius Secundus, C. Natural history. 
London, 1855-57. 

RILEY, James. An authentic narrative ot ihe loss 
of the American brig 'Commerce,' wrecked on 
the western coast of Africa ; with an account of 
Tombuctoo and of the hitherto undiscovered 
great city of Wassanah. 

4to. London, 1817 

RIMBAULT, Edward Francis. 

See Old Checiue-book. [Camden Society, N. S.] 
„ Overbury, Sir T. Miscellaneous works. 

London, 1S56. 
„ Percy Society. 

RIME di diversi antichi aulori Toscani. 
See Sonetti e canzoni. Florence, 1 527. 

di diversi et eccellenti autori. [With a preface 

by L. Dolce.] 

12mo. G. Giolito. Venice, 1556 

diverse di molti eccellentiss. auttori, nuova- 

mentc raccolte. [The preface to vol. i. is signed 
L. Domenichi.] 

7 vols. Svo. Venice, 1548-56 

oneste de' migliori poeti, scelte ad uso delle 

scuole da Angelo Mazzoleni. Edizione quinta. 
2 vols. 12mo. Bassano, 1801 



B.IBIE scelte d'alcuni poeti Bassanesi che fiorirono nel 

secolo xvi., raccolte e delle loro vite arriccliite 

da G. Verci. 

8vo. Venice, 1769 

scelte de' poeti Ferraresi antichi e moderni. 

[Edited by G. Baruffaldi and others.] 

8vo. Fcrrara, 1713 

EIMINE, Faustino da. 

See CaoQZone. Milan, 1509. 

RIMIUS, Heinrich. 

See Stinstra, J. A pastoral letter. Lmuion, 1753. 

A candid narrative of the rise and progress of 

the Herrnhuters, commonly called Moravians or 

Unitas Fratrum, with a short account of their 


8vo. London, 1753 

A supplement to the candid narrative of 

the rise and progress of the Herrnhuters, 
commonly called Moravians, or Unitas Fratrum. 
Animadversions on sundry flagrant untruths 
advanced by Mr. Zinzendorf. 

2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. London, 1755 

A solemn call on Count Zinzendorf, the author 

and advocate of the sect of Herrnhuters, com- 
monly call'd Moravians, to answer all and every 
charge brought against them in the Candid 
Narrative, etc. 

8vo. London, 1754 

EIMMER, Alfred. 

See Howson, J. S. Chester as it was. London, 

RING, William. 

See Cornish, H. Tryals. London, 1685. 

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See Consilia et methodi aureae studiorum. 
Rotterdam, I692. 

RINGHIERI, Francesco Ulisse. Tragedie. 

5 vols. 12mo. Milan, 1778-89 

RINGHIERI, Innocenzio. Cento giuochi liberali et 

4to. G.M.Bonclli. Venice, 15 5'S 

RINK, Hinrich Johannes. Tales and traditions of 
the Eskimo. Translated from the Danish by the 
author. Edited by E. Brown. 

8vo. London, 1875 

RINUCCINI, Ottavio. La Dafue. 

4to. Criorgio Marcscotii. Florence, 16OO 


4to. Cosimo Giunti. Florence, 1600 

— Another edition. [Parnaso Italiano, tom. 


8vo. Venice, 1788 


4to. Florence, 1622 

RIO, Martinus Antonius del. 
See Delrius, M. A. 

RIORDAN DE MUSCRY, D. Relation des v^ri- 
tables causes et des conjonctiu'es favorables qui 
ont contribue au restablissement du roy de la 
Grand' Bretagne. 

fol. Paris, 1661 

RIPA, Cesare. Iconologia accresciuta dell' Abate C. 

5 vols. 4to. Perugia, 1764-67 

RIPAMONTIUS, Josephus. Historiarum libri octo 
rerum Hispanarum a Philippo 11. regnante. 

fol, Milan [1648] 

See D^sormeaux, J. L. R. 

RIPOL, Juan. 

See Guadalajara y Xavier, M, de. Memorabile 
expulsion. Pampeluna, l6l3. 

RIPON. Collegiate Church of Saint Peter and 
Saint Wilfrid. Acts of the Chapter, A.d. 1452- 
1506. [Edited by J. T. Fowler.] [Surtees 
Society, Ixiv.] 

8vo. Durham, 1875 

RIPPERDA, Jan Willem, Duke. 

For Life, sec Moore, G. London, 1 8O6. 

EIPPINGILLE, Edward Villiers. 

See Artist and Amateur's Magazine. London, 

RISDON, Tristram. The chorographical descrip- 
tion or survey of the county of Devon. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1714 

See also Chappie, W. A review, etc. 



RISDON, Tristram. The chorographical descrip- 
tion or siu'vey of the county of Devon. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. London, 172,'? 

Another edition. 

4to. rii/mouth, 1811 

RISE (The) and fall of the late projected excise, 
impartially considered. [By H. WaU'OLE and 


8vo. London, 1733 
See also Review of the excise scheme. 

and growth of fanaticism ; or, a view of the 

principles, plots, and pernicious practices of the 
Dissenters, for upwards of 150 years. 

8vo. London, 1715 

of the present unnatural rebellion discoverd ; 

and the extraordinary power and oppression of 
the Highland chiefs fully display'd. 

8vo. London, 1745 

RISHANGER, William. 

Sfe Chronica Monasterii S. Albani. [Eolls 

The chronicle of William de Rishangcr, of the 

barons' wars. The miracles of Simon de Mont- 
fort. Edited from manuscripts in the Cottonian 
Library, by J. 0. Halliwell. [Camden Society, 


4to. London, 1840 

RISHTON, Edward. 

Sec Sanders, N. De origine ac progressu schis- 
matis. Cologne, 1585. 

RISIUS, Sergius. 

See Bible, Polyglott. 1671. 

RISSO, Antoine, and POITEAU, A. Histoire 
naturclle des orangers. 

fol. Pari.% 1818 

RISTRETTO delle cose piu notabili dclla citta di 
Firenze [by R. del Bruno]. Sesta impressionc. 

12mo. Florence, 1757 

RITCHIE, Anne IsaheUa. Madame de Sevign^. 
[Foreign classics for English readers, xiii.] 

8vo. Edinhmjh, 1882 

RITCHIE, David George. 

See Carlyle, Jane W. Early letters. London, 

RITCHIE, Leitch. 

Sec Friendship's offering. London, 1844. 

Wanderings by the Loire : with 21 engravings 

from draAvings by J. ]\L W. Turner. 

8vo. London, 1833 

RITCHIE, Thomas Edward. An account of the 
life and writings of David Hume. [With hi.s 
Epistolary correspondence.] 

8vo. London, 1807 

RITHAYMER, Georgius. Compendium in octo 
partes orationis et temporum formationes : 
Gregorii Theologi sententiae ; carmina aurea 
Pythagorae. [Greek.] 

4to. /. Singrenius. Vienna, 1524 

RITRATTI d'alcuni celebri pittori del secolo xAoi., 
disegnati da Ottavio Lioni, con le ^^te de' 
medesimi tratte da vari autori, e la vita di Carlo 
Maratti da G. P. Bellori. 

4to. Home, 1731 

et elogii di capitani illustri. [The portraits 

engraved by PoMriLlO ToTTi ; the letterpress 
by J. Eoscius and others.] 

4to. Rome, l64() 

RITSCHL, Albrecht. A critical history of the 
Christian doctrine of justification and reconcilia- 
tion. Translated by J. S. Black. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1872 

Die Entstehung der altkatholischen Kirche. 

Zweite Auflage. 

8vo. Bonn, 18.57 

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See Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum, vol. i. 
Beiiin, 1862 etc. 

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„ Cursory criticisms. London, 1792. 
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„ R. (J.) The quip modest. London, 1788. 
,, Remarks, critical and illustrative. London, 

,, Thersites literarius, pseud. 

Ancient Englcish metrical romancees, selected 

and published by J. R. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1802 

Annals of the Caledonians, Picts, and Scots, 

and of Strathclyde, Cumberland, Galloway and 
and Murray. 

2 vols. 12mo. Edinhurgh, 1828 



RITSON, Joseph. The English Anthology. [Edited 

by J. K.] 

3 vols. 8vo. Lmidon, 1793-94 

Fairy tales, now first (Jollected, with two dis- 
sertations, on pygmies and on fairies. 

8vo. London, 1831 

Pieces of ancient popular poetry from authentic 

manuscripts and old printed copies. [Edited by 
J. E.] 

Svo. London, 1791 

Eobin Hood : a collection of all the ancient 

poems, songs and ballads now extant. [Edited 

by J. K.] 

2 vols. Svo. London; 1795 

RITTER, August Heinrich. The history of ancient 
philosophy. Translated by A. J. W. Morrison. 

4 vols. Svo. Oxford, 1838-46 

RITTER, Carl. The comparative geography of 
Palestine and the Sinaitic Peninsula. Trans- 
lated and adapted to the use of Biblical students 
by W. L. Gage. 

4 vols. Svo. Edinburgh, 1866 


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,, Phaedrus. Fabularum Aesopiarum libri v. 

Leydcn, 1598. 
„ Porphyry. De vita Pythagorae. Altdorf, 

RITUALE EcclesisB Dunelmensis : [a Latin Ritual 
of the ninth century, with an interlinear North- 
umbro-Saxon translation. Edited by J. Steven- 
son.] [Surtees Society, x.] 

Svo. London, 1839 

RITUUM ccclesiasticorum sive sacrarum ceremoni- 
arum SS. Romanae ecclesiae libri tres. [By 
AuGUSTiNus Patricius Piccolomini.] 

fol. Gregorii de Gregoriis. Venice, 1516 

RIVA, Giovanni Pietro. 

.SVc Bertoldo con Bertoldino. Bologna, 1736, etc. 
„ Lapiteio, R., pseud. 

RIVALS (The) : a comedy. Second edition. [By 
Richard Brinsley Sheridan.] 

8vo. London, 1775 

RIVAROL, Antoine, Comte de. 

For Life, see Palmdzeaux, M. de C. de. Paris, 
1 803. 

RIVAROL, Antoine, Comte de. jMemoires. [Me- 
moires relatifs a la revolution fran9aise.] 

Svo. Paris, 1824 


See Turin. Codices manuscripti bibliothecse, etc. 
Turin, 1749. 

RIVE, Jean Joseph. 

See Chasse aux bibliographes. London, 1788-89. 

Catalogue de la bibliotheque des livres de feu 

I'abbe Rive, acquise par Chaufl'ard et Colombey ; 
mis en ordre par C. F. Achakd. 

2 parts in 1 vol. Svo. Marseilles, 1793 

Lettre vraiment philosophique a monseigneur 

I'eveque du Clermont sur les difFerentes motions 
qu'il a faites dans notre auguste Assemblee 

Svo. NomopoUs [AixT\ 1790 

RIVERS, Anthony Wydevile, earl. 

See Christine de Pisan. Moral proverbs. West- 
minster [1478]. 
„ Cordyale. {JVestminster'] 1479. 
„ Dictes or sayengis. Westminster, 1477, etc. 

RIVETUS, Andreas, junior, pseud, i.e. Andrew 
Marvell. Mr. Smirke ; or, the divine in mode : 
being certain annotations upon the Animadver- 
sions [by F. Turner, Bishop of Ely] on the 
Naked truth [by H. Croft, Bishop of Hereford], 
together with a short historical essay, concerning 
general councils, etc. 

4to. [London 1] 1676 

RIVlilRE, Charles Frangois de Riffardeau, due de. 

Memoires posthumes, lettres et pieces authen- 
tiques touchant sa vie et sa mort. By the 
Viscount J. J. de Naylies.] 

Svo. Paris, 1829 

RIVINUS, Andreas. 

See Cassius latrosophista. Naturales quaes- 
tiones. Leipzig, 1653. 

RIVISTA di filologia e d'instruzione classica. Diret- 
tori G. MiJLLER e D. Pezzi [and others]. 

In progress. Svo. Turin, etc., 1873, etc. 

RIZZI ZANNONI, Giovanni Antonio. 
See Zannoni, G. A. R. 

ROBARTES, Foulke. Gods holy house and service, 
according to the primitive and most Christian 
forme thereof, described by F. R. 

4to. Thomas Cotes. London, 1639 



ROBBINS, Thomas. 

Sir Mather, C. Magnalia Christi Americana. 
Hartford, U.S.A., 1853. 

ROBE, Thomas. 

See Ways and means. London [1726]. 

EOBECK, Joannes. De morte voluntaria philoso- 
phorum et bonorum virorum. Eecensuit J. N. 


4to. Rinteln, 1736 
ROBERT de Monte. See Robertus de Torinneio. 

ROBERT II., King of France. 

For Life, see Collection des m^moires — Guizot 
[vol. vi.]. 

ROBERT, King of Naples. 11 trattado delle virtu' 
morali di Eoberto Re di Gerusalemme, il 
Tesoretto di ser Brunette liatini, Quattro 
canzoni di Bindo Bonichi da Siena, con alcune 
rime di M. Francesco Petrarcha. 

8vo. Twin, 1750 

ROBERT I. [Bruce], King of Scotland. 
For Life, sec Barbour, J. The Bruce. 

„ „ Gordon, P., Poet. The famous his- 

tory, etc. Glasgow, 1753. 

ROBERT le moine. 

See Robertus, Abbot of the Abbey of St. Eemi- 
gius at Rheims. 

ROBERT of Boston. 

See Scriptores historiae Anglicanae. London, 

ROBERT of Brunne. 

See Bonaventura, Saint. Meditations on the 
supper, etc. [Early English Text Society.] 
„ Langtoft, P. Chronicle. Oxford, 1725. 

Handlyng Synne ; with the French treatise 

on which it is founded, Lc Manuel des Pechiez 
by William of Wadiiigton. Edited by F. J. 
FURNIVALL. [Roxburghe Club, Ixxxi.] 

4to. London, 1862 

The Story of England by Robert Manning of 

Brunne, 1338. Edited by F. J. Fuknivall. 
[Rolls Series, No. 87.] 

2 vols. 8vo. London, I SS7 

ROBERT of Gloucester. 

See Church historians of England, vol. v. pt. 1 . 
„ Hearne, T. Works. London, 1810. 
„ Life and martyrdom of Thomas Beket. 
London, 1845. 

Chronicle, transcrib'd and now first publish'd 

from a MS. in the Harleyan library by T. 

2 vols. 8vo. Oxford, 1724 

Another edition. [Edited by W. A. Wright.] 

[Rolls Series, No. 86.] 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1887 

ROBERT of Torigni. See Robertus de Torinneio. 

ROBERT, Saint, of Knaresborough. 

See Metrical life of Saint Robert. [Roxburghe 


See La Fontaine, J. de. Fables. Paris, 1 825. 

ROBERT, Frangois. Voyage dans les treize cantons 
suisses, les Grisons, le Vallais. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1789 

ROBERTI, Giovanni Battista, Count. Opere. 

15 vols, in 13. l2mo. Bassano, 1789-97 

Raccolta di varie operette. 

8 vols. Svo. Bologna, 1767 

ROBERTS, A., Merchant. 

See Collection of voyages. Lrnidon, 1 729. 
„ Hacke, W. Collection of original voyages. 
London, 1699. 

ROBERTS, Alexander. 

<Sfe Irenaeus. Writings. Edinburgh, I86S-69. 
„ Patres Apostolici. The writings of the 
apostolic fathers. Edinburgh, 1 867. 

Discussions on the Gospels. Second edition. 
Svo. Cambridge, 1864 

Greek the language of Christ and His apostles. 

Svo. London, 1888 

ROBERTS, Charles. Observations on the Gulf 
passage ; or the passage from Jamaica through 
the Gulf of Florida by the Grand Cayman and 
cape St. Antonio, and on the Bahama islands. 

4to. London, 1795 



ROBERTS, David. Egypt and Nubia from draw- 
ings made on the spot, with historical descrip- 
tions by W. Brockedon. 

3 vols. fol. London, 1 846-49 

The Holy Land : Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt 

and Nubia from drawings made on the spot, with 
historical descriptions by G-. Croly. 

3 vols. fol. Loiulon, 1842-49 

ROBERTS, George, Captain, pseud. 1 The four 

years voyages of captain Roberts in the Cape de 

Verd islands, etc. Written by himself. [By 

Daniel Defoe 1] 

8vo. London, 1726 

ROBERTS, George, of Lyme Regis. 

Sc' Yonge, W. Diary. [Camden Society.] 

ROBERTS, Griffith. A Welsh grammar and other 
tracts, Milan, 1567. A facsimile reprint pub- 
lished as a supplement to the Revue Celtique, 
1870-1883. [Edited by H. Gaidoz.] 

12mo. Paris [1883] 

ROBERTS, Jane. Two years at sea : being the 
narrative of a voyage to the Swan river and 
Van Dieman's land, 1829-31. 

8vo. London, 1834 

ROBERTS, Jolin. 

See Answer to Mr. Pope's preface to Shakespear. 
London, 1729. 

ROBERTS, Peter. The Cambrian popular anti- 
quities, or an account of some traditions, customs, 

and superstitions of Wales. 

8vo. London, 1815 

ROBERTS, Robert. 

Sec More, Sir T. Utopia. Boston, 1878. 

ROBERTS, William, Editor of The Bookworm. The 
book-hunter in London. 

4to. London, 1 895 

ROBERTS, William, M.A. 

See Marmorum Oxoniensium inscriptiones. 
Oxfanl, 1791. 

ROBERTS, William Page. Law and God. Fifth 

8vo. London, 1878 

ROBERTSON, Alexander W. Hand-List of Biblio- 
graphy of the Shires of Aberdeen, Banff, and 
Kincardine. [Spalding CIuIj, new series.] 

8vo. Aberdeen, 1893 

ROBERTSON, Eben William. Scotland under her 
early Kings. A history of the kingdom to the 
close of the thirteenth century. 

2 vols. 8vo. Edinhurgh, 1862 

ROBERTSON, Frederick William. Expository 
lectures on St. Paul's epistles to the Corinthians. 

8vo. London, 1859 

Lectures and addresses on literary and social 


8vo. London, 1858 

Life and letters. Edited by S. A. Brooke. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1865 

New edition. 

8vo. London, 1874 

— Notes on Genesis. [Edited by C. B. Robert- 

8vo. London, 1877 

The human race and other sermons. 

8vo. London, 1880 

Sermons preached at Brighton. [Four series.] 

New edition. 

4 vols. 8vo. London, 1880 

ROBERTSON, George, and CHARTERIS, Henry. 

De vita et morte Roberti Rollok, academiae 

Edinburgenae primarii, narrationes. [Bannatyne 


4to. Edinburgh, 1826 

ROBERTSON, George Croom. 

&« Grote, G. Aristotle. London, 1880. 

Hobbes. [Philosophical classics for English 

readers, x.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1886 

Philosophical remains, with a memoir. Edited 

by A. Bain and T. Whittaker. 

8vo. London, 1894 

ROBERTSON, J. Drummond. A glossary of dialect 

and archaic words used in the county of 

Gloucester. Edited by Lord Moreton. [English 

Dialect Society, Ixi.] 

8vo. London, 1890 

ROBERTSON, James. Editio secunda grammaticae 

Hebracae : cum appendice. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1783 



ROBERTSON, James Burton. 

See Moehler, J. A. Symbolism. London, 1843. 
„ Schlegel, C. W. F. von. The philosophy of 
history. London, 18-t6. 

ROBERTSON, James Oraigie. 

See Bargrave, J. Pope Alexander the seventh. 
[Camden Society.] 
„ Materials for the history of Thomas Becket. 

[Kolls Series.] 

History of the christian church from the 

apostolic age to the Reformation, a.d. 64-1.517. 
4 vols. 8vo. London, 1866-73 

ROBERTSON, John Mackinnon. 

See Bonner, H. B. Charles Bradlaugh. London, 

Sec Bannatyne Club. 
„ Spalding Club. 

ROBERTSON, William. An historical disquisition 
concerning the knowledge which the ancients 
had of India ; and the progress of trade with 
that country prior to the discovery of the 
passage to it by the Cape of Good Hope. 

4to. London, 1791 

Third edition. 

8vo. London, 1799 

The history of America. 

2 vols. 4to. London, Mil 

The history of America, books ix. and x., con- 
taining the history of Virginia to the year 1688, 
and the history of New England to the year 
1652. [Edited by W. Robertson, the younger.] 

4to. London, 1796 

— The history of Scotland during the reigns of 

Mary and James VI., till his accession to the 

crown of England, with a review of the Scottish 

history previous to that period. Third edition. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1760 

The history of the reign of the Emperor 

Charles v., with a view of the progress of society 

in Europe from the subversion of the Roman 

empire to the beginning of the sixteenth century. 

3 vols. 4to. London, 1769 

ROBERTUS, Abbot of the Abbey of St. Reraigius 
at Rheims. 
See Collection des m^moires — Guizot [vol. xxiii.]. 


ROBERTUS de Avesbury. 

See Adamus Murimuthensis. Continuatio 
Chronicirum. [Rolls Series.] 

Historia de mirabilibus gestis Edvardi III. : 

accedunt libri Saxonici qui ad manus J. Joscelini 
venerunt, nomina eorum qui scripserunt historiam 
gentis Anglorum et ubi exstant : e codicibus 
Mss. Edidit T. Hearnius. 

8vo. Oxfm-d, 1720 

ROBERTUS de Graystanes. 

See Gaufridus de Ooldingham. Historiae Dunel- 
mensis scriptorcs tres. [Surtees Society.] 

ROBERTUS de Torinneio. 

See Chronicles of the reigns of Stephen, etc. 

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See Mad pranks. [Percy Society.] 

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septentrionale en I'annde 1781. 

8vo. Philadelphia, 1782 

Voyages dans I'interieur de la Louisiaue, de la 

Floride occidentale, et dans Ics isles de la 
Martinique et de Saint-Domingue, 1 802-6, suivis 
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ROBIN'S last shift. 

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panegyrick ; or, the Norfolk Miscellany. 

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2 E 



ROBINS, Benjamin. 

See Observations on the present convention with 
Spain. London, 1739. 

ROBINSON, Anthony. A short history of the 
persecution of Christians by Jews, heathens, and 
Christians. To which are added, an account 
of the present state of religion, in the United 
States of America, etc. 

8vo. Carlisle [1793] 

ROBINSON, C. Clough. A glossary of words per- 
taining to the dialect of Mid- Yorkshire, with 
others peculiar to Lower Nidderdale ; to which 
is prefixed an outline grammar of the Mid- York- 
shire dialect. [English Dialect Society, xiv.] 

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See Best, H. Rural economy in Yorkshire. 

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Another edition. [English Scholar's Library, 


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Biblical researches in Palestine and the adjacent 

regions. A journal of travels in the years 1838 
and 1 852 by E. Robinson, E Smith, and others. 
Second edition. 

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— Physical geography of the Holy Land. A 
supplement to the author's Biblical researches in 

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ROBINSON, Henry. Certain proposalls in order to 
the peoples freedome and accommodation in some 
p.articulars, with the advancement of trade and 
navigation of this common-wealth in generall. 

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and correspondence. Selected and edited by T. 
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Euthaliana ; studies of Euthalius, Codex H. of 

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with an appendix containing a collation of the 
Eton MS. of the pseudo-Athanasian synopsis. 
[Texts and studies, iii. 3.] 

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wicke Hall. [Part iii. of the original edition of 
Vitravius Britannicus.] 

fol. London, 183.'') 

— Rural architecture ; or, a series of designs for 
ornamental cottages. 

4to. London, 182.'i 

Vitruvius Britannicus; history of Woburn 

Abbey, Hatfield House, Hardwicke Hall, and 
Cassiobury House. Edited by J. Brixton. 

fol. London, 1847 


See More, Sir T. [Utopia. English.] London, 
1551, etc. 

ROBINSON, Richard. A golden mirrour, contein- 
ing certaine pithie and figurative visions prog- 
nosticating good fortune to England, and all 
true English subjectes. Reprinted from the 
original edition of 1589, with an introduction 
and notes by T. CoRSER. [Chetham Society, 

4to. [Manchester] 1851 

ROBINSON, Robert. 

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A political catechism, intended to convey, in a 

familiar manner, just ideas of good civil govern- 
ment, and the British constitution. Third 

8vo. London, 1784 

ROBINSON, Thomas, Professor of Theology. 

See Hesiod. Opera. [Greek and Latin.] Oxford, 
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ROBINSON, Thomas, Mariner. The anatomie of 
the English nunnery at Lisbon in Portugal! ; 
dissected and laid open by one that was some- 
time a younger brother of the convent. 

4to. Foi- r. Stephens and C. Meredith. l637 

ROBINSON, Thomas, Rector of Ousby. An essay 
towards a natural history of Westmorland and 

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A serious exhortation to the inhabitants of 
Great Britain with reference to the approaching 
fast. Second edition. 

12mo. London, 1795 

ROBINSON, William. The history and antiquities 
of the parish of Edmonton in the county of 

8vo. London, 1819 

The history and antiquities of the parish of 

Stoke Newington in the county of Middlesex. 

8vo. London, 1820 

The history and antiquities of the parish of 

Tottenham High Cross in the county of Middle- 
sex. To which is added an appendix, containing 
Henry Lord Coleraine's History of Tottenham, 
and W. Bedwell's Brief history of Tottenham, 
with the antient poem of the Tournament of 
Tottenham, with a glossary, etc. 

8yo. Tottenham, 1818 

ROBINSON, William Davis. Memoirs of the Mexi- 
can revolution, including a narrative of the 
expedition of General Xavier Mina, with some 
observations on the practicability of opening a 
commerce between the Pacific and Atlantic 
oceans through the Mexican isthmus. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1821 


See Black, Joseph. Lectures on the elements of 
chemistry. Edinburgh, 1803. 

ROBLES, Eugenio de. Compendio de la vida y 
hazaiias del Cardenal don fray Francisco Ximenez 
de Cisneros : y del Oficio y Missa Muzarabe. 

4to. Toledo, 1604 

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ROBORTELLO, Francesco. 

iStfc Aristotle. [Poetica.] Florence, 1 54-8. 
„ Longinus, D. C. Liber de sublimi orationis 
genere, etc. Lasle [1554]. 

De historica facultate disputatio : Laconici, 

seu sudationis explicatio : De nominibus Roman- 
orum : De rhetoriea facultate : Explicatio in 
Catulli epithalamium. Annotationes in varia 
tam Graecorum quam Latinorum loca, etc. 

8vo. Law. Torrentinus. Florence, 1548 



BOBOBTELLO, Francesco. De vita et victu populi 
Eomani sub imperatoribus tomus i. qui continet 
libros XV., et disjjutationes novem. 

fol. /. B. and A. Benacii and J. Eubmis. 

Bologna, 1559 

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See Dorner, I. A. History of protestant theology. 
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See Three early English metrical romances. 
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BOBSON, Joseph. An account of six year.s' resi- 
dence in Hudson's Bay, 1733-36 and 1744-47: 
to which is added an appendix containing a 
short history of the discovery of Hudson's 
Bay, etc. 

8vo. London, 1752 

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second series. 

4 vols. 8vo. London, 1829-31 

BOCCA, Delia, Abbe. Traite complet sur les 
abeilles, avec une methode nouvelle de les 
gouverner, telle qu'elle se pratique k Syra: 
precede d'un precis historique de cette lie. 

3 vols. 8vo. Pam, 1790 

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Apostolica Vaticana a Sixto v. Pont. Max. in 

splendidiorem commodioremque locum translata. 

4to. Ex typ. Vatimna. jRome, 1591 

Osservationi intorno alle bellezze della lingua 


8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1576 

• Another edition. 
■ Another edition. 

8vo. Venice, 1580 
8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1590 

BOC— D, Nanny, pseud. Letter to a member of 
the B— f Stake Club, in vindication of certain 
ladies calumniated in the Freeholder of March 
9th, in the stile of a certain knight. 

4to. London, 1716 

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marquis de. 

Sec Antony [de Bourbon], King of Navarre. 
Lettres. Paris, 1877. 

EOCHE, Antonin. Histoire d'Angleterre depuis les 
temps les plus recules. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1840 

BOCHECHOUABT, Guillaume de. 

See Collection complete des m^moires [vol. xxxii. 
„ Collection universelle des memoir es [vols, 
xxxix., xl.]. 

BOCHEFOBT, Charles de. 

See Histoire naturelle et morale des iles Antilles. 
Rotterdam, 1 681. 

Relation de I'isle de Tabago. 

12mo. Paris, 1666 

BOCHEFOBT, Guillaume Dubois de. 

See Homer. L'lliade et I'Odyssde. Paris, 1781- 
„ Sophocles. Theatre. Paris, 1788. 

BOCHEFOUCAULD. See La Bochefoucauld. 

BOCHEGUDE, Henri Pascal de. 

See Parnasse Occitanien. Toulouse, 1819. 

BOCHESTEE, John Wilmot, earl of. 

For Life, see Burnet, G. London, 1820. 
„ Johnson, S. Works of the English poets. 
London, 1790. 

• Works : poems, letters, with Valentinian, a 


12mo. London, 1714 

BOCHESTEB, Laurence Hyde, earl of. 

See Clarendon, H. H., earl of. Correspondence. 

London, 1828. 

BOCHETTE, B6su:6 Baoul. 
See Baoul Bochette, D. 

BOCHON, Alexis Marie. Recueil de memoires sur 
la m^canique et la physique. 

8vo. Paris, 1783 

Voyage a Madagascar et aux Indes Orientales. 

8vo. Paris, 1791 

HOCHON DE CHABANNES, Marc Antoine Jacques. 
See Theatre Frangais. 3"" ordre, vol. vi. Pans, 

Theatre, suivi de quelques pifeces fugitives. 

2vols.ini. 8vo. Pans, 1786 



ROCK, Daniel. The church of our Fathers, as 
seen in St. Osmund's rite for tlie cathedral of 
Salisbury, with dissertations on the belief and 
ritual in England before and after the coming of 
the Normans. 

3 vols, in 4. 8vo. London, 1849-53 

Hierurgia, or the holy sacrifice of the Mass ; 

with notes and dissertations elucidating its 
doctrines and ceremonies. 

2 vols. 8vo. Fyondon, 1 833 

ROD (A) for the Burkites, consisting of remonstra- 
tive answers to the objections and invectives, of 
the interested, bigoted, and misguided inhabi- 
tants of Stockport, against the ' Friends of 
Universal peace, and the Eights of man.' Second 

8vo. Manchester [1792] 

RODD, James Rennell. 

See Portal, Sir G. H. British mission to Uganda 
in 1893. London, 189*. 

RODD, Jane, Lady. 

Sec Rennell, J. Treatise on the comparative 
geogi'aphy of Western Asia. London, 1 831. 

RODD, Thomas. 

See Turpin, J. History of Charles the Great. 
London, 1812. 

RODE, August. 

See Vitruvius Pollio, M. De architectura libri 
decem. Berlin, 1800-1801. 

RODERICK, John. English and Welch dictionary ; 
or, the English before the Welch. 

8vo. Shrcwsburi/, 1725 

Another edition. 

12mo. Shrewsbury, 1725 

RODERICUS de Santa Ella. Oratio in die Parascevc 
anno 1477 habita. 

4to. [S. Planck Borm, 1477] 

RODERICUS [Sancius de Arevalo], Bishop of 
Zamora. Compendiosa historia Hispanica. 

8vo. Ul. Han. [liome, 1474] 

— — Epistola lugubris super expugnatione insule 

fol. [U. Zel. Cologne, 1470] 

RODERICUS [Sancius de Arevalo], Bishop of 
Zamora. Speculum vite humane. 

4to. Sweijnheym and Fannartz. liome, 1468 

Another edition. 

fol. G. Zainer, Augsburg, 1471 

Another edition. 

fol. Helyas Helye ah de Lonffen. 
Munskr, 1472 

■ Another edition. 

4to. Chr. Beyain. [Savigliano, 1474] 

• Another edition. 

4to. [U. Zel. Cologne, 1475] 

Another edition. 

fol. M. Flach. Strasburg, 1475 

Another edition. 

fol. Guillaumc le Hoy. Lyons, 1477 

Speculum humane vite et alii tractatus. 

4to. [/. du Pr^.] Besan^&n, 1488 

RODRIGUEZ, Christoval. Bibliotheca universal de 
la polygraphia Espanola. 

fol. Madrid, 1738 

RODRIGUEZ, Miguel de Manuel y. Memorias piura 
la vida del santo rey don Fernando ill. dadas a 
luz con apendices. 

fol. Madrid, 1800 

See Castro, J. R. de. 

RODRIGUEZ MOHEDANO, Rafael and Pedro. 

Historia literaria de Espafia, desde su primera 

poblacion hasta nuestros dias. (Apologia del 

Tomo v.) 

10 vols, in 11. 4to. Madrid, 1768-91 

RODWAY, James. The West Indies and the 
Spanish Main. [Story of the Nations, xlii.] 

8vo. London, 1896 

ROE, Secretary to Colonel John Birch. Military 
memoir of Colonel John Birch, sometime gover- 
nor of Hereford in the civil war between Charles i. 
and the Parliament. With an historical and 
critical commentary, notes, and an appendix, by 
J. Webb. Edited by his son, T. W. Webb. 
[Camden Society, N. S., vii.] 

4to. London, 1873 



ROE, Eobert. An answer to a pamphlet intitled, 
Thoughts oil the manufacture and trade of salt. 

8vo. London [nsG] 

ROEBUCK, Right Hon. John Arthur. History of 
the Whig ministry of 1830 to the passing of the 

Reform Bill. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1852 

ROEMER, Johann Jacob. Genera insectorum 
Liiinaei et Fabricii iconibus illustrata. 

4to. Winterfhur, 1789 

ROESEL VON ROSBNHOF, August Johann. His- 
toria naturalis ranarum nostratium, cum praefa- 
tione A. VON Haller. [Latin and German.] 

8vo. Nureraberg, 1758 

ROESSLIN, Eucharius. The birth of mankynde, 
otherwise named the womans booke. [Trans- 
lated from the Latin of E. R.] Newly set foorth, 
corrected and augmented by T. Raynalde. 

4to. London, 1565 

ROETTEKIN, Hubert. Der zusammengesetzte 
Satz bei Berthold von Regensburg. [Quellen 
und Forschungen, liii.] 

8vo. Slrashurg, 1884' 

ROEVER, Matthias. 

See Musaeus. De Herone et Leandro. Leijden, 

ROGER of Hoveden. See Hoveden, R. 

ROGER of Wendover. 

&e, Paris, M. Historia major. London, 1639-4^0. 

Chronica sive flores historiarum, nunc primum 

edidit H. O. CoXE : appendix in qua lectionum 
varietas additionesque quibus chronicon istud 
ampliavit Mattiiaeus Parisiensis. [English 
Historical Society.] 

5 vols. 8vo. London, 184.1-14. 

Another edition, 1154-1235. Edited by H. G. 

Hewlett. [Rolls Series, No. 84.] 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1886-89 

ROGER, Eugene. La terrc sainte, ou description 
topographiquc tres particuliere des saints lieux 
et de la terre de promission. 

4to. Paris, 1664 

ROGERS, Arthur George Liddon. 

See Rogers, J. E. T. Industrial and commercial 
history of England. London, 1892. 

ROGERS, Charles, D.D, 
See Grampian Club. 
„ Stirling, W. A., earl of. Register of royal 
letters. Edinburgh, 1885. 

The book of Wallace. [Grampian Club.] 

2 vols. 4to. Edinburgh, 1889 

Genealogical memoirs of John Knox and of the 

family of Knox. [Grampian Club and Royal 
Historical Society.] 

8vo. London, 1879 

— Genealogical memoirs of the families of Colt 
and Coutts. [Royal Historical Society.] 

8vo. London, 1879 

— Genealogical memoirs of the family of Robert 
Burns, and of the Scottish house of Burnes. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1877 

— Genealogical memoirs of the family of Sir 
Walter Scott, with a reprint of his Memorials of 
the Haliburtons. [Grampian Club and Royal 
Historical Society.] 

8vo. London, 1877 

— Genealogical memoirs of the house of Christie, 
compiled from family papers and public docu- 
ments. [Royal Historical Society.] 

8vo. London, 1878 

— Historical notices of St. Anthony's monastery, 
Leith, and rehearsal of events which occurred in 
the north of Scotland from 1635 to l645. Edited 
from a contemporary MS. [Grampian Club.] 

8vo. London, 1877 

— History of the Chapel Royal of Scotland, with 
the register of the Chapel Royal of Stirling; 
including details in relation to the rise and pro- 
gress of Scottish music, and observations respect- 
ing the order of the Thistle. [Grampian Club.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1882 

— Life of George Wishart, the Scottish martyr, 
with his translation of the Helvetian Confession, 
and a genealogical history of the family of 
Wishart. [Grampian Club.] 

8vo. London; 1876 



ROGERS, Charles, D.D. Monuments and monu- 
mental inscriptions in Scotland. [Gramjjian 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1871-72 

Scotland, Social and Domestic : memorials of 

life and manners in North Britain. [Grampian 

8vo. London, 1869 

Social life in Scotland from early to recent 

times. [Grampian Club.] 

3 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1884-86 

ROGERS, Charles, F.E.S. Catalogue of books in 
various languages and faculties, part of his 
library. Sold by auction 1801. 

8vo. London [1801] 

ROGERS, Henry. 

&e Defence of the Eclipse. London, 1854. 
„ Eclipse of faith. London, 1S52. 
„ Howe, J. Works. London, 1862-63. 

Life and character of John Howe, with an 

analysis of his writings. A new edition. 

8vo. London, 1863 

The superhuman origin of the Bible inferred 

from itself. [Congregational Lecture, 1873.] 
Third edition. 

8yo. London, 187.'5 

ROGERS, James Edwin Thorold. 

See Bright, J. Speeches. London, IS69. 

„ Cobden Club essays. London, 1872. 

„ Cobden, R. Speeches. London, 1870. 

„ Gascoigne, T. Loci e libro veritatum. Ox- 
ford, 1881. 

„ Oxford city documents. [Oxford Historical 

„ Questions for a reformed parliament. London, 

„ Smith, A. Inquiry into the wealth of nations. 
Oxford, I869. 

— The economic interpretation of history. Second 

8vo. London, 1891 

— Holland. Second edition. [Story of the 
Nations, xv.] 

8vo. London, 1889 

The industrial and commercial history of 

England. Edited by A. G. L. Rogers. 

8vo. London, 1892 

ROGERS, James Guinness. The church systems of 
England in the nineteenth century. [Congrega- 
tional Lecture.] 

8vo. London, 1881 

ROGERS, John, Author of ' The Summc of Chris- 

See R. (J.) The displaying of an horrible secte, 
etc. Lmvlon, 1579. 

ROGERS, John, D.D., Canon of Wells. 

See Burton, J., D.D. Elogium sacrum memoriae 
Johannis Rogers. London, 1734. 

ROGERS, John, Martyr. 

See Bible, English. 1537, etc. 

ROGERS, Nathan. Memoirs of Monmouthshire, 
with an appendix of the case of Wentwood. 

12mo. London, 1708 

ROGERS, Samuel. 

For Life, sec Olayden, P. W. London, 1887. 


8vo. London, 1812 

— Another edition. [With engravings from 
designs by Turner and Stothard.] 

8vo. London, 1834 

Human life : a poem. [With MS. additions.] 

4to. London, 1819 

— Italy ; a poem ; part the first. 

8vo. London, 1823 

— Italy : a poem. [With illustrations from 
designs by Turner and Stothard.] 

8vo. London, 1830 

The pleasures of memory, with other poems. 
12mo. London, 1802 

ROGERS, T., Captain. 

See Buddhagosha Parables. London, 1 870. 

ROGERS, Thomas, Chaplain to Archbishop Bancroft. 
The catholic doctrine of the church of England, 
an exposition of the thirty-nine articles. Edited 
by J. J. S. Perowne. [Parker Society, lii.] 

8vo. Cambridge, 1854 

ROGERS, Thomas, Controversialist. 

See True protestant bridle. London, 1694. 



ROGERS, Woodes. A cruising voyage round the 
world, 1708-11. 

8vo. London, 1712 

ROGERSON, William. 

See Cockbiirn, J. Proceedings on the trial. 
London, 1783. 

ROGET, Peter Mark. Animal and vegetable physio- 
logy considered with reference to natural 
theology. [Bridgewater Treatises, v.] 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1834 

Thesaurus of English words and phrases, 

classified and arranged so as to facilitate the 
expression of ideas and assist in literary com- 
position. New edition enlarged and improved, 
by J. L. EoGET. 

8vo. London, 1884 

BOGISSARD, De. Les delices de I'ltalie, ou descrip- 
tion exacte de ce pays, de ses principales villes 
et de toutes les raretez qu'il contient ; enrichie 
de figures. 

3 vols. 8vo. Leyden, 1706 

ROGLER, Johann Bartholomaeus. 

See Ludwig, 0. Teutsch Englisches Lexicon. 
Leipzig, 1763-65. 

ROHAN, Henri, due de. 

See Collection des m^moires — Petitot [vols, xviii., 

Memoires sur les choses advenues en France 

depuis la mort de Henri le Grand jusques a la 
paix faite en juin 1629. 

Veritable discours de ce qui s'est passe en 
I'assemblee politique des Eglises reform6es, tenue 
h. Saumur, 1 6 1 1 . 

2 parts in 1 vol. 12mo. [L. Elzevier. 
Jmsterdam] 1646 

Voyage faict en I'an 1 600, en Italie, Allemaigne, 

Pays-Bas uni, Angleterre, et Escosse. 

12mo. L. Elzevier. Amsterdam, 1646 

ROHAN, Louis Ren^ fidouard de, Prince, Cardinal. 
Si:e Balsamo, G. Mdmoirc pour le comtc de 
Cagliostro. Paris, 1786. 

Mt-moire en forme de rcquete introductive au 

parlcment, les chambres assemblees, signifi^e .'i 
Mr. lo procurour-gdn^ral. 

4to. [Straslmrg t] 1786 

ROHAN, Louis Ren6 "Sdouard de. Prince, Cardinal. 
M6moire pour L. E. E. de Eohan, centre M. le 
procureur-general en presence de la dame de la 

Motte, du sieur de Villette, de la demoiselle 
d'Oliva, et du comte de Cagliostro, co-accus(5s. 

