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Full text of "Association of Alumnae and Former Students of Sweet Briar College"


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Association of 
Alumnae and Former 

Students of 
Sweet Briar College 

December, 1916 





Alice G. Swain, '14 President 

Rachel Forbush Vice-President 

Lelia Dew Secretary 

Sue Slaughter, '13 Treasurer 

Executive Committee 

Eugenia Buffingfon, '13 
Harriet Evans, '15 
Grace Martin 
Dorothy Wallace 

The present executive committee 
wishes to express its appreciation of 
the work done by the former execu- 
tive committee of the Association. 


The aim of the Association Book- 
let is to keep every old girl in touch 
with every other old girl and in 
touch with the Association work. 
One of the departments of our or- 
ganization deals altogether with this 
aim. The girls can lighten our work 
and help us live up to our aim by 
assuming the responsibility of be- 
coming active, live members of their 
State Chapters. So much of the 
strength of the Association lies in 
the hands of those girls that we 
urge Chapter formation wherever 
possible. Often it is impossible to 
attend the meetings of the nearest 
Chapter. If so, write the Chapter 
Secretary for a report of the meet- 
ings and work out their ideas in 
your town. If there is no Chapter 
in your community, write to the 
President of the Association con- 
cerning the advisability of forming 

There are certain duties that de- 
volve upon everyone. First, pay your 
dues promptly to the Treasurer of 
the Association, Sue Slaughter, 547 
Warren Crescent, Norfolk, Virginia. 
The dues are the greatest financial 
support the Association can receive. 
There are over one thousand "old 
girls." Let each pay her dues to 
the Association, and half of the 
amount the girls want to raise this 
year will be in the Treasury. 

Second, send any change of ad- 
dress or name and birth notices to 
Marion Peele, Sweet Briar, Virginia. 
Changes of name and address must 
also be sent to Sue Slaughter. Any 
notes concerning yourself that you 
think others would be interested in 
knowing should go to Isabell Wood, 
editor of the Alumnae Department 
of the Magazine. It would be a good 
plan for each Chapter to subscribe to 
the Magazine. 

Third, interest other people in 
Sweet Briar. Many girls select a 
school or college at random. It is 
for us old girls to suggest Sweet 
Briar to these unsettled individuals. 

Fourth, for the next few years the 
two most familiar words to the 
Sweet Briar girls should be, and 
most probably will be, "Endowment 
Fund." An endowment fund is not 
a luxury, but a necessity. Other col- 
leges refer to their Funds in terms 
of hundreds of thousands. We say 
— "Twelve thousand." It is for us 
girls to radically change such a 
statement. It can be done. It must 
be done. Girls, can we earn two 
thousand dollars this year? It is a 
paltry sum if every girl helps. We 
can do it. 

The old girls who received the 
Booklet last year were probably in- 
terested in hearing of the division 
of the " Subs " from the College. By 
this division Sweet Briar Academy 

was founded, with Mrs. H. N. Hills 
as Principal. 

This year there is a radical change 
in the College. Miss Benedict, our 
beloved President, has resigned, and 
Miss McVea, of the University of 
Cincinnati, was elected President by 
the Board of Trustees. 

All who were at the meeting in 
June know that the Association 
voted to purchase a Williams watch 
from the Sweet Briar Estate and 
give it to Miss Benedict with our 
love and gratitude. The following 
is an extract from a letter of thanks 
from Miss Benedict: 

" My thanks go out to all who 
took part in sending this to me and, 
as I don't know how to reach them, 
I hope you will help me by letting 
them know as far as you can how 
pleased I am. What they did and 
the way it was done was so lovely, 
and the watch with what it means 
as an expression of the * girls old and 
new ' is the thing I value most of all 
my possessions." 

Belonging to the Sweet Briar Estate 
there is a quantity of old silver and 
wonderful laces. Many suggestions 
had been made to dispose of these 
valuables, but none were carried out 
for a long time. Last year Mrs. Mc- 


Call, kin of the Williams family, 
proposed that the Alumnae Associa- 
tion buy what remained of the laces, 
for she had sold a few pieces during 
the year, the proceeds to go to the 
Endowment Fund through her. The 
Association decided, since the money 
would go to the Fund, to buy the 
laces which had been marked at ri- 
diculously low prices. Among the 
pieces purchased are two beautiful 
lace handerchiefs and two collars, 
one a small Milan point bertha val- 
ued by an appraiser of laces at $125, 
the other a large bertha valued at 
about one half the price of the 
smaller one. It is planned to have 
these laces valued and mounted. 


It gives me genuine pleasure to 
comply with your President's re- 
quest that I send, through the Book- 
let, a few words of greeting to the 
alumnae and former students of 
Sweet Briar. Many of you I have 
already met and I am anticipating 
knowing all of you in the near fu- 
ture. Already we have a common 
interest in a keen desire to further 
the welfare of Sweet Briar. I came 
to it as its President because I be- 
lieved in what it had accomplished 
in the past and what it promised for 
the future. You have already given 
abundant evidence of your devotion 
to your college by your valiant and 
successful efforts in behalf of the 
endowment fund. What you have 
done is, I feel sure, a pledge of what 
you will do. 

No educational institution to-day 
can properly maintain itself on the 
tuition fees of its students; certainly 
no college can exist without a large 
and stable income derived from state 
or from private endowment, or yet 
more fortunately from a happy com- 
bination of public and private bene- 
faction. The rapid increase of our 

endowment fund is vital not only to 
the progress but to the very exist- 
ence of Sweet Briar as a college of 
first academic ranking. From its lo- 
cation and from its first benefactions 
this college belongs in a certain 
sense to Virginia, but the wide range 
from which it draws its student 
body, including thirty-four of the 
United States, and its loyal alumnae 
scattered _ from the Atlantic to the 
Pacific give it a cosmopolitan char- 
acter which argues well for its fu- 
ture influence and development. If 
the fair promises of the present are 
realized. Sweet Briar should be a 
center of sound learning for women 
from every part of our country. 

The day of isolation in education 
has passed. To-day every school, 
college, and university must under- 
stand that intellectual attainments 
are not for themselves alone, but are 
valuable only when they can be in- 
terpreted in the terms of life and 
that that education is a failure which 
does not enrich the life of the indi- 
vidual and, through the individual, 
the community and national life of 
which he is a part. The college, 
therefore, basing as it does it's cur- 
riculum in the fundamental subjects 
essential to intellectual development, 
should recognize also the complex 
life of to-day and so shape its 
courses of study as to aid women in 
worthily discharging their ^ increas- 
ing community responsibilities. 


Your president, faculty, and trus- 
tees intend to make the degree of 
Sweet Briar College an increasing 
mark of honor and academic distinc- 
tion to those who earn it and an ever 
higher asset to them in their work. 
It is our aim not only to maintain 
the good standards of the past, but 
to develop the college in scientific 
equipment, in library facilities, and 
in the number and variety of courses 
of study so that it will exert an ever 
larger educational influence. Devo- 
tion to the best interest's of the col- 
lege and loyal co-operation on the 
part of Trustees, Faculty, and the 
Association of Alumnae and Former 
Students will surely in the end se- 
cure for Sweet Briar the place which 
it should hold in the educational life 
of this country. To these ends we 
invite your cordial support. 

Emilie W. McVea, 
President of Sweet Briar College. 


Article III. Members 

Sec. 2. — Former students of the 
Academy are eligible to auxiliary 
membership in the Association and 
all the privileges pertaining thereto, 
except that of holding office. 


Article IV. Officers 

Sec. 2. — The President, one other 
officer and two members of the Ex- 
ecutive Committee shall be alumnae. 
The other two officers and the other 
two members of the Executive Com- 
mittee shall be elected from the As- 
sociation at large, exclusive of 

By-Law VI 

All Association members visiting 
Sweet Briar shall be expected to 
abide by Student Government Asso- 
ciation rules. 



Balance September, 1915 . . . $100.00 

Interest on note 1.50 

Pledges from Chapters 508.07 

New York $92.05 

Norfolk 76.75 

Ohio 59-25 

Richmond 53-75 

Chicago 40-55 

Salem-Roanoke . . . 40-37 

Philadelphia 39-45 

Lynchburg 25.00 

Indianapolis 20.00 

Montclair 16.25 

Winston-Salem . . . 1300 
Charlottesville .... 9-00 

Sheboygan 5-^5 

Danville 3-3© 

Louisville 3-25 


ton 3.05 

S. B. C. 7.00 

Dues (individuals not in 

Chapters) 45.50 

Pledges (individuals not in 

Chapters) 58.00 

Sale of Booklets 2.50 

Alumnae Play 95-00 

Total Receipts $810.57 


Stationery $ 11.25 

Express .29 

Stamps 16.00 

Printing 127.46 

Machine to Lynchburg 8.80 

Alumnae Delegate to Cin- 
cinnati 30.10 

Loan for Purchase of Watch 50.20 
Turned Over to Endowment 

Fund 52.90 

Total Expenditures . . $297.00 

Balance June, 1916 $5i3-57 

Katherine Wilson, 
Treasurer, 1915-16. 


Helen Brockett $ 25.00 

Eugenia Buffington 50.00 

Margery Cox 50.00 

Margaret Dressier 25.00 

Mary Herd 25.00 

Margaret Kaufman 25.00 


Helen Lamfrom 50.00 

Elise Lloyd 25.00 

Lucile Marshall 25.00 

Grace Martin 25.00 

Elizabeth Newman 25.00 

Rebekah Fatten 25.00 

Helen Pennock 25.00 

Frances Richardson 35-00 

Barbara Schreier 25.00 

Barbara Shand 25.00 

Sue Slaughter 25.00 

Henrietta Washburn 50.00 

Total $560.00 

The new treasury system urges on 
every former student of Sweet Briar 
the yearly payment of the Associa- 
tion dues of $1.00, or, better still, the 
payment of $25.00 for life member- 
ship. To this end bills have already 
been sent to all girls who have at 
any time attended Sweet Briar and 
we would urge that those who have 
not already done so should remit as 
soon as possible, for it will save the 
Association trouble, expense and 
anxiety if you are prompt. Girls who 
live west of the Mississippi River 
are requested to send money orders 
and not checks, as eastern banks 
charge ten cents for collecting every 
check on a western bank. Flease do 
not think that contributions from 
Chapters take the place of dues. The 
work of the Chapters is most neces- 
sary and we heartily commend and 
encourage it, but we urge that you 


pay your annual dues direct to the 
central Association in addition to 
working with your local Chapter. 
Only in this way can the Association 
keep track of every girl and this is 
a vital necessity in effective organi- 


The question has arisen as to how 
long a girl will be considered an As- 
sociation member if she does not pay 
her dues. It has been suggested that 
after three years her name be 
dropped from the Secretary's and 
Treasurer's books and that her As- 
sociation membership will cease. 


June 5, 1916 — 9 : 00 a.m. 

A special meeting of the Associa- 
tion of Alumnae and Former Stu- 
dents of Sweet Briar College was 
held for the purpose of considering 
an amendment to the Constitution. 
It was proposed that Article IV, Sec- 
tion 2, which reads as follows, be 
amended at the next meeting: "The 
President, the Secretary and two 
members of the Executive Commit- 
tee shall be alumnae. The Vice- 
President, the Treasurer and two 
other members of the Executive 


Committee shall be elected from the 
Association at large, exclusive of 

The question of Association mem- 
bership for the students of the Acad- 
emy was discussed. It was suggested 
that they be admitted as auxiliary 
members of the Association. 

Miss Washburn asked representa- 
tives of various Chapters to prepare 
informal reports of the activities of 
their respective Chapters for the an- 
nual meeting. 

As there was no further business 
to be brought before the Association, 
the meeting was adjourned. 
Anne M. Schutte, 
Secretary pro tem. 

June s, 1916 

The regular annual meeting of the 
Association of Alumnae and Former 
Students was held in the Academic 
Building. The minutes of the 1915 
meeting were read and approved. 
The Chapters having representatives 
present gave informal reports of their 
efforts to raise money for the En- 
dowment Fund. 

* It was suggested that members 
of Chapters send their dues to their 
respective Chapter treasurers, who 
in turn should hand in the money 
together with an itemized report. 
The Association should be respon- 
sible for the collection of dues of 


non-Chapter members. This sugges- 
tion was generally approved, but no 
action was taken. 

*N.B. All dues are to be sent to 
Sue Slaughter, 547 Warren Cres- 
cent, Norfolk, Virginia. 

In considering the amount to be 
raised for the Endowment Fund by 
the Association for the year 1916- 
1917, two thousand dollars was sug- 
gested as a beginning. 

The question of Association mem- 
bership for Academy students which 
had been discussed at the special 
meeting was then reopened. The 
following motion was made and 
carried : 

" Former students of the Acaderny 
are eligible t'o auxiliary membership 
in the Association and all the privi- 
leges pertaining thereto, except that 
of holding office." 

It was moved and carried that Ar- 
ticle IV, Section 2 of the Constitu- 
tion be amended to read as follows: 

" The President, one other officer 
and two members of the Executive 
Committee shall be alumnae. The 
other two officers and the other two 
members of the Executive Commit- 
tee shall be elected from the As- 
sociation at large, exclusive of 

The question of discipline for As- 
sociation members while visiting col- 
lege was then discussed. It was 
moved by Miss Martin and seconded 
by Miss Maurice that the following 


cW be incorporated i„ the B, 

swett" iZ"lZi IT^'" ^-«"' 

-f :td/ Cf ^'enet^cr^ 
member of th^ Aco^ • f- ^^-^ ^ 

lifp r«<.^u . Association, C2) a 
iiie member of tli^ Ao„ • /• ^ -^ ^ 
{■2^ Vfr.^ or tne Association, and 
k3) Honorary Presidenf ,^f +t, a 

Miss ptt^ *' ?"""^' meetings. 


ship iist of the^ILo^cia^t; TT^t 

foi5"o:i„^;"(it™itte? t^'""'"'^"- '"^ 
the dispoMirZtces an7""^f' ' 


&1 ^T^eL-„^re7^l?- '«- 

cers and executive members at tte 

next meeting. The meeting ad- 

Respectfully submitted, 
Anne M. Schutte, 
Secretary pro tern. 

June 6, 1916 

A meeting of the Association of 
Alumnae and Former Students was 
held in the Academic Building. The 
minutes of the annual meeting were 
read and approved. 

The election of Secretary and mem- 
bers of the Executive Committee 
were then held. The result of the 
elections was as follows: Lelia Dew, 
Secretary; Eugenia Buffington and 
Harriet Evans, Alumnae Members of 
the Executive Committee; Grace 
Martin and Dorothy Wallace, Non- 
Alumnae Members of the Executive 

It was moved and carried that an 
amendment to Article IV, Section 2 
of the Constitution be discussed at 
the next annual meeting. The fact 
was brought to the notice of the As- 
sociation that in a vote cast by the 
Executive Committee four votes 
would be cast by Former Students 
and three by Alumnae. 

The President then suggested the 
formation of an Advisory Commit- 
tee of the Association. This is to 
be made up of prominent men and 
women, who can advise us jfinancially 
as well as help us to hold up our 


academic standard. At the will of 
the Association, it was decided that 
such a Committee should be formed. 

It was suggested by Miss Griffin 
that Miss Guion, Dr. Stevenson, Miss 
Chapman, Dr. Crawford, Miss Gay 
Fatteson, Dr. Cross and other per- 
sons who have shown deep interest 
in Sweet Briar, be asked to become 
honorary members of our Associa- 
tion. It was decided to take up the 
matter at the next meeting. 

It was suggested by Miss Grant 
that Resolutions be sent Miss Gay 
Patteson expressing our apprecia- 
tion of her loyal service and unfail- 
ing interest in Sweet Briar since the 
founding of the College, and our re- 
gret because of the recent resigna- 
tion of Miss Patteson as a member 
of the Faculty. 

As there was no further business 
to be brought before the Association, 
the meeting was adjourned. 
Rspectfully submitted, 

Anne M. Schutte, 
Secretary pro tem. 

June 6, 1916 

A meeting of the Academy and 
College students not expecting to re- 
turn to Sweet Briar was held in the 
Chapel. Miss Swain welcomed these 
students into the Association and 
stated that she was glad that there 
was so small a number. There were 
twenty-one present. 


The amendment to the Constitu- 
tion concerning the membership ^ of 
Academy students in the Association 
was read and explained. It was 
shown that, while former Academy 
students have all the privileges of 
the Association with the exception of 
holding office, there is no reason why 
they should not hold office in a 
Chapter of the Association. 

After the purposes and ideals of 
the Association had been explained 
and the co-operation of the new 
members solicited. Membership and 
Endowment Fund Pledge Blanks 
were signed. 

As there was no further business, 
the meeting was adjourned. 
Anne M. Schutte, 
Secretary pro tern. 


On account of the change in ad- 
ministration we offer the following 
resolutions : 

I. Be It Resolved in behalf of the 
Association of Alumnae and Former 
Students of Sweet Briar College that 
we acknowledge the services of Miss 
Benedict as President of Sweet 
Briar. We recognize the difficulties 
of her position in establishing a new 
college, in forming precedents and 
in doing pioneer work. Under her 
administration Sweet Briar has won 


recognition among the ranking col- 
leges. Vassar, Wellesley, Smith and 
Columbia have accepted Sweet Briar 
students for advanced study with 
credit for work done here. Cornell, 
Columbia and Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versities have admitted Sweet Briar 
alumnae to their graduate work. 

II. Be It Resolved, that we express 
our appreciation of what Miss Bene- 
dict has done, not only for Sweet 
Briar, but for us as individuals. We 
know that her resignation means a 
loss to each member of the student 
body. Her influence has been felt in 
every phase of college life, and we 
feel that, whatsoever may be accom- 
plished in the future administration 
of the college, no one can replace for 
us personally the inspiration and 
ideals of Miss Benedict. 

Whereas Miss Gay Patteson has 
been a member of the Faculty since 
the founding of Sweet Briar College, 

Whereas her services have been 
highly valued and deeply appreciated, 

Be It Resolved, that we, the Asso- 
ciation of Alumnae and Former Stu- 
dents of Sweet Briar College, hereby 
express our regret at her resignation, 
that these resolutions be entered 
upon the minutes of the Association 
and that a copy of the same be sent 
to her. 


Chicago Chapter 

The Chicago Chapter Includes, aside 
from the active girls in Chicago, Oak 
Park and Evanston, those Sweet 
Briar girls living in the state of Illi- 
nois, Wisconsin and a part of Michi- 
gan. It is difficult for girls, other 
than those immediately active, to be 
present at the meetings, as most of 
them live at great distances. How- 
ever, if those girls unable to attend 
meetings would just do what they 
can towards the work of the Chap- 
ter, I am sure we could make ours 
one of the strongest Chapters. 

The first luncheon and business 
meeting was held in September, 1915. 
The chief business consisted in the 
election of officers for the coming 
year. Alma Eisendrath was made 
President and Gladys Beyers, Sec- 
retary and Treasurer. 

The second meeting was held in 
December and ways and means of 
raising Endowment Fund money 
were discussed. It was decided to 
work up a Rummage Sale to be 
given some time in the spring. By 
the end of January, however, prac- 
tically all of the girls had left town 
for the winter so that it was quite 
an impossibility to consider any kind 
of a stunt to raise money. 

At the third meeting of the year, 
held the first of May, 1916, it was 
suggested that we send a letter to 
each member of the Chapter ex- 


plaining our predicament and urging 
a donation of $3.00 apiece, or if that 
amount was considered too great, to 
give what she could toward our 
Chapter's Endowment Fund contri- 
bution. Letters were sent to about 
sixty girls and exactly eight were 
heard from ! 

We hope for more enthusiasm and 
a better showing from our Chapter 
this year, and we wish the best of 
luck for all the other Sweet Briar 

Gladys M. Beyers, 

Oak Park Chapter 

After hibernating for a year, the 
Oak Park Chapter again shows signs 
of life that promise an energetic 
year. At the first meeting in Sep- 
tember, plans were made to rent a 
moving-picture theater, the proceeds 
to go to the Endowment Fund. The 
following officers were elected : Presi- 
dent, Rachel Forbush; Secretary, 
Esther Roberts; Treasurer, Edith 

New York Chapter 

The New York Chapter had its 
first meeting the first Monday after- 
noon in October. The result of the 
election of officers was : President, 
Hazel Marshall; Secretary, Dorys 
McConnell ; Treasurer, Eleanor Som- 


mervllle. The President expressed 
her desire for a well-organized, ac- 
tive Chapter. It was planned to 
have old Sweet Briar girls who are 
accomplishing something in the world 
speak to us at our meetings. Eva 
Wright told us stories one afternoon, 
making us pretend that we were little 
children. It was delightful! After 
Christmas Lucile Marshall told us 
something of her work at the New 
Jersey State Reformatory, Chnton, 
N. J. During the spring vacation 
we gave our " Bridge " at the Plaza, 
making about $70. Edith Christie 
and Cornelia Doremus also gave a 
"Bridge" at the Christie residence, 
clearing $16.25. Including our pledges 
of ^22, we handed in $108.30 to the 
Association treasury this year. 

