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1 3, n 







4fc. Jc. ie. 

VOL. IV. Q— Z. 




QUADERNOS. see Fiouren, No. 


18376 QUADRERIA Medicea. With. 

out place or date (Fir. -1733 sq.). 
large fol. 5 vols. 

This collection contains the pictures of 
the Medici gaJlerj, engraved by Mogalli, 
Pichianti, Lorenzini, Oregon, and others 
after Fr. Petmcd's designs, but it is only 
indifferently eieouted. The first 2 vols., 
which were engraved from 17.^3 to 1771, 
and property alone bear the title of Qwm~ 
drerioy are the most important. The ist 
vol. contains 94 leave% ih» 9nd 93, the 3rd 
(by St. della BeUa) 98, the 4th (by Callot) 
105, the 5th (by di£ferent masters) 1 10. 

QUADRINS, see Fiouren. 
QUADRIREGIO, see Fbezzi. 

18377 QUADRIO, Fr. Saverio. Della 
storia e della ragione d' ogni poesia. 
T. I, BoL, Pisarri, 1739 (also, 
Ven. 1739). T. II-V. Boh, Ag- 
nelli, 1741-52. 4°. 5 parts in 7 

A tiresome and uncritical compilation, 
without any arrangement ( Bcuterwek 
Geweh. der Pgesie, II. 535), but greatly 
sought after notwithstanding. 

QUADRUVIUM ecdesificseeHuoo, 
No. 10360. 

18378 QUiERENGUS, And. De 
novo soc. Jesu oollegio, Gregorii 
XIII. pontif. liberalitate extrui 
ocBpto^ carmen. Rome, Fr. Zan. 
nettns, 1582. 4°. 

A copy on TeUum in the Royal Kbrary at 

QUARTERLY Review, see Re- 

18379 QUATREM&RE de Qnincy, 

Ant. Chrysost. Le Jupiter Olym. 

pien on I'art de la sculpture antique 

consid^^ sous un nonveau point de 

vue. Ouvrage qui oomprend un 

essai sur la sculpture polychrdme, 

I'analyse explicative de la toreu- 

tique, et I'histoire de la statuaire 

en or et en ivoire ches les Grecs et 

les Romains, avec la restitution des 

?rincipaux monumens de cet art. 
*ST., Didot, 1 8 15. large fol. with 

32 partly illuminated plates. 

Only 150 copies of this splendid work 
were printed (at 200 fr.), besides 10 copies 
on vellum paper (400 fr.). 

18380 — recueil de dissertations sur 
differens sujets d*antiquit^. Par., 
impr. roy.» 18 19. large 4°. with 
plates. On vellum paper (36 fr.) 

A separate impreisioii of 6 diasertatioiis 
in the Mlm. de VitulUui ; only 50 copies 
struck off. 

18381 — dissertation de Farchitecture 
Egyptienne. Par. 1803. 4®. with 

18382 — sur la statue antique de 
V^nus, d^couverte dans Tile de 
Milo en 1820. Par. 1821. 4^. 

18383 QUATREMfeRE, Et. Re. 
cherches crit. et histor. sur la 
langue et la litt^rature d'Egypte. 
Par.^ impr. roy., 1808. large 8^ 
(12 fr.^ on veUum paper 24 fr.) 

18384 — mtooires geograph. et 
histor. sur I'Egypte et sur quelques 
oontrees voisines, recueillis et ex- 
traits des manuscrits coptes, arabes 
etc. de la biblioth. imper. Par. 

181 1. 8^. 2 voU. In addition, 
Observations sur quelques points de 
la g^c^raphie de I'Egypte. Par. 

1812. 8^ 

The Ob$ervaHon8 are particularly di- 
rected against ChampolHon le Jeune Re- 
cherches aur PEgjfpte. Par. 181 1. 8°. 


18385 QUEBEDO, Vasco Mousinho 
de. Affonso Africano, poema he- 
royco, da presa d'Arzilla et Tanger. 
Lisb., Alvarez, 1611. 8^ 

18386 QUENTIN, J. L'oreloge de 
devotion, prouffitable pour exciter 
Fame endormie par paresse. Par. 
without date. 8^. Gothic letter, 
with woodcuts. 

A copy on vellum in the Royal library at 



Paris. A seccmd with illuminated wood- 
cuts is set down in Longman^s catalogue^ 
No. 6323, at 10 guineas. There is also an 
edition, Par., «/. Trepperel, without date. 
4**. Oothic letter, with woodcuts. 

18387 QUER^ Jos. Flora espanola 
d historia de las plantas que se 
crian en Espana. Madr.^ Ibarra, 
1 762-64. large 4^ 4 vols, with 28, 
28, 79, and 66 plates. — Continua- 
cion de la flora espanola, ordenada^ 
suplida y publicada por Casim. 
Gomez de Ortega. Madr. 1784. 
large 4^. 2 vols, with 23 plates. 

QUERCETANUS, see du Chesne. 
QUEROLUS, see Plautus, No. 

17236 and 37. 
QUETIF, see Echabd. 

18388 QUEVEDO Vill^ias. Fr. 
Obras. Madr., Ibarra, 1772. 4°. 

6 vols, with plates. 

A fine edition. The eariier editions, 
Madr, 1694. 4". 6 voll. BrusaelaM, Fop- 
peruy 166a 4^ svolL BareeloffOy 1701. 
4^ 5 ToXL Madr. 1713 or ao. 4^ 3 voll. 
Amsi. 1726.4°. 4 ToU. Madr, 1736. 4^ 
6 ToU. are not sought after. 

18389 — obras. Madr., Sancha^ 1790 
-94. 8°. 1 T vols, with plates. 

The best edition, and fine. — Renouard 
possesses a work by Quevedo, which has 
never been printed, GrandeM analet de 
qtdnee duu, kuioria de mueKat tigloM que 
pasumrn en vn me$ ( CataL III. 256. 
Consult Santander's Cakd, IV. 170). 

18390 — obras eso(^das> con un vo- 
cabulario espanol y ft'ances. Am- 
beres, i757« 8®. 2 vols. 

18391 — obras escogidas. Madr. 
1794. 8°. 2 voll. Also, ib. 1800. 
8°. 4 parts in 2 vols. 

18392 — obras jocosas. Lyon, Cor- 
mon, 1 82 1 . 1 8°. 4 voll. 

(EuvreMt noun, traduci. de Peepagn, par 
Racioit. Brtuf, 1698, or 90, or 1700, or 
1 7 18. fa\ 2 vols, with plates. (Envres 
chouiet, trad, de Petpagn. Par, 1776. Ia^ 
Comical ivorkt tramlated by J. Stevens, 
Land, 1707 or 1709. 8°. De vol^feeetige 
Werken. AnuL without date. la**. a vdl. 
with plates. 

18393 — el pamasso espanol y musas 

castellanas. Corrigidas y enmen- 

dadas de nuevo en esta impression 

por Amuso Cultifragio. Madr., 

Pablo de Val, 1660. 4*'. 
Also, Brtissekuy 1650. 4*. Madr. 1659. 


4". These editions contain only the first 6 
fiii4#<u.* the remaining 3 first appeared, 
Madr, 1670. 4", 

18394 — el parnasso espaxiol y musas 
Castellanas. Barcelona, Figuerb^ 
1703. 4°. Las tres musas ultimas 
Castellanas. Secunda cumbre del 
parnasso espanol. Barcel., Llopis, 
1 702. 4^. 2 vols, with woodcuts. 

18395 — el parnasso espanol, monte 

en dos cumbres dividido^ con las 

nueve musas Castellanas. Madr., 

Alonso de Padilla, 1729.4''. 2 vols. 

with woodcuts. 

The edition, Madr, 17^4. 4*. ako pro* 
bably contains all the 9 mutas, 

18396 — poesias que publico Fr. de 
Quevedo Villegas con le nombre de 
Bachiller Fr. de la Torre. Madr. 

1753. 4^ 

This neat edition was superintended by 
L. Jos. Velazques. 

18397 -— Buenos y discursos. Bar^ 
celona, Lacavalleria, 1628. 8^ Also, 
Perpinan, Breffel, 1679. 8°. 

The German translation see under Mos- 


18398 — historia de la vida del Bus- 
con. Barcelona^ Deu, 1627. 8°. 

Also, Ruan, 1629. 8^. 

In French (by de la Geneste), Par. 
1644. 8". Troyes, without date. 8^ Ff. 

QUEYPO, see Meras. 

18329 QUIEN, Mch. le. Oriena 
christianus^quo exhibentur eoclesiae, 
patriarchae etc. totius orientis. Par., 
typ. reg., 1740. fol. 3 voll. Also 
on large paper. 

To be considered as a continuation of 
the Corput hUtor, Byz, 

18400 (QUILLET, Cl.)Calvidii LeU 
callipaedia s. de pulchrae prolia ha- 
bendae ratione, poema didacticon. 
LB., veneunt Parisiis^ ap. Th. 
Joly, 1655. 4^ 

The first less complete edition contains, 
besides other various readings, 6 verses in 
p. 50 against cardinal Mazarine, on account 
of whioi the cardinal caused a plot to be 
laid against him. Consult Patmy letiret d 
Spouy II. 174. Menoffianaf III. 333 sq. 
In the enlai^ged and corrected edition, 
Par,y Joly 9 1656. 8^. these 6 verses are 


ezchanged fm 13 othen in praiM of Ma- 
Earine. This 2nd editicm appeared under 
QniUet** name. 

18401 — callipaedia s. de pulchrse 
prolls habendiB ratione, poema di- 
dacticon; ace. Scssv, Sammarthani 
psdotropfaia s. de pueror. educa- 
tione poema. Lond.^ Bowjer, 1708 
(other copies 1709). 8^ Alao on 
large paper. 

A good edition, in whidi the text is 
restored according to die first edition. Also^ 
Par.y Joly (Lp8.y Tk. Fritsch), 1709. 8'. 

18402 — la callipMie, poeme latin de 
CI. Quillet, avec la traduction en 
fran^. (par Monhenault d'Egly). 
Amst. et Par.» Durand, 1749. ^^• 
Also on large Dutch paper. — ^La 
callip^die ou la mani^e d'avoir de 
beaux enfans, poeme didactique^ 
traduction lihre en vers fTan9. du 
poeme lat. de CI. Quillet (avec le 
texte ^ cdt^). Par., Bastien, 1774. 
8°. — La callipedie ou Tart de faire 
des beaux enfans, trad, par J. Mar. 
Cailku. Bordeaux, an 7 (1799). 
I a*'. Also on yellum paper. 

18403 — callipedia or the art 
of getting pretty children, done 
into Engl, verse. Lond. 1710. 
8°. — The art of getting beautiful 
children, transl. by N. Rowe. Lond. 
1720. 12**. — Callipedia transl. by 
W. Oldisworth. Lond. 1729. 12®. 

18404 — {anon,) huwlyks mintafereel. 
Leerdicht, begrepen in 3 boeken 
door P. le Clercq. Amst. 1722. 
8®. with plates. 

18405 QUINAULT. Ph. Th^tre. 
Suivant la copie de Paris (AmsL<» 
Wolfgang), 1663. 12°. 2 voU. 

This neat edition, which is sought after, 
contains only the author^s 12 first pieces, 
and neither his Operas nor the Mire co^ 
quetU. His 14 Operas are to be found in 
the 3 first vols, of the Recueil des opera, 
Slav, la copie de Par. {AmsL, Wo^gang\ 
1684 and 90. 14". 

18405 — thefttre. Par. 1739 or 78. 
12''. 5 vols, with plates. 

The most oomplKe editions, hut not 
son^t after. ^ 

QUINCY, see Quatrehebb. 

18406 QUINCY, Charl. Sevin Mar. 
quis de. Histoire militaire du 

QUI 1619 

r^gne de Louis le Grand (XIV.) 
avec les plans n^essaires et un 
traits particulier de pratiques et de 
maximes de Tart militaire. Par., 
Mariette, 1726. 4^ 7 parts in 8 
vols, with plates and maps. Also 
on large paper. 

Sought after hy French military men, 
and not easy to he met with. 

18407 QUINONES, J. de. Expli- 
cacion de unas monedas de oro de 
emperadores Romanos, que se han 
hallado en el puerto de Guadar- 
rama. Madr. 1620. 4^ 

4 leaves of preliminary matter, 93 leaves, 
and I leaf with the colophon. Very 

18408 QUINTANA, Fr. de. His- 
toria de Hipolito y Aminta. Madr., 
Sanchez, 1627. 4^. 

His DescripcUni de la fiesta de Santiago 
el Verde in verse is appended. The above 
romance is reprinted, Madr, 1 729. 4**. and 
ib, 1807. 8**. a vols, with plates. 

18409 QUINTANA, Jacinto Arias 
de. Antiguedades j santos de la 
villa de Alcantara. Madr., Fer- 
nandez, 1661. 4°. 

18410 QUINTANA, Manoel Jose. 
Poesias selectas castellanas, desde el 
tiempo de J. de Mena hasta nue- 
stros diss, recogidas y ordenadas 
por Mar. Jose Quintana. Madr. 
1807. 8^ 3 voll. 

This greatly pria»d collection was re- 
printed under the title, Tesoro del pamaso 
espand. Perpignan, 18 18. 18**. 4 voll. 

18411 — vidas de Espanoles celebres. 
T. I. Madr. 1807. 8°. 

No more has yet appeared. 

18412 — poesias. Madr. impr. real, 
1802. 8^ 

18413 QUINTILIANUS, Marcus 
Fabius. Institutionum oratoriarum 
libri XII. (edente J. Ant. Cam. 
pano). Romse, in via papse prope 
S. Marcum (per Ph. de Ligna- 
mine), 3 Aug. 1470. fol. 

The iint edition, as is evident from this, 
that Andr. Aleriensis in the dedication of 
the following edition makes mention of it. 
That not U. Han but Ph. Lignamine was 
the printer, can hardly any longer be 
doubted according to Audiifradi CaL edd. 
Rom. p. 46, 47. 1 1 i-i 1 7, and Dibdin Bibl. 



Spenc, II. 305 sq. 18 1 leayBB with 35 lino, 
without signatiires, catchwords, and pagina- 
tion. At the beginning are a letter of Cam- 
panus to the cardinal Fr. Pioooloniini and 
the list of chapters in 4 leaves. Leaf 5a 
begins the text of Quintilian without any 
further superscription, and the ist line is, 
FJloffitasH quottidittno oonuUio ut libros quos 
ad. The Oreek words are printed with 
Oreek types, of which, as well as of the 
Latin types, Dibdin has given a facsimile, 
1. c. II. 307. 

A copy on vellum is In the duke of Marl- 
borough*s library at Blenheim, see Oibdin*s 
Bibiiamania, p. 434, and Beloe*s Anecdoiet, 
IV. 336. An edition of 1468 by U. Han 
is a non-entity. 

18414 — institutionum oratoriar. 
libri XII. (edente J. Andrea episc. 
Aleriensi). Ronise, Cr. Swejmheym 
et Am. Pannartz, (1470). fol. 

The second edition, not less scaroe, of 
which only 275 copies were printed. 338 
leaves with 38 lines, without signatures, 
catchwords, and pagination. The first 4 
leaves contain the editor's dedication of 
1470 to Paul II., Campanus's letter from 
the preceding edition and the list of chap- 
ters. Leaf 5a begins the text, and the ist 
line is, M. Fabnu Qumtilianus Vioiorio 
Maroello SaltUem. The book ends in leaf 
238b with 8 verses, Jtpiois iiliutrU etc 
without any date, which must be taken 
from the dedication. 

18415 — institutionum oratoriar. 
libri XII. ab Omnibono Leoniceno 
emendati. (Ven.)^ N. Jenson, 21 
Maji 1 471* fol. 

A fine edition, but lees scarce than the 
two preceding. 11a leaves (the last blank) 
with 39 lines, without signatures, catch- 
words, and pagination. The first 1 leaves 
(which are also sometimes at the end) con- 
tain a tabula QuirUiHaniy or list of chapters. 
Leaf 3 is blank on the folio recto, and con- 
tains on the reverse a letter of Leonioenus 
to Moses de Bufarelis. Leaf 4^ begins the 
text without any farther superscription. 
Leaf 21 ib is the colophon and leaf 212 is 
bUnk. The Oreek passages are omitted, 
and an entire line is wanting in the ist 
page of the 6th chapter of the 6th book. 
A copy on vellum, (two copies according to 
Dibdin*8 Decam. If. 373.) is in the Royal 
library at Paris. Mr. Hibbert of Clapham 
near London, now possesses a second ; 491 
fi*. Oaignat; 500 fr. Valli^re; 15 15 fr. 

18416 — declamationes tres. Domit. 
Calderinus emendavit. Romee, J. 


Schurener de Bopardia, die penult, 
m. Oct. 1475. small fol. 

The etROo princeps of the Declamationes 
and extremely scarce, of which however only 
the Gladiator, Sepfilchrum incantatum and 
Gemim languentes are to be found herein. 
24 leaves with 35 lines, without signatures, 
catchwords, and pagination. Lraf ib is 
Calderinus*s letter to Anellus Archamonus, 
leaf 2* begins the text, (the ist line is, In- 
cipit Gladiator) and leaf 24b is the colo- 

18417 — institutiones oratoriie dili- 
genter emendatse. MedioL, Ant. 
Zarothus, 5 id. Jun. 1476. fol. 

Scarce and tolerably fine. Spaces are left 
for the Oreek words. 206 leaves with 41 
lines and the signatures o-jv, j^, and R. 
Leaf la (signature at) line i is M. FA- 

18418 — oratoriar. institutionum 

libri XII. (cum epist. Omniboni 

Leoniceni). Without place or date. 
199 printed leaves, with 39 lines and the 
signatures a-D. It begins with 2 leaves 
of list of chapters. Then follows in leaf 3b 
the same letter of Leonioenus, which is in 
the edition of 1471, and the ist line is, 
Euerendiisimo in christo patri : ae domino 
meo obtervadutimo do. But the passage in 
which the printer Jenson is mentioned is 
omitted here. The text commences in leaf 
4*, and the ist line is, M. CELSVS FA- 
BI. This edition is merely a reprint of 
Jenson*s of 1471, even with the same error 
of omission in L VI. c. 6. ; but the QreA 
words are here inserted. It was decidedly 
printed at Venice (as is evident from the 
paper mariL of the scales) and, as I think, by 
J. de Colonia about 1477. 

18419 — declamationes (XIX.) ex- 
actissime recognitse. Ven., Lucas 
Venetus, 4. non. Augusti 1481. fol. 

The editio prinoept of these 1 9 declama- 
tions, and superintended by J. Orasolarius. 
1 22 leaves widi 35 lines and the signatures 
a-4. Leaf la begins with the editor*s letter 
to Gr. de Priotis, the text follows in leaf 2*. 
Leaf 1 22a is the colophon, and on the re- 
verse a reffitter. 

18420 — declamationes (XIX.) ex- 

actissime recognitae. Yen., Lucas 

Venetus, nonis Juniis, 1483. fol. 

Merely a repetition of the preceding. 
88 leaves (the 1st blank) with 38 lines, and 
the signatures, o-o. Leaf 2^ is the same 
letter of Grasolarius, leaf 3« begins the 
text, and the ist line is, M. FABII 


The tact ends in leaf 87b, and leaf 88a is 
the colophon and a fMs^t^Sffr.— An edition of 
the IfuHttiU. orat. eum conan. Rph. Regiu 
Ven.f lAieoi Ven,, notUs Jun. T482. fol. 
(Pans. III. 182, 619.) is Tery auspicious. 

18421 — dedamationes. Ejusdem 
Qratoriar. institutionmn libri XII. 
(recogniti per And. Ponticum). 
Tarvisii, Dion. Bononiensis ac Pe- 
regrinos, 22 Oct. 1482. fol. 

190 leaves with 49 lines and signatures. 
Leaf 1- line i is, M. FABII QVINTI. 
MAT10NE& The declamations end in 
leaf 53> with the word FINIS, and at end 
of the IfuHiuU. leaf 190b, are the colo- 
phon and a reffitier. llie DeclamaU, are 
sometimes found by themselves, (as at 
Dresden) and then they appear to be an 
undated edition, and they are thus quoted 
in Panzer IV. 182, 1031, and in the 
Bipont noHL lUL p. XXVIII. and XXX. 

18422 — declamationes. Without 
place, Ln. de Basilea, without date, 

There is a copy of this edition according 
to Benis*s SuppL 11. 647, in the Imperiid 
library at Vienna. Since then no second 
copy has as yet been known. — IruHUUt, 
ftraionm cum anntti. Rph. Regu. Mediol.y 
1491. fol. (Panz. III. 66.) is not suffi- 
ciently accredited. 

18423 — Quintilianus cum oommento 

(institntt. oratoriie cum Rph. Regii 

annotatt. in earundem deprava- 

tionea.) Ven., Locatellus, 16 cal. 

Sextil. MCCCCLXCIII. (instead 

of 1493). fol. 

206 unnumbered leaves (the last blank) 
with signatures. The first a leaves, (the 
title and list of chapters) are without signa- 
tures, and are not reckoned in the regitier. 
Regius*s unfinished notes, which had pre- 
viously appeared by themselves, Ven. Oc- 
tav. SeoiuM^ 149I9 *ra more occupied with 
criticisms than with explanations. 

18424 — dedamationes C XXXVI. 

Pannee, Ang. Ugoletus, 5 non. Jul. 

1494. fol. 

The first edition which contains 136 
(properly 137) declamations; superintended 
from a MS. by Thaddttus Ugoletus. 96 
leaves, with the signatures a^, 

18425 — institutiones cum oom- 
mento Lr. Vallensis, Pomponii 
(Laeti) ac Sulpitii. Ven., Peregrin, 
de Pasqualibus, 18 Aug. 1494. fol. 



348 leaves (the last blank) with the sig- 
natures a-ir. The notes of Vallensis and 
Lntus only go as far as the ist and 2nd 
books; from the 3rd book onward, there 
are only those of Rph. Regius (not of Sul- 
pidus, of whom Uiere is nodiing at all 
in this edition). The text is altered ac- 
cording to R()gius's conjectures. 

18426 — institntt. oratoriie cum Rph. 
Regii annotatt. Ven., J. de Tri- 
dino, 1496. fol. 

Also, without place, la Mefi, 1506. fol. 
An edition of the InsiUutt. Roma, 1496. 
fol. is very doubtful. 

18427 — Quintilianus (institutt. 
orat.) without place, (Lugd.) 7 cal. 
Jul. 1510. 8°. 

4 leaves of preliminary matter, and 373 
unnumbered leaves, with the signatuns 
a-MM. Superintended by Of. Torinus, and 
printed in Italics. There is in the title a 
red lily. The text contains nothing new. 
It has been sometimes taken for a Jun- 
tine^ erroneously, as there is no Juntine of 

18428 — oratoriar.institutionum (aic). 
Una cum annotatt. Rph. Regii in 
depravationes ejusd. Et tabula per 
alphabetum nouiter addita. Ven., 
O. de Rusconibus, 14 Aug. 1512. 

4 leaves of preliminary matter and 199 
numbered leaves. A more correct reprint 
of the edition of 1493. 

18429 — M. F. Quintilianus (insti- 
tutt. orat.) Ven., Aldus et And. 

socer, m. Aug. 15 14. small 4^ 

4 leaves of preliminary matter, (the 4th 
blank) and 330 numbered leaves. 3 copies 
on blue paper are known ; one in the Roval 
library at Paris, the md in the possession 
of the marquis Fagnani of Milan, and the 
3rd was sold at Cotters sale for 100 fr. It 
was superintended by And. Naugerius, 
but has little of its own. 

18430 — M. F. Quintilianus (insti- 
tutt. orat.) Flor., Ph. Junta, m. 

Oct. 1515. 8°. 

4 leaves of preliminary matter, 169 num- 
bered leaves, and i leaf with the lily. More 
scarce than the Aldine^ yet but of little in- 
trinsic importance. 

18431 — oratoriar. institutionum 
libri XII. una cum annotatt. Rph. 
Regii, G. Merulse et Jod. Badii 
Ascensii in depravationes earundem. 
Et tabula per alphabeti seriem: 
tam in contextu quam in scholiis 


1522 QUI 

adnotandorum aucta et recognita 
per eundem Ascensium, qui ad co- 
dicein^ quem Lr. Vallensis posse- 
disse et emendasse convincitur^ 
sexcentos locos restituit. Par., in 
sedd. Ascens., id. Jan. 15 16. fol. 

8 leaves of preliminary matter, and 256 
numbered leaves. Spalding greatly praises 
Badius*s notes. The DedamaU. are not 
in this edition. Repeated, Par., le Pretue, 
1527. fol. 

18432 — oratoriie institutiones. 
Without place, (Lugd,), 19 Nov. 

1518. 8°. 

This reprint of the above edition of 1 5 10, 
is neither fine nor correct. 

18433 — oratoriar. institutionnm 
libri XII. una cum XIX. declamatt. 
ad horrendse vetustatis exemplar 
repositis. Par., Badius Ascensius, 

15 19. fol. 

6 leaves of preliminary matter and 159 
numbered leaves. It varies greatly from 
Asoensiu8*s edition of 15 16, and is without 
notes. The MS. that is mentioned, con- 
tained only the DeclamatL 

18434 — oratoriar. institutt. libri 
XII. Una cum XIX. sive ejusd. 
sive alterius declamatt. ad hor- 
rendse vetustatis exemplar repositis 
et nunc iterum in Oauia impressis. 
Par., in aedd. Ascens., 1520. 4°. 

10 leaves of preliminary matter, aia and 
88 numbered leaves. Probably only a re- 
print of the preceding. 

18435 — oratoriar. institutt. libri XII. 
una cum XIX. declamatt. ad hor- 
rendae vetustatis exemplar repo- 
sitis. Col., Cervicornus et Fuchs, 

J 521. fol. 

6 leaves of preliminary matter, and 159 
numbered leaves. With a preface by Of. 
Uittorp. Likewise a reprint of Asoensius's 
edition of 1519. 

18436 — institutionnm oratoriar. 
libri XII, diligentius recogniti. In- 
dex capitum totius operis. Con- 
versio dictionum graecar., quas ipse 
author in latinum non transtulit. 
Yen., Aldus et And. Asul., m. 
Jan. 1521 (in the title 1522). 4°. 

4 leaves of preliminary matter and 230 
numbered leaves. A repetition of the ist 
Aldine, enlarged with a translation of the 
Greek passages. 


18437 — oratoriar. institutionum 
libri XII. ad vetustissimor. exem- 
plarium (idem recogniti, additis 
ejusd. declamationibus. Col., Cer- 
vicornus, 1527. fol. 

4 leaves of preliminary matter and 330 
pages. Superintended by Ger. Bucol- 
dianus, who says in the preface, Cum 
Aldum per ofnma sequi iutum non fofet, 
collaHa fmtUi$ exempiaribtu optimum quwL 
que secutut turn. 

18438 — institutt. et declamatt. 
Par., CI. Chevallon, m. Febr. 1527. 

18439 — institutt. et declamatt. 
Par., N. Savetier, m. Mart. 1527. 
4°. Also, ib., id,, 1531. 8°. 

18440 — oratoriar. institutionum 
libri XII. op. Jo. Camerarii. Col.» 
J. Soter, 1527 or 34. 8°. 

18441 — institutionum oratoriar. 

libri XII. ad fidem vetustissimi 

exemplaris recens jam recogniti. 

Ejusd. declamationum liber. Bas., 

Bebel, 1529. fol. 

Superintended by J. Sicfaard, who did not 
collate carefully enough a codex sent to 
him from Poland, and made use of it with 
too little preparation and too confusedly. 

18442 — institutiones cum notis Pt. 
Mosellani et Rph. Regii. Ace. de^ 
clamatt. Par., Ascensius, 1531. fol. 

18443 — institutiones oratorife ac de- 
clamatt. ex codicum vett. collatione 
recognitse. Quibus addl possunt 
commentarii et Pt. Mosellani anno- 

tatt. Par., Ascensius, 1533. fol. 

8 leaves of preliminary matter, CXXII. 
(InstituU.), XhVUI,(Deckim,)and XXXII 
numbered leaves, {MoteU, annotU) 

18444 — institutionum oratoriar. 
libri XII. cum Rph. Regii annotatt. 
Par., Augurellus, 1533. fol. 

18445 — institutt. oratoriar. libri XII. 
Ejusd. declamatt. liber. Omnia 
multo quam antea castigatius. 
Lugd., Sb. Gryph., 1536. 8*. 

Earlier editions, ib., id,, 1531, 34 and 35. 
8°. are quoted. Repeated, ib., id,, 1540, 
44, 49 and 55. 8*. ib.. Ant. Gryph., 1575 
and 85. 8^ 

18446 — institutt. oratorise et decla- 
matt., omnia ad vett. codicum 
iidem recognita et reetituta. Par., 


jtro hered. Aacensii {excud. Tile^ 
ianus), 1536. fol. 

J. L. TOetanus aiaerts that he has made 
use of MSS. and has added oonjectures. 
PL MoseOanus's notes are included. The 
following IS probably only another title^ 
For., Jao, Kerver, 1536. foL Repeated, 
Par,y Roignffy 1541. foL 

18447 — oratoriar. institutionum 
libri XII. restituti pene in univer- 
8um sibi, op. et industria Jo. Came- 
rarii^ J. Sichardi aliorumque doc- 
tissimor. Adjecta est pnecipuor. 
locor. libri I. et II. ejusd. Came- 
rarii expositio. Cum castigatt. Gu. 
Philandri. Col., J. Gymnicus^ 
1536, or 41, or 55. 8^ 

With Oybertiis Longoliu8*s prefiMse^ Re- 
printed with the same title, Btu.^ Btht. 
Lamuy 1541. 8*". 

18448 — institutionnm oratoriar. li- 
bri XII. ad fidem vetustissimor. 
codd. recc^niti ac restituti. Ejusd. 
declamationum liber. Additie sunt 
Pt. Mosellani et Jo. Camerarii an- 
notatt. Ace. commentarius Ant. 

Pini. Par., Vascosanus, 1538. fol. 
4 leaves of preliminary matter, 224, .^4 
and 33 numbered leaves. With a preface 
of Vascoeanus, in which he asserts that he 
has made use of very old MSS. Repeated 
and enlarged, ib, id, 1542. fol. 

18449 — institutionum oratoriar. 

libri XII. ad fid. vetustissimor. 

codicum recogniti ac restituti. Ad. 

dita Pt. Gallandii argumenta (item 

Quintil. declamatt.) Par., Che- 

vallon^ 1538. fol. 

8 leaves fk preliminary matter, and 128 
numbered leaves. Then 50 leaves, De^ 
clamaU^ with a s^>arate tiUe. Galland di- 
vided Quintilian mto small sections, and 
sometimes corrected the text, veterum m- 
empiariumfids, as he says. 

18450 — oratoriar. institationiun li. 
bri XII. castigati ad fid. optimor. 
ezemplariam, insignitaqae lectionis 
distinctione et additis in marginem 
{sic) adnotationibus percommode 
illustrati. (Ace. declamatt.) Par., 
Pr. Gryphius, 1539. 4^ 

4 leaves of preliminary matter, 228 num- 
bered leaves {IruHiutt.) and LXVl. {De~ 
dam,). It appears to contain Oalland's 
test. Repeated, ib,, mL^ 1543. 4"*. 

QUI 1528 

18451 — oratoriar. institutionum ii- 
bri XII. castigati ad fidem optimor. 
exemplarium, insignitaque lectionis 
distinctione et additis in marginem 
adnotationibus percommode illus- 
trati. Par., Sim. Colineus, 1541. 
4°. 4 and 250 leaves. Declamatt. 
diligenter recognitse. ib, id., 1542. 
4^. 84 leaves. — 2 parts in i vol. 

According to Sallengre, Mim, de lUUrai. 
I. 173, this edition is very correct, and has 
been unreasonably neglected by kter edi- 

18452 — de institutione oratoria ad 
Marcellum Victorium libri XII. 
Par., Mch.Vascosanus, 1542. 4*^. 

4 leaves of preliminary matter, and 300 
numbered leaves. 

18453 — institutionum oratoriar. li- 
bri XII. (cum ind.) Par., Rb. 
Stephanus, 4 non. Mart. 1542. 4^ 

Colinaeus's text of 154 1, with the addi- 
tion of some various readings in the mar- 

18454 — oratoriar. institutionum li- 
bri XII., op. Jo. Camerarii, J* 
Sichardi aliorumque viror. restituti 
et illustrati; ace. Gu. Philandri 
castigatt. et declamationum liber 
cum scholiis et argumentis. Bas., 
Rb. Winter, 1543. 4°. 

Concerning the disputed edition, Par,, 
Gu, Morellhu et Jac. Bogardutj 1548. 4**. 
which according to some is said to have 
appeared in 1528, and according to others 
never to have existed at all, consult 
Archimbaud Recueil nouveau de pUceefti' 
giHves, T. 1. (nauveli. litt) p. 85 sq. 

18455 — institutionum oratoriar. libri 
XII. summa diligentia ad fid. ve- 
tustissimor. codd. recogniti et re- 
stituti. Ace. Camerarii cnterorum- 
que doctor, viror. expHcatt. et ad^ 
notatt., cum castigatt. Gu. Philan. 
dri suo loco adjunctis. Antw*, J. 
Loet, 1548. 8°. 

18455 — de institutione oratoria li- 
bri XII. ad fid. vetustissimor. codd. 
correcti et emendati, argumentis- 
que Pt. Gallandii longe quam antea 
castigatioribus et plenioribus elud. 
dati. Ejusd. Quintiliani declama- 
tionum (XIX.) liber. L. Annsei 

15^4 QUI 

Senecte dedamationum liber unus, 
' cum Rdf. Agricolae ooxnmentariis. 
Pt. Mosellani annotatt. in VII. li- 
bros priores. Jo. Camerarii in pri. 
mum et secundum. Commentarius 
Ant. Pini in tertium. Par.^Vasco- 
sanus (other copies Audoenus Par- 
vus), 1 549. fol. 

18457 — oratoriar. institutionum li. 

bri XII., Jo. Camerarii, J. Sichardi 

alionimque op. ac studio jam olim 

partim ex melior. codd. collatione 

restituti sibi, partim annotationib. 

illustrati. In quibus nunc praeter 

Gu. Philandri castigatt. innumera 

menda sublata sunt multorumque 

locor. emendatior lectio constituta 

est, «tud. Jac. Hertelii. Cum in- 

dice rer. et verbor. Bas., N. Bry- 

ling., 1561. 8^. — Declamationum 

liber, ib., id., 1557. 8°. 

A new- revision of the text after the 
conjectures of previous editors. Repeated, 
B€u.y ejt off. Bryhng.y 1579 (the Declama- 
Honesj 1578). 8\ Previouuy, ib,, id,, 1548 
and 55. 8". 

18458 — declamationes CXXXVI. 

Pt. iErodii studio castigatse. Par., 

Fed. Morellus, 1563. 4°. 

A new recension from conjecture, yet 
the earlier readings are noted in the mar- 
gin, where also some conjectures are given, 
which he did not venture to introduce into 
the text. The explanations are chiefly ob- 
tained from the Roman law. 

18459 — de institutione oratoria li. 
bri XII. ad fid. vetustissimor. codd. 
recogniti ac restituti argumentisque 
Pt. Grallandii elucidati. Additie 
sunt Pt. Mosellani et Jo. Camera- 
rii annotatt. Acced. commentarius 
Ant. Pini. Ejusd. Quintiliani de- 
clamationes, quibus addidimus Per- 
siualdi Belingenii annotatt. Ven., 

Hi. Scotus, 1567. fol. 

Previously, less oomplete^ Ven,, Scohu, 
1546. fol. 

18460 — institutionum oratoriar. li- 
bri XII. sum ma diligentia ad fid. 
vetustissimor. codd. recogniti ac re- 
stituti. Cum rerum verborumque 
ind. Declamationum liber ejusd. 
( Genet).), exc. Jac. Stoer, 1580. 8^ 

The Declamait. have a separate title of 
1579. Also, (ib.), id,, 1591. 8'. 


17461 — declamationes^ quse ex 388 
supersunt, 145, ex veteri exemplari 
restitutse. Calpumii Flacci excerp- 
ts X. Rhetorum minorum LI. nunc 
prim. editK. Dialogus de oratori- 
bus 6. de caussis corrupts eloquen. 
tise^ ex bibl. Pt. Pithoei. Lutet., 

Patisson, 1580. 8"". 

In this important, but not entirely oor- 
rect edition, 9 declamations appeared for 
the first time. Renouard possesses a copy 
on vellum — Hdlb., Hi. Commekntu, 1594. 
8^ 16 leaves of preliminary matter, 458 
pages and 1 1 leaves, various readings and 
notes, is a verbal reprint. 

18462 — institutionum oratoriar. li- 
bri XII. summa diligentia ad fid. 
vetustissimor. codd. recc^piiti ac re- 
stituti. Ace. declamatt., que tarn 
ex Pt. Pithoei quam alior. biblio- 
thecis et editionibus ooUigi potu- 
erunt. Index quoque in institu- 
tionum libros. Excud. Jac. Stoer, 
1604. 8^ 

Often repeated. 

18463 — institutionum oratoriar. li- 
bri XII. summa diligentia ad fid. 
vetustissimor. codd. recogniti ac re- 
stituti. Acced. declamationes. Cum 
Tumebi, Camerarii, Parei, Grono- 
vii et alior. notis. Cum ind. locu- 
pletissimo. LB. et Rot., Hack, 
1665. 8°. 2 voll. 

One of the rarest editions of this se- 
ries, and greatly sought after. liittle is 
done to the InsHtutt,, but Granovius has 
given a new recension of the Deda-, 

18464 — declamationes cum ejusdem^ 
ut nonnuUis visum, dialc^ de 
caussis corruptee eloquentiae. Quse 
omnia notis iUustrantur. Ox., th. 
Sheld., 1692. 8°. 

Previously, Os,, th. Sheld,, 1675. 8"*. — 
Declamatt, Patav, 1689. x^^ Ven, 16S9 or 
1737. I2^ 

18465 — de institutione oratoria li- 
bri XII. Cum duplid ind. Ex 
tribus codd. MSS. et octo impressis 
emendavit atque lectt. variantes ad- 
jec. Edmund. Gibson. Acced. 
emendationum specimen et tribu- 
nus Marianus dedamatio, nunc 
prim, ex cod. MS. edita. Ox.> th. 


Sheld. 1693. 4^ AIbo on large 

Aooordiog to the indes there ought to 
be, I leaf efnendanda, 8 leaves emendaU.y 
and 4 ieavei hibunui Mariaruu dedama- 
iUK Fine and prned. A new reoensioD, 
but die Tariooa raadmgt are incompletely 
and negligently given. Tlie leprints, LontL, 
E, P.f 1714. 8^ (whidi was wrongly 
doubted by Hambeiger) and ib., NichoUon, 
1 7 16. 8^. are enhuged with Tumebns*s 

18466 — de institatione oratoria li- 
bri XII. et ejusd. dedamatt. Om- 
nia innumeris locis emendata ex 
rec. U. Obrechti. Ai^., Dulssecker 
1698. 4^. 2 Toll. Also on writing 

Obrectos made use of a good Strasbnig 
MS., but he inserted his oorreotions too 
boldly into the text, and was prevented by 
death from giving the grounds of his alter- 
ations. These notes were to have formed 
a ^rd voL 

18467 — institutionum oratoriar. li- 
bri XII. ad ns. scholar, acoommo- 
dati, recisis^ que minus neoeasaria 
visa sunt, et brevibus notis iUus- 
trati a C. RoUin. Par., Estienney 
1715. 12. 

R^eatod, t6. 1734, 41, 54, 74, and 1809. 
I3^ a ^6XL Ed. noea, euro Thph. Cp. 
HarkM. AlUni.^ Biehier, 1773. 8^ (1 d. 

18468 — de institutione oratoria li- 
bri XII. Declamationes XIX. ma- 
jores, et quee ex 388 supersunt, 
CXLV. minore8,et Calpumii Flacd 
dedamatt. Cum notis et animadw. 
viror. doctor.* curante Pt. Burman- 
no. LB., Vivie, 1720. 4°. 2 parts 
in 3 yols. Also on large paper. 

A new recension from MSS. and the 
earlier editions, with the complete eze- 
getical apparatus of the previous editors. 
But Barmann neither had knowledge of 
ancient liietoric, nor has he oonipletely im- 
parted the various readings. Thereto be- 
longs, PL BurmamU EpiMa ad CI. Cap- 
peronnerium de noom ^pu QuiniUMm de 
JntHhiUone oraioria editkme. LmdtByLwhU 
maiuy 1726. 4\ Also on laige paper. 

18469 — de oratoria institutione 11- 
bri XII. Totum textum reoognov., 
emendav., selectas varior. interpre- 
torn notas reoensuit, explanay., cas- 
tigavit; novas adjunxit CI. Cap- 

QUI 1525 

peronnerius. Par., Coustelier, 1 7 25. 
fol. Also on large paper. 

Cappenmnerius possessed a good know- 
ledge of ancient rhetoric, and has afforded 
much that is good in the eaplanations ; on 
the other hand he made almost no use at 
all of the Paris MSS. and he is deficient in 
a critical and radical knowledge of tiie lan- 
guage. His and Burmann's edition ought 
to to had together. 

18470 — de institutione oratoria li- 
bri XII. recogniti et emendati per 
Pt. Burmannum, cum H. Dodwelli 
annalibus Quinctilianeis et ind. lo- 
cupletissimo. Aoc. dialogus de ora- 
toribus incerti auctoris (studio Vul- 
piorum fratrum). Patav., Cominus, 
1736. 8°. 2 voll. 

Correct and neat. A copy on bhie paper 
al. I3S. 6d. Pinelli, and 34 fr. McCarthy. 

18471 — de institutione oratoria li- 

bri XII. ooUatione codicis Grotbani 

et Jensonians editionis aliorumque 

libror. illustrati a J. Mthi. Oesnero. 

Ace. praefatio et indd. copiosissi- 

mi. Gdtt.,Vandenboeck, 1738. 4''. 

Scarce on large paper. 

Ctesner has affofded much in ehiddation, 
but little in critidsm. 

18472* ^- opera ad optimas editt. 

coUata. Biponti, 1784. 8^ 4 voll. 

(2 d. 6 gr.) 
18472^ — de institut. oiat. libri XU.^ 

recena. Fr. O. Pottier. Par. 1812. 

12^ 3 Toll. Pottier commentaire 

BUT le I. livre de I'instit. or. de 

Quint, ib. 1813. 12*>. 

18473 — de institutione oratoria li- 
bri XII. Ad codicum vett. fidem 
recensuit et annotatione explanav. 
O. L. Spalding. T. I-III. Lps.. 
Crusius, 1798-1808. T. IV. (cura 
Pb. Buttmanni) . Lps.^ Vogel, 1 8 1 6. 
8^. 4 voll. (9 d. 16 gr.« on veUum 

paper 15 d.) 

A 5th vol. with the indices and ad- 
ditional notes is still wanting. It is a pity 
that the excellent Spalding commenced his 
edition with so insufficient an apparatus. 

18474 — de institutione oratoria li* 
bri XII. Juxta edit. €k>tting. J. 
Mthi. Gtesneri. Accedunt praefatio 
et indd. copiosissimi. Ox., tjrp- 
Clarend. 1806. 8^ 2 toIL (iL) 



18475 — de institutione oratoria li- 
bri XII.^ curante J. Ingrain. Ox. 
1809. 8°. (i08.6d.) 

18476 — de institutione oratoria li- 
bri XII. ex edit. Gesneri. £dinb. 
1 8x0. 12®. 2 voll. 

18477 — de institutione oratoria li- 
bri XII., ex rec. Spaldingii ad us. 
scholar, accommodati. Subjectae 
sunt not» exegeticse partim Spal- 
dingii ad compendium conlatse^ par- 
tim nov», in fine additi indd. Cu- 
rante 6f. A. Bd. Wolff. Lps., 
Vogel, 1 816-2 T. 8. 2 Toll. (2 d. 

— dial, de causis oorr. eloq. s. Ta- 

18478 — institui^oes rhetoricas de 
Quintilliano, accommodadas aos que 
se applicao ao estudo de eloquencia 
por Pedro Jose da Fonseca, e trad, 
do latim em portuguez por Joab 
Rozado de Villa Lobo e Vascon- 
cellos. Lisb. 1 794-1 800. 8°. 2 
voll. (720 rees.) 

18479 — instituciones oratorias, tra- 

ducidas 7 anotadas, segun la edi- 

cion de RoUin. Madr., Ranz, 

180.. 8^ 

It had probably already appeared before 

18480 — L'institutioni oratorie, trad, 
da Oratio ToscaneUa. Ven.^ Oio- 
lito^ 1 566, or 67, or 68» or 84. 4°. 

These different editions are only new 
titles of one and the same impression. A 
new translation by Garilli, VerceUiy 1 780, 
IS of little value. 

18481 — le api del povero, declama- 
zione di Quintiliano^ trasportata 
nell* idioma ital. con varie osserva- 
zioni da Bd. Pasqualigo. Ven., 
Orlandini» 1734. fol. 

18482 — de I'institution de I'orateur 
avec les notes hist, et litt^raires, 

?ir M. M. D. P. (Mch. de Pure.) 
ar.^ Bienfiedtf 1663. 4*^. 3 parts in 
1 vol. 

18483 — de I'institution de Torateur, 
trad, par (N.) Gedoyn. Par., Du- 
puis^ 1 7 1 8. 4°. AlsOy Par.^ Nyon^ 
1572. 12^ 4 voll. Par.» Bailly, 
1 769-70. I a**. 4 voll. Ed. IV. re- 


vue, corrig^ et augm. des passages 
omis par le traducteur, d'apr^ un 
memoire manuscrit de (J. Agst.) 
Capperonnier (par Felicissime A* 
dry). Par.^ Barbou, 1803. 12°. 4 
voll. (15 fr., on fine paper 24 fr.) 
Avec le texte lat. Par.^ Volland, 
1810. 8°. 6 voll. (25 fr., only 12 
copies on vellum paper at 72 fr.) 
Lyon, 18 12. 8^ 6 voU. 

Gredoyn*s translation is very careful and 
degant, but nevertheless he has often not 
attained the meaning. 

18484 — les grandes declamations, 
nouvellem. trad, en fran9. par du 
Teil. Par., Loyson, 1658. 4**. 

18485 — Lehrbuch der schonen Wis- 
senschaften in Prosa, aus dem Lat. 
von H. Ph. Cr. Henke. Helmst., 
Kuhnlin, 1775-77. 8°. 3 voll. (1 d. 
12 gr.) — Die rednerische Stylbil- 
dung nach antiken Grundsatzen od. 
das loe Buch von Quintilian's 
Lehrgebaude der Redekunst, aus 
dem rom. Original zum erstenmal 
vollstandig ins Deutsche iibertragen 
von F. Reuscher. Lpz., Hartmann, 
1822. 8°. (i6gr.) — Versuch einer 
Uebersetzung einiger (6) Decla- 
matt. des Quint, von J. H. Steffens 
(mit lat. Text). Zelle, Schulze, 
1766. 8^ 

18486 — institutes of eloquence, 
transl. into Engl., with notes critical 
and explanatory by W. Guthrie. 
Lond. 1756 or 1805. 8**. 2 voU. 
(i6s.) — Institutes of the orator, 
translated from the original Latin, 
according to the Paris edition of 
Rollin» and illustrated with notes 
by J. Patsall. Lond., Law, 1774. 
8^ 2 vols. (i2s.) — Dedamationz, 
translated from the Oxford edition 
(by Warr). Lond., Taylor, 1 686. 

18487 — mowy sadowe mnieysae 
M. F. Kwintyliana z lacinski^^ 
przez X. Sirucia. Wilna, 177 1. 
8^ 2 voll. (8 Polish fl.) 

18488 — Pt. Mosellani in Quincti- 
liani rhetoricas institutt. annota- 
tiones. Baa., Ad. Petri, 1527. 8^ 


or Lugd., Sb. Gryphius^ 1535 or 

41. 8". — Gn. Philandri castigatt. 

atque annotatt. in XII. libros in- 

stitutt. Quintiliani. Bas., Bm. 

Westhemer, 1536. 8^ — In Fab. 

Quintiliani de institut. orat. libros 

XII. commentarii (Adr. Tnmebi) 

nnnc prim, editi. Par.^ Th. Ri- 

chardus, 1556. 4^ — In Quintil. 

institutionam libnim X. annotatt. 

Ph. Melanthonis, J. Veltcurionis, 

J. Sdgelii, Csp. Landsidelii. CoL 

lectae, digests et editae per St. Ric- 

dun (cnm textu). Lps., Jac. Apel 

(1570). 8°. — J. Mich. Lochmanni 

progrr. V. emendatt. Quintiliani. 

CobuTg], 1 776-90. 4°. — H. C. Abr. 

Eichstadii progr. in Quint, inst. 

orat. III. 3. Jen. 1803. fol. — 

Rhold F. Happel Analecta crit. ad 

Quint, inst. orat. libros VII-IX. 

Hal.. Bathe, 1810. 8^ — C. Mor- 

genstern progr. Quintilianea que- 

dam. Dorpatiy 181 1. fol. — Gst. 

Sarpe analector. ad Spaldingii 

Qnintilianum specimen. Hal., Kiirn. 

mel, 1815. 8^ (8 gr.) Ejusd. 

epistola ad nuperrimum Quintiliani 

editorem (Buttmannum). Suerini, 

Stiller, 1 8 16. 8°.— G. A. F. Gens- 

leri analector. ad edit. Quintiliani 

Spaldingianam specimen, observa- 

tiones ad libnim X. continens. Co- 

burgi, Meusel, 1822. 8°. (8*gr.) — 

Adnotatiunculae qusedam rhetorics 

Perseualdi Belligenii in priores 

duas Quintil. declamationes. Lu- 

tet., Ch. Wechel, 1530. 8°. — Epi- 

tome 8. compendium institutionum 

oratoriar. Quintiliani, autore Jona 

Philologo. Par., Colinaeus, 153 1> 

or 39, or 42. 8**. ib., Rb. Ste- 

phanus, 1547. 8^ ib., David, 

1550. 8^ 

Under the name of Jonas Philologus, 
J. Oonthier of Andemac is oonoealed, ac- 
cording to Barbier, Diet, des anon. III. 
53^— Detailed notices respecting Qainti- 
Uan are to be found in Fkren Eapana «a- 

ipodOi 1*« 55- P- 55-1 1 2» where also it is 
for instance proved on new grounds, p. 82-. 
85, that be was not the auUior of the dia- 
^^iie De eauMsie oorr, ehg. 

18489 QUINTUS Calaber s. Smyr- 



meus. Derelictorum ab Homero 
libri XIV. (Tryphiodori excidium 
Trojse, et Coluthi raptus Helens, 
gr.) Without place 01 date {Ven,^ 
Aldus, 1505). 8^ 

Very scarce, and the ediiHo princept of 
all the 3 poems, but from a very corrupt 
MS. Altogether 173 unnumbered leaves 
with the signatures a-^, namely, 153 
leayes, Quintus ; 1 2 leaves, Trypbiodorus ; 
and 8 leaves, Colutbus. 3 copies on 
vellum are known : one in the Laurentian 
library (Bandim Codd, gr, II. 103), the 
and in ^e library of the king of England, 
and the 3rd in lord Spencer's (from 
McCarthy's sale at 500 fr.). This last, 
which is greatly cut, according to Dib- 
din, Decam, III. 173, is quite a different 
impression in typographical arrangement 
from the paper copies, although there is as 
mudi in every page of this as of those. 

18490 — preetermissor. ab Homero 

libri XIV. (Tryphiodori excidium 

Trojae, et Coluthi raptus Helens, 

gr., cnm prsef. J. Th. Freigii). 

Bas., Henricpetri, 1569. 8^. 

8 leaves of preliminary matter (the 7th 
and 8th blank), 341 pages, and i leaf with 
the colophon. An incorrect reprint of the 

18491 — Cointi Smyrnsei Ilii excidii 
libri II. Reditus Oraecorum, capta 
Troja, liber unus. Expositi olim 
in schola Ufeldensi et editi nunc 
studio, industria et labore Lr. Rho- 
domanni (gr. lat.) Lps., Vogelin, 

(1577). 4". 

137 pages with the signatures Oo-Ggg, 
This work is in fact a piece from Neandri 
Opus aureitmj T. II. but separate copies 
are also sometimes to be met with. It con- 
sists of the 13th to 14th books with some 
corrections, and with Mch. Neander's Latin 

18492 — Quinti Calabri paraleipo- 

mena i. e. derelicta ab Homero, 

XIV. libris comprebensa. Latine 

olim reddita et correcta a Lr. Rho- 

domanno. Nunc accessit epitome 

gemina, turn Homeri et Cointi turn 

universa (sic) historise Trojanae. 

Itemque Dionis Chrysostomi oratio 

de nio non capto. Auctore et in- 

terprete eodem. (Omnia gr. lat.) 

Hanov., typis Wechel., 1604. 8**. 

16 leaves of preliminary matter; 709 
Mges, Greek text and translation; 38 
leaves, index, emmidatt* einoim; 383 pages, 



Tpofuca and Dio Chrymitt, ; and i leaf with 
the printer's symbol. A new recension, in 
which however Rhodomannus did not make 
use of the Aldine. In the text itself almost 
all the typographical errors of the Bade 
edition only are corrected, the appended 
emendations are therefore the more im- 
portant. The printing is nevertheless very 
incorrect. Concerning Rhodomann*s two 
editions see Langii vUa Rhodom. p. 283 sq. 
and 375 sq. He was unworthily handled 
by Dausquejus and Pauw, see ib, p. 234.-— 
Thereto is to be joined, In Q. Calabri t. 
Cointi SmifrrunparaUjtotnenmn UbmtXiy. 
CI, Danuqwfi adnotamenta. Item in Try- 
phiodorum el Coluihum. //., in qjffio, AU' 
brianOf 16 14. 8°. 8 leaves of preliminary 
matter, and 309 pages. 

18493 — • Troja expognata s. supple- 
mentum Homeri. . .auctore Quinto 
Calabro grsece, interprete Lr. Rho- 
domanno, cum CI. Dausqueji ad- 
notamentis etc. Ff. 1614. 8^ 

Only a new title to the preceding edition, 
with the addition of Dausquejus^s notes. 

18494 — prsetermissor. ab Homero 
libri XIV. grieoe, cum vers. lat. et 
intesris emeudatt. Lr. Rhodomanni, 
et adnotatt. selectis CI. Dausqueji, 
curante J. Corn, de Pauw, qui suas 
etiam emendatt. addidit. LB., Ab- 

coude, 1734. 8^ 
Neat, and sought after for the series 
• ewn notis tyofiorumf but cursorily and 
carelessly superintended. Rhodomann's 
tert is repeated with all its faults, and 
with only a few corrections from the Al- 
dine. Scaliger^s, S^burgius's, and Falken- 
buTffius's unprinted notes are also imper- 
fectly made use of, and the editor's own cri- 
ticisms are extremely arbitrary, and fre- 
quently unhappy. The faults of tJiis edition 
are severely censured in Jao. Ph. eTOrvitte 
Vannut oritica in inanes Pauonis poJeaa, 
AvMt. 1737. 8". p. 34^ sq* 57« »q- 

18495 — posthomericor. libri XIV. 

fr. Nunc prim, ad libror. MSS. 
dem et viror. doctor, oonjecturas 
recens., restituit et supplevit Th. 
Ch. Tychsen. Access, observatt. 
Ch. Glo. Heynii. T. I. Arg., ty- 
pogr. societ. Bipont., 1807. 8^ 
(3 d. 8 gr.) Also on vellum paper. 
This voL only contains the text, a 2nd 
voL (notes) has not appeared. 

18496 — derelictor. ab Homero libri 
XIV. (lat.), Jod. Velareo inter- 
prete. Coluthi Thebani raptus He- 


lense, eodem interpr. Editio Prima. 
Antw., J. Steelsius, 1539- 8°. 
Also, Lugd., Sb. Oryphins, 1541. 

18497 — i XIV. canti del poema di 
Q. Calabro tradotti dal testo greco 
in ottava rima da P. Tarenghi. 
Without place {Wilna\ Zawadski, 
without date (180.). 8^ 2 yoll. 
Ed. II. Roma, 1810. 8^ 2 yoU. 
(7obaj.) — Del primo libro de' pa. 
ralipomeni d'Omero di Quinto Smir- 
neo detto Calabro. Volgarizsa- 
mento inedito di Bernardino Baldi, 
pubblic. da Alessandro de Mortara. 
Fir. 1 818. 8^ 

A translation by Rossi in a vols, was also 
to have appeared in 18 18 or 19. 

18498 — la guerre de Troie, poeme 
en f4 chants, trad, (en prose) par 
R. Tourlet. Par., Lesguilliez, an 
IX. (1800). 8^ 2 voll. (lofr.) 

18499 — Th. Ch. Tychsen commen- 
tatio de Q. Smymaei paralipomenis 
Homeri. Gott., Dieterich, (1783). 
8°. — Fr. Spitzneri mantissa obss. 
crit. et grammat. in Q. Calabr., in 
his work De versu gr. heroico. Lps. 
1 816. 8^ Ejusd. progr., obss. crit. 
et grammat. in Q. Smym. postho- 
merica. Witt. 1818. 8^ 16 pages. 
— C. L. Struve Progr. krit. Be- 
merkk. zum Q. Smyrn. Konigsb. 
1816. 8"". 15 pages. Ch. E. Glase- 
wald conjectanea in Q. Smyrn. 
posthomerica. Witt. 181 7. 8^ 18 

QUINZE joyes, see Joyes. 

18500 QUIQUIER de Roscolff, Gu. 
Dictionnaire et colloques fran^ois- 
bretons. Morlaix, 1633. 16^. Saint- 
Brieux, 1 640. 1 8^ Quimper, 1722. 
1 2^. and often. 

18501 QUIRICUS Barcinonensis. 
Opera, in Florez Espaiia sagrada 
XXIX. 439 sq. 

18502 QUIRINI, Ang. Mar. Pri. 
mordia Corcyrae. Editio altera 
auctior. Brix. 1738. 4^ 

Thereto should be joined : Atex. Spmm. 
MatfOchU de antiquit Coreyrm nominibue 
eehediaema. Neap. 174a. 4\ The ist 
edition of Quirinus appeared, LycUy 1715. 



18503 — specimen vari» literatnne, 
qus in urbe Brixia ejuaque ditione 

Saulo post typographic incunabula 
orebat, scilicet vergente ad finem 
sec. XV. usque ad medietatem sec. 
XVI. Brix., Rixsardi^ i739* ^^^^ 
4^. 2 parts in i vol. 

Unfinished. The spirit of a Maaosuchelli 
or of a Tiraboichi did not rest on this 
author, and his eternal meddling dispo- 
sition never saflered him to arnve at any 
completion. But rich materials, for instance 
the Vatican, were at his command, and 
consequently his raw ooUection affords va- 
luable single notices. In this and the fol- 
lowing work the i m p re wion of the original 
pre&ces of the first editions of the classics 
is particiilarly valuable. 

18504 — (anon.) Pauli II. Pont. 

Max. vita, ex cod. biblioth. Ange- 

lies biblioth. desumpta, premissis 

ipsius vindiciis adversus Platinam 

flliosqoe obtrectatores. Romse^ Ant. 

de Rubeis, 1 740. lai^ 4^. 

Interesting on account of the appendix of 
the typographical productions wnich ap- 
peared at Rome^ during the government of 
Paul 11. 

18505 — liber de optimor. scriptor. 
editionibus, quae Romse primum 
prodierunt post typographic in- 
ventnm, cum adnotatt. et diatriba 
praeliminari J. O. Schelhomii. Lin- 
daugise^ 1761. 4^ (1 d. 12 gr.) 

A separate impression of the appendix of 
the preceding work with valuable addi- 

18506 -^ decas I — X. epistolarum 
(latinar.) {Brix. 1743-54). large 
4''. 10 voll. 

Complete copies are scarce. 

18507 — epistole, quotquot latino 
sermone edidit. Collegit et digessit 
N. Coleti. Ven. 1756. foL Also 
on large paper. 

18508 — racoolta di lettere italiane. 
{Brescia, 1746-54). large 4°. 3 

18509 — oommentarii de rebus perti- 
nentibus ad Aug. Mar. Quirmum. 
P.I. Lib. I. 3. P. II. Lib. i. 3. 
Cum F. Sanvitalis continuatione, 
P. L n. Brix. 1749-61. 8^ 4 

Of P. I. Lib. I. 2. and P. II. Lib. i. 



there it also a new impienion, BrtM. 1750. 
8°. and of P. I. Lib. i. also Brig, 1754. 
foL withpbrtes. 

See abo Fr. BAUBAmua and R^gin. 

QUIXOTE, see Cbrvantes. 



R^BANUS, see Hrabanus. 

18510 RABAUT de Saint-Estienne, 
J. P. Pr^s historique de la revo. 
lution frang. Par., Didot, 1792. 
1 8^. ^vith plates. 

There are 3 copies on vellum, one of 
which, 50 fr. Lamy. Also a copy on vel- 
lum of the edition in 34**. 15 fr. Lamy. 

18511 RABBI, C. Costanao. Sino- 
nimi ed aggiunti Italian!. Parma, 

1778- 4^ 

Earlier editions are Ven. 1741, or 56, or 
77. 4^ Bergamoy Sanikdy 1744. 4^ 

18512 RABELAIS, Fr. Cfaroni- 
ques du grant et puissant geant 
Gargantua. Nouvellement imprim. 
k Lyon, i533. oblong 8^^. Gothic 

33 numbered leaves, and 1 unnumbered 
leaf. The Dresden copy of this hitherto 
unknown edition of the ist book has no 
title-leaf, and the above title is only taken 
from the colophon. It is the earliest edi- 
tion vet known, although perhaps it is not 
tiie oldest of alL The remaining separate 
editions of this ist book wet t La vie tnM- 
Hmable du grand Gargatihiay pere de Pan" 
tagrueii comptuie par Pabetraeieur de 
^umte'eeaenoef Here plein de PantaffraeU 
ieme. X^fon, Fr. JueUy 1535* 16**. La 
plaieante et joyeuae hiuoire du gramd 
ffiant Garganhia. Lyon^ Dolety 1543. I2^ 
with woodcuts. La vie trie-horrifique du 
grand Gargantua. Lgan, Fr. Juete, 1543. 
16°. Grande annalet ou ehremquee iris- 
vMtablee dee geetee merveillewf du grand 
Gargantua el Paniagruel eonfiUt. With- 
out place, 1543. 8°. This edition contains 
the ist and and books. La plaieante et 
Jogetue hietogre du grant geanl Gargantua. 
Proehainement reueus^ et de beauooupaug^ 
menUe par PAtUheur meame. Valenoef 
CL la Villey 1547. I2^ with bad woodcuts, 
345 pages ; there is an ddit. eontr^/aite of 
this last, under the same title and with the 
same d»(e, likewise of 345 pages in la**. 



with lomewhat better woodcuts, which was 
probably printed at Geneva in the 17U1 
oentury, and is to be distinguished by 
having in the 7th line of the title Auheur 
instead oi Autheur. 

18513 — Pantagruel. Jesns Maria. 
Les horribles et espouuentables 
faictz et prouesses du tresrenome 
Pantagruel^ Roy des Dipsodes* Filz 
da grat geant (largantua, Copose 
nouuellement par maistre Alcofry- 
bas Nasier. Augmete t Corrige 
fraichement, par maistre Jehan 
Lunel. Lyon, Fr. Juste» 1533. ob. 
long S"*. Gothic letter. 

95 numbered leaves^ and 7 unnumbered. 
The first known edition of the md book, 
already rrorinted in 1534 according to 
Brunet. The remaining separate editions 
of this and book are, Paniagruely roy des 
Diptodet, retHkU A ton naturel, avee te$ 
faietx et proueste$ fyouvantablet, eomposi 
par M. Aloofribaa, Lycny Fr, Jutte^ 
1543. l6^ Pantagruel, rai des Dipsodes, 
restittt^ h son naturel ; plus les merveiUeu* 
see namgatians du disdple de Pantagruel^ 
diet Panurge, Lgon, Dolety 154a. I6^ 
with woodcuts. The edition, mentioned 
by Brunet, without pkuse or date. 8^ Go- 
thic letter, with the title, PantagrueL Les 
horribles et ipouvantables faicts etprouesses 
du tris renommk Pantagruel^ roy des Dip- 
sodes, is probably nothing else than a sepa- 
rate copy of the and book after the com- 
bined edition of the ist and and books, 
without place, 154a. 8**. (see preceding 
number). Second Hure de PatagrueL 
Valeneef CL la ViUey 1547. Ia^ 303 pages. 
Of this last there is an idit, ootirtfrnte in 
I a*, under the same title and with the 
same date, probably printed at Geneva in 
the 17th century, which is to be distin- 
guished by its having jao pages. Les 
fmcts et diets heroiques du ban Pantagruel, 
Lyon, par Logs qui ne se meurt point, 
1556. i6*. 

18514 — le tiers livre des faictz 
et ditz heroiques du bon Panta- 
gruel. Toulouse, Jac. Foumier, 
1546. i6^ 

The eariiest known edition of the 3rd 
book, although probably not the first The 
remaining single editions of it are. Par. 
1546.... Lffon, Pierre de Theurs, 1547. 
16**. (with the same title as above). Tiers 
Hure des faiotM et eRetz heroiques du noble 
Pantagruel, Valence, CL la ViUe, 1547. 
la^ with woodcuts, 17a pages. Of this 
last there is an idit. oontrefaite in Ia^ 
under the same title, and with the same 
date^ probaUy printed at Geneva in the 


17th century, which may be distinguished 
by its baring 349 pages, and also by its 
containing a 4th book not mentioned in 
the title, and not to be found in the ge- 
nuine edition. Le tiers livre des fmets et 
diets heroiques du bon Pantagruel, oomposi 
par Fr. Rabelais, revu par Pauteur. Par,, 
Fezendat^ 155a- 8^ Le tiers livre des 
faiets et diets du bon Pantagruel, par Fr, 
Rabelais, revu par Pauteur sur la censure 
antique. Lyon, J. Chabin, 1553. a4^ 

18515 — le quart livre des faictz et 
dictz heroiques du noble Panta- 
gruel. Lyon, without the printer's 
name, 1548. 12°. with woodcuts. 

48 unnumbered leaves. The eariiest edi- 
tion of the 4th book as yet known, whidi 
however, as well as the edition, VtUenee, 
1548. Ia^ only contains a part of it. It 
is complete in the foUowring single editions: 
Le quart Here des faiets hirdques et diotst 
du bon Pantagruel. Lyon, Alenum, 155 a. 
8**. Le quart livre etc. Par,, Fessendat, 
155a. 8^ Le quatriesme livre etc. ib., id., 
155a. 1 6^ Le quart livre etc. widiout 
place, 1553. 8*. 

18516 — le cinquiesme et dernier 
livre des faiets et diets du bon Pan- 
tagruel, without place, 1564. 16^. 

The editions, without place, 1565. 8^. 
Lyon, J. Martin, 1565. iS"*, and enlarged, 
ib.,id., 1567. 16°. have also the same tiUe. 
The first 16 chapters of this 5th book, 
which are known to be not by Rabelais at 
all, had already appeared in 156a under 
the title^ PIsle sonnante. 

These original editions of all the 5 books 
are eztremdy seldom found together. 

18517 — oeuvres de M. Ft. Rabelais, 
contenant la vie, fucts et diets h^ 
roiques de Gkurgantua et de son filz 
Pantagruel, avec la prognostication 
Pantagrueline. Without place, 1556. 
1 6°. 

Containing the first 4 bodu. The first 
combined edition of them had already ap- 
peared in T553. There is an eariier and 
separate edition of the Pantagrueline prog^ 
nosOeatien, Lyon, Fr. Juste, 1535. I6^ 

18518 — oeuvres. Lyon, J. Martin, 
1566 or 84. 16°. 

This edition contains all the 5 books. 

18519 — oeuvres. Lyon, Estiart, 
1596. i6®. 

18520 — CBUvres. Demise 61it. cor- 
rig^e. Anvers, Fuet, 1605. la**. 

18521 — oeuvres de Fr. Rabelais. 
Imprim^ suyuant la pr^mi^ ^di- 


tion censur^ en I'ann^ ^S5^' 
Witliout place, 1626. 8®. 

18522 — les ceuvres de M. Fr. Ra- 
belais. Augxnent^es de la vie de 
Tauteur et de quelques remarques 
sur sa vie et sur I'histoire, avec 
I'explication de tous les mots dif- 
iiciles. Without place, 1663. 12°. 

2 yoU. 

With the tymbol of a tphere. The ist 
▼oL has 12 leayet of preliminary matter, 
488 pagea, aod 5 leaves table. The and, 
I leaf title, p. 4819^46^ and 4 leaves table. 
This neat edition is attributed to the Elxe- 
Tin, and is greatly sought after ; but it is 
inoonect, and the short and insignificant 
notes are full of proofs of great ignorance. 

18523 — oenvreB (the same title). 

Without place, 1666. I2^ 2 volL 

A less fine rmrint of the preceding, 
whose collation also applies to it. It has 
also the symbol of a sphere, but it appears 
not to belong to the Ebevtr press, as is 
commonly said, but to Blaeu*s. In some 
copies the title of the ist book is printed 
in red. 

18524 — oeuvres (the same title). 

Without place, 1675. I2^ 2 Toll. 

The collation is the same as in the two 
preceding, of which this edition is a re- 
print. It has likewise the symbol of the 
sphere, but is very indifferently printed, and 
probably at Geneva. 

18525 — ceuvres de maitre Fr. Ra- 
helais. Nouvelle edit., oi^ Ton a 
ajout^ des remarques historiques 
et critiques sur tout Touvrage etc. 
(par Jac. le Duchat et Bn. de la 
Monnoye). Amst., Bordesius, 1 7 1 1 . 
8°. 6 parts in 5 vols, with plates. 

A correct and tolerably fine edition in 
which Duchat has corrected the text from 
a careful collation of the earlier impressions. 
Copies on large paper are scarce and dear. 
The reprint, AmsLy Bordemuy 1795. 8**. 
6 parts in 5 vols, with plates, is not so 

18526 — oeuvres, avec des remarq. 

hist, et crit. de Mr. le Duchat. 

Nouv. edit, augment^e de quelques 

remarques nouvelles (par Gueulette 

et Jamet Tain^). (Par., PrauU), 

1732. 8^ 6 parts in 5 vols, with 

plates. Also on large paper. 

Even to be preferred to the preceding on 
account of the new notes that are add^. 



18627 — oeuvres, avec des remarques 
hist, et crit. de Mr. le Duchat. 
Nouv. ^t. avec les figures de Bn. 
Picart, augmentee de nouvelles re- 
marques de Mr. le Duchat, de celles 
de I'edition anglaise de Rabelais, de 
ses lettres et de plusieurs autres 
pi^s. Amst.^ Bernard, 1741. 4^ 
3 voll. 

Less correct than the edition of 171I1 
but enlarged with many notes, and finely 
printed. The plates are also very fine. 
Copies on laigepaper are dear and greatly 
sought after. Th» important notes of Ft. 
le Motteuz, which are to be found herein, 
first appeared with the English translation 
of Rabelais, the last 1 v<3s. of which be 
superintended, and they were next givm 
with a French translatioii in the BWhih. 
briiamiique, I. 139 sq. II. 937 sq. III. 
127 sq. IV. 80 sq. Of the impression 
of the same in the above 4^ edition of 
1 741, some copies were struck off by them- 
sdves for the translator, for which he 
caused some cancels with corrections and 
additions, and this separate title to be 
printed, Remarques de PU le Mctteux sur 
Rabelais. TraduUes librement de Panglais 
par C{isar) D{e) M{is»if), et accomp. de 
diverses observaHons du traducteur. Edit, 
retme, corr. et aufitn. Land. 1740. 4^ 
150 pages. These copies Motteux sent as 
presents to his friends ; see Bibl. britann. 
XVII. 410 sq. where additions to these 
copies are printed. 

18528 — le Rabelais moderne on les 
oeuvres de Fr. Rabelais mises a la 
port^e de la pliipart des lecteurs 
(par Fr. Mar. de Marsy). Amst. 
(Par.), Bernard, 1752. la®. 6 parts 
in 8 vols. 

Of this modernised edition only copies on 
Dutch paper are prized. 

18529 — oeuvres choisies. Geneve, 

Barillot, 1752. 12. 3 voll. 

This abridgment also appeared, ib. 1781. 
I9^ 4 voU. 

18530 — . oeuvres. Lond. et Par., 
Bastien, 1783. 8°. 2 voll. Also on 
Dutch paper, and in 4°, 

The Ihresden copy has this date, Brunet 
and others state it, Lond. 1 782. 

18531 — oeuvres suivies de remarques 
public en anglais par Mr. le Mot- 
teux et trad, en fran^. par C. D. M. 
Nouv. edit. Par., Bastien, an 6 
(1798). 8°. 3 vols, with 76 plates. 

Eight different sorts of copies of this 



edition were stnidL off; rix. 3 sorts in 8*. 
2 in 4**. and 3 in fol. 

18532 •— oeuvres de Rabelais. Par., 
Desoer^ 1820. i8^ 3 voU. (18 fr., 
on vellum paper 24 fr., on fine vel- 
lum paper 36 fr.) 

This edition hat neat woodoats and notes 
by M. de TAubnay. Six oopies were also 
struck off (at 71 fr. each), in which each 
sheet is of a different colour. 

18533 -^ les songes drolatiques de 
Pantagruel» oii sont contenues plu- 
sieurs figures de I'invention de 
maistre Fr. Rabelais, et demise 
oeuvre d'icelui, pour la recr^at]<m 
des bons esprits. Par., Rch. Bre- 
ton, 1565. 8°. 

This smaU and very seldom perfect book 
contains, besides the title and dedication, 
110 caricatures engraved on wood, which 
are printed on both sides of the leaves, 
and have no text. Rabelais's works merely 
gave occasion to them ; he himself had no 
part therein. The Paris bookseller Saliort 
intended in 1797 to have superintended a 
new edition from these original designs, of 
whidi however only 60 j^tes were pre- 
pared, which never came into the maiket. 

18534 — affenthenrlich Naupenge- 
heuriiehe Geschichtklitterung, Von 
Thaten vnd Rahten von kurtzen 
langen weilen VoUem bescbreiten 
Helden vnd Herren Orandgusier, 

Gargantua vnd Pantagruel 

Etwan von M. Fr. Rabelais Fran- 
zosisch entworfen : Nun aber vber- 
schrecklicb lustig inn einen Teut- 
schen Model vergossen, vnd vnge- 
f arlich obenbin, wie man den Grin- 
digen lauset, inn vnser Muter 
XiSllen vber oder drunder oesetzt. 
Aucb zu diesem Truck wieder anff 
den Amposs gebrogt vnd dermas- 
sen Pantagrueusch verposselt, ver- 
scbmidt vnd verdangelt, dass nicbts 
ohn ein Risen Nisi dran mangelt : 
durcb Huldricb EUoposderon. G^- 
truckt zur Grenesing im Gansse- 
ricb, 1552. 8^ with woodcuts. 

The firat known edition of this comic 
renion of J. Fitdiart, very soaroe, but 
only including the first book of the French 
originaL Concerning this work of Fi~ 
schart, see Jordent £«jr. deuUoher Dkhter 
«. Pto9. I. 519 sq. DeuU^iet Mtueum 
1778, XL 543 sq. Go^Mu^ei Magam. der 


KUnste u, Wiat. I. 168 sq. II. 987 iq. 
Ffcgei Geteh. der kam. lAt, II. 438 tq. 
III. 334 sq. AOff. litL Ann. 1800, p. 372 
and 1 141. 1801, p. 6. and 734. Koch 
Cumpend. der deuttch. Lit, Geich, I. 161. 
II. 14a. 

18535 — affenteurlicbe vnd Vnge- 

beurlicbe Greschichtscbrift Vom 

Leben, rbaten vnd Thaten der for 

langen weilen vollenwolbeschraiten 

Helden vnd Herrn Grandgusier, 

Gargantoa vnd Pantagruel, Koni- 

gen inn Vtopien vnd Ninenreich. 

Etwan von M. Fr. Rabelais Fran. 

zosisch entworfen : Nun aber vber- 

schrecklich lustig auf den Teut- 

schen Meridian visirt, vnd vnge- 

fahrlich obenbin, wie man den 

Grindigen lausst, vertirt, durch 

Huldricb EUoposderon Reznem. 

Without place, 1575. 8°. with 


At first 8 leaves of preliniinary matter, 
then the text on unnumbered leaves, with 
the signatures A-ee, This edition b the 
earlier one completely remodelled, and 
quite different in language. 

18636 — affenthenrlich Naupenge- 
heurliche Greschichtklitterung. Von 
Thaten vnd Rbaten der vor kurtzen 
langen vnnd je weilen Vollenwol- 
beschreiten Helden vnd Herren. 
Grandgoschier Gorgellantua vnd 
dess Eiteldurstlichen Durchdurst- 
lechtigen Fiirsten Pantagruel von 

Durstwelten Etwan von M. 

Frantz Rabelais Frantzosisch ent- 
worffen : Nun aber vberschrock. 
lich lustig in einen Teutschen Mo- 
del vergossen^ vnd vngef arlich oben 
bin, wie man den Grindigen lausst, 
in vnser Mutter Lallen vber oder 
drunder gesetzt. Auch zu disen 
Truck wider auff den Aniposs 
gebracht, vnd dermassen mit Fan- 
tadurstigen Mythologien oder Ge- 
heimnus deutungen verposselt, 
verschmidt vnd verdangelt das 
nichts (^n das Eysen Nisi dran 
mangelt. Durch Huldricb Ella- 
poscleron. Gedruckt zur Grenflug 
im Gansserich, 1594. 8^. with wood- 
988 numbered leaves. The following 


•ditioiis an abo quoted; without plaee^ 

I577> "58»j *590> '59<5> »6oo, and 1605; 
aU in 8**. with woodcuts. 

18537 — {the same title.) Grenflug 
im CHnsaereich, 1608 or 1617. S°. 

with woodcuts. 
Ako 1610 and 1631. 8^ 

18538 — Grargantua u. Pantagmel 
umgearbdtet nach Rabelais u. Fi- 
sdiart von Dr. Eckstein (Ch.Lavin. 
F. Sander). Hmb.^ Hoffbiann, 1 785 
-87. 8^ 3 voD. (a d. 14 gr.) 

It cannot be said to have been sacoesiftd. 
The following announcement was not follow- 
ed up : Ankundiffung «. Probe einer neuen 
Atujfohe von D. J. Fiacharta UeberaetMung 
det in Bucha von Rabelau GargcnUua (von 
H, Gf. von Bretachneider). Nrb, 1 775. 8°. 
There is a specimen of a Oerman modifica- 
ticm of the GarganhiOy Pantagruel etc. by 
M. Fr. Rabelais, in the style of the 19th 
century, in Saoha. ProvinzialbU. 1804. 
B. I. p. 101 sq. B. II. p. too sq. 

18539 — the works of Rabelais, 

translated into English with notes 

by Th. Urchard, le Motteux and 

Osell. Lond. 1807. 8^. 4 vols. 

with plates. 

The sune translation previously, Lond, 
1708. 8*. 9 vols. Also, ib. 1694, or 1738, 
or 1750. I4^ 5 vols, with plates. • 

18540 — alle de geestige Werken 
▼sa Mr. Fr. RaMais. Amst.^ J. 
ten Hoom, 1683. 8^ 2 voU. 

18541 — lettres de Fr. Rabelais* 
^crites pendafft son voyage d*Italie. 
Brusselies, Foppens, 1710. 8^ 

Preiviously, Par.^ de Saregy 1651. 8**. 
Also in the 4°. edition of 174 1 of his ro- 

18542 RABELLINI tabella. 

In the year 181 7 the Dresden librarians 
were applied to from several quarters for a 
book of the above title. It was to be found 
neither tatioog the printed books nor a- 
niong the MSS.; but the inquiries re- 
turned so often and so urgently, that at 
last 1 was curious to learn something fur- 
ther about it, akhong^ nothing satisfac- 
tory mi(^t be expected. The memoranda 
of inquiry, which must have had a com- 
mon source, all described the hook thus: 
J>ie goldne TabaOa RabelHtia. " It treats 
of stones, herbs, raocs, medicine, Ac Jena 
in Sachaen^ * 5.^5- 15 7^- On the title is 
to be found a raven with a ring in its 
beak. There are also various characters 
in the hook with some representations of 




herbSi** In vain I searohed all the lite- 
rary resooroea at my ccnmiand, to dis- 
cover something ab<mt the book or its 
asthor. With respect to the latter, I 
conjectured it to be Fr. Mt RayelUn, 
teacher of the Italian and French lan- 
guages at Heidelberg, by whom there was 
an Ara memorue, Ff.^ 161 7. 8^ But this 
also .came to nothing. T had already be- 
come tired of the matter, when at last one 
of the anxious inquirers announced with 
joy that he had found what he sought 
for in the possession of a Dresden dtisen. 
This latter perK>n &voured me with a sight 
of it, and I therefore give in this place an 
account of the book, which indeed, as it 
appears, may very well be dispensed with 
by the generality of readers, but will not 
be unwelcome to my brother librarians, 
who may have been wearied with similar 

The title is, Tfimtm perfecimn magim 
albte et nigra. Daa amd Vier BScher da^ 
rinnen die wahre Magiache, Aatrologiache, 
Geometriaehe und Cchyndache (sic) Weiaa- 
heUf GiUe und Boaae Geiater su Ciiireny 
und aolehe mu alien Gehoraam mu bringen 
aua den (sic) VI. und FJJ. Buck Moaia 
und Tabella RabeUina. MU Keia. Ma- 
Jeat gnad und freyheU in aecha jaren nit 
nach aiu (rucken, 1534. In small 4°. or 
rather a somewhat broad 8**. 48 leaves (in- 
duding the title-plate and the unprinted 
leaf before LU>er III.\ without signatures, 
catchwords, and pagmation, on brownish- 
grey paper, and most certainly not print- 
ed before 1750, with three portraits and 
many dphers and seals, all of which ap- 
pear to be done with the hand (not cut 
in wood). As to the rest, the book is 
from beginning to end the merest non- 
sense, and full of the most absurd errors 
in orthography, language, and typography. 

The ist leaf is a title- plate; on the re- 
verse of the and or titl&Jeaf is simply, 
SpirUua Omtdpoiena Qui Viget lUa Facit 
(in 2 lines). Leaf j* is a preface of 11 
lines, subscribed, W — den 8 3iortM (sic) 
1534. In leaf 3b follows, Dei Apoealgpaia 
Magjia Lteber (sic) Primua RabeOimta 
Bewhtfiomer^HoUen-Zwang, daa iat Me- 
thodua Ii^alHbUia, od&r Unfehlbare Weiaae 
Die VJI. Groaa-FUraten und andere mu 
alien Dienaten xu bringen. Aua den VI, 
u. VII. Buch Moaia Bonue In VaUcano 
Ad Arcanum PonHfioaiua unier Alejean- 
der VII. Po. gedfuekt M.D. XXXIV. 
(A silly lie ! Alexander VII. was only 
bom in i599» '"^ '° ^534 there was no 
Alexander but Clement Vll. who died in 
this year, and was succeeded by Paul III.) 
Leaf Mb follows, Uber Seoundua TabeUaa 
RabeUina (sic) Geiater Commando^ id eat 
Magim albi et nigra Citatio Generalia uttf 
aHe Geiater Rome In VaOeano ad Arca^ 



nuM PonHficattu Gedrvcki im jare 1534. 
Tradueia a D, Rabbi RabeUino {M.) 
Leaf 29a, Liber tertius Chimia Magia Na^ 
turtUes et Alchimia Von dem Gebenedeyeten 
Magiachen, Stein Rabellini etc. Leaf 35^, 
lAber guarhts Magia NeUuraiis AstrO' 
ioffica et Geometritt (SS) Angelica Tobiana 
S. S. The entire book ends in leaf 48** 
with the words Deo Gratia* AfMfEfN. 

18543 RABENER, Gli. W. Sammt- 

liche Schriften mit dem Leben des 

Vfe. von Ch. Fel. Weisse, Lpz., 

Dyk, 1777. 8". 6 voU. (2 d. 16 gr., 

on Dutch paper, 3d. 1 2 gr.) 

The I St edition of his Sammlung satyr, 
Schrr. appeared, Lpx, 175 1-55 • 8". 4 vols. 
His satires translated into Dutch, Amst, 
1765. 8®. 4 vols. 

18544 RACAN, Honorat de Bueil, 
Sieur de. (Euvres. Par., Couste- 
lier, 1724. small 8°. 2 voU. 

Scarce, see above, PoE t E s . 

18545 RACCOLTA d'autori,chetrat- 

tano del moto dell' acque. Ed. II. 

Fir., 1765-74. 4°. 9 vols, with 

plates. — Nuova raccolta d'autori, 

che trattano del moto dell' acque. 

Parma, 1766-69. 4®. 8 vols, with 


The ist edition, Fir, 1723. 4*. 3 vols, of 
the first greatly prized collection, is indeed 
more correct, but far less complete. Of a 
4th enlarged edition, Bol, 1821. sq. 4^ 
6 roll, have as yet appeared. The other 
collection, superintended by Xlmenes, is 
less prized. 

18546 RACCOLTA di lettere (1023) 
sulla pittura* scultura ed architet- 
tura, scritte da piu celebri profes- 
sori dal sec. XV. al XVII. (pub- 
blic. da Oi. Bottari). Roma, 1754- 
73, 4**. 7 voll. 

18547 — recueil de lettres sur la 
peinture^ la sculpture et I'archi- 
tecture, ecrites par les plus grands 
maitref* depuis le XV. jusqu'au 
XVIII. siecle ; public a Ilome par 
Bottari, trad, et augm. de beau- 
coup de lettres qui ne se trouvent 
pas dans son recueil, par. L. J. 
Jay. Par., 1817. 8°. 

18548 RACCOLTA d'opuscoli scien- 
tifici e filologici (per Angiolo Calo- 
gerk). Ven., 1728-57. l2^ 51 vols, 
the last of which is a general index. 


— Nuova raccolta d'opuscoli scien- 
tifici e filologici. Ven., 1755-84. 
12°. 41 vols, with plates. 

A collection of small treatises, but in part 
very interesting, in all sciences. Complete 
copied are scarce. Calogerii began the 
nuova raccolta, and after his death Fortu- 
nato Mandelli continued it on from the 
16th vol. From the 17th vol. onwards, 
each treatise has a separate pagination, by 
which citation from it is rendered diffi- 

18549 RACCOLTA di opuscoli scien. 
tifici e letterarj degli autori ital. 
(da Inn. Liruti ed altri). Fer- 
rara, 1779-96. 4°. 25 voll. 

A similar collection see under Amo- 


18550 RACCOLTA di capricci poe- 
tici editi ed inediti in dialetto 
Veneziano. Treviso, Trento, 1819. 


18551 RACCOLTA di panegirici dei 
piii celebri oratori. Ven., 1769. 4**. 
9 voll. 

18552 RACCOLTA di pitture 
etrusche tratte dagli antichi va- 
si esistenti nella biblioteca Vati. 
cana ed in altri musei d'ltalia. 
Roma, 1806. fol. 3 vols, with 

This work is probably only a new edition of 
Passeri*s collection (see Passeri), which 
also appeared under the title, Serie di 300 
tavole in rame rappresenianti pitture di 
vasi degli antichi Elnuci. Roma^ '787* 
fol. 3 vols, without any text. 

18553 RACCOLTA di poemi geor. 
gici (di L. Alamanni, L. Tansillo, 
Bm. Lorenzi, Girol. Baruffaldi, 
Gi. Bt. Spolverini, Gi. Rucellai, 
Zaccaria Betti). Lucca, 1785. 12^ 
2 voll. 

This collection is neatly printed. 

18554 RACCOLTA di rime antiche 
Toscane dal sec. XIII. al XIV. 
Palermo, Assenzio, 1 8 1 9. 8^ 4 voll. 

18555 RACCOLTA di sessanta piik 
belle vestiture, che si costumono 
nelle provincie del regno di Napoli. 
Napoli, 1793. small foL With il- 
luminated plates. 

The plates are rather bad. 

18556 RACCOLTA di statue an. 


tiche esistenti nei musei, palazzi e 
▼ille di Roma, con un indicazione 
antiquaria tanto di esse quanto di 
altri monnmenti. Roma, 1S04. 8^ 
1 voll. with 134 plates. 

ISbbl RACCOLTA di tutte le ve- 
date rappresentanti I'eruzioni del 
monte Vesurio fin oggi accadute. 
Napoli, 1B05. oblong foL 

This ooUection contains 15 plates, not 
particularly good. 

16558 RACCOLTA di tutti i piik ri. 
nomati scrittori dell' istoria gene, 
rale del regno di Napoli (compi- 
lazione di 6i. Gravier). Nap., 
1769-72. 4°. 25 voll. 

18559 RACCOLTA di tragedie das- 
siche italiane, autori antichi e mo- 
demi. Ven., 1819. 16^ 14 voll. 

18560 RACCOLTA nuova di compo- 
nimeati teatrali de' migliori aatori 
ital. ed esteri. Livorno, 1817-18. 
1 2*'. 6 voll. 

18561 RACCOLTA di trattati e me- 
morie di l^islazione e giurispru- 
densa criminale. Fir.« 1822. S°. 
5 voll. (30 paoli.) 

18562 RACCOLTA di 320 vedute 
della cittk di Roma et di alcuai 
luoghi suburban], incise in 80 rami. 
Roma, Franzetti (a spese di Ed- 
wards di Londra), without date, 
small oblong 4°. 

The execution is indifferent, but a copy 
on veUum was sold at Paris in April 181 1, 
fi>r 151 fir. 

18563 RACCOLTA dei viaggi piu 
interessanti eseguiti nelle varie 
parti del mondo dopo quelli di 
Cook non pubblicati linora. Mil., 
1815-17. 12°. 48 voll. with illumi- 
nated plates, (28 seudi, 20 paoli.) 

II TolL of a teconda Raecolta at 6 paoli 
eadi, had appeared up to 1819. 

RACCOLTA di opere scelte di Ti. 
tiano, see Txtiano. — di varj epi- 
gram mi, see Anthologia gr. — 
di erotici, see Scriptobes. 

18564 RACHEL, Jo. Nacfa dem 
Originale verbcsserte u. mit einem 
neuen Vorberichte begleitete teut- 
flche satyrische Gredichte (herausg. 



von J« Jac. Wippel). Berl., 1743. 


The newest edition. Of these 10 satires, 
the first 6 only appeared at first, Ff. 1664. 
8". and then 4 new ones, t^. 1668. 8**. The 
following edition is still of value : Jo. Ra- 
ehelii neu verbesserte ieuUche X satyr. 
Gedichte. Deme beigeJTtget (J.) Laurem' 
bergii Scherlzgedichte, $ammt einem An- 
hange etlicher niedersachs. tetttscher Verse. 
Bremen, Wessel, 1707. I^^ The 5 un- 
dated editions in 8*". which appeared under 
the announcement, Freybwrg im Hopfen^ 
sacke (that is, Berlin) are very incorrect. 
The last two satires, {Jungfemanaiumie 
and Jungfemiod) were denied to be his in 
an essay in the Hamburg, vermiseht. Bib- 
iioih. III. p. 98 sq. There is a separate 
edition of them wiUiout the author's name, 
Wohlausgefuhrte Jungfemanaiomie, StraU 
son, 1 688. 12^. in which the author sub- 
scribes himself in p. 11, with the initials 

18565 RACINE, J. (Euvres. Sui- 
vant la copie imprimee ^ Paris, 

1678. 12°. 2 voll. 

This neat Dutch edition, and greatly 
sought after for the Elzevir collection, is at- 
tributed by Bninet to the Amsterdam 
printer, Abr. Wolfgangk. £ach piece has 
a separate title and plate, which is included 
in the pagination. The ist v(4. contains 6 
leaves of preliminary matter, 69 pages, 
Th^baide ; 70 pages, Alexandre ; 7 1 pages, 
Andromaque; 83 pages, Britannicus; 67 
pages, Us plaideurs. The 2nd vol. has 
besides a title-plate and a printed title 70 
pages, B^r^nice; 83 pages Bajazet; 72 
pages, Mithridate; 82 pages, Iphig^nie; 
72 pages, PhMre. To which should be 
joined the two pieces, printed separately at 
the same press, Esther, 1689. 12'*. 70 pages, 
and Athalie, 1691. 12^ 8 leaves and 68 

There is a reprint of 1682 in 2 vols. 12**. 
with the same plates, not less fine, and pro- 
ceeding from the same press : at the same 
time it is at a lower price. The edition, 
Par.y (HoHand) 1697. 13°. 2 vols, with 
plates, is more complete, btu is however 
less sought after. 

18566 — oeuvres, par Coste. Lond., 
Tonson, 1723. 4°. 2 vols, with 

Respectable, but little sought after. 

18567 — oeuvres. Nouv. edit, aug- 
ment^e de diverses pi^es, de re- 
marques (par d'Olivet, Desfon- 
taines, Racine fils etc.), et de figures 
grav. par Tanje. Amst., Bernard, 
1743. 12°. 3 vols, with plates. 



A neat edition and aought after, of which, 
AnuL Arkaiee, 1750. 11°. 3 vols, with 
platea, is only a new title. The repetition, 
Amst. ei LpM. 1765. 12**. 3 vols, is of less 

18568 — oeuvres. Par., 1760. large 
4®. 3 vols, mnth plates. 

There are only 1 copies on Dutch paper. 
The plates are by Deseve^ and not without 

18569 — oeuvres, avec des oom- 
mentaires par Luneau de Bois- 
jermain. Par., Cellot, 1768. 8^ 
7 yols. with plates by Gravelot. 
Also on Dutch paper. 

Although Lunean^s commentary, prepared 
in conjunction with that of Blin de Sain- 
more, which appeared also by itself. Par. 
1768. 3 voU. f 1". is very indifferent, yet has 
this edition hitherto maintained its price, 
because it is still one of the finest of this 
siae. But the repetition of it, Par,y Peu- 
giny 1796. 8". 7 vols, with plates, is so 
badly printed, that even the copies on vd- 
him paper are not sought after. 

18570 — oeuvres. Edition imprim^e 

pour I'education du Dauphin. Par., 

Didot aine, 1783. lai^e 4^. 3 vols. 

on vellum paper. 

This fine edition, of which only 200 
copies were struck off, is one of Didot's 
rarer 4°. impressions. 

18571 — oeuvres. Edit. impr. pour 

Teducation du Dauphin. Far., 

Didot ain^, 17^4* B''. 3 vols, on 

vellum paper. 

This particularly fine edition also (only 
350 copies^ is not frequentiy to be met 
with. Eignt copies were struck off on vel- 
lum, (one in the Royal library at Paris, 
and 601 fr. d'Hangard; 360 fr. St. Cdran.) 
TheCEuorflss divertet are not to be found in 

18572 — oeuvres. Edit. impr. pour 

r^ducation du Dauphin. Par., 

Didot atne, 1784. 18°. 5 vols, on 

vellum paper. 
The impression cootained 450 copies. 

18573 — oeuvres. Par., Deterville, 
1796. large 8^ 4 vols, on vellum 
paper, with plates by le Barbier. 

There are also oopies on large vellum 
paper, and a single one on vellum, with the 
original designs, which was sold in 1817 
for about 1300 fr. — The edition, Lond. 
rHomme, 1799. Il^ 3 vols, is very in« 


18574 — oeuvres. Par., P. Didot 
atne, an 9. (1801-5). large fol. 3 

This edition, which is one of the nuMt 
complete sperimens of a splendid typo- 
graphical production, contains 57 plates, 
engraved by the first Paris artists, firom 
derigns by Gerard, Oirodet, Chaudet, 
Taunay, Moitte and Serangdy. The im- 
pression consisted only of 950 copies, 100 
of which have the plates aoani la lettre. 
The subscription price was i90o fr. and 
for a copy with plates avarU la lettre 1800 
fr. ; and this price has since then risen a 
third. One single copy was struck off on 
vellum, to whic£ the original designs are 
added, and that went to England. 

18575 — oeuvres. Edit, ftt^r^t. 

Par., P. Didot ain^, an 7. (1800). 

12°. 5 vols, with plates. Also on 

vellum paper. 

Renouard has a copy on vellum, Par., 
Herkan, 1803. 18°. 5 vols, also on vdlum 
paper in 12". h a good small edition. 

18576 — oeuvres avec des variantes* 
publiees par Petitot. Par., Herhan, 
1807. 8^. 4 vols, with plates, (25 
fr., on vellum paper, 40 fr.) 

The 1st impression of this stereotyped edi- 
tion is tolerably fine, and oopies with the 
plates of Moreau published by Renouard 
are sought after. Also Par, 18 13. 8*. 5 

18577 — oeuvres completes, avec les 
commentaires de Laharpe (Edition 
dirigee par Oerm. Ghimier, qui y 
a joint ses notes et ses observa- 
tions). Par., Agasse. 1807. 8^ 
7 voU. (35 fir.) 

Laharpe^s commentary, a postiiumooa 
work, is fiu* more prised than that of 
Geoffroy in the following article, but too 
much space is wasted in eiuunining Lu- 
neau*s notes. The edition is printed on 
bad paper, on which account the copies on 
vellum paper, of which there are only 25, 
are greatiy sought after. In 1816 this 
edition was again published, with a new 
titie and 13 new plates added, which are 
but indifferent although from designs by 
Moreau (these may be had separatdy at 
Renouard*s for is fr., and for 30 fr. aoani 
la lettre)^ but thev must noc be confounded 
with those whidi originally appeared in 
this edition. These last had already served 
for an edition, Par. 181 1. 8*. 4 vols. 

18578 -^ oeuvres, avec des commen- 
taires par Jul. L. (^eofiroy. Par.» le 


Normant, 1808. 8^ 7 vols, with 
plates, (48 fr.» on vellum paper 
90 fr.) 

The oommentary n tedious and prolix, 
bat not without merit. The edition and 
plates might have been finer. 

18579 — th^re complet de J. Ra- 
cine. Panne, Bodoni, 1813. large 
fol. 3 vols, on Tellttm paper. 

A splendid edition, but greatly fidlen in 

18580 — oeuvres. Par., P. Didot, 
1813. 8®. 5 voll, (12 fr. 50 c.) 

Also on fine paper (37 fr. 50 c.) and on 
▼eDum paper, (75 fr.) 

18581 — th^fttre complet de J. Ra- 
cine, om^ ^^57 gravures d*aprte 
les compositions de Oirodet, 6^ 
rard, Chaudet, Prud'hon etc. Par., 
P.Didot, 1816. 8*. 3 voll. (7a fr., 
on vellum paper wiUi plates avant 

la lettre 144 fir.) 

The merit of the pbtes of this edition 
don not correspond with that of the de- 
designs. The plates are also to be had se- 
parately for 57 fr. 

18582 — oeuvres completes, avec les 
notes de tous les commentateurs. 
Edit, publi^e par L. Aime Martin. 
Par., Lef^vre, 1 821. 8°. 6 vols, with 
13 plates. (54 fr.) 

18583 — Atalia, tngedia, traduzida 

em vulgar, com o Francez ao lado, 

por Candido Lusitano (that is, Fr. 

Jos^ Freire). Lisb., 1783. 8^ (400 

rees.) Previously ib., 176a. 8®, 

Britanico, tragedia, traduc. al. espa- 

iiol, por S. Yguren. Madr., 1752. 

8°. Tragedie (cio^ la Fedra e 

TAndromaca) trad, da St. Petronj. 

Par., Didot, 1813. 12^ L'Ifigenia 

recata in versi ital. da Ant. But- 

tura. Par., 1815. 16'. 

German translations of single pieces see 
ia ErwA HMtdbudL^-^Ckmotiming 1 MSS. 
of Racine see MiUm Mag, En^fcL 1795. 
lU, 103 sq. 

18584 RACINE, L. CEuvres. Amst., 

R^7» ^7S^' 1^°* ^ p&i^ in 4 vols. 

A companion to the edition of J. Racine 
of 174^ Previously, For., 1747. I3^ 6 

18585 — • GBUvres. Par., le Normant, 
1808. 8^ 6 voll. (18 fr., on vellum 
paper, 40 fr.) 



This edition is iar more complete than 
the preceding, and the translation of Fara* 
due Lo$t is contained in it. 

18586 — la religion, po^me. — La 
grace, poifme. Par. 1742. large 8^ 
2 parts in 1 vol. 

The author*8 name is not in sll the copies 
of this fine edition. 

18587 — a religiad, trad, em portu- 
guez por Jos6 Anastasio da Costa 
e Sa. Lisb., 1791. 8^ (480 rees.) 
La religion, poema, traducido del 
frances por Bn. Mar. de Calzada. 
Madr. 1786. 8«. Delia religione, 

rma, trad, in versi toscani sciolti 
Fil. de' Venuti. Avignone, Gi- 
roud, 1748. 8*^. La religione, 
poema, (trad, da Giac. Mazzoni). 
MiL 1788. 8^ La religione, poema, 
recato in versi ital. dell' abbate 
Sanguineti. Genova, 1810. 8®. 
(4 Hre.) The religion, a poem. 
Lond. 1754. 8°. 

Bad (German translations, Ff. a. JIf., 
1747. 8^ Ff. and Lpn, 1751. 8*. and by 
Mt. F. Schiiffer, Bre^, 1755. 8^ 

18588 RACZYNSKI, Edward. Dzi. 
ennik podrozy do Turcyi odbytey 
w roku 1814. W. Wroclawik, 
Grass i Barth, 1821. large fol. with 
82 plates. 

This splendid work on Turkey did not 
come into the market. 

RADBERTUS, see Paschasius. 

18589 RADEMAKER, Abr. Ka- 
binet van Nederlandsche en Kleef- 
sche Outheden. Getekent en in 't 
Koper gebragt door Abr. Rade- 
maker. Without place or date, 
large 4^. 2 parts in i vol. 

Containing 2 title-plates and 300 views, 9 
of which are in every instance on each 
leaf. This edition without any text con- 
tains the firrt impressions of thcM nneom- 
monl V neat and spirited plates. Sometimes 
a coUectioa of 92 views by Van Liemder, 
likewise well engraved, is added as a 3rd 
part to this woik. 

18590 — Kabinet van Nederlandsche 
Outheden en Gezichten, door Abr. 
Rademaker. Amst., Barents, 1735. 
4°. 2 voll. 

Ctmtaining the same 300 plates in weaker 
i mpre w i ong, with a short text. Aoomding 




to the announcement, there are also copies 
with a French and English text. 

18591 — Kabinet van Nederlandsche 

en Kleefsche Outheden, geopent, 

opgeheldert en wydioopig be- 

schreeven door Mth. Brouerius 

van Nidek en Is. le Long. Amst., 

Barents^ 1727-33. 4°. 6 vols, with 

the same 300 plates. 

With a Dutch, French, and English 

18592 — Kabinet van Nederlandsche 
en Kleefsche Oudheden, oorspron. 
glyk beschreeven door Mth. Broue- 
rius van Nidek, R. G. en Is. le 
Long, verrykt met 301 Kopere 
Plaaten door Abr. Rademaker. Op 
nieuw nagezien, vermeerderd en 
verrykt door J. H. Reisig en A. B. 
Strabbe. Amst., Holtrop, 1792- 
1804. large 8". 8 vols, with 301 
plates (48 fl.). 

18593 — het verheerlykt Nederland, 
of Kabinet van Gezichten en Ste- 
den etc, in en omtrent de vereen- 
igde Nederlandsche Provincien. 
Amst., Tirion, 1745-74. 4°. 10 
parts in 2 vols. 

Each part has only a title and table of 
contents without any more text. The co- 
pies cost 69 fr. on common paper, 80 fr. 
on medium paper, and too on large paper. 
The plates, which are well executeid, are 
by Abr. Rademaker and others. There 
are 1000 views in this work. 

18594 RADERUS, Mth. Bavaria 

sancta. Monaci, 1615-27. fol. 3 

vols, with 60, 44 and 20 plates by 

Rph. Sadeler. — Bavaria pia. ib , 

1628. fol. with 16 plates by Sade- 


These 4 vols, are sought after on account 
of the plates. The impressions of the same 
are also still good enough in the new edi- 
tion, Monaci, 1 704. fol. 4 vols. 

18595 RADES y Andrada, Fr. de. 
Chronica de fas tres ordenes y 
cauallerias de Sanctiago, Calatrava 
y Alcantara. Toledo, J. de Ayala, 
1572. small fol. 

RADIER, see Dreux. 

18596 RADZIVIL, N. Cp. lero- 
solymitana peregrinatio, primam a 


Th. Tretero ex polon. sermone in 

latinum translata, nunc varie aucta 

et correctias in lucem edita^ Antw.y 

ex off. Plant., 16 14. foL 

This very scarce first edition of this La- 
tin translation appeared, Brun»berg<ty 1 60 1 . 
fol. The Polish original subsequently ap- 
peared for the first time, Krakow , 161 7. 4^ 
In German by Lr. von Borkau, Mainx, 
Lippe, 1603. 4". 

RATHSEL, see Wolchkm. 

18597 R.^VARDUS. Jac. Opera 
omnia juridica. Neap. 1779. 4*'. 
2 voll. 

Ff. 1 60 1. 8^ 2 voll. is less complete^ 

18598 RAFFLES, Th. Stamford, 
History of the island of Java. 
Lond. 18 1 7. large 4^ 2 vols, with 

1 map and many plates (61. 68.^ on 
large paper 81. 8s.). 

The author was governour of Java, and 
accurately investigated every thing on the 

18599 RA66UAGLIO delle solenni 

esequie fatte celebrare in Roma 

nella basilica di S. Clemente alia 

sacra real maest^ di Federico Au- 

gusto, re di Polonia, dal cardinale 

Annib. Albani. Roma, Salvioni^ 

1733. fol. 

A copy on vellum in the Royal library 
at Dresden. 

18600 RAHBEK, Knud Lyne. 
Samlede Digte. Kbhn., 1803. 8^. 

2 voll. 

There is also by him, ProsaUke Fonog, 
Kbhn. 1 791. 8°. 5 voU. 

18601 RAIMONDI, Eugenio. Delle 
caccie libri IV. aggiuntovi in questa 
nuova impressione il quinto libro 
deUa villa. Nap., Scoriggio, 1626. 
4°. with plates. 

A work greatly sought after. There are 
copies of this edition, in which the reverse 
of the last leaf, which contains the appro- 
bation and colophon, is left blank. An 
edition, without place or date, 4°. in which 
the dedication is dated from Venice in 
1630, is equally complete. But the edi- 
tion with the title, Le eaeoie deile fiere 
armtUe e diBarmate. Brescia, 162 1. 8^. i« 
less complete. This last is reprinted with 
the same title, Ven. 1 785. 8^ with plates. 

RAINERIUS de Pisis, see Pibib. 


18602 RAJNETI, or tales exhibit- 
ing the moral doctrines and the 
civil and military policy of the 
Hindoos, translated from the ori- 
ginal Sanscrit of Narayun Pundit, 
into Brij Bhasda by Shree LuUoo 
Lai Kub. Calcutta, at the Hin- 
dostanee press, 1809. large 8°. (il. 


18603 RAINSFORD. Marc. An 
historical account of the black em. 
pire of Hayti. Lond. 1805. 4°. 
with plates (2I. 2s.) 

In German (by F. Hermann), Hmb., 
Schmidt, 1806. 8^ (3d.) 

RAJUS, see Ray. 

18604 RALEIGH, Walter. History 

of the world, with his life by 

Oldys. Lond. 1736. fol. 2 vols. 

Preriously, Lond. 1614, or 52, or 66, or 
87. foL ib. 1708. 8**. 4 parts in 2 vols. 
A netr edition. History of the world, with 
introductory notices, explanatory notes, and 
a new account of his life and leritings, by 
Maevey Napier, in 5 vols. 8*^. was in the 
press at Edinburgh in 1813. 

18605 — the discoverie of the large, 

rich, and beautiful empire of Gu- 

jana, with a relation of the great 

and golden city of Manoa, per. 

formed in the year 1595. Lond., 

Robinson, 1596. 4^. 

This is the very scarce original. In 
liadn under the title, Brevis et admiranda 
descriptio regni Gnian^ in America, quod 
annis 1594-96 per GualL Ralegh detectum 
est, Nrb, 1599* 4°. 10 leaves with 7 
plates. In German, Kurste wnnderbare 
Beschreibttng des gMreichen Konigreichs 
Gujana in America, out dem Engl, u, 
Niederl'dnd. durch Levin. Hulsium. Nrb. 
1509. 4**. with plates, also in HtUsii 
Schiffarthen (see Hulsius) T. 5. In 
French with Fr. Coreal Voy. aux Indes 
occid. Amst. 1 722. 8°. 3 voll. 

18606 — works, with his life by Th. 
Birch. Lond. 1751. 8°. 2 vols. 

18607 RAMALHO, Miguel Mauri, 
cio. Lisboa reediiicada, poema epi- 
CO. Lisb. 1780. 8*^. (400 rees.) 

18608 RAMATUELLE, Audibert. 
CouTs elementaire de tactique na- 
Tale. Par. 1802. 4°. 2 vols, with 
plates (30 fr., on large paper 40 fr., 
on vellum paper 60 fr.). 

The ind vol. contains the plates. 



RAMAYUNA, see Valhebki. 

18609 RAMAZZINI, Bn. Opera 
omnia medica et physiologica. 
Ed. V. Lond. 1742. 4°. 2 vols, 
with plates. 

Previously, Cen^v. 1716 or 17. 4^ Lond. 
1718. 4**. t^. 1739. 4"* 3 vols, with plates. 

RAMBLER, see Johnson. 

18610 RAMEAU, J. Ph. Traits de 
rharmonie, reduite k ses principes 
naturels. Par. 1722. 4°. — Discours 
sur rharmonie. Par., le Clerc, 
1737. 8°. — G^ndration harmonique 
ou traite de musique th^orique et 
prdtique. Par., Prault, 1737. 8°. 
— Demonstration du principe de 
rharmonie. Par., Durand, 1750. 
8°. — El^mens de musique th^ori. 
que et pratique. Par. 1752. 8°. — 
Observations sur notre instinct pour 
la musique et sur son principe. 
Par., Prault, 1754. 8°. — Code de 
musique prfttique. Par., impr. roy., 
1 760. 4°. with music. — Dissertation 
sur les diffi^rentes methodes d^ac- 
compagnement pour le clavecin ou 
pour l*orgue. Par., without date. 

4 • 
The Code de la mns. has become scarce. 

18611 RAMEE, Pt. de la. Gram- 
mere (fran9aise). Par., And. We- 
chel, 1572. 8°. 

Enlarged and corrected, Par,, Duval, 
1587. 8°. Scarce, and still sought after in 

18612 — institutt. dialecticar. libri 

III. Par. 1547. 8°. 

There was a copy on vellum in the 
Biblioih. exquisitiss. Hag. Com., Moet' 
Jens, 1732. 8". p. 206. 

18613 — scholse in liberales artes, 
grammaticam, rhetoricam, dialecti- 
cam, physicam, metaphysicam. Bas. 
1569. fol. 

18614 — scholae mathematicae, stud. 

Laz. Schoneri. Ff. a. M., Wechel, 

1599. 4\ 

Previously, Bas. 1569. 4^ Also^ Ff. 
1627. 4*. 

18615 RAMELLI, Agst. Le di- 
verse ed artificiose machine. Par., 




in casa delF autore^ 1588. fol. with 
195 plates. 

Scarce, and greatly sought after. A copy 
on lai^ paper 5 1 2 fr. McCarthy. In Ger- 
man under the title, SchtUgkammer me- 
chamscher Kuntte. Lpz, 1620. fol. with 

18616 RAMIS 7 Ramis, J. In- 
scripciones Romanas que existen 
en Menorca, y otras relativas a la 
misQia. Malion, 1817. ^^ 233 

18617 RAMLER, C. W. Poetische 
Werke, Oden u. Termischte Ge- 
dichte (heransg. von Lp. F. Gth. 
von Gokingk.) Berl., Sander, 1 800 
-1.4". 2 vols, with plates, on vel- 
lum paper (22 d.) 

At the same time there appeared an edi- 
tion in 2 vols. 8"*. (3 d. 20 gr , on vellum 
paper with plates 1 1 d.) 

18618 — lyrische Blumenlese. Lpz., 
Weidmann, 1776-78. 8°. 2 voll. 
(a d. 14 gr.) 

18619 — Fabellese. Lpz., Weid- 
mann, 1783-90. 8^ 3 voll. (fl d. 
10 gr.) In addition, Fabeln u. 
Erzahll. aus verschiednen Dichtern. 
Berl., Maurer, 1797. 8°. (1 d.) 

RAMON, see Cbuz. 

18620 RAMSAY, Allan. Poems, 
with his life and a glossary by 
Chalmers, and Tytler's remarks on 
his poems. Load. 1 800. 8°. 2 vols, 
with plates (il. 11 s. 6d.). 

18621 RAMSAY, Charl. Alex. 

Tacheographie ou I'art d'escrire 

aussi viste qu'on parle. Trad, de 

lat. en frauQ. par A. D. G. (avec 

I'original lat.) Par. 1681. 12°. 

There ia a copy on vellum of this editioD 
of an often printed book. 

18622 RAMSAY, Mch. And. Les 
voyages de Cyrus, avec un discours 
sur la mythologie. Par., Quillau, 
1727. 8**. 2 voll. 

A copy on Tellum in 3 vols. 80 fr. Oaig- 
nat, 148 fr. Valli^ loi fr. McCarthy. 

18623 Lond., Bettenham^ 1 730. 

large 4°. 

This edition is much oorrected and to 
be preferred to the preceding. And yet 


the new edition of 1806 b only printed 
after the edition of 1727. — VUigent de 
Cyro, trad, em portuguex. 1Mb. 1791. 8**. 
1 voU. (720 rees). yiaget de Ciroy tradu- 
€ido§ del f ranees. Madr. 1784. 8^ a volL 
I vioffgi di CirOy trad, dal/ranceee. Nap. 
1753' 8^ Reiten dee Cynu, out dem 
Franz, mit einer Forr. von MthL Claud&ua. 
Breei. 1780 or 95. 8^ (i d.) TraveU ef 
Cfrus, LotuL 1763. Il^ Regewte-Ldr' 
dom, '^fveraat pa And. Wilde. Sth. 1 749.- 

18624 — histoire du vioomte de Tu- 
renne. Par., Mazieres, 1735. large 
4^. 2 vols, with plates. 

Not prized. At the same time it also 
appeared in 4 v<d8. 1 2^. In English, Lond. 
1735 8°. 2 vols. 

18625 RAMUS, Ch. Catalogus nu- 
mor. vett. grsecor. et latinor. musei 
regis Danise. Havn. 1816. 4^ a 
parts in 3 vols., with 12 plates. 
Also on large paper. 

RAMUS, Pt., see Ram^b. 

18626 RAMUSIO, Gi. Bt. Naviga- 
tioni et viaggi, raeoolti da Gi. Bt. 
Ramusio. T. I. Ven., Gitynti, 
1563 or 88. T. IL ib., iid., ^583. 
T. III. ib, iid.» 1565. fol. 3 vok. 
with woodcuts. 

These editions, aooording to the Frendi 
and Italian bibliographers, are the best, 
especially when the Ceeare de Fredrick 
viapgio nelT India orienUUe (teaves 386" 
430) is added to them from the edition of 
the 3rd part of 1606. As the parts fol- 
lowed each other slowly, the editions of 
them therefore appeared in very different 
years. The series of the editions, not yet 
entirely made out (all of them printed by 
the Oiunti at Venice in foKo), is as follows : 
Vol. I. 1550 (BandnU AnnaL Juni. I. 
as). Ed. II. 1554. Ed. III. 1563. Ed. IV. 
1588 (4 unnumbered leaves of preliminary 
matter, 34 numbered leaves indicey and 394 
numbcored leaves of tevt). Ed. V. 1613 
(the same collation and 3 copper-plate maps 
in addition). — Vol. II. 1559 (there is pfo- 
bably an earlier edition), 156^ 1574) (583 
(18 numbered leaves of prdimtnary matter, 
10 unnumbered Reaves indicey 250 and 90 
numbered leaves of text). — VoL III. 1556. 
(6 numbered leaves of preliminary matter, 
34 numbered leaves indice, 453 numbered 
leaves of text, and i map engraved on 
wood, and numbered 455 and 456^ 15^5» 
1606 (6 unnumbered leaves of prehminary 
matter, 36 numbered leaves indiof, and 
430 numbered leaves of test).— See also 


abovfy LsOy No. 11864, which if partly a 
* ' from Ramuao. 



RANCHIN, see Edictum. 

18627 RANOUW. W. van. (anon.) 
Kabinet der natuurlyke Historieo, 
Wetenscfaappen, Konsten en Hand, 
werken. Amst., Strik, 171^27. 8^ 
8 voll. P. van der Meersch Re- 
gister tot alle de Deelen van het 
Kabinet etc. Amst., Lakeman, 1 732. 
8°. Altogether 9 vols, with plates. 

Some parts have been published several 

18628 RANTSCH, J. HistoriaBuL 
garorum, Chorbatorum et Servi- 
orum. Vindob., 1794-95. 8°. 4 

RAOUL de Coney, see Bobob. — 
— de Fevre, see Fevre. 


toire critique de T^tablissement des 
colonies grecques. Par. et Strb., 
Treuttel, 18 15. 8^ 4 voll. (30 fr., 
on vellum paper 60 fr.)— Deux let- 
tres 8U1 Tauthenticit^ des inscrip- 
tions de Fourmont. Par., 1819. 4°' 
—-Antiquity grecques du bosphore 
Cimmeriea. Par. 182a. 8". with 

18630 RAPHAEL, Imagines V. ac 
N. T. a Raphaele Sanctio Urbinate 
in Vaticani palatii xystis expressse, 
J. Jac de Rubeis cura delineatse et 
incisse. Rom»» without date ( 1 674). 
oblong fol. 

55 leaves with the title and dedication. 

18631 — parerga atque ornamenta ex 
Raph. Sanctii prototypis a Nannio 
in Vaticani palatii xystis expressa; 
edidit J. Jac. de Rubeis, deuneavit 
Sanctus Bartolo. Without place or 
date, oblong fol. 

Altogether 43 leaves. 

18632 — Leonis X. admirandie vir* 
tutis imagines, ab Hetruri» lega. 
tione ad pontificatum, a Raphaele 
Urbinate ad vivum et ad miraculum 
expressfB, in aulteis Vatioanis textili 
monocromate elaboratse. P. S. Bar. 
tolus delineavit, J. Jac de Rubeis 
inddit. Roms, without date, ob- 
lonff fol. 

AJtc^gother 14 leaves. 

18633 — tapezserie del Papa. Gi 

Jac. Rossi formis. Rome, 1655. 

oblong fol. 

Alto^Bther 5 leaves: These 4 articles 
are usually bound up together. 

18d34 — sacroe historiae acta a Ra- 
phaele Urbinate in Vaticanis xystis 
ad picture miraculum expressa a 
N. Chaperon, et a se delineata et 
incisa. Romae, 1649. oblong fol. 

Containing 51 leaves. The first impres- 
sions do not contain Marietta's address. 
A copy on vellum, probably incomplete, 
80 fr. Af irabeau. 

18635 — Raphaelis planetarium, 
Romse elaboratum, delineatum et in 
IBS incisum a N. Dorigny. Romae, 
1695. fol. 16 leaves. 

18636 — picture ex aula et concla- 

vibus palatii Vaticani, a Dm. de 

Rossi in lere expressoe. Rome, 

1713. large fol. 

19 pieces with the title. The 3rd repi«- 
sentation (Constantine*s battle) contains 4 
leaves. The copies cf 1722 are less sought 

18637 — Psyches et Amoris nuptie 
ac tabula a Raph. Sanctio Urbinate 
Rome in Famesianis hortis trans 
Tyberim expressa, a N. Dorignj 
delineata et incisa, et a J. P. Bel- 
lorio notis illustrata. Rome, Dm. 
de Rubeis, 1693. large fol. 

13 leaves with the title. — Marc Antoine 
has also engraved the history of Psycho 
and Cupid in 32 leaves after Raphael. 
The earuer impressions which have not the 
names of Salamanca or Villamena under 
each plate, are equally scarce and costly. 
See Apuleius No. 878. 

18638 — loggi di Rafaello nel Vati- 
cano. (Roma), 1772-77. large fol* 
3 parts in 1 vol. 

Iliese 3 parts engraved by Volpato and 
others, fxom designs by Campoteni, which 
contain the Araboques, stuooos and ceilings 
of the Vatican, consist of 43 plates, (in- 
cluding the 3 titleJeaves and the perspec- 
tive view of the loffffi). The value of the 
collection is considerably increased, when 
the 8 large leaves engraved by Volpato alter 
Raphael are added: (viz. Pecoie (PAthhus, 
la Parruuse, VaaaembUe itUohgiqus^ Helio^ 
dore, AttUoy rinceruHe, la (UHvrance de S. 
Pierre, and k mirade de la m«ssf.) There 
are cos% copies in whidi all the leaves aro 
carefully illuminated. 



18639 — collection de pemtures des 
loges du Vatican, peintes par Ra- 
phael et gravies par Chaperon. 
Without place, {Par.) or date, ob- 
long 4°. 

Altogether 54 leaves. 

18640 — * les cel^bres tapisseries de 
Raphael d'Urbin, connues sous le 
nom d'Arazzi, qui sont au Vatican, 
par L. Sommereau. Rome, 1780. 
oblong fol. 

Altogether 21 leaves. 

18641 — teste scelte di personnagi 
illustri in lettere ed in armi, dipinte 
nel Vaticano da Raphaello d'Ur- 
bano. Roma, 1756-63. large fol. 
6 parts in 3 vols. 

A collection of 2 16 very indifferent plates. 

18642 — le 52 teste della scuola 

d'Atene dipinta da Rafaello da Ur- 

bino, disegnate da Raf. Mengs, ed 

incise da Dm. Cunego. Roma, 

178$. fol. 

Offered for sale at Hanover in 181 7 for 
for 20 d. 

18643 — • an analysis of the transfi. 
guration of Raffaello Sanzio d'Ur- 
bino, transl. from the Spanish of 
Benito Pardo di Figueroa. lUus- 
trated by 17 heads by M.J. Gau- 
baud. Lend., 1817. fol. (61. 6s. 
first impressions 81. 8s.) 

RAPHAEL Volaterranus, see Ma- 


18644 RAPHELIUS, G. Annotett. 
in sacram scripturam ex Xeno- 
phonte, Polybio, Arriano et Hero- 
doto coUectae. Observatt. adjecit 
Tib. Hemsterhusius. LB.^ I747* 
8°. 2 voll. 

18645 RAPIN, Renat. Carmina. 
Par., Barbou, 1723. 12°. 3 voll. 

18646 — eclogae, cum diss, de car- 
mine pastorali. Par., Cramoisy, 
1659. 4^ 

Also LB,, 1672. 12". /?om«p, 175 1. 8^ 

18647 — hortorum libri IV. et dispu- 
tatio de cultura hortensi. Par., typ. 
reg., 1665. 4°. 

Enlai^ged with Afeuran arboretum tacrum 
and other pieces, Uitraj., Ribbitu, 1672. 
8^ LB., Doude, 1668. 1 2^ is neat. 


18648 — hortorum libri IV. et cultura 
hortensis (edid. Gbr. Brotier). Par.^ 
Barbou, 1780. 12°. Also on fine 

18649 — les jardins, poeme en 4 
chants, traduction libre par Gazon- 
Dourxigne. Par., 1773. 12°. Les 
jardins, traduction nouv., avec le 
texte par MM. V * * * (Voyron) et 
G*** (Gabiot). Amst. (Par.), 
1782. 8°. Also Par., 1802. 8^ 

18650 — Christus patiens, carmen 

heroicum (edente Mch. Maittaire). 

Lond., Tonson, 17 13. 12°. 
Previously, Par., Cratnoisy, 1674. 8". 

18651 — oeuvres diverses. Nouv. 
^dit. angmentee du poeme des jar- 
dins. Haye, Gosse, 1725. 12^ 3 

Previously, Amst.., »709. 12®. 3 volL 

18652 RAPIN de Thoyras, P. His- 
toire d'Angleterre (avec la conti- 
nuation de D. Durand et Dupard). 
Nouv. edit, (revue par Mr. cle 
Saint-Marc) augment^e des notes 
de Tiudal, de I'abr^g^ des actes 
publics d'Angleterre de Th. Rymer, 
et des m^moires pour les 20 pre- 
mieres ann^es du r^gne de George 
II. Haye (Par.), 1749. 4°. 16 vols. 
Also on large paper. 

The most complete edition of a work 
now greatly fallen in value. To the earlier 
editions, Haye, 1724-36. 4*. 13 vols, (new 
impression of vols. 1-4, 1733. and of the 
5th and 6th, 1727) there ought also to 
be added, N. Tindal Remargues et abregi 
dea octet pttblics d*Angleterre par Th, 
Rymer. Haye, 1733. 4*^. 2 volL (also on 
laiige paper). Rapin's work in Oennan, 
Halle, Franke^ 1 755-60. 4**. 1 1 voU. (27 d. 
12 gr.) 

Abrigi de Vhitt. d^Jnglet de Rapin Th. 
Haye, 1730. 4". 3 voll. or 10 voll. in I2*., 
only readies to the 24th book of the work. 

18653 — history of England, trans- 
lated into English by N. Tindal. 
Lond. J 742 or 43. fol. 2 vols. N. 
TindaFs continuation, ib., 1 744- 
47. fol. 3 vols. The heads of the 
kings of England, proper for Mr. 
Rapin's history translated by N. Tin- 
dal. Collected, drawn, and engraved 
by G. Vertue. Lond. 1 736. fol. 

These 6 vols, belong to a complete edition. 


Veitue*s heads are unoommonly acaroe and 
greatly sought after. They contain 64 
JeaFes of pktes, 12 pages of text, and at the 
end I leaf with a list of the pktes. Some- 
times they are distributed through the 
work, and then there are only 5 rols. In 
England there is added to this work, 
Acta regia being the account which Bapm 
de Th, published of the history qf England. 
Lond., without date, (1733) fol^ also Fr, 
Sandiford*s genealogical history of the 
kings and queens of England, Lond, 
1 707. fol. Such a copy in 7 vols, also illus> 
traced with many other plates, is set down 
in Longman*s catalogue of 18 16 at T4o1* 
There are also copies on large paper, and 
on fine writing paper. 
More recent ^iiions of this translation are; 
Lond, 1757-59. S°' ^i v**^' with plates, 
(tiie continuation occupies 9 vols.) and t^. 
1784. fol. 4 vols, with plates, (61. 6s.) An 
English abridgment appeared, Lond. 1747. 
8°. 3 vols, with plates. On the contrary 
side appeared : {Salmon) Defence of the 
Er^lish history against the misrepresen- 
tations qf Mr. Rapin de Thoyras in his 
history of Engl, Lond, 1734. 8*. 

18654 RAPONI, Mar. Ign. Recueil 
de pierres antiques gravees, con- 
cernant Thistoire, la mythologie etc. 
avec leurs descriptions. Rome, 
1786. large fol. with 88 plates in 
Indian ink (10 scudi,) 

A very indifferently executed work. 

RAPPEL, see Peyrkhius. 
Belcari and Ant. Pulci. 

primo libro di) e festi di diversi 
santi e sante del testamento vec- 
chio e nuovo, composte da diversi 
aiitori, nuovamente ricorrette. Fir., 
Giunti, 1555. II secondo libro di 
feste e rappresentazioni. ib., iid., 
1560. 11 terzo libro di feste etc, 
ib., iid., 1578. 4°. 3 voU. 

A costly collection, and so scarce that Garoba 
himself (Serie de* testis I. 87.) had seen no 
complete copy. There are copies of the 
ist l«ok with the year 1555, and a list of 
38 rappresentazioni, whereas the copies of 
1578 only contain 33. The 2nd book con- 
tains 44, and the 3rd 31. 

18656 RASCHE, J. Cp. Lexicon 
universae rei numariae veterum et 
precipue Graecor. et Romanor. Lpz. 
Gleditsch, 1785-1805. 8°. 7 parts 
in 14V0IS. with plates, (33 d. i6gr., 
on writing paper, 43 d. 4 gr.) 



The last 3 vols, are supplements, which 
nevertheless only reach to the end of /. 

18657 RASILIA, M. La conver- 
sione di S. Maria Maddalena in ot- 
tava rima. Ven., 1517. 8^ with 

This small piece is not noticed in Panzer. 

18658 RASK, Rasm. Ch. Veiled- 
ning til det Islandske eller gamle 
Nordiske Sprog. Kbhn., 1811. 8®. 

See also Bi5Ry. 

18659 RASPE, Rdf. Erich. Cata- 
logue raisonne d'une collection ge- 
n^rale de pierres gravies antiques 
et modernes, tiree des plus beaux 
cabinets de I'Europe, moulees 
par J. Tassie, mis en ordre par 
Kaspe (en angl. et en fran9.) Lond. 
1791. 4°. 2 vols, with 57 plates. 
Also on large paper. 

The English title runs thus: A descrip- 
tive catalogue of a collection cf ancient and 
modem engraved gems, 

RATBERTVS, see Paschasius. 

18660 RATHERII, episc. Veron., 
opera. Nunc prim, collecta, emen- 
data et aucta (a Balleriniis). Ve- 
ronae, 1765. fol. 

Previously less complete in Achery Spi- 
cil. 11. 161-335. Concerning a MS. see 
Cretin's Beitrr. VII. 509. 

18661 RATIO atque institutio stu- 
dior. (soc. Jesu) per sex patres ad 
id jussu R. P. propositi generalis 
deputatos conscripta. Roms, in col- 
legio soc. Jesu, 1586. 8°. 

The original edition, very scarce, and 
formerly at a high price, (660 fr. Oaignat ; 
151 fr. Valli^re, bought in at McCarthy's 
sale for 150 fr. and again offered for sale at 
250 fr.) The other editions, Ronue, 1591, 
1606 or 1616. 8**. Neap.^ 1598 or 1603. 
8^ Aniw., 1635. 8**. are less scarce. 

RATIO sphserse, see Proclus. 

RATIONALE div. offic, see Du- 


RATIONARIUM evangelistar., see 
Ars Memorandi. 

18662 RATRAMNUS. Ratramne 
ou Bertram du corps et du sang du 
seigneur, en lat. et en fran9. (par 
Pt. Allix.) Quevilly, Lucas, 1672. 
4°. Also, ib., id., 1673. 12°. 

In this work Ratramnus is considered as 
a witness in favour of the reformed doctrine. 

1644 RAT RAY 

186d3 — traite du corps et da sang Morgenlander, furnemlich Syriam, 
du seigneur, trad, da latin de Ra- Judseam etc. Tollbracht. Ff. a. M., 
tramne avec des remarques par Jae, 1582. 4^ 3 parts in i vol. 
Boileau. Par., Martin, 1686. 12^ Alio Laugingeny 1582. (other oopm 

This and the following article are di- 15^3)* 4°' Concerning thii work consalt 
rected against the preceding. Beckmann*s LitL der RnaebeMehr, I. i sq. 

18664 — liber de corpore et sangaine ^^* ' ^^' 

domini, Ratnunno ceu Bertramo RAVA, see Maoaono. 

assertus et ab omni novitatis aut RAVALLlt^RE, see Ponies do 
haeresis Calviniann inventione ant ^o\ de Navarre, 

suspicione vindicatas autore Jac. RAVENNAS aaonymus, see Ano- 

Boileau. Par., Masier, 1712. 12°. nymus. No. 656. 

18666 — traits de Bertram du corps RAVENNAS, Pt., see Petrus. 

et du sang de nostre siegneur J. C. 18671 RAY, J. Historia plantamm, 

without place, 1600 or 161 9. 8°. species hactenus editas aliasque in- 

Ratramne ou Bertram du corps et super multas noviter inventas et 

du sang du seigneur, trad, en fran9. descriptas complectens. Lond., 

avec le latin k cote, et une disser- Clark, 1686- 1704. fol. 3 voll. 
tation preliminaire sur Ratramne et Copies of this valued work are sddom 

une autre diss, sur la vie et les ouv- ^^t^± ^J^.^' T^^^l"^' 
J ^ ^ TT 1 . When this IS wanting, the work loees three- 
rages de cet auteur par Hopkins, fourths of its value. There are also copies 
trad, de I'angl. Amst., 1717. 12^ of the ist voL of 1693. Copies on hi^ 

18666 — the booke of Berthram of P^P^ ««« "caroe, (170 fr. McCarthy.) 
the bodye and blode of Christ 18672 — synopsis methodica anima- 
(translated by W. Hugh). Lond., lium quadrupedum et seri)entim 
Raynald, 1548. i6^ ib., id., 1549. generis. Lond., Smith, 1693. 8^ 
8°. ib., 1582. 8°. The book of 18673 — synopsis methodica avium 
Bertram or Ratramnus concerning et piscinm. Lond., Innys, 1713. 8^. 
the body and blood of the Lord, in with 4 plates. 

Latine : with a new English trans.. 18674 — methodus plantar, emeiu 

lation (by W. Hopkins). Lond. data et aucta. Lond., Smith, 1703. 

1686 or 88. 8^ 8°. Amst., Wetstein, 17 10. 8^ 

18667 RATSCHKY, Jos. Fr. 6e- 18675 — catalogus plantar. Anglis 
dichte. Wien, Graffer, 1791. 8^ et insular, adjacentium. Lond., 
Neue Gedichte. ib., Degen, 1805. Clark, 1677. 8°. with 2 plates. 

8°. (20 ffr.) Melchior Striegel, ein 18676 — synopsis methodica stir- 

(kom.) neroisch-episches Gedicht. pium britannicar. Ed. III. Lond., 

Lpz., Goschen, 1799. 8°. (3 d.) Innys, 1724. 8°. with 24 plates. 

18668 RATTI. Instruiione dd qnanto 18677 — stirpium Europsearum ex- 
puo vedersi di piu bello in Genova^ tra Britannias nascentium sylloge. 
in pittura, scultura ed architettura. Lond., Smith, 1694. 8°. 

Genova, 1780. 8°, 2 vols, with 16 18678 — historia insectorum, opus 

plates, (8 lire.) Delle vite de' pit- posthumum. Lond., Churchill, 

tori, scultori ed architetti Genovesi. 1710. 4^ 

Genova, 1 797. 4^. (8 lire.) 18679 — RAYMOND, breton. 

18669 RAUCH, Adr. Rerum aus- Grammaire caraibe. Auxerre, 1667. 
triacar. scriptores, qui lucem publi- 8°. Dictionnaire caraibe fran^ois, 
cam hactenus non viderunt, et alia mesle de quantity de remarques 
monumenta diplomatica nondum historiques, pour I'^claircissenieBt 
edita. Vindob., Stahel, 1793-94. de la kngue. Auxerre, Bouquet, 
4*^.3 voll. (9 d.) 1665.8°. Dictionnaire fraji9-caraibe. 

18670 RAU WOLFF, Lh. Beach- Auxerre, 1666. 8*». 

reibung der Reyis, so er in die 18680 RAYMUNDUS de Penaa- 


foTti. Summa juris canonici. Ve- 
ronsBy 1744. foL 

RAYMUNDUS de Sabpnde, see 

18681 RAYMUNDUS, J. Bt. Riu 
dimentagraininatices perucse. With- 
out place or date {Rama^ 1614). 

The first Penian gnumnar, probably in- 
tended for the mianonarieiy and 10 un- 
known in the rest of Europe, that L. de 
Dieu thought he had made the first at- 
tempt of the kind; consult Jeriuch De fa^ 
\ orientai. p. 96. — See abo Ale- 



18682 RAYNAL, 6u. Th. Histoire 
philosophique et politique des ^ta- 
blissemena et du commerce dea £u- 
ropeens dans les deux ludes. 6e. 
n^vc. Pellet, 1781. 4°. 5 voll. 

The 5th vol. contains the maps and 
plates. Also on fine paper. 

16683 Gea^ve, Pellet, 1780. 

8^ 10 vols, and an atlas in 4^. 

This edition is preferred to the preceding, 
and has also more plates. Also on fine paper. 
TheeditioDs, ^nu<. 1770. 8^6yo]s. Haifey 
1 7 74. 8°. 7 vols, are less sought after. In Ger- 
man by J. Mauvillon, Hannov. 1774.78. 
8*. 7 yds. (6 d. 8 gr.) and after the latest 
edition (by J, Mt. von Abele and J. Zam), 
Kempterif 1783^88. 8^ 11 vols. (6d. i6gr.) 
Against this work appeared, And, Marini 
DeffK £rron di Gu, Th, Raynai. Brescia^ 
1788-^. 8**. 2 voU. — Preparatory to the 
Genera edition Raynai had an impression 
printed at Paris by Stoupe, of which only 
3 copies were stnidc off. One of these he 
kept for himsdf, the second he left with 
the printer, and the third he sent to Geneva 
to serve the compositor instead of a MS. 
from whidi xbe Geneva edition was printed. 
The assertioa (in Grimm*s €<yrreap€ndenc€<i 
ParHe^ III. T. IV. p. 85) that almost a 
third of the work was Diderot*s perform- 
ance, is at least very bold. 

18684 — OBuvres diversea. Geneve^ 
1784. 8°. 4 voll. 

RAYNALDUS, Odor., see Bard- 

18685 RAYNAUDUS, Thph. Opera 
omnia. Lugd.^ Boissat, 1665. fol. 
19 parts. Apopompsus s. operum 
Tomus XX. Cracov., Zangoykus^ 
1669. fol. 

A ooUeetion no longer sought after, the 
first 19 parts of which are generally bound 
109, 10, or iSTob. 

RAYNERIUS de Pids* see Pisis. 

18686 RAYNOUARD, Fr. Juste 
Marie. Les templiers, trag^die. 
Par.^ Giguet, 1805. 8°. Also on 
vellum paper. — ^M^moires historic 
riquesy relatifs a la coadamnation 
des chevaliers du Temple, et k 
Tabolition de leur ordre. Par., 
Egron, 1813. 8^ 

There are only 2 copies of the latter 
book on vellum paper. The tragedv in 
German by 0. F. Cramer, Lpx, 1800. 8*". 
(i d. 4 gr.) 

18687 — les ^tats de Blois, trag^die. 
Par. 1 8 15. 8^ 

18688 — choix des poesies originales 
des troubadours. Par.^ Didot, 1 8 1 7 
-19. 8°. 3 voll. (27 fr., on vellum 
pjmer 54 fr.) 

The following are also tobe had separately; 
from the ist voL, Lea iMnent de la langue 
Ramane avant ran 1000 (4 fr., on vellum 
paper 8 fr.), and La grammaire de la 
lanffue dee irovbadowrt (6 fr., on vellum 
paper is fr.) ; from the and voL the trea- 
tise Dea iroubadoura et dea coura d*anunera 
and the Fragmena tTun poeme aw BoSoe* 

18689 RAZZI, Serafino. Laudi spi- 
ritual! di diversi antichi e moderni 
autori. Libroprimo. Ven., Giunti, 

1563. 4^- 

No more appeared. Singing-notes are 

18690 RE, Fil. Dizionario ragionato 
de' libri d'agricoltura, veterinaria, 
e di altri rami d'economia cam- 
pestre. Ven. 1 808-9. 8®. 4 voll. 

18691 — nuovi elementi di agricol- 
tura. Ed. II. Mil., Silvestri, 1820. 
8°. 4 vols, with Re's portrait 
( 1 2 fr. 12 c.) 

READING, see Eusebius, No. 

REAL, see Saint-Real. 

18692 REALI di Franza. Qui se 
comenza la hystoria e Real di 
franza oomenzando a Costatioo im- 
patore secondo molte lezende cfae 
lo fao attrouate e racolte insieme: 
I e ptito questo vc^ume in sei libri. 
Mutine, Pt. Maufer, pridie idus 
Octobr. 1 49 1, fol. Gothic letter. 

The oldest known edition of this work, 
mostly made out of the Paeudo-Turpinuay 
and rery scarce. At the beginning 7 leaves 



of table of contents, then 142 leaves o( 
text (the last blank) in 2 columns with the 
signatures a-u. The text b^ns with the 
above superscription in 14^ lines, printed in 
red. Leaf 141b is a register and colophon. 

18693 — la hystoria e Real di 
Franza comenzando da Constantino 
imperatore secondo molte lezende 
che io ho attrovate e raccolte in- 
sieme. Ven., Christophalo de Pen- 
sis, 27 Marzo 1499. fol. 

This appears to be merely a reprint of 
the preceding edition. 

18694 — li sei libri de li reali di 
Franza, novamente historiati, re- 
visti e corretti. Ven., Fr. Bindoni, 
1537. 8°. 

Gingu^n^ possessed this work; see his 
catalogue, p. 313. Paitoni, IV. 138, men- 
tions, after Quadrio, an edition, Ven, 

155'- 8*. 

18695 — gli sei libri de gli reali de 

Francia. Ven., Zanetti, 1596. 8°. 

274 numbered and 7 unnumbered leaves. 
At Wolfenbtittel. 

18696 — i reali di Franzia. Ven., 
Lucio Spineda, 1604. S''. 

374 numbered and 7 unnumbered leaves. 
At the same place. 

18697 — i reali di Francia. In 
questa nuoua impressione purgati 
diligentemente da iniiniti errori si 
'delia stampa come della lingua, e 
ridotti alia vera lettione. Salo« 
Ant. Comincioli, 1647. 8°. with 

8 leaves of preliminary matter, and 526 
pages. At the same place. 

18698 — i reali di Francia. In 
questa nuova impressione purgati 
diligentemente da infiniti errori si 
della stampa come della lingua, e 
ridotti alia vera lettione. Ven., 
Prodotti. 1694. 8°. with wood- 

This edition is very faulty according to 
Paitoni.— A modification of this romance 
in rhyme see under Altissimo. 

18699 REAUMUR, Rene Ant Fer- 

chault de. M emoires j>our servir k 

Thistoire des inseetes. Par., impr. 

roy., 1734-42. 4°. 6 vols, with 


The 1st vol. has 50 plates, the 2nd 40, 
the 3rd 47, the 4th 44, the 5th 38, and the 
iSth 48. The work is frequently to be 


met with, because there are 1 editions with 
the above date. The edition, Amst. 1737- 
48. 1 2**. 6 parts in 1 2 vols, with plates, is 
less frequently met with, but also less Hne. 
To this work may be joined, «/. N. Vallot 
Concordance systemaHque servant de table 
des maiieres. Par. 1802. 4^ 

18700 REBELLO, Gasp. Pires de. 
Infortunios tragicos da constante 
Florinda. Lisb. 1625-30. 8°. 2 voU. 

18701 — novellas exemplares. Lisb. 
1650. 8^ 

18702 REBOLLEDO, Bernardino 
de. Obra8 poeticas. Madr., Sancha, 
1778. 8°. 4 vols, with plates (32 rs.) 

The most complete edition. His earlier 
single works are: Ocios. Amberes, 1650. 
24°. Selvas danieas. Copenhag., JHor- 
singiOf i^55* 4°- ^ eonsiantia viciariasa. 
Colon. Agripp,, Kinckio, 1655. 4°. Selt>a 
sagrada, ib., id., 1657. 4*** Selva militar 
y polUica, Copenhag. 1661. 4°. (also with- 
out place or date. 12".) Obras poeticas. 
Amberes, 1661. 4°. 3 voU. 

REBOUS, see Mattheolus. 
REBUDE, see Dkbure. 

18703 RECENSENT (de), ook der 
Recensenten. Deel 1-16. Amst., 
J. van der Hey, 1806- 11 and 1814 
-23. large 8°. It is going on. 

A valued critical periodical, which ap- 
pears in monthly parts. Nothing appeared 
in 1812 and 18 13. The series for the year 
J 806 costs 5 fl. 12 St., for 1807 7 fl., for 
1 808 7 fl. 10 St., for 1809 8 fl., and for the 
subsequent years 10 fl. i6st. — ^An earlier 
periodical, De recensent, which is described 
as the best Dutch critical journal, and was 
composed in the spirit of the Monthly Re- 
view, after a short duration, had already 
ceased in 1787 on account of the freedom 
of its language. 

RECHBERG, see Peuples. 
RECHERCHES, see Bullet, 
Hancarville, and Pauw. 

18704 RECHTSSTREIT zwischen 
tod vnnd Menschen. Without place 
or date {Bamberg, Pfister^ about 
1461.) small fol. Gothic letter, with 
5 woodcuts. 

Concerning this very scarce production, 
see Heinecken Naehrr. II. 21. Meusel 
hist. litt. bibliogr. Magtizin, V. 25. VII. 
22. Literar. Magaz.fur Katholiken, B. I. 
St. 6. {Coburg, 1795. 8°.) p. 652 sq. 
Sprenger Buchdntckergesch. von Bitmberg, 
p. 27. Panzers Deutsche Annal. Sup~ 
plem. p. 20. Heinecken called tliis small 
work, which has no distinct tide, AUegorie 


mufden Tody more recently the above title 
has been given to it. Properly it is an ad- 
monition to Christians on their lameiita- 
tioos at the death of their friends in the 
same judicial manner as in other similar 
writings of that period, for instance, the 
Belial of Jaoobiis de Theramob It is di- 
vided into 34 chapters, the first 32 of 
which contain Des ctagert and Des todet 
iffider redy in chapter 33, Sprie/U got 
ausM das tfrteii des kriffes zwische dem tod 
md dem etager (the particular contents of 
which are), Ir haU peid tool geuochten. Den 
iwingt leid mu dagc. Dtesen muet die aff- 
terreiding des cithers die teeiszheit zu sagen. 
Darttmb dager hob ere. tot sige), and in 
chapter 34, Piii der dager fur seiner frauen 

The entire book contains altogether 14 
leaves (the ist of which u blank, and the 4th 
also, on the fdio recto, and only contain a 
iaige woodcut on the reverse), with 18 lines 
in a full page, without signatures, catch- 
words, and pagination. The text begins with- 
out any farther superscription in lesf 2 a, and 
the first line is, {G)rym»gen abtUger alter 
leut. sdiedtieher echf on. The work ends 
also without any suliscription in leaf 24*^, 
and the last or 35th line is, mil innkieit 
(sic) spredten amen. There are 5 wood- 
cuts therein uf the size of the entire page, 
which are in leaves 1^, 4^, lo", i8*, uid 
23^. The types are completely the same 
as tliose of Boner*s fables of 1461, but less 
worn, and the printing is consequently to 
be set down in no case as later than 1461. 
Only 3 copies are known, one of which is 
at Wolfenbiittel (bound up with Boner, 
and thus sometime at Paris), and the other 
in the Jibrary of Nagler, the postmaster 
general at Berlin. 

18/05 — an dem buchlein ist be- 
schriben ein krig wan einer dem 
sein libes weib gestorben ist schild- 
tet den todt So verantwo't sich der 
todt also fieczt der clager ein ca- 
pitel vnd der todt das ander bisz 
an das ende der capttel sind. xxxiiij. 
dor inn man hubsches sines getich- 
tes behendikait wol vindet Der 
clager hebt an vber den todt zu 
clagen Das erst capitel. Without 
place or date {Bamberg, Pfisier, 
about 1462). small fol. Gothic 

The second edition of the preceding 
work, with different orthography, and only 
rarely with some small alteration of single 
words (for instance, the end of the ist 
chapter runs thus in the preceding editions, 
^nd oiler menigUch sei eteiigUdken ge- 



acArie vber eueh. emstHdti xeter geschrei, 
mit gewuden henden : in this edition it is, 
Vnd aUermaniglich sei stettiglidten ge- 
schrien vber euch emstlichen woffen geschrei 
mit gebuden heden). In other respects no- 
thing important is altered or added, ex- 
cepting the abore-giveu superscription. The 
types are also the same. 

As yet only the defective copy at Wol- 
fenbiittel, which only contains 18 leaves, is 
known. The collation with the preceding 
edition shews however that a complete 
copy ought to contain 22 leaves (not 23). 
(In the WolfenbUttel copy leaves 4, 10, 
18 and 22 are wanting.) With 28 lines, 
without signatures, catchwords, and pagi- 
nation, and without the woodcuts of the 
preceding edition. The above superscrip- 
tion occupies the first 7 lines of leaf i*, the 
text follows immediately underneath, and 
the 8th line is, Jttmiger abtilger alter leut 
schedlicher echter. The last or 28th line 
cif leaf 2 lb is, RedUer Richter erhor mich. 
Consult Meusels Magaz.VlI, 25. Literar, 
Magaz,fur Kathdik. 1. c. p. 667. Spren- 
ger, 1. c. p. 34. Panzer, 1. c. p. 21. 

18706 — Hie nach volgend ettliche 
ziimole kluoger vnd subciler rede 
wissend Wie einer was genant der 
ackerman von bobem dem gar ein 
schone liebe frowe sin gemahel 
gestorben was Beschilttet den dot 
vnd wie der dot im wider antwurt 
▼nd setzet also ie ein cappittel vmb 
das ander der cappittel sind. xxxij. 
vnd vahet der Ackerman an Also 
zuclagen. Without place (probably 
Esslingen, Cr. Fyner), 1474. 4°. 
with woodcuts. 

The third edition of the same work of 
which Mr. Heller of Bamberg possesses 
a copy. Described in the Beitr'dgen zur 
Kunst' u. Lit. Gesch. i u. 2 Heft. Nrb. 
1822. 8". p. CXXI sq. 24 leaves, with 28 
lines in a full page, without signatures, 
catchwords, and pagination, but with 3 
woodcuts. It ends in leaf 24^, line 21, 
with Amen, and underneath is LexUij. The 
work is changed in this edition with many 
alterations into the dialect of the upper 

That the piece is a German original may 
almost be conjectured from the quotation 
in the 30th chapter : Vnd (vmb ?) keiser 
karl Marggraff wUhelm. Ditterich vo pern 
den starcke pappe (in the 2nd edition, 
Poppen) vnd tmb den hurne sen/rid habe 
wir nicht so vil mite gehabt. The book 
certainly speaks of Bohemia, where the 
eomplainant was a farmer, and the riddle 
of death in the 4th chapter speaks of the 



town of 8a€z (that is, Saatc, not Sacy, m 
is conjectured in the aboi^e^mentioned BeU 
tr'dgen, p. CXXIV.) The name of the 
oomplainaat, which is coDoealed in the 
large red initials of the last chapter, is Jo- 
hannes, his deceased wife is in the same 
place calied Margaretha. (Who does not re- 
collect Hans and Margaretha in Luther's 
Trattformidar 9) Judging from the num. 
hers and instances of ossomiruw, it is pro- 
bable that the piece had been preyiously 
written in verse, and is here resolved into 
prose. Death also actually says in the snd 
chapter, Deki dag itt ein reim. doutm wir 
pnfffim du UfoUett dutch done* vnd rsimes 
ttfiUen. deinl syn nicht eniweiehen. 



18707 RECOPILACION de leyes 
de lo8 reynos de las Indias. Madr. 
1774. fol. 4 voll. 

RECREATIE, see Spelen. 

18708 RECUEIL de 36 arrets, con- 

cemaat la province de Bretaigne, 

depuis le 3 Juill. 1664 jusqu'au 17. 

de Juin 1665. fol. 

There was a copy on Tellum in Bibl, 
HiMi^. III. 217. 

18709 — des plus beaux airs, accom- 
pagnds de chansons a dancer^ bal- 
lets, chansons folatres et baccha- 
nales, autrement dites Vire. 
Caen, 16 15. 12°. with music. 

16710 — de toutes les chansons nou- 
velles, rustiques et musicaIes,comnie 
Bussi de ceulx qui sont dans la d^- 
ploration de V^nus. Lyon, Poncet^ 

18711 — de chansons tant musicales 
que mrales. Par., Bonfons, 1572. 

18712 — de plusieurs chansons, tant 
musicales que mrales, anciennes et 
modernes. Augmente des chansons 
nouuelles qn'on chante k present. 
Lyon, Ambr. du Rosne, 1567. 

ailleurs. Lyon (Rigaud), 1577. 



94 numbered and 3 unnumbered leaves. 
Spiritual and secular, serious and comic. 
Two are by J. de Moysson, the rest are 
anonymous (Wolfenbiittel). 

18713 — (petit) de chansons nourel- 
les tant de Tamour que de la guerre, 
contenans la pluspart les heureuses 
▼ictoires obtenues en Auuergne et 

47 numbered leaves, and i unnumbered 

18714 — de eom^ies et ballets re- 

pr^ent^ sur le th6&tre des petits 

appartemens, pendant les hivers de 

1747-50. (Par.) 1748 sq. 8°. 39 

pieces in 6 vols. 

A copy on vellum, 8a fr. Valli^re (see 
Na 3515), and 203 fr. M'Carthv. A 
2nd copy, 48 fr. Heiss, and 160 fr. 

18715 — de la diversity des habits 

qui sont de present en usage en 

Europe^ Asie, Afrique et isles sau- 

vages. Par., Boeton, 1 562. 8^. with 

61 plates. 

Printed in writing^diaracters (oaraci^es 
de eivilUi)y (^^L ios.dnke of Marlborough). 
Also, ib. 1504. 8**. (3I. 15s. the same.) 

18716 — d'estampes d'apres les plus 
beaux tableaux etc. qui sont en 
France dans le cabinet du roi etc. 
avec une description historique (par 
Pt. J. Mariette). Par. 1729-42. 
larffe fol. 2 voU. 

The first edition of this work known 
under the name of Cabinet de Crtumty 
which at first appeared without any text. 
182 leaves, 42 of whidi are unnnmbered. 
Also copies on very large paper of an elon- 
gated form. The 2nd edition, dated 1 763, 
is less sought after, yet in it serexal 
woodcuts are replaced by copper-plate en- 

18717 — de 285 estampes, gnY^e^k 
I'eau-forte par les plus habilea ar- 
tistes du terns, d'apres les dessins 
des grands maStres^ que poss^ait 
autrefois Mr. Jabach« et qui sont 
au cabinet du roi. Without place 
or date, oblong fol. 

This collection, made up of the leaves 
which Jabach had caused to be engraved, at 
first appeared in 5 parts, each of 47 i^tes, 
which were followed by a 6th of 5 1 plates. 
The impressions published during Jabach*s 
life are without numbers or text. 

18718 — de plusieurs fEnrces^ tant 
anciennes que modernes, lesquelles 
ont est^ mises en meilleur ordre et 
kagage qu'auparavant. Par., N. 
Rouaset, 1612. 12°. 

Concerning this scarce and greatly songht 
after oollectioix (124 fir. ValUhv^ 84 fr. 


Hein), see Hist, tuilr. det tht&iresy XI. 
537. A new impreflsion of the same date 
in 8^ was superintended by Sim. Caron at 
P^8 in 1 798. 

