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Full text of "Bulletin of Sweet Briar College: Alumnae Register, 1929"


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Number 2 


(In January, February, April, September and November 

Entered as Second-Class Matter at the Post Office, 

Sweet Briar, Virginia) 


of thi 

Sweet Briar Alumnae 



IN accordance with the policy followed by the Association for 
the last three years, of attempting to keep in close touch with 
eveiy former student of Sweet Briar, all Alumnae publications 
issued during this academic year are being sent to every alumna 
regardless of the degree of her activity or interest. The annual 
Register of all Sweet Briar Alumnae, however, costs the associa- 
tion more than twenty-five cents per copy, in addition to postage, 
thereby constituting one of the greatest expenses with which we 
are faced. In the present none too adequate condition of Alum- 
nae finances we do not feel justified in continuing this expense 
except for the benefit of those who give the Association their 
support, and it seems necessary, therefore, to announce that next 
year the annual Register will he sent only to those who are life 
members or who have paid their dues within the past three years. 
If you are uncertain as to your status in the matter look yourself 
up in the Register. All life members are indicated by the letter 
L, and all those who have paid their dues this year up to the time 
the Register went to press, are indicated by the letter D. 

As a large part of the income of the Alumnae Association and 
the efforts of the Alumnae Secretary in recent years have been 
directed toward the attempt to find and establish contact with 
all lost and wandering alumnae and to keep all Sweet Briar girls, 
wherever they may be, in touch with the college, we should feel 
that much of that money and effort had been wasted if any large 
proportion of Alumnae should again slip into the lost and 
inactive lists through indifference and the failure to send two 
dollars once a year to the Alumnae Office at Sweet Briar. So 
that you may receive the Alumnae publications we urge you to 
please pay your dues. It is a simple and very effective way of 
supporting the Alumnae Association and maintaining contact 
with Sweet Briar. 

Margaeet Banister, President. 

Sweet Briar Alumnae Association 


Margaret Banister 16 President 

Edna Lee 26 Vice-President 

Grace Sollitt 28 Secretary 

Katherine Blount 26 Treasurer 

Katharyn Norris 26 Executive Secretary 

Helen G. Taylor x23 

JocBi.YN Watson 27 

Jeanette Boone 27 

Margaret McVey 18, Honorary Member 


Atlanta, Ga.* 

Anne Lane Newell x28 

Charleston, W. Va. 

Elizabeth Matthews 27 

Chicago, III. 

Elizabeth Pape 24 

Charlotte, N. C* 

Sarah Everett Lee 28 — Rep. 
Chattanooga, Tenn.* 

Margai-et Thomas Patten — A — Rep. 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Jane Becker Clippinger 25 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Margaret Cramer 27 
Columbus, Ohio 

Rosanne Gllmore 17 
Danville, Va.* 

Jane Riddle 27 — Rep. 
Detroit, Mich. 

Elise Morley 2 7 
Duluth, Minn. 

Genevieve Black x22 
Huntington, W. Va. — 

Mildred Lovett 26 
Jacksonville, Fla.* 

Lyda Wai-field 27 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Frances Wild Bose 19 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Elizabeth Merriwether Benson x24 
Little Rock, Ark.» 

Lucy Marion Reaves 25 
Louisville, Ky. 

Elizabeth Cox 27 

(* Inactive) 


Carolyn Flynn Ely 24 
Memphis, Tenn. 

Jean Williamson 28 
New Orleans, La. 

LaVeme McGee 28 
New York City and Northern N»w Jerssy 

Florence Bodine Mountcastle 24 
Norfolk, Va. 

Grace Merrick Twohy 24 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Elizabeth Moore 26 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Dorothy Keller 26 

Richmond, Va. 

Richie McGuire 23 

Rochester, N. Y. 

Dorothy Herbison 2 5 

San Antonio, Texas 

Edna Steves Vaughan — A 

Tampa, Fla. 

Geraldine Ball Bewsher 20 

Toledo, Ohio 

M. Katherine Millard Webb x24 

Tri-City (Davenport, Moline, Rock Island) 

Margaret White 26 

Twin City (Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minn.) 
Gertrude McGiffert MacLennon 25 

Washington, D. C. 

Marie Lorton Sims — S 

Wllkes-Barre, Pa. 

Marjorie Shepherd 26 

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in 2011 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 


Sweet Briar Graduates and Former Students 

(Arranged According to Maiden Names.) 
A — Academy; S — Special and Sub. 

Abbott, Virginia — A Mrs. W. H. Skinner 

301 Roland Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

Abell, Ruth 26 

101 Linwood Ave., Ardmore, Pa. 

Abemathy, Dorothy — A 
Sable Grove, 111. 

Abemethy, Josephine x30-.Mrs. W. Turrentine 

55 LaFayette Dr., Atlanta, Ga. 
Abraham, Faye xl7 Mrs. H. H. Pethick 

Southern Pines, N. C. 
Abraham, Gertrude x22 Mrs. J. Harris 

123 Laurel St., San Antonio, Texas 
Abraham, Marjorie x21...-Mrs. Jerome Meyer 

1110 Glen View Rd., Birmingham, Ala. 
Abraham, Mary — A Mrs. Hodgkins 

Southern Pines, N. O. 
Abrams, Marie xl2 Mrs. Robert Lawson 

Box 47, Westport, Conn. 
Adams, Emma Lawson x21..Mrs. Gordon Kyle 

1604 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Adams, Helen J. 26. .Mrs. Wm. R. Thompson 

56 Park St., Warsaw, N. Y. 
Adams, Helen x28 

Wantanga St., Kingsport, Tenn. 
Adams, Marian x26 

12 Ruskin St., West Roxbury, Mass. 
Adams, Maude x27 

Wantanga St., Kingsport, Tenn. 
Addison, Ethel x23 

2123 McDowell St., Augusta, Ga. 
Adkins, Maria — A Mrs. George Carmichael 

50 W. 96th St., Apt. 3D, New York, N. Y. 
Agard, Katherine 25 

Heidelburg Apts., Braddack Ave., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 
Ahara, Josephine 21 ..Mrs. L. deR. MacMillan 

217 Pittsboro St., Chapel Hill, N. C. 
Albers, Eleanor S. 27 

900 N. 12th St., Ft. Smith, Ark. 
Albers, Julia K. x21 

900 N. 12th St., Ft. Smith, Ark. 
Aleshire, Mary E. x25 

6900 Aglesby, Chicago, HI. 
Alexander, Jeanne, xl3 

702 Court St., Lynchburg, Va. 
Alford, Charlotte x26....Mrs. D. G. MacVicar 

54 Highland Ave., Naugatuck, Conn. 
Allen, Dorothy xl8 Mrs. Donald Murdock 

% Anson Allen, Ensley, Ala. 
Allen, Lucia x20 Mrs. Sidney T. Adair 

2306 Lyndhurst Ave., Baltimore, Md. 
Allen, Marjorie W. x30 

959 Longfellow Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Allen, M. McGee x23..Mrs. Russell Campbell 

2049 North Meridian St., Apt. 5, India- 
napolis, Ind. 
Allen, Mildred x26 

4 Belsaw PL, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Allen, Nina xl5 

934 W. Pike St., Clarksburg, W. Va. 
Allen, Rhoda 21 Mrs. John Worden 

1205 Bonnie, Amarillo, Texas 
Allison, Catherine x24..Mrs. J. A. Patton, Jr. 

Riverview, Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Alsop, Camilla P. 27 

1832 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Altschuler, Frances — A Mrs. T. Holberton 

273 Clinton PL, Hackensack, N. J. 
Ambrose, Martha 27 

958 S. Willetta St., Memphis, Tenn. 
Ambuhl, M. G. xl5 Mrs. E. B. Martineau 

320 State St., Marinette, Wis. 
Anderson, Elizabeth xl4..Mrs. T. Kirkpatrick 

Lee Circle, Lynchburg, Va. 
Anderson, Evelyn M. 27 

420 St. Marks Ave., Westfleld, N. J. 
Anderson, Florence xl4 

336 W. Springfield Ave., Chestnut Hill, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Anderson, Gertrude x21 

221 E. Sandusky St., Findlay, Ohio 
Anderson, Grace — A Mrs. G. N. Pleasants 

1630 Waterbury Road, Lakewood, Ohio 
Anderson, Helen M. 22 

2971 Torrington Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 
Anderson, Henrietta 1 9 

321 North 6th St., Breckenridge, Minn. 
Anderson, Hester xl5..Mrs. Lewis F. Parsley 

7811 St. Martin's Lane, Chestnut Hill, Pa. 
Anderson, Julia x23 

520 Adams St., Montgomery, Ala. 
Anderson, M. M. x29 Mrs. H. D. Hoffman 

U. S. S. Tennessee 
Antrim, Loulie — A Mrs. John Mason 

2 Vista Ave., Lynchburg, Va. 
Archibald, Marie xl6 Mrs. Lynne Norris 

616 N. Jefferson St., Carrollton, Mo. 

Armistead, Ruth x21 

Camelot Ct. Apts., Norfolk, Va. 

Armstrong, Beatrice — A 

954 W. 9th St., Erie, Pa. 

Armstrong, Katherine x20....Mrs. J. Lawrence 
180 South Church St., Paris, Texas 

Armstrong, Margaret x25..Mrs. C. F. Sauer, Jr. 
4227 Cutshaw Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Armstrong, Mary M. xl8..Mrs. A. B. McClary 
Windsor, Vermont 

Arnold, Elizabeth x29 

1008 Askew Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 
Arnold, Sarah Louise xl5 

36 Waldo St., Montello, Mass. 

Ashcraft, Rebecca x26..Mrs. Claude McGinnis 
1341 Ponce de Leon Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Ashurst, A. C. x27..Mrs. G. T. Gwathmey, Jr. 
University, Va. 


Atchison, Elizabeth xll..Mis. Ray B. Plumer 

1049 Bryden Rd., Columbus, Ohio 
Atkins, Nell 26 

3430 Burch Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 
Atlee, Marjorie x27 Mrs. Robbins Patten 

Murfreesboro, Tenn. 
Aufdeheide, Ruth x26 Mrs. John B. Hull 

5129 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
August, Betty x21 Mrs. Ralph Cahn 

269 Benita Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 
Aunspaugh, Ruth 27 

Box 780, Raleigh, N. C. 
Austin, Betty x28 Mrs. B. B. Kinloch 

Charleston, S. C. 
Austin, Dorothy xll.-.Mrs. Emory W. Watts 

Donna, Hidalgo Co., Texas 
Austin, Dorothy x24 Mrs. Gilbert Currie 

550 Cadieux, Detroit, Mich. 
Austin, Flora B. x31 

Box 207, Sparkhill, N. Y. 
Aviritt, Dunbar Mrs. Hume O. Annan 

204 Madison St., Tampa, Fla. 

Babbitt, Alice D. 28 

94 So. Clinton St., E. Orange, N. J. 
Babcock, Alice Guion 2 2 

Box 388, Columbia, S. C. 
Babcock, Helen R. xl6..Mrs. John C. Nevins 

1345 Elder Lane, Winnetka, 111. 
Bachman, Elizabeth 2 7 

29 Melrose PL, Montclair, N. J. 
Bachman, Martha 26 Mrs. Thomas McCoy 

Ashville, N. C. 
Backes, Barbara x29 

116 S. Main St., Wallingford, Conn. 
Bacon, Elizabeth x29 

1330 Summitt Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 
Bacon, Florence xl5 

Box 1387. Boise, Idaho 
Bailey, Dorothv 26. .Mrs. Kenneth V. Hughes 

6605 Woodwell St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Bailey, Pauline x29 

Mabscott, W. Va. 
Baird, Mildred 23 

Grove Park, Ash\ille, N. C. 
Baker, Catherine A. x25..Mrs. A. MacGregor 

Sherman Rd., Battle Creek, Mich. 
Baker, Clara Belle — A....Mrs. H. E. Backus 

Mt. Dora, Florida 
Baker, Emma F. .\29 

Aberdeen, Md. 
Baker, Helen M. xl5 Mrs. H. M. Waller 

303 W. Freemason St., Norfolk, Va. 
Baker, Jette L. x30 

Box 643, Lynchburg, Va. 
Baker, Margaret xl4 Mrs. Rudolph Shedd 

Purcellville, Va. 
Baker, Martha B x31 

10235 S. Seeley Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Baker, Pasquelin x27 

2037 Oliver Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 
Baldwin, Beatrix xl3 Mrs. L. C. Lewis 

Gate House, Villa Nova, Pa. 
Baldwin, Elizabeth x21 

705 Stockley Gardens, Norfolk, Va. 

Ball, Geraldine 20. .Mrs. Francis M. Bewsher 
1300 N. Delaware Ave., Yellow Cab Co., 
Tampa, Fla. 

Ballard, Doris x2 4..Mrs. Jack David Roberts 
76 N. Waldron St., Memphis, Tenn. 

Balslev, Louise M. xl5 
Re"idsville, N. C. 

Bancroft, Dorothy xl3 

15 E High St., Springfield, Ohio 
Bane, Helen E. x25 Mrs. David T. Davis 

Washington and Lee Apts., Cumberland, 


Banister, Margaret 16 

"Mayflower" Hotel, Washington, D. C. 

Banks, Mildred — A Mrs. Louis Morrow 

Hernando, Miss. 

Bannen, Margaret F. x26 

600 Newport Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Barbee, Leland B. x31 

1729 Lake St., Knoxville, Tenn. 

Barber, Mabel xl6 

519 Cleveland Ave., Canton, Ohio 
Barber, Mary — A Mrs. Arthur Ambler 

The Manor, Albermarle Pk., Asheville 

N. C. 
Barbour, Florence xlO 

Consei-vatory of Music, Cincinnati, Ohio 
Barkalow, Vivienne 18. .Mrs. L. Breckenridge 

14 47 Gilpin St., Denver, Colo. 
Barley, Anna xl5..Mrs. William F. Baldwin 

211 N. Washington St., Alexandria, Va. 
Bamett, Frances W. x30 

95 E. 14th St., Atlanta, Ga. 
Barnett, Ruth xl4 

522 Harrison St., Lynchburg, Va. 
Barrett, Anne 26 

195 Summer St., Bristol, Conn. 
Barrett, Donna x24 Mrs. Robert M. Ives 

580 E. 22nd St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Barret, Gwendolyn 20. .Mrs. Machin Simmons 

703 Raleigh Ave., Norfolk, Va. 
Barrow, Lucile x20 Mrs. Lawson Turner 

3417 Memorial Ave., Lynchburg, Va. 
Barrow, LuciUe x28 Mrs. James H. Layne 

Spottswood Ave., Buntyn, Tenn. 
Barrow, Sidney A. x2 6 

713 Line Ave., Shreveport, La. 
Banows, Alice x31 

70 Lincoln Parkway, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Barry, Frances x26..Mrs. I. MacKenzie Wood 

4933 Swiss Ave., Dallas, Texas 
Bartels, Gertrude x29 

1625 Vinton Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 
Bates, Milo x29 Mrs. Charles E. McCourt 

907% Saginaw St., Lansing, Mich. 
Battey, Alice L. — A Mrs. Frank Bryson 

318 E. Gaston St., Savannah, Ga. 
Baxter, Eliza — A. ...Mrs. Richard R. Donnell 

150 E. 49th St., New York City, N. Y. 
Baylor, Elizabeth xl2 

Warren Apts, Warren Crescent, Norfolk, 

Baylor, Rosalie xl2 

Mercer Apts., Armistead Bridge Rd., Nor- 
folk, Va. 


Beacon, Elizabeth — A 

621 N. Main St., Greensburg, Pa. 
Beacon, Virginia — A 

621 N. Main St., Greensburg, Pa. 
Beadles, Louise xl4....Mrs. J. M. Richardson 

Harris, Limestone Co., Ala. 
Beahni, Louise xl6 Mrs. Walter Wells 

% Mrs. I. D. Beahm, Wahantango St., 

Pottsville, Pa. 
Beasley, E. Irene .\25 

110 Morningside Dr., Memphis, Tenn. 
Beaton, Ousseta ,\23....Mrs. Yerby Chambers 

5217 Live Oak St., Dallas, Texas 
Beavers, Jessie — A. .Mrs. Howard T. Phillips 

Wheeling, W. Va. 
Bechtel, Josephine 23 Mrs. J. A. Kruger 

% Mrs. Bechtel, Foney Shaddows, Potts- 
ville, Pa. 
Becker, Jane B. 25 Mrs. J. H. Clippinger 

4021 LaCrosse Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio 
Becket, Margaret xll Mrs. E. S. Bippers 

77 16th St., Wheeling, W. Va. 
Beeson, Adaline R. 28 

Farmington, W. Va. 
Beeson, Helen 2 

141 W. 16th St., New York City, N. Y. 
Belber, Sophia x2 4 

18.30 Rittenhouse, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Bell, Ann Kinney xl5 Mrs. Randolph Valz 

% H. M. Bell, Jr., N. Jefferson St., 

Staunton, Va. 
Bell, Hanna C. x27 

Shelbyville, Ky 
Bell, Josephine T. x22..Mrs. W. H. Fordtram 

240 E. Hinsache, San Antonio, Texas 
Bell, Martha xlO Mrs. V. S. Crosby 

311 Pleasant Terrace, Staunton, Va. 
Bell, Maiy Louise x28 

1008 Hackett Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Bell, Mary W. — A 

20 N. Jefferson St., Staunton, Va. 
Benn, Dorothy x25 Mrs. Walter Morgan 

404 Penwyn Rd., Wynnewood, Pa. 
Benner, Julia x22 Mrs. James A. Moss 

203 E. 22nd St., Chester, Pa. 
Bennett, Louise 16 Mrs. Albert C. Lord 

71 Chestnut St., Englewood, N. J. 
Benton, Margaret x23..Mrs. Harvey Whitley 

Freemont, N. C. 
Bergen, Majorie H. x22..Mrs. Benjamin Cohee 

3720 N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, 

Berger, Christine x23 

16th and Bath Ave., Ashland, Ky. 
Berger, Rose 28 

Falmouth, Ky. 
Berggren, Linda — A Mrs. John B. Kirk 

2 Park PL, Herkimer, N. Y. 
Bernhard, Frederica 2 4 

270 Park Ave., New York City, N. Y. 
Berry, Doris x27 

2 Virginia Apts., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Bertine, Doris D. x31 

152 Esplanade, Mount Vernon, N. Y. 
Bertrand, Dorothy xl7 

Richmond, Texas 

Bethel, Alene D. — A 

Warren-Fraser Co., Westboro, Mass. 
Beury, Katherine x31 

120 6 Virginia St., Charleston, W. Va. 
Beveridge, Anna xl7-.Mrs. Edward A. Leake 

2500 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Beville, Julia xl4 Mrs. Jonathan Yerkes 

"Ortego," Jacksonville, Fla. 
Beye, Helen xl6....Mrs. Gurdon H. Hamilton 

716 Northeast Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Bigelow, Alice xl3 Mrs. Frank T. Rowell 

Bogahesa, La. 
Bigger, Madeline 21 

1118 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Bilhuber, Gertrude — A 

Perdue University, LaFayette, Ind. 
Billings, Virginia G. x25 

New Warmick Hotel, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Bingham, Kathleen xl6..Mrs. J. Bryan Bennet 

Shoshone, Idaho 
Bird, Dorothy — A Mrs. Monroe Warren 

6720 Meadow Lane, Chevy Chase, Md. 
Bird, C. Page 28 

41 University PL, University, Va. 
Birkoff, Gertrude xl7 

5707 Blockstone Ave., Hyde Park Stat., 

Chicago, 111. 
Bimey, Eloise xl5 Mrs. Warren Curry 

Bradentown, Fla. 
Bissel, Mary 17 Mrs. Earl S. Ridler 

3679 Lindholm Rd., Shaker Hts., Cleve- 
land, Ohio 
Black, Genevieve x27 

1817 E. 1st St., Duluth, Minn. 
Blair, Jean Field — A 

Rockbridge Baths, Va. 
Blake, Margaret x26....Mrs. Hugh B. Dudley 

242 Lakeland Dr., W. Palm Beach, Fla. 
Blanks, Russe 21 Mrs. M. L. Butts 

1508 Cherry St., Vicksburg, Miss. 
Bliss, Miriam J. x26 

2015 University Ave., N. Y. C, N. Y. 
Block, Katherine D. 19 

36 Arlington Ave., Caldwell, N. J. 
Blount, Katherine D. 26 

444 East 19th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Blue, Virginia — A 

Ridgway Farm, Charlottesville, Va. 

Board, Dorothy — A 

522 Sheridan Rd., Evanston, Rl. 

Bobb, Mildred xl8..Mrs. Robert G. Rhett, Jr. 

Green HiU St., Charleston, S. C. 
Bodine, F. P. 24 Mrs. F. F. Mountcastle 

Broad Pk. Manor, Apt. 4C, White Plains, 

N. Y. 

Bodley, Edith x22 Mrs. James W. Stites 

530 Belgravia Ct., Louisville, Ky. 

Bodley, Ellen — A Mrs. William A. Stuart 

Abingdon, Va. 

Bomann, Ruth xl6 
Katonah, N. Y. 

Bomer, Lynne — A 

Alsatia, La. 
Boone, Arlene x29 

307 Mahantongo St., Pottsville, Pa. 


Boone, Jeanette 27 

14 So. Haverford Ave., Margate City, 

N. J. 
Booth, Alma 11 Mrs. Harry B. Taylor 

34 No. Compound, Peking, China 

Booth, Dorothy 26 

2829 West Grace St., Richmond, Va. 
Booth, Mathilde xl5....Mrs. Wharton Weems 

3335 Innwood Dr., Houston, Texas 
Booth, Mozelle — A.. ..Mrs. Thomas W. Archer 

3701 Andubon Ave., Houston, Texas 
Bordwell, Jean Evelyn x31 

101 E. Wayne St., Warren, Pa. 
Bosson, Catherine xl4....Mrs. Wesley Taylor 

R. F. D. 5, Greensboro, N. C. 
Bourne, Carolyn x29 

1170 Vance St., Memphis, Tenn. 
Bowers, Iloe 18 Mrs. Clarence J. Joel 

413 E. Wabash Ave., Crawfordsville, Ind. 
Bowles, Lelia Lorraine x22 

Pikesville, Ky. 
Bowles, Lucille x23 

Sandidges, Va. 
Bowles, Marian x23 

Sandidges, Va. 
Bowman, Lillian xl3 Mrs. T. E. Murrell 

104 Franklin Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. 
Box, Virginia x22 .Mrs. B. Frank Crolley, Jr. 

1166 E. McMillan St. 

Cincinnati, Ohio 
Boyd, Beatrice x27 

Akron, N. Y. 
Boyles, Rogene x23 

127 Walnut St., Sistersville, W. Va. 

Boynton, Laura B. 27 

Waco, Texas 
Bradfield, Emma xlS.^Irs. Charles A. Bratton 

119 Cherry St., Bamesville, Ohio 
Bradley, Gaynelle — A 

McComb City, Miss. 

Brady, Elizabeth x27 , „ ,, 

3810 Morrison St., Washington, D. C. 

Branch, Eleanor R. x28 

99 34th St., Newport News, Va. 
Branch, Eunice x22 Mrs. F. T. Hamilton 

252 8th St., Gadsden, Ala. 

Brand, Shirley — A 

Sweeney Apts, Kokomo, Ind. 
Brandt, Selma x22 Mrs. Paul C. Kress 

6605 Woodall St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Brazleton, Alice xl5 Mrs. Israel Peterson 

1503 Austin Ave., Dallas, Texas 
Breckenridge, Margaret x29 

2480 Kenilworth Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Bregenzer, Edith x26 

305 4 Euclid Heights Blvd., Cleveland, O. 

Brewer, Minnie, x20 

Clarksdale, Miss. 
Brewer, Nellie M. 24 ..Mrs. Lewis J. Wood 

3640 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Brewster, Elizabeth x24 

6835 Chapel Ave., Chicago, m. 
Bridgeforth, Bertha — S Mrs. W. S. Irby 

Kenbridge, Va. 
Brightbill, Katherine M. 28 

82 W. Main St., Hummelstown, Pa. 

Brinkley, Louise x23 

125 Franklin St., Suffolk, Va. 
Bristol, Louise 28 

181 W. Buffalo St., Warsaw, N. Y. 
Bristol, Mary 26 

181 W. Buffalo St., Warsaw, N. Y. 
Bristow, Virginia C. x31 

Fourth Ave., Franklin, Va. 
Brockett, Helen xlO Mrs. Owen-Smith 

High Point, N. C. 
Brodie, Bessie x27 

Amherst, Va. 
Broh, Evelyn — A Mrs. Harry Polan 

1709 Virginia St., Charleston, W. Va. 
Bronson, Lida xl5 Mrs. E. C. Cooley 

Ishpeming, Mich. 
Brooke, Margaret xl5 

Sandy Spring, Md. 
Brooke, Mary 11. ...Mrs. James B. Grant, Jr. 

3 900 University Rd., Denver, Colo. 
Brooks, Clara May xl4....Mrs. John Trlckett 

415 Central Park W., Apt. 9 D, N. Y. C, 

N. V. 

Brosius, Geniveve x21..Mr8. Paul C. Kintzing 

1016 Euclid Place, Huntington, W. Va. 
Brothers, Dorothy xl5 Mrs. J. S. Kelley 

4619 Prospect Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 
Broughton, Mary — S 

253 Keystone Ave., River Forest, 111. 
Broughton, Ruth xl7 

253 Keystone Ave., River Forest, 111. 
Brown, Anne Zalinda 16. .Mrs. G. C. Harrison 

1911 Battery St., Little Rock, Ark. 
Brown, Annetta 26 Mrs. Kenneth King 

1220 Oak wood Ave., Dayton, Ohio 
Brown, Bessie xl3 Mrs. Edgar E. Lindsey 

30 4 Fourth Ave., Rome, Ga. 
Brown, Christine — A Mrs. Walter Nan 

9119 Dexter Blvd., Detroit, Mich. 
Brown, C. S. — A. ...Mrs. H. C. Edmiston, Jr. 

Park Place, Short Hills, N. J. 
Brown, Dorene 24 Mrs. John Humphrey 

124 Winola Ave., Kingston, Pa. 
Brown, Ellen H. 23 

Caroline County, Greensboro, Md. 
Brown, Gladys xl3 

Portage La Prairie, Manitola, Canada 
Brown, Janie Rice 27 

35 Reardon St., Asheville, N. C. 
Brown, Katherine xl7 Mrs. W. J. Camlin 

214 Rugg Ave., Newark, Ohio 

Brown, Madeline 2 7 Mrs. McF. W. Wood 

Alumni Ave., Hopkinsville, Ky. 

Brown, Mrs Laura 24 Mrs. H. L. Butlers 

Ft. Erie, Ontario, Canada 

Brown, Margaret xl6 Mrs. E. E. Maneck 

5 2 Gramercy Park N., N. Y. C, N. Y. 

Brown, Mary Gladys x26..Mrs. J. Moore, Jr. 
64 Sycamore Rd., Bron.xville, N. Y. 

Brown, Nedra x29 Mrs. Francis C. Foster 

16 Field Artillery, Fort Brang, N. C. 

Brown, Priscilla — S Mrs. R. R. Caldwell 

Hill Crest Farm, BaUvia, Ohio 

Brown, P. Virginia x22..Mrs. Wade K. Newell 
328 Morgantown, St., Uniontown, Pa. 


Browne, Josephine xl5..Mrs. H. T. Wilson, Jr. 

131 E. Agarita, San Antonio, Texas 
Browne, Sarah xl5 Mrs. Donald Dunbar 

Dan D. Ranch, R. F. D. No. 6, Phoenix, 

Browning, Margaret xl2 3Irs. F. S. Burt 

889 Overton St., Portland, Ore. 
Brownley, Belle M. x27..Mrs. Reginald Jones 

Cheriton, Va. 
Bruce, Eleanor x30 

503 8th St., Orange, Texas 
Bruce, Katherine 26 

603 8th St., Orange, Texas 
Bruner, Julia x22..Mrs. Edward D. Andrews 

120 Twin Oaks Rd., Akron, Ohio 
Brush, Harriette x23 

Box 636, Austin, Texas 
Bruske, Barbara x28 

831 Pallister Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Bryan, Anne — A Mrs. Newcomb Barrs 

2784 Oak St., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Bryan, Cora xl7 

802 Dennis Ave., Houston, Texas 
Bryan, Elizabeth H. x30 

P. O. Box 1211, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Bryan, Elizabeth R. P. x29 

118 Park Drive, Charlotte, N. C. 
Bryan, Flora — A. .Mrs. Franklin M. Caldwell 

920 S. Tryon St., Charlotte, N. C. 
Bryan, Helen E. x29 Mrs. Murrel Yankee 

Darlington School, Rome, Ga. 
Bryan, Mary Shepherd xl5 

105 McEnery St., Mansfield, La. 
Bryan, Meta xl3 Mrs. Richard Graves 

3551 Hedrick St., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Bryant, Mathilda 23. .Mrs. Robert B. George 

307 Belmont Ave., Canensburg, Pa. 
Bryson, Nancy C. x25 

6231% Monitor St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Buchanan, Jean R. x29 

32 North Ave., Elizabeth, N. J. 
Buchanan, Harriet xl4..Mrs. B. F. Tilley, Jr. 

"The Moorings," Jamestown, R. I. 
Buckingham, V. T. x24..Mrs. F. E. Browning 

Ashland, Ky. 
Buckley, Elliot xl5 

3116 Milam St., Houston, Texas 
Buckley, Sarah x30 

621 Eighth St., Laurel, Miss. 
Buckner, Frances x26 

4100 Warwick, Marshall, Mo. 
Buell, Mary — A Mrs. Clifton M. Carter 

423 Anderson Bldg., Fort Worth, Texas 
Bues, Ida x25 

1095 Summit Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Buflfington, Eugenia 13.. Mrs. Russell Walcott 

R. F. D. No. 4, Barrington, 111. 
Bull, Helen xl7 

300 N. Grove Ave., Oak Park, HI. 
Bullard, Daisy — A. ...Mrs. E. W. Richardson 

Almeria Ave. and Gulfview, Tampa, Fla. 
Bullard, Rebekah xl4 Mrs. M. B. Perham 

22 Norcross St., Rockville Lenter, L. I. 
Bullington, Pauline L. x25 

603 Mangun St., Durham, N. C. 

Bumgardner, Jean B. x2 2 

Natrona, Pa. 
Bunting, Daphne 27 

611 W. 112th St., New York City, N. Y. 
Bunting, Dorothy 28 

611 W. 112th St., New York York, N. Y. 
Burge, Alfreda M. x29 

Apt X Colonial, Marion, Ind. 
Burger, Adelaide 24 Mrs. Carl Beiser 

3561 Roymar Blvd., Cincinnati, Ohio 
Burke, Helen E. x23 Mrs. Jarniey 

Alexandria, Va. 
Burke, Virginia x25 Mrs. J. K. Miller, Jr. 

810 Cadillac Dr., S. E., Grand Rapids, 


Burke, Winifred x25 Mrs. Simons 

1119 Jefferson St., Roanoke, Va. 

Burks, Lucille x29 

1218 S. 3rd St., Louisville, Ky. 

Burks, Mary x31 
Amherst, Va. 

Burleson, Lucy K. xl6 Mrs. C. G. Grimes 

Kramer Lane, Dayton, Ohio 

Burleson, Sidney xl6 

700 Lavaca, Austin, Texas 

Burnett, Frances N. 25. ...Mrs. Louis Mellon 
19621 Winslow Rd., Shaker Hts., Cleve- 
land, Ohio 

Bums, Helena — A 

36 Hickory St., Hinsdale, III. 
Bums, Katherine xl5 

244 E. Orange St., Lancaster, Pa. 
Bums, Susan — A 

36 Hickory St., Hinsdale, HI. 
Burt, Rosamond x31 

207 Vine St., Leavenworth, Kan. 
Burton, Loma — ^A Mrs. P. E. Laughlin 

River Crest, Fort Worth, Texas 
Burton, Nenetta xl7 Mrs. Amon Carter 

River Crest, Fort Worth, Texas 
Burton, Olive xl8 Mrs. Ben Allen Ames 

Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Burwell, Margaret 23 Mrs. K. D. Groves 

Pearisburg, Va. 
Busey, H. McC. xl6..Mrs. W. W. Hinshaw, Jr. 

Seneca Hotel, Chicago, 111. 
Butler, Mary x27 

946 Meridian St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Oadwell, Susan xl6 Mrs. Harry Cummins 

Jefferson, Ohio 
Caldwell, Margaret xl6 Mrs. B. L. Dall 

299 Bonnie Brae Ave., River Forest, 111. 
Caldwell, Eleanor x26 

Westview and Wisahickon, Germantown. 


Callan, Grace xl4 Mrs. William L. Bond 

Flion, N. Y. 

Camp, Antoinette 16. .Mrs. James M. Hagood 

13 Water St., Charleston, S. C. 
Camp, Bertie xl6 Mrs. Jack Shelton 

Brownwood, Texas 
Campbell, Nancy x27 

106 Walnut St., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Campbell, Virginia Lee x29 

103 E. 86th St., New York, N. Y. 



Canady, Elizabeth x22 

Kingston, N. C. 
Cannon, Helen M. 23 Mrs. Steele Morris 

Highland Hall Apt. D-42, Rye, N. Y. 
Caperton, Carolyn xl4..Mrs. McRae C. Banks 

Raleigh, W. Va. 
Carney, Lucy xl3 

Churchland, Va. 
Carothers, Bessie \14..Mrs. Roy C. Whayne 

Anchorage, Ky. 
Carothers, Jane xl7..Mrs. Wm. F. Clarke, Jr. 

2119 Maryland Ave., Louisville, Ky. 
Carpenter, Margaret H. x30 

3302 Chadboume Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 
Carpenter, V. C. x26 Mrs. 0. J. Ellerton 

148 Malcolm St., S. E., Minneapolis, 

Carper, Alice L. x2 4 

Boyce, Clark Co., Va. 
Carper, M. C. x22 Mrs. Chas. C. MacLeod 

1516 Somerset Park, Lynchburg, Va. 
CaiTington, Leila xl7 

Chi-istine Ave., Anniston, Ala. 
Carrison, Elizabeth xl5 

Camden, S. C. 
Carroll, Anne Kendrick x22..Mrs. E. D. Rada 

Okmulgee, Okla. 
Carroll, Clara xll 

Hotel Beverly, Staimton, Va. 
Carroll, Clytie xl3 Mrs. Dugal A. Allen 

2120 Calder Ave., Beaumont, Texas 
Carroll, Cornelia 18 Mrs. K. N. Gardner 

406 Shepherd St., Chevy Chase, Md. 
Carrol, Pearl x30 

Bennettsville, S. C. 
Carson, Beatrice x27....Mrs. David B. Avndt 
McCallum Manor, Germantown, Pa. 

Carson, Lucy H. x24 

915 South Tryon St., Charlotte, N. C. 

Carter, Annie M. x24 

106 W. Walnut St., Johnson City, Tenn. 

Carter, Ashley C. x25 

2505 Grafton Ave., Norfolk, Va. 
Carter, Helen 26 Mrs. Walter H. Bailey 

1013 Sixth Ave., Laurel, Miss. 
Cary, Pattie xll Mrs. John R. Cecil 

2314 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Case, Helen S. x22....Mrs. Donald F. Carroll 

406 Montford Ave., Asheville, N. C. 
Case, Louise 18. .Mrs. Chas. F. McGuire, Jr. 

2104 Noble Rd., East Cleveland, Ohio 
Casey, Louise xl9 

Floyd St., Lynchburg, Va. 

Cassard, M. Stewart 2 5. .Mrs. E. H. Thomas 
1318 W. 13th St., Wilmington, Del. 

Catchings, Josephine E. x22 
Vicksburg, Miss. 

Cates, Elizabeth 27. .Mrs. George H. Collins 
333 E. 43rd St., N. Y. C, N. Y. 

Gather, Elizabeth A. x30 

2908 Gaines St., Little Rock, Ark. 

Catlett, Lucy — A 

3 09 Vine St., Staunton, Va. 

Cato, Mabel x21 Mrs. B. F. Tillar 

North Emporia, Va. 

Catterall, Margaret H. x26 

13 25 Twenty- fourth St., Galveston, Texas 

Cerf, Dorothy x21 Mrs. George 0. Bailey 

29 Dorchester Rd., Rochester, N. Y. 
Chaffee, Marian K. 27 

395 Swathmore Ave., Swarthmore, Pa. 
Chaffinch, Elizabeth x27 

Easton, Md. 
Chamberlaine, Margaret A. x25 

232 Peck St., Muskegon, Mich. 
Chamberlaine, Marie xl2..Mrs. J. G. Thornell 

4 78 Maiy Place, Elgin, ni. 
Chambers, Delma x30 

4205 Maine Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

Chantler, Maiy H. 23 Mrs. H. B. Hubbard 

421 Pennington St., Elizabeth, N. J. 
Chapman, Mary Louise x2S 

1117 Cardinal Dr., Louisville, Ky. 
Chapa, Isabel — S 

315 N. Pecos St., San Antonio, Texas 
Cheeseman, Theodora x2 7 

40 Walnut Ave., Wyoming, Ohio 

Chelf, Douglas — A Mrs. Virginius Dabney 

6005 Howard Rd., Westhampton, Rich- 
mond, Va. 
Chesson, Eloise, x23 

Elizabeth City, N. C. 
Childress, Anna Louise — A 

2 20 Griffith Ave., Terrell, Texas 

Chope, Florence xlo Mrs. F. E. Goode 

Buckingham Rd., Birmingham, Mich. 
Christie, Anna x29 

314 King St., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Christie, Edith xl7 Mrs. G. D. Finlay, Jr. 

127 Gates Ave., Montclair, N. J. 
Claibonne, A. B. x26..Mrs. R. T. Willingham 

Blair Apts., Marietta, Ga. 
Claiborne, Jane — A 

New Glasgow, Va. 

Claiborne, Nannie xlS 

New Glasgow, Va. 

Clark, Eleanor x30 Mrs. Bruce Frost 

Park Lane Villa, Cleveland, Ohio 
Clark, Esther xl6 

1475 S. 3rd St., Louisville, Ky. 

Clark, Gertinrde x26 Mrs. Victor Carlson 

32 Fremont St., Bloomfield, N. J. 

Clark, Mary xl3 Mrs. Clarence Rogers 

1400 Severn St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Clark, Olive D. x24 

R. F. D. No. 1, CharlottesviUe, Va. 

Clarkson, E. P. x23 Mrs. Chester Shade 

132 So. Almont, Beverly Hill, Calif. 
Clausen, Catherine x30 

2330 Harrison St., Davenport, Iowa 

Claxton, Elizabeth x21 Mrs. T. E. Elliott 

% Dr. P. P. Claxton, No. Denver St., 
Tulsa, Okla. 

Claybrook, Evelyn L. 28 

750 Washington St., Cumberland, Md. 

Cleveland, A. C. x2 5..Mrs. Stewart McDonald 
Green Ct. Apt., 284 So. Columbia Ave., 
Mount Vernon, N. Y. 

Cleland, Julia xlO 

Norfolk Ave., Lynchburg, Va. 



Clements, Grace D. xl2....Mrs. G. L. Wilson 

2120 E. 3rcl St., Duluth, Minn. 
Close, Martha Eliz. 26..Mrs. Lowell B. Page 

12 26 Collingwood Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Close, Mary E. 27 

17 47 Beechwood Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Cloud, Elizabeth xl6 Mrs. King Breeden 

Bennettsville, S. C. 
Cloud, Pauline A. 27 

Hamlet, N. C. 
Clyde, Emma xl3 Mrs. Edwin Hodge, Jr. 

1700 Beechwood PL, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Cobb, Elizabeth 26. ...Mrs. Donald Sutherland 

55 James St., Kingston, Pa. 
Cobb, Margaret xl2..Mrs. Robert M. Perkins 

Fort Monroe, Va. 
Cobb, Mildred xl6 .....Mrs. Dudley Rich 

676 Norwood Dr., Pasadena, Calif. 
Cobbs, M. Elizabeth xlL.Mrs. W. R. J. Dunn 

1049 S. 32nd St., Birmingham, Ala. 
Cocke, Elizabeth xl2 

923 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Va. 
Cocke, Virginia Scott x27 

1026 S. E. 5th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Coffin, Florence xl3....Mrs. Jennings Gillem 

1834 14th Ave. S., Birmingham, Ala. 
Codfield, Elizabeth — A. ...Mrs. J. R. Thornton 

Box 95, Sarasota, Fla. 
Cohen, Doi'othea — A Mrs. Eugene E. Ball 

3912 Manheim Rd., Kansas City, Mo. 
Cole, Elizabeth 21 

1235 Watchung Ave., Plainfield, N. J. 
Cole, Olive xl6 Mrs. Harry W. Hogan 

212 Sixteenth St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 
Coleman, Margaret — A 

800 Conroy Rd., Birmingham, Ala. 
Collier, Martha — A. ...Mrs. D. H. Marbury, Jr. 

1420 Whittaker, Birmingham, Ala. 
Collins, Cordelia Mrs. A. L. Goodman 

2526 E. First St., Duluth, Minn. 
Collins, Gertrude x26 Mrs. Eric Calnan 

2 rue Lucien Gaulord, Paris XVIlle, France 
Collins, Louise 27 

200 Boulevard, Summitt, N. J. 
Compton, Caroline R. 27 

2 408 Dnimmond St., Vicksburg, Miss. 
Conaghan, Dorothy A. 27 

2307 Arleigh Dr., Cleveland, Ohio 
Conklin, Louise 28 

Green Hill Rd., Madison, N. J. 
Connell, Virginia xl6..Mrs. George W. Bloom 

2025 Quarrier St., Charleston, W. Va. 
Conway, Charlotte 28 

Danville, Va. 
Cook, Catherine Norris 22 

15 Aigburth Rd., Towson, Md. 
Cooke, Catherine R. — A 

Sheffield, Ala. 
Cooke, Elizabeth — A. .Mrs. T. J. Shryock, Jr. 

3 Radnor Rd., Radnor, Pa. 
Cooke, Julia — A 

Shefifield, Ala. 
Cooper, Martha x2 4 Mrs. Mills Judy 

3600 Mooney Ave., H. P., Cincinnati, O. 
Cooper, Sarah M. xl3 

803 S. Campbell St., Hopkinsville, Ky. 

Copeland, Dorothy x23 

213 St. Johns PL, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Copeland, Katherine — A Mrs. Carl Bell 

1313 College PL, Raleigh, N. C. 
Coi'des, Catherine 21 Mrs. Arthur B. Kline 

4 421 Schenley Farms Terrace, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 
Core, Ruth xl6 Mrs. Arthur Neff 

278 Phillips Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Comick, Mary E. x24 Mrs. Barbour Riiey 

1905 Claremont Ave., Norfolk, Va. 
Cornwall, Isabel xl3.-Mrs. Douglas J. Miller 

304 Glen Ave., Portchester, N. Y. 
Cony, Alice xl6 Mrs. S. E. Wilhoit 

20 4 E. King St., Quincy, Fla. 
Corpening, Elizabeth x28 

82 Westwood PL, Asheville, N. C. 
Cottman, Frances x30 

107 S. Beech St., Casper, Wyoming 
Cotton, Virginia xl6 Mrs. J. H. Long 

5161/2 Nancy St., Charleston, W. Va. 
Couper, Marjorie xlO Mrs. C. H. Prince 

1109 Matoaka St., Norfolk, Va. 
Council, Elizabeth A. 27 

Hickory, N. C. 
Covey, Evelyn R. x29 

Federalsburg, Md. 
Cowan, Mary Anita x22..Mrs. M. W. Lippett 

Wilmington, N. C. 
Cowgill, Katlileen G. — A 

Easton, Md. 
Cox, Elizabeth 2 7 

2100 Confederate PL, Louisville, Ky. 
Cox, Marger>' — A Mrs. Frank C. White 

69 First St., Melrose, Mass. 
Coyner, Frances E. 28 

Marion, Va. 
Crabbs, Mary V. 20 Mrs. Nobel R. Shaw 

211 Water St., Crawfordsville, Ind. 
Craddock, Elsie xl4..Mrs. Tucker Camngton 

1241 Halpin Ave., Hyde Park, Cincinnati, 

Craddock, Louise x31 

1216 W. 37th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Craighill, Mary B. 25 

117 E. 34th St., Savannah, Ga. 
Cramer, Margaret C. 27 

2596 Fairmount Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 
Crane, Elizabeth P. 28 

209 Central Ave., Crawford, N. J. 
Crane, Marion x26 

512 W. Wabash Ave., Crawfordsville, Ind. 
Cranford, Clyde xl3..Mrs. W. G. Brantley, Jr. 

2843 29th St., Washington, D. C. 
Craven, Elizabeth xl3....Mrs. Allan Westcott 

1 Thompson St., Annapolis, Md. 
Cravens, Elizabeth x29 

2200 Douglas Blvd., Louisiville, Ky. 
Crawford, Maurj' — A 

Milledgeville, Ga. 
Crawford, Ruth x23 

220 S. Fairmount Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Crenshaw, Elizabeth x28 

1301 Agnes PL, Memphis, Tenn. 
Crenshaw, Ruth x27 Mrs. Ed. Turner 

1172 Linden Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 



Crockett, E. M. B. x23..Mrs. Paul Thompson 

1307 So. Moody Ave., Tampa, Fla. 
Crockett, Virginia x29 

Ardmore, Okla. 
Cross, Eleanor x26 Mrs. B. B. Wallace 

Oak Lane, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Crossan, Margaret x29 

8128 Elberton Ave., Fox Chase, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 
Crowe, Jean x29 

2300 Bryn Maur Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Crump, Henrietta 17 

1401 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Crump, Louise xll Mrs. William Surber 

Rugby Rd., Charlottesville, Va. 
Cucullu, Margaret x29 

23 47 Ashmead PL, Washington, D. C. 
Culberson, Eugenia xl4....Mrs. C. Fowle, Jr. 

Galveston, Texas 
Culver, Mai-y Virginia x28..Mrs. G. E. Mann 

4730 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Cummings, Dorothy x26 

Davy and Larch Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 
Cummings, Margaret x29 

710 E. Main St., Emmett, Idaho 
Cumnock, Anne 10 Mrs. James G. Miller 

102 7 Cambridge Crescent, Norfolk, Va. 
Cunningham, Jane 26 

Federal St., Lynchburg, Va. 
Curtis, Esther xl8 

103 Elmwood Ave., Oshkosh, Wis. 

DaCamera, Marian xl5 Mrs. Clyde Chace 

36th St., Northwood, W. Palm Beach, Fla. 

Dabney, Dorothy x31 

510 N. Pine St., Florence, Ala. 

Dail, Virginia x30..Mrs. Frederick McCarthy 
202 Greendale Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 

Dally, Gertrude 22 

242 Noble Ave., Crafton, Pa. 
Dalton, Margaret — A Mrs. Theodore Kirk 

742 E. High St., Lexington, Ky. 
Dance, Sarah 28 

714 Jackson St., Corinth, Miss. 
Dangerfleld, Dorothy x22..Mr8. T. Haxall, Jr. 

1046 So. Negley Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Darby, Dana x28 

Carlisle Barracks, Pa. 
Darden, Jessie xl5 Mrs. C. L. Christian 

Oakwood PI., Lynchburg, Va. 
Darden, Martha 17 Mrs. Richard Zeising 

17726 Winslow Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 
Darnell, Elizabeth — A Mrs. E. J. Snyder 

Bradentown, Fla. 
Darnell, Pauline xl4....Mrs. Reginald Orgill 

2297 Court Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 
Darragh, Laura 25 

1453 Third Ave., New Brighton, Pa. 
Darrow, Dorothy x29 

108 E. 81st St., New York City, N. Y. 
Darsie, Marietta 26 

1009 Western Dr., Erie, Pa. 
Davenport, Martha xl8--Mrs. Stanley Kennedy 

Judds Hillside, Honolulu, Hawaii 
Davidson, Ag^es — A 

1609 Warm Springs Ave., Boise, Idaho 

Davidson, Dorothy x29 

639 Boynton Terrace, Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Daridson, Mary xll Mrs. F. A. Kern 

103 W. 9th St., Ellensburg, Wash. 
Davidson, Nellie xl3..Mrs. Sidney T. Thomas 

1901 19th St., N. W., Washington, D. 0. 
Davidson, Serena B. x29 

102 So. Battery, Charleston, S. C. 
Davies, Virginia D. 27 

116 Alleghany St., Clifton Forge, Va. 
Davis, Dorothy J. 28 

28 E. 34th St., Bayonne, N. J. 
Davis, Fannie xl8 Mrs. J. B. Harris 

Berryville, Va. 
Davis, Helen L. x31 

614 Park Ave., Baltimore, Md. 
Davis, Helen M. 28 

% Thompson Ross & Co., 29 So. LaSalle 

St., Chicago, 111. 
Davis, Katherine 21 Mrs. G. R. Baynum 

172 John St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
Davisson, Flora — A Mrs. Ward 

Mill Creek, W. Va. 
Day, Dorothy xl8 Mrs. Paul R. Molineux 

70 Lorraine St., Hartford, Conn. 
Day, Eula Elizabeth x22..Mrs. Milton Powers 

Chateau Frontenac, E. Jefferson at Mar- 
ket Dr., Detroit, Mich. 
Dearborn, Marion — A 

Amherst, Va. 
Dearborn, Nell — A Mrs. Walter Reed 

Victoria, Va. 
Deekins, Margaret x21..Mrs. L. A. Cover, Jr. 

Eccleston, Baltimore, Md. 
DeLaHunt, Carol x26 

567 Belleview Place, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Demeter, Olga x25 

722 Jackson St., Macon, Mo. 
Deming, Isabelle x23....Mrs. R. R. Ellis, Jr. 

1502 Laurel St., Knoxville, Tenn. 
Denham, Sara xl3 Mrs. L. A. Warren 

2 Julinie Apts., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Denman, Marguretta 26 

405 Springfield Ave., Cranford, N. J. 
Denman, Susanna xl4 Mrs. P. S. Graves 

1118 Sul Ross, Houston, Texas 
Deutsch, Sylvia xl6 Mrs. I. S. Federbusch 

901 Harwood St., Rochester, N. Y. 
Dew, Lelia xl5 Mrs. Ballard Preston 

R. F. D. 2, Lakewood, Norfolk, Va. 
Dew, Polly Cary 26 

215 W. 13th St., N. Y. C, N. Y. 
Dewey, Lucy xl8 

2880 Broadway, New York City, N. Y. 
Dexter, Grace xl5 Mrs. Ballard Burgher 

4001 Turtle Creek, Dallas, Texas 
Diack, Margaret x30 

744 Bellefonte Ave., Lock Haven, Pa. 
Dibrell. Elizabeth L. x25 

2415 West End Ave., Nashville, Term. 
Dick, Alice xl6 Mrs. Harry C. Webster 

538 Edgewood PI., River Forest, 111. 
Dickinson, Esther G., 27 

36 6 Sanford Ave., Flushing, N. Y. 
Dickson, Burd Blair 22. .Mrs. F. J. Stevenson 

537 So. Braddock Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 



Dickson, Dorothy xl5....Mrs. F. Gordon Hart 

Hood River, Oregon 
Dickson, Martha — A 

1165 Kings Highway, Shreveport, La. 
Dight, Edith — A Mrs. Seward Kempton 

706 Woodward Ave., Duluth, Minn. 
Dillard, Dean — A Mrs. Elbert Janison 

3525 Leno.x Rd., Birmingham, Ala. 
Dillon, Jane x2 9 

Piedmont Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 
Dils, Mary — A Mrs. P. C. Hoblitzill 

1311 Market St., Parkersburg, W. Va. 
Dishnian, Dorothy — A Mrs. John Boushall 

29 04 Angeles St., Tampa, Fla. 
Dittenhaver, Esther xl7...-Mrs. L. E. Cooney 

3265 Kenmore Rd., Shaker Hts., Cleve- 
land, Ohio 
Dittenhaver, Helen xl4 

5909 Keith Ave., Oakland, Calif. 
Dixon, Helen — A. .Mrs. Stephen H. MacGregor 

Ft. Benning, Ga. 
Dobbs, Dorothy L. x2 4 

Rusk St., Marshall, Texas 
Dodd, Lee Jefferson — A 

E. John St., Martinsburg, W. Va. 
Dolle, Willetta 2 4 Mrs. James G. Murrin 

1614 Andover Rd., Columbus, Ohio 
Donnally, Gabrielle S. x22 

Louisa, Va. 
DorS, Geraldine — A. ...Mrs. George Noble, Jr. 

4104 GaiTolt St., Houston, Texas 
Doremus, Cornelia — A Mrs. F. C. Kimpler 

473 MoiTis Ave., Boonton, N. J. 
Douglass, Adelaide 26. ...Mrs. Allan Rushton 

3314 Clifton Rd., Birmingham, Ala. 
Douglas, Elizabeth E. x28 

405 S. 28th St., Council Bluffs, Iowa 
Douglas, Frances — A Mrs. W. E. Rowe 

309 W. 18th St., Austin, Te.xas 
Dowd, Ruth xl3 Mrs. Albert S. Goss 

504 3rd St., Albany, Ga. 
Dowden, Florence 21 Mrs. H. E. Wood, H 

4305 47th St., Long Island City, N. Y. 
Dowds, Mary C. x2 5... Mrs. L. D. Houck 

3292 Daleford Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 
Dowell, Mary E. x29 

Riverside, 111. 
Downing, Marie xl7 Mrs. C. R. Singleton 

Fort Hill, Charleston, W. Va. 
Doxey, Maude E. x2 4....Mrs. Charles Collins 

Hemstead Ct., Charlotte, N. C. 
Doyle, Susanne x30 

400 Bank St., Beaver, Pa. 
Dressier, Margaret — A. .Mrs. Frank Nohowell 

Ocean Ave., Islip, Long Island, N. Y. 
Drew, Marguerite — S Mrs. R. O. Groover 

2502 Post St., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Dreyfuss, Hilda x2 4 Mrs. B. Van Proag 

612 W. 144th St., New York, N. Y. 
Driver, Erna — A. ...Mrs. William P. Anderson 

123 Nyac Ave., Pelham, N. Y. 
Droege, Estelle 26 

17437 Edgewater Dr., Lakewood, Ohio 
Duckworth, Helen E. 23. .Mrs. Harry W. Irwin 

% Mr. Duckworth, 126 Ft. Thomas Ave., 

Ft. Thomas, Ky. 

Duddley, Mary V. x29 

701 E. Jackson Ave., Hugo, Okla. 

Dugan, Mary V. x25 

1578 Cherokee Dr., Louisville, Ky. 

Duke, Helen R. — A 

299 Waverly PI., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Dunham, M. Louise — A. ...Mrs. C. Button, Jr. 
Elbow Lane, Chestnut Hill, Pa. 

Dunlap, E. Jane x22 Mrs. Donald Pettit 

Ellsworth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Dunlap, Harriet S. 28 

614 Orleans Ave., Keokuk, Iowa 

Dunlap, Page 2 6 

505 20th Ave., N. E., St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Dunlap, Sophia W. x30 

203 W. Georgia Ave., Mobile, Ala. 

Dunleavy, Helen x26 

767 William Dr., Denver, Colo. 

Dunlop, Frances x26 
Leesburg, Va. 

Durfey, Cynthia x2 7 

408 N. Main St., Paulding, Ohio 

Durham, Louise x25 Mrs. Walter L. Meade 

The Island, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. 

Durrell, Edith M. 21 Mrs. E. 0. Marshall 

6326 Ridge Ave., Pleasant Ridge, Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio 

Durrell, Ruth E. x24....Mrs. Royal W. Ryan 
6139 Ridge Dr., Cincinnati, Ohio 

Du Shane, Marjorie — A. .Mrs. Frank Stedman 
113 Brentwood Dr., Yakima, Washington 

Duval, Margaret — A Mrs. Claude Handy 

Duke of Glouster St., Annapolis, Md. 

Dycus, Avon — A--..Mrs. J. H. Armstrong, Jr. 
1608 Hemphill St., Fort Worth, Texas 

Eaglesfield, Carina — A Mrs. E. Mortimer 

40 Ogden St., New Haven, Conn. 
Eaglesfield, Dorothea — A. .Mrs. R. Bridgeman 

"Eaglesfield," R. P. D. No. 7, Brazil, Ind. 
Eaglesfield, Margaret — A. .Mrs. H. M. Bell, ID 

3291 Yorkshire Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 
Eaglesfield, Virginia — A. ...Mrs. P. J. Wilson 

715 Straight St., Sewickley, Pa. 
Earl, May L. 22 Mrs. James Slocum 

1716 W. 81st St., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Earl, Mary C. x30 

308 E. North St., Greenville, S. C. 
Earley, Alice Arietta 22. .Mrs. Robert Wilson 

1348 8th St., Fargo, N. D. 
Early, Henrianne xl3 

122 Harrison St., Lynchburg, Va. 
Earnest, Mamie Ray xl6 

1508 Rio Grande, Austin, Texas 
East, Elkanah — A Mrs. Edward J. Taylor 

Driver, Va. 
Easterlin, Thelma x2 2 

Americus, Ga. 
Eastmon, Margaret B. x25 

109 S. 51st St., Omaha, Neb. 
Eaton, Margaret S. 27 

308 E. Beach, Gulf port. Miss. 
Eberhardt, Annabel x26 

1138 N. Negley Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 



Eberle, Eleanor — A Mrs. Steuve 

% Mr. Charles Eberle, 518 Columbus 

Ave., Muskogee, Okla. 
Eckai-t, Margaret W. .\16 

210 N. Grove Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Edmondson, Margaret x30 

Route No. 1, Clarksville, Tenn. 
Effinger, Frances — A Mrs. S. Miller, Jr. 

2411 Longest, Louisville, Ky. 
Eggleston, Elizabeth 19 

Hampden-Sydney, Va. 
Ehle, Martha E. x27 

1250 Cherrj- St., Bluff ton, Ind. 
Eikelman, Nell 19 

345 6th St., San Bernardino, Calif. 
Eikenberry, Lorine — A. Mrs. G. W. A. Wilmer 

915 S. Main St., Middleton, Ohio 
Eilert, Marie Arlyn — A 

2339 Cleveland Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Eisendrath, Alma xl4 

Belmont Hotel, Chicago, 111. 
Eisendrath, Gertrude xl5 

Belmont Hotel, Chicago, 111. 
Eldridge, Isabel x30 

10 West Read St., Baltimore, Md. 
Elkins, E. C. x22 Mrs. L. H. McCandless 

328 Madison St., Rochester, Pa. 
Ellington, Virginia — A. Mrs. George T. Linke 

24 Laurel Ave., Binghamton, N. Y. 
Elliott, Amy — A Mrs. V. R. Jose, ,Ir 

410 N. Audubon Rd., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Elliott, Faye — A Mrs. John C. Pogue 

1908 be.xter Ave., East Walnut Hills, 

Cincinnati, Ohio 
Elliott, Margaret 20 

1819 Pendleton St., Columbia, S. C. 
Ellis, Beulah x26 

Box No. 84, Sommers, Conn. 
Ellis, Clarissa 2 8 

607 Second Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah 
Ellis, Dorothy x23 Mrs. Howard Worley 

6715 Beacon St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Ellis, Mildred x21 Mrs. Charles Reed 

752 So. Linden Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Ellsworth, Fannie 21. ...Mrs. Robert Scannell 

11 Sturgis Rd., Bronxville, N. Y. 
Elmandorf, Erna — A 

927 Kayton Ave., San Antonio, Texas 
Elston, Genevieve x24..Mrs. C. Russell Moody 

315 S. Monroe St., Muncie, Ind. 
Elv, Mildred E. — A. Mrs. W. H. G. Bradfield 

520 N. Chestnut St., Barnesville, Ohio 
Elv, Virginia — A Mrs. B. T. Arthur, Jr. 

520 S. Stewart St., Winchester, Va. 
Embrey, A. Elizabeth — A. .Mrs. E. L. Colbert 

George St., Fredericksburg, Va. 
Emery, Katherine D. 28 

305 Park St., Montclair, N. J. 
Emmert, Virginia — A. .Mrs. Charles A. Beal! 

513 So. Queen St., Martinsburg, W. Va. 
Engeman, Frances Hvde x2 5 

190 Main St., Flemington, N. J. 
Ensor, Estelle — A Mrs. Elmer 

3806 Chatham Rd., Baltimore, Md. 
Eoff, Frances x26 

823 S. Main St., Findlay, Ohio 

Erck, Clare 15 Mrs. William Fletcher 

Leesburg, Lake Co., Fla. 
Ervin, Addie — A Mrs. E. S. Desportes 

Westhampton, R. F. D. No. 2, Richmond, 

Ervin, Eleanor M. 27 

Spring Hill P. O., Mobile, Ala. 
Ervin, Mary H. — A Mrs. Rayn)ond Massey 

2 414 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Edwin, Sarah — A Mrs. Hargrove Bellamy 

509 Market St., Wilmington, N. C. 
Eskeson, Alice 2 7 

155 N. Euclid Ave., Westfleld, N. J. 
Eskeson, Gudrun 26 

155 N. Euclid Ave., Westfield, N. J. 
Etheridge, Virginia — A Mrs. Arthur Hitch 

1707 Bowling Ave., Norfolk, Va. 
Eubank, Helen — A Mrs. Al Gerber 

3608 Clermont Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 
Evans, Alice x21 

1317 Lunt Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Evans, Frances x21 Mrs. J. G. Ives 

73 Grove St., Montclair, N. J. 
Evans, Harriet 15. ...Mrs. J. Bernard Wyckoff 

3252 S. St., N. W., Washington, D." C. 
Evans, Louise Allen 22. .Mrs. R. B. Shideler 

117 Greenridge St., Dunmore, Scranton, 

Evans, Marian x21 

42 W. 9th St., N. Y. C, N. Y. 
Evans, Sara Seidel — A. ...Mrs. J. K. Desmond 

7016 Gillespie St., Tacony, Pa. 
Eve, Anna x2o 

826 John's Rd., Augusta, Ga. 
Everett, Frances S. x25 

208 Pinner St., Suffolk, Va. 
Everett, Hallie — A Mrs. Hugh Russell 

812 Rogers Court, Ashland, Ky. 
Everett, Lillian R. x23 Mrs. W. M. Blake 

208 Pinner St., Suffolk, Va. 
Everett, Sarah 2 8 Mrs. W. States Lee 

2601 Shei-wood Ave., Myers Pk., Char- 
lotte, N. C. 
Ewing, Esther — A Mrs. E. G. Brown 

1514 Nashville, Ave., New Orleans, La. 
Ezelle, Sophia — A Mrs. Matt Dobson, Jr. 

Woodlawn Dr., Nashville, Tenn. 

Failing, Elizabeth x28 

226 N. Grove St., E. Oi-ange, N. J. 
Fairchild, Roberta 27 

320 First St., Ardmore, Okla. 
Falk, Martha Sarah x22 

351 Broad St., Wadsworth, Ohio 
Fanning, Gertude H. x20 

1201 Main St., Brockton, Mass. 
Farrand, Katherine x20 

327 D St., Maryville, Calif. 
Farrar, Ellen — A Mrs. Dallas Moore 

212 Portland, Houston, Texas 
Farrell, Emily C. 28 

60 Gvamercy Pk. No., N. Y. C, N. Y. 
Farthing, Carrie Belle — A 

Beaconsfleld Apts., Houston, Texas 
Faucette, M. K. x2 9..Mrs. H. D. Huffaker, Jr. 