Ohio Chapter 

The annual meeting of the north- 
ern Ohio Chapter of the Association 
of alumnae and Former Students 
was held at the Statler Hotel, Cleve- 
land, Thursday, September 7. The 
following Sweet Briar girls were 
present: Charlotte Seaver, Rosalie 
Feder, Grace MacBain, Laura Port- 
mann, Lois Sauters, Mary Bissell, 
Eleanor Kingsbury Root, Rachael 
Lloyd, Louise Case, Grace Martin, 
Helen Pennock, Olive Cole, Mabel 
Barber, Margaret Grant, Marjorie 


Koler, Florence Gage and Ruth Hul- 

During the past year the Chapter 
raised by voluntary contributions 
the sum of $59.25. We hope that 
the girls will continue to show the 
enthusiasm that characterized our re- 
union luncheon, so that this year we 
can at least double our slim contri- 

The officers for igi6-'i7 are : Laura 
Portmann, President; Louise Case, 
Vice-President; Mary Bissell, Secre- 
tary and Treasurer. 

Margaret Grant, 

Philadelphia Chapter 

The Philadelphia Chapter covers a 
large area, including as members all 
girls living in Pennsylvania east of 
Harrisburg and those from nearby 
states. On account of the wide range 
of territory, only a small number 
find it possible to attend meetings, 
the attendance usually ranging from 
seven to ten. 

Organized in October for the 1915- 
1916 work, the following officers 
were elected: Marian D. Yerkes, 
President; Marian M. Faust, Secre- 
tary ; Barbara Shand, Treasurer. The 
latter resigned and Dorothy Gram- 
mer was elected Treasurer. 

Later a meeting was held in the 
form of a luncheon. The proceeds 
were small, as only seven girls were 

' ' 24 

present. From plans made at this 
meeting Marian Faust obtained 250 
movie ticket's, which a kind manager 
gave us to sell for the Sweet Briar 
Endowment Fund. Besides pledges, 
the Chapter turned in $41.20 to the 
Association treasury. 

Owing to the unsettled conditions 

and the many benefits for foreign 

countries, we didn't do as well as last 

year, but hope to do better this year. 

Marian D. Yerkes. 

Salem- Roanoke Chapter 

This Chapter, as its name implies, 
includes the Sweet Briar girls of 
Roanoke and Salem. It would be 
very glad to include members from 
the vicinity, but there are none. 

Our membership for the past year 
was only seven, but those seven mem- 
bers were loyal and enthusiastic 
ones. We met once a month at the 
homes of the various girls and there 
planned our campaigns and ex- 
changed Sweet Briar news. As for 
the money we raised, — well, in spite 
of our activities we didn't make as 
much as we expected, but we handed 
in about forty dollars in June. We 
made this by presenting Winston 
Wilkinson in a violin recital, sending 
articles to the Xmas Bazaar at Sweet 
Briar, selling old clothes, and private 

However, there is one matter in 


which we feel we should be per- 
mitted to boast. Five sevenths of 
our Chapter attended Commence- 
ment! Can any other Chapter beat 
this record? 

We recognize the importance of 
interesting girls in our College, and 
one of our members has this sum- 
mer procured one and possibly two 
new students for this fall. 

Eugenia W. Griffin. 

Huntington Chapter 

The Huntington Chapter has been 
quite a fizzle this year, as there has 
been no one there to do anything. 
Officers were to have been elected 
during the winter, but various cir- 
cumstances prevented our calling a 
meeting. We are hoping, however, 
to reorganize real soon and we shall 
try to get some Huntington girls to 
go to Sweet Briar this fall, 

Rebekah E. Patton. 

Norfolk Chapter 

The Norfolk Chapter held its first 
meeting for the year 1915-16 the lat- 
ter part of October. The following 
officers were elected : President, Sue 
Slaughter ; Vice-President and Secre- 
tary, Virginia Ethredge Hitch ; Treas- 
urer, Edith Hyslop. A plan was 
made to raise a certain sum of 


money regularly each month, but un- 
fortunately we failed to carry out 
the plan. The money which we were 
able to make was raised by two cake 
sales in the Central Market, a sub- 
scription card-party and the fiUing 
of penny-slips. 

Four meetings were held during 
the year, at two of which we were 
delighted to have two of our out-of- 
town members, Almeria Barley from 
Hampton and Elkanah East Taylor 
from Driver. Our Chapter still em- 
braces only the cities of Norfolk and 
Portsmouth. In May we had a visit 
from Miss Coale, the Board's Pub- 
licity Secretary. Miss Coale spoke 
to the graduating class of the Nor- 
folk High School about colleges in 
general and Sweet Briar in par- 

Marie Lorton has moved to Nor- 
folk and became an interested Chap- 
ter member last year. In April 
Frances Murrell was married to Mr. 
Evringham Rickards and she is now 
living in Norfolk. Carolyn Gwath- 
mey was married to Lieutenant Lyal 
Ament Davidson on June 3. 

Sue R. Slaughter. 

Lynchburg Chapter 

The Lynchburg Chapter consists of 

fourteen Lynchburg girls, who with 

Daisy Guggenheimer as President 

and Jean Alexander as Secretary 


and Treasurer held three meetings 
during the past year. A chain letter 
was formed with considerable suc- 
cess, although the Chapter did not 
realize as much this year as they 
wished. The coming year they hope 
to swell the Sweet Briar Endow- 
ment Fund with many shining pen- 

Richmond Chapter 

The Richmond Chapter was or- 
ganized — or rather reorganized-|-in 
December, 1914, and has about thirty 
nominal members. As usual, how- 
ever, with such organizations, only 
a few attend meetings regularly and 
really work; so we think that we 
have a pretty good meeting when 
there are sixteen or eighteen present. 

We have been working during the 
past year on the problem of better 
organization and we have been try- 
ing to arouse interest and enthusiasm 
for our work of raising money. 

Our girls took a prominent and 
creditable part in the big Shake- 
spearan pageant given here last May. 
They took charge of several booths 
in the Bartholomew (London) Fair 
and also presented parts of "Love's 
Labour Lost." I was appointed 
chairman of our Pageant Commit- 
tee and directed the play. Louise 
Hooper was leading lady. Whereas 
we didn't gain a thing financially, we 
did secure recognition for our little 


Chapter among the other college 
clubs and alumnae associations _ in 
town, which seems to be just as im- 
portant for Sweet Briar at this time. 

The Richmond Chapter sent in to 
the Association treasurer about $50, 
which was raised as follows : Penny- 
slips, $5; "Bridge" party $35, and 
the balance from dues. 

The officers for this year are: 
Bessie Whittet, President; Mary 
Johnston, Vice-President ; Emma 
Morriss, Secretary; Anna Beveredge, 
Treasurer. Emma Morriss, 



Dr. Mary K. Benedict has resigned 
the Presidency of the College and 
has been succeeded by Miss Emilie 
W. McVea, A.B. and A.M. George 
Washington University, Litt'.D. Uni- 
versity of Cincinnati. 

Miss E. M. Morenus has taken 
Miss Patteson's place as head of the 
Department of Mathematics, and 
Miss Mary Searle, A.B. Wellesley 
College, Instructor in Mathematics, 
has succeeded Miss Morenus. 

Miss Leonora Neuffer, A.B., Ph.D. 
University of Cincinnati, is Asso- 
ciate Professor of Chemistry. 

Miss Rowland is absent from Col- 
lege for an indefinite length of time 
on account of ill health. 


Miss Edith Fisk, A.B. Wellesley 
College, has succeeded Miss Whittier 
as Instructor in Biology. 

Miss Josephine Simrall, A.B. Wel- 
lesley College, is Associate Professor 
of Psychology. 

Miss Josephine Guion, A.B., Wel- 
lesley College, graduate of Welles- 
ley School of Hygiene, is Director 
of Physical Training. 

Miss Elizabeth Pryor, B.S. Iowa 
State College, is head of the Depart- 
ment of Home Economics. 

Miss Maria Collins, A.B. Univer- 
sity of Cincinnati, A.M. Radcliffe 
College is Instructor in History. 

Miss Young, who was absent from 
College last year on account of her 
health, has returned and is again Di- 
rector of the Department of Music. 

Mr. H. S. Worthington, who has 
spent the last two years in the De- 
partm.ent of Romance Languages, 
Johns Hopkins University, has re- 
turned this year to Sweet Briar. 

Miss Gascoigne is in charge of the 
Physical Training at Ossining this 

Miss Cheney has gone to China as 
a teacher. 

Mrs. Anna McCall is planning to 
spend two or three years in Cali- 


fornla. Her address will be Care E. 
Blackburn and Company, 68 Broad 
St., New York City. 


1910 — Eugenia Griffin is teaching 
in the Richmond High School this 
year. Louise Hooper spent August 
near Luray, Virginia, doing moun- 
tain vacation-school work. She is 
again teaching Latin at the John 
Marshall High School, Richmond, as 
well as being actively interested in 
the Roof -garden Playgrounds and 
Camp-fire work in the slums. Nan 
Powell declined an Associate Pro- 
fessorship at the Virginia State 
Normal School, Farmville, and is 
now teaching English in the Sa- 
vannah High School. Frances Mur- 
rell is now Mrs. Everingham Rick- 

191 1 — Josephine Murray is now 
Mrs. John Whitman Joslin, Jr. 
Alma Booth is still in Japan doing 
missionary work. 

1912 — Last year Nelle Keller taught 
Latin and German at All Saints* Col- 
lege, Vicksburg, Mississippi, and this 
year she is working for her master's 
degree at the University of Michi- 
gan, — taking graduate work in Zool- 
ogy and Latin. Frances Matson is 
again teaching at the Fairmount 


School, Monteagle, Tennessee. After 
leaving college, Loulie Wilson taught 
at St". Margaret's Hall, Boise, Idaho. 
Last year she was head of the Latin 
Department at the Winthrop Normal 
College of South CaroHna, during a 
year's leave of absence of the regu- 
lar professor. This year she is teach- 
ing at the Cathedral School, Or- 
lando, Florida. 

1913 — Elizabeth Franke took her 
M.S. degree last year from the Uni- 
versity of Louisville, majoring in 
chemistry and physics. During the 
summer of 1916 she made analyses 
in analytical blood chemistry in a 
chemistry laboratory in Louisville. 
This year she is doing graduate work 
in physiological chemistry and bac- 
teriology at Columbia University. 
Bessie Grammer is teaching history 
and physical training at the Holman 
School, Philadelphia. She is also 
taking a course in physical training 
at^ Temple University, Philadelphia, 
this year. After leaving College 
Ruth Houser taught French at 
Lombard College, Galesburg, Illi- 
nois. Last year she ran a tea-room, 
called the " Peacock Inn " in mem- 
ory of dear old " Cecil." Mary Pink- 
ert'on is studying in the Department 
of Romance Languages, Johns Hop- 
kins University, doing graduate work 
in French, Spanish and Italian. Mar- 
garetha Ribble spent the summer in 


the Adirondacks working in a tuber- 
culosis sanitarium. This winter she 
is continuing her study of medicine 
at the Cornell University Medical 
School. Mayo Thach was Dramatic 
Counsellor at Camp Tohoma, New- 
Hampshire, this summer. Mary Tyler 
taught at Fargo College, N. D,, dur- 
ing the years 1914-15 and 1915-16. 
She was married to Mr. Edward H. 
Cole June 2.2, 1916. Rebecca White 
is in Baltimore collecting statistics 
on infant mortality for the United 
States Children's Bureau. 

1914 — Elizabeth Green is teaching 
this year in the Roanoke Public 
Schools. Ellen Hayes is taking a 
two years' course in hygiene and 
physical education at Wellesley. Just 
a bit of gossip on the side! In the 
trials for the Dramatic Club's play 
at Wellesley, "Jim" made the lead- 
ing man's part. Vive la S. B. C. ! 
Ruth Maurice is continuing her study 
in cHnical pathology and is also doing 
graduate work at Columbia Univer- 
sity. Laura Portmann is again work- 
ing with the Associated Charities of 
Cleveland. Katherine Wilson, ex-'i4, 
is teaching English in the Westport 
High School, Kansas City, Mo. 

191 5— Harriet Evans is again teach- 
ing in the Amherst High School. 
Margaret Grant is studying for her 
master's degree in Sociology and 

Statistics at Columbia University. 
Frances Pennypacker is in charge of 
the laboratory of the Suburban Gen- 
eral Hospital, Bellevue, Pa. Since 
leaving Sweet Briar she took a sum- 
mer course at the Marine Biological 
Laboratory, Woods Hole, Mass., and 
studied serology and clinical pathol- 
ogy at the laboratory of the Phila- 
delphia Polyclinic. Anne Schutte is 
again research assistant to Professor 
E. G. Conklin, head of the Depart- 
ment of Biology, Princeton Univer- 
sity. Louise Weisiger is again at 
the John Marshall High School, 
Richmond, teaching Latin. Margaret 
Brooke, ex-'i5, is doing social work 
at the College Settlement, Philadel- 
phia. During July and August she 
had charge of the Baby's Rest Yard, 
an organization which is supported 
by the Wellesley Club. Flora Howe, 
ex-'i5, received her A.B. degree from 
Northwestern University in 1915. 
After graduating in the piano and 
pipe-organ at the Cincinnati Con- 
servatory of Music, Helen Nichol- 
son, ex-' 1 5, took up concert work. 
Lei Red, ex-'i5, took her A.B. de- 
gree from the Rice Institute, Texas, 
in 1916 and from a class of thirty- 
five, was one of six to receive de- 
grees with distinction. Eleanor Som- 
merville, ex-'i5, was married to Mr. 
Ra3miond Head Hatch, October 7, 
1916. Dorothy Taylor, ex-'i5, will 
be Nature Study counsellor at a 


camp In Florida during January and 

1916 — Margaret Banister is doing 
graduate work at the University of 
Louisville. Louise Bennett is mak- 
ing her debut this winter. Zalinda 
Brown is coaching the High School 
basketball team in Camden, Arkan- 
sas. Ellen Howison is teaching a 
high school class in the Public Night 
School in Staunton. Besides doing 
social service work with the Well- 
fare League, she is also helping in 
the organization of a Y. W. C. A. in 
Staunton. Rachel Forbush, ex-'i6, 
after finishing a library course at 
Western Reserve University in Cleve- 
land, has been made head of the 
South Branch Library, Oak Park. 
Harriet Harrison, ex-'i6, is a senior 
at the New Haven Normal School 
for Physical Training. After leav- 
ing Sweet Briar, Mary Lillias Johns 
attended Missouri for two years and 
last year took her A.B. degree at the 
University of Michigan. She is now 
teaching Latin and German in the 
High School at St. Ignace, Michigan. 
Marjorie Johnson, ex- 16, graduated 
last June from the Art School in 
Philadelphia, where she has been 
studying painting and illustrating. 
Dorothy Lydecker, ex-'i6, studied 
music for a year after leaving Sweet 
Briar at the Institute of Musical Art, 
New York City. This year she is a 


senior at Barnard College. Dorys 
McConnell, ex-'i6, who had been 
studying at Columbia University, was 
forced to give up her work for a 
time on account of serious illness, 
but we are glad to learn that her 
health is very much improved this 
fall. Grace Minor, ex-'i6, who taught 
kindergarten last year, is again tak- 
ing it up this year. Annie White, 
ex- 16, took her A.B. degree at Smith 
College last spring. Edna Rigg was 
married recently to Mr. A. T. Brown, 
of State College, Pa. 

1917 — The following bits of news 
have been heard about ex-members 
of '17. Edith Christie is President 
of the Kimberley School Alumnae 
Association. Nancy Munce was mar- 
ried last summer to Mr. Herbert 
Erskine Jones, of Oak Hill, West 
Virginia. Marianna McKee is teach- 
ing kindergarten in Hibbing, Minne- 
sota. Eleanor Pinkerton will receive 
her B.S. degree from the School of 
Practical Arts, Teachers College, 
New York City. She is majoring 
in foods and cooking. Dorothy Pur- 
cell is taking her second year at the 
Sargent School for Physical Train- 
ing. Last June she won the tennis 
championship at Sargent. Barbara 
Schreier is spending her second year 
at the National Kindergarten Col- 
lege, Chicago. Louise Sprague was 
married to Mr. Julian Chesney 
Brooks on October 14, 1916. She 


will live in Newell, Iowa. After 
leaving Sweet Briar, Jane Tyler at- 
tended Fargo College for two years. 
Serious eye trouble has interrupted 
the work of her senior year. 

1918 — What some of the ex-mem- 
bers of '18 are doing. Priscilla Brown 
is studying at the Sargent School of 
Physical Training in Boston. Since 
leaving Sweet Briar, Imogene Burch 
has been studying journalism at the 
University of Wisconsin. Amy El- 
liott is studying at the University of 
Michigan this year. Charlotte More 
is taking a pre-medical course at 
Syracuse University. Ruth Plain and 
Elizabeth Wilson are juniors at Vas- 
sar College. Ethel Tomb is now 
Mrs. Paul S. Emerson, 

Elizabeth Spahr is studying art at 
the School of Fine Arts, New York 
City. She is living at the College 
Settlement where she is doing vol- 
unteer work. 

Eleanor Furman spent the summer 
travelling as Field Secretary for the 
Women's Suffrage League. 

Antoinette Johnson is Assistant in 
Mathematics at Miss Beard's School 
in Orange, N. J. 

Sarah Arnold is Supervisor of 
Sewing in the Brockton Public 


Ruth Schabacker studied vocal mu- 
sic at the Louisville Conservatory, 
Ky., during the winter of 1915-16. 

Virginia Miller is a Sophomore at' 
the University of Texas. 

After leaving Sweet Briar, Ama- 
zetta Northcott went to Miss Co- 
pen's School, Northampton, Mass. 

Marguerite Waite is studying do- 
mestic science at the National School 
of Domestic Arts and Sciences, 
Washington, D. C. She is also study- 
ing the violin under Anton Kaspar. 

Since leaving Sweet Briar Mildred 
Waite studied at the Institute of 
Musical Art and took a course in 
violin in the New York College of 
Music under DeVaux Royer. Last 
year she did concert work and this 
year she is one of a trio of violin, 
"cello and piano. 

Last June Eugenia Hafner grad- 
uated from the Normal Course of 
Miss Church's Art School in Chi- 
cago. ^ This year she is specializing 
in design. 

Margaret Lewis has had some in- 
teresting experiences raising fancy 
chickens. This year her flock of 
o\er two hundred was very success- 
ful. She has also been making 
leather novelties for art-shops. 


After leaving Sweet Briar Mar- 
gery Cox studied music for two 
years. She is now studying story- 
telling with Mrs. Cronan of the 
Boston Public Library and Museum 
of Art and is working with munici- 
pal and settlement classes. 

Eppie Moss is Athletic Director at 
Virginia College at Roanoke. She 
is also doing active work there as a 
member of the staff of the Y. W. 
C. A. 

Christine Brown is continuing her 
study of interior decorating at the 
School of Design in Detroit. 

Esther Clark is teaching this win- 
ter in Clendenin, West Virginia. 

Rafaela Tennent is studying this 
year at the University of Chicago. 

Fanita Ferris attended the Univer- 
sity of Wisconsin last year and this 
year is going to Knox College. 

Mary Osborne is now Mrs. Guy 
Carlton Steeves. 

Ella Wood was married this sum- 
mer to Mr. Joseph Stanley Gibson. 

Margaret Caldwell was married to 
Mr. Benjamin Linton Dall, of River 
Forest, 111. 


Eva Wright is teaching in the Ex- 
tension Department at Columbia 
University. She studied the art of 
telling stories to children. 

Elisabeth Rickard is studying at 
the School of Applied Music, New 
York City. She is also operating 
wireless under an amateur, license. 

After studying for two years at 
the National Kindergarten College, 
Chicago, Mary Moore is teaching in 
the Lake Geneva public schools in 

Georgena Sellar is at DePauw Uni- 
versity, Greencastle, Indiana. 

Julia Jean Nelson is in New York 
City doing social service work. 

Pauline Staehlin has been taking 
a business course at the Charleston 
High School. 