RECUEIL des loix de rassembl^ 
constituante, see Decrets. 

18719 RECUEIL de marbres anti- 
ques et modernes qui se trouvent 
dans la galerie du roi de Pologne 
d Dresde (graves sous la direction 
de B. le Plat). Dresde, Stossel, 
1733. large fol. 

This ooUection of 130 leaves is of little 
value as a work of art, but is frequently 
met with, and contains pieces which are 
not introduced into Eecker^s Aftgutteum, 
Thereto belongs, J. Gf. Ujmtu CoUecium 
d^estampe$ pour la deteription de la galerie 
eledorale dee aniiques, servant de MUppU» 
meni au recueii de marbres antupies de 
LepUU. Dresde, WaUher, 1803. fol. with 
52 plates. 

18720 — general des op^ra repre- 
sent^ par Tacademie de musique. 
Par. 1703-45. 12°. 16 voll. 

18721 — de 133 oiseaux des plus 
belles espk^s, graves sur 87 
planches et color, d'apr^ nature. 
Rome, 1775. large fol. 

18722 — p^riodiques de la societe de 
m^decine de Paris, redige par Se- 
diUot. Par., an 5 (Octobre 1 796) 
-1817. 8®. 62 vols, (namely, 1796 

1 vol., 1797-1800 2 vols, each 
year, and 1801-17, 3 vols, each 
year. — Table des 42 premiers vol. 

2 vols. 8®. — Secondes^rie (under the 
title. Journal g^n^ral de medecine) 
par Sedillot, Vaidy etc. T. 63-69. 
Par. 1818-19. 8^— Recueii p^rio- 
dique de litterature medicale etran- 
g^re, par Sddillot. Par., an 7-8. 
8°. 2 vols. 

18723 — de di verses pieces fisutes en 
lantien langage de Grenoble, par 
les plus beaux esprits de ce temps- 
li. Grenoble, 1662. small 8°. 74 

Scarce eren in France. 

18724 — de pi^s choisies, rassem- 
bl^s par les soins du cosmopolite 
(avec une ^pitre d^dicatoire et une 
^Tihce attribu^ k Moncrif ). An- 

«>wie, 1735- 4**- 
This ooUeccion of the most profliffate and 



immoral pieces, which were then known, 
is said to have been prepared by a certain 
duke of Aiguillon, and printed under his 
own eye at Verret in Touraine. It is very 
scarce, as only a few copies were struck 
off, and contains among other things Are« 
tino*s SoneUi lussuriosiy the Dubii omoron, 
the Corona di odurjn, and the CapOoh del 
forruK Among the previously inedited 
pieces the most important is. Traduction 
des noels Bourgwgnons de la Monnoife* 

18726 — de pieces int^ressantes, pour 
servir k Thistoire de France. 12**. 
12 voll. 

A copy on vellum was sold at de Mey- 
zieu*s sale in Paris for 192 fr., and the 
same copy, which however only contained 
10 vols, was disposed of at M'Carthy^s sale 
for 165 fr. It is a reprint of the Recueii 
des choses memorables, faHes et passies 
pour la reUffioUy and probably that copy 
was of the edition of 1 740 in 6 vols. 1 2^ 

18726 — de poesie fran^oise prinse 
de plusieurs poetes les plus excel- 
lens de ce r^ne. Par., Regnault, 

1555- 16°. 

Scarce, and containing several singular 

18727 — de pontes gaseous, contenant : 

Las obras de Pt. Goudelin ; les fo- 

lies de le Sage de Montpellier; 

Tembarras de la fieiro de Beaucaire, 

par Mch. de Nismes. Amst. 1 700. 

small 8^ 2 voll. 

It is become scarce, and the 2nd voL espe- 
cially is frequently wanting. 

18728 — general de proverbes dra- 
matiques. Loud. 1785. 12^ 16 

18729 — de romans historiques (pub- 
lies par Lenglet du Fresnoy). 
Loud. {Par.), 1746-47. 12°. 8 

18730 — de sculptures antiques 
grecques et romaines. {Nancy), 
1754. small fol. 

63 plates, besides the title and table, after 
designs by L. S. A. Adam. A new title 
is, CoUedum de sculptures anHques gr. et 
rom., trouoies i Rome, dans les rui$ies du 
pakas de Niron et Marius. i'ar. 1755. 

18731 RECUEIL de tons soulas et 

?laisir, et parangon de po^ie. 
*ar., Bonfons, 1562. I2^ with 

18732 — de plusieurs traites de 



mathematique de I'acad roy. des 
sciences. Par.^ impr. roy., 1676. 
large fol. with plates. 

This collection consists of 6 separately 
printed pieces, the last of which first ap- 
peared in 1677. It is often joined to the 
Cabinet du rot, but its value is very 

18733 — de quelques vers, d^die a 
Adelaide par le plus heureux des 
^poux (J. Bj. de la Borde). Par., 
Didot, 1784. i8^ 

There is a copy on veUum. 

18734 — de voyages au nord. Amst. 
1731-38. 12°. 10 voll. 

18735 — des voyages qui ont servi k 
r^tablissement et aux progres de 
la compagnie des Indes orientales, 
formde dans les provinces-unies des 
pays-bas. Amst. 1716-25 (new 
title, ib. 1 754) .127 parts in 1 2 vols, 
with plates. 

The oompletest and best edition. 

RECUEIL, see also Coelemans, 
Cabinet satyr., Fevre, Galerib, 
Gravelles, Hay, M^moires No. 
1 37 1 8, Pellerin, Sante Bartoli, 
Seroux, Tischbein. 

18736 REDERYCK-kunst in Rym 
opt kortst vervat. Hier by ghe- 
voeght de Redenkaveling en de 
Letterkunsts Grondvesten ; uyt- 
ghegheven by de Kamer in Liefd' 
Bloeyende t'Amstelredam. Ley- 
den, Fr. Raphelinghen, 1587. 8°. 

18737 REDI. Institutiones juris civ. 
Flor. 1802. 8°. 3 voll. 

18738 REDI, Fr. Tutte le opere 
accresciute e migliorate in questa 
nuova edizione. Nap., Gessari, 
1741-42. 4°. 6 vols, with plates. 

Also, Fen.^ HerU, 1743-45. 4^ 7 vols, 
with plates, yen. 1 763. 4". 7 vols. Nap, 
1778. 8^. 7 vols. MU. 1809-11. 8^ 9 vols. 
(CiatsUfillai.) LeUerefamil. Fir. 1734- 
37, belong, as parts 4 and 5, to the earlier 
edition, superintended by Apost. Zeno, 
Ven. Hertz, 1712.4**. 3 vols, and ContuUi 
medici, ib, 1726-29, as parts 6 and 7. 

18739 — esperienze intorno alia ge- 
nerazione degl' insetti. Fir. 1668, 
or 74» or 88. 4**. with 29 plates. 
Also on large paper^ Osservazioni 


intorno agli animali viventi. Fir. 

1684. 4°. with 26 plates« Also on 
large paper. Esperienze intorno a 
diverse cose naturali. Fir. 1671^ 
4°. with 6 plates. Also on large 
paper, ib. 1686. 4^ with 6 plates. 
Osservazioni intorno alle vipere. 
Fir. 1664 or 86. 4°. Lettera so- 
pra alcune opposizioni fatte alle 
sue osservazioni intorno alle vipere. 
Fir. 1670 or 85. 4°. Lettera in- 
torno air invenzione degli occhiali. 
Fir. 1678 or 79. 4^ 

These are the earlier editions of his phy- 
sical works, which are cited by the aca- 
demy della Crusca. 

18740 — opuscula. LB. 1729. 12°. 

3 vols, with plates. 

Translations ci some of the pieces of the 
preceding article. 

18741 — lettere. Seconda ediz. 
Fiorentina accresciuta. Fir., Cam- 
biagi. 1779-95. 4^ 3 voll. 

The best edition, and more complete 
than Fir. 1724-27. 4". 2 voll.; the ist vol. 
of which was enlarged and reprinted, ib. 


18742 — Bacco in Toscana, ditiram- 
bo con annotazioni. Fir., Matini, 

1685. 4®. Also on large paper. 

A poetical critique on all Italian wines. 
In the annotations, which have received 
an insignificant augmentation in the edi- 
tion. Fir., MaHnif 1691. 4*. similar more 
andent poems are introduced. Also, Ven. 
1712. 8°. LuccOf 1728. 8^ Nap. 1770. 
12'. Ven. 1803. 12'. Fir. 181 7. 8*. In 
the editions, without place or date {BoL 
1748). 8^ and ren, 1763. 8^ 150 healths 
{Brindisi) from Minto and others are also 

18743 — sonetti. Fir., Bigonci^ 
1702. fol. with Redi's portrait. 

Also, Fir,, Manni, 1703. 12". 

18744 — raccolta delle poesie. Lon- 
dra e Livorno, Masi, 1781. 12^ 

Also, NtMxa, 1 78 1. 8". Without place 
(Italy) 1816. 32'. 

18745 — poesie toscane con aggiunta 
di altri due poemetti, la svinatura 
del Carli e il naso del Guadaenoli. 
Fir., Piatti, 1820. 12®. (4 padli). 

18746 REDI, Gr. Opere varie. Ven. 
1751. 8°. 4 voll. 

REDOUBT, see Vespucci. 

18747 REDOUTE, P. J. Les lilia- 
c^es. Par. 1803-16. large fol. 
8 vols, on vellum paper, with illu- 
minated plates. 

One of the Hnest botanical works of 
splendour, which appeared in 80 Nos. of 
6 plates at 40 fr. each. 20 copies sur papier 
eolombier with some differences in the text 
(80 fr. each No.) Prince Beauhaniais poa- 
sesses the only copy on velhim. 

18748 — les roses. Par., Didot, 
1817 sq. large fol., on vellum paper 
with illuminated plates. 

An equally successful splendid work, in- 
tended to have I ao plates in 20 Nos. (at 
50 fr. each, and in 4°. at 25 fr. each). 
A 26th No. has however already appeared. 

The text is by CI. Ant. Thory See also 


REED, Is., see Dodslby, No. 6278. 

18749 REENBERG, Toger. Poet- 
iske Skrifter, udgivne af Toger 
Reenberg Teilman. Kbhvn. 1769. 
8°. 2 voD. Also in 4°. 

REES, Abr., see Encyclopaedia. 

18750 REFEREYNEN opte In. 
traden binnen Delft, by thien Ca- 
meren van Rhetorycke in Hollandt 
ghedaen. Delft, Heyndrickszoon, 
158 1. 4°. with plates. 

18751 REFEREYNEN (dryderley) 
ghepronuncieert opte Rbetoryck- 
feest der blauwe Acoleyen van Rot- 
terdam 1561. Antw., W. Silvius, 

18752 REFORMATION (la) des 
tabemes et cabarets, destruction de 
gourmandise, k 12 personnages. 
Par., Gu. Nyver, without date. 8°. 

18753 REFORMATION der bay. 
rischnLanndrecht. Munchen, 1518. 

Ten copies on yelliim in the Royal library 
at Manich. Three other copies on Tellum 
were sold at a Munich sale in 181 1. 


morumque et honestatis clericor. 

(auct. Jac. Philippi). Bas., Mob. 

Furter, 1444 (instead of 1494). 8*^. 

Gothic letter. 

Remarkable for the misprint in the date 
(unhappily defended in Franekii BibL no- 
tiff, oiuervalwnumy secHo IL p. 68), but 



of no value, although sold at Valli^*s sale 
for 1 2 1 fr. (at 6aignat*s for only 9 fr., and 
at M'Carthy*s for ai fr.) Consult also, 
H. Afeene kleine Schrr, B. /. {^Quedlinb. 
'75.')- 8**.) St. I. p. I sq. St. 3. p. i sq. 

18755 REGANON (el) general o 
tribunal catoniano de literatura, 
educacion y costumbres. Madr. 
1803-4. 4°. 2 voll. 

No more appeared on account of the 
prohibition by uie government. 

18756 REGENFUSS, Fr. Mch. 
Auserlesne Schnecken, Aluscheln 
u. andre Schaalthiere auf allerhoch- 
sten Befehl Sr. konigl. Majest. 
nach den Originalen gemalt, in 
Kupf. gestochen u. mit natiirl. 
Farben erleuchtet. Choix de co- 
quiUages et de crustac^ peints 
d'apr^s nature, grav^ en taille- 
douce et illumines de leurs vraies 
couleurs. Copenh. 1758. large fol. 
with illuminated plates. 

First a title-plate (the portrait of the 
king of Denmaric), printed in blue in the 
common copies, but in red in those which 
were made presents of by the king, a Ger- 
man and French title; i leaf; privil^um ; 
4 leaves, Oerman and French dedication 
to king Frederic V. ; i leaf, advertise- 
ment ; XIV. pages, list of conchyliological 
works ; 22 pages preliminary introduction ; 
LXXXVII pages, explaiuitions of the 
plates, and I2 finely illuminated plates. 
The introduction is by J. And. Cramer, 
the text by ('h. Oli. Kratzenstein, Pt. As- 
canius, and Lr. Spengler. An earlier text, 
composed by a Dani^ literary person, was 
suppressed by the royal command, and re- 
placed by the above. Copies in which it 
also is found (as in the Dresden copy) are 
of the greatest rarity. This suppressed 
text consists of 2 engraved titles, which are 
usually wanting (one in German, Samm^ 
lung wm Mugcheln^ Schnecken etc. and 
the other in French, Recueil de coquil^ 
laget, de limafont etc.), a German printed 
tiUe (of the same tenor as that to the 
genuine text) a half-title, i leaf pririle- 
gium, I leaf of dedication engraved, and 
28 and LIII. pages of explanation. 

Regenfiiss had already engraved 12 plates 
for a 2nd vol., and O. F. Muller had un- 
dertaken the task of composing the text. No- 
thing of it has however appeared. Consult 
Sohr6ier*t Journal fUr die Liebfiaber det 
Sleinreichs, V. 115 sq. and his neue Liti. 
und Beiiragef I. 1 19. — The Dresden copy, 
in which also the vignettes are printed in 
red, was bought for 40 dollars. 



REGES tres, see Liber de gestis. 

18757 REGIMEN moralitatis. Im- 
pressum Bamberge^ without date. 
4^. 4 leaves. 

In Latin and German verse. Noticed 
in Renouard*8 Caial. III. lao, who thinks 
it was printed shortly after 1475. 

18758 REGIMEN sanitatis zu 
teutsch das buch von der ordnug 
der gesuntheyt. Nrb., F. Crewss- 
ner, without date. fol. 3 1 leaves. 

One of the oldest editions, if not the 
oldest, of this dietetic work, compiled for 
count Rudolf of Hohenburg, which in this 
edition only consists of three parts, and 
must not be confounded with the Schoia 
Saiemitanoy which also often appeared 
under this title. 

18759 Augsp., Bamler, 1472. 


In this edition the work has 4 parts. At 
Wolfenbiittel is an edition, without place 
or date (t6., td., 1472), fol. 36 leaves with 
28 lines in a full page, running aU across. 
The other numerous editions are of no 

18760 — 't regement der Gesontheyt. 
Brueself 17 Sept. 15 14. fol. Gothic 
letter, with woodcuts. 

REGINO, see Rhegino. 

18761REGI0M0NTANUS,J. Ca- 

lendarium latinum in annum 1475- 

15 13* Without place or date 

{Nrh., ex offic. J. Regiomontani, 

about 1473)- 4''* with woodcuts. 

This extremely scarce ist edition of this 
calendar consists of 32 leaves. Leaf i ■ is 
blank, leaf i^ is the first cyclical table for 
January, for the purpose of finding the 
new and fuU moon from 1475 to 1513, and 
to each month there is such a table. The 
12 months follow in Iraves 2-13, and in 
leaf 13b is a tabula reffionum. in leaves 
14-18 are the solar and lunar eclipses from 
1475 to 1530. Leaves 19-30 are of vari- 
ous contents, de aureo numero, de cyclo so- 
lari etc. In leaf 30**, quite at the bottom 
in small capitals is, Dvctu Joannis de 
Monlereffio. Leaves 31 and 32 contain 
representations of 4 astronomioEd instru- 
ments engraved on wood. 

18762 — der deutsche Calender. — 
At the end. Also ist begriffen 
kurtzlich diss kalenders nutz vnd 
tuglichait nach meinem slecht^ 
tewtsche vnd chlainem vermugen. 


Magister Johann von kunsperck. 
(Nrb,, J. Regiomontanus, about 

1473). 4°. 

The extremely scarce ist edition of this 
German calendar, which is entirely printed 
with tables engraved on wood, and indeed 
on both sides. 31 leaves with ^fi, 36, and 
37 lines. Each page is enclosed with 4 
lines. The internal arrangement is the 
same as in the preceding article. Leaf i* 
is blank, in leaf i>* is the first cyclical 
table, in leaves 2-13 the 12 months, in leaf 
1 3*1 a table of the altitude of the pole, in 
leaves 14^18 the solar and lunar eclipses 
from 1475 to 1530, in leaves 19-28, von 
der guldin zal etc. (at the end of the 28th 
leaf is the above colophon.) After which 
follow the representations of 4 astronomical 
instruments, and the tableau de saignie, 

18763 — der deutsche Calender. — 
— At the end. Also ist begriffen 
kiirczlich diss kalenders nucz vnd 
tuglichait nach meine slechten 
tewtsche vnd chlainem vermugen. 
M. Johan von kiingsperg. {Nrb., 
J. Regiomontanus, about 1473). 4^. 

The 2nd edition of the German calendar, 
printed with movable types, and likewise 
very scarce. 30 leaves, to which the col- 
lation of the preceding article applies- In 
leaf 28I* is the above colophon. Leaves 29 
and 30 contain the representations of the 
same 4 astronomical instruments, but the 
tableau de soignee is wanting. This edi- 
tion, accurately described by Panzer in the 
Deutsch. Ann, I. 77, and in the N^imb, 
Buchdrw^ergeaeh., p. 165, is quite errone- 
ously stated in Dibdin*s Bibl. Spene, IV. 
465, as still unknown. 

18764 — calendarium. Ven., Bn. 
Pictor, Pt. Loslein et Erh. Rat- 
dolt, 1476. fol. 3a leaves with 30 

A reprint of No. 18761. A copy on 
vellum, according to Hirsching*s Beeckr. 
deuttcher Bibl. II. 70, is in the Town 
library at Augsburg. Also in Italian, t^., 
tu/., 1476. fol. 30 leaves with 37 lines. 

18765 — ephemerides ab a. 1475 ad 

a. 1506. without date {Nrb., J, Re- 

giomontanus) , 1474. 4°. 

220 leaves. It begins without further 
title in leaf i& with a preface, Vtum ephe- 
meridis cuiueHbet breuUer exponemus. The 
calendar of each year fills 13 leaves. On 
the reverse of the last leaf there is in small 
capitals in 5 lines, EjrpHoUum hoe opus 
anno ChrUH domini MCCCCLXXIIJI. 
duotu Joannie de Monteregio. Copies aje 


somediiies found which do not contain all 
the years, and oonaequently not the oolo- 
phon. But they are of the same printing. 
These ephemerides were certainly sold in 
Regiomontanus*s time for ii Goldgul- 
den; see Strobel*s neue Bfiirr.y I. 184. 
The later editions are of no value. 

18766 — dialogus inter Viennensem 
et Cracoviensem (adversus Gerar- 
dum Cremonensem ) . Without place 
or date {Nrb., Regiomonianus, about 
1474). fol. with woodcuts. 

9 leaves. Leaf i* b^ns without further 
tide with the preface, and the ist line is, 
STVDI. Leaf 2* begins the dialogue, 
which ends in leaf 9^ without any sub- 

18767 — tabula directionum. — Ta- 
bula magna primi mobilis. With- 
out place or date (ib., id., about 

1474)- 4^ 

18768 — haec opera fient in oppido 

Nuremberga Gennanis ductu Jo- 
annis de Monteregio. Without 
place or date (ib., id., 1473). 
J sheet in open folio. 

This extremely scarce list of the works, 
both by others and by himself, which Re- 
giomontanus intended to have prepared for 
printing at his press, occurs in SchwarzH 
Doeum, III. 55. It is known that Regio- 
montanus set up a printing establishment 
of his own in 147 1 or 1472 at Nuremberg 
{Panger Numb. Buchdr. Gesch, p. 163 sq. 
his AftnaL typ, II. 1 72 and 252. DetUtehe 
Arm, I. 76 sq.), the productions of which 
are of the greatest rarity even in Ger- 
many. Besides Regiomontanus*s own writ- 
ings here mentioned, the following works 
also belong to his press : ManiHiUy with- 
out place or date, 4". (see above. No, 
1293.).) G. FeurbaohH Theories navm 
planetarutn, without place or date (1472). 
foL 20 leaves. Maph, VegH Philalethes, 
without place or date, 4°. 1 2 leaves with 
30 lines. BtuUii M. Uber ad Juvenes, 
without place or date, 4**. 10 leaves with 
30 lines. There is a list of Regiomonta- 
nus*s writings in Murr*s Joumaiy XVII. 
356 iq. 

18769 REGISTER, annual, or a 
view of the history, politics, and 
literature of Europe, 175&-1818. 
Loud. 1762-1819.8°. 64 voll. (45I. 


In this number of volumes 2 vols, of in- 
dex from 1758 to 1 792 are included. Each 
year forms a volume (yet the years 1 784 



and 85 only make i voL together), at i6s. 
(formerly 15s.) The earlio* vols, hiftve been 
often publi^ed. It is also called Dodsley^s 
Annual register, from its originator. Its 
present publisher is Baldwin. The New 
annual regitter, published by Rivington 
since 1780 (each year likewise forming 
I vol. in 8**. at iL is.), must not be con- 
founded with it. Both works are still 
going on. 

18770 REGISTER. The Asiatic 
annual register, for the years 1799- 
181 2. Lond. 1800-15. 8^ 12 vols, 
(lol. 38.) 

The last annual sets were conducted by 
Laurence Dundas Campbell. The Journal 
and mmUhly regUier for British India and 
its dependencies. Land. 18 16. etc. 8**. in 
monthly parts at 2S. 6d. (60 parts of which 
had appeared up to 1820), is a continuation 
of it. 

18771 — the Edinburgh annual re- 
gister. Edinb. 1808-15. 8^ 13 
vols. (9I. 3s.) It is going on. 

18772 — the historical. Lond. 1714 
-38. 8®. 25 vols. 

REGISTER, see Poetical. 

18773 RfeGLE^ la, des marchands 
nouvellement translat^e de latin 
(de la summa confessariorum Jo- 
annis Lectoris) en fran^ois. Pro- 
vins, Gu. Ta vernier, i Oct. 1496. 
4°. Gothic letter. 

The first and probably the only typo- 
graphical production of this place in the 
15^1 century. 

18774 REGLEMENT general de 
Msgr. le sereuissime prince de 
Conty. Par. 1646. 4°. 

There was a copy on vellum in BibL 
Harlij.lV. 521. 

18775 — de vie chretienne k I'usage 
des paroisses de la campagne. Par.^ 

{Dida), 1780. I8^ 

I title-leaf and 7 pages. There are 3 
copies on veUum, 2 of which are in the 
Royal library at Paris. 

REGNARD, see Reineke der 

18776 REGNARD, J. Fr. GEuvres. 
Par., Maradan, 1790. large 8^. 4 
vols, with plates by Monsiau. Also 
on vellum paper. 

This edition, inferior to the subsequent 
editions in print and plates, does not con- 
tain the TMAire Italien. There is a copy 

5 I 5 



on FeUum with illuminated plates and the 
original designs. Par, 1758. I3°. 4 yob. 
t^. 1778. 16**. 4 vols, are of no value. The 
ThiAtre de foire is not in the stereotyped 
edition, Par., Herhan, 1805. la**. 4 vols. 

18777 — oBUvres complettes, avec des 

avertissemens et des remarques sur 

chaque pi^ce par AI. (Gamier). 

Par., impr. de Monsieur, 1 790. 8°. 

6 vols, with plates by Moreau. 

Fewer numbers of the 5th and 6th parts, 
or the pieces for the Italian theatre, were 
struck otf, and consequently are often 
wanting. There are 2 copies on vellum 
paper, but one likewiseonly contains the first 
4 vols. This earlier edition is preferred 
to the reprints. Par. 1810 or 20. 8°. 6 vols, 
with the same plates (36 fr., on vellum 
paper 72 fr.). 

18778 — oeuvres, avec des avertisse- 
mens et des remarques par Garnier. 
Par., Lequien, 1820. 8°. 6 vols, 
with Regnard's portrait (24 fr.). 

This edition is collated with the original 
editions, and furnished with varioiui read- 

18779 — oeuvres. Par., Didot, 1820. 
8®. 4 voll. (18 fr., on fine paper 
30 fr., on vellum paper 60 fr.) 

A copy on vellum in the Royal library 
at Paris. 

18780 — oeuvres completes. Nouv. 

edit, avec des variantes et des 

notes. T. I. II. Par., Renouard, 

1822. 8^ 

Only lOO copies, namely, 20 on grands 
raitm paper (15 fr.), and 80 on large vel- 
lum paper (26 fr.). The remaining parts 
have probably by this time appeared. 

REGNARDS, see Bouchet. 

18781 REGNAULT. La botanique 

mise k la portee de tout le monde^ 

ou collection des plantes d'usage 

dans la medecine, dans les alimens 

et dans les arts. Par. 1774. large 

fol. 3 vols, with illuminated plates. 

This work, which is becoming scarce, 
usually contains 467 plates, and sometimes 
475, with the same number of leaves of 
text. Incomplete copies are of no value, 
because they are very difficult to com- 

18782 — les ecarts de la nature^ ou 
recueil des principales monstruosi- 
t^ que la nature produit dans le 


genre animal. Par. 1775. fol. with 

42 illuminated plates. 

Unfinished. A new edition of the first 
40 plates with a text by Moreau de la 
SarUie is. Description des principales man- 
struositis dans Vhomme et dans les anu 
maux. Par. 1808. fol. 

18783 REGNAULT, Ant. Dis- 
cours du voyage d'outremer au 
saint sepulchre de Jerusalem et au- 
tres lieux de la terre saincte. Lvon, 
1573. 4°. with woodcuts. 

18784 REGNAULT de Montauban. 
Listoire du noble et vaillant che- 
uallier regnault de montauban (trad, 
de rime en prose). Without place 
or date. fol. Gothic letter. 

The types of this extremely scarce and 
old edition are the same a* those in the 

tmdated ABUZE du cottrt (with the sig- 
natures a-Ji), and MIC HA UL T Doctrinal 
du temps (No. 13988). 32 lines running 
all across the page, with signatures, but 
without catchwords and pagination. The 
initials are engraved on wood. The ist 
leaf contains a woodcut divided into 4 com- 
partments, and over it an explanation, 
printed in red. At the end of the book is 
this colophon, Cy Jinist Hstoire du noble et 
vaillant cheualUer regnault de montauban 
Deo gradas. 32L i is. Roxburgfae. 35I. 
IS. 6d. duke of Marlborough. — Concerning 
the more ancient poetical romance, attri- 
buted to Huon de Villeneuve in the 1 3th 
century, and which was transferred into 
prose in the 15th, see Valliere^s Catal, II. 
311; and concerning the unprinted Italian 
translation, see Farsetti Bibliot. manoscritta 
I. 299. The groundwork of the rmnanoe 
is one and the same with les quatre JiU 
Aymon (see Atmok). Fragments of an 
old Flemish poetical translation in H. Hoffi 
mann Bonner Bruehsti^ke vom Otfried. 
Bonn. 18'ii. 4°. p. 21-23. 

18785 — censuvt la conquests du 

tres puissant empire de Trebisonde. 

Par., Alain Lotrian, without date. 

4°. Gothic letter. 

With the signatures a-y iHj. J mentioii 
this romance here because it belongs to the 
same fable. 

18786 — la conqueste de Tempire de 
Trebisonde f^tite par Regnault de 
Montauban, fils du due de Dar- 
dayne. Par., veuve de J. Trep- 

{)erel, without date. 4®. Grothic 
etter, with woodcuts. 

18787 — historia del noble j effor. 

REG REG 1655 

9ado y invendble cavellero Renal- 18794 — trabisonda historiada con le 

dos de Montalvan (traduzido de la figure a li suoi canti, nella quale se 

lengua toscana en castellana por contiene nobilissime battaglie, con 

L. Domingxis). Salamanca, 1526. la vita et morte di Rinaldo, di Fr. 

fol. Gothic letter. Tromba. Ven., Vitali, 15 1 8. 8°. 

18788 — la trapesonda que es tercero Also, Ven., TorH, 1535. 4'. Ven. Gua. 
libro de do Renaldos : j trato como dagmnoy 1554. 8°. Ven., Vian, 1568. 8" 
per 8U8 cauallerias alcan9o a ser ®^ *^ Rikaldo. 

emperador de trapesonda : 7 de la 18795 REGNIER^ seigneur de 

penit^da \ fin de 8u vida. Sevilla, Guerchy, J. Sea fortunes et ad- 

Dm. de Robertis, 25 Junio 1543. versit^. Par., J. de la Garde, 15 26. 

Gothic letter, with woodcuts. 8**. Gothic letter with woodcuts. 

116 numbered leaves in 2 columns. This poem, composed in the year 1431, 

(Wolfenbiittel.) appears to have been printed only this 

18789 — aqui comie^a el quarto li- ^^l^^ ", ""^ ''*'*^' ^^ ^^ ^"''® "^ 
bro del esforcado cauall'o reynaldos ^ J^'^i^,^^ *, , . 

de motaluan q trata de los irandes 18796 REGNIER, Mathurm. Les 

hechos del inuecibie cauall'o Baldo. premieres oeuvres ou satyres. Par., 

y las graciosas burlas de Cingar. d" ^^ay. 1 608. 4^ 

Sacado delas obras d'l Mago Pala- 18^97 — satyres et autres oeuvres. 

grio en nro comfi Castellano. Se- ^^^^ ^^ ^op^e impr. ^ Pans (Leyde, 

villa. Dm. de Robertis. 18 Nobi- £^«7ier), 1642. 12^ 

embre i c a** fol Gothic letter * ^®*^" ^ preliminary matter, 166 pages, 

emore, 1542. toi. uotnic letter. ^^ ^ ,^^^ ^^^^ j^^ complete, but 

6 kavM of prelimmary matter, and 192 ^^^ ^^^^^^ ^j^^^ ^ following, 
numbered leaves m 2 columns. This voL 

has no woodcuts. At first comes, Prologo 18798 — satyres et autres oeuvres. 

9obre la poena de Merlino eoeayo poeta. Augmentes de diverses pieces cy- 

Then, Prohemio del maestro Juan Aqua- Levant non imprimees. Leyden, 

»o jobre la poeeia de Merlino cocayo, j jy Elsevier, 1 65 2. 1 2°. 

Lastly, Genealog%a del rev Ludouwo Pio, , i. 1. . .. ^ 

( Wo&nbutST ^ ^^^^ ^ preliminary matter, 20a pages, 

^ *'' , and 2 leaves table. Greatly sought after 

18790 — espejo de cavallerias» en el in France (36-48 fr., and at d'Ourches's 
qual se tratta de los fechos del sale it even sold for 120 fr.), and fine co- 

conde don Roldan y de don Rey- P"« "« ■»"«• 

naldos. Sevilla, Jac. Cromberger, 18799 — satyres avec des remarques 

1550. fol- P^"" Rrossette. Lond., Lyon et 

18791 — Orlando enamorado, la, 2a, Woodeman, 1729. 4°. Also on 
3a parte : espejo de cavallerias, en large paper. 

el qual se trattan los hechos del 18800 — satyres et autres oeuvres, 

conde don Roldan y de muy esfor. avec des remarques (par Brossette). 

^ado cavallero don Reynaldos de Amst., Humbert, 1 730. 4^. 

Montalvan, por Pedro de Reynosa. 18801 — satyres et autres oeuvres, 

Medina del Campo, 1586. fol. accompagn^es des remarques histo- 

18792 — la Trapesonda, que es ter- riques (par Lenglet du Fresnoy). 
cero libro de don Renaldos, y trata London, Tonson, 1733. large 4°. 
como per sus cavallerias alcan9o a The pages are surrounded with red bor- 
ser emperador de Trapesonda, y de ders. Also on laiige paper in smaU fol. 

lapenitencia y fin de Bu vida. To- SS:'^";:^''JSS''.:?'KSe*^ 

ledo, J. Ferrer, 1558. fol. ^^^ ' 

18793 — Trabisonda poema in otta- 188O2.- satyres. Lond. (Par.), 1 746 
va nma. Bol.,Ugo di Rugeri,i483. ^^^^ tiUe ,750). 12^ 2 voU. 

«^^- Neat. 

Fr. Tromba da Gualdo di Nooera was the , . ^ ^^ 

mitliof. 18803 — oeuvres completes. Nouv. 




£dit. avec le comtnentaire de Bros- 
sette. Par., Lequien, 182a. 8°. 
(5 fr. 50 c., on large vellam paper 

IS fr.) 

18804 — (suvres avec les commen- 
taires (de Brossette) revus, cor- 
riges et augment^, pr^^d^es de 
rhistoire de la satyre en France, 
par Viollet le Due. Par., Desoer, 
1822. 18®. (5 fr., on vellum paper 
10 fir.) 

18805 REGO, Fr. Xav. de. Tra- 
tado completo de navega9ao. Lisb. 
1787. 4°. with plates and maps 
(1440 rees.). 

18806 REGRETZ (les) de Picardie 
et de Toumay, a 29 couplets. 
Without place or date (about 1 530). 
small 8^ Gothic letter, with wood- 

In verse. 

18807 REGUART, Ant. Sanez. 
Diccionario historico de los artes 
de la pesca nacional. Madr., Ibar- 
ra, 1791-95. large 4°. 5 vols, with 
plates (450 rs.). 

18808 REGULA b. Augustini et 
constitutiones canonicor. regulari. 
um congregationis S. Salvatoris. 
Bon., Bd. Hectoreus, 28 Jul. 1497. 

110 leaves with 27 lines. On veUum in 
the Royal library at Paris. 

18809 — b. Augustini una cum ex. 
positione Hugonis de S. Victore. 
Ven., Gr. de Gregoriis, 1508. fol. 
89 leaves. 

On vellum in the Royal library at Paris, 
(previously 80 fr. McCarthy). 

18810 — b. Augustini cum constitu- 
tionibus de modo vivendi servorum 
b. Maris virg. de observantia. Ven., 
Jac. Pentius de Leucho, without 
date (about 1516). 4^. 

37 leaves with 30 lines. On vellum in 
the Royal library at Paris. 

18811 — Augustini de communi vita 
clericor. cum expositione Ugonis de 
S. Victore. Ven., Bernardin. Fa- 
sianus, 1561. 4°. 80 leaves. 

On vellum in the Royal library at Paris 
(previously 3I. 3s. Pinelli, 50 fr. McCar- 


18812 — S. patris Augustini, con- 
stitutiones et Rtatuta ejusd. ordinis. 
(Ferrar. 1570). 4°. 

On vellum (but without a title) in the 
Royal library at Paris. 

18813 — patris Augustini et consti- 
tutiones fratrum servorum (ed. Jac. 
Thavanthus). Ven., Dm. Guer- 
raeus, 1580.4°. 

On vellum in the Royal library at Paris, 
(previously 100 fr. Valli^re, 50 fr. M'Car- 
thy.) — The above article. No. 1395, may be 

18814 — b. Benedict! in gallicum ser- 

monem per Guidonem Juvenalem 

traducta. Par., Marnef, 7 Sept. 

1500. 4®. 65 leaves. 

On vellum in the Royal library at Paris. 
There was another copy in the Harleian 

18815 — et testamentum S. Fran- 
cisci. Lugd., Denoually, 1659. 8°. 

I leaf and 31 pages. On vellum in the 
Royal library at Paris. 

18816 REGULiE ordinis 8. Bene- 
dicti, S. Basilii, S. Augustini, 8. 
Francisci collectse et ordinatae per 
J. Fr. Brixianum. Ven., impensis 
Luc. Ant. de Giunta, arte J. de 
Spira, id, April. 1500. 4°. with 

178 numbered, and 36, 6, 8, 7 and 4 un- 
numbered leaves, in 2 columns with 5 1 
lines. On vellum in the Royal library Vt 

18817 REGVLE: ordinationes : et 
costitutioes Cancellarie Sanctissimi 
domini Nostri : domini Sixti diuina 
prouidentia Pape Quarti : scripte 
et correcte 1 cacellaria apl'ica. 
Without place, (Roms), 1471.4°. 

9 leaves with 35 lines. The extremely 
scarce first edition of the Tojpa canceUarUt^ 
see Dib^n Bibl. Spencer, III. 488. Con- 
cerning other editions, see Meiuels Liit, 
hibliogr. Magax. I. 68 sq. III. 152. 313. 
Concerning the Taxa cancelL see Mar- 
ohand Dictionn, Mtt,, Aretiti's Beiirage 
Th. I. St. I. p. 95 not. CaiaL Bunav. T. 
III. Vol. I. p. 488. 

18818 REGULiE societatis Jesu. 
Rome, in coUegio societatis, 1580. 

2 leaves, 234 pages, and i leaf errata. 
The first edition, very scarce, but now 
greatly fallen in price, (130 fr. Gaignat; 
49 fr. Valliftre; 25 fr. McCarthy.) 


REOUL^ graminatxces, see Gram- 
tf ATiCA, No. 8769 and 70. 

18819 REHBERG, F. Drawings 

faithfolly copied from nature at 

Naples. Roma, 1794. large 4°. 

Known under the name of Let attUudet de 
Myladif HanaiUm* A copy on vellum 50 
fr. McCarthy. 

REI agrarise anctores^ see Auctores. 
— Rei accipitrariae scriptores, see 

REI rust, scriptores, see Scrip- 

18820 REICHARD, EL Csp. Ver. 
such einer Historie der deutschen 
Sprachkunst. Hmb.> Martini, 1 747. 

This book, not frequently met with, con- 
tains good separate notioes, without being a 
regular histiny. 

REICHENTHAL, see Concilia, 

No. 5083. 

18821 REID, J. A history of Han- 
over. Lond., 1816. large 4^ (3I. 
138. 6d.) 

18822 REID, Th. Inquiry into the 
human mind on the principles of 
common sense. Edinb. 1 764. 8°. 

Also, Land, 1769. 8*". In German, Lpx, 
178a. 8*. (i d.) 

18823 — essays on the intellectual 
powers of man. Edinb. 1785. 4^ 

Also, DubUny 1786. 8". 2 volL In French, 
Anui. 1768. I2^ a voll. 

18824 — inquiry into the human 
mind. — Essays on the powers of 
the mind. — Account of the life 
and writings of Th. Reid, by 
Dugald Stewart. Lond. 1803, or 
Edinb. 18 10 and 12. 8^ 4 voll. 
(il. 9s. 6d.) 

18825 — essays on the active powers 
of man. Edinb. 1788. 4**. 

18826 REIMERS, H. von. (anon,) 
Reise der russisch kaiserl. ausser- 
ordentlichen Gesandschaft an die 
Othomann. Pforte im J. 1793. 
Petersb., Schnorr. 1803. 4". 3 vols, 
with plates, and i map, (17 d.) 

In English, Lond, 1804. 4". 3 vols, with 

18827 REIMMANN, Jac. P. Ver- 



such einer Einleitung in die histo- 

riam literariam insgemein. Halle, 

Renger, 1 708 or 2 1 . Versuch einer 

Einleit. in die hist. lit. der Teut- 

schen. Th. i and 2. ib., 1709. 

Th. 3. Hauptst. 1-4. ib., 1709-13. 

Anhang, oder: Die ersten Linien 

von der hist. lit. der Teutschen. 

ib., 1713. Versuch einer Einleit. 

in die hist. lit. antediluvianam. ib., 

1709. Versuch einer Critique (iber 

Bayle's dictionnaire. ib., 171 1. 8^ 

7 vols, altogether. 

What is here stated belongs to a 00m. 
plete copy of this work, which is becoming 
scarce. The Anhang is generally wanting. 
At the li^nning of the i st vol. there ought 
to be a general title, Versuch einer Eifdei- 
tung in die hisL lit. insgemein u. derer 
Teutschen iruonderheii. Halle, 17 13. The 
new impression of 1721 of the ist voL is 
an entirely unaltered repetition, but the 
print is closer, and the pagination deviates 
from that of the ist edition, to which alone 
the general index is suited. This general 
index, according to the signatures, ought to 
be found in the 4th section of the 3rd part, 
or in the 6th vol. With all the faults 
of that period, the work is interesting 
as being the first attempt of a detailed 
literary history of Germany, and on ac- 
count of its numerous separate notices, 
which the author derived from books now 
no longer read. Lessing somewhere or 
other csdls it a work which at least consists 
of very learned questions, even if the an- 
swers are not always very learned. 

18828 — catalogus bibliothecse theo- 
logicae. Hildesiffi, 1731.8^. Acces- 
siones uberiores ad catalogum bibl. 
theol., edid. J. Gu. Reimmannus. 
Brunsv., 1747. 8°. Catalogus bibl. 
historico-literariee. Hildes. 1 739. 
(A new title, 1 743.) 8°. 3 vols, al- 

This catalogue, without baring any pecu- 
liar bibliographiral or critical worth, has ne- 
vertheless a certain historical value, at least 
the literary catalogue. (The MSS. specified 
at the end of the last mentioned catalogue 
were bought for the Wolfenbattel library.) 
His theological collection was but of little 
value. His judgments are seldom extended 
beyond the riews of his time, and are fre- 
quently injured by sportiveness and an af- 
fectation of wit, and his style is bad. — See 
also Lambecius, No. 11659. His Eigne 
Lebensbeschreibung, Brschw., 1745. 8°. is 



18829 REIN, Jonas. Samlede Digte. 
Kbhn., 1802. 8^ 2 vols. 

18830 REINA, Placido. Notizie 
historicbe della citta di Messina. 
Messina, Brea, 1658-68. fol. 3 vols. 

The 3rd vol. interrupted by the author*8 
death ends in p. 1 60. In Latin, by J. Lr. 
Mosheim in Gravii Thes. Aniiq. et Hist, 
Ital. T. IX. 

18831 REINAGLE, P. . Sports- 
man's cabinet, or correct delinea- 
tions of the various dogs used in 
the sports of the field, consisting in 
a series of engravings from original 
paintings, taken from life by P. . 
Reinagle, engraved by Scott. Lond. 
1803. large 4^ 2 vols, with plates. 
(7I. 7s.) 

18832 REINECCIUS. Reinerus. 
Syntagma de familiis, quae in mo- 
narchiis tribus prioribus rerum po- 
titae sunt. Bas.j ex off. Henric- 
petrina^ 1574-80. fol. 4 voll. 

18833 — historia Julia seu syntagma 
heroicum. Helmst., Lucius, 1594- 
97. fol. 3 voll. 

A large library ought to have both works. 
Both relate to the same object, it is true, 
but the second work ought not so much to 
be considered a second edition of the first 
work as a new performance by itself. It 
contains much that is not in the first, 
and much differently arranged. Both 
are scarce, but owing to the progress that 
has since been made in historical inves- 
tigation, they have lost the greatest part of 
their value, which however they still seem 
to maintain in France, as Bninet values 
the 2nd work at from 60 to 80 fr. 

Care must be taken in the 2nd work 
that the genealogical tables be found at 
the end of each voL At the eud of the ist 
vol. there ought .to be 97 pages, genea. 
logical tables, 10 leaves, index, aad a leaves 
errata. At the end of the snd 59 pages, 
genealogical tables, and 10 leaves, index 
and errata. And at the end of the 3rd 70 
pages, genealogical tables, and 10 leaves, 

18834 REINEKE der Fuchs. i. 

Low Saxon. Reynke de vos. — At 

the end: Anno dni Mccccxcviii. 

lubeck. In 4°. Gothic letter with 


The extremely scarce first edition of the 
low Saxon production, of which only the 
Wolfenbttttel copy is known. 14a (not 


241) numbered leaves with the signatures 
a-« and A^B, and with 22 lines in a full 
page. The initials are engraved in wood. 
L»f I A is the above titl^ and over it a 
crown. Leaf i^ is a large woodcut repre- 
senting the author writing, and under- 
neath are the two following lines : 
O vulpis adtUacio. nu in der werlde blyeket 
Sio hcim i racio, ghelik di voi^e gheschicket, 
H. von Alkmar*s preface follows iu leaf 2^, 
and line i is, Eyne vorrede ouer dyt boek. 
In leaf 2**, lines 12-18, the well known re- 
markable passage is found, Ick Hinrek 
van alckmer. scholemesler vn tuchtkrer des 
eddelen dogentliken vortti vn heren. Her' 
togen van lotrpngen. vmme bede wyllen 
myne» gnedyghen heren, hebbe dyt yeghen- 
werdyge boek vth waUcher vh fransxo' 
seacher sprake gheeocht vh vmme gheeath in 
dudesche sprake. In leaf 3* line 3 follows : 
Wo dyt boek wert ghedelet in iiii part. De 
ander vorrede. In leaf 6a follows : liyr 
beghynt dot ente boek van reynken deme 
vosse vn van aUen deren. Underneath a 
representation of the lion with an explana- 
tion in 4 lines. In leaf 6^ is the super- 
scription of the ist chapter in 4 L'ues, and 
underneath a woodcut. The poem itsdf 
begins in leaf 7*, and the i st one is. Id 
ghetchah vp eynen. The 2nd book begins 
in leaf 129", the 3rd in leaf 162^, and the 
4th in leaf 206^. The poem ends in the 
loth line of leaf 241b, underneath is an ad- 
monition in prose in 7 lines, that the ad- 
joined glosses need not be read, since 
they are usually passed over (so wise 
an admonition can scarcely be attributed to 
any one else but the printer.) There is 
then also in the same page a notice in 
what page each book begins, the first 4 
lines of which only are in this page, and 
the remaining 7 in leaf 24^** The 8th 
line of leaf 242a is the abovemendoned 
colophon under which are 4 coats of arms 
engraved on wood and a death's head. 
The 3rd and 4th coats of arms appear to 
be the insignia of the unknown printer. 
WasitSt Arnd? 

My only reason for introducing here the 
low Saxon Reineke, was with the object of 
inserting what came next to hand, not be- 
cause I participated in the opinion of those 
who would maintain that this work is an ori- 
ginal in any sense of the word. That the 
low Saxon poem is a modification of a 
French poem, that it is more recent than 
the Latin, French, Dutch, high German 
Reineke (of Heinrich der Olichsere) and 
probably than the English Rdneke also, and 
that its greater notoriety in some degree 
perhaps arose from the poverty of the old 
low Saxon literature, can hardly be denied 
without prejudice. The great confusion 
which still prevails in the statements of the 
different high and low German edidons, 


determined me to ieparste the different 
languages without res*^ to the connection 
of the various works, and only to cite Uzat 
which is completely established, or at least 
less uncertain. I am here more concerned 
with certainty than completeness. 

18835 — Uan Reyneken dem vosse 
vnde dessulften mennichuoldygher 
lyst myt anghehengedeni sedelikem 
synne vnde veler guden lere £yn 
houesch kortwylich lesent. — At the 
end: Impressum Rostochij. Anno 
M. ccccc. xvij. In 4". with wood- 

1 70 leaves (the last blank) with 28 lines, 
and the intermixed signatures A-T, some- 
times small and sometimes large. The 
signature z-D is wanting. The woodcuts 
are different from those of the edition of 
1549. The printer has not mentioned 

18836 — Heyneke de Voss. Rost., 
L. Dietz^ 1522. 4°. 

This edition, of which however I know 
of no copy, is said to have been superin- 
tended by N. Baumann ; consult Pansier 
Deuitche Ann, II. 12a. 

18837 — Reyneke de Voss. Rost., 

L.Dietz, 1539. 4^. with woodcuts. 
This edition is described in the Brent, 
und Verd. Bibi. II. 381. Eschenburg and 
Adelung possessed it. The edition, Aof/., 
Xr. DietM^ 1543. 4^ in the Catal. ThoU. IV. 

18838 — Reynke Voss de olde, 
nyge gedrucket, mit sidlickem vor- 
stande vnd schonen figuren, erluch- 
tet vnde vorbetert. (Rost.), L. 
Dietz, 1 549. 4^ with woodcuts. 

272 numbered leaves, and 8 unnumbered 
leaves of index. It is also quoted with the 
date of 1548, but the Dresden copy has ac- 
tuaUy the year 1549. 

18839 — van Reyneken Vosse dem 
Olden^ syner mennichuoldig lyst 
vnd behendicheyt etc, Ff. a. M., 
bey Cyriaco Jacobo^ 20 Marz, 1550. 
4^. with woodcuts. 

In this edition the text liears scarcely any 
resemblance to that of the edition of 1498 

18840 — Reineke de Voss. Rost.^ 

^553- 4°- 

Oottached possessed it, but it was never 
in the Dresden library as Hagen Grundr.y 
p. 423, states. 

18841 — Reynike de Voss nyge ge- 



driickt, mit sydlikem verstande vnd 
schonen figuren erluchtet vnd ver- 
betert. Ff. a M., Zephelius, 1562. 

This edition is said to be mutilated. 

18842 — Reyneke Voss de olde, nye 
gedrucket, mit sidlykem vorstande 
vnde schonen Figuren, erluchtet 
vnde vorbetert. Rost., St. Molle- 
man, 1592. 4°. with woodcuts. 

273 numbered leaves. Far less fine than 
the Rostock edition of 1549, and both the 
language and the orthography are here 
greatly corrupted. (Also at WolfenbQtteL) 

18843 — Reynicke de Vosz dat isz 
ain schon und niitte gedichte, voll 
wyszheit, guter lehren, und lusti- 
ger exempelen, mit schdnen figuren 
upt nye wedder an dach gegeven. 
Hmb., Lange, 1604. 8°. 

18844 — Reineke der Voss. Dat 

ys: £in schon vnde nutte Gedichte, 

vull Wyssheit, guder Leren vnde 

lustiger Exempele. Hmb., Fro- 

benius, 1606 (at the end 1604). 8^ 

with woodcuts. 

8 leaves of preliminary matter, 261 mmi- 
bered leaves, and i unnumbered leaf. Is 
this edition only a new title to the pre- 
ceding ? (Also at WolfenbQttel). 

18845 — de olde Reynike Voss, Feyn 
zyrliken vp nyge gedriicket, mit 
sydlykem vorstande, vnd schonen 
Figuren, erluchtet vnd vorbetert. 
Hmb., Dosen^ 1660. 8. with wood- 

8 leaves of preliminary matter, 261 num- 
bered leaves and i unnumbered leaf. 

18846 — Reineke Vos mit dem 
Koker. Wolfenb., Freytag, 1 7 1 1 . 

4 • 

1 title plate, 10 leaves of preliminary 

matter, and 580 pages. There is a copy at 
WolfenbQttel on large writing paper in 
small folio. F. A. Hackmann was the 
editor, and the edition is a tolerably accu- 
rate impression of the text of 1498, which 
had been quite foi^tten since Baumann^s 
edition. The annexed Koker (Kocher) a 
collection of proverbs and morals in verse 
in alphabetical order, was indeed given by 
Hackmann as an ancient production, it is 
however probably a new work and perhaps 
his own, as the evidently modern, and 
sometimes incorrect language shews. An 
older original moreover is not to be found, 



neither at WolfenbOttel nor at Helmstadt 
nor elsewhere. 

18847 — Reineke de Voss mit eener 
Verklaring der olden Sassischen 
Worde. Eutin, Struve, 1798. 8°. 
(18 gr.) 

Obr. Gf. Bredow was the editor. 

18848 REINEKE der Fuchs. 2) 
High German. Reinicken Fuchs. 
Das ander teyl des buchs Schimpff 
vnd Ernst. Ff. a. M., Cyr. Jacobus, 
1544. (other copies 1545). fol. 
Also, ib., Zephelius, 1556 or 62. 

The author of this insipid translation is 
said to have been Mch. Beiither. The edi- 
tions of 1545 and 62 are at Wolfenbuttel. 
Ff, a, M, 1574 and 1587. 8*. (both in the 
possession of counsellor Meusebach of Ber. 
lin). ib. 1590, 1608 or 161 7. 8^ are re- 
prints of it. There is properly an earlier 
edition of the fable of the Reineke by 
Heinrich der Olichsere, and still unprinted ; 
see Hagen*s Grundrissy p. 422. 

18849 — Reineke Fuchs . . . Auff das 

Neue mit allerhand jetziger Zeit 

iiblichen Reim-Arten . . . ausgezie- 

ret : Mit etzlichen hundert Vers- 

sen bereichet (sic), mit unterschied« 

lichen Sitten u. Lehr.Satzen ver- 

bessert. Rost ^ Wilde, 1650. 8°. 

with bad woodcuts. 

421 pages and 9 leaves. This new modifi- 
cation in rhyme appears to have been the 
work of some Zesianer. (Also at Wolfen- 
battel.) Repeated, 16. 1662. 8*>. (at Wol- 
fenbfittel.) The editions, ib. 1672 and 80. 
8". appear to have originated only from 

18850 — der listige Reineke Fuchs. 
Zuvor niemals also gedruckt. With- 
out place or date^ S°. with wood- 
cuts^ 318 pages. 

Another edition with the same title, 
without place or date, 8". with woodcuts, 
35 1 pages. A book for the people, and in 
prose, written about the beginning of the 
i8th century. 

18851 — Reinicke der Fuchs, nach 
der Ausg. von 1498 ins Hoch- 
deutsche iibs. und mit einer Ab- 
handl. von dem Urheber, wahrem 
Alter u. grossem Werthe dieses 
Gredichts versehen von J. Cp. Gott- 
sched. Lpz. u. Amst.^ Breitkopf, 


1752. large 4°. with plates, (3 d. 
12 gr.) 

Prized on account of the plates, although 
these are more true as to natural history 
than as to the nature of animals in fable. 
The original designs for these plates were 
produced in Ixindon in 1819, at the duke 
of Marlborough*s sale under the title, Ever^ 
dingen'9 original spirited drawings for the 
history of Reynard the Fox, and were 
bought by Mr. Hibbert of Clapham for 
85I. IS. 

18852 — Ritter Reinike von Wald- 

burg. Dresden, 1 79 1 . 8°. 
A free modification. 

18853 — Reinicke Fuchs in 1 2 Ge- 

sangen, von J. Wfg. v. Gothe. 

Berl., Unger, 1794. 8°. (16 gr.) 
Also in his works. 

18854 — Reineke Fuchs. Ein Volks- 
buch. Aus den plattdeutsch. Rei- 
men in hochdeutsche Prosa aufs 
neue getreu iibergetragen. Tub., 
Osiander, 1817. oblong 8°. with 

18855 — Reineke der Fuchs von Dt. 
W. Soltau, in 4 Biichem u. 12 
Gesangen. Brschw., Vie weg, 1823. 
large 8°. (1 d. 12 gr.) 

A real pattern. Previously, Berl., 1803. 
8**. — Reineke Fuchs am Ende des phi^ 
losoph. Jahrhunderts. Itxehoe, 1797. 8**., 
only relates to the history of modem 

18856 REINEKE der Fuchs. 3) 
Latin. Opus poeticum de admira- 
bili fallacia et astutia vnlpeculae 
Reinikes, libros IV. nunc prim, ex 
idiomate germ, latinitate donatos 
complectens. Auctore Hartmanno 
Schoppero. Ff. a. M., Pt. Fabri- 
tins, 1567. small 8°. with wood- 

1 2 leaves of preliminary matter, (the 1 2th 
blank) 284 leaves and i leaf. The wood- 
cuts are by Jost. Ammon and Virg. Solis. 

18857 (the same title) Ff. a. 

M., Bassaeus^ 15 74 (&t the end 
1575), 12°. with woodcuts. 

10 leaves of preliminary matter, 506^ 
pages and 10 leaves. Neater than the pre- 
ceding edition. 

18858 Ff. a. M.,Ba88«eu8, 1579. 

1 2^. with woodcuts. 

fo leaves of preliminary matter^ 496 
pages and 10 leaves. 


18859 — Opus poeticum de admira- 
bill fallacia et astutia vulpeculae 
Reinikes, libros IV. nunc prim, ex 
idiomate germ, latinitate donates 
complectens. Auctore Hartmanno 
Schoppero. Ff. a. M.^ Bassseus, 

1584. 12^ with woodcuts. 

10 leaves of preliminary matter, 465 
pages and 9 leaves (the last blank.) 

18860 Ff. a. M., Bassaeus, 1 595. 

12°. with woodcuts. 

10 leaves of preliminary matter, 465 
pages and 8 leaves. The worst and least 
neat edition. Tecknof auliea. Ex apologo 
asttuiwima vulpecula etc. Welilauff vnnd 
Hofteben. Ff., Btustnts, 1588. 8*. with 
woodcuts, (at Wolfenbiittel) only contains 
the woodcuts of this translation with short 
Latin and German verses. That the Latin 
poets of the middle ages had taken notice of 
the Reineke fable before this, is proved 
by the PeemUmtiariiu lupi, vulpis et tuini 
in Flacii varia docttrr. et pior. vtror. poe^ 
maia {Bas., 1557. 8**.) p. 199 sq., dated 

18861 REINEKE der Fuchs. 4) 

Danish, En Rieffiie Bog som kaldes 

paa Tyske Reinicke Foss . . . nu 

nylige fordanskit aff Hermen Wei- 

gere. Lybeck, Richolff, 1555. 4°. 

with woodcuts. 

I kef tide^ 291 numbered leaves, and i 
leaf colophon. It is in verse, and of the 
greatest nuity in Germany at least. 

18862 Kbhvn., Pt. Hake, 1656. 

4°. with woodcuts. 

18863 REINEKE der Fuchs. 5) 
Sfoedish. Stockh. 1621. 8^ 

A translation of Schopper*s Latin elabo- 

18864 REINEKE der Fuchs. 6) 
Dutch, Die Hystorie van Reynaert 
die Vos. Goude, Gheraert Leeu, 
17 Aug. 1479. 4°. Gothic letter. 

In prose with verse intermixed, and con- 
taining 43 chapters. Described in Meer- 
manm Origg. typogr. II. 291 sq. 

18865 — die Historic van Reynaert 
de Vos. Delf in HoUant, without 
the printer's name^ 4 Juni 1485. 
4°. Gothic letter^ 1 14 leaves. 

A reprint of the preceding edition, 
L. Suhl superintended a new impression, 
IAih.u.Lpz. 1783. 8^ 

18866 — Reinart de Voss verma- 
kelyke Historien. Delft, 1603. S''. 



18867 — Reynaert de vos, of het Die- 
ren Ordeel. Antw. 1614. 4-. 
In prose. 

18868* — een seer genoeglyke en 
vermakelyke Historic van Reynaert 
de Vos. Arast., Lootsman, 17 10. 
8°. with bad woodcuts. 
48 leaves. In prose. 

18858b — een seer genoeglyke en 

vermakelyke Historic van Reynaert 

de Vos. Amst., Putte, 1736. 12°. 

with woodcuts. 

There is an older Flemish poem of the 
Reineke, from whence the prose work 
was made, as the many rhymes which 
still remain (in the older impressions at 
least) clearly prove: consult Van Wyn 
Mstorische en letterkundige Avondtonden 
{Amst. 1800. 8°.) B. I. p. 275, and Grci' 
ten Odina und Teulona (Breel. 18 12. 8".) 
B. I. p. 265 sq., where it is printed en- 

18869 REINEKE der Fuchs. 7) 

French. Le livre de maistre Reg- 

nard et de dame Hersant sa femme 

(trad, des rimes de Jacquemard 

Gielee en prose par J. Tenessax.) 

Par., Ph. le Noir, without date, 4°. 

Gothic letter. 

Also Par,, Mch, le Noir, 15 16. 4°. 
Par,, en la grande rue S, Jacques h Pen- 
eeigne de la rose blanche couronnee, with- 
out date, 4°. Oothic letter, 58 leaves. Lyon, 
Oliv. AmouUetf 1S2B, 4"*, Concerning the 
poem itself, prepared in 1290, which bears 
the title, Le toman du nouveau regnard, 
see Verdier Bibl Fran^, (Ed. in 4".) I. 257. 
Marehand Dictionn. under Oi^ee. No- 
ticet et extraite V. 32 1. VallQre Catal. II. 

18870 — le docteur en malice, maistre 
Regnard, demonstrant les ruses et 
cautelles qu'il use envers les per- 
sonnes (trad, des rimes de Jacque. 
mard Gielee en prose par J. Te- 
nessax.) Rouen, Dugort, 1550. 18°. 

with woodcuts. 
Also Par., Buffet, 1551. 18''. 

18871 — Reynier le renard, histoire 
tr^joyeuse et recreative, con te- 
nant 70 chapitres, en fran9ois et 
has allemand. An vers. Plan tin, 
1566. 8®. with woodcuts. 

In prose, and divided into 2 books. 

18872 — histoire plaisante de Reinier. 
Lyon» Rigaud, 1625. i6^ 



18873 — le renard ou le procez des 
bestes.^ Brux., Paneels, 1739. 8^ 
with plates. 

4 leaves, 132 pages and 2 leaves. In 
prose. Also Brux, et Par., Detaint, 1 739. 
8**. Consult Barbier Diet, des anon. (ed. 
an9.) III. 351. 

18874 — les intrigues du cabinet des 
rats, apologue national, destine k 
Tinstruction de la jeunesse et k 
Tamusement des vieillards. Ouvrage 
trad, de Tallemand en fTan9. ^^^'> 
le Roi et Marchand, 17S8. 8°. Yinth 

A repetition of the preceding work. 

18875 — le renard, ou le proces des 
animaux. Par., 1810. 8°. with 

18876 — roman de Renard, produc- 
tion en vers du i3me si^cle, public 
par Meon. Par., 1823, 8°. 4 voll. 
(72fr.,on large vellum paper 150 fr.) 

Of this edition, which is here merely 
quoted from the advertisement, only 400 
copies were to be printed. It would 
put an end to all the controversies that 
have hitherto existed concerning the origin 
of this romance, if it were to contain the 
oldest documentary pieces. Le Grand 
d*Aussy had already in the Noiioes et ex- 
traitty V. 294. sq. instituted excellent in> 
quiries concerning the old French romance 
of Renard ; and has expressly treated, not 
only concerning that of Oiel^, (see above 
No. 18869) ^'"^ '^^ concerning Renard le 
bettoume (p. 328) and Renard contr^ait, 

18877 REINEKE der Fuchs. 8) 

English. Hyer begynneth thystorye 

of reynard the foxe (transl. from 

the Dutch by W. Caxton). West- 

mestre, Caxton, 6 Juyn, 1481. fol. 

Oothic letter. 

85 leaves with the signatures a-/. The 
ist leaf is blank. I^eaf 2* b^ns the table 
qfthe hittorye ofreynart the fojee, and leaf 
y the work itself with the above super- 
scription. Leaf / 5^ is the colophon, in 
which it is stated : / haue not added ne 
mjfnunhed but haue fokwed at nyghe a» I 
can my oopye whiche twu in dutche, and by 
me WiUm Caxton translated in to this rude 
X symple Englyssh. It is thought that it 
was translated from the Dutch edition of 
1479. This 1st edition of the English 
translation is extremely scarce, and only 3 
copies are known, (in the Royal library at 
London, in lord Spenoer*s library, and in 


that of Magdalen college, Oxford.) Pyn- 
son*s reprint is still more scarce, of which 
Mr. Douce*s defective copy is the only one 
known. Dibdin*s Bibi. Spenc. IV. 244 aq. 
where specimens of Caxton *s translation 
are giveA. 

18878 — the most delectable history 

of Reynard the Fox. Lond. 1671. 


18879 — the most delectable history 
of Reynard the Fox. Newly cor- 
rected and purged from all gross- 
ness in phrase and matter. As 
also augmented and inlarged with 
sundry excellent morals and expo- 
sitions upon every several chapter. 
Lond., Ed. Brewster, 1681. 4°. 
Gothic letter with woodcuts, 56 
leaves. — The shifts of Reynardine 
the son of Reynard the Fox, or a 
pleasant history of his life and death. 
Full of variety, and may fitly be 
applied to the later times. Now 
published for the reformation of 
mens manners. Lond., Ed. Brew- 
ster, 1684. 4°. Gothic letter, 4 
leaves and 160 pages. 

Also Lond. 1701. 4°. 

18880 — the crafty courtier : or the 
fable of Reinard the fox: newly 
done into English verse, from the 
antient Latin jambics of Hartm. 
Schopperus. Lond., Nutt, 1706. 8**. 

4 leaves and 311 pages. This edition 
has no plates. 

18881 — The most pleasant and de- 
lightful history of Reynard the 
Fox and Reynardine his son. In 
two parts, with morals. Ed. III. 
Lond., Bates, 1708. 12". 

Aho Lond. 1733. 8". The best works of re- 
ference are the following i F.A. Hadsmanni 
Progr. de morali apologo poetioo, qui nostra 
vernacula de Reineke Voss appeilatur 
Helmst. 1 709. 4". (printed in his edition : 
consult also Meusel Litt, Bibl. MoffOM, III. 
178.) GuiHelmi Neubr^enns hiUoria €cf. 
Heame III. 743 sq. Neuestes aus der 
anmutfugen GeMirsamk. II., 394. VI L 
34 sq. Ill sq. Marchand Dictiqnn. I. 
378-381. J. C. H. Dreyer Jbhandl. WMt 
dim Nuizen des Gediehts Reinke de Voe m 
Erkl'drung der detUechen ReehiaaUerhwmer^ 
insonderh. des ehemaL Gerichtswesene., 
Btithow et Wismar, 1768. 4'. (Also in his 
Nebenstunden. ib., 1768. 4*.) FlSgei 


Ge$eh, der kom. lAL III. 38-94. Koeh 
Comp, der deutsehen Lit, Gesck, I. 146- 
148. Neuer detUteher Merkw 1795. B. 2. 
p. 121-129. (An extract from Ltf Grand 
d*Auup't treatifle, see above.) Bragur III. 
326 aq. IV. Abth, i. p. 186. Jordena 
LMnkcn I. 36. Eichhom Getth. der LUt. 
B. II. Th. I. p. 228. Gruber JVorterb. der 
jEsAeL I. 147 sq. 519 sq. BotUerwek 
Getch. derPoeiie V. 57. IX. 347. Hagen*8 
Grundristj p. 433, sq. F. WedeherUn 
Beiirr. zur Gemsh. altdevtKher Spraehe 
u. Dichikufut. Shut,, 181 1. 8^ (atur 
Gesch, 14. LUertUur des R. F.) Jen. Lit, 
Za/. 1814. Erg'dnz. Bl. B. I. p. 49 sq. 
Er$eh Eneykhfadie unler Baumann. — 
liicfateiistein in the Bruntchw. Magam, 
1 809, St. 35. calls the Reineke an imitadon 
of the fables of Pilpai, which it would not 
be easy to prove. That at least the Miechle 
schualim (fables of foxes) of R. Berachja 
ben Natronai Hanakdan has not the 
slightest refierenoe to the Reineke Fuche is 
shewn (by Mendelssohn?) in the Bri^e 
die neutte IM. betreffi I. 187. 

REINERIUS, see Pisis. 

16682 REINESIUS, Th. Variar. 
lectionum libri III. Altenb.^ 1640. 
4*^. (EJTisd.) defensio variar. lee 
tionum Th. Reineaii contra iniquam 
censuram poets L(ip8iensi8, i. e. 
And. Rivini). Rost., Richelius, 

1653. 4"'- 

The defenno^ which in most copies has 
the corrections of Reineeius at the end in 
his own hand, relates to the violent attack 
whidi Rlvinus, a rriadve and great admirer 
of Csp. Barth has made on the Var, lectt. 
in his QiuBsHonum aliquot phUosophicarutn 
tanji eaiwra de ioeieUUe calendar. Lpe. 
1649. 4*. 

18883 — syntagma inscriptionum an- 
tiquar. cumprimis Roms veteris, 
quarum omissa est recensio in vasto 
Jani Gruteri opere. Lps.^ Fritsch^ 
16S2. fol. 

Extremely incorrectly printed, see Bur^ 
manm Sylloge epp. V. 331 . — Emendatt. in-' 
ieriptionum Reinesianar. ex MSS. Bibl. 
StroxMiatuty in act. toe. lot. Jen. IV. 133 

18884 — epistolie ad Csp. Hoffman- 
num et Ch. Ad. Rupertnm. Lps., 
Bauer, 1660. 4^. Epistolar. ad J. 
Vorstium scriptar. fasciculus. Col. 
Brand., Schultz, 1667. 4°. Epi- 
stolse ad Ch. Daumium. Jen., Ni- 
sius^ 1670. 4^ Epistol« ad Neste- 
ros. Lps., 1670, 4^ Ejuset J. And. 



And. Bosii epistolse mutu«. Jen., 
Crocker, 1700. 12°. 

Of these letters, those to Daumius particu- 
larly are interesting for the literary history 
of the middle ages. Concerning this author's 
unpriuted Eponymologicum (now in Frane- 
ker) see Woirs Literar, Analekten, II. 356 
sq. His MS. copy of his Variar. lectt. in d^e 
cathedral library at Zeitz, where his library 
was sold, is enlai^ged with numerous MS. 
additions, which however only contain raw 

18885 REINHARD, Fr. Volkm. 
System der christl, Moral. 5 Aufl. 
Witt. u. Zerbst^ Zimmermann^ 
1815. 8^ 5 voll. (13 d. 16 gr.) 

18886 — Predigten. Witt. u. Zerbst, 
Zimmermann, 1792-93. 8^ 2 voll. 
(2 d.) Predigten im J. 1 795-1 805 
u. 1807 gehalten. Sulzbach^ Sei- 
dell 1796-1808. 8°. 24 voll. (24 d.) 
Predigten im J. 1809-11 gehalten. 
ib., id., 1810-12. 8^ 6 voll. (12 d.) 
Predigten im J. 181 2 gehalten, 
herausg. von J. 6. A. Hacker, ib., 
id., 1813. 8^ (1 d.) Predd. fiber 
die Evangelia des ganzen Jahrs, 
aus s. noch ungedruckten Predd. 
herausg. von J. Q. A. Hacker, ib. 
1813. 8''. 4 voll. (2 d.) 

18887 — opuscula academica (ed. 
C. L. H. Politz). Lps., Hinrichs, 
1808-9. 8°. 2 voll. (i d. 12 gr.) 

18888 REINHOLD, Hartm. Reime 

dich, oder ich fresse dich, d. i. 

deutlicher zu geben, Antiperica- 


ones poeticse, oder Schellen . u. 

Scheltenswurdige Thorheit Boeo- 

tischer Poeten in Deutschland, 

Hans Wursten, Zu sonderbahren 

Nutzen u. Ehren, Zu keinem 

Nachtheil der Edlen Poesie, unsrer 

loblichen Muttersprache, oder ei- 

niges rechtschaffenen, gelehrten 

Poetens, zu belachen und zu ver- 

werffen vorgestellet. Noithausen, 

Barthold FuJirmann, 1675. 8^ 184 


An instruction composed with very coarse 
and often low wit, how to become a bad 
poet, together with a statement of the arti- 
fices, by which a person may acquire repu- 

18889 REINOLDUS, J. Historia 



griecar. et latinar. literar. Ace. 
Herodotus de vita Homeri, gr., 
maxima cura collatus cum cod. bibl. 

Bodlej. Etonse, 1752.4°. 
Scarce, as only 250 copies were printed. 

18890 REJON de Silva, Diego Ant. 
La pintura, poema didactica en tres 
cantos. Segovia, 1786. large 8°. 
with plates. 

18891 REIS Quita^ Domingo dos. 
Obras poeticas. Ed. II. correcta, 
emendada^ e augmentada com as 
obras posthumas e vida do author. 
Lisb., 1781. 8°. 2 voll. (1600 rees.) 

18892 REISCH, Gr. Margarita phi- 
losophical totius philosophiae ra. 
tionalis et moralis principia duo. 
decim libris dialogice complectens. 
Friburgi, J. Schotus, 1503. 4°. with 


Concerning this often printed encyclo- 
pedia, see Weller*8 Altesy III. 402. Schnur- 
rer von d, hebr, Lehrem in Tubingen p. 55. 
The edition, Arg, 1504. 4**. is described in 
the Leipx. LiU, Zeit. 1804. ItUelL BL 
p. 193. on account of its anatomical wood- 
cuts. The editions, Bat., 1535 or 83. 4**. 
contain augmentations by Orontius Fineus. 
— Gr, Reisch Margarita JUotq/ica accre' 
sciula da Orontio Fmeo, di ntiavo trad, da 
Gt. P. Gallucci. Ven,, Barozxi, 1599. 4°. 
with bad woodcuts. 

REISE^ see Rbimbrs. 
REISEN, see Bibliothek. 

18893 REISERUS, Ant. Index 
manuscriptor. bibl. Augustanae. 
(A v.), Gobel, 1675. 4°. 

18894 REISKE, J. Jac. Animadvv. 

ad graecos auctores. Lps.^ Gleditsch^ 

1757-66. 8°. 5 voU. (5 d.) 

The 5 th vol. is scarce, owing to a fire. — 
See also Oratores. 

18895 REITZ, F. Wfg. De proso- 
diee greecse accentus inclinatione. 
Additum est carmen: Seculum ab 
inventis clarum. Ed. repetita cura 
F. A. Wolfii. Lps., Crusius, 1791. 
8°. (i2gr.) 

18896 REITZ, J. F. De ambiguis, 

mediis et contrariis s. de significa- 

tione verbor. ac phrasium ambigua. 

Traj. ad Rh., Chariot, 1736. 8^ 

Enlarged ib, 1752. 8"* Apologia et eup- 

plemeni. ad ambigua. ib. 1752. 8°. 

18897 RELACION del viage hecho 


por las goletas Sutil 7 Mexicana 
en el aiio de 1792, para reconocer 
el estrecho de Juan de Fuca, con 
una introducion. Madr., impr. real. 
1802. 4°. with an Atlas in small 

18898 — del viage que per orden de 
sa magestad hizieron los capitanes 
Bm. Garcia de Nodal j Gonzalo 
de Nodal, al descubrimiento del 
estrecho nuevo di S. Vinceiite j 
reconoscimiento de Magel lanes. 
Madr., Montenegro^ 1621. 4°. 

Scarce and interesting*. Altogether 91 
leaves, including 13 leaves of preliminary 
matter and 15 at the end. The map, en- 
graved on wood, is sometimes wanting. 

18899 RELAND, Hadr. Palsestina 
ex monumentis vett. illustrata. 
Traj. Batav.^ Broedelet, 1714. 4^. 
2 vols, with plates. Also on large 

Also in Ugolini Theeaur. antiq. tacr. T. 
VI. Additions by J. Cp. Harenberg in 
N^ov. mite. lApt. IV. 465 sq. V. 348 sq. 
408 sq. VI. 199 sq. 406 sq. 593 sq. 

18900 — dissertationes miscellanese. 
Traj. ad Rh., Broedelet, 1706-7 
(new title, 17 13). 8°. 3 parts in 
I vol. 

18901 — antiquitates sacrs vett. 
Hebrieor. Traj. ad Rh.^ Broedelet, 
1 74 1. 4®. Also on large paper. — 
Antiqq. sacrse vett. Hebreeor. Re- 
cens. et animadversionib. Ugolinis 
et Ravianis auxit G. J. L. VogeL 
Hal., Curtius, 1769. 8^ (16 gr.) 

18902 — de religione Mohammedica 

libri II. arab. et lat. Traj. ad Rh.^ 

Broedelet, 1717. 8°. with plates. 

Less complete, ib. 1 708. 8*. In French 
(by Adr. Durand), Hofet Vaittanty 1731. 
1 3**. In Engh'sh, Lond. 1 71 3. 8^ 

18903 — de spoliis tempi! Hieroso- 

ijmitani. Traj. ad Rh. 1775. 8^ 

with plates (1 fl. 8 st). 
Less complete, ib» 17 16. 8°. 

18904 RELAND, Pt. Fasti oon- 
sulares, ad iUustrationem codicia 
Justinianei ac Theodosiani secun- 
dum rationes temporum digesti, 
cum appendice Hadr. Relandi. 
Traj. Batav., Broedelet, i7<5> 
large 8*^. 


18905 RELATIO. Brevis relatio 
eonim, qufe spectant ad declara- 
tionem Sinarum imperatoris Kam- 
hi circa cceli, Cumfucii et avorum 
cultum, datam anno 1700. Acce- 
dunt primatum, doctissimor. viror. 
et antiquissimse traditionis testi- 
monial opera patrum soc. Je&u. 

Pekini (1700). large 8®. 

Printed at Pekin with wood blocks, and 
containing a Chinese and a Tartar transla- 
tion besides the Latin text. 

18906 RELATION en forme de 

journal du voyage et s^jour que 

Charles II. Roi de la grande Bre- 

tagne a fait en Hollande depuis Je 

25. Mai jusqu'au 2. Juin 1660. 

Have, 1660. fol. with plates. 

Tiiere is a copy with seyeral ooutempo- 
raneous MS. corrections in the Royal li- 
brary at Dresden. 

RELATION, see Montpemsibr 
and Thevenot. 

18907 RELATIONES de libris 

novis. Vol. I-III. et Vol. IV. 

Fasc. 1 . Gott., Vandenhoek, 1752- 

55. 8^ (4 d. 8 gr.) 

No more appeared. Elach volume con- 
sists of 4 pieces. J. D. Michaelis was the 

18908 RELIGIO universalis et natu- 
ralis. Disquisitio philosophica ex 
exemplia omnium nationum et ra- 
tionibus variis consolidata. Par., 
Renouard, 181 8. 12°. 

According to Renouard^s Caiai. I. 198, 
this is a woric of a Scotch literary person, 
written about the end of the 1 7th century, 
but never before printed, and only no 
copies were struck off in la**., 10 on lai^ 
paper in 8^, and 6 on vellum, likewise 

RELIGION des Gaulois, see Mar- 
RELIQUES, see Pkrcy. 

RELIQUI^ sacrae, see Grabs. 

RELIQUIAE antiquitatum Puteolis 
etc. see Antichita. 

18909 RELIQUIiE. .^gyptior. co- 
dicum reliquisB Venetiis in biblio- 
tlieca Naniana asservate (descript^e 
a J. Aloysio Mingarellio). Bon. 

i)ee also Nani. 



18910 RELKOWICH, Mth. Ant. 
Neue slavon. u. deutsche Gram- 
matik. 3 Ausg. Wien^ Kurzboeck. 
1789. 8°. (5 d.) 

18911 — deutsch-illyr. u. illyr. 
deutsches Worterbuch. Wien, Ca- 
mesina, 1790. 4^ 2 voll. (5 d.) 

18912 REMIGIO (Nannini) Fio- 
rentino. Rime. Ven. 1547. 8®. 

18913 REMMELINCJS, J. Cato- 

ptrum miscrocosmicum. Ff. a. M. 

J 660. large fol. with plates. 

It represents a sort of anatomy in 3 ta* 
bles, so that the parts of the male and fe- 
male body are presented to the eye in one 
section. These are pasted in such a way 
on one another that one can be raised up 
after the other, so that the part that is un- 
derneath may always be seen. Engraved 
by Luc. Kilian. Previously, ^ T. 1619. fol. 
Ulma, 1639. fol. In Oerman, Kleiner 
WeUsjnegel. Aug»p, 1 632 . fol. Ulm, 1 66 1 . 
fol. See also Piccolo miki: 

18914 REMONDINI, Gi. St. No- 
lana ecclesiastica storia. Nap., Gi. 
di Simone, 1747-57. fol. 3 voll. 

18915 REMUSAT, Abel. Essai sur 
la langue et la litt^rature chinoise. 
Par. 1 81 1. 8°. 

18916 — recherches sur les langues 
tartares, ou m ^moires sur differens 
points de la grammaire et de la 
litt^rature des Mandchous, des 
Mongols, des Ouigours et des Ti- 
b^tains. T. I. Par., impr. roy., 
1820. 4?. 

18917 — le livre des recompenses et 
des peines, trad, du chinois avec 
des notes et des ^claircissements. 
Par., Renouard, 1816. 8°. Also on 
vellum paper. 

18918 RENALDINI, Panfilo di. 
Innamoraroento di Rugeretto, fi- 
gliuolo di Ru^ero. Ven., Comin 
da Trino, 1555. 4°. with woodcuts. 

46 cantos in Ottaverime. (Also in 

RENALDOS, see Reonault de 

RENARD, see Reineke. 
RENARD, L., see Histoire, No. 

RENAUD, see Reonault. 

18919 RENAUDOT, Euseb. Li. 



turgiar. orientalium collectio. Par.^ 
Coignard^ 1716. 4^ 2 voll. 

18920 — histona patriarcbarum Alex- 
andrinor. Jacobitarum. Par.^ Four- 
nier, 17 13. 4°. 

18921 — anciennes relations des 
Indes et de la Cbine, de deux voya- 
geurs mahometans qui j all^rent 
dans le IX. si^cle^ trad, de I'arabe, 
avec des remarques (par £us. Re- 
naudot). Par., Coignard, 1 7 1 8. 8°. 

This was long considered to be suppo- 
■ititiouB, until at last the Arabic original 
was discovered in the Royal library at 
Paris. See Notices et extraUt, I. 156 sq. 

RENAUDOT, Thphr., see Chro- 
NOLOGiE and Gazette. 

18922 RENAZZI, Ph. Mar. Ele- 
menta juris criminalis. Roms^ 
1802. 8®. 6 voll. Also ib. 1819- 
21. 8^ 5 voll. 

18923 — synopsis elementor. juris 
criminalis. Senis^ 1804. 8°. 

18924 — storia dell' university degli 
studj di Roma detta comunemente 
la sapienza, che contiene anche un 
saggio storico della letteratura Ro- 
mana dal principio del sec. 13 sino 
al declinare del sec. 18. Roma, 
1 803-6. 4°. 4 voll. 

18925 RENCIFO, J. Diaz. Arte 
poetica Espanola. Madr., Cuesta, 
1606. 4®. 

18926 RENCONTRES k tons pro- 
pos, par proverbes et huitains fran- 
9ois. Par.^ Est. GrouUeau^ 1554- 
oblong 1 2°. with woodcuts. 

18927 RENE d'Anjou. (anon.) La 
conqueste qu'ung chevalier sur- 
nomme le cceur d'amours epris fit 
d'une dame appel^e douce mercy. 
Imprim^ en Ian 1503 (4^. Gothic 

There was a MS. of this romance, which 
is in prose and verse intermixed, in Val- 
li^re*s library, No. 28 11. Du Verdier 
cited this edition, but yet no copy is known, 
and Debure, who has quoted it in No. 2996 
from him, has added the size only from 
conjecture. See also Almst en court. 

RENIERI, see Tolomei. 

18928 RENNELL, Jam. Memoir 
of a map of Hindoostan or the 
Mogul empire, to which is added 


an appendix containing an account 
of the Ganges and Burrampooter 
rivers. Ed. III. with a second sup- 
plementary map. Lond. 1793. 4^. 
The editions 1 783 and 88 are &r more 
complete, but the supplonent (Memoir qf 
map of peninsula of India) is also sold se- 
parately. — In French, Description de 
Vlndostan^ trad, par Boucheseiche. Par. 
1800. 8°. 3 vols, with an atlas in 4^ (also 
on large vdlum paper.) 

18929 — Bengal atlas containing 
maps of the theatre of war and 
commerce on that side of Indostan. 
Lond. 1 78 1, fol. 

18930 — illustrations of the expe- 
dition of Cyrus and the retreat of 
the ten thousand Greeks. Lond., 
Nicol, 1 81 6. 4^ with 3 maps in 
fol. (il. 1 6s.) 

Abridged and translated by Alb. Lion. 
Gott. 1823. 8". 

18931 — observations on the topo- 
graphy of the plain of Troy. Lond. 

1814.4°. (<580 
See also Herodotus, No. 9565. 

18932 RENNER (der). Itaunder 
aUererst im Truck aussgangen. 
(Von Hugo von Trymberg). Ff. 
a. M., Cyr. Jacobus zum Bock, 
1549. fol. 

T23 numbered leaves in a columns. In 
this edition, superintended by Seb. Brant, 
the author's Suabian manner is alter- 
ed to that of the T6th century, and the 
poem is arbitrarily augmented and cur- 
tailed. It is the only printed edition. 
i^Consult Hagev^s GrundrisSf p. 384 iq. 
Ffogel Gesch, der kom, lAt. III. 12 sq. 

18933 RENOUARD. Ant. Agst. 

Observations de quelques patriotes 

sur la necessity de conserver les 

monumens de la litt^rature et des 

arts. Par. (Didot), an 2 (1793). 8^ 

Lettre au comite d'instruction pub- 

lique. (ib. 1793). 8°. 
4 copies on vellum. 

18934 — annales de Timprimerie des 
Aide, ou histoire des trois Manuce 
et de leurs editions. Par.^ Re- 
nouard, an 12 (1803). 8". a voll. 
Supplement, ib. 181 a. 8^ with 
plates (18 fr., on veUum paper 
38 fr.) 

4 copies of the first 2 vols, and 2 ethics 


of the sapplement on large rellum paper. 
Tlie work it a pattern, hem the history of 
a printing estaUiahment may be uaeAiUy 
written, and la most advantageously dis- 
tinguished by its great bibliographical ac- 
cnracy. Several additions and corrections 
are to be found in different parts of his 
subsequent catalogue. 

18935 — notice 8ur la vie et les 
ouvrages des trois Maniice. Par., 
Renouard, 1803. 8°. 

One copy on veUum. It is merely a 
separate impression of one part of the and 
vd. of the above work. 

18936 — notice sur una nou7. ^tion 
de la traduction fran^. de Longus 
par Amyot, et sur la decouverte 
d'un fragment grec de cet ouvrage. 
Par. 1810. 8°. — Notizia sopra una 
nuova ediz. della traduzione franc 
di Longo etc. trad, da Evasio Cori. 

fee (Dm. Alb. Azuni). ib. 1 8 1 o. 8°. 
Two copies of each of these two woiks 
were strudc off on vellum. 

18937 — (anon.) Timpot du timbre 

sur les catalogues de librairie^ rui. 

neuz pour les libraires et onereux 

au tr^r public. Par., Renouard, 

1816. 8°. 
2 copies on vellum. 

19838 — (anon.) catalogue de la bib- 
liotbeque d'nn amateur, avec notes 
bibliographiques, critiques et lit* 
tenures. Par., Renouard^ 1819. 8°. 
4 Toll. (3 3 fr., 60 copies on large 
▼ellnm paper 80 fr,) 

One of the most valuable French bihb'o> 
graphical works, and moreover an interest- 
ing document for posterity with a view to 
their acquaintance with the history of 
Frendk bibliophily. Accuracy, multifari- 
ous knowledge and taste, render the study 
of it as instructive, as a cursory perusal is 
sgreeable and entertaining. My detailed 
review of it is in the Hermes. V. 1 30 sq. 

18939 — (anon.) note sur Lr. Coster 

^ I'occasion d'un ancien livre im- 

prim^ dans les pays bas. {Pnr,, 

^rapelet, 181 8). 8°. 

A separate impression of a part of his 
catalogue (II. 153-158), 4 copies of whtdi 
were stnidc off on vellum. 

18940 RENTERIA, Ibafiex de la. 
Fabulas en verso castellano. Madr. 
1797. 8°. a voll. 

18941 RENUSSON, Ph. Oeuvres, 



augment^ par Serieux. Par. 1 780. 
Pair, 1769. fol. is less priaed. 

18942 RENVERSEMENT de la 
morale chrestienne par les d^rdres 
du monacbisme. Without place or 
date, 4^. with plates, 3 parts in i vol. 

This satire, which appeared in Holland 
at the end of the 1 7th century, and to which 
the Herat de la ligne is a companion, con- 
tains, besides the title plate, 50 caricatures 
unooloured, which are designed in a genuine 
comic spirit and are well executed, and a 
French and Dutch text. Tolerably sought 
after in France (36.48 fr.). A more recent 
edition with bad plates, probably printed 
in Switzerland, may be distinguished by 
the satirical verses, quatrains, under the 
plates of the original edition being omitted. 

18943 REPERTOIRE des theatres 
etrangers, traduits en fran9. Par., 
Brissot-Thivars, 1832. 18". 72 voD. 
(at 2 fr. each). 

Containing, Thedtre anglaiSf 20 vcXi. 
7%, aiiemandy 20 v<4l. Th. etpagn,, 1 2 voil; 
Th. Ual., 12 voll. TM&ires divert, 8 voU. 
— CK^B^cBUvre dee thUitres itrangers 
trad, enfran^. Par., Ladvoeat, 1822. 8**. 
30 volL (at 6 fir.) is a similar collection. 
—The Repertoires du th, /ran^,, see under 

18944 REPERTOIRE des artistes, 
ou recueil de difF<6rentes composi- 
tions d'arcbitecture etc. par differens 
auteurs (donn^ par Jombert). Par. 
1764. small fol. 2 vols, with 686 

A very indifferent collection. 

18945 REPERTORY (antiquarian), 
intended to illustrate and preserve 
valuable remains of old times (chief- 
ly compiled hy Grose and Astle). 
New edit, with great additions. 
Lond. 1807-9. 4°. 4 vols, witb 238 
plates ( I ol. I OS. on large paper 21I.). 

The 1st edition, Lond, 1780. 4''. 4 v(^. is 
less complete. 

16946 REPERTORY of arts and 

manufactures. Lond. 1794-1 8 18. 

large 8°. 50 vols. Analytical in. 

dex to tbe 16 vols, of the first 

series and to the first eight vols, of 

the second series. Lond. 1807. 8°. 

(108. 6d.) 
It is going on. In monthly parts at 3s. 

REPETICION, see Lucena. 




18947 REPOSITORY of arts, lite- 
rature, comnierce, etc. Lond., Ac- 
kermann, 14 vols, in 8°. with illu- 
minated plates ( 1 7I. 1 2s.). General 
index (2s.). 

This is the fir»t series. Since then a 
second series has commenoed, and is g<Hng 
on in monthly parts at 4s. 

18948 REPPONE, Masillo. Posil- 
lecheata. Napoli, 1684. 8". 

Concerning this work, whose real author 
was Pompeo Samelli, see Rehfues Brief e 
uber ItaL IV. 263. 


marbres^ graves et mis en conleurs 

d'apr^ nature, avec leurs noms en 

hoUand., allem., angl.^ frany. et 

latin. Amst., Sepp, 1766. large 

4°. with illuminated plates. 

Also with Dutch {Afbeeldinff der Mar^ 
fnor Soorten), German (Abbiidd, der Mar^ 
morarien)y English {RepresentoHon of dif- 
ferent sorts of marble), and Latin (Marmora 
et adfines aRquot lapides) titles, all of which 
however are dated 1776. Only 98 plates 
with text up to No. 75 have appeared. 
The same plates are used in the following 
work, Ad. L. Wirsing marmora et adfines 
aliquot lapides. Abbiidd. der Marmorarten 
etc. (with text by Schmiedel). Nrb. 1775. 

large 4"- 

turesque) of the manners, customs 
and amusements of the Russians, 
with an accurate explanation of 
each plate in Engl, and French (by 
A.Atkinson and J.Walker). Lond.^ 
Boydell, 1803-5. large fol. /parts 
with 100 illuminated plates (14I. 

18951 REPTON, H. Sketches and 
hints on landscape gardening. Lond. 
1795. oblong 4°. with illuminated 
plates^ 5I. 

18952 — observations on the theory 
and practice of landscape gardening, 
including some remarks on Grecian 
and Gothic architecture. Lond. 
1805. large 4°. with plates (5I. 5s.). 

18953 — fragments on landscape 
gardening and architecture^ as con- 
nected with rural scenery. Lond. 
1816. large 4°. with 5 2 illuminated 
plates (61. 6s.). 

18954 REQUENO, Vine. Saggi sul 


ristabilimento dell' antica arte de' 

Greci e Romani pittori, di dipin- 

gere all' encausto. Ed. II. Parma, 

tip. regia, 1787. 8°. 2 vols, with 

plates. Appendice. Roma, 1 806. S''. 

Previously, Ven. 1784.8**. A learned but 
very prolix work, and not to be depended 
upon in its citation of sources ; see Seek" 
manns Beitrr. V. 513. Fiorillo arti^ 
Schrr. II. 173. 

18955 — scoperta della chironomia 
o sia deir arte di gestire con le 
mani. Parma, 1797. 8°. with 3 

18956 — saggio sul ristabilimento 
deir arte armonica de' greci e ro. 
mani cantori. Parma, 1798. 8°. 
2 vols. Also on large paper. 

18957 — osservazioni suUa chirotipo. 
grafia ossia antica arte di stampare 
a mano. Roma, de' Romanis^ 1 8 1 o. 
8°. Also on large paper. 

A copy on vellum in tne Royal library at 

18958 REQUETE (la) des maris 
ombrageux^ courtbatus, boucqui- 
neux, farouchesj trop tristes, pen- 
sifs et d^l^. Item plusieurs 
sortes de ballades en di verses lan- 
guages, chant royal et autres dif- 
ferentes rimes, dirig^es aux mes- 
sieurs et mainteneurs de la gaie 
science de rhetorique de Thoulouse, 
au mois de mai, auquel par lesdits 
sieurs s'adjugent les fleurs d*or et 
d'argent aux mieux disant. Thou- 
louse, Gaston Recoleyne, 1533. 8®. 

18959 REQUETE (la) faite et bail- 
lee par les dames de Thouloose, 
aux maitres et mainteneurs de la 
gaie science de rhetorique au mois 
de mai .... avec plusieurs sortes 
de rimes en divers languages et sur 
divers propos^composees par lesdites 
dames. Thoulouse, without date, 4®. 

Both these scarce woriss are quoted from 
Duverdier. -*• 

RE RUM, see Scriptobbs. 

18960 RESEARCHES (African), 
or proceedings of the association for 
promoting the discovery of the in- 
terior parts of Africa. Lond. 1 790- 
1803. large 4^ 2 vols. (2I. 5s.) 


18961 •— Asiatic, or trausactioiis of 
the society instituted in Bengal, for 
inquiring into the history and an- 
tiquities^ arts, sciences and litenu 
ture of Asia. Calcutta, 1 7 88-1 82 1 . 
4^ 13 vols, with plates (26 guineas). 

This origizud editiou is very scarce on 
the Continent. Reprinted,£.<mdLi 799-182 1 . 
large 4**. 13 vols, with plates, and LontL 
i8oi~2i. 8°. i.:^ vob. with phttes (7L 19s.). 
This last, the first parts of which have 
been often printed, is not fine. The French 
translation of the first 2 vols. Par. 1805. 
4*. % vols. (72 fr. now 36 fr.) by A. La- 
baiime, is valuable on account of the notes 
by Ciivier, Langles and others, but it was 
not continued. A German translation of 
a part of the work by J. Ch. Fick, Rigci^ 
> 795-97- 8**. 4 vols. (5 d. 20 gr.) — See 
alio Jones and Miscex-laky. 

18962 RESCH EL, Th. Dictionariuni 
latino-bohemicum. Olomucii, 1 5 60. 
4°. Dictionarium bohemico-lat. ib. 

18963 RESENDE, Garcia de. Livro 
das obras de Garcia de Reesende, 
que tracta da vida et virtudes et 
bontades del rey Joam II. Evora^ 
And. de Burgos, 1554. fol. 

A very scarce edition, the most prized, 
and cited by the acad^nyof Lisbon ; 6 leaves 
of preliminary matter, 134 and 23 num- 
bered leaves and 4 leaves of index. The 
work first appeared in 15.^7. This edition 
is enlarged with the author's Miscellanea 
e variedade de hieioriag, cotiumeMf caaot et 
couKUj que em aeu tempo acoontesceram^ in 

verse The edition Lm6., Alvaresf, 1623. 

fioL is less prized. — See also Caitcionei&o, 
No. 3447. 

18964 RESENDE, Luc. And, Libri 

IV. de antiquitatibus Lusitanise a 

Luc. And. Resendio olim inchoati 

et a Jac. Mencetio recogniti atque 

absoluti. Ace liber quintus de an- 

tiquitate municipii Eborensis ab 

eodem Vasconcello conscriptus. 

Eborae, Mt. Burgensis, 1593. fol. 

26 leaves of preliminary matter, 259 and 
46 pages. Also Roma^ Basay 1597. 8**. 

18965 — antiquitatum Lusitaniae et 
de municipio Eborensi libri V. 
oratt., epistolse et poemata« Col. 
Agripp., Birckmann, 1600. 8°. 2 
parts in i vol. 

DeOeidB Lutitano-Hitpanicm. Col, 161 3. 
8**. is only a new title to T. 1. 

18966 — epistolae tres carmine, item 



epistola prosa oratione pro colonia 

Pacensi ad J. Vasaeum. Olysipoue, 

J. Blavius, 1561. 4°. 
18967 — poemata, epistolae bistoricae, 

oratt. Col., Greuenbrucb, 161 3. 8°. 

304 pages and 16 leaves. 
X8968 — historia da antiguidade da 

cidade de Evora. Evora, Burgos, 

1576. 8°. 
Cited by the academy of Lisbon. 

18969 — collec9ao de varias antigui- 
dades de Evora, escrita por Andre 
de Resende, Diogo Mendes de Va- 
sconcellos, Gasp. E8ta90, Bernardo 
de Brito e Manoel Severim de 
Faria, feita por Bento Jos^ de 
Sousa Farinha. Lisb. 1781. 8^ 
(400 rees.) 

18970 — vida do infiante D. Duarte. 
Lisb. 1782 or 89. 8°. (160 rees.) 

The edition of 1782 is dted by the aca- 
demy of Lisbon. 

RESENIUS, see Gudm. Andreas 

and Edoa. 
RESPIT, see J. le Febvre. 

18971 RESPUBLIC^ Elzeviriana;. 

In 16^. 

This collection is diiferently specified l>y 
different persons, whidi is owing to the 
point of view from which it is consider- 
ed. If it be confined to Elzevir impres- 
sions, many that are here cited must oer- 
tainly be left out. Since, notwithstanding 
the preference for Elzevir productions, 
the collection is not sought aJfter, as not 
possessing the finished neatness of their 
duodedmo impr«»ions, it appears better 
to consider them with respect to their 
scientific, even if only historical, inter- 
est. In that case it must be strictly con- 
fined to those books which convey in- 
formation of the different states, or at 
least form introductions to them, with- 
out regard to what press they proceeded 
from. Merely historical, or geographical 
works or books of travels caimot be ad- 
mitted, nor any thing else that has appear- 
ed in a larger size than 16**. In order 
however not to make the aiticle incom- 
plete, we shall also give as a supplement 
what Brunet has admitted from books of a 
dissimilar kind. Concerning the collection 
of these so-called Republics, consult Haiw- 
burg, bibl. hutor., IX. 186-144. Sallengre 
Memoiret de liitirat., II. 149-19'- ^«^«^- 
Bunav., II. 206 sq. LUerar. Wochen- 
blatt, I. 79 sq. II. 2185 sq. Biblioth. Lwnlor- 
phiana, P. II. Ham, 1 789. 8*. p. 380- 
425 (too many pages referred U»> properly 




p. 392-395). AUgemeiner IMerar. Anzei' 
get Jahrg. 1 797, p. 445, 1 2 1 a, 1432. Jahrg. 
1798, p. 276. <7aAr^. 1799, p. 156 and 
1 3 1 2. Brunei Manuel (ed. 3)9 IV. 566 sq. 

1. Gu. Pottelius De umveniiaie. LB., 
J, Mairey '635* 

2. Idem De cosmographica disciplina etc 
LB.y Maire, 1636. 

3. Th. Aquinas De rebus publ, et prin^ 
eipuminiiUut. LB , Maire, 164^. Pre- 
viously t^., id,, 1630. 

4. J, Ang. Werdenhagen Psychoiogia vera, 
AmsLf JantaoHy 1632. 

5 . Ejuad, introductio in omnee resp. Amst., 
Blaeu, 1632. Also ib,, JanssoHy 1632. 

6. Ant. Thgsii Memorabilia veU. rerum- 
publicar, LB,y Mairey 1646. 

7. Mt. Schoockii resp. Acfueor. et Vejen- 
tium, Traj.f Zylly 1664. The copies 
with the title Fatum reip, Acfutor. et 
Vej. ib,y ZyUy 1664, are of the same 

8. J, Leonis Africa descriptio, LB., El' 
zev.y 1632. 

9. Th, Smith De republ. Anglor. LB,y 
Elzev.y 1625. (There is also a second 
impression with the same date, in the 
last page of which the privilegium is 
wanting). LB,, Ela,, 1630. LB,, Elz,, 
1 64 1, (there are also two impressions of 
this date). 

10. Arabia. Amst., Jansson, 1633. -^^ 
ib. 1635. 

I r. Mthi. Bemeggeri Forma reip. Argent 
torat, Arg. 1673. 

1 2. Gu. Poetellus De rep. Atheniens. LB., 
Maircy 1635. 232 pages. There is also 
an edition of 368 pages of the same date. 
Also LB., Maire, 1645. 

13. Adr. Houtuyn Resp. Batavti. Hag, 
Com., Hagen, 1689. 

14. {M, Z, Boxhom) De statu eor^fced, 
provinc. Belg. Hag. Com., Verhoeve, 

1649. Only the ist edition belongs 
here. The later editions are in 12°. 

15. Belgii confoederati resp. LB., Elz., 
1630. There are 3 editions with this 
date, 2 of 352 pages, and one of 359. 

1^ P. Slranskg Resp. Bohem. LB., Elz., 

1634. ib., id., 1643. Amst. (Nrb. et 

Altorf.), Riidiger, 1713. 
] 7. Pt. Gfllius De Bosporo Throe. LB., 

Elz., 1632. There are 2 editions with 

this date. 

18. Regni Chineneis descriptio. LB., Elz.y 

19. Pt. Gyllius De Constantinop. topogra- 
phia. LB,, Elz., 1632. 2 editions with 
this date. 

20. De regno Dania et Norweg. LB., 
Elz., 1629. Two editions with tiiis 
date, the earlier of which has 510 pages, 
and the later 447. 

21. Resp, s. status regni GaUia. LB., 
Elz., 1626. 


22. Gallia (J. de Laet). LB.y Elz., 1639. 
Two editions, one of 461 pages, the 
other of 443. 

IS- R^p- et status imp. Rom. Germ. LB., 
Elz., 1634. 2 vols, of 414 and 382 
pages. A 2nd edition, and really a new 
impression in both vols, is, ib,, u/., 1634^ 
40. 2 vols of 408 and 382 pages. 

24. Jac, Lampadius De rep, Rom, Germ. 
LB,, Maire, 1642. Previously, ib,, id., 

25. Status partictilaris regim, Ferdinandu 
without place, (Elz.) 1637. 365 pages. 
An edition of 302 pages wiUi &e same 
date, is a German impression, and does 
not contain Eremitte iter, germ. 

26. U. Emmii Grtrcor. resp. LB,, Elz,, 
1632. 2 vols, of 426 and 323 pages. 
A 2Tid less fine edition of the same date, 
(but 1 644 stands in the title of the se- 
cond vol. ), has 41 3 and 300 pages. Bni- 
net also mentions an edition of the ist 
vol. LB,, 1634. 

27. J. Ang. Werdenhagen De reb. ptM. 
Hanseat, LB., Maire, 1631. 4 puts 
in 2 vols. Two editions, one of 982 
and 1348 pages, and the other of 985 
and 1307. 

28. Bon. Com. Bertram de rep. Ebr. LB., 
Maire, 1641. Also ib., id., 1651. 

29. Pt. Cuncsi Resp. Hebr. LB., Elz,, 
1632. (Two editions, one of 502 pages, 
and the other of 372). Amst. 1666. 
LB. 1668. 

30. Adr. Houtuyn Monarehia Heb. LB^ 
Lopez, 1685. 

31. Sigomi Resp. Hebr, Medioburgi, 
Goeree, 1678. 

32. Jo. L. Reimeri Resp. Ebr. Hann., 
Lamprecht, 1657. 

33. Helveiior. Resp, LB., Elz., 16^7. 
Three editions, the first of 508 pages, 
the two last of 535 pages each. 

34. {J. de Laet) Hispania, LB,, Etst^ 
1629. Two editions, the eariier one of 
498 pages, the later of 520. 

35. Th. Campanella De monarehia Hup. 
LB.y Elz,, 164X. Also, ib., id., 1653. 
But the edition, Amst., Elz., 1640. is in 

36. (Pt. ScrifferU) Resp. HoUandim. LB., 
Maire, 1630. Three editions, the ist 
^ 434 pag^ the 2nd of 514, and the 
3rd of 526. 

37. Resp. et statue regni Hungar, With- 
out place, Elz. 1634. 

38. Bn. VarenU Descr, regni Japmnee, 
Amst., Elz., 1649. Two editions, one 
of 287 and 320 pages (267 and 120 by 
a misprint), and the other of 285 and 

39. {J, de Laet) De imper. MogoHs ». bi~ 
dia. LB,, Biz,, 1651. Two editions, 
one of 299 pages, and the hfter one of 


40. De prindpatUnts Ital. LB., Eh. 1 628. 
Also, ib,, il.y 1 63 1. 

41. M, Z. Boxhom De Leodienn rep. 
AmsL, Jafuaotiy 1633. Also, Leid^, 
ConmteRn, 1633 (is only a new tid«\ 
and LeidiBf 1 663 (aooording to Bmnet). 

42. Resp, Namurcenngy Hanrum. et Lut- 
Menburg. AmtUj Jansson, 1634. Also, 
Jmtt.f Blaeuj 1635. {Atrut. 1633 in 
Brunet is probably a misprint.) 

43. Pt. Hendreieh MtusiHa. Arp., SUsdel, 

44. Persia. LB,y Elz., 1633. Also^ tb.y 
id., 1647. 

4$. Resp. Pohn. LB., Elss.,i62'j. Two 
editions, one of 450 pages, and the 
other of 467. Also, ib., icf., 1642. 

46. Sim. StarovoUcii Pohnia, DanHeei, 
Forsler, 1652. 34**. 

47. Poriugallia. LB., Elz. 1641. 

48. F. Sprecheri Khtetia. LB., Elz., 


49. Pi. Scrioerii Resp. Romana. LB., 

Elz. 1626. Also, ib., id.^ 1629. Two 
editions of 575 pages, in one disjectas in 
p. 6. line 2 is printed with a j, in the 
other with an t. 

50. Russia. LB., Ebt. 1650. Two edi- 
tions, one of 327 pages, the other of 


51. (3f. Z. Boxhom) Resp. Moscovits. 

LB., Maire, 1630. Two editions, one 
of 287 and 104 (a misprint instead of 
192) pages, and the other of 565. 

52. Sabaudi4g resp. LB., Elz., 1627. 
Also, ib., id., 1634. 

53. Resp. Soot, et Hibem. LB., Elz., 
1627. Two editions, one of 280 pages, 
the other (printed in 1630) of 282. 

54. Sttecia. LB., Elz., 1631. Also, ib., 
id., 1633. 

55. Turcici Imperii status. LB., Elz. 
1630. Also, ib, id., 1634. 

56. Th. Mori Utopia. Amst. 1629. Col. 
Agr., Kakov, 1629. 32". Amst., Jans- 
ton, 1 63 1. 24^ 

57. Josi. Simleri VaUesia descriptio. LB., 
Elz., 1633. 

58. Csp. Contarenus De Rep. f^enetor. 
LB., Elz., 1626. Also, t^., id., 1628. 
(Two editions, one of 431 pages, and 
the later one of 447 •)• 

59. Don. JannotH Rep. Venetor. LB., 
Elz. 1 631. (Two editions, one of 506 
pages, and the later one of 467 pages.) 
Also, Amst. 1642 (Brunet). 

The collection formed in this manner 
consists of 62 little volumes (not reckoning 
the different editions). The real Elzevir 
impressions in it are 34 in 36 vols. Others, 
who only collect the Elzevir republics, add 
alsotbereto; SletdanusDe sumsMs imp. LB. 
1624. I2^, or ib. 1631. I6^ GotTutzii 
IHnerar. belg. galL LB. 1631. 16". H«- 
geni^ lUnerair, friz. IMamd. LB. 1630. 



I6^ Bevj. Tudelens. Itinerar. LB. 1633. 
l6^ Then there are exactly 40 Elzevir 
vohmies. Others again, whose only object 
is completeness, besides the 4 above-named 
vols., add also, Pttteani Hist, barbarica. 
Antw. 1634. r6^. ThgsH Compend. hist. 
Baiav. LB. 1645 or 52. 16*. Alting He- 
bneor. resp. scholast, Amst. 165 a. 12°. 
Zesen Leo Belgieus. AmsL 1660. 12°. 
Burgus de bello Suedco. Leod. 1639. ^^°- 
— It depends on every collector what and 
how much he will admit. 

RESPUESTAS, see Enriqubz. 

RESTITUTIO, see Servbtus. 

18972 RESURRECTION {la) de 
nostre seigneur J ^sus- Christ, par 
personnages (au nombre de 80). 
Par., veufve J. Trepperel et J. Je- 
hannot, without date. 4°. Gothic 


52 leaves, with the signatures A^K. 

18973 Par., Alain Lotrian, 

without date. 4°. Gothic letter. 

53 leaves, with the signatures A^M. 

18974 — — Par., Alain Lotrian, 
without date. 4°. Gothic letter. 

Different from the preceding, and en. 
larged at the end with a table. — There are 
two different mysteries under this title, one 
by J. Michel (see Michel), and this ano- 
nymous one, which is sometimes also attri- 
buted to him ; see Hist. univ. des ihi&ires 
XL 34 sq. See 167 sq. 

18975 RETERBUCHLEIN {das). 
Welchem an kurtz-weil thut zer- 
rinnen etc. Colin, vor S. Lupus, 
without date (1560-70). 8°. 

A new edition of the collection of riddles, 
an older edition of which is under WCl- 
CHEM (WolfenbUttel). 

18976 RETRATOS de loa Espanoles 
ilustres con un epitome de sus vi- 
das. Madr., impr. real, 1 791-1 801. 
large fol. 13 parts with 78 por- 

Particularly fine, and engraved from au- 
thentic originals. Each part, with text 
and 6 plates 60 rs., without text 50 rs., with- 
out the plates and with the text only 10 rs. 

RETTORICA delle puttane, see 

18977 RETZ, J. Fr. P. de Gondy, 
Card. de. Memoires, con tenant ce 
qui s'est passe de remarquable en 
France pendant les premieres an- 
n^ du r^gne de Louis XIV. 




Amat., Bernard, 1731. small 8°. 

4 voll. M^moires de Guy Joly. 

ib., id., 1738. small 8°. 2 voll. 

M ^moires de Mad. la duchesse de 

Nemours, ib., id., 1738. small 8®. 

These 7 vols, belong to each other. Fine 
copies, which are scarce, are greatly sought 
after, more so than the following newest 
edition. Next to it, AtMt. 1 718. small 8°. 
7 vols, is also sought after. Genhse {Par.), 
1751. I^^ 7 vols., and ib. 1777. 12°. 
6 vols., stand only at the ordinary price. 
In the first edition of Retz, Nancyy 17 17. 
12°. 3 vols., there are numerous hiatus, 
which are filled up in none of the subse- 
quent editions. 

18978 -^ m^moires du Card, de Retz, 
de Guy Joli et de la duchesse de 
Nemours. Par., Ledoux et Tenre, 
1817 or 20. 8°. 6 voll. (30 fr., on 
vellum paper 60 fr.) 

At the same time an impression in 6 
vols. 12°. (18 fr.) was prepared, t6., td., 
181 7. Ketz^s memoirs in German, Jena^ 
Mcnike^ ^798- 8°. 3 vols. (3d. 14 gr.) 

18979 RETZA, Fr. de. Comestorium 
vitiorum. Nrb., without the print- 
er's name (/. Senscnschmid). 1470. 
fol. Gothic letter. 

The first dated typographical production 
of Nuremberg. 386 leaves in all, in 2 
columns with 49 lines, without signatures, 
catchwords, and pagination. Leaf 1 a co- 
lumn I hne I is, OIutUos sitte super. In 
leaf 281^, under the 2nd column is the 
colophon in 5 lines, and then follow 5 
leaves of index. Three copies on vellum 
are known, in the Royal library at Paris 
(bought in at McCarthy's sale for 810 fr.), 
in the Royal library at Munich, and in the 
Leipsic university library. 

18980 RETZER, Jos. F. von. Choice 
of the best poetical pieces of the 
most eminent English poets. Vi- 
enna, Sonnleithner, 1783-86. small 

S«. 6 vols. (5 d.) 

The selection is very happy. 

18981 REUBER, Just. Scriptores 
veteres rerum Germanicar. diligen- 
ter recogniti et luculentis accessio- 
nibus aucti, curante G. Ch. Joannis. 
Ff. 1726. fol. 

Scarce, because the greater part of the 
impression was destroyed by fire at Frank- 
fort on the Maiue, June 21, 1726. Pre- 
viously, Ff, 158). fol., and Hanov. 1619. 



XANDRVM Sextum pdtificem 
maximum pro Philippo BauariiC 
duce Palatino Rheni Sacri Roman! 
Imperii electore Joannis Reuchlin 
phorcensis Legu doctoris oratio. 
VII. idus Sextiles Anno. m. iid. 
Romee. At the end, Venetiis, Ca. 
len. Septemb. m. iid. In sedibus 
Aldi Manutii Romani. In 4^. 
(not 8°.) 

This extremely scarce Aldine consists of 
1 2 leaves, which have the signatures a, <m, 
aiiiy aim, a 5, and a 6. It has no title, 
but leaf I a commences with the aboi'e su- 
perscription. The colophon is in leaf 12b. 
The paper-mark is a circle, in which is a 
pair of scales. The types are the same as 
those in the preface of Aristotle and others. 
The above description, according to the 
Munich copy, has been imparted to me by 
D. Hain. At Askew's sale this work was 
sold for only i8s., but it now bears an un- 
commonly high price. 

18983 — Scenica progymnasmata h. e. 

ludicra prseexercitamenta. Has., J. 

Bergman de Olpe, 1498. 4°. 

This comedy is a weak imitation of the 
French Pathelin (see above) ; consult ffist. 
univ. des thedtres, XI. 304. Also' with 
Sb. Brant Cartnina. Arg, 1498. 4**. and 

18984 — Sergius vel capitis caput, 
cum commentario G. Simleri. 
PhorcK, Th. Anshelmus, m. Sept. 

1507- 4°. 

The first edition of a piece likewise often 
printed. Both together, ComoBdiut dum* 
Col., Gymnictu, 1537. 12°. 

18985 — de rudimentis hebraicis libri 
III. Phorc8e,Th. Anshelmus, 1506. 
small fol. 314 leaves. 

18986 — de accentibus et orthogra- 
phia linguie hebr. Hagenose, Ans- 
helmus, 1518. large 4°. 

18987 — de verbo mirifico libri III. 
Tubing., Anshelmus, 1514* fol. 

18988 — de arte cabalistica. Ha- 
genoae, Anshelmus, 1517. fol. 

See also EpiSTOLiE, No. 6849. 

REUSCH, see Ebbrmaybr. 

18989 REUSNER, N. Icones s. ima- 
gines viror. Uteris illustrium. Arg., 

Jobinus, 1587. 8°. 

With 100 very neat portraits engraved 
in wood by Tob. Stimmer. Arg. 1590. 8^. 
Ff. 1 720. 8°. are not so good. 


18990 — ioones s. imagines vivae li- 
tem daror. viror. Bas. , Waldkirch, 
1589. 8^ Icones aliquot daror. 
viror. ib., id., 1589. 8^ with wood- 

The ist book ooatains the portnuti out 
of Jom ehgfia to the number of 8a, the 
ind, which is to be considered as a supple- 
ment, only 8. 

18991 — hodoeporicorum s. itinerum 

totitts fere orbis libri VII. Bas.^ 

Pema, 1580. 8°. 

A searoe and interesting collection of an- 
cient and modem poeciad descriptions of 
tnveb. The edition with the title Itme- 
rarium toihu orbUy Bat., Waldkireh, 1591. 
8**. is of the same printing, but is enlarged 
with an appendix of 81 pages added 

18992 REUSS, Jer. D. Repertorium 

commentationum a societatibus li- 

terariis editar. Oott., Dieteridi, 

1801-19. 4^ 14 voU. 

The vgJs. may also be bought separately. 
Consult respecting the work, Jen. lAi. 
Zeii, 1822. B. I. No. 17. 

18993 REUVENS, Csp. Jac. Cli. 
CoUectanea literaria s. conjecturae 
in Attium, Diomedem, Lucilium, 
Ljdum, NoniuDi, Ovidium, Plau- 
tum, sdioliasten Aristophanis, Var- 
ronem et alios. LB., Hazenberg, 
1816. 8°. (2 fl. 2 St.) 

18994 — periculum animadversion um 
archaeologicar. ad cippos punicos 
Hambertianos. LB. 1822. 4*'. 

18995 REVAI, J. N. Grammatica 
hnngarica, ad genuinam patrii ser- 
monis indolem fideliter eiacta. Pe- 
stini, 1805. 8^ 2 Yoll. (6 d.) 

REVARDUS, see Rayardus. 

18996 REVEREND. Les dite no- 
tables de M. Philippe de France, 
due d'Anjon, frhre unique du roi. 
Par., Soubron, 1655. S"". 

Copies on vdlum 41 fr. Gaignat, 48 fr. 
Valli^re, 50 fr. McCarthy (and richly or- 
namented) 130 fr. St. Ctfnui, 168 fr. Du- 

REVETT, see Stuart. 

18997 REVIEW, the analytical. 
Lond. 1788-98. 8"". 28 vols. 

In its phice came The Weekip review. 



18998 — tbe British. Lond. 1810. sq. 

In quarterly parts at 6s. It is going on. 

18999 — tbe critical. Lond. 1756- 
1816. 8°. 137 vols. 
Now the 4th series. 

19000 — the eclectic. Lond. 1 805- 
17. 8**. 26 vols. 

A new series b^gun in i8i4. 

19001 — the Edinburgh. Edinb. 

1802-23. ^"'^ 43 ^ols- (3*^* 1^8.) 
General index to T. 1—20. ib. 1813. 

8^ (15s.) 

In quarterly parts at 6e. Commenced in 
October 1802. The real originator of it 
was Jefl&ey, then professor at Edinburgh, 
afterwards at OhMgow, and it soon ob- 
tained such reputation, that 12,000 copies 
of several numbers, particularly Nos. 26 
and 27, were sold, and Constable the 
publisher was able to give a premium of 
12 guineas for a printed sheet. But Mar- 
ray, the publisher of the Quarterly Be- 
▼iew, emulated him, and has sometimes 
given 100 guineas for an article. The Quar- 
terly is well known to be ministerial, and 
the Edinhuigh on the side of the oppo- 
sition. Of an earlier and now very scarce 
Edinburgh reviewy Edinb, 1 755. 8**. only 2 
numbers appeared. 

19002 — the monthly. Lond., Mai 
1 749-1 789. 8®. 8 1 vols. Sm. Ays- 
cough's general index from 1749- 
1789. Lond 1786-96. 8°. 3 vols. 
New monthly review. Lond. 1 790- 
1820. 8^ 93 vols. A general index 
to vols. I -8 1, of the new series. 
Lond. 1 819. 8^. 2 vols. (2I. 1 28. 6d.) 

Rose and Cleveland were the originators, 
Oriifith according to others. In monthly 
parts at 28. 6d. Complete copies (up to 
1816) may be had of Priestley in London 
for 31I. los. 

19003 — the quarterly. Lond. 1809- 
23. 8°. 30 vols. It is going on. 

Iq quarterly parts at 6b. 

19004 REVUL60, Mingo. Coplas 
glosadas por Hernan de Pulgar. 
Toledo, I^V. de Guzman, 1565. 8°. 

40 numbered leaves (Wo]fenb.)->See also 
MEND02A, No. 13793. 

REWICZKY, see Bibliothroa 
and Hafiz. 

19005 REYD, Everh. van. Historic 
der nederlantscher Oorlogen met 



het vervolg door J. van Sande. 
Leeuwarden^ 1650. fol. 

19006 REYES, Matias de los. Para 
algunos. Madr., Sanchez, 1640. 4°. 

The author chose the title of this collec- 
tion of miscellaneous pieces, among which 
is a comedy, from the Para iodoa of 
J. Perez Montalvan. 

REYNAERT, see Reineke. 
REYNALDOS, see Reonault de 

REYNART, see Reineke. 

19007 REYNEAU. Charl. Ren^. La 
science du calcul des grandeurs en 
genera] ou el^mens des math^mati- 
ques. Ed. II. Par.^ Quillau, 1739. 
4°. 2 veil. 

Previously, Par. 1714. 4°. 

19008 — analyse demontree ou la 
methode de resoudre les problemes 
des math6matiques et d'apprendre 
facilement ces sciences. Par., Quil- 
lau, 1736-38. 4^ 2 vola. with 

REYNIER, see Reineke. 

19009 REYNOLDS, Joshua. Works, 
with biographical notice by Malone. 
Lond., Cadell, 1797- 4*^. 2 vols, 
(il. 16s.} 

Also, Lond. 1801, or 1805, or 1809. 8°. 
^ vols. (il. 48.) (Euvret trad, par Jarusen. 
Par. 1806. 8°. 2 voll. Akadem. Reden. 
Dresd. 1781. 8*. (16 gr.) 

19010 — literary works by J. Far- 
rington. Lond. 1819. 8°. 3 vols, 
(il. 4s.) 

19011 — Jam. NoBTHCOTE memoirs 

of the life of Josh. Reynolds. Lond. 

1814.4^ (2I. J2s. 6d.} Supplement. 

ib. 1815. 4^ (15s.) 

Also, Lond. 1818. 8^ 1 vols. (il. rs.)— 
Farrington*8 Life qf Reynoldt. Land, 

1819. 8^ 

REYNOLDS, Th.. see Antoni- 
nus, No. 733. 
REYNST, see Cjelatura. 

19012 REYRAC. Hymne au soleil. 
Orleans, Couret de Villeneuve^ 
1779. 18°. 

A copy on vellum 51 fr. McCarthy. 

REYS, see Corpus poetar. Lusi. 

19013 REZABAL y Ugarte, Jos. de. 
Tratado del real deredio de las 


mediasanatas secularea y del ser. 
vido de lanzas^ a que estan obliga- 
dos los tituloB de Castilla. Origen 
historico de este juzgado en el 
reyno del Peru. Madr. 1791. fol. 
(24 rs.) 

19014 — biblioteca de los escritores 
que han sido individuos de los aeis 
colegios mayores : con varios in- 
dices. Madr., Sancha^ 1805. 4*^. 
(36 rs.) 

REZENDE, see Resende. 
REZZONICO, see Plinius No. 


RHABANUS, see Hrabanus. 

19015 RHiESUS, J. D. Cambro- 
britannicae Cymraecaeve linguae in- 
stitutiones et rudimenta. Lond., 
Orwinus, is 92. fol. 

19016 RHAZES. De variolis et 
morbillis, arab. et lat., cum aliis 
nonnuUis ejusd. argumenti. Cu- 
rante J. Channing. Lond., Bowyer^ 
1766. 8°. 

The Latin translation edited alone by J. 
Cp. Ringenbroig, Goit. 1781. 8^., and in 
Halleri Artis med. prino. In French in 
Pauiet. Hist, de la petite verole. Par. 
1763. 12°. 2 voll. 

19017 — opera exquisitiora, per Ge- 
rardum Toletanum, And. Vesalium* 
Albanum Torinum latinitate do- 
nata ac jam prim, ad vetustnm cod. 
coUata et restaurata. Bas., H. Petri, 
1544. fol. 

RHEEDE, see Hortus Malabari- 

19018 RHEGINO Prumiensis. An- 
nales, non tarn de augustonim vitis, 
quam alior. germanor. gestia et 
docte et copiose disserentes (ed. Sb. 
de Rotenhan). Mog., J. Scheffer» 
152 1, fol. 

The very scarce first edition of this 
chronicle. Best in Pistorii S. R. G. «rf. 
Struv. T. T. p. I sq. Conoeming the MSS. 
of diis chronicle, see Arckiv der Frank/, 
GeselUch. III. 330 sq. 291 sq. ArethCg 
Beitrr. VII. 239. 

19019 — libri II de ecclesiasticis dia- 
dplinis et religione Christiana. St. 
Baluzius ad fidem vetustiss. oodids 
emendav. et notis illustrav. Aoc. 


Rhabeiii epistola ad Heribaldum. 
Par., Muguet, 1671. 8°. 

Previously edited from a Helmstadt MS. 
by Jo. Hildebnnd, Helmsi. 1659. 4°. Also 
in Sdtannat Condi. German. II. 438 sq. — 
Concerning his Episi. de harmamiea ^Uteu 
pftnoy see Seelen Memaria StadenUma, 
p. 279. 

RHEMNIUS, see Pal^bmon. 

19020 RHENFERD. Jac. Opera 
philologica. Traj. ad Rfa. 1722. 4°. 
with ^ates. 

19021 kHETORES graeci. Yen., 
Aldus, 1508-9. small fol. 2 voll. 

A collection greatly sought after (650 fr. 
Larcber, 605 fr. M'Carthy^, and very 
scarce in good condition. The ist vol. 
{Aphthonii progpmnasmata etc.) contains 8 
leaves of preliminary matter, 734 pages, 
and I leaf, colophon and regitter. The 
ittd vol. {In Aphthemn progymnatmata 
ammeniarii innominati autoriM etc.) con- 
tains 14 leaves of preliminary matter, 417 
pages, and one blank leaf at the end with 
the anchor on the reverse. This 2nd voL 
is far more scarce than the ist, and very 
important, as several of the pieces to be 
found therein are not dsewhere printed. 
See also Geokoius Tra))ez. No. 8548. 

19022 — Rhetores selecti. Deme- 
trias Phalereus de elocutione. Ti- 
berius rhetor de scbematibus De- 
mosthenis. Anonymus Sophista de 
rhetorica. Severi Alexv.«idrini etho- 
poeifle. Demetrium emendavit, re- 
liquos e MSS. edidit et lat. vertit, 
omnes notis illustrav. Th. Gale. 
Ox., th. Sheld., 1676. 8°. 

19023 — Alexandri de (iguris sen- 
tentift atque elocutionis libri II, 
Phoebammonis de scbematibus ora- 
toriia scholia, Minuciani s. Nica- 
gone de aedibus argumentor., graece 
cum vera. lat. et notis Lr. Nor- 
manni. Upa., Keyser, 1690. 8*^. 

19024 — Rbetores selecti. Deme- 
trius Phalereus. Tiberius rhetor. 
Anonymus sophista. Severus Ale- 
xandrinua. Demetrium emendavit, 
reliquoe e MSS. edid. et lat. vertit, 
omnes notis illustrav. Th. Galeus. 
Itenim edid. varietatemque editio- 
nis Aldine adjec. J. F. Fischer. 
Lps., Langenheim, 1773- 8^. 

19025 (RHETORES laHini.) Vete- 
rum aliquot de arte rhetorica tra. 



ditiones, de tropis inprimis et sche- 
matia verbor. et sententiar.opuscula, 
nunc prim, in lucem aedita. Rutilius 
Lupus, Romanus Aquila, Jul. Ru- 
finianus, Sulpicius Victor, autoris 
incerti de rhetonca libellus, Em- 
porius rbaetor, Aphthonii prseexer- 
citamenta, J. Mar. Catanieo inter- 
prete. Bas., Froben, 1521. 4°. 
Repeated, Par., Ascensitu, 1528. 4°. 

19026 — antiqui rhetores latini. Ru- 
tilius Lupus, Aquila Romanus, Jul. 
Ruiinianus, Curius Fortunatianus, 
Marius Victorious etc. Omnia ex 
codd. MSS. emendatiora vel auc- 
tiora. Ex bibliotheca Fr. Pithoei. 
Par., Drouart, 1599. 4°. 

19027 — antiqui rhetores latini e Fr. 
Pithoei bibliotheca olim editi, re- 
cognovit, emendavit, notis auxit 
CI. Capperonnerius. Arg., Bauer, 
1756. 4°. Also on large paper. 

See also Oesker, No. 8423, and Ruti- 
lius litipus. 

RHETORUM orationes, see Ora. 


19028 RHODES, Alex. de. Dictio- 
narium Annamiticum (sen Tunqui- 
nense), Lusitanum et Latinum. 
Rom., de prop, (ide, 1651. 4°. 

19029 — Tunchinensis historise libri 
II. Lugd., Devenet, 1652. 4°. 

In Frendi by H. AIbi, Z^on, 1652. 4**. 

19030 — catechismus pro iis, qui vo- 
lunt suscipere bapiismum, latina et 
Tunkinensi lingua. Rom., de prop, 
fide, 1651. 4*^. 

19031 -— voyages en la Chine et au- 
tres royaumes de I'orient. Par., Cra- 
moisv, 1666 or 82. 4°. 

19032 RHODIGINUS, L. Codius. 
Antiquarum lectionum commenta- 
rii. Ven., Aldus et And. socer^ 
15 16. fol. 

40 leaves of preliminary matter^ 862 
pages, and 3 leaves. The ist edition. The 
last time, Ff. et Lpt. 1666. fol. 

stant. Floridse sententi« versibus 
rhythmicis conscripts, gr. Amst. et 
Antw. 1721. 8°. 

19034 RHODOMANNU8, Lr. Pob- 
sis Christiana. Palsstioae s. historia 



sacrae libii IX. (gr. lat.) Ff., hered. 
And. Wecheli, 1589. large 4°. 
See also Neaxder, No. 14676. 

19035 RHOER» Jac. de. Feriee 
Daventrienses s. miscellaneor. li. 
bri II, in quibus multi vett. auctor. 
loci emendantur. Traj. ad Rh. 1758. 
8°. (i fl.) — Otium Dayentriense. 
Daventr. (176a). 8°. 

RHYTHMUS, see Anno and 

19036 RIBADENEIRA, Pt. Obras. 
Madr., Sanchez, 1605. fol. 3 voll. 

19037 — flos sanctorum, libro de la 
vida de los santos. Madr. 1 790. fol. 

3 voll. 

Preriously, Madr. 1616. fol. a voll. Bar- 
eelona, 1643. fol. 3 voU. t6., Lopu, 1705. 
fol. 3 TOlL 

19038 — tratado de la religion j vir- 
tudes que debe tener el principe 
cristiano. Madr. 1788. 4^ 

See also Alegambb. 

19039 RIBEIRO, Ant. Bucolica de 
dez eclogas pastoris. Lisb. 1586. 

Cited by the academy of Lisbon, in the 
catalogue of which he is expressly distin- 
guished from the poet quoted under Chi- 


19040 RIBEIRO, Bernaldim. Hy- 
st' de Menina e Mo9a. E assi 
al ^ eglogas suas. Lisb., Fr. Gra- 
ft 559. 8°. 

efT agreeable Portuguese romance. 

T ^ition is cited by the academy of 

^ Also, Ferrara^ ^554- 8*. Evora^ 

8\ ib. 1578. 8°. i/w6., Craasbeeck, 

8^ The last time, Liab. 1785. 8^ 

ees.) The author lived under Ema- 

he Great 1495-1521. 

R IRO, Duarte, see Macbdo. 

19 RIBEIRO, Joao Pedro. Ob- 

a <;oe8 historicas e criticas para 

8 rem de memorias as systema da 

d ^matica portugueza. Lisb. 1 798. 

4 480 rees.) 

19C RIBEIRO, MatteoB. Alivio 
d( nstes, consola^ao de queixosos. 
P -4. Lisb., Costa, 1672-74. 8®. 

3 n. 

. 4), JMb., Deilandesf 1681. 4*. 
190 — retiro de cuidados, vida de 


Carlos e Rosaura. Lisb. 1681—89. 
8^ 4 voll. 
Abo, £4^6.1750. 4^ 

19044 — - roda da fortuna, vida de 
Alexandre e Jadnta. Lisb. 1693. 

19045 RIBERA, Anastasio Pantaleon 
de. Obras poeticas. Madr. 1631, 
or 34, or 48. 8''. Also, Zarag. 
1640. 8°. 

19046 RIBERA, Fadrique Enriquez 

de. Viage de Jerusalem. Madr. 

1783. fol. 

Gonzalez de Barda caused this hoakf 
printed at Madrid in 1733, to be reprinted 
there in 1783 according to Tjfchtemi 
bUtlioihecOy p. 414 

RIBEYRO, see Ribeiro. 

19047 RICARD, Dm. La sphere, 

poeme en 8 chants. Par., le Clere. 

1796. 8°. 
One copy at least was printed on vellum. 

RICARDUS, see Ricoldus. 
RICCARDI, see Invbntario. 

19048 RICCATI, Giac. Opere. 
Lucca, Oiusti, 1761-65. 4°. 4 voll. 

19049 RICCATI, Vine. De usu 
motus tractorii in constructione 
sequationum differentialium. Bon. 

19050 — institutiones analyticse a 
Vine. Riccato et Hi. Saladino col- 
lects. Bon. 1 765. 4°. 3 vols, with 
plates. Also, Mediol. 1775. 4^. 3 
vols, with plates (45 fr.). 

19051 — opuscula ad res physicas et 
mathematicas pertinentia. Luccte, 
1757-72. 4®. 2 vols, with plates. 

19052 — dialogo delle forze viva e 
deir azioni delle forze morte. Bol., 
Volpe, 1749. 4°. with plates. 

19053 — lettere de* principj delle 
meccanica. Ven., Coleti, 1772. 4®. 

19054 RICCHO, Ant. Opere, inti- 
tulate fior de Delia, che contiene 
sonetti, capitoli, barzellette, stram- 
botti e farse. Ven. 1508. 8^ Also, 
Mil., Rocho et frateUo de Valle, 
15 18. 8®. Ven., Sessa, 1520. 8**. 

19055 RICCI, Angiolo Mar. Idilli. 
Pisa, Nestri, 1822. i6^ Also on 
vellum paper. 

19056 RICCI. Viaggi ai Volcani 


spent! d'ltalia nello stato romano 
verso il meditterraneo. Fir. 1814. 
8**. 2 voll. 

19057 RICCIOLUS, J. Bt. Alma, 
gestum novum, astronomiam ve- 
terem novamque complectens. Bon., 
Benatius* 1651. fol. 2 vols.' with 

A treuure of astroDomical learning. 

19058 — gec^raphis et hydrographiae 
refonnatse libri XII. Bon., Bena- 
tins, 1661. fol. Also, Ven. 1672. 

19059 — astronomis reformatae tomi 
II. Bon., Benatius, 1665. fol. 2 
parts in i vol. 

More scaroe than No. 19057, to which it 
forms an appendage. 

19060 — chronologia reformata et ad 
certas conclusiones redacta. Bon., 
Barberios, 1669. fol. 2 parts in i 

RICCIUS, Ang. Mar., see Ho- 

MBRUS, No. 10081. 

RICCOBONI, Ant., see Histobia, 
No. 9846. 

19061 RICCOBONI, Marie Laboras 
de Mezieres. CEuvres completes. 
Par. 1786 or 90. 8°. 8 vols, with 

19062 Par., Foncault, 1818. 8^ 

6 vols, with 6 plates (30 fr.). 

Enlaiged and finer than the preceding. 
There are some copies on relhim-paper. 

19063 — les amours de Roger et de 

Gertrude. Par., Didot, 1780. 18**. 

Histoire d'Aloise de Livarot. ib., 

id., 1780. iS''. Lettres de Mylady 

Juliette Catesby. ib., id,, 1780. 


There is a copv of these 3 pieces on vel- 
lum in the Royal library at Paris. 

19064 RICETTARIO Fiorentino. 
Fir., eredi di Bn. Giunti, 1567. 

A fine edition of this word-standard 
vcvk, cited by the academy deUa Crusca. 
The following editions are enlarged and 
also dted. Fir., GiunHy 1573 (at the end 
1574)- foL ib,y MaretooiH, 1597. foL ib., 
Ceceoneelli, 1623. fol. ib,, Vanffelisii, 1670. 
f<uL ib., Cecehi, 1696. fol. The last time, 
Ven. i8o2. 4'*. The editions, Fir. 1498. 
fol. (the first edition), and Fir., Torren-. 
'*'>^ 1550* foL are scarce. 



19065 RICHA, Gias. Notizie isto- 
riche deUe chiese Florentine. Fir. 
1754. 4*^. 10 vols, with plates (80 

19066 (RICHARD sans paour.) S'en 
suyt le rommant de Richard sans 
paour, due de Normandie, lequel 
fut filz de Robert le Dyable, et fiit 
par sa prudence roy d'Angleterre. 
Par., Denys Jeannot, without date. 
4°. Gothic letter. 

19067 — — Par., Sim. Calvarin, 
without date. 4°. Gothic letter. 

19068 — Sensuit le rdmant de Ri- 
chart sans paour due de normadie, 
le ql fut iilz ne Robert le dyable et 
fut p sa prudence roy Dangleterre 
lequel fist plusieurs nobles coquestes 
et vaillaces. Par., Lotrian et Janot, 
without date. 4°. Gothic letter. 

94 leases, with the signatures AS. 

19069 — histoire du redoute prince 
Richard sans peur, due de Nor- 
inandie : Lequel fut ills de Robert 
surnomme le Diable. Par., N. et 
Pt. Bonfons, without date. 4°. In 
a columns. 

19070 — histoire du redout^ prince 
Richard sans Peur, due de Nor- 
mandie, et par sa proesse, Roy 
d'Angleterre. Par., Bonfons, with- 
out date. 4°. 

19071 — histoire de Richard Sans 
Peur due de Normandie. Troyes, 
without date (17th century). 8^ 
with woodcuts. 

19072 — histoire de Richard sans 
peur, due de Normandie, fib de 
Robert le Diable. Qui par pru. 
dence fut Roi d'Angleterre, et fit 
de belles Conquetes et vaillances. 
Troyes, veuve de Jac. Oudot, with- 
out date ( 1 7 1 5)- 8°. with woodcuts, 
47 pages. 

Badly printed (Wolfenb.) — Also in the 
Biblioth. bleue. Par. 1769 or 75. 8**. 
a vols. 

19073 (RICHARD.) At the end. 
Thus endeth the story of the noble 
kynge Rycharde cuer lyon. Lond., 
Wynkyn de Worde, 1509. 4®. 

with the signatures A-^Q. The ez- 
tremdy scarce first edition, the existence of 



which hM been doubted. Described in 
Dibdin'a JEd. AUhorp. I. 193. 

19074 — Kyuge Rycharde cuer de 
lyon. Lond., Wynkyn de Worde, 
1525. 4°. Gothic letter. 

A copy, in which the last 2 leaves were 
wanting, was sold at a London sale in 
1815 for 40I. Warton mentions another 
edition, IF. C. (Copland ?) without date. 
It is an old English translation in rhyme 
of a French original. An extract edited 
after several MSS. is in EUit^a Specie 
mens of early English metrical romances^ 
II. i8o>-279, and an impression of theteact 
of 1528 in H, Weber* s Metrical romanoea 
qf the 13-15 century, vol. i. 

19075 RICHARD of Cirencester. A 
description of Britain, translated 
from Richard of Cirencester, with 
the original treatise De situ Bri- 
tanniae, and a commentary on the 
itinerary. Lond. 1809. 8°. with 
maps (i8s., ou large paper fl. i6s.) 

19076 RICHARD, Charl. L. Die 
tionnaire universel des sciences ec- 
d^iastiques. Par. 1760. fol. 6 

19077 — analyse des conciles. Par. 
1772-77.4°. 5 voll. 

Translated into Latin by J. Ant. Dal- 
masus. AV, 1778-82. 8**. 5 voU. 

19078 RICHARDS, Th. Antique 

linguie britannicie thesaurus, being 

a British or Welsh-English die 

tionary and grammar. Bristol^ 

1759. 8°. 

The grammar was reprinted in 1804 and 
^e lexicon in 1 798 in 1 2**. 

RICHARDSON, see Oranoer. 

19079 RICHARDSON. Iconology, 
or a collection of emblematical fi- 
gures, containing 424 remarkable 
subjects^ moral and instructiye, in 
which are displayed the beauty of 
virtue and deformity of vice. Lond. 
1779. fol. a vols, with plates. 

Set down by Longman at 1 o guineas. 

19080 RICHARDSON, C. lUus- 
trations of English philology. Lond. 
1814. 4®. (il. 5s.) 

19081 RICHARDSON, G. Book 
of ceilings in the style of the an- 
tique grotesque. Lond. 1776. fol. 

19082 — treatise on the fkve orders 


of architecture. Lond. 1787. fol. 
with 32 plates. 

19083 — coUection of chimney-pieces, 
ornamented in the style of the 
Etruscan, Greek, and Roman archi- 
tecture, with descriptions in Eng- 
lish and French. Lond. 1781. fol. 
with 36 plates. 

19084 — designs in architecture, 
plans, elevations, and sections for 
buildings, with descriptions, French 
and English. (Also, Nouveaux 
desseins d'architecture etc) Lond. 
1 792. fol. with 44 plates. 

19085 —' the new Vitruvius britan- 
nicus, or plans and elevations of 
modern buildings, public and pri- 
vate, erected in Great Britain by 
the most celebrated architects. 
Lond., Bulmer, 1802. fol. 2 vols, 
with 142 plates (11 guineas). 

19086 RICHARDSON, J. Diction- 
ary, Persian, Arabic, and English ; 
and English, Persian, and Arabic. 
Oxf., Clarendon press, 1777—80. 
fol. 2 vols. Also, ib. 1800. fol. 

2 vols. (I2I. 1 28.) 

19087 New edit, with numer- 
ous additions and improvements by 
Charles Wilkins. Lond., Bulmer, 
1806. large 4**. 2 vols. (12I. las., 
on large paper 21I.) 

19088 — the same dictionary, abridg- 
ed by D. Hopkins. Lond. 1810. 8**. 
(il. 168.) 

19089 — dissertation on the lan- 
guage, literature, and manners, of 
eastern nations. Oxf. 1778. 8®. 

It first appeared as an appendix to the 
above lexicon, and is here enlarged one 
half. In German by F. Federau, Ljur. 
1779. 8°. (i d.) 

19090 — a grammar of the Arabic 
language. Lond. 1 776 or 1811.4**. 
(1 8s.) 

19091 — oriental. Bibliothek oder 
Worterbuch des Orients, ein stark 
vermehrter Auszug aus dem pers. 
arab.Worterbuche (von Sm. F.Gth. 
Wahl). Lemgo, Meyer, 1788-92. 
8^. 3 voll. (2 d. 8 gr.') 

19092 RICHARDSON, Jonathan. 
Works, intended as a sui^ement 


to Walpole's anecdotes of painters, 
published 1)7 Josh. Reynolds. Lond. 
1 793. 4^. with plates. 

19093 RICHARDSON, Sm. Works, 

oontainiog sir Charles Grandison, 

Pamela, and Clarissa Harlowe, with 

a sketch of his life and writings by 

£. Mangin. Lond., Miller, 1811. 

small 8^ 19 vols. (7I. 12s.) 

This edition is finer than that of Lond, 
18 10. Il^ 9 vols, which is exhibited sepa- 
ratdy in the following articles. 

19094 — Pamela, or virtue re- 
warded. Lond. 1742, or 54, or 71. 
8^ 4 vols. Lond. 18 10. 12^ 4 
vols, (il.) Lond. 1796. large 8^ 
in small characters. 

Abridged in French by Pi^voet, Ltrnd. 
(Par.), 1743. la"". 4 vols. In Dutch, 
Amit, 1 744. 8°. 4 vols. In Oerroan (by 
F. Sdiinit), LieffniiZf 1773. 8*. 4 vols, 
with plates (3 d.). In Swedish, We$ierhy 

19095 — history of sir Charles Gran- 
dison. Lond. 1754. 8^. 6 vols, 
ib. 1762 or 70. 8°. 7 vols. Lond. 
1796 or 181 2. large 8^ in small 
characters (il. is.). Lond. 1810. 
12^ 7 vols. (il. lis. 6d.) 

Abridged in French by Provost, Amst. 
(Par.), 1755. I^^ 8 voU. In Dutch, 
Amst. 17. . . 8**. 7 voll. In German, Lp», 
1780. 8*. 7 voll. with plates (4 d.) 

19096 — history of Miss Clarissa 
Harlowe. Lond. 1 75 1 . 8*. 7 vols, 
ib. 1774 or 85. 8^ 8 voll. ib. i8f o. 
I2^ 8 voll. (il. i6s.) 

Abridged in French by Prdvost, Lond. 
(Par.), 1751. 12**. 12 parts in 6 vols. En- 
tire by Letoumeur, Genkve^ 1785-86. 8°. 
10 vols, with plates by Chodowiecki. In 
Dutch by J. Stinstra, Marling,, 1753.55. 
8*. 8 voQ. In German by L. Theobul 
Koa^garten, Lpz. 1790-93. 8**. 8 vols, 
with plates (16 d.) 

19097 — correspondence with his 
friends and account of his life, by 
Mrs. Barbauld. Lond. 1804. 8°. 
6 vols, with plates (2I. 5s.) 

HICHARDUS Dunelmensis, see 


19098 RICHARDUS a Sancto Vic- 
tore. Opera accarate castigata et 
emendata, cum vita ipsius antehac 



nusquam edita. Rothomagi, Ber- 
thelin, 1650. fol. 
Previously, Co/. Apr., Gffmnieusy 1621. 

19099 — opera omnia. Par., J. Pe- 
tit, 1518. fol. 

8 leaves of preliminary matter, 153 and 
IT3 numbered leaves in 7 columns with 
65 lines. A copy on vellum in the Royal 
library at Paris. 

19100 — super divina trinitate theo- 
logicum opus. Par., H. Stephanus, 
1510. 4". 

100 numbered leaves. A copy on vel- 
lum in the Royal library at Paris (previ- 
ously Valliire 80 fr., and McCarthy 140 

19101 RICHARDUS judex Venu- 
sius. Libellus Richardi judicis Ve- 
nusii tractans de matrimonio duo- 
rum senum videlicet Paulini et 
PoUe Fulcone mediatore tribula- 
tionibus et diffortuniis multis fati- 
gato eorundem nihilominus spon- 
salia ut promiserat perficiente. 
Without place or date. 4°. Gothic 


ao leaves with 37 lines in a full page, 
and the signatures a-d. Not noticed in 
Panzer, nor is the author himself noticed 
in Leyteri hist, poetarum and Fabricii 
Hbl. med. et inf. tat. This poem written 
in el^ac verse and dedicated to the em- 
peror Frederic I. was already cited in 
Hieremia judicis compendium moraiiumy 
who was dead in 1300, under the title, 
Liber de pertraetaiione nuptiarum, aee 
Bandini BibL Leop. II. 48. A MS. of it 
is described in Miilin Mag. encycl. 1795. 
IV. 88. In Jeaf i8* follows another poem 
in heroic verse, Carmen de sttUtiHa Berta, 

19102 RICHELET, Pt. Diction- 
naire de la langue fran^aise anci- 
enne et moderne. Nouv. ^d. re- 
vue, corrigee et augm. (par CI. Pt. 
Goujet.) Lyon, Duplain, 1759 or 
63. fol. 3 voll. 

The edition, ^m»/. 1733. 4^ 3 vols, (super- 
intended by Du Sauset) is also sought 
after on aocmmt of its beautiful printing. 
But the abridgment, the last time (by Gat- 
tel), Lyon, 18 19. 8**. 2 vols, is more sought 
after. According to the Lor^uertuma I. 
95, Patru was the real author of this lexi- 
con. In an earlier edition under the word 
Canaille, there is an epigram (on dii qu*en- 
trant en Paradis), which was forced to be 
left out in the later editions. Also the ar- 



tide JisuUes Is said to have suffered subse- 
quent mutilations. 

19103 RICHELIEU, L. Fr. Armand 
du Plessifl. M^moires du mar^chal 
de Richelieu (publics par Soula- 
vie). Par. 1790. 8°. 9 voU. 

RICHER. Mercure fran^., see 

19104 RICHERAND, Anthelme. 
Nouveaux Clemens de physiologie. 
Ed. 8. corr. et augm. Par. 1820. 
8"^. 2 voll. Des erreurs populaires 
relatives k la m^decine. Par. 1810. 
8^ In German, Lpz. 181 1. 8°. 
(12 gr.) Nosographie chirurgicale. 
Ed. IV. Par. 1815. 8°. 4 voll. 
In German by H. Robbi. Lpz. 
1819-20. 8". '2 voll. (3d. 12 

19105 RICHTER, G. Glo. Opus- 
cula medica, collecta studio J. Ch. 
Gli. Ackermanni. Ff. et Lps., 
Fleischer, 1780-81. 4°. 3 voll. 
(5 d. 8 gr.) 

19106 RICOLDUS. Contra sectam 

mahumeticam libellus (per Bm. 

Pincemum e graeco in lat. con- 

versus, cum praef. Jac. Fabri). Par., 

H. Stephanus, 1509. 4°. 

62 leaves with 42 lines. Three copies on 
vellum in the Royal library at Paris (one 
of them previously 76 fr. Valliere, 46 fr. 

19107 RIDDELL. Picturesque views 
of the principal mountains of the 
world, designed and painted by 
Rb. And. Riddell; to which are 
added, a geographical and physical 
account of mountains, their mineral 
composition etc. by Jos. Wilson. 
Lond. 1807. large i"*. 3 vols, with 
illuminated plates (3 1 guineas). 

19108 RIDINGER, J. El. Vorstel- 

lung der Pferde nach ihren Hanpt- 

(arben. Description du cheval. 

Augsb. Without date, large 4°. 

A title-plate, 39 pages of text, and 50 
illuminated plates. 

19109 — das in seiner grossen Man- 
nigifaltigkeit geschilderte Thier- 
reich. Representations des ani- 
maux selon leur grande vari^t^. 


Without place or date (Augsb., 

about 1768). large fol. 2 vols. 

The I St vol. A title-plate (containing 
Ridinger*s portrait), 14 and 20 pages of 
text, I leaf of index, and 65 illuminated 
plates. 2nd vol. a title-plate, 20 and 17 
pages of text, i leaf of index, and 65 illu- 
minated plates. 

19110 — I'art de monter & cheval. 
Augsb., Wolf, 1722. fol. 

I title-plate, and 32 plates. 

19111 — Vorstellungen der vortreffl. 
Fiirstenlust oder der edlen Jagt- 
barkeit. Representation des diver- 
tissemens des grands seigneurs. 
Augsb. 1729. oblong fol. 

I title and 36 places. 

19112 — le nouveau man^, repr^ 
sentant I'homme de cheval parfait 
dans tons ses exercices. Augsb. 
1 734. large fol. with 20 plates. 

19113 — contemplatio ferar. bestiar. 
Betrachtung der wilden Thiere. 
Augsb. 1736. oblong fol. 

1 title-plate and 40 plates. 

19114 — griindl. Beschreibung u. 
Vorstellung der wilden Thiere. 
Augsb. 1738. large fol. 

2 leaves text, and 8 plates. 

19115 — Entwurf einiger Thiere, 

wie solche nach ihren unterschie- 

denen Arten, Actionen u. Leiden. 

schaften nach dem Leben gezeich- 

net. Augsb. 1738-54. small fol. 

7 parts. 

Each part has 1 title, and all the 7 parts 
together, 19 pages of text, and 126 plates. 

19116 — Abbildung der jagtbaren 
Thiere. Augsb. 1 740. large fol. 

I title, 2 leaves of text, and 23 plates. 

19117 — lehrreiche Fabeln aus dem 
Reiche der Thiere. 1-4. Versuch. 
Augsb. 1744. large foL with 16 

19118 — nach der Natur entworfene 
Vorstellungen, wie alles hoch a. 
niedere Wild . . . gefanpen wird. 
Augsb. 1750. oblong fol. 7 parts 
with 28 plates. 

19119 — tiirkischer Pferdeaufbutz. 
Augsb. 1752. oblong fol. 

I title and 36 plates. 

19120 — PaHForcejagt. Augsb. 1 756. 
oblong fol. with 16 plates. 

19121 — chasse au cerf et chasse au 


sanglier. Without place or date. 
2 very large leaves. 

19122 — chasseurs au tir et an vol. 
Without place or date. fol. 
1 1 leaves by M. E. Ridinger. 

19123* — repr^ntation et descrip- 
tion de toutes les le9on8 des che- 
vaux de man^e et de campagne 
(en allem. et fr.) Augsb. 1760. 
large 4°. with 46 plates. 

19123^ — remarques du carousel. 
Angsb. 1 76 1, large 4^ with 16 
Usually with the praoeding. 

19124 — die von verschiedenen Ar. 
ten der Hunde behezte jagtbare 
Thiere. Augsb. 1761. large fol. 

21 plates with the title. 

19125 — Vorstellung der wunder- 

samsten Hirsche sowohl als andrer 

besonderl. Thiere. Representation 

de quelques cerfs. Augsb. 1768. 

large fol. with 100 plates. 

The earlier editions contain fewer plates, 
but better impressions. 

19126 RIDINGER, J. El. Ereig. 
nisse u. Vorfidlenheiten bey der 
Jagd. Augsb. 1778. large fol. with 
44 plates. 

19127 RIDOLFI, C. Le maraviglie 
deU' arte overo le vite degl' iUustri 
pittori Veneti e dello stato. Ven., 
^ava, 1 648. 4°. 2 vols, with plates. 

The ist voL has 1 title-plate, the au- 
thor's portrait after the preface, and 30 
other portraits. The 2nd vdi. i title-pUte, 
the author's portrait, and 16 other por- 

RIDLEY, Jam., see Ch. Morbll. 

19128 RIED, Th. Codex chronolo- 
gico-diplomaticus episcopatus Ra- 
tisbonensis. Ratisb. 1816. 4®. 2 
voU. (9 fl. 36 kr.) 

19129 RIEDEL, Gli. F. Tabulte 
regni animalis, omnes VI. classes 
animalium comprehendentes. Rie- 
del inv.^ del. et sculps. {Avgsb.), 
without date, large fol. 

2 yutB of 23 and 24 plates with 756 
sniall re pr ese n tations. 

19130 — Sammlung von Federvieh, 

besonders Hausgefliigel. Augsb., 



without date, small fol. with 26 

19131 RIEDEL. F. Just. Sammt- 
licbe Schriften. V^'^ien, Kurz. 
beck. 1785-87. 8°. 5 voU. (3 d. 

19132 RIEMER, Jac. van. Be- 
schryving van's Gravenhage. Delft, 
1730-39. fol. 3 vols, with plates. 

19133 RIESE, Ad. Rechenung auff 
der linihen vnd federn in zal, mass 
vnd gewicht auff allerley handie- 
rung. Erf., Mth. Maler, 1525. 8^ 

The 2nd edition of this celebrated book of 
calculation. Afterwards, £1/. 1530. 8°. and 

19134 RI6ALTIUS, N. Glossarium 
roKTUcov iu(oPapffapo¥. Lut., Morel- 
lus, 1601. 4^ 

See also Auctores finium rcgund. and 

19135 RIKEL. Speculum conver- 
sionis peccatorum magistri Dion, 
de Leuuis alias Rikel ordinis car* 
thusiensis. Alosti in Flandria, 1473. 
4°. Gothic letter, 27 leaves with 
33 lines. 