Newell Apt., High St., 

Chattanooga, Texas 



Faulkner, Rosalie S. x31 

1500 Madison St., Lynchburg, Va. 
Faust, Marian — A 

Box 101, Merion, Pa. 
Fawcus, Anna W. — A 

University PI., Charlottesville, Va. 
Fearrington, Faith — A Mrs. S. R. Ireland 

Erin Slome, Faison, N. C. 
Featherston, Mildred x23 

The Talmadge Apt., 904-3278 Wildshire 

Rd., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Feder, Rosalia — A Mrs. M. D. Sarbey 

2029 E. 40th St., Apt. 204, Cleveland, O. 
Fehr, Clarissa — A Mrs. Desha Harris 

Parsons Apt., Louisville, Ky. 
Ferguson, M. Elizabeth x30 

140 Alabama St., Spartansburg, S. C. 
Ferguson, Ruth x29 

Mallwyd Rd., Merion, Pa. 
Ferris, Fanita — A Mrs. Vernon M. Welsh 

791 Foxdale Ave., Winnetka, 111. 
Fiery, Byrd J., x24 

Alcazer Hotel, Cleveland, Ohio 
Finch, Helen 26 Mrs. Cecil F. Halford 

12 Clarges St., London, England 
Finch, Woodis T. x25 Mrs. H. I. Roberts 

39 Storer Ave., Pelham Wood, New 

Rochelle, N. Y. 
Finke, Eleanor x21 Mrs. Edgar Helmers 

3215 Vine St., Cincinnati, Ohio 
Firestone, Kathleen x29..Mrs. Robert Tyndall 

890 Lilley Ave., Columbus, Ohio 
Fish, Marjorie x29 

1503 W. Farragiit St., Laredo, Texas 
Fishburne, Lucy L. x30 

Loeust Grove, Charlottesville, Va. 
Fisher, Dorotliy — A Mrs. .lohn J. Snyder 

4905 Main, Kansas City, Mo. 
Fisher, Florence — A Mrs. L. M. Landecker 

5141 Greenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Fishe, Ruth 2 2 

116 W. 2nd St., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
Fitchett, Susan 24 

Onancock, Va. 
Fitzhugh, Janetta 26 Mrs. Peyton Evans 

3816 Beecher St., N. W., Washington, 

D. C. 
Planner, Hildecarde x21....Mrs. Fred Monhoff 

430 Marigold, Altadena, Calif. 
Fletcher, Helen — A Mrs. Fred Negly Hays 

119 Lincoln Ave., Edgewood Pk.. Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 
Flitcraft, Ruth x2 2 

504 Washington Ave., Haddonfield, N. J. 
Florsheim, Alice x31 

1405 N. 3rd St., Monroe, Ala. 
Floumey, Eleanor x22....Mrs. T. F. Parsons 

125 North St., Nevvburgh, N. J. 
Flowers, Katherine x2 7 

303 S. Court St., Montgomery, Ala. 
Flynn, Caroline 24 Mrs. R. Cannon Ely 

74 Fenway, Boston, Mass. 
Fohl, Mary Elizabeth x22....Mrs. C. Kerr, Jr. 

149 Race St., Edgewood, Pa. 
Foote, Elizabeth M. x28 

2926 Fontenay Rd., Shaker Hts., Cleve- 
land, Ohio 

Foote, Sarah x28 

Pershing Pt. Apt., Atlanta, Ga. 
Forbush, Edith xl8 

242 S. Elmwood Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Forbush, Rachel — A-.-.Mrs. Jared Irwin Wood 

1308 15th St., Columbus, Ga. 
Ford, Annie G. 2 4 

5 Logan St., Charleston, S. C. 
Ford, Fanny P. x30 

2717 Rivermont Ave., Lynchburg, Va. 
Ford, Virginia E. x25 

Lexington, Va. 
Fordtran, Mary P. — S-.-Mrs. M. P. Fordtran 

235 Kings Highway, San Antonio, Texas 
Fore, Cornelia xl2 

707 N. College St., Charlotte, N. C. 
Forythe, Elizabeth 27 

3215 Cliff Rd., Birmingham, Ala. 
Fort, Mary Yancy 2 4 

631 Franklin St., Clarksville, Tenn. 
Fortson, Nora Palmer x28 

720 Melledge Circle, Athens, Ga. 
Fossum, Helen x23 

400 5th St., S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Fossum, Muriel E. x25 

400 5th St., S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Foster, Annie T. xl5 Mrs. F. W. Ravne 

1215 Garfield St., Madison, Wis. 
Foster, Elizabeth x30 

Hotel Margaret, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Foster, Floyd x23 

118 E. Quinnette St., Savannah, Ga. 
Foster, Lillian — A. .Mrs. Frank M. Fargo, Jr. 

1415 Putman Ave., Plainfield, N. J. 
Fowler, Eileen x31 

401 7th Ave., Fargo, N. D. 

Fowler, Mildred Helen — A. .Mrs. J. W. Gilbert 

4811 Westwood Rd., Kansas City, Mo. 
Fowler, Sara x2 2 

Tarpon Springs, Fla. 
Frank, Clara B. x2 5..Mr8. Perry E. Bradley 

101 No. Montgomery, Memphis, Tenn. 
Frank, Isabelle 22. Mrs. Thomas Southerland 

132 Sargent St., Marion, Ohio 
Frank, Louise x23 

490 Church St., Marion, Ohio 
Franke, Elizabeth 13 — M.D..-Mrs. A. K. Balls 

6132 Morton St., Germantown, Pa. 
Franke, Jacquelin E. x2 4 

1412 St. James Court, Louisville Ky. 
Franke. Virginia x27 

1412 St. James Court, Louis\-ille, Ky. 
Franklin, Elizabeth x23....Mrs. C. T. Young 

1725 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Freeman, Florence 19. .Mrs. Gerard S. Fowler 

233 Summit Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
Freeman, Margaret x25 

1236 Broadway, Fa-go, N. D. 
Freiburg, Caroline x20..Mrs. M. Fechheimer 

3576 Alaska Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 
French, Marjorie — A. .Mrs. Charles L. Nevans 

% Hartford Ins. Co., Hartford, Conn. 
Fretwell, Ruth — A Mrs. Clarence Beaty 

Anderson, S. C. 
Fry, Helen xl7 Mrs. Harry Dietsch, Jr. 

1014 Duncannon St., Philadelphia, Pa. 



Fuller, Louise A. x26 

420 School St., Oconto, Wis. 
Fuller, Margaret x28 

1115 S. 7th St., Fargo, N. D. 
Fuller, Mary P. x29 

3520 N. Penn. St., Indianaro'.is, Ind. 
Furman, Constance 28 

6 Broadus Ave., Greenville, S. C. 
Furman, Elanor — A Mrs. R. W. Hudgens 

515 Pettigrin St., Greenville, S. C. 

Gage, Florence — A Mrs. Percy D. White 

1334 Inglewood Dr., Cleveland, Ohio 
Gage, Janet x29 

115 Steuben St., Painted Post, N. Y. 
Gaines, Ethel x24 Mrs. Lyle Bruner 

1100 W. Church Ave., Kno.wiUe, Tenn. 
Gaines, Nancy E. xSl 

780 Riverside Dr., N. Y. C, N. Y. 
Gale, Lucy xl6 Mrs. Gerard E. Kelly 

Grandin Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 
Garland, Louise Ellis — A. Mrs. S. M. Wilson 

3511 Fort Ave., Lynchburg, Va. 
Garrard, Louise G. x23..Mrs. Tracy E. Davis 

Columbus, Ga. 
Garrett, Carolina — A Mrs. George Dillard 

Charlottesville, Va. 
Gany, Margaret x22....Mrs. William Reading 

1810 Page Ave., Cleveland Hts., Ohio 
Garver, Mary L. x29 

211 5th St., Lorain, Ohio 
Gatchell, Frances C. x26 

Puritan Apts., Louisiville, Ky. 
Gatewood, Harriet V. x2 2 

329 52nd St., Newport News, Va. 
Gaus, Helen O. 2 3. .Mrs. Lewis Venton Gray 

2296 Yorkshire Rd., Columbus, Ohio 
Gauss, Pauline x21 

112 N. Glenwood, Peoria, 111. 
Gayle, Jane x2 4 Mrs. Victor Rag, Jr. 

358 Mooney Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 
Geary, Jane A. x29 Mrs. Frank McGhee 

415 N. Broadway, Lexington, Ky. 
Geddy, Anne Gary — A. .Mrs. W. K. McKlnley 

% Mrs. Gary, Toano, Va. 
Gee, Mary Augusta 24 Mrs. B. S. Crump 

Green\alle, Miss. 
Geer, Gertrude 23. .Mrs. Clark Lodge Bassett 

5035 Vancouver Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Geer, Ruth 21 Mrs. William Burlin Boice 

1730 Norwood, Toledo, Ohio 

Gehrig, Mareraret E. x23..Mrs. Frank B. Miller 
St. Rita Apt., 35 Owen Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

George, Linchen x22 
Cherryville, N. C. 

Gerard, Eleanor x2 5 

3146 Washington Blvd., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Gholson, Christine — A. ...Mrs. F. M. Holeman 
Madisonville, Ky. 

Gibbon, Alice B. x27 

105 Tryon St., Charlotte, N. 0. 

Gibon, Corinne 18 Mrs. Phillip Woolcott 

1618 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Gibbon, Louise W. 25. .Mrs. R. C. Carnichael 
Franklin Apts., E. Main St., Durham, N. C. 

Gibbons, Hortense — A Mrs. H. W. Gilbert 

495 7th St., Beaumont, Texas 
Gibbs, Eleanor x28 

1127 DeVietor Place, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Gibson, Elise Sill — A. Mrs. J. A. Washington 

6 Lathrop Ave., LeRoy, N. Y. 
Gibson, Margaret xl7 Mrs. M. S. Bowman 

15 Eastway, Bronxville, N. Y. 
Gibson, Ruth xl2 Mrs. Wm. L. Venning 

Irving Park, Greensboro, N. C. 
Giesecke, Serena x26....Mrs. R. W. Harding 

149 Rosewood Blvd., San Antonio, Texas 
Gilbert, Katherine x29 

411 Tinsley Ave., Crawfordsville, Ind. 
Gilchrist, Elsetta 27 

85 Prescott St., Cambridge, Mass. 
Gill, Brice — A Mrs. James T. Marriott 

218 Griffith Ave., Terrell, Texas 
Gilliland, Gladys xl8..Mrs. D. L. Brumback, Jr. 

Van Wert, Ohio 
Gilmer, Jane x27 Mrs. Paul Guthrie 

Guthei-y Apts., Charlotte, N. C. 
Gilmore, Delia xl9 Mrs. R. D. Gates, II 

858 Sunset Rd., Winnetka, 111. 
Gilmore, Rosanne 19 

1135 Ashland Ave., Grandview Hts., 

Columbus, Ohio 
Gladfelter, Ruth x21 Mrs. Albert LeVague 

6217 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Glass, Louise — A. ...Mrs. Peterson Marzzoni 

1027 So. 33rd St., Birmingham, Ala. 
Gleaves, Anne F. x29 

417 W. Dewey, San Antonio, Texas 
Glenn, Ethel M. x21 

612 N. 7th St., Temple, Te.xas 
Godbey, Ella S. x29 

McKendrie, W. Va. 
Godwin, Isabel M. 21 Mrs. M. C. Bailey 

Rock Hill, S. C. 
Goff, Betty I x31 

723 Clinton St., Waukesha, Wis. 
Goff, Dorothy x26 

723 Clinton St., Waukesha, Wis. 
Goffigon, Anne P. x2 2 Mrs. Dan Craighill 

Dumont Apt., Lynchburg, Va. 
Goffigon, Helen x2 7 Mrs. W. G. Wills, Jr. 

200 Oakwood PL, Lynchburg, Va. 
Goodall, E. C. 25 Mrs. E. C. Ivey, Jr. 

2018 Rivermont, Lynchburg, Va. 
Goodall, Gillian — A Mrs. Hugh M. Comer 

Sylacauga, Ala. 

Goodlet, Josephine x26 
Tupelo, Miss. 

Goodlove, Lycebeth x25..Mrs. Charles Zemp 
1208 Lowell Ave., Kno.xville, Tenn. 

Goodnow, Pauline B...x23....Mrs. C. Gardner 
Meadow Rd., Woonsockett, R. I. 

Gould, Mary Eleanor x21 

917 F.irby Place, Shreveport, La. 

Graham, Kathrvn J. x30 

1919 2nd St., Duluth, Minn. 

Graham Laura 25 

Rome, Ga. 
Grammer, Dorothy xl5..Mrs. Harry Krauter 

1008 Clinton St., Philadelphia, Pa. 



Grammer, Ebzabeth M. 13. .Mrs. D. F. Torrey 

530 Brookhurst Ave., Narbeth, Pa. 
Grammer, Mary Page — A 

1008 Clinton St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Grant, Jean 2 4. ...Mrs. Wm. Randolph Taylor 

3454 N. 23rd St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Grant, Margaret 15 Mrs. H. O. Schneider 

Park Dr., N. Westchester, Biltmore, Rye, 

N. Y. 
Graves, Geraldine S. xl6...JIrs. S. C. Lacky 

Cuero, Texas 
Gray, Douglas xl2 Mrs. Richard B. Tyler 

Lawrenceville, Va. 
Gray, Frances M. x30 

1714 Broadway, Little Rock, Ark. 
Greason, Elizabeth x29 

Essex Falls, N. J. 
Greason, Isabelle Barrington 25 

Essex Falls, N. J. 
Green, Bemice Genevieve x22 

Winfield, Iowa 
Green, Dorothy W. x25 

15 S. Washington St., Winchester, Va. 
Green, Elinor 26 

206% W. 13th St., N. Y. C, N. Y. 
Green, Elizabeth 14 Mrs. Henry Shepherd 

Westmoreland Apts., Washington, D. C. 
Green, Janet 27 

326 N. Grove St., Lock Haven, Pa. 
Green, Janet — A Mrs. N. J. Haden 

201 W. Mills St., Greenville, S. C. 
Green, Margaret B. 27 

28 Lennox Rd., Summitt, N. J. 
Green, Margaret F. x2 9 

1924 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Green, M. A. 25. ...Mrs. H. H. Buckelmueller 

609 Madison Ave., Plainfleld, N. J. 
Gregory, Ethel — A 

Ocean View, Va. 
Gregory, Jane — A Mrs. George S. Heyer 

401 Colquitt Ave., Houston, Texas 
Gressit, Margaret x30 

209 E. Fayette St., Baltimore, Aid. 
Grgitch, Yalena x23 Mrs. W. R. Prosch 

6947 Cornell Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Gribble, Mildred x26 Mrs. Carl W. Sailer 

Villa Mon Reve, Savannah, Ga. 
Griffin, Claudine — A Mrs. G. C. Holcomb 

928 La Burnum Ave., Lee Hy Court, 

Roanoke, Va. 
Griffin, Eugenia 10 Mrs. C. R. Burnett 

5906 Three Chopt Rd., Richmond, Va. 
Griffith, Katherine B. — A Mrs. T. Murphy 

Emmerton, Va. 
Grill, Helen D. 2 4 

1 Main St., Tiffin, Ohio 
Grimes, Anna B. x23 

Statesboro, Ga. 
Groves, Elizabeth — A 

Bensenville, 111. 
Groves, Katherine — A 

Bensenville, 111. 
Guenther, Amanda xl6....Mrs. W. S. Church 

Elizabeth Rd., San Antonio, Texas 
Guggenheim, Hazel — A Mrs. M. Waldman 

1125 Park Ave., N. Y. 0., N. Y. 

Gugrgenheimer, Cilia 18 Mrs. B. Nusbaum 

Edgewater, Norfolk, Va. 
Ouggenheimer, Daisy — A. .Mrs. J. Waterman 

807 South Edison Ave., Tampa, Fla. 
Guignard, Jane B. 23 

Still Hopes, Columbia, S. C. 
Guilbert, Florine x23..Mr8. Benjamin Smith 

1335 Mallory Ct., Norfolk, Va. 
Gunther, Leona xl5 Mrs. Robert Zaegel 

50 Lighthouse Court, Sheboygan, Wis. 
Guthrie, Frances x29 

649 Edgewood Dr., Charleston, W. Va. 
Guthrie, Sara E. x22 

Harper's Bazaar, 57th and 8th Ave., 

N. Y. C, N. Y. 
Guy, Elizabeth 24 

2020 Crafton Blvd., Crafton, Pa. 
Gwathmey, Carolyn — A, .Mrs. L. A. Davidson 

C2 Meadowbrook Apt., Norfolk, Va. 
Gwathmey, Mary P. — A 

"Adventura" Lockhaven, Norfolk, Va. 
Gwathmey, Mary Taylor — A 

219 Russell St., NashviUe, Tenn. 
Gwinn, Mary E. 22 Mrs. John Dauber 

1715 E. Long St., Columbus, Ohio 
Gwynn, Stella x22 Mrs. Norman Waugh 

West Main St., Danville, Va. 

Hackmann, Fredricka x21..Mrs. Paul Maxwell 

Mount Union, Penna. 
Hackmann, Mary J. x22....Mrs. T. W. Cohill 

292 Lincoln PL, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Hadden, Louise B. x23 Mrs. Joseph Kite 

4722 Larchmont Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Haddock, Margaret xl4....Mrs. R. E. Watson 

1450 W. 61st Terrace, Kansas City, Mo 
Hafner, Eugenia xl6 

950 Chicago Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Hafner, Marion x23 Mrs. A. D. Swanson 

958 Chicago Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Haga, Margaret x29 

1311 Washington St., Boise, Idaho 
Hagan, Elizabeth x21 Mrs. Harris Noland 

Richmond, Ky. 
Hagan, Margaret x27 

5722 Aylesboro Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Hager, Susan 25 Mrs. Richard P. Rohrer 

1065 Wheatland Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 
Hagler, Evelvn x31 

2411 McDowell St., Augusta, Ga. 
Hagler, Katharine C. 23. .Mrs. Irvine Phinigy 

2330 King's Way, Augusta, Ga. 
Hagler, Ruth 22. .Mrs. Aloysius B. McDonald 

Washington, CT House, Ohio 
Haile, Evelyn — A Mrs. Bernard Peyton 

Fort Sill, Okla. 
Halback, Florence — A. ...Mrs. J. R. Williams 

200.3 Jersey St., Quincy, 111. 
Hall, Anna L. x30 Mrs. Wilson Prothero 

535 Chestei-field St., Aiken, S. C. 
Hall, Elizabeth L. 23 

231 High St., Macon, Ga. 
Hall, Mary Beverly — A.. ..Mrs. W. H. Colbem 

1807 Houston St., Laredo, Texas 
Halle, Catherine xl4-...Mrs. Laurence Bragg 

Medford, Oregon 



Halsell, Emilie C. x27..Mrs. John H. Marston 

205 Roland Ave., Baltimore, Md. 
Halsey, Josephine E. x2S 

22 Smith St., Peekskill, N. Y. 
Ham, Maiy Mills x28 

504 Central Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 
Hamann, Elizabeth x2 4 

2780 Fairmont Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 
Hamilton, Dorothy 26 Mrs. Allan C. Davis 

301 Somerset Rd., Baltimore, Md. 
Hammersmith, Helen x26..Mrs. D. Anderson 

1815 8th St., Wichita Falls, Texas 
Hammond, Louise 19..--Mrs. Fred H. Skinner 

333 57th St., Newport News, Va. 
Hammond, Mattie 21 Mrs. Richard Smith 

1031 Gates Ave., Norfolk, Va. 
Hampton, Corinne — A. .Mrs. Henry P. Brown 

R. F. D. No. 1, Lynchburg, Va. 
Hampton, Elizabeth 20 

25 Prospect PI., Apt. 715, Tudor Tower, 

N. Y. C, N. Y. 
Hampton, Frances x25..-.Mrs. Bramlee CuiTy 

Harding Rd., Nashville, Tenn. 
Hampton, Mary Elizabeth x22 

Tracy City, Tenn. 
Hampton, Wilbum L. x27 

Tupelo, Miss. 
Hanckel, Florence L. — AMrs. J. T. Jameson 

114 E. 4 4th St., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Hancock, Dora 25 

37 University PL, University, Va. 
Hancock, Katherine 23 

1509 West Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Hancock, Ruth xl3 Mrs. R. W. Murrell 

Winchester, Va. 
Hanger, Lucy x2 4 

Amherst, Va. 
Hanitch, Catherine Louise x21 

Hillacres R. R. D., Hopkins, Minn. 
Hanna, Isabelle x20..Mr8. Leroy Goldsborough 

Boyce Ave., Ruxton, Md. 
Hanna, Nancy P. 20 

3009 Q. "St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Hanner, Claire 27 

118 Linwood Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 
Harber, Annette — A 

Commerce, Ga. 
Hardie, Anne G. x26 

911 Queens Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 
Hardie, Helen x28 

911 Queen's St., Charlotte, N. C. 

Hardie, Sue xl3 Mrs. William T. Bell 

40 Sherman Ave., Glen Ridge, N. J. 

Hardy, Jane x28 

1057 Thomdale Ave., Chicago, HI. 

Hardy, Margaret x24 
Crawford, Miss. 

Harkin, Bemice — A 
Sommerville, Texas 

Harkin, loline — A Mrs. J. C. Lauderdale 

Sommerville, Texas 
Harms, Elizabeth 28 

4614 Chester Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Hamed, Eleanor 24 Mrs. Louis Croft Arp 

1525 29th St., Moline, DL 

Harned, Louise x28 

830 Mississippi Ave., Davenport, Iowa 
Harper, Edith — A Mrs. Fred Collier 

Parkside and Whittier Ave., Trenton, N. J. 
Harper, Louise x27 

35 St. Paul Rd., Ardmore, Pa. 
Harpster, Helen A. x25 

2141 Robin wood Ave., Toledo, Ohio 
Harpster, Hilda 27 

2141 Robinwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio 
Harris, Adelaide E. 2 5. .Mrs. J. D. Holmes, Jr. 

1016 Riverside, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Harris, Emma Nan x28 

1448 So. 4th St., Louisville, Ky. 
Harris, Gwendolyn x27.--Mrs. W. C. Adama 

307 N. Adams St., San Angelo, Texas 
Harris, Jean xlO 

535 Main St., Harrisonburg, Va. 
Harris, Mildred xl3 

200 Waverly Way, Atlanta, Ga. 
Harris, Zelda x22 Mrs. Roy Lindsay 

5008 Austin, Houston, Texas 
Harrison, Alma — S 

Alice, Texas 
Harrison, Betsy x27 

6 Erwin Park, Montclair, N. J. 
Harrison, Dorothy xl8 

556 Mt. Prospect Ave., Newark, N. J. 
Harrison, Harriet xl6 

106 Momingside Dr., N. Y. C, N. Y. 
Harrison, Julia x29 

405 Washington St., Lynchburg, Va. 
Harrison, Norine xl4 

517 Franklin St., Clarksville, Tenn. 
Hannson, Rosalia — A Mrs. M. T. Mahone 

Amherst, Va. 
Harrison, Sara x31 

Leesburg, Va. 
Harrold, Alice M. 28 

302 College St., Americus, Ga. 
Hart, Alice xl6 Mrs. Stanley Eddy 

Newington, Conn. 
Hart, Evelyn x28 

32 Court St., Portsmouth, Va. 
Hart, Katherine A. x22 

32 Court St., Portsmouth, Va. 
Harvey, Ruth — A Mrs. Halsey R. Keeling 

210 Berkley Rd., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Haseltine, Helen 26 

4925 Dorchester Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Hatch, Virginia xl9 Mrs. Troy Combs 

3024 Chadboume Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 
Hatton, Mary Watts xl9 Mrs. Gus Mason 

Hagerstown, Md. 
Hauch, Katherine x21 

515 Grove Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Haviland, Elizabeth — A 

301 E. Chillicothe Ave., Bellefontaine, O. 
Hawkins, Anne — A Mrs. W. L. Lee 

Fayetteville, W. Va. 
Hawkins, Gabrielle — A. .Mrs. H. H. Herbener 

Thomasville, Ga. 
Hawkins, Jency — A 

Fayetteville, W. Va. 

Hay, Elizabeth x22 Mrs. William Burnett 

777 Van Kirk St., Clairton, Pa. 



Hayes, Ellen 14 

Bellefonte, Pa. 
Hayes, Ellen L. x29 

1001 W. 20th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Haynes, Annie — A. .Mrs. George E. Roulette 

433 Potomac Ave., Hagerstown, Md. 
Haynie, Ellen xlO 3frs. S. A. West 

2 40 E. Main St., Hillsboro, Ohio 
Hays, Ruth F. — S....Mrs. Richard F. Soloman 

491 Belleview PL, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Hazelwood, Tavenner 26 

Danville, Va. 
Heath, Ella C. — A Mrs. James Elliott 

2410 20th St., Apt. 206, Washington, 

D. C. 
Heath, Rosa x29 

912 Westover Ave., Norfolk, Va. 
Hefley, Marie — S Mrs. David Googins 

4741 Crestline Rd., Ft. Worth, Texas 
Helmick, Frances x21 Mrs. Harold Buell 

Box 27, Mobile, Ala. 
Hempstone, Ida Lee — A. .Mrs. C. C. Cleborne 

Leesburg, Va. 
Henderson, Frances — A 

900 19th St., Washington, D. C. 
Henderson, Helen x31 

2941 Newark Ave., Washington, D. C. 
Henderson, Jane 17 

716 Colonial Ave., Norfolk, Va. 
Henderson, Jane x31 

2941 Newark Ave., Washington, D. C. 
Henline, Dorothy x29....Mrs. D. C. McGrath 

261 Congress St., Bradford, Pa. 
Henne, Ruth A. 2 4. .Mrs. J. Lawrence Miles 

83 Merriam St., Lexington, Mass. 
Henry, Aylette B. — A.JHrs. S. C. Peery, Jr. 

Haverford, Pa. 
Henry, Beatrice x20 

234 Irving PI., Providence, R. I. 
Hensel, Alberta xl2....Mrs. Joseph Pew, Jr. 

Mill Creek Rd. and Dobbs Lane, Ard- 

more, Pa. 
Herbison, Dorothy L. 25 

Industry, N. Y. 
Hertz, Mabel — A Mrs. John H. MoflFat 

5511 University Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Heurtley, Katherine xl6..Mrs. David Griffith 

% R. O. T. C, U. of ni.. Champaign, HI. 
Hibberd, Ellen xl3..Mrs. Carroll Wm. Reed 

Pleasant Valley, Wheeling, W. Va. 
Hicks, AUeine B. x20 

187 College St., Oxford, N. C. 
Higginbotham, Ruth x26..Mrs. Frank McCoy 

Clifton Forge, Va. 
High, Margaret 20. .Mrs. Edward D. Norment 

168 S. Church St., Paris, Texas 
Hill, Helen x25 

84 S. Fullerton Ave., Montclair, N. J. 
Hill, Marian xl8 Mrs. R. R. Ginther 

12 Walden St., New Haven, Conn. 
HUtebrant, Mildred xl6 Mrs. Jay LeFevre 

New Platz, N. Y. 
Hilton, Dorothy — A 

Sylvania, Ga. 
Hilton, Louise — A 

Sylvania, Ga. 

Hinds, Leah x22 

Kinston, N. C. 
Hines, Martha xl5 Mrs. D. L. Dixon 

116 E. Casell St., Kinston, N. C. 
Hippie, Virginia x28 Mrs. John Baugher 

7311 Meade St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Hirst, Eloise xlO 3Ir8. William Oouper 

Lexington, Va. 
Hoagland, Emily x29 

5109 Cass St., Omaha, Neb. 
Hoard, Ruth J. x25 

1552 Arthur Ave., Lakewood, Ohio. 
Hobbs, Helen xl6 Mrs. Severn Duvall 

Loch Haven, Norfolk, Va. 
Hobgood, Margaret x26 

Durham, N. C. 
Hobson, Patricia — A. .Mrs. R. D. Eaglesfield 

R. F. D. "Eaglefield," Brazil, Ind. 
Hodge, Elizabeth 19. .Mrs. Carl A. Markgraf 

6263 Kincaid Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 
Hodge, Kathleen — A Mrs. Walter Curtis 

407 Sheriff St., Paris, HI. 
Hodges, Elizabeth 25 

South Boston, Va. 
Hodges, Hortense — A Mrs. H. D. Clarke 

1 Oklahoma Terrace, Annapolis, Md. 
Hodges, Mary F. x20 

South Boston, Va. 
Hodgskin, Helen M. x22 

Villa Virginia, Merano, Italy 
Hodgkin, Ruth Leonore x22..Mrs. S. J. Lang 

812 Colfax St., Evanston, 111. 
Hodgson, J. x24 Mrs. J. R. Halsell, Jr. 

4605 Byers St., Ft. Worth, Texas 
Hodnett, Margaret J. 28 

743 Piedmont N. E., Atlanta, Ga. 

Hoffman, Adaline x29 

1050 Lincoln Ave., Tyrone, Pa. 

Hogans, Clara D. 2 2.. Mrs. Willard F. Keepers 
10 Forest Ave., Geneva, 111. 

Hoge, Bessie 23 Mrs. David E. Brown 

Univ. of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. 

Hoge, Mary Ann — S 
Kenton, Ohio 

Hogg, Alice — A Mrs. Thomas Seneff 

4454% North Ave., San Diego, Calif. 

Hogg, Mary Caroline x20 

1082 Shady Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Hogue, Margaret 25 Mrs. John M. Pfantz 

1027 Lake Shore Dr., Port Arthur, Texas 

Holdemess, Anne S. x31 
Tarboro, N. C. 

Holihan, Edna — A. ...Mrs. Robert D. Strachan 
61 Highbrook Ave., Pelham, N. Y. 

Holloway, Tallulah x25 
Marlin, Texas 

Holmes, Elizabeth — A 
Hernando, Miss. 

Holmes, Louise — A. .Mrs. Carroll F. Steinhoff 
1012 Westmore Rd., Winnetka, HI. 

Holt, Mary A. x30 

Clyde Ct. Apts., Miami, Fla. 

Holt, Mary Caperton x27 

324 Beverly St., Staunton, Va. 



Holtzman, Elizabeth x26 

7 Mid vale Rd., Roland Park, Baltimore, 

Hood, Agnes x22 Mrs. Jim White 

Athens, Ga. 
Hook, Ethel C. x25 Mrs. Walter F. Irvin 

327 No. Murtland, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Hooper, Louise 10 Mrs. Arnold Ewell 

Worlds End Farm, Lynnhaven, Va. 
Hoppinger, Jeanette 26 

16912 Clifton Blvd., Lakewood, Ohio 
Hopwood, Eleanor Mary — A. .Mrs. Ray Fulton 

100 Ben Lomond St., Uniontown, Pa. 
Homer, Cornelia — A.JMrs. J. Sayres Farmer 

Junction, Texas 
Hormer, Eva 13. Mrs. G. F. Butterworth, Jr. 

5 Ridgewood Drive, Rye, N. Y. 
Horsley, Perkins — A 

607 Harrison St., Lynchburg, Va. 
Horton, Charlotte E. 28 

28 Easterly Ave., Auburn, N. Y. 
Howe, Flora — A Mrs. George W. Freer 

114 Eleventh St., Miles City, Montana 
Howe, Mary x28 Mrs. Russell Carpenter 

854 Washington Blvd., Oak Park, 111. 
Howell, Ruth E. — A Mrs. D. B. Browning 

Boonton, N. J. 
Hower, Marianna x22 

Osborne, Ohio 
Howison, Ellen M. 16. Mrs. R. E. Christian 

Staunton, Va. 
Huber, Allie x23 

223 S. Main St., Moultrie, Ga. 
Huber, Elizabeth 22 Mrs. W. M. Welch, H 

Box 23, Yardley, Pa. 
Hudson, Elizabeth xl6....Mrs. R. W. Berrey 

7109 Jefferson St., Kansas City, Mo. 
Hudson Mary L. x31 

Clifford, Va. 
Hudson, Mildred 26 Mrs. Robert Egerton 

% Dr. H. Hudson, 1531 N. 16th St., 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Hudspeth, Elizabeth A. x30 

% Misses Stone School, 1626 Rhode 

Island Ave., Washington, D. C. 
Huffman, Daisy x26 

1045 Park" Ave., New York City, N. Y. 
Huger, Elizabeth x28 

Lexington, Va. 
Hulburd, Bemice 24. .Mrs. Raymond R. Wain 

1223 E. 10th St., Davenport, Iowa 
Hulburd, Ruth 20 Mrs. Frederic E. Luff 

18600 So. Woodland, Shaker Hts., Cleve- 
land, Ohio 
Humel, Dorothy F. 28 

3223 Daisy Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 
Hunt, Frances x27 

804 Conley Ave., Columbia, Mo. 
Hunt, Margaret — A Mrs. Larry Dowd 

Ardmore, Okla. 
Hunter, Helen x27 

1802 Government Rd., Mobile, Ala. 
Hunter, Jane A. x26 

228 East North St., Marshall, Mo. 
Hunter, Nancy x31 

151 Dickson Ave., Ben Avon, Pittsburgh, 


Huntley, Floy xl7 Mrs. O. A. Oliver 

3622 Harding Rd., Nashville, Tenn. 
Hurlburt, Elizabeth x23-.Mrs. Albert Golden 

6822 N. Carlisle Oaksmere, Philadelphia, 

Hurlnck, Elizabeth A. 28 ...Mrs. A. Mills, Jr. 

Cape Charles, Va. 
Hurt, Louise xll Mrs. W. S. Garrett 

Blackstone, Va. 
Hurt, Virginia 11 Mrs. W. R. Turner 

Blackstone, Va. 
Hutter, Claudine xlO 

122 Harrison St., L3Tichburg, Va. 
Hutter, Ernestine — A. .Mrs. M. W. MacDonald 

Charleston, W. Va. 

Ingersol, Gertrude 26 

206 y2 W. 13th St., N. Y. C, N. Y. 
Insley, Frances x23 Mrs. Kent H. Jacobs 

Woodlawn, Centerville, Md. 
Ives, Florence 21 

214 Lorraine Ave., Upper Montclair, N. J. 

Jack, Esther R. x2 4 

201 Caldwell St., Chillicothe, Ohio 
Jackson, Bessie — A 

2504A Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Jackson, Elizabeth Kent x28 

1105 18th Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 
Jackson, Elizabeth M. x28 

202 5 Main St., San Antonio, Texas 
Jackson, Evelyn H. x30 

40 Haywood St., Asheville, N. C. 
Jackson, Katherine x29 

917 Oak St., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Jackson, Ruth S. — A. .Mrs. D. E. Leatherman 

735 W. Concord Ave., Orlando, Fla. 
Jalonick, Helen M. — A Mrs. Earl Clayton 

1908 Huff Ave., Wichita Falls, Texas 
James, Elizabeth x28 

200 Worthington Ave., Wyoming, Ohio 
James, Harrell 24 Mrs. R. A. Carrington 

Duniont Apts., Lynchburg, Va. 
James, Margaret E. x22 

P. O. Box No. 176, Darlington, S. C. 
Jamison, Ethel — A Mrs. Max Kelley 

So. Rosalind Ave., Roanoke, Va. 
Jamison, Martha 25 

802 Providence Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 
Jamison, Sarah L. 27 

802 Providence Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 
Jannev, Rebecca x23..Mrs. Geo. Wm. Trayer 

202 N. Lake St., Madison, Wis. 
Jasperson, Emilv x30 

124 So. Perry St., St. Mary's, Ohio 
JajTie, Marian I. 28 

Branden Lane, Westover Hills, Wilming- 
ton, Del. 
Jeffrey, Emily x24..Mrs. J. W. Williams, Jr. 

302 Comwallis Ave., Roanoke, Va. 
Jelley, Susan x28 

300 Riverside Dr., New York City, N. Y. 
Jennings, May x23 

Jefferson Apts., Roanoke, Va. 
Jensch, Wanda 26 

926 Third St., Hudson, Wis. 



Jester, Elise x31 

218 So. 15th St., Corsicana, Texas 
Jester Sarah x31 

218 So. 15th St., Corsicana, Texas 
Job, Dorothy 21 Mrs. Norman 0. Robinson 

Observatory House, Hamilton Terrace, 

Milford Haven, England 
Johns, Mary Griffin x25 Mrs. C. S. Doster 

1437 Milner Crescent, Birmingham, Ala. 
Johns, Mary Lilias — A 

Charleston, Mo. 
Johnson, Antoinete L. — A. .Mrs. Gilmon Blake 

162 W. 54th St., New York, N. Y. 
Johnson, Catherine C. 27 

% J. G. Wilson Corp., Norfolk, Va. 
Johnson, Josephine K. — A Mrs. W. Smith 

305 Purrentine Ave., Gadsden, Ala. 
Johnson, Margaret N. — A.. ..Mrs. W. E. Kemp 

3501 Paseo, Kansas City, Mo. 
Johnson, Marjorie Payne — A. Mrs. B. S. Good 

418 Shallcross Ave., Folcroft, Pa. 
Johnson, Mary — A Mrs. W. B. Jerman 

5804 York Rd., Richmond, Va. 
Johnson, Ruth Emily — A.. ..Mrs. H. W. Bowen 

111 Connecticut Ave., Lynchburg, Va. 
Johnston, Helen 20. ...Mrs. M. Osborne Jones 

1214 Confederate Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Johnston, Nickiti — A Mrs. Henry Miller 

3807 Hawthorne Ave., Ginter Park, Rich- 
mond, Va. 
Johnston, Susan R. x2 4 

916 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Johnstone, Alice x30 

5312 Greenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Joliffe, Dorothy x2 9 

307 Rockwell Terrace, Frederick, Md. 
Jones, Agnes — A Mrs. Richard Dunn 

1911 R. St., Washington, D. C. 
Jones, Dorris — A 

Suffolk, Va. 
Jones, Elizabeth 2 8. ...Mrs. Courtnev Shands 

1334 E. 2nd St., Long Beach, Calif. 
Jones, Emily 27 

Chelsea St., Sistersville, W. Va. 
Jones, Geraldine x20....Mrs. R. Taylor Lewis 

1322 E. Pecan St., Gainesville, Te.xas 
Jones, Gertrude Page — A 

214 S. Gui-nnett St., Savannah, Ga. 
Jones, Gloria T. x30....Mrs. Allan M. Clauss 

% Mrs. Jones, 2206 Arch St., Little 

Rock, Ark. 

Jones, Handruma, 2 4 

1941 N. Delaware St., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Jones, Louise P. xl8..Mrs. Harry Reager, Jr. 

Tyler Lane, Buechel, Ky. 
Jones, Marie — A Mrs. Lysle Hazelgrove 

3212 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Va. 

Jones, Martha E. — A Mrs. James Hewitt 

Bramwell, W. Va. 

Jones, Mary Heath x23....Mrs. L. T. Hartsell 
Concord, N. C. 

Jones, Man- — A Mrs. Howard S. Ramsey 

729 Vance St., Memphis, Tenn. 

Jones, Martha W. xl5 Mrs. William Jones 

239 S. McLean St., Memphis, Tenn. 

Jones, Miriam L. xl7 Mrs. J. L. Dogfgett 

3591 Richmond St., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Jones, Morrell S. 22 

309 College Ave., Huntington, W. Va. 
Jones, Ruth E. x26 

Mayfield, Ky. 
Jones, Thelma 24 3Irs. Julian Baum 

% Mrs. Jones, 154 Board St., Danville, Va. 
Jones, Virginia — A Mrs. Russell Ferguson 

Hampton Gardens, Richmond, Va. 
Jordan, Frances x22..Mr3. Edwin J. Trutham 

314 Shawnee Trail, Aurora, Ohio 
Joy, Dorothy A. x25 

370 Sheridan Rd., Winnetka, 111. 
Joy, Elizabeth x28 

370 Sheridan Ave., Winnetka, 111. 
Judge, Mary Eleanor x20 

Mansfield, Pa. 
Jung, Helen x26 

318 St. Clair Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. 
Jung, Hildegarde R. x22 

318 St. Clair Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Kaake, Virginia x27 Mrs. Donald Setter 

1015 Amherst St., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Karger, Babette — A. .Mrs. Donald H. Lloyhed 

% Mrs. Lesing Karger, Houghton, Mich. 
Kash, Feme — A Mrs. Leslie C. LaFon 

The Crest, Monroe, Va. 
Kaufman, Margaret — A.. Mrs. James A. Kirby 

2442 Brentwood Rd., Columbus, Ohio 
Kavana, Eliza x23 

304 S. Ashland Ave., La Grange, 111. 
Keeling, Janet x23 Mrs. Edward Casey 

147 Craig St., Pittsburg, Pa. 
Keen, Daisy x30 

944 Main St., Danville, Va. 
Keith, Anne — A. ...Mrs. Carlos Corey Drake 

23 Ave. Charles Floquet, Paris, France 
Keith, Hannah M. x23....Mrs. Charles Howze 

So. Main St., Danville, Va. 
Keith, Sarah xl7 

109 Bradford, Mobile, Ala. 
Kell, Bess Scott xl6.3Irs. Wiley Blair, Jr. 

1215 Wood Ave., Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Keller, Dorothy 26 

125 S. Lexington Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Kelley, Josephine x22....Mrs. Roy C. Thomas 

522 Broadway, Suite 206, Gary, Ind. 
Kemp, Katherine — S..Mrs. Chase Donaldson 

Heights Rd., Manhasset, L. I., N. Y. 
Kendall, Fitzallen N. x25 

311 Bond St., Macon, Ga. 
Kendig, Harriet Evelyn x25 

Putnam Rd., Akron, Ohio 
Kennedy, Sarah B. x21..Mrs. Sherwood Hurt 

39 Woodcrest Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 
Kenney, Frances — S Mrs. Carlos E. Lyon 

445 W. William St., Decatur, 111. 
Kerr, Mary D. x26 

2001 Rivermont Ave., Lynchburg, Va. 
Kersey, Emily — S 

903 E. Jackson St., Muncie, Ind. 
Keys, Helen x26 

Cherokee Ave., Wynnewood, Okla. 



Kidd, Jeannette C. x22..Mrs. R. C. Sheridan 
2305 Sulgrove Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

Kile, Mary Charlotte — A..Mrs. W. F. Jenkins 
593 Golden Gate, Detroit, Mich. 

Kimball, Louise — A Mrs. Charles Harden 

1414 Wesley Ave., Evanston, 111. 
Kimball, Lydia x2 4 Mrs. Robert Maxim 

4 42 5 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
King, Clara 24 Mrs. Samuel W. Maxwell 

1230 Delworth Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 
King', Mary — S Mrs. Ronald Adams 

Ft. Sill, Okla. 
King, Nancy Lovejoy x2 8 

506 Hampton PI., Portsmouth, Va. 
Kingsbury, Eleanor — A. .Mrs. H. W. Wiggins 

80 Plymouth St., Montclair, N. J. 
Kintzing, Gertrude 18. ...Mrs. J M. Wiltshire 

3309 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va. 
Kirkendall, C. x25 Mrs. H. T. Buchman 

1415 Wyoming Ave., Kingston, Pa. 
Kirker, Juliette — A Mrs. Otis W. Gregg 

369 Union St., Hackensack, N. J. 
Kirkland, V. K. x26 Mrs. M. Stewart, Jr. 

Southland Hotel, Dallas, Texas 
Klein, Cecile — A Mrs. L. J. Cane 

2970 Litchfield, Cleveland, Ohio 
Klingerhofer, Olivia x21 Mrs. H. Mitchell 

5836 Anderson St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Klooz, Marie S. 23 

Roosevelt Hotel, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Klump, Kathryn 2 4. .Mrs. F. T. McGuire, Jr. 

2 597 Derbyshire Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 
Klump, Mary W. x22 Mrs. S. H. Watson 

2714 Hampshire Rd., Cleveland Hts., 

Cleveland, Ohio 
Knapp, Roberta x20 Mrs. Kurz Ballou 

Rt. 1, Box 362 B., Long Beach, Calif. 
Knight, Varina — A Mrs. Marshall Mason 

938 Post St., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Knoedler, Alice M. x23..Mrs. W. R. Hickock 

335 So. Clinton Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Koch, Margaret D. x28 

625 Gregg Ave., Bridgeville, Pa. 
Koehler, Grace x27 

1010 5th Ave., New York City, N. Y. 
Kohler, Jane x30 

102 East 4 4th St., Savannah, Ga. 
Kohn, Eleanor x28 

315 W. 71st St., New York City, N. Y. 
Koob, Eleanor x27 

11806 Clifton Blvd., Lakewood, Ohio 
Koon, Eleanor — A 

116 Main St., Houlton, Me. 
Kremer, Elizabeth D. x31 

715 Hamilton Blvd., Hagerstown, Md. 
Krider, Margaret 26 

314 S. Aiken Ave., E. End., Pittsburgh, 

Krieg, Constance — A 

2509 Blaisdell Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Kruse, Adele — A 

8145 Madison Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 
Kunkle, Katherine — A. .Mrs. Paul H. George 

601 N. Main St., Greensburg, Pa. 
Kunkle, Margaret — A 

Chestnut Hill, Greensburg, Pa. 

Kyle, Ruth — A 
Snowden, Va. 

La Boiteaux, Mary x22 Mrs. W. Ellis, Jr. 

Forest opp. Erie Ave., Glendale, Ohio 
Lacy, Dora B. x31 

1010 Glen Iris Ave. 

Birmingham, Ala. 
Ladd, Helen x28 

1054 Martin Place, Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Laidley, Margaret 26 

% Miss M. Weitmer, 5735 Woodmont St., 

Pittsburgh, Penn. 
Laird, Mary G. — A. .Mrs. Francis B. Tucker 

3238 Q. St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Laird, Meade x31 

R. F. D. No. 1, Midlothian, Va. 
Lamar, Nellie — A Mrs. Woodall Green 

54 4 Univ. Pkway, Garden Apts., Balti- 
more, Md. 
Lamb, Isabel x30 

246 So. Lexington Ave., White Plains, 

N. Y. 
Lamb, Katherine x2 9 

Fairfield Co., Baltimore, Ohio 
Lambeth, Martha x30 

2511 Kensington PL, Nashville, Tenn. 
Lamfrom, Helen 13 Mrs. Morris Neiman 

Box No. 68, Fostoria, Ohio 
Landers, Ruth — A Mrs. Ormond E. Laird 

4813 Thomas Ave., So. Munn, Minn. 
Landis, Susanne — A Mrs. R. W. Phillips 

5449 Cornell Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Lane, Hazel G. — A 

238 Grove St., Chicapee Falls, Mass. 
Langford, Mary H. x27....Mrs. C. I. Baldwin 

Lexington, Ky. 
La Nieve, Virginia x29 Mrs. John Walker 

Garden Lane, Memphis, Tenn. 
Lansing, Charlotte x22..Mrs. Arthur C. Hardy 

28 Upland Rd., Wellesley, Mass. 
Lantz, Lucy L. — A. ...Mrs. H. Del McKinlay 

236 Glenwood Rd., Englewood, N. J. 
Lauterbach, Frances W. x23 

2108 Lexington Ave., Ashland, Ky. 
Lauver, Dorothy D. x27 

Polk Manor Apts., Euclid and 2nd Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 
LaVenture, Mildred x23-...Mrs. F. McKinney 

91 E. 18th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Lawton, Dorothy x23 

91 Lincoln St., Meriden, Conn. 
Lazarus, Mabel x22 

120 Buford Place, Macon, Ga. 
Lea, Elizabeth — S Mrs. Holt Apgar 

Lafayette Ave., Morrisville, Pa. 
Leadheater, Katherine A. 28 

414 N. Washington St., Ale.xandria, Va. 
Leake, Beverly — A Mrs. S. V. McClelland 

1417 S. 33rd St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Leatham, Dorothy x25 Mrs. Tom Nelson 

2219 Madison Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 

Lee. Edna Van Ingen 26 

5 Prospect Terrace, Montclair, N. J. 

Lee, Jane C. 23 Mrs. Milton Best 

Fremont, N. C. 



Lee, Janet x29 

750 Park Ave., New York City, N. Y. 
Lee, Mary Ashley x22 Mrs. Howard Smith 

Marlin, Texas 
Lee, Mary L. 28 

Fembank Ave., Sayler Pk., Cincinnati, 0. 
Lee, Martha 25. .Mrs. W. H. Wllliamison, Jr. 

702 Hei-mitage Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 
Leedon, Janet x21 

301 W. 1st St., Oil City, Pa. 
Leet, Margaret x27 Mrs. Frank Briganti 

211 Wooton Ave., Friendship Hts., Md. 
Leggett, Helen — S 

314 N. Homewood Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Le Hardy, Virginia x30 

110 Pelham Rd., Rochester, N. Y. 
Leigh, Margaret 27 

10 So. Sycamore St., Petersburg, Va. 
Leigh, Virginia L. x30 

209 E. 15th St., Little Rock, Ark. 
Leiper, Ellen 23 Mrs. K. A. Quarterman 

1603 Broadway, Little Rock, Ark. 
Lelly, Mildred Gladys — A 

4315 5th Ave., Huntington, W. Va. 
Lemon, Avazo — A 

Roanoke, Va. 
Leonard, Mary B. x29 

5323 Grand Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 
Leopold, Elizabeth S. x25..Mrs. H. R. Potter 

Lincoln Ct. Apts., Overbrook, Pa. 
Leute, Marjorie C. x25....Mrs. Harold Crouse 

The Chatham, 49th and Locust, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 
Lewis, B. DeZouche x28 Mrs. B. Maxwell 

Apt. 161 Tampico, Tamps, Mexico 
Lewis, Barbara R. x29 

135 Linwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Lewis, Claudia — A.. 

% Mrs. T. D. Wright, Trinity Ave., Dur- 
ham, N. C. 
Lewis, Elizabeth — A 

Frederick, Md. 
Lewis, Flora — A Mrs. Dudley Mayo, Jr. 

Kingston Pike, Knoxville, Tenn. 
Lewis, Margaret — A...JMrs. W. B. Thompson 

Rt. No. 2, Box 161, Lewiston, Idaho 
Lewis, Marguerite — A. .Mrs. W. A. Green, Jr. 

3420 St. John's Dr., Dallas, Texas 
Lieber, Edith — A Mrs. Kurt Vonnegnt 

4365 N. niinois Ave., Indianapolis, fiid. 
Lietig, Doris Mrs. Lester W. McDevitt 

36 Arcadia PI., Hyde Park, Cincinnati, 0. 
Lincoln, Marian F. x21..Mrs. J. J. Van Dyke 

2 Summit Rd., Verona, N. Y. 
Lindsay, Marjorie — A Mrs. Coon 

Gibson St., Kingston, Pa. 
Link, Helen — A Mrs. Walter A. Weidely 

3782 E. Scarborough Rd., Cleveland, O. 
Lipscomb, Dorothy x26 

3714 West End Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 
Little, Indel x30 

3740 Military Rd., Chevy Chase, Md. 
Little, Katherine x30 

501 N. 21st St., Fort Smith, Ark. 
Little, Virginia Weston x22 

514 Essex Road, Kenilworth, HI. 

Lloyd, Elsie R. — A. ...Mrs. George W. Tandy 

117 W. Seeman St., Durham, N. C. 
Lloyd, Lillian — A.. Mrs. Raymond L. Thayer 

Cedar Gate, Darien, Conn. 
Lloyd, Margaret — A Mrs. D. L. Merrell 

400 Harrison St., Lynchburg, Va. 
Lloyd, Rachel 17 Mrs. Hoyt S. Holton 

535 Winfield Rd., Toledo, Ohio 
Lloyd, Ruth — A 

407 Winthrop St., Toledo, Ohio 
Lobinger, Martha 24 Mrs. W. W. Luck 

5523 Ellsworth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Lockhart, Margaret M. x25 

2 423 Walton Way, Augusta, Ga. 
Lokey, Boyce x30 

92 E. 14th St., Atlanta, Ga. 
Loney, Corinne S. 20. ...Mrs. Geo. E. Benson 

31 Summer St., Salem, Mass. 
Long, Minnie deFoix 22 Mrs. York Wilson 

Rock Hill, S. C. 
Longwell, Kathryn x23..Mrs. Granville Davis 

301 N. Scovill Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Loomis, Josephine x24 Mrs. W. R. Burt 

57 Guest St., Battle Creek, Mich. 
Lomey, Tennie B. 

1305 Harrison Blvd., Boise, Idaho 
Lorton, Marie — S Mrs. William B. Sims 

1757 K. St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Lott, Elizabeth x28 

931 S. Dakota Ave., Tampa, Fla. 
Loughery, Mary E. 26 Mrs. L. D. Arthur 

1533 South Blvd., Charlotte, N. O. 
Lovell, Virginia — S.-Mrs. William R. Haggart 

1205 4th Ave., South Fargo, N. D. 
Lovett, Dorothy 23 ..Mrs. P. E. Stevenson 

1661 5th Ave., Huntington, W. Va. 
Lovett, Margaret, 27 

"Gray Gables," Huntington, W. Va. 
Lovett, Mildred 26 

"Gray Gables," Huntington, W. Va. 
Lowder, Margaret H. x30 

1841 Danplim Way, Mobile, Ala. 
Lowman, Elizabeth 18 Mrs. A. B. Hall 

866 Euclid Ave., Elmira, N. Y. 
Lowrance, Bes.s 28 

400 North 10th St., Ponca City, Okla. 
Lowrance, Ruth 27 Mrs. G. P. Street 

The Settman Apts., Los Ebanos, Browns- 
ville, Texas 
Lowry, Adele — A Mrs. A. L. Lamb, Jr. 

Signal Mountain, Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Lowry, Jeanne — A Mrs. J. B. Banks 

Charleston-General Hospital, Charleston, 

W. Va. 
Luck, Elizabeth Ashton 27 

Twin Maples, Middleburg, Va. 
Luke, Isabel 19 Mrs. T. Foster Witt 

182 4 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Lumbard, Katherine R. x31 

8 Lenox Ave., White Plains, N. Y. 
Lundholm, Ruth I. x21 

1514 Lincoln Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
Lynn, Gladys C. — A Mrs. Lynn McEenzie 

Montezuma, Ga. 
LjTiott, Eleanor — S 

Louisiana, Mo. 



McCaa, Mary — A Mrs. Joseph D. Deal 

413 Fairfax Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

McCaa, Nellie L. — S Mrs. Hardy S. Cole 

705 Westoner Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

McCallum, Katherine — S...-Mrs. J. L. Morley 
1632 Marshall, Houston, Texas 

McCamish, Frances x26..Mrs. Albert McNeil 
Babcock Rd., San Antonio, Texas 

McCary, Helen— A Mrs. Wiley Ballard 

Northwood Drive, Atlanta, Ga. 

McCaw, Mary D. 23 

274 Georgia Ave., Macon, Ga. 
McClain, Ethel M. x2 2..Mrs. F. T. Bumbaugh 

1611 Miriam St., Swissvale, Pittsburgh, 

McClain, Lucilla — A..Mrs. I. T. Van Patten 

Box No. 112b, Algonquin Park, Norfolk, 

McClain, Marie Mrs. Max Werner 

704 W. Alabama, Houston, Texas 

McClay, Katherine — A.. ..Mrs. Murray Smith 
205 Southview Rd., Dayton, Ohio 

McClintock, Mary L. — A. Mrs. C. W. Norton 

Forest City, Ark. 
McCluer, Margaret — -A 

Langhorn Rd., Lynchburg, Va. 
McConnell, Doris — A. .Mrs. Edward H. Faile 

Fenimore Rd., Mamaroneck, N. Y. 
McComiick, Mary F. x22 Mrs. Jim Comer 

Eufaula, Ala. 
McCormick, Pearl x28 

108 Irving Rd., Lexington, Ky. 
McCracken, Alice E. x22 

119 Central Pk., Petersburg, Va. 
McCrillis, Lorraine 24 

4 N. Main St., Holley, N. Y. 
McDavid, Rose O. — A Mrs. L. P. Munger 

224 2nd St., Birmingham, Ala. 
McDonald, K. — A Mrs. R. D. Cummings 

14 23 D. St., Eureka, Calif. 
McEwan, Virginia — A Mrs. John Gaerste 

"Bonner-Moss," Whippany, N. J. 
McFall, Sarah — S 

Anderson, S. C. 
McFarland, Estella — A 

624 N. James St., Rome, N. Y. 
McGee, LaVevne 23 

14 00 Webster Ave., New Orleans, La. 
McGeehee, Edna x2 9 

3 Main St., Reidsville, N. C. 
McGiffert, G. R. 25 Mrs. D. MacLennan 

2209 Fremont Ave. South, Minneapolis 

McGowin, Lillie Belle — A 

976 Government St., Mobile, Ala. 

McGuire, Richie 23 

1510 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. 
McHenry, Martha 25 

SeSoto, Clarksdale, Miss. 
McHravy, Ruth 17 Mrs. Western Logan 

317 Sea View, Piedmont, Calif. 
McKee, Dorothy 26. .Mrs. Hampton Abney, Jr. 

3738 Holland Ave., Dallas, Texas 
McKee, Marianna — A 

609 E. Peru Ave., Princeton, 111. 

McKellar, Elizabeth x23 
Forney, Texas 

McKelvy, Edith x26 

1421 Shady Ave., Squerrel Hill Sta., 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

McKenzie, lone L. 25 Mrs. George Walker 

Parkmount Apt., Lynchburg, Va. 

Mckinney, Frances x23....Mr8. Charles Jones 
1421 Bowling Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

McKinney, Mary — A. .Mrs. Floyd P. Goodson 
Morristown, Tenn. 

McKinney, Sarah Day x26..Mr8. John Grover 
2 231 Bancroft PL, Washington, D. C. 

McLaren, Gertrude — A 
Lake FpiTest, 111. 

McLemore, M. W. 21. .Mrs. Robert Matthews 

6A Meadowbrook Apt., Norfolk, Va. 
McMahon, Helen 23 

Park Hill, Huntington, W. Va. 
McMahon, Katherine E. x2S 

Park Hill, Huntington, W. Va. 
McMillan, Mary x23 

213 Lamor Ave., Paris, Texas 
McNally, Mary Belle 21. .Mrs. Jos. W. Walker 

New Gascony, Ark. 
McNally, Susan Josephine x2 2 

Corner Stone, Ark. 
McNeal, Idelle — S Mrs. Bell Covington 

Reedville, Va. 
McNeer, Bessie — A 

Box No. 67, Middletown, Va. 
McNeil, M. Eleanor 28 

1427 Douglas St., Sioux City, Iowa 
MePheeters, Isabel x28 

2893 Berkshire Rd., Cleveland. Ohio 
McVey, Margaret 18 

1417 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. 
McWane, Mabel — S Mrs. P. B. Harrah 

11 Cape Fear Apts., Wilmington, N. C. 
McWhorton, Low E. — A Mrs. R. J. Carroll 

1563 Virginia St., Charleston, W. Va. 
McWilliams, Margaret x28..Mrs. John Walsh 

1157 Third St., Louisville, Ky. 
MacBain, Grace — A Mrs. Herbert P. Ladd 

4413 Underwood Ave., Baltimore, Md. 
MacDonald, Katherine — A 

15 Gramercy Pk., N. Y. C, N. Y. 
MacGeorge, Rebecca xl8..Mrs. J. S. Bennett 

6310 Woodlain Ave., Overbrook, Pa. 
MacGregor, Myrta 2 6 

634 Summerlea St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Mack, Virginia 26 

35 Elizabeth Apt., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Mackall, Emily — A 

3044 O St'., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Mackay, Alma Elizabeth — A 

108 Lafayette Ave., Passaic, N. J. 
MacKain, Janet 27 

378 Fairview Ave., Orange, N. J. 
MacKoy, Margaret x2 9 

Lexington Pike, Covington, Ky. 
MacLeod, Muriel 24 

594 Lindwood Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Macpherson, Janice R. x26 

The Commodore, Asheville, N. C. 



MacQueen, Alberta 26 

Katonah, N. Y. 
MacQueen, Elizabeth H. 25 Mrs. Nelson 

152 Brewster Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. 
ilacQiieen, Mildred x29 

Katonah, N. Y. 
Maddox, Lillie 22 Mrs. James H. Whitner 

305 Circle Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 
Madson, Elizabeth .\18. Mrs. William S. Eddy 

510 Belmont Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Magee, Cynthia — A. .Mrs. Lawrence McConell 

Clark's Summit, Pa. 
Mahone, Marie — A Mrs. Harry B. Finch 

336 Freemason St., Norfolk, Va. 
Mahoney, Margaret D. 28 

1422 Peaehtree PL, Atlanta, Ga. 
Malet, Antoinette 2 

Roger Hall, Lowell, Mass. 
Mallory, Austiiia x2S 

Lexington, Va. 
Malone, Elizabeth — A 

East Texas Teachers College, Box 402, 

Commerce, Texas 
Malone, M. 26. ...Mrs. J. B. McClements, Jr. 

5500 Elmer St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Mann, Marjorie x24 Mrs. I. Lester Thomas 

215 Clinton St., Findlay, Ohio 
Manning, Elizabeth 2 5 Mrs. Sidney Wade 

321 E. 43rd St., New York City, N. Y. 
Manning, Helen Whitney — S 

Lawrenceville, N. J. 
Manning, Rebecca 2 7 

333 E. 43rd St., N. Y. C, N. Y. 
Manson, Clyde x30 Mrs. Tom Trotter 

Mission Ridge, Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Mantor, Anita x23 

1118 W. 7th St., Taylor, Texas 
Markam, Dorothy x2 9 

5118 Wisconsin Ave., N. W., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 
Markell, Catlierine — A Mrs. F. V. Bridges 

The Negley, Hagerstown, Md. 
Markley, Madelyn x28 

416 W. Central Ave., Blufifton, Ind. 
Marsh, Mildred — A Mrs. Foster 

1249 W. Chester PI., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Marsh, Sarah x23 

Tyler, Texas 
Marshall, Catherine 18...JMrs. John D. Shuler 

28 Foster Dr., Des Moines, Iowa 
Marshall, Celia 2 4 

1819 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Marshall, Hazel — A. ...Mrs. Tate Boys Sterritt 

Fassifern Farm, Warm Springs, Va. 
Marshall, Lucille xl3....Mrs. A. R. Boethfelt 

2170 Maplewood Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 
Marshall, Mary D. 24 Mrs. J. A. Hobson 

111 Middle St., Portsmouth, Va. 
Marston, Emily — S Mrs. Walter Cumnock 

Upper River Rd., Louisville, Ky. 
Marston, Margaret W. x22 Mrs. W. Tillar 

Emporia, Va. 
Marston, Ruth — A Mrs. Barton Palmer 

Saluda, Va. 
Martin, Frances — A 

4116 Warwick Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 

Martin, Georgia D. x25 

212 Vine St., Newport, Ark. 
Martin, Grace L. — A 

Greenville, Pa. 
Martin, Mabel x2 4 Mrs. Edwin E. Ward 

164 5 Overton Pk. Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 
Martin, Marianne 18 

Jones Memorial Library, Rivermont Ave., 

Lynchburg, Va. 
Martin, Mary Hampton x25 

3 Erwin Park, Montclalr, N. J. 
Martin, Miriam x26 

LaCrosse, Wis. 
Martin, Ruth x23 

6201 Walnut St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Mason, Elizabeth x23.-Mrs. Stanlay Richards 

354 Highland Ave., Wallaston, Mass. 
Mason, Helen S. x20 Mrs. Robert Smith 

228 Pi-ospect St., Hagerstown, Md. 
Mason, Janet — A Mrs. P. M. Biedler 

1834 Bolton St., Baltimore, Md. 
Massle, Elizabeth x24 Mrs. Cabell Davis 

2205 Washington St., Charleston, W. Va. 
Massie, Helen J. — A. .Mrs. Horace Rlvercombe 

Clifton Forge, Va. 
Massie, Helen Louise x23..Mrs. W. S. Stonall 

1031 W. French, San Antonio, Texas 
Massie, Ida Watkins 20. Mrs. C. B. Valentine 

510 N. Meadow St., Richmond, Va. 
Massie, Martha Manson — A 

923 Federal St., Lynchburg, Va. 
Masters, Margaret T. x25 

W. Mermaid Lane, Chestnut Hill, Pa. 
Mather, E. Lee x27 Mrs. Saxley Chaplin 

Belvedere Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 
Mathews, Bonnie S. 28 

5820 Ilurst St., New Orleans, La. 
Matthews, Elizabeth 27 

1501 Quarrier St., Charleston, W. Va. 
Matson, Frances 12 Mrs. Edward Hardie 

4445 Santa Monica Ave., Ocean Beach, 

San Diego, Calif. 
Matthews, Marie x23- ..Mrs. Charles Lee, ■}r. 