4to. Paris, 1786 

Pieces justificatives pour M. le cardinal de 

Eohan, accuse ; declarations authentiques selon 
la forme angloise. 

4to. [Strasburgi] 1786 

ROHDE, Ulric Andreas. De veterum poetarum 
sapientia gnomica Hebraeorum in primis et 
Graecorum commentatus est U. A. E. 

8vo. Copenhagen, 1800 

ROILLET, Claude. Varia poemata. 

l6mo. Paris, 1556 

ROJAS, Ferdinando de. 

See Celestina. Antwerp, 1599. 

R6JAS, Martinus de. Bishop of Malta. Oratio 

Tridenti in generali congregatione die 7 Septem- 

bris 1563 habita. (Eesponsum Sanctae Synodi.) 

4to. Lud. Sabiensis for J. B. Bozola. 

Brescia, 1563 

ROJAS ZORRILLA, Francisco de. Comedia 
famosa, la esmeralda del amor. 

4to. Valencia, 1763 

Comedia famosa, el mas impropio verdugo por 

la mas justa venganza. 

4to. Valencia, 1763 

Comedia famosa, cl profeta falso Mahoma. 

4to. Valencia, 1761 

ROKEEY, Matthew Robinson-Morris, baron. 

See Considerations on the measures. London 
„ Further examination of our American 
measures. Bath, 1776. 

An address to the county of Kent on their 

petition to the king for removing from the 
councils of his majesty his present ministers and 
for a speedy peace. 

8vo. London, 1797 

ROKEEY, Sir Thomas. 

See Miscellanea. [Surtees Society.] 



ROKEWODE, John Gage. 

Sec Jocelinus de Brakelonda. Chronica. [Cam- 
den Society.] 

ROLAND DE LA PLATliiRE, Mario Jeanne 
Phlipon, afterwards. CEuvres. 

3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1800 

— Appel :\ Timpartiale post^rit(5 : quatrieme 

8vo. /'flW.s [1795] 

Memoires, avec des notes par MM. Berville et 

Barri6re. [Memoires relatifs a la revolution 

2 vols. Svo. Prtris, 1820-21 

ROLAND LE VIRLOYS, Charles Frangois. Dic- 
tionnaire d'arcbitecture, et de tons les arts et 
metiers qui en dependent. 

3 vols. 4to. Paris, 1770-71 

ROLES Gascons, transcrits et publics par F. Michel 
[and C. Bemont]. Tom. i. [and supplement]. 
[Documents in^dits sur I'histoire de France.] 

2 vols. fans, 1885-96 

ROLEWINCKIUS, Wernerus. Fasciculus temporum. 
fol. Am. ther Hoernen. Cologne, 1474 

Another edition. 

fol. G. JFalch. Venice, 1479 

Another edition. 

fol. Bart. Segura. Seville, 1480 

Another edition. 

fol. /. Feldener. Utrecht, 1480 

Another edition. 

fol. E. Ratdolt. Venice, 1481 

Another edition. 

fol. [1495] 

ROLL of the proceedings of the King's Council in 
Ireland, for a portion of the l6th year of the 
reign of Eichard ii. 1392-93. Edited by J. 
Graves. [EoUs Series, No. (59.] 

Svo. London, 1877 

ROLLAC, Jacques S^bastien. Expos^ fiddle des 
faits aiithentiquement prouves qui ont precede 
et amen6 la journee de Bordeaux au 12 mars, 

Svo. Paris, 1816 


ROLLAND, John. The seven sages : in Scotish 
metre. [Bannatyne Club.] 

4to. Edinburgh, 1837 

ROLLE, Denys. 

See Stork, W. An extract from the account. 
London, 1766. 

To the right hon. the Lords of his majesty's 

privy council, the humble petition of D. R., setting 
forth the hardships which have attended him 
in his attempts to make a settlement in East 
Florida, humbly praying relief. 

Svo. {London, 1765] 

ROLLE, Richard, of Hampolc. 
See Hampole, R. R., of. 

BOLLI, Paolo Antonio. 

See Bemi, F. Opere burlesche. London, 1721-24. 
„ Guarini, G. B. II pastor fido. London, 1718. 
,, Milton. J. Del paradise perduto. London, 

ROLLIN, Charles. 

See Concise history of the antiquities. London, 
„ Essais de critique. Amsterdam, 1740. 
„ Histoire moderne des Chinois. Pnm, 1755-78. 

De la maniere d'enseigner et d'etudier les 


2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1740 

Nouvelle edition. 

4 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1755 

Supplement au trait6 de la maniere d'enseigner 

et d'etudier les belles-lettres. 

12mo. Paris, 1734 

_ The method of teaching and studying the 
belles lettres. Translated from the French. 

4 vols. Svo. London, 1734 

Histoire anciennc des Egypticns, des Cartha- 

<rinois, des Assyriens, des Babyloniens, des Mfedos 
et des Perses, des Macedoniens, des Grecs. 

6 vols. 4to. Paris, 1740 

— Histoire romaine, jusqu'a la fin de la r^pub- 
lique : continude par Crevier. 

S vols. 4to. Paris, 1752 



ROLLO, John. Medical report of cases of inocula- 
tion and re-inoculation with variolous and vaccine 


8vo. London, 1804. 

ROLLOCK, Robert. 

For Life, see Robertson, G., and Charteris, H. 
[Bannatyne Club.] 

Select works. Edited by W. M. GuNN. 

[Wodrow Society.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1844-49 

BOLLS of burgesses at the guilds merchant of the 
borough of Preston, 1397-1682. Edited by W. 
A. Abram. [Record Society, ix.] 

8vo. [Manchester] 1884 

ROLLS Series. See Chronicles and Memorials. 

ROLT, Richard. 

See Royal Shepherd. London [ 1 765]. 

Almena : an English opera. 

Svo. London, 1764 

Lives of the principal reformers, comprehend- 
ing the general history of the Reformation from 
1360 to l600: with heads of the reformers 
elegantly done in mezzotinto by Mr. Houston. 

fol. London, 1759 

ROMAGNESI, Jean Antoine. CEuvres. Nouvelle 
Edition, augmentee de la vie de I'auteur. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1772 

ROMAN de la Rose. See Lorris, G. de. 

ROMAN Exploration Fund. See Parker, J. H. 

ROMAN, Jean Joseph Th^r^se. Memoires his- 
toriques et inedits sur les revolutions arrivees 
en Danemarck et en Suede, 1770-72, suivi 
d'anecdotes sur le pape Ganganelli, et d'un recit 
sur I'abdication de Victor Amedee, roi de Savoie. 
[Edited by A. Couvret.] 

Svo. Paris, 1807 

ROMAN, Joseph. 

See Du Terrail, P. La trfes joyeuse . . . histoire. 
Paris, 1878. 

ROMANOERO general, en que se contienen todos los 
romances que andan impresses, aora nuevamente 
afiadido y emendado por Pedro Flores. 

4to. Juan do la Cuesta. Madrid, 1 6li 

ROMANES, George John. Animal intelligence. 

Fourth edition. [International Scientific Series, 


8vo. London, 1886 

Christian prayer and general laws. [Burney 

Prize Essay, 1873.] 

8vo. London, 1874 

Darwin and after Darwin ; an exposition of 

the Darwinian theory, and a discussion of post- 
Darwinian questions : i. The Darwinian theory. 

Svo. London, 1892 

Jelly-fish, star-fish, and sea-urchins : being a 

research on primitive nervous systems. Second 
edition. [International Scientific Series, 1.] 

Svo. London, 1885 

Mental evolution in animals : with a post- 
humous essay on instinct by Charles Darwin. 

Svo. Loiulon, 1885 

Mental evolution in man ; origin of human 


Svo. London, 1888 

ROMANI, Giovanni. Opere. Vols, i.-iii. Dizion- 
ario generale de' sinonimi Italiani ; vols, iv.-v. 
Teorica della lingua Italiana; vol. vi. Osserva- 
zioni sopra varie voci del vocabolario della 
Crusca ; vol. vii. Teorica de' sinonimi Italiani ; 
vol. viii. opuscoli scelti sulla lingua Italiana. 

8 vols, in 5. Svo. Milan, 1S25-27 

ROMANIA, recueil trimestriel consacr6 a I'etude 
des langues et des litteratures romanes, publie 
par P. Meyer et G. Paris. 

In 2Jroijress. Svo. Paris, 1ST 2, etc. 

BOMANIS, Marianus de. 

See Compagnoni, M. Bibliothecae catalogus. 
Eo?ne, 1786. 

ROMANISOHE Studien. Herausgegeben von E. 

6 vols. Svo. Strasburg and Bonn, 1875-81 

ROME. Roma antica e moderna, o sia nuova des- 
crizione della citta, una relazione della presents 
corte di Roma e la cronologia de' re, consoli, im- 
peradori e pontefici. 

3 vols. 8vo. Borne, 1765 

ancienne et moderne. 

12mo. Paris, 1671 



ROME in the nineteenth century, containing a com- 
plete account of the ruins of the ancient city, 
the remains of the middle ages, and the monu- 
ments of modern times ; in a series of letters 
written during a residence at Rome in 1817 and 
1818. [By C. A. Eaton.] 

3 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1S20 

Accademia Pontificia de' nuovi Lineal. Atti. 

Series i. 2ti vols, in 22. 4to. 

Series ii. 8 vols, in 10. 4to. 

Series iii. Tran.sunti, 8 vols. ; Scienze morali, 

13 vols. ; Scienze fisiche, 19 vols, in 21. 

Series iv. Rendiconti, 7 vols, in 13; Scienze 
morali, 10 vols. ; Scienze fisiche, 7 vols. 

Series v. Eendicouti di scienze morali, 5 vols.; 
Rendiconti de scienze fisiche, 5 vols, in 10; 
Scienze morali, 3 vols. 

In progress. 8vo and 4to. Borne, 1851, etc. 

Societk. Romana di storia patria. Archivio. 

In progress. 8vo. Borne, 1878, etc. 

ROMl: DE L'ISLE, Jean Baptiste Louis de. Des 

caracteres exterieurs des min6raux. 

8vo. Paris, 1784 

ROMERTJS, Blasius. 

See Seneca, L. A. [Two or more works.] 
Naples, 1475, etc. 

ROMILLY, Sir Samuel. Memoirs of the life of Sir 
S. R., written by himself, with a selection from 
his correspondence. Edited by his sons. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1840 

Observations on the criminal law of England 

as it relates to capital punishments, and on the 
mode in which it is administered. 

8vo. London, 1810 

ROMME, Charles. Dictionnaire de la marine fran- 
qoise, avec figures. 

8vo. Paris, 1792 

Tableaux des vents, des marges, et des courans 

qui ont M observes sur toutes les mers du 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1806 

ROMNEY, George. 

For Life, see Hayley, W. Chichester, 1 809, 

ROMNEY, Henry Sidney, earl of. 
See Sidney, H. 

ROMULUS, Translator of Aesop's Fables. 

See Phaedrus. Fabularum Aesopiarum libri v. 
Brunswick, 1806. 

RONCALLI, Parolino Carlo, Count. Epigrammi. 
[Latin epigrams by various authors, translated 
into Italian, with the Latin text.] 

8vo. [Parma, 1790 1] 

RONCONI, Ignazio. Dizionario d'agricoltura o sia 
la coltivazione Italiana. 

2 vols. 8vo. Venice, 1783 

RONDET, Laurent ttienne. 

See Bible, Polyglott. 1820-24. 

RONDONNEAU, Louis. Code de la Conscription. 

8vo. Paris, 1810 

RONQUILLO, Pedro. The last memorial of the 
Spanish ambassador faithfully translated into 


single sheet, fol. London, l68I 

RONSARD, Pierre de. CEuvres. 

10 vols, in 4. 12mo. Paris, 1587 

Spanisb morocco, with the arms and cypher of De Thou. 

Les Hymnes. 

3 vols, in 1. 4to. Paris, 1555-56 

Citron morocco, with the arms and monogram of De Thon. 

RONSE, Edmond. 

See Heinderycx, P. Jaerboeken. Feurne, 1853- 

ROO, Gerardus de. Annales rerum belli domique 
ab Austriacis Habspurgicae gentis principibus a 
Rudolpho primo usque ad Carolum V. gestarum : 
Conradi Decii a Weydenberg opera nunc demum 
in lucem cditi. 

fol. /. Agricola. Innsbruck, 1592 

Vellum, with the arms of Rodoirii., Emperor of Germany. 

ROOD, Ogden Nicholas. Modern chromatics, with 
applications to art and industry. [International 
Scientific Series, xxvii.] 

8vo. London, 1879 

ROOKE, Sir George. 

Sec Ashby, Sir J. The account given by Sir 
J. A. London, 1691. 

ROOM for the cobler of Gloucester. 
See Wallis, R. 



BOOS, Johann Friedrich. 

See Seckendorf, V. L. von. Histoire de la re- 
formation. Basle, 1784-85. 

KOPER, William. Vita D. Thomse Mori, etc. 
Edidit T. Hearkius. [English and Latin.] 

8vo. Oxfmd, 1716 

The life and death of sir Thomas Moore, lord 

chancellor, to which are added some letters of 
his. [Edited by J. Lewis.] 

8vo. London, 1728 

A new edition revised. [By S. W. Singer.] 
8vo. Chiswiclc, 1817 

ROPER, William Oliver. 

See Materials for the history of the church of 
Lancaster. [Chetham Society, N. S.] 

ROPES, C. J. H. 

See Uhlhorn, J. G. W. The conflict of Chris- 
tianity with heathenism. London [1879]. 

ROQUEFORT, Jean Baptiste Bonaventure de. 

See Legrand d'Aussy, P. J. B. Histoire de la vie 
privee des Fran9ois. Pans, 1815. 
„ Marie de France. Poesies. Paris, 1819-20. 

Dictionnaire (5tymologique de la langue Fran- 

9oise ; pr^ced(5 d'une dissertation sur l'6tymologie 
par J. J. Champollion-Figeac. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1829 

Glossaire de la langue Romane ; avec supple- 

3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1808-20 

EOQUES, Pierre. 

See Basnage de Beauval, J. Dissertation . . . 
sur les duels. Bask, 1740. 

RORARIUS, Hieronymus. Quod animalia bruta 
ratione utantur melius homine. Libri duo. 

12mo. Amsterdam, I6G6 

EORDAM, Holger Frederik. 

See Kirkehistorische Samlinger. Copenhagen, 
184!), de. 
„ Monumenta historiae Danicae. Copenhagen 

RORISON, Gilbert. 

See Replies to Essays and Reviews. Oxford 
1862. ■^ 

ROS, Carlos. Rondalla de rondalles, a imitacio del 
Cuento de cuentos de Fr. de Quevedo : composta 
per un curios apassionat a la Uengua Llemosina, 
y treta a Hum per C. Kos. 

8vo. Valencia, 1776 

ROSA, Salvatore. Satire. 

12mo. ' Severo Prothomastix.' 
Amsterdam [l664 ?] 

Another edition. 

8vo. Amsterdam, 1719 

Another edition. 
Another edition. 

8vo. Venice, 1789 

12mo. London, 1791 

ROSA, Thomas de. Sec Rose, T. 

ROSAMOND : an opera. [By Joseph Addison.] 

4to. London, 1707 

ROSARIUS, Joannes Baptista. See Rasarius, J. B. 

ROSARY (The) with the articles of the lyfe and 
deth of Jesu Chryst and peticions directe to our 

l6mo. John Skot. London, 1537 

ROSASPINA, Francesco. La Pinacoteca della 
pontificia Accademia delle belle arti in Bologna. 

fol. Bologna, 1830 

ROSCIUS, Julius, Hortinus. 

See Ritratti et elogii di capitani illustri. Rome, 

Elogia militaria. 

4to. /. A. Euffinellus. Rome, 1596 

ROSCOE, Edward Stanley. 

See Derby, E. H. S. S., 15th earl of. Speeches. 
London, 1894. 

ROSCOE, Thomas. 

Sec Potter, L. J. A. de. Memoirs of Scipio de 
Ricci. London, 1829. 

ROSCOE, William. 

See Tansillo, L. The nurse. Liverpool, 1 798. 

Considerations on the causes, objects, and 

consequences of the present war, and on the 
expediency, or, the danger of peace with France. 
Third edition. 

8vo. London, 1808 



ROSCOE, William. The life and pontificate of 
Leo X. 

4 vols. 4to. Liverpool, 1805 

The life of Lorenzo de' Medici. 

2 vols. 4to. Liverpool, 1795 

— Illustrations of the life of Lorenzo de' Medici : 
with an appendix. 

4to. London, 1822 

— Occasional tracts relative to the war between 
G' Britain and France. 

8vo. London, 1810 

Poems for youth. 

12mo. London, 1820 

Remarks on the proposals made to Great 

Britain, for opening negotiations for peace, ia 
the year 1807. 

8vo. London, 1808 

ROSCOMMON, Wentworth Dillon, earl of. 

See Johnson, S. Works of the English poets. 
Londmi, 1790. 

Poems : to which is added an essay on poetry 

by the Earl of Mulgrave now Duke of Buck- 
ingham, together with poems by Richard Duke. 

8vo. London, 1717 

ROSDELL, Christopher. 

&6' Calvin Translation Society. Romans. 1844. 

ROSE (The) : a comic opera in two acts. The words 
by a Gentleman Commoner of Oxford [probably 
by Dr. Arne]. The music by Dr. Arne. 

8vo. Lmuhn, 1773 

ROSE, Alexander. 

See Scottish History Society. Miscellany, i. 

ROSE, Cowper. Four years in Southern Africa. 

8vo. London, 1829 

ROSE, D. Murray. Historical notes ; or, essays on 
the '15 and '45. 

8vo. Edinhunjh, 1897 

ROSE, Right Hon. George. 

.SVf Proposed system of trade with Ireland. 
London, 1785. 

— A brief examination into the increase of the 
revenue, commerce, and navigation of Great 
Britain, since the conclusion of the peace in 
1783. [Anon.] 

8vo. London, 1793 

ROSE, Right Hon. George. A brief examination 
into the increase of the revenue, commerce, and 
manufactures of Great Britain since 1792 to 
1799. [Anon.] 

8vo. London, 1799 

Third edition. [With a contemporary review.] 

8vo. London, 1799 

Considerations on the debt on the civil list. 

8vo. London, 1802 

— Observations on the historical work of the late 
C. J. Fox. With a narrative of the enterprize 
of the earl of Argyle in iGSo, by Sir Patrick 


4to. London, 1809 

— Observations on the poor laws, and on the 
management of the poor in Great Britain, arising 
from a consideration of the returns, now before 

8vo. London, 1805 

— Observations respecting the public expenditure 
and the influence of the crown. 

8vo. London, 1810 

Trial for employing Mr. Smith, a publican in 

Westminster, upon a late Westminster election, 
and not paying him, 21 July 1791. 

8vo. London, 1791 

ROSE, Henry. Three lectures on architecture in 
England, from the earliest to the present time. 
8vo. London and A^mtlmmpton, 18-iS 

ROSE, Hugh. A genealogical deduction of the 
family of Rose of Kilravock. With illustrative 
documents from the family papers, and notes. 
Edited by C. Lnnes. [Spalding Club.] 

4to. Edinburgh, 1848 

ROSE, Hugli James. 

For Life, see Burgon, J. W. Lives of twelve 

good men. Loiulon, 1S88-S9. 
See Replies to Essays and Reviews. Oxford, 


Inscriptiones Graecae vetustissimae. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1825 

A new general biographical dictionary, pro- 
jected and partly arranged by H. J. R. [Vol. i. 
edited by H. J. R., vols, ii.-xii. by T. Wright.] 
12 vols. 8vo. London; 1850 



ROSE, Stewart. St. Ignatius Loyola and the early 


8vo. London, 18.01 

ROSE, Thomas. Idaea, sive de Jacobi Magni 
Britanniae, Galliae et Hyberniae regis virtutibus 
et ornamentis dilucida enarratio. 

8vo. John Norton. London, 16O8 

ROSE, William Stewart. 

See Boiardo, M. M. Orlando Innamorato 
[English]. London, 1823. 
„ Letters from the north of Italy. London, 

„ Partonope de Blois. London, I8O7. 

ROSEBERY, Archibald Philip Primrose, earl of. 
See List of persons concerned in the Rebellion 

[174.5]. Edinburgh, I890. 

ROSENHOF, August Johann Roesel von. 
See Roesel von Rosenhof, A. J. 

ROSENTHAL, Isidor. General physiology of 
muscles and nerves. Third edition. [Inter- 
national Scientific Series, xxxii.] 

8vo. London, 1883 

ROSEO, Mambrino. 

See Vite dei diece imperatori. Venice, 1544. 

ROSINI, Carlo Maria. 

See Herculanensium voluminum. Naples, 1793. 

ROSINUS, Joannes. Antiquitatum Romanarum 

corpus cum notis Th. Dempsteri : accesserunt 

Pauli ]\Ianutii libri de legibus et de senatu cum 

Andreae Schotti electis. Edidit C. Schrevelius. 

4to. Amsterdam, 1685 

ROSMINI, Carlo de'. Dell' istoria intorno alle mili- 
tari imprese e alia vita di Gian-Jacopo Trivulzio, 

detto II Magno. 

2 vols. 4to. Milan, 1815 

ROSNY, Antoine Joseph Nicolas de. Vie de J. P. 

12mo. Paris, 1797 

ROSS, Alexander. Pansebeia; or, a view of all 
religions in the world, with the several church- 
governments : also a discovery of all known 
heresies. Sixth edition. 

8vo. London, 1696 

The philosophical touch-stone ; or, observations 

upon Sir Kenelm Digbie's discourses of the 
nature of bodies, and of the reasonable soule. 

4to. London, 1645 

ROSS, Alexander Johnstone. Memoir of Alexander 
Ewing, bishop of Argyle and the Isles. Second 

8vo. London, 1879 

ROSS, Frederick, STEAD, Richard, and HOLDER- 
NESS, Thomas. A glossary of words used in 
Holderness [with map]. [English Dialect 
Society, xvi.] 

8vo. London, 1877 

ROSS, James. W. Lindsay Alexander, his life and 
work, with illustrations of his teaching. 

8vo. London, 1887 

ROSS, John, Bishop of Exeter. 

See Cicero, M. T. Epistolarum ad familiares. 
Gamhridge, 1749. 
„ Dissertation in which the defence of P. Sulla, 
etc. Londm [1746 1]. 

ROSS, Sir John. Narrative of a second voyage in 
search of a north-west passage and of a residence 
in the arctic regions during the years 1829-33. 
2 vols. 4to. London, 1835 

A treatise on navigation by steam, comprising 

a history of the steam engine, etc. 

4to. London, 1828 

A voyage of discovery made under the orders 

of the admiralty for the purpose of exploring 
Baffin's Bay and inquiring into the probability 
of a north-west passage. 

4to. London, 1819 

ROSS, Thomas. 

See Silius Italicus, C. The second Punick war. 
London, 1661. 

ROSSAEUS, G. Gulielmus, pseud, i.e. William 
Rainolds. De justa reipub. Christianae in 
reges impios et haereticos authoritate. 

8vo. Antwerp, 1592 

ROSSEL, Elisabeth Paul Edouard de. Voyage de 

Dentrecasteaux, envoye a la recherche de La 

Perouse. R^dige par M. de Rossel, avec un 

atlas de planches par G. F. Beautemps-Beaupri!;. 

2 vols. 4to and 1 vol. fol. Paris, 1807-8 

ROSSET, Pierre Fulcran de. L'Agriculture : 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Paris, 1774-82 

ROSSETTE, Josias. 

See Catdcum^ne. [Paris, 1768.] 



ROSSETTI, Dante Gabriel. 

Sec Dante and his circle. London, 1874, etc. 
„ Sharp, W. D. G. Rossctti. London, 1882. 

ROSSETTI, Domeuico de. Edizione singolarissima 
del Canzoniere del Petrarca, descritta ed illiis- 

fol. Trieste, 1826 

Petrarca, Giulio Celso e Boccaccio, illustrazione 

bibliologica delle Vite degli uornini ilhistri del 
primo, di Cajo Giulio Cesare attribuita al 
secondo, e del Petrarca scritta dal terzo. 

8vo. Trieste, 1828 

Musaico antico scoperto nell' Aprile del 1 825 

in Trieste. 

■ito. Trieste [1825] 

II sepolcro di Winckelmann in Trieste. [A 

collection of essays on Winckelmann.] 

fol. Fenio', 1823 

ROSSETTI, William Michael. 

See Chaucer Society. First series, xliv. 
,, Gilbert, Sir H. Queene Elizabethes Acha- 
demy. [Early English Text Society.] 

ROSSI, Domenico de. 

See Maffei, P. A. Gemme autiche figurate. 
Bovie, 1707-9. 

Eaccolta di statue antiche e moderne. 

fol. Borne, 170t 

Romanae magnitudinis monumenta, quae 

urbem illam orbis dominam velut redivivam 
exhibent posteritati. 

obi. fol. Borne, 1699 

ROSSI, Giovanni Battista de. 

See Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum, vol. vi. 
Berlin, 1862, etc. 
„ Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum. Supple- 
ment. Berlin, 1872, etc. 

ROSSI, Giovanni Battista de. La Roma sotterranca 
Cristiana descritta ed illustrata. 

3 vols. 4to. Borne, 1864-77 

ROSSI, Giovanni Bernardo de. Annales Hebraeo- 
typographici, sec. xv. 

3 parts in 1 vol. 4to. Burma, 1 795 

Annales Hebraeo-typographici, ab an. mdi. ad 


4to. Barma, 1799 I 

ROSSI, Giovanni Bernardo de. Bibliotheca Judaica 
antichristiana, qua editi et inediti Judaeorum 
adversus Christianam religionem libri recen- 

8vo. Barma, 1800 

De Hebraicae typographise origine ac primitiis. 

4to. Barma, 1776 

— De typographia Hebraeo-Ferrariensi commcn- 
tarius historicus. 

8vo. Barma, 1780 

— Dizionario storico degli autori Arabi piii 
celebri e delle principali loro opcre. 

8vo. Banna, 1807 

— Dizionario storico degli autori Ebrei e delle 
loro opere. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Barma, 1802 

— MSS. Codices Hebraic! bibliothecse J. B. de 
Rossi accurate descripti et illustrati. 

3 vols. 8vo. Barma, 1803 

Variae lectiones veteris Testamcnti ex immensa 

MSS. editorumque codicum congerie haustae et ad 
Samaritanum textum examinatae : cum scholiis 
criticis seu supplementis. 

5 vols. 4to. Bartm, 1784-98 

ROSSI, Giovanni Gherardo de. 

See Parnaso degl' Italiani viventi. Bisa, 1798- 


3 vols. 8vo. Bassano, 1790-92 

Del moderno teatro comico Italiano e del suo 

restauratore Carlo Goldoni. 

— Favole. 

— Poesie. 

— Scherzi poetici e pittorici. 

8vo. Bassano, 179* 
12mo. Borne, 1788 
8vo. Barma, 1800 
4to. Barma, 1795 

Vita del cavali^re Giovanni Pikler intagliatore 

in gemme ed in pietredure. 

8vo. Borne, 1792 

— Vita di Antonio Cavallucci da Sermoneta, 

8vo. Venice, 1796 



ROSSINI, Giovanni Pietro. II Mercurio errante 
dcUc Grandezze di Roma, tanto antiche, che 
moderne. Ottava edizione. 

12mo. Rome, 1760 

ROSSIUS, Ignatius. Commentatioues Laertianae. 

8vo. Rome, 178S 

BOSSinS, Nicolaus. Catalogus selectissimae biblio- 
thecae N. Rossii, et commentariolum de ejus vita. 

8vo. Rome, 1786 

ROSSO, Giulio Raviglio. See Raviglio Rosso, G. 

ROSSO, Paolo del. 

See Fulvio, A. Delle antichita della citta di 
Eoma. Venice, 1543. 
„ Suetonius Tranquillus, C. Vite de dodici 
Cesari. Venice, 1556. 

ROSSUS, Joannes, of Warwickshire. 

See Historia vitae et regni Eicardi II. OrfonI, 

Historia regum Aiigliae e codice MS. descripsit 

notisque adornavit T. Hearnius : accedit J. 
Lelandi Naenia in mortem Henrici Duddelegi 

— Editio secunda. 

870. Oxfm-d, 1716 
8vo. Oxfoi-d, 17 IS 

Eol. [A pictorial history of the earls of War- 
wick. Edited by W. Courthope.] London, 184.5 [-59] 

EOSTAGNO, Giovanni Battista. Viaggi del mar- 
chcse Ghiron Francesco Villa in Dalniatia e 
Levante, con la distinta relatione de' successi di 
Candia per il tempo che fii dal moderno diffesa. 

4to. Turin, l66s 

EOSTGAARD, Frederik. 

See Deliciae quorundam poetarum Danorum. 
Leyden, I693. 

Catalogue of the library of F. Eostgard, secre- 
tary of state to the King of Denmark, with other 
books, to be sold 27 March 1727. 

8vo. [London, 1727] 

EOSTRENEN, Grdgoire de. Dictionnaire fran9ois- 
celtique, ou fran9ois-breton. 

4to. Reimes, 1732 

Grammaire fran^aise-celtique, ou fran^aise 

bretonne. Nouvelle edition. 

8vo. Brest, 1795 

ROSWEYDUS, Eeribertus. 

See Vitae patrum. Antwerp, 1 6 1 5. 

ROTA, Berardino. Egloghe pescatorie. [Parnaso 
Italiano, torn, xxv.] 

8vo. Venice, 1787 

ROTA, Giovanni Battista. 

See Colonna, V. Eime. Bergamo, 1760. 

ROTA, Pietro Ricci. A loyal poetic effusion on the 
death of lord viscount Nelson, with a dedi- 
catory address for lady viscountess Duncannon. 

8vo. London [19,05'] 

ROTENHAM, Sebastian von. 

See Eegino. Annales noii tarn de Augustorum 
vitis. Mainz, 1521. 

ROTH, David, Bishop of Ossory. 

Sec Jocelinus. The life and acts of S. Patrick. 
DuUin, I8O9. 

ROTHERHAM, Thomas Atwood. A den of theeves 
discovered; or, certaine errours and false doc- 
trines, delivered in a sermon, Dec. 9, 1641, by 
H. Denne, confuted, etc. 

4to. London, 1643 

ROTHES, John Leslie, earl of. A relation of pro- 
ceedings concerning the affairs of the Kirk of 
Scotland, from August 1637 to July 1638. 
[Bannatyne Club.] 

4to. Edinburgh, 1830 

ROTROU, Jean de. 

Sec Theatre Frangais. Tragedies, torn. ii. Paris, 

„ „ „ Vol. i. Paris, 1803. 

ROTTA (La) de Francciosi a Terroana. La rotta de 
Scocesi. [Eoxburghe Club, xli.] 

4to. London, 1825 

di Eoncisvalle dove mori Orlando con tutti i 

paladini [i.e. Cantos 26 and 27, stanzas 1-153 of 
the Morgante Maggiore of L. Pulci]. 

8vo. Venice, 1775 

ROTTIERS, Bernard Eugene Antoine. Description 
des monumens de Ehodes. [With an atlas of 

4to, and atlas, fol. Brussels, 1828 

ROUGHER, Jean Antoine. 

See Collection universelle des m^moires. London 
and Paris, 1785-1807. • 



BOUCHER, Jean Antoine. Consolations de m.i 
captivite ou correspoiidance. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Paris, 1797 

BOUEN. Acad^mie des Sciences, belles-lettres et 
arts. Pn'cis analyti(iue dcs travaux de I'Aca- 
d^mie, depuis sa fondation en 1744, jusqu'a 
I'epoquo de sa restauration 180.3, pr^c(5d(5 de 
I'histoire de TAcademie par Gos.seaume. 

5 vols. 8vo. i^(W«n, 1814-17 

Prdcis, analy tique des travaux, 1 804, etc. 

In jjwgress. 8vo. liouen, 1807, etc. 

Abr^ge de I'histoire de la ville de Kouen. [By 

P. F. Le Cocq de Villeray.] 

12mo. Rouen, 1759 

ROUGEMONT, Franciscus. 

See Confucius. Scientia Sinensis Latine exposita. 
Paris, 1687. 

BOUILL:^, Quillaume. 

See Promtuarii iconum insignioriun. Lyons, 1578. 

ROUJOUX, Prudence Guillaume, baron de. Histoire 
des rois et des dues de Bretagne. 

4. vols. 8vo. P«m, 1828-29 

ROULAND and Vernagu. The romances of Rouland 
and Vernagu, and Otuel, from the Auchinleck 
MS. [Edited by J. Maidment. Abbotsford 

4to. Edinburgh, 1836 

ROULEAUX des Morts du ix° au xv" sifecle, recueillis 
et public's par L. Delisle. [Society de I'Histoire 
de France.] 

Svo. Paris, 1866 

BOUND, Percy Zillwood. 

See Shakespeare, W. Quarto facsimiles. London, 

ROUS, Francis. 

See Lawfulness. The lawfulnes of obeying. 
London, 1649. 

Thule, or vertues historie. [From the edition 

of 1598, published with the author's initials 
only.] [Spenser Society.] 

4to. Manchester, 1878 

ROUS, George. 

See Claim of the House of Commons. London, 

ROUS, George. 

See Essay on the Middlesex election. Lmdon, 
„ Observations on the opinion of Mr. G. Bous. 

Lomhrn, 1780. 
„ Power of the Crown. [London, 17 SO.] 

A letter to the jurors of Great Britain, occa- 
sioned by an opinion of the court of King's 
Bench read by lord chief justice Mansfield in the 
case of the king and Woodfall. [Anon.] 

8vo. London, 1771 

Second edition. 

Svo. London, 1785 

A letter to the right hon. Edmund Burke, in 

reply to his Appeal from the new to the old 

Svo. London [1791] 

[Speech in favour of the patent for Boulton 

and Watt's steam engine delivered in the Court 
of King's Bench, 1799-] 

Svo. [London, 1799?] 

Thoughts on government : occasioned by Mr. 

Burke's Reflections, etc., in a letter to a friend. 

Svo. London, 1791 

BOUS, John, Incumbent of Santon Downham. 
Diary, from 1625 to 1642. Edited by M. A. E. 
Green. [Camden Society, Ixvi.] 

4to. London, 1856 

BOUS, Thomas Bates. An explanation of the mis- 
taken principle on which the Commutation Act 
was founded. 

4to. London [1190] 

Observations on the commutation project : 

with a supplement. 

Svo. London, 1786 

BOUSE, Everhard. Bibliotheca Rouseana continens 
insignes et selectos libros collcctos ab Everhardo 
Rouse : horum auctio habebitur Daventriae in 
aedibus defuncti 7 Oct. 1728. 

Svo. Devcnter[\'lZS] 

BOUSE, John. 

See Bussell, W. Last speech. London, 1683. 
„ Walcot, T. The tryals of T. W., etc. Lmdmi, 

The circumstances before and after the speech 

of William, late Viscount Stafford. 

fol. London, 1680 



ROUSSEAU, Jean Baptiste. (Euvres. 

3 vols. 4to. Brussels, 1743 

Nouvelle Edition. 

5 vols. l2mo. London, 1753 

Nouvelle Edition, pr^c6d6e d'un essai sur la vie 

et les 6crits de I'auteur. [Edited by J. A. Amar.] 
5 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1820 

(Euvres choisies. 

2 vols. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1777 

Odes, cantates, dpitres et poesies diverses. 

4to. Paris, 1790 

Another edition. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1799 

ROUSSEAU, Jean Jacques. 

See Cabinet des f^es. Amsterdam, etc., 1785-89. 
„ Gacon, F. Histoire Satyrique de la vie. 

Paris, 1716. 
„ Graham, H. G. [Foreign classics for English 

„ Soci6t6 des Bibliophiles Frangais. Melanges, 

vol. iii. 
„ Warens, L. F. E. de. M^moires. Chamb&y, 



Les confessions. 

25 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1801 

4 vols. 12mo. Pam, 1808 

— The cunning-man. A musical entertainment 
in Uvo acts ; imitated [from Le devin du village] 
and adapted to his original music by Charles 
BuRNEY. Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1766 

Emile, ou de I'^ducation. 

3 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1808 

— Esprit, maximes et principes. 

12mo. Ncufcliatel, 1764 

— Julie, ou la nouvelle Heloise. 

4 vols. 12mo. Paris, I806 

— Lettres originales. 

8vo. Paris, 1798 

— Letters on the elements of botany. Translated 
into English, with notes and 24 additional letters 
by T. Martyn. Thirty-eight plates, particularly 
adapted to the Letters by T. M.vrtyn. 

2vols.ini. Svo. Xwrfon, 1787-88 

ROUSSEL, Pierre Joseph Alexis. 
See Proussinalle, De, pseud. 

ROUSSELOT DE SURGY, Jacques Philibert, 

See Histoire g^n^rale des voyages. Paris, 1 746- 
„ S. (M. R. D.) Melanges interessans. Paris, 


See Dumont, J. Histoire militaire du prince 
Eugene de Savoye. The 
Hague, 1729-47. 
„ ,, Military history of prince 

Evig^ne. London, 1736-37. 
,, ,, Supplement au Corps universel. 

Amsterdam, 1739. 
„ M^moires du r&gne de Catherine. Amster- 
dam, 1742. 
„ Nestesuranoi, I. I., pseud. 

Recueil historique d'actes, n^gociations, me- 

moires et traitez depuis la Paix d'Utrecht 
jusqu'au second congrfes de Cambray inclusive- 
ment (jusqu'a celle d'Aix-la-Chapelle). 

21 vols, in 23. 8vo. The Hague, 
Amsterdam, Lei^izig, 1728-56 

ROUSSIER, Pierre Joseph. M(^moire sur la musique 
des anciens. 

4to. Paris, 1770 

ROUTH, Martin Joseph. 

For Life, see Burgon, J. W. Lives of twelve 

good men. London, 1888-89. 
See Burnet, G. History of his own time. Oxford, 
„ Plato. Euthydemus et Gorgias. Oxfmd, 

„ Reliquiae sacrae. Oxford, 1814-18. 

ROVERE, Francesco d'Albissola della. 
See Sixtus IV., Pope. 

ROVERE, Leonardo della. 

See Franciscus de Toledo. Oratio in funerc. 
[Borne, 1480.] 

ROVIGO, Anne Jean Marie Ren^ Savary, due de. 
See M^moires historiques sur la catastrophe. 
Paris, 1824. 

M^moires pour servir a I'histoire de I'empereur 


8 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1828 



EOW, Charles Adolphiis. Christian evidences viewed 
in relation to modern thought. Second edition. 

[Bampton Lectures, 1877.] 

8vo. London, 1879 

Future retribution viewed in the light of 

reason and revelation. 

Svo. London, 1887 

The Jesus of the Evangelists : his historical 

character vindicated ; or, an examination of the 
internal evidence for our Lord's divine mission, 
with reference to modern controversy. 

Svo. London, 1868 

Revelation and modern theology contrasted. 

8vo. London, 1883 

The supernatural in the New Testament 

possible, credible, and historical ; or, an exami- 
nation of the validity of some recent objections 
against Christianity as a divine revelation. 

Svo. London, 187 a 

ROW, John. The history of the Kirk of Scotland, 
from the year 1558 to August 1637, with a 
continuation to July 1639. [Wodrow Society.] 
Svo. Edinburgh, ISiS 

ROW, William. 

See Blair, R. Autobiography. [Wodrow Society.] 

EOWDEN, Frances Arabella. A poetical intro- 
duction to the study of botany. 

Svo. London, 1801 

ROWE, George Stringer. 

See Bunting, W. M. Memorials. London, 1 870. 

ROWE, Jacob. All sorts of wheel-carriage im- 

4to. London, 1734 

ROWE, Matthew. 

See Exact and full relation. London, 1 647. 

ROWE, Nicholas. 

See Dacier, A. Life of Pythagoras. London, HOT. 
„ Johnson, S. Works of the English poets. 

London, 1790. 
„ Lucanus, M. A. Pharsalia [English]. Lon- 
don, 1718, etc. 
„ New (The) rehearsal. London, 1715. 

Works, with a life of the author. 

2 vols. 12mo. London, 1792 

ROWE, Peter. See True method. London, 1703. 


See History of the island of Anglesey. London, 

Mona antiqua restaurata : an archaeological 

discourse on the antiquities of the isle of 
Anglesey. With an appendix, containing a 
comparative table of primitive words, and the 
derivatures of them, etc. 

4to. Dublin, 1723 

The second edition, corrected and improved. 

4 to. London, 1766 

ROWLANDS, Samuel. 

See R. (S.) Good newes and bad newes. [1870.] 

The Four Knaves, a scries of satirical tracts. 

Edited by E. F. Rimbault. [Percy Society, ix.] 

Svo. London, 1S43 

Humors looking glasse, l60S. [Edited by 


4to. [1870] 

ROWLEY, Thomas. 

See Chatterton, T. Poems. London, 1777, etc. 

ROWLEY, William. A search for money; or, the 
lamentable complaint for the loss of the wander- 
ing knight. Monsieur 1' Argent : from the original 
edition of 1609. [Edited by J. P. Collier. 
Percy Society, ii.] 

Svo. London, 1840 

ROWS, John, of Warwickshire. See Rossus, J. 

ROXAS, Francisco de. Sec Rojas ZoiTilla, F. de. 

ROXBURG-H, William. Plants of the coast of 

3 vols. fol. London, 1795-1819 

ROXBURGHE Club. Publications. 

In lyrogress. fol., 4to, Svo. London, \^\A!, etc. 

1. Certaine bokes of Virgiles Aenaeis turned 
into English meter by Henky, Earle of Surrey. 

2. Caltha Poetarum ; or, the Bumble Bee. 

3. The three first books of Ovid de Tristibus. 
Translated into English by Thomas Chtjrch- 




ROXBURGHE Club [continued). 

4. Poems. By EiCHARD Baknfield. 

5. Dolarney's Primerose ; or, the first part of 
the Passioncate Hermit. [By John Reynolds.] 

6. La Contenance de la Table. 

7. Newes from Scotland, declaring the Damn- 
able Life of Doctor Fian, a notable sorcerer, who 
was burned at Edenbrough in Januarie last 1591. 