The first dated Flemish typographical 
production, probably from the press of 
Theodoric. Martinus. 

19136 RIME diverse di molti eccel- 
lentissimi autori, nuovam. raccolte 
da L. Domenichi. Libro I. Ven., 
Giolito, 1545, or 46, or 49. 8^ 
Rime di diversi nobili uomini, libro 
II. ib.,id., 1547 or 48. 8^ Libro III. 
delle rime di diversi autori (race, 
da L. Domenichi). ib., id., 1550. 
8^. Rime di diversi autori (race, 
da Ercole Bottrigaro), libro IV. 
Bol. 155 1. 8^ Rime di diversi il- 
lustri Napolitani, nuovam. raccolte 
(da L. Dolce), libro V. Ven., 
Giolito, 1555. 8**. (previouslv, ib. 

1552. 8°. with the title, libro 
terzo). II VI. libro delle rime di 
diversi eccellenti autori (raccolto 
da Arrivabene). Ven., Bonelli, 

1553. S°. Rime di diversi signori 
Napolitani etc. nuovam. raccolte da 
L. Dolce, libro VII. Ven., Gioli. 
to, 1556. 8°. Very scarce. I iiori 
delle rime di poeti illustri, raccolti 


1582 RIM 

ed ordinate da Oirol. Ruscelli. 
Ven. 1558 or 59. 8^. Rime di di- 
versi autori eccellentissimi (race, 
da Oirol. Offiredi), libro IX. Cre- 

mona^ Conti^ 1560. 8"^. 

This collection in 9 vols, is very seldam 
found complete, and is greatly prized. 

19137 RIME di diversi ed eccellen- 
tissimi autori in lingua Siciliana, 
con le riposte di Fr. Potenzano. 
Nap., Salviani, 1582. la^ 

19138 RIME oneste de' migliori 
poeti antichi e moderni, scelte da 
Ang. Mazzoleni. Ed. 3. Bassano, 
Remondini, 1777. 12®. a voD. 
Ed. VII. ib. 1816. I a°. 2 volL 

Previously, Bergamo, 1750. I2^ 9 voU. 

19139 RIME scelte de* poeti Raven, 
nati antichi e moderni defunti (race. 
da Pt. P. Oinanni). Ravenna, 
1 739. 8^ 

19140 RIME di pentimento spiri- 

tuale, tratte dai canzonieri de' piii 

oelebri autori antichi e moderni. 

Bergamo, Locatelli. 1765. 8®. — 

Ed. III. Mil., Silvefltri, i8ai. 

See also Atanaoi, Dolce, Maoaono, 


RINALDINI, Pamfilo, see Rbnal- 


19141 RINALDO apasdonato, nel 

2uale si contiene battaglie d'arme e 
'amore. Ven. 1538. 8^. ib., 1586 
or 1628. 8^ Siena, 1576. Ia^ 

A poem in 5 cantos. See also Dixo, 
Iknamobambvto and Rsgwault de 

RINGMANN, see Philbsius. 

19142 RINMAN, Sveno. Berg. 
verks-Lexicon. Sth., 1788-89. 4^. 
a voU. 

19143 RINUCCINI, Ottavio. La 
Dafne, rappresentazione in versi. 
Fir., Mareecotti, 1600. 4''. 

Commonly ccmsidered as the first opera ; 
an edition cited by the academy della 
Cnisca. The best edition (by L. Clasio) 
is Fir. 1810. 4^ The edition, Fir. 1608. 
fol. contains also the music for this opera 
by Marco da Oagliano. 

19144 — drammi musicali. Livorno, 

Masi, i8o2. 8^ 

Containiiig his Dqfite, Ewidiee, and 


Arianna. A fine and comet edition, su- 
perintended by Poggiali. 

RIO, see Delbio. 

RIOJA, Fr. de, poesias, in Fernan- 
dez's Collection, T. 18. 

19145 RIOW, St. Grecian orders 
of architecture, delineated and ex- 
plained from the antiquities of 
Athens. Lond. 1768. fol. with 

19146 RIPA, Cesare. Iconologia, 
accresciuta d'annotazioni e di fiatti 
da Ces. Orlandi. Perugia, 1764— 
67. 4°. 5 vols, with plates. 

19147 — iconologie ou la science des 

emblemes, devises etc, trad, par J. 

Baudouin. Amst.^Braakman, 1698. 

small 8°. a vols, with plates. 

The edition. Par. 1644. fol. with plates, 
by Jac de Brie, is inferior. 

RIPAMONTIUS, see Calchi. 

19148 RITRATTI di alcuni oelebri 
pittori del secolo 17. disegnati ed 
intagliati in rame da Ottavio Li- 
oni, con le vite de' medesimi. Si & 
aggiunta la vita di C. Maratti scrit- 
ta da Gi. Pt. Bellori, non piil stam- 
pata. Roma, Amidei, 1731. 4*'. 
with I a portraits. 

19149 RITSON, Jos. (anon,) An- 
cient songs from the time of king 
Henry III. to the revolution. 
Lond., Johnson, 1790. 8^ (6s.) 

19150 — (anon.) Sootish songs. 
Lond., Johnson, 1794. 8^ a vols, 
with the music. 

19151 — (anon J) a select collection 

of English songs. Lond., Johnson, 

1793. 8**. 3 vols. (las.) 

A new edition by Th. Park, Lond, 181 3. 
S**. 3 vols, with woodcuts (2L as.) 

19152 — English anthology. Lond. 
1793. 8°. 3 vols. (al. 8e.) 

19153 — pieces of ancient popular 
poetry. Lond. 1791. 8^ 

19154 — Robin Hood, a collection 
of all the ancient poems, songs, and 
ballads, now extant^ relative to that 
celebrated English outlaw. Lond. 

'795- ^^' ^ vol** >b- i8ao. ^a^ 
a vols. (las.) 

19155 — ancient English metrical 


romanceg. Lond. 1802. 8^ 3 vols. 

(il. 7«-) . . 

19156 — biUiographia poetica ; a 
catalogue of the Engli^ poets of 
the 12th to the i6th centuries* 
with account of their works. Lond. 

1802. 8^ (9s.) 

19157 — poems on interesting events 
in the reign of king Edward III. 
written in the year 1352 by Lr. 
Minot Lond. 1795. 8®. 

19158 — northern Garlands. Lond. 
1 810. 8^ 

RITTANGEL, see Jbzirah. 

RITTER vom Turn, see Cheva- 
i#iBB. — der weisse, see Hebpin. 


pace eoBciusiones et coetroversiflB 

selectiores. Nrb. 1618. 4^. 

A copy OQ FdUum in the Royal library 
at Munich. 

nealogiae imperator., regum^ du- 
com^ oomitum praecipuorumque ali- 
or. prooeram orbis christiani de- 
ductae ab a. Chr. 1400-1564. 
Ed. III. Tub.^ Reisius, 1664. ^oi- 
(Jac. W. Imhofii) SpicilM;ii Pars I. 
et II. ib. 1683-85. fol. 2 voll. 
Brevis exegesis historica genealo- 
giarum imperator. etc, ib. 1674. 
Tabulae genealog. illustrium aliquot 
familiarum. ib. 1668. fol. 

RITUALE Romanum, see Cata- 


19161 RITUALE ecclesiar. Dani. 

car. et Norvegicar. lat. redditum 

per Pt. Terpager. Havn. 1 706. 8°. 
Only 70 of^iei were printed. 

19162 RITUS celebrandi missam. 
Rothomagi, 1623. fol. 

A copy on vellum in BilU. Harlei, III. 727. 

19163 RIVAROL, Ant. de. CEuvres 
oompIMes. Par. 1808. 8^ 5 volL 

RIVAL, see Ddrival. 

RIVAUTSLLA, see Marmora 

19164 RIVE« J. Joa. Essai sur 
I'art de verifier Tage des minia- 
tures peintes dans les manuserits 
depuis le 14. si^le jusqu'au 17. 



Without place or date. fol. 26 
leaves, painted and ornamented with 
gold. Prospectus d'uu ouvrage 
propose par souscription par Tabb^ 
Rive. (Par., Didot), 1782. 12*. 
70 pages. 

A very good plan, but not entirely exe- 
cuted. Rive adected the miniatures from 
the M SS. of the duke of Valli^re, whose 
librarian he was, but the explanatory text, 
which is the prindpal thing, he left un- 
supplied, and the representations which he 
has given are chai^ged with want of fidelity 
and of taste. Only 80 copies were pre- 
pared, the subscription price of which was 
2$ louis d*or. A copy on vellum in the 
Royal library at Paris. Consult Valliire*s 
CataL T. I. Suppl. p. 78 sq. Dibdin*s 
Dgeameran, T. I. p. XXII. sq. 

19165 — etrennes aux joueurs de 
cartes. Eclaircissemens historiques 
et critiques sur Tinvention des car- 
tes a jouer. Par., (Didot,) 1780. 
12°. 48 pages. 

Also 4 copies in 8*^. on vellum (79 fr. 
Limare, 64 £r, Oouttard, 93 fr. M^on, 60 
fr. Thierry), and 100 copies on large paper 
in 8°. Reprinted in Singer^t Reuarehet 
inio the hutory qf piaffing oardt. 

19166 — di verses notices calligraphi- 
ques et typogr. <ou notice sur le 
traits MB. de Oaleotto Martio de 
excellentibus). Par. 1785. 8^ 16 

Only 100 copies, and i copy on vellum 
in 4°. 

19167 — la chasse aux bibliographes 
et antiquaires mal advises, par un 
des ^l^ves que Mr. Rive a laiss^ 
dans Paris (par Rive lui-mtoe). 
Lond., {Aix), 1789. 8"^. 2 voll. 

Of this violent satire against several 
bibliographers, particularly against Merrier 
de St. Xi^r, only 300 copies were printed, 
50 of which contain the ist vol. on Dutch 
paper, and the and on writing paper. 

19168 — histoire crit. de la pyramide 
de Cajus Sestius. Par., Didot, 1 787. 
fol. with 7 plates. 

It forms the 3rd vol. to Sante Bartoli*s 
pahitings (see Sawte), but h is to be had 
also by itself. On vettum 95 fr. Lamy.— 
Concerning Rive, who was well informed, 
but passionate^ and not fine from eharta^ 
UmeriCy see Dibdin^s Tour, II. 381 sq. 
where is also his poitrah. 

RIVERA, see Ribera. 



19169 RIVETUS, And. Opera 
theologica. Rott., Leers^ 1651. 
fol. 3 voll. 

RIVINUS, And., see Medici, No. 

19170 RIVINUS, A. Quirin. In. 

troductio generalis in rem herba- 

riam. Lps. 1690-99. fol. 3 parts. 

Prized, and not oommon. The iBt part 
contains 125 plates, the 2nd 121, and the 
3rd 139. Some copies have several sup- 
plemental plates besides. 

19171 RIVOLA, Fr. Grammaticre 

Armenie libri IV. Mediol., typ. 

coUegii Ambros., 1624. 4°. 
Also, Par, 1634. 4°. 

19172 — dictionarium armeno-lat. 
Mediol., typ. coll. Ambros., 1621. 

Also, Par. 1^33. 4°. The author wrote 
this lexicon from the mouth of an ignorant 
Armenian. It is full of barbarisms, and 
devoid of pure words. 

RIXNER, see Ruxner. 
RIZZI, see Zannoni. 

19173 ROBBIG, Just. Reinh. Co- 
dex criticus h. e. Robigaliorum li- 
bri XII. Tom. I. Lemgov., Coc- 
caeus, 1610. Tom. II. Hagss 
Scbaumburg., Reineking, 1619. 4°. 
2 voll. 

Lexicon novum tractatum conHnetu de 
relnu criticit. Rinielii, Wagner^ 1622.4°. 
is only a new title, and both vols, united 
into one. 

19174 ROBERT. Le tr^sor de 
Tame. Par., Ant. V^rard, with- 
out date (about 1497*) fol. Gothic 

6 leaves of preliminary matter, 81 num- 
bered leaves, and i leaf with the printer*s 
symbol, in 2 columns with 35 lines. A 
copy on vellum in the Roytd library at 
Paris (previously Valli^re 162 fir., and 204 
fr. McCarthy). A second copy with an- 
other symbol was successively possessed by 
Coudcault (17 llv.), Sdle (55 liv.), Oaignat 
(99 liv. 19s.), and Vallih« (132 Uv.). 

ROBERT of Cysille, an old Eng- 
lish romance in rhyme, and still 
unprinted. Extracts may be found 
in Ellis's Specimens of early Eng- 
lish metrical romances^ III. 143 sq. 

19175 ROBERT le Diable. La vie 


du terrible Robert le Diable, leqnel 
apr^s fut nomm^ lomme Dieu. Ly- 
on, Marescbal, 1496. 4°. Gotluc 


A very scarce edition. Concerning this 
romance of the 1 2th century, see Hi$t, liU, 
de la France, T. VII. p. LXXIX. Me- 
langes tir, d^une grande bibl, V. 177. 

19176 — la vie du terrible Robert le 
Diable. Par., N. de la Barre, 1497. 
4°. Gothic letter. 

19177 — la terrible et meryeilleuse 
vie de Robert le Diable, lequel 
apr^s fut nomm^ lliomme-dieu. 
(Par,), J, Herouf, without date. 
4°. Grothic letter. 

Sold at the duke of Marlborougfa^s sale 
in 1819 for 61. los. 

19178 — la terrible Et merueilleuae 
vie de Robert Le Dyable. {Par,), 
Denis Janot, without date. 4°. Go- 
thic letter. 

2o leaves, with the signatures A-D, 

19179 — la terrible et merveilleuse 
vie de Robert le Diable. Troyes, 
without date. 8"^. with wood. 

19180 — la terrible et merveilleuse 
vie de Robert le Diable, lequel 
apr^s fut homme de bien. Troyes, 
veuve Jac. Oudot, 1715. 8°. with 

54 pages and 1 leaf. Badly printed. 

19181 — la terrible et merveilleuse 

vie de Robert le Diable. Rouen, 

without date. 8*^. 

Also in the BibHoth, bieue. Par, 1769 
or 75. 8*. 2 voll. 

19182 — the famous, true, and histo- 
rical! life of Robert, second duke 
of Normandy, surnamed Robin the 

Divell. Lond., Busbie, 1591. 4^. 

Sold for 14I. at the duke of Marlbo- 
rough*s sale. Concerning an eariier edi- 
tion of 29 leaves by Wynkyn de Worde* 
see Beloe^ Aneodoiet, 1. 425 sq., where 
there are also extracts from it. 

19183 — Roberte de Deuyll. A me- 
trical romance, from an ancient il- 
luminated manuscript. Lond. 1 798. 
8^ with 14 plates^ 58 pages. 

19184 ROBERT de Vaugondy. 
Adas universel on recueil de cartes 


geographiques. Par. 2757. large 
fol. Also on large paper. 

108 mapc altogether induding the 5 
maps of roads. The new copies are en- 
laiged with 9 maps, but contain very bad 
impressions. The small atlas of the same 
author in oblong 4°. contains 54 maps 
(17 fr.) There is a list of his geographiod 
works in Busehmg^t tooehentL Nat^rr, 1775. 
p. 81-86. 

19185 ROBERTI, 61. Bt. Opere. 
Bassano, 1797. i2^ 15 voll. 

ROBERTO, re di Oerusalemme, 
see Pbtrarca, No. i 642 i . 

ROBERTS, 6u., see Mahmora 
OxoN. No. 13164. 

ROBERTS, Ft., see Chronicle, 
No. 41 so. 

19186 ROBERTS, Th. Indian glos- 
sary, consisting of some thousand 
words and terms commonly used in 
the East Indies. Lond. 1 800. 8°. 

19187 ROBERTSON, Archibald. 
Topographical survey of the great 
road from London to Bath and 
Bristol. Lond. 1792. large 8°. 
2 vols, with 65 plates. 

19188 ROBERTSON, Abr. Secti- 
onnm conicar. libri VII. Ox. 1 792. 
4°. — Geometrical treatise of conic 
sections. Ox. 1 802 or 1 808. 8°. (Ss.) 

19189 ROBERTSON, J. Elements 
of navigation, containing the theory 
and practice^ with the necessary 
tables. Lond. 1772 or 86. S°. 2 voll. 

19190 ROBERTSON. Will. His- 
tory of the reign of the emperor 
Charles V. Lond. 1 769. 4*^. 3 vols. 

There are several London editions in 3 
or 4 vols. 8^. all of which are valuable. 
The last time, LofuL 1812. 8^ 4 vols. 
(iL IIS.) Also, ib. 1817. I3^ 4 vols. (i8s.) 
— Storia del regno delT imp. Carlo V. 
ColoMOj 1774. 12**. 6 volL HUi. du rigne 
de Charles V. {trad, par guard). Par. 
1771. 4'. 2 volL Corrected, Par. 181 7. 8**. 
4 voll. ^24 fr., also on vellum paper). As 
to due uuk edition, consult a letter of Fr. 
de Neufchateau in MiUm ArmaL enogcl, 
1817. II. 288 sq. Getehu^Ue der Regier. 
Kait. Carle F., Hbe. von JuL Aug. Remer. 
Brtehw. 1792-04. 8". 3 voll. (5 d. 8 gr.) 
Historie van Karel de vgfde. Ron, 1 778. 

8^6voa. (i2fl.) 

19191 — history of Scotland, during 
the reigns of queen Mary and of 



king James II. Lond. 1771. 4^ 

3 vols. 

Often reprinted. Among the most re- 
oeut editions are, land. 1809, or 12, or 17. 
8^ 3 vols. (il. IS.) iMnd. 181 1. 8^ 2 vols, 
(il. IS.) — - Storia di Scozia. Lond. 1784. 
8*. 4 volL Hist. d'Ecosie {trad, par N, 
Pt. Bestet de la Chapelle). Lond. et Par. 
1764. 12°. 3 voll. Nouv. 6dit, revue, corr. 
etaugm. {par Morellet). Lond. 1772. 12". 

4 voU. The translation by Blavet, Par. 
1785. 12*. 3 vols., and that by Campenon, 
Par. 1 82 1. 8^ 3 vols, are different from 
these. Geach. von Sehottland^ ubs. von Mth, 
Thdr. Cp. MUteUtwU. Brachw. 1762. 8\ 

2 voll. (3d. 12 gr.) 

19192 — history of America. Lond. 
1777. large 4°. 2 vols. 

Often reprinted in 4 vcJs. 8**. and in 1 2". 
The editions Lond. 1800, or 1 2, or 1 7. 8"*. 4 
vob. (il. I2S.) are enlarged with a 9th and 
1 oth book,which first appeared by themselves 
in 1 798.— In Armenian by Minas Caspar- 
janz, Triettey 1784-86. 8*'. 2 volL St&ria 
d* America, trad, da Ant. Pillori. Fir. 
1777. 12". 4 voll., or Ven. 1778. 8\ 4 voU. 
lliis translation is a failure, but the fol- 
lowing by some unknown person is good : 
Pisa, 1780. 4^ 2 voll. Hist, de PAmMque 
{trad, par Suard). Par. 1778. 4*. 2 voll. 
and most coropleite, Par., JOidot, 18 18. 8**. 

3 voIL (21 fr., on vellum paper 42 fr.). 
Geech. von America, Sbi. von J. F, S4MI- 
ler. LpM., Weidmann, 1777. 8^ 2 voll. 
(3 d.) GescMedenie van America. Amtt. 
1801. 8°. 5 volL (10 fl.) 

19193 — historical disquisition con- 
cerning the knowledge which the 
ancients had of India, with an ap- 
pendix. Lond. 1 790. large 4^. with 

Also, Lond. 1799, or 1809, or 181 2. 8\ 
(8s.) In French, Par. 1792. 8^ with 
plates (5 fr., on vellum paper 10 fr.). In 
German by O. Forster, Berl. 1792. 8^ 
(i d. 6 gr.) In Dutch by P. Loosjes, Amet, 
1793. 8-. (3 fl.) 

19194 — works. Lond. 181 2. 8^ 

12 vols. (4I. 16s.) Also on large 


Also, E^&nb. 1813. 8^ 6 vols. (3I. 3s.) 
Lond. 1820. 8°. 12 vols. {^. ^) Lond. 
1822. 8*. 10 vols. (3I. 5s.) rrom the 
above articles a set may be fomied of 8 vols. 
4°., and of II vols. 12". from the editions 
of his separate works in 1797, 1800, or 
1805. — Dugaid Stewards Account qf the 
Life and Writings of W. Robertson. Lond, 
1 80 1. 8**. is also to be found in the editions 
of his works in 12 vol& 
5 L3 



ROBERTUS de Lieio, see Carac- 


' 19195 ROBERTUS monachus. His- 
toria belli sacri. Without place or 
date {CoL, U. Zell or Ther Hoer- 
nen, about 1470). Gothic letter. 

The very scarce first edition. Without 
signatures, catchwords, and pagination, 
with 27 lines in a full page, running ail 
across. It b^ns without further super- 
scription, (H)Oc Memplar episiole. It 
ends with the coli^on, Ejeplicii hisloria 
de JHnere conira iurchos. 

19196 ROBERTUS. Bellum Chris- 

tianor. principum^ prsecipue G^lo- 

rum, contra Saracenos anno salutis 

1088 pro terra sancta gestum etc. 

Bas., H. Petri, 1533. fol. 

Also in Reuberi S. R. Germ, and in 
BongartH Gett. dei per Francos, I. 30 sq. 
(Here in 9 books instead of 8, because the 
7th is divided into two.) Csp. Barth's an- 
notations in Ludetdg reliq. MSS, III. 

19197 — historia di Roberto Monaco 

della guerra fatta da principi Chris- 

tiani contra Saracini per V acquisto 

di terra santa, trad, per Fr. Bal- 

delli. Fir., {Torrentino)^ 155a. 

Very scarce. 

19198 ROBERTUS, Gaudentius. 

Miscellanea italica erudita. Parmse, 

de Rosatis, 1 691. 4°. 4 vol!. 

A collection of treatises of Italian lUeraH, 
chiefly antiquarian, and already printed 
before, put together without selectifMi or 
care. Most may be found bettor in the 
Thesaur. aniiqq. 

ROBILLARD. see Mus^b fran- 

ROBIN Hood, see Ritson, No. 

ROBINET, see Dictionnairb, No. 

ROBINSON, see Dbpob. 

19199 ROBINSON, Rb. Indices 
tres voGum fere omnium, qu» oc- 
currunt in Dion. Longino, in £u- 
napio, in Hieroclis commentario in 
PythagorK aurea carmina. Ox.^ 
typ. Clarend., 177a. 8^. (4s.) 

19200 ROBINSON, Mary. Poetical 
works. Lond. 1806. 8°. 3 vols, 
(il. IIS. 6d.) 


19201 ROBINUS, Dion. Solennis 

repetitio §. divi J. filius familias. ff. 

de Lega. primo. Tholose, N. Viel- 

lardus, 1534. fol. 

2 and 85 le&ves. A copy on Telluin in 
the Royal library at Paris (previously 
15 fr. Oaignat, 48 fr. Valli^re, 24 fr. 

19202 ROBLES, Eugen. de. Breve 
suma y relacion del modo de rezo y 
missa del officio santo gotico mo- 
sarabe, que en la capilla de Corpus 
Christi de Toledo se conserva. To- 
ledo, 1603. 4°. 23 leaves. 

Very scarce, and formerly more sought 
after than it is now (150 fr. Oaignat, 
12 fr. McCarthy). 

19203 — compendio de la vida y ha- 
zafias del Card. Ximenes de Cisne- 
ros, y del officio y missa Mozarabe. 
Toledo, Rodriguez, 1604. 4^. 

19204 ROBORTELLUS, Fr. Va- 

rior. locor. annotationes tam in 

gr»cisquam latinis authoribus. Par., 

Boucher, 1544. 8°. 

Also iu Gruieri Lampae, II. 28 aq. — 
See Aristoteles, No. 1188. 

19205 ROGCABERTI, J. Th. de. 

Bibliotheca pontiftcia maxima, in 
qua autores melioris notse, qui hac- 
tenus pro S. Romana sede scrip - 
serunt, fere omnes continentur. 
Rom., Buagni, 1695-99. fol. 21 

The authors are printed in alphabetical 
order according to their Christian namea. 
In each vol. the signatures and pagination 
commence afresh with each piece. The 
a I St vol. is a general index. 

19206 ROCCA, Aug. Opera omnia. 
Romee, 1719. fol. 2 voll. 

Hn BibHatheca VoHoana. Rom^y ^S9^' 
4°. is also included. 

19207 ROCCHEGOIANI, Lr. Rac 

colta di 1 70 tavole rappresentanti i 
costumi relieiosi, civili e militari de- 
gli antichi Egiziani, Etrusci, Greci 
e Romania tratti dagli astichi uko^ 
numenti. Roma, Rafiaelli, 1804. 
oblong fol. 2 voll. 
Prized by artists. 

19206 ROCHA Pitta, Sb. de. Hi- 
storia de America portugueza, desde 
o anno de 1500 ate o de 1724. 
Lisb. 1 750. fol. 


due de la. Reflexions ou senten- 
ces et maximes morales. Par. 1665. 

Hie fint edition, with a plate by Et. Pi- 
cart, and a ducoun pr^hm, by S^grais, 
which is wanting in the later editions. 
Concerning an earlier surreptitious edition 
at Rouen, see SegramanOy p. 156. 

19210 — maximes et reflexions mo- 
rales (avec une notice sur la Roche- 
foQcauld, par Suard). Par., impr. 
roy., 1778. 8^ 

A fine and carefully superintended edi- 

19211 — — (ayec la notice de 
Suard). Par., impr. de Monsieur, 
1779. I8^ 

Neat. There are 6 copies on vellum 
(98 fr. Valliire^ 145 fir. Hangard, 50 fr. 

19212 Lond. 1784. i8^ 

There are copies on Telluai. 

19213 — avec des observations de 

labbe Broder. Par., M^rigot, 1 789. 

small 8«. (5 fr.) 

Greatly prised, ahhoiigh Broder*s ma- 
nifold additions are not always rery happy. 

19214 Par., Didot, 1796. large 

Only 350 copies struck off. — Also, i6., 
id^ 1796. 18*. (.) fr., on Tellam paper 
5 fr., on laige paper 8 fr.). Superintended 
by Portia. 

19215 — — Panne, Bodoni, 1811. 

large 4^ 

Only 155 0(q>ies, 150 of which are ou 
vellum paper. — Also^ «6., iiL, 181 a. Urge 
8**. 120 copies of which were struck off on 
carta vei» realtj 100 on oorla voL dueaie, 
and one copy on yellum. All these edi- 
tions have tlie not particularly good text of 
Land, 1799. lai^ge 8*. 

19216 Par., Blaise, 1813. la^ 

(3 fr., in 8**. 6 fr.) 

Also a copy on Tellum in 8*.; one on 
taffeta, and sereral on Tellnm paper. 
Enhfged with the unprinted pieces, and 
with a facsimile of uie author^s hand- 

19217 avec la notice de Suard. 

Par., Didot, 1815. 8*. (7 fr. 50 c, 
on vellum paper 15 fr.) 

In French and Oerman by F. Schuh, 
Sretl. 1793. 8'. (18 gr.) 

19218 — m^moires sur les brigues k 
la mort de Louis XIII. etc. Par., 



Renouard, 1804-17. 18*. 2 voU. 

(5 fr., in 12^ 7 fr., on vellum pa{)er 

10 fr.) 

An enlarged edition. A copy on vellum. 
Previously, Col., van Dpek (EUievier), 
1662, or 63, or 64, or 65. 12*. (4 really 
different editions) and often. 

ROCHERIUS, see Monte Ro- 

19219 ROCHESTER, J. Wilmot, 
earl of. Poems on several occa- 
sions. Lond. 1691. 8''. ib. 1705. 
8^. Antw. without date. 8*^. Lond. 
1757. I2^ 

19220 — the works of the earls of 
Rochester and Roscommon. Ed. III. 
Lond., Crull, 1709. 8^ 

19221 — the works of J. Earl of 
Rochester. Containing a genuine 
collection of all his poems. With- 
out place, 1756. 8^ with bad 

19222 RODD, Th. Ancient ballads. 
Lond. 1803. 12^ 

19223 RODDE, Jac. Russische 
Sprachlehre. Riga^ Hartknoch, 
1790. 8°. (i d. 12 gr.) Russ. 
deutsches u. deutsch-russ. Wor- 
terbuch. ib.^ id.> 1784. 8''. 2 voll. 

RODERICK Random, see Smol- 


RODERICUS a Castro, see Castro. 

19224 RODERICUS (Sancius de 
Arevalo), episc. Zamorensis. Spe- 
culum vitse humans. Romse, Sweyn- 
heym et Pannarts, 1468. small fol. 

The very scarce first edition. 150 leaves 
with 33 lines, without signatures, catch- 
words, and pagination. I'he first 9 leaves 
are a letter to Paul II. and a list (^ chap- 
ters, and leaf la line 1 is, Ancii$nmo mo 
dtmiHstimQ in lAritto. Leaf 9b b^ns 
the woriL itself, leaf 146* is the colophon, 
and then follow 4 leaves of index. All the 
sobsequent editions are either directly or 
indirectly reprints of this Roman edition, 
and likewise contain the letter to PauL II. 

19225 without place or date 

(CoL, U. ZeU), 4°. Gothic letter. 

With 37 lines, wi^out signatures, catch- 
words, and pagination. 

19226 {AV.), Gth. Zainer, 

3 id. Jan. 1471. fol. Oothic letter. 
138 leaves with 36 lines, without signa- 



turds, catchwords, and pagination. The 
colophon is in leaf I2s^, and there more- 
over foUow 5 leaves of index. 

19227 {Saviliani), Cp. Beyaoi, 

without date (before 1472). fol. 
1 34 leaves. 

19228 Ergow> Helyas Helye, 

1472. fol. 
109 leaves with 41 lines. 

19229 ib., id., 1473. fol. 

£ntirely similar to the preceding in the 
first 43 leaves and in the colophon (where 
the date only is altered). 

19230 Romse, J. Ph. de Ligna- 

luine, 1473. fol. 

19231 Par., J. Stol et Pt. Ce- 

saris, without date (about 1473). 
fol. Gothic letter. 

In 2 columns with 33 lines. There is 
also an edition, without place or date (ib.y 
id.)j 4°. Gothic letter, with 30 lines run- 
ning all across the page. 

19232 Arg., Mt. Flach, 1475. 

fol. Gothic letter. 

108 leaves with 35 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and pagination. 

19233 Par., Crantz, Gering et 

Friburger 1475. ^o'* 
19234 I'Ugd., Guillermus Regis, 

1477. large 4°. 

The edition, Lovan., J. de WestfaSioy 
without date. fol. Gothic letter, in a co- 
lumns with 41 lines, and the signatures t-tc, 
belongs to Ant, de Buirio Speculum de 
confetsume. ib., id^ without date. fol. and 
is not a distinct piece. 

19235 — speculum omnium statuum 
totius orbis terrie. Hanov., Aubrii, 
1613. 4°. 

19236 — libro iutitulado spejo de la 
vida humana, por todos los hom- 
bres. Carago^a, 1491. fol. Gothic 
letter, with woodcuts. 

19237 — cy commence le livre in- 
titule le miroir de la vie humaine, 
transl. de latin en fran^. par fr^re 
Julien (Macho). Lyon, Bm. Buyer, 

8 Juill. 1477. fol. Gothic letter. 

The first edition of this translation, and 
sought after. With the signatures a-v. 

19238 — le m^me translate en fran^. 
par Pierre Farget (et Jul. Macho). 
Without place (Lyon), N. Philippi 
et M. Reinardi, ao AoCkt 1482. fol. 

Gothic letter, with woodcuts. 
As scarce as the preceding edition. 


19239 — das buch genandt der spinel 
menschlichs lebens (iibs. von H. 
Steinhowel). Without place or 
date {Augsp., Glh, Zainer, not be- 
fore 1475). ^^^' Gothic letter, with 
At the end is merely Deo ffraeUu. 

19240 Augsp., Hans Bamler» 

1479. ^^^' Gothic letter, with 55 

19241 — — Augsp., Pt. Berger, 
1488. fol. with woodcuts. 

19242 — compendiosa historia hispa- 

nica. (Roma), U. Gallus, without 

date (about 1470). small fol. 

193 leaves with 13 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and pagination. The 
13 leaves, which contain the table of con- 
tents, are sometimes at the beginning and 
sometimes at the end. There is a copy in 
the Hunterian Museum at Glasgow in 
which 2 leaves are printed on vellum. 

19243 •— epistola de expugnatione et 

amissioneinsulaeNigropontis. With. 

out place or date (Mog,, Sckoffer), 

fol. Gothic letter. 

10 leaves in 2 columns with 37 lines, 
without signatures, catchwords, and pagi- 
nation. Very scarce, and probably the 
first edition. 

RODRIGO, el rey, see Romances. 
RODRIGUEZ de Castro, see Cab. 
TRo. — Ant., see Guesclin. 

19244 RODRIGUEZ, Christoval. 
Biblioteca universal de la polygralia 
espaiiola. Madr., Marin 1 1738. fol. 
with plates. 

Very important and scarce, but unfi- 
nished. With respect to Spain the Bene- 
dictines rely entirely on this work. 

19245 RODRIGUEZ, J. Arte da 
lingoa de Japam. Nangasaqui, no 
collegio de Japao da companhia de 
Jesu, 1604. 4°. 

Printed on Japanese paper, and very 
scarce. 1 also find quoted the following 
work by him : Arte breve da Ungua Japona. 
Macao, 1620. 4°. — See also Vocabu- 


19246 RODRIGUEZ, J06. Biblio- 
teca Valentina. Junta se la con- 
tinuacion por Ign. Tavales. Va- 
lencia, 1747. fol. 

RODRIGUEZ, Luc, see Roman* 



19247 RODRIGUEZ, Man. El 
Maranon y las Amazonas. Historia 
de los descubrimieotos, entradas y 
rednccion de nadones en las dila- 
tadas montanas y mayores rios de 
la America. Madr.^ Gonzal. de 
Reyes, 1684. fol. 

Prixed and scaroe. 

19248 RODRIGUEZ, Man. Mig. 
Memorias para la vida del santo 
rey Don Fernando, dadas a luz con 
apendices y otras ilustraciones por 
Man. de Miguel Rodriguez. Madr. 
1801. fol. 

19249 ROEBUCK, Th. An English 
and Hindostanee naval dictionary 
of technical terms and sea-phrases. 
Calcutta printed, London reprint- 
ed, 1813. 8°. 180 pages. 

ROEDING, see Nemnich. 
[9250 ROERO, Diodata Saluzzo. 
Versi. Ed. IV. Torino, 1816. 8°. 

4 voll. 

A favourite Italian poetess. 

19251 ROESEL, A. J. Monatlich he- 
rausgegebene Insectenbelustigung. 
Nrb., Fleischmann, 1746-61. 4°. 

5 vols, with illuminated plates. 

Old illuminated copies are still sought 
sfter, but the text is prolix. The ist voL 
contains r title-plate and i3i plates, the 
2nd / title plate and 94 plates, the 3rd 
I title-plate and 101 phites, the 4t]i (edited 
bv Ch. F. O. Kleemann) i portrait and 40 
plates, the 5th unfinished (without a title) 
376 pages of text and 44 plates. There is 
anewenlaiged impression of the ist vol. 
without date. The 5th vol. was subse- 
quently finished under the title, Ch, F. C. 
Kleenumn Beiirr, aur Naiur u, Itueeten' 
geKhiehiey fortffes. von Ch. Schwarz, Nrb., 
Raspe, 1792-94. 4^ a vols, with 48 and 
24 plates ( 1 4 d. 8 gr.) Ch, Schwarz No- 
fnenclaiar uber IVket u. Kleemann. Nrb,y 
Batpey i79.:{-i8io. 4^ 2 parts (lagr.). 

19252 — historia naturalis ranarum 
noitratium. Die natUri. Hiatorie 
der Frosche hiesigen Landes. (Latin 
and German). Nrb. 1758. large 

With I illuminated title-plate, 24 illumi- 
nated plates, and 24 plain. 

19253 ROSSLER, Ch. F. Biblio- 
thek der Kirchenvater in Ueberset- 
znngen u. Ausziigen. Lpz.^ Her* 



tel, 1776-86. 8°. 10 voU. (13 d. 

19254 ROVER, Mthi. Bibliotheca 

Roveriana. LB. et Amst., Haak, 

1806. 8^ 2 voll. (3fl.) 

One of the best catalogues with re* 
spect to bibliographical accuracy and cer- 
tainty, and at the same time interestingon 
account of the richness of the library. The 
compiler was the president van Wesele 
Scholten at the Hague. 

19255 ROGERS, Chad. A collection 
of prints in imitation of drawings, 
with the lives of their authors and 
explanatory notes. Lond. 1778. 
fol. 2 vols, with 1 1 3 plates. 

19256 ROGERS, Sm. Poems. Vol. I. 
Lond. 1764. 8°. 

No more appeared. 

19257 — pleasures of memory. Lond. 
1810. 8°. with woodcuts. Also on 
large paper. 

19258 — la vita umana, poema dull' 
inglese trasportato in italiano e di 
annotazioni accresciuto da Vittorio 
Paciotti. Torino, Pomba, 1820. 

19259 ROGERS, Woode. Cruising 
round the world, in the years 1708 
-II. Lond. 171a. 8°. with plates. 

In French, Amet. 1716. 12**. 1 vols, or 
ib, 1723. 13°. 3 vols, with plates. 

ROGISSART, see Dblices. 

19260 ROHAN, Henri II. due de. 
Voyage faict en I'an 1 600 en Italie^ 
Allemagne, Pais-bas unis. Angle- 
terre et Escosse. Amst., L. Elze. 
vier, 1646. 12°. 

19261 — m^moires sur les choses ad- 
venues en France, depuis le mort 
de Henry le Grand jusqu'k la 
paix faite avec les reformez au 
mois de Juin 1629. Ed. II. augm. 
Without place (Elzevier), 1646. 
1 2°. 3 parts in i vol. 

This 2nd edition is in preference added 
to the Elzevir collection. After Ute me- 
moirs there ought to be 146 pages, Dit- 
eours politique ; and 1 35 pages, VMiable 
disooure. In another edition of the same 
date, the first discourse has only 135 
pages, and the second only ia6. In ^e 
edition, without place (Elzev.), 1644. 13". 
3 parts in i vol., the Diecourt poUiique is 
wanting. But the edition, without place 



{ElMev.)y 1661. I3^ 9 vola. is eulargiid, as 
the and vol. contains the above Voyage. 
The edition, superintended by Goujet, 
^flw^. (Par.) 1756. li^, 2 vols, has new 
augmentations. The fint edition, super- 
intended by Sm. Sorbin, Par, 1644. 8"*. 

ROI> see Rot. 
ROJAS, see Celestina. 

19262 ROIG, Jaume. Libre de oon- 
sells. Valencia, 1531 or 32. 4®. 

Also, Valencia, i.:;6i or 6i. 4°. Baree^ 
lona, 1561. 4^ The new edition has the 
title, Lo libra de let done* e de concells. 
Valencia, 1735. 4°. It was superintended 
by C. Ros, but is destitute of several pieces 
which are in the older editions; some 
books are mutilated, and several are not 
in their proper placet. 

ROILLARD, see Coutumes, No. 


ROLAND and Ferragus. TheVe is 
an abridged edition of this un- 
printed English romance in rhyme 
m Ellis's Specimens of early Engl, 
metrical romances^ II. 291 sq. 

19263 ROLAND, Mar. J. Philipon. 
CEuvres^ contenant les m^moires et 
notices historiques qu'elle a com- 
poses. Par. 1800. 8*^. 3 voU. 

ROLEA, see Gsntr. 
ROLEVINCK, see Fasciculus. 

19264 ROLLAND, J. Ane treatise 
callit the court of Venus, devidit 
into four buikes. Edinb., Ros, 

1575- 4^- 

A Scotch poet of the 16th century. See 
also Mexstek, No. 13593. 

19265 ROLLENH AGENDO, (anon.) 

Froschmeuseler, in dreyen Biichern 

von Marx Hupfinsholz von Mau- 

seloch der jungen Frdsche Vor- 

singer nnd Calmauser. Magdeb.^ 

And. Gehne^ i595* 8^ 

The first edition, which was immediately 
reprinted, ib, 1596. 8**. 

19266 — Froschmeuseler Der Frosch 
vnd Meuse wunderbare Hoffhalt- 
unge. In Dreyen Biichern auffs 
newe mit fleiss beschrieben, Zuvor 
in Druck nie ausgangen. Magdeb., 
And. Duncker, 1600. 8®. with 

With the signatures A-Ddd^ and at the 
cod a list of errata. 


19267 Froschmeuseler Hoff- 

haltunge. In Dreyen BQchem auffs 
newe mit fleiss beschrieben. Mag- 
deb., Zach. Dorffer, 1608. 8**. with 

With the signatures A^Bee. 

19268 — Froschmauseler, Der Frosch 
und Mause wunderbahre Hoffhalt- 
unge. In dreyen Biichern auffs 
new mit fleiss beschrieben. Vnd 
jetzo nach des Autor seligen corri- 
girten alten Exemplar auffs new 
gedrucket. Magdeb., Kirchner, 
without date (after 1 609). 8°. with 

Also, Magdeb,, Betxel, 161 6, or 18, or 
91. 8*. BrauneiBh., 1637. ^°' ^^ wood- 

19269 — der Frdsche und Mause 
wunderseltsame Hofhaltung; aonst 
Froschmaussler genannt. In drey 
Bucher eingetheilet, u. an sehr 
yielen Orten, sowohl der Reimart, 
als auch der Materi selbsten nach, 
mercklich verbessert. Ff., Ery- 
thropilus, 1683. 8°. 

19270 — sinnreicher Froschmause- 
ler, vorstellend der Frdsche a. 
Mause wunderbahre Hoffhaltung. 
Ff. u. Lpz. (without the publisher's 

name)^ '730- 8^ 

The editions quoted are quite certain, 
and are to he found either at Dresden, or 
Wdfenbuttel, or in the library of oouniad- 
lor von Meusebach at Berlin. 

19271 — Froschmauseler, im Aus- 
zuge bearbeitet von C. Lappe. 
Stralsund, 1816. 8^ 

19272" — (anam.) vier Biicher Wun- 
derbarlicher biss daher Tnerhdrter, 
vnd vngleublicher Indianischer rey- 
sen^ verteutschet durch 6br. Rollen. 
hwen. Magdeb., J. Botcher, 1 603 . 4°. 
This first edition of 296 pages is in 

19272h — (anon.) Vier Bucher Wun- 
derbarlicher biss daher vnerhorter, 
vnd vngleublicher Indianischer rey- 
sen, verteutschet durch Gbr. Rol- 
lenhagen. Zum andemmal ge- 
druckt. Magdeb., J. Botcher, 1603. 

This 2nd edition also of the same year 
of 397 pagee is in WoUenbttttel. 


19272® •— — 3rd edition. Magdeb., 

Kirchner, 1605. 4^. 
19272* 4th edition. Alten- 

stettin, Reichhart, 1614. 4^ 
19272® 4th edition. Magdeb., 

Betzel, 1619. 4°' 

Formerly rettlly numbered in the title, 
as the 4th (genuine) edition. Also, Ff. 
«. LpM. 1717. 12^ Aooording to Kodi 
there is also an edition of 1683. 

19273 ROLLI, P. Rime. Lond.^ 
Pickard, 1717. 8^ Alio on large 
paper. — Also, Verona, 1733. 8®. 

19274 — poetid oomponimenti. Ven. 

1761. 8^ 

The moat oomplele edition, which aho 
contains the Rime. 

19275 ROLLIN, Charl. De la ma- 

niere d'enseigner et d'^tudier lea 

belles lettrea, par rapport k Tesprit 

et au coeuT. Par., Eatienne^ 1 740. 

4°. Also on large paper. 

Alao^ t6., tdLy 173 a. 12°. 4 ToU. — In Ita- 
lian by Sdraggio Ganturani. Ven. 1803. 
8**. 4 TolL In German by J. Jo. Schwabe^ 
Ff, «. LpK. 1750. 8^ 4 voU. In En^ah, 
JEiofidL 1804 or 10. 8^ 3 vola. (il. 7s.) 

19276 — histoire aneienne des E- 

gyptienn, des Cartbaginois, des As- 

syriens, des Babyloniens, des Medes 

et des Peraes, des Orecs. Par., 

Estienne, 1740. 4^. 6 voll. witb 

plates. Also on large paper. 

Alao^ 16., <<!., 1733. 12*. 14 voU. — In 
Italian, Gefwooy 1795. 4^ 7 voh. with 
maps (42 lire). In Oerman, Dretd. 1738 
-48 or 1763. 8^ 13 ToIL In Engliah, 
LcntL 1817 or 11. 8^ 8 vols. (3I. I3S.) 
t&. 1812 or 17. l2^ 13 rols. (2L 8s.) 

19277 — histoire Romaine, depuis la 
fondation de Rome jusqu'a la ba* 
taiUe d'Actium, continu^ par Cre- 
vier. Par., Estienne, 1752. 4^. 
8 vols. wHb maps. Also on large 

Alan, tA., id,, 1738. I2^ 16 voU. Theae 
original editiona ci the above 3 works are 
greatly prized, and are preferable to the 
hter less correct editiona. — In (German (by 
J. Ad. HiUer)) Lpaf. u. Bred. 1759-63. 8°. 

16 ToU In Swediah, Orehro, 1 785-95. 8°. 
6 ToU. — Both worka together, the Hiai. 
Ane. and fTiti* Rom,, In Spanish by Fr. 
X. de Villanueva, Madr. 1780. 4". 13 voll. 
In Italian, Vm. 1819. I2^ 48 voll. widi 
75 pbtea (14 copiea eai bhie velhim p a pe r). 



Fea. 174S, is inoorrect; the edition by 
Poggiali, Aema, 1807, ia better. 

Crevier and Le Beau, aa is well known 
(aee theae artidea), form oontinnationa to 

19278 — cenvres completes, con- 
tinnees par Crevier. Par., Bastien, 
]8o7-(io). 8^ 60 vols, and atlas in 
4**. (5 fr. a Tol., on vellnm paper 
12 fir.) 

This edition aho contains Crevier*a His/. 
dn gm p ereun, but it ia not fine. 

19279 — oenvres completes. Par., 

Ledoux etTenr^ 1818. 8^ 18 vols. 

and atlas in 4°. (90 fi., on vellum 

paper 1 80 fr.) 

An 6dUian eompacU, ao called, but far 
too cloaely printed. To it ia often joined 
Crevier*a Hi$L de$ mnp, of the edition of 
1819 in 6 vola. 8\ and Le Beau*a BuU du 
bas empirt in 13 vola. 8°. 

19280 — oeuvres. Par., Cares et 
Thomine, 1818-20. 12^ 27 vols, 
with atlas in 4°. 

Neat, but in too amall a character. CVm- 
taining Hiii. ane. 11 voll. Hiti. Rom. la 
volL TraUe ds9 itudes ei Ofumsulee, 4 voll. 
At 3 fr. 25 c a vol. and the atlaa 8 fr. — 
A new edition of all hia worka, with notea, 
by F. OuiMt, appeared, Pat. 1831 aq. 8**. 
(5fr. avoL) 

19281 ROLLWAGEN von Schimpff 
vnd Ernst, ein kurtzweilig vnd 
lu^tig Bucb, auil^ neuw zusammen- 
gezogen vnd in ein Ordnung ge- 
bracht. Ff. 1573. fol. 

O. Wickram waa the author. Previ- 
oualy, . . .1557. 8^ (whidi however is 
not the oldcat edition). Ff. a. M. Baa- 
%&UMj 1579. 8^ Moffdab., J. Frtmke, 
without date» 8**. M^hlhauaen, without 
date. 8**. There ia alao an edition of 1568. 
An edition, Aug A. 1555. 8*. waa formerly 
Bl WolfenbQnel. 

ROMAIN de Hoogbe, see Hooohe. 

ROMAN^ see the names of the he- 

19282 ROMAN du roi Artus. 1. 
The great. Roman ftut et com- 
post k la perpetuation des vertueux 
fiaits et gestes de plusieurs nobles 
et vaillants chevaliers, qui fiirent 
an temps du roi Artus oompagnons 
de la table-ronde, sp^cialement k la 
louange de Lancelot du Lac. Rouen, 
J. le Bourgeois^ 24 Nov. 1488.-^ 



Cy fine le derrenier volume de la 

table rode faisant mencion des fais 

et proesses de moseigneur lacelot 

du lac et dautres plusieun nobles 

et vaillans hommes ses compaig- 

nons. compile et extraict precise- 

ment et au jaste des vrayes his- 

toires faisantes de ce mencion^ par 

tres notable homme et tres expt 

historien maistre Gaultier map. 

Par., J. du Pre, i6 Sept. 1488. 

foL Gothic letter, 2 vols. 

Both Yols. are very seldom found toge- 
ther. In i columns with 48 lines. The 
1st YoL contains the ist and and part of 
Lancelot du Lac, and has the signatures 
a-Lf at the beginning 5 leaves of prelimi- 
naiy matter ; tlie first of whidi is a woodcut, 
rq>reBenting king Arthur with his knights 
at the table. The and voL contains the 
3rd part of Lancelot du Ijac, saint Oreaal, 
and the last part of the Round Table; 
has the signatures A-KK, and at the begin- 
ning 2 leaves of table of contents. The work 
consequently contains the &bles of the 
Round Table. Concerning the sayings of 
king Arthur, see Eichham Geteh, der Cut' 
tur, Th. 1. Erl'duit. p. 40 sq. 

19283 — (Jorge Ferreira da Vascon- 

cellos) memorial das proezas da se- 

gunda tavola rotonda. Coimbra, 

Barreira, 1567. 4^ 

GoDoeming an unprinted Italian trans- 
lation of the Round Table, which is cited 
by the academy della Crusca from a MS. 
ot iZSSi^^ Gatnba Serie, 1. 439. Consult 
Ha^m Biblioi. lial. (1803), III. 31 sq. 

19284 — the ]yf and acts of the king 

Arthur ; of his nobles knyghtes of 

the round table .... and inthende 

the dolorous deth of them all; 

which book was reduced into 

£nglyB8h by sir Thomas Malory, 

knyght: and by me devyded into 

21 books, chapitred, and emprynt- 

ed, and fynysshed in thabbey 

Westmestre the last day of Juyl 

the yere of our Lord 1485. Caxton 

me neri fecit. In fol. Oothic letter. 

This first edition is of the most extreme 
rarity. Only a copies are known in Eng- 
land. One, which is complete, is in the 
library of the earl of Jersey at Osterley ; 
the other (in which 1 1 leaves were wanting, 
and have since been made good from the 
preceding by a skilful reprint of Whitta- 
ker*s),wa8 bought by lord Spencer at Ltoyd*8 


sale at Wygfair for 300I. First 1 7 leaves 
of preliminary matter, then the text b^iis 
with the signatures a i, and goes as £sr as 
signature ee. The colophon is on the/o- 
lio reoto of ee 6. 

19285 Westmestre, Wynkyn 

de Worde, XXV. . . Marche, 1498. 

fol. Oothic letter, with woodcuts. 

The 2nd edition, of which the only copy 
that is known is the defective one bought 
by lord Spencer at the Roxbui^ sale for 
31I. I OS. First 8 leaves, table of contents ; 
then the text, with the signatures o-o, 
A-Y, and A-E. A reprint of the pre- 
ceding edition, the colophon of which is 
also repeated here as to Its essential part. 

19286 Lond., W. Copland, 

1557. fol. 

Brunet has this edition (see the note 
to No. 19200), but Brydges BibOogra- 
pher, I. 43, IS not acquainted with it, and 
mentions the following edition instead, as 
the 3rd edition. 

19287 — the storye of the kynge 
Artus. Lond.^ Jos. East, without 
date. fol. Oothic letter. 

19288 — the most ancient and fa- 
mous history of the renowned 

Srince Arthur, king of Britaine. 
^ewly refined and published. 
Lond., Jac. Bloome> 1634. small 

19289 — the byrth, lyf, and actes of 
king Arthur. With an introduc- 
tion and notes by Rt. Southey. 
Lond. 1817. 4". 2 vols. (81. 8s.) 
Also on large paper. 

After the edition of 1485. The im- 
pression was only 150 copies. — The fol- 
lowing English works of this fabuloos pe- 
riod are different from the above. 

19290 — the history of the moost 

noble and valyaunt knyght Arthur 

of IjTtell Brytayne, translated out 

of Frensshe into Englisshe by John 

lorde Bamers. Lond., Rb. Red- 

borne, without date. fol. Gothic 

letter, with woodcuts. 

Consult Brpdges^M Bibliographer, IV. 
218 sq. There is probably no earlier edi- 
tion Uian this. Another, Lond,, Cop- 
land, without date. fol. is subjected by 
Brydges. There is a later editioai oir 

19291 — the history of the valiant 
knight Arthur of little Britain, a 


romance, translated by lord Ber- 

ncTB. New edit, (by Utterson). 

Lond. 1814. 4^ with 25 plates (5 

guineas, with illuminated plates 8 


Only 1 75 oopieB of this newest and best 
edition were struck off on ordinary paper, 
and 25 copies on large paper in small fol. 

19292 — a learned and true assertion 
of the original life, actes, and death 
of Arthure, king of Great Brit- 
taine. Collected and written of 
late yeares in Lattin by J. Leyland. 
Newly transl. into English by Rch. 
Robinson. Lond., J. Wolfe, 1582. 
4^. — In addition. The auncient or- 
der and unitie laudable of prince 
Arthure and his knightly armory 
of the round table. Translated and 
collected by R. R. (Rch. Robin, 
son). Lond., J. Wolfe, 1583. 4°. 

The Tst vol. (consult Brydges^a BibHo- 
ffrtiqiihery L T09 sq.) is historioed, and is a 
translation of J. Leland's Ataertio Arihu- 
rn quondam regit AngRa, which is re- 
printed in Heame'8 CoUeeianea, voL 5. — 
Concerning the 2nd vol., see Brydgety I. 
125 sq. 

19293 — prospectus and specimen of 
an intended national work, by Rb. 
and W. Whistlecraft, intended to 
comprise the most interesting par- 
ticulars relating to king Arthur 
and his round table. Lond. 1 8 1 8. 

Concerning the English romance of Ar- 
thur, see Brydgea'a BtbUographery 1. 43 sq. 
109 iq. 135 sq. IV. 328 sq. 

19294 — 2. The Little. Le livre du 
vaillant et preux chevalier Artus^ 
fils du due de Bretaigne. Without 
place^ 7 Juillet^ i493* ^oh Gothic 
letter, with woodcuts. 

This edition is very icarce. 

19295 — cy commence lystoire du 
vaillant et preux chevalier Artus, 
fils du due de Bretaigne. Lyon 
(without the printer's name), Juing 
1496. 4*^. Gothic letter, with wood- 

Not less icaroe than the preceding edi- 

19296 — le preux et vaillant cheva- 
her Artus de Bretaigne. Par.^ 



Mch. le Noir, 1502. 4"". Gothic 

19297 — sensuyt le Rommant des 
merveilleux faitz du vaillant et 
preux chevalier Artus de Bre- 
taigne. Par., J. Bonfons^ without 
date. 4*^. Gothic letter, with wood- 

With the signatures a-fnm. 

19298 — les merveilleux faictz du 
preux et vaillant chevalier Artus 
de Bretaigne et des grandes adven- 
tures ou il s'est trouv^ en son 
temps. Par., J. Bonfons, without 
date. 4°. Gothic letter, with wood- 

With the signatures a-JJHj. Less fine 
than the preceding. 

19299 — sensuit le romant des faictz 
merueilleux du preux et vaillant 
chevallier Artus de Bretaigne. 
Par., Pt. Sergent, without date, 
small 4"". 

The postmaster-general Nagler of Berlin 
possesses this edition. — Also, Par, 1523, 
15369 or 1543. 4°. Oothic letter. 

19300 — histoire des merveilleux 
fiaits du preux et vaillant chevalier 
Artus de Bretagne. Par., Bonfons, 
1584. 4^ with woodcuts. 

152 numbered and 3 unnumbered leaves. 

19301 — J. Jos. Rive notice de deux 

MSS. de la biblioth. du due de la 

Valliere ; I'un a pour titre : le 

roman d* Artus ; Tautre : le roman 

de Partenay. Par. 1779. ^S^ 4°» 

The first MS. here described of the h'ttle 
Arthur, was of the 15th century, and is in 
Valliere's Catai. No. 4022. Concerning 
the Romanoe de BnU ou d* Artus de Bre^ 
taigne by Rt. Wace, consult Hist. UtL de la 
France XIII. 520 sq. The above article 
Arthur may be erased. 

19302 ROMAN. Le romant des 
chevaliers de la Thrace. Par., Ges- 
selin^ 1605. 8^ 100 pages. 

ROMAN des pel^rinaiges^ see Guil« 


19303 ROMAN de Rou, par Rt. 
Wace. Concerning this poem, 
written in the year 1160^ which 
contains a romantic history of the 
dukes of Normandy, see Notices et 


extraits, T. V. p. 2 1 sq. Hist. lift, 
de France XIII. 524 sq. 

19304 ROMAN de la rose. Le ro- 

mant de la rose. Par.» U. Oering, 

1479. small fol. Gothic letter with 


In i oolumiis with dgnaturei. The copy 
at Lyons is the only one known of this 
oldest edition. 

19305 — LE rommant de la rose. 
Par., without the printer's name 
or the date (Verard, about 1490). 
fol. Gothic letter, with woodcuts. 

142 leaves in 2 columns, with 43 lines 
and signatures, without catchwords and 
pagination. A copy on reUum with 87 
painted initials and woodcuts, is in the 
Royal library at Paris ; a snd copy is in 
the British museum. 

19306 — LE rommant de la rose. 
Par., without the printer's name 
or the date, (V^rard, about 1496). 
fol. Gothic letter, with woodcuts. 

150 leaves in 2 columns, with 41 lines 
and signatures, without catchwords and pa- 
gination. There are 2 copies on vellum 
(one with 85 miniatures) in the Royal 
library at Paris, and M. Chardin of Paris 
poMCSscs a 5rd copy. 

19307 — le romant de la rose. Par., 
J. du Pr^, without date, fol. Gothic 
letter, with woodcuts. 

At the end of the 15th century. In 2 
columns with the signatures a-/, and 41 
lines. Merder de S. L^r mentions a 
oopy on veUom in his M8. notes to Duver- 

19308 — le romant de la rose ; (oodi- 
cille et testament de maistre Jehan 
de Meun). Par., without the print- 
er's name or the date, (Verard), 4^ 
Gothic letter, 2 parts in 1 vol. 

Well printed. The first part has 148 
leaves besides the title, and the 2nd 42 with 
the signatures o-^. 

19309 — le rommant de la rose nou- 

vellement imprim^ k Paris pour 

Jehan Petit. — At the end. Par., 

N. Desprez, without date, fol. 

Gothic letter, with woodcuts. 

Less fine than the two preceding. In 2 
columns with the signatures a.^, and 43 

19310 — le rommant de la rose. 
Par., Mch. le Noir, 1509. 4*^. Gothic 
letter, with woodcuts. 


This edition is not fine. With the sigoa- 
tures a-Jkh, At the end is Le Noir's sym- 
bol on a separate leaf. 

19311 — le romant de la rose. Par., 
J. Jannot, without date, 4-. Gothic 

19312 — le rommant de la rose. 
Par., Mch. le Noir, 1 2 Apuril 1 5 19. 
4°. Gothic letter, with woodcuts. 

With the signatures a-EE. As indif- 
ferent as the preceding. At the end there 
is also Le Noir*s symboL The editions 
hitherib mentioned give the text indeed 
only after the MSS. of the 15th century, in 
which the orthography and antiquated 
expressions are altered; they approach 
however nearer to the originali text than 
the following. 

19313 — cv est le Romat de la roze. 

Par., Galliot du Pr^, (1526). fol. 

Gothic letter, with woodcuts. 

4 leaves of preliminary matter, 1 39 num- 
bered leaves, and i leaf with the printer's 
symbol, in a columns with 44 lines. Thu 
edition and all the rest of the x6th century 
contain the text according to Clem. Marot''s 
corrections, which are so bold and so fre- 
quent that it might almost pass for a 
new work. Two copies on vellum are in 
the Royal library at Paris, (one with 95 
miniatures, previously 420 fr. Gaignat; 
450 fr. Valli^re; 620 fr. McCarthy.) A 3rd 
copy was in the Harleian library, (III. 

19314 — le rommant de la rose, 
nouuellement reueu et corrig6 oul- 
tre les precedentes impressions. 
Par., par Pierre Vidoue pour GaL 
liot du Pre, au moy de Mars 1539. 
8°. with woodcuts. 

A neat edition, printed in Roman dia- 
racters, copies of which in good ooQditkm 
are scarce and greatly sought afWr; (90 fr. 
McCarthy). 8 waves of prSiminary matter, 
403 numbered leaves, and i leaf with die 
prittter*s symboL 

19315 — cy est le rommant de la 
rose I ou tout I'art damour est en- 
close I hystoires et autoritex | et 
maintz beaulx propos visites | qui 
a este nouuellement — eornge suffi- 
santement | et cotte bien a lanan> 
taige I comon roit en diacosne 
page. Par., Galliot du Pr^ (other 
copies, J. Petit), 1531. fol. Gothic 
letter with woodcuts. 

Tolerably fine. 4 leaves of prdiminary 
matter, 131 nomberad leaves, and i leaf 


vitb the printer*! iTmboL The woodcuu 
ere the nine ee in the preceding edition. 

19316 — le romant de la rose. Par.^ 
J. Lon^, 1537- ^°* Gothic letter 
with woodcuts. 

19317 — le romant de la rose. Par., 
Pierre Vidpue pour 6u. le Bret 
(other copies, J. Mass^), 153S. 8°. 
Gothic letter, with woodcuts. 

19318 — le romant de la rose, par 
6u. de Loris et J. de Meun dit 
Clopinel, r^vd sur plnsieurs Edi- 
tions et sur quelques MSS., accom- 
psgne de plusieurs autres ouvrages, 
d'ane preface historique, de notes 
et d un glossaire (par Lenglet du 
Fresnoy). Par., Pissot, 1735. 12**. 
3 voU. 

Other eopiei, AnuL, Bernard, 17.^5. ii^ 

3 rob. Thereto hdongs the scarce Suppli^ 
mmi ttu fflouaire du raman de la roee (par 
J, B, LaiUin de Damerey). J^ijon, 1 737. 
12**. This edition Iuk fidleu in price owing 
to that bj M^on. The review of it in the 
BibHoih. Raieonniy XV. 379 aq. has some- 
thing originaL 

19319 — le romant de la rose. Nouv. 
^it avec des notes, nn glossaire 
etc. Par., Foumier, an 7 (1798). 
lai^ 8°. 5 vols, with pUtes. (45 

In this edition the errors of the preceding 
are augmented with fresh ones. 90 copies 
on lai]^ velhxm paper, (90 fr.) 

19320 — le roman de Rose par Gu. 
de Lorris et J. de Meung. Nour. 
^t. reTue et corrig^ sur les meil- 
leurs et plus anciens roanuscrits, 
par M^on. Par.. Didot, 1814. 8^ 

4 vols, with plates on vellum paper, 

(40 fir.) 

Also copies on laige vellam paper, 5 on 
Dutch paper, 3 on rose-coloured paper, 
and 2 on ydlum. The bad plates are those 
of the preceding edition. A finely printed 
edition, in whidi the text is set forth with 
great care in its original state. It were to 
be wished however, that the editor would 
have given something of his own for the ex- 
planation of the matter contained ; hut he 
has only added a glossary at the end of the 
4th YoL In many copies there is appended 
An impression of Raynouard'** review in the 
Jomtnai dee aawaUf printed in S". 

19321 — oest le romant de la rose | 
Moralisie ckr et net | Translate de 

ROM 1596 

rime en prose | Par vostre humble 
Molinet. Par., Ant. V^rard, with- 
out date, (151 1). fol. Gothic letter, 

with woodcuts. 

4 leaTes of preliminary matter, and 181 
numbered leaves, in 2 columns with 43 
lines. A copy on vellum with 140 illumi- 
nated woodcuts in the royal library at Paris, 
(preriously 481 fr. Oaignat; 400 fr. Val- 
li^re, and 610 fr. M^Canhy). J. Moulinet, 
the author of this trenslation in prose, died 
in 1507. Brunet has confounded this edi- 
tion with the poetical originaL 

19322 — (the same title) Lyon, Gu. 
Balsarin, 1503. fol. Gothic letter 
with woodcuts. 

153 numbered leaves in 2 columns. Well 
printed, and scarce in good condition. 

19323 Par., veufue de Mch. le 

Noir, 152 1, fol. with woodcuts. 
126 leaves and 2 leaves table. 

The first author of this moral allefforical 
poem was, as is well known, Ou. de Lorris, 
who died in 1 360 or 62, after he had writ- 
ten the first 4150 verses. Jean de Mean 
(somamed Clopinel from his lameness) 
who was bom in 1379 or 80, continued 
and finished it in the first year of the 14th 
century. The entire poem contains more 
than 23, 700 verses of 8 syllables. The chan- 
cellor Genon wrote against it his TVoc- 
taius eonira romancium de roaa (see his 
Opp, T. III. P. I. p. 297 sq.) Consult 
Catal. VattUhe II. 353 sq. Milanget Hr. 
d*ttne gr. Bibl. IV. 9 sq. 51 sq. FKgel 
Geech, der kom. LUi» II. 41 1 sq. J. Bowie 
Rewuurke on eome aneieni muridxd tii#<r«- 
ments mentioned in the Roman de la roee, 
inthe ArduBoloffia Vll, 214^221, See also 
above Mt. le Frakc. 

19324 ROMANCERO general, en 
que se contienen todos los romances 
que andan impresses en las nueve 
partes de Romanceros. Medina del 
Campo, 1602. 4^ 

Extremely scaroe, and sold at the sale of 
Stanley's library at London in 1813 for 

19325 — roman cero general, en que 
se contienen todos los romances 
que andan impresses, aora nueva- 
raente anadido y emendado. Madr., 
J. de la Cuesta, 1604. 4^ 499 pages 
and 7 leaves index. — Segunda parte 
del romancero general y flor de di- 
versa poesia, recopilados por Miguel 
de Madrigal. Valladolid, L. San- 
chez, 1605. 4^ 224 leaves. 



19326 — romancero general en qae 

se contienen todos lo6 romances 

que andan impressos* aora nueva- 

mente afiadido j emendado por 

Pedro de Flores. Madr., J. de la 

Cuesta, 1614. 4*'. 2 voU. 

This edition contains both parts of the 
preceding. All three editions are uncom- 
monly scarce. The collection contains more 
than 1000 romances and songs, but none of 
those which are in the CaneUmero de Ro- 
mance»y (see No. 345^*) Consult concern- 
ing it Bouterweck GeichiehiederPoenelll, 

116 Sq. 133. 

19327 — romancero historiado con 

mucha variedad de glosas y sonetos, 

recopilado por Lucas Rodrigaez. 

Alcala^ Ramirez, 1581. 8^ 
There is an eariier edition Aleala, 1579. 

19328 (ROMANCES.) Silvadeva- 
rios romances, en que estan recopi- 
lados la mayor parte de los ro- 
mances castellanos* que hasta agora 
se han compuesto^ hay al fin algu- 
no6 canciones y coplas graciosas y 

sentidas. Qarago9a^ i55<^* S°* 

Very scarce. 17I. 5s. duke of Marlbo- 
rough 1819. 

19329 — romances nueuamente saca- 

dos de bistorias antiguas de la cro- 

nica de Espana compuestos por Lo. 

ren9o de Sepulueda. Aiiadiose el 

Romance de la conquista de la ciu- 

dad de Africa en Berueria, en el 

ano MDL y otros diuersos. Anvers, 

J. Steelsio, 155 1. long 12^ 

359 numbered leaves, and 4 leaves tabtoy 
and the printer's symbol. Leaves 343- 
353 are sometimes wanting. (Also in 

19330 — - (the same title). Anvers, 
1566. 8^ 

19331 — (the same title). Anvers, 

1580. small 8^ 

This collection contains 149 romances, 
only some of which (not historical) are of 
any consequence. (Wdfenhftttel). 

19332 — recopilacion de romances 
viejos, sacados de las coronicas Es- 
paiiolas, Romanas y Troyanas. Ago. 
ro (sic) nueuamente : por Loren9o 
de Sepulveda. Alcala, Fr. de Cor- 
mellas y Pedro de Robles, 1563* 
long 12°. 

4 leaves of prdiminary matter, and 169 


numbered leaves. This collection is far 
more scarce than the preceding, and alto- 
gether different from it. It contains only 
some of the same pieces (in a quite 
diflerent order), and instead many others 
which are not in the preceding edition. 
113 romances altogether. (WolfenbQttel.) 

19333 — silua de yarios Romances : 
En que estan recopilados la mayor 
parte de los romances Castellanos, 
y agora nueuamente aiiadidos en 
esta segunda impresion que nunca 
an sido estampados. Hay al fin aU 
gunas caciones yillacicos y coplas, y 
tambien sean aiiadido en esta im- 
presion algunas cosas sentidas, sa- 
cadas de diuersos auctores. (Bar. 
celona), Jaume Cortey, 1557- 
long 1 2°. Gothic letter. 

3 10 numbered leaves, and 4 leaves tabla. 
Quite different from Sepulveda*s collection, 
and of far greater interest. (WolfenbQttel.) 

19334 — silya de yarios romances. 
Barcelona, 161 1. 8^ 

Probably the same collection. 

19335 — romances e bistorias del 
muy yaleroso cauallero el Cid Ruy 
Diaz de Biyar, en lenguaje antiguo, 
recopilado por J. de Escobar. Lisb. 
1615. I2'^^ 

Also Madr.f without date, I3^ Afadr,^ 
And. Garcia de la Iffletioy 166 1. la^ 
Pamplonoy MU de ZayoJa, 1 703. long 1 3". 
CadiM, Pwlro Ortizy 1703. long la**. Pom" 
plonOf T706. 34°. Barcelona^ 1757. 8'. 
3 vols. See also above, Metje. This 
collection contains i03 romances. 

19336 — romancero e historia del 
mui yaleroso cayellero Cid Rui Diaz 
de Vibar, en lenguage antiguo, re- 
copilado por J. de Escobar. Nueya 
edicion, reformada sobre las anti- 
guas, anadida e ilustrada con rarias 
notas y composiciones del mismo 
tiempo y asunto para su mas fvcil 
inteligencia, y adomada con un epi. 
tome de la historia yerdadera del 
Cid. Por Vicente Gonzalez del 
Reguero. Madr., Cano, 181 8. 12^ 

This newest edition amtains 78 rtK 

19337 — les romances du Cid, imi* 
tdes de I'espagnol (par Creuz^ De- 
lessert). Par., Delaunay, 1814. i6^ 
—Ed. II. Par,, 1821. le**. (3 fr.) 


19338 — pnmavera y flor de los me- 
jores romances y satiras que se han 
cantado en la corte, anadidas de di- 
versas poeaias, por Pedro Arias 
Perez. Madr. 1621. 12*. 

This is only the ist part which consists of 
160 romances. SevUia, 1626 (also 1627) 
long 13**., is enlarged with a snd part of 
131 romances. Madr. 1659. ^^"9 '^''* 'dso 
contains both parts. This ooUeclion* has 
little to distinguish it. 

19339 — romances yarioe. Madr.^ 
Pablo de Val, 1655. 12®. 

19340 — romances varios de di versos 
autorea^ agora nueyamente reco- 
gidoB por -Ant. Diez. Zaragoza, 
viuda de Mig. de Luna, 1663. 12°. 

19341 — romances varios de di versos 
autores, anadidos y emendados en 
esta ultima impression. Madr.^ 
1664. 12**. 

A new impression «f the preceding col- 
lection, but badly printed. It contains 
ito remanoes and LetrUUu, 46 of which 
faa^e Quevedo for their auUior. Scarcely 
a dozen of the rest are worth noticing. 

19342 — floresta de varios romances 
por Damian Lopez de Tortajada. 
Madr. 17 13. 12®. 

19343 — floresta de varios romances 

sacados de las historias antiguas de 

ios liedioa famoeos de los doce pares 

de Francia : aora novamente -corre- 

gidos por Damian Lopez de Torte- 

jada. Madr.9 1 764. long 1 2°. 

Containing 43 good old romances, for the 
most part borrowed from the Cancionero de 
Bomancet. Printed in Turpin*s HUtory <tf 
Charles the GreaL bond, 1813 or 18. 8^ 
2 vols. 

19344 — romances de Oennania de 
varios antorea, con el vocabulario 
por ei orden del a. b. c. para decla- 
racion de sus terminos en lengua^ 
compuesto por Juan Hidalgo: el 
discurso de la expulsion de los Gi- 
tanoa, que escribio Sancho de Mon- 
cado, y los romances de la Ger- 
mania, que escribio Fr. de Quevedo. 
Madr., J. Ant. de Sancha, 1779* 
8^ (8 rs.) Also ib., 1802. 8°. 

A collection of gipeey-romanoes written 
in the cant language of the Spanish 
gipsies, which were much liked by Que- 

19345 — silva de romances viejos, 



publicada por Jac. Grimm. Vienna 

de Austria^ Mayer, 1815. 12^ 
Containing 69 romances. 

19346 — G. B. Depping Sammlung 
der besten alten spanischen histo- 
rischen Ritter-u. mauriscfaen Ro- 
manzen. Altenb. u. Lpz., Brock- 
haus, 1817. 12^ (2 d. 12 gr.) 

19347 — romancero e historia del r^ 
de Espana Don Rodrigo, postrero 
de los Godos, en lenguage antigo* 
recopilado por Abel Hugo. Par., 
Boucher, 1821. 12°. 

19348 — romances historiques, trad, 
de I'espagnol par Abel Hugo. Par., 

Pelicier, 1822. i 2**. 

This translation contains other historical 
romances, and is qaite different from the 
foregoing collection. 

A collection of old Spanish romances is 
also contained in the 16th and 17th parts 
of the collection of Fernandez. See also 
above. Cancioneilo, No. 3452, Fuektes, 
PadillA; Puertes. As to the rest it is 
very agreeable to me to be able here pubiidj 
to testify my thanks to Mr. D. Julius of 
Hambui^ for the valuable assistance, which 
I have received from him, particularly with 
regard to this article. 

ROMANCES, English, see Rit- 
80N^ H. Wkber and Ellis. 

19349 ROMANELLI, Dm. Antica 
topografia istorica del regno di Na- 
poli. Nap., stamp, reale, 1815-18. 

4°. 2 vols, with plates and maps. 
No more appeared owing to his dealSi. 

19350 — Napoli antica e moderna. 
Nap. 1 815. 12°. 3 vols, with maps. 

15351 ROMANELLO, Gi. Ant. 
Ritmi volgari. Verona, Zuanne 
Alvise e Alberto fratelli, without 

date (about 1470). 4^ 

This scarce edition contains a.s wnette 
which are reprinted from this edition in 
Giuato de* ConA BeUomane. Verona^ 
1753- 4'. 
1^352 ROMANS, Bn. Concise natu- 
ral history of East and West Florida. 
New York, Aitken, 1776. small 8^ 

with plates. 
Scarce in Europe. 

19353 ROME de I'Isle, J. Bt. L. de. 
Cristallographie. Par., 1783. 8^. 
4 voll. — Description d'une collec- 
tion de min^raux. Par. 1779. S\ 



— Catalogue des curiosity de la 
nature du cabinet de Davila. Par. 
1767. 8^. 3 vols, with plates. — M^- 
trologie ou tables pour servir k 
i*intelligence des poids et mesures 
des anciens. Par. 1 789. 4''. 
ROMEO and Julie, see Porto. 

19354 ROMERO de Qepedn, Joa. 
chim. La antigua memorable y san- 
grienta destruycion de Troya. Re- 
oopilada de diuersos autores. Re- 
partida en diez narraciones y veinte 
cantos. Toledo, Pero Lopez de 
Haro, 1583. small 8°. 150 num. 
bered leaves. 

The 10 narraciones in prose form the 
oommenoement. Each canto is likewise 
preceded by a prose deciaracion of the 
same. After Dares, Dictys, Eosebius, 
Strabo, Diodoras Siculus and Sabellicus; 
but no trace is discovered of any French 
source having been used. The Dresden 
copy was bought at Esdienbui^*s sale in 
182a for 3 d. 13 gr. 

19355 — obras (en verso). Sevilla, 
Pescioni, 1582. 4^ 

19356 ROMME, Charl. L'art de la 
marine. Rochelle^ i7^7- 4^* with 
plates. — Dictionnaire de la marine 
anglaise. Par. 1804. 8°. 2 voll. 
(10 fr.) — Tableaux des vents, des 
marees etc. Par. 1806. 8^ 2 voll. 
( 1 5 fr.) — Dictionnaire de la marine 
frang. Par. 1813. 8. (9 fr.) 

19357 RONCALLI, C. Epigrammi. 
Parma^ Bodoni, (1792). 8^. — Veu. 
1801. 8". 

19358 RONCALLI, Th. Vetustiora 
latinor. scriptor. chronica, ad MSS. 
codd. emendata et cum castiga- 
tioribus editionibus collata, notis- 
que illustrata. Patav. 1787. 4^. 
2 voll. 

19359 RONCONI, Ign. Dizionario 
d' agricoltura o sia la coltivazione 
italiana. Ed. V. Ven 1804, 8°. 
5 voll. 

19360 RONDEAUX nouveaux d'a- 
mour, au nombre de cent et trois. 
Lyon, J. Lambany, without date, 
I2^ Oothic letter. 

See also Grikoore, No. 8951. 

19361 RONDELET, Gu. Libri de 
piscibusmarinis. Lugd., Bonhomme, 


1554. Universie aquatilium lusto- 
ri« pars altera, ib., id., 1555. fol. 
2 parts in i vol. with woodcuts. 

The woodcuts are uncommonly neat. 
There are also copies on lai^ paper. The 
woodcuts are also in the French transla- 
tion (by Lr. Joubert) ib., uL^ 1558. fol. 
2 parts in i vol. 

19362 RONDELET, J. Trait6 th^o- 
rique et pratique de Tart de b4tir. 
Par. 1802-17. large 4°. 4 voll. in 
8 Nos., with 1 93 plates. (112 fr.) 

The 3rd and last part of this esteemed 
work consists of 3 sections. 

19363 RONSARD, Pt. CBuvres, 
avec sa vie par CI. Binet, et son 
oraison funebre par Jac. Duperron. 
Par., Buon, 1587 or 1604. 12''. 
10 parts in 5 voll. 

A scarce edition, to which should be 
joined, Recueii des etwfres retranchees. 
Par. 161 7. Ia^ 

19364 — oeuvres, revues et augmen- 
ts et illustr^es de commentaires, 
par N. Richelet. Par., Buon, 1623. 
fol. 2 vols. Also on large paper. 

This edition is less sought after than the 
preceding, but it is more complete and oor- 
rect, and contains 4 portraits. The com- 
mentary of Muretus, which is to be found 
therein, contains many learned observations. 
The edition, Par. HenauUy 1629-30. ii"*. 
10 parts in 5 tqIs. was probably madefrom 

19365 ROO, Gerard, de. Annales re- 
rum ab Austriacis Habspurgicse 
gentis principibus a Rudolpho L 
usque ad Carolum V. gestarum. 
CEniponti, Agrioola, 1592. fol. 

It is a mere story that only too copies of 
this frequently occurring edition exist, see 
Zap/ Beisen in eifuffe Klostery p. 35. Abo 
Hal,f RengeTf 1709. 4^. In German by 
Cr. Deitz von Wei<ienbierg, Auffsp., Schvl- 
tes, 1 62 1, fol. 

19366 ROPER, Th. Vita Th. Mori. 
E codd. vetustis descripsit. notas 
subjecit ediditque Th. Hearnius. 
Ox. 1 7 1 6. 8®. Also on large paper. 

A scarce edition, as only 148 copies were 
struck off. Reprinted, L<md, 17^1 or 
1817. 8*. 

19367 ROQUE, Gilles Ant. de la. 
Traite de la noblesse et de toutes 
ses diff^rentes espies. Rouen, 

» 734- 4*'- 

19368 — histoire g^n^rale des mai- 


SODS nobles de la province de Nor- 
mandie. (Caen^ i654)* foh 

This work is only the genealogy of the 
family of du Fay, printed on 144 pages, a 
copy of which on vellum is in the Royal 
library at Paris, see Catai, des Hvr. impr, 
tut viHn V. isS. 

19369 ROQUEFORT, J. B. B. 
Glossaire de la langue Romane. 
Par., Waree, 1808. 8°. a voll. (24 
fr., on fine paper 28 fr., on vel- 
lum paper 48 fr.) Supplement, 
Par., Cbasseriau, 1820. 8**. (7 fr., 
on vellam paper 14 fr.) 

19370 — vues pittoresque et per- 
spective des salles du mus^e des 
monumens ^n^ais, grav. en 20 
estampes par Lavall^e et Reville, 
d'apres les dessins de Vauzelle, 
avec un texte expHcatif par Roquo. 
fort. Par., Didot, 1818-20. large 

Each No. 36 fr., on vellnm paper 48 fr. 
5 were to have appeared. 

19371 ROSA, Gins. Storia di En- 
ropa. Nap. 1740. 4°. 10 voll. 

19372 ROSA, Salvator. Has elu- 
dendi otii Carolo Rubeo singularis 
amicitiae pignus D. D. D. In 4°. 

36 leaves, jmes. 

19373 — Salvator Rosa invenit. Par., 
de Poily, without date, 8^. 

60 leaves, plates. 

19374 — satire dedicate e Settano. 
Amst., Severo Prothomastix, with, 
ont date, 1 2^. 1 60 pages and i leaf. 

This badly printed edition appeared about 
1664, (perhaps at Goiera ?) 

19375 — satire. Amst., Bernard, 
1719. 8^ 

19376 — satire, coUe note d'Ant. 
Mar. Salvini. Amst. 1770 or 81. 8^ 

Also with the same n<iies. Land. (Li- 
ftomo)^ Matiy 1 787. 1 2^. Am$t, 1 790. 8°. 
The edition, Lond. 1791. 8^ is fine. — La 
pUturOy taHrOy eon le note di Gi. Dm, FiO" 
riOo. Gcttinffen, 1785. 8^ (6 gr.) 

Medo, tragedia. Verona. Carat- 
toni, 1765. 4^ 

A copy on vdlum in the Royal library at 
Paris, (bought at M'Garthy's sale for 73 

19378 ROSARIO de la gloriosa vir. 
gine Bfaria. Ven., Vittor della Se- 



rena, 1541. 8®. Gothic letter, with 

353 numbered and 3 unnumbered leaves. 
The woodcuts are remaricable. 

ROSARIUS, Sim., see Anti. 


19379 ROSASCO, Girol. Rimario 
toscano. Padova, Manfr^, 1763. 
4°. Also, ib., 1719. 4°. 

19380 — della lingua toscana dialoghi 
sette. Torino, 1777. 8*". 

19381 ROSCOE, W. Life of Lo- 
renzo de' Medici. Lond. 1797. 
large 4°. 2 vols, with plates. Also, 
ib., 1800. 8°. 3 vols. Basil, Tour- 
neisen, 1 799. 8°. 4 parts in 3 vols. 

In Italian Pita^ 1799. 8**. 4 roll. In 
French by Fr. Thurot, Par. an 7 (1 798). 
8°. 2 roll. . (The translator's somewhat re- 
volutionary preface is only to be found in 
some of the copies.) In German by Kurt 
Sprengd, BerL 1797. large 8^ (id. 18 gr.) 

19382 — illustrations historical and 
critical of the life of Lr. de' Me- 
dici, with an appendix of original 
and other documents. Lond., Ca- 
dell, 1822.4°. Also in 8°. 

A supplemental volume to the preceding 

19383 — the life and pontificate of 
Leo X. Liverpool, 1805. large 4°. 
4 vols, with plates, (61. 6s., on large 

paper, loL los.) 

A fine edition. Also, Land. 1806. 8"*. 
6 yob. (3L 38.) A trandation by L. Boss! 
enlaiged -with annotations, and hitherto un- 
printed additions appeared at Milan in i a 
vols. 8". In French by Henry, £d. II. 
Par. 18 13. 8^ 4 vols, with plates, (25 fr., 
on vdlimi pap^ 50 fr.) In German by 
And. F. Oli. Glaser, with annotations and 
additions by H. Ph. Cr. Uenke, L^. 
1806-8. 8°. 3 voll. (6 d. 18 gr.) 

19384 ROSCOMMON. Poems. 
Lond., Bell, 1 797. 1 2*'. 

19385 ROSELL, Ant. Or. Institu- 
ciones matematicas. T. I. contiene 
la aritmetica comun y principios de 
Algebra. Madr. 1785. 4''. 

No 2nd vol. of this esteemed work had ap- 
peared at least up to 1 789. 

ROSENBERG, see Wynne. 

19386 ROSENDE, Ant. Oonzalez 
de. Vida y virtudes de J. de Fala- 
foz y Mendoza. Madr., Paredes, 



1666. fol. — Ed. II. Madr., Bed- 
mar, 1671. fol. 

19387 ROSENGARTEN. Dis btich- 

lein saget von dem rosengarten 

kiinig Laurins vnd von den Rysen, 

wie sie mit einander stritten vnd 

von den schdnen frawen gar kiirtz- 

wilig zu lesen. Strb., without the 

printer's name, 1509* 4°« 
Six sheetn. Consult Hagen's Grundriss, 
p. 68, where also an edition, Sirb. Hupfyf, 
1500, is quoted. 

19388 ROSENMULLER, E. F. C. 
Arab. Elementar. u. Lesebuch. 
Lpz., Barth, 1799. 8°. (2 d. 8 gr.) 

19389 — institutiones ad funda- 
menta linguae arab. Acced. senten- 
tiae et narrationes arabicae una cum 
glossario arab. lat. Lps., Barth, 
1 81 8. large 8°. (4 d. 12 gr.) 

19390 — scholia in V. T. Lps., 

Barth, 1795-18 16. 8°. 7 parts in 

16 voll. (32 d. 4 gr.) 

P. I. Genetis et Ejfodus, 1795. P. II. 
Levit.'DetUeron. 1798. P. III. T. i — ^. 
Jeaaiaty 1811-19. P. IV. T. 1-3. Ptalmi 
1800-4. T. V. T. I, 3. Hiob. 1806. P. VI. 
T. I, 2. EnechieL 1808. P. VII. T. 1-4. 
Prophetm Minoret, 1813-16. 

Scholia in N. T. Ed. V. Nrb., Fel- 
secker, 1 801-7. ^^- 5 v®^^* (9 ^• 
12 gr.) 

A 6th impression of the xst vol. ib. 181 5 
has already appeared. 

ROSENROTH, see Cabbala. 

19392 ROSIER (le) des chansons 
nouvelles, tant de Tamour que de la 
guerre, contenant la pluspart des 
heureuses victoires obtenues en 
Lorraine et ailleurs. Lyon, Rigaud, 
1580. i6^ 

See also Rozier. 

19393 ROSIERES, Fr. de. Stem- 
mata Lotharingiae et Barri ducum 
tomi VII. ab Antenore Trojano ad 
Caroli III. ducis tempora. Par., 
Chaudi^e, 1580. fol. 

Concerning this work, filled with histo- 
rical cheats of all sorts, and its fate, see 
Mhn. de PAcad. des inter. T. 34. p. t 73. 
(F. Sneedorf ) Briefe einee reiunden Da- 
nen, ZQiliehau, 1793. 8°. p. 313 sq. 

19394 R0SI6LIA, M. Sonetti, capi. 
toli, egloghe, strambotti e due pre- 


diche d'amore. Ven., Zopino, 1 5 2 1 . 
ROSINI, C , see Hbrculanbn. 


19395 ROSINI, Gi. La poesia, la 
musica e la danza, versi. Parma, 
Bodoni, 1 796. 8°. 30 pages. 

19396 — al pudore, ode. Pisa, 1801. 
12°. 7 leaves. 

19397 — le scienze e le arti, poe- 
metto. Pisa, 1801. large fol. 

19398 — il secolo di Leone X. poe- 
metto. Pisa, 1803. fol. 

19399 — odi. Fir., Pagani, 1797. 8°. 

19400 — poesie. Pisa, 1817. 12^ 
2 voll. 

19401 — nuove lettere sulla lingua 
ital. Pisa, 1820. 8°. 

See also Lasinio. 

19402 ROSINUS, J. Antiquitatum 
Romanar. corpus absolutissimum, 
cum notis Th. Dempsteri. Amst. 
1743. 4°. with plates. 

The best edition. At first, Bos. 1 585. fuL 

19403 ROSMINI, C. de*. Vita di 
Ovidio. Ferrara, 1782. 8°. a voll. 

19404 — vita di Seneca. Roveredo, 
1795. 8°. 

19405 — idea del ottimo precettore 

nella vita e disciplina di Vittorino 

da Feltre e di suoi discepoli. Bas- 

sano, 1 80 1. 8^ 

In German by J. Csp. von Orelli, Z&r. 
1812. 8*. (16 gr.) 

19406 — vita e disciplina di Guarino 
Veronese e de' suoi discepoli. Bre- 
scia, Bettoni, 1805. 8^ 3 voll. 

19407 — vita di Fr. Filelfo da Tolen- 
tino. Mil., Mussi, 1808. 8^ 3 voll. 

19408 — dell' istoria intomo alle mili- 
tari imprese e alia vita di Gian Ja- 
copo Trivulzio, detto il Magno, 
libri XV. Mil. 1815. 4°. a vols, 
with plates. 

With very important original documents, 
and a great many plates and coins. 

19409 — deir istoria di Milano. Mil. 
Manini e Rivolta, 1820-ai. 4^ 
4 vols, with plates. 

This work has not gained the tame praise 
as his earlier works. 

19410 ROSS, J. A voyage of diaco- 
very made for the purpose of ex- 


ploring Baffin's Bay and inquiriiig 
into the probability of a north-west 
passage. Lond., Mnrnj, 1819. 4^ 
with 32 illuminated plates and 
maps (3I. 13s. 6d.) Also ib., 181 9. 
8^ 2 vols, with maps (il. is.) 
in French^ Par., 18 19. 8^ 

19411 — Entdeckungsreise^ um Baf- 
fin's Bay auszuforschen. Von meh. 
rem aus dem Engl, iibs., herausg. 
Ton Ph. And. Nemnich. Lpz., 
Fleischer, 1820. 4®. with i map 
and 27 plates partly illuminated, 
( 1 2 d. 18 gr., on vellum paper 1 5 d. 
16 gr.) 

19412 — Edw. Sabine remarks on 
the account of the late voyage of 
discovery to Baffin's Bay, publish, 
by J. Ross. Lond. 18 19. 8^ (2s.) 
— J. Ross Explanation of Sabine's 
remarks etc. Lond. 18 19. 8^ (2s. 
6d.) — A journal of a voyage of dis- 
covery to the Arctic regions, by an 
officer of the Alexander. Lond., 
Phillips, 1819. 8^ (3s.) 

ROSSEL, see Dentrecasteaux. 
ROSSET, Fr., see Amadis, No. 

19413 ROSSI (or RuBEis), Dm. de. 
Studio d' architettura civile sopra 
gli ornamenti di porte e finestre 
etc. Roma, 1702-11. large fol. 2 
vols, with plates. 

19414 — raccolta di statue anliche 
e moderne, colle sposizioni di P. 
Aless. Maffei. Roma, 1704. large 
fol. 3 parts in i vol. 

Old impressions are greatly sought after. 
163 plates besides the title, the last 1 of 
which are sometinies wanting. The and 
edition, with the title of the above, but 
with Uie year 1741 at the end, is less 
soo^t after. 

19415 — gemme antiche figurate, 

colle sposizioni di P. Aless. Maffei. 

Roma, 1707-9. 4°. 4 vols, with 


The I St yoL has 105 plates, the 2nd 103, 
the 3rd 102, and the 4th 100. They are 
only the old plates of Ln. Agostinu (see 
this article), retouched and augmented 
with some other very bad plates. But the 
text is not without merit. 

19416 — Romans magnitudinis mo* 



numenta, quee illam urhem velut 
redivivam exhibent. Romee, 1699. 
oblong fol. 

19417 ROSSI, Gi.Gherardi. Poesie. 
Pisa, 1798. 16°. 2 voD. 

19418 — favole. Roma, 1788. 8^ 
or Vercelli, 1 790. 1 2°. — Nuove fa- 
vole. Roma, 1 80 1. 8^ 

19419 — commedie. Bassano, 1790- 
98. 8°. 4 voll. 

19420* — (anon,) scherzi poetici e 
pittorici sopra amore. Parma, 
stamp, reale (Bodoni), 1795. 4°* 
with 40 plates. 

The copies are of 3 sorts, with etched 
plates, in Indian ink, and illuminated in the 
Etruscan taste. At the same place and 
time lUcewise appeared an edition in 8°. 
with the same 3 sorts of plates. The 
plates are copies of those etched by Texeira 
in the edition, Rom. 1 794. lai^ 8°. 

19420b — vita d' Angelica Kauff- 
mann. Fir. j8io. 8^ on vellum 
paper, with i portrait (8 paoli). 

ROSSI, J., see Buonaroti. 

19421 ROSSI (or RuBEis), J. Bt. 
de. CoUectio 69 statuar. antiquar. 
Rom®, 1 64 1, oblong fol. 

19422 ROSSI (or RuBEis), J. Jac. 
Raccolta di vasi diversi e di varie 
targhe formate da antiche artefici. 
Roma, 17 13. fol. with plates. 

19423 — insignium Roms templo- 
rum prospectus exteriores interi- 
oresque. Romae, 1693. fol. with 

19424 — disegni di varj altari e cap- 
pelle nelle chiese di Roma. Roma 
(1713). large fol. with 50 plates. 

19425 — insigniores statu^rum urbis 
Romae icones libri II. cum 140 ta- 
bulls eeneis. Romae, without date, 

See also Raphael. 

19426 ROSSI, J. Bn. Delia lingua 
propria di Cristo e degli Ebrei na- 
zionali della Palestina da' tempi de' 
Maccabei. Parma, 1772. 4°. (6 fr.) 

19427 — de hebraicae typographiae 
origine ac primitiis. Parmae, 1776. 
4°. Also Erlang., 1778. 8°. 

19428 — annali ebreo-tipc^afici. 
Parma, 1 780. 4°. 


1602 ROS ROS 

19429 — annali ebreo-tipografici di ^gyptiace. Romae, 1808. large 

Sabioneta. Panna, 1780. 8^ 4^. 

Translated into Latin by J. F. Roos, This work contain« many more wonb than 

Erlang., 1783. 8^ (3 gr.) ^ Cpoxe's Lejeieon JEgyptiacuMy and may 

serve as a supplement to it. — See also 

19430 — de typographia hebraica Fer- Diogenes Laert., No. 6188. 

rariensi. Parmffi, 1780. 8^ Also, 19442 ROSSI, Lr. Fil. Camere se- 

Erlang., 1781. 8°. polcrali de* liberti e liberie di L,i- 

19431 — apparatus hebraeo-biblicus via Augusta e d'altri Cesari. Roma, 
seu MSS. editique codices, quos 1731. fol. with 40 plates, 
possidet. Pannae, 1782. 8^ See above, Biakchini. 

19432 - ran« lectt y. T. (hebr.) ^^^^3 j^^^ggj ^^^^ ^^ ^ ^^^^^ 

ex immensa MSS. editorumque co. . j^^^ore delle febriche in prospeU 

dicum congerie haust« et ad Sama. ^f^^ ^j ^^^^ modema/oopiate 

ntanum textum etc. examinatae ^^,j^ ^^ intagliate da Gi Bt. 

Pann«, ex reg.typ., 1784-88^^^^^^ Falda. R^a, r586. oblong fol. 

4 voU. Scholia cnt. in V. T. bbros ^^j^ ^ j^^ ^ 

8. supplementa ad varias sam tex- ^^^^^ j^^^gj p* p^^^^ Etrnsca. 

tUB lectiones. ib. 1798. 4". 60 fr.) ^j^^^^ j^ j^ provinciis, 

19433 - annales hebrieo-typogra. pj^rentina et Pisana Jr«8ertini, 
phid sec. XV. ab a. 1501-40. ^^^^^ j^^^^^^ ''o^ ^ ^^^ 
Pannie ex reg. typ., 1 795-99. 4^ ^ith 1 o illuminated plates. 

2 voll. (15 fir.) . ^. . . . ^. t. » 

_-.-. ^ TL*i.T <ti. • J • *.■ A new edition with annotations by J. 

19434 — bibhotheca judaica anU- ch. I. HeUwig, Helmst., 1 795-1808. 8». 
Christiana. Parmse, 1 800. 8"". (4 fr.) ^ vols, with pUtes (5 d. 12 gr.) 

19436 — dizionario storico degli au- 19445 _ mantissa insectorum, exhi- 
ton ebrei e deUe loro opere. ^^^s species nuper in Etruria col- 
Parma, reale stamp., 1802. 8°. lectas, adjectis Fauna Etrusctt il. 
2voU. (I2fr.) ,^ .. lustrationibus et emendatt. Pisis. 

^^?^—J^^^f^^ f^^ l^ebnuci ,792-94. 40. 2 parts, with 8 iUu- 

bibliothecse J. Bn. de Rossi, accu- minated plates, 

rate ab eodem descripti et illus- Both works together cost 54 fr. or 80 

trati. Parms, 1803-5. 8°. 3 voll. paoli. 

(15 fr.) Libri stampati di lettera- 19445 ROSSINI, L. Raccolta di 

tura sacra ebraica ed orientale della cinquanta principal! vedute di anti- 

bibliote<» del Dottore Gi. Bn. de chiU, tratte dagli scavi fatti in 

Rossi, ib. 1812. 8^ Roma in questi ultimi tempi. Ro- 

Both oollections were bought for the ma, 18 18. large fol. 

Orand^ucaJ library at Panna. j^qST, see HuBER. 

19437 — lexicon hebraicum selectnm. ROSTGAARD, see Dsliciji poe- 
Parmae, 1805. 8°. tar. 

19438 — dizionario storico degli au- 19447 ROSTREENEN, Gr. de. 
tori arabi piu celebri e delle prin- Grammaire fran^oise-celtique et 
cipali loro opere. Parma, stamp, fran^oise-bretonne. Rennes, 1738. 
reale, 1807. 8^ (6 fr.) 8°. 

19439 — annali ebreo-tipografici di 19449 — dictionnaire fran^ois-celti- 
Cremona. Parma, 1808. 8°. que ou fran9oi8-breton. Rennes, 

19440 — memorie storiche su i suoi Vatar, 1732. 4°. 

studj e letterarie produzioni. Par- ROSWALLand Lillian. A romance 

ma, 1 809. 8*=*. in the Scotch dialect in rhyme, from 

A list of his writings in the Wiener Lit, the middle of the 15th century, of 

Zni. 1814. Int. Bl. p. 35 sq. ^hich there is an undated edition 

19441 ROSSI, Ign. Etymologise of the i8th century. Extracts 


in Ellis'g gpecimens of early Eng. 
lish metrical romances. III. 371 sq. 

19449 ROSWEYDUS, Heribert. 
Vit« patrum, de Tita et verbis se. 
niomm s. faistorise Eremitieas li- 
bri X. auctoribus suis et nitori 
pristino restituti ac annotationibus 
illustrati. Ed. II. aucta et illustr. 
Antw.^ ex off. Plant., 1628. fol. 
Also on large paper. 

A ooDeoCion made with care and critical 
acumen from MSS. and old editionB. 

ROSWITHA, see Hbobwitha. 
ROTA Veneris, see Boncohpao- 


19450 ROTA, Bernardino. Rime ed 
egloghe pescatorie. Ed. III. Na- 
poll, Cacchi, 1572. 4**. 3 parts in 

1 vol. 

Thii fine and scarce edition contains also 
his Latin Carmina, besides what is speci- 
fied in the title. 

19451 — poesie con le annotazioni di 
Scip. Ammirato. Napoli, Muzio, 
1726. 8^ 2 voll. 

This edition is augmented. 

19452 ROTEIRO. F. F. P. roteiro 
de Neptuno oriental das cartas. 
Lisb. 1783. 4". Roteiro de Nep- 
tuno h. a. nav^. da China etc. ib. 
'7^3* 4^* Roteiro oriental p. a. 
nav^. das cartas do grande oceano 
Atlant. y oriental, ib. 1783. 4^ 
Roteiro occidental, ib. 1784. 4^ 

19453 ROTGANS, L. Poezy. 
Leeuward., 1 7 1 1 . 4^. with plates. 
Also on large paper. 

19454 _ Wilhelm de Derde, in Hel- 
dendicbt beschrcven. Utrecht en 
Amst., 1 698-1 700. 4^ 2 parts with 

19455 — de Boerenkermis, in twee 

Zangen. Amst. 1708. 4^. 

Nieuwe Utigave. Groninffen, Meyevy 
1823. 13^ ( II St., on vellum paper 16 st.) 

19456 ROTHSCHOLZ, F. Icones 
bibliopolamm et typ<^raphorum. 
Nrb. et Altorf. 1726-42. fol. 3 

Complete copies are acaroe. The first 

2 parts contain 50 portraits eadi, but the 
Sntonly 30. 

19457 -^ thesaurus symbokw. ac em- 



blematum i. e. insignia bibliopolar. 
et typographor. ab incunabulis ty- 
pographise ad nostra usque tem- 
pora. Nrb. et Altorf. 1730. fol. 

This work has become very scarce, but is 
very incomplete, without sdection, and at the 
same tune very little to be depended upon, 
as the representations are often only noade 
from bad copies. It contains 508 insignia 
in 50 sections. At the end is. Partis pru 
ffUffinit, but a second part never appeared. 
The double index, mentioned in the title, 
was only added to it in 1765. The 64 
leaves of preliminary matter are wanting 
in most copies. The editor*s portrait ought 
also to be included. 

ROTWELSCH, see Oramhatica, 
No. 8765. 

19458 ROTROU, J. de. CEuvres. 

Par., Desoer, 1820-23. 8®. 5 vM, 

(35 fr., on vellum paper 70 fr.) 

The first edition of his collected works. 
It is to be regretted that the prefaces and 
introductions of the original editions of the 
single pieces are omitted. 

ROU, see Roman. 

ROUILLE, see Catrou and Prom- 


19459 ROUSSEAU, J. Bt CEuvres 
diverses. Nouv. edit, revue et 
augm. Lond., Tonson et Watts, 
1723. 4*. 2 voll. Also on large 
paper. In addition ; Suppl^ent^ 
contenant les pi^s, que Tauteur 
a rejett^ de son ^tion. ib., id., 
1723. 8^ 

This edition, although r e sp ec ta ble, is no 
longer sought after. 

I94fi0 — oeuvres. Nouv. edit, revue, 

corrigee, augment^ (par I'abb^ Se- 

guy). Bruxell. (Par., Du/o^). 1743. 

large 4**. 3 vols. 

A fine edition, but not containing the au- 
thor's offensive epigrams. The reprint (Par. 
1743), 13°. 4 rdfl. is only sought after on 
large paper. 

19461 — Lond. (Par.) 1757. ii^ 
5 voll. 

A neat edition, in winch are to be found 
both the offensive epigrams and the noto- 
rious couplets (oonceming them see, Mim 
mairn pour tervir h Vhitt, du eeUbre 
Rautteau et des fametup couplets qui kU 
sont fmtssemeni atiribuis. BnuseU. 1 753. 
IS*.) The oouplets areengiaved in writing 

The editions, Par, mn 4 (i795)> i«^ 




5 vols, and ib. 1 796. 8°. 4 vols, with ptates, 
are less prized. There are copies of both 
on vellum paper. 

19462 — cBUvres, precedees d'un essai 
histor. sur sa vie^ et augmentees de 
notes et d'un choix de ses lettres 
(par Amar-Durivier). Par., Le- 
ftvre, 1820. 8°. 5 vols, with Rous- 
seau's portrait (33 fr., on vellum 
paper 90 fr.). 

The best edition. The offensive epi- 
grams are indeed not to be found in it, 
but they were printed separately at the 
same times. 

19463 — odes, cantates, 6pitres et 
poesies diverses. Par., Didot, 1 790. 
4^. on vellum paper. 

Only 350 copies of this fine edition were 
struck off. A copy on v^um was again 
offered for sale at 900 fr. at M*Carthy*s 

19464 (the same title). Ed. 

ster^ot. Par... Didot, an 7 (1799). 
12°. 2 voll. Also on vellum paper. 

19465 — (Buvres choisies, odes, can- 

tates, epitres et ponies di verses, 

suivies de sa correspondance in- 

^dite avec Tabb^ d'Olivet. Par., 

Didot, 1 8 18. 8°. 2 voll. (9 fr., on 

fine paper 15 fr., on vellum paper 

30 fr.) 

A copy on vellum in the Royal library 
at Paris. An earlier edition of the CEuvres 
ehoisies, with the poet le Brunts notes, ap- 
peared, Par..y Buisson, 1808. 8°. 

19466 ROUSSEAU, J. Jac. Du 
contrat social ou principes du droit 
politique. Par., Didot, 1795. large 
4°. on vellum paper. 

Not greatly sought after. There are said 
to be only 4 copies on large paper in folio, 
also a copy on vellum in folia 

19467 — la botanique de J. Jac. 
Rousseau, ornee de 65 planches en 
couleurs, d'apr^ les peintures de 
J. Redout^. Par., Garnery, 1805. 
large 4?, on vellum paper. 

It appeared in 11 Nos. (aoo fr., and 330 
fr. in large foL), and forms a sequel to 
the 4**. edition of his works in 1 793. 

19468 — oeuvres completes (publi6es 
par du Peyrou). Geneve, 1782- 
90. 4°. 17 vols. Also on large 

This edition was prepared from copies 


which had been partly prepared far the 
press by the author himself, and contains 
considerable additions to several of his 
works. The neat plates by Moreau, which 
were originally intended for a Brussels edi- 
tion in 1 2 vols. 4**. are sometimes added to 
it. At the same time there^ also appe&red 
at Geneva an edition in 30 vols. 8°. (to 
which the Supplement, Neueh&tely 1790. 
8°. 5 vols, may be joined), and another in 
33 vols. 12°. All (tf them have however 
been supplanted by the finer and noore 
complete editions of most recent date. 

19469 — oeuvres. Lond. {Par., Ctu 
ztn), 1781. 1 8°. 38 vols, with plates^ 
by MoreaiL 

19470 — oeuvres. (Kehl), impr. de la 
soc. litt. et typogr., 1783—89. large 
1 8°. 34 vols. 

A neat but very incorrect reprint of the 
Geneva edition. 

19471 — oeuvres, classees par ordre 
de mati^res, avec des notes (p«r 
Seb. Mercier et Tabbe Brizard). 
Par., Poin9ot, 1788-93. 8°. 39 
parts in 38 vols. 

Also on vellum paper, and on large vel- 
lum paper in 4°. Although it is badly 
and incorrectly printed, yet it is worthy of 
notice on account of its substantial aug- 
mentations. To it, as well as to every 
other edition in 8°., may be joined, Corre- 
tpondance originaie et in&dite de Rouueau 
€Boee Mme Latour de FranqueuiUe et M. 
du Peyrou. Par, J803. 8®. 2 voll. ; and, 
Lettres oriffinales de Rousseau h Mad, * * * 
{Marg. de Crequi)^ h Mad, de Luxem- 
bourg, A M. de Malesherbes etc. puU, par 
Charl, Pougens. Par, 1798. large i8*. 

19472 — oeuvres. Par. 1793. large 
i8^ 37 vols, with plates. 

19473 — oeuvres. Par., Didot, 1793 
-1800. large 4^ 18 vols., on vellum 
paper, ^vith plates. 

Not greatly sought after, as it is not fine 
enough for a splendid work, and its size 
is inconvenient. Each voL cost 60 fr., 
and with plates aioani la lettre 73 fr., but 
it is now almost fiedlen to a quarter of the 
price. There are 4 or 6 copies on very 
large paper in folio. 

19474 — oeuvres. Blle,Thourneisen, 

1795- S°- 34^018- 

This may serve as a cheap small edition. — 
(Envres choisies, Lp»,y Fleiseher, 1818. 
8*. 13 voll. (6 d. 16 gr.) 

19475 — oeuvres. Par., Boz^rian 
(impr. de Didot), 1 796-1 801. large 


1 8°. 25 vols, on vellum paper (240 

A tolerably neat edition, of which only 
100 copies were stnick off. There are 2 
cc^ies on somewhat larger and finer vel- 
lum paper, and 1 on vellum. This edition 
was long considered as one of the best, 
whereas it contains on the contrary a very 
bad text. The editor FayoUe altered it 
inoonsideiBtely after MSS. in Rou88eau*s 
own handwriting, which were not of his 
last revision, and admitted much into it, 
which the author had afterwards deci- 
dedly himself altered. The Emiie and the 
Confettions are the most disfigured in this 
way. The edition of the Confessiont, Lpx.f 
FleiteheTy 1804. 8**. 4 volL (3 d.) is printed 
from this bad text. 

19476 — ceuvres. Par., Didot, 1801. 

large 12^. 20 vols., on velhim paper 

(200 fr.) 

Printed at the same time as the forgoing 
edition, only on larger paper. The cha- 
racter is too small for this size. 

19477 — oBuvres. Par., Belin, 181 7. 
8®. 8 voU. (56 fr.) Also on vellum 


This etHHon compacts in a smaU character 
contains the bad text of the preceding, but 
iff enlaiged with Rousseau's letters to Mad. 
Franqueville, du Peyrou, &c 

19478 — ceuvres. Par., Didot, 1 81 7. 
8^ 18 vols, with 60 plates (90 fr., 
on vellum paper 180 fr.) 

FayoUe's bad text : otherwise well print- 
ed, and with some augmentations. 

19479 — oBuvres. Par. 1 8 1 8- 1 9. 1 8**. 
20 vols, with plates (45 fr.) 

A reprint of the preceding number. 

19480 — (Buvres completes. Par., 
veuve Perronneau, 1818-20. 12°. 
22 vols, with plates. 

Fayolle*s text. The editor, de Musset, 
has added notes, which are too long and 
not always to be depended upon. 

19481 — oeuvres, avec des notes 
historiques. Par., Leftvre, 1819- 
20. 8^ 22 vols, with plates (154 
fr., on vellum paper 352 fr.) 

The editor, Petitain, has purified the 
text from Fayolle's alterations. The Ge- 
neva text forms the basis, and it is here 
carefully revised afresh. The letters are 
arranged anew. The notes are interest- 
ing ; and this well printed, and as yet best 
edition, also contains several augmenta- 
tions peculiar to itself. The plates are also 



19482 — sammtliche Werke, aus 
dem Frans. (von C. F. Cramer). 
Berl., Nauck, 1786-91. 8^ 10 volJ. 
6 d. 20 gr., on Dutch paper with 
plates 13 d. 14 gr.) iir Bd. le 
Abtheil. Lpz., Fleischer^ 1799. 8^ 
(16 gr.) — Hinterlassene Werke 
od. Briefwechsel mit Mad. Latour 
de Franqueville^ iibs. von N. Pt. 
Stampeel. Lpz., Schmidt, 1 804-8. 
8°. 3 voU. (3 d. 8 gr.)— Briefe an 
Mad. von * * * (Marquise de Cre- 
qui). Mad. de Luxembourg, Hrn. 
von Malesherbes etc. Aus dem 
Franz. Kdnigsb., Oobbels, 1799. 
8^. (14 gr.) — Bekenntnisse, ubs. 
von Adf. Freiherrn von Knigge. 
Berl., linger, 1786-90. 8°. 4 voll. 
(3d.) — Vom gesellschaftl. Ver- 
trage. Ff. a. M., Esslinger, 1800. 
8°. (1 d.) Ueber den Staatsbur- 
gervertrag, eine neu bearb. mit 
Anmerkk. begleitete Uebersetzung 
von J. Schramm. Diisseldorf, 
Schreiner, 1800. 8°. (1 d.) — Julie 
oder die neue Heloise, ubs. von J. 
Pt. le Pique. Ff. a. M., Her- 
mann^ 1 801-2. large 12°. 6 parts 
in 4 vols. (5 d. 8 gr., with plates 
6 d. 16 gr.) 

Of foreign translations I notice the fol- 
lowing only on account of its rarity : Julia 
la nueva Hehyta^ (radttc. par «/. Mar- 
chena. Tolosa^ 1831. I2^ 4 v(ds. with 

19483 ROUSSEAU, Sm. Flowers 
of Persian literature, containing 
extracts from the most celebrated 
authors in prose and verse, with a 
translation into English. Lond. 

1801. 4°. (i8s.) 

19484 — vocabulary of the Per- 
sian language. Lond. 1802. 8^. 
(7s. 6d.) 

19485 — Persian and English dic- 
tionary. Lond. 1802. 12°. Eng- 
lish and Persian dictionary, ib. 
1805. 12°. 

19486 — dictionary on Mohammedan 
law, Bengal revenue terms, Shan- 
scrit, Hindoo, and other words 
used in the East Indies. Lond. 

1802. 8^ 

1606 ROU 

19487 — book of knowledge, or a 
grammar of the Persian language. 
Lfond. 1 805. 4°. 

ROUSSET, see Dumont. 
ROUSSEVILLE, see Nobiliaibe. 

19488 ROUSSIER. M^moire sur 
la musique des anciens^ avec un 
parallMe entre le systeme des £- 
gyptiens et celui des modemes. 
Par. 1770. 4°. 

ROUTH, see Gbabb. 

19489 ROVERE, Fr. de la (postea 
Sixtus IV.) De sanguine Christi. 
De potentia dei. Without place or 
date (RamdBf J, Ph. de Lignamine, 
before 1473). small fol. 

126 leaves (i blank), with 29 lines, wiih- 
ont signatures, catchwords, and pagina- 
tion. There stands at the end of the re- 
giater, as in the AugusHnua de civ. dei of 
1467, GODAI.. 

19490 — tractatus de futuris contin- 
gentibus. Without place or date 
(RomcE, de Lignamine), 1473. fol. 
10 leaves. 

Sometimes bound up with the preceding, 
although it appeared later and by itself, as 
is evident from the dedication. 

19491 — de sanguine Christi. De 

dei potentia. Nrb., F. Creusner, 

1473. ^^^' Gothic letter, 97 leaves. 
Also, t6., tdL, 1474. foL Gothic letter, 97 

19492 ROVIDA, Ces. Problemi 
d' algebra e di geometria analitica 
sciolti. Mil. 1817. 4^ 2 voll. 

ROVINE della citt^ di Pesto, se^ 

19493 ROWE, Elizabeth. Works. 
Lond. 1739 or 64. 8^ 2 vols. ib. 

1 796. 1 2°. 4 vols. 

19494 -— poetical works. Lond., 
Suttabj, 1 808. 1 8°. with plates. 

19495 ROWE, N. Works. Lond. 
1747. 12®. 3 vols. ib. 1756. 8S 
2 vols. ib. 1766. 12°. 2 vols. 

19496 — poems. Lond., Cooke, 

1797. 12^ 

19497 ROWLANDSON. Miseries 
of human life, designed and etched 
by Rowlandson. Lond., Acker- 
mann, 1808. 4°. 

Containing 50 illuminated caricatures, 


which belong to Bererford*s Mieenea qf 
Human Life (in French by Berlin, Par. 
1809. 8". a voll.). 

19498 ROWLEY, Th. Poems, sup- 
posed to have been written at 
Bristol in the 15th century hj 
Th. Rowley, priest ; with a com- 
mentary, in which the antiquity of 
them is considered and defended 
by Jeremiah Milles. Lond. 1782. 

4 • 
Also, Lond. 1777 or 99. 8^ L<md. 1789. 

8°. 2 vols. Cbr. 1794. 8°. These poems, 
fine in other respects, were foiged, as is 
well known, by Th. Chatterton (f 24 
Aug. 1770). Their genuineness was 
learnedly supported in J. Bryanfa Ob-, 
eervaiiona upon the poema of Th, Rowley. 
Lond. 1781. 8°. a vols, wi^out howerer 
convincing any one The entire history 
of these poems, see in KippWa Bioyraphia 
Britannioa. £d. XL lAmd. 1789. fol. 
T. IV. p. 575-619. Consult also Cfaaaical 
Journal, XVI. 136. Shertoen^a Exami- 
nation of part of the evidenoe reapecUng 
the antiquity and atUhenticity qfRowley^a 
poema. Lond. 1809. 8^ 

ROXAS, see Celestina. 

19499 ROXAS, Agustin de. El 
viage entretenido. Ed. V. Madr. 

19500 ROXAS, Pt. Soto de. El 
desengaiio de amor en rimas. 
Madr. 1623. 4^ 

19501 — rayos de Faeton. Madr. 
1639. 4^ 

19502 ROXBURGH, W. Planto of 
the coast of Coromandel^ published 
under the direction of Jos. Banks. 
Lond. 1795 sq. large fol. 3 vols, 
with illuminated plates. 

This distinguished splendid work ap- 
peared in Nos. of 35 plates. Eadi vol. 
contains 4 Nos.; as yet only the fint 2 
Nos. of the 3rd voL have appeared. The 
fint 2 vols, cost 31I. 108. 

19503 ROXBURGHE. Catalogue 
of the library of the late John 
duke of Roxburghe, arranged bj 
G. and W. Nicol. Lond., Bul- 
mer, 181 2. 8**. 

It is well known what high prices were 
paid at this sale. Without Anmng m pro- 
portionate idiole^ this library oootamed 
9353 articles, treasures of the first order, 
particularly in the daasios of the old Frmuh 
romances and of old English literafeore, 


noc to mention Hs chief gem, VaUaifer's 
Boeeaccio. There is detailed information 
respecdng this sale in Dibdin's Decamenm, 
III. 49 sq. The catalogue is as n^li- 
gently and badly made, as all English sale- 
catalogues are, and it is only the collection 
itself which still imparts a certain interest 
to it. It is already scarce, and sells for 
from 3 to 3 guineas (particularly if the 
prices are printed in it), and from 5 to 6 
guiness on large paper. How much higher 
and more intrinsic value would it have 
had, had it been drawn up by a French- 

19504 ROY, Jac. le. Notitia mar- 

chionatus sacri Rom. imperii h. e. 

urbis et agri Antwerpiensis. Amst., 

Alb. Magnus, 1678. fol. with plates. 

Also on large paper. 

The Royal library at Dresden has an- 
other copy besides on small paper, which 
however has this specification in the title, 
AnuLj tfpit Fr. Lamnungay 1678. It en- 
tirely corresponds with the above copy, but 
has a dediouion to Charles II. whidi is 
wanting in that. — To both the following 
index should be joined, Index famiHar.y 
quorum mendo fit in naUUa manhiionahu 
S. R. I. Ant»,y 1 7 15. fol. 

19505 — caatella nobilium Braban. 
tie, coenobiaque oelebriora ad vi- 
vnm delineata serique incisa. Antw., 
ThieuUier^ 1696. large foL 

GreaUy sought after on account of the 
plates (among which are several by Perelle 
and HoiDar). 11 printed leaves and 118 
leaves (ioduding Uie title-plate). A new 
title isy Brabantia teenographia, Am§L 
1696, or 97, or 98. fol. There is a new 
impression of the same plates with a short 
Latin, French, and Dutch text, under the 
title, Ch&teaux et maUona de eampagne dm 
ffentUthommet du Brabant. Leids, van der 

Aoy i699« ^^' ^^ ^^ ^® ^^» BrabanOa 
iUuttrata. Anut. 1 'jo$. foh If there really 
be an edition, Anito., ThietdUer, 1694. fol. 
it must be the roost vahiaUe on account of 
the fint impressions. 

19506 — topographia historica gallo- 
brabantica. Amst. 1692. fol. with 

Not often to be met with, and tolerably 



19507 — erection de toutes les ter- 
res, seigneuries et families titr^ 
du Brabant. Leide, 1699. fol. or 
Amst. 1706. fol. 

19508 ROY, Jul. D. le. Les ruines 
des plus beaux monumens de la 

Qrkce. Par. 1 758. large fbl. 2 parts 
in I vol. with plates. 

This first edition contains the first im- 
pressions. But the edition, enlarged with 
additions and a new plate (Par, 1770). 
laige foL 7 parts in 1 voL is more sought 

19509 ROY, W. The military anti- 
quities of the Romans in Britain. 
Lond., Bulmer, 1793. large fol. 
wih plates (5I. los.). 

ROYAL book, see BOOK. 
ROY AS, see Celestine. 

19510 ROYE, Guy de. Le livre de 
sapience, trad, du latin de Guy de 
Roye, archev^ue de Sens, par un 
religieux de Cluny, pour le simples 
prestres qui n'entendent ni le latin 
ni les escritures. Geneve, 9 Oct. 
1478. fol. Gothic letter. 

The first, very scarce, edition of this 
translation : without signatures, catch- 
words, and pagination. The original was 
compmed in 1388. Consult Marehand 
Dictumn, hist. II. 164 sq. 

19511 — le doctrinal de sapience, par 
Guy de Roye. Promentour, Loys 
Guerbin, 1 1 Aoikt, 1482. fol. Go- 
thic letter. 

Not lets scarce than the preceding edi- 

19512 — le doctrinal de sapience, 
fait brievement et grossement pour 
les simples gens. Lyon, Gu. le 
Roy, 1485. fol. Gothic letter, 81 

19513 — - doctrinal de la foi catho. 
lique. Par., Pierre le Caron, with- 
out date. 4°. Gothic letter. 

19514 Par., Pt. Levet, 1488. 

4°. Gothic letter. 
19515 Geneve, 8 Nov. 1493. 

fol. Gothic letter. 
Erroneously noticed by Panzer, I. 441, 

as a transhtion of a work by Oiiy de Mont 

Rocher (de monte Rocherii). 

19516 Lyon, CL Daygne, 17 

Mars, 1497* fol. Gothic letter. 

19517 Par., veuve J. Trep- 

perel et J. Jehannot, without date. 
4°. Gothic letter. 

19518 — the doctrinal of sapyence, 
whyche is translated out of Frenshe 
into Englysshe by Wyllyam Cax- 

1608 ROY RUB 

ton at WeHtmester. (Westmester), d*agriculture theorique^ pratique 

Caxton, 7 Mai, 1489. fol. Gothic etc, ou dictionnaire universel d'a- 

letter. griculture, par une soci^t^ d'agri- 

100 leaven, with the signatures A-L. culteurs. Par. 1781--1805. 4°. 12 

Extremely scarce, and sold in London in voll. (including the supplement). 

May 1813. with 1 leaves made good in ^^h plates. 

MS., for 78I. 158. A copy on vellum, the The «J't* P ( T \ *i 

C-alTto^reU^uWL'^SiiS^^^ f-fj; J^njlaJ '^ffi^J^^ 

land's libnuy. i^^- 8 • I6^ n vob. In Spanish by J. 

' Alvar. Oueira, Madr. 1801 4'. 11 vols. 

19519 ROY. Het boec dat men hiet with plates. This esteemed edition has 
summe le roy of des conincs summe 1^^ P^ of its value by its re-production 
ende leert hoe dat men die sonden '" ^^^ following works Nimveau eaurs 
, . , . - u 4. 1 TT*4. I- 4. complei dragricuUurey redwt tur le plan de 
biechten en beteren sal. Uit het ^/„,. ^ j^^^^ ^^ j.^^ Par^entier, 

Fransch in het Nederduytsch over- Tessier, Huzard etc. Par.y DeterviUe^ 

gezet, door Broeder Jan van Brede- "809. 8°. 13 vols, with plates (96 fr.)— 

roede Convaerts der Carthuser oer. ^^ "^^ Jouhkal de physique, 

den tot Zeelom, in het jaer 1408. 19525 RUAULT, J. Preuves de 

Delf in Hollant, 24 Apr. 1478. 4*. I'histoire du royaume d'Yvetot. 

Gothic letter. Par. 1 63 1 . 4°. 

19520 — summe le roy of des conincs ^**^' ""^ «^^* "^^ ""^ ^™«- 
summe, ende leert hoe dat men die 1^526 RUBEIS, Bn. Mar. de. Mo- 
sonden biechten ende beteren sal. numenta ecclesise Aquilejensis com- 
Haerlem, 1484. 4°. Gothic letter. mentoriis illustrata. Argentin» 

19521 ROZA, Jose Ant. de. Com- (^-^»-. Pasquali), 1740. fol. 
pendio das minas para a arte mill- 1^527 — dissertt. II. de numis pa- 
tar. Lisb. 1 79 1. 4°. with fine triarchar. Aquilejensium. Ven., 
plates (1440 rees). Pasquali, 1747-49- ^^ 

ROZIER des fruerres.see Louis XI. RUBEIS, see Rossi. 

19522 ROZIER historial de France 19528 RUBENIUS, Ph. Electo- 
Contenaut deux Roziers; le premier rum libri II. Ejusd. ad Just. Lip- 
contient plusieurs instructions pour sium poematia. Antw., Moretus, 
rois, princes etc, ; le second, autre- 1 608. 4°. with plates. 

ment chroniques abregees, contient 19529 RUBENS, Pt. P. lUustrium 

plusieurs belles rozes et boutons virorum, philosophor., orator, etc. 

issus de la maison de France, d'An- icones, ex marmoribus antiquis de- 

gleterre etc. Par. (without the lineatw a Pt. P. Rubens, sculptae a 

printer's name). 26 Fevr. 1522. Luca Vorstermanno, P. Pontic et 

fol. Gothic letter, with 288 wood- aliis. Without place or date. fol. 

cuts. Twelve exoellent leaves. 

2 leaves of preliminary matter, and 214 1953O — palazzi di Genova, Con le 

numbered leaves m a columns with 45 , • V..- j i ^' j r»^ « t» 

lines. Concerning this work consult Mi- ^^^^ P'antl ed alzatl, da Pt. P. Ru- 

langea d'une gr, bibl, V. 25 sq. Two bens delineati. Anversa, 1622. fol. 

copies on vellum in the Royal library at 2 parts, with 1 39 plates. 

Paris (one of them previously 1 20 li v. Bel- The first edition has only 72 plates, whidi 

Linger, 100 liv. Selle, 195 hv. Gaignat, fonn ^^ 2nd part in the subsequent edi- 

550 liv. Vallifcre). A 3rd copy (previously tions. The 67 plates of the first part did 

24I. 3»- P^»» 400 fr. McCarthy) is now in not originate with Rubens, but ai« added 

England. anew. The kiter editions, AnvertOy 1653 

19523 Par., Fr. Regnault, or 63 or 1708. fol, are little sought after. 

1528. fol. Gothic letter. 3 parts in 19531 — Th^orie de la figure hu- 

I vol. maine consider^ dans ses principes. 

The most complete edition of this work. trad, du latin. Par. J 773. laige 4**. 

19524 ROZIER, Fr. Cours complet with 44 plates. P. II. Principes 


de desflins. ib. i773. large 4°. with 
96 plates. 

19&32 — lea plafonds ou les tableaux 
des gal^ries de T^lise de Jesuites 
d'Anvers, peints par Rubens, gnu 
v^ par J. Punt. Amst. 1 75 1 - fol. 
with 36 plates. 

19533 — oeuvres de Rubens et Van- 
dyck, gravies par Schelt et Boetius 
a Bolswert, Luc Vorstermann^ P. 
Pontius etc, et publics par Hodges. 
Amst. 1804-8. large fol. 

It contains 96 plates and Rubens and 
Vandyck*s portraits. — See also Oalerie 
du Luxembourg. 

19534 RUCELLAI, 61. Opere, ora 
per la prima volta in un volume 
raccolte. Padova, Comino, 1 772. 8^. 

19535 — le api. Without place or 

printer's name {Fir,)^ 1539. 8**. 
The first edition. 

19536 — le api. Ven., Niccolini da 

Sabbio, 1539. 8^ 

Afterwards frequently printed with Ala- 
MAKNi CoiHvazione. 

19537 — le api. {Parma, Bodanip 
1797). small 4°. 

There is one copy on vellum and 3 on 

19538 — la Rosmunda tragedia. Yen. 
1528. 8°. Fir., i Giunti, 1568. 8°. 
Padova, Comino, 1728. 8^ Lond. 
1737. 8°. Lond. 1779. 4°. with 
1 plate by Bartolozzi. 

The edition by Comino is the most prized. 

19539 RUDBECK, Olavus. Atlan- 
tica sire Manheim vera Japheti 
posterorum sedes ac patria. P. I. 
Ups., H. Curio, without date (new 
title 167s or 1679). — P. II. ib., 
id., 1689. — P. III. ib., typis et 
impensis authoris, 1698. small fol. 
3 vols, and i vol. atlas in large fol. 

Complete copies of these 3 vols, with the 
atlas are extremely scarce, an incomplete 
4th vol. was destroyed by a fire at Upsal 
in May 1702, except ten copies at the most 
(according to Nyerup). At the same a large 
portion oT the impression of the 3rd vol. 
was also burnt. 

The atlas, which consists of maps and 
woodcuts, first appeared; it contains on 
41 leaves 43 numbered woodcuts and a 
chronological tables. The 5th plate is 
wanting in all the copies, but the 25tli 



ought to be double (the first time with the 
addition, fig* Q2 A, and Uie second with 
fig. 92 B). The atlas is very frequently 

The 1st. vol. of the text was published 
thrice in different years, as is noticed above. 
But all of them are only new titles to one 
and the same typographical production, al- 
though the title-pages of 1679 have the ad- 
dition, EdUio II. mullis in locU emeTuUUa 
et aucta. In the copies of the last kind 
only 7 leaves have been added at the end. 
The collation is, i title-plate, 4 leaves of 
preliminary matter, 891 pages of text, and 
7 leaves of testimonia, errata and notice ad 
Inbliopegos. These last 7 leaves are often 
wanting. No other plates besides the title- 
plate bdong to this ist vol. 

The 2ud vol. contains i title-plate, 8 
leaves of preliminary matter, 38 pages of 
testimonia (in some copies these occupy 43 
pages, though not containing any thing 
more, owing to their being printed in a 
larger character). In the 2 Wolfenbilttel 
copies there next follow 19 pages more of 
testimonia, not mentioned by other biblio- 
graphers, and superscribed tetiimoniorum 
Pars III. Then 672 pages of text (the 
last 2 incorrectly numbered 171 and 172), 
36 pages of index to the ist and 2nd vol., 
and 4 leaves of errata. 48 woodcuts on 
24 leaves belong thereto beside, which have 
the number of the pages to which they be- 
long (the pagination 350, 542 and 544 is 
repeated on them) : but these often follow 
one another at the end of the volume. 

The 3rd vol. contains 7 leaves of pre- 
liminary matter, 15 pages of testimonia, 762 
pages of text, and an index of 55 unnum- 
bered pages. The figures of Uiis vol. are 
on 24 leaves without text, which are in- 
duded in the pagination of the text (the 
pages 250, 252 and 253 being incorrectly 
numbered 150, 176 and 169). The other 
representations are printed in the text. 

The most complete copies of the 4th voL, 
which is without a title and unfinished, go 
as far as p. 2 la This is the copy that was 
bought at Aurivillius^s sale for the Uni- 
versity library at Upsal. The 3 remaining 
copies are (according to the kind communi- 
cation of professor SchrSder, amanuensis of 
the library at Upsal), that of the Royal li- 
brary at Stockholm, that of the library of 
the academy of science at Stockholm, and 
that belonging to count de Brahe of Skok- 
loster, near Upsal. A 5th copy, according 
to Molbech*s Letters on Sweden, I. 40, is 
in the University library at Lund, in Swe- 
den, and was purchased for 1200 dollars of 
copper coin (about 70 d.). No printed copy 
oi this voL is yet known on the conti- 
nent, but onlv copies in writing. 

The work is written in Swe^sh, but the 
Latin translation (which in the ist vol. is 



said to be by And. von Nordenhjelm, and 
in the others by Pt. Salau) is placed by the 
side of it. A new edition, intended some 
time since, is now in preparation {Bforti' 
siahls Travels, V. 515). Consult Baum. 
garten Nachrr, von tnerkw. BUchemy II. 
322 sq. Warmkoltx Biblioth. histovica 
Sueo-Gothica. (Foriia de Pittet) Voyages 
de deux Frangais au nord de P Europe, I. 
90-109. Hegewisch his^tr. und lUerar. 
Aufs'dtze, p. 17. Nyerup in the works 
of the Souidinayian hterary society, 1813, 

P- 43^77- 

19540 — Campi Elysii liber primus^ 
graminum, juncorum, cyperorum, 
f rumen torum etc, figuras continens. 
Ups., And. Delen, 1702. fol. 224 
pages and 130 woodcuts. Liber. II. 
nomina et figuras bulbosarum plan- 
tarum continens. ib. 1701. fol. 

These 2 vols., which contain representa- 
tions of plants engraved on wood, are only 
the commencement of a collection, which, 
as it is said, was to have contained 12 vols. 
They have become extraordinarily scarce 
owing to the fire above-mentioned, and the 
1st vol. particularly, to such a degree that 
the entire impression was long supposed to 
have been destroyed. Count de Oeer, of 
Loftta in Sweden possesses a complete copy. 
In the University library at Upsal only 6 
leaves of the Tst vol. are to be found (of 
which vol. according to the statement of 
the catalogue of that library, only 2 com- 
plete copies exist). 

19541 — reliquiae Rudbeckianae sen 
camporum Elysiorum libri primi 
quae supersunt. Lond. 1789. fol. 

It contains 35 representations out of that 
first vol. which Ed. Smith found in Lin- 
tiaeus^s collections and published. 

19542 RUDBECK filius, Olavus. 
Ichthyologiae biblicae Pars I. et II. 
Ups. 1705-22. 4°. 2 voll. 

Both vols, are seldom found tc^gether. 

19543 — Nora Samolad s. Laponia 
illustrata, cum fasciculo vocum 
Lapo-Hebraicarum (suec. et lat.) 
Ups. 1 701. 4°. with woodcuts. 

19544 — specimen usus linguae go- 
thicae in emendandis atque illus- 
trandis obscurissimis S. Script, lo- 
cis; addita analogia linguae goth. 
cum sinica etc. Ups. 1717. 4°. — 
Thesauri linguar. Asiae et Europae 
harmoncii prodromus. ib. without 
date (1716). 4°. 



19545 RUDDIMANNUS, Th. In. 
stitutiones grammaticae latinse. cu- 
rav. Gf. Stallbaum. Lps., Hart- 
mann, 1823. 8^ 2 voll. (4 d.^ on 
writing paper 5 d. 12 gr.) 

Previously, Edktb, 1735. 8**. 2 vols. 

RUDERA Paesti, see Paoli. 

19546 RUDGE, Ed. Plantaram 
Gujanae rariorum icones et descrip- 
tiones hactenus ineditae. Lond. 
1806. fol. with 50 plates (4 L)- 

RUDIMENTA grammatices, see 
Grammaticjb methodus. No. 8769 

19547 RUDIMENTA linguae Coptae 
s. .^Bgyptiacae. Romae, de prop, 
fide, 1778. 8^ 

19548 RUDIMENTUM novitiorum. 
Epithoma partes in sex juxta mundi 
sex aetates divisum, prius alibi non 
receptum^ quod placuit rudimentum 
novitiorum intitulari. {Lubeca:), 
Luc. Brandis de Schasz, 5 Aug. 
1475. Ifti^ge ^ol. Gothic letter, with 

460 leaves in 2 columns without signa- 
tures, catchwords and pagination. The 
first typographical production of Lubeck. 
This compilation of universal history from - 
different historical works, which however 
has somewhat of its own in later German 
histories, extending to the year 1473 and 
divided into 6 eras, is sometimes ascribed 
to Brochard (because his description of the 
Holy liand is inserted), and sometimes to 
J. de Columna. The first supposition is 
evidently erroneous, and the second is at 
least very uncertain, as it still requires 
a more accurate investigation, whether the 
Mer des histoires (see Meb) be really a 
translation of this Rudimenium. Consult 
Fabric, Bibl. med. et inf, UU. ed, Afanai, 
I. 404. Seelen Seleoia UtL p. 558. CataL 
des Hvr. impr. sur vei. V. 8. Beekfnann 
Litt. der Reisebescreibb. II. 44 sq. The 
woodcuts and also a map of Palestine en- 
graved on wood are remiarkable, consider- 
ing the place and time of its appearance. 
A copy on vellum is in the library at Ros- 
tock. This work contains at the same time 
the 1st edition of the MaHyrologium of 
Usttardus, in which however the more 
modem saints are here added. 

19549 RUDING, Rogers. Annals 
of the coinage of Britain and its 
dependencies, from the earliest pe. 
rioid of authentick history to the 


end of the 50th year of the reign 
of his present majesty king George 
III. Ed. II. corrected, enlarged and 
continued to the close of the year 
1818. Lond., Lackington, 1819. 
8^. 5 vols, and i vol. of plates in 4°. 
(61. 68.) 

The Tol. of platei oontains i map and 
1 19 plates, 67 (rf* which however were only 
new impressions of the plates to he found 
inFoIkes(No. 7714). 

19550 RUDOLF von Montfort. Bar- 
laam und Josaphat. Herausgegeben 
u. mit einem Worterbuche versehen 
von F. C. Kopke. Konigsb. 1818. 

19551 RUDOLPHI, C. Asmundus. 
Entozoorum sive vermium intesti- 
nalium historia natoralis. Amst. 
1808-10. 8^. 2 parts in 3 vols, with 


At the oommencement of the ist vol. is 
to be found a BibHoiheca etUogoologica of 
17a pages and 619 articles. 

19552 RUDOLPHU8 1. Codex epi- 
stolaris Rudolphi I. Romanorum 
reffis, locnpletior ex ms. bibl. Cfesar. 
Vindobon. editus et commentario 
illostratus. Opera Mt. G^rberti. 
In monast. S. Blasii^ ^77^* fol* 
{13 d.) 

19553 — codex epistolaris Rudolphi I. 
Rom. regis, epistolas 233 anecdotas 
continens ex cod. ms. bibl. Trevi- 
rens. emit . . . Fr. Jos. Bodmann. 
Lps.^ Weidmann, 1805. large 8°. 
with plates (id. 20 gr.). 

19554 RUEDA, Lope de. Los colo- 
quios pastoriles sacados a Inz por 
J. Timoneda. SeviUa, 1576. small 
8^ — Las segundas dos comedias. 
ib., without date, 8°. 

Consult Bouterweek Getch, der Poetis, 
HI. 387. 

19555 RUEL, J. Grammatica of 
Singaleesche Taal-Konst. Amst. 
1 708. 4^ 

19556 RUELLIUS, J. De natura 
stirpiura libri III. Par., Sim. Coli- 

nieus, 1536. fol. 

6 leaves of preliminary matter, 884 pages 
and 62 leaves. A copy on vdlum in Sie 
Royal fibrary at Paris. 

19557 RtJXNER, G. Anfeng, vr- 



sprung vnnd herkommen des Thur- 
niers in Teutscher nation. Siemem, 
Hi. Rodler, 1530. fol. 402 leaves. 

The first and scarce edition of this tourna- 
ment book, well known on aooonnt of its 
historical worthlessness. Concerning the 
other editions of it consult Munchner Litt, 
2M. 1821. No. 92. p. 7.Hsq. Concerning 
the work itself, see Sinceri neue Nachrr, 
vcn lauUr alt, BSchem, p. 284. F, Ch, 
Letter's AuftaUs in der Hamburg, vermisehm 
ten Biblioih^ III. 377 sq. Welier's Altes 
out alien Theilen der Gesch. St. III. p. 361. 
Struve De doetis impogtoribus, $. 49. Merk^ 
tvHrdd. der Zapf. Biblioth., I. 207. Estor 
Neue kleine Sehrr., 1. 334 sq. 34 1 sq. Dae 
UrtheU Beruhmter Gesehichtichreiber von 
der Glaubwurdigkeit der deutschen Tur-. 
nierbucher. Without place, 1728. 4**. 
J. Mullner Duteurt, ob G. RUxnert Tur- 
merbuch pro scriplo authentico zu halten, 
Nrb. 1766. 4°. Weieeene Muteum der 
adehe. Geechichte, B. II. St. 2. p. 156 n. 
Aretm*s Beitrr.y V. 97. 

19558 RUFFA, Fr. Tragedie. Li- 
vomo, Masi^ 1819-20. 8^ 2 voll. 

19559 RUFFI, Ant. de. Histoire 
de la ville de Marseille, revue, cor- 
rig^ et augm. par L. Ant. de Ruffi 
ills. Marseille^ 1696. fol. 2 vols. 
Also on large paper. 

RUFINIANUS, see Rhetores 
latini and Rutilius Lupus. 

19560 RUFINUS Aquilejensis. O- 
puscula quaedam partim antehac 
nunquam in lucem edita, partim 
nuper emendata et castigata (per 
Ren. Lr. de la Barre). Par., Son- 
nius, 1580. fol. 

19561 — in LXXV. Davidis psalmos 
commentarius nunc prim, in lucem 
editus. Lugd., Rouillius, 1570. fol. 

Not to be found in the preceding collec- 

19562 — opera que supersunt. Ad 

oodd. mss. denuo emendavit Dm. 

Vallarsius. T. I. Verona, 1745. 


His Apologia ad Anattaeium papain in 
GaUandi Bibl., Pi'.yill. 349 sq. 

19563 RUFO Gutierrez. J. La Au- 
striaca, poema heroico. Alcala de 
Henares^ Gradan, 1586. 8°. 

Previously, Madr, 1584. 8°. 

19564 — las seyscientes apoftegmas 
y otras ohras en verso. Toledo, 
1596. 8^ 



19565 RUFUS Ephesius. De vesicae 
renumque morbis. De purgantibus. 
De partibus corporis humani. So- 
lan i de utero et muliebri pudendo 
liber (gr.). Par., Turnebus^ 1554* 

The first edition, which is usually found 
with the Paris edition of Aretseus (see 

19566 — de vesicae renumque morbis. 
De purgantibus medicamentis. De 
partibus corporis humani. Nunc 
itefum typis mandavit Gu. Clinch 

(gr. et lat.). Lond., Clarke, 1726. 


A repetition of the text of the preceding, 
together with its errors, with the Latin 
translation of Jun. P. Crassus and an un- 
known person from Stephani Artis med, 

19567 — opuscula et frngmenta, 
graece. Post editt. Parisinam 1 554 
et Londinensem 1726 novis acces- 
sionibus quadruple auctiora ex codd. 
Mosquensi et Augustano edidit et 
notationes subjecit Ch. F. Matthaei. 
Ace. diversae lectt. ad Galeni libel- 
lum Tiva dci KoBcuptiv, ex uno cod. 
Augustano, nee non Dioclis Carystii 
epistola ad Antigonum regem, ex 
tribus codd. August. Mosquae, typis 

universitatis, 1806. 8°. 
See also Medici vett. No. 13520. 

19568* RUFFUS, Jordanus. Hip. 
piatria, nunc prim, edente Hi. Mo- 
lin. Patav. 181 8. 8^ 

19568^ — tractatus de morbo et sani- 
tate equorum, italice (interpr. Gbr. 
Bruno). — at the end, Impresso in 
Venetia per Pietro Bergamasco, 

without date, 4°. 

This 1st edition of the Italian translation 
is said to have appeared about the year 
1487 according to Denis, Suppl. 654, and 
Paruferj III. 497, 2793. But the first ty- 
pographical production of this press is found 
to be since 1491. Molin in the preface to 
the preceding article doubts (too hastily) 
the existence of this edition. 

19568^ Ven., 7 cal. Jan. 1492. 


Only mentioned by Molin, without any 
farther confirmation. 

19568^ -— libro dell' arte de mara- 
scalchi per conoscere la natura de 


li caualli et medicarli nelle loro in- 
firmitk, et V arte di domarli. Noua- 
mente stampato. Ven.^ heredi di 
6i. Padoano, 1554. 8°. 

43 numbered leaves. In this edition, 
which was unknown to Molin, the woik is 
divided into 63 chapters, at the end is the 
prologue of Bnini the translator, dated from 
Venice, 17 Dec 149a. 

1955ge — Delle mascalcie del cavallo 
di Giordano Rusto (sic). Bol. 1561. 

In this edition, printed from a very faulty 
M8., the work is divided into 162 chapters, 
and the text is very different from that in 
the following edition. 

19568^ — libro dell' arte de mariscal- 
chi etc, Ven. 1563. 8°. 

The title is entirely the same aa in the 
edition of 1554, of which it seems to be a 
reprint. Mohn, who knew not of that edi- 
tion, thought that this was printed from 
a MS. 

19569 RUFUS, Sextus. De historia 
Romana libellus. {Neap*), Sixtus 
Ruesinger, without date (about 
1470), 4°. 

13 leaves with 33 lines in a full page, 
without signatures, catchwords and pagi- 
nation. Leaf I* line i is, (b) RBVEM : 
FIERI: Clamentia, Leaf I2* ends with 
the line, SIXTUS. RUESINGER. The 
first edition and extremely scarce. This 
author also appeared at the same time in 
the earliest editions of the Latin transla- 
tion of Plutarch's lives, see above. Nob. 

19570 — de historia Romana libellus. 
Without place or date. (Rama, 
Schurener de Bopardia, about 1 474), 


1 3 leaves with 30 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords and pagination. It he- 
gins with a letter of Ang. Tiphemas, and 
ends, SexH Ruffi Uiri consularis VaUHano 
Augusta de hUtaria Ra. LibeUut FhUt. 

19571 — de historia Romana libel- 
lus. Without place or date (Romte^ 
Sachsel et GoUch, about 1474), 4°. 

15 leaves. The letter of Angelus Ti- 
phemas, on the reverse of the ist leaf, 
forms the commencement. The conclusion 
of it and a table of contents fill leaf 2a. 
The text begins in leaf 2b, and ends in leaf 
I5« with the line, Augutto de HtMiona Ro. 
Libellus FiniL The types are those of the 
Ammianus of 1474. The above three edi- 
tions are usually found with the Anrt" 
Hus Victor from the same press. 


19572 — rerum gestamm populi Ro- of Aurei, Ficior, Fhrus and EtsiropUu. 
mani Valentino Auinisto fiber. Item ^^« *^^ ^ reffiombtu also in Gravii 
de«dific.tio„eVenetiarum With- I^^* XK^J.."lV.1,'?5 ^llt 
out place or date (Fen., Florenittts g. CA. ^«erV ^«cAr«*. der Stadt Rom. 
de Argentina, about 1472)^ 4^ Hmb. 1781. 4^ 

10 leares with la lines in a fuU page, 19579 RUFUS, Sextus. Libro della 

wMuHit spatura^ catchwords «^d p^j- ^istoria de' Romani, trad, per Gi. 

natioii. Leaf la hne i is, RUFFI. ^,. t» 1 ^ -c' t> r^* ^» 

SEXTI riRI. CONSVLA. The piece Vine. ISelprato. l«ir., Bn. Giunti, 

De €B<RfioaHone Veneiiarum^ bcigins in leaf 155°' ^'** 

i3». The kst line erf leaf 20^ is, FINIS. 19580 — la dignity de* consoli e degl' 

19573 — de historia Romana libellos. imperadori, e i fatti de' Romani, e 
Roms, Euchar. Silber, 23 Aug. dell' accrescimento dell' imperio, 
1491. small 4°. ridotti in compendio da Sesto Ruffo 

10 leaves with the signatures a and 6, e similmente da Cassiodoro, e da 

and with 32 lines. Leaf i* begins with L. Dolce tradotti ed ampliati. Ven., 

the abovementioned letter of Ang. Tipher. rsi/^lii-/^ ii-^t ^o 

nas to Bt. de Uiwnis. Leaf ib b^ns the ^^^^^^^ ' S^l • 4 • 

tert Theo^hon in 5 lines is in leaf loa. RUGERETTO, see RenaldiNI. 

(Wolfenbuttd). 19581 RUGGIERI, Fd. Studio d' 

19574 — rationarium breuissimum architettura civile, coUe misure, 
Romane historie a Sexto Ruffo viro piante etc. tratte da alcune fab- 
consulari editum. Without place briche insigne di Firenze. Fir. 
or date, 4°. Gothic letter. 1722-28. fol. 3 vols, virith plates. 

Printed at the end of the fifteenth cen- "^^ ^n* 2 vols, have 80 phttes each, and 

tiiry at Leipsic (but not by Thanner). the 3rd 77. 

On^Sr" "^'^ ^\^T^^.'^ ^1 ^' 19582 — scelta di architetture an- 

Un toe reverse of the above title is Ang. ^. . , , ,, ._s ,. — ,. 

Tiphemas^s letter. tiche e moderne della citta di Fi- 

ioc<»e a ^ -o a. **. J renze. Ed. II. pubblicata ed am- 

19575 — Sexti Rum epitoma de ^i- ^.^ j r«' n 1, j !?• 
„_^: . ^ J • • o pliata da Gius. Bouchard. Fir. 
gestis et assequuto dominio Roma- '^^^ ^g: ^ « 1 1 •^i 
nonim. Polybii historiamm libri V. 7/^^56- l»rge fol. a vols, with 

N Perotto interprete. Bm., H. ^PssIrUHNKEN. D. Opuscula 
retrus, 1530. foL . . i.'i 1 • •^• 

8 leaves $il 198 pages.-Conceming a «^*^™' pbilologica. critica, nunc 

new recension see above, Huttichius, primum conjunctim edita. L«B., 

No. 10415. Luchtmans, 1807. S*^. (2 fl. 2 st.) 

19576 — breviarium historiae Ro- ^^^^^ — opuscula Ruhnkeniana in 
man«. Ace. anonymi libellus ve- ^"^em iterum vindicata, acced. epi- 
tustus locorum urbis et provincia- s*^^® ^^- ^ P* d'OrviDium nunc 
rum, edente Cp. Cellario. Hal. F^m. prolatae. Prsefat. et ind. ad- 
1698.8°. °'^^* "T^- K^^^- ^^^^' ^807. 8^ 

19577 — breviarium (ed. C. H. (^^s.) 

Tzschucke). Lps., Crusius, 1793. 1^586 — opuscula varii argumenti, 

120. (4 2r.) oratoria, historica, critica. Ed. al- 

19578 — breviarium rerum gestar. t«™, cum aliis partibus turn epi- 
populi Romani. Lectionum varie- ^^^^^ auctior (cura J. Th. Bergman), 
tate adjecta recognovit Gu. Mun- I^R* Luchtmans, 1823. 8°. 2 vols, 
nich. Hannov. 1815. 8°. (5 gr.). (9j: 15^8*0 . ^ , ^ 
De regionibus urbis Rom* libellum J^» ^'^' "*** "^"^^^ 
nunc prim, separatum edidit et ^^ ^ « , 1 x ^ 
commentario iirtruxit Gu. Mun- I'**? " ?; R«tnkeiiu, L. C«p. 
nich ib i8ic 8° (tftr^ ValckeniEni et abor. ad J. A. tirn- 

BoA tog^er sL in cJpKiH, lot, T. 1 1;. ©sti epistol«. Acced. D. Ruhnkenii 

—The Breviarium also in several editions observatt. in Gallimachnm, V alck- 



eneerii annotatt. in Thomam Ma- 
gistrum et J. A. Emesti acroasis 
inedita. Ex autographis edid. J. A. 
H. Tittmann. Lps., Weidmann, 
1812. 8^ (i d. 8gr.) 

19587 — vitae duumvirorum Tib. 
Hemsterhusii et D. Ruhnkenii, al. 
tera ab eodem Ruhnkenio, altera a 
Dn.Wyttenbachio scripta. Accesait 
elogium J. Meermanni auctore Con^ 
stant. Cras. Curav. F. Lindemann. 
Lps., Heinrichs, 1822. 8^ 

Previously by itself, LB, 1789. 8^ 

19588 RUINART, Theodoric. Acta 
primorum martyrum sincera et se- 
lects, notis et observationibus illu- 
strata. Amst., Wetstein, 1 7 1 3 . fol. 

At first, Par,y Muguet, 1680. 4". Ve- 
nnup, 1 73 1, fc^. is an enlarged reprint of 
the and edition. A V., Rieger, 1802, 3. 8*". 

3 vols, is a reprint of the Veronese edition 
by Bn. Oalura. 

19589 — atti de' primi martiri della 
chiesa cattolica, trad, in italiano da 
Fr. Mt. Luchini. Roma, 1 774. 4**. 

4 vols. Also on large paper. — Les 
y^ritables actes des martyrs, trad, 
par Drouet de Maupertuy. Par. 
1 708. 8°. 2 vols, and often. — Lei- 
densgeschichte der Martyrer aus 
dem ersten christl. Jahrhundert, 
nach dem Latein. des Ruinart frei 
bearbeitet von F. W. Fraaz. Kla- 
genfurt, Lowe, 1785. 8^. 2 vols. 


The French translation is made from the 
first edition of the original. 

19590 RUINES (les) de Balbec, au- 
trement dite Heliopolis, dans la 
Coelosyrie (par Rb. Wood et Daw- 
kins). Lond. 1757. large fol. 

Greatly sought after and splendidly got 
up. It contains 47 plates, the last of which 
is not numbered. There are also copies 
with an English text. Such a copy on very 
large paper 180 fr. Caillard. 

19591 — de Palmyre, autrement 

dite Tedmor au desert (par Rb. 

Wood, Borra et Dawkins). Lond. 

1753. large fol. 

As costly as the preceding work. It con- 
tains 57 plates, of which the very large 
first one (vue girUrale des rtdnes de PaU 
myre) is sometimes wanting, or is damaged, 
which considerably lessens the price. There 


are also copies of this work with an Eng- 
lish text. Sometimes both wocks ocour 
bound up together. 

19592 Par., Didot, 1 8 1 9. 4**. 

with 57 plates. 
19593 RUINES de Rome. {Land.^ 

J. MSrigot, Edwards etc.), i797- 

large 4". 

Containing 3a plates with En^sh and 
French text. 

RUINES d'Athfenes, see Stuart. — 
de Piestum, see Gardette and 
Major. — de Pomp^i, see Mazois. 
— See also Ruins. 

19594 RUINI, C. Dell' anatomia 
et dell' infirmitk del cavallo. Bol.. 
heredi di Gi. Rossi, 1 598. fol. 2 parts 
in I vol. with woodcuts. 

The first and finest edition of an esteemed 
work which has been often printed ( Ven, 
1599* i6oa, 1618. icL). In German by 
Pt. Uffenbach, Ff, 1603. fd. 