Agnes Hood took her A.B. degree 
from Goucher College in 1916. She 
was married to Mr. Herman Arthur 
Gronemeyer on October 25, 1916. 

Mrs. Katharine McDonald Pem- 
ber is spending the winter in New 
York at the National Arts Club. 

The following engagements have 
recently been announced: Eugenia 


Euffington, '13, to Mr. Russell Wal- 
cott, of Evanston; Charlotte Kile to 
Mr. Williams Jenkins ; Adah Schafer 
tc Mr. Leo Smith, of Houston; 
Margaret Sauer to Mr. Allen Wal- 
lace, of Oak Park; Sallie Watson to 
Mr. Albert Robertson Tebo. Louise 
Kimball's engagement has been an- 
nounced recently. 

Kathleen Hodge, Georgena Sellar, 
Charlotte Kile and Kathleen Logan 
gave a subscription dance in Paris 
in September and cleared $75 for the 
Endowment Fund. 


The Executive Committee of the 
Student Government Association for 
1916-1917 is as follows: Virginia 
Sandmeyer, President; Louise Case, 
Vice-President ; Marianne Martin, 
Secretary; Mary Bissell, Treasurer; 
House-Presidents, Jane Henderson 
(Carson), Janetta FitzHugh (Man- 
son), Elizabeth Lowman (Gray). 

Some of the plays given at College 
last year were : " A Single Man " by 
1916, "Mice and Men" by 1919, 
"Prunella," "Green Stockings," pre- 
sented by the Wizzards, the Acad- 
emy Dramatic Association, and re- 
vivals of "A Twig o' Thorn" and 
" Cricket on the Hearth." The final 
play was " As You Like It." 


The Association of Alumnae and 
Former Students presented "A Man 
from Mexico" last commencement 
under the direction of Ruth Maurice 
The alumnae play has been a suc- 
cess for the past few years and has 
doubtless been estabhshed as an event 
on the Fmals Program. 

The Queen of the May for 1915- 
1916 was Rebecca Stout. The May 
Day Dance was omitted last year 
and a pageant in the Dell was added 
tc the usual May pole dances. 


Our year I9i5-'i6 for the Young 
Women s Christian Association really 
began at the Blue Ridge Conference 
held m June. There we gained an 
inspiration that has carried us 
through the year and communicated 
Itself to the whole Association. We 
learned that Sweet Briar was one of 
eight colleges in the South Atlantic 
^leld entitled to a member on the 
Annual Member Committee of the 
student Department. We elected our 
member then and there and the As- 
sociation recognized our election. 
Ihis officer has done a great deal 
toward keeping us in touch with 
other associations because, on account 
of our isolated location, we are a 


little apt to forget that we are only 
one out of a great many associa- 
tions under the National Board. 

Those of you old girls who used 
to walk to the Indian Mission once 
a week will be sorry to hear that on 
account of change in schedule in col- 
lege and continual bad weather our 
visits to the Mission have been very 
irregular. We have, however, fin- 
ished a $400 Mission House for Miss 
Bloxton and her sister so that their 
living accommodations are a little bit 
more comfortable than they had 

Our foreign mission work still 
consists in keeping a cot in a hos- 
pital in China. We realize that there 
is a great difference in our budget, 
between the amounts given to home 
and foreign missions, and hope to 
remedy it in the next few years. 

To tell of our year's work and not 
mention Jubilee would be to omit 
the most vital thing during the year. 
We were unable to get an outside 
speaker, but we, who had learned 
something of Miss Grace Dodge, 
tried to tell the others of this won- 
derful woman and her remarkable 
life. Our monetary contribution to 
the Memorial Fund was small, but 
we hope and believe that the knowl- 
edge of what Miss Dodge was and 
did will cause our Sweet Briar As- 
sociation to put forth its best efforts 


it-' living up to the aim of following 
Jesus Christ. ^ 

Genie M. Steele, '17, 

The Cabinet of the Y. W C A 
for 1916-1917 is as follows: jane 
Henderson President; Genie Steele, 
Vice-President; Marianne Martin 
pf ff^'?>'^ Louise Case, Treasurer; 
Bertha Pfister Ch. Social Service 

rZ''^Vr?\'''"' Ch- Extension 
Com. ; Rachel Lloyd, Ch. Missionary 
Com. : Vivienne Barkalow, Ch. So- 
cial Com.; Eleanor Smith, Ch. Lib- 
rary and Information Com. ; Cath- 
erine Marshall, Ch. Conference 

sWriom""_^^^^- ^^-^- 


..?.Tf i^"^"" r^' w^" be inter- 
ested to kno^v that the College now 
holds three mter-collegiate records 
which have been officially recognized 

w1./''ti?''^ ^" f^ ^P^^^^"^ cata- 
logue. The records are as follows : 

^llen Hayes, 14; Running Broad 
Jump 16 ft. 5 in., Ellen Hayes, '14; 
Hurdles, 60 yd. -42 ft. 9.5 in., Ellen 
Howison, '16. 

The Sweet Briar College Shot-out 
record held by Ruth Maurice, '14 
at 28 ft II m., was broken by To- 
sephine Reeves of the Academy at 
30 It. 2 in. "^ 


CURRENT EVENTS, 1915-1916 

Many alumnae have very probably 
never heard of the Current Events 
Club. The past year has seen the 
firm establishment and success of 
the Club. For years Miss Caroline 
Sparrow has been working over and 
planning such an organization, and 
at last, through her tireless efforts 
and Amy Elliott's executive ability, 
" Current Events " is an accom- 
pHshed fact. The Club is run en- 
tirely by the students, who elect each 
year a president, vice-president, sec- 
retary and treasurer. 

The aim of the organization is to 
bring the Sweet Briar students in 
touch with the events of the day, or, 
in other words, contemporary his- 
tory. Students give short talks at 
the weekly meetings and outside lec- 
turers occasionally address the Club. 

The inter-class debates were set on 
foot by " Current Events " in order 
to further college and class spirit 
and to cultivate the student's power 
of public speaking. The Sophomore 
class with Amy Elliott as captain of 
the team won this year's champion- 

Those who have the good of Sweet 
Briar at heart will see in the success 
of the Current Events Club that the 
College is progressing in the right 

Marianne R. Martin. 


There are over two hundred and 
fifty girls at Sweet Briar this year 
and more than half this number is in 
the College. The dormitories, chapel 
and refectory are filled and as for the 
Academic Building-it is simply 
overflowing. But the greatest crowd- 
ing IS in the Library. There Miss 
Brown has so many books that she 
can scarcely find room for the girls. 
Shelves, holding about six thousand 
volumes, hne all four walls and fill 
one third of the room. Miss McVea 
^as presented her private hbrary of 

f.''^i!l''i?'^'^u^°°^' ^"^ ^s planning 
to add five hundred more as a me- 
morial. Another memorial library 
ot one thousand volumes is promised 
by a member of the Faculty. When 
these new books arrive, where will 
they be housed? Can't somebody in- 
fluence a Carnegie to give Sweet 
Briar a Library? A chapel is dread- 
fully needed, too, and more than all 
else the need of another Academic 
Building IS acute. All this spells the 
need of money and yet money is the " 
easiest thing to get We already 
have the spirit, ideals, traditions, stu- 
dents and standards which go to 
make the finest of colleges, and, 
though a milhon dollars would make 
just a fair beginning in supplying 
the_ many things we need, it is far 
easier to secure money than ideals, 
bo pay your Association dues and 
make whatever contribution you can 


to the Endowment Fund, thereby 
showing the true Sweet Briar spirit 
and helping the cause. 


You all remember the bazaars which 
•Miss Carroll and Miss McLaws have 
held for the Tea House since the be- 
ginning of time. Well, this year they 
have consented to let the Alumnae 
and Former Students have a table of 
fancy articles to be sold for the En- 
dowment Fund. Of course, we de- 
pend on you, every one of you, to 
send the things we will sell. Any- 
thing you v/ould give your friends 
for Christmas will be most welcome, 
but we would prefer several inex- 
pensive articles to one expensive one ; 
two selling for a dollar or less are 
better than one at two dollars, as you 
will readily realize when you re- 
member your own flat purse just 
before Christmas at Sweet Briar. 
Please mark the price on each of 
your articles and send by mail to 
Marianne Martin, Sweet Briar, be- 
fore November 27, as the Bazaar 
takes place on December 4. This is 
a splendid opportunity for every one 
of us to help without importuning 
our friends as we all hate to do. 
Girls who are not connected with any 
Chapter will find the Bazaar the 
easiest method of helping the As- 
sociation in an organized way. We 


urge every old girl to send at least 
one contribution and so make our 
table a success. 

N.B. A charge of ten cents* is still 
made on all express packages at 
Sweet Briar, so please remember to 
send your package by parcels post. 


The Editor-in-Chief of the Briar 
Patch for 1916-1917 is Charlotte 
Seaver and the Business Manager is 
Vivienne Barkalow. Send subscrip- 
tions ($3.50) and contributions for 
the Annual to either of the above 

Subscriptions to the Magazine may 
be sent to the Business Manager, 
Eleanor Smith. Isabel Wood is 
Alumnae Editor and will be very 
grateful for news of any kind from 
either Chapters or individuals. 

Try to send your contribution to 
the Xmas Bazaar early. The date of 
the Bazaar is December 4. Address 
all packages to Marianne Martin, 
Sweet Briar, and send by parcel post. 

All Chapter Secretaries are re- 
quested to send a complete list of the 
names and addresses of their re- 
spective Chapter members to Lelia 
Dew, Wytheville, Virginia, and Sue 


Slaughter, 547 Warren Crescent, 
Norfolk, Virginia. 

Chapter Treasurers will please send 
a clear statement of all moneys for- 
warded to the Association Treasurer, 
Sue Slaughter, being especially care- 
ful to specify the exact amounts in 
case dues or pledges should be in- 
cluded in the contributions. Chap- 
ters are urged not to put off sending 
in contributions until the end of the 
year. The Association Treasury has 
its money on interest and it is, there- 
fore, important that funds should be 
turned over to the central treasury 
at once. 

Girls who are not directly con- 
nected with a Chapter can help in a 
very real way by promptly paying 
their annual dues and by sending to 
the Xmas Bazaar at Sweet Briar, 
December 4, as many fancy articles 
as possible. 

Will all those who receive this 
Booklet kindly send a correction of 
any mistakes noticed to Marian 
Peele, Sweet Briar, at once? It is 
almost impossible to keep up a cor- 
rect list of names and addresses un- 
less the Association members feel the 
responsibility of doing their share. 
This is the third year that the Book- 
let has been published and if you 
have not received the other copies 


it was doubtless on account of an 
incorrect address. If you know of 
any old girl who has not received 
this year's Booklet, kindly send her 
name to Lelia Dew, Wytheville, Vir- 


Loulie Antrim Mason, Ellen, Oc- 
tober, 1914, 
Margaret Baker Shedd, son, July, 


Anna Barley Baldwin, Elizabeth 

Hanson, February, 1915. 

Kinney Bell Valz, Randolph M., 

October, 1914. 

Annie Beall Pritchett, son. 

Helen Beye Hamilton, Gurden 

H., Jr., April, 1916. 

Walker Bradford Bledsoe, son. 

Mary Brooke Grant, daughter, 

March, 1915. 

Sarah Browne Dunbar, daughter, 

September, 1915. 

Flora Bryan Caldwell, George 

Bryan, March, 1915. 

Bessie Carothers Wayne, Eliza- 
beth Carothers, January, 1915. 

Marie Chamberlaine Thornell, 


Marian Grain McDuell, daughter. 

Annie Cummock Miller, Frances 

Cummock, November, 1914. 

Ruth Dowd Gross, Ruth Dowd, 

June, 1915. 

Marguerite Drew Groover, Mar- 
guerite and Martha Elizabeth. 


Helen Earle Lyda, E. R., Jr., 

1913; Edwin Earle, 1911. 

Elkannah East Taylor, son, 1913. 

Faye Elliott Pogue, Patricia, 

April, 1914; John Crawford, Jr., 

October, 1915. 
Lillian Foster Fargo, daughter, 

August, 1915. 

Hortense Gibbons Gilbert, son. 

Ruth Gibson Venning, Wm. L., 

Jr., September, 1914. 
Mary Grover Gregg, Charlotte 

Ward, May, 1915- 

Ruth Hancock Murrell, son. 

Rosalind Heins Freund, son. 

Eloise Hirst Couper, son, March, 


Eva Hurt Simms, daughter. 

Mary Jones Ramsey, Howard, Jr., 

July, 1913. ^ ^ . 

Eleanor Kingsbury Root, Paul 

Crawford, Jr., March 16, 1916. 
Ina Larkins Edwards, Charles L. 

Oliver, 1909; Percy, Jr., 1912. 
Lillian Lloyd Thayer, Raymond, 

Jr., November, 1913. 
Lou Emma McWhorter Carroll, 

Miriam, August, 1913. 
Mary Louise McClintock Norton, 

Nathan McClintock, 1915. 

Helen Monash Hirsch, son. 

Vivian Mossman Groves, Eileen, 

April 28, 1916. 
Lila Bess Olin Morgan, Julia; 

Evel3m Owens Apple, Gwendo- 


Hilda Perry Whitaker, Madison 

Newton, September, 1915. 

Liiima Pfeiffer Becker, son. 

Kitty Quinby Castle, daughter. 

Ida Ross LeBlanc, Jane Stewart, 

April, 19 14. 

Kathleen Sexton Spiller, Kath- 
leen, 1913. 

Marguerite Shaf er Witmer, Ches- 
ter, Jr., June, 1915. 

Virginia Shoop PhiUips, John, 

Jr., June, 1915. 

Mary Sprinkel Taylor, Ellen 

Warren, September, 1915. 

Mary Sutherland Baker, Rose- 
mary, June, 1915. 

Reba Stephenson Kelly, son, Au- 
gust, 1914. 

Alary Clifton Tabb George, Jane 

Carey, July, 1915. 

Margaret Thomas Patton, Ann 

Elizabeth, 1913; Charlotte Holmes, 

Carey Valentine Cutchine, Cary, 

Ann Elise Van Bibber Reckard, 

Elizabeth Ann, June, 1914. 

Estelle Weslow Pallac, son. 

Velma White Hostetter, Hor- 

tense Vivian, November, 191 1. 
Elsie Zaegel Thomas, Thomas H. 




Please report promptly any changes 
respecting yourself and others to 
Marion Peele, Sweet Briar, Va. 
* denotes death. 

Abbott, Virginia, 2209 Sixteenth Ave- 
nue, South, Birmingham, Ala. 

Abraham, Faye, Southern Pines, 
North Carolina. 

Abraham, Mary, Southern Pines, 
North Carolina. 

Abrams, Marie, 614 West 157th St., 
Kanawah Court, New York City. 

Adams, Dorothy, 35 Arlington Street, 
Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Adams, Emma Lawson, 1837 Monu- 
ment Avenue, Richmond, Virginia. 

Adkins, Maria, 824 Park Ave., Rich- 
mond, Va. 

Alexander, Jeanne, 1004 Court St., 
Lynchburg, Virginia. 

Allen, Dorothy, 1616 Fourteenth 
Avenue, South, Birmingham, Ala- 

Lucia Allen, Covington, Virginia. 


*Allen, Mary, Houston, Texas. 

Allen, Nina, 934 West Pike Street, 
Clarksburg, West Virginia. 

Allison, Mary Bertha, Riverview, 
Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Altschuler, Frances, 242 Summit 
Avenue, Hackensack, New Jersey. 

Ambuhl, Martina, Mrs. Eugene Bird 
Martineau, 107 North Raymond 
Street, Marinette, Wisconsin. 

Anderson, Elizabeth, 310 Washing- 
ton Street, Lynchburg, Virginia. 

Anderson, Florence, St. Martins, 
Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Anderson, Hester, St. Martins, Chest- 
nut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Antrim, Loulie, Mrs. John Mason, 
Rivermont Avenue, Lynchburg, 

Archibald, Marie, 616 North Jeffer- 
son Street, Carrollton, Alissouri. 

Armistead, Velma, Mrs. James Lush 
Alcorn Russell, 1557 Peabody Ave- 
nue, Memphis, Tennessee. 

Armstrong, Mary Martha, 300 Lex- 
ington Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Armstrong, Katherine, 180 South 
22d Street, Paris, Texas. 

Arnold, Sarah Louise, Montello, 

Atcheson, Elizabeth, Mrs. Ray B. 
Plumer, Beaver, Pennsylvania. 

Atkinson, Clara, care Prof. A. F. 
Atkinson, Cornell University, Ith- 
aca, New York. 

Austin, Aileen, Mrs. Aileen Austin 
Hayes, 317 Maverick Grove, San 
Antonio, Texas. 


Austin, Dorothy, 317 Maverick 
Grove, San Antonio, Texas. 

Avirett, Dunbar, Rose Hill, Cumber- 
land, Maryland. 

Babcock, Alice Guion, Box No. 320, 

Columbia, South Carolina. 
Babcock, Helen, Jefferson, Ohio. 
Bacharach, Marion, 312 Twentieth 

Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 
Bacon, Florence, Box No. 1367, 

Boise, Idaho. 
Bailey, Almeria, R. F. D. No. i, 

Hampton, Virginia. 
Baker, Clara Belle, 913 South Sixtti 

Street, Springfield, Illinois. 
Baker, Elizabeth, Tarboro, North 

Baker, Helen, 303 Freemason Street, 

Norfolk, Virginia. 
Baker, Margaret, Mrs. Rudolf Shedd, 

Wallis Apartment House, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 
Baldwin, Beatrix, Mrs. Leicester C. 

Lewis, 115 Fulton Street, New 

York City. 
■ Ball, Ellen, Rio Vista, Virgmia. 
Ball, Geraldine, 250 Hyde Park 

Avenue, Tampa, Florida. 
Balsley, Louise, Reidsville, North 

Bancroft, Dorothy, 908 East High 

Street, Springfield, Ohio. 
Banks, Mildred, Heran Hernando, 

Banister, Margaret (1916), The 
Puritan, Louisville, Kentucky. 


Banister, Edna, 12 Tazewell Ave- 
nue, Roanoke, Virginia. 

Barber, Mabel, 519 Cleveland Ave- 
nue, Canton, Ohio. 

Barber, Julia, 319 West io6th Street, 
New York City. 

Barber, Mary, 165 Broadway, New 
York City. 

Barbour, Florence, Maysville, Ken- 

Barley, Anna, Mrs. William Frazier 
Baldwin, 211 North Washington 
Street, Alexandria, Virginia, 

Barkalow, Vivienne, 1447 Gilpin St., 
Denver, Colorado. 

Barnett, Ruth, 522 Harrison Street, 
Lynchburg, Virginia. 

Barr, Jeanette, Mrs. Arthur L. Der- 
by, 1622 Sixth Street, New Or- 
leans, Louisiana. 

Barret, Gwendolyn, Louisa, Va. ^. 

Barrow, Lucile, Blackstone, Virginia. 

Barry, Myrel, 344 Water Avenue, 
Idaho Falls, Idaho. 

Barton, Isabel Jane, 141 Warm 
Springs Avenue, Boise, Idaho. 

Battey, Alice, 318 East Gaston Street, 
Savannah, Georgia. 

Bauer, Marie, 1313 Fourth Avenue, 
Portsmouth, Ohio. 

Baugher, Byrnina, 38 North Fulton 
Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland. 

Baxter, Margaret, Oak Hall, Lima, 

Baylor, Elizabeth, Lockhaven, Nor- 
folk, Virginia. 

Baylor, Rosalie, Lockhaven, Norfolk, 


Bayly, Eva, 668 West Twenty-eighth 
Street, Los Angeles, California. 

Beach, Mary, 98 Macon St., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

Beacom, Elizabeth, Greensburg, Pa. 

Beadles, Louise, Greenbriar Apart- 
ments, West'over Avenue, Norfolk, 

Beahm, Louise, Port Carbon, Penn- 

Beall, Annie, Mrs. Prickett, Mt. Ver- 
non, N. Y. 

Beavers, Jessie, 205 McGraw Avenue, 
Grafton, West Virginia. 

Becker, Josephine, 919 Hyde Park 
Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois. 

Becket, Margaret, 94 Fourteenth 
Street, Wheeling, W. Va. 

Beeson, Helen, 169 South Eighteenth 
St., Columbus, Ohio. 

Bell, Anne Kinney, Mrs. Randolph 
M. Valz, 2026 G Street, N. W., 
Washington, D. C. 

Bell, Margaret, 130 Kennedy Street, 
Bradford, Pennsylvania. 

Bell, Marie, Hill City, Tennessee. 

Bell, Martha, 20 Jefferson Street, 
Staunton, Virginia. 