8. A proper new interlude of the World and 
the Child, otherwise called Mundus et Infans. 

9. Hagthorpe Revived; or, select specimens 
of a forgotten poet. 

10. Istoria novellamente ritrovata di due 
nobili amanti. 

11. The funeralles of King Edward the Sixt. 
[By AViLLiAM Baldwin.] 

12. A Roxburghe Garland. 

13. Cock Lorell's boat. 

14. Le Livre du faulcon. 

15. The Glutton's f caver. By Thomas Ban- 

16. The Chorle and the Birde. [By John 

1 7. Daiphantus ; or, the passions of love. By 
Anthony Scoloker. 

18. The complaint of a lover's life. Contro- 
versy between a lover and a jay. 

19. Balades and other poems. By John 


20. Diana ; or, the excellent conceitful sonnets 
of H[enry] C[onstable]. 

2 1 . Chester mysteries. De Deluvio Noe. De 
Occisione innocentium. 

22. Ceremonial at the marriage of Mary queen 
of Scotts with the Dauphin of France. 

23. The solempnities and triumphes doon and 
made at the spousells and marriage of the ladye 
Marye to the prynce of Castile. 

24. The life of )St. Ursula. Guiscardand Sigis- 
mund. [Translated from the Latin by W. 

25. Le Morte Arthur. The adventures of Sir 
Launcelot du Lake. 

ROXBURGHE Club {cunlimied). 

26. Six bookes of Metamorphoseos, in whyche 
ben conteyned the fables of Ovyde. Translated 
out of Frensshe by William Caxton. 

27. Chevelere assigne. 

28. Two interludes: Jack Jugler and Ther- 


29. The New Notborune Mayd. The boke of 
Mayd Emlyn. 

30. The book of life : a bibliographical melody. 
[By Richard Thomson.] 

31. Magnyfycence, an interlude. By JoHN 

32. Judicium, a pageant ; from the Towneley 


33. An elegiacal poem on the death of Thomas, 
lord Grey of Wilton. By Robert Marston. 

34. Selections from the works of Thomas 
Ravenscroft (songs and ballads). 

35. Laelii Peregrini oratio in obitum Torquati 
Tassi. [With remarks on the life of Tasso.] 

36. The Hors, the Shepe, and the Ghoos. 
[By John Lidgate.] 

37. The metrical life of Saint Robert of 
Knaresborough . 

38. Informacon for Pylgrymes unto the Holy 

39. The cuck-queanes and cuckolds errants, a 
comaedye. The faery pastorall, or forrest of 
elves. By W[illiam] P[ercy]. 

40. The garden plot, an allegorical poem, by 
Henry Goldingham : with some account of the 

41. La rotta de Francciosi a Terroana. 
rotta de Scocesi. 


42. Nouvelle edition d'un poeme sur la journee 
de Guinegate. 

43. Zuldima, par C. Pichler : imite de I'Alle- 
mand par H. DE C[hateaugiron]. 

44. Poems by Charles, Duke of Orleans, 
written in English during his captivity. 

45. Proceedings in the court-martial held upon 
John, master of Sinclair, for the murder of 
Ensign Schaw and captain Schaw, 17 October 



ROXBURGHE Club {continued). 

16. The ancient English romance of Havclok 
the Dane, accompanied by the French text, with 
introduction, notes, and glossary by F. Maddkn. 

47. Gaufridi Arthurii Monemuthensis Archi- 
diaconi de vita et vaticiniis Merliui Calidonii 
carmen heroicum. 

48. The ancient English romance of William 
and the Werwolf. 

49. Private diary of William, 1st earl Co^vper. 

50. The lyvys of seyntys, tnmslatyd into 
Englys be Osbern Bokcnam. 

51. A little book of ballads. 

52. The love of Wales to their soveraigne 
prince : a relation of the solemnity at Ludlow, 
on the creation of Charles prince of Wales in 
1616. By Daniel Powel. 

bS. Sidneiana, being a collection of fragments 
relative to sir Philip Sidney, and his immediate 

54. The owl and the nightingale, a poem of 
the 12th century, \vith introduction and glossary. 
Edited by J. Stevenson. 

35. The old English versions of the Gesta 
Romanorum. Edited from MS.S., with introduc- 
tion and notes, by Sir F. Madden. 

55. Introduction to the old English versions 
of the Gesta Romanorum. By Sir F. Madden. 

56. Illustrations of ancient state and chivalry 
from MSS. 

57. Manners and household expenses of Eng- 
land in the 13th and 15th centuries, illustrated 
by original records. [l. Household roll of 
Eleanor, countess of Leicester, 1265; 2. Accounts 
of the executors of queen Eleanor, 1291 ; 3. 
Accounts of sir John Howard, first duke of 
Norfolk, 1462-71. 

58. The Black Prince, an historical poem. 
Written in French by Chandos Herald ; with 
translation and notes by H. O. CoxE. 

59. The decline of the last Stuarts : extracts 
from the despatches of British envoys. 

60. Vox populi vox Dei : a complaynt of the 
comons against taxes. 

61. Household books of John, duke of Nor- 
folk, and Thomas, earl of Surrey, 1481-90. 
Edited by J. P. Gollieu. 

ROXBURGHE Club {continued). 

62. Three collections of English poetry of the 
latter part of the l6th century, [l. A gorgious 
gallery of gallant inventions ; 2. A poore knight 
his pallaco of private pleasures ; 3. A speciall 
remedie against the furious force of lawlesse 

63. Historical papers : part i. [containing 1 . 
Castra Regia, a treatise on the succession, by 
Robert Edwards, 1568; 2. Novissima Straf- 
fordii : some account of the proceedings against 
Strafford, in Latin by Abraham Wright, in 
English by James Wright.] 

64. Correspondence of sir H. Unton, ambassa- 
dor to Henry IV. of France, 1591-92. 

65. La vraie cronicque d'Ecosce. Pretensions 
des Anglois k la couronne de France. Diplome 
de Jacques VI., roi de la Grande Bretagne. 
Drawn from the Burgundian library by R. 

66. The Sherley brothers : an historical 
memoir of sir Thomas, sir Anthony, and sir 
Robert Sherley, knights, by one of the same 
house [Evelyn Philips Shirley]. 

67. The alliterative romance of Alexander. 

68. Letters and dispatches from Sir Henry 
Wotton to James the first and his ministers in 
the years 1 617-20. 

69. Vox Clamantis : necnon Chronica tripar- 
tita. Auctore Johanne Gower. 

70. Five old plays : [1. The conflict of con- 
science, by N. WoODES ; 2. The rare triumphs 
of love and fortune ; 3. The three ladies of 
London ; and 4. The three lords and three ladies 
of London, by R[obert] W[ilson] ; 5. A knack 
to know a knave.] Edited by J. P. Collier. 

7 1 . The romance of the Sowdone of Babyloyne, 
and of Ferumbras his sonne. 

72. The Ayenbite of Inwyt. By Dan Michel. 

73. Johannis de Garlandia De Triumphis 
ecclesiae, libri octo. 

74. Poems. By Michael Drayton. 

75. Literary remains of Edward vi. 

76. The itineraries of William Wey, fellow 
of Eton College, to Jerusalem, 1458 and 1462 : 
and to St. James of Compostella, 1456. 



ROXBURGHE Club (continued). 

77. The Boke of Noblesse : addressed to King 
Edward the fourth on his invasion of France in 

78. Songs and ballads, with other short poems, 
chiefly of the reign of Philip and Mary. 

79. De Regimine Principum : a poem. By 
Thomas Occleve. 

SO. The History of the Holy Graal. 

81. Robert of Brunne's Handlyng Synne : 
with the French treatise on which it is founded, 
Le Manuel des Pechiez, by William of Wad- 

82. The old English version of Partonope of 

83. Philosophaster, comoedia : poemata col- 
lecta, auctore Roberto Burtono. 

84. La Queste del Saint Graal ; in the French 
prose of (as is supposed) Walter Map. 

85. A royal historie of the excellent knight 

S6. Copy-book of Sir Amias Poulet's letters 
written during his embassy to France, 1577. 

87. The Boke of Nurture, by John Russell. 
The Boke of Kervynge, by Wynkyn DE 
WoRDE. The Boke of Nurture, by Hugh 

88. Map of the Holy Land, illustrating the 
Itineraries of William Wey. 

89. Historia quatuor regum Anglije, authore 


90. Ruthven correspondence. Letters and 
papers of Patrick Ruthven, and of his family, 
A.D. 1615-1662. 

91. The Pilgrimage of the lyf of the manhode, 
from the French of Guillaume de Deguileville. 

92. 95. Correspondence of colonel N. Hooke, 
agent from the court of France to the Scottish 
Jacobites, 1703-7. 

93. Liber Regalis seu ordo consecrandi regem 
solum : ordo consecrandi reginam cum rege : 
ordo consecrandi reginam solam : i ubrica de 
regis excquiis. 

94. Le mystere de Saint Louis, roi de France. 

95. See 92. 

96. The hystorie of the moste noble knight 
Plasidas, and other rare pieces, collected into 
one book by Samuel Pepys. 

ROXBURGHE Club (continued). 

97. Floriant and Florete, a metrical romance 
of the fourteenth century. 

98. A fragment of Partonope of Blois. 

99. The Legend of Sir Nicholas Throckmorton. 

100. Correspondence of Sir Robert Kerr, first 
Earl of Ancram, and his son William, third Earl 
of Lothian, I616-67. 

101. The History of Grisild the Second: a 
narrative of the divorce of Queen Katherine of 
Arragon. Written by William Forrest. 

102. The complete poems of Richard Barnfield. 

103. The Apocalypse of S. John the Divine, 
represented by figures reproduced in facsimile 
from a MS. in the Bodleian Library. 

104. Poems from Sir Kenelm Digby's papers, 
in the possession of Henry A. Bright. 

105. Cephalus and Procris. Narcissus. By 
Thomas Edwards. 

106. A tract on the succession to the crown 
(1602). By Sir John Harington. 

107. A print of Sir John Harington, from the 
frontispiece of his translation of Ariosto, 1 59 1 . 

108. An inquisition of the Manors of Glaston- 
bury Abbey, 1189. 

109. A Lamport Garland, from the libi-ary of 
Sir Charles E. Isham, bart., comprising four 
unique works. 

110. The Kings prophecie; or, weeping joy, 
expressed in a poem, to the honor of Englands 
too great solemnities. By Joseph Hall. 

111. Quatuor Sermones. Reprinted from the 
first edition printed by William Caxton. 

1 1 2. The life and martyrdom of Saint Katherine 
of Alexandria. 

113. Beaumont papers. Letters relating to 
the family of Beaumont of Whitley, Yorkshire, 
from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries. 

114. Miracles de Nostre Dame, collected by 
Jean Mielot. Reproduced in facsimile from 
Douce MS. 374 for John Malcolm of Poltalloch. 
With text, etc., by G. F. Warner. 

115. Guilielmi Herberti equitis aurati Croftus 
sive de Hibernia liber. 

116. Bao-iXiKoi' Aupov ; or. His Majesty's 
instructions to his dearest sonne, Henry the 
Prince. Written by King James I. 



ROXBUEGHE Club {contimwd). 

117. The Triumphes of Petrarch. Translated 
by Henky Pakker, Lord Morley, 1554. 

118. The Mirouro of Mans Salvaciouiie, a 
fifteenth century translation into English of the 
Speculum Humanae Salvationis. 

119. The Buke of John Maundcvill, being the 
travels of Sir John Mandeville, l.SSS-l.SSG. 

120. Stuart Papers relating chiefly to Queen 
Mary of Modena and the exiled court of King 
James 11. 

121. Diary of a tour in 1732, through parts of 
England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland, made by 
John Loveday of Caversham. 

122. Memoirs of Thomas, Earl of Ailesbury, 
written by himself. 

Speech of the Earl of Powis in the house of 
lords, 23 May 1 843, on a bill for preventing the 
union of the sees of St. Asaph and Bangor. 

Chronological list of members : catalogue of 
books : rules and regulations. 

ROXBURGHE (A) Garland. [Roxburghe Club, xii.] 

18mo. London, 1817 

Printed on vellum. 

revels, and other relative papers, including 

answers to the attack on Joseph Haslewood. 
[Edited by James Maidment.] 

4to. Edinburgh, 1837 
ROY, Eugene Annand. 

See Barbaro, G. Travels to Tana and Persia. 
[Hakluyt Society.] 

ROY, William, Franciscan Friar. 

&e Proper dyaloge. London, 1863. 
„ Read. Kede me and be nott wrothe. 
London, 1871. 

ROY, William, Major-general. An account of the 
measurement of a base on Hounslow-Heath. 

4to. London, 1785 

The military antiquities of the Romans in 

Britain. [Society of antiquaries of London.] 

fol. Lomlon, 1793 

ROYAL (The) African ; or, memoirs of the young 
Prince of Anuamaboe. 

8vo. London [1720] 

and historical letters during the reign of 

Henry iv. Edited by F. C. Hingeston. [Rolls 
Series, No. 18.] 

2 vols, 8vo. London, ISGO-ili 

ROYAL (The) and other historical letters illustra- 
tive of the reign of Henry ill. Selected and 
edited by W. W. SiiiRLEY. [Rolls Series, 

No. 27.] 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1862-66 

The royall apologie ; or, an answer to the 

declaration of the House of Commons, the 1 1 of 
February, 1647. [By Sir Kenelm Dikby ?] 

4to. Paris, l648 

apology ; or, an answer to the rebels plea. 

[By Sir Roger L'Estrange or W. A.ssheton.] 

4to. London, 1684 

• Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. 


3 vols. 4to. London, 1827-35 

Continued as : — 


In progress. 8vo. London, IS3A^, etc. 

Astronomical Society. Memoirs. 

Li. progress. 4to. London, 1822, etc. 

Monthly notices, containing abstracts of papers, 

and reports of the proceedings from 1827. [With 
an index to the first twenty-nine volumes.] 

In pvgress. 8vo. London, 183\, etc. 

Book. See Laurent, Dominican. 

College of Physicians. Certain necessary 

directions, as well for the cure of the plague, as 
for preventing the infection : with many easie 
medicines of small charge, very profitable to his 
majesties subjects. 

• 4to. London, 1665 

Bibliothecao collegii regalis medicorum Lon- 

dinensis catalogus. 

8vo. London, 1757 

College of Surgeons. Catalogue of the library. 

8vo. London, 1831 

— Corporation of the Literary Fund. 

See Account of the institution. London, 1804. 

— Claims of literature ; the origin, motives, 
objects and transactions, of the society. [By 
D. Williams : with the constitutions of the 
society, and poems by W. Boscawen and others.] 

8vo. London, 1802 



ROYAL Geographical Society of London. Cata- 
logue of the library of the Society. 

8vo. London, 1865 

Journal, 1830-80. [Vols, xxiii.-xxxii. edited 

by N. Shaw ; vols, xxxiii., etc., by H. W. Bates.] 
Indices to vols, i.-x., xi.-xx., xxi.-xxx., xxxi.-xl. 
54 vols. 8vo. London, 1832-80 

Proceedings, 1855-1889. 

In progress. 8vo. London, 1857, etc. 

Eeport of the proceedings of the society in 

reference to the improvement of geographical 

8vo. London, 1886 

A selection of papers on Arctic geography and 

ethnology reprinted and presented to the Arctic 
expedition of 1875. 

8vo. London, 1875 

■ Supplementary papers, 1886-1887. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1886-87 

— Historical Society. 

See Rogers, C. Genealogical memoirs of the 
families of Colt and Coutts. 
London, 1879. 
„ ,, Genealogical memoirs of the 

family of Sir W. Scott. 
London, 1877. 
„ „ Genealogical memoirs of the 

house of Christie. London, 
„ „ Genealogical memoirs of John 

Knox. London, 1879. 
„ Solly-Flood, F. Story of prince Henry of 

Monmouth. London, 1886. 
„ Walter of Henley. Husbandry. London, 

„ Whitworth, C, lord. England and Napo- 
leon. London, 1887. 

— Domesday commemoration, 1886. Notes on 
the manuscripts, etc., exhibited at H.M. Public 
Record Office. 

4to. London, 1886 

— Proceedings of the Gibbon commemoration, 

4to. London, 1895 

— Transactions. 

In progress. 8vo. London, \ SIS, etc. 

ROYAL Humane Society. Society for the recovery 
of persons apparently drowned, instituted 1774. 
[Introduction, plan, and list of directors.] 

8vo. [London, 1774] 

Another edition. 

8vo. [London, 1774] 

Institution of Great Britain. 

the library. By W. Harris. 

Catalogue of 

8vo. London, 1809 

— Second edition, considerably enlarged and 

8vo. London, 1821 

— Charter and bye-laws, together with a list of 
the proprietors and subscribers. 

8vo. London, 1803 

— Prospectus : with a copy of the charter, and a 
list of the subscribers. 

8vo. iomZon [1800] 

— Prospectus, charter, ordinances, and bye-laws, 
with lists of proprietors and subscribers. 

4to. London, 1800 

— Sketch of a prospectus of the Eoyal Institution 
of Great Britain, incorporated by charter 1799. 

4to. [London, 1799] 

— Irish Academy. Transactions [1787-1815, 
with index to the first 1 1 vols., by N. Carlisle]. 

1 3 vols. 4to. Dublin [ 1 7 8 7-] 1 8 1 5 

— The royall legacies of Charles the first of 
that name of Great Britain, France and Ireland, 
King and martyr, to his persecutors and mur- 
derers, being a short paraphrase upon his 
majesties speech. 

4to. [London] 1649 

— letters, charters and tracts, relating to the 
colonisation of New Scotland, and the institu- 
tion of the order of Knights Baronets of Nova 
Scotia, 1621-1638. [Edited by D. Laing.] 
[Bannatyne Club.] 

4to. Edinburgh, 1867 

— (The) prophetess; or, Israel's triumphs over 
Jabin King of Hazor : an heroick poem. 

4to. London, 1706 

— recollections on a tour to Cheltenham, 

Gloucester, Worcester, and places adjacent, in 
the year 1738. Seventh edition. 

8vo. London, 1788 



BOYAL (The) shepherd, an English opera. [Altered 

from II IJe Pastore of Metastasio, by R. KOLT.] 

Third edition. 

8vo. London [1765] 

Society of London. 

See Grew, N. Musaeum Regalis Societatis. 
Landan, 16S1. 
„ Norfolk, H. H., 6th duke of T5ibliotheca 
Norfolciana. London, 1681. 

Catalogue of scientific papers, 1800-83. 

In progress. 4to. London, \ 867, etc. 

Philosophical Transactions. 

In progress. 4to. London and Oxford, 1&65, etc. 

The Philosophical Transactions, 1665-1800; 

[vols, i.-xc] abridged, with notes and biographic 
illustrations, by C. HuTTON, G. Shaw, K. 

18 vols. 4to. London, 1809 

Abstracts of the papers printed in the Philo- 
sophical Transactions, from 1800 to 1830 in- 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1832-33 

Proceedings, 1800, etc. 

In progress. 8vo. London, 1832, etc. 

ROYALIST (The) composition papers, being the 
proceedings of the committee for compounding 
so far as they relate to the county of Lancaster. 
Edited by J. H. Stanning. [Record Society, 
xxiv., xxvi., xxix., xxxvi.] 

In progress. 4 vols. 8vo. {Manchesterl 

1891, etc. 

ROYALIST'S (The) defence : vindicating the king's 
proceedings in the late warre made against him. 
[By Charles Dallison.] 

4to. [^London'] l64S 

■ROYAUMONT, Le Sieur de, pseud, i.e. Nicolas 
Fontaine. L'histoire du vieux et du nouveau 

12mo. [Amsterdam] 1680 

The history of the Old Testament, translated 

by J. CouGHEN, and of the New Testament, 
translated by J. Raynor, with sculptures, and 
an appendix, in two parts, lives of the apostles 
and a chronology. 

2 vols, in 1. fol. London, 1688-90 

ROYE, Guy de, j^chbishop of Rheims. Doctrinal 
of Sapience. [Translated from the French by 
W. Caxton.] 

fol. JFilliam Caxton. fFestniinsler [1489] 

ROYE, Jean de. S'c Jean de Troyes. 

ROYLE, John Forbes. Illustrations of the botany 
and other branches of the natural history of 
the Himalayan mountains and of the flora of 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1839 

ROYOU, JaccLues Corentin. Histoire du Bas-Empirc 
depuis Constantin jusqu'a la prise de Constanti- 
nople en 1453. 

4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1803 

Pr6cis de l'histoire ancienne, d'aprfes RoUin. 

4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1803 

ROYSTON, Philip Yorke, viscount. 

Sec Lycophron. Cassandra. Cambridge, 1806. 

ROZELLI, Seigneur. 

See Aventures de I'infortun^ Napolitain. London 
[Paris] 1781. 

ROZET, Claude Antoine. Voyage dans la regence 
d'Alger, ou description du pays occupe par 
I'arm^e fran9aise en Afrique. 

3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1833 

BOZIER, Frangois. Cours complct d'agriculture. 

12 vols. 4to. Paris, 1781-1805 

Introduction aux observations sur la physique 

sur l'histoire naturelle et sur les arts. 

2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1777 

Observations sur la physique, sur l'histoire 

naturelle et sur les arts, contenant I'abreg^ de 
l'histoire et des m(imoires des academies <5tran- 
geres, a commencer par I'annc'e 1770. Par 
I'Abbe Rozikr [and afterwards by others]. 

95 vols, in 47. 4to. Paris, 1773-1822 

RUARXJS, Martinus. Epistolarum selectanim cen- 
turia altera et ultima. 

8vo. Amsterdam, 1681 

RUAULT, Jean. 

See Plutarch. Opera. [Greek and Latin.] Pans, 




EUBBI, Andrea. 

Sec Elogi Italiani. Venice [1782]. 
„ Epistolario ossia scelta di letters inedite. 

Fenice, 1795-96. 
„ Maffei, F. S. Opera. Fenice, 1790. 

RUBE, Joannes Christopliorus. Probloma juridicum 
an haeresis sit crimen ? 

4to. Ealle, 1697 

RUBENS, Albert. De re vestiaria veterum prae- 
cipue de lato clavo libri duo : et alia opuscula 
posthuma. [Edited by J. G-. Graevius.] 

4to. Antwerp, 1665 

Dissertatio de vita Fl. Mallii Theodori, in qua 

non tantum Theodori sed et Ausonii dignitates 
illustrantur. [Edited by J. G. Graevius.] 

12mo. Utrecht, l694 

RUBENS, Sir Peter Paul. La Gallerie du Palais 
du Luxemljourg, peinte par Eubens. 

fol. Paris, 1710 

RUBENS, PMlipp. 

See Asterius, Saint, Homiliae. Antwerp, l6l5. 

Electorum libri ii. In quibus antiqui ritus. 

RUCELLAI, Giovanni. Le opere. 

8vo. Padua, 1772 

Le Api. [Parnaso Italiano, torn, xxiii.] 

8vo. Fenice, 1786 

emendationes, censurae ; ejusdem ad Justum 
Lipsium Poematia. 

4to. Antwerp, 16O8 

RUBERTUS, Joannes Baptista. Monstrum apud 
urbem natum. 

4to. [PiOme] 1513 

RUBERUS, Jacobus. 

Sea Demosthenes. Orationes. [Greek.] Basle, 

RUBEUS, Hieronymus. Historiarum Ravennatum 
libri X. 

fol. Aldus. Fenice, 1572 

RUBLE, Alphonse de. Baron. 

Sec Aubign^, T. A. d'. Histoire universelle. 
Paris, IS 86-93. 
„ La Huguerye, M. de. Memoires. Paris, 

„ Lasseran Massencome, B. de. Commen- 
taires et lettres, Paris, 1864-72. 

RUCELLAI, Giovanni. 

See Alamanni, L. La coltivazione. Padua, 

1718, rl,: 

„ Teatro Italiano, torn. i. Fenice, 1 746. 

Eosmunda, tragedia : con notizie di G. 


fol. London, 1779 

RUCKSTUHL, Carl Joseph Heinrich. 

See Hirzel, L. Karl Euckstuhl. Strashurg, 1876. 

RUD, Thomas. Codicum MSS. ecclesiae cathedralis 
Dunelmensis catalogus classicus : cum appendice. 
[Edited by J. Eaine.] 

fol. Durham, 1825 

RUDBECK, Olof, the elder. Atland eller manheim. 
Atlantica sive Manheim, vera Japheti posterorum 
sedes ac patria ex qua non tantum monarchae 
et reges, sed etiam Scythi, etc., aliique populi 
exierunt. Swed. and Lat. [With a volume of 

4 vols. fol. Upsala, 1675-98 

RUDBECK, Olof, the younger. 

See Verelius, 0. Index linguae Scytho-Scandicae. 
Upsala, 1691. 

Ichthyologiae Biblicae pars i., de ave Sclav, 

pars II., de Borith Fullonum. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Upsala, 1705-22 

Nora Samolad sive Laponia illustrata et iter 

per Uplandiam Gestriciam, Helsingiam, etc. 
Cui ad calcem glossarium Laponicum accedit, 
cum inscriptione Lapo Hebraizans in Septen- 
trione. [Swedish and Latin.] 

4to. Upsala, 1701 

RUDDER, Samuel. A new history of Gloucester- 

fol. Cirencester, 1779 

RUDDIMAN, Thomas. 

For Life, see Chalmers, G. London, 1794. 
See Buchanan, G. Opera omnia. Edinburgh, 
„ Livius, T. Historiae. Edinburgh, 1751. 
„ Virgilius Maro, P. Aeneis. Edinburgh, 

Grammaticae Latinae institutiones. 

2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1725-31 



RUDGE, James. Lectures on the Book of Genesis. 

A sermon on the sacrament of the Lord's Supper. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. London, 1823 

RUDIMENTA fidei Christianac, quam Catechismum 
veteres appellanint. Huic addita est Ecclesias- 
ticaruni precum formula. [By J. Calvin ; trans- 
lated into CTreek by H. E.stienne. Latin and 


12mo. H. Stephams. [Geneva] 1563 

RUDIMENTS of the Greek language, for the use of 

Charterhouse school. 

Svo. London, 1826 

of the Latin language, for the use of Charter- 
house school. 

Svo. London, 1825 

RUDIMENTUM Noviciorum. 

See Mer des histoires. Paris, 1488. 

RUDING, Rogers. Annals of the coinage of Britain 
and its dependencies, to the end of the fiftieth 
year of the reign of King George III. 

•i vols. ito. London, 1817-19 

Annals of the coinage of Great Britain and its 

RUEXNER, Georg. Anfang : Ursprung : und Her- 
kommen des Thurnirs in Teutscher nation. 

fol. Skmeni, 1530 

Another edition. 

dependencies, from the earliest period of authentic 

history to the reign of Victoria. Third edition. 

3 vols. 4to. London, 1840 

RUDLER, Frederick William, and CHISHOLM, 
George C. Europe. Edited by Sir Andrew C. 
Rajisay. [Stanford's Compendium of Geo- 

Svo. London, 1885 

RUDOLPH, August Friedrich Wilhelm. 

See Ocellus Lucanus. De rerum natura. Leipzig, 

RUDYERD, Sir Benjamin. 

See Pembroke, W. H., 3rd earl of. Poems. 

London, 1817. 

RUELLIUS, Joannes. 

See Scribonius Largus. De compositione medica- 
mentorum liber. Basic, l.')29. 
„ Veterinariae medicinae liber ii. Paris, 1 530. 
„ Virgilius Maro, P. Li Moretum scholia. 
Paris, 1542. 

fol. Siemern, 1532 


See Considerations on the present dangerous 
crisis. [London, 1763.] 
„ Pope, A. Works. London, 1769. 
„ Reasons why the approaching treaty, etc. 

Loudon, 1760. 
„ Remarks on a pamphlet [by 0. K.]. London, 

RUFFI, Antoine de. Histoire de la ville do Mar- 
seille. Secondc edition augmentec par L. A. DE 


2 vols. fol. Marseilles, 1690 


&fi Rhetores Latini. Paris, 1599, etc. 
„ Rutilius Lupus, P. De figuris sententiarum. 
Paris, 1541, etc. 

RUFINUS, the Grammarian. 

Sec Rhetores Latini. Paris, 1599, etc. 

RUFINUS, Tyrannius. Life and works: with 

Jerome's Apology against Rufinus. [Select 

library of Nicene and post-Nicene fathers. 2nd 

series, vol. iii.] 

Svo. Oxford and New York, 1892 

Expositio sancti Jeronimi in simbolum apos- 


4to. [Timdoric Rood.] Oxford, 1468 [1478] 

RUFUS, of Ephesus. 

See Medicae artis principes. [Paris] 1567. 

RUFUS, Antonius. 

See Sigebertus Gemblacensis. Chronicon. Paris, 

RUFUS, Sextus. 

See Cuiio, C. S. De mensuris. [Basle, 16OO.] 
„ Eutropius, F. Breviarium historiae Romanae. 

Lcijden, 1793, ck. 
„ Plinius Caecilius Secundus, C. De viris 

illustribus Eomanis. [Naples, 1475.] 
,, Scriptores Historiae Augustae. Leyden, 

„ Romanae. Amster- 

dam, 1625, etc. 



RUFUS, Sextus. Breviarium de regionibus urbis 

Eomae. Publii Victoris liber de regionibus urbis 


4to. Altmia, 1782 

De historia Romana libellus. 

4to. [Sachsel and Golsch. Eome, 14-72] 

Another edition. 

4to. {Florentiiis de Argentina. Padua,\i!l2\ 

RUGGLB, George. Ignoramus, comoedia coram 
rege Jacobo I. ab academicis Cantabrigiensibus 

l2mo. Westminster, 1737 

RUHKOFF, Friedrich Ernst. 

See Seneca, L. A. [Two or more works.] Opera. 
Lcipdg, 1797-1805. 

RUHNKEN, David. 

For Life, see Wyttenbach. Leyden, etc, 1 799. 
&fi Homer. Hymnus in Cererem. Leyden, \1S^, 
„ Longinus, D. C. Quae supersunt. Oxford, 


„ Moeris Atticista. Ae^eis 'AttikZv. Leipzig, 

„ Muret, M. A. Opera omnia. Leyden, 1789. 
„ Rutilius Lupus, P. De figuris sententiarum. 

Leyden, 1768. 
„ Scheller, I. J. G. Lexicon. Leyden, 1799. 
„ Timaeus Sophista. Lexicon vocum Platoni- 

carum. Leyden, 1754, etc. 
„ Velleius Paterculus, C. Quae supersunt. 

Leyden, 1779, etc. 

Opuscula oratoria, philologica, critica. 

8vo. Leyden, 1807 

Epistola critica i. in Homeridarum hymnos et 

Hesiodum; ii. in C:dlimachum et Apollonium 

2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. Leyden, 1749-51 

Oratio inauguralis de Graecia artium ac doc- 

trinarum inventrice publice habita in auditorio 
majori Academiae Lugduno-Batavae. 

4to. I-jeyden, 1757 

Scholia in Platonem, ex codicibus MSS. mul- 

tarum bibliothecarum primum collegit D. E. 

8vo. Leyden, 1800 

— Scholia in Suetonii vitas Caesarum. Edidit 
J. Geel. 

8vo. Leyden, 1828 

RUINART, Thierri. 

See Achery, L. d'. Acta sanctorum ordinis S. 
Benedicti. Paris, 1668-1701. 

Abreg6 de la vie de Dom Jean Mabillon. 

12mo. Paris, 1709 

Acta primorum martyrum sincera et selecta, 

collecta et notis illustrata : praemittitur praefatio 
in qua refellitur dissertatio undecima Henrici 
Dodwelli de paucitate martyrum. [Edited by 
R. Massuet.] 

fol. Amsterdam, 1713 

Historia persecutionis Vandalicae. 

8vo. Paris, 1737 

RUIZ DE MONTOYA, Antonio. Tesoro, o segunda 
parte, de la lengua Guarani. 

4to. Madrid, 1639 


See Corippus, F. C. De laudibus Justini Augusti 
minoris. Antwerp, 1581. 

RULE (The) of S. Benet, Latin and Anglo-Saxon. 
Edited by H. Logeman. [Early English Text 
Society, 90.] 

8vo. London, 1888 

RULE, Martin. 

See Eadmer. Historia novorum in Anglia. 
[Rolls Series.] 

RULE, William Harris. History of the Inquisition. 
2 vols. 8vo. London, 1874 

RULES for the pronunciation of the French language, 

with a short view of the order of its construction. 

8vo. Warrington, 1768 

RULHliRE, Claude Garloman de. 

See Boismont, N. T. de. Oraisons funebres. 
Paris, 1805. 

Histoire de I'anarchie de Pologne, et du 

demembrement de cette republique : suivie des 
anecdotes sur la revolution de Eussie, en 1762. 
[Edited by P. F. C. Daunou.] 

4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1807 

RUMBOLD, Sir Thomas, Bart. An answer to the 
charges exhibited against Sir T. R. in the 
reports of the secret committee of the house of 
commons, and in the general letter from the 
coiu-t of directors, 10 Jan. 1781. 

4to. [London, 1782] 

Appendix to his defence. 

4to. London, 1782 



RUMFORD, Benjamin Thompson, Count. 
See Thompson, B. 

RUMLEY, William. 

See Wakeman, Sir G. The tryals of Sir G. W., 
etc. London, l679. 

RUMP Songs. 

See Exact collection of the choicest poems and 
songs. [Lorulmi, 1662.] 

RUNAWAY (The) : a comedy. [By H. Cowley.] 

8vo. London, 1776 

RUNDALL, Thomas. Memorials of the empire of 
Japoti : in the xvi. and xvii. centuries. Edited, 
with notes, by T. E. [Hakluyt Society, viii.] 

8vo. London, 1850 

Narratives of voyages towards the North- West 

in search of a passage to Cathay and India, l-t96- 
1631. Edited by T. R. [Hakluyt Society, v.] 

8vo. London, 1849 

RUNDELL, Maria Eliza. Letters addressed to two 
absent daughters. 

12mo. London, 1814 

RUNDLE, Thomas, Bishop of Derry. A sermon 
preached at St. George's Church, Hanover Square, 
on Sunday, Feb. 17, 1733-34, to recommend the 
charity for establishing the new Colony of 

4to. London, 1734 

RUNKEL, Martin. 

See Pherecrates and Eupolis. Fragmenta. Zt i^> 
zig, 1829. 

RUPERT, Prince, Son of Frederick i.. King of 

See Collection of original royal letters. London, 

RUPERTI, Georg Alexander. 

566 Juvenalis, D. J. Satyrae. Leipzig, \80\. 

RUPHY, J. F. Dictionnaire abr(5g6 fran9ois-arabe. 

4to. Paris, 1802 

RUSCA, Luige. Raccolta dei disegni, etc. Kecueil 
des dessins de differens batimens construits a 
Saint Petersbourg. [Italian and Latin.] 

2 vols. fol. St. Petersburg, 1S\Q 

RUSCELLI, Girolamo. 

fe Comes, N. De venatione. Fenic^, \55l. 
„ Ptolemaeus, 0. La geografia. Venice, 1574. 

RUSDEN, George William. History of New 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1883 

RUSH, Richard. Narrative of a residence at the 
court of London, 1817-19- 

8vo. London, 1833 

EUSHBROOKE, William George. 

See Bible, Greek. N. T., Gospels. 1880. 

RUSHWORTH, John. Historical collections, begin- 
ning the sixteenth year of King James, anno 
16I8, and ending the death of King Charles i., 
anno l648, with the try all of Thomas, earl of 

8 vols. fol. London, 1680-1701 

RUSKIN Reading Guild. 

See Igdrasil. London, 1890-92. 

Ruskin Reading Guild Journal for February — 

June, 1883 [Nos. 2-6]. 

5 parts. 4to. Arbroath, 1889 

RUSKIN Society of Glasgow, Papers ; — 

I. Aspects of Nature. By W. ISIartin. 
II. Wealth : definitions by Ruskin and Mill 
compared by a member. 

III. A disciple of Plato. By W. Smart. 

IV. The social problem : work versus waste. 
By W. Cassels. 

V. John Ruskin, his life and work. By W. 

Svo. Glasgow, 1882-87 

RUSKIN, John. 

For Life, see Collingwood, W. G. London, 1893. 

„ „ Mather, J. M. Manchester [1883] 


See Acland, H. W. The Oxford Museum. London, 

1859, etc. 

„ Alexander, F. Christ's folk in the Apenninc. 

Orpington, 1887-89. 
„ Architectural magazine. London, 1834-38. 
,, Baillie, E. J. John Ruskin: aspects of his 

thoughts. London, 1882. 
,, Bibliotheca pastorum. Orpington, 1876-85. 
„ Collingwood, W. G. Deucalion, first supple- 
ment. Orjnngton, 1884. 
„ Cook, E. T. Studies in Ruskin. Orpinglmi, 



RUSKIN, Jolin. 

6Vt' Dame Wiggins of Lee. Orpington, 1885. 
English Helicon. London [1841]. 
Friendship's offering. London, ISSS-*."?, etc. 
Gotthelf, J. Uli'ich the farm servant. Or- 

jnnf/ion, 1S8S. 
Heath's Book of Beauty. London 1846. 
Horsfall, T. C. Study of beauty and art. 

London, 1S83. 
Keepsake for 1845. London, 1845. 
Leech, J. Exhibition of outlines. [London] 

Loudon, J. C. Magazine of natural history. 

London, 1834. 
Notes on the pictures of Mr. Holman Hunt. 

London, 1886. 
Osier, 0. H. John Euskin, his aims and 

efforts. Sheffield [1885]. 
Rendu, L. Theory of the glaciers of Savoy. 

London, 1874. 
Sillar, R. G. Usury. London, 1885. 
Somervell, R. Protest against the extension 

of railways. IVindermere [1876]. 
Waldstein, C. The work of J. E. [New 

Yorl;] 1889, etc. 
White, W. The principles of art, etc. 

London, 1895. 
Wise, T. J, A bibliography of the writings 

of J. E. London, 1881-91, etc. 

— Works. 
11 vols. 8vo. Orpington and London, 19,12-9.0 

1. Sesame and Lilies. Third edition. 1876. 

2. Munera pulveris. 1872. 

3. Aratra Pentelici. 1879. 

4. The Eagle's nest. 1872. 

5. Time and tide, etc. 1872. 

6. The crown of wild olive. 1873. 

7. Ariadne Florentina. 1876. 

8. Vald'Arno. 1874. 

9. The queen of the air. New edition. 1874. 

10. The two paths. New edition. 1878. 

11. A joy for ever. 1880. 

— Abstract of the objects and constitution of St. 
George's Guild. 

8vo. [London 'i 19,18] 

— Arrows of the Chace : being a collection of 
scattered letters published chiefly in the daily 
newspapers, 1840-1880. 

2 vols. 8vo. Orpington, 1880 

— The art of England ; lectures given in Oxford 
during his second tenure of the Slade Professor- 

4to. Orpington, 1884 

RUSKIN, John. The black arts : a reverie in ' the 
Strand.' [Extracted from The Magazine of Art 
for January 1888.] 

4to. London, 1888 

Cambridge school of art. Inaugural soiree. 

Mr. Euskiu's address and report of the speeches 
of Mr. Eedgrave, E.A., and Mr. Cruikshank, 
with a full account of the proceedings of the 

8vo. Cambridge, 1858 

Inaugural address delivered at the Cambridge 

school of art, Oct. 29, 1858. New edition. 

8vo. Orpington, 1879 

A catalogue of a series of specimens in the 

British Museum (natural history) : illustrative 
of the more common forms of native Silica. 

8vo. Orpington, 1884 

Catalogue of examples arranged in the Univer- 

sity galleries. [Standard and Educational 

8vo. Oxford, 1870 

Catalogue of the educational series. [Anon.] 

8vo. London [\91\] 

Catalogue of the reference series including 

temporarily the first section of the standard 
series. [Anon.] 

8vo. London[l91\] 

Catalogue of the drawings and sketches by 

J. M. W. Turner, E.A., at present exhibited in 
the National Gallery : revised and cast into pro- 
gressive groups, with explanatory notes by J. 

8vo. Orpington, 1881 

— — Catalogue of the sketches and drawings by J. 
M. W. Turner, E.A., exhibited in Marlborough 
House, 1857-58, accompanied with illustrative 

8vo. London, 1857 

Another edition. 

8vo. London, 1858 

Catalogue of the Turner sketches in the 

National Gallery. Part i. [Anon.] 

8vo. London, 1857 

— Circular respecting memorial studies at St. 
Mark's, Venice. 

8vo. iojwfwi [1879-80] 



RUSKIN, John. [Contributions to the ' Nineteenth 
Century,' extracted from that magazine.] 

8vo. Londm, 1878-81 

The crown of wild olive : three lectures on 

work, traffic, and war. 

8vo. London, 1866 

Deucalion : collected studies of the lapse of 

waves, and life of stones [vol. i., parts 1-6; vol. 
ii., parts 7, 8]. 

1 vol. and 2 parts. 8vo. Orpington, 1879-83 

— Dilecta. Correspondence, diary notes, and 
extracts of books, illustrating Prteterita. [Parts 
i., ii.] 

2 parts. 8vo. Orpington, 1886-87 

The elements of drawing : in three lectures to 


8vo. London, 1857 

Elements of English Prosody for use in St. 

George's schools, explanatory of the various 
terms used in Rock Honeycomb. 

8vo. Orpington, 1880 

The elements of perspective, arranged for the 

use of schools, and intended to be read in con- 
nexion with the first three books of Euclid. 

8vo. London, 1859 

The ethics of the dust : ten lectures to little 

housewives on the elements of crystallisation. 

8vo. London, 1866 

Second edition. 

8vo. Orpington, 1877 

— Examples of the architecture of Venice, selected 
and drawn to measurement from the edifices. 

fol. London, 1851 

— Fors Clavigera : letters to the workmen and 
labourers of Great Britain. 

8 vols. 8vo. Orpington, 1871-84. 

— Letter to young girls : reprinted with slight 
addition from Fors Clavigera. Fourth edition. 

8 vo. Orpington [1876] 

— The future of England : a paper read at the 
R.A. Institution, 14th December I869. 

8vo. JFoohvich, I869 

RUSKIN, John. General statement explaining the 
nature and purposes of St. George's Guild. 

8vo. Orpington, 1882 

Giotto and his works in Padua. [Arundel 


4to. London, 1854 

- Gold : a dialogue connected with the subject of 
' Munera Pulveris.' Edited by H. B. Forman. 