19595 — la yraye connoissance du 

cheval, ses maladies et remMes par 

1. 1. D. E. M. (J. Jourdain, doct. en 

m^decine), avec I'anatomie de Ruy- 

ni, contenant 64 tables en taiUe- 

douce. Par. 1647. fol. 

Sought after on account of the plates. 
It also contains the translation of some 
old Greek veterinary authors (see above 
Medici gred). The following are only 
new titles ; Le parfaii cavalier. Par. 1 655, 
and Le grand mareschal. Par. 1667. Ibl. 

19596 RUINS of Athens, with re- 
mains and other valuable antiquities 
in Greece. Lond., Sayer, 1759- 

large fol. with plates. 

Far less important than a similar work 
by Stuart. Soe also Ruikes. 

19597 RUIZ, Ant. Tesoro de la 
lengua Guarani, que se usa en el 
Peril, Paraguay y rio de la Plata. 
Madr., J. Sanchez, 1639. 4^ 

19698 — catecismo de la lengua Gua- 
rani. Madr. 1640. 8°. 

19599 RUIZ Villegas, Fd. Qu» ex- 
stant opera, Emman. Martini stu- 
dio emendata et a Bn. And. Lama 
iterum recognita. Ven., Albrizzi, 
1734. 4^. Also on large paper. 

19600 RUIZ, Hippolyti, et Jos. Px\- 
VON florae Peruyianie et Chilensis 
prodromus. Flora Peruviana et 


ChilewaJB ; sive novorum genemni 
plantamm Peruvianamm et Chi- 
lensium descriptiones et icones (lat. 
et hisp.). Matriti, Sancha, 1795- 
1803. fol. 4 vols, with plates. 

A finely execated work, of which there 
are also copies with illuminated plates. 
The 1st voL (ProdromuM novcrum generum) 
contains 37 plates, and the 3 Tds. of the 
Flora 335 numbered pktes. 

19601 -^ floras PeruY. et Chilensis 
prodiomus. £d. II. Romse^ i797* 
large 4^ with 37 plates (3 scudi). 

This and edition of the Prodrwnut is 

19602 — systema vegetaL florae Pe- 
mv. et Chil. Madr. 1798. 4". 

19603 RUIZ, Hippol. Guinologja. 
Madr. 1792. 4^. Suplemento. ib. 
1801. 4°. 

19604 — della china e delle altre sue 
specie nuovamente scoperte. Roma, 
1792. 8^ 

19605 RULHli:RE, CLCarloman de. 
CEuYres. Par., M^nard^ 1819. 8°. 
6 vols, with portraits (36 fr.^ on 
yellum paper 72 fr.). 

19606 RUMPH, G. Everh. Her- 
barium Amboinense, plurimas com- 
plectens arbores, frutices, herbas, 
plantas terrestres et aquaticas, quae 
in Amboina et adjacentibus repe- 
riuntar insnlis. Quod et insuper 
exhibet varia insector. animalium- 
que genera. Omnia duodecim con. 
scripta libris. Nunc prim, in lucem 
edita, et in lat. sermonem versa cura 
et stud. J. Burmanni, qui varia ad- 
jecit sjmonyma suasque observa- 
tiones. Amst., Vytwerf, 1741-55. 
fol. 7 vols, with plates. Also on 

Ime paper. 

Well got np, but copies are neither scaroe, 
nor gTBEitly sought after. There are also 
copies of the ist vol. with a new title of 
1750. Number of plates: the ist voV, i 
tide-plate, portraits of Rumph and Bur- 
mann, and 83 plates. The and, 87 plates. 
The 3rd, 141. The 4th, 83. The 5th, 184. 
The 6th, 90. The 7th (or auciarium, also 
often bound up wiUi the 6th vol.), 30.— 
Indat 'alter in omnei Unnot herbarii Ariu 
bomefuUf quern de novo receneuii^ auxit et 
emendavii J. Burmarmue. LB. et Amet., 
Com. Haakj i7^< ^^^ 

19607 — D'Amboinsche Rariteit- 



kamer, behelzende eene Beschry- 
vinge van allerhande Schaalvisschen, 
te weeten rare Krabben, Kreeften 
en diergelyke Zeedieren, als mede 
allerhande Hoomtjes en Schulpen, 
die men in d'Amboinsche Zee vindt : 
Daar beneven zommige Mineraalen, 
Gesteenten en soorten van Aarde, 
die in d'Amboinsche en zommige 
omleggende Eilanden gevonden 
worden. Amst., Fr. Halma, 1705. 
fol. Also on large paper. 

The first edition, containing the best im- 
pressions of the plates. It contains 60 
plates, besides the title-plate and Rumph*s 
portrait. The edition, Afnet. , JongOf 1741. 
fol. with 60 plates, is inferior. 

19608 — thesaurus imaginum piscium, 

testaceorum, cochlearum, conchy. 

liorum, quorum maximam partem 

collegit 6. Everh. Rumphius. LB., 

van der Aa, 1 7 1 1 . fol. with 60 


A Latin translation of the preceding 
work, with inferior impressions of the 
plates. The edition, Hag^ Com, 1739. fol. 
with 60 plates, ranks stUl lower. 

19609 — Amboinische Raritaten. 
Oammer oder Abhandlung von den 
steinschaalichten Thieren, welche 
man Schnecken u. Muscheln nen- 
net, aus dem Holland, ubs. von Ph. 
L. Statins Miiller, u. mit Zusatzen 
vermehrt von J. Hi. Chemnitz. 
Wien, Krauss^ 1766. fol. with 33 

19610 — Verhandeling der Zee-Ho. 
renkens en Zee-Gewassen in en 
omtrent Amboina en de nabygele- 
gene Eilanden, door Fr.VALENTYN. 
Amst.^ J. van Keulen, 1754. fol. 
with I portrait and 18 plates. 

An appendix to Rnmph*s work. In 
German by Ph. L. Stat. Miiller, Wieriy 
Krauet, 1775. fol. with 18 plates. 

19611 RUPERTUS Tuitiensis. O- 
pera auctiora quam antea. Mog., 
Birckmann, 1631. fol. 2 voll. 

CoL Affr.y Birckmann^ i6o3. kIL 2 vols., 
is less complete. Par,, Chatt e Oaint 1638. 
foL a vols, is merdy a reprint of the edition 
of 1631. 

19612 — opera, cura Ganoni. Ven., 
1748-51. fol. 4 voll. 

llie most complete edition, corrected and 
enlarged from MSS. 



19613 RUPHY, J. F. Dictionnaire 
abr^g^ franfois-arabe. Par., impr. 
de la republ., an X. (iSoi). 4''. 

(»s fr) 

RURAL ceconomy, see Young. 

19614 RUSCA, L. Recueil de des- 

sins de differens Mtimens construits 

a St. P^tersbourg et dans Tinterieur 

d« Tempire de Russie. Par. et St. 

Petersb. 1810. large fol. 2 vols. 

A collection of 181 etched plates with a 
French and Italian text (200 fr., on Dutch 
paper 300 fr., on vellum paper 400 fr.). 

RUSCELLI, GiroL, see Rime. 

19615 RUSCONI, Gi. Ant. Delia 
architettura. Centosessante figure 
dessignate del medesimo^ secnndo i 
precetti di Vitruvio, libri X. Ven., 
Giolito, 1590. fol. with woodcuts. 

This edition of a work, which may serve 
as a commentary on Vitruvius, is prized on 
account of its fine woodcuts. Ven, 1660. 
fol. is of no value. 

19616 RUSE, Lr. Liber marescalcie. 

Without place or date. 4°. Gothic 

letter, 50 leaves. 

This first edition appears to have been 
printed at Rome by Eucharius Silber, about 

19617 -* Hippiatria s. marescalia. 
Par., Ch. Wechel, 1531. fol. 

The edition, 16., m/., 1531. fol., likewise 
of 8 and 143 pages, b roilly a different 

19618 — opera de Tarte del malscal- 
cio. Ven., Tramezzino, 1548. 8°. 

Also, Ven. 1543 and 59. 8°. 

19619 — la marechalerie, translatee 

de latin en francoys. Par., Ch. 

Wechel, 1533. fol. Gothic letter, 

with woodcuts. 

4 and 64 leaves. It is a modem re- 
vision of a more ancient French trans- 
lation, extant only in MS. Corrected, 
Far.y Ch. Weehel, 1541. fol. Gothic letter, 
with woodcuts ; (it is really a new impres- 
sion, although the year 1533 also stands at 
the end). Also^ Par.^ Perier, 1560. 4^. 
JPor., Barhiery 1563. 4°. Par. 1610. 4*. 
with woodcuts. 

RUSIUS, see Rus^. 

19620 RUSSELL, J. Propositio cla- 
rissimi oratoris magistri Johannis 
Russell decretorum doctoris ac ad- 
tunc ambasaiatoris xpaniaaimi r^is 


Edward! Dei gracia r^s Anglie et 

Francie ad illustrissimii prindpe 

Karolum ducem Burgundie super 

suspectione ordinis garterii etc. 

Without place or date. 4^ 

This oration made by J. Rusael, Garter 
king at arms^ who was sent to Ghent in 
February 1469 to confer this order on 
Charles duke of Burgundy, is printed with 
Caxton^s types, and prolmbly soon after 
the occurrence, so that it appears to have 
been Caxton*s first typographical produc- 
tion in England. It consists only of five 
pages and a half, each full page has 12 
lines, and only one copy is known in Eng- 
land, which lord Spencer bought at the 
duke of MarIborough*s sale in 1819 for 
126I. Coxmxlx Dibdin^ 9 Typographical afi' 
tiquitiesy I. 11-15 (where there u also a 
facsimile of the first page), and JEdet Al- 
thorp. II. 320 sq. 

19621 RUSSEL, Rch. SS. patrum 
apostolicorum, Barnab®, Herme, 
Clementis, Ignatii, Policarpi opera 
genuina, gr. et lat. Lond., Gu. 
Russel, 1 746. 8°. 4 parts in a vols. 
Also on large paper. 

19622 RUSSELL, Alex. Natural 
history of Aleppo and parts adja- 
cent, containing a description of the 
city and the principal natural pro- 
ductions in its neighbourhood. £d. 
II. revised, enlarged and illustrated 
with notes by Patrick RuaaeU. 
Lond. 1794. 4°. 2 vols, with 16 
plates (3I. 1 2s.). 

The first edition. Land. 1756. 4". is 
quite supplanted by this edition. The 
German translation by J. F. Gmehn, 1797. 
8°. 3 vols. (4 d. 8 gr.) is from the and 

19623 RUSSELL, Patrick. Account 
of Indian serpents collected at the 
coast of Coromandel, with experi- 
ments and remarks on their several 
poisons. Lond., Bulmer, 1796. foL 
with 46 illuminated plates. Conti- 
nuation, ib. 1801. foL with 44 
plates (10 guineas.). 

According to Brunei there is a new edi- 
tion in 2 v(ds. foL 

19624 — description and figures of 
200 fishes collected at Vazigapa- 
tarn, on the coast of Coromandel. 
Lond. 1803. fol. 2 vols, with 208 
illuminated plates (8 guineas). 


19625 RUSSELL, W. History of 
antient Earo])e from the earliest 
times to the subversion of the west- 
ern empire^ enlarged by Charl. 
Coote. Lond. 1815. 8°. 3 vols. 
(2I. 2s.) History of modem Eu- 
rope to the treaty of Amiens in 
1802^ continued to the pacification 
of Paris in 1815 by Charl. Coote. 
Lond. 18 1 7. 8°. 7 vols. (3I. 138. 6d.) 

RUSSIAN Gallery, see Boydell. 
RUSSWORM, see Glbichen. 

19626 RUSTANT, Jos. Vicente. 
Historia de las expediciones y con- 
quistas de los Arabes en Asia. 
Africa y Europa, hasta su expul- 
sion de Espana. Madr. 1780. 4°. 

RUSTICS rei scriptores, see Scrip- 

RUSTICIEN de Pise, see Melia- 


RUSTICO Romano, see Perleone. 
RUSTO, see Jordan. Rupfus. 

19627 RUTGERSIUS, Jan. Variar. 
lectionum libri VL LB., ex off. 
Elzevir, 161 8. 4"^. Also on large 

Peculiarly interestiDg on aoxmnt of ae- 
▼eral Greek aneoelola, 

19628 — gloBsarium graecum nunc 
penitus restitutum atque annotatio- 
nibus illustratum a F. Struuzio. 
Witt. 1 7 19. 8°. 

19629 RUTH. Liber Ruth, athio- 
pice, ed. J. G. Nissel. LB. 1660. 
4^ 12 pages. 

19630 RUTILIUS Lupus. P. P. Ru- 
tilius et Aquila Romanus, anti- 
quissimi auctores. Ven., Zoppinus, 

1519- 8^ 

The first edition, from a MS^ — From a 
good MS. at Spire in the Rheiorr. lat. ed. 
Beat. Rhenanue, Baa, 152 1. 4". Par., 
Atcem,, 1528. 4^*- is a reprint from this 
last. Again from a MS. with Oeorgfius 
Trapeas. Ven., Aid.^ 1523. foL The text 
in the edition of the Rhetoricians, Par., Rb. 
Stepkanuty 1530 (other copies 1541). 4°. 
is very incorrect, and arbitrarily altered. 
This text has been repeated by subsequent 



finiani de iis, quae ab Aquila prse- 
termissa erant, libellus: et prae. 
terea ejusdem libri II. Bedae de 
schematibus et tropis sacrarum lite- 
rarum liber I. Pt. Mosellani ta- 
bulae de schematibus et tropis. Yen., 
J. Ant. et fratres de Sabio^ i533* 

60 numbered, and 2 unnumbered leaves. 
This edition was not known to Ruhn- 

19632 — de figuris sententiarum ac 
verbor. P. Rutilii Rufi rhetoris an- 
tiquissimi libri II. Aquilae Ro- 
mani liber I. Julii Rufiniani de 
iis, quae ab Aquila praetermissa 
erant^ libellus. Et praeterea ejus- 
dem libri II. Omnia sic sunt re- 
stituta, et ut {sic) legi et intelligi 
magno studiosorum commodo pos- 
sint. Arg., Wfg. Cephalaeus, 1539. 

127 pages and 4 leaves of index. Ruhn- 
kenius in the preface to his edition of Ru- 
tiUits Lupus f p. xxiii. incorrectly doubts 
the existence of this edition. The prefitoe 
with the superscription, Typographtu lec- 
tori S., is no other than that which is pre- 
fixed to Rb. Stephens*s edition, save only 
that instead of the words in Germania, in 
the Strasbuj^g edition is Spira, instead of 
mea eentenHa, it is here given eruditorum 
multorvm eenieniia, and somewhat further 
below, in the words restituendum vobie cu- 
rammus, the word volns is omitted. The 
text almost every where agrees with that 
of Stephens, and is only beholden to that 
of Rhenanus in a few passages, without 
doubt because the Strashurg printer did not 
prepare his edition from a copy of Stephens's 
edition, but of Rhenanus's, in which all 
the passages had not been aJtered by a col- 
lation with the other. [For this valuable 
notice 1 am indebted to the kind commu- 
nication of M. Bardili of Urach.] 

19633 — P. Rutilii Lupi de figuris 
sententiarum et elocutionis libri II. 
Recens. et adnotatt. adjec. D. 
Ruhnkenius. Acced. Aquilae Ro- 
manae et Julii Rufiniani de eodem 
argumento libri. LB., Luchtmans, 
1 768. 8°. 

See also Rhetores latini. 

19631 — de figuris sententiarum ac 19634 RUTILIUS Numatianus, 
yerbor. P. Rutilii Lupi libri II. CI. Claudius Rutilius poeta priscus 
AquilK Romani liber I. Julii Ru- de laudibus urbis^ Etruriae et Ita- 




liae. Bonon.j Hi. de Benedictis, 

1520. 4°. 

J. Bt. Pitu was the editor — Concerning 
the Neapolitan edition of Pt. Summontius, 
mention of which is made in Gesneri BibL 
ed. Frit, p. 684, but which has not yet 
been discovered, consult Hamberger Zu- 
verlats. Nachrr. III. 55 sq. It must be 
the editio princept. Afterwards printed 
in Varii attciores de Roma pritca et nova. 
BomcB, 1523. 4°. There is a text corrected 
by Gbr. Faemus, and augmented with some 
verses in Onuphr. Panvinii reipubL Rom. 
commenUtr. Ven. 1558. foL, or Ff. 1597. 

19635 — Itinerarium, ab Jos. Casta- 

lione emendatum et adnotationibus 

illustratum. Romse, Vine. Accoltus, 

158a. 8^ 

This scarce edition contains a new re- 

19636 — itinerarinm cum animadw. 
Tbdr. Sitzmairi. Lngd., N. JuUie- 
ron, t6i6. 8°. 118 pages. 

19637 — itinerarium s. de reditu siio 
libri II. in Germania numquam 
editi. Csp. Bartbius recensuit, ani- 
madversionum commentarium ad- 
jecit. Ff., typis Wecbelianis, 1625. 

110 pages, and 6 leaves of index and 
errata. The text is merely that by Sitz- 

19638 — itinerarium cum animadw. 
Tbdr. Sitzmani. Editio altera. 
Lugd., J. Anard, 1623. 8**. 

19639 — itinerarium. Integris Sim- 
leri, Castalionis, Pitbcei^ Sitzman- 
ni, Bartbii, Grsvii aliorumque ani- 
madw. illustratum. Ex museo 
Tbdr. Janssonii ab Abneloveen. 
Amst., Wolters, 1687. 12°. witb a 


There was a copy on large paper set 
down in Longman*s catalogue of 1816. 

19640 — de reditu suo in patriam et 
laudibus urbis Romse, vulgo itine- 
rarium. Luneburgi, 1721. 8°. 

Also in Bttrmanm Poet, lot. minor, II. 
I sq. 

19641 — itinerarium. Integris J. G. 
Greevii, Tbdr. Janss. ab Almeloveen 
animadversionibus. And. Gozius 
recensuit. Altorfi, offic. librar. 
acad. 1741. 8^ with a map. 

Repeated, •& 1743. 8^ 


19642 — de reditu suo libri II. Ac 
curate recensuit Cb. Tob. Damm. 
Brandenburgi, Halle, 1760. 8°. 
Paraphrasis perpetua carroinum Riu 
tilii de reditu suo. Curav. Ch« 
Tob. Damm. ib., id., 1760- 8°. 
2 parts in 1 vol. witb a map. 

19643 — itinerarinm s. de reditu quae 
supersunt. Recensuit, varietatem 
lectionis et Gli. Cortii notarum in 
Rutilium fragmentum addidit J. 
Cb. Kapp. Erl., Palm, 1786. 8^ 

(4 gr) 

19644 — itinerarium cum selecta lec- 
tionis varietate atque int^ris notis 
J. F. Grsevii et Tbdr. Janss. ab AI. 
meloveen nee non Gli. Cortii no- 
tarum in Rutilium fragmento, cnra 
J. Sgm. Gruber, qui et suas addidit 
anuotationes. Ace. J. Cb. Kappii 
notitia literaria atque index locu- 
pletissimus. Nrb., Bauer, 1 804. 8**. 

Also in Werrudor/U Poet, lot, min, T. V. 

P. I. p. 78 sq.->A French translation of 

Rutilius in Melange de traductionM de Le 

Franc de Pompignan, Par, 1779. 8*. 

(also in his (Euvres, T. VI. Par, 1784. 

8^) Some explanations to Rutilius in 

Tozjtetti ReUutioni d'akuni viaggi VI. 

157 sq., and in Beckman^e Vorrath kleiner 

Anmerkk. I. 76 sq. J, F. HerelH j4fA» 

madw, orit, in RiUil, in, KlotxU Act, Rtt, 

II. iiosq. 357 sq. 

RUTZVANSCAD, see Panchiano 
and PisoN. 

19645 RUYSCH, F. Opera anato- 
mico-medico-cbirurgica. Amst. 1 73 7. 
4°. witb plates. 

Ruysch*s separate writings (to the nam- 
ber of 47), with separate title-pages of dif. 
ferent years are collected together under 
this general title. The prefixed elenchus 
gives a list of them, yet the 47th piece, 
Appendix necettaria ifttSeie operum Rgs^ 
ehii, 1725 or 4.^, of 17 pagea, which is 
often wanting, is not stated in this eien- 
ehiu. The collection is usually bound in 
2 or 3 or even 4 vols. Almost all of them 
have been often printed, and some with 
variations. For instance, the 10 pieces of 
the TheMuruM anatomieue in the ist edition 
( 1 701-15) are in Ladn and Dutch, whereas 
in the new impresiions of 1714-59 they 
are only in Latin. There is only one ge- 
neral title, which is of the year 1737, 
although several of the writings weane 


first printed in 1744. The title- plate has 
the year 1720. 

RUYSCH, H. Theatrum anima- 
h'um, see Jonston. 

19646 KUZZANTE (Agnolo Be- 
OLCO^ detto il). Tre orationi in 
lingua rusttca. Dialogo facetissimo 
et ridicaloaissimo. Due dialoghi 
in lingua rustica. Anconitana co- 
media. Fiorina comedia. Mo- 
schetta comedia. Piovana comedia. 
Rhodiana comedia. Vaccaria co- 
media. Ven.^ Bonadio, 1565. 8°. 

AD these pieces have their distinct titles, 
but no general title. This edition is less 
complete than the following. 

19647 — tutte le opere. (Fen.) 1584. 

The most complete and correct edition, 
aee MartatuTg Peirarea II. 452. 

19648 — tutte le opere. Vicenza, 
heredi di Perin, 1598. 8^. 

As complete as the preceding, hut not so 
correct. All three pieces had previously 
appeared separately between 1548 and 
1556. They are remarkable for the cir> 
comstanoe, that every character intro- 
duced into them speaks a different Ita- 
lian provincial dialect. Consult Femow 
Horn. Shtdien III. 489 sq. 

RYBISCH, see Boxhorn. 
RYCHARDE, see Richard. 

19649 RYER, And. du. Rudimenta 
grammatices linguae turcicte. Ed. 
II. Lut. Par. 1633. 4''. 

See also Koram. 

RYMBE6LA, see Bjornsen. 

19650 RYMER, Th. Foedera, con- 
ventiones, literie et cujuscunque 
generis acta publica inter reges An- 
gliie et alios quosvis imperatores^ 
reges, pontifices, principes et com- 
munitates ab ineunte sec. XII. vi. 
delicet ab a. 1 1 o i ad nostra usque 
tempora habita aut tractata, ex au- 
tc^raphis fideliter expressa. Lond., 
Churchil, 1704-17. fol. 17 voll. 

The very scarce original edition of this 
important collection, of which only 225 
copies in all are said to have been printed. 
(UffenbaeK'M Retaeriy II. 403.) This ist 
edition properlv contains only x 7 vols., but 
the iSUi, xpu, and 20th are usually 
added to it (rom the following edition in 
Older to complete it. 



19651 Lond. 1727-35. fol. ao 

vols. Also on large paper. 

This edition is said to be more correct 
than the preceding. 

19652 Hagie Com., Neaulme, 

1745. fol. 20 parts in 10 vols. Also 
on large paper. 

Less fine than the preceding, and at a 
lower price, but containing an index 
and other augmentations ; a French trans- 
lation is also given of those original docu- 
ments which are written in English. 

RYMKRONIK, see Stoke. 

19653 RYMSDYK, J. and And. van. 
Museum britannicum, being an ex- 
hibition of antiquities and natural 
curiosities, belonging to the British 
museum. Lond. 1778. fol. with 30 

Also, Lond. 1791. fol. with 32 plates. 

19654 RZACZYNSKI, Gbr. Hi- 

storia naturalis curiosa regni Po« 

lonifls, magni ducatus Lithuaniie 

annexarumque provinciarum. San- 

domi rifle, 1721. 4". Auctarium hi- 

storiae naturalis regni Poloniie. 

(Gedani, 1742). 4°. 

The two vols, belong to each other, but 
the 2nd is very scarce. 


19655 SA e Menezes, Fr. de. Ma- 
laca oonquistada pelo grande Af- 
fonso de Albuquerque, poema he- 
roico, com os argumentos de Ber. 
narda Ferreira. £d. III. mais cor- 
recta. Lisb. 1779. 4°. (960 rees.) 

The first two editions, Lw6., Rodriguet, 
1634. 16**., and Lisb,, Craesbeeck, 1658. 
4*., both of which are cited by the aca- 
demy of Lisbon, are very dififerent from 
each other: moreover they have not the 
arffumenias of the new edition. 

19656 SA de Miranda, Fr. de. O- 
bras. Ed. II. Lisb., Alvares, 1614. 

4 • 
Cited by the academy of Lisbon. More 

complete than the ist edition, LUb. 1595. 
4°. Bnt his two comedies, ViOuipandot 
and Ettrangeiroiy which are wanting in 
the other earlier editions, are in the ist 
edition, and are printed in the edition, 
lAsb., Alvares, 1623. 4^ 



19657 — obras. Nova edi9ao cor- 
recta, emendada e augmentada com 
a Baa vida e comedias. Lisb., Rol- 
land, 1 7 84. 1 2®. 2 veil. (960 rees.) 

19658 — satyras. Porto, 1626. 8^ 

19659 SAADEDDIN (Saidino). 
Chronica dell' origine e progress! 
della casa Ottomanna, trad, da Vine. 
Bratutti dall' idioma turco nell' 
italiano. Vienna, Riccio, 1649. 4°* 

See also Leuxclavius, No. 11902. 

SAADI, see Sadi. 

19660 SAADIAS. Versio Jesaiae 
arabica cum aliis speci minibus ara- 
bico-biblicis e MS. Bodlejano nunc 
prim, edidit atque glossario per- 
petuo instruxit H. £bh. Glo. Pau- 
lus. Jenee, Cuno, 1790-91. 8°. 2 
parts in i vol. ( i d. 8 gr.) 

SAAVEDRA, see Faxardo and 

19661 SAAVEDRA, Pt. Vanegas 

de. De los remedios de amor en 

dos libros, juntamente con varias 

rimas de Fr. de Medrano. Palermo^ 

Orlandi, 1617. 8°. 

This is not a translation, but an imitation 
of Ovid. The poems of Medrano are par- 
ticularly fine. 

19662 SABADINO degli Arienti. 
6i. Ad Herculem Estensem Fer- 
rarise ducem facetiarum poretana. 
rum opus. (Settanta novelle, dette 
le Porrettane, con moralissimi do- 
cumenti). Bol., Henr. di Colonia, 
Pultimo di Aprile 1483. fol. 

The first edition, and very scarce. 

19663 — settanta novelle. Ven., Bt. 
de Tortis, 1484. fol. 

This edition is also very scarce. 

19664 — settanta novelle. Ven,, Bm. 
de Zanni, 20 Marzo, 1504. fol. 

19665 — le settanta novelle, dette le 
Porrettane, corrette per Sb. Ma- 
nilio. Ven., 16 Marzo 1510. fol. 
with woodcuts. 

19666 — • le Porrettane. Ven., Gr. 
de Gregorii, 1525. 8-. 

A scarce edition. At Wolfenbtittel. 

19667 — le Porrettane, dove si narra 
novelle settanta una, con moralis- 
simi documenti etc. Con ogni dili- 


gentia viste, corrette e nuovamente 
stampate. Ven., Marchio Sessa, 

1531- 8**- 

This and the following edition are good 
and esteemed. At WolfenbUttel. 

19668 — le Porrettane. Ven., Ant. 
Putteletto, 1540. 8**. 

Although 70 or 71 noveb are stated in 
the titles of these editions, yet the woric in 
reality contains but 61. 


19669 SABATIER, Rph. Benev. 
Traite complet d'anatomie. Par. 
1775. 8^ 2 voll. — Tratado com- 
pleto de anatomia ou descrip9ao de 
todas as partes do corpo humano, 
trasladado em vulgar. Lisb. 1802. 
8°. 6 voll. (2880 rees.) 

19670 — la medecine op^ratoire, ou 

des operations de cbirurgie qui se 

pratiquent le plus frequemment. 

Far. 1 8 10. 8°. 3 vols, with plates. 

In German by W. H. L. Borges. Beri, 
1797-99. 8". 3 vols. (5 d.) 

SABATIER, see Biblia latina. 

No. 2330. 

19671 SABBATHIER, Fr. Die 
tionnaire pour Tintellieence des au- 
teurs classiques. Chalons, 1776- 
1814. 8^ 37 voll. 

The last articles are treated so briefly, 
that although the first 36 vols, only readi 
to R, yet Uie last vol. comprises all the 
rest. The work is consequently at a very 
low price. There ought to hare been 10 
Nos. of plates belonging to it, only 8 how- 
ever, each of 15 plates, have appeared. 

SABBATI, see Bonnelli. 

19672 SABBATINI, L. II vetaato 
calendario Napoletano, con varie 
note. Nap. 1744-47. 4^ 9 vols, 
with plates. 

19673 SABELLICUS, M. Ant. Coc- 
cius. Rerum Venetarum decades 
IV. Ven., And. de Torresanis de 
Asula, d. 21. Madii 1487. large 

338 leaves with 48 lines and signatures. 
The first edition, 3 copies of which on vel- 
lum are known, i. In the Royal library 
at Paris, a. In the Royal library at Lon- 
don (formerly Smithes). 3. In the posses- 
sion of Sykes in England (fonaerly 42!. 
Pinelli, 510 fr. McCarthy). 

19674 — de Venetis magistratiliaa 


liber nnicas. Ven., Ant. de Strata^ 
19 Jan. 1488. 4°. 

26 leaves with 31 lines, and signatures. 
A copy on veUum in the Royal library at 
Paris, previously set down In Motini*8 ca- 
talogue at Florence at 400 paoli. 

19675 — enneades ab orbe condito 
ad annum 1503. Ven. 1498-1503. 
large fol. 2 vols. 

19676 — cbronica geral de Sabellico 
des bo comedo do mnndo atee nosso 
tempo, tresladada do Latim em 
Lingoagem Portuguez per Leonor 
de Noronha. Coimbra, Barreira e 
Alvares, 1550-52. fol. 2 voll. 

Cited by tibe academy of Lisbon, in the 
catalogue of which the title is g^ven in the 
above manner. Elsewhere I find the title 
and year thus, Chronica .... Portugue» 
por Doha Lianor^fiUa do Marques de ViU 
lareal Don Fernando. Coimbra, 1 5 5 5 . fd. 

19677 — opera omnia ab infinitis 
mendis repnrgata et castigata, cum 
snpplemento rbapsodiie bistorianim 
ab orbe condito ad haec usqne tem- 
pore, in tomoe quatuor digesta, per 
Coelium Secundum Curionem. Bas., 
J. Henragiua, 1560. fol. 4 voll. 

This edition contains his entire works, 
with the exception of the AnnokUumet m 
9ett, auetores. Only some of his works are 
contained in the incorrectly printed collec- 
tion, Ven^ Albertinta de Liaonaj 1502. foL 

SABINUS, Ang., see Juvenalis, 
No. 1 1280. 

19678 SABINUS, G. Poemata 
aucta et emendata. (Lps,) in offic. 
Voegeliana, 1563. 8°. 

One of the best editions. 

SABLE, see Arena. 
SABOUREUR, see Scriptgres 
rei rust. 

19679 SABUNDE, Raym. de. Liber 
creaturarum sive de homine. With- 
out place or date (about 1484). 4'='. 
Gothic letter. 

In 2 columns, with 37 lines, and signa- 

19680 — theologia naturalis sive liber 

creaturarum. Daventr., Rch. Paf- 

froet, without date (about 1480). 

fol. Gothic letter. 

In 2 cc^iimns with 39 lines. The Wol- 
fenbQttel copy has a MS. notice of 1488. 
Of the older editions a more convenient 
one is, Par., J. Petit, 1509. 8". 

SAC 1621 

19681 — theologia naturalis. Ven., 
Ziletus, 1581. 8^ 

19682 — theologia naturalis sive liber 

creaturarum. Lugd., Pt. Compag- 

non, 1648. 8^ 

Amet. 1 66 1. 8**. is only an abridgment 
by J. Amos Gimenius. 

19683 — le livre des creatures ou le 
liure de lomme, pour lequel sont 
crees les autres cr^tures. Lyon, 
Bernand TEscuyer, 1519. fol. Go- 
thic letter. 

This translation differs from the two fol- 

19684 — la theologie naturelle, mise 
de latin en fran^ois (par J. Mar- 
tin). Par., Mch. Vascosan, 1551. 

Also, ib., id., 1566. 8^ •*., Gbr. Bum, 
1569. 8°. This is not a translation of the 
above work, but of Raym, Sebundi de na- 
tura hominis dialogi *. viola animof, Lugd,, 
G^yph,, 1544- 8®., which also previously 
appeared. Col, 1499. 4**., and is not by Sa- 
bunde, but by Pt. Dorland. 

19685 — La theologie naturelle trad, 
du latin par Mch. de Montaigne. 
Par., Gilles Gorbin, 1581. 8^ 

Also, Rouen, 1603. 8**. Toumay, 1605. 
8*. Par. 1640. 8**. 

19686 SACCENTI, Gi. Santi. Rac- 
colta delle rime piacevoli. Cerreto 
(Fir,), 1789. 12°. 2 voll. 

The best edition. Cerreto {lAvomo), 
1 781. 8°. 2 vols, is equally good, but not so 
fine. But the first edition, Roveredoy 1761. 
8**. 2 vols, is very incorrect. 

19687 SACCHETTI, Franco. No- 

velle. Fir. (Napoli), 1724. 8°. 2 


There are two reprints of this edition 
with the same date, one of which is very 
incorrect. See their differences in Borro- 
neo Catalogo <ie* novellieri Ual. p. 47, and 
in Gamba Serie, I. 384. As to the rest, 
all three editions contain great mutilations. 

19688 — novelle. Londra (Livomo), 
Bancker, 1795. S°. 3 voll. 

^ This very correct and unmutilated edi- 
tion was superintended by Oaetano Pog- 
giali. There are copies on blue paper, and 
one on vellum. 

19689 — novelle. Mil. 1804. 8°. 3 
voll. (CUusici ItaL) 

19690 — la battaglia delle vecchie 
con le giovani. Canti due. Prima 



edizione illustrata con note da Ba- 
silio Amati di Savignano. Bol.^ 
Masi, 1820. 8^ (5 paoli.) 

19691 — la battaglia delle vecchie 
con le giovani. £d. II. Imola, 
1819. 18°. 

19692 SACCHI, Defendente. Storia 
della filosofia greca. Pavia, 1818-- 
20. 1 2°. 6 voll. 

SACCHI, see Platina. 
SACCHINUS, see Orlandinus. 

19693 SACHS, Hans. Sehr herrlicbe 
schone vnd warhaffte gedicht. Th. I. 
Nrb., Heussler^ 155^, or 70, or 90. 
Th. II. 1560, or 70, or 90. Th. III. 
1561. or 'j^, or 88. Th. IV. 1578. 
Th. V. 1579. fol. 5 voU. 

Complete copies are seldom to be foand, 
pAiticularly of the first editions. Only 
single vols, usually occur. 

19694 Kempten^ Cp. Krause, 

1612-16. 4^ 5 voll. 

19695 Augsp. 171 2. 4°. 5 voll. 

This edition is probably only a new title 

to the preceding. 

19696 — Proben aus Hans Sachsens 
Werken^ znm Behuf einer neuen 
Ausg. derselben von F. Just. Ber- 
tuch. Weim. 1778. large 4°. (4 gr.) 

This edition was nevw completed. It 
was designed to be in 8 rols. 4°. 

19697 — sehr herrlicbe^ schon u. 
wahrhafte Gedicht, Fabeln u. gute 
Schwenk^ in einem Auszuge aus 
dem I . Bande mit beigefiigten Wor- 
terklarungen (von J. H. Haslein). 
Nrb. 1781. 8^ (i d.) 

The precursor of an edition which also 
was never completed. 

19698 — Werke. Bearbeitet u. he- 
rausgegeben von J. Gst. Buscbing. 
Nrb., Schrag, 1816-24. 8°. 3 voll. 


Of this edition, intended to form 6 vols., 
there are also copies on writing-paper with 
plates. The modern expressions and cor- 
rections introduced by the editor in the 
I St voL did not meet with approbation, and 
a critical edition of the best of Sach*s works 
is still a desideratum. 



SACHSENHEIM, see Morin. 
19699 SACHSENPIEGEL. i.High 


German, — At the end^ Explicit der 
sassen spiegel, den der erwirdige in 
Got vater unde herre Theodericus 
von Bockstorf, Bischoff zue Nuen- 
burg, seliger gecorrigieret hat. Ba- 
sel, Bh. Richel, 1 474. fol. 

The first edition, very scarce. Without 
signatures, catdiwords, and pagination. 

19700 — — Der Sachsenspiegei. 
Augsp., Ant. Sorg, i48r. fol. 

232 (not 299) leaves. This edition ap- 
pears to be a reprint of the preceding. 

19701 — der Sachsenspiegei. Augsp., 
Hans Schonsperger, 1482. fol. 

19702 — der Sachsenspiegei. Augsp., 
Anna Riigerin, 1484. fol. 

This scarce edition, which has sometimes 
been doubted, contains 372 leaves in all. 

19703 — der Sachsenspiegei. Liptsk 
(without the printer's name)^ 1490- 

19704 — der Sachsenspiegei. Augsp., 
Hans Schonsperger, 1496. fol. 

Thereto belongs as a second voL, Remu- 
sorium mitt sampt dem WeiMUd vnd 
Lehnrecht. t6., id,, 1495. fol. 

19705 — der Sachsenspiegei. Augsp., 
Hans Schonsperger, 1501. fol. 

19706 — Sachsenspiegei. mit vil 
newen Addicionen. sampt Land- 
rechts vnd Lehenrechts Richsteige. 
Item vil vrtheilen der werden 
scopifen zu Magdeburg. Augsp., 
Silvan. Otmar, 151 7. fol. 

19707 — Sachssenspigell vffs new 
durchaus corrigirt vnd restituirt etc. 
Strb.^ getruckt vnnd zum dritten. 
mal reuidiert durch Mt. Flach^ in 
verleg vnd expenss J. Knoblouch, 
152]. fol. 

19708 — Sachsenspiegei. auffs newe 
gedruckt. vn anderweit mit vley.s8e 
corrigiret. Lpz., Mich. Lotther, 
1528. fol. 

19709 — Sachsen spigell vfTs new 
durchaus corrigirt vnd restituirt, 
Allenthalb wu dye text vorandert 
vnd vnuorstentlich gewest^ mitt vil 
nawen adicionen etc, Lpz., Mich. 
Lotter, 1535. fol. 

This is the first edition superintended by 
Cp. Zobel, and of critical value. The 
RidUateig is here omitted for the fim 


19710 — Sachsenspiegel oorrigert 
aufs new nach dem Inhalt der alten 
waren conigirten Exemplaren u. 
Texten. Lpz., N. Wolrab, 1539. 
Saperintended by Benno von Heynitz. 

19711^ — Sachaenspiegel Auffs new 
fleissig corrigirt, an Texten, Glos- 
sen^ AUegaten, Anch mit vermeh- 
rung des emendirten Repertorii, u. 
vieler newen nutzlichen Additio- 
nen. Lpz., N. Wolrab, 1545. fol. 

Superintended by Wolf Lon after good 
MSS. Repeated, DrewdLy N. Wolrab. 
1553. fol. 

19711^ — Sachseiispiegel aufs neuwe 
ubersehen, mit Summarien u. neu- 
wen Additionen vielfaltig gebessert 
durch Cp. Zobel. Lpz. 1561 (other 
copies, 1560). fol. 

Superintended by 6. Menius after Zo- 
bel*i death. Abo, Lpx.y VogeUny ^5^* ^ol« 
t& 1582 and 95. fol. 

19712 — Sachsenspi^el etc. Darzu 
jetzo von newen der gantze Text 
des Sachsenspiegels, auch en etli- 
chen Often uff dein Rand die alten 
Glossen daruber in der uhrsprun. 
glichen alten Sachsischen Sprach 
beygedmckt, u. zngleich ana der 
A. 1603 auagegangenen latein. Edi- 
tion die diversitates lectionum in 
veteribus oodicibua zum latein. 
Text ad znarginem beygesetzt wor- 
densind. (Heu2e/6.), Gotthard Vo- 
gelin, 1614. fol. 

19713 — Sachaenspiegel, oder das 
Sachsische Landrecht, in der alt- 
dentschen (niedersachs.), latein. u. 
jetzo hochdeutschen Sprache, nebst 
nothigen AuszQgen aus der Glosse. 
Herausg. von Jac. F. Ludoyici. 
Halle, Waisenhaus, 1720. 4^. 

Also, Halle, 1 750. 4". 

19714 — Eykens von Repgow Sach- 
aenspiegel, oder das Sachsische 
Lduidrecht. in dreyen Biichern, wie 
solches mit denen altesten codd. 
MSS. zusammen gehalten, daraus 
hergestellet n. von dem bisherigen 
Corruptionen gesaubert worden. 
Nebst zwei noch nie gedruckten 
Texten der alten Obersachs. urs- 



prQnglichen Sprache dieses Rechts, 
auch dessen latein. Version u. einer 
neoen Uebs., ingleichen denen 
lectt. variantibus u. Auslegung der 
unverstandl. Worte, femer die 
vollstandige deutsche Glosse des 
Landrechts .... ansgefertiget von 
C. W. Gartner. Lpz., Lanckisch, 
1732. fol. 

19715 — 2. Low Saxon. Speygel 
der Sassen. CoUn, Bm. de Unckel, 
1480. fol. 

The fint edition of this translation, and 
very scarce. 374 leaves in 2 columns with 
38 lines, without signatures, eatdiwords, 
and pagination. In leaves 1-16 is an in- 
dex, superscribed Beffisir4. Nie begynet 
dot register des eyrtten boukes det tpeygeU 
der Sauen. The work itself begins in 
leaf 17a, and column i line i is, {D)B9 
hilRffen. Leaves 17-84 are the ist book, 
85- 1 56 the 3nd, and 1 5 7-2 3 7 the 3rd. 1 n 
leaf 237* oohimn 2 is the following colo- 
phon in 5 lines: lie explicit heo materia 
9CZ speeulu aajtonie cu glota sua. et ilia e 
Inpssa Colonie p me Barthohmeu de 
Vnekel Anno a natitaie dni MccccLrJtx. 
The 238th leaf is blank. Leaf 239 a is 
superscribed : ^Ttr begpnnet dot register des 
schedeelotes. In leaves 240-274 follows, 
Cautela des spiegels va Sassen. In leaf 
274b col. I die last or 37th line is, te 
genoge laH. Et sie i finis. The types 
have a resemblance to those in the first 
low Saxon Cologne Bible, but are laiger 
and thidcer. A copy of this edition (for- 
merly at Hehnstadt) is at WolfenbUttel. 
Consult also Brands Beitrr. ku den deutsehen 
Bechten, p. 136^154. The appended Sehe- 
denelot or Cautela is nothing else than a 
low Saxon translation of Hm. von Oesvelde 
Bichtsteig ties Landrechts. 

19716 — der sassen spegel. Stendal» 
Jo. Westfael, 1488. fol. 

Likewise scarce. 219 leaves (the ist 
blank) in 2 columns with 47 lines, and the 
signatures a-/>, A-M^ A-D, and a. Leaf 
2a col. I line i is, Hgr hefft sick an der 
sassen spe \gel meth der glosen. Leavns 
2-54 are the ist book, 55-104 the 2nd, 
and 105-184 the 3rd. In leaves 185-211 
follows the Landrect in Latin. In leaf 
2 f I ** col. 2, is the following colophon in 
6 lines, ExpUdt der sassen spegel den de 
erwerdige in god voder vn hire Theoderu. 
cus vd bockstorpe hgssehop to Nuenboreh 
seliger gecorrigerei heft. Gedruekei to 
Stendal donA Joachim Westfael in deme. 
Ufxgviij. iare. A Begistrum, leaves 212- 
219, ends the woric. There is also a copy 
of this edition at WolfenbUttel. 



19717 — der sassen spigel. Lyptzigk 

(without the printer's name) die 

sabbati penultima Augusti, 1488. 


216 leaves. Likewise scarce. There is 
a copy in the 65ttingen library. At first 
32 leaves, regittrum. 

19718 — Sassonum speculum. Ceuln 

Colin), H. Quentel^ '492- fol* 
A reprint of the preceding. 

19719 — Sassenspegel mit velen 
njen Addicien san dem Leenrechte 
vnde Richtstige. Aussburch, Syl- 
van Othmer, 1516. fol. 

14 leaves of preliminary matter, 221 and 
89 numbered leaves. 

19720 — 3. Dutch. Dat Boec der 
Kayserrechten, gheheten die Spie- 
gel van Sassen. Goude in Hollant» 
Geraert Leeu, 20 Apr. 1479. small 
4°, Gothic letter. 

An edition, id., uf., 22 Apr, 1472, is very 

19721 — der Spiegel der Sassen effte 

dat boec der Kayzer Rechten. 

Delft, 1480. 4°. 

Panzer, I. 375, 67, mentions an edition, 
Delfty without date. 4**. 

19722 — een seer profitelic boec dat 
leert ende spreect van de ingeseten 
Keyser Rechten ende is gheheten 
die Spiegel van Sassen. Goude in 
Holland, Geraert Leeu, 5 Sept. 
1482. fol. 

An edition is also mentioned, Leiden^ 
J, Seversen, F512. 

19723 — Hollandischer Sachsenspie- 
gel nach der raren Groudaischen 
Ausg. von ] 479. Hannov., Schmidt, 
1763. 4°. (2 d.) 

19724. — 4. Latin, Juris provin- 
cialis, quod speculum Saxonicum 
vulgo nuncupatur, libri tres, opera 
vigilanti in correctiorem redacti ma- 
teriam : adjectis simul glossis aliis- 
que additionibus noviter recollectis 
(ed. N. Jaskerus). Cracov., Hi. 
Vietor, 1535. fol. 

19725 — (the same title). Samosci, 
1602. fol. 

Ad. Bursius superintended this impres- 
sion of the preceding edition. It is after 
this edition in Meleh. GokUuii coileot, con- 
9ueiu^^uin et leptan imperiaHum, Ff. a, 
M, 161 3. fol. p. 126-167. 


19726a — 5. Po/»A. Artikuli 

prawz Magdeburskiego korta zowia 

Speculum Saxonicum a lacinaki^o 

jezyka na polsna przelozone. w 

Krakowie, Lazarus, 1559. 4°. 
Also, ib, 1565. 4'. it, 1573. 4'. 

19726^ — speculum Saxonicum. 

Albo prawo Saskin y Maydebur- 

skie, przez Pawla Szerbiczo. w 

Lwowie {Lemherg)y 1581. foL 

Also, Krakow, 1626. fol. JVartaWy 
1646. fol. 

19727 — Hi. Ch. Meckbach An- 
merkk. iiber den Sachsenspiegel. 
Lpz., Hilscher, 1761.4°. (i d. 18 
gr.) A new title is. Com men tar 
fiber den Sachsensp. Weimar, 1789. 
4°. — E. Spangenberg Beitrage zu 
den deutschen Rechten des Mittel- 
alters, vorzugl. zur Kunde u. Kri. 
tik der altgerman. Rechtsbiicher, u. 
des Sachsen-u. Schwabenspiegels. 
Halle, Gebauer, 1822. 4^ with 
plates (2d. 21 gr.). 

A treatise respecting the editions and 
translations of the Sachsenspiegel also in 
J, C, H, Dreyer Beitrage zur LitertUur 
tf. Geschichte des deutschen Rechts. Lfkb. 
u, Lpz. (1783). 4*. p. 95-17*- 

SACONTALA, see Kalidas. 

19728 SACRE de Louis XV. dans 
r^lise de Rheims le 25 Oct. 173a 
(redig^ par Danchet). very large 

It is often to be met with. There are 
also copies on Dutch paper with illuxni- 
uated plates. 

19729 SACRE et couronnement de 
Louis XVI. dans T^lise de Rheims 
le II Juin 1775 (par Tabbe Pi- 
chon), precede de recherches sur le 
sacre des rois de France (par 60- 
bet). Par. 1775. large 8°. with 

19730 SACRE de Napoleon dans 

r^lise de Notre- Dame, le dimanche 

2 Dec. 1804. {Par,, imprim, du 

gouvememeni), large fol. 

With 39 fine plates after designs by 
Isabey, Perder, and Fontaine. As the 
work had not been published at the be- 
ginning of the restoration, almost all 
the impression was destroyed, and those 
copies only remained, which had. faiHL 
already sent as presents to the ofltoen 


of the crown ; so tbat the work has al- 
ready become very scarce, and from isoo 
to 1500 fr. haa been paid for it. — See above 

19731 SACRIFICE de Abraham, k 
hvLjt personnaiges, nouvellement 
corrig^ et augment^, et jou^ de- 
vant le roi en Thotel de Flandres k 
Paris, et depuis k Lyon, Tan mil 
D. XXXIX. Par. ( Gilles PacquoU 
1539). 8^ Gothic letter, 42 leaves. 

19732 — -^ Without place or date. 

small 8°. Gothic letter, 43 leaves, 

with the signatures a-f. 
See also Traoeoie fran9. 

SACROBOSCO, see Joannes. 

19733 SACY, Ant. Is. Sylvestre de. 
M^moires sur diverses antiquites 
de la Perse et sur les medailles des 
rois de la dynastie des Sassanides, 
siiivis de I'histoire de cette dynas- 
tie, trad, du persan de Mirkhond. 
Par., impr. da Louvre, 1793. 4**. 
with plates ( 1 5 fr.) 

19734 — principes de grammaire ge- 
n^rale. Par. 1803. 12°. 

In German by J. Sev. Vater, Halle, 
1804. 8^. (id. 16 gr.) In Italian, To^ 
rinoy 1819. 8". 

19736 — chrestomathie arabe, ou 
extraits de divers ecrivains arabes, 
tant en prose qu'en vers. Par., 
impr. imp^r., 1806. 8^ 3 voll. 
(36 fr.) 

19736 — grammaire arabe. Par., 
impr. imper., 1810. 8^ 2 vols, with 
pUites (24 fir., on vellum paper 50 

SACY, L. Is. le Maitre de, see 

BiBLiA Gallica. 
BADE, see M^otres, No. 13719, 

and JuBTiNB. 

19737 SADELER, JEg. Theatrum 
morum. Artliche gesprach der 
Thier mit wahren historien den 
menschen zur lehr. Prag. 1608. 
4^. 277 pages, with fine plates. 

19738 SADELER, Marco. Vestigi 
delle antichita di Roma, Tivofi, 
Pozzuolo et altri luoghi. Praga, 
1606. small fol. 

I title-leaf and 50 platei. It»«ngraved, 
Aomo, de Amm, j66o. oblong fol. 

19739 SADELER, J. et Rph. Soli- 



tudo sive vitee patrum eremicola- 
rum. Without place or date. 4?. 
with plates. — Sylvae sacrae, monu- 
menta sanctions philosophies, quam 
severa anachoretar. disciplina vite 
et religio docuit. Monach. 1594. 
4*^. with plates. — Trophaeum vit« 
solitariffi. Ven. 1598. 4**. with 
plates. — Oraculum anachoreticum. 
Ven. 1600. 4°. — Solitudo s. vitae 
feminar. anachoreticar., ab Adr. 
Collardo oollectse atque expressse. 
Without place or date. 4°. with 

These 5 articles form the scarce collection 
of the P^res du desert by Sadeler and Col- 

19740 — recueil d'estampes d'apr^s 
Raphael, Titien, Carrache etc. et 
principalement d'apr^s Mt. De Vos, 
gravies par les fr^res Sadeler, con* 
tenant plus de 500 estampes. Par., 
Lr. Cars, 1 748. large fol. 2 vols. 

19741 SADI, Musladinus. Persian 
and Arabic works. Calcutta, print- 
ed for the oriental Indies' company, 
1791-95. fol. 2 parts in i vol. 

19742 — rosarium politicum sive 
amoenum sortis humanse theatrum, 
persice, cum lat. vers, et notis G. 
Gentii. Amst., J. Blaeu, 165 1. 
fol. Also on large paper. 

The Latin translation alone, Amst. 1 655 
or 87. 12°. Lps. 1673. 12*. 

19743 — the gulistan of Sady, with 
an English translation. By Fr. 
Gladwin. With notes. Calcutta, 
printed at the Hindostanee press, 
1806. large 4°. 2 vols. 

Very scarce in Europe. The ist vol. 
contains the Persian text with the Eng- 
lish translation, and the and the notes. 

19744 — the Gulistan or rose garden, 
by Musle.Huddeen Shnik Sady of 
Sheeraz, translated from the ori- 
ginal by Pr. Gladwin. Lond., re- 
printed for Black etc. by W. Bul- 
mer, 1808-9. 8^ 2 vols. (i6s.) 

A fine reprint of the preceding edition. 
The I St voL (also to be had separate for 
ros. 6d.) contains the English translation, 
and the 2nd the Persian text. 

19745 — gtdistan ou Tempire des 
roses, trad, du Persan par And. 



du Ryer. Par.» Sommaville, 1634. 

19746 — gulistan ou Tempire des 
roses^ traite des moeun des rois, 
trad, du persan par M * * * (d'Al^- 
gre). Par., compagnie, 1 704. 1 2°. 

19747 — gnlistan ou le jardin des 

roses, trad, du persan de Saadj 

(par Tabb^ Gauain). Par., Vol- 

land, 1791. S''. 

Previously under the title, Euai hisioru 
que tur la UgiskUwn de la Perte, Par,y 
le Jayy r 789. 8". 

19748 — Schich Sadi persisches Ro- 
senthal nebst Locman's Fabeln. 
Neue verb. Aufl. Witt. u. Zerbst, 
Zimmermann, 1775. 8^ 

Only 01eariu8*B translation, which is to 
be found in his Reisebeschreilntngen (see 
above, No. 15084) in a modem form. 

19749 ^- the rose garden of Hindoo- 
Stan, translated ^m Shykh Sadees 
original nursery of Persian Goo- 
listan, of Sheeraz, by meer Sher 
Ulee Ufeos, under the direction of 
Gilchrist. Calcutta, Hindoostanee- 
press, 1802. 8^ 2 vols. (il. los.) 

19750 — select fables from the Gnli- 
stan, or the bed of roses. Translated 
from the original Persian of Sadi 
by St. SulivBn. Lond. 1 774. 8°. 

19751 — Pundnameh^ a compendium 
of ethics, translated from the Per- 
sian of Sheik Sadi of Shiraz into 
English (by Fr, Gladwin). Cal- 
cutta, printed by Stuart and 
Cooper, 1788. 8". 

The Persian text is added. — An edition 
of the Diwan, or the poems of Sadi, ap- 
peared in the East Indies about 18 10-13. 
in lai^ge 4**. 

19752 SADLER, Ralph. The state 
papers and letters. Edited by Ar- 
thur Clifford. To which is added, 
a memoir of the life of sir Ralph 
Sadler^ and historical notes, by 
Walter Scott. Edinb. 1809. 4''. 
3 vols, with plates (5I. 5s.). 

Also on large paper in 3 yols. (81. 8s.) 
Sadler was born in 1507 and died in 1587. 
See a review of this work in the Edinburgh 
Reviewy XVI. 447 sq. 

19753 SADOLETUS, Jac. Opera, 


quae exstant, omnia. Verone, Tu- 
mermani» 1737-38. 4®. 4 roll. 

19754 — epistolse Leonis X. de- 
mentis VII. et Pauli III. nomine 
scriptae. Accessit Ant. Florebelli 
de yita ejusdem Sadoleti commen- 
tarius. Romie, Salomoni, 1759. 
small 8°. — Epistolse proprio no- 
mine scriptse. ib., id., 1 760. small 
8°. 3 voll. — Epistolarum appendix. 
Accedunt Sadoleti et Hi. Nigri vi- 
tse, auct. Vine. Alex. Constantio, et 
aliqua Sadoleti et Nigri opuscula. 
ib., id., 1767. small 8^ 

There are also copies on lai^ P^^^r of 
these 5 vols. 

19755 — ad principes populosque 
Germanise exhortatio, ut desertis et 
abjectis heeresium iusaniis in gre- 
mium catholicse ecclesiae redeant 
(nunc prim, edita a St. Agricola). 
Dilingse, Sebald. Meyer, 1560. 
small 8°. 

A copy on vellum in the Royal library 
in Paris (previously 16s. Pinelli, 40 fr. 

19756 — in Pauli epistolam ad Ro- 
manos commentariorum libri III. 
Prsemissa est illustris viri vita auct. 

Ant. FlorebeUo. Ff. a. M., 1 7 7 1 . 


See also Imaoives. 

SiEMUND, see Edda. 

S^NZ, see Aouirrb and Ortiz. 

19757 (SAGA.) Asmund Kappa- 
banes Saga, e cod. MS. lingus 
prisc« scandicae descripta, cum ge- 
mina versione suet, et lat. edid. 
J. F. Peringskiold. Sth. 1732. 

Previously, Ups. 1697. fol. and with the 
EgUaeaga, Upe, 1693. 4\ 

19758 — Christendoms Saga hlio- 

dande um thad hromenn Christen 

Tru kom fyrst a Island^ at forlage 

thess haloflega Herra Olafs Trygg. 

vason ar Noregs Kongs. Skal- 

hollte, Hendrick Kruse, 1688. 4^. 

a leaves of preliminary matter, 36 pages, 
and 1 leaf. Thdr. Thorladus was the edi- 

19759 — Eigles och Asrounds Saga, 
af gamla Oothiskan uttolkad och 


med Amnarkniiigar forklarad. For- 
tissimor. pngilum Egilli et Asmuii- 
di historiam, gothioo sermone exa- 
ratam, translatione, notis et indice 
vociiin illustravit Pt. Salanus. Ups. 

19760 — Eigilfisaga (ialandice). 
Hrappsey, 1782. 4^ 

19761 — Egils 1^, S. E^lii Skal- 
lagrimii vita, islandice^ ex MSS. 
legati Amae- Magnseani, cum inter- 
pret, latp notis cfaronolog. et ta- 
bulis aen. Havn. 1809. 4^. with 

19762 — Ejrbyggia Saga sive Eyra- 
nomm historia, quam versione, lee- 
tionnm varietate et indice renim 
auxit Grim. J. Thorkelin. Havn. 
1787. 4». 

19763 — Fostbraedra Saga. Kbhvn.^ 
Gyldendal, 1822. 8^ (i d. 18 gr.) 

19764 — Illuge Grydar Fostres His- 
toria, fordam p& gammal Gothiaka 
skrifwen, och nu pa swenska ut- 
tolkad af Gudmund Olofson. Ups. 
1695.4°. 19 pages. 

19765 — Gothrici et Rolfi, Westro- 
gothiae regum^ historia, lingua anti- 
qna gothica conscripta^ quam e MS. 
vetustissimo edidit et versione no- 
tisqne illnstravit Olaus Verelius. 
Uto., Curio, 1664. 8°. 

Tliere are also copies with, a Swedish 
tide, GUhrikt oeh Rolfs Wettgoiha Km^ 
0on Hisioria etc. Ups. 1664. 8. 

19766 — Gronlandia edur Gronlandz 

Saga, ur Islendskum Sagna Bookum 

og Analum samuitekih c^ a La- 

tinsk maal af Arngrime Jonssine* 

en a Norraenu utlogd af Einare 

Eiolfssine. Skalfaollte, Hendrick 

Kruse, 1688. 4*'. 

Translated into Danish by Bubssbus, 
Kbkm, 1739. 8^ 

19767 — Sagan af Gunnlaugi Orm. 
stunga ok Skalld-Rafni^ sive Gunn- 
laugi Vennilinguis et Rafhis poetse 
vita. Ex MSS. legati Magnseani 
cum interpretatione lat., notis^ 
chronologia, tabulis genealogicis et 
indicibus tarn rerum quam verbo- 
rum. Havn. 1775. 4''* 

19768 — Herrauds och Bosa Saga 



med en ny uttolkning h. e. Her- 
raudi et Boss historia cum nova 
interpretatione juxta textum go- 
thicum, e vet. MS. edita et notis 
illustrata ab Olao Verelio. Ups., 
Curio, 1666. 8°. 

19769 — Hialmters och Olvers Saga, 

af gamla nordiska spraket a nyo pa 

Swensko uthtolkad af J. F. Pe- 

ringskiold. St., Horm, 1720. 4^ 

An earlier edition by J. PeringskiSld, 
without place or date (Sth. 1710). fol. is 
reprinted in HieketH ihesaur. Ungu, sep" 
tenir. T. III. 

19770 — Hervarar Saga pi gammal 
Gotska med Olai Verelii uttolk- 
ning och notis. Ups., Curio, 1672. 

Therein ought to be found 35 pages, 
audmium noiarum (of the year 1674), 
and 2 leaves, annotatt, et toripHs Karoli 
epise. ArotientU, which are often wanting. 
In one of the Dresden copies the atwia^ 
Hum is oi quite a different printing from 
that in the other. 

19771 — Hervarar Saga. Versione 
latina, lectionibus variantibus et in- 
dicibus illustravit St. Biornonis. 
Havn. 1 785. 4°. 

19772 — Sagan om luffwar Widt- 
fame, frim gamla islandskan of- 
wersat ; och Undersockning om 
ware Runstenars alder etc. af Nils 

Reinhold Brocman. Sth. 1762. 


19773 — Ksetilli Hengi et Grimonis 

Hirsutigens, patris et filii, historia 

seu res gestse, ex antiqua lingua 

Norvegica in latinum translatse per 

Islefum Thorlefium, opera et stud. 

Olavi Rudbeckii publici juris factse. 

Ups. 1697. fol. 17 pages. 

Therein ought to be found besides, Hit^ 
toria Orvarx Odde, JilH Grimonis (i title* 
leaf and 51 pages), and Historia tluorum 
regum Hedini et Hugonis (8 pages). 

19774 — Aefi Dana-Konunga Eda 

Knytlinga Saga, s. historia Cnuti- 

darum regum Danise, islandice et 

lat. Without place or date. fol. 

248 pages. 

This edition never came into the market, 
and is unfinished. The title, index, and 
preface^ are wanting. 

19775 — (Konunga Saga.) Nor. 



lands Chronika och Beskriffning. 
Wisingsborg, Kankel, 1670. fol. 

Only in the Swedish translation (by 
Jonas Rugman), and with omission of the 
poems. The appellation Konunga Sagur 
is only found in the half-title. 

19776 — Kristni-Saga sive historia 
religionis Christianae in Islandiam 
introductee^ nee non Thattr af Is- 
leifi Biskupi sive narratio de Isleil- 
io episcopo; ex mstis legati Mag- 
naeani, cum interpretat. lat. et no. 
tis. Havn. 1773. 8°. 

— Landnama-Saga^ see Landnama. 

19777 — itt Stycke af Konung Olaf 

Tryggiasons Saga, hwilken Oddur 

Munck : p^ gammal Gotska be- 

skrifwit hafwer. Ups., Curio, 1665. 

8°. with woodcuts. 

01. Verelius was the editor. At the end 
there ought to be 48 pages of representa- 
tions of Runic stones engraved in wood. 

19778 — Sanct Olaffs Saga pa Swenske 
Rim, af J. Hadorphio. (Sth, 1675). 

19779 — Saga Olafs Tryggvasonar. 
Skalhollte, Jone Snorrasyne, 1689- 
90. 4°. 2 parts in 1 vol. 

Thdr. Thorladus was the editor. 

19780 — historia Olai Tryggwae filii, 
in Norrigia regis, idiomate Gothico 
s. Suecico yetusto primum condita 
ab Oddo monacho Islando, nunc in 
linguam hodiernam suecicam et lat. 
translata a Jac. Reenhielm. Ups. 
1691. 4°. 

19781 — anecdotes of Olave the 
Black, King of Men ; to which are 
added, XVIII. eulogies of Haco, 
king of Norway, by Snorro Sturle- 
son. Now first published in the 
original islandic, with a literal 
(Engl.) version and notes by Jam. 
Johnstone. {Copenk.), 1780. 8°. 
48 pages. 

19782 — Sagan af Niali Thorgeirs- 
syni ok Sonom Hans. Kaupman- 
nahaftn, 1772. 4°. 

Only the Iceland text. Olaus Olavius 
was the editor. 

19783 — historia Niali et filiorum, 
cum adjecta chronologia, variis tex- 
tus islandici lectionibus earumque 
criai, nee non glossario et indjce 


rerum. Havn., 1809. 4^ with 

The Latin translation and the dictJonary 
are by J. Jonsonius, and the critical pre- 
face by Thorladus. 

19784 — Orkneyinga Saga s. historia 
Orcadensium. Saga Hins Helga 
Magnusar Eyia Jails s. vita S. 
Magni, insularum comitis. Cum 
vers, lat., varietate lectionum et 
indd. edidit. Jon. Jonseus. Havn., 
Sander, 1780. 4°. 

19785 — Sagobrott handlande om 
Nogra foma Konungar i Swerige 
och Dan mark. Samt om Bra walla 
Slaget. Utaf gamlanordiskaspraket 
forswenskat af J. F. Peringskidld. 
Sth., Horrn, 1719. 4°. 

19786 — Sagann af Sturlauge hinum 
Starfsama eller Sturlog then arbet- 
sammes Historie fordom pa gam- 
mal Gothiska skrifwen, och nu pa 
swenska utth^lkad af Gudmund 
Olofsson. Ups. 1694. 4°. 

19787 — Sturlunga Saga ear Islen- 
dinga Saga hin mikla. Kbhvn. 
1819. 4°. 

19788 — Thorstens Viikingsson Saga 
p& gammal Gothska, af ett aldrigt 
manuscripto affskrefwen och uth- 
satt pa wart nu wanlige Sprak, 
sampt medh nigra nodige Anteck- 
ningar forbettrad af Jac. Reen- 
hielm. Ups., Curio, 1680. 8°. 

There ought to be 130 pages of notes 

19789 — Viga-Glums Saga s. vita 
Viga Glumi ad fidem codicis 
membr. edita, cum versione lat., 
notis, varietate lectionis et indd., 
ed. G. Petersen. Havn. 1786. 4^. 

19790 — Wilkina Saga, eller Histo- 
rien om Konung Thiderich af Bern 
och bans Kampar, samt Nifiunga 
Sagan. Historia Wilkinensium, 
Theodorici Veronensis ac Niflun- 
gorum. Ex MSS. codd. linguae 
veteris Scandice in hodiernam Sue- 
cicam atque latinam translata op. 
J. Peringskidld. Sth. (without 
the printer's name), 17 15. fol. 

19791 — Nokrer Marg-Frooder So- 
gu-Thatter Islendinga ad Forlage 


BidrnsMarkussonar. Hoolam, 1 756. 


It is only loehuidlcy and probably con- 
tains the &»gth which appearad separately 
at the same place, 1756. 4^ 

19792 — Pt. Erasm. Mullbb Sa- 
gabibliothek med Amnarkninger og 
indledende Afhandlinger. KbliTii. 
1817-18. 8^ 2 voll. Sagaenbib- 
liothek des scandioav. Alterthums 
in Aaszugen, mit literar. Nacb- 
weisungen. (B. I.) Aus der dan. 
Handschrift iibs. von C. Lacbmann. 
Berl. i8i6. 8°. 

Containing good literary notices on the 
Sagas. Concerning whidi see also Nyerup 
in Broffvr, II. 354-379. Caial. bibl. Uptal, 
III. 160. Haldarscnu lexicon itlofuL T. I. 
in the preface. Gfimm in HermeMy V . 1-5 3. 

19793 — F. H. von der Haobn 
nordische Helden-romane. Bresl., 
Max, 1814-15. 8^ 4 voll. (5 d. 


Contahiiug WWnna and N^fiunga Soffo^ 
or Dieir. eon JBem, and the Nibehingeny 
and VoOunfia Soffa, or Sigwrd der Fa/air' 
itSdter and the Nijlungen. 

19794 SA6AHD Tbeodat, Gbr. Le 
grand voyage da pays de Hurons^ 
h confins da Canada, avec on dic- 
tionnaire de la langae Huronne. 
Par. 1632. 8**. 

Scanse and interesting. 18L at Stanley's 
sale, and 81. iftk 6d. at the duke of Marl- 
borough's, but &r cheaper in France. The 
Di^enwnre is sometimes met with by it- 
self. Consult BeckmanrCt LiiL der Reu 
ten, L 438. 

19795 — histoire da Canada et voy- 
ages que les freres recollects y ont 
fucts, depais Tan 16 15. Par. 1636. 


SAGE de Montpellier, see Rbcueil 
de poetes gascons. 

19796 SAGE, Alain R^^ de. CEu- 
vres choisies. A mst. ( Par, ) , 1783. 
8°. 15 vols, with plates. Also on 
Dutch paper. 

19797 Par., Leblanc, 18 11. 8°. 

16 vols, with plates (96 fr.). 
A better reprint of the preceding. The 

last voL is a supplement. See above Pre- 

19798 — oeuvres. Par., Renoaard, 

1821.8°. 12 voll. (66 fr.) 
A new critical edition, in which however 

SAG 1639 

the Th^&tre de la fcire is omitted. 40 co- 
pies on vellum paper at 120 fr. 

19799 — histoire de Gil Bias de San- 
tillane. Par., Didot jeune, an 3 
(1794). 8^ 4 vols, with 100 plates. 

An ordinary edition. Also on lai^ vel- 
lum paper. 

19800 — histoire de Gil. Bias, edi- 
tion revue par Bertin. Par., De- 
lance, 1798. i8°. 6 vols, with 


An edition littie sought after, of which 
however there are 2 copies on vellum in 


19801 Par., st^r^t. d'Herhan, 

1805. 12^ 4 voll. 

Of this edition also there are 2 copies on 

19802 — — Lond. 1809. large 8^ 

4 vols, with 24 plates after Smirke 

(6 guineas). 
Also copies in 4^ (12 guineas.) 

19803 — histoire de Gil Bias. Par., 
Genest, 181 8. 12°. 4 vols, with 
plates (18 fr.). 

19804 -*- — (avec an discours pr^ 
liminaire par Fr. de Neufch&teau). 
Par., Didot, 1819. 8°. 3 voll. (13 
fr. 50 c, on fine paper 22 fr. 50 c, 
on vellum paper 45 fr.) 

A copy on vellum in the Royal library at 

19805 — histoire de Gil Bias. Nouv. 

^dit. avec an discours preliminaire 

et des notes par Fr. de Neufch&teau. 

Par., Lef^vre, 1820. 8**. 3 vols. 

with 9 plates after Desenne (21 


On large vellum paper with plates awxnt 
la letire 54 fr., and with etched leaves 
63 fr. This fine edition is after the edi- 
tion. Par, 1747. 12**. 4 vols, with plates, 
fundshed with numerous corrections and 
augmentations by the autiior. These addi- 
tions are also to be found in Par, 1759. 
12**. 5 vols., but in none of the subsequent 
editions, not even in Didot^s in 18 19. In 
die Ditcours priUminaire, Isla's assertion 
that le Sage not only borrowed the plan, 
but even &e details of his romance from 
the Spanish, is contradicted, and his 
claim to it asserted. Consult J. Agst, 
Llorente ObservaHont orit. eur le roman de 
Gilbku de SaniUUtne, Par,,Mareau, 1820. 
S". (5 fr.) 

19806 — historia de Gil Braz de 



Santilhana, traduzida em porta, 
guez por Manuel Maria Barbosa du 
Socage. Lisb. 1 800. 8°. 4 voll. (1920 
rees.) Correcta por Fr. Fernandez. 
Lond., 1 808. 1 2°. 4 voll. ( 14R.) 

19807 — aventuras de Gil Bias de 
Santillana robadas a Espaiia* y 
adoptadas en Francia por le Sage» 
restituidas a su patria y a su lingua 
nativa (por Jos. Fr. Isla). M^r. 
1 797. small 4°. with plates. 

Also, Modr, 1805. I3^ 5 vols, with 
plates. Tailfncia, 181 1. 1 a". 6 vols. Patr, 
1831. 13**. 4 yds. with 14 plates (12 fr.) 
revtMUu par Fr. FemandeM. Land, 1814. 
I a^ 4 vols, (^oe.) 

19808 — storia di Gil Bias di Santil- 
lana. Ven. 1 746. 1 2*". 7 voll. CoUe 
Ameno, 1774. 8°. 4 voll. Ven. 
1803. 18°. 7 voll. 

19809 — storia di Gil Bias di San- 
tiUana, trad, da Quirino Vivani. 
Ven.^ Missiaglia, 1820. 8°. 4 vols, 
with plates (2 scudi.). 

19810 — Gil Bias von Santillana, 
neu iibersetzt (von W. Christhelf 
Sgm, Mylius). 3 Ausg. Berl., Him- 
burg, 1798. 8°. 6 vols, with 14 
plates (3d. 16 gr.). 

19811 — Het Leven van Gil Bias 
van Santillana, uyt de fransche 
Taal overgezet door Rb. Hennebo. 
Amst. 1716-25. 8®. 3 voLj. with 
plates. — Amst. 1730. 8°. 2 voll. 

19812 — the adventures of Gil Bias 
of Santillane. Translated from the 
French by Bj. Heath Malkin. 
Lond. 1 809. large 8^ 4 vols, with 
24 plates, after Sroirke. 

Also on laiige paper in 4**. 

19813 — the adventures of Gil Bias 
of Santillane, translated by Tobias 
SmoUet. Lond., Sharpe, 1809. 24^ 
4 vols, with plates (i28.). Lond. 
j8i2. 12°. 4 vols. (i8s.) 

19814 — Gil Bias of Santillane. 
Newly translated by Mt. Smart. 
Lond. 1807. large i8^ 4 vols, with 
100 plates (il. 85., on large paper 
in 8*^. 2 guineas.). 

19815 — le bachelier de Salamanque. 
Par. 1738. 12^ 2 vols, with plates. 

Beware of the extremely inoorrect edi- 


tion, AmH., WetMn ei SmUh, 1740. 17*. 
1 vols, with bad plates. 

19816 — el bachiller de Salamanca, 
restituido al castellano. Lyon, C<v- 
mon^ 1 821. 18°. 2 voll. 

19817 — Schulstaub u. Hofluft oder 
der glucklich gewordene Hofmei- 
ster,, eine neue Uebersetzung des 
Baccalaureus von Salamanca. Lpz., 
Weygand, 1783. 8°. 2 voll. (id. 
12 gr.) 

19818 — le diable boitenx. Nouv. 
edit. augm. d'une joumee des par- 
ques et des b^uilles du diable boi> 
teux. Par., Musier, 1779. 12^. 
4 parts in 2 vols, with plates. 

Of the edition, Par.^ DemcnviOe, 1755. 
ia°. 3 vols, with plates, which is not dis- 
tinguished in other respects, there are co- 
pies on Dutch paper, whidi are scarce and 
sought after. This romance is an imita- 
tion of the Diablo oojueic oi Ouerara; tee 
above^ No. 9077. 

19819 — der lahme Teufel, ans dem 

franz. (von C. H. Seifried). Frey- 

berg» Craz, 1789. 8^ 2 voll. (1 d.) 

Te^fel Atmodi HMcebein u. aein Be^ 
fr€%er tn Snglandy aus dem EngL BerL 
1794. 8°. 2 vcSL (i d. t6 gr.) is a am- 

19820 — histoire d*E8tevanille Gon- 
zalez, tiree de Tespagnol. Par. 
1 754 or 65. 1 2°. 2 voll. 

See the original above under Espinei.. 

19821 — les aventures plaisantes de 
Guzman d'Alfarache. Par. 1777. 
12°. 2 voll. 

See the original above under Aleman. 

19822 — th^ktre. Nouv. ed. revue 
et corrigee. Par., Duchesne, 1774. 
12°. 2 voll. 

19823 SAGE, A. le (las Cases). 
Atlas historique, gen^ogique, 

^hronologique et g^ographique. 
Ed. II. Par. 18 14. large fol. (136 
fr.) Also on vellum paper. 

SAGES, see Sieben weise Ms is- 


19824 SAGGI di dissertazioni aca- 
demiche pubblicamente lette nell' 
accademia Etrusca di Cortona. 
Roma e Fir. 1735-91. 9 parts in 
10 vols, with plates. 

An esteemed and very complete oolfec* 
tion* The itt part ooosistt of a vols. 


19825 SA06I di naturali esperieDse 
fatte nell' aocademia del Cixnento. 
Fir., Coochini^ 1666 (other copies 
1667). fol. with plates. 

Lr. Magalotti was the author of thl« 
eiteemed work. Also^ Ftr., Ceoe/U^ 1691. 
foL with plates (alao on large paper). Ven^ 
Lomsoj 1710. 4^ NajK 1714. foL with 
plates. AJao imder the title, Opere iuUe 
S Lr, MapaloUL T. I. Ven., PatquaUy 
1761. 8*.— See also Tozzetti and Mus- 


19826 SAGGI sdentilici e letteraij 
dell' aocademia di Padova. Pado- 
va, T 786-94. large 4°. 3 parts in 
4 vols, with plates. — Nuovi saggi. 
T. I. Padova, 1817. large 4^ 

19827 SAGGI di prose e poesie de' 
piu celebri scrittori d'ogni secolo. 
Lond. 1796--98. large 8°. 6 vols, 
on vellnm paper. 

This coDectian extends from the 13th 
century to the i8th inclusive. 

19828 SAHLSTEDT, Abr. Swensk 

Grammatica. Ups. 1769. 8®. Sth. 

1787. 8^ 

In German (by Jos. Lr. Bagge). LUb. 
i79d.8». (ngr.) 

19829 — Swensk Grammatica for- 
kortad. Sth. 1772. 8^ 

19830 — dictionarium pseudo-Sue* 
canum, det lr Ordlista pa fram- 
mande Ord i Swenska Spraket. 
Westeras^ 1 769. 8*. 

19831 — Swensk Ordabok med La- 
tiDsk Uttolkning. Sth. 1773. 4"'* 

SAIDINO^ see Saadbddin. 

19832 SAIGE, Jac. le. Chy sen. 
suvent les gistes repaistres et d^. 
pens : que moy Jasque le Saige 
marchant de draps de soye demou- 
rant a Douay ay faict de Douay h. 
Hierusalem, Venise, Rhodes, Rome 
etc, et aultres passaiges, que moy 
etc, ay faict Ian mil chincq cens 
xviij. avec mon retour. Cambray, 
Bonav. Brassart* without date, smcdl 
4''. Gothic letter. 

108 leares with the signatures A-^F. 
Very scarce^ and remarluSile as being the 
first typographical production of Cambray. 

19833 SAILER, Sb. Schriften im 
schwabischen Dialekt. Gesammelt 



von Sixt Bachmann. Buchau, 1819. 


SAINCTES, CI. de, see Liturgia. 

19834 SAINT.AMANT, M. Ant. 
Girard de. Moyse sauve, idyle 
heroique. Leyde, J. Sambix (£/. 
zetner)^ 1654. 12°. 

18 leaves of preliminary matter, 188 
pages, and 6 leaves table. There is a bad 
reprint of the same date. Anut.y Pt, le 
Grandf 1664. Ia^ is a neat copy of the 
alwve, to which Amsty J, Malherbe, 1 70^ 
1 3°. is only a new title. 

19835 SAINT-EVREMOND,Charl. 

Margotelle de S. Denys, Sieur de. 
(Euvres mesl^es. Ed. II. augm. 
de la vie de Tauteur par Desmai- 
Eeaux. Lond., Tonson, 1709. large 

4°. 3 voU. 

A fine edition, but inonnplete and not 
sought after, of which there are copies on 
very large paper. 

19836 — oeuvres. (Par.), 1753. 12°. 
1 2 vols. Also on large paper. 

19837 — reflexions sur les divers ge- 
nies du peuple Romain dans les 
divers temps de la rdpublique. Di- 
jon, Causse^ an 3 (1795). S°, On 
vellum paper (4 fr., on large paper 

There are 2 copies on vellum in 4^ 

19838 SAINT -FOIX, Germ. Fr. 
PouUain de. CEuvres complettes. 
Par., veuve Duchesne, 1778. 8®. 
6 vols, with plates. Also on Dutch 

19839 — essais historiques sur Paris. 
Par. 1 766. 1 2°. 7 voU. Essais his- 
tor. sur Paris, pour faire suite & 
I'ouvrage precedent, par Agst. Poul- 
lain de Saint-Foix. Par. 1805. 8*". 
2 voll. 

19840 — histoire de I'ordre du S. 
Esprit. Par. 1 767. 1 2°. 3 voll. 

SAINT- GEL AIS, CharL, see Ju- 

19841 SAINT. 6ELAIS, Mellin de. 
CEuvres poetiques. Lyon, de Harsy, 

19842 — oeuvres. Nouv. ed. augm. 
Par. (Coustelier)^ 1719. 12°. 

19843 SAINT. GELAIS, Octa- 
vien de, et Blaise Davriol. La 
chasse et le depart damours. Par., 



Ant. V^rard, 13 Avril, 1509* ^oL 
Gothic letter, with woodcuts. 

150 leaves in a oolumns with 44 lines 
and the signatures t^-ff. A copy on rellum 
with illuminated woodcuts in the Royal 
library at Paris ; Mr. Hibbert of Clapham 
near London possesses a 2nd copy with 35 
miniatures (previously, 140 fr. Valli^, 
450 fr. M'Caithy).^-Conoeming the works 
of St. Oelais consult MHanget Hrh (Tune 
gr. bibl,y IV. ^66 sq. 

19844 Par., le Noir, 1533. 4". 

19845 — — Par., veu?e Trepperel et 
J. Jehannot, without date. 4^. Go- 
thic letter. 

19846 — Le Seiour dhonneur. Par., 
Vdrard, without date (about 1503). 
small 4*^. Gothic letter with woodcuts. 

180 leaves with 30 lines. Two copies 
on vellum, one with 30 miniatures, in the 
Royal library at Paris. 

19847 Par., Ant. V^rard, 15 19. 

small 4"^. 

164 leaves with the signatures a-C. — An 
edition, Touhwte, 1508. is a mistake. At 
that place and time the author was only 
composing the work. 

19848 SAINT- GELAIS, Octavien 
de, et And. de la Vignb. Le Ver- 
gier ddneur. De lentreprise i voy- 
age de naples etc» Par., without the 
printer's name or date {V^rard, 
about 1500). 4°. Gothic letter with 


236 leaves in 1 columns with 4a lines 
and signatures. A copy on vellum with 
36 miniatures in the Royal library at Paris 
(previously 79 livr. Hoym, and then in the 
library of the Institut). 

19849 Par., rue St. Jacques k 

Tenseigne de la rose blanche cou- 
ronn6e, without date. fol. Gothic 
letter, with woodcuts. 
127 leaves with the signatures A^AA, 

19850 without place or date. 

fol. Gothic letter with woodcuts. 
In 2 columns with the signatures o-P. 

19851 without place or date. 

4"^. Gothic letter. 

19852 Par., J. Trepperel, with- 
out date, large 4"". Gothic letter. 

With the signatures a~F. Maittaire 
and Panzer set down this edition in 1495 * 
it is however really without a date. — The 
book is an interesting collection of ballads, 
triolets, rondeaux, and other ancient poetry. 


Only the Complainie, of aeariy 800 verses 
is by St Gelais, all the rest is by And. de 
la vigne. 

19853 — le tr^r de la noblesse. 
Par., V^rard, without date. 4°. Go- 
thic letter. 

See also Orikgore, N*. 8944. 

SAINT-GREAAL, see Histoire. 
SAINT-JUST, see Merard. 

19854 SAINT-LAMBERT, CharL Poesies. Par., Didot, 1795. 
1 8^. 2 vols. On vellum paper ( i a 
fr., on large paper 24 fr.). 

19855 — les saisons, poeme. Amst. 
(Pflr.), 1775. 8^ with plates. Also 
on large paper. 

19856 — les saisons. Par., Didot» 

1795. Ifli'gc ^^' On vellum paper 
with plates by le Barbier. 

19857 — les saisons. Par., Didot, 

1796. large 4°. with plates. On 
vellum paper. 

A fine edition. Prince Michael Oallitann 
of Moscow possesses the only copy on vel- 
lum, with the designs of Chaudet. 

19858 — Jahrszeiten, aus dem Frans. 
(von Ch. Fel. Weisse.) Lpz., Dyck, 
1 7 7 1 . 8°. ( 1 6 gr.) Oriental. Fabeln, 
nebst drei Erzahlungen, aus dem 
Franz, (von demselben). ib., id., 
1771. 12^ (12 gr.) 

19859 — oeuvres philosophiqnes. 
Par., an 9 (1800). 8°. 5 voU. (25 

Also Par^ Agaue, 1797. 8^ 6 voQ. 

19860 — cat^isme universel. Par., 
Agasse, 1798. 8°. 3 voll. 

SAINT.LE6ER, see Mercier. 

19861 S AINT-M ARC, de. (Euvres. 
Par. J 788. 8°. 3 vols, with plates. 

SAINT-MARTIN, see Mosbs, No. 


19862 SAINT-MORIS, Bourgevin 

Vialart de. (anon.) Voyage pit- 
toresque de Scandinavie. Lond. 
(other copies. Par.) 1802. 4°. On 
vellum paper. Also on large vel- 
lum paper. 

With 14 plates in aquatinta by J. M^ 
rigot, after designs by L. B^langer. Acer- 
bi's travels (see above) are somettmei i4>. 

19863 SAINT-NGN, Rch. de. Voy. 


age pittoresque ou description du 
royaume de Naples et de Sicile. 
Par., Lafosse, 1781-86. very large 
fbl. 4 parts in 5 vols, with plates. 

A work very well ezecated as a wcM'k of 
art, and the first copies of it are greatly 
soogfat after. There are copies with plates 
acmU la lettre^ but none in which the geo- 
metrical plans are so. Care should be ti&en 
that a plate with representations of the 
Phallns of the andents, T. II. p. 5 a, and 
also 14 plates of old Sicilian dty coins 
{doublet nUdaillet), T. IV. P. II. at the end 
be not wanting. 

CijUation of the work : 

T. I. half title and title, engraved dedi- 
cation, avantprapos, table etc XV pages; 
^5^ P&ges text, 47 plates, which follow in 
this order; 16, 17, 47, 48, 33> 4i, 4^, 40j 
94. 60, 39, 57, 37, 15, 52, 89, 67, 92, 71, 
70, 8, 20y I, 9, 2, 10, 18, 26, 34, 56, 58, 
66, 106, 30, 93, 31, 32, 35, 25, 64, 43> 44, 
53,117,111,103 and 102. Moreover an un- 
numboied map, two other maps with Nos. 
118 and 110, and a plan with No. 46. 

T. II. half title and title, XXVIII pages, 
ovantpntpos apd table, 285 pages, test, a 
leaf between p. 78 and 79, marked with *, 
thiee supplementary leaves between p. 108 
and 109, and 83 plates, viz. 2 maps (one 
No. 96, the other without a number, p. 226) 
and 81 plates, of which the Phallus is num- 
bered 52, and 10 are marked with bis. 

T. III. half title and title, IV pages, 
avanipropos, XL pages, dUcourt prilitnu 
noire, 201 pages, text. Between p. 130 
and 131, there ought to be the following 
cancds: 1. 3 leaves, numbered, i^. 2. a 
leaf marked with *. 3. a leaf marked with 
* *. 4. 8 leaves, numbered, 7-22. The 
plates are numbered from i to 100, indud- 
irjg three maps; there is besides at p. 184, 
the Theodosian map without a number. 

T. IV. P. I. half Utle and title, 1 leaf, 
awuUpropog, marked with *, XVIII pages, 
introduction, 266 pages, text, 2 leaves, tsdble 
of contents, marked with * *. The plates 
are numbered from 2 to 106, and Nos. i, 
39 and 81 are maps. 

T. IV. P. 11. half title and title, i leaf, 
avantpropoa, marked with *, a half sheet, 
table of chapters, text p. 267-^11, table 
de maHeret, p. 412-429. The plates are 
nnmbered from 107 to 140. 

The 14 leaves, doubles medaiUes, which 
belong to p. 373-^11, are the same which 
are found separately, each as a tail-piece, 
at the end of the 14 chapters of the 4th 
part, and they are only brought together 
here, in order to place them with their 

In the first impressions plates 87 and 88 
of voL 3 are marked 15 and 24 his* Nea- 
pel tt. Sieilien (von J. H. Keerl). Ge/Ao, 



EMnffer, 1 789-1805. 8**. with pUtes, 10 
parts (17 d. 20 gr.), is a German abridg- 

19864 — Recueil de griffonis de vues, 
paysages, fragments antiques et su- 
jets historiques, grav^ k I'eau forte 
et au lavis, au nombre de 396 
planches en 158 pieces. Large fol. 

An indifferent collection and little sought 

19865 SAINT-PIERRE, Jac. Ber- 
nardin H. de. CEuvres completes, 
mises en ordre et pr^c^dees de la 
vie de I'auteur^ par L. Aime Martin. 
Par., Mequignon-Marvis, 1 8 1 8-20. 
8^ I a vols, with plates (84 fr., on 
vellum paper 168 fr.). 

The paper and plates of this edition are 
not particularly good. Also some copies 
on large vellum paper with triple plates 
(in outline, plain, and illuminated), 500 fr. 
A new edition in 18 vols. i8^ has since 
then appeared. 

19866 — Etudes de la nature. Par., 
Deter ville, an 12 (1804). 8°. 5 vols, 
with plates (30 fr., on vellum paper 
60 fr.). 

There is a bad Swiss reprint of this edi- 
tion in 5 vols. S°. Par,, Didot, 1784. 12*. 
5 vols, with plates (18 fr.), is also fine 
and sought after. In German by J. M. 
Tschoppe, Gor/tto, 1795-96. 8^ 2 vols. 
In English by Hunter, Lond, 1809. ^"^ 
4 vols. (2L 28.) 

19867 — harmonies de la nature, 

ouvrage posthume, public par L. 

Aime Martin. Par. 1815. 8^ 3 


Also 4 vols, in 12°. In English by W. 
Meeston, Land, 1815. 8^ 3 vols. (il. 16s.) 

19868 — Paul et Virginie. Par., 
impr. de Monsieur^ 17^9. i8^ On 
vellum paper with plates. 

Neat and becoming scarce. There are 5 
copies on vellum, one of them with 5 co- 
loured plates. 

19869 — Paul et Virginie^ Edition 
augm. d'un nouveau preambule. 
Par., Didot ain^, 1806. large 4^. 
on vellum paper with 7 plates. 

The subscription price was 72 fr., with 
plates avant la letire 1 20 fr., with coloured 
plates 240 fr., in fol. 120 fr., in fol. with 
plates avani la letire 168 fr., in fol. with 
illuminated plates 288 fr. There is a copy 
on vellum with the original designs. 


1634 S A I 

19870 — Paul et Virginie. Par. 1816. 
1 8°. Also on vellum paper. 

In this edition a part of the introduction, 
whidi certainly is not particularly good, is 
omitted. — In German by A. H. Ottok. BLei- 
chard, Eipa^ 1789. 8^ (10 gr.) In £nglish 
LontL, SuUaby, 1810. iS"*. with plates. 

19871 — la chaumi^e Indienne. 
Par., Didot, 1791. 18°. On veUum 
paper with plates. 

Also %b,y id.y 1 808. 1 8**. On vellum paper 


19872 — la capanna Indiana, trad, da 
Ant. Bruner. Par., Honnert, 1 796. 

There are 6 copies of this translation on 
vellum (one 40 fr. McCarthy). 

19873 — I'Arcadie. Par., an II 
(1794). I8^ 

There are 1 copies of this idUion contre- 
faite on vellum. — The three latter works 
are also found in the Etudes de la nature. 

SAINT-PREST, see Dumont. 

19874 SAINT-REAL, C^r Vi- 

chard de. OBuvres. Nouv. ^dit. 

revue, corrig^e et augment^e d'un 

volume. Amst., Honord, 1 740. 1 2°. 

6 vols, with plates. 

The finest edition and the most sought 
after. Previously (by Prosper Marchand), 
ffaye, Vaiiianiy 1722. 12^ 5 vols, and with 
augmentations and abbreviations by the 
same, Haife, Rogissart, 1726. 12^ 4 vols. 

19875 — cBuvres (par P6rau). Par., 
Njon, 1740. 4®. 3 vols. Also on 
large paper. 

Also Par. 1757. 12°. 8 vob. 

19876 — oeuvres choisies, pr6ced^es 
d'une notice sur sa vie (par Charl. 
Malo). Par., Janet, 18 19. 8^ (6 
fr., on vellum paper 11 fr.) 

19877 — la conjuration des Espagnols 

contre la repub. de Venise. La 

conjuration des Gracques. Dijon, 

Causse, an 3 (1795). small fol. On 

vellum paper. 

Only 65 copies of this edition were struck 
off, 4 of which were on better paper : 5 
copies on vellum besides. 

19878 — les memes ouvrages. Par., 
Aenouard, 1803. 18^ 

Of this edition there is i copy on vellum 
in 1 2°., and 2 on rose coloured paper, one 
in 12°. and the other in 18**. 


19879 — Dom Carlos, nouvelle his- 
torique. Par., Didot, 1781. 18^. 

A copy on vellum in the Royal Ubnuy 
at Paris. 

SAINT-SAUVEUR, see Gbasset. 

19880 SAINT-SIMON, L. de. CBu- 
vres compl^s (publiees par Soula- 
vie). Strb., Treuttel, 1791. 8**. 13 
vols. (24 fr., on fine paper 39 fr., 
and on large vellum paper 78 fr.) 

Badly printed, but far moro complete 
than Par. 1788-89. 8*". 7 vols. 

19681 — mdmoires du due de S. Si- 
mon. Nouv. ddit. mise dans un 
meilleur ordre et augm. de notes, 
par F. Laurent. Par., Effron, 1818. 
8°. 6 vols. (36 fr., on vellum paper 
72 fr.) 

2 copies on large vellum paper. Better 
printed and arranged than the preceding, 
but all the documents of that edition are 
not printed again. The notes also are su- 

SAINT-SORLIN, see Dbsmarbts. 
SAINT- VICTOR, see Bouillon 

and Tableau histor. et pittor. de 

SAINT. VINCENT, see Bory. 

19882 SAINTE CROIX, GuiU. 
Emman. Jos. Guilhem de Clermont- 
Lodeve, de. De Fetat et du sort 
des colonies des anciens peuples. 
Philadelphie (Par.), 1779. 8^ 

19883 — (anon.) m^moires pour ser- 
vir a Thist. de la religion secrete 
des anciens peuples. Par., Nyon, 
1784. 8°. 

Villoison, to whom the superintendence 
' of the printing was committed, added mudi 
of his own, and amongst other things the 
treatise De triplici theologia m^fetertUque 
veterum^ at which the audior testified his 
displeasure in ^e Journal dee eavane (i 785 
April). Consult Chardon Milangee^ III. 
44« In German by C. Ohld. Lens^ 6oCAa, 
1790. 8^ (i d.) 

19884 — Recherches historiques et 
critiques sur les myst^res du pa- 
ganisme. Ed. II. revue et corrigi^ 
par Silvestre de Sacy. Par., De- 
bure, 1817. 8^ 2 vols, with 1 plates 
(15 fr., on vellum paper 30 fr.). 

The editor has considerably enlarged this 
edition, partly from the numerous MS. 
additions of the author, and partly with 
his own observations. 


19885 — des andeiu couvernemeiiB 
fSderetifs et de la I^ialation de 
Crete. Par. 1 799. 8^. (5 fir.) 

19886 — examen critique des andens 
historiens d' Alexandre le Grand. 
Ed. II. oonsiderablement augmen- 
ts Par.^ Delance et Lesueur, 
1804. 4^. New title^ Pbr., Bache- 
lier, 181 o. 4^ with maps (30 fr.» 
on Tellum paper 50 fr.). 

The maps were only added subtequently. 
The first edition. Pair, 1 775. 4^. is far more 
iiioompleCe. In En^sh, with notes and 
obserfatiaiis by Rch. Chyton. Land, 1 793. 
4^ with a map. — See also Ezouryedam. 

SAINTE MARIE, see Sancta 

SAINTE Marthe, see Sammar. 


19887 SAINTE -PAL A YE, J. Bt. 

de la Cnme de. Memoires sur 

I'andenne ehevalerie, consider^ 

comme un ^tablissement politique 

et roilitaire. Par., Dudiesne, 1759- 

81 or Par. 1781. la**. 3 voll. 

In German, Da* RUierweten de» MiU 
telaUen. Aus dem FranM. mU Anmerkk., 
Zfuatgen ti. Vorr. von J. L. Kinder. Nrb. 
1786.^. 8". 3 voU. (4 d. 4 gr.) 

19888 — (anon.) projet d'un glos- 

saire Francois. Par. 1756. 4^ 32 


The author tranafierred the condensation 
of his collections for this ^ossary, oonsist- 
ing of 40 folios, the labour of 50 years, to 
0. J. Mouchet. The work was to have 
appeared under the title, Glouaiire de Pan- 
eieime Umgue franfoise, depuie son arigme 
juaqu*au nMe de Louu XIV, in 10 or 12 
fiolios, of which however only 1470 columns 
of the I St part (as far as aeteweU) have 
been printed. This fragment, some copies 
of which have escaped destruction, makes 
it greatly to be regretted that the ]dan was 

SAINTRE, see Jean. 
SAKONTALA, see Kalidas. 

19889 SALA di Malagigi (romanso 
in ottava rima). Without place or 
date (Bol., Azzoguidi, about 1471). 

Very scarce. It heg^ Splendor eupemo 
<6 tomofaiore. It ends, 

Coeei e eomphUa queeta HModra storia 
Di mai vi ffuardi (alio re S ffloria. 



19890 Without place or date 

(15th century). 4°. 
This edition is later. The last two verses 

here run, 

Di mat ffi guardi laUo re di ploria 
Al voeiro honorefania e quetta storia, 

19891 — la Sala di Malagigi. With- 
out place or date. (^^^^ about 

1566). 4°. 

6 leaves in 2 columns with 36 lines and 
the signature A. In leaf i* is the above 
title in Gothic letter, underneath a wood- 
cut, and underneath this the poem com- 
mences. Splendor supemo e sommo faiiore. 
The poem here contains 99 stanzas, and 
leaf 6^ column 2 ends with the verses, 
da mal ci ffuanU laUo re di gloria 
al uostro honor finila e qsta Mstoria. 
This edition is at WoLGenbttttel. 

19892 SALA, N. Regole del con- 
trapunto pratico. Napoli, 1794. 

A highly esteemed work, and made use 
of in Ale*. Choron Prindpes de composUion 
de ricole d'HaUe, formks de la reunion des 
modeles de Sola, Martini et autres. Par. 
1809. fol. 3 vols, (qo fr., on vellum paper 
133 fr., OD large vellum paper 180 fr.) 

SALADE, see Sale. 

19893 SALAMESCH ben Con- 
dogdi» arab. Romse, 1584. 4°. 
(not 8*».) 

106 leaves or aia pages. On the lower 
part of the title leaf there is in Arabic^ 
Rome, printed by Robert Granione of Paris 
1584. At the end of the book is, Amus, 
ex tffpographia Domimei Bassm, 1585. But 
in the Florence copy this colophon is smear- 
ed over with ink. Only two copies are 
known, one in the Laurentian library, and 
the other in the Nani library at Venice. 
Ckmsult Sehnurrer Bibl. Arab. No. 189, and 
Silv. de Saey in MilUn Magas. enosfoL 
1814. I. 193. 

19894 SALAS Barbadillo. Alonso 
Geron. de. Rimas Gastellanas* 
Madr. 1616. 8°. 

19895 — coronas del Pamaso 7 Plato 
de las musas. Madr. 1635. 8^. 

19896 SALAS Barbadillo, Geron de. 
El caballero puntual. Madr. 161 4. 

19897 — Petrona de Madrid resti- 
tuida, poema heroico. Madr. 1 750. 

19898 SALAS, Jos. Ant. Gonzalez 
de. Nueva idea de la tragedia an- 
tiinia d ilustracion ultima al libro 




de poetica de Aristoteles. P. I. II. 
Madr., Sancha. 1778. 8°. (18 rs.) 

19899 SALAZAR y Torres, Agst. 
de. Cythara de Apolo. T. I. Va- 
rias poesias divinas y humanas. 
T. II. Loas y comedias. Saca a 
luz J. de Vera Tasis y Villaroel. 
Madr. 1694. 4*^. 

19900 SALAZAR^ Ambr. de. Las 
clavellinas de recreation. Les 
oeuillets de recreation. Brusselles^ 
Pepermans, 1625. 12''. 

19901 SALAZAR, Ant. Martinez. 
Coleccion de memorias y noticias 
del gobierno eeneral y politico del 
consejo. Madr. 1764. fol. 

A very scarce work, sold in Spain for ao 

19902 SALAZAR, Fr. Cervantes de. 
Obras, que Fr. Cervantes de Salazar 
ba hecbo, glosado y traducido. 
Madr., Sancba, 1772. 4^ (14 rs.) 

19903 SALAZAR, J. Bt. Suarez de. 
Grandezas y antiguedades de la isla 
y ciudad de Cadiz. Cadiz, Clem. 
Hidalgo, 1 610. 4°. with woodcuts. 

19904 SALAZAR, J. Jos. Poesias 
varias en todo genero de assumptos 
y metros. Madr. ( 1 73 1 ) . 4°. 

SALAZAR, Lobon de, see Isla. - 

19905 SALAZAR y Castro, L. de. 
Catalogo bistorial-genealogico de 
la casa y villa de Feman Nunez. 
Madr., Bedmar, 1682. fol. 

19906 — bistoria genealogica de la 
casa de Silva, justificada con instru- 
mentos. Madr., Alvarez, 1685. fol. 
2 voU. 

Very carefully done and to be depended 

19907 — advertencias historicas sobre 
las obras de algunos doctos escri- 
tores modemos. Madr. 1688. 4°. 

19908 — bistoria genealogica de la 
casa de Lara. Madr. 1696. fol. 
4 voll. 

19909 — glorias de la casa de Far- 
nese. Madr. 1716. fol. 

19910 SALAZAR, Pedro de. Cro- 
nica de el gran cardenal de Espaiia, 
Pt. Gonzalez de Mendoza« Toledo, 
Ortiz, 1625. fol. 


19911 — coronica de la provincia de 
Castilla de la orden de S. Francisco. 
Madr., impr. real, 161 2. fol. 

SALDEN, see Hermannus de 


19912 SALE, Ant. de la. La Salade, 
laquelle fait mention de tous les 
pays du monde, du pays de la belle 
Sybille etc. Par., Mch. le Noir, 
152 1, small fol. Gotbic letter witb 

19913 Par., Ph. le Noir, 1527. 

small fol. Gothic letter with wood- 

60 numbered leaves and 1 leaves, table, 
in two columns with the signatures a-Je, 
besides 2 large woodcuts, viz. bistween leaves 
15 and 16 {Is mont de la SUnUe), and be- 
tween 37 and 28 (the terrestrial globe). 
Respecting the very various contents of this 
work, written in the time of Louia XI, 
and only in some degree sought after when 
in very good condition, see Milanffe* iir, 
d*une gr. bibL V. 48 sq. — Concerning a 
work of the same au thorns written in 1461 
and not printed, under the title of La Sale, 
see Notices et ExiraiU, V. 392. The ro- 
mance of Jehan de Saintr^ is also attri- 
buted to him (see Jehan). 

19914 SALEL, Hugues. (Euvres. 

Par., Roffet, 1539. 8°. 

Also, Lyon, Rigaud, 1573. 16**. His Dia- 
logue non moiru uHle que delectable etc 
without place or date (Lyon, 1538). 8**. is 
not to be found therein. See also Homerus, 
Na 10060, and Maokt. 

SALEMON, see Salomon. 
SALERNE, see Schola. 

19915 SALERNO, N. Novelle. 
Nap. 1760. 4®. 

19916 SALES, Fr. de. CEuvres 
completes, publics d'apr^ les edi* 
tions les plus correctes. Par. 1821. 
8°. 13 voll. (78 fr.) 

19917 SALIANUS, Jac. Annales 
ecclesiastici vet. testamenti. Par., 

Cramoisy, 1635. ^^^' ^ ^^^^* 

19918 SALICETO, Gu. de. De 
salute corporis. Cardinalis de Tur- 
recremata de salute animae. Pii II. 
contra luxuriosos et lascivos ad ka- 
rolum cypriacum tractatus de amore. 
Meonii Homeri greci poetarum 
maximi opus insigne cui Iliada ti- 
tulus inscribitur e greco in latinum 


▼ersa. Without place or date. fol. 
Gothic letter. 

33 kaves with 35 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and pagination. Leaf 
I* begins with this superscription, In phH 
eodice coHniiur duo tmgularet et putUeM 
tractahu etc. The work of Saliceto ends 
in leaf 7^, that of Turrecremata in ii*, 
that of Pius in 13". In leaf 14* begins 
PH teeundi poUficis nuuimi pro laude ho^ 
msri prrfatiOy with the piece belonging 
thereto, whidi does not contain a transla- 
tion of the niad, but extracts from it in 
the fonn of a dialogue, and it ends in leaf 
33*. The last piece (that is from leaf 14 
to 13) belongs to the same printing, but 
was met with by itself at McCarthy's sale 
(134 fr.). The printing certainly belongs to 
one of the oldest north Dutch printing esta- 
blishments, and may be set down between 
1467 and 1470. The types are entiielv 
the same as those of the Doetrinale, which 
is attributed to Coster. It is evident, there- 
fore, that this piece is a valuable document 
fur the history of the oldest Dutdi typo- 
graphy, and Renouard has actually made 
use of it, with much acuteness, to dispute 
the history of Coster*s discovery. To me it 
appears not adapted to such a counter-proof, 
bat on the contrary as evidencing in fkvour 
of the Dutch discovery. Consult Renouard 
CaiaL II. 150-158. Hermes, B. 23. KO' 
nmg Ferfumdeling, p. 166. Koning By- 
droffen, II. 143. Dibttin JEd. AUhotp. II. 
^569 is quite superficial. 

19919* — somina conservationis et 
curationis. Placentife, without the 
printer's name, 1475. fol. 

19919** — cyrurgia. Placentise, with- 
out the printer's name, 25 Maji 
1476. fol. 

19920 — la ciroxia vulgarmente fatta. 
Ven., Ph. di Piero, i Mart. 1474. fol. 

19921 — la cjrurgie de maistre Guil- 
laume de Salicet dit de Placentia, 
trad, du latin par N. Prevost. 
Lyon, Mthi. Huss^ 20 Nov. 1492. 
4°- Gothic letter. 

19922 SALIGNAC, Bertrand de. 
Le si^e de Metz en 1552. Par., 
Charl. Estienne, 1552. 4°. 

A copy on vellum, 54 fr. Davoust, 73 fr. 
Valliere, 340 fr. McCarthy. 

19923 SALIGNACO, Bm. a. Iti- 

nerarium terr» sanctae. Lugd., 

Gilb. de Villiers, 1525. 8^ Gothic 

letter with woodcuts. 

Also with Broeardi Deeeripiio t&ftm 
Magdeb, 1587. 4^ 



19924 SALINA, Fr. De musica li- 

bri VII. Salmanticic, I577* fol* 

Also^ id. 1593. foL Scarce and excellent, 
see Forkel LUt, der Musik, P* 379> 

19925. SALIS, J. Gaudenz von. Ge- 
dichte. 4 Ausg. Ziir., Orell, 1 800. 
8^. (12 gr., on writing paper i d.) 


SALISBURY, eveque de Chartres, 
see the same article in the note. 

19926 SALISBURY, W. Hortus 
siccus gramineus, or a collection of 
dried specimens of British grasses, 
with botanical illustrations. Lond. 
1812. fol. (3I. 3s.) 

SALLE, see Salb. 
SALLENGRE, see Gbonovius, 
No. 8957. 

19927 SALLENTIN (de rOise). 
L'improvisateur fran9ois. Par. 1 805 . 
12°. 21 voll. 

SALLES, see Delislb. 

19928 SALLUSTIUS philosophus. 
De diis et mundo. Leo Allatius 
nunc primus e tenebris eruit et la- 
tine vertit. Rom«, Mascardus, 

1638. 12°. 

The first edition and scarce, with it the 
Demophilus of 1638 is usually found (see 
above. No. 593 a )• 

19929 — de diis et mundo. Leo 
Allatius nunc primus e tenebris 
eruit et lat. vertit. Juxta exemplar 
Romse impressum. LB., J. Maire, 

1639. 12®. 

Only a reprint of the preceding edition, 
and is more easy to be met with. With 
this also is usually found, Demophiii etc 
sentenH^, LB. 1639. ''"* 

19930 — de diis et mundo. Leo 

Allatius nunc primus e tenebris 

eruit, et latine vertit. Juxta ex. 

emplar Romse impressum. Can. 

tabr., ex offic. J. Hayes, impensis 

J. Greedy 1670. 8°. 46 pages. 

Only an impression of the preoedinff, yet 
with the addition of notes by Th. Owe (p. 
4.V46)- This scarce edition is in uie 
Council library of Leipzic, and is repeated 
word for wonl in GiUe Oputee. myihol. 
Cbr. 1 67 1. 8^ or Amtt. 1688. 8*'. 

19931 — traite des dieux et du monde 
traduit du grec, avec (le texte grec 
et) des reflexions critiques 



(par J. H. Sm. Formey). Berl. 
1 748. 8«. 

19932 — libellns de diis et mundo, 
gr. et lat. Emendatius edidit, Luc. 
Holstenii et Th. Galei annotatio- 
nibus integris, Formeji autem se- 
lectis aliorumque et suis nee non 
locis e scriptis Platonicorum ex- 
cerptis illastravit J. Gr. Orellius. 
Turici, Orellius, 1821. 8^ (i d. 

The text is oarrected here and there from 
conjecture, and Allaoci*s tranBlatUMi is 

19933 — von den Gottern u. der 

Welt, deutuch ubs. Ff. 1762. 8^ 

(6 gr.) — Buch von den Gottern 

u. der Welt, aus dem Griech. ubs. 

von J. G. Schulthess. Ziir., Orell, 

1779. 8^ (2gr.) 

An earlier translation by J. Ch. Arnold 
in the Magagin der Naiury Kuntt und 
WisaenachafU Th. I. Lpz, 1 753. 8°. p. 

19934 — Sallust on the gods and the 
world, and the Pythagoric sen- 
tences of Demophilus, translated 
from the Greek, and five hymns 
by Proclus, in the original Greeks 
with a poetical version. To which 
are added five hymns by the trans- 
lator (Th. Taylor). Lond., Jeffrey, 
1793.8°. (4s.) 

Concerning an attempt at an Italian 
translation, see Pmtoni^ IV. 13. Campo- 
manes had prepared a Spanish translation 
in MS., and intended to have published it 
with the original, see Sempere Bibl. Eapan. 
II. 46. — In qtuedam dicta SaUustii phUo- 
tophi specie repugnarUia declamatoria anu 
madversiOf in Pagn, GauderUU aoademieum 
intiar. Flor, 1639. 4"*' ^^ ^^ 

19935 SALLUSTIUS, Caj. Crispus. 

De bello Catilinario et de bello 

Jugurthino. ( Fen . ), Vindelinus de 

Spira, 1470. large 4°. 

According to Dibdin 70 leaves, according 
to Brunet (probably including a blank leaf) 
7 1 with 30 lines, without signatures, catch- 
words, and pagination. Leaf la begins 
without further superscription with the 
Catalina and the 1st Une is, (O)MNIS 
HOMINES. Jtt^r^ begins in leaf 24% 
and the ist Une is, (F)ALSO. QVERI- 
TUR. The work ends in leaf 70a with 
the date, EXPLICIT. M.C.G.C.C.L.X.X. 


and 6 verses. Qui eupit ignoium lugurthm 
noaoere ktwn etc, in which the printer is 
named, and it is at the same time stated, 
that only 400 copies of this edition were 
struck off. I^eaf 'jo^ is blank. Thla edi- 
tion is usually considered as the first, with- 
out, however, its being decided wiUi any 
certainty whether this priority would most 
correctly be assigned to this or to the fill- 
lowing edition. Cortius has made use of 
it. According to Dibdin*s Bibiumaniaj 
p. 424, and Beloe's AneodoteM^ IV. 67. there 
is a copy of it on vellum in the library at 

19936 — de conjuratione Catilinse et 
de bello Jugurthino. Without 

place or printer*s name, 1470. large 


55 leaves with 34 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and pagination. Leaf i* 
CONIVRA. The CatUina ends in leaf 
19a with the word FINIS. JugurAa 
begins in leaf 20a without any superscrip- 
tion, and the ist line is, (F)ALSO 
ends in leaf 55b with the subscriptiaii in 
2 lines, .LAVS. DEO. M. CCCC. LXX. 
This edition has also sometimes been attri- 
buted to Vindelinus de Spira, it is however 
more probable that it bdongs to a Rotnan 
press. The Bipontine editors ernmeously 
attributed the superintendence of it to 
Pomponius Lstus. According to Haver- 
camp, who made use of it, it is printed 
from a very good MS. 

19937 — in Catilinam et in Jugur- 
tham. Without place or date 
(RonuB, Adam Rot), foL 

58 leaves with 34 lines, without ogna- 
turas, catchwords, and pagination. Leaf i« 
begins with the CaHiina without any su- 
perscription, and the ist line is, (0)Jlfntf 
hcnwnei qui shtdetit mae prestare. The 
Catilina ends in leaf 20a with ihe sub- 
scription, In cateHnam (sic) ttUutHua JiniL 
Jugurtha b^ins in leaf 21% and ends in 
leaf 58M 

In lugurtham Salusiiut FinU FeUeUer : 

A »: , R.: , 
Maittaire*s reference of these letters to 
Adam Rot is censured as absurd by Dib- 
din, Bibl. Speno. II. 331, and the exist- 
ence of this printer is without hesitatioa 
denied. His contradiction he has recalled 
in the Decameron, II. 331 n., but has soil 
to make up for his want of acuteness, aa 
weU as much besides. 

19938 — de bello Catilinario et de 
bello Jugurthino. SaUustii vita. 
Ejusdem in Ciceronem inuectioa. 


Ciceronis in Sallustium responsio 
seu inuectiua. (Ven,), Vindelinus 

de Spira, >47'* ^^^' 

69 kaTes, without signaturei, catch- 
woi^, and paginatioii. Leaf li^ begins 
vith the CaiUina without any superacrip- 
tion, and the i>t line is, (0)mmi8 ho- 
MIKES. The CaHRna ends in leaf 21^ 
with rcAotr. At the end of the Jftgurthoy 
leaf 42^ is. Explicit, m. cccc. lxxi., 
and then 6 verses, Qui cufu ignotum Ju- 
ffurthe noteere letum etc. Next foUows 
SaDustV life and the two invectives on 6 
leaves, at the end of which there is again 
MCCCCLXXI. This is the 2nd edition of 
^^delinus, considerably corrected, and 
probably from a different MS. It is very 
Bcaroe, and, Uke the ist edition, consisted 
only of 400 copies. 

19939 — de Lacii Catilinse conjura- 
tione liber. De bello lugurthee 
contra populam Romanum liber. 
Without place or date (Par., Ge- 
ring, Crantz et Friburger, about 

M70. 4**- 

105 leaves with 23 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and pagination. Leaf 
I* Hoe I is, CaU Critpi SaltutUy fwbiiMm 
ctuw (in other copies, in which this ist 
leaf is reprinted on account of some typo- 
gnphical errors, the ist line runs thus, 
Can CriMpi Sahism, de LucU), The Co^ 
^na ends in leaf 35*. The following or 
36th leaf is Uank. Jugtirtha b^ns in 
leaf 37*, and the ist line u, Cats Critpi 
Saiutm, de beOo lu. The dUUch, Qui 
eupit iffnoium etc. (as in the above editions) 
and 8 Latin verses. Nunc parat ttrma 01- 
Totque etc. (which refer to the war of 
Louis XI wioi Charles duke of Bui^^ndy, 
at that time gcing on) concludes the work 
in leaf 105b. Ou. FidieCns was the editor. 
There are 2 copies on veUum, one in the 
Royal bbrary at Paris (formerly belonging 
to the Soriionne), and the o&er in tlie 

19940 — De Lucii Catilins conjura- 

tione liber. De bello Jugurthse 

contra populum Romanum liber. 

Sallu8tii inyectiya in TuUium. Ci- 

ceronig invectiva in Sallustium et 

quarta inyectiva in Catilinam. 

Without place or date (Par,, Ca- 

tarit et Siol, about 1473). 4''* 

101 leaves with 24 lines, without signa- 
tares, catchwords, and pagination. The 
CaHUna begins in leaf 1* with a super- 
scription in 5 lines, the lat of which is. 
Can Cfiapi SahuiH, de LucH. It ends in 
kaf 31^ with Finii feUoUery and 8 venes, 



Se quitquam eupiai etc Jugurtha begins 
in leaf 32*, and the ist line is, Caii Crispi 
SahuiU i de beUo Ju» It ends in leaf 92b 
with 8 verses, the last of which is, Ifaa 
pmpe dinwa perpoUC arte Hlfrof. The 3 
invectives follow in leaf 93^^, and the ist 
line is, Cati Critpi SalutiU in, M, The 
book ends in leaf loib with InueoHMarum 

19941 — libri de bello Catilinario et 
Jugurthino. Salustii et Gioeronis 
invectivse mutu<e et Ciceronis quar- 
ta invectiva in Catilinam. Without 
place or date (Par,, Pi, Ceesaris, 

about 1474). 4^ 

With 26 lines, without ngnatures, catch- 
words, and pagination. l%is well-printed 
and very scarce edition b^ns with the 
prologue of the CatiUna, The last 32 
leaves contain the invectives with the fol- 
lowing colophon in 2 lines, Et in hoc Jim- 
tur quarta invectiva Maroi | ThtUU Cice* 
ronit in LuoiH CaHlinam, 

19942 — de conjuratione Catilins 
liber. De bello Jugurthino liber. 
Without place or date (Arg., Ml, 
Flacky about 1474)* fol. Gothic 

60 leaves, with 34 lines in a full page, 
without signatures, catchwords, and pagi- 
nation. Leaf i^- line i is, Cakj Critpi 
SakuHj, de LucH CatilL The CaiUina 
ends in leaf 20^. Jugurtha begins in leaf 
2 1 a, and ends in 60b with the distich de 
morte Jugurtha. The types are the same 
as those in the Persius, No. 16231 above. 

19943 — de Catilinae conjuratione et 
de bello Jugurthino. Mediol., Ant. 
Zarotus, 4 Aug. 1474- fol. 

19944 — opera quam optime emen- 
data. Ven., imp. J. de Colonise nee 
non J. Manthen, 23 Mart. 1474. 
small fol. 

75 leaves with 32 lines, and catchwords, 
but without signatures. Leaf i^ line i is, 
oMkis homikes Qui. The CaiUina ends 
in leaf 21b with the word TcXo<r. The 
Jugurtha b^ns in leaf 22a without any 
superscription, and ends in leaf 63b with 
FINIS, and a colofi^on of 5 lines. The 
life of Sallust and the usual invectives 
follow in leaves 64-75. '^^^ edition is 

19945 — Catilinarius et de bello Ju- 
gurthino. Brixige, Eustacius Gal- 

lus^ 26 Aug. 1475. fol. 

53 (not 108) leaves with 35 lines, with- 
out signatures, catchwords, aod pagination. 



The CaHlina begins in leaf ib, and ends in 
1 8b. The Jugurtha begins in leaf 19% 
and ends in 53a. Leaf 53b is the colophon. 
This is one of the rarest editions of Sal- 

19946 — opera quam optime emen- 

data. Valentiae, (Alonsns Fern an ~ 

dez de Cordova ei Lambertus PuL 

mart), 13 Jul. 1475. 4°* 

It begins with the CaHlina without any 
superscription; the «/if$rurMa follows. After 
the colophon are to be found Sallust's life, 
and his invective, with those of Cicero 
and Catiline. There is a copy of this ex- 
tremely rare edition at Blenheim. 

19947 — opera. Mediol., Ph. Lava- 
nius^ 5 cal. Dec. 1476. fol. 

19948 — opera quam optime emen- 
data. Medio!., Jac. Martianus^ 22 
cal. Dec. 1477. fol. 

19949 — de Catilinoe conjuratione et 
bello Jugurthino. Invectivee Ci- 
ceronis in Catilinam. Par., U. 
Gering, without date (about 1477). 

4 • 
This edition, which is little sought after, 

has indeed also the verses at the end, as in 
No. 19939, Nune parai armoy etc. it is 
however of later date, and is distinguished 
by having signatures and Cicero's invec- 
tives, which are wanting in the earlier edi- 
tion. The colophon stands be£»re the in- 

19950 — eadem opera. Par., Oering^ 
without date, small 4°. 

With signatures (as far as O5). The 
last page has 25 lines. Of little vaJue. 

19951 — historia de conjuratione 
Catilinse et de bello Jugurthino. 
Sallustii et Ciceronis invectivs. 
(Fen.), Ph. Petrus, 22 Jun. 1478. 

52 leaves (the ist blank) with 36 lines, 
and the signatures a-g. Very incorrectly 

19952 — de conjuratione Catilinie et 
de Jugurthino bello. Florentise, 
apud S. Jacobum de Ripoli, 1478. 

4 • 
With the signatures a-f, and 35 lines. 

19953 — bellum Catilinarium et Ju- 
gurthinum. Mediol., Ant. Zarotus, 
3 Nov. 1478. fol. 

19954 — bellum Catilinarium et Ju- 
gurthinum. Ciceronis quatuor Ca- 
tilinariffi et Sallustii oratio in Tul- 


lium. Par., in vico S. Jaoobi in 
intersignio follis viridis, 1479. 4^- 

19955 — de conjuratione Catilinse et 
de bello Jugurthino. Sallustii vita 
et in Ciceronem invectiva. Cice- 
ronis in Sallustium responsio. Ven., 
Bt. de Tortis, 23 Dec. 1481. fol. 

19956 — beUum Catilinarium et 
Jugurthinum. MedioL, Pachel et 
Scinzenzeller, 9 cal. Febr. 1482. 

19957 — bellum Catilinarium et Ju- 
gurthinum. Sallustii vita et in 
Ciceronem invectiva. Ciceronis in 
Sallustium responsio. Romee, {Eu^ 
char, S%lber)y 17 Apr. 1482. 4®. 

19958 — historia de conjuratione 
Catilinie et de bello Jugurthino. 
Sallustii vita et in Cic. invectiva. 
Ciceronis in Sallustium responsio. 
Ven., Bernardin. Benalius, 24 Apr. 
1485. fol. 

45 leaves with signatures. 

19959 — liber de conjuratione Cati- 
line. Declamatio contra eundem. 
De bello Jugurthino liber. Ora- 
tiones et epistolse (ex emendatione 
Pomponii Lseti). Romse, Euchar. 
Silber, 3 non. Apr. 1490. 4^. Qo~ 
thic letter. 

The alterations of Lsetos, pretendedly 
ex fide ffetuttoHs, are too surbitraiy, and 
often unhappy. 

19960 — historiffi ex recensione 

Pomp. Laeti cum comment. Lau- 

rentii Vallensis in conjurationem 

Catilinie. Ven., Ph. Pincius, XI. 

Maji 1 49 1, fol. 

With the same oommentary, F«it., 
Thdr, de Bagaxonibut, 1492. fol. t^., JV. 
de Ferrar.y 1492. fol. 

19961 — Pomponii (Leeti) epistola 
ad Agst. Mapheeum. Salustii bel- 
lum catilinarium cum commento 
Lr. Vallensis. Portii latronis de- 
clamatio contra Catilinam. Sa- 
lustii bellum iugurtinum. Salustii 
variae orationes. Salustii vita« Ven., 
J. de Cereto de Tridino, 5 Aug. 
1493. fol. 

46 leaves with the signatures o-A. The 
recension of Pomp. Letus. Also (with 
the same tide), Tm., Bernardin, Bmo. 


Hus, without data. foL 46 leaves, with the 
sigiiatures a-^. 

19962 ^ Pomponii epistola ad Agst. 
Mapheam. Saluatii bellum Catili- 
nariam cum commento Lr. Val- 
lenais et Omnib. Leoniceni. Portii 
Latronis dedamatio contra Catili- 
nam. Sallusiii bellum iugurthinum 
cumcommentariis J. Clirjsost. Soldi. 
Sallustii vari» rationes (sic), Sal- 
lustii vita. Brix., J. Britannicus, 

urithont date. fol. 

AlaO) Brix», Ang* et Joe, BriUmtncuty 
1495- foi. whldi 18 very ineorrect. Ven^ 
J. Taetdnut de Tridino, 10 Jul. 1502. foL 
III niunberad leaves, and i leaf errata. 
Also often. 

19963 — Hie erit ut perbibent doc- 
tornm oorda virorum, primus Ro. 
mana Crispus in historia. (Sallustii 
opera). Flor., Pb. Junta^ 6 cal. 
Pebr. 1503. 8*». 

8 leaves, with the signatures aJc, With 
a preface by Benedictus Philolqgos. (Wol- 

19964 — Salustius. Without place 
(Lugd.), s Nov. 1504. 8^ 

This eztrenody incorrect edition, which 
has been sometimes taken for an Aldine, 
has the signatures a~p, and is without any 
numbering of the leaves. On the reverse 
of the title is a preface, superscribed i Bo/- 
ihatar Fidelu Ju, U, D. et Modoeneieneis 
eedetie archipresbiter ad lectorem. 

19965 — Salustius ( edente Th. 
Murchio Genuensi). Without place 
or date (Lugd. 1504). 8^ 

This somewhat more correct reprint of 
the preceding edition has a preface dated 

19966 — opera Salustiana. In Ca. 
Crispi Salustii opera Ascesii fiami- 
liaris interpretatio. Par., J. Bar- 
bier pro J. Parvo, id. Sept. 1508. 

4°. Gothic letter. 

6 leaves of preliminary matter, and 200 
numbered leaves (Wolfenbiittel). Also, 
Lvgd,y CL Dawoitf 5 id. Juru 1 509. large 
4**. Qothie letter, 6 leaves of preliminarv 
matter, and 154 numbered leaves (Wol- 
fenbiittel). Lfiffd.y Joe, Manreechaly 17 OcL 
151 1. large 4°. Oothic letter. Fm., Bm, 
de Zannh, 3 Febr. 15 13. foL Lugd., J. 
de Plateoy 15 Nov. 1514. huge 4*. 6 leaves 
of preliminary matter, and 144 numbered 
leaves. (WolfenbUttd). 

19967 — de conjnratione Catilinse. 
Ejusdem de bello Jugurthino. £- 



jusdem oratio contra M. T. Cice- 
ronem. Ciceronis oratio contra 
Sallustium. Ejusdem orationes 
quatuor contra Catilinam. Porcii 
Latronis declamatio contra Catili- 
nam. Orationes qusedam ex libris 
historiarum Sallustii. Ven., Aldus 
et And. Asulanus, m. Apr. 1509. 

8 leaves of preliminary matter, and 279 
pages. A new recension from 9 ancient 
MSS. The edition b tolerably scarce. 

19968 — opera cum plusculis addita- 
mentis. Par., N. de Pratis, 10 cal. 

Sept. 1509. 4°. 

Only the text, with a letter of Ascensiua 
of 1509. (Wolfenbiittel). 

19969 — liber de bello Jugurtino. 
Lyptzck, Jac. Tbanner, 15 10. fol. 
Gothic letter, 40 leaves with 25 
lines, and the signatures A-G. — 
Liber de coniuratione L. Ser. Ca- 
tiline. (Lps,), Mt. Herbipolensis^ 
15 10. fol. Gothic letter, 22 leaves 
with 24 lines, and the signatures 

The 2 pieces bebng to each other. (Wol- 

19970 — opuscula cum plusculis ad- 
ditamentis. Par., per Gu. le Rouge 
pro Dion. Roce, 151 2. 8^ 

Rouge*s typographical productions are 
sought after m France. 

19971 — — (title as in No. 19967). 

Flor., Ph. de Giunta, m. Jun. 

1513. 8^ 

7 and 158 leaves. The and Juntine^ 
superintended by Marianus Tuodus. 

19972 — Sallustii de conjuratione 
Catilinee. Ejusd. de bello Jugur- 
thino. Item Sallustii vita. Ex 
secunda recognitions Arg., ex 

ffid. Schurer., m. Dec. 1513. 4^ 

The prefooe of Bth. Fidelis, from the 
Lyons edition of 1504, is prefixed. 

19973 — Sallustii de conjuratione 
Catilinse. Ejusd. de bello Jugur- 
thino. Orationes ex libris histo- 
riar. Sallustii. Ejusd. oratio contra 
Ciceronem. Ciceronis oratio contra 
Sallustium. Ejusd. orationes qua- 
tuor contra Catilinam. Porcii La- 
tronis declamatio contra Catilinam. 



{Par.)t in aedibus Ascens.^ 9 cal. 
Nov. 1513. 8°. 

A prefooe of H. Aleander (dated Paris 
1510) is prefizedy in which he asserts that 
he has corrected the Aldine text from a 
MS. imparted to him by P. iBmiUus. 

19974 — opera Sallustii cum tribus 
eommentis (Lr. Vallensis, Omnib. 
Leoniceni^ Jod. Badii et J. Chry- 
sost. Soldi). Yen., J. Tacuinus^ 
1 514. fol. 

A reprint of the hurger edition of Asoen- 
sius (see No. 19966) with the addition of 
the 3 remaining commentators. 

19975 — Salustii opera cum pluscu- 
lis additamentis noviter et diligen- 
ter Parrhi8i9 impressa. Par., J. 
du Pre et Jac. Messier, 2 id. Sept. 
1517. 8^ 

With a preface by Jod. Radius of 1508. 

19976 — Sallustii bellum Catilina- 
rium. Item bellum Jugurthinum 
ejusdem. Index. Arg.^ ex sed. 

Schurer., m. Oct. 1517. 4°. 

With a preface by N. Oerbelius. Re- 
peated, SeiesUutiiy Ltut. Sehurer, cal, Oct, 

19977 — de conjuratione Catilinie. 
Ejusdem de bello Jugurthino. Ora- 
tiones quiedam ex libris bistoriar. 
Sallustii. Ejusdem oratio contra 
Ciceronem. Ciceronis oratio contra 
Sallustium. Ejusdem orationes IV. 
contra Catilinam. Porcii Latronis 
dedamatio contra Catilinam. Quee 
omnia solerti nuper cura repurgata 
sunt, ac suo queeque ordine optime 
digesta. Ven., Aldus et And. 
socer, m. Jan. 1521. S°, 

8 leases of preliminary matter, 142 num- 
bered leaves, 1 blank leaf, and i leaf 
with the anchor. A new revision of the 
text of 1509 by Fr. Asulanus, and better 
printed than the earlier edition. A copy 
on vellum is quoted in the CakU, UU, Jot. 
Ren, ImperiaUSf p. 438. 

19978 — Sallustius. Without place 

or date (Ven., Gr. de Gregoriis, 

about 1521). 8^ 

A copy of the preceding with numbered 

19979 — Sallustii bella duo, Catili- 
narium et Jugurthinum. Col., ex 
off. Cr. Csesaris, m. Jan. 1531. 

Thu edition appears to be merely a re- 


print of No. 19976. The coloplion is at 
the end of the CatOiua. 

19980 — de conjuratione Catiline 
historia. Ejusdem de beUo Jugur- 
thino etc, Bas., And. Cratander, 

8 leaves of preliminary matter, 308 
pages, and 2 unnumbered leaves (Wolfen- 
biittel). Also, ib.y id^^ 1529. 8^ 

19981 — Sallustius. Lugd., Seb. 
Oryphius, 1529. 8^. 

19982 — de Catilinse conjuratione et 

bello Jugurthino historise cum re- 

liquis orationibus. Ace. Ph. Me- 

lanchthonis adnotatt. Pneterea 

indices II. Lugd. , Seb. Gryphius, 

1536. 8^ 

AJao^ t6., id,, 1540 or 43. 8°. Without 
annotations and indices, t6., id,, 1545 and 
47. i2\ 

19983 — de conjuratione Catilinae 

historia. Ejusd. de bello Jugur- 

thino etc, (cura H. Lor. Glareani). 

Bas., Cratander, 1538. 8^ 

Olareanus attempted a new carrection of 
the text without sufficient materials and 
with little success. 

19984 — de Catilinae conjuratione ac 
Jugurthino bello historise. Una 
cum castigationibus in easdem J. 
Rivii. Lips., Jac. Berwald, 154a. 


A new and valuable recension frooi 
4 MSS. and several old editions. The caa- 
tigations, which are sometimes wanting in 
this edition, had previously appeared with- 
out the text under the title, J, RtoH m 
SaUustu hutoritu oasHgatumum UbH II, 
Lp8,y Wokab, 1539. 8^ (Wolfenb.) 

19985 — Catilinee contra Romanum 
senatum conjuratio seu bellum Ca- 
tilinarium. Item bellum Jugur- 
thinum. Par., Sim. Colin»U8, 1543. 

Previously, th.^td,, 1523 or 36. 8*. 

19986 -— historic, cum variia lee 
tionibus. Par., Rb. Stephanua, 
1544. 8". 

19987 — de Catilinae conjuratione 
ac bello Jugurthino historise. £x 
castigatione J. Rivii. Cum anno- 
tatt. marginalibus Ph. Melanthonis. 
Ace. in Sallustii firagmenta H. Gla- 
reani annotatt. cum quibusdam aliis 


Jac. BoDoniensis annotatiuncalis. 
Col., J. Gjmnicus, 1 544. 8^. 
A]ms ib. 1550 and 86. 8^ 

19988 — de Catilinae oonjuratione ac 

bello Jugurthino historise. Nunc 

denno adhibitis aliquot venerandae 

yetustatis exemplaribus iisque manu 

Bcriptia, emendatK. Cum aliis qui- 

busdam. Lngd., Seb. Gryphius, 

1549. 8^ 

Reprints of this edition are, ib*^ itL, 155 1 
and 70. 12. Aniw.y Gpmnieus, 1557. 8** 
LvjftUy AfU. VmoefUhu, 1561. I3^ 

19989 cum annotatiunculis Jac. 

aCruce. Antw. 1553. 12**. 

CoDceming an edition of Salhist., Bonon. 
1554. 8**. occurring in an Italian cataloguoy 
I can find no further particulars. 

19990 — de catilins conjuratione ac 
bello Jugurthino historiie. Gran* 
davi, Corn. Manilius, 1556. small 

19991 — de conjuratione Catilinee et 
de bello Jugurthino. Ejusdem 
orationes etc. Ven., Aldus, 1557* 


A new recension by P. Manutius from 
3 MSS. with the addition of the frag- 

19992 — de oonjuratione Catilinae et 
de bello Jugurthino. Ejusdem 
orationes qusdam ex libris histo- 
riamm. C)rationes contrarise, qua- 
rum altera Sallustio tribuitur, al- 
tera Ciceroni. Index rerum me- 
morabilium. Ven., Aldus, 1560. 


8 leaves of preliminary matter, itS num- 
bered leaves, and 8 leaves of index. 

19993 — bellum Catilinarium emen- 
datum a J. Sturmio. Arg., Ma- 
chaeropceus, 1562. Bellum Jugur- 
thinum emendatum ab eodem. ib., 
id., 1562. 8**. 2 parts in 1 vol. 

19994 — conjuratio Catilinaeet bellum 
Jugurthinum. Ejusdem nonnulla 
ex libris historiarum. Fragmenta 
ejusdem historiarum, e scriptoribus 
antiquls ab Aldo Manutio collecta. 
Oratio Sallustii in Ciceronem, et 
altera in Sallustium, Ciceroni hlao 
attributa. Scholia Aldi Manutii. 
Index rerum et yerbor. memo- 



rabilium. Ven., P. Manutius, 1563. 


12 leaves of preliminary matter, 128 
numbered, and 44 unnumbered leaves (one 
of the last is blank, and one has the 

19995 — conjuratio Catilinae et bel- 
lum Jugurthinum. Fragmenta ejus- 
dem historiarum. Scholia Aldi 
Manutii. Romae, P. Manutius, 
1563 (at the end 1564). 8"". 

19996 — conjuratio Catilinae et bel- 
lum Jugurthinum. Ejusd. non- 
nulla ex libris historiarum. Oratio 
Sallustii in Cic, et altera in Sallus- 
tium. Ciceroni falso attributa. Om- 
nia nunc primum post Aldi Ma- 
nutii editionem correcta, nee non 
variis lectt. doctisque annotatt. il- 
lustrata. His accessit liber singu- 
laris, qui inscribitur: Fragmenta 
historiar. Sallustii e scriptoribus 
antiquis ab Aldo Manutio collecta. 
Scholia ejusdem. Index rerum et 
verbor. Antw., Cp. Plantinus, 

1564. 8». 

Very neatly printed. 8 leaves of prdi- 
minary matter, m pages, and 2$ unnum- 
bered leaves, fragments, index, and TesH- 
mania de SaUmHo. Various readings from 
MSS. and old editions are appended. 
Carrio had already taken part in this 

19997 — opera omnia una cum doc- 

tissimor. viror commentariis, casti- 

gationibus, scholiis, nempe Lr. Vallae, 

Jod. Badii, J. Chrysost. Soldi, Jac. 

Bononiensis, Omnib. Leoniceni, Bm. 

Zanchi, Vine. Castilionei, J. Rivii, 

H. Gkreani. Bas., H. Petri, 1564. 


4 leaves of preliminary matter, 1182 
pages, and 8 leaves of ind^. 

19998 — conjuratio Catilinae et bel- 
lum Jugurthinum. Fragmenta ejus- 
dem historiarum e scriptoribus an- 
tiquis ab Aldo Manutio collecta. 
Scholia Aldi Manutii. Index rerum 
et verbor. memorabilium. Ven.> 
Aldus, 1567. 8°. 

8 leaves of preliminary matter, 1 80 num- 
bered leaves, 19 leaves, mdex, and colophon, 
with the anchor. A reprint of the Roman 
edition of 1563 with its preface. 

19999 — conjuratio Catilinae et bel- 

1644 SAL 

lum Jogurthinum. Ejufidem alia, 
quae post Manutii aliorumque pm- 
nium editiones auctiora emenda- 
tioraqne eduntur. Lugd., Ant. 
Gryphius, 1570. 8**. 

20000 — historic, ex rec. et cum 
etnendatt. Cypriani a Popma. Lo- 
van.. Hi. Wellaeus, 1572. 12^ 

The editor made use cf 6 MSS., from 
which he has made some oorrections. 

20001 — quae supersunt opera. Con- 
juratio Catilinse. Bellum Jugur- 
thinum. Historiarum libri a L. 
Carrione collecti et restituti. Una 
cum annotatt. et scholiis. Apud 
Pt. Santandreanum, 1574. 8°. 8 
leaves of preliminary matter, 257 
pages, and 1 2 leaves of index. In 
Sallustii Catilinam et Jugurtham 
Aldi Manutii scholia. Cypriani a 
Popma emendatt. In Historiarum 
lib. VI. L. Carrionis scholia. His 
adjunximus lectiones varias. With- 
out place. 1574. 8°. 2 parts in 
I vol. 

20002 — conjuratio Catilinae et bel- 
lum Jugurthiuum. Flor., ap. Jun. 

tas, 1576. 8°. 

Superintended by Pt Victorius, and with 
oorrections of the text. But his MS. was 
a bad one. 

20003 •— operum, quae extant, nova 

editio. Edente et recensente L. 

Carrione. Antw., Cp. Plantinus, 

1579. 8°. 

136 pages, then 349 pages, Notm vet- 
riorum (with a separate title of 1579)9 and 
53 pages, Jani Douxw noiae (with a sepa- 
rate title of 1580). A new recension after 
6 MSS., in which however what proceeds 
firom MSS. and what from conjecture, is 
not distinguished. 

20004 — — (as in No. 19998). 

Ven., ex bibliotheca Aldina, 1588. 


8 leaves of preliminary matter, 281 
pages, and 13 leaves of index. At the end 
is, VeneHiSy apttd J. Garam, 1 588. 

20005 — historiee de conjuratione 
L. Catilinffi. De bello Jugurthino 
etc. Omnia hsec ad authentica ex- 
emplaria coUata et variis lectionibus 
expolita. Una cum H. Glareani 
annotatt. et Coelii Sec. Curionis 


nunc primum editis, Jac Bono- 
niensis scholiis, Huldr. Hutteni 
flosculis. Bas., Sb. Henricpetri, 
1590. 8°. 

20006 — opera omnia quae exstant : 

cum Pt. Ciacconii novis ad eadem 

notis. £x offic. Plantin. apud 

Fr. Raphelengium, 1594. 8^ 

8 leaves of preliminary matter, aSo 
pages, and 12 unnumbered leaves (the last 
blank). Then, with a separate title, «/aai 
Douza noUe. AtUw., PlanHnus, 1580, as 
al)ove. No. 20003. The text of the Plan- 
tine edition of 1579, with the notes which 
Ciacoonius had left behind him, in which 
he has corrected and explained Sallust, 
particularly by a comparison with Tacitus, 
although often too boldly. — An earlier ie> 
cension, which Ciacoonius is said to have 
given of Sallust in 1544, I am not ac- 
quainted with. 

20007 — opera cum fragmentis. Cp. 
Colerus omnia recensuit, emenc^- 
vis et notis illustravit. Nrb., P. 
Kauffman, 1599. 8^. 

Containing little of its own. 

20008 — opera omnia que exstant. 

Helias Putschius ex fide vetustiss. 

cod. correxit et notasaddidit: idem 

fragmenta centum locis auzit et 

interpolavit. Adjects Pt. Ciaooonii 

notK. Ex off. Plantin. Raphe- 

lengii, 1602. 8**. 

II leaves of preliminary matter, 199 
pages, and 10 loives of index. Canrio's 
tesct, corrected by Putschius from MSS. 
and the older editions. The fragments are 
augmented from Servius. 

20009 — opera omnia quee exstant, 
ex recognitione Jani Gruteri. Ace 
castigatt., annotatt., nots ac scho- 
lia Glareani, Popmae, Aldi etc. 
Ff., e collegio Paitheniano, 1607. 

A new and careful recension from 14 
MSS. and old editions. Color's notes, 
which are promised in the title, are not in 
the book itself. 

20010 — historifle C. Crispi Saluatii 
de L. Sergii Catilinae conjuratione, 
ac bello Jugurthino. Ingolstadii, 
ex typographeo Ad. Sartorii, 1607. 
8°. 1 76 pages. 

20011 — opera qus exstant, com 
fragmentis. £x nova reoensione 


J. Ph. Parei. Ff. ad M., Vetter, 
1 617. 8°. 

Abo, ib. i6aa. 8". 

20012 — SalluBtii opera^ et L. Cor- 
nelii Sisennsehistoriarumfragmenta. 
Ausonins Popma recensuit et scho- 
liis lUustravit. Franck.^ J. Lam- 
rinck, 1619. 8°. 

20013 — Sallustias ex museo J. Is. 
Pontani. Amst.j Jansson, 1627. 

20014 — C. Sallustius Crispus cum 
veterum historicor. fragmentis (ed. 
M. Zuer. Boxhom). LB., ex off. 
Elzevir., 1634. 12°. 

There are three different impreniGfu of 
thig neat, scarce, and greatly sought after 
edition, with the above date. In all 3 the 
tert occupies 310 pages; they are dis- 
tinguished in ^e following manner: the 
1st has 13 leaves of preliniinary matter, 
and 19 leaves, florilegium and index. Be- 
fore the dedicati<Hi is a vignette engraved 
on wood with two birds, and before the 
tetimtmia veterum another with a buffalo's 
head. P. 2 1 6 is a vignette with a Medu- 
sa's head. The and and 3rd impressions 
have only 8 leaves of prelijninary matter, 
and 1 7 leaves, florilegium and index, with- 
out vignettes before the dedication and tee^ 
tiim€ma. Instead of which the and im- 
pression has retained in p. a 16, the large 
Medusa of the first impression, whereas £e 
3rd impression has a different morky in the 
middle of which a very small head is to be 
found. The 3rd impression is the least 
fine, and probably appeared after 1650. 

The edition, Am$t.^ ex nff. EUemr.^ 
1658. la^ is a less fine reprint of the 
edition of 1634. 

20015 — C. Sallustius Crispus cum 
▼eterum historicor.fragmentis. Amst., 
ex offic. Janssoniana, 1641. 12^. 

Also, ii., t(2., 1647. i^**- *^*« ^"t 1684. 
I6^ Fm., Pezxanoj 171 1. I3^ 

20016 — C. Sallustius Crispus pri- 
mus in historia cum fragmentis 
veterum historicor. LB., Just. Li- 
vius, 1645. 12°. 

20017 — opera quse extant. Ex 
nova rec. J. Ph. Parei edebat cum 
animadvv. et notis Dn. Parens. 
Ff., a. M., Huttner, 1649. ^'^^' 

Also, ib. 1675. Ia^ 

20018 — opera quae extant omnia: 

cum selectisaimis varior. annota- 
VOIi. IV. 



tionibus, et accurata recensione 
Ant. Thysii. LB., Fr. Hack, 1649. 
20019 — C. Sallustius Crispus s. 
helium Catilinarium et Jugurthi- 
num cum commentariis. Tironum 
ac juniorum captui accommodavit 
J. Min-El. Rott, Wagens, 1653. 

Also, RotL 1695. VI?. Lpt. 1759. ^''* 
and with Waae*s text, llUraj. 1720. 12°. 

20020 (as No. 2001 8). Ed. II. 

auctior et emendatior. LB., Hack, 
1654. 8^ 
Repeated, ib. 1659. 8^ 

20021 — opera quie extant omnia, 

cum notis et accurata recensione. 

Par., Cramoisy, 1654. 16°. 

It appears to have been superintended by 
a Jesuit (the symbol of the society is on 
the title), and is stated in p. 45 t to be 0^ 
Hmor, oodicumfide jmrgata, (Wdfenb.) 

20022 — C. Sallustius Crispus cum 
Veterum historicor. fragmentis. Re- 
censitus a Rutgero Hermannide. 
Amst., Valckenier, 1661. 12°. 

Also, Amst. 1666 or 75. I2^ 

20023 — quae extant. Ex rec. 
J. F. Gronovii cum varior. oh- 
servationibus ah Ant. Thysio col- 
lectis. LB. et Rot., Hack, 1665. 

20024 — quae extant. In usum 

Delphini diligenter recensuit et 

notulas addidit Dn. Crispinus. Par., 

Leonard, 1674. 4^ 

Also, Lend. 1697, 1715, a6, 35, 68, 76, 
or 84. 8°. JPar., Barbou^ 1 726. 4°. Bae- 
tani, 1790. 4^ 

20025 — opera omnia quae exstant, 
cum commentariis integris et se- 
lectis varior. Ace. Jani Melleri 
Palmerii spicilegia in eundem auc- 
torem. Cum ind. rerum et ver- 
bor. locupletissimo. LB., Hack, 
1677. 8^ 

This is almost entirely like the following 
edition, yet less sought after. 

20026 (the same title). Amst., 

H. Boom, 1690. 8°. 

One of the rarest editions cum notit oa- 
riorumf and greatly sought after. 

20027 — quae extant, cum notis 



varior. Ace. Julius Exsuperan- 
tius, Porcius Latro et fragmenta 
historicor. vett. cum notis Au- 
sonii PopniK. Recensuit^ notas 
perpetuas et indices adjecit Jos. 
Wasse. Praemittitur Sallustii vita 
auctore J. Clerico. Cbr.^ typis 
acad., 1710. 4^ Also on large 


6ruter*8 edition of 1607 forms the basis, 
corrected from MSS. and the earlier edi- 
tions. The earlier apparatus is industri. 
oiisly and carefully made use of, and the 
edition contains some very learned matter 
peculiar to itself. The copious index often 
supplies the place of a commentary. 

20028 — quae extant. (Cum ind. et 
variantibus lectt., edente Mch. 
Maittaire). Lond., Tonson et 
Watts, 1 7 13. 12°. 

20029 — quae exstant, ex optimis 
codd. accuratissime castigata. Ac- 
cedunt Jul. Exsuperantius, Por- 
cius Latro et fragmenta veterum 
historicor. Patav., Jos. Cominus, 

1722. 8^ 
Superintended by Oaetano Volpi. 

20030 — quae extant. Item epistolae 
de republica ordinanda, declamatio 
in Ciceronem et Pseudo-Ciceronis 
in Sallustium. Nee non Jul. Ex- 
superantius de bellis civilibus, ac 
Porcius Latro in Catilinam. Re- 
censuit et adnotationibus illustravit 
Gli. Cortius. Ace. fragmenta vete- 
rum historicor. Constantinus Fell, 
cius Durantinus de conjuratione 
Catilinae et index neoessarius. Lps., 

Gleditsch, 1724. 4°. 

A new and very valuable recension from 
MSS and old editions with excellent ex- 
planations. Yet the editor has sometimes 
allowed himself too bold alterations, and in 
particular has almost everywhere expelled 
the verb substantive. This edition should 
be added to HavercampV There are co- 
pies on paper somewhat larger and finer, 
which are very scarce and greatly sought 
after. Reprinted, Fen, PoKhahtu^ i7.^7* 
4**., also on large paper. 

20031 — opera quae extant. Ad usum 
scholar, universitatis Paris, (ed. 

J. Heuzet.) Par. 1729. 12°. 

With short and appropriate notes. Often 
repeated, for example, Par»y Brocut, 1 767. 


20032 — belli Catilinarii et Jugur- 
thini historiae. With a free Eng- 
lish translation, by J. Clarke. 
Lond., Bettesworth, 1734. 8°. 

The last time, Lond. 1 799. 8**. 

20033 — belli Catilinarii et Jugur- 
thini historiae. Edimburgi, Gu. 
Oed, aurifaber Edinensis, non typis 
mobilibus, sed tabellis seu laminia 
fusis excudebat, 1739. 16°. 

Stereotyped, and the first attempt of this 
kind in Oreat Britain, but not fine. The 
following is a new impression frcim these 
plates, or a new title to the earlier produc- 
tion, ib,, id., 1744. 16**. Consult BiogrO' 
phiceil memoira of W. Ged, Lond,, 1781. 

20034 — quae exstant. Cum notis in- 
tegris atque selectis varior. Acce- 
dunt Jul. Exsuperantius et Porcius 
Latro, ut et fragmenta historiconim« 
cum notis integris varior. Cura 
Sigeberti Havercampi. Cum indd. 
copiosissimis. Amst. et Hag. Com., 
Changuion etc. 1742. 4^^. 2 voll. 
Also on large paper. 

Wasse^s text with the addition of various 
readings from t2 MSS. and from the 
Roman edition of 1470, and with the en« 
tire notes of the earlier editors; except 
that nothing is introduced from Corte's edi- 
tion. The editor has given nothing of his 

20035 — quae extant. Lond., J. 
Brindley, 1744. 16° 

20036 — opera (ex rec. St. And. Phi- 
lippe). Lutet. Par., David, 1744. 
(new title, ib., Barbou, 1754). 12^. 

Also^ Par., Barbou, 1761 and 74. 13*. 

20037 — quae extant. Amst., Wet- 
stein, 1747. 12°. 

20038 — belli Catilinarii et Jugur- 
thini historiae. Glasg., Rb. Urie, 
1749, 12°. 

Corte^s text, corrected in the punctuation. 

20039 — quae supersunt omnia. £x 
rec. Gli. Corte. Olasg., Rb. et And. 
Foulis, 1749 or 51 or 77. 8°. 

20040 — belli Catilinarii et Jugur- 
thini historiae. Edinb., Hamiltoa 
et Balfour, 1755. 12**. 

Neat and very correct, although not 
without any typographical errors, as is al- 
ways stated; Renouard has disoorered 
three. Very scarce on large paper in &*• 


20041 — C. Crispus Sallustius et 
L. Annsns Flonu. Birminghamiie^ 
J. Baskerville, 1773. large 4®. 

Aha t6.. id., 1774. 12^ 

20042 — qu» exfltant, com varietate 
lect. curav. J. Jac. Hottinger. 
Turici, Orell, 1778. 8°. (20 gr.) 

20043 — opera omnia excusa ad edi- 

tionem Cortii cum editionibus Ha- 

vercampi et Grabrielis Antonii col- 

latam (ed. H. Homer). Lond.» 

Payne, 1789. 8**. On vellum paper. 
An onoommoiiiy fine and correct edition. 
Veiy scarce on large paper. 

20044 — Sallustius. Accedunt re- 
censio novissimse versionis hispa- 
nicie, examen variarum lectionum, 
interpretatio locorum, index latiui- 
tatis. (Edid. W. Abr. Teller.) 
Berol., Unger, 1790. 8**. (i6gr., on 
writing paper, 3 d., on vellum 
paper 6 d.) 

This edition gives most honourable proof 
of the taste, acuteness, and learning of the 
editor, but is printed so incorrectly, that 
^ihdt lines are wanting. Chiefly after 
Corte, but here and there after the Bres- 
dsn edition of 1495 • 

20045 — opera. Par., Renouard, 
1796. 18°. 3 voll. (12 fr., on Dutch 
paper, 24 fr.) 

Neat and correct, two copies on vellum. 

20046 — bellum Catilinarium atque 
Jugurthinam, ex rec. 61i Cortii, 
cum varietate lect. ex tribus codd. 
MSS. excerpta et cum prsef. Thph. 
Cp. Harles. Nrb., Felaecker, 1797. 
S\ (8 gr.) 

Prerioualy, ib^ 1778. 8°. 

20047 — opera. Parmse, Bodoni, 
1799. ^^7 ^gc 4^' ^ vols. ( ICO fr.^ 
on vellum paper 160 fr.) 

There is a copy on vellum. 

20048 — opera, novissime reoc^ita, 

emendata et illustrata. Prsemissa 

vita a J. Clerico scripta et notitia 

literaria. Ai^., Treuttel, 1898. 8^ 

(i d. 4 gr.) 

Previously (by J. Val. Embaer) BiponHf 
1779* ^' iu>d (by O. Ch. CroU) tA., 1780. 

20049 — opera, exceptis fragmentis, 
omnia edid. et illustrav. H. Kun- 



hardt. Lubec, Bohn, 1799-1 810 
(new title, Lps., Barth, 181 2). 8°. 
2 parts in i vol. (i d. 8 gr.) 

20050 — Sallustius. Mediol., e typo- 

grapheo Mussiano, 1813. fol. 2 voll. 

Only 50 copies of this edition, which is 
fiir from being fine enough for a work of 
splendour, were struck off (45 d.) 

20051 — opera qu« exstant praeter 
fragmenta omnia. Textum rec<^- 
novit et illustrav. 6u. Lange. Hal., 
Hemmerde, 181 5. 8°. (18 gr.) 

20052 — bellum Catilinarium et Ju- 
gurthinum. Notas adjec. Birgerus 
Thorlacius. Havn.» Bonnier, 181 5. 
8^ (12 gr.) 