Bell, Minnie, Hopkinsville, Kentucky. 

*Bennett, Bertha. Mrs. Sutton, 505 
West Charles Street, Muncie, Ind. 

Bennett, Jessie Margaret, 421 Colfax 
Avenue, Scranton, Pennsylvania. 

Bennett, Louise (1916), 1023 North 
Delaware Street, Indianapolis, In- 

Benson, Winifred, 401 West Sixth 
Street, Austin, Texas. 


Berggren, Linda, ii8 Prospect Street, 
East Orange, New Jersey. 

Bethel, Arlene D., Upland Road, 
Woonsocket, Rhode Island. 

Bertrand, Dorothy, Richmond, Texas. 

Beveridge, Anna, 2500 Monument 
Avenue, Richmond, Virginia. 

Beville, Julia, Mrs. Jonathan Yerkes, 
Ortega, Jacksonville, Florida. 

Beye, Helen, Mrs. Gurdon H. Ham- 
ilton, Linden Avenue, Oak Park, 

Beyers, Gladys, 1017 Ridge Avenue, 
Evanston, Illinois. 

Bigelow, Alice, Easton, Maryland. 

Bigger, Madeline, 11 18 West Ave- 
nue, Richmond, Virginia. 

Bilhuber, Gertrude, Ma3rwood, New 

Bingham, Kathleen, Brevard, North 

Bird, Dorothy, 127 Claremont Ave- 
nue, Mount Vernon, New York. 

Birkhoff, Gertrude, 5807 Harper Ave- 
nue, Chicago, Illinois. 

Birney, Eloise, Mrs. Warren Curry, 
Monatee, Florida. 

Bishop, Helen, 1303 North Street, 
Logansport, Indiana. 

Bissell, Mary, 1548 East 82d Street, 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

Blair, Jean Field, 2327- Monument 
Avenue, Richmond, Virginia. 

Blair, Nadine, Belton, Missouri. 

Blakeley, Pearl, 78 Algonquin Road, 
Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. 

Blanks, Russe, 1333 Chambers Street, 
Vicksburg, Mississippi. 

Block, Katherine D., s^ Arlington 
Avenue, Caldwell, N, J. 

Blount, Mollie, 314 North Baylen 
Street, Pensacola, Florida. 

Blue, Virginia, Wheeling, West Vir- 

Board, Dorothy, 1937 Orrington Ave- 
nue, Evanston, Illinois. 

Bobb, Mildred, 1735 Palmer Avenue, 
New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Bodley, Ellen Pearce, 509 West 
Ormsby Avenue, Louisville, Ken- 

Boettcher, Ruth, Schulenburg, Texas. 

Boice, Delta, 61 Albany Avenue, 
Kingston, New York. 

Boice, Jennie May, 201 East Grace 
Street, Richmond, Virginia. 

Boley, Margaret, Mrs. Walter SulH- 
van, II Burnham Street, West 
Somerville, Mass. 

Bolinger, Elizabeth, Waco, Texas. 

Bolton, Minnie, 100 North Fourth 
Street, Richmond, Virginia. 

Bomann, Ruth, 1326 Evergreen Ave- 
nue, Plainfield, New Jersey. 

Boone, Frances, 19 Grove Street, 
Winchester, Massachusetts. 

Booth, Alma (1911), care Rt. Rev. 
H. St. George Tucker, D.D., 
Kyoto, Japan. 

Booth, Mathilde, 2A Beaconsfield 
Apartments, Houston, Texas. 

Booth, Mozelle, Mrs. Thos. W. 
Archer, 2 A Beaconsfield Apart- 
ments, Houston, Texas. 

Bosson, Catherine, 4316 North Illi- 


nois Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Bowers, Iloe, Kirklin, Indiana. 

Bowie, Elizabeth, 1924 Avenue I, 
Birmingham, Alabama. 

Bowman, Beatrice, 104 Franklin 
Avenue, Mount Vernon, New 

Bowman, Lillian, 104 Franklin Ave- 
nue, Mount Vernon, New York. 

Bradfield, Emma, Mrs. Chas. A. 
Bratton, Cherry St., Barnesville, 

Bradford, Walker, Mrs. Thomas A. 
Bledsoe, 210 Elizabeth St., Charles- 
ton, West Virginia. 

Brand, Shirley, Sweeney Apart- 
ments, Kokomo, Indiana. 

Brazelton, Alice, 1503 Austin Ave- 
nue, Waco, Texas. 

Brazill, Maude, Mrs. John H. Iden, 
U. S. Naval Hospital, House No. 
2, Annapolis, Maryland. 

Bridgeforth, Bertha, Kenbridge, Vir- 

Brockett, Helen, High Point, North 

Broh, Evel3m, 830 Fifth Avenue, 
Huntington, West Virginia. 

Bronson, Lida, Ishpeming, Michigan. 

Brooke, Margaret, Sandy Spring, 
Maryland (1916-1917 at 433 Chris- 
tian Street, Philadelphia, Pa.). 

Brooke, Mary, Mrs. James B. Grant, 
770 Pennsylvania Street, Denver, 

Brooks, Clara May, 225 Crofton 
Avenue, San Antonio, Texas. 


Brothers, Dorothy, Mrs. Aden R. 
Miller, 1235 Fourteenth Street, N. 
W., Canton, Ohio. 

Broughton, Mary, 253 Keystone Ave- 
nue, River Forest, Illinois. 

Broughton, Ruth, 253 Keystone Ave- 
nue, Oak Park, Illinois. 

Brown, Bessie, 304 Fourth Avenue, 
Rome, Georgia. 

Brown, Christine, 1056 Second Ave- 
nue, Detroit, Michigan. 

Brown, CorneHa Susan, iioi North 
Delaware Street, Indianapolis, In- 

Brown, Gladys, Portage la Prairie, 
Manitoba, Canada. 

Brown, Lucy Clay, 100 South Third 
Street, Richmond, Virginia. 

Brown, Margaret, Euclid _ Apart- 
ments, Berkeley, Cahfornia. 

Brown, Mary Jane, Morral, Ohio. 

Brown, Priscilla, 316 Oak Street, 
Cincinnati, Ohio (1916-1917 at 13 
Waterhouse Street, Cambridge, 

Brown, Zalinda, Camden, Arkansas. 

Browne, Helen, 2803 Ontario Road, 
Washington, D. C. 

Browne, Josephine, Mrs. Homer T. 
Wilson, Jr., San Antonio, Texas. 

Browne, Sarah, Mrs. Donald Dun- 
bar, Dan D Ranch, R. F. D. 6, 
Phoenix, Arizona. 

Browne, Katharine, 2803 Ontario 
Road, Washington, D. C. 

Browning, Margaret, Mrs. Francis 
Sydney Burt, 889 Overton Street, 
Portland, Oregon. 

Bryan,Anne, 315 West Beaver Street, 
Jacksonville, Florida. 

Bryan, Cora, 802 Dennis Avenue, 
Houston, Texas. 

Bryan, Flora, Mrs. Franklin M. 
Caldwell, 920 South Tryon Street, 
Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Bryan, Mary Shepard, 802 Dennis 
Avenue, Houston, Texas. 

Bryan, Meta, Mrs. Richard A. Graves, 
Sparta, Georgia. 

Buchanan, Harriet, Mrs. Benjamin 
F. Tilley, Jr., U. S. Navy, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Buckley, Elliott, 31 16 Milam Street, 
Houston, Texas. 

Buell, Mary, Mrs. Clifton M. Carter, 
Bay City, Texas. 

Buffington, Eugenia (1913), 1140 For- 
est Avenue, Evanston, Illinois. 

Bull, Helen, 402 North Grove Ave- 
nue, Oak Park, Illinois. 

Bullard, Daisy, 510 Grand Central 
Avenue, Tampa, Florida. 

Bullard, Rebekah, Summit Avenue, 
Hackensack, New Jersey. 

Burch, Imogene, 1729 James Avenue, 
South Minneapolis, Minnesota 
(1916-1917 at 613 N. Frances 
Street, Madison, Wisconsin). 

Burleson, Lucy, 1901 F Street, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Burleson, Sidney, 1901 F Street, 
Washington, D. C 

Burns, Catherine, 244 East Orange 
Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

Burns, Helena, 36 Hickory Street, 
Hinsdale, Illinois. 

Burns, Susan, 36 Hickory St., Hins- 
dale, Illinois. 

Burton, Loma, Arlington Heights, 
Fort Worth, Texas. 

Burton, Nenetta, Arlington Heights, 
Forth Worth, Texas. 

Burton, Olive, Arlington Heights, 
Forth Worth, Texas. 

Busey, Hester, 912 Floyd Street, 
Lynchburg, Virginia. 

Byers, Florence, 428 East Shurman 
Street, Hutchinson, Kansas. 

Caddell, Lorayne, 95 South Main 
Street, Paris, Texas. 

Cadwell, Susan, Jefferson, Ohio. 

Caldwell, Emma Lee, 1009 West 
Sixth Street, Austin, Texas. 

Caldwell, Margaret, Mrs. Benjamin 
Linton Dall, 364 Bonnie Brae Ave- 
nue, River Forest, Illinois. 

Callan, Grace, Folts Homestead, 
Ilion, New York. 

Camp, Antoinette (1916), 401 High 
Street, Franklin, Virginia. 

Camp, Leta, Mrs. Ira F. Bennett, 
Ocala, Florida. 

Camp, Bertie, Brownwood, Texas. 

Campbell, Addie, Amherst, Virginia. 

Campbell, Marjorie, 419 West Mag- 
nolia Avenue, San Antonio, Texas. 

Campbell, Mary Louise, Amherst, 

Cann, Florence, 114 West Gaston 
Street, Savannah, Georgia. 

Cansler, Sarah, 506 East Avenue, 
Charlotte, North Carolina. 


Caperton, Caroline, 1424 Kanawha 
Street, Charleston, West Virginia. 

Carney, Lucy, Churchland, Virginia. 

Carothers, Bessie, Mrs. Roy C. 
Whayne, 1915 Avery Court, Louis- 
ville, Kentucky. 

Carothers, Jane, 1632 Third Street, 
Louisville, Kentucky. 

Carpenter, Frances, Hotel Gramatan, 
Bronxville, New York. 

Carrington, Leila, Christine Avenue, 
Anniston, Alabama. 

Carrison, EHzabeth, Camden, South 

Carroll, Clytie, 725 Park Street, 
Beaumont, Texas. 

Carroll, Clara, 1020 Court Street, 
Lynchburg, Virginia. 

Carroll, Cornelia, Clarksdale, Mis- 

Carroll, Grace, Mrs. Edwin H. Myer, 
693 Irma Avenue, Beaumont, Tex. 

Carter, Mary Louise, care H. C. 
Carter, 119 Taylor Street, San An- 
tonio, Texas. 

Gary, Pattie, Highland Park, Rich- 
mond, Virginia. 

Case, Helen, 157 Greenwood Avenue, 
Trenton, New Jersey. 

Case, Louise, 19 Lockwood Avenue, 
East Cleveland, Ohio. 

Casey, Louise, 5017 Gaston Avenue, 
Dallas, Texas. 

Cassells, Gladys, 701 Forty-fourth 
Street, East Savannah, Georgia. 

Catlett, Lucy, 309 Vine Street, Staun- 
ton, Virgina. 


Chamberlaine, Marie, Mrs. John Gray 

Thornell, U. S. A. 
Chapa, Isabel, 315 North Pecos 

Street, San Antonio, Texas. 
Chapin, Florence, 922 Floyd Avenue, 

Richmond, Virginia. 
Chapman, Martha, 415 Elmwood 

Avenue, Buffalo, New York. 
Chase, Helen, 241 West Main Street, 

New Britain, Connecticut. 
Chelf, Douglas H., Dunbarton, Va. 
Cheney, Lucy, Mrs. J. R. Hudson, 

652 Division Street, Defiance, Ohio. 
Cheney, Alma, Mrs. William Church, 

Wimsatt, 208 Eighth Street, S. W., 

Washington, D. C. 
Chenoweth, Bess, Mrs. Thomas E. 

Ludlam, Jr., 1417 N. Delaware 

Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. 
Chittenden, Helen, 430 Woodside 

Avenue, Ripon, Wisconsin. 
Chope, Florence, Mrs. F. E. Good, 

243 Elmhurst Avenue, Detroit, 

Christie, Edith, •7^ Porter Place, 

Montclair, New Jersey. 
Clark, Esther, 113 Franklin Avenue, 

Salem, Ohio. 
Claiborne, Jane, New Glasgow, Vir- 
Claiborne, Nannie, New Glasgow, 

Clark, Mary, 1023 South Main 

Street, Hopkinsville, Kentucky. 
Clark, Theodosia, 11 10 Michigan 

Avenue, Evanston, Illinois. 
Clarke, Gertrude, 934 North Main 

Street, Rockford, Illinois. 

Clement, Milla, 210 Pleasant Ave., 
Sturgis, Michigan. 

Clements, Grace, Mrs. George L. 
Wilson, Fargo, North Dakota. 

Cleland, Julie, Box No. 23, Lynch- 
burg, Virginia, care E. A. Cle- 

Cloud, Elizabeth, Hamlet, North 

Clyde, Emma, Mrs. Hodge, 1515 
Beachwood Boulevard, Pittsburgh, 

Cobb, Margaret, Mrs. Robert M. 
Perkins, U. S. A., Crystobel, C. Z. 

Cobb, Mildred, Baltimore, Maryland. 

Cobbs, Mary, Mrs. Wm. R. J. Dunn, 
Birmingham, Alabama. 

Cocke, Elizabeth, 206 West Franklin 
Street, Richmond, Virginia. 

Coffin, Florence, 1834 Fourteenth 
Avenue, South, Birmingham, Ala- 

Cofield, Elizabeth, 144 Gordon Street, 
Atlanta, Georgia. 

Cohen, Dorothea, Mrs. Eugene Ed- 
ward Ball, 1 109 Walnut Street, 
Kansas City, Missouri. 

Cohen, Marjorie, 2146 Wyoming 
Avenue, Washington, D. C. 

Cole, Cora, Upper Alton, Illinois. 

Cole, Olive, 1905 North Market 
Street, Canton, Ohio. 

Coleman, Margaret, care Hon. Phares 
Coleman, 2310 Highland Avenue, 
Montgomery, Alabama. 

Coleman, Ruth, R. F. D, Amherst. 


Collins, Cordelia, 2526 East First 
Street, Duluth, Minnesota. 

Cone, Vera, Madison, Georgia. 

Connell, Virginia, 21 10 Kanawha 
Street, Charleston, West Virginia. 

Cooke, Elizabeth, 16 Lawn Ridge 
Road, Orange, New Jersey. 

Cooke, Julia, Sheffield, Alabama. 

Coolidge, Catherine M., 267 Post 
Avenue, San Antonio, Texas. 

Cooper, Sarah, 103 Campbell Street, 
Hopkinsville, Kentucky. 

Core, Ruth, Columbus Grove, Ohio. 

Cornwall, Esther, Mrs. Gardner For- 
dyce Gillespie, 505 North Eight- 
eenth Street, Waco, Texas. 

Cornwall, Isabel, Mrs. Douglas J. 
Miller, Rye, New York. 

Corry, Alice, Quincy, Florida. 

Cotton, Virginia, 1414 Kanawha 
Street, Charleston, West Virginia. 

Couper, Marjorie, Mrs. Chester H. 
Prince, The Shirley, Redgate Ave- 
nue, Norfolk, Virginia. 

Covey, Katharine, 1414 East Grove 
Street, Bloomington, Illinois. 

Cowan, Mary, Cowan Place, Vicks- 
burg, Mississippi. 

Cowgill, Kathleen, Easton, Maryland. 

Cox, Margery, 283 Franklin Street, 
Melrose Highlands, Massachusetts. 

Crabbs, Mary Virginia, Crawfords- 
ville, Indiana. 

Craddock, Elise, 208 Madison Street, 
Lynchburg, Virginia. 

Carin, Marian, Mrs. Ernest McDuell, 
528 N. Fifty-sixth Street, Phila- 
delphia, Pennsylvania. 

Cranford, Clyde, 859 Riverside Ave- 
nue, Jacksonville, Florida. 

Craven, Elizabeth, Mrs. Robert Wy- 
man, Jamestown, Rhode Island. 

Crawford, Helen, 1012 Tyler Street, 
Topeka, Kansas. 

Crawford, Maury, Milledgeville, 

Crump, Louise, Chesterfield, Rich- 
mond, Virginia. 

Crump, Henrietta, 1401 Hanover 
Avenue, Richmond, Virginia. 

Culberson, Eugenia, 2203 Travis 
Street, Houston, Texas. 

Cummins, Lois, 348 Maple Avenue, 
Edgewood Park, Pittsburgh, Penn- 

Cumnock, Annie (1910), Mrs. Jas. 
Garland Miller, Gainsboro Apart- 
ments, Roanoke, Va. 

Cunningham, Jane, Amherst, Vir- 

Curdts, Mildred, 911 Colonial Ave- 
nue, Norfolk, Virginia. 

Curtis, Esther, 475 Belleview Place, 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Dabney, Eugenia, care S. B. Dabney, 
Houston, Texas. 

DaCamara, Marian, West Palm 
Beach, Florida. 

Dake, Mildred, Claremont, Cali- 

Dale, Virginia, Belief onte, Pennsyl- 

Dalton, Margaret, (£j West Fifth 
Street, Winston-Salem, North Car- 


Darden, Jessie, Suffolk, Virginia. 

Darden, Martha, Suffolk, Virginia. 

Darnell, Elizabeth, Mrs. Edmund J. 
Snyder, 370 Woods Avenue, Roa- 
noke, Virginia. 

Darnell, Pauline, 1433 Union Ave- 
nue, Memphis, Tennessee. 

Davenport, Martha, 714 Fairview 
Avenue, Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Davenport, Ray, Fort Stockton, 

Davidson, Agnes, 527 McCallie Ave- 
nue, Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Davidson, Mary, Ellensburg, Wash- 

Davidson, Nellie, Mrs. Sidney T. 
Thomas, 135 Peterboro, Detroit, 

Davies, Margaret, 102 Third Street, 
St. Elmo, Chattonooga, Tenn. 

Davis, Annette, 11 Hill Park, Macon, 

Davis, Elizabeth, 712 Twenty-first 
Street, South, Birmingham, Ala- 

Davis, Emma Louise, 612 Colonial 
Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia. 

Davis, Fannie, 526 West Boulevard, 
Richmond, Virginia. 

Davis, Mackie, 306 Third Avenue, 
North, Nashville, Tennessee. 

Davis, Margaret, 912 Delaware Ave- 
nue, Wilmington, Delaware. 

Day, Dorothy, 1147 Broad Street, 
Newark, New Jersey. 

Dean, Frances, 4833 Dorchester Ave- 
nue, Chicago, 111. 


Dearborn, Marion, Amherst, Vir- 

Dearborn, Nell, Mrs. Walter Reed, 
Amherst, Virginia. 

Denham, Sara, 109 Lomax Street, 
Jacksonville, Florida. 

Denman, Susanna, Mrs. Pleasant F. 
Graves, 11 18 Ross Avenue, Hous- 
ton, Texas. 

Deutsch, Dorothy, 4936 Ellis Avenue, 
Chicago, Illinois. 

Deutsch, Sylvia, 4613 Payne Avenue, 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

Dew, Lelia, Wytheville, Virginia. 

Dewey, Lucy, 2880 Broadway, New 
York City. 

Dexter, Grace, 1601 Canton Street, 
Dallas, Texas. 

Dick, Alice, 522 Linden Avenue, Oak 
Park, Illinois. 

Dickinson, Corinne, Rectory, Clifton 
Forge, Virginia. 

Dickson, Dorothy, 4 Booth Street, 
Ashtabula, Ohio. 

Diechmann, Hildegarde, 1261 Madi- 
son Avenue, New York City. 

Dight, Edith, 2109 East Superior 
Street, Duluth, Minnesota. 

Dillard, Dean, 2030 Highland Ave- 
nue, Birmingham, Alabama. 

Dils, Mary, 963 Market Street, Park- 
ersburg. West Virgina. 

Dishman, Dorothy, Henderson, Ken- 

Dittenhaver, Esther, 2479 Scottwood 
Avenue, Toledo, Ohio. 


DIttenhaver, Helen, 2479 Scottwood 
Avenue, Toledo, Ohio. 

Dixon, Helen, Mrs. Stephen Harri- 
son MacGregor, U. S. A., 201 East 
Hall Street, Savannah, Georgia. 

Dixon, Jessie, 201 East Hall Street, 
Savannah, Georgia. 

Doherty, Kathleen, 220 Marshall 
Street, Houston, Texas. 