188 Taconia Circle, Montford Hill, 

Ashville, N. C. 

Maurice, Ruth 14 Mrs. E. S. Gorrell 

1639 N. Delaware St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Maybank, Anne 2 6 

68 Meeting St., Charleston, S. C. 

Maybank, Theodora P. 2 7 

68 Meeting St., Charleston, S. C. 

Mayfield, Cornelia — A Mrs. B. Winston 

Richmond, Texas 
Mays, Alice x29 

Amherst, Va. 
Meade, Mary Opie 2 7 

139 S. Main St., Danville, Va. 

Meals, Margaret x25 Mrs. William Ewart 

103 8 N. Negley Ave., Pittsburgh, Penn. 

Means, Bonner — A Mrs. J. A. Baker, Jr. 

Richmond, Rd., Houston, Texas 
Medlin, Otelia — A Mrs. W. H. Rogers 

Lancaster Terrace, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Meek, Mildred xl9 Mrs. N. E. Meador, Jr. 

202 Rosemary Ave., San Antonio, Texas 



Meginnis, Dorothy P. 28 

380 New Scotland Ave., Albany, N. Y. 

Meinecke, Catherine L. x25 

224 Prospect Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
Mengel, Eudora Faith x22..Mrs. P. H. Davis 

557 Park Ave., Albany, N. Y. 
Meredith, Anne Elles — A 

3430 Burch Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 
Meredith, E. x24 .Mrs. A. D. Strange-Boston 

82 4 Oneonta St., Shreveport, La. 
Meriwether, Elizabeth x2 5..Mrs. F. A. Benson 
4903 Main St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Meriwether, Mollie x25 Mrs. W. H. Evans 

1230 Linden Ave., Apt. 9, Memphis, 

Merrick, Grace 24 Mrs. John Twohy, II 

1425 Bowling Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Merrick, Sarah 26 Mrs. Victor Houriet 

2596 Braxton Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 
Menitt, Elizabeth — A 

% Dr. Menitt, Chevy Chase, Md. 
Merritt, Emily Turner — A 

619 N. Baylen St., Pensacola, Fla. 
Merritt, Kitten xl4 

619 N. Baylen St., Pensacola, Fla. 
Metz, Barbara x31 

Cowfort Hill, Decator, Ga. 
Mevay, Katherine x28 

3 Wilmots Ave., Washington, Pa. 
Meyer, Kathryn x28..Mrs. E. T. Allegaert, Jr. 

33 Oakland Ave., Bloomfleld, N. J. 
Meyers, Dorothy x24....Mrs. Eppa Rixey, Jr. 

Terrace Park, Ohio 
Mierke, Margaret Roberta 22 

19751 Malvem Rd., Shaker Heights, 
Cleveland, Ohio 
Miles, Katherine x29 

Cynwyd, Pa. 
MilhoUand, Irene — A.. Mrs. D. C. McClelland 

1021 Highland Ave., LaFayette, Ind. 
Millard, Georgia G. — S 

431 Kenilworth, Toledo, Ohio 

Millard, Mary C. x24 Mrs. Willard Webb 

2115 Scott Wood, Toledo, Ohio 

Miller, Alice Macy x22 3Irs. Neil J. Bly 

410 S. High St., Winchester, Ind. 
Miller, Catherine x23..Mrs. G. F. R. Pollard 

26 Kempshall PL, Elizabeth, N. J. 
Miller, Celia x23 

521 N. Main St., Henderson, Ky. 
Miller, Edith A. 23. ...Mrs. Oliver McClintock 
Marianna, Arkansas 

Miller, Eleanor 25 Mrs. W. B. Patterson 

1613 Lyndhurst Ave., Chariotte, N. C. 

Miller, Elizabeth 27 Mrs. Russell Allen 

282 Union St., Springfield, Mass. 
Miller, Fannie — A. .Mrs. Carrington Williams 

401 N. Allen Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Miller, Lucile C. x26 
Henderson, N. C. 
Miller, Marion x27 

2005 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Miller, Sallie R. xl4....Mrs. John R. Bennett 

Emmons Apts., Hunting^ton, W. Va. 

Milligan, Marjorie 23 Mrs. Clark Bassett 

116 12th Ave., N. E., Aberdeen, S. D. 

Milligan, Millicent x27 

519 S. Kline St., Aberdeen, S. D. 
Milligan, Muriel 23 

519 S. Kline St., Aberdeen, S. D. 
Milliken, Milley x29 

% F. W. Cutcheon, 7 Rue de Tilsitt, 
Reparation Commission, Paris, France 
Millinger, Phillis 2 4 

5213 Friendship Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Mills, Elizabeth Lucille — A 

R. F. D. No. 4, ClarksviUe, Tenn. 

Milne, Ethel — A Mrs. Beahl Taylor 

Signal Mt., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Milne, Grace — A 

Signal Mt., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Milne, Margaret x25 

Signal Mt., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Milne, Mary x23 

Signal Mt., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Milne, Sterling — A Mrs. Harold Morrison 

Signal Mt., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Minor, Grace — A 

314 Spring St., N., Independence, Mo. 
Minor, Katherine D. x22..Mrs. Hill Montarue 

1830 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Mitchell, Anne x26....Mrs. D. W. Valentine 

Niel Wood Gables, Columbus, Ohio 
Mitchell, Bessie Clyde 2 4 

Marion, Va. 
Mitchell, Mary M. x24..Mrs. A. V. Stackhouse 
127 E. 48th St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Mitchell, Olive E. — S Mrs. J. H. Jaquish 

Senior High School, Atlantic City, N. J. 
Mixon, Mary F. — A. Mrs. Robert McClintock 
Marianna, Ark. 

Mize, Katherine — A Mrs. A. J. Accola 

1359 Race St., Denver, Colo. 

Molly, Evelyn — A Mrs. H. Bradshaw 

1101 Nottingham Rd., Wilmington, DeL 
Monroe, Jeanette — A 

44 Prospect Dr., Yonkers, N. Y. 
Montague, Margaret 2 7 

2516 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Montgomeiy, Lucille — S.Mrs. John Cart, Jr. 

195 Clifton Ave., Spartanburg, S. C. 
Montgomery, Mildred — A. .Mrs. F. R. Hocker 

Elizabethtown, Ky. 
Moon, Emily Jane — S....Mrs. Louis SpiUman 

19 Clinton PL, New Rochelle, N. Y. 
Moor, Jane E. x30 

2444 Putnam St., Toledo, Ohio 

Moore, Barbara x20....Mrs. W. L. Hewitt, Jr. 
Marion, S. C. 

Moore, Danna R. — A Mrs. J. Mathews, Jr. 

4620 Norwood Dr., Chevy Chase, Md. 
Moore, Eleanor H. — A Mrs. H. E. Randall 

59 Grafton Ave., Dayton, Ohio 

Moore, Elizabeth 2 6 

257 Kings Highway W., Haddonfield, N. J. 
Moore, Frances E. x30 

518 E. Main St., Rock HiU, S. C. 
Moore, Hallie 21 Mrs. John W. Crisler 

322 W. 2nd St., Clarksdale, Miss. 
Moore, Ida x30 

1620 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. 



Moore, Margaret Elizabeth x28 

5005 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Moore, Pauline — A Mrs. Francis Bourne 

Cumberland Ave., Asheville, N. C. 
More, Charlotte A. — A. ...Mrs. H. M. Meloney 

Beverley Rd., Douglas Manor, Douglaston, 

N. Y. 
Morgan, Martha S. 21 

Brockport, N. Y. 
Morgenroth, Elsa — A Mrs. W. B. Kleeman 

23 Cassily St., Springfield, Ohio 
Morley, Elsie 27 

Beams. ey, Cranbrook Rd., Birmingham, 

Morris, Edith — S Mrs. J. C. Coleman 

1630 Aramer St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Morris, Emily — A Mrs. James T. Coleman 

1032 W. Craig Place, San Antonio, Tex. 
Morris, Emma 11 

910 Grace St., Richmond, Va. 
Morris, Helen E. x23 Mrs. Harold Morrey 

4413 Klingle Rd., N. W., Washington, 

D. C. 
Morris, Lucy M. — A 

505 W. Elm St., Tyler, Texas 
Morris, Virginia x2 8 Mrs. E. H. Kincaid 

2923 28th St., Washington, D. C. 
Morse, Eleanor — A 

202 Linden Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Morse, Gertrude — A 

202 Linden Ave., Oak Park, El. 
Morton, Aline— S Mrs. Roland W. Burt 

126 So. Ashland Ave., La Grange, 111. 
Morton, Jessie x23 Mrs. F. T. Wolfe 

681 Summit Ave., Westfield, N. J. 
Moseley, Alice B. xl4....Mrs. Emery Wilder 

687 Hill Road, Winnetka, HI. 
Motter, Serena xl4 

109 E. 2nd St., Frederick, Md. 
Mossman, Vivian xl3..Mrs. Frank B. Groves 

531 12th Ave., Huntington, W. Va. 
Mountcastle, Grace — A Mrs. R. Snowden 

1397 Central Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 
Mowry, Helen 24. ...Mrs. George C. Johnson 

2 Grace St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Mulhauser, Virginia R. x25 

140 Wentworth Ave., Clifton, 

Cincinnati, Ohio 
Munce, Nancy xl7 Mrs. Herbert E. Jones 

Amherstdale, W. Va. 
Munroe, Abbie 14 Mrs. Frank P. May, Jr. 

Quincy, Fla. 
Munroe, Elsie x25 Mrs. Ralph Haller 

813 3rd PL, Plainfield, N. J. 
Munson, Mary 22 

712 So. End St., Springfield, Bl. 
Murphy, Merritt M. x30....Mrs. J. W. Green 

51 Oakwood Ave., Long Branch, N. J. 
Murray, E. B. x22....Mrs. W. W. Widau, Jr. 

529 Ward Parkway, Kansas City, Mo. 
Murray, Josephine 11. .Mrs. J. W. Joslin, Jr. 

32 So. William St., Johnstown, N. Y. 
Murrell, Frances 10 Mrs. E. Rickards 

North Shore Point, Norfolk, Va. 
Mutschler, Helen 26 Mrs. Markel Becker 

711 Hollain St., Wrightsville, Pa. 

Myers, Frances — A 

323 E. Freemason St., Norfolk, Va. 

Nash, Eugenia x27 

200 Castle Ave., Waco, Te.xas 
Nash, Frances 24 Mrs. J. B. Grand 

3416 Chateau Ave., Waco, Texas 
Neal, Berwyn — S Mrs. 0. Heise 

1141 Gresham Rd., Plainfield, N. J. 
Neal, Dorothy 19 Mrs. Hugh A. Smith 

% Pac Power and Light, Wapata, Wash. 
Neal, Fanny Y. x2 4 Mrs. T. M. TuU 

309 Midland Ave., St. Davids, Pa. 
Neal, Gladys x24 Mrs. Weimer Dicky 

62 4 College St., Macon, Ga. 
Neal, Laura Talbot — A 

922 Juliana St., Parkersburg, W. Va. 
Neal, Sadie — A Mrs. Edmund F. Herd 

Hampton, Va. 
Nebenzahl, Esther — A Mrs. A. S. Tepper 

680 Central Ave., Far Rockaway, L. I., 

N. Y. 
Neidig, Hope — S Mrs. Thomas R. Shipp 

331:; Oliver St., Chevy Chase, Md. 
Neidig, Vema — S....Mrs. Reinald Werrenrath 

% Mrs. Thomas R. Shipp, 

3313 Oliver St., Chevy Chase, Md. 
Nelms, Mary B. x28 

6379 Drexel Rd., Overbrook, Pa. 
Nelson, Ailce — A Mrs. Duncan Smith 

42 Washington Sq., N. Y. C, N. Y. 
Nelson, Henerietta 26 

1100 Gregg St., Columbia, S. C. 
Nelson, Julia Jean — A 

29 Hampton Court, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Nelson, King — A 

402 E. Main St., Staunton, Va. 
Nelson, Margaret McC. 24 

Stonehurst Apt. 5, Atlantic City, N. J. 
Nes, Dorothy — A 

31 N. Lime St., Lancaster, Pa. 
Neville, Maria — A Mrs. Stanton Brown 

1822 Washington, Waco, Texas 
Neville, Willie — A 

1049 Dauplin Way, Mobile, Ala. 
Newald, Gertrude — A Mrs. Charles Levy 

1388 Downer Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Newbv, Kathleen x25..Mrs. Thomas 0. McGee 

561 East Main St., Spartanburg, S. C. 
Newby, Maylon B. 22 Mrs. W. M. Pierce 

Crewe, Va. 
Newell, Anne Lane x28 

1 Clifton Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 
Newell, Ellen x26 

1 Clifton Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 
Newey, Helen G. x29 

436 Lake Ave., Wilmete, HI. 
Newkirk, Louisa 23 

914 Clinton St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Newson, Elizabeth A. — S.-Mrs. E. H. Healey 

Elm PI., Webster Grove, Mo. 
Newton, Martha A. 23 Mrs. T. D. Grover 

51 Arlington PL, Macon Ga. 
Nickelson, Dorothy x23....Mrs. W. P. Runyon 

100 Rector St., Perth Amboy, N. J. 
Nicodemus, Grace H. — S 

1405 Eutaw Place, Baltimore, Md. 



Nichol, Mary x28 

Griffin, Ga. 
Nicholsan, Helen xl5....Mr8. Y. R. Schiveley 

426 So. 23rd St., Richmond, Ind. 
Nicholson, Katherine — A Mrs. G. Sydnor 

9 Stonehurst Green, Richmond, Va. 

Nisbet, Martha .x26 

R. F. D. 2, Macon, Ga. 
Nixon, Margaret 23 Mrs. H. G. Farrar 

101 S. El Malino, Alhambra, Calif. 
Nixon, Mary Jones 19.. ..Mrs. Emil B. Turner 

Booneville, Mo. 
Nobles, Doris x23 

Amarillo, Texas 
Noll, Mary Pricilla 26. .Mrs. W. S. Keys, Jr. 

606 Broadway, Hastings-on-the-Hudson, 

N. Y. 
Norris, Beulah Ingles 22 

2023 E. 89th St., Cleveland, Ohio 
Norris, Clarita — S 

Eagle Pass, Texas 
Norris, Katharyn 26 

150 Gates Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
North, Marion — S Mrs. Charles Lewin 

90 State St., New Bedford, Mass. 
Northcott, Amizette — A Mrs. P. McFadden 

Beaumont, Texas 
Norton, Delphine 24 Mrs. Henry Prescott 

115 E. 90th St., New York City, N. Y. 
Notman, Emily Louise x27 

192 St. James Ave., Springfield, Mass. 
Nottingham, Fannie x26....Mrs. Marion Scott 

Cape Charles, Va. 

O'Bannon, Carolyn — A. .Mrs. Charles C. Culp 

1747 Sulgrave Rd., Louisville, Ky. 
O'Brien, Isadore x28 

1435 Graves St., Huntington, W. Va. 
Oettinger, Dorette — A 

619 Park Ave., Goldsboro, N. C. 
Oettinger, Helen — A Mrs. Mark Eisner 

18 Heathcote Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. 
O'Keefe, Elizabeth x31 

303 Macon St., Carthage, Mo. 
Clin, Lila B. — A Mrs. Frank P. Morgan 

10 Scott St., Montgomery, Ala. 
Oliver, Elizabeth W. 28 

Oregon Hotel, Greenwood, S. C. 
Orchard, Eleanor x27 

1711 Hammond Ave., Superior, Wis. 
Orde, Margaret x27 Mrs. B. Bradstreet 

486 Greenleaf Ave., Glencoe, HI. 
Orgill, Lucy x27 Mrs. Sidney W. Genette 

1521 Linden Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 
Orme, Eloise — A Mrs. Orme Robinson 

2235 Que St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Orr, Elizabeth R. x30 

5708 Stanton Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Orr, Louise x30 

Leesburg, Va. 
Orr, Gretchen 27 

2151 Luray Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 
Osborne, Mary — A Mrs. Guy C. Steves 

Sound Beach, Conn. 
Owen, Bergetta — A 

557 Lake Drive, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Owen, Ellen — A 

138 Union Ave., N. E., Grand Rapids, 

Owens, Katherine x28 

2290 Calder Ave., Beaumont, Texas 

Page, Adella — A 

"Dulwick Manor," Amherst, Va. 
Page, Elizabeth — A. ...Mrs. B. S. Royster, Jr. 

Oxford, N. C. 
Paige, Ellen x23 

81 Edgerton Rd., Akron, Ohio 
Paige, Katherine x28 

131 Clark Place, Memphis, Tenn. 
Palin, Ruth xl8 Mrs. Frank C. Huntress 

Keene, N. H. 
Palmer, Elise xl7..Mrs. F. E. Parkhurst, Jr. 

195 N. Franklin St., Wilkes Barre, Pa. 
Pape, Elizabeth 24 

9250 Pleasant Ave., Chicago, HI. 
Park, Gladys x26 

"Crows Nest," Columbia, Tenn. 
Parke, Marian x2 4 Mrs. W. H. Fritz, Jr. 

Church Road, Wayne, Pa. 
Parker, Frances B. — A Mrs. M. S. Pray 

Rochelle Park, New Rochelle, N. Y. 
Parker, Mary Frances x30 

111 Astor St., Danville, Va. 
Parker, Mary Virginia 11 

302 N. High St., Franklin, Va. 
Pan-is, Juliette — A Mrs. Theodore Gill, Jr. 

3411 Newark St., Washington, D. C. 
Parrish, Elise — A. ...Mrs. William S. Weddell 

1101 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Parrish, Mary — A Mrs. Thrift Ferguson 

6 Granville Rd., Meyers Pk., Charlotte, 

N. C. 
Parsons, Katherine x30 

2 48 N. Edgewood St., Greensboro, N. 0. 
Patterson, Jessie x30 

1501 Librai7 Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 
Patterson, Julia Meade — A 

39 Union St., Petersburg, Va. 
Patterson, Mildred x26 

923 Kirby St., Lake Charles, La. 
Patterson, Nella xl3 Mrs. Currell Vance 

372 8 Richland Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 
Patton, Anna 27 

911 E. Terrace, Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Patton, Felicia 16 

Catlettsburg, Ky. 
Patton, Rebecca 14 

Catlettsburg, Ky. 
Pauly, Gertrude 21. .Mrs. Robert W. Crawford 

5255 Bluff St., Janesville, Wis. 
Payne, Elizabeth x29 

2117 Rivermont Ave., Lynchburg, Va. 
Payne, Josephine 19 Mrs. Peter O. Miller 

3504 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Payne, Mary N. x23....Mrs. A. Victor Millner 

506 W. 24th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Payne, Pauline 27 

233 Kevin Place, Toledo, Ohio 
Payne, Phyllis 23 Mrs. Norvell Scott 

Dumont Apts., Lynchburg, Va. 
Peck, Helen Louise — A 

42 Park Place, New Britain, Conn. 



Peckwell, Dorothy — A.. ..Mrs. J. D. Cremer, Jr. 

4319 Fessinden St., Washin^on, D. C. 
Peebles, Carlotta — S 

Emporia, Va. 
Peele, Marion L. — A 

The Hague Apts., Norfolk, Va. 
Pennewill, K. E. 21 Mrs. H. E. Lynch, Jr. 

II Cecil St., Dover, Del. 

Pennock, Helen K. — A.. ..Mrs. Homer Jewett 

2680 West Pk. Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 
Pennypacker, Elmyra 20 

517 Main St., PhoenLxville, Pa. 
Pennypacker, Frances W. 15 

1314 W. 10th St., Wilmington, Del. 
Pennypacker, Mary G. 16. .Mrs. Wm. F. Davis 

461 Fairview Ave., Orange, N. J. 
Perkins, Alice Lee x30 

911 North St., Nacogdoches, Texas 
Perkins, Almena 25 

Simmsport, La. 
Perkins, Grace H. xlO..Mrs. Kenneth Winbish 

1120 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va. 
Perkins, Martha C. — S 

Edgewater, Norfolk, Va. 
Perrin, Roberta Lee x27 

1721 East 3rd St., Duluth, Minn. 
Peterson, Lois E. 26 

1236 Andrews Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 
Petritz, Margaret — S Mrs. Alan Harris 

2025 Clinton St., Rockford, HL 
Peyton, Kathryn 26 

600 Stoner Ave., Shreveport, La. 
Pfeififer, Luima — A Mrs. Charles Becker 

3773 Washington Blvd., 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Pfister, Bertha 17 Mrs. Benjamin Wailes 

Sweet Briar, Va. 
Phillips, Ella Parr x28 

909 Sumter St., Columbia, S. C. 
Phillips, Katherine x28 

2300 Ardleigh Dr., Cleveland, Ohio 
Phlegar, Katherine — A 

Christiansburg, Va. 

Pickett, Elizabeth May 22. .Mrs. L. B. Mills 

Mooresville, N. C. 
Pierce, Mary E. x23 

III 29th St., Norfolk, Va. 
Pike, Helen Louise x29 

831 Virginia Park, Detroit, Mich. 
Pinkerton, Eleanor — A. .Mrs. R. L. Greenwood 

108 Oak Dr., Catonsville, Md. 
Pinkerton, Mary 13 — S Mrs. James Ken- 
Converse College, Spartanburg, S. C. 
Piper, Gertrude 17 Mrs. F. H. Skillem 

405 8th St., Buhl, Idaho 
Plumb, Vivian 27 

140 Main St., Terryville, Conn. 
Plummer, Emilv x24 

419 N. State St., Jackson, Miss. 
Plummer, Evelyn x23 Mrs. Harold Braun 

254 Kent Rd., Wynnewood, Pa. 
Poague, Catherine — A Mrs. Phillip Leffel 

914 Michigan Ave., Evanston, HI. 
Pochat, Louise — S Mrs. Harold Hattersby 

4122 Forest Ave., Norwood, 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Poindexter, Jane x28....Mrs. Paul S. Steward 

Houstin St., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Polk, Ella x28 

1782 Albert St., Alexandria, La. 
Pollard, Julia x27 

1648 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va. 
Pope, Flora S. x28 

2536 Norfolk Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 
Pope, Mary Nadine 25 

2536 Norfolk Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 
Popp, Lauretta x26 Mrs. William Merika 

11857 Clifton Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 
Porch, Dorcas x29 

103 Salem St., Reading, Mass. 
Porter, Augusta T. x30 

229 Prado, Atlanta, Ga. 
Porter, Mildred — A.. ..Mrs. M. Boxley Taylor 

Louisa, Va. 
Portman, Laura 14 Mrs. H. F. Mueller 

19437 Argyle Oval, Rocky River, Ohio 
Posey, Margaret 26 

R. F. D. No. 5, Lancester, Va. 
Potts, Margaret A. — S..Mrs. H. H. Williams 

117 E. 77th St., N. Y. C, N. Y. 
Powell, Annie M. 10 Mrs. W. T. Hodges 

Jamestown Rd., Williamsburg, Va. 
Powell, Dorothy x21 

413 Ward Parkway, Kansas City Mo. 
Powell, Margaret Julia x27 

Onancock, Va. 
Powers, Dudley — A Mrs. J. Waggaman 

Lyon Village, Clarendon, Va. 
Prange, Helen x24 

617 Erie Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. 
Prange, Marie x26 

617 Erie Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. 
Prange, Norma B. xl6 Mrs. Otto Gunther 

46 Lighthouse St., Sheboygan, Wis. 
Pratt, Jane C. 18 Mrs. Walter S. Betts 

Marlboro, N. Y. 
Pratt, Ruth M. 25 Mrs. Lawrence Martin 

1247 N. Dearborn St., Studio Ct., 

Chicago, ni. 
Prescott, Elizabeth 28. ...Mrs. Richard Balch 

40 Proctor Blvd., Utica, N. Y. 
Preston, Miriam xll Mrs. Walter Allen 

190 S. Main St., Paris, Texas 
Pretlow, Evelyn B. x25 

336 W. 89th St., New York City, N. Y. 
Price, Anne Beth 28 

128 E. Woodlawn Ave., San Antonio, Tex, 
Price, Mary L. x26 Mrs. K. D. Beckmann 

146 Rosewood Blvd., San Antonio, Texas 
Priddy, May xl2 

219 Colonial Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Pritchard, Irma x26....Mrs. F. M. Wethersby 

191 So. Belvedere Blvd., Memphis, Texas 
Pritchett, Eunice C. xl5 

644 Main St., Danville, Va. 

Proctor, Josephine — A Mrs. H. Nelms 

4101 Montrose Blvd., Houston, Texas 

Proctor, Nan — S 
Victoria, Texas 

Proctor, Virginia x30 

729 Quapaw Ave., Hot Springs, Ark. 



Pryor, Dorothy — S....Mrs. Clement H. Darby 
170 Admiral Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Puckett, Frances x29 Mrs. Jasper Muir 

R. R. No. 1, Bardstown, Ky. 

Purcell, Lydia 23 Mrs. F. P. Wilmer 

817 West Grace St., Richmond, Va. 

Quayle, Helen K. x23 

1850 Idlewood Ave., East Cleveland, Ohio 
Quinby, Katherine — A. ...Mrs. W. Vail Castle 

15 Buckingham St., Rochester, N. Y. 
Quincey, Blanche x24....Mrs. Sidney Stubbs 

204 Gaskin Ave., Douglas, Ga. 
Quinnerly, Agnes — S Mrs. Hugh Dortch 

Kinston, N. C. 
Quisenberry, Elva 27 

607 Felder Ave., Montgomery, Ala. 

Rayland, Lavinia — A Mrs. F. S. Sargeant 

Loch Haven, Norfolk, Va. 
Raiff, Frances 20 Mrs. Harrison Wood 

90 Wilson Ave., Rutherford, N. J. 
Rainer, Evelyn — A Mrs. H. Tuyford 

120 East Parkway, N. Memphis, Tenn. 
Raney, Mary Heath — A. .Mrs. L. H. Hammack 

Lawrenceville, Va. 
Rankin, Susan Jane x27 

Athens, HI. 
Rauson, Virginia Howard — S 

Staunton Rd., Huntington, W. Va. 
Rawson, Helen W. — A 

42 Lancaster Rd., W. Hartford, Conn. 
Ray, Elizabeth L. x31 

305 E. Claiborne St., Greenwood, Miss. 
Read, Edith x25 Mrs. George B. German 

514 Cooper St., Camden, N. J. 
Reade, Mary W. x27 

Episcopal High School, Alexandria, Va. 
Reams, Edith R. x24 Mrs. Herbert Wyatt 

2402 Maplewood Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Reaves, Lucy M. 2 5 

190 4 Battery St., Little Rock, Ark. 
Recker, Margaret — A Mrs. Glenn Miller 

1718 Russ Building, San Francisco, Cal. 
Red, Lei — A 

817 Caroline St., Houston, Texas 
Redd, Katherine x24 Mrs. Alfred York 

Charlottesville, Va. 
Redd, Torrence — S Mrs. Roger Reinhart 

Box 432, Charlottesville, Va. 
Redford, Frances x29 

1811 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Reed, Frances A. x29 

Hazlett Ct., Wheeling, W. Va. 
Reed, Margaret N. — S..Mrs. Milton A. Collard 

560 Prospect Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Reed, Mary E. 25 Mrs. T. D. Hartshorn 

531 Stowell Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Reed, Mary S. 18 

21 Vermont Ave., Prospect Pk., 

White Plains, N. Y. 
Reeder, Willie B. — A. ...Mrs. James W. Bond 

Florence, Ala. 
Reehl, Eleanor x26....Mrs. Henry R. Birchall 

Ridgeway Ave., Hartwell, Cincinnati, O. 
Reeves, J. P. — S Mrs. H. F. Walton, Jr. 

10 Abington Ave. E., Chestnut Hill, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Reid, Katherine F. x27 

721 Garfield Ave., Rockford, IlL 
Reinburg, Dorothea 26 William A. Fuller 

Fort Bliss, Te.xas 
Reinhold, Margaret 26 

127 Coulter Ave., Ardmore, Pa. 
Reynolds, Julia E. x27..Mrs. R. H. Dreisbacta 

4217 164th St., Flushing, N. Y. 
Rhine, Mary — A.... Mrs. Richard E. Webb, Jr. 

Mount Holly, N. C. 
Rhodes, Helen B. x24.3Ir8. B. L. Gulick, Jr. 

Prospect Apt. G3, Princeton, N. J. 
Ribble, Margaret 13 — M.D. 

% Mrs. Ribble, Wytheville, Va. 
Rich, Mar}' S. 24 

"Richland," Catonville, Md. 
Rich, Robins Miller 2 7. ...Mrs. H. Adams, Jr. 

704 Gladstone Ave., Roland Pk., 

Baltimore, Md. 
Richards, Helen R. 23 

431 Chestnut St., Lebanon, Pa. 
Richards, Isabel xl6 Mrs. Walter E. Hess 

804 W. Market St., Bethlehem, Pa. 
Richards, Ruth — A 

143 Oak St., Binghampton, N. Y. 
Richardson, Adelaide x29 

409 E. Park Ave., San Antonio, Texas 
Richardson, B. 23 Mrs. P. C. Campbell 

330 School St., Watertown, Mass. 
Richardson, Frances 13. ...Mrs. Albert Pitcher 

Grosscup Dr., S. Side, Charleston, W. Va. 
Richardson, Lois — A Mrs. W. P. Murdock 

867 Thorn St., Schwickley, Pa. 
Richardson, Louise — A.3Irs. H. H. George, HI 

1831 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Rickard, Elizabeth — A. ...Mrs. Francis Hamill 

8905 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Riddle, Florence C. — A. ...Mrs. W. A. Benson 

Belle Meade Pk., Nashville, Tenn. 
Riddle, Jane 27 

702 Holbrook Ave., Danville, Va. 
Rigney, Evelyn — A Mrs. Edgar Chancellor 

Columbus, Ga. 
Ritchie, Lois x28 

266 Elm St., Wyoming, Ohio 
Roache, Edith G. x29 

Cape Fear Apts., Wilmington, N. C. 
Robbins, Mary K. 27 

Daytona Beach, Fla. 

Roberts, Esther xl6 Mrs. John Blatchtord 

711 Superior St., Oak Park, m. 

Roberts, Hazel xl7 Mrs. Charles E. Peck 

Short Hills, N. J. 

Roberts, Katherine B. x23 

Highland View, Eufala, Ala. 

Roberts, Polly x2 9 

414 Conway St., Frankfort, Ky. 

Robertson, La Rue — A.. Mrs. R. G. Thompson 

3035 33rd St., San Diego, Calif. 
Robertson, Lucy Clarie 23 

Emporia, Va. 
Robertson, Martha x23 Mrs. Bert Harless 

553 Spruce St., Lancaster, Pa. 
Robertson, Virginia — A. .Mrs. Fred Harrison 

6107 Three Chopt Rd., Richmond, Va. 



Robins, Elizabeth H. 28 

226 W. Lanvale St., Baltimore, Md. 
Robinson, Ellen — A 

206 Freemason St., Norfolk, Va. 
Robinson, Frances x28 

Wytheville, Va. 
Robinson, Marjoi-ie 24 

300 Front St., Brown.sville, Pa. 
Rodes, Ella — A Mrs. James B. Hutter 

111 Hamson St., Lynchburg, Va. 
Rodes, Marj' — A Mrs. H. E. Harris 

1907 Dorothy Ave., Louisville, Ky. 
Rodman, Constance — A. .Mrs. J. M. Robinson 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Rogers, Alice x26 

Laurel, Miss. 
Rollins, Lillian P. x25 

224 Chestnut St., Asheville, N. C. 
Root, Katherine E. x31 

677 W. Liberty St., Medina, Ohio 
Rose, Thomasine x24 Mrs. Reuben Maury 

123 Waverly PL, New York City, N. Y. 
Roseboro, Frances x25 Mrs. P. P. Duffy 

1409 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Ross, Ida P. xl2..Mrs. Stewart A. Le Blanc 

1279 Government St., Mobile, Ala. 
Rott, Louise x27 Mrs. G. B. Swendeman 

605 Worth St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Rountree, Elizabeth 26 

Southern Pines, N. C. 
Rouse, Shelley Reade 21 

427 Wallace Ave., Covington, Ky. 
Rowley, Margaret — S 

216 S. 16th St., Cedar Rapids, Iowa 
Royall, Anne xlO 

1102 West 28th St., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Rozelle, Maynette 21. ...Mrs. J. A. Stephenson 

122 Tecumseh Ave., South Bend, Ind. 
Rucker, Jessie — A 

920 Clarksville St., Paris, Te.xas 
Ruffin, Jane B. — A Mrs. Reginald Henry 

511 Fairfax Ave., Norfolk, Va. 
Rugg, Helen C. x25 

507 W. Univ. Ave., Champaign, 111. 
Russell, Constance 16. .Mrs. R. Chamberlain 

338 Lincoln Rd., New Britian, Conn. 
Russell, Julie — A Mrs. Holmes 

44 Pine St., N. Y. C, N. Y. 
Ryland, Louise — A Mrs. Harry S. Nichol! 

5340 Ward Parkway, Kansas City, Mo. 

Sabel, Olga — A Mrs. Charles H. Meyer 

Sagamore Hotel, Rochester, N. Y. 
Sackett, Helen — S Mrs. George Gardner 

Lake Alfred, Fla. 
Sage, Laura Lee x28..Mrs. Earnest G. Locker 

1900 Oakmont Ave., Tampa, Fla. 
Sailer, Mary E. 25. .Mrs. J. W. Gardiner, Jr. 

School Road, Wyncote, Pa. 
Sandsmeyer, Virginia 17. .Mrs. J. H. Hudson 

1007 N. Main St., CarroUton, Mo. 
Sanford, Mai-y x29 

Signal Mt., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Satterfield, Carlotta x31 

1407 W. Pettigrew St., W. Durham, N. C. 

Satterwait, Lucile — A 

Waynesville, N. C. 
Sauer, Margaret — A Mrs. G. A. Wallace 

296 Park Ave., River Forest, 111. 
Saul, Gladys x 16. .Mrs. Robert F. Patterson 

204 Park Drive, Raleigh, N. C. 
Saunders, Elizabeth — A. Mrs. John L. Owens 

517 Raleigh Ave., Norfolk, Va. 
Saunders, Mary Ball — A.... Mrs. J. A. Ruffin 

604 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Va. 
Sauters, Lois E. xl8 Mrs. John C. Jones 

540 Sayre Ave., Lexington, Ky. 
Sawyer, Lelia — S Mrs. George Meyers 

77 E. Hamilton Ave., Englewood, N. J. 
Saylor, Josephine x24 

181 N. Washington St., Tiffin, Ohio 
Schabacker, Ruth — A 

914 Chestnut St., Erie, Pa. 
Schade, Norma x31 

6 Amherst St., Holyoke, Mass. 
Schafer, Adah H. — A Mrs. R. Leo Smith 

Jerseyville, 111. 
Schell, Catherine — A 

6240 Swope Parkway, Kansas City, Mo. 
Scherr, Mary A. x25 

1206 Quarrier St., Charleston, W. Va. 
Schiel, Elizabeth x28 

3654 Forest Park Dr., Avondale, 

Cincinnati, Ohio 
Schladermundt, Rosaline — S 

Lawrence Park, Bronxville, N. Y. 
Schmeltz, Elsie — A Mrs. H. L. Collier 

1512 Colonial Ave., Norfolk, Va. 
Schmitt, Valmai x28 

1720 Ditmas Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Schneider, Marie — A 

Rockfield Center, Long Island, N. Y. 
Schnorbach, Elizabeth 2 2. Mrs. M. F. Tackett 

260 Woodland Rd., Ravinia, 111. 
Schockey, Adelaide — A 

1113 Chapline St., Wheeling, W. Va. 
Schoentgen, Jane x28 

201 3rd St., Council Bluffs, Iowa 

Schooley, Romayne x25....Mrs. G. Ferenbach 
108 Butler St., Kingston, Pa. 

Schoolfield, Lucille — A 

1800 K. Street, Washington, D. C. 

Schreiner, Mary Louise x27..Mrs. John Botta 
% Mr. Schricner, 5612 Howe St., 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Schrier, Barbara xl5 
Craigmor, Colo. 

Schroeter, Hilda S. x24 

2310 Miami St., St. Louis, Mo. 
Schulhoefer, Carolyn x27 

2223 Arlington Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 

Scbummers, G. E. — A. ...Mrs. J. G. Vonhold 
Gray Stone Cottage, So. Mountain Ter- 
race, Binghamtom, N. Y. 

Schurman, Lee Ottila 20. ...Mrs. W. E. Spear 
5017 Western Ave., Omaha, Neb. 

Schurman, Phyllis x23..Mrs. E. K. Nelson, Jr. 
Ill Hyde Park PL, Tampa, Fla. 

Schutte, Anne 15 Mrs. Leroy H. Nolt 

331 E. Orange St., Lancaster, Pa. 



Schulte, Helen L. xlO.Mrs. Albert S. Tenney 

650 Central Ave., E. Orange, N. J. 
Schwab, D. Constance x2o.3Irs. L. H. Fryer 

4715 Springfield Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Scott, Bessie — A Mrs. V. Von Gemmingen 

Amherst, Va. 
Scott, Julia B. — A...3Irs. S. W. Cramer, Jr. 

Oramerton, N. C. or 500 Hermitage Rd., 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Scott, Mary — A Mrs. R. A. Meade 

Hayniarket, Va. 
Scovell, Florence 21. ...Mrs. Hines F. Vaughn 

212 S. Tampania, Tampa, Fla. 
Seaver, Charlotte 18 Mrs. R. T. Kelsey 

1591 Mistletoe Dr., Cleveland, Ohio 
Sedgewlck, Deborah — A. ...Mrs. Henry Patton 

5675 Davis Ave., Apt. 3, Richmond, Va. 
Selby, Juliet 25 

200 N. 5th St., Martin Ferry, Ohio 
Sellar, Georgena — A. ...Mrs. George H. Erck 

Astabula Grove, Leesburg, Fla. 
Sellars, Frances — A. Mrs. J. M. Schneider, Jr. 

1501 Broome St., Wilmington, Del. 
Sexton, Kathleen — A Mrs. Geo. S. Holmes 

"Rocky Mountain News," Denver, Colo. 
Sexton, Jamie xll Mrs. Peter H. Holmes 

1400 Race St., Denver, Colo. 
Shafer, Marian D. 21. .Mrs. Charles Wadhams 

Main St., Brockport, N. Y. 
Shand, Barbara C. xl2 , 

Rockland Rd., Merion, Pa. 
Shaner, Helen McC. x28 

622 N. Maple Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 
Sharpe, Caroline 19 Mrs. M. S. Saunders 

815 Piedmont Ave., Bristol, Va. 
Sharpe, Jeannette M. — A 

Park Lane Villa, Cleveland, Ohio 
Sheldon, Ruth — A 

240 Peck St., Muskegon, Mich. 
Sheldon, Sybil — A 

Allerton Hotel, 701 No. Michigan Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 
Shelton, Mary L. x23 

209 Gaskin Ave., Douglas, Ga. 
Shenehon, Claire xl6 Mrs. Fiske Boyd 

Blooming Grove, N. Y. 
Shenehon, Katherine B. 2 2. .Mrs. L. W. Child 

2024 Grand Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Shepherd, Anne H. 28 

Washington Ave., Fredericksburg, Va. 
Shepherd, Helen C. — S Mrs. Harry King 

934 Pleasant St., Oak Park, 111. 
Shepherd, Marjorie 26 

884 Wyoming Ave., Kingston, Pa. 
Sherman, Dorothy x30 

238 So. Elmwood Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Shidler, Madelon 21 

520 N. Lafayette Blvd., South Bend, Ind. 
Shidler, Mary L. 28 

1013 E. Jefferson Blvd., South Bend, Ind. 
Shirley, Alice — A 

201 Russell St., Bluefield, W. Va. 
Shirey, Blanche — A 

201 Russell St., Bluefield, W. Va. 

Sholar, Frances P. — A.. Mrs. Norman Raoul 
Lookout Mt., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Shoop, Elizabeth 21. .Mrs. Brownrigg Dickson 

118 Bank St., Suffolk, Va. 
Shoop, Ethel — A Mrs. Bernard Godwin 

Chuckatuck, Va. 
Shoop, Virginia xll. ...Mrs. John T. Phillips 

Lake View Heights, Suffolk, Va. 
Shortau, Florence 27 

114 Second Ave., Little Falls, N. J. 
Shoudy, Doris — A Mrs. Robert Short 

Brownwood Ave., Rockford, HI. 
Shulenberger, Catherine 26 

434 Virginia Ave., Hagerstovm, Md. 
Shulofer, Helen — A Mrs. Abram S. Bohm 

793 Clinton Springs, Cincinnati, Ohio 
Shunk, Edna — A Mrs. Clifford Payne 

1309 N. Main St., Hutchinson, Kan. 
Shurtleff, Helen Elizabeth — S 

Morengo, 111. 
Shutts, Janet x2 4 

204 Grover St., Joliet, 111. 
Sibley, Marian C. x28....Mrs. Geo. C. Marxer 

Hebbard Apt., 8905 E. Jefferson, 

Detroit, Mich. 
Sikes, Eleanor x24 

311 N. Central Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Simonds, Mary — A. ...Mrs. Carl O. Sparkman 

64 Tradd St., Charieston, S. O. 
Simons, Sarah — A. ...Mrs. C. Norwood Hastie 

5 Water St., Charleston, S. C. 
Simpson, Frances 21 Mrs. Charles Upson 

3539 Biddle Ave., Clifton, Cincinnati, O. 
Simpson, R. x21..Mrs. A. B. Carrington, Jr. 

940 Green St., Danville, Va. 
Simrall, Susan 2 4 

28 Orchard Rd., Ft. Mitchell, 

Covington, Ky. 
Sims, Lucy xll....Mrs. William W. Smith, Jr. 

1535 West Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Sims, Ruth x31 

416 W. 25th St., Little Rock, Ark. 
Sinkler, Allen — A Mrs. Howard A. Deas 

98 Church St., Charleston, S. C. 
Sinsel, Alma xl8 Mrs. Frank D. Wood 

Eustick, Idaho 
Sipe, Enid — A Mrs. George W. Brent 

Ft. Winfield Scott, Calif. 
Sisson, Eva B. x30 

Highwood Ave., Tenafly, N. J. 
Skinner, Cornelia x24 

1156 First St., Louisville, Ky. 
Slaback, Dorothy x28 

6394 Grand Vista, Pleasant Ridge, 

Cincinnati, Ohio 
Slater, Ruth 22 Mrs. Walter W. Wilson 

405 37th St., Des Moines, Iowa 
Slater, Yenti L. x27 Mrs. A. W. Shelby 

1711 Glenwood PL, Memphis, Tenn. 
Slaughter, Katherine 2 4. .Mrs. R. C. Thompson 

Culpeper, Va. 
Slaughter, Sue 13 

% LTnited Charities, 415 E. Freemason 

St., Norfolk, Va. 
Sleeper, Frances x23 Mrs. Tom Stone 

1603 Harold Ave., Houston, Texas 
Sloan, Carla — A. Mrs. Stephen F. Shakelford 

13 Lounders Blvd., Charleston, S. C. 



Sloan, Edna — S Mrs. Herbert Cole 

2479 Kingston Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 
Sloan, Elizabeth — S Mrs. O. S. Mullally 

14 Gibbs St., Charleston, S. C. 
Sloan, Frances — A Mrs. Hugh S. Brady 

Howard PL, Wheeling, W. Va. 
Slomer, June J. x28 

1211 Edison Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Smith, Dorothy Russell — A 

Purcellville, Va. 
Smith. Eleanor — S Mrs. F. S. Hall 

1253 Castalia, Memphis, Tenn. 
Smith, Eleanor P. x23 

37 S. Galatin Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 
Smith, Eleanor R. 18 

47 Milford Ave., Newark, N. J. 
Smith, Emma — S.Mrs. George McNichol, Jr. 

Orchard Bend, Perrysburg, Ohio 
Smith, Frances .x23 Mrs. Harold G. Hood 

434 Woodlawn St., Fall River, Mass. 
Smith, Harriet E. — S....Mrs. Chester M. Fry 

1008 N. Second St., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Smith, Helen Esther x22..Mrs. G. B. Huelbat 

Watertown, Conn. 
Smith, Lucille x25 Mrs. W. H. Bauer 

350 Howell Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 
Smith, Sarah Louise — A. ...Mrs. Ralph Jacob 

223 No. Elk St., Allentown, Pa. 
Smyser, Helen F. 27 

151 Roup St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Smythe, Amy 22 

College Club, 72 Peterboro St., 

Detroit, Mich. 
Smythe, Lois xl6 

Greenville, Miss. 
Smythe, Ruth — A 

554 East St., Memphis, Tenn. 
Snow, Jane W. — A Mrs. H. D. Mitchell 

Box 945 Fort Worth, Texas 
Snowden, Josephine 27 

2311 Conn. Ave., Washington, D. C. 

Snyder, Dorothy x30 

Valentine, Texas 
Snyder, Gladys x28 

Snyder Ave., Hagerstown, Md. 
Snyder, Rebecca 2 4. ...Mrs. Barnett Garrison 

1109 Queen's Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 
Sollitt, Eleanette 18. ...Mrs. Harold E. Marks 

200 E. Chestnut St., Chicago, 111. 
Sollitt, Grace 28 

3995 Ellis Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Sommers, Marion x29 

32 W. 82nd St., N. Y. C, N. Y. 
Spady, Maria G. — A Mrs. Frazier 

R. F. D. No. 1, Cape Charles, Va. 
Spafford, Harrietta — A Mrs. Roger Clapp 

So Edison Ave., Tampa, Fla. 
Spahr, Elizabeth xl7 Mrs. Ridgley Lytle 

137 Harrington St., Rochester, N. Y. 
Sparrow, Elizabeth x24..Mrs. A. C. Harshman 

3663 Kendall Ave., Hyde Park, 

Cincinnati, Ohio 
Speer, Mary Olive x29 

1118 N. 14th St., Ft. Smith, Ark. 
Spedden, Louise G. x2 4 

100 Church St., Cambridge, Md. 

Spengel, Margaret 21... .Mrs. Louis C. Rung* 

503 N. Formosa Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Spilman, Lillian S. 23. ...Mrs. F. C. Howard 

2012 Terrace Ave., Knoxville, Tenn. 
Spingam, Hope x29 

Troutback, Armenia, N. Y. 
Springer, Winogene x30 

724 Forest Ave., Wilmette, HI. 
Sprinkle, Mary G. — A. .Mrs. Caldwell Taylor 

Hanover Cthouse, Va. 
Sproul, Virginia x23....Mrs. J. C. Weatherby 

Anniston, Ala. 
Stacey, Cordelia B. — A. ...Mrs. T. B. Ramey 

703 S. Broadway, Tyler, Te.xas 
Staehlin, Paulina — A 

1010 Kanawha St., Charleston, W. Va. 
Stafford, Jean L. x31 

26 Myrtle Ave., Maplewood, N. J. 
Staley, Eleanor — A 

Peabody Apt., Calvert and 30th St., 

Baltimore, Md. 
Staley, Mary — A Mrs. G. K. Nicodemus 

Peabody Apts., Calvert and 30th St., 

Baltimore, Md. 
Stanberry, Virginia 23. .Mrs. T. E. Schneider 

848 Ridge Ave., Evanston, 111. 
Stanbrough, Constance x29 

3481 Seminole Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Staples, Jean — A 

R. F. D. No. 1, Brockport, N. Y. 
Staples, Ruth — A Mrs. Robert 0. Frost 

528 Richmond Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Starling, Clarissa — A. ...Mrs. A. B. Patterson 

630 Lakeview Ave., Jamestown, N. Y. 
Steele, Charlene x29 

1316 Elizabeth Blvd., Fort Worth, Texas 
Steele, Eleanor — A Mrs. L. T. Thomas 

Cruger, Miss. 
Steele, Gene Morgan 17 Mrs. J. A. Hardy 

Lone Pine Plantation, Artesia, Miss. 
Steele, Martha B. — A. Mrs. E. W. McNaughton 

Hyde Park, Hutchinson, Kan. 
Steinman, Julie M. x2 4 

332 Epworth Ave., Westwood, 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Stenson, Mary G. — S.Mrs. Charles Alexander 
623 Mulberry St., Mt. Vernon, Ind. 

Steves, Edna M. — A Mrs. Curtis Vaughn 

P. 0. Box 1126, San Antonio, Texas 

Stewart, Mary — A Mrs. Frank Carter 

47 Woodcrest Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

Stiles, Marina xl7....Mrs. Edwin C. Wilkins 
210 Franklin St., Bloomfield, N. J. 

Stockdale, Jean 16 

928 Westmount Dr., W. Hollywood, Cal. 

Stoddard, Mary x26 

524 Lake Ave., Wilmette, 111. 

Stone, Emily Lucille x28 

821 Oakdale Rd., N. E., Atlanta, Ga. 

Stone, Nina — S Mrs. Thomas M. Whyel 

Hill Crest Lane, Uniontown, Pa. 

Stone, Marjorie x27 

1309 Elizabeth Blvd., Fort Worth, Texas 

Storey, Christine — A Mrs. C. Storey 

3501 Main St., Houston, Te.xas 



Stount, Katrina — A Mrs. W. A. Wright 

502 W. 3rd St., Corsicana, Texas 
Stout, Rebecca 16 Mrs. Jack Hoover 

1319 Mordecai Dr., Raleigh, N. C. 
Street, Sophie W. x30 

1585 N. E. Decator Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 
Street, Virginia x30 

27 Woodlawn Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 
Strobhar, Helen — A Mrs. R. P. Williams 

Marine Barracks, Parris Island, S. C. 
Strode, Mildred 25 

Amherst, Va. 
Strother, Jennie — A 

Jenny's Tea Shop, Lynchburg, Va. 
Studley, Elizabeth x24....Mrs. D. Kirkpatrick 

2719 Woodstock Dr., Detroit, Mich. 
Sturgis, Helen — S Mrs. Samuel H. Pond 

109 Stockton Ave., Walton, N. Y. 
Summers, Helen x28 

Mountcastle Hill, Johnson City, Tenn. 
Sumner, Marion A. x28 

145 Hillcrest Ave., Geneva, N. Y. 
Sunderland, Grace 28 

Fair View Farm, Laurel, Md. 
Suppes, Nancy — A 

Valley Pike, Johnstown, Pa. 
Sutton, Mary Elizabeth x24..Mrs. F. S. Camp 

1406 Herbert Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 
Swain, Alice 14 Mrs. Lucien T. Zell 

Berlin-Grunewald, Delbinckstr No. 7, 

Swan, Dorothy R. — A Mrs. R. E. Lent 

152 Penning^ton Ave., Passiac, N. J. 
Swan, Ruth — A Mrs. Lloyd Patterson 

154 Passiac Ave., Passiac, N. J. 
Swannell, Marion 24 

614 W. University Ave., Champaign, 111. 
Sykes, Dorothy — A Mrs. James F. Hall 

New Albany, Miss. 

Tabb, Mary C. — A Mrs. Woodruff George 

2423 Prytonia St., New Orleans, La. 
Taber, Marion P. 2 8 

1007 Bull St., Columbia, S. C. 
Taggart, Leona x23 Mrs. Roy L. Cloud 

Orleans, Ind. 
Tait, Lucy — A Mrs. Robert Gibson 

1029 E. Court St., Iowa City, lolwa 
Talbot, Susan x28 

Highland Hill, Rye, N. Y. 
Taliaferro, Carrie xl9..Mrs. T. B. Scott, Jr. 

1802 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Taliaferro, Lucy — A 

1013 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Talmadge, Grace — A 

1237 Prince Ave., Athens, Ga. 
Talmey, Georgia x28 

262 Beechmont Sr., New Rochelle, N. Y. 
Tame, Eleanor x28 

2959 Torrington Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 
Tandy, Mary — A Mrs. Milton G. Moore 

317 E. 16th St., Hopkinsville, Ky. 
Tandy, Nell — A Mrs. James B. Winfree 

317 E. 16th St., Hopkinsville, Ky. 
Tarbell, Dorothy — A. ...Mrs. Earnest E. Jenks 

8 A Castereagh St., Sydney, N. S., 


Taylor, Annie Moss x27 

R. F. D. No. 2, Richmond, Va. 
Taylor, Dorothy xl4 

30 S. Munn Ave., E. Orange, N. J. 
Taylor, Elizabeth 23 Mrs. Fred Valentine 

411 B. North Lombardy, Richmond, Va. 
Taylor, H. G. x23 Mrs. R. Higginbotham 

23 Oxford St., Montclair, N. J. 
Taylor, Helen G. x23 

277 Park Ave., New York City, N. Y. 
Taylor, Helen — A Mrs. Robert L. Oaten 

201 Houston St., Tyler, Texas 
Tylor, Katherine Paoli x21 

1380 Can- Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 
Taylor, Marian A. x24 

3422 Whitfield Ave., Clifton, Cincinnati, 

Taylor, Mary F. xl5 

Clinton Ave., Tyler, Texas 
Taylor, Mary R. 21 Mrs. Frank Corley 

Fair A Farm, R. F. D. No. 1, 

Midlothian, Va. 
Taylor, Maude — A Mrs. E. F. Robbina 

1112 Eagle Ave., Houston, Texas 
Taylor, Nar Warren 27 

1372 Vinton Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 
Taylor, Ruth 25 Mrs. Donald C. Franklin 

221 Lyttas Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Taylor, Virginia Lee 2 6. .Mrs. G. F. Tinker 

49 Madison Ave., Montclair, N. J. 
Taylor, Virginia L. x31 

7N. Terrace, Maplewood, N. J. 
Taylor, Virginia W. x31 

2020 Waller St., Portsmouth, Ohio 
Temple, Margaret P. — A Mrs. Hardy 

138 Broad St., Danville, Va. 
Templeton, Mildred x25 

38 Chittenham Dr., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Ten Eyck, Anne — A Mrs. George S. Baker 

4 W. Madison Ave., Johnstown, N. Y. 
Tennent. Raefella — A Mrs. A. A. Dorrance 

% Standard Oil Co. of N. Y., 

Soochow, China 
Thams, Gertrude J. x21 

728 Clarkson St., Denver, Colo. 
Thayer, Marian x27 

121 Robsart Rd., Kenilworth, HI. 
Theiss, Ruth — A Mrs. J. W. Raba 

Winter Haven, Fla. 

Thigpen, Elizabeth x23.-Mrs. W. O. Hill, Jr. 
1200 S. Perry St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Thomas, Cristine x26 
Paris, Ky. 

Thomas, Emmy — A. ...Mrs. Frederick Lupton 
Riverview, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Thomas, Julia x29 
Centreville, Md. 

Thomas, Margaret — A Mrs. George Patten 

Riverview, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Thomas, Marjorie x23.-Mrs. Joseph L. Reeves 
638 Maupas Ave., Savannah, Ga. 

Thomas, Martha x27 Mrs. Lincoln Goward 

30 Walnut Crescent, Montclair, N. J. 

Thomas, Ria xl7 Mrs. Carter Glass, Jr. 

Fort Ave., Lynchburg, Va. 



Thomason, Kathryn xl5..Mrs. Francis Janney 

539 60th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Thomason, Margaret E. x27 

109 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va. 
Thompson, B. — A Mrs. C. W. Wainwright 

Playa Apts. No. 5, Park Ave. and Wilson 

St., Baltimore, Md. 

Thompson, Con x2 9 

Glencourt Apt., Belle Meade Park, 

Nashville, Tenn. 
Thompson, Doris — A. ...Mrs. Theodore Reeves 

1756 W. Brancroft St., Toledo, Ohio 

Thompson, Elizabeth — A 

1119 Hillsborough St., Raleigh, N. C. 

Thompson, L. L. .x21..Mrs. W. MacMillan, ID 
Chapel Hill, N. O. 

Thompson, Minette xl7 

805 Sul Ross, Houston, Texas 

Thompson, Miriam 21. ...Mrs. Robert Winne 
44 South St., Brockport, N. Y. 

Thompson, Virginia x23 Mrs. McElwee 

1464 Beacon St., Nevifton, Mass. 

Thomson, Griselle 22 

Dresden Apt., Redgate Ave., Norfolk, Va. 

Thomson, Mary F. x27....Mrs. G. R. Harrod 

Brooksville, Ky. 
Thomson, Mildred 19. ...Mrs. Boiling Murray 

AltaVista, Va. 
Thornton, Mildred Mrs. James Stahlman 

Graybar Lane, Nashville, Tenn. 
Thorpe, Helene — A 

1257 Longfellow Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Threadcraft, Georgia x23 

432 North St., Portsmouth, Va. 
Throckmorton, Lucy — A 

Westhampton, Richmond, Va. 
Tibbits, Marian xl6 

% Columbus Citizen, Columbus, Ohio 
Tignor, Mary G. x23 

Portsmouth, Va. 
Tillman, Eugenie P. x29 

Quitman, Ga. 
Tillman, Lucy — A Mrs. Randolph Leigh 

Vaughn Rd., Nashville, Tenn. 
Tillman, Martha xl2..Mrs. W. E. Norvell, Jr. 

111 23rd St., Nashville, Tenn. 
Timberlake, E. C. — A Mrs. W. S. Clark 

North Fork, W. Va. 
Timpson, Vera H. — A 

172 W. 79th St., N. Y. C, N. Y. 
Tingle, Virginia x29 

1567 Ridge Ave., Evanston, 111. 
Tinley, Elsie — A Mrs. George T. Everest 

281 High School Ave., Council Bluffs, 

Tolar, Sara x21 Mrs. Rex Stoner 

Fayetteville, N. C. 
Tollerton, Frances L. x31 

10502 So. Seeley Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Tomb, Ethel — A Mrs. Paul S. Emerson 

Caperter Ave., Indiana, Pa. 
Tonsmiere, Catherine — A. ...Mrs. T. M. Ross 

112 S. Georgia Ave., Mobile, Ala. 
Torrence, Virginia x28 

7 Delmont Dr., Atlanta, Ga. 

Torrent, Anita x29 

Navy Yard, Norfolk, Va. 
Tousley, Evelyn V. — S Mrs. C. L. Smith 

3263 Yorkshire Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 
Towell, Alethe x26...JMrs. R. L. Montgomery 

2457 Demington Dr., Cleveland, Ohio 
Towers, Alice x27 

409 3rd Ave., Rome, Ga. 
Towle, Virginia — A 

314 W. Lee St., Louisville, Ky. 
Towne, Catherine 19 Mrs. E. B. Porter 

1815 University Ave., San Diego, Calif. 
Tracy, Katherine 26 

4 Forbes Terrace, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Travis, Dorothy x23 Mrs. George Pape 

305 Woodside Hillcrest, Wilmington, Del. 
Tremann, Helen W. 25 

916 17th St., Rock Island, 111. 

321 Highland PL, Ottawa, 111. 
Trevett, Alma F. — A 

706 W. Green, Champaign, 111. 
Trexler, Lena Ruth x23....Mrs. R. C. Walker 

501 Gilmore St., Waycross, Ga. 
Trigg, Barbara — A Mrs. David T. Brown 

5 Knowles Ave., Kensington, Md. 
Trimble, Hazel — A. ...Mrs. Donald S. Winship 

3203 Whitehom Road, Cleveland, Ohio 
Tucker, Eleanor x31 

1424 Goodbar Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 
Tucker, Helen — A Mrs. Samuel Trimble 

1793 Olive St., Pine Bluflf, Ark. 
Tucker, Henrietta — A Mrs. Preston White 

Bromley Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 
Turk, Esther C. 18 Mrs. H. H. Hemmings 

% E. L. Hardy, 1347 Floyd, 

Louisville, Ky. 
Turlington, Louisa — A 

Fair Oaks, Accomac Co., Va. 
Turner, Austin — A 

Woodberry Forest, Orange, Va. 
Turner, Margaret E. 20 Mrs. R. F. Brown 

823 Lindon Ave., Burlingame, Calif. 
Turner, Mary Elizabeth x27 

712 Magnolia Ave., Shelbyville, Ky. 
Tuttle, Katherine x23..Mrs. Spencer Comick 

1600 Monument, Richmond, Va. 
Tutwiler, Mary xl7....Mrs. E. C. Langmeade 

1136 Highland Blvd., San Antonio, Texas 
Tutwiler, Zena — S 

1488 Vinton Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 
Tyler, Ada R. 2 4. .Mrs. W. Robinson M. Ross 

Cloncurry Rd., Lochaven, Va. 
Tyler, Elizabeth — A 

Algonquin Pk., Norfolk, Va. 
Tyler, Jane — A Mrs. Dalton A. Griffith 

125 E. 84th St., New York City, N. Y. 
Tyler, Lucy — A Mrs. Elbert H. Willett 

The Pines, Anniston, Ala. 
Tyler, Mary 13 Mrs. Edward H. Cole 

2844 St. Paul St., Baltimore, Md. 

Ulland, Ruth x22 Mrs. Samuel P. Todd 

3515 Middleton Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 

Upton, Leonora — S Mrs. G. W. Pilcher 

4 Maple Crest, Louisville, Ky. 



Valentine, Anne — A Mrs. John Kelley 

2500 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Valentine, Gary — A Mrs. Louis Cutchins 

1124 West Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Valentine, Martha — A. .Mrs. John H. Comly 

1416 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Van Bibber, Anne E. — A. .Mrs. W. O. Rickerd 

12 26 Sixth Ave., Huntington, W. Va. 
Van Cleve, Katherine x26..Mrs. G. Van Wyck 

Summit, N. J. 
Van Cott, Marion x26..Mrs. C. Arthur Berg 

128 Burtis Ave., Oyster Bay, L. I., N. Y. 
Van Metre, Genevieve x29 

1123 Ridge Ave., Evanson, 111. 
Van Ness, Constance 27 

159 Center Ave., Little Falls, N. J. 
Van Winkle, Virginia J. 28 

105 Orchard Rd., Ft. Mitchell, 

Covington, Ky. 
Venable, Mary B. x23..Mr8. Julius P. Barclay 

301 Hollywood Ave., San Antonio, Texas 
Ventulet, Julia x27 Mrs. Jack Patterson 

533 Pine St., Albany, Ga. 
Vernon, Maizie Lee 24 

1039 Asheboro Rd., Greensboro, N. C. 
Vernor, Virginia x28 

1122 Bishop Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Via, Katherine x28 

Wadesboro, N. C. 
Virden, Isobel — A Mrs. Donald Faulkner 

Winchester Apts., Richmond, Va. 
Vizard, Mary K. 27 

1810 Old Goverment St., Mobile, Ala. 
Von Maur, J. 24 Mrs. A. M. Crampton 

909 22nd St., Moline, 111. 
Von Schilling, Sarah 27 

Hampton, Va. 