20053 — opera. Curav. P. H. Bothe. 
Manhem., Loffler, 1819. 8"". (8gr.) 

20054 — opera omnia ex ed. Gli. 
Cortii, cum notis et interpretations 
in usum Delphi ni, variis lectt., notis 
variorum, notitia literaria, recensu 
editionum et codicum, et indicibus 
locupletissimis accurate recensita. 
Lond., Valpy, 1820. 8°. 2 voll. 

20055 — Catilina et Jugurtha. Re- 
cognov. et iUustrav. O. Mr. Miiller. 
Lps. et Ziillicfaav., Dammann, 1 82 1. 
8^ (i d. 6 gr.) 

20056 — beUum Catelinarum (sic) 
Salustij. Zwollis, Pt. Os de Breda, 
without date, 4°. Gothic letter. 

21 leaves with the signatures a-d. 

20057 — C. Crispi Salustii liber de 

bello catilinario. Without place or 

date, 4°. Gothic letter. 

98 leaves (the last blank] with 35 lines, 
and the signatures o-^. In leaf i<l is the 
above title in a lines. The text begins in 
leaf a", and the ist line is, C. Crispi Sa- 
lustij Uber de con. It ends in the alnd 
line of leaf 37^ with Finii. It appears to be 
a German typographical production of the 
15 th century, but the laiger types in the 
column-titles are similar to those of R. 
Paffroet. (WolfenbQtteL) 

20058 — Catilina. Thdr. Gras- 
winckelius commentario illustravit. 
LB., Is. Commelinus, 1642. 12°. 

20059 — historiarum libri III. frag- 
mentum cum quinque aliis in bib- 
lioth. Paris, olim repertum denuo 
edid. J. Gli. Kreyssig. Schnee- 
bergie, 181 1. 8°. 28 pages. 

5 Pa 



20060 — ex libris historiarum C. 
Crispi Sallustii orationes V. ct epi- 
stolffi III. Romae, Am. Pannartz^ 

25 Sept. 1475. 8°. 

32 (not 38) leaves, the first and last of 
wUch are blaak. Very scarce. 

20061 — excerptae orationes ex libris 
historiarum C. Crispi Sallustii. 
Without place or date, (Mantuae, 

J. Schall, 1475). 4°- Gothic letter. 

33 leaves, (the last blank) with 24 lines, 
and the signatures d-d. Leaf la line i is 
Ex libris hisioriaru. C. Crispi SalusHj. 
Four verses oondude the work in leaf 32^, 
the last of which is, Peccaui faieor tu mite^ 
rere mei, 

20062 — Crispi Salustij in Tulliu 

Oracio incipit dicta in Senatu. 

M. TuUij Ciceronis Inuectiua in 

eunde Salustium incipit. Without 

place or date, (Col., U. Zell). 4°. 

Gothic letter. 

8 leaves (the last blank) with 26 lines, 
without sig^tures, catchwords and pagi- 
nation. (At Wolfenbilttel, where it is 
bound up with Cieeronit oraii. Catil. See 
above, Na 4362.) 

20063 — Salustii invectiva contra 
Ciceronem. Responsio Ciceronis 
contra invectivam Salustii. Epi- 
stola enee siluii contra vemandum 
etc, Ln. Aretini epitaphium. With- 
out place or date, {Col., U, Zell^ 
about 1470). 4°. Gothic letter. 

8 leaves, with 27 lines without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and pagination. 

20064 — C. Crispi Salustii Oratio 
inuectiua in M. Ciceronem. M. 
Ciceronis Oratio responsiua ac in- 
uectiua in Salustium. Impressum 
Francofordio (sic) per Baccalau- 
reum Balthassar Murherr, 1509. 
fol. Gothic letter. 

5 leaves with 26 lines, and the signature 
A. (WolfenbQttel.) 

20065 — epistolse duae ad C. Jul. 
Ceesarem de republ. ordinanda. 
Notis politicis illustratae a Cp. Co- 
lero. Ambergae, Forster, 1 599. 8°. 

20066 — J. Loccenii syntagma poli- 
ticum, in quo continentur epistolae 
politicae Sallustii in Ciceronis, illius 
de republ. ordinanda, hujus de pro- 
vincia recte administranda. Ff. et 
Lps., Wolf, 1673. 8«. 


20067 — Salustio con glosas en ro. 
mance (por Fr. Vital de Noya). 
Zaragoza, 1493. fol. Gothic letter. 

The first edition of this translation and 
very .Hcarce. Also, Valladolidy Amao 
GmUen de Brooar, 15 19. fol. Logrono, 
1529. fol. Medina, P. de Castro, 1548. 4^ 
and (MHthout the translator's name,) An- 
vers, Mt, Nucio, 1554. 12°. 

20068 — obras traducidas por Eman. 
Sueiro. Anvers, J. Keerberghio, 
1615. 8^ 

Also Madr. 163 1. fol. 

20069 — Salustio traducido en cas- 
tellano por Manuel Sueiro. Van 
aiiadidas las IV. orationes de Cioe- 
ron contra Catilina traduzidas por 
Andres Laguna. Madr. 1 786. 4®. 

20070 — la conjnracion de Catilina 
y la guerra de Jugurtha por Cayo 
Salustio Crispo (lat. et hisp.) Madr., 
Ibarra, 1772. small fol. with plates. 

This translation of the infanta Don Gm- 
briel Antonio, in which however, Fr. Peres 
Bayer, his tutor, had great part, is unoom- 
monly finely printed, and was only given 
away in presents, but is notwithstanding to 
be met with frequently enough. There are 
explanations and readings from MSS. of 
the Escurial appended, which Teller made 
use of in his edition of 1 790; a treatise by 
Bayer Dei alfabeto y Ungua de Urn Femces 
y de sus cohnias is also annexed, of which 
there were also some copies by themaeives, 
see Alfabeto. 

It appears that, besides the copies in- 
tended for the infanta, the paper of which 
was perfectly white and of equal beauty, 
there were also a considerable number of 
inferior copies struck off. In these last, 
which are little sought after, the paper is 
blueish and very difierent, and the plates 
and maps are visibly of a later and inferior 
impression. They were not fairiy ctrcu- 
lated in trade until after the princess death, 
and in purchasing a copy, care must be 
takeu to obtain one that is genuine. 

20071 — obras, traducidas por el 
senor infante Don Grabriel. Madr., 
impr. real, 1804. smaU 8°. 2 vols, 
on vellum paper. 

A very neat reprint of the preceding, but 
without Bayer*s treatise. 

20072 — libro extracto de Salustio e 

Lucano e Suetonio con JuUano e 

altri grandi historiographi e samini 

poeti. Without place, 149a. fol. 
JSee LucAKUSy No. 12361. 


20073 — Sallnstio con altre belle 
cose yo]gariz2ate per Agst. Ortica 
della Porta. Ven., Bernardino de 
Vitale, 23 Apr. 15 18. 4°. 

AJio Ven.y JRtuoom, 23 Apr. 15 18. 8". 
Ven.f SesMa e Bavanif 18 Magio 1523. 8^ 
Ven, Gr. di Gregcri, in. Dec 1523. 8^ 
Fm., SettOj 1531. 8^ Fen., Bindom e 
Patmiy 1531. 8**. (WolfenbQttel.) Fm., 
without the printer's name, 1545. 8°. 

20074 — lliistoria di C. Crispo Sal. 
lustio nuovamente per Leiio Carani 
tradotta. Fiorenza, Torrentino^ 

10 leases of preliminary matter, 281 
pttgn and f leaf with the colophon. ( Wol- 
fenbfltteL) Also Ven., Griffio^ 1556. 8**. 

20075 — la hiBtoria di Sallustio nuo- 
vamente trad, da P. Spinola. Ven.^ 
Valvassori, 1564 (at the end, 1563), 

20076 — I'historia della congiura di 
Catilina, trad, da C. Corsini. Fir., 
Franoeachini; 1644. 4°. 

20077 — la congiura di Catilina, vol. 
garizzata da Fr. £ug. Guasco. Na- 
poli, 1760. 4°. 

20078 — le guerre Catilinaria e Giu. 
gurtina tradotte in lingua Toscana 
dal testo lat. emendato e con varie 
note illustrate da Gi. Bt. Bianchi. 
Ven., Bettinelli, 1761. 8°. 

20079 — della congiura Catilinaria e 

deUa guerra Giugurtina, libri due 

Tolgarizzati da frate Bartolommeo 

da San Concordio. Ora per la prima 

volta stampati. Fir., Grazioli, 1 790. 


Cited by the academy della Cnisca from 
a MS. Oi. Cioni was ue editor. 

20080 — SalluBtio volgarizzato da 
Matteo Dandolo, col testo lat. 
emendato. Ven. 1802. 8^ 3 voU. 

20081 — della congiura di Catilina, 
tradotto da Vittorio Aliieri. Lond. 
1804. 8^ 

Also PadovOy 1821. I2^ 

20082 — les ceuvres de C. Saluste, 
de nouveau traduites en fran^. et 
illu8tr6es d'annotations, par J. Bau. 
doin. Par., Richer, 1617. large 4°. 
Also, ib., id., 1629. 4°. — L'histoire 
Romaine de Salluste^ contenant les 
guerrea de Catilina et de Jugnrtha, 



de la traduction de Du Teil. Par., 
Loyson, 1 670. 1 2°. — Histoire Rom. 
de Sall.^ de la conjuration de Catil. 
et de la guerre de Jugurtha^ de la 
traduct. de Odet Ph. Sieur Des- 
mares. Mons, Bilanges^ 1670. 12**. 
— L'hist. de la guerre des Remains 
contre Jugurtha et Thist. de la con- 
jurat, de Catil., nouvellement trad, 
en ^n9. Par., Billaine, 1675. 12®. 
A different translation from the 
preceding. — Hist, de Salluste, trad, 
(par Jac. Cassagnes.) Par , Thierry, 
1675. 12°. Also, ib., David, 1713. 
12°. — Nouvelle traduction de S«d- 
luste (par Le Masson). Par., Fou- 
cault, 1 713. 12®. Ed. II. Par., le 
Clerc, 1 716. 12°. — Salluste ou his- 
toires de la conjur. de Catil. et de 
la guerre des Romains contre Ju- 
gurtha, trad, en fran9. par Thyvon. 
Par., Huart, 1730. 8°. 2 veil. — 
Salluste trad, en fran^. avec le texte 
latin, des notes crit. et des va. 
riantes, par J. H. Dotteville. Par., 
Lottin, 1 769. 1 2*. Also, ib., 1 807. 
12°. — Les histoires de Salluste^ 
trad, en fran^., avec le latin revCk et 
corrige et des notes crit., par Beau- 
z^e. Par., 1770 or 75 or 88. 12°. 

20083 — histoire de la republique 

Romaine dans le cours du 7. si^cle, 

par Salluste. En partie traduite du 

latin sur I'original, en partie retablie 

et composee sur les fragmens qui 

sont restes de ses livres perdus 

(par Charl. de Brosses). Dijon, 

Fantin, 1777. 4°. 3 vols, with the 

portrait of de Brosses, and with 

plates and maps. 

The fragments at the end of the 5rd vol. 
are sometimes wanting. 

20084 — oeuvres, traduction nouvelle 
par Dureau Delamalle. Par., Gi- 
guet, 1808. 1 2^ 2 voll. (5 fr., in 8". 
6 fr., and on vellum paper 1 2 fr.) 

With the Latin text. 

20085 — Salluste, traduction de C. 
L. Mollevaut. Ed. III. Par. 18 13. 
8°. (6 fr. 50 c , in 12°. 4 fr. 50 c.) 

The 2nd edition appeared. Par. 1810. 


20086 — des hochberorapten Latinis 



chen historischreibers Salustij : zwo 

schon historien : Nemliche von des 

Catiline vnd audi des Jugurthen 

kriegen ... Durch Dieterichen von 

Pleningen getheutscht. Landshut^ 

J. Weyssenburger, 15 15. small fol. 

With the sigrnatures A-Gg, without any 
numbering of the leaves. The first Ger- 
man tranttlation of Sallust. 

20087 — Chronica C. Crispi Salustii 
von dem Rdmischen Bundschuch, 
Rottung oder Emporung wider eyn 
Obergkeyt vnd Gemainen Nutz zu 
Rom . . . durch Lucium Catilinam 
angestift vnd practicirt. Hiebei 
findestu auch den Krieg der Romer 
wider Jugurtham (iibs. von G. 
Schrayer). Strb., Cammer lander, 
1534. foJ. 

Also, Ff, a. M,y G Robe, 1565. 8^ and 
with Cornelius Nepos. Strb. 1535- fol. 

20088 — von Catilinischer rottierung 
vnd Jugurthischem krieg verteut- 
scht : sambt etlichen Anmerkungen 
und Kriegsdiscoursen^ durch W. 
von Calchum genannt Lohausen. 
Bremen, {Filliers), 1629.4°. 

A copy on writing paper at Wolfen- 

20089 — von Catilinarischer Zusam- 
menrottirung u. Jugurtischen Krieg, 
verteutschet durch Dn. Albinum^ 
sambt dess von Calchum Anmerkk. 
u. Kriegsdiscursen. Hmb., Nau- 
mann, i66a (other copies^ 1663). 8°. 

20090 — romische Geschichtbesch. 
reibung in Teutsch iibersetzt von 
Bths. Kindermann. Witt., Fince- 
lius, 1662. 12. 

20091 — bellum Catilinarium et Ju- 
gurth. libs, von Csp. Gottschling. 
Halle, Renger, 1719 or 34. 12°. 

20092 •— von der Zusammenrottung 

des Catilina iibs. von Th. Abbt. 

Stadthagen, 1767. 8°. Neue Aufl. 

Ff. a M., 1767. 8°. 3. Aufl. Lem- 

go, 1770. 8°. — Th. Abbt Sallustius 

vom Kriege der Romer wider den 

Jugurtha, ubs. u. vollendet von 

J. Fr. Wagner. Lemgo^ Meyer, 

1772. 8°. 

Both parts together, Lemga, 1800. 8". 
a rob. (i6gr.) 


20093 — Geschichte vom Katilinar. 
u. Jugurthin. Kriege, aus dem Lat. 
von Gf. Cr. Bottger. Lpz. 1771. 

20094 — Katilina u. Jugurtha, aus 
dem Lat. iibs. von J. C. Hok. Ff. 
a. M. 1783 or 96 or 1818. 8^ (18 


20095 — vom Katilinar. Kriege^ ubs. 

u. mit histor. Anmerkk. b^leitet 
von A. Gli. Meissner. Lpz., Breit- 
kopf, 1790. 4**. (2 d.) 

20096 — Catilina u. Jugurtha deutsch 
u. lat. von Alb. X. Weinzierl. 
Miinchen, 1790. 8®. Alsoib., 1805. 
8°. 2 voll. (2 d.) 

20097 — Catilina, ubs. von J. Cp. 
Schluter. Miinster, 1794. 8*^. (4gr.) 
Sallust's Jugurtha, nebst dessen 
Episteln iiber die Staatseinrichtung, 
iibs. von demselben. ib., 1795. 8^ 
(8 gr.) Rom. Geschichte erganzt 
von de Brosses, iibs. von demselben. 
Osnabr., 1799-1804. 8^ 6 voll. 
(6 d. 14 gr.) — Werke, lat. u. 
deutsch von J. Cp. Schluter. Alun- 
ster, Waldeck, 1806-7. (new title, 
1818). 8°. 2 voll. (I d. 12 gr.) 

20098 — Werke, iibs. von F. Froh- 
lich. Wien, Doll, 1805. 8°. 2 parts 
I d. — Catilina u. Jugurtha deutsch 
von C. L. von Woltmann. Prag, 
Calve, 1814. 8^ (i d. 8 gr.)— Cati- 
lina, ubs. von G. F. W. Grosse. 
Halle, Hendel, 1816. 8^. (8 gr.)— 
Uebriggebliebene Werke, ausser 
den Bruchstucken, iibs. durch F. C. 
von Strombeck. Gott., Dietrich, 
1817. 8^ (20 gr.) — Werke nebst 
einem Anhang der 4 Catil. Reden 
des Cicero. Aus der Urschrift nen 
verdeutscht von L. NeuflTer. Lpz., 
Hartmann, 1819. 8°. (i d. 4 gr.) 

20099 — Sallustius van de zamenz- 
weering van Catilina, vertaald door 
Fomelius. Franek., 161 3. 8^— 
Jugurthynsche Oorl<^n, vertaald 
door F. V. H(oogstraten). Rott. 
1 683 . 1 20. — Over de samenzwering 
van Catilina. Benevens vier Rede- 
voeringen van Cicero over bet 
zelfde Onderwerp. Uit bet Latyn 


vertaalt, en met Aanmerkingen en 
Ophelderingen verraeerderd door 
Jan ten Brink. Amst., Brink, 1 798. 
8^ (2 fl. lost.) 

20100 — here b^;ynnetfa the famous 
cronycle of the warre^ which the 
romaynes had agaynst Jugurth; 
whiche crony de is com py led in 
Latyn by Sallust. And translated 
into Englysshe by Alex. Barclay. 
Lond., Rch. Pynson, without date, 
fol. Gothic letter, 86 leaves. 

Thane is also an edition, without place or 
date, fol. 95 leaves. Corrected by Th. 
Fsynell. JLondL, Waley, 1557. 8*. To the 
latter belongs. The contpirticie of Cataline, 
transl, bff Alex. Bareklaye* Lond^ fValepf 
«557- 8'. 

20101 — Salustius two most worthy 

and notable histories which remaine 
umnaimed to posterity, viz. the con- 
spiracie of Cataline and the warre 
with Jugurth. Lond., Jaggard, 
1608. fol. 

20102 — the workes of C. C. Salus- 
tius (translated by W. Crosse). 
(Lond.), Walkley, 1629. 12^. 

20103 — the works of Sallust, transl. 
into Engl, by J. Howe. Lond. 1 709. 
16, 26, 30 or 39. 12°. 

20104 — works, transl. into Engl., 

with political discourses upon that 

author, and a translation of Cicero's 

four orations against Catilina (by 

Th. Gordon). Lond., Woodward, 

1 744 or 69. 4". 

Diieourt hist, et polit, sur Salluste, trad, 
de rengl. de Gcrdon par Silhouette. Latt-. 
tanne, i759' f2^ a voU. 

20105 — history of the Catiline and 
Jugurthine wars^ translated by 
H. Lee (with the Latin text). 
Lond., Hitch, 1 744. 4^. 

20106 — a new translation of the 
works of Sallust, with large expla- 
natory notes and a review of the 
Roman history, by W. Cooke, 
Lond. 1746. 8^ 

20107 — the history of Catiline's 
conspiracy and the Jugurthine war. 
With a new translation of Cicero's 
four orations against Catiline (by 
W. Rose). Lond. 1751, 57 or 1813. 
8^ (6s.) 



20108 — history of Catiline's conspi- 
racy and the war with Jugurtha 
(lat.) with an English translation 
and notes, by J. Mair. Edinb. 
1756 or 70. 12®. ib., 1774. 8°. 

20109 — the history of Catiline's 
conspiracy (transl. from the Latin 
of Sallust), with the four orations 
of Cicero. To which are added 
notes and illustrations. By G. F. 
Sydney. Lond., Longman, 1795. 
8». (58.) 

20110 — the works of Sallustius, 
translated into English with notes 
by H. Stewart. Lond. 1806. 4°. 

2 Voll. (4I. I2S.) 

20111 — works, transl. by Arthur 
Murphy. Lond. 1807. 8®. (93.) 

20112 — Sallustius paa Dansk af 
Sm. Hans. Wallenberg. Kbhn., 
Hoeg, 1702. 8°. 

20113 — Sallustii orationer, ofversat 
pa J. C. Sjobeck. Sth. 1774. 8°. 

20114 — Kaja Krispa Sallustiusza o 
woynach z Katilina i Jugurtha 
przekladania Dauida Pilchowskiego. 
Wilna, 1 767. 8°. 

20115 — Cp. Ad. Ruperti observatt. 
civiles, morales et grammatico-phi- 
lol. ad Sallustium. Nrb., Tauber, 
1 67 1 . 8°. Ang. Mar. Peverati an- 
notate in Sallustii historiam de con- 
jur. Catil. et bello Jugurth. Nee 
non synopsis de historia. Ferrar.^ 
Pomatelli, 1731. 8^ Commentarius 
in Catilinarium Sallustii, auctore 
Bm. Zancho. Ven., Turratus, 1 554. 

20116 — Dn. Gu. MoUeri diss, de 
Sallustio. Altorf. 1684.4^. C.Crisp. 
Sallustius oder historisch-krit. Un- 
tersuchung der Nachrichten von 
seinem Leben, der Urtheile uber 
seine Schrr. u. der Erklarung der- 
sellien, von O. Mr. Miiller. Zul- 
lich. u. Lpz., Darnmann, 1817. 8°. 
(14 gr.) J. W. Lobell zur Beur- 
theilung des Sallustius. Bresl. Ho- 
laufer, 1818. 8°. (8 gr.) J. F. Roos 
Pr. liber den moral. Charakter des 
Sallust. Giessen, 1788.4°. (Also in 
his Versuchen uber die Classiker. 




ib., 1790. 8°.) J. H. L. Meierotto 
de praecipuis rerum Roman, aucto- 
ribus^ et quidem de Sallustii mori- 
bu8. Berol. 1792. 8°. (logr.) Con. 
suit also Wieland zu Horatii Sati- 
ren I. 65 sq. Vaterland. Museum 1. 
690 sq. J. J. H. Nast pr. de virtu- 
tibus historise Sallustianse. Stutg. 
1785. 4*". J. Ch. Briegleb pr. de 
brevitate Sallustiana. Cob. 1774. 


20117 SALMASIUS, CI. De helle- 

nistica commentarius, controversiam 
de lingua hellenistica decidens et 
plenissime pertractans originem et 
dialectos grsecae linguae. LB., ex 
off. Elsevir. 1643. 4°. 

20118 — funus linguae hellenisticae s. 
confutatio exercitationis de Helle- 
nistis et lingua Hellenist, (ace. ossi- 
legium hellenisticae) . LB., J. Maire, 
1643. 8°. 

20119 — epistolar. liber I. LB., 
Wyngaerden, 1656. 4°. Also on 
large paper. 

No more appeared. A claWs thereto 
in P, Colomesii opusco. Ultraj. 1669. 13°. 
p. 177 sq. 

20120 — epistola ad And. Colvium 
super I Corinth. XI. de caesarie 
viror. et mulierum coma. LB., ex 
ofBc. Elzevir., 1644. 8°. 

20121 — de re militari Romanor. 
opus posthumum. LB., J. Elsevir. 

1657- 4°- 
AIm) in Grtevii ihes. ant. Rom. X. 1284 


20122 — de annis climactericis et an- 
tiqua astrologia diatribae. LB., El- 
zevir., 1648. 8°. 

20123 — de usuris liber. LB., ex off. 
Elsevirior., 1638. 8°. De modo 
usurar. liber, ib., id.. 1639. ^°- ^^^ 
sertatio de foenereTrapezitico. LB., 
Maire, 1640. S°. Brevis confutatio 
notar. in dissertation em de trape- 
zius, ib., id., 1640. 8*^. Diatribade 
mutuo, non esse alienationem, auc- 
tore Alexio a Massalia (CI. Sal. 
masio). ib. 1640. 8°. Responsio ad 
epistolam C. An nib. Fabroti de 
mutuo. LB., Maire, 1645. 8°. 

20124 — Plinianae exercitationes in 


Solini polyhistora. Item Sob'ni po- 
lyhistor ex vett. libris emendatus. 
Accessit huic edition! de homonj- 
mis Hyles iatricae exercitationes an- 
tehac ineditae, et de Manna et Sac- 
charo. Traj. ad Rh. J. van den 
Water, 1689. foL 2 voll. Also on 
large paper. 

Previously, Par., Drouart, 1629. foL a 
▼oil. — Chai^on de la Rodiette was employ- 
ed on a life of Salmasius, which unfor- 
tunately never appeared, see his MHangfet, 
III. 308 n. — See also Miltoit. 

SALMI, see Pbalterium. 
SALMIGONDIS, see Moyen de 

20125 SALMON, N. History and 
antiquities of Essex. Lond. 1740. 
fol. with plates. 

20126 — history of Hertfordshire. 
Lond. 1728. fol. with plates. 

20127 — stemmata latinitatis or 
an etymological Latin dictionary. 
Lond. 1796. large 8°. 2 voll. (I'l. 
Tis. 6d.) 

20128 SALMON, Pt. Dialogues en- 
tre Pierre Salmon et Charles VI. 
roi de France. Diverses lettres de 
Pierre Salmon. Concerning this 
unprinted work, written about 1 409, 
see Catal. Vallifere III. 197 sq. 
Notices et ex traits V. 415 sq. 

20129 SALOMON. Odae gnoatica; 
Salomoni tributse, thebaice et la- 
tine (interprete C. Gf. Woidio), 

{)r8efatione et adnotationibus philo- 
ogicis illustrate (edente F. Mun- 
tero). Ha vn., Schultz, 1812.4®. 

Considt Miilin MagoM. EncyeL 181 c. II. 

20130 — proverbj di Salomone, con 
note da Egidio Petronj. Lond. 

1815. 8^ (I2S.) 
See also Collat tones. 

20131 SALOMONIS episc. Con- 
stantiensis glossse ex illustrissimis 
collectae auctoribus (glossarium lat.) 
Without place or date, {AV.^ ex 
monasierio SS. Udalrici et Afras, 
about 1475). fol. 

287 leaves in 2 columns with 55 lines, 
without signatures, catchwords and pagina- 
tion. Consult Hummel's NeuM BiU. selU 
ner Bucher St. 7. p. 334. MerkwUkrd* der 


Zajtf. BibL I. 1^0. Arecin's Beiirr. VII. 
487. Coooeniiiig a MS. of this work we 
ZapfBeUen in einiffe Kfotter, p. 15. 

20132 SALOMONE Fiorentino. 
Poesie. Pisa, 1803. 8^ (5 paoli.) 
Livomo, 1815. 12*^. a voll. (4 lire.) 
Fir. 1818. 18°. a voll. 

20133 8ALOMONIUS. Jac. Agri 
Patavini inscriptiones sacrse et pru- 
phanse, quibus accedunt alise vul- 
gatas a Jac. Ph. Tomasino. Patav.^ 
ex typ. semin., 1696. 4®. Urbis 
Patavins inscriptiones sacre et 
prophanae. ib., 1701. 4°. Inscriptt. 
Patavinae sacrae et prophanse, editis 
ab eodem duobus volu minibus ad- 
dends, ib.. Corona, 1708. 4®. 

All 3 Tols. are seldom found together. 

20134 SALONIUS, episc. Viennen- 
sis. Ad Veranium fratrem dialogi 
duo, in qnorum altero parabolas 
Salomonis, in altero autem eccle- 
siasten interprttatur. Bessarionis 
de ea parte evangelii, si eum volo 
manere etc. disceptatio (ed. J. Alex. 
Brassicanus). Hagenose^ J. Sece- 
rius, 153a. 4®. 

The fim edition very scarce. The last 
time in BibL PP. LufftL VIII. 401 sq. 

20135 SALT, H. Voyage to Abys- 
sinia and travels into the interior 
part of that country in the years 
1809 and 1810. Lend. 1814. large 
4^ with plates and maps, (5I. 5s.) 

Also on large paper. 

In French by P. F. Henry, Par,, MoffU 
mely 1816. 8**. 1 vols, with an atlas in 4"*. 

20136 — 34 large views taken in St. 
Helena, the Cape, Abyssinia, Egypt 
etc. Executed from the drawings of 
H. Salt. Lond. 1809. large fol. 
(27I. 68.) 

Finely ooloiired. It forms a neoenary 
appendage to Valentia^s and Salt^s travel^ 
as also to DanielV oriental scenery. See also 

20137 SALTHENIUS, Dn. Biblio- 

thecae Dn. Salthenii libri rariores et 

raristiimi. Kegiom., Hartung, 1751. 


This collection, which the Polish prince 
Jablonowski bonght entire, is nearly the 
last evidence of that mania for rarities, 
which had spread itself from Holland into 
Germany in the first half of the last cen- 
tury. The catalogue, which is now very 



scarce, is worth preserving, as other cata- 
logues in their statements of rarities often 
refer to this alone. And it reaUy is enter- 
taining to see how little was required by the 
honest collector at KSniffsbei^ to ascribe 
rarity to the most worthMSS and common 
Ikx^u. Often has he no other proof of 
such scarceness, except that the book does 
not occur in the (little) Jocher, or in 
Menckens and 6undling*s catalogues ! It 
is neither unnecessary nor too severe to no- 
tice these absurdities, which have been so 
prejudicial to the ftiiids of libraries. What 
treasures might not our German libraries 
liave possessed, if at a time when the mar- 
kets were still full and the prices moderate, 
they had purchased with understanding ! 
But what the earlier and better instructed 
English and French suffered to remain in 
the Dutch warehouses with contempt, at 
that time we brought home with dcdight, 
and now our book-shelves bend under the 
weight of worthless and scarce lutides 
forsooth, which neither afford pleasure to 
those who inspect them, nor inform those 
who are desirous of knowledge. A person 
ought to be a librarian, in order to feel 
how often he would be tempted on an ex- 
amination of old library accounts with re- 
ference to that unhappy period of rarity to 
exclaim, O mihi dUjeciot r^erat si Jupiter 

20138 SALUSTE, seigneur du Bar- 
tas, Gu. CEuvres augmentees de 
commentaires etc. et de leur suite 
(par. Sim. Goulard). Par. 1611. 

20139 — oeuvres poetiques. Gren^ve, 
1601. 12"^. 2 parts in i vol. 

420140 — la seconde semaine ou en- 

fsBince du monde. Par., THuillier, 

1584, 4^ 

Two copies on vellum in the Royal li- 
brary at Paris (one bought at d*Ourehes*s 
sale for lao fr., the other at McCarthy's 
sale for 60 fr.). 

20141 — la seconde semaine ou en- 
hance de monde. Par. 157 1. 4^. 

A copy on vellum in the Menarsian li- 
brary (Haye^ 1720. 8". p. 337. No. 2474.) 
was sold for 3 1 Dutch florins. 

20142 SALUTATUS, Linus Colu- 
cius Pierius. Epistolae a Jos. Ri- 
gaccio editae et scholiis illustratK. 
Flor., Bruscagli, 1741-42. 8". 2 

20143 SALUZZO, Diodata. Poesie. 
Pisa, 1802. 8°. 2 voll. 

There are only 3 copies on vellum paper. 
—Previously, Torino^ 1796. 8**. 



20144 SALVA, Gius. iidili Vitalie. 
La Sicilia liberata. Poema eroicu 
sicilianu. Palermo, 1815. 12°. 5 

20145 SALVAGE. Anatomie du 

gladiateur combattant. Par., le Nor- 

mant, 18 12. large fol. 

This fine work contains a 2 plates, 15 of 
which are illuminated (80 fr., with contre- 
^reuves 100 fr., on vellum paper 160 £r., 
on vellum paper with oontre-^preuves 
200 fir.) 

SALVATICUS, see Porchetus. 

20146 SAL VI, Mch. Ang. Istorie 
di Pistoja e delle ^azioni d'ltalia. 
T. I. Roma, Lazari, 1656. 4°. 
T. II. Pistoja, Fortunati, 1657, 4°. 
T, III. Ven., Valvasense, 1662. 4°. 
3 voll. 

20147 SALVIANUS Massiliensis. 
Salviani Massil. et Vincentii Lirin. 
opera. St. Baluzius ad fid. veterum 
codd. MSS. emendavit et notis 11. 
lustravit. Ed. III. Par., Muguet, 
1684. 8°. 

There is a mere reprint of this edition in 
Gallandii Bibl. PP. X. 1-102. Also, Ven. 
1728. 8*. 

20148 — Salviani et Vincentii Lirin. 
opera. Cum libro commentario Cr. 
Rittershusii ac notis int^is Weit- 
zii, Adami etc. Bremae, Brauer, 
1688. 4°. 

Printed from the 2nd edition of Baluzius 
of 1669, so that the new materials of the 
preceding are wanting. 

20149 — oeuvres trad, en fran9. (par 
Mareuil). Par., Delespine, 1734. 


20150 SALVIANUS, Hippol. Aqua- 
tilium animalium historiie liber pri- 
mus, cum eorundem formis aere 
excusis. Romn {Hippol. Salvia- 
nus), 1554. large fol.^ with plates 
printed in the text. 

A work still prized. Some copies end 
with leaf 255 (wrongly numbered 257), 
others have a 256th leaf, which contains 
on the folio recto errata, the register^ and 
the following colophon, Roma, apud evn- 
detn Hippol. Salvianumf m, Oct. 1557. 
In other copies the colophon is dated, 
mense Jantiario, 1558. All the three kinds 
of copies however are of one and the same 


printing. There are also separate impres- 
sions of the 99 plates of this work without 
anv text on 62 leaves in small folio, with a 
title of IS549 and an Italian advertiaemenc 
by Ant. Lafreri, dated the 20th of March, 

The work, even on large paper, is not very 

scarce (DibiUn Decam. II. 484), but a copy 
on large paper from de Thou*8 library was 
sold at Edwards^s sale for 31L los. on ac- 
count of the binding. 

20151 SAL VI ATI, Jac. Cronica 
dall' anno 1398-1411. Fir., Cam- 
biagi, 1784. 8^ 

In the 1 8th vol. of the DeliMte degU eru- 
diti Totcanu 

20162 SALVIATI, Ln. Avverti- 
menti della lingua sopra il Deca- 
merone. Vol. I. Ven., Guerra, 
1584. Vol. II. Fir., Giunti, 1586. 

4 • 

Also, Napoli, Rmlla/rdy 17x2. 4^ a volL 

Both editions are cited by the academy 
della Crusca. In the edition of 171 2 a 
sheet with the signature Nn is sometimes 
wanting at the end of the ist book after 
p. 280, which contains the 9th novel of 
the I St day in different Italian dialects. 

20153 — delle orazioni nuovamente 
racoolti libro primo. Fir., Giunti, 

No more of this collection speared. These 
orations were previouily published sepa- 
rately, see Gtmba, I. 391 sq. His Or«- 
aione funeraie delle lodi di Pier Vetimx, 
Fir.f Giunti, 1585. 4*^. is not in this edi- 
tion, nor those on Alfonso and Louis d*£ste 


20154 — lezioni cinque dette nell' 
accademia Fiorentina. Fir., Gi- 
unti, 1575. 4°. 

20155 — il granchio, commedia in 
versi. Fir., figliuoli di hr* Torren- 
tino, 1566. 8°. 

This cited edition is scarce. 

20156 — il granchio e la spina com- 
medie, e un dialogo dell' amicizia, 
del medesimo autore. Fir., Cosimo 
Giunti, 1606. 8°. 

The intermedj of Bn. da Nerli, which 
are in the preceding edition, are wanting 
here in the ist comedy. The Spina ap- 
peared previously, Ferrara, 1592. 8*., and 
the DUUogOy Fir. 1564. 8^ 

20157 — opere. Mil. 1802-10. 8^ 

5 vols., with Salviati's portrait 
{Classici ItaL) 


20158 SALVINI, Ant. Mar. Dis- 
oorsi accademici sopra alcuni dubbj 
proposti neir accademia degli Apa- 
tisti. Fir., Oius. Manni, 1695- 

1735- 4''- 3 voU. 

There is a new edition of the ist voL, 
Fir.y Mottnij 1725. 4**. enlai^ged with an 

20159 — prose toscane. (T. I.) Fir., 
Guiducci, 1715- T. II. Fir., Man- 

^> »735- 4°- 2 voll- 
There is a far inferior reprint of the f st 

ToL with the same date, which may be dis- 
tinguished by its having in p. 297 line 23, 
e ilffenio, instead ofe iiil genio, as it is in 
the |<eniiine and correct edition. 

20160 — prose sacre. Fir., Tartini e 
Franchi, 17 16. 4^ — Ediz. corre- 
data di aggiunte. Mil., Silvestri, 
1820. 16°. 

20161 — sonetti. Fir., Tartini e 
Francbi, 1728. 4''. Also on large 

There are also 14 sonnets by him not 
before printed, in Opuscoli inedUi di celebri 
auiori ToBcani, Voi. I. Fir. 1807. 8". 
Concerning his own inedited commentary 
ou his own sonnets, see MoreUi Codici 
volgari della bibi, Namana p. 144 sq. 

20162 SALVUCCI, Salvnccio. No- 

velle, distinte particolarmente in 

dodici mesi deU' anno. Fir., Fr. 

Tosi, 1 59 1. 4^ 

Very scarce, and wanting even in Borro- 
meo*s collection. Two 1^ them are re- 
printed in the Novelle di alcuni auiori 
FhrerUinL Land. 1 795. 8^ 

10163 SAMBUCUS, J. Icones ve- 

terum aliquot ac recentium medi- 

coram philosophorumque elegiolis 

suis editse, opera J. Sambuci. 

Antw., Cp., Plantinus, 1574. fol. 

2 leaves of preliminary matter, and 67 
numbered engraved portraits with a dis- 
tich under eadi. Nos. 49, 52, 57, and 60^ 
are left blank. The impressions are slo- 
venly. Sambucus himself in the preface 
does not vouch for the authenticity of all 
the portraits, but those of his contempora- 
ries may well be considered as anthentic. 

20164 — vetenim aliquot ac recen- 
tium medicorum philosopborumq. 
icones ; ex bibliotbeca J. Sambuci ; 
cum ejusd. ad singulas elogiis. Prae- 
misso bac editione vitae singulorum 
et scriptonim indicnlo ; additis sub 



finem diversorum de eisdem enco- 
miis. £x officina Plantiniana Ra- 
pbelengii, 1603. fol. 

6 unnumbered leaves of preliminary mat- 
ter besides the title-plate of the preceding 
edition, the middle part of which however 
is left blank, 67 numbered portraits with 
the same distichs, and 5 unnumbered 
leaves of encomia at the end. The por- 
traits are not only the same plates, but 
also of the same impressions, the prelimi- 
nary and supplementary matter alone being 
new. Nos. 49, 52, 57, and 60, are blank 
also here. 

20165 — Veterum aliquot ac recen- 
tium medicorum pbilosophorumq. 
icones; ex biblioth. J. Sambuci. 
Cum ejusdem ad singulas elogiis. 
Amst., ex off. 6u. Janssonii, 161 2. 

67 tables of plates besides the title-plate. 
The additions of the preceding edition are 
omitted, and the engravings are indeed 
from the same plates, but are new impres- 
sions. Neither are the 4 vacant tables 
here filled up, and this 3rd edition exactly 
resembles the first. — ^Also with a Dutch 
title, LXI veracheyden sehoone ComporH' 
mente teer nut en dientHgh voor Beeidtsny^ 
ders, Schildert etc. AnuL, W. Jantzoon, 
1613. fol. 

20166 — emblemata, cum aliquot 
numis antiqui operis. Antw., Plan- 
tinus, 1564. 8^. witb woodcuts. Al- 
tera editio cum emendatione et 
auctario copioso ipsius auctoris. 
ib., id., 1566. 8°. with woodcuts. 
Tertia editio cum emendatione. ib., 
id., 1 569. 1 2°. Emblemes trad, du 
latin en vers. fTan9. ib., id., 1567. 
16°. with woodcuts. Emblemata, 
inNederlantsche tale ghetrouwelyck 
overgheset. ib., id., 1566. 16°. with 

The woodcuts of this edition are uncom. 
monly neat. 

20167 SAMMARTHANI fratres, 
Scsevola et Lud. Gallia Christiana 
in provincias distributa, in qua se- 
ries et historia archiepiscopor., epi- 
soopor. et abbatum, regionum om- 
nium, quas vetus Gallia complecte- 
batur, ab origine ecclesiarum ad 
nostra tempora deducitur et proba- 
tur. Opera et studio monachor. 
congreg. S. Mauri. Par., typ. reg., 



1715-85. fol. 13 voll. Also on 

large paper. 

CL Robert gave the first plan of this 
work, Par, 1616. fol. Sc^role and L. de 
Sainte Marthe produced a and edition. 
Par, 1656. fol. 4 vols. The above work 
u completely new, of which Denis de 
Sainte furnished the first 3 vols. (1715- 
25). The subsequent volumes are by 
Thiroux, Hodin, Dudou, Brioe, du Plessis, 
Henri, Taschereau, Leveau, and Prevost. 
Three vols, are still wanting ; two for the 
province of Tours, and one for the pro- 
vinces of Besan9on, Vienne, and Utrecht. 

20168 SAMMICHELI. Fabbriche 
di Mch. Sammicheli, disegnate, in- 
cise ed illustrate da Fd. Albertolli. 
Mil. 1 816. oblong fol. with plates. 

SAMMLUNG, see Manbssen and 


SAMMONICUS, see Sbrenus. 
SAMPAYO, see Carvalho. 

20169 SAMUEL Rabbi. Tractato 
de requisitione dubiose et argomenti 
circa il fondamento della vera fede. 
cum la dicbiaratione de le profetie. 
BoL, without the printer's name 
(Rugerius et Bertochus)^ 17 Jun. 

1475- 4"- 

38 leaves without signatures, catchwords, 
and pagination. A very scarce edition of 
this tnuislation of the well-known JEpUiola 
ad R. Itaao. The first dated edition of the 
Latin original is in jP. de S. Maria scrU" 
Hnium scripturar, Manttue^ Schalltu, 
1475. ^^- — Carta, que hum Rabbino, cha^ 
mado Samuel, eecreveu a mUro Rabbinoy 
ehamado ' Itaac, tradudda por Fr. Per- 
nandex Praia, lAeb, 1 65 1 . S**. t^. 1 67 5 . 4**. 

SAN Concordio, see Ammaestra- 


SAN Luigi, see Dblizie. 

20170 SANCHEZ de la Ballesta, 
Alonso. Dictionario de vocablos 
castellanos, aplicados a la proprietad 
latina. Salamanca, J. y And. Re- 
naut, 1 587. 4°. 

20171 SANCHEZ, Jos. Ant. de 
Villa Senor y. Theatro americano, 
descripcion seneral de los reynos y 

Srovincias de la nueva Espana. 
iexico> 1 746. fol. 2 voll. 

20172 SANCHEZ, Matteo. Voca- 
bulario de la lengua Bisaya. Ma- 
nilla, 171 1, fol. 

20173 SANCHEZ, Th. Disputa- 


tionum de sancto matrimonii Sacra- 
mento tomi tres. Antw., Mt. Nu- 
tius, 1607. foL 

A scarce and esteemed edition of a work, 
which on account of its entering often into 
an indecent detail, still has its admirers. 
The 1st edition appears to he, 7*. /. 
Genua, 1602. fol. T, II. III. Fen, i6o6. 
foL Repeated, Aniw, 1614, 26, and 52. 
fol. Ven, 1625, 1693, 1713, and 36. foL 
Lupd. 1637, ^7> *^d ^9- ^^ ^® piquant 
part of the work is wanting in the follow, 
ing abridgments; Aphorismi Th. Sanchez 
Mam ejus X libror. de malrimomo doe^ 
Irituim compendia eontinentee, Gr^eUy 
1641 8*., or Ff. a. M, 1712. 8\ Eman, 
Lr, Soares compendium tractahu de S. ma- 
Irimonii saeramenio. CoL, Agr. 1623. 12**. 
And. Cadtei Epitome in Th, Sanchez de 
matrimonio. Brix. 1656. 8"*., or Bergomi^ 
1660. 8^ 

20174 SANCHEZ, Th. Ant. Co- 

leccion de poesias castellanas ante- 

riores al siglo XV. Madr., Sancha, 

1779-90. 8°. 4 voll. (36 rs.) 

A very important collection, in which 
the literary introductions and the glossaries 
especially are uncommonly interesting. 

nician history, translated from the 
first book of Eusebius De praepara- 
tione evangelica. With a conti- 
nuation of Sanchoniatho 8 history 
by Eratosthenes*s canon, which Di- 
caearchus connects with the first 
Olympiad. Illustrated with many 
historical and chronol. remarks by 
Rch. Cumberland. Lond., Wilkin, 
1720. 8^. 

20176 — allegories orientales on le 
fragment de Sanchoniaton, qui con- 
tient Thistoire de Saturne etc, par 
Court de Gebelin. Par. 1773. 4®. 

20177 — Rch. Cumberland's phdnic 
Historic des Sanchuniathona, aus 
dem ersten Buche des Eusebius 
de preepar. evang. (lbs. Nebst einer 
Fortsetzung des Sanchuniathon 
durch des Eratosthenes Canon. Aus 
dem Engl. Qbs. von J. Ph. Cassell. 
Magdeb. 1755. 8**. 

20178 — a discourse concerning San- 
choniathon's Phoenician history, by 
H. Dodwell. Lond. 1681. 8^ £d. 
II. ib., eod., 8. £d. III. corrected 

and improved, ib., Tooke^ 1691. 

The history of the oontroverey concerning 
Sancfaoniathon, in Fdbricff Sur Pipoque de 
requitation, 1. 11 1. 

SANCIUS de Arevalo, see Rode- 
Ricus Zamorensis. 

vulgaris lerK emendatione. Romfe, 
1793. large fol. (3 scudi.) 

20180 — de numo M. T. Ciceronis e 
magnatibus Lydise cum ejus ima- 
gine signato. Roxntt, 1805. 4^ 
(60 baj.) 

20181 — musei Sancleuientiani nu- 
mismata selecta regum^ populor. et 
nrbium grseca, segyptiaca et colo- 
nianim lUnstrata. i^^mse, 1 804. 4^. 
4 vols, with plates (8 scudi). 

20182 SANCLEMENTE. Pt. Gius. 
Le muse Siciliane, overo soelta di 
tutte le canzoni della Sicilia, rac- 
colta da Pier Gius. Sanclemente. 
Palermo^ 1645-52. 12°. 5 voll. 

Repeated, ib. 1662. 12°, 5 vols. A col- 
lection of poems in the Sicilian dialect, to- 
gether wiUi a small grammar and lexicon. 
To which may be joined, Nuova tcelia (U 
rime Skiliane (per Gtuiano M. BenH' 
venffa), PalermOy 1770. 8**. 2 voll. 

20183 SANCTA CLARA, Abr. a. 
Abrahamisches Bescbeidessen. Nrb. 
1714. 4**. Wien, 1717 or 19. 4°. 
Wien. u- Briinn, 1737. 4". 

20184 — Abrahamisches Gehabdich- 
wohl. Nrb. 1729. 4®. Wien u. Nrb. 

^737- 4**- Wien, 1739-4''- 

20185 — Abrahamisches Lauberhiitt. 
Th. I. 2. Wien u. Nrb. 1738. Th. 
3. ib. 1 750. 4**. 

20186 — Aufaufihr Christen. Wien, 
1683, o*" 84, or 85. 8°. 

20187 — Etwas fiir alle. Wiirzb. 
17 II. 8®. 3 voll. 

20188 — Gack Gack d. i. Wall forth 
Maria Stern in Taxa. Munch. 1687 
or 88. 8°. Colin, 1688. 8^ Wien, 
1732. 8«. 

20189 — heilsames Gkmisch Ge- 
masch. Wurzb. 1704. 4°. with plates. 

20190 — Huy u. Pfuy der Welt. 
Wien, 1680. 8«. Wiirzb. 1706, or 
10, or 25. 4^ Salzburg, 1710. 4°. 
Nrb. 1725. 4°. 



20191 — Judas der Erzschelm. Salzb. 
1710. 4**. Nrb. 1718. 4". 

20192 — der geistliche Kramerladen. 
Wiirzb. 1725. 4^ 

20193 — losch Wien. Wien, 1680. 
8''. Salzb. 1687. 4°. Wien, 1690 or 
1712. 8°. 

20194 — merks Wien. Wien, 1680 
or 1710. 8°. 

20195 — merks wohl Soldat. Wien, 
1680. 8^ 

20196 — ganz neu ausgehecktes Nar- 
rennest oder curieuse Werkstatt 
mancherlei Narren u. Narrinnen. 
Wien, 1751. 8°. 3 voll. 

20197 — CEsterreichisches Deo Gra- 
tias. Wien, 1681. 8% or Salzb. 
1710. 8**. 

20198 — Reimb dich oder ich liss 
dich, d. i. allerley Materien, Dis- 
cours. Concept u. Predigen, welche 
bisshero in unterschiedlichen Trac- 
tatlein gedruckt worden ; Nunmehr 
aber .in ein Werk zusammenge- 
reimbt u. zusammengeraumbt. Lu- 
cem, 1688. 4°. Colin, 1691, or 93. 
1702. 4^ Salzb. 1708. 4°. Augsb. 

It contains 16 pieces, among which is 

also to be found, Merkt Wierij Groue 

Todienbrudenehafty Lotch Wien, Auf auf 

tAr ChriMlefiy and (Eetrieh. DeograHae, 

20199 — Todtencapelle. Wiirzb. 
1 7 1 o or II. 8°. with plates. Nrb. 
1720. 8^ 

20200 — Wintergriin oder anmuthige 
u. kurzweilvoUe Geschichte u. Ge- 
dichte. Nrb. 1700, 31, or 33. 4°. 
Augsb. 1 766. 4°. with plates. 

20201 — Pater Abr. a S. Clara aus- 
erlesene Gedanken, Anekdoten, 
Fabeln, Schnurren u. Mahrchen. 
2e verm. u. verb. Aufl. Wien, Ge- 
rold, 1817. 8°. 2 voll. (i d. 12 gr.) 

His entire works have also been trans- 
lated into Dutch. 

SANCTA MARIA, see Paulus. 
SANCTA Trinitate, see Philippus. 

20202 SANCTIO pragmatica. Par., 
And. Brocard, 1507. 8°. 

205 and 43 leaves. A copy on vellum in 
the Royal library at Paris. 

20203 — la pragmatique sanction en 



francoys. Without place or date 
(Par.^ about 1510.) 4°. 

88 and 46 numbered leaves, and i un- 
numbered leaf. A copy on veUum in the 
Roy«l library at Paria. 

20204 — sanctio pragmatica Grerma- 
nor. illustrata. £!did. Cp.6u.Koch. 
Arg., Rolland, 1 789. 4°. 

Consult (Rieggeri) AnuenUait. Friburg. 
III. 486. note. 

20205 SANCTIONES Siculae nunc 
primum excusse^ aut extra corpus 
juris municipalis hactenus vagantes, 
digests atque in unum redactae. 
Panormi, Pt. Bentivenga^ 1750-54- 
fol. 5 voll. 

20206 SANCTIUS, Fr. Opera om- 
nia, cum auctoris vita (a Gr. Ma- 
jansio scripta). Genevie, 1766. 8". 
4 voll. 

20207 — Minerva s. de causis linguae 
latinffi commentarius, cum addita- 
mentis Csp. Scioppii et notis Jac. 
Perizonii et C. L. Baueri. Lps., 
Barth, 1 793-1801. 8°. 2 voll. (4 d.) 

The index was prepared by F. Ch. 

20208 edid. Everard. Scheid. 

Ed. VII. Amst., Hengst, 1 809. 8*». 
SANCTIUS de Arevalo, see Rode- 

Ricus Zamorensis. 
SANCTO Aloysio, see Iloephon- 


20209 SANCTO Bartholomaeo, Pan- 
linus a. Sidharubam s. gramma- 
tica samscrdamica, cui aocedit dis- 
sertatio historico-critica in linguam 
samscrdamicam. Romse, ex typ. 
congr. de prop, fide, 1790. 4*^. 

20210 — systema brahmanicum litur- 
gicum, mythologicum et civile, ex 
monumentis indicis musei Bor- 
giani, dissertationibus historicis et 
criticis illustratum. Romie^ '79i- 
4°. with plates. 

A representation of the Indian Brah- 
manic mythology, religious customs, and 
civil constitution, after the Latin work of 
Paul, a S. Bartholomaeo. Gotha, Ettinger, 
1797* 4*** ^th 50 pUtes (3d.) J. F. Kletu 
ker diu Brahman, ReligUfru^stem, Jtigoy 
Hariknoeh, 1797. 8*'. (a d.) 

20211 — centum adagia malabarica, 
cum textu originali et versione lat. 


nunc primum in lucem edita. Ro- 
mae, 1791. 4°. 

20212 — musei Borgiani codices ma- 
nuscript! Avenses, Peguani, Sia- 
mici e/c. animadversionibus illns- 
trati. Accedunt monumenta et 
cosmogonia indico-thibetana. Rome, 
1793. 4°. with plates. 

20213 — scitismo sviluppato sui mo- 
numenti indici del museo Borgiano. 
Roma, 1793. 4". 

20214 — examen historico-criticum 
codicum indicorum bibliothecs S. 
congregationis de propag. fide. 
Romse, 1792. 4°. 

20215 — India orientalis Christiana. 
Romse, 1 794. 4°. with plates and a 
map. Also on large paper. 

20216 — de veteribus Indis disser- 
tatio. Romce, 1795. 4^ 

20217 — viaggio alle Indie orientali. 

Roma, 1 796. 4*^. with 1 2 plates. 

Voyage atue Indet orierUalet, tratL de 
rUalien aveo let observatioru de Anquetil 
DuperroHy J, Rhld. Fonter et SUv, de 
Sacy. Par, 1808. 8**. 3 vols, with an atlas 
in 4^ {10 fr.) 

20218 — de antiquitate et afiinitate 
b'nguse Zendicae Samscrdamicie et 

germanicie dissertatio. Patav. 1 798. 


20219 — Amarasinha s. dictionarii 
samscrdamici sectio prima, cum in- 
terpretatione latina. Romse, 1 798. 


20220 — Jornandis vindicise de Var 
Hunnorum. Rome, 1802. 4°. 

20221 — de latini sermonis origine 
et cum orientalibus linguis con- 
nexione dissertatio. Rome, Ful- 
goni, 1802. 4^ 

20222 — de basilica S. Pancratii. 
Romse, 1803. 4^ 

20223 — Vyacarana s. locupletisidma 
samscrdamicie linguas institatio. 
Romse, 1804. 4°. 

20224 SANCTO Blasio, Bt. de. 
Tractatus de actionibus. Vcn., £rb. 
Ratdolt, 1481. fol. Gothic letter. 

A very neat copy on vellum in the Royal 
library at Munich. 35 leaves in a columns. 
Pages 34b and 25* contain a table, and 
these leaves are in consequence larger than 
the rest. The colophon is in leaf niK 


SANCTO Burgo, ses Dionysius. — 
Concordio, see Bartholom jsus. 

20225 SANCTO Joseph©. Pt. Ang. 
(Labrosse) a. Pharmacopoea Per- 
sies, ex idiomate Persico in lat. 
conversa. Par. 1681. 8°. 

Labrosse was only the editor, and the 
real translator was father Matthieu. 

20226 — gazophylacium linguee Per- 

sarum, triplici linguarum clavi ita* 

lies, latinae, gallicae etc. reseratum. 

Amst. 1684. fol. 

Far inferior to Castellus in copiousness 
and in accuracy of orthography. 

20227 SANCTO Josepho, Mch. a. 
Biblif^raphia critica sacra et pro- 
fana. Matriti, 1740-42. fol. 4 voll. 

20228 SANCTO PAULO, C. a. 

Geographia sacra s. noticia antiqua 

diceoesium omnium veteris eccle- 

sis, cum notis Lucse Holstenii, et 

X tabulis geographicis. Amst.., Fr. 

Halma, 1703. — Geographia sacra 

ex veteri et novo testamento de- 

sumpta, in tabb. consignata a N. 

Sanson, cum notis J. Clerici. ib., 

id., 1704. — Eusebii Caesariensis 

onomasticon urbium et locor. S. 

Script. Brocardi monachi descriptio 

terra; sanctse. ib., id., 1707. fol. 3 

parts in 2 vols. 

An esteemed work, the 3rd part of 
which is somednjes to be met with by it- 

SANCTO Victore, see Hugo and 


20229 SANCTO Vincentio, Gr. a. 
Opus geometricum quadratune cir- 
cuit et sectionum coni, decern 11- 
bris comprehensum. Antw. 1647. 

SANCTUS Severns, see Severus. 
SANDBY, Gu. For a series of his 

impressions of Latin classics, see 

H0RATIU8, No. 10212. 

20230 SANDBY, P. Recueil des 
vues de I'Am^rique septentrionale 
et des Indes occidentales, gravees 
d'apr^ les dessins pris sur les lieux 
par Sandby, Grignon etc. avec Tex- 
plication en angl. et en frang. 
Lond. 1768. oblong fol. with 27 



20231 — recueil de 150 vues choisies 
en Angleterre, le pays de Gralles^ 
TEcosse et rirlande, gravees par 
Rooker, Watts etc. Lond., Boydell, 
1783. oblong fol. 2 voll. 

SANDEBAR, see Sendebad. 

20232 SANDER, Ant. Flandria il- 

lustrata. Col., Com. ab Egmond, 

1641-44. large fol. 2 vols, with 


The real printer and publisher was J. 
Blaeu of Amsterdam, and Blaeu himself 
states in the second preface to his ThecUrum 
urlAum Belgica, that a 3rd vol. was to 
have appeared. This original edition is 
preferred to the modem one, Haff. Com. 
1730. fol. 3 vols, (also on large paper), on 
account of its better impressions. 

20233 — chor(^aphia sacra Bra- 

bantiae. Brux. 1659. large fol. 2 


The original edition of a work prized for 
its accuracy, the 2nd vol. of whidi is so 
scarce, that only 5 or 6 copies are known. 
There is a copy of it in the Royal library 
at Paris. This' 2nd vol. is made up of 
separate pieces, which appeared at Brus- 
sels 1659-63, and at Antwerp, 1664-69. 
The entire impression of it is said to 
have been long suppressed, and to have 
been wholly destroyed in the bombard- 
ment of Brussels in 1695, so that only 
those copies which had been given as pre- 
sents by the author escaped. Longman set 
down a copy of both vols, in his catalogue 
of 18 1 6 at 52I. los. The new edition, 
Hag. Com., van Loon, 1726, 27. foL 3 vols, 
with plates, contains augmentations, but it 
is not dear. 

20234 SANDFORD, Fr. Genealo- 
gical history of the kings of Eng- 
land and monarchs of Great Britain 
from the conquest a. 1066 to the 
year 1677. Continued with addi- 
tions and sculpture by Sm. Steb- 
bing. Lond. 1 707. fol. with plates. 

Very scarce on large paper (38I. Long- 
man). Previously, Lond. 1677 ^^^ 1683. 
fol. The edition of 1677 is sought after on 
account of the first impressions. 

20235 — history of the coronation of 
James II. king of England. In 
the Savoy, Newcomb, 1687. fol. 
with plates. 

20236 SANDIFORT, Ed. Thesau- 
rus dissertationum, programmatum 
aliorumque opusculorum ad omnem 



medicinam facientium. Vol. I. II. 
Rot. 1768-69. Vol.111. LB. 1 778. 
4°. 3 vols, with plates. 

20237 — exercitationes anatomico- 
academicae. LB. 1783-85. 4-. 2 
vols, with plates. 

20238 — observationes anatomico- 
pathologicae. LB. 1778. 4*^. 4 voU. 

20239 — opuscula anatomica selec- 
tiora. LB. 1 788. 8^ 

20240 — musKum anatomicum aca- 
demise Lugduno-Batavse. LB. 1 793. 
large fol. 2 vols, with 136 plates. 

20241 SANDOVAL, Pnidencio de. 

Historia de los reyes de Castilla y 

de Leon. Pamplona, Labayen^ 

1615 (new title 1634). fol. 2 voU. 

Best, Madr., Cano, 1 791. 4**. 2 voIb. (lee 
above, Ocampo.) 

20242 — chronica del inclito empe- 
rador de Espaiia Alonso vll. 
Madr., Sanchez, 1600. fol. 

Included in the preceding work. 

20243 — la vida y hechos del empe- 
rador Carlos V. Pamplona, 1618 
or 34. fol. 2 voll. 

Also, VattadoL 1604. fol. Madr. 1675. 
foL Amberes, 1681. fol. Serna Santander 
had a large-paper copy of the edition of 


20244 SANDRART, Jo. von. L'aca- 
demia todesca della architettura, 
scultura e pittura, oder teutsche 
Academie der edeln Bau-Bild-u. 
Mahlerkunst. Nrb. 1675-79. fol. 
4 parts in 2 vols, with plates. 

This original edition, which ia still indis- 
pensable, and which at the same time has 
a preference on account of its plates, is 
daily becoming scarcer. 

20245 — academia nobilissims artis 

pictoriie. Nrb., Froberger, 1683. 

fol. with plates. 

A translation of a part of the preceding 
work. Consult Mohsen VerM9iehnu9 emer 
Sammiung wm BUdnuaen II. 309 sq. 

20246 — insignium Romse templor. 

Prospectus exteriores et interiores. 
hh., without date. fol. with 73 

20247 — sculpturae veteris admiranda 
8. delineatio perfectissimar. statuar. 
Nrb., Froberger, 1680. fol. with 


20248 — iconologia deorum, oder 
Abbildung der Gotter, welche von 
den Alten verehrt worden. Nrb., 
Froberger, t68o. fol. with plates. 

20249 — Romse antiquae et novae 
theatrum. Nrb. 1684. fol. with 

20250 — Romanorum fontinalia s. 
intra et extra urbem Romam fon. 
tium delineatio. Nrb. 1685. fol. 
with plates. 

20251 — deutsche Akademie der 
Ban - Bildhauer - u . Mahlerkunst. 
Bei dieser neuen Ausg. verandert, 
in eine bessere Ordnung gebracht 
u. durchgehends verbessert von J. 
Jac. Volkmann. Nrb., Endtner, 
1768-75. fol. 8 vols, with plates 
(40 d.). 

Besides the many errors and defidendes 
of this new edition, which are in part cen- 
sured in the GGU, gel. Anx. 1772. p. 779 
and 812, there is also omitted much valu- 
able information for the history of (German 
artists ; an account of which thie ist edition 
is quite indispensable. 

SANDVIG, see Edda. 

20252 SANDWICH, earl of. Voy- 
age performed round the Mediter- 
ranean in the years 1738-39, writ- 
ten hj himself, to which are pre- 
fixed memoirs of the author*8 life 
by J. Cooke. Lond. 1799 or 1807. 
4". with plates (al. 28 ). 

SANGE, danske, see Edda. 

20253 SANMARTINO. Matteo di. 
Pescatoria ed egloghe. Without 
place or date {Ven., GioUto, 1540). 

20254 SANNAZARIUS, Actius 
Sincerus. De partu virginis libri 
III. Eclogse V. Salices. De morte 
Christi. Neap., Ant. Fretia Cori- 
naldinus, 1526. 4^ 

70 leaves with 30 lines and signataivB. 
There are 2 copies on vellum, one in die 
Royal library at Paris (prevkrasiy 501 fr. 
Brienne), the other, defective, j8 fr. 
McCarthy (previously 24 fr. Valli^re}, 

20255 — de partu virginis Lamen- 
tatio de morte Christi. Piscatoria. 
Pt. Bembi Benacus. Agst. 


Verona. Yen., Aldus et And. socer, 
1527. 8°. 

8 Jnyet of prdumnary matter, 47 num- 
bered leaveB, and 1 leaf with the anchor. 

20256 — de partn virginis, de morte 

Christ], eclogs piscatoriae, salices, 

elegiae^ epigrammata. Pt. Bembi 

hjmniu in S. Stephanum. Ejusd. 

Benacus. Gbr. Altilii epithalamion. 

J. Gottfle cannina. J. Mutii Au- 

relii hymniu in D. Joann. Bapt. 

Ejusd. elegia ad Leonem X. Yen., 

fratres de Sabio, 1528. 8°. 

84 leaves. A copy on veOum in the 
Royal library at Paris (previously aL 158. 
Pinelli, 94 fr. McCarthy). 

20257 — de partu virginis. Lamen- 

tatio de morte Christi. Piscatoria. 

Pt. Bembi Benacus. Agst. Bea- 

tiani Verona et praeterea, quie in 

seq. pagina oontinentur. Ven., Al- 

dns et And. 8ocer, T528. 8°. 

8 leaves of preliminary mattar, 67 num- 
bered leaves, and i leaf with the anchor. 
More complete than the Aldine of 1517. 
As the printing of this Uttle book is dif- 
ferent, this edition was probably com- 
menced at some other press, and only 
finished by Aldus. 

20258 — od«. Ejnsd. elegia de malo 
Pnnioo. J. Gotte carmina. M. 
Ant. Flaminii carmina. Ven. with- 
out the printer's name, m. Dec. 

1529- 8**- 
This edition, which is very scarce even 

in Italy, is erroneously considered as an 

Aldine by Maittaire; see MorelH BibL 

MS. I. 46 r and 476. 

20259 — de partu virginis libri III. 

Ejusd. de morte Christi lamentatio. 

£t quae in sequent! pagina conti- 

nentur. Yen., hsered. Aldi et And. 

soceri, 1533. 8®. 

4 leaves of prdiminary matter, and 100 
leaves. The first edition that appeared 
after Sannasarius^s death, and enlarged, 
bat not well arranged. 

20260 — opera omnia latine scripta, 
nuper edita. Ven., heered. Aldi et 

And. AsuL 1535. S*'. 

41 and 63 leaves, and i leaf colophon 
and anchor. This edition, superintended 
by P. Manntius, is more complete and bet- 
ter arranged than the preceding. — R4>peat- 
ed, Km., es BibL AbUnoy 1570. 8^ 104 




20261 — opera omnia. Amst., Schul- 

peroort, 1648. 12^ 
Beware of this very incorrect edition. 

20262 — opera latina omnia et inte- 
gra. Ace. notse ad eclogas, elegias 
et epigrammata. Amst. 1689. 12^. 

20263 — opera latine scripta. Ex 
secundis curis Jani Broukhusii. 
Ace. Gbr. Altilii, Dn. Cereti et 
fratrum Amaltheor. carmina, vite 
Sannazarianae et notae Pt. Vlamin- 
gii. Amst., Linden, 1728. 8^ Also 
on large paper. 

20264 — poemata ex antiquis edi- 

tionibus accuratissime descripta. 

Ace. ejusd. vita J. Ant. Vulpio 

auctore, item Gbr. Altilii et Hono- 

rati Fascitelli carmina. Ed. II. lo- 

cupletior. Patavii, Cominus, 1731* 

4°. with Sannazarius's portrait. 

Oi. Ant. Volpi was the editor. A good 
edition, and more complete than, t6., id^ 
1 719. 4.^ But according to Ernesti's 
TheoL Bibliolh. III. 85, it is castrated. 

20265 — poemata. Scip. Capicii de 

vate maximo libri III. Patav., 

Cominus, 1751. 8-. 

There are copies of this edition on blue 

20266 — de partu virginis libri III. 

etrusco carmine redditi a J. Bm. 

Casaregio, nunc prim, cum Vati- 

cano et Mediceo codice collati cura 

et stud. Ant. Fr. Gorii. Plor., Al- 

bizinus, 1740. 4". Also on large 


The Latin text was compared with MSS. ; 
the Italian translation is new. 

20267 • — el parto de la virgen tradu- 
cido en octava rima por Gr. Fer- 
nandez de Velasco. Toledo, 1554- 
8°, Madr. 1 569. 8''. Also in the 
Pamaso espanol, T. V. p. 68 sq.— 
Banasaro espaiiol, traducion de Fr. 
de Herreras Maldonado. Madr. 
1 62 1. 8®. — Del parto della vergine 
libri III., trad, in versi toscani da 
Gi. Giolito. Ven., Gioliti, 1588. 
4°. Also, Verona, 1732. 4°. — Del 
parto della vergine libri III. trad, 
in versi ital. da Bn. Trento (col 
testo lat.). Padova, Crescini^ 1 819. 
8"".— Les couches sacr^ de la vi- 




erge, poeme h^roique, mis en prose 
fran9. par Colletet^ reveu et corrige 
sur le latin par P.L. J. Par. 1645. 

See also above, Durante. 

20268 — commentaria in tres libros 
de virginis partu a Sannazaro edi- 
tos Lazari Cardonse. Yen., Fr. de 
Franciscis, 1584. 8°. 

20269 — Arcadia. Ven., Bernardino 
de Vercelli, 14 Jun. 1502. 4°. 

A certain Sebastiano da Venezia was the 
editor of this first but incomplete edition, 
which was unknown to Volpi. Repeated, 
t^., id,y 22 Nov. 1502. 4**. t^., uf., 1504. 4**. 
Mil., ScinzenzeleTf 1504. 4**. 

20270 — Arcadia tntta fornita et 
tratta emendatissima dal suo origi- 
nale. Nap., Sgm. Mayer, m. Mar- 
zo, 1504. 8°. 

2 and 96 leaves. The first complete edi- 
tion. A copy on vellum in the Royal li- 
brary at Paris (previously « 79 fr. M*Car- 
thy), a second in the Town library of 
Naples, and a third in the possession of 
lord Spencer (formerly Caasano-Serra). 

20271 — Arcadia tutta fornita et 
tratta emendatissima dal suo origi- 
nale, et nuovamente in Napoli ri- 
stampata. Without place {Nap.) 
or date. 4°. 

A neat reprint of the preceding, erro- 
neously considered by some as the first 

20272 — Arcadia. Mil., Mantega- 
tio, 1509. 4°. 

20273 — Arcadia. Ven., 6i. Rosso, 


An edition not noticed by Panzer. Ven. 
15 ■ 5* 4*'* is set down in Molini^s catalogue 
at 6 paoli. 

20274 — Arcadia. Ven., Aldo, m. 

Settembre, 1514. 8°. 

80 numbered leaves, and i leaf with the 
anchor. An edition that is sought after. 
Lord Spencer has a copy on vellum (pre- 
viously 1 61. 16s. Pinelli, ail. Pins). A 
copy on large blue paper with gold borders 
44 fr. Oaignat. 

20275 — Arcadia. Flor., Ph. di Gi- 

unta, m. Marzo, 1514. 8°. 

94 numbered leaves. Also, ib., id., m. 
Apr. 1 5 19. 8*^. 80 numbered leaves. Scarce 
editions, and cited by the academy della 
Crusca. The Rime of 1533 should be added 
to them ; see below. 


20276 — Arcadia. Ven., heredi d' Al- 
do et Andrea socero, 1534. 8*^. 

91 numbered leaves, and i leaf with the 
anchor. There are copies on large paper. 
Merdy a reprint of the Aldine of 15 14. 
The Rime of 1534 are usually bound up 
with it ; see below. 

20277 — Arcadia. Ven., Giolito, 
1549.12°. Sonetti e canzoni. ib., 
id., 1549. 12^ 

20278 — Arcadia di nuovo ristam- 
pata e ristornata a]la sua vera le- 
zione da L. Dolce, con le rime del 
medesimo Sannazaro. Ven., Gio- 
lito, 1556 or 62. 8°. 

Tomm. Porcacchi and Fr. Sansovino, 
have rather spoiled than corrected the sab- 
sequent editions. 

20279 — le tre Arcadie di Jac Saiu 
nazaro, di Bd. Menzini e di Mch. 
Gius. Morei, raccolte per la prima 
volta. Ven., Poletti, 1746. 12°. 

20280 — Arcadia, con la di lui vita 
scritta da Gi. Bt. Corniani e con le 
annotazioni di L. Portirelli. Mil. 
1806. 8°. with Sannazarius's por- 

20281 — Arcadia alia sua vera le- 
zione ridotta. Bassano, 18 16. ia°. 

20282 — Arcadia traduc. por Diego 
Lopez de Ayala. Toledo, 1547. 4*^. 
Arcadia traducida nuevamente en 
nuestra Castellana lingua espanola 
en prosa v metro por Diego de Sa- 
lazar. Salamanca, Portonariis, 1 5 78. 
I6^ (at first 1573.) — L'Arcaidie 
translate d'italien en fran9. par J. 
Martin. Par., Vascosan, 1544. 8^ 
Lyon, Sabon, 1544. i8^ L' Area- 
die traduite de I'italien (par Pec- 
quet). Par. 1737. 12®. — Arcadia, 
met Aentekeningen, door Pt.Vlam- 
ing. Amst., 1730. 8°. with plates. 
Also on large paper. 

20283 -^ sonetti e canzoni. Roma, 
Ant. Blado, 1530. 4°. 

The first edition of the Rme, and a good 

20284 — sonetti e canzoni. Nap., Gi. 
de Sultzbach, m. Nov. 1530. 4°. 

20285 — rime con la gionta, dad suo 
proprio originale cavata. Fir., Bn. 
Giunta, 1533. 8®. 56 leaves. 

This should be added to No. 3037. 


20286 — sonetti e canzoni. Ven.^ 
heredi d'Aldo et And. socero, 
1534. 8^ 

48 numbered and 4 unnumbered leaves. 
Meizi posaened a copy on large paper. 
It belongs to No. 20376. 

20287 — rime corrette et reviste da 
L. Dolce. Yen., Giolito, 1552. 8". 

Also, Padovoj 1719. 8^ and in several 
editions of the Areadia, 

20288 — opere volgari, cio^ I'Arca- 
dia, le rime e le lettere. Da. Gi. 
Ant. Volpi e da Gaetano di lui fra- 
tello riveduti, corretti ed illustrati. 
Padova, Cominoj 1723. 4°. 

This very careful edition, and not fre- 
quentlymet with, isoften joined to N0.20264. 
There are also copies on better paper. 

20289 — opere volgari, alia sua vera 
lerione restituite. Ven., Bartoii, 
1 741. 12^. 2 parts in i vol. 

20290 — egloghe pescatorie trad, in 
vend ital. da L. Biondi. Turino, 
Chirio, 1823. 8^ 

20291 — Angiolo Giovannini lezioni 
sopra i versi latina del Sannazaro 
nella passione di Geeii Gristo. Jesi, 
Farri, 1597. 4^ 

20292 SAN PEDRO, B. de. Arte 
del romance castellano. Valencia^ 
1 769. 8*^. 2 voll. A. Gobeyos con- 
versadones criticas sobre el libro 
intitulado Arte del romance castel- 
lano. Madr. 1780. 8°. 

20293 SAN PEDRO, Diego Her- 
nandez de. Carcel de amor. Bur- 
gos, Frederigo Aleman^ 1496- 4°- 
Gothic letter. 

A very entertaining Spanish romance. 

20294 — carcel de amor, nueuamen- 
te oorr«ydo. Qarago9a, Jorge Coci, 
6 Agosto, 1523. 8''. Gothic letter. 

This edition is at Wolfenbttttel 

20295 — carcel de amor hecha por 
Hernando de Sanct Pedro, con 
otras obras suyas. Corregida y em- 
mendada por Alonso de UUoa. 
Ven., Gbr. Giolito, 1553. 8°. 

68 numbered leaves. Also at WoUn- 

20296 — question de amor y carcel 



de amor. Anvers^ Mt. Nucio, 1556 
or 98. 1 2®. 

First comes the Question, next follows 
with a separate title, Carcel de amor, del 
cumplimento de Nicolas Ntmez. The 
Question 4e amor appeared also by itself, 
Ven., Gbr. Giolito, 1553. 8". (as an ap. 
pendage to No. 20295), ^^^ ^® following 
is a French translation of it : Le debat des 
dewf gentilshommes espagnols sur le fait 
d* amour. Par., J. Longis, 1541. 8^ 

20297 — career d'amore tradotto da 
Lelio de Manfredi de idioma spa- 
gnolo in lingua materna. Ven., 
Bernardino de Viano, 152 1. 8°. 

Also, Ven., Pasim, 1530. 8^ Ven.^ Bin» 
doni e Pasini, 11^37. 8^ with woodcuts. 
(Wolfenb.) ^^.'1546. 8^ Ven.,ImberH, 
1621. 8°. with plates. 

20298 — la prison d'amours, laquelle 
traicte de Tamour de Leriano et 
Laureole, faite en espagnol, puis 
translat^e en tusquan, et depuis en 
langage fran9ois. Par., Galliot du 
Pr^, 1526. 8°. Gothic letter. 

Also, Par. 1527. 4^ Oothic letter with 
woodcuts. Lyon, Arnoullet, 1528. 4**. The 
French translator could not have been 
Gilles Corrozet, as Lacroiz du Maine would 
have it, since he was only 1 6 years old in the 
year 1526. Probably he was only the cor- 
rector of the translation in the later edi- 
tions, Par., Corrozet, 1552. 16°. Ljfon, 
Rigaud, 1583. 16°. With the Spanish text 
side by side, Anvers, Richart, 1556 or 60. 
16'. Par., Corrozet, 1595. 12°. Par., 
Bessin, 1616. I2^ 

20299 — carcell de amor, oder Ge- 

fangniss der Lieb. Aus. span. 

Sprach in Hochteutsch gebracbt 

durch Hans L. Khueffsteinem. 

Zum 5. mal gedruckt. Lpz., Oehle, 

1635. 8^ 

Previously, Lpz., Wachsman, 1625. 8**. 
(Both at Wolfenb.) 

20300 SAN ROMAN, Ant. de. His. 
toria de la India oriental. ValladoL, 
L. Sancbez, 1603. fol. 

20301 SANSON, N. Tables de la 
g^ograpbie ancienne et moderne. 
Par., 1644 and 45. large fol. 63 

A copy on vellum in the Royal library 
at Paris (formerly Tenants). This is pn)- 
bably the same atlas of which there is a 
copy on silk in the Nostitadan library at 
Prague, according to Hirschings Besohr. 




beruhmt. BibU. 111. 430. Conoemiiig San- 
son's atlasaes, eee WoUeradorf Repertor. 
der Land - tt. Seekarteny I. 105. 

20302 — L'Europe repr^nt^ selon 
le rapport qae toutes ses parties 
ont avec les cieux, entre elles et 
avec I'histoire. Without place or 
date. 4?, 

1 title-plates, 30 leaves of text, and 13 
maps. A copy on Tellum in the Royal li- 
brary at Paris, a and 78 fr. McCarthy. — 
See also Savcto Paulo. 

20303 SANSOVINO, Fr. Le cento 
novelle scelte da piu nobili scrit- 
tori della lingua volgare. Yen., 

Fr. Sansovino, 1561. 8°. 

The first and scarce edition of an esteemed 
work. A pretended edition of 1560 does 
not exist. 

20304 di nuovo ampliate, ri- 

formate, rivedute e corrette. Yen. 

1562. 8°. 

This edition is not less scarce than the 
preceding, from which it differs in 39 or 
30 novels. The 8th novel of the 4th day 
of the preceding edition ia wanting in this. 

20305 Edizione terza. Yen., 

Fr. Rampazetto, 1563. 8°. 

Finer and more complete than the two 
preceding, and likewise pretty scarce. 

20306 Yen. 1566. 4°. with 


Although not the best edition, as it is 
generally given out to be by the French 
bibliographers, yet it is sought after on ac- 
count of its neat woodcuts. 

20307 — cento novelle scelte da piu 

nobili Bcrittori della lingua volgare, 

con I'aggiunta di cento altre no- 

velle antiche. Yen., beredi di 

Sessa, 1 57 1. 4®. with woodcuts. 

This edition is valuable on account of 
the addition of the Cento nonelie antiche 
(see above^ Novelle), which make 8 
sheets with the signatures, o-A. (Wolfen- 
battel.)— The editions, Ven. 1 598, 90, 1 603, 
and 1610. 4**. are little prisEed, although 
furnished with the same appendage^ b^ 
canse the 30th novel of the 8*. edition ik 

20308 — satire di diversi, raccolte 
da Fr. Sausovino. Yen., Sanaovino, 

1560. 4^ 
Alio, Fim., BevUaeguoy 1575. 8". 

20309 SANTAELLA, Roder Fer- 


din. Yocabularium ecdesiasticain. 
Matriti, 1789. fol. 

20310 SANTA Maria, Ajogiol. 6br. 

di. Biblioteca e storia di quel scrit- 

tori della citt^ come del territorio 

di Yicenza. Yicenza, 1772-82. 4^ 

6 voU. 

In chronological order, bat extending only 
as &r as 1700. 

20311 SANTA Maria, Fr. de. Anno 

historico, diario Portuguez : noticift 

abbreviada das Pessoas grandes e 

cousas notaveis de Portugal. Lisb., 

Gongalves, 1744. fol. 3 voll. 

The 1st vol. first appeand, lAsb,, Fer^' 
mro, 1 7 14. fol. 

20312 SANTANDER, C. de la 
Serna. Dictionnaire bibliographi- 
que choisi du 1 5 si^le, ou descrip- 
tion des Editions les plus rares do 
15 si^e, precede d'un essai sur 
Torigine de rimprimerie, avec la 
notice des imprimeurs qui ont ex- 
erc^ cet art avant 1500. Bmx., 
Tarte, 1805-7. large 8°. 3 voll. 

A very useful bo(dc, and one that ought 
to be bound up with Panzer, as it frequently 
completes that work, particularly with re- 
spect to the old Spanish and Flemish typo- 
graphical productions, and oontaini good 
descriptions of the most important typognu 
phical productions of the 15th century. 
The notices concerning the origin and ex- 
tension of the art of printing, as also can* 
ceming all the printers of the 15th century, 
which the ist vol. contains, cannot be found 
so well brought together in any ocher 

20313 — catalogue des livres de la 

biblioth^ue de M. C. de la Serna 

Santander. Brux., an XI. (1803). 

8®. 4 voll. Supplement, ib., eod., 


This catalogue, made by the profeasor 
himself, is very valuable both on aocoant 
of the richness of the collection (partiou. 
larly in Spamsh literature), and also on 
account of its great aeooracy and of tiie 
biblii^graphical iolportance of the appended 
notes. The Hb^ti^ was sold by auction at 
Paris in 1809. The 5th voL is important 
on account ^ the treatise on the psqwr 
marks of tie 15 th century (with repre- 
sentations dP thorn vmazed), and abo on 
/«6oount of the titip<ise on the antiquhy of 
fignatuies it^ ninnbering €f leavea. 

20314 SANtjB Bartoll, Pt. Gli an- 


tichi sepolchriy oTvero maoaolei Ro- 
man] ed Etniachi trovate in Roma. 
Roma, Ant. de Rossi, 1697. fol. 

with no plates. 

Roma, 1997. foL is leiB prised, and, ib, 
1768. ioL is yerj indifferent. 

20315 — recneil de peintures anti- 
ques, imitees fid^ement pour les 
couleurs et pour le trait d'apr^ les 
dessins color, faits par Ft. Sante 
Bartoli (avec la description par 
Mariette et Caylus). Par., (GuS- 
rin\ T757. large fol. with 33 plates. 

There are only 30 copies of this splendid 
original edition. The following work is 
lometimes added to it, Barthelemy La mo~ 
taiqye de Paleatme. Par. 1760. fol. 

20316 — recueil de peintures anti- 
ques tronv^es a Rome, imitees fid^- 
lement pour les couleurs et les 
traits, d'apr^s les dessins colorizes 
par Pt. Sante Bartoli et autres des- 
sinateurs. £d. II. Par., Molini et 
Lamy, 1783-87. large fol. 3 parts 

in 2 vols, with 41 plates. 

A more oomplete edition, but less fine in 
the paintings, of which only 100 copies 
were struck off (at 1200 fr. each). The 
3rd part has the title, Hitioire crU. de la 
fyrwmde de C. CettitUy par PabU Rive, 
ib. 1787. There are also 6 copies of the 
work on Diitdi paper, and 15 on vellum 
(2431 fr. Brienne, 1600 fr. McCarthy and 
again offered for sale at 2500 fr., 195I. 2s. 
P&ris, not illuminated 1500 fr. St. C^ran, 
the 3rd part alone, 95 fr. Lamy). — See 
also Belloki, Ciacconius, Havebcaxp 
nnmophyl.y Museum Odeacalcum. 

20317 SANTEN, Lr. Carmina. 
Traj. ad Rh.. 1781. 8°. (8 st.) 

20318 — - deliciae poeticse. Fasc. 

I-VIII. LB., 1783-94. 8°. (3 fl.) 
20319*^ — carmina juvenilia. Par. 

1774. 8^ 
20319^ — poemata, ex ed. et cum 

prasf. J. H.HcEuift. LB. 1801. 8°. 
SANTILLANA, see Inigo de Mbn- 


20320 SANTINELLI, Stanisl. Dis- 

sertationes, orationes, epistoln et 

carmina. Ven. 1734. 4®. 
Containing much ardisBological matter. 

SANTIUS de Arevalo, see Rode- 
Ricus Zamor. 

20321 SANT0LIU8, J. Opemm 

SAP 1666 

omnium editio III. (cura Ant. Fr. 
Bilhard). Par. 1729. l2^ 3 voU. 
— In addition, Hymni sacri. Par. 

1698. 12°. 

20322 SANTORINI, J. Dm. XVII. 

tabulae (anatom.), quas nunc prim, 
edit atque explicat Mch. Gterardi. 
Parmae, ex typ. reg., 1775. wnall 
fol. with plates. 

20323 — observatt. anatom. Ven. 
1724. 4°. or LB. 1739. 4**. 

20324 SANTOS, Domingo de los. 
Vocabulario de la lengua Tagala. 
Tayabus (in the Philippine islands), 
1703. fol. 

20325 SANTOS, Fr. Obras en 
prosa y verso. Madr. 1723. 4**' 4 

20326 SANTOS, J. Fr. dos. Ethio- 
pia oriental e varia historia de 
cousas notaveis do Oriente. Evora, 

Lira, 1609. fol. 

In French by Gaetan Charpy, Par. 1684 
or 88. I2^ 

20327 SANTOS e Silva, Th. Ant. 
dos. Rimas. Lisb. 1792. 8^. (400 


20328 SANVIT ALE, L. Sa^o di 
novelle. Parma, Bodoni, 1803. 12**. 

20329 SANXAY, Jac. Lexicon 
Aristophanicum. Lond. 1754. 8**. 
Ox. 181 1. 8<». (9s. on large paper 


The latter edition forms abo the 5th toL 
of the Oxford AriBtophanes of 18 to. 

SANZ, see Saenz. 

20330 SAONA, Lr. Gu. de. Nova 
rhetorica. Apud villam S. Albani, 
1480. 4°. Gothic letter. 

The first typographical productitm at 
St. Albans and very scarce. 181 printed 
leaves witli 24 lines and the signatures a-«. 
A pretended edition, Cbr. 1478, appears to 
be only a confusion with the date of com- 
position. Sold atWillett'ssale for 79I. 16s. 

20331 SAPPHO. Carmina et frag- 
menta (gr. lat.) Recensuit, com- 
mentario illustravit, schemata mu- 
sica adjecit et indices confecit H. 
F. Magn. Volger. Lps., Weid- 
mann, 1810. 8^ (1 d., on vellum 
paper i d. 16 gr.) 

A new and carefiil collection of her frag- 
ments in the Museum Criticumy vol I 


1666 SAP SAR 

Cbr. 1814. 8^ p. 1-31, 250-252, where in 20341 — H. F. Magni Volgeri dia- 

p. 2, the above edition is oensuped. ^.^ibe hiatorica de Sapphua poetriK 

20332 — Oden, griech. u. deutsch vita et scriptis. Gothse, 1809. 8". 
mit erklar. Anmerkk. von E. Ant. (6 gr.) F. 61i. Welcker Sappho 
L. Mobius. Hannov., Hahn, 1815. von einem herrschenden Vorur- 
8°. (isgr.) theile befreit. Gott. 1817. 8°. 

20333 — obras de Safo^ Erina, Ale- ( 1 2 gr.) 

man, Alceo^ Ibico, Simonides^ Ba- See Anacbeov, Caamika, Wolf. 

chilides, Archiloco, Algeo, Pratino 20342 SARACENIC A sea Moame- 

y Menalampides, traducidas del thica gr. et lat. nunc TOrimum edita 

griego en verso castellano por Josef cum annotatt.^ opera F. Sjlburgii. 

y Bemab^ Canga Argu£lles. Madr. {Heidelb,)^ Commelinus, 1595. 8°. 

1 797. 4". (8 rs.) Consult FabricU BM, gr. VI. 673 sq. 

20334 — epistola di Saffo tradotta SARASIN, see Sarrasin. 

in terza rima da Jac. Fil. da Pel- 20343 SARBIEVIUS (Sarbiewski)^ 

lenegro. Without place or date. Mthi. Casim. Lyricorum libri IV. 

8^. Epodon liber unus, alterque epi- 

An old impression. Mentioned in the grammatum. AntW.^MoretUS, 1632. 

Libreria Capponiana, p. 291. ^o 

20335 — la Faoniade di Saffo, trad. 20344 — elegia itineraria ex MS. 
in italiana (da Sosare Itomeio pas- edita a Lebr. Gotthelf Langbein. 
tore Arcado). Without place (iVap.), Dresd. 1 754. 4°. 

1784. 8°. 110 pages. Strictly suppressed immediately after its 

The transUtor (Vine Imperiali) has here appearance, on account of ito attacks on 

made up five hymns and five odes out of **»« Lutheran clerjor, and scarce in eon. 

some fragments of Sappho after his man- sequence. Consult Fresftag't Naehrr. 209. 

ner. Also, CrUopdiy Bodoni, 1792. 8». 20345 — poemata ex vetUStis MSS. et 

Parmoy Bodoniy 1801. la^ Pwa, 1801. variis codicillis olim ab auctore dis- 


simulato nomine editis depromta 

20336 — Favventure di Saffo, e al et in unum coUecta. Quibus ac- 

Faoniade, inni ed odi ; traduzioni cedlt oratio ab eodem habita in 

dalgreco. Par., Molini, 1790. Ia^ translatione corporis D. Casimiri. 

The translation from Ae GreA is feign- 1^^ epistolae ad Stanisl. Lubienski, 

ed. Also, Ma, 1809. 18°. 2 volL .^ Plocensem. Viln«. ty^ogt. 

^f^l.Z: ^^'^ ^^ ^^PP^""; ^''T^ regia, 1757. 4°.'(s Polish fl.)' 

de differentes poesies dans le meme This edition, which is very scaroe in Oer- 

genre. Amst. 1777- 18^. many, was superintended by Adam Na- 

20338 — les hymnes de Sappho, rusczewicx. 

nouvellement d^couvertes et tra- 20346 — Carmina. Par., Barbou, 

duites pour la premise fois en *7S9« '* • 

£ran9ois. avec de notes et une ver- ^/^'^ ^> '79»- ;«'• » ^J^' _ , 

sion italienne. par J. B. GrainviUe. ^03^^ " ^™'^- ^^'^ Treuttel, 

Par., RoUan, an 5 (1796). 12°. ^°°5- 8 . (1 d. 4 gr.) 

suit Chardan MOangeM, I. 303. ^^^ks : it has no^ ho^er, appealed. _ 

20339 — a fragment of an ode of S*8 lyritche Gedkhie, au$ dem LaL von 
Sappho from Longinus : also an A.J.Raihamann, JBfiM/. 1802. 8^ (8 gr.) 

ode of Sappho from Dionysius Ha- SARCOTIS, see Masbniu8. 

licarn. Edited by Fr. H. Egerton. 20348 SARDINI, Giac. Esame sui 

Par. 1 8 14. 8°. 26 pages. principj della francese ed italiana 

This work did not come into the market, tipografia oTvero storia critica di 

20340 — die Fragmente der Sappho, ^ic. Jenson. Lucca, Bonsignori, 
iibs. von G. C. B(raun). Wetzlar, 1796-98. fol. 3 parts in 1 vol. with 
1809. 8^. plates. 


20349 SARIIS, Alessio de. Istoria 

del regno di Napoli. Nap. 1791. 

4° 3 voU. 
A completely insignificant work. 

20350 SARMIENTO, Mt. Memo- 
rias para la historia de la poesia y 
poetas espanolas. Madr.^ Ibarra^ 


20351 SARMIENTO da Gamboa, 

Pt. Viage al estrecho de Magal- 
lanes en los aiios de 1579 y 1580. 
Madr., impr. real de la gazeta^ 
1768. 4°. with plates. 

Edited for ibe first time from a MS. in 
the Royal library at Madrid. 

SARNELLI^ see Repponb. 

20352 SARPI, P. Opere varie. 
Helmstat, Jac. Miller^ 1750- ^<^1' 
2 voll. 

20353 — tutte le opere con un sup- 
plimento. Helmst. ( Verona) ,1761- 
68. 4^ 8 voll. 

20354 — le medesime opere oompiete. 
Nap. 1 790. 8^ 24 voll. 

20355 — istoria del concilio Triden- 
tino di Pt. Soave Polano (P. Sarpi). 
Lond.y Billio, 1619. fol. 

The first edition of the Italian original, 
superintended by M. Ant. de Dominis, and 
sought after. Scarce on lai^ paper. 

20356 — istoria del concilio Triden- 
tino, da fra P. Sarpi ; con note 
criticbe^ istoriche e teolc^cbe di 
Pt. Fr. le Courayer. Londra, de 
Toumes, i757« 4°- ^ voll. 

20357 — bistoris concilii Tridentini 

libri VIII. ex italicis latini facti. 

Augusts Trinobantum^ 1620. fol. 

The first edition of the very faulty Latin 
translation made by Ad. Newton and W. 
BeddL Also, Gorinchemi^ VMc^ 1658. 4°. 
Lpt. 1699. 4". and often. 

20358 — bistoire du concile de 
Trente, trad, en fran9. avec des 
notes histor. par Pt. Fr. le Cour- 
ayer. Lond., Idle, 1736. fol. 2 
vols. Also on large paper. 

A good edition of this esteemed transla- 
tion. Amti, 1736. 4°. 2 vols., and Amsi. 
(Par.) 1 75 1. 4**. 3 Tols. (also on large paper) 
are less sought after. The earlier transla- 
tion by Amelot de la Houssaye, AnuLy 
Blaeu, 1683, 86, or 99. 4% or AmsL (Trc~ 



iMMur), 1704. 4**. is only after the bad Latin 

20359 — Historie des Tridentin. 

Conciliums, niit Courayer's An- 

merkk. berausgegeben u. mit einer 

Vorr. begleitet von F. Ebb. Ram- 

bacb. Halle, Gebaner^ 1761-65. 

S\ 6 voll. (7 d. 12 gr.) 

An earlier German translation, Ff. a. ilf. 
1620. 4*". Pallavidno^s work (see that ar- 
ticle) was directed against this of Sarpi's. 

20360 SARRASIN, J. Fr. (Euvres 
(publ. par Manage). Par., Courb^, 

Also, ib. 1658 or 94. Ia^ 

SARTHIANO, see Sancto. 
SASSO, see Saxus. 

20361 SATCHWELL, R. Scripture 
costume, exbibited in a series of 
engravings. Lond. 1819. 4°. witb 
plates (5I. 5s.) 

20362 SATIRE de cinque poeti il- 
lustri di nuovo raccolte. Ven., 
Vavassori, 1565. 12". 

20363 SATYRiE. Elegantiores prae- 
stantium viror. satyrse. LB., Maire, 
1655. 12°. 2 voll. 

20364 SAUER, Mt. Account of a 
geograpbical and astronomical ex- 
pedition to the northern parts of 
Russia by Billings. Lond. 180T. 
4°. with plates. Also on large 

In French by Cast^ra, Par, 1802. 8**. 
2 vols, with an atlas in 4°. In German by 
Mthi. Ch. Sprengel. Weimar^ 1803. 8**. 
with plates (i d.). 

20365 SAUNDERS, J. C. Illustra. 
tion of the anatomy of the human 
ear. Lond. 1806. fol. witb plates 
(1 1. 5s.) 

20366 SAUNDERSON, N. Ele- 
ments of Algebra, in ten books. 
Cbr. 1740. 4°. 2 voll. Also on 
large paper. 

An abridgment, Lond. 1761 or 71. 8**. 
with plates. 

20367 — method of fluxions. Lond. 
1756. 8*^. with plates. 

20368 SAUNIER, J. de. La par- 
faite connaissance des chevaux, 
leur anatomie. Publi^e par Gasp. 




de Saunier. Haye, i734< large fol. 
with 6 1 plates. 

20369 SAUNIER, Oaspard de. L'art 
de cavalerie, ou la mani^re de de- 
yenir bon ^cuyer. Amst. 1756. 
fol. with 27 plates. 

Other copies nave Par,^ Jombert, 1 756. 

20370 SAURIN, Jac. Sermons. 
Rott. 1749. 8°. 12 vols. 

One of the best editions. Transkted 
into English by Robison, Hunter, and Sut- 
diffe, Lond. 1812. 8^ 8 vob. (3I. 4s.) In 
Oerman by Rosenbeii;, Lpa, 1 766I68. 8°. 
10 vols., and Predd. Hb. die Letdenagesch,^ 
ub8. von Heyer. Lp», 1 760. 8°. 2 vols. 

20371 — discours historiques, cri- 
tiques, theologiques et moraux sur 
les ^venemens les plus memorables 
du V. et du N. Testament. T. I. 
Amst., Picart, 1720 (other copies, 
Hatfe,Hondt,jy2S). T.II. Haye, 
Hondt, 1728. T. III. ib., id., 1735. 
T. IV. ib.. id., 1736. T.V. ib., 
id., 1737. T. VI. ib., id., 1739. 
fol. 6 vols, with plates. 

The text of this work, sought after on 
account of its fine plates, is only in the first 
3 vols, by Saurin, in the 3rd and 4th by 
Roques, in tbe 5th and 6th by Beausobre. 
The quality of the copies, which is stated 
on the under part of the title of each vol., 
is of four kinds, an ordinary, royal, super- 
royal, and imperial paper. Those on snper- 
royal paper are said to contain the best im- 
pressions of the plates, which, however, is 
only true of some copies. In most of the 
copies the ist vol. is of the year 1728. 

The 212 plates of this work, which were 
done from designs by Oer. Hoet, Uoubra- 
ken, and Bn. Picart, and are mostly very 
fine, were engraved in 1 705-20, and pre- 
viously appeared in separate collections, 
whidi consequently contain tbe best im- 
pressions and are greatly sought after. The 
oldest collection has the title, Tttferelen der 
heU^e GeKfuedenitsen van het oude en 
nieuvoe Teatameni. Amst. 1 706. fol. With 
the same title (except that it has voor^' 
naamate instead of heiiige\ AtiuL, Halma^ 
1 718. fol-, and Gravenhage^ HoruU, 1728. 
foi. With the title. Lea figures de la ikble. 
Amst, Picartf 1720. fol. There is also 
an edition with a short Dutch text of 1 728. 
lai^ fol. 3 vols. 

Similar works, see under BA8irA»E, His- 
TOfftE (9808), and LuYKEv. 

30272 SAUSSURE, Horace Bene, 
diet de. Voyages dans les alpes, 
prec^d^s d'un essai sur Thistoire 


naturelle des environs de Geneve. 

Neuch&tel, 1779-96. 4°. 4 vols. 

with plates. 

The first 2 vols, were reprinted in 1804, 
and the whole, Genhe, 1787-96. 8**. 8 vols, 
with plates. In German (the first 2 voia. 
of the 4**. edition by J. Sm. Wyttenbadi), 
Lp». 1781-88. 8^ 4 vols. (4 d. 16 gr.) 

SAUVAGfeRE, see Caylus. 

20373 SAUVAGES, abW de. Dic- 
tionnaire languedocien-fran^ais. 
Nouv. 6dit. revue, corrig^ et augm. 
par L. A. D. F. Alais, Martin, 
1821. 8°. 2 voll. (12 fr.) 

20374 SAUVAGES, Fr. Boissier de. 
Nosologia methodica s. morbor. 
classes, genera et species, juxta Sj- 
denhami mentem et botaniconim 
ordinem. Castigav., emendavit, 
auxit, icones adjecit Gh. F. Daniel. 
Lps., Schwickert, 1790-97. large 
8^ 5 vols. (5 d.) 

Previously, Amsi. 1768. 4**. 2 vols, (in 
addition, Gti. Cuilen Apparatus ad nosofo- 
giam method, Amst, 1775* 4^) AmsL 
1 763. 8**. 5 vols, is less sought after. 

20375 SAUVAL, H. Histoire et 
recherches des antiquity de la ville 
de Paris. Par. 1724. fol. 3 vols. 
Also on large paper. 

Little sought after in France. The HU^ 
toire des amours des rms de France, which 
is reprinted in the Gakmteries des rois de 
France, without place, 1738. 12**. 2 vols^ 
is sometimes wanting at the end of the 3rd 
vol. Concerning the work, consult the 
commentary to Boileau^s 7th satire, V. 40. 

20376 SAUVIGNY, Ed. L. BiUar- 
don de. Essais historiques sur les 
moeurs des Fran9ois. Par. 1785. 
large 8°. 5 vols, with plates. 

Containing a translation of Gregorius 
Turonensis and other ancient writers of 
history. The following 5 vols, are usually 
added thereto; ConstUtUums des rms de 
France, premiere dynasHe. laige 8°. with 
plates. Lettres des rois, reinss, grands etc 
large 8*". 2 vols, with plates. (Eitoraa de 
SoUius Sidon. Apollinaris. Par, 1787. 
large 8°. 2 vols, with plates. — There are 
copies in 4^ with illuminated plates, and 
some on vellum paper of this ooUection, 
which is not greatly sought after* yet 
seldom complete. 

20377 SAVAGE, Jam. The libra- 
nan, or account of scarce, valuaUe 
and useful english books* maniu 


scripts, libraries, public records eic. 

Lond. 1808-9. ^°* 3 ^^^- ('^' ^^') 
CoDtaining verycareAil and circuintlBiitial 
mfonnacioii and extracts rdadng to oottly 
Eii^sh works, chiefly typqgraj^cal and 
historicBl, but it is of too confined intoiest. 
The odDation of the plates belonging to 
then works is done with particular care. 

20378 SAVAGE, Rch. Works. Lond. 
1775. 8®. 2 vols. 

SAVANAROLA, see Savonarola. 

20379 SAVARY des Bruslons, Jac. 

Dictionnaire aniversel de commerce 

(^tion angment^ par CI. Phili- 

bert). Copenb. 1 759-^. fol. 5 voll. 
Par. 1741 (new title, 1748). fol. 3 vols, 
is not sought after. 

20380 — le parfait n^gociant, avec 
les pareres. Par., an 8 (1800). 4°. 
2 voll. 

The newest edition of an obsolete work. 

20381 SAVARY. Morale de Ma- 
homet on recneil des plus pures 
maximes du Coran. Par., Lamy, 
1784. ]8^. Also on large vellum 

There are copies on relluni (72 fr. Saint- 
C6vi, 43 fr. Lamy, 101 fr. McCarthy). 

20382 -^ oeuvresj contenant lettres 

BUT I'Egypte, iettres sur la Gr^ce, 

le Coran, Anas Eloujoud. Par., 

Bleuet, an 7 (1798). 8". 6 vols. 

with plates. 
Only sought after on vellum paper. 

20383 — grammaire de la l^gue 
arabe vulgaire et litterale, ouvrage 
postbnme, augment^ de quelques 
contes arabes, par Tediteur (Lang. 
I^). Par., impr. imp^r., 1813. 4''. 

The scientific value of this work is little, 
and it is only of use to those who would learn 
to speak Anbic. The syntax is extremely 
deficient, and the appended cfarestomathy 
is the most interesting part. 

SAVETIERS, see Mobaliti^ de 

20384 SAVI, Gaetano. Materia me- 
dica vegetable toscana. Fir. 1805. 
fol. with 60 plates (60 paoli). Also 
with illuminated plates. 

20385 — lesioni ai botanica. Fir. 
1811. 8^ 2 volL (8 paoli). 

20386 — trattato degli alberi della 

SAV 1669 

Toscana. Ed. II. Fir. 181 1. 8*». 
2 voll. (8 paoli.) 

20387 — Obeervatt. in varias trifolior. 
species. Flor. 1810. 8^ with plates. 
(3 paoli.) 

20388 — flora Pisana. Pisa^ 179B. 
8^ 2 voll. 

20389 — nuovi element! di botanica. 
Pisa, 1820. 8^ 

20390 — flora italiana ossia raccolta 
delle piante piu belle che si colti- 
vano nei giardini d'ltalia. Dispense 
1-14. Pisa, 1818-22. fol. On 
vellum paper with illuminated 

20391 ^ due centurie di piante ap- 
partenenti alia flora Etrusca. Pisa, 

1804. 8^ 

20392 SAVIGNY. Collection of 
engravings representing the most 
modem and approved instruments 
used in the practice of surgerr, 
with explanations. Lond. 1798. 

20393 SAVIGNY. F. C. von. Ge. 
schichte des rom. Rechts im Mit- 
telalter. Heidelb., Mohr, 1815- 
21. 8^ 3 voll. (6 d. 12 gr.) 

20394 SAVILIUS, H. Rerum an. 
glicarum scriptores post Bedam 
praecipui. Lond. 1596. fol. 

The original edition and very scaroe. 
The reprint, Ff. .Varmtw, 1601. fol. is 
less correct, but is enlarged with an in- 

20395 SAVIOLI, Gi. Bt. Poemetti 
didascalici. Pa via, 1810. large 8°. 

20396 SAVIOLI Fontana, L. Vitto- 
rio. Annali della citt^ Bolognese 
sino al anno 1274. Bassano, 1788- 
95. 4°. 3 parts in 6 vols. 

Consult MUnter'i Nachrr, von Neap, 
und SieiL p. 621. 

20397 — amori. Bassano, 1789 or 
1805. 12°. 

20398 — amori. Crisopoli, co' tipi 
Bodoniani, 1795. large 4^ 

20399 — amori. ib., id., 1795. ^^**' 
There is a copy of this edition on vel- 

20400 — amori, poesie anacreontiche. 
Par., Molini, 1795. 12**. 

There are 6 copieB of this edition on bad 

1670 S A V 

Roman velliun in 8". (54 fr. Renouard, 
20 fr. McCarthy.) Only 100 copies were 
struck off on paper. 

20401 — - amori. Parma, Bodoni, 
1802. large 4°. 

20402 — rime. Pisa, 1818. 18°. 

20403 — poesie. Pisa, 1 798. i iP, 
With his portrait. 

20404 SAVONAROLA, Hi. Tri. 
umphus crucis de veritate fidei. 
Without place or date {Flor., Mis- 
caminus^ about 1492). small fol. 

98 leaves with 34 lines and with signa- 
tures. Three copies on vellum are known, 
one in the Royal library at Paris (for- 
merly Ayala*s), a 2nd bought in at M'Car- 
sale at 151 fr., and offered again for sale 
at 200 fr., and a 3rd in the library at 
Blenheim. — An earlier edition appeared, 
Flor. 1481. fol. 

His numerous other writings see in Paiu 
zer, in Fom Bibl. Magliab. II. 490 sq. 
III. 155, in Bibl, Sloschiana {Luca, 1758. 

4°-)' P* if^ "4* ^^^^ ^ ^^'* Imperiai. 
p. 445. Concerning his Predichey see Cal. 
VaUQrey IV. 1 73 sq. Cat, Ginguine, p. 187. 
On account of the new edition I also no- 
tice here Ditcorso circa il reggimerUo e 
govemo degU siaii. Land, 1765. 4^^— See 
also HiEaoKTMUS de Ferraria. 

20405 SAVONAROLA, J. Mch. 

Opus de balneis et thermis natura- 

libus omnibus Itali® sicque totius 

orbis. Ferrar., And. Gallus, 10 

Nov. 1485. fol. Gothic letter. 

A very scarce edition. 39 leaves in a 
columns, with the signatures a-/. 

20406 — practica de legritudinibus. 
In CoUe oppido municipio Floren- 
tino. Bonus Gallus, idibus Sextilis 
1479. fol. Gothic letter. 

In 2 columns with 62 lines, and the sig- 
natures a>-y and A-V, 

20407 SAVOT, L. Discours sur 
les medailles antiques. Par.^ Cra- 
moisy, 1627. 4°. 

This scarce discourse contains mudi 
valuable additional information as to the 
mineralogy of the andents. Translated 
into Latin by Ldf. KUster in Gratni Thes, 
anHq. Rom. XL 113? sq. Also for the 
most part reprinted in Gobei Les anciens 
ndrUralogisles de France, Par. 1779. ^'*' 

SAXA, see Saxus. 

20408 SAXE, Cp. Onomasticum li- 
terarium sive nomenclator histo- 


rico-criticus praestantissimor. omnis 

Ktatis scriptorum, cum oorollario 

et indice communi. Traj. ad Rh. 

1 775-1 803. 8°. 8 voll. 

A chronological nomenclature of ancient 
and modem authors, with short biogra- 
phical, and sometimes bibliographical, no- 
tices. But the real value of this highly 
prized work, the first parts of whidi are 
already becoming scarce, consists in its 
numerous references. A new work on 
this plan with more typographical frugality 
and a stricter selection of r^erences, would 
be very valuable. The following is an 
abridgment of the first 1 rols. up to the 
year 1499, enlarged with new additions : 
OnonuuHci UterarU epiiome s. fatH eerip- 
tor. veteris et medH aw. Tra^. ad Rh. 
1792. 8^ (r fl. 5 St.) 

SAXE, comte de, see Mactrics. 

SAXIUS, Jos. Ant., see Argelati. 

20409 SAXO Grammaticus. Dano- 
rum regum heroumque historic 
(ed. Christiernus Petri). Par., Jod. 
Badius, 15 14. fol. 

The first edition from a MS. 

20410 — historiae Danorum libri 
XVI. Bas., J. Bebel, 1534. fol. 

20411 — historise Danorum libri 
XVI. Ff.. Wechel, 1576. fol. 

20412 — historias Danicse libri XVI. 

St. Johannis Stephanius recognovit 

notisque illustravit. Sore, Molt- 

kenius, 1644. fol. 

A new revision of the text, but with- 
out the aid of MSS. The notes oootain 
many observations on fine Latinity. 

20413 — historic Danicie libri XVI. 
£x recens. St. J. Stephanii cum 
prolegomenia et lectionis varietate 
ed. Ch. Adf. Klotz. Lps., HoUius^ 
1771.4^ (3d.) 

A repetition of the text only, without 
Stephanius's notes. 

20414 — dyt is de denske kroneke 
de Saxo grammaticus de poeta er- 
sten gheschreef in dat latine. With- 
out place or date (about 1480). 
small 4°. 

This low Saxon translation relates not 
to Saxo GrammatictUy but to Th. Gh ejf e 
meri Compendium historuB damem (Ijange- 
beck S. R. Dan. II. a86). 

20415 — Danske Kronicke, vdsiit aff . 


And. Soffrinson Wedel. Kbhn., 
Guttenutz, 1575. fol. 
Bepealed, t5., fVaUkir^, 1610. foL 

20416 — Danske Chronikes forste 
Bog ved And. Soffr. Wedel, med 
Anmarkninger c^ Kobberstykker 
(af J. Laorentzen ) . Kbhn., 1713. 

20417 — Danske Historie, oversat 
ved Sejerum SchoasboUe. Kbhn. 
1752. 4^ Also on writing paper. 

20418 — Danmarks Kronike af Saxo 
Grammaticus, fordansket ved N. F. 
Severin Gnmdtvig. Kbhn. 1818- 
19. large 4°. 2 vols. (9 rbthlr. or i 

These 3 vols, oootain only 10 books. 

20419 — H. Hierild Diss. Saxo 
Grammaticus vindicatus s. de pun. 
tate linguae lat. et castitate historise 
danica: in Saxone. Havn. 1 702. 4°. 
G. Reimeri Diss, de vita, erudi. 
tione et scriptis Saxonis Gramm. 
Hlmst. 1762. 4"". Mthi. Porsii 
sdte et sententiose dicta Saxonis 
Gramm. SlesTici, 1585, 12^ J. 
Jani Alani ad criminationes J. 60- 
ropii Becani objectas Saxoni Gramm. 
respondo. Havn. 1627. 4^. 

SAXOFERRATO, see Bartolus 
and Olimpo. 

20420 SAXUS, Pamphilus. Epi- 

grammatum libri IV. Disticho- 

rum libri II. De bello gallioo. De 

laudibus Veronie. Elegiarum liber 

unus. Brix., Bemardin. Misinta, 

1499. 4**- 

189 leaTes. A copy on vellum in the 
Royal library at Paris (bought at M<Car- 
thy*i aala for 401 fr.) 

20421 — Btrambotti del dar. poeta 
meser Pamphilo Saxa Modonese. 
Without place or date. 4°. Gothic 

4 leaves with a oohimns. 

20422 — stramboti del darissimo 
professore de le bone arte misser 
Sasso Modonese. Mil., J. Mar. di 
Farre, 28 Dec. 1506. 4^ 

20423 — opera del poeta miser Pam- 
philo Sasso, sonetd^ capitoli, eg- 

SCA 1671 

loghe. Ven., Gu. de Fontaneto, 

See also Pamphilus. 

20424 SAY, J. Bt. Traits d'^no. 
mie politique. Ed. IV. Par., De- 
terville, 18 19. 8^ 2 roll. 

In German by L. H. Jakob, Haile «. 
LpM., 1807. S""- ^ ▼^ (5 d- 4 gr.) by 
C. Ed. Moratadt, Hdlb., 181&-19. 8^ a voU. 
(5 d. 18 gr.) In Spanish by J. Sancfaea 
Rivera, BcrdeauSy 1813. is**. 4 voU. 

SAYAS, see ^urita. 
SAYENGIS, see Dits. 
SCAECSPEL, see Cesbolis. 

SCALA codi, see Joannes, No. 


20425 SCALIGER, Jos. Just. Epi- 
stola adversus barbarum, ineptum 
et indoctum poema Insulani pa- 
troni clientis Lucani. Lutet., Pa- 
tisson, 1582. 8^ 

20426 — opus de emendatione tem- 

porum, hac postrema editione ex 

auctoris ipsius manuscripto emen- 

datius magnaque aocessione auc- 

tius. Addita veterum Gnecorum 

fragmenta selecta. CoL AUobr. 

(otiber copies, Geneva), typis Ro-> 

verianis, 1629. fol. 

The best edition. Previously, PaT.^ Pa- 
Huon^ 1583. foL /*/., WedhBly 1593. foL 
LB. 1598. foL 

20427 — • Yvonis Villiomari in locos 

coutroversos Rb. Titii animadversa. 

Lutet., Patisson, 1586. 8^ 
Also^ Par, 1597. 8*. 

20428 — epistola de vetustate et 

splendore gentis Scaligere et Jul. 

Caes. Scaligeri vita. Jul. Caes. 

Scaligeri oratio in luctu filioli Au- 

decti. Item testimonia de gente 

Scaligera et JuL Caes. Scaligero 

(ed. Jan. Dousa). LB., Raphe- 

leng., 1594. 4^ 

A copy with Scioppiu8*s MS. notes in 
CaUd, bil. ImperiaL p. 447. An aoooont 
of the c o ntrov e rsy that arose respecting it 
in CaL Bunav. T. 1. voL 2. p. 1584. 

20429 — cyclometrica elementa duo. 
Ace. mesolabium. LB. 1594. large 

4 • 

20430 — opuscula diversa grseca et 

1672 S C A 

latina, partim nunquam hactenus 
edita, partim ab auctore reoensita 
atque aucta. Par., Beys, 1605. 8°. 

20431 — opuscula varia antehac non 
edita (ed. Is. Casaubonus). Par., 
Beys (other copies, Drouart), 1610. 
4°. Also on large paper. 

Repeated, F/., Fischer, 161 2. 8^ 

20432 — elenchus utriusque orati- 
onis chronologies D. Parei. LB. 
1607. 4°. 

20433 — jambi gnomici nunc prim, 
edit! a Dn. Heinsio. LB., Hse- 
stens, 1607. 8®. 

20434 — diatriba de squinoctiorum 
anticipatione. Par .^ Drouart, 1 613. 

20435 — poemata omnia, ex museio 
Pt. Scriverii. {LB.), Rapheleng. 
1615. 12^ 

Previously, t6., itL, 1595. 12". 

20436 — de re numaria dissertatio, 

edente Willebrordo Snellio. (LB.), 

Raphelengius, 161 6. 4^ 

Also, ib,, id., 1618. 8°. And in Grono- 
vU Thitt. arUiq. gr. IX. 1493 sq. 

20437 — de arte critica diatriba, ex 
museo Jo. Morsii. LB. 161 9. 4^ 

20438 — epistolse omnes quae reperiri 

potuerunt, nunc prim. coUectfie ac 

editoe (ed. Dn. Heinsius). LB., 

Bonav. et Abr. Elzevirii, 1627. 8**. 

A key thereto in Colomesii Opute. p. 
145 tq. In the edition, //., Aubrii, 1628. 
8^ the misprints of the preceding edition 
are indeed corrected, but it is badly print- 
ed, the list of Scaliger*8 correspondents is 
omitted, and the wrong situation of some 
of the letters is not corrected according to 
the direction in the errata of the preceding 
edition. An index is wanting to both edi- 
tions. — See also Epitres, No. 6856. 

20439 — Scaligerana, Thuana, Per- 

roniana, Pithoeana et Colomesiana, 

avec les notes de plusieurs savans. 

Amst., Covens, 1 740. 1 2". a voll. 

The»auru$ Temporum, see Eusebius. 
— Parvmim, see PAKtEMLS. 

20440 SCALIGER, Jul. Caes. Ora. 
tio pro Cicerone contra Erasmmn. 
Par., Vidoeus, 1531. 8*. 

20441 — noYor. epigrammatum liber 
unicus. Ejosd. hymni duo. Ejusd. 


diva Ludovica Sabaudia. Par., 
Vasoosanus, 1533. 8^. 

20442 — lacrimae (in obitum ducis a 
Longavilla) . Par., Vasoosanus, 1 5 34. 

20443 — Nemesis una cum duobus 
hjrmnis. Par. , Vascosanus, 1 5 3 5 • 4°. 

20444 — manes CatuUiani. With- 
out place or date. 4°. 

20445 — heroes (epigrammata). 
Lugd., Sb. Gryphius, 1539. 4''. 24 

20446 — liber de comicis dimensi- 

onibus. Lugd., Sb.Qryphius, 1539. 

8**. 56 pages. 

A very scaroe original edition, oonsuU 
FreyiagH Appar, Hit, HI. 599. 

20447 — de caussis linguae lat. 
Lugd., Gryphius, 1540. 4°. 

AlsO) without place, Pi. SaiUandrmmms, 
1580, or 84, or 97. 8**. Apud ComnMn,, 
1609. 8^ 

20448 <— poemata. Lugd., ap. Be- 
ringos fratres, 1 546. 8^. 

20449 — exotericie exercitationes de 

subtilitate adversus Cardanum. Lu. 

tet., Mch.Vascosanus, 1557. 4^ 

Also, Bag. 1560. fol. Ff, 1576, or 91, 
or 1665. 8^ Hanov. 1634. 8^ 

20450 — poetices libri VII. (Genev.), 
J. Crispinus (other copies, Ani. 
Finceniius), 1561. fol. 

Also, ap. Santandr., 1581. 8^ ap. Cam^ 
meHn. 1607. 8^ 

20451 — de sapientia et beatitudine 
libri VIII. quos Epidorpidea in- 
scripsit. (Genev.), Eustath.Vignon, 

1573- 8^ 

20452 — poemata omnia. Apud 
Commelin. 1600 or 21. 8^ 2 parts 
in I vol. 

Previously, without plaoe^ i574* 8*. 
Apud PL Sankmdreamim, 1591. 8^ 

20453 — epistolie et orationes. LB., 
Raphelengius, 1600. 8^. 

20454 — epistolia duo lectu dignisai. 
ma, ex museo Jo. Morsii. LB. 
1619. 4^ 

Also in SoMhorrdi Aman. HtL I. a6o- 

20455 — epistolae aliquot nunc pri- 
mum vujgatn. Ace alia ejusd. 


opuscula et fragmenta prsefationis 
in Aristotelis historiam de animali- 
ha& etc. Tolo8»^Colomeriu8, 1620. 

20456 — adversns Des. Erasmum 
oratiooes duae, eloquentiae Romane 
Tindices^ una cum ejasd. epistolis 
et opusculis nondum vulgatis. Ace. 
probleinata Grelliana. Tolosse, Bosc, 
1621. 4^ 

Aho, ib, 16^3. 4^ 

20457 SCAMOZZI,Vinc. Idea deU' 
architettura. Yen., 6. Valentino, 
1615. fol. 2 Yols. with plates print- 
ed in the text. 

Thxi original edition is yetj scarce. Also, 
PioMzolOy 1687. foL VeiUf AlbriMMiy 1694. 
foL Ven, 1714. fol. with platet. The 4th, 
5th, 9th, and 10th books of this work never 

20458 — oenvres d'architecture, trad. 
Agst. Charl. d'Aviler et Sm. Dury. 
Haye, 1736. fol. with plates. 

Previously, Leide, 17 13. fol. The trans- 
latbn of the 6th book only is by Aviler, 
which had previously appeared by itself 
nnder the title» Les einq ordret d^arehi- 
teetvre. Par. 1685. ^^• 

20459 — ceuTres d'architecture (^t. 
ahr^gee par JoDibert). Par. 1764. 
large 8^ with plates. 

In German, Nrb. 1697. fol. In Dutch, 
Jmgi. 1658. foL 

20460 — discorsi sopra I'antichitk di 
Roma, con 40 tavole in rame per 
Bt Pitoni. Ven., Ziletti, 1582 
(other copies 1583) fol. with 


20461 SCAPINELLI, L. Opere 
(poetiche). Parma, Bodoni, 1801. 
hirge S"*. 2 YoU. 

20462 SCAPULA, J. Lexicon grae- 

co-latinum. Additnm auctarium 

dialectomm, nee non lexicon ety- 

mologicam et J. Meursii glossari- 

um contractum. LB., Elzevirii et 

Hackius, 1652. fol. 

This fine edition is the only one of the 
older editions that is sought after, and this 
is so much so, that it has been already 
sold in Eni^and for from 10 to lal. Some 
oopica have a new title with the date, 
LomLy Kmrtm ei 7*Aom|MOfi, 1659. toA. 



The edition. Land. 1637. ^^* >* <^ ^ 
some value. 

20463 — appendix ad lexicon grteco- 
latinum a J. Scapula constr actum 
et ad alia lexica greeca. Lond. 
1789. 8^ 

This MS. of an unknown author waa 
found in Askew's library. 

20464 — lexicon gr»co-lat. Editio 
nova, in qua nunc primum vocabula 
ex appendice Askeviana secundum 
literarum seriem inseruntur. Glasg., 
Duncan, 1816. 4"^. 2 voll. (7I. 7s.) 

20465 — lexicon grseco-lat. e proba- 
tis auctoribus locupletatum com in- 
dicibus et grsco et latino auctis et 
correctis, additum auctarium dia- 
lector. Ace. lexicon etymologicum 
et J. Meursii glossarium contrac- 
tum. Ed. nova, cui ace. D'orvillii 
animadvv. nunc primum vulgatae, 
selectissime etiam Dn. Scotti et 
appendix, Askeviana dicta. Con. 
silio et cura J. Bailey, op. et stud. 
J. Rch. Major. Lond., Priestley, 
1820. 4^ (5I. 58.) 

20466 — lexicon greco-lat. ex edit. 
Elzeviriana. Indici grseco inserun- 
tur aliquot verbor. millia e Scoto, 
Bastio aliisque. Ox., typ. Clarend., 
1820. fol. (3I. 138. 6d.) 

20467 SCARAMELLI, Baldassar. 
Dui canti del poema eroico di Scan- 
derbec, con altre rime e prose. Car- 
magnola, Bellone, 1585. 8°. 

A very scarce book, in which are to be 
found 3 novds, unknown to the eariier 

20468 SCARAMUZZA, poema in 
vemacolo familiare Venezian. Yen. 
1788. 12". 

20469 SCARANUS, Luc. Sceno- 
phylax. Dialogus de tragoediis et 
comoediis. Ven., J. Bt. Ciotti, 1 601 . 

" This work ia little known amongst us, 
and his reaaons for the use ci verse in 
comedy and tragedy deserve to be well ex- 
amined." Lemng^i Lebeti, III. 371. 

20470 SCARFO, Gi. Crisost. Poe- 

sie varie. Ven., Fenso, 1737. 4^ 

Containing, amongst other things, 8 Latin 
tragedies and 2 comedies by Coriobuio 

1674 S C A 

Martinufio (at first, Neap. 1556. 8°.), and 
several Latin poems by M. Ant. Flami- 

20471 SCARPA, Ant. Anatomicse 
disquisitt. de auditu et olfactu. 
Ticini, 1789. fol. with plates. 

Also, Mediol, 1793. foL with plates. 

20472 — anatomicae annotatt. de 
gangliis et plexubus nervorum et 
de organo olfactus preecipuo. Ti- 
cini, 1792. 4^. 2 vols, with plates. 

20473 — tabulse nevrologicse. Tici- 
ni, 1794. large fol. 

20474 — de penitiori ossium struc- 
tura. Placentise^ 1800. 8"=*. with 

In addition, Malacarne; see the article 
Luowio (No. 12494). 

20475 — riflessioni ed osservazioni 
anatomico-chirurgiche suU' aneuris- 
ma. Pavia^ 1804. large fol. with 

20476 — index rerum musei anatom. 
Ticinensis. Ticini, 1804. 8^ 

20477 — suir ernie. Edizione ac- 
cresc. dall' autore di molte osser- 
vazioni anatomiche e patologiche. 
Pavia, Fusi, 1819. 4^ with an 
atlas in fol. 

Previously, Mil. 1809. fol. with plates. 

20478 — saggio di osservazioni e 
d'esperienze suUe principali malat- 
tie degli occhi. £d. V. accresciuta 
dall' autore. Pavia, 181 6. large 8°. 
2 vols, with plates. 

Previously, ib, 1801. 4°. Ven, i8oa. 8^ 
with plates. 

20479 — Memoria chirurgica sui 
piedi torti congeniti dei fan- 
ciuUi, e sttUa maniera di correg- 
gere questa deformitk. Ed. 3. con 
aggiunte. Pavia^ 181 7. large 8^ 
with 5 plates. 

Previously, ib,y 1803. 4^ il., 1805. 8°. 

20480 — memoria sulla legatura 
della principali arterie degli arti 
con una appendice all' opera sull' 
aneurisma. Pavia, 1817. 4^ 

20481 — lettere sulla legatura delle 
grosse arterie delle arti. Pisa, 1820. 

20482 — memoria suU' ernia del pe- 
rineo. Pavia, 1821. fol. with 5 


20483 SCARRON, P. Le Vii^le 

travesty en vers burlesques. Sui- 

vant la copie impr. k Paris. (Amst., 

Wolfgang), 1668. l2^ 2 vols, of 

372 and 307 pages. — Le romant 

comique. Suiv. la oopie impr. a 

Par. (Amst., Wolfgang), 1678-80. 

12^ 3 parts of 216, 196 and 157 

pages. — ^Les ceuvres de Scarron. 

Suiv. la copie impr. a Par. 1668. 

I2^ 2 vols, the 1st of 271 pages, 

and the 2nd of 64, 83, 80 and 75 

pages. — Les demises oeuvres de 

Scarron. Tom. I. (et unique). Suiv. 

la copie impr. k Paris 1668. 12°. 

237, 84 and 66 pages. — Les nou- 

velles oeuvres tragicomiques de 

Scarron. Amst., Wolfgang, 1675. 

12^ 252 pages. 

These 7 vols, of a greatly sought after 
and ueat edition are seldom found toge- 
ther. It is joined to the Elzevir series. Of 
some of the vols, there are also earlier 
Dutch impressions, which are also sought 
after. For instance, Le VirgUe tracetty 

ilivre I et 2). Sviv. la cojne impr. d Parie. 
Leide, Elxemr\ 1648. la**. 170 pages. 
Suiv. la cop. impr. a Par, 1651. I2% the 
ist and 2nd book of 170 pages, and the 
3rd, 4th and 5th, with the date 1650, of 72, 
91 and 94 pages. Suiv. la eon. de Par. 
1652. I2^ which contains all uie 8 books. 
— Le romant comique. Leide^ J. Samivty 
1655. 12". Also Suiv. la oopie de Par. 
{Amst.y Wo^fgang)^ 1662-63. 12**. 2 parts 
of 279 and 256 pages. — Reeueil dee muvret 
burleequet, Jouxte la copie d, Par. {Lejfdty 
Elxevir), 1655. 12°. 334 pages, nrinted in 
Italics. — Le Joddet ou le nualre vaieL 
Suiv. la cop. etc. 1648. I2^ Les iroie Do- 
rothUs ou Jodelei souffleU. Sum. la eop. 
etc. 1648. 12°. L*heritiire ridicule. Suiv. 
la copie etc. 1650. 1 2'*. These 3 pieces like, 
wise proceeded from the Elzevir printing 
establishment at Leyden. 

20484 — oeuvres. Nouv. ^it. revue, 
corrig^ et Augmentee (par Bruxen 
de la Martini^re). Amst., Wet- 
stein et Smith, 1737. 12^ 9 parts 
in 10 vols, with plates. 

20485 — cBuvres. Nouv. ^t. revue, 
corrigee et augm. Amst., Wet- 
stein, 1752. I2^ 7 vols, with 

The preceding edition has better impres- 
sions of the plates, but this latter edition is 
otherwise to be preferred in every reqpect, 
and is as yet the best edition of his work*. 


20486 — CBUvres. Par., Bastien, 
1786. 8°. 7 voll. 

It has sometiiiies been erroneously main- 
tained that the MoMorinade was wanting 
in this edition; it is nevertheless at the 
end of the ist toL 

20487 — le roman comique. Par.^ 
Didot, an 4 (1796). 8". 3 vols, with 
plates by le Barbier (15 fr.) 

It is well known that the ist and 2nd 
▼<rfs. only are by Scarron, but that the 3rd 
is by A. Offiray. 

20488 — le roman comique. Nouv. 
6d. revue et corrigee. Par., Roret 
et Roussel, 1821. 12^ 4 voll. (8fr.) 

A new German translation, Reval u. 
LpM. 1783-84. 8**. 3 vols. (2 d.) See 
also DuMOKT No. 649a 

20489 — theAtre. Par. 1755. 12°. 3 

20490 SCARCELLINI, Vine. Eg. 
logbe ed idillj. Yen., Alvisopoli, 
1819. 8^ 

20491 SCELTA di facezie^ tratti, 

bnffonerie, motti e burle cavate da 

diversi autori. Fir., Jac. Giunti 

1579. 8°. 
Also i6., Mi, 1586. 8**. 

20492 — di sonetti (compilata da 
Teobaldo Ceva). Ven. 1737. 8°. 

See also Domenichi, Oobbi and Ve- 


20493 SCENERY, Italian, repre- 
senting the manners, customs and 
amusements, of the diflTerent Ita- 
lian states. Lond. 1806. 4"". with 
32 plates, (4I. 4s.) 

20494 — Italian. Yiews from draw- 
ings by E. F. Batty, engraved by 
Charl. Heath and others. Lond. 
1818-20. large 8°. 12 numbers, 
(at I OS. 6d.) 

20495 — Swiss. Yiews from draw- 
ings by Cockburn, engrav. by Charl. 
Heath and others. Lond. 1819. 
large 8^. 12 numbers (at los. 6d., 

in 4^ 1 6s.) 

African, see Daviell ; Holy land, see 
Spilsbubt ; Italian, see Oodlet ; Ori- 
ental, see Danielt. ; Scotish, see Cbibie. 

20496 SCEP. 'T seep vol wonders. 
Antw., 17 Jun. 1514. fol. Gothic 

20497 SCHACHT, J. Hm. Ani- 



niadvv. ad C. Ikenii antiquitates 
hebr. Traj. adRh., 1810. 8^ (4 fl.) 
SCHACHZABEL, see Cessolis. 
Consult Hagen Grundr. zur Gesch. 
der deutsch. Poesie p. 426. 

20498 SCHAFFER, Jac. Ch. Sam- 
mtliche Papierversuche. 2 Aufl. 
Nebst 81 Mustern u. 13 theils il- 
ium, theils schwarzen KK. Re- 
gensb., Zunkel, 1772. small 4^ 

6 rarts in i vol. 

There is an accurate list of his numerous 
other writings in the AUgem, Hit. Anxeiger 
1798. p. 1732. 

SCHALLER, G., Thierbuch, see 
Amman, No. 521. 

20499 SCHAMIR. Le restant de 

I'histoire de I'Arm^nie et de la 

G^rgie(annenice). Madras, 1775. 

4^ 148 pages. 

This work contains Mesrob Eretz's life of 
St. Nerses, patriarch of Armenia, and St. 
Orbelien's short history of Georgia and 
Armenia. The editor Schamir was kdl 
Armenian merchant; the impression is 
yery faulty. Consult NoHces et extraits 
T. IX. P. I. p. 378 sq. 

20500 SCHANNAT, J. F. Vinde- 
mifie literariee h.e. veterum monu- 
mentor. ad Germaniam sacram prse- 
cipue spectantium coUectio I. et II. 
Fuldae et Lps. 1723-24. fol. 

20501 — historia episoopatus Wor- 
matiensis. Ff. 1734. fol. 2 vols, 
with plates. 

20502 — corpus traditionum Pulden- 
sium. Lps. 1724. fol. 

20503 — Fuldischer Lehnhof s. de 

clientela Fuldensi beneiiciaria, no- 

bili et equestri. Ff. a. M., 1726. 


Corrections thereto in Estors neuen klei' 
nen Schrr. 11. 234. sq. 

20504 — dioecesis et hierarchia Ful- 
densis. Ff. 1727. fol. 

20505 — historia Fuldensis. Ff, 1 729. 

See also Concilia. 

20506 SCH APHERDER. Derschap- 
herders Kalender. Eyn sere schone 
vnde uutthe boek, myt velen frucht- 
baren materien. Rost., L. Diets, 
1523. 4^. with woodcuts. 

103 numbered leaves. Consult Beck- 



nuuin^s BeUrr. I. 114. Brauruehweig. 
Afuteigeny 1745. p* 1659 and 3037. ^ahrg, 
1746, p. 138. The cidendar appears to be 
translated from upper Saxon, but is of 
value in the low Saxon dialect froni its 
having German expressions for terms of 
art, for example, Ummering^ the periphery 
of the circle, Porring^ the circle. An earlier 
edition has this title ; Effn njfge kalender. 
recht hoUende. Vn eyn ntUte, kfsnstliek. 
gans ghenochliek bock etc Lubeck, Hanss 
Amdet, 1519.4* (Both at WdfenbQtteL ) 
See also Compost and Shepherd. 

20507 SCHARD, Sim. {anon.) Ger- 
manicarum rerum quatuor cele- 
briores vetustioresque chronographi 
(Turpinus, Rhegino, Sigebertus 
Gembl. et Lambertus Schafnab.) 
Ff. a. M., 1566. fol. 

20508 — Historicum opus (s. scrip- 
tores rerum Germanicar.) Bas., 

H. Petri, 1574. fol. 4 parts. 

This collection contains only modem au- 
thors, with the exception of Lambertus 
Schafnaburgensis. Newly edited by H. 
Thomas, Gietsay 1673. fof. 

20509 SCHATEN, N. Annalium 
Paderbomensium P. I. Neuhusii, 
1693. P. II. ib., 1698. P. III. 
Paderb., 1741. fol. 3 voll. 

Complete copies are not often met with. 

20510 — opera, h. e. historia West- 

Shalica et annales Paderbomenses. 
lonasterii, 1773-75. ^^^' 3 ^®^' 
The Hiiiona Weitph» first appeared, 
NeuhugUj 1690. fol. 

Nrb., Ant. Koberger, 1491. fol. 
with woodcuts. 

353 leaves. Oreatly sought after on ac- 
count of the 95 fine woodcuts by Mdi. 

SCHAUBUHNE, see Comobdibn. 

RUB, No. 10081. 

SCHEDEL, Hartm., see Chrc 

NICA No 4147. 

20512 SCHEFFER, J. Lectionum 
academicar. liber. Hmb.^ Schultze, 

1675. B^ 

MiioeUanea. Upt. Direkeiuon, 1697. 8^ 
is only a new title to this book. See abo 


20513 SCHEID, Ch. L. Origines 
GuelficK. T. I-IV. Hannov. 1750- 
53. T. V. ed. J. H. Jung, ib., 1 780. 
fol. 5 vols, with plates. 


All the copies still in the warehouse were 
destroyed by a fire at Hanover in 1809, 
consequently the 5th vol. in particular, 
which many libraries had not got at the 
time, is scarce, and incomplete copies can 
no longer be completed. The accuracy of 
the work, and how far it can be depended 
upon, liave of late years often been doubted. 

20514 SCHEID, Ever. Lexicon 
hebr. et chald. manuale in codicem 
sacrum V. T., cura J. J. Groene- 
woud. Ultraj. et Leidie, 1805-10. 
4°. a voll. (9 fl. 6 St.) 

20515 SCHEID, Jac. Glossarium 
arabico-latinum manuale, maximam 
partem e lexioo Goliano excerptnm. 

Ed. II. LB., 1787.4°. 

The first edition, LB. 1769. 4**. is far 
more complete. 

20516 SCHELHORN, J. G. Amoe- 
nitates literariK, quibus variae ob- 
servationes, scripta item qusedam 
anecdota et rariora opuscula exhi- 
bentur. Ff. et Lps., jBartbolomsei, 
1725-31. 8^ 14 voll. 

20517 — amoenitates historife eccle- 
siasticse et literariae. Ff. et Lpz., 
Bartholomssi, 1737-38. 8°. 2 voll. 

20518 — Ergotzlicbkeiten aus der 
Kirchenbistorie u. Literatur. Ulm 
u. Lpz., 1761^64. 8^ 12 parts in 3 

20519 SCHELHORN II. J. G. 
Beitrage zur Erlaut. der Greschichte, 
besonders der scbwab. Grelebrten- 
u. Kirchengescbichte. Memmingen^ 
Mayer^ 1772-75- ^°- 4 pieces in i 
vol. (16 gr.) 

20520 — Sammlung fiir die Ge- 
schicbte, vornebmlicb zur Kirchen- 
u. Gelehrtengeschichte. i . (u. einzi- 
ger) Bd. Ndrdl., Beck, 1779. 8**. 
(16 gr.) 

20521 — kleine histor. Schriften. 
Memmingen, Seyler^ 1789-90. 8^. 
2 voll. (i d. 8 gr.) 

20522 — Anleitung fiir Bibliothekare 
u. Archivare. UGn, Stettin^ 177^ 
91. 8°. 2 voll. (2 d.) 

20523 SCHELLER, Imm. J. Gerh. 
Ausfilhrl. u. mc^lichst voUstSn- 
diges lat-deutsches u. deutsch-lat. 
Lexikon. 3 Ausg. Lpz.» Fritadi* 
1804-5. large 8^ 7 voU. (16 d.) 


20524 — lexicon latino-belgicum 
auctorum classicor. curante D. 
Ruhnkenio. LB.. Luchtmans, 1 799. 
4^ 2 volL (16 fl.) 

20525 — prscepta still bene latini. 
Ed. III. Lps., Fritsch, 1797. 8°. 
2 Yoll. (2 d. 8 gr.) 



20526 SCHELSTRATE, Emman. 
a. Antiquitas ecclesiae, dissertatio- 
nibos, monumentis ac notis illus- 
trata. Romee^ congr. de prop, fide, 
1692-97. fol. 2 voll. 

Tlie Tst YoL oontams eodesiaitiGa] chro- 
Bolog^, the and eodesiastical geography. 

SCHELTUS, see Placaatboek. 
SCHEMSEDDIN, see Hafiz. 
SCHENCK, Ft., see Pbrrier. 

20527 6CHERER, Jos. von. Ta- 

bnlie anatomicK, quae exbibent mu- 

sei anatom. academise Caesar. Regiae 

Josephinae praeparata cerea. Per- 

Instratae et commentatae a Jos. a. 

Scberer, delineatae et aeri incisae a 

P. J. Weindl. (Also with a Ger. 

man title, Anatomische Tabellen 

nacb der Wachspraeparatensamm- 

lung der K. K. Josephin. Aka- 

demie zu Wien). Wien, Gerold, 

1817-21. large fol. 5 vols, with the 

supplement, with illuminated plates 

(170 d. 16 gr.) 

With a Latin and German text. The ist 
▼oL contains the fyndeunology, the and- 
5th the myology. 

SCHERER, Alex. N., see Jour- 

NAL, No. 1 0936, 

20528 SCHERHI tohfei Wehbi. 
Commentary on the gift of Wehbi, 
by Modems Ahmed Hajveti E- 
fendi. Constantihop. 12 15 (1800). 
8®. 503 pi^s. 

20529 SCHERHI avamilol-dschedid. 

Commentary on the treatise on 

particles of Bergewi, by Scheich 

Mustafa. Constantinop. 1220(1 805). 

8^ 88 pages. 
See also Seixisade. 

SCHERIFEDDIN, see Croix, No. 

SCHERNO d^li dei, seeBRAccio- 


VOL. rv. 

SCH 16T7 

SCHERZ mit der Wahrheit, see 
Pauli, No. 15996. 

20530 SCHERZ, J. G. Glossarium 
germanicum medii aevi, potissimum 
dialecti suevici. Edidit, illustra- 
vit, supplevit Jac. Jerem. Oberlin. 
Arg., Lorenz, 1781-84. fol. 2 voll. 
(13 d. 12 gr.) 

See also Boxer and Schilter. 

SCHERZI, see Gi. Ger. Rossi. 

20531 SCHEUCHZER, J. Jac. 

Kupferbibel, in welcher die Phy- 

sica sacra oder geheiligte Natur- 

wissenschaft derer in heil. Schrift 

vorkommenden naturlichen Sachen 

deuUich erklart u. bewahrt. Augsp. 

u. Ulm, Pfetfel^ * 731-3 5- large fol. 

4 vols, with plates. 

This work, still prized on Account of its 
neat plates, contains 750 plates, and be- 
sides them a title-plate prefixed to the ist 
vol., and Scheuchzer*8 and Pfeffers por- 
traits. It was formerly supposed that this 
German edition contained the first impres- 
sions ; but as those of the following Latin 
edition are equally fine, it is more probable 
that the plates were added to both editions 
without distinction. 

20532 — physica sacra iconibus aeneis 
illustrata. Aug. Vind. et Ulmae^ 
1731-35. large fol. 4 vols, with 

20533 — physique sacr^ ou histoire 
naturelle de la bible, trad, du latin. 
Amst., Schenk, 1732-37. fol. 8 
vols, with plates. 

The engravings are impressions of the 
same plates, wluch were used in the pre- 
ceding editions. 

20534 — geestelyke Natuurkunde. 

Amst. 1735. fol. 8 vols, with 750 


The plates of the original edition were also 
used for this edition. 

20535 — itinera per Helvetise Al- 

?ina8 regiones facta annis 1 702-11. 
<B. 1723. 4^ 4 parts in 2 vols. 

with plates. 

Previously, Lond, 1708. 4°. Also in 
€rerman under the title, NaHirhUtorie det 
SMuBebierlandM, Z&r. 1716.18, or 175 a. 
4°. with plates. 

20536 — herbarium diluvianum. 

LB., Pt. van der Aa, 1723. fol. 

With 14 plates and the portrait of the 



SCHEYB, see Pbutinoer. 

20537 SCHICKARD. Gu. Tarich 
h. e. series regum Persise ab Ard- 
schir-Babekan usque ad Jazdiger- 
dem a Caliphis expulsum. Tubingse, 
Werlinus, 1628. 4°. 

Scarce, yet but of little uae in reality, al- 
though too unfairly judged in (JenUch) 
comm. defatis linguar, Orientall. Vienna, 
1780. fol. p. CXXX. Consult Leasing 
Mur Gesch, u. Litt. I. 83 sq. Schnurrer 
NachridU von den Lehrem der hebr. Lit. 
zu Tubing, p. 3 1 2 sq. Bruns in Paulus 
Memorabilien, The original of this famil y- 
register, composed in the Turkish lan< 
giiage, of which Schickard has edited only 
a small and a less important part, is to be 
found in the Ducal library at Wolfen- 
bCkttel (MS. Blankenb. 144.) It forms a 
roll on paper 33} Leipsic ells long and ^ an 
ell wide, and was obtained as booty by 
Veit Marchtaler, citizen of Ulm, 14 Dec 
1593, at the storming of the Hungarian 
fortress Filek, and was sold by his son of 
the same name in the year 1652, to duke 
Augustus, for 60 dollars. 

20538 SCHILDBERGER, (Hans.) 
Hie vachet an d* schildberger der 
vil wunders erfaren hatt in der hey- 
denschafft vnd in d' tiirckey. With- 
out place or date {Ulm,, J. Zainer, 

1473 ^)* ^^^- ^^^ woodcuts. 

These travels, which contain information 
respecting the Mogul and Persian empires, 
were performed betweeu 1394 and 1427. 

20539 Ff. a. M., Hm. Gulffe- 

rich, 1549- 4°- 
20540 — — Nrb., J. vom Berg u. 
Ub*. Neuber, without date. 4°. with 

Also in Wolfenbtkttel. 

20541 Ff. a. M., Wigand Han, 

without date (about I554). 4°* with 

20542 Magdeb., J. Francke, 

1606. 8°. 

The edition by Abr. J. Penzel, MUndi. 
1813. 8°. is without any fresh matter what- 


Schiltburger. Wunderseltzame Ab- 
endtheurliche, vnerhorte, vnd bis- 
her vnbeschriebene Gesch ich ten 
vnd Thaten der obgemelten Schilt- 
biirger in Misnopotamia hinder 
Vtopia gelegen. Itzund also frisch 
. . . zusammengetragen, vnd auss 


Vtopischer auch Rothwelscfaer in 
Deutsche Sprach gesetzt. Durch 
M. Aleph, Beth, Gimel. Misnopo- 
tamia, 1598. 8°. 189 pages. 

This first edition is at WolfenbOtteL An 
earlier edition of 1597 in 8^ which Draud 
dtes without mentioning the place of print- 
ing, is doubtful. Editions of 1605 and 16 14 
are also quoted. Also, without place, 1665. 
8**. (counsellor von Meusebach of Berlin.) 

20544 — das lustige u. lacherliche 

Lalenbuch, d. i. wunderseltsame. . 

Geschichten n. Thaten der Lalen 

zu Lalenburg. Without place or 

date (about 1710-20). 8^ with 

woodcuts, 133 pages. 

This edition is at Wolfenbeuttel ; hut 
there is without doubt an older one still. 
The Lalenbttch is only a new title for the 
SchildbHrger, The Schi/dbfkrger aUo form 
the first division of GriUenpertreiber* mm 
Agyria, Ff. 1670. 8'. or Nrb. 1678. 8". 
Only the ist part of the Schildbui|^r is re- 
printed in F. H. wm der Hagen Narren^ 
buck. Haliey i8ti. 8^ Consult Koehs 
Compendium 11. ^45. 

SCHILDITZ, see Herhannus. 

20545 SCHILLER, F. yon. SammU 
liche Schriften. Stuttg. u. Tub., 
Cotta, 1812-15. 8°. 12 vols. Also 
on Swiss paper, and on velluni 

This collection is chronologically arranged 
in 4 divisions, by which much matter oif a 
similar nature is separated. In the edition, 
ib., 181 7 etc. Ia^ the different kinds of his 
writings are put together, each kind in 
chronological order. The edition, 16. 1823 
etc. 1 2°. has the same arrangement. The 
stereotyped edition of the Gedichtey Lpjs, 
Vogely 1818. I2^ a vok. (i d. 8 gr. On 
writing paper r d. 16 gr. On vellum p^per 
2d. 12 gr.) is neat and very correct. The 
splendid edition of Don Carhe. Lpm, 
Giitchen, t8o2. large 8°. on pressed vel> 
lum paper with 5 plates, designed by Catel 
and engraved by Bithm, is got up in a very 
superior manner. 

20546 — allgenjeine Sammlung hi- 
storischer Memoires vom 1 2. Jahrb. 
bis auf die neuesten Zeiten. Jena» 
Mauke, 1790-1806. 8°. 33 voU. 

(43 d.) 

20547 — teatro scelto trad, da Pom. 
peo Ferrario. Mil. 1819. 12°. 6 

Containing, Cairloa, Jungfr. v. Orkamty 
Br. V. Meenna, M. Stuart, Teii and 


20548 — Storia della guerra del 
trent' anni^ trad, da Ant. Beoci. 
Fir. 1822. 8°. 2 voll.— II visionario. 
MiL 1809. 12°. with plates. 

20549 — the&tre, trad, par Lamarte- 
li^. Par., an 8 (1799). 8°. 2 voll. 
— CBuvres dramatiques trad, de 
Tallem. (par de Barante). Par.^ 
Ladvocat, 1821. 8**. 6 voll. (30 fr., 
on yellum paper 90 fr.) — Hist, de 
la gaerre de 30 ans trad, (par 
Chanfeux). Par. 1803. 8°. 2 voll. 
Hist, de la guerre de 30 ans et de la 
paix de Westphalie par Woltmann. 
Trad, de Tallem. et aocompagnde 
de notes par Mailher de Chassat. 
Par. 1820. 8*. 2 voll.— Wallenstein 
trad, par Bj. Constant. Par. 1809. 
8^. Don Carlos trad, par Adr. 
Lezay. Par. 1800. 8^ Jeanne 
d'Arc trad, par C. P. Cramer. Par. 
1802. 8°. 

20550 — the conspiracy of Fiesoo, 
translated from the German. Lond. 
1796. 8°. — Don Carlos. Lond. 
1798. 8°. — Wallenstein^ translated 
by Coleridge. Lond. 1 800. 8®. — The 
robbers, translated by Render. 
Lond. 1800. 8°. — Mary Stuart. 
Lond. 1 80 1. 8°. — The Minister, a 
tragedy. Lond. 1798. 8^ — History 
of the rise and progress of the BeL 
gian republic, translated by T. 
Home. Lond. 1807. 8°. (4s. 6d.) 

20551 — historia om trettio-ariga 
Kriget Stokh. 1796. 8°. 2 voll. — 
Ballady i piesni prz. J. N. Kami- 
enski. Lemberg, 1820. I2^ — 
Geschiedenis van den 30 jarigen 
Religie-Oorlog. le Deel. Amst.^ 
Jongh, 1794' B^ with plates (i fi. 
I o St.) — Geschiedenis van den Afval 
der vereenighde Nederlanden. i. 
DeeL Amst. 1792. 8"*. (3 fl. 5 st.) 
— De Geestenziener. Haag, 1 80 1 . 
8°. 2 voll. (4 fl. 8 St.)— Treurspelen 
in iambische Verzen vertaald door 
J. Ainker. le Deel (Jgfr. von Orl., 
and M. Stuart). Amst. 1807. 8°. 
(I fl. 18 St.) 

20552 SCHILLING, Diebold. Be- 
schreibung der Burgundischen Krie- 



gen u. einiger anderer in der 
Schweiz u. sonderlich zu Bern um 
selbige Zeit vorgefallenen merk- 
wiirdigen Begebenheiten. Bern, 
Fatscheryn, 1743. fol. 

An extremely remarkable woric on ac- 
count of the old popular war-sougs which 
are inserted; see Bouterweek Gesch. der 
Poetie IX. .^08 sq. Copies were published 
both with and without (seven) plates. 

SCHILTBERGER, see Schild- 


20553 SCHILTER, J. Thesaurus 
antiquitatum teutonicarum ecclesi- 
asticarum, civilium^ literariarum, 
cum emendatt. et notis J. G. Scher- 
zii ac variorum. Prsefationem ge- 
neralem preemisit J. Frickius. Ul- 
mae, Bartholomaei, 1727. fol. 3 vols, 
with plates. 

A collection greatly sought after. A 
copy on laige paper in the library at Wol- 

Mary. Theory on the classifica- 
tion of beauty and deformity, and 
their correspondence with physio- 
gnomic expression. Lond. 1 8 15. 4^ 
with plates (3I. 138. 6d.). 

SCHIMPF und Ernst, see J. 

20555 SCHINOSI, Fr. Istoria della 
compagnia di Gesti appartenente al 
regno di Napoli. Nap. 1706. 4°. 
4 voll. 

20556 SCHKUHR, Chr. Beschrei- 
bung u. Abbildung der Riedgraser. 
Witt. u. Lpz., Fleischer, 1801. 8°. 
Nachtrag. ib. 1806. 8". with 93 
plates (18 d.). 

20557 — Deutschlands kryptogam. 
Gewachse. Witt. 1804--9. 4°. 9 
parts with 219 illuminated plates 
(45 d.). 

20558 — botan. Handbuch der mehr- 
entheils in Deutschland wildwachs- 
enden^ theils ausland. in Deutsch- 
land unter freiem Himmel ausdau- 
emden Gewachse. le mit den 
Riedgrasem verm. Ausg. Witt. u. 
Lpz., Fleischer, 1804-8. large 8°. 
4 vols, with illuminated plates 
(75 d.). 

5 R2 



20559 SCHLEGEL, J. Adf. Ver- 
mischte Oedichte. Hanoov., 
Schmidt, 1787-89. 8°. 2 voll. (2 d.) 
— Fabeln u. Erzahlungen. Lps., 
Dyk, 1769. 8°. (16 gr.) 

20560 SCHLEGEL, J. EL Werke, 
herausg. von J. H. Schlegel. Ko- 
penh. u. Lpz., Mumme, 1761-70. 
8°. 5 voll. 

20561 SCHLEUSNER, J. F. No- 
vum lexicon grseco-lat. in Novum 
Testam. Ed. IV. emendatior et 
auctior. Lps., Weidmann, 1819. 
8°. 2 voll. (8 d., on writing paper 
10 d. 12 gr., on vellum paper 

12 d.) 

A reprint after the grd edition superin- 
tended by J. Smith, J. Strauchan and Ad. 
Dickenson appeared, Edinb, 18 1 4. 8°. 4 vols. 
(3L 38., on large paper 61. 68.) 

20562 — novus thesaurus philolo- 
gico-criticus s. lexicon in LXX et 
reliquos interpretes grsecos ac scri- 
ptores apocryphos Vet. Test. Lps., 
Weidmann, 1820-21. 8°. 5 voll. 
(11 d. 12 gr., on white printing 
paper 12 d. 18 gr., on writing 
paper 15 d. 1 2 gr., on vellum paper 
19 d. 6 gr.) 


20563 SCHMID, Erasm. Novi tes- 
tament! grseci rafitiov, alias concor- 
dantise. Lond., Hamilton, 1819. S°, 

2 voll. (il. lOS.) 
Previously, WUL 1638. fol. 

SCHMID, J. And., see Maoer. 

20564 SCHMIDEL, Hulderic. Vera 

historia admirandoB cujusdam navi- 

gationis, quam Huldericus Schmidel 

ab a. 1534 ad a. 1554 in Americam 

juxta Brasiliam et Rio della Plata 

confecit, ab ipso Schmidelio ger- 

manice descripta, nunc vero in banc 

formam reducta (a Levino Hulsio). 

Nrb., Hulsius, 1599. 4^ 101 pages, 

with 17 plates. 

In this scarce piece is somedmes found, 
DeMoripHo regrU Gujanm in America. 
Nrb. 1599- 4*« 10 leaves with 7 plates. 