8vo. London, 1891 

Printed on vellum. 

Guide to the principal pictures in the Academy 

of Fine Arts at Venice, arranged for English 


2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. Venice, 1877 

Another edition. [Differing slightly from the 


2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. Venice, 1877 

The Guild of St. George : Master's reports for 


2 parts. 8vo. [London, 1885-86] 

The harbours of England : engraved by T. 

LuPTON from original drawings by J. M. W. 
Turner, with illustrative notes by J. Euskin. 

4to. London, 1827-56 

Another edition. 

4to. £on(fon[l856] 

— Hortus Inclusus : messages from the wood to 
the garden, sent in happy days to the sister 
ladies of the Thwaite, Coniston. 

8vo. Orpington, 1887 

— John Euskin and Frederick Denison Maurice 
on ' Notes on the construction of sheepfolds.' 

Edited by T. J. Wise. 

8vo. London, 1896 

Prinleil on vellum. 

— The King of the Golden River ; or, the Black 

Brothers: a legend of Stiria. Illustrated by 

EicHARD Doyle. 

l6mo. London, 1851 

Sixth edition. 

l6mo London [1867] 

— The laws of Fesole : a familiar treatise on 
the elementary principles and practice of draw- 
ing and painting as determined by the Tuscan 
masters ; arranged for the use of schools. Vol. i. 
[No more published.] 

8vo. Orpington, 1879 



EUSKIN, John. Lectures on architecture and 
painting, delivered in Edinburgh in November 

8vo. London, 1854 

Lectures on art, delivered before the University 

of Oxford in Hilary term, 1870. 

8vo. Oxford, 1870 

Leoni : a legend of Italy. By J. R. 

8vo. London, 1868 

Letters addressed to a college friend during 

the years 1840-45. 

8vo. London, 1894 

— — Letters on art and literature. Edited by 
T. J. Wise. 

8vo. London, 1894 

Printed on vellum. 

Letters to Ernest Chesneau. Edited by T. J. 


8vo. London, 1894 

Printed on vellum. 

Letters to Rev. F. A. Malleson, M.A. Edited 

by T. J. Wise. 

8vo. London, 1896 

Printed on vellum. 

Letters to Rev. J. P. Faunthorpe, M.A. Edited 

1:.y T. J. Wise. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1895-96 

Printed on vellnm. 

Letters to the Times on the principal Pre- 
Raphaelite pictures in the exhibition of 1854. 

8vo. London, 1876 

— Letters to William Ward. Edited by T. J. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1893 

Printed on vellum. 

— Letters upon subjects of general interest. 
[Edited by T. J. Wise.] 

8vo. London, 1892 

Printed on vdluiii. 

— The Lord's Prayer and the Church : letters to 
the clergy, with replies from clergy and laity. 
Edited, with essays and comments, by F. A. 

8vo. London [1880] 

RUSKIN, John. Love's Meinie : lectures on Greek 
and English birds. Vol. i. 

8vo. Orpington, 1881 

Modern painters, their superiority in the art 

of landscape painting to all the ancient masters 
proved by examples of the true, the beautiful 
and the intellectual, from the works of modern 
artists, especially from those of J. M. W. Turner, 
R.A. By a graduate of Oxford. 

Svo. London, 1843 

Modern painters. Vol. i. 5th edition ; vol. ii. 

3rd edition. 

5 vols. Svo. London, 1851-60 

— Complete edition. 

6 vols. 4to. Orpington, 1888 

— Cceli Enarrant, studies of cloud form and of 
its visible causes, i. Collected and completed 
out of Modern Painters, part i. 

4to. Orpington, 1885 

— Frondes Agrestes, readings in Modern Painters. 
Second edition. 

Svo. Orjjington, 1876 

— In Montibus Sanctis, studies of mountain form 
and of its visible causes. Collected and com- 
pleted out of ' Modern Painters.' 

2 parts. 4to. Orpington, 1S84-85 

— Mornings in Florence : being simple studies 
of Christian art for English travellers. 

Svo. Orpington, l&lb-ll 

— The nature and authority of miracle, home, 
and its economics. [Extracted from the Con- 
temporary Review, with other contributions by 
various writers.] 

Svo. London, 1873 

Notes on his drawings by the late J. M. W. 

Turner, R.A. Also an appendix containing a 
list of the engraved works of Turner. 

Svo. [London, 1878] 

■ Another edition. 
Another edition. 

Svo. [London, 1878] 
Svo. [London, 1S7S] 

Another edition. With 35 plates. 

4to. London-, 1878 



RUSKIN, Jolm. Notes on Siimuel Prout and 
William Hunt, illustrated by a loan collection 
of drawings exhibited at the Fine Art Society's 
galleries. [Second edition.] 

8vo. [London, 1879] 

Another edition. 


Illustrated with twenty 
4to. Lmdrni, 1880 

— Notes on some of the principal pictures ex- 
hibited in the rooms of the Royal Academy, etc., 

5 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. London, 1855-59 

— Notes on some of the principal pictures ex- 
hibited in the rooms of the Royal Academy, 1875. 

8vo. Orpington, 1875 

— Notes on some of the principal pictures of Sir 
John Everett Millais, exhibited at the Grosvenor 
Gallery, 1886: with a preface and original and 
selected criticisms. [Edited by A. Gordon 
Crawford, i.e. Alexander Wise.] 

8vo. London [\8h6] 

Notes on the construction of sheepfolds. 

8vo. London, 1851 

Second edition. 

8vo. Orpington, 1875 

— Notes on the Turner gallery at Marlborough 
House, 185G. 

8vo. London, 1857 

Third edition. 
Fourth edition. 

8vo. London, 1857 

8vo. London, 1851 

— On the old road : a collection of miscellaneous 
essays, pamphlets, etc., published 1834-1885. 

2 vols, in 3. -ito. Orpington, 18S5 

— The opening of the Crystal Palace considered 
in some of its relations to the prospects of art. 

8vo. London, 1854 

— ' Our Fathers have told us ' : sketches of the 
history of Christendom for boys and girls who 
have been held at its fonts : part i. the Bible of 

8vo. Orpington, 188-1- 


RUSKIN, John. The pleasures of England : [four] 
lectures given in Oxford, during his second 
tenure of the Slade P'rofessorship. 

•Ito. Orpington, 1884-85 

Poems: collected 1850. 

8vo. London, 1850 

— Poems, now first collected from original manu- 
script and printed sources. Edited by W. G. 
CoLLiNGWOOD, with illustrations by the author. 

2 vols. 4to. Orpington, 1891 

— The political economy of Art; being the 
substance (with additions) of two lectures de- 
livered at Manchester, July 10 and 13, 1857. 

l6mo. London, 1857 

— Another edition. [The edition of 1857 with 
a new title-page.] 

l6"mo. London, 1867 

— Praeterita, outlines of scenes and thoughts 
perhaps worthy of memory in my past life. 
[Vols, i., ii., iii., c. 1-4]. 

2 vols, and 4 parts. 4to. Orpington, 1886-87 

— Precious thoughts, moral and religious, gathered 
from the works of John Ruskin. By Mrs. G. L. 


8vo. New Ym-k, 1867 

• Pre-Raphaelitism. 
A new edition. 

8vo. London, 1851 
8vo. London, 1862 

— The proposed permanent Lake District Defence 
Society. [Reprinted from Transactions of the 
Cumberland Association for the Advancement of 
Literature and Science, 1883.] 

8vo. [1883] 

— Proserpina, studies of wayside flowers. [Vol. i. 
parts 1-6; vol. ii. parts 7-10.] 

1 vol. and 4 parts. 8vo. Orpington, 1879-86 

— The queen of the air : being a study of the 
Greek myths of cloud and storm. 

8vo. London, I869 

— The queen's gardens, a lecture delivered at 
Manchester December 14, 1864. 

8vo. Manchester, 1864 



RUSKIN, John. References to the series of paint- 
ings and sketches, from Mr. Ruskin's collection, 
shown in illustration of the relations of flam- 
boyant architecture to contemporary and subse- 
quent art at the Royal Institution, 29 Jan. I869. 

8vo. London, 1869 

The relation between Michael Angelo and 

Tintoret ; seventh of the course of lectures on 
sculpture delivered at Oxford, 1870-71. 

8vo. London, 1872 

Ruskiniana : part i., letters collected from 

various sources : part ii., lectures and addresses 
reported in the press. 

Svo. London, 1890-92 

St. Mark's Rest : the history of Venice. 

Svo. Orpington, 1884 

Salsette and Elephanta : a prize poem, recited 

in the Theatre, Oxford, June 12, 1839. 

12mo. Oxford, 1839 

New edition. 
Samuel Prout. 

Svo. Orpiiifjlun, 1879 

Svo. Oxford, 1870 

— Selections from the writings of J. R. 

Svo. London, I861 

— Selections from the writings of J. R. : first 
series, 1843-60: second series, I86O-SS. 

2 vols. Svo. Orpington, 1 893 

— Sesame and lilies : two lectures delivered at 
Manchester in 1864: 1, of king's treasuries; 
2, of queen's gardens. 

Svo. London, IS 65 

The seven lamps of architecture. 

Svo. London, 1849 

Second edition. 

Svo. London, 1855 

The shepherd's tower : a series of photographs 

of the sculptures of Giotto's tower to illustrate 
Part vi. of 'Mornings in Florence.' 

4to. 1881 

Sir Joshua and Holbein. [Anon. Extracted 

from the Cornhill Magazine, vol. i., I860.] 

Svo. [London] 1S60 

RUSKIN, John. The stones of Venice. 

3 vols. Svo. London, 1851-53 

On the nature of Gothic architecture, and 

herein of the true functions of the workman in 
Art. Reprinted from the sixth chapter of the 
second volume of Stones of Venice. 

Svo. London, 1854 

Another edition. [With a preface by W. 


8vo. IVilliam Morris. Hammersmith [1892] 

The storm cloud of the nineteenth century : 

two lectures delivered at the London Institution, 
Feb. 4 and 11, 1884. 

4to. Orpington, 1884 

— Stray letters to a London bibliopole. [Edited 
by T. J. Wise.] 

Svo. London, 1892 

Printed on vellnin. 

— Studies in both arts, being ten subjects drawn 
and described. 

fol. Orpington, 1895 

— Three letters and an essay on literature, 
1836-41. Found in his tutor's desk. 

Svo. Londm, 1893 

— Time and tide, by Weare and Tyne : twenty- 
five letters to a working-man of Sunderland on 
the laws of work. 

Svo. London, 1867 

— Two letters concerning ' Notes on the con- 
struction of sheepfolds ' addressed to the Rev. 
F. D. Maurice, M.A., in 1851. With forewords 

Svo. London, I890 

Printed on vellnm. 

— The two paths : being lectures on Art, and 
its application to decoration and manufacture, 
delivered in 1858-59. 

Svo. London, 1859 

The unity of art, delivered at the annual 

meeting of the Manchester school of art, Feb. 
22, 1859. 

Svo. Manchester, 1859 

— Unto this last : four essays on the principles 
of political economy. 

Svo. London, 1862 



RTJSKIN, John. Verona and other lectures. 

4to. Orpinghm, 1894 

[Val d'Arno. Ten lectures on the Tuscan art.] 
4to. Printed for use in the Lecture room [1873] 

"War : a lecture delivered at the Eoyal Military 

Academy, Woolwich. [A reprint of Lecture ill. 
in The Crown of wild olive.] 

l6mo. London [1866] 

Yewdale and its streamlets, report of a lecture 

deli^•ered in connection with the Kendal Literary 
and Scientific Institute, Oct. 1, 1877. Reprinted 
from the Kendal Mercury. 

Svo. Kendal [1871] 

RUSSAEDUS, Ludovicus. 

iS''*; Plutarch. De amicitia f raterna. Pans, 1559. 

RUSSELL, Alexander. The natural history of 
Aleppo and parts adjacent, containing a descrip- 
tion of the city with an account of the climate, 
inhabitants and diseases. 

4to. London, 1756 

Second edition revised, with notes by P. 


2 vols. 4to. London, 1794 

RUSSELL, George William Erskine. 

See Arnold, M. Letters, 1848-88. London, 1895. 

The right honourable W. E. Gladstone. [The 

Prime Ministers of Queen Victoria. Edited by 
Stuart J. Eeid.] 

8vo. London, 1891 

RUSSELL, James. 

See Kirkton, J. Secret history of the Church of 
Scotland. Edinburgh, 1817. 

RUSSELL, James Stuart. 

See Parousia (The). London, 1878. 

RUSSELL, John, Ambassador to the Court of 
Burgundy. Propositio ad illustrissimum prin- 
cipem Karolum ducem Burgundie super susccp- 
tione ordinis garterii. 

4to. [fFilliam Caxfon. Westminster, 1477] 

RUSSELL, John, Bishop of Lincoln. 

See Grants, etc., from the crown, [Camden 

RUSSELL, John, Earl. 

For Life, sec Walpole, S. London, 1891. 
See Bedford, J. R., 4th duke of Correspondence. 
London, 1842-46. 
„ Essays and sketches. London, 1820. 
„ Fox, Right hon. C. J. Memorials and 

correspondence. London, 1853-57. 
„ Lord John Russell. London, 1851. 

The life and times of Charles James Fox. 

3 vols. Svo. London, 1859-66 

— The life of William lord Russell : with some 
account of the times in which he lived. 

4to. London, 1819 

— Memoirs of the affairs of Europe from the 
Peace of Utrecht. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1824-29 

— Papal aggression : speech delivered in the 
house of commons, Feb. 7, 1851. 

Svo. London, 1851 

— Selections from speeches, 1817-41, and from 
despatches, 1859-65, with introductions. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1870 

— Speech in the house of commons, Feb. 8, 1850, 
on colonial policy, with a view to promote the 
general wealth and population of the colonies, 
and their capacity for self-government. 

Svo. London, 1850 

RUSSELL, John, R.A. A description of the seleno- 
graphia : an apparatus for exhibiting the pheno- 
mena of the moon. 

4to. London, 1797 

RUSSELL, John, Usher and Marshal to Humphrey, 
Duke of Gloucester. The boke of Nurture, c. 
1460-70. The Boke of Kervynge, by Wynkyn 
de Worde, 1513. The Boke of Nurture, by 
Hugh Rhodes, 1 577. Edited by F. J. FURNiVALL. 
[Roxburghe Club, Ixxxvii.] 

4to. Bungay, 1867 

RUSSELL, M., Painter. 

See Letters from a young painter. London, 

RUSSELL, Michael, Bishop of Glasgow. 

See Keith, R. Catalogue of the Scottish bishops. 
Edinburgh, 1824. 



RUSSELL, Michael, Bishop of Glasgow. 

See Spottiswoode, J. History of the Church of 
Scotland. [Bannatyne Club and Spottis- 
woode Society.] 

A connection of sacred and profane history, 

from the death of Joshua to the decline of the 
kingdoms of Israel and Judah. 

3 vols. Svo. London, 1827-37 

RUSSELL, Patrick. 

See Russell, A. Natural history of Aleppo. 
London, 179-*. 

— An account of Indian serpents collected on the 
coast of Coromandel, containing descrij)tions and 
drawings of each species, together with experi- 
ments and remarks on their several poisons. 

fol. London, 1796 

A treatise of the plague, containing an 

historical joiu'nal and medical account of the 
plague at Aleppo in the years 1760-62. Also 
remarks on quarantines, lazarettos, and the 
administration of police in times of pestilence. 

4to. London, 1791 

RUSSELL, Rachel, Baroness. Letters : to which is 
prefixed an introduction, vindicating the character 
of Lord Eussell against Sir John Dalrymple. 
[Edited by T. Sellwood.] 

4to. London, 1773 

Some account of the life of lady Eussell, by 

the editor of Mme. Du Deffand's letters [Miss 
M. Berry], followed by a series of letters from 
lady Eussell to her husband, 1672-82 : with 
eleven letters from Dorothy Sidney to George 
Saville, marquis of Halifax, 1 680. 

4to. London, 1819 

RUSSELL, Richard, M.A. 
Sec Patres Apostolici. 

London, 1746. 

RUSSELL, Richard, I\1.D. 

Sec Memoirs of the society of Grub Street. 
London, 1737. 

RUSSELL, William, Baron. 

For Life, sec Russell, J., Earl. London, 1819. 
See Atkyns, Sir R. A defence of the late Lord 
Eusscl's innoccncy. London, l6S9. 
„ Hawles, J. Eemarks upon the tryals. 

London, 1689. 
„ Towers, J. An e.xamination into the nature 
of the charges, etc. London, 1773. 

RUSSELL, William, Baron. 

See Walcot, T. The tryals of T. AV., etc. 
London, 1683. 
„ Warrington, H. B., earl of. The late Lord 
Russel's case. London, 1689. 

Last speech and behaviour upon the scaffold. 

July 21, l683. Also the last speeches, behaviour 
and prayers of Capt. T. Walcot, J. Rouse, and 
W. Hone, a little before their execution, 20 
July 1683. 

fol. London, l683 

Speech to the Sheriffs : together with the 

paper deliver'd by him to them, at the place of 
execution, on July 21, l6S3. 

fol. London, 1683 

See also Considerations upon a printed sheet. 

RUSSELL, William, Barrister-at-Law. A treatise 
on the Eeform Act, 2 Will. iv. cap. 45. 

12mo. London, 1832 

RUSSELL, William, LL.D. The history of ancient 
Europe, vrith a view of the revolutions in Asia 
and Africa. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1793 

RUSSELL, William, of Showell Green, Birmingham. 
See Priestley, J. Dr. P.'s letter to the inhabi- 
tants of Birmingham. London, 1791. 

RUSSELL, William, Priest. 

See Anderson, L. The tryals of L. A., W. E., 

etc. Lomlon, l6S0. 

RUSSELL, Sir William Howard. The Prince of 
Wales' tour : a diary in India ; with some 
account of the visits of his royal highness to the 
courts of Greece, Egypt, Spain, and Portugal. 

Svo. London, 1877 

RUSSIA seu Moscovia itemque Tartaria commen- 
tario topographico atque politico illustratae. 

24mo. Elzevir. Leyden, 1630 

RUSSIAN Grammar. [An English - Eussian 

Svo. St. Petersburg, 1801 

RUST, George, of Dromore. A funeral 
sermon, preached at the obsequies of the right 
reverend father in God Jeremy [Taylor], lord 
Bishop of Down. 

fol. Loiulon, 166h 



EUSTICUS, Philalethes, pseud, i.e. William 
AsPLiN. The impertinence and imposture of 
modern antiquaries display'd ; or, a refutation of 
the rev. Mr. Wise's letter concerning the White 
Horse and other antiquities in Berkshire. With 
a preface [by W. Bumstead]. 

4to. London [1710] 

See also Answer to a scandalous libel entitled 
The impertinence, etc. 

RUTGEES, Joannes. 

See Heinsius, N. Poemata. Leijden, 1653. 
„ Horatius Flaccus, Q. Opera. Paris, iGlS, 

„ Martialis, M. V. Opera. Leyikn, 16I8-19. 

RUTHEEFORD, A. W. Hints from Holland; or, 
gold as dear in Dutch currency as in bank-notes. 

8vo. London, 1811 

RUTHERFORD, Samuel. Letters; with a sketch 
of his life and biographical notices of his corres- 
pondents by A. A. BoNAR. 

8vo. Edinburgh and London, 1891 

Quaint sermons hitherto unpublished ; with a 

preface by A. A. Bonar. 

Svo. London, 1885 

RUTHERFORD, William Gunion. 

See Phrynichus. A revised text of the Ecloga. 
London, 1881. 

RUTHERFORTH, Thomas. Determinatio quaes- 
tionis theologicae post gradum doctoris haliita 
Cantabrigiae in scholis publicis. 

4to. Cambridge, 1746 

Propositiones mechanicae, hydrostaticae, etc. 

4to. [Cambridge, 17t3] 


See Bible, Appendix. Apocalypse of Peter. 

Edinburgh, 1897. 
„ „ „ Gospel of Peter. Edin- 

burgh, 1897. 
„ Passion of the Scillitan martyi's. Edinburgh, 

RUTHVEN, Patrick, Earl of Forth and Brentford. 
Kuthven correspondence. Letters and papers of 
P. K., and of his family, 1 615-1 662. Edited by 
W. D. Macray. [Roxburghe Club, xc] 

4t0. London, 1S68 


Ste Rhetores Graeci. Venice, 1523. 
,, Rhetores Latini. Paris, 1599- 

De figuris sententiarum et verborum libri duo : 

Aquilae liber unus: Julii Rufiniani libellus et 
praeterea libri duo. 

Svo. E. Stephanus. Paris, 1541 

De figuris sententiarum et elocutionis libri duo, 

recensuit et notas adjecit D. Ruhnkenius : 
accedunt Aquilae Romani et Julii Rufiniani de 
eodem argumento libri. 

Svo. Leyden, 1768 


&e Poetae Latini minores. Leyden, 1731. 

De reditu suo libri duo, recensuit C. T. Damm. 
Svo. Brandenburg, 1760 

— Itinerarium, integris Simleri aliorumque anim- 
adversionibus illustratum ex museo T. J. AB 

12mo. Amsterdam, 1687 

RUTLAND Papers. Original documents illustrative 
of the courts and times of Henry vii. and 
Henry viii., selected from the private archives 
of the Duke of Rutland. By W. Jerdan. 
[Camden Society, xxi.] 

4to. London, 1842 

RUTLAND, John Henry Manners, 5th duke of. 
Tour through part of Belgium and the Rhenish 
provinces : with plates after sketches by the 
duchess of Rutland. 

4to. London, 1822 

RUTT, John Towill. 

Sec Calamy, E., D.D. Account of my own life. 
London, 1829. 

RUTTER, John. Delineations of the north-western 
division of the county of Somerset, and of its 
antediluvian bone caverns. 

4to. London, 1829 

RUTTY, John. An essay towards a natural history 
of the county of Dublin. 

2 vols. Svo. Dublin, 1772 

RUYSCH, Henricus. 

See Jonstonus, J. Thcatrum universale omnium 
aniiualium. Amsterdam, 1718. 



RUTTER, Michiel de. 

For Life, see Brandt, G. Amsterdam, I698. 

B7ALL, John. 

See Witty, R. Twelve plates of English silver 
coins. London, 1756. 

RYCATJT, Sir Paul. 

See Capitulations and articles of peace. Con- 
stantinoplc, 1663. 
„ Platina, B. S. de. Lives of the popes to 

Sixtus IV. London, I688. 
„ Vega, G. L. de la. The royal commentaries 
of Peru. London, 1688. 

The history of the present state of the Ottoman 

empire. Fifth edition. 

8vo. London, 1682 

RYCKIUS, Theodorus. 

See Stephanus Byzantinus. De urbibus. Leyden, 
„ Tacitus, C. C. Opera. Leyden, 1687, etc. 

RYCQUIUS, Justus. De capitolio Romano com- 

4to. Ghent, l6l7 

Another edition. 

12mo. Leyden, 1696 

RYDER, Sir Dudley. 

See Mansfield, W. M., earl of. Parliamentary 

opinions, etc. London, 1788. 

RYDER, Thomas. Some account of the I\Iaranta 
or Lidian arrow root, in which it is considered 
and recommended as a substitute for starch pre- 
pared from corn. 

8vo. London, 1796 

RYE, Joseph Jekyll. The chief obstacles to 
benevolence considered, in a sermon preached 
December 12th, 1794, at the Charterhouse 
Chapel, in London. 

4to. London, 1795 

RYE, Walter. 

See Harvey, W. Visitation of Norfolk. [Har- 
leian Society.] 

RYE, William Brenchley. 

See Soto, F. de. Discovery and conquest of 
Florida. [Hakluyt Society.] 

England as seen by foreigners in the days of 

Elizabeth and James the First, comprising trans- 
lations of the journals of the two Dukes of 
Wirtemberg in 1592 and 1610 ; both illustrative 
of Shakespeare. 

4to. London, 1865 

RYLANCE, Ralph. A sketch of the causes and 
consequences of the late emigration to the Brazils. 

8vo. London, 1808 

RYLAND, Jonathan Edward. 

See Foster, John. Life and correspondence. 
London, 1846. 
,, Neander, J. A. W. History of the planting 
of the Christian Church. London, 1864-76, 

RYLAND, R. H, The history and antiquities of 
the county and city of Waterford. 

8vo. Lmdon, 1824 

RYLANDS, John Paul. 

See Cheshire and Lancashire funeral certificates. 
[Record Society.] 
„ Harleian Society. 
„ Lancashire and Cheshire wills. [Chetham 

„ Lancashire inquisitions, [Chetham Society.] 

RYLANDS, W. Harry. See Holbein Society. 

See Wright, W. Empire of the Hittites. London, 

RYLE, Herbert Edward. The canon of the Old 
Testament ; an essay on the gradual growth and 
formation of the Hebrew canon of Scripture. 

8vo. London, 1892 

Philo and Holy Scripture, or the quotations 

of Philo from the books of the Old Testament. 

8vo. London, 1895 

RYLE, John Charles, Bishop of Liverpool. 

See Manton, T. Complete works. London, 1 870- 

RYLEY, William. 

See Harvey, W. Visitations of Oxford. [Har- 
leian Society.] 

and DETHICK, Henry. The visitation of 

Middlesex, began in the year l663, by AV. R. 
and H. D. ; as recorded in the College of Arms. 
Edited by J. Foster. 

8vo. London, 1887 

RYMBEGLA, sive rudimentum computi ecclesiastici 
ct annalis veterum Islandorum quam versione 
Latina et notis ausit Steph. Biornonis : addita 
sunt, Talbyrdingus, Oddi astronomi somnia, J. 
Arnae et Finni Johannaei horologia. 

4to. Copenhagen, 1780 



RYMER, Thomas. 

See Rapin-Thoyras, P. de. Acta regia. London 
„ Tindal, N. Remarques. Hie Hague, 1733. 

Focdera ct acta publica inter regcs Angliac ct 

alios quosvis imperatorcs ab anno 1101 ad nostra 
usque tempora habita aut tractata : accurante T. 
Eymer. Editio altera emendata studio G. 
Holmes. [Vols, xviii., xix., xx. were published 
by R. Sanderson.] 

20 vols. fol. London, \1 21 -S 5 

Another edition. Accurantibus A, Clarke et 

F. Holbrooke. Tom. i.-iii. [No more published.] 
3 vols, in 6. fol. London, \8\6-S0 

RYSSEL, Victor. 

See Kurzgefasstes exegetisches Handbuch. Leip- 
zig, 1850-92. 

EYVES, Bruno. 

See Mercurius Rusticus. [Londoiil 1647-48, etc. 

RZACZYNSKI, Gabriel. Auctarium historiae 

naturalis curiosae regni Poloniae : opus posthu- 


4to. Dantzig, 1745 

Historia naturalis curiosa regni Poloniae, 

magniducatus Litvaniae, annexarumque pro- 

4to. Sandomir, 1721 

S , E of. Two speeches made in the 

House of Peers. The one November 20, 1()75, 
the other in November 1678, by a protestant peer 
of the realm of England. [By A. A. Cooper, 1st 
earl of Shaftesbury.] 

4to. The Hague, 1680 

S * * *, M. I'Abb^, de Castres. 

See Sabatier, A., de Castres. Les trois siecles de 
la litterature Fran9oise. The Hague, 1781. 

S., M. le M. de la. L'oncle et les tantes, comedie 
en trois actes. Par M. le M[arquis] de la 

8vo. Paris, 1786 

S., 0. 

See Cliffe, T. Humble petition. Newcastle, 1845. 

S., C. A treatise concerning the militia. By C. S. 
[i.e. Charles Sackville, earl of Dorset]. 

8vo. London, 1752 

S., C. A treatise concerning the militia. By C. S. 
[i.e. Charles Sackville, earl of Dorset.] 

8vo. London, 1753 

S., C. G. Recherches sur I'origine et la signification 
des constellations de la sphere grecque : par C. 
G. S[chwartz]. Traduites du suedois. 

8vo. Paris, 1807 

S., C. H. Essai sur le systemo militaire de Bona- 
parte. Par C. H. S[aluzzo], officier-d'etat- 
major Muscovite. 

8vo. London, 1810 

S., Constance de, Countess. Eloge historique de 
M. de la Lande : par la Comtesse de S[alm]. 

8vo. Paris, 1810 

S., D. J., pseud, i.e. Daniel a S. Petro. Debita 
Papebrochiana sive pallinodiae cantatae et can- 
tandae a P. Daniele Papebrochio jesuita com- 
putus primu.?, continens debita soluta sive 
pallinodias cantatas, subductus per D. J. S. 

8vo. Cologne, l688 

S., E. Britain's buss ; or, a computation as well of 
the charge of a buss or herring fishing ship, as 
also of the gain and profit thereby, l6l5. Re- 
printed in Arber's English Garner, iii. 

S., E. A petition and demand of right and justice 
by one of the commons of England, on behalf of 
himself and the rest, in a letter to his repre- 
sentative in the present house of Commons. 
[Signed E. S.] 

4to. [London, 1702] 

S., E. C. The government of Ireland under Sir 
John Perrot . . . beginning 1584, and ending 
1588. Being the first booke of the continuation 
of the Historie of that Kingdome, etc. [By Sir 
Edward Cecil.] 

4to. Fm- Tlwmas Walkley. London, 1626 

S., Ed. Summus Angliae Seneschallus ; or, a survey 
of the lord high-steward of England, his office, 
dignity, and jurisdiction. [Signed Ed. S., i.e. 
Sir Edmund Saunders.] 

4to. London, I68O 

S., G. A letter from an ejected member of the 
House of Commons, to Sir Jo. Evelyn : shewing 
the constitution of that councell, and the influ- 
ence it hath had on the present times, etc. 
[Signed G. S.] 

4to. [London] 1648 



S., H. The power of the Lords and Commons in 
Parliament in point of Judicature briefly dis- 
cours'd. By H[enry] S[coeell]. 

fol. [London, 16S0] 

S., H. Reasons why the duke of Marlborough can- 
not lay down his commands, deduced from the 
principals of loyalty, gratitude, honour, interest, 
etc. [Signed H. S.] 

4to. London, 1710 

S., I. A brief and perfect journal of the late pro- 
ceedings and successe of the English army in 
the West Indies, continued until Jiuie the 24th 
1655, together with some quieres inserted and 

4to. London, l655 

S., J. 

See Certain. Certaine worthye manuscript 
poems. London, 1597. 

S., J. 

See Strype, J. History of the life of E. Grindal. 

London, 1710. 
„ „ The life of sir T. Smith. London, 


S., J. The genealogies recorded in the Scriptures, 
according to every family and tribe. With the 
line of our Saviour Jesus Christ. By J. S. [i.e. 
John Speed.] 

fol. [London, l6ll] 

Another edition. 

fol. [London, l6ll] 

Another edition. 

4to. [R. Barker. London, 1612] 

Another edition. 

Another edition. 

Another edition. 

Another edition. 

fol. [London, l6l3] 

fol. [Lo7idon, 16 1,3] 

8vo. [London, 1627] 

8vo. [London, l630] 

S., J. A letter to the rt. hon. Edm. Burke, in 
reply to the insinuations in the ninth report of 
the select committee which afifcct the character 
of Mr. Hastings. [By John Scott Waring.] 

8vo. London, 1783 

S., J. A second letter to the rt. hon. Edmund Burke, 
in reply to the insinuations in the ninth report 
of the select committee which afi'ect the character 
of Mr. Hastings. [By John Scott Waring.] 

Svo. London, 1783 

3., J., D.S.P. The beast's confession to the priest 
on observing how most men mistake their own 
talents. [By Jonathan Swift.] 

Svo. London, 1738 

S., L. A letter to a noble peer of the realm, about 
his late speech and petition to his majesty. 
[Signed L. S.] 

fol. [London, 1681] 

S * * *, M. Histoire de la ville de Eouen : suivie 
d'un essai sur la Normandie litteraire. [By A. 
N. Servin.] 

2 vols. 12mo. Rouen, 1775 

S., M. A philosophical discourse of the nature of 
rational and irrational souls. 

4to. London, l695 

S., M. Les trois Leandres ; ou les noms changes ; 
com6die en un acte, et en prose. Par M. S. 
[i.e. J. F. Sedaine]. 

Svo. Paris, 17S6 

S * * *, M., Ancien magistrat. Les Jesuites, tels 
qu'ils ont 6te dans I'ordre politique, religieux et 
moral : par M. S * * *, ancien magistrat [Louis 

Svo. Paris, 1815 

S * *, M., Avocat-general. 

See Servan, A. J. M. Discours sur I'administra- 
tion. Lyons, 1774. 
„ ,, Discours dans un procfes, 

etc. Lyons, 1774. 

S * * *, M. de. Memoires de litterature. [By A. 
H. DE Sallengre.] 

4 parts in 2 vols. Svo. The Hague, 1715-17 

S., M. D. L. Dictionnaire Galibi, prec6d6 d'un essai 
de grammaire. [By S. P. de la Salle de 

8vo. Paris, 1763 

S * * *, M. E. D. Melanges interessans et curieux, 

ou abr^ge d'histoire naturelle, morale, civile et 

politique de I'Asie, I'Afrique, I'Amerique et des 

terres polaires. [By J. P. KoussELOT de Surgy.] 

10 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1744-66 

Green morocco, with the arms of the Due de Gramont 
and his wife Beatrix de Choiseal-Stainville. 



S., N., Esq. The divine rights of the British nation 
and constitution vindicated, in remarks on the 
several papers publish'd against the rev. Mr. 
Hoadly's Considerations upon the bishop of 
Exeter's sermon. Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1710 

S., E. Christ's birth misse-timed ; or, a resolution 
to the question about the time of Christ's 
nativity. [By R. Skinner.] 

4to. London, 16*9 

S., E. The Counter-scuffle ; whereunto is added, 
the Counter-rat. Written by R. S[peed]. 

■ito. Lcmdon, l670 

S., E. Jerubbaal justified ; or, a plain rebuke of 
the high (pretended humble) remonstrance and 
plea against Mr. Crofton, demonstrating T. P. 
his grosse mistakes. [Signed R. S.] 

4to. Lmidon, 1663 

S., E. A letter to a person of quality, occasion'd 
by the news of the ensuing parliament. [Signed 
R. S.] 

4to. [London, 1687] 

S., E. Town-talk, in a letter to a lady in the 
country, Friday, Jan. 13. Number v. 

4to. London, 1716 

S., T. Impartial thoughts on a free trade to the 
kingdom of Ireland, in a letter to Lord North. 
[Signed T. S.] 

8vo. London, 1779 

S., W. A true declaration and just commendation 
of the great and incomparable care of the right 
honourable Isaac Pennington, Lord mayor of the 
city of London, in advancing and promoting the 
bidwarkes and fortifications about the city and 

4to. London, 1643 

S., W., Esq. The parsons guide ; or, the law of 
tithes : wherein is shewed, who must pay tythes, 
and to whom, and of what things, when and how 
they must be paid, and how they may be re- 
covered at this day. By W. S[heppard]. 

4to. London, 1654 

S. D. E., M. de. La morale du monde, ou Conver- 
sations. [By Mademoiselle de Scudi?:ry.] 

12mo. Amsterdam, l688 

SAALFELD, Jakob Christoph Friedrich. 

See Martens, G. F. von. Recueil des principaux 
traites, etc. Gottingnn, 1791-1830. 
VOL. 111. 

SAAVEDEA FAJAEDO, Diego de. Corona Gothica, 
Castellana y Austriaca politicamente illustrada : 
continuada por Alonso NuSez de Castro 
[to Henry n. of Castile]. 

4 vols, in 2. fol. Antwerp, 1678-87 


retane dove si narra nouelle settantauna, con 
moralissimi documenti e dichiaratione de I'anima. 

8vo. Verona, 1540 

SABATIEE, Antoine, de Castres. 

See G y. Vie polemique de Voltaire. Paris, 


De la souverainet^, ou connoissance des vrais 

principes du gouvernement d^s peuples. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Altona, 1806 

Les trois si6cles de la litterature Francois, ou 

tableau de I'esprit de nos ecrivains. Par M. 
I'ABBt S * * ■* [t>. A. Sabatier] de Castres. 
Cinquifeme Edition. 

4 vols. 12mo. The Hague, \1%1 

Sixifeme edition. 

4 vols. l2mo. Pam, 1801 

SABATIEE, Paul. La Didach6, ou I'enseignement 
des douze apotres. 2""' Edition. 

8vo. Paris, 1885 


See Mariana, J. de. Historia general de Espana. 
Madrid, 1817. 

See Bible, Latin. 1743. 

SABBATINI, Ginliano, Bishop of Modena. Prose 
e poesie, Italiane et Latine. 

4to. Venice, 1765 

SABELLICUS, Marcus Antonius Coccius. 

See Degli istorici dello cose Veneziane. Venice, 
1718-22, etc. 


2 vols. fol. J. Hervagius and E. Froben. 

Basle, 1538 

Decades rerum Venetiarum iv. 

fol. A. de Asula. Venice, 1487 

SABINUS, Angelus. 

See Ovidius Naso, P. Epistolae. Venice, 1583. 




SABINUS, Angelus. Paradoxa in Juvenalem. 

fol. G. Sachsel and B. Gohch. Rome, 1474 

SABINUS, Franciscus Floridus. 

See Homer. Odysseae libri viii. Paris, 1545. 

SABINUS, Georgius. De electione et coronatione 

Caroli v., Caesaris historia. [Attributed to 

Melanchthon.] Ecloga de Gallo ad Ticinum capto. 

8vo. Ivo Schoeffer. Maim, 154:i 

SABIO, Stefano da. Introduttorio nuovo intitolato 
Corona Preciosa, per imparare, legere, ed in- 
tendere la lingua greca volgare e litterale, e 
la lingua latina, ed il volgare italico. 

8vo. /. A. and Fratres de Sabio. Venice, 1527 

SABLIER, Charlef 

See Theatre d'un inconnu. Paris, 1765. 

SABOTIER (Le), ou les huit sols. [By — Landin.] 
See Th6§itie Frangais. Petits theatres, torn. i. 
Paris, 1784. 

SABBAN, Elz^ar Louis Zozime, comte de. 
See Notes critiques. Paris, 1 803. 

SABRAN, Louis. Dr. Sherlock's preservative con- 

4to. London, 1688 

SACCHETTI, Franco. Novelle. [Edited by A. M. 


2 vols. 8vo. Florence, 1724 

Another edition. [Edited by G. Poggiali.] 

3 vols. 8vo. London [Leghorn] 1795 

• Another edition. 

3 vols. 8vo. Milan, 1804-5 

SACCHI, Bartolomaeus, de Platina. 
Sec Platina, B. S. de. 


See Mr. Sacheverell's Assize-sermon ... ex- 
amined. London, 1704. 
„ Reflections on Dr. Sacheverell's answer. 
London, 1710. 

The perils of false brethren both in church 

and state set forth in a sermon preach'd before 
the rt. hon. the lord mayor, aldermen, and 
citizens of London at the cathedral church of 
St. Paul on Nov. 5, 1709. 

4to. London, 1709 

See also Bisset, W. Remarks on Dr. Sach 's 


SaCEEVERELL, Henry. Tryall for high crimes 
and misdemeanours. 

fol. London, 1710 

SACKFUL. The Sack-Full of newes. Edited by 
J. O. Halliwell. 

l6mo. London, 186l 

SACKVILLE, Charles, Earl of Dorset. 
See Dorset, C. S., earl of. 

SACKVILLE, George, Viscount. 

See Coventry, G. A critical enquiry regarding 
the real author. London, 1825. 

SACKVILLE, Thomas, Earl of Dorset. 
See Dorset, T. S., earl of. 

SACONAY, Gabriel de. Genealogie et la fin des 
Huguenaux et descouverte du Calvinisme; ou 
est sommairement descrite I'histoire des troubles 
en France par lesdits Huguenaux, jusques a 

8vo. Lyons, 1572 

SACRA Nemesis, the Levites scourge, or Mercurius 
Britanicus, Mercurius Civicus disciplin'd ; also 
diverse remarkable disputes and resolvs in the 
Assembly of Divines related, etc. [By Daniel 

4to. Oxford, 1644 

SACRAE Scripturae locorum quorundam versio 
metrica : sive exercitationum poeticarum quae 
pro disciplinae solennis ratione adolescentibus 
C. C. G. Longae Vacationis tempore praeci- 
piuntur elaborandae delectus. [Edited by J. 

8vo. Oxford, 1736 

3ACRE et couronnement de Louis xvi. : precede de 
recherches sur le sacre des rois de France [by N. 
Gobet], et suivi d'un journal historique de ce 
qui s'est passe a cette ceremonie. [By T. J. 
Pichon.] Avec des figures gravees par Patas. 

8vo. Paris, 1775 

Red morocco, with tlie <irms of Louis xvi. 

SACRED books of China. The texts of Con- 
fucianism. Translated by J. Legge. [Sacred 
books of the East, iii., xvi., xxvii., xxviii., 
xxxix., xl] 

6 vols. 8vo. Oxford, 181^-Q\ 



SACRED books of the East. Translated by various 
Oriental scholars, and edited by F. Max 

In progress. 8vo. Oxford, IS79, ete. 

1, 15. The Upanishads. Translated by F. 
Max Mt'LLER. 

2, I*. Sacred laws of the Aryas. Translated 
by G. BiJHLER. 

3, 16, 27, 28, 39, iO. Sacred books of China. 
Translated by J. Legge. 

4, 23, 31. The Zend-Avesta. Translated by 
J. Dariu:steter and L. H. Mills. 

5, 18, 2-1, 37, ■I.7. Pahlavi texts. Translated 
by E. W. West. 

6, 9. The Koran (Qur'an). Translated by E. 
H. Palmer. 

7, Institutes of Vishnu. Translated by J. 

8, The Bhagavadgita, with the Sanatsugatiya, 
and the Anugita. Translated by K. T. Telang. 

9, See 6. 

10, The Dhammapada. Translated by F. 
Max Muller. The Sutta-Nipilta. Translated 
by V. Fausboll. 

11, Buddhist Suttas. Translated by T. W. 
11. Davids. 

12, 26, 41, 43. The Satapatha-Brahmana. 
Translated by J. Eggeling. 