Waddy, Margaret — A Mrs. James Boxley 

1208 2nd St., S. W., Roanoke, Va. 
Wade, Louise x25 

Lexington, Va. 
Wagner, Grace x27 

1901 Jefferson St., Madison, Wis. 
Wailes, Cornelia 27 

Salisbury, Md. 
Wailes, Mary E. — A Mrs. F. H. Morton 

Kingston, W. Va. 
Wailes, Sadie — A Mrs. John H. Walker 

Beesoco, Va. 
Waite, Marguerite — A. ...Mrs. T. C. Weilepp 

243 Northam Pkway, East Orange, N. J. 
Waite, Mildred — A Mrs. M. W. Hopson 

569 High St., Newark, N. J. 
Wales, Catherine — A Mrs. Allen Bond 

127 Bank St., Norfolk, Va. 
Walker, Carol — A Mrs. W. D. Yerkes 

114 Ashland Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Walker, Ida 18 Mrs. Charles B. Castner 

1463 St. James Ct, Louisville, Ky. 
Walker, Marion — A 

602 W. 10th St., Erie, Pa. 
Walker, Marion 22 Mrs. Lloyd Neidlinger 

67 Jefferson Rd., Princeton, N. J. 
Walker, Martha — S Mrs. Alexander Worth 

Forest Hills, Durham, N. C. 

Walker, Mary Ellis — A Mrs. R. A. Adams 

2 Hampton Court, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Walkup, Mary x22 Mrs. Paul Garrett 

88 Momingside Dr., N. Y. C, N. Y. 
Wallace, Dorothy xl4..Mrs. James J. Ravenel 

52 King St., Charleston, S. 0. 
Wallace, Dorothy 20 

1405 Entaw PI., Veedersburg, Ind. 
Wallace, Lily Braxton — A 

Fredericksburg, Va. 
Waller, Cordelia — A 

Lawrenceburg, Ky. 
Waller, Kathryn T. x23 

Halycon Hill, Montgomery, Ala. 
Wallover, Nancy E. x26 Mrs. E. S. Lewis 

Fry Overlook, 11868 Clifton Blvd., 

Cleveland, Ohio 
Walton, Corinne x23....Mrs. George W. Hess 

27^ Morgantown St., Uniontown, Pa. 
Ward, Elizabeth xl7 Mrs. Leslie Jensen 

1216 N. Main St., Aberdeen, S. D. 
Ware, Barbara 26 

Ogunquit, Maine 
Warfleld, Jane (Lyda B.) 27 

2342 Park St., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Waring, Meta — A 

46 Washburn PI., Caldwell, N. J. 
Warner, Dorothy x27 

111 S. Hamilton St., Madison, Wis. 
Warner, Mary Virginia — A 

% Mrs. Kenneth Salisbury, 

Ramsey, Mont. 
Warren, Dorothy x27 

516 Gorham St., Madison, Wis. 
Warren, Alice x27 

716 So. Delware Ave., Tampa, Fla. 
Warren, Edna 27 Mrs. Douglas Tucker 

1111 Colley Ave., Norfolk, Va. 
Warren, Sara — A Mrs. Fred G. Caldren 

1731 Hudson St., Denver, Colo. 
Warwick, Lucille — S..Mrs. John E. McGeehee 

414 Avalon St., Memphis, Tenn. 
Washburn, Henrietta 14 

2030 DeLancy PL, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Watkins, Mary T. 26 

Henderson, N. C. 
Watkins, Ruth — A. ...Mrs. William Taliaferro 

307 Hyde Park Ave., Tampa, Fla. 
Watson, Anne Louise x27 

55 Victoria Ave., Hampton, Va. 
Watson, Gwendolyn 2 4. .Mrs. Geo. W. Graham 

1172 Linden Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 
Watson, Jocelyn 28 

2012 Cowden Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 
Watson, Nancy A. — A. .Mrs. Harry C. Leigh 

Lady Astor St., Danville, Va. 
Watson, Sallie — A Mrs. Albert R. Tebo 

1428 1st St., New Orleans, La. 
Watters, Eunice x30 

117 Dominick St., Rome, N. Y. 
Way, Evelyn 25 

St. Mary's School, Raleigh, N. C. 
Wayman, Pearl xl7 Mrs. Frank Foncanon 

819 Union St., Emporia, Kansas 
Weakley, Eula — A Mrs. N. E. Cross 

% Jemison Co., Birmingham, Ala. 



Weaver, Rosalie — S 

2225 Ridge Park Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 
Webb, Alice 28 

516 Washington St., Cumberland, Md. 
Webb, Isabelle 20 Mrs. Howard Luff 

9c Jordan Ohio Co., Youngstown, Ohio 
Weber, Lorna 23 Mrs. Robert Dowling 

2983 Euclid Hts., Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 
Wester, Alice — S Mrs. M. C. Speight 

1107 W. Grace, Richmond, Va. 
Webster, Christine — S-.Mrs. Herbert R. Bose 

1307 S. Garrison St., Carthage, Mo. 
Webster, Helena — A Mrs. Leon B. Scott 

225 Duke of Gloucester St., 

Annapolis, Md. 
Weer, Lucile — A Mrs. Lucile Fisher 

5172 Broadway, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Weiehelbaum, Nina — S Mrs. J. S. Brail 

576 Virginia Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 
Weiser, Katherine 23 Mrs. C. T. Ekelund 

452 Iroquois, Pontiac, Mich. 
Weisiger, Louise 15 

2716 Hill Crest Rd., Richmond, Va. 
Weisiger, Margaret x29 

823 Hinman Ave., Evanston, 111. 
Weitzenkom, Ruth 26. ...Mrs. Richard Ullman 

464 Linwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Wells, Alice x24 Mrs. Dan M. Hanley 

705 Cypress Dr., Memphis, Tenn. 
Welsh, Mary E. 2 5 

E. 413 8th Ave., No. St. Petersburg, Fla. 
Welsh, Fanny x28 

Stockton, Hertford, N. C. 
Wentworth, Mary E. x26 

5805 5th Ave., Pittsburgh, Penn. 
Weslow, Estelle B. — A. Mrs. William Pollack 

221 W. 8th St., Anderson, Ind. 
West, Ruth — A Mrs. Everet Emerson 

508 W. Magnolia, San Antonio, Texas 
West, Winifred 28 

264 W. 15th St., Tulsa, Okla. 
Westcott, Elwyn M. — A Mrs. Ben Taylor 

718 Oak St., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Westgate, Florence x24 Mrs. B. Kraffert 

214 Spruce, Titusville, Pa. 
Westwatter, Mary — A 

% Post Building, Jamestown, N. Y. 
Whaley, Katherine W. x30 

370 College St., Macon, Ga. 
Wheeler, Clara x27 

124 Alumni Ave., Hopkinsville, Ky. 
Wheeler, Mary Anna xl3 

9 E. Pedregosa St., Santa Barbara, Calif. 
Wheelwright, Esther — S 

Buckhead Springs, Va. 
Whelan, Ruth 27 

The Malvern Apt. 73, 93 Seward Ave., 

Detroit, Mich. 

Wheless, Bessie — A. ...Mrs. G. A. Mercer, Jr. 

% Chatham Crescent, Savannah, Ga. 
Whelpley, Marjorie x28..Mrs. R. J. Marshall 

2 Sachem Rd., Greenwich, Conn. 
Wherry, Julia — A 

Box 1857, Richmond, Va. 
White, Annie Mell — A 

Walton, N. Y. 

White Catherine — A Mrs. William Ayres 

Millsboro, Del. 
White, Eudalia — A Mrs. O. E. Lohrke, Jr. 

137 Ralston Ave., So. Orange, N. J. 
White Harriet— S 

New Franklin, Mo. 
White, Julia G. — S 

5607 Dorchester Ave., Chicago, 111. 
White, Margaret 26 

The Lindens, Rock Island, 111. 
White, Rebecca 13 Mrs. Earnest Faesch 

3602 Albermarle St., Washington, D. C. 
White, Velna xl2 Mrs. C. E. Hostettir 

610 E. Sherman St., Hutchinson, Kan. 
White, Virginia x31 

2820 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Whitehead, Jane x27 

Amherst, Va. 
Whitehead, Martha Virginia — A 

1220 18th Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
Whitehead, Mary 17 

Institute for Child Guidance, 145 East 

57th St., N. Y. C, N. Y. 
Whitehill, Helen — A 

85 E. 13th St., Columbus, Ohio 
Whitehill, Juliana 17 Mrs. A. E. Funke 

427 Fowler Ave., Pelham, Manor, N. Y. 

Whitehouse, Elizabeth x28 

Covington, Ky. 
Whitley, Dorothy — S 

105 W. 55th St., N. Y. C, N. Y. 
Whitlock, Virginia L. x25....Mrs. J. 0. Cobb 

Forest Hills, Durham, N. C. 
Whitman, Elizabeth — A 

691 Juniper St., N. E., Atlanta, Ga. 
Whitmore, Gertrude Rees — S 

2 40 Prespect Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. 
Whittemore, Helen x22 Mrs. H. H. Davis 

317 Court St., Golf Side, Saginaw, Mich. 
Whitten, Effie May xl4 Mrs. Mell Farrar 

Rockfish, Va. 
Wiener, Marie 20 Mrs. Albert Manz 

539 Oakdale Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Wiggers, Harriet x29 

2406 Auburn Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 
Wilcox, Dorothy — A Mrs. Schyler Mills 

909 W. 6th St., Austin, Texas 
Wilcox, Elizabeth x28 Mrs. W. W. Crapo 

2204 Seminole Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Wilcox, Jean 

120 E. 25th St., Baltimore, Md. 
Wilde, Frances 19 Mrs. Monte Bose 

R. R. M. 114, Indianapolis, Md. 

Wiley, Nina x25 Mrs. Harold Mowry 

Sterling, Conn. 

Wilkinson, Barbara x28 
Little Silver, N. J. 

Wilkinson, E. S. x29....Mrs. J. S. Williamson 

7 22 Summit St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Wilkinson, Jane E. x29 

Little Silver, N. J. 
Will, Ruth x26 Mrs. Karl Beckh 

4203 Cutshaw Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Willcox, Elizabeth x28....Mrs. William Crapa 

900 So. Warren Ave., Saginaw, Mich. 



Williams, Amy W. 2 5. .Mrs. T. A. A. Hunter 

Brand House, Ludlow Shropshire, 

Williams, Bettina x27 

32 Cliflford Ave., Pelham, N. Y. 
Williams, Cardelle — A Mrs. G. C. Bower 

Crescent City, Fla. 
Williams, Elizabeth x27....Mrs. C. C. Oadigan 

Seminary Hill, Alexandria, Va. 
Williams, Helen D. — A Mrs. G. Ancarrow 

Dunbarton, Va. 
Williams, Irene — A.. ..Mrs. W. Palmer Oliver 

630 North St., Cape Girardeau, Mo. 
Williams, Margaret H. 27 

Scarsdale, N. Y. 
Williams, Ruth A. x24 

1317 St. Charles St., Birmingham, Ala. 
Williams, Sue — A Mrs. Scott Wilson 

5532 Gates, St. Louis, Mo. 
Williams, Virginia xl8 

637 S. Washington St., Van Wert, Ohio 
Williamson, Hallie x30 

Fayetteville, N. C. 
Williamson, Jean R. 28 

48 So. McLean Blvd., Memphis, Tenn. 
Willis, Kathleen 26. ...Mrs. William A. Peary 

1535 Stephens Ave., Shreveport, La. 
Wills, Anna xl5 Mrs. Josiah F. Reed 

508 N. 2nd St., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Wilson, Catherine S. x23 

213 W. Webster Ave., Muskegon, Mich. 
Wilson, Elizabeth K. xl8 

846 Chalmers PL, Chicago, 111. 
Wilson, Ethel A. x21..Mrs. John Homsey, Jr. 

Rosedale Rd., Overbrook Hills, West Park 

P. O., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Wilson, Grace — A. .Mrs. John Van Brunt, Jr. 

Gentry, Ark. 
Wilson, Hattie H. — S..Mrs. Edward S. Diggs 

1809 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Wilson, Katherine — A Mrs. O. R. Sellers 

846 Chalmers PL, Chicago, El. 
Wilson, Loulie 12 

524 Riverside Dr., New York City, N. Y. 
Wilson, Lucy xl9 Mrs. Richard Dunlap 

525 Knickerbocker PL, Kansas City, Mo. 
Wilson, Margaret — A. ...Mrs. Ford Ballantyne 

599 Lake Shore Drive, Grosse Point 

Shores, Mich. 
Wilson, Martha Knox — A. .Mrs. J. E. Jordan 

Smithfleld, Va. 
Wilson, Mary B. 24 

1903 St. Mary's St., Hayes-Barton, 

Raleigh, N. C. 
Wilson, Mary Tabitha — S 

Orchard St., Woodsdale, Wheeling, W. Va. 
Wilson, Mildred — A. .Mrs. Harry A. Gallaher 

McKay Ave. and Gulf View, Tampa, Fla. 
Wilson, Mildred T. 27 

834 Westover Ave., Norfolk, Va. 
Wilson, Sarah xl7 Mrs. T. Y. Magruder 

2712 Hanover Circle, Birmingham, Ala. 
Wilson, Sarah C. xl5....Mrs. W. C. Faulkner 

1527 West Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Wilson, Susan — A Mrs. Lynne B. Greene 

3619 Walnut St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Wilson, Virginia 27 

403 Tazewell Ave., Cape Charles, Va. 
Wingfield, Eleanor — A. .Mrs. Preston B. Watt 

3606 Chamberlayne Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Wingo, Elizabeth x23 

1310 St. Charles St., So. Birmingham, 


Winkleman, Arrabella x30 

267 So. Belvedere Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 
Winston, Elizabeth xll 

Winston, Va. 

Wise, Margaret Marsh x23..Mrs. Ben O'Neil 

308 Bond St., Macon, Ga. 
Withers, Katherine — A. .Mrs. P. W. Hamilton 

Naxera, Gloucester Co., Richmond, Va. 
Woelfel, Florence 21 

306 E. Jefferson St., Morris, 111. 
Wolf, Ellen 21 Mrs. J. Gains Halsey 

31 Shelton St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Wolf, Louise x25 Mrs. Robert Starke 

R. D. Ha;:elton, Pa. 
WoUF, Margaret R. x23....Mrs. John K. Blair 

1407 Beechwood Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Wolf, Ruth — A Mrs. Bird Nicholson 

387 Winola Ave., Kingston, Pa. 
Wolfstein, Therese — A. .Mrs. R. P. Goldman 

3589 Alaska Ave., Avondale, Cincinnati, 

Wood, Elizabeth B. 27 

Edenton, N. C. 

Wood, Elsie 2 4 Mrs. Richard Von Maur 

McClelland Hts., Davenport, Iowa 
Wood, Eva C. — A Mrs. Stump 

Stark, Fla. 
Wood, Isabel 19 Mrs. Homer A. Holt 

Fayetteville, W. Va. 
Wood, Lillian x30 

329 Kendall PL, Columbus, Ohio 
Wood, Lillian L. 28 

2702 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Wood, Martha 28 

2933 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Woodard, Grace — A Mrs. John F. House 

Belle Meade Park, Nashville, Tenn. 
Woodbridge, Laura xl8 Mrs. C. J. Foster 

Higby, Ohio 
Woods, Elizabeth x29 

Woodsdale, Wheeling, W. Va. 
Woodson, Edith — A Mrs. John S. Ewing 

1115 Main St., Vicksburg, Miss. 
Woodward, M. Antoinette x25 

1318 Stockley Gardens, Norfolk, Va. 
Woodward, Elizabeth — S..Mrs. Norman Scott 

822 Forest Dr., Hagerstown, Md. 
Woodward, Elizabeth P. x28 

Grand Ave., Trenton, Junction, N. J. 
Woodward, Gladys 2 4. ...Mrs. L. N. Hubbard 

210 Terry Rd., Hartford, Conn. 
Woodward, M. H. x25.-Mrs. F. A. Van Patten 

Virginia Beach, Va. 
Woodward, V. A. — A..Mrs. W. P. Dodson, Jr. 

Virginia Beach, Va. 
Woodworth, Mary C. x30 

608 E. Armour Blvd., Kansas City, Mo, 
Wooledge, Elizabeth x31 

427 9th Ave. So., Fargo, N. D. 



Woolf, Mabel R. — A 

1115 9th St. Ave., Oreely, Colo. 

Wooton, Charlotte S. x29 

616 Meller St., Helena, Ark. 

Workum, Hannah xl8 Mrs. H. C. Schwab 

678 N. Crescent, Avondale, Cincinnati, 0. 

Worman, Ruth M. x23 

207 Rockwell Terrace, Frederick, Md. 

Worth, Florence Elizabeth x27 
Cairo, N. Y. 

Wortham, Clara R. — A.... Mrs. H. H. Taylor 
414 King's Court, San Antonio, Texas 

Worthington, Evelyn x28..Mrs. Peter Thropp 
Glen Cairn Apts., W. State St., 
Trenton, N. J. 

Wroy, Alice x24 

615 Washington Ave., Glencoe, 111. 

Wright, Catherine Thompson — A 
1064 22nd St., Des Moines, Iowa 

Wright, Hathaway x22..Mrs. H. Rinehart, Jr. 
1102 Broadway N., Seattle, Washington 

Wright, Linda — A 

161 Harrison St., Jersey City, N. J. 

Wrightnour, Dorothy x29 

933 Woodlawn Ave., Scranton, Pa. 

Yates, Dorothy Mrs. A. B. Frese 

1131 So. 30th St., Birmingham, Ala. 
Yerkes, Marian — A Mrs. Edwin H. Barlow 

837 Kilsyth Rd., Elizabeth, N. J. 
Young, Estelle x30 

Corinth, Miss. 
Young, Frances — A Mrs. L. B. Flintoii 

4 43 Greenway Terrace, Kansas City, Mo. 

Zabriskie, M. Forest — S.-Mrs. P. B. Stockton 

Banque Suisse, Lousonne, Switzerland 
Zachry, Emily x29 

Laredo, Texas 
Zaegel, Elsie 12 Mrs. L C. Thomas 

200 Euclid Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. 
Zartmann, Dorothy x30 

2353 Westover Rd., Columbus, Ohio 
Zeuch, Katherine 23 Mrs. Burton Foster 

4949 Russell Ave. So., 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Zielsdorf, Helen x23 

723 Marietta Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 



(Arranged by States with Cities and Clubs within the State. Married Names Preceding.) 
A — Academy; S — Special and Sub; (1) Life Member; (d) Dues Paid for 1929. 

Birmingham — 

Cross, Mrs. N. E. (Weakley, Eula — A), 
% Jemison Co. 

Doster, Mrs. C. S. (Johns, Mary G. x25), 
1437 Milner Crescent 

Dunn, Mrs. W. R. J. (Cobbs, Mary Eliza- 
beth xll), 1049 S. 32nd St. 

Forsythe, Elizabeth 27 (d), 3215 Cliff 

Frese, Mrs. A. B. (Yates, Dorothy), 1131 
S. 30th St. 

Garber, Mrs. Al (Eubank, Helen — A), 
3608 Clermont Ave. 

Gillem, Mrs. Jennings (Coffin, Florence 
xl3), 1834 14th Ave. So. 

Jamison, Mrs. Elbert (Dillard, Dean — A), 
352 5 Lenox Rd. 

Lacy, Dora B. x31, 1010 Glen Iris Ave. 

Leonard, Maiy B. x29, 5323 Grand Ave. 

McClelland, Mrs. S. V. (Leake, Beverly 
— A), 1417 S. 33rd 

Magruder, Mrs. Thomas Y .(Wilson, 
Sarah xl7), 2712 Hanover Circle 

Marbury, Mrs. D. M., Jr. (Collier, Mar- 
tha — A), 1420 Whittaker 

Meyer, Mrs. Jerome (Abraham, Marjorie 
x21) (d), 1110 Glen View Rd. 

Marzonni, Mrs. Peterson (Glass, Louise — 
A), 1027 South 33rd St. 

Munger, Mrs. L. 0. (McDavid, Rose — A), 
224 2nd Ave. 

Rushton, Mrs. Allen (Douglas, Adelaide, 
26), 3314 Cliff Rd. 

Schulhoefer, Carolyn x27, 2223 Arling- 
ton Ave. 

Weaver, Rosalie — S (d), 2225 Ridge 
Park Ave. 

Williams, Ruth A. x24, 1317 St. Charles 

Wingo, Elizabeth x23, 1310 St. Charles 

Buell, Mrs. Harold (Helmick, Frances 
x21). Box 27 

Dunlap, Sophia W. x30, 203 W. Georgia 

Ervin, Eleanor M. 27, Spring Hill P. O. 

Hunter, Helen x27, 1802 Government Rd. 

Keith, Sarah xl7, 109 Bradford 

LeBlanc, Mrs. Stewart Allen (Ross, Ida 
P. — A), 1279 Government St. 

Lowder, Margaret H. x30, 1841 Dauphin 

McGowin, Lillie Belle — A, 976 Govern- 
ment St. 

Neville, Willie — A, 1049 Dauphin Way 

Ross, Mrs. T. M. (Tonsmiere, Catharine 
— A), 112 S. Georgia Ave. 

Vizard, Mary K. 27 (d), 1810 Old Gov- 
ernment St. 

Anniston — 

Carrington, Lelia xl7, Christine Ave. 
Weatherby, Mrs. James C. (Sproul, Vir- 
ginia x23) 
Willett, Mrs. Elbert H. (Tyler, Lucy — 
A), The Pines 
Ensley — 

Murdock, Mrs. Donald (Allen, Dorothy 

xl8), % Anson Allen 
Eufaula — 

Comer, Mrs. Jim (McCormick, Mary F. 

Roberts, Katherine B. x20. Highland 

Florence — 

Bond, Mrs. James W. (Reeder, Willie 

B. — A) 
Dabney, Dorothy x31, 510 N. Pine St. 
Gadsden — 

Hamilton, Mrs. F. T. (Branch, Eunice 

x23), 252 Eighth St. 
Smith, Mrs. Warren (Johnson, Josephine 

— A), Purrentine Ave. 

Limestone Co. — 

Richardson, Mrs. James M. (Beadles, 
Louise xl4), Harris 
Monroe — 

Florsheim, Alice x31, 1405 N. 3rd St. 
Montgomery — 

Anderson, Julia x23, 520 Adams St. 
Flowers, Katherine x27, 303 S. Court St. 
Hill, Mrs. W. O. Jr. (Thigpen, Eliza- 
beth x23) (d), 1200 S. Perry St. 
Morgan, Mrs. Frank P. (Clin, Lila B. — 

A), 10 Scott St. 
Quisenberry, Elva 27, 607 Felder Ave. 
Waller, Kathryn T. x23, Halycon Hill 
Sheffield — 

Cooke, Julia — A 
Cooke, Catherine R. — A 
Sylacauga — 

Comer, Mrs. Hugh M. (Goodall, Gillian — 
A) (d) 

Corner Stone — 

McNally, Susan Josephine x22 
Forest City — 

Norton, Mrs. Charles ( McCIintock, Mary 
L. — A) 

Fort Smith — 

Albers, Eleanor S. 27, 900 N. 12th St. 
Albers, Julia K. x21, 900 N. 12th St. 
Little, Katherine V. x30, 501 N. 21st St. 
Speer, Mary Olive x29, 1118 N. 14th St. 



Gentry — 

Van Brunt, Mrs. John Jr. (Wilson Grace 
Helena — 

Wooton, Charlotte S. x29, 616 Meller St. 
Hot Springs — 

Proctor, Virginia M. x30, 729 Quapaw 

Little Rock — 

Gather, Elizabeth A. x30, 2908 Gaines 

Clauss, Mrs. Allen M. (Jones, Gloria T. 

x30), % Mr. Jones, 2 206 Arch St. 
Gray, Frances M. x30, 1714 Broadway 
Harrison, Mrs. Galloway C. (Brown, 

Anne E. 16) (d), 1911 Battery St. 
Leigh, Virginia L. x30, 209 E. 15th St. 
Quarterman, Mrs. Keith A. (Leiper, Ellen 

23), 1603 Broadway 
Reaves, Lucy Marian 25, 1904 Battery 

Sims, Ruth x31, 416 W. 25th St. 
Marianna — 

McClintock, Mrs. Oliver (Miller, Edith 

A. 23) 

McClintock, Mrs. Robert (Mixon, Mary 
Frances — A ) 

New Gascony — 

Walker, Mrs. Joseph W. (McNally, Mary 

B. 21) 
Newport — 

Martin, Georgia D. x25, 212 Vine St. 
Pine Bluff — 

Trimble, Mrs. Samuel (Tucker, Helen — 
A), 1793 Olive St. 


Phoenix — 

Dunbar, Mrs. Donald (Browne, Sarah 
xl8), Dan D Ranch, R. F. D. 6 

Alhambra — 

Farrar, Mrs. H. G. (Nixon, Margaret 23) 
(1), 101 S. El Malino 

Altadena — 

Monhoff, Mrs. Frederick (Flanner, Hilde- 
garde x21), 430 Marigold 

Berkeley — 

MacDonald, Mrs. Charles S. (Burleson, 
Emma — A) 

Beverly Hills — 

Shade, Mrs. Chester (Clarkson, Ethelwyn 
x23) (d), 132 So. Almont 

Burlingame — 

Brown, Mrs. Robert (Turner, Margaret 
E. 20), 823 Lindon Ave. 
Eureka — 

Cummings, Mrs. R. D. (McDonald, Kath- 
erine — A), 1423 D. St. 

Fort Winfield Scott — 

Brent, Mrs. George W. (Sipe, Enid — A) 

Lono Beach — 

Ballou, Mrs. Kurtz (Knapp, Roberta 

x20), Rt. 1, Box 362 B. 
Shands, Mrs. Courtney (Jones, Elizabeth 

W. 28), 1334 E. 2nd St. 

Los Angeles — 

Featherston, Mildred x23 (d), The Tal- 
madge, Apt. 904, 3278 Wildshire Rd. 

Foster, Mrs. (Marsh, Mildred — A), 1249 
W. Chester PI. 

Royall, Anne Keith xlO, 1102 West 28th 

Runge, Mrs. Louis C. (Spengel, Mar- 
garet 21), 503 N. Formosa Ave. 

Maryville — 

Farrand, Katherine x26, 327 D. St. 
Oakland — 

Dittenhaver, Helen xl4 (1), 5909 Keith 

Pasadena — 

Rich, Mrs. Dudley (Cobb, Mildred xl6), 
C76 Norwood Dr. 

Piedmont — 

Logan, Mrs. Western (Mcllravy, Ruth 
17) (1), 317 Sea View 

San Bernardino — 

Eikelman, Nell 19 (1), 345 6th St. 
San Diego — 

Hardie, Mrs. Edward (Matson, Frances 
12) (1), 44 45 Santa Monica Ave., 
Ocean Beach 

Porter, Mrs. Earnest B. (Towne, Catha- 
rine 19), 1815 University Ave. 

Seneff, Mrs. Thomas (Hogg, Alice — A), 
4454% North Ave. 

Thompson, Mrs. R. G. (Robertson, La- 
Rue — A), 3135 33rd St. 

San Francisco — 

Miller, Mrs. <Jlenn (Recker, Margaret — 
A), 1718 Russ Bldg., % Mrs. G. E. 

Santa Barbara — 

Wheeler, Mary Anna xl3, 9 E. Pedregosa 


W. Hollywood — 

Stockdale, Jean 16, 928 Westmount Dr. 

Colorado Springs — 

Blair, Mrs. Wiley, Jr. (Kell, Bess xl6) 
(d), 1215 Wood Ave. 

Craigmor — 

Schrier, Barbara xl5 (1) 
Denver — 

Accola, Mrs. A. J. (Mize, Katherine — A), 
1359 Race St. 



Breckenridge, Mrs. Leland (Barkalow, 
Vivienne 18), 1447 Gilpin St. 

Caldren, Mrs. F. C. (Warren, Sara — A), 
1731 Hudson St. 

Dunlaevy, Helen x26, 767 Williams Dr. 

Grant, Mrs. James B. (Brooke, Mary 
xll) (d), 3900 University Rd. 

Holmes, Mrs. George (Se.xton, Kathleen 
— A), Rocky Mountain News 

Holmes, Mrs. Peter H. (Sexton, Jamie 
xll), 1400 Race St. 

Thams, Gertrude J. x21 (1), 728 Clark- 
son St. 
Greely — 

Woolf, Mabel R. — A, 1115 9th Ave. 


Washington Club — 

Banister, Margaret 16 (d), Mayflower 

Brady, Elizabeth x27, 3810 MoiTison St. 
Brantlev, Mrs. W. G. (Cranford, Clyde 

xl3), 2843 29th St. 
Cremer, Mrs. J. D., Jr. (Peckwell, Doro- 
thy — A), 4319 Fessiden St. 
CucuUu, Margaret x29 (d), 2347 Ash- 
mead PI. 
Dunn, Mrs. Richard (Jones, Agnes), 

1911 R. St. 
Elliot, Mrs. James (Heath, Ella C. — A), 

2410 20th St., Apt 206 
Evans, Mrs. Peyton (Fitshugh, Janetta 
26) (d), 3816 Beecherst St., N. W. 
Faesch, Mrs. Earnest (White, Rebecca 

13), 3602 Albermarle St. 
Gill, Mrs. Theodore, Jr. (Parris, Juliette 

— A), 3 411 Newark St. 
Groner, Mrs. J. W. (McKinney, Sarah 

Day x26), 2231 Bancroft PI. 
Hanna, Nancy P. 20 (1), 3009 Q. St. 

N. W. 
Henderson, Frances — A, 900 19th St. 
Henderson, Helen x31, 2941 Newark St. 
Henderson, Jane x31, 2941 Newark St. 
Hudspeth, Elizabeth A. x30, % Misses 
Stone School, 1626 Rhode Island Ave. 
Kincaid, Mrs. Earl H. (Morris, Virginia 

x28), 2923 28th St. 
Mackall, Emily — A (d), 3044 O St., 

N. W. 
Markam, Dorothy, 5118 Wisconsin Ave. 
Morrey, Mrs. Harold (Morris, Helen E. 

x23), 4413 Klingle Rd., N. W. 
Robinson, Mrs. Orme (Orme, Eloise — A), 

2235 Que St., N. W. 
Schoolfield, Lucille — A (d), 1800 K St, 
Shepherd, Mrs. Henry (Green, Elizabeth 

14), Westmoreland Apt. 
Sims, Mrs. William B. (Lorton, Marie 

xl8 (1), 1757 K. St., N. W. 
Snowden, Josephine 27 (d), 2311 Con- 
necticut Ave. 
Thomas, Mrs. Sydnev T. (Davidson, 
Nellie xl3), 1001 19th St., N. W. 

Tucker, Mrs. Francis B. (Laird, Mary G. 
— A), 3238 Q. St., N. W. 

Wyckoff, Mrs. J. Bernard (Evans, Har- 
riet 15) (1), 3252 S. St., N. W. 

Bristol — 

Barrett, Anne 26, 195 Summer St. 
Darien — 

Thayer, Mrs. Raymond L. (Lloyd, Lillian 
— A), Cedar Gate 

Greenwich — 

Marshall, Mrs. Robert J. W. (Whelpley, 
Marjorie x28 (d), 2 Sachem Rd. 

Hubbard, Mrs. L. N. (Woodward, Gladys 

24), 210 Terry Rd. 
Molinux, Mrs. Paul R. (Day Dorothy 

xl8) (d), 70 Lorraine St. 
Nevans, Mrs. Charles (French, Marjorie 

— A), % Hartford Insurance Co. 

Meriden — 

Lawton, Dorothy x23, 91 Lincoln St. 
Nawgatuck — 

MacVicar, Mrs. Donald G. (Alford, Char- 
lotte x26), 54 Highland Ave. 

New Britain — 

Chamberlain, Mrs. Rodman (Russell, Con- 
stance 16) (d), 338 Lincoln Rd. 
Peck, Helen Louise — A, 42 Park PL 

New Haven — 

Ginther, Mrs. R. R. (Hill, Marian xl8), 
12 Walden St. 

Mortimer, Mrs. Earnest (Eaglesfield, Car- 
ina — A), 40 Ogden St. 

Newington — 

Eddy, Mrs. Stanley (Hart, Alice xl6) 

Sommers — 

Ellis, Beulah x26. Box 84 

Sound Beach — 

Steeves, Mrs. Guy C. (Osborne, Mary — 
A) (d) 

Sterling — 

Mowry, Mrs. Harold (Wiley, Nina x25) 

Terryville — 

Plumb, Vivian 27, 140 Main St. 

Wallingford — 

Backes, Barbara x29, 116 S. Main St. 

Watertown — 

Huelbat, Mrs. Gordon B. (Smith, Helen 
E. x22) 

W. Hartford — 

Rawson, Helen W. — A, 42 Lancaster Rd. 

Westport — 

Lawson, Mrs. Robert (Abrams, Marie 
xl2). Box 47 



Dover — 

Lynch, Mrs. Howard E. Jr. (Pennewill, 
Katherine 21), 11 Cecil St. 

Mlllsboro — 

Ayres, Mrs. William (White, Catherine — 

Wilmington — 

Bradshaw, Mrs. H. (Molly, Evelyn — A) 

(d), 1101 Nottingham Rd. 
Jayne, Marion I. 28, Branden Lane, West- 
over Hills 
Pape, Mrs. George (Travis, Dorothy x23), 

305 Woodside, Hillcrest 
Pennypacker, Frances W. 15 (1), 1314 

W. 10th St. 
Schneider, Mrs. J. M., Jr. (Sellars, 

Frances — A), 1501 Broome Se. 
Thomas, Mrs. Edwin H. (Cassard, Mary 

Stuart 25) (d), 1318 W. 13th St. 


Jacksonville Club 
Jacksonville — 

Barrs, Mrs. Newcomb (Bryan, Anne — A), 

2784 Oak St. 
Bryan, Elizabeth H. x30, P. O. 1211 
Christie, Anna x29, 314 King St. 
Doggett, Mrs. John L. (Jones, Miriam 

Lee xl7), 3591 Richmond St. 
Graves, Mrs. Richard (Bryan, Meta xl3), 

3551 Hedrick St. 
Groover, Mrs. R. Overton (Drew, Mar- 
guerite — S), 2502 Post St. 
Holmes, Mrs. James D., Jr. (Harris, 

Adelaide 25), 1016 Riverside 
Mason, Mrs. Marshall (Knight, Varina — 

A), 938 Post St. 
Rogers, Mrs. W. H. (Medlin, Otelia — A), 

Lancaster Terrace 
Warfleld, Lyda B. 27, 23 Park St. 
Warren, Mrs. L. A. (Denham, Sara xl3), 

2 Julinie Apts. 
Yerkes, Mrs. Jonathan (Beville, Julia 

xl4), "Ortega" 

Tampa Club 
Tampa — 

Annan, Mrs. Hume (Aviritt, Dunbar — A), 

204 Madison St. 
Beweher, Mrs. F. M. (Ball, Geraldine 

20), 1306 N. Delaware Ave., Yellow 

Cab Co. 
Boushall, Mrs. John (Dishman, Dorothy 

— A) (d), 2904 Angeles St. 
Clapp, Mrs. Roger (Spafford, Henrietta — 

A), South Edison Ave. 
Gallaher, Mrs. Herry A. (Wilson, Mildred 

— A), McKay Ave. and Gulf View 
Locker, Mrs. E. G. (Sage, Laura Lee 

x29), 1900 Oakmont Ave. 
Lott, Elizabeth x2S, 931 S. Dakota Ave. 
Nelson, Mrs. Edwin K., Jr. (Schurman, 

Phyllis x23), 111 Hyde Park PI. 

Richardson, Mrs. Edwin W. (Bullard, 
Daisy — A), Almeria Ave. and Gulf 

Taliaferro, Mrs. William (Watkins, Ruth 
— A), 307 Hyde Park Ave. 

Thompson, Mrs. Paul (Crockett, Emma 
M. B. x23), 1307 So. Moody Ave. 

Vaughn, Mrs. Hines F. (Scovell, Flor- 
ence 21), 212 S. Tampania 

Warren, Alice x27, 716 S. Delaware Ave. 

WateiTnan, Mrs. Jerome (Guggenheimer, 
Daisy A.) (1), 807 So. Edison Ave. 

Brad en town — 

Curry, Mrs. Warren (Bimey, Eloise xl5) 
^nyder, Mrs. Edmund (Darnell, Eliza- 
beth — A) 

Crescent City — 

Bower, Mrs. George C. (Williams, Car- 
delle — A) 

Daytona Beach — 

Robbins, Mary Kent 27 
Lake Alfred — 

Gardner, Mrs. George (Sackett, Helen — 


Leesburg — 

Erck, Mrs. George (Sellar, Georgena — 

A), Astubula Grove 
Fletcher, Mrs. William (Erck, Clare 15) 

(1), Lake Co. 

Miami — 

Clark, Gertrude M. — A, 1717 S. W. 13th 

Holt, Mary A. x30, Clyde Court Apts 
Mt. Dora — 

Backus, Mrs. H. E. (Baker, Clara — A) 
Orlando — 

Leatherman, Mrs. D. E. (Jackson, Ruth 
S. — A), (d) 735 W. Concord Ave. 

Pensacola — 

Merritt, Emily Turner — A, 619 N. Baylen 

Merritt, Kitten xl4, 619 N. Baylen St. 
Quincy — 

May, Mrs. Frank P., Jr. (Munroe, Abbie 

Wilhoit, Mrs. S. E. (Corry, Alice xl6), 
204 E. King St. 
Sarasota — 

Thornton, Mrs. John R. (Cofleld, Eliza- 
beth — A), Box 95 

St. Petersburg — 

Dunlap, Page 26, 505 20th Ave., N. E. 
Welsh, Mary E. 25, E. 413 8th Ave., No. 

Stump, Mrs. (Wood, Eva — A) 

Tarpon Springs — 
Fowler, Sara x22 



W. Pahn Beach — 

Chace, Mrs. Clyde (DaCamera, Marian 

xl5), 36th St. Northwood 
Dudley, Mrs. Hugh B. (Blake, Margaret 

E. x26), 242 Lakeland Dr. 

Winter Haven — 

Rabe, Mrs. J. W. (Theiss, Ruth — ^A) 

Atlanta — 

Ballard, Mrs. Wiley (McCary, Helen — 

A), Northwood Dr. 
Bamett, Frances W. x30, 95 E. 14th St. 
Brail, Mrs. J. S. (Weickelbaum, Nina — 

S), 576 Virginia Ave. 
Carter, Mrs. Frank (Stewart, Mary — A) 

(d), 47 Woodcrest Ave. 
Dillon, Jane x29, Piedmont Rd. 
Foote, Sarah K. x30, Pershing Point Apt. 
Banner, Claire 27, 118 Linwood Ave. 
Harris, Mildred xl3, 200 Waverly Way 
Hodnett, Margaret J. 28, 743 Piedmont 

N. E. 
Hurt, Mrs. Sherwood (Kennedy, Sarah B. 

x21), 39 Woodcrest Ave. 
Lokey, Boyce A. x30, 92 E. 14 th St. 
McGinnis, Mrs. Claude (Ashcraft, Rebecca 

x26), 1341 Ponce de Leon Ave. 
Mahoney, Margaret D. 28, 1422 Peach- 
tree PI. 
Newell, Anne Lane x28, 1 Clifton Rd. 
Newell, Ellen x26, 1 Clifton Rd. 
Porter, Augusta T. x30, 229 Prado 
Stone, Emily Lucille x28, 821 Oakdale 

Rd., N. E. 
Street, Sophie W. x30, 1585 N. E. Deca 

tur Rd. 
Torrence, Virginia x28, 7 Belmont Dr. 
Tunentine, Mrs. AValter W. (Abernethy 

Josephine x30), 55 LaFayette Dr. 
Whitman, Elizabeth — A, 691 Juniper St. 

N. E. 

Macon — 

Dicky, Mrs. Weimer (Neal, Gladys x24) 

62 4 College St. 
Grover, Mrs. Thomas D. (Newton, Mar 

tha A. 23), 51 Arlington PI. 
Hall, Elizabeth L. 23, 231 High St. 
Kendall, Fitzallen N. x23, 311 Bond St 
Lazarus, Mabel x22, 120 Buford PI. 
McCaw, Mary D. 23, 274 Georgia Ave. 
Nisbet, Martha x26, R. F. D. No. 2 
O'Neal, Mrs. Ben (Wise, Margaret M. 

x23) (d), 308 Bond St. 
Whaley, Katherine W. x30, 370 College 


Albany — 

Goss, Mrs. Albert S. (Dowd, Ruth xl3), 

504 3rd St. 
Patterson, Mrs. Jack (Ventulet, Julia 

x27) (d), 533 Pine St. 

Americus — 

Easterlin, Thelma x22 

Harrold, Alice M. 28, 302 College St. 
Athens — 

Fortson, Nora P. x28, 720 Melledge Circle 

Talmadge, Grace — A, 1237 Prince Ave. 

White, Mrs. Jim (Hood, Agnes x22) 
Augusta — 

Addison, Ethel x23, 2123 McDowell St. 

Eve, Anna x25, 826 John's Rd. 

Hagler, Evelyn J. x31, 2411 McDowell 

Lockhart, Margaret M. x28, 2423 Wal- 
ton Way 

Phinigy, Mrs. Irvine (Hagler, Katharine 
23), 2330 King's Way 

Columbus — 

Chancellor, Mrs. Edgar (Rigney, Evelyn 

Davis, Mrs. Tracy E. (Garrard, Louise G. 

Wood, Mrs. Jared I. (Forbush, Rachel 

xl6) (1), 1308 15th St. 

Commerce — 

Harber, Annette — A 
Deca tor — 

Metz, Barbara B. x31, Comfort Hill 
Douglas — 

Shelton, Mary L. x23, 209 Gaskin Ave. 

Stubbs, Mrs. Sidney (Quincey, Blanche 

Fort Benning — 

MacGregor, Mrs. Stephen H. (Dixon, 
Helen — A) 

Griffin — 

Nichol, Mary x28 
Marietta — 

Willingham, Mrs. Robert T. (Claiborne, 
Anne B. x26), Blair Apts. 

Milledgeville — 

Crawford, Maury — A 
Moultrie — 

Huber, Allie x23, 223 S. Main St. 
Montezuma — 

McKenzie Mrs. (Lynn, Gladys — A) 
Quitman — 

Tillman, Eugenie P. x29 
Rome — 

Graham, Laura 2 5 

Lindsey, Mrs. Edgar E. (Brown, Bessie 
xl3) (d), 304 Fourth Ave. 

Towers, Alice x27, 409 3rd Ave. 

Yankee, Mrs. Murrel (Bryan, Helen E. 
x29), Darlington School 

Savannah — 

Brj'son, Mrs. Frank (Battey, Alice L. — 
A), 318 E. Gaston St. 



Craighill, Mary B. 25 (d), 117 E. 34th 

Foster, Floyd x23, 118 E. Quinnett St. 
Jones, Gertrude P. — A, 214 S. Gumnett 

Kohler, Jane x30, 102 E. 44th St. 
Mercer, Mrs. G. A., Jr. (Wheless, Bessie 

— A), % Chatham Crescent 
Reeves, Mrs. Joseph L. (Thomas, Mar- 

jorie x23), 638 Maupas 
Sailer, Mrs. Carl W. (Gribble, Mildred 

x26), Villa Mon Reve 

Statesboro — 

Grimes, Anna B. x23 
Sylvan la — 

Hilton, Dorothy — A 

Hilton, Louise — A 

Thomasvllle — 

Herbener, Mrs. H. H. (Hawkins, Gabrielle 
Waycross — 

Walker, Mrs. Robert C. (Trexler, Elna 
Ruth x23), 501 Gilmore St. 

Boise — 

Bacon, Florence xl5. Box 1387 
Davidson, Agnes — A, 1609 Warm Springs 

Haga, Margaret x29, 1311 Washington 

Lomey, Tennie B., 1305 Harrison Blvd. 
Buhl — 

Skillem, Mrs. F. H. (Piper, Gertrude 
17), 405 8th St. 
Emmett — 

Cummings, Margaret x29, 710 E. Main 
Eustick — 

Wood, Mrs. Frank D. (Sinsel, Alma xl8) 

Lewiston — 

Thompson, Mrs. W. B. (Lewis, Margaret 
— A), Rt. 2, Box 161 

Shoshorne — 

Bennett, Mrs. J. Bryan (Bingham, Kath- 
leen xl6) 


Chicago Club 
Chicago — 

Aleshire, Mary E. x25 (d), 6900 Algesby 

Birkoff, Gertrude xl7, 5707 Blackstone 
Ave., Hyde Park Station 

Baker, Martha B. x31, 10235 S. Seeley 

Brewster, Elizabeth x24, 6835 Chapel 

Davis, Helen M. 28, Thompson Ross & 
Co., 29 So. LaSalle St. 

Eddy, Mrs. William S. (Madson, Eliza- 
beth xl8), 510 Belmont Ave. 

Eilert, Marie Arlyn — A, 2339 Cleveland 

Elsendrath, Alma xl4, Belmont Hotel 

Eisendrath, Gertrude xl5, Belmont Hotel 

Evans, Alice x21, 1317 Lunt Ave. 

Hafner, Eugenia xl6, 950 Chicago Ave. 

Hardy, Jane x28, 1057 Thomdale Ave. 

Haseltine, Helen 26, 4925 Dorchester 

Hinshaw, Mrs. William W., Jr. (Busey, 
Hester McC. xl6), Seneca Hotel 

Johnstone, Alice W. x30, 5312 Green- 
wood Ave. 

Landecker, Mrs. Lloyd M. (Fisher, Flor- 
ence — A) (d), 5141 Greenwood Ave. 

LaVague, Mrs. Albert (Gladfelter, Ruth 
x21), 6217 Woodlawn Ave. 

Manz, Mrs. Albert (Weiner, Marie 20) 
(1), 539 Oakdale Ave. 

Marks, Mrs. Harold E. (Sollitt, Eleanette 
18), The Seneca Hotel, 200 E. Chest- 

Martin, Mrs. Lawrence (Pratt, Ruth 25), 
12 47 N. Dearborn St., Studio Court 

Pape, Elizabeth 24 (d), 9250 Pleasant 

Phillips, Mrs. Richard W. (Landis, 
Susanne — A), 5449 Cornell Ave. 

Prosch, Mrs. W. R. (Grgitch, Yalena 
x23) (d), 6947 Cornell Ave. 

Sellers, Mrs. 0. R. (Wilson, Katherine — 
A), 846 Chalmers PI. 

Sheldon, Sybil — A, AUerton Hotel, 701 
N. Michigan Ave. 

Sikes, Eleanor x24, 311 N. Central Ave. 

Sollitt, Grace H. 28 (d), 3995 Ellis Ave. 

Tollerton, Frances L. x31, 10502 S. 
Seeley Ave. 

White, Julia — S (d), 5607 Dorchester 

Wilson, Elizabeth K. xl8, 846 Chalmers 

Evanston— — 

Board, Dorothy — A, 522 Sheridan Rd. 

Harden, Mrs. Charles (Kimball, Louise 
— A), 1414 Wesley Ave. 

Lang, Mrs. Samuel J. (Hodgkin, Ruth 
L. x22), 812 Colfax St. 

Leffel, Mrs. Philip (Poague, Catherine — 
A), 914 Michigan Ave. 

Schneider, Mrs. T. E. (Stanberry, Vir- 
ginia 23), 848 Ridge Ave. 

Tingle, Virginia x29, 1567 Ridge Ave. 

Van Metre, Genevieve x29, 1123 Ridge 

Weisiger, Margaret x29, 823 Hinman 

Geneva — 

Keepers, Mrs. Willard F. (Hogans, Clara 
D. 22), 10 Forest Ave. 

Glencoe — 

Bradstreet, Mrs. Brownell (Orde, Mar- 
garet x27), 486 Greenleat Ave. 

Wroy, Alice x24, 615 Washington Ave. 
Kenilworth — 

Little, Virginia W. x22, 514 Essex Rd. 

Thayer, Marian x27, 121 Robsart Rd. 



LaGrange — 

Burt, Mrs. Roland W. (Morton, Aline — 
S), 126 S. Ashland Ave. 

Oak Park — 

Blatchford, Mrs. John (Roberts, Esther 
xl6), (d) 711 Superior St. 

Bull, Helen xl7, 300 N. Grove Ave. 

Carpenter, Mrs. Russell (Howe, Mary 
x23), 854 Washington Blvd. 

Davis, Mrs. Granville (Longwell, Eathryn 
x23), 301 N. Scovill Ave. 

Eckhart, Margaret W. xl6 (d), 210 N. 
Grove Ave. 

Forbush, Edith xl8 (d), 242 S. Elm- 
wood Ave. 

Hamilton, Mrs. G. H. (Beye, Helen xl6), 
716 Northeast Ave. 

Hickok, Mrs. Ward R. (Knoedler, Alice 
x23), 335 S. Clinton Ave. 

King, Mrs. Harry (Shepherd, Helen C. — 
S), 934 Pleasant St. 

Morse, Eleanor — A, 202 Linden Ave. 

Morse, Gertrude — A, 202 Linden Ave. 

Sherman, Dorothy x30, 238 S. Elmwood 

Swanson, Mrs. Arthur D. (Hafner, Mar- 
ion x23), 958 Chicago Ave. 

Wilmette — 

Newey, Helen G. x29, 436 Lake Ave. 
Springer, Winogene x30, 72 4 Forest Ave. 
Stoddard, Mary x26, 524 Lake Ave. 
Winnetka — 

Gates, Mrs. Ryerson D. (Gilmore, Delia 

xl9) (d), 858 Sunset Rd. 
Joy, Dorothy A. x25, 370 Sheridan Rd. 
Joy, Elizabeth x25, 370 Sheridan Rd. 
Nevins, Mrs. John C. (Babcock, Helen 

xl6), 1345 Elder Lane 
Steinhoff, Mrs. Carroll F. (Holmes, 

Louise — A), 1012 Westmore Rd. 
Welsh, Mrs. Vernon M. (Ferris, Fanita — 

A), 791 Foxdale Ave. 
Wilder, Mrs. Emery (Moseley, Alice B. 

xl4) (d), 687 HiU Road 

Athens — 

Rankin, Susan Jane, x27 

Barrington — 

Walcott, Mrs. Russell (Buffington, Eu- 
genia 13) (1), R. F. D. 4 

Bensenville — 

Groves, Elizabeth — A 

Groves, Katherine — A 
Champaign — 

Griffith, Mrs. David (Heurtley, Katherine 
xl6), % R. o. T. C, Univ. of Illinois 

Rugg, Helen C. x25, 507 W. Univ. Ave. 

Swannell, Marian 24, 614 W. University 

Trevett, Alma — A, 706 W. Green 

Decatur — 

Lyon, Mrs. Carlos E. (Kenney, Frances — 
S), 445 W. William St. 
Elgin — 

Thomell, Mrs. John G. (Ohamberlaine, 
Marie xl2), 478 Mary PI. 

Hinsdale — 

Bums, Helen — A, 36 Hickory St. 

Bums, Susan — A, 36 Hickory St. 
Jerseyville — 

Smith, Mrs. Robert Leo (Schafer, Adah 
H. — A 
Joliet — 

Shutts, Janet x24, 204 Grover St. 
La Grange — 

Kavanna, Eliza x23, 304 S. Ashland Ave. 
Lake Forest — 

McLaren, Gertrude — A 
Morengo — 

Shurtleff, Helen Elizabeth — C 
Morris — 

Woelfel, Florence 21 (1), 306 E. Jef- 
ferson St. 

Ottawa — 

Tress, Inez — A, 321 Highland PL 

Paris — 

Curtis, Mrs. Walter (Hodge, Kathleen — 
A) (1), 407 Sherifif St. 

Peoria — 

Gauss, Pauline x21, 112 N. Glenwood 
Princeton — 

McKee, Marianna — A, 609 E. Peru Ave. 

Quincy — 

Williams, Mrs. J. R. (Halback, Flor- 
ence — A) (d), 2003 Jersey St. 

Ravinia — 

Tackett, Mrs. M. F. (Schnorback, Eliza- 
beth 22), 260 Woodland Rd. 

River Forest — 

Broughton. Mary — S, 253 Keystone Ave. 
Broughton, Ruth xl7, 253 Keystone Ave. 
Dall, Mrs. Benjamin L. (Caldwell, Mar- 
garet xl6), 299 Bonnie Brae Ave. 

Wallace, Mrs. G. A. (Sauer, Margaret — 
A), 296 Park Ave. 

Webster, Mrs. Harry C. (Dick, Alice 
xl6), 538 Edgewood PI. 

Riverside — 

Dowell, Mary E. x29 
Rockford — 

Harris, Mrs. Alan (Petritz, Margaret — 

S), 2025 Clinton St. 
Reid, Katherine F. x27, 721 Garfield 

Short, Mrs. Robert (Shoudy, Doris — A), 
Brownwood Ave. 



Sable Grove — 

Abemathy, Dorothy — A 
Springfield — 

Munson, Mary 22, 712 S. 2nd St. 

Kaiser, Mrs. (Beegle, Margaret x23) 


Indianapolis Club 
Indianapolis — 

Adams, Mrs. Robert A. (Wallcer, Mary 

Ellis — A) (d), 2 Hampton Court 
Becker, Mrs. Charles (Pfeiffer, Lulma — 

A) 3773 Washington Blvd. 
Bose, Mrs. Monte (Wild, Frances 19), 

R. F. D., Box I i •■ 
Butler, Mary .x27, 946 N. Meridian St. 
Campbell, Mrs. Russell (AUen, Mary M. 

x23), 2049 N. Meridian St., Apt. 5 

Cohee, Mrs. Benjamin (Bergen, Marjorie 

H. x22), 3720 N. Pennsylvania St. 
Fisher, Mrs. Lucile (Weer, Lucile — A), 

5172 Broadway 
Fuller, Mary P. x29, 3520 N. Penn St. 
Gerard, Eleanor x25, 3146 Washington 

Gorrell, Mrs. E. S. (Maurice, Ruth 14) 

(1), 1636 N. Delaware St. 
Jamison, Mrs. John T. (Hanckel, Flor- 
ence L. — A), 114 E. 44th St. 
Jones, Handruma 24, 1941 N. Delaware 

Jose, Mrs. V. R., Jr. (Elliot, Amy xl8) 

(1), 410 N. Audobon Rd. 
Keeling, Mrs. Hal R. (Harvey, Ruth — 

A) (d), 210 Berkley Rd. 
Moffat, Mrs. John H. (Hertz, Mabel — A), 

5511 University Ave. 
Nelson, Julia Jean — A, 29 Hampton Ct. 
Stackhouse, Mrs. Allan V. (Mitchell, 

Mary M. x24), 127 E. 48th St. 

Vonnegut, Mrs. Kurt (Lieber, Edith — A), 
4365 N. Illinois Ave. 

Wood, Mrs. Lewis J. (Brewer, Nellie M. 
24), 3640 N. Meridian St. 

Wood, Martha 28, 2933 N. Meridian St. 

Anderson — 

Pollak, Mrs. William (Weslow, Estelle 
xl2), 221 W. 8th St. 

Bluff ton — 

Ehle, Marth E. x27, 1250 Cherry St. 
Markley, Madelyn x28, 416 W. Central 

Brazil — 

Bridgeman, Mrs. Ray C. (Eaglesfield, 

Dorothea — A), "Eaglesfield," R. F. 

D. 7 
Eaglesfield, Mrs. R. D. (Hobson, Patricia 

— A), "Eaglesfield," R. F. D. 7 

Crawfordsville — 

Crane, Marion x26, 512 W. Wabash Ave. 

Joel, Mrs. Clarence J. (Bowers, Hoe 18), 
413 E. Wabash Ave. 

Shaw, Mrs. Nobel R. (Crabbs, Mary V. 
20) (d), 211 W. Water St. 

Gary — 

Thomas, Mrs. Roy 0. (Kelley, Josephine 
x22), 522 Broadway, Suite 206 

Kokomo — 

Brand, Shirley — A, Sweeney Apts. 

Lafayette — 

Bilhuber, Gertrude — A (1), Perdue Uni- 
versity, % Physical Education Dept. 

McClelland, Mrs. Donald C. (Milholland, 
Irene — A) (d), 1021 Highland Ave. 

Marion — 

Burge, Alfreda M. x29. Apt. X Colonial 

Mt. Vernon — 

Ale.xander, Mrs. Charles (Stenson, Mary 
G. — S), 623 Mulberry St. 

Muncie — 

Kersey, Emily — S (1), 903 E. Jackson 

Moody, Mrs. 0. Russell (Elston, Gene- 
vieve x24), 315 Monroe St. 

Orleans — 

Cloud, Mrs. Roy L. (Taggart, Leona x23) 

Richmond — 

Schively, Mrs. Yale R. (Nicholson, Helen 
xl5), 426 S. 23rd St. 

South Bend — 

Shidler, Madelon 21, 520 N. Lafayette 

Shilder, Mary L. 28, 1013 E. Jefferson 

Stephenson, Mrs. James A. (Rozelle, 

Maynette 21) (d), 1220 Tecumseh 


Veedersburg — 

Wallace, Dorothy 20 (1), 1405 Eutaw 

Wincherster — 

Bly, Mrs. Neil J. (Miller, Alice x22), 
410 S. High St. 

TrI-City Club 
(Mollne, III., Rock Island, III., Davenport, lo.) 
Moline, III. — 

Arp, Mrs. Louis Croft (Hamed, Eleanor 
24) (1), 1525 29th St. 

Orampton, Mrs. Albert M. (Von Maur, 
Josephine 24) (d), 909 22nd St. 

Rock Island, III. — 

Tremann, Helen W. 25, 916 17th St. 
White, Margaret 26 (d), The Lindens 



Davenport, la. 

Clausen, Catherine x30, 2330 Harrison 

Hamed, Louise 28 (d), 830 Mississippi 

Von Maur, Mrs. Richard (Wood, Elsie 
24), McLelland Hts. 

Wain, Mrs. Raymond R. (Hulburd, Bern- 
ice 24) (d), 1223 E. 10th St. 

Cedar Rapids — 

Rowley, Margaret — S, 216 S. 16th St. 
Council Bluffs — 

Douglas, Elizabeth E. x28, 405 S. 28th 

Everest, Mrs. George T. (Tinley, Elise — 
A), 281 High School Ave. 

Schonentgen, Jane x28, 201 3rd St. 
Des Moines — 

Shuler, Mrs. John D. (Marshall, Cath- 
erine 18) (1), 28 Foster Dr. 

Wilson, Mrs. Walter (Slater, Ruth 22) 
(d), 405 37th St. 

Wright, Catherine Thompson — A, 1064 
2 '2nd St. 

Iowa City — 

Gibson, Mrs. Robert (Tait, Lucy — A), 
1029 E. Court St. 


Dunlap, Harriet S. 28, 614 Orleans Ave. 

Sloux City — 

McNeil, Eleanor 28, 1427 Douglas St. 

Winfield — 

Green, Bemice G. x22 

Leavenworth — 

Burt, Rosamond x31 (d), 207 Vine St. 
Emporia — 

Foncannon, Mrs. Frank (Wayman, Pearl 
xl7), 819 Union St. 

Hutchinson — 

Hostetter, Mrs. C. E. (White, Velna xl2) 

(d), 610 E. Sherman St. 
McNaughton, Mrs. E. W. (Steele, Martha 

B — A), Hyde Park 
Payne, Mrs. Clifford (Shunk, Sdna — A), 

1309 N. Main 


Louisville Club 
Louisville — 

Burks, Lucille x29, 1218 S. 3rd St. 

Castner, Mrs. Charles B. (Walker, Ida 
18) (1), 1463 §t. James Ct. 

Chapman, Mary Louise x28, 1117 Car- 
dinal Dr. 

Clark, Esther xl6, 1475 S. 3rd St. 

Clarke, Mrs. William F., Jr. (Carothers, 
Jane xl7) (d), 2119 Maryland Ave. 

Cox, Elizabeth 27, 2100 Confederate PL 

Cravens, Elizabeth x29, 2200 Douglas 

Culp, Mrs. Charles C. (O'Bannon, Caro- 
lyn — A), 1747 Sulgrave Rd. 

Cumnock, Mrs. Walter (Marston, Emily 
— S), Upper River Rd. 

Dugan, Mary V. x25, 1578 Cherokee Rd. 

Franke, Jacqueline E. x24, 1412 St. 
James Court 

Franke, Virginia x27, 1412 St. James Ct. 

Oatchell, Frances C. x26, Puritan Apts. 

Harris, Mrs. Desha (Fehr, Clarissa — A), 
2 Parsons Apt. 

Harris, Emma Nan x28, 1448 S. 4th St. 

Harris, Mrs. H. Ewing (Rhodes, Mary — 
A), 1907 Dorothy Ave. 

Hemmings, Mrs. Harry H. (Turk, Esther 
C. 18), % E. L. Hardy, 1347 Floyd 

Miller, Mrs. Shakleford (Effinger, Frances 
— A), 2411 Longest 

Pilcher, Mrs. G. W. (Upton, Leonora — 
S), 4 Maple Crest. 

Slay, Mrs. (Skinner, Cornelia x24) (d), 
21 Cavalier Apts. 

Stites, Mrs. James W. (Bodley, Edith 
x22), 530 Belgravia Ct. 

Towle, Virginia — A, 314 W. Lee St. 

Walsh, Mrs. John (McWilliams, Mar- 
garet x28), 1157 Third St. 

Anchorage — 

Whayne, Mrs. Roy C. (Carothers, Bessie 
xl4), (d) 

Ashland — 

Berger, Christine x23, 16th and Bath 

Brovming, Mrs. F. E. (Buckingham, 

Venus T. x24) 
Lauterbach, Frances W. x23 (d), 2108 

Lexington Ave. 

Ashland — 

Russell, Mrs. Hugh (Everett, Hallie — A), 

812 Rogers Ct. 

Bardstown — 

Muir, Mrs. Jasper (Puckett, Frances 
x29), R. R. No. 1 

Brooksville — 

Harrod, Mrs. Garret R. (Thomson, Mary 
F. x27), (d), % Brooksville H. S. 

Buetchel — 

Reager, Mrs. Harry, Jr. (Jones, Louise 
P. xl8), Tyler Lane 

Catlettsburg — 

Patton, Felicia 16 (1) 

Patton, Rebecca 14 (1) 
Elizabethtown — 

Montgomery, Mildred — A 
Falmouth — 

Berger, Rose A. 2fi 



Ft. Thomas — 

Irwin, MrB. Harrison W. (Duckworth, 
Helen 23), % Mrs. Duckworth, 126 
Ft. Thomas Ave. 

Frankfort — 

Roberts, Polly x29, 414 Conway St. 

Henderson — 

Miller, Cecelia x23, 521 N. Main St. 


Cooper, Sarah M. xl3, 803 S. Campbell 

Moore, Mrs. Milton G. (Tandy, Mary — 
A), 317 E. 16th St. 

Wheeler, Clara x27, 124 Alumni Ave. 

Winfree, Mrs. James B. (Tandy, Nell — 
A), 317 E. 16th St. 

Wood, Mrs. McFarland W. (Brown, Made- 
line 27), (d) % Dr. Brown, Alumni 

Lawrenceburg — 

Waller, Cordelia — A 
Lexington — 

Jones, Mrs. John C. (Sauters, Louis E. 

xl8) (d), 540 Sayre Ave. 
Kirk, Mrs. Theodore (Dalton, Margaret 

— A) (1), 742 E. High St. 
McCormick, Pearl x28, 108 Irving Rd. 
McGhee, Mrs. Frank (Geary, Jane A. 
x29), 415 N. Broadway 

Madisonville — 

Holeman, Mrs. F. M. (Gholson, Christine 

Mayfield — 

Jones, Ruth E. x26 
Paris — 

Thomas, Christine x26 
Pikesville — 

Bowles, Lelia Loixaine x22 
Richmond — 

Langford, Marie H. x27, 344 High St. 

Noland, Mrs. Harris (Hagan, Elizabeth 

Shelbyville — 

Bell, Hanna C. x27 

Turner, Mary Elizabeth x27, 712 Mag- 
nolia Ave. 