Doremus, Cornelia, 47 North Fuller- 
ton Avenue, Montclair, New Jer- 

Douglass, Frances, 304 West Nine- 
teenth Street, Austin, Texas. 

Dowd, Ruth, Mrs. Albert Sidney 
Goss, Great Falls, South Carolina. 

Dowden, Florence, 405 First Street, 
Fairmont, West Virginia. 

Downer, Julia, 400 Bute Street, Nor- 
folk, Virginia. 

Downing, Marie, Middleport, Ohio. 

Doyle, Florence, 321 Lake Avenue, 
Rochester, New York. 

Dressier, Margaret, Mrs. Hans Wie- 
del, Berlin, Germany. 

Drew, Marguerite, Mrs. R. Overton 
Groover, 171 1 River Boulevard, 
Jacksonville, Florida. 

Drew, Ruth, 933 Riverside Avenue, 
Jacksonville, Florida. 

Driver, Erna, 381 Convent Avenue, 
New York City. 

Driver, lone, 1734 Central Avenue, 
Memphis, Tennessee. 

Duke, Helen, 546 Park Street, Char- 
lottesville, Virginia. 

Dukes, Alice, care Maurice J. Dukes, 
Glenside, Pennsylvania. 

Dunham, Marie Louise, 314 Carpen- 
ter Lane, Germantown, Pennsyl- 

DuShane, Marjorie, 1863 Iglehart 
Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota. 

Button, Elva, 3034 North Pennsyl- 
vania Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Duvall, Margaret, 221 1 North Charles 
Street, Baltimore, Maryland. 

*Diinn, Lanier, Hot Springs, Vir- 

Dycus, Avon, Mrs. J. H. Armstrong, 
Jr., Lubbock, Texas. 

Eaglesfield, Carina, 3319 North Me- 
ridian Street, Indianapolis, In- 

Eaglesfield, Dorothea, 3319 North 
Meridian Street, Indianapolis, In- 

Eaglesfield, Margaret, 3319 North 
Meridian Street, Indianapolis, In- 

Eaglesfield, Virginia, 3319 North 
Meridian Street, Indianapolis, In- 

Earle, Helen, Mrs. E. R. Lyda, 1216 
Westlake Avenue, Los Angeles, 

Early, Henrianne, R. F. D. No. 4, 
Lynchburg, Virginia. 

Earnest, Frances, Dallas, Texas. 

Earnest, Mamie Ray, 900 West I7t'h 
Street, Austin, Texas. 

Easley, Martha, 159 Giles Street, 
Bluefield, West Virginia. 


East, Elkanah, Mrs. Edward Jordan 

Taylor, Driver, Virginia. 
Eberle, Eleanor, 518 Columbus Ave- 
nue, Muskogee, Oklahoma. 
Eckart, Margaret, 720 Ontario Street, 

Oak Park, Illinois. 
Effinger, Frances, The Grafton, 

Washington, D. C. 
Effinger, Katherine, The Grafton, 

Washington, D. C. 
Eggleston, Elizabeth, Black sburg, 

Eikelman, Nellie, 345 Sixth Street, 

San Bernardino, California. 
Eikenberry, Lorine, Greenville, Ohio. 
Eilert, Marie Arlyn, 2339 Cleveland 

Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. 
Eisendrath, Alma, 4339 Grand Boule- 
vard, Chicago, Illinois. 
Eisendrath, Gertrude, 4339 Grand 

Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois. 
ElHngton, Virginia, 181 7 Monument 

Avenue, Richmond, Va. 
Elliott, Amy, 2057 North New Jersey 

Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. 
Elliott, Faye, Mrs. John C. Pogue, 

Dexter Avenue, East Walnut Hills, 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Elmendorf, Erna, 11 19 South Alamo 

Street, San Antonio, Texas. 
Ely, Mildred, Mrs. W. H. Gibson 

Bradford, 416 North Chestnut 

Street, Barnesville, Ohio. 
Ely, Virginia, 520 Chestnut Street, 

Barnesville, Ohio. 
Embrey, Anne Elizabeth, Fredericks- 
burg, Virginia. 


Emmert, Virginia, Martinsburg, West 

Engelhard, Margaret, 1521 Hinman 
Avenue, Evanston, Illinois. 

England, Mildred, Whittier, Cali- 

Erck, Clare (1915). 251 South Thir- 
teenth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ervin, Addie, Richmond Hotel, Rich- 
mond, Virginia. 

Ervin, Mary, Mrs. Raymond Massey, 
Richmond Hotel, Richmond, Vir- 

Etheridge, Virginia, Mrs. Arthur 
Hitch, 811 Colonial Avenue, Nor- 
folk, Virginia. 

Eubank, Helen, 810 First National 
Bank, Birmingham, Alabama. 

Evans, Harriet (1915), Amherst, Vir- 

Evans, Sara Seidel, 6940 Torresdale 
Avenue, Tacony. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Everett, Hallie, Guyandotte, West 

Ewing, Esther, 2009 Carondelet 
Street, New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Ezzell, Sophia, Newsom Station, Ten- 

Farrar, Ellen, 3100 Smith Street, 

Houston, Texas. 
Farrar, Helen, 857 President Street, 

Brooklyn, New York. 
Farris, Marcelit'e, Mrs. Frank Grls- 

wold Barry, 330 West io8th Street, 

New York City. 
Farthing, Carrie Belle, 2614 Chartres 

Street, Houston, Texas. 


Faust, Marian, Merion, Pennsylvania. 

Faucus, Anna, Merion, Pennsylvania, 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Fearrington, Faith, 511 Holly Ave- 
nue, Winston-Salem, North Caro- 

Feder, Rosalie, 2234 Fifty-fifth Street, 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

Fehr, Clarissa, Anoatok, Cherokee 
Drive, Louisville, Kentucky. 

Ferris, Fanita, 222 North Academy 
Street, Galesburg, Illinois. 

Finley, Dorcas, 515 East Miller 
Street, Springfield, Illinois. 

Finney. Dorothy. Westbrook Hotel, 
Forth Worth, Texas. 

Fisher, Dorothy, 2236 Bellaire Ave- 
nue, Denver, Colorado. 

Fisher, Florence, Mrs. Herbert S. 
Selig, 2014 N. Illinois Street; In- 
dianapolis, Indiana. 

FitzHugh. Janetta. University of Vir- 
ginia, Charlottesville. Virginia. 

Fletcher, Helen, 16 Euclid Avenue, 
Sharon, Pennsylvania. 

Forbush. Edith. 525 Forest Avenue, 
Oak Park, Illinois. 

Forbush. Rachel, 525 Forest Avenue, 
Oak Park, Illinois. 

Ford, Agnes. Fairfax. Virginia. 

Fordtran, Mary Pauline, 505 Belk- 
nap Place. San Antonio. Texas. 

Fore, Cornie, 707 North College 
Street, Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Foster, Annie, 211 London Street', 
Portsmouth, Virginia. 

Foster. • Josephine, 1313 Niazuma 
Street, Birmingham, Alabama. 


Foster, Lillian, Mrs. Frank Miller 
Fargo, Jr., 1220 Hinman Avenue, 
Evanston, Illinois. 

*Foster, May, 174 Prospect Street, 
Ridgewood, New Jersey. 

Franke, Elizabeth (1913), Box 47, 
Anchorage, Kentucky (1916-1917 
at 527 West 121 St Street, New 
York City). 

Freear, Anne, 1308 Austin Avenue, 
Wichita Falls, Texas. 

Freeman, Florence, 233 Summit Ave- 
nue, Mt. Vernon, New York. 

Freiberg, Caroline, 3516 Alaska Ave- 
nue, Avondale, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

French, Marjorie, Mrs. Chas. Leroy 
Nevens, Barneveld, New York. 

Fretwell, Ruth, Anderson, South 

Friedman, Julie, 951 Hyde Park 
Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois. 

Fry, Helen, 418 West Hortter Street, 
Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa, 

Fuller, Lillian, orj Summit Place, St. 
Louis, Missouri, 

Fulton, Tot. Wise, Virginia. 

Furman, Eleanor, 121 Academy 
Street, Greenville, South Carolina. 

Gage, Florence Elizabeth, 318 North 
State Street, Painesville. Ohio. 

Gale, Mary, 1418 Twenty-first Street, 
N. W., Washington, D, C 

Garland, Lucie Ellis, Amherst, Vir- 

Garrett', Annie, 1903 McGowan Ave- 
nue, Houston, Texas. 


Garrett, Carra, Williamsburg, Vir- 
Garth, Maria, Mrs. Francis M. Inge, 

Montgomery, Alabama. 
Gates, Mary, 36 G Street, Johnstown, 

Gay, Katharine, 402 North Shamokin 

Street, Shamokin, Pennsylvania. 
Gayle, Lucie, Third and Garrard 

Streets, Covington, Kentucky. 
Geddy, Anne Gary, Toano, Virginia. 
Gholson, Christine, Hopkinsville, 

Gibbon, Corinne, 705 South Tryon 

Street, Charlotte, North Carolina. 
Gibbons, Hortense, Mrs. Harvey W. 

Gilbert, 495 Seventh Street, Beau- 
mont, Texas. 
Gibbs, Edith, Howell Terrace, Los 

Angeles, California. 
Gibson, Elise, 16 Eleventh Street 

Parkersburg, West Virginia. 
Gibson, Margaret, 113 Franklin Ave- 
nue, Mount Vernon, New York. 
Gibson, Ruth, Mrs. Wm. L. Venning, 

53 Adams Street, Mount Vernon, 

New York. 
Gill, Brice, 267 West 72d Street, New 

York City. 
Gilliland, Gladys, Van Wert, Ohio. 
Gilmore, Delia May, 2126 Lincoln 

Park West, Chicago, Illinois. 
Gilmore, Rosanne, 168 Lexington 

Avenue, Dayton, Ohio. 
Glass, Louise, 2030 Quinlan Avenue, 

South, Birmingham, Alabama. 
Goldsmith, Winifred, 27 West 49th 

Street, New York City. 


Goodall, Gillian, Glen Iris Park, Bir- i 
mingham, Alabama. 

Grammer, Bessie (1913), 1024 Spruce 
Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Grammer, Dorothy, 1024 Spruce 
Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Grammer, Mary Page, 1024 Spruce 
Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Grant, Margaret (i9i5),63 East Col- 
lege Street, Oberlin, Ohio. 

Graves, Geraldine, Cuero, Texas. 

Graves, Juliet, University of Vir- 
ginia, Charlottesville, Virginia. 

Gray, Douglas, Mrs. Richard B. Ty- 
ler, Lawrenceville, Virginia. 

Green, Elizabeth (1914), Charles 
Town, West Virginia. 

Green, Janet, Danville, Virginia. 

Green, Margaret, 1504^ East Third 
Street, Duluth, Minn. 

Gregg, Cora, Mrs. Robert Randolph 
Meyer, Jacksonville, Florida. 

Gregg, Rachel, 330 Prospect Avenue, 
Hackensack, New Jersey. 

Gregory, Jane, 1532 Sixteenth Street, 
Washington, D. C. 

Gregory, Ethel, Ocean View, Vir- 

Griffin, Eugenia (1910), Salem, Vir- 
ginia (1916-1917 at 705 Grace 
Street, Richmond, Virginia). 

Griffin, Claudine, Salem, Virginia. 

Gristock, Dorothy, Collegeville, Penn- 

Groover, Mary, Mrs. Fitzhugh Ward 
Gregg, 940 Park Street, Jackson- 
ville, Florida. 


Grove, Florence, 311 Jefferson Street, 
Clarksburg, West Virginia. 

Gross, Effie, 1103 Thirty-third Street, 
Galveston, Texas. 

Groves, Katharine, 573 Grove Street, 
Glencoe, Illinois. 

Grubbs, Hazel, Mount Sterling, Ken- 

Guenther, Amanda, 250 Washington 
Street, San Antonio, Texas. 

Guggenheimer, Cilia, 313 Washing- 
ton Street, Lynchburg, Virginia. 

Guggenheimer, Daisy, 313 Washing- 
ton Street, Lynchburg, Virginia. 

Guilberf, Julia R. Ashland, Virginia. 

Gunther, Leona, 821 Wisconsin Ave- 
nue, Sheboygan, Wisconsin. 

Guthrie, Helen Mar, 809 Charleston 
Avenue, Mattoon, Illinois. 

Gwathmey, Carolyn, Mrs. Lyal 
Ament Davidson, U. S. Navy, 543 
Warren Crescent, Norfolk, Vir- 

Gwathmey, Mary P. L., 543 Warren 
Crescent, Norfolk, Virginia. 

Gwathmey, Mary Tayloe, 219 Russell 
Street, Nashville, Tennessee. 

Gwynn, Stella, 1102 Main Street, 
Danville, Virginia. 

Haddock, Margaret, Mrs. Raymond 
Etheridge Watson, 201 West Con- 
cord Street, Kansas City, Missouri. 

Hafner, Eugenia, 409 Chicago Ave- 
nue, Oak Park, Illinois. 

Hail, Elizabeth, 2014 West End Ave- 
nue, Nashville, Tennessee. 


Haile, Evelyn, 6ii East Quincy 
Street, San Antonio, Texas. 

Halback, Florence, 1225 Main Street, 
Quincy, Illinois. 

Hale, Mildred, 22 Trumbull Street, 
New Haven, Connecticut. 

Hall, Catherine, 1735 Chicago Ave- 
nue, Evanston, Illinois. 

Hall, Mary Beverly, 1807 Houston 
Street, Laredo, Texas. 

Hammond, Louise, Covington, Vir- 

Hammond, Mattie D., Covington, 

Hampton, Corinne, Mrs. Henry Pe- 
ronneau Brown, Evington, Bed- 
ford County, Virginia. 

Hanckel, Florence, 828 M. D. Wood- 
ruff Place, Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Hancock, Ruth, Mrs. R. W. W. Mur- 
rell, Lynchburg, Virginia. 

Hanna, Isabelle, 137 Mill Street, Cam- 
bridge, Maryland. 

Hanna, Nancy P., 3007 Q Street, N. 
W., Washington, D. C. 

Hardie, Sue, Mrs. William Thomas 
Bell, Greenville, South Carolina. 

Hargraves, Grace L., 94 Broad Street, 
Newark, New Jersey. 

Harper, Edith, Pennington Road, 
Trenton, New Jersey. 

Harris, Jean, Harrisonburg, Virginia. 

Harris, Mildred, 200 Waverly Way, 
Atlanta, Georgia. 

Harrison, Alma, Flatonia, Texas. 

Harrison, Dorothy, 740 Clinton Ave- 
nue, Newark, New Jersey. 


Harrison, Fannie, Mrs. Frederick B. 
Webster, Amherst, Virginia. 

Harrison, Harriet, 1625 East First 
Street, Duluth, Minnesota. 

Harrison, Norine, 517 Franklin 
Street, Clarksville, Tennessee. 

Harrison, Rosalie, Amherst, Virginia. 

Hart, Alice, New Britain, Connec- 

Harvey, Ruth, Mrs. Halsey Keeling, 

Hatch, Virginia, 11039 Belleflower 
Road, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Hatton, Mary Watts, 421 North 
Street, Portsmouth, Virginia. 

Haviland, Elizabeth, 301 East Chilli- 
cothe Avenue, Bellefontaine, Ohio. 

Haviland, Lavinia, 1801 Irving Ave- 
nue, South, Minneapolis, Minne- 

Hawkins, Annie, Mrs. William Lud- 
well Lee, 217 North Craig Street, 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Hawkins, Gabrielle, Mrs. H. M. Her- 
bener, Thomasville, Georgia. 

Hawkins, Jency, Fayetteville, West 

Hawley, Nathalie, 65 Fort Washing- 
ton Avenue, New York City. 

Hayes, Ellen (1914), Belief onte, 
Pennsylvania (1916-1917 at 6 Cross 
Street, Wellesley, Massachusetts). 

Haynes, Annie Laurie, Mrs. Geo. E. 
Roulette, 433 Potomac Avenue, 
Hagerstown, Maryland. 

Haynie, Ellen, Hillsboro, Ohio. 


Hays, Ruth, 558 Bradford Avenue, 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Heald, Alice Marion, 105 Jenkins 
Street, Providence, Rhode Island. 

Heaton, Jessie, 1264 Willow Avenue, 
Louisville, Kentucky. 

Hefley, Marie, 528 Henderson Street, 
Forth Worth, Texas. 

Heggie, Lucile, 610 Georgia Avenue, 
Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Heims, Rosalind, Mrs. Edward Fre- 
und, 4049 Lake Avenue, Chicago, 

Hempstead, Adelaide, Mrs. Kenneth 
M. Hess, 917 Putnam Avenue, 
Plainfield, New Jersey. 

Hempsfone, Ida Lee, Mrs. C. Clifford 
C. Cleborne, Leesburg, Virginia. 

Henderson, Frances, Bellevue, Vir- 

Henderson, Jane, Bellevue, Virginia. 

Henry, Aylette, Tazewell, Virginia. 

Henry, Beatrice, Del Rio, Texas. 

Hensel, Alberta, Haverford, Penn- 

Hensel, Edwina, Haverford, Penn- 

Herd, Mary, Mrs. Ferdinand Moore, 
Fort Worth, Texas. 

Hertz, Mabel, 405 West Green Street, 
Hazleton, Pennsylvania. 

Heurtley, Katharine, 418 Forest Ave- 
nue, Oak Park, Illinois. 

Hibberd, Helen, Mrs. Carroll Wm. 
Reed, Lyon Apartments, Clarks- 
burg, West Virginia. 


Hicks, Alleine B., 187 College Street, 
Oxford, North Carolina. 

Hicks, Marion, 176 South Street, 
Talladega, Alabama. 

Hill, Marian, 620 Augusta Street, 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Hill, Virginia, 11 15 East Tenth 
Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Hiltebrant, Mildred, 99 Wurts Street, 
Kingston, New York. 

Hilton, Dorothy, Sylvania, Georgia. 

Hilton, Louise, Sylvania, Georgia. 

Hinds, lone, Mrs. Otis Benton Dur- 
bin, 3422 Holmes Street, Kansas 
City, Missouri. 

Hines, Anne Louise, Petersburg, 

Hines, Martha, Mrs. D. L. Dixon, 
Kinston, North Carolina. 

Hirst, Eloise, Mrs. William Couper, 
168 Harrison Avenue, Jersey City, 
New Jersey. 

Hobbs, Helen, 11 16 Westover Ave- 
nue, Norfolk, Virginia. 

Hobson, Pattie, Mrs. R. D. Eagles- 
field, 3455 Salem Street, Indian- 
apolis, Indiana. 

*Hodge, Dorothy, 219 West Madison 
Street, Paris, Illinois. 

Hodge, Kathleen, 219 West Madison 
Street, Paris, Illinois. 

Hodges, Hortense, 28 Court Street, 
Portsmouth, Virginia. 

Hogans, Clara D., 406 North Elm- 
wood Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois. 

Hogg, Alice, 1082 Shady Avenue, 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 


Hogg, Mary Caroline, 1082 Shady 
Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Holihan, Edna, 9 Park Place, Pel- 
ham, New York. 

Holmes, Elizabeth, Hernando, Mis- 

Holmes, Louise, 858 Second Avenue, 
Detroit, Michigan. j 

Hood, Agnes, Mrs, Herbert Arthur 
Gronemeyer, 528 West Main Street, 
Clarksburg, West Virginia. 

Hooper, Louise (1910), 4 Stuart^ 
Hall Apartments, Richmond, Vir- 

Hopper, Elizabeth, 904 Government 
Street, Mobile, Alabama. 

Hopwood, Eleanor, Nassau Street, 
Uniontown, Pennsylvania. 

Horner, Eva (1913), Shoenberger 
Hall, Asheville, North Carolina. 

Hornor, Corneha, San . Antonio, 

Horseley, Perkins, Lynchburg, Vir- 

Houser, Ruth (1913), Wabash, In- 

Hover, Anne, 1227 East Colfax Ave- 
nue, Denver, Colorado. 

Hover, Harriet, 1227 East Colfax a 
Avenue, Denver, Colorado. 1 

Howe, Flora, Miles City, Montana. ^ 

Howell, Ruth, Boonton, New Jersey. 

Howison, Ellen (1916), East Main 
Street, Staunton, Virginia. 

Hudson, Elizabeth, 615 North Jeffer- 
son Street, Carrollton, Missouri. 



Huff, Julia, Mrs. Henry Bedford, 569 
St Mark's Avenue, Brooklyn, New 

Hulburd, Ruth, 1859 East Eighty- 
seventh Street, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Hull, Elizabeth, 617 Olny Road, Nor- 
folk, Virginia. 