20565 SCHMIDEL^ Casim. Cp. 
Fossilium metalla et res metallicas 
concernentium glebn suis coloribus 
cxpressie. Erzstufen u. Bergarten 


mit Farben genau abgebildet u. be- 
schrieben (lat. u. deutsch). Nrb. 
1 753. 4^. with 42 illuminated plates. 

20566 — icones plantarum et analyses 
partium, edid. J. Ch. Keller. Er- 
langae. Palm, 1762-93. fol. 3 parts 
in I vol. with 75 illuminated plates 
(36 d. 6 gr.) 

20567 SCHMIDT, Ant. Thesaurus 
juris eclesiastici, potissimum ger- 
manici, seu dissertatt. selectee in 
jus ecclesiast. Bamb., Gobhardt, 
1772-79. 4?. 7 voll. (18 d.) 

Vols. I and i were printed anew in 1774. 
The following is a continuation of Uiis 
woric, And. Majfr Thetaurut nocut juris 
ecci€s.y potitsimum Germanise. RaHtb. et 
Nrb.y Grattenauer, 1701-04. 4**. 4 vols. 

20568 SCHMIDT, Mch. Ign. Ge- 

schichte der Deutschen bis auf das 

Jahr 1544. Ulm^ Stettin, 1785-88. 

8°. 5 voll. (5 d.) Register, ib. 

1788. 8^ (10 gr.) Neuere Ge- 

schichte der Deutschen (vom 7. 

Bde an fortges. von Jos. Milbiller). 

ib. 1 785-1808. 8^ 17 voll. (17 d. 


The entire work also, fVien, 1 783-1 80S. 
8^ 25 vols. (25 d. 8 gr.) 

20569 SCHNEIDER, J. Glo. Kri- 
tisches griechisch-deutsches Hand- 
worterbuch. 3. Ausg. Lpz.. Hahn, 
1820. large 4®. 2 voll. (7 d. 16 gr.) 
Supplement, ib. 1821. large 4^. 
(21 gr.) 

20570 — Hand worterbuch der griech. 
Sprache, ausgearbeitet von Fr. 
Passow. Lpz., Vogel, 1819-34. 
small 4°. 2 voll. (6 d.^ on writing 
paper 8 d.) 

20571 SCHNURR von Lendsidel, 
Bths. Der Ameisen u. Miicken- 
krieg kunstlich bescfarieben. Strb. 
1612. 8^ 

The real author of this comic epopee 
Hans Cp. Fuchs; Schnurr was only the 
editor. Previously anonymous under the 
title, Muckenkrieg. MSckenXhalj 1600. 8**. 
(The editions of 1600 and 161 2 are at 
Wolfenbiittel.) But there must be older 
editions, as Baumann has cited passages 
from it in his edition of the Beineke Fudke 
of 1522. The following edition is moder- 
nized in the language, Ljm., Graffs 1806. 


8*. (la gr.) Consult Koeh Compend, der 
deuUeh. IaL Geseh. I. 117. II. 353. Jefi, 
lAi, ZeiL 1807. II* 69 ^' 

20572 SCHNURRER, Ch. F. Bi- 
bliotheca arabica. Hal.> Hendel, 
i8ii. 8^ 

It were to be wished that this nnoom. 
monly careful work had been extended to 
all the tiunslations of Arabic authors. Un- 
fortunately it is quite disfigured by typo- 
graphical erron. There is a very full re- 
view of it by Sacy in MUSn Annul, eney^ 
dop. 1814. 1. 183 sq. 

20573 SCHOELL, F. (more accu- 
ratelj. Max. Sams. F.) Reper- 
toire de litteratare ancienne ou 
choix d'anteurs classiques grecs et 
latins, d'ouvrages d'antiques, d'ar- 
ch6ologie etc, imprimis en France 
et en Allemagne. Par., Schoell^ 
1 808. 8*». 2 voll. 

This very useful work, particularly on 
account of the very careful index of 
names, is now oomjuetely out of print. 
22 articles noted in the preface are by the 
deceased Bast. There are copies on vellum 

20574 — description abreg^e de Tan- 
denne Rome. Par., Schoell, 181 o. 
]8^. with plates and a plan. 

There are copies on vellum paper. 

20575 — tableau des peuples qui ha- 
bitent I'Europe, classics d'apres les 
langues, qu'ils parlent, et tableau 
des religions qn'ils professent. Ed. 
II. Par., Schoell, 181 1. 8°. with i 

Pmevioosly, Par. 1809. '^^* 

20576 •— abr6ge de la chronol(^e 
historique. Par. 1812. i8^ 2 voll. 

20577 — histoire abr^^ de la litte- 

rature grecque depuis son origine 

jusqu'k la prise de Constantinople 

par les Turcs. Par., Schoell^ 1813. 

S''. 2 voll. 

Out of print. There are copies on vel- 
lum paper. A new impression. Par. 1824. 
8°. 4 vols. Of the I St vol. or the profane 
literature, there appeared a Greek transla- 
tion under the tide, Hwowru^ iffropia r^s 

/i^XP*. oXAir^os T^s 'K»varrvafTi¥o\nr6\^os 
wapa rSr "OBwfuty&tf. MerappwrBtura ix 
rod TaXXucov &wh "Xtco^^v. *£y Biivyp, 
1816. 8°. 2 voll. 

20578 — recueil des pieces ofBcielles 



destinies i d^tromper les Fran^ais 
sur les ^v6nemens qui se sont pass^ 
depuis quelques ann^. Par. 1 8 1 4- 
15. 8°. 9 voll. 

20579 — histoire abr^e de la litt^ 
rature romaine depuis son origine 
jttsqu' apres la ch^te de I'empire 
d'Occident. Par., Gide, 1815. 8^ 
4 voll. 

There are copies on vellum paper. 

20580 -— congr^ di Vienne : recueil 

de pi^es officielles relatives k cette 

assembl6e etc. Par. 181 5. 8^. 6 


This collection contains the additions to 
the I ith vol. of the following article. 

20581 — histoire abreg^e des traites 

de paix entre les puissances de 

I'Europe, depuis la paix de West- 

phalie. Par., Gide, 1817. 8°. 15 


See Koch above. The first 3 vols, are a 
re-production of a work by Koch under 
the same title (Bat. 1 796. 8**. 4 vols.); after 
the 4th vol. the work is entirely independ- 
ent. There are copies on vellum. 

20582 — archives politiques ou di- 
plomatiques, ou recueil de pi^s 
officielles, m^moires ou auires mor- 
ceaux historiques, incite ou non 
connus, relatifs a Thistoire du 18. 
sikle. Par. 1818. 8°. 3 voll. 

This work has been overlooked in the 
life of the author contained in contempo- 
rary authors. 

20583 — tables geni^ogiques des 
maisons souveraines du Nord et de 
I'Est de TEurope. Ouvrage post- 
hume de Mr. de Koch, public par 
F. Schoell. Par., Gide fils, 18 18. 
4®. Also on vellum paper. 

20584 — tableau des revolutions de 

TEurope depuis le bouleversement 

de I'empire Romain en Occident 

jusqu'a nos jours. Par Mr. de Koch. 

Nouv, edit, corrigee, augm. et con- 

tinu^e par F. Schoell. Par.^ Gide 

fils, 1823. 8^ 3 voll. 

This entire article is printed from a kind 
communication by counsellor Bdttiger. 

20585 SCHONAICH, Cp. O. von. 
Hermann oder das befreyte Deut- 
schland. 3. Aufi. Lp2s., Breitkopf, 




1760. 4°. — Arminio ou Alemanha 

libertada^ poema heroico, traduzido 

do alemao do. Barao Schonaicb. 

Lisb. 1 79 1. 8°. (480 rees.) — ^Armi- 

nius ou ia Oermanie delivr^e^ poeme 

trad, (par Eidous.) Par. 1 769. 1 2°, 

2 voll. Autre traduction, par De- 

bault. Par., an 7, 8^. 

These translations are a proof what 
chance sometimes does in literature. The 
Portugueze transhition is only made from 
the French one. 

SCHONEMANN, see Oelrichs, 

No. 15053. 

20586 SCHONING, Gerb. Afband- 
ling om de norskes og endeel andre 
nordiske Folks Oprindelse, som 
Indledning til den norske Historie. 
Soroe, 1769. 4°. 

20587 — Norges Riges Historie. 
D. I. II. Soroe, 1771-73. D. III. 
Kbbvn. 1781. 4®. 3 voll. 

20588 SCHONVIESNER, St. No- 
titia Hungaricss rei numariae ab 
origine ad praesens tempus. Budie, 
1 80 1. 4°. with plates (3 d.) 

The catalogue ot count Szecheny^s col- 
lection of coins is also by him : see SzE- 


20589 SCHOPFLIN, J. Dn. Al- 
satia illustrata Celtica, Romana, 
Francica. Colmarise, typ. regia, 
1 75 1 -6 1, large fol. 2 vols, with 
plates. Alsatia sevi Merovingici, 
Carolingici, Saxonici, Salici et Sue- 
vici dipTomatica. Manbemii, 1772- 
75. large fol. 2 vols, witb plates 
(29 d. 16 gr.) 

20590 — bistoria Zaringo-Badensis. 
Carolsrubae^ 1763-66. 4°. 7 voll. 
Also on large paper. 

Schdpflin only finished the ist vol., the 6 
remaining are by Ch. W. von Koch. 

20591 — vindidse Celticae. Arg. 


20592 — vindiciaetypographicse. Arg., 
Bauer, 1 760. 4°. 

See also Fournicr, No. 7843. 

20593 SCHOTTGEN, Cb. Horse 
hebraics et talmudicee. Dresd. 

i733-4«- 4"'- 3 voU- 

20594 — inventarium diplomaticum 


bistorite Saxonicse superioris. Hal. 
1747. fol. 

Of this work, which has been altogether 
superseded by (Schultes^s) excellent Di- 
rectoriftm cUphmaHcfim uber die Geschichte 
Obersachsens, the Dresden library possesses 
several copies with MS. augmentations. 

20595 — Cb. ScHOTTOENll et G. 
Cp. Krbysigii diplomataria et 
scriptores bistorise germanicse medii 
«vi. Altenb., Ricbter, 1753-60. 
fol. 3 vols, witb plates (13 d. 
16 gr.) 

20596 (SCHOLA Salernitana.) Re- 
gimen sanitatis Salernitanum a ma- 
gistro Arnoldo de Villanova Cata- 
lano veraciter expositum ac noviter 
correctum et emendatum per doc- 
tores Montispessulani regentes anno 
1480 predicto loco actu moram tra- 
bentes. Witbout place or date. 4''. 

This edition is considered as the first. 
34 lines, with the signatures a-i 5 

20597 — regimen sanitatis Salerni- 
tanum, nee non et magistri Amoldi 
de noua villa feliciter incipit. Lo- 
van.^ J. de Westfiedia, witbout date 
(about 1482). 4^. Gothic letter. 

13a leaves with signatures. 

20598 — regimen sanitatis Salernita- 
num nee non et liber de conserva- 
tioue corporis magistri Amoldi de 
noua villa. Witbout place or date 
{CoL^ U. Zett), 4^ Gotbic letter. 

Witii the signatures otti-y, and 27 lines. 
Crevenna's copy has a MS. notice of 1484. 

20599 — regimen sanitatis Salerni- 
tanum a magistro Arnoldo de Vil- 
lanova expositum, correctum et 
emendatum. Witbout place or 
date (about 1480). 4^ Gothic 

Witii signatures and 33 lines. 

20600 — regimen sanitatis cum ex- 
positione magistri Amaldi de villa- 
nova Catballano (sic) Noviter Im- 
pressus. Witbout place or date. 

In Roman characters, with the signa- 
tures a-M and 29 lines. 

20601 — regimen sanitatis cum ex- 
positione magistri Amoldi de Vil- 


lanova. Ven., Bernardin. de Vita- 

libus, 1480. 4°. 

If this edition be correctly quoted by 
Panzer, III. 158, it is the first dated edi- 
tion. Its printer however is not elsewhere 
to be met with so early. 

20602 — regimen sanitatis (cum com. 
ment. Arn. ViUanovani). Arg., 
without the printer's name^ I49i- 
4°. Gothic letter, 80 leaves. 

20603 — r^men sanitatis scholie 
Salemitanee compositum a magistro 
de Villanova Cathalona. Par.^ Fe- 
lix Balligault, 15 cal.Dec. 1493* 4^ 
(xothic letter. 

20604 — regimen sanitatis Salemi- 
tanum. Par., Mch. le Noir, 1497- 

20605 — Schola Salemitana. Arg., 
Hupfuff, 1499. 4°* 

20606 — regimen sanitatis Salemi- 
tanum. Par., P. Ledru, 1505. 4°. 

20607 — regimen sanitatis Salernita- 

num editum a magistro Arnoldo de 

Villanova. Col., Corn, de Zy- 

ryckzee, 1507. 4°. 

Also with the commentary in Am, de 
ViUanova opp, LugtL 1509. fol. p. 130^- 

20608 — regimen sanitatis Anglorum 
regi ex Parisiensi gymnasio missum. 
In florentissiroa urbe Brunsvigo, J. 
Dom, 5 id. Jun. 1509. 4^ 

20609 — regimen sanitatis medicor. 
Parisiensium, pro tuenda sanitate 
regis Angliee compositum. Fr. My- 
meri rhythmis germanicis et Poloni- 
cis exomatum. Cracov., Mthi. 
Scharffenberg, 1532. 4^ 

20610 — scola Salemitana, ed. J. 
Busmannus.. Witt. 1546. 8^ 

20611 — de conservanda bona valetu- 
dine opusculum scholn Salernitanae, 
cum Arnoldi Novicomensis enarra- 
tionibus recognitis et auctis per J. 
Curionem et Jac. Crellium. Par., 
Mt. Juvenis, 1555. 12°. 

Also, Par.y Mamef^ 1580. 16°. 

20612 — conservandse bonae valetu- 
dinis prsecepta a doctoribus scholee 
Salem, versibus conscripta, nunc 
demum non integritati solum atque 
nitori suo restituta, sed rhythmis 



quoque germanicis illustrata. Cum 
Arnoldi ViUanovani exegesi per J. 
Curionem recognita. Ff. a M., he- 
redes Egenolphi, 1573. S^ 
Previously, ib, 1568. 8^ 

20613 — schola Salemitana s. de- 
conservanda valetudine prsscepta 
metrica, auctore Joanne de Medio- 
lano, cum Arn. ViUanovani ex- 
egesi, ex rec. Z. Silvii. Roterod., 
Leers, 1649. 12°. 

Rot, 1657. >*°- -^"V* Com, 1683. 12°. 
RaHsb, 1 71 1. ia°. are reprints of this 

20614 — schola Salemitana, edid. 
Lr. Braun. Aboee, without date. 


This edition is without the commentary. 

20615 — de valetudine tuenda opus 
nova methodo instructum, infinitis 
versibus auctum, commentariis Vil- 
lanovani, Curionis, Crellii et Co- 
stansoni illustratum. Adjectse sunt 
animadvv. novse et copiosse Ren. 
Moreau. Par., Billaine, 1672. 8°. 

Previously, Par. 1625. 8®. 

20616 — regimen sanitatis Salemita- 
num, ed. J. Ch. Gli. Ackermann. 
Stendalise, Franzen, 1790. 8°. (14 


20617 — scola Salemitana del modo 
di conservarsi in sanit^, trasportata 
di latino in volgare Toscano (da 
Serafino Razzi). Perugio, Petruc- 
ci, 1587. 8°. 

20618 — la scola Salemitana per ac- 
quistare e custodire la saiiita. Tra- 
dotta fedelmente dal verso latino in 
terza rima piacevole volgare dall* 
Incognito Accademico Vivomorto. 
Con li discorsi della vita sobria del 
Sig. L. Comaro. Ven., Brogiollo, 
1630. 8°. 

Repeated with the same title, Ven.^ Bru 
ffonoiy 166a. 8^ Fen,, MUoco, 1667. 8**. 
Parmoy Montis 1712. 8^ 

20619 — scuola Salemitana di Gio- 
vanni da Milano dilucidata da Ful- 
vio Gherli. Ven. 1733. 8°. 

20620 — le regime tres utile et tres 
proufi table pour conseruer et gar- 
der la sante du corps humain. 




Without place or date, small 4°. 
Gothic letter. 

With the signatures, o-rttt; and 30 lines. 
The above title is in leaf la in a lines. A 
scarce edition and little known. 

20621 — le tresor des poures selon 

maistre Amoult de yille noue et 

maistre Girard de 80II0 docteur en 

medecine a Montpellier (transl. du 

latin en fran9.) Par., pour Ant. 

Vdrard, without date, small 4®. 

Gothic letter. 

7 leaves of preliminary matter, 1 75 num- 
bered leaves; printed at the commence- 
ment of the 1 6th century. This tolerably 
scarce edition, of a work not greatly sought 
after, must not be confounded with PL 
HUpani Thuaurus pauperum, 

20622 — retardement de la mort par 
bon regime, ou conservation de 
sant^, par I'escole de Salerne, trad, 
de latin en rithme, par Gf. le Tel- 
lier (avec le texte a cot^). Par., 
Mt. le Jeune, 156 1. 8®. 

20623 — Teschole de Salerne, en 
vers burlesques (par L. Martin), et 
duo poemata macaronica de bello 
huguenotico et de gestis magnanimi 
et prudentissimi Baldi (auctore Re- 
migio Belleau). Suiv. la copie 
impr. Jl Par. (Leyde, Elzevier), 
1 65 1. 12°. 139 pages. 

This book is sought after in this edition 
as being one of the more rare Elzevir ty- 
pographical productions. The following 
editions are not prized: Par., HcnauUy 
1649. 4°. Grenoble, Nicolas, 1657. ia°. 
Par,, Qitmet, 1664. 12". 

20624 — Tart de conserver la sante, 
compost par Tecole de Salerne, 
trad, en vers frany. par B. L. M. 
(Bruzen de la Martini^re). Haye, 
Duren, 1743. 12''. 

Also, Par,, le Prieur, 1749. n". — Con- 
cerning other translations, see Valli^re's 
Caial, VII. 250 sq. 

20625 — regimen sanitatis (lat. u. 
deutsch). Lipczk, Cr. Kacheloffen, 
without date. 4^ 8 leaves. 

A Latin distich always stands first, which 
is followed by a translation of it into 
German, in 4 lines in rhyme. Repeated, 
Attgtp,, Hans FroscHauer, 1502. 4°. Arg,, 
Hupfiiff, 1506 and 13. 4'. Nrh,, Hi, 
Holixel, 1508. 4'. Moff,, F, Hewman, 
/S09. 4*. Nrb., GtUkneeht, 1515. 4'. 


Consult also v. d, Hagen liierar. Grundriss, 
p. 4iSsq. 

20626 — schola Salemitana oder 
Salernitanische Schule, die Gesund- 
heit zu erhalten, in deutsche kurze 
Verse iibersetzt von Dr. G. S. 
(Gottwald Schuster). Ff. u. Lpz. 
1750. 8% 

20627 — von der Pflege u. Erhal- 
tung der Gesundheit. £in Lehr. 
gedicht der Schule von Salerno. 
Aus dem lat. metrisch ubs. Pader- 
born, 1806. I6^ (8gr.) 

20628 — schola Salemitana bestaande 
in Regelen tot Behoudenis der 
Gesontheydt. Amst., 1658. 8^ 

20629 — regimen Sanitatis Salemi, 
translated into English by Th. Pay- 
nell. Lond. 1583. 8°. Gothic letter. 

20630 — the Englishman's doctor, 
or the schoole of Salerne (trans- 
lated by J. Harington). Lond., 
Helme, 1609. 8°. 

In verse. Enlarged with a similar trea- 
tise by H. Ranzovius, Lend,, Detoe, 1634. 
8°. — A Bohemian translation by Dan. 
Adami Weleslawjn appeared at Prague in 

SCHOLARIUS, see Gbnnadius. 
SCHOLASTICA historia. see Co- 


SCHOLIA in Euripidem, see Eu- 
ripides, No. 707 a and 7074. 

20631 SCHOLTZ, Ch. Gramma- 
tica Kgyptiaca utriusque dialecti. 
Quam breviavit, illustravit C. Gf. 
Woide. Ox., typ. Clarend,, 1778. 
4°. (los. 6d.) 

His LeMcon JEggpt, tee under Croze. 

20632 SCHONER, J. Opera ma- 
thematica. Nrb. 1561. fol. 

20633 SCHONINGK, St. Har. 
monia phrasium verbi Jacio^ e prse. 
stantissimis latinie linguae autoribus 
coUecta. Praneq., Balck, 161 1. 8^ 
^34 pages. 

It would form a fine series of volumes^ 
were the entire Latin phraseology oom- 
mented upon after the pattern of this tole* 
rably scarce monography ! Concerning the 
book, consult Uffendach's ReUen^ II. 297. 

20634 SCHOOL. BOEK, Singa- 
leesch. Colombo, 1742. 8°. 

Only the title of thit Cingalese cateohism 


is in Dutdi. The book itidf ii compoMd 
in the Gingaleoe language^ and is printed 
in Cingaleie charactera. 

SCHOONEBECK, see Hibtoibe, 
No. 9787 and 9795. 

20e35 SCHOPPER^ Hartm. nayo. 
vXia, omniam illiberalium^ mecha- 
nicarum aut sedentariarum artiam 
genera continens, carminibus ex- 
pressa, cum Tenustiasimig imagim- 
bua omnium artificum negociationes 
ad vivum repraesentantibus. Ff. a. 
M., Feyerabend^ 1568. 8"". with 

This small technology posseases a great 
interest on aocsount of die uncommonly 
neat woodcuts by Jost Anunon. It is to- 
lerably scarce, especially when in good con- 
dition. Repeated, Ff. Corvmus, 1573. 8". 
The same woodcuts are to be found in the 
German edition, Eygentiiche Betehreibung 
oiler Sidnde auf Erdetiy durch Hana Saoh- 
sen beschreiben. Ff. a. M. 1568. 4**. 

SCHOPPER de fallacia et astutia 
Reinikes, see Rbineke. 

20636 SCHOTT, And. Hispanie 
illustrate scriptores varii. Ff., 
Mamius et heredes Aubrii, 1603-8. 
fol. 4 YoU. 

A collection greatly prized, but seldom 
met with complete. For instance, it should 
be seen whether Mariana Rber XXi- 
XXX, Ff. 1606 (with a separate title- 
leaf), is to be found in the 4th vol. This 
part is often wanting, but in the Dresden 
copy it is bound up in the 2nd vol., where 
it properly belongs. 

20637 — observationum humanar. 
libri V. Ejusd. nodi Ciceroni ani 
variorumque libris IV. enodati. C. 
Langii in Ciceronem annott. et car- 
mina lectiora. Plrocli chrestoma- 
thia poetica cum notis Schotti et 
Nunnesii. Antw., Bellerus, 1615.4^. 

Prodi ehrettomathia is wanting in many 
oopies. — His Adagiaha tacra N. T. Antw, 
1639. 4^. are copied entire from Zehneri 
adagia eacra, as is proved in the Hamburg, 
vermitehl. Biblioih. I. 353 sq.-~See also 


20638 SCHOTT, Csp. Magia uni. 
versalis naturae et artis, sive recon- 
dita naturalium et artificialium re- 
rum scientia. Herbip. 1657-59. 
4^. 4 vols, with plates. 

The new impression of 1677 is without 
aoy angmentatioo. 



20639 — physica cnriota sive mirabi- 
lia naturae et artis. Herbip. 1667 
or 97. 4^ I part in a vols, with 

The ist edition of 1662 is not so com- 

20640 — technica cnriosa sive mira- 
bilia artis. Nrb, 1664 or 87. 4^. 
with plates. 

20641 — cursus mathematicus. Her- 
bip. 1 66 1, fol. with plates. 

20642 — mecbanica hydraulioo-pneu- 
matica. Herbip. 1657. 4". with 56 

20643 — schola steganographica. Nrb. 

1680. 4°. with plates. 

All these works, formerly greatljr prized, 
are now no longer sought after at all. 
O)noeming this and the author*s other 
writings, complete series of which were 
formerly sought after in France, see Notice 
dee euvragee de G<up. Schott (par Mereier 
de SL L^er), Par. 1785. 8S 

20644 SCHOTT, Pt. Lucubratiun- 
culie omatissimae. Arg., Mt. Schott^ 
1498. 4^ 

A copy on yeUum was in the Bibl, 
Harkj. IV. 5^3. 

20645 8CHOTTELIUS, Just. G. 
Ausfuhrliche Arbeit von der deut- 
schen Hauptsprache. Brschw., Zil- 
liger, 1662. 4^ 

20646 SCHOUTEN. Gautier. Voy- 
age aux Indes orientales. Nouv. 
edit, revue par I'auteur et conside- 
rablement augmentee. Rouen^ Cail- 
lou, 1725. 8^ a vols, with plates. 

Also in the Reeueil dee way. de la comp, 
dee Indes (see above, No. 18735), T- VI. 
and VII. In Dutch, AnuL 1676. 4^ 

20647 SCHOUTEN, W. Journael 
van de Reyse gedaen door de Straet 
Magellanes. Amst. 161 7. 4°. with 

20648 — diarium sive descriptio iti- 
neris. Amst. 16 19 or 48. 4°. with 

A translation of the preceding. Also in 
French, Amst. 161 7 or 19. 4^ Par. 1618. 
8*. and in the Reeueil des vog. de la eomp. 
des Indesy T. IV. p. 531 sq. 

20649 SCHOW, N. Charta paj)y. 
racea greece scripta musei Borgiani 
Velitris, qua series inoolarum Pto- 



lemaidis Arsinoiticse in aggeribns 
et fossis operantium exhibetar. 
Romoe, 1788. large 4°. 

20650 SCHRADER, J. Observa- 
tionum liber. Franeq. 1761. 4°. 

20651 — emendationum liber. Leo- 
vard. 1776. 4°. 

20652 SCHRADIN, N. (anon.) 
cRonigk diss kiergs (sic) gegen 
dem allerdurcbluchtigisten hern 
Romschen konig, als ertzrhertzogen 
zu Osterich vnd dem schwebyschen 
pundt . . eins teilss. vn stett vn 
lender gemeiner eidgenosschaflft des 
andern. Surse im Ergow^ 1500. 
4°. with woodcuts. 

56 unnumbered leaves with the signa- 
tures a-n, and 30 lines in a full page. In 
rhyme. The ojophon is in leaf 56*. After 
this leaf two other leaves follow in the 
Wolfenbtittel copy, without signatures, but 
printed with the same types, and appearing 
to belong to the book. They begin, Der 
bischoffvon merUz genarU BecfUold. 

20653 SCH RANK, Fr. de Paula. 
Flora Monacensis^ seu plantsesponte 
circa Monachium nascentes, quas 
pinxit et in lapide delineavit J. N. 
Mayrhoffer, commentarium perpe- 
tuum addidit Fr. de Paula Schrank. 
Monachii, Fleischmann, 181 1-19. 
large fol. 4 vols, with plates, plain 
and illuminated. 

20654 — plantffi rariores horti aca- 
demici Monacensis descriptse et 
observatt. illustratee. Monach. 1817 
-22. fol. 10 parts, each with 10 
illuminated plates. 

Each part costs 4 dollars. 

20655 SCHREBER, J. Ch. Dn. 

Botanisch-oekonom. Beschreibung 

der Graser nebst ihren Abbild. 

Lpz., Crusius, 1769-79. fol. 2 

vols, with 54 plates. 

With plates 7 d. is gr., with illuminated 
plates II d. 12 gr. A new impression, 
Lp». 18 10. fol. 2 parts. 

20656 — die Saugthiere in Abbildd. 

nach der Natur, mit Beschreibun- 

gen. Erl., Walther, 1775-18 10. 

4°. 64 parts with plates. 

Each part with plain plates 20 gr., 
with illuminated plates 2 d. From the 
65th part onward Dr. Goldfiiss under- 
took the continuation, each part of which 


with plain plates costs id. i gr, and 
with illuminated plates 2d. A list of the 
tables of plates and sheets of text that 
had then appeared is appended to the 65 th 
part. A French translation, HUtoire no- 
tureile des quadrup^des {irad. par Iseiu 
Jkanm). Erl., Walther, 1775-80. 4*. 
3 vols, with 93 illuminated plates, some of 
which are double, remained unfinished. 

20657 SCHRENCK, Jac. Impera- 

torum, regum atque archiducum 

principum nee non comitum, baro- 

num, nobilium aliorumque clarissi- 

mor. virorum verissimae imagines 

et rerum ab ipsis gestarum descrip- 

tiones, quorum arma in Ambro- 

sianie arcis armamentario conspi- 

ciuntur. CEniponti, Agricola, 1601. 

large fol. 1 25 leayes, and plates. 

The plates are designed by J. Bt. Fon- 
tana, and engraved by Dm. Custodis. 
They give the originals of the Ambrosian 
collection with great accuracy, and are of 
peculiar historic importance for the mi- 
litary costume of that period ; consult 
Primiuer Beschreibung der Amhrauer 
Sammltif^, p. 13 sq. AUg. UtL Anz. 1799, 
p. 1423. Complete copies are rather scarce. 
Longman sets down a copy at 18I. With 
a German text by Engelbr. Noyse, and 
the same plates, Irupruck, 1603. n>L The 
edition by J. D. Koeler with a Latin text, 
Nrb. 1735. 4°* '^^^ plates, is of no value. 

20658 SCHREVELIUS,Com. Lexi- 
con manuale grseco-latinum et hu utrumque hac ultima edi. 
tione multo auctius (cura Jac. Fac- 
ciolati). Patav., typis seminarii, 
1715. fol. 

A greatly enlarged edition. Repeated, 
ib. 1752, 1769, and 1806. fol. 

20659 — lexicon manuale graeco- 

latinum et latino-gr. utrumque hac 

ultima editione multo auctius. Edi- 

tio aucta a Jos. Hill et Gu. Bow- 

yer. Lond., Bowyer, 1781. 8°. 

Glasg. 1799. 8^ is a reprint of this 
edition.— Ctini, R. Watte, Lond. 1817. S"". 
(i2s.) The Paris editions, although en- 
larged, do not contain the lexicon latino^ 
grttetan. The best Paris editicms are by 
Jannet, Par, 1806. 8^. and by Fleury 
Lecluse, ib. 1820. 8^ (15 fr.) 

20660 SCHRICK, Mch. Hienach 
volget eyn niitzliche Materi von 
manigerley ausgeprannten Wassem 
wie man die nutzen vnd prauchen 


soil zu gesuntbeyt der menschen. 

Aiigsp., J. Bamler, 1479. ^^^' 

The first edition of a work, often printed 
Sttbtequently, oonoeming which consult 
Beekmanm BeUrdffe Mur Getch, der £r- 
Jindunffen, B. I. p. 35 sq. and Neuer, Ht. 
Anx, 1808. p. 157. — See also below, We v. 

8CHRIEK, see Scribk. 
SCHRIFTEN der Berliner Oe- 
sellsch., see Bbbghaeftigunoen. 

20661 SCHROCKH. J. Mthi. Christ- 
liche Kirchengeschichte. Lpz., 
Schwickert, T76ft-i8o2. 8°. 35 voll. 
Kirchengeschichte seit der Refor- 
mation (vom 9. Bde an fortges. von 
H. Gli. Tzsclurner). ib. 1804-11. 
8°. 10 Toll. Altogether 45 vols. 
(67 d. 16 gr.) 

There is a new impression of the first 
1 2 rob. 1772-95. 

20662 — allgemeine Biographie. 

Berl., Myb'us, 1767-91. 8**. 8 voll. 


There is a new impression of the first 

20663 — Lebensbeschreibb. beriihm- 
ter Oelehrten. Lpz.^Hil8cher, 1789 
-91. 8°. 2 vols, with 2 plates 
(2 d.). 

20664 SCHRODER, J. Jo, The- 
saurus linguae armenicie antiquie et 
hodiernsR. Amst. 17 11. 4^ 

20665 SCHROTER, J. Hi. Seleno- 
topographische Fragmente zur ge- 
nauern Kenntniss der Mondflache^ 
ihrer erlittnen Veranderungen u. 
Atmosphare. Lilienthal^ Verfasser, 
1791. 4°. with 43 plates, and maps 
(12 d. 12 gr.) 

20666 — Aphroditographische Frag, 
mente zur genauen Kenntniss des 
Planeten Venus. Helmst., Fleck- 
eisen, 1796. 4®. (6 d.) 

SCHROTER, J. Sm., see Gott- 


20667 SCHROTTER, F. Fd. Col- 
lectio dissertationum historiam im- 
perii Romano-germanici illustran. 
tium. Vindob. et Lips., Jahn, 
1776-77. 8''. 2 voll. (2 d. 16 gr.) 

This unfinished collection only embraces 
the Carlonngian age. 

20666 SCHUBART, Ch. Dn. F. 



Sammtliche Gedichte, herausg. von 
L. Schubart. Ff. a. M.^ Hermann, 
1802-3. 8^ 2 voll. (2 d.) 

20669 SCHUEREN, Gerardus de. 
Indpit vocabularitts qui intitulatur 
Teuthonista, vulgariter dicendo der 
Duytschlender ea ratione, quod 
termini in capite rigarum a then- 
thonico sunt incepti. Col., Arn. 
ther Hoernen, die ult. mensis Maji 
1477. fol. Gothic letter. 

This yery scarce and important low 
German and Latin dictionary consists of 3 
divisions. In the ist the German words 
stand first, in the and the Latin, and in 
the 3rd is a libelltu de parHhua indecHnabi' 
Wnu. Consult {J. PL Kohl) Briefweohsel 
der Gelehrten avf doe J. 1750. p. 337 sq. 
LUerar, Wochenblati, I. 133. Neueetet 
aue der anmuth, Gelehrsamk. IL 147. 
The year 1475, which stands at the begin- 
ning of the work, only relates to the com- 
position of the book. 

20670 — Teuthonista of Duytschlen- 
der. Een oud duitsch en latynsch 
Woordenboek. Uitgegeeven door 
C. Boonzajer, verrykt met eene 
Voorrede van J. A. Clignett. Eerste 
Gedeelte. Leyden, Herdingh en du 
Mertier, 1804. 4°. (8fl.) 

180 copies of this new edition were 
printed, which only contains the first di- 

20671 SCHULTENS, Alb. Insti- 
tutt. ad fundamenta linguae he- 
brsese. LB. 1737 or 56. 4°. 

20672 — liber Jobi cum nova ver- 
sione et comm. perpetuo. LB. 
1738. 4°. 2 parts. 

An abridgment by G. J. L. Vogel. HaL 
I773-74-8'* voU. (3d.) 

20673 — monumenta vetustiora Ara- 
bia ex MSS. codd. LB. 1740. 4^ 

20674 — proverbia Salomonis cum 
versione et commentario. LB. 1 748. 


An abridgment by G. J. L. Vogel Hal. 
1769. 8^ (id. 4gr.) 

20675 — origines hebrses sive he- 
bneae linguae antiquissima natura et 
indoles, ex Arabis penetralibus re- 
vocata. Ed. altera, cui adjectum 
opus de defectibus hodiernis lin- 
guae hebr. LB. 1761. 4^ 2 parts. 

Preriously, Franeq. 1714-38. 4*". a parts. 



20676 -— ByU<^ dissertationum phi- 
lologico-exegeticar. a diversis auc- 
toribus editarum> sub prsesidio Alb. 
Schultens et N. W. Schroder de- 
fensarum. LB. 1772-75. 4^ 2 

20677 — historia imperii vetustiss. 
Joctanidarum in Arabia felice, ex 
Abulfeda, Hamza eic. excerpta, 
arab. et lat. Harderovici, 1786. 


Riiik*B additions, variouB readinffs, and 
oorrectionB to this work are in £ichhom*8 
BibL der biM. LU, IX. 899 sq. 

20678 — institutionea linguee Ara- 

mseee. 4°. 232 pages. 

This work, the printing of which was 
not completed, may be had at Altheer's in 
Utrecht for 5 Dutdi florins. 

20679 SCHULTENS, H. Alb. An. 
thologia aententiar. arabicar., cum 
scholiis Zamachsjarii, arab. et lat. 
edid. H. Alb. Schultens. LB. 
1772. 4°. (2 fl. lost.) 

20680 SCHULTING» Ant. Juris- 
prudentia vetus Antejustineanea. 

Lps. 1737- 4"- 

This edition is more complete than the 
earlier one, LB. 1717. 4**. 

20681 — not» ad digesta seu pan- 
dectas. Edidit atque animadvv. 
suas adjecit N. SmaUenburg. LB., 
Luchtmans, 1805-24. 8^ 4 voll. 
(17 d. 15 gr.) 

20682 SCHULZ, Bj. Orammatica 
hindostanica. Edidit et prefiatus 
est J. H. Callenberg. Hal. 1745. 


20683 — conspectus literature te- 

lugicie, vulgo warugicse. Hal. 1 747. 
SCHULZ, J. Ch. F., see Cocce- 


20684 SCHURMANN, Anna Mar. 
a. Opuscula hebrsa, graeca, latina, 
gallica, prosaica et metrica. Ed. III. 
auctior et emendatior. Traj. ad 
Rh., J. a Waesberge, 1652. 8°. — 
— 'EvKkrfpta s. melioris partis electio. 
P. I. Altonae, Com. van der Meu- 
len, 1673. P. II. Amst. 1685. 8^ 

These works are of no interest or value. 
The Oputeula appeared previooaly, LB. 
1648 and 50. 8^ Hie 2nd part of the Eb- 


jKAsypM is often wanting. A and edition of 
it, Dessav. 1782. 8^ 

20685 SCHURUTHES-ssalavat (The 
conditions of the prayer, Turkish). 
Constantinop. 12 19 (1804). 8^ 
23 pages. 

Acta literaria, quibus anecdota ani- 
madversionum spicilegia, e codd. 
MSS. eruta, comprehenduntnr. 
Witt., Ludovici, 1714. 8**. 

Amongst other things there ooair here : 
J. ScaUgeri Ammadpv. in N. 7*., variorum 
nota in Aristtenetumy Cr. Sm. Schurx- 
fleUchii animcidvv. in dial, de oaussis coT" 
ruptm eioquendm. 

Der Spiegel keiserlicher vnd ge- 
meiner lantrecht. Without place or 
date {Augsp.f Gth. Zainer), fol. 
Gothic letter. 

Probably the flrst edition of this Suabian 
provincial law. First 6 leaves, preface 
and index, which begin. In dem Namen 
des hdchsten richtera CrisU vnsera herm. 
Then comes the provincial law itself on 
T03 leaves, with the superMription, Jflie 
kept McA an dx lantredU 6ucA Me nad^ 
peachriben. In a columns, with signa- 
tures, catchwords, and numbering of the 
leaves. — Another edition, without place or 
date. fol. has 8 unnumbered leaves, preface 
and index, and 140 numbered leaves, with- 
out signatures and catchwords, with lines 
running all across the page. Concerning 
the pretended edition, Heidelb. 1473. foL 
(Panzer deuttehe Ann. 1. 60), see Wundt's 
essay in the Badiech. Woeheruehr^fi 1807, 
p. 769 sq. Hans von Laudenbach has 
been considered as the printer, which how- 
ever Wundt disputes. The flrst dated 
edition, known with certainty, is Augtb.y 
Ant. Sorg , 1480. fol. and the most recent 
is that superintended by M. de Lahr in 
SenokenbergU Corp. Jur. germ, medii avij 
T. II. There is a description of a remarkable 
MS. of the Sehufaberujriegei in Possdt's 
WinentchafU. Magam. B. II. St. 4. 
p. 568 sq. where also in p. 570 is a list 
of editions. See also Spangenbeiig, No. 
19737, above. 

20688 SCHWAN, Ch. F. (aww.) 

Abbildungen aUer geistlichen u. 

Welti. Orden nebst einer kurzen 

Greschichte derselben. Manh.» 

Schwan, 1779-94. large 4^ 46 

parts in 3 vols, with plates (at 

I d. 8 gr.) 

Also with illominated plates. It remains 


20689 — nonveau dictionnaire alle- 
inand.fran9. et fraii^. - allemand. 
Manh. 1782-98. 4°. 6 vols, and 2 
supplements (28 d. 8 g;r.) 

An abridgment, TUb, 1 799-1 807. 8"*. 
4 v(ds. or BerL 182a 8"*. 4 vols. (7 d.) 

Scriptores rerum Hungaricar. ve- 
teres ac genuini, cum praef. Mthi. 
Belli. Vindob. 1746-48. fol. 3 

20691 SCHWARTNER, Mt. In- 
trodactio in artem diplomaticam, 
pnecipue Hungaricam. Ed. II. auct. 
et emend. Budae^ 1802. 8^ with 5 
plates (20 gr.) 

20692 SCHWARTZ, Ch. Gli. Pane- 
gyricns gloriosae memorise divi Ca- 
roli VL Nrb. 1745. fol. 

A copy on veUum in the Royal library at 

20693 — ' opuscula quedam academica 

varii argumenti. Collegit atque 

preefatus est Thph. Cp. Harles. 

Nrb., Stein, 1793. 4^ (i d. 16 gr.) 
This collection was yery negligently su- 
perintended; see the review of it in the 
Neue aUg. deutaeh. Bibl. XVII. 395 sq. 
There are to be found here amongst other 
things the MUcellanea poliiioris htimanu 
Uiiv, and the Primaria docwnenia de arig. 

20694 — dissertationes selectse, qui- 
bus antiquitatis et Juris Rom. ca- 
pita explicantur. Erl. 1778. 4^ 

20695 — exerdtt. academicae. Nrb. 

1783- 8^ 

20696 — de ornamentis libror. et 
varia rei librarise veterum suppel- 
lectile dissertationnm antiquariar. 
hexas. Primum collegit et rec. 
J. Ch. Leuschner. Lps. 1756. 4^ 
with plates. 

SCHWARZ, J. Cr., see Carmina, 

No. 3539^. 

SCHWARZ, Pt., see Niger. 

20697 SCHWEI6GER, Sal. Newe 
Reyasbeschreibung auss Teutsch- 
land nach Constantinopel u. Jeru- 
salem. Nrb. 1608. 4^. with wood- 

Also, ib. 1 6 13, 19, and 64. 4^ The 
woodcuts are often wanting. An abridg- 
ment appeared, Nrb. 1665. oblong 8". 

SCI 1689 


PBTITRADEIi, No. 16142. 

20698 SCHWINDEL, G. Jac. (un- 
ter dem Namen Thph. Sincerus.) 
Nachrichten von lauter alten u. 
raren Buchern. i-6. Stiick. Ff. u. 
Lpz. 1731-32. 8^ with plates. 

20699 — neue Sammlung von lauter 
alten u. raren Buchern. i-6. Stuck. 
Ff. u. Lpz. 1733-34. 8°. 

20700 — bibliotheca historico-critica 
librorum opusculorumque varior. 
et rarior. oder Analecta literaria 
von lauter alten u. raren Buchern 
u. Schrr. Nrb. 1736. 8°. 

These 3 vols, belong to each other. 

20701 — {anon,) thesaurus bibliothe- 
calis s. bibliotheca bibliothecarum 
oder Versuch einer nach u. nach 
vollstand. Bibliothek von alten u. 
neuen auserlesenen Buchern. Ff. 
u. Lpz. 1 738-39. 4°. 4 voll. 

20702 — neue Nachrichten von 
lauter alten Biichem. i. (u. einzi- 
ger) Bd. Ff. u. Lpz. 1748. 4°. 

All these collections consist of raw mate- 
rials in a repulsive form, yet will be found 
to contain some good single things. 

SCIARRA, see Stanze. 
SCIENCE des medailles, see Jo- 


20703 SCILLA, Agst. De corpo- 
ribus marinis lapidescentibus quae 
defossa reperiuntur. Addita disser- 
tatione Fabii Columns de glosso- 
petris. Ed. II. Romse, Monaldini, 
1752 or 59. 4°. with 29 plates. 

Of these two editions one is as com- 
plete as the other, but the edition of 1 747 
has only 14 plates. 

20704 SCIOPPIUS, Csp. De arte 

critica et prsecipue de altera ejus 

parte emeudatrice, quae ratio in la- 

tinis scriptoribus ex ingenio emen- 

dandis observari debeat, commen- 

tariolus, Nrb. 1597. 8°. 
AlsO) AmsLf Pluymer, 1662. 8**. 

20705 — verisimilium libri IV. in 
quibus multa vett. scriptor. loca 
emendantur, augentur, illustrantur. 
Nrb., Kaufmann, 1596. 8^. 

Also, Am8t.y Pluymer, 1662. 8^ 



20706 — Buspectarum lectionum libri 

V. Nrb. 1597. 8°. 
AhOf Amst.y Pluffmevy 1664. 8^. 

20707 — grammatica philosophica 

(latina). Editio nova, beneficio 

Pt. Scavenii insigniter aucta ex 

schedis ipsius auctoris. Amst., 

PJuymer, 1664. 8®. 

The first editioa appeared, Medial. 1628. 
8^ Alflo, Cura J. Ch. Herzog. Aug. 
Vind. I7I^.8^ 

20708 — elementa philosophiee stoicae 
moralis. Mog. 1606. 8°. 

20709 — infamia Famiani (Stradae), 

et de stili historic! virtutibus et 

vitiis judicium. Sorse, Hantsche- 

nius, 1658. 12^ 

Alio, Amst. 1663. 12°. It contains many 
good observations on the finest style of lati- 
nity. — Count Pienioci of Florence possessed 
in 1752 his large MS. collections for a 
Thesaurua UUinm lingumy and all the other 
MSS. which he left behind him ; see Ang. 
Mar. Bandini CoUecHo monumentorum. 
AretU, 1752. 8^ p. 75 n. Concerning 
the piece be left in MS. styled, MaehiO' 
vellicomm operm prethan^ see Morelli 
Codd, lot. NaniUmiy p. 46. Concerning 
other MSS. of his see Murr^s Journal^ 
III. 108. 

20710 SCOPOLI, J. Ant. Flora 
Camiolica. Viennse Austr., Kraus, 
1772. 8**. 2 vols, with 65 plates 
(5 d. 8 gr.), Entomologia Car- 
niolica. ib., Trattner. 1768. 8^. 


20711 — deliciae florie et faunae Insu- 

bricae^ seu novae aut minus cognitae 

species plantar, et animalium. Ti. 

cini, 1786-88. fol. 3 parts in i vol. 

with 75 plates. 

20712 SCOTIA depicta or the anti- 
quities of Scotland, illustrated in 
50 plates by Fittler, from drawings 
by Nattes. Lond. 1804. oblong fol. 
(61. 6s.) 

SCOTT, Dn., see Etibnnb, No. 

SCOTT, J., see Rbinagle. 

20713 SCOTT, Jonath. Bahar-Da- 
nush, or garden of knowledge, an 
oriental romance. Translated ^om 
the Persic of Einaiut OoUah by 


Jonath. Scott. Shrewsbury, 1799. 
8^ 3 vols. (15s.) 

20714 — tales, anecdotes, and letters, 
transl. from the Arabic and Per- 
sian. Lond. 1800. 8°. 

See also Ferisbta. 

20715 SCOTT, Walter. Poetical 
works. Edinb. 1821. large 8"^. 
10 vols. (61.) 

Also, ib. 1821. small 8°. 8 rols. (3I. i^s.) 
ib, 1823. 18**. 10 vols, with plates (3I. 38.). 

20716 — the border antiquities of 
England and Scotland, comprising 
specimens of architecture and sculp- 
ture, and other vestiges of former 
ages. Lond. 1814. 4°. 2 vols, with 
many plates (9I. 2s. 6d., on large 
paper 13I. i8s.). 

20717 — oeuvres complies, trad, de 
I'anglais (pardeFauconpret). Par. 
1820-23. 12**. 75 voU. 

Also, ib. 1823-23. S"*- 18 voU. 

SCOTT, see Waring. 

SCOTUS, see Duns, Erigena, and 

20718 SCOTUS, Mch. Liber phi- 
sionomise (at the end, de procrea- 
tione et hominis phisionomia) . With- 
out place, 1477. 4°. 

A scarce edition, with the signatures a~k. 
and 24 lines. The first 3 leaves contain a 
tabuloy the work itsdf begins in leaf 4a. — 
See also Mekba philosophica. 

20719 SCRIBONIUS Largus. De 
oompositione medicamentorum liber, 
jam pridem J. Ruellii opera e tene- 
bris erutus et a situ vindicatua. 
Ant. Benivenii libellus de abditis 
nonnullis ac mirandis morborum et 
sanationum causis. Polybus de 
salubri victus ratione privatorum, 
Guinterio Joanne Andernaco inter- 
prete. Bas., Ant. Cratander, 1529. 

Also with Celnuy Par. 1529. fcL 

20720 — compositiones medics. J. 
Rhodius recensuit^ notis illustravit, 
lexicon Scribonianum adjecit. Pa- 
tavii, Frambotti, 1655. 4**' 

20721 — compositiones medicamen- 
torum. Denuo ad edit. Rhodianam 
edid. J. Mch. Bernhold. Arg., 
Konig, 1786. 8^ (i8gr.) 

SCR SCR 1691 

20722 SCRIECK, Adr. (Originum Achilles Tatius. Heliodorus, Lon- 
reruroque Celticarum et Belgicarum gus et Xenophon Ephesius, gr. lat., 
libri XXIII.) Van t' beghin der edid. Ch. Gu. Mitscherlich. Bi- 
eerster Volcken van Europen^ in- ponti, 1792-94. 8°. 4 parts in 3 
sonderheyt van den Oorspronck vols. (7 d.) 

ende Saecken der Nederlandren, Partly used as waste paper, consequently 

XXIII. Boecken, met betoon vande ■«^- ^here are copies on Dutch paper, 

dwalinghen der Griecken ende La- 20726 — erotici greci tradotti in vol- 

tinen op t' selue beghin ende de gare. Pisa, 1814-17. 8°. 6 voll. 

ghemeynen Oorspronck. Ypre, Pr. ^^Jie earlier separate transUtions of the 

f» 11 4. /: . r 1 Scrtptores erottct, by Annibal Caro, Sal- 

JJeuet. IO14. toi. vini, and others, are here printed together 

560 pages, and 2 indices besides the pre- ^^ corrections. There are some copies 

himnary matter. The above Latin tiUe, ^n large veUum paper. See also Biblio- 

enclosed m brackets, is m the title-plate. thEque des remans irrecs. 

The subsequent printed title is in Dutch, S^^'^^* 

although the work itself is written in SCRIPTORES finium regundorum, 

Latin. Next should follow, Andr, Scriecku see AuCTORES. — geoponici, see 

numiiomm teeundorum Rbri V^ quibua ori- GbOPONICA. — snomici, see Gnomjs. 

pm«mr«^in^i*CWA«r««^/B^^rum ^hig^oriae AugU8t« et Roman®, 

opus suum nupet edUum altnu et auctttu e ovvr***** ^^u^uoii«, c», A«vu.cuuie, 

fmUUnu hebraicit iptaque rerum origine see HiSTORIA.— histonae poetic©, 

dedueU^ probcU fimuUque. YprUj Fr. BeU see HISTORIC, No. 9849. — ^histo- 

lettut^ 1615. foL 63 pages, and a 3rd index ngg ecclesiasticee, see Eusebius. 

S.t*ti;=ijronf/r.=tr?^ ^-^^ SCRIPTORES logarithmid. 

digresMFe seareh after etymok)gie8, which ^r a collection of several curious 

reminds one of Goropius; consult MetuelU tracts on the nature and construction 

Bibl. hist. T. Y. P. I. p. 309. of logarithms mentioned in Hutton's 

20723 SCRIPTA qusedam in aca- introduction to the mathematical 
demia Witembergensi a rectoribus, tables (by Fr. Maseres). Loud, 
decanis et aliis eruditis quijbusdam 1 791-1807. large 4^ 6 vols. (12I.) 
viris publice proposita ab a. 1544 SCRIPTORES de materia eC re 
(edid. J. Marcellus). Witt. 1545- medica, see Medici, No. 135 18. 
5 1 . 8°. 4 voll. — ^musici, see Gerbbrt and Mei- 

20724 — scriptorum publice propo- boh. 

sitorum a professoribus in academia 20728 SCRIPTORES physiogno- 

Witebergensi ab a. 1540 ad a. mia veteres ex recensione Camilli 

1569.^ Tomus I-VIL Witt. 1553- Perusci et F. Sylburgii, gr. lat. 

72. 8°. 7 voll. Recensuit, animadvv. Sylburgii et 

ITbeistvoL appeared in 1553, and ^- TriUeri in Melampodem emenda- 

wards m 1500; the 2nd m leeo, and af- .> jj-j*j. j '^ 

terwanls in 1562; the ^ in 15S9, and ^'^^^s addidit suasque adspersit 

alterwEfds in 1568; from the 4th up to notas J. G. F. Franzius. Altenb., 

the 7th in 1561, 64, 68, and 72. P. Eber Richter, 1 780. 8°. (2 d.) 

was the editor of the ist vd., and Mch. GpnTPTrhniTQ «^«4. ^k<^^l*a«<>». 

Majusoftherest. Concerning this coUec SCRIP TORES post Theophanem, 

tion, interesting in many points of view, *®® iSYZANTINA.— rei accipitrariK, 

consult Sirobeit nene BeUrr. gur IM. B. I. see 'Ic/xueoo'o^ioy. — ^rei agrariae, see 

8t. 2. p. 81 sq. AucTOREs. — rei militaris, see Ve- 

SCRIPTA astronomica vetera, see getius. — ^rei venaticse, see Poetje, 

AsTRONOMi. No. 17553 sq. 

SCRIPTORES antiqui parabilium 20729 SCRIPTORES rei rusticK 

medicamentorum, see Medici, No. (Cato, Varro, Columella et Palla- 

13519.— belli Trojani, see Dares, dius). Ven., N. Jenson, 1472. fol. 

No. 5769.— de chirurgia. see Chi. ^98 leaves, without signatures, aitch- 

vrTRni A words, and pagination. The first edition, 
BUROIA. .and fine, but not very scarce. First 20 

20725 bCRIPTOREb erotici graeci: leaves of preliminapy matter, which begin 



on the rerene of the ist leaf with a letter, 
Georgn ( Meruk/) Alexandrini ad Pt- PriO' 

ium. Leaves a 1-43 ai^ (^<^ '^'^ ^ ^^ 
of chapters to Varro ; 44-86 Varro ; 87-90 
list <^ diapters to Columella; 91-238 
Columella; 239-298 Palladius. £ach of 
these authors has a separate colophon, but 
the principal colophon of the entire book 
is in leaf 398*. The reverse of this last 
leaf is blank. — A pretended earlier edition, 
Fen. 1470, is a nonentity. 

20730 — de re nistica libri. Regii, 
Bm. Bruschus alias Bottonus^ nonis 
Junii 1482. fol. 

The 2nd edition, which evidently is a re- 
print of the preceding, although Schneider 
asserts that he found in it some readings 
peculiar to itself. 298 leaves with 40 lines, 
and signatures, without catchwords and 
pagination. First 14 leaves of preliminary 
matter, which begin on the reverse of the 
1st leaf with the same letter of O. Morula. 
Leaves 15-18 Morula's letter to Justinian 
and list of chapters to Cato; 19-41 Cato; 
42-84 Varro; 85-88 list of chapters to 
Columella; 89-235 Columella; 236 and 
237 Morula's letter to Dm. Geoi^us; 
238-297 Palladius ; and 298 the register. 

20731 — opera agricolationum Cola- 
mellae, Varronis Catonisque, nee 
non Palladii, cum exscriptionibus 
et cominentariis Ph.Beroaldi. Bon.^ 
Bd; Hector, 13 cal. Oct. 1494. 

274 leaves with 40 lines, and signatures. 
The last leaf contains Ugerii ad lectorem 
oarmeru A new revision of the text. 

20732 (the same title). Regii, 

Dion. Bertochus, 14 cal. Oct. 1496. 

20733 — — Regii, impensis Fr. 
Mazali, 20 Nov. 1499. fol. 

20734 — libri de re nistica Catonis, 

Varronis, Columellse, Palladii. De 

duobus dierum generibus etc. Ven., 

Aldus et And. socer, m. Majo 

15 14. small 4^ 

34 leaves of preliminary matter (on the 
9th is a 2nd title, and the 34th is blank), 
and 308 numbered leaves. There are co- 
pies on blue paper. A new recension by 
Jucundus Veronensis from MSS. and 
conjecture. One of the less scarce Al- 

20735 — libri de re rustica a N. An- 
gelio nuper recogniti et typis ex- 
cusi, cum indice et expositione om- 


nium dictionum. Flor., Ph. Junta, 

1515. small 4^ 

20 and 339 leaves. Angelius appears to 
have corrected the text more fitnn con- 
jecture than from MSS. The edition 
is scarce, without being at a high price. 

20736 (the same title). Flor., 

hered. Ph. Juntie, 28 Sept. 15 21. 
small 4^. 

20, 218, and 125 leaves. This edition 
contains some augmentations. 

20737 — libri de re rustica Catonis, 
Varronis, Columellee, Palladii. De 
duobus dierum generibus e/c. Ven., 
her. Aldi et And. soceri, m. Dec. 

1533- 4°- 

54 leaves of preliminary matter, 295 
numbered leaves, and i les^ with the an- 
chor. The text is the same as in the edi- 
tion of 15 14, with the exception of some 
alterations, which are borrowed from the 
Juntine edition of 152 1. 

20738 — libri de re rustica Catonis, 
Varronis, Columellse, Palladii. Bas., 

J. Hervagius, m. Julio 1532. small 


A reprint of the Aldine, and tolerably 
> scarce. 

5J0739 — libri de re rustica Catonis, 
Varronis, Palladii, Columellae, cum 
enarrationibus Georgii Alexandrini 
et annotatt. Ph. Beroaldi in Colu- 
mellam etc. Lugd., Seb. Gryph., 
1535. 8®. 3 parts in 2 vols. 

20740 — libri de re rustica. Col., 
Oymnicus, 1536. 8®. 

20741 — Catonis ac Varronis de re 
rustica libri. — Columellae de re 
rust, libri. — Palladii de re rustica 
libri. — Enarratt. vocum priscar. 
per G. Alexandrinum.^Pt. Vic- 
torii explicatt. suarum castigatio- 
num. Lugd., Sb. Gryph., 1541. S*'. 
5 parts in i vol. 

Repes^ted, t6., wt, 1548, 49. 8^ 5 parts. 
The chief value of these editions arises 
from what Victorius has done to them. 

20742 Par., Rb. Stephanus, 

1543. 8°. 5 parts in i vol, 

A fine and scarce reprint of the pre- 
ceding edition. 

20743 — scriptores rei rusticse ve- 
teres latini, cum editt. prope om- 
nibus et MSS. pluribus coUati. 
Adjectse not« viror. darissimor. in- 


tegne et lexicon rei rustics, cu- 

rante J. Mthi. Gesnero. Lps.^ 

Fritscb, 1735. 4^ 2 volL 

A new reoenaiooy in which however 
Oeaner has too often followed Victorius. 
Less is done in it for Columella than for 
the other authors. A copy on large strong 
paper in the Royal lihrary at Dresden. 

20744 — scriptores rei rosticie ve- 
teres latini^ Cato^ Varro, Colu- 
mella, Palladius, quibus nunc acce- 
dit Vegetius de mulomedicina et 
GkurgiliiMartialis fragmentnm. Cum 
editt. prope omnibus et MSS. plu- 
ribus coUati. Adjects nots viror. 
clarissimor. integrse et lexicon rei 
nut., curante J. Mthi. Gesnero. 
Lps., Pritsch, 1773-74. 4*". 2 voU. 
(7 d-) 

J. A. Ernest! superintended this new 
edition. There are copies on writing paper. 
Its text was repeated, Manheim, 1 781. 8^ 
5 vols. (id. 19 gr.), and Bip. 1787. 8**. 3 
▼ob. (2d. JOgr.) 

20745 — rei rustics scriptores latini 

veteres. £x libror. scriptor. atque 

editor, fide et viror. doctor, con- 

jecturis correxit atque interpretum 

omnium coUectis et excerptis com- 

mentariis suisque illustravit J. Glo. 

Schneider. Lps.^ Fritsch, 1793-96. 

8^. 4 parts in 6 or 7 vols. ( 1 2 d. 


This ezodlent edition has nerertheless 
not entixely made Gesner*s to be dispensed 

20746 — rustici latini volgarizzati 
(col testo latino), cioe: Catone, 
Varrone e Columella dell' agricol- 
tura, con note, traduzione di Gi. 
Girol. Pagani. — Virgilio delle geor- 
giche Hbri IV. traduz. di Fr. Soave. 
Ven. 1792-99. 8°. 18 voll. 

Cato contains 3 vols., Varro 4, Colu- 
mella 10, and Viii^ i. To which are added 
Pliny*s books on agriculture, 3 vols. 

20747 — traduction d'anciens ouvra- 
ges latins relatifs k I'agriculture et 
k la m^decine veterinaire, avec des 
notes, par Sabonreux de la Bonne- 
trie. Far. 1771-75 (new title 
1783). 8^ 6 voll. 

20748 SCRIPTORES rerum Bel- 

I . Afmakt «. Msiorim rer, Belgicar. a di^ 



veraia auctorUnu conacHptm, T. I. IT. 
Ff, a. M, 1580. fd. 
3. Hittaria be^iea «. rerum in Belgio me- 
mordlARum soripiare$ aliquot {ei. Am, 
Freytag). Ff. 1583. 8^ 

3. BiUavia itttutrata et scriptoret varUy e» 
muteo PL Scriveriu LB. 1609. 4**. 

4. Rerum Belgicar, annaJee, ehroiM et 
hUtorid, opera Fr, SteeertU, Ff, i6ao. 
fol. 1 roll. 

5. Ant. Matifun veterit €toi analecta, 
LB, 1698. 8°. 10 voll — Ed, II. Hag, 
Com, 1738. 4^ 10 parts in 5 vols. 

6. Com, P. Hognck van Papendreeht 
Analecta betgiea. Hag, Com, 1743. 4^ 

7. Gerh, Dumbar Analecta s. Vetera aH- 
quot seripta inedita, Daventr, 171^ 
22. 8". 3 voll. 

20749 SCRIPTORES rerum Bohe- 

I. Marq, Freheri Rerum Bohemiear, an^ 

Omd tcrr. aUquot inaignes. Hanav, 

1603. fol. 
4. Gelae, Dobneri Monumenta hiatarica 

Boemim, Pragtt^ 1764-86. 4°. 6 volL 
3. Scfiploree rer, Bohemiear, (ed, Fr. Mt* 

Pebtel et Joe. Dobrowdeg). Pragtgy 

1783-84. 8^ 2 voL 

20750 SCRIPTORES rerum Bri- 


I. Reruim Britannicar.f i, e, Anglim^ 

Scotia vicinarumque imtdarum ac re» 

gionum scriptoret vetustioree ac prat- 

oipui. Heidelb, (other copies Lugd.) 

1587. fol. 

1. Rerum angHcarum scriptoret pott Be* 
dam pra-dpui {ed, H, SaviHut), Lend. 
1596. fcL^Ed. II, Ff. 1601. foL 

3. Anglica^ Hibemica, Normannicaf Cam^ 
brieay a veteribut tcripta^ ex bibL Gu, 
Camdeni, Ff, 1602. fol. 

4. Hietorite Anglue tcriptoret X, {ed» 
Roger. Twytden), Lend. 1652. fol. 

5. Rerum Anglicanar, scriptoret veteres 
Tom, I, {ed, Gu. Fulman, jussu J, 
Fell). Ox, 1684. fol. 

6. Historic Anglieanm scriptores guingue 
nunc prim, editi a T. G. {Th. Gale). 
Ox. 1687. fol. 

7. Historic BritanniccSy Saxonka^ Anglo- 
Daniem scriptoret XV,y opera Th, Gale. 
Ox. 1691. fd. 

8. Hittoriof Anglicame tcriptoret vortt 
{eura Jot. Sparke), Lend. 1723. fol. 

9. Britannioarum gentium historite antU 
qwe scriptores tree, Ricardut Corinen-' 
sis, Gildas BadomcuSf Nennius Ban- 
ohorenais, Recensuit, notiaque auxit 
C. Bertramus, Havn. 1757. 8". 

10. Th. Hearne Scriptores varii de hi- 
storia AngHcana. Ox, 1709-35. 8^ 
64 voll. (see Hearne). 

See also Chrokicleb. 

1694 SCR 

II. C. o^ Connor Rervm hibermear. scrip- 
tores veteres. T. I. Buckinghamy 1814. 

SCRIPTORES rerum Byzantina- 
rum, see Byzantina. 

20751 SCRIPTORES rerum Dani. 
carum medii sevi cura Jac. Lange- 
beck et Ft. P. Suhm. Havn. 1772 
-92. fol. 7 voll. 

20752 SCRIPTORES rerum Galli- 

I. Annalium et hUtoria Franoor. ab a, 

708^90 Mcriptores coatanei XII. Ex 

biblkih. Ft. FUhceL Far, 1588. 8°.— 

Ed. II. Ff. 1594. 8*'. 
3. HistoruB Francor. ab a. 900-1285 

ecriptoret veteres XI. Ex biblioth. Ft. 

Fithaei. Ff. 1596. fol. 

3. {Marq. Freheri) Corpus Francie^ 
historuB veteris et sinoenp. Hanav. 
1613. fol. 

4. And. du Chesne Historic Norman^ 
norum scriptores antigtU . Par. 1 6 1 9. fol. 

5. And. du Chesne Historic Frartcor, 
scriptores coatanei. Far. 1636-49. fol* 
5 voll. 

6. Ph. Labbe Nova inbliotheca tnanuscrip- 
tor. libror. Far. 1657. ^ol. 2 voll. 

7. ML Bouquet Recueil des historiens des 
Gaules et de la France, Far. 1738- 
1823. fol. 18 voll. 

20753 SCRIPTORES rerum Ger- 

The more general ooUections : 

1. Witichindi Rerum ab Henrico et Ot~ 
tone I. gestarum libri III. una cum 
aliis quibusdatn diversorum autorum 
historiis. Bas. 1532. fol. 

2. Germanicar. rerum quatuor chrono- 
graphi (Turpinus, Rhegino, Sigebertus 
Gemblao. et Lamhertus Schafitab.y ed. 
Sim. Schardius), Ff. a. M. 1566. fol. 

3. Ottonis Frisingensis Chronicon. De 
gestis Friderici I. Radevieus De ^jusd. 
Friderici gestis. Guntheri poetm Ligu- 
rinus {cura Ft. Pithcn). Bas. 1569. 

4. Historicum opus in 4 tomos divisum^ 
aueiore Sim. Schardio. Bas. 1574. fol. 
— Ed. II. Giessa, 1673. fol. 

5. Reineri Reinecoii Scriptores rerum 
Germ. Ff. a. M. 1577-81. fol. 

6. J, PistorH lUustres veteres scriptores, 
qui rerum a Germanis gestar. historias 
vel annates posteris reliquerunt. Ff. a. 
M. 1583-1607. foL 3 voll.— £d. //. 
T. I. II. Hanav. 1613. T. III. Ff. 
1653 (new title 1654). fol. 3 volL — 
Ed. III. eurante Burc. Ghelf Stru. 
vio. Ratisb. 1 726. foL 3 voU. 

7. JusH Reuberi Veterum scriptor., qui 
Cmsarum et imperator. Germanicor. res 


Uteris mandarunt, tonrns unus. Ff. 
1584. foL — Ed. II. Hanov. 161 9. fd. 
^E(L III. eurante G. Ch. Joannis. 
Ff. a. M. 1 726. foL 

8. Ch. UrstisU Germania historicorum iU 
lustrium tomi II. Ff. 1585. f(A.^Ed. II. 
Ff. 1670. fol. 

9. Marq. Freheri rerum Germanicar. 
scriptores aliquot iruignes. Ff. a. M, 
1600-1 1, fol. 3 volL— -Brf. //. Ff. 1624 
-37. fol. 3 voU. — Ed. III. eurante 
Burc. Ghe\f Struvio. Arg. 171 7. fol. 
3 voll. 

10. Melch. Goldasti rerum Alamannica- 
rum scriptores aliquot vetustu Ff. 1606. 
fol.— £rf. //. Ff. 1661. fol— Ed. III. 
cura H. Ch. Senckenberg. Ff. et Lps. 
1 730. fol. 

11. JknetB Sylvii tmtoria rerum Friderici 
III. Subjuncti aHi ad german. histO' 
riam pertinentes seriptores. Cum pnitf. 
J. G. Kulpisii. Arg. 1685. fol. — • 
J. SchUteri scriptores rer. Germ. Arg, 
1 702. fol. is only a new title. 

12. H. Meibomii rer. Germamear, tomi 
III. Helmst. 1688. foL 3 parts in 
2 vols. 

13. Ch. Fr. Paulini rerum et antiqui. 
tatum Germanicar. syntagma. Ff. a. M. 
1698. 4". , 

14. Gf. Gu. LeibnitH accessiones histories. 
Hannov. 1 700. 4*^. 2 voll. 

15. J. Moh. HeineccU et J. G. LeuokfeUU 
scriptores rer. Germ. Ff. a. M. 1 707. 

16. J. G. Eccardi veterum nunumentorum 
quaterrtio. Lps. 1720. fol. 

17. Ejusd. corpus historicum medii avi, 
Lps. 1723. foL 2 volL 

18. J. F. Schannat Vindemim liierarue 
h. e. vett. mcnumentor. ad Germaniam 
sacram pr^cipue spectantium ooUeetio 
I. II. FuldiP et Lps. 1723-24. fol. 

Provincial collections : 

19. Hi. Pex Scriptores rer. Austriaear. 
veteres ao genuinL Lps. et RaHsb. 1721 
-45. fol. 3 voll. 

20. Adr. Ranch Rer. Austriaear. scrr. 
Vindob. 1790-94. 4^ 3 voll. 

2 1 . «7. Ft. Ludeufig Sorr. rer. episoopatus 
Bambergensis et Germanicarum, Ff. 
et Lps. 1 7 18. foL 2 voll. 

22. And. Fel. (Efele Rer. Boiear. serr. 
Aug, Vind. 1 763. fol. 2 volL 

23. Scriptores rer. Brandenburgensium, 
Ff. ad Viadr. 1751-53. 4". 2 voll. 

24. Gf. Gu. LeibnitH Scrr. rer. Brunsvi- 
oensium. Hannov. 1707^11. fol. 3 voU. 

25. E. Jo. de Westphaten Monumenla 
inedita rerum Germaniearumy prttcipne 
Cimbricar, et Megapolensium. Lps. 

26. ch. Gf Hoffmanm Serr. rer. Lusa- 
tiear. aniiqui et reoentiores. Lps. et 
Budiss. 1 719. fol. 4 parts in 3 voU. 


Q7.' G. Ch, Joannh terr. rer. MofftuUia- 
car, Ff, a, M, 1732.27. fol. 3 voU. 

38. </. Buri^, MenekenU sen, rer. Germ., 
praeipue SaxoMoar, Lpt. 1728-30. 
foL 3 volL 

29. Ch. SchSUgetm et G. Cp, KreyssiffU 
(Uplomaiaria et tcrr. historia germanicm 
{uuNmic^) mecRi avi, AUenb, 1 753-60. 
foL 3 voll. 

30. Erpoldi Lindenbroffii scrr, rer. Germ, 
tepterUrumalium vicinorumque populo^ 
rum diversi, Ff. 1609 or 30. fd. — 
Ed. II. cum prTf. J. Alb, Fabrieiu 
Hmb, 1706. foL 

31. F, IV, de Sommersberff SUeeiacar, 
rerum tcrr. aiiquot, Lpt, 1729-32. fol. 
3 ▼oil. 

32. Mich, Gddatti rerum Suevicar, tcrr. 
aUtfuot veU. Ff. 1605. 4^— £d. //. 
Ulmm, 1727. fol. 

S3' Beinh. Wegelim thesaurus rer. Sue^ 
vicar, lAndaugue, 1 756-60. foL 4 voll. 

34. J, Pt. Ludewig GescfUchtschreiber von 
dem Bisehqfthume WurMburg, Ff, 1713. 

35. Ign, Gropjni cottectio novissima scrips 
tor, et rerum Wtrceburgensium, Ff, et 
Lps. 1741-44. fol. 2 voll. 

20754 SCRIPTORES rerum Helve- 

1. Thesaurus hUtorue Helvetiett (cura 
J. Cr, FuMtmi), Tiguri, 1735. foL 

2. Scriptores rerum Basiiiensium minores. 
Voi, I. {et unieum.) Bas. 1752. 8**. 

SCRIPTORES rerum Hibemicarum, 
see Scriptores rer. britannicar. 

20755 SCRIPTORES rerum Hispa- 

1. Berum Hispamear. scriptores aiiquot ; 
es bibiioth. Bb, Belt. Ff. T579-81. fol. 
3 voIL 

2. {And, ScJiotti) Hispania iUustraia, Ff. 
1603-1608. fol. 4 voll. 

3. Historias de Itlaeio, Isidore, Sebastiano, 
Sampiro y Pelagic, recogidas per Pru- 
dendo de Sandoval. Pamplona, 161 5 or 

34- fol. 

4. Cotecdon de las eronicas y memorias de 
hs reyes de Castillo. Madr. 1779-87. 
large 4°. 6 vols. — See above, Cro- 
wiCA, No. 5469. 

5. Cronicas de Espana. Madr. 1791-94. 
4**. 16 volL — See above, Ocampo, No. 

20766 SCRIPTORES rerum Hun- 

r. Berum Hungariear. scriptores varH 
{ed. Jao. Bongarnud), Ff, 1 600. fol. 

2. MOA. Beta apparatus ad historiam 
Hungari^. PosonU, 1 735. ibl. 

3. J, G, SchwaruUneri scrr. rer. Hunga- 
riear, veteres ac genuinL Vindob. 1 746 
-48. fol. 3 volL 



4. ML G. Kovaehich Scrr, rer, Ilungar, 
minores. Budee, 1798-99. 8". 2 voU. 

5. Ejusd, Sammlung kleiner noch nnge^ 
druckter Stucke, in welehen gleichxeit, 
Sehriftsteller einzelne Abschnitte der 
Hung. Geschichte a\^gez€ichnet haben. 
I. Bd, Ofen, 1805. S", 

6. J. Ch, ab Engel Monumenta Ungriea. 
Vindob. 1809. 8^ 

20757 SCRIPTORES rerum Itali- 

1. ItoHes illustrates s. rerum ital. scriptores 
{ed. And. Schott). Ff, 1600 (new title 
1605). fol. 

2. J, G. Gr€tvii thesaurus antiguUatum 
et historiar, Italue, LB 1704^23. fol. 
30 v^HL*^ Ejusd, thesaur. antigq, et 
historiar. Sieilur, Sardinidf, Corsiete etc. 
LB, 1723-25. fol. 15 voU. 

3. L. AnL Muratorii rer, ital. scrr. presm 
cipui, MetUol, 1723-51. fol. 25 parts 
in 28 or 29 vols. 

4. {Jos, Mar, TartinU) rer, ital. scrr, 
Flor, 1 748-70. fol. 2 volL 

5. J. Bd, MittareUi ad scrr. rer, ital, 
Muratorii accessiones historiae Faven^ 
tinae, Ven, 1 771. fol. 

6. Jos. Sim. Assemani Italicee historicte 
scriptores, Bom^, 1751-53. 4^ 4 voll. 

7. Istorici deUe cose Veneziane, Ven. 
1718-22. 4^ 10 vdl. 

8. Dm, Mar. Manni Cronichette antiche 
di varii scrittori. Fir. 1733. 4*. 

9. {Dm, Jordani) Delectus scriptor, rer, 
Neapolitanar, Neap. 1 735. foL 

lo- Baccolta eU tutH i piu rinomati scrit- 
tori deir istoria generate del regno di 
Napoli. Nap. 1769. 4**. 21 voll. 

11. Berum sicular. scrr. {ed, Th, Fa* 
Melius,) Ff. a. M. 1579- fol. 

12. J, Bt. CarusH bibliotheca historica 
regni SiciHat, Panormi, 1723. fol. 
2 voll. 

13. Bosarii GregorH bibliotheca scrip- 
torum, qui res in Sicilia gestas sub Ara- 
gonum regno retulere. Panormi, 1791- 
93. fol. 2 voll. 

14. Ejusd, rer. arabiear., qu^ ad histo- 
riam Siculam spectant, ampla cottectio. 
Panormi, 1790. fol. 

20758 SCRIPTORES rerum Lusi- 

1. Collee^ao dos documentos e memorias da 
aeademia real da historia portuguexa, 
lAsb. 1732-36. fol. 15 voll. 

2. Documentos arabicos para a historia 
portuguena copiados e vertidos em per- 
tuguez por Fr. Jodo da Sousa, Lisb, 
1 790. 4«. 

3. CoUec^aXi de livros irteditos de historia 
portuguexa {pubHcados por Josi Correa 
de Serra). Lisb, 1 790UJ93. fol. 3 voll. 




SCRIPTORES rerum mirabilium, 
see Antigonus. 

20759 SCRIPTORES rerum Mosco- 


Rerum MoteovUicar, autaret varH, Ff, 
a. M. 1600. foL 

20760 SCRIPTORES rerum Poloni- 


1. PoUmuuB hisUmriee corpw, bs UbHoth. 
J. PUiorii, Bos, 1582. fol. 3 voU. 

2. Alex, Guagmni rervm Polinicar, tomt 
///. Ff. 1584. 8". 

3. Scripiores rerum Polonioorum ex re- 
cenHoribut praeciptii, quotquot extant 
latinL Amei, {Gedani), 1698. 4°. 
3 voU. 

4. Vino. Kadlubko ei ML GaUut, torip- 
toret hut, Polon. vetuttwimL Gedaniy 
1 749. fol. 

5. Seriptorwm rerum pokmoar. et prustU 
car, ooilectio nova. Dantiaci, 1753. 4^ 
15 parts in 4 vols. 

6. Lr, Migler de Kokif hUtoriar. Polonue 
et magni dueatue Lithuania weriptorum 
coOectio, Vareavue, 1761^9. fol. 4 

20761 SCRIPTORES rerum Sueci- 
carum medii «vi, ed. Eric. Mch. 
Fant. T.I. Holm, et Ups. i8i8. 

20762 SCRIPTORES rerum Trans- 
silvanarum, ed. Jos. C. Eder. Ci- 
bini, 1797-1800. 4°. 2 voll. 

20763 SCRITTORI classic! italiani 
antichi e moderni di eoonomia po- 
litica, pubblicati ed illustrati da 
Pt. Custodi. Mil. 1803-17. 8°. 

50 voll. 

This ooUection consists of 2 diyisions, 
the contents of which are as follows : 

Parte antica. T. I. Serra^ Turholo; 
II. Zhtvansfati, Soaruffi; III. Muntanairi; 
IV. V. Broggia ; VI. VII. Neri, 

Parte modema, T. I. Bandini, Algarotti ; 
II. Bellim, Pagnini; IIUVI. Galiani; 
VII-X. Genovesi; XI. XII. Becearia; 
XIII. XIV. Carli; XV-XVII. Verris 
XVIII. XIX. Zannani; XX. PaoletHf 
BriganH; XXX. XXXI. (T^roo; XXXII. 
FUangieri; XXXIII-XXXV. Vaaoo f 
Pahmeri ; XXXIX. Deytooy Contiamy So- 
lera ; XL. Cantalupo, CaraocioU, Serqfani ; 
XLI. Rieci ; XLIl. XLIII. Tavola gene- 

20764 SCRIVERIUS. Pt. Prin- 
cipes Hollandise^ Zelandise et West- 
frisiae ab a. Chr. 863 usque ad ulti- 


mum Philippum, aeri omnes incisi 
et fideliter descripti auspiciis Pt. 
Scriverii. Harlemi^ 1650. large fol. 
with 38 plates. 

20765 — opera anecdota^ philologica 
et poetica^ edente Am. H. Wester- 
bovio. Traj. ad Rh. 1737. 4°. 

20766 — Laure-Crans voor Laurens 
Coster van Haerlem, eerste Vinder 
van de Boeck-Druckery. Haerlem » 
Rooman, 1628. 4^. 

For his CdUeetanea tragicor,, see Poet a. 

No. 17549- 
SCROFA, see Glottochrysio. 
SCRUTINIUM scripturar., see 

Paulub a S. Maria. 

20767 SCUDERY, G. de. Alaric 

ou Rome vaincue. Brux., Courb^, 

1656. 12^ with plates. 

lliis edition of a poem rendered ridica- 
lons by Boileau {SaL II. 77 sq. ArL poet. 
I. 49 sq.), printed with the Elzerir types, 
is the finest, and is still sought after in 
France. In some copies is to be found, 
Jouxte la copie it Parte. The ist edition 
appeared, Par, 1654. fol. with plates. The 
pretended edition, Leide^ J. SamUnx (but 
probably Rouen)^ which appeared in 1654 
m 12". is very bad. Par. 1659. '^** ^^ 
plates, and Hagey 1685. 11°. with plates, 
are better. 

20768 — Almahide ou I'esdave reyne. 
Par. 1661-63. 8^. 8 voll. 

20769 SCUDERY, Magdelaine de. 
Cl^e, bistoire romaine. Par. 1654— 
61. 8^ 10 voU. 

20770 — Artam^ne ou le grand Cy- 
rus. Par. 1650. 8°. 10 voll. 

See also Ibkahix. Boileau did not 
handle this composing lady*s prolix ro- 
mance (Art. poeL III. 100 and 1 15, and in 
the Hho8 de roman) more gallandy than 
the work of her brother alxMre-mentioned. 
His critique does not appear to have re- 
mained unnoticed by her, as she left bdiind 
in MS. a revision of Artam^ne, which is 
now in Renouanl*s possession, see his Ca- 
tal. III. 3oa. A key to the d^lie is printed 
in SomaUe Dictionnaire dee pretieuees. 
Par. 1661. 8*. 

20771 SCULTETUS, And. Ge- 
dicbte, aufgefunden von Gk)ttbold 
Epbr. Lessing. Brschw. 1771. 8°. 
(6 gr^ Erste Naclilese, von J. 
Oli. Jacbmann. Bresl. 1774. 8^ 
(4 gr.) Zweite Nachlese^ von Hi. 
Scbolz. ib. 1783. 8°. (3gr.) 


SCULTURE della yilk Borghese. 
see L. Lambbrti. 

20772 SCULTURE et pitture sagre, 
estratte da i dmiterj di Roma^ pab- 
bKcate dagli aatori della Roma sot- 
terranea, colle spiegazioni (da Gi. 
Gaet. Bottari). Roma^ 1737*54- 
fol. 3 vols. wiUi plates. 

SCYLAX, see Gboobaphica, No. 

20773 SEAMAN, Gu. Grammatica 
lingute turdcse. Ox., Hall, 1670. 


20774 SSANCES des ^oles nor- 

males. Par. 1800-1. 8^. 13 vols, 
and I No. of plates. 

20775 SEBA, Alb. Locupletissimi 
remm naturalium thesauri accurata 
descriptio et ioonibus expressio, per 
universam physices bistoriam. De- 
scription exacte des prindpales cu- 
riosit^s naturelles du cabinet d'Al- 
bert Seba. Amst. 1734-65. large 

fol. 4 vols, with plates. 

Although intererting and very well got 
up, yet falling m price. Only oopieB with 
the old iUumination are scarce and sought 
after; thoee newly illuminated at Paris, 
which cost 1800 fr. produce scarcely a third 
of this price at sales. There are also copies 
in which besides the Latin text there is 
a Dutch instead of a French translation. 
The text, which was superintended bv 
Gaubius, Mnsschenbrodi:, and Massuet, is 
leas priased than the plates, the number of 
whidi in the ist vol. (besides a title-plate 
and a portrait) is iii, in the and T14, in 
the 3rd 116, and in the 4th 108. The 
French trandlation is partly by L. de Jan- 

SEBASTIANUS, see Abraoo- 


20776 SEBER, Wfg. Index voca- 

bulor. Homeri. Ox., typ. Clarend.^ 

1 780. large 8^ Appendix, ib. 1782. 

huge 8^. (los.^ on large paper 


It is generally annexed to the edition of 
Homer, Ox. 1780. large 8^ 4 parts in 2 
vols. The first edition of Seber^s index, 
which is tolerably scarce, appeared In bu 
bKopolio CommeUanOy 1604. 4**. Also, 
Jnui. 1649. 4*"* 1*^ principid fiiult of this 
otherwise very careful work is the too 
Ht^ regard of the partides. 

SEBON or SEBUNDE, see Sa- 




20777 SECKENDORF, Vit. Lud. 
a. Commentarius historicus et apo- 
logeticus de Lutheranismo sive de 
reformatione religionis ductu Mt. 
Lutheri recepta et stabilita. Lps.^ 
Gleditsch, 1694. fol. 

In German (by Elias Fridie). LjMr., 

SECONDAT, see Montesquieu. 
SECOUSSE, see Obdonnancbs. 

20778 SECTANUS, Quintus. (Lud. 
Sbbgabdus.) Satyrs numero 
aucttt^ mendis pnrgatie^ et singulie 
locupletiores. Editio novissima. 
Acoedunt argumenta ac indices re- 
rum, verbor. et nominum, nee non 
commentaria ex notis anonymi con- 
cinnante P. Antoniano (Emman. 
Martini). Amst./ apud Elsevirios 
(Neapoli), 1700. large 8°. 2 voU. 

The large siie has occasioned, that copies 
have sometimes been stated as being on 
large paper, of which there are ncme. 
The edition appears to have been inter- 
rupted, as of the 19 satires to be found in 
Col. 1698. 8^, it only contains 8. The ist 
edition was, without place (Neap.) apud 
Triphonem, 1696. snuUl 8^, and contains 
16 satires. 

20779 — Lud. Sergardii, antebac 
Quinti Sectani, satyrie, argumentis, 
scboliis, enarrationibus tribus volu- 
minibus dispertitse, quibus accedit 
quartum cum orationibus, disserta- 
tionibus, prolusionibus etc, Luese, 
1783. 8°. 4 voll. 

Concerning this most complete edition, 
consult Giomaie tU Pua T. 54. p. 114. 

20780 — le satire di Settano ridotte 
in versi volgari (sciolti). Spira» 

1698. ia°. 
This edition contains only 6 satires. 

20781 — • le satire di Quinto Settano 
tradotte da Sesto Settimio. Paler^ 
mo^ Dm. Cortese, 1707. 8^ 

This edition contains 18 satires. 

20782 — satire di Settano^ tradotte 
in terza rima dallo stesso autore^ 
ricavate dal manoscritto autografo. 
In Zurigo, 1 760. 8^ 

20783 — satire di Q. Settano, con 
aggiunte e annotazioni. Londra 
{lAvamOt Masi), 1786. 12°. 

Also, AmiL {Fir.) 1783. 12*. 



20784 SECTANUS, Lucius, Quinti 
filius. De tota grseculorum hujus 
Ktatis literatura sermones IV. Ac- 
cessere ad eorum defensionem quin- 
tus et sextus. Hag. Com., Pt. de 
Hondt, 1752. 8°. 

The best edition. The original edition 
of the tint 4 disoounes app«tfed, HagoB 
Vulpue (in Italy), 1 7.^8. 8*». This work at- 
tracted much notice at Florence, because it 
contained a satire on the most celebrated 
literar}' characters of that place and of Pisa, 
and J. Lami was especially offended at it. A 
multitude of writings consequently appeared 
in opposition to it, of whidi the poems, 
I Pifferi di MoiUagna (by Gius. Mar. Me- 
catti), (Leida Londra^ without date. 8^), 
and // Fariseo modemo were the bitterest 
A Sermo qtUnius consequently appeared in 
answer, CorytMf without date. 8^ The 
Jesuit Pompeius Venturi was long consi- 
dered as the author of the satires them- 
selves; but it is now certain that they 
were the work of the Jesuit Julius Cesar 
Cordara. The author of the notes con- 
cealed under the name of Philocardius was 
the Jesuit H. Lagomarsini : consult Jiof. 
Mar. Parthenitu De vita et studiit Lago- 
marsini, Ven, 1 80 1. 8°. p. 73 sq. 223 sq. 

20785 SECUNDUS, J. Nicolajus. 
Opera quee reperiri potuerunt om- 
nia. Curante atque edente Pt. 
Scriverio. LB.» tjpis Jac. Marci, 

1619. 8°. 

301 and 71 pages besides the preliminary 
matter. Concerning some remarkable co- 
pies of this first edition by Scriverius, con- 
sult Miilin Mag, encycl, 1 795. V. 393 sq. 
The I St edition of Secundus entire is of the 
year 15.^9. 

20786 — opera. Accurate recognita 

ex museo Pt. Scriverii. LB., Fr. 

Hegerus, 1631. 12®. 384 pages. 

LB,y Wyngaerdeny 1641. Ia^ differs 
only in having a strip of paper with a new 
date pasted on the title-plate. 

20787 — opera omnia emendatius et 
cum notis adhuc ineditis Pt. Bur. 
manni Secundi denuo edita, cura 
Pt. Bosscha. LB., Luchtmans, 

1822. 8°. 2 voll. 

The most complete and the best edition. 
— See also Amcenitates. 

20788 SEDAINE, Mch. CEuvres 
choisies. Par., Didot, 1813. i8^ 
3 voll. 

20789 SEDULIUS, CoBlius. In li- 
brum evangeliorum. Without place 


or date ( Uttraj,, Kdelaer et Leempi, 

about 1473)- fol. Gothic letter. 

The first edition and very scarce. 36 
leaves with 30 lines in a full page, without 
sigpiatures, catchwords, and pagination. 
In leaf |i^ is this superscription, In noUe 
prU etftlH et spilt <c{ vndjni sedtdig in fi- 
bru etutngelio4. The last line of lew 36^ 
is. Explicit seduUtts in Hbrii etiangeHo^. 

20790 — carmen paschale (ed. Pt. 

Eisenberger) . Lps.^ Thanner, 1 499. 

4^. Gothic letter. — Exhortatorium 

ad Christianos. ib., id., 1499. 4^ 

Gothic letter. 

This edition, whidi waji formerly con- 
sidered as the first, is made from a MS. of 
the Marienbibl. at Halle. 

20791 — carmen paschale. Pruden- 
tii poemata (cura Jani Parrhasii). 
Mediol., Gu. le Signerre, without 
date, 1 501. 8^ 

116 leaves. A scarce edition; two co- 
pies on vellum are known : one in the li- 
brary at WolfenbUttel, the other in lord 
Spenoer*s possession (previously count Mel- 
zi*s? consult Dibdin^s Decatn. III. 211). 

20792 — paschale quod Sedulius car. 
men dedit discipulus, doctor l^at 
et monachus. Spiree, Cr. Hist, 1501. 
4°. Gothic letter. 

With the signatures A'-J^. 

20793 — mirabilium divinorum li- 
bri IV. (edid. Jo. Vadianus.) Vi- 
ennse Punnonie, Philovallis et Sin- 
grenius, 151 1. 4°. 

42 leaves. A scarce edition, which appear* 
to be a reprint of the text in the Poetm 
chrittiani. Ven., Aldus, 1502. 4**. 

20794 — carmen paschale cum com-. 
mento Antonii Nebrissensis. Cae- 
sar- Augustse, G. Coci, 6 non. Sept. 

A very scarce edition. The commentary 
to be found herein had already appeared 
in the edition, Lugd.y Mareschai et Chaus^ 
sardy 15 1 2. 4**. and was repeated, Bos, 
154'- 8«. 

20795 — paschale opus (ex rec. J. 
Bremii). Taurini, J. Ang. et Ber- 
nardin. de Silva, 3 Sept. 15 16. 4^. 

20796 — carmen paschale cum 00m- 
mento Antonii Nebrissensis. Gra- 
natae, 1553. 4^ 

20797 — operis paschalis libri V. 


nunc primam in lucem editi. Ex 
vetusto codice P. Pithoei. Cura et 
studio Fr. Jureti^ cujus etiam not«e 
adjects sunt. Par. 1583. 8°. 

20798 — mirabilium divinorum libri, 
paschale carmen dicti, et hymni 
duo. Cp. Cellarius ex MSS. codd. 
recensuit, et adnotationibus illus- 
travit. Hal. 1704. 8^ 

20799 — mirabilium diviner, libri V. 
sive carmen paschale, item bymni 
duo. Ad codicum mstor. et edi- 
tionum veterum fidem reoensuit, 
lectt. varias, observationes et in- 
dices adjecit. J. F. Gruner. Lps., 
Wendler, 1747. 8°. 

20800 — > carminis pascbalis libri V. 
et hymni duo. Cum notis varior., 
quibus accedunt Th. Wopkensii ad- 
versaria emendatiora, maxima ex 
parte adhuc inedita. Curante H. 
J. Arntzenio, qui adnotationes et 
observationum specimen adjecit. 
Leovardiae^ Chalmot, 1761. 8°. 

20801 — opera omnia ad MSS. Va- 
ticanos aJiosque, et ad veteres edi- 
tiones recognita. Prolegomenis, 
scholiis et appendicibus illustrata a 
Faustino Arevalo. Romee, 1 794. 4*^. 

See also Juvekcus. 

SEELANDER^ see Munzcabinet. 

20802 SEEMILLER, Sb. Biblio- 
thec« academiee Ingolstadiensis in- 
cunabula seu libri ante a. 1500 im- 
pressi^ secundum annor. seriem dis- 
positi^ descripti, et notis historico- 
literariis iUustrati. Ingolst., Kriill, 
1787-89. 4^ 4 parts (3 d. 8 gr.) 

20803 SEGAR, W. and Jos. E]>- 
MON8ON. Baronagium genealogi- 
cum, or the pedigrees of the Eng- 
lish peers. (Lond,) 1 764. large fol. 
5 vols. Supplement, by Edmon- 
son. Lond. 1786. large fol. 

A splendid work, which is sold in Eng- 
land as high as 1 2 guineas. 

20804 SEGHELYN. Die Historie 

van Seghelyn van Iherusalem. 

Antw., Claes van den Wouwere, 

1 564. fol. Gothic letter. 

The edition, Antw,, H. Petersteriy with- 
out date, fol. Ctothic letter, is older. 



20805 SEGHEZZI, Ant. Fed. O- 

pere volgari e latine. Aggiuntevi 

alcune rime di Niccolo, suo fra- 

tello. Ven., Bassaglia, 1749. 8^ 

A oc^y on vellum in 4°. in ihe Royal 
library at Paris (previously loL Pinelli, 
200 fr. McCarthy). 

20806 SEGNERI, P. Opere. Ven., 
Baglioni, 171a. 4^ 4 voll. 

Also, ibf id,, 1728. 4^. 4 vds. Pamta, 
ManH, 1714 (new title 1720), fol. 3 vols, 
is finer, but less correct. These devotional 
works are cited by the academy della 
Crusca, and are still prized in Italy* A 
new edition of the Quaredmale (previ- 
ously. Fir, 1679. foL), appeared, MiL 
1817. 8*. 2 vols. 

20807 SEGNI, Bn. Storie Fioren- 
tine, dair anno 1527 al 1555, coUa 
vita di N. Capponi, descritta dal 
medesimo Segni. Augusta, Mertz, 
1723. fol. with 2 portraits. Also 
on large paper. 

There are 3 sorts of copies of this good 
edition, which was superintended by Fr.* 
Settimani. In the genuine and rarest 
copies in p. 304 a heinous crime of Pt. 
L. Famese is mentioned in the middle 
of the text. This is omitted in the others, 
and the vacant space is filled up with dots, 
but the passage, printed in a separate can- 
cel, is pasted over. In the common copies 
the hiatus only is to be found without the 
canceL The story, which follows after 
the words da spendere Panno, begins thus, 
Non era tenuia in quel secolo, and ends 
with the words, con gran pompa del mondo. 
Another principal castrated passage is in 
p. 225. Consult Schelhomn apologia pro 
Vergerio, p. 37. 

20808 — storie Florentine dall' anno 
1527 al 1555, colla vita di N. Cap. 
poni. Aggiuntavi la tragedia dell' 
Edipo. Palermo, Rupetti, 1778. 
4°. 2 voll. 

20809 — storie Fiorentine. Mil. 
1805. 8°. 3 voll. (Classici Ital.) 

20810 SEGRAIS, J. Renaud de. 
Poesies. Caen, Chalopin» 1823. 8^. 
(8 fr., on vellum paper 16 fr.) 

20811 — Zayde, histoire espagiiole, 
avec un traite de Torigiue des ro- 
mans, par Huet. Suiv. la copie 
impr. k Paris (Holland, Elzevier), 
167 1. 12°. 

It is now ascertained that this romance 
was properly by Mde. de la Fayette. This 


1700 SEG 

edition only is sought after, as being print- 
ed by Elzerir) although it is not the best. 
Previously, Pew, 1670. 8*. i vols. 

20812 — oeuvres diverges. Par. 1 755. 
12®. 2 voll. 

20813 SEGUIER, J. Ft. Plant® 

Veronenses, seu stirpium, quse in 

agro Veronensi reperiuntur, metho- 

dica synopsis. Verona, 1745-54. 

8°. 3 vols, with plates. 

An esteemed work, seldom found with 
the supplement. 

20814 — bibliotheca botanica, sive 
catalogus auctorum et librorum, qui 
de re botanica, de medicamentis ex 
vegetabilibus paratis* de re rustica 
et de horticultura tractant. Ac- 
cessit bibliotheca botanica J. Ant. 
Bumaldi seu potius Ovidii Montal- 
bani, nee non auctuarium in bibli- 
oth. botan. S^uierii. Opera Lr. 
Thdr. Gronovii. LB.^ Haak, 1 760. 

20815 SEIDEL, Mt. F. Icones et 

elogia viror. aliquot praestantium, 

qui Marchiam olim juverunt ac il- 

lustrarunt. Without place, 1671. 

fol. with 1 00 plates. 

Previously, without place, 1670. ioL 
with 75 plates. These portraits are bad even 
to caricature, and the new edition with 
(Carman) explanations by O. Gf. Ktkster, 
BetU 1 75 1, fbl. with 100 plates, is still 
sometimes bought only on account of the 

SEINISADE, see Hosein. 

20816 SEIR Mutagharin, or view of 
modem times, being an history of 
India for 1781-82. Calcutta, 1789. 
4°. 3 voll. 


20817 SELDENUS, J. Opera om- 
nia tarn edita quam inedita. Col- 
legit et recensuit, vitam auctoris, 
prsfationes et indices adjecit D. 
Wilkins. Lond., Bowyer, 1726. 
fol. 3 vols. Also on large paper. 

His Table JUdk is also to be foimd in this 
edition, which had previously appeared, 
Land, 1696. 8**. and has reoenUy been 
reprinted with notes, lAmd. 1819. 8**. 

SELECTA de legationibus, see Ex. 


CERFTA. — prindpum histor., see 

20818 SELENUS, Gst. (August, 

Herz. von Braunschweig u. Lune- 

burg.) Das Schach-oder Konigs- 

spid. Lpz., Gross, 161 6. fol. with 


LjDjy., Kobety 161 7. fd. is only a new 
title. There are copes on writing paper, 
but none on large paper. Selenus contraO' 
iu8 Oder kurxer Unterricht von dem Schach" 
spiel, Ulm^ 172a. I2^ is an abridgment. 
— The works qf GianiUio and Gustavtu 
Selenus on chess, transkUed by J. H. Sot" 
rait, Lond, 1816. 8°. a vols. (iL is.) 

20819 — cryptomenytices et crypto- 
graphiae libri IX. Lunsburgi, 
Sternii, 1624. fol. with plates. 

20820 SELIGMANN, J. Mch. Die 
Nahrungsgefasse in den Blattem 
der Baume nach ihrer unterschiedli- 
chen Austheilung u. Zusammenfu- 
gung. Nrb., Fleischmann, 1748. 
large fol. 

A work interrupted by the author*s 
death, copies of which were legally attach- 
ed on account of a lawsuit between the 
heirs, and have in consequence become 
scarce. It contains 8 pages of text, 1 ta- 
bles of plates uncoloured, and 29 in red. 
But the Odttingen copy contains 33 tables 
printed in red, and besides these Taub, /.* 
and Tab, II,* both which contain laiger 
representations uncoloured. The red ta- 
ble II. is also double, but the representa- 
tions in both tables are not one and the 
same; and it appears as if the publisher 
had decided one table to be faulty, and had 
given the other In its stead. All the re- 
presentations are very pale and indistinct. 
Consult Beckmann^s Beittr, IV. 225 sq. 

20821 — Sammlung verschiedner 
auslandischer u. seltner Vogel. 
Nrb. 1749-76. fol. 9 vols, with il- 
luminated plates. 

Vols. I. and II. contain 102 illuminated 
plates ; III. and IV., 119; V. and VI., 
X05; VII. and VIII., 100; and vol. IX., 
46. There are copies on Dutch paper. 
The work however is only an unfaithful 
copy of the splendid work by Edwards and 
Catesby. With a Fi^ch text, Recueil de 
ilhers oiseaux Urangers {trad, par G. Ln, 
Huih). Nrb, 1768-74. fol. 7 parts with 
the same plates. Also copies on Dutch 

— hortus nitidiasimas, see Trbw. 

20822 SELL COTMAN, J. Spe. 


dmens of the arcbitectural antiqui- 
ties of Normandy, in a series of 
loo etchings. Lond., Arch, i8ao. 
large fol. ( 1 2 guineas, large paper 
30 guineas.) 

SELLIUS^ see Histoirb, No. 9797. 

20823 SELVA, Lr. Delia metamor- 
fosi, cio^ trasformazione del vir- 
tuoso libri IV. Pir.,6iunti, 1583. 
8^ Also Ven., Farri, 161 6. 8^ 

Sought after on aooount of the 13 noveb 

20824 SELVAGIUS, Jul. Lr. Ele- 
menta juris civ. Patav. 1777. ia°. 

2 voU. 

20825 — institutt. canonicse. Ver- 
cellis, 1778. la^ 3 voll. 

20826 — antiquitatum Christianar. 
institutt. Patavii, 1 776. 4°. 5 voll. 

Abo, VereeUuy 1778 12^ 6 voU. 

20827 SEMANARIO erudito que 
oomprehende varias obras ineditas 
de nuestros mejores autores anti- 
guos y modemos. Da las a luz 
Ant. Valladores y Sotomayor. 
Madr. 1788-91. 4^ 34 voll. 

This collection oontaios scftroe and valtt« 
able mformation relative to the Spanish 

20828 SEMANARIO de agricultura 

y artes. Madr. 1 797-1 810. 4^ 17 

vols, with plates. 

Each voL cost aa roes. J. Ant. Melon 
was the editor, ii vols, are elsewhere 
stated, which are said to have appeared 
finom 1797 to 1807 (fie.) 

20629 SEMANARIO economico, 

escrito por Pedro Araus. Madr. 

1 765-67. 4**. 3 voll. 

A continuation appeared by J. Biceu 
from Oct. 16, 1777, to June a8» 1778. 

20830 SEMLER, J. Sal. Historie 
ecclesiasticae selecta capita, cum 
epitome canonum, excerptis dog. 
mat. et tabulis chronoL Hal., 
Trampe, 1 767-69. 8^ 3 voll. (3 d. 
8gr.) . 

20831 — Versucfa eines ft'uchtbaren 
Auszuges der Kirchengeschichte. 
Halle, Hemmerde, 1773-78. 8°. 

3 voll. (4 d. 20 gr.) 

20832 — Versuch christl. Jahrbucfaer 
oder ausfuhrl. Tabellen ikber die 



Kirchengeschichte bis aufis J. 1500. 
Halle, Hemmerde, 1783-86. 8^ 
2 voll. (2 d.) 

20833 SEMPERE y Ouarinos, J. 
Historia del luxo y de las leyes 
suntuarias de Espaiia. Madr.^ impr. 
real, 1 788. 8*. 2 volL 

20834 — ensayo de una biblioteca 
espaSola de los mejores escritores 
del reynado de Carlos III. Madr.^ 
1785-89. 8^ 6 voll. 

20835 — bibliotheca espanola econo- 
mioo-politica. Madr., Sanchez, 
1801. 8*>. 4 voll. (56 rs.) 

20836 SENARCL^US, CI. Histo- 
ria vera de morte S. viri J. Diazii 
Hispani. Cum prsef. Mt. Buceri. 

Without place, 1 546. 8**. 

A copy on vellum in the Royal library 
at Munich. 

20837 SENDABAD. Les voyages 
de Sind-Bad, le marin, et la ruse 
des femmes, contes arabes. Tra- 
duction litt^rale accompagnee du 
texte (arabe) et de notes, par L. 
Langl^. Par., impr. arabe, 1814. 
18°. Also on vellum paper. 

An old romance, originally Indian, which 
bears a great similarity to the Oredc Syn- 
tipas ; consult NoHeea et ejetraUt^ T. IX. 
P. I. p. 404 sq. 414 sq. Concerning this 
edition, consult Mil&n Annal. encycl. 1814. 
T. VI. p. 454. The book der tieben weUen 
Meitter von Rom is on the whole a German 
translation of the Sendabad, see Notices et 
extr. 1. c. p. 416 not. — Trattati diverei (6) 
di Sendebar Indiano phUotopho morale are 
also to be found in Ant. Fr. Doni Moral 
/Uoaojia. Ven., Marcotim^ 155a. 4"*. and 
an ejptraiet dee traicteM de Sendebar in Ange 
Firenstuola Deux livres de fhUoeophiefabU' 
letue, Lyony 1579. 16°. or Bmuny 1620. 


20838 SENDELIUS, Nth. Histo- 
ria succinorum corpora aliena in- 
volventium et natune opere picto- 
rum et ceelatorum. Lps., Oleditsch, 
1742. fol. with 13 plates. Also on 
lajrge paper. 

20839 SENEBIER, J. Catalogue 
raisonn^ des manuscrits conserve 
dans la biblioth^ue de la viUe de 
Geneve. Geneve, Chirol, 1779« 8^. 
Also on writing paper. 



20840 — histoire litt^raire de Oe- 

nfeve. Gtenfeve, Barde^ '790« 8°. 

3 voll. 

Both works are deficient in satisfactory 
depth and accuracy. 

20841 SENECA, Luc. Ann. Phi- 

Josophus. Opera. Neap., Mthi. 

Moraviis, 1475. fol. 

The first edition of his entire works and 
greatly sought after, in which also the liber 
deciamoHonum of the rhetorician is also to 
be found. It consists of 2 parts of 144 and 
108 leaves (according to Brunet, lis ac- 
cording to DiMin), with 46 lines, without 
signatures, catchwords, and numbering of 
leaves. The first part begins in leaf i> 
with the superscription, Ineipit Lueii Aiu 
run Seneca Carduberuia Uber de moribus. 
In leaf 144* after the words, Explidunt 
prouerbia Seneca^ 3 distichs follow by 
Gabr. Carchanus, Jam pane abuiviertU^ 
and the colophon, in which the hundreds 
are omitted in the date {M. Ixxiiiii), On 
the reverse is a register in 4 columns. In 
other copies this last leaf is reprinted in 
such a manner that the colophon stands 
before the verses of Carchanus on the/o/to 
recto, and on the reverse besides the re- 
ffiater there is a list of the works con- 
tained in this edition. The 2nd part 
contains only his letters, and begins with 
the correspondence of St. Paul and Seneca, 
and a list of ihe remaining letters which 
begin in leaf 5". These 4 leaves of preli- 
minary matter do not appear to be in all 
the copies, hence the difiTerenoe of 108 
leaves according to Brunet, and 112 ac- 
cording to Dibdin. On the reverse of the 
last leaf but one is the last line, Explicit 
liber epistolarum Senecm. On the folio 
recto of die last leaf is the register of this 
2nd part. 

20842 — Philosophus. Opera. Tar- 

visii, per Bn. de Colonia, 1478. fol. 

Gothic letter. 

215 leaves (the first blank), with 53 
lines, and the signatures a-66. This edi- 
tion is merely a reprint of the preceding. 
It begins in leaf 2a, itusipit Luoii Annei 
Seneca cordubensis liber de vMribtu. 

20843 — Seneca moralis (opera). 
Ven., Bernardinus de Cremona et 
Sim. de Luere, 5 Oct. 1490. fol. 

3 leaves of preliminary matter, 147 and 
65 numbered leaves. This edition also 
seems to be only a reprint of the preced- 
ing, and has the same contents. 

20844 — Senece omnia opera. Ven., 
Bernardinus de Coris, 1492. fol. 

2 leaves of prdiminary matter, and 208 


numbered leaves, with 62 lines. The date 
is on the reverse of the title, and conse- 
quently where this is wanting, the edition 
appears to be undated. The preceding edi- 
tions form its basis, but the Q^aaHonet no- 
turales appeared in this edition for the first 
time (according to Denis). 

20845 — lucubrationes omnes additis 

etiam nonnullis, Erasmi Rot. cura 

repurgatK. Basil., Froben, 15 15. 


^35 V^^g^ i^d II leaves of index. A 
new recension from 2 MSS. not particu- 
larly good, and from conjecture. The sup- 
posititious writings are separated from the 
eenuine, and the ApocolocgnthosiSf which 
nad previously only appeared by itself, is 

20846 — opera per Erasmum Rot. 
ex fide veterum codicum emendata. 
Adjecta sunt ejusdem scholia non- 
nulla. Basil., Froben, 1529. fol. 

8 leaves of preliminary matter, 690 pages, 
and 9 leaves of index. A new revision of 
the text. 

20847 — opera per Erasmum Rot. 
ex iide vett. codicum emendata. 
Adjecta sunt scholia Erasmi et 
Beati Rhenani. Bas., J. Herva- 
gius, 1537. fol. 

20848 — opera per Erasmum Rot. 
ex fide vett. codicum emendata. 
Adjecta sunt scholia Erasmi, Beati 
Rhenani, Rdf. Agricolae, Fernandi 
Pinciani. Index rerum et verbo- 
rum. Bas., without the printer's 
name (/. Hervag.) and date. fol. 

20849 — opera, quae exstant, omnia. 
Ckfilii Sec. Curionis cura castigata 
et in novum prorsus faciem mutata. 
Index rerum et verbor. Bas., Her- 
vag., 1557. fol. 

Various readings and conjectures are 
added in the maigin. 

20850 — L. Anneeus Seneca a M. 

Ant. Mureto oorrectus et notis il- 

lustratus. Romse, ap. Bm. Gras- 

sium, 1585. fol. 

This edition is very scarce even in Italy, 
and Ruhnkenius could not obtain it for his 
new edition of Muretus*s works. Mure- 
tus made use of MSS., but was sometimes 
too bold in his alterations. Repeated, Par., 
CavelkU (other copies Dupuye), 1587. foL 

ialso on large paper). Par, 1598. fol. 
also on large paper). 


20851 — opera quae extant omnia, 
ed. Dion. Gothofredo. Bas., Epi. 
scopius, 1590. 8°. 2 voll. 

20852 — L. Annseus Seneca a M. 
Ant. Mureto correctus et notis 
illustratus. Accesserunt seorsim 
animadversiones, Jani Gruteri ope- 
ra. {Heidelb*), ex typogr. Hi. 
Commelini, 1594. fol. 

With the use of Heidelberg MSS. 

20853 — Philosopbus. SenecfB phi- 
losophi opera quae extant omnia, a 
Justo Lipsio emendata et scholiis 
illustrata. Antw., ex off. Plantin., 
1605. fol. 

A new reoenidon after MSS. and old edi- 
tions. Yet 18 this edition, as well as Aniw. 
1615 and 33. fol. less prized, and that of 
1653 (see below) preferred. 

20854 — Senecse philosophi et rhe- 
toris quae extant opera, cum com- 
meutariis et notis variorum. Lut. 
Par., Feburier, 1627. fol. 

Prized on aooount of the completeness of 
the commentary. Previously, t^. 1607, 13, 
and 19. fol. 

20855 — opera omnia quae extant, ad 
vett. exemplariorum fidem a J. 
Dalechampio castigata, a Thdr. de 
Juges recognita. Cum omnium se- 
lectioribus commentariis hactenus 
editis. Excudeb. Alex. Pernetus, 
1628. fol. 

20856 — opera omnia, ex Justi Lip- 
sii emendatione. Amst., Gu. Cse- 
sius (Blaeu), 1628. 12^. 

The edition of 1634 is not so neat. 

20857 — opera omnia, ex Justi Lip- 
sii editione. Par., Vitray, 1637. 
12°. 3 voll. 

A neat edition. 

20858 — Senecse philosopbi et rhe- 
toris quae extant, ex rec. And. 
Schotti. LB., ex off. Elzevir., 

1640. 12^ 3 voll. 

A fine edition, good copies of which are 
greatly sought after and are not common. 
The printed titles of the ind and 3rd vols, 
are of 1639. ^^ ^^^ ^ notes by Grono- 
vius belongs to this edition, but such a vol. 
of the date of 1649 ^^ '^5^ i* frequently 
added to it, as it is the finest of the 3 Elze- 
vir editions of Seneca. 

20859 — Senecse philoaophi opera 



omnia ex ultima Justi Lipsii et 

J. F. Gronovii emendatione. Et 

Senecse rbetoris que extant, ex 

And. Scbotti recensione. LB.,apud 

Elzevirios, 1649. '^°* 

The 4th vol., of which there are copies 
on fine paper, has the title, «/. F. GronovH 
ad Senecas noUt, This edition is some- 
what less fine than the preceding in the 
printing, but the text is better, and it con- 
tains a new recension by Gnmovius. 

20860 — Annaei Senecee opera, quae 
exstant, omnia : a Justo Lipsio 
emendata et scholiis illustrata. Edi- 
tio quarta atque ab ultima Lipsii 
manu, aucta Liberti Fromondi scno- 
liis ad qua^tiones naturales et lu. 
dum de morte Claudii Csesaris, qui- 
bus in hac edit, accedunt ejusdem 
Liberti Fromondi ad quasstiones 
naturales excursus novi. Antw., 
ex offic. Plantin., 1652. fol. 

The best and the most sought after of 
the editions superintended by Lipsius, of 
which there are copies on large paper. 

20861 — Senecas philosophi opera 
omnia, Senecae rbetoris quae extant. 
Amst., apud Elzevirios, 1659. '^°* 
3 voll. J. F. Gronovii ad Senecas 
notae. ib., ap. eosd., 1658. 12°. 

This edition is of inferior value to the 
two earlier Elzevir impressions. 

20862 — L. Annaei Senecae opera, 
quae exstant^ integris Justi Lipsii, 
J. F. Gronovii et selectis varior. 
commentariis illustrata. Acced. 
Liberti Fromondi notae et emen- 
datt. T. I. II. Amst, Dn. Else, 
virius, 1672. M. Annaei Senecae 
rbetoris opera, quae exstant, inte- 
gris N. Fabri, And. Scbotti, J. F. 
Gronovii et selectis varior. com- 
mentariis illustrata et indice aucta. 
Acced. J. Schultingii notae et emen- 
datt. Tomus III. ib., id., 1672. 

S**. 3 voll. 

The 1st vol. has i title-plate, i printed 
title, 21 leaves of preliminary matter, and 
869 pages. The and, 2 leaves of prdimi- 
nary matter, 998 pages, and 43 leaves of 
index. The 31^ 1 2 leaves of prdiminary 
matter, 750 and 316 pages, and 14 leaves 
of index. This neat edition contains the 
last and most complete edition of Se- 
neca by Gronovius, and is at the same 
time one of the rarest, and the most 



sought after of the editions cum noHa «a- 
riorum. There are copies with the year 

20863 — Philosophus. Senecas phi- 

losophi opera omnia. Accessit a 

viris doctis ad Senecam annotato- 

rum delectus. Lips., Th. Fritsch, 

1702. 8^ 2 voll. 

The text is that of the preceding edi- 
tion. Incorrectly repeated, Lpt., fVeid- 
foann, 1770. 8*. 

20864 — Senecse philosophi opera ad 
optimas editt. coilata, prsemissa no- 
titia literaria. Biponti, 1782. 8^ 
4 voll.~-SeneciB rhetoris opera ad 
opt. editt. collata. ib. 1783. 8^ 

20865 — Senecee philosophi opera 
omnia quae supersunt. Recognovit 
et illustravit F. E. Ruhkopf. Lips., 
Weidmann, 1797-18 11. 8°. 5 volL 
(7 d. i6gr., on writing paper 10 d., 
on Dutch paper 15 d. 8 gr.) 

Unfinished. The editor ought to have 
made better use of WoUenbOttel, which 
was near at hand. 

20866 — Senecie philosophi opera ad 
optimas editt. collata. Argentor., 
1809. 8°. 5 voll. 

The letters have been treated by Schweig- 
hXuser with especial care, and furnished 
with critical notes. They occupy a vols, 
of this new edition. But the remaining 
works in the 3 other vols, have also been 
critically corrected and provided with short 
annotations.— A critical edition of the en- 
tire worics, which Ign. Aurd. Fesder 
intended in 1797 to have pnblidied at W. 
Korn*s establidiment, and for which he 
had made use of several Italian MSS., and 
also of those in the Wolfenbiittd library, 
has not appeared. 

20867 — Senecae opuscula qusedam. 

Without place or date. {Col,, U. 

Zell, about 1470). 4°. Gothic letter. 

2g leaves with 27 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and pagination. Leaf 
1-8, De remedUt forttdtor. ; leaf 9a, De 
muUuor virhUilnttf leaf 14^, De morUnu; 
leaf i8b, jEitAinisy Demadis, et Demo$- 
thenu oraHoneSf epuiola Bemardi S^het- 
tris super pubernaHone reiJmnU. etc The 
book ends with 11 Latin verses bv Axohi- 
trenius in praise of the dty of Pans. 

20868 — Senecfle opuscula queedam. 
Without place or date (about 
1472). 4^ Gk>thic letter. 

Diiferent from the preceding edition, of 


which nevertheless this article, the con- 
tents of which are completely the same, 
appears to be only a reprint. 30 leaves, 
with iS lines in a full page, and die signa- 
tures o-^ Leaf la line i is, {h)Uno /t- 
brum oompoetdt Seneca nobU^ The pre- 
liminary notice fills the first 7 lines : the 
8th line is, IncipU liber SerUce (sic) de re^ 
medijs fortuUo4. This piece ends in the 
15th line of leaf 9a ; and the piece, De 
quatuor virtuHbitSf follows in ttie same 
page, and ends in leaf 14^. Leaf 15* be- 
gins the book, De moribtu ; leaf 19*, Epu 
iapMum Seneeoyvrith the before-mentioned 
4 orations ; leaf 23", the JBputola Bn, Sjfi^ 
veetria; and leaf 35* the other small pieces. 
In leaf 30b (which last page has 18 lines 
in all) are the verses of Architrenius. 

20869 ^- eadem opuscula. With- 
out place or date. 4°. Gk)thic 

38 leaves with 34 lines. The contents 
are the same as in the two preceding edi- 

20870 — Senecae opuscula quaedam. 
(Ronue), Bm. Ouldinbeck. With- 
out date (about 1475)* 4^ Gothic 

14 leaves with 35 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and numbering of leaves. 
It contains, De moribusy Prooerbia, De re" 

20871 — selecta Senecie philosophi 
opera, lat. et gallice, interprete 
P. P. X. D(eni8). Par., Barbou, 
1 761 or 90. 12^ 

20872 — libri II. de dementia, 

J. Calvini commentariis illustrati. 

Par., L. Cyaneus, 1532. 4^. 

The first edition of this commentary, and 
scarce. It is reprinted in Calvini Opp, 
T. VIIL (ed. Anut.). Can Renouard*s 
observation, Le premier ounrage UtteraHre 
de rineUment Calvin fui tin eommentaire 
du iraiU de S^n^que eur la dSmenee, be 
chronologically true ? 

20873 ^- liber quare bonis viris multa 
mala acddant, cum sit providentia. 
Commentario et adnotationibus il- 
lustratus. Praemittuntur tria La- 
tini Latinii epigrammata. Romae, 
1802. 8^ 

20674 — Philosophus. Naturalium 
quaestionum libri XII. Mth. For- 
tunati in eosdem libros annota- 
tiones. Index remm notatu dig- 


aarum. Ven.« Aldus et And. Asa. 

laims, m. Febr. 1522. 4''. 

6 leavQi of prdimiiiaiy matter, 130 num- 
bered, and 6 unnumberad leaves. One of 
Uie rarer Aldines. A new recension from 


20875 — epistoliB ad LuciUium. 
Without place or date. fol. 

A very old edition of the letters, and 
proliably the first ; from the printing esta- 
blishment with the singular R. a 10 leaves 
with 35 lines, without signatures, catch- 
words, and pagination* Leaf la Ihie i is, 
LucH Annei Senece CorduberuU ad Luetic 
Ihtm epi — . Leaf 2 10a ends after the loth 
line with an EpUaphium Senece in 6 
verMS {eura labor merUmn etc.). The 
oorrespondenoe between StPauland Seneca 
is already to be found in this edition. (This 
is also printed from a Nurambeig MS. in 
SUneeri netten Nathrr. ven knSer aUen 
BUehefn. Ff. «• Lp«. 174& p- 169-972.) 
There was a copy on vellum in Rochelin*s 
libivry, p. 287. 

20876 — epistolae ad Ludlium. Par., 
without tne printer's name {Cesaris 
ei Siol), 1475. 4°- 

2 1 1 leaves with 25 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and numbering of the 
leaves. The first 4 leaves contain a table 
of contents, and the text b^ns in leaf 5* 
(the 1st line is, LVTII ANNEI 8£. 
NECE CORDV), and ends in leaf 306b 
with the colophon and date. Five leaves 
follow with 8eneca*s life, his correspond- 
ence with St. Paul, and his epitaphium. 

The pretended edition. Par. 1470. 4^ 
(Panzer, II. 272), is nothing else but a 
copy of the edition above described, hi 
whidi the V in the date has been fraudu- 
lently erased, see Dibdin*s Bibl. Spenc. II. 


20877 — epistolarum ad Lucilium li- 

bri XX V. Romae, Arn. Pannartz, 

I Febr. 1475. large 4"^. 

167 leaves with 36 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and numbering of the 
kaves. The size in its exterior certainly 
resembles a small folio, but according to 
the water marks it is really only a 4°. The 
first 8 leaves contain the correspondence 
with St. Paul with a prologue of St. Je- 
rome^ Seneom epUap/duinh and a table of 
contents of each letter, which are here di- 
vided into 25 books. The text begins in 
leaf 9a, and the ist line is, LtUU jEnei 
(sic) Sen£cm ad lAwUum: (dc) Epistola4 
Hber, It ends in the 14th line of leaf i66S 
and is followed by the word FINIS and a 
CQlofhon in 10 Hnes. The 167th and last 
leaf, which is sometimes wanting, contains 



on the foko reeto a register in 4 columns, 
and is Uank on the reverse. (Wdfea- 

20878 — epistolarum Opus de viuedi 
ratide pr8ecla4 a auro i iaspide 
pciosius. Ite Uita Senece ab Her- 
mano Buscio recenter digesta. 
Without place or date. 4®. Gothic 

I leaf with the title, 62 numbered and 6 
unnumbered leaves, with the signatures 
A-M. (WolfiBubOtteL) 

20879 — Ludi Anniei Senecae in 
morte Claudii Cassaris Indus nuper 
repertus. Without place or date 

(1513)- 4"- 
Probably the ist edition. 13 leaves, witn 

the signatures o-e, without catchwords and 

numbering of the leaves. The above title 

is set down in 7 lines. In leaf a a follows 

a letter, dated Rome, 4 non. Aug. 1513, 

from C. Sylvanus Oermanicus to Albertus 

Pius Carpensis, witii a small poem by Ma- 

riangelus Accursius to Sylvanus. The text 

begins in leaf 3b, and ends in the and 

line of xa^, after which follows a notice to 

the reader in 7 lines. The edition was 

printed in Italy. (WolfenbQttel.) 

20880 — Indus in mortem CI. Ciesa- 
ris, a Fr. Eug. Ouasco illustratus. 
Vercellis, 1787. 4^ 

20881 — de remediis fortuitorum. 
Without place or date. (Lovan.^ 
J. de Westphalia), 4?. Gothic let- 

5a leaves (the last blank), with the sig- 
natures a-<l. At the end are Architre- 
nius*s II verses in praise of Paris.— ^An 
edition of 1473 in the Dialogi decern, see 
abov^ No. 6039. 

20882 — philosophus. De quatuor 
virtutibus. Without place or date. 
4"". Gothic letter. 

In the Hunterian museum at Glasgow 
there is a copy with the fraudulent MS. 
colophon, A. D. Mcecchm Per Johanni 
ftist civi MagitmBM et petru Gemsxheym, 
Underneath is an imitation of these print- 
ers* coats of arms. The copy probably 
came^ thus falsified, from Holland into 
Enriandy and was printed with the tjrpes 
of Gesaris and StoL Dibdm^e Deoam. III. 

20883 — de quatuor virtutibus car- 

dinalibus. De remediis fortuitorum. 

Without place or date. 4°. 

A very old typographical production in 
Roman characters, without signatures, 



catchwords, and pagination, with 42 lines. 
— The real author of this piece was Mar. 
tinus Braocarensis s. Dumiensis, under 
whose name it was not only printed, Beu. 
1545. 8^ and often, but is also extant in a 
Wolfenbiittel codex at the commencement 
of the 13th century (33, 13. MS. 4.). 

20884 — Seneca de forma et ho- 

nestate vitae et remediis fortuitonim. 

Without place or date (Strasb., 

about 1472). fol. 

10 leaves. The types resemble those of 
Henricus Ariminensis. The last page has 
1 7 lines. 

20885 — obras (cinco libros traduc. 
en romance por mandado del rey 
D. Juan II.) Sevilla, Meynardo 
Ungut et Stanisl. Polono, 28 Mayo 
1 49 1, fol. Gothic letter. 

20886 — los cinco libros de Seneca 
en romance (traduc. por Pedro Diaz 
de Toledo). Alcala de Henares, 
Mig. de Eguia, 28 Enero 15 30. fol. 
Gothic letter. 

20887 — (cinco) libros, en que tracta 
I. de la vida bienaventurada, 2. de 
las siete artes liberales, 3. de los 
preceptos y doctrinas, 4. de la pro- 
videncia de Dios, 5. de la mesma 
providencia de Dios, traducidos en 
castellano. Anveers, J. Steelsio, 

1551. 8°. 

20888 — siete libros de Seneca, tra- 
duc. por Ft. Fernandez Navarrete. 
Madr., impr. real^ 1627. 4^ 

Previously, Madr, 1601. 4^. 

20889 — los siete libros de Seneca. 
Madr. 1789. 8^ 

20890 — las epistolas traduc. por 
Perez de Guzman. ^arago9a, J. 
Th. Favario de Lumelo, 1496. fol. 
Gothic letter. 

20891 — epistolas de Seneca en ro- 
mance : nuevamente impressas y 
corregidas y emendados. Alcala de 
Henares, Mig. de Eguia, 15 Enero 
1529. fol. Gothic letter. 

20892 — las epistolas, con la intro- 
ducion de la filosofia moral, y dos 
tratados de Seneca, traduc. en ro- 
mance por mandado de el rey D. 
Juan II. con glosos. Medina del 
Campo, 1555. fol. 


20893 — Seneca de beneficiis, tradu- 
cido in casteUano por Pt. Fernandez 
Navarrete. Madr. 1629. 4^. 

20894 — declaracion de los prover- 
bios de Seneca. Zamora, 1482. foL 
Gothic letter. 

20895 — proverbios de Seneca (con 
la glosa). Sevilla, Meinardo Ungut 
y Stanislao Polono, 22 Oct. 1495. 
fol. Gothic letter, 72 leaves. 

20896 — los proverbios con la glosa. 
Toledo, Pt. Hagenbach, 10 Febr. 
1500. 4°. Gothic letter. 

20897 — proverbios de Seneca. Se- 
villa, J. Cromberger, 5 Nov. 1535. 
fol. Gothic letter. 

20898 — proverbios y sentencias de 
Seneca y de liiigo Lopez de Men- 
doza, Marquez de Santillana: glo- 
sados por Pt. Diaz de Toledo. An- 
veres, 1552. 8''. 

Also, ib. 1550. 8''. 

20899 — flores de Seneca, traducidas 
de latin en romance por J. Mt. 
Cordero. Anvers, Cp. Plantin, 

'555- 8°- 

20900 — de beneiizii, tradotto in vol- 

gar Fiorentino da Bd. Varchi. Fir., 

Lr. Torrentino, 1554. 4°. 

The first edition, and fine, of a translation 
esteemed and cited by the academy della 
Cnisca. VeiUy Gto/i/o, 1564 or 65. 12*. 
Fir., GiunH, 1574. 8^ are furnished with 
an index. Ven,, PiacentitU, 1738. 8**. is 
enlaiiged with a new and more complete 
index, a life of Seneca, and argumenta, 

20901 — philosophus. Dell' ira libri 
tre. Tradotti in lingua Thoscana 
et con molte annotazioni dichiarati 
da Pr. Serdonati. Padova, Pas- 
quati, 1569. 4''. 

20902 — pistole del moralissimo Se- 
neca nuovamente fatte volgare (da 
Sb. Manilio). Yen., St. e Bernar- 
dino Dinali, 14 Apr. 1494. fol. 

20903 — volganzzamento delle pi- 
stole di Seneca e del trattato della 
providenza di Dio. Fir., Tartini e 

Franchi, 1 7 1 7. 4**. 

This trandation, cited from MS. by the 
academy della Crusca, was made from the 
Provencal dialect about 13 13. There are 
MSS. of it, in which the language is mo- 
dernized, and from such a MS. was this 


edition made, being superintended by Oi. 
Bottari. Concerning another MS^ consult 
Morelii Codici Vd^ri Naniani p. ii8. 
Repeated, Palermo^ 1819. 8^ Ven,, Pi- 
cotH, 182a 8^ 

20904 — lettere, recate in italiano 
da Annib. Caro. Ven., Palese^ 
1802. 4^ 

The first edition of this translation, su- 
perintended by Ang. Dalmistro. There 
are copies on blue paper. 

20905 — les euares de Senecque. 

Translatees de latin en Arancoys 

wr Diaistre Laurens de premier fait. 

Far., Ant. V^rard, without date 

(about 1500). fol. Gothic letter. 

Ill leaves with 40 lines. A copy on 
▼eUum, in which the last leaf is wanting, 
in the Royal library at Paris (previously, 
555 fr. McCarthy.) 

20906 — les ceuvres de Sen^ue, 
trad, en fran9. par le Grange (publ. 
par Naigeon). Par. 1778. 12°. 6 
ToU. — £a8ai sur la vie de Sen^ue 
et sur le r^ne de Claude et de 
Ndron, par Diderot. Par.^ Debure, 
1779. 12°. 

A good edition of this valued translation. 
Those copies are greatly sought after in 
which, T. VI. p. 92, the passage concern- 
ing the exciting of the pasnons by means 
of a mirror is to be found in French, 
which the publishers did not dare to intro- 
duce into the ordinary copies, and there 
it is only inserted in Latin. — Also, Par., 
Smitt, an 3 (1795). 8**. 6 vols., and 
Toursy an 3 (1795). 8^ 8 parts in 7 vols, 
(also on vellum paper.) 

20907 — la meme traduction, avec le 
texte en regard. Par., Delalain, 
1819. 12^ 13 voU. (55 fr.) Dide- 
rot vie de Sen^ue, avec de notes 
inddites de Naigeon. ib, id., 1820. 
1 2^ (5 fr. 50 c.) 

This edition, of which there are copies in 
6 vols. I a°. without the Latin text (30 fr.), 
is enlarged with Naigeon's inedited notes. 
The 13th vol. is a v^ume of index. 

20908 — Seneque des mots dor^: 
de quatre vertus cardinales, com- 
pose par CI. de Seissel. Par., Li- 
ber, without date. 4°. Gothic letter. 

See also OaosE. 

20909 — sittlicheZuchtbiicher. Durch 
Mch. Herr neulich verteutscht. 
Strb., Bths. Beck, 1536. fol. 



20910 — von der Ruhe des Geistes, 
der Unerschutterlichkeit des Wei- 
sen u. der Vorsehung, iibs. von C. 
Ph. Conz. Stuttg. 1790. 8°. (12 
gr.)— Ueber das gliickl. Leben, von 
der Kurze des Lebens u. von der 
Musse des Weisen, verdeutscht v. 
C. Ph. Conz. Stuttg. 1 79 1. 8^ 
(10 gr.) — An Helvia u. Marcia, 
iibs. von C. Ph. Conz. Tiib. j 792. 
8**. (14 gr.) — Trostschrift an Poly- 
bius, nebst Briefen an Lucilius, aus 
dem Lat. von Detl. J. W. Olshau- 
sen. Altona, 1806. 8°. (16 gr.) — 
Von den Wohlthaten, iibs. von J. 
A. Schmidt. Lpz. 1797. 8^ (12 
gr.)— Sammtliche Briefe, iibs. (von 
Detl. J. W. Olshausen) . Kiel. 1 8 1 1 . 
8*>. 2 voll. (3 d.)— Physikal. Un- 
tersuchungen, iibs. von F. £. Ruh- 
kopf. Lpz. 1794. 8°. (i d.) — 
Fiirstenspiegel (de dementia), 
deutsch u. lat. von J. W. B. Russ- 
wurm. Stendal, 1809. 8^ (12 gr.) 

20911 — epistles, with large annota- 
tions, by Th. Morell. Lond., Ro- 
binson, 1786. 4°. 2 voll. (ll. I OS.) 

20912 — Philosophus. Skrifter paa 
Dansk af Birgitta Thott. Soroe, 
Hantsch, 1658. fol. 

There are copies on writing paper. 

20913 — en lycklig Lefnad, beskref- 
ven af Seneca, ofversat med An- 
merkningar. Westeras, 1791. 8^. 

20914 — Tragoedie. {Ferraria)^ 
And. Gallicus, without date (about 
1484). fol. 

The first edition and very scarce. 1 74 
leaves with 34 lines, and the signatures 
a-u, without catchwords and numbering 
of Uie leaves. Leaf la line i is, Lucii 


1 74b at the end of the text is rcAos, and 4 
Latin verses, Longa Uerum Seneea etc 

20915 — tragoedise. Par., per J.Hig- 

man, Wilhelmum praepositi {sic) et 

Wfg. Hopyl, without date. 4^. 

With 16 lines in a full page, and the 
signatures a^E, First is a letter of C. 
Femandus to Pt. Cothardus. This edition 
has something of its own from a codex of 
Balbus, and was made use of for the first 
time by Bothe, who however erroneously 
oonsideaied it as the oldest edition of 

1708 SEN SEN 

20916 — tragcBdiae cum commentario 20924 — tragoediae pristinaB integri* 
Bemardini Marmitse. ' Lugd., Ant. tati restitutse per exactissimi judidi 
Cambillon et Marinus Sarazin, 28 viros post Avantium et Philologum, 
Nov. 1 49 1. 4°. D. Erasmum Rot., Oerardum Ver- 

The first dated edition. cellanum, JEg. Maserium. Expla- 

20917 — tragoediae cum duobus com. °*^» ^^^^ commentariis Gellio 
mentis (Dn. Gajetani et Gellii Ber- ?«7^<^i?« MMmita, Dn. Gajetano, 
nardini Marmitae). Ven., per Laz. ^^: ™dio. Par., m aed; Ascens., 
Isoarda, 1 2 Dec. 1492. fol. ^^^^ ^^' ' S} 4; fol- 

1 20 uimumbeied leaves with tlie signa- JJTT^ ^ ppeliminary matter, 267 num. 
tures a-*. bered leaves, and i unnumbered leaf. 

20918 — tragcediae cum duobus com- 20925 — tragcediae (cura Hi. Avan- 
mentis (eorundem). Ven., Mth. *")• Ven., Aldus et And. socer, 
Capcasa, 18 Jul. 1493. fol. ^5^7- S"*- 

4 leaves of preUminary matter (the ist ."? ^"^" ^J^ 4 of which at the be- 

blank), and 136 numbered leaves.^ A re. ?™"*:J^ ? ^"^IfS "T""^^- 

«-•«♦ Lr ♦k^ »«>.«iwi{»<. n.<>»^*^ «^-« ^ ^^^ recension from MSS. A copy on 

print rf the preoedmg. Repeated, r«i., vellum 152 fr. Valli^. 

J. Tndmtu de Ctrreto, 7 Apr. 1498. foL »a* "^« ^aui^tj. 

Also, Ven., without the printer's name, 20926 — tragoediae X. Bas., H. Pe- 

7 SepL 1505. fol. trus, 1529. 8°. 

20919 — - praeclarum ac prope divi- 8 leaves of preliminary matter, and 244 
num tragoediarum Senecae opus, n^nibered leaves. Various readings are 

Lps Mt^Herbipolensis ^thout TlT^^t 3^5^01^.22 
date (about 1 500). 4 . Uothic various readings in 1538 from a MS. Re- 
letter, peated, Bas,, H, Petriy 1550. 8°. 

20920 — tragoediae (cura Bd. PhUo- 20927 — tragoediae. Lugd., Seb. Gry- 
logi). Flor., Ph. de Giunta, 1506. py^g^ ,^36. 3^. 

8°. 222 leaves. Also, (4., «., 1547 or 1581. ii*. 

20921 — tragediae Senece cum duo- 20928 — tragofediae. Editaj emenda. 
bus commentariis (Gajetani et Mar- tiores studio G. Fabricii. Lps., Vo. 
mitae). Ven., Ph. Pincius, 29 Oct. gelin, 1566. 8**. 

15 10. fol. 19 leaves of preliminary matter, 497 

149 numbered leaves. A reprint of the pages, and 9 unnumbered leaves. Fabri- 
above Venetian editions. Repeated, Ven, dus made use of a new MS. See No. 
de Vumu, 1523. foL with woodcuts. 20927 above. 

20922 — decem tragediae figuris an- 20929 — tragoediae X. cum commen- 

tea no impressis annotamentisq; ad- tariis. Ex bibliotheca Mt. Ant. 

modum necessariis insignite. Par., Delrio. Antw., Cp.Plantinus, 1576. 

J. Parvus, impr. J. Mercator, no- 4°- 

nis Pebr. 15 11. fol. with 9 wood- ^ ™"^ recension with a learned com- 
^^^ mentary. The new edition see under Del- 

6 leaves of preliminary matter and 187 j« a rt 

leaves. .£gid. Maserieiisis was the editor. 20930 ^ — tracraediae. Antw., Cp. 
There are a copies on vellum; one in the Plantinus, 1 588. 8**. 
Royal library at Paris (bought at M'Car- 454 pages and i leaf. 

thy*s sale for 060 fr.), the other was for- aaa«i j ^ j* t 

m^ly m the possession of the prince of ^0931 — decem tragcediae, quae L. 

Cond^ A misinterpretation of the cob- Ann. Senecae tnbuuntur, opera Fr. 

phon, anno dnL M. qulffenietimo. XI. no- Raphelengii, ope Justi Lipsii emen- 

nuvero Febmarufy oooisioned thU edition datiores : cum utriusque ad easdem 

rLi't.Sutru.L^:^^:*''^ animadve«ionibu. et notis. Antw.. 

20923 - trag«di« (cura Bd. PhUo- Cp.^PJ*"*''"". 'SSq- 8». 3 part, in 

logi). Plor., Ph. de Giunte, 1513. The ,m toL or the text, it of the tame 

8°. 3 1 5 leaves. printtng w die pieceding edition. Upefan 


oon«cted the text from a MS. and from 

20932 — tragcedise. Lectiones variie 

e MSS. libris biblioth. Palatinse 

aliisque descriptie. Justi Lipsii 

animadw. Heidelb. {Commelinus), 

1589. 8^ 

4 leaves of preliminary matter, 384 pages, 
text, 56 pages, various readiDgs, iii pages, 
Iiipeius*s notes (with a separate title of 

20933 — tragoediie ad doctor, viror. 
emendationes recognite. (LB.), ex 
off. PlantiD. Raphelengii, 160J. 16". 

Also, ib., tdL, 1607. i6^ 

20934 — tragoedise cum notis Th. 

Farnabii. Lond. 1613. 8^ 

Famaby^s first edition, and often re- 
peated, for instance^ Ff., SiSekeky 1635. 
8^. AnuL, Jantt&nt 1633, and without 
date. [2**. AmsLf J. Blaeu^ 1656. 12°. 
AnuLy Dn. EUeviTj 1678. 24°. 

20935 — tragoedie cum comm. Lip- 
sii. Yen. 1619. 16°. 

20936 — L. Ann. Seneca tragicus ; 
ex reoensione et museo Pt. Scri- 
verii. LB., J. Maire^ 1621 (new 
title 1 65 1). 8°. 

Scriverius made use of MSS. and old 
editions. His CoUeeianea veti. tragicoruniy 
t6.i 620. 8°. form the 2nd rol. to this edition, 
and ought not to be wanting. 

20937 — tragoedise. Cum exquisitis 
varior. observationibus et nova re- 
oensione Ant. Thysii. LB.^ Moyar. 
dus, 1651. 8^ 

This edition is of no particular value. 

20938 — tragoeditt. J. F. Gronovius 
reoensuit. Acoessenint ejusd. et 
varior. notse. Amst., Pluymer, 
1662. 8^ 

20939 — tragoedis cum notis J. F. 
Gronovii auctis ex chirographo ejus 
et variis aliorum (cura Jac. Gro- 
novii). Amst., Boom, 1682. 8°. 

The best of these 3 editions, cum noHi 
variorum, and tolerably sought after. Gro- 
novius had already corrected the text in 
the preceding edition from a good Florence 

20940 — Senecae et alior. tragoediae 
serio emendate. Editio prioribus 
longe correctior. Ox.^ th. Sbeld.^ 
1679, 12°. 

20941 — tragoediie ad edit, Gronovii 

SEN 1709 

emendatae. Cum notis Th. Far- 
nabii. Ace. Hi. Avantius et G. 
Fabricius de generibus carminum 
apud Senecam tragicum. Amst.» 
Janssonio-Waesbergii^ '7 13* i^®* 
A neat and correct edition. 

20942 — tragcsdiee cum notis integris 
J. F. Gronovii et selectis varior.^ 
itemque observationibus nonnuUis 
Hug. Grotii. Omnia recensuit, 
notas, animadw. atque indicem no- 
vum adjecit^ ipsum vero auctoris 
syntagma cum MS. cod. oontulit J. 
Csp. Scbroderus. Delphis, Beman, 
1728. 4^. Also on large paper. 

In this very unsatisfiictory and common 
edition, which is nevertheless sought after 
by collectors, 2 MSS. were made use of 
(one of them only after the collation of an- 
other person), and also the editions of 1492 
and 1 5 14. The foUowing work ong^t to 
be induded, J. dp, SchrSderi notar. et 
tanmadov, ad Seneca irageediaa vindiei^ 
a dutortundbus olicujiu ex ediioribut actor, 
lApe. (GIL Cortn). Delphisy Beman, 1730. 
4°. 14 pages. Duker answered his attack 
upon him in his preface to Thucydides. 

20943 — tragoedifiB. Bip. 1785. 8°. 

20944 — tragoediee. Penitus excussis 
membranis Florentinis adhibitisque 
codice MS. Ultraj.^ editione prima 
Fernandi et aliis libris, item J. F. 
et Jac. Gronovior. notis ineditis, 
recognovit F. H. Bothe. Lpa., 
Hahn, 1819. 8°. 3 veil. (3d.) 

This edition, on account of its metrical 
apparatus, should be bound up with Ba- 
den's edition, which is still indispensable; 
and together with both these Schroder's edi- 
tion ought also to be had on account of its 
exegeticai apparatus. 

20945 — tragoediee. Recensuit Tor- 
kill Baden. Lps., Fleischer^ 1821. 
8°. a voll. 

Only the more important various read- 
ings from 1 7 MSS. are specified. The ist 
vcS, had previously appeared, Havn, 18 19. 

20946 — tragcedia Hercules furens, 
ex emendatissimo exemplari recog- 
nita. — Ejusdem Senecae tragoedia, 
quae Thyestes inscribitur^ per Eras- 
mum Rot. pristinse integritati re- 
stituta. Ejusd. Senecse tragcedia, 
qu» Thebais inscribitur. Daven- 


1710 SEN SEN 

triae, Theodoric. de Borne» without tWus. Not noticed by Paitoni Dor Panver, 

ilfltp aP '^^ described for the first time in Dibdin's 

^* 1. TT 1 t» Cassano library, p. 109, where however it 

20947 — tragoedia Hercules furens. jg not stated, of which tragedy it is a trans- 
Arg., Knoblouch, 1521. 8^ lation. 

20948 — Hercules furens. Spe- 20959 — la tragedia dita Agamenone. 
cimen novae recensionis tragoedia- Ven., Piero Bergamascho, 28 Ze- 
nim Senecse, auctore Tork. Baden, naro 1497. 4®. 

Kil., Bohn, I798> 8°. 14 leaves, with the signatures et-c. The 

20949 — Medea (ed. Ph. Engel- translation is in terse rime, and by Evan- 
brecht). Witt., J. Gronenberg, gelista Fossa. Likewise described for the 

o ° first tuneby Dibdin, Lc. p. iia 

20950^ — 'Mth. Raderi ad Seneca 20960 — les tragedies de Seneque, 

Medeam commentarii (cum textu). desquelles sont extraictz plusieurs 

Monach., Segen, 1631. I2^ enseignemens autboritez et senten- 

20951 — Octavia per Erasmum Rot. ^^^s, tant en latm comme en fran- 

Col., Zeryckzee, f 517. 4°. 5'''*- ^f -/a^^^T'^ '^^^' ^ ' j 

20952 — tragedia secunda Senece de 20961 -- le theatre de Sen^ue, trad. 
Thyeste. Without place or date. Pf ^' Linage. Ed. 11. Par., 
40. Gothic letter. Chamhoudry 1658 12^ 5 voU. 

18 leaves, with the signatures o-o. It 20962 — tragedies en lat. et en fran9. 

appears to have been printed at Cologne de la traduction de Mch. de Ma- 

about 1500-10. rolles, avec des remarques. Par., 

20953 — tragoedia secunda, Thyestes, Lamy, 1659, or 60, or 64. 8^ 

prseter Philolc^ emendationem ex a voll. 

annotatt. Hi. Avantii facta quam Also with the Latin title, r«vasrfi« o«m 

castigatissima. Vienn®, Vietor et noHs etinterpr. gaa, Mch. de Maroile,. 

Singrenius, 1513. 4^ 20963 — tragedies trad, en vers 

Also, Par, 1553. 4°. fran?. par Ren. Bauduyn. Troyes, 

20954 — tragoedia sexta, qu« Troas Moreau, 1629. S-*^ Agamemnon 
inscribitur, ex Avantii annotatt. *jad. en vers par Charl. Toutain. 
castigatissime impressa. Vienna, ^^'» ^^ J^une, 1557. 4^--iAga. 
Vietor et Singrenius, 15 13. 4^ memnon toad, en vers par Fr. le 

20955 — le tragedie di Seneca, tra- 2 , *^-. .' .^^* 1501. 4°— 
dotte da L. Dolce. Ven.. Sessa, Traduction de If Troade en vers 
ic6o. 12^ fran9. (par L. B.) Par., Barbin, 

They had previously appeared seps- l^74« *^^' 

rately. Translations of 4 tragedies are to be 

, 1* :i* CI ^ found in Roland Britset Premier Rvre du 

20956 — le tragedie di Seneca tra- ^^^^^^ tragigue. Toun, 1590. 4'. 

sportate in verso sciolto da Het- 20964 — the&tre de Seneque, tra- 

tore Nini. Ven., Ginami, 1622. duction nouvelle par Coup^. Par., 

8^ an 4 (1795). 8°. 2 voll. 

20957 — le quattro tragedie attri- The Latin text, promised in the title, is 
buite a Seneca, cio^ la Medea, not added. There are 15 copies on vellum 
V Edipo, la Troade, 1' Ippolito, P^P*"-- , ^^ , « . 

con r Ippolito del greco Euripide 20965 — thMtre de Seneque, trad, 

trasportate in versi sciolti da Bd. par J- B. Lev^e. augment^ d*un 

Pasqualigo. Ven., Geremia, 1730. examen des pieces et de notes par 

go^ Amaury Duval. Par., Chasseriau, 

20958 — tragedia quarta. Ven., 1822. 8^ 3 voll. 

Cristofolo di Pensa, 2 Hotubrio 20966 — tragische Biihne der Romer 

14.07 A° (^^^ Seneca). Aus dem lat. (von 

«4 leave., with the Bgiuitun. «, «>d J- W- Rose). Ansbach Haueisen, 

36 Unet. The tranilator wm caUed Py- i777-0>' ° • 3 W^ (• <*• °ff-)- — 


Thyestes, iibs. von Fr. Horn. Pe. 
nig; Dienemann, 1803. 8°. (i d.) — 
Die Trojanerinnen, iibs. von Fr. 
Horn. ib. 1803. 8^ (ai gr.) — 
Die Troerinnen, metrisch iibs. u. 
niit Anmm. begleitet durch G. 
Muller. Host, Stiller, 1820. 8^ 

20967 — Seneca his tenne tragedies 
translated into Englysh (by Th. 
Newton). Lond., Marshe, 1581. 
4**. Gothic letter. — The tragedies of 
Seneca, and the rape of Helen, out 
of the Greek of Coluthus, trans- 
lated into English verse with an- 
notations. By £dw. Sherburne. 
Lond., Smith, 1702. 8^. with plates. 

20968 — smutne starozytnosci tea. 
trum, to jest, Tragediae Seneki 
rzymskiego na polski jezyka, przez 
Jana Alana Bardzinskiego. w Tho- 
runiu, Luurer, 1696. 8°. 

20969 — Ch. Adf. Klotz (resp. 
D. H. Gf. de Pilgramm) diss, ae 
vitiis tragoediar. quae vulgo Senecie 
tribuuntnr. Gott. 1765. 4**. — 
J. G. C. Klotzsch Progr. de 
Octavia L. A. Senecae. Witt. 
1804. 4®. — On Seneca's tragedies 
see also Lessings Werke, XXHI. 
127 sq. 

20970 — J. Hildebr. Withopii 
Prsemetium crucium criticar. prse- 
cipue ex Seneca tragico. LB., 
Luchtmans, 1 749. 4^. 

20971 SENECiE, L. A., et P. Syri 
Mimi, fbrsan etiam aliorum, singu- 
lares sententise, centum aliquot ver- 
sibus ex codd. Pall, et Prising, 
auctse et corrects stud, et op. Jani 
Gruteri, cum notis ejusd. recognitis 
et castigatis. Ace. ejusd. notse 
postumae ut et nova versio Jos. 
Scaligeri. (Edid. Sigeb. Havercamp 
et Abr. Preyger). LB., Vivie, 
1708. 8^ 

lb., id.y 1737. 8^ u only a new title. 

20972 SENEC£. CEuvres diverses. 
Ed. II. augm. de la critique des 
m ^moires du Cardinal de Retz 
(avec une notice sur la vi^ et les 



ouvrages de Tauteur, par Auger). 
Par., Collin, an 13 (1805). 12^ 

20973 SENEFELDER, Aloys. VoU- 
standiges Lehrbuch der Lithognu 
phie. Miinchen, 1818. 4^. with a 
vol. of plates. 

Translated into French, Par, 1810. 4^ 
with a vol. of 20 plates (36 fr. Abo on 
hu^ paper). 

SENILIA, see Maittairk. 

20974 SENKENBERG, H. Ch. 
von. Corpus juris germanici pub- 
lic! ac privati hactenus ineditum, e 
biblioth. Senkenbergiana emissum, 
cura G. Gst. Konig de Konigsthal. 
Ff. a. M., Hermann, 1760-66. fol. 

2 voU. (10 d.) 

20975 — corpus juris feudalis ger- 
manici, oder vollstand. Sammlung 
der deutschen gemeinen Lehnsge- 
setze. Neue Aufl. von J. F. Ei- 
senhart. Halle, Hemmerde, 1772. 
8°. (2d.) 

20976 SENNERT, Dn. Opera om- 
nia medica. Lugd., Huguetan, 
1666. fol. 5 parts in 3 vols. 

20977 SEPP,J. Ch. Beschouwing der 
wonderen Gods in de niindsgeachte 
Schepselen of Nederlandsdhe In- 
secten. Amst. 1762 -i 801. 4^ 

3 vols, with illuminated plates. 

Also on large paper. 

The NaanUyst only indicates the con- 
tinuation up to the part which appeared in 
1801, containing plates 111-115. 

20978 — afbeeldingen van meest 
alle bekende inen uitlandsche hou- 
ten (representation des bois etc, 
Icones etc), Amst., Sepp, 1773- 

95- 4". 

18 parts, and supplement, with to6 illu- 
minated plates (81 fl.). With a Latin, 
Dutch, French, G^erman, and English 
text by Mt. Houttuyn. — See also Rep&e- 
8ENTATIOK des roarbres. 

20979 — Nederlandsche Vogelen, 
volgens hunne huishouding, aert en 
eigenschappen beschreeven door 
Corn. Nozeman. Alle naer 't leeven 
getekent, in 't koper gebragt en 
natuurlyk gekoleurd door en onder 
Opzicht van Ch. Sepp. Amst. 

5 Ta 



1770-1812. large fol. 4 vols, with 
200 illuminated plates. 

A well got up work, and complete copies 
scarce. The pagination of the text runs 
through the entire work. The 2nd vol. 
b^ns with p. 94, the 3rd with 196, the 
4th with 296 proceeding as far as 394. 
Each voL contains 50 plates, and a list of 
the plates besides. The ist vol. sometimes 
has a title of 1789. After Nozeman*s 
death the text was supplied by Mt. Hout- 
tuyn. The work is still going on. 

SEPT sages, see Mbisteb (sieben 



20980 SEPULVEDA, J. Genesius. 
Opera cum edita turn inedita, ac- 
curante regia historise academia. 
Matriti, ex typogr. regia de la 
gazeta, 1780. 4°. 4 voU. (ii6rs.) 

His translations are not in this edition. 
The first 2 vols, contain his history of 
Charles V. not printed before. 

SEPULVEDA, Lr., see Roman- 
SEQUESTER, see Vibius. 

20981 SERAFINA, Ypolita, The- 
baida. Valencia, .1521 and 24. fol. 
Gothic letter. 

Three very scarce dramatic pieces, di- 
vided into scenes, not into acts; the first 
two in prose, and the 3rd in verse. 

20982 SERAPHINO Aquilano. O- 
pere. Ven., Manfiino da Monfer- 
rato, 1502. 8^ 

20983 — sonetti (opere.) Romie, 
J. de Besicken, 1503. 4°. 

20984 — opere, coUete per Fr. 
Flavio. E per Caligula Bazalero 
a^unto quanto e la terza parte de 
le altre**; impressioni. Bologna, 
Caligula de Bazaleri, 30 Mazo 

1503- 8^ 

20985 — opere poetiche. Ven., 

Manfrino de Monferrato, 30 Agosto 

1503- 4^ 

20986 — stramboti del Seraphino. 