New Orleans Club 
New Orleans — 

Brown, Mrs. E. G. (Ewing, Esther — A), 
1514 Nashville Ave. 

George, Mrs. Woodruff (Tabb, Mary Clif- 
ton — A), 2 4 23 Prytonia St. 

McGee, Laverne 23, 1400 Webster Ave. 

Mathews, Bonnie S. 28, 5820 Hurst St. 

Tebo, Mrs. Albert (Watson, Sallie — A), 
1428 First St. 

Alexandria — 

Polk, Ella x28, 1728 Albert Ave. 
Alsatia — 

Bomer, Lynne — A 

Bogahesa — 

Rowell, Mrs. Frank T. (Bigelow, Alice 
Lake Charles — 

Patterson, Mildred x26, 923 Kirby St. 

Mansfield — 

Bryan, Mary Shepherd xl5, 105 McEnery 
Shreveport — 

Barrow, Sidney A. x26, 713 Line Ave. 

Dickson, Martha — A, 1165 Kings High- 

Gould, Mary Eleanor x21, 917 Kirby PI. 

Peary, Mrs. William A. (Willis, Kath- 
leen 26), 1535 Stephens Ave. 

Peyton, Kathryn 26, 600 Stoner Ave. 

Strange-Boston, Mrs. Archibald (Meredith, 
Emily x24), 82 4 Oneonta St. 

Simmasport — 

Perkins, Almena 25 

Houlton — 

Koon, Eleanor — A, 116 Main St. 

Ogunquit — 

Ware, Barbara 26 


Baltimore Club 
Baltimore — 

Adair, Mrs. Sidney T. (Allen, Lucia x20), 

2306 Lyndhurst Ave. 
Adams, Mrs. Howard, Jr. (Rich, Robins 

27) (d), 704 Gladstone Ave., Ro- 
land Pk. 
Biedler, Mrs. P. M. (Mason, Janet — A), 

1834 Bolton St. 
Chambers, Delma x30, 4205 Maine Ave. 
Cole, Mrs. Edward H. (Tyler, Mary 13), 

2844 St. Paul St. 
Cover, Mrs. L. A., Jr. (Deekings, Mar- 
garet x21), Eccleston 
Davis, Mrs. Allan C. (Hamilton, Dorothy 

26) (d), 301 Somerset Rd. 
Davis, Helen L. x31, 614 Park Ave. 
Eldridge, Isabel x30, 10 West Read St. 
Elmer, Mrs. (Ensor, Estelle — A), 3806 

Chatham Rd. 
Green, Mrs. Woodall (Lamar, Nellie — 

A), 544 University Parkway, Garden 

Gressitt, Margaret x30, 209 E. Fayette 

Holtzman, Elizabeth x26, 7 Midvale Rd., 

Roland Park 
Ladd, Mrs. Herbert P. (MacBain, Grace 

— A), 4413 Underwood Ave. 



Lamb, Katherine x29, Fairfield Co. 
Marstoii, Mrs. John H. (Halsell, Emilie 

C. x27) (d), 205 Roland Ave. 
Nicodemus, Mrs. Gordon K. (Staley, 

Mary — A), Peabody Apts., Calvert 

and 30th 
Nicodemus, Grace H. — S(l), 1405 Eutaw 

Robins, Elizabeth H. 28, 226 W. Lanvale 

Sheridan, Mrs. Richard C. (Kidd, Jeanette 

x22), 2305 Sulgrave Ave. 
Skinner, Mrs. W. H. (Abbott, Virginia — 

A), 301 Roland Ave. 
Stalev, Eleanor — A, Peabody Apts., Cal- 
vert and 30th St. 
Wainwright, Mrs. Charles W. (Thomp- 
son, Berenice — A) (d). Plaza Apts. 

5, Park Ave. and Wilson St. 
Wharton-Smith, Mrs. T. C. (Hensel, 

Edwina — A), 17 Midvale Rd., Roland 

Wilcox, Jean, 120 E. 25th St. 
Catonsville — 

Greenwood, Mrs. Robert L. (Pinkerton, 

Eleanor — A), 108 Oak Drive 
Rich, Marj' S. 2 4 (d), "Richland" 

Aberdeen — 

Baker, Emma F. x29 
Annapolis — 

Clarke, Mrs. H. D. (Hodges, Hortense — 

A), 1 Oklahoma Terrace 
Handy, Mrs. Claude (Cuval, Margaret — 

A) (1), Duke of Gloucester St. 
Scott, Mrs. L. B. (Webster, Helena — A) 

(1), 225 Duke of Gloucester St. 
Westcott, Mrs. Allan (Craven, Elizabeth 
xl3) (1), 1 Thompson St. 

Cambridge — 

Spedden, Louise G. x24, 100 Church St. 

Centerville — 

Jacobs, Mrs. Kent H. (Insley, Frances 

R.), x23 Woodlawn 
Thomas, Julia A. x29 
Chevy Chase — 

Gardner, Mrs. K. N. (Carroll, Cornelia 

18) (1), 406 Shepherd St. 
Little, Indel x30, 37 40 Military Rd. 
Mathews, Mrs. John, Jr. (Moore, Donna 

R. — A), 462 Norwood Dr. 
Merritt, Elizabeth, % Dr. Merritt 
Shipp, Mrs. Thomas R. (Neldig, Hope — 

S), 3313 Oliver St. 
Warren, Mrs. Monroe (Bird, Dorothy — 

A) (d), 6720 Meadow Lane 
Werrenwrath, Mrs. Reinald (Neidig, Ver- 

na — S), % Mrs. Thomas Shipp, 3313 

Oliver St. 

Cumberland — 

Claybrook, Evelyn L. 26, 750 Washing- 
ton St. 

Davis, Mrs. David T. (Bane, Helen x25) 

(d), Washington and Lee Apt. 
Webb, Alice E. 28, 516 Washington St. 

Easton — 

Chaffinch, Elizabeth x27 

Cowgill, Kathleen — A 
Federalsburg — 

Covey, Evelyn R. x29 
Frederick — 

Joliffe, Dorothy E. x29, 307 Rockwell 

Lewis, Elizabeth — A 

Motter, Serena xl4, 119 E. 2nd St. 

Worman, Ruth M. x23, 207 Rockwell 

Friendship Hts. — 

Briganti, Mrs. Frank (Leet, Margaret 
x27), 211 Wooton Ave. 

Greensboro — 

Brown, Ellen H. 23, Caroline County 
Hagerstown — 

Bridges, Mrs. Francis V. (Markell, Cathe- 
rine — A), The Negley 

Kremer, Elizabeth D. x31, 715 Hamilton 

Mason, Mrs. Qus (Hatton, Mary Watts 

Roulette, Mrs. George E. (Haynes, Annie 
— A), 433 Potamac Ave. 

Schulenberger, Catherine 26 (1), 434 
Virginia Ave. 

Scott, Mrs. Norman (Woodward, Eliza- 
beth — S), (d) 822 Forrest Dr. 

Smith, Mrs. Robert (Mason, Helen S. 
x20), 228 Prospect St. 

Snyder, Gladys x28, Snyder Ave. 
Kensington — 

Brown, Mrs. David T. (Trigg, Barbara — 
A), 5 Knowles Ave. 

Laurel — 

Sunderland, Grace N. 28 (d). Fair View 

Ruxton — 

Goldsborough, Mrs. Leroy (Hanna, Isa- 
belle x20), Boyce Co. 

Salisbury — 

Wailes, Cornelia 27 (d) 
Sandy Spring — 

Brooke, Margaret xl5 

Towson — 

Cook, Catherine Norris 22 (d) 

Boston — 

Ely, Mrs. R. Cannon (Flynn, Caroline 
24), 74 Fenway 

Brockton — 

Fanning, Gertrude H. x26, 1201 Main St. 



Cambridge — 

Gilchrist, Elsetta 27 (I), % Miss Gilbert, 
85 Prestcott St. 

Chicapee Falls — 

Lane, Hazel G. — A, 238 Grove St. 
Rail River — 

Hood, Mrs. Harold G. (Smith, Frances 
x23) (d), 434 Woodlawn 
Holyoke — 

Schade, Norma x31, 6 Amherst St. 
Lexington — 

Miles, Mrs. J. Lawrence (Henne, Ruth 
A. 24), 83 Merriman St. 
Lowell — 

Malet, Antoinette 20, Roger Hall 
Melrose — 

White, Mrs. Frank O. (Cox, Margery — A) 
(1), 69 First St. 
Montello — 

Arnold, Sarah Louise xl5 (1), 36 Waldo 
New Bedford — 

Staples, Mrs. Carlton L. (Orr, Gretchen 
27), 534 Rockdale Ave., New Bed- 
ford, Mass. 
Lewin, Mrs. Charles (North, Marion 
x21), 90 State St. 
Newton — 

McElwee, Mrs. (Thompson, Virginia 
x23), 1464 Beacon St. 

Reading — 

Porch, Dorcas x29, 103 Salem St. 
Salem — 

Benson, Mrs. George E. (Loney, Corinne 
S. 20) (d), 31 Summer St. 

Springfield — 

Allen, Mrs. Russell (Miller, Elizabeth 

27), 282 Union St. 
Notman, Emily Louise x27, 192 St. 

James Ave. 

Wallaston — 

Richards, Mrs. Stanley (Mason, Eliza- 
beth x23, 354 Highland Ave. 

Watertown — 

Campbell, Mrs. P. C. (Richardson, 
Bernice 13), 330 School St. 

Wellesley — 

Hardy, Mrs. Arthur C. (Lansing, Char- 
lotte x22) (d), 28 Upland Rd. 
Westboro — 

Bethel, Arlene D. — A, Warren-Fraser Co. 
West Roxbury — 

Adams, Marian x26, 12 Ruskin St. 


Detroit Club 
Detroit — 

Allen, Marjorie W. x30, 959 Longfellow 

Bassett, Mrs. Clark L. (Geer, Gertrude 
23) (1), 5035 Vancouver Ave. 

Bruske, Barbara x28, 831 Pallister Ave. 

Crapo, Mrs. William W. (Wilcox, Eliza- 
beth x23), 2204 Seminole Ave. 

Currie, Mrs. Gilbert (Austin, Dorothy 
x24) (d), 550 Cadieux 

Goode, Mrs. F. E. (Chope, Florence xl5) 
(d), Buckingham Rd., Birmingham 

Hamill, Mrs. Francis (Rickard, Elizabeth 
— A), 8905 Jefferson Ave. 

Jenkins, Mrs. W. F. (Kile, Mary Char- 
lotte — A) (1), 593 Golden Gate 

Kirkpa trick, Mrs. Dickson (Studley, Eliz- 
abeth x24), 2719 Woodstock Dr. 

Lauver, Dorothy D. x27. Park Manor 
Apts., Euclid and 2nd Ave. 

Marxer, Mrs. George C. (Sibley, Marian 
C. x28), Hibbard Apts., 8905 E. Jef- 

Miller, Mrs. Frank B. (Gehris, Margaret 
E. x23), St. Rita Apt., 35 Owen Ave. 

Nan, Mrs. Walter (Brown, Christine — 
A), 9119 Dexter Blvd. 

Neff, Mrs. Arthur (Core, Ruth xl6), 278 
Phillips Ave. 

Page, Mrs. Lowell B. (Close, Martha E. 
26) (1), 1226 Collingwood Ave. 

Pike, Helen Louise x29, 831 Virginia Pk. 

Powers, Mrs. Milton (Day, Eula Elizabeth 
x22). Chateau Frontenac, E. Jefferson 
and Market Dr. 

Slomer, June J. x28, 1211 Edison Ave. 

Smythe, Amy 22 (1), 72 Peterboro St., 
College Club 

Stanbrough, Constance x29 (d), 3481 
Seminole Ave. 

Thorpe, Helene — A, 1257 Longfellow Ave. 

Vemor, Virginia x28, 1122 Bishop Ave. 

Whelan, Ruth 27, The Malvern Apt 73, 
93 Seward Ave. 

Birmingham — 

Morley, Elise 27 (1), Beamsley, Cran- 
brook Rd. 

Grosse Point Shores — 

Ballantvne, Mrs. Ford (Wilson, Mar- 
garet — A) (1), 599 Lake Shore Dr. 
Pontiac — 

E k e 1 u n d , Mrs. Clifford T. (Weiser, 
Katherine 23) (d), 452 Iroquois 

Saginaw — 

Crapa, Mrs. William M. (Willcox, Eliza- 
beth x28), 900 S. Warren Ave. 

Davis, Mrs. Harold H. (Whittemore, 
Helen 22), 317 Court St., Golf Side 

Ann Arbor — 

Ladd, Helen x28, 1054 Martin PI. 
Battle Creek — 

Burt, Mrs. W. Richardson (Loomis, 

Josephine x24) (d), 57 Guest 
MacGregor Mrs. Archiloald (Baker, Cath- 
erine x25), 596 Kellogg, Apt 5 



Grand Rapids — 

MiDer, Mrs. J. K., Jr. (Burke, Virginia 

x23) (d), 810 Cadillac Dr., S. E. 
Owen, Ellen — A, 138 Union Ave., N. E. 
Houghton — 

Lloyhed, Mrs. Donald (Karger, Babette — 
A), % Mrs. Lesing Karger 

Ishpemino — 

Cooley, Mrs. E. C. (Bronson, Lida xl5) 

Lansing — 

McCourt, Mrs. Charles E. (Bates, Milo 
x29), 9071/2 Saginaw St. 

Muskegon — 

Chamberlaine, Margaret — A x2.5, 232 
Peck St. 

Shelton, Ruth — A, 2 40 Peck St. 

Wilson, Catherine — S x23, 213 W. Web- 
ster Ave. 


Duluth Club 

Black, Genevieve x27, 1817 E. 1st St. 
Graham, Kathryn x30, 1919 E. 2nd St. 
Goodman, Mrs. A. L. (Collins, Cordelia), 

2526 E. First St. 
Kempton, Mrs. Seward (Dight, Edith — 

A), 706 Woodland Ave. 
Perrin, Roberta Lee x27 (d), 1721 E. 

3rd St. 
Wilson, Mrs. George L. (Clements, Grace 

D. xl2), 2120 E. 3rd St. 

Twin-City Club 
(Minneapolis and St. Paul) 
Minneapolis — 

Child, Mrs. Lewis W. (Shenehon, Kath- 

erine 22), 2024 Grand Ave. 
Cocke, Virginia Scott x27, 1026 S. E. 

5th St. 
Forster, Mrs. Burton (Zeuch, Katherine 

23) (d), 4949 Russell Ave., S. 
EUerton, Mrs. O. J. (Carpenter, Virginia 

C. x26) (d), 148 Malcolm St., S. E. 
Fossum, Helen x23, 400 5th St., S. E. 
Fossum, Muriel E. x25, 400 5th St., 

S. E. 
Krieg, Constance — A, 2509 Blaisdell Ave. 
Millner, Mrs. A. Victor (PajTie, Mary N. 

x23), 506 W. 24th St. 
Slocum, Mrs. James (Earl, May L. 22), 

1716 W. 31st St. 
Laird, Mrs. Ormund E. (Landers, Ruth — 

A), 4813 Thomas Ave., So. Munn 
St. Paul— 

Lundholm, Ruth I. x21 (d), 1514 Lin- 
coln Ave. 



Anderson, Henrietta 19 (1), 321 N. 6th 

Hopkins — 

Hanitch, Catherine Louise x21, Hillacrei, 
R. F. D. 

Artesia — 

Hardy, Mrs. J. Allison (Steele, Gene M. 
17), Lone Pine Plantation 

Clarksdale — 

Brewer, Minnie x20 

Crisler, Mrs. John W. (Moore, Halle 21), 
322 W. 2nd St. 

McHenry, Martha 25 (d), DeSoto 
Corinth — 

Dance, Sarah E. 28, 714 Jackson St. 

Young, Estelle x30 
Crawford — 

Hardy, Margaret x24 
Cruger — 

Thomas, Mrs. Lawrence (Steele, Eleanor 


Crump, Mrs. B. S. (Gee, Mary Augusta 

Greenville — 

Smythe, Lois xl6 
Greenwood — 

Dulin, Eleanor E. x31, 310 Cotton St. 

Ray, Elizabeth L. x31, 305 Claiborn St. 
Gulf port — 

Eaton, Margaret S. 27 (1), 808 E. Beach 
Hernando — 

Holmes, Elizabeth — A 

Morrow, Mrs. Louis (Banks, Mildred — A) 
Jackson — 

Plummer, Emily x24, 419 N. State St. 
Laurel — 

Bailey, Mrs. Walter H. (Carter, Helen 
26), 1013 Sixth Ave. 

Buckley, Sara x30, 621 Eighth St. 

Rogers, Alice x26 
McComb City — 

Bradley, Gaynelle — A 
New Albany — 

Hall, Mrs. James F. (Sykes, Dorothy — A) 
Tupelo — 

Goodlett, Josephine x26 

Hampton, Wilbum L. x27 
Vicksburg — 

Butts, Mrs. M. L. (Blanks, Russe 21) 
(d), 1508 Cherry St. 

Catchings, Josephine E. 22 

Compton, Caroline R. 27, 2408 Drum- 
mond St. 

Ewing, Mrs. John S. (Woodson, Edith — 
A), 1115 Main St. 




Kansas City Club 
Kansas City — 

Arnold, Elizabeth x29, 1008 Askew Ave. 

Ball, Mrs. Eugene E. (Cohen, Dorothea 
— A), 3912 Manheim Rd. 

Benson, Mrs. F. Ashley ( Merriwether, 
Elizabeth x25), 4903 Main 

Berray, Mrs. Robert W. (Hudson, Eliza- 
beth xl6), 7109 Jeflferson 

Dunlap, Mrs. Richard L. (Wilson, Lucy 
xl9), 525 Knickerbocker PI. 

Flinton, Mrs. L. B. (Young Frances — 
A), 443 Green way Terrace 

Gilbert, Mrs. Joseph W. (Fowler, Mildred 
H. — A), 4811 Westwood Rd. 

Greene, Mrs. Lynne B. (Wilson, Susan — 
A), 3619 Walnut St. 

Kemp, Mrs. William E. (Johnson, Mar- 
garet — A), 3501 Paseo 

Martin, Frances — A, 4116 Warwick Blvd. 

Nicholl, Mrs. Harry S. (Ryland, Louise 
— A), 5340 Ward Parkway 

Powell, Dorothy x21, 413 Ward Parkway 

Schell, Catherine — A, 62 4 Swope Park- 

Snyder, Mrs. John J. (Fisher, Dorothy — 
A), 4905 Main 

Watson, Mrs. Raymend (Haddock, Mar- 
garet xl4), 1450 W. 61st Terrace 

Widau, Mrs. William E., Jr. (Murray, 
Elizabeth x22 (1), 529 Ward Pkway 

Woodworth, Mary C. x30, 608 E. Armour 

Boonesville — 

Turner, Mrs. Emil B. (Nixon, Mary Jones 
19) (1) 

Cape Girardeau — 

Oliver, Mrs. W. Palmer (Williams, Irene 
— A) 630 North St. 

Carrollton — 

Hudson, Mrs. John H. (Sandemeyer, Vir- 
ginia 17) (d), 1007 N. Main 

Norris, Mrs. Lynne (Archibald, Marie 
xl6), 616 N. Jefferson St. 
Carthage — 

Bose, Mrs. Herbert R. (Webster, Chris- 
tine — S), 1307 S. Garrison 

O'Keefe, Elizabeth x31, 303 Macon St. 
Charleston — 

Johns, Mary Lillias — A 
Columbia — 

Hunt, Frances x27, 804 Conley Ave. 
Independence — 

Minor, Grace — A, 314 Spring St., N. 
Louisiana — 

Lynott, Eleanor — S 
Macon — 

Demeter, Olga x25, 722 Jackson St. 

Marshall — 

Hunter, Jane A. x26, 228 E. North St. 

New Franklin — 

White, Marriet — S 
St. Louis — 

Schroeter, Hilda S. x24, 2310 Miami St. 
Wilson, Mrs. Scott (Williams, Sue — A), 
5532 Gates 

Webster Grove — 

Healy, Mrs. Edwin H. (Newson, Eliza- 
beth — S), Elm Place 

Ramsey — 

Warner, Mary Virginia — A, % Mr. Ken- 
neth Salisbury 

Omaha — 

Eastman, Margaret B. x25 (d), 109 So. 

51st St. 
Hoagland, Emily x29 (d), 5109 Cass St. 
Spear, Mrs. Wallace E. (Schurman, Lee 
O. 20), 5017 Western Ave. 



Huntress, Mrs. Frank C. (Palin, Ruth 

New Jersey 
Montclair — 

Baehman, Elizabeth 27, 29 Melrose PI. 
Emery, Katherine D. 28, 305 Park St. 
Finlay, Mrs. George D., Jr. (Christie, 

Edith xl7), 127 Gates Ave. 
Harrison, Betsy x27 (d), 6 Erwin Park 
Higginbotham, Mrs. Rufus (Taylor, Har- 

molene x23), 65 N. Fullerton Ave. 
Hill, Helen x25, 84 S. Fullerton Ave. 
Ives, Florence 21, 214 Lorraine Ave., 

Upper Montclair 
Ives, Mrs. John G. (Evans, Frances x21), 

73 Grove St. 
Lee, Edna Van Ingen 26, 5 Prospect Tr. 
Martin, Mary Hampton x25, Erwin Park 
Tinker, Mrs. George Frederick (Taylor, 

Virginia Lee 26), 49 Madison Ave. 
Wiggins, Mrs. Henry W. (Kingsburg, 

Eleanor — A), % Mr. Kingsbury, 80 

Plymouth St. 
Bayonee — 

Davis, Dorothy J. 28, 28 E. 34th St. 

Bloomfield — 

Allegeart, Mrs. E. T., Jr. (Meyer, Kath- 
erine x28), 33 Oakland Ave. 

Carlson, Mrs. Victor (Clark, Gertrude 
x26), 32 Fremont St. 

Heise, Mrs. O. (Neal, Berwyn — S), 1141 
Gresham Rd. 

Wilkins, Mrs. Edwin C. (Stiles, Marina 
xl7) (d), 210 Franklin St. 



Boonton — 

Browning, Mrs. D. B. (Howell, Ruth E. 

Kimpler, Mrs. Frederick C. (Doremus, 

Cornelia — A), 473 Morris Ave. 

Caldwell — 

Block, Katherine D. 19 (d), 36 Arling- 
ton Ave. 
Waring, Meta — A, 46 Washburn PI. 

Camden — 

German, Mrs. George B. (Read, Edith 
.x25), 514 Cooper St. 

Cranford — 

Crane, Elizabeth 28 (d), 209 Central 

Denman, Margueretta 26, 405 Spring- 
field Ave. 

East Orange — 

Babbit, Alice 28, 94 S. Clinton St. 

Failing, Elizabeth x28, 226 N. Grove St. 

Taylor, Dorothy W. xl5 (d), 30 S. 
Munn Ave. 

Tenny, Mrs. Albert S. (Schulte, Helen L. 
xlO), 650 Central Ave. 

Weilepp, Mrs. Thomas G. (Waite, Mar- 
guerite — A), 243 Northam Pkway 

Elizabeth — 

Barlow, Mrs. Edwin H. (Yerkes, Marian 

— A), 837 Kilsyth Rd. 
Buchanan, Jean R. x29, 32 North Ave. 
Hubbard, Mrs. Howard B. (Chantler, 

Mary H. 23), 421 Pennington St. 
Pollard, Mrs. G. F. R. (Miller, Catherine 

x23), 26 Kempshall PI. 

Englewood — 

Lord, Mrs. Albert C. (Bennett, Louise 

16) (d), 71 Chestnut St. 
McKinlay, Mrs. Harry deL (Lantz, Lucy 

— A), 236 Glen wood Rd. 
Meyers, Mrs. George (Sawyer, Lelia — 

S), 77 E. Hamilton Ave. 

Essex Falls — 

Greason, Isabelle B. 25 

Greason, Elizabeth x29 (d) 
Flemington — 

Engeman, Frances H. x25, 190 Main St. 
Glen Ridge — 

Bell, Mrs. William T. (Hardie, Sue xl3) 
(d), 40 Sherman Ave. 

Hackensack — 

Gregg, Mrs. Otis W. (Kirker, Juliette — 

A), 369 Union St. 
Holberton, Mrs. Thomas (Altschuler, 

Frances — A), 273 Clinton PI. 

Jersey City — 

Street, Virginia B. x31, 27 Woodlawn 

Wright, Linda — S, 161 Harrison St. 

Lawrenceville — 

Manning, Helen W. — S 

Little Falls— 

Shorteau, Florence K. 27, 114 Second 

Van Ness, Constance 27, 159 Center Ave. 

Little Sliver- 
Wilkinson, Barbara x28 
Wilkinson, Jane E. x29 

Long Branch — 

Green, Mrs. J. W. (Murphy, Merritt M. 
x30), 51 Oakwood Ave. 

Madison — 

Conklin, Louise A. 28, Green Hill Rd. 
Maplewood — 

Stafford, Jean L. x31, 26 Myrtle Ave. 
Taylor, Virginia L. x31, 7 North Terrace 
Newark — 

Harrison, Dorothy xl8 (d), 556 Mt. 

Prospect Ave. 
Hopson, Mrs. (Waite, Mildred — A) (d), 

569 High St. 
Smith, Eleanor R. 18 (1), 47 Milford 

Newburgh — 

Parsons, Mrs. Barlow F. (Floumey, 
Eleanor x22), 125 North St. 

Orange — 

Davis, Mrs. William F. ( Pennypacker, 
Mary G. 16) (d), 461 Falrview Ave. 

Orange — 

MacKain, Janet 27, 378 Fairview Ave. 
Passaic — 

Lent, Mrs. R. E. (Swan, Dorothy R. — A) 

(d), 152 Pennington Ave. 
Mackay, Alma Elizabeth — A, 108 La- 
fayette Ave. 
Patterson, Mrs. Lloyd (Swan, Ruth — 
A), 154 Passaic Ave. 

Perth Am boy — 

Rimyon, Mrs. Walter P. (Nichelson, Dor- 
othy x23), 100 Rector St. 

Plainfield — 

Bomann, Ruth xl6, 1326 Evergreen Ave. 

Buckelmueller, Mrs. H. H. (Green, Mar- 
ion A. 25) (d), 609 Madison Ave. 

Cole, Elizabeth 21 (1), 1235 Wachung 

Fargo, Mrs. Frank M., Jr. (Foster, Lillian 
— A), 1415 Putnam Ave. 

Haller, Mrs. Ralph (Munroe, Elsie x25), 
813 3rd PI. 

Princeton — 

Gulick, Mrs. Bertrand, Jr. (Rhodes, 
Helen B. x24) (1), Prospect Apt. 
G. 3 
Neidlinger, Mrs. Lloyd (Walker, Marion 
22), 67 Jefferson Rd. 

Rutherford — 

Wood, Mrs. Harrison (Raiff, Frances 
20), 90 Wilson Ave. 




Short Hilts — 

Peck, Mrs. Charles E. (Roberts, Hazel 
xl7) (d) 

South Oranoe — 

Lohrke, Mrs. O. E., Jr. (White, Eudalia 
— S), 137 Ralston Ave. 
Summit — 

Collins, Louise 27, 200 Boulevard 
Green, Margaret B. 27, 28 Lennox Rd. 
Van Wyck, Mrs. G. (Van Cleve, Kath- 
erine x26) 
Tenafly — 

Sisson, Eva B. x30, Highwood Ave. 
Trenton — 

Collier, Mrs. Fred (Harper, Edith — A) 
(d), Parkside and Whittier Ave. 

Trenton — 

Thropp, Mrs. Peter (Worthington, Eve- 
lyn x28). Glen Cairn Apts., West 
State St. 

Trenton Junction — 

Woodward, Elizabeth P. x28 (d), Grand 


Anderson, Evelyn M. 27 (d), 420 St. 

Marks Ave. 
Eskeson, Alice 27 (d), 155 N. Euclid 

Eskeson, Gudrun 26 (d), 155 N. Euclid 

Wolfe, Mrs. Frank T. (Morton, Jessie 

x23), 681 Summit Ave. 

Whippany — 

Gaerste, Mrs. John (McEwan, Virginia — 
A), "Bonner-Moss" 

Long Island, N. Y. 
Far Rockaway — 

Tepper, Mrs. A. S. (Nebenzahl, Esther — 
A) 680 Central Ave. 

Flushing — 

Dickinson, Esther G. 27 (d), 366 San- 
ford Ave. 
Dreisbach, Mrs. Robert H. (Reynolds, 
Julia x27 (d), 4217 164th St. 


Nohowel, Mrs. Frank (Dressier, Margaret 
— A (1) , Ocean Ave. 

Long Island City — 

Wood, Mrs. Horace E., II (Dowden, Flor- 
ence 21) (d), 4305 47th St. 

Manhasset — 

Donaldson, Mrs. Chase (Kemp, Katherine 
— S (1), Heights Rd. 

Oyster Bay — 

Borg, Mrs. C. Arthur (VanCott, Marion 
x26 (d), 128 Burtis Ave. 

Rockfish Center — 

Schneider, Marie — A 

Rockville Center — 

Perham, Mrs. M. B. (BuUard, Rebekah 
xl4), 22 Norcross St. 

New York City 
Brooklyn — 

Blount, Katherine D. 26 (1), 444 E. 19th 

Cohill, Mrs. Thomas W. (Hackmann, 

Mary J. x22), 292 Lincoln PL 
Copeland, Dorothy x23, 213 St. Johns 

Duke, Helen R. — A, 299 Waverly PI. 
Foster, Elizabeth x30, Hotel Margaret 
Ives, Mrs. Robert M. (Barrett, Donna 

x24), 580 E. 22nd St. 
Johnson, Mrs. George C. (Mowry, Helen 

24) (d), 2 Grace St. 
Kinney, Mrs. Frederick (La venture, Mild- 
red x23), 91 E. 18th St. 
Norris, Katharyn 26 (1), 150 Gates Ave. 
Schmidt, Valmai x28, 1720 Ditmas Ave. 
New York City — 

Beeson, Helen 20 (d), 141 W. 16th St. 
Bernard, Frederica 24 (1), 270 Park Ave. 
Blake, Mrs. Gilmon (Johnson, Antoinette 

— A), 162 W. 54th St. 
Bliss, Miriam x26, 2015 University Ave. 
Bunting, Daphne 27, 611 W. 112th St. 
Bunting, Dorothy 28, 611 W. 112th St. 
Campbell, Virginia Lee x29, 103 E. 86th 

Carmichael, Mrs. George (Adkins Maria 

— A), 50 W. 96th St., Apt. 3 D 
Collins. Mrs. George H. (Cates, Eliza- 
beth 27), 333 E. 43rd St. 
Darrow, Dorothy x28, 108 E. 81st St. 
DewT, Poly Cary 26, 215 W. 13th St. 
Dewey, Lucy xl8, 2880 Broadway 
Donnell, Mrs. Richard R. (Baxter, Eliza 

— A), 150 E. 49th St. 
Evans, Marian x21, 42 West 9th St. 
Farrell, Emily C. 28, 60 Gramercy Pk., 

Gaines, Nancy E. x31, 780 Riverside Dr. 
Garrett, Mrs. Paul (Walkup, Mary x22), 

88 Momingside Dr. 
Green, Elinor 26, 206 1^ 13th St. 
Griffith, Mrs. Dalton A. (Tyler, Jane — 

A) (d), 125 E. 84th 
Guthrie, Sara Elinor x22. Harper's 

Bazaar, 57th and 8th Ave. 
Hampton, Elizabeth 25, Prospect PI., 

Apt. 715, Tudor Tower 
Harrison, Harriet xl6, 106 Momingside 

Holmes, Mrs. (Russell, Julie — A), 44 

Pine St. 
Huffman, Daisy x26, 1045 Park Ave. 
Ingersol, Gertrude 26, 206 1^ W. 13th 

Jelley, Susan x28, 300 Riverside Dr. 
Koehler, Grace x27 (d), 1010 5th Ave. 



Kohn, Eleanor x28, 315 W. 71st St. 

Lee, Janet x29, 750 Park Ave. 

Maneck, Mrs. E. E. (Brown, Margaret 

xl6) (d), 52 Gramercy Pk. N. 
Manning, Rebecca 27 (d), 333 E. 43rd 

Mauiy, Mrs. Reuben (Rose, Thomasine 

x24), 123 Waverly PI. 
Prescott, Mrs. Henry (Norton, Delphine 

24), 115 E. 90th St. 
Pretlow, Evelyn x25, 336 W. 89th St. 
Sommers, Marion x29 (d), 32 W. 82nd 

Smith, Mrs. Duncan (Nelson, Alice — A), 

42 Washington Sq. 
Taylor, Helen G. x23 (d), 277 Park Ave. 
Timpson, Vera H. — A, 172 W. 79th St. 
Trickett, Mrs. John (Brooks, Clara May 

xl4), 415 Central Pk., W. Apt. 9. D 
Van Proag, Mrs. (Drey fuss, Hilda x24), 

612 W. 144th St. 
Wade, Mr. Sidney (Manning, Elizabeth 

25) (d), 321 E. 43rd St. 
Waldman, Mrs. Milton (Guggenheim, 

Hazel — A), 1125 Park Ave. 
Whitehead, Mary 17 (d). Institute for 

Child Guidance 145 E. 57th St. 
Whitley, Dorothy — S, 105 W. 55th St. 
Williams, Mrs. Henry H. (Potts, Mar- 
garet — A) (d), 117 E. 77th St. 
Wilson, Loulie 12, 52 4 Riverside Dr. 

Near New York City 
Bronxville — 

Bowman, Mrs. Milton S. (Gibson, Mar- 
garet xl7), 15 East way 

Moore, Mrs. Jonathan, Jr. (Brown, Mary 
Gladys x26), 64 Sygamore Rd. 

Scannell, Mrs. Robert (Ellsworth, Fannie 
21) (d), 11 Sturgis Rd. 

Schladermundt, Rosaline — S, Lawrence 
Hastings-on-the-Hudson — 

Keys, Mrs. W. S., Jr. (Noll, Priscilla 
26), 606 Broadway 

Mamaroneck — 

Faile, Mrs. Edward H. (McConnell, Doris 
— A), Fenimore Rd. 

Mount Vernon — 

Bertine, Doris D. x31, 152 Esplanade 

Fiske, Ruth 2 2, (d) 115 W. 2nd St. 

Fowler, Mrs. Gerard S. (Freeman, Flor- 
ence 19) (1), 233 Summitt Ave. 

McDonald, Mrs. Stewart (Cleaveland, 
Anna x25), Green Ct. Apts., 284 S. 
Columbus Ave. 

Meinecke, Catherine L. x25, 224 Pros- 
pect Ave. 

Murrell, Mrs. T. E. (Bowman, Lillian 
xl3), 104 Franklin Ave. 

Whitmore, Gertrude R. — S, 240 Prospect 
Now Rochelle — 

Pray, Mrs. Malcolm S. (Parker, Frances 
B. — A), Rochelle Park 

Roberts, Mrs. H. I. (Finch, Woodis T. 

x25), 39 Storer Ave., Pelham Wood 
Spillman, Mrs. Louis (Moon, Emily Jane 

— S), 19 Clinton PI. 
Talmey, Georgia x28, 262 Beechmont Dr. 

Pelham — 

Anderson, Mrs. William P. (Driver, Ema 

— A) (1), 123 Nyac Ave. 
Strachan, Mrs.* Robert D. (Holihan, 

Edna — A), 61 Highbrook Ave. 
Williams, Bettina x27, 32 Clifford Ave. 

Pelham Manor — 

Funke, Mrs. A. E. (Whitehill, Julianna — 
S) (d), 428 Fowler Ave. 

Port Chester — 

Miller, Mrs. Douglas J. (Cornwall, Isabel 
xl3), 304 Glen Ave. 

Scarsdale — 

Eisner, Mrs. Mark (Oettinger, Helens — 

A), 18 Heathcote Rd. 
Nelson, Mrs. (MacQueen, Elizabeth 25), 

152 Brewster Rd. 
Williams, Margaret H. 27 

White Plains — 

Lamb, Isabel W. x30, 246 S. Lexington 

Lumbard, Katherine R. x31, 8 Lenox Ave. 
Mountcastle, Mrs. Frank F. (Bodine, 

Florence 24) (d). Broad Park, Manor 

Apt. 4 C 
Reed, Mary S. 18 (1), 21 Vermont Ave., 

Prospect Pk. 

Yonkers — 

Monroe, Jeanette — A, 4 4 Prospect Ave. 


Rochester Club 
Brockport — 

Morgan, Martha S. 21 

Staples, Jean — A, R. F. D. No. 1 

Wadhams, Mrs. Charles (Shafer, Marian 

D. 21) (d). Main St. 
Winne, Mrs. Robert (Thompson, Miriam 

21), 44 South St. 
Industry — 

Herbison, Dorothy 25 
Rochester — 

Bailev, Mrs. George O. (Cerf, Dorothy 

x21) (d), 29 Dorchester Rd. 
Castle, Mrs. Wilmot Vail (Quinby, Kath- 
erine — A), 15 Buckingham St. 
Federbusch, Mrs. I. S. (Deutsch, Sylvia 

xl6), 901 Harwood St. 
LeHardy, Virginia x30, 110 Pelham Rd. 
Lytle, Mrs. Ridgley (Spahr, Elizabeth 

xl7), 137 Harrington St. 
Meyer, Mrs. Charles H. (Sabel, Olga — 

A ) , Sygamore Hotel 
Warsaw — 

Bristol, Louise 28 (d), 181 Buffalo St. 
Bristol, Mary 26 (1), 181 Buffalo St. 
Thompson, Mrs. William Ross (Adams, 

Helen 26), 56 Park St. 



Akron — 

Boyd, Beatrice x27 

Albany — 

Davis, Mrs. Paul Herbert (Mengel, 

Ludora x22), 557 Park Ave. 
Meglnnis, Dorothy P. 28 (d), 380 New 

Scotland Ave. 

Armenia — 

Spingam, Hope x29, Troutback 

Auburn — 

Horton, Charlotte E. 28 (d;, 28 Easterly 

Binghampton — 

Linke, Mrs. George T. (Ellington, Vir- 
ginia — A), 2 4 Laurel Ave. 

Richards, Ruth — A, 143 Oak St. 

Vonhold, Mrs. John G. (Schummers, 
Gladys E. — A) (d), Gray Stone Cot- 
tage, So. Mountain Terrace 

Blooming Grove — 

Boyd, Mrs. Fiske (Shenehon, Claire xl6) 

Buffalo — 

BaiTows, Alice x31, 76 Lincoln Parkway 

Darby, Mrs. Clement H. (Pryor, Dorothy 
— S) (d), 170 Admiral Ave. 

Frost, Mrs. Robert O. (Staples, Ruth — 
A), 528 Richmond Ave. 

Lewis, Barbara R. x29, 135 Linwood 

Setter, Mrs. Donald (Kaake, Virginia Q. 

x27), 1015 Amherst St. 
Templeton, Mildred E. x25, 38 Chitten- 

ham Dr. 
Ullman, Mrs. Richard ( Weitzenkorn, 

Ruth 26) (d), 464 Linwood Ave. 
Yerkes, Mrs. William D. (Walker, Carol 

- — A), 114 Ashland Ave. 

Cai ro — 

Worth, Florence Elizabeth x27 
Douglaston — 

Meloney, Mrs. Henry M. (More, Char- 
lotte — A) , Beverley Rd., Douglas 

Elmira — 

Hall, Mrs. A. B. (Lowman, Elizabeth 
18) (1), 866 Euclid Ave. 

Flion — 

Bond, Mrs. William L. (Callan, Grace 

Geneva — 

Sumner, Marian A. 28 (d), 145 Hillcrest 

Herkimer — 

Kirk, Mrs. John B. (Berggren, Linda — 
A) (d), 2 Park PI. 

Ho I ley — 

McCrillis, Lorraine 2 4 (d), 4 N. Main St. 

Jamestown — 

Patterson, Mrs. A. B. (Starling, Clarissa 

— A), 630 Lakeview Ave. 
Westwater, Mary — A, % Post Building 

Johnstov/n — 

Baker, Mrs. G. S. (TenEyck, Anne — A) 

(d), 4 W. Madison Ave. 
Joslin, Mrs. Whitman, Jr. (Murray, Jose- 
phine 11) (d), 32 S. Williams St. 
Katonah — 

MacQueen, Alberta 26 
MacQueen, Millie x29 

Kingston — 

Boice, Delta Ruth — A, 61 Albany Ave. 
LeRoy — 

Washington, Mrs. John A. Gibson, Elise 
— A) (d), 6 Lathrop Ave. 

Marlboro — 

Betts, Mrs. Walter S. (Pratt, Jane C. 


New Platz — 

LeFevre, Mrs. Jay (Hiltebrant, Mildred 
Painted Post — 

Gage, Janet x29, 115 Steuben St. 
Peekskill — 

Halsey, Josephine E. x2 8, 22 Smith St. 
Rome — 

McFarland, Estella — A, 624 N. James St. 
Watters, Eunice x30, 117 Dominick St. 

Butterworth, Mrs. George F., Jr. (Homer, 

Eva 13), 5 Ridgewood Dr. 
Morris, Mrs. Steele (Cannon, Helen M. 

23) (d). Highland Hall Apt. 42 D 
Schneider, Mrs. H. 0. (Grant, Mai-garet 
15) (d). Park Drive, N., Westchester 
Talbot, Susan x28. Highland Hill 

Sparkhlll — 

Austin, Flora B. x31. Box 207 

Balch, Mrs. Richard (Prescott, Elizabeth 
28) (d), 40 Proctor Blvd. 
Verona — 

Van Dyke, Mrs. James J. (Lincoln, Mar- 
ian F. x21), 2 Summit Rd. 
Walton — 

Pond, Mrs. Samuel H. (Sturgis, Helen — 

S), 109 Stockton Ave. 
White, Annie Mell — A 


Asheville — 

Ambler, Mrs. Arthur (Barbar, Mary — A), 

The Manor, Albermarle Pk. 
Baird, Mildred 23, Grove Pk. 
Brown, Janie Rice 22, 35 Reardon St. 
Bourne, Mrs. Francis (Moore, Pauline — 

A), Cumberland Ave. 



Carroll, Mrs. Donald F. (Case, Helen S. 
x22), 406 Montford Ave. 

Corpening, Elizabeth x28, 82 Westwood 

Jackson, Evelyn H. x30, 40 Haywood St. 

Lee, Mrs. Charles, Jr. (Matthews, Marie 
x23), 188 Taconia Circle, Montford 

McCoy, Mrs. Thomas (Bachman, Martha 

Macpherson, Janice R. x26. The Com- 

Rollins, Lillian P. x25, 224 Chestnut St. 

Charlotte — 

Arthur, Mrs. L. Dale (Loughery, Mary 

E. 26), 1533 South Blvd. 
Bryan, Elizabeth R. P. x29, 118 Park Dr. 
Caldwell, Mrs. Franklin M. (Bryan, 

Flora — A), 920 S. Tryon St. 
Carson, Lucy H. x24 (d), 915 S. Tryon 

Chaplin, Mrs. Saxley (Mather, Elizabeth 

Lee x27). Belvedere Dr. 
Collins, Mrs. Charles (Doxey, Maude E. 

x24), Hemstead Ct. 
Ferguson, Mi's. Thrift (Parrish, Mary — 

A), 6 Granville Rd., Meyers Pk. 
Fore, Cornelia xl2, 707 N. College St. 
Garrison, Mrs. Bamett (Snyder, Rebecca 

24), 1109 Queen's Blvd. 
Gibbon, Alice B. x27, 105 Tryon St. 
Guthrie, Mrs. Paul (Gilmer, Jane x27), 

Guthei-y Apts. 
Hams, Mary Mills x28, 504 Central Ave. 
Hardie, Anne G. x26, 911 Queen's Rd. 
Hardie, Helen x28, 911 Queen's Rd. 
Jamison, Martha 25, 802 Providence Rd. 
Jamison, Sarah L. 27, 802 Providence 

Lee, Mrs. W. States, Jr. (Everett, Sarah 

C. 28) (d), 2601 Sherwood Ave. 
Maxwell, Mrs. Samuel W. (King, Clara 

24), 1230 Delworth Rd. 
Patterson, Mrs. William B. (Miller, 

Eleanor 25) (d), 1613 Lyndhurst 

Robinson, Mrs. John M. (Rodman, Con- 
stance — A) 
White, Mrs. Preston (Tucker, Henrietta 

— A), Bromley Rd. 
Whitmer, Mrs. James H. (Maddox, Lillie 

22), 305 Circle Ave. 
Williamson, Mrs. William H., Jr. (Lee 

Martha 25) (d), 702 Heimitage Rd. 
Raleigh — 

Aunspaugh, Ruth 27 (d), Box 780, Har- 
vey St. 
Bell, Mrs. Carl (Copeland, Katherine — 

A), 1313 College PI. 
Hoover, Mrs. Jack (Stout, Rebecca 16), 

1319 Mordecai Dr. 
Patterson, Mrs. Robert F. (Saul, Gladys 

xl6), 204 Park Dr. 
Thompson, Elizabeth — A, 1119 Hills- 
borough St. 

Way, Evelyn 25, St. Mary's School 
Wilson, Mary B. 2 4, 1903 St. Mary's St., 

Chapel Hill — 

MacMillan, Mrs. Louis deR (Ahara, Jose- 
phine 21) (d), 217 Pittsboro St. 

MacMillan, Mrs. William D. (Thompson, 
Laura L. x21) 

Cherryville — 

George, Linchen x22 
Concord — 

Hortsell, Mrs. L. T. (Jones, Mary Heath 

Cramerton — 

Cramer, Mrs. Stuart, Jr. (Scott, Julia 

Baxter — A) 
Durham — 

Bullington, Pauline L. x25, 603 Mang^n 

Carmichael, Mrs. Richard C. (Gibbon, 

Louise W. 25), E. Main St. 
Cobb, Mrs. James 0. (Whitlock, Virginia 

L. x25). Forest Hills 
Hobgood, Margaret x26 
Lewis, Claudia — A, % Mrs. T. D. Wright, 

Trinity Ave. 
Satterfield, Carlotta x31, 1407 W. Peti- 

grew St. 
Tandy, Mrs. George W. (Lloyd, Elsie R. 

— A) (1), 117 W. Seeman St. 
Worth, Mrs. Alexander (Walker, Martha 

— S), Forest Hills 
Edenton — 

Wood, Elizabeth B. 27 

Elizabeth City — 

Cheeson, Eloise x23 

Faison — 

Ireland, Mrs. S. Ross (Fearrington, Faith 
— A), Erin Slome 

Fayetteville — 

Stoner, Mrs. Rex (Tolar, Sara x21) 
Williamson, Hallie x30 

Fort Brang — 

Foster, Mrs. Francis A. (Brown, Nedra 
x29), 16 Field Artillery 

Fremont — 

Best, Mrs. Milton (Lee, Jane C. 25) 
Whitley, Mrs. Harvey (Benton, Margaret 

Goldsboro — 

Oettinger, Dorette — A, 619 Park Ave. 

Greensboro — 

Abemethy, Josephine, 123 W. Smith St. 

Parsons, Katherine x30, 248 N. Edge- 
wood St. 

Taylor, Mrs. Wesley (Bosson, Catherine 
xl4) (d), R. F. D. 5 

Venning, Mrs. William L. (Gibson, Ruth 
xl2), Irving Park 



Vernon, Maizie Lee 2 4, 1039 Asheboro 

Hamlet — 

Cloud, Pauline 27 

Henderson — 

Miller, Lucille C. x26 
Watkins, Mary T. 26 

Hartford — 

Welsh, Fanny x28, Stockton 

Hickory — 

Council!, Elizabeth 27 

High Point — 

Owen-Smith, Mrs. (Brockett, Helen xlO) 

Kingston — 

Canady, Elizabeth x22 

Dixon, Mrs. D. L. (Hines, Martha xl5), 

116 E. Casell St. 
Dortch, Mrs. Hugh (Quinnerly, Agjies — 

Hinds, Leah x22 

Louisburg — 

Tucker, Mrs. William B. (Welch, Helen 
M.) 23 

Mooresville — 

Mills, Mrs. Lapsley Barron (Pickett, 
Elizabeth 22) 

IVIount Holly — 

Webb, Mrs. Richard S., Jr. (Rhine, 
Mary — A) (d) 

Oxford — 

Hicks, Alleine B. x20, 187 College St. 
Royster, Mrs. Beverly S., Jr. (Page, 
Elizabeth — A) 

Reidsville — 

Balsley, Louise M. xl5 
McGeehee, Edna x29, 3 Main St. 

Southern Pines — 

Hodgskins, Mrs. (Abraham, Mary — A) 

Pethick, Mrs. H. H. (Abraham, Fay — A) 

Rountree, Elizabeth 26 (d) 
Tarboro — 

Holderness, Anna S. xSl 

Wadesboro — 

Via, Katherine x28 

Wilmington — 

Bellamy, Mrs. Hargrove (Ervnn, Sarah — 

A), 509 Market St. 
Harrah, Mrs. P. B. (McWane, Mabel — 

S) (d), 11 Cape Fear Apts. 
Lippett, Mrs. Maxwell W. (Cowan, Mary 

Anita x22) (d) 
Roache, Edith G. x29. Cape Fear Apts. 

Winston-Salem — 

Williamson, Mrs. J. Saunders (Wilkinson, 
Elizabeth x29), 722 Summit St. 

Fargo — 

Fowler, Eileen x31, 401 Seventh Ave. 

Freeman, Margaret x25, 1236 Broadway 

Fuller, Margaret x28, 1115 S. 7th St. 

Haggart, Mrs. William R. (Lovell, Vir- 
ginia — S), 1205 4th Ave., S. 

Wilson, Mrs. Robert (Earley, Alice A. 
22), 1348 8th St. 

Wooledge, Elizabeth x31, 427 9th Ave., 


Cincinnati Club 
Cincinnati — 

Allen, Mildred x26, 4 Belsaw PI. 
Atkins, Nell 26, 3430 Bureh Ave. 
Barbour, Florence xl6, Conservatory of 

Bauer, Mrs. Wilbur H. (Smith, E. Lucille 

x25), 350 Howell Ave. 
Beiser, Mrs. Carl (Burger, Adelaide 24), 

3561 Roymar Blvd. 
Birchall, Mrs. Henry R. (Reehl, Eleanor 

x26), Ridgeway Ave., Hartwell 
Bohm, Mrs. Abram S. (Shulofer, Helen — 

A) (d), 793 Clinton Springs 
Carrington, Mrs. Tucker (Craddock, 

Elise xl4), 1241 Halpin Ave., Hyde 

Clippinger, Mrs. John H. (Becker, Jane 

B. 25) (d), 4021 LaCrosse Lane 
CroUey, Mrs. B. Frank, Jr. (Box, Vir- 
ginia x22), 1166 E. McMillan St. 

Cummings, Dorothy x26, Davey and 
Larch Ave. 

Dail, Virginia x30, 202 Greendale Ave. 

Fechheimer, Mrs. Marcus (Freiburg, Car- 
oline x20) (1), 3576 Alaska Ave. 

Goldman, Mrs. R. P. (Wolf stein, Therese 
— A), 3589 Alsaka Ave., Avondale 

Harshman, Mrs. A. C. (Sparrow, Eliza- 
beth x2 4), 3663 Kendall Ave., Hyde 

Hattersby, Mrs. Harold (Pochat, Louise 
— S), 4122 Forest Ave., Norwood 

Helmers, Mrs. Edgar (Finke, Eleanor 
x21), 3215 Vine St. 

Judy, Mrs. Mills (Cooper, Martha x24), 
3600 Mooney Ave., Hyde Park 

Kelly, Mrs. Gerard, E. (Gale, Lucy xl6), 
Grandin Rd. 

Lee, Mary L. 25, Fembank Ave., Sayler 

McDevitt, Mrs. Lester W. (Leitig, Doris), 
36 Ardadia PI., Hyde Park 

Markgraf, Mrs. Carl A. (Hodge, Eliza- 
beth 19) (1), 6263 Kincaid Rd. 

Marshall, Mrs. Edward C. (Durrell, Edith 
M. 21) (1), 6326 Ridge Ave., Pleas- 
ant Ridge 

Meredith, Anna Ellis — A, 3430 Burch 

Mulhauser, Virginia R. x25, 140 Went- 
worth Ave., Clifton 



Pogue, Mrs. John C. (Elliot, Faye — A) 
(d), 1908 Dexter Ave., E. Walnut 

Rag, Mrs. Victor, Jr. (Gayle, Jane x24), 
358 Mooney Ave. 

Ryan, Mrs. Royal W. (Durrell, Ruth E. 
x24) (1), 6139 Ridge Ave. 

Upson, Mrs. Charles (Simpson, Frances 
21) (1), 3539 Biddle Ave., Clifton 

Schiel, Elizabeth x28, 3654 Forest Park 
Dr., Avondale 

Schwab, Mrs. Herbert C. (Workum, Han- 
nah xl8) (1), 678 N. Crescent, Avon- 

Slaback, Dorothy A. x28, 6394 Grand 
Vista, Pleasant Ridge 

Steinman, Julie M. x24, 332 Epworth 
Ave., Westwood 

Taylor, Marian A. x24 (d), 3422 Whit- 
field Ave., Clifton 

Todd, Mrs. Samuel P. (UUand, Ruth 
x22), 3515 Middleton Ave. 

Wiggers, Harriet x29, 2406 Auburn Ave. 
Covington, Ky. — 

MacKoy, Margaret x29, Lexington Pike 

Rouse, Shelley Reade 21 (d), 427 Wal- 
lace Ave. 

Simrall, Susan 2 4 (d), 28 Orchard Rd., 
Ft. Mitchell 

Van Winkle, Virginia J. 28, 105 Orchard 
Rd., Ft. Mitchell 

Whitehouse, Elizabeth x28 
Terrace Park, Ohio — 

Rixey, Mrs. Eppa, Jr. (Meyers, Dorothy 
x24) (1) 

Wyoming — 

Chesseman, Theodora x27, 40 Walnut 

James, Elizabeth x28, 200 Worthington 

Ritchie, Lois x28, 266 Elm St. 

Cleveland Club 
Cleveland — 

Anderson, Helen M. 22 (d), 2971 Tor- 

rington Rd. 
Bell, Mrs. Henderson M., HI (Eaglesfield 

Margaret — A), 3291 Yorkshire Rd. 
Boethfelt, Mrs. Armin R. (Marshall, Lu 

cille xl3) (1), 2170 Maplewood Rd 
Breckenridge, Margaret x29, 2480 Kenil 

worth Rd. 
Bregenzer, Edith x26, 3054 Euclid Hts 

Cane, Mrs. L. J. (Klein, Cecile — A) 

2970 Litchfield 
Cai-penter, Margaret H. x30, 3302 Chad 

bourne Rd. 
Cole, Mrs. Herbert (Sloan, Edna — S) 

2479 Kingston Rd. 
Combs, Mrs. Troy (Hatch, Virginia xl9) 

302 4 Chadbourne Rd. 
Conaghan, Dorothy 27 (d), 2307 Ard 

leigh Dr. 

Cooney, Mrs. Lawrence (Dittenhaver, 
Esther xl7), 3265 Kenmore Rd., 
Shaker Hts. 

Cramer, Margaret C. 27, 2596 Fairmont 

Dowling, Mrs. Robert (Weber, Loma 23), 
2983 Euclid Hts. Blvd. 

Fiery, Byrd J. x2 4. Alcazar Hotel 

Foote, Elizabeth M. 28, 2926 Fontenay 
Rd., Shaker Hts. 

Frost, Mrs. Bruce (Clark, Eleanor x30), 
2034 Cornell Rd., S. E. 

Hamann, Elizabeth x24 (d), 2780 Fair- 
mont Blvd. 

Houck, Mrs. L. D. (Dowds, Maiy C. x25) 
(d), 3292 Daleford Rd. 

Houriet, Mrs. Victor (Merrick, Sarah 
26), 2956 Bra.xton Rd. 

Humel, Dorothy F. 28, 3223 Daisy Ave. 

Jewett, Mrs. Homer (Pennock, Helen K. 
— A) (1), 2630 W. Park Blvd. 

Kelley, Mrs. John Sherwood (Brothers, 
Dorothy xl5), 4619 Prospect Ave. 

Kelsey, Mrs. Raymond (Seaver, Char- 
lotte 18) (d), 1591 Mistletoe Dr. 

Lewis, Mrs. Edwin S. (Wallover, Nancy 
E. x26). Fry Overlook, 11868 Clif- 
ton Blvd. 

Lufi^, Mrs. Frederick E. (Hulburd, Ruth 
20) (d), 18600 So. Woodland, 
Shaker Hts. 

McGuire, Mrs. Charles F., Jr. (Case, 
Louise IS), 2104 Noble Rd., East 

McGuire, Mrs. Frederick T., Jr. (Klumph, 
Kathryn 24) (1), 2597 Derbyshire 

McPheeters, Isabel x28, 2893 Berkshire 

Mellon, Mrs. Louis (Burnett, Frances 

B. 25), 19621 Winslow Rd., Shaker 

Merika, Mrs. William (Popp, Lauretta 

x26), 11857 Clifton Blvd. 
Mierke, Margaret R. 22, 19751 Malvern 

Rd., Shaker Hts. 
Montgomery, Mrs. Robert L. (Towell, 

Alethe x26), 2457 Demington Dr. 
Norris, Beulah L 22 (1), 2023 E. 89th 

Phillips, Katharine x28, 2300 Ardleigh 

Pope, Flora S. x28, 2536 Norfolk Rd. 
Pope, Mary Nadine 25 (d), 2536 Norfolk 


Quayle, Helen K. x23, 1850 Idlewood 

Ave., East Cleveland 
Reading, Mrs. William (Garry, Margaret 

x22), 1810 Page Ave., Cleveland Hts. 

Ridler, Mrs. Earl S. (Bissel, Mary 17), 
3679 Lundholm Rd., Shaker Hts. 

Sarbey, Mrs. M. D. (Feder, Rosalia — A), 

2029 E. 40th St., Apt 204 
Sharpe, Jeanette M. — A, Park Lane Villa 

Smith, Mrs. Curtis Lee (Tousley, Evelyn 
V. — S), 32 63 Yorkshire Blvd. 



Tame, Eleanor x28, 2959 Torrington Rd. 

Watson, Mrs. Stanley H. (Klumph, Mary 
W. x22), 2714 Hampshire Rd., Cleve- 
land Hts. 

Weidely, Mrs. Walter A. (Link, Helen — 
A) (d), 3782 E. Scarborough Rd. 

White, Mrs. Percy D. (Gage, Florence — 
A), 1334 Inglewood Dr. 

Winehip, Mrs. Donald S. (Trimble, Hazel 
— A), 3203 Whitehom Rd. 

Zeising, Mrs. Richard (Darden, Martha 
17) (d), 17726 Winslow Rd. 

Lakewood — 

Bacon, Elizabeth x29, 1330 Summit Ave. 
Droege, Estelle 26, 17437 Edgewater Dr. 
Hoard, Ruth J. x25, 1552 Arthur Ave. 
Hoppinger, Jeanette 26, 16912 Clifton 

Koob, Eleanor x27, 11806 Clifton Blvd. 
Peterson, Lois E. 26, 1236 Andrews Ave. 
Pleasance, Mrs. G. N. (Anderson, Grace 
— A), 1630 Waterbury Rd. 

Columbus Club 
Columbus — 

Dauber, Mrs. John (Gwinn, Mary E. x22), 
1715 E. Long St. 

Gilmore, Rosanne 19 (1), 1135 Ashland 
Ave., Grandview Hts. 

Gray, Mrs. Lewis V. (Gaus, Helen 0. 23) 
(d), 2296 Yorkshire Rd. 

Kirby, Mrs. James A. (Kaufmann, Mar- 
garet — A) (1), 2442 Brentwood Rd. 

Murrin, Mrs. James G. (DoUe, Willetta 
24) (1), 1614 Andover Rd. 

Plumer, Mrs. Ray B. (Aatchison, Eliza- 
beth xll), 1049 Bryden Rd. 

Tibbits, Marian xl6, % Columbus Citizen 

Tyndall, Mrs. Robert (Firestone, Kathleen 
x29), 890 Lilley Ave. 

Whitehill, Helen — A, 85 13th St. 

Wood, LiUian x30, 329 Kendall PI. 

Zartmann, Dorothy x30, 2353 Westover 

Toledo Club 
Find lay — 

Anderson, Gertrude O. x21 (d), 221 E. 

Sandusky St. 
Eoff, Frances x26, 823 S. Main St. 
Thomas, Mrs. I. Lester (Mann, Mar- 
jorie x24), 215 Clinton St. 

Fostoria — 

Neiman, Mrs. Morris (Lamfrom, Helen 
13) (1), Box 68 
Tiffin — 

Grill, Helen D. 24 (1), 1 Main St. 
Sayler, Josephine x2 4, 181 N. Washing- 
ton St. 
Toledo — 

Boice, Mrs. William B. (Geer, Ruth 21) 

(1), 1730 Norwood 
Harpster, Hilda 27 (d), 2141 Robinwood 

Harpster, Helen A. «25, 2141 Robinwood 

Holton, Mrs. Hoyt S. (Lloyd, Rachel 17) 

(1), 535 Winfield Rd. 
Lloyd, Ruth — A (1), 407 Winthrop St. 
Millard, Georgia G. — S, 431 Kenilworth 
Moore, Jane E. x30, 2444 Putnam St. 
Payne, Pauline 27, 233 Kevin PI. 
Reeves, Mrs. Theodore (Thompson, Doris 

— A (d), 1756 W. Bancroft St. 
Webb, Mrs. Willard (Millard, Mary C. 

x24), 2115 Scott Wood 

Akron — 

Andrews, Mrs. Edward D. (Bnmer, Julia 

x22), 120 Twin Oaks Rd. 
Kendig, Harriet E. x25, Putnam Rd. 
Page, Ellen x23, 81 Edgerton Rd. 
Trutham, Mrs. Edwin J. (Jordan, Frances 
x22), 314 Shawnee Trail 

Barnesville — 

Bradfield, Mrs. W. H. G. (Ely, Mildred — 

A), 520 N. Chestnut St. 
Bratton, Mrs. Charles A. (Bradfield, Em- 
ma xl3), 119 Cherry St. 
Batavia — 

Caldwell, Mrs. R. R. (Brown, Priscilla — 
S) (d). Hill Crest Farm 

Belfontalne — 

Haviland, Elizabeth — A, 301 E. Chilli- 
cothe Ave. 
Canton — 

Barber, Mabel xl6, 519 Cleveland Ave. 
Hogan, Mrs. Han-y W. (Cole, Olive xl6), 
212 16th St., N. W. 

Chillicothe — 

Jack, Esther x2 4 (d) 201 Caldwell St. 

Dayton — 

Grimes, Mrs. Charles G. (Burleson, Lucy 

K. xlO), Kramer Lane 
King, Mrs. Kenneth (Brown, Annetta 

26), 1220 Oakwood Ave. 
Randall, Mrs. H. E. (Moore, Eleanor — 

A), 59 Grafton Ave. 
Smith, Mrs. Murray (McClay, Katherine 

— A), 205 Southview Rd. 
Glendale — 

Ellis, Mrs. William, Jr. (LaBoiteaux, 

Mary x22). Forest 0pp. Erie Ave. 
Higby — 

Foster, Mrs. Charles (Woodbridge, 

Laura xl8) 

Jefferson — 

Cummins, Mrs. Harry (Oadwell, Susan 

Hillsboro — 

West, Mrs. S. A. (Haynie, Ellen xlO), 
240 E. Main St. 
Kenton — 

Hoge, Mary Anne — S 



Lorain — 

Garver, Mary L. x29, 211 5th St. 