Humes, Cyrilla, Blacherne Apart- 
ment, Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Humphries, Ferol, 15 West Eleventh 
Street, Atlanta, Georgia. 

Hunt, Margaret, 13 Bluff View, Chat- 
tanooga, Tennessee. 

Huntley, Floy, Covington, Virginia. 

Hurt, Eva, Mrs. Arthur B. Simms, 
Atlanta, Georgia. 

Hurt, Jennie (1911), Mrs. W. R. 
Turner, Blackstone, Virginia. 

Hurt, Louise, Blackstone, Virginia. 

Hutter, Claudine, 15 17 Jackson Street, 
Lynchburg, Virginia. 

Hyslop, Edith, 508 Graydon Avenue, 
Norfolk, Virginia. 

Ilfrey, Lola, 601 Stewart Avenue, 
Houston, Texas. 

Jackson, Bessie, 11 13 Grove Avenue, 
Richmond, Virginia. 

Jackson, Ruth, 615 Tennessee Street, 
Lawrence, Kansas. 

Jalonick, Helen, 1208 Broad Street, 
Wichita Falls, Texas. 

Jamison, Ethel, Mrs. Max Kelly, 
Roanoke, Virginia. 

Johns, Mary Lillias, Charleston, Mis- 
souri (1916-1917 at Saint Ignace, 


Johns, Mary Wharton, 2501 Whitis 
Avenue, Austin, Texas. 

Johnson, Antoinette, 38 Washington 
Terrace, East Orange, New Jersey. 

Johnson, Doris, 2875 Montana Ave- 
nue, Westwood, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Johnson, Josephine, Ninth and Wal- 
nut Streets, Gadsden, Alabama. 

Johnson, Margaret, Warrensburg, 

Johnson, Mar jorie, 447 North Church 
Street, West Chester, Pennsyl- 

Johnson, Mary, The Chesterfield,^ 
Richmond, Virginia. 

Johnson, Mrs. Roxy, Coffeyville, 

Johnson, Ruth, San Marcos, Texas. 

Johnston, Helen, 407 East Grace 
Street, Richmond, Virginia. 

Johnston, Jessie, Tyrone, Pennsyl- 

Johnston, Nicketti, 407 East Grace 
Street, Richmond, Virginia. 

Jones, Agnes, Mrs. Elliott Hunter 
Muse, The Babbage, Atlanta, 

Jones, Dorris, Suffolk, Virginia. 

Jones, Edna H., 742 Jefferson Ave- 
nue, Elizabeth, New Jersey. 

Jones, Geraldine, Gainesville, Texas. 

Jones, Gertrude, 112 Jones Street, 
West, Savannah, Georgia. 

Jones, Lena, 406 Fannin Street, 
Shreveport, Louisiana. 

Jones, Louise, 1901 Third Avenue, 
Louisville, Kentucky. 


Jones, Lucile, 74i South Union Ave- 
nue, Los Angeles, California, 

Jones, Marie, Mrs. Lisle Hazlegrove, 
528 North Boulevard, Richmond, 

Jones, Marion, 741 Union Avenue, 
Los Angeles, CaHfornia. 

Jones, Martha, Elberton, Georgia. 

Jones, Martha Ellen, 398 West Wal- 
nut Street, Frankfort, Indiana. 

Jones, Martha Wharton, 729 Vance 
Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee. 

Jones, Mary Allgood, Box No. 1708, 
Atlanta, Georgia. 

Jones, Mary, Mrs. Howard E. Ram- 
sey, 1858 Felix Avenue, Memphis, 

Jones, Miriam Lee, 410 Broad Street, 
Albany, Georgia. 

Jones, Virginia, 1131 West Franklm 
Street, Richmond, Virginia. 

Jordan, Sarah, 562 East Street, Mem- 
phis, Tennessee. 

Judge, Mary Eleanor, Mansfield, 

Kash, Feme, Mrs. Leslie C. LaFou, 
Waiteville, West Virginia. 

Kaufman, Margaret, 1151 Bryden 
Road, Columbus, Ohio. 

Kautz, Kathryn, 718 West Mulberry 
Street, Kokomo, Indiana. 

Keith, Hannah, Fairfax, Virginia. 

Keith, Anne, Fairfax, Virginia. 

Keith, Sarah, 1214 Broadway, Beau- 
mont, Texas. 

Keithly, Florence, 2104 Smith Street, 
Houston, Texas. 

Kell, Bess, 900 Bluff Street, Wichita 
Falls, Texas. 

Keller, Esther (191 0,707 East Wash- 
ington Street, Muncie, Indiana. 

Keller, Nelle (1912), 707 East Wash- 
ington Street, Muncie, Indiana. 

Kelly, Cecelia, Box 116, Lewes, Dela- 

Kemerer, Hildred, 236 Avenue Road, 
Toronto, Canada. 

Kemp, Katherine P., 211 West 139th 
Street, New York City. 

Kemper, Katherine P., Henderson- 
ville, North Carolina. 

Kenney, Frances L., 275 Park Place, 
Decatur, Illinois. 

Kersey, Emily, 425 West Howard 
Street, Muncie, Indiana. 

Ketring, Isabel, Greenville, Ohio. 

Key, Bess, 606 Rio Grande Street, 
Austin, Texas. 

Kile, Charlotte, 310 West Chestnut 
Street, Paris, Illinois. 

Kimball, Louise, 5309 Westminster 
Place, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Kincheloe, Thelma, Tampico, Tampo, 

King, Ella, 1910 St. Johns Avenue, 
Jacksonville, Florida. 

Kingsbury, Eleanor, Mrs. Paul C. 
Root, 1936 East 86th Street, Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

Kinsolving, Vitula, 221 Birchwood 
Street, Louisville, Kentucky. 

Kintzing, Gertrude, 400 York Street, 
Hanover, Pennsylvania. 

Kincaid, Betty, Mrs. James Coe Van 
de Carr, U. S. Navy. 

Kirk, Katharine, 305 Highland Ave- 
nue, Newcastle, Pennsylvania, 

Kirker, Juliette, Ripley, Ohio. 

Kisfler, Mary Lou, 1230 Washington 
Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colo- 

Klausmann, Berthelda, 835 N. New 
Jersey Street, Indianapolis, In- 

Klein, Cecile, Mrs. Harold Deutsch, 
1 35 1 East Boulevard, Cleveland, 

Klein, Marie, 11 19 Hickory Street, 
Birmingham, Alabama. 

Knapp, Grace, Westminster, Mary- 

Knapp, Roberta, 713 Ashland Ave- 
nue, Rockford, Illinois. 

Knight, Shirley, Mrs. Sam Crawford, 
Jr., 108 West Both Street, New 
York City. 

Knox, Byrd, 2204 Louisiana Street, 
Houston, Texas. 

Kohn, Marjorie, 2033 East 90th 
Street, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Koon, Eleanor, 116 Main Street, 
Houlton, Maine. 

Koser, Margaret, Mrs. Edgar Mc- 
Lure, Virginia City, Montana. 

Krause, Emma, Mrs. K. Serini, Hag- 
enau, Alsace, Germany. 

Krause, Winifred, 144 Harmon Ave- 
nue, Pelham, New York. 

Krieg, Constance, 1916 Colfax Ave- 
nue, MinneapoHs, Minnesota. 

Kruse, Adele, 8145 Madison Road, 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Kunkle, Katharine, Mrs. Paul H. 

George, 6oi North Main Street, 

Greensburg, Pennsylvania. 
Kunkle, Margaret, Chestnut Hill, 

Greensburg, Pennsylvania. 
Kuykendall, Alva, Cherokee, San 

Saba Co., Texas. 
Kuykendall, Frances, Cherokee, San 

Saba Co., Texas. 
Kyle, Ruth, Snowden, Virginia. 

Laird, Mary, 2410 Seventh Street, 
Wilmington, Delaware. 

Lamar, Nellie, North Augusta, South 

Lamfrom, Helen (1913), North Bal- 
timore, Ohio. 

Landers, Ruth, 64 Groveland Ter- 
race, Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Landis, Suzanne, 5702 Blackstone 
Avenue, Chicago, 111. 

Lane, Hazel, 238 Grove Street, Chi- 
copee Falls, Massachusetts. 

Lanier, Katherine, Mrs. Gaither 
Leonard Jones, Crosby Hotel, 
Beaumont, Texas. 

Lantz, Lucy, Mrs. Harry deL. Mc- 
Kinlay, Englewood, New Jersey. 

Larkins, Ina, Mrs. Percy Edwards, 
1701 South Boulder Avenue, Tulsa, 

Lassiter, Lelia, 32 South Market 
Street, Petersburg, Virginia. 

Lawrence, Barbara, 25 Ithaca Street, 
Waverly, New York. 

Lazenby, Virginia, 1525 Morrow 
Street, Waco, Texas. 

Lea, Elizabeth, 229 Chestnut Ave- 
nue, Trenton, New Jersey. 

Leachman, Constance, Altamont Cir- 
cle, Charlottesville, Virginia. 

Leake, Beverly, 1014 South Twenty- 
eighth Street, Birmingham, Ala- 

Leitch, Virginia, 1202 Lee Street, 
Charleston, West Virginia. 

LeHardy, Julia, 117 East Thirty- 
fourth Street, Savannah, Georgia. 

Lemley, Alice, Upperville, Virginia. 

Lemon, Avazo, Roanoke, Virginia. 

Lewis, Claudia, Morehead Hill, Dur- 
ham, North Carolina. 

Lewis, Flora, 180 Humboldt Street, 
Denver, Colorado. 

Lewis, Frances, 157 West Hickory 
Street, Denton, Texas. 

Lewis, Margaret, Lewiston Orchards, 
Lewist'on, Idaho. 

Lewis, Marguerite, 221 1 Fourteenth 
Avenue, South, Birmingham, Ala- 

Lieber, Edith, Mrs. Kurt Vennegut, 
30th Street and Princeton Place, 
Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Lieber, Marie, 430 North Alabama 
Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Lilly, Mildred Gladys, 431 Fifth Ave- 
nue, Huntington, West Virginia. 

Lindsay, Delia, 320 East Huntington 
Street, Savannah, Georgia. 

Link, Helen La Foe, 2217 Broadway, 
IndianapoHs, Indiana. 

Lippincott, Joan B., 316 Lincoln 
Drive, Germantown, Philadelphia, 


Littleton, Hester, Weatherford, 

Lloyd, Elise, Durham, North Caro- 

Lloyd, Lillian, Mrs. Raymond L. 
Thayer, Baldwin, Long Island. 

Lloyd, Rachel, 407 Winthrop Street, 
Toledo, Ohio. 

Lloyd, Ruth, 407 Winthrop Street, 
Toledo, Ohio. 

Lloyd, Virginia, 309 Slandrillo, Bala, 

Loeb, Corinne, 5337 East End Ave- 
nue, Chicago, Illinois. 

Lofton, Margaret, 408 Cooper Street, 
Forth Worth, Texas. 

Logan, Kathleen, 426 West Court 
Street, Paris, Illinois. 

Logan, Mary, 904 Jackson Street, 
Amarillo, Texas. 

Logan, Mattie Welsh, Nicholasville, 

Loney, Corinne S., 1621 John Ave- 
nue, Superior, Wisconsin. 

Looney, Ellen, 1305 Harrison Boule- 
vard, Boise, Idaho. 

Looney, Tennie, 1305 Harrison Bou- 
levard, Boise, Idaho. 

Lorton, Marie, 536 Warren Crescent, 
Norfolk, Virginia. 

Lovell, Virginia, 1205 Fourth Ave- 
nue, South, Fargo, North Dakota. 

Low man, Elizabeth, Lowman, New 

Lowrey, Adele, 612 Oak Street, 
Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Lucas, Richmonde, Mrs. H. H. Far- 
gus, U, S. Navy, Washington, D. C. 

Luke, Isabel, Covington, Virginia. 

Lydecker, Dorothy, 228 Grand Ave- 
nue, Englewood, New Jersey. 

Lynn, Gladys, 822 Federal Street, 
Lynchburg, Virginia. 

Lynott, Eleanor, Louisiana, Missouri. 

McCaa, Mary C., 413 Fairfax Ave- 
nue, Norfolk, Virginia. 

McCallum, Katherine, 504 West 32^ 
Street, Austin, Texas. 

McCane, Marie, 1907 McKinney 
Avenue, Houston, Texas. 

McCarten, Leslie, 246 East Sidney 
Avenue, Mount Vernon, New York. 

McCary, Helen, 1217 South Twen- 
tieth Street, Birmingham, Alabama. 

McClain, Lucilia, Mrs. I. T. Van 
Patten, 1018 West Raleigh Avenue, 
Norfolk, Virginia. 

McClay, Katharine, 1085 Devon Road, 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

McClintock, Mary Louise, Mrs. Chas. 
W. Norton, Forest City, Arkansas. 

McCluer, Margaret, Bon Air, Vir- 

McConnell, Dorys, The Ridge, Suf- 
fern, New York. 

McCordic, Christine, Winnetka, Illi- 

McDavid, Rose Owen, 310 Graymont 
Heights, Birmingham, Alabama. 

McDonald, Katherine, Mrs. Pember, 
317 Fourth Avenue, Rome, Georgia 
(1916-1917 at 119 East 19th Street, 
New York City). 

McDonald, Mary, 68 Erskine Street, 
Detroit, Michigan. 


McEwan, Virginia, Whippany, New 

McGeorge, Rebecca, ii Red Oak 
Road, Wilmington, Delaware. 

McGowin, Lillie Belle, 976 Govern- 
ment Street, Mobile, Alabama. 

Mcllravy, Ruth, 20 Wildey Street, 
Tarrytown, New York. 

McKee, Mariana, 609 East Peru 
Street, Princeton, Illinois (1916- 
1917 at 411 Sellers Street, Hibbing, 

McKinney, Mary, y:^s North Third 
Avenue, Knoxville, Tennessee. 

McLaren, Gertrude, Lake Forest, Illi- 

McNeer, Bessie, Emmons Apart- 
ments, Huntington, West Virginia. 

McVey, Margaret, 141 7 Grove Ave- 
nue, Richmond, Virginia. 

McWane, Mabel, 214 Cabell Street, 
Lynchburg, Virginia, 

McWhorter, Lou Emma, Mrs. Rich- 
ard James Carroll, Middlefork, 
West Virginia. 

MacBain, Grace, 1921 East Ninety- 
seventh Street, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Macdonough, Marjorie, ss Berkeley 
Place, Ridgewood, New Jersey. 

MacFarland, Estella, 624 North James 
Street, Rome, New York. 

Mackall, Emily, 3044 O Street, N. 
W., Washington, D. C. 

Mackay, Alma, 108 Lafayette Ave- 
nue, Passaic, New Jersey. 

MacNulty, Mildred, Silver Spring, 


Madson, Elizabeth, 307 East Wiscon- 
sin Avenue, Neenah, Wisconsin. 

Magee, Cynthia, Mrs. Lawrence Mc- 
Connell, 647 Monroe Avenue, 
Scranton, Pennsylvania. 

Mahone, Marie, 336 Freemanson 
Street, Norfolk, Virginia. 

Malone, Elizabeth, no West Eight- 
eenth Street, Austin, Texas. 

Malsby, Louise, The Wayne, Rich- 
mond, Indiana. 

Mantor, Alcyone, 221 North Eighth 
Street, Fort Smith, Arkansas. 

Markell, Catherine, Mrs. Francis W. 
Bridges, The Negley, Hagerstown, 

Markle, Mabel, 450 Perkins Street, 
Akron, Ohio. 

Marshall, Catherine, 559 Twenty- 
sixth Street, Rock Island, Illinois. 

Marshall, Hazel, 755 Park Avenue, 
New York City. 

Marshall, Lucile, 11311 Belleflower 
Road, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Marston, Ruth, 2008 Monument Ave- 
nue, Richmond, Virginia. 

Martin, Frances, 4332 Rockhill Road, 
Kansas City, Missouri. 

Martin, Grace, Greenville, Pennsyl- 

Martin, Marianne, 1122 Westover 

Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia. 
Martin, Rebecca, 142 Main Street, 

Kingston, New York. 
Mason, Helen, 228 Prospect Street, 

Hagerstown, Maryland. 
Mason, Janet, Durham, North Caro- 


Massie, Helen, 1107 West Sixth 
Street, Austin, Texas. 

Massie, Ida, 412 Grace Street, Rich- 
mond, Virginia. 

Massie, Martha, Lynchburg, Vir- 

Matson, Frances (1912), Johnson 
City, Tennessee. 

Matthews, Marie, 1102 Barnwell 
Street, Columbia, South Carolina. 

Mattingly, Kathryn, 1350 Fairmont 
Street, Washington, D. C. 

Maurice, Ellen, Eagle Springs, North 

Maurice, Ruth (1914), 140 West 69th 
Street, New York City. 

Maury, Isabel, 407 Hawthorne Ave- 
nue, Houston, Texas. 

Mayfield, Cornelia, Bay City, Texas. 

Means, Bonner, 2009 Milam Street, 
Houston, Texas. 

Medlin, Otelia, 1236 Riverside Ave- 
nue, Jacksonville, Florida. 

Merrell, Virginia Jane, 844 Main 
Street, Coshocton, Ohio. 

Merritt, Em Turner, 619 North Bay- 
len Street, Pensacola, Florida. 

Merritt, Kitten, 619 North Baylen 
Street, Pensacola, Florida. 

Meek, Mildred, 3704 Garrot Street, 
Houston, Texas. 

Milholland, Irene, 46 W. Fall Creek 
Boulevard, Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Miller, Fannie, 412 West Franklin 
Street, Richmond, Virginia. 

Miller, Helen Gould, R. F. D. No. z, 
Wilmington, Delaware. 


Miller, Sallie, Mrs. Jno. Rutherford 

Bennett, 1932 Pendleton Street, 

Columbia, S. C. 
Miller, Virginia, 3200 Guadalupe 

Street, Austin, Texas. 
Mills, Lucile, 1125 Topeka Avenue, 

Topeka, Kansas. 
Milne, Ethel, 601 Vine Street, Chat- 
tanooga, Tennessee. 
Milne, Grace, 601 Vine Street, Chat- 
tanooga, Tennessee. 
Milne, SterHng, 601 Vine Street, 

Chattanooga, Tennessee. 
Minor, Grace, 314 North Spring 

Street, Independence, Missouri. 
Minor, Lucy, 61 North French 

Broad Avenue, Asheville, North 

Mitchell, Frances, West Broadway, 

Columbia, Missouri. 
Mitchell, Helen, 506 West Broadway, 

Columbia, Missouri. 
Mitchell, Mary, Newark, Delaware. 
Mixon, Mary Frances, Mrs. Bob Mc- 

Clintock, Marianna, Arkansas. 
Mize, Katharine, 604 West Maple 

Avenue, Independence, Missouri. 
Molly, Evelyn, 2^ E. Market Street, 

Lewistown, Pennsylvania. 
Monash, Helen, Mrs. Hirsch, 5020 

Grand Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois. 
Montgomery, Mildred, Mrs. Freder- 
ick R. Hocker, Ocala, Florida. 
Moore, Donna, 23 Park Avenue, New 

York City. 
Moore, Eleanor, 702 Superior Ave- 
nue, Dayton, Ohio. 


Moore, Mamie, 27o8 Crawford Street, 
Houston, Texas. 

Moore, Mary, 6ii North Meridian 
Street, Brazil, Indiana (1916-1917 
at 1022 Park Row, Lake Geneva, 

Moore, Pauline, 227 Cumberland 
Avenue, Asheville, North Carolina. 

More, Charlotte, Walton, New York 
(1916-1917 at 113 Eudid Avenue, 
Syracuse, New York). 

Morgenroth, Elsa, 413 West Eighth 
Street, Anderson, Indiana (1916- 
1917 at 1549 Dixmont Avenue, 
Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio). 

Morriss, Emily, Mrs. James T. Cole- 
man, 234 East Craig Place, San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Morriss, Emma (1911), 910 West 
Grace Street, Richmond, Virginia. 

Morriss, Lucy, Tyler, Texas. 

Morse, Eleanor, 202 Linden Avenue, 
Oak Park, Illinois. 

Moseley, Alice, 512 Fee Street, Oak: 
Park, IlHnois. 

Moss, Eppie, Lafayette, Louisiana 
(1916-1917 at 821 13th Street, S. 
W, Roanoke, Virginia. 

Moss, Marjorie, 822 Ford Street, 
Lake Charles, Louisiana. 

Mossman, Vivian, Mrs. Frank Bid- 
well Groves, 631 Fourteenth Street, , 
Huntington, West Virginia. 