13, 17, 20. Vinaya texts. Translated by 
T. W. R. Davids and H. Oldenberg. 

14, See 2. 15. See 1. l6. See 3. 17. See 13. 
18. See 5. 

19. The Fo-sho-hing-tsan-king, by Asvaghosha 
Bodhisattva. Translated by S. Beal. 

20. See 13. 

21. The Saddharma-pundarika. Translated 
by H. Kern. 

22. 45. Gaina - SUtras. Translated by H. 

23. See 4. 24. See 5. 

25. The laws of Manu. Translated by G. 

26. See 12. 27, 28. See 3. 

29, 30. The Grihya-Satras. Translated by 
H. Oldenberg. 

31. See 4, 

SACRED books of the East (ronlinuid). 

32, 46. Vedic Hymns. Translated by H. 

Z3. The minor law-books. Translated by J. 

34, 38. Vedanta-Sfttras. Translated by G. 


35, 36". The Questions of King Milinda. 
Translated by T. W. K. Davids. 

37. See 5. 

38. See 34. 39, 40. See 3. 41. See 12. 

42. Hymns of the Atharva-Veda. Translated 
by M. Bloomfield. 

43. See 12. 

45. See 22. 46. See 32. 47. See 5. 


49. Buddhist Mahayana texts. 

decretall. See Synod, Sir S., pseud. 

laws of the Aryas. Translated by G. Buhler. 

[Sacred books of the East, ii., xiv.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Oxford, 1879-82 

SACRO BOSCO, Joannes de. Opus sphaericum. 
Gerardi Cremonensis theorica planetarum. 

4to. F. Bcnner de Ha.ilbruii. Venice, 1478 

Tractatus de sphaera. 
4to. [Florentms de Argentina. Venice, 1472] 

SACY, Louis de. Traite de la Gloire, avec une 

dissertation de M. Du Rondel sur le meme sujet. 

2 parts in 1 vol. 12mo. The Hague, 1715 

SACY, Louis Isaac le Maistre de. 
See Bible, Folyglott. 1724-26. 
„ „ „ N.T. 1673. 

„ „ „ N. T., Gospels. 1793. 

„ „ French. 1713, etc. 
„ Prosper of Aquitaine, S. Pofeme contre les 
ingrats. [Holkunl^ l679. 

SAD (A) relation of a dreadful fire at Cottenham, 
four miles distant from Cambridge, 29th of 
April, l676. With an account of a gentleman's 
servant that was burn'd in a miserable manner, 
by venturing to save some house-hold-stuff. 
Written by an eye-witness. 

4to. [Londm] 1976 [1676] 



pundarika ; or, the lotus of the true law. Trans- 
lated by H. Kern. [Sacred books of the East, 

8vo. Oxfffrd, 1884 

Le Lotus de la Bonne Loi, traduit du Sanskrit, 

accompagne d'un commentaire et de vingt et un 
m^moires relatifs au Buddhisme par E. Burnouf. 

4to. Paris, 1852 

SADE, Jacques Frangois Aldonge de. 

See M^moires pour la vie de F. P^trarque. Am- 
sterdam, 1764-67. 

SADE, Laura. See Laura de Sade. 

SADELER, Raphael. 

See Centones Probae Falconiae. Munich, l6l7. 

SADI. Persian and Arabick works. [Edited by J. 
H. Harington.] 

2 vols. fol. Calcutta, 1791-95 

Rosarium politicum sive amoenuni sortis 

humanae theatrum, de Persico in Latinum 
versum, necessariisque notis illustratum a G. 

fol. Amsterdam, 1651 

SADLER, John. 

See Rights of the kingdom. London, l649. 

SADLER, Sir Ralph. Letters and negotiations : 
containing the transactions of two embassies, to 
James v., 1540, and to the governor and states 
of Scotland, 1543. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1720 

State -papers and letters. Edited by A. 

Clifford: to which is added a memoir of Sir 
R. Sadler; with historical notes by Walter 

o vols. 4to. Edinburgh, 1809 

SADLER, Thomas. 

See Robinson, H. C. Diary. London, 1^69. 

SADOLETO, Jacopo, Cardinal. 

Sec Longolius, C. Orationes duae. Florence, 
„ Miscellanea. Rome, 1754-58. 

Opera quae extant omnia. 

4 vols. 4to. Verona, 1737-38 

SADOLETO, Jacopo, Cardinal. De liberis recte 
instituendis liber. 

8vo. S. C'olinaeus. Paris, 1534 

Duo poemata heroica illustriss. J. S. et F. 

- Sfondrati, quorum alterum inscribitur Ciu-tius, 
alterum vero De raptu Helenae. 

4to. Li Acad. Feneta. Venice, 1559 

Ejjistolae proprio nomine scriptae ; appendix 

et Hieronymi Nigri et Pauli Sadoleti vitae : 
epistolae Leonis x., dementis vn., Pauli IIL 
nomine scriptae, et A. Florebelli de vita Sadoleti 

5 vols. 12mo. Pmiic, 1760-69 

Orationes duae, altera J. Sadoleti de pace ; 

altera J. B. Campegii de tuenda religione, in 
concilio Tridentino habita. 

4to. Aldus. Venice, 1561 

S.SCULOMASTIX ; or, the lash of the age we live 
in : a poem in two parts. By the author of 
Childe Harold's monitor. 

8vo. London, 1819 

SAEMUND. See Sigfiisson, S. 

SAEWULF (1 102, 1 103 A.D.) Translated by Canon 
Brownlow. [Palestine Pilgrims' Text Society. ] 

8vo. Londm, 1892 

SAGARD TH^ODAT, Gabriel. Le grand voyage du 
pays des Hurons, situ^ en I'Amerique vers la 
mer douce ; avec un dictionnaire de la langue 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Paris, 1632 

Calf, with the arms of M. WodhuU. 

SAGE, John. 

See Life of the reverend Mr. John Sage. London, 

Works, with memoir and notes. [Spottiswoode 


3 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1844-46 

SAGGI di prose e poesie de' piii celebri scrittori 
d'ogni secolo. 

6 vols, in 3. 8vo. Londm, 1796-98 

SAGGIO intorno al luogo del seppellire; nuova 
edizione con note critiche che ne distruggono il 
fondamento e I'oggetto. 

4to. Venice, 1774 

istorico della Real Galleria di Firenze. 

2 vols. 12mo. Florence, 1779 



SAOON, Frangois. 

&'e Marot, C. OEuvres. The Hague, 1131. 

SAOOENINUS, Joannes. Chronicon Venetum. 
Edidit H. F. Zanetti. 

8vo. Venice, 1765 

SAGBEDO, Giovanni. Memorie istoricho de' mon- 
archi Ottomani. Terza impressione. 

4to. Fenice, 1679 

SAGBEDO, Pedro Francisco Lanine. Comedia 
nueva, la batalla de las Navas y el ray don 
Alfonso el bueno. 

4to. Valencia, 1761 

SAGUNDINUS, Nicolaus. 
<S'e« Nicolaus Sagundinus. 

SAHLSTEDT, Abraham. Grammaire suedoise. 

12mo. Stockholm, 1823 

In glossarium Svio-Gothicum a Johanne Ihre 

editum observationes. 

SAILOES (The) Advocate. 

8vo. Stockholm, 1773 

8vo. London [1727] 

SAINJOBE, M'' de, pseud, i.e. Richard Simon. 
Bibliothfeque critique, ou recueil de diverses 
pieces critiques. 

4 vols. 12mo. Paris awl Amsterdam, 17 OS- 10 


See Chronicon Angliae. [Rolls Series.] 

SAINT ALBANS, Francis Bacon, viscount. 
See Bacon, F. 


See Martjrrologium. Martyrologe universel. 
Paris, 1823. 

SAINT-ALLAIS, Nicolas Viton de. 

See V * * * *, M. Histoire des maisons 

souveraines. Paris, 1811-12. 
„ V * * * *, M. La France legislative. 
Pan's, 1813. 

SAINT AMAND, George. An historical essay on 
the legislative power of England. 

8vo. London, 1725 

SAINT- ANDB6, De, Physician. Lettres au sujet 
de la magie, des malefices et des sorciers. 

12mo. Paris, 1725 

SAINT ANDBEWS. Register of the minister, 
ciders and deacons of the Christian Congregation 
of St. Andrews, comprising the proceedings of 
the Kirk-session and of the court of the super- 
intendent of Fife, Fothrik and Strathearn, 1559- 
1 (ioo. Transcribed and edited by D. H. Fleming. 
[Scottish History Society, iv., vii.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1889-90 

Priory of. Liber cartarum prioratus Sancti 

Andree in Scotia. [Bannatyne Club.] 

•Ito. Edinburgh, 1841 

University of. Rectorial addresses delivered 

at the University of St. Andrews ; Sir William 
Stirling-Maxwell, bart., to the Marquess of Bute. 
Edited with an introduction by AV. Knight. 

8vo. London, 1894 

SAINT-ANGE, Ange Francois Fariau de. 

See Ovidius Naso, P. Les metamorphoses. Paris, 
,1 „ Les fastes. Pam, 1809. 

SAINT-AUBAN, Jacques Pape, seigneur de. 

Sec Collection complete des m^moires [vol. xliii. 


SAINT BERTIN, Abbey of. Cartulaire de I'Abbaye 
de Saint Bertin. Publiee par M. Gu^rard. 
Appcndice public par F. Mokand. [Documents 
inedits sur I'histoire de France.] 

2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1840-67 


See Propriety of retaining Gibraltar. London, 

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See Guillaume de Saint-Denis. 

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Causeries du lundi. 

1 6 vols. 12mo. Par (s, N.D. 

Chateaubriand et son groupe litteraire sous 

I'empire. Nouvelle edition. 

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12mo. Paris, 1876 



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dance, 1822-6.5. 

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Etude sur Virgile, suivie d'une etude sur 

Quintus de Smyrna. 

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Nouveaux lundis. 

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Nouvelle correspondance. 

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— P. J. Proudhon, sa vie et correspondance, 1838- 
48. Troisieme edition. 

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Poesies completes. 

12mo. Paris, 1890 

— Portraits contemporains. Nouvelle edition. 

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— Portraits de femmes. Nouvelle edition. 

]2mo. Paris, N.D. 

— Portraits litt^raires. Nouvelle edition. 

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— Port-Royal. Cinquieme edition. 

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— Premiers lundis. 

3 vols. 12mo. [Paris] 1885-91 

— Souvenirs et indiscretions. Nouvelle edition. 

12mo. Paris, 1880 

— Tableau historique et critique de la pot'sie 
fran^aise et du theatre fran^ais au xvi"^ siecle. 
Nouvelle (Edition. 

12mo. Paris, N.D. 

— Volupte. Nouvelle Edition. 

12mo. Paris, 1890 

SAINTE COLOMBE, Chevalier de. 

See Relation des diff^rens arrivez en Espagne. 

Cologne, l677. 

SAINTE CROIX, Carloman Louis Frangois Renouard 
de, Marquis. 
See Renouard de Sainte-Croix, C. L. F. 

SAINTE - C3.0IX, Guillaume Emmanuel Joseph 
Guilhem de Clermont Lod^ve, baron de. 
See Barth61emy, J. J. (Euvres diA-erses. Paris, 
„ Examen critique des anciens historiens. 

Paris, 1804. 
„ M^moires historiques et gdographiques. 
Paris, 1797. 

— Des anciens gouvernemens fi^deratifs et de la 
legislation de Crete. 

8vo. Paris, 1799 

Histoire des progres de la puissance navale de 


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SAINT ELME, Ida de, otherwise Elzelina van 
Aylde Jonghe. 

See Memoires d'une contemporaine. Paris, 


See Sainte-Marthe, S. de, the elder. Opera. 
Paris, 1633. 


See Gregory I., Pope. Opera. Paiis, 1705. 

Gallia Christiana, in provincias ecclesiasticas 

distributa; qua series et historia Archiepisco- 
porum, Episcoporum et Abbatum Francire vicin- 
arumque ditionum ab origine ecclesiarum ad 
nostra tempora deducitur. [Vols, i.-iv. by D. 
DE SainteM. : vols, v.-xiii. by others.] 

13 vols. fol. Paris, 1716-85 

Mottled calf, with the arms of Louis xvi. 


See Sainte-Marthe, S. de, the younger. Histoire 
genealogique de la maison de France. 
Paris, l62S. 

SAINTE-MARTHE, Sc^vole de, the elder. Scae- 
volae et Abelii Sammarthanorum opera Latina 
et Gallica, quibus accessit Scaevolae ipsius 
Tumulus. La vie de S. de Sainte-Marthe par 
G. Michel. 

4to. Paris, l6S3 

Gallorum docti'ina illustrium qui nostra pat- 

rumque memoria floruerunt elogia. 

I to. J. Blandiet. Poitiers, l602 

Paedotropbiae sive de puerorum educatione, 

libri tres. 

8vo. London, 1708 



SAINTE-MARTHE, Scdvole de, the elder. Poemata. 
8vo. Ap. M. ratissonium (B. Stephanud). 

Pam, 1587 

Calf, with the arois of Oliarlea dc Brisard-Tiville. 

SAINTE-MARTHE, Scdvole de, the younger, and 
Louis de. Histoire genoalogique de la maison 
de France : reveue et augmentee en cette (Edition 
des deux pr^c^dentes maisons royales. 

2 vols. fol. Paris, 1()'38 

A genealogical history of the kings of Portugal 

and of all those illustrious houses that in inas- 
euline line are branched from that royal family ; 
rendred into English and continued from 1(523 
to 1662 by F. Sandford. 

fol. London, I662 

SAINTE-PALAYE, Jean Baptists de la Curne de. 
See Histoire litt^raire des Troubadours. Paris, 

Memoires sur I'ancienne chevalerie, consid^r^e 

comme un etablissement politique et militaire. 

3 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1781 

SAINT-6VREM0ND, Charles Marguetal de St. 
Denis, seigneur de. OEuvres mesk'es, publiees 
sur les manuscrits de I'auteur. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1105 

Works, made English : with the life of the 

author by Mr. Des Maizeaux, the memoirs of 
the dutchess of Mazarin [by C. Virciiaed de 
Saint Real], etc. The second edition. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1728 

SAINT-^VREMONIANA, ou dialogues des nouveaux 
dieux. [By C. Cotolendx.] 

12mo. Paris, 1700 

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/See Daphne and Amintor. London, 17C6. 
„ Theatre Franfais, vol. xxi. Paris, 1804. 
„ Translations from the French. Lynn, 1770. 

CEuvres complettes. 

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Q^uvres de theatre. 

4 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1763 

Essais historiques sur Paris. 

7 vols, in 6. 12mo. Paris, \116-Ti 

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See Faujas de Saint-Fond, B. 

SAINT-GELAIS, Louis Frangois Dubois de. 
See Vie priv6e de Voltaire. Paris, 1820. 

Description des tableaux du Palais-Eoyal, avec 

la vie des peintres k la tete de leurs ouvrages. 

12mo. Paris, 1727 

SAINT-GENi:&S, L6once de. 

Sec Goethe, J. W. von. Des hommes c^lebres. 
Paris, 1823. 

See Harleian Society. 

The visitation of London 1633, 1634 and 1635. 

Edited by J. J. Howard and J. L. Chester. 
[Harleian Society, xv., xvii.] 

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and LENNARD, Sampson. The visitation of 

the county of Dorset taken in the year l623. 
Edited by J. P. Rylands. [Harleian Society, 


Svo. London, 1885 

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See Cooke, R. Visitations of Hertfordshire. 
[Harleian Society.] 
,, Flower, W. Pedigrees recorded, etc. London, 

„ Glover, R. The visitation of Yorkshire. 

London, 1875. 
„ Visitations of the county of Nottingham. 
[Harleian Society.] 

The visitation of the county of Cumberland 

in the year l6l5. Edited by J. Fetherstox. 
[Harleian Society, vii.] 

8vo. London, 1872 

The visitation of the county palatine of 

Lancaster in l6l3. Edited by F. R. Raines. 
[Chetham Society, Ixxxii.] 

4to. [Manchester] 1871 

SAINT-GERMAIN, Claude Louis, comte de. Cor- 
respondance particuliere avec M. Paris Du 
Verney ; on y a joint la vie du comte de Saint- 
Germain [by Count P. H. DE Grimo^VRD], et 
plusieurs pifeces qui le concernent. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1789 


Jlemoires, e^rits par lui-meme [or rather by 

the Abbe de la Montagnc, and published by the 
Abb6 Dubois]. 

12mo. Amsterdam, 1779 



SAINT-GERMAN, Christopher. 

See Dialogue in Englishe. Loiidm, 1580. 

Dialogus de fuiidamentis legum Angliae at de 


8vo. Thomas Wight. London, l60i 

SAINT-GLAIN, Dominique de. 

See Reflexions curieuses. Cologne, 1()78. 

SAINT-HILAIRE, foienne Geoffroy. 

See Expedition scientifique de Mor^e. Paris, 

SAINT-HILAIRE, Isidore Geoffroy. 

See Expedition scientifique de Mor^e. Paris, 

SAINT-HYACINTHE, Hyacinthe Cordonnier de, 

called also Thejiiseul de Saint-Hyacinthe. 
See Cabinet des fees. Amsterdam, etc., 1785-89. 
„ Matanasius, C, pseud. 

See Charri^res, I. A. Saint-H. de. 

See Cr^vecoeur, M. G. J. de. 


See Saint-Simon Vermandois, L. de B., due de. 

Memoirs on the reign of Louis xiv. London, 

SAINT-JOHN, Henry, Viscount Bolingbroke. 
See Bolingbroke, H. Saint- J,, viscount. 

SAINT JOHN, Henry Craven. Notes and sketches 
from the wild coasts of Nipon, with chapteis on 
cruising after pirates in Chinese waters. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1880 


iSee Letter from a magistrate. London, 1791. 

SAINT-LAMBERT, Charles Frangois de. 
See Saint-Lambert, J. F. de. 

SAINT-LAMBERT, Jean Fransois de. Principes 
des moeurs chez toutes les nations ; ou catechisme 

3 vols. 8vo. Hamburg, 1798 

Les saisons, potime. [Anon.] Septieme 


8yo. Amsterdam, 1775 

Another edition. 

4to. Paris, 1796 

SAINT-L£GER, MUe. de. 

See Theatre Fran?ais. Petits Theatres, torn. ii. 
Paris, 1785. 

SAINT LEGER, Sir William. A true copy of a 
letter to the lord lieutenant of Ireland. 

4to. London, 1642 

SAINT LO, George. England's safety ; or, a bridle 
to the French King, proposing a sure method for 
encouraging navigation and raising qualified sea- 
men for the well manning their majesties fleet, 
without impressing. 

4to. London, 1693 

SAINT-MARC, Charles Hugues Lefebure de. 
(S'fe Malherbe, F. de. Poesies. Paris, 1757. 

Abrege chronologique de I'histoire generale de 

ritalie, 476-1748. [Only completed to 1314.] 

6 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1761-70 

SAINT-MfiARD, Frangois Jourgniac de. Memoires 
sur les journees de Septembre 179~ par M. J. de 
S.-M., M°" la marquise de Fausse-Lendry, I'Abbe 
Sicard et G. A. Jourdan. [Memoires relatifs k la 
revolution francaise.] 

8vo. Paris, 1823 

An account of the manner in which the persons 

confined in the prisons of Paris were tried and 
put to death, on the 2d and 3d of September 
last. Translated from the French. 

8vo. London, 1792 

SAINT-NON, Jean Claude Richard de. Voyage 
pittoresque, ou description des royaumes de 

Naples et de Sicile. 

4 vols. fol. Paris, 1781-85 

SAINT PAUL, Jean de. Chronique de Bretagne, 
publiee par A. de la Borderie. [Societe des 

Bibliophiles bretons.] 

4to. Nantes, 1881 

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Russian Historical Society.] 

In jyrogress. 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1 867, etc. 

Academia Scientiamm Petropolitana. Acta, 


6 vols, in 12. 4to. St. Petersburg, 1778-86 

Nova acta 1783(-1802). 

15 vols. 4to. St. Petersburg, 1787-1806 



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Petropolitana. Commentarii, 172.5-46. [English Men of Letters.] 

14 vols. 4to. St. Petersburg, 1728-51 

Novi commentarii, 1747-75. 

20 vols, in 21. 4to. St. Petersburg, 1750-76 

SAINT PIERRE, Jacques Henri Bernardin de. 
See Voyage i, I'isle de France. Amsterdam, 1773 

CEuvres completes. Rlises en ordre et pre- 

cedees de la vie de I'auteurpar L. AiM]fe-MARTiN. 
12 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1818 

Etudes de la nature. Troisieme Edition. 

4 vols. 12mo. Brussels, 1788 

Nouvelle edition. 

Paul et Virginie. 

5 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1804 

8vo. Paris, 1789 

SAINT-PREST, Jean Yves de. 

See Histoire des traitds de paix du xvii° si^cle. 

Amsterdam, 1725. 

SAINT PREUIL, Frangois de Jussac d'Ambleville, 
sieur de. 
See Marillac, L. de. Les proems. Paris, l650. 

SAINT-RfiAL, C^sar Vischard de. 

See Saint-Evremond, C. M. de Saint D., seigneur 
de. Works. London, 1728. 


8 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1757 

Histoire de la conjuration des Espagnols contre 

la republique de Venise. Histoire de la conjura- 
tion des Gracques. 

2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. Dijon (jpr.). 
Paris, 1795 

Histoire de la conjuration des Espagnols contre 

la republique de Venise. 

8vo. London, 1800 

SAINT SAUVEUR, Andr^ Grasset de. Voyage 
dans les lies Bal6ares et Pithiuses, 1801-5. 

8vo. Paris, 1807 

Voyage dans les isles et possessions ci-devant 

V^nitiennes du Levant. [With an atlas.] 

.3 vols. 8vo and 1 vol. 4to. Paris, 1 800 


8vo. London, 1881 

— The Earl of Derby. [The Prime Ministers of 
Queen Victoria. Edited by Stuart J. Reid.] 

8vo. London, 1892 

Specimens of French literature from Villon to 

Hugo. Second edition. 

8vo. Oxfffrd, 1892 

SAINT-SIMON, Maximilien Henri, marquis de. 
iSfefi Jacintes (des). Amsterdavi, 1768. 

due de. 

See Collins, C. W. [Foreign classics for English 

CEuvres complettes, pour servir a I'histcire des 

cours de Louis xiv., de la Eegence, et de Louis 
XV. Avec des notes, etc. [by J. L. Giraud- 

13 vols. 8vo. Sirasburg, 1791 

Memoires complets et authentiques sur le sifecle 

de Louis XIV. et la R^gence, publics par le 
marquis de Saint-Simon. 

21 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1829-30 

Memoirs on the reign of Louis Xiv., and the 

Regency. Abridged from the French by B. St. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1876 

SAINT VINCENT, John Jervis, earl of. 
For Life, see Tucker, J. S. London, 1844. 

SAISONS, Les. See Saint-Lambert, J. F. de. 

SALA, George Augustus. America revisited. Third 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1883 

SALABERRY, Charles Marie d'lrumberry, comte de. 
&e Voyage k Constantinople. Paris, 1799. 

Histoire de I'empire Ottoman, depuis sa 

fondation jusqu'^ la paix d'Yassi en 1792. 

4 vols, in 2. 8vo. Paris, 1813 

SALADIN, Charles. 

See Coup d'oeil politique. London, 1 800. 

2 h 



SALAME, Abraham. A narrative of the expedition 
to Algiers in the year I8I6 under the command 
of the rt. hon. admiral Lord Viscount Exmouth. 

8vo. London, 18 19 

SALAMONIUS, Marius. De principatu libri vi. 

8vo. Paris, 1578 

SALAS, Josef Ignacio de, pseud, i.e. Juan Jose 
ToLR.\. Compendio historico de la vida, caracter 
moral y literario del celebre P. Josef Francisco 
de Isla. 

12mo. Madrid, 1803 

SALAZAR, Francisco Lobon de, pseud, i.e. Jose 
Francisco de Isla. Historia del famoso pre- 
dicador fray Gerundio de Campazas alias Zotes. 
2 vols. 4to. [Madrid] 1768-70 

Another edition. (Coleccion de varias piezas 

relativas a la obra de Fray Gerundio de Cam- 

3 vols. 4to. Madrid, 1804 

SALAZAR, Vicente de. 

See Aduarte, D. Historia de la provincia del 
Santo Eosario de Filipinas. Saragossa, etc., 

SALAZAR Y TORRES, Agustin de, and VERA 
TASSIS Y VILLARROEL, Juan de. Comedia 
famosa, mas triunfa el amor rendido. 

4to. Valencia, 1763 

SALDERN, De. Histoire de la vie de Pierre iii., 
empereur de toutes les Eussies. 

8vo. Metz, 1802 

SALE, Florentia, Lady. A journal of the disasters 
in Afghanistan, 1841-2. 

12mo. London, 184S 

SALE, George. 

See Koran. London, 1825, etc. 
„ Universal history. London, 1747-66. 

SALERNE, Francois. 

&« Ray. J. L'histoire naturelle. Paris, 1767. 

SALES, Frangois de, Saint, Bishop of Geneva. 

2vols.ini. fol. Seh. Eurl Paris, 1652 

Introduction k la vie devote. 

SALESBURY, William, 
^^-e Bible, Welsh. 1588. 

N.T. 1567. 

)i )) 

8vo. Paris, 1651 

SALES, Jean Baptiste Claude Isoard Delisle de. 
See Delisle de Sales, J. B, C. I. 

SALGUES, Jacques Barth61emy. 

See La Harpe, J. F. de. Melanges in^dits. 
Paris, 1810. 

De Paris, des moeurs, de la litterature et de la 


8vo. Paris, 1813 

SALI, Valerio. Parafrasi delle leggi. 

4to. Venice, 1580 

SALICETO, Bartholomaeus de. 

See Cicero, M. T. Epistolae ad M. Brutum, etc. 
Borne, 1490. 

SALICETO, Gulielmus de. Tractatus de salute 
corporis ; J. de Turrecremata tractatus de salute 
animae. Pius li. Tractatus de amore. Homeri 
Ilias (epitome) in Latinum versa. Epitaphia 

fol. [Utrecht 1 1472] 

De salute corporis. Turrecremata de salute 


4to. [1485] 

SALICTUM "Woburnense ; or, a catalogue of willows, 
indigenous and foreign, in the collection of the 
Duke of Bedford at Woburn Abbey. 

8vo. London, 1829 

SALIEZ, Antoinette de Salvan de. 

See Scud^ry, M. F. de. Lettres. Paris, I8O6. 


de, Viscount de Saint-Julien de Lanpont. 
See F^nelon, B. de S. de la M. 


de, Archbishop of Cambray. 
See F^nelon, F. de S. de la M. 

SALIGNIACO, Bartholomaeus de. Itinerarium 
Hierosol. praemissa oratione de laudibus Terrae 

4to. [Magdeburg] 1587 

SALlL-IBN-RAZtK. History of the Imams and 
Seyyids of 'Oman from a.d. 661 to 1856. Trans- 
lated, edited and continued to 1870 by G. P. 
Badger. [Hakluyt Society, xliv.] 

8vo. London, 1871 

SALIMBENI, Gherardo Bartolini. 

See Ildefonso di San Luigi. Delizie degli Eruditi 
Toscani. Florence, 1770-89. 



SALIO, Giuseppe. La Penelope, tragedia. 

8vo. I'adm, 1724 

SALISBURY. Charters and documents illustrating 
the history of the cathedral, city and diocese of 
Salisbury, in the twelfth and thirteenth cen- 
turies [forming an appendix to the Kegister of 
S. Osmund]. Selected by W. H. R. JoNES and 
edited by W. D. Macray. [Rolls Series, 

No. 97.] 

8vo. London, 1891 

SALISBURY, Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne 
Cecil, marquess of. 
See Cecil, R. A. T. G. 

SALISBURY, Robert Cecil, earl of. Sec Cecil, R. 

SALISBURY, William, B.D. 

See Bullet, J. B. The history of the establish- 
ment of Christianity. London, 1776. 

SALIS-MARSCHLINS, Carl Ulysses von. Travels 
through various provinces of the kingdom of 
Naples in 1789. Translated from the German 


8vo. London, 1795 

SALLENGRE, Albert Henri de. 

See & * * *, M. de. Memoires de litt^rature. 
The Hague, 1715-17. 

Continuation des memoires de litt^rature et 


3 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1726-27 

Histoire de Pierre de RIontmaur. 

2 vols. 8vo. The Hague, n 15 

Novus thesaurus antiquitatum Romanarum. 

3 vols. fol. The Hague, n 16-19 

SALLIER, Guy Marie. Annales fran9aises, 1 774-89. 

8vo. Paris, 1813 

SALLUST, the Platonist. De diis et mundo, Leo 
Allatius nunc primus e tenebris eruit et La tine 
vertit. [Greek and Latin. Edited by G. NaudiS.] 

12mo. Jiome, 1638 

Another edition. [Greek and Latin.] 

12mo. Leyden, 1639 

On the gods and the world : and the Pythagoric 

sentences of Demophilus, translated from the 
Greek : and five hymns by Proclus in the original 

Greek, with a poetical version ; to which are 
added live hymns by the translator [T. Taylor]. 

Svo. London, 1793 

SALLUST, the Platonist. Traite des dieux et du 
monde, traduit du grec avec des reflexions philo- 
sophiques et critiques [by J. H. S. Formey]. 

8vO. Berlin, 1748 


See Memmius, C, pseud. The speech of C. M. 
Amsterdam, 1656. 

Bellum Catilinarium et Jugurthinum. 

4to. [Crank, Gering, and Friburger. 
Paris, 1470] 

Another edition. 

4to. [Kaiser and Stall. Paris, 1472] 

Another edition. 

4to. [A. Rot. Rome, 1472] 

Another edition. 

4to. J. de Colonia and J. M. de Gherretzem. 

Venice, 1474 

Another edition. 

fol. Eusl. Gallus. Brescia, 1475 

Another edition. 

fol. [M. Flack Sfrasburg, 1478] 

Another edition. 

fol. [1485] 

— Another edition. Cum Laurentii Vallae 
commentario. Portii Latronis declamatio contra 
Catilinam, etc. 

fol. B. Benalius. Venice [1490] 

Another edition. 

8vo. [B. Trot. Lyons] 1504 

Another edition. [Edited by A. P. Manutius.] 
Svo. Aldus. Venice, 1509 

Another edition. 

Another edition. 

8vo. [Lyons, 1510] 

8vo. [G. Huyon. Lyons, 1520] 

Another edition. [Edited by F. AsuLANUS.] 
Svo. Aldus. Venice, 1521 

Original red morocco binding. 



SALLUSTIUS CRISPUS, Caius. Bellum Catilin- 
arium et Jugurthinum. 

8vo. [G. Huymi. Lyons] 1523 

Another edition. 

8vo. B. Stephanus. Paris, 1544 

Another edition. [Edited by P. Manutius.] 
8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1557 

Another edition. 

8vo Aldus. Venice, 156o 

Another edition. Scholia A. Manutii, etc. 

8vo. Aldus. Borne, 1563 

Another edition. 

Another edition. 

Svo. Aldus. Venice, 1563 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1567 

— Nova editio : edente L. Carrione ; Declama- 
tiones adversariae Ciceronis et Sallustii. I. Rivn 
castigationum lib. ii., A. Manutii scholia, etc. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Clir. Plantin. 
Antwerp, 1579 

— Another edition. Scholia A. Manutii. [Edited 
by J. RossETTUS.] 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1588 

Another edition. Ex museo J. I. Pontani. 

24nio. Amsterdam, 1627 

Another edition. Cum veterum historicorum 


12mo. Elzevir. Leyden, 1634 

Another edition. 

12mo. Elzevir. Leyden, 1634 

Another edition. Cum fragmentis veterum 

historicorum: et monita politica, etc., ex Sallustio, 
Ciceronis orationes invectivae in Catilinam, 
Porcii Latronis declamatio in eundem. 

2 vols, in 1. 12mo. Leyden, 1645 

Another edition. In usum Delphiui ; recensuit 

et notulas addidit D. Crispinus. 

4to. Paris, 1674 

Another edition. Cum commentariis J. Eivii, 

A. Manutii et aliorum. 

Svo. Amsterdam, l6<)0 

SALLUSTIUS CRISPUS, Caius. Bellum Catilin- 
arium et Jugurthinum. Cum notis Glareani, 
Rivil, etc., accedunt Julius Exsuperantius, Por- 
cius Latro, et fragmenta historicorum veterum, 
cum notis A. PoPMAE, recensuit J. Wasse. 

4to. Cambridge, 1710 

Another edition. Accedunt Julius Exsuper- 
antius, Porcius Latro et fragmenta historicorum 
veterum. [Edited by C. VuLFlUS.] 

Svo. Padua, 1722 

Another edition. Recensuit et annotationibus 

illustra\"it G. CoRTiUS, accedunt fragmenta, etc. 

4to. Venice, 1737 

Another edition. Cum notis Glakeani, Eivii, 

etc., accedunt Julius Exsuperantius et Porcius 
Latro, ut et fragmenta historicorum, cura S. 

2 vols. 4to. Amsterdam, Utrecht and 
TJie Hague, 1742 

Another edition. 

12mo. Edinburgh, 1744 

Another edition. [Edited by U. Gahagan.] 
12mo. London, 1744 

— Another edition. 

— Another edition. 

Ex recensione S. A. 
12mo. Paris, 1744 

12mo. Amsterdam, 1747 

Another edition. [Edited by J. Hawkey.] 

Svo. DMin, 1747 

Another edition. Accedunt Julius Exsuper- 
antius, Porcius Latro et historicorum veterum 
fragmenta, curante J. P. ^Iillero. 

Svo. Berlin, 1751 

Another edition. Ex recensione G. Cortii. 
Svo. Foulis. Glasgow, 1751 

Another edition. 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1755 

— Another edition. L. Annaei Flori epitome 
rerum Romanarum. 

4to. Baskerville. Birmingham, 1773 

Another edition. 

12mo. Baskerville. Birmingham, 1774 



SALLUSTIUS CRISPUS, Caius. Bellum Catilin 
aiium et Jugurthiimm. [Edited by E. A. 

12mo. Barbou. Paris, 1774 

Another edition. Ex recensione G. Cortii. 

8vo. Faulis. Glasgow, 1777 

— Another edition. Cum notis selcctioribus. 

8vo. Venice, 1786 

— Another edition. Ad editioneni Cortii, cum 
editionibus Havercampi et Gabrielis Antonii 
collatam. [Edited by H. Homer.] 

Svo. London, 1789 

Another edition. 

Editio stereotypa. 

2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1795 

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Another edition. Ex editions G. Cortii. 

[Valpy's Delphin Classics.] 

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Works, to which are prefixed two essays on 

the life and ^\Titings of the historian, with notes 
by H. Steuart. 

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Works. Translated by A. Murphy. 

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(Euvres, traduction nouvelle par Dureau- 

Delamalle. [Latin and French.] 

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L'historia nuovamente per L. Carani tradotta. 
Svo. L. Torrentino. Florence, 1550 

Another edition. 

Svo. Venire, 1556 

Le guerre Catilinaria e Giugurtina tradotte in 

lingua Toscana, dal testo Latino e con varie note 
illustrate da G. B. Bianchi. [Latin and Italian.] 

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Delia congiura Catilinaria e dcUa guerra 

Giugurtina, libri due, volgarizzati da frate Bar- 
tolommeo da S. Concordio. 

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Cathilinario y Jugurtha, traducido en Castel- 
lano por Francisco Vidal de Noya. 

fol. P. Hums. Saragossa, 1493 

La conjuracion de Catilina y la guerra de 

Jugurta. [Translated by Don Gabriel Antonio 
DE Borbon. Latin and Spanish.] Del alfabetico 
y lengua de los Fenices, y de sus colonias. [By 
F. Perez Bayer.] 

fol. Madrid, 1772 

Salustio traducido en Castellano, por el cabal- 

lero Manuel Sueyro. 

4to. Madrid, 1786 

Chronicle of the war which the Romans had 

against Jugurth. Translated by Alexander 
Barclay. [Latin and English.] 

fol. Piichard Pynson. London \\ a'25'\ 

Another edition. 

fol. Richard Pynson. London [1.52.5] 

Oratio Lepidi consulis ad K. P. 

4to. [B. de Siruciis. Modena, 1 480] 

— Invectiva contra M. T. Ciceronem, et responsio 
M. T. Ciceronis. [Supposititious.] 

4to. [Am. Tlier. Hoernen. Cologne, 1474] 

— L'oraison que feit Crispe Saluste contre Mar. 
Tul. Ciceron : Plus l'oraison de Ciceron responsive 
a celle de Saluste : Avec deux aultres oraisons 
dudict Crispe Saluste a Jules Cesar, affin de re- 
dresscr la Kepublique Romaine. Le tout trans- 
late par Pierre S.vliat. 

Svo. Siinon Colinaeus. Paris, 1537 

— Lettere a Caio Cesare sul modo di ordinar la 

repubblica, recate in Italiano da LuiGl Mabil, 
col testo a fronte. [Latin and Italian, supposi- 

4to. Brescia, 1805 

The entire speech of Caius Memmius to the 

people of Rome, translated : in Latin and English. 

4to. [London] 1709 

SALM, Constance de, Countess. 

See S. (C. de). Eloge historique de M. de La 
Lands. Paris, IS 10. 

SALMASIUS, Claudius. 

See Cebes. Tabula. Leydcn, 1640. 



SALMASIUS, Claudius. 

See Flonis, L. A. [Opera.] Leyden, 1638, etc. 
„ Museum pMlologicum. Leyden, 1700. 
„ Scriptores Mstoriae Augustae. Paris, 1620, 

„ Solinus, C. J. Polyhistor. Utrecht, 1688-89, 

„ Tertullianus, Q. S. F. Liber de pallio. 
Leyden, 1656. 

De annis climactericis et antiqua astrologia 


8vo. Elsevir. Leyden, 1648 

De Hellenistica commentarius, pertractans 

originem et dialectos Graecae linguae. 

Svo. Elzevir. Leyden, 1643 

De manna et saccharo commentarius. 

Svo. Paris, 1664 

Defensio regia pro Carolo i. Editio nova ab 

auctore aucta et recognita. 

12mo. Sumptibus Eegiis, 1652. 

See also Milton, J. Pro populo Anglicaiio 

Duarum iiiscriptionum veterum Herodis Attici 

rhetoris et Regillae conjugis honori positarum 
explicatio : ad Dosiades Aras, Simmiae Rhodii 
Ovum, Alas, Securim, Theocriti Fistulam, notae. 

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Epistolarura liber primus : accedunt de laudi- 

bus et \ita ejusdem prolegomena, accurante 
A. Clementio. 

4to. Leyden, 1606 

Calf, with arms on the sides. 

Librorum de Primatu Papse pars prima cum 

apparatu. Accessere de eodem Primatu Nili 
et Barlaami tractatus. 

4to. Elzevir. Leyden, 1645 

SALMINIO, Lariso. 

See Crescimbeni, G. M. Storia dell' Accademia 
degli Arcadi. London, 1804. 

SALMON, Andrd. 

See Chroniaues des Comtes d'Anjou. Paris, 


SALMON, George. A historical introduction to the 
study of the books of the New Testament. 

Svo. London, 1885 

SALMON, George. Non-miraculous Christianity and 
other sermons. Second edition. 

Svo. London, 1887 

The reign of law and other sermons preached 

in the Chapel of Trinity College, Dublin. 

Svo. London, 1873 

SALMON, James. Bloudy newes from Ireland ; or, 
the barbarous crueltie by the Papists used in 
that kingdome : Dec. 1, l641. 

4to. London, 1641 

SALMON, Jean, called Macrinus. Carminum 

Svo. S. Colinaeus. Paris, 1528 

Carminum libri quatuor. 

Svo. iS'. Colinaeus. Paris, 1530 

Hymnorum libri sex. 

Svo. B. Stephamis. Paris, 1537 

— Lyricorum libri duo : Epithalamiorum liber 

Svo. G. Mmrhius. Paris, 1531 

Septem Psalmi in lyricos numeros versi. 

Paeanum libri quatuor. 

Svo. Marnef. Poitiers, 1538 

SALMON, Nathanisl. Antiquities of Surrey. 

Svo. London, 1736 

History and antiquities of Essex. [Unfinished ; 

ending at page 460.] 

fol. London, 1740 

The history of Hertfordshire. 

fol. London, 1728 

SALMON, Nicholas. Stemmata Latinitatis ; or, an 
etymological Latin dictionary. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1796 

SALMON, Pierre de. 

See Collection des chroniques nationales — Buchon 
[vol. xxiv.]. 

SALMON, Thomas. The modern gazetteer : ninth 

12mo. London, Ills 

SALMOND, Stewart Dingwall Fordyce. 

Sec Gregory, Saint, Bishop of Neocaesarea. 
Works. Edinburgh, 1871. 



SALMOND, Stewart Dingwall Fordyce. 

See Hippolytus. The refutation of all heresies. 
Edinkirgh, 1 868-69. 
„ Pulpit Commentary. Jude. 

The Christian doctrine of immortality. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1895 

SALMONIUS, Joannes, called Macrinus. 
See Salmon, J. 

SALMUTH, Henricus. 

See Panciroli, Q. Rerum memorabilium lib. 
duo. Frankfort, I660. 

SALT, Henry. 

See Bruce, James. Travels to discover the 
source of the Nile. Edinburgh, 1805. 
„ Valentia, G. A., viscount. Voyages and 
travels to India. London, 1 8O9. 

A voyage to Abyssinia and travels into the 

interior of that country, 1809-10. In which are 
included an account of the Portuguese settle- 
ments on the east coast of Africa, etc. 

4to. London, 1814. 


See Wounds of an enemie. London, 1 656. 

SALTOUN, Alexander Fraser, baron. 
See Fraser, A. 

SALUCES, Alexandre de, Count. Histoire militaire 
du Pi^mont. 

5 vols. 8vo. Turin, 1818 


See S. (0. H.) Essai sur le systfeme militaire de 
Bonaparte. London, 1810. 

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See Parnaso degl' Italiani viventi. Pisa, 1798- 

SAL VAN DE SALIEZ, Antoinette de. 
See Saliez, A. de S. de. 