Loredon — 

Valentine, Mrs. D. W. (Mitchell, Anne 
.x26), 112 E. 1st St. 
Marion — 

Frank, Louise .\23, 490 Church St. 
Sutherland, Mrs. Thomas (Frank, Isa- 
belle 22) (d), 132 Sargent St. 

Martins Ferry — 

Selby, Juliet 25, 200 N. 5th St. 
Medina — 

Root, Katherine E. .\31, 667 W. Liberty 
Middleton — 

Wilmer, Mrs. G. W. A. (Eikenberry, 
Lorine — A), 915 S. Main St. 
Newark — 

Camlin, Mrs. William J. (Brown, Kath- 
erine xl7), 214 Rugg Ave. 
Osborne — 

Hower, Marianna .x22 
Paulding — 

Durfey, Cynthia x27, 408 N. Main St. 
Perrysburg — 

McNichol, Mrs. George J. (Smith Emma 
— S), Orchard Bend 
Portsmouth — 

Taylor, Virginia W. x31, 2020 Waller 
Rocky River — 

Mueller, Mrs. H. F. (Portmann, Laura 
14) (d), 19437 Argyle Oval 
Springfield — 

Bancroft, Dorothy xl3, 15 E. High St. 
Kleeman, Mrs. W. B. (Morganroth, Elsa 
— A), 23 Cassily St. 

St. Mary's — 

Jasperson, Emilie R. x30 (d), 124 S. 
Perry St. 

Van Wert — 

Brumback, Mrs. David L., Jr. (Gilliland, 
Gladys xl8) 

Williams, Virginia xl8, 637 S. Wash- 
ington St. 

Wadsworth — 

Falk, Martha Sarah x22, 351 Broad St. 

Washington Court House — 

McDonald, Mrs. Aloysius B. (Hagler, 
Ruth 22) 

Youngstown — 

Cahn, Mrs. Ralph (August, Betty x21), 

2 69 Benita Ave. 
Luff, Mrs. Howard (Webb, Isabelle 20) 

(1), % Jordan Ohio Co. 


Ardmore — 

Crockett, Virginia x29 

Dowd, Mrs. Harry (Hunt, Margaret — A) 

Fairchild, Roberta x27, 320 First St. 

Ft. Sill- 
Adams, Mrs. Ronald (King, Mary — S) 
Peyton, Mrs. B. R. (Haile, Evelyn — A) 

Hugo — 

Duddley, Mary V. x29 (d), 701 E. Jack- 
son Ave. 

Muskogee — 

Steuve, Mrs. (Eberle, Eleanor — A), % 
Mrs. Charles Eberle, 508 Columbus 

Oklahoma City — 

Ames, Mrs. Ben Allen (Burton, Olive 

Craddock, Louise M. x31, 1216 W. 37th 

Hayes, Ellen L. x29, 1001 W. 20th St. 
Okmulgee — 

Rada, Mrs. Edward D. (Carroll, Anne 
Kendrick x22) 

Ponoa City — 

Lowrance, Bess A. 28, 400 N. 10th St. 

Tulsa — 

Elliot, Mrs. Thomas E. (Claxton, Eliza- 
beth x21), % Dr. P. P. Claxton, N. 
Denver St. 

West, Winifred 28, 264 W. 15th St. 
Wynnewood — 

Keys, Helen x26. Cherokee Ave. 

Hood River — 

Hart, Mrs. F. G. (Dickson, Dorothy 
Medford — 

Bragg, Mrs. Lawrence (Hallie, Catherine 
xl4) (d) 

Portland — 

Burt, Mrs. Francis S. (Browning, Mar- 
garet xl2) (d), 889 Overton St. 

Philadelphia Club 
Atlantic City, N. J. — 

Jaquish, Mrs. J. H. (Mitchell, Olive E. — 

S), Senior High School 
Nelson, Margaret McC. 24 (1), Stone- 
hurst Apt. 5 

Haddonfield, N. J. — 

Flitcraft, Ruth x22, 504 Washington 

Moore, Elizabeth 26 (1), 257 Kings 

Highway W. 

Margate City, N. J. — 

Boone, Jeanette 27, 14 S. Haverford 
Allentown — 

Foster, Anna C. x23, 1812 Chew St. 
Jacobs, Mrs. Ralph (Smith, Sarah Louise 
— A) (d), 223 N. Elk St. 



Ardmore — 

Abell, Ruth 26, 101 Linwood Ave. 
Harper, Louise x27, 35 St. Paul Rd. 
Pew, Mrs. Joseph, Jr. (Hensel, Alberta 

xl2) (1), Mill Creek Rd. and Dobbs 

Reinhold, Margaret 26 (d), 127 Coulter 


Beaver — 

Doyle, Suzanne x30, 440 Bank St. 
Chester — 

Moss, Mrs. James A. (Benner, Julia 
x22), 203 E. 22nd St. 

Chestnut Hill — 

Button, Mrs. Conyers, Jr. (Dunham, 

Marie Louise — A), Elbow Lane, N. 

Gate Line 
Masters, Margaret T. x25, W. Mermaid 

Parsley, Mrs. Lewis Fuller (Anderson, 

Hester xl5) (d), 7811 St. Martins 

Walton, Mrs. Henry F., Jr. (Reeves, 

Josephine — S) (d), 10 Abington 

Ave. E. 

Cynwyd — 

Miles, Katherine x29 
Folcroft — 

Good, Mrs. B. Stafford (Johnson, Mar- 
jorie P. xl6), 418 Shallcross Ave. 

Germantown — 

Amdt, Mrs. David Butler (Carson, Beat- 
rice x27), McCallum Manor 

Caldwell, Eleanor x26, Westview and 

Haverford — 

Peery, Mrs. 
Merlon — 

Faust, Marian — A, Box 101 
Ferguson, Ruth x29, Mallwyd Rd. 
Shand, Barbara C. xl2 (1), Rockland 


Torrey, Mrs. Donald F. (Grammer, Eliz- 
abeth M. 13) (d), 530 Brookhurst 
Natrona — 

Bumgardner, Jean B. x22 
Oil City — 

Leedom, Janet x21, 301 W. 1st St. 

Overbrook — 

Nelms, Mary B. x28, (d) 6379 Dre.xel 

Potter, Mr. Herbert R. (Leopold, Eliza- 
beth x25), Lincoln Court Apts. 

Philadelphia — 

Anderson, Florence xl4), 336 W. Spring- 
field Ave., Chestnut Hill 
Belber, Sophia x24, 1830 Rittenhouse 

Samuel C, 
B.— A) (1) 

Jr. (Henry, 

Bennett, Mrs. J. S. (MacGeorge, Rebecca 

xl8), 6310 Woodbine Ave., Over- 
Billings, Virginia x25. New Warwick 

Crossan, Margaret x29, 8128 Elberton 

Ave., Fox Chase 
Crouse, Mrs. Harold (Leute, Marjorie 

x25), The Chatham, 49th and Locust 
Crowe, Jean x29, 2300 Bryn Mawr Ave. 
Dietsch, Mrs. Harry, Jr. (Frj", Helen 

xl7), 1014 Duncannon St. 
Egerton, Mrs. Robert (Hudson, Mildred 

26), % Dr. H. Hudson, 1531 N. 

16th St. 
Fryer, Mrs. Loren H. (Schwab, Con- 
stance x25), 4710 Springfield Ave. 
Golden, Mrs. Albert (Hurlburt, Elizabeth 

x23), 6822 N. Carlisle, Oaksmere 
Grammer, Mary Page — A (d), 1008 

Clinton St. 
Harms, Elizabeth 28, 4614 Chester Ave. 
Homsey, Mrs. John, Jr. (Wilson, Ethel 

x21), Rondole Rd., Overbrook Hills, 

West Park P. O. 
Kite, Mrs. Joseph (Hadden, Louise B. 

x23), 4722 Larchmont Ave. 
Krauter, Mrs. Harry (Grammer, Dorothy 

xl5) (d), 1008 Clinton St. 
Mann, Mrs. Guy Edward (Culver, Mary 

Virginia x28) (d), 4730 Pine St. 
Marshall, Celia 24 (d), 1819 Spruce St. 
Maxim, Mrs. Robert (Kimball, Lvdia 

x24), 4425 Walnut St. 
Moore, Margaret Elizabeth x28 (d), 

5005 Pine St. 
Newkirk, Louisa 23 (1), 914 Clinton St. 
Taylor, Mrs. William Randolph (Grant, 

Jean 24), (1), 3454 N. 23rd St. 
Wallace, Mrs. B. B. (Cross, Eleanor 

x26). Oak Lane 
Washburn, Henrietta 14 (1), 2030 De- 

Lancey PI. 

Phoenixville— • 

Pennypacker, Elmyra 20 (d), 517 Main 

Schwickley — 

Murdock, Mrs. W. P. (Richardson, Lois 
— A), 867 Thorn St. 

Wilson, Mrs. Philip J. (Eaglesfield, Vir- 
ginia — A), 715 Straight St. 

St. Davids — 

Tull, Mrs. Thomas M. (Neal, Fanny Y. 
x24), 309 Midland Ave. 

Swarthmore — 

Chaffee, Marian K. 27, 395 Swarthmore 

Villa Nova — 

Lewis, Mrs. Leicester C. (Baldwin, Beat- 
rix xl3), Gate House 

Wayne — 

Fritz, Mrs. William Howard (Parke, 
Marian x24). Church Rd. 



Wyncote — 

Gardiner, Mrs. Joseph, Jr. (Sailer, Mary 
E. 25) (d). School Rd. 

Wynnewood — 

Braun, Mrs. Harold (Plumer, Evelyn 

x23), 254 Kent Rd. 
Morgan, Mrs. Walter (Benn, Dorothy 

.\25) (d), 404 Penwyn Rd. 
Yard ley- 
Welch, Mrs. W. M. (Huber, Elizabeth 

22) (d), Box 23 

Pittsburgh Club 
Edgewood — 

KeiT, Mrs. Charles, Jr. (Fohl, Elizabeth 
x23) (d), 149 Race St. 

Greensburg — 

Beacon, Elizabeth — A, 621 N. Main St. 
Beacon, Virginia — A, 621 N. Main St. 
George, Mrs. Paul H. (Kunkle, Eatherine 

— A), 601 N. Main St. 
Kunkle, Margaret — A, Chestnut HiU 
Shaner, Helen McC. x28, 622 N. Maple 

New Brighton — 

Darragh, Laura 25, 1453 Third Ave. 
Pittsburgh — 

Agard, Katherine 25, Heidelburg Apts., 

Braddock Ave. 
Bauger, Mrs. John (Hippie, Virginia 

x28), 7311 Meade St. 
Blair, Mrs. John K. (Wolff, Margaret 

R. x23) (d), 1407 Beechwood Blvd. 
Botts, Mrs. John (Schriener, Mary Louise 

x27), % Mrs. Schreiener, 5612 Howe 

Bryan, Nancy C. x25, 6231% Monitor 

Bumbaugh, Mrs. Frank T. (McClain, 

Ethel x22), 1611 Miriam St., Swiss- 
Casey, Mrs. Edward (Keeling, Janet 

x23), 147 Craig St. 
Close, Mary E. 27, 1747 Beechwood 

Crawford, Ruth x23, 220 S. Fairmont 

Dally, Gertrude 22 (d), 242 Noble Ave. 
Eberhardt, Annabel x26, 1138 Negley 

Ewart, Mrs. William (Meals, Margaret 

x25), 1038 N. Negley Ave. 
Franklin, Mrs. Donald C. (Taylor, Ruth 

25), 221 Lyttas Ave. 
Gibbs, Eleanor x28, 1127 DeVictor PL 
Guy, Elizabeth 24, 2020 Crafton Blvd., 

Hagan, Margaret x27, 5722 Aylesboro 

Haxall, Mrs. Triplett, Jr. (Dangerfield, 

Dorothy x22), 1046 S. Negley Rd. 
Hays, Mrs. Fred Negley (Fletcher, Helen 

— A), 119 Lincoln Dr., Edgewood 


Hodge, Mrs. Edwin, Jr. (Clyde, Emma 
xl3) (1), 1700 Beechwood PL 

Hogg, Mary Caroline x20 (d), 1082 
Shady Ave. 

Hughes, Mrs. Kenneth V. (Bailey, Doro- 
thy 26) (1), 6606 Woodwell St. 

Hull, Mrs. John B. (Aufderheide, Ruth 
x26), 5129 Liberty Ave. 

Hunter, Nancy x31, 151 Dickson Ave. 

Irvin, Mrs. Walter F. (Hook, Ethel 0. 
x25), 327 N. Murtland 

KeUer, Dorothy 26 (d), 125 S. Lexing- 
ton Ave. 

Kline, Mrs. Arthur B. (Cordes, Catherine 
21), 4421 Schenley Farms Terrace 

Klooz, Marie S. 23 (1), Roosevelt Hotel 

Kress, Mrs. Paul C. (Brandt, Selma 
x22), 6605 Woodwell St. 

Krider, Margaret 26 (1), 314 S. Aiken 
Ave., E. End 

Laidley, Margaret 26, Allegheny General 

Leggett, Helen — S (1), 314 N. Home- 
wood Ave. 

Lusk, Mrs. Wendell W. (Lobingier, Mar- 
tha 24) (d), 5523 Ellsworth Ave. 

McAlfee, Mrs. (IKirk, Katherine — A), 
305 Highland Ave. 

McClements, Mrs. James B., Jr. (Ma- 
lone, Margaret 26) (1), 14 Forbes 

McKelvy, Edith x2 6, 1421 Shady Ave.. 
Squirrel Hill Station 

MacGregor, Myrta 26 (d), 634 Sum- 
merlea St. 

Martin, Ruth x23, 6201 Walnut St. 

Millinger, Phillis 24 (1), 5213 Friend- 
ship Ave. 

Mitchell, Mrs. Harbour (Klingelhofer, 
Olivia x21) (1), 5836 Anderson St. 

Orr, Elizabeth R. x30, 5708 Stanton 

Pettit, Mrs. Donald (Dunlap, Jane x22), 
Ellsworth Ave. 

Reed, Mrs. Charles (Ellis, Mildred x21), 
752 S. Lindon Ave. 

Rogers, Mrs. Clarence (Clark, Mary 
xl3), 1400 Severn St. 

Smyser, Helen F. 27 (d), 151 Roup St. 

Stevenson, Mrs. Frederick J. (Dickson, 
Burd 22), 537 S. Braddock Ave. 

Swendeman, Mrs. George B. (Rott, 
Louise x27), 605 Worth St. 

Tracy, Katherine 26 (d), 4 Forbes Terr. 

Wentworth, Mary E. x26, 5805 5th Ave. 

Worley, Mrs. Howard (Ellis, Dorothy 
x23), 6715 Beacon St. 

Unlontown — 

Fulton, Mrs. Ray (Hopwood, Eleanor 
Mary — A), 100 Ben Lomond St. 

Hess, Mrs. George W. (Walton, Corinne 
x23), 271/^ Morgantown St. 

Newell, Mrs. Wade K. (Brown, P. Vir- 
ginia x22), 328 Morgantown St. 



Smith, Eleanor P. x23, 37 S. Galatin 

Whyel, Mrs. Thomas M. (Stone, Nina — 

S), HiU Crest Lane 

Washinoton — 

Mevay, Katherine x28, 3 Wilmots Ave. 

Wilkes-Barre Club 
Forty-Fort — 

Sutherland, Mrs. Donald (Cobb, Eliza- 
beth 26), (d) 34 Filbert St. 

Kingston — 

Buchman, Mrs. H. T. (Kirkendall, Cor- 
delia x25) (d), 1415 Wyoming Ave. 

Coon, Mrs. (Lindsay, Marjorie — A), Gib- 
son St. 

Ferenbach, Mrs. Gregory ( School ey, Ro- 
mayne x25 (d), 108 Butler St. 

Humphrey, Mrs. John (Brown, Dorene 
24), Winola Ave. 

Nicholson, Mrs. Ralph( Wolff ,Ruth — A), 
387 Winola Ave. 

Shepherd, Marjorie 26, 884 Wyoming 
Wilkes-Barre — 

Halsey, Mrs. J. Gains (Wolf, Ellen 21), 
81 Shelton St. 

Parkhurst, Mrs. F. Ellsworth, Jr. (Pal- 
mer, Elise xl7) (d), 195 N. Frank- 
lin St. 

Altoona — 

Whitehead, Martha Virginia — A, 1220 
18 th Ave. 
Bellefonte — 

Hays, Ellen 14 
Bethlehem — 

Hess, Mrs. Walter E. (Richards, Isabel 
xl6), 804 W. Market St. 
Bradford — 

McGrath, Mrs. Dom Charles (Henline, 
Dorothy x29), 261 Congress St. 

Bridgeville — 

Koch, Margaret D. x28, 625 Gregg Ave. 

Robinson, Marjorie 24, 300 Front St. 

Canensburg — 

George, Mrs. Robert B. (Bryant, Mathil- 
da 23), 307 Belmont Ave. 

Carlisle Barracks — 

Darby, Dana x28 
Clairton — 

Burnett, Mrs. William (Hay, Elizabeth 
x22), 777 Van Kirk St. 

Clark's Summit — 

McConnell, Mrs. Lawrence (Magee, Cyn- 
thia — A) 


Armstrong, Beatrice — A, 954 W. 9th St. 
Darsie, Marietta 26, 1009 Western Dr. 

Schabacker, Ruth — A (1), 914 Chest- 
nut St. 
Walker, Marion — A, 602 W. 10th St. 
Greenville — 

Martin, Grace L. — A (1) 
Harrisburg — 

CampbeU, Nancy x27 (d), 106 Walnut 

Fry, Mrs. Chester M. (Smith, Harriet — 

S), 1008 N. Second St. 
Reed, Mrs. Josiah F. (Wills, Anna xl5) 
(d), 508 N. 2nd St. 
Hazelton — 

Starke, Mrs. Robert (Wolf, Louise x25), 
R. F. D. 

Hummelstown — 

Brighbill, Katherine M. 28, 32 W. Main 

Indiana — 

Emerson, Mrs. Paul S. (Tomb, Ethel — 
A), Caperter Ave. 

Johnstown — 

Hauch, Katherine x21 (d), 515 Grove 

Suppes, Nancy — A, Valley Pike 
Lancaster — 

Bums, Katherine xl5, 244 E. Orange 

Harless, Mrs. Bert (Robertson, Martha 

x23) (d), 553 Spruce St. 
Nes, Dorothy — A, 31 N. Lime St. 
Nolt, Mrs. Leroy H. (Schutte, Anne 15) 

(1), 331 E. Orange St. 
Posey, Margaret 26 (d), R. F. D. No. 5 
Rohrer, Mrs. Richard P. (Hager, Susan 

25) (d), 1065 Wheatland Ave. 

Lebanon — 

Richards, Helen R. 23 (d), 431 Chest- 
nut St. 

Lock Haven — 

Diack, Margaret x30, 744 Bellefonte 

Green, Janet 27, 326 North Grove St. 

Mansfield — 

Judge, Mary Eleanor x20 

Morrisville — 

Apgar, Mrs. Holt (Lea, Elizabeth — S), 
Lafayette Ave. 

Mount Union — 

Maxwell, Mrs. Paul (Hackmann, Freder- 
icka x21) 

Pottsville — 

Boone, Arlene R. x29 (d), 307 Mahan- 
tongo St. 

Kruger, Mrs. J. Anthony (Bechtel, Jose- 
phine 23), % Mrs. Bechtel, Foney 

Wells, Mrs. Walter (Beahm, Louise xl5), 
% Mrs. I. D. Beahm, Mahantongo St. 



Radnor — 

Shryock, Mrs. Thomas J., Jr. (Cooke, 
Elizabeth — A), 3 Radnor Rd. 

Rochester — 

McCandless, Mrs. L. H. (Elkins, Eliza- 
beth x22), 328 Madison St. 

Scranton — 

Shideler, Mrs. Richard B. (Evans, Louise 
Allan 22), 117 Greenridge St., Dun- 
Wrightnour, Dorothy x29, 933 Woodlawn 
Tacony — 

Desmond, Mrs. John K. (Evans, Sara S. 
— A), 7016 Gillespie St. 

Titusville — 

KraflFert, Mrs. Benjamin (Westgate, Flor- 
ence .x24), 214 Spruce 

Tyrone — 

Hoffman, Adaline x30, 1050 Lincoln Ave. 

Warren — 

Bordwell, Jean Evelyn x31, 101 E. Wayne 
Wrightsville — 

Becker, Mrs. Markel (Mutschler, Helen 
26) (d), 711 HoUain St. 

Jamestown — 

Tilley, Mrs. Benjamin F. (Buchanan, 
Harriet xl4), "The Moorings" 

Providence — 

Henry, Beatrice x20, 234 Irving Dr. 
Woonsockett — 

Gardner, Mrs. Charles (Goodnow, Pauline 
B. x23), Meadow Rd. 

Charleston — 

Davidson, Serena B. x29, 102 So. Bat- 

Deas, Mrs. Howard A. (Sinkler, Allen — 
A), 98 Church St. 

Ford, Annie G. 24 (d), 5 Logan St. 

Hagood, Mrs. James M. (Camp, Antoi- 
nette 16), 13 Water St. 

Hastie, Mrs. C. Norwood (Simons, Sarah 
— A), 5 Water St. 

Kinloch, Mrs. Bohum Baker (Austin, 
Bety x28) 

Maybank, Anne 26, 68 Meeting St. 

Maybank, Theodora P. 27, 68 Meeting 

Mullally, Mrs. Charles S. (Sloan, Eliza- 
beth — S), 14 Gibbs St. 

Sparkman, Mrs. Carl O. (Simonds, Mary 
— A), 64 Tradd St. 

Ravenel, Mrs. James J. (Wallace, Doro- 
thy xl4), 52 King St. 

Rhett, Mrs. Robert, Jr. (Bobb, Mildred 
xl8), Green Hill St. 

Shakelford, Mrs. Stephen F. (Sloan, 
Carla — A), 13 Lourdes Blvd. 

Aiken — 

Prothero, Mrs. Wilson (Hall, Anna L. 
x30), 535 Chesterfield St. 

Anderson — 

Beaty, Mrs. Clarence (Fretwell, Ruth — 

McFall, Sarah — S 

Bennetisvllle — 

Breedon, Mrs. King (Cloud, Elizabeth 

Carroll, Pearl M. x30 

Camden — 

Carrison, Elizabeth xl5 

Columbia — 

Babcock, Alice Guion 22 (d). Box 388 
Elliot, Margaret 26, 1819 Pendleton St. 
Guignard, Jane 23, Still Hopes 
Nelson, Henrietta 26, 1100 Gregg St. 
Taber, Marian P. 28, 1007 Bull St. 

Darlington — 

James, Margaret E. x22, P. 0. No. 176 

Greenville — 

Earle, Mary C. x30, 308 E. North St. 
Furman, Constance 28 (d), 6 Broadus 

Haden, Mrs. N. J. (Green, Janet — A), 

201 W. Mills St. 
Hudgens, Mrs. Robert W. (Furman, 

Eleanor — A) (d), 515 Pettigrin St. 

Greenv^ood — 

Oliver, Elizabeth W. 28 (d), Oregon 
Marlon — 

Hewitt, Mrs. William L. (Moore, Barbara 
Parris Island — 

Williams, Mrs. Richard (Strobbar, Helen 
— A), Marine Barracks 
Rock Hill — 

Bailey, Mrs. Morgan C. (Godwin, Isabel 

M. 21) 
Moore, Frances E. x30, 518 E. Main St. 
Wilson, Mrs. York (Long, Minnie 22) 
Spartansburg — 

Cart, Mrs. John, Jr. (Montgomery, Lucille 

— S), 195 Clifton Ave. 
Ferguson, M. Elizabeth x30, 140 Ala- 
bama St. 
Kerr, Mrs. James (Pinkerton, Mary 13), 

156 Oakland Ave. 
McGee, Mrs. Thomas O. (Newby, Kath- 
erine 25), 561 W. Main St. 

Aberdeen — 

Bassett, Mrs. Clark (Milligan, Marjorie 

23), 116 12th Ave., N. E. 
Jensen, Mrs. Leslie (Ward, Elizabeth 

xl7), (d) 1216 N. Main St. 
Milligan, Millicent x27, 519 S. Kline St. 
Milligan, Muriel 23, 519 S. Kline St. 



Chattanooga Club 
Chattanooga — 

Berry, Doris x27, 2 Virginia Apts. 
Davidson, Dorothy x29 (d), 629 Boyton 

Huflfaker, Mrs. Hugh D., Jr. (Faucette, 

Katherine x29), Newell Apt., High 

Jackson, Katherine x29, 917 Oak St. 
Lamb, Mrs. A. L. (Lowry, Adele — A), 

Signal Mt. 
Lupton, Mrs. Frederick (Thomas, Emmy 

— A) (1), Riverview 
Mack, Virginia 26 (1), 35 Elizabeth 

Milne, Grace — A, Sig^nal Mt. 
Milne, Margaret x25, Signal Mt. 
Milne, Mary x23, Signal Mt. 
Morrison, Mrs. Harold (Milne, Sterling — 

A), Signal Mt. 
Patten, Mrs. George (Thomas, Margaret 

— A) (1), Riverview 
Patton, Anna 27, 911 E. Terrance 
Patton, Mrs. John A., Jr. (Allison Cath- 
erine x24), Riverview 
Raoul, Mrs. Norman (Sholar, Frances — 

A), Lookout Mt. 
Sanford, Mary McC. x30, Signal Mt. 
Steward, Mrs. Paul S. (Poindexter, Jane 

x28), Houstin St. 
Taylor, Mrs. Beahl (Milne, Ethel — A), 

Signal Mt. 
Taylor, Mrs. Ben (Westcott, Elwyn M. — 

A), 718 Oak St. 
Trotter, Mrs. Tom (Manson, Clyde x30), 

Mission Ridge 

Memphis Club 
Buntyn — 

Lajme, Mrs. James H. (Barrow, Lucille 
R. x28), Spottswood Ave. 

Memphis — 

Ambrose, Martha 27, 958 S. Willetta St. 
Baker, Pasquelin x27, 2037 Oliver Ave. 
Bartels, Gertrude x29, 1625 Vinton Ave. 
Beasley, E. Irene x25, 110 Morningside 

Bourne, Carolyn x29, 1170 Vance St. 
Bradley, Mrs. Perry E. (Frank, Clara 

x25), 101 N. Montgomery 
Camp, Mrs. F. L. (Suton, Mary Elizabeth 

x24), 1406 Harbert Ave. 
Crenshaw, Elizabeth x28, 1301 Agnes PI. 
Evans, Mrs. William H. (Meriwether, 

MoUie x25) (d), 1230 Linden Ave., 

Apt. 9 
Genette, Mrs. Sidney W. (Orgill, Lucy 

x27), 1521 Linden Ave. 
Graham, Mrs. George C. (Watson, 

Gwendolyn 24), 1172 Linden Ave. 
Hall, Mrs. F. S. (Smith, Eleanor — S) 

(1), 1253 Castalia 

Hanley, Mrs. Dan M. (Wells, Alice x24), 

705 Cypress Dr. 
Jones, Mrs. William (Jones, Martha 

Wharton xl5), 239 S. McLean St. 
McGeehee, Mrs. J. Edward (Warwick, 

Lucille — S), 414 Avalon PI. 
Nelson, Mrs. Tom (Leatham, Dorothy 

x25), 2219 Madison Ave. 
Orgill, Mrs. Reginald (Darnell, Pauline 

— A), 2297 Court Ave. 
Paige, Katherine x28, 131 Clark PI. 
Ramsey, Mrs. Howard S. (Jones, Mary — 

A), 729 Vance St. 
Roberts, Mrs. Jack Davids (Ballard, 

Doris x24), 76 N. Waldron Ct. 
Shelby, Mrs. A. W. (Slater, Yenti L. 

x27) (1), 1711 Glenwood PL 
Smythe, Ruth — A, 554 East St. 
Snowden, Mrs. R. (Mountcastle, Grace — 

A), 1397 Central Ave. 
Taylor, Katherine Paoli x21 (d), 1380 

Can- St. 
Taylor, Nar Warren 27, 1372 Vinton Ave. 
Tucker, Eleanor x31, 1424 Goodbar Ave. 
Turner, Mrs. Edward (Crenshaw, Ruth 

x27), 1172 Linden Ave. 
Tutwiler, Zena — S, 1488 Vinton Ave. 
Tuyford, Mrs. H. (Rainer, Evelyn — A), 

120 E. Parkway 
Walker, Mrs. John K. (LaNeive, Virginia 

x29). Garden Lane 
Ward, Mrs. Edwin E. (Martin, Mabel 

x24), 1645 Overton Park Ave. 
Watson, Jocelyn 28 (d), 2012 Cowden 

Wethersby, Mrs. Frank M. (Pritchard, 

Irma x26), 191 S. Belvedere Blvd. 
Williamson, Jean R. 28, 48 S. McLean 

Winkleman, Arrabelle x30, 267 S. Bel- 
vedere Blvd. 

Clarl<sville — 

Edmondson, Margaret x30 (1), Route 
No. 1 

Fort, Mary Yancy 24, 631 Franklin St. 

Harrison, Norine xl4, 517 Franklin St. 

Mills, Elizabeth L. — A, R. F. D. No. 4 
Columbia — 

Park, Gladys x26, "Crow's Nest" 
Johnson City — 

Carter, Annie M. x24, 106 W. Walnut 

Svunmers, Helen x28, Mountcastle Hill 

Kingsport — 

Adams, Helen x28, Wantanga St. 
Adams, Maude x27, Wantanga St. 

Knoxville — 

Barbee, Leland B. x31, 1729 Lake St. 
Bruner, Mrs. Lyle (Gaines, Ethel x24), 
1100 W. Church Ave. 



Ellis, Mrs. R. R. (Demlng, Isabelle x23), 
(d) 1502 Laurel Ave. 

Howard, Mrs. Frank C. (Spillman, Lil- 
lian 23) (d), 2102 Terrace Ave. 

Mayo, Mrs. Dudley, Jr. (Lewis, Flora — 
A), Kingston Pike 

Moore, Ruth E. x26 

Zemp, Mrs. (Goodlove, Lycebeth x25), 
1208 Lowell Ave. 

Morristown — 

Goodson, Mrs. Floyd P. (McKinney, Mary 

Murfreesboro — 

Patton, Mrs. Robbins (Atlee, Marjorie 

Nashville — 

Benson, Mrs. W. A. (Riddle, Florence — 

A), Belle Meade Park 
Curry, Mrs. Bramley (Hampton, Frances 

x25), Harding Rd. 
Dibrell, Elizabeth L. x25, 2415 West 

End Ave. 
Dobson, Mrs. Matt, Jr. (Ezelle, Sophia — 

A), Woodlawn Dr. 
Gwathmey, Mary Taylor — A, 219 Russell 

House, Mrs. John F. (Woodard, Grace), 

Belle Meade Park 
Jackson, Elizabeth Kent x28, 1105 18th 

Lambeth, Martha 30, 2511 Kensington 

Leigh, Mrs. Randolph (Tillman, Lucy — 

A), Vaughn Rd. 
Lipscomb, Dorothy x26), 3714 West 

End Ave. 
Norvell, Mrs. W. E., Jr. (Tillman, Mar- 
tha xl2). 111 23rd St. 
Oliver, Mrs. Oren A. (Huntley, Ploy 

xl7), 3622 Harding Rd. 
Stahlman, Mrs. James (Thornton, Mild- 
red), Graybar Lane 
Thompson, Con x29, Glencourt Apts., 

Belle Meade Park 
Vance, Mrs. Currell (Patterson, Nella 

xl3), 3728 Richland Ave. 

Tracy City — 

Hampton, Mary Elizabeth x22 

Dallas — 

Abney, Mrs. Hampton (McKee, Dorothy 
26) (d), 3738 Holland Ave. 

Burgher, Mrs. Ballard (Dexter, Grace 
xl5), 4001 Turtle Creek 

Chambers, Mrs. Yerby (Beaton, Cusseta 
x23), 5217 Live Oak St. 

Greer, Mrs. W. A., Jr. (Lewis, Mar- 
guerite — A), 3 420 St. John's Dr. 

Peterson, Mrs. Israel (Bravelton, Alice 
xl5) (1), 1503 Austin Ave. 

Stewart, Mrs. Waco, Jr. (Kirkland, Vir- 
ginia K. x26), Southland Hotel 

Wood, Mrs. Ian MacKenzie (Barry, 
Frances x26), 4933 Swiss Ave. 

Ft. Worth- 
Armstrong, Mrs. J. H., Jr. (Dycus, Avon 

— A), 1608 Hemphill St. 
Carter, Mrs. Amon (Burton, Nenetta 

xl7). River Crest 
Carter, Mrs. Clifton M. (Buell, Mary — 

A) (d), 423 Anderson Bulding 
Googins, Mrs. David (Hefley, Marie — S), 

4741 Crestline Rd. 
Halsell, Mrs. J. R., Jr. (Hodgson, Jose- 
phine x24), 4605 Byers St. 
Laughlin, Mrs. P. E. (Burton, Loma — 

A), River Crest 
Mitchell, Mrs. H. D. (Snow, Jane W. — 

A), Box 945 

Steele, Charlene x29, 1316 Elizabeth 

Stone, Marjorie x27, 1309 Elizabeth 


Houston — 

Archer, Mrs. Thomas W. (Booth, Mozelle 

— A), 4701 Andulon Ave. 
Baker, Mrs. James A., Jr. (Means, Bon- 
ner — A) (1), Richmond Rd. 
Bryan, Cora xl7, 802 Dennis Ave. 
Buckley, Elliot xl8, 3116 Milan St. 
Farthing, Carrie Bell — A, Beaconsfleld 

Graves, Mrs. Pleasant D. (Denman, Sus- 
anna xl4), 1118 Sul Ross Ave. 
Heyer, Mrs. G. S. (Gregory, Jane — A), 

401 Colquit Ave. 
Lindsay, Mrs. Roy (Harris, Zelda x22), 

5008 Austin 
Moore, Mrs. Dallas (Farrar, Ellen — A), 

212 Portland 
Morley, Mrs. J. L. (McCallum, Eath- 

erine — S), 1632 Marshall 
Nelms, Mrs. Henry (Proctor, Josephine — 

A), 4101 Montrose Blvd. 
Noble, Mrs. George, Jr. (Dore, Geraldine 

— A), 4104 Garrolt St. 
Red, Lei — A, 817 Caroline St. 
Robbins, Mrs. E. F. (Taylor, Maude — 

A), 1112 Eagle Ave. 
Stone, Mrs. Tom (Sleeper, Frances x28), 

1603 Harold Ave. 
Storey, Mrs. C. (Storey, Christine — A), 

3501 Main St. 
Thompson, Minette xl7, 805 Sul Ross 
Weems, Mrs. Wharton (Booth, Mathilde 

xl5) (d), 3335 Innwood Dr. 
Werner, Mrs. Max (McClain, Marie — A), 

704 W. Alabama 

San Antonio Club 
San Antonio — 

Barclay, Mrs. Julius P. (Venable, Mary 

B. x23) (d), 301 Holleywood 
Beckmann, Mrs. K. D. (Price, Maiy 
Louise x26), 146 Rosewood Blvd. 



Chapa, Isabel — S, 315 W. Pecos St. 
Church, Mrs. William S. (Guenther, 

Amanda xl6), Elizabeth Rd. 
Coleman, Mrs. James T. (Moms, Emily 

— A), 1032 W. Craig PI. 
Elmandorf, Ema — A, 927 Kayton Ave. 
Emerson, Mrs. Everett (West, Ruth — S), 

508 W. Magnolia 
Fordtran, Mrs. W. M. (Bell, Josephine 

x22), 240 E. Hinsache 
Fordtran, Mrs. M. (Fordtran, Mary — S), 

235 Kings Highway 
Cleaves, Anne F. x29, 417 W. Dewey 
Harding, Mrs. R. W. (Giesecke, Serena 

x26), 149 Rosewood Blvd. 
Harris, Mrs. J. (Abraham, Gertrude 

x22), 123 Laurel St. 
Jackson, Elizabeth M. x28, 2025 Main St. 
Langmeade, Mrs. Edmond C. (Tutwiler, 

Mary xl7), 1136 Highland Blvd. 
McNeil, Mrs. Albert (McCamish, Frances 

x26), Babcock Rd. 
Meador, Mrs. Newton, Jr. (Meek, Mild- 
red xl9), 202 Rosemary Ave. 
Price, Anne Beth 28, 128 E. Woodlawn 

Richardson, Adelaide x29, 409 E. Park 

Stonall, Mrs. W. S. (Massie, Helen M. 

x23), 1031 W. French 
Taylor, Mrs. H. H. (Wortham, Clara 

R. — A), 414 King's Court 
Vaughn, Mrs. Curtis (Steves, Edna — A) 

(d), P. 0. Box 1126 
Wilson, Mrs. Homer T., Jr. (Browne, 

Josephine xl5) (d), 131 E. Agarita 



Harrison, Alma — S 
Amarillo — 

Nobles, Doris x23 

Worden, Mrs. John (Allen, Rhoda 21) 
(d), 1205 Bonnie 

Austin — 

Brush, Harriette x23, Box 636 
Burleson, Sidney xl6, 700 Lavaca 
Earnest, Mamie Ray xl6, 1508 Rio 

Mills, Mrs. Schyler (Wilcox, Dorothy — 

A), 909 W. 6th St. 
Rowe, Mrs. W. E. (Douglas, Frances — 

A), 309 W. 18th St. 

Beaumont — 

Allen, Mrs. Dugal A. (Carroll, Clytie 

xl3) (1), 2120 Calder Ave. 
Gilbert, Mrs. H. W. (Gibbons, Hortense 

— A), 495 7th St. 
McFadden, Mrs. Perry (Northcott, Ami- 

zette — A) 
Owens, Katherine x28, 2290 Calder Ave. 

Brownsville — 

Street, Mrs. G. P. (Lowrance, Ruth 27) 
(1), The Settman Apts., Los Ebanos 

Brownwood — 

Shelton, Mrs. Jack (Camp, Bertie xl6) 

Commerce — 

Malone, Elizabeth — A, Box 402, E. Texas 
Teachers College 

Corsicana — 

Jester, Elise x31, 218 S. 15th St. 
Jester, Sarah x31, 218 S. 15th St. 
Wright, Mrs. W. A. (Stout, Katrina — A), 
502 W. 3rd St. 
Cuero — 

Lacky, Mrs. S. Cabell (Graves, Geraldine 

Donna — 

Watts, Mrs. Emery W. (Austin, Dorothy 
xll) (d), Hildago Co. 

Eagle Pass — 

Norris, Clarita — S 
Forney — 

McKellar, Elizabeth x23 

Fort Bliss — 

Fuller, Mrs. W. A. (Reinburg, Dorothea 
26) (1) 

Gainesville — 

Lewis, Mrs. R. T. (Jones, Geraldine 
x20), 1322 E. Pecan St. 

Galveston — 

CatteraU, Margaret H. x26, 1325 24th 

Fowle, Mrs. Charles, Jr. (Culberson, 

Eugenia xl4) 

Junction — 

Farmer, Mrs. J. S. (Horner, Cornelia — 

Laredo — 

Colbem, Mrs. W. H. (HaU, Mary B. — A), 

1807 Houston St. 
Fish, Marjorie x29, 1503 W. Farragut 

Zachry, Emily x29 
Marlin — 

Holloway, Tallulah x25 

Smith, Mrs. Howard (Lee Mary Ashley 


Marshall — 

Dobbs, Dorothy x24. Rusk St. 
Nacogdoches — 

Perkins, Alice Lee x30, 911 North St. 
Orange — 

Bruce, Eleanor x30, 503 8th St. 

Bruce, Katherine 26, 503 8th St. 
Paris — 

Allen, Mrs. Walter (Preston, Miriam — 
A), 190 S. Main St. 

Lawrence, Mrs. John (Armstrong, Kath- 
erine x21), 180 S. Church St. 

McMillan, Mary x23, 213 Lamor Ave. 



Norment, Mrs. E. D. (High, Margaret 
20) (1), 168 S. Church St. 

Rucker, Jessie — A, 920 Clarksville St. 
Port Arthur — 

Pfantz, Mrs. J. M. (Hogue, Margaret 
25), 1027 Lake Shore Dr. 

Richmond — 

Bertrand, Dorothy xl7 
Winston, Mrs. Blakeley (Mayfield, Cor- 
nelia — A) 

San Angelo — 

Adams, Mrs. William C. (Harris, Gwen- 
dolyn x27), 307 N. Adams St. 
Sommerville — 

Harkin, Bemice — A 

Lauderdale, Mrs. J. C. (Harkin, loline — 
Taylor — 

Mantor, Anita x23, 1118 W. 7th St. 
Temple — 

Glenn, Ethel M. x21, 612 N. 7th St. 
Terrell — 

Childress, Anna Louise — A, 220 Griffith 

Marriott, Mrs. J. T. (Gill, Brice — A), 
218 Griffith Ave. 
Tyler — 

Caton, Mrs. R. L. (Taylor, Helen — A), 
201 Houston St. 

Marsh, Sarah x23 

Morris, Lucy M. — A, 505 W. Elm St. 

Ramsey, Mrs. T. B. (Stacey, Cordelia — 
A), 703 S. Broadway 

Taylor, Mary F. xl5, Clinton Ave. 
Valentine — 

Snyder, Dorothy x30 
Victoria — 

Proctor, Nan — S 

Waco — 

Boynton, Laura B. 27 

Brown, Mrs. Stanton (Neville, Maria — 

A) (d), 1822 Washington 
Nash, Eugenia x27, 200 Castle Ave. 
Grand, Mrs. J. B. (Nash, Frances 24) 
(d), 3416 Chateau Ave. 

Wichita Falls — 

Anderson, Mrs. D. (Hammersmith, Helen 

x26), 1815 8th St. 
Clayton, Mrs. Earl (Jalonick, Helen M. — 

A) (d), 1908 Huff Ave. 

Salt Lake City- 
Ellis, Clarissa 28, 607 Second Ave. 


McClaiy, Mre. Andrew B. (Armstrong, 
Mary M. — A) (1) 

Charlottesville — 

Bird, O. Page 28, 41 University PL 
Blue, Virginia — A (d), Ridgeway Farm 
Brown, Mrs. David E. (Hoge, Bessie 23), 

University of Virginia 
Dillard, Mrs. George (Garrett, Carolina 

Fawcus, Anna W. — A (d), University PL 
Fishbume, Lucy L. x30 (d). Locust 

Gwathmey, Mrs. George T., Jr. (Ashurst 

Anne C. 2 7), University 
Hancock, Dora 25 (d), 37 University PI. 
Reinhart, Mrs. R. (Redd, Torrence — S), 

Box 432 
Surber, Mrs. William (Crump, Louise 

xll), Rugby Rd. 
York, Mrs. Alfred (Redd, Katherine x24) 


Baum, Mrs. Julian (Jones, Thelma 24), 

154 Broad St. 
Carrington, Mrs. A. B., Jr. (Simpson, 

Ruth x21), 940 Green St. 
Conway, Charlotte, 28 
Hardy, Mrs. (Remple, Margaret P. — A), 

138 Broad St. 
Hazelwood, Tavennor 26 (d) 
Howze, Mrs. Charles (Keith, Hannah M. 

x23). So. Main St. 
Keen, Daisy x30, 944 Main St. 
Leigh, Mrs. Larry C. (Watson, Nancy A. 

— A), Lady Astor St. 
Meade, Mary Opie 27, 139 So. Main St. 
Pritchett, Eunice C. — A, 644 Main 
Riddle, Jane 27 (d), 702 Holbrook Ave. 
Waugh, Mrs. Norman (Gwynn, Stella 

x22). West Main St. 

Lynchburg — 

Alexander, Jeanne xl3, 702 Court St. 
Baker, Jette L. x30. Box 643 
Barnett, Ruth xl4, 522 Harrison St. 
Bowen, Mrs. Hascall W. (Johnston, Ruth 

E. x26). 111 Connecticut Ave. 
Brown, Mrs. Henry P. (Hampton, Corinne 

— A), R. F. D. 1 
Carrington, Mrs. R. A. (James, Harrell 

2 4 ) , Dumont Apts. 
Casey, Louise xl9, Floyd St. 
Christian, Mrs. C. L. (Darden, Jessie 

xl5). Oak wood PI. 
Cleleand, Julia xlO, Norfolk Ave. 
Craighill, Mrs. Dan (Goffigan, Anne P. 

x22), Dumont Apt. 
Cunningham, Jane 26, Federal St. 
Early, Henrianne xl3 (d), 122 Harrison 

Faulkner, Rosalie S. x31, 1500 Madison 

Ford, Fanny Penn x30, 2717 Rivermont 

Glass, Mrs. Carter, Jr. (Thomas, Ria 

xl7). Fort Ave. 



Harrison, Julia x29, 405 Washington St. 
Horsley, Perkins — A, 607 Harrison St. 
Hutter, Claudine xlO (d), 122 Harrison 

Hutter, Mrs. James B. (Rodes, Ella — 

A), 111 Harrison St. 
Ivey, Mrs. E. C, Jr. (Goodall, Eugenia 

C. 25), 2018 Rivermont Ave. 
Kerr, Mary D. x26, 2001 Rivermont Ave. 
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Thomas (Anderson, 

Elizabeth xl4) (d), Lee Circle 
McLeod, Mrs. Charles C. (Carper, Mar- 

garetta x22), 1516 Somerset Pk. 
McCluer, Margaret — A, Langhom Rd. 
Martin, Marianne 18 (d), Jones Memorial 

Mason, Mrs. John (Antrim, Loulie — A), 

2 Vista PI. 
Massie, Martha Manson — A, 923 Federal 

Murrell, Mrs. Dandridge L. (Lloyd, Mar- 
garet — S), 400 Harrison St. 
Payne, Elizabeth x29, 2117 Rivermont 

Scott, Mrs. Norvell (Payne, Phyllis 23), 

Dumont Apts. 
Strother, Jennie — A, Jenny's Tea Shop 
Turner, Mrs. Lavvson (Barrow, Lucille 

x20), 3 417 Memorial Ave. 
Walker, Mrs. George (McKenzie, lone 

x25), Parkhurst Apt. 
Wills, Mrs. Walter G., Jr. (Goffigan, 

Helen x27), 200 Oakwood PL 
Wilson, Mrs. Samuel M. (Garland, Louise 

E. — A), 3511 Fort Ave. 

Norfolk Club 
Hampton — 

Herd, Mrs. Edmund F. (Neal, Sadie — A) 
Von Schilling, Sarah 27 
Watson, Anne Louise x28, 55 Victoria 

Hampton-Sydney — 

Eggleston, Elizabeth 19 
Newport News — 

Branch, Eleanor R. x28 (d), 99 34th St. 
Gatewood, Harriet V. x22, 329 52nd St. 
Skinner, Mrs. F. H. (Hammond, Louise 
19), 333 57th St. 

Norfolk — 

Armistead, Ruth x21, Camelot Court 

Baldwin, Elizabeth x21, 705 Stockley 

Baylor, Elizabeth xl2, Warren Apts., 

Warren Crescent 
Baylor, Rosalie xl2, Mercer Apts., 

Armistead Bridge Rd. 
Bond, Mrs. Allen (Wailes, Catherine — 

A), 127 Bank St. 
Carter, Ashley C. x25, 2505 Grafton Ave. 
Cole, Mrs. Hardy S. (McCaa, Nellie L. — 

S), 705 Westover Rd. 

Collier, Mrs. H. L. (Schmeltz, Elsie — A), 

1502 Colonial Ave. 
Davidson, Mrs. Lyal Ament (Qwathmey, 

Carolyn — A), C2 Meadowbrook Apt. 
Deal, Mrs. Joseph D. (McCaa, Mary — A), 

413 Fairfax Ave. 
Duvall, Mrs. Severn (Hobbs, Helen xl6). 

Loch Haven 
Finch, Mrs. Hany (Mahone, Marie — A), 

336 Freemason St. 
Gwathmey, Mary P. — A, "Adventura," 

Heath, Rosa x29, 912 Westover Ave. 
Henderson, Jane 17, 713 Colonial Ave. 
Henry, Mrs. Reginald (Ruffin, Jane B. — 

A), 511 Fairfax Ave. 
Hitch, Mrs. Arthur (Etheridge, Virginia 

— A), 1707 Bowling Ave. 
Johnson, Catherine C. 27 (d), % J. G. 

Wilson Corp. 
Jones, Mrs. Charles (McKinney, Frances 

x23), 1421 Bowling Ave. 
Matthews, Mrs. Robert (McLemore, Mary 

W. 21), (d), 6A Meadowbrook Apt. 
Meyers, Frances — A (1), 323 E. Free- 
mason St. 
Miller, Mrs. James G. (Cumnock, Anne 

10) (d), 1027 Cambridge Crescent 
Moss, Mrs. W. Robinson M. (Tyler, Ada 

R. 24), Cloncurry Rd., Lochaven 
Nusbaum, Mrs. Bartram (Guggenheimer, 

Cilia 18), Edgewater 
Owens, Mrs. Joseph L. (Saunders, Eliza- 
beth — A), 517 Raleigh Ave. 
Peele, Marion L. — A, The Hague Apts. 
Perkins, Martha C. — S, Edgewater 
Preston, Mrs. Ballard (Dew, Lelia xl5), 

R. F. D. No. 2, Lakewood 
Pierce, Mary E. x23, 119 29th St. 
Priddy, May — A, 219 Colonial Ave. 
Prince, Mrs. Chester H. (Couper, Mar- 

jorie xlO), 1109 Matoaka St. 
Rickards, Mrs. Everingham (Murrell, 

Frances 10) (1), North Short Point 
Rixey, Mrs. Barbour (Comick, Mary Eliz- 
abeth x24), 1905 Claremont Ave. 
Robinson, Ellen — A, 206 Freemason St. 
Sargeant, Mrs. F. S. (Ragland, Lavinia 
— A), Loch Haven 

Simmons, Mrs. Machin (Barret, Gwen- 
dolyn 20), 703 Raleigh Ave. 

Slaughter, Sue 13 (1), % United Chari- 
ties, 415 E. Freemason St. 

Smith, Mrs. Benjamin (Guilbert, Florine 
x23), 1335 Mallory Ct. 

Smith, Mrs. Richard M. (Hammond, Mat- 
tie 21) (d), 1031 Gates Ave. 

Thomson, Griselle 22 (d), 712 Redgate 

Torrent, Anita x29. Navy Yard 

Tucker, Mrs. Douglas (Warren, Edna 

27), 1111 Colley Ave. 
Twohy, Mrs. John, H (Merrick, Grace 

24) (d), 1425 Bowling Ave. 



Tyler, Elizabeth — A, Algonquin Pk. 
Van Patten, Mrs. I. T. (McClain, Lucille 

— A), Box 112b, Algonquin Pk. 
Waller, Mrs. Nevison (Hyslop, Edith 

xl2), 615 Redgate Ave. 
Wilson, Mildred T. 27, 834 Westover 

Woodward, M. Antoinette x25, 1318 

Stockley Gardens 

Portsmouth — 

Hart, Evelyn x28, 32 Court St. 
Hart. Katherine A. x22, 32 Court St. 
Hobson, Mrs. J. A. (Marshall, Mary D. 

24), 111 Middle St. 
King, Nancy Lovejoy x28, 506 Hampton 

Threadcraft, Georgia x23, 432 North St. 
Tignor, Mary G. x23 

Suffolk — 

Blake, Mrs. W. M. (Everett, Lillian R. 
x23), 208 Pinner St. 

Brinkley, Louise x23, 105 Franklin St. 

Dickson, Mrs. Brownrigg (Shoop, Eliza- 
beth 21) (d), 118 Bank St. 

Everett, Frances S. x25, 208 Pinner St. 

Jones, Dorris — A 

Phillips, Mrs. John T. (Shoop, Virginia 
xll). Lake View Heights 

Richmond Club 
Richmond — 

Alsop, Camilla 27 (d), 1832 Monument 

Beckh, Mrs. Karl (Will, Ruth x26) (d), 
4203 Cutshaw Ave. 

Bigger, Madeline 21, 1618 Grove Ave. 

Booth, Dorothy 26 (d), 2829 W. Grace 

Burnett, Mrs. Charles R. (Griffin, Eu- 
genia 10) (1), 5906 Three Chopt Rd. 

Camick, Mrs. Spencer (Tuttle, Katherine 
x23), Stuart Ct. Apts., 1600 Monu- 
ment Ave. 

Cecil, Mrs. John R. (Cary, Pattie xll), 
2314 Monument Ave. 

Cocke, Elizabeth xl2 (d), 923 W. Frank- 
lin St. 

Cronley, Mrs. John H. (Valentine, Mar- 
tha — A) (1), 1416 Park Ave. 

Crump, Henrietta 17 (1), 1401 Hanover 

Cutchings, Mrs. Louis (Valentine, Cary — 
A), 1124 West Ave. 

Dabney, Mrs. Virginius (Chelf, Douglas 
— A), 6005 Howard Rd., Westhamp- 

Desportes, Mrs. Eugene (Ervin, Addie — 
A) (d), Westhampton, R. F. D. 2 

Diggs, Mrs. Edward S. (Wilson, Hattie 
H — S) (d), 1411 Grove Ave. 

Duffy, Mrs. Park P. (Roseboro, Frances 
x25), 1409 Hanover Ave. 

Faulkner, Mrs. Donald (Virden, Isabel — 
A), Winchester Apts. 

Faulkner, Mrs. Whitney C. (Wilson, 
Sarah C. xl5) (d), 1527 West Ave. 

Ferguson, Mrs. Russell (Jones, Virginia 
— A), Hampton Gardens 

George, Mrs. Henry H., HI (Richardson, 
Louise — A), 1831 Monument Ave. 

Green, Margaret F. x29, 1924 Grove Ave. 

Hamilton, Mrs. P. W. (Withers, Kath- 
erine P. — A) , Naxera, Gloucester Co. 

Hancock, Katherine 23, 1509 West Ave. 

Harrison, Mrs. F. (Robertson, Virginia — 
A), 6107 Three Chopt Rd. 

Hazelgrove, Mrs. Lysle (Jones, Marie — 
A), 3212 W. Franklin St. 

Jackson, Bessie — A (d), 2504A Grove 

Jerman, Mrs. William B. (Johnson, Marv 
— A), 5804 York Rd. 

Johnston, Susan R. x24, 916 Park Ave. 

Jones, Mrs. M. Osborne (Johnson, Helen 
20) (d), 1214 Confederate Ave. 

Kelley, Mrs. John (Valentine, Anne — A), 
2500 Grove Ave. 

Kyle, Mrs. Gordon (Adams, Emma Law- 
son x21), 1604 Grove Ave. 

Leake, Mrs. Edward A. (Beveridge, Anna 
xl7) (1), 2500 Monument Ave. 

McGuire, Richie 23, 1510 Grove Ave. 

McVey, Margaret 18 (1), 1417 Grove 

Massey, Mrs. Raymond (Ervin, Mary H. 
— A), 2414 Grove Ave. 

Miller, Mrs. Henry (Johnston, Nickiti — 
A), 3807 Hawthorne Ave., Ginter Pk. 

Miller, Marion x27, 2005 Monument Ave. 

Montague, Mrs. Hill (Minor, Katherine 
x22), 1830 Park Ave. 

Montague, Margaret 27, 2516 Monument 

Moore, Ida B. x30, 1620 Monument Ave. 

Morris, Emma 11, 910 Grace St. 

Patton, Mrs. Henry (Sedgewick, Deborah 
— A), 56 75 Davis Ave., Apt. 3 

Pollard, Julia x27, 1648 W. Grace St. 

Redford, Frances x29, 1811 Park Ave. 

Ruffin, Mrs. J. A. (Saunders, Mary Ball 
— A) (d), 604 W. Franklin St. 

Sauer, Mrs. C. F., Jr. (Armstrong, Mar- 
garet E. x25), 4227 Cutshaw Ave. 

Scott, Mrs. Thomas B., Jr. (Taliaferro, 
Carrie xl9'), 1802 Park Ave. 

Smith, Mrs. William W., Jr. (Sims, Lucy 
xll), 1535 West Ave. 

Speight, Mrs. Marshall C. (Webster, 
Alice — S) (d), 1107 W. Grace St. 

Sydnor, Mrs. Garland (Nicolson, Kath- 
erine — A) (d), 9 Stonehurst Green 

Taliaferro, Lucy — A, 1013 Park Ave. 

Taylor, Annie Moss x27, R. F. D. 2 

Thomason, Margaret E. x27, 109 W. 
Grace St. 

Throckmorton, Lucy — A, Westhampton 

Valentine, Mrs. C. B. (Massie, Ida Wat- 
kins 20) (d), 510 N. Meadow St. 


Valentine, Mrs. Fred (Taylor, Elizabeth 
20) (1), 411-b N. Lombardy 

Watt, Mrs. Preston Boyd (Wingfield, 
Eleanor — A), 3 5 6 Chamberlayne 

Wedell," Mrs. William S. (Parrish, Elise 
— A), 1101 Grove Ave. 

Weisiger, Louise 15 (d), 2716 Hill Crest 

Wherry, Julia — A, Box 1857 

White, Virgrinia x31, 2820 Monument 

Williams, Mrs. Carrington (Miller, Fan- 
nie — A), (d), 401 No. Allen Ave. 

Wilmer, Mrs. Frederick P. (Purcell, 
Lydia 23), 817 W. Grace 

Wiltshire, Mrs. James M. (Kintzing, Ger- 
trude 18), 3 409 W. Grace St. 

Winbish, Mrs. Kenneth (Perkins, Grace 
H. xlO), 1120 W. Grace St. 

Witt, Mrs. T. Foster (Luke, Isabel 19) 
(1), 1824 Park Ave. 

Wood, Lillian L. 28 (d), 2702 Monu- 
ment Ave. 

Woollcott, Mrs. Philip (Gibbon, Corimie 
18), 1018 Park Ave. 

Wyatt, Mrs. Herbert (Reams, Edith R. 
x24), 2402 Maplewood Ave. 

Young, Mrs. C. T. (Franklin, Elizabeth 
x23), (d), 1725 Park Ave. 

Petersburg — 

Leigh, Margaret 27 

McCracken, Alice E. x22, 119 Central 

Patterson, Julia M. — A, 39 Union St. 

Williamstown — 

Hodges, Mrs. William T. (Powell, Annie 
M. 10) (1), Jamestown Rd. 
Roanoke — 

Boxley, Mrs. James L. (Waddy, Margaret 
— A), 1208 2nd St., S. W. 

Holcomb, Mrs. Grover C. (Griffin, Clau- 
dine — A) (d), 928 LaBumum Ave., 
Lee Court 

Jennings, May x23, Jefferson Apts. 

Kelley, Mrs. Max (Jamison, Ethel — A), 
So. Rosalind Ave. 

Lemon, Avazo — A 

Simons, Mrs. (Burke, Winifred x25), 
1119 Jefferson St. 

Williams, Mrs. John W., Jr. (Jeffrey, 
Emily x24) (d), 302 Cornwallis Ave. 
Staunton — 

Boll, Mury W. — A, 20 No. Jefferson St. 

Carroll, Clara xll. Hotel Beverly 

Catlet, Lucy, 309 Vine St. 

Christirn, Mrs. R. E. (Howison, Ellen 
M. 16) 

Crosby, Mrs. V. S. (BeU, Martha xll), 
311 Pleasant Terrace 

Holt, Maiy Caperton x27, 324 Beverly St. 

Nelson, King — A, 402 E. Beverly St. 

Valz, Mrs. Randolph (Bell, Anne Kin- 
ney xl5), % H. M. Bell, Jr., N. Jef- 
ferson St. 

Abingdon — 

Stuart, Mrs. WiUiam A. (Bodley, Ellen — 
Aocomac Co. — 

Turlington, Louisa — A, Fair Oaks 

AltaVista — 

Murray, Mrs. Boiling (Thompson, Mild- 
red 19) 

Alexandria — 

Baldwin, Mrs. William F. (Barley, Anna 

xl5), 211 N. Washington St. 
Janney, Mrs. (Burke, Helen E. x23) 
Leadbeater, Katherine 28 (d), 414 N. 

Washington St. 
Reade, Mary W. x27, Episcopal High 


Cadigan, Mrs. Charles H. (Williams, 
Elizabeth x27). Seminary Hill 

Amherst — 

Brodie, Bessie x27 
Burks, Mary L. x31 
Dearborn, Marion — A 
Hanger, Lucy x2 4 

Mahone, Mrs. M. T. (Harrison, Rosalia — 

Mays, Alice x29 

Page, Adella — A (d), "Dulwick Manor" 
Strode, Mildred 25 

Von Gemmingen, Mrs. Victor (Scott, 
Bessie — A) 

Whitehead, Jane x27 

Beesoco — 

Walker, Mrs. John H. (Wailes, Cadie — 

Berryvlile — 

HaiTis, Mrs. H. B. (Davis, Fannie xl8) 

Blackstone — 

Garrett, Mrs. W. S. (Hurt, Louise xll) 
Turner, Mrs. W. R. (Hurt, Virginia 11) 

Boyce — 

Carper, Alice L. x24, Clark Co. 
Bristol — 

Sanders, Mrs. Marion S. (Sharpe, Caro- 
line 19) (d), 815 Piedmont Ave. 

Buckhead Springs — 

Wheelwright, Esther — S 

Cape Charles — 

Frazier, Mrs. (Spady, Maria G. — A). 
R. F. D. No. 1 

Mills, Mrs. Allison, Jr. (Hurlock, Eliza- 
beth 28) 

Scott, Mrs. Marion (Nottingham, Fannie 

Wilson, Virginia 27 (d), 403 Tazewell 

Cherlton — 

Jones, Mrs. Reginald (Brownley, Belle 



Christiansburg — 

Phlegar, Katherine — A 
Chucatuck — 

Godwin, Mrs. Bernard (Shoope, Ethel — 
Churchland — 

Carney, Lucy xl3 
Clarendon — 

Wagganian, Mrs. J. (Powers, Dudley — 
A), Lyon Village 

Clifford — 

Hudson, Mary Louise x31 
Clifton Forge — 

Davies, Virginia D. 27, 116 Alleghany 

McCoy, Mrs. Frank (Higg^nbotham, 

Ruth x26) 
Rivercombe, Mrs. Horace (Massie, Helen 

J. — A) 
Crewe — 

Pierce, Mrs. W. M. (Newby, Maylon B. 


Culpeper — 

Thompson, Mrs. Robert C. (Slaughter, 
Katherine 24) 

Driver — 

Taylor, Mrs. Edward J. (East, Elkanah — 
Dunbarton — 

Ancarrow, Mrs. Granger (Williams, 
Helen D. — A) 

Emmerton — 

Murphy, Mrs. Taylor (Griffith, Kath- 
erine B. — A) 

Emporia — 

Peebles, Carlotta — S 

Robertson, Lucy Clare 23 

TiUar, Mrs. B. F. (Cato, Mabel O. 

x21). No. 
Tillar, Mrs. William (Marston, Margaret 


Ft. Monroe — 

Perkins, Mrs. Robert M. (Cobb, Mar- 
garet xl2) 

Franklin — 

Bristow, Virginia C. x31, 4th Ave. 
Parker, Mary Virginia 11 (1), 302 N. 
High St. 