Mil., Ant. Zaroto, 8 Zugno, 1504. 


20987 — poema di Serafino, nuova- 
mente con diligenza da Hi. Soncino 
impresso, con molte cose aggiunte. 


In Phano Fortunae (Fano), Hi. 
Soncinus, 5 id. Mart. 1505. 8^ 

20988 — opere. Romae, J. de Be- 
sicken, 1505. 4°. 

Might not the edition, ib, 1513. 4**. be a 
misprint for 1503 ? 

20989 — opere. Mil., Flavio, 1515. 

20990 — opere nnovamente con dili- 
gentia impresse con molte cose ag- 
giunte. Fir., Ph. di Giunta, De- 

cemb. 15 16. 8^ 
7 and 1 15 leaves. 

20991 — opere. Mil. 15 16. 12**. 

20992 — poesie. Ven., Sessa, 1519. 

20993 — opere. Rom., Ant. Blado, 
1520. 8**. 

20994 — opere. Mil. 1523. 8^ 

20995 — opere con molte cose ag- 
giunte di nuovo. Ven., Mich. 
Sessa, 1526. 8°. 

20996 — poesie. Ven., Vavassori, 

1539- 8^ 

20997 — opere. Ven., Nicolini da 

Sabio, 1540. 8^ 

20998 — opera, quasi tutto di nuovo 
riformata, con molte cose aggiunte. 
Ven., Bm. detto 1' Imperador, 
1544. 12°. 

20999 — opere. Ven., Bascarini, 
1548. 8^ 

21000 — opere. Ven., Bendoni, 

1550. 8^ 

The editions of 1540 and 50 are the most 
prized; after them Uie Florentine edition 
of 15 1 6, and the Venetian of 15 19 and 26. 

21001 SERAPION. Practica, ab 
And. Alpago in latinum translata. 
Ejusd. de simplicium medicamen- 
tor. temperamentis commentaria, 
Abrahamo Judso et Sim. (a Cordo) 
Genuensi interpretibus. Ven., her. 
L. A. Juntas, 1550. fol. 

The latter work first appeared under the 
title, Aggregaitu in mecUdnit sempticUnu. 
MedioL, ZarohUy 4 Aug. 1473. 185 leaves. 

21002 SERASSI, Pt. Ant. Vita di 

Torq. Tasso. Bergamo, 1791. 4"*. 

2 voll. 

The earlier edition, Roma^ 1^85. 4^ it 
somewhat less complete, but is mora cor- 
rectly printed. There is also by him. 
Vita di Jac, Maxxoni. Romoy Pagliaritd, 
1790. 4'. 


21003 SERCAMBI, Gi. Novelle. 
ora per la prima volta pubblicate. 
Ven., Alvisopoli, 1806. o**. 

There are 2 copies on veUum; in the 
Royal library at Paris, and in the possession 
of Trivulzio oi Milan. Dibdin, in his De^ 
Cameron, III. 398, mentions NooeUe soelie 
di Sercambiy 18 15. 8°. of which Trivulzio 
possesses a copy on vellum, and Lord 
Spencer a second. 

21004 SERENUS Sammoniacus. Li- 
ber (de medicina). Without place 
or date {Medial, before 1484). 4^ 

36 leaves, with 25 lines, without signatures, 
catchwords, and pagination, but with a re- 
giHer. Superintended by Sulpidus Verula- 
nus. Leaf i ^ line i is, SulpUiut Ferulanus ad. 
The text begins in leaf a&, and the ist line is, 
text ends on the reverse of the 25 th leaf 
with FINIS and a regitter. Leaf 26* 
contains Emendanda. — ^Audiffredi, in CeUal, 
editi, Rom, p. 379, quotes an undated edi- 
tion, which appears to be the same as this, 
but which he specifies as only containing 
16 leaves. The above notice is taken from 
Dibdin's Bibl. Spenc. II. 351. This poem 
afterwards appeared with Avienus, f^en, 
1488. 4°. 

21005 — hexametri praecepta medi- 
cine continentes. Lps., Valent. 
Dammander (Schumann), 1515. 4^ 

32 leaves. The poem of Rhemrmu Fan^ 
imu De ponderUnu is appended. This 
poem afterwards appeared with Celsus, 
Ven., Aid., 1528. 4"*. 

21006 — de re medica sen morborum 
curationibus liber, cum Gbr. Hu- 
melbergii commentariis. Accedunt 
emendatt. nove ex veteri MS. cod. 
collects, et epithetorum item et 
morborum indices V. Tiguri, Wol- 
fius, 1581. 4°. 

Differing only from the edition, Tiguri, 
1540. 4°. in the various readings which 
are added to it. — Rivinus's edition of 1654, 
see above, Medici, No. 135 18. 

21007 — de medicina prsecepta salu- 
berrima. Rb. Keucbenius restituit, 
emendavit, illustravit. Amst., van 
den Berge, 1662. 8°. 

There are copies on laige paper. Keu- 
cbenius has beien suspected of plagiarism 
with respect to his notes. Afterwards 
with the entire notes of the earlier editions, 
in Burmanni PoeL latin, minor, T. II. 
LeiddP, 1731. 4**. p. 185 sq. 

21008 — de medicina prsecepta sa- 
luberrima. Textum recensuit. lee- 



tionis varietatem, notas interpre- 
tum selectas suasque adjecit J. C)i. 
61i. Ackermann. Lps.» Miiller, 
1786. 8°. (16 gr.) 

SERGARDUS, see Sectanus. 

21009 SERIE degli uomini piU il. 

lustri nella pittura, scultura ed 

arcbitettura, con i loro el(^ e ri- 

tratti incisi in rame, dalla sua pri. 

ma restaurazione sino ai tempi pre- 

senti. Fir. 1769-75. 4°. 12 vols. 

with plates. 

To which is often joined as a supple- 
ment, Orlandi Abecedario piitorico of 1 776, 
see Orlandi above. 

21010 SERIE di ritratti d' uomini 
illustri Toscani, con gli elogi isto- 
rici dei medesimi. Fir. 1766-73. 
large fol. 4 vols. 

These 4 vols, are also added to the Mu^ 
eeum Florentinum (see Museum). The 
1st, and, and 3rd vols, each contain 50 
very fine portraits, and the 4th 53. 

SERIE di trecento tavole, see Rag- 
COLTA di pitture. 

21011 SERIE dell' edizioni Aldine 
per ordine cronologico ed alfabe- 
tico. Ed. III. con emendazioni e 
giunte. Fir., Molini, 1803. 8^ 
(3+ paoli.) 

Even in Uiis edition, very unsatisfactory 
and faulty, and completely supplanted by 
the appearance of Renouanl's work. 

21012 SERIES chronologica simu- 
lacror. regiee familise Mediceie, cen- 
tum expressa toreumis. Flor. 1761. 
large fol. with plates. 

21013 SERLIO, Sb. II primo (e 
secondo) libro d'architettura. Le I. 
(et II.) livre d'arcbitecture mise en 
langue fran9. par J. Martin (en 
ital. et en fran9.) Par., Barb^, 
1545. fol. — II terzo libro delle an- 
tiquita di Roma. Ven., Marcolini, 
1540, fol. — (Libro IV.) Regole ge- 
neral! di arcbitettura sopra le cin- 
que maniere de gli edincj. Ven.» 
Marcolini, 1537, or 40, or 44. fol. 
— Libro V. Par., Vascosan, 1547. 
fol. — Libro extraordinario (VI.) 
Lione, Gi. di Tournes, 1551. fol. 

These are the most extremely scarce ori- 
ginal editions of the separate books yet 



known. Branet saw a copy of the 3rd 
and 4th books after the edition of 1540 on 
hhie paper, one of the same sort, contain- 
ing both books, is specified in the Thesatt^ 
ms Bibliolhecalis, I. 353, and one contain- 
ing the 4th book alone, is in the Royal li- 
brary at Dresden. 

21014 — libro I. della architettura. 
Ven., Nicolini da Sabio, 155 1. fol. 
Libro II. ib., id., 1551. fol. Li- 
bro III. ib., id., 155 1, fol. Li- 
bro IV. ib., id., 1551. fol. 

The 2nd edition, of which I am ac- 
quainted with no 5th book. 

21015 — libro I. (e II.) della archi- 
tettura. Ven., Sessa, 1560. fol. — 
Libro III. Ven., Rampazzetto, 
1562. fol. — Libro IV. Ven., with, 
out the printer's name and the 
date. fol. — Libro V. Ven., Sessa, 

1559. fol. — Libro extraordinario 
(VL) Ven., Sessa, 1557, or 58, 
or 67. fol. Also, Lione, Rouillio, 

1560. fol.— II VII. libro. Archi- 
tecturse liber VII. (ital. et lat.) 
Ex museo Jac. de Strada. Ff. a. 
M., Wechel, 1575. fol. with wood- 

This 3rd edition is the best and the most 
complete folio edition. 

21016 — libro I-VI. d*architettura. 
Ven., Fr. Senese, 1566. 4°. with 

21017 — tutte I'opere d'architettura 
(libro I-VII.) Ven., Fr. de Fran, 
ceschi, 1584. 4^ with woodcuts. 

This is the best 4°. edition. All 7 books 
adso, Ven. 1619. 4**. (enlarged with a dia^ 
corso by Scamozzi), and Viceruta, Jacomo 
de Franceiotiiy without date, 4^ with 
woodcuts. This last edition is not neatly 

21018 — architettura in sei libri di. 

visa. De architectura libri VI. (ital. 

et lat.) Ven., Combi, 1663. fol. 

with woodcuts. 

This edition also has nothing to recom- 
mend it externally. 

21019 — von der Architectur 5 
Biicher. Aus dem Ital. u. Nieder- 
land. libs. Bas., L. Konig, 1609. 
fol. with woodcuts. 

21020 — de architectura libri V. lat. 
per J. C. Saracenum. Francisds, 
1569. fol. with woodcuts. 


21021 SERMO ad populum predica. 
bills. In festo psentacionis. Bea. 
tissime marie semper v'ginis noui- 
ter cum magna diligen. ad com- 
munem vsu multoru sacerdotum 
presertim curato4 collectus. Et 
idcirco per ipressione multiplica- 
tus. sub hoc currente Anno domini 
M. cccc. Ixx. {Col. Am, Terhoer- 
nen, 1470). 4®. Gothic letter. 

12 leaves with 37 lines, without signa- 
tures and catchwords, but with numbcaring 
of the leaves, which for the first time ^>- 
peared herein, and this typographical pro- 
duction is consequently of historical in- 
terest. The numbering is placed in the 
middle of the outer margin. 

The copies are of two kinds. In some 
the reverse of the and leaf is blank (and 
in these the statement of the place of 
printing and of the printer is wanting), in 
the others there is on the reverse a preface 
of 37 lines, in which that statement is thus 
expressed : In civikUe oohnUti per ditcreiu 
viSpAmoldu terhoeme. The copies of the 
last sort are costly, because the work is at 
the same time nxnarkable as the first dated 
typographical production of Teriioeraen. 

SERNA, see Santandbb. 

21022 SEROUX d'Agincourt. His* 

toire de I'art par les monumens, 

depuis sa decadence au 46 si^le 

jusqu'k son renouvellement au i6e» 

pour servir de suite k I'histoire de 

I'art chez les anciens. Par., Trent<* 

tel et Wurtz, 1811-20. fol. 6 


This work, equally interesting and use- 
ful, appeared in 34 Nos. at 30 fr., and an. 
vellum paper at 60 fr., 7 Nos. of which 
contain the text, and 17 the plates (to the 
number of 335). 

21023 — (anon.) recueil de fragmens 
de sculpture antique en terre cuite. 
Par., Pillet, 1814. large 4^ with 
39 plates (24 fr.). Also on vel- 
lum paper. 

21024 SERPOS, Gi. de. Compen- 
dio storico di memorie cronolo- 
giche concernenti la religione e la 
morale della nazione Armena sud. 
dita dell' imperio Ottomano. Ven. 
1786. 8^ 3 voll. 

SERRANUS, J., see Sbbbbs. 

21025 SERRANUS, Th. Garmin- 


um libri IV. opus posthamum. 
Acoedit de ejusdem Serrani vita et 
Uteris Mcb. Garcis commentarium. 
Fulgini«5, 1788. 4^ 

SERRES or Serranus, J. de, see 


21026 SERVETUS. Mch. {anon.) 

Christianismi restitutio, hoc est, to- 

tins ecclesise ad sua limina vocatio, 

in integrum restituta oognitione 

Dei, fidei Christi, justificationis 

nostrfle, regenerationis baptismi, et 

coense domini manducationis, resti- 

tuto denique nobis regno ccelesti, 

Babylonis impise captivitate soluta, 

et Antichristo cum suis penitus de- 

structo. Without place, 1553. 8®. 

734 pa^es and i leaf of errata, with sig- 
natures, catchwords, and column titlaL' 
On the reverse of the title is a table of 
contents, then follows on the 3rd page 
(which contains 28 lines without the catcu- 
word) a proaBimum. The Tst page of the 
te3ct contains 30 lines, and each full page 
35 lines. P. 734, which contains 21 lines, 
ends the book : 

M. S. V. 

Then follows a leaf of errata in 15 lines. 
Only 1 copies of this original edition are 
known with certainty; one in the Imperial 
library at Vienna, and the other, attacked 
with mildew, was sold at Valliere*s sale for 
4120 livr., and previously at Oaignat's for 
3810, and at de Boze*s for 3000 ; R. Mead 
of London possessed it before de Boie. 

21027 Without place or date. 

4°. 2 vols. 

This edition, of which there is only one 
copy (425 livr. P&ris de Meyzieu, I7cx> 
livr. Valliire), is a reprint of the preced- 
ing, superintended by R. Mead. It was 
not however finished, and only contains 
252 printed pages, which contain p. 3-293 
of the original ; p. 253-1056 are added to 
it in writing. Consult NouveUe BibiiO' 
thUque, 1740. Octob. p. 153 sq. 

21028 — (anon.) Christianismi re- 
stitutio, hoc est, totius ecclesin ad 
sua limina vocatio, in integrum re- 
stituta c<^itione Dei, fidei Christi, 
justificationis nostrse. r^;enerationi8 
baptismi, et coens domini mandu- 
cationis, restituto denique nobis 
regno ccelesti, Babylonis impise cap- 
tivitate soluta, et Antichristo cum 



suis penitus destructo. Without 
place, 1553. 8°. 

This reprint, which appeared at Nurem- 
berg by Rau in 1790, and which agrees 
page for page with the original, was super- 
intended by M. de Murr. Consult con- 
cerning it Attg. Liu. ZeU, 1722. IV. 355. 
The new date is placed at the end, but so 
small, that it might be taken for a final 

It is well known that this scarce work is 
also remarkable on aocxxint of one of the 
earliest mentions of the circulation of the 
blood. It is to be found in p. 169, and the 
passage is also printed in C. E. J(ordan*s) 
HUi. cTun voyage liU, Hage, 1735. 8^ 
p. 1 70 ; and in Debure^s Bibliogr. TfUol. 
p. 421 sq. Concerning the work itself 
more detailed information may be found in 
ArHgny*» Minunres, T. II. p. 75 sq. and 
in the preface, in Debure and other places, 
Valli^re^s Catal. T. I. p. 289 sq., by abb^ 
Rive in DtUetCt Origine dea deeouoeriet. 
Ed. IV. T. II. Par. 181 2. 8'. p. 370 sq., 
by Orttffer in the Wiener ConvertaHonM' 
blaUy 18 1 9, p. 86 sq. 

21029 — de trinitatis erroribus libri 
septem. Per Michaelem Serueto, 
alias Reves ab Aragonia Hispanum. 
Without place, 1531. 8^ — Dialo- 
gorum de trinitate libri duo. De 
justitia regni Christi capitula qua- 
tuor. Per Michaelem Serveto, ali- 
as Reues, ab Aragonia Hispanum. 

Without place, 1532. 8®. 

The two works, likewise very scarce in the 
original, belong to each other. The ist has 
1 19 numliered leaves and i leaf of errata ; 
the 2nd, which is the more scarce, 48 un- 
numbered leaves. Both are printed in Ita- 
lics, and, as it seems, appeared at Hague- 
nau by J. Secerius. This original is dis- 
tinguished from the following reprint by 
the circumstance, that in the first line c^ 
the title of the first piece the word Trim~ 
taite {TriwL*) and in the title of the se- 
cond, the word Dialogorum {Dialogcf* ) are 
both divided with two oblique parallel 
strokes, whereas the reprint in both in- 
stances has a single horizontal stroke 
( Trini- and Dialogo^). Although Debure 
ascribes to the reprint a double stroke ( = )» 
this must either be a mistake, or there 
must be a third impression besides, which 
is not probable. — The genuine edition, 240 
livr. d*Estr^, 400 livr. de Bose, 605 livr. 
Oaignat, 700 livr. VaUi^re, loL 15s. Pisris, 
215 fr. McCarthy. 

21030 — (the same title and date). 

So fiuthfuUy reprinted, page for page and 



line for line, that the collation of the ori- 
ginal will aho serve for the reprint. The 
types (likewise Italics) are somewhat better 
and lai^r than in the original, according 
to Debure. The more recent origin c£ this 
impression would not however escape a 
practised eye, in general at the first glance, 
respecting which it is certain that it was 
prepared by the preacher Serpilius at Re- 
gensburg about 1 730^35. The informa- 
tion, which is to be found in Sehelharn'i 
AnleUung fUr BibHothekare^ I. 359 sq., 
notwithstanding all that has been said 
against it (ib. H. 296), is well grounded. — 
It is most easily distinguished from the ori- 
ginal by the misprint CHHRSTUM in the 
boek De triniUUii errorilnuy leaf 83** line 1 7 . 

21091 — van de Dolinghen in de 
Drievuldigheyd, seven boecken, in 
Letyn beschreven door Michiel Ser- 
v»tus, ende nu overgheset in onse 
Nederlandsche tale door R.T. Hier 
syn noch by ghevoegt eenige andere 
kleyne tractaetjens van den selven 
Autenr. Without place^ 1620. 4°. 
Gothic letter. 

The author of this scarce translation, 
yet but little sought after, was Reinerus 

21032 SERVIUS Honoratus, Mau- 
rus. Commentarii in carmina Vir- 
gilii. Ven., Christophorus {ValdaV" 

fer)^ Ratisponensis, 1471. foL 

The first edition of this date, if two dif- 
ferent impressions can really be assumed, 
as it is more probable that the differences 
of the copies only relate to single leaves. 
347 leaves (according to Panzer and Bru- 
'^^ 345 according to Dibdin), with 40 
lines, without signatures, catchwords, and 
numbering of the leaves. The life of Vir- 
gil forms the commencement in leaf i*, 
and the ist line is, IRGILIVS. MARO. 
PARENTI. The commentary on the 
edogties b^ns in leaf 8*, and ends in 35* 
with the Kne, FINIS. BVCOLICORVM. 
The commentary on the Oeoigics follows 
in leaf 36a, and ends in loi^ with the line, 
liegins in leaf 102a, and ends in 345^ (ac- 
cording to Dibdin.) Immediately after the 
end of the commentary 8 verses follow on 
the same page, In commune bonum man- 
da tH f^ufima formis etc., under which 
stands the year .M. CCCC. LXXI. In 
this colophon Carbo is mentioned as cor- 
rector of the press. Vacant spaoes are left 
for Uie Oreek passages. 

21033 — — Ven., Cp. Valdarfer, 

1 47 1, fol. 
The second sort of copies of the preced- 


ing edition, which have 10 other rerMS at 
the end (Si quit in ItaHa bene preswa 00- 
lumina quarit etc.), in which the superin- 
tendence is attributed to Bt. Onarinus, who 
made use of copies corrected by his father 

21034 — commentarius in bucolicaj 
georgica et ^neidem Virgilii. 
Without place or date (about 
1470). fol. 

This very scarce edition is from the 
printing establishment distinguished by the 
singular R, and is commonly ascribed to 
Mentdinus of Strasburg(?), 180 leaves in 
3 cohimns with 56 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and numbering of the 
leaves. Leaf la line i is, Mauri SeruH 
Honorati gramatid : omi. The last line 
of the 1st column of the 158th leaf is, Ao- 
merus. Amen* An index of 21 leaves, 
which also ends with the word Amen^ ends 
the work. The Greek words are printed 
in Latin characters. 

21035 — in bucolica, georgica et 

^neidem Virgilii explanatio, et de 

natura syllabar. Flor., Bn. et Dm. 

Cenniniufl^ nonis Octobribus, 1472. 


185 leaves with 43 lines, without sig- 
natures, catdiwords, and pagination, and 
with vacant spaoes for the Qretk worda. 
Leaf la Une I is, (B)VCOLICA VT 
Bucolics end in leaf ao^ with a colophon 
of 7 «j. Nov. 147 1, the Oeorgice in 55b 
with a colophon of 5 «/. Jan. 1471. The 
^neid contains 130 leaves, and is followed 
by the small piece De naiura wyUabarum^ 
of which this edition is the first. It is be- 
sides at a high price, and remaricable aa 
one of the^&rst Florentine typographical 

21036 — in tria Virgilii opera ezpo- 

sitio. Romae, U. Han. Without 

date (about 1473). fol. 

321 leaves with 41 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and numbering of the 
leaves. The Gredc passages are through* 
out printed in Greek characters. This fine 
and scarce edition begins in leaf i* with a 
superscription in 3 lines and in small capi- 
tals. The first line of the text itself is, 
The end of the MmdA is in leaf 330* and 
the 6 verses as a cobphon, Anter Tarpeji 
eu$to$ Javis etc 

21037 — commentarii in Virgiliom. 
Without place or printer'ft name 
(Mediol., Ant. Zarotus), cal. Dec. 
1475. fol. 

317 leaves without signatures and nnm« 


bering of the leares, but with catchwordi, 
which are underneath the last line, some- 
times at the ri^t hand, and sometimes in 
the middle. This edition appears to be a 
faithful raprint of ya]darfer*s edition of 
1471, but it has not the Greek passages. — 
A new edition of Servius oonvcted from 
WolfenbOttel MSS. is being printed, super- 
intended by D. Alb. Lion of CHJttingen. 
The remaining editions, in which the text 
of Virgil is to be found, see under Vib- 


21038 — libeling de ultimis syllabis 

et centimetrum. Callii> Rb. de 

Fano et Bernardin. de Bergamo, 

15 Oct. J 476. 4^ 

A yery scarce edition, and the second 
typ ographical production of Cagli, a town 
in £e dukedom of Urbino. (The first 
book printed there was J. Ani. Campani 
funebrii oraHo pro Bt. Sphoriia, eal. Mart. 
1476. 4°.) This edition, superintended by 
Lr. Abstemius, is without signatures, catch- 
words, and pagination, and the colophon 
consists of 6 verses, Servivt hae fedt etc. 
The last page is a regitter. Both works 
had appeared previously with Beda De 
wohemaieae tropo, MetUoi., Zaroiui, 1473. 


21039 — centimetrum ex vetustissi- 

miB exemplaribns correctum (cnra 

Lr. van Santen). LB., 1788. 8°. 

Corrected from a Leyden MS. and the 
editor's own conjectures. 

SESELLIUS, see Sbybsel. 

21040 SESTINI, Dm. Lettere scritte 
dalla Sicilia e dalla Turchia a di- 
versi sni amici in Toscana. Fir. e 
Livorno, 1779-84. 12°. 7 voU. 

Translated into French by Pingeron, 
Par, 1789. 8^ 3 vols, with plates. In 
(German, Lpx. 1781.-83. 8^ 2 vols. (23 gr.) 

21041 — lettere odeporiche ossia vi- 
aggio per la penisola Cizico, per 
Brussa e Nicea, fatto I'anno 1779. 
Livorno, 1785. 8®. 2 voU. 

Translated into French, Par, 1789. 8"*. 

21042 — viaggio da Costantinopoli a 
Bassora. Yverdon (Lsvonto), 1786. 
8^. — Viaggio di ritomo da Bassora 
a Coatantinopoli. Livorno, 1 788. 8°. 

Translated into French (by de Fleury), 
Par, 1798 (new title 1800). S*", 

21043 — via^io da Costantinopoli a 
Bukoresti, fatto I'anno 1779* Ro- 
ma, 1794. 8^ 

21044 — - lettere e dissertaxioni nu. 



mismatiche sopra alcnne medaglie 
rare della collezione Ainslieana etc. 
Livorno, 1789-90. 4°. 4V0II. T.V. 
Roma, 1 794. 4°. T. VI. Descri- 
zione di alcune medaglie rare del 
museo Knobelsdorfiano. Berlin, 
1804. 4». T. VII. Descrizione di 
alcune medaglie del museo nazio- 
nale di Francia. Berlin, 1805. 4^. 
T. VIII. Descrizione di alcune me- 
daglie rare del museo regio di Ber- 
lino. Berlin, 1805. 4^ T. IX. 
Descrizione di alcune medaglie del 
museo ducale di Gotha. Berlin, 
1 806. 4°. with plates. 

All 9 parts are seldom and with difficulty 
found together. 

21045 — lettere e dissertazioni nu- 
mismatiche. T.I. Mil. 1 813. T. II. 
Pisa, 1817. T. in. Mil. 181 7. 
T. IV. Fir. 18 1 8. T.V. Fir. 1820. 
4°. with plates. 

A necessary continuation of the preced- 
ing woik. 

21046 — descriptio numor. veterum 
ex museis Ainslie, Bellini, Bon- 
dacca etc, cum animadw. in Eck- 
helii doctrinam numor. vett. Lps., 
Gleditscb, 1796. 4*^. with plates 
(5d. i6gr.) 

21047 — illustrazione di un antica 
medaglia di piombo appartenente a 
Velletri. Roma, 1796. 4°. 

21048 — classes generates geograpbiee 
numismaticse, seu monetae urbium, 
populorum et regum, ordine geo- 
graphico et chronologico dispositae 
secundum systema Eckhelianum. 
Lp8., Oleditsch, 1797. 4°. 2 parts 
in I vol. (i d. 16 gr.) — Ed. II. 
emendatior et locupletior. Flor., 
Piatti, 1821. 4^ (20 paoli.) 

21049 — catal(^s numor. vett. mn. 
sei Arigoniani. Berol. 1805. fol. 

21050 — descrizione delle medaglie 
greche e romane del fii Benkowitz. 
Berl., Amelang, 1809. 4°. with i 
plate (i d. 8 gr.) 

21051 — < viaggio curioso-scientifioo- 
antiquario per la Valachia, Tran- 
silvania ed Ungheria iino a Vienna. 
Fir. 1815. 8°. 

21052 — - descrizione degli stateri 



antichi illustrati con le medaglie. 
Fir. 1 817. 4^ with 9 plates (15 

21053 — descrizione delle medaglie 
Ispane appartenenti alia Lusitania^ 
alia Bestica ed alia Tarragonese, 
che si coDservano nel museo He- 
dervariano. Fir. 1 8 1 8. 4"^. with 1 o 

See also Numismata, No. 14957. 

21054 SETHUS, Sim. Syntagma 
per literar. ordinem de cibarior. £eu 
cultate (gr. et lat.)^ Lilio Gr. G7- 
raldo interprete. Bas., Isingrinius^ 
1538. 8°. 

21055 — volumen de alimentor. fa- 
cultatibus juxta ordinem literar. 
digestum (gr.). Emendatum, auc- 
tum et lat. versione donatum, cum 
difficilium locor. explicatione a Mt. 
B<^ano. Lat. Par.^ Bechet, 1657. 

21056 — syntagma per elementor. 
ordinem de alimentor. facultate^ 
olim a Lilio Gr. Gyraldo latinitate 
donatum ; nunc yero per Dm. Mon- 
thesaurum correctum et psene re- 
formatum. Bas., Perna, 1561. 8®. 

At the end h added, Sim. Sethi Frag- 
menium de metUoamenHt ex atUmalUnu, 
eodem MorUhesauro interprete. 

SEU8SE, see Orloob de sapience. 

SEVARAMBEN, see Histoirb, 

No. 9802. 
SEVERIANUS Gabalitanus, see 

Petrus Chrysologus. 

21057 SEVERUS, Ck>rn. ^tna, et 
quse supersunt fragmenta, cum no- 
tis et interpretatione Jos. Scaligeri, 
F. Lindenbruchii et Thdr. Goralli 
(i. e. J. Clerici). Accessit Pt. 
Bembi ^tna. Amst., Schelte, 1 703 
(new title, Amst., Mortier, 1 7 1 5). 8°. 

AUnnovamu (aee above) ought to be 
included with a separate title. 

21058 — I'Etna de Corn. Severus et 
les sentences de Publ. Syrus, tra- 
duites en fran^. (par Accarias de 
Serionne, avec le latin k c6t^). 
Par., Chaubert, 1736. 12°. 

21059 — ^tna, ubs. von Cr. Am. 
Schmidt (mit dem lat. Text). 
Brschw. 1769. 8**. (5 gr.) 


21060 — JEAxoi, ein Lehrgedicht des 

Lucius Lucilius minor, nebst dem 

Bruchstuck eines Lehrgedichtes des 

Corn. Severus von dem Tode des 

Cicero. Der lat. Text nebst einer 

metr. Uebersetzung u. Anmerkk. 

von J. H. F. Meineke. Quedlinb., 

Basse, 1818. 8^ (14 gr.) 

Already printed under the name of Lu- 
cilius the younger in Wemedoffii Poet, 
kit. mm. T. IV. — Severi de ./Etna carmen 
a praposteris J. Clerici conjecturis vindi- 
catum studio F. O. MenckenO, in Nova 
mieeeUanea Lip8.\, I37 sq. 335 sq. 

21061 SEVERUS Sanctus Endelei- 
chius. Carmen buoolicum de mor- 
tibus boum, cum notis J. Weitzii. 
Ff., Emmel, 161 2. 8®. 

21062 — de mortibus boum carmen, 

ab Elia Vineto et Pt. Pithoeo ser- 

vatum cum notis J. Weitzii et 

Wfg. Seberi. LB., van der Aa, 


LB. J Luchtnansy 1717 or 1745. 8". are 
only new titles to this edition superin- 
tended by J. Gronovius. In the copies of 
both these years the new date is only on 
a strip of paper pasted over the earlier 
date. — Also, with a selection from the 
earlier notes, and with new notes in Gerh, 
Outhcmua De judiidis Jehovee. Grorung., 
1711. 8". 

21063 — carmen bucolicuro de mor. 
tibus boum, ex bibliothecie patrum 
tomo octavo recusum. Novam pree- 
fationem de autore, editionibus et 
aigumento hujus carminis prsmisit 
D. Richter. Hmb. et Lps., Wil- 
lich (1747). 4°. 

This very scarce edition contains some 
new remarks; but the editor could not 
make use of the Leyden edition. — The 
poem was printed for the last time in 
Galkmdi Bibl. patrum VIII. 207 sq. and 
in FFemtdof^ poet. lat. min. II. 317 sq. 

SEVERUS, Sulpicius, see Sevb- 


21064 SfiVIGNE, Marie de Raba- 
tin, marquise de. Lettres. Nouv. 
^dit. mise en ordre pour la pre- 
mie fois, augmentee de lettres 
in^dites, et enrichie de notes et 
dissertations, par Grouvelle. Par., 
Bossange, 1806. 8^ 8 vols, with a 


portraits (48 fr.^ on fine paper 54 
ir.^ on vellum paper 92 fr.). 

The first better edition of this oorra- 
spondence, and which on account of its 
notes has an advantage over the follow- 
ing superior edition. Twenty portraits of 
the most celebrated persons mentioned in 
the letters are added to some copies. An 
impression appeared at the same time in 
II vols, in 8**. (36 fr.) The stereotyped 
edition, Par. x8ii. I8^; ia°. is equally 
complete with respect to die letters. 

Perrin superintended the first authentic 
editions of this correspondence. Par. 1 734 
-37. I a**. 6 Yds.; and, t&. 1754. I2^ 8 

21065 — lettres de Mad. de S^vign^, 
de sa famille et de ses amis. Nouv. 
edit, (public par M. de Monmer. 
qu^, avec une notice par M. Saint- 
Sorin). Par., Blaise, de Timpr. 
de Didot I'alne, 1818. 8^ 10 vols, 
with plates (100 fr., on vellum 
paper 200 fr.). 

The best and most complete edition, and 
finer than the preceding. It contains 8 
portraits, 13 views, and 10 fac-similes. 
A No. containing 20 plates appeared be- 
sides, which can be added as one is dis- 
posed. There should be added. Lei- 
ires irUdites de Mad. de SMgni. Par., 
Klostermanriy 1814. 8"*. (5 fr.) Mimoirea 
de M. de Coulange* ; suivis de lettres in- 
idites de Mad. de Shngne etc. Par., 
Blaiee, impr. de P. Didot, 1820. 8^ with 
plates (f o fr., also on vellum paper). 

21066 — lettres etc. Par., Blaise, 
1818. 12^ 12 voU. (36 fr., on vel- 
lum paper 72 fir.) 

A good reprint of the preceding edition, 
in which the Lettres inid, are fUso to be 
found, and to which may be added the la*. 
impression of the Memoires de Coukmges 

A German translation, Brandenburg, 
1818 sq. 8^ In English, Lmd. 1811. la^ 
9 vols. (al. 14s.) 

21067 SEWARD, Anna. Poetical 
works, with extracts from her lite- 
rary correspondence. Edited by 
Walter Scott. Edinb. 1810. 8^. 
3 vols. (il. IIS. 6d.) — Letters, 
written between the years 1784 
and 1807. Lond. 181 1. 8°. 6 vols. 
(31* 380 — Anecdotes of some dis- 
tinguished persons. Lond. 1804. 
8°. 4 voll. (il. 1 6s.) 

21068 SEXTUS EmpiricuB. Opera 



que extant, Pyrrhonionim hypo- 
typoseon libri III. H. Stephano in- 
terprete. Adversus mathematicos 
libri X. G^ntiano Herveto inter, 
prete. Greece nunc primum editi. 
Adjungere visum est Pyrrhonis vi- 
tam, nee non CI. Galeni de optimo 
docendi genere librum. MS. no- 
stri varias lectiones et conjecturas 
margini insertas operi prsefiximus. 
Par., Pacard, 162 1. fol. 

This edition is no longer sought after. 
The following are only new titlei : Aure^ 
Uofue (also Genews or Col. AUobr.), Chouet, 
i6ai. fol. 

21069 — opera, gr. et lat. Pyrrho- 
niar. institutionum libri III. cum 
H. Stephani versione et notis. Con- 
tra mathematicos libri VI. Con. 
tra philosophos libri V. cum ver. 
sione Gentiani Herveti. Grseca ex 
MSS. codd. castigavit, versiones 
emendavit supplevitque, et toti 
operi notas addidit J. Alb. Fabri- 
cius. Lps., Gleditsch, 17 18. fol. 

The best edition, revised from 3 MSS. 
There are also copies on writing paper. 

21070 — - opera quae supersunt, ex re- 
censione Fabricii. Curavit et com- 
mentariis illustravit J. G. Mund. 
Vol. I. P. I. Hal., Ruff, 1796. 
small 4°. (18 gr.) 

Containing only the text of the Hypo- 
iypoees corrrected in some places, and un- 
finished. A new editor cannot perform 
any thing satisfactory without using the 
Florence MSS., whidi hitherto have not 
been made use of. 

The DispuUUknes an^o^pHotf, which were 
erroneously ascribed to Sextus, are in 
Oreek, with J. North*s Latin translation 
in Fabricii Bibl. gr, {ed. vet.) XII. 617 sq. 

21071 — adversus mathematicos 
opus, lat. interprete Gentiano Her. 
veto. Pyrrhoniar. hypotyposeon li- 
bri III. interprete H. Stephano. 
Par., Mt. Juvenis, 1569. fol. 

Other copies mention Antwerp in the 
title as the place of printing. 

21072 — Pyrrhoniar. hypotyposeon 
libri III. Latine nunc prim, editi 
interprete H. Stephano, cum ejusd. 
annotatt. Excud. H. Stephanus, 
1562. 8°. 



21073 — les hipotiposes ou institu- 
tions pirroniennes, trad, du grec 
avec des notes (par Huart). With- 
out place (AmsL), 1725. 12^ 

Land. 1735. 12**. is only a new title. 

21074 — Sextus Empiricus oder der 
Scepticismus der Griechen. Aus 
dem Griech. mit Anmerkk. u. Ab- 
handlungen herausgegeben von J. 
Gli. Buhle. B. I. Lemgo, Meyer, 
1801. 8°. (i d. 4 gr.) 

Unfinished, and containing only a trans- 
lation of the H$fpotypo$et. A translation 
of the first 14 chapters of the ist book 
of the same work by Niethammer is in 
FhUebo>nCs Beitrr, zur Gesch. der PhUot. 
I IS St. — C. F. Ad. Beieri Obtervait. non- 
nuUa in Sealum Empir,, in Friedemanm 
el Seebode Miaoettanea eriHca I. 96-105. 
That Casp. Barlnus was thinking of an 
edition of Sextus about 1653 is evident 
from Braniii Epp. daror, viror. Anut,y 
171 5. 8^ p. 1 14, and from Pi. Cururi Epp, 
LB. 1732. 8". p. 277. 

SEXTUS Platonicus, see Plagi- 
TUB. — Pythagoricus, see Sixtus II. 
— Rufus^ see Rufus. 

21075 SEYSSEL, CI. de. (anon). 
La victoire du roy contre les veni« 
ciens. Par., Ant.Verard^ 12 Mai^ 
15 10. 4**. Gothic letter^ with wood- 

47 leaves with 33 lines. Three copies on 
veUum in the Royal librare at Paris. A 
4th, 35 fr. Gaignat, 55 fr. Valli^re, 95 fr. 
McCarthy. A 5th, which wanted the ist 
leaf, was in the possession of Chardin and 
afterwards of Lair. 

21076 — les louenges du roy louys 
XII. de ce nom. Without place 
or date (Par.^ Virard^ about 15 10). 
4"". Gothic letter. 

57 leaves with 32 lines. Three copies 
in the Royal library at Paris (one of whidi 
previously 50 fr. McCarthy). 

21077 — explanatio moralis in pri« 
mum caput evangelii d. Lucee. 
Par., in chalcographia Ascensiana^ 

a leaves of preliminary matter and it8 
numbered leaves. A copy on vellum in 
the Magliabechian library at Florence. 

21078 — la grant monarchie de 
France. Par., Chauldiere, I5i9* 

8 leaves of preliminary matter, and 68 


numbered leaves. A copy on vdlnm in 
the Royal library at Paris. 

21079 — adversus errores et sectam 

Valdensium disputationes. Par., 

Chauldiere, 1520. 4°. 

13 leaves of preliminary matter and 90 
numbered leaves. A copy on vellum in 
the Royal library at Paris. 

SFORZIADA, see Simoneta. 

21080 SHAD WELL, Th. Dramatic 
works. Lond. 1720. 12^ 4 vols. 

21081 SHAFTESBURY, Ant., earl 
of. Characteristics of men^ man- 
ners^ opinions, times. Birming- 
ham, Baskerville, 1773- large 8°. 

3 vols. 

The finest edition. There are copies of 
the edition, Lond. 1727. 8^ 3 vols, on 
lai^ paper. — In German, Lpx. 1776. 8^ 
3 vds. (4 d.) 

21082 SHAKSPEARE, J. Gram- 
mar of the Hindustani language. 
Lond., Cox, 1 8 13. 4°. (il. IS.) 

21083 — dictionary Hindustani and 

English. Lond.^ Black, 1817. 4^ 

(5I. 158. 6.) 

Both works, particularly the latter, whidi 
for the most part is an abridgment of 
Taylor (see below)^ are greatly prized. 
Concerning the grammar, consult Wiener 
LiteraiVTxeU, 18 16. p. 1470. 

21084 — Muntakhabat-i-hindi, or se- 
lections in Hindustani, with a ver- 
bal translation and grammatical 
analysis of some part. Lond. 181 7 
-18. 4°. 2 vols. (2I. 2S.) 

21085 SHAKSPEARE, W. Co- 

medies, histories and tragedies. 

Published according to the true ori- 

ginall copies. Lond., Jaggard and 

Blount, 1623. fol. 

The first edition, very scarce, and greatly 
sought after, the copies of which in good 
condition can be counted. It should be 
collated very accurately, as defective copies 
have sometimes been completed with leaves 
from later editions. Those copies, which 
are known to be in the best condition, are 1 3 
inches tall and 8^ broad. The portrait and 
title-plate should be genuine, and neither 
taken from another edition, nor reprinted 
subsequently. Before the title should be a 
leaf of verses by Ben. J(^nson to the 
reader, not merely pasted on this leaf, as is 
the case in several copies, but originally 
printed thereon {DibcUnU JEdM Althorp, 
I. 195). If they are only pasted, a sus- 
picion arises that they are borrowed from 


tba 2nd edition (the mark of diitinotion lee 
in Dibdin*9 Library eompaniony p. 8io). 
As to the rest, one copy is known whidi 
has the year i&iiin the genuine title (Li- 
brary eompanum, p. 814). 

The original sdling price of the hook 
was iL, Imt it has risen prodigiously in 
more recent times. Cracherude bought his 
very fine copy (now in the Briddb mu- 
seum) for only 81. 18s. 6d., and a complete 
copy was sold in 1 787, at Wright^s sale, for 
only loL, and at Monro's for only 13L 
But, since the duke of Rozburghe in 1790 
gave 35I. 14B. for his copy, the price has 
risen, as the foUowing sales shew: 1807, 
Reed, 38I.; i8ia, Roxburgfae, 100L; 1818, 
Saunders (the finest copy that is known, 
and now Th. ClrenyiUe's property), ml. 
16s.; 1813, Kemble, 112I. 7s. Of existing 
English collectors Hibbert gave 70 guineas 
for his, and Wilbraham 49I. 7B. Thorpe 
offered a copy for 65L 

Copies more or less defective and completed 
afterwards at Oarrick's sale (for 34I. 2s. 6d., 
bought by him for iL 166.); Steevens*s 
(22!.); Knight's (29L 18s. 6d.); Perry*s 
(28L 10s.); Stanley's (37I. 16s.) Heber 
bought his copy for lol. los. Arch offered 
one for 45 guineas, Longman for 25L 
Triphook for lol. (it wantMl the title and 
the first 3 leaves.) 

Arch offered all the first 4 editions to- 
gether for 84L, Pickering for 95I., and 
Longman for 105I. 

As to the rest, a reprint faithfully re- 
sembling this edition appeared in 1808 in 
fd. (5I. 5s.) 

21086 — comedies, histories and tra- 
gedies. Published according to the 
true originall copies. The second 
impression. Lond., Th. Cotes for 

Rb. Allot, 1633. fol. 

Finer printed than the first edition, but 
fiu* inferior to it not only in scarcity, but as 
has been most recently proved, in correct- 
ness and accuracy, 15I. Rozburghe. Thus 
offered by the foUowing booksellers : 18L 
1 8s., Baynes; 15L 15s., Lowndes; lol. 
los., Thorpe ; 9I. 9s., Longman ; 81. 8s., 
Payne ; 5L 5s., Ardi. In &e British mu- 
seum is Uie copy that formerly belonged to 
Charles I., bought at Steeven's sale for 18I. 
18s. (previously Mead, iL 12s. 6d. ; Askew, 
5l- los.) 
21087 Ed. III. Lond., for P. 

C, 1664. fol. 

The rarest edition after the first (owing 
to the fire of London as is supposed), and 
probably almost as scarce. It is enlarged 
with the seren pretended or rather suppo- 
sititious pieces of Shakspeare^ but other- 
wise of no peculiar literary worth ; on the 
contrary, it is even more faulty than the 



preceding edition. There are copies with 
a titloJeaf of 1663, which also contains a 
portrait of Shakspeare. The titles of 1664 
are without any portrait. With the title 
of 1 663, 25I. lliorpe ; with the usual title, 
35I. Roxburg^e; 12I. 128. Lowndes. 

21088 Ed. IV. Lond., Her- 

ringman, 1685. fol. 

Neither particularly scarce, nor of any 
peculiar intrinsic value. Set down in Lack- 
ington^s catalogue of 1 790 at only 8s., now 
cffered for 61. 68. by Thorpe. The common 
price is from 3I. 13s. 6d. to 5I. 58. 

21089 — Works. Revis'd and cor- 
rected with an account of the life 
and writings of the author hy N. 
Rowe. Lond., Tonson, 1709. 8^ 

7 vols, with plates. 

The faulty edition of 1685 forms the 
basis. The text is indeed here and there 
corrected without any collation of the ori- 
ginal edition, and without any persevering 
industry, but not without knowledge and 
talent; and tin's edition has besides the 
merit of being the first to make Shakspeare 
again generally known. There are copies 
on laige paper (iL as. Reed, 1807). Be- 
peated, Land. 1714. I2^ 8 voJs. 

21090 — plays published by Alex. 
Pope. Lond., Tonson, 1723. 4^ 6 

This edition was superintended with more 
spirit and acuteness than industry and ac- 
curacy, and Pope's alterations are often too 
arbitrary. His use of the older editions 
was too negligent ; but the future editors 
learned from him in what way the text 
ought to be corrected. Repeated, ib. 1728. 
12^ ID vols. 

21091 — plays, by L. Theobald. 
Lond. 1733. 8^ 7 vols, with plates. 

Theobald collated the older editions with 
greater industry, and corrected the text for 
the most part happily from this collation 
and from his own conjectures f which how. 
ever were sometimes too bdd), but not so 
often as might have been expected. Even 
Johnson thought his short, yet solid, notes 
worth retaining. — Repeated, ib, 1740, or 
62, or 73. 1 2^ 8 vols. 

21092 — works, by Th. Hanmer. 

Ox., at the theatre, 1 744-46. large 

4°. 6 vols, with plates. 

The acute criticism and attention to metre 
of this editor, in spite of Warburton*s cen- 
sure, must he acknowledged, although he 
sometimes handled the text too arbitrarily. 
Notwithstanding the respectable external 
appearance of this edition, it is still at a 
low price in England, and its plates are of 



little ralue—- -Repeated, Or. 1771. lai^ 4*". 
6 voli. (4I. 4s*) 

21093 — works. The genuine text 
(collated with all the former edi- 
tions^ and then corrected and 
emended) is here settled^ with a 
comment and notes. By Pope and 
Warburton. Lond., Knapton, 1747. 
8^. 8 volL 

Pope*8 text foims the basis. Warbur- 
toii*s commentary gives proof of learning, 
but is hasty, his explanations are often 
forced and erroneous, and his conjectures 
frequently very improbable. Against his 
method of handling Shakspeare are di- 
rected, «/. Upton's Crit. obserwUiont on 
Shakspeare, Lond, 1746 or 48. 8^, and 
{^Edward's) Canons of criticism and glos» 
sairy. Land, 1748. 8°. Ed, VI J. ib, 

1765. 8^ 

21094 — works, by Sm. Johnson. 

Lond. 1765. 8°. 8 voll. 

Had Johnson really followed in this edi- 
tion the principles which he laid down in 
his solid preface, it would hare been a very 
excellent edition. But he soon lost his in- 
clination for labour, sought to free him- 
self from it as soon as possible, and the 
disheartening consciousness of this want 
of industry then robbed him of the last 
effort which such an undertaking required. 
His happy conception, his unerring tact, 
and the acute straightforwardness of his 
observations are here only occasionally dis- 
played. W. Kenrick*s Review qfJ.^s new 
edU. qfSh. Lond.ij6$, 8°. contains a crude 

21095 — twenty of the plays of Shak- 
speare, being the whole number 
printed in quarto during his life- 
time or before the restoration. By 
6. Steevens. Lond. 1766. 8*^. 4 


A real Code:e tUplomaticO'Oriiums for 
Shakspeare. Previous editors had collated 
as well and as much as they could or they 
choee, and the reader remained in uncer- 
tainty whether they could not or should 
not have done more. A faithful impression 
of the original was the best way to make 
the public a judge thereof, and to bring the 
duty of editors home to them. Twenty plays 
are contained in this edition ; the 16, which 
are wanting here, remained unprinted until 
the folio edition of 1613. Shakspeare*s 
sonnets after the edition of 1609 are ap- 

21096 — comedies, histories and tra- 
gedies^ faithfully republished by 


£d. Capell. Lond., Leach (1768). 
8°. 10 vols. 

Capell collated the older editions with 
great accuracy, and frequently corrected 
the text according to them, but he did not 
proceed beyond verbal criticism. 

21097 — plays as they are now per- 
formed at the theatres Royal in 
London, regulated from the prompt 
books of each house. With notes 
critical and illustrative. Lond., J. 
Bell, 1773. 8°. 9 vols. 

This edition contains the plays in the 
manner they were performed at the Dniry 
Lane and Covent Garden theatres. They 
met with such approbation, that the im- 
pression of 8000 copies was sold off in a 
short time. The 9th voL contains Shak- 
speare*s life and poems. 

21098 — plays. With the corrections 
and illustrations of various com- 
mentators, to which are added notes 
by Sm. Johnson and G. Steevens. 
Lond. 1773. 8°. 10 vols. 

A new but greatly corrected impression 
of Johnson's edition, which received herein 
for the first time both critical and exege- 
tical treasures from Steevens. 

21099 — plays. With the corrections 
and illustrations of various com- 
mentators, to which are added notes 
by Sm. Johnson and G. Steevens. 
Ed. II. revised and augmented. 
Lond. 1778. 8®. 10 vols. — In addi- 
tion, Supplement to the edition of 
Sh. plays^ published in 1778 by 
Johnson and Steevens, containing 
additional observations by several 
of the former commentators, to 
which are subjoined the genuine 
poems of the same author^ and 
seven plays, that have been ascribed 
to him. (By Edmond Malone). 
Lond. 1780. 8®. 2 vols. 

This edition also proves, by its numerous 
corrections and augmentations, the unwea- 
ried persevering spirit of investigation of 
its originator. 

21100 (the title as in the pre- 
ceding.) Ed. III. revised and aug- 
mented by the editor of Dodsley's 
collection of old plays (Isaac Reed). 

Lond. 1785. 8^. 10 vols. 

This edition, on account of its many less 
happy alterations and omissions, has not 


caused the preceding to be dispennd with, 
and it is abo len fine in its external ap- 



21101 — dramatic writings, with the 
notes of all the various commen- 
tators. Lond., Bell, 1785-87. large 
18°. 76 parts in 20 vols. 

The text is that of Johnson and Steevens 
according to the edition of 1778. Two 
plates are annexed to each play. A copy 
of this neat edition on large paper was sold 
at Steevens*s sale for 1 7L 1 78. Longman 
offered another for 15I. There is a copy 
on vellum of the play, Much ado about 
notMnff, of this edition, (2L is. Longman.) 

21102 — dramatic works, with expla- 
natory notes, and a copious index 
to the remarkable passages and 
words, by Sm. Ayscough. Lond. 
1 790. large 8°. 3 vols. 

A tolerably neat edition, printed with 
very smaU oiaracters in doable columns. 
Repeated, ib. 1807. S°* 3 ^^^ (3^- i^*-) 

21103 — plays and poems, with cor. 
rections, illustrations etc. by various 
commentators, and essays and notes 
by Edmond Malone. Lond. 1790. 
8°. 1 1 vols, witb plates. 

Particularly important in an excoetical 
point of view. Malone took especial pains 
to dear up the time of the first appearance 
of each play. There are copies on fine 

21104 — dramatic works, revised by 

6. Steevens. Lond., printed by 

Bulmer, 1 791-1 804. large fol. 18 

parts in 9 vols, on vellum paper 

with plates. 

An edition of daxzling splendour, which 
alderman Jdin Boyddl undertook at an 
immense and irreparable expense (consult 
Nemnieh''s Neueste Reitey p. 149). It cost 
42I. with the 95 plates of text. But be* 
ddes these 100 plates of the laigest sixe 
belong to these 9 vols., which form 2 vols., 
and alone cost 63L Some copies of the 
first Nos. only were struck off on very 
huge paper, equal in size to the large 
plates. The price has more recently fallen 
in some degree (94I. los. for all 1 1 vob.). 

21105 — plays, with the corrections 
and illustrations of various com- 
mentators. To which are added 
notes by Sm. Johnson and G. Stee- 
vens. Ed. IV. revised and aug- 
mented (with a glossarial index) by 
the editor of Dodsley's collection of 

old plays. Lond., Longman, 1793. 
large 8°. 15 vols, with plates. 

Steevens and Reed superintended this 
edition^ on which the greatest possible in- 
dustry was employed, and in which what 
was unsatisfoctory in the edition of 1 785 
was supplied by these editors in con- 
junction certainly; still it is usually only 
called SteeventU edUion, because ne re- 
served the revision of the text exclusively 
to himself. There are 35 copies on large 
paper, which have been sold for 39L, nay 
even for 39L 12s. Concerning lord Spen- 
cer*s illustrated copy, see Dibdin^t .^det 
AltUorp. I. 206 sq. 

21106 — works, with a glossary. 
Lond. 1797. 8°. 7 vols. Also on 
large paper. 

21107 — plays. Lond. 1800. small 
8^^. I a vols, with plates. 

21108 — plays etc. (as in No. 21 105.) 
Ed. V. revised by Isaac Reed. 
Lond. 1803. 8*^. 21 vols, with 
plates. Also on large paper. 

This edition contains the ridiest and 
most complete apparatus about Shakspeare, 
and is enlarged with the notes Steevens 
left behind him in MS. A new and fine 
impression appeared, Lond. 18 13. 8^ 21 
vols. (12L T2S., on large paper 18I. 18s.) 

21109 — plays accurately printed 
from the text of Johnson and Stee- 
vens. Lond., Bensley, 1803. large 

8°. 8 vols, with woodcuts (4I. 4s.). 
A fine edition of the mere text, of which 
there are copies on very large paper (81. 8s.) 
Vanpraet's 2nd Caialogtte des livres impr, 
tur vilin, II. 186, indicates a copy on vel- 
lum in 20 vols., of another London edition, 
1803-5. 8°. wiUi woodcuts, and a selection 
of notes. 

21110 — plays, printed from the text 
of Steevens, with a selection of use- 
ful notes, and a life of Sh. by 
Alex. Chalmers, and plates ftrom 
Henry Fuseli's designs. Lond. 
1805. large 8^. 9 vols. (9I., on large 

paper lol.) 

The same edition also appeared in 9 vols, 
small 8°. (on fine paper witb plates 5I. 8s., 
on ordinary paper without plates 3I. 12s.) 

21111 — plays, with notes of various 
commentators, edited by Manley 
Wood. Lond. 1806. 12^ 14 vols, 
with plates (61. 6s., on large paper 

I2I. 128.). 

21112 — plays from the text of John- 

1724 SHA SHA 

son and Steevens. Lond. 1807. (jol. Steevens.) ib. 1615. 4^ (i»* 6d. 

large 4«. 6 vols. (15I. 158.) ^°"^*''^ '816.) 

With plates by Heath. 21 H8 — King Richard III. Lond.^ 

21113 - plays. Lond. Ballantyne, ^S, 'i^' , t>. 4-. 

Jjpl; ?oi.\'6lt' ^^ '''' '"'' - ^"^^ "'^^ ^'^^'' ^^"^•• 

With ne^t vignettes. Only the copies ^^^Z'. i^V' 1/ r 1 a ^ ^. 

on laige paper are fine. As the preWous . ^^^ ^ ^^e for 30I. A and edi- 

project of 5 introductory volumes was again t»on> /^-j Creede, 1599. 4". (61. Stee- 

given up, the title-mark of the ist v3. is ^'J ^^ ^^ ^^^J'^^' ^l}\ 7•• 

throughout Vol. //.—The stereotyped edi- «^<>^^ i8«S-> 'ol. los. Marlborough.) 

tion bjr Wilson, Lond. 1811 or 14. I3^ 13 21120 — love's labour lost. Lond., 

vols. IS furnished with 37 woodcuts after \y^^ W. i^q8. 4°. 

Thurston's designs. ^'^L Bindley, '1820, 5L lis., Rhodes, 

21114 — the family Shakspeare, by '825. Also, i6. 1631. 4°. 7I. 7s. Rhodes, 
Th. Bowdler. Ed. IL Lond.iSaa. *^*S- 

18°. 10 vols. (3I. 38.) 21121 — Henry IV. Part I. Lond., 

In this edition all the more free and of- ^* ®'» ^59^* 4*** 

fensive passages are omitted. Previously, Also, t6., S. S,, 1599. 4*. (3L los. Stee- 

Lond, 1818. 18°. 9 vols. ▼^i^y 18L 7s. 6d. duke of Marlborough.) 

21115 — plays and poems, with cor. 21122 — Henry IV. Part II. Lond., 
rections of various commentators, *^' °** io<>o- 4*« 

by Edmond Malone, edited by Jam. V^S^u ~"*?^ ~^^ '" which sig. 

w 11 T J Q Go 1 nature £ has 5 leaves (3I. 13s. 6d. Stee- 

Boswell. Lond. 1821. 8^ ai vols. yens.)-.The2nd partof ^^if^/r. Land. 

with plates (12I. 12s.) Also on 1608. 4^(I5l. los. Rhodes.) 

large paper. 21123 — Henrv V. Lond., Th. 

AnewandgreaUyeiJaigedrepetitoonrf Creede, 1 600. >. 

Malone*s edition of 1790, in which the ^^1 <. o*^-^ - j ^•*.' .r ir 

MSS. papers which he left behind hun J^\^ ^^"^^ ^^^'^T'^ f"' '^A' 

have S^ made use of. It ought to t;* ^? ^'^*'*"*' **• '^' * ' ^^^ '^' ^' 

be bound up with Steevens's and Reed's **"<^»«7-J 

edition of 1803 or 1813, so greatly are 21124 — Merchant of Venice. Lond., 

opinions in England divided respecting J. R. for. Th. Heyes, 1600. 4°. 

^«>^ 22I. IS. Bindlev, 511. los. Rhodes. An- 

21116 — plays, accurately printed «ther edition of Uie same year, Lofki,Jajii. 
from the text of the corrected f^^^J^^' ^^' ^^^' "'' ^'^'''^' '^1. 
copies left bv Steevens and Malone, ^,, * .j • t^, j 
edited bv Alex. Chalmers. Lond! ", *rr'^*"T*' "8^* "Z"*"- 
X8.3. 8< 8 vols. (31. . «.) ^^l'- J's;it'^.!^o:-^^. A 

The following smaller editions may be and edition of the same year, LmuLy Jam. 

noticed: Lond,y Sharpe, 1803 or 10. 24°. Roberit, 1600. 4^ 

o vols. I*., Walker, 1811. 18". 8 vols. ^--^^ i. j u *. -.i.- 

with plates (2I.). ib.[ WhUHngham, 1815. 21126 — much ado about nothmg. 

18°. 7 vob. (il. 88.) •*., id., 1821. ^8^ Lond., V. S., 1600. 4°. 

9 vols, widi woodcuts (il. us.). The 26I. los. Steevens, 17I. 17s. Bindley. 

smaUest edition is, Land., WhitHngham, 21127 _ merry wives of Windsor. 

1823. 12^ (iL IS.) It IS extremely neatly j a rr r^ £. o «ava. 

printed in the diamond type, and scarcely -Liona-. !• *^.f 1002. 4 . 

an inch thick.— In the following articles I 28I. Steevens, 18I. Bindley. A 2iid edi- 

shall notice the oldest edition of the single *><>"» ^'^f^- »<5i9. 4'. (7L 7s. Rhodes.) 

genuine plays, according to the chronolo- 21128 — the tragical historie of Ham- 

gical order of their appearance. j^^ ^^^^^ of Denmarke. Lond., 

21117 — King Richard II. Lond., printed for N.L. (Landure) and J, 
Val. Simmes, 1597. 4°. Trundell, 1603. 4^ 

The 1st edition extremely scarce. The 31 leaves. The first edition, extremely 

2nd, t^., id., 1598. 4^ (loL duke of Marl- scarce, whidi however only contains the 

borough.) The 3rd, t6., W. W,, i5o8. 4^ play in a shorter form, as it was de^ 


signed for acting. The duke of Deron- 
•hire puicfaaaed the only known cx>py, 
which was diiooreied in 1894, for 200L 
(Contult LUerarif GaxeUe 1835, No. 50, 
p. 197 sq.) A veihal reprint, Lmdj Pa^fne 
and Foity 1895. 8°. 

21129 — the tragicall higtorie of 
Hamlet, prince of Denmarke. 
Newly imprinted and enlarged to 
almost as much again as it was, ac- 
cording to the true and perfect 
ooppie, Lond., Landure, 1604. 4°. 

60 leaves. This likewise very scarce 
edition contains the play complete for the 
first time^ and in the form m which it 
came out of the poet's hands. A 2nd edi- 
tion, LoruL 1605. 4°. The 3id edition, ib.y 
for Smethwieke, without date. 4**. (4L 4s. 
Bindley.) Also^ LcntL 1607, T609, 161 1 
« (61. los. Rhodes), 1637 (in Wolfenbttttel), 
all in 4**. — Hamlet iraffetUa tradtunda e 
ihutrada eon la vida del autor y noiae oru 
Heoiy por Inarco Celenio (Leandro Alora- 
tin). Madr. 1 798. 4". with plates. 

21130 — King Lear. Lond., Batter, 

1608. 4". 

There are 3 editions of this date, the 
oldest of which commences with signature 
B (38I. Steevens, and a defective copy lol. 

21131 — taming of the shrew. Lond., 
V. S., 1607. 4*". 

9ol. Steevens. The play however is not 
that of Shakspeaie's. Also^ lAmd, 1631. 4^ 

21132 — Troilus and Cressida. Lond., 
6. Eld, 1609. 4^ 

5L IDS. Steevens. 

21133 — Othello. Lond., N. O., 1622. 

The scarcest original edition of one of 
Shakspeare*s singte plays after Hamlet 
(991. 8s. Steevens, 56I. 14s. Bindley, \^, 
I OS. Gilchrist, 4aL Rhodes.). 

21134 — tragedie trad, da Mch. Le- 
oni. Verona, 1 819-31. 8^ 6 vols. 

21135 — Shakspeare trad, de I'an- 

glais (par le Toumeur, le comte de 

Catnelan, et Fontaine-Malherbe). 

Par., Duchesne, 1776-82. 8®. 20 


From the 3rd voL le Toumeur alone su- 
perintended this very free and but little 
successful translation. There are also co- 
pies on laige paper in 4°. 

21136 — oeuvres completes, trad, de 

I'angl. par le Tonmeor. Nouv. 

^dit. rerue et corrigee par Fr. Gui- 



zot et A. P(ichot). Par., Ladvocat, 
1821-22. 8°. 12 voll. (60 fr., on 
large vellum paper 180 fr.) 

21137 — Schauspiele, aus dem Engl, 
ubs. von Cp. Mt. Wieland. Zur., 
Orell, 1762-66. 8^ 8 voll. (8 d.) 

21138 — Schauspiele, von J. Jo. 

Eschenburg. Zur., Orell, 1775-82. 

8°. 13 voll. (13 d.) Strb. u. Man- 

heim, 1778-79. 8°. 19 voll. — Neue 

ganz umgearb. Aufl. Zur. 1798- 

1806. 8^ 12 voll. (II d. 8 gr., on 

writing paper 20 d. 16 gr.) 

In addition, J. Jo. Eschenburg Sber W, 
Shaktpeare, Z&r. 1787 or 1806. 8"*. (i d.) 

21139 — dramat. Werke, iibs. von 
A. W. Schlegel. Berl., linger, 
1797-1810. 8°. 9 voll. (5 d. 4 gr., 
on writing paper 10 d., on vellum 
paper 15 d. 20 gr.) — Sammtliche 
Werke, ubs. von A. W. v. Schlegel, 
erganzt u. erlautert von L. Tieck. 
Berl., Reimer, 1825. 8®. 9 voll. 
(4 d., on fine paper 5 d., on vellum 
paper 6 d. 16 gr.) 

Of the latter edition only vols. I. II. and 
IV. have appeared. 

21140 — Schauspiele. Uebs. von J. 
H. Voss u. dessen Sohnen H. u. 
Abr. Voss. B. 1-3. Lpz., Brock- 
haus, 1 81 8-1 9. (9 d.) B. 4-6. 
Stuttg., Metzler, 1822-25. 8°. 

It is going on. 

21141 — dramat. Werke, iibs. u. er- 
laut. von J. W. O. Benda. Lpz., 
Goschen, 1825. 16°. 16 voll. (4 d.) 

21142 — Tonneelspelen, naar het 
Engelsche en het Hoogduitsche 
vertaald (by Bn. Brunius and 
others). Amst., Borchers, 1778- 
82. 8°. 5 voll. 

No more seems to have appeared — 
Of Shak8peare*s DramaiMe vaerker, over- 
satte of P. Foertom off forttai af P. F. 
Wfdfft vols. 5-9 appeared, Kopenh, 1817- 
«i. 8^ 

21143 — Shakspeare and his times, 
by Nathan Drake. Lond. 181 7. 4°. 
2 vols, with 2 plates (5I. 58., on 
large paper 7I. 75.). Six old plays 
on which Shaksp. founded his plays, 
edited by Nichols. Lond. 1779. 8°. 




2 vols. Ed. H. Seymour remarks 
critical, conjectural and explanatory 
upon the pLays of Sh. Lond. 1805. 
8°. 2 vols. (il. IS.) Fr. Douce il. 
lustrations of Shakspeare, and of 
ancient manners. Lond. 1807. 8°. 
2 vols. (il. I IS. 6d.) 

A chronolof^ical list of the earlier expla- 
natory woiIlb is in Steevens^s edition of 
1793, T. I. p. 460-471. It would be well 
worth the trouble to oompoiie a separate 
Bibliotheca Shakspereana out of this list, 
and the other biblic^graphical notices which 
are to be found in the English editions, 
with the addition of the foreign aooounts. 

21144 — Sonnets. Never before im- 
printed. Lond., G. Eld, 1609. 4^ 

80 pages. 

The first edition and extremely scarce ; 
it contains 154 sonnets and a poem, A 
lover's eomplainty in stanzas of 7 lines. 
Offered fur sale by Longman in 1815 at 
30I., and sold at the duke of Marlborough^s 
sale in 1819 for 57I. 

21145 — poems. Lond., Th. Cotes, 

1640. 8^. 

Also, Lond. 1725. 4°. {ib.), Th, Evatu 
(1774). 8^ ib. 1804. 8^ 2 Yols. (lis.), and 
in several editions of Shakspeare. 

21146 — miscellaneous papers and 
legal instruments under the hand 
and seal of W. Shakspeare, includ- 
ing the tragedie of King Lear and 
a small fragment of Hamlet ; from 
the original MSS. in the possession 
of Sm. Ireland. Lond. 1796. large 

This deception of the younger Ireland 
Malone best discovered in his Inquiry into 
the autheniicitp of certain miMceUaneaua 
papers etc. LontL 1 796. 8**. with 3 plates. 
The entire history of the controversy is 
most complete in J. Joh. Eschenhurg fiber 
den vorgebl. Fund Shaksp. Ifandschrtften, 
LpM. 1797. 8**. (14 gr.) TAlso in the 
Deuisehen Monalsschf^ft 1 796. Bill, and 
1797. B. I. and II.) Consult also The 
eanfeeritmg of W. H. Ireland^ containing 
his fabrioaHon of the Shakspeare manu- 
scripts. Lond. 1805. 8**. (7s. 6d.) In the 
duke of Marlborough*8 library sold by auc- 
tion at London in 1819 was the following 
MS., A full and exjianatory account of 
the Shakspearian forgery ^ by myself the 
writer^ W. H. Ireland^ whidi Mr. Jervis 
bought for 30I. 98. In the catalogue was 
the following note to it, Ireland's own ma- 
nuscript, containing his original documents^ 
contracts and indentures qf Shakspeare^ 


with his Loce verses to Anne Ha^erway, 
with a lock <^ his hair ; illustrated with 
drawings by WestaUy the Irekmds etc., 
portraits <md engravinge cf many of the 
principal persons and places mentioned by 

SHARPE, see Poets. 

21147 SHAW, G. Museum Leve- 
rianum, containing select specimens 
from the museum of Ashton Lever, 
with descript. in lat. and engl. 
(Lond.) 179a. 4^ 2 vols, with illu- 
minated plates. 

21148 — general zoology or natural 
systematical history. Lond. 1800- 
19. large 8°. 11 parts in 22 vols, 
with plates (2 81. 17s. 6d.). 

Containing about 1400 plates. There are 
copies with illuminated plates, and a]so%» 
copies on very large paper. The author 
died afiter the appearance of the 8th voL, 
and J. F. Stephens continned the work. 

21149 — zoological lectures. Lond. 
1 809. large 8°. 2 vols, with plates 
(2I. I2S. 6d.). Also on very large 

21150 — the naturalists miscellany, 
or coloured figures of natural ob- 
jects, drawn and described imme- 
diately from nature by Shaw and 
Nodder. Lond. (1789 sq.). 8°. with 
illuminated plates. 

228 numbers in 19 vols, had appeared of 
this periodical up to 1808, and in 18 15 it con- 
sisted of 1064 illuminated plates (33I. 17s.). 
The zoological miscellany by Elford Leach, 
which has appeared since February 1814 
in monthly parts of 5 plates, is a new 

21151 SHAW, Th. Travels or ob- 
servations relating to several parts 
of Barbary and the Levant. Oxf. 
1738. Supplem. ib. 1746. fol. 2 
vols, with plates. 

There are copies on large paper. Also, 
Lond. 1757. 4*^. with plates. Lond. 1808. 
8^ 2 vols, with plates (18s.). In Frendi, 
HayCf 1743. 4^ 2 vou. with plates. In 
German, Lpx. 1765. 4^ 

21152 SHAW, W. Gaelic English 
and English Gaelic dictionary, con- 
taining all the words in the Scotch 
and Irish dialects of the Celtic. 
Lond. 1780. 4^ 2 vols. — Analysts 
of the Gallic language. Lond. 1778. 



SHEFFIELD, see Buckikoham. 

21153 SHELDRAKE, Timothy. 
Botanicum medicinale, an herbal of 
medical plants. Lond., without date 
(about 1759). ^^^' ^^ *'7 illumi- 
nated plates. 

21154 SHENSTONE, W. Works 
in verse and prose. Lond. 1 764. 8". 
2 vols. Lond. 1773. 12^ 3 vols. 
Lond. 1791. 8^ 4 vols. — Poetical 
works. Lond. 1798. 12°. 2 vols, 
with plates. Lond., Suttaby, 1807. 
I8^ Lond. 1814. 12°. 

21155 SHEPHERDS kalendar, or 
the citizen's and countnrman's daily 
companion. Lond., without date. 

21156 — the kalendar of shyppars, 
translatyt of Franch in Englysh. 
Par., 23 Juyng 1503. fol. Gothic 

letter with woodcuts. 

Sold at the Rozbuighe lale for 180I. Alio, 
Lond,, Wynkyn de Words, 1508 or 1528. 
4". Oothic letter. Without place or date 
{Lend,, R. Pynwn). fol. Gothic letter. 
Lond,, JuHan NoUary, 15. . . fol. Gothic 
letter (the only known copy is defective). 

Consult also Compost and Schapher- 


21157 SHERIDAN, Rch. Brinsley. 
Dramatic works, edited by Th. 
Moore. Lond., Murray, 1821. 8°. 
2 vols. (il. 88.) — Parliamentary and 
other speeches and memoirs. Lond. 
1816. 8^ 5 vols. (3I. 3s.)— J. Wat- 
kins Memoirs of the public and pri- 
vate life of Sheridan. Lond. 1817. 
4°. 2 vols, with plates (3I. 3s.). 
Also, Lond. 1817. 8°. 2 vols, 
(il. 8s.) 

21158 SHERIDAN, Th. General 
dictionary of the Engl, language. 
Lond. 1780 or 89. 4°. 2 vols. 

Ed, III, Lond, 1790. 8*. a vols, and 
often, is an abridgment thereof. 

21159 SHIRREF, And. Poems, 
chiefly in the Scotish dialect. E. 
dinb. 1790. 8^ 

21160 SHUEK. Nufhut-ool-Yu- 
mun ; an Arabic miscellany of com- 
positions in prose and verse, se- 
lected or original, by Shuekh Uh- 
mud (i. e. Sheikh Ahmad). Cal- 
cutta, 1 81 1 . large 4^. 



21161 — ichwan-oos sufla, in the ori- 
ginal Arabic; revised and edited 
by the same. Calcutta, 1812. large 

21162 SIBBALD, J. Cronide of 
Scotish poetry itom the 13 th cen- 
tury to the union, with a glossary. 
Lond. r8o2. 8^ 4 vols. 

A collection of memorials of Scottish 
poetry with explanatory annotations. The 
4th vol. contains a very important glossary 
of not less than 6000 words. Consult 
Edinburgh rotiew. III. 198. 

21163 SIBBALD, Rb. Scotia illus- 
trata, sive prodromus historise na- 
turalis (Scotise). Edimburgi, 1684 
(other copies 1 696) . fol. with plates. 
Also on large paper. 

21164 — historical inquiries concern- 
ing the Roman monuments in Scot- 
land. Edinb. 1707. fol. with plates. 

21165 SIBHAI sibjan. (The rose 
garland of boys, a small Arabic and 
Turkish glossary for scholars to 
learn by heart, otherwise called 
Mahmudije). Constantinop. 1221 
(1797). 8°. 33 pages. 

21166 SIBTHORP, J. Flora Oxoni- 
ensis, exhibens plantas in agro 
Oxon. sponte crescentes. Ox. 1 794. 
large 8°. 

21167 — flora grieca^ sive plantar, 
rarior. historia^ quas in provinciis 
aut insulis Grteciss legit et depingi 
curavit J. Sibthorp. Characteres 
omnium, descriptiones et synonym a 
elaboravit Jac. £d. Smith. Lond., 
Taylor, 1806 sq. ful. 

There are as yet 5 vols., each of a Nos. 
with 50 illuminated plates (designed by 
Fr. Bauer, engraved and coloured by Sow- 
erby.) Each vol. costs iti\. This splendid 
work, of which a small impression only 
was struck off, is designed to be in 10 vols., 
which are to contain 1000 plates. 

21168 (SIBYLLiE.) Sibyllinor. 
oraculor, libri VIII. nunc prim, 
in lucem editi (gr.) Adjecta quoque 
sunt Lactantii excerpta de his tes- 
timonial cum annotationibus, per 
Xystum Betulejum; Bas., J. Opo- 
rinus, 1545* small 4°. 

104 pages, and 8 unnumbered leaves. 



The I St edition of the entire collection 
after an Augabui^ MS. In addition, S^. 
Caitalio*8 Latin translation, Bom. 1546. 8*^. 
—Previously, SibyU^ Erythr. oamdna de 
Chruto in the Theocritut AkU 1495. 

21169 — Sibyllinor. oraculor. libri 

VIII. (gr.) addita Sb. Castalionis 

inter pretatione latina. Cum anno- 

tatt. Xysti Betuleji in gneca Si- 

byllina oracula et Seb. Castalionis 

in translationem suam, Bas., J. 

Oporinus, 1555. 8°. 

333 piig^ f^^ I l^f* The text is oor. 
re^ed from a MS. of Marcus Antinuu^us. 

21170 — Sibylls oracula, gr. Par., 
6u. Morellius, 1566. 4°. 

21171 — Sibyllina oracula ex vett. 
codd. aucta, renovata et notis il- 
lustrata a J. Opsopoeo, cum inter- 
pretatione latina Seb. Castalionis et 
indice. Par., (ad insigne navis)^ 
1599. 8®. with plates, 8 leaves of 
preliminary matter, 524 and 71 

?ages, and i leaf. — Oracula metrica 
ovis, ApoUinis, Hecates, Sera- 
pidis et alior. deorum ac vatum 
tam virorum quam feminarum, a 
J. Opsopoeo collecta. Item As- 
trampsychi oneirocriticon a Jos. 
Scaligero digestum et castigatum. 
Grace et lat. Par. 1599. 8°. p. VII 
-XXIV. 1-114 and 3 leaves. — 
Oracula magica Zoroastris cum 
Bcboliis Plethonis et Pselli nunc 
prim, editis. £ bibliotheca regia. 
Studio J. Opsopoei. Par. 1599. 8''. 
I leaf, title, and p. 7-144. 

A complete copy of this fine edition 
ought to consist of these 3 pieces. The 
editor made use of 2 MSS., and MS. ob- 
servations by Ranoonnet, Adr. Tumebus, 
and J. Auratus. There are no more any 
copies on large paper, than there is an 
earlier edition of 1589. 

21172 (the same title). Par., 

{ad insigne navis), 1607. 8°. 

A new unaltered, but incorrect impres- 
sion of the preceding edition, the collation 
of which win completely suit this. 

21173 — Sibyllina oracula ex vett. 
codd. emendata ac restituta, et com. 
mentariis diversorum illustrata, op. 
et stud. Servatii Galliei. Accedunt 
etiam oracula magica Zoroastris, 
Jovis, ApoUinis etc, AstTampsychi 
oneiTocriticum etc. Orsece et lat. 


cum notis varior. Amst., Boom, 

1689. 4*"- 

791 and 197 pages. A new recension 
from a MS. in the possession of the Oxford 
profiassor, Ed. Bernard, and a careful collect- 
ion of the exQgetical apparatus that has hi- 
therto appeared. There should be also 
added, Serv. GaUmi DisterU, de SibgiHt 
earumqt&e oracttiis. Amti., Boomy 1688. 
4°. There are copies of both works on 
large paper. 

21174 — Sibylla liber XIV. (gr. 
lat.) editore et interprete Ang. 
Majo. Additur sextus liber et pars 
octavi cum multa vocum et versuum 
varietate. Mediol., regiis typis, 

1 81 7. 8^ 56 pages. 
There are also copies in 4**. 

21175 — fragmenta libror. Sibyllinor. 
quie apud Lactantium reperiuntur, 
edid. C. L. Struve. Regiom., Nico- 
lovius, 1818. 8°. (12 gr.) 

21176 — opusculum de vaticiniis 
Sibyllar. Oppenheim, without date 
(about 1516). 4°. with woodcuts, 
17 leaves. 

21177 — Sibyllarum duodecim ora- 
cula, ex antiquo libro latine per 
J. Auratum et gallice per CI. Bi- 
netum edita, cum eonmdem fignris 
a J. Rabellio expressis. Par., J. 
Rabel, 1586. fol. 

20 leaves, with plates printed in the text. 
The following work differs therefrom in 
the text and plates; XIL Stbyttar. tma- 
gifiMj in mt ^eganter inciue : addUa nti- 
ffularum breve$ detcripiUmes. AmKemU^ 
J, Janaton, 161 8. fol. a printed title, and 

L plates. Betchryvinge en heerlyke Af- 
idinge der twalf SibgUen. AmsL 1608. 
fol. with 13 plates by C. van Sichem. 

21178 — oraculos de las doze Sibilas, 
por Baltasar Poreno. Cuenca, 1621. 

21179 — la Deifobe, ovvero gli ora- 
coli della Sibilla Cumea. Mouodia 
di Bernardino Baldi. Ven., Ciotti, 
1604. 8°. 

21180 — Offenbarung der Sibyllen 
Weissagungen. Oppenbeim, 1516. 
4*". with woodcuts, 4 and a 2 leaves. 
— Zwolff' Sibyllen Weissagungen, 
viel wunderbarer zukunfft besa- 
gendt. Without place or date 
(1570-80). 8°. — Oracula Sibyllina 
oder 9 BQcher SibyUin. Weissagun- 


fm, au8 der Griecb. in die deutsche 
prache iibergesetzet u. erlauteit 
von J. Ch. Nehring. Essen, 1 702. 
8*^. 2. verb. a. yerm. Ausg. Halle, 
1 7 19. 8°. 

21181 — the Sibylline oracles, trans- 
lated from the best Greek copies, 
and compared with the sacred prou 

.phecies, by J. Floyer. Lond., 
Bruges, 17 13. 8'. 

21182 — firasmi Schmidii Sibyllina. 
Witt. 1618. 8^ J. Marckii De 
libris Sibyllinis disputatt. Franeq. 
1682. 8^ Is. Vossius De Sibyllis 
aliisque oraculb. Ox. 1680. 8°. 
Rch. Simonii Opuscula critica adv. 
Is. Vossium. Edinb. 1685. 4°. 
J. Reiske Exercitatt. de vaticiniis 
Sibyllinis. Lps. 1688. 8°. J.Jensii 
Diss, de Sibyllinis Romanor. car- 
minibus. Dordr. 1701. 8''. J. F. 
Weidleri Diss, ad locum Sib) Use 
Erythr. lib. III. Witt. 1713. 8^ 
Sm. Reichel Comm. de libris Si- 
byllinis ad Tarquinium Priscum 
venum allatis. Chemnieii, 1 760. 4^. 
Birgeri Thorlacii libri Sibyllistarum 
▼eteris ecdesiee crisi, quatenus mo- 
oumenta Christiana sunt, subjecti. 
Havn. 1815. 8°. 

21183 SICARD, Roche Ambr. Cours 
d'instruction d'un sourd-muet. Par. 
an 8 (1800). 8^— Th^orie des 
signes pour Tinstruction des sourds- 
muets. Par. 1808-14. 8°. 2 voll, 

21184 SICCAMA, Sibrand. Lex 
Frisionum s. antiquee Frisionum 
leges, notis illustratie a Sibrando 
Siccama. Accedunt statuta opstal- 
bomica, Saxonum leges tres et Ca- 
roli M. capitularia duo de rebus 
Saxoniee. Omnia cum notis C. Gu. 
Gaertneri. Lps. 1730. 4®. 

Previously, Franek. 1617. 4*. 

SICILIiE, see Torremuzza. 

21185 SICCO Polentone. Catinia 
comedia, scritta in prosa volgare. 
Trento, 28 Marcii 1482. 4^. 

The first Italian comedy in prose. Sioco 
wrote it in Latin prose atxmt the middle of 
the 15th century, and it was afterwards 
translated into Italian (probably by his 
son, Modesto Polentone). This edition, 



which is not divided into acts and scenes, 
is very scarce. Consult Fontanini by 
Zeno, T. I. p. 358. 

SICULUS, see Diodorus. 

21186 SIDDHANTA, Kaumudi. 
Sanscrit grammar. Calcutta, 1 8 1 2 . 
large 4°. 

SIDDUR Tephillotb, see Tbphil- 


SIDETA, see Marcellus. 

21187 SIDNEY, Algernon. Dis- 
courses concerning government, with 
his letters etc. Lond. 1 773. large 8**. 

The best edition. Also, Lond, 1704 or 
51. fol. ib. 1750 oe 94. S°. i rch. In 
French by P. A. Samson, Haye^ 1703. 
smaO 8**. 3 vols, (the finest edition). Also, 
ib, 1755' '2°* 4 ^^'l*- ^'^ often. In Ger^ 
man by Ch. Ehu Erhard, Lpm, 1793. 8*. 

2 vols. (5 d.) 

21188 SIDNEY, Ph. Works in 
prose and verse. Lond. 1725. 8^. 

3 vols. 

21189 — Arcadia, book 1-3. Lond., 
Posonbie, 1590. 4°. 

The I St edition of this often printed ro- 
mance. Also, LoruL 1593, 1598, 1623, 
1^33) 1655- fol* <^nd often. In Frendi 
(by J. Baudoin), Par. 1624-25. 8^ 3 vols. 
In German by Valent. Theocritus von 
Hirschberg, Ff. a. M. 1639. 4**. with 
plates by Merian (5 books). Superintended 
by Mt. Opitz, Ff. 1643. 8". with the same 
plates (6 books). Leiden^ 1642. I^^ and 
Amtt, 1659. 12^ 2 vols, with plates. 

SIDONIUS ApoUinaris, see Apol- 


21190 SIDRAC. La fontaine de 
tontes sciences du philosoghe Syd- 
rach. Par., Ant. VerarJ, 20 Febr. 
i486, fol. Gothic letter. 

The ist edition, extremely scarce. 

21191 — la Fontaine des tontes 
scieces du philozophe Sydrach. 
Par., Ant. V^rard, without date 
(about 1496). fol. Gothic letter, 
with woodcuts. 

186 leaves in 2 columns, with 37 lines, 
and signatures. The 2nd edition, a copy 
of which, on vellum, is in the Royal li. 
brary at Paris (previously 200 fr. Oaignat, 
299 fr. 95 c. McCarthy). 

21192 — Sydrach le grand philosophe, 
fontaine de toutes sciences, con te- 
nant mil quatre viugts et quatre 
demandes et solutions d'icelles. Par., 




Alain Lotrian, without date. 4°, 
Gothic letter. 

21193 — mil nil. Vingtz et quatre 
demandes auec lea Solutions et Re- 
sponses a tous propoz, oeuure cu- 
rieux et moult recreatif, selon le 
saige Sidrac. Par., Galliot Dupr^, 

1531. 8^ 

32 leaves of preliminary matter, 971 
numbered leaves, and i leaf with the 
printer's symbol. This edition, in Roman 
characters, is sought after in France. 

21194 — een schoone Historie ge- 
hyeten Sydrac, welke Sydrac was 
een philosooph eude was op aer- 
trike duisend jaer voor Goods ge- 
boorten. Leiden, 1495. fol. 

21195 — Historie des Philosops Sy- 
drack. Antw. 1516. fol. 

Concerning a MS. of a Dutch work in 
rhyme of the 14th century, see BibHoth, 
Ufflmbach, manuacr, P. IV. p. 31. 

21196 — the history of king Boccus 
and Sydracke, how he confounded 
his lerned men. Lond., Godfrey, 
without date. 4°. Gothic letter. 

Extremely scarce, and sold at the duke 
of Marlborough's sale in 1819 for 35I. 148. 

The probably Latin originiJ of this work 
was composed in the 13th century, consult 
OpuMColi di etutori Sicikani, T. XII. p. 138 
sq. There is also an unprinted Italian 
translation, see FartetH Bibliot. mono- 
acriiia, II. 97 sq. 

21197SIEBENKEES, J. Ph., Anec- 
dota graeca e prsestantissimis ita- 
licar. hibliothecar. codicibus. Edid. 
et praef. est J. Ad. Goez. Nrb., 
Stein, 1798. 8^ (20 gr.) 

21198 SIEBMACHER, J. Das 
grosse u. voUstandige, anfangs Sieb- 
macherische, hernacher Filrstische 
u. Helmerische, nun aber Weige- 
lische Wappenbuch in 6 Theilen, 
mit einer vorr. von J. D. Kohler. 
Nrb., Weigel, 1734. fol. — is-i2s 
Supplement. Nrb., Raspe, without 
date. fol. with plates, 2 vols. 

The number of plates in the principal 
work is, T. I. 326, T. II. 164, T. III. aoo, 
T. IV. 200, T. V. 312 and 56, T. VI. 2$ 
and 5.— In the supplements, I. 36, II. 35, 
III. 21, IV. 30, V. 30, VI. 30, VII. 30, 
VIII. 31, IX. 31, X. 33, XL 26, XII. 28. 

SIEGE, see Caorbin, and Gode- 

FBOY, No. 8637. 


21199 SIEGENBEEK, Matthjrs. 
Verhandeling over de nederduitsche 
Spelling, ter bevordering van een- 
parigheid in dezelve. Amst., Al- 
lart, 1805. 8°. (2fl. 8 St.) Woor- 
denboek voor de nederduitsche 
Spelling. ib.,id., 1806. 8°. (2 fl. 88t.) 

21200 SIEGFRIED. Hierinn findt 
jr ein schdnes Lied Von dem Hiir^ 
nen Seyfried. Nrb., G. Wachter, 
without date (about 1560). 8"^. with 
woodcuts^ 5 sheets. 

21201 — Hurnen Sewfried, Ge- 

sangsweiss. Without place, 1585. 

8°. 5 sheets. 

Both editions contain one and the same 
edition in rhyme. Consult Hagen*8 Grun- 
drissj p. 48, and Koch*s Compend. II. 

SIENA, Ant. da., see Bbttini. 

SIENA. A list of comedies of the 
two academies of Siena in the dia- 
lect of Siena^ see in Femow's Rom. 
Studien, III. 497. 

21202 SIERAKOWSKI, Sebast. 

Architektura obeymuiaca wszelki 

gatunek murowania i budowania 

(architecture, embracing all kinds 

of walls and building). Krakow, 

1812. fol. 2 ?oll. (200 Polish fl.) 

Greatly prized in Poland. The ist voL 
contains the text in 387 pages, the and 
116 plates. 

Bohusz, Stanisl. Recherches his- 
toriques sur Torisine des Sarmates^ 
des Esclavons et des Slaves, et sur les 
dpoques de la conversion de ces peu- 
ples au christianisme. Petersb. 1 813. 
8°. 4 vols, with 3 maps. 

SIGiEA, see Meursius. 
SIGISMUNDA and Guiscardus, 

see Abbtinus, No. 984, 985, and 

Florius, No. 7664. 
SIGLARIUM, see Gerhard. 
SIGNA quindecim extremi judicii^ 

see Enndtkrist. 

21204 SIGNES {les) pr^cedens le 
grant jugement g^n^ral de nostre 
redempteur Jesu Christ. Without 
place or date. 4°. Gothic letter, with 

Printed at Paris by V^rard or Trepperel 


about 1500^ with the tigiiatuies a~e. It 
is the flBine pieoe^ a German tranalatian of 
whidi is quoted above, under Ekkdt- 
KRIST, No. 6739. The original is in 
Latin. It appeared previously in the woric, 
Traiii de P adftemerU de r Antichrist et 
det %$ ngnet pr4eidenM le jugemmU et dm 
jojfe* du ParadU. Par., Virard^ 1492. fol. 
Gothic letter. 

21205 SIGNORELLI, Pt. Napoli. 

Satire aei. Genova^ i774* 4°- 
Also in the Opu$eoli, 

21206 — storia critica de' teatri an- 
tichi € modemi. Nap. 1777. 8®. — 
Ed. II. Nap. 1787-90. 8°. 6 voll. 
Addizioni. ib. 1798. 8°.— Ed. III. 
Nap. 1813. 8°. 10 voll. 

The epithet critica in the title must not 
be understood too strictly. In German 
(after the ist edition), Beniy 1783. 8^ 
1 voll. 

21207 — vicende della coltura nelle 
due Sicilie. Nap. 1784-86. 8''. 
5 voll. Supplemento. ib. 1791- 
93. 8°. 2 voll. — Ed. II. Nap. 1810 
-II. 8^ 8 voll. 

21208 — opusooli varj. Nap. 1792- 
95. 8-. 4 voll. 

21209 — delle migliori tragedie 
greche e ftrancesi, traduzioni ed 
analisi comparative. Mil. 1804-5. 
8°. 3 voll. 

21210 — element! di critica diploma- 
tica con istoria preliminare. Mil. 
1 805-8. 8^. 4 voll. 

21211 SIGONIUS, C. Opera omnia, 
edita et inedita, cum notis varior. 
et ejusd. vita a L. Ant. Muratorio 
conscripta. Ph. Argelatus nunc 
prim. coUegit suasque animadw. 
adjecit, nee nou indicibus exor- 
navit. Medio!., in sedibns Palatinis, 
1732-37. fol. 6 voll. 

There are also copies on very large 

21212 SIKE, H. Evangelium in- 
fantise vel liber apocryphus de in- 
fantia salvatoris, arab. et lat.^ ex 
versione et cum notis H. Sike. 
Traj. ad Rh. 1697. 8°. 

In FabricH Codex apocr. N. T. only the 
Latin translation is reprinted, and not the 
Arabic original nor the notes of this edi- 

SILENTIARIUS, see Paulus. 



21213 SILIUS Italicus. Punicorum 
libri XVII. Romse, Sweynheym 
et Pannartz^ 1471* ^ol. 

The first edition, very scarce, and fine, 
only 975 copies of whidi were printed; 
189 printed leaves in all with 38 lines, 
without signatures, catchwords, and pagi- 
nation, first comes SHnu Italicus on 161 
leaves, and leaf i* line i is, SilH ItaRci 
Punicorum. IjbbS \6i^ is the colophon 
Then follow the Edqgues of Calphumius in 
leaf i6as ^e ist line of which is, C. CaU 
phundi Carmi buoolicH incipit feiieiter, 
Calphurnius occupies 15 leaves. The 
Opera et dies of Hesiod, after the metrical 
Latin version of N. de Valle, end the book 
on 13 leaves, and b^n in leaf 176^ with 
18 verses of de Valle to Pius II. The Jst 
line is in leaf 177s, Hesiodi Poete ^pya koi 
il/juepeu, and the last or loth line of 180^ is 

Calpomius and Hesiod are also some- 
times to be met Mrith separate^ but they 
certainly belong to a complete copy of this 
edition ; it is rather incorrect, and some- 
times entire verses are wanting. 

21214 — Punicorum libri XVII. 
Romse (G. Lauer)^ 6 cal. Mai. 
1 47 1, large 4^ 

181 leaves (180 according to Dibdin) 
with 34 Hnes, without signatures, catch- 
words, and pagination. The types are the 
same as those of Lauer*s editio princeps of 
Curtius, see above, No. 5524. Leaf i^^ 
line I is, RDIOR ARM A : Qui, This 
ist page has a8 lines. On the reverse 
of the last leaf is the colophon, which 
closes with the line MaL Rome. This edi- 
tion is less fine than the preceding, but is 
more scarce, printed from a better codex, 
and consequently may be considered as an 
editio princeps as well as that. It was su- 
perintended by Pomp. Lstus. 

The existence of an edition, RonuSf 1474. 
foL rests indeed on the sole testimony of 
Drakenborch, who professes to have seen 
it; as yet it has no where been found. 
Still less has another pretended Roman 
edition of 1480, fol. been found, which in 
any case is a confusion with the Milan 
edition of 148 1. 

21215 — Punicorum libri XVII. 
Parmee (And. Portilia?), 16 Nov. 
1 48 1, fol. 

1 72 leaves (the ist blank), with the sig- 
natures o^r (a and x have 10 leaves, the 
rest 8), and 36 lines. Leaf 2" (signa- 
ture ott) line I is, SILII ITALICI PV- 
NICORVM. A life of the poet forms the 
conclusion on the /o/to recto of the last leaf. 
The text is for the most part that of 1471. 

21216 — Punicorum libri XVII. 

17S2 S I L 

Mediol., Ant. Zarotus^ 7 id. Nov. 

1481. fol. 

Superintended and ounected by Pt. Jub- 
tinus Philelphusy oonaequenUy it has Bome 
readings of its own, and good ones. It is 
more scarce than the preceding, and ends 
with the words, Lector benevole vale per- 

21217 — Punicorum libri XVII. 
cum Pt. Marsi interpretatione. 
Ven.^ Bt. de Tortis^ 6 Maji 1483. 

178 leayes with signatures, without 
catdiwords and pagination. Leaf i^ begins 
with the superscription, Petri Marsi tn/er- 
pretaHo in SyUium JUUicum ad Hi, prin- 
eipem Virffinium Vrsinunu The ist edi- 
tion with this commentary. 

21218 — Syllius Italicus. Cum 
oommentariis Pt. Marsi. Ven.^ 
Bonetus Locatellus, 15 cal. Jun. 

1492. fol. 

166 leaves with the signatures a^u^ 
without catchwords and pagination. The 
last leaf contains the printer's symboL A 
repetition of the preceding, as is also, Ven. 
(without the printer's name), 12 cal. Oct, 

1493. fol. 

21219 — Silius Italicus cum argu- 
mentis Hm. Buschii. Lps., Mt. 
Herbipolensis, 1504. 4^ 

21220 — Silius Italicus. Par.^ pro 

Radulpho Laliseau, la Dec. 1508. 


Not noticed i» Panzer. Mentioned by 
Ruperti. Without notes. 

21221 — Sillii italici libri XVII. 
cum huberrimis Pt. Marsi com- 
mentariis ad amussim emuncti. 
Par., N. de Pratis^ XI. cal. Maji 
1512. fol. 

4 unnumbered leaves, and 174 num- 
bered. Some of the copies have Ponset le 
Preux's mark and name, and some Fr. 
Rognault's. This edition is said to be 
more correct than the Venetian edition by 

21222 — opus de secundo hello 
Punico (cura Damiani Benessie). 
Lugd., Bm. Trott^ m. Jan. 15 14. 


Scarce, and of critical value. 

21223 — opus de bello Punico se- 
cundo summa cura Ambr. Nicandri 
castigatum, restitutis multis car- 
minibus, quae in aliis desyderan- 


tur. Flor., Ph. Junta, m. Mart. 

1515- 8^ 

ao8 numbered leaves. The text of this 
edition is disfigured by too bold altera- 

21224 — Punicor. libri XVII. cum 
argiimentis Hm. Buschii et scholiis 
in margine adjectis. Baa., Th. 
Wolf, 4 id. Nov. 1522. 8°. 

4 unnumbered and 334 numbered leaves. 
Repeated, Par., ColiiUBUSf I53I.8^ Bos., 
H. Petri, 1543. 8^ 

21225 — de bello Punico secundo 
XVII. libri nuper diligentissime 
castigati. Ven., Aldus et And. 
Asulanus, m. Jul. 1524. 8°. 

210 leaves, and a leaves, cobphon and 
anchor. One of the rarer, but not of the 
better Aldines. The Juntine text forms 
the basis, but in Lib. VIII. v. 145-325, 
81 verses, not before printed, are added 
(probably out of Jae. ConttaniH CoUeetiU 
neorum hecatoet. Fani, 1508. 4°.), the ge- 
nuineness of which nevertheless is still un- 

21226 — de bello Punico libri XVII. 
Lugd., Seb. Gryphius, 1547 or 51. 

A reprint of the Aldine^ as is also the 
edition, Antw., Ph, NtUkuy 1566. la*. 

21227 — de secundo bello Punico: 
in quo ad codicis Modiani fidem 
versus spurii ejecti sunt ac legitimi 
substituti ; notn uberiores sub ere- 
pundianor. Silianor. titulo adjectie 
opera Dn. Heinsii. LB., Raphe- 
lengius, 1600. 24°. 

A new recension, but not quite satisfac- 
tory. The first 5 books only are Ailly 
handled, the rest but cursorily. The Cre^ 
fundia SUiana was reprinted by itself, 
Cbr.y Daniel, 1646. is"*. 

21228 — in Silii Italici Punica s. de 
bello Punico secundo libros XVII. 
CI. Dausquejus (cum texiu). Par., 
Douceur, 1615. 4^ 

The date is alt^^ into 1618 in the titles 
of most of the copies. Learned, but with- 
out arrangement or selection, and unjust 
towards Heinsius. 

21229 — de bello Pun. secundo 
libri XVII. Cp. Cellarius recen- 
suit et notis et tabulis geogr. ac 
gemino indice illustravit. Lps., 
Fritsch, 1695. small 8''. 

21230 — Punicor. libri XVII. cum 


excerptis ex Fr. Modii novantiqais 
lectt. et Csp. Barthii adversariis, 
turn Dn. HeiDsii crepundiis Silianis 
et postumis notis N. Heinsii nunc 
prim, editis. Curante Am. Dra- 
kenborch^ cujas etiam annotatt. 
passim additae sunt. Traj. ad Rh., 
van de Water, 1717. 4". with 

A new and careful recension from Oxford 
MSS. and old editions, with materials 
carefully collected together. The annota- 
tions are less satisfactory. The edition is 
greatly sought after, and copies on large 
paper are very scarce. 

21231 — Silius Italicus de bello Pu- 
nico. Pisauri, 1765. 8®. 

21232 — Punicorum libri XVII. e 
rec. Am. Drakenborchii. Curavit 
et glossarium latinitatis adjecit J. 
Pt. Schmid. Mitav., Hinz, 1775. 
8®. (2d. I2gr.) Also on writing 

21233 — de bello Punico secundo 
poema, ad fidem vett. monumentor. 
castigatum, fragmento auctum. Cu- 
rante J. Bt. Lefebvre de Ville- 
brune. Par. 1781. 12°. 

21234 — seconde guerre Punique, 

po^me de Silius Ital., corrige sur 4 

MSS. et sur la precieuse Edition de 

Pomponius donnee en 1471 ; com- 

plette par un long fragment trouv6 

dans la biblioth^ue du roi, et trad. 

par Lefebvre de Villebrune {avec 

le iexte latin). Par. 1781. 12°. 

3 voU. ^ 

Tlie two editions belong to each other. The 
critical notes of the first are not in the second, 
which on the other hand contains a nomen- 
elaiure hUiar. et g^Ofir.^ which is not in the 
first. The editor has corrected much from 
his good materials, which however he has 
neither exhausted, nor made use of in a 
way sufficiently to be relied upon ; but he 
has also almost spoiled as much by his te* 
merity and haste. The pretended new dis- 
covery, which he has inserted in lib. XVI. 
▼. 38-^1, is 34 verses from Petrarch^s 
Africa, which he claimed for Silius without 
any foundation. 

21235 — Punicor. libri XVII. ad 

opt. editt. collati. Bip. 1784. 8®.. 

(18 gr.) 

Drakenburch*8 text, with Leiebvre^s va- 
jious rMdiDgs. 



21236 — Punicor. libri XVII. varie- 
tate lectionis et commentario per- 
petuo illustray. J. Ch. 61i. Ernesti. 
Acced. index uberrimus. Lps., 
Weidmann, 1791-92. 8°. 2 Toll. 
(2 d. 20 gr.y on writing paper 

Drakenborch's text with a few altera- 
tions, without the use of any new materials. 
It has the more ex^getical merit. 

21237 — Punicor. libri XVII. (edente 
Heber). Lond., Bulmer, 1 792. 12*^. 
2 voU. On yeUum paper. 

I>rakenborch*s text, with some altera- 
tions after Lefebvre*s. Neatly printed. 

21238 — Punicor. libri XVII. varie- 
tate lectionis et perpetua adnota- 
tione illustrati a G. Alex. Ruperti. 
Gott., Dieterich, 1795-98. 8°. 2 
YoU. (3d. 12 gr.) 

Drakenborch*s text, with some altera- 
tions by Ruperti, and a careful selection of 
the best part of the critical materials that 
have as yet appeared, and a good exegetical 
apparatus of the editor*s own. 

21239 — the second Punick war 
between Hannibal and the Romanes : 
The whole 17 books^ Englished 
from the Latine of Silius Italicus. 
By Th. Ross. Lond., Roy croft, 
1661. fol. Also on large paper. 

With 10 plates by J. Lamorlet, besides 
the title-plate and portrait of Charles II. 

21240 — Cp. Cellarii Diss, de Silio 
Ital. Hal. (1700). 4°. Lr. Hei. 
steri Ep. de morte Silii Ital. ex 

clavo insanabili. Helmst. 1734. 


SILVA de romances, see Roman- 

21241 SILVA, Andr^ Nufies de. 
Poesias yarias, recolhidas por Do- 
mingos Cameiro. Lisb., Gameiro, 
1671. 8". 

21242 SILVA, Ant. de. Primeras 
tragedias espanoles, Nise lastimosa 
J Nise laureada. Madr., Fr. San. 
chez, 1577 8**. 

Also in the Pamaso etpanoiy T. VI. 
p. 1 sq. The author*8 real name is Oero- 
nymo Bermudez, consult Bouierweck Getch. 
(L Poetie, III. 396. 

21243 SILVA, Bernardino da. De- 



fensam damonarchia Lusitana. Lisb. 
1627. 4^ 2 voll. 
Scaroe even in PortugaL 

21244 SILVA, Emman. Commen- 
taria ad ordinationes regni Portu- 
galise. Olysipone^ I74'- ^ol. 4 voll. 
(6000 rees.) 

21245 SILVA, Jo6^ Soares de. Me- 
morias para a historia de Portugal, 
que oomprebendem o governo del 
rey D. Joao I. de 1383 at^ i433* 
Lisb.» Sylva, 1730-32. large 4®. 
3 voU. Colleccam dos documentos. 
ib., id., 1 734. large 4^ 

21246 81LVA, Manoel. O denertor, 
poema heroioob^comioo. Coimbra, 

21247 SILVA, Matthias Pereira da. 
Feniz renascida, ou obras poeticas 
do6 melhores engenbos Portuguezes^ 
publicadas por M. P. da Silva. 
Lisb., Ferreira e Rodrigues, 1717- 
46. 8°. S voll. 

SILVATICUS, see Sylvaticus. 

21248 SILVEIRA, Mig. de. El 
Macabeo, poema heroico. Napoles, 
Longo, 1638. 4^ with plates. Also, 
Madr. 1 73 1 . 8°. 

SILVEIRA, see Nasgimbnto. 

21249 8ILVESTRE, 6r. Obras 

poeticas. Granada, 1582. 8^ 

21250 SILVESTRE, Isr. Recueil 
d*un grand nombre de vues des plus 
belles villes, palais, ch&teaux, mai- 
sons de plaisance de France, d'ltalie 
etc. dessinees et grav. par Isr. Sil- 
vestre. Par., Lr. Cars, 1750. ob- 
long fol. 4 voll. 

This oollecdon is not gready prized, 
because the impressions are not fine. The 
price of older collections of engravings by 
this artist, which are sometimes to be met 
with, is regfulated according to their com- 
pleteness, and the goodness of the impres- 

21251 SILVESTRE, Petro. La 
Proserpina, poema heroico joco- 
serio. Madr. 1721. 4^ 

21252 SILVFER8T0LPE, Ax. Gbr. 
Skaldestycken. Stockh. 1801. 8^ 

SIMEON Sethus, see Sbthub. 

21253 SIMEONI, Obr. Satire alia 
Bemiesca, con una elegia sopra alia 


morte del r^ Francesco I. ed altre 

rime a diverse persone. Turino, 

Cravotto, 1549. 4^ 

A very scaroe small piece of 49 leaves, 
with the signatures a-/. 

21254 SIMEONI, Gbr. Illustra- 
tione de gli epitaffi et medaglie an- 
tiche. Lione, de Tournes, 1558. 4*^. 
with woodcuts. 

21255 ^- les illustres observations 

antiques, en son demise voyage 

d'ltalie. Lyon, de Tournes, 1558. 

4^. with woodcuts. 

Editions of one and the same book, each 
of which however has something peculiar 
to itself. 

SIMLER, Josias, see Gesnbri bi- 


21256 SIMLER, J. W. Deuteche 
Gedichte. Zur. 1648. 8^. 

See concerning it CriHUche Biblioihek^ 
B. II. p. 283 sq. 

SIMOCATTA, see Thbophylac- 


SIMOLACRI, see Simulachri. 
SIMO Socraticus, see Plato, No. 
1 7048. 

21257 SIMON Genuensis. Syno- 
nyma (medicinae). Mediol., Ant. 
Zarotus, 3 Aug. 1473. fol. 157 

The first edition of this medical dic- 
tionary, and scaroe. Repeated under the 
tide, Clavit tanaiionu. Paiav., PL Mau- 
/«r, ao April. 1474. fol. 161 leaves. Ven,^ 
Gu. de Tridinoy 13 Nav» i486. {6L 98 
leaves. Ven.y Locaieiius, 15 10. foL 

21258 SIMON, H. Armorial gen^ 
ral de Tempire fran^ais. Par. 1812. 
large fol. 2 vols, with plates. 

21259 SIMON, Rch. (anon.) His- 

toire critique du vieux testament. 

Without place or date {Par.^ veuve 

BiUaine, 1648). 4®. 

A subsequently printed half-title, 10 
leaves, preface, 4 leaves, table of contents, 
680 pages, text, and 7 leaves, index. The 
original edition, extremdy scaits, which 
was suppressed by order of the chanoeUar 
before its entire completion, and was almost 
completely annihilated. The 6 or 8 copiet 
that escaped are without a title. Aftor a 
faulty copy of one of these the work 
appeared, Suivani la oopie impr, h Patii 
(AmsLf Dn, BlMevisr)^ 168a 4"*. In order 
to obtain admittance into France for this 


edition, whidi is icaroely of any value, 
leveral oopiee reoeired the title, Hittakre de 
la reUffion des Ju^Mj par Habbi Moaes 
Levi. Amst., P. de la FaUle, 1680. 4^ 
The Latin translation made by Nod Au- 
bert de Ven^» from this faulty edition, 
Amst. 1681. 4*. is likewise of no value. 

21260 — (anon,) histoire crit. du 
V. T. Nouv. ^it. Rott., Leers, 
1685. 4°. Hist. crit. du texte du 
N. T. ib. 1689. 4^. Hist. crit. 
des versions du N. T. ib. 1690. 4^. 
Hist. crit. des principaux commen- 
taires du N. T. ib. 1693. 4^. 
Nouvelles observatt. sur le texte 
et les versions du N. T. Par. 1695. 

Thereto also belong, Sentiment de quel' 
quee tMologient de HoUande eur Thut, 
criL du V. T. (par J. le Clere), AmsL 
1685. 8^ [Translated into German, Zur, 
1779. 8". 1 volL] Riponae aus tenHmena 
de quelquet thic^ogiena etc. par le prieur de 
SoUiville (Ech. Simon). RoU. 1686. 4^ 
Dkfenae des eenHmem de quelquea thieiom 
giena (par J. le Clere). AmaL 1686. 8^ 
De Pinapiraiicn dea Hvrea aaeria (par JReh. 
Simon). Roit. 1687. 4'. — Rch. Simon'a 
KrU. Schrr. Htber daa N. T., uha. von 
H, Mth. A. Cramer^ mU Anmerkk. von J. 
Sal. Semler. HaUey Gebauer, 1776-80. 8^ 
9 volL (4d. 13 gr.) 

21261 — biblioth^ue critique ou 
recueil de di verses pieces critiques 
par M. de Sainjore (Rch. Simon). 
Amst., de Lormes, 1708-10. la''. 
4 voU. (anon.) Nouvelle biblio- 
th^ue- choisie. Amst., Mortier, 
1714. 12^ 2 parts in i vol. 

21262 — lettres choisies. Nouv. 
^dit. Amst., Mortier, 1730. 12^ 
4 voU. 

SIMON, Th.. see Gouoh, No. 

21263 SIMONEAU, L. RecueU 
d'estampes pour servir k I'hlstoire 
de Tart de I'imprimerie et de 
la gravure. Without place, 1694. 

21264 — recueil d^estampes pour 

servir k lliistoire des arts et m^ 

tiers, grav^ de 1 694-1710. In 

large fol. 

Only a few copies of both collections, 
engraved at the command of Lewis XIV. 
under Simoneaa's soperintendenoe^ were 
struck off and given away as presents. 



SIMONDE, see Sismondi. 

21265 SIMONETA, Bonifac. (anon.) 
Le liure des persecucions Des cres- 
tiens translate de latin en francoys 
par octouien (sic) De saint gelais. 
Par., Ant. V^rard. Without date 
(about 1506). small fol. Gothic 
letter, with woodcuts. 

239 leaves with 35 lines. A copy on 
vellnm with 5 illuminated woodcuts in the 
Royal library at Paris. The Latin ori- 
ginal appeared, Mediol, Zarotua, 1492. fol. 
Baa.j Kealer^ 1509. foL 

21266 SIMONETA, J. Rerum ge- 
starum Fr. Sphortise Mediolanen- 
sium ducis libri XXXI. Mediol., 
Ant. Zarotus, 10 cal. Febr., with, 
out date (1480). fol. 

190 leaves with 42 lines and signatum. 
The first edition, usually set down in the 
year i47Sh because it ends with a letter of 
Philelphus, dated 6 id, Jun. 1479. But 
as the colophon is dated 10 eal. Febr. it 
must be later than the letter of Philelphus, 
and consequently of 1480. A copy on vel- 
lum in the Royal library at Paris (previ- 
ously 1500 fr. Soubise, 1401 fr. M'Car- 

21267 Mediol., Ant. Zarotus, 

9 cal. Oct. i486, fol. 

188 leaves with 54 lines and signatures. 
A copy on vellum in the Royal library at 
Paris (formerly in the Bibl. Imperial. )» 
another in the Riccardi library at Flo- 

21268 — la historia deUe cose facte 
dallo invictissimo duca Fr. Sforza» 
tradocta in lingua fiorentina da Cp. 
Landino. Mil., Ant. Zaroto, 1490. 

300 leaves with 44 lines and signatures. 
3 copies on vellum are known : i. in the 
Royal libraij at Paris ; a. in the Vatican ; 
3. in Mr. Hibbert^s library at Clapham 
(previouslv 2032 livr. Soubise, 19 10 £r. 
McCarthy). The ist editiou of a valued 
translation, which was repeated, Fen., Bm» 
PImperador, 1544* 8^ ; another is, Slfor* 
tiade foJtia ilaliana de R peati del generoaa 
et inviUo Fr. SforMa, diaHnta m hb. XXX 
Urad. da Sb. FauatoX Ven., Cvrtio Trv- 
i'"*^) 1543 (at the end, iZ<2^EncAo, 1544). 8*. 

21269 SIMONIDIS carmen de mu- 
lieribus, gr. Recensuit atque ani. 
madw. iUustravit G. D. Koeler. 
G6tt.,Vandenhoek, 1 781. 8°. (5 gr.) 

Simonidia /ragmenta duo emendata a G. 
Burgee, in the Claaeical Jaumaly XXII. 
338 iq. 



21270 SIMONIS, J. Lexicon ma- 
nuale hebr. chald. £d. III. rec., 
emendav., auxit J. 6f. Eichhom. 
Hal., Curt, 1793. 8°. (S d.) 

21271 SIMONS, Ad. Verstrooide 
Gedichten. Amst., v. d. Hey, 1822. 

8°. (2fl. 8 8t.) 


abentheuerliche Simplicissimus 
teutsch d. i. die Beschreibung des 
Lebens eines selcsamen Vaganten 
genannt Melchior Stemfels von 
Fuchshaim. Mompelgart, 1669. 


This i8t edition contains 5 books and 
618 pages. A 2nd edition in the same 
year, Neu eingerichteter «. vielverbetaerier 
abenihetterlicher SimpUcissitnus. Mompel- 
part, 1669. 13^. contains a continuation 
and 772 pages. Of the later editions a 
good one is Nrb. 1 705. 8^ 

21273 — des aus dem Grab der Ver- 
gessenheit wieder erstandnen Sim- 
plicissimi abenteuerlicher u. mit al- 
lerhand seltsamen Begebenheiten 
angefiillter Lebenswandel. In drey- 
en Theilen auf- u. vorgestellet 
durch Germann Schleiffheim von 
Sultzfort. Nrb., Felssecker, 17 13. 
8^ 3 vols, with plates. 

In part i, book 6, chapter 19, there is a 
Robinsonade which may pass for an lUat 
ante Homerum. Concerning the romance 
itself, whose real author was Sm.6reiffen8on 
von Hirschfeld, consult KooK'a Compendi- 
um d. deuUch. Lit. II. 255 sq. More 
modern editions of the same are : by Ch. 
Jac Wagenseil in Reichard't BihL der 
RomanSy IV. 127-140. Der im vorigen 
Jahrhundert so teeUberufene SimjUicius von 
Einfaltepintel, in einem neuen Kleide. Ff. 
tt. Lpz, 1790. 8**. Abenteuerl. SimpiiciS' 
Hmtu, in {J. Ch. L. Haken) Bibliothek 
der Abenieurer. B. I. Magdeb. 18 10. 8. 
Schtdkheit u. Einfait, oder der SimplioiS' 
simue des 17 Jahrh. im Gewande des \^n. 
Von F. Weisser. BerUy Schuppel, 1822. 
8°. 2 Toll. This last edition is celebrated 
as the most successful. 

21274 SIMPLICIUS. 'Yvofu^us 
eh ras dcjca Korriyopias rov *ApMrrorf- 
\wf. Ven., Zach. Calliergus^ 26 
Oct. 1499. foL 

168 leaves with 37 Unes, and the signa- 
tures A-^. The first edition, very scarce 
and very fine. The first leaf contains the 
c^-;-^? ^^>0.e. and undemeath a printer^s 


marky both printed in xvd ; in many oopies 
ffor instance that at WoUenbOttel) m gold. 
The text b^ns in leaf 2a with the super- 
scription, SxoAia §ts ras 'ApurroTfXjnts ico- 
rriyoptas etc The colophon is on the re- 
verse of the last leaf but one, and the last 
' leaf contains a register, 

21275 — oommentaria in Aristotelis 
categorias (gr.) Justi Velsii in eas- 
dem latina scholia sive summa ca- 
pita et quKstiones. Bas., Mch. 
Isingrinius, 1551. fol. 

21276 -^ commentaria in X. catego- 
rias Aristotelis cum VI. principiis 
ab eodem editis, lat. Ga. Dorotheo 
interprete. Ven., Hi. Scotus, 1540. 
fol. Gothic letter. Also, Ven. 1550 
or 67. fol. 

21277 — commentaria in tres libros 

Aristotelis de anima. Alexandri 

Aphrodisiei commentaria in librum 

de sensu et sensibili. Michaelis 

Ephesii annotatt. in librum de me- 

moria et reminiscentia. De somno 

et vigilia. De somniis. De divina- 

tione per somnium. De motu ani- 

malium. De longitudine et brevi- 

tate vitee. De juventute et senec- 

tute et vita ac morte. De respira- 

tione. De gressu animalium. (Oiiu 

nia grace.) Ven., Aldus- et And. 

Asulanus, m. Jun. 1527. fol. 

4 leaves of preliminary matter, 187 num- 
bered leaves, and one leaf with the anchor. 
This edition was printed fixnn an incom- 
plete MS., wherein a chapter of the prooe- 
mium is wanting, which was for the first 
time printed in Greek in Iriarte*s Catal. 
codd. MSS. gr. MatriL p. 181 sq. It had 
already been given in Latin in Uie follow, 
ing translation, which was made from a 
complete MS. 

21278 — commentaria in Aristotelis 
libros de anima (lat.), interprete J. 
Faseolo. Ven. 1543. fol. — ib., Oc- 
tav. Scotus, 1549. fol. 

21279 — commentaria in libros de 

anima Aristotelis (lat.), ex interpr. 

Evangelistse Lungi Asulani. Ven., 

Hi. Scotus, i554> also 64. fol. 

A difimnt translation from the preced- 

21280 — commentarii in quatuor 
Aristotelis libros de coelo, cum 
textu ejosdem (grace). Ven., Al« 


du8 et And. Asul.^ m. Jan. 15^6. 

4 leaves of preliminary matter (the 4th 
Uank) and 172 leaves, which in the num- 
bering reach to 178, because 85-88, 135 
and 136, are skipped over by mistake. A. 
copy on large paper 139 fr. McCarthy. 
Thjs edition only contains a bad OredL 
version of the Latin translation of O. de 
Moerbeka, and not the original text of 
Simplicius, which is to be found in a Turin 
MS. See EmpgdodU Fragmenia ed. Pey^ 
ftm. Xrps. 1810. 8^ 

21281 — oommentaria in quatuor li- 
bros de coelo Aristotelis (lat.)> Ou. 
Morbeto interprete. Ven., Hi. Sco- 
tusj 1540- fol. Gothic letter. 

This translation was made in the 13th 

21282 — commentaria in IV. libros 
de ccelo Aristotelis (lat.), noviter 
fere de integro interpretata» ac cum 
fidissimis codd. grsecis recens col- 
lata. Ven.^ Hi. Scotus, 1544. fol. 

Ou. Dorotheus is said to have been the 

21283 — commentaria in libros de 

coelo, noviter fere de integro inter- 

pretata, ac cum fidissimis codd. grae- 

cis recens collata. Ven., Hi. Scotus, 

1548. foL 

A new edition of the preceding transla- 
tion, consult Bandini CaiaL codd. gr. III. 
98a. Repeated, Tm., ^t. Soohu^ 1548, 
or 55, or 84. foL 

21284 — commentarii in octo Ari- 
stotelis physicK auscultationis libros 
cum ipso Aristotelis textu (gr.) 
Ven., Aldus et And. AsuL, m. Oct. 
1536. fol. 

4 leaves of preliminary matter, and 331 
numbered leaves, of which however the 
number 254 is repeated on 3 leaves, one 
after the ocher. There is a copy on vellum 
in St. Mark's library at Venice. 

21285 — commentaria in octo libros 

Aristotelis de physico auditu (lat.), 

Lucilio Philaltheo interprete. Par.» 

J. Roigny (other copies, L. TUeta-' 

nus)t 1544- fol. 

Also^ Ven, 1543. fol. Ven., ap. JunUUy 
1551. fol. and, Ven^ Sooim^ 1558 or 66. 

•— see also Efictetub. 

SIN 1737 

21286 SIMPSON, Th. Essays on 
several curious and useful subjects 
in speculative and mixed mathema- 
ticks. Lond. 1 740. 4^. — Mathe- 
matical dissertations. Lond. 1743. 
4°. — Miscellaneous tracts. Lond. 
1757. 4®. — The doctrine and appli- 
cation of fluxions. Lond. 1750 or 
76. 8°. a vols. New ed. by Davis. 
ib. 1805. 8^ — Elements 01 geome. 
try. Lond. 1747 or 80. 8°. — Trea- 
tise on Algebra. Lond. 17459 or 
55, or 90. 8°. — Select exercises in 
the mathematicks. Lond. 157a or 
92. 8^. — Plane and spherical tri- 
gonometry. Lond. 1748. 8°. — Doc- 
trine of annuities and reversions. 
Lond. 1742. 8^ 

SIMS, see Konio. 

21287 SIMSON, Ed. Chronicon 
historiam catholicam complectens 
ab exordio mundi ad a. Chr. 71. 
Ex rec. et cum animadw. Pt.Wes- 
selingii. LB., Linden, 1729 (new 
title, 1752). fol. 

At first, Ox.y Robinaon, 1652. fol. 

21288 SIMSON, Rb. Sectionum 
conicar. libri V. Ed. II. Edinb. 
1 750. 4^ with plates. 

At first, %b, 1735. 4^ EletnenU qf the 
conUf aeoHona. Edinb, 1775. 8^ LomL 
1804. 8^ The first 3 books of the above 
work in Oerman by J. W. Camerer. 7^. 
T809. 8^ with 18 plates. 

21289 — opera quaedam reliqua ma- 
thematica. Glasg., Foulis, 1776. 4**. 

21290 SIMULACHRES (les) et his- 

toriees faces de la mort, autant ^le- 

gamment pourtraictes qu' artifici- 

ellement imaginees. Lyon, soulz 

I'escu de Coloigne, 1538. small 4^ 

52 leaves. 

This book, good copies of which are 
scarce and greatly sought after, contains 
the dance of death, engraved on wood after 
Holbein*s designs, on 41 leaves, and ap- 
pears to be a copy of an older Basle edi- 
tion of 1530 in 8". (likewise with 41 wood- 
cuts, but with Oerman verses). iSSmotocri, 
hisiorie efigwre de la morte. LUmSy 1549. 
8*** 53 woodcuts, with an Italian and (Ger- 
man text (consult Murr, Joumaiy XVL 
18 sq.) and Todtentanz. 

SINBALD, see W. Franklin. 



SINCERUS,Thph.,see Schwindel. 

21291 SINCLAIR, G. Hortus gfa- 
mineus Woburnensis. Lond. 1 8 1 6. 

This oosUy woric was got up at the ex- 
pense of the dnke of Bedford, the proprie- 
tor of the garden, and was only given 
away in presents. It contains specimens 
of the grasses upon leaves ; and under- 
neath are printed specifications of the 
name and general characteristiGs of each 
grass; on the reverse is a more de- 
tailed description. Between each of these 
leaves two blank leaves are to be found in 
order to prevent rubbing, of which the re- 
verse of that which adjoins the plants 
next following is covered over with sil- 
ver paper. The author is the duke of 
Bedford's gardener. Consult DibdifCa ttdes 
Althorp. I. 189. A snd edition with the 
representations engraved on copperplate 
appeared, Lond. 1835 (i^- 10^9 ^^ i^u- 
minated plates il. as.) 

21292 SINCLAIR, J. Observations 
on tbe Scotish dialect. Lond. 1782. 
8**. — History of the public revenue 
of the British empire. Lond. 1803. 
8®. 3 vols. (il. IIS. 6d.) 

SINDBAD, see Sendabad. 

SINE nomine, see Commbdia. 

21293 SINGER, Sm. Weller. Re- 
searches into the history of playing 
cards, with illustrations of the ori- 
gin of printing and engraving on 
wood. Lond., Bensley, 18 16. large 
4^ \vith plates and woodcuts (4I. 

Only i$o copies were printed by sub- 
scription. The author is against the Dutch 
discovery of the art of printing, as Ottley 
(see above) is in favour of it. 

21294 — {anon.) Some account of 
the book printed at Oxford, under 
the title of Expositio sancti leroni- 
mi in Simbolo Apostolorum. Lond. 
1812. 8°. 

Only a few copies were printed. The 
author had defended therein the correct- 
ness of the pretended date of printing 
(1468^ of that work, which he even now 
himself oonsiders as a mere typographical 
error, instead of 1478. Consult Dibdin^s 
BUd. Spene. IV. 351 n. 

21295 SINNER, J. Rdf. Catalogus 
codd. MSS. bibliothecse Bemensis, 
annotationibus cridcis illustratus. 


Bemae, 1760-62. 8*». 3 vols, with 

GarefuUy done^ and particularly interest- 
ing for the old French literature. An in- 
dex of 1 16 pages ought to be found in the 
3rd vol. which has also been published by 
itself under the title, BiblioiheotB Bern. 00- 
dioum MSS. tjfUabus. BemtB^ 1773. 8^ 
To which may be joined, Verxeidhniua alier 
ffetehriebenen Werke, welche die SehweUr. 
Getchichie angehen u. auf der off. BibL in 
Bern tu^ b^nden. Bem^ 176$^ 8^ BUh. 
hothecm Bemensis Ubrcrum typis editor, 
caialogus. Nova ed, aueta et emendaUu 
Benue, 181 2. 8^ 3 vdL 

21296 SIONITA. Gbr. et J. Hes- 
RONiTA. Grammatica arabica Ma. 
ronitarum, primum edita munifi- 
centia Pr. Savary de Breves. Par., 
typis Savarianis, 1616. 4^. 

See also Edrisi. 

21297 SIPERIS. Lhystoire plai- 
sante et recreative faisant metion 
des prouesses et vaillances du noble 
Sypperts de Vineuaulx Et de sea 
dixsept iilz Nouuellement imprime. 
Par., Claude veufue de feu Jehan 
sainct denys, without date. 4°. Go* 
thic letter. 

a6 leaves, with the signatures A-.F. 

21298 — r hystoire plaisante et r^- 
cr^tive, faisant mention des pro- 
uesses et vaillances de Siperis de 
Vinevaux et des ses dix-sept fils. 
Par., J. Bonfons, without date, 4®. 
Gothic letter. 

The copies of this romance are very 
scarce. Ckinsult concerning it Melanges 
Hries d*une grande bibl. VIII. 207 sq. 

2i299 SIPTABINA Pisano. Itine- 
rario Asyaticho. Ven., Helisabetta 
de Ruschoni, 1526. 8^ with wood- 

104 leaves, with the signatures a-n, and 
a woodcut at the end. In this very scane 
poem in terxe rime the author has sought 
to imitate Dante, and equals him, if not in 
poetical meri^ yet at least in obscurity. Set 
down by Motini at 80 paoli. 

SIRACH, see Jesus. 

21300 SIRI, Vittorio. Memorie re- 
condite dall' anno 1601 sino al 
1640. T. I. II. Ronco, 1677. 
T. III. IV. Par. 1677. T. V- 
VIII. Lione, 1679. A^' ^ voll- 
There are also copies in whidi the ist 


and ind ▼oh. are also dated, lAong. The 
8th vol. is more scarce than the rest. Mi* 
moires tecreU^ tMa des arohii>ea dea aoune^ 
rotfu de r Europe, eous lea rlgnea de Heiu 
n IV. et de LouU Xlll, trad, par J. Bt, 
Requier. Par. 1766 sq. ii^ 50 parts. 

21301 — il Mercurio owero historia 
de' correnti tempi (dall' a. 1635 
sino al 1655). T. I. Casale, 1644. 
ib. 1646. Geneva^ 1649. — T. II. 
Casale, 1647. ib. 1648. Geneva, 
1649. — T. III. Lione^ 1652. — 
T. IV. V. Casale, 1655 (both in 
a parts).— T.VI-IX. Casale, 1667. 
— T. X. Casale, 1668. — T. XI. 
Par. 1670.— T. XII. Par. 1672.— 
T. XIII. Par. 1674. — T. XIV. 
XV. Fir. 1682. 4^ 15 parts in 18, 
21, or 22 vols. 

Of this work, which should be bound up 
with the preceding, parts 13-15 are the 
scarcest. There belong to it, GL Bt 
Biragio Mercurio veridico owero annaH 
univer$ali d*Europa. Ven, 1648. 4**. and 
BoUo di VUL Shi net Mercurio veridieo di 
Btroffo, Modenoy 1653. 4^ Acoordinf to 
a statement at the end of the 8th y(M. of 
the Memoriey a i6th voL was already pre- 
pared, which however has remained un- 
printed.^On]y a part of this woric is 
translated in Mercure, eonien, PMet, ghnir. 
de V Europe depute 1640-439 ^^o^' P"^- R^ 
quier. Par. 1756-59. 3 vols, in 4". ot 18 
▼ds. in I2^ 

Both works are Tery sddom fotuid to- 
sether complete, but they are. now much 
kss sought after than they were formeiiy. 
There are copies of most of the vols, on 
large paper, but not of alL The follow, 
ing weak of the author also exists in MS. : 
IMe turboletufe eivili di Franda 
regno del ri Luigi XIV. 2 vols. 4^ 

21302 SIRMOND, Jac. Opera varia 
nunc primnm collecta. Par., typ. 
regia, 1696. fol. 5 vols. Also on 
large paper. 

21303 Ven., Javarina, 1728. 

fol. 5 voll. 

An enlarged edition. In the md toI. 
there is added the collation of a Veronese 
MS. to Facundi defeneio trium capituUh- 
rum by Bianchini, and the 4th vol. has 
been enlarged with Flodoardi historia Re^ 
meneis eoct and with GekuU Epistol. III. 
inedii. — See also Cokcilia, No. 5085. 

21304 SISMONDI, J. C. L. Simonde 
de. Histoire des r^publiques ita- 
liennes da moyen age. Par.,Treut- 

SJO 1789 

tel, 1809-18. 8°. 16 voll. (96 fr., 
on vellmn paper 192 fr.) 

An enlarged and corrected impression of 
the first 8 vols, appeared, Par. 1818. 8**. 
(48 fr.) Only the first 4 vols, were printed 
of the edition, Zur. 1807. 8"*. In Italian 
by Ticozzi, MU. 1810-20. 8°. 16 vols. In 
German, Z&r. 1807-24. 8^ 16 vob. (27 d. 
18 gr.) 

21305 — de la litt^rature du midi de 

I'Europe. Par. 1813 or 19. 8°. 4 


In German by L. Hain, Lpz. u. Altenb. 
1815. 8*. 2 voll. 

21306 — de la richesse commerciale, 
on prindpes d*econoniie polit. ap- 
pl]qu6e k la legislation commerciale. 
Geneve, 1803. 8®. 2 voll. 

21307 — nouveanx prindpes d'eoo- 
nomie politique. Par. 1819. 8^ 
2 voll. 

21308 — histoire des Fran^ais. Par. 
1821 sq. 8^ as yet 10 vols. 

SITTEWALDT, see Moschb- 


SIVRY, see Poinsinet. 

21309 SIXTUS Senensis. Biblio- 
theca sancta, critids ac theologids 
animadw. nee non duplid adjecto 
sacror. scriptor. elencbo adancta et 
illustrata a Pio Th. Milante Neap. 
1742. fol. 2 voll. 

At first appeared, Ven. 1566. fol. 

21310 SIXTUS II. Enchiridion, 
juxta codicem B. Rhenani edit, ob- 
servationibus illustrat et vindicat 
Urb. Gf. Siber. Lps., Weidmann, 

At first with Sgmph. Champerius de 
quadruplici vita. Lugd. 1507. 4^ Edi- 
ted separatdy by L. Hillesemius, CoL, Cho~ 
Unus, 1574. '8^ Concerning the differait 
editions, oonsult Fontamni Hist. lit. Aqm" 
^- ?* 303 aiid 313. — Th. Taylor^ s Dis- 
covery of the original of many qfthe sen- 
tences qf Sextus Pythagorieus, in the 
Classical Journal, XXI. 266 sq. 

SIXTUS IV., see Reouljb, No. 
18817, and RovBRE. 

21311 SJOGREN, Haqu. Lexicon 
manuale latino-suecanum et sueco- 
latinum. Ex altera editione aucto- 
ris emendation et auction denuo 




editum. Holmise, A. Wiborg, 1 8 1 4. 
large 8^. (3 Danish dollars.) 

21312 SKELTON, J. Pithy, plea- 
saunt and profitable workes. Lond., 
Davis, 1736. 12°. 

A scaroe reprint of the collection pre- 
pared by Th. Manhe, LomL 1568. 8**. 

21313 SKEN^US, J. ScotiK ve- 
teres leges et constitutiones. £- 
dinb., Finlason, 1609. fol. 

LomLf BiUiuay 161 3. fol. is only a new 

SKETCHES, see Home. 

21314 SKINNER, St. Etymologi- 
con linguae anglicanse. Lond., Roy- 
croft, 1 67 1, fol. 

Voyage pittoresque au Cap Nord. 
Stockh. 1 801-2. oblong fol. 4 parts 
in I vol. with 60 plates. Premier 
supplement au voyage eic. ib. 
1802. 4°. 

There is a new edition of 1805 in 8**. 
with an atlas. In German in Sprengel*s 
Biblioih, d. Rett. B. 96. The pUtes of 
this Voyage are copied in reduced size in 
Aoerbi^s Travels. 

ZKOAIA, see Poetjs, No. 1 7544. 

21316 SKRIFTER. Kiobenhavnske 
Videnskabers Selskabs Skrifter. 
Kbhvn. 1 745-79. 4°. 1 2 vols, with 
plates. Nye Samling af det Kon- 
gelige Danske Videnskabers Sel- 
dsa& Skrifter. ib. 1781-99. 4?. 
5 vols, with plates. Det kong. 
Danske Vidensk. Selskabs Skrifter. 
ib. 1 800-1 808. 4^. 5 parts in 9 vols. 
— It is going on. 

21317 — det Trondhjemske Selskabs 
Skrifter Kiobenh. 1761-74. 4°. 5 
vols. Nye Samling etc. ib. I784sq. 

21318 — det kong. norske Viden- 
skabers Selskabs Skrifter i det 19. 
Aarhundrede. B.I. Kiobenh. 181 7. 

21319 SLATARICHIU, Dominku. 
Elektra tragedia. Gliubmir pripo- 
vius pastirska etc. V finezieh, 
Polak Alda, 1598. 4°. with wood- 

This inyrian piece is one of the rarest of 
the Aldines. 1 1 leaves of prdiminary matter, 


to2 numbered leaves (after leaf 36, 4 nn- 
numbered leaves are inserted), and at the 
end a list of the works published by Aldus 
with the date of 1597. 

21320 SLEIDANUS, J. De statu 
religionis et reipubl. Carolo V. 
Cesare commentarii. Ed. nova de- 
lineata a J. 6I0. Boehmio, adornata 
multisque annotatt. illu strata a Ch. 
C. am Ende. Ff. a. M., Varren- 
trapp, 1 785-86. 8°. 3 voll. (4 d. 
16 gr.) 

The best edition. The first appeared, 
Arg.y WendeHn, Rihelius, 1555. fol. There 
is besides one folio edition (ttpud heredes 
RiheUi)j an4 two 8°. editions of this year 
(1555)* Professor Bohme of Leipsic made 
a collection of all the editions and trans- 
lations of Slfiidanus for the use of his edi- 
tion, which collection is now in the licipsic 
university library, and comprises 130 vols. 

21321 — commentarii owero historic 
di Gi. Sleidano. Tradotte nuova- 
mente in lingua Toscana. With- 
out place. 1557. 4^ — Histoire de 
la reformation ou m^moires de J. 
Sleidan, trad, de nouveau en fran9. 
par Pt. Fr. le Courayer, Haye, 
1767. 4**. 3 voll. (The first French 
translation appeared, without place, 
J. Crespin, 1556. 8^ — Reforma- 
tionsgeschichte, a. d. lat. iiba., 
durchgesehen u. herausgegeben von 
J. Sam. Semler. Halle, 1771-73. 
8^ 4 voll. (5 d. 8 gr.) (the first 
Grerman translation is by H. Pan- 
taleon, Bas., 1556. fol.) — A fa- 
mouse cronicle of oure time, called 
Sleidanes commentaries, transl. by 
J. Daws. Lond. 1560. fol. Gothic 
letter. General history of the re- 
formation of the church, transl. by 
Edm. Bohun. Lond. 1689. ^^^' 
with plates. (Both translations in 
Leipsic). — J. Sleydani 3 boeken 
van de 4 Monarchien, 26 boeken 
van de staat der Religie onder K. 
Carel V., 2 Oratien des Autheurs, 
4 boeken Froissarts by den Autheur 
in 't cort getroken (vertaalt door 
Walter Deelen). Rott. u. Delft, 
1 61 2. fol. (At Leipsic). Previ- 
ously, without place, iSSB. 8°. 
{Leipzig.) and Antwerpen, 1584. 


4^ (WolfeuimiieL) — J. Sleidani 
Historie Book. Pa Swenskan af^tt 
aff J. Sylvio. Stockh. 1675. fol. 

What the older bibliographers have said 
reelecting the rarity of the so called uncas- 
trated editions in lib. XIII. of which the 
words are, si qnu virginem malrem vUias^ 
Met, is unfounded. On the contrary, the 
few editions with the alteration, ft quU 
onginem mU mairem ffUiasseiy are demon- 
stradvdy the rarer; oonsnlt SchiihonCM 
ErgoiziichkeUeny II. 427, 449. 

21322 SLEZER, J. Theatnim Sco- 
tiie, containing the prospects of 
castles and palaces, together with 
those of the most considerable 
towns and colleges, the ruins of 
abbeys etc. with a short description 
of each place. Lond., Swalle, 1693. 

5 leaves of preliminary matter, 65 pages 
of text, a printed half-title to the plates, 
57 leaves ci plates, and i printed leaf with 
the words, The end of the proepecie, 

21323 SLOANE, Hans. Voyage to 
the islands of Madera, Barbados, 
Neves, S. Christophers and Ja- 
maica, with the natural history of 
the last of those islands. Lond. 
1 707-25. fol. 2 vols, with plates. 

A scarce work and sought after. The 
ist vol. besides a map has the plates I-IV. 
and 1-156; the 2nd V-Xl. and 157-174. 
Copies wi^ illuminated plates are very 
scarce^ and greatly prized. There are co- 
pies in which the ist vol. is also dated 

8LUITER, see Andogides. 

21324 SLYTERHOVEN, de. Co- 

moedia salebrosa^ cui titulus Scor- 

netta. Bonon., Benedictis, 1497. 4". 

This piece, consisting only of 8 leaves, 
had remained long unknown, and is set 
down by Moiini of Florence at 50 paoli. 
It contains some pretty free passages. 

21325 SMART, Cp. Poems. Lond. 
1 79 1. 12°. 2 vols. 

21326 SMEATON, J. A narrative 
of the building and a description 
of the construction of the Edy- 
stone lighthouse with stone. Ed. II. 
corrected. Lond.^ Nicol, 1793. fol. 

with 23 plates. 

Reprinted, Land, 1813. fol. with 24 
plates (61. 6s.). At first, lAnuL 1791. foL 




21327 — reports, estimates, and trea- 
tises, embracing the several subjects 
of canals, navigable rivers, harbours, 
piers, bridges, draining, embanking^ 
lighthouse etc. with other misoeL 
laneous papers. Lond. 1812. 4°. 
3 vols, with plates (7I. 7s.) Mis- 
cellaneons papers (comprising his 
treatise on mills, and forming a 
fourth volume to his reports.) 
Lond. 1814. 4"^. with 12 plates 
(1I. IIS. 6d.) 

21328 SMITH. Select views in Italy, 
engraved by Byrne, 'with topogra- 
phical and historical descriptions in 
English and French. Lond. 1 792- 
96. fol. 2 parts in i vol. with 72 
plates (81. Ss.). 

21329 SMITH, Adam. Theory of 
moral sentiments. Lond. 1790^ or 

1 80 1, or 1 808. 8°. 2 vols. (16s.) 
Also, Lond. 1809. 8*. in i vol. (los. 6d.) 

In French by Mme Orouchy, veuve Con- 
doroet. Par. 1798. 8^. In German by 
L. Theobul Kosegarten. Lpx. (79i> 8**. 
(i d. la gr.) 

21330 — essays on philosophical sub- 
jects, with his life by Dugald 

Stewart. Lond. 1795. 4®. 

In French by Provost, Par. ¥797. 8*. 
3 vols. 

21331 — inquiry into the nature and 
causes of the wealth of nations. 
With notes and an additional vo- 
lume. By Dav. Buchanan. Edinb. 
and Lond. 1815. 8°. 4 void. (2I. 8s.) 

Previously, Lond, 1776. large 4°. 2 vols, 
(to whidi as upplement of 70 pages belongs) 
and, ib. 1789, or 99, or 1809. btrge 8*. 3 
vols. (il. 7s.) In French by Roucher, 
Par. aniet^ (1794). 8°. 5 vols, by Bla- 
vet, Par. 1801. 8*. 4 vols, (quite unsuc- 
cessful) and best by Germ. Gamier, Par. 

1802. 8**. 5 vols. (35 fr.) A translation 
prepared by Morellet remains in MS. In 
German (by A. DOrrien and Ch Garve), 
2nd impression, JBres/. 1799. 8"*. 3 vols. 
(5 d ) In Danish by F. Dnlbye, Copenh. 
1779-80. 8^ 2 vols. There is also a Spa- 
nish translation by J. Alsonso Ortiz in 4 
vols. 4**. with additions relating to Spain. 

21332 — works* with his life by 
Dugald Stewart. Lond. 1812. 8^ 
5 vols. (3I.) 

21333 SMITH, Jac. Ed. Plantar, 
icones hactenus ineditie, plerumque 




ad plantas in herbario Linnoeano 
conservatas delineatie. Lond. 1789 
-91. fol. 3 parts, with plates (3I. 
38.) Unfinished. 

21334 — icones pictse plantar, rarior., 
descriptionibus illustrats. Lond. 
1 790-93. large fol. 3 parts^ with 1 8 
illuminated plates, by Sowerby. 

Each part with Enghsh text 12s. (on 
large paper il. is.) In Latin and Eng- 
lish 148. (on large paper il. 51.) 

21335 — English botany or coloured 
figures of British plants, with their 
essential characters, synonyms and 
places of growth, with occasional 
remarks, the figures by James 
Sowerby. Lond. 1790-18 16. 8^ 
36 vols, in 267 numbers, with il- 
luminated plates (55I. 7s.). 

This work contains ahout 3000 plates. 

21336 — gleanings of botany. Lond. 
1791-92. large fol. 

Only 2 parts, with 24 illuminated plates, 
appeared of this splendid work. 

21337 — specimen of the botany of 
New Holland. Lond. 1793. 4°. 
On vellum paper, with 16 illu- 
minated plates, by Sowerby. 

21338 — natural history of the rarer 
lepidopterous insects of Georgia, 
collected by J. Abbot (English and 
French). Lond., Bensley, 1797. 
fol. 2 vols, with 104 illuminated 
plates (21I.). 

Splendidly got up, but not very much 
pri^, because the representations are de- 
ficient in fidelity. Peignot*s statement, 
that only 60 copies were struck off, is 

21339 — tracts relating to natural 
history. Lond. 1798. 8^ with il- 
luminated plates (9s.) 

21340 — flora britannica. Lond. 

Cadell, 1800-4. 8°. 3 voU. (il. 8s. 


Repeated, with notes by J. Jac R5mer, 
Turiciy 1804-5. 8**. 3 vols. (5 d. a gr.) To 
this reprint there was to have been a 4th 

voL Compendiutnjhrw brit, LoruLiSoo 

or 16. 8**., repeated by O. Fr. Hoffiownn, 
ErL 1801. 8°. (i d. 4 gr.) 

21341 — exotic botany, consisting of 
coloured figures and scientific de- 
scriptions of such new, beautiful. 


or rare plants, as are worthy of cul- 
tivation in the gardens of Britain. 
Lond. 1804-6. large 4*^. 2 vols, 
with 120 illuminated plates by 
Sowerby (61., in 8^ 3I.). 

It appeared in 24 numbers, of 5 platea 
each. Each number cost 5s. in 4**. and 
2S. Cd. in 8". 

21342 — sketch of a tour on the con- 
tinent. Ed. II, Lond. 1807. 8*^. 
3 vols. (il. 7s.) 

In German by G. C. Reich, Lpx. 1796. 
8^ 2 vols. 

21343 — introduction to the phy- 
siological and systematical botany. 
Ed. IV. Lond. 1819. 8^ with 15 
plates (14s.). 

Also with illuminated plates. Previ- 
ously, LoruL 1807 and 14. 8^ 

21344 — a tour to Hafod in Cardi- 
ganshire, the seat of Th. Johnes. 
Lond., White, 18 10. large fol. (12L 


Printed by Bensley, and ornamented 
with 15 views engraved and coloured by 
Stadler. Only 100 copies were struck off. 

21345 — grammar of botany, illustra- 
tive of artificial as well as natural 
classification. Lond. 1821. 8^ with 
plates (t2s., illuminated il. iis. 

See also Liwmjsb and Rudbeck. 

21346 SMITH, J. Galic antiquities, 
consisting of an history of the 
Druids, particularly of those of Ca- 
ledonia; a dissertation of the au- 
thenticity of the poems of Ossian, 
and a collection of ancient poems, 
transl. from the Galic of Ullin, 
Ossian etc. Edinb. 1780. 4^ with 


Translated into German (by Ch. FeL 
Weisse) Lpz. 1781. 8"*. 4 voU. 

21347 — Choir Gaur : the grand Or- 
rery of the ancient Druids, com. 
monly called Stonehenge on Salis- 
bury plain. Salisb. 1771. 4^. with 

21348 SMITH, J. Th. Antiquities 
of London and its environs. Lond. 
1792. 4°. 2 parts in i vol. with 100 
plates (3I. 38.). 

See also Hawkikb. 

SMI S xV O 1743 

SMITH, Jos., see Gataloous and of Peregrine Pickle. Lond. 1784 

Gobi, No. 8709. or 1805. 8°. 4 vols, with plates.— 

21349 SMITH, Rb. Compleate sys- The adventures of Roderick Ran- 
tem of opticks. Cbr. 1738. 4®. 2 dom. Lond. 1780 or 1805 8**. 2 
vols, with plates. vols. — Plays and poems. Lond. 

In French (by Duval le Roy), Brest, ^79^ 8'. 

.7^7-/. to which a supplement appeared, 21356 — complete historv of England 

w. 1784.4^ Iiess prized 18 the translation, ^,«r« 4.1,« aJL»^^4- «i? tI,! r« a. 

although enlai^jed, by Pezenas, Avignon Ji IV""^ ^^« <^^/^f?* ^^ ^^^' C«8ar to 

Par, 1767. 4'. a vols, with plates. In ^"® ]^ce of Aix-la- Chapelle, with 

German by Abr. Ghelf KSstner, AUenb. the continuation. Lond. 1757. 4°- 

>755- 4**- with 22 plates (3 d. 8 gr.) 6 vols. 

21350 SMITH, Th. Recueil de 40 ^J^ * continuation up to 1768, Lond. 
xniAo An !>;« A^ T%^^u^ «*-*,.*. *7S° etc. 8®. 16 vols. As this work was 
vues du Pic de Derby et autres ^ ^y^eatiy prized, these latter vohimes 
iieux, pemtes par S^mith, et gravees only have in consequence been subsequently 
par Vivares et autres, avec une ex- printed, which commence at the period 
plication en and. et en franc. Lond., '^^®™ '^"™® terminates, under the tide, 
Bovdell i'76o fol History qf England, from the rew>lutum to 

21351 SMITH, W. Dehneation of 8 vols. ib. 1796. 8". 5 vols, witii portraits, 
the strata of England and Wales, t&. 1800 or 1807. 8*". '5 vols. 

with part of Scotland, exhibiting 21357 SNEEDORF, Jens Schielde- 

the coaleries and mines, the marshes rup. Samtlige Skrifter. Kiobenh. 

and fen lands originally overflowed 1775-79. 8°. 9 volL 

by the sea, and the varieties of soil Prized in Denmark as a good prose 

according to the variations in the '^"ter. 

substrata. Lond. 1815. fol. (5I.SS.) 21358 SNELLING, Th. Miscella- 

21352 — stratigraphi^ system of neous views of the coins struck by 
organized fossils. Lond. 1817. 4°. English princes in France etc. 
(158-) Lond. 1769. fol. with plates. 

21363 SMITS, Dirk. Mengeldich- 21359 — {anon,) view of the silver, 

ten. Rott., Burgvhet, 1740. 4°. gold, and copper coins and coinage 

(2 fl. 6 St.) Also on large paper, of England, from the Norman con- 

Nagelaten Gedichten. ib., id., 1753 quest to the present time. Lond. 

^' 4''- 3 voU- (9^) Also on large 1762-66. fol. 3 parts in i vol. with 

paper. De Rottestroom, in drie p] 

zangen. Gravenhage, Visser, 1823. 21360 — view of the origin, nature, 

8^ (I fl. 10 St., on vellum paper and use of jettons or counters e/c. 

2 fl.) Gedichten. ib., id., 1823. Lond. 1769. fol. 

8^ ( I fl. I est., on vellum paper 2 fl.) 21361 — view of gold, silver, and 

21354 SMOLLET, Tob. Miscella- copper coins of Scotland. Lond. 
neous works, with his life by An- 1 774. fol. 

derson. Lond. 1796 or 1817. large SNEYDERS, see Eppbctus. 
8^6 vols., on vellum paper (31.3s.) 21362 SNIADECKI. J. Pisma 
—lb. 1809. 8°. 5 vols, with 26 rozmaite. Wilna, 1818. 8^ 3 voU. 
plates (2I. I2S. 6d.). (23 Polish fl.) 

21355 — the history and adventures 21363 SNORRO Sturleson. Norske 
of an atom. Lond., Cooke, without Kongers Kronicke og Badrift, 
date. 1 2°. with plates.— The adven. udset af gammel Norske paa 
tures of Ferdinand count Fathom. Danske. Kiobenhavn, Stockelmann, 
lb., id., without date. 12®. 2 vols. 1594. small 8°. 

with plates. — The expedition of 166 numbered leaves. Jens. Mortensfin 
Humphry Clinker. Ed. III. Lond. ^m the editor. 

1783. 8". 3 vols. — The adventures 21364 — Norske Kongers chronica 




udsat paa Danske af Peter Clausson. 

Kiobenh., Moltken^ 1633* 4°- 

854 pikges besides the dedication, preftu^ 
and an appendix. OL VVormius was the 

21365 — Heimskringia seu historise 
regum septentrionalium a Snorrone 
Sturlonide patrio sennone antique 
conscriptee, quas e MSS. codd. edi- 
dit, versione gemina (suec. et lat.) 
notisque illustravit J. Peringskiold. 

Stockh. 1697. ^*^^* ^ ^^^^' 

21366 — Norske Konger Kronike, 
oversat paa Dansk af Peder Clau* 
sen, (^ nu paa ny oplagt og for- 
meret med nogle Tiling. Kiobenh. 

1757- 4°- 
794 pages. Clatuien*8 Norga beskrivehe 

in 152 pages is appended. 

21367 — Heimskringia edr Noregs 

Konunga Sagor. Historia regam 

Norvegicor. conscripta a Snorrio 

Sturlee filio. Islandice, danice et 

latine. Havn., Stein, 1777-1813. 

fol. 4 yoll. 

The I8t and snd vols, were published by 
Oerh. Schoning, the 3rd by SkuHus Theo- 
dori Thorladus, the 4th by Bii^r Thorla- 
dus and En'ch Ch. Werlauff. A 5th vol 
is to complete the work, and the 6th and 
last is to contain the indices. Consult 
Hermet V. 20 sq. 

21368 — Norges Kongers Kronike, 
fordansket ved N. F. Severin 
Grundtvig. Kiobenh. 1819. 4^ 2 

21369 — untersogelse om Snorro's 
kilder og trovardighed. Disquisitio 
de Snorronis fontibus et aactori- 
tate. Scripsit P. £. Muller. La- 
tine vertit Birg. Thorlacius. Havn. 

1820. fol. 
See also Edda. 

SOARES, see Ousmao and 

21370 SCARES, Ant. Alvarez. 
Rithmos diversos. Lisb., Pinheiro, 
1628. 8^ 

SOAVE, Pt., see Sabpi. 

21371 SOAVE, Fr. Novelle morali. 
Mil. 1786. 12**. 2 voll. Par., Mo- 
lini, 1788. 12°. — Novelle morali, 
prima e seconda raccolta, con la 
giunta di quelle di A. Parea, di L. 
Bramieri, e I'Elieser e Neftali di 


Florian. Napoli, 1808 or 14. 12°. 

2 voll. Genova, 18 14. 18''. 2 voll. 

(3 lire.) 
SOBRINO, see Cormon. 
SOCINUS, Faust. Opera, in Bi- 

blioth. fratrum Polonor. T. I. II. 

21372 SOCIO, Nobile. Le miserie 
de li amanti. Ven., Bernardino de 
Vitali, 1533. 4°. 

92 leaves, with the signatnres a-jg. A 
scarce and rather unknown romance, in 
which many poems are mixed up (Wolfen- 

21373 SOCRATIS, Antisthenis et 
alior. Socraticor. epistolse. Leo Al- 
latius primus graece vulgavit, latine 
vertit, notas adjecit, dialogum de 
scriptis Socratis preefixit. Par., Cra- 
moisy, 1637. 4**. 

SeesJso Efistoljb, No. 6825. 

SOCRATES Scholasticus, see Eu- 
SEBius, No. 7146 sqq. 

21374 SODERINI, Gi. Vettorio. 
Trattato della coltivazione delle 
viti, la coltivazione Toscana delle 
viti e d'alcuni arbori di Bn. Davan- 
zati Bostichi, e lettera apologetica 
di Lion. Giachini. Fir., Fil. Gi- 
unti, 1600 or 1622. 4°. 

The new and good edition by Dm. Mar. 
Manni, Fir, 1 734. 4''. (also on laige paper) 
contains only Soderini*s work, without Da- 
vanEati*s and Giachini^s. 

21375 — trattato di agriooltura, era 

per la prima volta pubblicato. Fir., 

Vigiani, 1811.4°. Also on large 


This is the ist vol. of a larger work, 
consisting of 4 vols., which is complete in 
MS. in the Magliabechian library, and 
from which the preceding number is only 
an extract. 