SAL V ANDY, Narcisse Achille de, Count. Histoire 
de Pologne avant et sous le roi Jean Sobieski. 

3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1829 

SALVERTE, Euslbe. Essai historique et philo- 

sophique sur les noms d'hommes de peuples et 

de lieux. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1824 

SALVERTE, Eus^be. The occult sciences, the 
philosophy of magic, prodigies and apparent 
miracles. Translated, with notes, by A. T. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1846 

SALVIANI, Gasparo. 

See Tassoni, A. La secchia rapita. Modena, 

SALVIANXJS Massiliensis, Presbyter. Sanctorum 
Presbyterorum Salviani Massiliensis et Vincentii 
Lirinensis opera : S. Balvzius emenda^-it, 
notisque illustravit. 

8vo. Paris, 1669 

De vero judicio et providentia Dei libri viii. 

Maximi Taurinensis homiliae. Paciani Barcilo- 
nensis de paenitentia et confessione. Sulpicii 
Severi sacrae historiae libri ii. Dorothei Tyrii 
de prophetis et discipulis Domini. Haymonis 
Halberstattensis sacrae historiae epitome. 

fol. P. Manutius. Borne, 156-t 

Morocco, with the anns of Charles de Bourbon, 

SALVIATI, Jacopo. 

See Ildefonso di San Luigi. Delizie degli Eruditi 
Toscani. Florence, 1770-89. 

SALVIATI, Leonardo. 

See Fonte, M. A. II cavalcante, etc. Padua, 

„ Infarinato, Accademico della Crusca, pseud. 
„ Teatro comico Fiorentino, vol. vi. Florence, 


5 vols. 8vo. Milan, 1809-10 

Degli avvertimenti della lingua sopra il 

Decamerone. [Edited by Cellenio Zacclori, 
pseud, i.e. Lorenzo Ciccarelli.] 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Napks, 1712 

Due commedie, il Granchio e la Spina, e un 

dialogo deir amicizia. 

8vo. Florence, 1606 

SALVIN, John. The humble petition of J. S., in 
the county of Durham, gent., to the Commons 
House of Parliament, 1642. [Newcastle Re- 
prints, i. 7.] 

8vo. Newcastle, 1844 

SALVINI, Antonio Maria. 

See Buonarroti, M. A., the younger. La Fiera. 
Florence, 1726. 



SALVINI, Antonio Maria. 

See Callimachus. Hymni. Flwence, 176s. 
„ Coluttus. De Helenae raptu. Fl(n-ence,1765. 
„ Hesiod. Opera. [Greek, Latin and Italian.] 

Padua, 17-t7. 
„ Homer. [Works. Italian.] Florence, 1723, 

„ Lippi, L. II Malmantile racquistato. Flor- 
ence, 1750. 
„ Musaeus. De Herone et Leandro. Flm-ence, 

,, Nicander. Theriaca et Alexipharmaca. 

Florence, 1764. 
„ Oppian. Delia pesca e della caccia. Florence, 

„ Theocritus. [Italian.] Venice, 1717. 
,, TrypModorus. Escidium Trojae. [Greek, 

Latin and Italian.] Florence, 1765. 
„ Xenophon the Ephesian — 

Degli amori di Abrocome. London, 1792, 

Ephesiacorum libri v. Lucca, 1781. 

SALVINI, Salvino. Fasti consolari dell' Accademia 

4to. Florence, 1717 

SALVO, Carlo de. Marquis. Viaggio del 1806, 
dair Italia fine all' InghOterra, passaiido per la 
Germania, la Polonia, ed alcune contrade della 

8vo. London, 1807 

SALZMANN, Christian Gotthilf. 

See Sammlung der hasten deutschen prosaischen 
Schriftsteller, etc., vols, xcii., xciii., cxv., 
cxvi. Carlsruhe, 1783. 

SAMANIEGO, Felix Maria de. Fabulas en verso 
Castellano pora el uso del real seminario Bas- 
congado : tome i. y ii. 

8 70. Madrid, 1787 

SAMBIGXJCIUS, Gavinus. In Hermathenam Boc- 
chiam interpretatio. 

4to. A. Manutius. Bologna, 1556 

SAMBUCUS, Joannes. 

See Bonfinus, A. Historia Pannonica. Cologne, 
„ Nonnus of Panopolis. Dionysiaca, gi-aece. 

Anticcrp, 1569. 
„ Plautus,T. M. Comoediae \'iginti. Anticerp, 

„ Vegetius Renatus, P. Mulomedicina. Basle, 

SAMBUCUS, Joannes. Emblemata cum aliquot 

8vo. Chr. Plantin. Antwerp, 1564 

Quarta editio. 

l6mo. Chr. Plantin. Antwerp, 1584 

SAMLINGEE, til den Danske Historia. [Edited by 
P. F. SUHM.] 

2 vols. 4to. Copenhagen, 1779-84 

SAMMARTHANUS. See Sainte-Marthe. 

SAMMES, Aylett. Britannia antiqua illustrata; 
or, the antiquities of ancient Britain, derived 
from the Phoenicians, with a history of England 
to 800 A.D. Vol. i. [No more published.] 

fol. London, 1676 

SAMMLUNG der besten deutschen prosaischen 
Schriftsteller und Dichter. [Alxinger, Archenholz, 
Blum, Biirger, Biisching, Claudius, Cramer, 
Cronegk, Dusch, Engel, Gellert, Gessner, Gleim, 
Goethe, Hagedorn, Haller, Herder, Hermes, 
Holty, Iselin, Jacobi, Kleist, Klopstock, Kotze- 
bue, Kretschmann, Lessing, Meisner, Mendels- 
sohn, Michaelis, Niemeyer, Rabener, Ramler, 
Salzmann, Schiller, Schlegel, Stolberg, Sturz, 
Test, Uz, Weisse, Weppe, Wezel, Wieland, 
Willamov, Zacharia, Zimmermann.] 

177 vols, in 147. 8vo. Carlsruhe, 1774-91 

der vorziiglichsten Werke deutscher Dichter . 

und Prosaisten. [Kleist, Biirger, Gessner, Holty, 
Uz, Hagedorn, Michaelis, Pfeffel, Thiimmel, 
Gellert, Haller, Weisse, Lichtwer, Willamov, 
Gerstenberg, Klopstock, Wieland.] 

64 vols. 12mo. Vienna, 1789-99 

SAMONICUS, Quintus Serenus. 
See Serenus Sammonicus, Q. 

SAMPSON, George Vaughan. Statistical survey 
of the county of Londonderry, drawn up for the 
consideration of the Dublin Society. 

8vo. Duhlin, 1802 

SAMPSON, Thomas. 

6'e« Bible, English. 1560. 

SAMUEL l[or]d b[isho]p of Oxon his celebrated 
reasons for abrogating the test and notions of 
idolatry answered by Samuel archdeacon of 
Canterbury. [By John Phillips.] Third 

4to. London, 1688 




SAMUEL Marochitanus. Epistola ad Rabbi Isaac, 
seu rationes breves ad reprobandos Judaeorum 
errores. [Translated by AXPHONSUS BONI 


4to. C. Hochfeder. Nuremherg, 1498 
Epistola quam scripsit ad Rabbi Isaac, trans- 

lata de Arabico in Latinum per fratrem Alfon- 
SUM BoNi HoMiNis. [This is part of another 
volume, Scrutinium Scripturarum.] 

fol. /. Schallm. Mantua, 1475 

SANADON, Nog! fltienne. 

See Horatius Flaccns, Q. ['Works. Latin.] Paru, 

Carminum libri iv. 
Another edition. 

12 mo. Paris, 171; 

12mo. Paris, 1754 

SAN ANTONIO, Juan Francisco de. Chronicas de 
la apostolica provincia de S. Gregorio de reli- 
giosos descalzos de N. S. P. S. Francisco en las 
islas Philipinas, China, Japon, etc. 

3 vols. fol. Manilla, 1738-44 

Calf, with the arms of Philip v. of Spain. 


See Bhagavadgita. [Sacred books of the East.] 

SAN BARTOLOMEO, Paolino da. 

See Paulinus a Sancto Bartholomaeo. 

SANBOEN, Franklin Benjamin. 

See Thoreau, H. D. Familiar letters. Cambridge, 
U.S.A., 1894. 

SANCASSANI, Dionigi Andrea. 

See Cinelli Calvoli, O. Biblioteca Volante. 
Venice, 1734-47. 

SANCHEZ, Tomas Antonio. 

See Coleccion de poesias Castellanas. Madrid, 


&« Ancient fragments. London, \%2i. 

SANCIUS DE AREVALO, Rodericus, Bishop of 
See Rodericus [Sancius de Arevalo]. 


SANCROFT, William, Archbishop of Canterbury. 
For death, see Letter out of Suffolk. London, 

The proceedings and tryal in the case of 

AVilliam, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, and 
"William, Bishop of St. Asaph, Francis, Bishop of 
Ely, John, Bishop of Chichester, Thomas, Bishop 
of Bath and "Wells, Thomas, Bishop of Peter- 
borough, and Jonathan, Bishop of Bristol, l6S8. 

fol. London, 1689 

A vindication of the arch-bishop, and several 

other bishops, from the imputations and calum- 
nies cast upon them by the author of the Modest 
Enquiry. [Signed by five bishops.] 

single sheet, fol. London, 1690 

SANCTO GEORGIO, Benvenutus de. De origine 
Guelphorum et Gibellinorum quibus olira Ger- 
mania nunc Italia exardet, libellus eruditus. 

4to. Andreas Cratander. Basle, 1519 

SANCTO JOSEPHO, Joannes Maria a, Carmelita. 
See Ollonne, J. M. d'. 

SANCTO PAULO, Carolus a. Bishop of Avranchea. 
See Vialart, C. 

SANCTORIUS, Sanctorius. Ars de statica medi- 
cina, aphorismorum sectionibus vii. comprehensa 
una cum Maktini Lister commentario. Accessit 
Staticomastix sive staticae medicinae demolitio 
Hippolyti Obicii. 

12mo. Leyden, 1728 

SANCTO SILVERIO, Sigismundus a. Graecae et 
Latinae linguae orthographicae observationes. 

8vo. Rome, 1709 

SANCTUARIUM Dunelmense et Sanctuarium 
Beverlacense. [Edited by J. Raine. Preface by 
T. Chevallier.] [Surtees Society, v.] 

8vo. London, 1837 

SANCY, Nicolas Harlay de. 

See L'Estoile, P. de. Recueil de diverses pieces. 
Cologne, etc., l663. 

SANDAY, William. The authorship and historical 

character of the fourth gospel ; considered in 

reference to the contents of the gospel itself : a 

critical essay. 

8vo. London, 1872 

2 M 



SANDAY, William. The Gospels in the second 
century ; an examination of the critical part of a 
work entitled 'Supernatural religion.' 

8vo. London, 1876 

Inspiration. Second edition. [Bampton Lec- 
tures, 1893.] 

8vo. London, 1894 

and HEADLAM, Arthur Cayley. A critical 

and exegetical commentary on the Epistle to the 
Romans. [International Critical Commentary.] 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1895 

SANDBY, George. 

See Cambridge, University of — 

Luctus. Cambridge, 1760. 
Gratulatio. Cambridge, 176l. 
„ Juvenalis, D. J., and Persius Flaccus, A. 

Satyrae. Cambridge, 1763. 

SANDER, Frederick. Eeichenbachia, orchids illus- 
trated and described. [English, French, and 

4. vols. fol. Loiulon, 1888-9'i 

SANDEES, Lloyd Charles. Celebrities of the 
century : being a dictionary of men and women 
of the nineteenth century. 

Svo. London, 1887 

SANDERS, Nicholas. De origine ac progressu 
schismatis Anglicani liber: editus per E. RiSH- 

8vo. Cologne, 1583 

Histoire du schisme d'Angleterre, mise en 

Fran9ois par M. Maucroix. 

12mo. Paris, 1676 

SANDERS, Thomas. The unfortunate voyage of 
the Jesus to Tripoli in 1584, 1587. Reprinted 
in Arber's English Garner, ii. 

SANDERSON, John. A letter with particulars of 
the great fight in the north : from ' Packets of 
Letters, Num. 17,' 1648. [Newcastle Reprints, 
ii. 12.] 

Svo. Newcastle, 1842 

SANDERSON, Robert, Bishop of Lincoln. 
For Life, see Walton, I. London, 1678. 
See Reason and judgement. Oxford, 1 663. 
,, Reasons of the present judgement of the 
University of Oxford. [Oxford], 1647, etc. 

SANDERSON, Robert, Bishop of Lincoln. Articles 
of visitation and enquiry concerning matters 
ecclesiastical : exhibited in the first episcopal 
visitation of Robert, lord bishop of Lincoln. 

4to. London, 1662 

— De juramenti promissorii obligatione, praelec- 
tiones septem. 

Svo. London, 1710 

— De obligatione conscientiae, praelectiones 

Svo. London, 1710 

— Judicium universitatis Oxoniensis de 1. So- 

lenni liga et foedere. 2. Juramento negativo. 
3. Ordinationibus Parlamenti circa disciplinam 
et cultum. 

Svo. London, 1710 

SANDERSON, Robert, Clerk of the Rolls. 
See 'Ryvaer, T. Foedera. London, 1727-35. 

SANDERSON, Stephen. Poems, chiefly sacred, 
original and translated. 

2 vols. 12mo. London, 1833 

SANDERSON, Thomas. Original poems. 

12mo. Carlisle, 1800 

SANDERSON, Sir Thomas Henry. 

See Derby, E. H. S. S. 15th earl of Speeches. 
London, 1894. 


See Aulicus coquinariae. London, 1650. 

A compleat history of the lives and reigns of 

Mary, queen of Scotland, and of her son James vi. 
2 parts in 1 vol. fol. London, 1655-56 

A compleat history of the life and raigne of 

King Charles from his cradle to his grave. 

fol. London, 1658 

SANDERUS, Antonius. Bibliotheca Belgica manu- 
scripta, sive elenchus universalis codicum MSS. 
in celebrioribus Belgii coenobiis, ecclesiis, urbium 
ac privatorum hominum bibliothecis. 

2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. Lille, 1641-43 

Chorographia sacra Brabantiae, sive celebrium 

aliquot in ea provincia abbatiarum, etc., de- 
scriptio : illustrata. 

3 vols. fol. The Hague, 1726-27 

Red morocco, with the arms of Louis xv. of France. 



SANDEUS, Felinus Maria, Bishop of Lucca. De 
regibiis Siciliae et Apuliae in quels et nominatira 
de Alfonso rege Arragonum epitome. 

4to. Hanau, 161I 

SANDFORD, Francis. 

See Sainte-Marthe, S. de, and L. de. Genea- 
logical history of the kings of Portugal. 
London, I662. 

A genealogical history of the kings and queens 

of England from the Conquest to 1707: con- 
tinued [from the beginning of Charles 11. 's reign] 
by S. Stebbing. 

fol. London, 1707 

The history of the coronation of James II., 

23 April 1685 : illustrated with sculptures. 

fol. London, 1687 


See Agrippa, H. C. Of the vanitie and uncer- 
taintie of artes and sciences. London, 1 569- 

SANDFORD, Jolm. The mission and extension of 
the church at home. [Bampton Lectures, I861.] 

8vo. London, 1862 

SANDIUS, Christophorus. 

See Mallinckrodt, B. a. Supplementa et obser- 
vationes ad Vossium. Hamburg, 1709. 

Bibliotheca anti-trinitariorum, sive catalogus 

scriptorum et succincta narratio de vita eorum 

12mo. Freystadt, 1684 

Notae et animadversiones in Gerardi Joannis 

Vossii libros tres de historicis Latinis. 

12mo. Amsterdam, 1677 

Nucleus historiae ecclesiasticae exhibitus in 

historia Arianorum : et tractatus de veteribus 
scriptoribus ecclesiasticis. Secunda editio. 

4to. Cologne, 1676 

SANDOVAL, Prudencio de. La vida y hechos del 
emperador Carlos quinto. 

2 vols. fol. Valladolid, 1 604-6 

SANDRART, Joachim von. Academia nobilissimae 
artis pictoriae. 

fol. Nuremberg, 1683 

SANDRAS. Catalogue des livres de la bibliotheque 
de feu M. Sandras. [With prices.] 

8vo. Pwris, 1771 

SANDWICH, John Montagu, earl of. A voyage 
round the Mediterranean in the years 1738 and 
1739. With a memoir of the author's life by 
J. CooKE. 

4to. London, 1799 

SANDYS, Edwin, Archbishop of York. Sermons ; 
to which are added some miscellaneous pieces by 
the same author. Edited by J. Ayre. [Parker 
Society, ii.] 

8vo. Cambridge, 1841 

SANDYS, Sjj Edwin. 

See Europae speculum. Tlie Hague, 1629. 

SANDYS, George. 

Sec Ovidius Naso, P. Ovid's metamorphosis 
Englished. Oj:ford, 1632. 

A paraphrase upon the divine poems. 

8vo. For 0. D. London, 1648 

Poetical works. Now first collected, with 

introduction and notes by R. Hooper. [Library 
of old Authors.] 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1872 

A relation of a journey begun A.D. 1610. 

Containing a description of the Turkish Empire, 
of Aegypt, of the Holy Land, of the remote 
parts of Italy and Hands adjoyning. The 
second edition. 

fol. For fFilliam Barrett. London, 1621 

SANDYS, William. 

See Christmas carols. London, 1833. 
„ Festive songs. [Percy Society.] 

SAN£, Alexandre Marie. 

See Perez de Hita, G. Histoire des Maures de 
Grenade. Paris, 1809. 

SANGENESIUS, Joannes. Poemata. 

4 to. Paris, 1654 

SAN GIORGIO, Benvenuto da, de' Conti di Bian- 
See Sancto Qeorgio, B. de. 

SANGIORGIO, Giovanni Antonio da. Cardinal. 
Oratio fuiiebris in exequiis Reverendissimi D. 
Cardinalis Tornacensis habita. [Ferricus de 

4to. [Guldinbeck. Eome, 1483] 



SANGIORGIO, Giovanni Antonio da, Cardinal. 
Tractatus appellationum. 

fol. A. de Orcho and D. de Paravkino. 

Como, 1474 

Another edition. 

fol. A. de Carcano. Pavia, 1488 

sankaeA kanja. 

See Vedinta-Sfltras. [Sacred books of the East.] 

SANKEY, Ira David. 

See Clark, K. W. The work of God in Great 
Britain. London, 1875. 

SAN LUIGI, Ildefonso di. 
See Ildefonso di San Luigi. 


For Life, see Colangelo, F. Naples, I8I9. 

„ „ Greswell, W. P. Memoirs. Man- 
chester, 1805. 

Opera omnia, latine scripta. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1535 

Another edition. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1570 

— Another edition. Ex secundis curis J. Brouk- 
HUSii. Accedunt G. Altilii, D. Cereti et fratrum 
Amaltheorum Carmina. 

8vo. Amsterdam, 1728 

— Poemata : accessit ejusdem vita, J. A. Vulpio 
auctore, item G. Altilii et H. Fascitelli carmina 

4to. Padua, 1719 

Another edition. 

Aeclogae piscatoriae. 

12mo. Bassano, 1782 

8vo. [Rome, 1520] 

— De partu Virginia libri iii. ; Eclogae v. ; Salices ; 
De morte Christi. 

fol. Naples, 1526 

Printed on Tellum. 

Another edition. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1527 

— Another edition. G. Altilii epithalamion, 
J. Cottae carmina, etc. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1528 

SANNAZARO, Jacopo. De partu virginis libri iii. ; 
Eclogae v. ; Salices ; De morte Christi. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1533 

Odae, elegia de malo Punico. J. Cottae car- 
mina. M. Antonii Flaminii carmina. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1529 

Le opere volgare, cioe I'Arcadia, le rime e le 

lettere : il tutto con somma fatica dal dottor 
G. A. VoLPio e da Gaetano di lui fratello. 

4to. Padm, 1723 

Eime. [Parnaso Italiano, tom. xxvi.] 

8vo. Venice, 1787 


4to. [1500] 

Another edition. 

4to. Bernardinus Vercellensis. Venice, 1502 

Another edition. 

4to. Sigismund Mayi: Naples, 1 504 

Printed on vellum. 

Another edition. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1514 

Printed on Tellum. 

Another edition. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1534 

— Le tre Arcadie ovvero Accademie pastorali di 
Sanazzaro, di Benedetto Menzini e di Michel 

Giuseppe Morei. 

12mo. Venice, 1784 

Arcadia : con la di lui vita scritta da G. B. 


8vo. Milan, I8O6 

SAN PHELIPE, Vicente Bacallar y Saiaa, marques 
See Bacallar y Sana, V. 

SAN ROMAN, Antonio de. Historia general de la 
Yndia oriental, los descubrimientos y conquistas 
que han hecho las armas de Portugal en el 
Brasil, y en otras partes de Africa y de la Asia, 
desde sus principios hast' el ano de 1557. 

fol. L%iis Sanchez. Valladolid, l603 

SANSEDONI, Alessandro. 

See Virgilius Maro, P. Eneide. Venice, 1540, etc. 



SANSON, Nicolas. 

Sec Blome, R. A geographical description of the 
four parts of the world, etc. Londcm, l670. 

Geographia sacra ex veteri et novo testamento 

desumta, et in tabulas quatuor concinnata. 

fol. Amsterdam, 1704 

SANSOVINO, Francesco. 

See Dante Alighieri. La divina commedia. 
Venice, 159(>- 

Gli annali Turcheschi, overo vite de principi 

della casa Othomana. 

4to. Ema de Alaris. Venice, 1573 

Del governo et amministratione di diversi 

regni et republiche, cosi antiche come moderne. 

4to. Venice, 1578 

Vellum, with the arms and monogram of De Thou. 

Ordine de cavalieri del Tosone. 

4to. In Acad. Venet. Venice, 1558 

Origine e fatti delle famiglie illustri d'ltalia. 

4to. Venice, 1670 


For Life, see Vasari, G. Venice, 1789. 

SANTA CBUZ, Baltasar de. 

See Aduarte, D. Historia ... del Santo Eosario 
de Filipiiias. Saragossa, etc., 1693-1783. 

Antonio Ignacio de Navia Osorio y Vigil 
Argiielles de la Eua, marauis de. Eeflexions 
militaires et politiques, traduites de I'Espagnol 
par M. DE Vergy. 

12 vols. 12mo. The Hague, mi 

SANTANDER, Carlos Antonio de la Serna. Dic- 
tionnaire bibliographique choisi du quinziemc 
sifecle, precede d'uii essai historique sur I'origine 
de rimprimerie. 

3 vols. 8vo. Brussels, 1805-7 

Memoire hi.storique sur la bibliotheque dite de 

Bourgogne, presentement biblioth^ue publique 
de Bruxelles. 

8vo. Brussels, 1809 

SANTANDER, Simon de. Catalogue des livres de 
la bibliotheque du feu Simon de Santander, par 
son neveu C. de la Serna y Santander. 

4 vols, in 2. 8vo. Brussels, 1792 

SANTA RITA, Jos^ de. Caramurii ; poema epico 
do descubrimiento da Bahia. 

8vo. Lisbon, 1781 

SANTEN, Laurentius van. 

See Propertius, S. A. Elegiarum libri iv. Utrecht, 

Bibliotheca Santeniana, sive catalogus librorum 

quibus usus est L. van Santen, quorum fiet 
publica auctio die 6 Aprilis 1800. 

8vo. Leyden [1800] 

SANTEUL, Jean de. Opera poetica. 

12mo. Paris, 1694 

SANTI, Giorgio. Viaggio al Montamiata. Viaggi 
secondo, e terzo per le due provincie Senesi. 

3 vols. 8vo. Pisa, 1795-1806 

SANTI BARTOLI, Pietro. See BartoU, P. S. 

SANTOLIUS, Joannes. See Santeul, J. de. 

SANTOS, Francisco de los. The Escurial ; or, a 
description of that wonder of the world for 
architecture and magnificence of structure : 
built by K. Philip the lid. of Spain, and lately 
consumed by fire. Translated into English from 
the Spanish. 

4to. London, l671 

SANUTO, Marino. Diarii, pubblicati per cura di 
F. Stefan I [and others]. [Deputazione Vcneta 
di Storia Patria.] 

In progress. 4to. Venice, 1819, etc. 

La spedizione di Carlo viii. in Italia, pubblicata 

di R. FuLiN. [Archivio Veneto.] 

8vo. Venice, 1873 

SANUTUS, Petrus Aurelius. Recens Lutheranarum 
assertionum oppugnatio. 

4to. Aldus. Venice, 1543 

SANVITALE, Fortuniano. 

See Marini, G. B. L'Adone. Venice, 1623, etc. 

SANVITALE, Jacopo Antonio, Count. Poema 
parabolico diviso in morale, politico e fisico. 

4to. Venice, 1746 

SANXAY, James. Lexicon Aristophanicum Graeco- 


8vo. London, 1754 



SANZIO, Raffaello. See Raffaello Sanzio. 

SAONA, Laurentius Gulielmus de. De rhetorica. 

8vo. St. Alban's, 1480 


See M^moires sur la Vendue. Paris, 1823. 

SAPPA, Alessandro. Poesie. 

8vo. Pavia, 1795 


See Anacreon. Carmina. Saumur, 1680, etc. 
„ Boiardo, M. M. Comedia di Timone. Venice, 

„ Carmina novem illustrium feminarum. Anf- 

iverp, 1568. 
„ Parnaso degl' Italiani viventi. Pisa, 1798- 

,, Pindar. Olympia, etc. [Greek and Latin.] 

[Paris] 1560, etc. 

Fragmenta et elogia quotquot in auctoribus 

antiquis Graecis et Latinis reperiuntur, cum 
virorum doctorum notis, cura et studio J. C. 
WoLFii. [Afterwards issued with a collective 
title-page (1735) as part i. of Novem illustrium 
foeminarum fragmenta et elogia.] 

■Ito. London, 1733 

La Faoniade, inni ed odi tradotti dal testo 

Greco in metro Italiano da S[osare] I[tomeio] 
P[astor] A[rcado] [i.e. ViNCENZO Imperial!]. 

l6mo. [Scutari] 1792 

— Opere tradotte. [Parnaso de' poeti classici, 
tom. xiv.] 

8vo. Venice, 1795 

Poesies [translated by E. Billardon de 

Sauvigny] suivies de difi'^rentes poesies dans le 
meme genre. 

36mo. Amsterdam, 1777 

Obras de Sapho, Erinna, Alcman, Stesicoro, 

Alceo, Ibico, Simonides, Bachilides, Archiloco, 
Alpheo, Pratino, Menalipides, traducidas de el 
Greco en verso Castellano por Jo&eph y Ber- 
nab6 Canga Arguelles. Madrid, 1797 
SAEACENUS, Bemardus. 

See Plautus, T. M. Gomoediae viginti. Venice, 

SARASA, Antonius Alphonsus de. L'art de se 
tranquilliser dans tous les evenemens de la vie, 
tir6 du Latin. 

8vo. Frankfort, 1759 

SARBIEWSKI, Maciej Kazimierz. Lyricorum libri 
iv., epodon liber unus alterque liber epigram- 

4to. Antwerp, 1632 

Carmina. [Edited by L M. Vander Ketten.] 

12mo. Paris, 1759 

Another edition. 

8vo. Strashurg, 1803 

SARCONI, Michele. Istoria de' fenomeni del 
tremoto avvenuto nelle Calabrie, e nel Valde- 
mone nell' anno 1783. 

2 vols. fol. Naples, 1784 

SARDI, Gaspare. Libro delle historie Ferraresi. 
Aggiuntivi di piii quattro libri del Sig. Dottore 
Faustini sino alia devolutione del Ducato di 
Ferrara alia Santa Sede. 

4to. Ferrara, 1646 

SARDINI, Giacomo. Congetture sopra un' antica 
stampa, in tre lettere. 

4to. Florence, 1793 

Esame sui'principi della Francese ed Italiana 

tipografia ovvero storia critica di Nicolao 

3 parts in 1 vol. fol. L^Kca, 1796-98 

SARESBERIENSIS, Joannes, Bishop of Chartres. 
See Joannes Saresberiensis. 

estrecho de Magallanes, 1579-80: y noticia de 
la expedicion que despues hizo para poblarle. 

4to. Madrid, 1768 

Narratives of the voyages to the Straits of 

Magellan. Translated and edited by C. R. 
Markham. [Hakluyt Society, xci.] 

8vo. London, 1895 

SARPEDONITTS, Mirtisbus, pseud, i.e. Friedrich 
VON Reiffenberg. De vera Atticorum pronun- 
ciatione dissertatio. 

4to. Rmne, 1750 

SARPI, Paolo. 

See Gromaziano, A. Della malignity istorica. 
Venice, 1497. 

Opere varie. 

2 vols, in 1. fol. Eelmstadt, 1750 


8 vols. 4to. Helmstadt and Verona, 1761-68 



SARPI, Paolo. De jure asylorum. 

4to. Elzevir. Leyden, 1622 

Historia del concilio Tridentino, nella quale si 

scoprono tutti gl' artifici della Corte di Eoma, per 

impedire che n^ la veritd di dogma si palesasse, n6 

la riforma del Papato, e della Chiesa si trattasse. 

fol. John Bill. London, 1619 

Histoire du concile de Trente, 6crite en 

Italien et traduite de nouveau en Francois avec 
des notes par P. F. Le Courayer. 

2 vols. fol. London, 1736 

Another edition. 

2 vols. 4to. Amsterdam, 1736 

— Interdict! Veneti historia de motu Italiae sub 
initio Pontificatus Pauli v. commentarius. Recens 
ex Italico conversus [by W. Bedell]. 

4to. Thomas Bucke. Cambridge, 1626 

— Letters written to M. Del Isle Groslot, trans- 
lated out of Italian by E. Brown. 

8vo. London, l693 

— Opinione toccante il governo della republica 

8vo. London, 1788 

A treatise of matters beneficiary : newly trans- 

lated out of the Italian [by William Denton]. 

fol. London, I68O 

Father Paul. Of beneficiary matters ; or, the 

dues of the altar, being a compleat history of 
ecclesiastical revenues. Translated from the 
Italian by C. Hayes. 

8vo. London, 1730 

SABBATT, J. H. A treatise on the game of chess. 
A new edition, revised by W. Lewis. 

8vo. London, 1822 

SABBAVIUS, Claudius. 

See Gudius, M. Epistolae. Utrecht, 1697. 

SABRAZIN, Trouv^re. 

See Histoire des Dues de Normandie. Paris, 

SAEBAZIN, Gregor. Wigamur. Fine litterar- 
historische Untersuchung. [Qiiellen und For- 
schungen, xxxv.] j 

8vo. Strashurg, 1879 : 

SABBAZIN, Jean. Histoire de la guerre d'Espagne 
et de Portugal, 1807-14. 

8vo. Paris, 1814 

— Histoire de la guerre de la Restauration, 

8vo. Paris, I8I6 

— Histoire de la guerre de Russie et d'Allemagne, 
juin 1812-novembre 1813. 

8vo. Paris, 1815 

— Eeponse au rapport fait au General Bonaparte 
par le G^n^ral Clarke. 

8vo. London, 1810 

— Tableau de la Grande-Bretagne, ou observa- 

tions sur I'Angleterre, vue a Londres et dans 
ses provinces, de M. Pillet: avec un supple- 

8vo. Paris, I8I6 

SABTOBI, Joseph von. Catalogus bibliographicus 
librorum in bibliotheca Caes. Reg. et equestris 
Academiae Theresianae, cum accessionibus ori- 
ginum typographicarum Yindobonensium. 

13 vols. 4to. Vienna, 1801-6 

SABTOBIUS, Ernst Willielm Christian. The doc- 
trine of divine love ; or, outlines of the moral 
theology of the evangelical church. Translated 
by S. Taylor. [Clark's Foreign Theological 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1884 

Friedrich Christoph, Baron. Essai sur letat 
civil et politique des peuples d'ltalie sous le 
gouvernement des Goths. 

8vo. Paris, 1811 

SASSI, Giuseppe Antonio. De studiis literariis 
Mediolanensium antiquis et novis, prodromus 
ad historiam literario-typographioam Medio- 

8vo. Milan, 1729 

Historia literario-typographica Mediolanensis : 

adjecta sunt appendix epistolarum quae libris 
tunc ibidem editis aiBxae legebantur, et catalogus 
codicum Mediolani impressorum 1465-1,')00. 

fol. Milan, 1745 

SASSUBE, Horace Benedict de. 
See Saussure, H. B. de. 



EgCxELING. [Sacred books of the East, xii., 
xxvi., xli.] 

3 vols. 8vo. Oxfmd, 1882-94 

SATCHELL, Thomas. 

See Berners, J. Treatyse of fysshynge. [English 
Dialect Society.] 

SATHAS, Constantine N. 

See Mnlmeia Eell§nikes Historias. Paris, 1880, 

SATIRE. A Satyr. 

single sheet, fol. [London, 1680] 

Satyre Menippee de la vertu du catholicon 

d'Espagne et de la tenue des estatz de Paris [by 
P. Le Roy and others], a laquelle est adjoust^ 
un discours sur I'interpretation du mot de 
Higuiero d'lnfierno ; plus le regret sur la mort 
de I'asne ligueur [by G. Durant]. 

8vo. [Paris I] 1594, 

Another edition. 
Another edition. 

12mo. Eatishon, 1664^ 

3 vols. 8vo. PMtisbon, 1752 

SATIRICAL songs and poems on costume, from 
the thirteenth to the nineteenth century. Edited 
by F. W. Fairholt. [Percy Society, xxvii.] 

8vo. London, 1849 

SAUBERT, Johann. 

See Piccartus, M. Periculorum criticorum liber. 
Helmstadt, 1663. 

SAUER, August. Joachim Wilhelm von Brawe, 
der Schiiler Lessings. [Quellen und Forschungen, 


8vo. Strasburg, 1878 

SAUER, Martin. An account of a geographical 
and astronomical expedition to the northern 
parts of Russia, performed by commodore Joseph 
Billings, 1785-94: the whole narrated from the 
original papers. 

4to. London, 1802 

Voyage dans le nord de la Russie Asiatique, 

dans la mer glaciale, dans la mer d'Anadyr, et 
sur les cotes de TAm^rique, 1785-94, par le 
commodore Billings. Traduit de I'Anglais par 
J. Castera : avec une collection de planches. 

2 vols. 8vo, and 1 vol. 4to. Paris, 1 802 

SAUGNIER. Relations de plusieurs voyages a la 
cote d'Afrique, a Maroc, au Senegal, k Goree, 
a Galam, etc. 

8vo. Paris, 1791 

SAULCY, Louis F^licien Joseph Caignart de. 

See Recueil de documents relatifs k I'histoire 
des monnaies, etc. Paris, 1879-92. 

SAULIH Mirza. 

See Price, W. A grammar of the three principal 
Oriental languages. London, 1823. 

SAULO PHANTINO, Giovene Pier. Trastullo 
delle Donne. 

4to. [1500] 

SAUL'S errand to Damascus : with his packet of 
letters from the high-priests against the disciples 
of the Lord ; or, a faithful transcript of a petition 
contrived by some persons in Lancashier breath- 
ing out threatenings against the Quakers. [By 
James Nayler ?] 

4to. London, 1654 

SAULX, Gaspard de, seigneur de Tavanes. 

See Collection complete des mdmoires [vols. 
„ Collection universelle des m^moires [vols, 
xxvii., xxviii.]. 

M^moires. (M6moires de Guillaume de Saulx, 

seigneur de Tavanes de plusieurs choses advenues 
en France es guerres civiles, 1560-96.) 

2 vols, in 1. fol. [Lugny, 1653] 

Calf, with the arms of Guillaume de Lamnignon. 

SAULX, Guillaume de, seigneur de Tavanes. 

See Collection complete des m^moires [vol. 
„ Collection universelle des m^moires [vols. 

„ Saulx, Gaspard de. Memoires. [Lugny, 

SAUMAISE, Claude de. See Salmasius, C. 

SAUNDERS, Sir Edmund. 

See S. (Ed.) Summus Angliae Seneschallus. 
London, 1680. 

SAUNDERS, Henry Martin. The crimps ; or, the 
death of poor Howe. A tragedy in one act, as 
lately performed at a house of ill-fame, or what 
is called a recruiting-office in London, with 
universal execration. 

8vo. London, 1794 



SAUNDERSON, Nicholas. 

For Life, see Davies, K. Cambridge, 1741. 

SAUR, Joseph Henri de. 

See Goethe, J. W. von. Des hommes calibres. 
Paris, 1823. 

SAURIN, Bernard Joseph. 

See Theatre Frangais. Tragedies, vol. xvi. Paris, 
„ „ „ Comedies, vol. xxiii. Paris, 

„ „ „ Vols, iv., vii., xxiii. Paris, 

„ „ „ 3™ ordre, vol. vii. Paris, 


(Euvres complettes. 

(Euvres choisies. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1783 

12mo. Paris, 1812 

SAURIN, Jacques. Discours historiques, critiques, 
tht^ologiques, et moraux sur les ^vfenements du 
vieux et du nouveau Testament : avec des figures 
gravees : continues par C. S. de Beausobre. 

6 vols. fol. The Hague, 1728-39 

Sermons; from the French by R. Robinson, 

H. Hunter, and J. SutclifTe. A new edition, 
with additional sermons, revised and corrected 

by S. BURDER. 

3 vols. 8vo. Londm, 1836 

SAUSSURE, afterwards NECKER, Albertine Adri- 
enne de. 
See Necker, A. A. de. 

SAUSSURE, Horace Benedict de. Voyages dans 
les Alpes, precedes d'un essai sur I'histoire 
naturelle des environs de Geneve. 

4 vols. 4to. Neuchatel, 1779-96 

SAUVAQE, Denis. 

See Froissart, J. Histoire et cronique. Lyons, 

SAUVAGES DE LA CROIX, Pierre Augnstin 
Boissier de. Dictionnaire languedocien-frangois, 
ou choix des mots languedociens les plus difficiles 
i rendre en Francois, avec un- petit traite de 
prononciation et de prosodie languedocienne. 

12mo. Niines, 1756 

SAUVl: DE LA NOUE, Jean Baptiste. 
See La Noue, J. B. S. de. 

SAUVIGN7, Louis Edmd Billardon de. 
See Sappho. Poesies. Amsterdam, nil. 

SAVAGE, Henry. Balliofergus ; or, a commentary 
upon the foundation, founders, and affaires of 
Balliol Colledge. 

4to. Oxfvrd, 1668 

SAVAGE, James. 

See Toulmin, J. History of Taunton. Taunton, 

— The history of the castle and parish of Wressle, 
in the east riding of the county of York. 

12mo. London, 1805 

History of the hundred of Carhampton in the 

county of Somerset. 

8vo. Bristol, 1830 

The librarian : being an account of scarce, 

valuable, and useful English books, public 
records, etc. 

3 vols, in 2. 8vo. London, 1808-9 

SAVAGE, Richard. 

See Johnson, S. Works of the English poets. 
London, 1790. 

Works : with an account of the author by 

Samuel Johnson. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1775 

SAVAGE, William. Practical hints on decorative 
printing; with illustrations engraved on wood 
and printed in colours at the type press. 

4to. London, 1822 


See Sidonius ApoUinaris, C. S. Opera. Parts, 

SAVARY, Anne Jean Marie Rend, Duke de Rovigo. 
See Rovigo, A. J. M. R., due de. 

SAVARY, Claude ^tienne. 

See Koran. Amsterdam, 1786, etc. 

Grammatica linguae Arabicae vulgaris necnon 

litteralis. [Latin and French. Edited by 

L. M. Langlis.] 

4to. Paris, 1813 

2 N 



SAVARY, Claude ^tienne. Lettres sur I'figypte. 
3 vols, in 2. 8vo. Paris, 1785-86 

Lettres sur la Grfeee. 

8vo. Paris, 1788 

SAVARY, Jacques. Album Dianae leporicidae, sive 
venationis leporinae leges. 

8vo. Caen, 1655 

SAVARY, Jean Julien Michel. 

See Guerres des Vend^ens et des Chouans. Paris, 

SAV^RIEN, Alexandre. Histoire des philosophes 

5 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1173 

Histoire des philosophes modernes. 

8 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1773 

Histoire des progres de I'esprit humain dans 

les sciences et dans les arts qui en dependent. 

4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1775-78 

SAVI, Paolo. Ornitologia Toscana. 

3 vols. 8yo. Pisa, 1827-31 

SAVIGNY, Abbey of. Cartulaire de I'Abbaye de 
Savigny, suivi du petit cartulaire de I'Abbaye 
d'Ainay. Publies par A. Bernard. [Documents 
inedits sur I'histoire de France.] 

2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1853 

SAVIGNY, Jean Baptiste Henri. 

See Corr^ard, A. Naufrage de la frigate La 
MMuse. Paris, 1818. 

and CORRfiARD, Alexandre. Narrative of 

a voyage to Senegal in 1816, comprising an 
account of the shipwreck of the Medusa, and 
observations respecting the agriculture of West- 
ern Africa. 

8vo. London, 1818 

SAVIGNY, Marie Jules Cdsar Lelorgne de. His- 
toire naturelle et mythologique de I'ibis. 

8vo. Paris, 1805 

SAVILE Correspondence. Letters to and from 
Henry Savile, Esq., envoy at Paris, and vice- 
chamberlain to Charles ii. and James ii., includ- 
ing letters from his brother George, Marquess of 
Halifax. Edited by W. D. Cooper. [Camden 
Society, Ixxi.] 

4to. London, 1858 

SAVILE, Henry, Captain of H.M.S. Adventure. A 
libell of Spanish lies found at the sacke of Cales 
with an answere by H. S. London, 1596. Edited 
by J. P. Collier. 

8vo. [1863?] 

SAVILE, Sir Henry. 

See Scriptores rerum Anglicarum. London, 1 596, 

In Taciti historias, Agricolae vitam, et com- 

mentarius de militia Romana. [Translated into 
Latin by Isaac Gruter.] 

12mo. Lud. Elzevir. Amsterdam, 1649 

SAVILE, John. King James his entertainment at 
Theobalds, 1603. Reprinted in Arber's English 
Garner, v. 

SAVIOLI, Lodovico Vittorio. 