Fredericksburg — 

Colbert, Mrs. E. L. (Embrey, Anne Eliz- 
abeth — A), George St. 
Shepherd, Anne H. 28, Washington Ave. 
Wallace, Lily Braxton — A 

Hanover Courthouse — 

Taylor, Mrs. Caldwell (Sprinkle, Mary 
G. — A) 

Harrisonburg — 

Harris, Jean xlO, 535 Main St. 

Haymarket — 

Meade, Mrs. R. A. (Scott, Mary — A) 
Kenbridge — 

Irby, Mrs. W. S. (Bridgeforth, Bertha — 


Lawrenceville — 

Hammack, Mrs. L. H. (Raney, Mary 

Heath — A) 
Tyler, Mrs. Richard B. (Gray, Douglas 


Leesburg — 

Cleborne, Mrs. Clifford C. (Hempstone, 

Ida — A) 
Dunlop, Frances x26 
Harrison, Sara x31 
Orr, Louise Elizabeth x30 
Lexington — 

Couper, Mrs. William (Hirst, Eloise xlO) 
Ford, Virginia E. x28 
Huger, Elizabeth x28 
Mallory, Austina x28 
Wade, Louise x25 
Louisa — 

Taylor, Mrs. M. Boxley (Porter, Mild- 
red — A ) 
Dunnally, Gabrielle S. x22 
Lynnhaven — 

Ewell, Mrs. Arnold (Hooper, Louise 10) 
(1) World's End Farm 

Marion — 

Coyner, Frances E. 28 (d) 

Mitchell, Bessie Clyde 24 
Middleburg — 

Luck, Elizabeth A. 27 (d), "Twin 

Middletown — 

McNeer, Bessie — A, Box 67 

Midlothian — 

Corley, Mrs. Frank (Taylor, Mary R. 

21), Fair A Farm, R. F. D. 1 
Laird, Meade x31, R. F. D. 1 
Monroe — 

LaFon, Mrs. Leslie C. (Kash, Feme — 
A) (d), The Crest 

New Glasgow — 

Claiborne, Jane — A 
Claiborne, Nannie xl8 

Ocean View — 

Gregory, Ethel — A 
Fitchett, Susan 23 (d) 
Powell, Margaret Julia x27 

Orange — 

Turner, Austin — A, Woodburry Forest 

Pearisburg — 

Groves, Mrs. Kenneth D. (Burwell, Mar- 
garet 23) (1) 




Purcellville — 

Shedd, Mrs. Rudolph (Baker, Margaret 

Smith, Dorothy R. — A 

Reedville — 

Covington, Mrs. Bell (McNeal, Idelle — 
Rockfish — 

Farrar, Mrs. Mell (Whitten, Effie xl4) 

Saluda — 

Palmer, Mrs. Barton (Marston, Ruth — 
Sandiges — 

Bowles, Lucille x23 

Bowles, Marian x23 


Jordan, Mrs. James E. (Wilson, Martha 
K. — A) 
Snowden — 

Kyle, Ruth — A 

South Boston — 

Hodges, Elizabeth 25 
Hodges, Mary F. x20 
Sweet Briar — 

Wailes, Mrs. Benjamin (Pfister, Bertha 
Toano — 

McKinley, Mrs. W. K. (Geddy, Anne 
Gary — A), % Mrs. Gary 

Victoria — 

Reed, Mrs. Walter (Dearborn, Nell — A) 
Virginia Beach — 

Dodson, Mrs. W. P., Jr. (Woodward, 

Virginia — A ) 
Van Patten, Mrs. F. A. (Woodward, 
Martha H. x25) 

Warm Springs — 

Sterritt, Mrs. Tate Boys (Marshall, 
Hazel — A) (1), Fassifem Farm 

Winchester — 

Arthur, Mrs. B. R., Jr. (Ely, Virginia — 

A), 520 N. Stewart St. 
Green, Dorothy W. x25, 15 S. Wash- 

ingrton St. 
Murrell, Mrs. R. W. (Hancock, Ruth 
Winston — 

Winston, Elizabeth xll 
Wytheviile — 

Ribble, Margaretta 13 — M.D., % Mrs. 

Robinson, Frances x28 

Eiiensburg — 

Kem, Mrs. F. A. (Davidson, Mary xll), 

103 W. 9th St. 
Seattle — 

Rinehart, Mrs. Hollis, Jr. (Wright, 

Hathaway x22), 1102 Broadway, N. 

Wapato — 

Smith, Mrs. H. A. (Neal, Dorothy 19), 
% Pac Power & Light 

Yalcima — 

Stedman, Mrs. Frank (DuShane, Mar- 
jorie — A), 113 Brentwood Dr. 


Charleston — 

Banks, Mrs. John B. (Lowry, Jeanne — 
A), Charleston General Hospital 

Beurj', Katherine x31 (d), 1206 Vir- 
ginia St. 

Bloom, Mrs. George W. (Connell, Vir- 
ginia xl6), 2025 Quarrier St. 

CaiToll, Mrs. Richard James (McWhor- 
ton, Emma — A), 1563 Virg:inia St. 

Davis, Mrs. Cabell (Massie, Elizabeth 
x24), 2205 Washington St. 

Guthrie, Frances x29, 649 Edgewood Dr. 

MacDonald, Mrs. Marshall W. (Hutter, 
Ernestine— A) 

Mathews, Elizabeth 27, 1501 Quarrier 

Pitcher, Mrs. Albert (Richardson, 
Frances 13) (1), Grosscup Dr., South 

Polan, Mrs. Harry (Broh, Evelyn — A) 
(d), 1709 Virginia St. 

Scheer, Mary A. x25, 1206 Quarrier St. 

Singleton, Mrs. C. R. (Downing, Marie 
xl7), Fort Hill 

Staehlin, Pauline — A, 1010 Kanawha 

Huntington — 

Bennett, Mrs. John R. (Miller, Sallie R. 

xl4), Emmons Apts. 
Groves, Mrs. Frank B. (Mossman, Vivian 

xl3), 531 12th Ave. 
Jones, Morrell S. 22 (d), 309 College 

Kintzing, Mrs. Paul C. (Brosius, Gene- 
vieve x21), 1016 Euclid PI. 
Lovett, Margaret 27, "Gray Gables" 
Lovett, Mildred 26, "Gray Gables" 
McMahon, Helen 23, Park Hill 
McMahon, Katherine x28. Park Hill 
O'Brien, Isadore x28, 1435 Graves St. 
Rauson, Virginia Howard — S, Staunton 

Rickerd, Mrs. William O. (Van Bibber, 
Anna E. — A), 1226 Sixth Ave. 

Stevenson, Mrs. Paul E. (Lovett, Doro- 
thy 23), 1661 6th Ave. 

Amherstdale — 

Jones, Mrs. Herbert E. (Munce, Nancy — 
A) (d) 

Biuefield — 

Shirey, Alice — A, 201 Russell St. 
Shirey, Blanche — A, 201 Russell St. 



B ram we 1 1 — 

Hewitt, Mrs. James (Jones, Martha E. 

Clarksburg — 

Allen, Nina xl5, 934 W. Pike St. 

Farm! no ton — 

Beeson, Adaline R. 28 (d) 

Fayettesvi lie- 
Hawkins, Jency — A 

Holt, Mrs. Homer A. (Wood, Isabel 19) 
Lee, Mrs. William L. (Hawkins, Anne — 

Kingston — 

Morton, Mrs. F. H. (Wailes, Mary E. 

Mabscott — 

Bailey, Pauline x29 
Martinsburg — 

Beall, Mrs. Charles R. (Emmert, Vir- 
ginia — A) (d), 513 So. Queen St. 

Dodd, Lee Jefferson — A, E. John St. 

Mill Creek — 

Ward, Mrs. (Davidson, Flora — A) 

North Fork — 

Clark, Mrs. Wyndham S. (Timberlake, 
Elizabeth x22) 

Parkersburg — 

Hobiltzill, Mrs. P. C. (Dils, Mary — A), 

1311 Market St. 
Neal, Laura T. — A, 922 Juliana St. 
Raleigh — 

Banks, Mrs. McRae C. (Caperton, Caro- 
lyn xl4) 

SIstersville — 

Boyles, Rogene x23, 127 Walnut St. 
Jones, Emily 27, Chelsea St. 

Slab Fork — 

Jasper, Mrs. W. N., Jr. (Godbey, Ella S. 
x29) (d) 

Wheeling — 

Bippers, Mrs. E. S. (Beckett, Margaret 
xll), 77 16th St. 

Brady, Mrs. Hugh S. (Sloan, Frances — 
A) (d), Howard PI. 

Phillips, Mrs. Howard T. (Beavers, Jes- 
sie B. — A) 

Reed, Mrs. Carroll W. (Hibbard, Ellen 

xl3) (d), Pleasant Valley 
Reed, Frances A. x29 (d), Hazlett Ct. 

Shockey, Adalaide xlO (d), 1113 Chap- 
line St. 

Wilson, Mary Tabitha — S, Orchard St., 

Woods, Elizabeth x29, Woodsdale 


Hudson — 

Jensch, Eanda 26 (1), 926 Third St. 
Janesville — 

Crawford, Mrs. R. W. (Pauly, Gertrude 
21), 5255 Bluff St. 

LaCrosse — 

Martin, Miriam x26 
Madison — 

Rayne, Mrs. F. W. (Foster, Annie T. 

xl5), 1215 Garfield St. 
Trayer, Mrs. G. W. (Janney, Rebecca 

x23) (d), 202 N. Lake St. 
Wagner, Grace x27, 1901 Jefferson St. 
Warner, Dorothy x27. 111 S. Hamilton 

Warren, Dorothy x27, 516 Gorham St. 
Marinette — 

Martineau, Mrs. E. B. (Ambuhl, Mar- 
tina G. xl5), 320 State St. 

Milwaukee — 

Bannen, Margaret F. x26, 600 Newport 

Bell, Mary Louise x28, 1008 Hackett 

Bues, Ida x25 (d), 1095 Summit Ave, 
CoUard, Mrs. M. A. (Reed, Margaret 

N. — S), 560 Prospect Ave. 
Coleman, Mrs. J. C. (Morris, Edith M. 

— S), 1630 Cramer St. 
DeLaHunt, Carol x26, 567 Belleview PI. 
Hartshome, Mrs. T. D. (Reed, Mary E. 

25), 531 Stowell Ave. 

Janey, Mrs. Francis (Thomason, Kathryn 
xl5), 539 60th St. 

Levy, Mrs. Charles (Newald, Gertrude — 
A) (d), 1388 Dovmer Ave. 

MacLeod, Muriel 24, 594 Lindwood Ave. 

Owen, Bergetta — A (d), 557 Lake Dr. 

Solomon, Mrs. R. F. (Hays, Ruth F. — 
S), 491 Belleview PI. 

Zielsdorf, Helen x23 (1), 723 Marietta 

Oconto — 

Fuller, Louise A. x26, 420 School St. 

Oshkosh — 

Curtis, Esther xl8, 103 Elmwood Ave. 
Sheboygan — 

Gunther, Mrs. Otto (Prange, Norma B. 
xl6) (d), 46 Lighthouse Ct. 

Jung, Helen x26, 318 St. Clair Ave. 

Jung, Hildegarde A. x2 2, 318 St. Clair 


Prange, Helen x2 4, 617 Erie Ave. 
Prange, Marie x26, 617 Erie Ave. 
Thomas, Mrs. I. C. (Zaegel, Elsie 12), 
200 Euclid Ave. 

Zaegel, Mrs. Robert (Gunther, Leona 
xl5), 50 Lighthouse Ct. 



Superior — 

Orchard, Eleanor x27, 1711 Hammond 

Waukesha — 

Goff, Betty I., x31 723 Clinton St. 
Goff, Dorothy x26, 723 Clinton St. 

Wisconsin Rapids — 

Meade, Mrs. W. L. (Durham, Louise 
z25), The Island 

Casper — 

Cottman, Frances J. x30, 107 S. Beech 


Auttralia — 

Jenks, Mrs. Earnest E. (Tarbell, Doro- 
thy — A), 8 A. Castereagh St., Syd- 
ney N. S. 

Canada — 

Brown, Gladys xl3, Portage La Prairie, 

Baynum, Mrs. G. R. (Davis, Katherine 

21), 172 John St., Toronto, Ontario 
Butler, Mrs. H. Lowell (Brown, Mae 

Laura 24), Ft. Erie, Ont. 

China — 

Taylor, Mrs. Harry B. (Booth, Alma 
11), 34 No. Compound, Peking 

Dorrance, Mrs. A. A. (Tennent, Raefella 
— A), % Standard Oil Co. of N. Y., 

Czeckoslovakia — 

Balls, Mrs. A. K. (Franke, Elizabeth 13), 
Hotel Splendid, Ovenecka 78, Prague 

England — 

Halford, Mrs. Cecil F. (Finch, Helen 
26), 12 Clarges St., London 

Hunter, Mrs. T. A. A. (Williams Amy 
25), Brand House, Ludlow, Shrop- 

Robinson, Mrs. Norman O. (Job, Doro- 
thy 21), Hamilton Terrace, Observa- 
tory House, Milford Haven 

Calnan, Mrs. Eric (Collins, Gertrude 
x26), 2 rue Lucien Gaulard, Paris 

Drake, Mrs. C. C. (Keith, Anne — A), 23 
rue Charles Floquet, Paris 

Milliken, Milley, Jr. x29, 7 rue de Til- 
sitt, % F. W. M. Cutcheon, Repara- 
tion Commission, Paris 

Gernnany — 

Zell, Mrs. Lucien T. (Swain, Alice 14) 
(1), Berling-Gruenwald, Delbincster 
No. 7 

Hawaii — 

Kennedy, Mrs. Stanley (Davenport, Mar- 
tha xl8), Judd's Hillside 

Hodgskin, Helen M. x22. Villa Virginia, 

Mexico — 

Maxwell, Mrs. B. (Lewis, Barbara x28) 
(d), Apartado 161, Tampico Tamps 

Switzerland — 

Stockton, Mrs. P. B. (Zabriskie, Mar- 
garet F. — S) (d), Banque Suisse, 

U. S. S. Tennessee — 

Hoffman, Mrs. Harry Draper (Anderson, 
Mildred x29) 


Abbill, Mrs. Everett Fairbaim, Dorothy 

Abney, Mrs. Hampton McKee, Dorothy 

Accola, Mrs. A. J Mize, Katherine 

Adair, Mrs. Sidney T... Allen, Lucia Sterling 

Adams, Mrs. Howard, Jr Rich, Robbins 

Adams, Mrs. Robert A Walker, Mary E. 

Adams, Mrs. Ronald King, Mary 

Adams, Mrs. William C Harris, GwendoljTi 

Alexander, Mrs. Charles Stenson, Mary 

Alexins, Mrs. J. M Davis, Emma L. 

AUegaert, Mrs. E. T., Jr Meyer, Katherine 

Allen, Mrs. Charles Spencer.. ..Foster, Nancy 

Allen, Mrs. Dugal Angus Clytie, Carroll 

Allen, Mrs. Russell MiUer, Elizabeth 

Allen, Mrs. Walter Preston, Miriam 

Ambler, Mrs. Arthur Chase Barber, Mary 

Ames, Mrs. Ben AUen Burton, Olive 

Ancarrow, Mrs. Granger Williams, Helen 

Anderson, Mrs. Dillard.. Hammersmith, Helen 

Anderson, Mrs. William P Driver, Ema 

Andrade, Mrs. Robert Brown, Mary Jane 

Andrews, Mrs. Edward D Bruner, Julia 

Annan, Mrs. Hume Avirett, Dunbar 

Apgar, Mrs. Holt Lea, Elizabeth 

Apple, Mrs. Evelyn Owens Owens, EveljTi 

Archer, Mrs. Thomas W Booth, Mozelle 

Armstrong, Mrs. J. H., Jr Dycus, Avon 

Arp, Mrs. Louis Croft Hamed, Eleanor 

Amdt, Mrs. David. Carson, Beatrice 

Arthur, Mrs. B. F., Jr Ely, Virginia 

Arthur, Mrs. L. Dale Loughry, Elizabeth 

Ash, Mrs. Wesley Owen Reefer, Margaret 

Avery, Mrs. Milton Reed, Margaret Nancy 

Ayres, Mrs. William White, Catherine 

Backus, Mrs. Harry Else. .Baker, Clara Belle 

Bailey, Mrs. George O Cert, Dorothy 

Bailey, Mrs. Morgan C Godwin, Isabel M. 

Bailey, Mrs. Walter Harwell. ...Carter, Helen 

Baker, Mrs. F. F Hawkins, Katherine 

Baker, Mrs. George E Ten Eyck, Anne 

Baker, Mrs. James A., Jr Means, Bonner 

Balch, Mrs. Richard Prescott, Elizabeth 

Baldwin, Mrs. C. I Langford, Marie H. 

Baldwin, Mrs. Wm. Frazier Barley, Anna 

Ball, Mrs. Eugene E Cohen, Dorothy 

BaUantyne, Mrs. Ford Wilson, Margaret 

Ballard, Mrs. Wiley McCary, Helen 

Ballou, Mrs. K. B Knapp, Roberta Forrest 

Balls, Mrs. A. K Franke, Elizabeth C. 

Banks, Mrs. John B Lowry, Jeanne 

Banks, Mrs. McRae C Caperton, Carolyn 

Barcalow, Mrs. R. T Chase, Helen S. 

Barclay, Mrs. J. P...Venable, Polly Southall 

Bardwell, Mrs. Romney Summers, Frances 

Barlow, Mrs. Edward H Yerkes, Marian 

Barringer, Mrs. Paul Minor, Lucy 

Barrs, Mrs. Newcomb Bryon, Anne 

Barry, Mrs. Frank G Farris, Marelite 

Bassett, Mrs. Clarke Davis.. Milligan, Majorie 
Bassett, Mrs. Clark L...Geer, Gertrude Hope 

Batchelder, Mrs. David Davis, Elizabeth 

Bauer, Mrs. W. Harold Smith, Lucille 

Baugher, Mrs. John Hippie, Virginia 

Baum, Mrs. Julian Jones, Thelma 

Baynum, Mrs. Grier Ratcliff.. Davis, Katherine 

Beall, Mrs. Charles R Emmert, Virginia 

Beaty, Mrs. Clarence Fretwell, Ruth 

Becker, Mrs. Charles Pfeiffer, Luima 

Becker, Mrs. Markel Mutschler, Helen 

Beckh, Mrs. Karl Will, Ruth 

Beckmann, Mrs. Karl D Price, Mary L. 

Bedford, Mrs. Henry Huff, Julia 

Beiser, Mrs. Carl Burger, Adelaide 

Bell, Mrs. Carl Copeland, Katherine 

Bell, Mrs. H. M., m....Eaglesfleld, Margaret 

Bell, Mrs. W. T Hardie, Sue 

Bellamy, Mrs. Hargrove Erwin, Sarah 

Bennett, Mrs. J. Bryan. ...Bingham, Kathleen 

Bennett, Mrs. John R MiUer, Sallie 

Bennett, Mrs. J. S MacGeorge, Rebecca 

Benson, Mrs. F. A Meriwether, Elizabeth 

Benson, Mrs. George E Loney, Corinne S. 

Benson, Mrs. W. A Riddle, Florence 

Berry, Mrs. Robert W Hudson, Elizabeth 

Best, Mrs. Milton Lee, Jane C. 

Betts, Mrs. Walter S Pratt, Jane C. 

Bewsher, Mrs. Francis M Ball, Geraldine 

Biedler, Mrs. P. M Mason, Janet 

Bippers, Mrs. E. S Becker, Margaret 

Birchall, Mrs. Henry R...Reehl, Eleanor Rose 

Black, Mrs. Hugh Foster, Josephine 

Blair, Mrs. John K Wolff, Margaret R. 

Blair, Mrs. Wiley J., Jr Kell, Bess 

Blake, Mrs. Oilman Johnson, Antoinette 

Blake, Mrs. W. M Everett, Lillian R. 

Blatchford, Mrs. John Roberts, Esther 

Bledsoe, Mrs. Thomas A Bradford, Walker 

Bloom, Mrs. George Connell, Virginia 

Bly, Mrs. Neil J Miller, Alice Macy 

Boem, Mrs. Lloyd Ward, Fannie BeUe 

Boethelt, Mrs. Armin R Marshall, Lucile 

Bogart, Mrs. Gilbert P Lindsay, Delia 

Bohm, Mrs. Abram S Shulofer, Helen 

Boice, Mrs. Wm. Burlin Geer, Ruth 

Bollman, Mrs. George Wheless, Adalaide 

Bond, Mrs. Allen Wales, Catherine 

Bond, Mrs. James W Reader, Willie B. 



Bond, Mrs. William L Callan, Grace 

Bordwell, Mrs. Rommey Sommers, Frances 

Borg, Mrs. C. Arthur VanCott, Marion 

Bose, Mrs. Herbert P Webster, Christine 

Bose, Mrs. Monte Wild, Hannah Frances 

Bostwich, Mrs. Vaughn Tomlinson, Bland 

Bothe, Mrs. Albert E... Bradley, Marion Ross 

Botts, Mrs. John Schreiner, Mary Louise 

Bourne, Mrs. Francis Moore, Pauline 

Boushall, Mrs. John Dishman, Dorothy 

Bowen, Mrs. Hascall W.. .Johnson, Ruth Emily 

Bower, Mrs. George Williams, Cardella 

Bowman, Mrs. Milton Gibson, Margaret 

Boxley, Mrs. James Waddey, Margaret 

Boxley, Mrs. Taylor M Porter, Mildred 

Boyd, Mrs. Fiske Shenehon, Clare 

Bradford, Mrs. John BuUard, Daisy 

Bradford, Mrs. W. H. Gibson Ely, Mildred 

Bradley, Mrs. Perry E Frank, Clara Belle 

Bradshaw, Mrs. H Molly, Evelyn 

Bradstreet, Mrs. Brownell Orde, Margaret 

Brady, Mrs. Hugh S Sloan, Frances 

Bragg, Mrs. Lawrence Hall, Catherine 

Brail, Mrs. J. S Weichelbaum, Nina 

Bratton, Mrs. Charles A Bradfield, Emma 

Braun, Mrs. W. F. Harold. .Plummer, Evelyn 
Breckinridge, Mrs. L. D...Barkalow, Vivienne 

Breedon, Mrs. King B Cloud, Elizabeth 

Brent, Mrs. George W Sipe, Enid 

Brent, Mrs. Raleigh, III Hofmayer, Juliette 

Bridgemann, Mrs. R. CEaglesfield, Dorothea 
Bridges, Mrs. Francis V...Markell, Catherine 

Briganti, Mrs. Frank Leet, Margaret 

Briggs, Mrs. Walter Turpin, Frances 

Brooke, Mrs. Julian C Sprague, Louise 

Brooks, Mrs. Francis Ertel, Elizabeth 

Brower, Mrs. George C Williams, Cardelle 

Brown, Mrs. A. T Rigg, Edna 

Brown, Mrs. Davis Ellis Hoge, Bessie 

Brown, Mrs. David T Trigg, Barbara 

Brown, Mrs. E. G Ewing, Esther 

Brown, Mrs. Henry P Hampton, Corinne 

Brown, Mrs. Lawrence Brede, Marie 

Brown, Mrs. Ralph M Keller, Esther 

Brown, Mrs. Robert F... Turner, Margaret H. 

Brown, Mrs. Stanton Neville, Maria 

Brovraing, Mrs. D. B Howell, Ruth 

Browning, Mrs. F. E Buckingham, Venus 

Bruch, Mrs. Carl Redmund, Helen 

Brumback, Mrs. D. L., Jr...Gilliland, Gladys M. 

Bruner, Mrs. Lyle Gaines, Ethel 

Bryson, Mrs. Frank Battey, Alice 

Buckelmueller, Mrs. H. H Green, Marion A. 

Buckman, Mrs. Henry T...Kirkendall, Cordelia 

Buell, Mrs. Harold Helmick, Frances 

Bumbaugh, Mrs. Frank T McClain, Ethel 

Burchall, Mrs. Henry R Reehl, Eleanor 

Burgher, Mrs. Ballord Dexter, Grace 

Burnett, Mrs. C. R Griffin, Eugenia 

Burnett, Mrs. William Hay, Elizabeth I. 

Burt, Mrs. Francis S Browning, Margaret 

Burt, Mrs. Roland W Morton, Aline 

Burt, Mrs. Wellington R...Loomis, Josephine 

Burton, Mrs. Edgar Callaway, Clayton 

Bush, Mrs. Herman E Tinkman, Ruth 

Butlers, Mrs. H. Lowell Brown, Mae L. 

Butterworth, Mrs. Geo. F., Jr Homer, Eva 

Button, Mrs. Conyers, Jr Dunham, Marie L. 

Butts, Mrs. Lucius M Blanks, Russe 

Cadigan, Mrs. Charles H... Williams, Elizabeth 

Cahn, Mrs. Ralph August, Betty S. 

Caldren, Mrs. Fred C Warren, Sarah 

Caldwell, Mrs. Franklin M Bryan, Flora 

Caldwell, Mrs. R. R Brovra, Priscilla 

Calnan, Mrs. Eric Collins, Gertrude 

Camlin, Mrs. Harold Gschurndt, Christine 

Camlin, Mrs. Wm. J Browne, Katherine 

Camp, Mrs. Frank L... Sutton, Mary Elizabeth 
Campbell, Mrs. Percy C... Richardson, Bemice 

Campbell, Mrs. Russell Allen, Mary M. 

Cane, Mrs. L. J Klein, Cecile 

Carlson, Mrs. Victor Clark, Gertrude 

Carmichael, Mrs. George Adkins, Maria 

Carmichael, Mrs. R. C Gibbon, Louise 

Carpenter, Mrs. Russell Howe, Mary 

Carrington, Mrs. A. B., Jr Simpson, Ruth 

Carrington, Mrs. R. A., Jr James, Anne H. 

Carrington, Mrs. Tucker Craddock, Elise 

Carroll, Mrs. Dan Cansler, Sara 

Carroll, Mrs. Donald F Case, Helen S. 

Carroll, Mrs. Richard J...McWhorter, Lou E. 

Cart, Mrs. John, Jr Montgomery, Lucile 

Carter, Mrs. Amon Burton, Nenetta 

Carter, Mrs. Clifton M Buel, Mary 

Carter, Mrs. Frank Stewart, Mary 

Cartes, Mrs Stevenson, Martha 

Casey, Mrs. Edward Keeling, Janet 

Castle, Mrs. Wilmot Vail.-Quinby, Katherine 

Castner, Mrs. C. B Walker, Ida Thames 

Caton, Mrs. Robert L Taylor, Helen 

Caye, Mrs. William Giddings, Catherine 

Cecil, Mrs. John H Cary, Pattie 

Chamberlain, Mrs. W. R Russell, C. Mary 

Chambers, Mrs. Yerby Beaton, Cusseta 

Chambless, Mrs. Jack Lloyd..Hall, Sophie Lou 

Chancellor, Mrs. Edgar Rigney, Evelyn 

Chaplin, Mrs. Saxby Mather, Elizabeth 

Chase, Mrs. Clyde DaCamera, Marion 

Chenoweth, Mrs. L. H... Sutherland, Elizabeth 

Chewning, Mrs. C. W Key, Bess 

Child, Mrs. L. W Shenehon, Katherine B. 

Christian, Mrs. C. L Darden, Jessie 

Christian, Mrs. R. E Howison, Ellen Moore 



Church, Mrs. William S Guenther, Amanda 

Claney, Mrs. J. A Sanders, Beulah Grace 

Clapp, Mrs. Roger Spafford, Henrietta 

Clark, Mrs. H. D Hodges, Hortense 

Clark, Mrs. W. W Dutton, Elva 

Clark, Mrs. W. S Timberlake, Elizabeth 

Clarke, Mrs. William F., Jr...Carothers, Jane 

Clauss, Mrs. Allan M Jones, Gloria T. 

Clayton, Mrs. Earl Jalonick, Helen 

Clebome, Mrs. Clifford C...Hempstone, Ida L. 

Clipplnger, Mrs. John H Becker, Jane B. 

Cloud, Mrs. Roy L Taggart, Leona 

Coates, Mrs. Lloyd F... Stevenson, Martha E. 

Cobb, Mrs. James O Whitlock, Virginia 

Cohee, Mrs. Ben K Bergen, Majorie H. 

Cohill, Mrs. T. W., Jr Hackmann, J. Mary 

Colbem, Mrs. Wm. H Hall, Mary Beverly 

Colbert, Mrs. E. R Embrey, Anne E. 

Coldren, Mrs. Fred G Warren, Sara 

Cole, Mrs. Edward H Tyler, Mary 

Cole, Mrs. Hardy S McCaa, Nellie Lang 

Cole, Mrs. Herbert Sloan, Edna 

Coleman, Mrs. James T Morris, Emily 

Coleman, Mrs. John C Morris, Edith M. 

Coleman, Mrs. Randolph Johns, Mary W. 

Collard, Mrs. Milton A Reed, Margaret 

Collief, Mrs. H. L Schmelz, Elsie 

Collier, Mrs. Frederic Harper, Edith 

Collins, Mrs. Charles Doxey, Maude E. 

Collins, Mrs. George H Cates, Elizabeth 

Combs, Mrs. Troy Hatch, Virginia 

Comer, Mrs. Hugh M Goodall, Gillian 

Comer, Mrs. James McCormick, Mary F. 

Comfort, Mrs. R. W Bell, Margaret 

Cone, Mrs. Carleton C Cassels, Gladys 

Connell, Mrs. Lawrence M Magee, Cynthia 

Cooley, Mrs. E. C Bronson, Lida 

Coon, Mrs Lindsay, Majorie 

Cooney, Mrs. Lawrence.... Dittenhaver, Esther 

Cone, Mrs. J. W Graves, Juliette 

Corley, Mrs. Frank W... Taylor, Mary Robins 

Comick, Mrs. Spencer Tuttle, Katherine 

Council, Mrs. Harold T LeGrand, Eloise 

Couper, Mrs. William Hirst, Eloise 

Cover, Mrs. L. A., Jr Deekens, Margaret 

Covington, Mrs. Wm. T McNeal, Idelle 

Cowley, Mrs. D. M Rowse, Frances Emily 

Craighill, Mrs. D. H...Goffigon, Anne Pinkney 

Cramer, Mrs. S. W., Jr Scott, Julia Baxter 

Crampton, Mrs. A. M Von Maur, Josephine 

Crapo, Mrs. Wm. Wallace..Wilcox, Elizabeth 

Crawford, Mrs. R. W Pauly, Gertrude Ann 

Crawford, Mrs. Sam, Jr Knight, Shirley 

Craymer, Mrs. Stuart W Scott, Julia B. 

Cremer, Mrs. John D Peckwell, Dorothy 

Crisler, Mrs. John W Moore, Halle 

Crolley, Mrs. B. Prank Box, Virginia 

Cronly, Mrs. John H Valentine, Martha 

Crosby, Mrs. F. Stott..Bell, Martha Virginia 

Cross, Mrs. N. E Weakley, Eula 

Crouse, Mrs. Harold Leute, Majorie C. 

Crump, Mrs. B. S Gee, Augusta 

Culp, Mrs. Charles C O'Bannon, Carolyn 

Cumming, Mrs. R. D....JMcDonald, Katherine 

Cummins, Mrs. Harry Cadwell, Susan 

Cumnock, Mrs. Walter Marston, Emily 

Currie, Mrs. Gilbert Austin, Dorothy 

Curry, Mrs. Warren Bimey, Eloise 

Curtis, Mrs. Walter Hodge, Kathleen 

Cutchens, Mrs. Louis E Valentine, Cary 

Dabney, Mrs. Virginius Chelf, Douglas 

Dall, Mrs. Benj. L Caldwell, Margaret 

Darby, Mrs. Clement H Pryor, Dorothy 

Dauber, Mrs. John Gwinn, Mary E. 

Davidson, Mrs. L. A Gwathmey, Carolyn 

Davis, Mrs. Allan C Hamilton, Dorothy 

Davis, Mrs. Cabell.. ..Massie, Elizabeth Daggs 

Davis, Mrs. David Bane, Helen E. 

Davis, Mrs. Granville Longwell, Catherine 

Davis, Mrs. Harold H Whittemore, Helen 

Davis, Mrs. Paul Mengel, Eudora Faith 

Davis, Mrs. Tracey E Garrard, Louise G. 

Davis, Mrs. W. F...Pennypacker, Mary Griffin 
Dazenbacker, Mrs. M. C... Campbell, Mary L. 

Deal, Mrs. Joseph D McCaa, Mary 

Deas, Mrs. Howard A Sinkler, Allen 

Deitsch, Mrs. Harry, Jr Fry, Helen 

del Castello, Mrs. Harold Farrar, Helen 

Denman, Mrs. Leroy Carter, Mary L. 

Derby, Mrs. Arthur L Barr, Jeanette 

Des Calier, Mrs. Jules.-Henigbaum, Margaret 

Desmond, Mrs. John K Evans, Sara S. 

Des Portes, Mrs. Eugene S Ervin, Addie 

Dickey, Mrs. Wilmer Neel, Gladys 

Dickson, Mrs. George B Shoop, Sarah 

Diggs, Mrs. Edward S Wilson, Hattie H. 

Dillard, Mrs. George Garrett, Cara 

Dinkins, Mrs. P. C Humphries, Ferol 

Dixon, Mrs. D. L Hines, Martha 

Dobson, Mrs. Matt, Jr Ezelle, Sophia 

Dodson, Mrs. W. P., Jr Woodward, V. A. 

Doggett, Mrs. John L Jones, Miriam Lee 

Donaldson, Mrs. Chase Kemp, Katherine 

Donnell, Mrs. Richard R Baxter, Eliza 

Dorrance, Mrs. A. A Tennant, Rafella 

Dortch, Mrs. Hugh Quinnerly, Agnes 

Doster, Mrs. C. S Johns, Mary Griffin 

Dowd, Mrs. Larry Hunt, Margaret 

Dowling, Mrs. Robert Weber, Loma 

Drake, Mrs. Carlos O Keith, Ann Gordon 

Dreisbach, Mrs. Robert H Reynolds, Julia 

Dudley, Mrs. Hugh B Blake, Margaret 

Duerr, Mrs. Winslow A Lewis, Virginia E. 



Duffy, Mrs. Park P Roseboro, Frances 

Dunbar, Mrs. Donald Browne, Sarah 

Dunlap, Mrs. Richard L Wilson, Lucy 

Dunn, Mrs. Richard Jones, Agnes 

Dunn, Mrs. W. R. J Oobbs, Mary 

Durbin, Mrs. Otis-Denton Hinds, lone 

Durbrow, Mrs. Meade Nelson, Dorothea 

Durfee, Mrs. 0. H Diechmann, Hildegarde 

Duvall, Mrs. Severn Hobbs, Helen 

Dykman, Mrs. August B Smith, Enrique 

Eaglesfleld, Mrs. R. D Hobson, Patty 

Eddy, Mrs. Stanley Hart, Alice 

Eddy, Mrs. William W Madson, Elizabeth 

Edmiston, Mrs. H., Jr Brown, Cornelia S. 

Edwards, Mrs. Percy Larkins, Ina 

Egerton, Mrs. Robert Hudson, Mildred 

Eisner, Mrs. Mark Oettinger, Helena 

Ekelund, Mrs. C. T Weiser, Katherine G. 

Ellerton, Mrs. O. J Carpenter, Virginia 

Elliott, Mrs. James Heath, Ella Crawford 

Elliott, Mrs. Thomas E Claxton, Elizabeth 

Ellis, Mrs. Robert R., Jr Deming, Isabelle 

Ellis, Mrs. William, Jr LaBoiteaux, Mary 

Elmer, Mrs Ensor, Estelle 

Ely, Mrs. Cannon Flynn, Carolyn 

Emerson, Mrs. Everett West, Ruth 

Emerson, Mrs. Paul S Tomb, Ethel 

Erby, Henry V Carpenter, Frances 

Erck, Mrs. Geo. H Sellars, Georgina 

Ervin, Mrs. Walter F Hook, Ethel C. 

Evans, Mrs. E. H Barber, Julia 

Evans, Mrs. Peyton Fitzhugh, Janetta 

Evans, Mrs. W. H JMeriwether, MoUie F. 

Everst, Mrs. Geo. F Tinsley, Elsie 

Ewart, Mrs. William Meals, Margaret 

Ewell, Mrs. A. E Hooper, Louise Maclaine 

Ewing, Mrs. John S Woodson, Elizabeth 

Faesch, Mrs. Ernest White, Rebecca 

Faile, Mrs. Ed. Hall McConnell, Doris 

Falconer, Mrs Williams, Bessie 

Fargo, Mrs. Frank M., Jr Foster, Lillian 

Fargus, Mrs. H. H Lucas, Richmonde 

Farmer, Mrs. Joseph Sayres.. Horner, Cornelia 
Farrar, Mrs. Hal G...Ni,xon, Margaret Elliott 

Farrar, Mrs. Mell Whitten, Effie May 

Faulkner, Mrs. D. Mackenzie....Virden, Isabel 

Faulkner, Mrs. Whiting C Wilson, Sarah 

Fechheimer, Mrs. Marcus. .Freiburg, Caroline 

Federbusch, Mrs. I. S Deutsch, Sylvia 

Feisseler, Mrs. Rudolph Haskins, Helen 

Ferenbach, Mrs. Gregory.. Schooley, Romayne 

Ferguson, Mrs. Russell Jones, Virginia 

Ferguson, Mrs. Thrift Parrish, Mary 

Fily, Mrs. John Lawrence, Barbara 

Finch, Mrs. Harry B Mahone, Marie 

Finlay, Mrs. Geo. D., Jr Christie, Edith 

Fisher, Mrs. Ronald M Weer, Lucile 

Fisher, Mrs. Sidney L Kohn, Marjorie 

Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Henry Curdts, Mildred 

Fletcher, Mrs. Matthew Seeds, Marjorie 

Fletcher, Mrs. William Erck, Clare Anna 

Flinton, Mrs. L. B Young, Frances 

Floumoy, Mrs. Walter M Leitch, Virginia 

Foncannon, Mrs. Frank Wayman, Pearl 

Fordtran, Mrs Fordtran, Mary Pauline 

Fordtran, Mrs. W. M Bell, Josephine 

Forgus, Mrs. H. H Lucas, Richmond 

Forster, Mrs. Burton Zeuch, Katherine 

Foster, Mrs Marsh, Mildred 

Foster, Mrs. Charles J Woodbridge, Laura 

Poster, Mrs. Francis C Brown, Nedra 

Fowle, Mrs. Charles, Jr.. .Culberson, Eugenia 

Fowle, Mrs. Sam, Jr Taylor, Elizabeth 

Fowler, Mrs. Gerard S Freeman, Florence 

Franklin, Mrs. Donald C Taylor, Ruth 

Frazier, Mrs Spady, Maria 

Freer, Mrs. George W Howe, Flora 

Frese, Mrs. A. B Yates, Dorothy 

Freund, Mrs. Edward Heims, Rosalind 

Fritz, Mrs. William H., Jr Parke, Marion 

Frost, Mrs. Bruce Clark, Eleanor 

Frost, Mrs. Robert S Staples, Ruth 

Fry, Mrs. Chester M Smith, Harriet E. 

Fryer, Mrs. Loren H Schwab, D. Constance 

Fuller, Mrs. W. A Reinburg, Dorothea 

Fulton, Mrs. Ray Hopwood, Eleanor M. 

Funke, Mrs. A. E Whitehill, Juliania 

Giierste, Mrs. John McEwan, Virginia 

Gallaher, Mrs. Hany A Wilson, Mildred 

Gardiner, Mrs. Joseph W., Jr.. .Sailor, Mary E. 
Gardner, Mrs. Charles. ...Goodnow, Pauline B. 

Gardner, Mrs. George Sackett, Helen 

Gardner, Mrs. K. N Carroll, Cornelia D. 

Garrett, Mrs. Paul Walkup, Mary 

Garrett, Mrs. Walter Scott Hurt, Louise 

Garrison, Mrs. Bamett Snyder, Rebecca 

Gates, Mrs. R. D Gilmore, Delia May 

Geddis, Mrs. W. T Way, Edith 

Geisseler, Mrs. Rudolph J3askins, Helen 

Gennette, Mrs. Sidney Wilson. ...Orgill, Lucy 
George, Mrs. H. H., IH.... Richardson, Louise 

George, Mrs. Paul H Kunkle, Katherine 

George, Mrs. R. B Bryant, Matilda Parks 

George, Mrs. Woodruff Tabb, Mary C. 

Gerber, Mrs. Al Eubank, Helen 

Gerger, Mrs. Howard C, Jr Dale, Virginia 

German, Mrs. George B Read, Edith 

Gibson, Mrs. Robert Tait, Lucy 

Gilbert, Mrs. Harvey W Gibbons, Hortense 

Gilbert, Mrs. Joseph W Fowler, Mildred 

Gill, Mrs. Theodore, Jr Parrish, Juliette 



Gillem, Mrs. Jennings Coffin, Florence 

Ginther, Mrs. Richard R Hill, Marian 

Glass, Mrs. Carter, Jr Thomas, Ria 

Godwin, Mrs. Bernhard Shoop, Ethel 

Golden, Mrs. Albert Hurlburt, Elizabeth 

Goldman, Mrs. R. P Wolfstein, Theresa 

Goldsborough, Mrs. Leroy Hanna, Isabelle 

Good, Mrs. B. S Johnson, Marjorie Payne 

Goode, Mrs. F. E Chope, Florence 

Goodman, Mrs. A. L Collins, Cordelia 

Goodson, Mrs. Floyd P McKinney, Mary 

Googrins, Mrs. David Hefley, Marie 

Gorrell, Mrs. Edgar Staley Maurice, Ruth 

Goss, Mrs. Albert S Dowd, Ruth 

Goward, Mrs. Lincoln Thomas, Martha 

Graham, Mrs. George G... Watson, Gwendolyn 

Granrud, Mrs. John Webster, Marion 

Grant, Mrs. James B., Jr Brooke, Mary 

Graves, Mrs. Pleasant Denham, Susannah 

Graves, Mrs. Richard Bryan, Meta 

Graves, Mrs. William Graves, Audrey 

Gray, Mrs. Levds Ventnor Gaus, Helen 

Green, Mrs. J. W Murphy, Merritt 

Green, Mrs. Woodall Lamar, Nellie 

Green, Mrs. T. G Goldsmith, Winifred 

Greenbaum, Mrs. Frederic J. ..Friedman, Julia 

Greene, Mrs. Lynne B Wilson, Susan 

Greene, Mrs. W. A., Jr.. .Lewis, Marguerite 
Greenwood, Mrs. R. Lee..Pinkerton, Eleanor 

Gregg, Mrs. Otis W Kirker, Juliette 

Griffith, Mrs. Dalton A Tyler, Jane 

Griffith, Mrs. David Heurtley, Kathevine 

Griffith, Mrs. Margaret Schmidt, Margaret 

Grimes, Mrs. Charles G Burleson, Lucy 

Groner, Mrs. John McKinney, Sarah 

Groover, Mrs. R. O Drew, Marguerite 

Grover, Mrs. Thomas D... Newton, Martha A. 

Groves, Mrs. Frank B Mossman, Vivian 

Groves, Mrs. K. D Burwell, Margaret S. 

Grown, Mrs. Staunton Neville, Maria 

Gulick, Mrs. B. L., Jr Rhodes, Helen B. 

Gunther, Mrs. Otto Prange, Norma 

Gurley, Mrs England, Mildred 

Guthrey, Mrs. Paul Gilmer, Jane 

Gwathmey, Mrs. G. T., Jr...Ashurst, Anne C. 

Haden, Mrs. J. A Green, Janet 

Haggart, Mrs. Wm. R Lovell, Virginia 

Hagood, Mrs. James M Camp, Antoinette 

Halford, Mrs. C. G Finch, Helen G. 

Hall, Mrs. A. B Lowman, Elizabeth 

Hall, Mrs. F. S Smith, Eleanor 

Hall, Mrs. James F Sykes, Dorothy 

Haller, Mrs. Ralph Munroe, Elsie 

Halsell, Mrs. J. R., Jr Hodgson, Josephine 

Halsey, Mrs. Joseph G...Wolf, Ellen Elizabeth 
Hamilton, Mrs. F. T Branch, Eunice 

Hamilton, Mrs. G. H Beye, Helen 

Hamilton, Mrs. P. W Withers, Katherine 

Hamniack, Mrs. L. J Raney, Mary Heath 

Hammil, Mrs. Francis Richard, Elizabeth 

Hammond, Mrs. L Schmidt, Mildred 

Handy, Mrs. Claud Duval, Margaret 

Handy, Mrs Temple, Margaret 

Hanley, Mrs. Dan M Wells, Alice 

Hansen, Mrs. Harry Scarritt, Catherine 

Harden, Mrs. Charles Kimball, Louise 

Hardie, Mrs. Edward Matson, Frances 

Harding, Mrs. Robert W Giesecke, Serena 

Hardy, Mrs. Arthur C Lansing, Charlotte 

Hardy, Mrs. J. Allison. .Steele, Genie Morgan 

Hargreaves, Mrs. H. C Johnson, Roxay 

Harless, Mrs. B. A Robertson, Martha 

Harrah, Mrs. P. B McWane, Mabel 

Harris, Mrs. Alan Petritz, Margaret 

Harris, Mrs. Desha Fehr, Clarissa 

Harris, Mrs. H. B Davis, Fannie 

Harris, Mrs. H. Ewing Rhodes, Mary 

Harris, Mrs. J Abraham, Gertrude 

HaiTis, Mrs. Wm. Carlyle.... McDonald, Mary 

Harrison, Mrs. Fred Robertson, Virginia 

Harrison, Mrs. J. G Brown, Ann Zalinda 

Harrod, Mrs. G. R Thomson, Mary F. 

Harshman, Mrs. A. C... Sparrow, Elizabeth L. 

Hart, Mrs. F. Gordon Dickson, Dorothy 

Hartsell, Mrs. L. T., Jr Jones, Mary Heath 

Hartshoni, Mrs. T. D Reed, Mary Esther 

Hastie, Mrs. C. Norwood Simons, Sarah 

Hatch, Mrs. R. Head-...Sommerville, Eleanor 

Hathaway, Mrs. Harold Phillips, Louise 

Hatterby, Mrs. Harold Pochat, Louise 

Ha.xall, Mrs. Triplett....Dangerfield, Dorothy 

Hayes, Mrs Austin, Aileen 

Hays, Mrs. Fred N... Fletcher, Helen Kirkwood 

Hazlegrove, Mrs. Lysle Jones, Marie 

Headley, Mrs. G. K Hicks, Marion 

Healey, Mrs. E. H Newson, Elizabeth 

Heefner, Mrs. Harvy M Welsh, Helen 

Heise, Mrs. O Neal, Berwyn 

Helmers, Mrs. Edgar Finke, Eleanor 

Hemmings, Mrs. H. H...Turk, Esther Cornwall 

Henry, Mrs. Reginald Ruffin, Jane Byrd 

Herbener, Mrs. H. H Hawkins, Gabrielle 

Herd, Mrs. Edmund F Neal, Sadie 

Hess, Mrs. George William. ..Walton, Corine 

Hess, Mrs. Kenneth Hempstead, Adelaide 

Hess, Mrs. Walter F Richards, Isabel 

Hewitt, Mrs. James Jones, Martha Ellen 

Hewitt, Mrs. William L., Jr.. .Moore, Barbara 

Heyer, Mrs. George S Gregory, Jane 

Hickock, Mrs. Ward R Knoedler, Alice 

Hicks, Mrs Baugher, Bymina 

Higginbotham, Mrs. R.. .Taylor, Harmolene 
Hill, Mrs. Wiley C, Jr...Thigpen, Elizabeth 



Hinkley, Mrs. Burt E., Jr Ward, Hortense 

Hinshaw, Mrs. Wm. Wade, Jr...Busey, Hester 

Hirsh, Mrs Monash, Helen 

Hitch, Mrs. Arthur Etheridge, Virginia 

Hobart, Mrs. Marcus Browne, Helen 

Hoblitzill, Mrs. P. G Oils, Marj- 

Hobson, Mrs. J. A., Jr Marshall, Mary D. 

Hodge, Mrs. Edwin Clyde, Emma 

Hodges, Mrs. Wm. Thomas. .Powell, Annie M. 

Hodgkins, Mrs Abraham, Mary 

Hoffman, Mrs. H. D Anderson, Mildred M. 

Hogan, Mrs. Harry W Cole, Olive 

Holberton, Mrs. Thomas.. Altschuler, Frances 

Holcomb, Mrs. Grover C Griffin, Claudine 

Holden, Mrs. George Campbell, Marjorie 

Holeman, Mrs. F. M Gholson, Christine 

Holmes, Mrs. George S Sexton, Kathleen 

Holmes, Mrs Russell, Julie 

Holmes, Mrs. James D., Jr.. .Harris, Adelaide 

Holmes, Mrs. Peter H Sexton, Jamie 

Holt, Mrs. Homer A Wood, Isabel H. 

Holton, Mrs. Hoyt S Lloyd, Rachel May 

Hood, Mrs. Harold G Smith, Frances 

Hoover, Mrs. W. Jack Stout, Rebecca 

Hopkins, Mrs. Robert K Miller, Stanley 

Hoppe, Mrs. A. C Bacharach, Marion 

Hopson, Mrs. M. W Waite, Mildred 

Homsey, Mrs. John, Jr Wilson, Ethel A. 

Hostetter, Mrs. C. E White, Velna 

Houch, Mrs. L. D Dowds, Mary 

Houriet, Mrs. Victor Merrick, Sarah 

House, Mrs. Charles Keith, Hannah 

House, Mrs. John F Woodard, Grace 

Houston, Mrs. Charles Osborne, Kate 

Howard, Mrs. Frank Spillman, Lillian 

Hubbard, Mrs. Howard B Chantler, Mary 

Hubbard, Mrs. L. N Woodward, Gladys 

Hudgens, Mrs. R. Watts Furman, Eleanor 

Hudson, Mrs. Banks Bolinger, Elizabeth 

Hudson, Mrs. John H Sandmeyer, Virginia 

Huelbat, Mrs. Gordon B... Smith, Helen Esther 
Huffaker, Mrs. Hugh, Jr...Faucette, Mary K. 

Hughes, Mrs. Kenneth V Bailey, Dorothy 

Hull, Mrs. John B Aufderheide, Ruth 

Hume, Mrs. Foster, Jr Hampton, Loiette 

Humphrey, Mrs. John Brown, Dorene 

Hunter, Mrs. T. A. A Williams, Amy M. 

Huntington, Mrs. Harry Frink, Gloria 

Huntress, Mrs. Frank C Plain, Ruth 

Hurlbat, Mrs. Gordon B Smith, Helen 

Hurt, Mrs. Sherwood Kennedy, Sarah B. 

Hutter, Mrs. James B Rodes, Ellen 

Uerich, Mrs. Jack Jones, Marion 

Irby, Mrs. Robert Neil Gross, Effie 

Irby, Mrs. W. S Bridgeforth, Bertha 

Ireland, Mrs. Ross Fearrington, Faith 

Irvin, Mrs. Walter F _ Hook, Ethel C. 

Irwin, Mrs. Harry W Duckworth, Helen A. 

Ives, Mrs. John- Gordon Evans, Frances 

Ives, Mrs. Robert M Barrett, Donna 

Ivey, Mrs. Edwin Clark Goodall, Eugenia 

Jacob, Mrs. Ralph Smith, Sarah Louise 

Jacobs, Mrs. J. Kent Insley, Frances 

Jameson, Mrs. John T Hanckel, Florence 

Jamison, Mrs. Elbert Dean, Dillard A. 

Janney, Mrs. Francis Thompson, Kathryn 

Janney, Mrs Burke, Helen 

Jaquish, Mrs. J. H Mitchell, Olive 

Jasper, Mrs. W. N., Jr Godbey, Ella S. 

Jenkins, Mrs. Wm. F Kile, Mary C. 

Jenks, Mrs. Ernest E Tarbell, Dorothy 

Jensen, Mrs. Leslie Ward, Elizabeth 

Jerman, Mrs. William B Johnson, Mary 

Jewett, Mrs. Homer Pennock, Helen 

Joel, Mrs. Clarence J Bowers, Hoe 

Johnson, Mrs. George C Mowry, Helen 

Jones, Mrs. Charles W McKinney, Frances 

Jones, Mrs. Gaither L Lanier, Katherine 

Jones, Mrs. Herbert E Munce, Nancy 

Jones, Mrs. John C Sauters, Lois 

Jones, Mrs. M. O.. .Johnston, Helen Rutherford 
Jones, Mrs. Reginald. ...Brownley, Belle Moore 
Jones, Mrs. William. .Jones, Martha Wharton 

Jordan, Mrs. James E Wilson, Martha K. 

Jose. Mrs. V. R Eliot, Amy 

Josie, Mrs. LeNoir Smyth, Mildred 

Joslin, Mrs. J. W., Jr.. .Murray, Josephine W. 

Journey, Mrs. George B Storey, Hildegarde 

Judy, Mrs. Mills Cooper, Martha Anne 

Kaiser, Mrs Beegle, Margaret 

Kaufman, Mrs. Albert Wenar, Edith 

Keeling, Mrs. Halsey R Harvey, Ruth 

Keller, Mrs. Walter H Skillem, Inez 

Keepers, Mrs. W. F...Hogans, Clara Dorothy 

Keifner, Mrs. Harvey M Logan, Mattie 

Kelley, Mrs. J. S Brothers, Dorothy 

Kelley, Mrs. Garrard E Gale, Lucy 

Kelley, Mrs. Henry, Jr Stephenson, Reba 

Kelley, Mrs. John Valentine, Anne 

Kelley, Mrs. Max Jamison, Ethel 

Kelley, Mrs. M. F MacKenzie, Muriel 

Kelsey, Mrs. Raymond T Seaver, Charlotte 

Kemp, Mrs. William E... Johnson, Margaret N. 

Kempton, Mrs. Seward Dight, Edith 

Kendall, Mrs. Clarence Dabney, Eugenia 

Kennedy, Mrs. Stanley Davenport, Martha 

Kern, Mrs. F. A Davidson, Mary 

Kerr, Mrs. Charles, Jr...Fohl, Mary Elizabeth 

Kerr, Mrs. James Pinkerton, Mary 

Keys, Mrs. Walter S., Jr Noll, Priscilla 

Kimpler, Mrs. Frederick.. ..Doremus, Cornelia 



Kincaid, Mrs. Earl H Morris, Virginia 

King, Mrs. Harry Shepherd, Helen C. 

King, Mrs. John Evans Bartz, Helen 

King, Mrs. Kenneth Brown, Annetta 

Kinloch, Mrs. B. B Austin, Betty 

Kintzing, Mrs Brosius, Genevieve 

Kirby, Mrs. James A Kaufman, Margaret 

Kirk, Mrs. John B Berggren, Linda 

Kirk, Mrs. Theodore H Dalton, Margaret 

Kirkpatriek, Mrs. D Studley, Elizabeth 

Kirkpatrick, Mrs. T Anderson, Elizabeth 

Kite, Mrs. Joseph Hadden, Louise Bennett 

Kleeman, Mrs. W. B Morgenroth, Elsa 

Kline, Mrs. Arthur Cordes, Catherine 

Kline, Mrs. Franklin L Thach, Mayo 

Kline, Mrs. George L.. .Bannister, Edna Marie 

Knox, Mrs. Jay Caldwell, Emma Lee 

Kraffert, Mrs. Benjamin. ...Westgate, Florence 

Krauter, Mrs. Harry A Grammer, Dorothy 

Kress, Mrs. Paul C Brandt, Selma Marie 

Knigler, Mrs. J. Anthony Bechtel, Josephine 

Kuschke, Mrs. A. R Storey, Christine 

Kuykendall, Mrs. Samuel James. .Davis, Emma 
Kyle, Mrs. Gordon Adams, Emma 

Lacky, Mrs. S. Cabell Graves, Geraldine 

Ladd, Mrs. Herbert Preston. .MacBain, Grace 

La Fon, Mrs. Leslie C Kash, Feme 

Laird, Mrs. Ormond E Landers, Ruth 

Lakin, Mrs. A. H Whitman, Margaret 

Lamb, Mrs. Lowry Lowi-y, Adele 

Landeker, Mrs. Lloyd M Fisher, Florence 

Lang, Mrs. Samuel J.. .Hodgson, Ruth Leonore 

Langmead, Mrs. Edmund O Tutwiler, Mary 

Latta, Mrs. Ernest P Norvell, Leonora 

Lauderdale, Mi-s. J. C Harkin, loline 

Laughlin, Mrs. P. E Burton, Loma 

La Vague, Mrs. Albert Gladfellow, Ruth 

Lawmin, Mrs. Stewart Frierson, Susie B. 

Lawrence, Mrs. John. ...Armstrong, Katherine 

Lawson, Mrs. Robert Abrams, Marie 

Layne, Mrs. James H Barrow, Lucille 

Leake, Mrs. Edward A Beveridge, Anna 

Leatherman, Mrs. D. E Jackson, Ruth 

LeBlanc, Mrs. Stewart Ross, Ida 

Lee, Mrs. Charles, Jr Matthews, Marie 

Lee, Mrs. William L Hawkins, Anne 

Lee, Mrs. William S., Jr Everett, Sarah C. 

Lefevre, Mrs. Jay Hiltebrant, Mildred 

Leffel, Mrs. Phillips Poague, Catherine 

Leigh, Mrs. Harry C Watson, Nancy 

Leigh, Mrs. Randolph Tillman, Lucy 

Lent, Mrs. R. E Swan, Dorothy 

Levy, Mrs. Charles Newald, Gertrude 

Lewin, Mrs. Charles North, Marion 

Lewis, Mrs. Edwin Sheldon. .Wallover, Nancy 
Lewis, Mrs. Harold Gibbs, Edith 

Lewis, Mrs. Leicester C Baldwin, Beatrix 

Lewis, Mrs. R. Taylor Jones, Geraldine 

Lindsay, Mrs. Edgar E Browne, Bessie 

Lindsay, Mrs. Roy Harris, Zelda 

Linke, Mrs. Geo. T Ellington, Virginia 

Lippitt, Mrs. Maxwell W... Cowan, Mary Anita 

Little, Mrs Barr, Betty 

Lloyhed, Mrs. Donald Karger, Babette 

Locker, Mrs. E. G Sage, Laura Lee 

Loeb, Mrs Fies, Adele 

Logan, Mrs. Western Mcllravy, Ruth 

Lohrke, Mrs. O. E., Jr White, Eudalia 

Long, Mrs. J. M Cotton, Virginia 

Lord, Mrs. Albert C Bennett, Louise 

Love, Mrs. Sherman Logan, Kathleen 

Luckett, Mrs. Lawrence Klausman, Bertha 

Luff, Mrs. Frederic Hulburd, Ruth Mary 

Luff, Mrs. Howard William. ...Webb, Isabelle 

Lupton, Mrs. Frederick Thomas, Emmy 

Lusk, Mrs. W. W Lobingier, Martha 

Lyda, Mrs. E. R Earle, Helen 

Lynch, Mrs. H. E., Jr Pennewill, Katherine 

Lyon, Mrs. Carlos Kenney, Frances R. 

Lytle, Mrs. Ridgely Spahr, Elizabeth 

McAlfee, Mrs Kirk, Katherine 

McCandless, Mrs. L. H...Elkins, Elizabeth C. 

McClary, Mrs. C. B Armstrong, Mary M. 

McClellan, Mrs. Ross L Shirey, Eveline 

McClelland, Mrs. Donald C.Milholland, Irene 

McClelland, Mrs. S. V Leake, Beverly 

McClements, Mrs. J. B., Jr...Malone, Margaret 
McClintock, Mrs. Bob....Mixon, Mary Frances 
McClintock, Mrs. O. Wood-Miller, Edith A. 

McClure, Mrs. Edgar Koser, Margaret 

McConnell, Mrs. Lawrence. ...Magee, Cynthia 

McCourt, Mrs. Charles E Bates, Milo 

McCoy, Mrs. Frank Higginbotham, Ruth 

McCoy, Mrs. Thomas Bachman, Martha 

McDevitt, Mrs. Lester W Lietig, Doris 

McDonald, Mrs. Aloysius B Hagler, Ruth 

McDonald, Mrs. Stewart.. Cleaveland, Anna C. 

McElwee, Mrs Thompson, Virginia 

McFadden, Mrs. Perry.. ..Northcott, Amizette 

McGee, Mrs. T. Q Newby, Kathleen 

McGeehee, Mrs. J. E Warwick, Lucile R. 

McGhee, Mrs. Frank Geary, Jane Allen 

McGinnis, Mrs. Claude Ashcraft, Rebecca 

McGrath, Mrs. D. C Henline, Dorothy Jean 

McGuire, Mrs. Charles F., Jr Case, Louise 

McGuire, Mrs. F. T., Jr Klumph, Kathryn 

McKenzie, Mrs. Lynn Lynn, Gladys 

McKinlay, Mrs. Harry DeL...Lantz, Lucy L. 

McKinley, Mrs. W. K Geddy, Anne Gary 

McKinney, Mrs. Fred Laventure, Mildred 

McLean, Mrs. John Boyd King, Kathryn 

McLennan, Mrs. Ross L Shirley, Eviline 



McNaughton, Mrs. E. W Steel, Martha 

McNeil, Mrs. Albert McCamlsh, Francis 

MacDonald, Mrs. A. B Hagler, Ruth 

MacDonald, Mrs. Caldwell Mellon, Janet 

MacDonald, Mrs. Charles S.. .Burleson, Emma 
MacDonald, Mrs. Marshall.. Hutter, Ernestine 

MacGregor, Mrs. A Baker, Catherine Alice 

MacGregor, Mrs. Stephen Di.\on, Helen 

MacKain, Mrs. W. H Valentine, Dorothy 

MacLennan, Mrs. Donald. .McGiffert, Gertrude 
MacLeod, Mrs. C. C... Carper, Margaretta C. 
MacMillan, Mrs. L. de R...Ahara, Josephine H. 
MacMillan, Mrs. W. D., ni..Thompson, L. L. 

MacNichol, Mrs. George, Jr Smith, Emma 

MacVicar, Mrs. Donald G...Alford, Charlotte 

Magruder, Mrs. Thomas Y Wilson, Sarah 

Mahone, Mrs. M. T Harrison, Rosalie 

Malton, Mrs. Harold Rowland, Mabel C. 

Maneck, Mrs. E. E Brown, Margaret 

Mann, Mrs. Guy E Culver, Mary Virginia 

Manz, Mrs. Albert Weiner, Marie 

Marbury, Mrs. D. H., Jr Collier, Martha 

Markgraff, Mrs. Charles A.. .Hodge, Elizabeth 

Marks, Mrs. Harold E Sollitt, Gertrude E. 

Marriott, Mrs. J. T Gill, Bruce 

Marshall, Mrs. Edward C.Durrell, Edith M. 
Marshall, Mrs. R. J. W...WhelpIey, Marjorie 

Marston, Mrs. John H Halsell, Emelie C. 

Martin, Mrs. Lawrence Pratt, Ruth M. 

Martin, Mrs. Watt Walker, Rachel 

Martineau, Mrs. Eugene B...Ambuhl, Martina 

Marzoni, Mrs. P. B Glass, Louise 

Mason, Mrs. Bruce Fuller, Lillian 

Mason, Mrs. Gus Hatton, Mary Watts 

Mason, Mrs. John Antrim, Loulie 

Mason, Mrs. Marshall Knight, Varina 

Massey, Mrs. Raymond Ervin, Mary 

Master, Mrs. Carl L Miller, Elizabeth R. 

Mathers, Mrs. Joseph F... Thompson, Kathryn 

Matsinger, Mrs. W. A Rheadon, Maria 

Matthews, Mrs. John, Jr Moore, Donna 

Matthews, Mrs. Robert.. ..McLemore, Mai-y W. 