21376 SOMMERING, Sm. Th. 
Icones oculi humani. Ff. a. M., 
Varrentrapp, 1804. fol. with 16 
plates (19 d.). 

21377 — icones otsani auditus hu- 
mani. Ff. a. M., Varrentrapp, 1806. 
fol. with 9 plates (9 d. 12 gr.). 

21378 — vom Baue des raenschl. 
Korpers. Ff. a. M., Varrentrapp, 
1800. 8°. 5 voU. (8 d. 22 gr.) 

21379 — de corporis humani fabrica. 
Editio Latio donata (a C. F. Clos- 


sio et H. Ch. Thdr. Schregero) et 

ab ipso auctore aucta et emendata. 

Ff. a. M., Varrentrapp, 1 794-1 800. 

8°. 6 voll. (7 d. 14 gr.) 
SOHAR, see Cabbala^ No. 3228. 
SOLATIUM, see Cessolis. 

21380 SOLANO, Fr. Ignazio. Nova 
instruccio musical ou tfaeorica e 
pratica da musica rythmica para o 
canto. Lisb. 1 764. 4^. (800 rees.) 

21381 SOLDANI, Anibr. Testa- 
cec^raphia ac zoophytographiaparva 
et microscopica. Senis^ Rossi, 1 789- 
95. fol. 3 vols, with 179 plates. 

21382 — Saggio orittograiico della 
Toscana. Siena, 1780. 4°. with 

21383 SOLDANI, Jac. Satire, con 
annotazioni. Date ora in luce la 
prima volta. Fir., Albizzini^ ^ 75 > • 

Ant. Fr. Oori was the editor. The notes 
are chiefly by Gius. Bianchini. Some of 
the satires are in the Pamasso ItaL T. 40. 

SOLDANIS, see Agius. 

21384 SOLE, W. Menthae britan- 
nicse, being a new botanical arrange- 
ment of all the British mints hi- 
therto discovered. Bath^ 1 798. fol. 
with 24 plates. 

21385 SOLGER, Ad. Rdf. Biblio- 
theca s. suppellex libror. impressor. 
et codicum mstorum, quos colle- 
git, disposuit atque illustravit Ad. 
Rdf. Solger. Nrb., Endter^ 1760- 
62. 8°. 3 voll. 

This ooUection of 7245 vols., and 133 
MSS., was bought in 1 766 at 1 5000 florins 
lor the piihllc library of Nurembeiig. The 
catalogue is compiled so as to be very 
little depended upon, and the notes, com- 
posed in barbarous Latin, are extremely 
insignificant. But the library itself con- 
tained vHth a number of very important 
and valuable works, a stIU g^reater quan- 
tity also of confused rarities and curio- 

21386 SOLINUS, Cajus Jul. De 
situ orbis terrarum et memorabili- 
bus, quse mundi ambitu continen- 

tur, liber. Yen., N. Jenson, 1473. 


The first dated edition. 66 leaves with 
33 lines, without signatures, catchwords, 
and pagination. Leaf la begins with a list 



of chapters, the ist line of which is, Ivlii 
80LIKI DE BiTV ET ME. The 3rd leaf is 
blank. The text begins in leaf 4>^} and 
the ist line is, Ivlii solini de sitv 
OBBis terra. Leaf 66b is the colophon 
in 5 lines. The size has sometimes been 
wrongly stated as folio. There are 3 copies 
on veflum, one in the library of the king of 
England (formerly belonging to consul 
Smith), the and in lord Spencer's (pre- 
viously 850 fr. Soubise), and the 3rd in the 
Canons* library at Padua. The text of 
this edition is greatly celebrated by Salma- 
sius. It is divided into 70 chapters. 

21387 — rerum memorabilium col- 

lectanee {sic). Without place or 

date {Romce, S, Schurener de Bo^ 

pardia, about 1473). large 8°. 

120 leaves with 26 lines, without sig- 
natures, catchwords, and pagination. Leaf 
I a begins with Solinus's dedication to 
Aventinus, and the ist line is, Cai. luliL 
SoHtU rer4 memorabiHu col. Then follows 
a list of the 50 chapters into which this 
edition is divided, and the work itself be^ 
gins in leaf 5a wiUi the following line, De 
origine et teporibut vrbis. The edition is 
very scarce, but contains a far more faulty 
text than Jenson*s. 

21388 — rerum memorabilium col- 
lectanea^ edente Bonino Mombritio. 
Without place or date (Mediol., 

about 1474). 4°. 

Ill leaves with 26 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and pagination. The 
book b^ns in leaf i* with some verses 
by the editor Mombritius, in which he 
calls the book, PrimiHat nottti laboris. 
As he had already edited the Liber sum- 
mtUarum of Paulus Venetus at Milan in 
1474, Solinus could not have been superin- 
tended by him after that. The Proamium 
of Solinus and the list of chapters follow 
after these verses. This preliminary mat- 
ter forms altogether the first 6 leaves. The 
text begins in leaf 7", and ends in leaf 122* 
with the word Fikis. The printer (nei- 
ther Lavagna nor Valdarfer) has not yet 
been discovered. 

21389 — polyhistor sive de situ orbis 
ac mundi mirabilibus liber, curante 
6u. Tardivo. Without place or 
date {Par., Cesaris et Siol, about 

H75). 4^- 

f 08 leaves with 25 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and pagination. Lea^ i^ 
begins with 2 poems to the editor Tardif, 
whidi are f<dlowed by 3 leaves xs^ table of 
contents. The text begins in leaf 5a, and 
the 1st line is, Caii ivi.ii aolini ad ad. 
The book ends in leaf io8b, and the last 



line is, SUu orbis ac mwU mirairililnu liber 
JmU, This edition, which by some is set 
down as early as 147a, contains good read- 
ings peculiar to itself. 

The existence of a pretended edition, 
Brixiee, Bonintu de Bonimsy 1480. [Pan- 
uevy I. 144) is 7ery suspicious. 

21390 — rerum memorabilium coU 
Jectaneae (sic), Parmae, And. Por- 
tilia, 13 cal. Jan. 1480. small 4^ 

102 leaves (the ist blank) with 27 lines 
in a full page, and the signatures a^n. 
Leaf 2a line 1 is, CAI Ittlii Solini reru 
memorabUium. The procBmium and 2 leaves 
of table of contents follow. The text bc^ns 
in leaf 5a (signature 61). The colophon 
is in leaf 102* (Wolfenbilttel). 

A pretended edition, PamuPy 1483. 4". 
(Panzer^ II. 356.) is uncertain. And the 
edition, Ven,y 10 Mart, 1490.4°. [Panster, 
IIL 292) certainly rests oiUy on a copy of 
the edition of 1408, in which the VIII is 
scratched out of tne date. 

21391 — de memoralibus {sic) 

mundi. Yen., Thdr. de Ragazoni- 

bu8 de Asula, 23 Aug. 1491. 4°. 

52 leaves with 37 lines, and the signa- 
tures a-^. Consult Opuscoli di autori Su 
cii. XX. 285. Divided into 63 chapters. 
The MirabUia Romte follow in leaf /S*. 

21392 — de memorabilibus (sic) 

mundi. Ven., without the printer's 

name, 13 Jan. 1493. 4^ 

44 leaves with 40 lines, and the signatures 

21392 — de mirabilibus mundi. 
Brixiae, Jac. Britannicus^ 20 Nov. 
1498. fol. 

6 leaves of preliminary matter (the 6th 
blank), and 34 numl)ered leaves. Divided 
into 08 chapters. Superintended by Bar- 
tolinus Atriensis, who asserts that he has 
corrected the text, and who has prefixed an 

21394 — de memoralibus {sic) mun. 
di. Yen., without the printer's 
name, 10 Mart. 149S. foL 

46 leaves with 40 lines, and the signa- 
tures a-/. Divided into 63 chapters, but 
without the Memorabilia Ronue of the edi- 
tion of 1 49 1. An edition, without place, 
1498. 4^ in Panxer, IV. 467. 

21395 — polyhistor sive de mirabili- 
bus mundi opus a Ph. Beroaldo 
emendatum. Bonon.^ Bd. Hectoris, 

1500. 4°. 

78 leaves (the last blank), with the sig- 
natures A-L, and 27 lines. Divided into 


70 chapters. Gamers judges unfavourably 
of Beroaldus*s corrections of the text, in 
which he does not appear to have made 
use of any MSS. 

21396 — Solinus de Memoralibus 
(sic) Mundi diligenter annotatus et 
indicio alphabetico prenotatus. Par., 
accuratione Ascensiana^ 4 id. Jul. 

1503- 4^ 
4 leaves of preliminary matter, and 44 

numbered leaves. First is a letter of Ba- 
dius Ascensius to J. de Falce, dated id, 
Jul, 1503 (Wolfenbiittel). Par,, Lamberty 
1503. 4°. only differs in the statement of 
the firm. Repeated, Par., Atcensius, 
15 12. 4% and SpirtF, impentie C. H, (Cr, 
Hist), 1512. 4^ (WolfenbQttel). ib,, tm- 
pensis C. H,, 1515. 4**. Gothic letter, 4 
leaves of preliminary matter, and 44 num- 
bered leaves. Par. (Dion, Race), without 
date- 4"*. — All these editions have 65 

21397 — C. iulius Solinus de situ or- 
bis terrarum x de singulis mirabili- 
bus que in mundo habentur. Ui- 
bius Sequester de fluminibus mon- 
tibus lacubus t gentibus. Prouin. 
ciarum totius orbis nomina ad nostra 
tempora redacta. Pisauri, Hi. Son- 
cinus, ult. Jan. 15 12. fol. 

6 leaves of preliminar}' matter, 34 num- 
bered and 8 unnumbered leaves. Superin- 
tended by Alexander Oaboardus Turcella- 
nus, and divided into 68 chapters. Printed 
after a Veneium ejremplar, but compared 
with 4 Exemplaria arUigttiu; whose va- 
rious readings are specified at the end. 
Subsequently with Pomp, Mela, Ven.^ 
Aldus, 15 18. 8^, aud Fhr,, Junt^, 15 19 
or 1526. 8". 

21398 •— J. Camertis in C. JuL So- 
lini vo\vurr»pa enarrationes (cum 
textu). Additus ejusd. Camertis 
index. Viennae Austr., J. Singre- 
nius, 1520. fol. 

8 leaves of preliminary matter, 336 pages, 
I unnumbered leaf, i leaf with the printer*8 
symbol, and 1 5 unnumbered leaves of index. 
A new and carefiU recension, less from 
MSS. than from his own conjectures, and 
celebrated by Salmasius himsdf. Dixided 
into 70 chapters. 

21399 — polyhistor seu rerum orbis 
memorabilium collectanea. Adjec- 
tus prieterea est index. Col., £u- 
char. Cervicornus et Hero Fuchs, 
m. Dec. 1520. 4^ 

92 numbered leaves, and 12 unnum- 


bered, index. Merely the text (in 70 
chapters), without mention of the editor. — 
Afterwards with P. Mela. Ven,, Paffoni- 
mu, 1531. 11^ 

21400 — polyhistor, adjecto ad libri 
calcem indice oopiosissimo. Par., 
Sim. Colineeus, 1533. 8^ 

Divided into 60 dhapters. — Afterwards 
with Mela. Par., Ch. Weehely 1536. 8^ 

21401 — polyhistor. Lugd., Sb. Gry- 
phiua, 1537. 8^ 

21402 — polyhistor sea rerum orbis 

memorabilium collectanea, partim 

ad vetustissimor. exemplarium ii- 

dem restituta, partim scholiis illus- 

trata. Auctoris vita per J. Camer- 

tem accurate coUecta. Accessit his 

index omnium capitum ordine di- 

gestorum. Lugd., ap. her. Sim. 

Vincentii^ m. Sept. 1539. 8°. 

This appears to be a repetition of the 
edition by Olivarius (with Mela. Par. 1536. 

21403 — polyhistor, rerum toto orbe 

memorabilium thesaurus locupletis- 

simus. Huic Pomp. Mel« de situ 

orbis libros tres, denuo jam recog- 

nitos, adjunximus. His accesserunt 

prieter priora scholia et tabulas geo- 

graphicas Pt. quoque Olivarii anno- 

tationes. Cum gemino indice. Bas., 

Mch. Isingriui 1543. foL ' 

TO leaves of preliminary matter, 230 
pages, and i leaf with the printer's symbol. 
With maps engraved on wood and printed 
in the text, and one separate and unnumber- 
ed, whidi belongs between p. 144 and 145. 
The Solinus is a reprint of Camers's edi- 
tion of 1520, and, as there, divided into 70 
chapters. — Already, Baa,, Mch, lamgrm 
et H, Petri, 1538. fol. 

21404 — polyhistor, ex antiquis Bur- 

degalensium Dominicanor. codicibus 

ita restitutus, ut nunc primum na- 

tus et editus videri possit. Index 

locupletissimus in tres divisus, in 

quibus multa monuit de varia scrip- 

tura Elias Vinetus. Pictavii, En- 

guilb. Marnef, m. Majo 1554. 4^ 

4 leaves of preliminary matter, 144 pages, 
and 16 leaves of index. Without any di- 
vision of chapters. A new and dever re- 

21405 — commentaria in Solini poly- 
histora et Ludi Flori de Romanor. 



rebus gestis libros, ac tabulam Ce- 
betis, J. Gamerte autore. Prsterea 
Pomp. Melae de situ orbis libri III. 
cum commentariis Jo. Vadiani, 
praemissa ejusd. rudimentaria de 
geographia catechesi. Item alia ex 
Jo. Vadiani lucubrationibus opus- 
cula. Bas., H. Petri, m. Aug. 1557. 

With the text of these 3 authors; the 
text of Cebes however is only in a Latin 
translation. Solinus is divided into 70 
chapters. J. Herold superintended the 
edition. 24 leaves of prdiminary matter 
and 478 pages; then Mela, 16 leaves of 
preliminary matter and 297 pages. There 
are no maps in this edition. In p. 337 etc. 
the scholia of some unknown literary per- 
son to chapters 1-7 of Solinus are added 

21406 — polyhistor a Mt. Ant. Del- 
rio emendatus. Antw., Cp. Plan, 
tinus, 1572. 8°. 

A new recension from MSS., yet often 
without specifying the ground for alteratbn. 
The editor was as unjust towards Gamers 
as Salmasius subsequently was towards him- 

His text is repeated with Dionyavue {Afer. 
Par.), H. Steph., 1577. 4'. 

21407 — polyhistor. Edid. G. Drau- 
dius. Ff. 1603. 4°. 

An edition rather seldom to be met with. 
The text is here divided into 65 chapters. 

Salmasius gave a new recension in his 
Plmiana exercUadonea, 1629 (see above. 
No. 20124). He divided the text accord- 
ing to the old list of chapters into 56 

21408 — collectanea rerum memora- 
bilium sive polyhistor, a nonnuUis 
rerum toto orbe memorabilium the- 
saurus nuncupatus, cum indice. 
Editus studio And. Reyheri. Qo^ 
thae, Reyher, 1665. 8®. 

Camers*s text. Divided into 70 chapters, 
and 1000 smaller subdivisions, with a use- 
ful index. The printing is not very cor- 

21409 — compendium rerum memo- 
ratu dignar. et scitu jucundarum. 
Lips., Klosius, 1708. 8^. 

A repetition <^ the preceding edition, 
with the omission of Solinus*s name. 

21410 — polyhistor. Ex edit. CI. 
Salmasii accurante And. Goezio. 
Lps., Bauer, 1777. 8^ (i d.) 

Incorrectly printed. 



21411 — polyhistor ad opt. editt. 

oollatus. Prtemittitur notitia lite- 

raria. Accedit index. Bip. 1794. 

8°. (logr.) 
As yet the best Bmall edition. 

21412 — Julio Solino de las cosas 
maravillosas del mundo por Alvaro 

Gutierrez de Torrea. Toledo, 1524. 


21413 — Julio Solino tradnddo por 
Cristoval de las Casas. Sevilla, 

J 573- 4°. 

21414 — Solino delle cose maravi- 

gliose del mondo, trad, da 6i. Vine. 
Belprato conte di Anversa. Ven., 
Giolito, 1557 (at the end, 1^58). 

Also, Ven.f GioHio, 1559. 8**. id., id,y 
1570. 8^ ib., %d,y 1584. 8*. 

21415 — the excellent and pleasant 
worke of Julius Solinus polyhistor. 
Translated out of Latin into Eng- 
lish, by Arth. Golding. Lond., 
Charlewood, 1587. 4°. 

Subsequently with Gk>lding*8 transla- 
tion of Pomp, Mela, Lend, 1590. 4". — 
Dn. Gu. Molleri diss, de Soimo. Aliorf, 

1693. 4^ 

21416 SOLIS, Alonso de. £1 pelajro, 
poema. Madr. 1754. 4°. 

21417 SOLIS 7 Ribadeneira, Ant. 
de. Historia de la conquista de 
Mexico, poblacion j prc^essos de 
la America Septentrional, conocida 
por el nombre de nueva Espana. 
Madr., Sancha, 1783. large 4^ 2 
vols, with plates (270 rs.) 

A scarce and very fine edition of an 
esteemed work, which contains 24 plates, 

2 maps, and 2 portraits. The other editions 
are, Madr. 1684. fol. Barcekma, 1691 or 
171 1, fol. BruseeUuy 1704 or 41. fol. 
Madr. 1732 or 48. foL Cordova, 1743. 
fol. Madr. 1758. 12". 3 voll. t^. 1768. 
4*. ib. 1776. 4'. 2 voll. ib. 1780. 8*. 

3 voU. ib. 1798. 12^ 5 roll, with plates. 

Lond. 1809. ^''' 3 ^^^' ('^' ""- ^^') 
Istoria delta conquista del Menico (trad. 

da Corsini). Fir. 1699. 4°. with plates. 

F«r». 1715.4'. ib. 1733- 4°- 
HisUnre de la conquete du Mexique 

{traeU par Citri de la GueUe). Par. 1691. 

4°. Haye, 1692. ]^^ 2 ydl. Par. 1704, 

or 14, or 30. 12". 2 voll. 
In German (translated from the French), 

Kopetih. 1750^51. 8**. 2 vols. In English 

by Townsend and Hooke. Lond.ij^S. 8^ 


2 vols, with plates. Hittorie cm Conqueien 
af Mejnco, oversai ved Birgitte Lange. 
Kiobenh. 1747. 8^ 2 voU. 

21418 — varias poesias sagradas y 
profanas, reoogidas y dadas a luz 
)x>r J. de Goyenedie. Madr., Hi- 
erro, 1716. 4**. 

Previously, Madr, 1692. 4*. Also, ib, 
173a. 4". 

21419 — comedias. Madr. 1681. 4°. 
Also, ib., AlvareM, 1687. 4°. 

21420 SOLIS, Diego Muxet de. Co- 
medias humanas y divinas^ y rimas 
morales. Brusselas, Hoeymaker, 
1624. 4°. 

At WolfenbttcteL 

21421 SOLIS, Virgil. Newe Fign- 
ren des newen Testaments, durch 
Vergilium Solis aufs kiinstlichest 
gerissen. Ff. a. M., J. Wolff, 1565. 
8^ 127 pages. 

With 125 woodcuts, containing the Gos- 
pels for Sundays and festivals, ^e passion 
and the apocalypse, printed in the test. 
Each woodcut is furnished with a Latin 
and German verse. — Bitliache Figwrtn de* 
A. T. Ff. a. M. 1562. 4^ See also Ovi. 
Dius, No. 15595. 

21422 SOLLEYSEL, Jac. de. Le 
parfait marechal. Par. 1746 or 54. 
4°. with plates. 

AJw, Trevotur, 1675. 4". Par. 1692, 
1 7 12, or 1744. 4**. In German, Gethfy 
1677. foL ib, 1706. 4^ In English by 
Hope. Lond. 1 7 1 7. foL 

SOLON, see Gnomjb, No. 8628. 

21423 SOLORZANO'de Castillo. 
Alonso. Nochas de plazer. En 
que contiene doze novelas. Barce- 
lona, Cormellas, 1631. 8°. 

At Wolienbattel. 

21424 — varios y honestos entreteni- 
mientos. Mexico, 1625. S''. 

21425 -^ historia de Marco Antonio 
y Cleopatra. Ed. II. Madr., Alonso 
y Padilla, 1 736. 8^ 

21426 — aventuras del bachiller Tnu 
paza. Madr. 1733. 8°. 

21427 — garduiia de Sevilla. Madr. 
1642 or 1733, 8^ 

In French by d'Ouville. Par. 1661. 8*. 
ib. i;3i. 12°. 2 vols, with plates. 

21428 SOLORZANO Pereira, J. de. 
Disputationes de Indiarum jure sive 


de justa Indiar. occidentalium inqui- 
sitioDe, acquisitione et retentione. 
Madr. 1629. fol. 2 toU. 
Both vols, of this work are icaroe. 

21429 SOLVYNS, Bths. Les Hin- 
dou8, ou description de leurs moeurs, 
cont^mes, ceremonies etc. dessin^ 
d'apres natoie dans le Bengale, et 
repr^sentes en 292 planches. Avec 
le texte en anglais et en fran^ais. 
Par. 1808-12. large fol. 4 voll. 
(1728 fr., with retouched coloured 

plates 2600 fr.) 

However moderate the execution of the 
odoured printed plates may be, yet they are 
distinguished by a rare fidelity and truth of 
representation. The edition in 4**. has not 
been finislied. The author had before pub- 
lished a similar work at Calcutta ; A cata- 
logue qf^SO coloured etching$ descriptive qf 
the mannersy atstoms, character, dresSy 
and reRffious ceremcniea of the Hindooiy hy 
Bths, Solvyns, CaktUtay Mirror pruty 
1799. ^^ ^ ^^* ^'' edition is very 
scarce^ as all but 6 copies are said to have 
been spoiled. The following is an abridg- 
ment of it; The costume 0/ Hvndostany 
elucidated by 60 coloured engraoingSy with 
descriptions by Bths. Solvyns. Land. 1804. 

SOMA VERA, see Alkssio. 

21430 SOMEREN, R. H. van. Ge- 
dichten. Amst., J. van der Hey, 
1820-23. 8°. 2 voll. 

21431 SOMERS. Collection of scarce 
and valuable tracts on the most in- 
teresting subjects, collected in the 
public and private libraries, parti- 
cularly that of lord Somers. New 
edit, with notes and additions by 
Walter Scott. Lond., Murray, 
1809-15. 4^ 13 vols. (41 1. 19s.) 

The first edition of this collection, ex- 
tremely important for British history, and 
which has become scarce, appeared, Lmid. 
1748.5 a. 4". 16 vols. A selection there- 
from, Lfmd. 1795' 4^ There are bio- 
graphies of Somers by Cooksey, hcmd. 
1 79 1. 4"*., and by Maddock, hind, 1812. 

21432 SOMERVILE, W. The 
chase, a poem. Lond., Bulmer, 
1 796. large 4°. On vellum paper. 

A splendid edition, with 13 fine wood- 
cuts by the brothers Bewick. There are 3 
copies on vellum, one of which was offered 
for sale at aiL, and another was sold for 



15L 4S. 6d. The bii^graphical sketch 
prefixed to this edition is by Is. Beed. 

Also, Jjfmd. 1735. 8^ Limd, 1802. small 
4°. (with the same woodcuts of Bewick, 
but with worse impressions), ib, 1804. 8^ 
with Bewick's woodcuts, t^., Walkety 
1810. 13^ The ohasey with a critical essay 
by J. Aikin. Land, il^fi. 8^ on vellum 
paper with plates; and with the same cri- 
tique, hofnd. 1800. 13^ with plates. 

21433 — hobbinol, field sports, and 
the bowling green. Lond., Bulmer, 
1 813. 4°. with woodcuts by Nesbit. 

This burlesque poem is also in the edi- 
tions of the Chase t Lend. 1766. 8"*. Btr- 
latn^Aatfi, Baskervilley 1767. 8°. 

21434 — poetical works. Lond., Bell, 
1797. 12®. 2 vols, ib., Cooke, 1802. 
12^ with plates (5s. 6d.) Lond., 
Sharpe, 1805. '^^* ^ parts in i vol. 
Also, Lond., 1810 or 12. 12°. 

21435 SOMMERSBERG, P. W. de. 
Silesiacar. rerum scriptores aliquot. 
Lps. 1729-32. fol. 3 voU. 

21436 SOMNER, 6u. Dictionarium 
saxonico-latino-anglicum : accessit 
iElfrici grammatica latino-saxonica 
et glossarium latino-saxonicum. Ox. 
1659. fol. 

21437 — antiquities of Canterbury, 
enlarged by N. Battely, with the 
supplement. Lond. 1703. fol. 2 
parts in i vol. 

Previously, Lond. 1640. 4**. 

21438 SONETTI e canzoni di di- 
versi antichi autori Toscani in dieci 
(undid) libri raccolte. Fir., heredi 
di Ph. di Giunta, 1527. 8°. 

4 unnumbered leaves, and 148 num- 
bered. The first and tolerably scaroe edi- 
tion of a very rich collection of poems by 
Dante, Cino da Pistoja, Guido Cavalcanti, 
Dante da M ajano^ Ouittone d^ArezM^ and 
others. There is a copy with MS. various 
readings and annotations by Ant. Mar. 
Salvini at Dresden ; see my history of the 
Royal library, p. 306 sq. 

21439 — rime de diversi antichi au- 
tori Toscani in dieci (undid) libri 
raccolte. Ven., J. Ant. e fratelli da 
Sabio, [532. 8^. 148 leaves. 

A less fine but more correct reprint of 
the preceding edition. 

21440 — rime di diversi antichi au- 
tori Toscani in dodici libri raccolte. 
Giuntovi moltisdme oose che nella 



Fiorentina edizione del 1527 non 
si leggevano. Ven., Cristof. Zane^ 
1 73 1 (new title, Ven., Occhi^ 1 740). 

In this careful and scarce edition the 
poems are re-arranged, and considerably 

21441 SONGE. Cy commence le 
songe de la pucelle. (Brehant Lo- 
deac en Bretagne), Robin Foucquet 
et J. Cres^ au mois de Janvier 1 484. 
4^. Gothic letter^ 8 leaves. 

A very scarce poem. 

21442 SONGES (Us) de la pucelle, 
avec la fontaine damours i se com. 
mence. Nesdo quid sit amor, 
Avignon, J. de ChanneVf without 
date (about 1530). small 8°. Gothic 
letter, 30 leaves. 

A very scarce edition of a printer not 
noticed in Panzer. There is also an edition 
without place or date in small 8**. or 16**. 
Gothic letter,^ 8 leaves. 

21443 SONGE (le) dor^ de la pu. 
celle. Without place or date (Lyon^ 
about 1500). 4°. Gothic letter, 13 


This poem, in verses of 8 syllables, and 
stanzas of 7 lines (but without the ballad 
at the end), is reprinted in the Conaerwi- 
teur, 1758, Juin. p. 81-99. 

21444 SONGE du Vergier, qui parle 
de la disputation du clerc et du 
chevalier (par J. de Vertu). With- 
out place (Lyon), J. Maillet, 1491. 
small fol. Gothic letter. 

21445 Par., par le Petit Lau- 
rens pour J. Petit libraire. Without 
date. fol. Gothic letter. 

Also, Par.y J. Pedt^ 1503. foL Songe 
du Vergier avec une dissertation sur le 
mifM songCi in: TraUez des droits de 
VigHse galUcane. T. II. Without place, 
1 731. fol. p. I sq. — In Latin, Aureus de 
uiraque potestate libettus, Somnium Ftri- 
darii nuncupahis. Par,y Galliot du Pr^y 
15 1 6. 4**. Also in Gddasti Monardhioy 
T. I. p. 58 sq. 

Concerning this ecclesiastical work, which 
has been attributed to Ph. de Mayzieres, 
Raoul de Praesles, and Ch. Jac. de Lou- 
viers, consult Fldgel Gesch. der kom. LOt. 
II. 418 sq. Milanges Hr. d'une gr, WA, 
IV. 69. Senebier Catal, des MSS. de la 
bibL de Genkve^ p. 444 sq. 

SONGE du vieux P^lerin (par Ph. 
de Maizi^res), see Melanges tir. 


d'une gr. bibl. IV. 7 a. Zach Cor- 

respondance astron. X. 76. XIV. 

187 sq. 
SONGES drolatiques de Pantagruel, 

see Rabelais. 
SONGS, see Ritson. 

21446 SONNERAT. Voyage aux 
Indes orientales et a la Chine, fait 
depuis 1774 jusqu'en 1781. Par. 
1782. 4^ 2 vols, with plates. 

To be preferred to the edition of 1806 ou 
account of the finer impressions. There are 
copies with illuminated plates, and on large 
Dutch paper. The edition, Par, 1 782. 8**. 
3 vols, contains far fewer plates. To it 
may be joined, Lettre h Mr. Sonneraty 
par Charpentier de Cossigng. A Pile de 
Fraruse, 1782. 4°. ii2 pages and 7 leaves. 
Supplement au voyage de Sonnerat, par un 
ancien marin (Foucher d^ObsonviUe). Amst. 
(Par,) 1785. 8^ 31 pages. 

21447 — — edition augm. d'un 

precis histor. sur I'lnde depuis 1778^ 

de notes etc, par Sonnini. Par., 

Dentu, 1806. 8^ 4 vols, and an 

atlas in 4°. of 140 plates. 

60 fr., on vellum paper 1 20 fr. In 4°. 
a vols. 90 fr., on vellum paper with illu- 
minated plates 300 fr. In German (by 
J. Peaszl). Zfir., Ordly 1783. 4^ 2 vols, 
with plates ( 1 3 d.) Lp», 1 785. 8^ 

21448 — voyage k la nouvelle Guin6e 

(en 1771). Par. 1776. 4°. with 

125 plates. 

In German by J. Ph. Ebeling, Lpz.y 
Weggandy 1777. 4^ with plates (2 d. 
I a gr.). 

21449 SONNINI, Charl. N. Sigis- 
bert. Voyage en Qr^ce et en 
Turquie,fait par ordrede Lous XVI- 
Par. an 9 (1801 ). 8^. 2 vols, and an 
atlas in 4^ (18 fr., on vellum paper 
36 fr.) 

In German by Cp. Weyland, Berl. 1801. 
8°. (i d. 20 gr.) In English, Land. 1801. 
4"*. with plates (2I. 12s. 6d.) 

21450 — voyage dans la haute et 

la basse Egypte. Par. an 7 (1800). 

8°. 3 vols, and an atlas of 40 plates 

in 4^ (21 fr.) Also on vellum 


In German (by J. Ad. Bei^gk), Gera, 
1800. 8^ 2 vols, with plates (3 d. 16 gr.) 
In English by Hunter, Lond, 1800. 4^ 
with 29 plates, or 3 vols, in 8**. (il. 7B.) 

21451 SOPHOCLIS tragiedisB (nc) 


septem cum commentariis. Ven., 
Aldus^ m. Aug. 1502. 8^ 

196 unnumbered leaves (the blank leaves 
to be found in the context, and that with 
the anchor being included). The first edi- 
tion, scaitse, and greatly prized on account 
of its good and pure text. The scholia, 
announced in the title, are wanting, and 
did not appear from AMus's press. There 
are copies in which the preface on the re- 
verse of the title is wanting. Lord Spencer 
has a defective copy on veUum. 

21452 — trngcediee septem cum inter- 
pretationibns vetustis et valde utili- 
bus (curante Ant. Franciiio), Flor., 
her. Ph. Juntas, 6 cal. Nov. 1522. 

4 leaves of preliminary matter, and 194 
numbered leaves. The first edition with 
the scholia. Still more scarce than the 
preceding, and not yet sufficiently charac- 
terized. According to the preface of the 
Juntine edition of 1547* MSS. appear to 
have been made use (^ in ic At any rate 
it contains a piuw text, and peculiarities in 
the scholia, in which it often differs from 
the Roman edition of 15 18. 

21453 — tragcedifie septem (gr.) 
Par., Sim. Colineus, 1528. 8®. 

A tolerably scarce reprint of the Aldine 
with some readings of its own. Without 
the scholia. 

21454 — tragoediie VII. cum com. 

mentariis interpretationum argu- 

menti Thebaidus fabularum Sopho. 

clis, authore Jo. Camerario, jam 

recens natis atque eeditis. Haga- 

nofle, ex offic. Seceriana, 3 id. Mart. 

1534. 8°. 

Without the scholia. Camerarius*8 notes 
have a separate title. 

21455 — tragcediie VII. cum inter- 
pretationibus vetustis et valde uti- 
libus. Pf ., Pt. Brubach, 1 544. 8*». 

2 leaves of preliminary matter, 193 num- 
bered leaves, and i leaf with the printer*s 
symbol. With the scholia. A reprint of 
the Juntine of 1512, yet with some altera- 
tions by Uie editor. In (Edip. Coi, leaf 129 
(signature B) 4 pages are transposed by a 
mistake of the printer*s. 

21456 — tragoediee VII. cum inter- 

pretatt. vetustis et valde utilibus. 

Flor., ap. Junctam, 1547. 4^ 

4 leaves of preliminary matter, 193 num- 
bered leaves, i unnumbered leaf, and i leaf 
with the lily. With the scholia, and a pre- 
face by Bn. Juncta. Superintended by 



Pt. Victorius, and corrected, espedally in 
the two (Edipi and the TriushinetPy from 

21457. — tragCBdiae VII. (gr.) Ff., 
Pt. Brubach, m. Mart. 1550. 8°. 

437 pages, and i leaf with the printer*s 
symboL Without the scholia, and a re- 
print of the edition of 1544. The same 
may be said of the editions, Ff*, PL BrU' 
bach, 1567. 8°. 427 pages. WUt,, Mth. 
fVelaek, 1585. 8^ 427 pages. 

21458 — r/xry^toi. Lji^ufTpiov rov 
Tpuekiviov ircpi firrpav oh txPt^*'^^ 
So^icXf/r, ircpc fryrjiuirtov, cxokut. 
Par., Adr. Turnebus, 1552. small 
4°. 4 leaves of preliminary matter, 
and 400 pages. — Demetrii Triclinii 
in Sophocl. commentarii. ib., id., 
1553 (at the end 1552). small 4^ 
2 parts in i vol. 

A fine and scarce edition, good copies of 
which, when they contain the scholia, 
are greatly sought after. It was made 
frran a codex arbitrarily interpolated by 
Demetr. Tridinius, which was in the pos- 
session of Amarus Ranoonet, and contains 
a quantity of bad readings and ignorant 
alterations, particularly in the choruses. 
And yet the subsequent editors down to 
Brunck almost entirely retained this cor- 
rupted text. The scholia of Tridinius 
differ from those of the earlier editions. 

21459 — tragoediae VII. cum inter- 

pretationibus vetustis et valde uti- 

libus. Ff., without the printer's 

name, 1555. 4''. 

2 leaves of prdiminaiy matter, and 193 
numbered leaves. Although it accords, 
page for page, with the edition of 1544, 
yet it is r«dly a new impression. The 
scholia are induded. 

21460 — tragoediie VII. Una cum 
omnibus grsecis scholiis et cum la. 
tinis Jo. Camerarii. Annotationes 
H. Stephani in Sophoclem et £u. 
ripidem, seorsum excusse, simul 
prodeunt. {Oliva^ H. Stephani), 
1 568. 4°. 

4 leaves of preliminary matter, 461 pages, 
Greek text, 242 pages, notes. Turnebus*s 
text, with some alterations. The old 
scholia and those of Tridinius are here 
combined. Thereto bdong, H. Stephani 
annotationes in Sophoclem et Euripidem 
(ORva Steph.) Elmsley has shewn that in 
these Annotationes he made use of no MSS. 
but only earlier editions. 

21461 — tragoedie VII. (gr.) In 



quibus prseter multa menda sublata, 
carminum omnium ratio hactenus 
obscurior^ nunc apertior proditur, 
opera 6u. Caiiteri. Antw.^ Cp. 
Plantinus^ 1579 (at the end 15 So). 

A neat, correct, and scarce edition. 
€anter*8 critique, diiefly metrical, gained 
credit particularly as to the new arrange- 
ment of the plays. 

21462 — tragcedise VII. (gr.) In 

quibus pneter multa menda sublata, 

carminum omnium ratio apertior 

proditur, opera Gu. Canteri. LB., 

Fr. Rapheleng., 1593. 12°. 

427 pages, and 8 unnumbered leaves 
{notai Canteri et serUerUi<e Sophocl.) A 
repetition of the preceding edition. 

21463 — tragoediae VII. (gr. lat.) 
Ex ad verso respondet latina inter- 
pretatio, in qua verbum verbo red- 
didit Vitus Winsemius. Carminum 
ratio ex 6u. Cantero diligenter ob- 
servata; additis ejus in totum So- 
phoclem notis. Heidelb., Hi. Com- 

melinus, 1597. 8°. 

701 pages, without scholia. Canter^s 
text, whose notes, mentioned in the title, 
are not to be found therein. 

21464 — tragcedise VII. Una cum 
omnibus grsecis scholiis, et latina 
Viti Winsemii interpretatione. Qui- 
bus accesserunt Jo. Camerarii, nee 
non H. Stephani annotatt. Una 
cum indice sententiar. Sophoclear. 
Excud. P. Stephanus, 1 603 . 4". 

4 leaves of preliminary matter, 794 pages, 
and 13 unnumbered leaves, text; 51 pages, 
not^ Stephani ; 202 pages, noUe Camerarii ; 
3 leaves, index aententiarutn. A slovenly 
and not quite correct repetition of the edi- 
tion of 1568, with the addition of the Latin 
translation of Winsemius and the notes 
of H. Stephens, which had before appear- 
ed by themselves. 

21465 — tragoediae Sophoclis quot- 
quot extant, grseco-latinse. In- 
golst.. Ad. Sartorius, 1608. 8°. 

945 pages. 

21466 — tragoediae VII. (gr. lat.) 
una cum omnibus grsecis scholiis ad 
calcem adnexis. Cbr.^ J« Field, 
1665 (new title 1669 or 1673). S''. 
— — 2;(oXui nakaia raw waw doKifuuff 
fura KM Ttav rov TpucXtyioi; ch So- 


fJMicKeov^ iirra rpaytf^uis. Cbr., J* 
Field, ax{i?, (1668). 8°. 2 parts in 

1 vol. 

Stephens^s text A neat and convenient 
small edition. 

21467 — tragoediae VII. Cum ver- 
sione lat. et selectis quibusdam 
variis lectionibus. Lond.^ Tonson 
et Watts, 1722. large 12°. 2 voli. 

Stephens's text, without scholia. This 
edition has been erroneously attribnted to 
Maittaire. Repeated, LomLy Tonson et 
WattSy 1747. large I2^ 2 vols. 

21468 — tragoediae, quae extant, sep- 
tem ; cum versione latina. Au- 
di tae sunt lectiones variantes et 
notae Tb. Johnson in IV. tragoedias. 
Gla^., Foulis, 1745* small 8°. 

2 voU. 

Stephens's text, without scholia. This 
smaller edition, although neat, is very in- 
correctly printed. 

21469 — tragoediae, quae extant, sep- 
tem. Additae sunt lectiones va- 
riantes et notae Th. Johnson in IV. 
tragg. Glasg., Foulis, 1745. small 

Of the same form as the preceding, but 

far more correct, and without the Latin 
translation. A copy on large paper, 41 fr. 
95 c. McCarthy. 

21470 — tragoediae VII. Nova ver- 
sione donatae, scholiis veteribus no- 
tisque perpetuis et variis lectioni- 
bus illuBtratae. Opera Th. John- 
son. Lond. et Etonae, Innys, 1746. 
8°. 3 voll. 

Each voL has also a separate title, 
namely, T. I. Ajaa et Eleetra (at first. Ox, 
1 705. 8**,). T. II. Antig., Trachin,, (Edip, 
Col, (at first, Ox. 1708. 8^). T. III. 
OSiUp, Tyr. et Philoct. In England the 
1st and 2nd vd. of the separate very correct 
editions of 1 705 and 1 708 are sought aft^, 
and to these is added the 3rd vol. (which 
did not appear earlier) of the edition of 
1746.— The edition, Land., Pote, 1758. 8*. 
2 volL in which Palairet took part, is less 
correct. The following, on the contrary, 
was very carefully superintended (by J. 
Tweedie), Etona, Pote, 1775. 8*. 2 voll. 
Repeated, t^. 1 788 or 1 799. 8°. 2 volL 

21471 — tragoediae VII. cum inter- 
pretatione latina et scholiis vett. 
ac novis. Editionem curavit J. 
Capperonnier. Eo defuncto edidit, 
notas^ prsefieitionem et indioem ad- 


jedt J. Fr. VauTillien. Par., Pis- 
isot^ 1 78 1. 4^ 2 voll. Also on 
large paper. 

A reprint of Johnaon's edition in the 
text, translation, and scholia, with little ap- 
paratus of its own, and that of no great im- 
portance. MSS. were not made use of. 
Finely printed, and scarce on large paper. 

21472 — tragoedise, gr. Eton«, 1 786. 


This edition, superintended hy Harwood, 
and very scarce in Germany, is furnished 
with various readings from the editions of 
Aldus and Tumebus, short notes and a very 
onnplete index by Mordl. The various 
readings of Bnmck*s edition were also 
added to it in 1788. 

21473 — quae exstant omnia, cum ve- 

terum grammaticor. scholiis. Su- 

perstites tragoedias VII. ad op- 

timor. exemplarium (idem recensuit, 

versione et notis illustravit, deper- 

ditar. fragmenta coUegit Rch. Fr. 

Ph. Brunck. Arg., Treuttel, 1786. 

large 4". 2 vol). 

A new recension, in which Brunck used 
the Aldine text as the basis, and corrected 
it after 8 MSS. and by conjecture. He 
has the merit of having purified the text of 
Sophocles from the interpolations of Tri- 
dinius, and of having restored it to its ori- 
ginal genuineness; but sometimes his al- 
terations are too bold, and even metrically 
wrong. The Latin translation is new, 
and the schcrfia are accurately printed from 
the Roman edition of 1518. The edition 
is fine, and very correctly printed. There 
are two copies on vellum, (me in the Royal 
library at Paris, and ibe other in Re- 
nouani*s possession. 

21474 — tragoediae VI L ad optimor. 
exemplarium fidem emendatfie, cum 
versione et notis, ex editione Rch. 
Pr. Ph. Brunck. Arg*, Treuttel, 
1786-89. 8°. 4 voll. Also on large 

The first 2 voU^ which appeared some 
months before the preceding edition, con- 
tain the text, trandation, and notes; the 
3rd the scholia, and the 4th the index. 

21475 — tragoediffi VII. (gr.) Ex- 
hibet J. M. Suerius Duplan. Par. 
1787. 12°. 2 voll. 

Merely an impression of the usual old 
text, without any farther apparatus. 

21476 — tragoediae VII. cum scholiis 
vett., versione lat. et notis. Acce- 
dunt deperditor. dramatum frag« 



menta. £x editione Rch. Fr. Ph. 
Brunck. Arg., (without the print- 
er's name), 1788. large 8°. 3 vols. 

This edition, only 350 copies of which 
were printed, contains a new revision of 
the text and of the scholia, omitting the 
more recent scholia and those of Tridinius, 
and also the index. 

21477 — tragoediae (gr.) in usum 
scholar, ad exemplar Brunckianum 
expressse. Hal., orphanotropheum, 
1790. 8®. — Ed. 11. emendation 
ib. 1813. 8". (i d., on Dutch paper 


21478 — tragoediae VII. Cum ani- 
madvv. Sra. Musgravii. Acceduut, 
praeter vari antes lectionis editionum 
optimarum, Sophoclis fragmenta, 
ex editione Brunckiana, nee non 
index verborum. Ox., e typogr. 
Clarend., 1800. 8°. 2 voll. Scholia 
graeca in Sophocl. ib. 1801. 8°. 
Also on large paper. 

It does not greatly de\'iate firom the text of 
Tridinius. Repeated, ib, 1809, ^^' ^°- 
3 vols. (il. 7s., on huge paper iL 15s.) 
The two vols. o£ text, (16s., on laige paper 
il.), and the vol. of sdiolia (i is., on large 
paper 15s.) are also sold separately. 

21479 — tragoediae VII, ac deper- 
ditar. fragmenta. Emendav., va. 
rietatem lectionis, scholia notasque 
tum aliorum turn suas adjecit C. 
6I0. A. Erfurdt. Lps., Fleischer, 
1802-25. large 8°. 7 voll. (18 d. 

A new recension, partly from MSS., but 
somewhat hastily and unequally executed. 
The single vols, are also sold under sepa- 
rate titles : T. I. TracMn, 1802 ; T. II. 
Eiectrot 1803; T. 111. PhUoaisies, 1805; 
T. IV. AnHg, 1806; T. V. CEdip, rejty 
1809; T. VI. 4/flur, 181 1 5 T.VIL (Edip. 
Col, 1825. 3 vds. are still to be expected. 

21480 — tragoediae VII. ex rec. 
Brunckii cum Brunckianis selectis 
paucisque suis notis edid. Lr. Sahl. 
Havn., Proft, 1802. 8°. 2 parts in 
1 voL (i d. i6gr.) 

21481 — dramata quae supersunt, et 
deperditor. fragmenta, gr. et lat. 
Denuo recensuit et Brunckii anno- 
tatione integra, aliorum et sua se- 
lecta illnstravit F. H. Bothe. Lps., 
Weidmann, 1806. 8^. 2 voll. (6 d., 



on writing paper 8 d., on Dutch 
paper 1 2 d.) 

21482 — tragcedise VII. cum scholiis 
vett., versione lat. et notis. Acce- 
dunt deperditor. dramatum frag- 
Dienta, ex edit. Rch. Fr. Ph. 
Brunck. Ox., Bliss, 1808. 8^ 
2 voU. Also on large paper. 

21483 — tragoediae VII., gr. £x 

edit. Rch. Fr. Ph. Brunck. Textui 

subjicitur singularum editionum 

Brunckianar. discrepans lectio. Ox., 

Bliss, 1809. 32^ 2 voll. (los.) 
An unoommonly neat pocket edition. 

21484 — tragoedis. Ad optimor. 
libror. fidem iterum recensuit et 
brevibus notis instruxit C. 6I0. A. 
Erfurdt. Lps., Fleischer, 1809-25. 

small 8**. 7 voll. (7 d.) 

The single vols, are also sold under se- 
parate titlM : T. I. Antiponey 1809 ; T. IT. 
(Edip, resy i8ir; T. III. AjaXy 1817; 
T. IV. EUctrOy 1819; T. V. Trmchm. 
182a; T. VI. Philoct, 1824; T. VIL 
fEdip. Col. 1825. 

21485 — tragoediae ad optimor. libror. 
iidem emendatse, cum brevi nota- 
tione emendationum^ cura Of, H. 
Schafer. Lps.^ Tauchnitz, 1810. 
1 2**. 2 voll. ( 1 d. 8 gr.) 

21486 — tragcedise VII. cum vett. 

grammaticor. scholiis. Versione 

latina et notis illustravit^ deperdi. 

tor. dramatum fragmenta coUegit 

Brunck. Accedunt excerpta ex 

varietate lectionis, quam continet 

editio C. G. A. Erfurdt, Demetrii 

Triclinii scholia metrica, et notee 

ineditie C. Burneji. Lond., Priest- 

lej, 1 8 19. 8"^. 4 voll. (2I. 8s., on 

large paper 4I. 48.) 

T. I. ll. contain the next, tlie old 
scholia, the fragments. Lexicon Sophod., 
various readings from Erfurdt's edition, 
and Bamey*s notes. T. III. contains the 
scholia of Tridinius, and the Latin trans- 
lation, and T. IV. Erfurdt*s notes. — An- 
other edition, after Brunck and SchlUer, 
with Erfurdt*s notes, appeared, Ojt. 1820. 
8^ 5 vols. (il. IIS. 6d.) 

21487 — tragoediae, in us. scholar, ad 
optimor. libror. fidem expressae. 
Ace. varietas lectionis copiosissima. 
Ed. III. emendatior et multo auc- 
tior (curav. J. F. Martin). Hal., 


orphanotropheum, 1822. 8^ 2 parts 
in I vol. ( 1 d.) 

Deserving of recommendation on account 
of the very complete collection of various 

21488 — tragoediae VII. (gr.) ad 
optimor. libror. fidem rec. Ed. 
Wunder. Ace. brevis annotatio et 
conspectus metrorum. Lps., Hart- 
mann, 1825. 8^ (2 d., on fine paper 
2 d. 16 gr.) 

21489 — Tragodien, griech. mit 

kurzen deutschen Anmerkk. von 

G. C. W. Schneider. Weimar, 

Hoffmann, 1823-25. 8^ 4 small 

vols. (2d. 10 gr.) 

T. I. Elecira, T. IL Traefdn^ T. III. 
Ajaxy T. IV. PMloct. (It is going on.) 

21490 — primae Sophoclis tragoediae 
duae, Ajax et Electra (gr.) Prae- 
fatio CI. Theraei. Arg., Wendel. 
Rihel, 1540. 8°. 125 pages. 

21491 — Ajax flagellifer (gr. lat.) 
Callimachi hymni in Jovem et 
Apollinem (lat.) J. Lonioero in- 
terprete. BasT, Hervag., m. Aug. 
1533. 4°. 129 pages. 

21492 — Ajax flagellifer (gr.)» la 
tinus factus per J. Lonicerum. 
Ace. observatt. propositae a Bths. 
Stolbergio. Witt, Fincel, 1668. 

The edition by J. Of. Hoerius, FFitf. 
1746 (new title, Lp$, 1765). 8^ is quite 

21493 — Ajax et Electra, nova ver- 
sione donatae scholiisque veteribus 
illustratae. Ace. notac perpetuae et 
variae lectt., op. Th. Johnson. Ox., 
e th. Sheldon., 1705. 8°. — Ed. II. 
accuravit Sm. Patrick. Lond., la. 

21494 — Ajax, gr. Cum scholiis et 
commentario perpetuo edid. Ch. A. 
Lobeck. Lps.» Weidmann, 1809. 
8°. (id. 16 gr., on writing paper 
2d., on vellum paper 3d.) 

21495 — Ajax. Varietate lect. et 
perpetua adnotatione illustratus ab 
H. L. Jul. Billerbeck. Ace. index. 
Gott., Vandenhoeck, 1824. ^^- 
(16 gr.) 

21496 — Antigone et Trachiniae, 


nova versione donate scholiisqoe 
veteribos illustrate. Ace. note 
perpetue, opera Th. Johnson. Ox., 
e th. Sheld., 1 708. 8°. 

21497 — Antigone. Ex rec. Brunck- 
ii cum ejusd. et Camerarii notis 
selectis. Curav. A(lb.) C(h.) M(ei- 
necke). Gott., Vandenhoeck, 1788. 

21498 — Antigone, ex Brunck. re- 
oensione cum commentario per- 
petuo J. H. Ch. Barby. Berol., 
Maurer, 1806. 8°. (ai gr.) 

21499 — r Elettra volgarizzata ed 
esposta da Mch. Ang. Oiacomelli 
(gr. ital.) Roma, Pagliarini, 1 754. 


21500 — Electra et Euripidis An. 

dromache ex optimis exemplarib. 
emendate, curaRch. Fr . Ph. Brunck. 
Arg., Heitz, 1779. 8°. 

21501 — Electra gr. cum antiquis 
scholiis selectis ex rec. Brunckii. 
Varietate lectionis et perpetua an- 
notatione illustravit G. Ant. Cp. 
Scheffler. Helmst., Fleckeisen, 
1794. 8°. (20 gr.) 

21502 — CBdipus tyrannuB (gr.) Pro 
schola Argentinensi (ed. E. Re- 
gius.) Arg., Ch. Mylius, 1567. 8°. 
88 pages. 

21503 — QBdipus tyr., gr. lat. Glasg. 
1777. 4°. Also in 12°. 

21504 — - (Edipus tyr. et Euripidis 
Orestes ex optimis exemplaribus 
emendati (cura Rch. Fr. Ph. Brunck). 
Arg., Heitz» 1779. 8°. 

21505 — GEdipus rex, gr. et lat., 
annotatione perpetua illustrav. Ch. 
Gli. Kuinoel. Lps., Weidmann, 
1790. 8**. (20gr.) 

21506 — CEdipus tyr. e rec. et cum 
notis selectis Brunckii, suisque et 
indice curavit Alb. Ch. Meinecke. 
Gott. 1790. 8^ (8gr.) 

21507 — CEdipus rex. Ex Brunck- 
iana potissimum recensione cum 
commentario perpetuo J. H. Ch. 
Barby. Berol. 1807. 8^ (i d.) 

21508 — CEdipus tyr., gr., ex rec. 
Pt. Elmsley, qui annotatt. suas ad- 
jecit. Cbr. 1812. 8^ — Ed. auctior 

SOP 1766 

indicibus instructa. Lpa., Hart- 
mann, 1821. 8^ (12 gr.) 

21509 — CEdipus Coloneus ex rec. 
Brunckii. Cum notis et ind. gr. 
lat. edid. Alb.Ch. Meinecke. Duisb., 
Helwing, 1791. 8°. 

21510 — CEdipus in Colono cum 
scholiis vetustis et suis commenta. 
riis tum emendatius turn explanatius 
edid. C. Reisig. Jen., Croker, 1 820. 
8«. (i8gr.) 

21511 — CEdipus Coloneus e rec. 
Pt. Elmsley. Accessit Brunckii 
et alior. annotatio selecta, cui et 
suam addidit editor. Ox. 1823. 8°. 
(ids. 6d.) 

A new reoension after 10 MSS. Re- 
printed, ZrfM., Hartmanny 1824. 8^. (1 d. 
16 gp.) 

21512 -— Sophoclis tragcedia Philoc- 
tetes, gr. Lutet., Fed. Morellus, 
1586. 4^. — Philoctetes in Lemno, 
stylo ad veteres tragicos latinos ac 
cedente quam proxime fieri potuit, 
a Q. Septimio Florente Christiano. 
Ace. ejusd. glossemata ad eandem 
Philocteteam. ib. 1580. 4^. 

21513 — Philoctetes. Cum notis 
edid. F. Gedike. Berol., Mylius, 
1781. 8^ (i2gr.) 

21514 — Philoctetes, Euripidis He- 
cuba, Medea, Iphigenia in Aulide. 
Recudi et, varietate lectionis au- 
geri curavit A. Hm. Niemeyer. 
Ed. II. emendatior, cui indicem 
adjecit J. Ph. Krebs. Hal. 1797. 
8°. (2ogr.) 

21515a — Philoctetes, cum comm. per- 
petuo J. H. Ch. Barby. Berol., 
Maurer, 1803. 8°. (16 gr.) 

21515^ — Philoctetes. Recognovit 
et commentariis in usum juvent. 
conscriptis illustravit J. P. Mat- 
thei. Altone, Hammerich, 1822. 
8°. (id. i6gr.) 

21516 — Trachinie gr. e rec. Brunck- 
ii. Edid., commentario illustra- 
vit, scholia gr. indicemque verbor. 
adjecit J. G. Ch. Hopfner. Lps., 
Junius. 1 79 1. 8®. (i d.) 

21517 — Trachinie gr. e rec. Brunck- 
ii. Varia lectione adjecta illustrav. 
H. L. Jul. Billerbeck. Hildes., 



Oerstenbei^, 1801. 8°. (id. to 

21518 — tragcediae omnes nunc pri- 
mum latinse ad verbum factse ac 
scholiis quibusdam illustrate, J. Bt. 
Gabia interprete. Ven., J. Bt. a 
Burgofrancho, 1548. 8°. 187 num- 
bered leaves, and 1 leaf with the 
printer's symbol. — Interpretatio 
tragoediar. Sophoclis, edita a Vito 
Winshemio. Ff., Pt Brubach, 
1546 or 49. S'^ — Commentatio ex- 
plicationum omnium tragoediarum 
Sophoclis, cum exemplo duplicis 
conversionis Jo. Camerarii. Bas., 
Oporinus, 1556.' 8°. — Tragcediae 
VII. nunc prim, latinse factse, et in 
lucem emissae per J. Lalamantium. 
Lut., Mch. Vascosanus, 1558. 8^ 
— Tragoediee VII. latino carmine 
redditee et annotatt. illustratse per 
Th. Naogeorgum. Bas., Oporinus, 
without date (1558). 8°. — Tra- 
goedise quotquot extant carmine la^ 
tino redditae, G. Ratallero inter, 
prete. Antw., Gu. Silvius, 1570. 
8°. Antw., J, Bellerus, 1584, 8^ 
— Tragcediae. Versio Brunckiana, 
denuo recensita et distinctis sin- 
gulis versibus passim reficta. LB. 
1824. 8^ (2 d. 4 gr.) — Ajax, Anti- 
gone et Electra, lat. G. Ratallero 
interprete. Lugd., Seb. Gryphius, 
1550. 8°. — Ajax lorarius a Jos. 
Scaligero translatus. Arg., Ant. 
Bertram, 1609. 8°. — Antigone lat. 
per Gu. Hervetum. Lugd. )54i. 
8°. — Antigone, interprete Th. Wat- 
son. Lond., J. Wolf, 1581. 4®. 

21519 — Edipo tirano tragedia, tra- 
ducida del griego en verso castel- 
lano con un discurso preliminar 
sobre la tragedia antigua y modema, 
por Pedro Estala. Sladir., Sancha, 
1793. 8^ (6 rs.) — La venganza 
de Agamemnon. Tragedia de So. 
focles, traducida por Feman Perez 
de Oliva, in the Pamaso espaSol, 
VI. 191 sq. 

21520 — Sofocle volgarizzato da Fr. 
Lenzini. Vol. I. Siena, 1791. 4^ 
— Elettra fatta volgare (in versi) da 


ErasmodiValvasone. Ven., Guerra, 
1588. 12®. — Ajace flagellifiero, tra- 
gedia di Sofocle. Di nuovo tra- 
dotta di latino in volgare da Girol. 
Giustiniano. Ven., Spineda, 1603. 
8*^. — Edipo tiranno tragedia, in 
lingua volgare ridotta da Orsato 
Giustiniano. Ven., Ziletti, 1585. 
4°. — La medes., ridotta dalla greca 
nella Toscana lingua da Pt. Ang. 
Bargeo. Fir., Sermartelli, 1589. 
8**. Ven., Savioli, 1748. 8". — 
Edipo, volgarizzato da Bn. Segni. 
Fir. 1811. 8°. —Edipo Coloneo, 
recato in versi ital. da Gi. Bt. 
Giusti. Bol. 1 819. 8*. — Trachine, 
tragedia trad, in versi toscani. Bol. 
1817. 8**.— II Filottete tragedia, con 
alcune rime di Tomm. Gins. Far- 
setti. Ven., Geremia, 1767. 8^ 

21521 — tragedies grecques (Edipe 
et Electre) de Sophocle, trad, avec 
des notes crit. par Mr. Dacier. 
Par., Barbin, 1692. 12^. Amst., 
Gallet, 1693. 12*. — Tragedies de 
Sophocle (Trachin., Ajax, CEdip. 
Col., Antig.), trad, par Dupuy. 
Par., Bauche, 1762. 4°. — Th^tre 
de Soph. trad, en entier avec des 
remarques et un examen de chaque 
pi^ce, par de Rochefort. Par., 
Nyon, 1788. 8^. 2 voll. Also on 
large paper. — Trag^die de Soph. 
intitul6e Electra, trad, du grec en 
rhythme fran9. (par Lazare deBaif). 
Par., Roffet, 1537. 8°. 44 leaves. — 
CEdipe, trag. de Soph., et les oi« 
seaux, comedie d'Aristophane. Trad, 
par Boivin. Par., Didot, 1729. 

21522 — Sophokles, verdeutscht von 
G. Cp. Tobler. Th. i. 2. Bas. 
1781. 8^ (i d. 8 gr.)-- Sophokles 
iibs. von Ch. Graf zu Stolberg, 
B. 1.2. Lpz., Goschen, 1787. 8^ 
(3d. 12 gr.) — Trauerspiele, iibs. 
von F. Ast. Lpz., Schwickert, 
1804. 8". (2 d.) — Trauerspiele, iibs. 
von Gf. Fahse. Lpz., Tauchnitz, 
1804-9. 8^ 2 voll. (2 d.)— Trago- 
dien, iibs. von C- W. Fd. Solger. 
Berl. f8o8. S". a voll. 3. Aufl« 


Berl., Reiiner» 1824. 8^. 2 voll. 
(2 d. 20 gr.) — Trauerspiele, ubs. 
▼on F. Hdlderlin. Ff., Wilmans, 
1804. 8®. 2 voll. (1 d.) — Ajax lo- 
rarius, ein heydnische Tragoedia^ 
▼on Sophocle erstlich gedichtet u. 
nachmais durch Jos. Scaliger in lat. 
Sprach ▼ertieret. Verteutscht durch 
M. W. S. M. 8trb., Ant. Bertram, 
1608. 8^. — Bestrafter Ajas, aus 
dem Oriech. neu iibs. mit Anmerkk. 
▼on A. Ch. Borheck. Ootha, £t- 
tinger, 1781. 8®. (16 gr.) — Anti- 
gone, CEidipus, Electro, Philoctet 
(iiba. von J. Jac. Steinbruchel). 
Wien u. Lpz., Jahn^ 1760. 8^. 
(Reprinted with the title. Das tra- 
gische Theater der Oriechen. Des 
Sophokles ir Bd. Zur., Orel], 
1763. 8®.) — Antigone, iibs. von 
O. Martens. Bielefeld, 1825. 8^ 
(8 gr.) — CEdipns, aus dem Griech. 
▼on J. Csp. F. Manso. Gotha, 
Ettinger, 1783. 8*». (logr.)— (Edi- 
pus in dem Versmasse des Originals. 
Berl., Adamson, 1804. 8^ (12 gr.) 
•^-CEdipus iibs. von Adf. Wagner. 
Lpz., Weygand, 1813. 8°. (14 gr.) 
— Auch ubs. in Wielands neuem 
att. Museum B. I. — Philoktet, 
nach dem Griech. (von Schmalz.) 
Konigsb., Nicolo^ius, 1795. 8*^. 
(9 S^') — Philoktet ubs. von O. 
Martens. Tiib., Cotta, 18 10. 8^ 
(9 gr.) — Trachinerinnen (von E. 
M. Goldhagen). Mitau, Hinz, 1 777. 
8^ (6 gr.)— Trachinierinnen, iibs. 
von W. Siivern. Berl. 1802. 8°. 


21523 — tragedies translated into 

English (prose) by O. Adams. 

Lond., Bowyer, 1729. 8®. 2 vols. 

Lond. 1818. 8^ (12s.) — Tragedies 

transl. by Th. Francklin. Lond. 

1759. 4". 2 Vols. ib. 1766. 8°. 

2 vols. ib. 1788. 8*». ib. 1809. 8*». 

(10s. 6d., on large paper 2I. 2s.) — 

Tragedies tranu. ( by Potter. ) 

Lond., Robinson, 1788. 4°. Lond. 

1820. 8^ (los. 6d.) — Tragedies 

transl. into Engl, verse by Th. 

Dale. Lond. 1824. 8^ 2 ▼ols. 



( I L 5s. ) — Tragedies literally transl. 
into Engl, prose. Oxf. 1824. 8®. 
2 vols. (15s.) — Ajax, transl. by 
h, Theobald. Lond. 17 14. 8^ — 
Electro, transl. by Cp. Wase. Lond. 
1649. ^°- — Electro, transl. by 
L. Theobald. Lond. 1714. 8^ — 
GSdipus, transl. by L. Theobald. 
Lond. 1715 or 1765. 8°. — CEdipus 
transl. by G. Somen Clarke. Oxf. 
1790. 8®. — Philoctetes, transl.* by 
Th. Sheridan. Dublin, 1725. 8^ 

21524 — Philoctetes op het Eiland 
Lemnos, Treuerspel. Uit het 
Grieksch, en gevolgd naar het 
Fransche van de la Harpe, door 
A. L. Barbaz. Amst. 1793. 8^ 
(8 St., on large paper 16 st.) — 
Tragoedier oversette efter den 
graeske Original af P. G. Fibiger. 
I. Deel. Kiobenh. 1821. 8^ 

21525 — Sophoclis vita non prius in 
lucem edita (gr. lat.) Ejusdem 
poete sententiee pulcherrimse, in- 
terprete Bm. Marliano. Romae, 
Ant. Bladus, 1545. 8"^. 

A small and very scarce piece. 

21526 — Ghld. Ephr. Lessing's 
Leben des Sopbocl. Berl. 1790. 
8^ (16 gr.) Also in Lessing's 
Werken, XIV. 258 sq.— Thph. C. 
Gu. Schneideri de dialecto Sopho- 
dis ceterorumque tragicor. greecor. 
qusestiones nonnullse. Jen. 1822. 
8°. — Csp. Jac. Besenbeck Diss, de 
ingenio Sophoclis. Erl. 1 789. 4^ 

21527 — commentarii in septem tnu 
gedias Sophoclis : quee ex aliis ejus 
compluribus injuria temporum amis- 
sis soltt superfuerunt (gr.) Rom» 
in gymnasio Mediceo Caballini 
montis, (typis Calliergii ), 1518. 

small 4*^. 

ao2 unnumbered leaves (the last blank), 
with the signatures a~.By and 24 lines. 
The 6rst edition of these scholia, very 
scaroe, and prized. 

21528 — scholia in Sophoclis tragoe- 
dias septem. E cod. MS. Lauren- 
tiano descripsit Pt. Elmsley. Ox., 
e typ. Clar., 1825. 8®. (2 d. ao gr.) 

A very neat impression of the Florentine 
MS., from which the foregoing Roman 
edition was somewhat arbitrarily made. 




21529 — Pr. Porti in omnes Soph, 
tragg. prolegomena. Morgiis* J. le 
Preux, 1584. 4°. J. Jac. Reiske 
Animadvy. ad Sophocl. Lps. 1743. 
8°. L. Doderlein Specimen novae 
edit, tragoediar. Sophoclear. So- 
lisbaci, 1814. 8^ (logr.) H. Hup- 
feld Animadvy. philol. in Sophocl. 
Marb. 1818. 8^ (6 gr.) Trg. F. 
Benedict Obss. in Sophocl. tra^. 
Lps.^ Weidmann, 1820. 8^ (i d. 
6 gr.j on Mrriting paper i d. 1 2 gr., 
on vellam paper 2 d. 8 gr. ) A. Ja^ 
cob qusestiones Sophocleie. Varso- 
yiae, 1821. 8°. (Fr. Passow) 
Progr. vindiciar. Sophoclear. Spe- 
cimen I. Vratisl. 1825. 4°. 

21530 — Jac. F. Heusingeri Speci- 
men observatt. criticar. in Ajaoem 
et Electram Soph, ex collatione co- 
dicis MS. (Jen.) Jen. 1745. 4^ 
C. J. W. Mosche 2 Progrr. iiber 
die Tragodie Ajas. Ff. 1799- 
1800. 4°. J. Glo. Jaeger Anno- 
tatt. ad Sophocl. Ajacem. Altonie^ 
18 1 1. 8°. (20 gr.) C. Ph. Conz 
Observatt. philol. ad Sophoclis ali- 
quot loca^ priesertim ex Ajace lo- 
rario. Tubing. 1815. 4^ W. Su- 
vem de Soph. Ajace flagellifero. 
Thorun. 1800. 8^ F. Osann iiber 
den Ajas des Sophokl. Berl. 1 820. 
8^. (16 gr.) C. L. Kannegiesser 
fiber den Ajax des Soph. Berl. 
1823. 8^ C. Immermann iiber 
den rasenden Ajax des Soph., eine 
asthet. Abhandl. Magd. 1826. 8^ 

(10 gr.) 

21531 — C. L. Kannegiesser iiber 
die Antigone des Soph. Prenzlau, 
1821. 8^ 28 pages. — H. C. Abr. 
Eichstadt Progr. Clytemnestrs tra- 
goedise SophocU in codd. adscripts 
fragmentum nunc prim, in Ger- 
mania editum. Jen. 1806. fol. 
6 pages. Sophoclis, ut volunt, Cly- 
temnestrse fragmentum. £di cu- 
ra\^t, notis adjectis, C. L. Struve. 
Rigse, 1807. 8°. (21 gr.) — Leonis 
A. F. Buma Specimen inaug. ex- 
hibens miscellanea literaria (obss. 
in Electram.) LB. 1816. 4^ 


21532 — Glo. Bd. Schirach Diss. 
super CEdipo Sophoclis. Helmst. 
1769. 4°. A. Gu. Ferber Diss. 
qusedam de Soph. GBdipo Coloneo. 
Helmst.^ 1772- 4°* H. Bliimner 
Diss, de Sophoclis CBdipo rege. 
Lps. 1788. 4^ J. H. C. E^ers 
Animadversionum in Soph. OBdi- 
pum regem spec. L Hamb. 1805. 
8°. (10 gr.) L. Doderlein Obss. 
crit. in Soph. (Edipum Colon., in 
Actis philoL Monacens. T. I. fasc. i. 
C. L. Kannegiesser iiber den ersten 
(Edipus des Soph. Prenzlau, 1 8 1 7. 
4°. 20 pages. Derselbe iiber den 
CEdipus zu Kolonos. ib. 1 820. 4°. 
23 pages. F. C. Petersen Obser- 
vatt. in SophocL tragoediam, quae 
inscribitur CEdipus rex. Hafn. 1 8 19. 
4^ 22 pages. C. Reisigii Corn- 
men tatt. criticse de Soph. CEdipo 
Col. Jen., Croker, 1822-24. 8^. 
2 voll. (2 d.) 

21533 — A. Ghf. Gemhard Obser- 
vatt. in Soph. Philoctetem. Lps. 
1802. 8°. (18 gr.) A. Fd. Bem- 
hardi iiber d^n Philoct. des Soph. 
Berl. 1810. 8°. (4 gr.) C. F. W. 
Hasselbach iiber den Philoct. des 
Soph. Stralsund, 181 7. 8*. (18 gr.) 
Ed. Wunderi Adversaria in Sopho- 
clis Philoctetem. Lps., Hartmano, 
1823. 8°. (16 gr.) — Fr. Passow 
Progr. (obss. in Sophoclis Trachi- 
nias). Vratisl. 1820. 4^ 

21534 SOPHONIiE Prophetia, aethi- 
op. et lat. ed. J. G. Nissel. LB. 
1660. 4°. 8 pages« 

21535 SOPRANI, Raff. Vite de' 
pittori, scultori ed architetti Greno- 
vesi. Genova, 1768. 4^ 2 voll. 
with plates. 

At first, ib. 1674. 4''. 

21536 — scrittori della Liguria. G^ 
nova, 1667. 4°. Also^ ib. 1778. 4**. 
(4 lire.) 

SORANUS, see Medici, N0.13514. 
Chiruroia, No. 411 2. Rufus, 
No, 19565. 

21537 SORTE, Cp. Osservazioni 
nella pittura. Ed. II. con Taggi- 
unta di una cronichetta dell' ori- 


gine deUa cittk di Verona. Ven.^ 

Rampazetto, 1594. 4^. 34 leaves. 

Very scarce e^en in Italy. The chro- 
nicle which is added, was written in 1388, 
and is wanting in the first edition, Fim., 
2^enaro, 1 580. 4**. which is likewise scarce. 

SOSTREGNIO. see Spagna. 

21538 SOTA, Fr. Chronica de los 
principes de Asturias y Cantabria. 
Madr., Infen^on, 1681. fol. 

SOTER, see Antholo6ia,No.683. 

SOTO, see Roxas. 

21539 SOTO, Luvs Barahona de. 
Primera parte de la Angelica. Gra- 
nada, 1586. 4°. 

Consult Murr*9 Journal^ I. 199. 

21540 SOTOMAYOR, Ant. Valla- 
dores de. Historia geografica, civil 
y politica de la isla de S. Juan 
Bautista de Puerto Rico. Madr. 
1788. small 4^ 

See also Semakario. 

21541 SOTTIES, old French. Con- 
cerning them, see Flogel Gesch. der 
kom. Lit. II. 418 sq. Hist. univ. 
des thefitres XI. 273 sq., and in this 
lexicon under Bouchet. 

SOTWELL, see Aleoambb. 

21542 SOUSA, Ant. Caetano de. 
Historia genealogica da casa real 
Portugueza desde a sua origem ate' 
o presente. Lisb., Silva, 1735-48. 
large 4^ 12 parts in 13 vols. Pro- 
vas da historia genealogica etc. ifo. 
1739-48. large 4''. 6 vols. Indice 
real. ib. 1 749. large 4°. 

21543 — serie dos reis de Portugal. 
Lisb., Silva, 1743. ^*^^' 

21544 -^ memorias historicas e ge- 
nealogicas dos Grandes de Portu- 
gal. Lisb., Fonseca, 1739. 4°* 
Also, ib., Silva, 1755. 4°. 

21545 SOUSA, Emman. de. Nou- 
veau dictionnaire fran^ais-portu- 
gais. Mis en ordre, revii, corrige, 
augm. par Jo. Jos. da Costa et Sa. 
T. I. IL Lisb., Borel, 1784. small 

21546 SOUSA, Joao de. Vestigios 
da lingua arabica em Portugal, o 
lexicon etymologioo dos palavras -e 

SOW 1769 

nomes portuguezes, que tem ori- 
gem arabico. Lisb. 1789. small 4". 
160 pages (480 rees). 

21547 — documentos arabicos para a 
historia portugueza, copiados dos 
originates da Torre do Torabo, e 
vertidos em portuguez. Lisb. 1 790. 
4°. 190 pages (480 rees). 

Not particularly impoFtant for histoiy. 

21548 SOUSA, Luiz de. Historia 

de S. Domingos particular do Reino 

e Conquistas de Portugal. P. I. 

Bemfica,Vinha, 1623. P. II. Lisb., 

Oliveira, 1626. P. III. Lisb., Car- 

neiro, 1678. P. IV. por Lucas de 

S. Catharina. Lisb., Silva, 1733^ 

fol. 4 vols. 

A new edition, Lith. 1 767. fol. 4 vok. 
(9600 ives). 

SOUSA, see Faria. 

21549 SOUSA da Macedo, Ant. de. 
Flores de Espana, exoelencias de 
Portugal. P. I. Lisb., Rodriguez, 
1 63 1, small fol. 

21550 SOUTHERNE, Th. Plays. 
Lond. 1774. 12°. 3 vols. 

21551 SOUTHEY, Rb. History of 
Brazil. Lond. 1810-19. 4°. 3 vols. 
(7I. 15s.) New ed. ib., Long- 
man, 1821. 4°. 3 vols, with I map 
(7I. 1S8.). 

21552 — life of Wesley, and the rise 
and progress of methodism. Lond. 
1820. 8^ 2 vols, with plates (iL 

21553 — poetical works. Lond. 

1816 sq. small 8^ 14 vols. (5I. los. 


Thev are Roderick (at first, Lond, 18 14. 
4°. 31. as.). Curse qf Kehama (at first^ 
Lond, 1810. 4*". il. IIS. 6d.), Thalaba^ 
Madoc (at first, Lond, 1805. 4°. 2I. is.), 
Joan (^ Arc (at first, Jjmd, 1796. 4°.), 
Minor poems. The poets pilgrimage to Wom 
terloo. — See also Ellis. 

21554 SOUSA Madame de. (Euvret 
eompl^tes« Par., Eymery, 1821. 
8°. 5 vols, with plates (30 fr., on 
vellum paper 60 fr.). 

Also in 10 vols, in I^^ (27 fr.) 

21555 SOWERBY, Jam. British 
mineralogy. Lond. i8o4->i7. 8°, 


1760 SOY SPA 

5 vols, with 550 illaminated plates Oroningen, Oomkens, 1815. large 

(I71-S8)- 8».(3fl.) 

It appeared in 84 numbers. A Dutch poet, prized for his simplicity^ 

21556 - EnglisH fungi or mush- "^"*:^,"ft!r '!,^^^ . 
rooms. Lond. 1797 sq. foL 3 vols. 21563 SPANGENBERG, Cyr. A. 
with 400 iUuminated plates (iil. del88piegel.Schmalkalden,Schmuck, 
68. 6d.). 1591-94. fol. 2 voll. 

See also Jac. Ed. Smith. Very B<»rce and useful. The 2nd vol. is 

« particularly scarce. 

21557 SO YE, Luiz Rafael. Sonho, ^,^^^ ,, r u- i. ni. 

V . T • u ^Q< Qo 21564 — Mansfeldische Chromca. 

poema heroico. L.8b .786. 8. j Eisleb.. Petri, 1572. fol. 

With plates (480 rees.) — Noites ' ' ^' 

Jo7Pnhinfts de Mirtilo aohre a in- It goes as far as 157 1, and was notoon- 

Jozepnmas ae jnirtiio soore a in- ^^^^ ^^ following is only a new title, 

fausta morte do Serenissimo Senhor s'dohtischs Chnmioa. Ff, 1576 or 1585. 

D. Joze principe de Brazil. Lisb. fol. 

1790. 8°. with plates. 21565 SPANHEMIUS, Ezech. Dis- 

SOZOMENA^ see Poetjs, No. sertatt. de prsestantia et usu vete- 

17542. rum numismatum. T. I. Lond. 

SOZOMENUS, see EusBBius. 1706 or 1717. T. II. Amst. 

SPACCIO, see Bbuno. 0^!^^^ a Ir^' ^^^ ^^^'^' ^^ 

21558 SPAGNA. Incominoia il li- ^\ ^^^ paper. 

, I 1* . 1 o ' Greatly sought after. The copies on 

bro volgare dicto la bpagna, in qua- j^^ p^per are scarce. Of the latter sort, 

ranta cantare diviso, dove se tracta some are on a better paper, and some on 

le battaglie che fece Carlo Magno inferior. (Both kinds are at Dresden.) 

in la provincia de Spagna. Mil., 21566 — orbis Romanus. Ed. II. 

Scinzenzeler, 1512. 4^ with wood- auctior. Lond., Churchill, 1703. 

cuts. 40. 

A poem of chivalry of the 14th century Reprinted, Hai, et Lps. 1718. 4". 

in OUaverime, whose author, Sostregnio di __ . -^.TTT-mi/rTTTo -c* r\ 

Zanobi da Fiorenza, mentions himself in 21567 SPANHiliMI US, l*. Opera 

the last stanza. Repeated, Aft/. 15 19. 4^ omnia. LB. 1 70 1 -3. fol. 3 parts 

F«». 1568. 8^ and the last time, Ven, 1783. in 2 vols, with plates. 

, .1 on 4 T T A iLrrw k -^tt t xr* SPANNAGEL, See NOTIZIA. 

21559 SPALLANZANI, Laz. Vi- otiawtt^ t / x tt- 
aggi alle due Sicilie ed in alcuni 21568 SPARKE, Job, {anon.) His- 
parti dell' Appennino. Pavia, 1792 ^^"f ^rJ^°® scnptores vani e 
-97. 8°. 6 vols, with plates. f ^^^ MSS. nunc primum editi. 

In French by Toscan, with notes by Lond. 1723. fol. 

Faujas Saint-Fond, Par.j an 8 ( 1 799). 8**. There are copies on large paper, and 35 

6 vols, with plates. In German (by F. L. copies on very laiige paper. The contents 

Kreyssig and J. A. Schmidt) Lpz. 1 794^ are not very important, at least not for 

98. 8°. 5 vols, with plates (6 d. 8 gr.). In foreigners. 

Enj^A, iomt 1798. 8-. 4 vok. with jjjjgg SPARRMANN, And. Reaa 

,. J. >, . . , til Goda-Hopps-Udden. Stockh. 

21560 — opuscob di fisica animale e i^ga 8° 

vesretabile. Modena, 1776. 8°. 2 * j 1 j.j . m_ 1 . ^ 

? ' ' * A 2nd vol. did not appear. Translated 

^^if' , , . ,, ^ ^ ^ c. ^^ >nto English, Lond, 1786. 4'*. 2 vols, with 

Translated mto Frerich by J. Senebier, pistes. In German by C. H. Groskuid, 

Par. 1787. 8°. 2 voU. In English by serl. 1784. 8«. In Dutch, Leycfen, 1787. 

Dalyell, Lond, 1803. 8'. 2 vols. (158.) go ^ ^^^ ^^ pj^^g^ 

21561— della malattia della morte. 21570 — museum Carlsonianum ex- 

Pavia, 1801. 4°. hibens novas et selectas aves colo- 

21562 SPANDAW, H. A. Gedich- ribus ad vivum brevique descrip. 

ten. Nieuwe veranderde Uitgave. tione illustratas. Fasc I-IV, 


Holm. 1786-89. fol. with 100 il- 
luminated plates. 
There are also copies in htrgd folio. 

SPARTIANUS, see Historic 
Aug. scriptores. 

SPECCHIO di Croce, see Cavalca. 

SPECIMEN, see Cupfeler. 

21571 SPECIMENS of the ancient 
sculpture, Egyptian,Etruscan,6reek 
and Roman, selected from different 
collections in Great Britain, by the 
society of Dilettanti. Vol. I. Lond. 
1809. large fol. with 75 plates 
(18I. 188.). 

Payne Knight was the editor. The 
drawing is carefully done, and most of the 
tables exhibit an unusual finish. The ex- 
planations are also industriously executed, 
but the editor*s views of the art are not of 
much importance ; oonsult Wolf LUerar. 
Analekien, I. 128 sq. 

SPECIMENS of the early English 
poets, see Ellis. 

21572 SPECTATOR (by Richard 
Steele and Joseph Addison), with 
illustrative notes by Rb. Bisset. 
Lond. 1797 or 1801. large 8". 8 
vols, on vellum paper. — The 
Guardian. Lond. 1797. large 8®. 
2 vols. — The Tatler. Lond. 1 797. 
large 8°. 4 vols. 

These editions are among the best. 

21573 — the spectator. Lond., 
Sharpe, 1801. small 8^. 8 vols, with 
plates. The Guardian, ib. 1801. 
small 8°. 2 vols. The Tatler. ib. 
1 80 1, small 8^ 4 vols. 

There are also copies of this neat edition 
on large paper. 

21574 — the spectator, with preface 

historical and biographical by Alex. 

Chalmers. Lond. 1 806. 8^. 8 vols. 

There is a repetition of this edition, 
Lond. 1808. l2^ 10 vols, whereto the 
Guardian in 3 vols, and the TaUer in 5 
vols, belong. (All 18 vols. sL 1 is.) 

21575 — the spectator. Lond., Wil. 
son, 1 8 15. 8°. in i vol. (il. is.) 
The Guardian, ib., id., 181 3. 8°. 
(48. 6d.) The Tatler. ib., id., 
1814. 8^ (los. 6d.) 

This stereotyped edition in 5 vols, is well 



printed.~Among the older editions, the large 
paper copies of the edition, Lond,, Torison, 
1 744. 8". are still prized in England. 

SPECULE des pecheurs, see Cas- 


21576 SPECULUM humanae salva- 
tionis. I . In Latin, Without place 
or date. fol. with woodcuts. 

This work, which contains representa- 
tions from the Old and New Testament, 
sometimes also from profane history (two 
on each leaf) with short explanations, is 
not only distinguished for its artist-Uke 
execution beyond all other works of that 
period with woodcuts, but is also particu- 
larly important on account of its Dutch 
origin, now placed beyond all doubt, for 
the history of the art of wood-engraving 
and of printing. Concerning this work, 
consult Celsn Hist, biblioth, Stockholm. 
p. 208 sq. And. Sam. Getneri Progr. de 
speeuio hum. salv., in his Esercitatt. tcho^ 
last, vam argumenti. Nrb. 1780. 8^. p. 
323 sq. SeelerCa Ahhandl. in the Nota 
biblioth. Lubeo. Vol. I. No. 4. Frdnkitche 
Acta erudita et curioia. 15 Samml. Nrb. 
1729. 8". p. 256-260. Jo. Cp. Nemeitz 
ffemunft. Gedanken liber hisior. eto. Mate- 
rien. Th. I. Ff. a. M., 1739. 8**. p. 34- 
44. Hamburg. vermUchte Bibl. B. II. p. 
81. Murr'*a Journal, III. 10. Meermanni 
Origg. tgpogr. I. 100 sq. Aretin's Beitrr, 
V. 170. Homers Introd. to the study of 
bibliographg. T. II. Appendijf, p. X sq. 
Heineken Idie gener. 432 sq. Heller* s 
Gesch. der Holxschneidekunstf 3 75 sq. San- 
tander Dictionn. III. 362 sq. Dibdin^s 
Bibliogr. decameron, I. 345 sq. 

Only 4 editions belong to the original 
Dutch printing establishment, which ac- 
cording to the most recent inquiries thus 
followoi each otiier : the first edition with 
a Dutch text, the first with a liatin ; the 
second edition with a Dutch text (and con- 
temporaneous with it) the second with a 
Latin. The woodcuts in all these editions 
are impressions from the same blocks. The 
earlier supposition of movable wooden 
types in a part of the leaves of the two 
cJdest editions has now been corrected to the 
opinion that those more crude types were 
composed of a softer metal, either lead or 
tin. This typographical production is there- 
fore jusUy inserted in the series of the 
oldest documents for the history of the art 
of printing properly so called. 

According to Koning*s aocnrate inqui- 
ries, the iMtia edition, whi^ Heineken 
and the other earlier bibliographers consi- 
dered to be the first, is to l^ considered as 
the second. The edition now admitted to 
be the first consists of 63 leaves in 5 layers, 
only printed on one side, tiie first e of 



which contain the prologue. This edition 
is distinguished from £e second by being 
entirely printed with metal types. It is 
far more scarce than the other, and the 
following copies of it only are known : in 
the Town-house at Haarlem (without the 
prologue), in the Royal libraries at Paris 
and Hanover (only 44 leaves), and in the 
Hbrary of M. van Hulthem in Holland. 
Whether the copies at Vienna and Stut- 
gardt are of this edition, is uncertain. 
Consult Heineken Idie, p. 449. Koning 
Verhandeling, 1 35 sq. (p. 73 of the French 

21577 Without place or date. 

fol. with woodcuts. 

The second edition, with a Latin text, 
heretofore considered as the first. Entirely 
like the preceding in number of leaves, in- 
terior arrangement, and types, but distin- 
guishable by having 20 leaves of the text 
(viz. 6, 7, 9-16, 18, 19, 21, 12, 26, 27,31, 
32, 5 1, 60.) engraved on wood, and also by 
having many of the abbreviations of the 
first edition set down at full length. The 
latter circumstance, as also that several of 
the orthographical errors of the ist edition 
are corrected herein, prove that this edi- 
tion is really later than the other. Koning 
explains the introduction of the wood-blocks 
by the theft committed in Koster's esta- 
bhshment between the i stand 2nd editions. 
As to the rest more copies of this edition 
are known than of the other (and this also 
might be stated as a reason that it ap- 
peared subsequently). The following co- 
pies are known to me: in the Royal library 
at Paris, in the library of the Sorbonne, in 
the Royal library at Berlin, in the libra- 
ries of M. van Rendorp of Amsterdam 
(defective), of M. van M^'estreenen of the 
Hague (defective), of lord Pembroke in 
England, of lord Spencer (bought at Wil- 
lett*s sale for 315L), of Renouard of Paris, 
and of Mr. Hibbert of Clapham near Lon- 
don (previously 1000 livr. Boze, 1600 livr. 
Oaignat, 1320 fr. McCarthy). Consult 
Heineken Id/e, p. 442 sq. Koning VcT" 
handeling, 134 sq. (in the French trans- 
lation 73 sq.) Dibdih'a Bibl. Spenc. VII. 

21578 — 2. In Dutch. Spegel onser 

behoudenisse. Without place or 

date. fol. with woodcuts. 

Ottley and Koning have proved against 
Heineken and others, that this Dutd^ edi- 
tion is earUer than the Latin, which is in 
the clearest manner evident from this cir- 
cumstance, that the lines with which the 
woodcuts are encircled, appear entire and 
uninjured in the Dutch edition, whereas 
in the Latin edition they are damaged and 
have breaks. The text of this first Dutch 


edition was already printed with metal 
types, and certainly after the woodcuts. 
On the whole there are 62 leaves in 5 
layers, printed only on one sid^ 4 of which 
contain the prologue and table of contents, 
and 58 the text with the woodcuts. The 
1st leaf is blank on the /o/u> recto, and the 
prologue begins on the rererse* and fills 
the first 3 leaves : the table of contents fol- 
lows on the 4th leaf. The work itself be- 
gins on the 5th leaf with a woodcut, and 
underneath it a Dutch explanation: but 
besides this there is also on the outer mar- 
gin of each woodcut a short Latin inscrip. 
tion. The text under the ist woodcut 
(leafs) begins, 

Lvcifers vo/ 

ler begint die spiegel der. 
menschliker behoudeniste. O 
ec machi doer in iden dot hi. 

Of this edition only two defective copies 
at Haarlem are known with certainty 
(in the Town-house and in the Public li- 
brary); the painter, J. van Campen, for- 
merly possessed a 3xd copy, which was 
complete, and this is said to have been 
bought by Peter I. and to have gone to 
St. Petersbui^h. 

Consult Heineken Idie gAter. 450 sq« 
Koning Verhandelingj 128 sq. (in the 
French translation 68 sq.) Meermanm 
Origg. tgp. 117 sq. 

21579 Without place or date. 

fol. with woodcuts. 

The 2nd Dutch edition, entirely agree- 
ing with the preceding in its interior sr- 
rangement, but printed in a new type and 
somewhat larger, but in other respects per- 
fectly similar to that in which the two La- 
tin editions of the Speculum are printed.. 
The lines are more even than in the first 
edition, and the orthography is altered and 
corrected in many places. 62 leaves in 5 
layers, printed only on one side, 4 of which 
contain the prologue and list of chapters, 
and 58 the text with the woodcuts. Leaf i* 
is blank. The prologue begins in leaf i\ 
the 1st line of which is, Dii it die phghe 
vand^ tpeghel onser behoudeniste. It oc- 
cupies tiie first 3 leaves, and has 34 lines 
m each page. The list of chapters follows 
in leaf 4 in 32 lines, the first of which is, 
DU is die tafel vanden capiieien. The 
work itself begins in leaf 5 in the same 
manner as in the ist edition ; but the text 
under the ist woodcut in this edition conw 
Bienoes thus : 

Lue^fers vol 

ler beghini dot speghel der. 
menst^liker behoudenisse, O 
ec fnach hi doer in sien dal hi. 

The text ends in leaf 60 with the line, 
Psalm^ MXLV Ad ijij Mathe^ XXI, 


The last 2 leaveB contain woodcuts. The 
49th and 60th leaves are printed in a 
smaller character than the rest. 

The following copies of this edition are 
known : in the libraries at Horn in Hol- 
land and at Geneva (both defective), of 
M. Enschede of Haarlem, of lord Spencer 
(previously, Crevenna 310 fl., and Willett 
223L), and of lord Pembroke, and the co- 
pies that formerly belonged to Meermann, 
Limborcb of the Hague, and Rendorp of 
Amsterdam. Consult Meermanni Origg. 
tgp. lao sq. Heineken Idde giner. 455 sq. 
Komng VerhandeUng, 130 sq. (in theFrendi 
translation 70 sq.). JJibdin Bibi. Speno* 
IV. 55 1 sq. (where lord Spencer's copy is 
erroneously stated as of the xst edition). 

21580 — Culenburch, by my iohan 

veldener^ 1483* 4^« ^ith woodcuts. 
150 leaves, wi^ the signatures a-4. It 
begins with a woodcut of the crudfizion, 
underneath which is Vddener's symbol. 
Then fc^ow the prologue and list of chap- 
ters. The woodcuts are from the same 
plates which had served for the two pre- 
ceding editions, and only cut in two in the 
middle (which is groundlessly doubted by 
Dibdin, BUd. SpmcYll. 186]. The co- 
pies are of two sorts; some of 150 leaves 
(which are enlarged with 12 new woodcuts 
and 3 chapters of text), with the colophon, 
Dit boeck w voltnaeet in die goede stede van 
culenburch etc., some without this aug- 
mentation, and with the colophon, De 
Spiegel enter behoudeniue: tfan Cuiem' 
burch by my Johan Veldener etc 

21581 — 3. German. Speculum 
humanse salvationis. Ein spiegel 
menschlicher behaltnuss (Latin and 
German). Without place or date. 
{Augsp., Gtk. Zainery about 1472). 

269 leaves with 19a woodcuts, without 
signatures, catchwords, and pagination. 
The Spec, hum, salv, is here blended with 
the Spec. S. Maria in such a manner, 
that after a chapter of the one a diapter 
of the oUier constantly follows. The work 
begins in leaf 1% Incipit prohemium libri 
sequentie, and the ist chapter of the Spec, 
hum. eaiv. commences in leaf 9^. The 
book ends on the reverse of the last leaf 
with the line, vir bhdicte puto qttan minimo 
monacho. The probable editor and author 
of the German translation was the monk 
John of St. Ulrich and Afra at Augsbuxg. 
Consult Braun NoHtiay I. 37. Pan»er'a 
Deuteche Ann, I. 6 sq. DibdhCs BibL 
Spenc. IV. 9 sq. Heineken Idee, p. 464. 
The same woodcuts are also to be found 
in the MenaehenspiegeL Augep,, Ant. 
Sorg, 1476. fol. 161 leaves. 



21582& Das ist der spiegel der 

menschen behaltnis mit den ewan- 

gelien vnd mit epistelen nach der 

zyt des iares. Without place or 

date. fol. with woodcuts. 

226 numbered leaves and 7 unnumbered, 
the index, without signatures and catch- 
wonls. This edition agrees in the main 
with the preceding, yet it possesses some 
additions peculiar to itself. 

21582^ Without place or date. 

fol. with woodcuts. 

229 numbered leaves in 2 columns. It 
probably belongs to the last 10 years of the 
15th century. 

21583 — — > Hie yahet an ein spiegel 
menschlicher behaltnuss, in dem 
geoffuet wirt d* val des meschen vh 
die mass des wid' pringes. With- 
out place or date. (Augsp., Ant. 
Sorg). fol. with woodcuts. 

130 unnumbered leaves. It ends in the 
loth line of the reverse of the last leaf 
with the words, geyst ist ewigkUehen geeeg^ 
not Amen. 

21584 Das ist der spiegel der 

menschen behaltnis mit den evan- 

gelien vnd mit episteln nach der 

Zyt des jars. Without place or 

date. {Speyer, Pt, Drach). fol. 

^vith woodcuts. 

228 numbered leaves in 2 oolumns. At 
the end is, Deo graiiae. 

21585 — — Spiegel menschlicher 

Behaltnisse. Bas., Bh. Richel^ 

1476. fol. with woodcuts. 

4 and 230 unnumbered leaves in 2 co- 
lumns, without signatures, catchwords, and 
pagination. It completely agrees with the 
edition of 1489. 

21586 — — Dis ist der Spiegel 

menschlicher behaltnus mit den 

evangelien vnd Epistelen durch 

daz ganz Jar. Augsb.^ Pt. Berger, 

1489. fol. 

A new and independent edition <^ the 
Spec. htim. ealv. 8 unnumbered leaves and 
329 nimibered, in 2 columns, with 274 
woodcuts. — Also, Reutling., Mch. Gre\fy 
1492. fol. Augsb., Hans SchSntpergery 
1492 or 1500. foL — Concerning the odier 
German translations, consult HagevCs 
Grundriss, 455. 

21587 Spegel der myuschliken 




Behaltnisse. Without place or date, 
fol. with woodcuts. 

A faithful low Saxon translation of the 
upper Saxon edition. 460 leaves with 138 
woodcuts. The gospels and epistles are 
also contained herein. 

Concerning the French translation of 
this work, consult the article Julien 
above. No. 11002, whereto is to be joined 
a reference to Vanpraet*s first CaUU. 
des livret impr, aur vilin, T. I. p. 46 

Brienne possessed an impression of the 
woodcuts of the Speculum in 33 leaves in 
fol. without text, signatures, and pagina- 
tion. On every leaf (with the exception 
of the last) there are 4 figures, which in 
the execution mostly resemble those of the 
French translation. The MS. text, added 
thereto, is composed partly in Latin and 
partly in German. The work was bound 
up with a MS. written in 1344, CompUa- 
Ho Ubrorum hisioruUii4m Mku bibluBy and 
was sold for 700 fr. 

21588 SPECULUM exemplorum^ ex 
diversis libris in unum laboriose 
coUectum. Daventrioe, Rich. Pa- 
froet^ 1 48 1, fol. Gothic letter. 

The first and very scarce edition of this 
collection of edifying histories and exam- 
ples, out of Oregorius Magnus, Hierony- 
mus, Beda, Vinoentius Bellovac., Cesarius, 
and others, collected chiefly for the use of 
preachers, yet not without value for the 
history of civilisation and morals. The 
following editions are less prized: {Col*), 
«/. Koelhofj 1485. fol. Gothic letter. Arg. 
1487, 90, 95, or 97. fol. HoffanotPy H. 
Grany 1507, 12, or 19. foL The follow- 
ing is an arbitrary modification : Speculum 
magnum exemplor,y a mendia vtmUcalum, 
illtutrtUum ei locuplekUum (a J. Majore). 
Duaoi, Bellerusy 1605 ^^ 1607. 4°. Anho., 
Keerberg, 1607. 4^ Col., BiUgenius, 161 1. 
8°. Col. 1672. 8°. Ck>nsult Fr^^c^ Ana-, 
leeta, p. 885 sq. 

SPECULUM ecdesise. Concerning 
the different works which bear this 
title, see Opuscoli di autori Sicil. 
XIL 160. 

SPECULUM vitae hum., see Ro- 
DERicus. — magnificentife Rom., see 
Lafrerius. — passionis, see Pin- 
DER. — regale, see Kongs. — Saxoni- 
cum, see Sachsenspieobl. 

21589 SPEE, P. Trutz Nachtigal 
oder geistlich poetisch Lustwald- 
lein. Colin, 1649, 54, 60, 64, 1709 


or 1812. 1 2°. Berl., Dttmler, 1 8 1 7. 
12^ (i d. 12 gr.) 
See also Cautio criminalis. 

21590 SPELEN van Zinnen by de 
19 geconfirmeerde Kameren van 
Rhetoryken. Antw. 1539. 8°. 

21591 — Spelen van sinne, ghespeelt 
binnen Andtwerpen op 't Landt- 
Juweel by die XIV. cameren van 
Retorycken. Antw., W. Silvius, 
1562. 4°. 

21592 — Spelen van Sinne by den 
19 gheconfirmeerden Cameren van 
Rethorycken binnen der stede van 
Ghendt comparerende. Wesel, Hans 
de Braeker, 1 2 Mey, 1 564. 8"". Go- 
thic letter. 

At WolfenbiitteL — Concerning thew rhe- 
torical Cameren or Flemish professional 
bards, see Santander mr la Inbl, de Bcur^ 
gogne, p. '1 5 2^300. Grimm uber den Mei*- 
tergesang, p. 156 sq. The foUowiog is a 
similar collection : Redenryke konstUefheb- 
bera sHchtelgke Recreatie van de Relho- 
rycken Kamer van Roilerdam, Leiden, 
1599. 4'- 

21593 SPELMAN, H. Glossari. 
um archseologicum, continens la- 
tino-barbara, peregrina, obsoleta et 
novatse significationis vocabula. Ed. 
III. auctior et correctior. Lond., 
Braddyl^ 1687. fol. Also on large 

The only edition that is sought after. 
At fint, IxnuL 1664. fol. 

21594 — English works published in 
his life-time^ together with his post- 
humous works. Lond.^ Browne^ 
1723. fol. 

Cimies on large paper are very scarce, 
see also Concilia, No. 5083. 

21595 SPELMAN, J. iElfredi 
Magni Anglor. r^is vita, tribus li- 
bris comprehensa, a J. Spelman 
primum anglice descripta^ dein lat. 
reddita et annotationibus illustrata. 
Ox., e th. Sheld., 1678. fol. 

See an edition of this biography in Kng- 
Ush, Otr. 1 709. 8°. under Hearne. 

21596 SPENCE, Jos. Polymetis, 
or an inquiry concerning the agree- 
ment between the works of the Ro* 
man poets and the remains of the 


ancient artists. Lond. 1747. fol. 
with 41 plates. 

The first edition, and the most sought 
after in England, where it produces from 6 
to 7 guineas. Also, Lond. 1755. foL and 
f^. 1774 fol. In German by Jos. Burkard 
and Ant. Uo&tiltter, Wien^ 1774^76. 8^ 

2 vols, (i d. 16 gr.) There is also an 
abridgment by N. Tindal, LoTid. 1 765. S". 
Spenoe*s object (according to Lening^s 
opinion) was to explain the Roman poets 
from the works of ancient art, and the 
works of ancient art from the Roman 
poets. In this he has often happily suc- 
ceeded ; but he failed in this point, that he 
made every acddent a designed purpose, and 
incorrectly attributed to the poet in every 
trifling point an allusion to this statue or 
that picture. Through this tasteless whim, 
his book, otherwise really useful, has be- 
come disgusting and prejudicial to the ex- 
planation of the ancient poets. 

21597 SPENCER, J. De legibus 
Hebrieor. ritualibus earumque ra- 
tionibus libri IV. Cbr. 1737. foL 

3 voll. Also on large paper. 

A good r^rint of this best edition ap- 
peared, eura Cp, Mthi, P/ajgU. Thtbhiff, 
173a. fol. lYOU. 

SPENCER, see Spenser. 
SPENCERIANA bibHotheca, see 


21598 SPENER, Ph. Jac. Insigni- 
um theoria s. opus heraldicum. 
Ed. II. Ff. ad M., Jungius, 1717. 
fol. with plates. 

At first, Ff. 1690. ioL 

21599 SPENSER, Edmund. Poet- 
ical works, from the text of J. Up- 
ton, with critical and biographical 
preface by J. Aikin. Lond. 1 802. 
8°. 6 vols, with plates. Also on 
large paper. 

21600 — works, with the principal 
illustrations of various commenta- 
tors. To which are added notes, 
some account of the life of Spen- 
ser, and a glossary and other in- 
dexes. By H. J. Todd. Lond. 
1805. 8^ 8 vols. Also on large 

As yet the best edition. The earlier edi- 
tions of the works of this poet are^ Land. 
161 1, or 75, or 79. foL With glossary by 
Hughes, Land. 17 15. 8**. 6 vols, (also on 
large paper) with plates. Lond. 1750. la^ 



6 vols. Lond.^ Belly 1787. I2^ 8 vols. 
Lond,y Sharpey 18 10. la^ 6 vols. 

21601 — faerie queen. Lond., 
Brindley, 1751. large 4°. 3 vols, 
with plates. 

At first, Lond. 1 590-96. 4**. 2 vols. The 
following is a good edition, Lond. 1 758. 8**. 
2 y<A». with plates ; and by Church, ib. 
1758. 8^. 1 vols.— Consult also Th. War~ 
ion's ObtertfOiUnu on the fcdry queen. 
Land. 1807. 8^ 1 vols. (14s.) Sonette ube. 
von Jot. von Hammer (English and Ger- 
man). Wien, Degen, 1815. 4^*. A splendid 
edition, of whi<^ only 50 copies were 
struck off. 

21602 SPERA, la. Without place 
or date (about 1478). 4°. Gothic 

Without signatures, catchwords, and pa- 
gination, 20 leaves. Leaf i a is superscribed, 
Questa operetta te chiama la spera et e 
dhtUa tn quatiro parti. The poem b^ns 
in leaf i\ L padre alfigUo alio tpirito 

21603 SPERONI, Sperone. Opere, 
tratte da manoscritti originali. Ven., 
Occhi, 1740. 4°. 5 voll. 

With the author's portrait. This edition 
was prepared with great care from the au- 
thor's original MSS. 

21604 — dialoghi. Ven., figlivoli di 

Aldo, 1542. 8^ 

Also, ib.y ud.y 1543, 44, 46 (twice), 50, 
and 53. 8^ Yet all these editions are very 
faulty. Ven.y Mejetti, 1596. 4°. is enlai^ged, 
but is also not very correct. 

21605 SPEYGEL der leyen. Lu- 
beck. Without the printer's name, 
1496. 4°. Gothic letter, with wood- 

61 numbered leaves, with the signatures 
A^H, and 30 lines in a full page. The 
printer is the same as he who printed tlie 
Reineeke Fuchs of 1498. (At Wolfenbiit- 
teL) Consult Brun^e Beitrr. II. 208. 

SPHiERA, see Proclus, No. 1 7976. 
SPIEGEL der Landrecht, see 


SPIEL, das guldin, see Ingold. 

21606 SPILBERGEN, G. a. Sne- 
culum orientalis occidentalisque In- 
dise navigationum, quarum una 
Georgii a Spilbergen, altera Jac. le 
Maire auspiciis directs annis 1614— 
18. LB. 1 61 9. oblong 4^ with 

With a French teact, Amsi. i6ai. oblong 
4''. with plates. 



21607 SPILSBURY, J. Collection 
of 50 prints from antique gems in 
the collection of earl Percy, C. T. 
Greville, and T. M. Slade. Lond., 
Boydell, 1785. 4°. (3I. 38.) 

21608 SPILSBURY, J. B. Pic- 
turesque scenery in the Holy Land 
and Syria, delineated during the 
campaigns of 1 799 and 1 800. Lend. 
1803. fol. with 20 plates. 

SPINA, Alphons. de, see Forta- 
LiTiUM fidei. 

21609 SPINOLA, Maxim. Insec 
torum Ligurise species novse aut 
rariores. Genuie, 1 806-8. 8**. 2 vols, 
with plates. 

21610 SPINOZA, Bd. de. Opera 
quae supersunt omnia. lierum e- 
denda curavit H. Eberh. Glo. Pau- 
lus. Jen«, 1802-3. 8°. 2 voll. 


21611 — adnotatt. ad tractatum theo- 
logico-politicum. Ex autographo 
edid. ac prsefatus est Cp. Thph. de 
Murr. Hagffi Com. 1802. 4°. 

21612 — (anon.) tractatus theolo- 
gico-politicus, continens disserta- 
tiones aliquot, quibus ostenditur, 
libertatem philosophandi salva pie- 
tate et reipublicse pace concedi posse 
etc. Hamb., Kiinrath^ 1670. 4°. 
Also on large paper. 

There are differences in the copies. In 
the title of many copies the publisher is 
called Kunraht, in others Kunrath; in 
some copies a page of errata is appended, 
which is wanting in others; the prafatio 
is printed in some in hunger characters 
than in others, etc. 

21613 — B. D. S. opera postuma 

(cura Jarrig Jellis). Without place, 

1677. 4^ 2 parts in i vol. Also 

on large paper. 

In Dutch under the title, De tiagekUe 
Schriften van B. D. S., without plaoe^ 
1677. 4**. ; but the Compend. grammaL 
heir, is wanting in this translation. 

21614 — Dn. Heinsii operum histo- 
ricor. collectio I. et II. LB., Is. 
Herculis, 1673. 8^ 

21615 — Fr. Henriq. de Villacorta 
opera chirurgica omnia. Amst., 
Jac. Pauli, 1673. 8^ 

Under these two deceitful titles a more 


correct impression of the TrackUus iheoU^ 
gioo-polUidu is concealed. A French 
translation of the same work (by St. Glain) 
appeared under the titles, La d^du safus^ 
tuaire. Leyden, 1678. i^**. Traiti da 
cirenumies supersiUieitses des Juifs. Amtt. 
1678. 13% and Rejiejcuma curietues d*UH 
esprit desinieressS. Col. 1678. 12°. A 
Dutch translation (by J. H. Olasemaker), 
De rechtnnnige Thetdogeant. Hamb. 1693. 
4^. In German (by Schack Hm. Ewald). 
Lpx. 1786. 8% or Geroy 1787. 8^ By C. 
Ph. Lenz. Siuttg. 1805. 8**. (2 d.) By 
J. A. Kalb. Miknch, 1825. 8^ (i d. 
18 gr.) 

21616 — Ethik, aus dem Lat. iibs. 
von F. W. Val. Schmidt. Berl. u. 
Stettin, Nicolai, 181 2. 8°. (2 d. 


An earlier translation. Gerny 1790-93. 
8^ a vols. 

21617 — principiorum philosophise 

Ren. des Cartes more geometrico 

demonstratorum P. I. II. cum 

ejusd. cogitatis metaphysicis. Amst. 

1663. 4^ 

Ludw. Meyer and not Spinoza was the 
real author of PhUosophia S. scripHira m- 
terpres. Eleutherop. 1666. 4°., which has 
often been attributed to the latter. 

21618 SPIRITO, Lr. Sorte. Brixa 
(Brescia), Boninus de Boninis, 
pridie id. Febr. 1489. fol. 

The first and very scarce edition of this 
dice-bod^ or lAtoshuchf as it was called in 
the older German, in which questions con- 
cerning the future are solved by the help 
of dice. The solutions are in rhyme. 
Consult FarsetH Bibl. manoacritta II. 179. 
Also, MiLf Gu. le Signerre^ 1497* ^^' *^*9 
PL Martyro de Moniegati, 1500. fol. Bol, 
1508. foL Perugia^ 1533. fol., and best 
Breecia, Ltid. Britannico, 1533. foL 39 
leaves. In French under the title, Le 
livre de paseetempt de la forhme^ eompUi 
par Maietre Laurent Lesprity trantlaii 
par An&iitus Faure. Without place or 
date, 1528. 4^ with woodcuts. £fOfi, /7t- 
gaud, 1583. 4^ and often. 

21619 SPITTLER, L. Timoth. Ent- 
wurf der Geschichte der Europ. 
Staaten mit einer Fortsetz. von 6. 
Sartorius. 3. Aufl. Berl., Mylius, 
1823. 8°. 2 voll. (3 d. 16 gr.) 
Grundriss der Gesch. der christl. 
Kirche. 5. Aufl. von Gli. Jac. 
Planck. Gott., Vaudenhoeck, 1 8 1 2. 
8^ (2 d.) Geschichte Wiirtem- 


bergs nnter der R^er. der Grafen 
u. Herzoge. Gott., Vandenboeck, 
1783. 8°. (20 gr.) Gesch. des 
Fiiretentbuins Hannover, ib., id., 
1798. 8°. 2 voU. (id. 12 gr.) 

21620 SPIX, J. Bt. Cephalogenesis 
8. capitis ossei structure, formatio 
et significatio per omnes animalium 
classes^ fiamilias^ genera ac aetates 
digesta. Monachii, 1815. large fol. 
with 1 8 plates (7 carolin, on vellum 
paper 9 carolin.). 

21621 — u. C. F. Ph. von Martiub 
Reise in Brasilien. i. Bd. Mun- 
chen, 1823. 4*^. with an atlas in fol. 

(25 d.) 

21622 — serpentum Brasil. species 
novae. Monach. 1824. fol. with 26 
illuminated plates (34 d. 16 gr.) 

21623 — animalia nova sive species 
novae testndinum et ranarum. Mo- 
nach. 1824. 4^. with 32 illuminated 
plates (31 d. 8 gr.). 

21624 — simiar. et vespertilionum 
Brasil. species novae. Monach. 1 824. 
fol. with 38 iUuminated plates 
(48 d.). 

21625 — animalia nova s. species 
novae lacertarum. Monach. 1825. 
4°. with 30 illuminated plates (24 d. 
16 gr.). 

21626 — avium species novae. Mo- 
nach. 1825. 4^ with 104 illumi- 
nated plates (86 d. 16 gr.). 

SPLANDIANO, see Amadis. 

21627 SPOHN, F. A. Gu. De lin- 
gua et literis vet. .£gyptiorum. 
P. I. Lps., Weidmann^ 1825. 4°. 
(i d. 16 gr.) 

21628 SPOLVERINI, Gi. Bt. La 
coltivazione del riso (libri IV in 
versi sciolti). Verona^ Carattoni, 


Alio, VeronOf 1 765 or 69. 4^ Bergamo^ 
1764. 8^. Verona, Giuiiarif 1796. 4^ is 
fine. Best (by Uario Casarotti), Padovay 
18 fo. 8^ Also in the Pamasso Ital, 
T. 48. 

21629 SPON, Jac. et G. Whblsr 
voyage d'ltalie, de Dalmatie, de 
Gr^ce et du Levant. Amst., Boom^ 
1679. 12°. 2 vols, with plates. 

A neat edition and sought after. At 



first, Liton, 1678. ii"*. 3 vols, with plates. 
Alsoi, Ha^y 1734- i^°* ^ ^ols* with plates. 
In German by J. Menudier, Nrb, 1 081, or 
90, or 1713. fol. with plates. S oo also 


21630 — recherches curieuses d'anti- 
quit^. Lyon^ Amaulry^ 1683. 4®. 
with plates. 

21631 — miscellanea eruditie anti- 

quitatis. Lugd. 1685. fol. with 


There are copies with the false date 
1679. -^^ '^^ Poleni Supplem. thetauri 
aniiqq. IV. 633 sq. 

21632 SPRENGEL, Curt. Versuch 
einer pragmat. Geschichte der Arz. 
neykunst. Halle, Gebauer, 1801-3. 
8**. 5 voll. (11 d. 6gr.) 

Vols. I, II, 3rd impression, ib. 1 8a 1-2.^. 
8°. (4 d. 18 gr.) — Storia prammaHea delta 
medidna trad, da Renato Arrigoni, Ven. 
181 2 sq. 8^ 10 voU. 

21633 — institutiones medicse. T. I. 
II. institutt. physiol. T. III. inst. 
pathol. general. T. IV. inst. pa- 
thol. spec. T. V. inst. pharmaco- 
log. T. VI. P. I. inst. therapiie 
general. T. VI. P. II. inst. medi- 
cinse forensis. Amst. et Lps., Brock- 
haus, 1809-16. 8^ 7 voll. (15 d.) 

21634 — Geschichte der Chirurgie. 
Halle, Kummel, 1805-19. 8''. 2 voll. 
(5 d. 18 gr.) 

21635 — die neuesten Entdeckungen 
in der Botanik. Lpz.^ R. Fleischer^ 
1820-22. 8^ 3 voll. (6 d. 16 gr.) 
Historia rei herbariee. Amst., 
Brockhaus, 1807-8. 8''. 2 voll. 
(6 d.) Anleitung zur Kenntniss 
der Gewachse. Halle, 18 17. 8^. 3 
vols, with 25 plates (8 d. 16 gr.) 
Von dem Baue u. der Natur der 
Grewachse. Halle, 181 2. 8^ with 
plates (4 d. 18 gr.). 

21636 SPRETI, Desider. De am- 
plitudine, eversione et restauratione 
urbis Ravennse libri III, a Camillo 
Spreti in ital. idioma versi et notis 
illttstrati. (Also with the title, 
Dell' origine e della magnificenza, 
decadenza e del risorgimento della 
citta di Ravenna). Ravenna, 1793- 
96. small fol. 2 vols, with plates. 

The Italian text is added. The best and 
most complete edition. 

1768 SRE 

SREE^ see Nakayun. 

21637 STAAL, Mme de. Memoires, 

Merits par elle-meme. Lond. (Par,), 

1755. 12°. 4 voll. Also on large 


Concerning these memoirs, consult Mer- 
cure de France 1755. Dec. T. II. p. 7 «1* 

STAATEN. Concerning the series 
of statistics respecting particular 
states which appeared at Halle at 
the commencement of the preceding 
century, see Reimmann's Hist. litt. 
der Deutschen V. 279. 

STABILI, see Ceccho d'Ascoli. 

21638 STACKHOUSE, J. Nereis 

britannica^ continens species omnes 

fucorum in insulis britannicis cre- 

scentium ; cum descriptione lat. et 

angl. nee non iconibus ad vivum 

depictis. Bathonia, 1801. fol. with 

24 illuminated plates. 

An enlarged edition in 4°., with an atlas 
of 10 plates in fol., was announced in 18 16 
at one guinea (with uncoloured plates). 

21639 STACKHOUSE, Th. His- 
tory of the Bible from the begin- 
ning of the world to the establish- 
ment of Christianity. Lond. 1752 
or 73. fol. 2 vols, with 104 plates. 

Out of England only sought for some- 
times on account of the plates. Previously, 
LontL 1733. fol. 2 vols, with plates. The 
new edition by G. Gleig, Lond, 181 7. 4**. 
3 vols. (4I. 148. 6d., on large paper 6L 6s.) 
is furnished with maps only. 

21640 STADZLAGH. Swerikes 
Riges Stadzlagh. Stockh., Ign. 
Meurer, 1617 (new title 1618). fol. 
95 leaves. 

Three copies on vellum are known, in 
the libraries of the university of Upsal, of 
count Brahe of Skokloster near Upsal, and 
of the superintendant Nescher of Stock- 

Here also may be mentioned in addition, 
Sieerikee Landzlagh, Stockh., Ign. Mew. 
rer, 1621. fol. (a copy on vcJlum in the 
Royal library at Paris). Kon. May. til 
Swerigee RaUegangs Proeett. Stookh., Ign 
Meurer, 1615. 4^ 20 leaves (a copy on 
vellum at WolfenbOttel, which 1 purchased 
at a Helmscadt sale in 1824 for 6 d. 2 gr.). 

21641 STAEL Holstein, Anne Germ. 
Necker, baronne de. CEuvres com- 
pletes, publi^es par son fils. Par., 


Treuttel, 1820. 8^ 18 voll. (to8 fir., 
on vellum paper 216 fr.) 

At the same time an edition in 18 vols. 
I2^ (54 fr.) was prepared. 

21642 STAGG, J. Minstrel of the 
north or Cumbrian legends, being a 
poetical miscellany of legendary, 
Gothic, and romantic tales. Lond. 
1 8 1 o . 8^. — Miscellaneous poems. 
Wigton, 1808. 12°. 

21643 STAGGIO, And. L'Amazo- 
nida poema. Ven., Paganino, with- 
out date. 8°. 

Printed with Paganino*s singular half- 
gothic types in 2 columns. 

STAGIONI, see Barbieri. 

21644 ST ALDER, Fr. Jos. Ver- 
such einer schweizer. Idiotikons. 
Aarau, 1 8 1 2. 8°. 2 voll. (3 d. 1 2 gr.) 
Die Landessprachen der Schweiz 
od. schweizer. Dialektologie. Aarau, 
1819. 8°. (2 d. 10 gr.) 

21645 STALKARTT. Naval archi- 
tecture, or the rudiments and rules 
of shipbuilding. Lond. 1787. large 
fol. 2 vols, with plates. 

21646 STAMPA. Rime di madonna 

Gaspara Stampa, con alcune altre 

di Collaltino e di Vinciguerra Conti 

di CoUalto, e di Baldassare Stampa. 

Ven. 1738. 8°. 

At first, Ven. 1554. 8°. Also in the 
Parnasso Ital. T. 30. p. 248 sq. 

STAMPART, see Prbnnkr. 
STANHOPE, see Chesterfield. 

21647 STANISLAS Leszinski, roi 

de Pologne. (anon.) CEuvres du 

philosophe bienfaisant (publiees par 

Marin). Par. 1763. 8°. 4 voll. ib. 

1769. 12^ 4 voll. Lps. 1764. 8**- 

4 voll. 

The chevalier de Solignac and the Jesuit 
de Menouz are said to have had great part 
in several of these works. In Oerman, 
Hmb. u. Lpx. 1 764. 8"*. 4 vols. 

21648 STANLEY, Th. History of 
philosophy. Lond. 1743 or 84. 4^ 

Previously separate, Lond. 1655 -6o> 
fol. 3 vols. Complete for the first time, 
Lond. 1687. fol. In Dutch by Sm. Boor. 
Legden, 1709. fol. with plates. (Also oa 
large paper.) 

21649 — historia philosophise, ex 
angl. aermone in latinom translata. 


emendata et aucta (a Gf. Oleario). 
Lps., Fritscb, 1711.4^. 

21650 STANZE amoroae sopra gli 

hoTti deUe donne ed in lode della 

mentat la caccia d'amore del Bernia 

ed altre stanze di diversi autori. 

Ven. 1574. 12°. with woodcuts. 

The first piece of this scarce little volume 
of 46 pages is the Vendemmiaiore of Tan- 
siUo. Thereto bekmgs Dialooo, No. 6040, 
above. The Stanae in lode della menia, 
previously, Veru 1543. 8**. (offered for sale 
by Molini for 80 paoli.) 

21651 — Stanze del poeta Sciarra 
(Pt. Strozzi). Orvieto, Colaldi e 

Aquilini, i59^* 4^- 

The first separate edition and scarce. 
Previously with the CompagnUi della Le- 
rina, of which the oldest edition appears to 
be, Viceruuif 1589. 4°. The first 3 stanzas 
only are contained in the Vahrote prwte 
degU areibravi Paladini, Fir. 1597. 4^ 
Separately also, Trevigiy ZanoUiy itei. 4°. 
Ven. Baglioniy 1664. 8°., and witiiout place 
or date. 4°. of 44 pages. 

21652 — stanze del poeta Sciarra 

Fiorentino sopra la rabbia di Ma- 

cone. Testo di lingua recato a 

buona lezione da Jac. Morelli. Bas- 

sano, Remondini, 1806. 8^. 

Of this neat edition, carefully odlated with 
the earlier texts, there are 3 copies on vel- 
lum, which the Royal library at Paris, 
Poggiali, and lord Spencer possess. 

21653 — stanze del poeta Sciarra 
Fiorentino sopra la rabbia di Ma* 
cone. Testo di lingua recato a 
buona lezione dall' abb. Jac. Mo- 
relli. Costantinopoli, 1550 {Par., 
Didot, 1809). — II lamento di Cecco 
da Varlungo da Fr. Baldovini. 
L'anno secolare della morte di Cec- 
co. (Par., Didol^ 1809). 8^ 2 parts 
in I vol. 

Of this mere reprint of Morelli*s text» 
which the Paris bookseller Renouard pre- 
pared, only 11 copies were struck off, all on 
vellum. The re-impression of Baldovini 
was done, quite superfluously, after the 
richly furnished Florence edition of 1 755. 

STANZE di diversi poeti, see Dol- 
ce, No. 6308-9. 

21654 STARCKE, Seb. Gf. Spe- 
cimen Sapientise Indorum, gr. et 

lat. Berol. 1697. 8^. 

It contains the Greek edition of Bidpai, 
see this article. 



21655 STARING, A. C. W. Oe. 

dichten. Zutphen, 1820. 8^ 

A good Dutch poet, whose first poems 
appeared in 1 789. 

21656 STATE-trials and proceedings 
for high-treason, enlarged and im. 
proved by Hargrave. Lond. 1776- 
81. fol. 1 1 parts in 6 vols. Also on 
large paper. — A complete collection 
of state-trials and proceedings for 
high-treason and other crimes and 
misdemeanors, from the earliest pe- 
riod to the year 1783, compiled by 
T. B. Howell, and continued from 
the year 1783 by Th. Jones Howell. 
Lond large 8®. 

Each vol. of Howell*s collection cost 
il. IIS. 6d. The aid voL (1816) is the 
first of the continuation, and goes as far 
as 1794. The earlier series up to vol. 
21 carries the work to the same period, 
which the folio edition hy Hargrave em- 
bracAi ; but it is more complete than the 
latter.— Co66ff//*« Collection of ttaie-triaU. 
Land. 1806-10. 8^ 8 vols. (lal. I3S.) 

STATELLA, see Amico. 

21657 STATIUS, Publ. Papinius. 

I. Opera. Thebais et Achilleis. 

Without place or date. fol. 

This edition, somewhat clumsily printed 
witii a rather crude and unusufJ Roman 
type (in which the t without a dot and the 
Q are characteristic), is of the greatest ra- 
rity, although the text does not give proof 
of peculiar accuracy. 1 75 leaves, without 
signatures, catchwords, and numbering of 
the leaves, with 37 lines in the Thebaisy 
and 36 in the Achilleis. Imeai i* begins 
without any particular superscription with 
a notice respecting the poet, and with pre- 
fiitory observations on tiie AchUleie. These 
observations are furnished with printed 
maiginal notes which could not have been 
extant before 1477, from which an acci- 
dental determination as to the age of this 
typographical production may be deduced. 
After this prdiminary matter on 8 leaves 
follows a blank leaf, and then 1 1 leaves of 
similar observations on the Thebtne. The 
Thebaie begins in leaf 20a after an intro- 
duction of II verses, Ralemas acies, alier' 
nag; regna profanis. This poem ends in 
leaf 157^; Oocidet & meriti pott me refe- 
rentttr honores. Then follow a hlaok 
leaves. The Achilleisywhlcb. fills 16 leaves, 
begins in leaf 1 60a thus* Agnanimii eaeidi, 
formidatdg; tcnanti, and ends in leaf 1 75b 
with the verse, Et memini meministe iuuat 
sdt cetera mater. This description is ac- 



4sarding to lord Spencer's copy in Dibdin's 
Bibl. Spencer,^ II. 366 sq. 

Brunei takes the description of what was 
formerly Valliere's copy (Cat Valliere, II. 
109.) as the basis, and numbers 175 leaves, 
in which he does not reckon the 3 blank 
leaves. At the same time both the de- 
scriptions certainly apply to one and the 
same edition, only with this difference, that 
in Vallifere's copy the 8 leaves of observa- 
tions to the Achilleis are not bound up at 
the begnining of the entire vol., but imme- 
diately before ^e Achilleis. 

21658 — Thebais et Achilleis. With- 
out place or date (about 1470). 


This edition is older than the preceding. 
165 leaves viih 36 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and numbering of the 
leaves. Leaf ib begins with 1 2 verses, and 
the Thebais begins in leaf i* with this su- 
perscription : 


It ends in leaf 139* with the line, Deo 
gratias. The Achilleis, which fills 26 
leaves, begins in leaf 140a after the 12 
verses prefixed, and ends in leaf 165 a; 
Aura silet. puppis currens ad litora uenit. 
This edition described in Dibdin's Bibl. 
Spenc. II. 368.) appears to have been 
printed from a diflerent MS. than the pre- 

21659 — Thebaidos libri XII, cum 
interpretatione Placidi Lactantii. 
Achilleidos libri II cum recollectis 
traditis a Fr. Maturantio (s. Mata- 
racio). Sylvarum libri V cum com- 
mentario Domitii Calderini. With- 
out place or date. fol. 

The subscription, Rwub, oalendis sextUU 
bus 1475, refers not to the printing, as Or- 
landi, Maittaire, and others thought, but 
to the composition of the commentary by 
Calderinus. The edition itself was only 
printed about 1480 according to Crevenna, 
but more probably, according to Brunet, 
about 1490. The Thebais has the signa- 
tures a-q, the Achilleis and the Sylws the 
signatures A^L, 
21560 — Thebais, cum Placidi Lac- 
tantii interpretatione. Achilleis 
cum recollectis Fr. Mataracii. Syl- 
Yse cum commentario Domitii Cal- 
derini. Domitii commeatarius in 
Sappho Ovidii etc. VeUn Octav. 
Scotus, 4 non. Dec. 1483. fol. 

230 unnumbered leaves (the ist blank), 
with the signatures A-T and a~-n. The 
Jam gener^ impression of his entire 


works, but which appears to have nothing 
peculiar in the text. The Sylva at least 
are printed after the Roman edition of 

21691 — opera. Mediol.^ Ant. Zaro- 

tus, i486, fol. 

Mentioned by Panzery II. 53, from 

21662 — opera cum iisdem commen- 

tariis. Ven., Jac. de Paganinis, 24 

Dec. 1490. fol. 

A reprint of the edition of 1 48,^, with the 
signatures 0-9 and A-N. 

21663 — opera cum commentariis va- 
riorum. Mediol. i49i> fol. 

Quoted from the catalogue of Ant. Zatta 
{Fen. 1791. 8*. p. 169.) 

21664 — sylvae cum Domitii com- 

mentariis. Thebais cum Lactantii 

commentariis; Achilleis cum Ma- 

turantii commentariis. Ven., Bm. 

de Zanis, 15 Mart. 1494. fol. 

A reprint of the earlier Venetian edition, 

yet with corrections by Avancius. Consult 

MeusePs LiU. bibliogr. Magazin III. 168. 

21665 — sylvae cum Domitii com- 
mentariis et Avancii sui emendatio- 
nibus. Thebais cum Lactantii com- 
mentariis. Achilleis cum Mataratii 
commentariis. Domitii aliae anno- 
tationes. Ven., J. Pt. de Quaren- 
gis, 15 Jan. 1498. fol. 

21666 — sylvarum libri V. Thebai- 
dos libri XIL Achilleidos II. Ven., 

Aldus, m. Aug. 1502. 8^ 

295 unnumbered leaves, 255 of which 
contain StatiuSf and 40 an appendix, Or^ 
thographia et fiexus dictionum greBoartmu 
Besides the colophon of the month of Au- 
gust at the end of the Achilleis (leaf 255»), 
is to be found in leaf 235* a second colo- 
phon of the month of November at the end 
of the Thebais. There is a copy on vdlum 
in the British museum (formerly consul 
Smith's and the king of England's). A 
physician at Verona possessed a second in 
1772. In this edition the corrections of 
Avancius (who seems to have superintended 
it), together with several others, are re- 
ceived into the text. In the Sjflvm no MSS. 
have been made use of; but this appears to 
have been the case in the Thebais. 

21657 — sylvae cum Domitii com- 
mentariis etc. (as in No. 21665.) 
Ven., Pt. de Quarengiis, 9 Aug. 
1508. fol. 

21668 — sylvarum libri V. Achil- 


leidos libri XII. Thelmidos libri 

II. Orthointiphia et flexus dictio. 

num gneca^m omnium apud SUu 

tium cum accentib. et generib. ex 

variis utriusqae linguae authoribus. 

Ven.^ Aldus et And. Asulanus, m. 

Jan. 1 5 19. 8^ 

394 uiimbered leaven, and 2 leaves, colo- 
phon and andior. A new revision of the 
text of 1503, but somewhat hastily, and 
sometimes unhappily done; idso without 
the use of MSS. 

21669 — syl varum libri V. Thebai- 

dos libri XII. AchiUeidos libri II. 

Par., Sim. Colinseus, 1530. 8^ 

363 numbered and 36 unnumbered 
leaves (OrthografJua et flexu» dicttonum,) 
A repnnt of the Aldine. 

21670 — sylvarum libri V. Thebai- 
do8 libri XII. AchiUeidos libri II. 
Orthographia et flexus dictionum 
greecarum omnium apud Statium. 
Bas., H. Petrus, m. Mart. 1531. 

306 numbered and 2 unnumbered leaves. 
A reprint of the Aldine. 

21671 — (the same title). Bas., H. 
Petrus, m. Aug. 1541. 8^. 

8 leaves of pndiminary matter (the 8th 
blank), 606 pages, and i leaf with the co- 
lophon. A reprint of the Aldine. 

21672 — sylvar. libri V. Achill. li- 
bri XII. Thebaid. libri IL Lugd.^ 
Seb. Gryphius, 1547. 1 2°. Also^ ib., 
hered. Seb. Gryphii, 1559. 12°. 

21673 — opera quae extant. J. Ber- 

nartius ad libros yett. recensuit et 

scholiis illustravit. Antw., ex off. 

Plantin., 1595. 8°. J. Bernartii 

commentarius ad Statium. ib., ex 

off. Plant, 1599. 8°. 

The text of the 2nd Aldine, with dr. 
cumspect alterations from MSS. But Ber- 
nart^s commentary, which is frequently 
wanting in the copies, is neither very im- 
portant, nor free from the reproach of pla- 

21674 — (the title as in No. 21672.) 
Without place (Lugd.), Ant. Can- 
didus, 1598. 12°. 

Bemart^s text. 

21675 — opera quae extant. Placidi 
Lactantii in Thebaida et Achilleida 
commentarius. £x biblioth. Fr. 
Pithoei. Collatis MSS. veteribus* 



que exemplaribus recensuit, partim 
nunc primum edidit Fr. Tiliobroga. 
Adjectis variarum lectionum obser- 
vation ibus indiceque uberrimo. Par., 
Hadr. Perier, 1600. 4°. Also on 
large paper. 

4 leaves of preliminary matter, 115 and 
536 pages, text, 6 leaves, index ; 1 16 pages, 
Commentarhu Z>omt/H, and i leaf, errata 
and printer^s symbol. In the title of some 
copies is to be found Lindenbrog, the edi- 
tor's real name, instead of Tiliobroga ; and 
Antwerp or Geneva instead of Paris. Only 
the Venetian edition of 1494 was made use 
of in the Sylv^e, and 3 MSS. in the The- 
baity and I^tantius^s commentary on the 
AehiUeis is here printed for the first time 
from a MS. Lindenbrog has only made a 
few alterations in the text. 

21676 — opera ex rec. et cum scho- 
liis J. Bernartii. Genevie, 1605. 

21677 — opera quee extant. J. Ber- 
nartius ad libros vett. recensuit et 
scholiis illustravit. Antw., Mt. Nu- 
cius, 1607. 8°. 

510 pages, text, and 191 pages, scholia. 

21678 — opera, quie extant, omnia, 
ad fidem antiquissimor. per Galliam, 
Angliam et Italiam codicum dili- 
genter correcta, et argumentis, quae 
commentarii loco esse possunt, il- 
lustrata. Ex bibliotheca J. Jac. 
Grasseri. Arg., Laz. Zetzner, 1 609. 
12°. 575 pages. Also, Antw., Csp. 
Bellerus, 1613. 12°. 

Without any notes. Orasserus seems to 
have made use of MSS. only in the The' 
bau. His construction of the text is not 
without ability. 
;!1679 — opera. Janus Csp. Gevar- 
tius recensuit et Papinianarum lec- 
tionum libris V. illustravit. LB., 
Jac. Marcus, 161 6. 8°. 

A]dus*s text, happily corrected from MSS. 
and conjecture, forms the basis. In his 
Elect,, Par. 16 19. 4**. Oevartius has han- 
dled afresh much that is touched upon 

21680 — opera^ cum observatt. ac 
cum commentariis tam veterum 
quam recentiorum interpretum. £- 
mericus Cruceus recensuit et novo 
commentario Statii sylvas illustra- 
vit. Cum indicibus locupletissimis. 
Par., Th. Blaise, 161 8. 4°. 
4 leaves of preliminary matter, 74 1 pages 



IThebait and ^cAi/feit), 588 pages {Syhtf), 
o leaves, index and errata, and 1 J a pages, 
commentary on the Sylvm, The text of 
Gevartius even to the. repetition of evident 
misprints. Cnioeu8*s own commentary is 
without critical ability, and contains much 
that is irrelevant and unimportant ; yet the 
occasional simple conception of what is 
right cannot be denied to belong to it, and 
the edition has the merit of containing the 
other old commentaries tolerably complete. 

21681 — opera. Amst., Jansson, 1624 
or 30. 24®. 

This edition, supposed to be superin- 
tended by Dn. Heinsius, contains the text 
of Oevartius, but sometimes corrected from 

21682 — opera ex rec. et cum notis 

J. F. Gronovii. Amst., L. Elzevir, 

1653. 24^ 

The text of the preceding, somewhat 
hastily corrected certainly, yet with great 
acuteness, and from good materials. 

21683 — opera cum notis Fr. Guyeti, 
J. Peyrarede et aliorum, opera 
Mch. de MaroUes, cum ejusd. in- 
terpretatione gallica. Par., Seb. 

Hure, 1658. 8°. 3 voll. 

Nothing but the learned notes of Peyra- 
rede and Ouyet makes this edition of any 

21684 — quse exstant. Csp. Barthius 

recensuit et animadversionibus lo- 

cupletissimis illustravit : inspersis 

ad Thebaida et Achilleida commen- 

tariis ac glossis veterum, hactenus 

bonam partem ineditis, et scholiaste 

Lutatio multis locis comiptis casti- 

gato. Ad auctoritatem et opem 

manuscriptorum exemplarium. Cum 

quatuor indicibus. Cygneae, ex off. 

Melch. Gopneri, 1664. 4°. 3 parts 

in 4 vols. 

The 3rd part may be divided into a vols, 
at p. 945. Gh. Daum superintended this 
edition after Barth's death. Oronovius*s 
text, altered in a few places, with a com- 
mentary full of unarranged learning and 
reading, and not of sufficient real benefit 
for the explanation of the poet, llie 
printing and paper are rather unsightly. 

21685 — syl varum libri V. Thebai- 
dos libri XII. Achilleidos libri II. 
notis selectissimis in sylvarum li- 
bros Domitii, Morelli, Bemartii, 
Gevartii, Crucei, Barthii, J. F. 
Gronovii diatribe. In Thebaidos 


pneterea Placid] Lactantii, Bemartii 
etc. Quibus in Achilleidos aocedunt 
Maturantii, Britannici. Accuratis- 
simeillustratiaJ. Veenhusen. LB., 
ex off. Hackiana, 1671. 8°. 

This edition is one of the rarest and best 
of the series, cum notis variamm. It has 
nothing of its own, and Oronovius^s text is 
repeated even with the misprints. 

21686 — opera. Interpretatione et 
notis illustravit CI. Beraldus, in 
usum Delphi ni. Par., RouUand, 
1685. 4?. 2 voll. 

One of the worst editions in usum Dei- 
phini, in intrinsic value, yet the rarest 
of this series next to Ciceronit Opp, philos.y 
sold in France as high as 580 fr., and in 
England as 39I. The cause of this scarcity, 
which Dibdin without any proof ascribes to 
a fire, was perhaps a deficiency in the de- 
mand, in consequence of which a great 
part of the impression might have been 
sold for waste paper. The ist vol. ( The- 
baig) contains 15 leaves of preliminary 
nuitter, 715 pages, and i leaf, errata; the 
2nd (the remaining works), i title-leaf, 
488 pages, text, 243 pages, index, and i 
leaf, errata. 

21687 — opera, ex rec. J. F. Gro- 
novii. Manhemii, 1782. 8°. 2 voll. 
(20 gr.) 

21688 — opera ad opt. editt. coUata. 
Bip. 1785. 8°. (18 gr.) 

21689 — carmina. Edidit Fd. Hand. 
T.I. SylvDB. Lps., Goeschen, 1817. 
8°. (2d. 12 gr.) 

A new recension from MSS. and old edi- 
tions, with a very rich exc^;etical appara- 
tus. Reviewed by Of. Hermann in the 
Leipz. Lit. Zeii, 181 7. Nos. 367 and 268. 
That he only obtained a very faulty ocdla- 
tion of the BresLau MS., is proved in a 
Breslau programma of 1818. 

21690 — carmina ex antiquis libris 
correcta et criticis annotatt. illu- 
strata. T. I. Lond. 1817. 8^ (12s., 
on line paper 15s.) 

Announced in 4 vols., and containing a 
selection from the notes of the earlier edi- 
tors (and of Hand*s). 

21691 — 2. Sylv(B, Without place or 
date. 4°. 

40 leaves (the last blank), with 35 lines, 
and the signatures A~Hy which however 
appear to have been arbitrarily printed 
afterwards. It begins ; 





The iMt fine ia» p. PapinU SUUU SUvoa 
Liber VlHmw, Desmbed in Fom, II. 
616, and Crevenna*s 2nd catalogue, T. III. 
P. I. p. 150. This description accords so 
closely witn the impression in the Cahti- 
iMf of 1473, that those copies might have 
been taken for parts of this Cahtlius, if 
5 other lines hftd not followed the fines 
above-quoted in these latter copies. 

The S^hMP are also printed with the 
following editions of CahUluss (Ven,), 
Vindelin. de Spira, i473* huige 4^ Pamue, 
CoraUtu, 1 caL Sept, 1473. large 4°. F^n., 
J. de Colonia, 1475. fol. Vinceni., J. Re- 
fMfuw, 148 1. foL As they aie also some- 
times to be met with by themselves, care 
must be taken not to quote them as distinct 
undated editions of Statius. 

21692 — hrwnJbwf, Hoc volumine 

Domitius inseruit. Syluarum Statii 

Papinii libros quinq; a se emenda- 

to8 ; Commentarios : quoa in Syluas 

compofiuit. Commentariolos in 

Sappho Ouidii qnos edidit. Pro- 

pertii loca obscuriora a se elucu- 

orata. Particulam ex tertio libro 

suarum obseruationum : ubi non- 

nuUa explicata sunt: quee ad lin- 

ga» latins rationem magnopere 

pertinent: totnm opus quanti la- 

boiis faerit ex rebus quas in eo re- 

peries : facile cognoscas. Romie, 

Am. Pannartz» idib. Sextilibus 

1475. sro^ fol. 

Leaf ib begins with the above title in 1 1 
lines. In ksyes %^~^^ follows a letter of 
Domitius (Calderinus) to Agst. Mafeus; 
in leaf 4^ is a poem by the same. The 
Sylvm begin in leaf 5% and the ist fine is, 


end in leaf ifi^ with Papinii vita. Leaf 
159 is Uank. In leaf 140a follows the 
commentary to Ovid*8 Sappho, and the ist 
line is, Ad feaitcisctm aaaoovivm. It 
ends in leaf 153 a, in which page the elueu^ 
bratio in gtuAun Propertii loca also com- 
mences. Leaf 163^ contains the end of 
this and the beginning of DomiiU epUoguM 
et wpoe'^enniia'u de obmrwtHonibus, heaS 
170^ is the printer*8 colophon, and 171* is 
the register. 171 leaves in the whole (not 
169 or 1 70), with an uneaual number of 
lines (35 in the verses), without signatures, 
alid numbering of the leaves. Tbe Vene- 
ti«|i edition of 1473 foims the basis, yet 
wi^ft many corrections, partly from MSS. 
and partly from conjecture. — The Com- 
meniarii in sylvae Statii (without the poet*s 
text), with ^e other writings of Calderinus 
to be'found in the above edition^ appeared 
VOL . IV. 

STA 1773 

separately, J9ruri«, ff, de Cokmioy 8 Jwn, 
1476. 4"*. Gothic letter. 

21693 — Sylvtt. Flor., ap. S. Jaco- 
bum de Ripoli, 1480. small fol. 

A very scarce edition, superintended by 
Bm. Fontius {Foui, T. III. pr8B£ p. XV.), 
60 leaves (the last blank) with 35 lines, 
and the signatures 0-7. It begins in leaf 
ib, Papikii statu. NEAFOLITAMI. 81- 

LAM. The text of the Sylva begins in 
leaf aa. It has been sometimes erroneously 
stated as an Italian translation. 

21694 — sylvarum libri V. With- 
out place or date (Par., about 1498). 

4 • 

21695 — sylvarum libri V. ad arche- 

typon Aldi Manutii quam emenda- 
tissime impressi. Viennae, Hi. Vic- 
tor, 1515. 4°. 
With the signatures A^M, 

21696 — sylvarum libri V. a Domitio 
Calderino enarrati et a J. Vacceo 
recogniti. Par., J. Oounnont, 1518. 

21697 — sylvarum libri V. et duo 

Achilleidos, cum notis marginalibns 

Th. Stephens. Cbr., Th. Buck, 

1651. 8^ 

A very scarce edition even in England, 
and said to be not without critical merit. 

21698 — sylvarum libri V. ex ve- 

tustis exemplaribus recensuit et no- 

tas atque emendationes adjecit Jer. 

Marklandus. Lond., Bowyer, 1728. 

large 4^ 

A new and excellent recension from old 
editions and from conjecture ; MSS. were 
not at the editor^s command. It has been 
shown by Hand, with a full acknowledg- 
ment of Uie merit of this British critic, who 
ranks next to Bentiey in genius and learn- 
ing, that he has been unjustiy accused of 
bemg too arbitrary. There are copies on 
very large paper which are very scarce 
(a 7 1 fr. M'Carthy). 

21699 — 3. Tkebais. Thebaidos li- 
bri XII ex rec. Bonini Mombritii. 
Without place or date (MedioL, 
about 1478). large 4°. — Placidi 
Lactantii interpretatio in XII li- 
bros Thebaidos Statii. Without 
place or date {Medial,, about 1478). 

targe 4*^. 

147 leaves, with the signatures a-4, and 
34 fines in a full page. Leaf i^ begins 



with 3a Latin venes by Mombritius to 
Bm. Chalcus, and the Thebais itself com- 
mences in leaf 2: At the end are 4 verses 
by Mombritius to Chalcus, which are super- 
scribed, Bon. Mombr. M, D, Barth, Calco. 
S. D.<f and end, Quam q\ tit notiri Bartho- 
lomaee memor. — The commentary of Lac- 
tantius has the signatures a-4y and 34 
lines in a full page; it b^ns in leaf la 
with 13 verses by Mombritius to the 
reader, and ends on the reverse of the last 
leaf with the word finit. Both vols, are 
very seldom found together. — The Thebait 
cum commerUariOf Ven. 1480. fol., quoted 
by Panzer, III. 160 from Maittaire, is not 
eisewhera confirmed. 

21700 — Thebais (curante Aikin). 
Warringtoniee, Gu. Eyres, 1778. 
12°. 2 voU. (78. 6d.) 

This neat edition is cited by Dibdin and 
Moss as an edition of his entire works : it 
is very scarce in Germany. 

21701 — Thebais cum appositis ita- 

lioo carmine interpretat. ac notis. 

MedioL 1783. large 8°. 2 vols. 

Concerning a MS. of the Thebaity see 
Aretin't BeUrr. VII. 243. 

21702 — Achilleis. Without place 
or date ( Fen.), Nicolao Trono prin- 
cipe Venetiis* 1472. 4°. 

S4 leaves with 24 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and numbering of the 
leaves. Leaf la begins with die line 


There is no break between the two books 
of this poem. In leaf 14a is the last line. 
Aura teilSi. puppit current ad littora 
uenit; on the reverse is a colophon in 7 
lines in small capitals. The types have a 
resemblance to those of J. de Colonia. 

21703 — Achilleis. Ferraris, Andr. 
Callus, 1472. 4^ 

Extremely scarce, and still doubted by 
Dibdin, BM, Spenc. II. 369, yet de- 
scribed by him in jEd, Althmrp, II. 331 
sq. 12 leaves with 27 lines, without sig- 
natures, catchwords, and pagination. Leaf 
!• begins with the line, Pvblii papixii 
STATU ACHILLEIDO8. Leaf 22^ ends 
with 4 verses, Impretti Andreat hoc oput 
etc, the two last lines of whidi are, 

NunUne : perfeehtt cum Kber itiefuit : 

21704 — Achilleis. Pannie, St. Co- 

rallus, 10 cal. April. 1473. 4^ 

Consult PanMCTy II. 350. Boubted by 
Dibdin, Bibl. Spettc. II. 369 (perhaps too 
hastily); for it could not have been oon- 
found<sd with the Syha printed by Corallus 
with Caiuttut in 1473, as this is dated 
2 cal. Sept. 


21705 — Achilleis cum commentariis 
J. Britannici. Brix., J. Britanni. 
cus, 21 Maji 1485. fol. 

4 leaves, with the signature a (the ist 
blank), and 24 leaves, with the signatures 
a-d. A copy on vellum in the Royal li- 
brary at Paris (previously 480 fr. McCar- 

21706 — Achilleidos libri II. Par., 
Alex. Aliate, 1497. 4^. 

21707 — Achilleis, industria J. Lae- 
tii. Erphordiae, 1510. 4-. 

This edition is mentioned in Bibl. Peiav. 
et Mantart. Haye^ 1724. 8\ P> 379- 

21708 — Achilleidos libri duo, item 
yita authoris a Pt. Crinito de- 
scripta. Arg., ex aedib. Schureria- 
nis, m. Junio 1515. 4^ ib., id., m. 
Pebr. 1517. 4®. 

21709 — Achilleidos libri duo ad ar- 
chetypon Aldi Manutii accurate 
inipressi (cura Rdf. Agricolee). Vi- 

enuiB, Hi. Vietor, m. Majo 15 15. 


An edition of the AcMUeit by J. Mttford 

was promised in the Ckutical Journal in 


21710 — 5. Versiones. La Tebaide 

ridotta da Erasmo di Valvaaone in 

ottava rima. Yen., Franceschi, 

1570. 4^« Tebaide tradotta in 

verso sciolto da Giacinto Nini. 

Roma» 1630. 8^ Tebaide (trad.) 

di Selyaggio Porpora (Com. Benti- 

voglio). Roma^ Salvioni^ ^7^9' 

large 4°. 

The Tha>ait after Bendvoglio's transla- 
tion is also in the Corput poetar. laHnor, 
MedioL T. i, a. Selve trad, da un patiore 
Arcade (Fr, Mar, Biaoea). ib, T. 3. 
Achilleide trad, da un aeoadimioo Qutrtno 
(Oroido Bianehi), ib, T. 4. 

21711 — L* Achilleide trad, par P. 
Carneau. Chartres, Peign^, 1624. 
1 2^. CEuvres en latin et en fTan9« 
par (Mch.) de Marolles. Par., 
Hure, 1658. 8^ 3 voll. L'Achi- 
leyde, traduction en vers par M. D. 
M. A. D. V. (Mch. de Marolles). 
Par., Langlois, 1678. 4^ La Th^- 
baide, traduction nouvelle par M. 
P. L. Cormiliolle. Par. 1783. 12'^. 
3 voU. L* Achilleide et lea Sylves, 
trad, par le m^me. Par.^ Demo- 


raine, i8o3« I2^ a voll. CBuvres de 
Stace, trad, par CormilioUe. Nonv. 
ed. Par. 1820. i3<». 5 voll. L'A- 
chill^ide^ imitatioii en vers du 
poSme de Stace^ par Coumand. 
Par.^ Buisson^ an 8 (1800). 12^ 
Lea Sylvesy traduites d'apr^ les 
corrections de J. Markland, avec le 
texte et des notes, par M. S. Dela- 
tour. Par., an XI (1803). 8°. 
(6 fr.) Hypsipyle^ Episode extrait 
de la Th^baide de Stace, suivi de 
I'^pithalame de Stella et de Vio- 
lantiUa du m^me poete^ trad, par 
L. Charpentier de Longcfaamps. 
Par. 1807. 8*. 

ComeiUe also gave a poetical tranilatioii 
of the firat two books of the ThebaU, from 
which Manage quotes a page consisting of 
36 verses. As yet however no copy has 
been discovered, and it must be amniinfii 
that ComeiUe suppressed it himself: see 
Barbier Examen erU. des diotionn, hitior. 
T. I. p. 21^ 

21712 — Auswahl einiger Sylven des 
Statins in gebundner u. nngebund. 
ner Uebersetzung (von O. A. von 
Breitenbauch). Lpz. 1817. 8°. 

21713 — an essay upon Statius, or 
five books of the Thebais of Statius 
translated into English verse by 
Th. Stephens, Lond., Royston, 
1648. 8<'. AchiUeis translated into 
English in five books^ to each of 
which are subjoined annotations by 
Rb. Howard. Lond. 1660. 8"". The 
Thebaid translated into English 
verse^ with notes and observations 
(by W. LiDington Lewis). Oxf. 
1767 or 73. 8**. 2 vols. (los. 6d.) 

21714 — Triodon of Dry ling van 
Heldendichten, als 6 Boecken P. 
Pap. Statii van de Thebaensche^ 5 
van de Nederlantsche Oorlogen en 
3 Gesangen van P. Mauritz Daden, 
door Lamb, van Bos. Amst. 1647. 


21715 -^ 6. Illustraniia. J. Mleh. 
Lochmann pr. quo pauca ad defen- 
dendum et emendandnm Statium 
prsfatur. Coburgi^ '7 74* 4"'- J- 
Barclaji Comment, in Statii The- 



baidos libroe IV. Pontimussi , 1 60 1 . 
8"". In Statii sylvas Fed. Morelli 
commentationes et conjectanea. 
Lutet, CI. Morellus^ 1602. 4°. 
J. Cp. Dommerichii pr. ad Statii 
Achilleida ex membranis biblio. 
thecffi suae anecdota. Wolfenb. 
1758. 4^. J. Gli. Bidermanni pr. 
de virga medica ad Thebaid. L. II. 
V. II. Freybergae, 1750. 4®. F. A. 
Menke Obss. crit. in Statii Achil- 
leida et alios passim scriptores. 
Gott., Vandenhoeck, 1814. 4^. 

21716 — J. P. Gronovii in Statii sil- 
var. libros V. diatribe. Nova edi- 
tio ab ipso auctore correcta, inter- 
polata^ aucta. Accedunt Emerici 
Crucei antidiatribe, Gronovii elen- 
chus antidiatribes^ et Crucei mus- 
carium. Edid. et annotatt. adjec. 
Fd. Hand. Lps., G. Fleischer, 
i8i2» 8^ 2 voll. (5 d.) 

Grtmovii Dutir. first appeared, ffag. 
Com, 1627. 8°. Crucei Aniidiatr.f Par. 
1639. i^**- Gfxmomi ElenohuSy Par. 1640. 
8**., and Crucei Mutcariumf Par. 1640. 
8^ Gronovius*s Diairibe h here printed 
from a copy corrected and enlarged by the 
author himself. 

21717 STATIUS, AchiUes. Inlus- 

trium virorum, ut exstant in urbe, 

express! vultus (cum praef. Achill. 

Statii). Romae, formis Ant. La- 

frerii, 1569. fol. 

Containing 52 good plates by AgstVene- 
tus. A neir impression, Patav. 1648. 

21718 STATO presente degli antichi 
monumenti Sicilian! (da And. Pi- 
gonati). Without place, 1767. fol. 
with plates. 

21719 STATUE. Delle antiche 
statue Greche e Romaue, che neir 
antisala della libreria di S. Marco e 
in altri luoghi pubblici di Venecia 
si trovano (da Ant. Mar., Girolamo, 
ed Alessandro Zanetti). Ven. 1 740 
-43. large fol. 2 Voll. 

Well executed certainly as a work of art, 
but archeologically inaccurate, and not to 
be depended upon. In most of the statues 
the reparation of single parts and members 
is not given. Yet the work is tolerably 
scarce, and in Venice itself has risen to 




20 zediins, since the plates were bought 
in England, where a new impression has 
been prepared under the title, Ancient »ta- 
iiiesy Greek and Rotnan, Land, 1800. fol. 
Consult Thiersch Reise naeh ItaHen I. 

21720 STATUTA antiqua urbis 
(Romae). Without place or date 
{RomcB, U. Han, about 1470). fol. 

165 printed leaves, without signatures, 
catchwords, and pagination. The first 
edition and extremely scarce, divided into 
4 books. Dibdin, Bibl. Spenc. VII. 1 13, 
is inclined to set down the printing of it as 
early as 1467. Consult also Hirschmg^s 
Beschr. sehenaumrd, Bibl. B. 3. Abth, i. 
S. 475. iiater editions are, Ronue, 15 19 
or 80. fol. ib. 1590. 4**. ib. 1597, 161 1 
and 1636. foL 

21721 STATUTA communis Brixi«. 

Brix., Th. Ferrandus, 3 cal. Jul. 

1473. ^ol- 

310 leaves (not 306). A very scarce 
edition, and prized as one of the oldest ty- 
pographical productions of Brescia (the 
oldest is the VirpU of April 2 1 , 1473). 

21722 STATUTA OTovincialia Er- 

nesti. In nova Plzna {Pilsen in 

Bohemia)^ 1476. 4°. 

60 l