&« Parnaso degl' Italian! viventi. Pisa, 1798- 


4to. Crisopoli. [Parma] 1795 

Annali Bolognesi. 

3 vols, in 6. 4to. Bassano, 1784-95 

SAVONAROLA, Giovanni Michele. De balneis et 
thermis naturalibus omnibus Italiae. 

fol. A. Gallus. Ferrara, 1485 

SAVONAROLA, Girolamo. 

For life, see Harford, J. S. Life of M. Angelo, 

etc. London, 1857. 
See Oliphant, M. 0. W. Makers of Florence. 

London, 1891. 
„ Villari, P. History of G. Savonarola. 

London, 1863. 

Exposition of the 30th Psalm. [Appendix to 

the Horse ad usum Sarum.] 

4to. John Byddell for William Marshall. 

London, 1535 

Printed on vellum. 

— Libro sopra el Glorioso Triompho della Croce 
di Christo. 

fol. [Bartholomaeus, lyreshyter. Florence, 1^96] 

— Tractato circa el reggimento e governo della 
Citta di Firenze. 

4to. [Bonaccmsi. Florence, 1500] 



SAWYER, Edmund. ^lemorials of aftairs of state 
in the reigns of Q. Elizabeth and K. James i., 
collected chiefly from the original papers of Sir 
Ralph Winwood. 

3 vols. fol. London, 1725 

SAXE, Christoph. Onomasticon literarium sive 
nomenclator historico-criticus omnis aetatis 
scriptorura, item monumentorum illustrium. 

8 vols. 8vo. Utrecht, 1775-1803 

SAXIUS, Josephus Antonius. See Sassi, G. A. 

SAXO Grammaticus. Danorum regum heroumque 
historiae, nunc primum literaria serie illustratae 
tersissimeque impressae. 

fol. J. Badius Ascensius. Paris, 1514 

Historiae Danicae libri xvi., Stephanus 

JOHANNis Stephanius recognovit, notisque illus- 

2 vols, in 1. fol. Smve, 1644-45 

The first nine books of the Danish history. 

Translated by 0. Elton, with considerations by 
F. Y. Powell. [Folklore Society, xxxiii.] 

8vo. London, 1894 

SAXOFERRATO, Bartolus de. 
See Bartolus de Sazoferrato. 

SAXOLUS Pratensis. De accentibus ac diphthongis 
et formatione praeteritorum graecorum. 

4to. [Milan, 1480] 

SAXON Chronicle. See Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 

SAXONY, Moritz, count of. Mes reveries : ouvrage 
posthume, augmente d'une histoire de sa vie par 
rABB:^ Perau. 

2 vols. 4to. Amsterdam and Leipzig, 1757 

SAXTON, Christopher. [An atlas containing 34 
maps of England and Wales.] 

fol. [Lmdon, 1579] 

SAY, Jean Baptiste. Traits d'economie politique, 
ou simple exposition de la maniere dont se 
ferment, se distribuent et se consomment les 
richesses. Seconde edition. 

•2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1814 

SAY, Thomas. American entomology ; or, descrip- 
tions of the insects of North America. Illus- 
trated by coloured figures. 

3 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1824-28 

3AYCE, Archibald Henry. 

See Bunsen, E. von. The chronology of the 
Bible. London, 1874. 
„ Lex Mosaica. London, \89i. 
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tions, etc., of that people. 

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See Koninklijk - Nederlandsch Instituut van 
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[Amsterdam, 1812.] 

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8vo. Vienna, 179* 

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militia : with a postscript relating to the landed 
and moneyed interest. 

8vo. Eton, 1747 

for payment of the sum of £49,301,855, 6a. l|d. 

being the National debt of Gt. Britain as it stood 
the 31st of Dec. 1730, in a few years, without 
making any additional tax on the subject. 

8vo. London, 1732 



SCHEME (A) for the better relief and employment 
of the poor, submitted to His Majesty and the two 
Houses of Parliament, by a member of Parlia- 
ment [T. Gilbert]. 

8vo. London, 1764 

for the coalition of parties, humbly submitted 

to the publick. [By Soame Jenyns.] 

8vo. London, 1772 

or proposal for taking off the several taxes on 

land, soap, etc., and replacing the said duties by 
another tax, which will bring in more money, in 
a more easy and equal manner, and less burthen- 
some to the subject. 

8vo. London, 1733 

SCHEMES from Ireland, for the benefit of the body 
natural, ecclesiastical, and politick [by Jonathan 
Swift] : the first for making religion and the 
clergy useful, the second to pay off the publick 
debt in six months. 

Svo. London, 1732 


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Annales de la Petite-Russie, ou histoire des 

Cosaques - Saporogues et des Cosaques de 

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supplevit J. J. Oberlinus. 

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navigation of the globe by the Austrian frigate 
Novara in the years 1857-59. 

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welcher die Physica Sacra oder beheiligte Natur- 
Wissenschaft deutlich erklart, anbey zur Er- 
lauterung des Wercks in kiinstlichen Kupfer- 
Tafeln ausgegeben und verlegt durch J. A. 


fol. Augsburg arid Ulm, 1731-35 

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See Kaempfer, E. History of Japan. London, 

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Vindoboniensi nunc servatur adcurate exscripta. 

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See Lidgate, J. Temple of glas. [Early English 
Text Society.] 

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Speculum manuale sacerdotum. 

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,, Sammliing der besten deutschen prosaischen 

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CarUruhe, 1787. 



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Sammtliche Werke. 

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Tranerspiele : die Rauber, die Verschworung 

des Fiesko zu Genua, Kabale und Liebe. 

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Dom Karlos, Infant von Spanien. 

Svo. Leipzig, 1787 

Theatre, traduit de TAllemand par Lamar- 


2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1799-1800 

Don Carlos : an historical drama, from the 


Svo. London, 179S 

Histoire du soulevement des Pays-Bas sous 

Philippe II. : traduit de I'Allemand par le MAR- 

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The history of the Thirty Years' War in 

Germany. Translated by Captain Blaquiere. 

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Another edition. Translated by J. M. 


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2 vols, in 1. Svo. TuUnqen, 1800 

— Wallenstein, a drama. Translated from the 
German by S. T. Coleridge. 

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— Wallenstein : a dramatic poem, from the 

German. [By G. MoiR.] 

2 vols, in 1. Svo. Edinburgh, 1827 

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Europe, Asia, and Africa, 1396-1427. Translated 
by J. B. Telfer, with notes by P. Bruun. 
[Hakluyt Society, Iviii.] 

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tonicarura, toinis tribus : primus sacra continet 
monumenta, alter civilia, tertius glossarium ; e 
museo J. C. Simonis. 

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See Bible, Wendish, Lower. Berlin, 1822-24. 

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Hebraicum, Chaldaicum, Syriacum, Talmudico- 
Rabbinicum, et Arabicum. 

fol. Hanover, l6l2 

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aus dem xiv. und xv. Jahrhundert. [Quellen 
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Svo. Strasburg, 1877 

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See Ternite, G. Le couronnement de la sainte 
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Cours de litt6rature dramatique: traduit de 

I'allemande [by A. A. Necker de Saussure]. 

3 vols. Svo. Paris aiul Geneva, 1814 

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philosophy of history. Translated from the 
German, with a memoir of the author, by J. B. 
Robertson. Second edition. 

Svo. London, 1846 

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See Morellius, A. Thesaurus Morellianus. Am- 
sterdam, 1752. 

SCHLEGEL, Johan Friderich Wilhelm. Sur la 

visite des vaisseaux neutres sous convoi, ou 
examen impartial du jugement prononce par le 
tribunal de I'amiraute angloise, le 1 1 juin 1 799, 
dans I'alfaire du convoi suMois : traduit du 
Danois par M. DE JuGE. 

Svo. Copenhagen, 1800 

Upon the visitation of neutral vessels under 

convoy ; or, an examination of a judgment pro- 
nounced by the English court of Admiralty the 
11th Jime 1799, in the case of the Swedish 
convoy. Translated from the Danish by Mr. 
De Juge. 

Svo. London, 1801 

See also Croke, Sir A. Remarks upon Mr. 
Schlegel's work. 

SCHLEICH, Gustav. 

See Lidgate, J. Fabula duorum mercatorum. 
Strasburg, 1897. 


See BeitrSge zur vergleichenden. Berlin, 1 858-76 



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Graeco-Latimim in Novum Testamentum. 

2 vols, in 4.' 8vo. Leipzig, 1801 

SCHLICHTEGROLL, Adolph Heinrich Friedrich 

Sec Bombet, L. A. C. Lettres sur Joseph Haydn. 
Paris, 1814, etc. 
„ Senefelder, J. A. A complete course of 
lithography. London, 1819. 


Sec Szlichting, J. 

SCHLIEMANN, Heinrich. Ilios, the city and 
country of the Trojans, with an autobiography 
and preface, etc., by R. Virchow, F. Max 
MiJLLER, A. H. Sayce, J. P. Mahaffy, etc. 

8vo. London, 1880 

Mycenae ; a narrative of researches and dis- 
coveries at Mycenae and Tiryns. The preface 
by W. E. Gladstone. 

8vo. London, 1878 

Tiryns. The prehistoric palace of the Kings 

of Tiryns. The results of the latest excavations. 
The preface by F. Abler, and contributions by 


8vo. London, 1886 

Troja : results of the latest researches and dis- 
coveries on the site of Homer's Troy. Preface 
by A. H. Sayce. 

8vo. London, 1S84 

Troy and its remains ; a narrative of researches 

and discoveries made on the site of Ilium, and 
in the Trojan plain. Translated [by Miss L. D. 
ScHMiTz]. Edited by P. Smith. 

8vo. London, 1875 

SCHLOSSER, Friedrich Christoph. History of the 
eighteenth century and of the nineteenth till 
the overthrow of the French Empire, with 
reference to mental cultivation and progress. 
Translated by D. Davison. 

8 vols. 8vo. London, 184.3 

SCHLOSSER, Johann Albert. Over de Amboinischc 
haagdis. Dc lacerta Amboincnsi. Pieter Bod- 
daert de chaetodonte argo, de testudinc cartila- 
ginea, de rana bicolore, de chaetodonte diacantho. 
[Dutch and Latin.] 

5 parts in 1 vol. 4to. Amsterdam, 1768-72 


See Leibnitz, G. W. von. Leibniz und Schottelius. 
Strasburg 1877. 

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theology of the New Testament. Translated by 
G. H. Venables. [Clark's Foreign Theological 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1870 

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2 vols. 8vo. Erhngen, 1880-81 

Lehrbuch der Dogmengeschichte, in vierter 

Auflage neubearbeitet von A. Hauck. 

8vo. Nordlingen, 1887 

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See Heliodorus. Aethiopicorum libri decern. 
Leipzig, nTi. 
„ Lucian. Opera. [Greek and Latin.] Mittav, 
etc., 1776-1800. 

SCHMIDEL, Ulrich. Americae pars vii. Verissima 
descriptio praecipuarum quarundam Indiae re- 
gionum et insularum quae ab U. Fabro inventae 
et ab eodem consignatae fuerunt, ex Germanico 
in Latinum sermonem conversa autore G. Artus. 
Illustrata et in lucem emissa studio et opera 
Theodorici de Bry viduae et filiorum. 

fol. [Frankfort] 1599 

The conquest of the river Plate (1535-55). 

The voyage of U. S. to the rivers La Plata and 
Paraguai. II. The commentaries of Alvar Nunez 
Cabeza de Vaca. Edited by Don LouiS L. 
Dominguez. [Hakluyt Society, Ixxxi.] 

8vo. London, 1891 

Vera historia admirandac cujusdam naviga- 

tionis quam Huldericus Schmidel, Straubingensis, 
ab anno 1534 usque ad annum 1554 in Ameri- 
cam vel Novum mundum, juxta BrasiUam et 
Rio de la Plata confecit. [Edited by L. HuLSius.] 
4to. Nuremberg, 1599 

With the arms aud monogram of De Thou. 

SCHMIDT, Bduard Oscar. The doctrine of descent 
and Darwinism. Eighth edition. [International 
Scientific Series, xii.] 

8vo. London, 1891 

The mammalia in their relation to primeval 

times. [International Scientific Series, liv.] 

8vo. London, 1885 



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See Bible, Greek. N. T. 1622. 
„ Pindar. Opera. [JFiitenberg] 16'16. 
„ Sylloge altera scriptorum. Leyden, 1710. 

SCHMIDT, Erich. Beitrage zur KenntnLss der 
Klopstockschen Jugendlyrik nebst ungedruckten 
Oden Wielands. [Quellen und Forschungen, 

8vo. Stmsharg, 1880 

■ Reinmar von Hagenau und Heinrich von Eugge. 

Eine litterarhistorische Untersuchung. [Quellen 
und Forschungen, iv.] 

8vo. Strastmrg, 1874. 

SCHMIDT, Friedrich Samuel von, Baron. Recueil 
d'antiquites trouvees k Avenches, a Culm et en 
d'autres lieux de la Suisse. 

4to. Berne, 17(iO 

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vinciae Bohemiae ; pars i., 1555-92: pars ii. 

2 vols. fol. Prague, 174.7-49 

VIETMANSDORF, Franz von. A short pro- 
testant commentary on the New Testament. 
Translated by F. H. Jones. [Theological 
Translation Fund Library, xxvii., xxix., xxxi.] 
3 vols. 8vo. LoTidm, 1882-84 

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SCHMIDTMEYER, Peter. Travels into Chile over 
the Andes, in the years 1820 and 21 : with plates. 

4to. London, 1824 

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»S'eg Lucian. Opera [Greek]. ifaZ/c, 1800-1. 
,, Plautus, T. M. Quae supersunt comoediae. 
Gotiingen, 1804. 

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See Schliemann, H. Troy and its remains. 
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,, Mommsen, T. History of Rome. London, 

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for rakes : a comedy. [By Elizabeth 

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for wives; a comedy. [By HuoH Kelly.] 

New edition. 

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Infamia Famiani, cui adjunctum est ejusdem 

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judicium, ejusdemque de natura historiae et 
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Itinerarium Italise. [By F. Schott.] 

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[Greek and Latin] cum scholiis A. S. et P. J. 


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2 vols. ]2mo. Bouen, 1725 

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exacte du voyage dans les Indes, par un nouveau 
destroit et par les grandes mers australes qu'il a 
descouvert, vers le pole antartique. [Translated 
from the Dutch.] 

8vo. Paris, 16I8 



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der Welt, insonderheit aber die Dresdner Elb- 
Briicke in saubern Prospecten, Miinzen und 
andern Kupferstichen vorgestellet und beschrie- 
ben werden. 

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Thesaurus linguae Armenieae antiquae et 


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und Atmosphiire. 

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mesure en Italic, 1791-93: ouvrage compost dc 
72 planches. 

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in the time of Jesus Christ. First division, 
political history of Palestine from B.C. 175 to 
1 S5, translated by J. Macpherson ; second 
division, the internal condition of Palestine and 
of the Jewish people, translated by S. Taylor 
and P. Christie. [Clark's Foreign Theological 

5 vols. Svo. Edinburgh, 1885-90 

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edition. [International Scientific Series, xx.] 

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,, Erpenius, T. Grammatica Arabica. Leyden, 




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Oriffines Hebraeae sive Hebraeae linguae 

natura et indoles ex Arabiae penetralibus 

2 vols. 4to. Franeker and Leyden, 


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4to. Leyden, 1717 

Another edition. 

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„ „ Tamil. 

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[Palestine Exploration Fund.] 

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Across the Jordan ; being an exploration and 

survey of part of Hauran and Jaulan, with 
additions by L. Oliphant and G. Le Strange. 
[Palestine Exploration Fund.] 

8vo. London, 1889 

The Jaulan surveyed for the German society 

for the exploration of the holy land, translated 
from the Transactions of the Society.] [Palestine 
Exploration Fund.] 

8vo. London, 1888 

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See Helvicus, C. Theatrum historicum. Oxford, 

SCHUEMAN, Anna Maria van. Dissertatio de 

ingonii muliebris ad doctrinam et meliores litteras 

aptitudinc. Accedunt quaedam Epistolae, ejus- 

dem argumenti. [Edited by J. vON Beverwyck.] 

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Graeca, Latina, Gallica, prosaica et metrica. 

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the ethics of evolution : a critical study. Pub- 
lished by the Hibbert trustees. 

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in Eussian Turkistan, Khokand, Bukhara, and 
Kuldja. Third edition. 

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Brunswick, 1806. 
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naire de la langue allemande et franqoise : revu 
et corrig^ par Uriot. 

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Nouveau dictionnaire de la langue fran9oise et 


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See S. (C. G.) Recherches, etc. Pan's, 1807. 

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tionis. Leipzig, 1719- 

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Nuremberg, 1746. 

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See Frontinus, S. J. Strategematicon. Leipzig, 
„ Onosander. Strategicus. Miremberg and 
Paris, 1757-62. 

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of the history of philosophy. Translated and 

annotated by J. H. Stirling. Eleventh edition. 

8vo. Edin^bwrgh [1890] 




See Jolimont, F. G. T. de. Vues de la Cath^drale 
de Paris. Paris, etc., 1826-31. 
,, La Bruy^re, J. de. Les caractcres. Paris, 


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Lexicon Herodoteum. 

2 vols. 8vo. Sirashtrg, 1 824 


See Emin Pasha in Central Africa. Lamlon, 1888. 

The heart of Africa ; three years' travels and 

adventures in the unexplored regions of central 
Africa, from 1868 to 1871. Translated by E. E. 
Frewek, with an introduction by W. Keade. 

2 vols. 8vo. i>«tZ(w, 1873 

SCIALACH, Victorius. 

See Victorius, surnamed Shcllih. 

SCIALITTI, Paul Colend. A letter written to the 
Jewes, declaring the reasons for his conversion. 
[Italian and English.] 

4to. London, 1663 

SCIARRA. See Strozzi, P. 

SCIENCE des medailles. See Jobert, L. 

SCILLA, Agostino. De corporibus marinis lapi- 
descentibus quae defossa reperiuntur : addita 
dissertatione Fabii Columnae de glossopetris. 

4to. Rome, 1752 

SCIO DE SAN MIGUEL, Phelipe, Bishop of Segovia. 
&<; Bible, Spanish. 1823. 

SCIOPPIUS, Gaspar. See Schoppe, C. 

SCIPIO, Cornelius, pseud. An epistle to Junius 
Silanus from Cornelius Scipio. 

8vo. London, 1769 

Cornelius, the younger. 
For Life, see Bendinelli, A. Florence, 1549. 

SCLATER, Philip Lutley. 

See Nitzsch, C. L. Pterylography. [Ray Society.] 

SCOBELL, Henry. 

See S. (H.) The power of the Lords and 
Commons. [London, I68O.] 

SCOBLE, Sir Andrew Richard. 

See Guizot, F. P. G. History of Charles the 

first. London, 1854, etc. 
„ Mignet, F. A. M. History of Mary Queen 
of Scots. London, \S'A. 

SCOLIA. See Ilgen, C. D. 

SCOLOKER, Anthony. Daiphantus ; or, the passions 
of love. [Roxburghe Club, xvii.] 

4to. London, 1818 

— — - I. Daiphantus ; or, the passions of love, etc. 
(1604) by A. S. II. Dolarny's Primerose, etc. 
(1606) by John Raynolds. Edited by A. B. 
Grosart. [Occasional issues, xii. 1.] 

4to. [Manchester] 1880 

Daiphantus; or, the passions of love, l604. 

Reprinted in Arber's English Garner, vii. 

The ordenarye for all faythfuU Chrystians to 

leade a vertuous and godly lyfe here in this vale 
of miserie. Translated out of Doutche. 

8vo. Anthony Scololcer. Ipsioich, IS'iS 

SCONE. Monastery of the Holy Trinity and Saint 
Michael. Liber ecclesie de Scon. Rlunimenta 
vetustiora monasterii S. Trinitatis et S. Michaelis 
de Scon. [Bannatyne Club.] 

4to. Edinburgh, 1843 

SCOPTIUS, Hieronymus. Oratio dicta in die festo 
omnium sanctorum. 

4to. [E. Silber. Rome, 1490] 

SCOT, Reginald. The discovery of witchcraft, 
proving that the compacts of witches with devils 
are but erroneous novelties : with a discourse of 
the nature of devils and spirits, in two books, the 
second now added in this third edition. 

fol. London, l665 

SCOT, WiUiam. An apologetical narration of the 

state and government of the Kirk of Scotland 

since the reformation : certaine records touching 

the estate of the Kirk in the years l605 and 1606, 

by John Forbes, minister of Alford. [Wodrow 


8vo. Edinburgh, 1846 



SCOT, Sir William, of Thirlestane. 

See Pitcairn, A. Selecta poemata. Edinburgh, 

SCOTCH loyalty exemplify'd in the behaviour of the 
Dean of the Faculty and his brethren at Edin- 
burgh in relation to the reception of a medal of 
the Pretender presented to them by the dutchess 
of Gourdon. 

single sheet, fol. London [1711] 

(The) medal decipher'd, and the new hereditary- 
right man display'd ; or, remarks on the late 
proceedings of the Faculty of Advocates at 
Edinburgh, upon receiving the Pretender's medal. 

8vo. London, 1711 

■ modesty displayed, in a series of conversations 

that lately passed between an Englishman and 
a Scotchman. 

8vo. London, 1778 

sermons, 1880. [By various writers.] 

8vo. London, 1880 

SCOTLAND and the Commonwealth ; letters and 
papers relating to the military occupation of 
Scotland, 1651-53. Edited by C. H. Firth. 
[Scottish History Society, xviii.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1895 

delineated ; or, a geographical description of 

every shire in Scotland. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1799 

Church of. 

See Declaration of the lords of the secret- 
councell. London, 1642. 

— Conciliae Scotiao. Ecclesiae Scoticanae statuta 
tam provincialia quam synodalia quae supersunt 
1225-1559. [Edited by J. Kobertson.] [Banna- 
tyne Club.] 

2 vols. 4to. Edinburgh, 1866 

— Acts and proceedings of the general assemblies 
of the Kirk of Scotland from 1560 to l6l8. 
[Edited by T. Thomson.] [Bannatyne Club.] 

3 vols. 4to. Edinburgh, 1839-45 

— The principall acts of the solemne generall 
assembly of the Kirk of Scotland : convened at 
Glasgow the 2 1st of November 1638. 

fol. Heirs of Amlreio Hart. Edinburgh, 1639 

SCOTLAND, Church of. The principall acts of the 
generall assembly, 1639-1649. 

fol. Evan Tyler. Edinburgh, 1642-49 

The remonstrance of the commissioners of the 

generall assembly of Scotland : to the great con- 
vention of estates, now presently convened at 
Edinburgh, 22 of June, 1643. 

4to. London, 1643 

The remonstrance of the generall assembly of 

the kirk of Scotland to his majestic, sent from 
the committee of both kingdoms the 12 of June 
last, etc. 

4to. London, 1645 

— The records of the Commissions of the 
General Assemblies of the Church of Scotland 
holden in Edinburgh in the years 1646 and 1647- 
Edited by A. F. Mitchell and J. Christie. 
[Scottish History Society, xi.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1892 

— Directions of the generall assembly concerning 
secret and private worship, and mutual edifica- 
tion, for cherishing piety, for maintaining unity, 
and avoiding schism and division. 

4to. London, 1647 

— The records of the Commission of the General 
Assemblies of the Church of Scotland, 1648-9. 
Edited by A. F. Mitchell and J. Christie. 
[Scottish History Society, xxv.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1896 

— To the kings most excellent majestic, the 
humble petition of the commissioners of the 
generall a.ssembly of the kirke of Scotland, met 
at Edinburgh, 4 Jan. 1642. 

4to. London, 1642 

— Exchequer. Accounts of the Great Chamber- 
lains of Scotland : and some other officers of the 
crown, rendered at the Exchequer, 1326-1453. 
[Bannatyne Club.] 

3 vols. 4to. Edinburgh, 1817-45 

— Eotuli scaccarii regum Scotorum : The ex- 
chequer rolls of Scotland. Edited by J. Stuart, 
G. Burnett and Ae. J. G. Mackay. [Scottish 
Record Publications.] 

hi progress. Svo. Edinburgh, 1878, etc. 

— Great Seal. Kegistrum magni sigilli regum 

Scotorum. The register of the great seal of 

Scotland. Edited by J. B. Paul and J. M. 

Thomson. [Scottish Eecord Publications.] 

In progress. Svo and fol. Edinburgh, ISli-O-i 



SCOTLAND. Parliament. 
Sec Parliament of Scotland. 

Privy Council. A letter directed from the 

council of Scotland to the King. 

single sheet, fol. [London, 1680] 

The Register of the Privy Council of Scotland. 

Vols. i. and ii. edited and abridged by J. H. 
Burton, vols, iii.-xii. by D. Masson. [Scottish 
Record Publications.] 

Inproi/ress. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1877, etc. 

SCOTLAND'S great advantages by an union with 
England : showen in a letter from the country 
to a member of Parliament. [By Sir W. 

4to. [Edinburgh^ 170() 

SCOTO, Lorenzo. 

See Marini, G. B. L'Adone. Venice, 1 623, etc. 

SCOTS (The) army advanced into England certified 
in a letter, dated from Addarston, the 24 of 
January : from his excellencies the lord generall 
Lesley's quarters, etc. 

4to. London, 1644 

Another edition. [Newcastle Reprints, ii. 6.] 
8vo. Neiocastle, 1845 

— declaration to the lords and commons in parlia- 
ment, in answer to a declaration sent unto them 
by their commissioners now at London from the 
honourable houses of parliament. 

4to. London, 1643 

— narrative examin'd ; or, the case of the Episco- 
pal ministers in Scotland stated, and the late 
treatment of them in the city of Edinburgh 
enquir'd into. [By Daniel Defoe.] 

4to. London, 1709 

— scouts discoveries : by their London intelli- 

gencer [D. L.], and presented to the lords of the 
Covenant of Scotland, 1639. 

4to. London, 1642 

Another edition. 

4to. London, 1642 

SCOTT, Andrew James. 

See Griesinger, T. The Jesuits. London, 1885. 

SCOTT, David, F.S.A.Sc. Annals and statistics of 
the original Secession Church till its disruption, 
and union with the Free Church of Scotland, in 

8vo. Edinburgh [1 8S6] 

SCOTT, David, of Haddington. The history of 
Scotland from the year of the world 36 19. 

fol. JFestminsler, 1727 

SCOTT, David Dundas. 

See Bungener, L. L. F. History of the council 
of Trent. Edinburgh, 1853. 

SCOTT, Edward John Long. 

See Aristotle. On the constitution of Athens. 
London, 1891. 
„ Harvey, G. Letter-book. [Camden Society.] 

SCOTT, George. 

&« Melville, Sir J. Memoires. London, 1 68 3. 

SCOTT, John, D.D., Canon of Windsor. An abstract 
(with remarks) [by Philalethes] on Dr. Scot's 
sermon, preached at Chelmsford Assizes, Aug. 
31, 1685, wherein the doctor prophetically gives 
his opinion of the consequences of the late 
revolution, concluding with an excellent charac- 
ter of James IL 

4to. London, 1693 

SCOTT, John, Entomologist. 

See Douglas, J. W. The British Hemiptera. 
[Ray Society.] 

SCOTT, John, 1st earl of Eldon. 

For Life, see Twiss, H. London, 1844. 

SCOTT, John, Editor of ' The Champion ' News- 
paper. The house of mourning : a poem with 
some smaller pieces. 

8vo. London, 1817 

A visit to Paris in 1814. Third edition. 

8vo. London, 1815 

Paris revisited in 1815 by way of Brussels, 

including a walk over the field of battle at 

8vo. London, 1816 

SCOTT, John, Major. See Scott Waring, J. 

SCOTT, John, of Berwick-upon-Tweed. Berwick- 
upon-Tweed : the history of the town and guild. 

4to. London, 1888 

SCOTT, John, Poet, of Amwell. 

See Remarks on the Patriot. London, 1775. 

SCOTT, Jonathan. 

^c Arabian Nights. London, ^811. 



SCOTT, Jonathan. 

See Eradut Khan. A translation of the memoirs. 
London, 1786. 
„ Ferishta, M. K. History of Dekkan. Shrews- 
bur i/, 1794. 

SCOTT, Robert, Bookseller. Catalogus librorum ex 
variis Europae partibus advectorum per R. Scott 
bibliopolam Londinensem. 

■ito. London, 1674 

SCOTT, Robert Eden. Elements of intellectual 
philosophy ; or, an analysis of the powers of the 
human understanding ; tending to ascertain the 
principles of a rational logic. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1805 

SCOTT, Robert Henry. Elementary meteorology. 
Fifth edition. [International Scientific Series, 

Svo. London, 1890 

SCOTT, Thomas. Thoughts on the fatal conse- 
quences of female prostitution. 

Svo. London, 1787 

SCOTT, Thomas, B.D., Minister at Utrecht. 
See Belgicke pismire. London, 1622. 
,, Tongue-combat. London, 1623. 
„ Vox populi ; or, newes from Spayne. 1620, 


The high-waies of God and the king. Wherein 

all men ought to walke in holinesse here, to 
happinesse hereafter. 

4to. London, 1623 

The projector, teaching a direct, sure, and 

ready way to restore the deeayes of the Church 
and state both in honour and in revenue. 

4to. London, 1623 

SCOTT, Thomas, D.D., Rector of Aston Sandford. 
See Bible, English. 1850. 

An impartial statement of the scriptural 

doctrine, in respect of civil government, and the 
duties of subjects. 

12mo. London, 1792 

A sermon preached before the Society for 

Missions to Africa and the East, May 26, 1801 : 
also the report of the committee to the annual 
meeting, and an account of the society. 

Svo. London, 1801 

SCOTT, Walter, President of Airedale College, 
Bradford. The existence of evil spirits proved, 
and their agency explained and illustrated. 
[Congregational Lecture.] 

Svo. London, 1843 

SCOTT, Sir Walter, Bart. 

For Life, see Hutton, R. H. [English Men of 
„ „ Lockhart, J. G. Edinburgh, 1837- 

38, etc. 
See Bannatyne, G. Memorials. [Bannatyne 
Bonaparte, L. A reply to Sir W. S.'s history 
of Napoleon. London, 1829. 
,, Carleton, G., pseud. Memoirs. Edinburgh, 

, G-wynne, J. Military memoirs. Edinburgh, 

., Dryden, J. Works. London, 1808. 

Paul's letters. Edinburgh, I8I6. 
„ Sadler, Sir R. State-papers and letters. 

Edinburgh, I8O9. 
„ Sinclair, J. Memoirs of the insurrection. 
[Abbotsford Club.] 
,, Proceedings in the court mar- 

tial. [Roxburghe Club.] 
Somers, J. Collection of scarce and valuable 
tracts. London, 1809-15. 
„ Swift, J. Works. Edinburgh, 1824. 
„ Terig, D. Trial. [Bannatyne Club.] 

Miscellaneous prose works. 

6 vols. Svo. Edinburgh, 1827 

New edition. 

28 vols. Svo. 

Miscellaneous poems. 

Edinburgh, 1834-36 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1820 

— Poetical works. [Edited by J. G. Lockhart.] 

12 vols. Svo. Edinburgh, I861 

— The Border antiquities of England and Scot- 
land, with illustrations of remarkable incidents 
in Border history and tradition, and original 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1814'-n 

— Catalogue of the library at Abbotsford. [Ban- 
natyne Club.] 

4to. Edinburgh, 1838 

— The Doom of Devorgoil, a melo-drama; Auchin- 
drane, or the Ayrshire Tragedy. 

Svo. Edinbwrgh, 1830 



SOOTT, Sii- Walter, Bart. Journal, from the original 
manuscript at Abbotsford. 

2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1890 

The lady of the lake : a poem. 

4to. Edinburgh, 1810 

— The lay of the last minstrel : a poem. 

4to. Lmidon, 1805 

— Letters on demonology and witchcraft, ad- 
dressed to J. G. Lockhart, Esq. [Murray's 
Family Library.] 

12mo. London, 1830 

Marmion : a tale of Flodden field. 

4to. Edinhirgh, 1808 

— Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border : consisting 
of historical and romantic ballads, collected in 
the southern counties of Scotland; with a few 
of modern date [by Sir W. S. and others], 
founded upon local tradition. 

3 parts in 2 vols. 8vo. Kdso, 1802 

— The poetry contained in the novels, tales and 
romances of the author of Waverley. [Anon.] 

12mo. Edinburgh, 1822 

— Provincial antiquities and picturesque scenery 
of Scotland. 

2 vols. fol. London, 1826 

The vision of Don Roderick : a poem. 

4to. Edinburgh, 1811 

SCOTT, William, Baron Stowell. A report of the 
judgment of the high court of Admiralty on 
the Swedish convoy, 11 June 1799: [taken] 
by C. Robinson. 

8vo. London, 1799 

Substance of the speech of Sir W. Scott, 

delivered in the house of commons, April 7, 
1 802, upon a motion for leave to bring in a bill 
relative to the non-residence of the clergy, etc. 

8vo. London, 1802 

SCOTT, William, Hostman, of Newcastle. Passages 
from the letter-book of W. S., the father of 
Lords Stowell and Eldon. [Newcastle Reprints, 
vi. 2.] 

8vo. Newcastle, 1848 

SCOTT, William, M. A., Incumbent of Christ Church, 
See Laud, W, Works. Oxford, 1847-60. 

SCOTT, WUliam Bell. 

See Altdorfer, A. The fall of man. [Holbein 


SCOTTISH Burgh Records Society. Publications. 

In jirugrcssi 4to. Edinburgh, \&&», etc. 

Ancient laws and customs of the burghs of 
Scotland [vol. i.], 1124-1424. [Edited by C. 

Extracts from the records of the burgh of 
Edinburgh, 1403-1571. [Edited by J. D. 

Charters and documents relating to the city 
of Edinburgh [vol. i.], 11 4."- 1 540. [Edited by 
J. D. Marwick.] 

Extracts from the council register of the burgh 
of Aberdeen, 1625-1747. [Edited by J. Stuart.] 

Charters and documents relating to the bursh 
of Peebles, with extracts from the records of the 
burgh, 1165-1710. [Edited by W. Chambers.] 

Extracts from the records of the burgh of 
Glasgow [vol. i.], 1573-1642. [Edited by J. D. 

SCOTTISH History Society. Publications. 

In progress. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1 887, etc. 

1. Bishop Pococke's Tours in Scotland, 1747- 
1760. Edited by D. W. Kemp. 

2. Diary and general expenditure book of 
William Cunningham of Craigends, 1673-1680. 
Edited by J. DoDDS. 

3. The Grameid, an heroic poem descriptive 
of the campaign of Viscount Dundee in l6S9, 
by James Philip of Almerieclose. Edited by 
A. D. Murdoch. 

4. 7. The Register of the Kirksession of St. 
Andrews, 1559-1600. Edited by D. H. Fleming. 
2 vols. 

5. Diary of the Rev. John Mill, Minister of 
Dunrossness, Sandwick and Cunningsburgh, in 
Shetland, 1740-1803. Edited by G. GouDiE. 

6. Narrative of Mr. James Nimmo, a Cove 
iianter, 1654-1709. Edited by W. G. Scott 


7. See 4. 

8. A list of persons concerned in th Rebellion 



SCOTTISH History Society {continued). 

9. The Book of Record, a diary written by 
Patrick, first Earl of Strathmore, and other 
documents relating to Glamis Castle, 1684-89. 
Edited by A. H. Millar. 

10. John Major's History of Greater Britain 
( 1 2 1 ). Translated and edited by A. Constable. 

11. The Records of the commissions of the 
General Assemblies, 1646-7. Edited by A. F. 
Mitchell and J. Christie. 

12. Court-Book of the Barony of Urie, l604- 
1747. Edited by D. G. Barron. 

1 3. Memoirs of the life of Sir John Clerk of 
Penicuik ; from his own journals, 1676-1755. 
Edited by J. M. Gray. 

14. Diary of the Hon. John Erskine of 
Carnock, 1683-87. Edited by W. Macleod. 

15. 26. Miscellany. 

16. Account book of Sir John Eoulis of 
Ravelston, 1671-1707. Edited by A. W. C. 

17. Letters and papers illustrating the relations 
between Charles ii. and Scotland in 1650. 
Edited by S. R. Gardiner. 

18. Scotland and the Commonwealth ; letters 
and papers relating to the military occupation of 
Scotland, 1651-53. Edited by C. H. Firth. 

19. The Jacobite attempt of 1719. Letters 
of James Butler, 2nd duke of Ormonde, relating 
to Cardinal Alberoni's project for the invasion 
of Great Britain on behalf of the Stuarts. Edited 
by W. K. Dickson. 

20. 21, 22, 23. The Lyon in mourning; or, a 
collection of speeches, etc., relative to the affairs 
of prince Charles Edward Stuart, by Robert 
Forbes. Edited by H. Paton. Itinerary of 
prince Charles Edward from his landing in Scot- 
land, July 1745, to his departure in September 
1746. Edited by W. B. Blaikie. 4 vols. 

24. Records of the presbyteries of Inverness 
and Dingwall, 1643-88. Edited by W. Mackay. 

25. The records of the commission of the 
General Assemblies of the church of Scotland, 
1648-49. Edited by A. F. Mitchell and J. 

26. See 15. 

SCOTTISH History Society. Miscellany. 

2 vols. Edinburgh, 1893-96 

Vol. i. The Library of James Vi., 1573-83. 
Documents illustrating Catholic policy, 1596-98. 
Letters of Sir Thomas Hope, 1627-46. Civil 
War papers, 1645-50. Lauderdale Correspon- 
dence, 1660-77. Turnbull's Diary, 1657-1704. 
Masterton Papers, 1660-1719. Accompt of 
expenses in Edinburgh, by Alex. Rose, 1715. 
Rebellion Papers, 1715 and 1745. 

Vol. ii. Diary of Sir Archibald Johnston, Lord 
Wariston, 1639. The preservation of the 
honours of Scotland, 1651-52. Lord Mar's 
legacies, 1722-27. Letters concerning Highland 
affairs in the 18th century, by Mrs. Grant of 

— (The) politike presbyter slaine by an English 
independent ; or, the Independents factory over 
the Presbyterian party : a tragicomedie. 

4to. [London] 1647 

— Eecord Publications. Published under the 
direction of the Lord Clerk Register of Scotland. 

1. Chronicles of the Picts and Scots, and 
other early memorials of Scottish history. 
Edited by W. F. Skene. 1867. 

2. Ledger of Andrew Haly burton, 1492-1503; 
with the book of customs and valuation of 
merchandise in Scotland, l6l2. 1867. 

3. Documents illustrative of the history of 
Scotland, 1286-1306. Edited by J. Stevenson. 
2 vols. 1870. 

4. Compota Thesaurariorum regum Scotorum. 
Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer of Scotland. 
Edited by T. Dickson. Vol. i. 1877. 

5. Register of the Privy Council of Scotland. 
Edited by J. H. Burton and D. Masson. 
Vols, i.-xii. 1877-95. 

6. Rotuli scaccarii regum Scotorum. 


Exchequer rolls of Scotland. Edited by J. 
Stuart, G. Burnett, and Ae. G. J. ISIackay. 
Vols, i.-xiv. 1878-93. 

7. Calendar of documents relating to Scotland 
preserved in her Majesty's Public Record office, 
London. Edited by J. Bain. 4 vols. 1881-88. 

8. Registrum magni sigilli regum Scotorum. 
The register of the great seal of Scotland. 
Edited by J. B. Paul and J. M. Thomson. 
Vols, i.-viii, 1814-94. 



SCOTTISH Record Publications {continunl). 

9- The Hamilton papers. Letters and papers 
illustrating the political relations of England 
and Scotland in the ifith century. Edited by 
J. Bain. 2 vols. lSf)0-92. 

10. The Border papers. Calendar of letters 
and papers relating to the affairs of the borders, 
preserved in her Majesty's Public Record office, 
London. Edited by J. Bain. Vol. i. 18f)4. 

traditional versions of ancient ballads. Edited 

by J. H. Dixon. [Percy Society, x\i\.] 

8vo. London, 184,'> 

SOOTTONI, Giovanni. 

See Schttori classic! Italian! : parte moderna, 
torn. xxxi. Milan, 1803-.5. 


See S. (J.) Letter to E. Burke. London, 1783. 
„ Second letter to E. Burke. London, 


A letter to the rev. John Owen, in reply to 

the Brief strictures on the preface to observations 
on the present state of the East India Company. 

8vo. London, 1808 

A letter to the right honourable Charles James 


8vo. Lartdon, 1783 

A letter to the right honourable Edmund 

Burke [on his Reflections on the French revolu- 

8vo. London, 17.Q1 

A letter to the right honourable Edmund 

Burke, paymaster of his majesty's forces. 

8vo. London, 1783 

A naiTative of the transactions in Bengal, 

during the administration of Mr. Hastings. 

8vo. London, 1784 

Observations on the present state of the East 

India Company. 

8vo. London, 1808 

A reply to Mr. Burke's speech of the first of 

December 1783, on Mr. Fox's East India Bill. 

8vo. London, 1784 

SCOTUS, Romoaldus. 

See De vita et rebus Mariae Scotorum reginae, 

tom. ii. Lonilon, 172.">. 

Summarium rationum quibus cancellarius 

Angliae et Prolocutor Puckeringius Elizabethae 
Angliae Reginae persuaserunt occidendam esse 
serenissimam Principem Mariam Stuartam Scotias 
Reginam et Jacobi sexti Scotorum Regis matrem. 
(Epistola Joannis Pistorii ... ad D. J. Gry- 

8vo. Ingohtailt, 1588 


See Observations on Mr. Vansittart's narrative. 
[London] 1766. 

See Bonarscius, C, pseud. 
„ Centones Frobae Falconiae. Munich, \6\1. 


4to. Antwerp, l6lO 

Origines Antverpiensium. 

4to. Antwerp, l6lO 

SCRIBBLE, Timothy, pseud, i.e. Ashley Cowper. 
The Norfolk Poetical Miscellany, to which are 
added some select essays and letters in prose 
never printed before. 

2 vols. 8vo. London [1744] 

SCRIBLERUS, Martinus, junior, pseud. Prole- 
gomena ; or, a prefatory introduction to an 
intended commentary, critical and theological, 
upon the Rev. Mr. William Warburton's apolo- 
getical dedication, etc., in justification of his 
famous fast sermon. 