Motter, Serena, Frederick, Maryland.!. 

Mountcastle, Grace, 611 Vine Street,;, 
Knoxville, Tennessee. 


Munce, Nancy, Mrs. Herbert Erskine 
Jones, Sundale Farm, Oak Hill, 
West Virginia. 

Munroe, Abbie (1914), Quincy, Flor- 

Munroe, Annette, Quincy, Florida. 

Murray, Josephine (1911), Mrs. John 
Whitman Joslin, Jr., 218 South 
Melcher Street, Johnstown, New 

Murrell, Frances (1910), Mrs. Ever- 
ingham Rickards, Norfolk, Vir- 

Myers, Frances, 323 East Freemason 
Street, Norfolk, Virginia. 

Myers, Hazel, 11 10 Scott Avenue, 
Fort Scott, Kansas. 

Neal, Berwyn, 620 Highland Avenue, 

Newark, New Jersey. 
Neal, Dorothy, 215 East Jefferson 

Street, Boise, Idaho. 
Neal, Laura, 922 Juliana Street, 

Parkersburg, West Virginia. 
Neale, Sadie, Mrs. Herd, Newport 

News, Virginia. 
Nebenzahl, Esther, Far Rockaway, 

Long Island, New York. 
Needels, Eleanor, Centerville, Iowa. 
Neidig, Hope, Mount Vernon, Iowa. 
Neidig, Verna, Mount Vernon, Iowa. 
Nelson, Alice, Mrs. Duncan Smith, 

42 Washington Square, New York 

Nelson, Julia-Jean, 640 East Semi- 
nary Street, Greencastle, Indiana. 
Nelson, King, 402 East Main Street, 

Staunton, Virginia. 


Nes, Dorothy, 232 East Orange 

Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 
Neville, Maria, Mrs. Stanton Brown, 

Meridian, Mississippi. 
Neville, Willie, 1049 Dauphin Way, 

Mobile, Alabama. 
Nev/ald, Gertrude, Mrs. Chas. Levy,, 

517 Park Place, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Newman, Elizabeth, 4738 Woodlawn 1 

Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. 
Nicholson, Helen, 1901 Main Street,, 

Richmond, Indiana. 
Nicolson, Katharine H., 3013 Q) 

Street, Washington, D. C. 
Nicodemus, Grace, Buckeystown,i, 

Norfleet, Adelaide, Suffolk, Virginia.i, 
Norris, Anna, 420 North Chestnuttj 

Street, Barnesville, Ohio. 
Northcott, Amizett'a, 1344 Third Ave- 
nue, Huntington, West Virginia. 
*Northern, Mary, 902 Colonial Ave-; 

nue, Norfolk, Virginia. 
Norvell, Leonora, Mrs. Ernest R* 

Latta, Hot Springs, Arkansas. 

O'Bannon, Carolyn, 1927 Secondc 

Street, Louisville, Kentucky. | 

Cettinger, Helene, 619 Park Avenueei 

Goldsboro, North Carolina. i 

Oett'inger, Dorette, 619 Park Avenuee 

Goldsboro, North Carolina. ; 

Olin, Lila Bess, Mrs. Frank Perryyi 

man Morgan, 10 Scott Street, Montt 

gomery, Alabama. 
Olney, Henrietta, Phoenix, Arizonaa, 
Orme, Eloise, 1623 Twenty-eightW 

Street, Washington, D. C. 


Osborne, Kate, ii8 East Thirty- 
first Street, Savannah, Georgia. 

Osborne, Mary, Mrs. Guy Carleton 
Steeves, Greyton Court, Riverside 
Drive and 141st Street, New York 

Oughton, Edith, 5410 Harper Ave- 
nue, Chicago, Illinois. 

Owen, Bergetta, 554 Lake Drive, Mil- 
waukee, Wisconsin. 

Owen, Ellen, 138 Union Avenue, 
Northeast, Grand Rapids, Michi- 

Owens, Evelyn, Mrs. Robert O. Ap- 
ple, Winston-Salem, North Caro- 

Page, Adella, Buckingham Park, 
Larchmont", Norfolk, Virginia. 

Page, Elizabeth, Aberdeen, North 

Palin, Louise, 618 Windsor Terrace, 
Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Palmer, Elsie, 88 North Franklin 
Street, Wilkesbarre, Pennsylvania. 

Parker, Frances, Euclid Hall, 56th 
Street and Broadway, New York 

Parker, Mary (1911), Franklin, Vir- 

Parks, Alice, 58 West Eleventh 
Street, Atlanta, Georgia. 

Parrish, Elsie, Mrs. Wm. S. Weddell, 
924 West Franklin Street, Rich- 
mond, Virginia. 

Parrish, Mary, Mrs. Thrift Fergu- 
son, Gaffney, South Carolina. 


Parris, Juliet, Mrs. Theodore Gill, 
Jr., Hammond Court, Washington, 
D. C 

Patrick, Margaret, West Chester, 

Patterson, Julia Meade, 39 Union 
Street, Petersburg, Virginia. 

Patterson, Nella, 130 Eighth Avenue, 
South, Nashville, Tennessee. 

Patterson, Ruth, 6 Stratford Road, 
Schenectady, New York. 

Patton, Felicia (1916), Catlettsburg, 

Patton, Rebekah (1914), Catletts- 
burg, Kentucky. 

Pauly, Gertrude, 1800 Grand Avenue, 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Payne, Josephine, Covington, Vir- 

Payne, Margaret, 412 Cabell Street, 
Lynchburg, Virginia. 

Pearce, Augusta, 319 West 95th 
Street, New York City. 

Peck, Helen Louise, 42 Park Place, 
New Britain, Connecticut. 

Peckwell, Dorothy, 5 Plymouth Court, 
Melford, Connecticut. 

Peele, Marion, Sweet Briar, Virginia. 

Pennock, Helen, Minerva, Ohio. 

Pennypacker, Elmyra, 517 Main 
Street, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. 

Pennypacker, Frances (1915), 517 
Main Street, Phoenixville, Penn- 
sylvania (1916-1917 at Suburban 
General Hospital, Bellevue, Pa.). 

Pennypacker, Mary (1916), 517 Main 
Street, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. 



Perkins, Grace, 1516 West Avenue, 
Richmond, Virginia. 

Perry, Hilda, Mrs. Philip B. Whlt- 
aker, 400 Bailey Avenue, Chatta- 
nooga, Tennessee. 

Peterson, Irma, 5479 Dorchester Ave- 
nue, Chicago, Illinois. 

Pfeiffer, Luima, Mrs. Chas. S. 
Becker, zy^z Washington Boule- 
vard, Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Pfister, Bertha, Amherst, Virginia. 

Philpot, Lillian, 1003 West Fifth 
Avenue, Pine Bluff, Arkansas. 

Phillips, Louise, Ferry Point, Chuck- 
atauck, Virginia. 

Phillips, Marion, 1144 Asbury Ave- 
nue, Evanston, Illinois. 

Phlegar, Katharine, Christiansburg, 

Pickett, Catherine, 304 North Second 
Avenue, Maywood, Illinois. 

Pierce, Eva, Mrs. Charles M. Thorn- 
ton, Union Springs, Alabama. 

Pinkerton, Eleanor, 408 Warren Cres- 
cent, Norfolk, Virginia (1916-1917 
at 106 Morningside Drive, New 
York City. 

Pinkerton, Mary (1913), 4o8 Warren 
Crescent, Norfolk, Virginia (1916- 
1917 at 300 West 30th Street, Bal- 
timore, Maryland). 

Piper, Gertrude, 416 Seventeenth 
Avenue, S. E., Minneapolis, Min- 

Plain, Ruth, 3929 Vincennes Avenue, 
Cliicago, Illinois. 


Poague, Catharine, 5100 Kimbark 
Avenue, Chicago, IlHnois, 

Portmann, Laura (1914), 832 North 
Market Avenue, Canton, Ohio 
(1916-1917 at 1914^ West Boule- 
vard, Cleveland, Ohio). 

Potts, Margaret, Popodicon, Shep- 
herdstown, West Virginia. 

Potts, Nell, The Chesterfield, Rich- 
mond, Virginia. 

Powell, Annie M. (1910), Wythe- 
ville, Virginia (1916-1917 at 817 
Whitaker Street, Savannah, Geor- 

Powell, Priscilla, Camden, Arkansas. 

Powers, Dudley, Mrs. Richard Lee 
Page, Warrenton, Virginia. 

Prange, Norma, 617 Erie Avenue, 
Sheboygan, Wisconsin. 

Pratt, Jane, Highland, New York. 

Preston, Miriam, Paris, Texas. 

Priddy, Mae, 219 Colonial Avenue. 
Norfolk, Virginia. 

Pritchett, Eunice, 644 Main Street, 
Box 103, Danville, Virginia. 

Proctor, Josephine, Mrs. Henry G. 
iSIelms, Calder Avenue, Beaumont, 

Purcell, Dorothy, 145 South Linden 
Street, Alliance, Ohio. 

Purdy, Helen, care Mrs. Manning, 
Londenville, New York. 

Quinby, Katharine, Mrs. Charles Vail 
Castle, 28 Thayer Street, Roches- 
ter, New York. 

Quinnerly, Agnes, Kinston, North 


Ragland, Lavinia, Radford, Virginia. 

Raiff, Frances, i8o Montross Avenue, 
Rutherford, New Jersey. 

Rainer, Evelyn, 1508 Harbert Ave- 
nue, Memphis, Tennessee. 

Randolph, Lester, 22(i East Hall 
Street, Savannah, Georgia. 

Raney, Mary Heath, Lawrenceville, 

Rawson, Helen, 781 Summit Avenue, 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Rea, Genevieve, 3633 Broadway, Kan- 
sas City, Missouri. 

Rea, Martha, 3633 Broadway, Kan- 
sas City, Missouri. 

Reardon, Marie, Midland, Michigan. 

Recker, Margaret, 826 Woodruff 
Place, Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Red, Lei, 817 Caroline Street, Hous- 
ton, Texas. 

Reddish, Nelle, Mrs. Jack Wilson, 
Memphis, Missouri. 

Redfield, Evelyn, 3004 Victor Street, 
Dallas, Texas. 

Redmund, Helen, 5927 Kenmore 
Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. 

Reed, Margaret, 142 Fourteenth 
Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Reed, Mary, 511 West 150th Street, 
New York City. 

Reeder, WilHe Benham, Mrs. James 
W. Bond, Florence, Alabama. 

Reeves, Josephine, Abbottsford Ave- 
nue, Germantown, Philadelphia, 

Reynolds, Ruth, no North Main 
Street, Cynthiana, Kentucky. 


Rhea, Alexa, First State Bank Build- 
ing, Dallas, Texas. 

Rhyne, Mary, Mrs. Richard Ken- 
drick Webb, Mount Holly, North 

Ribble, Margaretha (1913), Wythe- 
ville, Virginia. 

Richards, Isabelle, Houlton, Maine. 

Richardson, Bernice (i9i3),8o Wash- 
ington Street, Leominster, Massa- 

Richardson, Elizabeth, 1214 Quarrier 
Street, Charleston, West Virginia. 

Richardson,. Frances (1913), 1214 
Quarrier Street, Charleston, West 

Richardson, Lois, 2.27 Walnut Street, 
Sewickley, Pennsylvania. 

Richardson, Louise, Mrs. Henry H. 
George HI, 1831 Monument Ave- 
nue, Richmond, Virginia, 

Richardson, Mathilde, 206 First Ave- 
nue, Belmar, New Jersey. 

Rickard, Elisabeth, 166 Summit Ave- 
nue, Summit, New Jersey. 

Riddle, Florence Carr, 2401 West 
End Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee. 

Rigg, Edna, Mrs. A. T. Brown, 246 
Burrows Street, State College, 

Rigney, Evelyn, Mrs. Edgar Chan- 
cellor, Columbus, Georgia. 

Roach, Ethel, Pittsford, New York. 

Robbins, Phoebe, Mrs. Homer Moore 
Jewitt, 2083 East 96th Street, 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

Roberts, Anne, Valdosta, Georgia. 


Roberts, Esther, 320 North Euclid 
Avenue, Oak Park, Ilhnois. 

Roberts, Hazel, 48A Dove Street, Al- 
bany, New York. 

Robertson, Frances, The Wyoming, 
Washington, D. C. 

Robertson, Virginia, I45 Holbrook 
Avenue, Danville, Virginia. 

Robinson, Ellen, 206 Freemason 
Street, Norfolk, Virginia. 

Rodes, Ella, Mrs. James Booker Hut- 
ter, 1 5 17 Jackson Street, Lynch- 
burg, Virginia. 

Rodes, Mary, Danville, Kentucky. 

Rodman, Cammie, 436 Mowbray 
Arch, Norfolk, Virginia. 

Rogers, Elizabeth, Shelby, Missis- 
Ross, Ida, Mrs. Stewart Alfred Le- 
Blanc, corner Government and 
Cherokee Streets, Mobile, Alabama. 

Royall, Anne, 812 Park Avenue, 
Richmond, Virginia. 

Rozelle, Maynette, The Frederica, 
Owensboro, Kentucky. 

Rucker, Jessie, 920 Clarksville Street, 
Paris, Texas. 

Ruffin, Jane Byrd, 511 Fairfax Ave- 
nue, Norfolk, Virginia. 

Russell, Constance (1916), 47 Grove 
Hill, New Britain, Connecticut. 

Russell, Julie, 47 , Grove Hill, New 
Britain, Connecticut. 

Rutherford, Helen, 209 South Sixth 
Street, Muskogee, Oklahoma. 

Ryland, Louise, Mrs. Harry S. Ni- 
coU, 2910 Tracy Avenue, Kansas 
City, Missouri. 


Sabel, Olga, 624 Laura Street, Jack- 
sonville, Florida. 

Sachs, Madeleine, 1800 Corona Street, 
Denver, Colorado. 

Sackett, Helen, 643 North Fountain 
Avenue, Springfield, Ohio. 

Sandmeyer, Virginia, Columbus, 

Satterthwait, Lucile, Waynesville, 
North Carolina. 

Sauer, Margaret, 3401 Wells Street, 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Saul, Gladys, 1030 West Franklin 
Street, Richmond, Virginia. 

Saunders, Mary, 604 West Franklin 
Street, Richmond, Virginia. 

Sauters, Lois, 1428 Grace Avenue, 
Lakewood, Ohio. 

Savage, Katharine, 27 Prospect 
Street, Ashtabula, Ohio. 

Sawyer, Leila, T] East Hamilton 
Avenue, Englewood, New Jersey. 

Schabacker, Ruth, z^'^ West Tenth 
Street, Erie, Pennsylvania. 

Schafer, Adah, Carrollton, Illinois. 

Schlemmer, Dorothy, 3929 Avenue 
G, Austin, Texas. 

Schloss, Amalia, 2908 North Illinois 
Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Scarritt, Catharine, 315 North Indi- 
ana Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri. 

Schell, Catharine E., 6242 Swope 
Parkway, Kansas City, Missouri. 

*Schmelz, Nancy, i6th Street and 
Colonial Avenue, Norfolk, Vir- 


Schmelz, Elsie, Mrs. H. L. Collier, 
i6th Street and Colonial Avenue, 
Norfolk, Virginia. 

Schmidt, Margaret L., Box 355, Elm 
Grove, West Virginia. 

Schmidt, Mildred A., 1336 Harvard 
Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Schneider, Marie, 349 West Twenty- 
second Street, New York City. 

Schockey, Adelaide, 11 13 Chapline 
Street, Wheeling, West Virginia. 

Schoolfield, Lucille, 756 Main Street, 
Danville, Virginia. 

Schreier, Barbara, 524 Ontario Ave- 
nue, Sheboygan, Wisconsin (1916- 
191 7 at 2944 Michigan Boulevard, 
Chicago, Illinois). 

Schulte, Helen, Mrs. Albert S. Ten- 
ney, 8205 Greenwood Avenue, Se- 
attle, Washington. 

Schummers, Gladys, 64 West Ave- 
nue, Fairport, New York. 

Schutte, Anne (1915), Marietta Ave- 
nue, Lancaster, Pa. (1916-1917 at 
108 Mercer Street, Princeton, New 

Scott, Bessie, Mrs. Victor von Gem- 
mingen, 13th and Lee Streets, Vic- 
toria, Virginia. 

Scott, Mary, Amherst, Virginia. 

Scott, Julia Baxter, 506 South Tryon 
Street, Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Seaver, Charlotte, 11409 Glenwood 
Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Sebring, Louise, 438 Fifteenth Street, 
Sebring, Ohio. 


Sedgwick, Deborah, Mrs. Henry Pat- 
ton, Main Street, Danville, Vir- 

Seeds, Marjorie, Mrs. Matthews 
Fletcher, 1621 Talbot Avenue, In- 
dianapolis, Indiana. 

Sellar, Georgena, 411 Tenbroeck 
Street, Paris, Illinois (1916-1917 
at 411 Seminary Street, Green- 
castle, Indiana). 

Sellers, Frances, 1501 Broome Street, 
Wilmington, Delaware. 

Sexton, Jamie, Mrs. Peter Hagner 
Holmes, Colorado Springs, Colo- 

Sexton, Kathleen, Mrs. R. Kent Spil- 
ler, Roanoke, Virginia. 

Shafer, Marguerite, Mrs. Chester A. 
Whitmer, Waycross, Georgia. 

Shand, Barbara, Narberth, Pennsyl- 

Sharp, Jeannette M., 46 West 27th 
Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Sharpe, Caroline J., 80 West River ; 
Street, Wilkesbarre, Pennsylvania. ; 

Sheffield, Sarah, 811 Church Street, 
Americus, Georgia. 

Sheldon, Ruth, 240 Peck Street, Mus- 
kogeon, Michigan. 

Sheldon, Sybil F., 1817 National 
Avenue, Rockford, Illinois. 

Shenehon, Claire, 2109 Blaisedell Ave- 
nue, Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Shirey, Alice, 201 Russell Street, 
Bluefield, West Virginia. 

Shirey, Blanche, 201 Russell Street, 
Bluefield, West Virginia. 


Shirey, Eveline, Mrs. Ross Leroy 
McLellan, Bluefield, West Virginia. 

Shirk, Rosina, Hanover, Pennsyl- 

Sholar, Frances, 621 Vine Street, 
Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Shoop, Ethel, Suffolk, Virginia, 

Shoop, Virginia, Mrs. John Temple 
PhiUips, 169 Mariner Street, Buf- 
falo, New York. 

Shortess, Pauline, loio Sixth Street, 
Charleston, Illinois. 

Shulofer, Helen C, 516 Rockdale 
Avenue, Avondale, Cincinnati, O. 

Shunk, Edna, 225 East Sixth Ave- 
nue, Hutchinson, Kansas. 

Shwab, Elizabeth, 1523 Broad Street, 
Nashville, Tennessee. 

Sibley, Hettie, 2181 Highland Ave- 
nue, Birmingham, Alabama. 

Simonds, Mary, 48 Meeting Street, 
Charleston, South Carolina. 

Simons, Sara, Mrs. C. Norwood 
Hastie, 45 Legare Street, Charles- 
ton, South CaroHna. 

Sims, Lucy, Mrs. William Worth 
Smith, Jr., Louisa, Virginia. 

Sinkler, Allen, 5 Ladson Street, 
Charleston, South Carolina. 

Sinsel, Alma, iiii West Eighteenth 
Street, Boise, Idaho. 

Sipe, Enid, 301 South Main Street, 
Harrisonburg, Virginia. 

Skillern, Inez, 1805 North Tenth 
_ Street, Boise, Idaho. 

Skinner, Dorothy, Mrs. Percy T. 
Sheedy, 644 Lucas Avenue, Los 
Angeles, California. 

Slaughter, Sue (1913), 547 Warren 
Crescent, Norfolk, Virginia. 

Sloan, Carla, 64 South Battery, 
Charleston, South Carolina. 

Sloan, Edna, 71 18 Linwood Avenue, 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

Sloan, Elizabeth, 64 South Battery, 
Charleston, South CaroHna. 

Sloan, Frances, 24 Washington Street, 
Cumberland, Maryland. 

Smith, Dorothy R., Purcellville, Vir- 

Smith, Eleanor, 72 Milford Avenue, 
Newark, New Jersey. 

Smith, Enrique, 620 Columbus Street, 
Waco, Texas. 

Smith, Ermon, Alexander Apart- 
ments, El Paso, Texas. 

Smith, Sarah Louise, 503 Dartmouth 
Street, Brunswick, Georgia. 

Smythe, Lois, Greenville, Mississippi. 

Smythe, Mildred, Mrs. Le Noir Josie, 
Beaumont, Texas. 