Mattoon, Mrs. Harold Rowlands, Mabel 

Maury, Mrs. Reuben Rose, Thomasine 

Maxim, Mrs. Robert Kimball, Lydia 

Maxwell, Mrs. Bernard. .Lewis, Barbara de Z. 

Maxwell, Mrs. Paul Hackmann, Fredericka 

Maxwell, Mrs. Samuel W King, Clara A. 

May, Mrs. Frank Munroe, Abbie 

Mayo, Mrs. Dudley, Jr Lewis, Flora 

Mays, Mrs. Robert Heald, Alice M. 

Mead, Mrs. Walter Durham, Louise 

Meador, Mrs. Newton E., Jr.. .Meek, Mary M. 

Mellon, Mrs. Louis Burnett, Frances N. 

Melony, Mrs. Henry More, Charlotte 

Mercells, Mrs Dukes, Alice 

Mercer, Mrs. G. A., Jr Whelass, Bessie 

Meyer, Mrs. Charles H Sabel, Olga 

Meyer, Mrs. Jerome Abraham, Marjorie 

Meyer, Mrs. Robert Randolph Gregg, Cora 

Meyers, Mrs. George Sawyer, Lelia 

Micune, Mrs. J. C Brown, Lucy Clay 

Mierka, Mrs. William Popp, Lauretta 

Miles, Mrs. John L Henne, Ruth Arminta 

Mille, Mrs. Philip Hargraves, Grace 

Miller, Mrs. Douglas J Cornwall, Isabel 

Miller, Mrs. Frank B Gehris, Mary E. 

Miller, Mrs. Glen Recker, Margaret 

Miller, Mrs. Henry Johnston, Niketti 

Miller, Mrs. Ivan C Shortess, Pauline 

Miller, Mrs. J. G... Cumnock, Annie Whitney 

Miller, Mrs. J. K Burke, Virginia 

Miller, Mrs. Peter O Payne, Josephine W. 

Miller, Mrs. Shakleford, Jr...Effinger, Frances 

Milliken, Mrs. S. J Davis, Margaret 

Millner, Mrs. Henry V Payne, Mary Norvell 

Mills, Mrs. Allison, Jr...Hurlock, Elizabeth A. 

Mills, Mrs. H. A Campbell, Addie 

Mills, Mrs. Lapsley Barren. .Pickett, Elizabeth 

Mills, Mrs. Schuyler Wilcox, Dorothy 

Mills, Mrs. Stanley Heaton, Jessie 

Mitchell, Mrs. Harbour.. ..Klingelhofer, Olivia 

Mitchell, Mrs. H. D Snow, Jane 

Mitchell, Mrs. Sollace Adams, Marion 

MofFatt, Mrs. John H Hertz, Mabel 

Molineux, Mrs. Paul Day, Dorothy 

Molster, Mrs. William A. ..Anderson, Gertrude 

Monhoff, Mrs. Fred Planner, Hildegarde 

Montague, Mrs. Hill Minor, Katherine 

Montgomer}', Mrs. George Guthrie, Helen 

Montgomery, Mrs Meade, Catherine B. 

Montgomery, Mrs. Robert Towell, Alethe 

Moody, Mrs. C. Russell Elstun, Genevieve 

Moore, Mrs. Dallas Farrar, Ellen 

Moore, Mrs. Ferdinand Herd, Mary 

Moore, Mrs. Jonathan.. ..Brown, Mary Gladys 

Moore, Mrs. Milton G Tandy, Mary 

Morgan, Mrs. Frank P Olin, Lela B. 

Morgan, Mrs. Lewis Schilling. Lassiter, Lelia 
Morgan, Mrs. Walter L...Benn, Dorothy Clark 

Morley, Mrs. John L McCallun, Katherine 

Morrey, Mrs. Harold Morris, Helen E. 

Morris, Mrs. Steele Cannon, Helen M. 

Morrison, Mrs. Harold Milne, Sterling 

Mon'ow, Mrs. Louis Banks, Mildred 

Mortimer, Mrs. Edward Black, Margaret 

Mortimer, Mrs. Eniest Eaglesfield, Carina 

Morton, Mrs. F. H Wailes, May 

Moses, Mrs. Daniel D Sherrill, Nancy W. 

Moss, Mrs. James Benner, Julia 

Moss, Mrs. Wm. R. M.. .Tyler, Ada Roderick 
Mountcastle, Mrs. Frank F...Bodine, Florence 
Mowry, Mrs. Harold Wiley, Nina 



Mueller, Mrs. H. F Portman, Laura 

Muir, Mrs. Jasper Puckett, Frances 

Mullally, Mrs. C. L... Sloan, Elizabeth Earle 

Munger, Mrs. L. P McDavid, Rose 

Murdock, Mrs. Donald Allen, Dorothy 

Murdock, Mrs. W. P Richardson, Lois 

Murphy, Mrs. William T... Griffith, Katherine 

Murray, Mrs. Boiling Thomson, Mildred 

Murrell, Mrs. Dandridge L Lloyd, Margaret 

Murrell, Mrs. R. W Hancock, Ruth 

Murrell, Mrs. T. E Bowman, Lillian 

Murrin, Mrs. James G Dolle, Willetta 

Nan, Mrs. Walter Brown, Christine 

Neff, Mrs. Arthur Core, Ruth 

Neidlinger, Mrs. L. K... Walker, Marion Ruth 

Neiman, Mrs. Morris Lamfrom, Helen 

Nehns, Mrs. Henry C Proctor, Josephine 

Nelson, Mrs MacQueen, Elizabeth H. 

Nelson, Mrs. Ben Spalding, Marjorie 

Nelson, Mrs. E. K., Jr Schurman, Phyllis 

Nelson, Mrs. Tom Leatham, Dorothy 

Nelson, Mrs. T. E Wheeler, Laura 

Nevans, Mrs. Chanies L French, Marjorie 

Nevin, Mrs. Lindsay Menk, Margaret C. 

Nevins, Mrs. John Claire Babcock, Helen 

Newdoefer, Mrs. John Vamer, Mary 

Newell, Mrs. Wade K Brown, P. Virginia 

Nicodemus, Mrs. Gordon K Staley, Mary 

Nicoll, Mrs. Harry S Ryland, Louise 

Nicholson, Mrs. Ralph Wolf, Ruth 

Noble, Mrs. George, Jr Dore, Geraldine 

Nohowel, Mrs. F. (Judge). .Dressier, Margaret 

Noland, Mrs. Harris Hagan, Elizabeth 

Nolt, Mrs. Leroy H Schutte, Anne 

Norment, Mrs. Edward D High, Margaret 

Norris, Mrs. Lynne Archibald, Marie 

Norton, Mrs. C. W McClintock, Mary L. 

Norvell, Mrs. W. L., Jr Tillman, Martha 

Nusbaum, Mrs. B. S Guggenheimer, Cilia 

Oliver, Mrs. Owen Huntley, Floy 

Oliver, Mrs. W. Palmer Williams, Irene 

O'Nea, Mrs. Ben .-...Wise, Margaret 

Grand, Mrs. James B Nash, Frances Marie 

Orgill, Mrs. Reginald Darnell, Pauline 

Owens, Mrs. John L Saimders, Elizabeth 

Owen-Smith, Mrs. H. B Brockett, Helen B. 

Page, Mrs. Lowell B Close, Martha E. 

Palmer, Mrs. Barton Marston, Ruth 

Pape, Mrs. George Travis, Dorothy 

Parker, Mrs. Earnest L Thacker, Lois 

Parkhurst, Mrs. F Palmer, Elsie 

Parsley, Mrs. Lewis F Anderson, Hester 

Parsons, Mrs. Tarlton F Flournoy, Elinor 

Patten, Mrs. George Thomas, Margaret 

Patterson, Mrs. A. B Starling, Clarissa 

Patterson, Mrs. Jack Ventulet, Julia 

Patterson, Mrs. Lloyd Swan, Ruth 

Patterson, Mrs. Robert F Saul, Gladys 

Patterson, Mrs. Shepherd Notnian, Louise 

Patterson, Mrs. William B Miller, Eleanor 

Patton, Mrs. Henry Sedgewick, Deborah 

Patton, Mrs. John A., Jr.. .Allison, Catherine 

Patton, Mrs. Robins Atlee, Marjorie 

Payne, Mrs. Clifford Shunk, Edna 

Payne, Mrs. Harry Dean, Frances 

Peai-y, Mrs. William A Willis, Kathleen 

Peck, Mrs. Charles E Roberts, Hazel 

Peery, Mrs. S. C, Jr Henry, Aylette 

Peppers, Mrs. Winthrop Rea, Martha 

Perham, Mrs. M. B Bullard, Rebeccah 

Perkins, Mrs. Robert M Cobb, Margaret 

Peterson, Mrs. Israel Brazelton, Alice 

Pethick, Mrs. H. H Abraham, Faye 

Pettit, Mrs. Donald Dunlap, Emma Jane 

Pew, Mrs. Joseph, Jr Hensel, Alberta 

Peyton, Mrs. B. R Hail, Evelyn 

Pfantz, Mrs. John M., Jr...Hogue, Margaret C. 

PhiUips, Mrs. Howard T Beavers, Jessie 

Phillips, Mrs. John T Shoop, Virginia 

Phillips, Mrs. Richard W Landis, Susanne 

Phinigy, Mrs. Irvine Hagler, C. Katherine 

Pierce, Mrs. Walter M Newby, Maylen B. 

Pierson, Mrs. D. R Witwar, Mary 

Pilcher, Mrs. Gerhard W Upton, Lenora 

Pitcher, Mrs. A. M... Richardson, Frances M. 

Pitcher, Mrs. Charles R Kelley, Vivian 

Pleasance, Mrs. G. N Anderson, Grace 

Plumer, Mrs. Ray D Atcheson, Elizabeth 

Pogue, Mrs. John G Elliott, Faye 

Polan, Mrs. Harry Broh, Evelyn 

Pollak, Mrs. William Weslow, Estelle 

Pollard, Mrs. G. Fitz-Randolph..Miller, C. Lee 

Pond, Mrs. Samuel H Sturgis, Helen 

Porter, Mrs. Ernest B...Towne, Catherine Bell 
Potter, Mrs. Herbert R... Leopold, Elizabeth S. 

Powers, Mrs. Milton Day, Eula E. 

Pray, Mrs. Malcolm S Parker, Frances B. 

Prescott, Mrs. Henry Norton, Delphine 

Preston, Mrs. Ballard Dew, Leila 

Prince, Mrs. Chester H Couper, Marjorie 

Pritehard, Mrs. R. Harmon, M. St. Clair 

Prosch, Mrs. W. R Grgitsch, Yalena 

Prothero, Mrs. Wilson Hall, Anna L. 

Purlington, Mrs. Lee White, Olivia 

Quarterman, Mrs. Keith A Leiper, Nell 

Rabe, Mrs. W. A Theiss, Ruth 

Rada, Mrs. Edward D Carroll, Anne K. 

Rag, Mrs. Victor, Jr Gayle, Jane 

Ramey, Mrs. Thomas B Stacey, Cordelia 



Ramsey, Mrs. C. C... Henderson, Mai-y Curtis 

Ramsey, Mrs. Howard E Jones, Mary 

Ramspeck, Mrs. Carl Sheffield, Sarah 

Randall, Mrs. Henry E Moore, Eleanor H. 

Raney, Mrs Heath, Mary 

Raoul, Mrs. Norman Sholar, Frances P. 

Rash, Mrs. Robert Roberts, Vincent 

Ravenel, Mrs. James J Wallace, Dorothy 

Rayne, Mrs. F. W Foster, Anne T. 

Reading, Mrs. Wm Garry, Margaret 

Reager, Mrs. Harry, Jr Jones, Louise 

Reed, Mrs. Carroll W Hibberd, Ellen 

Reed, Mrs. Charles Ellis, Mildred 

Reed, Mrs. Josiah F Wills, Anna 

Reed, Mrs. J. W Jones, Edna 

Reed, Mrs. Walter Dearborn, Nell 

Reeves, Mrs. Joseph Lane. .Thomas, Marjorie 

Reeves, Mrs. Theodore Thompson, Doris 

Reichardt, Mrs Mantor, Alcyone 

Reid, Mrs. Everett Hansen, Carolyn Abel 

Reigler, Mrs. Harry W Mills, Lucile 

Reinhart, Mrs. Roger Redd, Torrence 

Rhett, Mrs. Robert G., Jr Bobb, Mildred 

Rich, Mrs. Dudley Cobb, Mildred 

Richards, Mrs. Stanley H... Mason, Elizabeth 

Richardson, Mrs. E. W BuUard, Daisy 

Richardson, Mrs. James M Beadles, Louise 

Rickards, Mrs. Everingham..Murrell, F. Payne 

Rickerd, Mrs. W. Van Bibber, Anne E. 

Ridler, Mrs. Earl Bissell, Mary 

Rinehart, Mrs. H., Jr Wright, Winifred H. 

Rivercombe, Mrs. Horace Massie, Helen 

Rixey, Mrs. Barbour.. Cormick, M. Elizabeth 

Rixey, Mrs. Eppa, Jr Meyers, Dorothy 

Robbins, Mrs. E. Freeman Taylor, Maude 

Roberts, Mrs. H. I Finch, Woodis 

Roberts, Mrs. Jack D Ballard, Doris 

Robertson, Mrs. A. E Studley, Theda 

Robertson, Mrs. Lake Boettcher, Ruth 

Robinson, Mrs. John M... Rodman, Constance 

Robinson, Mrs. Norman Job, Dorothy 

Robinson, Mrs. Orme Orme, Eloise 

Rogers, Mrs. Clarence Clark, Mary 

Rogers, Mrs. W. H Medlin, Otelia 

Rohrer, Mrs. Richard Peoples.. Hager, Susan 

Rooney, Mrs. O. A Davenport, Ray 

Rose, Mrs. Herbert R Webster, Christine 

Ross, Mrs. Thomas M...Tonsmeire, Catherine 

Roulette, Mrs. Geo. E Haynes, Annie L. 

Rowe, Mrs. W. E Douglas, Frances 

Rowell, Mrs. Frank T Bigelow, Alice 

Royce, Mrs. Donald Roberts, Laura 

Royster, Mrs. Beverly S., Jr. ..Page, Elizabeth 

Ruffin, Mrs. J. A Saunders, Mary B. 

Rimge, Mrs. Louis C Spengel, Margaret 

Runyon, Mrs. Walter P Nickelson, Dorothy 

Rushton, Mrs. Allen Douglass, Adalaide 

Russell, Mrs. Hugh Everett, Hallie 

Russell, Mrs. James L Armistead, Velma 

Ryan, Mrs. Royal E Durrell, Ruth E. 

Sailer, Mrs. Carl W Gribble, Mildred 

Sanders, Mrs. M. S Sharpe, Caroline J. 

Sarbey, Mrs. M. D Feder, Rosalia 

Sargeant, Mrs. F. S Ragland, Lavinla 

Sauer, Mrs. C, Jr.. .Armstrong, Margaret E. 

Baylor, Mrs. Henry B Dixon, Jessie 

Scannell, Mrs. R. H Ellsworth, Fanny G. 

Schauer, Mrs. Robert A Sachs, Madeline 

Schilling, Mrs. Lewis Lassiter, Lelia 

Schively, Mrs. Yale R Nicholson, Helen 

Schneider, Mrs. H. Grant, Margaret 

Schneider, Mrs. J. M., Jr Sellers, Frances 

Schneider, Mrs. T. E.,.Stanberry, Virginia E. 

Schutte, Mrs. Richard A Cummins, Lois 

Schwab, Mrs. Herbert Workum, Hannah 

Scott, Mrs Woodward, Elizabeth 

Scott, Mrs. Leon B Webster, Helena 

Scott, Mrs. Marion Nottingham, Fannie 

Scott, Mrs. Norvell Otey Payne, Phyllis 

Scott, Mrs. Thomas B., Jr.. .Taliaferro, Carrie 

Seaman, Mrs. Bleeker P Cann, Florence 

Sellars, Mrs. O. R Wilson, Katherine 

Seneff, Mrs. Thomas Hogg, Alice 

Setter, Mrs. Donald Kaake, Virginia 

Shackelford, Mrs. Stephen F Sloan, Carla 

Shade, Mrs. Chester Clarkson, Ethelwyn 

Shands, Mrs. Courtney... .Jones, Elizabeth A. 
Shaw, Mrs. Noble R...Crabbs, Mary Virg:inia 

Shedd, Mrs. Rudolph Baker, Margaret 

Sheedy, Mrs. J. C Zeehandelaar, Lois 

Sheedy, Mrs. Percy T Skinner, Dorothy 

Shelby, Mrs. A. W Slater, Yenti L. 

Shelton, Mrs. Jack Camp, Bertie 

Shepherd, Mrs. Henry Green, Elizabeth 

Sheridan, Mrs. Richard C.Kidd, Jeanette C. 

Shideler, Mrs. Richard B Evans, Louise A. 

Shields, Mrs. Dickenson Wagner, Mildred 

Shipp, Mrs. Thomas R Neidig, Hope 

Shiveley, Mrs. L. R Poore, Frances 

Short, Mrs. Robert Shoudy, Doris N. 

Shryock, Mrs. T. J., Jr Cooke, Elizabeth 

Shuler, Mrs. J. D Marshall, Ann Catherine 

Sibley, Mrs. Marion E McCarroll, Mildred 

Sillers, Mrs. O. R Wilson, Katherine 

Sillman, Mrs. A. J Hodges, Hortense 

Simmons, Mrs. Malcolm. ...Barret, Gwendolyn 

Simons, Mrs Burke, Winifred 

Sims, Mrs. Arthur B Hurt, Eva 

Sims, Mrs. Wm. D Lawton, Marie 

Singleton, Mrs. C. R Downing, Marie 

Skillem, Mrs. F. H Piper, Gertrude 

Skinner, Mrs. F. H... Hammond, Louise Scott 
Skinner, Mrs. W. H Abbott, Virginia 



Slocum, Mrs. James Earl, May Lillian 

Smartt, Mrs. Harold Hill, Virginia 

Smith, Mrs. Benjamin Guilbert, Florine 

Smith, Mrs. Curtis Tousley, Evelyn 

Smith, Mrs. Duncan Nelson, Alice 

Smith, Mrs. Geo. P Eraus, Winifred 

Smith, Mrs. Howard Lee, Mary Ashley 

Smith, Mrs. Hugh Adams Neal, Dorothy 

Smith, Mrs. Murray McClay, Katherine 

Smith, Mrs. Owen Brockett, Helen 

Smith, Mrs. Richard M.. .Hammond, Mattie D. 

Smith, Mrs. Robert Mason, Helen 

Smith, Mrs. Robert Leo Schafer, Adah H. 

Smith, Mrs. Warren Johnson, Elizabeth 

Smith. Mrs. William. .Coleman, W. Cromwell 
Smith, Mrs. William Worth, Jr.. .Sims, Lucy 

Snowden, Mrs. R Mountcastle, Grace 

Snyder, Mrs. Edmund J Darnell, Elizabeth 

Snyder, Mrs. John Fisher, Dorothy 

Soates, Mrs Stevenson, Martha 

Solomon, Mrs. Richard F Hays, Ruth F. 

Southerland, Mrs. Donald Cobb, Elizabeth 

Spangler, Mrs. Arthur Lofton, Margaret 

Sparkman, Mrs. Carl Simonds, Mary 

Spear, Mrs. W. E Schurman, Lee Ottilia 

Speight, Mrs. Marshall C Webster, Alice 

Spillman, Mrs. Louis Moon, Emily Jane 

Sprague, Mrs. Curtis Baker, Elizabeth 

Staekhouse, Mrs. Allan V...Witche]l, Mary M. 

Stafford, Mrs. Herbert Ward, Sea Willow 

Stahlman, Mrs. James Thornton, .Mildred 

Starke, Mrs. Robert Wolf, Louise 

Stauffer, Mrs. J. M., Jr...Honsaker, Jeanette 

Stayton, Mrs. Burton Freear, Anne 

Stedman, Mrs. Frank duShane, Marjorie 

Steeves, Mrs. Guy C Osborne, MaiT 

Steinhoff, Mrs. Carroll C Holmes, Louise 

Stephenson, Mrs. James A.-Maynette, Rozelle 

Sterrett, Mrs. Tate B Marshall, Hazel 

Steuve, Mrs Eberle, Eleanor 

Stevenson, Mrs. F. J Dickson, Burd Blair 

Stevenson, Mrs. Paul E Lovett, Dorothy 

Steward, Mrs. P. S...Poinde.xter, Margaret J. 

Stewart, Mrs. Marven Kirkland, Virginia 

Stewai-t, Mrs. Harold Burge, Lydia C. 

Stites, Mrs. James W...Bodley, Edith Fosdick 

Stockberger, Mrs. N The Losen, Marie 

Stockton, Mrs. P. B...Zabriskie, Margaret F. 

Stonall, Mrs. Will S Massie, Helen L. 

Stone, Mrs. Thomas S Sleeper, Frances 

Stoner, Mrs. Rex K Tolar, Sara Virginia 

Strachan, Mrs. Robert D Holihan, Edna 

Strange-Boston, Mrs. A Meredith, Emily 

Street, Mrs. Gordon P Lowrance, Ruth 

Stuart, Mrs. Wm. A Bodley, Ellen 

Stubbs, Mrs. Sidney Quincey, Blanche 

Stump, Mrs Wood, Eva 

Sullivan, Mrs. Walter Boley, Margaret 

Surber, Mrs. William H Crump, Louise 

Sutherland, Mrs. Thomas Franke, Isabelle 

Swanson, Mrs. A. D Hafner, Marion 

Swendeman, Mrs. G. B Rott, Louise 

Sydnor, Mrs. Garland Nicolson, Katherine 

Tackett, Mrs. M. F...Schnorbach, Elizabeth 

Taliafen-o, Mrs. J. G Moss, Marjorie 

Taliaferro, Mrs. William Watkins, Ruth 

Tandy, Mrs. Geo. W Lloyd, Elsie R. 

Taylor, Mrs. Beahl Milne, Ethel 

Taylor, Mrs. Ben Westcott, Elwyn Marie 

Taylor, Mrs. Caldwell Sprinkle, Mary 

Taylor, Mrs. Edward J East, Elkanah 

Taylor, Mrs. Harry B Booth, Alma 

Taylor, Mrs. H. H Wortham, Clara Root 

Taylor, Mrs. M. Bo.xley Porter, Mildred 

Taylor, Mrs. Wesley Bosson, Catherine 

Taylor, Mrs. Wm. Randolph Grant, Jean 

Tebo, Mrs. Albert R Watson, Sallie 

Tenney, Mrs. Albert S Schulte, Helen L. 

Tepper, Mrs. A. S Nebenzahl, Esther 

Terry, Mrs. Zebulon A Jones, Lucile 

Thayer, Mrs. R. L Lloyd, Lillian 

Thimmeresch, Mrs Weick, Elaine 

Thomas, Mrs. E. H Cassard, Mary Stuart 

Thomas, Mrs. I. C Zaegel, Elsie L. 

Thomas, Mrs. L Lester Mann, Marjorie 

Thomas, Mrs. Lawi-ence T Steele, Eleanor 

Thomas, Mrs. Ray C Kelly, Josephine 

Thomas, Mrs. Sydney T Davidson, Nellie 

Thompson, Mrs. Alfred Randolph, Lester 

Thompson, Mrs. Athol B...Schofield, Estel R. 

Thompson, Mrs. Lloyd Williams, Jessie 

Thompson, Mrs. Paul. .Crockett, Emma Mae 

Thompson, Mrs. R. C Slaughter, Katherine 

Thompson, Mrs. R. G Robertson, LaRue 

Thompson, Mrs. W. B Lewis, Margaret 

Thompson, Mrs. Ross, Jr Adams, Helen J. 

'Ihornell, Mrs. John G Chamberline, Marie 

Thornton, Mrs. John R Cofleld, Elizabeth 

Thropp, Mrs. Peter Worthington, Evelyn 

Tillar, Mrs. B. F Cato, Mabel 

Tillar, Mrs. William.. ..Marston, Margaret W. 
Tilley, Mrs. Benj. F., Jr.. .Buchanan, Harriet 

Tinker, Mrs. G. F Taylor, Virginia Lee 

Todd, Mrs. Sam Pogue Ulland, Ruth 

Tolley, Mrs. Lee Evans, Sadie 

Torrey, Mrs. Donald F Grammer, Elizabeth 

Towson, Mrs. J. W Whittet, Bessie 

Trayer, Mrs. G. W Janney, Rebecca Tyson 

Trickett, Mrs. John Brooks, Clary M. 

Trimble, Mrs. Samuel Tucker, Helen 

Trotter, ilrs. Tom Manson, Clyde 

Truthan, Mrs. Edwin J Jordon, Frances M. 

Tuchings, Mrs. Harry Weeks, Priscilla 



Tucker, Mrs. Douglas Warren, Edna 

Tucker, Mrs. Francis B Laird, Mary 

Tucker, Mrs. William B.. .Welch, Helen Mae 

Tull, Mrs. T. M Neal, Fanny Yarborough 

Turner, Mrs. Edward Crenshaw, Ruth 

Turner, Mrs. Emil Banner.. Ni.xon, Mary Jones 

Turner, Mrs. Lawson Barrow, Lucille 

Turner, Mrs. Welan Victor.. Keithley, Florence 

Turner, Mrs. W. R Hurt, Jennie 

Turrentine, Mrs. W Abnemethy, Josephine 

Tuyford, Mrs. H Rainer, Evelyn 

Twohy, Mrs. John, II Merrick, Grace 

Tyler, Mrs. Henry Chapin, Florence 

Tyler, Mrs. Richard B Gray, Douglas 

Ullman, Mrs. Richard Weitzenkom, Ruth 

Upson, Mrs. Charles H Simpson, Frances 

Valentine, Mrs. C. B Massie, Ida Watkins 

Valentine, Mrs. D. W Mitchell, Anne 

Valentine, Mrs. F. S., Jr Taylor, Elizabeth 

Valz, Mrs. Randolph Bell, Anne K. 

Van Brunt, Mrs. John, Jr Wilson, Grace 

Vance, Mrs. Currell Patterson, Nella 

Van Der B. Erben, Mrs. H Carpenter, F. 

Van Dyke, Mrs. James J.. .Lincoln, Marian F. 
Van Patten, Mrs. F. A. ..Woodward, Martha H. 

Van Patten, Mrs. L T McClain, Lucille 

Van Proag, Mrs Dreyfuss, Hilda 

Vanstory, Mrs. Cornelius. ...Vaughn, Margaret 

Van Wyck, Mrs Van Cleve, Katherine 

Varnon, Mrs. Tom Bowman, Beatrice 

Vaughan, Mrs. Curtis Steves, Edna 

Vaughan, Mrs. Hines F...Scovell, Florence L. 

Venning, Mrs. W. L Gibson, Ruth 

Via, Mrs. Earl H Watson, Adelaide 

von Gemmingen, Mrs. Victor. ...Scott, Bessie 
Von Hold, Mrs. J. G..-Schummers, Gladys E. 

Von Maur, Mrs. Richard Wood, Elsie 

Vonnegut, Mrs. Kurt Liebur, Edith 

Wade, Mrs. Sidney Manning, Elizabeth 

Wadhams, Mrs. Charles H...Shafer, Marian D. 

Wadsworth, Mrs. Roy Sloss, Anita 

Waggaman, Mrs. J Powers, Dudley 

Wailes, Mrs. Benjamin Morris. .Pfister, Bertha 
Wainwright, Mrs. C. W... Thompson, Berenice 
Walcott, Mrs. Russell. ...Buffington, Eugenia 
Waldman, Mrs. Milton. ...Guggenheim, Hazel 

Walker, Mrs. George McKenzie, lone 

Walker, Mrs. John La Neive, Virginia 

Walker, Mrs. John Wailes, Sadie 

Walker, Mrs. Joseph W...McNally, Mary Belle 
Walker, Mrs. Robert C...Trexler, Lena Ruth 

Wallace, Mrs. B. B Cross, Eleanor 

Wallace, Mrs. G. A Sauer, Margaret 

Waller, Mrs. Mathew Baker, Helen 

Waller, Mrs. Nevison Hyslop, Elizabeth 

Wain, Mrs. Raymond R Hulburd, Bemice 

Walsh, Mrs. John McWilliams, Margaret 

Walton, Mrs. Henry F., Jr.. .Reeves, Josephine 

Ward, Mrs Davison, Flora 

Ward, Mrs. Edwin Martin, Mabel 

Warren, Mrs. Lingen A .Denham, Sara 

Warren, Mrs. Monroe Bird, Dorothy 

Washington, Mrs. John A Gibson, Elise 

Waterman, Mrs. J Guggenheimer, Daisy 

Watson, Mrs. R. E Haddock, Margaret 

Watson, Mrs. Stanley H...Klumph, Mary W. 

Watt, Mrs. Preston B Wingfield, Eleanor 

Watts, Mrs. Emery W Austin, Dorothy 

Waugh, Mrs. Norman Gwynn, Stella 

Weatherby, Mrs. James C.SprouU, Virginia 

Weatherby, Mrs. F. M Pritchard, Irma E. 

Webb, Mrs. Richard, Jr Rhyne, Mary 

Webb, Mrs. Willard Millard, Mary C. 

Webster, Mrs. Harry C Dick, Alice 

Weddell, Mrs. William S Parrish, Elsie 

Weems, Mrs. Wharton Booth, Mathilda 

Weidley, Mrs. W. A Link, Helen 

Weilepp, Mrs. T. G Waite, Margaret A. 

Welch, Mrs. William, II Huber, Elizabeth 

Wells, Mrs. Walter Beahm, Louise 

Welsh, Mrs. Vernon M Ferris, Fanita 

Werner, Mrs. Max McOlain, Marie 

Werrenrath, Mrs. Reginald Neidig, Vema 

West, Mrs. S. A Haynie, Ellen 

Westcott, Mrs. Allen Craven, Elizabeth 

Wharton-Smith, Mrs. D. C, IL.Hensel, Edwina 

Whayne, Mrs. Roy C Carothers, Bessie 

Wheeler, Mrs. Frederick C.McCarten, Leslie 

White, Mrs. Frank Cox, Marjorie 

White, Mrs. Jim Hood, Agnes 

White, Mrs. Percy D Gage, Florence 

White, Mrs. Preston Tucker, Henrietta 

Whitehead, Mrs. E. F Patterson, Ruth 

Whitley, Mrs. Harvey Benton, Margaret 

Whitmer, Mrs. C. A Shafer, Marguerite 

Whitner, Mrs. James H Maddox, Lillian 

Whyel, Mrs. Thomas M Stone, Nina 

Widau, Mrs. W. E., Jr.. .Murray, Elizabeth B. 

Wiggins, Mrs. H. W Kingsbury, Eleanor 

Wilder, Mrs. Emery Moseley, Alice 

Wilhoit, Mrs. S. E Corry, Alice 

Wilkins, Mrs. Edwin C Stiles, JIarina 

Willett, Mrs. Elbert H Tyler, Lucy 

Williams, Mrs. Carrington Miller, Fannie 

Williams, Mrs. Heni-y H Potts, Margaret 

Williams, Mrs. J. R. Halback, Florence 

Williams, Mrs. John W., Jr Jeffrey, Emily 

Williams, Mrs. Richard P Strobar, Helen 

Williams, Mrs. W. H Byers, Florence 

Williamson, Mrs. J. S... Wilkinson, Elizabeth 

Williamson, Mrs. W. H Lee, Martha 

Willingham, Mrs. R. T Claiborne, Anne B. 



Wills, Mrs. Walter T., Jr...Goffigan, Helen T. 

Wilmer, Mrs. Frederic P Purcell, Lydia 

Wilmer, Mrs. G. W. A Eikenberry, Lorine 

Wilson, Mrs. C. E Ilfrey, Lola 

Wilson, Mrs. George L Clements, Grace 

Wilson, Mrs. H. T., Jr Browne, Josephine 

Wilson, Mrs. Jack Reddish, Nell 

Wilson, Mrs. Philip Eaglesfield, Virginia 

Wilson, Mrs. R. S Early, Alice Arlitta 

Wilson, Mrs. Samuel M Garland, Louise 

Wilson, Mrs. Walter M Slater, Ruth 

Wilson, Mrs. Winfield Tyson, Elizabeth 

Wilson, Mrs. Scott Williams, Sue 

Wilson, Mrs. York Long, Minnie de Foix 

Wiltshire, Mrs. James M...Kintzing, Gertrude 

Wimsatt, Mrs. Wm. Church Cheney, Alma 

Winblsh, Mrs. Kenneth Perkins, Grace 

Winfree, Mrs. James B Tandy, Nell 

Winne, Mrs. R. F.. .Thompson, Miriam Cook 

Winship, Mrs. Donald Trimble, Hazel 

Winston, Mrs. Blakeley....Mayfleld, Cordelia 

Witmer, Mrs. C. A Shafer, Marguerite 

Witt, Mrs. Thomas Foster Luke, Isabel 

Wolcott, Mrs. Rogers Burch, Imogene 

Wolfe, Mrs. Frank T Morton, Jessie 

Wood, Mrs. Frank Sinsel, Alma 

Wood, Mrs. Harrison RaifiP, Frances 

Wood, Mrs. Horace Elmer.. Dowden, Florence 

Wood, Mrs. Ian MacKenzie Barry, Frances 

Wood, Mrs. Jared Irwin Forbush, Rachel 

Wood, Mrs. Lewis J Brewer, Nell 

Wood, Mrs. McFarland W... Brown, Madeline 

Woollcott, Mrs. Philip Gibbon, Corinne 

Worden, Mrs. John S... Allen, Rhoda Marjorie 

Worley, Mrs. Howard Ellis, Dorothy 

Worth, Mrs. Alexander Walker, Martha 

Wright, Mrs. W. A .^ Stout, Katrina 

Wyatt, Mrs. Herbert Reams, Edith R. 

Wyckoff, Mrs. Bernard Evans, Harriet 

Wylie, Mrs. W. B Stewart, Elizabeth 

Yance, Mrs. G. E Bomar, Mallie B. 

Yankee, Mrs. Murrel Bryan, Helen E. 

Yerkes, Mrs. Jonathan BeviUe, Julia 

Yerkes, Mrs. William D Walker, Carol 

York, Mrs. Alfred Redd, Katherine 

Young, Mrs. Talbot Franklin, Elizabeth 

Zaegel, Mrs. Robert Gunther, Leona 

Zeising, Mrs. Richard, Jr Darden, Martha 

Zell, Mrs. Lucian T... Swain, Alice Greenleaf 
Zemp, Mrs Goodlove, Lycebeth 



* Indicates Deceased. 
(InfoiTtiation concerning the Lost will be gladly received at the Alumnae Office.) 

Cora Mae Acomb (x26) 

New York, N. Y. 
Ademova, Bozena (x27) 

Prague, Czeckoslavakia 
*Mary Allen (A) 
Georgette Allison (A) 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
*Mary Bertha Allison..Mrs. Neil Thomas (A) 
Gertrude Anderson (.x28) 

Mrs. W. A. Molster 

Washington, D. C. 
Velma Armistead (S) Mrs. L. A. Russell 

Jamestown, Miss. 
*Clara Atkinson (A) 
Aileen Austin (xll) Mrs. Hayes 

San Antonio, Texas 
Sarah Aydelotte (A) 
Marion Bacharach (xl6)..Mrs. A. C. Hoppe 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Almeria Bailey (xl3) 

A^heville, N. C. 
Elizabeth Baker (xl5) Mrs. C. Sprague 

Nutley, N. J. 
Julia Barber (xl8) Mrs. E. H. Evans 

Morgantown, N. C. 
* Paulina Barnes 

Betty Barr (x22) Mrs. Little 

Jeanette Barr (A) Mrs. Arthur L. Derby 

New Orleans, La. 
*Myrel Barry (A) 
Helen Bartz (x28) Mrs. J. E. King 

Chicago, 111. 

*Marie A. Bauer (A) Mrs. J. A. Pearce 

Bymina Baughor (A) _ Mrs. Hicks 

Baltimore, Md. 
Margaret Baxter (xl6) 
Edna M. Bannister (xl5)....Mr8. G. L. Kline 

Norfolk, Va. 
Eva Bayly (xl5) 

Monrovia, Calif. 
Anne Beall (xl3) 
Josephine Becker (A) 

Chicago, 111. 
Margaret Beegle (x23) Mrs. Kaiser 

Waukegan, 111. 
Margaret Bell (xl2) Mrs. R. W. Comfort 

Tulsa, Okla. 
Marie Bell (A) 
Mary Louise Bell (xll) 

*Bertha Bennett Mrs. Sutton 

Winifred Benson (xl9) 

Austin, Texas 
Florence Beyers (xlO) 
•Gladys Beyers (A) 
•Kitty Carr Birdsey (x23) 
•Helen Bishop (x20)....Mrs. Paul H. Wilson 
Kadine Blair (xl9) 

Aurora, 111. 

Pearl Blakeley (xl5) 
Mollie Blount (xl4) 

Pensacola, Fla. 
Ruth Boettchler (xl8) Mrs. L. Robertson 

Schulenburg, Texas 
Margaret Boley (xl2).-.JMrs. Walter Sullivan 
Elizabeth Bolinger (xl7) 

Glen Wilton, Va. 
•Minnie Bolton (A) 
Mallie Bomer (xlO) Jlrs. G. E. Younce 

Spartanburg, S. C. 
Carrie Born (x22) 

Beatrice Bowman (xl7)....Mrs. Tom Vamon 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Marian Bradley Mrs. Albert Bothe 

Merchantville, N. J. 

Walker Bradford (xl4)....Mr8. T. A. Bledsoe 

New York City 
Marie Brede (x24) Mrs. L. E. Brovra 

Detroit, Mich. 
Dorothy Bridge (x31) 
Lucy C. Brown (xl7) Mrs. J. C. Micune 

Jamaica, N. Y. 
Mary J. Brovrai (xl5)....Mrs. Robert Andrade 

New York City 
Helen Browne (xl6) Mrs. Marcus Hobart 

Evanston, 111. 

Josephine Browne (xl5) 

Mrs. Homer T. Wilson, Jr. 
Beatrice Bryant (x23) 
Virginia C. Buffington (x25) 

Evanston, 111. 
Kate W. Buhl (x2 4) 

New Rochelle, N. Y. 
Imogene Burch (xl8)....Mrs. Roger Wolcott 
Jessie M. Burnett (A) 
Alberta Bush (x29) 

Richmond, Va. 
Evelyn Bye (x29) 

Detroit, Mich. 
Florence Byers (xl2)..Mrs. W. H. Williams 

Emma Lee Caldwell (xll) Mrs. Jay Knox 

Clayton Callaway (x28)..Mrs. Edgar Burton 
Paris, Frances 

Addie Campbell (A) Mrs. H. A. Mills 

Marjorie Campbell (A). ...Mrs. George Holden 
Mary Louise Campbell (A) 

Mrs. M. C. Dazenbacker 

Washington, D. C. 
Florence Cann (xl7) Mrs. B. P. Seaman 

Savannah, Ga. 
Sarah Causler (A) Mrs. Dan Carroll 

Little Suietgerland, N. C. 
Marjorie Cardwell (x25) 
Virginia Carmichael (A) 

Hagerstown, Md. 
Elizabeth Games (x30) 

Tallahassee, Fla. 



Frances Carpenter (A) Mrs. Henry V. Erben 

*Grace Carroll (A) Mrs. Edwin H. Myer 

Mary Carpenter (x27) 

Salem, N. J. 
*Helen R. Case (A) 
Isabelle Chapa (S) 

Florence Chapin (xl7) Mrs. H. H. Tyler 

Helen Chase (A) 3Irs. R. T. Barcalow 

Alma Cheney (A) Mrs. W. C. Wimsatt 

Washington, D. C. 

*Lucy Cheney (xl3) Mrs. J. R. Hudson 

Theodosia Clark (xl4) 
•Elizabeth Clement (27) 
Milla G. Clement (xl9) 

Sturgis, Mich. 
Elizabeth Codfield (A) 

Atlanta, Ga. 
*Marjorie Cohen (A) 
Ruth Coleman 

Washington, D. C. 
Willie C. Coleman (x29)..Mrs. William Smith 

Eldorado, Ark. 
'Constance Colles (x22) 
Ruth Comer (x22) 
Catherine M. Coolidge (A) 

♦Esther Comwall (A) Mrs. G. Gillespie 

Margaret Covington (x24) 
Marion K. Crain (xl4) 

Agnes Cravens (x25) Mrs. 

Helen L. Crawford (xl6) 

Topeka, Kan. 
Emily Creekmur (A) 

Chicago, m. 

Lois Cummius (xl9) Mrs. R. J. Schutte 

Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Mildred Curdts (A). ...Mrs. Henry Fitzpatrick 
Virginia Dabney (xl5).JMi!a. Clarence Kendall 
Mildred Dake (xl6) 

Virginia Dale (xl3)....Mrs. H. C. Gerger, Jr. 
Agnes Daugherty (x23) 

Ashland, Ky. 
Emma Davis (x22) Mrs. I. M. Alexins 

Richmond, Va. 
Margaret E. Davies-(A) 
Elizabeth Davis (A). ...Mrs. David Batchelder 

Chicago, 111. 

Emma Davis (xl5) Mrs. S. J. Kuykendall 

Margaret Davis (xl6) Mrs. S. M. Milliken 

Frances Dean (A) Mrs. Harry Payne 

*Mary DeLong (xl8) Mrs. C. McKnight 

Dorothea Derby (x23) 

Englewood, N. J. 
Dorothy Deutsch (xl7) 
Corinne Dickinson (A) 

Richmond, Va. 
Hildegarde Diechmann (A) ..Mrs. C. H. Durfee 

Forest Hills, N. Y. 
Jessie Dale Dixon (xl6)....Mrs. H. B. Saylor 

Watertown, Conn. 
Kathleen Doherty (xl6) 
Florence Doyle (A) 

Alice Dukes (A) Mrs. Mercells 

Los Angeles, Calif. 
*Lanier Dunn (A) 
Elva Dulton (A) Mrs. W. W. Clark 

Jackson Hts., L. L 

Helen Earle (xll) Mrs. E. R. Lyda 

Clara E. Earley (x25) 

Merchantville, N. J. 
Frances Earnest (xl9) 
*Josephine 0. Edwards (x24) 
Imogene Egerton (x25) 

Huntington, W. Va. 

Mildred England (xl6) Mrs. Curley 

Tressa P. Emerson (x22) 

Belfast, Me. 

Elizabeth Ertel (x21)....Mrs. Francis Brooks 
Sadie Evans (A) Mrs. Lee Tolley 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Dorothy Fairbaim (x26)....Mrs. E. W. Abbill 

Helen Farrar (xl8) Mrs. H. del Castello 

Mareljte Farris (A) JMrs. Frank G. Barry 

Adele Fies (x23) Mrs. Loeb 

Birmingham, Ala. 
Lucile Helen Finch (x28) 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Dorcas Finlay (A) 

Centralia, 111. 
Dorothy Finnay (A) 

Mary Flagg (x22) 

Louisianna, Mo. 
Agnes Ford (A) 
Marjorie B. Ford (A) 

Chicago, m. 

Annie C. Poster (x23) 

.\llentown, Pa. 
Florence Mary Foster (x22) 

Josephine Foster (A) Mrs. Hugh Black 

*May Foster (A) 

Anne Freear (xl6) Mrs. Burton Stayton 

Susie Friersan (x2 5)..Mrs. Stewart Lawmin 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Juanita Fuller (x22) Norcross, Texas 

Gloria Frink (x22) Mrs. H. Huntington 

Seattle, Wash. 

Lillian Fuller (A) Mrs. Bruce Mason 

Trot Fulton (A) 

Wise, Va. 
Maiy M. Gates (A) 
Phyllis Gates (x30) 
Katherine Gay (xl5) 

Samokin, Pa. 

Edith Gibbs (xl5) Mrs. Harold Lewis 

Winifred Goldsmith (xl5)..Mrs. T. G. Green 
Bradentown, Fla. 

Lucile Glenn (x23) 

Audrey Graves (x27)....Mrs. William Graves 

Juliette Graves (xl3) Mrs. J. W. Corie 

Evelyn Gray (A) 

Margaret Greene (A) 
Duluth, Minn. 



Oden Greer (x21) 

Cora Gregg (A) Mrs. R. Meyer 

Rachel Gregg (A) 

Dr. Marian Grimes (x24) 

General Hospital, Univ. of Minn. 

*Mary Groover (A) Mrs. F. W. Gregg 

Effie Gross (xl5) Mrs. R. N. Irby 

Marjorie Mary Groesbeck (x22) 

Washington, D. C. 
Christine Gschurndt (x21)..Mrs. H. Camlin 

Evanston, El. 
Julia R. Guilbert (x20) 
Gertrude Gulick (x27) 

Detroit, Mich. 
Helen Guthrie (x20), 

Mrs. George Montgomery 
Helen F. Hadden (S) 
MUdred Hale (A) 

Sophia Lou Hall (x27)..Mrs. J. L. Chambliss 
Margaret Ham (x22) 
Loiette Hampton (22). .Mrs. Foster Hume, Jr. 

Nashville, Tenn. 
Carolyn Hansen (x22) Mrs. E. Reed 

Metuchon, N. J. 
Mary Harman (x23) Mrs. R. Prichard 

Princeton, W. Va. 
Helen Harper (x22) 
Janet Harris (x31) 
Annie Harrison (xl8) 
Tate Hartsuff (x2S) 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Katherine Hartt (x22) 
Helen Haskins (xll)..Mrs. Rudolph Geisseler 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Margaret A. Haskins (x22) 
Katherine Hawkins (x21)....Mrs. P. F. Baker 

Birmingham, Ala. 
Nathalie Hawley (A) 
Alice Marian Heald (A). ...Mrs. Robert Mays 

Miami, Fla. 

JesBie Heaton (A) Mrs. Stanley Mills 

Lucille Heggie (xl4) 

Rosalind Heims (A) Mrs. Edward Freund 

Adelaide Hempstead (A). ...Mrs. K. M. Hess 

New Orleans, La. 
Mary C. Henderson (x23)..Mrs. C. C. Ramsey 

Salisbury, N. C. 
Jeanne S. Heindel (x22) 

Gettysburg, Pa. 
Margaret Heingbamer (x24), 

Mrs. Jules Des Calier 

St. Louis, Mo. 

Mary Herd (A) Mrs. Ferdinand Moore 

Edwina Hensel (A), 

Mrs. T. C. Wharton-Smith, 11 

Baltimore, Md. 

'Georgia Katharyn Hicks (x22) 

Marion Hicks (S) Mr. G. K. Headley 

Birmingham, Ala. 

Virginia Hill (xl4) Mrs. Harold Smart 

lone Hinds (xl4) Mrs. O. D. Durbin 

Kansas City, Mo. 

*Anne Louise Hines (A) 
* Dorothy Hodge (A) 
Juliette Hofmayer (x22), 

Mrs. Raleigh Brent, HI 
Jeanette Honsacker (x22), 

Mrs. J. M. Stauffer, Jr. 
Elizabeth Hopper (xl7) 
Ruth Houser (15) 

Wabash, Ind. 
Margaret A. Hoskins (x22) 

Julia Huff (xl3) .Mrs. Henry Bedford 

Elizabeth Hull (A) 

Baltimore, Ind. 
Cyrilla B. Humes (A) 

Ferol Humphries (A) Mrs. P. C. Dinkins 

Eva Hurt (A) Mrs. Arthur B. Sims 

Edith Hyslop (xl2) Mrs. N. Waller 

Norfolk, Va. 

Lola Hfrey (A) Mrs. C. E. Wilson 

Helen R. Johns (x20) 

Elizabeth, N. J. 
Mary Wharton Johns (xl9), 

Mrs. Randolph Coleman 
Doris Johnson (x20) 

Cincinnati, Ohio 
Lucile Johnson (x22) 

Roxena Johnson (A). ...Mrs. H. C. Hargraves 
Jessie K. Johnston (A) 
Dorothy Jones (x26) 

Chicago, ni. 

Edna H. Jones (x20) Mrs. J. W. Reed 

Lucille Jones (xl6) Mrs. Z. A. Terry 

Los Angeles, Calif. 
Marian Jones (A) Mrs. Jack Ilerick 

Los Angeles, Calif. 
Martha Jones (A) 
*Kathryn Kautz (A) 
Margaret Keefer (A) Mrs. W. 0. Ash 

San Francisco, Calif. 
Florence Keithly (A). .Mrs. Welan V. Turner 
Esther Keller (11) Mrs. R. H. Brown 

Chicago, HI. 
•Nellie Keller (12) 
Emagene Kelly (A) 

Vivian Kelly (x24) Mrs. Charles Pitcher 

Katherine Kemper (S) 

Asheville, N. C. 
Mary M. Kemper (x23) 

Asheville, N. C. 
•Isabel Ketring (xl3) 
Bess Key (A) Mrs. C. W. Chewning 

Orlando, Fla. 
Thelma Kincheloe (A) 
Vitula Kinsolving (A) 
Katherine King (x29) Mrs. J. B. McLean 

Bound Brook, N. J. 
Katherine Kirk (A) Mrs. McAlfee 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Mary Lou Kistler (A) 

Berthelda Klausman (A) 

Mrs. Lawrence Luckett 
Shirley Knight (A). .Mrs. Sam Crawford, Jr. 



Marjorie Kohn (A) Mrs. Sidney L. Fisher 

Margaret Koser (A) Mrs. E. McClure 

Virginia City, Montana 

Winifred Kraus (A). ...Mrs. George P. Smith 

*Emma Krause (A) Mrs. K. E. Serini 

Alva Kuykendall (A) 
Cherokee, Texas 

Frances Kuykendall (A) 
Cherokee, Te.xas 

*Katherine Ladd (x28) 

Katherine Lanier (A). .Mrs. Gaither L. Jones 

Ina Larkins (A) Mrs. Percy Edwards 

Lelia Lassiter (A) Mrs. L. S. Morgan 

Barbara Lawrence (A) Mrs. John Fily 

Constance Leachman (A) 
Lynchburg, Va. 

Eloise Le Grand (x24)....Mrs. H. T. Council 
Julia LeHardy (A) 
Jennie Lehman (x27) 

Birmingham, Ala. 
Virginia Leitch (A).Jtlrs. Walter M. Flournoy 
Muriel Letts (x26) 
Mildred Lelly (A) 

Huntington, W. Va. 
Alice Lemley (S) 

Upperville, Va. 
Frances E. Lewis (A) 

♦Virginia Lewis (x24) Mrs. W. A. Duerr 

*Marie Lieber (A) Mrs. Hany H. Bentley 

Delia Lindsay (A). ...Mrs. Gilbert P. Bogart 

Montreal, Canada 
•Joan B. Lippincott (A) 
Dorothy Lloyd (A) 
Corinne Loeb (A) 

Margaret Lofton (A) Mrs. A. Spangler 

Kathleen Logan (A) Mrs. S. Love 

Paris, m. (Life Member) 
Mattie Logan (A) Jlrs. H. M. Keifner 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Richmonde Lucas (A) Mrs. H. H. Fargus 

*Dorothy Lydecker (A) 

Catherine Virginia McCann (x22) 

Isabelle Victoria McCann (x22) 

Mildred L. McCarroM (x22)..Mrs. M. E. Sibley 

Lestie McCarten (A) Mrs. F. Wheeler 

Ardmore, Pa. 
Maria McCormick (x24) 

Washington, D. C. 
Mary McDonald (A). .Mrs. William C. Harris 
Helen R. McCleary (x25) 

New Philadelphia, Ohio 
Elizabeth McGaughey (x29) 
Bemice McKinney (A) 
Lucy McKenzie (x27) 

Montgomery, Ala. 
Ruth McMillan (x22) 

Austin, Texas 
Emma MacDonnell (S) 

Austin, Texas 
•Marjorie MacDonough (A) 

Dorothy MacKenzie (x23) 
Houghton, Mich. 

Muriel MacKenzie (x24)....Mrs. M. F. Kelley 
Chicago, 111. 

Mildred MacNulty (A) 

Mary M. Malone (x23) 

Carolyn Ruth Mann (S) 

Alcyone Mantor (A) Mrs. Reichardt 

Fort Smith, Ark. 

Frances Marsh (x22) 

Louise Martin (x25) 
Augusta, Ga. 

*Dorothy Mathers (x23)..Mrs. Paul Summers 
Elizabeth A. Matthew (26) 

Univ. of California, Berkeley, Calif. 

Katherine Mattingly (A) 

Ellen Maurice (A) 

Isabel Maury (xl3) 

Margaret Menk (22). .Mrs. Lindsay M. Nevin 

Catherine B. Meade (x23)..Mrs. Montgomery 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

•Virginia J. Merrill (xl9)..Mr8. B. H. Smith 
• Dolores Miles (x25) 
Elizabeth H. Miller (A) 
Elizabeth R. MiUer (x24)..Mrs. C. C. Master 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Helen Gould Miller (S) 
Mary S. Miller (x23)....Mrs. Robert Hopkins 

New York City 
Virginia Miller (xl9) 

Austin, Texas 
Dolores Hall Mills (x25) 
Lucile Mills (xl6)....Mrs. Harry W. Reigler 

Lucy Minor (A) Mrs. Paul Barringer 

Frances C. Mitchell (xl6) 

Los Angeles, Calif. 
Helen Mitchell (A) 
Margaret Mitchell (x24) 

Helen Monash (A) Mrs. Hirsch 

Mary Margaret Moore (x29) 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Mary E. Moore (xl2) 
Ruth Moore (x25) 
Minnie Morris (x23) 

New York City 
Sadie Monis (22) 

New York City 
Marjorie Moss (xl4)....Mrs. J. G. Taliaferro 

Lake Charles, La. , 
Eppie P. Moss (A) 
Jeanette Munroe (A) 
Dorothea Nelson (S)....Mrs. Meade Durbrow 

Rockford, 111. 
Elizabeth Newman (A), (Life Member) 
Anna B. Norris (A) 
•Mary Northern (A) 

Leonora Norvell (A). .Mrs. Earnest F. Latta 
Helen O'Farrall (A) 
Katherine Osborne (A) Mrs. C. Houston 

New York City 



Edith Oughton (A) 

Evelyn Owens (A) Mrs. E. O. Apple 

*Louise Palin (A) Mrs. Robert Patterson 

'Margaret Palm (x28) 

Alice Parks (xl6) 

Ruth M. Patterson (A). .Mrs. E. F. Whitehead 

Christine Pemas (x28) 

Cranford, N. J. 
•Hilda C. Perry (A).... Mrs. P. B. Whitaker 
Louise Phillips (A). ...Mrs. Harold Hathaway 
Marion Phillips (A) Evanston, HI. 

Catherine M. Pickett (A) 

Oak Park, 111. 

Ruth Plain (A) Mrs. Frank C. Huntress 

Frances Poore (x26) 

Louisville, Ky. 
♦Kathleen Porter (S) 
Margaret Powell (S) 
Dorothy Purcell (A) 
Helen M. Purdy (A) 
Lester Randolph (A) ..Mrs. Alfred Thompson 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

*Martha Rea (A) Mrs. Winthrop Peppers 

Marie Reardon (A) Mrs. W. A. Matsinger 

Nell Reddish (A) Mrs. Jack Wilson 

Evelyn Redfield (S) 
Helen Rutherford (A) 

Chicago, ni. 
Sybil Reinus (x25) 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Adelaide Rendleman (S) 
Ruth G. Reynolds (A) 
Alexa F. Rhea (A) 
♦Elizabeth Richardson (A) , 

Mrs. Raymond V. Emerick 

Edna Rigg (A) Mrs. A. T. Brown 

Ethel Roach (A) 
Anne Roberts (A) 
Laura Roberts (x22) Mrs. Donald Royce 

Toledo, Ohio 
Vincent Roberts (A) Mrs. Robb Rush 

Fen-ell, Te.xas 
♦Frances Robertson (A). .Mrs. F. S. Campbell 
Elizabeth Rogers (A) 
Grace S. Robinson (x25) 

Chicago, ni. 
Mary Robinson (x31) 

Chattanooga, Term. 
Elizabeth Rogers (A) 

Frances Rouse Mrs. D. M. Cowley 

Virginia Ross (S) 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Mabel Rowland (A) Mrs. H. Malton 

Los Angeles, Calif. 
Helen Rutherford (A) 

Muskegee, Okla. 
Madeline Sachs (A). .Mrs. Robert A. Schauer 
Frances Sample (x27) 

Drexel Hill, Pa. 
•Janet W. Samworth (x23) 

Beulah Sanders (A) Mrs. J. H. Claney 

New York City 

Mildred Sanford (x23) 

Catherine Scarritt (A). .Mrs. Harvey Hansell 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Dorothy Schlemmer (A) 

*Nancy B. Schmetz (xl5) 

Margaret Schmidt (A).. Mrs. Margaret Griffith 

Mildred Schmidt (A) Mrs. L. Hammond 

New York City 
Estel Schofield (x25)..Mrs. A. B. Thompson 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Sigrid M. Schold (S) 

Chicago, m. 
Janet Schureman (x24) 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Louise Sebring (A) 

Marjorie Seeds (A) Mrs. Mathew Fletcher 

Elizabeth G. Sexton (x27) 
Stella Ernestine Shayler (S) 

Seattle, Wash. 

Sarah Sheffield (S) Mrs. Carl Ramspech 

Lillias Shepherd (22) 

New York City 
Nancy Sherrill (27) Mrs. D. D. Moses 

Lexington, Va. 
Ophelia Short (S) 

Petersburg, Va. 
Evaline Shirey (A) Mrs. Ross McClellan 

Bluefield, W. Va. 
Pauline Shortness (S)....Mrs. Ivan C. Miller 
Eugenia Sims (x29) 

Inez Skillern (17) Mrs. Walter Keller 

Dorothy Skinner (A). .Mrs. Percy T. Sheedy 
Anita Sloss (S) Mrs. Ray Wadsworth 

Gadsden, Ala. 
Bertha Smith (A) 

Shreveport, La. 

Enrigue Smith (A) Mrs. A. B. Dykman 

Helen A. Smith (A) 
Helena E. Smith (A) 
Frances Sommers (xlS), 

Mrs. Romney Bordwell 
Eleanor Sommerville (A). .Mrs. R. H. Hatch 
Sarah Southerland (x30) 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Marjorie Spalding (A) Mrs. Ben Nelson 

Champaig:n, 111. 
Louise Sprague (A). ...Mrs. Julian C. Brooke 
Ely Stanford (A) 
Edith Stanley (A) 

Lynchburg, Va. 
Tracy Steele (x23) 

Birmingham, Ala. 
Hildegarde Storey (A). ...Mrs. G. B. Joumeay 

Houston, Texas 
Theda Studley (A) 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Ruth Stevens (A) 

Martha Stevenson (A) Mrs. Soates 

Virginia Stevenson (27) 

Minneapolis, Minn. 



Mary G. Stephens (x24) 

Wheeling, W. Va. 
Reba Stevenson (A) Mrs. Henry Kelly, Jr. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Elizabeth Stewart (A) Mrs. W. B. Wylie 

Eleanor Stone (A) 
Marguerite Strachan (xl6) 
Isabelle Strother (S) 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Mary L. Sturgis (25) 
Frances Summers (A) 
Elizabeth Sutherland (A) 

Mrs. L. H. Chenoweth 
*Mary Sutherland (A) ..Mrs. Royall K. Baker 

* Penelope Swaney (A) Mrs. M. V. Hope 

Elizabeth Tayloe (A) Mrs. Sam Fowle, Jr. 

Claire Taylor (S) 

Lois Thacker (.\) ....Mrs. Ernest L. Parker 

Mayo Thatch (13) Mrs. F. L. Kline 

New York City 
Marie The Losen (A). ...Mrs. N. Stockberger 
Gertrude J. Thomas (S) 

Martha Thomas (x27) Mrs. L. Coward 

Bloomfield, N. J. 
Kathryn Thompson (A). ...Mrs. J. F. Mather 
Marian Thomburg (A) 

New York City 
Elsa Thorsch (A) 

Chicago, HI. 
Doris Tietig (A) 

*Almeria Tierman (A). ...Mrs. Henry Holmes 
Ruth Tinkham (x2 4) Mrs. H. E. Bush 

Highland Falls, N. Y. 
Blanche Tomlinson (A) Mrs. V. Bostwick 

Birmingham, Ala. 
Mary Elizabeth Turner (A) 
Frances Tui-pin (A) Mrs. Walter Briggs 

Richmond, Va. 
Margaretta Tuttle (x28) 

Hollywood, Calif. 

Elizabeth Tyson (A) Mrs. W. Wilson 

Dorothy Valentine (19) Mrs. W. McKain 

Woodbridge, N. J. 
Letitia Vance (x26) 

Mary Vamer (A)..^Mrs. John L. Newdoerfer 
Margaret Vaughan (x25), 

Mrs. Cornelius Vaustory 

New York City 
Dorothy Vernon (x27) 
Henrietta Wadsworth (A) 
Mildred Wagner (A). .Mrs. Dickinson Shields 
Helen Walker (x20) 
Mattie Walker (S) 
Phyllis Walker (x28) 

Seattle, Wash. 
Rachel Walker (A) Mrs. Walt Martin 

Winston-Salem, N. O. 

*Elsie Walkup (A) Mrs. John I. Osborne 

Edith WalthaU (x30) 
El Paso, Texas 

Fannie Belle Ward (A). ...Mrs. Lloyd Boeme 

Sea Willow Ward (A). .Mrs. Herbert Stafford 

Adelaide C. Watson (x25)..Mrs. Earl H. Via 

Madeline Watson (S) 

Margie Watson (A) 
Greely, Colorado 

Martie Watson (xl3) 

Florence Wattles (A) 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

Edith Way (S) Mrs. William T. Geddes 

Pauline Weaver (S) 
Celia Webb (A) 

Marianna Webster (A) Mrs. John Granrud 

Priscilla Weeks (x24)..Mrs. Harry Tuchings 
*Marguerie Wefel (A), 

Mrs. C. W. Watters, Jr. 

Elaine Weick (A) Mrs. Thimmeresch 

Baton Rouge, La. 

Edith Wenar (A) Mrs. Albert Kaufman 

Marguerite Wensley (S) 
New York City 

Alice Herbert Wester (S) 

Edwina Wharton Mrs. Smith 

Laura Wheeler (A) Mrs. T. E. Nelson 

Adalaide Wheless (A) ..Mrs. George Bollman 

San Antonio, Texas 
Esther Wheelwright (xl7) 

Olivia White (A) Mrs. Lee Purlington 

Bessie Whittet (xl7) Mrs. J. W. Towson 

Margaret Whitman (S) Mrs. A. H. Larkin 

New York, N. Y. 
Annie Wilkinson (A) 

Jackson, Miss. 
Bessie Williams (A). ...Mrs. B. N. Falconer 

Lynchburg, Va. 
Evelyn Williams (A). .Mrs. Vincent M. Miles 

Little Rock, Ark. 
Mary Willson (S) 

Jessie Williams (xl7)..Mrs. Lloyd Thompson 
Anita Wilson (x24) 

Knoxville, Tenn. 
Eleanor M. Wilson (x24) 

Shreveport, La. 
Mary Witwar (A) Mrs. R. D. Plerson 

Lakewood, 111. 
Stella Woodward (x27) 

Worehester, Mass. 
Elizabeth Woollcott (x24) 
•Esther M. Wootton (x26) 
Elizabeth Wright (A) 
Dorothy WyckofF (x28) 
Lois Zeehandelaar (A) Mrs. L C. Sheedy