4to. London, 1747 

Proposals for printing by subscription in one 

volume in quarto, a commentary critical and 
theological upon the learned Mr. W. Warburton's 
apologetical dedication to the reverend Dr. Henry 

4to. London, 1746 


See Medicae artis principes. [Paris] 1 567. 

De compositione medicamentorum liber, jam- 

pridem J. Ruellii opera e tenebris erutus, et a 
situ vindicatus. A. Benivenii libellus de abditis 
nonnullis ac mirandis morborum et sanationum 
causis. Polybus de salubri victus ratione priva- 
torum, GuiNTEiiio J. Andernaco interprete. 

8vo. Basle, 1529 



SCBIBONIUS Largus. Compositiones medicamen- 
torum denuo ad editionem Rhodianam editae a 
J. M. Bernhold. 

8vo. Stmshurg, 1786 

SCRIPTA historica Islandorum de rebus gestis 
veterum borealium latine reddita, curantesocietate 
regia antiquariorum septentrionalium. [Edited 
by S. Egilsson.] 

12 vols. 8vo. Copenhagen, 1828-46 

SCRIPTOEES antiqui Mstoriae poeticae. Historiae 
poeticae scriptores antiqui. ApoUodorus Athe- 
niensis, Ptolemaeus Hephaest. F., Conon Gram- 
maticus, Parthenius Nicaeensis, Antoninus Liber- 
alis. Graece et Latinfe, accessere breves notae 
et indices necessarii. [Edited by T. Gale.] 

8vo. Paris, (pr.) London, 1675 

— de re militari. 
See Vegetius Renatus, F. 

1487, etc. 

historiae Anglicanae. Historiae Anglicanae 

scriptores x. [Simeon Dunelmensis, Johannes 
et Ricardus Hagustaldensis, Ailredus Rievallensis, 
Eadulphus de Diceto, Johannes Brompton, Ger- 
vasius Dorobornensis, Thomas Stubbs, Guilielmus 
Thorn, Henricus Knighton] ex vetustis manuscrip- 
tis nunc primum in lucem editi a R. Twysden. 

2 vols. fol. London, l652 

Historiae Anglicanae scriptores varii e codicibus 

MSS. nunc primum editi [by J. Sparke] : [viz., 
Chronicon Angliae per Johannem abbatem Burgi 
S. Petri et Eobertum de Boston : historiae 
coenobii Burgensis scriptores varii : vita S. Thomae 
Cantuariensis a Willelmo Stephanide, J. Saris- 
beriensi, et aliis conscripta]. 

3 parts in 1 vol. fol. London, 1723 

historiae Augustae. [Suetonius, Aelius Spar- 

tianus, Julius Capitolinus, Aelius Lampridius, 
Trebellius Pollio, Flavius Vopiscus, Eutropius, 
Paulus Diaconus.] 

fol. Ph. de Lavagna. Milan, 1475 

— J. B. Egnatii do Caesaribus libri iii. Nervae 
et Traiani atque Adriani principum vitae ex 
Dione, G. Merula interprete. A. Spartianus, 
J. Capitolinus, Lampridius, F. Vopiscus, T. Pollio, 
V. Gallicanus, ab eodem Egnatio castigati. Helio- 
gabali ad meretrices oratio. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1516 

— Nervae et Traiani atque Adriani Csesarum 
vitae ex Dione, G. Merula interprete ; Aelius 
Spartianus, Julius Capitolinus, Lampridius, 

ria\'ius Vopiscus, Trebellius Pollio, Vulcatius 
Gallicanus, ab I. B. Egnatio castigati. Helio- 
gabali ad meretrices oratio. L B. Egnatii do 
Caesaribus libri tres. Aristidis Smyrnaei oratio 
de laudibus urbis Romae a Scipione Carteromacho 
in Latinum versa. Confiagratio Vesevi montis 
ex Dione, G. Merula interprete. 

1 vol. in 2. 8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1519 

SCRIPTORES historiae Augustae. Historiae 
Augustae scriptores vi. : Aelius Spartianus, 
Julius Capitolinus, Aelius Lampridius, Vulcatius 
Gallicanus, Trebellius Pollio, Flavius Vopiscus : 
Claudius Salmasius recensuit et librum adjecit 
notarum. Quibus adjunctae sunt notae L 
Casauboni, etc. 

fol. Paris, 1620 

Historiae Augustae scriptorum Latinorum 

minorum pars prima (-quarta). [L. A. Floras, 
Velleius Paterculus, Aurelius Victor, Rufus 
Festus, Messala Corvinus, Eutropius, Cassiodorus, 
Suetonius, Spartianus, Capitolinus, Lami^ridius, 
Gallicanus, Trebellius Pollio, Vopiscus, Marcel- 
linus.] M. Boxhorn-Zuerrts recensuit et 
animadversionibus illustravit. 

4 parts in 7 vols. /. Maire. Leyden, 1632-45 

Historiae Augustae scriptores sex, Aelius 

Spartianus, Julius Capitolinus, Aelius Lam- 
pridius, Vulcatius Gallicanus, Trebellius Pollio, 
Flavius Vopiscus, cum notis L Ca.sauboni, 
C. Salmasii, et J. Gruteri. 

2 vols. 8vo. Leyden, l671 

Les ecrivains de I'histoire Auguste, traduit en 

Francois [by G. DE MouLiNs]. 

3 vols. 12mo. Berlin, 1183 

— historiae Byzautinae. Historiae Byzantinae 
scriptores post Theophanem, cura et studio 
Fr. Combeeisii. [Greek and Latin.] [Scrip- 
tores historiae Byzantinae.] 

fol. Paris, 1685 

— historiae Francorum. Historiae Francorum, 
900-1285, scriptores veteres xi. : in quibus 
Glaber, Helgaldus, Sugerius, Rigordus, Guil- 
lermus Brito, Guillermus de Nangis, et anonymi 
alii, ex bibliotheca P. Pithoel 

fol. Heirs of A. JFechel. Franlfort, 159Q 

Brown morocco, with arms on the sides. 

— historiae Polonae. 
See Kadlubko, V. 



SCRIPTORES historiae Romanae. Historiae 
Komanae epitomae L. J. Flori, C. Vel. Paterculi, 
S. Aur. Victoris, S. Rufi Festi, M. Corvini, 
Eutropii, Paiilli Diacoiii, M. A. Casslodori, Jor- 
nandis et I. Exsuperantii. Accessit tractatus dc 
mensuris et ponderibus. 

24mo. Amsterdam, 1625 

Another edition. Ex musaeo N. Blanckardi. 
ISmo. Leyden, 1649 

— Scriptores historiae Komanae Latini veteres 
qui extant omnes notis variis illustrati a Carolo 
Henrico de Klettenberg et Wildeck. Edente et 
accurante B. C. Haurisio. 

3 vols. fol. Heidelberg, 1743-48 

— Komanae historiae scriptores Graeci minores, 
qui partim ab urbe coiidita, partim ab Augusto 
imperio, res Romanas memoriae prodiderunt. 
[Greek and Latin.] Opera et studio F. Syl- 


fol. Frankfort, 1590 

Calf, ^vitU arnis on the sides. 

— physiognomoniae veteres [i.e. Aristoteles, 
Polemon, Adamantius, Melampos], ex recensione 
Camilli Perusci et Frid. Sylburgii ; Graece 
et Latine. Recensuit . . . adspersit notas 
J. G. F. Franzius. 

8vo. Altenhurg, 1780 

— rei rusticae. M. Catonis ac M. T. Varronis de 
re rustica libri. L. J. M. Columellae rei rusticae 
libri [edited by G. Merula]. Palladii de re 
rustica libri [edited by F. Coluccia]. 

fol. N. Jenson. Venice, 1472 

Another edition, 

Bart. Bottonus. Reggio, 1482 

— Opera agi'icolationum, Columellae, Varronis, 
Catonisque nee non Palladii, cum commentariis 
P. Beroaldi. [Edited by G. Merula.] 

fol. B. Hector. Bologna, 1494 

— M. Catonis liber i. M. Terentii Varronis libri 
iii. L. J. M. Columellae libri xiii. Palladii 
libri xiv. Aldus de dierum generibus. Georgii 
Alexandrini enarrationes priscarum dictionum. 
[A new version by J. JUCUNDUS.] 

4to. Aldus. Venice, 1514 

— M. Catonis liber i. M. Terentii Varronis libri 
iii. L. J. M. Columellae libri xiii. Palladii libri 
xiv. Georgii Alexandrini enarrationes priscarum 

dictionum. P. Beroaldi annotationes. I'omponii 
commentarii cum annotationibus aliorum. 

4to. Alduf. Venice, 1533 

SCRIPTORES rei rusticae. M. Catonis ac M. T. 
Varronis do re rustica libri per P. Victorium 
restituti : J. M. Columellae libri xiii. : Palladii 
libri xiv. Enarrationes vocum priscarum per 
Georgium Alexandrinum, etc. P. Victorii expli- 
cationes suarum in Catonem, Varronem, Columel- 
1am castigationum. 

5 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. Lyons, 1541-42 

— M. Catonis lib. i., M. T. Varronis lib. iii. per 
P. Victorium restituti : J. M. Columellae libri 
xiii., Palladii libri xiv. Enarrationes vocum 
priscarum per Georgium Alexandrinum : M. 
Beroaldi annotationes : Aldus de dierum generi- 
bus : P. Victorii explicationes. 

5 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. R. Stephanus. 

Paris, 1543 

Another edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. Lyons, 1548-49 

— Cato, Varro, Columella, Palladius, quibus nunc 
accedit Vegetius de mulo-medicina et Gargilii 
Martialis fragmentum ; curante J. M. Gesnero. 
2 vols. 4to. Leipzig, 1735 

Editio secunda. [Edited by J. A. Ernesti.] 
2 vols. 4to. Leipzig, 1773-74 

Another edition. 

5 vols, in 3. 8vo. Mannheim, 1781 

Another edition. 

5 vols. 12mo. Venice, 1783-84 

— Another edition. Edidit Jo. Gottlob 

4 vols. 8vo. Leipzig, 1794-97 

— Rustici Latini volgarizzati. [Cato, translated 
by G. CoMPAGNONi; T. Varro and Columella, 
by G. G. Pagani ; and Virgil's Georgics, by F. 
Soave. Latin and Italian.] 

18 vols. 8vo. Venice, 1792-99 

— rerum Alamannicarum. Kerum Alamannicarum 

scriptores aliquot vetusti a quibus Alamannorum 
qui nunc partim Suevis, partim Helvetiis cessere 
historiae traditae sunt, cum glossis ex bibliotheca 
Melchioris H. Goldasti. 

3 vols, in 1. fol. Frankfort, l66l 



SCBIPTOBES rerum Anglicarum. Kerum Angli- 
carum scriptores veteres. Tom. i. edidit W. 
FuLMAN ; [torn, ii., iii. by T. Gale]. 

3 vols. fol. O.rford, 1684-91 

Scriptores rerum Anglicarum post Bedam : 

Willielmus monachus Malmesburiensis; Henricus 
Archidiaconus Huntindoniensis. Rogerus Hov- 
endenus. Chronicorum Ethelwerdi libb. iv. In- 
gulphus Abbas Croylandensis. [Edited by Sir 
Henry Savile.] 

fol. George Bishop. London, 15.96 

Another edition. 

fol. Frankfm-t, l601 

— rerum Austriacarum veteres ac genuini ; edidit 
et notis illustravit Hieronymus Pez. [Includ- 
ing Ottocari Horneckii chronicon Austriacum 
rhythmicum, et glossarium.] 

3 vols, in 2. fol. Leipzig and Ratishon, 


— rerum Bohemicarum. Scriptorum rerum 
Bohemicarum tomus i. (-iii.). [Vols. i. and ii. 
collected by F. M. Pelcel and J. Dobrovsky ; 
vol. iii. by F. Palacky, for the Regia Societas 
Scientiarum Bohemica.] 

3 vols. 8vo. Prague, 1783-1829 

— rerum Britannicarum. Rerum Britannicarum 
scriptores vetustiores ac praecipui : Galfredus 
Monumetensis, Pontici Virunnii Britannicae 
historiae libri vi., Gildas, Beda et continuatio 
Bedae, Gulielmus Neubricensis, J. Frossardi 
historiarum epitome de bellis inter Anglos et 
Gallos gestis. 

fol. [£r. Comrmlin.] Heidelberg, 1587 

— rerum Brunsvicensium, cura G. G. Leibnitii. 

3 vols. fol. Hanover, 1707-^1 

— rerum Danicarum medii aevi, partim hactenus 
inediti, partim emendatius editi, quos collegit 
J. Langebek. 

9 vols. fol. Copenhagen, 1772-1878 

— rerum Germanicarum. Veterum scriptorum 
qui Caesarum et imperatorum Germanicorum res 
per aliquot secula gestas Uteris mandarunt tomus 
unus, ex bibliotheca Justi Reuberi. 

fol. Hanau, l6l9 

— Nova editio, curante G. C. JoANNis. 

fol. FraiJcforl, 1726 

SCBIFTORES rerum Germanicarum. Rerum Ger- 
manicarum tomi iii. : I. historicos Germanicos 
ab H. Meibomio seniore editos ; ii. historicos 
Germanicos ab H. Meibomio juniore editos ; ill. 
dissertationes historicas varii argument! utri- 
usque Meibomii continet. 

3 vols, in 2. fol. Helmstadt, 1688 

Scriptores rerum Germanicarum J. M. Hein- 

eccii et J. G. Leuckfeldi : i. Heineccii antiqui- 
tatum Goslariensium libri sex, auctarium et dis- 
sertatio de Crodone Hartzeburgico ; ii. Numorum 
Goslariensium sylloge illustrata ab Heineccio : 
III. Rerum Germanicarum tres selecti scriptores, 
H. Turckii, S.J., Fasti Carolini, J. A. Grusii 
Widikindus, Eginhardi vita et gesta Caroli 
magni : Guil. Budaei Thanatologia : Capitulatio 
des Stiffts Ossnabriigk : Acta formulae con- 
cordiae in Bergensi coenobio prope Magdebur- 
gicum cura Augusti Saxoniae electoris ; iv. 
Griindlicher Bericht von denen vielen Monar- 
chien sonderlich denen jenigen die von Nimrod 
an bis auf den Perser Cyrum im Orient gebluhet, 
ausgefertigt von Caspar Abeln. 

fol. Frankfort, 1707 

— Rerum Germanicarum scriptores aliquot in- 
signes, a Carolo Magno ad Carolum v. usque. 
Primum collectore J. PisTORio producti, nunc 
editione tertia, curante B. G. Struvio. 

3 vols, in 2. fol. Batisbon, 1726 

— rerum Gothicarum. Jornandes de Getarum 
sive Gothorum origine et rebus gestis : Isidori 
chronicon Gothorum, etc. : Procopii fragmentum 
de priscis sedibus . . . Gothorum, Gr. et Lat. : 
et Jornandis de regnorum et temporum succes- 
sione : cum notis B. VuLCANii. 

2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. Fr. llaphelengius. 

Leyden, 1597 

— Diversarum gentium historiae antiquae scrip- 
tores tres : Jornandes de regnorum ac temporum 
successionibus ; de origine Gothorum : Isidorus 
Hispalensis de Gothis, Wandalis, et Suevis ; 
Chronicon regum Wisigothorum : Pauli Warne- 
fridi Diaconi de gestis Longobardorum libri sex : 
F. Lindenbrogius recensuit, etc. 

4to. Hamburg, l6ll 

— Gothicarum et Langobardicarum rerum scrip- 
tores aliquot veteres : [Jornandes, Isidorus, 
Paulua Diaconus, and others] ex bibliotheca 
B. VuLCANil et aliorum. 

4 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. Leyden, 1618 



SCRIPTORES rerum Hibernicanun. Rerum Hiberni- 

carum scriptores veteres. [Edited by C. O'Conor.] 

i vols. 4to. Buckingluitn, 1814-2(5 

rerum Hispanicarum. Rerum Hispanicarum 

scriptores aliquot^ ex bibliotheca Roberti Beli ; 
De rebus gestis a Fr. Ximenio, authore Alvaro 


3 vols, in 2. fol. And. JVechel. 
Franhfart, 1579-81 

rerum Hungaricarum. Rerum Hungaricarum 

scriptores varii, historici, geographici. [Edited 

by J. BONGARS.] 

fol. Eeirs of A. JFechel, CI. Marnius and 
J. Aubrius. Frankfort, l600 

Scriptores rerum Hungaricarum veteres ac 

genuini cum praefatione M. Belii, ex recensione 


3 vols. fol. Vienna, 1746-48 

— rerum Muscoviticarum. Rerum Muscoviti- 
carum auctores varii unum in corpus nunc 
primum congesti. 

fol. Frankfort, l600 

— rerum Polonicarum. Scriptorum rerum Poloni- 
carum et Prussicarum collectio nova, xv. trac- 
tatus complectens. 

2 vols. 4to. Dantzig, 1753 

rerum Silesiacarum. Silesiacarum rerum 

scriptores aliquot adhuc inediti, accedunt codicis 
Silesiae diplomatici specimen et diplomatarium 
Bohemo-Silesiacum : confecit opus Fr. W. DE 


3 vols, in 2. fol. Leipzig, 1729-32 

rerum Suevicarum. Suevicarum rerum scrip- 
tores aliquot veteres, partim primum editi, 
partim emendatius atque auctius : ex bibliotheca 
et recensione Melchioris Haiminsfeldii Gol- 


4to. Frankfort, l605 

Red morocco, with the arms and cypher of De Thou. 

veteres. Scriptorum veterum nova collectio e 

Vaticanis codicibus edita ab Angelo Maio. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

10 vols. fol. Fiome, 1825-38 

SCEIPTURE the friend of freedom : exemplified by 
a refutation of the arguments offered in defence 
of slavery, in a tract entitled, Scriptural re- 
searches on the licitness of the slave trade. 

Svo. London, 1789 

SCKITTORI. Scrittori classici Italiani di economia 
politica; parte antica, torn. 1, Serra, Turbolo ; 2, 
Davanzati, Scaruffi ; 3, Montanari ; 4-5, Broggia : 
6-7, Neri. Parte moderna, tom. 1, Bandini, Alga- 
rotti; 2, Belloni, Ragnini ; 3-6, Galiani; 7-10, 
Genovesi; 11-12, Beccaria; 13-14, Carli; 15-17, 
Verri ; 18-19, Zanon ; 20, Paoletti ; 21-27, Ortes ; 
28-29, Briganti ; 30-31, D'Arco ; 31, Scottoni ; 32, 
Filangieri; 33-35, Vasco; 36, Mengotti; 37-38, 
Palmieri ; 39, Delfico, Corniani, Solera ; 40, 
Cantalupo, Caraccioli, Scrofani ; 41, Ricci. 

48 vols. 8vo. Milan, 1803-6 

SCRIVENER, Frederick Henry Ambrose. 
&« Bible, English. 1867, e/r. 
,, „ Polyglott. N. T., Gospels and Acts. 
„ „ „ „ Epistles, 1859. 

Adversaria critica sacra, with a short explana- 
tory introduction. 

Svo. Cambridge, 1893 

A plain introduction to the criticism of the 

New Testament for the use of biblical students. 
Fourth edition. Edited by E. Miller. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1894 

SCRIVENER, Frederic John. 

See Bible, English. 1867. 


See Batavia illustrata. Leyden, 1 699- 
„ Baudius, D. Amores. Amsterdam, 1638. 
,, Erasmus, D. Colloquia. Leyden, 1636, etc. 
„ Martialis, M. V. Opera. Leyden, 1618-19, 

„ -Respublica Romana. Leyden, 1629. 
„ Secundus, J. Opera. Leyden, 1631. 
„ Seneca, L. A. Tragoediae. Leyden, 1620-51. 
„ Vegetius Renatus, F. De re militari. Leyden, 
1633, etc. 

Opera anecdota philologica et poetica : eruit et 

edi curavit A. H. Westerhovius. 

4to. Utrecht, 1737 

SCROFANI, Saverio. 

See Scrittori classici Italiani, 1803-5 : parte 
moderna, tom. xl. 

Voyage en Grfece, 1794-95 : traduit del'Italien, 

par J. F. C. Blanvillain. 

3 vols, in 1. Svo. Paris, 1801 

SCROFFA, Camillo. I Cantici di Fidentio. [Parnaso 

Italiano, tom. xxv.] 

Svo. Venice, 1787 




SCEOGGS, Sir William, Lord Chief Justice of 

See Gates, T. Articles of misdemeanour. [^Lon- 
don, 1680.] 

Speech in the Kings-bench on the first day of 

this present Michaelmas term 1679, occasion'd 
by the many libellous pamphlets which are pub- 
lisht against law. 

fol. London, 1679 

See also New-years-gift for the Lord Chief in 

Speech to the Lord Chancellor. 

single sheet, fol. [London, 1678] 

SCROPE, George Poulett. How is Ireland to be 
governed 1 A question addressed to the new 
administration of lord Melbourne in 1834, with 
a postscript in which the same question is ad- 
dressed to Sir Robert Peel in 1846. 

8vo. London, 1846 

Memoir of the life of Charles lord Sydenham, 

with a narrative of his administration in Canada. 

8to. London, 1843 

Volcanos ; the character of their phenomena, 

their share in the structure and composition of 
the surface of the globe, and their relation to its 
internal forces : with a descriptive catalogue of 
all kno^vll volcanos and volcanic formations. 
Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1862 

SCROPE, Richard, of Magdalen College. 

See Clarendon, E. H., earl of. State papers. 
Oxford, 1767-86. 

SCROPE, Sir Richard. 

Sec Nicolas, Sir N. H. The controversy between 
Sir R. S. and Sir R. Grosvenor. London, 

SCUDAMORE of Home-Lacy, Family of. 

See Gibson, M. A view of the ancient and pre- 
sent state. London, 1727 (for Memoirs). 

SCUDDER, Horace Elisha. 

6'e« Taylor, B. Life and letters. London, 1884^. 

SCUD£rY, Madeline de. 

See S. D. R., M. de. La morale du monde. 
Amsterdam, 1688. 

SCUD^RY, Marie Frangoise de. Lettres de mes- 
dames de Scudery, de Salvan de Saliez et de 
mademoiselle Descartes, precedees de notices 

12mo. Paris, I8O6 

I SCULTURE del Palazzo della Villa Borghese : breve- 
I mente descritte. [By L. Lamberti.] 

3 vols. 4to and Svo. Home, 1796 

SCUPOLI, Lorenzo. 

See Combat spirituel. Paris, 1654. 

Combattimento spirituale. 

fol. Paris, 1660 

With the arras of Louis xiv. 

SCURLOCK, David. A caution against speaking 
evil of our governors and of one another : a 
sennon preached at St. Paul's cathedra], Sunday 
October 7 [1733]. 

Svo. London [1733] 

SC7LAX Caryandensis. 

See Geographica antiqua. Lcyden, 1697, etc. 
„ „ Marciani Heracleotae, etc. 

Augsburg, 1600. 

SCYLITZA, Joannes. 

Sec Cedrenus, G. Compendium historiarum. 
Paris, 1647. 

SCYNINUS, of Chios. 

See Stephanas, Byzantinus. De urbibus. Leyden, 

SEA-COALE, char-coale, and small-coal, a discourse 
concerning the prohibition of trade with New- 
castle, Jan. 27, 164?^. [Newcastle Reprints, 
vii. 10.] 

Svo. Newcastle, 1843 

SEACOME, John. Memoirs, containing a genea- 
logical and historical account of the house of 
Stanley from the conquest to the death of James, 
late earl of Derby, 1735, as also a description of 
the isle of Man. 

4to. Liverpool [1741] 

SEAGER, Francis. The Schoole of Vertue, 1557. 
For reprint, see Babees Book. [Early English 
Text Society.] 

SEAMAN, Lazarus. The Diatribe proved to be 
Paradiatribe ; or, a vindication of the judgement 
of the Reformed Churches, and Protestant 
divines from misrepresentations concerning ordi- 
nation, and laying on of hands. 

4to. London, 1647 



SEAMAN, WiUiam. See Bible, Turkish. N. T. 

SEAMAN'S (The) dream, of a great fight : between 
several men of war, near the Downes and the 
Long-Sand-Head. [A political satire.] 

single sheet, fol. [LoTidmi, 1681?] 

opinion of a standing army in England, in 

opposition to a fleet at sea, as the best security 
of this kingdom. Second edition. 

•tto. London, 1699 

protestation, concerning their ebbing and 

flowing to and from the parliament house at 
Westminster: upon Tuesday the 11th day of 
January l642. 

4to. London, 1642 

protestation renewed, confirmed, and enlarged. 

4to. London, 1643 

(A) remarks on the British ships of the line. 

1756-82: with some occasional observations on 
the fleet of the House of Bourbon. [By Lord 

Svo. London, 1782 

STANCES des ecoles normales, recueillies par des 
stenographes et revues par les professeurs. 

13 vols. Svo. Paris, 1800-1 

SEARCH, Edward, pseud, i.e. Abraham Tucker. 
The light of nature pursued. 

3 vols, in 9. 8vo. London, 1168-11 

SEA-SICK (The) minstrel ; or, maritime sorrow.s : 
a poem in six cantos. [By Henry Tresham.] 

4to. London, 1796 

SEASONABLE (A) address to the people of London 
and Middlesex upon the present critical situation 
of publick affairs. 

8vo. London, 1770 

— and affecting observations on the mutiny bill, 
articles of war, and use and abuse of a standing 

Svo. London, H.'JO 

See also Seasonable letter to the author. 

— and honest advice to the nobility, clergy, 
gentry, souldiery, and other the king's subjects, 
upon the invasion of his highnes the prince of 

4to. London, 1688 

SEASONABLE considerations on the indecent and 
dangerous custom of burying in churches and 
church-yards. [By John Lewis.] 

Svo. London, 1721 

discourse shewing the necessity of maintaining 

the established religion, in opposition to Popery. 
[By William Lloyd, bishop of Worcester.] 

4to. London, 1673 

See also Full answer and confutation. 

discourse, wherein is examined what is lawful 

during the confusions and revolutions of govern- 
ment, especially in the case of a king deserting 
his kingdoms, and how far a man may lawfully 
conform to the powers and commands of those 
who hold kingdoms. [By Anthony Ascham.] 

4to. London, 1689 

expostulations with the worthy citizens of 

London; upon their late instructions to their 

Svo. London, 1742 

hints from an honest man on the present im- 
portant crisis of a new reign and a new parlia- 
ment. [By John Douglas.] 

Svo. London, 1761 

— lecture ; or, a most learned oration dis- 
burthened from Henry "Walker, ... As it 
might be delivered in Hatcham Barne the 
thirtieth day of March last. [By John Taylor.] 

4to. [London, 1642] 

letter to the author of Seasonable and affect- 
ing considerations on the mutiny bill, articles of 
war, and use and abuse of a standing army. 

Svo. London, 1751 

memento both to king and people upon this 

critical juncture of affaires. 

4to. London, l680 

observations on the Naturalization Bill, now 

depending in Parliament. 

4to. London, 1748 

queries relating to the birth and birthright of 

a certain person [the Pretender]. 

Svo. [London] 1714 

remarks on the act lately passed in favour of 

the Jews ; containing divers weighty reasons for 

a review of the said act. 

Svo. London, 1753 



SEASONABLE warning ; or, the pope and king of 

France unmasked. 

4to. [Edinburgh] 1706 

warning to the Commons of England; dis- 
covering to them their present danger, and the 
only means of escaping it, to be by a prudent 
choice of old English spirits, to serve their king 
and country in the approaching Parliament. 

fol. [Lojidon] 1679 

SEBASTIAN, King of Portugal. 

For Life, see Freer, M. W. London, 1 864. 
See Oratio habita. Biva, 1562. 

SEBASTIAN, Antonio, Minturno. 
See Minturnus, S. A. 

SEBASTIANI, Leopoldo. 

&e Bible, Latin. N. T. 1817. 
,, Lycophron. Cassandra. Borne, 1803. 

SEBER, Wolfgang. 

See Pythagoras. 

Carmina. Leipzig, 1622. 

— Argus Homericus sive index vocabulorum in 
omnia Homeri poemata ; cum annotatione, cata- 
logo item Graeco-Latino vocabulorum quibus 

adjecta sunt epitheta. 

4to. Amsterdam, 1649 

Index vocabulorum in Homeri Iliade atque 

Odyssea caeterisque quotquot extant poemata. 
Editio nova. 

8vo. Oxford, 1780 

SECEBinS, Joannes. 

See Xenophon. Apologia Socratis. Hagenau, 

SECKENDORF, Veit Ludwig von, Baron. Commen- 
tarius historicus et apologeticus de Lutheranismo: 
in quo ex L. Maimburgii historia Lutheranismi, 
anno 1680 Parisiis Gallice edita, libri tres, 
1517-46, Latine versi exhibentur et corriguntur : 
simul et aliorum scriptorum errores examin- 

fol. Frankfort and Leipzig, iGQi 

Histoire de la reformation de I'eglise chre- 

tienne en Allemagne : abr^g^e par MM. JuNiu.s 
et Roos et traduite en Fran9ois par J. J. P. : 
suivie d'un abreg6 de I'histoire des anciennes 
^glises esclavones et vaudoises. 

5 vols. 8vo. Basle, 1784-85 

SEOKER, Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury. A 
sermon preached before the University of 
Oxford at St. Mary's on Act Sunday, July 8, 

4to. Oxford, 1733 

A sermon preached on occasion of the pre- 

sent rebellion in Scotland, at the parish-church 
of St James, Westminster, and the chapels be- 
longing to it, Oct. 6-13, 1745. 

8vo. London, 1745 

SECOND (A) review of the Lutheran principles; 
or, an answer to Dr. Bret's late insolent libel 
against the Lutheran Churches. By a lover of 
King George and the church of England. 

8vo. London, 1714 

thoughts ; or, observations upon lord Abing- 
don's Thoughts on the Letter of Edmund Burke 
to the sheriffs of Bristol. By the author of the 
answer to Mr. Burke's letter [George Chalmers]. 

8vo. London, 1777 

SECOUSSE, Denis Frangois. 

See M^moires de Cond^. London, etc., 1743. 
,, Ordonnances des rois de France. Paris, 

Catalogue des livres de la bibliothfeque, dont 

la vente sera indiquee par affiches. [With 

8vo. Paris, 1755 

SECRET (The) history of Arlus [i.e. Robt. Harley] 
and Odolphus [i.e. S. Godolphin], ministers of 
state to the Empress of Grandinsula [Queen 
Anne], in which are discover'd the labour'd 
artifices formerly us'd for the removal of Arlus 
and the true causes of his late restoration, etc. 

8vo. [London] 1710 

Third edition. 

8vo. [London] 1710 

— history of Queen Zarah [Sarah Duchess of 
i\Larlborough] and the Zarazians. [By Mrs. De 
LA Riviere Manley ?] 

12mo. Alhigion [London], 1705 

— Histoire secrete de la Reine Zarah et des 
Zaraziens. [By JNIrs. De LA Riviere Manley ?] 

12mo. Albigion [London], 1708 

Calf, with the arms of Madame de Pompadour. 

Another edition. 

8vo. Oxf(yrd,\'l\\ 



SEOEET (The) history of the Calves-head club. 
See Philanax, W., pseud. 

history of the reigns of K. Charles ii. and 

K. James li. 

12mo. [London] I690 

— history of the Secret history of the white staff, 
purse, and mitre. 

8vo. London, 1715 

— history of the white-staff; being an account of 
affairs under the conduct of some late ministers, 
and of what might probably have happened if 
Her Majesty had not died. [By D. Defoe.] 

3 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. London, 1714-15 

— Another edition. 

2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. London, 1714 

See also Detection of the sophistry and falsities. 

— influence public ruin ! An address to the 
young premier on the principles of his politics 
and the causes of his late promotion : with a 
speech by Mr. Fox, Dec. 17, 1783. 

8vo. London, 1784 

springs of the late changes in the ministry 

fairly explained by an honest man. 

8vo. London, 1766 

SECTANUS, Lucius, pseud, i.e. GiULlO Cesare 


See Filomastige, C, pseud. I pifferi di mon- 
tagna. Leyden, etc. [1738]. 

De tota Graeculorum hujus aetatis litteratura 

ad Gaium Salmorium sermones quatuor : acces- 
sere quaedam M. Philocardii [G. Lagomarsini] 

8vo. 'Hague Fulpiac ' [The Hague "i], 1738 

Ad Gaium Salmorium sermo quintus : adces- 

sere M. Philocardii [G. Lagomarsini] enar- 

8vo. Corlona [1738] 

SECTANUS, Quintus, pseud, i.e. Lodovico Sergardi. 
Satyrae. Concinnante P. Antoniano [pseud. 
i'.e. P. A. Maffei or E. Martinez]. 

2 vols. 8vo. Elzevir. Amsterdam [Naples'], 


Satyrae, orationes, dissertationes, prolusiones, 


4 vols. 8vo. Lucca, 1783 

SECUNDUS, Greek Sophist. 

See Demophilus. Sententiae. Borne, l638, etc. 

SECUNDUS, Joannes. 

See Beza, T. Amoenitates poeticae. Paris, etc., 

„ Dorat, C. J. Lcs Baisers. Geneva, 1177. 
„ Poetae tres elegantissimi. Pam, 1582. 

Opera, accurate recognita ex museo P. 


12mo. Leyden, l631 

S^DAINE, Jean Frangois. 

See S * * *, M. Les trois L6andres. Paris, 

SllDAINE, Michel Jean. 

See Dibdin, C. The deserter. London, 1776. 
„ Theatre Frangais. Petits Theatres, tom. v. 

Paris, 1788. 
„ „ „ Vol. xxiii. Paris, 1804. 

(Euvres choisies. 

3 vols. 12mo. Pam, 1813 

Richard, Coeur de Lion, com^die en trois 


8vo. Paris, 1786 

SEDDON, Peter. 

See Walworth, N., and S. (P.) Correspondence. 
[Chetham Society.] 

SEDGWICK, Adam. A discourse on the studies of 

the university. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1834 

SEDITION and defamation display'd in a letter to 

the author of the Craftsman. [By Sir William 


8vo. London, 1731 

See also D'Anvers, C. A proper reply. 

SEDITIOUS preachers, ungodly teachers, exempli- 
fied in the case of the ministers, ejected by 
the Act of Uniformity 1662, who appear to 
have been the only trumpets to war, and incen- 
diaries towards rebellion : opposed chiefly to Mr. 
Calamy's Abridgement. 

4to. London, 1709 

SEDLEY, Sir Charles. 

See Pembroke, P. H., earl of. [London] 1648. 



SEOULinS, CoeUus. 

See Juvencus, C. V. A. Sacra poesis. Lyons, 
1553, etc. 

Opera omnia, accurante Faustino Arevalo. 

4to. Rome, 1794 

— Paschalis carminis libri quatuor ejusdem hymni 
duo non penitendi. 

4to. [1500] 

— Carmen Paschale. Aurelii Prudentii Poemata. 
[Edited by A. J. Parrhasius.] 

8vo. Milan [1501] 

Printed on vellum. 

— Mirabilium divinorum libri, Paschale Carmen 
dicti, et hymni duo : C. Cellarius recensuit et 
adnotationibus illustravit. 

Svo. Halle, 1704 

— Carminis paschalis libri v. et hymni duo, cum 
notis C. Barthii, etc. ; curante H. J. Arntzenio. 

Svo. Leeuwarden, 176"l 

In librum evangeliorum. 
fol. [Ketelaer and de Leempt. Utrecht, 1473] 

SEEBOHM, Frederic. The Oxford reformers of 
1498, being a history of the fellow-work of John 
Colet, Erasmus, and Thomas More. Second 

Svo. London, 1869 

SEEBOHM, Henry. Siberia in Asia : a visit to the 
valley of the Yenesay in East Siberia, with de- 
scriptions of the natural history, migration of 
birds, etc. 

Svo. London, 1882 

Siberia in Europe : a visit to the valley of the 

Petchora, in North-east Russia, with descriptions 
of the natural history, migration of birds, etc. 

Svo. London, 1880 

SEELEY, Sir John Robert. 

See Ecce Homo. London, 1866. 
„ Natural religion. London, 1882. 

The growth of British policy. 

2 vols. Svo. Carnbridge, 1 895 

Lectures and essays. 

Svo. London, 1870 

SEELEY, Sir John Eobert. Life and times of Stein ; 

or, Germany and Prussia in the Napoleonic age. 

3 vols. Svo. Cambridge, 1878 

SEEMANN, Berthold. Viti : an account of a 
Government mission to the Vitian or Fijian 
Islands, I86O-61. 

Svo. Landon, 1862 

SEEMILLER, Sebastian. Bibliothecae Academicae 
Ingolstadiensis incunabula typographica. 

4 vols, in 2. 4to. Ingolsiadf, 1787-92 


See Bible, Prankish. 0. T., Song of Songs. 

Die Handschriften und Quellen von Willirams 

deutscher Paraphrase des Hohen Liedes. [Quellen 
und Forschungen, xxiv.] 

Svo. Strasburg, 1877 

SEGAR, Sir William. Baronagium genealogicum ; 
or, the pedigrees of the English peers. Compiled 
by Sir William Segar and continued to the 
present time by J. Edmondson. 

6 vols. fol. London, 1764-84 

Honor military and civill, contained in foure 


fol. Robert Barker. London, 1602 

SEGETHUS, Thomas. 

See De principatibus Italiae. Leijden, 1628. 

SEGHEZZI, Antonio Federigo. 

See Qa.10, A. Opere. Milan, 1801-12. 
„ „ Lettere familiari. Padua, 1763. 

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See Aristotle. 

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Politica. [Italian.] Florence, 




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Memoires, ou souvenirs et anecdotes. 

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A defence of the Church of England against 

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chancellor of England : with a catalogue of lord 
chancellors and keepers of the Great Seal of 
England. By WiLLiAM Dugdale. 

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Another edition. 

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— De dis Syris syntagmata ii. : additamentis 
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Another edition. 

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— The history of tythes. That is the practice 
of payment of them. The positive laws made 
for them. The opinions touching the right of 

4to. [London^ l6l8 

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Accedunt M. Z. Boxhornii apologia pro naviga- 
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collection of poems, with notes. Edited by 

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letters taken from Fog's Weekly Journal. [By 

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library of the Nicene and post-Nicene fathers 

of the Christian Church. Edited by H. Wage 
and P. ScHAFF. [Two series.] 

In progress. 8vo. Buffalo, Neio York and 
Oxford, 1886, etc. 

First Series : — 

1-8. Augustine, Saint. Works. 

9-14. Chrysostom, Saint. Works. 

Second Series : — 

1. Eusebius. Church history : Constantine. 

2. Socrates Scholasticus. Ecclesiastical history. 
Sozomen, Hermias. Ecclesiastical history. 

3. Theodoret, Bishop of Cyrus. Church 
history, dialogues and letters. Jerome, Saint, 
and Gennadius. Lives of illustrious men. 
Eufinus, Tyrannius. Life and works, with 
Jerome's Apology against Eufinus. 



SELECT library of the Nicene and post-Nicenc 
fathers of the Christian Church. Edited by H. 
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Second Series {continued). 

4. Athanasius, Saint. Select writings and 

5. Gregory, Saint, Bishop of Nyssa. Select 
writings and letters. 

6. Jerome, Saint. Principal works. 

7. Cyril, Saint. Catechetical lectures. Gregory 
of Nazianzus. Select orations and letters. 

8. Basil, Saint. De spiritu sancto, Hexae- 
meron, and Letters. 

9. Hilary of Poitiers. On the Trinity. On 
the Synods. 

1 0. Ambrose, Saint. Select works and letters. 

11. Severus, Sulpicius. Works. Vincentius 
Lirinensis. The Commonitory. Cassianus, 
Joannes. Works. 

12. Leo I., the Great. Letters and sermons. 
Gregory I., the Great. Book of pastoral rule, 
and selected epistles. 

• poetry, chiefly devotional, of the reign of 

Queen Elizabeth. Collected and edited by E. 
Farr. [Parker Society, xxi.] 

12mo. Cmnbiidge, 1845 

Scotish ballads. Edited by John Pinker- 
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— tracts relating to colonies : i. an essay on 
plantations by sir Francis Bacon ; ii. some 
passages out of the History of Florence ; in. a 
treatise by John De Witt ; iv. the benefit of 
plantations by W. Penn ; v. a discourse concern- 
ing plantations by sir J. Child. 

8vo. Loiidon [17 3{)] 

views of London and its environs, accompanied 

by copious letterpress descriptions. 

2 vols in 1. 4to. Lmdon, 1804-5 

SELECTA ex Homero, etc. See Poetae Graeci. 

historica et literaria. [By M. Lilienthal.] 
2 vols. 8vo. Konigsherg and Lei2}zig, 1715-19 

— poemata Anglorum Latina, seu sparsim edita, 
seu hactenus inedita, accurante E. Popham. 

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cura cujusdam anonymi anno 1684 congesta, 
iterum in luce data, accurante A. Pope. 

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SELECTAE o profanis scriptoribus historiae, in 
usum juventutis scholasticae. [Edited by J. 

12mo. Leipzig, 1734 

SELECTED centuries of books from the library of 
a priest in the diocese of Salisbury [W. Mas- 

8vo. [London] 1843 

SELECTION (A) of English synonyms. [By Miss 
E. J. Whately. Edited by Archbishop 
Whately.] Fourth edition. 

8vo. London, 1858 

of Latin stories, from MSS. of the 13th and 

1 4th centuries ; a contribution to the history of 
fiction during the middle ages. Edited by 
T. Wright. [Percy Society, viii.] 

8vo. London, 1842 

SELECTIONS from the records of the kirk session, 
presbytery, and synod of Aberdeen. Edited by 
J. Stuart. [Spalding Club.] 

4to. Aberdeen, 1846 

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the Augustan age : Virgil. 

8vo. Oxford, 1877 

The Roman poets of the republic. 

8vo. Edinburgh, I860 

SELLER, Abednego. 

See Antiquities of Palmyra. London [1696]. 

SELLER, John. Atlas caelestis, containing the 
systems and theoryes of the planets, the con- 
stellations of the Starrs and other phenominas of 

the heavens. 

8vo. London [