Smythe, Ruth, 554 East Street, Mem- 
phis, Tennessee. 

Snow, Jane, 267 Alexander Street, 
Rochester, New York. 

Sollitt, Elanette, 3995 Ellis Avenue, 
Chicago, Illinois. 

Sommerville, Eleanor, Mrs. Raymond 
Head Hatch, Morrisville, Vermont. 

Souders, Beulah, 5518 Hyde Park 
Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois. 

Spady, Maria, Cape Charles, Vir- 

Spafford, Harrietta, 321 Plant Ave- 
nue, Tampa, Florida. 



Spahr, Elizabeth, 38 Stockton Street^ 
Princeton, New Jersey. 

Spalding, Marjorie, 614 West Park 
Avenue, Champaign, Illinois. 

Spencer, Mary, 806 Main Street, Dan- 
ville, Virginia. 

Spengel, Margaret, 1565 Race Street, 
Denver, Colorado. 

Sprague, Louise, Mrs. Julian C. 
Brooks, Newell, Iowa. 

Sprinkel, Mary, Mrs. Richard C. 
Taylor, Hanover Courthouse, Vir- 

Stacy, Cordelia, Mrs. Thomas B. 
Ramey, 703 South Broadway, 
Tyler, Texas. 

Staehlin, Pauline, loio Kanawha 
Street, Charleston, West Virginia. 

Staley, Eleanor, Delamere, Breath- 
edsville, Maryland. 

Staley, Margaret, Mrs. John D. 
Crawford, The Calvert Apart- 
ments, Hagerstown, Maryland, 

Staley, Mary, Mrs. Gordon K. Nico- 
demus, Breathedsville, Alaryland. 

Stanford, Elizabeth, Apartment 41 
The Dresden, Washington, D. C. 

Stanley, Edith, 21 10 Rivermont Ave- 
nue, Lynchburg, Virginia. 

Staples, Jean, 528 Richmond Avenue, 
Buffalo, New York. 

Staples, Ruth, 528 Richmond Ave- 
^ nue, Buffalo, New York. 

Starling, Clarissa, 321 Magnolia Ave- 
nue, Sanford, Florida. 

Steele, Eleanor, 823 Third Avenue, 
North, Columbus, Mississippi. 


Steele, Genie, 823 Third Avenue, 
North, Columbus, Mississippi. 

Steele, Martha, 127 First Avenue, 
East, Hutchinson, Kansas. 

Stephenson, Reba, Mrs. Henry Kellj;-, 
Jr., 608 North Marguerit'a Avenue, 
Alhambra, Los Angeles, California. 

Stevens, Ruth, Box No. 282, Lynch- 
burg, Virginia. 

Stevenson, Martha, Wallace, Idaho. 

Steves, Edna, 504 King William 
Street, San Antonio, Texas. 

Stewart, Elizabeth, 801 Hill Avenue, 
Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania. 

Stewart, Mary, ']']'] Ponce de Leon 
Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia. 

Stiles, Marina, Thrall, Texas. 

Stockdale, Jean (1916), 335 Park 
Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. 

Stone, Eleanor, care Major W. P. 
Stone, Retired, War Department, 
Washington, D. C. 

Storey, Christie, 501 McGowan Ave- 
nue, Houston, Texas. 

Storey, Hildegarde, 501 McGowan 
Avenue, Houston, Texas. 

Stout, Katrina, 502 West Third Ave- 
nue, Corsicana, Texas. 

Stout, Rebecca (1916), Hartsville, 
South Carolina. 

Strachan, Marguerite, 179 Highland 
Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. 

Strasburg, Marjorie, 28 East Forest 
Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. 

Strobhar, Helen, care W. G. Strob- 
har, Savannah, Georgia. 


Strother, Jennie, 320 Madison Street, 
Lynchburg, Virginia. 

Sturgis, Helen, 1841 North Delaware 
Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Summers, Frances, 703 South Vir- 
ginia Street, Hopkinsville, Ken- 

Suppes, Nancy, Valley Pike, Johns- 
town, Pennsylvania. 

Sutherland, Elizabeth, 510 Buffalo 
Street, Farmville, Virginia. 

Sutherland, Mary, Mrs. Royall 
Knapp Baker, 84 Pl3miouth Ave- 
nue, South, Rochester, New York. 

Swain, Alice (1914), 62 Evergreen 
Place, East Orange, New Jersey. 

Swan, Dorothy, 154 Passaic Avenue, 
Passaic, New Jersey. 

Swan, Ruth, 154 Passaic Avenue, 
Passaic, New Jersey. 

Swaney, Penelope, Mrs. M. Y. Hope, 
Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. 

Sykes, Dorothy, Aberdeen, Missis- 

Tabb, Mary Clifton, Mrs. J. Wood- 
ruffe George, 1809 Marengo Street, 
New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Tait, Lucy, Spring Garden, Monroe, 

Taliaferro, Carrie, 308 East Franklin 
Street, Richmond, Virginia. 

Taliaferro, Lucy, 308 East Franklin 
Street, Richmond, Virginia. 

Talmadge, Grace, 1237 Prince Ave- 
nue, Athens, Georgia. 


Tandy, Mary, Mrs. Milton G. Moore, 
129 East Sixteenth Street, Hop- 
kinsville, Kentucky. 

Tandy, Nell, 129 East Sixteenth 
Street, Hopkinsville, Kentucky. 

Tarbell, Dorothy, no North Geneva 
Street, Ithaca, New York. 

Tayloe, Elizabeth, Washington, North 

Taylor, Dorothy, z^ Ridgewood Ter- 
race, Maplewood, New Jersey. 

Taylor, Helen, Tyler, Texas. 

Taylor, Mary, 905 South Mary Street', 
Tyler, Texas. 

Taylor, Maude, 1720 Frances Street, 
Houston, Texas. 

Temple, Margaret, 138 Broad Street, 
Danville, Virginia. 

Ten Eyck, Anne, Box No. 244, 2 
West Madison Avenue, Johnstown, 
New York. 

Tennent, Rafaela, 600 East Chicago 
Street, Sturgis, Michigan (1916- 
1917 at 4812 Sheridan Road, Chi- 
cago, Illinois). 

Thach, Mayo (1913), Terrace Court 
Apartments, Birmingham, Ala- 

Thacker, Lois, Mrs. Earnest L. Park- 
er, 812 North Main Street, Cle- 
burne, Texas. 

Theiss, Ruth, 909 West Market 
Street, Akron, Ohio. 

TheLosen, Marie, (^7 East Thir- 
teenth Street, Brooklyn, New 

Thomas, Emmy, B ram well. West 


Thomas, Margaret, Mrs. George H. 
Patten, 645 Scott Avenue, Kirk- 
wood, Missouri. 

Thomas, Ria, 119 Ninth Avenue, 
S. E., Roanoke, Virginia. 

Thompson, Bernice, R. F. D. No. 3» 
Springfield, Ohio. 

Thompson, Doris, Guilford Place, 
Toledo, Ohio. 

Thompson, Elizabeth, Hillsborough 
Street, Raleigh, North Carolina. 

Thompson, Jennie, 1224 Avalon 
Street, Birmingham, Alabama. 

Thompson, Kathryn, Mrs. Joseph S. 
Mather, 65 South Madison Avenue, 
Pasadena, California. 

Thompson, Minette, 2300 Travis 
Street, Houston, Texas. 

Thomson, Katie, Lockhart, Texas, 

Thomson, Mildred, 413 Fairfax Ave- 
nue, Norfolk, Virginia. 

Thornburg, Marion, Lehigh Univer- 
sity, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. 

Thornton, Currier, 1901 Adelicia 
Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee. 

Thornton, Mildred, 1901 Adelicia 
Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee. 

Thorpe, Helene, 102 East Hancock 
Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. 

Thorsch, Elsa, 4924 Ellis Avenue, 
Chicago, Illinois. 

Throckmorton, Lucy, Laburnum Ave- 
nue, Ginter Park, Richmond, Vir- 

Tibbitts, Marion, 55 Edgerton Road, 
Akron, Ohio. 

Tietig, Doris, 240 Ohio Avenue, Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. 


Tillman, Lucy, Vaughn Road, Nash- 
ville, Tennessee. 

Tillman, Martha, Vaughn Road, 
Nashville, Tennessee. 

Timpson, Vera, 612 Atlanta Avenue, 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Tinley, Elsie, 553 Willow Avenue, 
Council Blufifs, Iowa. 

Tomb, Ethel, Mrs. Paul S. Emerson, 
Carpenter Avenue, Indiana, Penn- 

Tomlinson, Bland, 2007 Highland 
Avenue, Birmingham, Alabama. 

Tonsmeire, Catharine, 617 City Bank 
Building, Mobile, Alabama. 

Towle, Virginia, 1524 Fourth Ave- 
nue, Louisville, Kentucky. 

Towne, Catherine, 819 Judson Ave- 
nue, Evanston, Illinois. 

Tress, Inez, 321 Highland Place, Ot- 
tawa, Illinois. 

Trevett, Alma, 407 North Prairie 
Avenue, Champaign, Illinois. 

Trigg, Anne Mae, Mrs. Frank 
Birmingham, Westbrook Hotel 
Fort Worth, Texas. 

Trigg, Barbara, Mrs. David Tucker 
Brown, Chapel Hill, North Caro- 

Trimble, Hazel, 104 Lexington Ave- 
nue, Passaic, New Jersey. 

Tucker, Helen, Chattanooga Paint 
Co., Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Tucker, Henrietta, Lexington, Vir- 

Turk, Esther Cornwall, Geneva, New 


rie I 


Turlington, Louise, Fair Oaks, Acco- 

mac County, Virginia. 
Turman, Almeria, Tampa, Florida. 
Turner, Austin, Woodberry Forest, 

Orange, Virginia. 
Turpin, Frances, 404 College Street, 

Macon, Georgia. 
Tutwiler, Mary, 814 Adams Avenue, 

Memphis, Tennessee. 
Tyler, Jane, 206 Eighth Street, South, 

Fargo, North Dakota. 
Tyler, Mary (1913), Mrs. Edward 

H. Cole, 206 Eighth Street, South, 

Fargo, North Dakota. 
Tyler, Lucy, Mrs. Elbert Henry Wil- 

let. The Pines, Anniston, Alabama. 
Tyson, Elizabeth, South Strafford, 


Valentine, Ann, 803 West Franklin 
Street, Richmond, Virginia. 

Valentine, Cary, Mrs. Louis E. 
Cutchins, 1116 West Avenue, Rich- 
mond, Virginia. 

Valentine, Dorothy, 194 Green Street, 
Woodbridge, New Jersey. 

Valentine, Martha, 803 West Frank- 
lin Street, Richmond, Virginia. 

Van Bibber, Ann Elise, Mrs. William 
Otis Reckard, Huntington, West 

Van Vliet, Jean, 711 Washington 
Boulevard, Oak Park, Illinois. 

Varner, Mary, 181 5 Timmonds Ave- 
nue, Portsmouth, Ohio. 

Waddey, Margaret, Mrs. James Box- 
ley, Charlottesville, Virginia. 


Wadsworth, Henrietta, 2108 Third 
Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 

Wagner, Mildred, Mrs. Dickinson 
Shields, Edgewood, Pittsburgh, 

Wailes, Mary, Mrs. F. H. Morton, 
Burnwell, West Virginia. 

Wailes, Sadie, Sweet Briar, Virginia. 

Waite, Marguerite, 569 High Street, 
Newark, New Jersey (1916-1917 at 
2650 Wisconsin Avenue, Washing- 
ton, D. C). 

Waite, Mildred, 569 High Street, 
Newark, New Jersey. 

Wales, Catherine, Bank Street, Nor- 
folk, Virginia. 

Walker, Carol, 197 Iroquois Avenue, 
Detroit, Michigan. 

Walker, Helen, 303 Willow Avenue, 
Council Bluffs, Iowa. 

Walker, Ida, 1463 St. James Court, 
Louisville, Kentucky. 

Walker, Marion, 602 West Tenth 
Street, Erie, Pennsylvania. 

Walker, Martha, 411 Park Avenue, 
Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Walker, Mary Ellis, 1463 St. James 
Court, Louisville, Kentucky. 

Walker, Rachel, Waynesboro, Vir- 

Walkup, Elsie, Euclid Apartment 16, 
Berkeley, California. 

Wallace, Dorothy, 9 Ladson Street, 
Charleston, South Carolina. 

Wallace, Dorothy, Veedersburg, In- 

Wallace, Lily, Fredericksburg, Vir- 



Waller, Cordelia, La wrenceburg, Ken- 

Ward, Elizabeth, 1216 Highland Ave- 
nue, Aberdeen, South Dakota. 

Ward, Fannie Belle, Mrs. Lloyd 
Boerne, Detroit, Texas. 

Ward, Sea Willow, 685 Park Street, 
Beaumont, Texas. 

Warner, Mary Virginia, 2391 Wood- 
land Avenue, Duluth, Minnesota. 

Washburn, Henrietta (1914), Z^7 
South Eleventh ^ Street, Philadel- 
phia, Pennsylvania. 

Watkins, Ruth, Minden, Louisiana. 

Watson, Lucretia, 1715 Main Street, 
Houston, Texas. 

Watson, Madeline, 25 Henry Avenue, 
Melrose Highlands, Massachusetts. 

Watson, Margie, 1214 Ninth Avenue, 
Greely, Colorado. 

Watson, Mertie, Cartref Cottage, 
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. 

Watson, Nancy, 135 Sutherlin Ave- 
nue, Danville, Virginia. 

Watson, Sallie, Danville, Virginia. 

Wattles, Florence, 393 Richmond 
Avenue, Buffalo, New York. 

Wayman, Pearl, Mrs. Frank Foncan- 
non, Rochester, Minnesota. 

Weakley, Eula, 2200 Ridge Park Ave- 
nue, Birmingham, Alabama. 

Weaver, Rosalie, 2225 Ridge Park 
Avenue, Birmingham, Alabama. 

Webb, Celia, 968 Government Street, 
Mobile, Alabama. 

Webb, Isabel, 1874 East 82d Street, 
Cleveland, Ohio. 


Webster, Alice, West Ghen Boule- 
vard, Norfolk, Virginia. 

Webster, Christine, Carthage, Mis- 

Webster, Helena, Kensington, Mary- 

Webster, Mariana, 1025 Fifth Street, 
S. E., Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Weer, Lucile, 927 North Meridian 
Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Wefel, Marguerite, Mrs. Charles 
Wesley Waters, Jr., Mobile, Ala- 

Weichselbaum, Nina, 868 Mulberry 
Street, Macon, Georgia. 

Weisiger, Louise (1915), 2716 Hill- 
crest Road, Manchester Station, 
Richmond, Virginia. 

Wenar, Edith, Mrs. Albert Kaufman, 
Atlanta, Georgia. 

Wensley, Margaret, 13372 Euclid 
Avenue, East Cleveland, Ohio. 

Weslow, Estelle, Mrs. William Pal- 
lac, care 415 West Eleventh Street, 
Anderson, Indiana. 

West, Mary Ethel, Monterey Street, 
5 South of Government, Mobile, 

Westwater, Mary, 87 Monroe Ave- 
nue, Columbus, Ohio. 

Wheeler, Laura, Mrs. T. E. Nelson, 
1900 Colorado Boulevard, Denver, 

Wheeler, Mary Anna, 9 East Pedre- 
gosa Street, Santa Barbara, Cali- 


Wheelwright, Esther, Buckhead 
Springs, Virginia. 

Wheless, Adelaide, 1776 Calder Ave- 
nue, Beaumont, Texas. 

Wheless, Bessie, Mrs. G. A. Mercer, 
Jr., care Chatham Crescent, Sa- 
vannah, Georgia. 

White, Annie, Walton, New York. 

White, Eudalia, 122 South Munn 
Avenue, East Orange, New Jer- 

White, Olivia, 217 Madison Street, 
Lynchburg, Virginia. 

White, Rebecca (191 3), Walton, New 

White, Velna, Mrs. S. E. Hostetter, 
214 Twelfth Avenue, Hutchinson, 

Whitehead, Martha, 1228 Eighteenth 
Avenue, Altoona, Pennsylvania. 

Whitehead, Mary, Amherst, Virginia. 

Whitehill, Helen, 85 East Thirteenth 
Avenue, Columbus, Ohio. 

Whitehill, JuHann, 85 East Thir- 
teenth Avenue, Columbus, Ohio. 

Whitley, Dorothy, 416 North Twenty- 
second Street, Birmingham, Ala- 

Whitten, Effie May, Amherst, Vir- 

Whittet, Bessie, 712 West Grace 
Street, Richmond, Virginia. 

Wieck, Elaine, 635 Lafayette Street, 
Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

Wikofif, Marguerite, 11 14 West Six- 
teenth Street, Oklahoma City, Ok- 


Wilcox, Dorothy, 909 West Sixth 
Street, Austin, Texas. 

Wild, Frances, 1639 North Meridian 
Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Wilkinson, Annie, 204 North State 
Street, Jackson, Mississippi. 

Williams, Amy, The Tavern, Fair- 
mont, West Virginia. 

Williams, Bessie, Amherst, Virginia. 

Williams, Cardelle, Crescent City, 

Williams, Evelyn, Mrs. Vincent M. 
Miles, 2609 Broadway, Little Rock, 

Williams, Helen, 902 Floyd Avenue, 
Richmond, Virginia. 

WilHams, Irene, Mrs. Wm. Palmer 
Oliver, 630 North Street, Cape Gi- 
rardeau, Missouri. 

WilHams, Jessie, 711 East Morgan 
Street, Boonville, Missouri. 

Williams, MolHe, Amherst, Virginia. 

Williams, Sue, 711 East Morgan 
Street, Boonville, Missouri. 

WilHams, Virginia, 637 South Wash- 
ington Street, Van Wert, Ohio. 

Wills, Anna, Duncannon, Pennsyl- 

Wilson, EHzabeth, 367 Washington 
Avenue, Lexington, Missouri. 

Wilson, Grace, Belton, Missouri. 

Wilson, LouHe (1912), 434 Charlotte 
Avenue, Rock Hill, South Carolina 
(1916-1917 at Cathedral School, 
Orlando, Florida). 

Wilson, Lucy, Belton, Missouri. 


Wilson, Katherine, Lexington, Mis- 
souri (1916-1917 at 3632 Gilham 
Road, Kansas City, Missouri). 

Wilson, Margaret, Mrs. Ford Ballan- 
tyne, Grosse Pointe Shores, Michi- 

Wilson, Martha KJiox, Smithfield, 

Wilson, Mildred, Bartow, Florida. 

Wilson, Sarah, Rushmere, Virginia. 

Wilson, Sarah, Mrs. Thos. V. Ma- 
gruder, 1107 South Twentieth 
Street, Birmingham, Alabama. 

Wilson, Susan, Belton, Missouri. 

Wingfield, Eleanor, 407 West Frank- 
lin Street, Richmond, Virginia. 

Winston, Elizabeth, Winston, Vir- 

Withers, Katherine, Roanes, Glou- 
cester County, Virginia. 

Wood, Ella, Mrs. Joseph Stanley 

I Gibson, Pasadena, California. 

Wood, Eva, Amherst, Virginia. 

[Wood, Isabel, Park Street, Char- 
lottesville, Virginia. 

Woodard, Elizabeth, 524 Warren 

W' Crescent, Norfolk, Virginia, 
oodbridge, Laura, 2353 North Me- 
ridian Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. 
Woodson, Edith, Mrs. John Sharp 

Ewing, Vicksburg, Mississippi. 
Woolf, Mabel, 11 15 Ninth Avenue, 

Greely, Colorado. 
iVorkum, Hannah, 678 North Cres- 
cent Avenue, Avondale, Cincinnati, 


Wortham, Clara Root, Laurel 
Heights Terrace, San Antonio, 

Wright, Elizabeth, 1322 South Thirty- 
fifth Avenue, Omaha, Nebraska. 

Wright, Eva, 4 West Dayton Ave- 
nue, Ridgewood, New Jersey. 

Wright, Linda, 650 Pavonia Avenue, 
Jersey City, New Jersey. 

Yerkes, Marian, Mrs. E. H. Barlow, 
1240 Clinton Place, Elizabeth, New 

Young, Frances, 2910 Campbell 
Street, Kansas City, Missouri. 

Zaegel, Elsie (1912), Mrs. I. C. 

Thomas, 2108 North Sixth Street, 

Sheboygan, Wisconsin. 
Zeehandelaar, Lois, 607 Kenmore 

Avenue, Los Angeles, California. 


Anne Schutte, '15 
Margaret Grant, '15, 

Business Manager 

Auce Swain, '14, 

Ex officio